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Full text of "Checklist of CITES Species and Annotated CITES Appendices and Reservations"

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Checklist of CITES species 
Lista de especies CITES 
Liste des especes CITES 


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Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2010 with funding from 
UNEP-WCMC, Cambridge 





A reference to the Appendices to the 

Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species 

of Wild Fauna and Flora 

Compiled by the UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre 
Edited by Tim Insldpp & Harriet J. Gillett 

Compiled by: 
Prepared for: 
With financial support from: 

UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre 

CITES Secretariat 

CITES Secretariat, European Commission and the Joint Nature 
Conservation Committee of the United Kingdom 


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CITES Secretariat/UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre 

2005 CITES Secretariat/UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre 

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The geographical designations employed in this book do not imply the 
expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of the compilers or 
the CITES Secretariat concerning the legal status of any country, 
territory or area, or concerning the delimitation of its frontiers or 

Inskipp, T. & Gillett, H. J. (Eds.) 2005. Checklist of CITES species and 
Annotated CITES Appendices and reservations. Compiled by UNEP- 
WCMC. CITES Secretariat, Geneva, Switzerland and UNEP-WCMC, 
Cambridge, UK. 339 pp. & CD-ROM 

2-88323-027-7 & 

Unwin Brothers, Martins Printing Group, Old Woking, Surrey, 
United Kingdom 

CITES Secretariat 
Chemin des Anemones 
CH-1219 Chatelaine-Geneve 

Tel: +41(0)22 917 8139/40 
Fax: +41(0)22 797 34 17 


Foreword 4 

Acknowledgements 5 

Illustration credits 6 

Introduction 7 

cites-listed fauna and flora 7 

General note 7 

Nomenclature and taxonomy 7 

Checklist 8 

Scientific name 8 

Common name 9 

Scientific synonym 9 

Annotated Appendices and reservations 9 

Scientific name 9 

CITES Appendix 10 

ISO codes 10 

Dates 10 

Notes 11 

Key to annotations 11 

Interpretation 12 

Checklist of fauna 49 

Checklist of flora 263 

References: Fauna 407 

Mammalia 409 

Aves 410 

Reptilia 412 

Amphibia 414 

Elasmobranchii, actinopterygii & sarcopterygii 414 

Arachnida 415 


mollusca 415 

Cnidaria 415 

References: Flora 416 

Genera 416 

Species 416 

Annotated CITES Appendices and reservations CD-ROM 

CITES Appendices CD-ROM 


These editions of the Checklist of CITES species and of the Annotated CITES Appendices and 
reservations (the latter in the accompanying CD-ROM only) take into account the amendments to the 
CITES Appendices and the changes in nomenclature adopted at the 13th meeting of the Conference of 
the Parties to CITES (Bangkok, 2004). 

At that meeting, the Conference of the Parties recognized the Checklist and its updates as an official 
digest of the scientific names of species listed in the CITES Appendices reflecting the names contained in 
the official standard references. We are most grateful to the UNEP World Conservation Monitoring 
Centre (UNEP-WCMC) for undertaking the production of this Checklist once again, and particularly to 
the staff responsible for the meticulous work involved. 

The costs of preparation and production of this Checklist have been borne by the European Commission, 
the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (United Kingdom) and UNEP-WCMC, as well as by the 
CITES Secretariat, and we wish to thank our partners very much for their important contributions. 

We know that this Checklist is widely used and appreciated by Management Authorities, Scientific 
Authorities, Customs officers and other people involved in the implementation of CITES, as well as by 
non-governmental organizations, academics, the press and others. We are conscious, however, that we 
must continue to try to meet the changing needs of the users of this guide. For this reason in particular, 
we welcome the comments and suggestions of all users on ways to improve it in the future. 

CITES Secretariat 




The Checklist of CITES Species was prepared on behalf of the CITES Secretariat by the UNEP World 
Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC). 

UNEP-WCMC is the biodiversity assessment and policy implementation arm of the United Nations 
Environment Programme, the world's foremost intergovernmental environmental organization. UNEP- 
WCMC aims to help decision-makers recognize the value of biodiversity to people everywhere, and to 
apply this knowledge in all that they do. The Centre's challenge is to transform complex data into policy- 
relevant information, to build tools and systems for analysis and integration of these data, and to support 
the needs of nations and the international community as they engage in joint programmes of action. 

This publication was edited by Tim Inskipp and Harriet Gillett, supported by Joan Field and Sarah 
Ferriss. Technical support was provided by James O'Carroll. The project was supervised by Gerardo 
Fragoso. The production team are most grateful to the staff of the CITES Secretariat and to the CITES 
Nomenclature Committee for their advice and assistance. 

UNEP-WCMC also wishes to acknowledge the financial support of the European Commission and of the 
Joint Nature Conservation Committee of the United Kingdom, which has made possible the production of 
this book and CD-ROM. 

Illustration credits 

The CITES Secretariat is very grateful to the photographers and institutions that have donated their 
plates and photographs for this publication. 

Front cover 

From left to right and top to bottom: 

Aloe dichotoma © Kew RBG 

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Aloeferox © Kew RBG 

Euphorbia milii © Kew RBG 

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Falco punctahis © Cop. Bibliotheque centrale MNHN Paris 2005 

Puma concolor © WWF-Canon / Anthony B. Rath 

Brachyteles arachnoides © Cop. Bibliotheque centrale MNHN Paris 2005 

Hippocampus guttulatus © Patrick Louisy 

Vanda coerulea © CITES Management Authority of Thailand (also on the CD-ROM) 

Pericopsis elata © Paul Mathew/FFI 

Pelecanus crispus © WWF-Canon / Michel Gunther (also on the CD-ROM) 

Odobenus rosmarus © U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service 

Dalbergia nigra © Evan Bowen-Jones/FFI 

Back cover 

From left to right: 

Mantella aurantiaca © Franco Andreone 

Euphorbia sp. (plate from John Gerard's Herball, or General! Historie of Plants, 1597) © Kew RBG 

Cattleya schilleriana © Kew RBG 

Portrait of Carl Linnaeus (1707-1778), the Swedish botanist who established the binomial system of 

biological nomenclature that forms the basis of modem classification © Kew RBG 


CITES-listed fauna and flora 

This book and CD-ROM provide a Checklist of the fauna and the flora listed in Appendices I, II and III 
of CITES as adopted by the Conference of the Parties, valid from 17 February 2005. The CD-ROM also 
includes the Annotated CITES Appendices and reservations, which have an index to family names and 
common names. It is hoped that these lists will act as an aid to Management and Scientific Authorities, 
Customs officials, and all others involved in implementing and enforcing the Convention. 

General note 

The names used in the CITES Appendices are the scientific names approved by the CITES Nomenclature 
Committee and adopted by the Conference of the Parties to CITES. Common names in the Checklist and 
Annotated Appendices are included only for reference. If the common name of an animal or plant 
included in the CITES Appendices is not included, it should be looked for under its scientific name or 
under another common name. 

Species included in the Checklist and Annotated Appendices are referred to: 

a) by the name of the species; or 

b) as being all of the species included in a higher taxon or designated part thereof. 

Other references to taxa above the specific level are for the purposes of information or classification 

Further details relating to each taxon, including distribution and author names, are included in the 
CITES-species database available on the CITES website ( 

Nomenclature and taxonomy 

The nomenclature and taxonomy followed in this publication are the same as for the CITES Appendices. 
In most cases where the Appendices list only the name of an order, family or genus, the names of the 
individual species in that higher taxon have been included in this Checklist. Where a standard reference 
has been adopted by the Conference of the Parties, the names of the species follow the relevant 
publications indicated in the References section at the end of this publication. These adopted names are in 
bold in the Checklist. Where no standard reference has been adopted (as noted in the References) the 
names of species in higher taxa are those currently used in the UNEP-WCMC database and have been 
extracted from a number of publications. 


The Checklist of CITES-listed species comprises an alphabetical list of fauna followed by flora. There 
are three types of entry: scientific name, common name and scientific synonym. The common name and 
synonym entries serve as indexes to the adopted scientific name entries, where CITES-related 
information is provided. 

Scientific name 

The Checklist contains the scientific names, in alphabetical order, of all animal and plant taxa listed in the 
CITES Appendices, with the exception of the genera of Appendix-II listed orchids not covered by the 
three published volumes of the CITES Orchid Checklist, for which only the name of the genus is 
included, e.g. Aa spp. 

Format 1) The scientific name (in bold for those adopted by the Conference of the 


2) Optional - English (E), French (F) and Spanish (S) common names; 

3) Optional - the symbols #1- #10 and superscript numbers (e.g. 1 ) (see 
Interpretation below); 

4) The Appendix or Appendices in which the species is listed (I, II or III), or TMC 
for taxa that are not, or only partly, covered by CITES listings 1 . Some taxa may 
be split-listed, that is they may be included partly in one Appendix and partly in 
another. For a taxon listed in both Appendix I and II, for instance, this would be 
indicated by 'I/IF. In other cases only certain populations are listed whilst others 
are not covered by the provisions of the Convention. For a taxon partly listed in 
Appendix I and partly not listed, for instance, this would be indicated by 'I/NC; 

5) For fauna, the family in capital letters and a two-letter code for the class in 
which the species is included. The following codes are used: 

Ac = Actinopterygii 

Am = Amphibia 

An = Anthozoa 

Ar = Arachnida 

Av = Aves 

Bi = Bivalvia 

El = Elasmobranchii 

Ga = Gastropoda 

Hi = Hirudinoidea 

Hy = Hydrozoa 

In = Insecta 

Ma = Mammalia 

Re = Reptilia 

Sa = Sarcopterygii 

Examples - Abeillia abeillei: (E) Emerald-chinned Hummingbird, (S) Colibri barbiesmeralda, (F) 

Colibri d'Abeille II TROCHILIDAE Av 
- Aa spp. #8 II ORCHIDACEAE 

A few species not listed in the CITES Appendices are included for information, namely three species of 
Psittaciformes: Agapornis roseicollis, Melopsittacus undulatus and Nymphicus hollandicus, and four species of 
Falconiformes: Cathartes aura, Cathartes burrovianus, Cathartes melambrotus and Coragyps atratus - 
these are the only species in these large orders not covered by CITES provisions. Similarly, Aloe vera is the 
only species of Aloe not listed in the Appendices. 

Common name 

Where available, English, Spanish and French common names are provided. 

Format The common name, either English (E), Spanish (S) or French (F), is followed by the 
corresponding scientific name. There is only one entry for each common name, e.g. 
there is an entry for 'Eagle, Golden' but not for 'Golden Eagle'. 

Examples - Parrots (E): PSITTACIFORMES spp. 

- Orchids, slipper (E): Paphiopedilum spp. / Phragmipedium spp. 

- Hummingbird, Emerald-chinned (E): Abeillia abeillei 
Scientific synonym 

Some synonyms of scientific names are listed, but these are not comprehensive. 

Format A scientific synonym is followed by '=' and then the adopted scientific name. The latter 

name should be looked up alphabetically to find the other relevant information about the 

Example Tirucallia goetzei = Euphorbia goetzei 

Annotated Appendices and reservations 
(CD-ROM only) 

Information is provided on all taxa currently or previously included in the CITES Appendices. The 
original listing date is given for all taxa (orders, families, genera, species, subspecies) and populations 
specifically named in the current Appendices, or in earlier versions of the Appendices. All reservations 
made by Parties are listed, with the dates on which they entered into force and, in the case of past 
reservations, the dates on which they were withdrawn. 

The information is arranged in taxonomic order, with common names provided for higher taxa, e.g. 
URSIDAE (bears). However the common name of species is only included in this section in cases where 
only one or a few species are listed in a family, e.g. ESCHRICHTIIDAE (Grey Whale). This means that 
in most cases species names are only provided in Latin. If users cannot find a species under its common 
name in the Annotated Appendices and reservations, they should therefore first find its scientific 
equivalent in the Checklist of CITES species, and then look up that scientific name in the Annotated 
Appendices and reservations. As an example, to locate the Big-headed Sideneck, first use the Checklist, 
where the name will be found linked to Peltocephalus dumeriliana, then search for Peltocephalus 
dumeriliana in the Annotated Appendices. 

Five columns provide information on: Scientific name, CITES Appendix, ISO codes, Dates and Notes, as 

Scientific name 

This column contains the scientific names of the taxa that are, or have been, listed in the Appendices. 
These names may be at various taxonomic levels: order, family, genus, species, subspecies or variety. 
Orders and families are given in the same taxonomic sequence as that used in the CITES Appendices. 
Species (and subspecies) are listed in alphabetical sequence within each family. Higher taxon names given 
in bold are provided for information only. 

CITES Appendix 

The next three columns list the Appendix or Appendices in which the taxa are or were listed. Reservations 
made by Parties are indicated by adding 'r' to the Appendix number, to signify the entry into force, and 
'w' to signify the withdrawal of the reservation. If both Appendix I and Appendix II are applicable to a 
particular taxon on one date, Appendix I appears first in the list. 'Del' in one of the three columns, instead 
of an Appendix number, indicates that the taxon was deleted from that Appendix on the given date. 

ISO codes 

This column provides the ISO code of every Party or territory mentioned in relation to inclusions in 
Appendix III, to reservations and to species that are split-listed or only partially listed. 


United Arab Emirates 


United Kingdom 








New Zealand 












Papua New Guinea 




Hong Kong 
















Burkina Faso 




Russian Federation 






Saudi Arabia 
















Korea, Republic of 
















Central African Republic 






















former USSR 






Syrian Arab Republic 














Costa Rica 










United Republic of 


Czech Republic 















United States 












Saint Vincent and the 











South Africa 












This column contains the dates when changes to the Appendices in relation to the species concerned came 
into effect. The dates are listed chronologically (as day/month/year, e.g. 01/07/75 = 1 July 1975), with the 
earliest date first. The subsequent listing history of the taxon or population can be determined by 
examining the following lines. Where populations of a taxon are split between Appendix I and Appendix 
II, both Appendices are indicated against every date when a change has taken place, with notes indicating 
the status of all populations in each Appendix. 


The final column contains any extra information. This may relate to the changes and the situation after 
each change has taken place. Where separate populations are involved the history is provided in a 
cumulative manner, so that any changes to the listings between the various Appendices can be tracked 
by reading the lines that refer to each change. References to populations are indicated by the use of 


two-letter ISO country or territory codes (see above). Other notes provide further information about 
the listed taxa, e.g. scientific synonyms. The term 'Included with...' indicates that the taxon concerned 
was originally listed separately but has subsequently been subsumed in a higher taxon. The term 
'Listed under...' indicates that the taxon or population concerned was originally part of a higher taxon 
listing but has subsequently been treated separately, either through a transfer to another Appendix or a 

As an example, if one looks at the listing history of the population of Malawi of Crocodylus niloticus, one 
will see that the first entry for this species shows that the species (i.e. all populations) was listed in 
Appendix I on 1 July 1975. Below this are a number of entries referring to transfer of various populations 
between Appendix I and Appendix II. One of these indicates that the population of Malawi (MW) was 
transferred to Appendix n on 1 August 1985. A further entry shows that on 18 January 1990 an Appendix- 
II ranching programme for this species came into effect, and the final entry summarizes the current 
situation for the species, confirming that the ranched population of Malawi is still in Appendix II. 

Key to annotations 


listed on Appendix I 


all species of a higher taxon 


listed on Appendix II 

ssp. = 



listed on Appendix III 

syn. = 



deleted from Appendices 

var. = 




w = 

reservation withdrawn by the 


non CITES 

named Party 

popn(s) = 


#1-#10 = 

refers to Interpretation 

r = 

reservation entered by the 

(see below) 

named Party 

l to 20 

superscript numbers refer to 
Interpretation (see below) 



In accordance with Article I, paragraph (b), sub-paragraph (iii), of the Convention, the symbol (#) followed by a 
number placed against the name of a species or higher taxon included in Appendix II or III designates parts or 
derivatives which are specified in relation thereto for the purposes of the Convention as follows: 

#1 Designates all parts and derivatives, except: 

a) seeds, spores and pollen (including pollinia); 

b) seedling or tissue cultures obtained in vitro, in solid or liquid media, transported in sterile containers; and 

c) cut flowers of artificially propagated plants. 

#2 Designates all parts and derivatives, except: 

a) seeds and pollen; 

b) seedling or tissue cultures obtained in vitro, in solid or liquid media, transported in sterile containers; 

c) cut flowers of artificially propagated plants; and 

d) chemical derivatives and finished pharmaceutical products. 

#3 Designates whole and sliced roots and parts of roots, excluding manufactured parts or derivatives such as 
powders, pills, extracts, tonics, teas and confectionery. 

#4 Designates all parts and derivatives, except: 

a) seeds, except those from Mexican cacti originating in Mexico, and pollen; 

b) seedling or tissue cultures obtained in vitro, in solid or liquid media, transported in sterile containers; 

c) cut flowers of artificially propagated plants; 

d) fruits and parts and derivatives thereof of naturalized or artificially propagated plants; and 

e) separate stem joints (pads) and parts and derivatives thereof of naturalized or artificially propagated plants 
of the genus Opuntia subgenus Opuntia. 

#5 Designates logs, sawn wood and veneer sheets. 

#6 Designates logs, sawn wood, veneer sheets and plywood. 

#7 Designates logs, wood-chips and unprocessed broken material. 

#8 Designates all parts and derivatives, except: 

a) seeds and pollen (including pollinia); 

b) seedling or tissue cultures obtained in vitro, in solid or liquid media, transported in sterile containers; 

c) cut flowers of artificially propagated plants; and 

d) fruits and parts and derivatives thereof of artificially propagated plants of the genus Vanilla. 

#9 Designates all parts and derivatives except those bearing the label 'Produced from Hoodia spp. material obtained 
through controlled harvesting and production in collaboration with the CITES Management Authorities of 
Botswana/Namibia/South Africa under agreement no. BW/NA/ZA xxxxxx)'. 

#10 Designates all parts and derivatives, except: 

a) seeds and pollen; and 

b) finished pharmaceutical products. 


Additional notes 

The Conference of the Parties has added conditions to the inclusion of some taxa in the Appendices. 
These conditions are indicated in a footnote on the relevant page wherever possible or only as 
endnotes when their length did not allow for such presentation. The notes are all reproduced below. 


1 Acinonyx jubatus Annual export quotas for live specimens and hunting trophies are granted as follows: 
Botswana: 5; Namibia: 150; Zimbabwe: 50. The trade in such specimens is subject to the provisions of Article 
III of the Convention. 

2 Ceratotherium simum simum For the exclusive purpose of allowing international trade in live animals to 
appropriate and acceptable destinations and hunting trophies. All other specimens shall be deemed to be 
specimens of species included in Appendix I and the trade in them shall be regulated accordingly. 

3 Cetacea spp. A zero annual export quota has been established for live specimens from the Black Sea 
population of Tursiops truncatus removed from the wild and traded for primarily commercial purposes. 

4 Chaetophractus nationi A zero annual export quota has been established. All specimens shall be deemed to be 
specimens of species included in Appendix I and the trade in them shall be regulated accordingly. 

5 Crocodylus niloticus Except the populations of Botswana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, 
Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Uganda, the United Republic of Tanzania (subject to an annual export 
quota of no more than 1,600 wild specimens including hunting trophies, in addition to ranched specimens), 
Zambia and Zimbabwe, which are included in Appendix II. 

6 Felidae spp. Specimens of the domesticated form are not subject to the provisions of the Convention. 

7 Geochelone sulcata A zero annual export quota has been established for Geochelone sulcata for specimens 
removed from the wild and traded for primarily commercial purposes. 

8 Helioporidae spp., Milleporidae spp., Scleractinia spp. Stylasteridae spp. Tubiporidae spp. Fossils are not 
subject to the provisions of the Convention. 

9 Loxodonta africana 

Populations of Botswana, Namibia and South Africa (listed in Appendix II): 

For the exclusive purpose of allowing: 

1) trade in hunting trophies for non-commercial purposes; 

2) trade in live animals for in situ conservation programmes; 

3) trade in hides; 

4) trade in leather goods: for non-commercial purposes for Botswana; for commercial or non-commercial 
purposes for Namibia and South Africa; 

5) trade in hair for commercial or non-commercial purposes for Namibia; 

6) trade in individually marked and certified ekipas incorporated in finished jewellery for non-commercial 
purposes for Namibia; and 

7) trade in registered raw ivory (for Botswana and Namibia, whole tusks and pieces; for South Africa, whole 
tusks and cut pieces of ivory that are both 20 cm or more in length and 1 kg or more in weight) subject to 
the following: 

i) only registered government-owned stocks, originating in the State (excluding seized ivory and ivory of 
unknown origin) and, in the case of South Africa, only ivory originating from the Kruger National 

ii) only to trading partners that have been verified by the Secretariat, in consultation with the Standing 
Committee, to have sufficient national legislation and domestic trade controls to ensure that the 
imported ivory will not be re-exported and will be managed in accordance with all requirements of 
Resolution Conf. 10.10 (Rev. CoP12) concerning domestic manufacturing and trade; 


iii) not before the Secretariat has verified the prospective importing countries, and the MIKE programme 
has reported to the Secretariat on the baseline information (e.g. elephant population numbers, incidence 
of illegal killing); 
iv) a maximum of 20,000 kg (Botswana), 10,000 kg (Namibia) and 30,000 kg (South Africa) of ivory may 

be traded, and despatched in a single shipment under strict supervision of the Secretariat; 
v) the proceeds of the trade are used exclusively for elephant conservation and community conservation 

and development programmes within or adjacent to the elephant range; and 
vi) only after the Standing Committee has agreed that the above conditions have been met. 
On a proposal from the Secretariat, the Standing Committee can decide to cause this trade to cease partially 
or completely in the event of non-compliance by exporting or importing countries, or in the case of proven 
detrimental impacts of the trade on other elephant populations. 

All other specimens shall be deemed to be specimens of species included in Appendix I and the trade in them 
shall be regulated accordingly. 

Population of Zimbabwe (listed in Appendix II): 

For the exclusive purpose of allowing: 

1) export of hunting trophies for non-commercial purposes; 

2) export of live animals to appropriate and acceptable destinations; 

3) export of hides; and 

4) export of leather goods and ivory carvings for non-commercial purposes. 

All other specimens shall be deemed to be specimens of species included in Appendix I and the trade in them 
shall be regulated accordingly. To ensure that where a) destinations for live animals are to be appropriate and 
acceptable and/or b) the purpose of the import is to be non-commercial, export permits and re-export certificates 
may be issued only after the issuing Management Authority has received, from the Management Authority of the 
State of import, a certification to the effect that: in case a), in analogy to Article III, paragraph 3 (b) of the 
Convention, the holding facility has been reviewed by the competent Scientific Authority, and the proposed 
recipient has been found to be suitably equipped to house and care for the animals; and/or in case b), in analogy 
to Article III, paragraph 3 (c), the Management Authority is satisfied that the specimens will not be used for 
primarily commercial purposes. 

10 Manis spp. A zero annual export quota has been established for Manis crassicaudata, M. javanica and 
M. pentadactyla for specimens removed from the wild and traded for primarily commercial purposes. 


Melanosuchus niger Subject to a zero annual export quota until an annual export quota has been approved by 

the CITES Secretariat and IUCN/SSC Crocodile Specialist Group. 


Vicugna vicugna 

Population of Argentina (listed in Appendix II): For the exclusive purpose of allowing international trade in 
wool sheared from live vicunas, in cloth, and in derived manufactured products and other handicraft artefacts. 
The reverse side of the cloth must bear the logotype adopted by the range States of the species, which are 
signatories to the Convenio para la Conservation y Manejo de la Vicuna, and the selvages the words 
'VICUNA- ARGENTINA'. Other products must bear a label including the logotype and the designation 
'VICUNA-ARGENTINA-ARTESANIA'. All other specimens shall be deemed to be specimens of species 
included in Appendix I and the trade in them shall be regulated accordingly. 

Population of Bolivia (listed in Appendix II): For the exclusive purpose of allowing international trade in: a) 
wool and products derived therefrom sheared from live animals of the populations of the Conservation Units of 
Mauri-Desaguadero, Ulla Ulla and Lipez-Chichas; and b) products made from wool sheared from live animals 
of the rest of the population of Bolivia. The reverse side of the cloth must bear the logotype adopted by the 
range States of the species, which are signatories to the Convenio para la Conservation y Manejo de la Vicuna, 
and the selvages the words 'VICUNA-BOLIVIA'. Other products must bear a label including the logotype and the 
designation 'VICUNA-BOLIVIA-ARTESANIA'. All other specimens shall be deemed to be specimens of species 
included in Appendix I and the trade in them shall be regulated accordingly. 


Population of Chile (listed in Appendix II): For the exclusive purpose of allowing international trade in wool 
sheared from live vicunas, and in cloth and items made thereof, including luxury handicrafts and knitted articles. 
The reverse side of the cloth must bear the logotype adopted by the range States of the species, which are 
signatories to the Convenio para la Conservation y Manejo de la Vicuna, and the selvages the words 
'VICUNA-CHILE'. Other products must bear a label including the logotype and the designation 'VICUNA- 
CHILE-ARTESANIA'. All other specimens shall be deemed to be specimens of species included in Appendix I 
and the trade in them shall be regulated accordingly. 

Population of Peru (listed in Appendix II): For the exclusive purpose of allowing international trade in wool 
sheared from live vicunas and in the stock extant at the time of the ninth meeting of the Conference of the 
Parties (November 1994) of 3249 kg of wool, and in cloth and items made thereof, including luxury handicrafts 
and knitted articles. The reverse side of the cloth must bear the logotype adopted by the range States of the 
species, which are signatories to the Convenio para la Conservation y Manejo de la Vicuna, and the selvages 
the words 'VICUNA-PERU'. Other products must bear a label including the logotype and the designation 
'VICUNA-PERU-ARTESANIA'. All other specimens shall be deemed to be specimens of species included in 
Appendix I and the trade in them shall be regulated accordingly. 


13 Cactaceae spp. Artificially propagated specimens of the following hybrids and/or cultivars are not subject to 
the provisions of the Convention: Hatiora x graeseri; Schlumbergera x buckleyi; S. russelliana x S. truncata; S. 
orssichiana x 5. truncata: S. opuntioides x S. truncata; S. truncata (cultivars); Cactaceae spp. colour mutants 
lacking chlorophyll, grafted on the following grafting stocks: Harrisia 'Jusbertif '/ 'Hylocereus trigonus or 
H. undatus; Opuntia microdasys (cultivars). 

Cyclamen spp. Artificially propagated specimens of cultivars of Cyclamen persicum are not subject to the 
provisions of the Convention. However, the exemption does not apply to such specimens traded as dormant 

15 Orchidaceae spp. Artificially propagated specimens of hybrids of Cymbidium, Dendrobium, Phalaenopsis 
and Vanda are not subject to the provisions of the Convention when: 

1 ) the specimens are traded in shipments consisting of individual containers (i.e. cartons, boxes or crates) 
each containing 20 or more plants of the same hybrid; 

2) the plants within each container can be readily recognized as artificially propagated specimens by 
exhibiting a high degree of uniformity and healthiness; and 

3) the shipments are accompanied by documentation, such as an invoice, which clearly states the number 
of plants of each hybrid. 

Artificially propagated specimens of the following hybrids: 

- Cymbidium: Interspecific hybrids within the genus and intergeneric hybrids; 

- Dendrobium: Interspecific hybrids within the genus known in horticulture as "nobile-types" and 
"phalaenopsis -types"; 

- Phalaenopsis: Interspecific hybrids within the genus and intergeneric hybrids; 

- Vanda: Interspecific hybrids within the genus and intergeneric hybrids 
are not subject to the provisions of the Convention when: 

1 ) they are traded in flowering state, i.e. with at least one open flower per specimen, with reflexed petals; 

2) they are professionally processed for commercial retail sale, e.g. labelled with printed labels and 
packaged with printed packages; 

3) they can be readily recognized as artificially propagated specimens by exhibiting a high degree of 
cleanliness, undamaged inflorescences, intact root systems and a general absence of damage or injury 
that could be attributable to plants originating in the wild; 

4) the plants do not exhibit characteristics of wild origin, such as damage by insects or other animals, 
fungi or algae adhering to leaves, or mechanical damage to inflorescences, roots, leaves or other parts 
resulting from collection; and 

5) the labels or packages indicate the trade name of the specimen, the country of artificial propagation or, 
in the case of international trade during the production process, the country where the specimen was 
labelled and packaged; and the labels or packages show a photograph of the flower, or demonstrate by 
other means the appropriate use of labels and packages in an easily verifiable way. 


Plants not clearly qualifying for the exemption must be accompanied by appropriate CITES documents. 

16 Dicksonia spp. Only the population of the Americas. 

17 Euphorbia spp. Artificially propagated specimens of cultivars of Euphorbia trigona, artificially propagated 
specimens of crested, fan-shaped or colour mutants of Euphorbia lactea, when grafted on artificially propagated 
root stock of Euphorbia neriifolia, and artificially propagated specimens of cultivars of Euphorbia 'Milii' when 
they are traded in shipments of 100 or more plants and readily recognizable as artificially propagated specimens, 
are not subject to the provisions of the Convention. 

18 Panax ginseng Only the population of the Russian Federation. 

19 Swietenia macrophylla Populations of the Neotropics. 

20 Taxus chinensis, T. cuspidata, T.fuana, T. sumatrana, T. wallichiana Whole artificially propagated plants 
in pots or other small containers, each consignment being accompanied by a label or document stating the name 
of the taxon or taxa and the text 'artificially propagated', are not subject to the provisions of the Convention. 





Una referencia a los Apendices 

de la Convencion sobre el Comercio Internacional 

de Especies Amenazadas de Fauna y Flora Silvestres 

Compilada por el PNUMA Centro de Monitoreo de la Conservacion Mundial 
Revisada y corregida por Tim Inskipp y Harriet J. Gillett 




PNUMA Centra de Monitoreo de la Conservation Mundial 

La Secretaria de la CITES 

La Secretaria de la CITES, la Comision Europea y Joint Nature 
Conservation Committee 








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propositos no comerciales, sin la previa autorizacion de los titulares del 

No esta permitida la reproduction de esta publication, para la reventa 
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- ya sea fotografico, electronico o mecanico, inclusive por fotocopia, 
grabacion, mecanografia u otros sistemas de almacenamiento y 
recuperation de datos - sin el permiso previo por escrito de los 
titulares del copyright. 

Las denominaciones geograficas empleadas esta publication no 
implican jucio alguno por parte de sus autores o la Secretaria CITES 
sobre la condition juridica de ninguno de los paises, zonas o territorios, 
ni respecto de la delimitation de sus fronteras o limites. 

Inskipp, T. & Gillett, H. J. (Eds.) 2005. Lista de Especies CITES y 
Apendices y Reservas Anotadas de la CITES. Compiladas por el 
PNUMA-CMCM. Secretaria de la CITES, Ginebra, Suiza, y PNUMA- 
CMCM, Cambridge, Reino Unido. 339 pp. & CD-ROM 

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Observation general 23 



Nombre cientifico 24 

Nombre cormin 25 

Sinonimos cientificos 25 


Nombre cientifico 25 

Apendice de la CITES 26 

CodigosISO 26 

Fechas 26 

Notas 27 

explicacion de las anotaciones 27 

interpretacion 28 

lista de especies de fauna 49 

lista de especies de flora 263 

referencias: fauna 407 

Mammalia 409 

AVES 410 

Reptilia 412 

amphibia 414 

elasmobranchii, actinopterygii y sarcopterygii 414 

arachnida 415 


mollusca 415 

Cnidaria 415 

referencias: flora 416 







En estas ediciones de la Lista de Especies CITES y de los Apendices y Reservas Anotados de la CITES 
(esta ultima solo en el CD-ROM adjunto) se han tornado en consideration las enmiendas a los Apendices 
de la CITES y las modificaciones en la nomenclature aprobadas en la 1 3 a reunion de la Conferencia de 
las Partes en la CITES (Bangkok, 2004). 

En esa reunion, la Conferencia de las Partes reconocio la Lista y sus actualizaciones como una 
recopilacion oficial de los nombres cientificos de las especies incluidas en los Apendices de la CITES, 
que refleja los nombres utilizados en las referencias normalizadas oficiales. Expresamos nuestro 
agradecimiento al PNUMA-Centro de Monitoreo de la Conservation Mundial (PNUMA-CMCM) por 
haber producido nuevamente esta Lista y, en particular, al personal encargado de esta meticulosa labor. 

Los gastos de preparation y production de esta Lista fueron sufragados por la Comision Europea, el 
Joint Nature Conservation Committee (Reino Unido) y el PNUMA-CMCM, asi como por la Secretaria 
de la CITES. Deseamos dar las gracias a nuestros colaboradores por sus importantes contribuciones. 

Sabemos que esta Lista es ampliamente utilizada y apreciada por las Autoridades Administrativas y 
Cientificas, los funcionarios de aduanas y otras personas interesadas en la aplicacion de la CITES, asi 
como por las organizaciones no gubernamentales, los medios academicos, la prensa y otras entidades. 
Somos conscientes, sin embargo, de que debemos seguir tratando de satisfacer las necesidades 
cambiantes de los usuarios de esta guia. Por esta razon, acogemos con beneplacito los comentarios y 
sugerencias de todos los usuarios sobre la forma de mejorarla en el future 

Secretaria de la CITES 





La Lista de Especies CITES fue preparada en nombre de la Secretaria de la CITES por el PNUMA 
Centro de Monitoreo de la Conservation Mundial (PNUMA-CMCM). 

El PNUMA-CMCM es el brazo del Programa de las Naciones Unidas del Medio Ambiente, la principal 
organization intergubernamental ambiental en el mundo, encargado de evaluar la biodiversidad y la 
implementation de politicas ambientales. El PNUMA-CMCM aspira a ayudar a los responsables de 
adoptar decisiones a reconocer el valor de la biodiversidad para la gente de todo el mundo, y a poner en 
practica este conocimiento en todo lo que hacen. El desafio del Centro es transformar datos complejos en 
information relevante para la formulation de politicas de gestion, desarrollar instrumentos y sistemas 
para el analisis y la integration de estos datos, y apoyar las necesidades de las naciones y de la 
comunidad international en general en sus esfuerzos por desarrollar programas de action conjunta. 

Esta publication fue editada por Tim Inskipp y Harriet Gillett, con el apoyo Joan Field y Sarah Ferriss. 
James O'Carroll presto apoyo tecnico. Gerardo Fragoso se encargo de la supervision de este proyecto. El 
equipo de production expresa su agradecimiento al personal de la Secretaria de la CITES y al Comite de 
Nomenclatura de la CITES por su asesoramiento y asistencia. 

El PNUMA-CMCM desea dar asimismo las gracias a la Comision Europea y al Joint Nature 
Conservation Committee del Reino Unido por su concurso financiero, que ha hecho posible la 
production de esta publication y del CD-ROM. 


Creditos de las ilustraciones 

La Secretaria de la CITES expresa su agradecimiento a los fotografos e instituciones que han donado 
graciosamente su laminas y fotografias para esta publication. 


De izquierda a derecha y de arriba a abajo: 

Aloe dichotoma © Kew RBG 

Morelia viridis © WWF-Canon / Martin Harvey 

Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus © WWF-Canon / Roger Leguen 

Aloeferox © Kew RBG 

Euphorbia milii © Kew RBG 

Galanthus elwesii © Kew RBG 

Dracula chimaera © Kew RBG 

Falco punctatus © Cop. Bibliotheque centrale MNHN Paris 2005 

Puma concolor © WWF-Canon / Anthony B. Rath 

Brachyteles arachnoides © Cop. Bibliotheque centrale MNHN Paris 2005 

Hippocampus guttulatus © Patrick Louisy 

Vanda coerulea © CITES Autoridad Administrativa de Tailandia (tambien en el CD -ROM) 

Pericopsis elata © Paul Mathew/FFI 

Pelecanus crispus © WWF-Canon / Michel Gunther (tambien en el CD -ROM) 

Odobenus rosmarus © U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service 

Dalbergia nigra © Evan Bowen-Jones/FFI 


De izquierda a derecha: 

Mantella aurantiaca © Franco Andreone 

Euphorbia sp. (lamina de John Gerard's Herball, or Generall Historie of Plants, 1597) © Kew RBG 

Cattleya schilleriana © Kew RBG 

Retrato de Carl Linnaeus (1707-1778), el botanico sueco que establecio el sistema binomial de la 

nomenclature biologica que constituye la base de la clasificacion actual © Kew RBG 



Especies de fauna y flora incluidas en los Apendices de la CITES 

En esta publication y CD-ROM se presenta una Lista de especies de fauna y de flora incluidas en los 
Apendices I, II y III de la CITES, tal como fue aprobada por la Conferencia de las Partes, valida a partir 
del 17 de febrero de 2005. En el CD-ROM se incluyen tambien los Apendices y Reservas Anotados de la 
CITES, con un indice de los nombres de las familias y los nombres comunes. Se alberga la esperanza de 
que sea util para las Autoridades Administrativas y Cientificas, los funcionarios de aduanas y otras 
personas interesadas en la aplicacion y observancia de la Convention. 

Observation general 

En los Apendices de la CITES se utilizan los nombres cientificos aprobados por el Comite de 
Nomenclatura de la CITES y adoptados por la Conferencia de las Partes en la CITES. En esta Lista y en 
los Apendices anotados, se incluyen los nombres comunes a titulo de referenda. Si no aparece el nombre 
comun de un animal o planta incluido en los Apendices de la CITES, deberia buscarse bajo su nombre 
cientifico o bajo otro nombre comun. 

Las especies que figuran en la Lista y en los Apendices anotados se clasifican: 

a) con arreglo al nombre de las especies; o 

b) como si todas las especies estuviesen incluidas en un taxon superior o en una 
parte designada del mismo. 

Otras referencias a los taxa superiores de la especie se indican unicamente a titulo de information o de 

En la base de datos de las especies CITES, disponible en el sitio web de la CITES (, se 
presenta mayor information sobre cada taxon, incluida la distribution y los nombres de los autores. 

Nomenclatura y taxonomia 

La nomenclatura y la taxonomia seguidas en esta publication son las utilizadas en los Apendices de la 
CITES. En la mayoria de los casos en que en los Apendices se cita unicamente el nombre de un orden, 
familia o genero, los nombres de las especies es ese taxon superior se han incluido en esta Lista. Cuando 
la Conferencia de las Partes ha adoptado una referencia normalizada, los nombres de esas especies son 
los utilizados en las correspondientes publicaciones a que se hace alusion en la section Referencias al 
final de la presente publication. Esos nombres adoptados aparecen en negritas en la Lista. Cuando no se 
haya adoptado una referencia normalizada (como se indica en las Referencias) los nombres de las 
especies de un taxa superior son los utilizados normalmente en la base de datos del PNUMA-CMCM, 
que se han extraido de diversas publaciones. 


Lista de especies CITES 

La Lista de especies CITES consta de una lista alfabetica de la fauna, seguida por la flora. Hay tres 
tipos de entradas: el nombre cientifico, el nombre comun y el sinonimo cientifico. Los nombres 
comunes y los sinonimos remiten a los nombres cientificos adoptados, donde se porporciona la 
information conexa CITES. 

Nombre cientifico 

La Lista contiene los nombres cientificos, por orden alfabetico, de todos los taxa animales y vegetales 
incluidos en los Apendices de la CITES, a la exception de los generos de orquideas incluidos en el 
Apendice II que no aparecen en los tres volumenes publicados de la Lista de orquideas CITES, para las 
que solamente se incluye el nombre del genero, por ejemplo, Aa spp. 

Formato 1) Nombre cientifico (los nombres en negritas son los adoptados por la 

Conferencia de las Partes); 

2) Optativo - nombres comunes en espafiol (S), frances (F) e ingles (E); 

3) Optativo - el simbolo # 1 -# 1 y los numeros sobreescritos (p. ej. 1 ) (vease la 
Interpretation infra); 

4) Los Apendices I, II o III en que esta incluida la especie, o "NC para taxa que no 
estan, o estan parcialmente, incluidos en los Apendices de la CITES . Algunos 
taxa son objeto de inclusion dividida, lo que significa que pueden estar 
parcialmente incluidas en un Apendice y parcialmente en otro. Cuando un taxon 
esta incluido en el Apendice I y II, por ejemplo, se indicara mediante 'I/II'. En 
ocasiones, solo estan incluidas ciertas poblaciones, mientras que otras no estan 
amparadas por la Convention. Para un taxon parcialmente incluido en el 
Apendice I y parcialmente no incluido en otro Apendice, se indicara mediante 
'I/NC; y 

5) Para la fauna, la familia en letras mayusculas y un codigo de dos letras para la 
clase en que esta incluida la especie. Se utilizan los siguientes codigos: 

Ac = Actinopterygii 

Am = Amphibia 

An = Anthozoa 

Ar = Arachnida 

Av = Aves 

Bi = Bivalvia 

El = Elasmobranchii 

Ga = Gastropoda 

Hi = Hirudinoidea 

Hy = Hydrozoa 

In = Insecta 

Ma = Mammalia 

Re = Reptilia 

Sa = Sarcopterygii 

A titulo informativo, se incluyen algunas especies que no figuran en los Apendices de la CITES, 
concretamente tres especies de Psittaciformes: Agapornis roseicollis, Melopsittacus undulatus y Nymphicus 
hollandicus, y cuatro especies de Falconiformes: Cathartes aura, Cathartes burrovianus, Cathartes 
melambrotus y Coragyps atratus. Son las linicas especies de estos amplios ordenes que no estan amparadas 
por la CITES. De igual modo, Aloe vera es la unica especie de Aloe que no esta incluida en los Apendices. 


Ejemplos - Abeillia abeillei. (E) Emerald-chinned Hummingbird, (S) Colibri barbiesmeralda, (F) 

Colibri d'Abeille II TROCHILIDAE Av 

- Aa spp. #8 II Orchidaceae 

Nombre comun 

En la medida de lo posible, se indican los nombres comunes en espanol, frances e ingles. 

Formato El nombre comun, ya sea en ingles (E), espanol (S) o frances (F), va seguido por el 

correspondiente nombre cientifico. Solo hay una entrada para cada nombre comun, asi, 
pues, solo hay una entrada para 'Aguila real', pero no para 'Real, Aguila'. 

Ejemplos - Loros (S): PSITTACIFORMES spp. 

- Orchids, slipper (E): Paphiopedilum spp. / Phragmipedium spp. 

- Colibri barbiesmeralda (S): Abeillia abeillei 

Sinonimos cientificos 

Se incluyen algunos sinonimos de los nombres cientificos, pero la lista no es exhaustiva. 

Formato Un sinonimo cientifico va seguido por '=' y por el nombre cientifico aceptado. Para 

acceder a mayor informacion sobre la especie, debe consultarse este ultimo, por orden 

Ejemplo Tirucallia goetzei = Euphorbia goetzei 

Apendices y Reservas Anotados de la CITES 

(unicamente el CD-ROM) 

Se incluye informacion sobre todos los taxa incluidos actual o anterioremente en los Apendices de la 
CITES. Se indica la fecha de inclusion de todos los taxa (orden, familia, genero, especie, subespecie) y 
las poblaciones citadas en los Apendices en vigor, o en anteriores versiones de los Apendices. Se indican 
tambien todas las reservas formuladas por las Partes, con la fecha en que entraron en vigor y, en el caso 
de antiguas reservas, la fecha en que se retiraron. 

La informacion se presenta por orden taxonomico, con los nombres comunes para los taxa superiores, 
p.ej. URSIDAE (osos). Sin embargo, en esta section solo se incluye el nombre comun de una especie en 
casos en que solo una o varias especies estan incluidas en una familia, p.ej. ESCHRICHTIIDAE (ballena 
gris). Esto significa que en la mayoria de los casos los nombres de las especies se indican unicamente en 
latin. Si los usuarios no pueden encontrar una especie por su nombre comun en los Apendices y Reservas 
Anotados de la CITES, deberian buscar su nombre cientifico equivalente en la Lista de Especies CITES, y 
consultar el nombre cientifico en los Apendices y Reservas Anotados. Por ejemplo, para encontrar la 
especie cabezon, consulte primero la Lista, donde ese nombre aparece asociado a Peltocephalus 
dumeriliana. Busque luego Peltocephalus dumeriliana en los Apendices anotados. 

En cinco columnas se ofrece informacion sobre: el nombre cientifico, el Apendice de la CITES, el codigo 
ISO, las fechas y las notas, como sigue: 

Nombre cientifico 

En la primera columna figuran los nombres cientificos de los taxa que estan incluidos o han estado 
incluidos en los Apendices. Estos nombres pueden referirse a diversos niveles taxonomicos: orden, 
familia, genero, especie, subspecie o variedad. Los ordenes y las familias figuran en el mismo orden de 


sucesion taxonomica que la utilizada en los Apendices de la CITES. Las especies (y las subspecies) se 
indican por orden de sucesion alfabetica dentro de cada familia. Observese que los nombres del taxon 
superior que aparecen en negrita se indican unicamente a titulo informativo. 

Apendice de la CITES 

En las tres columnas siguientes figuran los Apendices en los que estan o estaban incluidos los taxa. Las 
reservas formuladas por las Partes se indican anadiendo 'r' al numero del Apendice, para senalar la fecha 
de entrada en vigor y 'w' para indicar que la reserva file retirada. Si el Apendice I y el Apendice II se 
aplican a un taxon determinado en una fecha, se indica en primer lugar el Apendice I. Cuando aparece la 
letra 'Del' en una de las tres columnas, en vez del numero del Apendice, significa que el taxon se 
suprimio de dicho Apendice en la fecha senalada. 

Codigos ISO 

En esta columna se presenta el codigo ISO de cada Parte o territorio mencionado en relacion con una 
inclusion en el Apendice III, las reservas y las especies objeto de inclusion dividida o parcial. 


Emiratos Arabes Unidos 




Nueva Zelandia 












Papua Nueva Guinea 




Hong Kong 




















Federacion de Rusia 


Burkina Faso 




Arabia Saudita 


Brunei Darussalam 














Repiiblica de Corea 






















Repiiblica Centroafricana 






















Repiiblica Arabe Siria 




















Costa Rica 




Repiiblica Unida de 







Repiiblica Checa 










Estados Unidos de 

















San Vicente y las 









Paises Bajos 










Reino Unido 






En esta columna aparecen las fechas en que entraron en vigor los cambios en los Apendices en 
relacion con las especies. La fechas aparecen por orden cronologico (dia/mes/ano, es decir, 01/07/75 = 
1 de julio de 1975), indicandose en primer lugar la fecha mas antigua. La evolution de la inclusion de 
un taxon/poblacion puede determinarse examinando las lineas siguientes. Cuando las poblaciones de 
un taxon estan divididas entre el Apendice I y el Apendice II, ambos Apendices figuran al lado de 
cada fecha cuando se produjo un cambio, con notas en las que se indica el estado de todas las 
poblaciones en cada uno de los Apendices. 



La ultima columna contiene toda la informacion complementaria sobre los cambios y la situacion despues 
de cada cambio. Cuando se trata de poblaciones separadas, se muestra la evolution de modo que 
cualquier cambio en la inclusion entre varios Apendices pueda determinarse leyendo las dos lineas que se 
refieren a cada cambio. Las referencias a las poblaciones se indican utilizando el codigo ISO de dos letras 
de cada pais (vease supra). En otras notas se ofrece informacion complementaria sobre los taxa incluidos, 
por ejemplo, los sinonimos cientificos. El termino 'Incluido con....' significa que el taxon en cuestion fue 
inicialmente incluido de forma separada pero fue posteriormente incluido en un taxon superior. El 
termino 'Incluido bajo ...' significa que el taxon en cuestion formaba parte inicialmente de un taxon 
superior pero fue posteriormente tratado por separado, bien sea transferido a orro Apendice o sujeto a una 

A modo de ejemplo, si se examina la historia de la inclusion en los Apendices de la poblacion de 
Crocodylus niloticus de Malawi, puede observarse que en la primera entrada para esta especie se indica 
que la especie (es decir, todas las poblaciones) se incluyo en el Apendice I el 1 de julio de 1975. A 
continuation hay un numero de entradas que se refieren a la transferencia de diversas poblaciones 
entre el Apendice I y el Apendice II. En una de ellas se indica que la poblacion de Malawi (MW) fue 
transferida al Apendice II el 1 de agosto de 1985. En otra entrada se indica que el 18 de enero de 1990 
entro en vigor un programa de cria en granjas para esta especie y en la ultima entrada se resume la 
situacion actual de esta especie, donde se confirma que la poblacion de especimenes criados en granjas 
de Malawi sigue estando en el Apendice II. 

Explicacion de las anotaciones 



incluida en el Apendice I 
incluida en el Apendice II 
incluida en el Apendice III 
suprimida de los Apendices 




= no CITES 




reserva formulada por la Parte 

#1— #10 



todas las especies de un taxon 





reserva retirada por la Parte 


se refiere a la Interpretation 

(vease infra) 

los mimeros sobreescritos se 

refieren a la Interpretation 

(vease infra) 



De conformidad con las disposiciones del parrafo b(iii) del Articulo I de la Convention, el signo (#) 
seguido de un numero colocado junto al nombre de una especie o de un taxon superior incluido en el 
Apendice II o III designa las partes o derivados provenientes de esa especie o de ese taxon y se indican 
como sigue a los efectos de la Convention: 

# 1 designa todas las partes y derivados, excepto: 

a) las semillas, las esporas y el polen (inclusive las polinias); 

b) los cultivos de plantulas o de tejidos obtenidos in vitro, en medios solidos o liquidos, que se transportan 
en envases esteriles; y 

c) las flores cortadas de plantas reproducidas artificialmente; 

#2 designa todas las partes y derivados, excepto: 

a) las semillas y el polen; 

b) los cultivos de plantulas o de tejidos obtenidos in vitro, en medios solidos o liquidos, que se transportan 
en envases esteriles; 

c) las flores cortadas de plantas reproducidas artificialmente; y 

d) los derivados quimicos y productos farmaceuticos acabados; 

#3 designa las raices enteras o en rodajas o partes de las raices, excluidas las partes o derivados 
manufacturados, tales como polvos, pastillas, extractos, tonicos, tes y otros preparados; 

#4 designa todas las partes y derivados, excepto: 

a) las semillas, excepto las de las cactaceas mexicanas originarias de Mexico, y el polen; 

b) los cultivos de plantulas o de tejidos obtenidos in vitro, en medios solidos o liquidos, que se transportan 
en envases esteriles; 

c) las flores cortadas de plantas reproducidas artificialmente; 

d) los frutos, y sus partes y derivados, de plantas aclimatadas o reproducidas artificialmente; y 

e) los elementos del tallo (ramificaciones), y sus partes y derivados, de plantas del genero Opuntia 
subgenera Opuntia aclimatadas o reproducidas artificialmente; 

#5 designa trozas, madera aserrada y laminas de chapa de madera;. 

#6 designa trozas, madera aserrada, laminas de chapa de madera y madera contrachapada; 

#7 designa trozas, troceados de madera y material fragmentado no elaborado; 

#8 designa todas las partes y derivados, excepto: 

a) las semillas y el polen (inclusive las polinias); 

b) los cultivos de plantulas o de tejidos obtenidos in vitro, en medios solidos o liquidos, que se transportan 
en envases esteriles; 

c) las flores cortadas de ejemplares reproducidos artificialmente; y 

d) los frutos, y sus partes y derivados, de plantas del genero Vanilla reproducidas artificialmente; 

#9 designa todas las partes y derivados, excepto los que lleven una etiqueta en la que se indique: 'Produced 
from Hoodia spp. material obtained through controlled harvesting and production in collaboration with the 
CITES Management Authorities of Botswana/Namibia/South Africa under agreement no. BW/NA/ZA 
xxxxxx' (Producido a partir de material de Hoodia spp. obtenido mediante recoleccion y production 
controlada en colaboracion con las Autoridades Administrativas CITES de Botswana/Namibia/Sudafrica 
con arreglo al acuerdo No. BW/NA/ZA xxxxxx); 

#10 designa todas las partes y derivados, excepto: 

a) las semillas y el polen; y 

b) productos farmaceuticos acabados. 


Observaciones complement arias 

La Conferencia de las Partes ha anadido condiciones para la inclusion de algunas especies en los 
Apendices. Esas condiciones se indican en una nota al pie de pagina en la pagina correspondiente, en 
la medida de lo posible, o solo como notas al final de la publicacion cuando su tamafio no hizo posible 
esa presentation. A continuation se reproducen todas las notas. 


Acinonyx jubatus Se conceden los siguientes cupos de exportacion anual para especimenes vivos y trofeos de 
caza: Botswana: 5; Namibia: 150; Zimbabwe: 50. El comercio de estos especimenes esta sujeto a las 
disposiciones del Articulo III de la Convencion 

2 Ceratotherium simum simum Con el exclusivo proposito de autorizar el comercio intemacional de animales 
vivos a destinatarios apropiados y aceptables y de trofeos de caza. Los demas especimenes se consideraran como 
especimenes de especies incluidas en el Apendice I y su comercio se reglamentara en consecuencia. 

Cetacea spp. Se ha establecido un cupo de exportacion anual nulo para especimenes vivos de la poblacion de 
Tursiops truncatus del mar Negro capturados en el medio silvestre y comercializados con fines primordialmente 

Chaetophractus nationi Se ha establecido un cupo de exportacion anual nulo. Se considerara que todos los 
especimenes pertencen a especies incluidas en el Apendice I y su comercio se reglamentara en consecuencia. 

5 Crocodylus niloticus Excepto las poblaciones de Botswana, Etiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, 
Mozambique, Namibia, Repiiblica Unida de Tanzania, Sudafrica, Uganda, (sujetas a un cupo de exportacion 
anual de no mas de 1.600 especimenes silvestres, incluidos los trofeos de caza, ademas de los especimenes 
criados en granjas), Zambia y Zimbabwe; que estan incluidas en el Apendice II. 

Felidae spp. Los especimenes de la forma domesticada no estan sujetos a las disposiciones de la Convencion. 

Geochelone sulcata Se ha establecido un cupo de exportacion anual nulo para Geochelone sulcata, para los 
especimenes capturados en el medio silvestres y comercializados con fines promordialmente comerciales 

8 Helioporidae spp., Milleporidae spp., Scleractinia spp. Srylasteridae spp. Tubiporidae spp. Los fosiles no 
estan sujetos a las disposiciones de la Convencion. 

Loxodonta africana 
Poblaciones de Botswana, Namibia y Sudafrica (incluidas en el Apendice II): 

Con el exclusivo proposito de autorizar: 

1) el comercio de trofeos de caza con fines no comerciales; 

2) el comercio de animales vivos para programas de conservation in situ; 

3) el comercio de pieles; 

4) el comercio de articulos de cuero: con fines no comerciales para Botswana; con fines comerciales o no 
comerciales para Namibia y Sudafrica; 

5) el comercio de pelo con fines comerciales o no comerciales para Namibia; 

6) el comercio de ekipas marcadas y certificadas individualmente integradas en articulos acabados de joyeria 
con fines no comerciales para Namibia; y 

7) el comercio de marfil en bruto registrado (para Botswana y Namibia, colmillos enteros y piezas; para 
Sudafrica, comillos enteros y piezas cortadas de marfil de una longitud superior a 20 cm y un peso superior 
a un kilogramo) sujeto a lo siguiente: 

i) solamente las existencias registradas propiedad del gobierno, originarias del Estado (excluido el marfil 
confiscado y el marfil de origen desconocido y, en el caso de Sudafrica, linicamente el marfil 
procedente del Parque Nacional Kruger); 

ii) solamente con asociados comerciales verificados por la Secretaria, en consulta con el Comite 
Permanente, que cuenten con legislation nacional adecuada y controles comerciales nacionales para 
garantizar que el marfil importado no se reexportara y se administrara de conformidad con lo dispuesto 


en la Resolution Conf. 10.10 (Rev. CoP12), en lo que respecta a la manufacture y el comercio interno; 
iii) no antes de que la Secretaria haya verificado los posibles paises importadores y MIKE haya 

presentado a la Secretaria la information de referencia (por ejemplo, niimero de la poblacion de 

elefantes, incidencia de las matanzas ilegales); 
iv) la comercializacion de una cantidad maxima de marfil de 20.000 kg (Botswana), 10.000 kg (Namibia) 

y 30.000 kg (Sudafrica), que se despachara en un solo envio bajo estricta supervision de la Secretaria; 
v) los ingresos obtenidos de este comercio se utilizaran exclusivamente para la conservation del elefante 

y en programas comunitarios de desarrollo y conservation en zonas adyacentes y dentro del area de 

distribution del elefante; y 
vi) solo despues que el Comite Permanente haya acordado que se han reunido las condiciones precitadas. 
A propuesta de la Secretaria, el Comite Permanente puede decidir poner fin partial o completamente a este 
comercio en el caso de incumplimiento de los paises importadores o exportadores, o en caso de probados 
efectos perjudiciales del comercio sobre otras poblaciones de elefantes. 

Todos los demas especimenes se consideraran especimenes de especies incluidas en el Apendice I y su comercio 
se reglamentara en consecuencia. 

Poblacion de Zimbabwe (incluida en el Apendice II): 

Con el exclusivo proposito de autorizar: 

1) la exportation de trofeos de caza con fines no comerciales; 

2) la exportation de animales vivos a destinatarios apropiados y aceptables; 

3) la exportation de pieles; y 

4) la exportation de articulos de cuero y tallas de marfilcon fines no comerciales. 

Todos los especimenes cuyo comercio no este autorizado en virtud de las precitadas disposiciones se 
consideraran especimenes de especies incluidas en el Apendice I y su comercio se reglamentara en 
consecuencia. A fin de garantizar que: a) los destinatarios de los animales vivos son apropriados y aceptables 
y/o b) el proposito de la importation es no comercial, solo se expediran permisos de exportation y certificados 
de reexportation una vez que la Autoridad Administrativa expedidora haya recibido, de la Autoridad 
Administrativa del Estado de importation, un certificado en el sentido de que: en el caso a), en analogia con el 
parrafo 3 (b) del Articulo III de la Convention, la Autoridad Cientifica competente haya visitado el centra de 
acogida y dictamine que el destinatario propuesto esta debidamente equipado para albergar y cuidar los 
animales; y/o en el caso b), en analogia con el parrafo 3 c) del Articulo III, la Autoridad Administrativa haya 
verificado que los especimenes no seran utilizados con fines primordialmente comerciales. 

10 Manis spp. Se ha establecido un cupo de exportation anual nulo para especimenes de Manis crassicaudata, 
M. javanica y M. pentadactyla capturados en el medio silvestre y comercializados con fines primordialmente 

n Melanosuchus niger Sujeta a un cupo de exportation anual nulo hasta que la Secretaria CITES y el Grupo de 
Especialistas en Cocodrilidos de la CSE/UICN hayan aprobado un cupo de exportation anual. 

1 Vicugna vicugna 

Poblacion de Argentina (incluida en el Apendice II): Con el exclusivo proposito de autorizar el comercio 
international de lana esquilada de vicunas vivas, de telas, de productos manufacturados derivados y de 
artesanias. En el reves de las telas debe figurar el logotipo adoptado por los Estados del area de distribution de 
la especie, signatarios del Convenio para la Conservation y Manejo de la Vicuna, y en los orillos la expresion 
"VICUNA-ARGENTINA". Otros productos deben llevar una etiqueta con el logotipo y las palabras "VICUNA- 
ARGENTINA-ARTESANiA". Todos los demas especimenes deben considerarse como especimenes de especies 
incluidas en el Apendice I y su comercio debera reglamentarse en consecuencia. 

Poblacion de Bolivia (incluida en el Apendice II): Con el exclusivo proposito de autorizar el comercio 
international de: a) fibra esquilada de animales vivos y productos derivados de la misma de las poblaciones de 
las unidades de conservation de Mauri-Desaguadero, Ulla Ulla y Lipez-Chichas; y b) productos elaborados con 
fibra esquilada de animales vivos del resto de la poblacion de Bolivia. En el reves de las telas debe figurar el 
logotipo adoptado por los Estados del area de distribution de la especie, signatarios del Convenio para la 
Conservation y Manejo de la Vicuna, y en los orillos la expresion "VICUNA-BOLIVIA". Otros productos 
deben llevar una etiqueta con el logotipo y las palabras "VICUNA-BOLIVIA-ARTESANIA". Todos los demas 
especimenes deben considerarse como especimenes de especies incluidas en el Apendice I y su comercio debera 


reglamentarse en consecuencia. 

Poblacion de Chile (incluida en el Apendice II): Con el exclusivo proposito de autorizar el comercio 
intemacional de fibra esquilada de vicunas vivas y de telas y articulos hechas de la misma, inclusive los articulos 
artesanales suntuarios y tejidos de punto. En el reves de las telas debe figurar el logotipo adoptado por los 
Estados del area de distribucion de la especie, signatarios del Convenio para la Conservacion y Manejo de la 
Vicuna, y en los orillos la expresion "VICUNA-CHILE". Otros productos deben llevar una etiqueta con el 
logotipo y las palabras "VICUNA-CHILE-ARTESANIA". Todos los demas especimenes deben considerarse 
como especimenes de especies incluidas en el Apendice I y su comercio debera reglamentarse en consecuencia. 

Poblacion de Peru (incluida en el Apendice II): Con el exclusivo proposito de autorizar el comercio 
intemacional de lana esquilada de vicunas vivas y de las existencias registradas en la novena reunion de la 
Conferencia de las Partes (noviembre de 1994) de 3.249 kg de lana, y de telas y articulos derivados, inclusive 
los articulos artesanales suntuarios y tejidos de punto fabricados. En el reves de las telas debe figurar el logotipo 
adoptado por los Estados del area de distribucion de la especie, signatarios del Convenio para la Conservacion y 
Manejo de la Vicuna, y en los orillos la expresion "VICUNA-PERU". Otros productos deben llevar una etiqueta 
con el logotipo y las palabras "VICUNA-PERU-ARTESANIA". Todos los demas especimenes deben 
considerarse como especimenes de especies incluidas en el Apendice I y su comercio debera reglamentarse en 


Cactaceae spp. Los especimenes reproducidos artificialmente de los siguientes hibridos y/o cultivares no 
estan sujetos a las disposiciones de la Convencion: Hatiora x graeseri; Schlumbergera x buckleyi: S. russelliana 
x S. truncata; S. orssichiana x 5. truncata; S. opuntioides x 5. tiiincata; S. truncata (cultivars); Cactaceae spp. 
(cultivares) formas de color mutante que carecen de clorofila, injertadas en los siguientes patrones: Harrisia 
']usbtft\\V Hylocereus trigonus o H. undatus; Opuntia microdasys (cultivars). 

Cyclamen spp. Los especimenes reproducidos artificialmente de cultivares de Cyclamen persicum no estan 
sujetos a las disposiciones de la Convencion. No obstante, esta exoneration no se aplica a los especimenes 
comercializados como ruberculos latentes. 

Orchidaceae spp. Los especimenes reproducidos artificialmente de hibridos de los generos Cymbidium, 
Dendrobium, Phalaenopsis y Vanda no estan sujetos a las disposiciones de la Convencion cuando: 

1) los especimenes se comercialicen en envios compuestos por contenedores individuales (por ejemplo, 
cartones, cajas o cajones) que contengan 20 o mas plantas del mismo hibrido cada uno; 

2) las plantas en cada contenedor puedan reconocerse facilmente como especimenes reproducidos 
artificialmente, al mostrar un elevado grado de uniformidad y un aspecto saludable; y 

3) los envios vayan acompafiados de documentation, como una factura, en la que se indique claramente el 
numero de plantas de cada hibrido. 

Los especimenes reproducidos artificialmente de los siguientes hibridos: 

- Cymbidium: Hibridos interespecificos dentro del genero e hibridos intergenericos 

-Dendrobium: Hibridos interespecificos dentro del genero, conocidos en horticultura como "tipos nobile" y 
"tipos phalaenopsis" 

- Phalaenopsis: Hibridos interespecificos dentro del genero e hibridos intergenericos 

- Vanda: Hibridos interespecificos dentro del genero e hibridos intergenericos 
no estan sujetos a las disposiciones de la Convencion cuando: 

1) se comercialicen en floracion, es decir, con al menos una flor abierta por especimen, con petalos 

2) se procesen profesionalmente para la venta al por menor, es decir, etiquetados con etiquetas 
impresas y empaquetados con paquetes impresos; 

3) puedan reconocerse facilmente como especimenes reproducidos artificialmente al mostrar un 
elevado grado de limpieza, inflorescencias sin daflos, sistemas radiculares intactos y ausencia 
general de daflos o heridas que podrian atribuirse a las plantas procedentes del medio silvestre; 

4) las plantas no muestren caracteristicas de origen silvestre, como daflos ocasionados por insectos u 
otros animates, hongos o algas adheridas a las hojas o daflos mecanicos producidos en las 
inflorescencias, raices, hojas u otras partes debido a la recoleccion; y 

5) en las etiquetas o los paquetes se indique el nombre comercial del especimen, el pais de 


reproduction artificial o, en caso de comercio internacional durante el proceso de production, el 
pais en que el especimen fue etiquetado y empaquetado; y en las etiquetas o paquetes se muestre 
una fotografia de la flor o se demuestre por otros medios el uso apropiado de etiquetas y paquetes 
de un modo facil de verificar. 

Las plantas que no reunan claramente los requisitos exigidos para obtener la exencion deben ir 

acompafiadas de los documentos CITES apropiados. 

16 Dicksonia spp. Solo la poblacion de las Americas. 

17 Euphorbia spp. Los especimenes reproducidos artificialmente de cultivares de Euphorbia trigona, los 
especimenes reproducidos artificialmente, que tengan las ramas crestadas o en forma de abanico o sean mutantes 
cromaticos de Euphorbia lactea, cuando esten injertados en rizomas de Euphorbia neriifolia reproducidos 
artificialmente, y los especimenes reproducidos artificialmente de cultivares de Euphorbia "Milii" cuando se 
comercialicen en envios de 100 o mas plantas y se reconozcan facilmente como especimenes reproducidos 
artificialmente, no estan sujetos a las disposiciones de la Convencion. 

18 Panax ginseng Solo la poblacion de la Federation de Rusia. 

19 Swietenia macrophylla Las poblaciones de los neotropicos. 

20 Taxus chinensis, T. cuspidata, T. fuana, T. sumatrana, T. wallichiana Las plantas enteras reproducidas 
artificialmente en macetas u otros contenedores pequenos, acompanandose cada envio con una etiqueta o 
documento, en el que se indique el nombre del taxon o de los taxa y el texto: "reproducida artificialmente", no 
estan sujetos a las disposiciones de la Convencion. 



Reference aux annexes de la 

Convention sur le commerce international des especes 

de faune et de flore sauvages menacees d'extinction 

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de la conservation mondiale de la nature 
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ni quant a leurs frontieres ou limites. 

Inskipp, T. & Gillett, H. J. (Eds.) 2005. Liste des especes CITES et 
annexes et reserves CITES annotees. Compilee par le UNEP-WCMC. 
Secretariat CITES, Geneve, Suisse et UNEP-WCMC, Cambridge, R.-U. 
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llste des especes vegetales 263 

References: Faune 407 

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Amphibia 414 

elasmobranchii, actinopterygii & sarcopterygii 414 

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References: Flore 416 

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Annexes et reserves CITES annotees CD-ROM 




La presente edition de la Liste des especes CITES et celle des Annexes et reserves CITES annotees (cette 
derniere uniquement sur le CD-ROM qui accompagne le livre) integrent les amendements aux annexes 
CITES et les changements de nomenclature adoptes a la 13 e session de la Conference des Parties a la 
CITES (Bangkok, 2004). 

A cette session, la Conference des Parties a adopte la Liste et ses mises a jour comme recueil officiel des 
noms des especes inscrites aux annexes CITES reprenant les noms figurant dans les references 
normalisees officielles. Nous sommes tres reconnaissants au PNUE Centre de surveillance continue de la 
conservation mondiale de la nature (PNUE-WCMC) de s'etre de nouveau attele a cette tache; nous 
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Nous sommes par ailleurs conscients que nous devons continuer de nous adapter aux besoins nouveaux 
des utilisateurs. C'est pourquoi que nous souhaiterions connaitre les reactions et les suggestions des 
utilisateurs de cet ouvrage sur la maniere dont nous pourrions l'ameliorer a l'avenir. 

Secretariat CITES 





La Liste des especes CITES a ete preparee au nom du Secretariat CITES par le PNUE Centre de 
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Le PNUE-WCMC est l'agence chargee de 1'evaluation de la diversite biologique et de la mise en ceuvre 
des directives du Programme des Nations Unies pour l'environnement, la principale organisation 
intergouvernementale environnementale au monde. Le PNUE-WCMC aspire a aider les decideurs a 
reconnaitre 1' importance de la diversite biologique pour l'humanite et a utiliser cette connaissance dans 
toutes leurs activites. Le defi qu'il doit relever est de transformer des donnees complexes en informations 
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repondre aux besoins des nations et de la communaute internationale dans leurs programmes d'action 

Cette publication a ete revue et corrigee par Tim Inskipp et Harriet Gillett avec l'assistance de Joan Field 
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Le PNUE-WCMC remercie egalement la Commission europeenne et le Joint Nature Conservation 
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Portrait de Carl Linne (1707-1778), botaniste suedois qui crea la nomenclature binaire qui constitue la 

base de la classification moderne des especes © Kew RBG 



Faune et flore CITES 

Ce livre et son CD-ROM donnent la liste des especes animales et vegetales inscrites aux Annexes I, II 
et III de la CITES adoptee par la Conference des Parties et valable a compter du 17 fevrier 2005. Le 
CD-ROM inclut aussi les Annexes et reserves CITES annotees avec un index des noms des families et 
des noms communs. Les compilateurs esperent qu'ils seront utiles au personnel des organes de gestion 
et des autorites scientifiques, ainsi qu'aux douaniers et a toutes les personnes chargees d'appliquer la 
Convention ou de la faire respecter. 

Remarques gener ales 

Les noms utilises dans les annexes CITES sont les noms scientifiques acceptes par le Comite CITES 
de la nomenclature et adoptes par la Conference des Parties a la CITES. Les noms communs figurant 
dans la Liste des especes CITES et dans les annexes annotees sont donnes pour reference. Si 
l'utilisateur ne trouve pas le nom commun d'une plante ou d'un animal couvert par la CITES, il devra 
le rechercher sous son nom scientifique ou sous un autre nom commun. 

Les especes figurant dans la Liste des especes CITES et annexes et reserves CITES annotees sont 

a) par le nom de l'espece; ou 

b) par l'ensemble des especes du taxon superieur ou une partie designee de ce taxon. 

Les autres references a des taxons superieurs a l'espece sont donnees uniquement a titre d'information 
ou a des fins de classification. 

Le lecteur trouvera d'autres details concernant chaque taxon, comme le nom de l'auteur et la repartition 
geographique, sur le site officiel de la CITES: 

Nomenclature et taxonomie 

La nomenclature et la taxonomie suivies ici sont celles utilisees dans les annexes CITES. Lorsque les 
annexes n'incluent que le nom d'un ordre, d'une famille ou d'un genre, les noms des especes de ce taxon 
superieur ont le plus souvent ete inclus dans la Liste. Lorsqu'une reference normalisee a ete adoptee par la 
Conference des Parties, les noms de ces especes sont ceux utilises dans les publications pertinentes 
signalees dans la partie References a la fin de l'ouvrage. Les noms adoptes figurent en gras dans la Liste. 
Lorsqu'aucune reference normalisee n'a ete adoptee (comme signale sous References), les noms des 
especes de taxons superieurs sont ceux actuellement utilises dans la base de donnees du PNUE-WCMC et 
proviennent de diverses publications. 


Liste des especes CITES 

La Liste des especes CITES comprend une liste alphabetique d'especes animales et une liste 
alphabetique d'especes vegetales. II y a trois types d'entrees: nom scientifique, nom commun et 
synonyme scientifique. Les noms communs et les synonymes renvoient aux noms scientifiques, ou 
figurent les informations CITES. 

Nom scientifique 

La Liste contient, dans l'ordre alphabetique, tous les taxons animaux et vegetaux inscrits aux annexes 
CITES - a l'exception des genres d'orchidees inscrits a l'Annexe II non couverts par les trois volumes 
publies de la Liste CITES des orchidees, pour lesquels seul le nom du genre est inscrit - Aa spp., par 

Presentation 1 ) Nom scientifique (ceux adoptes par la Conference des Parties sont en gras); 

2) En option: noms communs en anglais (E), en espagnol (S) et en francais (F); 

3) En option: symboles #1 a #10 et exposants (exemple 1 ) (voir Interpretation ci- 

4) Annexe(s) I, II, III, auxquelles l'espece est inscrite, ou 'NC pour signaler les 
taxons partiellement inscrits ou non inscrits aux annexes CITES 1 . Certains 
taxons font l'objet d'une inscription scindee; cela signifie qu'ils sont inscrits en 
partie a une annexe et en partie a une autre. Lorsqu'un taxon est inscrit a la fois a 
l'Annexe I et a l'Annexe II, par exemple, il est signale par 'l/II'. Parfois, seules 
certaines populations sont inscrites alors que d'autres ne sont pas couvertes par 
la Convention. Un taxon en partie inscrit a l'Annexe I et en partie non inscrit, par 
exemple, est signale par 'I/NC ; et 

5) Pour la faune, famille en majuscules et code a deux lettres indiquant la classe a 
laquelle appartient l'espece. Les codes suivants ont ete utilises: 

Ac = Actinopterygii 

Am = Amphibia 

An = Anthozoa 

Ar = Arachnida 

Av = Aves 

Bi = Bivalvia 

El = Elasmobranchii 

Ga = Gastropoda 

Hi = Hirudinoidea 

Hy = Hydrozoa 

In = Insecta 

Ma = Mammalia 

Re = Reptilia 

Sa = Sarcopterygii 

Exemples - Abeillia abeillei: (E) Emerald-chinned Hummingbird, (S) Colibri barbiesmeralda, (F) 

Colibri d'Abeille II TROCHILIDAE Av 
- Aa spp. #8 n ORCHID ACEAE 

Quelques especes non inscrites aux annexes CITES ont ete incluses pour information: trois especes de 
Psittaciformes: Agapornis roseicollis, Melopsittacus undulatus et Nymphicus hollandicus, et quatre especes de 
Falconiformes: Cathartes aura, Cathartes burrovianus, Cathartes melambrotus et Coragyps atratus. Ce 
sont les seules especes de ces grands ordres a ne pas etre couvertes par la CITES. De meme, Aloe vera est la 
seule espece d'Aloe non inscrite aux annexes. 


Nom commun 

Quand ils sont connus, les noms communs en anglais, en espagnol et en francais sont donnes. 

Presentation Le nom commun en anglais (E), en espagnol (S) ou en francais (F) est suivi du nom 
scientifique. II y a une seule entree pour chaque nom commun: il y en a une pour 'Aigle 
dore' mais pas pour 'Dore, Aigle'. 

Exemples - Perroquets (F): PSITTACIFOPvMES spp. 

- Orchids, slipper (E): Paphiopedilum spp. / Phragmipedium spp. 

- Colibri d'Abeille (F): Abeillia abeillei 

Synonyme scientifique 

Certains synonymes de noms scientifiques - mais pas tous - apparaissent dans la liste. 

Presentation Synonyme scientifique suivi de '=' puis du nom scientifique accepte. C'est ce dernier 
qu'il faut chercher, en suivant l'ordre alphabetique, pour trouver les autres 
renseignements sur l'espece. 

Exemple Tirucallia goetzei = Euphorbia goetzei 

Annexes et reserves CITES annotees 

(CD-ROM uniquement) 

Des informations sont fournies sur tous les taxons actuellement ou anterieurement inscrits aux annexes 
CITES. La date de l'inscription originale est indiquee pour tous les taxons (ordre, famille, genre, espece, 
sous-espece) et les populations specifiquement nommes dans les annexes actuelles ou dans des versions 
anterieures. Toutes les reserves faites par les Parties sont signalees avec la date d'entree en vigueur et, 
dans le cas de reserves passees, la date de retrait. 

Les informations sont disposees dans l'ordre taxonomique et incluent les noms communs des taxons 
superieurs. Exemple: URSIDAE (ours). Cependant, les noms communs des especes n'apparaissent dans 
cette partie que lorsqu'une seule ou quelques especes d'une famille sont inscrites. Exemple: 
ESCHRICHTHDAE (baleine grise). Cela signifie que dans la plupart des cas, les noms d'especes sont en 
latin. Si l'utilisateur ne trouve pas une espece sous son nom commun dans les Annexes et reserves CITES 
annotees, il cherchera d'abord son equivalent scientifique dans la Liste des especes CITES puis ce nom 
scientifique dans les Annexes et reserves CITES annotees. 

Des informations sont fournies dans les cinq colonnes suivantes: Nom scientifique, Annexe CITES, Code 
ISO, Dates et Notes, comme suit: 

Nom scientifique 

Cette colonne donne le nom scientifique des taxons qui sont, ou ont ete, inscrits aux annexes. Ces noms 
peuvent etre situes a divers niveaux taxonomiques: ordre, famille, genre, espece, sous-espece ou variete. 
Les ordres et les families sont donnes dans la meme sequence taxonomique que celle utilisee dans les 
annexes CITES. Les especes (et les sous-especes) sont indiquees par ordre alphabetique dans chaque 
famille. Les noms des taxons superieurs, figurant en caracteres gras, sont communiques pour information. 


Annexe CITES 

Dans les trois colonnes suivantes figurent la ou les annexes auxquelles les taxons sont ou etaient 
inscrits. Les reserves faites par les Parties sont signalees en ajoutant 'r' au numero de l'annexe pour 
indiquer que la reserve est entree en vigueur, ou 'w' pour indiquer qu'elle a ete retiree. Si les Annexes 
I et II sont toutes deux applicables a un taxon a une certaine date, 1' Annexe I est indiquee en premier. 
La mention 'Del' remplacant un numero d'annexe dans une des trois colonnes signale que le taxon a 
ete supprime de l'annexe a la date indiquee. 

Code ISO 

Cette colonne donne le code ISO de toute Partie et de tout territoire mentionne dans le contexte d'une 
inscription a 1' Annexe III, des reserves et des especes faisant l'objet d'une inscription scindee ou partielle. 


Emirats arabes unis 



















Hong Kong 




















Federation de Russie 


Burkina Faso 




Arabie saoudite 


Brunei Darussalam 














Republique de Coree 











































Republique arabe 















Mauri tanie 










Costa Rica 




Republique-Unie de 







Republique tcheque 










Etats-Unis d'Amerique 























Afrique du Sud 


















Cette colonne donne les dates d'entree en vigueur des changements survenus dans les annexes concernant 
l'espece en question. Les dates sont indiquees dans l'ordre chronologique (jour/mois/annee; exemple: 
01/07/75 = l er juillet 1975), la date la plus ancienne etant citee la premiere. Les inscriptions ulterieures 
d'un taxon ou d'une population figurent aux lignes suivantes. Lorsque les populations d'un taxon sont 
scindees entre l'Annexe I et l'Annexe II, les deux annexes sont indiquees apres chaque date a laquelle un 
changement a eu lieu, avec des notes indiquant le statut de toutes les populations a chaque annexe. 



La derniere colonne contient toute information supplementaire, par exemple sur les changements et la 
situation apres chaque changement. Pour les populations isolees, le deroulement des faits est indique de 
maniere que tout changement d'annexe peut etre repere en lisant les lignes se referant a chaque 
changement. Les references aux populations sont indiquees par le code ISO a deux lettres des pays ou 
territoires (voir plus haut). D'autres notes donnent des informations complementaires sur les taxons 
inscrits (synonymes scientifiques, par exemple). Les mots 'inclus dans...' indiquent que le taxon a 
d'abord ete inscrit separement puis englobe dans un taxon superieur. Les mots 'inscrit sous...' indiquent 
que le taxon faisait d'abord partie d'un taxon superieur inscrit puis a ete traite separement, soit qu'il ait 
ete transfere a une autre annexe, ou qu'il ait fait l'objet d'une reserve. 

Voici un exemple: si Ton examine les differentes etapes de l'inscription aux annexes de la population de 
Crocodylns niloticus du Malawi, Ton constate que la premiere entree pour cette espece indique que 
l'espece entiere (toutes ses populations) a ete inscrite a l'Annexe I le l er juillet 1975. On trouve ensuite, 
sous cette entree, un certain nombre d'autres entrees indiquant le transfert de diverses populations de 
l'Annexe I a l'Annexe II. L'une d'elles signale que la population du Malawi (MW) a ete transferee a 
l'Annexe II le l er aout 1985. Une autre indique que le 18 Janvier 1990, un programme d'elevage en ranch 
d'especes de l'annexe II a commence pour cette espece; la derniere entree resume la situation actuelle de 
l'espece et indique que la population de C. niloticus du Malawi elevee en ranch est toujours inscrite a 
l'Annexe II. 

Cle aux annotations 


inscrite a l'Annexe I 


= toutes les especes d'un taxon 


inscrite a l'Annexe II 



inscrite a l'Annexe III 


= sous-espece 


retiree des annexes 


= synonyme 




= variete 


non CITES 


= reserve retiree par la Partie 





reserve faite par la Partie 


renvoit a Interpretation 


(voir ci-dessous) 


= exposant renvoyant a 

Interpretation (voir ci-dessous) 



Conformement aux dispositions de l'Article I, paragraphe b, alinea iii), de la Convention, le signe (#) 
suivi d'un nombre place apres le nom d'une espece ou d'un taxon superieur inscrit a l'Annexe II ou a 
l'Annexe III sert a designer des parties ou produits obtenus a partir de cette espece ou de ce taxon et 
qui sont mentionnes comme suit aux fins de la Convention: 

#1 sert a designer toutes les parties et tous les produits, sauf: 

a) les graines, les spores et le pollen (y compris les pollinies); 

b) les cultures de plantules ou de tissus obtenues in vitro en milieu solide ou liquide et transportees en 
conteneurs steriles; et 

c) les fleurs coupees des plantes reproduites artificiellement; 

#2 sert a designer toutes les parties et tous les produits, sauf: 

a) les graines et le pollen; 

b) les cultures de plantules ou de tissus obtenues in vitro en milieu solide ou liquide et transportees en 
conteneurs steriles; 

c) les fleurs coupees des plantes reproduites artificiellement; et 

d) les produits chimiques et les produits pharmaceutiques finis; 

#3 sert a designer les racines entieres et tranchees et les parties de racines, a l'exception des parties et produits 
transformes tels que poudres, pilules, extraits, toniques, tisanes et autres preparations; 

#4 sert a designer toutes les parties et tous les produits, sauf: 

a) les graines, sauf celles des cactus mexicains provenant du Mexique, et le pollen; 

b) les cultures de plantules ou de tissus obtenues in vitro en milieu solide ou liquide et transportees en 
conteneurs steriles; 

c) les fleurs coupees des plantes reproduites artificiellement; 

d) les fruits, et leurs parties et produits, des plantes acclimatees ou reproduites artificiellement; et 

e) les elements de troncs (raquettes), et leurs parties et produits, de plantes du genre Opuntia sous-genre 
Opuntia acclimatees ou reproduites artificiellement; 

#5 sert a designer les grumes, les bois scies et les placages; 

#6 sert a designer les grumes, les bois scies, les placages et les contreplaques; 

#7 sert a designer les grumes, les copeaux et les materiaux dechiquetes non transformes; 

#8 sert a designer toutes les parties et tous les produits, sauf: 

a) les graines et le pollen (y compris les pollinies); 

b) les cultures de plantules ou de tissus obtenues in vitro en milieu solide ou liquide et transportees en 
conteneurs steriles; 

c) les fleurs coupees des plantes reproduites artificiellement; et 

d) les fruits, et leurs parties et produits, de plantes du genre Vanilla reproduites artificiellement; 

#9 sert a designer toutes les parties et tous les produits sauf ceux portant le label 'Produced from Hoodia spp. 
material obtained through controlled harvesting and production in collaboration with the CITES 
Management Authorities of Botswana/Namibia/South Africa under agreement no. BW/NA/ZA xxxxxx' 
(Produit issu de materiels d'Hoodia spp. obtenus par prelevement et production controles, en collaboration 
avec les organes de gestion CITES de lAfrique du Sud, du Botswana ou de la Namibie selon l'accord no 
BW/NA/ZA xxxxxx); et 

#10 sert a designer toutes les parties et tous les produits, sauf: 

a) les graines et le pollen; et 

b) les produits pharmaceutiques finis. 


Remarques supplementaires 

La Conference des Parties a ajoute des conditions pour l'inscription de certains taxons aux annexes. 
Ces conditions sont indiquees, lorsque c'est possible, dans une note au bas de la page pertinente, ou 
alors seulement dans une note en fin de texte lorsque leur longueur ne permet pas cette presentation. 
Les notes sont toutes reprises ci-dessous. 


1 Acinonyx jubatus Quotas d'exportation annuels pour les specimens vivants et les trophees de chasse: 
Botswana: 5; Namibie: 150; Zimbabwe: 50. Le commerce de ces specimens est soumis aux dispositions de 
l'Article III de la Convention. 

2 Ceratotherium simum simum A seule fin de permettre le commerce international d'animaux vivants vers des 
destinataires appropries et acceptables, et de trophees de chasse. Tous les autres specimens sont consideres 
comme des specimens d'especes inscrites a l'Annexe I et leur commerce est reglemente en consequence. 

3 Cetacea spp. Un quota d'exportation annuel zero a ete etabli pour les specimens vivants de la population de 
Tursiops truncatus de la mer Noire preleves dans la nature pour des transactions principalement commerciales. 

4 Chaetophractus nationi Un quota d'exportation annuel zero a ete etabli. Tous les specimens sont consideres 
comme des specimens d'especes de l'Annexe I et leur commerce est reglemente en consequence. 

5 Crocodylus niloticus Sauf les populations des pays suivants: Afrique du Sud, Botswana, Ethiopie, Kenya, 
Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibie, Ouganda et Republique-Unie de Tanzanie (soumise a un quota 
d'exportation annuel de pas plus de 1600 specimens sauvages, y compris les trophees de chasse, en plus des 
specimens de ranchs), Zambie et Zimbabwe, qui sont inscrites a l'Annexe II. 

6 Felidae spp. Les specimens de la forme domestiquee ne sont pas soumis aux dispositions de la Convention. 

7 Geochelone sulcata Un quota d'exportation annuel zero a ete etabli pour Geochelone sulcata pour les 
specimens preleves dans la nature pour des transactions principalement commerciales. 

8 Helioporidae spp., Milleporidae spp., Scleractinia spp. Stylasteridae spp. Tubiporidae spp. Les fossiles ne 
sont pas soumis aux dispositions de la Convention. 

9 Loxodonta africana 

Populations de 1' Afrique du Sud, du Botswana et de la Namibie (inscrites a l'Annexe II): 

A seule fin de permettre: 

1) les transactions non commerciales portant sur des trophees de chasse; 

2) le commerce d'animaux vivants pour des programmes de conservation in situ; 

3) le commerce des peaux; 

4) les transactions portant sur des articles en cuir: commerciales ou non commerciales (Afrique du Sud et 
Namibie); et non commerciales (Botswana); 

5) les transactions commerciales ou non commerciales portant sur les poils (Namibie); 

6) les transactions non commerciales portants sur des ekipas marques et certifies individuellement, et sertis 
dans des bijoux finis (Namibie); et 

7) le commerce de l'ivoire brut enregistre (Afrique du Sud: defenses entieres et morceaux d'ivoire coupes qui, 
a la fois, mesurent au moins 20 cm et pesent au moins 1 kg; Botswana et Namibie: defenses entieres et 
morceaux) aux conditions suivantes: 

i) uniquement les stocks enregistres appartenant au gouvernement et originaires de l'Etat concerne (a 
l'exclusion de l'ivoire saisi et de l'ivoire d'origine inconnue) et, dans le cas de l'Afrique du Sud, 
uniquement l'ivoire provenant du pare national Kruger; 

ii) uniquement a destination de partenaires commerciaux dont le Secretariat aura verifie, en consultation 
avec le Comite permanent, qu'ils disposent d'une legislation nationale et de mesures de controle du 
commerce interieur suffisantes pour garantir que l'ivoire importe ne sera pas reexporte et qu'il sera gere 
en respectant toutes les obligations decoulant de la resolution Conf. 10.10 (Rev. CoP12) concernant la 


fabrication et le commerce interieurs; 
iii) pas avant que le Secretariat ait verifie les pays d'importation candidats et que MIKE ait communique 
au Secretariat des informations de base (effectifs des populations d'elephants, frequence du braconnage, 

iv) des quantites maximales de 30.000 kg (Afrique du Sud), 20.000 kg (Botswana) et 10.000 kg 

(Namibie) d'ivoire pourront etre commercialisees et expedites en un seul envoi sous la stride 

supervision du Secretariat; 
v) le produit de la vente ira exclusivement a la conservation des elephants et a des programmes de 

conservation et de developpement des communautes dans les limites des zones a elephants ou a 

proximite; et 
vi) seulement quand le Comite permanent aura decide que les conditions susmentionnees sont remplies. 
Sur proposition du Secretariat, le Comite permanent peut decider de l'arret total ou partiel de ce commerce 
si les pays d'exportation ou d'importation ne respectent pas les conditions enoncees, ou s'il est prouve que le 
commerce a des effets prejudiciables sur les autres populations d'elephants. 

Tous les autres specimens sont considered comme des specimens d'especes inscrites a l'Annexe I et leur 
commerce est reglemente en consequence. 

Population du Zimbabwe (inscrite a l'Annexe II): 

A seule fin de permettre: 

1) l'exportation de trophees de chasse a des fins non commerciales; 

2) l'exportation d'animaux vivants vers des destinataires appropries et acceptables; 

3) l'exportation de peaux; et 

4) l'exportation d'articles en cuir et de sculptures en ivoire a des fins non commerciales. 

Tous les autres specimens sont consideres comme des specimens d'especes inscrites a l'Annexe I et leur 
commerce est reglemente en consequence. Pour garantir que a) les destinataires des animaux vivants sont 
appropries et acceptables et/ou que, b), l'importation est faite a des fins non commerciales, l'organe de gestion ne 
delivrera pas de permis d'exportation ni de certificat de reexportation sans avoir recu de l'organe de gestion du 
pays d'importation un certificat attestant que: dans le cas a), par analogie avec 1' Article III, paragraphe 3 (b), de 
la Convention, l'autorite scientifique competente a juge que le destinataire propose a les installations adequates 
pour conserver et traiter avec soin les animaux; et/ou dans le cas b), par analogie avec l'Article III, paragraphe 
3 (c), l'organe de gestion a la preuve que les specimens ne seront pas utilises a des fins principalement 

10 Manis spp. Un quota d'exportation annuel zero a ete etabli pour Manis crassicaudata, M. javanica et 
M. pentadactyla pour les specimens preleves dans la nature pour des transactions principalement commerciales. 

11 Melanosuchus niger Soumise a un quota d'exportation annuel zero jusqu'a ce qu'un quota d'exportation 
annuel ait ete approuve par le Secretariat CITES et le Groupe UICN/CSE de specialistes des crocodiles. 

12 Vicugna vicugna 

Population de l'Argentine (inscrite a l'Annexe II): A seule fin de permettre le commerce international de la 
laine obtenue par la tonte de vigognes vivantes, des tissus, et des produits qui en derivent et autres articles 
artisanaux. L'envers des tissus doit porter le logo adopte par les Etats de l'aire de repartition de l'espece, 
signataires du Convenio para la Conservation y Manejo de la Vicuna, et les lisieres les mots "VICUNA- 
ARGENTINA". Les autres produits doivent porter une etiquette incluant le logo et les mots "VICUNA- 
ARGENTINA-ARTESANIA". Tous les autres specimens sont consideres comme des specimens d'especes 
inscrites a l'Annexe I et leur commerce est reglemente en consequence. 

Population de la Bolivie (inscrite a l'Annexe II): A seule fin de permettre le commerce international: a) de la 
laine obtenue par la tonte de vigognes vivantes et des produits qui en derivent, provenant des populations des 
unites de conservation de Mauri-Desaguadero, Ulla Ulla et Lipez-Chichas; et b) des produits faits a partir de la 
laine obtenue par la tonte de vigognes vivantes du reste de la population bolivienne. La laine doit porter le logo 
adopte par les Etats de l'aire de repartition de l'espece, signataires du Convenio para la Conservation y Manejo 
de la Vicuna, et les lisieres les mots "VICUNA-BOLIVIA". Les autres produits doivent porter une etiquette 
incluant le logo et les mots "VICUNA-BOLIVIA-ARTESANIA". Tous les autres specimens sont consideres 
comme des specimens d'especes inscrites a l'Annexe I et leur commerce est reglemente en consequence. 


Population du Chili (inscrite a l'Annexe II): A seule fin de permettre le commerce international de la laine 
obtenue par la tonte de vigognes vivantes, ainsi que des tissus et des articles qui en derivent, y compris les 
articles artisanaux de luxe et les articles tricotes. L'envers des tissus doit porter le logo adopte par les Etats de 
l'aire de repartition de l'espece, signataires du Convenio para la Conservation y Manejo de la Vicuna, et les 
lisieres les mots "VICUNA-CHILE". Les autres produits doivent porter une etiquette incluant le logo et les mots 
"VICUNA-CHILE-ARTESANIA". Tous les autres specimens sont consideres comme des specimens d'especes 
inscrites a l'Annexe I et leur commerce est reglemente en consequence. 

Population du Perou (inscrite a l'Annexe II): A seule fin de permettre le commerce international de la laine 
obtenue par la tonte de vigognes vivantes et du stock de 3249 kg de laine qui existait au Perou au moment de la 
neuvieme session de la Conference des Parties (novembre 1994), ainsi que des tissus et des articles qui en 
derivent, y compris les articles artisanaux de luxe et les articles tricotes. L'envers des tissus doit porter le logo 
adopte par les Etats de l'aire de repartition de l'espece, signataires du Convenio para la Conservation y Manejo 
de la Vicuna, et les lisieres les mots "VICUNA-PERU". Les autres produits doivent porter une etiquette incluant 
le logo et les mots "VICUNA-PERU-ARTESANIA". Tous les autres specimens sont consideres comme des 
specimens d'especes inscrites a l'Annexe I et leur commerce est reglemente en consequence. 


13 Cactaceae spp. Les specimens reproduits artificiellement des hybrides et/ou cultivars suivants ne sont pas 
soumis aux dispositions de la Convention: Hatiora x graeseri; Schlumbergera x buckleyi; S. russelliana x S. 
truncata; S. orssichiana x S. truncata; S. opuntioides x 5. truncata: S. truncata (cultivars); Cactaceae spp. 
(cultivars) formes mutants depourvus de chlorophylle, greffes sur les porte-greffe suivants; Harrisia 
'Jusbertii' IHylocereus trigonus ou H. undatus; Opuntia microdasys (cultivars). 

Cyclamen spp. Les specimens reproduits artificiellement des cultivars de Cyclamen persicum ne sont pas 
soumis aux dispositions de la Convention. Cette derogation ne s'applique pas aux specimens commercialises 
sous forme de tubercules dormants. 

Orchidaceae spp. Les specimens reproduits artificiellement d'hybrides des genres Cymbidium, Dendrobium, 
Phalaenopsis et Vanda ne sont pas soumis aux dispositions de la Convention lorsque: 

1) les specimens sont commercialises dans des envois composes de conteneurs individuels (cartons, boites 
ou caisses) contenant chacun 20 plants ou plus du meme hybride; 

2) les plants dans chaque conteneur sont facilement reconnaissables comme etant des specimens 
reproduits artificiellement de par leur grande uniformite et leur bon etat de sante; et 

3) les envois sont assortis de documents, comme une facture, indiquant clairement le nombre de plants de 
chaque hybride. 

Les specimens reproduits artificiellement des hybrides suivants: 

- Cymbidium: hybrides interspecifiques a l'interieur du genre et hybrides intergeneriques 
-Dendrobium: hybrides interspecifiques a l'interieur du genre connu en horticulture comme "types nobile" 
et "types phalaenopsis" 

- Phalaenopsis: hybrides interspecifiques a l'interieur du genre et hybrides intergeneriques 

- Vanda: hybrides interspecifiques a l'interieur du genre et hybrides intergeneriques 
ne sont pas soumis aux dispositions de la Convention lorsque: 

1) ils sont commercialises en fleur, c'est-a-dire avec au moins une fleur ouverte par specimen, avec des 
petales recourbes; 

2) ils sont traites professionnellement pour le commerce de detail, en etant presentes par exemple sous 
emballage imprime ou munis d'une etiquette imprimee; 

3) ils sont facilement reconnaissables comme etant des specimens reproduits artificiellement de par leur 
grande proprete, leurs inflorescences non endommagees, un systeme racinaire intact et une absence 
generate de degats ou blessures propres aux plants d'origine sauvage; 

4) les plants ne presentent pas les caracteristiques d'une origine sauvage, telles que des degats causes par 
des insectes ou d'autres animaux, des champignons ou des algues adherant aux feuilles, ou des degats 
mecaniques aux inflorescences, racines, feuilles ou autres parties, resultant du prelevement; et 

5) les etiquettes ou les emballages indiquent le nom commercial du specimen, le pays oil il a ete reproduit 
artificiellement ou, dans le cas de commerce international durant la production, le pays oil le specimen 
a ete etiquete et emballe; et les etiquettes ou les emballages presentent une photo de la fleur, ou 


prouvent autrement, de maniere facilement verifiable, une utilisation appropriee des etiquettes et des 
emballages. Les plants qui, a l'evidence, ne remplissent pas les conditions requises pour beneficier de la 
derogation doivent etre assortis des documents CITES appropries. 

16 Dicksonia spp. Seulement la population d'Amerique. 

17 Euphorbia spp. Les specimens reproduits artificiellement de cultivars d'Euphorbia trigona, les specimens 
reproduits artificiellement de mutants colores, en branche a crete ou en eventail d'Euphorbia lactea greffes sur 
des porte-greffes reproduits artificiellement d'Euphorbia neriifolia, ainsi que les specimens reproduits 
artificiellement de cultivars d'Euphorbia "Milii" lorsqu'ils sont commercialises en envois de 100 plants ou plus 
et facilement reconnaissables comme etant des specimens reproduits artificiellement ne sont pas soumis aux 
dispositions de la Convention. 

18 Panax ginseng Seulement la population de la Federation de Russie. 

19 Swietenia macrophylla Populations neotropicales. 

20 Taxus chinensis, T. cuspidata, T. fuana, T. sumatrana, T. wallichiana Les plants complets en pot ou autres 
conteneurs de petite taille et reproduits artificiellement, dont chaque envoi est accompagne d'une etiquette ou 
d'un document indiquant le nom du ou des taxons et la mention "reproduit artificiellement", ne sont pas soumis 
aux dispositions de la Convention. 





Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Aardwolf (E): Proteles cristatus 

Abeillia abeillei: (E) Emerald-chinned Hummingbird, (S) Colibri 

barbiesmeralda, (F) Colibri d'Abeille II TROCH1L1DAE Av 
Abejero colilargo ( S): Henicopernis longicauda 
Abejero de Celebes (S): Pernis celebensis 
Abejero europeo (S): Pernis apivorus 
Abejero negro (S): Henicopernis infuscatus 
Abejero oriental (S): Pernis ptilorhyncus 
Aboli (S): Euoticus elegantulus 
Aboma (F): Epicrates cenchria 
Aburria jacutinga = Pipile jacutinga 
Aburria pipile pipile = Pipile pipile 
Abvssopalhes Ivra: II SCHIZOPATHIDAE An 
Ab'yssopathes lyriformis: II SCHIZOPATHIDAE An 
Acanthastrea amakusensis: II 8 MUSSIDAE An 
Acanthastrea bowerbanki: Xf MUSSIDAE An 
Acanhastrea braziliensis = Mussismilia braziliensis 
Acanthastrea brevis: II 8 MUSSIDAE An 
Acanthastrea echinata : II 8 MUSSIDAE An 
Acanthastrea erythraea = Symphyllia erythraea 
Acanthastrea faviaformis: Er MUSSIDAE An 
Acanthastrea hemprichii: II 8 MUSSIDAE An 
Acanthastrea hillae: II 8 MUSSIDAE An 
Acanthastrea irregularis = Acanthastrea echinata 
Acanthastrea ishigakiensis: II 8 MUSSIDAE An 
Acanthastrea lordhowensis: II 8 MUSSIDAE An 
Acanthastrea maxima: II 8 MUSSIDAE An 
Acanthastrea m'muta : II 8 MUSSIDAE An 
Acanthastrea regularis: II 8 MUSSIDAE An 
Acanthastrea rotundoflora : if MUSSIDAE An 
Acanthastrea spinosa = Acanthastrea echinata 
Acanthastrea subechinata : if MUSSIDAE An 
Acanthocyathus dentatus = Caryophyllia dentata 
Acanthocyathus grayi = Caryophyllia grayi 
Acanthocyathus spinicarens= Caryophyllia spinicarens 
Acanthocyathus spiniger = Caryophyllia spinigera 
Acanthopathes hancocki: II APHANIPATHIDAE An 
Acanthopathes humilis: II APHANIPATHIDAE An 
Acanthopathes somervillet. II APHANIPATHIDAE An 
Acanthopathes thyoides:l\ APHANIPATHIDAE An 
Acanthopathes undulata : II APHANIPATHIDAE An 
Acanthophyllia deshayesiana: II 8 MUSSIDAE An 
Acanthopora horrida = Echinopora horrida 
Accipiler albogularis: (E) Pied Goshawk, Pied Sparrowhawk, (S) 

Gavilan pio, (F) Autour pie II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Accipiter badius: (E) Little Banded Sparrowhawk, Shikra, (S) 

Gavilan chikra, (F) Epervier shikra II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Accipiter bicolor. (E) Bicolored Hawk, Bicolored Sparrowhawk, (S) 

Azor bicolor, Esparvero bicolor, Gavilan bicolor, Gavilan 

pantalon, (F) Epervier bicolore H ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Accipiter brachyurus: (E) New Britain Sparrowhawk, Red-collared 

Sparrowhawk, (S) Gavilancito de Nueva Bretafia, (F) Epervier 

de Nouvelle-Bretagne II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Accipiter brevipes: (E) Levant Sparrowhawk, (S) Gavilan griego, (F) 

Epervier a pieds courts II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Accipiter buergersi = Erythrotriorchis buergersi 
Accipiter butleri: (E) Nicobar Shikra, Nicobar Sparrowhawk, (S) 

Gavilan de Nicobar, (F) Epervier des Nicobar II 

Accipiter castanilius: (£) Chestnut-bellied Sparrowhawk, Chestnut- 
flanked Sparrowhawk, (S) Gavilan flanquirrojo, Gavilan 

pechirrojo, (F) Autour a flancs roux II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Accipiter chilensis = Accipiter bicolor 
Accipiter chionogaster. (E) White-breasted Hawk, (S) Gavilan 

pechiblanco, Gavilan ventriblanco, (F ) Epervier a poitrine 

Accipiter cirrhocephahts = Accipiter cirrocephalus 
Accipiter cirrocephalus. (E) Collared Sparrowhawk, (S) Gavilan 

acollarado, (F) Epervier a collier roux II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Accipiter collaris: (E) Semi-collared Hawk, Semi-collared 

Sparrowhawk, (S) Azer semicollarejo, Gavilan acollarado, 

Gavilancito torcaz, (F) Epervier a collier interrompu II 

Accipiter cooperii: (E) Cooper's Hawk, (S) Gavilan de Cooper, (F) 

Epervier de Cooper II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 

Accipiter doriae = Megatriorchis doriae 
Accipiter eichhorni imitator= Accipiter imitator 
Accipiter erythrauchen: (E) Moluccan Sparrowhawk, Rufous- 
necked Sparrowhawk, (S) Gavilancito moluqueno, (F) Epervier 

a gorge grise D ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Accipiter erythronemius: (E) Red-thighed Hawk, Rufous-thighed 

Hawk, (F) Epervier a cuisses rouges, Epervier a cuisses rousses 

Accipiter erythropus: (E) Red-thighed Sparrowhawk, (S) 

Gavilancito de Hartlaub. Gavilancito muslirrojo, (F) Autour 

minulle, Epervier de Hartlaub II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Accipiter fasciatus: (E) Australasian Goshawk, Brown Goshawk, (S) 

Azor australiano, (F) Autour australien II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Accipiter francesii: (E) Frances's Goshawk, Frances's Sparrowhawk, 

(S) Gavilan de Frances, (F) Epervier de Frances II 

Accipiter gentilis: (E) Goshawk, Northern Goshawk, (S) Azor, Azor 

comun, Gavilan azor, (F) Autour des palombes II 

Accipiter griseiceps. (E) Celebes Crested Goshawk, Sulawesi 

Goshawk, (S) Gavilan de Celebes, (F) Autour des Celebes II 

Accipiter griseogularis = Accipiter novaehollandiae 
Accipiter gularis: (E) Japanese Lesser Sparrowhawk, Japanese 

Sparrowhawk, (Sj Gavilancito japones, (F) Epervier du Japon II 

Accipiter gundlachi (E) Gundlach's Hawk, Gundlach's 

Sparrowhawk, (S) Gavilan cubano, (F) Epervier de Cuba II 

Accipiter haplochrous: (E) New Caledonia Goshawk, White-bellied 

Goshawk, (S) Gavilan de Nueva Caledonia, (F) Autour a ventre 

Accipiter henicogrammus. (E) Gray's Goshawk, Moluccan Barred 

Sparrowhawk, Moluccan Goshawk, (S) Azor moluqueno, (F) 

Autour des Moluques II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Accipiter henstii: (E) Henst's Goshawk, (S) Azor malgache, (F) 

Autour de Henst II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Accipiter hiogaster = Accipiter novaehollandiae 
Accipiter imitator. (E) Imitator Sparrowhawk, (S) Gavilan imitador, 

(F) Autour imitateur II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Accipiter luteoschistaceus: (E) Blue-and-grey Sparrowhawk, Slaty- 
backed Goshawk, Slaty -mantled Sparrowhawk, (S) Gavilan de 

Nueva Bretafia, ( F) Autour bleu et gris II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Accipiter madagascariensis. (E) Madagascar Sparrowhawk, (S) 

Gavilan malgache, (Fj Epervier de Madagascar D 

Accipiter melanochlamys. (E) Black-mantled Goshawk, Black- 
mantled Hawk, (S) Gavilan rufinegro, (F) Autour a manteau 

Accipiter melanoleucus: (E) Black Goshawk, Black Sparrowhawk, 

Great Sparrowhawk, (S) Azor blanquinegro, (F) Autour noir, 

Epervier pie II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Accipiter meyerianus: (E) Meyer's Goshawk, Meyer's Hawk, 

Papuan Goshawk, (S) Azor de Meyer, (F) Autour de Meyer II 

Accipiter minullus: (E) African Little Sparrowhawk, Little 

Sparrowhawk, (S) Gavilancito chico. (F) Epervier minule II 

Accipiter nanus: (E) Celebes Sparrowhawk. Small Sparrowhawk, 

(S) Gavilancito de Celebes, (F) Epervier des Celebes II 

Accipiter nisus: (E) Eurasian Sparrowhawk, Sparrowhawk, (S) 

Gavilan comun, (F) Epervier d'Europe II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Accipiter novaehollandiae: (E) Grey Goshawk, Grey -throated 

Goshawk, Variable Goshawk, White Goshawk, (S) Azor 

variable, (F) Autour blanc U ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Accipiter ovampensis: (E) Ovambo Sparrowhawk, Ovampo 

Sparrowhawk, (S) Gavilan de Ovampo, (F) Epervier de 

Accipiter poliocephalus: (E) Grey-headed Goshawk, Grey-headed 

Sparrowhawk, New Guinea Grey-headed Goshawk, (S) Gavilan 

cabecigris, (F) Autour a tete grise II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 

Seep. 13/ Veasep. 29 / Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Accipiter poliogaster: (E) Grey-bellied Goshawk, Grey-bellied 

Hawk, (S) Azor pechigris, Azor ventrigris, Esparvero pechigris, 

Gavilan vientrigris, (F) Autour a ventre gris II ACCIPITRIDAE 

Accipiter princeps. (E) Grey-headed Goshawk, New Britain 

Goshawk, (S) Azor de Nueva Bretafia, (F) Autour de Mayr II 

Accipiter radiants = Erythrotriorchis radiants 
Accipiter rhodogaster: (E) Vinous-breasted Sparrowhawk, (S) 

Gavilan pechirrojo, (F) Epervier a poitrine rousse II 

Accipiter rufitorques: (E) Fiji Goshawk, Fiji Sparrowhawk, (S) 

Gavilan de las Fiji, (F) Autour des Fidji II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Accipiter rufiventris: (E) Rufous-chested Sparrowhawk, (S) Gavilan 

papirrufo. (F) Epervier menu II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Accipiter soloensis: (E) Chinese Goshawk, Chinese Sparrowhawk, 

Grey Frog Hawk, (S) Gavilan ranero, (F) Epervier de Horsfield 

Accipiter striatus: (E) Sharp-shinned Hawk, (S) Azor chico, 

Esparvero chico, Gavilan americano. Gavilan arrastrador, 

Gavilan pajarero, (F) Epervier brun II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Accipiter striatuschionogaster = Accipiter chionogaster 
Accipiter striatus erythronemius = Accipiter etythronemius 
Accipiter strialusventralis = Accipiter ventral is 
Accipiter superciliosus: (E) Tiny Hawk, Tiny Sparrowhawk, (S) 

Azor gris, Esparvero gris, Gavilan enano, Gavilancito 

americano, (F) Epervier nain II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Accipiter tachiro:(E) African Goshawk, (S) Azor tachiro, (F) 

Autour tachiro II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Accipiter tachiro toussenelii = Accipiter toussenelii 
Accipiter toussenelii: (E) Red-chested Goshawk, Red-chested Hawk, 

(S) Azor de Toussenel. Gavilan pechirroseo, (F) Autour de 

Accipiter trinotatus: (E) Spot-tailed Goshawk, Spot-tailed 

Sparrowhawk, (S) Gavilan colipinto, (F) Epervier a queue 

Accipiter trivirgatus: (E) Asian Crested Goshawk, Crested 

Goshawk. (S) Azor monudo, (F) Autour huppe n 

Accipiter ventralis: (E) Plain -breasted Flawk, (S) Azor pechillano, 

Gavilan andino, (F) Epervier a gorge ravee II ACCIPITRIDAE 

Accipiter virgatus: (E) Besra, Besra Sparrowhawk, (S) Gavilan 

besra, (F) Epervier besra II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Accipiter virgatus gitlaris = Accipiter gularis 
Acerodon spp.: (E) Flying-foxes, (S) Zorros voladores, (F) Renards 

volants, Rousettes I/II PTEROPODIDAE Ma 
Acerodon celebensis: (E) Signal-winged Acerodon, Sulawesi 

Flying-fox, Sulawesi Fruit Bat, (S) Zorro volador de las Celebes 

Acerodon humilis: (E) Talaud Acerodon, Talaud Flying-fox, Talaud 

Fruit Bat, (S) Zorro volador de Talaud II PTEROPODIDAE Ma 
Acerodon jubatus: (E) Golden-capped Fruit Bat, (S) Zorro volador 

Acerodon leucotis: (E) Palawan Flying- fox. Palawan Fruit Bat, (S) 

Zorro volador de Calamian II PTEROPODIDAE Ma 
Acerodon lucifer: (E) Panay Flying-fox, Panay Giant Fruit Bat, 

Panay Golden -capped Fruit Bat, (S) Zorro volador de la isla 

Acerodon mackloti: (E) Lesser Sunda Flying-fox, Sunda Flying-fox, 

Sunda Fruit Bat, (S) Zorro volador de Mack lot II 

Acerodon, Signal- winged (E): Acerodon celebensis 
Acerodon, Talaud (E): Acerodon humilis 
Aceros spp.: (E) Hornbills, (S) Buceros, Calaos, (F) Calaos I/II 

Aceros cassidix : (E) Buton Hornbill, Celebes Hombill, Greater 

Sulawesi Hornbill, Knobbed Hornbill, Red-knobbed Hombill, 

Sulawesi Wrinkled Hombill, (S) Calao grande de Celebes, (F) 

Calao a cimier II BUCEROTIDAE Av 
Aceros comatus: (E) Asian White-crested Hombill, Long-crested 

Hombill, White-crested Hombill, White-crowned Hombill, (S) 

Calao crestiblanco, (F) Calao coiffe II BUCEROTIDAE Av 

Aceros corrugatus: (E) Sunda Wrinkled Hombill, Wrinkled 
Hombill, (S) Calao arrugado, (F) Calao a casque rouge II 

Aceros everetti (E) Sumba Hombill, Sumba Wreathed Hombill, (S) 
Calao de la Sumba, (F) Calao de Sumba II BUCEROTIDAE Av 

Aceros leucocephalus:{E) Mindanao Wrinkled Hombill, White- 
headed Hombill, Writhed Hombill, (S) Calao grande de 
Mindanao, (F) Calao de VieillotH BUCEROTIDAE Av 

Aceros leucocephahs waldeni- Aceros waldeni 

Aceros narcondamr. (E) Narcondam Hombill, (S) Calao de la 
Narcondam, (F) Calao de Narcondam II BUCEROTIDAE Av 

Aceros nipalensis: (E) Rufous-cheeked Hombill, Rufous-necked 
Hombill, (S) Calao del Nepal, (F) Calao a cou roux, Calao de 
montagne I BUCEROTIDAE Av 

Aceros plicatus: (E) Kokomo, New Guinea Hombill, New Guinea 
Wreathed Hombill, Papuan Hombill, Plicated Hombill, (F) 
Calao papou II BUCEROTIDAE Av 

Aceros plicatus subruficollis = Aceros subruficollis 

Aceros subruficollis: (E) Blyth's Hornbill, Blyth's Wreathed 
Hombill, Burmese Hombill, Plain-pouched Hombill, Plain - 
pouched Wreathed Hombill. (S) Calao gorgiclaro, (F) Calao a 
gorge claire, Calao a poche unie I BUCEROTIDAE Av 

Aceros undulatus: (E) Bar-pouched Wreathed Hombill, Bar- 
throated Wreathed Hombill, Northern Waved Hombill, 
Wreathed Hombill, (S) Calao gorginegro, (F) Calao festonne II 

Aceros waldeni (E) Panay Wrinkled Hombill. Rufous-headed 
Hombill, Visayan Wrinkled Hombill, Writhed-billed Hombill, 
(S) Calao grande de Panay, (F) Calao de Walden II 

Acestrura astreans= Chaetocercus astreans 

Acestrura berlepscbi = Chaetocercus berlepschi 

Acestrura bombus = Chaetocercus bombus 

Acestrura heliodor= Chaetocercus heliodor 

Acestrura heliodor astreans- Chaetocercus astreans 

Acestrura mulsant= Chaetocercus mulsant 

Achatinella spp.: (E) little agate shells, Oahu tree snails I 

Achatinella abbreviata : I ACHATINELLIDAE Ga 

Achatinella apexfulva: I ACHATTNELLIDAE Ga 

Achatinella bellul a: I ACHATTNELLIDAE Ga 

Achatinella buddii: I ACHATTNELLIDAE Ga 

Achatinella buiimoides: I ACHATINELLIDAE Ga 

Achatinella byronii: I ACHATINELLIDAE Ga 

Achatinella caesia : I ACHATINELLIDAE Ga 

Achatinella casta : I ACHATINELLIDAE Ga 

Achatinella cestus: I ACHATTNELLIDAE Ga 

Achatinella concavospira : I ACHATINELLIDAE Ga 

Achatinella curta : I ACHATINELLIDAE Ga 

Achatinella decipiens: I ACHATINELLIDAE Ga 

Achatinella decora : I ACHATTNELLIDAE Ga 

Achatinella dimorpha: I ACHATINELLIDAE Ga 

Achatinella elegans: I ACHATINELLIDAE Ga 

Achatinella fulgens. I ACHATINELLIDAE Ga 

Achatinella fuscobasis: I ACHATINELLIDAE Ga 

Achatinella juddii: I ACHATINELLIDAE Ga 

Achatinella juncea: I ACHATTNELLIDAE Ga 

Achatinella lehuiensis: I ACHATTNELLIDAE Ga 

Achatinella leucorrhaphe: I ACHATINELLIDAE Ga 

Achatinella lila : I ACHATINELLIDAE Ga 

Achatinella livida: I ACHATINELLIDAE Ga 

Achatinella lorata : I ACHATINELLIDAE Ga 

Achatinella mustelina: I ACHATTNELLIDAE Ga 

Achatinella papyracea: I ACHATTNELLIDAE Ga 

Achatinella phaeozona: I ACHATTNELLIDAE Ga 

Achatinella pulcherrima I ACHATTNELLIDAE Ga 

Achatinella pupukanioe: I ACHATTNELLIDAE Ga 

Achatinella rosea = Achatinella buiimoides 

Achatinella sowerbyana: I ACHATINELLIDAE Ga 

Achatinella spaldingr. I ACHATINELLIDAE Ga 

Achatinella stewartii: I ACHATTNELLIDAE Ga 

Achatinella swiftii: I ACHATINELLIDAE Ga 

Achatinella taeniolata : I ACHATINELLIDAE Ga 

Achatinella thaanumi: I ACHATINELLIDAE Ga 

Achatinella turgida: I ACHATTNELLIDAE Ga 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Achatinella valida: I ACHATINELLIDAE Ga 

Achatinella viridans: I ACHATINELLIDAE Ga 

Achatinella vittata = Achatinella apexfulva 

Achatinella vulpina: I ACHATINELLIDAE Ga 

Achoque (E): Ambystoma dumerilii 

Acinixys planicauda = Pyxis planicauda 

Acinonyx jubatus (E) Cheetah, Hunting Leopard, (SI Chita, 

Guepardo, (F) Guepard I 1 FELIDAEMa 
Acipenser aculeatus = Acipenser gueldenstaedtii 
Acipenser albula = Huso huso 
Acipenser aleutensis = Acipenser transmontanus 
Acipenser baerii: (E) Siberian Sturgeon, (F) Esturgeon siberien II 

Acipenser brachyrhynchus = Acipenser transmontanus 
Acipenser brandtii = Huso huso 
Acipenser brevirostrum : (E) Shortnose Sturgeon, Short-nosed Little 

Sturgeon, (S) Esturion chato, Esturion hociquicorto, (F) 

Esturgeon a museau court, Esturgeon a nez court I 

Acipenser carbonarius = Acipenser fulvescens 
Acipenser cataphractus = Scaphirhynchus platoiynchus 
Acipenser dabryanus: (E) Dabrv's Sturgeon, Yangtze Sturgeon II 

Acipenser dauricus= Huso dauricus 
Acipenser dubius= Acipenser ruthenus 
Acipenser fulvescens: (E) Lake Sturgeon, (S) Esturion lacustre, (F) 

Esturgeon jaune II ACIPENSERIDAE Ac 
Acipenser glaber ^Acipenser nudiventris 
Acipenser gmelini = Acipenser ruthenus 
Acipenser grisescens= Acipenser ruthenus 
Acipenser gueldenstaedtii: (E) Azov-Black Sea Sturgeon, Danube 

Sturgeon, Kura Sturgeon, Osetr, Persian Sturgeon, Russian 

Sturgeon, (S) Esturion del Danubio, (F) Esturgeon du Danube II 

Acipenser heckelii = Acipenser naccarii 
Acipenser helops = Acipenser stellatus 
Acipenser heptipus = Acipenser fulvescens 
Acipenser huso = Huso huso 
Acipenser husoniformis = Huso huso 
Acipenser jeniscensis = Acipenser ruthenus 
Acipenser kamensis = Acipenser ruthenus 
Acipenser kikuchii = Acipenser sinensis 
Acipenser ladanus = Acipenser naccarii 
Acipenser laevis = Acipenser fulvescens 
Acipenser legenarius - Acipenser fulvescens 
Acipenser leucotica = Acipenser ruthenus 
Acipenser liopeltis = Acipenser fulvescens 
Acipenser macropthalmus= Acipenser gueldenstaedtii 
Acipenser maculosus = Acipenser fulvescens 
Acipenser mantschuricus = Huso dauricus 
Acipenser marsiglii = Acipenser ruthenus 
Acipenser medirostris: (E) Barbel Sturgeon, Green Japanese 

Sturgeon, Green Sturgeon. (S) Esturion verde, (F) Esturgeon 

Acipenser medius = Acipenser gueldenstaedtii 
Acipenser mikadot (E) Sakhalin Sturgeon n ACIPENSERIDAE Ac 
Acipenser multiscutatus ~ Acipenser schrenckii 
Acipenser muricatus = Acipenser fulvescens 
Acipenser naccarii: (E) Adriatic Sturgeon, (S) Esturion del 

Adriatico, (F) Esturgeon de 1'Adriatique II ACIPENSERIDAE 

Acipenser nardoi= Acipenser naccarii 
Acipenser nasus= Acipenser naccarii 
Acipenser nudiventris: (E) Barbel Sturgeon, Bastard Sturgeon, 

Fringebarbel Sturgeon, Ship, Ship Sturgeon. Spiny Sturgeon, 

Thorn Sturgeon, (S) Esturion barba de flecos, (F) Esturgeon a 

barbillonsfranges II ACIPENSERIDAE Ac 
Acipenser obtusirostris = Acipenser ruthenus 
Acipenser orientalis = Huso dauricus 
Acipenser oxyrinch us: (E) Atlantic Sturgeon. (S) Esturion del 

Atlantico, (F) Esturgeon de I'Atlantique II ACIPENSERIDAE 

Acipenser persicusAE) Persian Sturgeon II ACIPENSERIDAE Ac 
Acipenser platorynchus = Scaphirhynchus platorynchus 
Acipenser platycephalus = Acipenser naccarii 
Acipenser primigenius = Acipenser ruthenus 
Acipenser pygmaeus = Acipenser gueldenstaedtii 
Acipenser pygmaeus = Acipenser ruthenus 
Acipenser ralzeburgii = Acipenser stellatus 
Acipenser rhynchaeus = Acipenser fulvescens 
Acipenser rostratus = Acipenser gueldenstaedtii 
Acipenser rubicundus = Acipenser fulvescens 
Acipenser rupertianus = Acipenser fulvescens 
Acipenser ruthenus: (E) Sterlet, Sterlet Sturgeon, (S) Esterlete, 

Esturion de Siberia, (F) Esturgeon de Siberie, Sterlet II 

Acipenser ru~skyi = Acipenser ruthenus 

Acipenser schrenckii: (E) Amur Sturgeon II ACIPENSERIDAE Ac 
Acipenser schypa = Acipenser nudiventris 
Acipenser seuruga = Acipenser stellatus 
Acipenser shipa — Acipenser nudiventris 
Acipenser shyp = Acipenser nudiventris 
Acipenser shypa = Acipenser nudiventris 

Acipenser sinensis: (E) Chinese Sturgeon II ACIPENSERIDAE Ac 
Acipenser stellatus: (E| Sevruga, Star Sturgeon, Starry Sturgeon, 

Stellate Sturgeon, (S) Esturion estreliado, (F) Esturgeon etoile, 

Acipenser stenorrhynchus = Acipenser baerii 
Acipenser sterlet = Acipenser ruthenus 
Acipenser sturio : (E) Atlantic Sturgeon, Baltic Sturgeon, Common 

Sturgeon, European Sturgeon. Sea Sturgeon, Sturgeon, (S) 

Esturion, Esturion comiin, Sollo, Sollo real, Sulio, (F| 

Astourion, Crea, Creac, Creach, Estourioun, Esturgeon, 

Esturgeon atlantique, Esturgeon atlantique dEurope, Esturgeon 

commun, Esturgeon de la Baltique, Esturgeon europeen, 

Esturgeon europeen occidentale, Etrugeon I ACIPENSERIDAE 

Acipenser sturionellus= Acipenser naccarii 
Acipenser transmontanus: (E) Columbia Sturgeon, Oregon 

Sturgeon, Pacific Sturgeon, Sacramento Sturgeon, White 

Sturgeon, (S) Esturion bianco, (F) Esturgeon blanc II 

Acipenser tuecka = Acipenser gueldenstaedtii 
Acipenser turritus = Acipenser nudiventris 
Acipenser vallisnerii = Huso huso 
ACIPENSERIFORMES spp.: (E) sturgeons. (S) esturions, (F) 

esturgeons I/II Ac 
Acoupa de MacDonald (F): Totoaba macdonaldi 
Acrantophis spp.: (E) Madagascar ground boas, (F) boas des 

savanes de Madagascar I BOIDAE Re 
Acrantophis dumerili: (E) Dumeril's Boa, Madagascar Ground Boa, 

(S) Boa de Dumeril, (F) Boa de Dumeril, Boa des savanes de 

Dumeril I BOIDAE Re 
Acrantophis madagascariensis: (E) Madagascar Boa, Malagasy 

Ground Boa, (S) Boa de Madagascar meridional, (F) Boa de 

Madagascar. Boa des savanes de Madagascar I BOIDAE Re 
Acrantophis madagascariensis dumerili = Acrantophis dumerili 
Acrhelia horrescens. (E) Scalpel Coral II s OCULINIDAE An 
Acrhelia sebae = Acrhelia horrescens 
Acridophaga eriwanensis = Vipera ursinii 
Acridophaga uralensis - Vipera ursinii 
Acridophaga ursinii = Vipera ursinii 
Acrocephalus rodericanus = Bebrornis rodericanus 
Acropora abrolhosensis: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora abrotanoides: \t ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora acervata = Acropora humilis 
Acropora aculeus: rf ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora acuminata: H* ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora africana = Acropora tenuis 
Acropora akajimensis: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acinonyx jubatus Annual export quotas for live specimens and hunting trophies are granted as follows: Botswana: 5: Namibia: 150: 
Zimbabwe: 50. The trade in such specimens is subject to the provisions of Article 111 of the Convention. / Se conceden los siguientes cupos de 
exportation anual para especlmenes vivos y trofeos de caza: Botswana: 5: Namibia: 150: Zimbabwe: 50. El comercio de estos espec'unenes estd 
sujeto a las disposiciones del Articulo 111 de la Convencion. / Quotas d'exportation annuels pour les specimens vivants et les trophees de chasse: 
Botswana: 5: Namibie: 150: Zimbabwe: 50. Le commerce de ces specimens est soumis aux dispositions de I' Article 111 de la Convention. 
8 Seep. 13/ Vease p. 29 / Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Acropora angiilata =Acropora horrida 

Acropora anthocercis: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora appressa: if ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora arabensis: if ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora arbuscula = Acropora formosa 

Acropora arcuata = Acropora cytherea 

Acropora armata = Acropora cytherea 

Acropora aspera: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora austera : D 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora awi: if ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora azurea: D 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora baeodactyla = Acropora digitifera 

Acropora batunar. if ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora bifurcata: H 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora brachiata = Acropora nobilis 

Acropora bronchi: II s ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora brevicoUis = Acropora digitifera 

Acropora brueggemanni II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora bushy ensis: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora calamaria = Acropora humilis 

Acropora canaliculata = Acropora humilis 

Acropora canalis = Acropora nobilis 

Acropora cardenae: B s ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora carduus. II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora caroliniana: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora cerealis: U s ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora cervicornis: (E) Staghorn Coral, (F) Corail comes de cerf 

Acropora chesterfieldensis: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora clathrata: II s ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora concinna = Acropora valida 
Acropora conferta = Acropora hyacinthus 
Acropora conigera = Acropora robusta 
Acropora convexa. II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora cophodacft'la : if ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora copiosa: D 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora corymbosa = Acropora cytherea 
Acropora crateriformis: rf ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora cribripora = Acropora aspera 
Acropora cuneata: U s ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora cylindrica : II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora cymbicvathus= Acropora nasuta 
Acropora cytherea: (E) Table Coral II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora danai: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora decipiens - Acropora robusta 
Acropora deformis = Acropora danai 
Acropora del icatula = Acropora selago 
Acropora dendrum: II s ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora derawanensis: tf ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora desalwii: if ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora diffusa = Acropora acuminata 
Acropora digitifera : II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora diomedeae = Acropora nasuta 
A cropora dispar = Acropora grand is 
Acropora disticha = Acropora nasuta 
Acropora divaricata : D 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora diver sa = Acropora secale 
Acropora donei: II s ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora downingr. II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora echinata: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora ejflorescens. II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora effusa -Acropora digitifera 
Acropora eibli = Acropora granulosa 
Acropora elegans. ft ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora elegantula: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora elizabethensis: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora elseyi: (E) Christmas Coral n 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora erythraea = Acropora humilis 
Acropora eurystoma: \t ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora exigua = Acropora formosa 
Acropora ex His = Acropora elseyi 
Acropora exquisita : H 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora fastigiata : it ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora fenneri: H 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora filiformis: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora florida: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora formosa: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora forskalii: \t ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora fructicosa = Acropora humilis 

Acropora gemmifera : II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora glauca: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora globiceps. II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora gomezi: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora gracilis = Acropora formosa 

Acropora grandis: if ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora granulosa: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora gravida = Acropora florida 

Acropora haimei: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora halmaherae: tf ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora hebes = Acropora aspera 

Acropora hemprichii: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora hispida = Acropora cuneata 

Acropora hoeksemai: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora horrida: if ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora humilis: if ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora hyacinthus. II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

A cropora hystrix = A cropora cerealis 

Acropora imperfecta = Acropora lalistella 

Acropora Indiana: if ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora Indonesia : if ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora inermis: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora insignis: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora intermedia: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora irregularis: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora jacquelineae: if ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora japonica: if ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora kenti = Acropora tenuis 

Acropora kimbeensis: D 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora kirstvae: D 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora kosurint. II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora labrosa = Acropora prolifera 

Acropora laevis = Acropora intermedia 

Acropora lamarckr. II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora latistella : if ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora leptocyathus = Acropora humilis 

Acropora lianae: D 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora librata = Acropora millepora 

Acropora listeri: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora loisetteae: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora lokant II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora longicyathus. if ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora loricata = Acropora latistella 

Acropora loripes: (E) Bluetip Coral if ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora lovelli: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora lutkenr. II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora luzonica = Acropora aspera 

Acropora macrostoma: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora magnifica: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora mangarevensis = Acropora clathrata 

Acropora manni = Acropora aspera 

Acropora maryae: D 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora massawensis: U" ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora meridiana: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora microclados. II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora microphthalma: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora millepora : if ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora minuta: if ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora mirabilis: if ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora monticulosa: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora mossambica: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora multia cuta : if ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora multicaulis = Acropora valencennesii 

Acropora multiformis = Acropora formosa 

Acropora multiramosa = Acropora austera 

Acropora murrayensis = Acropora loripes 

Acropora nana: \t ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora nasuta : if ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora natalensis: II s ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora navini: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora nobilis: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Seep. 13/Veasep. 29 1 Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Acropora obscura = Acropora humilis 

Acroporaocellata : if ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora orbicularis: if ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora otteri = Acropora secale 

Acropora pagoensis = Acropora eurystoma 

Acropora palifera: if ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora palmala : (E) Elkhom Coral, (F) Corail cornes d'elan if 

Acropora palmerae: if ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora paniculata : tf ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora papillare: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora parahemprichii: if ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora parapharaonis: if ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora parilis: if ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora patula = Acropora latistella 
Acropora paxilligera = Acropora humilis 
Acropora pectinata = Acropora hvacinthus 
Acropora pharaonis: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora pichoni: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora pinguis: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora plana: it ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora plantaginea = Acropora secale 
Acropora plantaginea: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora platycyathus = Acropora humilis 
Acropora plumosa: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora pocilloporina: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora polystoma: D 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora ponderosa = Acropora robusra 
Acropora procumbens= Acropora echinata 
Acropora profusa = Acropora florida 
Acropora prolifera: (E) Fused Staghorn Coral II 8 ACROPORIDAE 

Acropora prolixa = Acropora carduus 
Acropora prominens = Acropora palifera 
Acropora prostrata: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora proximalis: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora pruinosa: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora pulchra: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora puslulosa = Acropora pharaonis 
Acropora pyramidalis = Acropora humilis 
Acropora quelchi = Acropora cerealis 
Acropora rambleri: it ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora rayneri = Acropora granulosj 
Acropora reclinata = Acropora palifera 
Acropora recumbens= Acropora hvacinthus 
Acropora reticulata = Acropora cytherea 
Acropora retusa: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora rictwanr. if ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora robusta : it ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora rongelapensis: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora rosaria : if ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora rosent. II s ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora rotumana = Acropora danai 
Acropora rousseauii = Acropora valida 
Acropora rudis: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora rufus. II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora russelli: if ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora samoensis: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora sarmentosa: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora scandens= Acropora pharaonis 
Acropora scherzeriana: IT ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora schmitti: U 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora secale: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora secunda = Acropora nobilis 
Acropora securis = Acropora cuneata 
Acropora sekiseiensis: U* ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora selago : II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora seriata : if ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora simplex: if ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora singularis = Acropora millepora 
Acropora smithi= Acropora robusta 
Acropora solitaryensis: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora sordiensis: if ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora speciosa : II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Acropora spectabilis = Acropora humilis 

Acropora spicifera abbreviata = Acropora soicifera 

Acropora spicifera: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora splendida = Acropora valencennesii 

Acropora squamosa = Acropora millepora 

Acropora squarrosa: if ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora stoddarti: if ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora striata : II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora subglabra : if ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora subulata : II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora suharsonot If ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora sukamor. if ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora surculosa = Acropora hvacinthus 

Acropora symmetrica = Acropora cytherea 

Acropora syringodes - Acropora nana 

Acropora tanegashimensis: if ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora tenella : II s ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora tenuis: if ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora teres distans = Acropora teres 

Acropora teres: if ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora tizardi. II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora togianensis: rf ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora torihalimeda: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora torresiana: it ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora tortuosa : if ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora tubigera = Acropora aculeus 

Acropora tumida: if ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora turaki: if ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora turbinata = Acropora hvacinthus 

Acropora tutuilensis: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora tylostoma = Acropora horrida 

Acropora valencennesii: II ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora valida: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora vanderhorsti = Acropora grand is 

Acropora varia = Acropora formosa 

Acropora variabilis: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora variolosa: if ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora vasiformis = Acropora clathrata 

Acropora vaughant if ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora vermiculata: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora verweyi: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora virgata = Acropora formosa 

Acropora walindii: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora wallaceae: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora willisae: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 

Acropora yongei: if ACROPORIDAE An 

Acua (S): Herpetotheres cachinnans 

Addax (E): Addax nasomacula tus 

Addax a nez tachete (F): Addax nasomacuiatus 

Addax nasomacuiatus: (E) Addax, (S) Addax, (F) Addax, Addax a 

nez tachete, Antilope blanche I BOVIDAE Ma 
Adder, Field (E): Vipera ursinii 
Adelochelys crassa = Orlitia bomeensis 
Adelomyia melanogenys: (E) Speckled Hummingbird, (S) Colibri 

jaspeado, Colibri serrano gargantiazul, Picaflor gargantiazul, (F) 

Colibri mouchete II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Adeloporacrassilabrum : it STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Adelopora fragilis: if STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Adeloporamoseleyi: if STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Adelopora pseudothyron: II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Aegolius acadicus:(E) Northern Saw- whet Owl, Saw- whet Owl, (S) 

Mochuelo cabezon, Tecolote-abetero norteno. (F) Petite nyctale 

Aegolius funereus: (E) Boreal Owl, Tengmalm's Owl, (S) Lechuza 

de Tengmalm, Mochuelo boreal, (F) Chouette de Tengmalm. 

Engoulevent d'Europe, Nyctale de Tengmalm II STRIGIDAE 

Aegolius harrisii: (E) Buff-fronted Owl, (S) Carbure acanelado, 

Curucucu barriga amarilla, Lechucita acanelada, Mochuelo 

canela, (F) Chouette de Harris, Nyctale de Harris II 

Aegolius ridgwayi: (E) Unspotted Saw- whet Owl, (S) Mochuelo 

moreno, (F) Nyctale immaculee II STRIGIDAE Av 
Aegypius calvus = Sarcogyps calvus 
Aegypius monacltus: (E) Black Vulture, Cinereous Vulture, (S) 

Buitre negro. (F) Vautour moine II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 

Seep. 13/Veasep. 29 1 Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Aegypiiis occipitalis = Trigonoceps occipitalis 

Aegypius tracheliotus= Torgos tracheliotus 

Afrotis afroides = Eupodotis afraoides 

Afrotis atra = Eupodotis afra 

Afrotis atra afraoides = Eupodotis afraoides 

Agapeta gularis = Heliodoxa gularis 

Agapornis canus: (E) Grey-headed Lovebird, Madagascar Lovebird, 

(S) Inseparable malgache, (F) Inseparable a tete grise II 

Agapornis coelestis = Forpus coelestis 
Agapornis flscheri: (E) Fischer's Lovebird, (S) Inseparable de 

Fischer, (F) Inseparable de Fischer, Perruche de Fischer II 

Agapornis lilianae nigrigenis = Agapornis nigrigenis 
Agapornis lilianae: (E) Lilian's Lovebird, Nyasa Lovebird, (S) 

Inseparable del-Nyasa, (F) Inseparable de Lilian, Perruche de 

Agapornis nigrigenis: (E) Black-cheeked Lovebird, (S) Inseparable 

cacheton, (F) Inseparable ajoues noires, Perruche a joue noire II 

Agapornis personatus: (E) Black -masked Lovebird, Masked 

Lovebird, Yellow-collared Lovebird, (S) Inseparable 

cabecinegro, (F) Inseparable masque, Perruche masquee II 

Agapornis pullarius: (E) Red-faced Lovebird, Red-headed 

Lovebird, (S) Inseparable carirrojo, (F) Inseparable a tete rouge, 

Perruche a tete rouge II PSITTACIDAE Av 
Agapornis roseicollis: (E) Rosy-faced Lovebird, Peach-faced 

Lovebird, (S) Inseparable de Namibia, (F) Inseparable a face 

rose. Inseparable rose-gorge, Perruche a face rose NC 

Agapornis swindernianus: (E) Black-collared Lovebird, (S) 

Inseparable acollarado. Inseparable de collera, (F) Inseparable a 

collier noir, Inseparable de Swindem, Perruche de Swindem II 

Agapornis taranta : (E) Abyssinian Lovebird, Black-winged 

Lovebird, (S) Inseparable abisinio, (F) Inseparable d'Abyssinie 

Agarice a spires (P): Agaricia undata 
Agarice de Graham (F): Agaricia grahamae 
Agarice de Lamarck (F): Agaricia lamarcki 
Agarice fragile (F): Agaricia fragilis 
Agarice laitue (F): Agaricia agaricites 
Agarice laitue fine (F): Agaricia tenuifolia 
Agarice plate (F): Agaricia humilis 
Agaricia agaricites: (E) Leaf Coral, Lettuce Coral, (F) Agarice laitue 

Agaricia cailleti - Leptoseris cailleti 
Agaricia crassa = Agaricia agaricites 
Agaricia crispa = Leptoseris papyracea 
Agaricia explanulata - Pavona explanulata 
Agaricia jlabellma = Merulina ampliata 
Agaricia fragilis: (E) Fragile Saucer Coral, (F) Agarice fragile n 8 

Agaricia grahamae: (E) Graham's Sheet Coral, (F) Agarice de 

Agaricia humilis: (E) Lowrelief Lettuce Coral, (F) Agarice plate II s 

Agaricia lamarcki: (E) Lamarck's Sheet Coral, (F) Agarice de 

Agaricia levicollis = Pachyseris speciosa 
Agaricia planu lata = Gardineroseris planulata 
Agaricia ponderosa = Gardineroseris planulata 
Agaricia ponderosa minikoiensis = Gardineroseris planulata 
Agaricia purpurea - Agaricia agaricites 
Agaricia rugosa = Pachyseris rugosa 
Agaricia speciosa = Pachyseris speciosj 
Agaricia tenuifolia : (E) Ribbon Coral, Thin - leaf Lettuce Coral, (F) 

Agarice laitue fine II 8 AGARICIIDAE An 
Agaricia undata: (E) Scroll Coral, (F) Agarice a spires II 8 

Agariciella minikoiensis = Leptoseris mycetoseroides 
Agariciella ponderosa = Gardineroseris planulata 

Agelaius flavus: (E) Saffron-cowled Blackbird, (S) Dragon, Mirlo 

americano pechiamarillo, Tordo amarillo, Tordo de cabeza 

amarilla, (F) Carouge saltan, Icteride a tete jaune I ICTERIDAE 

Agelastes meleagrides (E) White-breasted Guineafowl, (S) Pintada 

de pechuga blanca, Pintada pechiblanca. Pintado de pecho 

bianco, (F) Pintade a poitrine blanche III PHASIANIDAE Av 
Aglaeactis aliciae : (E) Purple-backed Sunbeam, (S) Colibri de 

Alicia, (F) Colibri d'Alice II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Aglaeactis castelnaudii: ( E) White-tufted Sunbeam, (S) Colibri 

condecorado, (F) Colibri de Castelneau II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Aglaeactis cupripennis: (E) Shining Sunbeam, (S) Colibri cobrizo, 

Rayito brillante, (F) Colibri etincelant II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Aglaeactis pamela : (E) Black -hooded Sunbeam, (S) Colibri negrito, 

(F) Colibri pamela II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Aglaiocercus berlepschi: (E) Venezuelan Sylph II TROCHILIDAE 

Aglaiocercus coelestis: (E) Violet -tailed Sylph, (S) Silfo celeste, 

Silfo colivioleta, (F) Sylphe a queue violette II TROCHILIDAE 

Aglaiocercus emmae = Aglaiocercus kingi 
Aglaiocercus kingi berlepschi = Aglaiocercus berlepschi 
Aglaiocercus kingi: (E) Long-tailed Sylph, (S) Colibri coludo azul, 

Silfo colilargo, Silfo de King, (F) Sylphe a queue d'azur II 

Agouti (F): Agouti paca 
Agouti paca: (E) Paca, Spotted Paca, (S) Paca, (F) Agouti, Paca III 

Agouti ponctue (F): Dasyprocta punctata 
Agouti rojizo (S): Dasyprocta punctata 
Agouti, Central American (E): Dasyprocta punctata 
Agriocharis ocellata : (E) Ocellated Turkey, (S) Guajolote ocelado, 

Pavo ocelado, (F) Dindon ocelle III PHASIANIDAE Av 
Agrionemys horsfieldii = Testudo horsfreldii 
Aguara guazu (S): Chrysocyon brachyurus 
Aguila Esteparia (S): Aquila rapax 
Aguililla aluda (S): Buteo platypterus 
Aguililla artica (S): Buteo lagopus 
Aguililla aura (S): Buteo albonotatus 
Aguililla australiana (S): Hieraaetus morphnoides 
Aguililla calzada (S): Hieraaetus pennatus 
Aguililla caminera (S): Buteo magnirostris 
Aguililla coliblanca (S): Buteo albicaudatus 
Aguililla colicorta (S): Buteo brachyurus 
Aguililla colirroja (S): Buteo jamaicensis 
Aguililla de Harris (S): Purabuteo unicinctus 
Aguililla de Swainson (S): Buteo swainsoni 
Aguililla gris (S): Asturina plagiata 
Aguililla langostera (S): Butastur rufipennis 
Aguililla negra mayor (S): Buteogallus urubitinga 
Aguililla negra menor (S): Buteogallus anthracinus 
Aguililla pechirroja (S): Buteo lineatus 
Aguililla real (S): Buteo regalis 
Aguilucho cabecinegro (S): Buteo albicaudatus 
Aguilucho cenizo (S): Circus pygargus 
Aguilucho chico (S): Buteo albigula 
Aguilucho cola colorada (S): Buteo centralis 
Aguilucho cola corta (S): Buteo brachyurus 
Aguilucho colorada (S): Buteogallus meridionalis 
Aguilucho comiin (S): Buteo polyosoma 
Aguilucho de azara (S): Circus buffoni 
Aguilucho de cienaga (S): Circus buffoni 
Aguilucho gris (S): Asturina nitida 
Aguilucho lagunero (S): Circus aeruginosus 
Aguilucho lagunero del pacifico (S): Circus approximates 
Aguilucho lagunero etiopico(S): Circus ranivorus 
Aguilucho lagunero malgache (S): Circus maillardi 
Aguilucho lagunero occidental (S): Circus aeruginosus 
Aguilucho lagunero oriental (S): Circus spilonotus 
Aguilucho langostero (S): Buteo swainsoni 
Aguilucho moteado (S): Circus assimilis 
Aguilucho negro (S): Circus maurus 
Aguilucho palido (S): Circus cyaneus 
Aguilucho papialbo (S): Circus macrourus 
Aguilucho pio (S): Circus melanoleucos 

Seep. 13 / Veasep. 29/ Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Aguilucho puna (S): Buteo poecilochrous 
Aguilucho sabanero (S): Buteogallas meridionalis 
Aguilucho vari (S): Circus cinereus 
Aguilucho variado (S): Buteo polyosoma 
Aguilucho-caricalvo comiin (S): Polyboroides typus 
Aguilucho-caricalvo malgache (S): Polyboroides radiatus 
Aguti de America Central (S): Dasyprocta punctata 
Agyrtria brevirostris: (E) White-chested Emerald, (Si Amazilia 

pechiblanca. Diamante colidorado, (F) Ariane a poitrine blanche 

Agyrtria Candida. (E) White-bellied Emerald, (S) Amazilia Candida, 

Esmeralda viente-blanco, (F) Ariane candide II 

Agyrtria cyanocephala : (E) Azure-crowned Hummingbird, Pied- 
billed Azurecrown, (S) Amazilia coroniazul, Colibri coroniazul, 

(F) Ariane a couronne azur IITROCHILIDAEAv 
Agyrtria franciae (E) Andean Emerald, (S) Amazilia andina, (F) 

Ariane de Francia II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Agyrtria hollandi = Agyrtria versicolor 
Agyrtria leucogaster: (E) Plain-bellied Emerald, (S) Amazilia 

ventriblanca. Diamante ventriblanco, (F) Ariane vert-dore II 

Agyrtria rondoniae: (E) Rondonia Emerald II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Agyrtria versicolor. (E) Versicolored Emerald, (S) Amazilia 

versicolor. Diamante multicolor, Picaflor pequeno verde, (F) 

Ariane versicolore II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Agyrtria violiceps. (E) Violet -crowned Hummingbird, (S) Amazilia 

coronivioleta, Colibri corona-violeta, (F) Ariane a couronne 

violette n TROCHILIDAE Av 
Agyrtria viridifrons: (E) Green- fronted Hummingbird, (S) Amazilia 

frentiverde. Colibri corona-verde, (F) Ariane a front vert II 

AT de Bolivie (F): Bradypus variegatus 
Aigle a epaules blanches (F): Aquila adalberti 
Aigle a tete blanche (F): Haliaeetus leucocephalus 
Aigle a ventre roux (F): Hieraaetus kienerii 
Aigle blanchard (F): Stephanoaetus coronatus 
Aigle botte (F): Hieraaetus pennatus 
Aigle couronne (F): Stephanoaetus coronatus 
Aigle criard (F): Aquila clanga 
Aigle d'Australie (F): Aquila audax 
Aigle dAyres (F): Hieraaetus ayresii 
Aigle de Blyth (F): Spizaetus alboniger 
Aigle de Bonelli (F): Hieraaetus fasciatus 
Aigle de Cassin (F): Spizaetus africanus 
Aigle de Gumey (F): Aquila gurneyi 
Aigle de Java (F): Spizaetus bartelsi 
Aigle de Nouvelle-Guinee (F): Harpyopsis novaegiuneae 
Aigle de Verreaux (F): Aquila verreauxii 
Aigle de Wahlberg (F): Aquila wahlbergi 
Aigle de Wallace (F): Spizaetus nanus 
Aigle des Celebes (F): Spizaetus lanceolatus 
Aigle des Philippines (F): Pithecophaga jefferyi 
Aigle des Philippines (F): Spizaetus philippensis 
Aigle des singes (F): Pithecophaga jefferyi 
Aigle des steppes (F): Aquila nipalensis 
Aigle d'Isidore (F): Oroaetus isidori 
Aigle dore (F): Aquila chrysaetos 
Aigle fascie (F): Hieraaetus spilogaster 
Aigle harpie (F): Harpia harpyja 
Aigle huppard (F): Lophaetus occipitalis 
Aigle huppe (F): Spizaetus cirrhatus 
Aigle iberique (F): Aquila adalberti 
Aigle imperial (F): Aquila heliaca 
Aigle imperial espagnol (F): Aquila adalberti 
Aigle mangeur de singes (F): Pithecophaga jefferyi 
Aigle martial (F)-.Polemaetus bellicosus 
Aigle montagnard (F): Spizaetus nipalensis 
Aigle nain (F): Hieraaetus morphnoides 
Aigle noir (F): Ictinaetus malayensis 
Aigle noir et blanc (F): Spizastur melanoleucus 
Aigle orne (F): Spizaetus ornatus 
Aigle pecheur(F): Pandion haliaetus 
Aigle pecheur africain (F): Haliaeetus vocifer 
Aigle pomarin (F): Aquila pomarina 

Aigle ravisseur (F): Aquila rapax 

Aigle royal (F): Aquila chrysaetos 

Aigle serpentaire (F): Dryotriorchis spectabilisl Eutriorchis astur 

Aigle tyran (F): Spizaetus tyrannus 

Aigle-autour fascie (F): Hieraaetus spilogaster 

Aigrette garzette (F): Egretta garzetta 

Ailuropoda melanoleuca: (E) Giant P anda, (S) Panda gigante, (F) 

Panda, Panda geant I URSIDAE Ma 
Ailurus fulgens: (E) Lesser Panda, Red Cat -bear, Red Panda, (S) 

Panda chico. Panda rojo, Pequeno panda, (F) Panda eclatant, 

Petit panda I URSIDAE Ma 
Ailurus ochraceus = Ailurus fulgens 
Aithurus scitulus= Trochilus scitulus 
Ajolote de lago Patzquaro (S): Ambystoma dumerilii 
Ajolote mexicano (S): Ambystoma mexicanum 
Ala de sable anteado (S): Campylopterus duidae 
Ala de sable gris (S): Campylopterus largipennis 
Ala de sable pechivioleta (S): Campylopterus falcatus 
Ala de sable rufo (S): Campylopterus hyperythrus 
Ala de sable verde (S): Campylopterus ensipennis 
Alasable azulino (S): Campylopterus falcatus 
Alasable del Napo (S): Campylopterus largipennis 
Alatotrochus albescens: 11" TURBINOLUDAE An 
Alazafiro grande (S): Pterophanes cyanopterus 
Albatros (S): Diomedea albatrus 
Albatros a queue courte (F): Diomedea albatrus 
Albatros colicorto (S): Diomedea albatrus 
Albatros de Steller (F): Diomedea albatrus 
Albatros rabon (S): Diomedea albatrus 
Albatross, Short -tailed (E): Diomedea albatrus 
Albatross, Steller's (E): Diomedea albatrus 
Alcaravan americano (S): Burhinus bistriatus 
Alcaravan venozolano (S): Burhinus bistriatus 
Alcatraz de Abbott (S): Papasula abbotti 
Alcotan (S): Falco subbuteo 
Alcotan africano (S): Falco cuvierii 
Alcotan australiano (S): Falco longipennis 
Alcotan cuellirrojo (S): Falco chicquera 
Alcotan europeo (S): Falco subbuteo 
Alcotan filipino (S): Falco severus 
Alcotan turumti (S): Falco chicquera 
Aldabrachelys elephantina = Geochelone gigantea 
Alecto a bee blanc (F): Bubalornis albirostris 
Aligator de China (S): Alligator sinensis 
Aligatordel Mississippi (S): Alligator mississippiensis 
aligators (S): CROCODYLIA spp. 
Alimoche (S): Neophron percnopterus 
Alimoche comiin (S): Neophron percnopterus 
Alimoche sombrio (S): Necrosyrtes monachus 
Alisterus amboinensis: (E) Ambon King-Parrot. Moluccan King- 
Parrot, (S) Papagayo moluqueno, (F) Perruche tricolore II 

Alisterus chloropterus. (E) Green- winged King-Parrot, Papuan 

King-Parrot, (S) Papagayo papii, (F) Perruche a ailes vertes II 

Alisterus scapularis. (E) Australian King-Parrot. (S) Papagayo 

australiano, (F) Perruche royale II PSITTACIDAE Av 
Allenopitltecus nigroviridis: (E) Allen's Swamp Monkey, (F) 

Cercopitheque d'Allen II CERCOPITHECIDAE Ma 
Alligator americain (F): Alligator mississippiensis 
Alligator chiapasius = Caiman crocodilusfuscus 
Alligator cowieii = Crocodylus niloticus 
Alligator cynocephalus = Caiman latirostris 
Alligator de Chine (F): Alligator sinensis 
Alligator du Mississippi (F): Alligator mississippiensis 
Alligator hetois = Alligator mississippiensis 
Alligator lacordairei = Crocodylus acutus 
Alligator mississippiensis: (E) American Alligator, (S) Aligator del 

Mississippi, (F) Alligator americain. Alligator du Mississippi II 

Alligator sinensis: (E) China Alligator. Chinese Alligator. (S) 

Aligator de China. (F) Alligator de Chine I ALLIGATORIDAE 

Alligator, American (E): Alligator mississippiensis 
Alligator, China (E): Alligator sinensis 

Seep. 13/ Veasep. 29/ Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Alligator, Chinese (E): Alligator sinensis 

alligators (E): CROCODYLIA spp. 

Allobates femoralis = Epipedobales femoralis 

AHobates zaparo = Epipedobales zaparo 

Allocebe (F): Allocebus trichotis 

Allocebus trichotis: (E) Hairy-eared Dwarf Lemur, (S) Lemur 

orejipeludo, (F) Allocebe, Chirogale au\ oreilles poilues I 

Allopathes denhartogr. II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Allopathes desbonnr. II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Allopathes robillardh II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Allopora bithalanws = Stylaster bilhalamus 
Allopora blattea = Stylaster blatteas 
Allopora bocki = Stylaster bocki 
Allopora boreopacifica = Stylaster boreopacificus 
Allopora brochi = Stylaster brochi 
Allopora californica = Stylaster californicus 
Allopora calif omica -Stylaster venustns 
Allopora campyleca = Stylaster campylecus 
Allopora carinata = Stylaster carinatus 
Allopora divergens = Stylaster divergens 
Allopora eguchii = Stylaster eguchii 
A llopora explanata = Stylaster nobilis 
Allopora granulosa = Stylaster granulosus 
Allopora incompleta = Stylaster incompletus 
Allopora maderensis - Stenohelia maderensis 
Allopora miniata = Stylaster miniatus 
Allopora moseleyana = Stylaster moseleyanus 
Allopora moseleyi = Stylaster verrillii 
Allopora nobilis = Stylaster nobilis 
Allopora norvegica = Stylaster norvegicus 
Allopora ochracea = Stylaster nobilis 
Allopora papillosa = Stylantheca papillosa 
Allopora petrograpta = Stylantheca petrograpta 
Allopora polymorpha = Stylaster polymorplms 
Allopora polyorchis = Stylaster polyorchis 
Allopora porphyra = Stylantheca porphyra 
Allopora profunda = Stylaster profundus 
Allopora rosacea = Stylaster rosaceus 
Allopora scabiosa = Stylaster scabiosus 
Allopora solida = Stylaster solidus 
Allopora stejnegeri = Stylaster stejnegeri 
Allopora stellulata = Stylaster stellulatus 
Allopora subviolacea = Stylaster subviolaceus 
Allopora venusta = Stylaster venustus 
Allopora verrillii = St)'laster verrillii 
Alopochen aegyptiacus: (E) Egyptian Goose, (S) Ganso del Nilo, 

Oca del Nilo, (F) Oie d'Egypte, Ouette d'Egypte III 

Alouatta arctoidea = Alouatta seniculus 
Alouatta belzebul: (E) Black-and-red Howling Monkey, Red-handed 

Howler, Red-handed Howling Monkey, (F) Hurleur a mains 

rousses II CEBIDAE Ma 
Alouatta beniensis = Alouatta fusca 
Alouatta caraya: (E) Black Howler, Black Howling Monkey, (F) 

Hurleur noir D CEBIDAE Ma 
Alouatta coibensis: (E) Coiba Island Howling Monkey I CEBIDAE 

Alouatta fusca: (E) Brown Howler, Brown Howling Monkey, (F) 

Hurleur brun H CEBIDAE Ma 
Alouatta guariba = Alouatta fusca 
Alouatta guariba guariba = Alouatta fusca 
Alouatta nigerrima = Alouatta belzebul 
Alouatta palliata coibensis = Alouatta coibensis 
Alouatta palliata : (E) Mantled Howler, Mantled Howling Monkey, 

(S) Aullado, Guariba peludo, Mono aullador de Guatemala, 

Mono congo, Mono negro, Mono saraguato, Zaraguate, (F) 

Hurleur du Guatemala I CEBIDAE Ma 
Alouatta pigra : (E) Guatemalan Howler, Guatemalan Howling 

Monkey, (S) Araguato de Guatemala, (F) Hurleur du Guatemala 

Alouatta sara:(E) Bolivian Red Howling Monkey II CEBIDAE Ma 
Alouatta seniculus: (E) Red Howler, Red Howling Monkey, (F) 

Hurleur roux II CEBIDAE Ma 
Alouatta seniculus sara = Alouatta sara 

Alouatta villosa = Alouatta pigra 

Altiphrynoides spp.: (E) Ethiopian toads, (S) sapos viviparos, (F) 

crapauds vivipares, grenouille doree du Panama, I 

Altiphrynoides malcolmi. (E) Malcolm's Ethiopian Toad, (S) Sapo 

viviparo de Malcolm, (F) Nectophrynoide de Malcolm 1 

Alveopora allingi: \f PORITIDAE An 
Alveopora catalar. II 8 PORITIDAE An 
Alveopora daedalea: II 8 PORITIDAE An 
Alveopora excelsa: D 8 PORITIDAE An 
Alveopora fenestrata: II 8 PORITIDAE An 
Alveopora jijiensis = Alveopora spongiosa 
Alveopora gigas: II 8 PORITIDAE An 
Alveopora irregularis = Goniopora stokesi 
Alveopora japonica magna = Alveopora japonica 
Alveopora japonica: II PORITIDAE An 
Alveopora marionensis: II 8 PORITIDAE An 
Alveopora minuta: II s PORITIDAE An 
Alveopora mortenseni= Alveopora allingi 
Alveopora naomiae = Alveopora verrilliana 
Alveopora ocellata : II 8 PORITIDAE An 
Alveopora polyformis = Goniopora fruticosa 
Alveopora regalaris = Alveopora spongiosa 
Alveopora retusa - Alveopora fenestrata 
Alveopora spongiosa : II 8 PORITIDAE An 
Alveopora tizardt II 8 PORITIDAE An 
Alveopora trihedral is - Alveopora verrilliana 
Alveopora verrilliana: U 8 PORITIDAE An 
Alveopora viridis: II 8 PORITIDAE An 
Amadina fasciata : (E) Cut-throat, Ribbon Finch, (S) Amadina 

gorgirroja. (F) Amadine cou-coupe, Cottcoupe HI 

Amadina gorgirroja (S): Amadina fasciata 
Amadine cou-coupe (F): Amadina fasciata 
Amandava formosa : (E| Green Avadavat, (S) Estrilda verde, (F) 

Bengali vert II ESTRILDIDAE Av 
Amandava subflava: (E) Golden-breasted Waxbill, Orange- breasted 

Waxbill, Zebra Waxbill, (S) Astrilda pechigualda, (F) Bengali 

zebre, Ventre orange III ESTRILDIDAE Av 
Amapola (S): Amazona viridigenalis 
Amarante a ventre noir (F): Lagonosticta rara 
Amarante commun (F): Lagonosticta senegala 
Amarante du Senegal (F): Lagonosticta senegala 
Amarante flambe (F): Lagonosticta rubricata 
Amarante fonce (F): Lagonosticta rubricata 
Amarante masque (F): Lagonosticta vinacea 
Amarante pointe (F): Lagonosticta rufopicta 
Amarante rare (F): Lagonosticta rara 
Amarante vineux (F): Lagonosticta vinacea 
Amazilia alticola : (E) Loja Hummingbird II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Amazilia amabilis =Polyerata amabilis 
Amazilia amabilis decora = Polyerata amabilis 
Amazilia amable (S): Polyerata amabilis 
Amazilia amazilia : ( E) Amazilia Hummingbird, ( S) Amazilia 

costena, Amazilia ventrirrufa, (F) Ariane de Lesson II 

Amazilia andina (S): Agyrtria franciae 
Amazilia berilina (S): Saucerottia beryllina 
Amazilia beryllina = Saucerottia beryllina 
Amazilia boucardi = Polyerata boucardi 
Amazilia brevirostris = Agyrtria brevirostris 
Amazilia bronceada coliazul (S): Saucerottia tobaci 
Amazilia Candida (S): Agyrtria Candida 
Amazilia Candida = Agyrtria Candida 
Amazilia canela (S): Amazilia rutila 
Amazilia capiazul (S): Saucerottia cyanifrons 
Amazilia castaneiventris: (E) Chestnut -bellied Hummingbird, (S) 

Amazilia ventricastana, (F) Ariane a ventre roux II 

Amazilia chionogaster = Leucippus chionogaster 
Amazilia chionopeclus = Agyrtria brevirostris 
Amazilia coliazul (S): Saucerottia cyanura 
Amazilia colimorada (S): Saucerottia viridigaster 
Amazilia colirrufa (S): Amazilia tzacall 

Seep. 13 1 Veasep. 29 1 Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Amazilia coroniazul (S): Agyrlria cyanocephala 

Amazilia coronivioleta (S): Agyrrria violiceps 

Amazilia costena (S): Amazilia amazilia 

Amazilia cupreicauda = Saucerottia cupreicauda 

Amazilia cyanifrons- Saucerottia cyanifrons 

Amazilia cyanocephala = Agyrtria cyanocephala 

Amazilia cyamira = Saucerottia cyanura 

Amazilia de Edward (S): Saucerottia edward 

Amazilia de manglar (S): Polyerata boucardi 

Amazilia de Rosenberg (S): Polyerata rosenbergi 

Amazilia de Tobago (S): Saucerottia tobaci 

Amazilia decora = Polyerata amabilis 

Amazilia edward = Saucerottia edward 

Amazilia fimbriata = Polyerata fimbriata 

Amazilia franciae = Agyrtria franciae 

Amazilia frentiverde (S): Agyrtria viridifrons 

Amazilia gorjibrillante (S): Polyerata fimbriata 

Amazilia handleyi = Amazilia Izacall 

Amazilia hollandi = Agyrtria versicolor 

Amazilia hondurena (S): Polyerata luciae 

Amazilia lactea = Polyerata lactea 

Amazilia leucogaster = Agyrtria leucogaster 

Amazilia listada (S): Polyerata fimbriata 

Amazilia luciae = Polyerata luciae 

Amazilia microrhyncha = Agyrtria cyanocephala 

Amazilia pechiazul (S): Polyerata amabilis 

Amazilia pechiblanca (S): Agyrlria brevirostris 

Amazilia pechimorada (S): Polyerata rosenbergi 

Amazilia rondoniae = Agyrtria rondoniae 

Amazilia rosenbergi = Polyerata rosenbergi 

Amazilia rutila : (E) Cinnamon Hummingbird, (S) Amazilia canela, 
Colibri canelo, (F) Ariane cannelle HTROCHILIDAE Av 

Amazilia saucerrottei = Saucerottia saucerrottei 

Amazilia tobaci = Saucerottia tobaci 

Amazilia tzacatl (S): Amazilia Izacatl 

Amazilia tzacatl. (E) Rufous-tailed Hummingbird, (S) Amazilia 
colirrufa, Amazilia tzacatl, Colibri colirrufo. (F) Ariane a ventre 

Amazilia ventriblanca (S): Agyrtria leucogaster 

Amazilia ventricastana (S): Amazilia castaneiventris 

Amazilia ventrirrufa (S): Amazilia amazilia 

Amazilia verdiazul (S): Saucerottia saucerrottei 

Amazilia versicolor (S): Agyrtria versicolor 

Amazilia versicolor = Agyrtria versicolor 

Amazilia violiceps = Agyrtria violiceps 

Amazilia viridicauda = Leucippus viridicauda 

Amazilia viridifrons^ Agyrtria viridifrons 

Amazilia viridigaster = Saucerottia viridigaster 

Amazilia wagneri = Agyrtria viridifrons 

Amazilia x antusii = Basilinna xantusii 

Amazilia yucatanensis: (E) Buff-bellied Hummingbird, Fawn- 
breasted Hummingbird, (S) Amazilia yucateca, Colibri vientre- 
canelo, (F) Ariane du Yucatan II TROCHILIDAE Av 

Amazilia yucateca (S): Amazilia yucatanensis 

Amazilia zafirina (S): Polyerata lactea 

Amazilius castaneiventris = Amazilia castaneiventris 

Amazon, Black-billed (E): Amazona agi/is 

Amazon, Blue-cheeked (E): Amazona dufresniana 

Amazon, Blue-fronted {E):Amazona aestiva 

Amazon, Caribbean (E): Amazona leucocephala 

Amazon, Cuban (E): Amazona leucocephala 

Amazon, Festive (E): Amazona festiva 

Amazon, Green-cheeked (E): Amazona viridigenalis 

Amazon, Hispaniolan (E): Amazona ventralis 

Amazon, Imperial (E): Amazona imperialis 

Amazon, Kawall's (E): Amazona kawalli 

Amazon, Lilac-crowned (E): Amazona finschi 

Amazon, Mealy (E): Amazona farinosa 

Amazon, Orange-winged (E): Amazona amazonica 

Amazon, Puerto Rican (E): Amazona vittata 

Amazon, Red-browed (E): Amazona rhodocorytha 

Amazon, Red-crowned (EL): Amazona viridigenalis 

Amazon, Red- fronted (E): Amazona vittata 

Amazon, Red-lored (E): Amazona autumnalis 

Amazon, Red-necked (E): Amazona arausiaca 

Amazon, Red-spectacled (E): Amazona pretrei 

Amazon, Red-tailed (E): Amazona brasiliensis 

Amazon, Red-topped (E): Amaxma rhodocorytha 

Amazon, Saint Lucia (E): Amazona versicolor 

Amazon, Saint Vincent (E): Amazona guildingii 

Amazon, Scaly -naped (E): Amazona mercenaria 

Amazon, Tucuman (E): Amazona tucumana 

Amazon, Vinaceous (E): Amazona vinacea 

Amazon, White- faced (E): Amazona kawalli 

Amazon, White-fronted (E): Amazona albifrons 

Amazon, Yellow-billed (E): Amazona collaria 

Amazon, Yellow-crowned (E): Amazona ochrocephala 

Amazon, Yellow-faced (E): Amazona xanthops 

Amazon, Yellow- fronted (E): Amazona ochrocephala 

Amazon, Yellow-headed (E): Amazona ochrocephala oratrix 

Amazon, Yellow-lored (E): Amazona xanlholora 

Amazon, Yellow-naped (E): Amazona ochrocephala auropalliata 

Amazon, Yellow-shouldered (E): Amazona barbadensis 

Amazona aestiva. (E) Blue-fronted Amazon, Blue-fronted Parrot, 
Turquoise-fronted Parrot, (S) Amazona frentiazul, Loro 
hablador, (F) Amazone a front bleu II PSITTACIDAE Av 

Amazona agilis: (E) Black-billed Amazon, Black-billed Parrot, (S) 
Amazona jamaicana piquioscura, Amazonico activo, 
Amazonico Jamaica, Amazonico todo verde, ( F) Amazone agile, 
Amazone verte II PSITTACIDAE Av 

Amazona albifrons: (E) White-fronted Amazon, White-fronted 
Parrot, (S) Amazona frentialba, Loro frente blanca, Perico 
manglero, fF) Amazone a front blanc II PSITTACIDAE Av 

Amazona alinaranja (S): Amazona amazonica 

Amazona amazonica: (E) Orange -winged Amazon, Orange-winged 
Parrot, (S) Amazona alinaranja, Loro guaro, (F) Amazone a 
ailes oranges, Amazone a ailes vertes. Amazone aourou II 

Amazona arausiaca: (E) Jacquot, Red-necked Amazon, Red-necked 
Parrot, (S) Amazona cabenazul, Amazona cabeza azul. 
Amazona gorgirroja, (F) Amazone a cou rouge, Amazone de 

Amazona auropalliata = Amazona ochrocephala auropalliata 

Amazona autumnalis: (E) Red-lored Amazon, Red-lored Parrot, (S) 
Amazona frentirroja, Cotorra cucha, Loro frente roja, Loro 
frentuTojo, (F) Amazone a joues jaunes, Amazone diademe n 

Amazona barbadensis: (E) Yellow-shouldered Amazon, Yellow- 
shouldered Parrot. (S) Amazona de espalda amarilla, Amazona 
hombrogualda, Cotorra cabeciamarilla, Loro de Barbados, (F) 
Amazone a epaulettes jaunes, Amazone de la Barbade I 

Amazona brasiliensis: (E) Red-tailed Amazon, Red-tailed Parrot, 
(S) Amazona colirroja, Loro brasileno, Loro cariazul, Papagayo 
de cara roja, (F) Amazone a joues bleues, Amazone a queue 
rouge, Amazone du Bresil I PSITTACIDAE Av 

Amazona cabecirroja (S): Amazona pretrei 

Amazona cabenazul (S): Amazona arausiaca 

Amazona cabeza azul (S): Amazona arausiaca 

Amazona cariazul (S): Amazona dufresniana 

Amazona charao (S): Amazona pretrei 

Amazona colirroja (S): Amazona brasiliensis 

Amazona collaria : (E) Yellow-billed Amazon, Yellow-billed Parrot, 
(S) Amazona jamaicana piquiclara, Loro de Jamaica, (F) 
Amazone de la Jamai'que, Amazone sasabe II PSITTACIDAE 

Amazona coronirroja (S): Amazona rhodocorytha 

Amazona crestirroja (S): Amazona rhodocorytha 

Amazona cubana (S): Amazona leucocephala 

Amazona de cara amarilla (S): Amazona xanthops 

Amazona de Cuba (S): Amazona leucocephala 

Amazona de espalda amarilla (S): Amazona barbadensis 

Amazona de Kawall (S): Amazona kawalli 

Amazona de la Espanola (S): Amazona ventralis 

Amazona de Puerto Rico (S): Amazona vittata 

Amazona de San Vicente (S): Amazona guildingii 

Amazona de Santa Lucia (S): Amazona versicolor 

Amazona del cerrado (S): Amazona xanthops 

Amazona dufresniana rhodocorytha = Amazona rhodocorytha 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Amazona dufresniana: (E) Blue-cheeked Amazon, Blue-cheeked 
Parrot, (S) Amazona cariazul, Loro cariazul, (F) Amazone a 
joues bleues, Amazone de Dufresne U PS1TTACIDAE Av 

Amazona farinosa: (E| Mealy Amazon, Mealy Parrot, (S) Amazona 
harinosa, Loro burron, Loro cabeza azul, Loro verde, (F) 
Amazone farineuse, Amazone poudree II PS1TTACIDAE Av 

Amazona festiva (S): Amazona festiva 

Amazona f estiva: (E) Festive Amazon, Festive Parrot, (S) Amazona 
festiva, Loro lomirrojo, (F) Amazone festive, Amazone tavoua 

Amazona finschi: (E) Lilac-crowned Amazon, Lilac-crowned 
Parrot, (S) Amazona guayabera, Cotorra frente roja, Loro 
corona-violeta, (F) Amazone a couronne lilas. Amazone de 

Amazona frentialba (S): Amazona albifrons 

Amazona frentiazul ( S ): Amazona aestiva 

Amazona frentirroja (S): Amazona autumnalis 

Amazona gorgirroja (S): Amazona arausiaca 

Amazona guayabera (S): Amazona finschi 

Amazona guildingii: (E) Saint Vincent Amazon, Saint Vincent 
Parrot, (S) Amazona de San Vicente, Loro de San Vicente, (F) 
Amazone de Guilding, Amazone de Saint- Vincent I 

Amazona harinosa (S): Amazona farinosa 

Amazona hombrogualda (S): Amazona barbadensis 

Amazona imperial (S): Amazona imperialis 

Amazona imperialis: (E) Imperial Amazon, Imperial Parrot, (S) 
Amazona imperial, Loro imperial, (F) Amazone imperiale I 

Amazona jamaicana piquiclara (S): Amazona collaria 

Amazona jamaicana piquioscura (S): Amazona agilis 

Amazona kawalli: (E) Hawaii's Amazon, Hawaii's Parrot, White- 
faced Amazon, (S) Amazona de Hawaii, (F) Amazone de 

Amazona leucocephala : (E) Bahamas Parrot, Caribbean Amazon, 
Cuban Amazon, Cuban Parrot, (S) Amazona cubana, Amazona 
de Cuba, Loro de cabeza blanca, (F) Amazone a tete blanche, 
Amazone de Cuba I PSITTACIDAE Av 

Amazona mercenaria: (E) Scaly -naped Amazon, Scaly -naped 
Parrot, (S) Amazona mercenaria, Loro verde, (F) Amazone 
mercenaire II PSITTACIDAE Av 

Amazona mercenaria (%): Amazona mercenaria 

Amazona ochrocephala : (E) Yellow-crowned Amazon, Yellow- 
crowned Parrot, Yellow-fronted Amazon, (S) Amazona real, 
Loro cabeza amarilla, Loro mona amarilla, Loro nuca amarilla, 
Loro real, (F) Amazone a front jaune I/II PSITTACIDAE Av 

Amazona ochrocephala auropalliata : (E) Yellownaped Amazon, 
Yellow-naped Parrot, (S) Loro nuquiamarillo, (F) Amazone a 
nuque d'or I PSITTACIDAE Av 

Amazona ochrocephala belizensis: I PSITTACIDAE Av 

Amazona ochrocephala caribaea: I PSITTACIDAE Av 

Amazona ochrocephala magna = Amazona ochrocephala oratrix 

Amazona ochrocephala oratrix : (E) Yellow-headed Amazon, 

Yellow-headed Parrot, (S) Loro cabeciamarillo, (F) Amazone a 
tete jaune I PSITTACIDAE Av 

Amazona ochrocephala parvipes: I PSITTACIDAE Av 

Amazona ochrocephala tresmariae: I PSITTACIDAE Av 

Amazona oratrix = Amazona ochrocephala oratrix 

Amazona oratrix tresmariae = Amazona ochrocephala tresmariae 

Amazona pechivinosa (S): Amazona vinacea 

Amazona portorriquena (S): Amazona vinata 

Amazona pretrei: (E) Red- spectacled Amazon, Red- spectacled 

Parrot, (S) Amazona cabecirroja, Amazona charao, Lora de cara 
roja, Loro cabecirrojo, Loro de cabeza roja. (F) Amazone de 

Amazona pretrei tucumana = Amazona tucumana 

Amazona real (S): Amazona ochrocephala 

Amazona rhodocorytha : (E) Red-browed Amazon, Red-browed 
Parrot, Red-topped Amazon, Red-topped Parrot, (S) Amazona 
coronirroja, Amazona crestirroja, Loro de mejillas azules, (F) 
Amazone a couronne rouge, Amazone a sourcils rouges I 
Amazona tamaulipeca(S):. Amazona viridigenalis 

Amazona tucumana : (E) Alder Parrot, Tucuman Amazon, Tucuman 
Parrot, (S) Amazona tucumana, Loro alisero, (F) Amazone de 

Amazona tucumana (S): Amazona tucumana 

Amazona ventralis: (E) Hispaniolan Amazon, Hispaniolan Parrot, 
(S) Amazona de la Espanola, Cotorra, Loro de la Espanola, (F) 
Amazone de San Domingo, Amazone d'Hispaniola II 

Amazona versicolor. (E) Saint Lucia Amazon, Saint Lucia Parrot, 
(S) Amazona de Santa Lucia, Loro multicolor, (F) Amazone de 
Sainte-Lucie, Amazone versicolore I PSITTACIDAE Av 

Amazona vinacea: (E) Vinaceous Amazon, Vinaceous Parrot, (S) 
Amazona pechivinosa, Amazona vinosa, Loro malva, Loro 
pechivinoso, Loro pecho vinoso, (F) Amazone bourgogne, 
Amazone vineuse I PSITTACIDAE Av 

Amazona vinosa (S): Amazona vinacea 

Amazona viridigenalis: (E) Green-cheeked Amazon, Green-cheeked 
Parrot, Red-crowned Amazon, Red-crowned Parrot, (S) 
Amapola, Amazona tamaulipeca, Loro cabeza roja, Loro 
famaulipeco, (F) Amazone a joues vertes I PSITTACIDAE Av 

Amazona vinata : (E) Puerto Rican Amazon, Puerto Rican Parrot, 
Red- fronted Amazon, (S) Amazona de Puerto Rico, Amazona 
portorriquena, Loro de banda roja, (F) Amazone a bandeau 
rouge, Amazone de Porto Rico IPSITTACIDAE Av 

Amazona xantholora : (E) Yellow- lored Amazon, Yellow-lored 
Parrot, Yucatan Parrot, (S) Amazona yucateca, Loro yucateci, 
Loro yucateco, (F) Amazone a lores jaunes, Amazone du 

Amazona xanthops. (E) Yellow- faced Amazon, Yellow- faced 

Parrot, (S) Amazona de cara amarilla, Amazona del cerrado, (F) 
Amazone a face jaune II PSITTACIDAE Av 

Amazona yucateca (S): Amazona xantholora 

Amazone a ailes oranges (F): Amazona amazonica 

Amazone a ailes vertes (F): Amazona amazonica 

Amazone a bandeau rouge (F): Amazona vinata 

Amazone a cou rouge (F): Amazona arausiaca 

Amazone a couronne lilas (F): Amazona finschi 

Amazone a couronne rouge (F): Amazona rhodocorytha 

Amazone a epaulettes jaunes (F): Amazona barbadensis 

Amazone a face jaune (F): Amazona xanthops 

Amazone a front blanc (F): Amazona albifrons 

Amazone a front bleu (F): Amazona aestiva 

Amazone a front jaune (F): Amazona ochrocephala 

Amazone a joues bleues (F): Amazona brasiliensis/ Amazona 

Amazone a joues jaunes (F): Amazona autumnalis 

Amazone a joues vertes (F): Amazona viridigenalis 

Amazone a lores jaunes (F): Amazona xantholora 

Amazone a nuque d'or (F): Amazona ochrocephala auropalliata 

Amazone a queue rouge (F): Amazona brasiliensis 

Amazone a sourcils rouges (¥): Amazona rhodocorytha 

Amazone a tete blanche (F): Amazona leucocephala 

Amazone atetejaune (F): Amazona ochrocephala oratrix 

Amazone agile (F): Amazona agilis 

Amazone aourou (F): Amazona amazonica 

Amazone bourgogne (F): Amazona vinacea 

Amazone de Bouquet (F): Amazona arausiaca 

Amazone de Cuba (F): Amazona leucocephala 

Amazone de Dufresne (F): Amazona dufresniana 

Amazone de Finsch (F): Amazona finschi 

Amazone de Guilding (F): Amazona guildingii 

Amazone de Hawaii (F): Amazona kawalli 

Amazone de la Barbade (F): Amazona barbadensis 

Amazone de la Jamai'que (F): Amazona collaria 

Amazone de Porto Rico (F): Amazona vinata 

Amazone de Pretre (F): Amazona pretrei 

Amazone de Sainte-Lucie (F): Amazona versicolor 

Amazone de Saint-Vincent (F): Amazona guildingii 

Amazone de San Domingo (F): Amazona ventralis 

Amazone de Tucuman (F): Amazona tucumana 

Amazone d'Hispaniola (F): Amazona ventralis 

Amazone diademe (F): Amazona auttmnalis 

Amazone du Bresil (F): Amazona brasiliensis 

Amazone du Yucatan (F): Amazona xantholora 

Amazone farineuse (F): Amazona farinosa 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Amazone festive (F): Amazona /estiva 

Amazone imperiale (F): Amazona imperialis 

Amazone mercenaire (F): Amazona mercenaria 

Amazone poudree (F): Amazona farinosa 

Amazone sasabe (F): Amazona collaria 

Amazone tavoua (F): Amazona festiva 

Amazone versicolore (F): Amazona versicolor 

Amazone verte (F): Amazona agilis 

Amazone vineuse (F): Amazona vinacea 

Amazonico activo (S): Amazona agilis 

Amazonico Jamaica (S): Amazona agilis 

Amazonico todo verde (S): Amazona agilis 

Amblonyx cinereus: (E) Oriental Small-clawed Otter, Small-clawed 

Otter, (S) Nutria cenicienta. Nutria inerme asiatica, (F) Loutre 

cendree H MUSTELIDAE Ma 
Amblyospiza albifrons: (E) Grosbeak Weaver, Thick-billed Weaver, 

White-fronted Grosbeak, (S) Tejedor picogordo, (F) 

Amblvospize a front blanc, Gros-bec a front blanc III 

Amblyospize a front blanc (F): Amblyospiza albifrons 
Amblyrhynche acrete (F): Amblyrhynchus cristatus 
Amblyrhynch us cristatus: (E) Galapagos Marine Iguana, Marine 

Iguana, Sea Iguana, (S) Iguana marina, (F) Amblyrhynche a 

Crete, Iguane marin II IGUANIDAE Re 
Ambystoma dumerilii: (E) Achoque, Lake Patzcuaro Salamander, 

(S) Ajolote de lago Patzquaro, Salamandra del lago Patzcuaro, 

(F) Salamandre du lac Patzcuaro II AMBYSTOMATIDAE Am 
Ambystoma edule = Ambystoma mexicanum 
Ambystoma mexicanum :(E) Axolotl. <S) Ajolote mexicano, 

Salamandra mexicana, (F) Ambystome du Mexique, Axolotl, 

Salamandre du Mexique II AMBYSTOMATIDAE Am 
Ambystoma weismanni = Ambystoma mexicanum 
Ambystome du Mexique (F): Ambystoma mexicanum 
Ammotragus lervia : (E) Aoudad, Barbary Sheep, Uaddan, (S) Arrui, 

Muflon del Atlas, (F) Aoudad, Mouflon a manchettes II 

Amoropsittaca aymara = Psilopsiagon aymara 
Ampalagua (E): Boa constrictor 
Amphelia galapagensis = Madrepora oculata 
Amphelia oculata = Madrepora oculata 
Amphihelia adminicularis = Enallopsammia rostrata 
Amphihelia infundibulifera = Madrepora minutiseptum 
Amphihelia moresbyi = Madrepora oculata 
Amphihelia oculata = Madrepora oculata 
Amphihelia rostrata = Enallopsammia rostrata 
Amyda carnlaginea: (E) Asiatic Softshell Turtle II 

Anaconda (E): Eunectes murinus 
Anaconda a taches sombres (F): Eunectes deschauenseei 
Anaconda amarilla (S): Eunectes notaeus 
Anaconda commun (F): Eunectes murinus 
Anaconda de Meyer de Schauensee (F): Eunectes deschauenseei 
Anaconda du Paraguay (F): Eunectes notaeus 
Anaconda jaune (F): Eunectes notaeus 
Anaconda vert (F): Eunectes murinus 
Anaconda, Dark-spotted (E): Eunectes deschauenseei 
Anaconda, Green (E): Eunectes murinus 
Anaconda, Meyer de Schauensee's (E): Eunectes deschauenseei 
Anaconda, Yellow (E): Eunectes notaeus 
Anacropora firma = Anacropora forbesi 
Anacroporaforbesi: \f ACROPORIDAE An 
Anacropora gracilis = Anacroporaforbesi 
Anacropora matthai: II s ACROPORIDAE An 
Anacropora pillar. II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Anacropora puertogalerae: \t ACROPORIDAE An 
Anacropora reptans = Anacropora forbesi 
Anacropora reticulata : II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Anacropora spinosa: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Anacropora spumosa: U 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Anamolure de Beecroft (F): Anomalunts beecrofti 
Anamolure de Derby (F): Anomalunts derbianus 
Anamolure de Pel (F): Anomalurus pelii 
Anamolure nain (F): Idiurus macrotis 
Anaplectes melanotis = Anaplectes rubriceps 
Anaplectes rubriceps: (E) Red-headed Weaver, (S) Mailmbo 

capirotado, (F) Tisserin a ailes rouges, Tisserin ecarlate III 

Anas (S): Conepatus humboldtii 
Anas acuta: (E) Common Pintail. Northern Pintail, Pintail, (S) 

Anade rabudo, Pato golondrino norteno, Pato rabudo, (F) 

Canard pilet, Pilet III ANATIDAE Av 
Anas aegyptiaca = Alopochen aegyptiacus 
Anas arborea = Dendrocygtia arborea 
Anas aucklandica: (E) Brown Teal, Flightless Teal, (S) Cerceta 

alicorta de Auckland, Cerceta maori, (F) Sarcelle aptere, 

Sarcelle brune, Sarcelle de Nouvelle-Zelande. Sarcelle terrestre 

des lies Auckland I ANATIDAE Av 
Anas aurita = Nettapus auritus 
Anas autumnalis = Dendrocygna autumnalis 
Anas bernieri: (E) Bernier's Teal, Madagascar Teal, (S) Cerceta de 

Madagascar, Cerceta malgache, Cerceta malgache de Bernier, 

Pato de Bernier, (F) Canard de Bernier, Sarcelle de Bernier, 

Sarcelle de Madagascar. Sarcelle malgache de Bernier II 

Anas bicolor= Dendrocygna bicolor 
Anas canadensis = Branta canadensis 
Anas capensis: (E) Cape Teal, Cape Wigeon, (S) Cerceta del Cabo, 

(F) Canard du Cap, Sarcelle du Cap III ANATIDAE Av 
Anas carolinensis =Anas crecca 
Anas caryophyllacea = Rhodonessa caryophyllacea 
Anas chlorotis = Anas aucklandica chlorotis 
Anas clypeata : (E) Northern Shoveler, Shoveler, (S) Cuchara 

comun, Pato chucara, Pato cuchara, Pato cucharon norteno, (F) 

Canard souchet, Souchet III ANATIDAE Av 
Anas coscoroba = Coscoioba coscoroba 
Anas crecca: (E) Common Teal, Green-winged Teal, Teal, (S) 

Cerceta aliverde, Cerceta comun, (F) Sarcelle d'hiver III 

Anasformosa : (E) Baikal Teal, (S) Cerceta del Baikal, (F) Sarcelle 

elegante, Sarcelle formose II ANATTDAE Av 
Arias gambensis = Plectroptents gambensis 
Anas laysanensis: (E) Laysan Duck, Laysan Teal, (S) Pato de 

Laysan, Pato real de Laysan, (F) Canard de Laysan, Sarcelle de 

Anas leucocephala = Oxyura leucocephala 
Anas melanocotypha = Cygnus melanocorypha 
Anas moschata = Cairina moschata 
Anas nesiotis = Anas aucklandica nesiotis 
Anas nyroca = Aythya nyroca 
Anas oustaleti: (E) Marianas Island Duck, Marianas Mallard. 

Oustalet's Grey Duck, (S) Pato de Oustalet, Pato real 

marismeno, (F) Canard aberrant, Canard des Mariannes, Canard 

d'Oustalet I ANATIDAE Av 
Anas penelope: (E) Eurasian Wigeon, Wigeon, (S) Anade silbon, 

Pato silbon, Silbon europeo, (F) Canard siffleur III ANATIDAE 

Anas platyrhychos "oustaleti" = Anas oustaleti 
Anas platyrhynchos laysanensis =Anas laysanensis 
Anas querquedula : (E) Garganey. Garganey Teal, (S) Cerceta 

carretona, Cerceta cejiblanca. (F) Sarcelle d'ete III ANATIDAE 

Anas scutulata = Cairina scutulata 
Anas viduata = Dendrocygna viduata 
Anathana ellioti: (E) Indian Treeshrew, Madras Treeshrew, (S) 

Musarafia arboricola de la India, (F) Toupai'e d'Elliot II 

Anca de llanura (S): Bubalus depressicornis 
Andigena bailloni- Baillonius bailloni 
Andrias spp.: (E) giant salamanders, (S) salamandras gigantes, (F) 

Salamandres geantes, I CRYPTOBRANCHIDAE Am 
Andrias davidianus: (E) Chinese Giant Salamander, (S) Salamandra 

gigante de China, (F) Salamandre du pere David, Salamandre 

geante de Chine I CRYPTOBRANCHIDAE Am 
Andrias japonicus: (E) Japanese Giant Salamander, (S) Salamandra 

gigante de Japon, (F) Salamandre geante du Japon I 

Androdon aequatorialis: (E) Tooth-billed Hummingbird. (S) Colibri 

piquidentado, (F) Colibri dEquateur II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Ane sauvage d Afrique (F): Equus africanus 
Ane sauvage dAsie (F): Equus hemionus 

Seep. 13 1 Veasep. 29 1 Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Ane sauvage de l'Inde (F): Eqims onager khur 

Ane sauvage de Mongolie (F): Eqims hemionushemionus 

Ane sauvage du Tibet (F): Equus kiang 

Angel de sol amatista (S): Heliangelus ametliysticollis 

Angel de sol cuelliocre (S): Heliangelus mavors 

Angia excavata = Culicia excavala 

Angia rubeola = Culicia rubeola 

Angia smithii = Culicia smithii 

Angia verreauxii ~ Culicia verreauxii 

Angonoka (E): Geochelone yniphora 

Anguis cerastes = Eryx jaculus 

Anguis colubrina = Gongylophis colubrinus 

Anguis helluo = Eryx miliaris 

Anguis jaculus = Eryx jaculus 

Anguis miliaris = Eryx miliaris 

Angwantibo (E): Arctocebus calabarensis 

Anisopsammia amphelioides = Enallopsammia roslrala 

Anisopsammia roslrala = Enallopsammia rostrata 

Annamemys annamensis (E) Annam Leaf Turtle, Annam Pond 

Turtle, (F) Emyde d'Annam II EMYDIDAE Re 
Annamemys groschovskiae = Annamemys annamensis 
Annamemys merkleni- Annamemys annamensis 
Anoa (E): Bubalus depressicornis 
Anoa de llanura (S): Bubalus depressicornis 
Anoa de montana (S): Bubalus quarlesi 
Anoa de Quarle (F): Bubalus quarlesi 
Anoa depressicornis = Bubalus depressicornis 
Anoa des montagnes f F): Bubalus quarlesi 
Anoa des plaines (F): Bubalus depressicornis 
Anoa mindorensis = Bubalus mindorensis 
Anoa quarlesi = Bubalus quarlesi 
Anoa, Lowland (E): Bubalus depressicornis 
Anoa, Mountain (E): Bubalus quarlesi 
Anodorhynchus spp.: (El blue macaws, (F) aras bleus. I 

Anodorhynchus glaucus: (E) Glaucous Macaw, (S) Ara azul. 

Guacamayo glauco, Guacamayo violaceo, (F) Ara bleu, Ara 

Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus: (E) Hyacinth Macaw, (S) 

Guacamayo azul, Guacamayo Jacinto, (F) Ara bleu, Ara 

hyacinthe, Ara jacinthe I PSITTACIDAE Av 
Anodorhynchus leari: (E) Indigo Macaw, Lear's Macaw, (S) 

Guacamayo cobalto, Guacamayo de Lear, (F) Ara cobalt, Ara de 

Anomalospiza imberbis: (E) Cuckoo Weaver, Parasitic Weaver, (F) 

Anomalospize parasite, Tisserin coucou III PLOCEIDAE Av 
Anomalospize parasite (F): Anomalospiza imberbis 
Anomalurops beecrofti = Anomahtrus beecrofli 
Anomalurus beecrofti: (E) Beecroft's Flying Squirrel, Beecroft's 

Scaly -tailed Squirrel, (F) Anamolure de Beecroft, Ecureuil 

volant de Beecroft m ANOMALURIDAE Ma 
Anomalurus derbianus: (E) Lord Derby's Flying Squirrel, Lord 

Derby's Scaly -tailed Squirrel, (F) Anamolure de Derby, Ecureuil 

volant de Derby HI ANOMALURIDAE Ma 
Anomalurus petit: (E) Pel's Flying Squirrel, Pel's Scaly -tailed 

Squirrel, (F) Anamolure de Pel, Ecureuil volant de Pel III 

Anomalurus schouledeni= Anomalurus beecrofti 
Anomastraea irregularis: II SIDERASTREIDAE An 
Anomocora carinata: II s CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Anomocora fecunda: II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Anomocora gigas: II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Anomocora marchadr. II s CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Anomocora prolifera: II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Anopetia gounellei: (E) Broad-tipped Hermit, (S) Ermitaflo 

coliancho, (F) Ermite de Gounelle II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Anorrhinus spp.: (E) Hornbills, (S) Buceros, Calaos, (F) Calaos, 

Calaos a huppe touffue, II BUCEROTIDAE Av 
Anorrhinus austeni = Anorrhinus tickelli 
Anorrhinus galeritus: (E) Bushy -crested Hornbill, (S) Calao 

crestado, (F) Calao largup II BUCEROTIDAE Av 
Anorrhinus tickelli: (E) Assam Brown-backed Hornbill, Brown 

Hornbill, Tickell's Brown Hornbill, (S) Calao pardo de Tickell, 

(F) Calao bran H BUCEROTIDAE Av 
Anser melanotos = Sarkidiornis melanotos 

Anser ruficollis = Branta ruficollis 

Anser sandi'icensis = Branta sandvicensis 

Anserelle naine (F): Nettapus auritus 

Anta (S): Tapirus terrestris 

Anta brasilena (S): Tapirus terrestris 

Antaceus ayresii = Acipenser transmontanus 

Antaceus buffalo = Acipenser fulvescens 

Antaceus caryi - Acipenser transmontanus 

Antaceus Cincinnati = Acipenser fulvescens 

Antaceus putnatni= Acipenser transmontanus 

Antaresia childreni (E) Children's (Rock) Python, (S) Piton enana, 

(F) Python de Children II PYTHONIDAE Re 
Antaresia maculosa : (E) Spotted Python, (F) Python tachete II 

Antaresia perthensis: ( E) Perth Pygmy Python, Pygmy Python, (F) 

Python pygmee de Perth II PYTHONIDAE Re 
Antaresia stimsoni: (E) Large-blotched Python, Stimson's Python, 

(F) Python a large tache, Python de Stimson II PYTHONIDAE 

Anteater, Giant (E): Myrmecophaga tridactyla 
Anteater, Long-nosed Spiny (E): Zaglossus bruijn i 
Anteater, Scaly (E): Manis temminckii 
Anteburro (S): Tapirus bairdii 

Antechinomys longicaudata = Sminthopsis longicaudata 
Antelope, Four-homed (E): Tetracerus quadricornis 
Antelope, Giant Sable (E): Hippotragus niger variant 
Antelope, Sable (E): Hippotragus niger 
Antelope, Saiga (E): Saiga tatarica 
Antelope, Tibetan (E): Pantholops hodgsonii 
Antelope, Zebra (E): Cepha/ophus zebra 
Anthemiphvlliadentata:Xf ANTHEMIPHYLLIIDAE An 
Anthemiphyllia frustum: II s ANTHEMIPHYLLIIDAE An 
Anthemiphyllia macrolobata : II 8 ANTHEMIPHYLLIIDAE An 
Anthemiphyllia multidentata: II 8 ANTHEMIPHYLLIIDAE An 
Anthemiphyllia pacifica: II 8 ANTHEMIPHYLLIIDAE An 
Anthemiphyllia patera: II 8 ANTHEMIPHYLLIIDAE An 
Anthemiphyllia spinifera:U s ANTHEMIPHYLLIIDAE An 
Anthocephala floriceps: (E) Blossomcrown, (S) Colibri florido, (F) 

Colibri a tete rose II TROCHTLIDAE Av 
Anthophyllum clavus= Galaxea aslreata 
Anthophyllum cyathus = Caryophyllia cyathus 
Anthophyllum distortum -Fungia distorta 
Anthophyllum hystrix = Galaxea fascicularis 
Anthracoceros spp.: (E) Hornbills, (S) Buceros, Calaos, (F) Calao 

pics, Calaos, II BUCEROTIDAE Av 
Anthracoceros albirostris: (E) Indian Pied Hornbill, Malaysian 

Pied-Hornbill, Northern Pied-Hornbill. Oriental Pied-Hombill, 

Sunda Pied Hornbill, (S) Calao cariblanco, (F) Calao pie II 

Anthracoceros convexus = Anthracoceros albirostris 
Anthracoceros coronatus (E) Malabar Pied-Hornbill, Pied Hornbill, 

(F) Calao de Malabar U BUCEROTIDAE Av 
Anthracoceros malabaricus = Anthracoceros coronatus 
Anthracoceros malayanus: (E) Asian Black Hornbill. Black 

Hornbill, Malaysian Black Hornbill, (S) Calao malayo, (F) 

Calao charbonnier II BUCEROTIDAE Av 
Anthracoceros marcher (E) Palawan Hornbill, (S) Calao de 

Palawan, (F) Calao de Palawan II BUCEROTIDAE Av 
Anthracoceros montani: (E) Sulu Hornbill, (S) Calao de las Sulu, 

(F) Calao des Sulu II BUCEROTIDAE Av 
Anthracothorax dominicus: (E) Antillean Mango, Dominican 

Mango, (S) Mango antillano, Zumbador grande, (F) Mango dore 

Anthracothorax mango: (E) Jamaican Mango, (S) Mango 

jamaicano, (F) Mango de la Jamaique II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Anthracothorax nigricoltis: (E) Black-throated Mango, (S) Mango, 

Mango gorginegro, Mango pechinegro. Picaflor ventrinegro, (F) 

Mango a cravate noire II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Anthracothorax prevostii: (E) Green- breasted Mango, (S) Mango 

pechiverde, (F) Mango de Prevost D TROCHILIDAE Av 
Anthracothorax recurvirostr'ts: (E) Fiery -tailed Awlbill, (S) Colibri 

pico lezna. Mango picolezna, (F) Colibri avocerte II 


Seep. 13/Veasep. 29 1 Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Anthracothorax veraguensis: (E) Veraguan Mango. (S) Mango de 

Veragua, (F) Mango de Veragua II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Anthracothorax viridigula: (E) Green-throated Mango, (S) Mango 

gargantiverde. Mango gorgiverde, (F) Mango a cravate verte II 

Anthracothorax viridis: (E) Green Mango, (S) Mango 

portorriquefio, (F) Mango vert II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Anthropoides paradisea = Gms paradisea 
Anthropoides regulorum = Balearica regulorum 
Anthropoides virgo = Grits virgo 
Antillia duncani= Trachyphyllia geoffroyi 
Antillia flabelliformis = Trachyphyllia geoffroyi 
Antillia geoffroyi = Trachyphyllia geoffroyi 
Antillia grandiflora = Cynarina lacrymalis 
Antillia infundibuliformis = Trachyphyllia geoffroyi 
Antillia japonica = Cynarina lacrymalis 
Antillia lonsdaleia = Trachyphyllia geoffroyi 
Antillia nomaensis - Cynarina lacrymalis 
Antillia oriental is = Trachyphyllia geoffroyi 
Antillia sinuata = Trachyphyllia geoffroyi 
Antillophyllia lonsdaleia = Trachyphyllia geoffroyi 
Antilocapra americana : ( E) Mexican Pronghom, Pron ghorn, (S) 

Berrendo, (F) Antilocapre, Antilocapre de Californie, Antilope 

americaine, Pronghom I/NC ANTILOCAPRIDAE Ma 
Antilocapre (F): Antilocapra americana 
Antilocapre de Californie (F): Antilocapra americana 
Antilope americaine (F): Antilocapra americana 
Antilope amizclero enano de agua (S): Hyemoschus aquations 
Antilope blanche (F): Addax nasomaculatus 
Antilope cervicapra : (E) Blackbuck, Sasin, (S) Antilope negro indio, 

Cervicapra, (F) Antilope cervicapre, Cervicapre III BOVIDAE 

Antilope cervicapre (F): Antilope cervicapra 
Antilope de cuatrocuemos (S): Tetracerus quadricornis 
Antilope del Tibet (S): Pantholops hodgsonii 
Antilope du Tibet ( F): Pantholops hodgsonii 
Antilope negro gigante (S): Hippotragus niger variant 
Antilope negro indio (S) : Antilope cervicapra 
Antilope sable negro (S): Hippotragus niger variant 
Antilope saiga (S): Saiga tatarica 
Antilope tibetano (S): Pantholops hodgsonii 
ANTIPATHARIA spp.: (E) Black corals, (S) Corales negros, (F) 

Coraux noirs, II An 
Antipathella aperta: II MYRIOPATHIDAE An 
Antipathella assimilis = Antipathes assimilis 
Antipathella atlantica = Antipathes atlantica 
Antipathella boscii = Antipathes boscii 
Antipathella brooki = Antipathes atlantica 
Antipathella brookii = Antipathes brookii 
Antipathella ceylonensis = Antipathes ceylonensis 
Antipathella contorta = Antipathes contorta 
Antipathella fwrdensis: U MYRIOPATHIDAE An 
Antipathella gracilis = Antipathes gracilis 
Antipathella intermedia = Antipathes intermedia 
Antipathella irregularis = Antipathes irregularis 
Antipathella minor = Antipathes minor 
Antipathella paniculata = Antipathes atlantica 
Antipathella reticulata = Rhipidipathes reticulata 
Antipathella rugosa = Myriopalhes rugosa 
Antipathella speciosa = Antipathes speciosa 
Antipathella strigosa: II MYRIOPATHIDAE An 
Antipathella subpinnata : II MYRIOPATHIDAE An 
Antipathella tristis = Antipathes tristis 
Antipathella wollastonii: II MYRIOPATHIDAE An 
Antipathes abies = Cupressopathes abies 
Antipathes abies paniculata = Cupressopathes paniculata 
Antipathes abietina = Elatopathes abietina 
Antipathes aculeata = Arachnopathes aculeata 
Antipathes aenea = Antipathes dichotomaJCupressopathes abies 
Antipathes alata = Tetrapathes alata 
Antipathes alopecuroides: II ANTIPATH1DAE An 
Antipathes americana: II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Antipathes anguina = Cirrhipathes anguina 
Antipathes antrocrada = Myriopalhes antrocrada 
Antipathes aperta = Antipathella aperta 

Antipathes arborea:\\ ANTIPATHIDAE An 
A ntipathes arctica = Stauropathes arctica 
Antipathes assimilis: II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Antipathes atlantica: (F) Corail noir eventail gris II 

Antipathes barbadensis = Tanacetipathes barbadensis 
Antipathes bifaria = Mvriopathes bifaria 
Antipathes boscir.U ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Antipathes brooki = Antipathes gracilis 
Antipathes brookii: II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Antipathes cancellata - Phanopathes cancellata 
Antipathes caribbeana: (E) Kings Black Coral II ANTIPATHIDAE 

Antipathes catharinae: II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Antipathes ceylonensis: II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Antipathes chamaemorus. II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Antipathes chota : II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Antipathes clathrata = Arachnopathes c lath rata 
Antipathes columnaris: II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Antipathes contorta: II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Antipathes crispa = Tylopathes crispa 
Antipathes cupressina = Cupressopathes abies 
Antipathes curvata : D ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Antipathes cvlindrica: II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Antipathes delicatula : II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Antipathes dendrochristos. II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Antipathes densa : II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Antipathes densiflora = Cirrhipathes densiflora 
Antipathes desbonni = Allopathes desbonni 
Antipathes dichotoma: II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Antipathes dissecta: II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Antipathes dubia = Tylopathes dubia 
Antipathes elegans= Tylopathes elegans 
Antipathes ericoides = Arachnopathes ericoides 
Antipathes erinaceus. II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Antipathes eupteridea - Distichopathes filix 
Antipathes expansa = Phanopathes expansa 
Antipathes fernandezii = Plumapathes fernandezii 
Antipathes filix = Distichopathes filix 
Antipathes fwrdensis = Antipathella fiordensis 
Antipathes flexibilis: II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Antipathes foeniculum = Antipathes dichotoma 
Antipathes fragilis: II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Antipathes fragilis = Pteropathes fragilis 
Antipathes fruticosa : XI ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Antipathes fitrcata : U ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Antipathes galapagensis: II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Antipathes gallensis: II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Antipathes glaberrima = Leiopathes glaberrima 
Antipathes glutinata : U ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Antipathes gracilis: (F) Corail noir eventail II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Antipathes gracilis = Antipathes fragilis/Cupressopathes 

gracilis/Stichopathes gracilis 
Antipathes grandiflora: II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Antipathes grandis: U ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Antipathes grayi: II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Antipathes herdmanr. II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Antipathes heterorhodzos = Heliopathes heterorhodzos 
Antipathes hirta = Tanacetipathes hirta 
Antipathes humilis = Acanthopathes humilis 
Antipathes hypnoides = Tylopathes hypnoides 
Antipathes indistincta: II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Antipathes intermedia: U ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Antipathes irregularis: II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Antipathes japonica = Myriopalhes japonica 
Antipathes larix = Parantipathes larix 
Antipathes lata = Myriopalhes lata 

Antipathes lenta: (F) Corail noir a resille II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Antipathes lentipinnar.W ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Antipathes lilliei = Lillipathes lilliei 
Antipathes longibrachiata: W ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Antipathes mediterranea:W ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Antipathes melancholica = Distichopathes filix 
Antipathes mimosella = Myriopalhes ulex 
Antipathes minor. II ANTIPATHIDAE An 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Antipathes myriophylla = Myriopathes myriophylla 

Antipathes nilanduensis: II ANTIPATHIDAE An 

Antipathes panamensis = Myriopathes panamensis 

Antipathes paniculata = Cupressopathes panicalata 

Antipathes pauroclema: II ANTIPATHIDAE An 

Antipathes pectinata : II ANTIPATHIDAE An 

A ntipathes pedata = Aphanipathes pedata 

Antipathes pennacea = Plumapathes pennacea 

Antipathes picea = Tanacetipathes hirta 

Antipathes pinnatiftda = Myriopathes myriophylla 

Antipathes plana: II ANTIPATHIDAE An 

Antipathes plantagenista : II ANTIPATHIDAE An 

Antipathes pluma = Plumapathes pennacea 

Antipathes pseudodichotoma: II ANTIPATHIDAE An 

Antipathes pumila = Cupressopathes pumila 

Antipathes punctata = Stauropathes punctata 

Antipathes regularis: U ANTIPATHIDAE An 

Antipathes reticulata = Rhipidipathes reticulata 

Antipathes rhipidion: II ANTIPATHIDAE An 

Antipathes rigida = Phanopathes rigida 

Antipathes robillardi= Allopathes robillardi 

Antipathes rubra :II ANTIPATHIDAE An 

Antipathes mbusiformis: II ANTIPATHIDAE An 

Antipathes ntgosa = Myriopathes rugosa 

Antipathes salicoides: II ANTIPATHIDAE An 

Antipathes salix = Aphanipathes salhc 

Antipathes sarothamnoides = Aphanipathes sarothamnoides 

Antipathes sarothrum : II ANTIPATHIDAE An 

Antipathes scoparia = Antipathes virgata 

Antipathes sealarki: II ANTIPATHIDAE An 

Antipathes setacea -Stichopathes setacea 

Antipathes sibogae. U ANTIPATHIDAE An 

Antipathes simplex: II ANTIPATHIDAE An 

Antipathes simpsont. II ANTIPATHIDAE An 

Antipathes speciosa : II ANTIPATHIDAE An 

Antipathes spinescens= Tanacetipathes spinescens 

Antipathes spinescens minor = Tanacetipathes spinescens 

Antipathes spinosa - Myriopathes spinosa 

Antipathes spinulosa : II ANTIPATHIDAE An 

Antipathes spiralis = Cirrhipathes spiralis/Stichopathes gracilis 

Antipathes squamosa = Tanacetipathes squamosa 

Antipathes stechowi= Myriopathes stechowi 

Antipathes strigosa = Antipathella strigosa 

Antipathes subpinnata = Antipathella subpinnata 'Antipathella 

Antipathes tanacetum = Tanacetipathes tanacetum 
Antipathes tenuispina = Parantipathes (enuispina 
Antipathes tematensis: II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Antipathes tetrasticha = Parantipathes tetrasticha 
Antipathes thamnea = Tanacetipathes thamnea 
Antipathes thamnoides: II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Antipathes thyoides = Acanthopathes thyoides 
Antipathes triadocrada: II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Antipathes tristis: II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Antipathes tristis = Antipathes tristis 
Antipathes ulex = Myriopathes ulex 
Antipathes umbratica: II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Antipathes undulata = Acanthopathes undulata 
Antipathes valdiviae: U ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Antipathes verticillata = Aphanipathes verticillata 
Antipathes viminalis: II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Antipathes virgata : II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Antipathes wollastonii = Antipathella wollastonii 
Antipathes zoothallus. II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Antpecker, Jameson's (E): Parmoptila rubrifrons 
Antpecker, Red-fronted (E): Parmoptila rubrifrons 
Aonyx capensis: (E) African Clawless Otter, Cape Clawless Otter, 

(S) Nutria africana, Nutria de cuello bianco, (F) Loutre a joues 

blanches II MUSTELIDAE Ma 
Aonyx c'merea = Amblonyx cinereus 
Aonyx congicus: (E) Cameroon Clawless Otter, Congo Clawless 

Otter, Small-toothed Clawless Otter, Swamp Otter, Zaire 

Clawless Otter, (S) Nutria inerme de Camerun, (F) Loutre a 

joues blanches du Cameroun, Loutre a joues blanches du Congo, 

Paraonyx tachete I/II MUSTELIDAE Ma 

Aonyx microdon = Aonyx congicus 

Aonyx philippsi = Aonyx congicus 

Aotus azarat. (E) Azara's Night Monkey II CEBIDAE Ma 

Aotus bipunctatus= Aotus lemurinus 

Aotus brumbackr(E) Brumback's Night Monkey II CEBIDAE Ma 

Aotus hershkovitzi: <E) Hershkovitz's Night Monkey II CEBIDAE 

Aotus infulatus: (E) Feline Night Monkey II CEBIDAE Ma 
Aotus lemurinus brumbacki = Aotus brumbacki 
Aotus lemurinus: (E) Lemurine Night Monkey II CEBIDAE Ma 
Aotus miconax: (E) Andean Night Monkey II CEBIDAE Ma 
Aotus nancymaae: (E) Ma's Night Monkey II CEBIDAE Ma 
Aotus nigriceps. (E) Black-headed Night Monkey, Peruvian Night 

Aotus trivirgatusazarai = Aotus azarai 
Aotus trivirgatus brumbacki ~ Aotus brumbacki 
Aotus trivirgatus hershkovitzi = Aotus hershkovitzi 
Aotus trivirgatus infulatus = Aotus infulatus 
Aotus trivirgatus lemurinus = Aotus lemurinus 
Aotus trivirgatus miconax = Aotus miconax 
Aotus trivirgatus nancymaae = Aotus nancymaae 
Aotus trivirgatus nigriceps = Aotus nigriceps 
Aotus trivirgatus vociferans = Aotus vociferans 
Aotus trivirgatus: (E) Douroucouli, Night Monkey, Owl Monkey, 

(F) Douroucouli, Singe de nuitll CEBIDAE Ma 
Aotus vociferans: II CEBIDAE Ma 
Aoudad (E): Ammotragus lervia 
Apalone ater: (E) Cuatro Cienegas Softshell, (S) Tortuga negra, (F) 

Tortue molle noire, Trionyx noir I TRIONYCHIDAE Re 
Apalone spinifera ater = Apalone ater 
Ape, Barbary (E): Macaco sylvanus 
apes (E): PRIMATES spp. ' 
Aphanipathes abietina = Elatopathes abietina 
Aphanipathes alata = Tetrapathes alata 
Aphanipathes barbadensis = Tanacetipathes barbadensis 
Aphanipathes cancellata = Phanopathes cancellata 
Aphanipathes catharinae = Antipathes catharinae 
Aphanipathes colombiana = Rhipidipathes colombiana 
Aphanipathes erinaceus = Antipathes erinaceus 
Aphanipathes eupteridea = Distichopathes ftlix 
Aphanipathes fdix = Distichopathes fdix 
Aphanipathes fruticosa = Antipathes fruticosa 
Aphanipathes hancocki = Acanthopathes hancocki 
Aphanipathes humilis = Acanthopathes humilis 
Aphanipathes indistincta = Antipathes indistincta 
Aphanipathes pedata : II APHANIPATHIDAE An 
Aphanipathes pennacea = Plumapathes pennacea 
Aphanipathes plantagenista = Antipathes plantagenista 
Aphanipathes reticulata - Rhipidipathes reticulata 
Aphanipathes rigida = Phanopathes rigida 
Aphanipathes salix. U APHANIPATHIDAE An 
Aphanipathes salix rigida = Phanopathes rigida 
Aphanipathes sarothamnoides: II APHANIPATHIDAE An 
Aphanipathes sibogae - Antipathes sibogae 
Aphanipathes somervillei = Acanthopathes somervillei 
Aphanipathes spinulosa = Antipathes spinulosa 
Aphanipathes stechowi = Myriopathes stechowi 
Aphanipathes thamnoides = Antipathes thamnoides 
Aphanipathes thyoides = Acanthopathes thyoides 
Aphanipathes undulata = Acanthopathes undulata 
Aphanipathes verticillata : II APHANIPATHIDAE An 
Aphanipathes wollastoni = Antipathella wollastonii 
Aphantochroa cirrochloris = Campylopterus cirrochloris 
Aphantochroa gularis = Heliodoxa gularis 
Aphantochroa hyposticta = Leucippus hvpostictus 
Aphonopelma albiceps: lITHERAPHOSIDAEAr 
Aphonopelma pallidum : (E) Chihuahua Rose-grey Tarantula, 

Mexican Grey Tarantula, (S) Tarantula mexicana gris, (F) 

Tarantule grise du Mexique II THERAPHOSIDAE Ar 
Aphrastrea defo rmis = Favites pentagona 
Apodora papuana : (E) Papuan Python, (S) Piton acuatica de Papua, 

(F) Python de Papouasie II PYTHONIDAE Re 
Apollo (E): Parnassius apollo 
Apollo, Mountain (E): Parnassius apollo 
Apolo (S): Parnassius apollo 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animates 

Aporoscelis benti = Uromasnx benti 
Aprosmictus chloropterus = Alisterus chloropterus 
Aprosmictus erythropterus: (E) Red-winged Parrot, (SI Papagayo 

alirrojo, (F) Perruche erythroptere II PSITTACIDAE Av 
Aprosmictus jonquillaceus: (E) Olive-shouldered Parrot, Timor 

Red-winged Parrot, (S) Papagayo de Timor, (F) Perruche 

jonquille II PSITTACIDAE Av 
Aquila adalberti (E) Adalbert's Eagle, Spanish Imperial Eagle, 

White-shouldered Eagle, (S) Aguila imperial iberica, (F) Aigle a 

epaules blanches, Aigle iberique, Aigle imperial espagn ol, 

Aquila imperiale iberica I ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Aquila audax: (E) Wedge -tailed Eagle, (S) Aguila audaz, (F) Aigle 

Aquila chrysaetos. (E) Golden Eagle, (S) Aguila real, (F) Aigle 

dore, Aigle royal II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Aquila clanga: (E) Greater Spotted Eagle, Spotted Eagle. (S) Aguila 

moteada, (F) Aigle criard II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Aquila fasciata = Hieraaetas fasciatus 
Aquila gurneyi: (E) Gumey's Eagle, (S) Aguila moluquena, (F) 

Aigle de Gurney II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Aquila haslata = Aquila pomahna 
Aquila heliaca: (E) Eastern Imperial Eagle, Imperial Eagle, (S) 

Aguila imperial, Aguila imperial oriental, (F) Aigle imperial I 

Aquila heliaca adalberti = Aquila adalberti 
Aquila imperiale iberica (F): Aquila adalberti 
Aquila leucorypha - Haliaeetus leucoryphus 
Aquila megaloptera = Phalcoboemts megalopterus 
Aquila morphnoides = Hieraaetus morphnoides 
Aquila nipalensis: (E) Steppe Eagle, (S) Aguila esteparia, (F) Aigle 

des steppes H ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Aquila orientalis = Aquila nipalensis 
Aquila pelagica = Haliaeetus pelagicus 
Aquila pomarina : (E) Lesser Spotted Eagle, (S) Aguila pomerana, 

(F) Aigle pomarin II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Aquila rapax: (E) Tawny Eagle. (S) Aguila Esteparia, Aguila rapaz. 

(F) Aigle ravisseur II ACCIPIT RfDAE Av 
Aquila rapax nipalensis = Aquila nipalensis 
Aquila rapax orientalis - Aquila nipalensis 
Aquila verreauxii: (E) African Black Eagle. Black Eagle, Verreaux's 

Eagle, (S) Aguila cafre, (F) Aigle de Verreaux II 

Aquila vindhiana = Aquila rapax 
Aquila wahlbergi: (E) Wahlberg's Eagle, (S) Aguila de Wahlberg, 

(F) Aigle de Wahlberg II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Ara a collier jaune (F): Propyrrhura auricollis 
Ara a face grise (F): Cyanopsitta spixii 
Ara a gorge bleue (F): Ara glaitcogularis 
Ara a nuque d'or (F): Propyrrhura auricollis 
Ara ambiguaAAz) Buffon's Macaw, Great Green Macaw, (S) 

Guacamayo ambiguo, Guacamayo verde mayor, (F) Ara de 

Ara ararauna : (E) Blue-and-gold Macaw, Blue-and-yellow Macaw, 

(S) Guacamayo azul y amarillo, Guacamayo azulamarillo, (F) 

Ara auricollis = Propyrrhura auricollis 
Ara azul (S): Anodorhynchus glaucus 
Ara bleu (F): Anodorhynchus glaucus/Anodorhynchus 

hyacinthinus/Ara ararauna 
Ara caninde (F): Ara glaucogularis 
Aracaninde = Ara ararauna 
Ara chloroptera : (E) Green-winged Macaw, Red-and-green Macaw. 

(S) Guacamayo aliverde, Guacamayo rojo. (F) Ara chloroptere 

Ara chloroptere (F):Ara chloroptera 
Ara cobalt (F): Anodorhynchus leari 
Aracouloni= Propyrrhura couloni 
Ara de Buffon (F): Ara ambigua 
Ara de Coulon (F): Propyrrhura couloni 
Ara de Fresnaye (F): Ara rubrogenys 
Ara de Lafresnaye (F): Ara rubrogenys 
Ara de Lear (F): Anodorhynchus leari 
Ara de Spix (F): Cyanopsitta spixii 
Ara d'Illiger(F): Propyrrhura maracana 

Ara glaucogularis: (E) Blue-throated Macaw, (S) Guacamayo 

amarillo. Guacamayo barbazul, Guacamayo caninde, (F) Ara a 

gorge bleue, Ara caninde I PSITTACIDAE Av 
Ara glauque (F): Anodorhynchus glaucus 
Ara hyacinthe (F): Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus 
Arajacinthe (F): Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus 
Ara macao (F): Ara macao 
Ara macao. (E) Scarlet Macaw, (S) Guacamayo bandera, 

Guacamayo macao, Lapa azul, (F) Ara macao, Ara rouge I 

Ara macavouanne (F): Orthopsittaca manilata 
Ara manilata = Orthopsittaca manilata 
Ara maracana = Propyrrhura maracana 
Ara militaire (F): Ara militaris 
Ara militaris: (E) Military Macaw, (S) Guacamayo militar, 

Guacamayo verde, (F) Ara militaire I PSITTACIDAE Av 
Ara miracana (F): Propyrrhura maracana 
Ara nobilis = Diopsittaca nobilis 
Ara noble (F): Diopsittaca nobilis 
Ara rouge (¥): Ara macao 
Ara rubrogenys: (E) Red-fronted Macaw, (S) Guacamayo de 

Cochabamba, Guacamayo frentirroja, (F) Ara de Fresnaye, Ara 

de Lafresnaye I PSITTACIDAE Av 
Ara severa : (E) Chestnut -fronted Macaw, Severe Macaw, (S) 

Guacamayo severe (F) Ara severe, Ara vert II PSITTACIDAE 

Ara severe (F): Ara severa 
Ara spixii = Cyanopsitta spixii 
Ara vert (F): Ara severa 
Aracari a cou noir (F): Pteroglossus aracari 
Aracari aoreillons roux (F): Pteroglossus castanotis 
Aracari grigri (F): Pteroglossus aracari 
Aracari vert (F): Pteroglossus viridis 
Aracari, Black -necked (E): Pteroglossus aracari 
Aracari, Chestnut -eared ( E ): Pteroglossus castanotis 
Aracari, Green (E): Pteroglossus viridis 
Arachnopathes aculeata : II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Arachnopathes clathrata : II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Arachnopathes columnaris =Antipathes columnaris 
Arachnopathes ericoides: II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Arachnopathes paniculata = Antipathes atlantica 
Araguato de Guatemala (S): Alouatta pigra 
Arapaima (E): Arapaima gigas 
Arapai'ma(F): Arapaima gigas 
Arapaima gigas. (E) Arapaima, Giant Arapaima, Pirarucu, (S) 

Arapaima, Paiche, (F) Arapaima, Paiche, Pirarucu II 

Arapaima, Giant (E): Arapaima gigas 
Arara aymara = Psilopsiagon ay mora 
aras bleus (F): Anodorhynchusspp. 
Arasari orejicastano (S): Pteroglossus castanotis 
Aratinga acuticaudata: (E) Blue-crowned Conure, Blue-crowned 

Parakeet, (S) Aratinga cabeciazul, Carapaico, Cotorra de los 

Palos, (F) Conure a tete bleue II PSITTACIDAE Av 
Aratinga astec = Aratinga nana astec 
Aratinga aurea: (E) Golden-crowned Conure, Peach-fronted 

Conure, Peach -fronted Parakeet, (S) Aratinga frentidorada, 

Cotorra frentidorada, (F) Conure couronnee, Perruche a front 

Aratinga auricapilla : (E) Golden -capped Conure, Golden-capped 

Parakeet, (S) Aratinga testadorada. (F) Conure a tete d'or II 

Aratinga brevipes: (E) Socorro Parakeet, (S) Aratinga de Socorro, 

(F) Conure de Socorro H PSITTACIDAE Av 
Aratinga cabeciazul (S): Aratinga acuticaudata 
Aratinga cabecifijsca (S): Aratinga weddellii 
Aratinga cactacea (S): Aratinga caclorum 
Aratinga cactorum : (E) Caatinga Parakeet, Cactus Conure, Cactus 

Parakeet, (S) Aratinga cactacea, (F) Conure des cactus II 

Aratinga canicularis: (E) Orange-fronted Conure. Orange-fronted 

Parakeet, (S) Aratinga frentinaranja, Perico frentinaranja, (F) 

Conure a front rouge II PSITTACIDAE Av 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Arafmga chloroptera: (E) Hispaniolan Conure, Hispaniolan 

Parakeet, (S) Aratinga de la Espanola, Perico, (F) Conure 

maitresse II PSITTACIDAE Av 
Aratinga cubana (S): Aratinga euops 
Aratinga de Finsch (S): Aratinga finschi 
Aratinga de Guayaquil (S): Aratinga erythrogenys 
Aratinga de la Espanola (S): Aratinga chlotoptera 
Aratinga de pinceles (S): Leptosittaca branickii 
Aratinga de Socorro (S): Aratinga brevipes 
Aratinga de Wagler (S): Aratinga wagleri 
Aratinga erythrogenys: (E) Red-masked Conure, Red-masked 

Parakeet, (S) Aratinga de Guayaquil, Perico caretirrojo, (F) 

Conure a fete rouge II PSITTACIDAE Av 
Aratinga euops. (E) Cuban Conure, Cuban Parakeet, (S) Aratinga 

cubana, (F) Conure de Cuba II PSITTACIDAE Av 
Aratinga finschi. (E) Crimson- fronted Conure, Crimson -fronted 

Parakeet, Finsch's Conure, (S) Aratinga de Finsch, (F) Conure 

Aratinga frentidorada (S): Aratinga aurea 
Aratinga frentinaranja (S): Aratinga canicularis 
Aratinga gorgirroja (S): Aratinga rubritorquis 
Aratinga giiarouba = Guarouba giiarouba 
Aratinga guaruba (S): Giiarouba guarouba 
Aratinga holochlora: (E) Green Conure, Green Parakeet, (S) 

Aratinga verde, Perico verde, (F) Conure verte II 

Aratinga holochlora brevipes = Aratinga brevipes 
Aratinga holochlora rubritorquis = Aratinga rubritorquis 
Aratinga jandaya (S ): Aratinga jandaya 

Aratinga jandaya: (E) Jandaya Conure, Jandaya Parakeet, Yellow- 
headed Parakeet, (S) Aratinga jandaya, (F) Conure jandaya, 

Perruche de Jenday II PSITTACIDAE Av 
Aratinga leucophthalmus: (E) White-eyed Conure, White-eyed 

Parakeet, (S) Aratinga ojiblanca, Cotorra verde, Perico ojo 

bianco, (F) Conure pavouane II PSITTACIDAE Av 
Aratinga inelanurus = Pyrrhura melanura 
Aratinga mitrada (S): Aratinga mitrata 
Aratinga mitrata:{E) Mitred Conure, Mitred Parakeet, (S) Aratinga 

mitrada, Cotorra carirroja, (F) Conure mitree II PSITTACIDAE 

Aratinga nana : (E) Aztec Parakeet, Olive-throated Conure, Olive- 
throated Parakeet, (S) Aratinga pechisucia, Perico pechisucio, 

(F) Conure azteque II PSITTACIDAE Av 
Aratinga handay (S): Nandayus nenday 
Aratinga ojiblanca (S): Aratinga leucophthalmus 
Aratinga orejigualda(S): Ognorhynchus icterotis 
Aratinga pechisucia t,S): Aratinga nana 
Aratinga perlatus = Pyrrhura perlata 
Aratinga pertinax: (E) Brown-throated Conure, Brown -throated 

Parakeet, (S) Aratin ga pertinaz, Perico cara sucia, (F) Conure 

Aratinga pertinaz (S): Aratinga pertinax 
Aratinga rubritorquis. (E) Red-throated Parakeet, (S) Aratinga 

gorgirroja, (F) Conure a rouge gorge II PSITTACIDAE Av 
Aratinga sol (S): Aratinga solstitialis 
Aratinga solstitialis. (E) Sun Conure, Sun Parakeet, (S) Aratinga sol, 

Perico dorado, (F) Conure soleil, Perruche du soleil II 

Aratinga strenua = Aratinga holochlora 
Aratinga testadorada (S ): Aratinga auricapilla 
Aratinga verde (S): Aratinga holochlora 
Aratinga wagleri: (E) Red- fronted Conure, Scarlet -fronted Parakeet, 

(S) Aratinga de Wagler, Chacaraco, (F) Conure de Wagler II 

Aratinga weddellii: (E) Dusky-headed Conure, Dusky-headed 

Parakeet, (S) Aratinga cabecifusca, Perico cabecioscuro, (F) 

Conure de Weddell II PSITTACIDAE Av 
Arborofila de Sumatra (S): Arborophila orientalis 
Arborofila pechicastafia (S): Arborophila charltonii 
Arborophila campbelli = Arborophila orientalis 
Arborophila charltonii: (E) Chestntf-breasted Tree-Partridge, 

Chestnut-necklaced Hill Partridge, Chestnut -necklaced 

Partridge, (S) Arborofila pechicastafia, Perdiz de bosque de 

Charlton, (F) Torqueole a poitrine chataine, Torqueole de 

Merlin, Torqueole des bois III PHASIANIDAE Av 

Arborophila orientalis: (E) Bar-backed Partridge, Grey-breasted 

Partridge, Horsfield's Hill Partridge, (S) Arborofila de Sumatra, 

(F) Torqueole a poitrine brune, Torqueole de Sumatra III 

Arborophila rolli = Arborophila orientalis 
Arborophila sumatrana = Arborophila orientalis 
Archibebe manchado (S): Tringa guttifer 
Archibebe moteado (S): Tringa guttifer 
Archibuteo regalis = Buteo regalis 
Archilochus alexandri: (E) Black-chinned Hummingbird, (S) 

Colibri barbinegro, Colibri gorgirrubi, (F) Colibri a gorge noire 

Archilochus anna= Calypte anna 
Archilochus calliope = Stellula calliope 
Archilochus colubris: (E) Ruby -throated Hummingbird, (S) Colibri 

gorjirrubi, (F) Colibri a gorge rubis II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Archohelia rediviva = Petrophyllia rediviva 
Arctictis binturong: (E) Bearcat, Binturong, (S) Binturong, (F) 

Arctocebe(F): Arctocebus calabarensis 
Arctocebus aureus: (E) Golden Potto II LORIDAE Ma 
Arctocebus calabarensis: (E) Angwantibo, (S) Poto dorado, (F) 

Angwantibo, Arctocebe, Potto de Calabar II LORIDAE Ma 
Arctocebus calabarensis aureus = Arctocebus aureus 
Arctocephale d'Afrique du Sud (F): Arctocephalus pusillus 
Arctocephale dAustralie (F): Arctocephalus tropicalis 
Arctocephale de Guadalupe (F): Arctocephalus townsendi 
Arctocephale de Juan Fernandez (F): Arctocephalus philippii 
Arctocephale de Kerguelen (F): Arctocephalus gccella 
Arctocephale des Galapagos (F): Arctocephalus galapagoensis 
arctocephales du Sud (F): Arctocephalusspp. 
Arctocephalus spp.: (E) fur seals, southern fur seals, (S) osos 

marinos, (F) arctocephales du Sud, otaries a fourrure, otaries a 

fourrure du Sud I/II OTARIIDAE Ma 
Arctocephalus australis: (E) South American Fur Seal, Southern Fur 

Seal, (S) Lobo fino sudamericano, Oso marino austral, (F) 

Otarie a fourrure australe II OTARIIDAE Ma 
Arctocephalus doriferus = Arctocephalus pusillus 
Arctocephalus forsteri: (E) New Zealand Fur Seal, (S) Oso marino 

de Nueva Zelanda II OTARIIDAE Ma 
Arctocephalus galapagoensis: (E) Galapagos Fur Seal, Galapagos 

Islands Fur Seal, (S) Oso marino de las Galapagos, (F) 

Arctocephale des Galapagos II OTARIIDAE Ma 
Arctocephalus gazella : (E) Antarctic Fur Seal, Kerguelen Fur Seal, 

(F) Arctocephale de Kerguelen II OTARIIDAE Ma 
Arctocephalus philippii: (E) Juan Fernandez Fur Seal, (S) Oso 

marino de Chile, (F) Arctocephale de Juan Fernandez II 

Arctocephalus pusillus: (E) Afro-Australian Fur Seal, Cape Fur 

Seal, South African Fur Seal, (F) Arctocephale dAfrique du Sud 

Arctocephalus tasmanicus = Arctocephalus pusillus 
Arctocephalus townsendi (E) Guadalupe Fur Seal. Lower 

Californian Fur Seal, (S) Oso marino de Guadalupe, Otaria 

americano, (F) Arctocephale de Guadalupe, Otarie a fourrure 

d'Amenque I OTARIIDAE Ma 
Arctocephalus tropicalis: (E) Amsterdam Island Fur Seal, 

Subantarctic Fur Seal, (F) Arctocephale d'Australie II 

Ardea alba = Casmerodius albus 
Ardea americana = Grus americana 
Ardea antigone = Grus antigone 
Ardea canadensis = Grus canadensis 
Ardea caru nculata = Grus carunculatus 
Ardea garzetla = Egretta garzetta 
Ardea goliath: (E) Goliath Heron, (S) Garza goliat, (F) Heron 

goliath III ARDEIDAE Av 
Ardea grus= Grusgrus 
Ardea ibis = Bubulcus ibis 
Ardea faponensis = Grus japonensis 
Ardea nigra = Ciconia nigra 
Ardea paradisea = Grus pa r ad i sea 
Ardeapavonina = Balearica pavonina 
Ardea rubicunda = Grus rubicunda 
Ardea virgo = Grus virgo 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Ardeola ibis - Bubukus ibis 

Ardeotis arabs. (E) Arabian Bustard, (S) Avutarda arabe, (F) Grande 

outarde arabe, Outarde arabe II OTID1DAE Av 
Ardeotis australis: (E) Australian Bustard, (S) Avutarda australiana, 

(F) Outarde australienne, Outarde d'Australie II OTIDIDAE Av 
Ardeotis kori: (E) Kori Bustard, (S) Avutarda kori, (F) Outarde kori 

Ardeotis nigriceps. (E) Great Indian Bustard, Indian Bustard, (S) 

Avutarda de la India, Avutarda india, Avutarda indica, (F) 

Outarde a tete noire, Outarde de 1'Inde I OTIDIDAE Av 
Ardilla costarricense (S): Sciurus deppei 
Ardilla de Deppe (S): Sciurus deppei 
Ardilla de las palmeras (S): Epixerus ebii 
Ardilla de los pinos (S): Sciurus deppei 
Ardilla de palmera (S): Epixerus ebii 
Ardilla voladera de orejas largas (S): ldiurus macrotis 
Ardilla voladora enana (S): ldiurus macrotis 
Ardillas gigantes (S): Ratufa spp. 
Arena boucardi = Polyerala boucardi 
Argali (E): Ovis ammon 
Argali (S): Ovis ammon 

Argali del Himalaya (S): Ovis ammon hodgsonii 
Argali, Kara Tau (E): Ovis ammon nigrimontana 
Argali, Tibetan (E): Ovis ammon hodgsonii 
Argos gigante (S): Argitsianus argus 
Argos real ( S >: Argusianus argus 
Argus geant (F): Argusianus argus 
Argus ocellatus= Rheinardia ocellata 
Argus ocelle (F): Rheinardia ocellata 
Argus, Crested (E): Rheinardia ocellata 
Argus, Great (E): Argusianus argus 
Argusianus argus: (E) Argus Pheasant, Great Argus, (S) Argos 

gigante, Argos real, Faisan argos, (F) Argus geant II 

Ariane a couronne azur (F): Agyrtria cyanocephala 
Ariane a couronne violette (F): Agyrtria violiceps 
Ariane a front bleu (F): Saucerottia cyanifrons 
Ariane a front vert (F): Agyrtria viridifrons 
Ariane a poitrine blanche (F): Agyrtria brevirostris 
Ariane a queue bleue (F): Saucerottia cyanura 
Ariane a ventre blanc (F): Leucippus chionogaster 
Ariane a ventre gris (F): Amazilia tzacatl 
Ariane a ventre roux (F): Amazilia castaneiventris 
Ariane a ventre vert (F): Saucerottia viridigaster 
Ariane aimable (F): Polyerata amabilis 
Ariane beryl (F): Saucerottia betyllina 
Ariane candide (F): Agyrtria Candida 
Ariane cannelle (F): Amazilia rutila 
Ariane de Boucard (F): Polyerala boucardi 
Ariane de F^licie (F): Saucerottia tobaci 
Ariane de Francia (F): Agyrtria franciae 
Ariane de Lesson (F): Amazilia amazilia 
Ariane de Linne (F): Polyerata fimbriata 
Ariane de Lucy (F): Polyerata luciae 
Ariane de Rosenberg(F): Polyerata rosenbergi 
Ariane de Sophie (F): Saucerottia saucerrottei 
Ariane d'Edward (F): Saucerottia edward 
Ariane du Perou (F): Leucippus viridicauda 
Ariane du Yucatan (F): Amazilia yucatanensis 
Ariane saphirine (F): Polyerata lactea 
Ariane versicolore (F): Agyrtria versicolor 
Ariane vert -dore (F): Agyrtria leucogaster 
Arirai (S): Pteronura brasiliensis 
Armadillo gigante (S): Priodontes maximus 
Armadillo peludo andino (S): Chaetophractus nationi 
.Armadillo, Andean Hairy (E): Chaetophractus nationi 
Armadillo, Bolivian Hairy (E): Chaetophractus nationi 
Armadillo, Giant (E): Priodontes maximus 
Armadillo, Greater Naked-tailed (E): Cabassous tatouay 
Armadillo, Hairy (E): Chaetophractus nationi 
Armadillo, Northern Naked-tailed (E): Cabassous centralis 
Armado de zapilots (S): Cabassous centralis 
Aimino (S): Mustela erminea 
Ami (F): Bubalus amee 
Arowana (E): Scleropages formosus 

Arowana, Asian (E): Scleropages formosus 

Arowana, Golden (E): Scleropages formosus 

Arpia (S): Harpiaharpyja 

Arpia mayor (S): Harpia harpyja 

Arpia menor (S): Morphnus guianensis 

Arpia papua (S): Harpyopsis novaeguineae 

Arrau (E): Podocnemis expansa 

Arrui (S): Ammotragus lervia 

Asarcornis scutulata = Cairina scutulata 

Ascagne (F): Cercopithecus ascanius 

Asio abyssinicus: (E) Abyssinian Long-eared Owl, Abyssinian Owl, 

(S) Buho abisinio, (F) Hibou d'Abyssinie II STRIGIDAE Av 
Asio butleri = Strix butlcri 
Asio capensis: (E> African Marsh Owl, Marsh Owl, (S) Buho moro, 

Lechuza mora, (F) Hibou du Cap II STRIGIDAE Av 
Asio clamator. (E) Striped Owl, (S) Buho griton, Buho-cornudo 

cariblanco, Lechuza Iistada, Lechuzon, Lechuzon orejas largas, 

Lechuzon orejudo, (F) Hibou criard, Hibou strie II STRIGIDAE 

Asio flammeus: (E) Short-eared Owl, (S) Buho campestre, Buho 

orejicorto, Lechuza campestre, Lechuza orejicorta, Lechuz6n 

campestre, (F) Hibou brachyote, Hibou des marais II 

Asio madagascariensis: (E) Madagascar Owl, (S) Buho malgache, 

Lechuza orejita de Madagascar, (F) Hibou de Madagascar, 

Hibou malgache II STRIGIDAE Av 
Asio otus abyssinicus = Asio abyssinicus 
Asio otus: (E) Long-eared Owl, (S) Buho Chico, Buho-cornudo 

caricafe, (F) Hibou moyen-duc II STRIGIDAE Av 
Asio stygius: (E) Stygian Owl, (S) Buho negruzco, Buho-cornudo 

oscuro, Lechuza estigia, Lechuzon negruzco, (F) Hibou maitre- 

Asno salvaje de Africa (S): Equus qfricanus 
Aspideretes gangeticus: ( E) Indian Softshell Turtle, (S) Tortuga del 

Aspideretes liurum : (E) Indian Peacock Softshell Turtle, Peacock 

Soft-shell Turtle, (S) Tortuga pavo I TRIONYCHIDAE Re 
Aspideretes nigricans: (E) Black Softshell Turtle, Bostami Turtle, 

(S) Tortuga sombria I TRIONYCHIDAE Re 
Aspidiles collaris -Aspidiles ramsayi 
Aspidites meianocephalus ramsayi - Aspidiles ramsayi 
Aspidiles meianocephalus: (E) Black -headed Python, (S) Piton de 

cabeza negra, (F | Python a tete noire d'Australie, Woma II 

Aspidites ramsayi: (E) Ramsay's Python, Woma, (S) Piton de 

Ramsay, (F) Python de Ramsay, Woma U PYTHONIDAE Re 
Aspidoboa curtus = Python curtus 
Aspidonectes aspilus = Trionyx triunguis 
Aspidopython jakati = Morelia amethistina 
Aspilus gataghol = Aspideretes gangeticus 
Aspilus punctulalus = Amyda cartilaginea 
Ass, African (E): Equus africanus 
Ass, African Wild (E): Equus africanus 
Ass, Asian Wild (E): Equus hemionus 
Ass, Asiatic Wild (E): Equus hemionus 
Ass, Indian Wild (E): Equus onager khur 
Ass, Mongolian Wild (E): Equus hemionus hemionus 
Asteriopathes arachniformis: II APHANIPATHIDAE An 
Asterochelys radiata = Geochelone radiata 
Asterochelys yniphora = Geochelone yniphora 
Asteroseris planulata = Gardineroseris planulata 
Asterosmilia gigas = Anomocora gigas 
Asterosmilia marchadi= Anomocora marchadi 
Asterosmilia prolifera = Anomocora prolifera 
Astourion (F): Acipenser sturio 
Astraeosmilia connata : II 8 FAVUDAE An 
Astrange solitaire (F): Astrangia solitaria 
Astrangia astreiformis = Astrangia poculata 
Astrangia atrata : D 8 RHIZANGIIDAE An 
Astrangia braziliensis = Astrangia solitaria 
Astrangia brownt. if RHIZANGIIDAE An 
Astrangia caboensis = Astrangia haimei 
Astrangia californica: II 8 RHIZANGIIDAE An 
Astrangia concepcionensis = Astrangia haimei 
Astrangia concinna = Astrangia haimei 

Seep. 13 1 Veasep. 29 1 Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Aslrangia conferta : II 8 RHIZANGIIDAE An 

Astrangia cortezi = Astrangia hairnet 

Astrangia costata: U s RHIZANGIIDAE An 

Astrangia danae = Astrangia poculata 

Astrangia dentata: II 8 RHIZANGIIDAE An 

Astrangia edwardsii = Astrangia pocu/ata 

Astrangia epithecata = Astrangia solitaria 

Astrangia equatorialis: II 8 RHIZANGIIDAE An 

Astrangia gardnerensis = Astrangia equatorialis 

Astrangia gramdata = Astrangia solitaria 

Astrangia haimei: II 8 RHIZANGIIDAE An 

Astrangia hancocki = Astrangia haimei 

Astrangia hayamaensis = Phyllangia hayamaensis 

Astrangia hondaensis = Polycyathus hondaensis 

Astrangia howardr. II 8 RHIZANGIIDAE An 

Astrangia insignifica = Astrangia haimei 

Astrangia lajollaensis = Astrangia haimei 

Astrangia macrodentata : if RHIZANGIIDAE An 

Astrangia mercatoris: if RHIZANGIIDAE An 

Astrangia michelinii = Astrangia pocu/ata 

Astrangia m inula = Astrangia solitaria 

Astrangia neglecta = Astrangia solitaria 

Astrangia oaxacensis = Astrangia haimei 

Astrangia pedersenii = Astrangia haimei 

Astrangia poculata : (E) Northern Star Coral II 8 RHIZANGIIDAE 

Astrangia pulchella = Astrangu haimei 
Astrangia rathbuni II 8 RHIZANGIIDAE An 
Astrangia sanfelipemis = Astrangia haimei 
Astrangia solitaria: (E) Dwarf Cup Coral, <F) Astrange solitaire II 8 

Astrangia solitaria portoricensis = Astrangia solitaria 
Astrangia tangolaensis = Astrangia californica 
Astrangia woodsi: II 8 RHIZANGIIDAE An 
Astrapia mayeri: (E) Ribbon-tailed Astrapia, Ribbon-tailed Bird-of- 

paradise, (F) Paradisier a rubans II PARADISAEIDAE Av 
Astrapia nigra : (E) Arfak Astrapia, (F) Hausse-col dore, Paradisier a 

gorge noire II PARADISAEIDAE Av 
Astrapia rothschildi: (E) Huon Astrapia. (F) Hausse-col de 

Rothschild, Paradisier de Rothschild II PARADISAEIDAE Av 
Astrapia sptendidissima. (E) Splendid Astrapia, (F) Hausse-col 

splendide, Paradisier splendide II PARADISAEIDAE Av 
Astrapia stephaniae: (E) Princess Stephanie's Bird-of-paradise, 

Stephanie's Astrapia, (F) Hausse-col a queue rubanee, Paradisier 

de la princesse Stephanie, Paradisier de Stephanie II 

Astrapia, Arfak (E): Astrapia nigra 
Astrapia, Huon (E): Astrapia rothschildi 
Astrapia, Ribbon-tailed (E): Astrapia mayeri 
Astrapia, Splendid (E): Astrapia splendidissima 
Astrapia, Stephanie's (E): AstJ-apia stephaniae 
Astrea affinis = Favia favus 
Astrea ananas = Barabattoia amicorum 
Astrea annularis = Montastraea annularis 
Astrea annul igera = Montastraea annuligera 
Astrea argus = Montastraea cavernosa 
Astrea cell ulosa = Favia pallida 
Astrea cerium = Goniasfrea pectinata 
Asfrea conferta = Montastraea cavernosa 
Ast)-ea coronata = Montastraea curta 
Astrea crispata = Oulastrea crispata 
Astrea curta = Montastraea curta 
Astrea decact is = Madracis decactis 
Astrea deformis = Favites pentagona 
Astrea dent iculat a = Favia favus 
Astrea denticulata = Favia pallida 
Astrea diffluens = Pavona diffluens 
Astrea dipsacea = Mussismilia hispida 
Astrea echinata = Acanthastrea echinata 
Astrea eximia = Goniastrea retiformis 
Astrea faviatella = Goniastrea pectinata 
Astrea favulus = Goniastrea favulus 
Astrea fdicosa = Favites abdita 
Astrea flexuosa = Favites flexuosa 
Astrea forskaliana = Echinopora forskaliana 

Astrea fragilis = Favia speciosa 

Astrea fuscoviridis = Favites abdita 

Astrea glaucops is =Diploastrea heliopora 

Astrea halicora - Fa\>ites halicora 

Astrea heliopora = Diploastrea heliopora 

Astrea hemprichii = Favites abdita 

Astrea hyades - Solenastrea hyades 

Astrea intersepta = Fa\-ia stelligera/Stephanocoenia intersepta 

Astrea laperousiana = Montastraea curta 

Astrea magnifica ~ Goniastrea aspera 

r\strea microphthalma = Cyphastrea microphthahia/Astreopora 

Astrea ocellina = Cyphastrea ocellina 
Astrea okeni= Favia speciosa 
Astrea ordinata = Favia pallida 
Astrea pal if era = Acropora palifera 
Astrea pallida = Favia pallida 
Astrea pandanus = Favia speciosa 
Astrea parvistella = Goniastrea retiformis 
Astrea patula = Diploastrea heliopora 
Astrea pectinata = Goniastrea pectinata 
Astrea planulata = Goniopora planulata 
Astrea pulchra = Leptastrea purpurea 
Astrea pulvinaria - Astreopora myriophthalma 
Astrea punctifera = Astreopom listeri 
Astrea purpurea = Leptastrea purpurea 
Astrea puteolina = Favia speciosa 
Astrea qitadrangularis = Montastraea curta 
Astrea radiata = Montastraea cavernosa 
Astrea retiformis = Goniastrea retiformis 
Astrea rigida - Isophyllastrea rigida 
Astrea robusta = Favites abdita 
Astrea rotumana = Favia rotumana 
Astrea rudis = Favia speciosa 
Astrea sinuosa = Goniastrea pectinata 
Astrea solidior= Montastraea curta 
Astrea speciosa = Favia speciosa 
Astrea spongia = Goniastrea retiformis 
Astrea stelligera = Favia stelligera 
Astrea stellulata = Turbinaria stellulata 
Astrea versipora = Plesiastrea versipora 
Astrea virens = Favites abdita 
Astrea viridis= Alveopora viridis 
Astreopora spp.: (E) Moon corals. Porous star corals, II 8 

Astreopora arenaria = Astreopora myriophthalma 
Astreopora cucullata : II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Astreopora ehrenhergii = Astreopora myriophthalma 
Astreopora elliptica - Astreopora myriophthalma 
Astreopora expansa: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Astreopora explanata: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Astreopora gracilis: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Astreopora hirsuta = Astreopora ocellata 
Astreopora horizontalis = Astreopora listeri 
Astreopora incrustans: Y$ ACROPORIDAE An 
Astreopora kenti = Astreopora mvriophthalma 
Astreopora lambertsi: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Astreopora listeri: if ACROPORIDAE An 
Astreopora macrostoma: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Astreopora moretonensis: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Astreopora myriophthalma: II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Astreopora ocellata : if ACROPORIDAE An 
Astreopora ovalis = Astreopora myriophhalma 
Astreopora profunda - Astreopora myriophthalma 
Astreopora punctifera = Astreopora listeri 
Astreopora randalli: if ACROPORIDAE An 
Astreopora scabra: H 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Astreopora stellae = Astreopora gracilis 
Astreopora stellulata = Turbinaria stellulata 
Astreopora suggesta : II 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Astreopora tabulata = Astreopora my riophthalma/Astreopora 

Astreopora tayamai = Astreopora myriophthalma 
Astrild a joues oranges (F): Estrilda melpoda 
Astrild caille (F): Ortygospiza atricollis 

See p. 13/Veasep. 29/ Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Astrild cendre (F): Estrilda troglodytes 

Astrild fourmilier (F): Parmoplila rubrifrons 

Astrild mesange (F): Pholidornis rushiae 

Astrild ondule (F): Estrilda astrild 

Astrild queue-de-vinaigre(F): Estrilda caerulescens 

Astrild vert pointille (F): Mandingoa nitidula 

Astrilda aperdizada (S): Ortygospiza atricollis 

Astrilda carirroja (S): Estrilda melpoda 

Astrilda ceniza del Senegal (S): Estrilda caerulescens 

Astrilda comun (S): Estrilda astrild 

Astrilda culinegra (S): Estrilda troglod)>tes 

Astrilda pechigualda (S): Amandax'a subflava 

Astrild-caille a lunettes (F): Ortygospiza atricollis 

Astrocoenia hanzawai = Sty/ocoeniella armata 

Astrocoenia pharensis = Madracis pharensis 

Astroides calycularis: II 8 DENDROPHYIXHDAE An 

Astropsammia pedersenii - Tubastraea coccinea 

Astroria astreiformis = Platygyra daedalea 

Astroria daedalea = Platygyra daedalea 

Astroria esperi = Platygyra daedalea 

Astroria sinensis = Platygyra sinensis 

Astroria stricta = Platygyra sinensis 

Aslur brachyurus = Accipiter brachyums 

Astur brevipes = Accipiter brevipes 

Astur buergersi = Erythrotriorchis buergersi 

Astur butleri = Accipiter butleri 

Astur fasciatus = Accipiter fasciatus 

Astur griseiceps = Accipiter griseiceps 

Astur gidaris = Accipiter gidaris 

Astur henicogrammus = Accipiter henicogrammus 

Astur henstii = Accipiter henstii 

Astur kienerii = Hieraaetus kienerii 

Astur macrourus = Urotriorchis macrourus 

Astur meyerianus = Accipiter meyerianus 

Astur mirandollei = Micrastur mirandollei 

Astur rufitorques = Accipiter rufitorques 

Astur spectabilis = Diyotriorchis spectabilis 

Asturina nitida: (E) Grey-lined Hawk, (S) Aguilucho gris, Busardo 

gris, Gavilan gris, (F) Buse cendree II ACCIPITR1DAE Av 
Asturina nitida plagiata = Asturina plagiata 
Asturina plagiata : (E) Grey Hawk. (S) Aguililla gris, (F) Buse grise 

Asturina schistacea = Leucopternis schistacea 
Astya aspidopora : rf STYLASTERIDAEHy 
Astya subviridis: II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Astylus subviridis = Astya subviridis 
Atele a tete brune (F): Ateles fusciceps 
Atele arachnoi'de (F): Bruchyteles arachnoides 
Atele belzebuth (F): Ateles belzebuth 
Atele de Geoffroy (F): Ateles geoffroyi 

Atele de Geoffroy du Panama (F): Ateles geoffroyi panamensis 
Atele du Costa Rica (F): Ateles geoffroyi frontatus 
Atele du Panama (F): Ateles geoffroyi panamensis 
Atele noir(F): Ateles paniscus 
Ateles belzebuth marginatus = Ateles marginatus 
Ateles belzebuth : (E) Longhaired Spider Monkey, White-bellied 

Spider Monkey, (F) Atele belzebuth II CEBIDAE Ma 
Ateles chamek: (E) Black-faced Black Spider Monkey II CEBIDAE 

Ateles de Geoffroy (S): Ateles geoffroyi 
Ateles de Panama (S): Ateles geoffroyi panamensis 
Ateles fusciceps. (E) Brown-headed Spider Monkey, (F) Atele a tete 

brune II CEBIDAE Ma 
Ateles geoffroyi: (E) Black-handed Spider Monkey, Geoffroy's 

Spider Monkey, (S) Ateles de Geoffroy, (F) Atele de Geoffroy 

Ateles geoffroyi frontatus. (E) Black-browed Spider Monkey, Red- 
bellied Spider Monkey, (S) Mono arafia maninegro, (F) Atele du 

Costa Rica, Singe araignee du Panama, Singe-araignee aux 

mains noires I CEBIDAE Ma 
Ateles geoffroyi panamensis: (E) Panama Spider Monkey, Red 

Spider Monkey, (S) Ateles de Panama, Mono arafia de Panama, 

(F) Atele de Geoffroy du Panama, Atele du Panama I 

Ateles marginatus: (E) White-whiskered Spider Monkey II 

Ateles paniscus: (E) Red-faced Black Spider Monkey, (F) Atele noir 

Ateles paniscits chamek = Ateles chamek 
Atelope variable du Panama (F): Atelopus zeteki 
Atelopus zeteki. (E) Cerro Campana Stubfoot Toad, Golden Arrow 

Poison Frog, Golden Frog, Zetek's Golden Frog, (S) Rana 

dorada, Rana dorada de Panama, Rana venenosa de Zetek, (F) 

Atelope variable du Panama, Crapaud orange, Grenouille de 

Zetek, Grenouille doree du Panama I BUFONIDAE Am 
Atelopus variuszeteki = Atelopus zeteki 
Athene albifacies = Sceloglaux albifacies 
Athene blewitti: (E) Forest Little Owl, Forest Owlet, Forest Spotted 

Owlet, (S) Mochuelo de Blewitt, Mochuelo de los bosques, 

Mochuelo forestal, (F) Cheveche forestiere, Chouette des forets 

Athene brama: (E) Spotted Little Owl, Spotted Owlet, (S) Mochuelo 

brahman, (F) Cheveche brame II STRIGIDAE Av 
Athene castanonota = Glaucidium castanonotum 
Athene cunicularia -Speotyto cttnicularia 
Athene dimorpha = Urogbux dimorpha 
Athene jacquinoti = Ninox jacquinoti 
Athene noctua : (E) Little Owl, Northern Little Owl, Tibet Owlet, 

(S) Mochuelo comun, Mochuelo europeo, (F) Cheveche 

d'Athena, Chouette cheveche II STRIGIDAE Av 
Athene ntfa = Ninox rufa 
Athene squamipila = Ninox squamipila 
Athene strenua - Ninox strenua 
Athene whitneyi = Micrathene whitneyi 
Atretium schistosum : (E) Olivaceous Keelback, Olive Keelback, 

Split Keelback, (F) Serpent a carene olive, Serpent ardoise III 

Atrichome bruyant (F): Atrichornis clamosus 
Atrichornis clamosus: (E) Noisy Scrub-bird, Western Scrub-bird, 

(S) Corredor chillon, Pajaro de los matorrales, (F) Atrichorne 

bruyant, Oiseau bruyant des buissons I ATRICHORNITHIDAE 

Atrophaneura jophon: (E) Sri Lankan Rose II PAPILIONIDAE In 
Atrophaneura pandiyana : II PAPILIONIDAE In 
Atthis ellioti:(E) Wine-throated Hummingbird, (S) Colibri de Elliot, 

Zimbador centroamericano, (F) Colibri d'Elliot II 

Atthis heloisa : (E) Bumblebee Hummingbird, (S) Colibri de Eloisa, 

Zimbador mexicano, (F) Colibri heloi'se II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Atthis heloisa ellioti - Atthis ellioti 
Augastes geoffroyi: (E) Wedge-billed Hummingbird, (S) Colibri 

pico de curia, Colibri picocuna, Colibri piquicunna, (F) Colibri 

de Geoffroy II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Augastes lumachella .(E) Hooded Visorbearer, (S) Colibri 

lumaquela, (F) Colibri lumachelle II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Augastes scutatus: (E) Hyacinth Visorbearer, (S) Colibri 

colaceleste, (F) Colibri superbe II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Aullado (S): Alouatta palliata 

Aulocyathus atlanticus. II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Aulocyathus cottotrochoides = Aulocyathus matricidus 
Aulocyathus juvenescens. II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Aulocyathus matricidus. II s CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Aulocyathus recidivus. II s CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Aura gallipavo(S): Cathartes aura 
Aura sabanera (S): Cathartes burroviamis 
Aura selvatica (S): Cathartes melambrotus 
A ustraliasis amethistimts - Morel ia amethistina 
Australiasis kinghorni = Morelia amethistina 
Austral ias is oenpelliensis = Morelia oenpelliensis 
Australiasis timoriensis = Python timoriensis 
Australocyathus vincentinus. D 8 TURBINOLUDAE An 
Australogyra zelli: X? FAVIIDAE An 
Australomussa rowleyensis: II MUSSIDAE An 
Australophocaena dioptrica: (E) Spectacled Porpoise, (S) Marsopa 

de anteojo, (F) Marsouin a lunettes, Marsouin de Lahille II 

Aulillo (S): Otus scops 
Autillo africano (S): Otus scops 
Aulillo barbudo (S): Otus barbarus 
Autillo bigotudo (S): Otus trichopsis 

See p. 13/ Veasep. 29/ Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Autillo California™ (S): Otus kennicottii 

Autillo capirotado (S): Otus atricapillus 

Autillo cariblanco (S): Otus leucotis 

Autillo chino (S): Otus bukkamoena 

Autillo choliba (S): Otus choliba 

Autillo cubano (S): Otus lawrencii 

Autillo de Andaman (S): Otus balli 

Autillo de Celebes (S): Otus manadensis 

Autillo de Guerney (S): Mimizuku gurneyi 

Autillo de Java (S): Otus angelinae 

Autillo de Koepcke (S): Otus koepckeae 

Autillo de la Mantanani (S): Otus mantananensis 

Autillo de la Sangihe (S): Otuscollari 

Autillo de la Simeulue (S): Otus umbra 

Autillo de la Sonda (S): Otus bakkamoena 

Autillo de las Comores (S): Otus pauliani 

Autillo de las Mentawai (S): Otus mentawi 

Autillo de las Palau (S): Otus podargimts 

Autillo de Luzon (S): Otus longicornis 

Autillo de Marshall (S): Otus marshalli 

Autillo de Mindanao (S): Otus minis 

Autillo de Mindoro (S): Otus mindorensis 

Autillo de Moheli (S): Otus moheliensis 

Autillo de Nicobar (S): Otus alius 

Autillo de Palawan (S): Otus fuliginosus 

Autillo de Santa Catalina (S): Otus sanctaecatarinae 

Autillo de Santo Tome (S): Otushartlaubi 

Autillo de Sokoke (S): Otus ireneae 

Autillo de Wallace (S): Otus silvicola 

Autillo del Amazonas (S): Otus watsonii 

Autillo elegante (S): Otus elegans 

Autillo europeo (S): Otus scops 

Autillo filipino (S): Otus megalotis 

Autillo flamulado (S): Otusfiammeolus 

Autillo frentiblanco (S): Otus sagittatus 

Autillo gorgiblanco (S): Otus albogularis 

Autillo indio (S): Otus bakkamoena 

Autillo malgache (S): Otus rutilus 

Autillo moluqueno (S): Otus magicus 

Autillo montano (S): Otus spilocephalus 

Autillo oriental (S): Otus scops 

Autillo palido (S): Otus ingens 

Autillo persa (S): Otus brucei 

Autillo peruano (S): Otus roboratus 

Autillo piquigualdo (S): Otus kterorhynchus 

Autillo portorriquefio (S): Otus nudipes 

Autillo raja (S): Otus brookii 

Autillo roborado (S): Otus roboratus 

Autillo rojizo (S): Otus rufescens 

Autillo serrano (S): Otus clarkii 

Autillo vermiculado (S): Otus vermiculatus 

Autillo yanqui (S): Otusasio 

Autour a ailes grises (F): Melierax poliopterus 

Autour a flancs roux (F): Accipiter castanilius 

Autour a longue queue (F): Urotriorchis macrourus 

Autour a manteau noir (F): Accipiter melanochlamys 

Autour a tete grise (F): Accipiter poliocephalus 

Autour a ventre blanc (F): Accipiter haplochrous 

Autour a ventre gris (F): Accipiter poliogaster 

Autour australien (F): Accipiter fasciatus 

Autour blanc (F): Accipiter novaehollandiae 

Autour bleu et gris (F): Accipiter luteoschistaceus 

Autour chanteur (F): Melierax canorus 

Autour de Burger (F): Erythrotriorchis buergersi 

Autour de Doria (F): Megatriorchis doriae 

Autour de Henst (F): Accipiter henstii 

Autour de Mayr (F): Accipiter princeps 

Autour de Meyer (F): Accipiter meyerianus 

Autour de Toussenel (F): Accipiter toussenelii 

Autour des Celebes (F): Accipiter griseiceps 

Autour des Fidji (F): Accipiter rufilorques 

Autour des Moluques (F): Accipiter henicogrammus 

Autour des palombes (F): Accipiter gentilis 

Autour gabar (F): Melierax gabar 

Autour huppe (F): Accipiter trivirgatus 

Autour imitateur (F): Accipiter imitator 

Autour minulle (F): Accipiter erythropus 

Autour noir (F): Accipiter melanoleucus 

Autour pie (F): Accipiter albogularis 

Autour rouge (F): Erythrotriorchis radiatus 

Autour sombre (F): Melierax metabates 

Autour tachiro (F): Accipiter tachiro 

Autour unibande ( F): Kaupifalco monogrammicus 

Autruche dAfrique (F): Struthio camelus 

Avadavat, Green (E): Amandavaformosa 

Avahi (E): Avahi laniger 

Avahi laineux (F): Avahi laniger 

Avahi laniger: (E) Avahi, Woolly Indris, Woolly Lemur, (S) Indri 

lanudo, (F) Avahi, Avahi laineux, Maki a bourre I iNDRIDAE 

Avahi occidentalis = Avahi laniger 
Avahi unicolor. (E) Unicolor Avahi I INDRIDAE Ma 
Avahi, Unicolor (E): Avahi unicolor 
Avahis (F): INDRIDAE spp. 

Ave de anteojos de pecho bianco (S): Zosterops albogularis 
Aves de rapina (S): FALCONIFORMES spp. 
Aves del paraiso (S): PARADISAEIDAE spp. 
Avestruz (S): Rhea americana /Struthio camelus 
Avesrruz de Magallanes (S): Rheapennata 
Aviceda cuculoides: (E) African Baza, African Cuckoo-Falcon, 

African Cuckoo-Hawk, (S) Baza africano, (F) Baza coucou, 

Faucon-coucou II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Aviceda jerdoni: (E) Asian Baza, Jerdon's Baza, (S) Baza oriental, 

(F) Baza de Jerdon II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Aviceda leuphotes: (E) Black Baza, (S) Baza negro, (F) Baza 

Aviceda madagascariensis: (E) Madagascar Baza, Madagascar 

Cuckoo-Falcon, Madagascar Cuckoo- Hawk, (S) Baza malgache, 

(F) Baza malgache II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Aviceda subcristata: (E) Crested Baza, Pacific Baza, (S) Baza 

australiano, (F) Baza huppe II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Avocetbill, Mountain (E): Opisthoprora eutyptera 
Avocettula recurvirostris = Anthracothorax recurvirostris 
Avutarda (S): Otis tarda 
Avutarda arabe (S): Ardeotis arabs 
Avutarda australiana (S): Ardeotis australis 
Avutarda bengal! (S): Eupodotis bengalensis 
Avutarda cafre (S): Neotis denhami 
Avutarda comiin (S): Otis tarda 
Avutarda de Bengala (S): Eupodotis bengalensis 
Avutarda de Burchell (S): Neotis denhami 
Avutarda de Denham (S): Neotis denhami 
Avutarda de Heuglin (S): Neotis heuglinii 
Avutarda de la India (S): Ardeotis nigriceps 
Avutarda de Ludwig (S): Neotis ludwigii 
Avutarda de Namibia (S): Neotis ludwigii 
Avutarda de Savile (S): Eupodotis savilei 
Avutarda euroasiatica (S): Otis tarda 
Avutarda hubara (S): Ch/amydotis undulata 
Avutarda india (S): Ardeotis nigriceps 
Avutarda indica (S): Ardeotis nigriceps 
Avutarda kori (S): Ardeotis kori 
Avutarda niibica (S): Neotis nuba 
Avutarda somali (S): Neotis heuglinii 
Avutardas (S): OTIDIDAE spp. 

Awlbill, Fiery -tailed (E): Anthracothorax recurvirostris 
Axhelia mirabilis = Madracis myriaster 
Axhelia myriaster = Madracis myriaster 
Axis calamianensis: (E) Calamian Deer, Calamian Hog Deer, (S) 

Ciervo de los Calamianes, Ciervo porquerizo de los Calamianes, 

(F) Cerf-cochon calamien I CERVIDAE Ma 
Axis kuhlii. (E) Bawean Deer, Kuhl's Hog Deer, (S) Cerdo de Kuhl, 

Ciervo de Kuhl, Ciervo de Marjal, Ciervo porquerizo de Kuhl, 

(F) Cerf-cochon de Bawean, Cerfcochon de Kuhl I CERVIDAE 

Axis porcinus annamiticus: (E) Ganges Hog Deer, Indochinese Hog 

Deer, Thai Hog Deer, (S) Cerdo tailandes, Ciervo porquerizo de 

Indochina, (F) Cerfcochon de Thai'lande, Cerf-cochon 

d'Indochine I CERVIDAE Ma 
Axis porcinus: (E) Hog Deer I/NC CERVIDAE Ma 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Axohelia dumetosa = Madracis myriaster 
Axohelia mirabilis = Madracis myriaster 
Axohelia myriaster = Madracis myriaster 
Axohelia schrammii = Madracis myriaster 
Axolotes guttata = Ambystoma mexicanum 
Axolotl (E): Ambystoma mexicanum 
Axolotl pisciformis = Ambystoma mexicanum 
Axolotus pisciformis = Ambystoma mexicanum 
Aye-aye (E): Daubentonia madagascariensis 
Aythya nyroca: (E) Ferruginous Duck, Ferruginous Pochard, White- 
eyed Pochard, (S) Porron Pardo, (F) Fuligule nyroca III 

Azer semicollarejo (S): Accipiter collaris 
Azor (S): Accipiter gentilis 
Azor australiano (S) : Accipiter fasciatas 
Azor bicolor (S): Accipiter bicolor 
Azor blanquinegro (S): Accipiter melanoleucus 
Azor chico (S): Accipiter striatus 
Azor comun (S): Accipiter gentilis 
Azor culebrero (S): Polyboroides radiatus 
Azor de Burgers (S): Erythrotriorchis buergersi 
Azor de Doria (S): Megatriorchis doriae 
Azor de Meyer (S): Accipiter meyerianus 
Azor deNueva Bretana(S): Accipiter princeps 
Azor de Toussenel (S): Accipiter toussenelii 
Azor gris (S): Accipiter superciliosus 
Azor lagartijero oscuro (S): Melierax metabates 
Azor malgache (S): Accipiter henstii 
Azor moluqueno (S): Accipiter henicogrammus 
Azor monudo (S): Accipiter trivirgatus 
Azor pechigris (S): Accipiter poliogaster 
Azor pechillano (S): Accipiter centralis 
Azor rabilargo (S): Urotriorchis macrourus 
Azor rojo (S): Erythrotriorchis radiatus 
Azor tachiro (S): Accipiter tachiro 
Azor variable (S): Accipiter novaehollandiae 
Azor ventrigris (S): Accipiter poliogaster 
Azor zancon (S): Geranospiza caerulescens 
Azor- lagartijero claro (S): Melierax canorus 
Azor-lagartijero somali (S): Melierax poliopterus 
Azurecrown, Pied-billed (E): Agyrtria cyanocephala 
Babiroussa(E): Babyrousa babyrussa 
Babirusa (E): Babyrousa babyrussa 
Babisuri (S): Bassariscus sumichrasti 
Baboon, Chacma (E): Papio hamadryas 
Baboon, Gelada (E): Theropilhecus gelada 
Baboon, Guinea (E): Papio hamadryas 
Baboon, Hamadryas (E): Papio hamadryas 
Baboon, Olive (E): Papio hamadryas 
Baboon, Yellow (E): Papio hamadryas 
Babouin anubis (F): Papio hamadryas 
Babouin chacma (F): Papio hamadryas 
Babouin de Guinee (F): Papio hamadryas 
Babouin jaune(F): Papio hamadryas 
Babyrousa babyrussa : (E) Babiroussa, Babirusa, Deer Hog, (S) 

Babirusa, (F) Babiroussa I SUIDAE Ma 
Badger, Honey (E): Mellivora capensis 
Baiji (E): Lipotes vexillifer 
Baillonius bailloni: (E) Saffron Toucanet, (F) Toucan de Baillon III 

Balaena glacialis - Eubalaena glacialis 
Balaena glacialis australis = Eubalaena australis 
Balaena glacialis glacialis = Eubalaena glacialis 
Balaena mysticetus: (E) Bowhead Whale, Greenland Right Whale, 

(S) Ballena boreal, (F) Baleine de grande baie, Baleine du 

Greenland I BALAENIDAE Ma 
Balaeniceps rex: (E) Shoebill, Whale-headed Stork, (S) Picozapato, 

(F) Baleniceps roi, Bec-en-sabot, Beoen-sabot du Nil II 

Balaenoptera acutorostrata : (E) Lesser Rorqual, Little Piked 

Whale, Minke Whale, Northern Minke Whale, (S) Ballena 

minke, Rorcual menor, (F) Baleinoptere a museau pointu. Petit 

Balaenoptera bonaerensis: (E) Antarctic Minke Whale, Southern 

Minke Whale, (S) Rorcual enano del antarctica, (F) Petit rorqual 

de 1 Antarctique I BALAENOPTERIDAE Ma 
Balaenoptera borealis. (E) Coalfish Whale, Pollack Whale, 
Rudophi's Rorqual, Sei Whale, (S) Ballena boba, Ballena sei, 
Rorcual boreal, Rorcual de Rudolphi, Rorcual norteno, (F) 
Baleinoptere de Rudolphi, Rorqual boreal. Rorqual de Rudolphi, 
Balaenoptera btydei = Balaenoptera edeni 

Balaenoptera edeni. (E) Bryde's Whale, Tropical Whale, (S) Ballena 
de Bryde, (F) Baleinoptere de Bryde, Rorqual de Bryde, Rorqual 
d'Eden, Rorqual tropical I BALAENOPTERIDAE Ma 
Balaenoptera musculus: (E) Blue Whale, Sibbald's Rorqual, 
Sulphur-bottom Whale, (S) Ballena azul, Rorcual azul, (F) 
Baleine bleue, Baleine d'Ostende, Baleinoptere bleue. Rorqual a 
ventre cannele, Rorqual bleu, Rorqual de Sibbold 1 
Balaenoptera physalus: (E) Common Rorqual, Fin Whale, Finback, 
Fin-backed Whale, Firmer, Herring Whale. Razorback, (S) 
Ballena aleta, Ballena boba, Rorcual comun, (F) Baleine a 
nageoires, Baleine fin. Baleinoptere commun, Rorqual commun 
Balanophyllia affinis = Balanophyllia stimpsonii 
Balanophyllia annae = Rhizopsammia annae 
Balanophyllia bairdiana : D 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balanophyllia bayeri: II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balanophyllia bonaespei: II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balanophyllia brevis = BalanopMlia regia 
Balanophyllia buccina: tf DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balanophyllia capensis: II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balanophyllia caribbeana: II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balanopln-llia carinata: II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balanophyllia cedrosensis: it DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balanophyllia cellulosaA? DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balanophyllia chnous. II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balanophyllia corniculans. H 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
BalanopMlia cornu: II s DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balanophyllia crassiseptum : II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balanophyllia crassitheca: II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
BalanopMlia cumingii: II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balanophyllia cvathoides: II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balanophyllia dentata: \t DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balanophyllia desmophyllioides: II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balanophyllia diademaia: if DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balanophyllia diffusa : it DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balanophyllia dilatata = Balanophyllia dentata 
Balanophyllia dineta: II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balanophyllia diomedeae: II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balanophyllia diomedeae mauiensis = Balanophyllia diomedeae 
Balanophyllia dubia: II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balanophyllia eguchii = Cladopsammia eguchii 
Balanophyllia elegans. II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
BalanopMlia elliptica: it DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balanophyllia elongata : D 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
BalanopMlia europaea: if DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balanophyllia fistula = Eguchipsammia fistula 
Balanophyllia floridana: (E) Porous Cup Coral, (F) Dent de cochon 

Balanophyllia formosa = Leptopsammia formosa 
Balanophyllia gaditana = Eguchipsammia gaditana 
Balanophyllia galapagensis: II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balanophyllia gemma: tf DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
BalanopMlia gemmifera: II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balanophyllia generatrix: II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balanophyllia gigas. D 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balanophyllia grandis = BalanopMlia pittieri 
Balanophyllia hadros. U s DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balanophyllia hawaiiensis = Balanophyllia cornu 
Balanophyllia imperialis: II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balanophyllia iwayamaensis. rf DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balanophyllia laysanensis: II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balanophyllia malouinensis: II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balanophyllia nouhuysi = Dendrophyllia arbuscula 
Balanophyllia osburni= Balanophyllia galapagensis 
Balanophyllia palifera: II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balanophyllia paratlela : U 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
BalanopMlia parvula : II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 

Seep. 13 / Veasep. 29 1 Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Balanophyllia pittieri: it DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balanophyllia ponderosa : if DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balanophvllia praeciptta = Eguchipsammia gaditana 
Balanophvllia profundicella: II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balanophvllia rediviva: rf DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balanophvllia regalis: II s DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balanophvllia regia: (E) Scarlet -and-gold Star Coral if 

Balanophvllia regularis = Endopsammia philippensis 
Balanophvllia scabra : if DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balanophvllia scheeri = Rhizopsammia verrilli 
Balanophvllia serra la: rf DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balanophvllia socialis = Balanophvllia stimpsonii 
Balanophvllia socialis britannica = Leptopsammia britannica 
Balanophvllia socialis costata = Balanophvllia stimpsonii 
Balanophvllia socialis jejfrevsia = Balanophvllia stimpso nii 
Balanophvllia spongiosa : II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balanophvllia stimpsonii: I] 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balanophvllia stokesiana = Leptopsammia stokesiana 
BalanopMlia taprobanae: IV DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balanophvllia tenuis: U s DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balanophvllia teres: II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balanophyllia thalassae: II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balanophvllia tiburonensis = Balanophvllia cedrosensis 
Balanophyllia togata = Trochopsammia togata 
Balanophvllia vermcaria = Balanophvllia europaea 
Balanophvllia wellsi: it DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balanophyllia yongei: U 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Balbugard fluviatile (F): Pandion haliaetus 
Balbuzard pecheur (F): Pandion haliaetus 
Balearica pavonina : (E) Black Crowned-Crane, West African 
Crowned Crane, (S) Grulla coronada, Grulla coronada 
cuellinegra, Grulla coronada del Africa occidental, (F) Grue 
couronnee, Grue couronnee de TAfrique del'ouest et du Soudan 
Balearica regulorum : (E) Grey Crowned-Crane, South African 
Crowned Crane, (S) Grulla coronada cuelligris, Grulla coronada 
sudafficana, (F) Grue couronnee de Cap, Grue couronnee de 
l'Afrique du sud et de 1'est, Grue royale II GRUIDAE Av 
Baleine a bosse (F): Megaptera novaeangliae 
Baleine a nageoires (F): Balaenoptera physalus 
Baleine a six bosses (F): Eschrichtius robustus 
Baleine a taquet (F): Megaptera novaeangliae 
Baleine australe (F): Eubalaena australis 
Baleine bleue (F): Balaenoptera mascuhis 
Baleine de Biscaye (F): Eubalaena glacialis 
Baleine de grande baie (F): Balaena mysticelus 
Baleine des Basques (F): Eubalaena glacialis 
Baleine d'Ostende (F): Balaenoptera musculus 
Baleine du Greenland (F): Balaena mysticetus 
Baleine fin (F): Balaenoptera physalus 
Baleine franche (F): Eubalaena glacialis 
Baleine grise (F): Eschrichtius robustus 
Baleine pygmee (F): Caperea marginata 
Baleines (F): CETACEA spp. 
Baleines a bee (F): Berardiusspp. 
Baleines tranches (F): Eubalaena spp. 
Baleines noires (F): Eubalaena spp. 

Baleinoptere a museau pointu (F): Balaenoptera acutorostrata 
Baleinoptere bleue (F): Balaenoptera musculus 
Baleinoptere commun (F): Balaenoptera physalus 
Baleinoptere de Bryde (F): Balaenoptera edeni 
Baleinoptere de Rudolphi (F): Balaenoptera borealis 
Baleniceps roi (F): Balaeniceps rex 
Ballena (S): Eubalaena glacialis 
Ballena aleta (S): Balaenoptera physalus 
Ballena azul (S): Balaenoptera musculus 
Ballena blanca (S): Delphinapterus leucas 
Ballena boba (S): Balaenoptera borealis/ Balaenoptera physalus 
Ballena boreal (S): Balaena mysticetus 
Ballena de Bryde (S): Balaenoptera edeni 
Ballena de Cuvier (S): Ziphius cavirostris 
Ballena de pico de Andrew (S): Mesoplodon bowdoini 
Ballena de pico de Amoux (S): Berardius arnaxii 
Ballena de pico de Baird (S): Berardius bairdii 

Ballena de pico de Blainville (S): Mesoplodon densirostris 

Ballena de pico de Gervais (S): Mesoplodon europaeus 

Ballena de pico de Gray (S): Mesoplodon grayi 

Ballena de pico de Hector (S): Mesoplodon hectori 

Ballena de pico de Hubbs (S): Mesoplodon carlhubbsi 

Ballena de pico de Layard (S): Mesoplodon layardii 

Ballena de pico de Longman (S): Indopacetus pacificus 

Ballena de pico de Sowerby (S): Mesoplodon bidens 

Ballena de pico de Stejneger (S): Mesoplodon stejnegeri 

Ballena de pico de True (S): Mesoplodon mints 

Ballena de Shepherd (S): Tasmacetus shepherdi 

Ballena esperma (S): Physeter catodon 

Ballena franca (S): Eubalaena australis 

Ballena franca del Norte (S): Eubalaena glacialis 

Ballena franca pigmea (S): Caperea marginata 

Ballena gris (S): Eschrichtius robustus 

Ballena hocico de botella del norte (S): Hyperoodon ampullatus 

Ballena hocico de botella del sur (S): Hyperoodon planifrons 

Ballena jorobada (S): Megaptera novaeangliae 

Ballena minke (S): Balaenoptera acutorostrata 

Ballena sei (S): Balaenoptera borealis 

ballenas (S): CETACEA spp. 

ballenas de pico (S): Berardiusspp. 

ballenas hocico de botella (S): Hyperoodon spp. 

Ballenga(S): Eubalaena glacialis 

Banderon cabal lo (S): Myrmecophaga tridactyla 

Bandicoot a pieds de pore (F): Chaeropus ecaudatus 

Bandicoot de Bougainville (F): Perameles bougainville 

Bandicoot pieds de cochon (F): Chaeropus ecaudatus 

Bandicoot, Barred (E): Perameles bougainville 

Bandicoot, Greater Rabbit -eared (E): Macrotis lagotis 

Bandicoot, Lesser Rabbit -eared (E): Macrotis leucura 

Bandicoot, Long-nosed (E): Perameles bougainville 

Bandicoot, Pig- footed (E): Chaeropus ecaudatus 

Bandicoot. Western Barred (E): Perameles bougainville 

Bandicoot, White-tailed Rabbit-eared (E): Macrons leucura 

Bandicoot-lapin (F): Macrotis lagotis 

Bandicoot-lapin a queue blanche (F): Macrotis leucura 

Bandicoot-lapin mineur (F): Macrotis leucura 

Bandicot conejo (S): Macrotis lagotis 

Bandicot conejo de cola blanca (S): Macrotis leucura 

Bandicot de Bouganville (S): Perameles bougainville 

Bandicot de pies porcinos (S): Chaeropus ecaudatus 

Banksianus fulgidus = Psitlrichas fulgidits 

Bantamia merleti = Blastomussa merleti 

Barabattoia amicorum: II 8 FAVIIDAE An 

Barabattoia goroensis = Barabattoia amicorum 

Barabattoia laddi: II 8 FAVIIDAE An 

Barabattoia mirabilis: U 8 FAVIIDAE An 

Batabattoia modesta = Barabattoia amicorum 

Barasinga (F): Cervus duvaucelii 

Barasingha (E): Cervus duvaucelii 

Barb, Congo Blind (E): Caecobarbus geertsi 

Barb, Isok (E): Probarbus jullieni 

Barb, Seven-line (E): Probarbus jullieni 

Barb, Seven -striped (E): Probarbus jullieni 

Barbeau de Jullien (F): Probarbus jullieni 

Barbet, Toucan (E): Semnornis ramphastinus 

Barbita colibandeada (S): Threnetes ruckeri 

Barbita colipalida (S): Threnetes niger 

Barbthroat, Band-tailed (E): Tltrenetes ruckeri 

Barbthroat, Bronze-tailed (E): Threnetes niger 

Barbthroat, Pale-tailed (E): Threnetes niger 

Barbthroat, Sparkling-tailed (E): Tilmatura dupontii 

Barbu aveugle (F): Caecobarbus geertsi 

Barbus pahangensis = Probarbus jullieni 

Baribal (F): Ursus americanus 

Barizo dorsirrojo (S): Saimiri oerstedii 

Barnacla Canadiense (S): Branta canadensis 

Bamacla cuellirroja (S): Branta ruficollis 

Barnacla de las Aleutianas (S): Branta canadensis leucopareia 

Barnacla hawaiana (S): Branta sandvicensis 

Barnacla nene (S): Branta sandeicensis 

Seep. 13 / Veasep. 29 / Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Barnardius barnardi. (E) Barnard's Parakeet, Mallee Ringneck, (S) 

Perico de Barnard, (F) Perruche de Barnard U PSITTACIDAE 

Barnardius zonarius: (E) Australian Ringneck, Port Lincoln 

Ringneck, Twenty-eight Parakeet, (S) Perico de Port Lincoln, 

(F) Perruche a collier jaune II PSITTACIDAE Av 
Barn-Ovvl, Common (E): Tyto alba 
Barn-Owl, Minahassa (E): Tyto inexspectata 
Barn-Owl, Sula (E): Tyto nigrobrunnea 
Bartlettia pitipii = Podocnemis sextuberculata 
Baryastrea solida = Leptastrea bottae 
Basaride (S): Bassariscus sumichrasti 
Basilinna leucotis: (E) White-eared Hummingbird, (S) Colibri 

orejiblanco, (F) Saphir a oreilles blanches II TROCHILIDAE 

Basilinna xantusii: (E) Black-fronted Hummingbird, Xantus's 

Hummingbird, (S) Colibri de Xantus, (F) Saphir de Xanfus II 

Bassarai ruse (F): Bassariscus sumichrasti 
Bassaricyon gabbii: (E) Bushy -tailed Olingo. Olingo, (S) Chosna 

pericote, Cuataquil, Cuchumbi, Lingo, Olingo, (F| Cataquil, 

Bassaris d'Amerique centrale (F): Bassariscus sumichrasti 
Bassariscus sumichrasti: (E) Cacomistle, Central American 

Cacomistle, (S) Babisuri, Basaride, Cacomistle, Mico de noche, 

Mico rayado, (F) Bassarai ruse, Bassaris dAmerique centrale III 

Bat, Bonin Fruit (E): Pteropus pselaphon 
Bat, Golden-capped Fruit (E): Acerodon jubatus 
Bat, Guam Fruit (E): Pteropus tokudae 
Bat, Least Fruit (E): Pteropus woodfordi 
Bat, Madagascar Fruit (E): Pteropus rufus 
Bat, Masked Fruit (E): Pteropus personatus 
Bat, Palau Fruit (E): Pteropus pilosus 
Bat, Palawan Fruit (E): Acerodon leucotis 
Bat, Panay Giant Fruit (E): Acerodon lucifer 
Bat, Panay Golden-capped Fruit (E): Acerodon lucifer 
Bat, Seram Fruit (E): Pteropus ocularis 
Bat, Silvery Fruit (E): Pteropus argentatus 
Bat, Sulawesi Fruit (E): Acerodon celebensis 
Bat, Sunda Fruit (E): Acerodon mackloti 
Bat, Talaud Fruit (E): Acerodon humilis 
Bat, White-lined (E): Platyrrhinus lineatus 
Bat, White-lined Broadnosed (E): Platyrrhinus lineatus 
Batagur (E): Batagur baska 
Batagur baska: (E) Batagur, Common Batagur, Four -toed Terrapin, 

River Terrapin, (S) Galapago Batagur, Galapago indio. (F) 

Batagur malais, Emyde fluviale indienne I EMYDIDAE Re 
Batagur ellioti = Kachuga kachuga 
Batagur malais (F): Batagur baska 
Batagur picta = Callagur borneoensis 
Batagur smithii = Kachuga smithii 
Batagur, Common (E): Batagur baska 
Batagur. Painted (E): Callagur borneoensis 
Batagur, Three-striped (E): Callagur borneoensis 
Bateleur (E): Terathopius ecaudatus 
Bateleur des savanes (F): Terathopius ecaudatus 
Bathelia Candida: rf OCULINIDAE An 
Bathyactis kikaiensis = Fungiacyathus paliferus 
Bathyactis marenzelleri = Fungiacyathus marenzelleri 
Bathyactis palifera = Fungiacyathus paliferus 
Bathyactis sibogae = Fungiacyathus sibogae 
Bathyactis stabilis = Fungiacyathus sibogae 
Bathyactis slephanus = Fungiacyathus stephanus 
Bathyactis symmetrica = Fungiacyathus symmetricus 
Bathycyathus atlanticus = Caryophyllia atlantica 
Bathycyathus chilensis: II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Bathycyathus consagensis = Phyllangia consagensis 
Bathycyathus elegans= Dasmosmilia variegata 
Bathycyathus maculatus = Rhizosmilia macidata 
Balhypathes affinis = Schizopathes affinis 
Bathypathes alternata: II SCHIZOPATHIDAE An 
Bathypathes arctica = Stauropathes arctica 
Bathypathes bayeri: II SCHIZOPATHIDAE An 
Bathypathes bifida: II SCHIZOPATHIDAE An 

Bathypathes erotema: II SCHIZOPATHIDAE An 

Bathypathes euantha: II SCHIZOPATHIDAE An 

Bathypathes galatheae. U SCHIZOPATHIDAE An 

Balhypathes heterorhodzos = Heliopathes hetemrhodzos 

Bathypathes lyra = Abyssopathes lyra 

Bathypathes patula: II SCHIZOPATHIDAE An 

Bathypathes patula plenispina = Bathypathes patula 

Bathypathes platycaulus. II SCHIZOPATHIDAE An 

Bathypathes quadribrachiata = Lillipathes quadribrachiata 

Balhypathes scoparia = Saropathes scoparia 

Balhypathes tenuis: II SCHIZOPATHIDAE An 

Bathypsammia fallosocialis: II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 

Balhypsammia tintinnabulum : if DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 

Bathysiredon dumerilii = Ambystoma dumerilii 

Bathytrochus hexagonalis = Fungiacyathus marenzelleri 

Batotrochus corbicula = Trematotrochus corbicula 

Bay-Owl. Common (E): Phodilus badius 

Bay-Owl. Congo (E): Phodilus prigoginei 

Bay -Owl, Oriental (E): Phodilus badius 

Baza africano (S): Aviceda cuculoides 

Baza australiano (S): Aviceda subcristata 

Baza coucou (F): Aviceda cuculoides 

Baza de Jerdon (F): Aviceda jerdoni 

Baza huppard (F): Aviceda leuphotes 

Baza huppe (F): Aviceda subcristata 

Baza malgache (F): Aviceda madagascariensis 

Baza negro (S): Aviceda leuphotes 

Baza oriental (S): Aviceda jerdoni 

Baza, African (E): Aviceda cuculoides 

Baza, Asian (E): Aviceda jerdoni 

Baza, Black (E): Aviceda leuphotes 

Baza, Crested (E): Aviceda subcristata 

Baza, Jerdon's (E): Aviceda jerdoni 

Baza, Madagascar (E): Aviceda madagascariensis 

Baza, Pacific (E): Aviceda subcristata 

Beaked whales (E): Berardius spp. 

Beak-head (E): Sphenodon punctatus 

Bean, Cumberland (E): Villosa trabalis 

Bear, American Black (E): Ursus americanus 

Bear, Andean (E): Tremarctos ornatus 

Bear, Asian Black (E): Ursus thibetanus 

Bear. Brown (E): Ursus arctos 

Bear, Grizzly (E): Ursus arctos 

Bear, Himalayan Black (E): Ursus thibetanus 

Bear, Himalayan Brown (E): Ursus arctos isabellinus 

Bear, Malayan Sun (E): Hclarctos malayanus 

Bear. Polar (E): Ursus maritimus 

Bear, Red (E): Ursus arctos isabellinus 

Bear, Sloth (E): Melursus ursinus 

Bear, Spectacled (E): Tremarctos ornatus 

Bear, Sun (E): Helarctos malayanus 

Bear, Tien-Shan Brown (E): Ursus arctos isabellinus 

Bearcat (E): Arctictis binturong 

Bears (E ): URSIDAE spp. 

Beaumarquet (F): Pytilia phoenicoptera 

Beaumarquet a ailes jaunes ( F): Pytilia hypogrammica 

Beaumarquet aurore (F): Pytilia phoenicoptera 

Bebrornis rodericanus: (E) Rodrigues Brush-Warbler, Rodrigues 

Warbler, (F) Rousserolle de Rodriguez III MUSCICAPIDAE 

Bee de corail cendre (F): Estrilda troglodytes 
Bec-d'argent (F): Lonchura cantans 
Bec-en-faucille aigle (F): Eutoxeres aquila 
Bec-en-faucille de la Condamine (F): Eutoxeres condamini 
Bec-en-sabot (F): Balaeniceps rex 
Bec-en-sabot du Nil (F): Balaeniceps rex 
beetles, Cape stag (E): Colophon spp. 
Belette a ventre jaune (F): Mustela kathiah 
Belette alpine (F): Mustela allaica 
Belette de Siberie (F): Mustela sibirica 
Belette des Alpes (F): Mustela altaica 
Bellia borneensis = Orlilia borneensis 
Bellia crass icoll is = Siebenrockiella crassicollis 
Belouga (F): Dclphinapterus leucas 
Beluga (E): Delphinapterus leucas/Huso huso 

Seep. 1 3 1 Vease p. 29/ Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Bengali carinegro (S): Lagonoslkta vinacea 

Bengali de Fraser (S): Lagonosticta nifopicta 

Bengali de Lichtenstein (S): Lagonosticta rubricata 

Bengali senegales (S); Lagonosticta senegala 

Bengali vert (F): Amandava formosa 

Bengali zebre (F): Amandava subjlava 

Benitier de Rosevvater (F): Tridacna rosewateri 

Benitier de Tevoro ( F): Tridacna tevoroa 

Benitier geant (F): Tridacna gigas 

Benitiers (F): TRIDACN1DAE spp. 

Berardien d'Amoux (F): Berardius armaii 

Berardien de Baird (F): Berardius bairdii 

Berardius spp.: (E) Beaked whales, (S) Ballenas de pico, (F) 
Baleines a bee, Berards I ZIPFDIDAE Ma 

Berardius arnuxii (E| Arnoux's Beaked Whale, Southern Four- 
toothed Whale, (S) Ballena de pico de Arnoux, (F) Berardien 
d'Arnoux I ZIPFDIDAE Ma 

Berardius bairdii: (E) Baird's Beaked Whale, Giant Bottle -nosed 
Whale, Northern Four-toothed Whale, (S) Ballena de pico de 
Baird, (F) Berardien de Baird I ZIPHIIDAE Ma 

Berards (F): Berardius spp. 

Berenicornis comatits - Aceros comatus 

Bernache a cou roux (F): Branta ruficollis 

Bernache des Aleoutiennes (F): Branta canadensis leucopareia 

Bemache des lies Sandwich (F): Branta sanch'icensis 

Bernache d'Hawa'i (F): Branta sandvicensis 

Bernache du Canada (F): Branta canadensis 

Bemache du Canada aleoute (F): Branta canadensis leucopareia 

Bemache nene (F): Branta sanch-icensis 

Berrendo (S): Antilocapra americana 

Besra (E): Accipiter virgatus 

Bettong, Brush-tailed (E): Bettongia penicillata 

Bettong, Burrowing (E): Bettongia lesueur 

Bettong, Eastern (E): Bettongia gaimardi 

Bettong, Tasmanian(E): Bettongia gaimardi 

Bettongia spp.: (E) bettongs, rat kangaroos, (S) canguro-ratas, rata 
canguro, (F) kangourou-rats, I POTOROIDAE Ma 

Bettongia gaimardi ( E ) Eastern Bettong, Tasmanian Bettong, 
Tasmanian Rat Kangaroo, (S) Canguro- rata de Tasmania, (F) 
Kangourou-rat de Tasmanie I POTOROIDAE Ma 

Bettongia lesueur: (E) Boodie, Burrowing Bettong, Lesueur's Rat 
Kangaroo. (S) Canguro-rata de Lesueur, (F) Bettongie de 
Lesueur, Kangourou-rat de Lesueur I POTOROIDAE Ma 

Bettongia penicillata : (E) Brush-tailed Bettong, Brush-tailed Rat 
Kangaroo, Woylie, (S) Canguro-rata colipeludo, (F) Bettongie a 
queue touffue, Kangourou-rat a queue touffue I POTOROIDAE 

Bettongia tropica = Bettongia penicillata 

Bettongie a queue touffue (F): Bettongia penicillata 

Bettongie de Lesueur (F): Bettongia lesueur 

Bettongs (E): Bettongia spp. 

Bhutanitis spp.: (E) Bhutan swallowtails, (F) Macaones, II 

Bhutanitis lidderdalii: (E) Bhutan Glory II PAPILIONIDAE In 

Bhutanitis ludlowi: (E) Ludlow's Bhutan Swallowtail II 

Bhutanitis mansfieldi. (E) Mansfield's Three-tailed Swallowtail II 

Bhutanitis nigrilima = Bhutanitis thaidina 

Bhutanitis thaidina: (E) Chinese Three-tailed Swallowtail II 

Bhutanitis yidongensis = Bhutanitis thaidina 

Bichichi (S): Sagiunus oedipus 

Biflabellum anthophyllum = Monomyces pygmaea 

Bighorn (F): Ovis canadensis 

Bikiniastrea laddi= Barabattoia laddi 

Bilby (E): Macrotis lagotis 

Bilby, Greater (E): Macrotis lagotis 

Bilby, Lesser (E): Macrotis leucura 

Binturong (E): Arctictis binturong 

Bird-of -paradise. Blue (E): Paradisaea rudolphi 

Bird-of-paradise, Count Raggi's (E): Paradisaea raggiana 

Bird-of-paradise, Crested (E): Cnemophilus macgregorii 

Bird-of-paradise, Emperor (E): Paradisaea guilielmi 

Bird-of-paradise, Emperor of Germany's (E): Paradisaea guilielmi 

Bird-of-paradise, Goldie's (E): Paradisaea decora 
Bird-of-paradise, Greater (E): Paradisaea apoda 
Bird-of-paradise, King (E): Cicinnurus regius 
Bird-of-paradise, King-of-Saxony (E): Pteridophora alberti 
Bird-of-paradise, Lesser (E): Paradisaea minor 
Bird-of-paradise, Loria's (E): Cnemophilus loriae 
Bird-of-paradise. Macgregor's (E): Macgregoria pidchra 
Bird-of-paradise, Magnificent (E): Cicinnurus magnificus 
Bird-of-paradise, Princess Stephanie's (E): Astrapia stephaniae 
Bird-of-paradise, Raggiana (E): Paradisaea raggiana 
Bird-of-paradise, Red (E): Paradisaea rubra 
Bird-of-paradise, Ribbon-tailed (E): Astrapia mayeri 
Bird-of-paradise, Standard- wing (E): Semioptera wallacii 
Bird-of-paradise, Superb (E): Lophorina superba 
Bird-of-paradise, Twelve- wired (E): Seleucidis melanoleuca 
Bird-of-paradise, Wattle-billed (E): Loboparadisea sericea 
Bird-of-paradise, Wilson's (E): Cicinnurus respublica 
Bird-of-paradise, Yellow-breasted (E): Loboparadisea sericea 
birds of prey (E): FALCONIFORMES spp. 
birds-of-paradise (E): PARADISAEIDAE spp. 
Birdwing, Black-and-gold (E): Troides helena 
Birdwing, Bum Opalescent (E): Troides prattorum 
Birdwing, Chimaera (E): Ornithoptera chimaera 
Birdwing, Common (E): Ornithoptera priamus/Troides helena 
Birdwing, Common Green (E): Ornithoptera priamus 
Birdwing, D'Urville's (E): Ornithoptera urvillianus 
Birdwing, Golden (E): Troides aeacus/Troides amphrysus/Troides 

Birdwing, Goliath (E): Ornithoptera goliath 
Birdwing, Malay (E): Troides amphrysus 
Birdwing, New Guinea (E): Ornithoptera priamus 
Birdwing. Obi (E): Ornithoptera aesacus 
Birdwing, Paradise (E): Ornithoptera paradisea 
Birdwing, Priam's (E): Ornithoptera priamus 
Birdwing, Queen Alexandra's (E): Ornithoptera alexandrae 
Birdwing, Queen Victoria's (E): Ornithoptera victoriae 
Birdwing, Rajah Brooke's (E): Trogonoptera brookiana 
Birdwing, Rothschild's (E): Ornithoptera rothschildi 
Birdwing, Small (E): Troides aeacus 
Birdwing, Tailed (E): Ornithoptera paradisea 
Birdwing, Talaud Black (E): Troides dohertyi 
Bishop, Black-winged (E): Euplectes hordeaceus 
Bishop, Fire-crowned (E): Euplectes hordeaceus 
Bishop, Golden (E): Euplectes afer 
Bishop, Orange (E): Euplectes franciscanus 
Bishop, Yellow-crowned (E): Euplectes afer 
Bison bison: (E) American Bison, Buffalo II/NC BOVIDAE Ma 
Bison bison athabascae: (E) Wood Bison, (S) Bisonte americano de 

bosque, Bisonte selvatico de Athabascal. (F) Bison des forets II 

Bison des forets (F): Bison bison athabascae 
Bison, American (E): Bison bison 
Bison, Indian (E): Bosgaurus 
Bison, Wood (E): Bison bison athabascae 
Bisonte americano de bosque (S): Bison bison athabascae 
Bisonte selvatico de Athabascal (S): Bison bison athabascae 
Blackbird, Saffron-cowled (E): Agelaius Jlavus 
Blackbuck (E):Antilope cervicapra 
Black-Cockatoo, Glossy (E): Calyptorhynchus lathami 
Black-Cockatoo, Long-billed (E): Calyptorhynchus baudinii 
Black-Cockatoo, Red-tailed (E): Calyptorhynchus banksii 
Black-Cockatoo, Short-billed (E): Calyptorhynchus latirostris 
Black-Cockatoo, Slender-billed (E): Calyptorhynchus latirostris 
Black-Cockatoo, White-tailed (E); Calyptorhynchus baudinii 
Black-Cockatoo, Yellow-tailed (E): Calyptorhynchus funereus 
Blackfish, Slender (E): Feresa attenuata 
Black- Hawk, Common (E): Buteogallus anthracimis 
Black-Hawk, Great (E): Buteogallus urubitinga 
Black-Hawk, Lesser (E): Buteogallus anthracinus 
Black-Hawk, Mangrove (E): Buteogallus subtilis 
Blastocerus dichotomus: (E) Marsh Deer, (S) Ciervo de los 

pantanos. Ciervo marismeno, (F) Cerf des marais I CERV1DAE 

Blastomussa lcnvtoni= Phyllangia papuensis 
Blastomussamerleti: II s MUSSIDAE An 

Seep. 13 / Vease p. 29 / Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Blastomussa pourtalesi = Pourtalosmilia anthophvllites 

Blastomussa wellsi: II 8 MUSSIDAE An 

Blastosmilia fecunda = Anomocora fecunda 

Blastotrochus nutrix: II s TURBINOLIIDAE An 

Bleeding-heart, Luzon (E): Gal/icolumba litzonica 

Blesbok (E): Damaliscus pygargus 

Blossom, Green (E): Epioblasma tonthsa gubemaculum 

Blossom, Tubercled (E): Epioblasma torulosa tondosa 

Blossom, Turgid (E): Epioblasma turgidula 

Blossom, Yellow (E): Epioblasma florentina 

Blossomcrown (E): Anthocephala floriceps 

Bluebill, Western (E): Spermophaga haematina 

Bluebonnet (E): Norlhiella haematogaster 

Blue-flycatcher, Rueck's (E): Cyornis ruckii 

Boa a trois bandes (F): Lichanura trivirgala 

Boa aboma = Epicrates cenchria 

Boa albicans = Python molurus 

Boa ambleocephala = Corallus hortulanus 

Boa amethistina = Morelia amethislina 

Boa anacondo = Eunectes murinus 

Boa anguiformis = Eryxjohnii 

Boa annele (F): Corallus annulatus 

Boa annulata — Corallus annulatus 

Boa annulifer = Epicrates cenchria 

Boa aquatica = Eunectes murinus 

Boa arboricola anillada (S): Corallus annulatus 

Boa arboricola dejardin (S): Corallus hortulanus 

Boa arboricola de Madagascar (S): Sanzinia madagascariensis 

Boa arborico le annele (F ): Corallus annulatus 

Boa arboricole dAmazonie (F): Corallus hortulanus 

Boa arboricole gracile (F): Epicrates gracilis 

Boa arc-en-ciel (F): Epicrates cenchria 

Boa aurantiaca - Corallus caninus 

Boa australis = Candoia bibroni 

Boa aux ecaiiles rugueuses (F): Gongylophis colubrinus 

Boa canin (F): Corallus caninus 

Boa canina = Corallus caninus 

Boa caoutchouc (F): Charina bottae 

Boa carinata = Candoia carinata 

Boa castanea = Python molurus 

Boa cenchria = Epicrates cenchria 

Boa cinerea = Python molurus 

Boa conica = Gongylophis conicus 

Boa constrictor isthmica = Boa constrictor 

Boa constrictor longicauda = Boa constrictor 

Boa constrictormelanogaster = Boa constrictor 

Boa constrictor nebulosa - Boa constrictor 

Boa constrictor. (E) Ampalagua, Boa Constrictor, Giboya, 

Masacuate. (S) Boa constrictor, (F) Boa constrictor I/II 

Boa constrictor occidentalis: (E) Argentine Boa Constrictor, (F) 

Boa constrictor occidental I BOIDAE Re 
Boa constrictor occidental (F): Boa constrictoroccidentalis 
Boa cookii = Corallus cookii 
Boa costera de Brasil (S): Corallus cropanii 
Boa de arena de Egipto (S): Gongylophis colubrinus 
Boa de arena de la India (S): Eryxjohnii 
Boa de arena de Mtiller (S): Gongylophis muelleri 
Boa de arena de Sri Lanka (S): Gongylophis conicus 
Boa de arena de Whitaker (S): Eryx whitakeri 
Boa de arena somali (S): Eryx somalicus 
Boa de bosque (S): Tropidophis melanurus 
Boa de Cook ( F): Corallus hortulanus 
Boa de Cropan (F): Corallus cropanii 
Boa de Cuba (F): Epicrates angulifer 
Boa de Dumeril (F): Acrantophis dumerili 
Boa de Fiji (S): Candoia bibroni 
Boa de Ford (F): Epicrates fordii 
Boa de Gomme (S): Charina bottae 
Boa de Jamaica (S): Epicrates subflavus 
Boa de la Jamaique (F): Epicrates subflavus 
Boa de file Abaco (F): Epicrates exsul 
Boa de l'ile Mona (F): Epicrates monensis 
Boa de l'ile Ronde de Dussumier (F): Casarea dussumieri 
Boa de l'ile Turques (F): Epicrates chrysogaster 

Boa de Madagascar (F): Acrantophis madagascariensis 

Boade Madagascar meridional (S): Acrantophis madagascariensis 

Boa de Mauricio (S): Bolyeria multocarinata 

Boa de Mona (F): Epicrates monensis 

Boa de Nueva Guinea (S): Candoia aspera 

Boa de Porto Rico (F): Epicrates inornatus 

Boa de Puerto Rico (S): Epicrates inornatus 

Boa de Round Island (S): Casarea dussumieri 

Boa del Pacifico (S): Candoia carinata 

Boa des forets de Madagascar (F): Sanzinia madagascariensis 

Boa des jardins (F): Corallus hortulanus 

Boa des sables a ecaiiles rugueuses (F): Gongylophis conicus 

Boa des sables brun (F): Eryxjohnii 

Boa des sables couleuvrin (F): Gongylophis colubrinus 

Boa des sables d'Arabie (F): Eryx jayakari 

Boa des sables d'Asie centrale (F): Eryx elegans 

Boa des sables de Milller (F): Gongylophis muelleri 

Boa des sables de Somalie (F): Eryx somalicus 

Boa des sables de Tatarie (F): Eryx tataricus 

Boa des sables de Whitaker (F): Eryx whitakeri 

Boa des sables d'Egypte (F): Gongylophis colubrinus 

Boa des sables des Indes (F): Gongylophis conicus 

Boa des sables du Kenya (F): Gongylophis colubrinus 

Boa des sables elegant (F): Eryx elegans 

Boa des sables miliaire (F): Eryx miliaris 

Boa des sables nain (F): Eryx miliaris 

Boa des sables occidental (F): Eryxjaculus 

Boa des savanes de Dumeril (F): Acrantophis dumerili 

Boa des savanes de Madagascar (F): Acrantophis madagascariensis 

Boa d'Hai'ti (F): Epicrates striatus 

Boa d'Hispaniola (F): Epicrates gracilis 

Boa diviniloqua = Boa constrictor 

Boa diviniloquax mexicana = Boa constrictor 

Boa dumerili = Acrantophis dumerili 

Boa dussumieri = Casarea dussumieri 

Boa elegans = Corallus hortulanus 

Boa emeraude (F): Corallus caninus 

Boa enana de las Bahamas (S): Tropidophis canus 

Boa enana de las islas Caiman (S): Tropidophis caymanensis 

Boa enana del norte de centroamerica (S): Ungaliophis continentalis 

Boa enana mexicana (S): Exiliboa placata 

Boa enydris = Corallus hortulanus 

Boa enydris cookii = Corallus cookii 

Boa eques = Boa constrictor 

Boa esmerelda (S): Corallus caninus 

Boa excavadora de Round Island (S): Bolyeria multocarinata 

Boa exigua - Corallus caninus 

Boa forestier a queue noire de l'ile Navassa (F): Tropidophis 

Boa forestier a ventre noir (F): Tropidophis nigriventris 
Boa forestier annele (F): Tropidophis semicinctus 
Boa forestier brun (F): Tropidophis fuscus 
Boa forestier d' Ambergris Cay (F): Tropidophis greenwayi 
Boa forestier de Battersby (F): Tropidophis battersbyi 
Boa forestier de Feick (F): Tropidophis feicki 
Boa forestier de l'ile du Grand Inagua (F): Tropidophis canus 
Boa forestier de Pilsbry (F): Tropidophis pilsbryi 
Boa forestier de Taczanowsky (F): Tropidophis taczanowskyi 
Boa forestier de Wright (F): Tropidophis wrighti 
Boa forestier des iles Cayman (F): Tropidophis caymanensis 
Boa forestier d'Hai'ti (F): Tropidophis haetianus 
Boa forestier du Bresil (F): Tropidophis paucisquamis 
Boa forestier leopard (F): Tropidophis pardalis 
Boa forestier tachete (F): Tropidophis maculatus 
Boa fouisseur de l'ile Maurice (F): Bolyeria multocarinata 
Boa fouisseur de l'ile Ronde (F): Bolyeria multocarinata 
Boa gigas = Eunectes murinus 
Boa grenadensis = Corallus grenadensis 
Boa hieroglyphica = Python sebae 
Boa hipnale = Corallus caninus 
Boa hortulana = Corallus hortulanus 
Boa imperator = Boa constrictor 
Boa inornata = Epicrates inornatus 
Boa irisada (S): Epicrates cenchria 
Boa jabalina (S): Eryxjaculus 

Seep. 13 / Veasep. 29/ Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Boajohnii= Eryxjohnii 

Boa liberiensis = Python sebae 

Boa madagascariensis = Acrantophis madagascariensis 

Boa manditra = Sanzinia madagascariensis 

Boa melanura = Tropidophis melanurus 

Boamerremi= Coralhts hortulanus 

Boa mexicana = Boa constrictor 

Boa mexicana rosada (S): Lichamtra trivirgata 

Boamodesta = Coralhts hortulanus 

Boa murina = Eunectcs murinus 

Boa nain a carenes (F): Candoia carinata 

Boa nain a queue noire de i'ile Navassa (F): Tropidophis melamtrits 

Boa nain a ventre noir (F): Tropidophis nigriventris 

Boa nain annele (F): Tropidophis semicinctus 

Boa nain hrun (F): Tropidophis juscus 

Boa nain d' Ambergris Cay (F): Tropidophis greemvayi 

Boa nain d'Amerique centrale(F): Ungaliophis continentalis 

Boa nain de Battersby (F): Tropidophis battersbyi 

Boa nain de Bibron (F): Candoia bibroni 

Boa nain de Boulenger (F): Trachyboa boulengeri 

Boa nain de Feick (F): Tropidophis feicki 

Boa nain de l'Equateur (F): Trachyboa giilaris 

Boa nain de Tile du Grand Inagua (F): Tropidophis canus 

Boa nain de Pilsbry (F): Tropidophis pilsbryi 

Boa nain de Taczanowsky (F): Tropidophis taczanowskyi 

Boa nain de Wright (F): Tropidophis wrighti 

Boa nain des iles Cai'manes (F): Tropidophis caymanensis 

Boa nain des lies du Pacifique (F): Candoia bibroni 

Boa nain des Salomon (F): Candoia carinata 

Boa nain d'Haiti (F): Tropidophis haetianus 

Boa nain d'Oaxaca (F): Exiliboa placata 

Boa nain du Bresil (F): Tropidophis paucisquamis 

Boa nain du Panama (F): Ungaliophis panamensis 

Boa nain leopard (F): Tropidophis pardalis 

Boa nain tachete (F): Tropidophis maculatus 

Boa obtusiceps= Coralhts hortulanus 

Boa occidentalis = Boa constrictor occidentalis 

Boa orbiculata = Python molurus 

Boa ordinala = Python molurus 

Boa ornata = Gongylophis conicus 

Boa orophias= Boa constrictor 

Boa ortonii = Boa constrictor 

Boa pardalis = Tropidophis pardalis 

Boaphrygia = Python reticulatus 

Boa regia = Python regius 

Boa reticulata = Python reticulatus 

Boa rhombeata = Python reticulatus 

Boa rose (F): Lichanura trivirgata 

Boa rugosa (S): Trachyboa boulengeri 

Boa rugosa de Ecuador (S): Trachyboa gularis 

Boa rugueux de Boulenger (F): Trachyboa boulengeri 

Boa rugueux de l'Equateur (F): Trachyboa gularis 

Boa salmonidia = Coralhts ruschcnbergerii 

Boa sobre (F): Epicrates inornatus 

Boa tatarica = Eryx tataricus 

Boa ternatea = Epicrates cenchria 

Boa thalassina = Coralhts caninus 

Boa turcica = Eryx jaculus 

Boa viperina = Gongylophis conicus 

Boa, Abaco Island (E): Epicrates exsul 

Boa, Amazon Tree ( E): Coralhts hortulanus 

Boa, Ambergris Cay Dwart'(E): Tropidophis greenwayi 

Boa, Annulated Tree (E): Coralhts annulatus 

Boa, Arabian Sand (E): Eryxjayakari 

Boa, Bahamas Islands (E): Epicrates chrysogaster 

Boa, Banana (E): Ungaliophis continentalis 

Boa, Banded Dwarf (E): Tropidophis semicinctus 

Boa, Battersby's Dwarf (E): Tropidophis battersbyi 

Boa, Black-bellied Dwarf (E): Tropidophis nigriventris 

Boa, Blunt -tailed Sand (E): Eryxjohnii 

Boa, Bogert's (E): Exiliboa placata 

Boa, Brazilian Dwarf (E): Tropidophis paucisquamis 

Boa, Brown Sand (E): Eryxjohnii 

Boa, Caucasian Sand (E): Eryx jaculus 

Boa, Cayman Islands Dwarf (E): Tropidophis caymanensis 

Boa, Cayman Islands Ground (E): Tropidophis caymanensis 

Boa, Central American Dwarf (E): Ungaliophis panamensis 

Boa, Central Asian Sand (E): Eryx elegans 

Boa, Chiapan (E): Ungaliophis continentalis 

Boa, Cook's Tree (E): Coralhts hortulanus 

Boa, Cropan's (E): Coralhts cropanii 

Boa, Cuban (E): Epicrates angulifer 

Boa, Cuban Black -tailed Dwarf (E): Tropidophis melanurus 

Boa, Cuban Tree (E): Epicrates angulifer 

Boa, Desert Sand (E): Eryx miliaris 

Boa, Dumeril's (E): Acrantophis dumerili 

Boa, Dwarf Sand (E): E/yx miliaris 

Boa, East African Sand (E): Gongylophis colubrinus 

Boa, Ecuadorian Dwarf(E): Tropidophis battersbyi 

Boa, Ecuadorian Eyelash (E): Trachyboa gularis 

Boa, Egyptian Sand (E): Gongylophis colubrinus 

Boa, Elegant Sand (E): Eryx elegans 

Boa, Emerald Tree (E): Coralhts caninus 

Boa, Feick's Dwarf (E): Tropidophis feicki 

Boa, Fischer's Tree (E): Epicrates striatus 

Boa, Ford's (E): Epicrates fordii 

Boa, Garden Tree (E): Corallus hortulanus 

Boa, Great Inagua Island Dwarf (E): Tropidophis canus 

Boa, Haitian (E): Epicrates striatus 

Boa, Haitian Dwarf (E): Tropidophis haetianus 

Boa, Haitian Ground (E): Tropidophis haetianus 

Boa, Haitian Vine(E): Epicrates gracilis 

Boa, Hispaniolan (E): Epicrates gracilis 

Boa, Indian Sand (E): Eryx johnii/Gongylophis conicus 

Boa, Isthmian Dwarf (E): Ungaliophis continentalis 

Boa, Jamaican (E): Epicrates subflavus 

Boa, Javelin Sand (E): Eryx jaculus 

Boa, Jayakar's Sand (E): Eryx jayakari 

Boa, Kenyan Sand (E): Gongylophis colubrinus 

Boa, Leopard Dwarf (E): Tropidophis pardalis 

Boa, Madagascar (E): Acrantophis madagascariensis 

Boa, Madagascar Ground (E): Acrantophis dumerili 

Boa, Madagascar Tree (E): Sanzinia madagascariensis 

Boa, Malagasy Ground (E): Acrantophis madagascariensis 

Boa, Mona Island (E): Epicrates monensis 

Boa, Muller's Sand (E): Gongylophis muelleri 

Boa, Navassa Island Black -tailed Dwarf (E): Tropidophis melanurus 

Boa, New Guinea Viper (E): Candoia aspera 

Boa, Northern Eyelash (E): Trachyboa boulengeri 

Boa, Oaxacan (E): Exiliboa placata 

Boa, Oaxacan Dwarf (E): Exiliboa placata 

Boa, Pacific (E): Candoia bibroni 

Boa, Panamanian Dwarf (E): Ungaliophis panamensis 

Boa, Papuan Ground (E): Candoia aspera 

Boa. Pilsbry's Dwarf (E): Tropidophis pilsbryi 

Boa, Puerto Rican (E): Epicrates inornatus 

Boa, Rainbow (E): Epicrates cenchria 

Boa, Rosy (E): Lichanura trivirgata 

Boa, Rough-scaled (E): Trachyboa boulengeri 

Boa, Rough-scaled Sand (E): Gongylophis conicus 

Boa, Round Island Burrowing (E): Bolyeria multocarinata 

Boa, Round Island Keel-scaled (E): Casarea dussumieri 

Boa, Rubber (E): Charina bottae 

Boa, Russell's Sand (E): Gongylophis conicus 

Boa, Solomon Ground (E): Candoia carinata 

Boa, Somali Sand (E): Eryx somalicus 

Boa, Southern Eyelash (E): Trachyboa gularis 

Boa, Spiny (E): Trachyboa gularis 

Boa, Spotted Dwarf (E): Tropidophis maculatus 

Boa, Spotted Sand (E): Eryx jaculus 

Boa, Taczanowsky's Dwarf (E): Tropidophis taczanowskyi 

Boa, Tartary Sand (E): Eryx tataricus 

Boa, Theban Sand (E): Gongylophis colubrinus 

Boa, Tree (E): Candoia carinata 

Boa, Turks Islands (E): Epicrates chrysogaster 

Boa, Virgin Islands Tree (E): Epicrates monensis 

Boa, Water (E): Eunectes murinus 

Boa, West African Sand (E): Gongylophis muelleri 

Boa, Whitaker's (E): Eryx whitakeri 

Boa, Wright's Dwarf (E): Tropidophis wrighti 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Boa, Yellow Tree (E): Epicrates inornatus 

Boa-javelot (F): Eiyxjaculus 

boas (E/S/F): BOIDAE spp./ TROPIDOPHIIDAE spp. 

boas des savanes de Madagascar (F): Acrantophis spp. 

boas, Madagascar ground (E): Acrantophis spp. 

Boa-vipere de Nouvelle-Guinee (F): Candoia aspera 

Bobcat (E): Lynx rufus 

Bobwhite, Masked (E): Colinus virginianus ridgwayi 

Bobwhite, Northern (E): Colinus virginiamts 

Bockadam (E): Cerberus rhynchops 

Boella lenella = Epicrates inornatus 

BOIDAE spp.: (E) boas (S) boas. (F) boas l/II Re 

Boiruna maculata = Clelia clelia 

Boissonneaua flavescens. (E) Buff-tailed Coronet, (S) Colibri 

cabecidorado, Colibri colihabano, Coronita colihabana, (F) 

Colibri navescent II TROCFQLIDAE Av 
Boissonneaua jardini. (E) Velvet -purple Coronet, (S) Colibri 

sietecolores, Coronita aterciopelada, (F) Colibri de Jardine II 

Boissonneaua matthewsii: <E) Chestnut -breasted Coronet, (S) 

Colibri pechirrojo, Coronita pechicastana, (F) Colibri de 

Bolbopsittacus lunulatus: (E) Guaiabero, (S) Lorito guayabero, (F) 

Perruche lunulee II PSITTACIDAE Av 
Bolborhynchus andicolus= Bolborhynchus orbygnesius 
Bolborhynchus aurifrons = Psilopsiagon aurifrons 
Bolborhynchus aymara = Psilopsiagon aymara 
Bolborhynchus ferrugineifrons: (El Rufous- fronted Parakeet, (S) 

Catita frentirrufa, (F) Toui a front roux II PSITTACIDAE Av 
Bolborhynchus lineola: (E) Barred Parakeet. (S) Catita barrada, 

Perico barreteado, Periquito barrado, (F) Toui Catherine II 

Bolborhynchus luchsi = Myiopsitta luchsi 
Bolborhynchus orbygnesius: (E) Andean Parakeet, (S) Catita 

andina, (F) Toui d'Orbigny II PSITTACIDAE Av 
Bolyeria multocarinata : (E) Round Island Burrowing Boa, (Si Boa 

de Mauricio, Boa excavadora de Round Island, (F) Boa de I'lle 

Ronde de Dussumier, Boa fouisseur de l'ile Maurice, Boa 

fouisseur de file Ronde. Bolyeride I BOLYERIIDAE Re 
Bolyeria pseudoeryx = Bolyeria multocarinata 
Bolyeride (F): Bolveria multocarinata 
BOLYERIIDAE spp.: (E) Round Island boas I Re 
Bondree a longue queue (F): Henicopernis longtauda 
Bondree apivore (F): Pernis apivorus 
Bondree des Celebes (F): Pernis celebensis 
Bondree noire (F): Henicopernis infuscatus 
Bondree orientale (F): Pernis ptilorhyncus 
Bongo (E): Tragelaphus eurycerus 
Boninastrea boninensis: II 8 MERULINIDAE An 
Bonobo (E): Pan paniscus 
Bontebok (E): Damaliscus pygarguspygargus 
Bonytongue, Asian (E): Scleropages formosus 
Bonytongue, Malayan (E): Scleropages formosus 
Boobook, Andaman (E): Ninox affinis 
Boobook, Bismarck (E): Ninox variegata 
Boobook, Brown (E): Ninox scutulata 
Boobook, Jungle (E): Ninox theomacha 
Boobook, Manus (E): Ninox meeki 
Boobook, Moluccan (E): Ninox squamipila 
Boobook, Norfolk (E): Ninox novaeseelandiae undulata 
Boobook, Ochre-bellied (E): Ninox ochracea 
Boobook, Papuan (E): Uroglaux dimorpha 
Boobook, Philippine (E): Ninox philippensis 
Boobook, Russet (E): Ninox odiosa 
Boobook, Solomon Islands (E): Ninox jacquinoti 
Boobook, Southern (E): Ninox boobook 
Boobook, Speckled (E): Ninox pimctulata 
Boobook, Sumba (E): Ninox rudolfi 
Boobook, White-browed (E): Ninox superciliaris 
Booby, Abbott's (E): Papasula abbotti 
Boocercus eurycerus = Tragelaphus eurycerus 
Boodie (E): Bettongia lesueur 
Borrego cimarron (S): Ovis canadensis 
Bos bison = Bison bison 
Bos frontalis = Bosgaurus 

Bos gaurus: (E) Gaur. Indian Bison. Indian Wild Ox, Saladang, (S) 

Gaur, Gauru, (F) Gaur I BOVIDAE Ma 
Bos grunniens = Bos mutus 
Bos mutus. (E) Wild Yak, (S) Yak, Yak salvaje, (F) Yack sauvage I 

Bos sauveli: (E) Kouprey, (S) Kouprey, Toro cuprey. ( F) Kouprey I 

Bostrychia hagedash. (E) Hadada Ibis, (S) Ibis hadada. Ibis 

hagedash, (F) Ibis hagedash III THRESKIORNITHIDAE Av 
Bostrychia rara : (E) Spot-breasted Ibis. (S| Ibis moteado, Ibis rara, 

Bothrochile (F): Bothrochilus boa 
Bothrochilus albertisii = Leiopython albertisii 
Bothrochilus boa : ( E) Barred Python, Bismarck Ringed Python, 

Ringed Python, (S) Piton anillada de Bismarck, (F) Bothrochile 

Bothrochilus children! = Antaresia childreni 
Bothrochilus fuscus = Liasis fuscus 
Bothrochilus olivaceus = Liasis olivaceus 
Bothrochilus perthensis - Antaresia perthensis 
Boto (E): Inia geoffrertsis 

Botryphyllia yaeyamaensis = Euphyllia yaeyamaensis 
Bottlehead (E): Hyperoodon ampullatus 
Bouquetin du Nepal (F): Naemorhedus goral 
Bourcieria inca = Coeligena inca 

Bourneotrochus stellulatus. II s CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Bourneotrochus veroni= Bourneotrochus stellulatus 
Boutu (E): lnia geoffrensis 
brachylophes (F): Brachylophus spp. 
Brachylophus spp.: (E) Fijian iguanas, (S) iguanas de Fiji, (F) 

brachlyophes, iguanes des Fidji, I IGUAN1DAE Re 
Brachylophus brevicephalus= Brachylophus fasciatus 
Brachylophus fasciatus: (E) Fiji Banded Iguana, South Pacific 

Banded Iguana, (F) Iguane a bandes des Fidji I IGUANIDAE 

Brachylophus vitiensis: (E) Fiji Crested Iguana, (S) Iguana crestada 

de Fiji, (F) Iguane a crete des Fidji I IGUANIDAE Re 
Brachypelma spp.: (E) tarantulas, (S) tarantulas. (F) mygales, 

tarentules. II THERAPHOSIDAE Ar 
Brachypelma albiceps = Aphonopelma albiceps 
Brachypelma albopilosum : (E) Curly-hair Tarantula, (S) Tarantula 

de pelo crespo, (F) Tarantule frisee II THERAPHOSIDAE Ar 
Brachypelma andrewi: II THERAPHOSIDAE Ar 
Brachypelma angustum : (E) Costa Rican Red Tarantula, (S) 

Tarantula roja de Costa Rica, (F) Tarantule rouge du Costa Rica 

Brachypelma annitha: II THERAPHOSIDAE Ar 
Brachypelma auratum : (E) Mexican Flameknee Tarantula, (S) 

Tarantula mexicana rodilla de llama, (F) Tarantule a genoux de 

feu du Mexique II THERAPHOSIDAE Ar 
Brachypelma aureoceps. (E) Florida Golden Chestnut Tarantula II 

Brachypelma baumgarteni. (E) Mexican Orangebeauty Tarantula, 

Michoacan Orange Tarantula, (S) Tarantula mexicana naranja, 

(F) Tarantule orange du Mexique II THERAPHOSIDAE Ar 
Brachypelma boehmei: (E) Guerrero Orange Legs Tarantula, 

Mexican Fireleg Tarantula, (S) Tarantula mexicana pierna 

naranja oscuro, (F) Tarantule du Mexique a partes rouille II 

Brachypelma embrithes: II THERAPHOSIDAE Ar 
Brachypelma emiliaAE) Mexican Blackcap Tarantula, Mexican 

Redleg Tarantula, Orange -knee Tarantula, True Red Leg 

Tarantula, (S) Tarantula mexicana pierna roja, (F) Tarantule du 

Mexique a partes rouges II THERAPHOSIDAE Ar 
Brachypelma eplcureanum : (E) Yucatan Rusty-rumped Tarantula II 

Brachypelma fossorium : (E) Filadelfia Rustv Brown Tarantula D 

Brachypelma hamorii: II THERAPHOSIDAE Ar 
Brachypelma klaasi: (E) Acapulco Lesser Orange Tarantula, 

Mexican Pink Tarantula II THERAPHOSIDAE Ar 
Brachypelma pallidum = Aphonopelma pallidum 
Brachypelma ruhnaui: II THERAPHOSIDAE Ar 
Brachypelma sabulosum : (E) Guatemalan Red-rumped Tarantula II 


Seep. 13/ Veasep. 29 / Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Brachypelma schroederi. II THHRAPHOSIDAE Ar 
Brachypelma smithi. (E) Mexican Redknee Tarantula, (S) Tarantula 

mexicana piema roja, (F) Tarantule a genoux rouges du 

Brachypelma vagatis: (E) Mexican Redrump Tarantula, (S) 

Tarantula mexicana cadera roja, (F) Tarantule a croupion rouge 

Brachypelma verdezi. IITHERAPHOSIDAEAr 
Brachypelmides klaasi = Brachypelma klaasi 
Brachypelmides ruhnaui - Brachypelma ruhnaui 
Brachyleles arachnoides: (E) Muriqui, Woolly Spider Monkey, (S) 

Mono arafla. Mono grande, Muriki, (F) Atele arachnoi'de, 

Eroi'de, Singe-araignee laineux ICEBIDAE Ma 
Brachyleles hypoxanlhus = Brachyleles arachnoides 
Bradype (F): Bradypus variegatus 
Bradypodion spp.: (E) Chameleons, Dwarf chameleons, (S) 

Camaleones enanos, (F) Cameleons nain, II 

Bradypodion adolfifriderici: (E) Ituri Chameleon, Ituri Forest 

Chameleon, (F) Cameleon nain d'lturi II CHAMAELEONIDAE 

Bradypodion carpenteri: (E) Carpenter's Chameleon, Ruwenzori 

Mountain Chameleon, (F) Camelton nain de Carpenter II 

Bradypodion dracomontanum (E) Drakensberg Dwarf Chameleon, 

(F) Camfleon nain du Drakensberg II CHAMAELEONIDAE 

Bradypodion fischeri: (E) Fischer's Chameleon, Uluguru Two- 
homed Chameleon, Usambara Two-horned Chameleon, (F) 

Cameleon nain de Fischer II CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Bradypodion mlanjense: (E) Mlanje Mountain Chameleon, (F) 

Cameleon nain du Zululand II CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Bradypodion nemorale. (E) Zululand Dwarf Chameleon, (F) 

Cameleon nain a nez rouge II CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Bradypodion oxyrhinum : (E) Red-nosed Dwarf Chameleon, 

Uluguru One-homed Chameleon. (F) Cameleon nain du Cap II 

Bradypodion pumilum : (E) Cape Dwarf Chameleon, Variegated 

Dwarf Chameleon, (F) Cameleon nain de Setaro II 

Bradypodion setaroi. (E) Setaro's Dwarf Chameleon, (F) Cameleon 

nain epineux II CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Bradypodion spinosum : (E) Prickly Chameleon, Rosette-nosed 

Chameleon, Spiny Chameleon, (F) Cameleon nain de Smith II 

Bradypodion tavetanum : (E) Mount Kilimanjaro Two-homed 

Chameleon, (F) Cameleon nain de Matschie II 

Bradypodion tenue: (E) Matschie's Dwarf Chameleon, Single Soft- 

nosed Chameleon, Slender Chameleon, Usambara Soft -homed 

Chameleon, (F) Cameleon a come molle des monts Usambara n 

Bradypodion thamnobates: (E) Natal Midlands Dwarf Chameleon, 

(F) Cameleon nain du Transvaal II CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Bradypodion uthmoelleri: (E) Hanang Hornless Chameleon, 

Miiller's Leaf Chameleon, (F) Cameleon nain du sud et du 

Bradypodion xenorhiman : (E) Single Welded-hom Chameleon, 

Strange-homed Chameleon, Strange -nosed Chameleon, (F) 

Cameleon de Ruppell II CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Bradypus boliviensis = Bradypus variegatus 
Bradypus griseus = Bradypus variegatus 
Bradypus infuscatus- Bradypus variegatus 
Bradypus variegatus: (E) Bolivian Three-toed Sloth, Brown- 
throated Sloth, Brown-throated Three-toed Sloth, (S) Perezoso 

grisaceo, Perezoso o tridactilo de Bolivia, Perezoso tridactilo, 

Perico ligero, (F) AT de Bolivie, Bradype, Paresseux tridactyle, 

Paresseux tridactyle de Bolivie II BRADYPODIDAEMa 
Branta canadensis. (E) Canada Goose, (S) Barnacla Canadiense, (F) 

Bemache du Canada I/NC ANATIDAE Av 
Branta canadensis leucopareia : (E) Aleutian Canada Goose, 

Aleutian Goose, (S) Barnacla de las Aleutianas, Ganso 

canadiense aleutiana, (F) Bemache des Aleoutiennes, Bemache 

du Canada aleoute I ANATIDAE Av 

Branta rujicollis: (E) Red-breasted Goose, (S) Barnacla cuellirroja, 

(F) Bemache a cou roux II ANATIDAE Av 
Branta sandvicensis: (E) Hawaiian Goose, Nene, (S) Barnacla 

hawaiana, Barnacla nene, Ganso nene, (F) Bemache des lies 

Sandwich. Bernache d'Hawa'i', Bemache nene, Oie nene I 

Breve a queue bleue (F): Pitta guajana 
Breve azurine (F): Pitta guajana 
Breve de Gumey (F): Pitta gurneyi 
Breve de Koch (F): Pitta kochi 
Breve du Japon (F): Pitta nympha 
Breve migratrice (F): Pitta nympha 
Brillant a bandeau bleu (F): Heliodoxa aurescens 
Brillant a couronne verte (F): Heliodoxa xanthogonys 
Brillant a front violet (F): Heliodoxa leadbeateri 
Brillant a gorge noire (F): Heliodoxa schreibersii 
Brillant a gorge rose (F): Heliodoxa gularis 
Brillant de Branicki (F): Heliodoxa branickii 
Brillant fer-de-lance (F): Heliodoxa jacula 
Brillant imperatrice (F): Heliodoxa imperatrix 
Brillant rubino'ide (F): Heliodoxa rubinoides 
Brillante alicanela (S): Heliodoxa branickii 
Brillante coroniverde (S): Heliodoxa jacula 
Brillante de Tepui (S): Heliodoxa xanthogonys 
Brillante emperador (S): Heliodoxa imperatrix 
Brillante frentivioleta (S): Heliodoxa leadbeateri 
Brillante gorgirrosado (S): Heliodoxa gularis 
Brillante gorjinegro (S): Heliodoxa schreibersii 
Brillante pechianteado (S): Heliodoxa rubinoides 
Brillante pechicastaiio (S): Heliodoxa aurescens 
Brillante pechigamuza (S): Heliodoxa rubinoides 
Brillante ventinegro (S): Heliodoxa schreibersii 
Brilliant, Black-throated (E): Heliodoxa schreibersii 
Brilliant, Empress (E): Heliodoxa imperatrix 
Brilliant, Fawn-breasted (E): Heliodoxa rubinoides 
Brilliant, Green -crowned (E): Heliodoxa jacula 
Brilliant. Pink -throated (E): Heliodoxa gularis 
Brilliant. Rufous- webbed (E): Heliodoxa branickii 
Brilliant, Velvet -browed (E): Heliodoxa xanthogonys 
Brilliant, Velvet -crowned (E): Heliodoxa xanthogonys 
Brilliant, Violet-fronted (E): Heliodoxa leadbeateri 
Bristlebird, Lesser Rufous (E): Dasyornis broadbenti litoralis 
Bristlebird, Long-billed (E): Dasyornis longirostris 
Bristlebird, Rufous (E): Dasyornis broadbenti 
Bristlebird, Rufous-headed (E): Dasyornis broadbenti litoralis 
Bristlebird, Western (E): Dasyornis longirostris 
Bristlebird, Western Rufous (E): Dasyornis broadbenti litoralis 
Brocket, Guatemalan Red (E): Manama americana cerasina 
Brocket, Middle American Red (E): Mazama americana cerasina 
Brocket, Red (E): Mazama americana 
Brolga (E): Grits rubicunda 
Brookesia spp.: (E) leaf chameleons, (F) brookesies, I/II 

Brookesia ambreensis: II CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Brookesia antakarana : II CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Brookesia antoetrae = Brookesia thieli 
Brookesia bekolosy: II CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Brookesia betschi: (E) Blanc's Leaf Chameleon D 

Brookesia betsileana = Brookesia nasus 
Brookesia bonsi: II CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Brookesia brygoor. II CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Brookesia decaryi: (E) Spiny Leaf Chameleon, (F) Brookesie 

Brookesia dentata :( E ) Toothed Leaf Chameleon n 

Brookesia ebenaui. (E) Northern Leaf Chameleon, (F) Brookesie 

Brookesia exarmata. II CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Brookesia griveaudi. (E) Marojejy Leaf Chameleon II 

Brookesia karchei. (E) Naturelle Leaf Chameleon II 

Brookesia lambertoni. (E) Fito Leaf Chameleon II 



Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Brookesia legendrei = Brookesia ebenaui 
Brookesia lineata : n CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Brookesia lolontany n CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Brookesia minima: (E) Minute Leaf Chameleon, (F) Brookesie 

Brookesia nasus. (E) Elongate Leaf Chameleon II 

Brookesia perarmata.(E)Antsmgi Leaf Chameleon, Armoured 

Leaf Chameleon, (F) Brookesie d'Antsingy I 

Brookesia peyrierasi = Brookesia minima 
Brookesia ramanantsoai = Brookesia dentata 
Brookesia stumpffi: (E) Plated Leaf Chameleon, (F) Brookesie de 

Brookesia superciliaris: (E ) Brown Leaf Chameleon, (F) Brookesie 

Brookesia therezieni: (E) Perinet Leaf Chameleon II 

Brookesia thieli: (E) Domergue's Leaf Chameleon, (F) Brookesie de 

Brookesia tuberculata -Brookesia minima 
Brookesia vadoni: (E) Iaraka River Leaf Chameleon, Mossy Leaf 

Brookesia valerieae: (E) Raxworthy's Leaf Chameleon II 

Brookesie commune (F): Brookesia superciliaris 
Brookesie dAntsingy (F): Brookesia perarmata 
Brookesie de Domergue (F): Brookesia thieli 
Brookesie de Stumpff (F): Brookesia stumpffi 
Brookesie d'Ebenau (F): Brookesia ebenaui 
Brookesie epineuse (F): Brookesia decaryi 
Brookesie naine (F): Brookesia minima 
brookesies (F): Brookesia spp. 
Brotogeris chiriri: (E) Yellow-chevroned Parakeet, (S) Catita chiriri, 

(F) Toui a ailes jaunes II PSITTACIDAE Av 
Brotogeris chrysopterus: (E) Golden-winged Parakeet, (S) Catita 

alidorada, Periquito ala dorada, (F) Toui para II PSITTACIDAE 

Brotogeris cyanoptera: (E) Cobalt-winged Parakeet, (S) Catita 

aliazul, Periquito azul, (F) Toui de Deville II PSITTACIDAE 

Brotogeris ferrugineifrons = Bolborhynchus ferrugineifrons 
Brotogeris gustcni = Brotogeris cyanoptera 
Brotogeris jugularis: (E) Orange -chinned Parakeet, (S) Catita 

churica, Churica, Periquito barbinaranja, (F) Perruche tovi, Toui 

a menton d'or II PSITTACIDAE Av 
Brotogeris panychlorus = Nannopsittaca panychlora 
Brotogeris pyrrhopterus. (E) Grey -cheeked Parakeet, (S) Catita 

macarena, Perico cachetigris, Perico macareno. (F) Perruche 

orange, Toui flamboyant II PSITTACIDAE Av 
Brotogeris sanctitlwmae: (E) Tui Parakeet, (S) Catita frentigualda, 

Perico tui, (F) Toui a front d'or II PSITTACIDAE Av 
Brotogeris tirica: (E) Plain Parakeet, (S) Catit a tirica, (F) Toui tirica 

Brotogeris versicolurus: (E) Canary- winged Parakeet, (S) Catita 

aliamarilla, Catita versicolor, (F) Toui a ailes variees II 

Brotogeris versicolurus chiriri = Brotogeris chiriri 
Brush -turkey, Gray's (E): Macrocephalon maleo 
Brush-Warbler, Rodrigues (E): Bebrornis rodericanus 
Bubalornis albirostris: (E) White-billed Buffalo-Weaver, (F) Alecto 

a bee Wane HI PLOCEIDAE Av 
Bubalus arnee. (E) Wild Asiatic Buffalo, Wild Water Buffalo, (S) 

Biifalo acuatico, Biifalo ami, Caraboa, (F) Ami, Buffle d'Asie , 

Buffle de l'Inde, Buffle d'eau III BOVIDAE Ma 
Bubalus depressicornis. (E) Anoa, Lowland Anoa, (S) Anca de 

llanura, Anoa de llanura, (F) Anoa des plaines I BOVIDAE Ma 
Bubalus mindorensis: (E) Tamaraw, Tamarou, (S) Biifalo de 

Mindoro, Tamarao, Tamarau, (F) Tamarau I BOVIDAE Ma 
Bubalus quarlesi: (E) Mountain Anoa, (S) Anoa de montana, (F) 

Anoa de Quarle, Anoa des montagnes I BOVIDAE Ma 
Bubo africanus: (E) African Eagle-Owl, Spotted Eagle-Owl, (S) 

Biiho africano, Biiho africano chico, (F) Grand-due africain D 


Bubo ascalaphus: (E) Pharaoh Eagle-Owl, (S) Biiho desertico, (F) 

Grand-due ascalaphe. Grand-due du desert II STR1GIDAE Av 
Bubo bengalensis: (E) Rock Eagle-Owl, (S) Biiho bengal!, (F) 

Grand-due indien II STRIGIDAEAv 
Bubo blakistoni = Ketupa blakistoni 
Bubo bubo: (E) Eagle Owl, Eurasian Eagle-Owl. (S) Biiho real, (F) 

Grand-due d'Europe, Hibou grand-due II STR1GIDAE Av 
Bubo bubo ascalaphus = Bubo ascalaphus 
Bubo bubo bengalensis = Bubo bengalensis 
Bubo bubo desertomm = Bubo ascalaphus 
Bubo capensis: (E) Cape Eagle-Owl, Mackinder's Eagle-Owl, 

Mountain Eagle-Owl, (S) Biiho de El Cabo, (F) Grand-due du 

Bubo cinerascens = Bubo africanus 
Bubo clamator- Asio clamator 
Bubo coromandus: (E) Dusky Eagle-Owl, (S) Biiho de Coromandel, 

(F) Grand-due de Coromandel II STRIGIDAE Av 
Bubo flavipes = Ketupa flavipes 
Bubo ketupu = Ketupa ketupu 
Bubo lacteus: (E) Giant Eagle-Owl, Milky Eagle-Owl, Verreaux's 

Eagle-Owl, (S) Biiho leehoso. Gran biiho etiopico, (F) Grand- 
due de Verreaux II STRIGIDAE Av 
Bubo lettii = Jubula lettii 
Bubo leucostictus: (E) Akun Eagle-Owl, Sooty Eagle-Owl, (S) Biiho 

de Akiin, (F) Grand-due tachete II STRIGIDAE Av 
Bubo magellanicus= Bubo virginianus 
Bubo nipalensis: (E) Forest Eagle-Owl, Spot-bellied Eagle-Owl, (S) 

Biiho nepali. (F) Grand-due du Nepal II STRIGIDAEAv 
Bubo philippensis: (E) Philippine Eagle-Owl, (S) Biiho filipino, (F) 

Grand-due des Philippines II STRIGIDAE Av 
Bubo poensis: (E) Fraser's Eagle-Owl, (S) Biiho de Guinea, (F) 

Grand-due a aigrettes II STRIGIDAE Av 
Bubo poensis vosseleri = Bubo vosseleri 
Bubo scandiacus = Nyctea scandiaca 
Bubo shelleyi: (E) Banded Eagle-Owl, Shelley's Eagle-Owl, (S) 

Biiho barrado, (F) Grand-due de Shelley II STRIGIDAE Av 
Bubo sumatranus. (E) Barred Eagle-Owl, (S) Biiho malayo, (F) 

Grand-due bruyant II STRIGIDAEAv 
Bubo virginianus: (E) Great Homed Owl, (S) Biiho, Biiho 

americano, Biiho comudo, Lechuzon orejudo, Nacurutii, (F) 

Grand-due d'Amerique II STRIGIDAE Av 
Bubo vosseleri: (E) Usambara Eagle-Owl, (S) Biiho de Usambara, 

(F) Grand-due des Usambara II STRIGIDAE Av 
Bubo zeylonensis = Ketupa zeylonensis 
Bubulcus ibis: (E) Buff-backed Heron, Cattle Egret, (S) 

Espulgabueyes, Garcilla bueyera, Garcita resnera, Garza 

ganadera, (F) Heron garde-bceufs III ARDEIDAE Av 
buceros (S): Aceros spp./ Anorrhinus spp./ Anthracoceros spp./ 

Buceros spp./ Penelopides spp. 
Buceros spp.: (E) hombills, (S) buceros, calaos, (F) calaos, I/II 

Buceros bicornis: (E) Concave-casqued Hornbill, Great Hornbill, 

Great Indian Hornbill, Great Pied Hornbill, Indian Concave- 
casqued Hornbill, Indian Hornbill, (S) Calao bicorne, Calao 

grande, (F) Calao bicorne I BUCEROTIDAE Av 
Buceros cassidix = Aceros cassidix 
Buceros comatus = Aceros comatus 
Buceros coronatus = Anthracoceros coronatus 
Buceros corrugatus - A ceros corrugatus 
Buceros exarhatus= Penelopides exarhatus 
Buceros galeritus = Anorrhinus galeritus 
Buceros hydrocorax: (E) Rufous Hornbill, (S) Calao filipino grande, 

Calao rojipardo, (F) Calao a casque plat, Calao des Philippines 

Buceros leucocephalus= Aceros leucocephalus 
Buceros malabaricus = Anthracoceros albirostris 
Buceros malayanus = A nthracoceros malayanus 
Buceros manillae = Penelopides manillae 
Buceros montani- Anthracoceros montani 
Buceros nipalensis = Aceros nipalensis 
Buceros panini = Penelopides panini 
Buceros plicatus = Aceros plicatus 
Buceros rhinoceros: (E) Rhinoceros Hornbill, (S) Calao rinoceronte, 

(F) Calao rhinoceros II BUCEROTIDAE Av 
Buceros subruficollis = Aceros subruficollis 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Buceros tickelli = Anorrhinus tickelli 

Buceros undulatus= Aceros undulatus 

Buceros vigil. (E) Helmeted Hornbill, (S) Calao de casco, Calao de 

yelmo, (F) Calao a casque, Calao a casque rond I 

Budeng (F): Trachypithecus cristatus 
Budgerigar (E): Melopsittacus undulatus 
Budorcas taxicolor. (E) Takin, (S) Takin, (F) Takin II BOVIDAE 

Bufalo acuatico (S): Bubalus arnee 
Bufalo ami (S): Bubalus arnee 
Bufalo de Mindoro (S): Bubalus mindorensis 
Bufeo (S): Inia geoffrensis 
Bufeo africano (S): Sousa teuszii 
Bufeo asiatico (S): Sousa chinensis 
Bufeo negro (S): Sotalia fltrviatilis 
bufeos (S): Sotalia spp. 
Buffalo (E): Bison bison 
Buffalo. Wild Asiatic (E): Bubalus arnee 
Buffalo, Wild Water (E): Bubalus arnee 
Buffalo-Weaver, White-billed (T£): Bubalornis albirostris 
Buffle d'Asie (F): Bubalus arnee 
Buffle de I'lnde (F): Bubalus arnee 
Buffle d'eau(F): Bubalus arnee 
Bufo chevalieri = Bufo superciliaris 
Bufo laevissimus = Bufo superciliaris 
Bufo negro (S): Sotalia flmiatilis 
Bufo osgoodi= Spinophiynoides osgoodi 
Bufo periglenes: (E) Alajuela Toad, Golden Toad, Monte Verde 

Toad, Orange Toad, (S) Sapo dorado, Sapo dorado de 

Monteverde, (F) Crapaud dore I BUFONIDAE Am 
Bufo superciliaris. (E) Cameroon Toad, Zaire Toad, (S) Sapo del 

Camenin. (F) Crapaud du Cameroun I BUFONIDAE Am 
Bugeranus carunculatus = Grits carunculatus 
Buhito en Pernetas (S): Otus clarkii 
Buho (S): Bubo virginianus 
Buho abisinio (S): Asio abyssinicus 
Buho africano (S): Bubo africanus 
Buho africano chico (S): Bubo africanus 
Buho americano (S): Bubo virginianus 
Buho barrado (S): Bubo shelley/Strix varia 
Buho bengal! (S): Bubo bengalensis 
Biiho blanquinegro (S): Strix nigrolineata 
Buho cafe (S): Strix virgata 
Biiho campestre (S): Asio flammeus 
Biiho chico (S): Asio otus 
Biiho corniblanco (S): Lophostrix cristata 
Buho comudo (S): Bubo virginianus/Lophostrix cristata 
Buho de Akiin (S): Bubo leucostictus 
Biiho de anteojos (S): Pulsatrix perspicillata 
Biiho de Coromandel (S): Bubo coromandus 
Biiho de Crin (S): Jubula lettii 
Biiho de El Cabo (S): Bubocapensis 
Biiho de Guinea (S): Bubo poensis/Jubula lettii 
Biiho de Jamaica (S): Pseudoscops grammicus 
Biiho de las Salomon (S): Nesasio solomonensis 
Biiho de Mindanao (S): Mimtuku gurneyi 
Biiho de Usambara (S): Bubo vosseleri 
Biiho desertico (S): Bubo ascalaphus 
Biiho Filipino (S): Bubo philippensis 
Biiho fulvo (S): Strix fulvescens 
Biiho Gavilan (S): Surnia ulula 
Biiho gritdn (S): Asio clamator 
Biiho jamaicano (S): Pseudoscops grammicus 
Buho lechoso IS): Bubo lacteus 
Biiho llanero (S): Speolyto cunicularia 
Biiho malayo (S): Bubo sumatranus 
Biiho malgache (S): Asio madagascariensis 
Biiho manchado (S): Strix occidentalis 
Biiho manchii (S): Ketupa blakistoni 
Biiho moro (S): Asio capensis 
Biiho negruzco (S): Asio stygius 
Biiho nepali (S): Bubo nipalensis 
Buho nival (S): Nyctea scandiaca 
Biiho orejicorto (S): Asio flammeus 

Biiho pequeno de bigotes alargados (S): Xenoglaux loweryi 

Biiho pescador (S): Ketupa flm'ipes 

Biiho pescador de Ceilan (S): Ketupa zeylonensis 

Biiho pescador leonado (S): Ketupa flavipes 

Buho pescador malayo (S): Ketupa ketupu 

Biiho pescador rojizo (S): Scotopelia ussheri 

Biiho real (S): Bubo bubo 

Buho-cornudo cariblanco (S): Asio clamator 

Biiho-comudo caricafe (S): Asio otus 

Biiho-cornudo oscuro (S): Asio stygius 

Buitre cabeciblanco (S): Trigonoceps occipitalis 

Buitre cabecirrojo (S): Sarcogyps calvus 

Buitre comiin (S): Gyps fulvus 

Buitre del Himalaya (S): Gyps himalayensis 

Buitre dorsiblanco africano (S): Gyps africanus 

Buitre dorsiblanco bengali (S): Gyps bengalensis 

Buitre el cabo (S): Gyps coprotheres 

Buitre leonado (S): Gyps fulvus 

Buitre leonado bengales (S): Gyps bengalensis 

Buitre leonado comiin (S): Gyps fulvus 

Buitre moteado (S): Gyps rueppellii 

Buitre negro (S): Aegypius monachus 

Buitre orejudo (S): Torgos tracheliotus 

Buitre palmero (S): Gypohierax angolensis 

Buitre picofino (S): Gyps indicus 

Buitre piquirrojo (S): Trigonoceps occipitalis 

Bulbul a tete jaune (F): Pycnonotus zeylanicus 

Bulbul bigotudo (S): Pycnonotus zeylanicus 

Bulbul, Straw-crowned (E): Pycnonotus zeylanicus 

Bulbul, Straw-headed (E): Pycnonotus zeylanicus 

Bullfrog, Indian (E): Euphlyctis hexadactytus/Hoplobatrachus 

Bunch (E): Megaptera novaeangliae 

Bungarra (E): Varanus gouldii 
Bunopithecus hoolock = Hylobates hoolock 

Burhinus bistriatus. (E) FJouble-striped Thick -knee, (S) Alcaravan 
americano, Alcaravan venozolano, Dara, (F) Oedicneme 
americain, Oedicneme bistrie III BURHINIDAE Av 

Busard bariole (F): Circus cinereus 

Busard cendre (F): Circus pygargus 

Busard de Buffon (F): Circus buffoni 

Busard de Gould (F): Circus approximans 

Busard de Maillard (F): Circus maillardi 

Busard de montagne (F): Circus pygargus 

Busard de Wilson (F): Chondrohierax uncinatus wilsonii 

Busard des roseaux(F): Circus aeruginosus 

Busard d'Orient (F): Circus spilonotus 

Busard grenouillard (F): Circus ranivorus 

Busard maure (F): Circus mattrus 

Busard pale (F): Circus macrourus 

Busard Saint-Martin (F): Circus cyaneus 

Busard tachete (F): Circus assimilis 

Busard tchoug (F): Circus melanoleucos 

Busardo aliancho (S): Buteo platypterus 

Busardo alirrufo (S): Butastur liventer 

Busardo augur meridional (S): Buteo rufofuscus 

Busardo augur oriental (S): Buteo augur 

Busardo augur Somali (S): Buteo archeri 

Busardo aura (S): Buteo albonotatus 

Busardo azoreno IS): Leucopternis princeps 

Busardo bianco (S): Leucopternis albicollis 

Busardo blanquinegro (S): Leucopternis polionota 

Busardo calzado (S): Buteo lagopus 

Busardo caminero (S): Buteo magnirostris 

Busardo carigris {S): Butastur indicus 

Busardo carinegro (S): Leucopternis melanops 

Busardo cejiblanco IS): Leucopternis kuhli 

Busardo chapulinero (S): Buteo swainsoni 

Busardo coliblanco (S): Buteo albicaudalus 

Busardo colicorto (S): Buteo brachyurus 

Busardo colirrojo IS): Buteo jamaicensis 

Busardo Colorado (S): Busarellus nigricollis 

Busardo cuelliblanco (S): Leucopternis lacernulata 

Busardo cuellirrojo (S): Buteo auguralis 

Busardo culiblanco (S): Buteo leucorrhous 

Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animates 

Busardo de Galapagos (S): Buteo galapagoensis 

Busardo de la Espaiiola (S): Buteo ridgwayi 

Busardo de Wilson (S): Chondrohierax uncinatus wilsonii 

Busardo dorsi (S): Leiicopternis occidentalis 

Busardo dorsigris (S): Leiicopternis occidentalis 

Busardo dorsirrojo (S): Buteo polyosoma 

Busardo gavilan (S): Kaupifalco monogrammicus 

Busardo gorgihlanco (S): Buteo albigula 

Busardo gris (S): Asturina nitida 

Busardo hawaiano (S): Buteo solitarius 

Busardo herrumbroso (S): Buteo regalis 

Busardo hombrorrojo (S): Buteo lineatus 

Busardo langostero (S): Butastur rufipennis 

Busardo malgache (S): Buteo brachypterus 

Busardo mixto (S): Parabuteo unicinctus 

Busardo mongol (S): Buteo hemilasius 

Busardo montanes (S): Buteo oreophilus 

Busardo Moro (S): Buteo rufmus 

Busardo patagon (S): Buteo ventralis 

Busardo pizarroso (S): Leiicopternis schistacea 

Busardo plomizo (S): Leiicopternis plumbea 

Busardo puneno (S): Buteo poecilochrous 

Busardo Ratonero (S): Buteo buteo 

Busardo sabanero (S): Buteogailus meridionalis 

Busardo semiplomizo (S): Leiicopternis semiphtmbea 

Busardo tisa { S ): Butastur teesa 

Busardo-negro del atlantico (S): Buteogailus aequinoctialis 

Busardo-negro del pacifico (S): Buteogailus subtilis 

Busardo-negro norteno (S): Buteogailus anthracinus 

Busardo-negro urubitinga (S): Buteogailus urubitinga 

Busarellus nigricollis: (E) Black-collared Hawk, Collared Fishing 
Hawk, (S) Aguila colorada. Busardo Colorado, Gavilan 
Colorado, (F) Buse a tete blanche II ACCIPITR1DAE Av 

Busautour a joues grises (F): Butastur indicus 

Busautour aux yeux blancs (F): Butastur teesa 

Busautour des sauterelles (F): Butastur rufipennis 

Busautour pale (F): Butastur liventer 

Buse a dos gris (F): Leiicopternis occidentalis 

Buse a epaulettes (F): Buteo lineatus 

Buse a face noire (F): Leiicopternis melanops 

Buse a gorge blanche (F): Buteo albigula 

Buse a gros bee (F): Buteo magnirostris 

Buse a queue barree (F): Buteo albonotatus 

Buse a queue blanche ( F): Buteo albicaudatus 

Buse a queue courte (F): Buteo brachyurus 

Buse a queue rousse (F): Buteo auguralis/Buteojamaicensis 

Buse a sourcils blancs (F): Leiicopternis kuhli 

Buse a tete blanche (F): Busarellus nigricollis 

Buse aguia (F): Geranoaetus melanoleucus 

Buse ardoisee (F): Leucopternis schistacea 

Buse augure (F): Buteo augur 

Buse barree (F): Leucopternis princeps 

Buse blanche (F): Leucopternis albicollis 

Buse buson (F): Buteogailus aequinoctialis 

Buse cendree (F): Asturina nitida 

Buse couronnee (F): Harpyhaliaetus coronalus 

Buse cul-blanc (F): Buteo leucorrhous 

Buse dAfrique (F): Buteo auguralis 

Buse dArcher (F): Buteo archeri 

Buse de Chine (F): Buteo hemilasius 

Buse de Harris (F): Parabuteo unicinctus 

Buse de Madagascar (F): Buteo brachypterus 

Buse de Patagonie (F): Buteo ventralis 

Buse de Ridgway (F): Buteo ridgwayi 

Buse de Swainson (F): Buteo nvainsoni 

Buse des Galapagos (F): Buteo galapagoensis 

Buse des lies Galapagos (F): Buteo galapagoensis 

Buse des mangroves (F): Buteogailus subtilis 

Buse d'Hawai (F): Buteo solitarius 

Buse du puna (F): Buteo poecilochrous 

Buse echasse (F): Geranospiza caerulescens 

Buse feroce (F): Buteo rufmus 

Buse grise (F): Asturina plagiata 

Buse lacemulee (F): Leucopternis lacernulata 

Buse mantelee (F): Leucopternis polionota 

Buse montagnarde (F): Buteo oreophilus 
Buse noire (F): Buteogailus anthracinus 
Buse pattue (F): Buteo lagopus 
Buse plombee (F): Leucopternis plumbea 
Buse rouilleuse (F): Buteo regalis 
Buse rounoir (F): Buteo rufofuscus 
Buse roussatre (F): Buteogailus meridionalis 
Buse semiplombee (F): Leucopternis semiplumbea 
Buse solitaire (F): Harpyhaliaetus solitarius 
Buse tricolore (F): Buteo polyosoma 
Buse urubu (F): Buteogailus urubitinga 
Buse variable (F): Buteo buteo 
Bushbaby, Allen's (E): Galago alleni 
Bushbaby, Dwarf (E): Galagoides demidoff 
Bushbaby, Eastern Needle-clawed (E): Galago matschiei 
Bushbaby, Greater (E): Otolemur crassicaudatus 
Bushbaby, Lesser (E): Galago moholi/Galago senegalensis 
Bushbaby, Northern Needle-clawed (E): Euoticus pallidas 
Bushbaby. Thick-tailed (E): Otolemur crassicaudatus 
Bushbaby, Western Needle-clawed (E): Euoticus elegantulus 
Bushbaby. Zanzibar (E): Galagoides zanzibaricus 
Bustard, Arabian (E): Ardeotis arabs 
Bustard, Australian {Ey.Ardeotis austral is 
Bustard, Bengal (E): Eupodotis bengalensis 
Bustard, Black (E): Eupodotis afra 
Bustard, Black-bellied (E): Eupodotis melanogaster 
Bustard, Blue (E): Eupodotis caerulescens 
Bustard, Buff -crested (E): Eupodotis gindiana 
Bustard, Denham's (E): Neotis denhami 
Bustard, Great (E): Otis tarda 
Bustard, Great Indian (E): Ardeotis nigriceps 
Bustard, Hartlaub's (E): Eupodotis hartlaubii 
Bustard, Heuglin's (E): Neotis heuglinii 
Bustard, Houbara (E): Chlamydotis undulata 
Bustard, Indian (E): Ardeotis nigriceps 
Bustard, Karoo (E): Eupodotis vigorsii 
Bustard, Kori (E): Ardeotis kori 
Bustard. Little (E): Tetrax tetrax 
Bustard, Little Brown (E): Eupodotis humilis 
Bustard, Ludwig's (E): Neotis ludwigii 
Bustard, Nubian (E): Neotis nuba 
Bustard, Red-crested (E): Eupodotis mficrista 
Bustard, Ruppell's (E): Eupodotis rueppellii 
Bustard, Savile's (E): Eupodotis scnilei 
Bustard, Senegal (E): Eupodotis senegalensis 
Bustard, Stanley (E): Neotis denhami 
Bustard, Vigors's (E): Eupodotis vigorsii 
Bustard, White-bellied (E): Eupodotis senegalensis 
Bustard, White-quilled (E): Eupodotis afraoides 
bustards (E): OTIDIDAE spp. 

Butastur indicus: (E) Grey-faced Buzzard. Grey -faced Buzzard- 
Eagle, (S) Busardo carigris, (F) Busautour a joues grises II 

Butastur liventer: (E) Rufous-winged Buzzard, Rufous- winged 

Buzzard-Eagle, (S) Busardo alirrufo, (F) Busautour pale II 

Butastur rufipennis (E) Grasshopper Buzzard, Grasshopper 

Buzzard- Eagle, (S) Aguililla langostera, Busardo langostero, (F) 

Busautour des sauterelles II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Butastur teesa :(E) White-eyed Buzzard, (S) Busardo tisa. (F) 

Busautour aux yeux blancs II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Buteo albicaudatus: (E) White-tailed Hawk, (S) Aguililla 

coliblanca, Aguilucho cabecinegro, Busardo coliblanco, Gavilan 

teje, (F) Buse a queue blanche D ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Buteo albigula: (E) White-throated Hawk, (S) Aguilucho chico, 

Busardo gorgiblanco, Gavilan gargantiblanco. (F) Buse a gorge 

Buteo albonotatus: (E) Zone-tailed Hawk, (S) Aguililla aura, 

Busardo aura, Gavilan albonotatus, Gavilan colifajeado, (F) 

Buse a queue barree II ACCIPITRIDAEAv 
Buteo archeri: (E) Archer's Buzzard, (S) Busardo augur somali, (F) 

Buse d' Archer H ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Buteo augur: (E) Augur Buzzard, (S) Busardo augur oriental, (F) 

Buteo augur archeri = Buteo archeri 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Buteo auguralis: (E) African Red-tailed Buzzard, Red-necked 

Buzzard. Red-tailed Buzzard, (S) Busardocuellirrojo, Ratonero 

cuellirrojo, (F) Buse a queue rousse, Buse d'Afrique II 

Buteo bannermani = Buteo buteo 
Buteo bracliypterus.(E) Madagascar Buzzard, (S) Busardo 

malgache, (F) Buse de Madagascar II ACCIPITRIDAEAv 
Buteo brachyurus: (E) Short -tailed Hawk, (S) Aguililla colicorta, 

Aguilucho cola corta, Busardo colicorto, Gavilan cola corta, (F) 

Buse a queue courte D ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Buteo brachyurus albigula = Buteo albigula 
Buteo buteo: (E) Buzzard, Common Buzzard, Eurasian Buzzard, (S) 

Busardo ratonero, Ratonero comiin, (F) Buse variable U 

Buteo galapagoensis: (E) Galapagos Hawk, (S) Busardo de 

Galapagos, Gavilan de Galapagos, (F) Buse des Galapagos, 

Buse des iles Galapagos II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Buteo hemilasius: (E) Upland Buzzard, (S) Busardo mongol, (F) 

Buteo jakal archer i = Buteo archer i 
Buteo jamaicensis. (E) Red-tailed Hawk, (S) Aguililla colirroja, 

Busardo colirrojo, Guaraguao, (F) Buse a queue rousse II 

Buteo lagopus: (E) Rough-legged Buzzard, Rough-legged Hawk, 

(S) Aguililla artica, Busardo calzado, Ratonero calzado. (T) 

Buse pattue D ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Buteo leucorrhous: (E) Rufous-thighed Hawk, White-rumped 

Hawk. (S) Busardo culiblanco, Gavilan negro, Gavilan rabadilla 

blanca, (F) Buse cul-blanc II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Buteo lineatus: (E) Red-shouldered Hawk, (S) Aguililla pechirroja, 

Busardo hombrorrojo, (F) Buse a epaulettes II ACCIPITRIDAE 

Buteo magnirostris: (E) Roadside Hawk, (S) Aguililla caminera, 

Busardo caminero, Gavilan alirrojizo, Gavilan comiin, Gavilan 

habado, (F) Buse a gros bee II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Buteo melanoleucus = Spizastur melanoleucus 
Buteo melanosternon = Hamirostra melanosternon 
Buteo nitidus = Asturina nitida 
Buteo nitidus plagiatus = Asturina plagiata 
Buteo oreophilus: (E) Forest Buzzard, Mountain Buzzard, (S) 

Busardo montafies, (F) Buse montagnarde II ACCIPITRIDAE 

Buteo platypterus: (E) Broad- winged Hawk, (S) Aguililla aluda, 

Busardo aliancho, Gavilan bebehumo, (F) Petite buse II 

Buteo poec'tlochrous: (E) Gurney's Hawk, Puna Hawk, Variable 

Hawk, (S) Aguilucho puna, Busardo puneno. Gavilan punefio, 

(F) Buse du puna II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Buteo polionotus = Leucopternis polionota 
Buteo polyosoma: (E) Red-backed Hawk, (S) Aguilucho comiin, 

Aguilucho variado, Busardo dorsirrojo, (F) Buse tricolore D 

Buteo regalis: (E) Ferruginous Hawk, (S) Aguililla real, Busardo 

herrumbroso, (F) Buse rouilleuse II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Buteo ridgwayi: (E| Hispaniolan Hawk, Ridgway's Hawk, (S) 

Busardo de la Espanola, (F) Buse de Ridgway II 

Buteo ruflnus: (E) Long-legged Buzzard, (S) Busardo Moro, 

Ratonero moro, (F) Buse feroce II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Buteo rufofuscus: (E) Jackal Buzzard, (S) Busardo augur 

meridional, (F) Buse rounoir II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Buteo rufofuscus archer i = Buteo archer i 
Buteo rufofuscus augur = Buteo augur 
Buteo solitarius: (E) Hawaiian Hawk. (S| Busardo hawaiano, (F) 

Buteo swainsoni: (E) Swainson's Hawk, (S) Aguililla de Swainson, 

Aguilucho langostero, Busardo chapulinero, Gavilan langostero, 

(F) Buse de Swainson II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Buteo tachardus = Buteo oreophilus 
Buteo ventralis: (E) Red-tailed Hawk, Rufous-tailed Hawk, (S) 

Aguilucho cola colorada. Busardo patagon, (F) Buse de 

Buteogallus aequinoctialis: (E) Rufous Crab-Hawk, (S) Busardo- 

negro del atlantico, Gavilan de Manglares. (F) Buse buson II 


Buteogallus aequinoctialis subtilis = Buteogallus subtilis 
Buteogallus anthracinus: (E) Common Black -Hawk, Cuban Black 

Hawk, Lesser Black-Hawk, (S) Aguililla negra menor, Busardo- 

negro norteno, Gavilan cangrejero. (F) Buse noire II 

Buteogallus meridionalis: (E) Savanna Hawk, (S) Aguilucho 

colorada, Aguilucho sabanero, Busardo sabanero. Gavilan pita 

venado, Gavilan sabanero. (F) Buse roussatre II 

Buteogallus subtilis: (E) Mangrove Black -Hawk, Pacific Black 

Hawk, (S) Busardo-negro del pacifico, Gavilan negro comiin, 

(F) Buse des mangroves D ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Buteogallus urubltinga : (E) Great Black-Hawk, (S) Aguila negra, 

Aguililla negra mayor, Busardo-negro urubitinga, Gavilan negro 

grande, (F) Buse urubu II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
butterflies, birdwing (E): Ornithoptera spp./Trogonoptera 

spp./Troides spp. 
Butterfly, Apollo (E): Parnasshis apollo 
Buzzard (E): Buteo buteo 

Buzzard, African Red-tailed (E): Buteo auguralis 
Buzzard, Archer's (E): Buteo archeri 
Buzzard, Augur (E): Buteo augur 
Buzzard, Black-breasted (E): Hamirostra melanosternon 
Buzzard, Common (E): Buteo buteo 
Buzzard. Eurasian (E): Buteo buteo 
Buzzard, Forest (E): Buteo oreophilus 
Buzzard, Grasshopper (E): Butastur rufipennis 
Buzzard, Grey -faced (E): Butastur indicus 
Buzzard, Honey (E): Pernis apivorus 
Buzzard, Jackal (E): Buteo rufofuscus 
Buzzard. Lizard (E): Kaupifalco monogrammicus 
Buzzard, Long-legged (E): Buteo rufimis 
Buzzard, Madagascar (E): Buteo brachypterus 
Buzzard, Mountain (E): Buteo oreophilus 
Buzzard, Red-necked (E): Buteo auguralis 
Buzzard, Red-tailed (E): Buteo auguralis 
Buzzard, Rough -legged (E): Buteo lagopus 
Buzzard. Rufous- winged (E): Butastur liventer 
Buzzard, Upland (E): Buteo hemilasius 
Buzzard, White-eyed (E): Butastur teesa 
Buzzard-Eagle, Black-chested (E): Geranoaetus melanoleucus 
Buzzard- Eagle, Grasshopper (E): Butastur rufipennis 
Buzzard-Eagle. Grey (E): Geranoaetus melanoleucus 
Buzzard-Eagle, Grey -faced (E): Butastur indicus 
Buzzard- Eagle, Rufous- winged (E): Butastur liventer 
Buzzard-Kite, Black-breasted (E): Hamirostra melanosternon 
Caballito de mar del Pacifico (S): Hippocampus ingens 
Caballito erecto (S): Hippocampus erectus 
Caballito olivaceo (S): Hippocampus zoslerae 
Caballito punteado (S): Hippocampus erectus 
Caballitos de mar (S): Hippocampus spp. 
Caballo de Przewalski (S): Equus przewalskii 
Caballo marino (S): Hippocampus hippocampus 
Caballo salvaje (S): Equus przewalskii 
Cabalo de mar (S): Hippocampus hippocampus 
Cabassous centralis: (E) Northern Naked-tailed Armadillo, (S) 

Armado de zapilots, Tatii de America central. (F) Tatou, Tatou 

dAmerique centrale III DASYPODIDAE Ma 
Cabassous gymnurus = Cabassous tatouay 
Cabassous tatouay: (E) Greater Naked-tailed Armadillo, (S) Cabasu 

de orejas largas, Tatii cabasu, Tatii de rabo mol, Tatii de rabo 

molle, (F) Tatou a queue nue. Tatou gumnure III 

Cabasu de orejas largas (S): Cabassous tatouay 
Cabeza de viejo (S): Eira barbara 
Cabezon (S): Peltocephahts dumeriliana 
Cabezon toucan (F): Semnornis ramphastinus 
Cabure (S): Glaucidium brasilianum/Micrastur ruficollis 
Cabure patagonico (S): Glaucidium nanum 
Cacajao (S): Cacajao calvus 
Cacajao spp.: (E) Uakaris, (S) Cacaju, (F) Ouakaris, I CEBIDAE 

Cacajao calvus: (E) Bald-headed Uacari, Red-and- white Uacari, (S) 

Cacajao, Cacayao, Huapo Colorado, Huapo rojo, Uacari bianco, 

(F) Ouakari chauve I CEBIDAE Ma 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Cacajao melanocephalus: (E) Black Uacari, Black-headed Uacari, 
(F) Ouakari a tete noire I CEB1DAE Ma 

Cacaju (S): Cacajao spp. 

Cacapo (S): Strigops habroptilus 

Cacatoes a bee gracile (F): Cacatua tenuirostris 

Cacatoes a huppe blanche (F): Cacatua alba 

Cacatoes a huppe jaune (F): Cacatua gakrita 

Cacatoes a huppe rouge (F): Cacatua moluccensis 

Cacatoes a lores rouges (F): Cacatua pastinator 

Cacatoes a oeil bleu (F): Cacatua ophthalmica 

Cacatoes a oreilles blanches (F): Calyptorhynchus fimereus 

Cacatoes a oreilles jaunes (F): Calyptorhynchus fimereus 

Cacatoes a rectrices blanches (F): Calyptorhynchus latirostris 

Cacatoes a tete brune ( F): Calyptorhynchus lathami 

Cacatoes a tete rouge (F): Callocephalon fimbriatum 

Cacatoes a ventre rouge (F): Cacatua haematuropygia 

Cacatoes aux yeux bleus (F): Cacatua ophthalmica 

Cacatoes aax yeux nus (F): Cacatua pastinator 

Cacatoes banksien (F): Calyptorhynchus banksii 

Cacatoes blanc (F): Cacatua alba 

Cacatoes casque (F): Callocephalon fimbriatum 

Cacatoes corella (F): Cacatua sanguinea 

Cacatoes de Banks (F): Calyptorhynchus banksii 

Cacatoes de Baudin (F): Calyptorhynchus baudinii 

Cacatoes de Ducorps (F): Cacatua ducorpsii 

Cacatoes de Goffin (F): Cacatua goffini 

Cacatoes de Latham (F): Calyptorhynchus lathami 

Cacatoes de Leadbeater (F): Cacatua leadbeateri 

Cacatoes des Moluques (F): Cacatua moluccensis 

Cacatoes des Philippines (F): Cacatua haematuropygia 

Cacatoes funebre (F): Calyptorlrynchus funereus 

Cacatoes laboureur (F): Cacatua pastinator 

Cacatoes nasique (F): Cacatua tenuirostris 

Cacatoes noir (F): Probosciger aterrimus 

Cacatoes rosalbin (F): Eolophus roseicapillus 

Cacatoes soufre(F): Cacatua sulphurea 

Cacatua alba (S): Cacatua alba 

Cacatua alba: (E) Umbrella Cockatoo, White Cockatoo, (S) Cacatua 
alba, Cacatua blanca, (F) Cacatoes a huppe blanche, Cacatoes 

Cacatua blanca (S): Cacatua alba 

Cacatua de alas doradas (S): Psepholus chrysopterygius 

Cacatua de cabeza roja (S): Callocephalon fimbriatum 

Cacatua de cola roja (S): Calyptorhynchus banksii 

Cacatua de cola sangrante (S): Cacatua haematuropygia 

Cacatua de cresta amarilla grande (S): Cacatua galerita 

Cacatua de Ducorps (S): Cacatua ducorpsii 

Cacatua de Forbes (S): Cyanoramphus forbesi 

Cacatua de GofFin (S): Cacatua goffini 

Cacatua de las Molucas (S): Cacatua moluccensis 

Cacatua de Leadbeater (S): Cacatua leadbeateri 

Cacatua de pico afilado (S): Cacatua pastinator 

Cacatua de pico afilado anaranjada (S): Cacatua tenuirostris 

Cacatua de vientre naranja (S): Neophema chrysogaster 

Cacatua del collar de Mauricio (S): Psittacula echo 

Cacatua del paraiso (S): Psepholus pulcherrimus 

Cacatua dorada (S): Guarouba guarouba 

Cacatua ducorpsii. (E) Ducorps's Cockatoo, (S) Cacatua de 
Ducorps, (F) Cacatoes de Ducorps II CACATUIDAE Av 

Cacatua enlutada (S): Probosciger aterrimus 

Cacatua galerita : (E) Greater Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, Sulphur- 
crested Cockatoo, (S) Cacatua de cresta amarilla grande, (F) 
Cacatoes a huppe jaune. Grand cacatoes a huppe jaune II 

Cacatua goffini: (E) Goffin's Cockatoo, Tanimbar Cockatoo. 
Tanimbar Corella, (S) Cacatua de Goffin, (F) Cacatoes de 

Cacatua haematuropygia : (E) Philippine Cockatoo, Red-vented 
Cockatoo, (S) Cacatua de cola sangrante, (F) Cacatoes a ventre 
rouge, Cacatoes des Philippines I CACATUIDAE Av 

Cacatua inca (S): Cacatua leadbeateri 

Cacatua leadbeateri: (E) Leadbeater's Cockatoo, Major Mitchell's 
Cockatoo, Pink Cockatoo, (S) Cacatua de Leadbeater, Cacatua 
inca, (F) Cacatoes de Leadbeater II CACATUIDAE Av 

Cacatua moluccensis: (E) Moluccan Cockatoo, Salmon-crested 

Cockatoo, (S) Cacatua de las Molucas, (F) Cacatoes a huppe 

rouge, Cacatoes des Moluques I CACATUIDAE Av 
Cacatua negra de cola amarilla (S): Calyptorhynchus funereus 
Cacatua negra de cola roja (S): Calyptorhynchus banksii 
Cacatua negra de Latham (S): Calyptorhynchus lathami 
Cacatua nocturna (S ): Geopsittacus occidentalis 
Cacatua oftalmica (S): Cacatua ophthalmica 
Cacatua ophthalmica: (E) Blue-eyed Cockatoo, (S) Cacatua 

oftalmica, (F) Cacatoes a oeil bleu, Cacatoes aax yeax bleus II 

Cacatua pastinator (E) Western Corella, (S) Cacatua de pico 

afilado, (F) Cacatoes a lores rouges, Cacatoes aux yeux nus, 

Cacatoes laboureur II CACATUIDAE Av 
Cacatua rosada (S): Eolophus roseicapillus 
Cacatua roseicapilla = Eolophus roseicapillus 
Cacatua sanguinea: (E) Bare-eyed Cockatoo, Little Cockatoo, Little 

Corella, (F) Cacatoes corella II CACATUIDAE Av 
Cacatua sulphurea: (E) Lesser Sulphur -crested Cockatoo, Yellow- 
crested Cockatoo, (F) Cacatoes soufre. Petit cacatoes a huppe 

Cacatua tenuirostris: ( E) Long-billed Corella, (S) Cacatua de pico 

afilado anaranjada, (F) Cacatoes a bee gracile, Cacatoes nasique 

Cacatua tenuirostris pastinator = Cacatua pastinator 
Cacatua terrera (S): Pezoporus wallicus 
Cacayao (S): Cacajao calvus 
Cachalot (E): Physeter catodon 
Cachalot nain (F): Kogia simus 
Cachalot pygmee (F): Kogia breviceps 
Cachalote (S): Physeter catodon 
Cachalote cabeza chica (S): Kogia breviceps 
Cachalote enano (S): Kogia simus 
Cachalote pigmeo (S): Kogia breviceps 
Cachelot (E): Physeter catodon 
Cachorro de mato vinagre (S): Speothos venaticus 
Cachorro vinagre (S): Speothos venaticus 
Cacomistle (E): Bassariscus sumichrasti 
Cacomistle, Central American (E): Bassariscus sumichrasti 
Caebezon toucan (F): Semnornis ramphastinus 
Caecobarbus geertsi: (E) African Blind Barb Fish, Congo Blind 

Barb, (F) Barbu aveugle, Poisson cavernicole d'Afrique n 

Caiman (S): Caiman crocodilus 
Caiman a lunettes (F): Caiman crocodilus 
Caiman a museau large (F): Caiman latirostris 
Caiman a paupieres osseuses (P): Paleosuchus palpebrosus 
Caiman americano (S): Crocodylus acutus 
Caiman crocodilus: (E) Brown Caiman, Common Caiman, 

Spectacled Caiman, (S) Caiman, (F) Caiman a lunettes I/n 

Caiman crocodilus apaporiensis: (E) Apaporis River Caiman, Rio 

Apaporis (Spectacled) Caiman, (S) Caiman del Rio Apaporis, 

(F) Caiman du Rio Apaporis I ALLIGATORIDAE Re 
Caiman crocodilus chiapasius= Caiman crocodilus fuscus 
Caiman crocodilus matogrossiensis = Caiman yacare 
Caiman crocodilus paraguaiensis = Caiman yacare 
Caiman crocodilus yacare = Caiman yacare 
Caiman de Cuba (S): Crocodylus rhombifer 
Caiman de hocico ancho (S): Caiman latirostris 
Caiman de Morelet (S): Crocodylus moreletii 
Caiman del Orinoco (S): Crocodylus intermedius 
Caiman del Rio Apaporis (S ): Caiman crocodilus apaporiensis 
Caiman du Rio Apaporis (F): Caiman crocodilus apaporiensis 
Caiman enano (S): Paleosuchus palpebrosus 
Caiman fissipes = Caiman latirostris 
Caiman frentiplano (S): Paleosuchus trigonatus 
Caiman fuscus- Caiman crocodilus fuscus 
Caiman herisse (F): Paleosuchus trigonatus 
Caiman hociquiancho (S): Caiman latirostris 
Caiman latirostris: (E) Broad-nosed Caiman, Broad-snouted 

Caiman, (S) Caiman de hocico ancho, Caiman hociquiancho. 

Yacare de hocico ancho, Yacare overo, (F) Caiman a museau 

Caiman negro (S): Melanosuchus niger 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Caiman niger = Melanosiwhus niger 

Caiman noir (F): Melanosuchns niger 

Caiman palpebrosus = Paleosuchus patpebrosus 

Caiman sclerops = Caiman crocodilus 

Caiman sclerops apaporiensis = Caiman crocodilus apaporiensis 

Caiman trigonatus = Paleosuchus trigonatus 

Caiman yacare (F): Caiman yacare 

Caiman vacare: (E) Yacare Caiman, (S) Yacare, (F) Caiman yacare 

Caiman, Apaporis River (E): Caiman crocodilus apaporiensis 
Caiman, Black (E): Melanosuchus niger 
Caiman, Broad-nosed (E): Caiman lalirostris 
Caiman, Broad-snouted (E): Caiman latirostris 
Caiman, Brown (E): Caiman crocodilus 
Caiman, Common (E): Caiman crocodilus 
Caiman, Cuvier's Smooth- fronted (E): Paleosuchus palpebrosus 
Caiman, Dwarf (E): Paleosuchus palpebrosus 
Caiman, Four-foot (E): Dracaena guianensis 
Caiman. Rio Apaporis (Spectacled) (E): Caiman crocodilus 

Caiman, Schneider's Smooth-fronted (E): Paleosuchus trigonatus 
Caiman, Spectacled (E): Caiman crocodilus 
Caiman, Yacare (E): Caiman yacare 
Caique a ailes noires (F): Hapalopsittaca melanotis 
Caique a capuchon (F): Pionopsitta haematotis 
Caique a face rouge (F): Hapalopsittaca amazonina 
Caique a joues roses (F): Pionopsitta pulchra 
Caique a queue courte (F): Graydidascalus brachyurus 
Caique a tete noire (F): Pionopsitta caica 
Caique a ventre blanc (F): Pionites leucogaster 
Caique de Barrahand (F): Pionopsitta barrabandi 
Caique de Bonaparte (F): Pionopsitta pyrilia 
Caique de Fuertes (F): Hapalopsittaca fuertesi 
Caique de Salvin (F): Hapalopsittaca pyrrhops 
Caique maipourri (F): Pionites melanocephala 
Caique mitre (F): Pionopsitta pileata 
Caique vautourin (F): Pionopsitta vulturina 
Caique, Black-headed (E): Pionites melanocephala 
Caique, White-bellied (E): Pionites leucogaster 

Cairina hartlaubii = Pteronetta hartlaubii 

Cairina moschata.(E) Muscovy Duck, (S) Pato criollo, Pato real, 
(F) Canard de Barbarie, Canard musque ID ANAT1DAE Av 

Cairina scutulata : ( E) White-winged Duck, White- winged Wood 
Duck, (S) Pato aliblanco, Pato almizclero aliblanco, Pato de 
jungla, (F) Canard a ailes blanches. Canard musque a ailes 
blanches I ANATIDAE Av 

Calabare de Reinhardt (F): Calabaria reinhardtii 

Calabaria de Reinhardt (F): Calabaria reinhardtii 

Calabaria fusca = Calabaria reinhardtii 

Calabaria reinhardtii: (E) African Burrowing Python, Calabar 

Ground Python, (S) Piton de Calabar, (F) Calabare de Reinhardt, 
Calabaria de Reinhardt II BOIDAE Re 

Calamita tinctorius = Dendrobates tinctorius 

Calao a casque (F): Buceros vigil 

Calao a casque plat (F): Buceros hydrocorax 

Calao a casque rond (F): Buceros vigil 

Calao a casque rouge (F): Aceros corrugatus 

Calao a cimier (f): Aceros cassidix 

Calao a cou roux (F): Aceros nipalensis 

Calao a gorge claire (F): Aceros subruficollis 

Calao a poche unie (F): Aceros subruficollis 

Calao arrugado (S): Aceros corrugatus 

Calao bicome (F): Buceros bicornis 

Calao bicome (S): Buceros bicornis 

Calao brun (F): Anorrhimis tickelli 

Calao cariblanco (S): Anthracoceros albirostris 

Calao charbonnier (F): Anthracoceros malayanus 

Calao chico de Celebes (S): Penelopides exarhatus 

Calao chico de Luzon (S): Penelopides manillae 

Calao chico de Mindanao (S): Penelopides affinis 

Calao chico de Mindoro (S): Penelopides mindorensis 

Calao chico de Panay (S): Penelopides panini 

Calao coiffe (F): Aceros comatus 

Calao crestado (S): Anorrhinus galeritus 

Calao crestiblanco (S): Aceros comatus 

Calao de casco (S): Buceros vigil 

Calao de la Narcondam (S): Aceros narcondami 

Calao de la Sumba (S): Aceros everetti 

Calao de las Sulu (S): Anthracoceros montani 

Calao de Malabar (F): Anthracoceros coronatus 

Calao de Manille (F): Penelopides manillae 

Calao de Mindanao (F): Penelopides affinis 

Calao de Mindoro (F): Penelopides mindorensis 

Calao de montagne (F): Aceros nipalensis 

Calao de Narcondam (F): Aceros narcondami 

Calao de Palawan (F): Anthracoceros marchei 

Calao de Palawan (S): Anthracoceros marchei 

Calao de Samar (F): Penelopides samarensis 

Calao de Sumba (F): Aceros everetti 

Calao de Vieillot (F): Aceros leucocephalus 

Calao de Walden (F): Aceros waldeni 

Calao de yelmo (S): Buceros vigil 

Calao del Nepal (S): Aceros nipalensis 

Calao des Celebes (F): Penelopides exarhatus 

Calao des Philippines (F): Buceros hydrocorax 

Calao des Sulu (F): Anthracoceros montani 

Calao festonne (F): Aceros undulatus 

Calao filipino grande (S): Buceros hydrocorax 

Calao gorgiclaro (S): Aceros subruficollis 

Calao gorginegro (S): Aceros undulatus 

Calao grande (S): Buceros bicornis 

Calao grande de Celebes (S): Aceros cassidix 

Calao grande de Mindanao (S): Aceros leucocephalus 

Calao grande de Panay (S): Aceros waldeni 

Calao largup (F): Anorrhinus galeritus 

Calao malayo (S): Anthracoceros malayanus 

Calao papou (F): Aceros plicatus 

Calao pardo de Tickell (S): Anorrhinus tickelli 

Calao pics (F): Anthracoceros spp. 

Calao pie (F): Anthracoceros albirostris 

Calao rhinoceros (F): Buceros rhinoceros 

Calao rinoceronte (S): Buceros rhinoceros 

Calao rojipardo (S): Buceros hydrocorax 

Calao tarictic (F): Penelopides panini 

calaos (F): Acerosspp.l Anorrhinus spp./ Anthracocerosspp.l 

Buceros spp./ Penelopides spp. 
calaos (S): Aceros spp./ Anorrhinus spp./ Anthracocerosspp.1 

Buceros spp. / Penelopides spp. 
Calaos a canelure des Celebes (F): Penelopides exarhatus 
Calaos a huppe touffue (F): Anorrhinus spp. 
Calathiscus tantillus. II 8 PORIT1DAE An 
Caldron negro (S): Glohicephala macrorhynchus/Globicephala 

Callagur borneoensis: (E) Painted Batagur, Painted Terrapin, Saw- 
jawed Turtle. Three-striped Batagur, (S) Galapago pintado, (F) 
Emyde peinte de Borneo II EMYDIDAE Re 
Callagur picta = Callagur borneoensis 
Callicebus baptista = Callicebus hoffmannsi 
Callicebus bernhardi. (E) Prince Bernhardt Titi H CEBIDAE Ma 
Callicebus brunneus: (E) Brown Titi U CEBIDAE Ma 
Callicebus caligatus: (E) Booted Titi II CEBIDAE Ma 
Callicebus cinerascens: (E) Ashy -black Titi II CEBIDAE Ma 
Callicebus coimbrai (E) Coimbra-filhos Titi II CEBIDAE Ma 
Callicebus cupreus: (E) Coppery Titi II CEBIDAE Ma 
Callicebus discolor = Callicebus cupreus 
Callicebus donacophilus: (E) White-eared Titi II CEBIDAE Ma 
Callicebus dubius: (E) Dubious Titi II CEBIDAE Ma 
Callicebus hoffmannsi. ( E) Hoffmanns's Titi H CEBIDAE Ma 
Callicebus lugens = Callicebus torquatus 
Callicebus modestus: (E) Rio Beni Titi II CEBIDAE Ma 
Callicebus moloch: (E) Dusky Titi, (F) Titi molock II CEBIDAE 

Callicebus moloch brunneus = Callicebus brunneus 
Callicebus moloch caligatus = Callicebus caligatus 
Callicebus moloch cinerascens- Callicebus cinerascens 
Callicebus moloch cupreus — Callicebus cupreus 
Callicebus moloch donacophilus = Callicebus donacophilus 
Callicebus moloch dubius = Callicebus dubius 
Callicebus moloch hoffmannsi = Callicebus hoffmannsi 
Callicebus moloch modestus = Callicebus modestus 

See p. 13 / Vease p. 29/ Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Callicebus moloch oenanthe = CaUicebus oenanthe 

Callieebus moloch olallae - Callicebus olallae 

Callicebus oenanthe: (E) Andean Titi, Rio Mayo Titi II CEBIDAE 

Callicebus olallae: (E) Beni Titi, Olalla Brothers' Titi II CEBIDAE 

Callicebus pallescens = Callicebus donacophilus 
Callicebus personalus: (E) Masked Titi, (P) Titi a masque II 

Callicebus purinus= Callicebus torquatus 
CaUicebus regulus = Callicebus torquatus 

Callicebus stephennashi: (E) Stephen Nash's Titi II CEBIDAE Ma 
Callicebus torquatus: (E) Collared Titi, Widow Titi, (F) Titi a 

collier II CEBIDAE Ma 
Callimico goeldli: (E) Goeldi's Marmoset, Goeldi's Monkey, 

Goeldi's Tamarin, (S) Pichico negro, Tamarin de Goeldi, Titi de 

Goeldi, (F| Tamarin de Goeldi, Tamarin sauteur I 

Calliphlox amethystina : (E) Amethyst Woodstar, (S) Colibri 

amatista, Estrellita amatista, Picaflor amatista, Tucusito 

amatista, (F) Colibri amethyste II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Calliphlox bryantae: (E) Magentathroated Woodstar. (S) Colibri 

magenta, (F) Colibri magenta II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Calliphlox evelynae: (E) Bahama Woodstar, (S) Colibri de las 

Bahamas, (F) Colibri des Bahamas II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Calliphlox mitchellii: (E) Purple-throated Woodstar, (S) Colibri de 

Mitchell, Estrellita gorjipurpura, (F) Colibri de Mitchell II 

Calliptilus stepheni = Vini stepheni 
Calliste superbe(F): Tangara fastuosa 
Callithrix acariensis: (E) Rio Acari Marmoset II 

Callithrix argentata : (E) Black -tailed Marmoset, Silvery Marmoset. 

(F)Ouistiti argente II CALLITRICHIDAE Ma 
Callithrix aurita : (E) Buffy -tufted-ear Marmoset, White-eared 

Marmoset, (S) Callitrix de orejas blancas, (F) Marmouset a 

oreilles blanches, Oustiti a oreilles blanches, Oustiti oreillard I 

Callithrix chrysoleuca = Callithrix humeralifer 
Callithrix emiliae = Callithrix argentata 
Callithrix flaviceps. (E) Buffy-headed Marmoset, (S) Callitrix de 

cabeza amarilla, (F) Ouistiti a tete jaune I CALLITRICHIDAE 

Callithrix geoffroyi: (E) Geoffrey's Tufted-ear Marmoset, White- 
fronted Marmoset, (S) Titi de caba blanca II 

Callithrix humeralifer: (E) Black-and-white Tassel-ear Marmoset, 

Tassel-eared Marmoset, (F) Marmoset Santarem n 

Callithrix humilis: II CALLITRICHIDAE Ma 
Callithrix intermedia = Callithrix argentata 
Callithrix jacchus aurita = Callithrix aurita 
Callithrix jacchusflaviceps = Callithrix flaviceps 
Callithrix jacchus geoffroyi = Callithrix geoffroyi 
Callithrix jacchus kuhlii = Callithrix kuhlii 
Callithrix jacchus penicillata = Callithrix penicillata 
Callithrix jacchus: (E) Common Marmoset, White-tufted-ear 

Marmoset, (F) Ouistiti II CALLITRICHIDAE Ma 
Callithrix kuhlii: (E) Wied's Black -tufted-ear Marmoset, Wied's 

Callithrix manicorensis: (E) Rio Manicore Marmoset II 

Callithrix marcar. (E) Marca's Marmoset II CALLITRICHIDAE 

Callithrix mauesi: (E) Maues Marmoset II CALLITRICHIDAE Ma 
Callithrix melanura = Callithrix argentata 
Callithrix nigriceps. (E) Black-headed Marmoset II 

Callithrix penicillata: (E) Black -pencilled Marmoset, Black-tufted- 
Callithrix pygmaea: (E) Pygmy Marmoset, (F) Ouistiti mignon II 

Callithrix saterei: (E) Satere Marmoset II CALLITRICHIDAE Ma 
Callitrix de cabeza amarilla (S): Callithrix flaviceps 
Callitrix de orejas blancas (S): Callithrix aurita 

Callocephalon fimbriatum: (E) Gang-gang Cockatoo. (S) Cacatua 

de cabeza roja, Gan-Gan, (F) Cacatoes a tete rouge, Cacatoes 

Callogyra formosa = Trachyphyllia geoffroyi 
Caloenas nicobarica: (E) Nicobar Dove, Nicobar Pigeon, (S) 

Paloma calva, Paloma de Nicobar. (F) Nicobar a camail. Pigeon 

a camail. Pigeon a collerette. Pigeon de Nicobar I 

Caloperdix oculea: (E) Ferruginous Partridge, Ferruginous Wood- 
Partridge, (S) Perdicilla herrumbrosa, Perdiz de bosque 

ferruginosa. (F) Rouloul ocelle ITJ PHASIANIDAE Av 
Calophasis humiae = Syrmaticus humiae 
Calophasis mikado = Syrmaticits mikado 

Caloprymnus campestris: (E) Buff-nosed Rat -kangaroo, Desert Rat- 
kangaroo, Plains Rat-kangaroo, (S) Canguro del desierto, 

Canguro-rata desertico, (F) Kangourou-rat du desert I 

Calopsitte elegante (F): Nymphicus hollandicus 
Calothorax eliza = Doricha eliza 
Calothorax enicura = Doricha enicura 
Calothorax lucifer: (E) Lucifer Hummingbird, (S) Colibri lucifer, 

Tijereta nortena, (F) Colibri lucifer II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Calothorax micrurus = Myiwia micrura 
Calothorax pulcher: (E) Beautiful Hummingbird, (S) Colibri bonito, 

Tijereta oaxaquena, (F) Colibri charmant II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Calumma spp.: (E) chameleons, (S) camaleones, (F) cameleons, II 

Calumma andrlngitraensis: II CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Calumma boettgeri: (E) Boettger's Chameleon, (S) Camaleon de 

Boettger, (F) Cameleon de Boettger II CHAMAELEONIDAE 

Calumma brevicornis (E) Short -homed Chameleon, (F) Cameleon 

a comes courtes II CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Calumma brevicornis hilleniusi = Calumma hilleniusi 
Calumma capuroni: (E) Madagascar Chameleon, ( F) Cameleon de 

Calumma cucullata : (E) Hooded Chameleon, (F) Cameleon a 

Calumma fallax: (E) Deceptive Chameleon, (F) Cameleon de 

Calumma furcifer: (E| Forked Chameleon, Fork-nosed Chameleon, 

(F) Cameleon a nez fourchu II CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Calumma gallus: (E) Blade Chameleon, (F) Cameleon epee II 

Calumma gastrotaenia: (E) Perinet Chameleon, (F) Cameleon de 

Calumma gastrotaenia andrlngitraensis = Calumma 

Calumma gastrotaenia guillaumeti = Calumma guillaumeti 
Calumma gastrotaenia marojezensis = Calumma marojezensis 
Calumma glawi: II CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Calumma globifer: (E) Flat-casqued Chameleon, (F) Cameleon a 

Calumma guibei: (E) Guibe's Chameleon, North- western 

Chameleon, (F) Cameleon de Guibe II CHAMAELEONIDAE 

Calumma guillaumeti: II CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Calumma hilleniusi: II CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Calumma linota : (E) Maroantsjtra Chameleon, (F) Cameleon de 

Calumma malthe: (E) Yellow-green Chameleon, (F) Cameleon vert- 

Calumma marojezensis: II CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Calumma nasuta.(E) Big-nosed Chameleon, (F) Cameleon nasique 

Calumma oshaughnessyi: (E) O'Shaughnessy's Chameleon, (F) 

Cameleon d'O'Shaughnessy II CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Calumma parsonii: (E) Parson's Giant Chameleon, (S) Camaleon de 

Parson, (F) Cameleon de Parson II CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Calumma peyrierasi. (E) Brygoo's Chameleon, (F) Cameleon de 

Calumma tigris: (E) Tiger Chameleon, (F) Cameleon tigre II 

Calumma tsaratananensis: (E) Tsaratanan Chameleon, (F) 

Cameleon de Tsaratana II CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Calumma vatosoa. II CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Calumma vencesi. II CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Cafypteanna : (E) Anna's Hummingbird, (S) Colibri de Anna, (F) 

Colibri dAnna II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Calvpte costae: (E) Costa's Hummingbird, (S) Colibri de Costa, (F) 

Colibri de Costa II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Calypte helenae = Mellisuga helenae 
Calyptopora complanata = Stylaster complanatus 
Calvptopora pachvpoma = Pseudocrypthelia pachvpoma 
Cahptopora reticulata : if STYLASTERJDAE Hy 
Calyptopora sinuosa : II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Calyptoprymnus verecundus= Cordylus niger 
Calyptorhynchus banksii (E) Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo, (S) 

Cacatua de cola roja, Cacatua negra de cola roja, (F) Cacatoes 

banksien, Cacatoes de Banks II CACATUIDAE Av 
Calyptorhynchus baudinii. ( E ) Long-billed Black-Cockatoo, White- 
tailed Black-Cockatoo, (F) Cacatoes de Baudin II 

Calyptorhynchus funereus. (E) Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo, (S) 

Cacatua negra de cola amarilla, (F) Cacatoes a oreilles blanches, 

Cacatoes a oreilles jaunes, Cacatoes funebre II CACATUIDAE 

Calyptorhynchus funereus baudinii = Calyptorhynchus baudinii 
Calyptorhynchus lathami. (E) Glossy Black-Cockatoo, (S) Cacatua 

negra de Latham, (F) Cacatoes a tete brune, Cacatoes de Latham 

Calyptorhynchus latirostris. (E) Short -billed Black-Cockatoo. 

Slender-billed Black-Cockatoo, (F) Cacatoes a rectrices 

blanches II CACATUIDAE Av 
Calyptorhynchus magnificus = Calyptorhynchus banksii 
Calzadito admirable (S): Eriocnemis mirabilis 
Calzadito canoso (S): Haplophaedia lugens 
Calzadito cobrizo (S): Eriocnemis cupreoventris 
Calzadito colilargo norteno (S): Eriocnemis luciani 
Calzadito de Mosquera (S): Eriocnemis mosquera 
Calzadito frentiazul (S): Eriocnemis glaucopoides 
Calzadito patinegro (S): Eriocnemis derbyi 
Calzadito pechiblanco(S): Eriocnemis alinae 
Calzadito pechinegro (S): Eriocnemis nigrivestis 
Calzadito reluciente (S): Eriocnemis vestitus 
Calzadito turquesa (S): Eriocnemis godini 
Calzadito verdoso norteno (S): Haplophaedia aureliae 
Calzonario colibronceado (S): Chalybura buffonii 
Camaeleon nasuius = Calumma nasuta 
Camaleon africano (S): Chamaeleo africanus 
Camaleon comun (S): Chamaeleo chamaeleon 
Camaleon crestado (S): Chamaeleo cristatus 
Camaleon cuadricome (S): Chamaeleo quadricornis 
Camaleon de Boettger (S): Calumma boettgeri 
Camaleon de casco (S): Chamaeleo hoehnelii 
Camaleon de dos bandas (S): Chamaeleo bitaeniatus 
Camaleon de Elliot (S): Chamaeleo ellioti 
Camaleon de Fuelleborn (S): Chamaeleo fuelleborni 
Camaleon de Jackson (S): Chamaeleo jacksonii 
Camaleon de Johnston (S): Chamaeleo johnstoni 
Camaleon de Meller (S): Chamaeleo melleri 
Camaleon de montana (S): Chamaeleo montittm 
Camaleon de Oustalet (S): Furcifer oustaleti 
Camaleon de Owen (S): Chamaeleo oweni 
Camaleon de Parson (S): Calumma parsonii 
Camaleon de Petter (S): Furcifer petteri 
Camaleon de Pfeffer (S): Chamaeleo pfefferi 
Camaleon de Schouteden (S): Chamaeleo schoutedeni 
Camaleon de Schubotz (S): Chamaeleo schubotzi 
Camaleon de Sri Lanka (S): Chamaeleo zeylanicus 
Camaleon de Werner (S): Chamaeleo werneri 
Camaledn de Wiedersheim (S): Chamaeleo wiedersheimi 
Camaleon del Senegal (S): Chamaeleo senegalensis 
Camaleon gracil (S): Chamaeleo gracilis 
Camaleon lobulado (S): Chamaeleo dilepis 
Camaleon rinoceronte (S): Furcifer rhinoceratus 
Camaleon verrugoso (S): Furcifer verrucosus 
camaleones (S): Calumma spp./ Chamaeleo spp J Furcifer spp. 
Cameleon a bandes laterales (F): Furcifer lateralis 
Cameleon a capuchon (F): Calumma cucullata 

Cameleon a casque eleve (F): Chamaeleo hoehnelii 

Cameleon a casque plat (F): Calumma globifer 

Cameleon a come molle des monts Usambara (F): Bradypodion 

Cameleon a comes courtes (F): Calumma bre\'icornis 
Cameleon a deux bandes (F): Chamaeleo bitaeniatus 
Cameleon a deux cornes (F): Furcifer bifidus 
Cameleon a ecailles doubles (F): Chamaeleo anchietae 
Cameleon a lignes blanches (F): Furcifer antimena 
Cameleon a nez fourchu (F): Calumma furcifer/Furcifer bifidus 
Cameleon a quatre comes (F): Chamaeleo quadricornis 
Cameleon a une come (F): Furcifer monoceras 
Cameleon a voile du Cameroun (F): Chamaeleo montium 
Cameleon africain (F): Chamaeleo africanus 
Cameleon americain (F): Chamaeleo affinis 
Cameleon bilobe (F): Chamaeleo dilepis 
Cameleon casque (F): Chamaeleo calyptratus 
Cameleon commun (F ): Chamaeleo chamaeleon 
Cameleon Crete (F): Chamaeleo cristatus 
Cameleon d'Andrenalamivola (F): Furcifer tuzetae 
Cameleon d' Angel (F): Furcifer angeli 
Cameleon d' Angola (F): Chamaeleo anchietae 
Cameleon d'Arabie (F): Chamaeleo arabicus 
Cameleon de Belalanda (F): Furcifer belalandaensis 
Cameleon de Bocage (F): Chamaeleo quilensis 
Cameleon de Boettger (F): Calumma boettgeri 
Cameleon de Ceylan (F): Chamaeleo zeylanicus 
Cameleon de Chapin (F): Chamaeleo chapini 
Cameleon de Fea (F): Chamaeleo feae 
Cameleon de Goetze (F): Chamaeleo goetzei 
Cameleon de Guibe ( F): Calumma guibei 
Cameleon de Giinther (F): Furcifer minor 
Cameleon de Jackson (F): Chamaeleo jacksonii 
Cameleon de Johnston (F): Chamaeleo johnstoni 
Cameleon de la canopee (F): Furcifer willsii 
Cameleon de Laborde (F): Furcifer labordi 
Cameleon de Leach (F): Chamaeleo dilepis 
Cameleon de Madagascar (F): Calumma capuroni 
Cameleon de Maroantsetra (F): Calumma linola 
Cameleon de Mayotte (F): Furcifer polleni 
Cameleon de Meller (F): Chamaeleo melleri 
Cameleon de Mocquard (F): Calumma fallax 
Cameleon de Parson (F): Calumma parsonii 
Cameleon de Perinet (F): Calumma gastrotaenia 
Cameleon de Petter (F): Furcifer petteri 
Cameleon de Peyrieras (F): Calumma peyrierasi 
Cameleon de Pfeffer (F): Chamaeleo pfefferi 
Cameleon de Ruppell (F): Bradypodion xenorhinum 
Cameleon de Schoudeten (F): Chamaeleo schoutedeni 
Cameleon de Schubotz (F): Chamaeleo schubotzi 
Cameleon de Tilbury (F): Chamaeleo marsabitensis 
Cameleon de Tsaratana (F): Calumma tsaratananensis 
Cameleon de Werner (F): Chamaeleo werneri 
Cameleon de Wills (F): Furcifer willsii 
Cameleon d'Eisentraut (F): Chamaeleo eisentrauti 
Cameleon d'Elliot (F): Chamaeleo ellioti 
Cameleon des Comores (F): Furcifer cephalolepis 
Cameleon des montagnes de Tanzanie (F): Chamaeleo tempeli 
Cameleon des monts Uzungwe (F): Chamaeleo laterispinis 
Cameleon d'llolo (F): Chamaeleo goetzei 
Cameleon d'O'Shaughnessy (F >: Calumma oshaughnessyi 
Cameleon d'Oustalet (F): Furcifer oustaleti 
Cameleon d'Owen (F): Chamaeleo oweni 
Cameleon du Cameroun (F): Chamaeleo camerunensis 
Cameleon du mont Lefo (F): Chamaeleo wiedersheimi 
Cameleon du mont Poroto (F): Chamaeleo incornutus 
Cameleon du Namaqua (F): Chamaeleo namaquensis 
Cameleon du Senegal (F): Chamaeleo senegalensis 
Cameleon du volcan Ngosi (F): Chamaeleo fuelleborni 
Cameleon du Yemen (F): Chamaeleo calcaricarens 
Cameleon epee (F): Calumma gallus 
Cameleon forestier (F): Furcifer balteatus 
Cameleon forestier de Madagascar (F): Furcifer campani 
Cameleon gracile(F): Chamaeleo gracilis 
Cameleon gris (F): Chamaeleo chapini 

Seep. 13 / Veasep. 29 / Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Cameleon nain a nez rouge (F): Bradypodion nemorale 

Cameleon nain de Carpenter (F): Bradypodion carpenteri 

Cameleon nain de Fischer (F): Bradypodion fischeri 

Cameleon nain de Matschie(F): Bradypodion tavetanum 

Cameleon nain de Setaro (F): Bradypodion pumilum 

Cameleon nain de Smith (F): Bradypodion spinosum 

Cameleon nain d'lturi (F): Bradypodion adolfifriderici 

Cameleon nain du Cap (F): Bradypodion oxyrhinum 

Cameleon nain du Drakensberg(F): Bradypodion dracomontanum 

Cameleon nain du sud et du Namaqua (F): Bradypodion uthmoelleri 

Cameleon nain du Transvaal ( F): Bradypodion thamnobales 

Cameleon nain du Zululand ( F ): Bradypodion mlanjense 

Cameleon nain epineux (F): Bradypodion setaroi 

Cameleon nasique (F): Calumma nasuta 

Cameleon ondule (F): Chamaeleo deremensis 

Cameleon panthere (F): Furcifer pardalis 

Cameleon rhinoceros (F): Furcifer rhinoceratus 

Cameleon rude (F): Chamaeleo rudis 

Cameleon tigre (F): Calumma tigris 

Cameleon verruqueux (F): Furcifer verrucosus 

Cameleon vert -et-jaune (F): Calumma malthe 

Cameleon vulgaire (F): Chamaeleo chamaeleon 

Cameleon-joyau (F): Furcifer lateralis 

Cameleon-moine (F): Chamaeleo monachus 

cameleons (F): Calumma spp./ Chamaeleo sppJFurcifer spp. 

cameleons nain (F): Bradypodion spp. 

cameleons vrais (F): Chamaeleo spp. 

Campephilus imperialis: (E) Imperial Woodpecker, (S) Carpintero 

gigante. Pito imperial, Pitorreal ocotero, (F) Pic imperial I 

Campyloptere a queue blanche (F): Campylopterus emipennis 
Campyloptere a ventre gris (F): Campylopterus largipennis 
Campyloptere de Wetmore (F): Campylopterus excellens 
Campyloptere des Santa Marta (F): Campylopterus phainopeplus 
Campyloptere du Napo (F): Campylopterus villaviscensio 
Campyloptere lazulite (F): Campylopterus falcatus 
Campyloptere montagnard (F): Campylopterus duidae 
Campyloptere pampa (F): Campylopterus curvipennis 
Campyloptere rougeatre (F): Campylopterus hyperythrus 
Campyloptere roux (F): Campylopterus rufus 
Campyloptere violet (F): Campylopterus hemileucurus 
Campylopterus cirrochloris: (E) Sombre Hummingbird, (S) Colibri 

apagado, (F) Colibri vert et gris II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Campylopterus curvipennis: (E) Wedge-tailed Sabrevving, (S) 

Colibri ruisenor, Fandangero colicuna, (F) Campyloptere pampa 

Campylopterus cuvierii: (E) Scaly- breasted Hummingbird, (S) 

Colibri de Cuvier, Fandangero pechiescamosa, (F) Colibri de 

Campylopterus duidae: (E) Buff-breasted Sabrewing, (S) Ala de 

sable anteado, Colibri del Duida, (F) Campyloptere montagnard 

Campylopterus ensipennis: (E) White-tailed Sabrewing, (S) Ala de 

sable verde, Colibri coliblanco, (F) Campyloptere a queue 

Campylopterus excellens = Campylopterus curvipennis 
Campylopterus falcatus: (E) Lazuline Sabrewing, (S) Ala de sable 

pechivioleta, Alasable azulino, Colibri lazulita, (F) 

Campyloptere lazulite II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Campylopterus hemileucurus: (E) Violet Sabrewing, (S) Colibri 

morado. Fandangero morado, (F) Campyloptere violet II 

Campylopterus hyperythrus: (E) Rufous-breasted Sabrewing, (S) 

Ala de sable rufo, Colibri rojizo venezolano, (F) Campyloptere 

rougeatre II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Campylopterus largipennis: (E) Grey -breasted Sabrewing, (S) Ala 

de sable gris, Alasable del Napo, Colibri pechigris, (F) 

Campyloptere a ventre gris II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Campylopterus macrourus: (E) Swallow-tailed Hummingbird, (S) 

Colibri golondrina, (F) Colibri hirondelle II TROCHILIDAE 

Campylopterus phainopeplus: (E) Santa Marta Sabrewing, (S) 

Colibri de Santa Marta, (F) Campyloptere des Santa Marta D 

Campylopterus rufus: (E) Rufous Sabrewing, (S) Colibri rojizo 

mexicano, Fandangero rufo, (F) Campvloptere roux C 

Campylopterus villaviscensio: (E) Napo Sabrewing, (S) Colibri del 

Napo, (F) Campyloptere du Napo D TROCHILIDAE Av 
Canal (S): Dermochelys coriacea 
Canard a ailes blanches (F): Cairina scutulata 
Canard a bosse (F): Sarkidiornis melanotos 
Canard a bosse bronze (F): Sarkidiornis melanotos 
Canard a tete rose (F): Rhodonessa caryophvllacea 
Canard aberrant (F): Anas oustaleti 
Canard arme (F): Plectropterus gambensis 
Canard coroncule (F): Sarkidiornis melanotos 
Canard de Barbarie (F): Cairina moschata 
Canard de Bernier (F): Anas bernieri 
Canard de Hartlaub (F): Pteronetta hartlaubii 
Canard de Laysan (F): Anas laysanensis 
Canard des Mariannes (F): Anas oustaleti 
Canard d'Oustalet (F): Anas oustaleti 
Canard du Cap (F): Anas capensis 
Canard musque (F): Cairina moschata 
Canard musque a ailes blanches (F): Cairina scutulata 
Canard pilet (F): Anas acuta 
Canard siffleur (F): Anas penelope 
Canard souchet (F): Anas clypeata 
Canario de Mozambique (S): Serinus mozambicus 
Canary, Grey (E): Serinus leucopygiu s 
Canary, Yellow- fronted (E): Serinus mozambicus 
Candoia aspera : (E ) New Guinea Viper Boa, Papuan Ground Boa, 

(S) Boa de Nueva Guinea, (F) Boa-vipere de Nouvelle-Guinee 

Candoia bibroni: (E) Pacific Boa, (S) Boa de Fiji, (F) Boa nain de 

Bibron, Boa nain des iles du Pacifique II BOIDAE Re 
Candoia carinata.(E) Solomon Ground Boa, Tree Boa, (S) Boa del 

Pacifico, (F) Boa nain a carenes. Boa nain des Salomon II 

Cangurito narigudo coliblanco (S): Macrotis leucura 
Cangurito narigudo grande (S): Macrotis lagotis 
Cangurito piedecerdo (S): Chaeropus ecaudatus 
Canguro arboreo gris (S): Dendrolagus imtstus 
Canguro arboreo negro (S): Dendrolagus ursinus 
Canguro arboricola gris (S): Dendrolagus inustus 
Canguro arboricola negro (S): Dendrolagus ursinus 
Canguro del desierto (S): Caloprymnus campestris 
Canguro rabipelado occidental (S): Onychogalea lunata 
Canguro rabipelado oriental (S): Onychogalea fraenata 
Canguro-liebre peludo (S): Lagorchestes hirsutus 
Canguro-liebre rayado (S): Lagostrophus fasciatus 
Canguro- rata colipeludo (S): Bettongia penicillata 
Canguro- rata de Lesueur (S): Bettongia lesueur 
Canguro-rata de Tasmania (S): Bettongia gaimardi 
Canguro-rata desertico (S): Caloprymnus campestris 
Canguro- ratas (S): Bettongia spp. 
Cants aureus: (E) Common Jackal, Golden Jackal, (S) Chacal, (F) 

Chacal commun, Chacal dore III CANIDAE Ma 
Canis lupus: (E) Common Wolf, Grey Wolf, Timber Wolf, Wolf, 

(S) Lobo, Lobo comun, (F) Loup, Loup gris, Loup vulgaire I/II 

Canis lycaon = Canis lupus 
Cantharellus doederleinr. II s FUNGHDAE An 
Cantharellus jebbt H 8 FUNGIIDAE An 
Cantharellus noumeae: if FUNGIIDAE An 
Cantil coral (S): Micrurus diastema 
Caouana elongata = Caretta caretta 
Caouanne (F): Caretta caretta 
Caperea marginata : (E) Pygmy Right Whale, (S) Ballena franca 

pigmea, (F) Baleine pygmee I NEOBALAENIDAE Ma 
Capra aegagruschialtanensis = Capra falconer i chialtanensis 
Capra falconeri: (E) Markhor, (S) Markhor, (F) Markhor I 

Capricome de Sumatra (F): Naemorhedus sumatraensis 
Capricomis sumatraensis = Naemorhedus sumatraensis 
Capricomis sumatraensis maritimus = Naemorhedus sumatraensis 
Capricomis sumatraensis milneeaSvardsii = Naemorhedus 

Capricomis sumatraensis rubidus = Naemorhedus sumatraensis 

Seep, 13/Veasep. 29/ Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Cupricornis sumatraensis sumatraensis = Naemorhedus 

Capricornis sumatraensis thar = Naemorhedus sumatraensis 
Capricornis thar= Naemorhedus sumatraensis 
Caprolagus hispidus: (E) Assam Rabbit, Hispid Hare, Hispid 
Rabbit, (S) Conejo de Assam, (F) Lapin de lAssam I 
Capuchin, Black-capped (E): Cebus apella 
Capuchin, Brown Pale-fronted (E): Cebus albifrons 
Capuchin, Tufted (E): Cebus apella 
Capuchin, Weeper (E): Cebus olivaceus 
Capuchin, White-faced (E): Cebus capueinus 
Capuchin, White-fronted (E): Cebus albifrons 
Capuchin, White-throated (E): Cebus capueinus 
Capucin bec-d'argent (F): Lonchura cantans 
Capucin bicolore (F): Lonchura bicolor 
Capucin nonnette (F): Lonchura cucullata 
Capucin pie (F): Lonchura fringilloides 
Carabo (S): Strix aluco 
Carabo africano (S): Strix woodfordii 
Carabo arabe (S): Strix butleri 
Carabo bataraz (S): Strix rufipes 
Carabo blanquinegro (S): Strix nigrolineata 
Carabo brasileno (S): Strix hylophila 
Carabo cafe (S): Strix virgata 
Carabo californiano (S): Strix occidentalis 
Carabo comiin (S): Strix aluco 
Carabo de Hume (S): Strix butleri 
Carabo de las pagodas (S): Strix seloputo 
Carabo de Sichuan (S): Strix davidi 
Carabo de sudamerica (S): Strix nigrolineata 
Carabo gavilan (S): Surnia ulula 
Carabo guatemalteco (S): Strix fulvescens 
Carabo lapon (S): Strix nebulosa 
Carabo negro (S): Strix huhula 
Carabo norteamericano (S): Strix varia 
Carabo ocelado (S): Strix ocellata 
Carabo oriental (S): Strix leptogrammica 
Carabo patiblanco (S): Strix albitarsus 
Carabo pescador comiin (S): Scotopelia peli 
Carabo pescador rojizo (S): Scotopelia ussheri 
Carabo pescador vermiculado (S): Scotopelia bouvieri 
Carabo uralense (S): Strix uralensis 
Caraboa (S): Bubalus arnee 
Caracal (E): Caracal caracal 

Caracal caracal (E) African Caracal, Asian Caracal, Caracal, 
Desert Lyax, (S) Caracal, Lince africano, Lince caracal, (F) 
Caracal, Lyax du desert I/II FELIDAEMa 
Caracal, African (E): Caracal caracal 
Caracal, Asian (E): Caracal caracal 
Caracara a gorge blanche (F}: Phalcoboenus albogularis 
Caracara a gorge rouge (F): Daptrius americanus 
Caracara a tete jaune (F): Milvago chimachima 
Caracara a ventre rouge (F): Daptrius americanus 
Caracara andino (S): Phalcoboenus megalopterus 
Caracara araucano (S): Phalcoboenus albogularis 
Caracara austral (F): Phalcoboenus australis 
Caracara carancho (S): Polyborus plancus 
Caracara caroncule (F): Phalcoboenus carunculatus 
Caracara carunculado (S): Phalcoboenus carunculatus 
Caracara cherhvay = Polyborus plancus 
Caracara chimachima (F): Milvago chimachima 
Caracara chimango (F): Milvago chimango 
Caracara comecacao (S): Daptrius americanus 
Caracara commun (F): Polyborus plancus 
Caracara comiin (S): Polyborus plancus 
Caracara de Guadalupe (F): Polyborus lutosus 
Caracara funebre (F): Phalcoboenus australis 
Caracara gorgirrojo (S): Daptrius americanus 
Caracara huppe (F): Polyborus plancus 
Caracara lutosus = Polyborus lutosus 
Caracara montagnard (F): Phalcoboenus megalopterus 
Caracara negro (S): Daptrius ater 
Caracara noir (F): Daptrius ater 
Caracara plancus = Polyborus plancus 

Caracara, Black (E): Daptrius ater 

Caracara, Carunculated (E): Phalcoboenus carunculatus 

Caracara, Chimango (E): Milvago chimango 

Caracara, Common (E): Polyborus plancus 

Caracara, Crested (E): Polyborus plancus 

Caracara, Forster's (E): Phalcoboenus australis 

Caracara, Guadalupe (E): Polyborus lutosus 

Caracara, Mountain (E): Phalcoboenus megalopterus 

Caracara, Red-throated (E): Daptrius americanus 

Caracara, Southern (E): Polyborus plancus 

Caracara, Striated (E): Phalcoboenus australis 

Caracara, White-throated ( E): Phalcoboenus albogularis 

Caracara, Yellow-headed (E): Milvago chimachima 

Caracara, Yellow-throated (E): Daptrius ater 

Carachupa Manan (S): Priodontes maximus 

Caracolero (S): Rostrhamus hamatus 

Caracolero plomizo (S): Rostrhamus hamatus 

Carancho (S): Polyborus plancus 

Carancho andino (S): Phalcoboenus megalopterus 

Carancho de Guadalupe (S): Polyborus lutosus 

Carancho negro (S): Daptrius ater 

Carancho ventri-blanco (S): Daptrius americanus 

Carapaico (S): Aratinga acuticaudata 

Carbure acanelado (S): Aegolius harrisii 

Carcharias atwoodi= Carcharodon carcharias 

Carcharias lamia = Carcharodon carcharias 

Carcharias maso = Carcharodon carcharias 

Carcharias rondeletti = Carcharodon carcharias 

Carcharias verus = Carcharodon carcharias 

Carcharias vulgaris = Carcharodon carcharias 

Carcharodon albimors = Carcharodon carcharias 

Carcharodon capensis = Carcharodon carcharias 

Carcharodon carcharias: (E) Great White Shark. Man-eater Shark, 
Mango -taniwha, Mango-ururoa, White Pointer, White Shark, 
White-death, (S) Devorador de hombres, Jaqueton, Jaqueton 
bianco, Jaqueton de ley, Marrajo, Tiburon antropofago, Tiburon 
bianco, (F) Grand requin blanc, Lamie , Mangeur d'hommes, 
Requin blanc II LAMNIDAEE1 

Carcharodon smithi = Carcharodon carcharias 

Carcoramphe roi (F): Sarcoramphus papa 

Cardenal amarillo(S): Gubematrix cristata 

Cardenal cabecirrojo (S): Paroaria capitata 

Cardenal copeton (S): Paroaria coronata 

Cardenalito (S): Carduelis cucullata 

Cardinal gris (F): Paroaria coronata 

Cardinal vert (F): Gubematrix cristata 

Cardinal, Red-crested (E): Paroaria coronata 

Cardinal, Yellow (E): Gubematrix cristata 

Cardinal, Yellow-billed (E): Paroaria capitata 

Carduelis cucullata : (E) Red Siskin, (S) Cardenalito, Jilguero rojo, 
Lugano cardenalito, Lugano encapuchado, (F) Chardonneret 
rouge, Tarin rouge du Venezuela, Tatin rouge du Venezuela I 

Carduelis yarrellii. (E) Yellow-faced Siskin, (S) Jilguero cara 
amarilla, Jilguero de Yarrell, Lugano de Yarrell, (F) 
Chardonneret de Yarrell, Tarin de Yarell, Tatin de Yarrell II 

Caret (F): Eretmochelys imbricata 

Caretta atra = Caretta caretta 

Caretta bissa = Eretmochelys imbricata bissa 

Caretta caretta. (E| Loggerhead, (S) Cayuma, Tortuga boba, (F) 
Caouanne, Cayunne, Coffre, Tortue a bahut, Tortue caouanne, 
Tortue caret I CHELONIIDAE Re 

Caretta caretta olivacea = Lepidochelys olivacea 

Caretta cepedii = Chelonia mydas 

Caretta esculenta = Chelonia mydas 

Caretta gigas = Caretta caretta 

Caretta nasuta = Caretta caretta 

Caretta remivaga = Lepidochelys olivacea 

Caretta rostrata = Eretmochelys imbricata 

Caretta squamosa = Eretmochelys imbricata 

Caretta thunbergii = Chelonia mydas 

Carettochelys insculpta : (E) Fly River Turtle, New Guinea Plateless 
Turtle, Pig-nosed Turtle, Pitted-shell Turtle II 

Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Carib, Green -throated (E): Eulampis holosericeus 
Carib, Purple-throated (E): Eulampis jugular is 
Caricare encrestado (S): Polyborus plancus 
Caricare sabanero (S): Milvago chimachima 
Carnero del Canada (S): Ovis canadensis 
Camera salvaje (S): Ovis canadensis 
Camifex a ailes tachetees (F): Spiziapteryx circumcinctus 
Camifex a collier (F): Micrastur semitorquatus 
Camifex a cou roux (F): Micrastur ruficollis 
Camifex a gorge cendree (F): Micrastur gilvicollis 
Camifex ardoise (F): Micrastur mirandollei 
Camifex barre (F): Micrastur ruficollis 
Camifex de Buckley (F): Micrastur buckleyi 
Camifex de Traylor (F): Micrastur buckleyi 
Camifex plombe(F): Micrastur plumbeus 
Carocolero comiin (S): Rostrhamus sociabilis 
Carouge safran (F): Agelaius flavus 
Carp, Giant River (E): Probarbus jullieni 
Carp, Jullien's Golden (E): Probarbus jullieni 
Camilla ikan temoleh (S): Probarbus jullieni 
Carpintero gigante (S): Campephilus imperialis 
Carpophaga mindorensis = Ducula mindorensis 
Carpophage de Mindoro (F): Ducula mindorensis 
Carunculina cylindrellus = Toxolasma cylindrellus 
Caryophille bicolore (F): Phacelocyathus flos 
Carvophvllia abrupta: D 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
CaryopMlia abyssorum : U s CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophvllia alaskensis: U s CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophyllia alberti: U* CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophvllia alcocki = Carvophvllia atlantica 
Caryophyllia ambrosia : II 8 'CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophyllia antarctica: II s CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophyllia anti/larum: \f CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophyllia arborea = Dendrophyllia ramea 
Caryophvllia arbuscula = Cladocora arbuscula 
Caryophyllia arnoldr. D 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophvllia astreata = Galaxea astreata 
Caryophyllia atlantica: if CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophyllia aurantiaca = Tubastraea coccinea 
Caryophyllia australis = Scolymia australis 
Caryophyllia balaenacea: if CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophyllia barbadensis: \t CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophyllia berteriana: if CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophyllia borealis = Caryophyllia smithii 
Carvophvllia burchae = Trochocyathus burchae 
Caryophvllia calveri: II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophyllia capensis: D 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophyllia carduus = Cynarina lacrymalis/Mussa angulosa 
Caryophyllia carpenleri = Stenocvathus vermiformis 
Caryophyllia cincticulatus. II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophyllia claims = Caryophyllia smithii 
Caryophyllia clavus transversalis = Caryophyllia transversalis 
Caryophyllia communis = Caryopln-llia ambrosia 
Caryophyllia compressa = Caryophyllia 

zanzibarensis/Premocyathus dentiformis 
Caryophyllia comigera = Dendrophyllia cornigera 
Caryophyllia comuformis = Premocvathus cornuformis 
Caryophyllia cornuhtm : rf CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophyllia corrugata: II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophyllia corymbosa = Lobophvllia corymbosa 
Carvophvllia crosnieri: II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophyllia crypto : II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophyllia cubensis = Scolymia cubensis 
Carvophvllia cultrifera = Caryophvllia scobinosa 
Carvophvllia cyathus. II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caiyophylliadecamera: jf CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophyllia decapali = Carvophvllia quadragenaria 
Caryophyllia dentata: Xf CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophyllia dentiformis = Premocvathus dentiformis 
Caryophyllia deshayesiana = Acanthophyllia deshayesiana 
Caryophyllia dianthus- Desmophvllum dianthus 
Caryophyllia diomedeae: \f CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophvllia elongata = Canophvllia crosnieri 
Caryophyllia eltaninae: tf CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophyllia ephyala: D 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 

Caryophyllia epithecata = Caryophyllia smithii 
Caryophyllia fastigiata = Eusmilia fastigiata 
Caiyophyllia foresti: D 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophyllia formosa = Caryophyllia berteriana 
Caryophvllia glabrescens = Euphvllia glabrescens 
Caryophyllia grandis: II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophyllia grayr. II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophyllia hmvaiiensis: H 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophyllia horologium : II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophyllia inomata: II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophyllia inskipi = Carvophvllia abvssorum 
Caryophyllia japonica: U 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophyllia jogashimaensis: II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophyllia karubarica: II s CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophyllia lacera = Scolymia lacera 
Caryophyllia lacrymalis = Cynarina lacrymalis 
Caryophyllia laei'icostata = Caryophyllia atlantica 
Caryophyllia lamellifera: D 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophyllia mabahilhr. II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Carvophvllia maculata = Rhizosmilia maculata 
Caryophyllia marmorea: H 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophvllia octonaria : II s CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophyllia octopali: II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophyllia octopali incerta = Caryophyllia octopali 
Caryophyllia pacifica = Caryophyllia atlanticaJDasmosmilia lymani 
Caiyophyllia panda = Canophvllia atlantica 
Caryophyllia paradoxus. \t CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophyllia paraoctopali = Caryophyllia rugosa 
Caryophyllia parvula = Coenocyalhus parvulus 
Caryophyllia paucipalata : tf CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophyllia pauciseptata: II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophyllia perculta:\t CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Carvophvllia planilame/lata : II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophyllia polygona: II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophvllia pourtalesi = Can-ophvllia smithii 
Caryophyllia profunda: II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophvllia pygmaea = Monomyces pygmaea 
Caryophyllia quadragenaria: it ''CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Carvophvllia quangdongensis: II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophyllia ra/phae: II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophyllia ramea = Dendrophyllia ramea 
Carvophvllia rugosa: II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophvllia sarsiae: II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophyllia scillaemorpha: it CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Carvophvllia scobinosa: D 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophyllia secta : rf CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophyllia seguenzae: II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophyllia simplex = Stenocyathus vermiformis 
Carvophvllia smithii: (E) Devonshire Cup Coral rf 

Caryophyllia solida: if CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophyllia solitaria = Astrangia solitaria 
Caryophyllia spinicarens. tf CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophyllia spinigera : n 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophyllia squiresi: II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caiyophyllia stellula : II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophyllia transversalis: if CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophyllia turbinata = Carvophvllia smithii 
Caryophyllia unicristata : II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophyllia valdiviae: II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophvllia variabilis = Caryophvllia abyssorum 
Caryophyllia zanzibarensis: if CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Caryophyllia zopyros. if CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Casarea dussumieri: (E) Round Island Keel-scaled Boa, (S) Boa de 

Round Island, (F) Boa de I'lle Ronde de Dussumier I 

Cascabel (E): Crotalus durissus 
Cascavelle (F): Crotalus durissus 
Casmerodius albus: (E) Great Egret, Great White Egret, (S) Garceta 

grande, Garcilla grande. Garza blanca real, Garzetta grande, (F) 

Grande aigrette III ARDEIDAE Av 
Cat, African Golden (E): Profelis aurata 
Cat, Andean (E): Oreailurus jacobita 
Cat, Asian Golden (E): Catopuma temminckii 
Cat, Bay (E): Catopuma badia 

See p. 13 1 Veasep. 29 / Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Cat, Bengal Leopard (E): Prionailums bengalensis bengalensis 

Cat, Black-footed (E): Felis nigripes 

Cat, Bomean Marbled (E): Calopuma badia 

Cat. Chilean (E): Oncifelis guigna 

Cat, Chilean Pampa (E): Oncifelis colocolo 

Cat, Chinese Desert (E): Felis bieli 

Cat, Duckbill (E): Polyodon spathula 

Cat, Eyra (E): Herpailuras yaguarondi 

Cat, Fishing (E): Prionailums viverrinus 

Cat, Flat-headed (E): Prionailurus planiceps 

Cat, Geoffroy's (E): Oncifelis geoffroyi 

Cat, Golden (E): Calopuma temminckii/Profelis aitrata 

Cat, Jungle (E): Felis chaus 

Cat, Leopard (E): Prionailurus bengalensis 

Cat, Little Spotted (E): Leopardus tigrinus 

Cat. Marbled (E): Pardofelis marmorata 

Cat, Mountain (E): Oreailurus jacobita 

Cat, Pallas's (E): Otocolobus manul 

Cat, Pampas (E): Oncifelis colocolo 

Cat, Reed (E): Felis chaus 

Cat, Rusty-spotted (E): Prionailurus rubiginosus 

Cat, Sand (E): Felis margarita 

Cat, Sand Dune (E): Felis margarita 

Cat, Sea (E): Lonlrafelina 

Cat, Small-spotted (E): Felis nigripes 

Cat, Spoonbill (E): Polyodon spathula 

Cat, Swamp (E): Felis chaus 

Cat, Temminck's (E): Calopuma temminckii 

Cat, Tiger (E): Leopardus tigrinus 

Cat, Wild (E): Felis silvestris 

Catagonus wagneri: (E) Chacoan Peccary, Tagua, (S) Chaco 

argentino, Quimilero, (F) Pecari du Chaco I TAYASSUIDAE 

Catalaphyllia jardinei: (E) Elegant Coral II" CARYOPHYLLIIDAE 

Cataquil (F): Bassaricyon gabbii 

Cat-bear, Red (E): Ailurus fulgens 

Catfish, Giant (E): Pangasianodon gigas 

Catfish, Spoonbill (E|: Polyodon spathula 

Cathartes aura: (E) Turkey Vulture, (S) Aura gallipavo, (F) Urubu a 
tete rouge NC CATFLARTIDAE Av 

Cathartes burrovianus: (E) Lesser Yellow-headed Vulture, (S) Aura 
sabanera, (F) Urubu a tete jaune NC CATHART1DAE Av 

Cathartes melambrotus: (E) Greater Yellow-headed Vulture, (S) 
Aura selvatica, (F) Grand Urubu NC CATHART1DAE Av 

Cathartes monachus = Necrosyrtes monachus 

Catita aimara (S): Psilopsiagon aymara 

Catita aliamarilla (S): Brotogeris versicolurus 

Catita aliazul (Si: Brotogeris cyanoptera 

Catita alidorada (S): Brotogeris chrysopterus 

Catita andina (S): Bolborhynchus orbygnesius 

Catita barrada ( S ): Bolborhynchus lineola 

Catita chiriri (S): Brotogeris chiriri 

Catita churica (S): Brotogeris jugularis 

Catita comiin (S): Myiopsitta monachus 

Catita enana (S): Forpus crassirostris 

Catita frentidorada (S): Psilopsiagon aurifrons 

Catita frentigualda (S): Brotogeris sanctilhomae 

Catita frentirrufa (S): Bolborhynchus ferrugineifrons 

Catita macarena (S): Brotogeris pyrrhopterus 

Catita serrana comiin (S): Psilopsiagon aymara 

Catita serrana verde (S): Psilopsiagon aurifrons 

Catita tirica (S): Brotogeris tirica 

Catita versicolor (S): Brotogeris versicolurus 

Calopuma badia: (E) Bay Cat, Bornean Marbled Cat. (F) Chat bai II 

Calopuma temminckii: (E) Asian Golden Cat, Golden Cat, 
Temminck's Cat, (S) Gato dorado asiatico, (F) Chat de 
Temminck, Chat dore d'Asie I FELIDAE Ma 

Catreus wallichii: (E) Cheer Pheasant, Chir Pheasant, Wallich's 
Pheasant, (S) Faisan chir, Faisan de Wallich, (F) Faisan de 
l'Himalaya, Faisan de Wallich 1 PHASIANIDAE Av 

cats (E): FELIDAE spp. 

Catspaw, White (E): Epioblasma sulcata perobliqua 

Caucel (S): Leopardus tigrinus/ Leopardus wiedii 

Caudisona durissa = Crotalus durissus 

Caudisona gronovii = Crotalus durissus 

Caudisona orienlalis = Crotalus durissus 

Caudisona terrifica = Crotalus durissus 

Caulastraea spp.: (E) torch corals, trumpet corals II 8 FAVIIDAE An 

Caulastraea aiharai = Caulastraea echinulata 

Caulastraea connata = Astraeosmilia connata 

Caulastraea curvata: II s FAVIIDAE An 

Caulastraea distorta = Caulastraea furcata 

Caulastraea echinulata: II 8 FAVIIDAE An 

Caulastraea furcata: II 8 FAVIIDAE An 

Caulastraea plana = Caulastraea tutnida 

Caulastraea tumida: II 8 FAVIIDAE An 

Cayuma (S): Caretta caretla 

Cayunne (F): Caretta caretta/Natator depressus 

Cebra de Grevy (S): Equus grevyi 

Cebrade Hartmann (S): Equus zebra hartmannae 

Cebra de montaha del Cabo (S): Equus zebra zebra 

Cebra montanesa del Cabo (S): Equus zebra zebra 

Cebuella pygmaea = Cal/ithrix pygmaea 

Cehus albifrons: (E) Brown Pale-fronted Capuchin, White-fronted 

Capuchin, (F) Sajou a front blanc II CEBIDAE Ma 
Cebus apella: (E) Black-capped Capuchin, Tufted Capuchin, (F) 

Sajou apelle II CEBIDAE Ma 
Cebus capucinus: (E) White-faced Capuchin, White-throated 

Capuchin, (S) Mono capuchino, (F) Sajou a gorge blanche II 

Cebus griseus = Cebus olivaceus 
Cebus libidinosus = Cebus apella 
Cebus nigritus = Cebus apella 
Cebus nigrivittatus = Cebus olivaceus 
Cebus olivaceus: (E) Weeper Capuchin U CEBIDAE Ma 
Cefalofo azul (S): Cephalophus monticola 
Cefalofo silvicultor (S): Cephalophus silvicultor 
Celecanto (S): Latimeria chalumnae 
Cenchris regia = Python regius 
Centrotrachelus asmussi = Uromastyx asmussi 
Centrotrachelus loricatus = Uromastyx loricata 
Cephalophe a bande dorsale noire (F): Cephalophus dorsalis 
Cephalophe a dos jaune (F): Cephalophus silvicultor 
Cephalophe bai (F): Cephalophus dorsalis 
Cephalophe bleu (F): Cephalophus monticola 
Cephalophe de Jentink (F): Cephalophus jentinki 
Cephalophe d'Ogilby (F): Cephalophus ogilbyi 
Cephalophe geant (F): Cephalophus silvicultor 
Cephalophe raye (F): Cephalophus zebra 
Cephalophe zebre (F): Cephalophus zebra 
Cephalophus brookei = Cephalophus ogilbyi 
Cephalophus dorsalis: (E) Bay Duiker. (S) Duiquero bayo, (F) 

Cephalophe a bande dorsale noire, Cephalophe bai II 

Cephalophus jentinki: (E) Jentink's Duiker, (S) Duiquero de 

Jentink, (F) Cephalophe de Jentink I BOVIDAE Ma 
Cephalophus monticola: (E) Blue Duiker. (S) Cefalofo azul, 

Duiquero azul, (F) Cephalophe bleu II BOVIDAE Ma 
Cephalophus ogilbyi: (E) Ogilby's Duiker, (S) Duiquero de Ogilby, 

(F) Cephalophe d'Ogilby II BOVIDAE Ma 
Cephalophus silvicultor: (E) Yellow-backed Duiker, (S) Cefalofo 

silvicultor, Duiquero de lomo amarillo, (F) Cephalophe a dos 

jaune, Cephalophe geant II BOVIDAE Ma 
Cephalophus sylvicultor = Cephalophus silvicultor 
Cephalophus zebra: (El Banded Duiker, Zebra Antelope, Zebra 

Duiker, (S) Duiquero cebrado, (F| Cephalophe raye, Cephalophe 

zebre II BOVIDAE Ma 
Cephalopterus ornatus: (E| Amazonian Umbrellabird, Ornate 

Umbrellabird. (S) Pajaro-paraguas amazonico, Pajaros paraguas, 

(F) Coracine ornee III COTINGIDAE Av 
Cephalopterus penduliger: (E) Long-wattled Umbrellabird, (S) 

Pajaro paraguas bigotudo, Pajaro-paraguas Ionguipendulo, (F) 

Coracine casquee III COTINGIDAE Av 
Cephalorhynchus coinmersonii: ( E > Commerson's Dolphin, Piebald 

Dolphin, (S) Jacobita, Tunina overa, (F) Dauphin de 


Seep. 13 / Vease p. 29 / Voir p 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Cephalorhynchus eutropia.(E) Black Dolphin. Chilean Dolphin. 

White-bellied Dolphin, (S) Delfin negro, Tunina de vientre 

bianco, (F) Dauphin noir du Chili II DELPHIN1DAE Ma 
Cephalorhynchus heavisidii: (E) Benguela Dolphin, Heaviside's 

Dolphin, (S) Tunina de Heaviside, (F) Dauphin de Heaviside II 

Cephalorhynchus hectori: (E) Hector's Dolphin, New Zealand 

Dolphin, White-headed Dolphin, (S) Delfin de Hector, Tunina 

de Hector, (F) Dauphin d'Hector II DELPHINIDAE Ma 
Ceratocyathas prolifer = Anomocora prolifera 
Ceratode (F): Neoceratodus forsteri 
Ceratodus (E): Neoceratodus forsteri 
Ceratodus forsteri = Neocerato dus forsteri 
Ceratodus miolepis = Neoceratodus forsteri 
Ceratotherium simum : (E) Grass Rhinoceros, Square-lipped 

Rhinoceros, White Rhinoceros. (S) Rinoceronte bianco, (F) 

Rhinoceros blanc I/II RHTNOCEROTIDAE Ma 
Ceratotherium simum simum : (E) Southern Square-lipped 

Rhinoceros, Southern White Rhinoceros, (F) Rhinoceros blanc 

Ceratotrochus bmnneus = Conotrochus brunneus 
Ceratotrochus delicatus = Labyrinthocyathus delicatits 
Ceratotrochus diadema = Stephanocyathus diadema 
Ceratotrochus discoides = Stephanocvathus diadema 
Ceratotrochus franciscana: IV CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Ceratotrochus funicolumna- Conotrochus funicolumna 
Ceratotrochus hispidus = Pourtalocyathus hispidus 
Ceratotrochus hiugaensis = Conotrochus funicolumna 
Ceratotrochus hospes = Conotrochus brunneus 
Ceratotrochus japonicus= Trochocyathus japonicus 
Ceratotrochus jogashimaensis = Trochocyathus japonicus 
Ceratotrochus johnsoni = Anomocora marchadi 
Ceratotrochus limatulus- Labyrinthocyathus limatulus 
Ceratotrochus magnaghii: }f CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Ceratotrochus nobilis = Stephanocyathus nobilis 
Ceratotrochus parahispidus= Conotrochus funicolumna 
Ceratotrochus platypus = Stephanocyathus platypus 
Ceratotrochus recidivus = Aulocyathus recidivus 
Ceratotroch us venustus = Pleotrochus venustus 
Cerberus rhynchops. (E) Bockadam, Dog- faced Water Snake, (F) 

Serpent d'eau a museau de chien, Serpent d'eau a ventre blanc 

Cerceta alicorta de Auckland (S): Anas aucklandica 
Cerceta aliverde (Si): Anas crecca 
Cerceta Carretona (S): Anas cpterquedula 
Cerceta cejiblanca (S): Anas querquedula 
Cerceta comiin (S): Anas crecca 
Cerceta de Madagascar (S): Anas bernieri 
Cerceta del Baikal (S): Anasformosa 
Cerceta del Cabo (S): Anas capensis 
Cerceta malgache (S): Anas bernieri 
Cerceta malgache de Bernier (S): Anas bernieri 
Cerceta maori (S): Anas aucklandica 
Cerchneis araea = Falco araea 
Cercocebe a crete (F): Cercocebus galeritus 
Cercocebe agile (F): Cercocebus agilis 
Cercocebus agilis: (E) Agile Manga bey, (F) Cercocebe agile, 

Mangabey agile D CERCOPITHECIDAE Ma 
Cercocebus albigena = Lophocebus albigena 
Cercocebus galeritus: (E) Crested Mangabey, (S) Mangabey 

crestado. (F) Cercocebe a crete, Mangabe I/II 

Cercocebus galeritus agilis = Cercocebus agilis 
Cercocebus galeritus galeritus: (E) Tana River Mangabey, (S) 

Mangabey crestado ventriblanco, (F) Mangabey a crete, 

Mangabey de la Tana I CERCOPITHECIDAE Ma 

Cercocebus torquatus: (E) Collared Mangabey. Red-capped 

Mangabey, Sooty Mangabey, White-collared Mangabey, (S) 

Mangabey de collar bianco, (F) Mangabey couronne, Mangabey 

Cercopiteco de Diana (S): Cercopithecus diana 
Cercopithecus aethiops = Chlorocebus aethiops 
Cercopithecus albogularis = Cercopithecusmitis 
Cercopithecus ascanius: (E) Black-cheeked White-nosed Monkey, 

Redtail Monkey, Red-tailed Monkey, Schmidt's Guenon, (F) 

Cercopithecus campbelli: (E) Campbell's Guenon, Campbell's 

Monkey, (F) Cercopitheque de Campbell II 

Cercopithecus cephus (E) Moustached Monkey, (F) Moustac bleu 

Cercopithecus denti = Cercopithecus wolf 
Cercopithecus diana : (E) Diana Guenon, Diana Monkey, (S) 

Cercopiteco de Diana, Diana, (F) Cercopitheque diane I 

Cercopithecus dryas. (E) Dryas Guenon, Dryas Monkey, (S) Mono 

Cercopithecus erythrogaster: (E) Red-bellied Guenon, Red-bellied 

Monkey, White-throated Guenon, White-throated Monkey, (F) 

Cercopitheque a ventre roux II CERCOPITHECIDAE Ma 
Cercopithecus erythrotis: (E) Red-eared Guenon, Red-eared 

Monkey, Russet -eared Guenon, (S) Mono de orejas rojas, (F) 

Moustac a oreilles rouges II CERCOPITHECIDAE Ma 
Cercopithecus erythrotis sclateri = Cercopithecus sclateri 
Cercopithecus hamlyni: (E) Owl-faced Guenon, Owl-faced 

Monkey, (F) Cercopitheque d'Hamlvn II CERCOPITHECIDAE 

Cercopithecus Ihoesti: (E) L'Hoest's Monkey, Mountain Monkey, 

(F) Cercopitheque de 1'HoestII CERCOPITHECIDAE Ma 
Cercopithecus Ihoesti preussi = Cercopithecus preussi 
Cercopithecus lowei = Cercopithecus campbelli 
Cercopithecus mitis: (E) Blue Monkey, Diademed Monkey, Gentle 

Monkey, Sykes's Monkey, (F) Cercopitheque a diademe II 

Cercopithecus mona : (E) Mona Monkey, (F) Cercopitheque mone 

Cercopithecus neglectus: (E) De Brazza's Monkey, (F) 

Cercopitheque de Brazza D CERCOPITHECIDAE Ma 
Cercopithecus nictitans: (E) Greater White-nosed Monkey, Putty- 
nosed Monkey, Spot -nosed Guenon, White-nosed Guenon, (F) 

Cercopithecus nigroviridis = Allenopithecus nigroviridis 
Cercopithecus patas = Erylhrocebus patas 
Cercopithecus petaurista : (E) Lesser Spot -nosed Guenon, Lesser 

White-nosed Guenon, Lesser White-nosed Monkey, Spot-nosed 

Monkey, (F) Hocheur du Ghana II CERCOPITHECIDAE Ma 
Cercopithecus pogonias. (E) Crowned Guenon, Crowned Monkey, 

Golden-bellied Guenon, Golden-bellied Monkey, (S) Mono 

coronado, (F) Guenon couronnee, Mone II 

Cercopithecus pogonias wolf = Cercopithecus wolf 
Cercopithecus preussi: (E) Preuss's Guenon, Preuss's Monkey, (S) 

Cercopithecus pygerythrus = Chlorocebus aethiops 
Cercopithecus sabaeus= Chlorocebus aethiops 
Cercopithecus salongo = Cercopithecus dryas 
Cercopithecus sclateri: (E) Sclater's Guenon, White-throated 

Guenon, (S) Mono de Sclater II CERCOPITHECIDAE Ma 
Cercopithecus solatus: (E) Sun-tailed Guenon, Sun -tailed Monkey, 

(S) Mono del Gabon, (F) Cercopitheque a queue de soleil II 

Cercopithecus lalapoin = Miopithecus talapoin 
Cercopithecus tantalus = Chlorocebus aethiops 

Ceratotherium simum simum For the exclusive purpose of allowing international trade in live animals to appropriate and acceptable 
destinations and hunting trophies. All other specimens shall be deemed to be specimens of species included in Appendix I and the trade in them shall 
be regulated accordingly. / Con el exclusivo propdsito de autorizar el comercio internacional de animales vivos a destinatarios apropiados y 
aceptables y de trofeos de caza. Los demds especimenes se considerardn como especimenes de especies incluidas en el Apendice I y su comercio se 
reglamentard en consecuencia. / A seule fin de permettre le commerce international d'animaux vivants vers des destinataires appropries et 
acceptables. et de trophees de chasse. Tons les autres specimens sont consideres comme des specimens d'especes inscrites a I 'Annexe I et leur 
commerce est reglemente en consequence. 

Seep. 13 /Veasep. 29/ Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Cercopirhecus ihomasi = Cercopithecus Ihoesti 

Cercopithecus wolfi: (E) Wolfs Monkey, (S) Mono de Wolf, (F) 

Cercopitheque a diademe (F): Cercopithecus mitis 
Cercopitheque a queue de soleil (F): Cercopithecus solatia 
Cercopitheque a ventre roux (F): Cercopithecus erythrogaster 
Cercopitheque d'Allen (F): Allenopithecus nigroviridis 
Cercopitheque de Brazza (F): Cercopithecus neglectus 
Cercopitheque de Campbell (F): Cercopithecus campbelli 
Cercopitheque de I'Hoest (F): Cercopithecus Ihoesti 
Cercopitheque d'Hamlyn (F): Cercopithecus hamlyni 
Cercopitheque diane (F): Cercopithecus diana 
Cercopitheque mone (F): Cercopithecus mona 
Cerdo de Kuhl (S): Axis kuhlii 
Cerdo tailandes (S): Axis porcinusannamiticus 
Cerdocyon thous: (E) Common Zorro, Crab-eating Zorro, Forest 
Fox, (S) Zorro cangrejero. Zorro de monte, (F) Renard crabier II 
Cerf de Bactriane (F): Cervus elaphus bactrianus 
Cerf de Barbarie (F): Cervus elaphus barbarus 
Cerf de Duvaucel (F): Cervus duvaucelii 
Cerf d'Eld (F): Cervus eldii 

Cerf des Andes meridionales (F): Hippocamelus bisulcus 
Cerf des Andes septentrionales (F): Hippocamelus antisensis 
Cerf des marais(F): Blastocerus dichotomus 
Cerf des pampas (F): Ozotoceros bezoarticus 
Cerf du Turkestan (F): Cervus elaphus bactrianus 
Cerf elaphe (F): Census elaphus 

Cerf elaphe du Cachemire (F): Cervus elaphus hanglu 

Cerf elaphe du Turkestan (F): Cetrus elaphus bactrianus 

Cerfporte-musc (F): Moschus moschiferus 

Cerf rouge du Turkestan (F): Cervus elaphus bactrianus 

Cerf-cochon calamien (F): Axis calamianensis 

Cerf-cochon de Bawean (F): Axis kuhlii 

Cerfcochon de Kuhl (F):Axis kuhlii 

Cerfcochon de Thai'lande (F): Axis porcinus annamiticus 

Cerf-cochon d'Indochine (F): Axis porcinusannamiticus 

cerfs des Andes (F): Hippocamelus spp. 

Ceriornis blythii = Tragopan blythii 

Ceriornis caboti = Tragopan caboti 

Cemicalo (S): Gampsonyx swainsonii 

Cemicalo americano (S): Falco sparverius 

Cernicalo australiano (S): Falco cenchroides 

Cemicalo comiin (S): Falco tinnunculus 

Cernicalo de Aldabra (S): Falco newtoni 

Cemicalo de Dickinson (S): Falco dickinsoni 

Cemicalo de la isla Aldabra (S): Falco newtoni 

Cernfcalo de la Mauricio (S): Falco punctatus 

Cemicalo de las Molucas (S): Falco moluccensis 

Cemicalo de las Seychelles (S): Falco araea 

Cemicalo de Madagascar (S): Falco newtoni 

Cemicalo de Mauricio (S): Falco punctatus 

Cemicalo del Amur (S): Falco amurensis 

Cemicalo dorsinegro (S): Falco dickinsoni 

Cemicalo gris (S): Falco ardosiaceus 

Cemicalo malgache (S): Falco zoniventris 

Cemicalo moluqueno (S): Falco moluccensis 

Cemicalo ojiblanco (S): Falco rupicoloides 

Cemicalo ojiblanco de Africa (S): Falco rupicoloides 

Cemicalo patirrojo (S): Falco vespertinus 

Cemicalo pizarroso (S): Falco ardosiaceus 

Cemicalo primilla (S): Falco naumaimi 

Cemicalo primito (S): Falco sparverius 

Cemicalo vulgar (S): Falco tinnunculus 

Cemicalo zorruno (S): Falco alopex 

Cervatillo almizclero acuatico (S): Hyemoschus aquaticus 

Cerveau de neptune (F): Diploria labyrinthiformis 

Cervicapra (S): Antilope cervicapra 

Cervicapre (F): Antilope cervicapra 

Cervus canadensis = Cervus elaphus 

Cervus damamesopotamicus = Dama mesopotamica 

Cervus duvaucelii: (E) Barasingha, Swamp Deer, (S) Barasinga, 
Ciervo de Duvaucel, (F) Barasinga, Barasingha, Cerf de 
Duvaucel I CERVIDAE Ma 
Cervus elaphus: (E) Elk, Red Deer, Wapiti, (S) Ciervo rojo, (F) Cerf 

elaphe I/II/I11/NC CERVIDAE Ma 
Cervus elaphus bactrianus: (E) Bactrian Deer, Bactrian Red Deer, 
Bactrian Wapiti, Bokharan Deer, Bukhara deer, (S) Ciervo 
bactriano, Ciervo del Turquestan, (F) Cerf de Bactriane, Cerf du 
Turkestan, Cerf elaphe du Turkestan, Cerf rouge du Turkestan 
Cervus elaphus barbarus: (E) Atlas Deer, Barbary Deer, Barbary 
Red Deer, Barbary Stag, (S) Ciervo de la Berberia, (F) Cerf de 
Cervus elaphus hanglu: (E) Hangul, Kashmir Deer, Kashmir Red 
Deer, Kashmir Stag, (S) Ciervo de Cachemira, (F) Cerf elaphe 
du Cachemire, Hangul I CERVIDAE Ma 
Cervus eldii: (E) Brow-antlered Deer, Eld's Deer, Thamin, (S) 

Ciervo de Eld, (F) Cerf d'Eld I CERVIDAE Ma 
Cervus hanglu = Cervus elaphus lianglu 
Cervus porcinus = Axis porcinus 

Cervus porcinusannamiticus = Axis porcinusannamiticus 
Cervus porcinus calamianensis = Axis calamianensis 
Cervus porcinus kuhlii = Axis kuhlii 
CETACEA spp.: (E) cetaceans, dolphins, porpoises, whales, (S) 

ballenas, cetaceos, (F) baleines, I/II 3 Ma 
cetaceans (E): CETACEA spp. 
cetaceos (E): CETACEA spp. 
Cetorhinus blainvillei = Cetorhinus maximus 
Cetorhinus maccoyi = Cetorhinus maximus 
Cetorhinus maximus: (E) Basking Shark, Bone Shark, Elephant 
Shark, Hoe-mother, Sun-fish, (S) Colayo, Marrajo ballenato, 
Marrajo gigante, Peje vaca, Peregrino, Pez elefante, Tiburon 
canasta, Tiburon peregrino, (F) Pelerin, Poisson a voiles, Requin 
pelerin. Squale geant, Squale-pelerin II CETORHINIDAE El 
Chacal (S): Canis aureus 
Chacal commun (F): Canis aureus 
Chacal dore (F): Canis aureus 
Chacaraco (S): Aratinga wagleri 
Chachalaca (E): Ortalis vetula 
Chachalaca comuda (S): Oreophasis derbianus 
Chachalaca de la Trinidad (S): Pipile pipile 
Chachalaca de los Llenos (S): Ortalis vetula 
Chachalaca de remiges blancas (S): Penelope albipennis 
Chachalaca manchada (S): Pipile jacutinga 
Chachalaca negra (S): Penelopina nigra 
Chachalaca nortefia (S): Ortalis vetula 
Chachalaca, Black ( E): Penelopina nigra 
Chachalaca, Common (E): Ortalis vetula 
Chachalaca, Mexican (E): Ortalis vetula 
Chachalaca, Plain (E): Ortalis vetida 
Chaco argentino (S): Catagonus wagneri 
Chaeropus ecaudatus: (E) Pig-footed Bandicoot, (S) Bandicot de 
pies porcinos, Cangurito piedecerdo, (F) Bandicoot a pieds de 
pore. Bandicoot pieds de cochon I PERAMELIDAE Ma 
Chaetocercus astreans: (E) Santa Marta Woodstar, (S) Colibri 
astral, (F) Colibri des Santa Marta II TROCFULIDAE Av 
Chaetocercus berlepschi: (E) Esmeraldas Woodstar, (S) Colibri de 
Esmeraldas, Estrellita esmeraldeiia, (F) Colibri de Berlepsch II 
Chaetocercus bombus: (E) Little Woodstar, (S) Colibri abejorro, 

Estrellita chica, (F) Colibri bourdon II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Chaetocercus burmeisteri = Microstilbon burmeisteri 
Chaetocercus heliodor. (E) Gorgeted Woodstar, (S) Colibri 

heliodoro, Estrella cuellirrojo, Estrellita de gorguera, (P) Colibri 
heliodore II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Chaetocercus jourdanii: (E) Rufous-shafted Woodstar, (S) Colibri 
de Jourdan. Tucusito garganta rosa, (F) Colibri de Jourdan D 
Chaetocercus mulsant: (E) White-bellied Woodstar, (S) Colibri de 
Mulsant, Estrellita ventriblanca, (F) Colibri de Mulsant II 

3 Cetacea spp. A zero annual export quota has been established for live specimens from the Black Sea popidation of Tursiops truncatus removed 
from the wild and traded for primarily commercial purposes. / Se ha establecido un cupo de exportacion anual nulo para especimenes vivos de la 
poblacion de Tursiops truncatus del mar Negro capturados en el medio silvestre y comercializados con fines primordialmente comerciales. / Un 
quota d'exportation annuel zero a ete etabli pour les specimens vivants de la population de Tursiops truncatus de la mer Noire preleves dans la 
nature pour des transactions principalement commerciales. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Chaetophractus nation! (E) Andean Hairy Armadillo, Bolivian 

Hairy Armadillo, Hairy Armadillo, (S) Armadillo peludo 

andino, Quirquincho andino, (F) Tatou a neuf bandes II 4 

Chagrin (F): Rhincodon typus 
Chalcopelia abyssinica = Turlur abyssinicus 
Chalcopelia brehmeri = Turtur brehmeri 
Chalcopsitta atra : (E) Black Lory, (S) Lori negro, (F) Lori noir II 

Chalcopsitta cardinalis: (E) Cardinal Lory, (S) Lori cardenal, (F) 

Lori cardinal II LORIIDAE Av 
Chalcopsitta duivenbodei: (E) Brown Lory, Duyvenbode's Lory, (S) 

Lori pardo, (F) Lori de Duyvenbode II LORIIDAE Av 
Chalcopsitta nibiginosa - Trichoglossus mbiginosus 
Chalcopsitta sintillata : (E) Greater Streaked Lory, Yellow-streaked 

Lory, (S) Lori chispeado, (F) Lori flammeche II LORIIDAE Av 
Chalcopsittacus duivenbodei = Chalcopsitta duivenbodei 
Chalcostigma herrani. (E) Rainbow-bearded Thornbill, (S) Colibri 

de Herran, Picoespina arcoiris, (F) Metallure arc-en-ciel II 

Chalcostigma heteropogon: (E) Bronze-tailed Thornbill, (S) Colibri 

picoespina, Pico espina bronceado, (F) Metallure a queue 

Chalcostigma olivaceum : (E) Olivaceous Thornbill, (S) Colibri 

olivaceo, (F) Metallure olivatre II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Chalcostigma ruficeps. (E) Rufous-capped Thornbill. (S) Colibri 

capirrufo. Picoespina gorrirrufa, (F) Metallure a tete rousse II 

Chalcostigma stanleyi. (E) Blue -mantled Thornbill, (S) Colibri de 

Stanley, Picoespina dorsiazul, (F) Metallure de Stanley II 

Chalcurus inopinatus = Polyplectron inopinatum 
Chalybura buffonii: (E) White-vented Plumeleteer, (S) Calzonario 

colibronceado, Colibri de Buffon, Colibri grande colinegro, (F) 

Colibri de Buffon II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Chalybura urochrysia : (E) Bronze-tailed Plumeleteer, (S) Colibri 

patirrojo, (F) Colibri a queue bronzee II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Chamaeleo spp.: (E) chameleons, (S) camaleon, camaleones, (F) 

cameleons, cameleons vrais, II CHAMAELEON1DAE Re 
Chamaeleo abbotti = Bradypodion tavetanum 
Chamaeleo adolfifriderici = Bradypodion adolfifriderici 
Chamaeleo aegiptius = Chamaeleo africanus 
Chamaeleo affinis: (E) Ethiopian Highland Chameleon, Riippell's 

Desert Chameleon, (F) Cameleon americain II 

Chamaeleo africanus: (E) African Chameleon, Sahel Chameleon, 

(S) Camaleon africano. (F) Cameleon africain II 

Chamaeleo anchietae: (E) Anchieta's Chameleon, Angola 

Chameleon, Double-scaled Chameleon, (F) Cameleon a ecailles 

doubles, Cameleon d' Angola II CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Chamaeleo angel i = Furcifer angeli 
Chamaeleo angusticoronatus = Chamaeleo dilepis 
Chamaeleo antimena = Furcifer antimena 
Chamaeleo arabicus: (E) Arabian Chameleon, (F) Cameleon 

Chamaeleo ater = Furcifer pardalis 
Chamaeleo batebicornutus: (E) Bale Mountains Two -horned 

Chamaeleo balteatus = Furcifer balteatus 
Chamaeleo barbouri = Furcifer labordi 
Chamaeleo basiliscus = Chamaeleo africanus 
Chamaeleo belalandaensis = Furcifer belalandaensis 
Chamaeleo bequaerti = Chamaeleo ellioti 
Chamaeleo bifidus = Furcifer bifidus 
Chamaeleo bifidus balteatus = Furcifer balteatus 
Chamaeleo bilobus= Chamaeleo dilepis 
Chamaeleo bitaeniatus: (E) Montane Chameleon, Side-striped 

Chameleon, Two -lined Chameleon, (S) Camaleon de dos 

bandas, (F) Cameleon a deux bandes II CHAMAELEONIDAE 

Chamaeleo bitaeniatus ellioti = Chamaeleo ellioti 

Chamaeleo bitaeniatus kinetensis = Chamaeleo kinetensis 

Chamaeleo bitaeniatus schoutedeni = Chamaeleo schoutedeni 

Chamaeleo boettgeri = Calumma boettgeri 

Chamaeleo brevicornis = Calumma brevicornis 

Chamaeleo brevicornis hilleniusi — Calumma hilleniusi 

Chamaeleo brookesiana = Brookesia superciliaris 

Chamaeleo burchelli f= Chamaeleo gracilis 

Chamaeleo calcaratus = Chamaeleo africanus 

Chamaeleo calcaratus = Chamaeleo calyptratus 

Chamaeleo catcaricarens: (E) Awash Chameleon, (F) Cameleon du 

Chamaeleo calyptratus. (E) Veiled Chameleon, (F) Cameleon 

Chamaeleo camerunensis. (F) Cameleon du Cameroun II 

Chamaeleo campani= Furcifer campani 
Chamaeleo Candidas = Chamaeleo africanus 
Chamaeleo capellii = Chamaeleo dilepis 
Chamaeleo capensis = Chamaeleo namaquensis 
Chamaeleo capuroni= Calumma capuroni 
Chamaeleo carpenter! = Bradypodion carpenteri 
Chamaeleo cephalolepis - Furcifer cephalolepis 
Chamaeleo chamaeleon. (E) Common Chameleon, European 

Chameleon, Mediterranean Chameleon, (S) Camaleon comun, 

(F) Cameleon commun, Cameleon vulgaire II 

Chamaeleo chamaeleon arabicus = Chamaeleo arabicus 
Chamaeleo chamaeleon calcarifer = Chamaeleo calyptratus 
Chamaeleo chamaeleon zeylanicus- Chamaeleo zeylanicus 
Chamaeleo chapini. (E) Grey Chameleon, (F) Cameleon de Chapin, 

Chamaeleo cinereus = Chamaeleo chamaeleon 
Chamaeleo conirostratus. II CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Chamaeleo cristatus: (E) Crested Chameleon, (S) Camaleon 

crestado, (F) Cameleon Crete II CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Chamaeleo cucullatus= Calumma cucullata 
Chamaeleo deremensis. (E) Usambara Three -horned Chameleon, 

Wavy Chameleon, (F) Cameleon ondule II 

Chamaeleo dilepis. (E) Flap- necked Chameleon, (S) Camale6n 

lobulado, (F) Cameleon bilobe, Cameleon de Leach II 

Chamaeleo dilepis quilensis = Chamaeleo quilensis 
Chamaeleo ebenaui = Brookesia ebenaui 
Chamaeleo eisentrauti: (F) Cameleon d'Eisentraut II 

Chamaeleo ellioti: (E) Montane Side-striped Chameleon, Mountain 

Dwarf Chameleon, (S) Camaleon de Elliot, (F) Cameleon 

Chamaeleo fallax = Calumma fallax 

Chamaeleo feae: (F) Cameleon de Fea II CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Chamaeleo fischeri = Bradypodion fischeri 
Chamaeleo fischeri tavetanus = Bradypodion tavetanum 
Chamaeleo fischeri uthmoelleri = Bradypodion uthmoelleri 
Chamaeleo fuelleborni: (E) Ngosi Volcano Chameleon, Poroto 

Three-horned Chameleon, (S) Camaleon de Fuelleborn, (F) 

Cameleon du volcan Ngosi II CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Chamaeleo furcifer = Calumma furcifer 
Chamaeleo gallus = Calumma gallus 
Chamaeleo gastrotaenia = Calumma gastrotaenia 
Chamaeleo gastrotaenia andringitraensis = Calumma 

Chamaeleo globifer = Calumma globifer 
Chamaeleo goetzei (E) Goetze's Chameleon, Ilolo Chameleon, 

Tanganyika Chameleon, (F) Cameleon de Goetze, Cameleon 

Chamaeleo gracilis: (E) Graceful Chameleon, Gracile Chameleon, 

Slender Chameleon, Spur -heeled Chameleon, (S) Camaleon 

gracil, (F) Cameleon gracile II CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Chamaeleo granulosus = Chamaeleo gracilis 
Chamaeleo guentheri = Furcifer pardalis 
Chamaeleo guibei = Calumma guibei 

4 Chaetophractus mil inn ii A zero annual export quota has been established. All specimens shall be deemed to be specimens of species included in 
Appendix I and the trade in them shall be regulated accordingly. /Se ha establecido un cupo de exportacion anual nulo. Se considerard que todos los 
especimenes pertencen a especies incluidas en el Apendice I y su comercio se reglamentard en consecuencia. / Un quota d'exportation annuel zero a 
ete etabli. Tous les specimens son! consideres comme des specimens d'especes de I' Annexe I et leur commerce est reglemente en consequence. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Chamaeleo harennae: (E) Bale Mountains Heather Chameleon, 

Harenna Chameleon II CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Chamaeleo hilleniusi = Calumma hilleniusi 
Chamaeleo hoehnelii: (E) Helmeted Chameleon, High-casqued 

Chameleon, Von Hohnel's Chameleon, (S) Camaleon de casco, 

(F) Cameleon a casque eleve II CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Chamaeleo incornutus: (E) Poroto Mountain Chameleon, Ukinga 

Hornless Chameleon, (F) Cameron du mont Poroto II 

Chamaeleo tiuriensis: (E| Ituri Forest Chameleon n 

Chamaeleo jacksonii: (E) Jackson's Three-homed Chameleon, (S) 

Camaleon de Jackson, (F) Cameleon de Jackson II 

Chamaeleo johnstoni: (E) Johnston's Chameleon, Ruwenzori Three- 
homed Chameleon, (S) Camaleon de Johnston, (F) Cameleon de 

Chamaeleo johnstoni tiuriensis = Chamaeleo tiuriensis 
Chamaeleo kinetensis: II CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Chamaeleo labordi= Furcifer labordi 
Chamaeleo laevigatas: (E) Smooth Chameleon II 

Chamaeleo lambertoni = Furcifer lateralis 
Chamaeleo lateralis = Furcifer lateralis 
Chamaeleo laterispinis: (E| Spine-sided Chameleon, Spiny-flanked 

Chameleon, Uzungwe Mountain Chameleon, (F) Cameleon des 

monts Uzungwe H CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Chamaeleo linotus = Calumma linota 
Chamaeleo macrorhinus= Calumma boettgeri 
Chamaeleo madecasseus= Calumma parsonii 
Chamaeleo malthe = Calumma malthe 
Chamaeleo marsabtiensis: (E) Mount Marsabit Chameleon, 

Tilbury's Chameleon, (F) Cameleon de Tilbury II 

Chamaeleo melleri: (E) Giant One -horned Chameleon. Meller's 

Chameleon, (S) Camaleon de Meller. (F) Cameleon de Meller II 

Chamaeleo mexicatnts = Chamaeleo africanus 
Chamaeleo michelli = Chamaeleo oweni 
Chamaeleo minor= Furcifer minor 
Chamaeleo mlanjensis = Bradypodion mlanjense 
Chamaeleo monachus: (E) Monarch Chameleon, Socotra 

Chameleon, (F) Cameleon-moine II CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Chamaeleo monoceras = Furcifer monoceras 
Chamaeleo montium : (E) Cameroon Sailfin Chameleon, Mountain 

Chameleon, (S) Camaleon de montana, (F) Cameleon a voile du 

Chamaeleo montium camerunensis = Chamaeleo camerunensis 
Chamaeleo montium feae = Chamaeleo feae 
Chamaeleo namaquensis: (E) Desert Chameleon, Namaqua 

Chameleon, (F) Cameleon du Namaqua II 

Chamaeleo nasutus = Calumma nasuta 
Chamaeleo octotaeniatus= Furcifer campani 
Chamaeleo oshaughnessyi - Calumma oshaughnessyi 
Chamaeleo oustaleti = Furcifer oustaleti 
Chamaeleo oweni. (E) Owen's Three-horned Chameleon, (S) 

Camaleon de Owen, (F) Cameleon d'Owen II 

Chamaeleo oxyrhinus = Bradypodion oxyrhinum 
Chamaeleo pardalis = Furcifer pardalis 
Chamaeleo parisiensium = Chamaeleo chamaeleon 
Chamaeleo parsonii = Calumma parsonii 
Chamaeleo parvilobus = Chamaeleo quilensis 
Chamaeleo petteri = Furcifer petteri 
Chamaeleo peyrierasi = Calumma peyrierasi 
Chamaeleo pfefferi: (E) Pfeffer's Chameleon, (S) Camaleon de 

Pfeffer, (F) Cameleon de Pfeffer II CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Chamaeleo planiceps = Chamaeleo dilepis 
Chamaeleo polleni = Furcifer polleni 
Chamaeleo pumilus= Bradypodion pumilum 
Chamaeleo pumilus setaroi = Bradypodion setaroi 
Chamaeleo pumilus thamnobates = Bradypodion ihamnobates 

Chamaeleo quadricornis: (E) Four-horned Chameleon, (S) 

Camaleon cuadricorne, (F) Cameleon a quatre cornes II 

Chamaeleo quilensis. (E) Bocage's Chameleon, (F) CameTeon de 

Chamaeleo radamanus = Calumma nasuta 
Chamaeleo rhinoceratus^ Furcifer rhinoceratus 
Chamaeleo rhinoceratus labordi = Furcifer labordi 
Chamaeleo rudis: (E) Coarse Chameleon. Ruwenzori Side-striped 

Chameleon, (F) Cameleon rude II CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Chamaeleo rudis schoutedeni = Chamaeleo schoutedeni 
Chamaeleo rudis schubotzi = Chamaeleo schubotzi 
Chamaeleo saharicus= Chamaeleo chamaeleon 
Chamaeleo schoutedeni: (E) Schouteden's Chameleon, (S) 

Camaleon de Schouteden, (F) Cameleon de Schoudeten II 

Chamaeleo schubotzi (E) Mount Kenya Side-striped Chameleon, 

Schubotz's Chameleon, (S) Camaleon de Schubotz, (F) 

Cameleon de Schubotz II CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Chamaeleo senegalensis: (E) Senegal Chameleon, (S) Camaleon del 

Senegal, (F) Cameleon du Senegal II CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Chamaeleo senegalensis anchietae = Chamaeleo anchietae 
Chamaeleo senegalensis laevigatas = Chamaeleo laevigatas 
Chamaeleo senegalensis tibatiensis = Chamaeleo laevigatas 
Chamaeleo seychellensis = Calumma tigris 
Chamaeleo simoni- Chamaeleo gracilis 
Chamaeleo spinosas = Bradypodion spinosum 
Chamaeleo superciliaris = Brookesia superciliaris 
Chamaeleo tavetanus = Bradypodion tavetanum 
Chamaeleo lempeli: (E) Tanzania Mountain Chameleon, Tubercle- 
nosed Chameleon, (F) Cameleon des montagnes de Tanzanie II 

Chamaeleo tenuis = Bradypodion tenue 
Chamaeleo tenuis excubitor= Bradypodion fischeri 
Chamaeleo thermophilus = Bradypodion pumilum 
Chamaeleo tigris = Calumma tigris 
Chamaeleo tremperi: (E) Eldama Ravine Chameleon II 

Chamaeleo tricornis - Chamaeleo oweni 
Chamaeleo tsaratananensis = Calumma tsaratananensis 
Chamaeleo tuberculiferus = Chamaeleo riamaquensis 
Chamaeleo tuzetae = Furcifer tuzetae 
Chamaeleo uthmoelleri = Bradypodion uthmoelleri 
Chamaeleo verrucosus = Furcifer verrucosus 
Chamaeleo vinckei = Chamaeleo anchietae 
Chamaeleo vulgaris musae = Chamaeleo chamaeleon 
Chamaeleo vulgaris recticrista = Chamaeleo chamaeleon 
Chamaeleo werneri: (E) Uzungwe Three-horned Chameleon, 

Werner's Chameleon, Werner's Three-horned Chameleon, (S) 

Camaleon de Werner, (F) Cameleon de Werner II 

Chamaeleo wiedersheimr. (E) Mount Lefo Chameleon, (S) 

Camaleon de Wiedersheim, (F) Cameleon du mont Lefo II 

Chamaeleo willsii = Furcifer willsii 
Chamaeleo willsii petteri = Furcifer petteri 
Chamaeleo xenorhinus- Bradypodion xenorhinum 
Chamaeleo zeylanicus: (E) Indian Chameleon, (S) Camaleon de Sri 

Lanka. (F) Cameleon de Ceylan II CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Chamaeleon adolfifriderici —Bradypodion adolfifriderici 
Chamaeleon ajfinis embuensis = Bradypodion fischeri 
Chamaeleon arabicum = Chamaeleo arabicus 
Chamaeleon auratus — Chamaeleo chamaeleon 
Chamaeleon axillaris = Furcifer pardalis 
Chamaeleon bibroni = Chamaeleo oweni 
Chamaeleon bitaeniatusaltaeelgonis = Chamaeleo hoehnelii 
Chamaeleon bitaeniatusgraueri = Chamaeleo rudis 
Chamaeleon bitaeniatus hoehnelii = Chamaeleo hoehnelii 
Chamaeleon bitaeniatus leikipiensis = Chamaeleo hoehnelii 
Chamaeleon bitaeniatus rudis = Chamaeleo rudis 
Chamaeleon bitaeniatus schubotzi = Chamaeleo schubotzi 
Chamaeleon bitaeniatus tornieri = Chamaeleo rudis 
Chamaeleon boettgeri = Calumma boettgeri 
Chamaeleon brevicornis = Calumma brevicornis 
Chamaeleon burgeoni= Chamaeleo rudis 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Chamaeteon camemnensis = Chamaeleo camerunensis 

Chamaeleon campani = Furcifer campani 

Chamaeleon cephalolepis - Furcifer cephalolepis 

Chamaeleon chauvini = Calumma furcifer 

Chamaeleon coromandelicits= Chamaeleo zeylanicus 

Chamaeleon cristatus = Chamaeleo cristatus 

Chamaeleon cucullatus = Calumma cucullata 

Chamaeleon deremensis = Chamaeleo deremensis 

Chamaeleon dilepis = Chamaeleo dilepis 

Chamaeleon ellioti = Chamaeleo ellioti 

Chamaeleon fal lax = Calumma fallax 

Chamaeleon fasciatus = Chamaeleo chamaeleon 

Chamaeleon feae - Chamaeleo feae 

Chamaeleon fischeri = Bradypodion fischeri 

Chamaeleon fuelleborni = Chamaeleo fuelleborni 

Chamaeleon gal I us = Calumma gallus 

Chamaeleon gastrotaenia = Calumma gastrotaenia 

Chamaeleon globifer = Calumma globifer 

Chamaeleon goetzei = Chamaeleo goetzei 

Chamaeleon grandidieri = Calumma gastrotaenia 

Chamaeleon graueri = Chamaeleo johnstoni 

Chamaeleon gularis = Calumma brevicornis 

Chamaeleon hoehnelii = Chamaeleo hoehnelii 

Chamaeleon incornutus = Chamaeleo incormttus 

Chamaeleon jacksonii = Chamaeleo jacksonii 

Chamaeleon johnstoni = Chamaeleo johnstoni 

Chamaeleon johnstoni affinis = Chamaeleo itwiensis 

Chamaeleon krempfi = Furcifer pardalis 

Chamaeleon laevigularis - Chamaeleo johnstoni 

Chamaeleon laterispinis = Chamaeleo laterispinis 

Chamaeleon leikipiensis = Chamaeleo hoehnelii 

Chamaeleon linotus = Calumma Unota 

Chamaeleon longicauda = Furcifer pardalis 

Chamaeleon malthe - Calumma malthe 

Chamaeleon margaritaceus= Bradypodion pumilum 

Chamaeleon minor = Furcifer minor 

Chamaeleon monachus= Chamaeleo monachus 

Chamaeleon monoceras = Furcifer monoceras 

Chamaeleon oustaleti = Furcifer ousfaleti 

Chamaeleon peters ii kirkii = Chamaeleo dilepis 

Chamaeleon pfefferi = Chamaeleo pfefferi 

Chamaeleon rhinoceratus lineatus = Furcifer antimena 

Chamaeleon rudis - Chamaeleo rudis 

Chamaeleon serratus = Chamaeleo wiedersheimi 

Chamaeleon sphaeropholis = Chamaeleo laevigatus 

Chamaeleon spinosus = Bradypodion spinosum 

Chamaeleon subcroceus = Chamaeleo senegalensis 

Chamaeleon tavetanus = Bradypodion tavetanum 

Chamaeleon tempeli = Chamaeleo tempeli 

Chamaeleon tenuis = Bradypodion tenue 

Chamaeleon tornieri = Bradypodion fischeri 

Chamaeleon unicornis = Chamaeleo oweni 

Chamaeleon voeltzkowi = Furcifer rhinoceratus 

Chamaeleon vulgaris marmoratus = Chamaeleo zeylanicus 

Chamaeleon werneri = Chamaeleo werneri 

Chamaeleon wiedersheimi= Chamaeleo wiedersheimi 

Chamaeleon willsii = Furcifer willsii 

Chamaeleon xenorhinus = Bradypodion xenorhinum 

Chamaeleon zebra - Chamaeleo zeylanicus 

Chameleon, African (E): Chamaeleo africanus 

Chameleon, Ambiky (E): Furcifer tuzetae 

Chameleon, Anchieta's (E): Chamaeleo anchietae 

Chameleon, Angel's (E): Furcifer angeli 

Chameleon, Angola (E): Chamaeleo anchietae 

Chameleon, Antsingy Leaf (E): Brookesia perarmata 

Chameleon, Arabian (E): Chamaeleo arabicus 

Chameleon, Armoured Leaf XE): Brookesia perarmata 

Chameleon, Awash (E): Chamaeleo calcaricarens 

Chameleon, Bale Mountains Heather (E): Chamaeleo harennae 

Chameleon, Bale Mountains Two-horned (E): Chamaeleo 

Chameleon, Belalanda (E): Furcifer belalandaensis 
Chameleon, Big-nosed (E): Calumma nasuta 
Chameleon, Blade (E): Calumma gallus 
Chameleon, Blanc's Leaf (E): Brookesia betschi 

Chameleon, Bocage's (E): Chamaeleo quilensis 

Chameleon, Boettger's (E): Calumma boettgeri 

Chameleon, Brown Leaf (E): Brookesia superciliaris 

Chameleon, Brygoo's (E): Calumma peyrierasi 

Chameleon, Cameroon Sailfin (E): Chamaeleo montium 

Chameleon, Canopy (E): Furcifer willsii 

Chameleon, Cape Dwarf (E): Bradypodion pumilum 

Chameleon, Carpenter's (E): Bradypodion carpenteri 

Chameleon, Carpet (E): Furcifer lateralis 

Chameleon, Coarse (E): Chamaeleo rudis 

Chameleon, Common (E): Chamaeleo chamaeleon 

Chameleon, Comoro Islands (E): Furcifer cephalolepis 

Chameleon, Crested (E): Chamaeleo cristatus 

Chameleon, Deceptive (E): Calumma fallax 

Chameleon, Desert (E): Chamaeleo namaquensis 

Chameleon, Domergue's Leaf (E): Brookesia thieli 

Chameleon, Double-scaled (E): Chamaeleo anchietae 

Chameleon, Drakensberg Dwarf (E): Bradypodion dracomontanum 

Chameleon, Eldama Ravine (E): Chamaeleo tremperi 

Chameleon, Elongate Leaf (E): Brookesia nasus 

Chameleon, Ethiopian Highland (E): Chamaeleo affinis 

Chameleon, European (E): Chamaeleo chamaeleon 

Chameleon, Fischer's (E): Bradypodion fischeri 

Chameleon, Fito Leaf (E): Brookesia lambertoni 

Chameleon, Flap-necked (E): Chamaeleo dilepis 

Chameleon, Flat-casqued(E): Calumma globifer 

Chameleon. Forked (E): Calumma furcifer 

Chameleon, Fork -nosed (E): Calumma furcifer 

Chameleon, Four -honied (E): Chamaeleo quadricornis 

Chameleon, Giant One-horned (E); Chamaeleo melleri 

Chameleon, Goetze's (E>: Chamaeleo goetzei 

Chameleon, Graceful (E): Chamaeleo gracilis 

Chameleon, Gracile (E): Chamaeleo gracilis 

Chameleon, Grey (E): Chamaeleo chapini 

Chameleon, Guibe's (E): Calumma guibei 

Chameleon, Hanang Hornless (E): Bradypodion uthmoelleri 

Chameleon, Harenna (E): Chamaeleo harennae 

Chameleon, Helmeted (E): Chamaeleo hoehnelii 

Chameleon, High-casqued (E): Chamaeleo hoehnelii 

Chameleon, Hooded (E): Calumma cucullata 

Chameleon, Iaraka River Leaf (E): Brookesia vadoni 

Chameleon, IIolo (E): Chamaeleo goetzei 

Chameleon, Indian (E): Chamaeleo zeylanicus 

Chameleon, Ituri (E): Bradypodion adolfifridericif Bradypodion 

Chameleon, Ituri Forest (E): Chamaeleo ituriensis 
Chameleon, Jackson's Three-horned (E): Chamaeleo jacksonii 
Chameleon, Jewelled (E): Furcifer lateralis 
Chameleon, Johnston's (E): Chamaeleo johnstoni 
Chameleon, Madagascar (E): Calumma capuroni 
Chameleon, Madagascar Forest (E): Furcifer campani 
Chameleon, Madagascar Giant (E): Furcifer verrucosus 
Chameleon, Madagascar Giant Spiny (E): Furcifer verrucosus 
Chameleon, Malagasy Giant (E): Furcifer oustaleti 
Chameleon, Maroantsetra (E): Calumma Unota 
Chameleon, Marojejy Leaf(E): Brookesia griveaudi 
Chameleon, Matschie's Dwarf (E): Bradypodion tenue 
Chameleon, Mayotte (E): Furcifer polleni 
Chameleon, Mediterranean <E): Chamaeleo chamaeleon 
Chameleon, Meller's(E): Chamaeleo melleri 
Chameleon, Minute Leaf ^E): Brookesia minima 
Chameleon, Mlanje Mountain (E): Bradypodion mlanjense 
Chameleon, Monarch (E): Chamaeleo monachus 
Chameleon, Montane (E): Chamaeleo bitaeniatus 
Chameleon, Montane Side-striped (E): Chamaeleo ellioti 
Chameleon, Mossy Leaf (E): Brookesia vadoni 
Chameleon, Mount Kenya Side-striped (E): Chamaeleo schubotzi 
Chameleon, Mount Kilimanjaro Two-homed (E): Bradypodion 

Chameleon, Mount Lefo (E): Chamaeleo wiedersheimi 
Chameleon, Mount Marsabit(E): Chamaeleo marsabitensis 
Chameleon, Mountain (E): Chamaeleo montium 
Chameleon. Mountain Dwarf (E): Chamaeleo ellioti 
Chameleon, Muller's Leaf (E): Bradypodion uthmoelleri 
Chameleon, Namaqua (E): Chamaeleo namaquensis 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Chameleon, Natal Midlands Dwarf (E): Bradypodion thanmobates 
Chameleon, Naturelle Leaf (E): Brookesia karchei 
Chameleon, Ngosi Volcano (E): Chamaeleo fuelleborni 
Chameleon. Northern Leaf (E): Brookesia ebenaui 
Chameleon, North-western (E): Cahtmma guibei 
Chameleon, One-homed (E): Furcifer monoceras 
Chameleon, O'Shaughnessy's (E): Cahtmma oshaughnessyi 
Chameleon, Oustalet's Giant (E): Furcifer oustaleti 
Chameleon, Owen's Three-horned (E): Chamaeleo oweni 
Chameleon, Panther (E): Furcifer pardalis 
Chameleon, Parson's Giant (E): Cahtmma parsonii 
Chameleon, Perinet (E): Calumma gastrotaenia 
Chameleon, Perinet Leaf (E): Brookesia therezieni 
Chameleon, Petter's (E): Furcifer petteri 
Chameleon, Pfeffer's (E): Chamaeleo pfefferi 
Chameleon, Plated Leaf (E): Brookesia stumpffi 
Chameleon, Poroto Mountain (E): Chamaeleo incornutus 
Chameleon, Poroto Three-horned (E): Chamaeleo fuelleborni 
Chameleon, Prickly (E): Bradypodion spinosum 
Chameleon, Rainforest (E): Furcifer balteatus 
Chameleon, Raxworthy's Leaf (E): Brookesia valerieae 
Chameleon, Red-nosed Dwarf (E): Bradypodion oxyrhinum 
Chameleon, Rhinoceros (E): Furcifer rhinoceratus 
Chameleon, Rosette-nosed (E): Bradypodion spinosum 
Chameleon, Riippell's Desert (E): Chamaeleo affinis 
Chameleon, Ruwenzori Mountain (E): Bradypodion carpenieri 
Chameleon, Ruwenzori Side-striped (E): Chamaeleo rudis 
Chameleon, Ruwenzori Three -homed (E): Chamaeleo johnstoni 
Chameleon, Sahel (E): Chamaeleo africanus 
Chameleon, Schouteden's (E): Chamaeleo schoutedeni 
Chameleon. Schubotz's (E): Chamaeleo schubotzi 
Chameleon, Senegal (E): Chamaeleo senegalensis 
Chameleon, Setaro's Dwarf (E): Bradypodion seraroi 
Chameleon, Short -homed (E): Calumma brevicomis 
Chameleon, Side-striped (E): Chamaeleo bitaeniatus 
Chameleon, Single Soft-nosed (E): Bradypodion tenue 
Chameleon, Single Welded-horn (E): Bradypodion xenorhinum 
Chameleon, Slender (E): Bradypodion tenue/Chamaeleo gracilis 
Chameleon, Smooth (E): Chamaeleo laevigatas 
Chameleon, Socotra(E): Chamaeleo monachus 
Chameleon, South-central (E): Furcifer minor 
Chameleon, Spine-sided (E): Chamaeleo laterispinis 
Chameleon, Spiny (E): Bradypodion spinositm 
Chameleon, Spiny Leaf (E): Brookesia decaiyi 
Chameleon, Spiny-flanked (E): Chamaeleo laterispinis 
Chameleon, Spur -heeled (E): Chamaeleo gracilis 
Chameleon, Strange -homed (E): Bradypodion xenorhinum 
Chameleon, Strange -nosed (E): Bradypodion xenorhinum 
Chameleon, Tanganyika (E): Chamaeleo goetzei 
Chameleon, Tanzania Mountain (E): Chamaeleo tempeli 
Chameleon, Tiger (E): Calumma tigris 
Chameleon, Tilbury's (E): Chamaeleo marsabitensis 
Chameleon, Toothed Leaf (E): Brookesia dentata 
Chameleon, Tsaratanan (E): Cahtmma tsaratananensis 
Chameleon, Tubercle-nosed (E): Chamaeleo tempeli 
Chameleon, Two -banded (E): Furcifer balteatus 
Chameleon, Two -homed (E): Furcifer bifidus 
Chameleon, Two -lined (E): Chamaeleo bitaeniatus 
Chameleon, Ukinga Hornless (E): Chamaeleo incornutus 
Chameleon, Uluguru One-homed (E): Bradypodion oxyrhinum 
Chameleon, Uluguru Two-homed (E): Bradypodion fischeri 
Chameleon, Usambara Soft-horned (E): Bradypodion tenue 
Chameleon, Usambara Three-homed (E): Chamaeleo deremensis 
Chameleon, Usambara Two -homed (E): Bradypodion fischeri 
Chameleon. Uzungwe Mountain (E): Chamaeleo laterispinis 
Chameleon, Uzungwe Three-homed (E): Chamaeleo werneri 
Chameleon, Variegated Dwarf (E): Bradypodion pumilum 
Chameleon, Veiled (E): Chamaeleo calyptratus 
Chameleon, Von Hohnel's (E): Chamaeleo hoehnelii 
Chameleon, Warty (E): Furcifer verrticosus 
Chameleon, Wavy (E): Chamaeleo deremensis 
Chameleon, Werner's (E): Chamaeleo werneri 
Chameleon, Werner's Three-homed (E): Chamaeleo werneri 
Chameleon, White-lined (E): Furcifer antimena 
Chameleon, Yellow-green (E): Calumma malthe 

Chameleon, Zululand Dwarf (E): Bradypodion nemorale 
chameleons (E): Bradypodion sppJCalummaspp./Chamaeleo 

spp./Furcifer spp. 
chameleons, dwarf (E): Bradypodion spp. 
chameleons, leaf (E): Brookesia spp. 
Chamois des Abruzzes (F): Rupicapra pyrenaica ornata 
Chamois, Abruzzo (E): Rupicapra pyrenaica omata 
Chamois, Apennine (E): Rupicapra pyrenaica omata 
Chamois, Pyrenean (E): Rupicapra pyrenaica 
Chamois, Southern (E): Rupicapra pyrenaica 
Champsa gibbiceps = Paleositchus palpebrosus 
Champsa vallifrons= Caiman yacare 
Chanteur d'Afrique (F): Serimts leucopygius 
Chanting-Goshawk, Dark (E): Melierax metabates 
Chanting-Goshawk, Eastern (E): Melierax poliopterus 
Chanting-Goshawk, Pale (E): Melierax canorus 
Charadrius bistriatus = Burhinus bistriatus 
Chardonneret de Yarrell (F): Carduelis yarrellii 
Chardonneret rouge (F): Carduelis cucullata 
Charina bottae: (E) Rubber Boa, (S) Boa de Gomme, (F) Boa 

caoutchouc, Serpent gomme II BOIDAE Re 
Charina brachyops= Charina bottae 
Charina plumbea = Charina bottae 
Charina reinhardtii = Calabaria reinhardtii 
Charina trivirgata = Lichanura trivirgata 
Charmosyna amabilis: (E) Red-throated Lorikeet, (S) Lori 

gorgirrojo, (F) Lori a gorge rouge II LORJIDAE Av 
Charmosyna aureicincta = Charmosyna amabilis 
Charmosyna diadema: (E) New Caledonian Lorikeet, (S) Lori 
diadema, (F) Lori a diademe, Lori de Nouvelle-Caledonie II 
Charmosyna josefmae: (E) Josephine's Lorikeet, Josephine's Lory, 

(S) Lori de Josefina, (F) Lori de Josephine II LORIIDAE Av 
Charmosyna margarethae: (E) Duchess Lorikeet, (S) Lori de 
Margarita, (F) Lori de Margaret, Lori de Marguerite II 
Charmosyna meekr. (E) Meek's Lorikeet, (S) Lori de Meek, (F) Lori 

Charmosyna multistriata : (E) Streaked Lorikeet, Striated Lorikeet, 

(S) Lori estriado, (F) Lori strie D LORIIDAE Av 
Charmosyna palmarum: (E) Palm Lorikeet, (S) Lori palmero, (F) 

Lori des palmiers II LORIIDAE Av 
Charmosyna papou. (E) Papuan Lorikeet, (S) Lori rabilargo, (F) 

Lori de Papouasie, Lori papou II LORIIDAE Av 
Charmosyna ptacentis: (E) Red-flanked Lorikeet, (S) Lori 

flanquirrojo, (F) Lori coquet, Lori splendide II LORIIDAE Av 
Charmosyna pulchella : (E) Fairy Lorikeet, Little Red Lorikeet, (S) 

Lori Undo, (F) Lori feerique D LORIIDAE Av 
Charmosyna rubrigularis: (E) Red-chinned Lorikeet, (S) Lori 

barbirrojo, (F) Lori a menton rouge II LORIIDAE Av 
Charmosyna rubronotata : (E) Red- fronted Lorikeet, Red-spotted 
Lorikeet, (S) Lori frentirrojo, (F) Lori a front rouge II 
Charmosyna toxopei: (E) Blue-fronted Lorikeet, (S) Lori de Buru, 

(F) Lori de Bum, Lori de rile Bum II LORIIDAE Av 
Charmosyna wilhelminae. ( E) Pygmy Lorikeet, Wilhelmina's 
Lorikeet, (S) Lori pigmeo, (F) Lori de Wilhelmina II 
Charmosynopsis multistriata = Charmosyna multistriata 
Chasmistes cujus: (E) Cui-ui, (S) Cui, Cui ui, (F) Cuiui I 

Chat a pieds noirs (F): Felis nigripes 
Chat a tete plate (F): Prionailurus planiceps 
Chat bai (F): Catopuma badia 
Chat de Biet (F): Felis bieti 
Chat de Chine (F): Prionailurus bengalensis 
Chat de Geoffrey (F): Oncifelis geoffroyi 
Chat de jungle (F): Felis chaus 
Chat de Temminck (F): Catopuma temminckii 
Chat des Andes (F): Oreailurus jacobita 
Chat des marais (F): Felis chaus 
Chat des pampas (F): Oncifelis colocolo 
Chat des sables (F): Felis margarita 
Chat dore (F): Profelis aurata 
Chat dore d'Asie (F): Catopuma temminckii 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Chat manul (F): Otocolobus manul 

Chat marbre (F): Pardofelis marmorata 

Chat ome (F): Felis silvestris 

Chat pecheur (F): Prionaihtrus viverrinus 

Chatrougeatre(F): Prionailums rubiginosus 

Chatrubigineux(F): Prionailums rubiginosus 

Chat sauvage (F): Felis silvestris! Lynx rufus 

Chat -leopard de Chine (F): Prionailums bengalensis 

Chat -leopard de I'lnde (F): Prionailums rubiginosus 

Chat -leopard du Bengale (F): Prionailums bengalensis 

Chat-tachete(F): Leopardus ligrinus 

Chat-tigre (F): Leopardus ligrinus/Lep/ailurus serval 

Chat -tigre du Bengale (F): Prionailums bengalensis bengalensis 

Cheetah (E): Acinonyx jubatus 

Cheilinus undulatus: (E) Giant Humphead Wrasse, Giant Maori 

Wrasse, Humphead, Humphead Maori Wrasse, Humphead 

wrasse, Maori Wrasse, Napoleon Wrasse, Napoleonfish, (S) 

Napoleon. (F) Kakatoi vareur. Napoleon II LABRIDAE Ac 
Cheitoporidionpulvinatum : II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Cheirogale moyen (F): Cheirogaleus medius 
CHEIROGALEIDAE spp.: (E) dwarf lemurs, (S) makis, (F) 

chirogales, I Ma 
Cheirogaleus major. (E) Greater Dwarf Lemur, (S) Gran Lemur 

ardilla, Lemur enano mayor, Maki coligordo, (F) Grand 

Cheirogaleus medius: (E) Fat -tailed Dwarf Lemur, (S) Lemur 

ardilla coligrueso. Lemur enano coligrueso, Maki coligordo, (F) 

Cheirogale moyen, Petit cheirogale I CHEIROGALEIDAE Ma 
Cheirogaleus minusculus: (E) Lesser Iron-grey Dwarf Lemur I 

Cheirogaleus ravus: (E) Large Iron-grey Dwarf Lemur I 

Cheirogaleus trichotis = Allocebus trichotis 
Chelictinia riocourii: (E) African Swallow-tailed Kite, Scissor- 

tailed Kite, (S) Elanio golondrina, (F) Elanion naucler II 

Chelodlna mccordi (E) Roti Snake-necked Turtle II CHEL1DAE 

Chelone imbricata = Eretmochelys imbricata 
Cheloneeados plat(F): Natator depressus 
Chelonia bicarinata = Chelonia mydas 
Chelonia depressa = Natator depressus 
Chelonia dussumierii = Lepidochelys olivacea 
Chelonia formosa = Chelonia mydas 
Chelonia lachrymata = Chelon'u mydas 
Chelonia lata = Chelonia mydas 
Chelonia maculosa = Chelonia mydas 
Chelonia marmorata = Chelonia mydas 
Chelonia mydas: (E) Green Turtle, f S) Tortuga blanca, Tortuga 

verde, (F) Tortue comestible, Tortue franche. Tortue verte I 

Chelonia olivacea = Lepidochelys olivacea 
Chelonia pelasgorum = Caretta caretta 
Chelonia pseudocaretta = Eretmochelys imbricata 
Chelonia pseudomydas = Eremiochelys imbricata 
Chelonia radiata = Eretmochelys imbricata 
Chelonia temus = Chelonia mydas 
Chelo nia virgata = Chelonia mydas 
Chelonias lutaria = Dermochelys coriacea 
CHELONItDAE spp. : (E) marine turtles, (S) tortugas marinas, (F) 

tortues de mer, I Re 
Chelonoides carbonaria = Geochelone carbonaria 
Chelonoides chilensis = Geochelone chilensis 
Chelonoides denticulata = Geochelone denticulata 
Chelonoides elegans = Geochelone elegans 
Chelonoides gigantea - Geochelone gigantea 
Chelonoides nigra = Geochelone nigra 
Chelys lata = Peltocephalus dumeriliana 
Chersina angulata : (E) Angulated Tortoise, Bowsprit Tortoise, 

South African Bowsprit Tortoise, (S) Tortuga ariete, Tortuga de 

pechera, (F) Tortue a soc dAfrique du Sud II TESTUDINIDAE 

Chersine tetradactyla = Homopus areolatus 
Chersinella fiski = Psammobates tentorius 
Chersinella schonlandi = Psammobates tentorius 

Chersinella tentoria = Psammobates tentorius 
Chersinella verroxii = Psammobates tentorius 
Cheval de mer (F): Hippocampus hippocampus 
Cheval de Przewalski (F): Equus przewalskii 
Cheval marin (F): Hippocampus guttulatuslHippocampus kuda 
Chevalier a gouttelette (F): Tringa guttifer 
Chevalier tachete (F): Tringa guttifer 
Chevaux de mer (F): Hippocampus spp. 
Cheveche brame (F): Athene brama 
Cheveche dAthena (F): Athene noctua 
Cheveche des terriers (F): Speotyto cunicularia 
Cheveche forestiere (F): Athene blewitti 
Chevechette a collier (F): Glaucidium brodiei 
Chevechette a dos marron (F): Glaucidium castanonotum 
Chevechette a pieds jaunes (F): Glaucidium tephronotum 
Chevechette a queue barree (F): Glaucidium sjostedti 
Chevechette australe (F): Glaucidium nanum 
Chevechette brune (F): Glaucidium brasilianum 
Chevechette caboure (F): Glaucidium minutissimum 
Chevechette chataine (F): Glaucidium castaneum 
Chevechette cuculoi'de(F): Glaucidium cuculoides 
Chevechette d'Amazonie (F) : Glaucidium hardyi 
Chevechette de Cuba (F): Glaucidium siju 
Chevechette de jungle (F): Glaucidium radiatum 
Chevechette de Ngami (F): Glaucidium ngamiense 
Chevechette de Parker (F): Glaucidium parkeri 
Chevechette de Scheffler (F): Glaucidium scheffleri 
Chevechette des Andes (F): Glaucidium jardinii 
Chevechette des Rocheuses (F): Glaucidium californicum 
Chevechette des saguaros (F): Micrathene whitneyi 
Chevechette des yungas (F): Glaucidium bolivianum 
Chevechette d'Europe (F): Glaucidium passerinum 
Chevechette du Cap (F): Glaucidium capense 
Chevechette du Graben (F): Glaucidium albertinum 
Chevechette du Perou (F|: Glaucidium pemanum 
Chevechette naine (F): Glaucidium gnoma 
Chevechette nimbee (F): Xenoglaux loweryi 
Chevechette perlee (F): Glaucidium perlatum 
Chevechette spadicee (F): Glaucidium castanoptemm 
Chevechette-elfe (F): Micrathene whitneyi 
Chevrotain aquatique (F): Hyemoschus aquaticus 
Chevrotain, Water (E): Hyemoschus aquaticus 
Chevrotains porte-musc (F): Moschus spp. 
Chevrotain s porte-musc (F): Moschus spp. 
Chichimen (S): Lontrafelina 

Chien de prairie du Mexique (F): Cynomys mexicanus 
Chien des buissons (F): Speothos venaticus 
Chien sauvage dAsie (F): Cuonalpinus 
Chilabothrus gracilis = Epicrates gracilis 
Chilabothrus inornatus = Epicrates inornatus 
Chilabothrus maculatus = Epicrates fordii 
Chilla (S): Pseudalopex griseus 
Chillon de Sundevall (S): Petronia dentata 
Chimachima (S): Milvago chimachima 
Chimango (S): Milvago chimango 
Chimere (F): Omithoptera chimaera 
Chimpance (S): Pan troglodytes 
Chimpance pigmeo (S): Pan paniscus 
chimpances (S): Pan spp. 
Chimpanze (F): Pan troglodytes 
Chimpanze nain (F): Pan paniscus 
Chimpanze pygmee (F): Pan paniscus 
Chimpanzee (E): Pan troglodytes 
Chimpanzee, Dwarf (E): Pan paniscus 
Chimpanzee, Pygmy (E): Pan paniscus 
chimpanzees (E): Pan spp. 
chimpanzes (F): Pan spp. 
Chimpire (S): Podocnemis erythrocephala 
Chinalinda (S): Phalcoboenus albogularis 
Chinchay (S): Oreailums jacobita 
Chinchilla a longue queue (F): Chinchilla lanigera 
Chinchilla a queue courte (F): Chinchilla brevicaudata 
Chinchilla spp.: (E) chinchillas. (S) chinchillas, (F) chinchillas I 

Seep. 13 1 Veasep. 29 / Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Chinchilla brevicaudata : (E) Short -tailed Chinchilla, (S) Chinchilla 

de cola corta, (F) Chinchilla a queue courte I 

Chinchilla costina (S): Chinchilla lanigera 
Chinchilla de cola corta (S): Chinchilla brevicaudata 
Chinchilla de cola larga (S): Chinchilla lanigera 
Chinchilla lanigera : (E) Long-tailed Chinchilla. (S) Chinchilla 

costina, Chinchilla de cola larga, (F) Chinchilla a longue queue I 

Chinchilla, Long-tailed (E): Chinchilla lanigera 
Chinchilla Short -tailed (E): Chinchilla brevicaudata 
chinchillas (E/S/F): Chinchilla spp. 
Chinchimen (S): Lontrafelina 
Chinemys kwangtungensis = Chinemys nigricans 
Chinemys megalocephala : (E) Big-headed Pond Turtle III 

Chinemys nigricans: (E) Red-necked Pond Turtle III EMYDIDAE 

Chinemys reevesii: (E) Reeves's Turtle III EMYDIDAE Re 
Chingue de la Patagonia (S): Conepatus humboldtii 
Chingungo (E): Lontrafelina 
Chirica (S): Nannopsittaca panychlora 
Chiripepe comun (S): Pyrrhura frontal is 
Chiripepe saltefio (S): Pyrrhura molinae 
Chiriria caribena (S): Dendrocygna arborea 
Chirogale aux oreilles poilues (F): Allocebus trichotis 
chirogales (F): CHEIROGALEIDAE spp. 
Chiropotes albinasus: (E) Red-nosed Saki, White-nosed Bearded 

Saki, White-nosed Saki, (S) Saki de nariz blanca, Saki 

nariblanco, (F) Saki a nez blanc I CEBIDAE Ma 
Chiropotes satanas. (E) Bearded Saki, Black Saki, (F) Saki noir II 

Chiru (E): Pantholops hodgsonii 
Chita (S): Acinonyx jubalus 
Chitra spp.: (E) Narrow-headed softshell turtles, II 

Chitra chitra : (E) Southeast Asian Narrow-headed Softshell Turtle, 

Striped Giant Soft-shelled Turtle, Striped Narrow-headed 

Softshell Turtle II TRIONYCHIDAE Re 
Chitra indica: (E) Indian Narrow-headed Softshell Turtle II 

Chitra vandijkt. II TRIONYCHIDAE Re 
Chivito de los paramos (S): Oxypogon guehnii 
Chlamydotis macqueenii = Chlamydotis undulata 
Chlamydotis undulata. (E) Houbara, Houbara Bustard, (S) Avutarda 

hubara, Hubara, (F) Houbara ondule, Outarde houbara I 

Chlorestes euchloris = Chlorostilbon poortmani 
Chlorestes notatus- Chlorostilbon notatus 
Chlorocebus aethiops: (E) Green Monkey, Grivet Monkey, Savanna 

Monkey, Tantalus Monkey, Vervet Monkey, (S) Mono verde, 

Chlorocebus pygerythrus = Chlorocebus aethiops 
Chlorocebus sabaeus = Chlorocebus aethiops 
Chlorocebus tantalu s = Chlorocebus aethiops 
Chlorostilbon alice: (E) Green-tailed Emerald, (S) Esmeralda 

coliverde, (F) Emeraude alice II TROCFQLIDAE Av 
Chlorostilbon assimilis = Chlorostilbon mellisugus 
Chlorostilbon auratus = Chlorostilbon poortmani 
Chlorostilbon aureoventris: (E) Glittering-bellied Emerald, (S) 

Esmeralda ventridorada, Picaflor comiin, (F) Emeraude 

Chlorostilbon auriceps= Chlorostilbon mellisugus 
Chlorostilbon canivetii = Chlorostilbon mellisugus 
Chlorostilbon canivetii assimilis = Chlorostilbon mellisugus 
Chlorostilbon euchloris = Chlorostilbon poortmani 
Chlorostilbon forficatus= Chlorostilbon mellisugus 
Chlorostilbon gibsoni = Chlorostilbon mellisugus 
Chlorostilbon inexpectatus = Chlorostilbon poortmani 
Chlorostilbon maugaeus. (E) Puerto Rican Emerald, (S) Esmeralda 

portorriquena, (F) Emeraude de Porto Rico II TROCHILIDAE 

Chlorostilbon melanorhynchus = Chlorostilbon mellisugus 
Chlorostilbon mellisugus: (E) Blue-tailed Emerald, (S) Esmeralda 

coliazul, (F) Emeraude orvert II TROCHILIDAE Av 

Chlorostilbon notatus: (E) Blue-chinned Sapphire, (S) Colibri 

verdecito, Esmeralda gorgiazul, Zafiro barbiazul, (F) Colibri a 

menton bleu II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Chlorostilbon olivaresi: (E) Chiribiquete Emerald, (S) Esmeralda 

del Chiribiquete, (F) Emeraude d'Olivares n TROCHILIDAE 

Chlorostilbon poortmani: (E) Short -tailed Emerald, (S) Esmeralda 

colicorta, (F) Emeraude a queue courte II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Chlorostilbon pros i mis = Chlorostilbon mellisugus 
Chlorostilbon ricordii: (E) Cuban Emerald, (S) Esmeralda zunzun, 

(F) Emeraude de Ricord II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Chlorostilbon russatus: (E) Coppery Emerald, (S) Esmeralda 

bronceada, (F) Emeraude cuivree II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Chlorostilbon salvini = Chlorostilbon mellisugus 
Chlorostilbon stenurus: (E) Narrow-tailed Emerald, (S) Esmeralda 

cola de alambre, Esmeralda colifina, (F) Emeraude a queue 

Chlorostilbon swainsonii: (E) Hispaniolan Emerald, (S) Esmeralda 

de la Espanola, Zumbador, (F) Emeraude d'Hispaniola II 

Chlorostilbon vitticeps = Chlorostilbon mellisugus 
Choeropsis liberiensis = Hexaprotodon liberiensis 
Choloepus hoffmanni: (E) Hoffmann's Two -toed Sloth, (S) 

Perezoso, Unau, Unau o perezoso de Hoffman, (F) Paresseux 

d'Hoffmann, Unau , Unau d'Hoffmann III 

Chondrohierax uncinatus: (E) Hook-billed Kite, (S) Gavilan pico 

ganchudo, Milano picogarfio, (F) Milan bec-en-croc l/II 

Chondrohierax uncinatus wilsonii: (E) Cuban Hook-billed Kite, (S) 

Busardo de Wilson, (F) Busard de Wilson, Milan de Cuba, 

Milan de Wilson I ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Chondrohierax wilsonii = Chondrohierax uncinatus wilsonii 
Chondropython a-ureus = Morelia vihdis 
Chondropython pulcher = Morelia viridis 
Chondropython viridis = Morelia viridis 
Choriotis arabs = Ardeotis arabs 
Choriotis austral is = A rdeotis austral is 
Choriotis kori = Ardeotis kori 
Choriotis nigriceps= Ardeotis nigriceps 
Chorlito esquimal (S): Numenius borealis 
Chorlo polar (S): Numenius borealis 
Chosna (S): Potos flaws 
Chosnapericote(S): Bassaricyon gabbii 
Chouette a collier (F): Pulsatrix melanota 
Chouette ajoues blanches (F): Sceloglaux albifacies 
Chouette a lignes noires (F): Strixnigrolineata 
Chouette a lunettes (F): Pulsatrix perspicillata 
Chouette a sourcils jaunes (F): Pulsatrix koeniswaldiana 
Chouette africaine (F): Strix woodfordii 
Chouette baie (F): Phodilus badius 
Chouette boobok (F): Ninox novaeseelandiae 
Chouette boobok de Pile Norfolk (F): Ninox novaeseelandiae 

Chouette cheveche (F): Athene noctua 
Chouette chevechette (F): Glaucidium passerinum 
Chouette coucou (F): Ninox novaeseelandiae 
Chouette de Butler (F): Strix butleri 
Chouette de Cuba (F): Otus lawrencii 
Chouette de Harris (F): Aegolius harrisii 
Chouette de Koeniswald (F): Pulsatrix koeniswaldiana 
Chouette de l'Oural (F): Strix uralensis 
Chouette de Nouvelle-Guinee (F): Uroglaia dimorpha 
Chouette de Sitchouan (F): Strix davidi 
Chouette de Tengmalm (F): Aegolius funereus 
Chouette de terrier ( F): Speotyto cunicularia 
Chouette des forets (F): Athene blewitti 
Chouette des lies Salomons (F): Nesasio solomonensis 
Chouette des Moluques (F): Ninox sqnamipila 
Chouene des pagodes (F): Strix seloputo 
Chouette dryade (F): Strix hylophila 
Chouette du Sitchouan (F): Strix davidi 
Chouette d'Ussher(F): Scotopelia ussheri 
Chouette effraie (F): Tytoalba 
Chouette eperviere (F): Ninox squamipila/Sumia ulula 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Chouette eperviere de I'ile Christmas (F): Ninox squamipila natalis 

Chouette fasciee (F): Strix albitarsus 

Chouette fauve (F): Strix fulvescens 

Chouette harfang (F): Nyclea scandiaca 

Chouette huhul (F): Strix huhda 

Chouette hulotte (F): Strix aluco 

Chouette hulotte de Hume (F): Strix butleri 

Chouette lapone (F): Strix nebulosa 

Chouette leptogramme (F): Strix leptogrammica 

Chouette masquee (F): Strix rujipes 

Chouette mouchetee (F): Strix virgata 

Chouette noire et blanche (F): Strix nigrolineata 

Chouette ocellee (F): Strix ocellata 

Chouette pecheuse (F): Scotopelia peli 

Chouette rayee (F): Strix varia 

Chouette tachetee(F): Strix occidentalis 

Chouette-pecheuse de Bouvier (F): Scotopelia bouvieri 

Chouette-pecheuse de Pel (F): Scotopelia peli 

Chouette-pecheuse rousse (F): Scotopelia ussheri 

Chousingha (E): Tetracenis quadricornis 

Chrysenis batesii = Corallus caninus 

Chrysocyon brachyurus: (E) Maned Wolf, (S) Aguara guazu, Lobo 

de crin, (F) Loup a criniere II CAN1DAE Ma 
Chrysolampis mosquitus: (E) Ruby -topaz Hummingbird, (S) Colibri 

rubi, Tucusito rubi, (F) Colibri rubis-topaze n TROCHJL1DAE 

Chrvsopathesformosa: U CLADOPATHDAE An 
Chrysopathes speciosa : II CLADOPATH1DAE An 
Chrysotis finschi = Amazona finschi 
Chrysotis rhodocorytha = Amazona rhodocorytha 
Chrysotis tucumana = Amazona titcitmana 
Chrysotis viridigenalis = Amazona viridigenalis 
Chrysotis xantholora = Amazona xantholora 
Chrysuronia oenone: (E) Golden-tailed Sapphire, (S) Colibri cola 

de oro, Zafiro colidorado, (F| Saphir oenome II 

Chuckwalla de San Esteban (F): Sauromalus varius 
Chuckwalla, Piebald (E): Sauromalus varius 
Chuckwalla, San Esteban Island (E): Sauromalus varius 
Chungungo (E): Lontrafelina 
Chupacacao negro (S): Daptrius ater 
Chupacacao ventriblanco (S): Daptrius americanus 
Churica (S): Brotogeris jugularis 
Churiquita (S): Touit dilectissima 
Cibeta africana (S): Civettictis civetta 
Cibeta atigrada (S): Prionodon linsang 
Cibeta de Madagascar (S): Fossa fossana 
Cibeta moteada (S): Prionodon pardicolor 
Cibeta nutria (S): Cynogale bennettii 
Cibeta palmirayada (S): Hemigalus derbyanus 
C ice aba albitarsus = Strix albitarsus 
Ciccaba rtuhula = Strix huhda 
Ciccaba minima = Otus ingens 
Ciccaba nigrolineata = Strix nigrolineata 
Ciccaba virgata = Strix virgata 
Ciccaba woodfordii = Strix woodfordii 
Cicinnurus magnificus: (E) Magnificent Bird-of-paradise, (F) 

Paradisier magnifique II PARADISAEIDAE Av 
Cicinnurus regius: (E) King Bird-of-paradise, ( F) Paradisier royal II 

Cicinnurus respublica: (E) Wilson's Bird-of-paradise, (F) Paradisier 

republicain II PARADISAEIDAE Av 
Ciconia boyciana :(E) Japanese White Stork, Oriental Stork, 

Oriental White Stork, (S) Cigiiena blanca coreana, Ciguena del 

Japon, Ciguena oriental, (F) Cigogne a bee noir, Cigogne 

blanche de Coree, Cigogne blanche du Japon, Cigogne blanche 

orientale, Cigogne orientale I CICONIIDAE Av 
Ciconia ciconia boyciana = Ciconia boyciana 
Ciconia crumenifera - Leptoptilos crumeniferus 
Ciconia mycteria = Jabiru mycteria 
Ciconia nigra.(E) Black Stork, (S) Ciguena negra, (F) Cigogne 

Cicupa (S): Pulsatrix melanota 
Ciervo almizclero (S): Moschus moschiferus 
Ciervo andino meridional (S): Hippocamelus bisulcus 

Ciervo andino septentrional (S): Hippocamelus antisensis 

Ciervo bactriano (S): Cervus elaphusbactrianus 

Ciervo de Cachemira (S): Cervus elaphus hanglu 

Ciervo de Duvaucel (S): Cervus duvaucelii 

Ciervo de Eld (S): Cervus eldii 

Ciervo de Kuhl (S): Axis kuhlii 

Ciervo de la Berberia (S): Cervus elaphus barbarus 

Ciervo de las Pampas (S): Ozotoceros bezoarticus 

Ciervo de los Calamianes (S): Axis calamianensis 

Ciervo de los pantanos (S): Blastocerus dichotomus 

Ciervo de Marjal (S): Axis kuhlii 

Ciervo del Turquestan (S): Cervus elaphusbactrianus 

Ciervo enano (S): Pudupuda 

Ciervo marismeho (S): Blastocerus dichotomus 

Ciervo pampero (S): Ozotoceros bezoarticus 

Ciervo porquerizo de Indochina (S): Axis porcinusannamiticus 

Ciervo porquerizo de Kuhl (S): Axis kuhlii 

Ciervo porquerizo de los Calamianes (S): Axis calamianensis 

Ciervo rojo (S): Cervus elaphus 

Ciervos almizcleros (S): Moschus spp. 

Ciervos andinos (S): Hippocamelus spp. 

Cigogne a bee noir (F): Ciconia boyciana 

Cigogne blanche de Coree (F): Ciconia boyciana 

Cigogne blanche du Japon (F): Ciconia boyciana 

Cigogne blanche orientale (F): Ciconia boyciana 

Cigogne noire (F): Ciconia nigra 

Cigogne orientale (F): Ciconia boycia na 

Ciguena blanca coreana (S): Ciconia boyciana 

Ciguena del Japon (S): Ciconia boyciana 

Ciguena ensillada (S): Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis 

Ciguena negra (S): Ciconia nigra 

Ciguena oriental (S): Ciconia boyciana 

Cinixys belliana = Kinixys belliana 

Cinixys dorri - Kinixys belliana 

Cinixys erosa = Kinixys erosa 

Cinixys homeana - Kinixys homeana 

Cinixys lobatsiana = Kinixys belliana 

Circaete a poitrine noire (F): Circaetus pecloralis 

Circaete barre (F): Circaetus fasciolatus 

Circaete brun (F): Circaetus cinereus 

Circaete cendre (F): Circaetus cinerascens 

Circaete Jean-le-Blanc (F): Circaetus gallicus 

Circaetus beaudouini = Circaetus gallicus 

Circaetus cinerascens: (E) Banded Snake-Eagle, Smaller Banded 
Snake-Eagle, (S) Aguila culebrera coliblanca, Culebrera 
coliblanca, (F) Circaete cendre B ACCIPITRIDAE Av 

Circaetus cinereus: (E) Brown Harrier-Eagle, Brown Snake-Eagle, 
(S) Aguila culebrera de Brown, Culebrera sombria, (F) Circaete 

Circaetus fasciolatus: (E) Fasciated Sn ake-Eagle, Southern Banded 
Snake-Eagle, (S) Culebrera barreada, (F) Circaete barre II 

Circaetus gallicus: (E) Beaudouin's Snake-Eagle, Short -toed Eagle, 
Short -toed Snake- Eagle, (S) Aguila culebrera, Culebrera 
barreada, Culebrera europea, (F) Circaete Jean-le-Blanc II 

Circaetus gallicus heptneri = Circaetus gallicus 

Circaetus gallicus pectoralis = Circaetus pectoralis 

Circaetus pectoralis: (E) Black-breasted Harrier-Eagle, Black- 
breasted Snake -Eagle, Black-chested Snake- Eagle, (S) 
Culebrera pechinegra, (F) Circaete a poitrine noire II 

Circaetus solitarius = Harpyhaliaetus solitarius 

Circus aeruginosas. (E) Eurasian Marsh-Harrier, Marsh Harrier, 
Western Marsh -Harrier, (S) Aguilucho lagunero, Aguilucho 
Lagunero Occidental, (F) Busard des roseaux II 

Circus aeruginosas approximans= Circus approximans 

Circus aeruginosusmaillardi= Circus maillardi 

Circus aeruginosas spilonotus - Circus spilonotus 

Circus approximans: (E) Australasian Harrier, Pacific Marsh- 
Harrier, Swamp Harrier, (S) Aguilucho lagunero del pacifico, 
(F) Busard de Gould II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 

Circus assimilis: (E) Spotted Harrier, (S) Aguilucho moteado, (F) 
Busard tachete II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Circus buffoni: (E) Long-winged Harrier, (S) Aguilucho de azara, 

Aguilucho de cienaga, Gavilan grande, (F) Busard de Buffon II 

Circus cinereus: (E) Cinereous Harrier, (S) Aguilucho vari, Gavilan 

ceniciento, (F) Busard bariole II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Circus cyaneus. (E) Hen Harrier, Marsh Hawk, Northern Harrier, 

(S) Aguilucho Palido, Gavilan rastrero, (F) Busard Saint -Martin 

Circus macrosceles = Circus maillardi 
Circus macrourus: (E) Pale Harrier, Pallid Harrier, (S) Aguilucho 

papialbo, (F) Busard pale II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Circus maillardi. (E) Madagascar Harrier, Madagascar Marsh- 
Harrier, Malagasy Marsh-Harrier, Reunion Flarrier, Reunion 

Marsh -Harrier, (S) Aguilucho lagunero malgache, (F) Busard de 

Circus maurus: (E) Black Harrier, (S) Aguilucho negro, (F) Busard 

Circus melanoleucos. (E) Pied Harrier, (S) Aguilucho pio, (F) 

Busard tchoug U ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Circus pygargus: (E) Montagu's Harrier, (S) Aguilucho cenizo, (F) 

Busard cendre, Busard de montagne II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Circus ranivorus: (E) African Marsh-Harrier, (S) Aguilucho 

lagunero etiopico, (F) Busard grenouillard II ACCIPITRIDAE 

Circus spilonotus: (E) Eastern Marsh-Harrier, Papuan Harrier, 

Spotted Marsh- Harrier, Spotted-backed Harrier, (S) Aguilucho 

lagunero oriental, (F) Busard d'Orient II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Circus teesa = Butastur teesa 
Cirrhipathes aggregata = Slichopathes aggregate! 
Cirrhipathes anguina: II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Cirrhipathes contorta : II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Cirrhipathes densiflora: II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Cirrhipathes desbonni= Allopathes deshonni 
Cirrhipathes diversa: II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Cirrhipathes filiformis = Slichopathes filiformis 
Cirrhipathes flagellum: II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Cirrhipathes gardineri: II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Cirrhipathes hainanensis: II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Cirrhipathes indica: II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Cirrhipathes lutkeni = Slichopathes lutkeni 
Cirrhipathes musculosa : II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Cirrhipathes nana: II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Cirrhipathes paucispina = Stichopathes paucispina 
Cirrhipathes propinqua: II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Cirrhipathes ramosa = Hillopathes ramosa 
Cirrhipathes rumphii: II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Cirrhipathes saccula = Stichopathes saccula 
Cirrhipathes secchinr. II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Cirrhipathes semiglahra = Stichopathes semiglabra 
Cirrhipathes setacea = Stichopathes setacea 
Cirrhipathes setacea occidentalis = Stichopathes occidentalis 
Cirrhipathes sieboldii: II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Cirrhipathes sinensis: U ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Cirrhipathes solorensis = Stichopathes solorensis 
Cirrhipathes spiralis: II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Cirrhipathes translucent II ANTIPATHIDAE An 
Cirrhipathes variabilis = Stichopathes variabilis 
Cisne coscoroba (S): Coscoroba coscoroba 
Cisne cuellinegro (S): Cygmts melanocorypha 
Cistoclemmys flavomarginata = Cuora jlavomarginata 
Cistoclemmys galbinifrons- Cuora galbinifrons 
Cistoclemmys hainanensis = Cuora galbinifrons 
Cistuda bealei = Sacalia bealei 
Cistudo Carolina - Terrapene Carolina 
Cistudo major = Terrapene Carolina 
Cistudo mexicana = Terrapene Carolina 
Cistudo ornata = Terrapene ornata 
Cistudo triunguis = Terrapene Carolina 
Cistudo virginea = Terrapene Carolina 
Cistudo yucatana = Terrapene Carolina 
Citharocyathus eonicus = Notocyathus conicus 
Citharocyathus venustus = Notocyathus venustus 
Civet, African (E): Civettictis civetta 
Civet, Asian Palm (E): Paradoxurus hermaphroditus 
Civet, Banded Palm (E): Hemigalus derbyanus 

Civet, Common Palm (E): Paradoxurus hermaphroditus 

Civet, Hardwick's (E): Hemigalus derbyanus 

Civet, Jerdon's Palm (E): Paradoxurus jerdoni 

Civet, Large Indian (E): Viverra zibetha 

Civet, Malabar (E): Viverra civettina 

Civet, Malabar Large-spotted (E): Viverra civettina 

Civet, Malagasy (E): Fossa fossana 

Civet, Masked Palm (E): Paguma larvata 

Civet, Small Indian (E): Viverricula indica 

Civet, Striped (E): Fossa fossana 

Civet, Tiger (E): Prionodon pardicolor 

Civeta (S): Civettictis civetta/Fossa fossana 

Civeta de Derby (S): Hemigalus derbyanus 

Civeta de palmera comun (S): Paradoxurus hermaphroditus 

Civeta de palmera de Jerdon (S): Paradoxurus jerdoni 

Civeta de palmera enmascarada (S): Paguma larvata 

Civeta de Sumatra (S): Cynogale bennettii 

Civeta franjeada (S): Prionodon linsang 

Civette (F): Civettictis civetta 

Civette a bandes (F): Prionodon linsang 

Civette a grandes taches (F): Viverra civettina 

Civette africaine (F): Civettictis civetta 

Civette dAfrique (F): Civettictis civetta 

Civette fossane (F): Fossa fossana 

Civette malgache (F): Fossa fossana 

Civette palmiste a bandes de Derby (F): Hemigalus derbyanus 

Civette palmiste a masque (F): Paguma larvata 

Civette palmiste de Jerdon (F): Paradoxurus jerdoni 

Civette palmiste hermaphrodite (F): Paradoxurus hermaphroditus 

Civette palmiste rayee (F): Hemigalus derbyanus 

Civette-loutre de Sumatra (F): Cynogale bennettii 

Civettictis civetta : (E| African Civet, (S) Cibeta africana, Civeta, (F) 

Civette, Civette africaine, Civette dAfrique m VIVERRIDAE 

Cladangiaexusta : if RHIZANGIIDAE An 
Cladangiagemmawr. it RHIZANGIIDAE An 
Cladocora arbuscula : (E) Ivory Tube Coral, (F) Corail arbuscule II 8 

Cladocora caespitosa : II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Cladocora conferta = Colangia moseleyi 
Cladocora debilis: (E) Thin Tube Coral, (F) Corail arbuscule mince 

Cladocora moseleyi = Colangia moselevi 
Cladocora pacifica: U s CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Cladocora patriarca = Cladocora debilis 
Cladopathes heterosticha = Hexapathes heterosticha 
Cladopathesplumosa : II CLADOPATHIDAE An 
Cladopsammia echinala : \f DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Cladopsammia eguchii: II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Cladopsammia gracilis: it DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Cladopsammia manuelensis: it DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Cladopsammia rolandi. II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Cladopsammia willeyi: II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Clam, Bear Paw (E): Hippopus hippopus 
Clam, Boring (E): Tridacna crocea 
Clam, China (E): Hippopus porcellanus 
Clam, Crocea (E): Tridacna crocea 
Clam, Crocus (E): Tridacna crocea 
Clam, Derasa (E): Tridacna derasa 
Clam, Fluted (E): Tridacna squamosa 
Clam, Fluted Giant (E): Tridacna squamosa 
Clam, Giant (E): Tridacna gigas 
Clam, Gigas (E): Tridacna gigas 
Clam, Horse's Hoof (E): Hippopus hippopus 
Clam, Maxima (E): Tridacna maxima 
Clam, Saffron-coloured (E): Tridacna crocea 
Clam, Scaly (E): Tridacna squamosa 
Clam, Small Giant (E): Tridacna maxima 
Clam, Southern Giant (E): Tridacna derasa 
Clam, Strawberry (E): Hippopus hippopus 
Clam, Tevoro (E): Tridacna tevoroa 
clams, giant (E): TRIDACNIDAE spp. 
Clavarina scabricula = Merulina scabricula 

Seep. 13 1 'Vease p. 29/ Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Cleliaclelia : (E) Mussurana, (S) Masurana, Mussurana, (F) 

Mussurana. Mussurana d'Amerique du sud II COLUBRIDAE 

Clelia occipitolulea = Clelia clelia 
Clemmyde de Muhlenberg (F): Clemmys muhlenbergii 
Clemmyde sculptee (F): Clemmys insctilpta 
Clemmys bealei = Sacalia bealel 
Clemmys bealel quadrlocellata = Sacalia quadriocellata 
Clemmys gibbera = Orlitia bomeensis 
Clemmys insculpta : (E) Wood Turtle, (F) Clemmyde sculptee II 

Clemmys muhlenbergii: (E) Bog Turtle. Muhlenberg's Turtle. (S) 

Galapago de Muhlenberg, (F) Clemmyde de Muhlenberg, 

Tortue de Muhlenberg, Tortue des marecages I EMYDIDAE Re 
Clemmys mutica = Mauremys mutica 
Clemmys nigricans = Chinemys nigricans 
Clemmys mtchalis - Clemmys muhlenbergii 
Clemmys schmackeri = Chinemys nigricans 
Cliftia fusca = Epic rates cenchria 
Clothonia anguiformis = Eryxjohnii 
Clothonia johnii = E/yx johnii 
Clubshell (E): Pleurobema clava 
Clytolaema rubricauda: (E) Brazilian Ruby, (S) Colibri colirrojo, 

(F) Colibri rubis-emeraude II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Cnemophilus loriae: (E) Loria's Bird-of-paradise. (F) Paradisier de 

Loria, Paradisier loria II PARAD1SAE1DAE Av 
Cnemophilus macgregorii: (E) Crested Bird-of-paradise, (F) 

Paradisier huppe II PARADISAE1DAE Av 
Coati (F): Nasua narica 
Coati a museau blanc (F): Nasua narica 
Coati brun (F): Nasua narica 
Coati roux (F): Nasua nasua solitaria 
Coati, Northern (E): Nasua narica 
Coati, South American (E): Nasua nasua 
Coati, South Brazilian (E): Nasua nasua solitaria 
Coati, Southern (E): Nasua nasua 
Coati, White-nosed (E): Nasua narica 
Cobe lechwe (F): Kobus leche 
Cobo de Lechwe (S): Kobus leche 
Cobra a lunettes (F): Najanaja 
Cobra de anteojos (S): Naja naja 
Cobra des Indes (F): Najanaja 
Cobra indien (F): Naja naja 
Cobra real (S): Ophiophagus hannah 
Cobra royal (F): Ophiophagus hannah 
Cobra, Andaman (E): Naja sagittifera 
Cobra, Brazilian Water(E): Cyclagras gigas 
Cobra, Central Asian (E): Najaoxiana 
Cobra, Chinese (E): Najaatra 
Cobra, Chinese Spitting (E): Najaatra 
Cobra, Equatorial Spitting (E): Naja sumatrana 
Cobra, False (E): Cyclagras gigas 
Cobra, False Water (E): Cyclagras gigas 
Cobra, Golden Spitting (E): Naja sumatrana 
Cobra, Indian (E): Najanaja 
Cobra, Indian Spectacled (E): Najanaja 
Cobra. Indochinese Spitting (E): Naja siamensis 
Cobra, Indonesian (E): Naja sputatrix 
Cobra, King (E): Ophiophagus hannah 
Cobra. Monocellate (E): Naja kaouthia 
Cobra, Monocled (E): Naja kaouthia 
Cobra, North Philippine Spitting (E): Naja philippinensis 
Cobra, Oxus (E): Naja oxiana 
Cobra, Peters's (E): Naja samarensis 
Cobra, Philippine (E): Naja philippinensis 
Cobra, South Indonesian Spitting (E): Naja sputatrix 
Cobra, South-east Philippine Spitting (E): Naja samarensis 
Cochito (E): Phocoena sinus 
Cockatiel (E): Nymphicus hollandicus 
Cockatiel (S): Nymphicus hollandicus 
Cockatoo. Bare-eyed (E): Cacatua sanguinea 
Cockatoo, Blue-eyed (E): Cacatua ophlhalmica 
Cockatoo, Ducorps's (E): Cacatua ducorpsii 
Cockatoo, Gang-gang (E): Callocephalon flmbriatum 
Cockatoo, Goffln's (E): Cacatua goffini 

Cockatoo, Greater Sulphur-crested (E): Cacatua galerita 

Cockatoo, Leadbeater's (E): Cacatua leadbeateri 

Cockatoo, Lesser Sulphur-crested (E): Cacatua sulphurea 

Cockatoo, Little (E): Cacatua sanguinea 

Cockatoo, Major Mitchell's (E): Cacatua leadbeateri 

Cockatoo, Moluccan (E): Cacatua moluccensis 

Cockatoo, Palm (E): Probosciger aterrimus 

Cockatoo. Philippine (E): Cacatua haematuropygia 

Cockatoo, Pink (E): Cacatua leadbeateri 

Cockatoo, Red-vented (E): Cacatua haematuropygia 

Cockatoo, Roseate (E): Eolophus roseicapillus 

Cockatoo, Salmon-crested (E): Cacatua moluccensis 

Cockatoo, Sulphur -crested (E): Cacatua galerita 

Cockatoo, Tanimbar (E): Cacatua goffini 

Cockatoo, Umbrella (E): Cacatua alba 

Cockatoo, White (E): Cacatua alba 

Cockatoo, Yellow-crested (E): Cacatua sulphurea 

Cock-of-the-rock, Andean (E): Rupicoia peruviana 

Cock-of-the-Rock, Common (E): Rupicoia rupicoia 

Cock-of-the-rock, Guianan (E): Rupicoia rupicoia 

Cock-of-the-rock, Orange (E): Rupicoia rupicoia 

Cock-of-the-rock, Peruvian (E): Rupicoia peruviana 

Cock-of-the-rock, Red (E): Rupicoia peruviana 

Cock-of-the-rock, Scarlet (E): Rupicoia peruviana 

Cock-of-the-rock, Smaller (E): Rupicoia rupicoia 

cocks-of-the-rock (E): Rupicoia spp. 

Cocodrilo americano (S): Crocodylus acutus 

Cocodrilo australiano (S): Crocodylus johnsoni 

Cocodrilo chico africano (S): Osteolaemus tetraspis 

Cocodrilo de Cuba (S): Crocodylus rhombifer 

Cocodrilo de hocico corto (S): Osteolaemus tetraspis 

Cocodrilo de Mindoro (S): Crocodi'lus mindorensis 

Cocodrilo de Morelet (S): Crocodylus moreletii 

Cocodrilo de Nueva Guinea (S): Crocodylus novaeguineae 

Cocodrilo de Siam (S): Crocodylus siamensis 

Cocodrilo del Marjal (S): Crocodylus palustris 

Cocodrilo del Nilo (S): Crocodylus niloticus 

Cocodrilo del Orinoco (S): Crocodylus intermedins 

Cocodrilo hociquifino africano (S): Crocodylus cataphractus 

Cocodrilo marismeno (S): Crocodylus palustris 

Cocodrilo poroso (S): Crocodylus porosus 

cocodrilos (S): CROCODYLIA spp. 

Codorniz (S): Colinus virginianus 

Coelacanth (E): Latimeria chalumnae 

Coelacanth, Menado(E): Latimeria menadoensis 

Coelacanthe (F): Latimeria chalumnae 

coelacanthes (F): Latimeria spp. 

Coeligena bonapartei: (E) Golden- bellied Starfrontlet, (S) Colibri 

inca dorado, Inca ventridorado, (F) Inca de Bonaparte II 

Coeligena coeligena : (E) Bronzy Inca, (S) Colibri inca bronceado, 

Inca bronceado, (F) Inca celeste II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Coeligena eon. (E) Golden Starfrontlet D TROCHILIDAE Av 
Coeligena helianthea: (E) Blue-throated Starfrontlet, (S) Colibri 

inca ventrivioleta, Inca ventrivioleta, (F) Inca porphyre II 

Coeligena inca : (E) Gould's Inca, (S) Inca de Gould, (F) Inca de 

Coeligena iris: (E) Rainbow Starfrontlet, (S) Frentiestrella arcoiris, 

Inca arcoiris, (F) Inca iris II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Coeligena lutetiae: (E) Buff-winged Starfrontlet, (S) Frentiestrella 

alihabano, Inca alihabano, (F) Inca a gemme bleue II 

Coeligena orina - Coeligena bonapartei 
Coeligena phalerata : (E) White-taiied Starfrontlet, (S) Inca 

coliblanco, (F) Inca a queue blanche II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Coeligena prunellei: (E) Black Inca, (S) Inca negro, (F) Inca noir II 

Coeligena torquata : (E) Collared Inca, (S) Colibri inca acollarado, 

Inca acollarado, (F) Inca a collier II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Coeligena violifer: (E) Violet -throated Starfrontlet, (S) Inca 

gorgimorado, (F) Inca violifere II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Coeligena wilsoni: (E) Brown Inca, (S) Inca cafe, Inca pardo, (F) 

Coelocyathus typicus = Monomyces pygmaea 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Coelogyra laevis = Oulophyllia crispa 

Coeloha ara bica = Platygyra lame/Una 

Coeloria astreiformis = Platygyra daedalea 

Coeloria bottae = Platygyra lamellina 

Coeloria cooperi = Oulopliyllia crispa 

Coeloria crosslandi = Platygyra crosslandi 

Coeloria daedalea = Platygyra daedalea 

Coeloria ea\vardsi = Platygyra daedalea 

Coeloria esperi = Platygyra daedalea 

Coeloria for skalana = Platygyra lamellina 

Coeloria laticollis = Platygyra lamellina 

Coeloria leptoticha = Platygyra lamellina 

Coeloria rustica = Platygyra daedalea 

Coeloria sinensis = Platygyra sinensis 

Coeloria subdentata = Platygyra lamellina 

Coeloseris mayeri: if AGARlCIIDAEAn 

Coelosmilia fecunda = Anomocora fecunda 

Coenangia conferta = Astrangia conferta 

Coendou epineux (F): Sphiggitrus spinosus 

Coendou mexicanus = Sphiggitrus mexicanus 

Coendou paragayensis = Sphiggurus spinosus 

Coendou spinosus = Sphiggurus spinosus 

Coendu espinoso {S): Sphiggurus spinosus 

Coenocyathus anfhophyllites: D 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 

Coenocyathus apertus = Phyllangia americanamouchezii 

Coenocyathus bartschi = Rhizosmilia maculata 

Coenocyathus bowersi: tf CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 

Coenocyathus brooki: \t CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 

Coenocyathus caribbeana: II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 

Coenocyathus corsicus= Pourtalosmilia anfhophyllites 

Coenocyathus cylindricus. fl 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 

Coenocyathus dohrni= Caryophyllia inornata 

Coenocyathus giesbrechti = Caryophyllia inornata 

Coenocyathus goreaur. if CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 

Coenocyathus humanni: II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 

Coenocyathus lobatus = Coenocyathus cylindricus 

Coenocyathus mouchezii = Phyllangia americana mouchezii 

Coenocyathus parvulus. D 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 

Coenocyathus sagamiensis = Rhizosmilia sagamiensis 

Coenocyathus vermiformis = Stenocyathus vermiformis 

Coenopsammia aequiserialis = Tubastraea micranthus 

Coenopsammia affinis = Tubastraea coccinea 

Coenopsammia aurea = Tubastraea coccinea 

Coenopsammia coccinea = Tubastraea coccinea 

Coenopsammia ehrenbergiana = Tubastraea coccinea 

Coenopsammia manni= Tubastraea coccinea 

Coenopsammia radiata = Tubastraea coccinea 

Coenopsammia ramiculosa = Tubastraea micranthus 

Coenopsammia tenuilamellosa = Tubastraea coccinea 

Coenopsammia urvillii = Tubastraea coccinea 

Coenopsammia viridis = Tubastraea micranthus 

Coenopsammia willeyi = Tubastraea coccinea 

Coenosmiliaarbuscula : U 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 

Coenosmilia inordinata: II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 

Coenosmilia repens= Pourtalosmilia anthophyllites 

Coffre (F): Caretta caretta/Natator depressus 

Cola de pescado (S): Huso huso 

Colacerda crestuda (S): Discosura popelairii 

Colacerda ventrinegra (S): Discosura langsdorffi 

Colacerda verde (S): Discosura conversii 

Colacintacolinegra(S): Lesbiavictoriae 

Colacinta coliverde (S): Lesbia nuna 

Colaespatula zamarrito (S): Ocreatus undenvoodii 

Colangia immersa : (E) Lesser Speckled Cup Coral, (F) Corail calice 

Colangia jamaicaensis: if CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Colangia moseleyi: II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Colangia multipalifera : if CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Colangia simplex = Gardineria simplex 
Colapinto ecuatoriano <S): Phlogophilus hemileucurus 
Colasisi (E): Loriculus philippensis 
Colayo(S): Cetorhinus maximus 
Coliazu! bengal! (S): Uraeginthus bengalus 
Colibri a ailes saphir (F): Pterophanes cyanopterus 
Colibri a bee incurve (F): Glaucis dohrnii 


















































































































i bri 





































i a bee noir(F): Trochilus scitulus 

i a calotte violette (F): Goldmania violiceps 

i a coiffe blanche (F): Microchera albocoronata 

i a dos noir { F): Ramphomicron dorsale 

i a epaulettes (F): Eupherusa eximia 

i a flancs blancs (F): Oreotrochilus leucopleurus 

i a gorge amethyste (F): Lampornis amethystinus 

i a gorge blanche (F): Leucochloris albicollis 

i a gorge bleue (F): Lampornis clemenciae 

i a gorge grenat (F): Lamprolaima rhami 

i a gorge lilas (F): Lampornis hemileucus 

i a gorge noire (F): Archilochus alexandri 

i a gorge rubis (F): Archilochus colubris 

i a menton bleu (F): Chlorostilbon notatus 

i a petit bee (F): Ramphomicron microrhynchum 

i a plastron noir (F): Oreotrochilus melanogaster 

i a poitrine violette (F): Sternoclyta cyanopectus 

i a queue bronzee (F): Chalybura urochrysia 

i a queue courte (F): Myrmia micrura 

i a queue en ciseaux (F): Hylonympha macrocerca 

i a queue large (F): Selasphorus platycercus 

i a queue mi-blanche (F): Phlogophilus hemileucurus 

i a queue singuliere (F): Doricha enicura 

i a queue verte (F): Leucippus chlorocercus 

i a sous-caudales rousses (F): Urosticte ruficrissa 

i a tete bleue (F): Cyanophaia bicolor 

i a tete cuivree (F): Elvira cupreiceps 

i a tete noire (F): Trochilus polytmus 

i a tete rose (F): Anthocephala floriceps 

i a tete violette (F): Klais guimeti 

i a ventre blanc (F): Colibri serrirostris 

i a ventre chatain (F): Lampornis castaneoventris 

i a ventre noir (F): Eupherusa nigriventris 

i abejorro (S): Chaetocercus bombus 

i adele (F): Oreotrochilus adela 

i admirable (S): Loddigesia mirabilis 

i aliazul (S): Pterophanes cyanopterus 

i alicastano (S): Lamprolaima rhami 

i amatista(S): Calliphlox amethystina 

i amatistino (S): Lampornis amethystinus 

i amethyste (F): Calliphlox amethystina 

i anais(F): Colib ri coruscans 

i ante <S): Leucippus fallax 

i anteado (S): Leucippus fallax 

i apagado (S): Campyloptents cirrochloris 

i ardent (F): Selasphorus ardens 

i ardiente (S): Selasphorus ardens 

i astral (S): Chaetocercus astreans 

i aterciopelado (S): Lafresnaya lafresnayi 

i austral (S): Sephanoides sephaniodes 

i aux huppes d'or (F): Heliactin bilopha 

i avocette (F): Anthracothorax recurvirostris 

i avocettin (F): Opisthoprora euryptera 

i barbiesmeralda (S): Abeillia abeillei 

i barbinegro (S): Archilochus alexandri 

i bicolor (S): Cyanophaia bicolor 

i blancioliva (S): Leucippus chlorocercus 

i blanquiverde (S): Leucippus viridicauda 

i bonito (S): Calothoiax pulcher 

i bourdon (F): Chaetocercus bombus 

i cabeciazul (S): Klais guimeti 

i cabecidorado (S): Boissonneaua flavescens 

i cabecivioleta (S): Klais guimeti 

i caliope (S): Stellula calliope 

i calliope (F): Stellula calliope 

i canelo (S): Amazilia rutila 

i capirrufo (S): Chalcostigma ruficeps 

i caribeno gorgimorado (S): Eulampis jugularis 

i caribeno gorgiverde (S): Eulampis holosericeus 

i casque" (F): Oxypogon guerinii 

i centelleante <S): Selasphorus scintilla 

i charmant (F): Calothorax pulcher 

i chivito (S): Oxypogon guerinii 

i circe (F): Cynanthus latirostris 

i cobrizo (S): Aglaeactis cupripennis 

Seep. 13/Veasep. 29 /Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Colibri cola de hoja (S): Ocreatus undenvoodii 

Colibri cola de oro (S): Chrysuronia oenone 

Colibri colaceleste (S): Augastes scutatus 

Colibri coliancho (S): Selasphonis plarycercus 

Colibri coliazul (S): Saucerottia cyanura 

Colibri coliblanco (S): Campylopterus ensipennis 

Colibri colibronce (S): Polyonynnts caroli 

Colibri colicorto (S): Myrmia micrura 

Colibri colihabano (S): Boissonneaua flavescens 

Colibri colilargo mayor (S): Lesbia victoriae 

Colibri colilargo menor (S): Lesbia mma 

Colibri colipinto ecuatoriano (S): Phlogophihis hemileucurus 

Colibri colipinto peruano (S): Phlogophihts harterti 

Colibri colirraro (S): Doricha enicura 

Colibri colirrayado (S): Eupherusa eximia 

Colibri colirrojo (S): Clytolaema rubricauda 

Colibri colirrufo (S): Amccilia rzacall 

Colibri colpinto(S): Tilmatura dupontii 

Colibri coludo azul (S):Aglaiocercus kingi 

Colibri coludo verde (S): Lesbia mma 

Colibri cometa (S): Sappho sparganura 

Colibri comete (F): Taphrolesbia griseiventris 

Colibri condecorado (S): Aglaeaclis castelnaudii 

Colibri copeton (S): Stephanoxis lalandi 

Colibri cora (F): Thaumasliira cora 

Colibri cora (S): Thaumaslura cora 

Colibri cordillerano (S): Oreotrochilus leucopleiirus 

Colibri corinne (F): Heliomaster longirostris 

Colibri cornudito (S): Heliactin bilopha 

Colibri corona- verde (S): Agyrtria viridifrons 

Colibri corona-violeta (S): Agyrtria violiceps 

Colibri coroniazul (S): Agyrtria cyanocephala 

Colibri coroniblanco (S): Microchera albocoronata 

Colibri coruscans. (E) Sparkling Violet-ear, (S) Colibri orejivioleta 

grande, Colibri rut ilante, Picaflor ventriazul, (F) Colibri anai's II 

Colibri crestado (S): Orthorhyncus cristatus 
Colibri cuellicastano (S): Heliodoxa aurescens 
Colibri d'Abeille {F):Abeillia abeillei 
Colibri d'Alice (F): Aglaeaclis alictae 
Colibri dAllen(F): Selasphonis sasin 
Colibri d'Angele (F): Heliomaster furcifer 
Colibri d'Anna (F): Calypte anna 
Colibri d'Arica(F): Myrtis yarrellii 
Colibri de Alicia (S): Aglaeaclis aliciae 
Colibri de Allen (S): Selasphonis sasin 
Colibri de Anna (S): Calypte anna 
Colibri de Arica (S): Myrtis yarrellii 
Colibri de Barbijo (S): Heliomaster furcifer 
Colibri de Benjamin (F): Urosticte benjamini 
Colibri de Berilo (S): Saucerottia beryllina 
Colibri de Berlepsch (F): Chaetocercus berlepschi 
Colibri de Bouguer (F): Urochroa bougueri 
Colibri de Bouguer (S): Urochroa bougueri 
Colibri de Bourcier (F): Polyonymus caroli 
Colibri de Buffon (F): Chalybura buffonii 
Colibri de Buffon (S): Chalybura buffonii 
Colibri de Burmeister (F): Microstilbon burmeisteri 
Colibri de Burmeister (S): Microstilbon burmeisteri 
Colibri de Castelneau (F): Aglaeactis castelnaudii 
Colibri de Cochabamba (S): Oreotrochilus adela 
Colibri de Constant (F): Heliomaster constantii 
Colibri de Costa (F): Calypte costae 
Colibri de Costa (S): Calypte costae 
Colibri de Cuvier (F): Campylopterus cuvierii 
Colibri de Cuvier (S): Campylopterus cuvierii 
Colibri de Delalande (F): Stephanoxis lalandi 
Colibri de Delphine (F): Colibri delphinae 
Colibri de Dohrn (F): Claucis dohrnii 
Colibri de Dupont (S): Tilmatura dupontii 
Colibri de Elisa (S): Doricha eliza 
Colibri de Elliot (S)-.Atthis ellioti 
Colibri de Eloisa (Sy.Atlhis heloisa 
Colibri de Esmeraldas (S): Chaetocercus berlepschi 
Colibri de Geoffroy (F): Augastes geoffroyi 

Colibri de Goldman (S): Goldmania violiceps 

Colibri de Goudot (F): Lepidopyga goudoti 

Colibri de Goudot (S): Lepidopyga goudoti 

Colibri de Guerrero (S): Eupherusa poliocerca 

Colibri deHartert(F): Phlogophihis harterti 

Colibri de Herran (S): Chalcostigma herrani 

Colibri de Jardine (F): Boissonneaua jardini 

Colibri de Jourdan (F): Chaetocercus jourdanii 

Colibri de Jourdan (S): Chaetocercus jourdanii 

Colibri de Juan Fernandez (S): Sephanoides fernandensis 

Colibri de Julia (S): Damophila julie 

Colibri de Lafresnaye (F): Lafresnaya lafresnayi 

Colibri de las Bahamas (S): Calliphlox evelynae 

Colibri de Lillian (F): Lepidopyga lilliae 

Colibri de Marte (S): Heliangelus mayors 

Colibri de Matthews (F): Boissonneaua matthewsii 

Colibri de Mitchell (F): Calliphlox mitchellii 

Colibri de Mitchell (S): Calliphlox mitchellii 

Colibri de Mulsant (F): Chaetocercus mulsant 

Colibri de Mulsant (S): Chaetocercus mulsant 

Colibri de Perija (S): Metallura iracunda 

Colibri de pico recurvado (S): Glaucis dohrnii 

Colibri de raquetas ( S): Ocreatus undenvoodii 

Colibri de Rivoli (F): Eugenes fulgens 

Colibri de Santa Marta (S): Campylopterus phainopeplus 

Colibri de Sibila (S): Lampornis sybillae 

Colibri de Stanley (S): Chalcostigma slanleyi 

Colibri de Sybil (F): Lampornis sybillae 

Colibri de Taczanowski (F): Leucippus taczanowskii 

Colibri de Taczanowski (S): Leucippus taczanowskii 

Colibri de tepui (S): Polytmus milleri 

Colibri de Teresa (S): Polytmus theresiae 

Colibri de Tumbes (F): Leucippus baeri 

Colibri de Tumbes (S): Leucippus baeri 

Colibri de Xantus (S): Basilinna xantusii 

Colibri del Atacama (S): Rhodopis vesper 

Colibri del Chimborazo (S): Oreotrochilus chimborazo 

Colibri del Duida (S): Campylopterus duidae 

Colibri del Napo (S): Campyloptenis villaviscensio 

Colibri del Pirre (S): Goethalsia bella 

Colibri d'Elliot (F): Atthis ellioti 

Colibri delphinae: (E) Brown Violet -ear, (S) Colibri pardo, 

Orejavioleta cafe, Orejivioleta marron, (F) Colibri de Delphine 

Colibri demi-deuil (F): Florisuga fusca 
Colibri d'Equateur (F): Androdon aequalorialis 
Colibri des Bahamas (F): Calliphlox evelynae 
Colibri des Santa Marta (F): Chaetocercus astreans 
Colibri des tepuis (F): Polytmus milleri 
Colibri d'Helen (F): Mellisuga helenae 
Colibri d'Oaxaca (F): Eupherusa cyanophrys 
Colibri du Chili (F): Sephanoides sephaniodes 
Colibri du Chimborazo (F): Oreotrochilus chimborazo 
Colibri du Guerrero (F): Eupherusa poliocerca 
Colibri du Pirre (F): Goethalsia bella 
Colibri elise (F): Doricha eliza 
Colibri elvire (F): Elvira chionura 
Colibri escamoso (S): Heliomaster squamosus 
Colibri estelle (F): Oreotrochilus estella 
Colibri estrella picolargo (S): Heliomaster longirostris 
Colibri etincelant (F): Aglaeactis cupripennis 
Colibri falle-vert(F): Eulampis holosericeus 
Colibri fanny (F): Myrtis fanny 
Colibri faux-saphir (F): Lepidopyga coentleogularis 
Colibri feerique(F): Heliothryx barroti 
Colibri flammule (F): Selasphonis flammula 
Colibri flavescent (F): Boissonneaua flavescens 
Colibri florido (S): Anthocephala floriceps 
Colibri frentiverde (S): Heliodoxa xanthogonys 
Colibri gargantidorado (S): Polytmus guainumbi 
Colibri gargantilla (S): Leucochloris albicollis 
Colibri geant (F): Patagona gigas 
Colibri gigante (S): Patagona gigas 
Colibri golondrina (S): Campylopterus macrourus 
Colibri gorgiamatista (S): Heliangelus amethysticollis 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Colibri gorgiazul (S): Lampornis clemenciae 

Colibri gorgiescamoso (S): Lampornis viridipallens 

Colibri gorgirrubi (S): Archilochits alexandri 

Colibri gorgivioleta (S): Lampornis hemileucus 

Colibri gorgizafiro (S): Lepidopyga coeruleogularis 

Colibri gorjirrubi (S): Archilochits colubris 

Colibri grande colinegro (S): Chalybura buffonii 

Colibri grivele (F): Leucippus hypostichis 

Colibri guai'numbi (F): Polytmus guainambi 

Colibri guainumbi (S): Polytmus guainumbi 

Colibri guerrerense (S): Eupherusa poliocerca 

Colibri hada occidental (S): Helioihiyx barroti 

Colibri hadaorejazul (S): Heliothryx aurita 

Colibri hada oriental (S): Heliothryx aurita 

Colibri heliodore (F): Chaetocerais heliodor 

Colibri heliodoro (S): Chaetocercus heliodor 

Colibri heloi'se(F): Atthis heloisa 

Colibri hirondelle (F): Campylopterus macrourus 

Colibri huppe(F): Orthorhyncus cristatus 

Colibri inca acollarado (S): Coeligena torquata 

Colibri inca bronceado (S): Coeligena coeligena 

Colibri inca dorado f S): Coeligena bonapartei 

Colibri inca ventrivioleta (S): Coeligena helianthea 

Colibri insigne (F): Panlerpe insignis 

Colibri insigne (S): Panterpe insignis 

Colibri jacobin (F): Florisuga mellivora 

Colibri jaspeado (S): Adelomyia melanogenys 

Colibri Julie (F): Damophila Julie 

Colibri lacero (S): Heliangelus micraster 

Colibri lazulita (S): Campylopterus falcatus 

Colibri lucifer (F): Calothorax lucifer 

Colibri lucifer (S): Calothorax lucifer 

Colibri lumachelle (F): Augasles lumachella 

Colibri lumaquela (S): Augastes lumachella 

Colibri madere (F): Eulampis jugularis 

Colibri magenta (F): Calliphlox bryantae 

Colibri magenta (S): Calliphlox bryantae 

Colibri magnifico (S): Eugenes fulgens 

Colibri mediastin (F): Heliomaster squamosus 

Colibri morado (S): Campylopterus hemileucurus 

Colibri moteado (S): Leucippus hypostictus 

Colibri mouchete (F): Adelomyia melanogenys 

Colibri multipunteado (S): Leucippus hypostictus 

Colibri myrtis (S): Myrtis fanny 

Colibri nain (F): Mellisuga minima 

Colibri negrito (S): Aglaeactis pamela 

Colibri negro (S): Florisuga fusca 

Colibri noble (F): Oreonympha nobilis 

Colibri noble (S): Oreonympha nobilis 

Colibri nuquiblanco (S): Florisuga mellivora 

Colibri oaxaqueno ( S): Eupherusa cyanophrys 

Colibri olivaceo (S): Chalcostigma olivaceum 

Colibri olivipunteado (S): Leucippus chlorocercus 

Colibri oreillard(F): Heliothryx aurita 

Colibri orejiblanco (S): Basilinna leucotis 

Colibri orejimorado (S): Colibri serrirostris 

Colibri orejivioleta grande (S): Colibri comscans 

Colibri orejivioleta verde (S): Colibri thalassinus 

Colibri pamela (F): Aglaeactis pamela 

Colibri pantalon cobrizo (S): Eriocnemis cupreoventris 

Colibri pantalon verde (S): Eriocnemis vestitus 

Colibri pardo (S): Colibri delphinae 

Colibri patirrojo (S): Chalybura urochrysia 

Colibri pechiazul (S): Sternoclyta cyanopectus 

Colibri pechigris (S): Campylopterus largipennis 

Colibri pechinegro (S): Oreotrochilus melanogaster 

Colibri pechirrojo (S): Boissonneaua matthewsii 

Colibri pecho canela (S): Glaucis hirsuta 

Colibri pectoral (S): Heliangelus strophianus 

Colibri pico de cuna f S): Augastes geoffroyi 

Colibri pico espina (S): Ramphomicron microrhynchum 

Colibri pico lezna (S): Anthracothorax recurvirostris 

Colibri picocufla (S): Augastes geoffroyi 

Colibri picoespada (S): Ensifera ensifera 

Colibri picoespina(S): Chalcostigma heteropogon 

Colibri picolanza mayor (S): Donfera ludovicae 

Colibri picolanza menor (S): Doryfera johannae 

Colibri picolezna (S): Opisthoprora euryptera 

Colibri picosierra chico (S): Glaucis dohrnii 

Colibri piquiancho (S): Cynanthus latirostris 

Colibri piquiavoceta (S): Opisthoprora euiyptera 

Colibri piquicorto comiin (S): Ramphomicron microrhynchum 

Colibri piquicorto dorsinegro (S): Ramphomicron dorsale 

Colibri piqu'icunna iS): Augastes geoffroyi 

Colibri piquidentado (S): Androdon aequatorialis 

Colibri piquilargo (S): Heliomaster longirostris 

Colibri pochotero (S): Heliomaster constantii 

Colibri portacintas (S): Trochius polytmus 

Colibri portacintas piquinegro (S): Trochilus scitulus 

Colibri porte-epee (F): Ensifera ensifera 

Colibri prieto (S): Cynanthus sordidus 

Colibri puneno (S): Oreotrochilus estella 

Colibri puntablanca occidental (S): Urosticte benjamin! 

Colibri puntablanca oriental (S): Urosticte ruficrissa 

Colibri real (S): Heliangelus regalis 

Colibri robinson (F): Sephanoides fernandensis 

Colibri rojizo mexicano (S): Campylopterus rufus 

Colibri rojizo venezolano (S): Campylopterus hyperythms 

Colibri roux (F): Selasphorus rufus 

Colibri rubi (S): Chrysolampis mosquitus 

Colibri rubis-emeraude (F): Clytolaema rubricauda 

Colibri rubis-topaze (F): Chrysolampis mosquitus 

Colibri rufo (S): Selasphorus rufus 

Colibri ruisenor(S): Campylopterus curvipennis 

Colibri rutilante (S): Colibri comscans 

Colibri sapho (F): Sappho sparganura 

Colibri scintillant (F): Selasphorus scintilla 

Colibri Serrano gargantiazul (S): Adelomyia melanogenys 

Colibri serrirostris: (E) White-vented Violet-ear, (S) Colibri 

orejimorado, Picaflor ventriverde, (F) Colibri a ventre blanc II 

Colibri sietecolores (S): Boissonneaua jardini 
Colibri sombre (F): Cynanthus sordidus 
Colibri superbe (F): Augastes scutatus 
Colibri tachete (F): Ramphodon naevius 
Colibri terciopelo (S): Lafresnaya lafresnayi 
Colibri thalassin (F): Colibri thalassinus 
Colibri thalassinus. (E) Green Violet-ear, (S) Colibri orejivioleta 

verde, Colibri verdemar, Picaflor orejiazul, (F) Colibri thalassin 

Colibri tijereta(S): Hylonympha macrocerca 
Colibri topacio (S): Topaza pella 
Colibri topaze (F): Topaza pella 
Colibri tout-vert (F): Polytmus theresiae 
Colibri trompeur(F): Leucippus fallax 
Colibri turmalina (S): Heliangelus exortis 
Colibri variable (S): Lampornis castaneoventris 
Colibri ventigris (S): Taphrolesbia griseiventris 
Colibri ventrinegro (S): Eupherusa nigriventris 
Colibri ventriniveo (S): Leucippus chionogaster 
Colibri ventrivioleta (S): Damophila julie 
Colibri ventrizafiro (S): Lepidopyga lilliae 
Colibri verde colirrojo (S): Metallura tyrianthina 
Colibri verdecito (S): Chlorostilbon notatus 
Colibri verdemar (S): Colibri thalassinus 
Colibri vert et gris (F): Campylopterus cirrochloris 
Colibri vert-d'eau(F): Lampornis viridipallens 
Colibri vesper (F): Rhodopis vesper 
Colibri vientre-canelo (S): Amazilia yucatanensis 
Colibri violeta (S): Heliangelus viola 
Colibri volcanero (S): Selasphorus flammula 
Colibri zemes (F): Tilmalura dupontii 
Colibri zumbadorcito (S): Mellisuga minima 
Colibri zunzuncito (S): Mellisuga helenae 
Colibries (S): TROCHILIDAE spp. 
Colibris (F): TROCHILIDAE spp. 

Colibri-serrano gorjiamatisto (S): Lampornis amethystinus 
Colibri-serrano gorjiazul (S): Lampornis clemenciae 
Colibri-serrano gorjiverde (S): Lampornis viridipallens 
Colibri-serrano pechiverde (S): Lampornis sybillae 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Colin de Ridgway (F): Colinus virginianus ridgwayi 

Colin de Virginia (S): Colimis virginianus 

Colin de Virginie (F): Colinus virginianus 

Colin de Virginie masque (F): Colimis virginianus ridgwayi 

Colin virginiano de Ridgway (S): Colinus virginianus ridgwayi 

Colinus virginianus: (E) Bobwhite Quail, Northern Bobwhite, (S) 

Codorniz, Colin de Virginia, (F) Colin de Virginie 1/NC 

Colinus virginianus ridgwayi: (E) Masked Bobwhite, (S) Colin 

virginiano de Ridgway, (F) Colin de Ridgway, Colin de Virginie 

Coliuspasser ardens = Euplectes ardens 
Coliuspasser macrourus = Euplectes macrourus 
Collared-Dove, African (E): Streptopelia roseogrisea 
Collared- Dove, Mourning (E): Streptopelia decipiens 
Colobe (F): Colobus angolensis 
Colobe a camail (F): Colobus polykomos 
Colobe a epaules blanches (F): Colobus guereza 
Colobe a longs poils (F): Colobus polykomos 
Colobe bai (F): Procolobus badiuslProcolobus pennantii 
Colobe bai d'Arrique occidental (F): Procolobus badius 
Colobe bai de la Tana (F): Procolobus rufomitratus 
Colobe bai de Zanzibar (F): Procolobus pennantii kirkii 
Colobe bai du Cameroun (F): Procolobus preussi 
Colobe blanc et noir dAfrique occidental (F): Colobus polykomos 
Colobe de I'Abyssinie (F): Colobus guereza 
Colobe de Van Beneden (F): Procolobus verus 
Colobe ferrugineux (F): Procolobus badius 
Colobe guereza (F): Colobus guereza 
Colobe huppe (F): Procolobus verus 
Colobe magistrat (F): Colobus polykomos 
Colobe roux de la Tana (F): Procolobus rufomitratus 
Colobe vert (F): Procolobus verus 
Colobe vrai (F): Procolobus verus 

Colobo bianco y negro de Africa occidental (S): Colobus polykomos 
Colobo de Tana (S): Procolobus rufomitratus 
Colobo herrumbroso occidental (S): Procolobus badius 
Colobo negro (S): Colobus satanas 
Colobo rojo (S): Procolobus pennantii 
Colobo rojo de Camenin (S): Procolobus pi eussi 
Colobo rojo de Zanzibar (S): Procolobus pennantii kirkii 
Colobo rojo guereza (S): Colobus guereza 
Colobo rojo mitrado (S): Procolobus rufomitratus 
Colobo verde (S): Procolobus verus 
Colobus abyssinicus = Colobus guereza 

Colobus angolensis: ( E) Angola Pied Colobus. Angolan Black-and- 
white Colobus, Angolan Colobus, (F) Colobe II 

Colobus badius= Procolobus badius 
Colobus badius kirkii = Procolobus pennantii kirkii 
Colobus badiuspreussi = Procolobus preussi 
Colobus guereza : (E ) Eastern Black-and-white Colobus. Guereza, 

Magistrate Colobus, (S) Colobo rojo guereza, (?) Colobe a 

epaules blanches, Colobe de TAbyssinie, Colobe guereza II 

Colobus pennantii = Procolobus pennantii 
Colobus polykomos. (E) King Colobus, Western Black-and-white 

Colobus, Western Pied Colobus, (S) Colobo bianco y negro de 

Africa occidental, (F) Colobe a camail, Colobe a longs poils. 

Colobe blanc et noir d'Afrique occidemale, Colobe magistrat II 

Colobus preussi = Procolobus preussi 
Colobus rufomitratus = Procolobus rufomitratus 
Colobus satanas. (E) Black Colobus. (S) Colobo negro II 

Colobus vellerosus= Colobus polvkomos 
Colobus verus = Procolobus verus 
Colobus, Angola Pied (E): Colobus angolensis 
Colobus, Angolan (E): Colobus angolensis 
Colobus, Angolan Black-and-white (E): Colobus angolensis 
Colobus, Black (E): Colobus satanas 
Colobus, Eastern Black-and-white (E): Colobus guereza 
Colobus, Eastern Red (E): Procolobus pennantii 
Colobus, King (E): Colobus polykomos 
Colobus, Kirk's (E): Procolobus pennantii kirkii 

Colobus, Kirk's Red (E): Procolobus pennantii kirkii 

Colobus, Magistrate (E): Colobus guereza 

Colobus, Olive (E): Procolobus verus 

Colobus, Preuss's (E): Procolobus preussi 

Colobus, Preuss's Red (E): Procolobus preussi 

Colobus, Red (E): Procolobus badius 

Colobus, Tana River (E): Procolobus rufomitratus 

Colobus, Van Beneden's (E): Procolobus verus 

Colobus, Western Black-and-white (E): Colobus polykomos 

Colobus. Western Pied (E): Colobus polykomos 

Colobus, Western Red (E): Procolobus badius 

Colobus, Zanzibar Red (E): Procolobus pennantii kirkii 

Colombar a front nu (F): Treron calva 

Colombar waalia (F): Treron waalia 

Colombe poignardee (F): Gallicolumba luzonica 

Colophon spp.: (E) Cape stag beetles HI LUCANIDAE In 

Colophon barnardr. m LUCANIDAE In 

Colophon berrisfordr. ffl LUCANIDAE In 

Colophon cameronr. HI LUCANIDAE In 

Colophon cassonr. Ill LUCANIDAE In 

Colophon eastmanr. Ill LUCANIDAE In 

Colophon haughtonr. Ill LUCANIDAE In 

Colophon izardr. Ill LUCANIDAE In 

Colophon kawaii: III LUCANIDAE In 

Colophon montisatris: m LUCANIDAE In 

Colophon neli: HI LUCANIDAE In 

Colophon owent III LUCANIDAE In 

Colophon primosi: III LUCANIDAE In 

Colophon stokoei: III LUCANIDAE In 

Colophon thunbergr. HI LUCANIDAE In 

Colophon westwoodr. Ill LUCANIDAE In 

Colophon whitei: III LUCANIDAE In 

Colostethus anthonyi = Epipedobates tricolor 

Colostethus bolivianus = Epipedobates bolivianus 

Colostethus boulengeri = Epipedobates boulengeri 

Colostethus festae = Epipedobates panndus 

Colostethus paradoxus = Epipedobates tricolor 

Colpophyllia amaranrhus. II FAVUDAE An 

Colpophyllia breviserialis: II 8 FAVIIDAE An 

Colpophyllia natans. (E) Boulder Brain Coral, (F) Corail cerveau 

natan II* FAVIIDAE An 
Coluber argus = Morelia spilota 
Coluber bitis = Corallus hortulanus 
Coluber boaeformis = Python molurus 
Coluber daboie = Daboia russelii 
Coluber javanicus = Python reticulatus 
Coluber molurus = Python molurus 
Coluber mucosus = Ptyas mucosus 
Coluber russelii = Daboia russelii 
Coluber sebae = Python sebae 
Coluber speciosus = Python sebae 
Coluber spilotus = Morelia spilota 
Coluber tamachia = Epicrates cenchria 
Coluber trinoculus = Daboia russelii 
Coluber triseriatus = Daboia russelii 
Columba afra = Turlur afer 
Columba calva = Treron calva 
Columba capensis = Oenacapensis 
Columba cristata = Goura cristata 
Columba domestica livia = Columba Ih'ia 
Columba guinea: (E) Speckled Pigeon. Speckled Rock Pigeon, 

Triangular-spotted Pigeon, (S) Paloma de Guinea, (F) Pigeon de 

Guinee, Pigeon roussard III COLUMBIDAE Av 
Columba iriditorques: (E ) Western Bronze-naped Pigeon, (S) 

Paloma nuquibronceada, (F) Pigeon a nuque bronzee III 

Columba livia : (E) Common Pigeon, Feral Pigeon, Rock Dove, 

Rock Pigeon, (S) Paloma Bravia, Paloma domestica, (F) Pigeon 

biset. Pigeon domestique III COLUMBIDAE Av 
Columba luzonica = Gallicolumba luzonica 
Columba mayeri: (E) Pink Pigeon, (S) Paloma de Mauricio, (F) 

Pigeon rose m COLUMBIDAE Av 
Columba nicobarica = Caloenas nicobarica 
Columba roseogrisea = Streptopelia roseogrisea 
Columba semitorquata = Streptopelia semitorquata 

Seep. HI Veasep. 29/ Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Cohimba senegalensis = Streptopelia senegalensis 

Columba tunur= Streptopelia twtur 

Columba tympanistria = Twtur tympanistria 

Columba unicincta: (E) Afep Pigeon, African Wood-Pigeon, Grey 

Wood-Pigeon, (S) Paloma afep, Paloma del Congo, (F) Pigeon 

gris, Pigeon gris ecailleux III COLUMBIDAE Av 
Columba vinacea = Streptopelia vinacea 
Columba waalia = Treron waalia 
Comadreja de montana (S): Mustela altaica 
Comadreja de Siberia (S): Mustela sibirica 
Comadreja de vientre amarillo (S): Mustela kathiah 
Combassou de Baka (F): Vidua larvaticola 
Combassou de Jambandu (F): Vidua raricola 
Combassou de Wilson (F): Vidua wilsoni 
Combassou du Senegal (F): Vidua chalybeata 
Combassou noir (F): Vidua wilsoni 
Combassou, Senegal (E): Vidua chalybeata 
Comet, Bronze-tailed (E): Polyonymus caroli 
Comet, Grey-bellied (E): Taphrolesbia griseiventris 
Comet. Red-tailed (E): Sappho spargamtra 
Commandeur huppe ( F): Gubernatrix cristata 
Concentrotheca laevigata: H 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Concentrotheca vaughani. II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Conch, Pink (E): Strombus gigas 
Conch, Queen (E): Strombus gigas 
Concha reina del Caribe (S): Strombus gigas 
Conchodromus dromas = Dromus dromas 
Condor (S): Vultur gryphus 
Condor andino (S): Vultur gryphus 
Condor californiano (S): Gymnogyps californianus 
Condor de California (S): Gymnogyps californianus 
Condor de Califomie (F): Gymnogyps californianus 
Condor de los Andes (S): Vultur gryphus 
Condor des Andes (F): Vultur gryphus 
Condor, Andean (E): Vultur gryphus 
Condor, California (E): Gymnogyps californianus 
Conejo de Assam (S): Caprolagus hispidus 
Conejo de Diaz (S): Romerolagus diazi 
Conejo de los volcanes (S): Romerolagus diazi 
Conepatus castaneus = Conepatus humboldtii 
Conepatus liumboldtii:(E) Humboldt's Hog-nosed Skunk, 

Patagonian Hog-nosed Skunk, (S) Anas, Chingue de la 

Patagonia, Mofeta de Patagonia, Zorrillo, Zorrino de la 

Patagonia, (F) Moufette a nez de cochon, Moufette de Patagonie 

Confluphylliajuncta : if CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Conocyathus compressus = Platytrochus compressus 
Conocyathus formosus. II 8 TURBINOLIIDAE An 
Conocyathus gracilis: tf TURBINOLIIDAE An 
Conocyathus zelandiae: D 8 TURBINOLIIDAE An 
conolophes (F): Conolophus spp. 
conolophus spp.: (E) land iguanas, (S) iguanas terrestres, (F) 

Conolophes, iguanes terrestres, iguanes terrestres des 

Galapagos, II IGUAN1DAE Re 
Conolophus pallidum. (E) Barrington Land Iguana, Santa Fe Land 

Iguana, (S) Iguana terrestre de Barrington, (F) Iguane terrestre 

de 1'ile Santa Fe D IGUANIDAE Re 
Conolophus subcristatus. (E) Galapagos Land Iguana, (S) Iguana 

terrestre de las Galapagos, (F) Iguane terrestre des Galapagos II 

Conopora adeta : U" STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Conopora anthohelia.U" STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Conopora candelabrum: II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Conopora dura: it STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Conopora gigantea: H 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Conopora laevis: II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Conopora major = Conopora verrucosa 
Conopora obliqua = Conopora laevis 
Conopora pauciseptata = Conopora verrucosa 
Conopora tenuis = Conopora laevis 
Conopora tetrastichopora: II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Conopora unifacialis: Xt STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Conopora verrucosa: II s STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Conotrochus asymmetros. II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Conotrochus brunneus. II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 

Conotrochus funicolumna: tf CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Conotrochus magnaghii = Ceratotrochus magnaghii 
Conradilla caelata: (E) Birdvving Pearly Mussel, Rimose Naiad I 

Constrictor amethystina = Morel ia amethistina 
Constrictor auspex = Boa constrictor 
Constrictor constrictor= Boa constrictor 
Constrictor constrictor amarali -Boa constrictor 
Constrictor constrictor imperator= Boa constrictor 
Constrictor constrictor nebulosus = Boa constrictor 
Constrictor constrictor occidentalis = Boa constrictoroccidentalis 
Constrictor constrictor sigma = Boa constrictor 
Constrictor diviniloquus = Boa constrictor 
Constrictor formosissimus = Boa constrictor 
Constrictor orophias = Boa constrictor 
Constrictor rexserpentum = Boa constrictor 
Constrictor, Argentine Boa ( E): Boa constrictor occidentalis 
Constrictor, Boa (E): Boa constrictor 
Conure a cape noire (F): Pyrrhura rupicola 
Conure a col blanc (F): Pyrrhura albipectus 
Conure a front brun (F): Rhynchopsitta terrisi 
Conure a front rouge (F): Aratinga canicularis 
Conure a gorge bleue (F): Pyrrhura cruentata 
Conure a gros bee (F): Rhynchopsitta pachyrhyncha 
Conure ajoues d'or(F): Ognorhynchus icterotis 
Conure a long bee (F): Enicognathus leptorhynchus 
Conure a oreilles jaunes (F): Ognorhynchus icterotis 
Conure a oreillons ( F): Pyrrhura hoematotis 
Conure a pinceaax d'or (F): Leptosittaca branickii 
Conure a poitrine brune (F): Pyrrhura calliptera 
Conure a rouge gorge (F): Aratinga rubritorquis 
Conure a tete bleue (F): Aratinga acuticaudata 
Conure a tete d'or (F): Aratinga auricapilla 
Conure a tete rouge (F): Aratinga erythrogenys 
Conure a ventre rouge (F): Pyrrhura perlata 
Conure aile-de-feu (F): Pyrrhura egregia 
Conure azteque (F): Aratinga nana 
Conure couronnee (F): Aratinga aurea 
Conure cuivree (F): Aratinga pertinax 
Conure de Cuba (F): Aratinga euops 
Conure de Deville (F): Pyrrhura devillei 
Conure de Finsch (F): Aratinga finschi 
Conure de Hoffmann (F): Pyrrhura hoffmanni 
Conure de la Reine de Baviere (F): Guarouba guarouba 
Conure de Molina (F): Pyrrhura molinae 
Conure de Patagonie (F): Cyanoliseus patagonus 
Conure de Socorro (F): Aratinga brevipes 
Conure de Souance (F): Pyrrhura melanura 
Conure de Vieillot (F): Pyrrhura frontalis 
Conure de Wagler (F): Aratinga wagleri 
Conure de Weddell (F): Aratinga weddellii 
Conure des cactus (F): Aratinga cactorum 
Conure des rochers (F): Myiopsitta luchsi 
Conure des Santa Marta (F): Pyrrhura viridicata 
Conure d'Orces (F): Pyrrhura orcesi 
Conure doree (F): Guarouba guarouba 
Conure emma (F): Pyrrhura leucotis 
Conure jandaya (F): Aratinga jandaya 
Conure magellanique (F): Enicognathus ferrugineus 
Conure maltresse (F): Aratinga chloroptera 
Conure mitrfe (F): Aratinga mitrata 
Conure nanday (F): Nandayus nenday 
Conure pavouane (F): Aratinga leucophthalmus 
Conure perlee(F): Pyrrhura lepida 
Conure soleil (F): Aratinga solstitialis 
Conure tete-de-feu (F): Pyrrhura rhodocephala 
Conure tiriba (F): Pyrrhura cruentata 
Conure versicolore (F): Pyrrhura picta 
Conure verte (F): Aratinga holochlora 
Conure veuve (F): Myiopsitta monachus 
Conure, Austral (E): Enicognathus ferrugineus 
Conure, Black-capped (E): Pyrrhura rupicola 
Conure, Black-headed (E): Nandayus nenday 
Conure, Blaze-winged (E): Pyrrhura devillei 
Conure, Blue-crowned (E): Aratinga acuticaudata 

Seep. 13/Veasep. 291 Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Conure, Brown-throated (E): Aratinga pertinax 

Conure, Cactus (E): Aratinga cactomtn 

Conure, Crimson-bellied (E): Pyrrhura perlala 

Conure, Crimson- fronted (E): Aratinga finschi 

Conure, Cuban (E): Aratinga euops 

Conure, Dusky- headed (E): Aratinga weddellii 

Conure, El Oro (E): Pyrrhura orcesi 

Conure, Fiery -shouldered (E): Pyrrhura egregia 

Conure, Finsch's (E): Aratinga finschi 

Conure. Flame-winged (E): Pyrrhura calliptera 

Conure, Golden (E): Guarouba guarouba 

Conure, Golden -capped (E): Aratinga auricapilla 

Conure, Golden-crowned (E): Aratinga aurea 

Conure. Golden-plumed (E): Leptosittaca branickii 

Conure, Green (E): Aratinga holochlora 

Conure, Green-cheeked (E): Pyrrhura molinae 

Conure, Hispaniolan (E): Aratinga chloroptera 

Conure, Hoffmann's (E): Pyrrhura hoffmanni 

Conure, Jandaya (E): Aratinga jandaya 

Conure, Maroon-tailed (E): Pyrrhura melanura 

Conure. Mitred (E): Aratinga mitrata 

Conure, Nanday (E): Nandayus nenday 

Conure, Olive -throated (E ): Aratinga nana 

Conure, Orange -fronted (E): Aratinga canicularis 

Conure, Painted (E): Pyrrhura picta 

Conure, Patagonian (E): Cyanoliseus patagonus 

Conure, Peach -fronted (E): Aratinga aurea 

Conure, Pearly (E): Pyrrhura lepida 

Conure, Queen of Bavaria's (E): Guarouba guarouba 

Conure, Redbellied (E): Pyrrhura frontalis 

Conure, Redbreasted (E): Pyrrhura hoematotis 

Conure, Red-eared (E): Pyrrhura cruentata 

Conure, Red- fronted (E): Aratinga wagleri 

Conure, Red-masked (E): Aratinga erythrogenys 

Conure, Rose-crowned (E): Pyrrhura rhodocephala 

Conure, Rose-headed (E): Pyrrhura rhodocephala 

Conure, Santa Marta (E): Pyrrhura viridicata 

Conure, Slender-billed (E): Enicognathus leptorhynchus 

Conure, Sun (E): Aratinga solstitialis 

Conure, White-eared (E): Pyrrhura leucotis 

Conure, White-eyed (E): Aratinga leucophthalmus 

Conure, White-necked (E): Pyrrhura albipectus 

Conure, Yellow-eared (E): Ognorlrynchus icterotis 

Conurus astec = Aratinga nana astec 

Conurus callipterus= Pyrrhura calliptera 

Conurus devillei = Pyrrhura devillei 

Conurus egregius = Pyrrhum egregia 

Conurus finschi = Aratinga finschi 

Conurus hoffmanni= Pyrrhura hoffmanni 

Conurus holochlorus = Aratinga holochlora 

Conurus holochlorus brevipes -Aratinga brevipes 

Conurus holochlorus strenuus = Aratinga holochlora 

Conurus icterotis -Ognorhynchus icterotis 

Conurus mitratus = Aratinga mitrata 

Conurus molinae = Pyrrhura molinae 

Conurus rhodocephalus = Pyrrhura rhodocephala 

Conurus rhodogaster = Pyrrhura lepida 

Conurus rubritorquis = Aratinga rubritorquis 

Conurus rupicola = Pyrrhura rupicola 

Conurus wagleri = Aratinga wagleri 

Conurus weddellii = Aratinga weddellii 

Coq de Bois (F): Terpsiphone bourbonnensis 

Coq de Sonnerat (F): Callus sonneratii 

Coq-de-roche de Guyane (F): Rupicola rupicola 

Coq-de-roche orange (F): Rupicola rupicola 

Coq-de-roche peruvien (F): Rupicola peruviana 

coqs-de-roche [FY. Rupicola spp. 

Coqueta abanico canela (S): Lophornis ornatus 

Coqueta abanico pavo real (S): Lophornis pavoninus 

Coqueta abanico puntiblanco (S): Lophornis chalybeus 

Coqueta adorable (S) : Lophornis adorabilis 

Coqueta adomada (S): Lophornis ornatus 

Coqueta cola de Lira (S): Discosura langsdorffi 

Coqueta cola raqueta ( S): Discosura longicauda 

Coqueta coronada (S): Lophornis stictolophus 

Coqueta cresticorta (S): Lophornis brachylophus 

Coqueta crestinegra (S): Lophornis he/enae 

Coqueta crestirrufa (S): Lophornis delattrei 

Coqueta de Guerrero (S): Lophornis brachylophus 

Coqueta festiva (S): Lophornis chalybeus 

Coqueta lentejuelada (S): Lophornis stictolophus 

Coqueta magnifica (S): Lophornis magniftcus 

Coqueta moteada (S): Lophornis gouldii 

Coqueta pavonina (S): Lophornis pavoninus 

Coqueta verde (S): Lophornis chalybeus 

Coquette a queue fine (F): Discosura conversii 

Coquette a raquettes (F): Discosura longicauda 

Coquette adorable (F): Lophornis adorabilis 

Coquette chalybee (F): Lophornis chalybeus 

Coquette de Delattre (F): Lophornis delattrei 

Coquette de Gould (F): Lophornis gouldii 

Coquette de Langsdorffi F): Discosura langsdorffi 

Coquette de Letitia (F): Discosura letitiae 

Coquette de Popelaire (F): Discosura popelairii 

Coquette d'Helene (F): Lophornis helenae 

Coquette du Guerrero (F): Lophornis brachylophus 

Coquette huppe-col(F): Lophornis ornatus 

Coquette magnifique (F): Lophornis magnificus 

Coquette (F): Lophornis stictolophus 

Coquette paon (F): Lophornis pavoninus 

Coquette, Adorable (E): Lophornis adorabilis 

Coquette, Black-crested (E): Lophornis helenae 

Coquette, Dot-eared (E): Lophornis gouldii 

Coquette, Festive (E): Lophornis chalybeus 

Coquette, Frilled (E): Lophornis magnificus 

Coquette, Peacock (E): Lophornis pavoninus 

Coquette, Racket -tailed (E): Discosura longicauda 

Coquette, Rufous-crested (E): Lophornis delattrei 

Coquette, Short -crested (E): Lophornis brachylophus 

Coquette, Spangled (E ): Lophornis stictolophus 

Coquette, Tufted (E): Lophornis ornatus 

Coquette, White-crested (E): Lophornis adorabilis 
Coracine casquee (F): Cephalopterus penduliger 
Coracine omee (F): Cephalopterus ornatus 

Coracopsis barklyi= Coracopsis nigra 

Coracopsis nigra: (E) Black Parrot, (S) Loro negro. (F) Perroquet 

noir, Perroquet petit vasa II PSITTAC1DAE Av 
Coracopsis personata = Prosopeia personata 
Coracopsis vasa : (E) Vasa Parrot, (S) Loro vasa, (F) Perroquet vaza, 

Petit perroquet noir, Vasa geant II PSITTACIDAE Av 
Coragyps atratus: (E) Black Vulture, (S) Zopilote negro, (F) Urubu 

Corail arbuscule (F): Cladocora arbuscula 
Corail arbuscule mince (F): Cladocora debilis 
Corail balle de golf (F): Faviafragum 
Corail cactus a bosses ( F): Mycetophyllia aliciae 
Corail cactus a bulbes (F): Mycetophyllia reesi 
Corail cactus a cretes basses (F): Mycetophyllia daniana 
Corail cactus ride (F): Mycetophyllia lamarckiana 
Corail cactus rugueux (F): Mycetophyllia ferox 
Corail cactus sinueux (F): Isophyllia sinuosa 
Corail calice mouchetee (F): Colangia immersa 
Corail cerveau bossele' (F): Diploria clivosa 
Corail cerveau natan (F): Colpophyllia natans 
Corail cerveau symetrique (F): Diploria strigosa 
Corail champignon de l'atlantique (¥): Scolymia lacera 
Corail cierge (F): Dendrogyra cylindrus 
Corail coeur d'artichaut (F): Sco/ymia cubensis 
Corail cornes de cerf (F): Acropora cervicornis 
Coraii comes d'elan (F): Acropora palmata 
Corail de feu alveole (F): Millepora squarrosa 
Corail de feu feuillu (F): Millepora complanata 
Corail etoile bossele (F): Solenastrea hyades 
Corail etoile elliptique (F): Dichocoenia stokesii 
Corail etoile lisse (F): Solenastrea bournonii 
Corail etoile massif (F): Montastraea annularis 
Corail etoile rougissant (F): Stephanocoenia intersepta 
Corail etoile rugueux (F): Isophyllastrea rigida 
Corail fil de fer (F): Stichopathes lutkeni 
Corail fleurdes grottes (F): Thalamophyllia riisei 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Corail fleur doux (F): Eusmilia fastigiata 

Corail fleur epineux(F): Mussa angulosa 

Corail laitue (F): Helioseris cucullata 

Corail limace (F): Herpolitha Umax 

Corail meandreux (F): Meandrinamaeandrites 

Corail noir a resille (F): Antipathes tenia 

Corail noir de barbade (F): Tanacetipathes barbadensis 

Corail noir eventail (F): Antipathes gracilis 

Corail noir eventail gris (F): Antipathes atlantica 

Corail noirgoupillon (F): Tanacetipathes tanacetum 

Corail noir heriss£ (F): Tanacetipathes hirta 

Corail noir plumeux (F): Plumapathes pennacea 

corail orgue(F):TUBIPORJDAE spp. 

Corail solitaire de wells (F): Scolymia wellsii 

Corail starlette massif (F): SiderasU-ea siderea 

Corail-dentelle rose (F): Stylaster roseus 

Coral anillado (S): Micrurus diastema 

Coral, Anchor (E): Euphyllia ancora 

Coral, Antler (E): Pocillopora eydouxi 

Coral, Antler Lettuce (E): Pectinia alcicornis 

Coral, Artichoke (E): Scolymia cubensis 

Coral, Atlantic Mushroom (E): Scolymia lacera 

Coral, Baroque Cave (E): Uialamophyllia riisei 

Coral, Basket (E): Sandalolitha robusta 

Coral, Black Turret (E): Tubastraea micranthus 

Coral, Black Wire (E): Stichopathes htkeni 

Coral, Bladder (E): Plerogyra simiosa 

Coral, Bladed Fire (E): Millepora complanata 

Coral, Blue (E): Heliopora coemlea 

Coral, Blue Crust (E): Pontes branneri 

Coral, Bluetip (E): Acropora loripes 

Coral, Blushing Star (E): Stephanocoenia intersepta 

Coral, Boulder Brain (E): Colpophyllia natans 

Coral, Boulder Star (E): Montastraea franksi 

Coral, Bowl (E): Halomitra pileus! Turb'maha peltata 

Coral, Branched Finger (E): Pontes furcata 

Coral, Branching (E): Pontes cylindhca 

Coral, Branching Anchor (E): Euphyllia paraancora 

Coral, Branching Fire (E): Millepora alcicornis 

Coral, Button (E): Heteropsammia cochlea /Scolymia austrai 'is 

coral, cabbage (E): Mentlina spp. 

Coral, Cactus (E): Pavona decussata 

Coral, Carnation (E): Pectinia lactuca 

Coral, Castle (E): Pachyseris mgosa 

Coral, Cat's-eye (E): Cynarina laaymalis 

Coral, Cauliflower (E): Pocillopora damicornis 

Coral, Cavernous Star (E): Montastraea cavernosa 

Coral, Christmas (E): Acropora elseyi 

Coral, Club Finger (E): Pontes pontes 

Coral, Clubtip Finger (E): Pontes pontes 

Coral, Cluster (E): Stylophora pistillata 

Coral, Common Brain (E): Diploria labyrinthiformis 

Coral, Compact Ivory Bush (E): Oculina arbuscula 

Coral, Crater (E): Trachyphyllia geoff'oyi 

Coral, Crispy Crust (E): Mentlina ampliata 

Coral, Deepsea Star (E): Deltocyathus calcar 

Coral, Delicate Ivory Bush (E): Oatlina tenella 

Coral, Devonshire Cup (E): Caryophyllia smithii 

Coral, Diffuse Ivory Bush (E): Oculina diffusa 

Coral, Disk <E): Heliofungia actiniformis 

Coral, Dome (E): Halomin-a pileus 

Coral, Doughnut (E): Scolymia vitiensis 

Coral, Dwarf Cup (E): Astrangia solitaria 

Coral, Eight -ray Finger (E): Madracis formosa 

Coral. Elegant (E): Calalaphyllia jardinei 

Coral, Elkhom (E): Acropora palmata 

Coral, Elliptical Star (E): Dichocoenia steilarisi Dichocoenia stokesii 

Coral, Feather (E): Polyphyllia talpina 

Coral, Finger (E): Millepora alcicomis/Porites cylindhca 

Coral, Folded (E): Trachyphyllia geoffroyi 

Coral, Fragile Saucer (E): Agahcia fragilis 

Coral, Frilly Lettuce (E): Pectinia lactuca 

Coral, Frogspawn (E): Euphyllia divisa 

Coral, Fused Staghorn (E): Acropora protifera 

Coral, Ginger (E): Millepora alcicornis 

Coral, Golfball (E): Favia Jragum 

Coral, Graham's Sheet (E): Agaric ia grahamae 

Coral, Great Star (E): Montastraea cavernosa 

Coral, Green Cactus (E): Madracis decactis 

Coral, Grooved Brain (E): Diploria labyrinthiformis 

Coral, Hammer (E): Euphyllia ancora 

Coral, Helmet (E): Halomitra pileus 

Coral, Hidden Cup (E): Phyllangia amehcana 

Coral, Honeycomb (E): Fa\ites abdita 

Coral, Honeycomb Plate (E): Pontes colonensis 

Coral, Horn (E): Hydnophora spp. 

Coral, Ivory Tree (E): Oculina valenciennesi 

Coral, Ivory Tube (E): Cladocora arbuscula 

Coral, Jasmine (E): Plerogyra turbida 

Coral, Joker's Boomerang (E): Polyphyllia talpina 

Coral, Kings Black (E): Antipathes caribbeana 

Coral, Knobby Brain (E): Diploria clivosa 

Coral, Knobby Cactus (E): Mycetophyllia aliciae 

Coral, Knobby Star (E): Solenastrea hyades 

Coral, Lacy Lettuce (E): Leptoseris cailleti 

Coral, Lamarck's Sheet (E): Agahcia lamarcki 

Coral, Large Flower (E): Mussa angulosa 

Coral, Large Ivory (E): Oculina varicosa 

Coral, Leaf (E): Agahcia agahcitesl MontiporafoliosalPavona 

Coral, Lesser Horn (E): Premocyathus cornuformis 
Coral, Lesser Speckled Cup (E): Colangia immersa 
Coral, Lesser Starlet (E): Siderastrea radians 
Coral, Lettuce (E): Agahcia agahcites 

Coral, Lobed Star (E): Montastraea annuhhsl Solenastrea hyades 
Coral, Lowrelief Lettuce (E): Agahcia hum His 
Coral, Lowridge Cactus (E): Mycetophyllia daniana 
Coral, Massive Starlet (E): Siderastrea siderea 
Coral, Maze (E): Meandrinamaeandrites 
Coral, Mountainous Star (E): Montastraea faveolata 
Coral, Mushroom (E): Fungia fungitesi Heliofungia actiniformis 
Coral, Mustard Hill (E): Porites astreoides 
Coral, Needle (E): Sehatopora hystrix 
Coral, Neptune's Cap (E): Halomin-a pileus 
Coral, Northern Star (E): Astrangia poculata 
Coral, Orange Cup (E): Tubastraea coccinea 
Coral, Orange Tube (E): Tubastraea coccinea 
Coral, Orange Turret (E): Tubastraea faulbieri 
Coral, Organ-pipe (E): Tubipora musica 
Coral, Pacific Rose (E): Cynarina lacrymalis 
Coral, Pagoda (E): Turbinaria mesentehna 
Coral, Palm Lettuce (E): Pectinia paeonia 
Coral, Pancake Star (E): Dichocoenia stellahs 
Coral, Papillose Cup (E): Paracyathus pulchellus 
Coral, Pearl Bubble (E): Physogyra lichtensteini 
Coral, Phonograph (E): Pachyseris speciosa 
Coral. Pillar (E): Dendrogyra cylindrus 
Coral, Pineapple (E): Dichocoenia stokesii 
Coral, Porous Cup (E): Balanophyllia flohdana 
Coral, Puffed (E): Tracliyphyllia geoffroyi 
Coral, Ribbon (E): Agahcia tenuifolia 
Coral, Ridged Cactus (E): Mycetophyllia lamarckiana 
Coral, Ridgeless Cactus (E): Mycetophyllia reesi 
Coral, Robust Ivory Tree (E): Oculina robusta 
Coral, Rose (E): Manicina areolata 
Coral, Rose Lace (E): Stylaster roseus 
Coral, Rough Cactus (E): Mycetophyllia ferox 
Coral, Rough Star (E): Isophyllastrea hgida 
Coral, Rough Starlet (E): Siderastrea radians 
Coral, Ruffled (E): Memiina ampliata 
Coral, Scalpel (E): Acrhelia horrescens 
Coral, Scarlet Crisp (E): Flabellum macandrewi 
Coral, Scarlet-and-gold Star (E): Balanophyllia regia 
Coral, Scroll (E): Agahcia undata 
Coral, Sea Mole (E): Polyphyllia talpina 
Coral, Sinuous Cactus (E): Isophyllia sinuosa 
Coral, Slipper (E): Herpolitha HmaxtPolyphyllia talpina 
Coral, Small Bubble (E): Physogyra lichtensteini 
Coral, Small Star (E): Favia fi-agum 
Coral, Sm ooth Black (E): Leiopathes glaberhma 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Coral, Smooth Flower (E): Eusmilia fastigiata 
Coral, Smooth Star (E): Solenastrea bournonii 
Coral, Smooth Starlet (E): Siderastrea siderea 
Coral, Smooth -ribbed Wedge (E): Sphenotrochas andrewianus 

Coral, Solitary Disk (E): Scolymia cubensis 
Coral, Speckled Cup (E): Rhizosmilia maculata 
Coral, Spine (E): Hydnophora spp. 
Coral, Spiny Flower (E): Miissa angidosa 
Coral, Spiny Flower (E): Scolymia lacera 
Coral, Splitting Cup (E): Dasmosmilia lymani 
Coral, Splitting Fan (E): Flabellum macandrewi 
Coral, Staghorn (E): Acropora cervicornis 
Coral, Star (E): Madracis pharensis 
Coral, Star Column (E): Pavona clavus 
Coral. Striate Finger (E): Madracis myriaster 
Coral, Sunflower (E): Heliofimgia actiniformis 
Coral, Sunray Lettuce (E): Helioseris cucullala 
Coral, Symmetrical Brain (E): Diploria strigosa 
Coral, Table (E): Acropora cytherea 
Coral, Ten-ray Finger (E): Madracis decactis 
Coral, Ten-ray Star (E): Madracis decactis 
Coral, Thin Finger (E): Porites divaricata 
Coral, Thin Tube (E): Cladocora debilis 
Coral, Thin -leaf Lettuce (E): Agaricia lenuifolia 
Coral, Tongue (E): Herpolitha Umax 
Coral, Tooth (E): Lobophyllia spp. 
Coral, Tree (E): Tubastraea micranthus 
Coral, Tuft (E): Lophelia perlusa 
Coral, Twelve-root Cup (E): Polymyces fragilis 
Coral, Weymouth Carpet (E): Hoplangia durotrix 
Coral, Whisker (E): Duncanopsammia axifiiga 
Coral, White Grape (E): Euphyllia cristata 
Coral, Worm (E): Stenocyathns vermiformis 
Coral, Yellow Pencil (E): Madracis myriaster 
Coral, Yellow Scroll (E): Turbinaria reniformis 
Coral, Zebra (E): Oidastrea crispata 
corales negros (S): ANTIPATHAR1A spp. 
Corallus annulatus. (E) Annulated Tree Boa, (S) Boa arboricola 

anillada, (F) Boa annele. Boa arboricole annele II BOIDAE Re 
Corallus blombergi- Corallus annulatus 
Corallus caninus: (E) Emerald Tree Boa, (S) Boa esmerelda, (F) 

Boa canin, Boa emeraude. Faux jacquot II BOIDAE Re 
Corallus cookii. II BOIDAE Re 
Corallus cropanii. (E) Cropan's Boa, (S) Boa costera de BrasiL (F) 

Boa de Cropan II BOIDAE Re 
Corallus enydris = Corallus hortitlanus 
Corallus enydris cookii = Corallus cookii 
Corallus grenadensis: II BOIDAE Re 
Corallus hortulanus: (E) Amazon Tree Boa, Cook's Tree Boa. 

Garden Tree Boa, (S) Boa arboricola de jardin, (F) Boa 

arboricole d Amazonie, Boa de Cook, Boa des jardins II 

Corallus hortitlanus cookii = Corallus cookii 
Corallus hortulanusmelanea = Corallus cookii 
Corallus maculatus= Corallus hortulanus 
Corallus madagascariensis = Sanzinia madagascariensis 
Corallus obtusirostris = Corallus hortulanus 
Corallus ruschenbergerii: II BOIDAE Re 
corals, birdsnest (E): Seriatopora spp. 
corals, black (E): ANTIPATHARIA spp. 
corals, boulder (E): Porites spp. 
corals, bouquet (E): Euphyllia spp. 
corals, brain (E): Platygyra spp. 
corals, brush (E): Seriatopora spp. 
corals, bubble (E): Physogyra sppJPIerogyra spp. 
corals, bush (E): Stylophora spp. 
corals, carnation (E): Pectinia spp. 
corals, club finger (E): Stylophora spp. 
corals, crystal (E): Galaxea spp. 
corals, daisy (E): Goniopora spp./Tubastraea spp. 
corals, flowerpot (E): Goniopora spp. 
corals, frogspawn (E): Euphyllia spp. 
corals, galaxy (E): Galaxea spp. 
corals, grape (E): Euphyllia spp. 

corals, hard (E): SCLERACTIN1A spp. 

corals, hibiscus (E): Pectinia spp. 

corals, knob (E): Crphastrea sppJFmia spp. 

corals, lace (E): STYLASTERIDAE spp. 

corals, larger star (E): Fcnntes spp. 

corals, leaf (E): Pavona spp. 

corals, lesser knob (E): Cyphastrea spp. 

corals, lettuce (E): Pectinia spp. 

corals, maze (E): Plerogyra spp. 

corals, mole (E): Herpolitha sppJPolyphyllia spp. 

corals, moon (E): Astreopora sppJFavia spp. 

corals, mushroom (E): Fungia spp. 

corals, pineapple (E): Favites spp. 

corals, pore (E): Montipora sppV Porites spp. 

corals, porous star (E): Astreopora spp. 

corals, potato-chip (E): Pavona spp. 

corals, red cave (E): Tubastraea spp. 

corals, starburst (E): Galaxea spp. 

corals, sun (E): Tubastraea spp. 

corals, sunflower (E): Goniopora spp. 

corals, tooth (E): Galaxea spp. 

corals, torch (E): Caulastraea spp. 

corals, trumpet (E): Caulastraea spp. 

corals, turret (E): Tubastraea spp. 

corals, vase (E): Euphyllia spp. 

corals, velvet (E): Montipora spp. 

corals, velvet branch (E): Montipora spp. 

corals, zigzag (E): Euphyllia spp. 

Coraux a pores (F): Porites branneri 

coraux champignon (F): Fungia spp. 

coraux de feu (F): MILLEPOR1DAE spp. 

coraux noirs (F): ANTIPATHARIA spp. 

cordilidos(S): Cordylus spp. 

Cordon bleu a joures rouges (F): Uraeginthus bengalus 

Cordonbleu (E): Uraeginthus bengalus 

Cordonbleu ajoues rouges (F): Uraeginthus bengalus 

Cordonbleu. Red-cheeked (E): Uraeginthus bengalus 

Cordyle a larges ecailles (F): Cordylus macropholis 

Cordyle a pustules (F): Cordylus pustulatus 

Cordyle a taches bleues (F): Cordylus coeruleopunctatus 

Cordyle africain (F): Cordylus poly-onus 

Cordyle commun (F): Cordylus cordylus 

Cordyle dArmadillo (F): Cordylus cataphractus 

Cordyle de Campbell (F): Cordylus campbelli 

Cordyle de Cope (F): Cordylus tropidosternum 

Cordyle de Hewitt (F): Cordylus peersi 

Cordyle de Jordan (F): Cordylus jordani 

Cordyle de Lawrence (F): Cordylus lawrenci 

Cordyle de McLachlan (F): Cordylus mclachlani 

Cordyle de Reichenow (F): Cordylus vittifer 

Cordyle de Rhodesie (F): Cordylus rhodesianus 

Cordyle de Tasman (F): Cordylus tasmani 

Cordyle de Warren (F): Cordylus warreni 

Cordyle d'Oelofsen (F): Cordylus oelofseni 

Cordyle du Namaqua (F): Cordylus namaquensis 

Cordyle d'Ukinga (F): Cordylus ukingensis 

Cordyle geant (F): Cordylus giganteus 

Cordyle noir(F): Cordylus niger 

Cordyles (F): Cordylus spp. 

Cordylus spp.: (E) crag lizards, girdled lizards, spiny-tailed lizards, 

(S) falsos lagartos armadillos, lagartos armadillos, lezards a 

fausse ceinture, (F) cordyles, lepineux d'Afrique australe, 

lezards a queue epineuse dAfrique Australe, pseudocordyles, II 

Cordylus algoensis = Cordylus fasciatus 
Cordylus angolensis: (E) Angolan Girdled Lizard, Angolan Spiny - 

tailed Lizard II CORDYLIDAE Re 
Cordylus aridus: (E) Dwarf Karoo Girdled Lizard II 

Cordylus barbertonensis. (E) Barberton Girdled Lizard II 

Cordylus beraduccli: (E) Maasai Girdled Lizard II CORDYLIDAE 

Cordylus breyeri: (E) Waterberg Girdled Lizard II CORDYLIDAE 



Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Cordylus campbelli: (E) Campbell's Girdled Lizard, Campbell's 
Spiny-tailed Lizard, (F) Cordyle de Campbell, Lezard a queue 
epineuse de Campbell II CORDYL1DAE Re 
Cordylus capensis: (E) False Girdled Lizard, Graceful Crag Lizard, 
(S) Falso lagarto armadillo del cabo, (F) Lezard a fausse 
ceinture du Cap, P seudocordyle du Cap II CORDYLIDAE Re 
Cordylus cataphractus: (E) Armadillo Girdled Lizard, Armadillo 
Spiny-tailed Lizard, (F) Cordyle d' Armadillo, Lezard a queue 
epineuse d'Armadillo II CORDYLIDAE Re 
Cordylus cloetei: (E) Cloete's Girdled Lizard II CORDYLIDAE Re 
Cordylus coeruleopunctatus: (E) Blue-spotted Girdled Lizard, Blue- 
spotted Spiny -tailed Lizard, (F) Cordyle a taches bleues, Lezard 
a queue epineuse a taches bleues II CORDYLIDAE Re 
Cordylus cordylus: (E) Cape Girdled Lizard, Common Girdled 
Lizard, Common Spiny -tailed Lizard, Rough-scaled Girdled 
Lizard, (F) Cordvle commun, Lezard a queue epineuse commun 
Cordylus cordylus lawrenci = Cordylus lawrenci 
Cordylus cordylusminor= Cordylus minor 
Cordylus cordylus niger = Cordylus niger 
Cordylus cordylus puslulatus = Cordylus pustulatus 
Cordylus cordylus rhodesianus = Cordylus rhodesiamis 
Cordylus cordylus tasmani" Cordylus tasmani 
Cordylus cordylus tropidosternum = Cordylus tropidosternum 
Cordylus depressus: (E) Zoutpansberg Girdled Lizard II 

Cordylus dorsalis = Cordylus cordylus 
Cordylus fasciatus: (E) Eastern Cape Crag Lizard II 

Cordylus giganteus: (E) Giant Girdled Lizard, Giant Spiny -tailed 
Lizard, Giant Zonure, Sungazer. (F) Cordyle geant, Lezard a 
queue epineuse geant II CORDYLIDAE Re 
Cordylus griseus = Cordylus cordylus 

Cordylus imkae: (E) Rooiberg Girdled Lizard n CORDYLIDAE Re 
Cordylus jonesii: (E) Limpopo Girdled Lizard II CORDYLIDAE Re 
Cordylus jordani: (E) Jordan's Girdled Lizard, (F) Cordyle de 
Jordan, Lezard a queue epineuse de Jordan II CORDYLIDAE 
Cordylus langi: (E) Lang's Crag Lizard, Lang's Girdled Lizard, (S) 
Falso lagarto armadillo de Lang. (F) Lezard a fausse ceinture de 
Lang, Pseudocordyle de Lang II CORDYLIDAE Re 
Cordylus lawrenci. (E) Lawrence's Girdled Lizard, (F) Cordyle de 
Lawrence, Lezard a queue epineuse de Lawrence II 
Cordylus machadoi (E) Machado's Girdled Lizard II 

Cordylus macropholis: (E) Coastal Spiny -tailed Lizard, Large- 
scaled Girdled Lizard, (F) Cordyle a larges ecailles, Lezard a 
queue epineuse a larges ecailles II CORDYLIDAE Re 
Cordylus mclachlani: (E) McLachlan's Girdled Lizard, McLachlan's 
Spiny-tailed Lizard, (F) Cordyle de McLachlan, Lezard a queue 
epineuse de McLachlan II CORDYLIDAE Re 
Cordylus melanotus: (E) Highveld Crag Lizard, (F) Lezard des 
rochers du Drakensberg, Pseudocordyle du Drakensberg II 
Cordylus mkrolepidotus: (E) Western Cape Crag Lizard, (F) Lezard 
a fausse ceinture des rochers. Lezard des rochers, Pseudocordyle 
des rochers D CORDYLIDAE Re 
Cordylus minor. (E) Dwarf Girdled Lizard, (F) Petit cordyle. Petit 

lezard a queue epineuse II CORDYLIDAE Re 
Cordvlus montanus = Cordylus mkrolepidotus 
Cordylus mossambkus: U CORDYLIDAE Re 
Cordylus namaquensis: (E ) Namaqua Girdled Lizard, Namaqua 
Spiny-tailed Lizard, (F) Cordyle du Namaqua, Lezard a queue 
epineuse du Namaqua II CORDYLIDAE Re 
Cordylus nebulosus = Cordylus cataphractus 
Cordylus nebulosus: (E) Dwarf Crag Lizard II CORDYLIDAE Re 
Cordylus niger: (E) Black Girdled Lizard, (F) Cordyle noir, Lezard a 

queue epineuse noir II CORDYLIDAE Re 
Cordylus nyikae: II CORDYLIDAE Re 
Cordylus oelofseni: (E) Oelofsen's Girdled Lizard, (F) Cordyle 
d'Oelofsen, Lezard a queue epineuse d'Oelofsen II 

Cordylus peersi: (E) Hewitt's Spiny -tailed Lizard, Peers's Girdled 

Lizard, (F) Cordyle de Hewitt, Lezard a queue epineuse de 

Cordylus polyznn us: (E) African Spiny -tailed Lizard, Karoo Girdled 

Lizard, (F) Cordyle africain, Lezard a queue epineuse africain II 

Cordylus polyzonus jordani = Cordylus jordani 
Cordylus pustulatus: (El Herero Girdled Lizard, (F) Cordyle a 

pustules, Lezard a queue epineuse a pustules II CORDYLIDAE 

Cordylus regius: (E) Regal Girdled Lizard II CORDYLIDAE Re 
Cordylus rhodesianus: (E) Rhodesian Girdled Lizard, Zimbabwe 

Girdled Lizard, (F) Cordyle de Rhod^sie, Lezard a queue 

epineuse de Rhodesie II CORDYLIDAE Re 
Cordylus rivae: II CORDYLIDAE Re 
Cordylus spinosus: (E) Prickly Girdled Lizard, Spiny Crag Lizard, 

(S) Falso lagarto armadillo espinoso, (F) Lezard a ceinture 

epineuse, Pseudocordyle epineux II CORDYLIDAE Re 
Cordvlus subviridis: ( E) Drakensberg Crag Lizard II 

Cordylus tasmani: (E) Tasman's Girdled Lizard, (F) Cordyle de 

Tasman, Lezard a queue epineuse de Tasman II CORDYLIDAE 

Cordylus transvaalensis: (E) Northern Crag Lizard II 

Cordylus tropidosternum : (E) East African Spiny -tailed Lizard, 

Tropical Girdled Lizard, Tropical Spiny -tailed Lizard, (F) 

Cordyle de Cope, Lezard a queue epineuse de Cope II 

Cordylus ukingensis: (E) Ukinga Girdled Lizard, Ukinga Spiny - 

tailed Lizard. (F) Cordyle d'Ukinga, Lezard a queue epineuse 

Cordvlus vandamr. (E) Van Dam's Girdled Lizard II 

Cordylus verus = Cordylus cordylus 
Cordylus vittifer: (E) ReichenovA Spiny -tailed Lizard, Transvaal 

Girdled Lizard, (F) Cordyle de Reichenow, Lezard a queue 

epineuse de Reichenow II CORDYLIDAE Re 
Cordylus vittifer machadoi = Cordylus machadoi 
Cordylus warreni: (E) Warren's Girdled Lizard. Warren's Spiny- 
tailed Lizard, (F) Cordyle de Warren, Lezard a queue epineuse 

Cordylus warreni breyeri = Cordylus breyeri 
Cordylus warrenimossambicus = Cordylus mossambkus 
Cordylus warreniregius = Cordylus regius 
Cordylus warrenivandami= Cordylus vandami 
Corella, Little (E): Cacatua sanguinea 
Corella, Long-billed (E): Cacatua tenuirostris 
Corella, Tanimbar(E): Cacatua goffini 
Corella, Western (E): Cacatua pastinator 
Coriphilus rubronotatus= Charmosyna rubronotata 
Comeille de paradis (F): Lycocorax pyrrhopterus 
Corocoro Colorado (S): Eudocimus ruber 
Corocoro rojo (S): Eudocimus ruber 
Coronet, Buff-tailed (E): Boissonneaua flavescens 
Coronet. Chestnut-breasted (E): Boissonneaua matthewsii 
Coronet, Velvet -purple (E): Boissonneaua jardini 
Coronita aterciopelada (S): Boissonneaua jardini 
Coronita colihabana (S): Boissonneaua flavescens 
Coronita pechicastana (S): Boissonneaua matthewsii 
Corredor chillon (S): Atrichomis ctamosus 
Corsac (E): Vulpes cana 
Corucia zebrala : (E) Prehensile-tailed Skink, Solomon Islands Giant 

Skink, (S) Eslizon de las Islas Salomon, (F) Scinque a queue 
prehensile des lies Salomons, Scinque arboricole des lies 
Salomon, Scinque geant des lies Salomon II SCINCIDAE Re 
Coryllis a front orange (F): Lorkidus aurantiifrons 
Coryllis agorgejaune (F): Lorkidus pusillus 
Coryllis a tete bleue (F): Loriculus galgidus 
Coryllis de Ceylan (F): Lorkidus beryllinus 
Coryllis de Wallace (F): Loriculus flosculus 
Coryllis del Sula (F): Loriculus sclateri 
Coryllis des Bismarck (F): Loriculus tener 
Coryllis des Celebes (F): Loriculus stigmatus 
Coryllis des Moluques (F): Loriculus amabilis 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Coryllis des Philippines (F): Lorkulus philippensis 

Cory His des Sangi (F): Loriculus catamene 

Coryllis vernal (F): Loriculus vernalis 

Coryllis vert (F): Loriculus exilis 

Corythaeola cristata : (E) Blue Plantain -eater, Great Blue Turaco, 

(S) Turaco gigante, (F) Touraco geantlll MUSOPHAGIDAE 

Corythaix fischeri = Tauraco fischeri 
Corythaix hartlaubi = Tauraco hartlaubi 
Corythaix leucolophus = Tauraco leucolophus 
Corythaix leucolis = Tauraco leucotis 
Corythaix macrorhynchus= Tauraco macrorhynchus 
Corythaix porphyreolopha = Musophaga porphyreolopha 
Corythaix schalowi = Tauraco schalowi 
Corythaix schuettii- Tauraco schuettii 
Coscinarea donnani = Coscinastrea monile 
Coscinarea foliata = Leptoseris yabei 
Coscinarea maeandrina = Montipora danae 
Coscinarea ostreaeformis = Coscinastrea monile 
Coscinastrea columna: II SIDERASTREIDAE An 
Coscinastrea cra'isa: II SIDERASTREIDAE An 
Coscinastrea exesa.U SIDERASTREIDAE An 
Coscinastrea fossata: II SIDERASTREIDAE An 
Coscinastrea hahazimaensis: II SIDERASTREIDAE An 
Coscinastrea kusimoloensis = Coscinastrea columna 
Coscinastrea marshae: II SIDERASTREIDAE An 
Coscinastrea mcneilli: II SIDERASTREIDAE An 
Coscinastrea monile: II SIDERASTREIDAE An 
Coscinastrea wellsi. U SIDERASTREIDAE An 
Coscoroba blanc (F): Coscoroba coscoroba 
Coscoroba coscoroba: (E) Coscoroba Swan, (S) Cisne coscoroba, 

Ganso bianco, (F) Coscoroba blanc, Cygne coscoroba II 

Cosmoporites laevigata - Porites astreoides 
Cotinga a ailes blanches (F): Xipholena atropurpurea 
Cotinga a bandeau (F): Cotinga maculata 
Cotinga aliblanca (S): Xipholena atropurpurea 
Cotinga cordonbleu (F): Cotinga maculata 
Cotinga de corbata (S): Cotinga maculata 
Cotinga maculata : (E) Banded Cotinga, Spotted Cotinga, (S) 

Cotinga de corbata, Cotinga manchado, (F) Cotinga a bandeau, 

Cotinga cordonbleu, Cotinga macule I COTTNGIDAE Av 
Cotinga macule (F): Cotinga maculata 
Cotinga manchado (S): Cotinga maculata 
Cotinga porphyrion (F): Xipholena atropurpurea 
Cotinga, Banded (E): Cotinga maculata 
Cotinga, Spotted (E): Cotinga maculata 
Cotinga, White- winged (E): Xipholena atropurpurea 
Cotorra (S): Amazona ventralislLepidochelys kempi 
Cotorra alejandrina (S): Psittacula eupatria 
Cotorra amarilla (S): Guarouba guarouba 
Cotorra argentina (S): Myiopsitta monachus 
Cotorra austral (S): Enicognathus ferrugineus 
Cotorra boliviana (S): Myiopsitta luchsi 
Cotorra cabeciamarilla (S): Amazona barbadensis 
Cotorra cabeciazul (S): Pionus menstruus 
Cotorra cabeciblanca (S): Pionus tumultuosus 
Cotorra cabecinegra (S): Nandayus nenday 
Cotorra cachana (S): Enicognathus ferrugineus 
Cotorra capirotada (S): Pyrrhura rupicola 
Cotorra cariparda (S): Pyrrhura leucotis 
Cotorra carirroja (S): Aratinga mitrata 
Cotorra carirrosa (S): Psittacula roseata 
Cotorra catana (S): Pyrrhura hoffmanni 
Cotorra chiripepe (S): Pyrrhura frontalis 
Cotorra choroy (S): Enicognathus leptorhynchus 
Cotorra ciruela (S): Psittacula cyanocephala 
Cotorra colilarga (S): Psittacula longicauda 
Cotorra colinegra (S): Pyrrhura melanura 
Cotorra colirroja (S): Pyrrhura hoematotis 
Cotorra coronirroja (S): Pyrrhura rhodocephala 
Cotorra cucha (S): Amazona autumnalis 
Cotorra cuelliblanca (S): Pyrrhura albipectus 
Cotorra de ceilan (S): Psittacula catthropae 
Cotorra de Derby (S): Psittacula derbiana 

Cotorra de Deville (S): Pyrrhura devillei 

Cotorra de El Oro (S): Pyrrhura orcesi 

Cotorra de Finsch (S): Psittacula finschii 

Cotorra de Kramer (S): Psittacula krameri 

Cotorra de los Palos (S): Aratinga acuticaudata 

Cotorra de Malabar (S): Psittacula columboides 

Cotorra de Mauricio (S): Psittacula echo 

Cotorra de Molina (S): Pyrrhura molinae 

Cotorra de Nicobar (S): Psittacula caniceps 

Cotorra de Santa Marta (S): Pyrrhura viridicata 

Cotorra del Himalaya (S): Psittacula himalayana 

Cotorra egregia (S): Pyirhura egregia 

Cotorra frente roja (S): Amazona finschi 

Cotorra frentidorada (S): Aratinga aurea 

Cotorra intermedia (S): Psittacula intermedia 

Cotorra morada (S): Pionus fuscus 

Cotorra negra (S): Pionus chalcopterus 

Cotorra pechiparda (S): Pyrrhura calliptera 

Cotorra pechirroja (S): Psittacula alexandri 

Cotorra perlada (S): Pyrrhura lepida 

Cotorra pintada (S): Pyrrhura picta 

Cotorra tiriba (S): Pyrrhura cruentata 

Cotorra ventrirroja (S): Pyrrhura perlata 

Cotorra verde (S): Aratinga leucophthalmus 

Cotorra-serrana occidental (S): Rhynchopsitta pachyrhyncha 

Cotorra-serrana oriental (S): Rhynchopsitta terrisi 

Cotorrita aliazul (S): Forpus crassirostris 

Cotorrita alipinta (S): Touit stictoptera 

Cotorrita alirroja (S): Touit huetii 

Cotorrita amazonica (S): Nannopsittaca dachilleae 

Cotorrita cariazul (S): Touit dilectissima 

Cotorrita carigualda (S): Forpus xanthops 

Cotorrita costarricense (S): Touit costaricensis 

Cotorrita culiverde (S): Forpus passerinus 

Cotorrita de anteojos (S): Forpus conspicillalus 

Cotorrita de Piura (S): Forpus coelestis 

Cotorrita de Sclater (S): Forpus sclateri 

Cotorrita dorsinegra (S): Touit melanonota 

Cotorrita mexicana (S): Forpus cyanopygius 

Cotorrita purpurada(S): Touit purpurata 

Cotorrita sietecolores (S): Touit batavica 

Cotorrita sorda (S): Touit surda 

Cotorrita tepui (S): Nannopsittaca panychlora 

Cotunto (S): Otus lawrencii 

Cou-coupe (F): Amadina fasciata 

Cougar (E): Puma concolor 

Cougar de Floride (F): Puma concolor coryi 

Cougar, Eastern (E): Puma concolor couguar 

Cougar, Florida (E): Puma concolor coryi 

Cougouar(F): Puma concolor couguar 

Couleuvre a damier (F): Xenochrophis piscator 

Couleuvre aquatique (F): Xenochrophis piscator 

Couleuvre de Westermann (F): Elachistodon westermanni 

Couleuvre d'eau asiatique (F): Xenochrophis piscator 

Couleuvre lisse du Bresil (F): Cyclagras gigas 

Couleuvre pecheuse (F): Xenochrophis piscator 

Courlis a bee grele (F): Numenius tenuirostris 

Courlis esquimau (F): Numenius borealis 

Couscous de la Sonde (F): Phalanger orientalis 

Couscous gris (F): Phalanger orientalis 

Couscous tachete (F): Spilocuscus maculatus 

Cow, Sea (E): Dugongdugon 

Crab-Hawk, Rufous (E): Buleogallus aequinoctialis 

Crane (E): Grus grus 

Crane, Black-necked (E): Grus nigricollis 

Crane, Blue (E): Grus paradisea 

Crane, Common (E): Grus grus 

Crane, Cuban Sandhill (E): Grits canadensis nesiotes 

Crane, Demoiselle (E): Grus virgo 

Crane, Hooded (E): Grus monacha 

Crane, Japanese (E): Grus japonensis 

Crane, Manchurian (E): Grus japonensis 

Crane, Mississippi Sandhill (E): Grus canadensis pulla 

Crane, Red-crowned (E): Grus japonensis 

Crane, Sandhill (E): Grus canadensis 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Crane. Sarus (E): Grus antigone 

Crane, Siberian (E): Grus lencogeranus 

Crane, Siberian White (E): Gnis leucogeranus 

Crane, Snow (E): Grus leucogeranus 

Crane, South African Crowned (E): Balearica regulorum 

Crane, Stanley (E): Grus paradisea 

Crane, Tibetan (E): Grus nigricollis 

Crane, Wattled (E): Gnis carunculatus 

Crane, West African Crowned (E): Balearica pavonina 

Crane, White-naped (E): Grus vipio 

Crane, White-necked (E): Grus vipio 

Crane, Whooping (E): Grus americana 

cranes (E): GRUIDAE spp. 

Cranorrhinus \valdeni = Aceros waldeni 

Crapaud dore (F): Bufo periglenes 

Crapaud du Cameroun (F): Bufo superciliaris 

Crapaud orange (F): Atelopus zeteki 

Crapaud rouge de Madagascar (F): Dyscophus antongilii 

crapauds vivipares (F): Altiphrynoides spp./ Nectophrynoides spp./ 

Nimbaphrymoides spp./ Spinophiynoides spp. 
crapauds vivipares du Mont Nimba (F): Nimbaphrynoides spp. 
Craterastrea levis = Leptoseris foliosa 

Craxalberti: (E) Albert's Curassow, Blue-billed Curassow, Blue- 
knobbed Curassow, Prince Albert's Curassow, (S) Hocco 
piguiazul, Pauji de pico azul. Pavon piquiazul, (F) Hocco a bee 
bleu, Hocco d' Albert HI CRACIDAE Av 
Crax blumenbachii: (E) Blumenbach's Curassow, Mutum, Red- 
billed Curassow, (S) Hoco piguirojo, Muitii mamaco, Pauji 
piquirrojo, Pavon piquirrojo, (F) Hocco a bee rouge, Hocco de 
Blumenbach I CRACIDAE Av 
Craxdaubentoni: (E) Daubenton's Curassow, Yellow-knobbed 
Curassow, (S) Hoco de Daubenton, Pauji de copete, Pavon 
porta, Pavon port, (F) Hocco de Daubenton III CRACIDAE Av 
Crax globulosa : (E) Wattled Curassow, Yarrell's Curassow, (S) 
Hoco barbado, Pavon carunculado, (F) Hocco globuleux, Hoco 
caroncule m CRACIDAE Av 
Craxmitu mitu = Mini mitit 
Craxpauxi = Pauxipauxi 
Craxpipile = Pipile pipile 

Crax rubra: (E) Globose Curassow, Great Curassow, Mexican 
Curassow, (S) Hoco faisan, Hoco grande, Pavon grande, Pavon 
nortefto, (F) Grand hocco III CRACIDAE Av 
Crea (F): Acipenser sturio 
CrSac(F): Acipenser sturio 
Crtach (F): Acipenser sturio 
Crecerelle americaine (F): Falco sparverius 
Crecerelle australienne(F): Falco cenchroides 
Crecerelle aux yeux blancs (F): Falco rupicoloides 
Crecerelle d'Aldabra (F): Falco newtoni 
Crecerelle d'Amerique (F): Falco sparverius 
Crecerelle d'Australie(F): Falco cenchroides 
Crecerelle de Maurice (F): Falco punctatus 
Crecerelle des Moluques (F): Falco moluccensis 
Crecerelle des Seychelles (F): Falco araea 
Crecerelle katitie ( F): Falco araea 
Crecerelle malgache (F): Falco newtoni 
Crecerelle renard (F): Falco alopex 
Crick a ventre bleu (F): Trie/aria malachitacea 
Crinifer africanus = Crinifer piscator 

Crinifer piscator. (E) Grey Plantain -eater. Western Grey Plantain - 
eater, (S) Turaco gris occidental, (F) Touraco gris III 
Crispatotrochus cornu: rf CARYOPHYLLUDAE An 
Crispatotrochus curvatus. U s CARYOPHYLLUDAE An 
Crispatotrochus diomedeae = Crispatotrochus rubescens 
Crispatotrochus foxi: rf CARYOPHYLLUDAE An 
Crispatotrochus galapagensis: tf CARYOPHYLLUDAE An 
Crispatotrochus gregarius. II s CARYOPHYLLUDAE An 
Crispatotrochus inornatus. D* CARYOPHYLLUDAE An 
Crispatotrochus irregularis: tf CARYOPHYLLUDAE An 
Crispatotrochus niinoi. II 8 CARYOPHYLLUDAE An 
Crispatotrochus rubescens: II 8 CARYOPHYLLUDAE An 
Crispatotrochus rugosus: II 8 CARYOPHYLLUDAE An 
Crispatotrochus squiresi: II 8 CARYOPHYLLUDAE An 
Crispatotrochus tydemani = Crispatotrochus rubescens 

Crispatotrochus woodsi: II 8 CARYOPHYLLUDAE An 

Crocodile a front large (F): Osteolaemus tetraspis 

Crocodile a museau allonge d'Affique (F): Crocodylus cataphractus 

Crocodile a museau court (F): Osteolaemus tetraspis 

Crocodile a museau etroit (F): Crocodylus cataphractus 

Crocodile a nuque cuirassee (F): Osteolaemus tetraspis 

Crocodile americain (F): Crocodylus acutus 

Crocodile d'Amerique (F): Crocodylus acutus 

Crocodile de Cuba (F): Crocodylus rhombifer 

Crocodile de Johnstone (F): Crocodylus johnsoni 

Crocodile de I'Orenoque (F): Crocodylus intermedius 

Crocodile de Mindoro (F): Crocodylus mindorensis 

Crocodile de Morelet (F): Crocodylus moreletii 

Crocodile de Nouvelle-Guinee(F): Crocodylus novaeguineae 

Crocodile des marais (F): Crocodylus palustris 

Crocodile des Philippines (F): Crocodylus mindorensis 

Crocodile d'estuaire (F): Crocodylus porosus 

Crocodile du Nil (F): Crocodylus niloticus 

Crocodile du Siam (F): Crocodylus siamensis 

Crocodile lezardet (F): Crocodilurus amazonicus 

Crocodile marin (F): Crocodylus porosus 

Crocodile nain africain (F): Osteolaemus tetraspis 

Crocodile paludeen (F): Crocodylus palustris 

Crocodile palustre (F): Crocodylus palustris 

Crocodile. African (E): Crocodylus niloticus 

Crocodile, African Dwarf (E): Osteolaemus tetraspis 

Crocodile. African Sharp-nosed (E): Crocodylus cataphractus 

Crocodile, African Slender-snouted (E): Crocodylus cataphractus 

Crocodile, American (E): Crocodylus acutus 

Crocodile, Australian Fresh -water (E): Crocodylus johnsoni 

Crocodile, Belize (E): Crocodylus moreletii 

Crocodile. Broad-snouted (E): Crocodylus palustris 

Crocodile, Cuban (E): Crocodylus rhombifer 

Crocodile, Estuarine (E): Crocodylus porosus 

Crocodile, Fish-eating (E): Gavialis gangeticus 

Crocodile. Johnstone's (E): Crocodylus johnsoni 

Crocodile. Long-nosed (E): Gavialis gangeticus 

Crocodile, Long-snouted (E): Crocodylus cataphractus 

Crocodile, Marsh (E): Crocodylus palustris 

Crocodile, Mindoro (E): Crocodylus mindorensis 

Crocodile. Morelefs(E): Crocodylus moreletii 

Crocodile, Mugger (E): Crocodylus palustris 

Crocodile, New Guinea (E): Crocodylus novaeguineae 

Crocodile, Nile (E): Crocodylus niloticus 

Crocodile, Orinoco (E): Crocodylus intermedius 

Crocodile, Philippine (E): Crocodylus mindorensis 

Crocodile, Salt-water (E): Crocodylus porosus 

Crocodile, Siamese (E): Crocodylus siamensis 

Crocodile, Tree (E): Varanus salvadorii 

Crocodile, West African Dwarf (E): Osteolaemus tetraspis 

crocodiles (E): CROCODYLIA spp. 

crocodilians (E): CROCODYLIA spp. 

Crocodilurus amazonicus: ( E) Crocodile Tegu, Dragon Lizard, 
Dragon Lizardet, (F) Crocodile lezardet. Teju-Crocodile II 

Crocodilurus lacertinus = Crocodilurus amazonicus 

Crocodilus americanus moreletii = Crocodylus moreletii 

Crocodilus arctirostris = Gavialis gangeticus 

Crocodilus binuensis = Crocodylus niloticus 

Crocodilus biporcatus= Crocodylus porosus 

Crocodilus biporcatus raninus = Crocodylus porosus 

Crocodilus biscutatus = Crocodylus acutus 

Crocodilus bombifrons~ Crocodylus palustris 

Crocodilus caiman = Caiman crocodilus 

Crocodilus chamses = Crocodylus niloticus 

Crocodilus complanatus = Crocodylus niloticus 

Crocodilus cuvieri = Alligator mississippiensis 

Crocodilus floridanus- Crocodylus acutus 

Crocodilus frontatus = Osteolaemus tetraspis 

Crocodilus galeatus = Crocodylus siamensis 

Crocodilus gavial= Gavialis gangeticus 

Crocodilus journei = Crocodylus interm edius 

Crocodilus lacunosus= Crocodylus niloticus 

Crocodilus latirostris = Caiman latirostris 

Crocodilus leptorhynchus = Crocodylus cataphractus 

Seep. 13/Veasep. 29 1 Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Crocodilus lewyanus= Crocodylus acutus 

Crocodilus longirostris = Gavialis gangeticus 

Crocodilus lucius = Alligator mississippiensis 

Crocodilus madagascariensis = Crocodylus niloticus 

Crocodilus marginatus= Crocodylus niloticus 

Crocodilus mexicanus- Crocodylus acutus 

Crocodilus mississippiensis = Alligator mississippiensis 

Crocodilus multiscutatus- Crocodylus niloticus 

Crocodilus octophractus= Crocodylus niloticus 

Crocodilus oopholis = Crocodylus porosus 

Crocodilus pacificus = Crocodylus acutus 

Crocodilus palpebrosus = Paleosuchus palpebrosus 

Crocodilus robustus = Crocodylus niloticus 

Crocodilus schlegelii = Tomistoma schlegelii 

Crocodilus sclerops = Caiman crocodilus 

Crocodilus suchus - Crocodylus niloticus 

Crocodilus temtirostris = Gavialis gangeticus 

Crocodilus trigonatus= Paleosuchus trigonatus 

Crocodilus vulgaris = Crocodylus niloticus 

Crocodilus vulgaris indicus= Crocodylus palustris 

Crocodilus yacare = Caiman yacare 

CROCODYLIAspp.: (E) Alligators, Crocodiles, Crocodilians, (S) 

Aligators, Cocodrilos, (F) Alligators, Crocodiles, I/U Re 
Crocodylus acutus: (E) American Crocodile, (S) Caiman americano, 

Cocodrilo americano, (F) Crocodile americain. Crocodile 

dAmerique I/1I CROCODYL1DAE Re 
Crocodylus cataphractus: (E) African Sharp-nosed Crocodile, 

African Slender-snouted Crocodile, Long-snouted Crocodile, 

(S) Cocodrilo hociquifino africano, Falso gavial africano, (F) 

Crocodile a museau allonge dAfrique, Crocodile a museau 

etroit. Faux -gavial d'Afrique ICROCODYLIDAE Re 
Crocodylus intermedins: (E) Orinoco Crocodile, (S) Caiman del 

Orinoco, Cocodrilo del Orinoco, (F) Crocodile de I'Orenoque 1 

Crocodylus johnsoni: (E) Australian Fresh- water Crocodile, 

Johnstone's Crocodile, (S) Cocodrilo australiano, (F) Crocodile 

de Johnstone II CROCODYLIDAE Re 
Crocodylus johnstoni= Crocodylus johnsoni 
Crocodylus mindorensis: (E) Mindoro Crocodile, Philippine 

Crocodile, (S) Cocodrilo de Mindoro, (F) Crocodile de 

Mindoro, Crocodile des Philippines I CROCODYLIDAE Re 
Crocodylus moreletii. (E) Belize Crocodile, Morelet's Crocodile, (S) 

Caiman de Morelet. Cocodrilo de Morelet, (F) Crocodile de 

Crocodylus niloticus: (E) African Crocodile, Nile Crocodile, (S) 

Cocodrilo del Nilo, (F) Crocodile du Nil I/II 5 

Crocodylus novaeguineae. (E) New Guinea Crocodile, (S) 

Cocodrilo de Nueva Guinea, (F) Crocodile de Nouvelle-Guinee 

Crocodylus novaeguineae mindorensis = Crocodylus mindorensis 
Crocodylus palustris: (E) Broad-snouted Crocodile, Marsh 

Crocodile, Mugger, Mugger Crocodile, (S) Cocodrilo del 

Marjal, Cocodrilo marismeno, (F) Crocodile des marais, 

Crocodile paludeen, Crocodile palustre I CROCODYLIDAE Re 
Crocodylus porosus: (E) Estuarine Crocodile, Salt-water Crocodile, 

(S) Cocodrilo poroso, (F) Crocodile d'estuaire. Crocodile marin 

Crocodylus raninus = Crocodylus porosus 
Crocodylus rhombifer: (E) Cuban Crocodile, (S) Caiman de Cuba, 

Cocodrilo de Cuba, (F) Crocodile de Cuba I CROCODYLIDAE 

Crocodylus siamensis: (E) Siamese Crocodile, (S) Cocodrilo de 

Siam, (F) Crocodile du Siam I CROCODYLIDAE Re 
Crocodylus trigonops^ Crocodylus palustris 
Croco-Teju (E): Dracaena guianensis 

Crossoptilon crossoptilon: (E) White Eared-Pheasant, (S) Faisan 
orejudo bianco, Faisan orejudo tibetano, Hoki bianco, (F) Faisan 
oreillard Wane, Hokki blanc I PHASIANIDAE Av 

Crossoptilon crossoptilon harmani= Crossoptilon harmani 

Crossoptilon harmani: (E) Tibetan Eared-Pheasant, (F) Hokki de 
Harman, Hokki du Tibet I PHASIANIDAE Av 

Crossoptilon mantchuricum: (E) Brown Eared-Pheasant, 

Manchurian Eared-Pheasant, (S) Faisan orejudo de Manchuria, 
Faisan orejudo pardo, Hoki pardo, (F) Faisan oreillard brun. 

Crotale des tropiques (F): Crotalus durissus 

Crotale durisse (F): Crotalus durissus 

Crotalus basiliscus totonacus = Crotalus durissus 

Crotalus cascavella = Crotalus durissus 

Crotalus cumanensis = Crotalus durissus 

Crotalus dryinas = Crotalus durissus 

Crotalus durissus: (E) Cascabel, Cascabel Rattlesnake, Neotropical 
Rattlesnake, (S) Cascavelle, (F) Cascabel, Cascavelle, Crotale 
des tropiques, Crotale durisse. Durisse, Serpent a sonnette 
tropica] in V1PERIDAE Re 

Crotalus exalbidus = Crotalus durissus 

Crotalus gronovii - Crotalus durissus 

Crotalus immaculatus = Crotalus durissus 

Crotalus loejlingii — Crotalus durissus 

Crotalus maricelae = Crotalus durissus 

Crotalus orientalis = Crotalus durissus 

Crotalus pifanorum = Crotalus durissus 

Crotalus pulvis = Crotalus durissus 

Crotalus simus = Crotalus durissus 

Crotalus strepitans= Crotalus durissus 

Crotalus terrificus = Crotalus durissus 

Crotalus totonacus = Crotalus durissus 

Crowned-Crane. Black (E): Balearica pavonina 

Crowned-Crane, Grey (E): Balearica regulorum 

Crowned-Pigeon, Blue (E): Goura cristata 

Crowned-Pigeon, Maroon -breasted (E): Goura scheepmakeri 

Crowned-Pigeon, Scheepmaker's (E): Goura scheepmakeri 

Crowned-Pigeon, Southern (E): Goura scheepmakeri 

Crowned-Pigeon, Victoria (E): Goura victoria 

Crowned-Pigeon, Western (E): Goura cristata 

Crowned-pigeons (E): Goura spp. 

Cryptabacia leptophylla = Polyphyllia talpina 

Crvptabacia talpina = Polvphvllia talpina 

Cnpthelia affinis: \f STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Crypthelia balia : II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Crypthelia clausa : if STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Crypthelia cryptotrema: II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Crypthelia curvata : if STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Cnpthelia cymas. \f STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Crypthelia dactylopoma: II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Crypthelia eueides: H 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Crypthelia floridana: if STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Crypthelia formosa : II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Crypthelia fragilis: U* STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Crypthelia gigantea: U s STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Crypthelia glebulenta : II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Crypthelia glossopoma: II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Crypthelia insolita : II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Crypthelia japonica: D 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Crypthelia lacunosa: D 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Cnpthelia medioatlantica: U 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Cn'pthelia micropoma: if STYLASTERJDAE Hy 

Crypthelia papillosa : if STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Cnpthelia peircei: \f STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Crypthelia planpoma: II 8 STYLASTERJDAE Hy 

Crypthelia polypoma: U 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Crypthelia pudica: II 8 STYLASTERJDAE Hy 

Crocodylus niloticus Except the populations of Botswana. Ethiopia. Kenya. Madagascar. Malawi. Mozambique. Namibia. South Africa. 
Uganda, the United Republic of Tanzania (subject to an annual export quota of no more than 1,600 wild specimens including hunting trophies, in 
addition to ranched specimens). Zambia and Zimbabwe, which are included in Appendix II. I Exceplo las poblaciones de Botswana. Etiopia. Kenya, 
Madagascar. Malawi. Mozambique. Namibia. Republica Unida de Tanzania, Suddfrica. Uganda, tsujetas a un cupo de exportacion anual de no mas 
de 1.600 especimenes silvestres. incluidos los trofeos de caza. ademas de los especimenes criados en granjas). Zambia y Zimbabwe: que estan 
incluidas en el Apendice II. / Sauf les populations des pays suivanls: Afrique du Slid. Botswana. Ethiopie. Kenya. Madagascar. Malawi. Mozambique. 
Namibie. Otiganda et Republique - Unie de Tanzanie (soumise a un quota d'exportation annuel de pas plus de 1 600 specimens sauvages. y compris les 
trophies de chasse, en plus des specimens de ranchs) , Zambie et Zimbabwe, qui sont inscrites a I 'A nnexe II. 
8 Seep. 13/ Vease p. 29 1 Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Crvprhelia ramosa : II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Crvpthelia robusta: if STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Crypthelia stenopoma: II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Cnpthelia studeri: if STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Crvpthelia temiiseptata : II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Cnpthelia trophostega: II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Cnpthelia vascomarquesi: D 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Cryptobranchus davidianus = Andrias davidianus 

Cryptobranchus japonicus- Andrias japonicus 

Cryptobranchus maximus = Andrias japonicus 

Ciyptoglaux ridgwayi = Aegolius ridgwayi 

Cryptohelia gigantea - Cnpthelia gigantea 

Ciyptohelia moseleyi = Crypthelia affinis 

Cryptohelia pachypoma = Pseudocnpthelia pachypoma 

Cryptohelia pudica = Cnpthelia pudica 

Cnptohelia trophostega = Cnpthelia trophostega 

Cryptohelia virginis = Sn>laster complanatus 

Cnptonvx niger = Melanoperdix nigra 

Cnptophyllobates azureiventris = Epipedobates azureiventris 

Cryptoproctaferox: (E) Fosa, Fossa, (S) Gato fosa de Madagascar, 

(F) Cryptoprocte feroce, Fossa, Foussa II VTVERRIDAE Ma 
Cryptoprocte feroce (F): Cnptoprocta ferox 
Cn'ptotrochus brevipalus: W TURBINOLIIDAE An 
Cryptotrochus carolinensis: II 8 TURBINOLIIDAE An 
Cryptotrochus javanus. II 8 TURBINOLIIDAE An 
Cryptotrochus venustus= Pleotrochus venustus 
Qyptura solitaria = Tinamus solitarius 
Ctenactis albitentaculata: II 8 FUNGIIDAE An 
Ctenactis crassa: II 8 FUNGIIDAE An 
Ctenactis echinata: II 8 FUNGIIDAE An 
Ctenella chagiwr. II 8 MEANDRINIIDAE An 
Ctenella laxa = Gyrosmilia interrupta 
Ctenophyllia brasiliensis = Meandrina brasiliensis 
Ctenophyllia maeandrites = Meandrina maeandrites 
Ctenophyllia pectinata = Meandrina maeandrites 
Ctenophyllia profunda = Meandrina maeandrites 
Ctenophvllia quadrata = Meandrina maeandrites 
Cuataquil (S): Bassaricyon gabbii 
Cuchara comiin (S): Anas clypeata 
Cuchumbi (S): Bassaricyon gabbiH Potos flavus 
Cuckoo-Falcon, African (E): Aviceda cuculoides 
Cuckoo-Falcon, Madagascar (E): Aviceda madagascariensis 
Cuckoo-Hawk, African (E): Aviceda cuculoides 
Cuckoo-Hawk, Madagascar (E): Aviceda madagascariensis 
Cuco (S): Otus lawrencii 
Cucu (S): Speotyto cunicularia 
Cuculus persa = Tauraco persa 

Cuervo calvo de cuello bianco (S): Picathartes gymnocephalus 
Cuervo calvo de cuello gris (S): Picathartes areas 
Cui (S): Chasmistes cujus 
Cui ui (S): Chasmistes cujus 
Ciiiu cuiu (S): Pionopsitta pileata 
Cui-ui (E): Chasmistes cujus 
Cuiui (F): Chasmistes cujus 
Culebra boba (S): Tropidophis melanurus 
Culebra comedora de huevos (S): Elachistodon westermanni 
Culebra ratera oriental (S): Ptyas mucosus 
Culebra tragahuevos india (S): Elachistodon westermanni 
Culebrera azor (S): Eutriorchis astur 

Culebrera barreada (S): Circaetus fasciolatuslCircaetus gallicus 
Culebrera chiila (S): Spilornis cheela 
Culebrera coliblanca (S): Circaetus cinerascens 
Culebrera congolefia (S): Dnotriorchis spectabilis 
Culebrera de Andaman (S): Spilornis elgini 
Culebrera de Celebes (S): Spilornis rufipectus 
Culebrera de Nicobar (S): Spilornis minimus 
Culebrera del Kinabalu (S): Spilornis kinabaluensis 
Culebrera europea (S): Circaetus gallicus 
Culebrera filipina (S): Spilornis holospilus 
Culebrera pechinegTa (S): Circaetus pectoralis 
Culebrera sombria (S): Circaetus cinereus 
Culicia australiensis: D 8 RHIZANGIIDAE An 
Culicia cuticulata-.n* RHTZANGIIDAE An 
Culicia excavata : if RMZANGIIDAE An 
Culicia fragilis: if RMZANGIIDAE An 

Culicia hoffmeisteri: if RHIZANGIIDAE An 

Culicia japonica = Culicia stellata 

Culicia quinaria: II 8 RHIZANGIIDAE An 

Culicia rubeola . II 8 RHIZANGIIDAE An 

Culicia smithii: if RHIZANGIIDAE An 

Culicia stellata: II 8 RHIZANGIIDAE An 

Culicia subaustruliensis: II 8 RHIZANGIIDAE An 

Culicia tenella: if RHIZANGIIDAE An 

Culicia tenuisepes: \t RHIZANGIIDAE An 

Culicia tnmcata = Culicia stellata 

Culicia verreauxii: if RHIZANGIIDAE An 

Culpeo (E): Pseudalopex culpaeus 

Cultrunguis jlavipes = Ketupa jlavip es 

Cuniculus paca = Agouti paca 

Cuon alpinus: (E) Asiatic Wild Dog, Dhole, Indian Wild Dog, Red 

Dog, (S) Cuon asiatico, Perro salvaje asiatico, (F) Chien 

sauvage d'Asie, Cuon d'Asie, Dhole II CANIDAE Ma 
Cuon asiatico (S): Cuon alpinus 
Cuon d'Asie (F): Cuon alpinus 
Cuora spp. : (E) Asian box turtles. Box turtles, (F) Tortue-boites II 

Cuora amboinensis (E) Malaysian Box Turtle, South Asian Box 

Turtle, (S) Tortuga de caja malaya, (F) Tortue-boite d'Asie 

orientale II EMYDIDAE Re 
Cuora aurocapitata. (E) Golden-headed Box Turtle, Yellow-headed 

Box Turtle, (F) Tortue-boite a tete jaune II EMYDIDAE Re 
Cuora chriskarannarum = Cuora panl 
Cuora Jlavomarginata : (E) Chinese Box Turtle, Yellow-margined 

Box Turtle, (F) Tortue-boite a bords jaune II EMYDIDAE Re 
Cuora galbinifrons. (E) Indochinese Box Turtle, (F) Tortue-boite a 

front jaune II EMYDIDAE Re 
Cuora hainanensis = Cuora galbinifrons 
Cuora mccordr. (E) McCord's Box Turtle, (F) Tortue-boite de 

Cuora pallidicephala = Cuora zhoui 
Cuora pani: (E) Pan's Box Turtle, (F) Tortue-boite de Pan II 

Cuora serrata = Cuora galbinifrons 

Cuora trifasciata : (E) Chinese Three-striped Box Turtle, (F) Tortue- 
boite a trois bandes II EMYDIDAE Re 
Cuora yunnanensis. (E) Yunnan Box Turtle, (F) Tortue-boite du 

Cuora zlioui:{E) Zhou's Box Turtle, (F) Tortue-boite du Guangxi II 

Cupiso (S): Podocnemis sextuberculata 
Cupressopathes abies: II MYRIOPATHIDAE An 
Cupressopathes gracilis: II MYRIOPATHIDAE An 
Cupressopathes paniculata : U MYRIOPATHIDAE An 
Cupressopathes pumila:\l MYRIOPATHIDAE An 
Curassovv, Alagoas (E): Mitu mini 
Curassow, Albert's (E): Craxalberti 
Curassow, Black -fronted (E): Pipile jacutinga 
Curassow, Blue-billed (E): Crax alberti 
Curassow, Blue-knobbed (E): Craxalberti 
Curassow, Blumenbach's (E): Crax blumenbachii 
Curassow, Daubenton's (E): Crax daubentoni 
Curassow, Globose (E): Crax rubra 
Curassow, Great (E): Crax rubra 
Curassow, Helmeted (E): Pauxi pauxi 
Curassow, Mexican (E): Crax nibra 
Curassow, Northern Helmeted (E): Pauxi pauxi 
Curassovv, Prince Albert's (E): Craxalberti 
Curassow, Razor-billed (E): Mitumitu 
Curassow, Red-billed (E): Crax blumenbachii 
Curassow, Trinidad White-headed (E): Pipilepipile 
Curassow, Wattled (E): Crax globulosa 
Curassow, Yarrell's (E): Crax globulosa 
Curassow, Yellow-knobbed (E): Crax daubentoni 
Curlew, Eskimo (E): Numenius borealis 
Curlew, Slender-billed (E): Numenius tenuirostris 
Curruca bigotuda piquilarga (S): Dasyornis longirostris 
Curruca bigotuda rojiza (S): Dasyornis broadbenti iiloralis 
Curucucu barriga amarilla (S): Aegolius harrisii 
Curucucii comiin (S): Otus choliba 
Curucucu gargantiblanco (S): Otus albogularis 

Seep. 13 / Veasep. 29 / Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Curucucii orejudo (S): Otits watsonii 

Curucucu palido (S): Otus ingens 

Curucucii vermiculado (S): Otus atricapillus 

Cuscus gris (S): Phalanger orientalis 

Cuscus manchado (S): Spilocuscus maculatus 

Cuscus moteado (S): Spilocuscus maculatus 

Cuscus oriental (S): Phalanger orientalis 

Cuscus, Common (E): Phalanger orientalis 

Cuscus, Common Spotted (E): Spilocuscus maculatus 

Cuscus, Grey (E): Phalanger orientalis 

Cuscus, Northern Common (E): Phalanger orientalis 

Cuscus, Short -tailed Spotted (E): Spilocuscus maculatus 

Cusoria elegans= Eryx elegans 

Cuspon (S): Priodontes maxim us 

Cusumbi (S): Potosjlm'us 

Cut -throat (E): Amadina fasciata 

Cyanoleshia berlepschi = Aglaiocercus berlepschi 

Cyanolesbia emmae = Aglaiocercus kingi 

Cyanoliseuspatagonus.(E) Burrowing Parakeet, Patagonian 
Conure, (S) Loro barranquero, (F) Conure de Patagonie II 

Cyanoliseus patagonus byroni = Enicognathus leptorhynchus 

Cyanomyia microrhyncha = Agyrtria cyanocephala 

Cyanomyia sordida = Cynanthus sordidus 

Cyanomyia viol'tceps = Agyrtria violiceps 

Cyanophaia bicolor. (E) Blue -headed Hummingbird, (S) Colibri 
bicolor, (F) Colibri a tete bleue U TROCHILIDAE Av 

Cyanopsitta spixii: (E) Little Blue Macaw, Spix's Macaw, (S) 
Guacamayito azul, Guacamayo de Spix, (F) Ara a face grise, 

Cyanoramphus auriceps. (E) Yellow-crowned Parakeet, Yellow- 
fronted Kakariki, Yellow- fronted Parakeet, (S) Perico maori 
cabecigualdo, (F) Perruche a front jaune, Perruche a tete d'or II 

Cyanoramphus auriceps for besi = Cyanoramphus forbesi 

Cyanoramphus cookii = Cyanoramphus novaezelandiae 

Cyanoramphus forbesi. (E) Chatham Island Yellow- fronted 

Parakeet, Forbes's Kakariki, Forbes's Parakeet, (S) Cacatua de 
Forbes, Perico de las Chatham, Periquito frentiamarillo de 
Forbes, ( F) Perruche a front jaune de Forbes, Perruche a tet e d'or 
de Forbes, Perruche des lies Chatham I PSITTACIDAE Av 

Cyanoramphus malherbi (E) Malherbe's Parakeet, Orange-fronted 
Parakeet, (S) Perico maori montano, (F) Perruche de Malherbe 

Cyanoramphus novaezelandiae. (E) New Zealand Parakeet , Red- 
crowned Parakeet, Red- fronted Kakariki, Red- fronted Parakeet, 
(S) Perico maori cabecirrojo, Periquito cabecirrojo, (F) Perruche 
a bandeau rouge, Perruche de Nouvelle-Zelande, Perruche de 

Cyanoramphus saisseti - Cyanoramphus novaezelandiae 

Cyanoramphus umcolor. (E) Antipodes Green Parakeet, Antipodes 
Parakeet, (S) Perico de las Antipodas, (F) Perruche des 
Antipodes, Perruche unicolore II PSITTACIDAE Av 

Cyathelia axillaris: II 8 OCULINIDAE An 

Cyathina clavus = Caryophyllia smfthii 

Cyathina cyathus = Caryophyllia cyathus 

Cyathina pulchella = Paracyathus pulchellus 

Cyathina smithii = Caryophyllia smithii 

Cyathoceras avis = Pseudocyathoceras avis 

Cyathoceras cornu = Crispatotrochus cornu 

Cyathoceras cornu = Labyrinthocyathusdelicatus 

Cyathoceras dtomedeae = Crispatotrochus rubescens 

Cyathoceras foxi = Crispatotrochus foxi 

Cyathoceras inornatus = Crispatotrochus inornatus 

Cyathoceras irregularis = Crispatotrochus irregularis 

Cyathoceras niinoi= Crispatotrochus niinoi 

Cyathoceras portoricens is = Oxysmilia rotundifolia 

Cyathoceras quaylei = Labyrinthocyathus quaylei 

Cyathoceras riisei = Thalamophyllia riisei 

Cyathoceras rubescens = Crispatotrochus rubescens 

Cyathoceras squiresi = Crispatotrochus squiresi 

Cyathoceras tydemani= Crispatotrochus rubescens 

Cyathoceras woodsi = Crispatotrochus woodsi 

Cyathohelia formosa = Madrepora oculata 

Cyathotrochus herdmani: D 8 TURBINOLIIDAE An 

Cyathotrochus nascornatus: if TURBINOLIIDAE An 

Cyathotrochus pileus. II 8 TURBINOLIIDAE An 

Cyclagras gigas: (E) Brazilian Smooth Snake, Brazilian Water 

Cobra, False Cobra, False Water Cobra, Surucucu, (S) Falsa 

cobra, Falsa cobra acuatica. Nakamina, (F) Couleuvre lisse du 

Bresil, Faux cobra. Faux cobra aquatique du Bresil II 

Cyclemys annamensis = Annamemys annamensis 
Cyclemys annandalii = Hieremys annandalii 
Cyclemys flavomarginata = Cuora flavomarginata 
Cyclemys flavomarginata hainanensis = Cuora galbinifrons 
Cyclemys giebelii = Notochelys platynota 
Cyclemys hainanensis = Cuora galbinifrons 
Cyclemys mouhotii = Pyxidea mouhotii 
Cyclemys platynota = Notochelys platynota 
Cyclemys trifasciata = Cuora trifasciata 
Cyclemys yunnanens is = Cuorayunnanensis 
Cyclocheilichthvs jullieni= Probarbus jullieni 
Cyclohelia lamellata : rf STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Cyclopsitta diophthalma. (E) Double-eyed Fig-Parrot, Dwarf Fig- 
Parrot, (S) Lorito dobleojo, (F) Perroquet masque, Psittacule 

double-oeil I/II PSITTACIDAE Av 
Cyclopsitta diophthalma coxeni: (E) Coxen's Blue-browed Fig 

Parrot, Coxen's Double-eyed Fig-Parrot, Coxen's Two -eyed Fig 

Parrot, (S) Lorito de Coxen, Lorito emmascarado de Coxen, (F) 

Perroquet masque de Coxen, Psittacule a double-oeil de Coxen I 

Cyclopsitta gulielmitertii: (E) Orange -breasted Fig-Parrot, (S) Lorito 

pechinaranja, { F) Psittacule a poitrine orange II PSITTACIDAE 

Cyclopsittacus edwardsii = Psittaculirostris edwardsii 
Cyclopsittacus salvadorii = Psittaculirostris salvadorii 
Cycloseris colini: II 8 FUNGIIDAE An 
Cycloseris cooperi = Fungia tenuis 
Cycloseris costulata = Fungia cos tu lata 
Cycloseris curvata = Fungia curvata 
Cycloseris cyclolites = Fungia cyclolites 
Cycloseris distorta = Fungia distorta 
Cycloseris doederleini = Cantharellus doederleini 
Cycloseris elegans = Fungia curvata 
Cycloseris erosa = Fungia erosa 
Cycloseris hexagonalis = Fungia hexagonalis 
Cycloseris marginata = Fungia costulata 
Cycloseris mexicana = Fungia distorta 
Cycloseris mycoides = Fungia sinensis 
Cycloseris noumeae = Cantharellus noumeae 
Cycloseris patelliformis = Fungia patelliformis 
Cycloseris similis = Fungia fralinae 
Cycloseris sinensis = Fungia sinensis 
Cycloseris sinuosa = Fungia concinna 
Cycloseris somervillei = Fungia somervillei 
Cycloseris tenuis = Fungia tenuis 
Cycloseris vaughani = Fungia vaugham 
Cyclura spp.: (E) ground iguanas, (S) iguanas comuda, iguanas 

terrestres, (F) cyclures, iguanes comus, iguanes rhinoceros, I 

Cyclura baelopha = Cyclura cychlura 
Cyclura carinata : <E) Bahamas Rock Iguana, Bartsch's Iguana. 

Turks and Caicos Ground Iguana, Turks and Caicos Iguana, (F) 

Cyclure des lies Turques-et-Caiques, Iguane terrestre des lies 

Turks et Caiques I IGUANIDAE Re 
Cyclura collei: (E) Jamaica Ground Iguana, Jamaican Iguana, (F) 

Cyclure terrestre de la JamaTque, Iguane terrestre de la Jamai'que 

Cyclura cornuta : (E) Rhinoceros Iguana, (F) Cyclure cornu, Iguane 

cornu, Iguane terrestre cornu I IGUANIDAE Re 
Cyclura cychlura : (E) Bahamas Iguana, Bahamas Rock Iguana I 

Cyclura lophoma = Cyclura collei 
Cyclura macleayi = Cyclura nithila 
Cyclura nubila : (E) Cayman Islands Ground Iguana, Cuban Ground 

Iguana, Cuban Iguana, (F) Cyclure des lies Cai'manes, Iguane 

terrestre des lies Cai'manes I IGUANIDAE Re 

See p. 13 / Vease p. 29 / Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Cyclura pinguis: (E) Anegada Ground Iguana, Anegada Island 
Iguana, Anegada Rock Iguana, (F) Cyclure de l'Me Anegada, 
Iguane terrestre de Pile Anegada I IGUANIDAE Re 

Cyclura ricordi: (E) Hispaniolan Ground Iguana, Ricord's Ground 
Iguana, Ricord's Iguana, (F) Cyclure de Ricord, Cyclure 
d'Hispaniola, Iguane terrestre d'Hispaniola I IGUANIDAE Re 

Cyclura rileyi: (E) San Salvador Ground Iguana, San Salvador 
Iguana, Watling Island Iguana, White Cay Ground Iguana, (F) 
Cyclure des Bahamas, Iguane terrestre des Bahamas I 

Cyclure comu (F): Cyclura comma 

Cyclure de Pile Anegada (F): Cyclura pinguis 

Cyclure de Ricord (F): Cyclura ricordi 

Cyclure des Bahamas (F): Cyclura rileyi 

Cyclure des lies Cai'manes (F): Cyclura nubila 

Cyclure des iles Turques-et -Caiques (F): Cyclura carinata 

Cyclure d'Hispaniola (F): Cyclura ricordi 

Cyclure terrestre de la Jamai'que (F): Cyclura collei 

cyclures (P): Cyclura spp. 

Cygne a cou noir (F): Cygnus melanocorypha 

Cygne chanteur (F): Cygnus melanocorypha 

Cygne coscoroba (F): Coscoroba coscoroba 

Cygnus melanocorypha : (E) Black-necked Swan, (S) Cisne 
cuellinegro, (F) Cygne a cou noir, Cygne chanteur II 

Cylicia tenella natalensis = Culicia lenella naialensis 

Cylindrophyllia minimus = Peponocyatbus minimus 

Cylloseris incrustans = Leptoseris incrustans 

Cymindis wilsonii = Chondrohierax uncinalus wilsonii 

Cynanthus coelestis = Aglaiocercus coelestis 

Cynanthus doubledayi = Cynanthus latirostris 

Cynanthus griseiventris = Taphrolesbia griseiventris 

Cynanthus latirostris: (E) Broad-billed Hummingbird, (S) Colibri 
piquiancho, (F) Colibri circe II TROCHILIDAE Av 

Cynanthus lawrencei = Cynanthus latirostris 

Cynanthus lucifer = Calothorax lucifer 

Cynanthus sordidus: (E) Dusky Hummingbird, (S) Colibri prieto, 
(F) Colibri sombre II TROCHILIDAE Av 

Cynarina lacrymalis: (E) Cat's-eye Coral, Pacific Rose Coral II 8 

Cynarina savignyi = Cynarina lacrymalis 

Cynogale bennettii: (E) Otter-civet, Sunda Otter-civet, (S) Cibeta 
nutria, Civeta de Sumatra, (F) Civette-loutre de Sumatra II 

Cynogale lowei = Cynogale bennettii 

Cynomys mexicanus: (E) Mexican Prairie Marmot, Mexican Prairie- 
dog, (S) Perrito de la pradera mexicano, Perrito de las praderas, 
Perrito llanero mexicano, (F) Chien de prairie du Mexique I 

Cynopitheque negre (F): Macaca nigra 

Cynoscion m acdonaldi = Totoaba macdonaldi 

Cyornis ruckii: (E) Rueck's Blue -Flycatcher, Rueck's Niltava, (S) 
Papamoscas de Rueck, (F) Gobemouche bleu de Rueck, 
Gobemouche de Rueck II MUSCICAPIDAE Av 

Cyphastrea spp.: (E) knob corals, lesser knob corals II 8 FAVIIDAE 

Cyphastrea agassizi: II 8 FAVIIDAE An 

Cyphastrea aspera = Cyphastrea microphthalma 

Cyphastrea bottae = Leptastrea bottae 

Cyphastrea brueggemanni= Cyphastrea serailia 

Cyphastrea capitata = Cyphastrea serailia 

Cyphastrea chalcidicum : II 8 FAVIIDAE An 

Cyphastrea conferta = Cyphastrea serailia 

Cyphastrea decadia: II 8 FAVIIDAE An 

Cyphastrea forskaelana = Echinopora gemmacea 

Cyphastrea gardineri = Cyphastrea microphthalma 

Cyphastrea glomerata = Cyphastrea serailia 

Cyphastrea hemprichiana = Cyphastrea serailia 

Cyphastrea hexasepta : II 8 FAVIIDAE An 

Cyphastrea japonica: if FAVIIDAE An 

Cyphastrea laticostala = Cyphastrea serailia 

Cyphastrea microphthalma: \f FAVIIDAE An 

Cyphastrea minuta = Cyphastrea microphthalma 

Cyphastrea muellerae = Cyphastrea microphthalma 

Cyphastrea ocellina: II 8 FAVIIDAE An 

Cyphastrea savignyi = Cyphastrea microphthalma 

Cyphastrea serailia : II 8 FAVIIDAE An 

Cyphastrea suvadivae = Cyphastrea serailia 

Cyphastrea tanabensis = Cyphastrea japonica 

Cyprogenia aberti: ( E) Edible Naiad, Edible Pearly Mussel, Western 

Fanshell, Western Fanshell Mussel II UMONIDAE Bi 
Cyrtodactyle de Pile de Serpent (F): Cyrtodactylus serpensinsula 
Cyrtodactylus serpensinsula : (E) Serpent Island Gecko, (S) Geco de 

la isla Serpiente, (F) Cyrtodactyle de Pile de Serpent, Gecko de 

Pile Serpent II GEK.KONIDAE Re 
Cyrtonaias tampicoensis tecomatensis = Unio tampicoensis 

Daboia elegans = Daboia russelii 
Daboia pulchella = Daboia russelii 
Daboia russelii: (E) Russell's Viper, (F) Dabois, Vipere de Russell 

Dabois (F): Daboia russelii 

Dactylethra bengalensis = Euphlyctis hexadactylus 
Dactylotrochus cervicornis: II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Daim de Mesopotamie (F): Dama mesopotamica 
Dalgyte (E): Macrotis lagotis 
Dama dama mesopotamica = Dama mesopotamica 
Dama mesopotamica: (E) Mesopotamian Fallow Deer, Persian 

Fallow Deer, (S) Dama persico, Gacela de Iran, Gamo de 

Mesopotamia, (F) Daim de Mesopotamie I CERVIDAE Ma 
Dama persico (S): Dama mesopotamica 
Dama virginiana = Odocoileus virginianus 
Damaliscus dorcas = Damaliscus pygargus 
Damaliscus dorcas dorcas = Damaliscus pygargus 
Damaliscus lunatus: (E) Topi, Tsessebe, Tsessebi, (S) Sasabi , 

Tiang, (F) Damalisque, Hirola, Korrigum, Sassaby, Topi III 

Damaliscus pygargus: (E) Blesbok. Bor.tebok II/NC BOVIDAE Ma 
Damaliscus pygargus pygargus: (E) Bontebok, (S) Bontebok, Topi 

gacela, (F) Bontebok II BOVIDAE Ma 
Damalisque (F): Damaliscus lunatus 
Damero (S): Rhincodon typus 
Damonia crassiceps = Malayemys subtrijuga 
Damonia hamiltonii = Geoclemys hamiltonii 
Damonia mutica = Chinemys nigricans 
Damonia nigricans= Chinemys nigricans 
Damonia reevesii = Chinemys reevesii 
Damonia subtrijuga = Malayemys subtrijuga 
Damonia unicolor = Chinemys reevesii 
Damophila julie: (E) Violet -bellied Hummingbird, (S) Colibri de 

Julia, Colibri ventrivioleta, (F) Colibri julie II TROCHILIDAE 

Danta (S): Tapirus terrestris 
Danta cordillerana (S): Tapirus pinchaque 
Danta lanuda (S): Tapirus pinchaque 
Danta negra (S): Tapirus pinchaque 
Dante (S): Tapirus bairdii 
Daptrius americanus: (E) Red-throated Caracara, (S) Caracara 

comecacao, Caracara gorgirrojo, Carancho ventri-blanco, 

Chupacacao ventriblanco, (F) Caracara a gorge rouge, Caracara 

a ventre rouge II FALCONIDAEAv 
Daptrius ater: (E) Black Caracara, Yellow-throated Caracara, (S) 

Caracara negro, Carancho negro, Chupacacao negro, (F) 

Caracara noir D FALCONIDAE Av 
Dara (S): Burhimts bistriatus 
Dasmosmilia lymanr. (E) Splitting Cup Coral II 8 

Dasmosmilia marchadi = Anomocora marchadi 
Dasmosmilia pacifica = Dasmosmilia lymani 
Dasmosmilia valida: II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Dasmosmilia variegata : II s CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Dasyorne a long bee (F): Dasyornis longirostris 
Dasyorne roux (F): Dasyornis broadbenti 
Dasyomerousse de Pouest (F): Dasyornis broadbenti litoralis 
Dasyornis brachypterus longirostris = Dasyornis longirostris 
Dasyornis broadbenti: ( E) Rufous Bristlebird, (F) Dasyorne roux 


Seep. 13/Veasep. 29 /Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Dasyornis broadbenti litoralis: (E) Lesser Rufous Bristlebird, 
Rufous-headed Bristlebird, Western Rufous Bristlebird, (S) 
Curruca bigotuda rojiza, Papamoscas rosa occidental, (F) 
Dasyomerousse de I'ouest, Fauvette rousse de I'Ouest I 

Dasyornis longirostris: (E) Long-billed Bristlebird, Western 
Bristlebird, (S) Curruca bigotuda piquilarga, Papamoscas 
piquilargo, (F) Dasyome a long bee. Fauvette a long bee, 
Fauvette brune a long bee, Malure occidental I 

Dasyphyllia echinulata = Caulastraea echinulata 

Dasyprocta punctata : (E) Central American Agouti, (S) Agouti 
rojizo, Aguti de America Central, (F) Agouti ponctue III 

Dasyprocta variegata = Dasyprocta punctata 

Daubentonia madagascariensis: (E) Aye-aye, (S) Aye-aye, (F) 

Dauphin a bosse de TAtlantique (F): Sousa teuszii 

Dauphin a bosse de I'Indo-Pacifique (F): Sousa chinensis 

Dauphin aptere austral (F): Lissodelphis peronii 

Dauphin aptere boreal (F): Lissodelphis borealis 

Dauphin blanc (F): Delphinapterus leucas 

Dauphin bleu et blanc (F): Stenella coentleoalba 

Dauphin commun (F): Delphinus delphis 

Dauphin crucigere (F): Lagenorhynchus cruciger 

Dauphin de Clymene (F): Stenella clymene 

Dauphin de Commerson (F): Cephalorhynchus commersonii 

Dauphin de Fraser (F): Lagenodelphis hosei 

Dauphin de Heaviside(F): Cephalorhynchus heavisidii 

Dauphin de la Plata (F): Pontoporia blainvillei 

Dauphin de lAmazone (F): Inia geoffrensis 

Dauphin de Risso (F): Grampus griseus 

Dauphin d'Hector (F): Cephalorhynchus hectori 

Dauphin fluviatile de Chine (F): Lipotes vexillifer 

Dauphin longirostre (F): Stenella longirostris 

Dauphin noir du Chili (F): Cephalorhynchus eutropia 

Dauphin raye (F): Stenella coentleoalba 

Dauphin tachete de TAtlantique (F): Stenella frontalis 

Dauphin tachete pantropical (F): Stenella anenuata 

dauphins Wanes (F): Sousa spp. 

dauphins de riviere (F): Sotalia spp. 

day geckos (E): Phelsuma spp. 

Deer, Alpine Musk (E): Moschus chrysogaster 

Deer, Atlas (E): Cervus elaphus barbarus 

Deer. Bactrian (E): Cervus elaphus bactrianus 

Deer, Bactrian Red (E): Cervus elaphus bactrianus 

Deer, Barbary (E): Cervus elaphus barbarus 

Deer, Barbary Red (E): Cervus elaphus barbarus 

Deer, Bawean (E): Axis kuhlii 

Deer, Black Musk (E): Moschus fuscus 

Deer, Bokharan (E): Cervus elaphus bactrianus 

Deer, Brovv-antlered (E): Cervus eldii 

Deer, Bukhara (E): Cervus elaphus bactrianus 

Deer, Calamian (E): Axis calamianensis 

Deer, Calamian Hog (E): Axis calamianensis 

Deer, Chinese Forest Musk (E): Moschus berezovskii 

Deer, Dusky Musk (E): Moschus fuscus 

Deer, Dwarf Musk (E): Moschus berezovskii 

Deer, Eld's (E): Cervus eldii 

Deer, Forest Musk (E): Moschus berezovskii 

Deer, Ganges Hog (E): Axis porcinusannamiticus 

Deer, Guatemalan White-tailed (E): Odocoileus virginianus 

Deer. Himalayan Musk (E): Moschus chrysogaster 

Deer, Hog (E): Axis porcinus 

Deer, Indochinese Hog (E): Axis porcinusannamiticus 

Deer, Kashmir (E): Cervus elaphushanglu 

Deer, Kashmir Red (E): Cervus elaphushanglu 

Deer, Kuhl's Hog (E): Axis kuhlii 

Deer. Marsh (E): Blastocerus dichotomus 

Deer, Mesopotamian Fallow (E): Dama mesopotamica 

deer, musk (E): Moschusspp. 

Deer, North Andean (E): Hippocamelus antisensis 

Deer, Pampas (E): Ozotoceros bezoarticus 

Deer, Persian Fallow (E): Dama mesopotamica 

Deer. Red (E): Cennis elaphus 

Deer, Siberian Musk (E): Moschus moschiferus 

Deer, South Andean (E): Hippocamelus bisulcus 

Deer, Swamp (E): Cervus duvaucelii 

Deer, Thai Hog (E): Axis porcinusannamiticus 

Deer, White-tailed (E): Odocoileus virginianus 

Delattria sybillae = Lampornis sybillae 

Delfin austral (S): Lagenorhynchus australis 

Delfin bianco africano (S): Sousa teuszii 

Delfin bianco de China (S): Sousa chinensis 

Delfin bianco y azul (S): Stenella coeruleoalba 

Delfin comiin (S): Delphinus delphis 

Delfin cruzado (S): Lagenorhynchus cruciger 

Delfin de Borneo (S): Lagenodelphis hosei 

Delfin de China (S): Lipotes vexillifer 

Delfin de fiancos blancos (S): Lagenorhynchus acutus 

Delfin de Hector (S): Cephalorhynchus hectori 

Delfin de la Plata (S): Pontoporia blainvillei 

Delfin de pico bianco (S): Lagenorhynchus albirostris 

Delfin de pico largo (S): Steno bredanensis 

Delfin de Risso (S): Grampus griseus 

Delfin del Ganges (S): Platanista gangetica 

Delfin del Indo (S): Platanista minor 

Delfin del Irrawaddy (S): Orcaella brevirostris 

Delfin lagenor ringo (S): Lagenorhynchus obliquidens 

Delfin liso (S): Lissodelphis borealislLissodelphis peronii 

Delfin listado (S): Lagenorhynchus obscurus 

Delfin manchado f S): Stenella attenuata 

Delfin manchado del Atlantico (S): Stenella frontalis 

Delfin mular (S): Tursiops truncatus 

Delfin mular del Oceano Indico (S): Tursiops aduncus 

Delfin negro (S): Cephalorhynchus eutropia 

Delfin pintado (S): Stenella attenuata 

Delfin tornillon (S): Stenella longirostris 

delfines blancos (S): Sousa spp. 

Delopelma sabulosum = Brachypelma sabulosum 

Delphinaptere blanc (F): Delphinapterus leucas 

Delphinapterus leucas. (E) Beluga, White Whale, (S) Ballena 

blanca, (F) Belouga, Dauphin blanc, Delphinaptere blanc II 

Delphinus capensis = Delphinus delphis 
Delphinus delphis: (E) Atlantic Dolphin, Common Dolphin, Pacific 

Dolphin, Saddle-backed Dolphin, Short -beaked Saddleback 

Dolphin, (S) Delfin comun, (F) Dauphin commun II 

Delphinus tropicalis = Delphinus delphis 
Deltocyathoides orientalis: II 8 TURBINOLIIDAE An 
Deltocyathoides stimpsonii: if TURBINOLIIDAE An 
Deltocyathus agassizii: II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Deltocyathus agassizii calcar = Deltocyathus calcar 
Deltocyathus andamanicus. II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Deltocvathus calcar. (E) Deepsea Star Coral II 8 

Deltocyathus cameratus. II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Deltocyathus conicus = Deltocyathus italicus 
Deltocvathus corrugatus. II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Deltocvathus crassiseptum : II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Deltocyathus eccentricus. D 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Deltocyathus formosus = Deltocyathus suluensis 
Deltocyathus fragilis = Deltocyathus rotidus 
Deltocyathus halianthus. if CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Deltocyathus heteroclitus. II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Deltocyathus hexagonus = Fungiacyathus marenzeileri 
Deltocyathus italicus. II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Deltocyathus lens = Deltocyathoides orientalis 
Deltocyathus magnificus. D 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Deltocvathus magnificus suluensis = Deltocvathus suluensis 
Deltocvathus mosele\>i: II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Deltocyathus murrayi: II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Deltocyathus orientalis = Deltocyathoides orientalis 
Deltocyathus orientalis = Deltocvathus vaughani 
Deltocyathus ornatus. II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Deltocyathus parvulus. II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Deltocyathus philippinensis: II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Deltocyathus pourtalesi: tf CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 

Seep. 13 / V ease p. 29 / Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Deltoeyathus rotulus. II 8 CARYOPHYLLHDAE An 

Deltocyathus sarsi: II 8 CARYOPHYLLHDAE An 

Deltoeyathus Stella : II 8 CARYOPHYLLHDAE An 

Deltocyathus stellulatus = Bourneotrochus stellulatus 

Deltocyathus suluensis: if CARYOPHYLLHDAE An 

Deltocyathus tahvanicus. if CARYOPHYLLHDAE An 

Deltocyathus varians: if CARYOPHYLLHDAE An 

Deltocyathus vaughani. II 8 CARYOPHYLLHDAE An 

Deltocyathus vincentimts = Australocyathus vincenlinus 

Demoiselle de Numidie (F): Grusvirgo 

Dendrobate a cinq bandes (F): Dendrobates quinquevittatus 

Dendrobate a tapirer (F): Dendrobates tinctohus 

Dendrobate a trois bandes (F): Epipedobates trivittatus 

Dendrobate arboricole (F): Dendrobates arboreus 

Dendrobate au ventre tachete (F): Dendrobates venthmaculatus 

Dendrobate biolat (F): Dendrobates biolat 

Dendrobate bleu (F): Dendrobates azureus 

Dendrobate de Bassler (F): Epipedobates bassleri 

Dendrobate de Lamas (F): Dendrobates lamasi 

Dendrobate de Lehman (F): Dendrobates lehmanni 

Dendrobate de Silverstone (F): Epipedobates silverstonei 

Dendrobate de Vanzolini (F): Dendrobates vanzolinii 

Dendrobate dore (F): Dendrobates auratus 

Dendrobate du Rio Magdalena (F): Dendrobates truncatus 

Dendrobate du Rio Santiago f F): Dendrobates captivus 

Dendrobate du Tapajos (F): Dendrobates galactonotus 

Dendrobate du Xingu (F): Dendrobates castaneoticus 

Dendrobate fantastique (F): Dendrobates fantasticus 

Dendrobate granuleux (F): Dendrobates gtanu/iferus 

Dendrobate imitateur(F): Dendrobates imitator 

Dendrobate jaune et noir (F): Dendrobates leucomelas 

Dendrobate labie* (F): Dendrobates labialis 

Dendrobate mysterieux (F): Dendrobates mysteriosus 

Dendrobate occulte (F): Dendrobates occultator 

Dendrobate pumilio (F): Dendrobates ptimilio 

Dendrobate reticule (F): Dendrobates reticulatus 

Dendrobate rougeatre (F): Epipedobates rufulus 

dendrobates (F): Dendrobates sppJEpipedobates spp./ Minyobates 

Dendrobates spp.: (E) poison frogs, (S) ranas de puntas de flechas, 

(F) dendrobates, IIDENDROBATIDAE Am 
Dendrobates abdilus = Minyobates abditus 
Dendrobates altobueyensis = Minyobates altobueyensis 
Dendrobates amoenus = Dendrobates auratus 
Dendrobates andinus = Epipedobates andinus 
Dendrobates anthonyi = Epipedobates tricolor 
Dendrobates arboreus: (E) Polkadot Poison Frog, (S) Rana de punta 

de flecha arborea, (F) Dendrobate arboricole II 

Dendrobates auratus: (E) Green Poison Frog, Green -and-black 

Poison Frog, (F) Dendrobate dore II DENDROBATIDAE Am 
Dendrobates aurotaenia = Phyllobates aurotaenia 
Dendrobates azureiventris = Epipedobates azureiventris 
Dendrobates azureus: (E) Blue Poison Frog, Giant Poison Frog, (S) 

Rana de punta de flecha azul, (F) Dendrobate bleu II 

Dendrobates bassleri = Epipedobates bassleri 
Dendrobates betsileo = Mantella betsileo 
Dendrobates biolat. (E) Biolat Poison Frog, (F) Dendrobate biolat II 

Dendrobates bolivianus = Epipedobates bolivianus 
Dendrobates bombetes = Minyobates bombetes 
Dendrobates boulengeri = Epipedobates boulengeri 
Dendrobates captivus: (E) Rio Santiago Poison Frog, (F) 

Dendrobate du Rio Santiago II DENDROBATIDAE Am 
Dendrobates castaneoticus: (E) Brazil-nut Poison Frog, (F) 

Dendrobate du Xingu II DENDROBATIDAE Am 
Dendrobates claudiae.n DENDROBATIDAE Am 
Dendrobates ebenaui= Mantella betsileo 
Dendrobates erythromos = Epipedobates erythromos 
Dendrobates espinosai = Epipedobates espinosai 
Dendrobates eucnemis = Epipedobates pictus 
Dendrobates fantasticus: (E) Red-headed Poison Frog, (S) Rana de 

punta de flecha fantastica, (F) Dendrobate fantastique II 


Dendrobates femoralis = Epipedobates femoralis 
Dendrobates fulguritus = Minyobates fulguritus 
Dendrobates galactonotus: (E) Sp lash -backed Poison Frog, (F) 

Dendrobate du Tapajos II DENDROBATIDAE Am 
Dendrobates galindoi = Dendrobates pumilio 
Dendrobates granuliferus: (E) Granular Poison Frog, (S) Rana de 

punta de flecha granulosa, (F) Dendrobate granuleux II 

Dendmbates histrionicus: (E) Harlequin Poison Frog, Red-and- 

black Poison Frog, (S) Rana de punta de flecha histrionica II 

Dendrobates ignitus= Dendrobates pumilio 
Dendrobates imitator. (E) Mimic Poison Frog, (F) Dendrobate 

Dendrobates ingeri = Epipedobates ingeri 
Dendrobates labialis: (F) Dendrobate labie II DENDROBATIDAE 

Dendrobates lamasi: (E) Pasco Poison Frog, (F) Dendrobate de 

Dendrobates latimaculatus= Dendrobates auratus 
Dendrobates lehmanni. (E) Lehmann's Poison Frog, Red-banded 

Poison Frog, (S) Rana de punta de flecha de Lehmann, (F) 

Dendrobate de Lehman II DENDROBATIDAE Am 
Dendrobates leucomelas. (E) Yellow-banded Poison Frog, (S) Rana 

de punta de flecha de bandas amarillas, (F) Dendrobate jaune et 

Dendrobates lugubris = Phyllobates lugubris 
Dendrobates machadoi = Dendrobates tinctorius 
Dendrobates maculatus= Epipedobates maculatus 
Dendrobates madagascariensis = Mantella madagascariensis 
Dendrobates minutus = Minyobates minutus 
Dendrobates minutus ventrimaculatus = Dendrobates 

Dendrobates myersi = Epipedobates myersi 
Dendrobates mysteriosus: (E) Maranon Poison Frog, (S) Rana de 

punta de flecha misteriosa, (F) Dendrobate mysterieux II 

Dendrobates nigerrimus = Epipedobates trivittatus 
Dendrobates obscurus = Epipedobates trivittatus 
Dendrobates occultator. (E) La Brea Poison Frog, (F) Dendrobate 

Dendrobates opisthomelas = Minyobates opisthomelas 
Dendrobates paraensis -Dendrobates galactonotus 
Dendrobates parvulus = Epipedobates parvulus 
Dendrobates peter si - Epipedobates petersi 
Dendrobates pictus = Epipedobates pictus 
Dendrobates pulchripectus = Epipedobates pulchripectus 
Dendmbates pumilio : (E) Flaming Poison Frog, Red-and-blue 

Poison Frog, Strawberry Poison Frog, (S) Rana de punta de 

flecha roja, (F) Dendrobate pumilio II DENDROBATIDAE Am 
Dendrobates quinquevittatus: (E) Amazonian Poison-Arrow Frog, 

Rio Madeira Poison Frog, ( S) Rana de punta de flecha 

pentaestriada, (F) Dendrobate a cinq bandes II 

Dendrobates reticulatus: (E) Red-backed Poison Frog, Reticulated 

Poison Frog, (S) Rana de punta de flecha reticulada, (F) 

Dendrobate reticule II DENDROBATIDAE Am 
Dendrobates rufulus = Epipedobates rufulus 
Dendrobates shrevei= Minyobates minutus 
Dendrobates silverstonei = Epipedobates silverstonei 
Dendrobates sirensis = Dendrobates imitator 
Dendrobates smaragdinus = Epipedobates smaragdinus 
Dendrobates speciosus: (E) Splendid Poison Frog, (F) Epipedobate 

Dendrobates steyermarki = Minyobates steyermarki 
Dendrobates tetravittatus = Epipedobates trivittatus 
Dendrobates tinctorius: (E) Dyeing Poison Frog, (F) Dendrobate a 

Dendrobates tinctorius auratus = Dendrobates auratus 
Dendrobates tinctorius conftuens = Dendrobates histrionicus 
Dendrobates tinctorius histrionicus- Dendrobates histrionicus 
Dendrobates tinctorius igneus = Dendrobates quinquevittatus 
Dendrobates tinctorius quinquevittatus = Dendrobates 

Dendrobates tinctoriusvittatus= Phvllobates vittatus 

Seep. HI Veasep. 29 1 Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Dendrobates tinctoriuswittei = Dendrobates histrionicus 
Dendrobates tricolor = Epipedobates tricolor 
Dendrobates trivittatus = Epipedobates trivittatus 
Dendrobates trivittatus auratus = Dendrobates auratus 
Dendrobates trivittatus maculatits = Epipedobates maculatus 
Dendrobates truncatus: (E) Yellow-striped Poison Frog, (S) Rana 
de punta de flecha truncada, (F) Dendrobate du Rio Magdalena 
Dendrobates typographus = Dendrobates pumilio 
Dendrobates vanzolinii: (E) Brazilian Poison Frog, (S) Rana de 
punta de flecha de Vanzolini, (F) Dendrobate de Vanzolini II 
Dendrobates variabilis = Dendrobates ventrimaculatus 
Dendrobates ventrimaculatus: ( E) Amazonian Poison Frog, (F) 

Dendrobate au ventre tachete II DENDROBATIDAE Am 
Dendrobates vicentei: II DENDROBATIDAE Am 
Dendrobates viridis = Minyobates viridis 
Dendrobates virolensis = Minyobates virolensis 
Dendrobates zaparo = Epipedobates zaparo 
Dendrobathypathes grundis: II SCHIZOPATHIDAE An 
Dendrobathypathes isocrada: I] SCHIZOPATHIDAE An 
Dendrocygna arborea : (E) Black-billed Wood-Duck, Cuban Tree- 
Duck, West Indian Tree-Duck, West Indian Whistling-Duck, (S) 
Chiriria caribena, Pato silbon de Cuba, Suiriri yaguaza, (F) 
Dendrocygne a bee noir, Dendrocygne des Antilles II 
Dendrocygna autumnalis: {E) Black-bellied Whistling-Duck, Red- 
billed Whistling-Duck, (S) Guiriri, Pato silbon ventrinegro, Pijiji 
aliblanco, Suiriri piquirrojo, (F) Dendrocygne a bee rouge, 
Dendrocygne a ventre noir III ANATIDAE Av 
Dendrocygna bicolor. (E) Fulvous Tree-Duck, Fulvous Whistling- 
Duck, (S) Pato silbon comun, Pijiji canelo, Suiriri bicolor, 
Suiriri leonado, Yaguaso Colorado, (F) Dendrocygne fauve III 
Dendrocygna fulva = Dendrocygna bicolor 
Dendrocygna viduata.(E) White-faced Tree-Duck, White-faced 
Whistling-Duck, (S) Pato silbon cariblanco, Suiriri cariblanco, 
Yagouaso cariblanco, (F) Dendrocygne veuf III ANATIDAE 
Dendrocygne a bee noir (F): Dendrocygna arborea 
Dendrocygne a bee rouge (F): Dendrocygna autumnalis 
Dendrocygne a ventre noir (F): Dendrocygna autumnalis 
Dendrocygne des Antilles (F): Dendrocygna arborea 
Dendrocygne fauve (F): Dendrocygna bicolor 
Dendrocygne veuf (F): Dendrocygna viduata 
Dendrogale melanura: (E) Bornean Smooth-tailed Treeshrew, (S) 

Tupaya de Borneo II TUPAIIDAE Ma 
Dendrogale murina: (E) Mainland Slender-tailed Treeshrew, 
Northern Smooth-tailed Treeshrew, (F) Toupai'e murin II 
Dendrogyra cyiindrus: (E) Pillar Coral, (F) Corail cierge II 8 

Dendrolague gris (F): Dendrolagus inustus 
Dendrolague noir (F): Dendrolagus ursinus 
Dendrolagus inustus: (E) Grizzled Tree-kangaroo, (S) Canguro 
arboreo gris, Canguro arboricola gris, (F) Dendrolague gris II 
Dendrolagus ursinus: (E) Black Tree- kangaroo, Vogelkop Tree- 
kangaroo, White-throated Tree-kangaroo, (S) Canguro arboreo 
negro, Canguro arboricola negro, (F) Dendrolague noir II 
Dendrophyllia aculeata: II s DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Dendrophyllia affinis = Tubastraea coccinea 
Dendrophyllia alcocki: II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Dendrophyllia altemata : II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Dendrophyllia amphel hides = Enallopsammia rostrata 
Dendrophyllia arbuscula : D 8 DENDROPHYLLI IDAE An 
Dendrophyllia arbuscula compressa = Dendrophyllia arbuscula 
Dendrophyllia atrata = Astrangia atrata 
Dendrophyllia aurantiaca = Tubastraea coccinea 
Dendrophyllia axifuga = Duncanopsammia axifuga 
Dendrophyllia boschmar. D 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Dendrophyllia californica: II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Dendrophyllia cladonia : II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Dendrophyllia coarctata = Cladopsammia gracilis 

Dendrophyllia coccinea = Cladopsammia gracilis 
Dendrophyllia conferta = Dendrophyllia arbuscula 
Dendrophyllia cornigera : II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Dendrophyllia cornucopia = Eguchipsammia cornucopia 
Dendrophyllia cortezi = Dendrophyllia oldroydae 
Dendrophyllia cribrosa : if DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Dendrophyllia cyathoides = Balanophyilia cyathoides 
Dendrophyllia danae = Tubastraea coccinea 
Dendrophyllia diaphana - Tubastraea diaphana 
Dendrophyllia dilatata: U 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Dendrophyllia ehrenbergiana = Tubastraea coccinea 
Dendrophyllia elegans = Cladopsammia gracilis 
Dendrophyllia erecta = Dendrophyllia arbuscula 
Dendrophyllia fistula = Eguchipsammia fistula 
Dendroplnlliajlorulenta:\f DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Dendrophyllia gaditana = Eguchipsammia gaditana 
Dendrophyllia gracilis = Cladopsammia gracilis 
Dendrophyllia horsti = Dendrophyllia arbuscula 
Dendrophyllia ijimat. II s DENDROPFIYLLIIDAE An 
Dendropln-llia incisa: U" DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Dendrophyllia indica: if DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Dendrophyllia japonica = Dendrophyllia boschmai/Eguchipsammia 

Dendrophyllia johnsoni: II 8 DENDROPHYLLnDAE An 
Dendrophyllia klunzingeri = Dendrophyllia robusta 
Dendrophyllia laboreli: H 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Dendrophyllia manni= Tubastraea coccinea 
Dendrophyllia micranthus = Tubastraea micranthus 
Dendrophyllia minuscula: II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Dendrophyllia nigrescens = Tubastraea micranthus 
Dendrophyllia oahensis = Eguchipsammia fistula 
Dendrophyllia oldroydae: if DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Dendrophyllia oldroydi = Dendrophyllia oldroydae 
Dendrophyllia palita = Dendrophyllia alcocki 
Dendrophyllia praecipua = Eguchipsammia gaditana 
Dendrophyllia profunda = Enallopsammia profunda 
Dendrophyllia pusilla = Enallopsammia pusilla 
Dendrophyllia ramea: II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Dendrophyllia robusta: II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Dendrophyllia rubeola = Culicia rubeola 
Dendrophyllia serpentina = Eguchipsammia serpentina 
Dendrophyllia sibogae = Tubastraea diaphana 
Dendrophyllia subcomigera = Dendrophyllia arbuscula 
Dendrophyllia surcularis = Tubastraea coccinea 
Dendrophyllia turbinata = Tubastraea coccinea 
Dendrophyllia velala : X!t DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Dendrophyllia wellsi = Eguchipsammia wellsi 
Dendrophyllia willeyi = Tubastraea coccinea 
Dendrosmilia nomlandi= Lophelia pertusa 
Dent de cochon poreuse (F): Balanophyilia floridana 
Dermatemyde de Mawe (F): Dermatemys mawii 
Dermatemys abnormis = Dermatemys mawii 
Dermatemys mawii: (E) Central American River Turtle, (S) Plana, 

Tortuga blanca, (F) Dermatemyde de Mawe, Tortue de Tabasco 

Dermatemys salvinii = Dermatemys mawii 
Dermochelys coriacea. (E) Leatherback, Leatherback Turtle, 

Leathery Turtle, Luth, Luth Turtle, Trunkback Turtle, (S) Canal. 

Tinglada, Tortuga laud, (F) Tortue luth I DERMOCHELYIDAE 

Deroptyus accipitrinus: (E) Hawk -headed Parrot, Red-fan Parrot, 

(S) Loro cacique, (F) Papegeai maille II PSITTACIDAE Av 
Desmophyllum alabastrum =Javania lamprotichum 
Desmophyllum antarcticum = Javania antarctica 
Desmophyllum cailleti = Javania cailleti 
Desmophyllum capense = Caryophyllia capensis 
Desmophyllum costatum = Desmophyllum dianthus 
Desmophyllum cristagalli = Desmophyllum dianthus 
Desmophyllum cumingii = Desmophyllum dianthus 
Desmophyllum delicatum = Javania cailleti 
Desmophyllum dianthus: II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Desmophyllum eburneum -Javania cailleti 
Desmophyllum galapagense = Javania cailleti 
Desmophyllum gasti = Thalamophvllia gasti 
Desmophyllum incertum = Oxysmilia rotundifolia 

Seep. 13/Veasep. 29 / Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Desmophylhim ingens = Desmophyllum dianthus 

Desmophyllum insignis = Javania insignis 

Desmophyllum lamprotichum = Javania lamprotichum 

Desmophyllum nohile = Javania cailleti 

Desmophyllum riisei = Thalamophyllia riisei 

Desmophyllum serpuliforme = Desmophyllum dianthus 

Desmophyllum simplex = Thalamophyllia riisei 

Desmophyllum solidum = Thalamophyllia riisei 

Desmophyllum stria lum : II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 

Desmophyllum tenuescens = Thalamophyllia lenuescens 

Desmophyllum vitreum =Ja\'ania cailleti 

Devorador de hombres (S): Carcharodon carcharias 

Dhaman (E): Ptyas mucosus 

Dhole (E): Cuonalpinus 

Diamant a bavette (F): Poephila cincta 

Diamant a face rouge (F): Pytilia hypogrammica 

Diamant aurore (F): Pytilia phoenicoptera 

Diamante colidorado (S): Agyrtria brevirostris 

Diamante de pecho negro (S): Poephila cincta cincta 

Diamante gargantiverde (S): Polyerata fimbriata 

Diamante multicolor (S): Agyrtria versicolor 

Diamante pechizaftro (S): Polyerata lactea 

Diamante ventriblanco (S): Agyrtria leucogaster 

Diana (S): Cercopithecus diana 

Diaseris crispa = Fungiacyathus crispus 

Diaseris distorta = Fungia distorta 

Diaseris fragilis = Fungiafragilis 

Diaseris freycineti = Fungia sinensis 

Diaseris pulchella = Fungia distorta 

Diaseris pusilla = Fungiacyathus pusillus 

Dicerorhinus sumatrensis: (E) Hairy Rhinoceros, Sumatran 
Rhinoceros, (S) Rinoceronte de Sumatra, (F) Rhinoceros de 

Diceros bicornis: (E) Black Rhinoceros, Browse Rhinoceros, Hook- 
lipped Rhinoceros, (S) Rinoceronte negro, (F) Rhinoceros noir I 

Dichocoenia stellaris: (E) Elliptical Star Coral, Pancake Star Coral 

Dichocoenia stokesii: (E) Elliptical Star Coral, Pineapple Coral, (F) 
Corail etoile elliptique IF MEANDRINIIDAE An 

Dichopsammia granulosa: rf DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 

Dicotyles tajacu = Pecari tajacu 

Dicranosaura bifurca crassicornis = Furcifer bifidus 

Dicroglossus tigerinus = Hoplobatrachus tigerinus 

Didermocerus sumatrensis = Dicerorhinus sumatrensis 

Digger, Mussel (E): Eschrichtius robustus 

Dindon ocelle (F): Agriocharis ocellata 

Dinectus truncatus = Acipenser fulvescens 

Dioch, Red-headed (E): Quelea erythrops 

Diomedea albatrus (E) Short -tailed Albatross, Steller's Albatross, 
(S) Albatros, Albatros colicorto, Albatros rabon, (F) Albatros a 
queue courte, Albatros de Steller I DIOMEDEIDAE Av 

Diomedea demersa = Spheniscus demersus 

Diopsittaca nobilis: (E) Harm's Macaw, Noble Macaw, Red- 
shouldered Macaw, (S) Guacamayo enano, Guacamayo noble, 
(F) Ara noble. Petit perruche-ara n PSITTACIDAE Av 

Diostede pico acanelado (S): Ramphastos vitellinus 

Diphyllodes magni/icus = Cicinnurus magniftcus 

Dipltyllodes respublica = Cicinnurus respublica 

Diploastrea glaucopsis = Diploastrea heliopora 

Diploastrea heliopora : II 8 FAVIIDAE An 

Diploastrea patula = Diploastrea heliopora 

Diplohelia eburnea = Schtoculina fissipara 

Diplohelia profunda = Enallopsammia profunda 

Diploria cerebriformis = Diploria labyrinthiformis 

Diploria clivosa: (E) Knobby Brain Coral, (F) Corail cerveau 
bossele II s FAVIIDAE An 

Diploria geographica = Diploria labyrinthiformis 

Diploria labyrinthiformis: (E) Common Brain Coral, Grooved Brain 
Coral, (F) Cerveau de neptune II 8 FAVIIDAE An 

Diploria mammosa = Diploria clivosa 

Diploria stokesii = Diploria labyrinthiformis 

Diploria strigosa: (E) Symmetrical Brain Coral, (F) Corail cerveau 
symetrique II 8 FAVIIDAE An 

Dipneuste (F): NeoceraOdus forsteri 

Dipnoo (S): Neoceratodus forsteri 

Dipsastrea solida = Goniastrea echvardsi 

Dipsochelys abrupla = Geochelone gigantea 

Dipsochelys arnoldi = Geochelone gigantea 

Dipsochelys daudinii = Geochelone gigantea 

Dipsochelys dussumieri = Geochelone gigantea 

Dipsochelys elephantina = Geochelone gigantea 

Dipsochelys grandidieri = Geochelone gigantea 

Dipsochelys hololissa = Geochelone gigantea 

Discophus antongilii = Dyscophus antongilii 

Discosura conversii: (E) Green Thomtail, (S) Colacerda verde, 

Rabudito verde, (F) Coquette a queue fine II TROCHILIDAE 

Discosura langsdorffi: (E) Black-bellied Thorntail, (S) Colacerda 

ventrinegra, Coqueta cola de Lira, Rabudito ventrinegro, (F) 

Coquette de Langsdorff II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Discosura letitiae: (E) Coppery Thorntail, (S) Rabudito cobrizo, (F) 

Coquette de Letitia II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Discosura longicauda: (E) Racket -tailed Coquette, (S) Coqueta cola 

raqueta, Rabudito de raquetas, (F) Coquette a raquettes II 

Discosura popelairii: (E) Wire -crested Thomtail, (S) Colacerda 

crestuda, Rabudito crestado, (F) Coquette de Popelaire II 

Discotrochus dentatus= Anthemiphyllia dentala 
Discotrochus minimus= Peponocyathus minimus 
Distichopathesdisticha: II APHANTPATHIDAE An 
Distichopathesfilix: II APHAMPATHTDAE An 
Distichopora allnutti = Dislichopora nitida 
Dislichoporaanceps. \t STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Distichopora anomala : II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Distichopora barbadensis: if STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Dislichopora borealis: rf STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Distichopora brasseyae = Distichopora nitida 
Distichopora breviserialis = Distichopora nitida 
Distichopora cervina: \t STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Distichopora cinnabcrina = Distichopora violacea 
Distichopora coccinea: it STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Distichopora conferta - Distichopora gracilis 
Distichopora contorta : it STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Distichopora dispar. II s STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Distichopora fisheri = Distichopora violacea 
Distichopora foliacea: IISTYLASTER1DAE Hy 
Distichopora fragilis = Distichopora gracilis 
Distichopora fuhacea = Distichopora violacea 
Distichopora gracilis: n 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Distichopora granulosa = Distichopora gracilis 
Distichopora irregularis: D 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Distichopora laevigramdosa : rf STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Distichopora livida: II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Distichopora milesii - Distichopora gracilis 
Distichopora nitida: if STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Distichopora ochracea - Distichopora nitida 
Distichopora profunda: rf STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Distichopora providentiae: rf STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Distichopora rosalindae: rf STYLASTERITXVE Hy 
Distichopora rosea = Distichopora violacea 
Distichopora serpen*, rf STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Distichopora sulcata: rf STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Distichopora uniserialis: rf STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Distichopora vervoorti: rf STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Distichopora violacea: rf STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Distichopora yucatanensis: rf STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Dob (F): Uromastyx acanthinura 
Doederleinia irregtdaris = Sandalolitha robusta 
Doederleinia sluiteri = Sandalolitha dentala 
Dog, Asiatic Wild (E): Cuon alpinus 
Dog, Bush (E): Speothos venaticus 
Dog, Indian Wild (E): Cuonalpinus 
Dog, Red (E): Cuon alpinus 
Dog, Savannah (E): Speothos venaticus 
Dolphin, Amazon River (E): Inia geqffrensis 
Dolphin, Amazonian River (E): Solatia fluviatilis 
Dolphin, Atlantic (E): Delphinus delphis 
Dolphin, Atlantic Humpbacked (E): Sousa teuszii 

See p. 13 1 Vease p. 29 1 Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Dolphin, Atlantic Spinner (E): Stenella clymene 

Dolphin, Atlantic Spotted (E): Stenella frontalis 

Dolphin, Atlantic White-sided (E): Lagenorhynchus acittus 

Dolphin, Benguela (E): Cephalorhynchus heavisidii 

Dolphin, Black (E): Cephalorhynchus eutropia 

Dolphin, Blackchin (E): Lagenorhynchus australis 

Dolphin, Bottlenose (E): Tursiops truncatus 

Dolphin. Bottle-nosed (E): Tursiops truncatus 

Dolphin, Bridled (E): Stenella attenuata 

Dolphin, Changjiang (E): Lipotes vexillifer 

Dolphin, Chilean (E): Cephalorhynchus eutropia 

Dolphin, Chinese Lake (E): Lipotes vexillifer 

Dolphin, Clymene (E): Stenella clymene 

Dolphin, Commerson's (E): Cephalorhynchus commersonii 

Dolphin, Common (E): Delphinus delphis 

Dolphin, Dusky (E): Lagenorhynchus obscurus 

Dolphin, Estuarine (E): Solatia fluviatilis 

Dolphin, Euphrosyne (E): Stenella coentleoalba 

Dolphin, Fraser's (E): Lagenodelphis hosei 

Dolphin, Ganges River (E): Platanista gangetica 

Dolphin, Grey (E): Grampus griseus/Sotalia fluviatilis 

Dolphin, Guianian River (E): Solatia fluviatilis 

Dolphin, Heaviside's (E): Cephalorhynchus heavisidii 

Dolphin, Hector's (E): Cephalorhynchus hectori 

Dolphin, Helmet (E): Stenella clymene 

Dolphin, Hourglass (E): Lagenorhynchus cruciger 

Dolphin, Indian Ocean Bottlenose (E): Tursiops aduncus 

Dolphin, Indo-pacific Humpbacked (Ey.Sousa chinensis 

Dolphin, Indus (E): Platanista minor 

Dolphin, Indus River (E): Platanista minor 

Dolphin, Irrawaddy (E): Orcaella brevirostris 

Dolphin, La Plata River (E): Pontoporia blainvillei 

Dolphin, Long-beaked (E): Stenella longirostris 

Dolphin, Long-beaked Bottlenose (E): Tursiops aduncus 

Dolphin, Longsnouted (E): Stenella longirostris 

Dolphin, Narrow-snouted (E): Stenella attenuata 

Dolphin, New Zealand (E): Cephalorhynchus hectori 

Dolphin, Northern Right Whale (E): Lissodelphis borealis 

Dolphin, Pacific (E): Delphinus delphis 

Dolphin, Pacific White-sided (E): Lagenorhynchus obliquidens 

Dolphin, Pantropical Spotted (E): Stenella attenuata 

Dolphin, Peale's (E): Lagenorhynchus australis 

Dolphin, Piebald (E): Cephalorhynchus commersonii 

Dolphin, Risso's (E): Grampus griseus 

Dolphin, Rough-toothed (E): Steno bredanensis 

Dolphin, Saddle-backed (E): Delphinus delphis 

Dolphin, Sarawak (E): Lagenodelphis hosei 

Dolphin, Short -beaked Bottlenose (E): Tursiops truncatus 

Dolphin, Short -beaked Saddleback (E): Delphinus delphis 

Dolphin, Snubfin (E): Orcaella brevirostris 

Dolphin, Southern Right Whale (E): Lissodelphis peronii 

Dolphin, Spinner (E): Stenella longirostris 

Dolphin, Striped (E): Stenella coeruleoalba 

Dolphin, White Flag (E): Lipotes vexillifer 

Dolphin, White-beaked (E): Lagenorhynchus albirostris 

Dolphin, White-bellied (E): Cephalorhynchus eutropia 

Dolphin, Whitefin (E): Lipotes vexillifer 

Dolphin, White-headed (E): Cephalorhynchus hectori 

Dolphin, Yangtze River (E): Lipotes vexillifer 

dolphins (E): CETACEA spp. 

dolphins, humpback (E): Sousa spp. 

dolphins, river (E): Sotalia spp. 

Domicella albidinucha = Lorius albidhuchus 

Domicella amabilis = Lorius hypoinochrous 

Domicella chlorocercus = Lorius chlorocercus 

Domicella domicella = Lorius domicella 

Domicella garrula = Lorius garrulus 

Domicella hypoinochroa = Lorius hypoinochrous 

Domicella lory = Lorius Ion' 

Domicella tibialis = Lorius domicella 

Domoseris porosa = Leptoseris solida 

Domoseris regularis — Leptoseris scabra 

Domoseris solida = Leptoseris solida 

don't coraux recifaux (F): SCLERACTINIA spp. 

Doricha bryantae = Calliphlox bryantae 

Doricha eliza : (E) Mexican Sheartail, (S) Colibri de Elisa, Tijereta 

yucateca. (F) Colibri elise II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Doricha enicura:(E) Slender Sheartail, (S) Colibri colirraro, 

Tijereta centroamericana, (F) Colibri a queue singuliere II 

Doryfera johannae (E) Blue-fronted Lancebill, (S) Colibri 

picolanza menor, Pico lanza frentiazul, (F) Porte-lance de 

Doryfera ludovicae. (E) Green-fronted Lancebill. (S) Colibri 

picolanza mayor. Pico lanza frentiverde. (F) Porte-lance de 

Dos-vert ajoues blanches IF): Nesocharis capistrata 
Douc (E): Pygalhrix nemaeus 
doucs (F): Pygathrix spp. 
Douroucouli (E):Aotus trivirgatus 
Dove, African Mourning (E): Streptopelia decipiens 
Dove, Bleeding-heart (E): Gallicolumba luzonica 
Dove. Blue -headed (E): Turtur brehmeri 
Dove, Laughing (E): Streptopelia senegalensis 
Dove, Long-tailed (E): Oena capensis 
Dove, Masked (E): Oena capensis 
Dove, Namaqua (E): Oena capensis 
Dove, Nicobar (E): Caloenas nicobarica 
Dove, Palm (E): Streptopelia senegalensis 
Dove, Pink -headed {E): Streptopelia roseogrisea 
Dove, Red-eyed (E): Streptopelia semitorquata 
Dove, Rock (E): Cohtmba livia 
Dove, Rose-grey (E): Streptopelia roseogrisea 
Dove, Senegal (E): Streptopelia senegalensis 
Dove, Tambourine (E): Turtur tympanistria 
Dove, Turtle (E): Streptopelia turtur 
Dove, Vinaceous (E): Streptopelia vinacea 
Dracaena spp.: (E) caiman lizards, (S) jacaruxi, lagartos dragons, 

(F) dracenes, lezards caiman, D. TEIIDAE Re 
Dracaena guianensis: (E) Armoured Teyou, Croco-Teju, Four-foot 

Caiman, Guyanan Caiman Lizard, Jacuruxi, (F) Dracene de 

Guyane, Lezard-cai'man de Guyane II TEIIDAE Re 
Dracaena paraguayensis: (E) Paraguayan Caiman Lizard, ( F) 

Dracene du Paraguay, Lezard-cai'man du Paraguay II TEIIDAE 

Dracene de Guyane (F): Dracaena guianensis 
Dracene du Paraguay (F): Dracaena paraguayensis 
dracenes (F): Dracaena spp. 
Dragon (S): Agelaius flavus 
Dragon de Komodo (S): Varanus komodoensis 
Dragon des Komodos (F): Varanus komodoensis 
Dragon, Komodo (E): Varanus komodoensis 
Dragonfish (E): Scleropages formosus 
Drepanornis albertisi = Epimachus albertisi 
Drepanornis bruijnii - Epimachus bruijnii 
Drepanornis dAlbertis (F): Epimachus albertisi 
Drepanornis de Bruijn (F): Epimachus bruijnii 
Dril <S): Mandrillus leucophaeus 
Drill (E): Mandrillus leucophaeus 
Droguera (F): Papio hamadryas 
Dromus dramas: (E) Dromedary Naiad, Dromedary Pearly Mussel I 

Dryade a queue fourchue (F): Thalurania furcata 
Dryade couronnee (F): Thalurania colombica 
Dryade de Fanny (F): Thalurania fannyi 
Dryade de Waterton (F): Thalurania watertonii 
Dryade du Mexique (F): Thalurania ridgwayi 
Dryade glaucope (F): Thalurania glaucopis 
Dryocopus javensis: (E) White- bellied Woodpecker, (F) Pic a ventre 

Dryocopus javensis richardsi: (E) Tristram's Woodpecker, (S) Pito 

de vientre bianco de Corea, Pito ventriblanco de Corea, (F) Pic a 

ventre blanc de Coree, Pic de Tristram I PICIDAE Av 
Dryotriorchis spectabilis. (E) African Serpent -Eagle. Congo 

Serpent-Eagle, (S) Aguila culebrera colilarga, Culebrera 

conaoleiia, (F) Aigle serpentaire, Serpentaire du Congo II 

Due a aigrettes (F): Lophostrix cristata 
Due a criniere (F): Jubula lettii 
Duck, Comb (E): Sarkidiornis melanotos 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Duck, Ferruginous ( E): Aythya nyroca 

Duck, Hartlaub's (E): Pteronetta hartlaubii 

Duck, Laysan (E): Anas laysanensis 

Duck. Marianas Island (E).Anas ouslaleti 

Duck, Muscovy (E): Cairina moschata 

Duck, Oustalet's Grey (E): Anas ouslaleti 

Duck, Pink -headed (E): Rhodonessa caryophyliacea 

Duck, White-headed (E): Oxyura leucocephala 

Duck, White-winged (E): Cairina scutulata 

Duck. White- winged Wood (E): Cairina scutulata 

Ducula de Mindoro (S): Ducula mindorensis 

Ducula mindorensis: (E) Mindoro Imperial-Pigeon, Mindoro Zone- 
tailed Pigeon, (S) Ducula de Mindoro. Paloma de Mindoro, (F) 
Carpophage de Mindoro, Pigeon de Mindoro I COLUMBIDAE 

Dtigesiella epicureana = Braclnpelma epicureanum 

Dugon (S): Dugong dugon 

Dugong (E): Dugong dugon 

Dugong dugon: (E) Dugong, Sea Cow, (S) Dugon, Dugong, 
Dugongo, (F) Dugong I DUGONGIDAE Ma 

Dugongo (S): Dugong dugon 

Duiker, Banded (E): Cephalophus zebra 

Duiker, Bay (E): Cephalophus dorsalis 

Duiker, Blue (E): Cephalophus monticola 

Duiker, Jentink's (E): Cephalophus jentinki 

Duiker, Ogilby's (E): Cephalophus ogilhyi 

Duiker. Yellow-backed (E): Cephalophus silvicultor 

Duiker, Zebra (E): Cephalophus zebra 

Duiquero azul (S): Cephalophus monticola 

Duiquero bayo (S): Cephalophus dorsalis 

Duiquero cebrado (S): Cephalophus zebra 

Duiquero de Jentink (S): Cephalophus jentinki 

Duiquero de lomo amarillo (S): Cephalophus silvicultor 

Duiquero de Ogilby (S): Cephalophus ogilhyi 

Dumerilia madagascariensis = Eiymnochelys madagascariensis 

Duncan ia barbadensis = Gardineria paradoxa 

Duncania capensis = Paraconotrochus capense 

Duncanopsammia axifuga: (E) Whisker Coral II 8 

Dunnart, Long-tailed (E): Sminthopsis longicaudata 

Dunnart, Sandhill (E): Sminthopsis psammophila 

Dunocyathus parasiticus: II s TURBINOLIIDAE An 

Dunocyathus wallaceae: II 8 TURBINOLIIDAE An 

Durisse (F): Crolalus durissus 

Dusicyon culpaeus= Pseudalopex culpaeus 

Dusicyon griseus= Pseudalopex griseus 

Dusicyon gymnocercus = Pseudalopex gymnocercus 

Dusicyon thous= Cerdocyon thous 

Dyscophus antongilii: (E) Tomato Frog, (F) Crapaud rouge de 
Madagascar, Grenouille tomate 1 MICROHYLIDAE Am 

Dyscophus insidaris antongilii = Dyscophus antongilii 

Dyscophus insidaris pallidus = Dyscophus antongilii 

Dyscophus sanguineus — Dyscophus antongilii 

Dysnomia fiorentina Jlorentina = Epioblasma Jlorentina Jlorentina 

Dysnomia jlorentina walkeri = Epioblasma walkeri 

Dysnomia lefevrei = Epioblasma turgidula 

Dysnomia sampsonii - Epioblasma sampsonii 

Dysnomia tondosa gubernaculum = Epioblasma torulosa 

Dysnomia torulosa rangiana = Epioblasma tondosa rangiana 

Dysnomia tondosa torulosa = Epioblasma tondosa torulosa 

Dysnomia turgidida = Epioblasma turgidula 

Dziggetai (E): Equus hemionushemionus 

Eagle, Adalbert's (E): Aquila adalberti 

Eagle, African (E): Hieraaetus spilogaster 

Eagle, African Black (E): Aquila verreauxii 

Eagle, African Crowned (E): Stephanoaetus coronatus 

Eagle, American Harpy (E): Harpia harpyja 

Eagle, Asian Black (E): Ictinaetus malayensis 

Eagle, Ayres's (E): Hieraaetus ayresii 

Eagle, Bald (E): Haliaeetus leucocephalus 

Eagle, Bateleur (E): Terathopius ecaudatus 

Eagle, Black (E): Aquila verreauxiil Ictinaetus malayensis 

Eagle. Black Solitary (E): Harpyhaliaetus solitarius 

Eagle, Black-and-chestnut (E): Oroaetus isidori 



e. Black-chested (E): Geranoaetus melanoleucus 

e, Bonelli's (E): Hieraaetus fasciatus 

e. Booted (E): Hieraaetus pennants 

e, Crested (E): Morphnus guianensis 

e, Crowned (E): Harpyhaliaetus coronatuslStephanoaetus 


e, Crowned Solitary (E): Harpyhaliaetus coronatus 

e, Eastern Imperial (E): Aquila heliaca 

e. Golden (E): Aquila chrysaetos 

e, Great Philippine (E): Pithecophaga jefferyi 

e, Greater Spotted (E): Aquila clanga 

e. Grey Sea (E): Haliaeetus albicilla 

e. Grey-headed Fishing (E): Ichthyophaga ichthyaetus 

e, Guianan Crested (E): Morphnus gidanensis 

, Gumey's (E): Aquila gurneyi 
tie. Harpy (E): Harpiaharpyja 
de. Imperial (E): Aquila heliaca 
de, Indian Black (E): Ictinaetus malayensis 
tie, Isidor's (E): Oroaetus isidori 

, Lesser Fishing (E): Ichthyophaga humilis 
;le. Lesser Spotted (E): Aquila pomarina 
tie. Little (E): Hieraaetus morphnoides 
;le, Long-crested (E): Lophaetus occipitalis 
de. Martial (E): Polemaetus hellicosus 
de. Monkey -eating (E): Pithecophaga jefferyi 
de, New Guinea (E): Harpyopsis novaeguineae 
tie. New Guinea Harpy (E): Harpyopsis novaeguineae 
de, Philippine (E): Pithecophaga jefferyi 
;le. Red- backed Sea (E): Haliastur Indus 
de. River (E): Haliaeetus vocifer 
tie, Rufous-bellied (E): Hieraaetus kienerii 
de. Short -toed (E): Circaetus gallicus 
de. Solitary (E): Harpyhaliaetus solitarius 
tie, Spanish Imperial (E): Aquila adalberti 
de, Spotted (E): Aquila clanga 

Eagle, Steppe (E): Aquila nipalensis 

Eagle, Tawny (E): Aquila rapax 

Eagle, Verreaux's (E): Aquila verreauxii 

Eagle, Wahlberg's (E): Aquila wahlbergi 

Eagle, Wedge-tailed (E): Aquila audax 

Eagle, Whistling (E): Haliastur sphenurus 

Eagle, White-headed (E): Haliaeetus leucocephalus 

Eagle, White-headed Sea (E): Haliastur indus 

Eagle, White-shouldered (E): Aquila adalberti 

Eagle, White-tailed (E): Haliaeetus albicilla 

Eagle-Owl, African (E): Bubo afficanus 

Eagle-Owl, Akun(E): Bubo leucostictus 

Eagle-Owl, Banded (E): Bubo shelleyi 

Eagle-Owl, Barred (E): Bubo sumatranus 

Eagle-Owl, Cape (E): Bubo capensis 

Eagle-Owl, Dusky (E): Bubo coromandus 

Eagle-Owl, Eurasian (E): Bubo bubo 

Eagle-Owl, Forest (E): Bubo nipalensis 

Eagle-Owl, Fraser's (E): Bubo poensis 

Eagle-Owl, Giant (E): Bubo lacteus 

Eagle-Owl, Lesser (E): Mimizuku gurney'i 

Eagle-Owl, Mackinder's (E): Bubo capensis 

Eagle-Owl, Milky (E):Bubo lacteus 

Eagle-Owl, Mindanao (E): Mimizuku gurneyi 

Eagle-Owl, Mountain (E): Bubo capensis 

Eagle-Owl, Pharaoh (E): Bubo ascalaphus 

Eagle-Owl, Philippine (E): Bubo philippensis 

Eagle-Owl, Rock (E): Bubo bengalensis 

Eagle-Owl, Shelley's (E): Bubo shelleyi 

Eagle-Owl, Sooty (E): Bubo leucostictus 

Eagle-Owl, Spot-bellied (E): Bubo nipalensis 

Eagle-Owl, Spotted (E): Bubo africanus 

Eagle-Owl, Usambara (E): Bubo vosseleri 

Eagle-Owl, Verreaax's (E): Bubo lacteus 

Eared-Pheasant. Brown (E): Crossoptilon mantchuricum 

EaredPheasant, Manchurian (E): Crossoptilon mantchuricum 

Eared-Pheasant, Tibetan (E): Crossoptilon harmani 

Eared-Pheasant, White (E): Crossoptilon crossoptilon 

Echidna russelii = Daboia nisselii 

Echidna, Long-beaked (E): Zaglossus bruijni 

Seep. 13/ Veasep. 29 / Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Echidna, Long-nosed (E): Zaglossus bruijni 
Echidna, New Guinea Long-nosed (E): Zaglossus bruijni 
echidnas, long-nosed (E): Zaglossus spp. 
Echidne a bee courbe (F): Zaglossus bruijni 
Echidne de Bruijn (F): Zaglossus bruijni 
Echidne de Nouvelle-Guinee (F): Zaglossus bruijni 
Echidnos narilargos (S): Zaglossus bruijni 
Echinomorpha nishihirai- Echinophyllia nishihirai 
Echinophyllia aspera: II s PECTINHDAE An 
Echinophyllia coslata : II s PECT1NTIDAE An 
Echinophyllia echinata : II s PECTINHDAE An 
Echinophyllia echinoporoides: II 8 PECTINHDAE An 
Echinophyllia lacera = Oxvpora lacera 
Echinophyllia maxima: II f PECTINHDAE An 
Echinophyllia nishihirar. if PECTINHDAE An 
Echinophyllia orpheensis: II 8 PECTINHDAE An 
Echinophyllia patula: II 8 PECTINHDAE An 
Echinophyllia pectinata : II 8 PECTINHDAE An 
Echinophyllia taylorae: II 8 PECTINHDAE An 
Echinophyllia tosaensis: II 8 PECTINHDAE An 
Echinopora ashmorensis: II FAVIIDAE An 
Echinopora aspera - Echinophyllia aspera 
Echinopora carduus = Echinopora gemmacea 
Echinopora concamerata = Echinopora gemmacea 
Echinopora concinna = Echinopora lamellosa 
Echinopora ehrenbergii = Echinopora gemmacea 
Echinopora elegans= Echinopora lamellosa 
Echinopora jlexuosa = Echinopora lamellosa 
Echinopora forskaliana: II 8 FAVIIDAE An 
Echinopora jruliculosa: II 8 FAVIIDAE An 
Echinopora gemmacea: II 8 FAVIIDAE An 
Echinopora glabra = Echinopora mam miformis 
Echinopora helli = Echinopora hirsutissima 
Echinopora hirsutissima: II 8 FAVIIDAE An 
Echinopora horrida: II 8 FAVIIDAE An 
Echinopora irregularis: II 8 FAVIIDAE An 
Echinopora lamellosa: II 8 FAVIIDAE An 
Echinopora litae = Echinopora lamellosa 
Echinopora magna = Echinophyllia aspera 
Echinopora mammiformis: II 8 FAVIIDAE An 
Echinopora pacificus. II 8 FAVIIDAE An 
Echinopora reflexa = Echinopora lamellosa 
Echinopora robusta: II 8 FAVIIDAE An 
Echinopora rosularia = Echinopora lamellosa 
Echinopora rousseaui = Echinopora gemmacea 
Echinopora solidior = Echinopora gemmacea/ Echinopora 

Echinopora striatula = Echinopora lamellosa 
Echinopora tenia = Echinopora hirsutissima 
Echinopora tiranensis: if FAVIIDAE An 
Echinopora undulata = Echinopora lamellosa 
Echnide a bee courbe (F): Zaglossus spp. 
EclectNS roratus: (E) Eclectus Parrot, (S) Loro eclectico, (F) Grand 

ecureuils geants (F): Ratiifa spp. 
ecureuils volants (F): Anomalurus spp. 
EfTraie africaine (F): Tyro alba 
Effraie de Manus (F): Tyto manusi 
Effraie de Minahassa (F): Tyto inexspectata 
Effraie de prairie (F): Tyto longimembris 
Effraie de Soumagne (F): Tyto soumagnei 
Effraie de Taliabu (F): Tyto nigrobrunnea 
Effraie de Tasmanie (F): Tyto castanops 
Effraie des Celebes (F): Tyto rosenbergii 
Effraie des clochers (F): Tyto alba 
Effraie des Tanimbar (F): Tyto sororcula 
Effraie d'Hispaniola (F): Tyto glaucops 
Effraie doree (F): Tytoaurantia 
Effraie du Cap (F): Tyto capensis 
Effraie masquee(F): Tyto novaehollandiae 
Effraie ombree (F): Tyto lenebricosa 
Effraie piquetee (F): Tyto multipunciata 
Effraie rousse de Madagascar (F): Tyto soumagnei 
Egg-eater, Indian (E): Elachistodon westermanni 
Egret, Cattle (Ey.Bubulcus ibis 

Egret, Great (E): Casmerodius albus 

Egret, Great White (E): Casmerodius albus 

Egret. Little (E): Egretta gai-etta 

Egretta alba = Casmerodius albus 

Egretta ganetta : (E) Little Egret, (S) Garceta Comun, (F) Aigrette 
garzette III ARDEIDAE Av 

Eguchipsammia cornucopia: \t DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 

Eguchipsammia fistula: II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 

Eguchipsammia gaditana: II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 

Eguchipsammia japonica: II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 

Eguchipsammia serpentina: II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 

Eguchipsammia strigosa: II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 

Eguchipsammia wellsi: II 8 DENDROPHYLLUDAE An 

Eira barbara : (E) Tayra, (S) Cabeza de viejo, Gato cutarra, Gato 
negro, Huron mavor, Manco, Tejon, Tolumuco, Ucati, Ulama, 

Elachistodon (F): Elachistodon westermanni 

Elachistodon westermanni: (E) Indian Egg-eater, Indian Egg-eating 
Snake. Westermann's Snake, (S) Culebra comedora de huevos, 
Culebra tragahuevos india, (F) Couleuvre de Westermann, 
Elachistodon, Mangeur d'oeufs asiatique, Mangeur d'oeufs 
indien, Mangeur d'oeufs indien de Westermann II 

Elanio australiano (S): Elanus axillaris 

Elanio azul (S): Elanus caeruleus 

Elanio bidentado (S): Harpagus bidentatus 

Elanio bianco (S): Elanus leucurus 

Elanio chico (S): Gampsonyx swainsonii 

Elanio comun (S): Elanus caeruleus 

Elanio del Mississipi (S): lctinia mississippiensis 

Elanio enano (S): Gampsonyx swainsonii 

Elanio escrito (S): Elanus scriptus 

Elanio golondrina (S): Chelictinia riocourii 

Elanio maromero (S): Elanus leucurus 

Elanio muslirrufo (S): Harpagus diodon 

Elanb plomizo (S): lctinia plumbea 

Elanio tijereta (S): Elanoides forficatus 

Elanoidesforficatus: (E) American Swallow-tailed Kite, Swallow- 
tailed Kite, (S) Elanio tijereta, Gavilan tijereta, Milano tijereta, 
(F) Milan a queue fourchue II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 

Elanoides riocourii = Chelictinia riocourii 

Elanus axillaris: (E) Australian Black-shouldered Kite, Black- 
shouldered Kite, (S) Elanio australiano, (F) Elanion d'Australie 

Elanus caeruleus: (E) Black-shouldered Kite, Black-winged Kite, 
(S) Elanio azul, Elanio comun, (F) Elancon blanc, Elanion blanc 

Elanus caeruleus leucurus ~ Elanus leucurus 

Elanus leucurus: (E) White-tailed Kite, (S) Elanio bianco, Elanio 
maromero, Gavilan maromero, Milano coliblanco. (F) Elanion a 
queue blanche II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 

Elanus notatus= Elanus axillaris 

Elanus riocourii = Chelictinia riocourii 

Elanus scriptus: (E) Letter- winged Kite, (S) Elanio escrito, (F) 
Elanion lettre II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 

Elaphe de 1'Inde (F): Ptyas mucosas 

Elatopathes ab ietina: II APHANI PATHI D AE An 

Electra (S): Peponocephala electro 

Elefante africano (S): Loxodonta africana 

Elefante asiatico (S): Elephas maximus 

Elefante marino del sur (S): Mirounga leonina 

Elefantes marinos (S): Mirounga leonina 

Elephant africain (F): Loxodonta africana 

Elephant dAfrique (F): Loxodonta africana 

Elephant dAsie (F): Elephas maximus 

Elephant de mer du sud (F): Mirounga leonina 

Elephant de mer meridional (F): Mirounga leonina 

Elephant d'Inde (F): Elephas maximus 

Elephant, African (E): Loxodonta africana 

Elephant, African Savannah (E): Loxodonta africana 

Elephant, Asian (E): Elephas maximus 

Elephant, Indian (E): Elephas maximus 

Elephas maximus: (E) Asian Elephant, Indian Elephant, (S) Elefante 
asiatico, (F) Elephant dAsie, Elephant d'Inde I 

Seep. 13 1 Veasep. 29/ Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Elk (E): Cervus elaphus 

Elvira chionura : (E) White-tailed Emerald, (S) Esmeralda elvira, (F) 

Colibri elvire II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Elvira cupreiceps: (E) Copperv -headed Emerald, (S) Esmeralda 

capirotada, (F) Colibri a teTe cuivree II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Emerald, Andean (E): Agyrn-ia franciae 
Emerald. Blue-tailed (E): Chhrostilbon mellisugus 
Emerald, Chiribiquete(E): Chhrostilbon olivaresi 
Emerald, Coppery (E): Chhrostilbon russatus 
Emerald, Coppery -headed (E): Elvira cupreiceps 
Emerald, Cuban (E): Chhrostilbon ricordii 
Emerald, Fork-tailed (E): Chhrostilbon canivetii 
Emerald, Glittering-bellied (E): Chhrostilbon aureoventris 
Emerald, Glittering-throated (E): Polyerata fimbriata 
Emerald, Green-tailed (E): Chhrostilbon alice 
Emerald, Hispaniolan (E): Chhrostilbon swainsonii 
Emerald, Honduran (E): Polyerata litciae 
Emerald, Narrow-tailed (E): Chhrostilbon stenurus 
Emerald, Plain -bellied (E): Agyrtria leucogaster 
Emerald, Puerto Rican (E): Chhrostilbon maugaeus 
Emerald, Rondonia (E): Agyrtria rondoniae 
Emerald, Sapphire-spangled (E): Polyerata lactea 
Emerald, Short -tailed (E): Chhrostilbon poortmani 
Emerald, Versicolored (E): Agyrtria versicolor 
Emerald, White-bellied (E): Agyrtria Candida 
Emerald, White-chested(E): Agyrtria brevirostris 
Emerald, White-tailed (E): Elvira chionura 
Emerauldine a bee noir (F): Turtur abyss inicus 
Emerauldine a bee rouge (F): Turtur qfer 
Emouchel des Seychelles <F): Falco araea 
Emyda ceyhnensis = Lissemys punctata 
Emyda dura = Lissemys punctata 
Emyda granosa = Lissemys punctata 
Emyda vittata = Lissemys punctata 
Emyde d'Annam (F): Annamemys annamensis 
Emyde geante de Borneo (F): Orlitia borneensis 
Emydura inspectata = Pseudemydura umbrina 
Emys adansonii = Pelusios adansonn 
Emys amazonica = Podocnemis expansa 
Emys arrau = Podocnemis expansa 
Emys baska = Batagur baska 
Emys batagur - Batagur baska 
Emys bennettii = Ocadia sinensis 
Emys berardii = Dermatemys mawii 
Emys berdmorei = Morenia ocellata 
Emys biguttata = Clemmys muhlenbergii 
Emys borneoensis = Callagur borneoensis 
Emys castanea = Pelusios castaneus 
Emys cayennensis = Podocnemis erythrocephala 
Emys crassicollis = Siebenrockiella crassicollis 
Emys cuoro - Cuora amboinensis 
Emys dermatemys = Dermatemys mawii 
Emys dhongoka = Kachuga dhongoka 
Emys dumeriliana = Peltocephalus dumeriliana 
Emys duvaucelii = Kachuga dhongoka 
Emys erythrocephala = Podocnemis erythrocephala 
Emys expansa = Podocnemis expansa 
Emys guttata = Geoclemys hamiltonii 
Emys hamiltonii = Geoclemys hamiltonii 
Emys japonica = Chinemys reevesii 
Emys kachuga = Kachuga kachuga 
Emys kinosternoides = Terrapene Carolina 
Emys Uneata = Kachuga kachuga 
Emys macrocephala = Peltocephalus dumeriliana 
Emys muticus = Mauremys mutica 
Emys nigra = Siebenrockiella crassicollis 
Emys nigricans- Chinemys nigricans 
Emys nuchalis = Malayemys subtrijuga 
Emys ocellata = Morenia ocellata 
Emys olivacea = Pelomedusa subrufa 
Emys picquotii = Geoclemys hamiltonii 
Emys platynota = Notochelys platynota 
Emys reevesii = Chinemys reevesii 
Emys schneideri = Terrapene Carolina 
Emys sinensis = Ocadia sinensis 

Emys speciosa = Clemmys insculpta 

Emys spinosa = Heosemys spinosa 

Emys subtrijuga = Malayemys subtrijuga 

Emys tecta = Kachuga tecta 

Emys tecta intermedia = Kachuga tentoria 

Emys tentoria = Kachuga tentoria 

Emys tetraonyx = Batagur baska 

Emys tracaxa = Peltocephalus dumeriliana 

Emys trigibbosa = Kachuga tecta 

Emys trivittata = Kachuga trivittata 

Emys vulgaris picta - Chinemys reevesii 

Enalhpsammia adminicularis = Enalhpsammia rostrata 

Enallopsammia amphelioides = Enalhpsammia rostrata 

Enalhpsammia amphelioides cucullata - Enallopsammia rostrata 

Enallopsammia marenzelleri = Enalhpsammia pusilla 

Enalhpsammia micranthus— Tubastraea micranthus 

Enallopsammia profunda: II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 

Enallopsammia pusilla \\\ % DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 

Enallopsammia rostrata : \f DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 

Endhelia japonica - Cnpthelia japonica 

Endocyaihopora laticostata : O 8 TURBINOLI1DAE An 

Endopachvs austra Viae = Platyti-ochus hastatus 

Endopachys bulbosa: II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 

Endopachysgrayi: \f DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 

Endopachys japonicum = Endopachysgrayi 

Endopachys oahense = Endopachys grayi 

Endopachys vaughani = Endopachys grayi 

Endopachys weberi = Endopachys gravi 

Endopsammia philippensis: if DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 

Endopsammia pourtalesi: if DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 

Endopsammia regularis: if DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 

Engoulevent d'Europe (F): Aego/ius funereus 

Enhydra lutris: (E) Sea Otter, (S) Nutria del Kamtchatka, Nutria 

marina, (F) Loutre de mer 1/11 MUSTELIDAE Ma 
Enhydra lutris nereis. (E) California Sea Otter, Southern Sea Otter, 

(S) Nutria de mar californiana, (F) Loutre de mer de Californie, 

Loutre de mer meridionale I MUSTELIDAE Ma 
Enicognathus ferrugineus. (E) Austral Conure, Austral Parakeet, 

(S) Cotorra austral, Cotorra cachaiia, (F) Conure magellanique, 

Perruche emeraude II PSITTACIDAE Av 
Enicognathus leptorhynchus: (E) Slender-billed Conure, Slender- 
billed Parakeet, (S) Cotorra choroy, (F) Conure a long bee, 

Perruche a bee gracille PSITTACIDAE Av 
Enigmopora darveliensis: 8 ACROPORIDAE An 
Ensifera ensifera. (E) Sword-billed Hummingbird, (S) Colibri 

picoespada, (F) Colibri porte-epee II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Ensirostris melleri = Chamaeleo melleri 
Entelle (F): Semnopithecus entellus 
Entelle de Pagi (F): Nasal is concohr 
Entelle doree (F): Trachypithecus geei 
Entelle pileuse(F): Trachypithecus pileatus 
Enygrus asper = Candoia aspera 
Enygrus australis = Candoia bibroni 
Enygrus bibroni^ Candoia bbroni 
Enygrus carinatus = Candoia carinaia 
Enygrus gularis = Trachyboa gularis 
Enygrus regius = Python regius 
Enygrus superciliosus = Candoia car'mata 
Eolophus rosekapillus: (E) Galah, Roseate Cockatoo, (S) Cacatua 

rosada, (F) Cacatoes rosalbin II CACATUIDAE Av 
Eos bornea: (E) Moluccan Lory, Red Lory, (S) Lori rojo, (F) Lori 

ecarlate II LORIIDAE Av 
Eos cyanogenia : (E) Biak Red Lory, Black-winged Lory, (S) Lori 

alinegro, (F) Lori ajouesbleues II LORIIDAE Av 
Eos fuscata = Pseudeos fuscata 
Eos goodfelhwi = Eos bornea 
Eos histrio:{E) Red-and-blue Lory, (S) Lori de Sangir, (F) Lori 

arlequin I LORIIDAE Av 
Eos reticulata : (E) Blue-streaked Lory, (S) Lori de las Tanimbar, (F) 

Lori reticule II LORIIDAE Av 
Eos rubra = Eos bornea 
Eos semilarvata : (E) Blue-eared Lory, (S) Lori de Seram, (F) Lori 

masque II LORIIDAE Av 
Eos squamata : (E) Moluccan Red Lory, Violet-necked Lory, (S) 

Lori escamoso, (F) Lori ecaille II LORIIDAE Av 

Seep. 13 /Veasep. 29 / Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Epaulard (F): Orcinus orca 

Epaulard pygmee (F): Feresa attenuata 

Ephialtes balli = Otus balli 

Ephialtes brucei = Otus bntcei 

Ephialtes elegans = Otus elegans 

Ephialtes grammicus = Pseudoscops grammicus 

Ephialtes sagittatus = Otiis sagittatus 

Ephialtes spilocephalus= Otus spilocephalus 

Ephialtes watsonii = Otus watsonii 

Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis: (E) Saddlebill Stork, Saddle-billed 

Stork, (S) Ciguena ensillada, JabinX Jabini africano, (F) Jabiru, 

Jabiru africain, Jabiru d'Afrique, Jabiru du Senegal III 

Epicarsius cupreus = Epicrates cenchria 
Epicrates angulifer: (E) Cuban Boa, Cuban Tree Boa, (S) Boa de 

Cuba, Maja de Sta. Maria, (F) Boa de Cuba II BOIDAE Re 
Epicrates cenchria : (E) Rainbow Boa, (S ) Boa irisada, (F) Aboma, 

Boa arc-en-ciel II BOIDAE Re 
Epicrates cenchria aharezi = Epicrates cenchria 
Epicrates cenchria assisi = Epicrates cenchria 
Epicrates cenchria barbouri = Epicrates cenchria 
Epicrates cenchria gaigei = Epicrates cenchria 
Epicrates cenchria hygrophilus = Epicrates cenchria 
Epicrates cenchria maurus = Epicrates maurus 
Epicrates cenchria polylepis = Epicrates cenchria 
Epicrates cenchria xerophilus = Epicrates cenchria 
Epicrates chrysogaster: (E) Bahamas Islands Boa, Turks Islands 

Boa, (F) Boa de l'ile Turques II BOIDAE Re 
Epicrates crassus = Epicrates cenchria 
Epicrates cupreus = Epicrates cenchria 
Epicrates exsul: (E) Abaco Island Boa, (F) Boa de l'ile Abaco II 

Epicrates fordii: (E) Ford's Boa, (F) Boa de Ford II BOIDAE Re 
Epicrates gracilis: (E) Haitian Vine Boa, Hispaniolan Boa, (F) Boa 

arboricole gracile. Boa d'Hispaniola II BOIDAE Re 
Epicrates gracilis monensis = Epicrates monensis 
Epicrates inornatus: (E) Puerto Rican Boa, Yellow Tree Boa, (S) 

Boa de Puerto Rico, (F) Boa de Porto Rico. Boa sobre I 

Epicrates inornatus fordii = Epicrates fordii 
Epicrates inornatus granti = Epicrates monensis 
Epicrates maurus: U BOIDAE Re 
Epicrates monensis: (E) Mona Island Boa, Virgin Islands Tree Boa, 

(F) Boa de l'ile Mona, Boa de Mona I BOIDAE Re 
Epicrates relicquus = Epicrates chrysogaster 
Epicrates sabogae = Boa constrictor 
Epicrates striatus: (E) Fischer's Tree Boa, Haitian Boa, (F) Boa 

d'Haiti D BOIDAE Re 
Epicrates striatus chrysogaster = Epicrates chrysogaster 
Epicrates striatus relicquus = Epicrates chrysogaster 
Epicrates subflavus: (E) Jamaican Boa, (S) Boa de Jamaica, (F) Boa 

de la Jamaique I BOIDAE Re 
Epicrates versicolor= Epicrates striatus 
Epimachus albertisi: (E) Black-billed Sicklebill, Buff-tailed 

Sicklebill, (F) Drepanornis d'Albertis. Paradisier d'Albertis II 

Epimachus bruijnii:(E) Pale-billed Sicklebill. White-billed 

Sicklebill, (F) Drepanornis de Bruijn, Paradisier a bee blanc II 

Epimachus fastuosus: (E) Black Sicklebill. (F) Epimaque fastueux, 

Paradisier fastueux II PARADISAEIDAE Av 
Epimachus meyeri: (E) Brown Sicklebill, (F) Epimaque de Mayer, 

Paradisier de Meyer II PARADISAEIDAE Av 
Epimaque de Mayer (F): Epimachus meyeri 
Epimaque fastueux (F): Epimachus fastuosus 
Epioblasma curtisii: (E) Curtis' Pearly Mussel, Curtis' Riffleshell I 

Epioblasma florentina:(E) Yellow Blossom, Yellow Riffleshell, 

Yellow-blossom Pearly Mussel I UNIONIDAE Bi 
Epioblasma florenlina walkeri = Epioblasma walkeri 
Epioblasma lefevrei = Epioblasma turgidula 
Epioblasma obliquata perobliqua = Epioblasma sulcata perobliqua 
Epioblasma rangiana = Epioblasma torulosa rangiana 

Epioblasma sampsonii: (E) Sampson's Naiad, Sampson's Pearly 

Mussel, Sampson's Riffleshell. Wabash Riffleshell I 

Epioblasma sulcata : I/NC UNIONIDAE Bi 
Epioblasma sulcata perobliqua : (E) White Catspaw I UNIONIDAE 

Epioblasma torulosa : I/n UNIONIDAE Bi 
Epioblasma torulosa gubernaculum : (E) Green Blossom, Green 

Riffle Shell, Green-blossom Pearly Mussel I UNIONIDAE Bi 
Epioblasma torulosa rangiana : (E) Northern Riffleshell, Tan- 
blossom Pearly Mussel II UNIONIDAE Bi 
Epioblasma torulosa torulosa: (E) Tubercled Blossom, Tubercled- 

blossom Pearlv Mussel. Tuberculed Riffle Shell I UNIONIDAE 

Epioblasma turgidula: (E) Turgid Blossom, Turgid Riffle Shell, 

Turgid-blossom Pearly Mussel I UNIONIDAE Bi 
Epioblasma walkeri: (E) Brown-blossom Naiad, Brown-blossom 

Pearly Mussel, Tan Riffleshell I UNIONIDAE Bi 
Epipedobate andin (F): Epipedobates andinus 
Epipedobate au ventre bleu (F): Epipedobates azureiventris 
Epipedobate bolivien (F): Epipedobates bolivianus 
Epipedobate brillant (F): Dendrobates speciosus 
Epipedobate calisteme (F): Epipedobates pulchripectus 
Epipedobate de Bolivie (F): Epipedobates bolivianus 
Epipedobate de Boulenger (F): Epipedobates boulengeri 
Epipedobate de Myers (F): Epipedobates myersi 
Epipedobate de Peters (F): Epipedobates petersi 
Epipedobate d'Espinosa (F): Epipedobates espinosai 
Epipedobate d'lnger (F): Epipedobates ingeri 
Epipedobate du Rio Palenque (F): Epipedobates erythromos 
Epipedobate emeraude (F): Epipedobates smaragdimts 
Epipedobate femorale(F): Epipedobates femoral is 
Epipedobate minime (F): Epipedobates parvulus 
Epipedobate peint (F): Epipedobates pictus 
Epipedobate simisimi (F): Epipedobates femoralis 
Epipedobate tachete (F): Epipedobates maculatus 
Epipedobate tricolore (F): Epipedobates tricolor 
Epipedobate zaparo (F): Epipedobates zaparo 
Epipedobates spp.: (E) poison frogs, (S) ranas de puntas de flechas, 

(F) dendrobates II DENDROBATIDAE Am 
Epipedobates andinus: (E) La Planada Poison Frog, (S) Rana de 

punta de flecha andino. (F) Epipedobate andin II 

Epipedobates anthonyi = Epipedobates tricolor 
Epipedobates ardens- Epipedobates cainarachi 
Epipedobates azureiventris: (E) Sky-blue Poison Frog, (S) Rana de 

punta de flecha de vientre azul. (F) Epipedobate au ventre bleu 

Epipedobates bassleri. (E) Pleasing Poison Frog. (S) Rana de punta 

de flecha de Bassler, (F) Dendrobate de Bassler, Phobobate de 

Epipedobates bilinguis: (E) Ecuador Poison Frog, Ecuadorean 

Epipedobates bolivianus: (E) Bolivian Poison Frog, (S) Rana de 

punta de flecha boliviana, (F) Epipedobate bolivien, 

Epipedobate de Bolivie II DENDROBATIDAE Am 
Epipedobates boulengeri: (E) Marbled Poison Frog, (S) Rana de 

punta de flecha de Boulenger, (F) Epipedobate de Boulenger II 

Epipedobates cainarachi: U DENDROBATIDAE Am 
Epipedobates erythromos. (E) Palenque Poison Frog, (F) 

Epipedobate du Rio Palenque II DENDROBATIDAE Am 
Epipedobates espinosah (E) Espinosa Poison Frog, Turquoise- 
bellied Poison Frog, (F) Epipedobate d'Espinosa II 

Epipedobates femoralis: (El Brilliant -thighed Poison Frog, (F) 

Epipedobate femorale, Epipedobate simisimi. Simisimi II 

Epipedobates hahneli rubriventris = Epipedobates rubriventris 
Epipedobates ingeri: (E) Niceforo's Poison Frog, (S) Rana de punta 

de flecha de Inger, (F) Epipedobate d'Inger II 

Epipedobates labialis - Dendrobates labiaiis 
Epipedobates macero: (E) Manu Poison Frog II 



Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animates 

Epipedobales maculatus: (E) Confusing Poison Frog. (S) Rana de 

punta de flecha maculada, (F) Epipedobate tachete II 

Epipedobales myersi: (E) Myers's Poison Frog, (S) Rana de punta de 

flecha de Myers, (F) Epipedobate de Myers II 

Epipedobales parvulus: (E) Ruby Poison Frog, (F) Epipedobate 

Epipedobales petersi: (E) Peruvian Poison Frog, (S) Rana de punta 

de flecha de Peters, (F) Epipedobate de Peters n 

Epipedobales pictus: (E) Spot -legged Poison Frog, (S) Rana de 

punta de flecha picta, (F) Epipedobate peint II 

Epipedobales planipaleae: II DENDROBATIDAE Am 
Epipedobales pulchripectus: (E) Beautiful-breasted Poison Frog, 

Blue-breasted Poison Frog, Silverstone's Poison Frog, (F) 

Epipedobate calisteme II DENDROBATIDAE Am 
Epipedobales rubriventris: II DENDROBATIDAE Am 
Epipedobales rufulus: (E) Chimanta Poison Frog, Gorzula's Poison 

Frog, Tepui Poison Frog, (F) Dendrobate rougeatre II 

Epipedobales silverstonei. (E) Silverstone's Poison Frog, (S) Rana 

de punta de flecha de Silverstone, (F) Dendrobate de 

Silverstone, Phobobate de Silverstone II DENDROBATIDAE 

Epipedobales simulans: II DENDROBATIDAE Am 
Epipedobales smaragdinus: (E) Emerald Poison Frog, (S) Rana de 

punta de flecha esmeralda, (F) Epipedobate emeraude II 

Epipedobales tricolor. (E) Phantasmal Poison Frog, (S) Ranade 

punta de flecha tricolor, (F) Epipedobate tricolore II 

Epipedobales trivittalus: (E) Three-striped Poison Frog, (F) 

Dendrobate a trois bandes, Phobobate a trois bandes II 

Epipedobales zaparo : (E) Sanguine Poison Frog, Zaparo's Poison 

Frog, (F) Epipedobate zaparo II DENDROBATIDAE Am 
Epixerus ebii (E) Ebian's Palm Squirrel. Temminck's Giant 

Squirrel, Western Palm Squirrel, (S) Ardilla de las palmeras, 

Ardilla de palmera, (F) Ecureuil d'Ebi. Ecureuil des palmiers, 

Ecureuil palmiste ID SCIURIDAE Ma 
equidnas (S): Zaglossas spp. 
Equidna de Nueva Guinea (S): Zaglossus bruijn i 
Equus african us: (E) African Ass, African Wild Ass, (S) Asno 

salvaje de Africa, (F) Ane sauvage d'Afrique I EQUIDAE Ma 
Equus caballus przewalskii = Equus przewalskii 
Equus ferusprzewalskii = Equus przewalskii 
Equus grevyi: (E) Grevy's Zebra, (S) Cebra de Grevy, (F) Zebre de 

Equus hemionus: (E) Asian Wild Ass, Asiatic Wild Ass, Kulan, (S) 

Hemiono, (F) Ane sauvage d'Asie. Hemione I/II EQUIDAE Ma 
Equus hemionus hemionus. (E) Dziggetai, Mongolian Wild Ass, 

North Mongolian Kulan, (S) Hemiono mongol, (F) Ane sauvage 

de Mongolie I EQUIDAE Ma 
Equus hemionus khur = Equus onager khur 
Equus hemionus kiang= Equus kiang 
Equus hemionus onager = Equus onager 
Equus khur= Equus onager khur 
Equus kiang: (E) Kiang, (S) Kiang, (F) Ane sauvage du Tibet, 

Equus onager: (E) Onager. (S) Onagro, (F) Onagre I/II EQUIDAE 

Equus onager khur: (E) Ghor-khar. Indian Wild Ass, Khur, (S) 

Hemiono indostanico, Khur, Onagro de la India, (F) Ane 

sauvage de I'Inde, Hemione de linde I EQUIDAE Ma 
Equus przewalskii: (E) Mongolian Wild Horse, Przewalski's Horse, 

Przewalski's Wild Horse, Takh, (S) Caballo de Przewalski, 

Caballo salvaje, (F) Cheval de Przewalski I EQUIDAE Ma 
Equus zebra:{E) Mountain Zebra I/II EQUIDAE Ma 
Equus zebra hartmannae : (E) Hartmann's Mountain Zebra, (S) 

Cebra de Hartmann, (F) Zebre de Hartmann, Zebre de montagne 

de Hartmann II EQUIDAE Ma 

Equus zebra zebra : (E) Cape Mountain Zebra, (S) Cebra de montana 

del Cabo, Cebra montanesa del Cabo, (F) Zebre de montagne du 

Erebophis tisper - Candoia aspera 
Erelmochelys imbricata : (E) Hawksbill Turtle, (S) Tortuga carey, 

Tortuga de carey, (F) Caret, Tortue a bee de faucon, Tortue a 

ecailles, Tortue imbriquee I CHELONIIDAE Re 
Eretmocheivs squamata = Eretmochelvs imbricala 
Ericiocyathus echinatus. II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Eriocnemis alinae: (E) Emerald-bellied Puffleg, (S) Calzadito 

pechiblanco, Zamarrito pechiblanco, (F) Erione d'Aline II 

Eriocnemis assimilis — Hapiophaedia assimilis 
Eriocnemis cupreoventris: (E) Coppery-bellied Puffleg, (S) 

Calzadito cobrizo, Colibri pantalon cobrizo, (F) Erione a ventre 

Eriocnemis derbyi (E) Black -thighed Puffleg, (S) Calzadito 

patinegro, Zamarrito muslinegro, (F) Erione de Derby II 

Eriocnemis glaucopoides: (E) Blue-capped Puffleg, (S) Calzadito 

frentiazul, Picaflor frentivioleta, (F) Erione a front bleu II 

Eriocnemis godini: (E) Turquoise-throated Puffleg. (S) Calzadito 

turquesa. Zamarrito gorjiturquesa, (F) Erione turquoise II 

Eriocnemis luciani (E) Sapphire- vented Puffleg, (S) Calzadito 

colilargo nortefio, Zamarrito colilargo, (F) Erione Catherine II 

Eriocnemis mirabilis: (E) Colourful Puffleg, (S) Calzadito 

admirable, (F) Erione multicolore II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Eriocnemis mosquera : (E) Golden-breasted Puffleg, (S) Calzadito 

de Mosquera. Zamarrito pechidorado, (F) Erione a poitrine d'or 

Eriocnemis nigriveslis: (E) Black-breasted Puffleg, (S) Calzadito 

pechinegro, Zamarrito pechinegro, (F) Erione a robe noire II 

Eriocnemis sapphiropygia : (E) Coppery -naped Puffleg II 

Eriocnemis vestilus: (E) Glowing Puffleg, (S) Calzadito reluciente, 

Colibri pantalon verde, Zamarrito luciente, (F) Erione pattue II 

Eriopus lugens = Hapiophaedia lugens 
Ermine (E): Mustela erminea 
Ermitanito barbigris (S): Phaethornis griseogularis 
Ermitanito gargantifusco (S): Phaethornis squalidus 
Ermitanito pequeno (S): Phaethornis longuemareus 
Ermitanito rufo (S): Phaethornis ruber 
Ermitano barbiblanco (S): Phaethornis hispidus 
Ermitafio barbigris (S): Phaethornis griseogularis 
Ermitano barbudo (S): Threnetes ruckeri 
Ermitafio barbudo colibandeado (S): Threnetes ruckeri 
Ermitano bigotiblanco (S): Phaethornis yatuqui 
Ermitano boliviano (S): Phaethornis stuarti 
Ermitano bronceado (S): Glaucis aenea 
Ermitano carinegro (S): Phaethornis anthophilus 
Ermitano chico (S): Phaethornis longuemareus 
Ermitano coliancho (S): Anopetia gounellei 
Ermitano colilargo (S): Phaethornis superciliosus 
Ermitano colilargo comun (S): Phaethornis superciliosus 
Ermitano colilargo norteno (S): Phaethornis longirostris 
Ermitafio de Espirito Santo (S): Glaucis dohrnii 
Ermitano de Koepcke (S): Phaethornis koepekeae 
Ermitano de Natterer (S): Phaethornis natlereri 
Ermitano de picorrecto (S): Phaethornis bourcieri 
Ermitano de Yaruqui (S): Phaethornis yaruqui 
Ermitano del planalto (S): Phaethornis pretrei 
Ermitano escamoso (S): Phaethornis eurynome 
Ermitafio escualido (S): Phaethornis squalidus 
Ermitafio frentrinegro (S): Phaethornis pretrei 
Ermitano gorgiestriado (S): Phaethornis striigularis 
Ermitano guayanes (S): Phaethornis superciliosus 
Ermitafio hirsuto (S): Glaucis hirsuta 
Ermitafio limpiacasa (S): Phaethornis augusti 
Ermitafio manchado (S): Phaethornis eurynome 
Ermitafio ocraceo (S): Phaethornis subochraceus 

Seep. 13 1 Veasep. 29 / Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Ermitano pechicanelo (S): Clauds hirsuta 

Ermitano picoaguja (S): Phaethornis philippii 

Ermitano picogrande (S): Phaethornis malaris 

Ermitano picosierra (S): Ramphodon naevius 

Ermitano pigmeo (S): Phaethornis idaliae 

Ermitano piquirrecto (S): Phaethornis bourcieri 

Ermitano rojizo (S): Phaethornis ruber 

Ermitano ventrihabano IS): Phaethornis syrmatophorus 

Ermitano ventripalido (S): Phaethornis anthophilus 

Ermitano verde (S): Phaethornis guy 

Ermite a brins blancs (F): Phaethornis superciliosus 

Ermite a gorge grise (F): Phaethornis griseogularis 

Ermite a gorge rayee (F): Phaethornis striigularis 

Ermite a long bee (F): Phaethornis malaris 

Ermite a longue queue (F): Phaethornis longirostris 

Ermite a queue blanche f F): Threnetes niger 

Ermite a ventre fauve (F): Phaethornis syrmatophorus 

Ermite anthophile (F): Phaethornis anthophilus 

Ermite bronze (F): Claucis aenea 

Ermite d'Auguste (F): Phaethornis augusti 

Ermite de Bourcier (F): Phaethornis bourcieri 

Ermite de Dohrn (F): Glaucis dohrnii 

Ermite de Dohrnou a bee incurve (F): Glaucis dohrnii 

Ermite de Filippi (F): Phaethornis philippii 

Ermite de Gounelle (F): Anopetia gounellei 

Ermite de Koepcke (F): Phaethornis koepekeae 

Ermite de Natterer (F): Phaethornis nattereri 

Ermite de Pretre (F): Phaethornis pretrei 

Ermite de Rucker (F): Threnetes ruckeri 

Ermite de Stuart (F): Phaethornis stuarli 

Ermite d'Idalie (F): Phaethornis idaliae 

Ermite d'Osery (F): Phaethornis hispidus 

Ermite eurynome (F): Phaethornis eurynome 

Ermite hirsute (F): Glaucis hirsuta 

Ermite nain (F): Phaethornis longuemareus 

Ermite ocre (F): Phaethornis subochraceus 

Ermite roussatre (F|: Phaethornis ruber 

Ermite teme(F): Phaethornis squalidus 

Ermite vert (F): Phaethornis guy 

Ermite yaruqui (F): Phaethornis yaruqui 

EroTde (F): Brachyteles arachnoides 

Errina altispina: U 8 STYLASTERIDAE Fly 

Errina amoena - Errina dabneyi 

Errina antarctica: if STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Errina aspera : U 8 STYLAST ERIDAE Hy 

Errina aspera mascarina = Errina aspera 

Errina atlantica: if STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Errina bicolor. if STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Errina boschmar. Xf STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Errina capensis: II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Errina carinata = Lepidopora carinala 

Errina carnea = Errina laterorifa 

Errina cervicomis = Lepidotheca cervicomis 

Errina chathamensis: if STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Errina cheitopora : O 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Errina cochleata: II s STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Errina cooki: II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Errina cruenta = Errina novaezelandiae 


Errina dabneyi: Xf STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Errina decipiens = Lepidopora decipiens 

Errina dendyi: H 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Errina diffusa = Lepidopora diffusa 

Errina echinata = Slellapora echinata 

Errina fissurata: II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Errina glabra = Lepidopora glabra 

Errina gracilis: II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Errina hicksoni= Lepidopora ebumea 

Errina horrida = Lepidotheca horrida 

Errina japonica: if STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Errina kerguelensis: II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Errina labiata = Inferiolabiaia labiata 

Ernna laevigata : II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Errina laterorifa : II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Errina macrogastra : H 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Errina moseleyi = Errina antarctica 

Errina novaezelandiae. tf STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Errina novaezelandiae cooki = Errina cooki 

Errina novaezelandiae dendvi = Errina dendyi 

Errina porifera : if STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Errina pourtalesii = Errinopora pourtalesii 

Errina ramosa = Lepidotheca ramosa 

Errina regular is = Phalangopora regularis 

Errina reticulata: II s STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Errina rubra = Errina dendyi 

Errina sarmentosa = Lepidopora sarmentosa 

Errina sinuosa: n 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Errina spongiosa = Errina antarctica 

Errina tenuistylus= Lepidotheca tenuistylus 

Errinopora cestoporina: II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Errinopora intervacans — Errinopora stylifera 

Errinopora latifundata : if STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Errinopora nanneca: II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Errinopora pourtalesii: O 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Errinopora stylifera : II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Errinopora zarhyncha: II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Errinopsis fenestrata: II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Errinopsis reticulum : it STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Erymnochelys madagascariensis: (E) Madagascar Big-headed 

Turtle, Madagascar Sideneck Turtle, (F) Podocnemide de 

Erythrastrea flabellata: \f FAVIIDAE An 
Ervthrocebus patas. (E) Patas Monkey, (F) Patas II 

Etythrospizias trinolatus nanus = Accipiter nanus 
Erythrotriorchis buergersi: (E) Burger's Sparrowhawk, Chestnut- 
mantled Goshawk, Chestnut-shouldered Goshawk, Chestnut - 

shouldered Hawk, (S) Azor de Burgers. (F) Autour de Burger II 

Erythrotriorchis radiatus: (E) Red Goshawk, (S) Azor rojo, (F) 

Autour rouge II ACCIPlTRIDAEAv 
Eryx bengalensis = Gongylophis conicus 
Eryx cerastes = Eryx jaculus 
Eryx colu brina = Gongylophis colubrinus 
Eryx conicus = Gongylophis conicus 
Eryx elegans: (E) Central Asian Sand Boa, Elegant Sand Boa, (F) 

Boa des sables dAsie centrale. Boa des sables elegant II 

Eryx familiaris = Eryx jaculus 
Eryx fodiens = Eryxjayakari 
Eryx jaculus: (E) Caucasian Sand Boa, Javelin Sand Boa, Spotted 

Sand Boa, (S) Boa jabalina, (F) Boa des sables occidental, Boa- 

javelot, Eryx javelot II BOIDAE Re 
Eryx jaculus czarewskii = Eryx elegans 
Eryx jaculus miliaris = Eryx miliaris 
Eryx jaculus sennaariensis = Gongylophis colubrinus 
Eryx javelot (F): Eryx jaculus 
Eryxjayakari: (E) Arabian Sand Boa, Jayakar's Sand Boa, (F) Boa 

des sables d'Arabie II BOIDAE Re 
Eiyxjohnii: (E) Blunt-tailed Sand Boa, Brown Sand Boa, Indian 

Sand Boa, (S) Boa de arena de la India, (F) Boa des sables brun 

Eryx johnii persicus = Eryx jaculus 
Eryx loveridgei = Gongydophis colubrinus 
Eryx maculatus- Eryx johnii 
Eryx miliaire (F): Eryx miliaris 
Eryx miliaris: (E) Desert Sand Boa, Dwarf Sand Boa, (F) Boa des 

sables miliaire. Boa des sables nain, Eryx miliaire II BOIDAE 

Eryx muelleri = Gongydophis muelleri 
Eryx multocarinata = Bolyeria multocarinata 
Eryx persicus = Eryx jaculus 
Eryx reinhardtii = Calabaria reinhardtii 
Eryx rickmersi - Eryx miliaris 
Eryx rufescens = Gongylophis colubrinus 
Eryx scutata = Gongylophis colubrinus 
Eryx somalicus: (E) Somali Sand Boa, (S) Boa de arena somali, (F) 

Boa des sables de Somalie II BOIDAE Re 
Eryx speciosus= Eryx tataricus 

See p. 13 / Vease p. 29 / Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animates 

Eryx tataricus: (E) Tartarv Sand Boa. (F) Boa des sables de Tatarie 

Eryx tataricus bogdanovi = Eryx miliar is 
Eryx tataricus helluo = Eryxmiliaris 
Eryx thebaicus= Gongylophis colubrinus 
Eryx turcicus = Eryx jaculus 
Eryx whitakeri: (E) Whitaker's Boa, (S) Boa de arena de Whitaker, 

(F) Boa des sables de Whitaker II BOIDAE Re 
Eschrichtius gibbosus = Eschrichtius robustus 
Eschrichtius glaucus = Eschrichtius robustus 
Eschrichtius robustus: (E) Devil Fish, Gray Back, Grey Whale, 

Hard Head, Mussel Digger, Rip Sack, (S) Ballenagris, (F) 

Baleine a six bosses, Baleine grise I ESCHR1CHT1IDAE Ma 
Escorpion (S): Heloderma horridum 
Escorpion de Gambia (S): Pandinus gambiensis 
Escorpion emperador (S): Pandinus imperator 
Escorpion gigante (S): Pandinus imperator 
Escorpion magnifico(S): Pandinus dictator 
Eslizon de las Islas Salomon (S): Corucia zebrata 
Esmeralda bronceada (S>: Chlorostilbon russatus 
Esmeralda capirotada (S): Elvira cupreiceps 
Esmeralda cola de alambre (S): Chlorostilbon stenurus 
Esmeralda coliazul (S): Chlorostilbon mellisugus 
Esmeralda colicorta (S): Chlorostilbon poortmani 
Esmeralda colifina (S): Chlorostilbon stenurus 
Esmeralda coliverde (S): Chlorostilbon alice 
Esmeralda de Canivet (S): Chlorostilbon canivetii 
Esmeralda de la Espanola (S): Chlorostilbon swainsonii 
Esmeralda del Chiribiquete (S): Chlorostilbon olivaresi 
Esmeralda elvira(S): Elvira chionura 
Esmeralda gorgiazul (S): Chlorostilbon notatus 
Esmeralda hondurena (S): Polyerata luciae 
Esmeralda portorriquefia (S): Chlorostilbon maugaeus 
Esmeralda ventridorada (S): Chlorostilbon aureoventris 
Esmeralda viente-blanco (S): Agyrtria Candida 
Esmeralda zunziin (S): Chlorostilbon ricordii 
Esmerejon (S): Falco columbarius 
Esok(E): Probarbus jullieni 
Espadarte (S): Orcinus orca 
Esparvero bicolor (S): Accipiter bicolor 
Esparvero chico (S): Accipiter striatus 
Esparvero gris (S): Accipiter superciliosus 
Esparvero pechigris (S): Accipiter poliogaster 
Espatula (S): Platalea leucorodia 
Espatula blanca (S): Platalea leucorodia 
Espatula comun (S): Platalea leucorodia 
Espermofaga hematina (S): Spermophaga haematina 
Espolonero chinquis (S): Polyplectron bicalcaratum 
Espolonero de Borneo (S): Polyplectron schteiermacheri 
Espolonero de Germain (S): Polyplectron germaini 
Espolonero de Palawan (S): Polyplectron emphanum 
Espolonero de Rothschild (S): Polyplectron inopinatum 
Espolonero malayo (S): Polyplectron malacense 
Espulgabueyes (S): Bubulcus ibis 
Esterlete (S): Acipenser ruthenus 
Estomino de Rothschild (S): Leucopsar rothschildi 
Estourioun (F): Acipenser sturio 
Estrella coliblanca (S): Urochroa bougueri 
Estrella cuellirrojo (S): Chaetocercus heliodor 
Estrella ecuatoriana (S): Oreotrochilus chimborazo 
Estrellita amatista (S): Calliphlox amethystina 
Estrellita chica (S): Chaetocercus bombus 
Estrellita colicorta (S): Myrmia micrura 
Estrellita de gorguera (S): Chaetocercus heliodor 
Estrellita esmeraldena (S): Chaetocercus berlepschi 
Estrellita gargantillada (S): Myrtis fanny 
Estrellita gorjipurpura (S): Calliphlox mitchellii 
Estrellitaventriblanca (S): Chaetocercus mulsant 
Estrilda astrild: (E) Common Waxbill, Saint Helena WaxbiU, (S) 

Astrilda comun, Pico de coral, (F) Astrild ondule III 

Estrilda bengala = Uraeginthus bengalus 
Estrilda caerulescens: (E) Lavender Firefinch, Lavender Waxbill, 

(S) Astrilda ceniza del Senegal, (F) Astrild queue-de-vinaigre. 

Queue de vinaigre III ESTRILDIDAE Av 

Estrilda formosa = Amandava formosa 

Estrilda melpoda : (E) Orange -cheeked Waxbill. ( S) Astrilda 

carirroja, (F) Astrild a joues oranges, Joues-oranges III 

Estrilda subjlava = Amandava subflava 
Estrilda troglodytes (E) Black-rumped Waxbill, Pink-cheeked 

Waxbill. Red-eared Waxbill, (S) Astrilda culinegra, (F) Astrild 

cendre. Bee de corail cendre III ESTRILDIDAE Av 
Estrilda verde (S): Amandava formosa 
Esturgeon (F): Acipenser sturio 

Esturgeon a barbillons franges (F): Acipenser nudiventris 
Esturgeon a museau court (F): Acipenser brevirostrum 
Esturgeon a nez court (F): Acipenser brevirostrum 
Esturgeon atlantique (F): Acipenser sturio 
Esturgeon atlantique d'Europe (F): Acipenser sturio 
Esturgeon blanc (F): Acipenser transmontanus 
Esturgeon commun (F): Acipenser sturio 
Esturgeon de la Baltique ( F): Acipenser sturio 
Esturgeon de lAdriatique (F): Acipenser naccarii 
Esturgeon de TAtlantique (F): Acipenser oxyrinchus 
Esturgeon de Siberie (F): Acipenser ruthenus 
Esturgeon du Danube (F): Acipenser gueldenstaedtii 
Esturgeon etoile (F): Acipenser stellatus 
Esturgeon europeen (F): Acipenser sturio 
Esturgeon europeen occidental (F): Acipenser sturio 
Esturgeon jaune (F): Acipenser fulvescens 
Esturgeon siberien (F): Acipenser baerii 
Esturgeon vert (F): Acipenser medirostris 
esturgeons (F): ACIPENSERIFORMES spp. 
Esturion (S): Acipenser sturio IHuso huso 
Esturion barba de flecos (S): Acipenser nudiventris 
Esturion beluga (S): Huso huso 
Esturion bianco (S): Acipenser transmontanus 
Esturion chato (S): Acipenser brevirostrum 
Esturion comun (S): Acipenser sturio 
Esturion de Siberia (S): Acipenser ruthenus 
Esturion del Adriatico (S): Acipenser naccarii 
Esturion del Atlantico (S): Acipenser oxyrinchus 
Esturion del Danubio (S): Acipenser gueldenstaedtii 
Esturion estrellado (S): Acipenser stellatus 
Esturion hociquicorto (S): Acipenser brevirostrum 
Esturion lacustre (S): Acipenser fulvescens 
Esturion verde (S): Acipenser medirostris 
esturions (S): ACIPENSERIFORMES spp. 
Ethiopian toads (E): Altiphrynoides spp./Spinophrynoides spp. 
Euathlus albopilosus= Brachypelma albopilosum 
Euathlus angustus = Brachypelma angustum 
Euathlus aureoceps = Brachypelma aureoceps 
Euathlus embrilhes = Brachypelma embrithes 
Euathlus emilia = Brachypelma emilia 
Euathlus epicureanus= Brachypelma epicureanum 
Euathlus fossorius = Brachypelma fossorium 
Euathlus pallidus = Aphonopelma pallid um 
Euathlus sabulosus- Brachypelma sabulosum 
Euathlus smithi= Brachypelma smithi 
Euathlus vagans = Brachypelma vagans 
Eubalaena spp.: (E) Right whales, (F) Baleines tranches, Baleines 

Eubalaena austratis: (E) Southern Right Whale, (S) Ballena franca, 

(F) Baleine australe I BALAENIDAE Ma 
Eubalaena glacialis: (E) Black Right Whale, Northern Right Whale, 

Right Whale, (S) Ballena, Ballena franca del Norte, Ballenga, 

(F) Baleine de Biscaye, Baleine des Basques, Baleine franche I 

Eucimpathes contorta = Cirrhipathes contorta 
Eudocimus ruber. (E) Scarlet Ibis, (S) Corocoro Colorado, Corocoro 

rojo. Ibis escarlata. (F) Ibis rouge II THRESKJORNITHIDAE 

Eugenes fulgens: (E) Magnificent Hummingbird, Rivoli's 

Hummingbird, (S) Colibri magnifico, (F) Colibri de Rivoli II 

Eugenia imperatrix =Heliodoxa imperatrix 
Eulampis holosericeus. (E) Green-throated Carib, (S) Colibri 

caribeno gorgiverde, (F) Colibri falle-vert II TROCHILIDAE 



Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Eulampisjugularis: (E) Purple -throated Carib, (S) Colibri caribeno 

gorgimorado, (F) Colibri madere II TROCHIL1DAE Av 
Eulemur albifrons= Eidemur fulvus 
Eulemur albocollaris = Eulemur fiilvus 
Eulemur cinereiceps- Eulemur fulvus 
Eulemur collaris = Eulemur fulvus 
Eulemur coronatus: (E) Crowned Lemur, (S) Lemur coronado, (F) 

Lemur a couronne I LEMURIDAE Ma 
Eulemur fulvus: (E) Brown Lemur, (S) Lemur leonado. (F) Lemur 

brun, Maki brun I LEMURIDAE Ma 
Eulemur macaco: (E) Black Lemur, (S) Lemur negro, (F) Lemur 

macaco, Lemur noir, Maki noir I LEMURIDAE Ma 
Eulemur mongoz. (E) Mongoose Lemur, (S) Lemur mangosta, (F) 

Lemur mongoz, Maki mongoz I LEMURIDAE Ma 
Eulemur mongoz coronatus = Eulemur coronatus 
Eulemur rubriventer: (E) Red-bellied Lemur, (S) Lemur de vientre 

rojo, (F) Lemur a ventre rouge I LEMURIDAE Ma 
Eulemur rufus = Eulemur fulvus 
Eulemur sanfordi= Eulemur fulvus 
Eulidia yarrellii = Myrtis yarrellii 
Eunectes barbouri = Eunectes murinus 
Eunectes beniensis: II BOIDAE Re 
Eunectes deschauenseei: (E) Dark-spotted Anaconda. Meyer de 

Schauensee's Anaconda, (F) Anaconda a taches sombres. 

Anaconda de Meyer de Schauensee II BOIDAE Re 
Eunectes murinus: (E) Anaconda, Green Anaconda, Water Boa, (S) 

Anaconda, Sucury, (F) Anaconda, Anaconda cornmun. 

Anaconda vert if BOIDAE Re 
Eunectes notaeus: (E) Yellow Anaconda, (S) Anaconda amarilla, 

(F) Anaconda du Paraguay, Anaconda jaune II BOIDAE Re 
Eunectes scytale = Eunectes murinus 
Eunectes wieningeri - Eunectes notaeus 
Eunymphicus cornutus: (E) Horned Parakeet, (S) Perico comudo, 

(F) Perruche cornue, Perruche huppee I PSITTAC1DAE Av 
Eunymphicus uvaeensis = Eunymphicus cornutus 
Euodice cantans= Lonchura cantans 
Euoticus elegantulus: (E) Elegant Galago, Western Needle-clawed 

Bushbaby, Western Needle-clawed Galago, (S) Aboli, Galago 

elegante, (F) Galagi elegant II GALAGONIDAE Ma 
Euoticus inustus = Galago matschiei 
Euoticus pallidus: (E) Northern Needle-clawed Bushbaby, Northern 

Needle-clawed Galago II GALAGONIDAE Ma 
Eupetomena macroura = Campylopterus macrourus 
Euphema bourkii = Neopsephotus bourkii 
Euphema petrophila = Neophema petrophila 
Euphema splendida = Neophema splendida 
Eupherusa cupreiceps = Elvira cupreiceps 
Eupherusa cyanophrys: (E) Blue-capped Hummingbird, Oaxaca 

Hummingbird, (S) Colibri oaxaqueno, (F) Colibri d'Oaxaca C 

Eupherusa eximia : (E) Stripe-tailed Hummingbird, (S) Colibri 

cohrrayado, (F) Colibri a epaulettes II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Eupherusa nigriventris: (E) Black-bellied Hummingbird, (S) 

Colibri ventrinegro, (F) Colibri a ventre noir II TROCHILIDAE 

Eupherusa polbcerca: (E) White-tailed Hummingbird, (S) Colibri 

de Guerrero, Colibri guerrerense, (F) Colibri du Guerrero II 

Euphlyctis hexadactylus: (E) Green Pond Frog, Indian Bullfrog, 

Indian Five-fingered Frog, Indian Green Frog, Indian Pond 

Frog, Six-fingered Frog, Six -toed Frog, (F) Grenouille du 

Bengale, Grenouille hexadactyle II RANIDAE Am 
Euphr actus nation! = Chaetophractus nation! 
Euphvllia ancora : (E) Anchor Coral, Hammer Coral II 8 

Euphvllia aspera = Eusmilia fastigiata 
Euphvllia cristata : (E) White Grape Coral II 8 

Euphvllia divisa:(E) Frogspawn Coral II s CARYOPHYLLIIDAE 

EuphvVia fimbriata : II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Euphyllia glabrescens. if CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Euphyllia laxa = Euphyllia glabrescens 
Euphvllia meandrina = Euphyllia fimbriata 
Euphyllia paraancora: (E) Branching Anchor Coral if 

Euphyllia paradivisa: II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Euphyllia paraglabrescens. II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Euphyllia pavonina - Flabellum pavoninum 
Euphvllia rubra = Monomyces rubrum 
Euphyllia ntgosa = Euphyllia glabrescens 
Euphyllia sinuosa = Plerogyra simtosa 
Euphyllia spheniscus = Truncatoflabellum spheniscus 
Euphyllia turgida = Euphyllia glabrescens 
Euphyllia yaeyamaensis: II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Euplecte a dos d'or (F): Euplecles macrourus 
Euplecte franciscain (F): Euplecles franciscanus 
Euplecte monseigneur (F): Euplecles hordeaceus 
Euplecte veuve-noire (F): Euplectes ardens 
Euplecte vorabe (F): Euplecles afer 

Euplectes afer: (E) Golden Bishop, Napoleon Weaver, Yellow- 
crowned Bishop, (S) Euplectes amarillo, (F) Euplecte vorabe, 
Euplectes alinegro (S): Euplectes hordeaceus 
Euplectes amarillo (S): Euplectes afer 
Euplectes ardens: (E) Red-collared Whydah, Red-collared 
Widowbird, (S) Falsa viuda pechirroja, (F) Euplecte veuve- 
noire, Veuve-noire III PLOCEIDAE Av 
Euplectes franciscanus: (E) Orange Bishop, (S) Euplectes rojo, (F) 

Euplecte franciscain, Ignicolor, III PLOCEIDAE Av 
Euplectes hordeaceus: (E) Black- winged Bishop, Fire-crowned 
Bishop, (S) Euplectes alinegro, (F) Euplecte monseigneur, 
Monseigneur III PLOCEIDAE Av 
Euplectes macrourus: (E) Yellow-backed Whydah, Yellow-mantled 
Whydah, Yellov^mantled Widowbird, Yellow-shouldered 
Widowbird, (S) Falsa viuda dorsigualda, (F) Euplecte a dos d'or. 
Veuve a dos d'or III PLOCEIDAE Av 
Euplecles orix franciscanus = Euplectes franciscanus 
Euplectes rojo (S): Euplectes franciscanus 
Euplere de Goudot (F): Eupleres goudotii 
Eupleres goudotii: (E) Falanouc, Malagasy Mongoose, Slender 
Fanalouc, Small-toothed Mongoose, (S) Fanaloca, Mangosta 
dentipequeno, (F) Euplere de Goudot II VTVERRIDAE Ma 
Eupleres major = Eupleres goudotii 
Euplocomus swinhoii - Lophura swinhoii 

Eupodotis afra: (E) Black Bustard, Black Korhaan, (S) Sison negro, 
Sison negro alioscuro, (F) Outarde korhaan, Outarde noire II 
Eupodotis afra afraoides = Eupodotis afraoides 
Eupodotis afraoides: (E) White-quilled Bustard, (S) Sison negro 

aliclaro, (F) Outarde a miroir blanc II OTIDIDAE Av 
Eupodotis bengalensis: (E) Bengal Bustard. Bengal Florican, (S) 
Avutarda bengal!, Avutarda de Bengala, Sison bengali, (F) 
Outarde du Bengale I OTIDIDAE Av 
Eupodotis burchellii = Neotis denhami 
Eupodotis caerulescens: (E) Blue Bustard, Blue Korhaan, (S) Sison 

azul, Sison azulado, (F) Outarde plombee II OTIDIDAE Av 
Eupodotis gindiana : (E) Buft-crested Bustard, (S) Sison monudo 

etiope, (F) Outarde d'Oustalet II OTIDIDAE Av 
Eupodotis hartlaubii: (E) Hartlaub's Bustard, (S) Sison de Hartlaub, 
Sison ventrinegro de Hartlaub, (F| Outarde de Hartlaub II 
Eupodotis humilis: (E) Little Brown Bustard, (S) Sison somali, (F) 

Outarde somalienne II OTIDIDAE Av 
Eupodotis indica : (E) Lesser Florican, Likh, (S) Sison de penacho, 
Sison indio, (F) Outarde naine de ITnde, Outarde passarage II 
Eupodotis melanogaster: (E) Black-bellied Bustard, Black-bellied 
Korhaan, (S) Sison ventrinegro, Sison ventrinegro comun, (F) 
Outarde a ventre noir II OTIDIDAE Av 
Eupodotis rueppellii: (E) Damara Korhaan, Ruppell's Bustard, (S) 
Sison de Damaraland, Sison de Ruppell, (F) Outarde de Riippell 
Eupodotis ruficrista: (E) Crested Korhaan, Red-crested Bustard, (S) 
Sison mofiirrojo, Sison monudo austral, (F) Outarde houppette, 
Outarde naine II OTIDIDAE Av 
Eupodotis ruficrista gindiana ~ Eupodotis gindiana 
Eupodotis savilei: (E) Savile's Bustard, (S) Avutarda de Savile, 
Sison monudo de saheliano, (F) Outarde de Savile II 

Seep. 13 1 Veasep. 29/ Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Eupodotis senegalensis: (E) Senegal Bustard, White-bellied 

Bustard, White-bellied Korhaan, (S) Sison senegales, (F) 

Outarde du Senegal II OTIDIDAE Av 
Eupodotis vigorsii: (E) Karoo Bustard, Karoo Korhaan, Vigors's 

Bustard. (S) Sison de Vigors, Sison del karroo, (F) Outarde de 

Vigors n OTIDIDAE Av 
Eupsammia regalis = Balanophyllia regalis 
Eupsammia stimpsoniana = Balanophyllia stimpsonii 
Eupsammia stimpsonii = Balanophyllia stimpsonii 
Eupsittida aitrea = Aratinga aurea 
Eitpsitlida cactonim = Aratinga cactorum 
Eupsittida canicularis = Aratinga canicularis 
Eupsittula nana = Aratinga nana 
Eupsittida pertinax = Aratinga pertinax 
Eupsittula weddellii = Aratinga weddellii 
Eurvchelidon sirintarae = Pseudochelidon sirintarae 
Eurypelma aureoceps = Brachypelma aureoceps 
Eurypelma dupontii = Brachypelma vagans 
Eurypelma embrilhes = Brachypelma embrithes 
Eurypelma emilia = Brachypelma emilia 
Eurypelma epicureana = Brachypelma epicweanum 
Eurypelma pallidum = Aphonopelma pallidum 
Eurypelma sabulosum = Brachypelma sabulosum 
Euiypelma smithi= Brachypelma smithi 
Eurypelma vagans- Brachypelma vagans 
Eusmilia aspera = Eusmilia fastigiata 
Eusmilia fastigiata : (E) Smooth Flower Coral, (F) Corail tleur doux 

Eusmilia knorrii = Eusmilia fastigiata 
Eutoxeres aquila : (E) White-tipped Sicklebill, (S) Pico-de-hoz 

puntiblanco, Picohoz coliverde, (F) Bec-en-faucille aigle II 

Eutoxeres condamini: (E) Buff-tailed Sicklebill, (S) Pico-de-hoz 

colihabano, Picohoz colicanela, (F) Bec-en-faucille de la 

Eutriorchis astur: (E) Madagascar Serpent -Eagle, (S) Culebrera 

azor, (F) Aigle serpentaire, Serpentaire de Madagascar II 

Exiliboa placata : (E) Bogert's Boa, Oaxacan Boa, Oaxacan Dwarf 

Boa, (S) Boa enana mexicana, (F) Boa nain d'Oaxaca II 

Explanaria annularis = Montastraea annularis 
Explanaria argus = Montastraea cavernosa 
Explanaria cinerascens = Turbinaria mesenterina 
Explanaria galaxea =Astreopora lister i 
Explanaria gemmacea = Echinopora gemmacea 
Explanaria hemprichii - Lobophyllia hemprichii 
Explanaria infundibulum = Turbinaria crater 
Explanaria mesenterina = Turbinaria mesenterina 
Explanaria radiata = Montastraea cavernosa 
Eye, Higgins's (E): Lampsilis higginsii 
Fabo calderon (S): Grampus griseus 
Fairy, Black-eared (E): Heliothryx aurita 
Fairy, Purple-crowned (E): Heliothryx barroti 
Faisan a queue barree (F): Syrmaticus humiae 
Faisan a queue rousse (F): Lophura erylhrophthalma 
Faisan argos (S): Argusianus argus 
Faisan chir (S): Catreus wallichii 
Faisan colicanelo (S): Lophura erylhrophthalma 
Faisan de Birmanie (F): Syrmaticus humiae 
Faisan de canincula azul (S): Lophura erythrophthalma 
Faisan de canincula azul crestado (S): Lophura ignita 
Faisan de cola ocelada de Germain (S): Polyplectron germaini 
Faisan de cola ocelada gris (S): Polyplectron bicalcaratum 
Faisan de cola ocelada indomito (S): Polyplectron inopinatum 
Faisan de cola ocelada malayo (S): Polyplectron malacense 
Faisan de cuemo rojo (S): Oreophasis derbianus 
Faisan de Edwards (S): Lophura edwardsi 
Faisan de Elliot (S): Syrmaticus ellioti 

Faisan de espolones de Borneo (S): Polyplectron schleiermacheri 
Faisan de espolones de Germain (S): Polyplectron germaini 
Faisan de espolones de Palawan (S): Polyplectron emphanum 
Faisan de espolones gris (S): Polyplectron bicalcaratum 
Faisan de espolones malayo (S): Polyplectron malacense 
Faisan de Formosa (S): Lophura swinhoii 

Faisan de Formose (F): Lophura swinhoii 

Faisan de Hume (F): Syrmaticus humiae 

Faisan de Hume (S): Syrmaticus humiae 

Faisan de 1'Himalaya (F): Catreus wallichii 

Faisan de Rheinard (S): Rheinardia ocellata 

Faisan de Swinhoe (F): Lophura swinhoii 

Faisan de Swinhoe (S): Lophura swinhoii 

Faisan de Wallich (F): Catreus wallichii 

Faisan de Wallich (S): Catreus wallichii 

Faisan d'Edwards (F): Lophura edwardsi 

Faisan d'Elliot (F): Syrmaticus ellioti 

Faisan ensangrentado (S): Ithaginis cruentus 

Faisan imperial (F): Lophura imperialis 

Faisan imperial (S): Lophura imperialis 

Faisan mikado (F): Syrmaticus mikado 

Faisan mikado (S): Syrmaticus mikado 

Faisan monal chino (S): Lophophorus Ihuysii 

Faisan monal de Sclater (S): Lophophorus sclateri 

Faisan monal del Himalaya (S): Lophophorus impejanus 

Faisan noble (F): Lophura ignita 

Faisan noble (S): Lophura ignita 

Faisan oreillard blanc (F): Crossoptilon crossoptilon 

Faisan oreillard brun (F): Crossoptilon mantchuricum 

Faisan orejudo bianco (S): Crossoptilon crossoptilon 

Faisan orejudo de Manchuria (S): Crossoptilon mantchuricum 

Faisan orejudo pardo (S): Crossoptilon mantchuricum 

Faisan orejudo tibetano(S): Crossoptilon crossoptilon 

Faisan real de Germain (S): Polyplectron germaini 

Faisan real de Palaguan (S): Polyplectron emphanum 

Faisan real gris (S): Polyplectron bicalcaratum 

Faisan real malayo (S): Polyplectron malacense 

Faisan sangrante (S): Ithaginis cruentus 

Faisan sanguin (F): Ithaginis cruentus 

Faisan sanguineo (S): Ithaginis cruentus 

Falanouc (E): Eupleres goudotii 

Falcatoflabellum raoulensis: II 8 TURBINOLIIDAE An 

Falco aequinoctialis - Buteogallus aequinoctialis 

Falco aeruginosus= Circus aeruginosus 

Falco albicilla = Haliaeetus albicilla 

Falco albicollis = Leucopternis albicollis 

Falco alexanderi -Falco tinnunculus 

Falco alopex: (E) Fox Kestrel, (S) Cemicalo zorruno, (F) Crecerelle 

renard, Faucon-renard II FALCONIDAE Av 
Falco altaicus = Falco cherrug 
Falco americanus = Daptrius americanus 
Falco amurensis: ( E) Amur Falcon, Eastern Red- footed Falcon, 

Manchurian Red- footed Falcon, (S) Cemicalo del Amur, (F) 

Faucon de lAmour II FALCONIDAE Av 
Falco angolensis = Gypohierax angolensis 
Falco anthracinus = Buteogallus anthracinus 
Falco apivorus = Pern is apivorus 
Falco araea: (E) Seychelles Kestrel, (S) Cemicalo de las Seychelles, 

(F) Crecerelle des Seychelles, Crecerelle katitie, Emouchel des 

Seychelles, Faucon crecerelle des Seychelles I FALCONIDAE 

Falco ardosiaceus: (E) Grey Kestrel, (S) Cemicalo gris, Cemicalo 

pizarroso, (F) Faucon ardoise II FALCONIDAE Av 
Falco augur - Buteo augur 
Falco australis = Phalcoboemts australis 
Falco badius = Accipiter badius 
Falco bellicosus = Polemaetus bellicosus 
Falco berigora: (E) Brown Falcon, (S) Halcon beriaora, (F) Faucon 

berigora II FALCONIDAE Av 
Falco biarmicus: (E) Lanner, Lanner Falcon, (S) Halcon bomi, (F) 

Faucon lanier II FALCONIDAE Av 
Falco bidentatus = Harpagus bidentatus 
Falco buffoni= Circus buffoni 
Falco buteo - Buteo buteo 
Falco cachinnans = Herpetotheres cachinnans 
Falco caerulescens= Microhierax caerulescens 
Falco caeruleus = Elanus caeruleus 
Falco canorus = Melierax canorus 
Falco cayanensis = Leptodon cayanensis 
Falco cenchroides. (E) Austalian Kestrel, Nankeen Kestrel, (S) 

Cemicalo australiano, (F) Crecerelle australienne, Crecerelle 

Seep. HI Veasep. 29 1 Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

d'Australie II FALCONIDAE Av 
Fako cheela = Spilornis cheela 
Falco cheriway = Polyborus plancus 
Falco cherrug. (E) Saker, Saker Falcon, (S) Halcon sacre, ( F) 

Faucon sacre II FALCONIDAE Av 
Falco chicquera : (E) Red-headed Falcon, Red-headed Merlin. Red- 
necked Falcon, (S) Alcotan cuellirrojo, Alcotan turumti, Halcon 

de cabeza roja, (F) Faucon a cou roux. Faucon chicquera II 

Falco chrysaetos = Aq uila chrysaetos 
Falco cirrhalus= Spizaetus cirrhatus 
Falco columbarius: (E) Merlin, Pigeon Hawk, (S) Esmerejon, 

Halcon migratorio, Halcon palomero, (F) Faucon emerillon II 

Falco concolor. (E) Sooty Falcon, (S) Halcon pardo, Halcon 

pizarroso, (F) Faucon concolore II FALCONIDAE Av 
Falco connivens = Ninox connivens 
Falco cooper ii = Accipiter cooper it 
Falco coronatus = Stephanoaetus coronatus 
Falco cuvierii: (E) African Hobby, (S) Alcotan africano. Halcon de 

Cuvier, (F) Faucon de Cuvier, Hobereau africain II 

Falco cyaneus = Circus cyaneus 
Falco deiroleucus: (E) Orange -breasted Falcon. (S) Halcon 

pechianaranjado, Halcon pechirrojo, Halcon pechirruf'o, Halcon 

plomizo, (F) Faucon orange II FALCONIDAE Av 
Falco dickinsoni.iE) Dickinson's Kestrel, White-rumped Kestrel, 

(S) Cernicalo de Dickinson, Cernicalo dorsinegro, (F) Faucon de 

Falco diodon = Harpagiis diodon 
Falco ecaudatus- Terathopius ecaudalus 
Falco eleonorae: (E) Eleonora's Falcon, (S) Halcon de Eleonor, 

Halcon de Eleonora, (F) Faucon d'Eleonore II FALCONIDAE 

Falco fasciinucha:(E) Taita Falcon, Teita Falcon, (S) Halcon taita, 

(F) Faucon taita II FALCONIDAE Av 
Falco femoralis. (E) Aplomado Falcon, (S) Halcon aleto, Halcon 

aplomado, Halcon azulado, Halcon perdiguero, (F) Faucon 

aplomado II FALCONIDAE Av 
Falco forfwatus = Elanoides forficatus 
Falco fringillarius = Microhieraxfringillarius 
Falco gabar = Melierax gabar 
Falco gallictts = Circaetus gallicus 
Falco gentilis = Accipiler gentilis 
Falco guianensis = Morphmts guianensis 
Falco haliaetus= Pandion haliaetus 
Falco hamatus = Rostrharmts hamatus 
Falco humilis = Ichthyophaga humilis 
Falco hypoleucos. (E) Grey Falcon, (S) Halcon gris, Halcon gris de 

Australia, (F) Faucon gris II FALCONIDAE Av 
Falco ichthyaetus = Ichthyophaga ichthyaetus 
Falco indicus = Butastur indicus 
Falco Indus = Haliastur Indus 
Falco isidori = Oroaelus isidori 
Falco jamaicensis = Buteo jamaicensis 
Falco jugger. (E) Laggar Falcon, (S) Halcon yaggar, (F) Faucon 

Falco kreyenborgi = Falco peregrinus 
Falco lacernulalus = Leucopternis lacernulata 
Falco lagopus = Buteo lagopus 
Falco leucocephalus = Haliaeetus leucocephalus 
Falco leucogaster = Haliaeetus leucogaster 
Falco leucorrhous = Buteo leucorrhous 
Falco leuphotes =Aviceda leuphotes 
Falco lineatus = Buteo lineatus 
Falco liventer = Butastur liventer 
Falco longicauda = Henicopernis longicauda 
Falco longipennis: (E) Australian Hobby, Little Falcon, (S) Alcotan 

australiano, Halconcito australiano, (F) Petit faucon n 

Falco macrourus= Circus macrourus 
Falco madens = Falco peregrinus 
Falco magnirostris = Buteo magnirostris 
Falco malayensis = Ictinaetus malayensis 
Falco maurus = Circus maurus 

Falco melanoleucos = Circus melanoleucos 

Falco melanops = Leucopternis melanops 

Falco meridionalis = Buteogallus meridionalis 

Falco mexicanus: (E) Prairie Falcon, (S) Halcon de las praderas, 

Halcon mejicano, Halcon pradeno, (F) Faucon des prairies II 

Falco migrans = Milvus migrans 
Falco milvus = Milvus milvus 
Falco minullus = Accipiler minullus 
Falco mississippiensis = Ictinia mississippiensis 
Falco moluccensis: (E) Moluccan Kestrel, Spotted Kestrel, (S) 

Cernicalo de las Molucas, Cernicalo moluqueno, (F) Crecerelle 

des Moluques II FALCONIDAE Av 
Falco monogrammicus= Kaupifalco monogrammicus 
Falco naumanni.iE) Lesser Kestrel. (S) Cernicalo primilla, (F) 

Faucon crecerellette II FALCONIDAE Av 
Falco neglectus = Falco tinnunculus 
Falco newtoni (E) Madagascar Kestrel, Newton's Kestrel, (S) 

Cernicalo de Aldabra, Cernicalo de la isla Aldabra, Cernicalo de 

Madagascar, (F) Crecerelle d'Aldabra, Crecerelle malgache, 

Faucon de Newton d'Aldabra I/II FALCONIDAE Av 
Falco nigricollis = Busarellus nigricollis 
Falco nisus = Accipiler nisus 
Falco nitidus = Asturina nitida 
Falco novaehollandiae = Accipiter novaehollandiae 
Falco novaeseelandiae . (E) New Zealand Falcon, (S) Halcon de 

Nueva Zelandia, Halcon maori, (F) Faucon de Nouvelle-Zelande 

Falco occipitalis = Lophaetus occipitalis 
Falco ornatus = Spizaetus ornatus 
Falco pelegrinoides: (E) Barbary Falcon, (S) Halcon de Berberia, 

Halcon peregrino de Babilonia, (F) Faucon de Barbarie I 

Falco pennatus = Hieraaetus pennatus 
Falco peregrinus. (E) Duck Hawk, Peregrine, Peregrine Falcon, (S) 

Halcon blancuzco, Halcon comun, Halcon peregrino, Halc6n 

real, Halcon viajero, (F) Faucon pelerin I FALCONIDAE Av 
Falco peregrinus babylonicus= Falco pelegrinoides babylonicus 
Falco peregrinus pelegrinoides = Falco pelegrinoides 
Falco piscator = Crinifer piscator 
Falco plancus= Polyborus plancus 
Falco plumbeus = Ictinia plumbea 
Falco poliogaster - Accipiter poliogaster 
Falco polyosoma = Buteo polyosoma 
Falco plilorhyncus = Pernis ptilorhyncus 
Falco punctatus: (E) Mauritius Kestrel, (S) Cernicalo de la 

Mauricio, Cernicalo de Mauricio, (F) Crecerelle de Maurice, 

Faucon de File Maurice I FALCONIDAE Av 
Falco pygargus = Circus pygargus 
Falco radiatus = Erythrotriorchis radiatus 
Falco ranivorus = Circus ranivorus 
Falco rapax =Aquila rapax 
Falco rufigularis. (E) Bat Falcon, (S) Halcon golondrina, Halcon 

murcielaguero, Halcon plomizo menor, (F) Faucon des chauves- 

Falco rufinus= Buteo rujinus 
Falco rufofuscus= Buteo rufofuscus 
Falco rupicoloiles ( E) Greater Kestrel, White-eyed Kestrel, (S) 

Cernicalo ojiblanco, Cernicalo ojiblanco de Africa, (F) 

Crecerelle aux yeux blancs II FALCONIDAE Av 
Falco rusticolus: (E) Gyr Falcon, Gyrfalcon, (S) Halcon gerifalte, 

(F) Faucon gerfaut, Gerfaut I FALCONIDAE Av 
Falco semitorquata = Polihierax semitorquatus 
Falco serpentarius = Sagittarius serpentarius 
Falco severus: (E) Oriental Hobby, (S) Alcotan filipino, (F) Faucon 

aldrovandin, Hobereau a poitrine rousse n FALCONIDAE Av 
Falco soloensis = Accipiter soloensis 
Falco sparverius: (E) American Kestrel, (S) Cernicalo americano, 

Cernicalo primito, Halcon primito, Halconcito, Halconcito 

comun, (F) Crecerelle americaine, Crecerelle d'Amerique II 

Falco subbuteo: (E) Eurasian Hobby, Hobby, Northern Hobby, (S) 

Alcotan, Alcotan europeo, (F) Faucon hobereau II 



Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animates 

Falco subniger. (E) Black Falcon, (S) Halcon negro, Halcon negro 

de Australia, (F) Faucon noir II FALCONIDAE Av 
Falco superciliosus = Accipiter superciliosus 
Falco tachiro = Accipiter tachiro 
Falco tinnunculus: (E) Common Kestrel, Eurasian Kestrel, Kestrel, 

(S) Cernicalo comiin, Cernicalo vulgar, (F) Faucon crecerelle II 

Falco tri\<irgalus= Accipiter trivirgatus 
Falco tyrannus= Spizaetus tyrannus 
Falco uncinatus = Chondrohierax imcinatus 
Falco unicinctus = Parabuteo unicinctus 
Falco urubitinga = Buteogallus urubitinga 
Falco vespertinus: (E) Red-footed Falcon, Western Red-footed 

Falcon, (S) Cernicalo patirrojo, (F) Faucon kobez II 

Falco vespertinus amurensis = Falco amwensis 
Falco virgatits = Accipiter virgatus 
Falco vocifer = Haliaeetus vocifer 
Falco zoniventris: (E) Banded kestrel, Barred Kestrel, (S) Cernicalo 

malgache, (F) Faucon a ventre rayi II FALCONIDAE Av 
Falcon, African Pygmy (E): Potihierox semitorquatus 
Falcon, Amur (E): Falco amurensis 
Falcon, Aplomado (E): Falco femoralis 
Falcon. Barbary (E): Falco pelegrinoides 
Falcon, Bat (E): Falco rufigularis 
Falcon, Black (E): Falco subniger 
Falcon, Brown (E): Falco berigora 
Falcon, Eastern Red-footed (E): Falco amurensis 
Falcon, Eleonora's (E): Falco eleonorae 
Falcon, Grey (E): Falco hypoleucos 
Falcon, Gyr (E): Falco rusticolus 
Falcon, Laggar (E): Falco jagger 
Falcon, Lanner (E): Falco biarmicus 
Falcon, Laughing (E): Heipetotheres cachinnans 
Falcon, Little (E): Falco longipennis 
Falcon, Manchurian Red-footed (E): Falco amurensis 
Falcon. New Zealand (E): Falco novaeseelandiae 
Falcon, Orange- breasted (E): Falco deiroleucus 
Falcon, Peregrine (E): Falco peregrinus 
Falcon, Prairie (E): Falco mexicanus 
Falcon, Pygmy (E): Polihierax semitorquatus 
Falcon, Red-footed (E): Falco vespertinus 
Falcon, Red-headed (E): Falco chicquera 
Falcon, Red-necked (E): Falco chicquera 
Falcon, Saker (E): Falco cherrug 
Falcon, Sooty (E): Falco concolor 
Falcon, Spot-winged (Ey.Spiziapteiyx circumcinctus 
Falcon, Taita (E): Falco fasciinucha 
Falcon, Teita (E): Falco fasciinucha 
Falcon, Western Red-footed (E): Falco vespertinus 
Falcon, White-rumped (E): Polihierax insignis 
Falconet, Black -legged (E): Microhierax fringillarius 
Falconet, Black-sided (E): Microhierax fringillarius 
Falconet, Black -thighed (E): Microhierax fringillarius 
Falconet, Bomean (E): Microhierax latifrons 
Falconet, Collared (E): Microhierax caerulescens 
Falconet, Fielden's (E): Polihierax insignis 
Falconet, Philippine (E): Microhierax erythrogenys 
Falconet, Pied (E): Microhierax melanoleucos 
Falconet, Red-legged (E): Microhierax caerulescens 
Falconet, Red-thighed (E): Microhierax caerulescens 
Falconet, Spot- winged (E): Spiziapleryx circumcinctus 
Falconet, White-fronted (E): Microhierax latifrons 
Falconet, White-rumped (E): Polihierax insignis 
Falconete acollarado (S): Microhierax caerulescens 
Falconete de Borneo (S): Microhierax latifrons 
Falconete filipino (S): Microhierax erythrogenys 
Falconete indonesio (S): Microhierax fringillarius 
Falconete pio (S): Microhierax melanoleucos 
FALCONIFORMES spp. : (E) birds of prey, raptors, (S) aves de 

rapina, (F) rapaces diurnes I/II/III/NC Av 
Falsa cobra (S): Cyclagras gigas 
Falsa cobra acuatica (S): Cyclagras gigas 
Falsa rata de agua (S): Xeromys myoides 
Falsa viuda dorsigualda (S): Euplectes macrourus 

Falsa viuda pechirroja (S): Euplectes ardens 

Falso gavial africano (S): Crocodylus cataphractus 

Falso gavial malayo (S): Tomistoma schlegelii 

Falso lagarto armadillo de Lang (S): Cordylus langi 

Falso lagarto armadillo del cabo (S): Cordylus capensis 

Falso lagarto armadillo espinoso (S): Cordylus spinosus 

Falso raton de la Bahia de Shark (S): Pseudomys praeconis 

Falso vampiro del Uruguay (S): Platyrrhinus lineatus 

falsos lagartos armadillos (S): Cordylus spp. 

Fanaloca (S): Eupleres goudotii 

Fanaloka (E): Fossa fossana 

Fanalouc, Slender (E): Eupleres goudotii 

Fandangero colicuna (S): Campylopterus curvipennis 

Fandangero colilargo (S): Campylopterus excellens 

Fandangero morado (S): Campylopterus hemileucurus 

Fandangero pechiescamosa (S): Campylopterus cuvierii 

Fandangero rufo (S): Campylopterus rufus 

Fanshell, Western (E): Cyprogenia aberti 

Faucon a cou roux (F): Falco chicquera 

Faucon a ventre raye ( F): Falco zoniventris 

Faucon aldrovandin (F): Falco severus 

Faucon aplomado (F): Falco femoralis 

Faucon ardoise (F): Falco ardosiaceus 

Faucon berigora (F): Falco berigora 

Faucon chicquera (F): Falco chicquera 

Faucon concolore (F): Falco concolor 

Faucon crecerelle (F): Falco tinnunculus 

Faucon crecerelle des Seychelles (F): Falco araea 

Faucon crecerellette (F): Falco naumanni 

Faucon de Barbarie (F): Falco pelegrinoides 

Faucon de Cuvier (F): Falco cuvierii 

Faucon de Dickinson (F): Falco dickinsoni 

Faucon de lAmour (F): Falco amurensis 

Faucon de Tile Maurice (F): Falco punctatus 

Faucon de Newton d'Aldabra (F): Falco newtoni 

Faucon de Nouvelle-Zelande(F): Falco novaeseelandiae 

Faucon d'Eleonore (F): Falco eleonorae 

Faucon des chauves-souris (F): Falco rufigularis 

Faucon des prairies (F): Falco mexicanus 

Faucon emerillon (F): Falco cohtmbarius 

Faucon gerfaut (F): Falco rusticolus 

Faucon gris (F): Falco hypoleucos 

Faucon hobereau (F): Falco subbuteo 

Faucon kobez (F): Falco vespertinus 

Faucon laggar (F): Falco jugger 

Faucon lanier (F): Falco biarmicus 

Faucon noir (F): Falco subniger 

Faucon orange (F): Falco deiroleucus 

Faucon pelerin (F): Falco peregrinus 

Faucon sacre (F): Falco cherrug 

Faucon taita (F): Falco fasciinucha 

Faucon-coucou (F): Aviceda cuculoides 

Fauconnet a collier (F): Microhierax caerulescens 

Fauconnet a pattes jaunes (F): Polihierax insignis 

Fauconnet dAfrique (F): Polihierax semitorquatus 

Fauconnet dAmerique (F): Spiziapteryx circumcinctus 

Fauconnet de Borneo (F): Microhierax latifrons 

Fauconnet des Philippines (F): Microhierax erythrogenys 

Fauconnet moineau (F): Microhierax fringillarius 

Fauconnet noir-et-blanc (F): Microhierax melanoleucos 

Faucon -renard (F): Falco alopex 

Fausse souris de la baie de Shark (F): Pseudomys praeconis 

Fauvette a long bee (F): Dasyornis longirostris 

Fauvette brune a long bee (F): Dasyornis longirostris 

Fauvette rousse de l'Ouest (F): Dasyornis broadbenti litoralis 

Faux cobra (F): Cyclagras gigas 

Faux cobra aquatique du Bresil (F): Cyclagras gigas 

Faux jacquot (F): Corallus caninus 

Faux rat d'eau (F): Xeromys myoides 

Faux-gavial dAfrique (F): Crocodylus cataphractus 

Faux-gavial malais (F): Tomistoma schlegelii 

Faa\-orque (F): Pseudorca crassidens 

Favastrea magnifica = Favites abdita 

Favia adduensis = Favites pentagona 

Favia affinis = Favia favus 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Favia albidus II 8 FAV1IDAE An 

Favia amicorum = Barabattoia amicorum 

Favia armata = Favia stelligera 

Favia cavernosa = Favia favus 

Favia cellulosa = Favia pallida 

Favia clouei = Favia speciosa 

Favia coarctala = Favia fragum 

Favia complanata = Favites complanata 

Favia conferla = Favia gravida 

Favia danae: II 8 FAV1IDAE An 

Favia danai: II s FAVIIDAE An 

Favia denticulata = Favia favus 

Favia doreyensis = Favia pallida 

Favia ehrenbergi = Favia favus 

Favia favus. II 8 FAVIIDAE An 

Favia fragilis = Favia speciosa 

Favia fragum: (E) Golfball Coral, Small Star Coral, (F) Corail balle 

de golf If FAVUDAEAn 
Favia geoffroyi = Favia favus 
Favia gravida: II 8 FAVJIDAE An 
Favia halicora = Favites halicora 
Favia hawaiiensis = Leptastrea purpurea 
Favia helianthoides: if FAVIIDAE An 
Favia hemprichii = Acanlhastrea hemprichii 
Favia hombronii = Favia stelligera 
Favia hululensis = Favia pallida 
Favia incerta = Favia fragum 
Favia ingolft =Plesiastrea versipora 
Favia jacquinoti = Favia favus 
Favia laccadivica = Favia pallida 
Favia lacuna: II 8 FAVIIDAE An 
Favia laddi = Barabattoia laddi 
Favia laxa: if FAVIIDAE An 
Favia leptophylla: U 8 FAVIIDAE An 
Favia lizardensis: II 8 FAVIIDAE An 
Favia maritima: II 8 FAVIIDAE An 
Favia marshae: II 8 FAVIIDAE An 
Favia matthaii: if FAVIIDAE An 
Favia maxima: II 8 FAVIIDAE An 
Favia okeni= Favia speciosa 
Favia palauensis = Goniastrea palauensis 
Favia pallida: II 8 FAVIIDAE An 
Favia pandamts = Favia speciosa 
Favia parvimurata = Goniastrea favitlus 
Favia paucisepta = Favia pallida 
Favia puteolina = Favia speciosa 
Favia putnami= Favia pallida 
Favia robusta = Favites abdita 
Favia rosaria : if FAVIIDAE An 
Favia rotum ana: II 8 FAVIIDAE An 
Favia rotundata: II 8 FAVIIDAE An 
Favia rudis = Favia speciosa 
Favia rugosa = Favia matthaii 
Favia sinensis = Platygyra sinensis 
Favia speciosa : II 8 FAVIIDAE An 
Favia stelligera: if FAVIIDAE An 
Favia stelligera fanningensis =Fa\>ia stelligera 
Favia truncatus. II 8 FAVIIDAE An 
Favia tubulifera = Favia favus 
Favia veronh U 8 FAVIIDAE An 
Favia vietnamensis: II 8 FAVIIDAE An 
Favia wakayama = Montastraea curta 
Favia \vhitfieldi = Favia fragum 
Favia wisseli: II 8 FAVIIDAE An 
Favites spp.: (E) Larger star corals. Pineapple corals II 8 FAVIIDAE 

Favites abdita: (E) Honeycomb Coral II 8 FAVIIDAE An 
Favites acuticollis: II 8 FAVIIDAE An 
Favites astrinus = Favites abdita 
Favites bennettae = Oulophyllia bennettae 
Favites bestae: II 8 FAVIIDAE An 
Favites chinensis: II 8 FAVIIDAE An 
Favites complanata : II 8 FAVIIDAE An 

Fm'ites ellisiana = Favites abdita 

Fm'ites filicosa = Fm'ites abdita 

Favites flexuosa-.n* FAVIIDAE An 

Favites gailei = Favites pentagona 

Favites halicora : D 8 FAVIIDAE An 

Favites hemprichii = Favites complanata 

Favites micropentagona : if FAVIIDAE An 

Fm'ites palauensis = Goniastrea palauensis 

Favites paraflexuosa: II 8 FAVIIDAE An 

Favites parvicella = Favites pentagona 

Favites pentagona: II 8 FAVIIDAE An 

Favites peresi: if FAVIIDAE An 

Fm'ites robusta = Fm'ites abdita 

Favites rotundata = Fm'ia rotundata 

Favites nissellr. II 8 FAVIIDAE An 

Favites spinosa: it FAVIIDAE An 

Favites stylifera : it FAVIIDAE An 

Favites vasta: II 8 FAVIIDAE An 

Fm'ites virens = Fm'ites abdita 

Fm'ites vamanarii = Fm'ites chinensis 

FELIDAE spp.: (E) cats, (S) felinos, (F) telides, felins Vlf Ma 

felides (F): FELIDAE spp. 

felinos (S): FELIDAE spp. 

felins (F): FELIDAE spp. 

Felis aurala = Profelis aurata 

Felis badia = Catopuma badia 

Felis bengalensis = Prionailurus bengalensis 

Felis bengalensis bengalensis = Prionailurus bengalensis 

Felis bieti: (E) Chinese Desert Cat, (S) Gato de Biet, Gato del 

desierto de China, (F) Chat de Biet II FELIDAE Ma 
Felis canadensis = Lynx canadensis 
Felis caracal '= Caracal caracal 
Felis chaus: (E) Jungle Cat, Reed Cat, Swamp Cat, (S) Gato de la 

jungla, Gato de los pantanos, (F) Chat de jungle, Chat des 

marais II FELIDAE Ma 
Felis colocolo = Oncifelis colocolo 
Felis colocolo budinii = Oncifelis colocolo budini 
Felis colocolo crespoi= Oncifelis colocolo crespoi 
Felis colocolo pajeros = Oncifelis colocolo pajeros 
Felis concolor= Puma concolor 
Felis concolor coryi = Puma concolor coryi 
Felis concolor costaricensis ~ Puma concolor costaricensis 
Felis concolor couguar = Puma concolor couguar 
Felis euptilura = Prionailurus bengalensis 
Felis geoffroyi - Oncifelis geoffroyi 
Felis guigna = Oncifelis guigna 

Felis iriomotensis = Prionailurus bengalensis iriomotensis 
Felis jacobita = Oreailurus jacobita 
Felis libyca = Felis silvestris 
Felis lyiica = Felis silvestris lybica 
Felis lynx = Lynx lynx 

Felis lynx isabellina = Lynx lynx isabellinus 
Felis lynx pardinus = Lynx pardinus 
Felis manul= Otocolobus manul 
Felis margarita : (E) Sand Cat, Sand Dune Cat, (S) Gato de las 

arenas, Gato del Sahara, (F) Chat des sables n FELIDAE Ma 
Felis marmorata = Pardofelis marmorata 
Felis nigripes: (E) Black -footed Cat, Small-spotted Cat, (S) Gato de 

pies negros, Gato patinegro, (F) Chat a pieds noirs I FELIDAE 

Felis ornata = Felis silvestris 
Felis pardalis = Leopardus pardalis 
Felis pardina = Lynx pardinus 
Felis planiceps = Prionailurus planiceps 
Felis rubiginosa = Prionailurus rubiginosus 
Felis rufa = Lynx rufus 
Felis serval = Leptailurus serval 
Felis silvestris: (E) Wild Cat, Wildcat, (S) Gato montes, Gato 

silvestre, (F) Chat ome. Chat sauvage if FELIDAE Ma 
Felis temminckii = Catopuma temminckii 
Felis tigrina = Leopardus tigrinus 
Felis viverrina = Prionailurus viverrinus 

" Seep. 13 1 Veasep. 29 /Voir p. 45. 

6 Felidae spp. Specimens of the domesticated form are not subject to the provisions of the Convention. I Los especimenes de la forma domesticada 

no estan sujetos a las disposiciones de la Convencion. I ' Les specimens de la forme domestiquee ne sontpas soumis am dispositions de la Convention. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Felis wiedii = Leopardus wiedii 

Felis yaguarondi = Herpailarus yaguarondi 

Fennec (F): Vulpes zerda 

Fennecus zerda = Vulpes zerda 

Fenocopteridos (S): PHOENICOPTERIDAE spp. 

Feresa attenuata : (E) Pygmy Killer Whale, Slender Blackiish, (S) 

Orca pigmea, (F) Epaulard pygmee, Orque pygmee II 

Feresa occulta - Feresa attenuata 
Ferret, Black- footed (E): Mustela nigripes 
Fig- Parrot. Coxen's Double-eyed (E): Cyclopsitta diophthalma 

Fig-Parrot, Desmarest's (E): Psittaculirostris desmarestii 
Fig- Parrot, Double-eyed (E): Cyclopsitta diophthalma 
Fig- Parrot, Dwarf (E): Cyclopsitta diophthalma 
Fig- Parrot, Edwards's (E): Psittaculirostris edwardsii 
Fig- Parrot, Golden-headed (E): Psittaculirostris desmarestii 
Fig- Parrot, Large (E): Psittaculirostris desmarestii 
Fig-Parrot, Orange- breasted (E): Cyclopsitta gulielmitertii 
Fig- Parrot, Salvadori's (E): Psittaculirostris salvadorii 
Fijian iguanas (E): Brachylophus spp. 
Finback (E): Balaenoptera physalus 
Finch, Aurora (E): Pytilia phoenicoptera 
Finch, Black-throated (E): Poephila cincta 
Finch, Green Singing (E): Serinus mozambicus 
Finch, Grey Singing (E): Serinus leucopygius 
Finch, Ribbon (E): Amadina fasciata 
Finch, Southern Black-throated (E): Poephila cincta cincta 
Finner (E): Balaenoptera physalus 
Fireback, Crested (E): Lophura ignita 
Fireback, Crestless (E): Lophura eiythrophthalma 
Fireback, Vieillof s (E): Lophura ignita 
Firecrown, Green-backed (E): Sephanoides sephaniodes 
Firecrown, Juan Fernandez (E): Sephanoides fernandensis 
Firefinch, African (E): Lagonosticta ruhricata 
Firefin ch. Bar- breasted (E): Lagonosticta rufopicta 
Firefinch, Black-bellied (E): Lagonosticta rara 
Firefinch, Black-faced (E): Lagonosticta vinacea 
Firefinch, Blue-billed (E): Lagonosticta rubricata 
Firefinch, Brown-backed (E): Lagonosticta rubricata 
Firefinch, Lavender (E): Eslrilda caerulescens 
Firefinch, Red-billed (E): Lagonosticta senegala 
Firefinch, Senegal (E): Lagonosticta senegala 
Firefinch, Vinaceous (E): Lagonosticta vinacea 
Fish, African Blind Barb (E): Caecobarbus geertsi 
Fish, Devil (E): Eschrichtius robustus 
Fish, Golden Dragon (E): Scleropages formosus 
Fish, Seahorse (E): Hippocampus abdominalis 
Fish-Eagle, African (E): Haliaeetus vocifer 
Fish-Eagle, Band-tailed (E): Haliaeetus leucoryphus 
Fish -Eagle, Grey-headed (E): lchthyophaga ichthyaetus 
Fish -Eagle, Lesser (E): lchthyophaga humilis 
Fish -Eagle, Madagascar (E): Haliaeetus vociferoides 
Fish -Eagle, Pallas's (E): Haliaeetus leucoryphus 
Fish -Eagle, Sanford's (E): Haliaeetus sanfordi 
Fish -Eagle, Solomon (E): Haliaeetus sanfordi 
Fish-Eagle, Vulturine (E): Gypohierax angolensis 
Fish-Eagle, White-bellied (E): Haliaeetus leucogaster 
Fishing-Owl, Pel's (Ey. Scotopelia peli 
Fishing-Owl, Rufous (E): Scotopelia ussheri 
Fishing-Owl, Vermiculated (E): Scotopelia bouvieri 
Fish -Owl, Blakiston's (E): Ketupa blakistoni 
Fish-Owl, Brown (E): Ketupa zeylonensis 
Fish -Owl, Buffy (E): Ketupa ketupu 
Fish-Owl, Malay (E): Ketupa ketupu 
Fish -Owl, Tawny (E): Ketupa flavipes 
Flabellum aculeatum = Truncatoflabellum aculeatum 
Flabellum affine = Trimcatoflabellum spheniscus 
Flabellum alabastrum : rf TURBINOLIIDAE An 
Flabellum angiostomum = Truncatoflabellum angiostomum 
Flabellum angulare: rf TURBINOLIIDAE An 
Flabellum angustum : rf TURBINOLIIDAE An 
Flabellum antarcticum = Javania antarctica 
Flabellum anthophyllum = Monomyces pygmaea 
Flabellum aotearoa: rf TURBINOLIIDAE An 

Flabellum apertum : II 8 TURBINOLIIDAE An 

Flabellum arcuatile: II 8 TURBINOLIIDAE An 

Flabellum areum : II 8 TURBINOLIIDAE An 

Flabellum atlanticum : rf TURBINOLIIDAE An 

Flabellum australe. II 8 TURBINOLIIDAE An 

Flabellum bairdi= Truncatoflabellum spheniscus 

Flabellum brasiliensis = Meandrina brasiliensis 

Flabellum campanulatum : tf TURBINOLIIDAE An 

Flabellum candeanum = Truncatoflabellum candeanum 

Flabellum chunii: rf TURBINOLIIDAE An 

Flabellum coalitum = Flabellum pavoninum 

Flabellum conuis: II 8 TURBINOLIIDAE An 

Flabellum crassum = Truncatoflabellum crassum 

Flabellum crenulatum = Truncatoflabellum spheniscus 

Flabellum cumingii = Truncatoflabellum cumingii 

Flabellum curvatum : II 8 TURBINOLIIDAE An 

Flabellum daphnense: rf TURBINOLIIDAE An 

Flabellum debile = Truncatoflabellum spheniscus 

Flabellum deludens. II 8 TURBINOLIIDAE An 

Flabellum dens = Truncatoflabellum dens 

Flabellum distinctum = Flabellum pavoninum 

Flabellum elegans = Truncatoflabellum candeanum 

Flabellum elongatum = Placotrochides scaphula 

Flabellum flexuosum : D. 8 TURBINOLIIDAE An 

Flabellum floridanum : rf TURBINOLIIDAE An 

Flabellum folkesoni rf TURBINOLIIDAE An 

Flabellum fragile = Flabellum floridanum 

Flabellum gardineri: II 8 TURBINOLIIDAE An 

Flabellum harmeri = Monomyces rubrum 

Flabellum hoffmeisteri; II 8 TURBINOLIIDAE An 

Flabellum impensum : II 8 TURBINOLIIDAE An 

Flabellum inconstans = Truncatoflabellum inconstans 

Flabellum irregulare = Truncatoflabellum irregulare 

Flabellum japonicum : II 8 TURBINOLIIDAE An 

Flabellum japonicum bvthios = Flabellum japonicum 

Flabellum knoxi: II 8 TURBINOLIIDAE An 

Flabellum laciniatum - Flabellum macandrewi 

Flabellum laciniatum messum = Flabellum messum 

Flabellum lamellulosum : rf TURBINOLIIDAE An 

Flabellum latum = Monomyces rubrum 

Flabellum lessonii = Tropidocyathus lessonii 

Flabellum lowekeyesi: rf TURBINOLIIDAE An 

Flabellum macandrewi: (E) Scarlet Crisp Coral, Splitting Fan Coral 

Flabellum magnificum : rf TURBINOLIIDAE An 
Flabellum marcus. rf TURBINOLIIDAE An 
Flabellum marenzelleri: II s TURBINOLIIDAE An 
Flabellum martensii = Truncatoflabellum martensii 
Flabellum matricidum = A ulocvathus matricidus 
Flabellum messum : II s TURBINOLIIDAE An 
Flabellum minus = Flabellum alabastrum 
Flabellum monterevense = Polvmvces monterevensis 
Flabellum moseleyi: rf TURBINOLIIDAE An 
Flabellum nobile = Monomyces rubrum 
Flabellum nutrix = Blastotrochus nutrix 
Flabellum ongulense: II 8 TURBINOLIIDAE An 
Flabellum owenii = Truncatoflabellum stokesii 
Flabellum paripavoninum = Truncatoflabellum paripavoninum 
Flabellum patens. II 8 TURBINOLIIDAE An 
Flabellum pamninum : rf TURBINOLIIDAE An 
Flabellum pavoninum atlanticum = Flabellum atlanticum 
Flabellum politum : rf TURBINOLIIDAE An 
Flabellum profundum = Truncatoflabellum spheniscus 
Flabellum ntbrum = Monomyces rubrum 
Flabellum sexcostatum : D 8 TURBINOLIIDAE An 
Flabellum sibogae: II 8 TURBINOLIIDAE An 
Flabellum spheniscus^ Truncatoflabellum spheniscus 
Flabellum spinosum = Truncatoflabellum aculeatum 
Flabellum stabile = Truncatoflabellum stabile 
Flabellum stokesii = Truncatoflabellum stokesii 
Flabellum suluense = Flabellum magnificum 
Flabellum sumatrense = Truncatoflabellum spheniscus 
Flabellum tannerense = Polvmvces monterevensis 
Flabellum thouarsii: rf TURBiNOLIIDAE An 
Flabellum transversale : if TURBINOLIIDAE An 

See p. 13 1 Vease p. 29 / Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animates 

Flabellum truncum = Truncatoflabellum truncum 

Flabellum tuthilli: II 8 TURBINOLIIDAE An 

Flabellum variabile = Tnmcatqflabellum aculeatum 

Flabellum vaughant II s TURBINOLIIDAE An 

Flabellum weberi = Javania insignis 

Flamant de Cuba (F): Phoenicopterus ruber 

Flamant de James (F): Phoenicopterus jamesi 

Flamant des Andes (F): Phoenicopterus andinus 

Flamant du Chili (F): Phoenicopterus chilensis 

Flamant nain (F): Phoenicopterus minor 

Flamant rose (F): Phoenicopterus ruber 

Flamant rouge (F): Phoenicopterus ruber 

flamants (S): PHOENICOPTERIDAE spp. 

Flamenco (S): Phoenicopterus ruber 

Flamenco andino (S): Phoenicopterus andinus 

Flamenco andino chico (S): Phoenicopterus jamesi 

Flamenco chileno (S): Phoenicopterus chilensis 

Flamenco comun (S): Phoenicopterus ruber 

Flamenco comun de Chile (S): Phoenicopterus chilensis 

Flamenco de Cuba (S): Phoenicopterus ruber 

Flamenco de James (S): Phoenicopterus jamesi 

Flamenco enano (S): Phoenicopterus minor 

Flamenco rojo (S): Phoenicopterus ruber 

flamencos (S): PHOENICOPTERIDAE spp. 

Flamingo, American (E): Phoenicopterus ruber 

Flamingo, Andean (E): Phoenicopterus andinus 

Flamingo, Caribbean (E): Phoenicopterus ruber 

Flamingo, Chilean (E): Phoenicopterus chilensis 

Flamingo, Greater (E): Phoenicopterus ruber 

Flamingo, James's (E): Phoenicopterus jamesi 

Flamingo, Lesser (E): Phoenicopterus minor 

Flamingo, Puna (E): Phoenicopterus jamesi 

flamingos (S): PHOENICOPTERIDAE spp. 

Flap-shell, Indo-Gangetic (E): Lissemys punctata 

Flatback (E): Natator depressus 

Florican, Bengal (E): Eupodotis bengalensis 

Florican, Lesser (E): Eupodotis indica 

floricans (E): OTIDIDAE spp. 

Florisugafusca. (E) Black Jacobin, (S) Colibri negro. Picaflor 

negro, (F) Colibri demi-deuil II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Florisuga mellivora : (E) White-necked Jacobin, f S) Colibri 

nuquiblanco. Jacobino collarejo. Jacobino nuquiblanco, (F) 

Colibri jacobin II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Flying- fox, Admiralty (E): Pteropus admiralitatum 
Flying- fox, Aldabra (E): Pteropus aldabrensis 
Flying- fox, Ambon (E): Pteropus argentatuslPteropus 

Flying- fox, Ashy-headed (E): Pteropus caniceps 
Flying- fox, Banks (E): Pteropus fundatus 
Flying- fox, Big-eared (E): Pteropus macrotis 
Flying- fox, Bismarck (E): Pteropus neohibernicus 
Flying- fox, Black (E): Pteropus alecto 
Flying- fox, Black-bearded (E): Pteropus melanopogon 
Flying- fox. Black-eared (E): Pteropus melanotus 
Flying- fox, Bonin (E): Pteropus pselaphon 
Flying- fox, Caroline (E): Pteropus molossinus 
Flying- fox, Central (E): Pteropus alecto 
Flying- fox, Christmas Island (E): Pteropus melanotus 
Flying-fox, Chuuk (E): Pteropus insularis 
Flying-fox, Comoro Black (E): Pteropus livingstonei 
Flying-fox, Dark (E): Pteropus subniger 
Flying-fox, Dusky (E): Pteropus brunneus 
Flying- fox. Dwarf (E): Pteropus woodfordi 
Flying- fox, Geelvink Bay (E): Pteropus pohlei 
Flying- fox, Gilliard's (E): Pteropus gilliardi 
Flying- fox, Great (E): Pteropus neohibernicus 
Flying- fox, Greater Mascarene ( E): Pteropus niger 
Flying- fox, Grey (E): Pteropus griseus 
Flying- fox, Grey-headed (E): Pteropus poliocephalus 
Flying- fox, Guam (E): Pteropus tokudae 
Flying- fox, Indian (E): Pteropus giganteus 
Flying-fox, Insular (E): Pteropus tonganus 
Flying-fox, Large (E): Pteropus vampyrus 
Flying-fox, Large Palau (E): Pteropus pilosus 
Flying-fox, Large-eared (E): Pteropus macrotis 

Flying-fox, Least (E): Pteropus woodfordi 

Flying-fox, Lesser (E): Pteropus mahaganus 

Flying-fox, Lesser Mascarene (E): Pteropus subniger 

Flying-fox, Lesser Sunda (E): Acerodon mackloti 

Flying- fox. Little Golden -mantled (E): Pteropus pumilus 

Flying-fox, Little Red (E): Pteropus scapulatus 

Flying-fox, Lombok (E): Pteropus lombocensis 

Flying- fox, Lyle's (E): Pteropus lylei 

Flying-fox, Madagascar (E): Pteropus rufus 

Flying-fox, Marianas (E): Pteropus mariannus 

Flying-fox, Masked (E): Pteropus personatus 

Flying- fox, Meams's (E): Pteropus mearnsi 

Flying- fox, Micronesian(E): Pteropus mariannus 

Flying- fox, Moluccan (E): Pteropus chrysoproctus 

Flying-fox, Mortlock (E): Pteropus phaeocephalus 

Flying- fox, Mortlock Islands (E): Pteropus phaeocephalus 

Flying- fox. New Britain (E): Pteropus gilliardi 

Flying- fox. New Caledonia (E): Pteropus vetulus 

Flying-fox, Nicobar (E): Pteropus faunulus 

Flying-fox, North Moluccan (E): Pteropus caniceps 

Flying fox, Ontong Java (E): Pteropus howensis 

Flying-fox, Ornate (E): Pteropus ornatus 

Flying-fox, Pacific (E): Pteropus tonganus 

Flying-fox, Palawan (E): Acerodon leucotis 

Flying-fox, Panay (E): Acerodon luci/er 

Flying-fox, Petnba(E): Pteropus voelr:kowi 

Flying-fox, Philippine Grey (E): Pteropus speciosus 

Flying-fox, Pohnpei (E): Pteropus molossinus 

Flying-fox, Rodrigues (E): Pteropus rodricensis 

Flying-fox, Ruck(E): Pteropus insularis 

Flying-fox, Ryukyu (E): Pteropus dasymallus 

Flying- fox, Samoan (E): Pteropus samoensis 

Flying-fox, Sanborn's (E): Pteropus mahaganus 

Flying- fox, Santa Cruz (E): Pteropus sanctacrucis 

Flying-fox, Seram (E): Pteropus ocularis 

Flying- fox, Seychelles (E): Pteropus seychellensis 

Flying- fox, Silvery (E): Pteropus argentatus 

Flying-fox, Small (E): Pteropus hypomelanus 

Flying- fox, Solomons (E): Pteropus rayneri 

Flying- fox, Spectacled (E): Pteropus conspicillatus 

Flying-fox, Sulawesi (E): Acerodon celebensis 

Flying- fox, Sunda (E): Acerodon mackloti 

Flying-fox, Talaud (E): Acerodon humilis 

Flying-fox, Temminck's (E): Pteropus temmincki 

Flying-fox, Temotu (E): Pteropus nitendiensis 

Flying-fox, Torresian (E): Pteropus banakrisi 

Flying-fox, Vanikoro (E): Pteropus tuberculatus 

Flying-fox, Vanuatu (E): Pteropus anetianus 

Flying- fox, Variable (E): Pteropus hypomelanus 

Flying-fox, White (E): Pteropus anetianus 

Flying-fox, White-winged (E): Pteropus leucopterus 

flying-foxes (E): Acerodon spp./ Pteropus spp. 

Foca fraile de Hawaii (S): Monachus schauinslandi 

Foca fraile del Caribe (S): Monachus tropicalis 

Foca monje (S): Monachus monachus 

Foca monje del Mediterraneo (S): Monachus monachus 

focas fraile (S): Monachusspp. 

focas monje (S): Monachusspp. 

Folioseris papyracea = Leptoseris gardineri 

Fordia africana = Trionyx triunguis 

Forest-Falcon, Barred (E): Micrastur ruftcollis 

Forest-Falcon, Buckley's (E): Micrastur buckleyi 

Forest-Falcon, Collared (E): Micrastur semitorquatus 

Forest -Falcon, Cryptic (E): Micrastur mintoni 

Forest-Falcon, Lesser Collared (E): Micrastur buckleyi 

Forest-Falcon, Lined (E): Micrastur gilvicollis 

Forest-Falcon. Plumbeous (E): Micrastur plumbeus 

Forest-Falcon, Slaty-backed (E): Micrastur mirandollei 

Forest-Falcon, Traylor's (E): Micrastur buckleyi 

Forpus coelestis: (E) Celestial Parrotlet, Pacific Parrotlet, (S) 

Cotorrita de Piura, Periquito del Pacifico, (F) Toui celeste II 

Forpus coelestis xanthops = Forpus xanthops 
Forpus conspicillatus: (E) Spectacled Parrotlet, (S) Cotorrita de 

anteojos, Periquito ojiazul, (F) Toui a lunettes II 

Seep. 13 / Veasep. 29 / Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animates 

Forpus crassirostris: (E) Blue-winged Parrotlet, (S) Catita enana, 

Cotorrita aliazul, Periquito aliazul, (F) Toui de Spix II 

Forpus cyanopygius: (E) Blue-rumped Parrotlet, Mexican Parrotlet, 

(S) Cotorrita mexicana, Periquito mexicano, (F) Toui du 

Forpus passerinus: (E) Green-rumped Parrotlet, (S) Cotorrita 

culiverde, Periquito, (F) Perruche aux ailes bleues, Toui ete II 

Forpus passerinus crassirostris = Forpus crassirostris 
Forpus sciateri: (E) Dusky-billed Parrotlet, Sclater's Parrotlet, (S) 

Cotorrita de Sclater, Periquito obscuro, (F) Toui de Sclater II 

Forpus xanthops. (E) Yellow-faced Parrotlet, (S) Cotorrita 

carigualda, (F) Toui a tete jaune II PSITTACIDAE Av 
Forpus xanthopterygius = Forpus crassirostris 
Fosa (E): Cryptoprocta ferox 
Fossa (E): Cryptoprocta ferox 
Fossa fossana : (E) Fanaloka, Malagasy Civet, Striped Civet, (S) 

Cibeta de Madagascar, Civeta, (F) Civette fossane, Civette 

malgache, Fanaloka, Fossana II VIVERRIDAEMa 
Fossana (F): Fossa fossana 
Fou dAbbott (F): Papasula abbotti 
Fouette-queue de Bent (F): Uromastyx benti 
Fouette-queue de Hardwick (F): Uromastyx hardwickii 
Fouette-queue de Mesopotamie (F): Uromastyx loricata 
Fouette-queue de Somalie (F): Uromastyx macfadyeni 
Fouette-queue de Thomas (F): Uromastyx thomasi 
Fouette-queue d'Egypte (F): Uromastyx aegyptia 
Fouette-queue d'Iran (F): Uromastyx asmussi 
Fouette-queue d'O'Shaughnessy (F): Uromastyx princeps 
Fouette-queue du Sahara (F): Uromastyx geyri 
Fouette-queue epineux (P): Uromastyx acanthinura 
Fouette-queue indien (F): Uromastyx hardwickii 
Fouette-queue ocelle (F): Uromastyx ocellata 
Fouette-queue prin cier (F): Uromastyx princeps 
fouettes-queue (F): Uromastyx spp. 
Fouine (F): Martesfoina 
Foussa (F): Cryptoprocta ferox 
Foveolocyathus altemans: D s TURBINOLIIDAE An 
Foveolocvathus parkeri: II 8 TURBINOLIIDAE An 
Foveolocyathus verconis: II 8 TURBINOLIIDAE An 
Fowl, Malee (E): Macrocephalon maleo 
Fowl, Maleo (E): Macrocephalon maleo 
Fox, Afghan (E): Vulpes carta 
Fox, Argentine Grey (E): Pseudalopex griseus 
Fox, Bengal (E): Vulpes bengalensis 
Fox, Blanford's (E): Vulpes cana 
Fox, Chico Grey (E): Pseudalopex griseus 
Fox, Chiloe (E): Pseudalopex griseus 
Fox, Colpeo (E): Pseudalopex culpaeus 
Fox, Dog (E): Vulpes cana 
Fox, Fennec (E): Vulpes zerda 
Fox. Forest (E): Cerdocyon thous 
Fox, Hoary (E): Vulpes cana 
Fox, Little (E): Pseudalopex griseus 
Fox, Pampa (E): Pseudalopex griseus 
Fox, Pampa ( E ) : Pseudalopex gymnocercus 
Fox, Red (E): Pseudalopex culpaeus/ Vulpes vulpes 
Fox, Steppe (E): Vulpes cana 
Fragata de las islas Christmas (S): Fregata andrewsi 
Fragilocyathus conotrochoides = Autocyathus matricidus 
Franciscana (E): Pontoporia blainvillei 
Fregata andrewsi. (E) Andrews' Frigatebird, Christmas Frigatebird, 

Christmas Island Frigatebird. (S) Fragata de las islas Christmas, 

Rabihorcado de la Christmas, Rabihorcado ventriblanco, (F) 

Fregate d Andrews, Fregate de I'ile Christmas I FREGATIDAE 

Fregate d'Andrews (F): Fregata andrewsi 
Fregate de l'ile Christmas (F): Fregata andrewsi 
Frentiestrella alihabano (S): Coeligena lutetiae 
Frentiestrella arcoiris (S): Coeligena iris 
Frentijoya (S): Heliodoxa aurescens 
Frigatebird, Andrews' (E): Fregata andrewsi 

Frigatebird, Christmas (E): Fregata andrewsi 

Frigatebird, Christmas Island (E): Fregata andrewsi 

Frog, Alto de Buey Poison (E): Minyobates altobueyensis 

Frog, Amazonian Poison (E): Dendrobates ventrimaculatus 

Frog, Amazonian Poison-Arrow (E): Dendrobates quinquevittatus 

Frog, Andean Poison (E): Minyobates opisthomelas 

Frog, Beautiful-breasted Poison (E): Epipedobates pulchripectus 

Frog, Betsileo Golden (E): Mantella betsileo 

Frog, Biolat Poison (E): Dendrobates biolat 

Frog, Black Golden (E): Mantella cowanii 

Frog, Black-legged Poison (E): Phyllobates bicolor 

Frog, Blue Poison (E): Dendrobates azureus 

Frog, Blue-bellied Poison (E): Minyobates minutus 

Frog, Blue-breasted Poison (E): Epipedobates pulchripectus 

Frog, Bolivian Poison (E): Epipedobates bolivianus 

Frog, Brazilian Poison (E): Dendrobates vanzolinii 

Frog, Brazil-nut Poison (E): Dendrobates castaneoticus 

Frog, Brilliant -thighed Poison (E): Epipedobates femoralis 

Frog, Cauca Poison (E): Minyobates bombetes 

Frog, Chimanta Poison (E): Epipedobates rufulus 

Frog, Collins's Poison (E): Minyobates abditus 

Frog, Confusing Poison (E): Epipedobates maculatus 

Frog, Conondale Gastric-brooding (E): Rheobatrachus silus 

Frog, Cowan's Golden (E): Mantella cowanii 

Frog, Demonic Poison (E): Minyobates steyermarki 

Frog, Dyeing Poison (E): Dendrobates tinctorius 

Frog, Eastern Golden (E): Mantella crocea 

Frog, Ecuador Poison (E): Epipedobates bilinguis 

Frog, Ecuadorean Poison (E): Epipedobates bilinguis 

Frog, Emerald Poison (E): Epipedobates smaragdinus 

Frog, Espinosa Poison (E): Epipedobates espinosai 

Frog, Eungella Gastric-brooding ( E): Rheobatrachus vitellimts 

Frog, Flaming Poison (E): Dendrobates pumilio 

Frog, Folohy Golden (E): Mantella laevigata 

Frog, Giant Poison (E): Dendrobates azureus 

Frog, Ginger Tree (E): Mantella aurantiaca 

Frog, Golden (E): Atelopus zetekit 'Mantella aurantiaca 

Frog, Golden Arrow Poison (E): Atelopus zeteki 

Frog, Golden Poison (E): Minyobates altobueyensis: ! Phyllobates 

Frog, Golfodulcean Poison (E): Phyllobates vittatus 
Frog, Gorzula's Poison (E): Epipedobates rufulus 
Frog, Granular Poison (E): Dendrobates granuliferus 
Frog, Green Golden (E): Mantella viridis 

Frog, Green Poison (E): Dendrobates auratusl Minyobates viridis 
Frog, Green Pond (E): Euphlyctis hexadactylus 
Frog, Green-and-black Poison (E): Dendrobates auratus 
Frog, Harlequin Poison (E): Dendrobates histrionicus 
Frog, Indian Five -fingered (E): Euphlyctis hexadactylus 
Frog, Indian Green (E): Euphlyctis hexadactylus 
Frog, Indian Pond (E): Euphlyctis hexadactylus 
Frog, Kokoe Poison (E): Phyllobates aurotaenia 
Frog, La Brea Poison (E): Dendrobates occultator 
Frog, La Planada Poison (E): Epipedobates andinus 
Frog, Lehmann's Poiso n (E): Dendrobates lehmanni 
Frog, Lovely Poison (E): Phyllobates lugubris 
Frog, Madagascar Golden (E): Mantella madagascariensis 
Frog, Manu Poison (E): Epipedobates macero 
Frog, Maranon Poison (E): Dendrobates mysteriosus 
Frog, Marbled Poison (E): Epipedobates boulengeri 
Frog, Mimic Poison (E): Dendrobates imitator 
Frog, Myers's Poison (E): Epipedobates myersi 
Frog, Niceforo's Poison (E): Epipedobates ingeri 
Frog, Northern Gastric-brooding (E): Rheobatrachus vitellimts 
Frog, Northern Platypus (E): Rheobatrachus vitellinus 
Frog, Orange-and-black Poison (E): Phyllobates vittatus 
Frog, Palenque Poison (E): Epipedobates erylhromos 
Frog, Parker's Golden (E): Mantella puichra 
Frog, Pasco Poison (E): Dendrobates lamasi 
Frog, Peruvian Poison (E): Epipedobates petersi 
Frog, Phantasmal Poison (E): Epipedobates tricolor 
Frog, Pleasing Poison (E): Epipedobates bassleri 
Frog, Polkadot Poison (E): Dendrobates arboreus 
Frog, Red Rain (E): Scaphiophryne gottlebei 
Frog, Red-and-black Poison (E): Dendrobates histrionicus 

Seep. 13 / Veasep. 29/ Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Frog, Red-and-blue Poison (E): Dendrobates pumilio 
Frog, Red-backed Poison (E): Dendrobates reticulums 
Frog, Red- banded Poison (E): Dendrobates lehmanni 
Frog, Red-headed Poison (E): Dendrobates fantasticus 
Frog, Reticulated Poison {E): Dendrobates reticulatus 
Frog, Rio Madeira Poison (E): Dendrobates quinquevittatus 
Frog, Rio Santiago Poison {E): Dendrobates captivus 
Frog, Ruby Poison (E): Epipedobates parvulus 
Frog, Sanguine Poison (E): Epipedobates zaparo 
Frog, Santander Poison ( E): Minyobates virolensis 
Frog, Silverstone's Poison (E): Epipedobates 

pulchripectus/ Epipedobates silverstonei 
Frog, Six-fingered (E): Euphlyctis hexadactylus 
Frog, Six -toed (E): Euphlyctis hexadactylus 
Frog, Sky-blue Poison (E): Epipedobates azure ivenlr is 
Frog, Southern Platypus (E): Rheobatrachus silus 
Frog, Splash-backed Poison (E): Dendrobates galactonotus 
Frog, Splendid Poison (E): Dendrobates speciosus 
Frog, Spot-legged Poison (E): Epipedobates pictus 
Frog, Strawberry Poison (E): Dendrobates pumilio 
Frog, Tepui Poison (E): Epipedobates rufulus 
Frog, Three-striped Poison (E): Epipedobates trivittatus 
Frog, Tiger (E): Hoplobatrachas tigerinus 
Frog, Tolagnaro Golden (E): Mantella haraldmeieri 
Frog, Tolongoina Golden (E): Mantella bernhardi 
Frog, Tomato (E): Dyscophus antongilii 
Frog, Tulear Golden (E): Mantella expectata 
Frog, Turquoise- bellied Poison (E): Epipedobates espinosai 
Frog, Two-toned Poison (E): Phyllobates bicolor 
Frog, Variegated Golden (E): Mantella baroni 
Frog, Yellow-banded Poison (E): Dendrobates leucomelas 
Frog, Yellow-bellied Poison (E): Minyobates fulguritus 
Frog, Yellow-striped Poison (E): Dendrobates tnmcatus 
Frog, Zaparo's Poison (E): Epipedobates zaparo 
Frog, Zetek's Golden (E):Atelopus zeteki 
frogs, gastric- brooding (E): Rheobatrachus spp. 
frogs, golden (E): Mantella spp. 
frogs, poison (E): Dendrobates spp. /Epipedobates spy J Minyobates 

spp. /Phyllobates spp. 
Frogspawn corals (E): Eupfiyllia spp. 
Fuligule nyroca (F): Aythya nyroca 
Fungia actiniformis = Heliofungia actiniformis 
Fungia actiniformis palawensis = Heliofungia actiniformis 
Fungia acutidens = Fungia horrida 
Fungia adrianae = Fungia cyclolites 
Fungia agariciformis = Fungia fungites 
Fungia alta = Fungia gravis 
Fungia asperata = Ctenactis echinata 
Fungia hrachystoma = Ctenactis crassa 
Fungia cacharias = Fungia paumotensis 
Fungia concinna: if FUNGI1DAE An 
Fungia confertifolia = Fungia fungites 
Fungia cooperi = Fungia tenuis 
Fungia corona: U 8 FUNGIIDAE An 
Fungia costulata: II 8 FUNGIIDAE An 
Fungia crassa = Ctenactis crassa 
Fungia crassitentaculata = Heliofungia actiniformis 
Fungia crassolamellata = Fungia fungites 
Fungia curvata : \f FUNGIIDAE An 
Fungia cyclolites: O 8 FUNGIIDAE An 
Fungia danae: II 8 FUNGIIDAE An 
Fungia dentata = Fungia fungites 
Fungia dentigera = Fungia scutaria 
Fungia distorta: II 8 FUNGIIDAE An 
Fungia diversidens - Heliofungia actiniformis 
Fungia doederleini= Cantharellus doederleini 
Fungia echinata = Ctenactis echinata 
Fungia ehrenbergii = Ctenactis echinata 
Fungia elegans = Fungia curvata 
Fungia erosa : tf FUNGIIDAE An 
Fungia fieldi = Fungia scruposa 
Fungia fragilis: II 8 FUNGIIDAE An 
Fungia fralinae: II 8 FUNGIIDAE An 
Fungia fungites: (E) Mushroom Coral II s FUNGIIDAE An 
Fungia gigantea = Ctenactis echinata 

Fungia glans = Fungia cyclolites 

Fungia granulosa : if FUNGIIDAE An 

Fungia gravis: II 8 FUNGIIDAE An 

Fungia haimei = Fungia fungites 

Fungia hexagonalis: if FUNGIIDAE An 

Fungia horrida: if FUNGIIDAE An 

Fungia Integra = Fungia repanda 

Fungia klunzingeri: IV FUNGIIDAE An 

Fungia lacera = Fungia fungites 

Fungia laciniosa = Fungia fragilis 

Fungia limacina = Halomitra pileus 

Fungia linnaei = Fungia repanda 

Fungia lobulata = Fungia scruposa 

Fungia madagascariensis = Fungia scruposa 

Fungia marginata = Fungia costulata 

Fungia mexicana = Fungia distorta 

Fungia moluccensis: II 8 FUNGIIDAE An 

Fungia oahensis = Fungia scutaria 

Fungia papulosa = Fungia fungites 

Fungia patella = Fungia fungites 

Fungia patellaris = Fungia fungites 

Fungia patelliformis: if FUNGIIDAE An 

Fungia paumotensis: II FUNGIIDAE An 

Fungia pectinata = Ctenactis echinata 

Fungia placunaria = Fungia scutaria 

Fungia plana = Fungia concinna 

Fungia pliculosa = Fungia fungites 

Fungia proechinata = Fungia paumotensis 

Fungia puishant II 8 FUNGIIDAE An 

Fungia pulchella = Fungia distorta 

Fungia repanda: if FUNGIIDAE An 

Fungia rugosa = Fungia scruposa 

Fungia samboangensts = Fungia repanda 

Fungia scabra: II 8 FUNGIIDAE An 

Fungia scruposa : if FUNGIIDAE An 

Fungia scutaria : II 8 FUNGIIDAE An 

Fungia serrulata = Fungia concinna 

Fungia seychellensis: if FUNGIIDAE An 

Fungia sibogae = Fungia costulata 

Fungia simplex = Ctenactis crassa 

Fungia sinensis: II 8 FUNGIIDAE An 

Fungia somervillei: if FUNGIIDAE An 

Fungia spinifer: if FUNGIIDAE An 

Fungia subrepanda = Fungia scruposa 

Fungia symmetrica = Fungiacyathus symmetricus 

Fungia taiwanensis: if FUNGIIDAE An 

Fungia talp'ma = Polyplryllia talpina 

Fungia tenuidens = Fungia scutaria 

Fungia tenuis: if FUNGIIDAE An 

Fungia vaughant if FUNGIIDAE An 

Fungia verrilliana = Fungia scutaria 

Fungia weberi = Herpolitha weberi 

Fungiacyathus aleuticus = Fungiacyathus marenzelleri 

Fungiacyathus crispus. II 8 FUNGIACYATHIDAE An 

Fungiacyathus dennanti: II s FUNGIACYATHIDAE An 

Fungiacyathus durus = Fungiacyathus s\'mmetricus 

Fungiacyathus fissidiscus. IT FUNGIACYATHIDAE An 

Fungiacyathus fissilis: II 8 FUNGIACYATHIDAE An 

Fungiacyathus fragilis: if FUNGIACYATHIDAE An 

Fungiacyathus granulosus. II 8 FUNGIACYATHIDAE An 

Fungiacyathus hawaiiensis = Fungiacyathus fragilis 

Fungiacyathus hydra: tf FUNGIACYATHIDAE An 

Fungiacyathus kikaiensis = Fungiacyathus paUferus 

Fungiacyathus marenzelleri: rf FUNGIACYATHIDAE An 

Fungiacyathus margaretae: if FUNGIACYATHIDAE An 

Fungiacyathus multicarinatus: II 8 FUNGIACYATHIDAE An 

Fungiacyathus paliferus. \f FUNGIACYATHIDAE An 

Fungiacyathus pliciseptus. II FUNGIACYATHIDAE An 

Fungiacyathus pseudostephanus: II 8 FUNGIACYATHIDAE An 

Fungiacyathus pusillux. if FUNGIACYATHIDAE .An 

Fungiacyathus sandot if FUNGIACYATHIDAE An 

Fungiacyathus sarsi = Deltocyathus sarsi 

Fungiacyathus sibogae: II 8 FUNGIACYATHIDAE An 

Fungiacyathus stabilis = Fungiacyathus sibogae 

Fungiacyathus stephanus. II 8 FUNGIACYATHIDAE An 

Seep. 13 / Veasep. 29 / Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animates 

Fungiacyathus svmmetricus: II* II INGIACYATI 1IDAE An 
Fungiacyathus turbinolioides: it FUNGIACYATHIDAE An 
Fungiacyathus variegatm: if FUNGIACYATHIDAE An 
Furcifer spp.: (E) chameleons, (S) camaleones, (F) cameleons II 

Furcifer angeli: (E) Angel's Chameleon, (F) Cameleon d' Angel II 

Furcifer antimena: (E) White-lined Chameleon. (F) Cameleon a 

lignes blanches II CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Furcifer balteatus: (E) Rainforest Chameleon, Two -banded 

Chameleon, (F) Cameleon forestier II CHAMAELEONIDAE 
Furcifer belalandaensis: (E) Belalanda Chameleon, (F) Cameleon 

Furcifer bifidus: (E) Two-homed Chameleon, (F) Cameleon a deux 

comes, Cameleon a nez fourchu II CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Furcifer campani: (E) Madagascar Forest Chameleon, (F) 

Cameleon forestier de Madagascar II CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Furcifer cephalolepis: (E) Comoro Islands Chameleon, (F) 
Cameleon des Comores II CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Furcifer In hard 7 (F) Cameleon de Laborde II 

Furcifer lateralis. (E) Carpet Chameleon, Jewelled Chameleon, (F) 
Cameleon a bandes late>ales, Cameleon-joyau II 
Furcifer minor. (E) South-central Chameleon, (F) Cameleon de 

Furcifer monoceras. (E) One- horned Chameleon, (F) Cameleon a 

Furcifer nicosiai II CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Furcifer oustaleti: (E) Malagasy Giant Chameleon, Oustalet's Giant 
Chameleon, (S) Camaleon de Oustalet, (F) Cameleon d'Oustalet 
Furcifer partialis: (E) Panther Chameleon, (F) Cameleon panthere 

Furcifer petteri: (E) Petter's Chameleon, (S) Camaleon de Petter, (F) 

Cameleon de Petter II CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Furcifer polleni: (E) Mayotte Chameleon, (F) Cameleon de Mayotte 

Furcifer rhinoceratus. (E) Rhinoceros Chameleon, (S) Camaleon 
rinoceronte, (F) Cameleon rhinoceros II CHAMAELEONIDAE 
Furcifer tuzetae (E) Ambiky Chameleon, (F) Cameleon 

d'Andrenalamivola II CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Furcifer verrucosus: (E) Madagascar Giant Chameleon, 

Madagascar Giant Spiny Chameleon, Warty Chameleon, (S) 
Camaleon verrugoso, (F) Cameleon verruqueux II 
Furcifer willsii: (E) Canopy Chameleon, (F) Cameleon de la 

canopee, Cameleon de Wills II CHAMAELEONIDAE Re 
Fitrculachelys nabeulensis = Testudo graeca 
Furcitlachelys whitei- Testudo graeca 
Fusconaia cuneolus: (E) Fine-rayed Pigtoe, Fine- rayed Pigtoe 

Pearly Mussel I UNIONIDAE Bi 
Fusconaia edgariana : (E) Shiny Pigtoe. Shiny Pigtoe Pearly Mussel 

Gacela de Cuvier (S): Cazella cuvieri 
Gacela de Iran <S): Dama mesopotamica 
Gacela dorcas (S): Cazella dorcas 
Gafudo gorgiblanco (S): Zosterops albogitlaris 
Galago a queue touffue (F): Otolemur crassicaudatus 
Galago alleni: (E) Allen's Bushbaby, Allen's Galago, Allen's 
Squirrel Galago, (S) Galago de Allen, (F) Galago d'Allen II 
Galago crassicaudatus= Otolemur crassicaudatus 
Galago d'Allen (F): Galago alleni 
Galago de Allen (S): Galago alleni 
Galago de cola gruesa (S): Otolemur crassicaudatus 
Galago de Demidoff (F): Galagoides demidoff 
Galago de Senegal (S): Galago senegalensis 
Galago de Zanzibar (S): Galagoides zanzibaricus 
Galago demidovii = Galagoides demidoff 
Galago du Congo (F): Galago matschiei 
Galago du Senegal (F): Galago senegalensis 
Galago elegant (F): Euoticus elegantulus 

Galago elegante (S): Euoticus elegantulus 

Galago elegantulus = Euoticus elegantulus 

Galago elegantulus pallidus = Euoticus pallidas 

Galago enano (S): Galagoides demidoff 

Galago etiope (S): Galago gallarum 

Galago gabonensis = Galago alleni 

Galago gallarum : (E) Somali Galago, (S) Galago etiope II 

Galago grant i= Galagoides zanzibaricus 
Galago inustus = Galago matschiei 
Galago matschiei: (E) Eastern Needle-clawed Bushbaby, Eastern 

Needle-clawed Galago, Lesser Needle-clawed Galago, 

Matschie's Galago, Spectacled Galago, (F) Galago du Congo II 

Galago moholi:. (E) Lesser Bushbaby, Mohol Galago, South African 

Lesser Galago II GALAGONIDAE Ma 
Galago orinus = Galagoides demidoff 
Galago rondoensis = Galagoides rondoensis 
Galago senegalensis: (E) Lesser Bushbaby, Lesser Galago, Senegal 

Galago, (S) Galago de Senegal, (F) Galago du Senegal II 

Galago senegalensis gallamm = Galago gallarum 
Galago senegalensis moholi = Galago moholi 
Galago senegalensis zanzibaricus = Galagoides zanzibaricus 
Galago thomasi = Galagoides demidoff 
Galago zanzibaricus = Galagoides zanzibaricus 
Galago, Allen's (E): Galago alleni 
Galago, Allen's Squirrel (E): Galago alleni 
Galago, Demidoffs (E): Galagoides demidoff 
Galago, Demidoffs Dwarf (E): Galagoides demidoff 
Galago, Dwarf (E): Galagoides demidoff 
Galago, Eastern Needle-clawed (E): Galago matschiei 
Galago, Elegant (E): Euoticus elegantulus 
Galago, Gamett's Greater (E): Otolemur garnettii 
Galago, Large -Eared Greater (E): Otolemur crassicaudatus 
Galago, Lesser (E): Galago senegalensis 
Galago, Lesser Needle-clawed (E): Galago matschiei 
Galago, Matschie's (E): Galago matschiei 
Galago, Matundu Dwarf (E): Galagoides udzungwensis 
Galago, Mohol (E): Galago moholi 
Galago, Northern Needle-clawed (E): Euoticus pallidus 
Galago, Rondo (E): Galagoides rondoensis 
Galago, Rondo Dwarf (E): Galagoides rondoensis 
Galago, Senegal (E): Galago senegalensis 
Galago, Small-eared Greater (E): Otolemur garnettii 
Galago, Somali (E): Galago gallarum 
Galago, South African Lesser (E): Galago moholi 
Galago, Spect acled (E): Galago matschiei 
Galago, Thick -tailed Greater (E): Otolemur crassicaudatus 
Galago, Western Needle-clawed (E): Euoticus elegantulus 
Galago, Zanzibar (E): Galagoides zanzibaricus 
Galagoides alleni = Galago alleni 
Galagoides cocos = Galagoides zanzibaricus 
Galagoides demidoff (E) Demidoffs Dwarf Galago, Demidoffs 

Galago, Dwarf Bushbaby, Dwarf Galago, (S) Galago enano, (F) 

Galago de Demidoff II GALAGONIDAE Ma 
Galagoides demidovii = Galagoides demidoff 
Galagoides granti = Galagoides zanzibaricus 
Galagoides nyasae = Galago moholi 
Galagoides orinus = Galagoides demidoff 
Galagoides rondoensis (E) Rondo Dwarf Galago, Rondo Galago II 

Galagoides thomasi = Galagoides demidoff 
Galagoides udzungwensis: (E) Matundu Dwarf Galago n 

Galagoides zanzibaricus: (E) Zanzibar Bushbaby, Zanzibar Galago, 

(S) Galago de Zanzibar II GALAGONIDAE Ma 
Galah (E): Eolophus roseicapillus 
Galapago acuatico encajado (S): Terrapene coahuila 
Galapago Batagur (S): Batagur baska 
Galapago caja mexicano (S): Terrapene coahuila 
Galapago cubierto de la India (S): Kachuga tecta 
Galapago de Birmania (S): Morenia ocellata 
Galapago de Hamilton (S): Geoclemys hamiltonii 
Galapago de Muhlenberg (S): Clemmys muhlenbergii 

Seep. 13/Veasep. 29 1 Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Galapago indio (S): Batagur baska 

Galapago ocelado de Birmania (S): Morenia ocellata 

Galapago pintado (S): Callagur borneoensis 

Galapago rayado (S): Geoclemys hamiltonii 

Galapago terrestre (S): Melanochelys tricarinata 

Galapago tricarenado (S): Melanochelys tricarinata 

galapago (S): Podocnemis spp. 

galapago cajas (S): Terrapene spp. 

galapago cubiertos (S): Kachuga spp. 

Galaxea spp.: (E) crystal corals, galaxy corals, starburst corals, tooth 

corals n 8 OCULINIDAE An 
Galaxea acrhelia : II 8 OCULINIDAE An 
Galaxea alia : U" OCULINIDAE An 
Galaxea aspera = Galaxea fascicnlaris 
Galaxea astreata: II 8 OCULINIDAE An 
Galaxea cespitosa = Galaxea fascicnlaris 
Galaxea claws = Galaxea astreata 
Galaxea cryploramosa : II 8 OCULINIDAE An 
Galaxea eburnea = Javania cailleti 
Galaxea fascicnlaris: II 8 OCULINIDAE An 
Galaxea hexagonalis - Galaxea fascicularis 
Galaxea horrescens = Acrhelia horrescens 
Galaxea hystrix = Galaxea fascicnlaris 
Galaxea lamarcki = Galaxea astreata 
Galaxea laperousiana = Montastraea curta 
Galaxea laticostata = Galaxea astreata 
Galaxea lawisiana = Galaxea fascicularis 
Galaxea longisepta : II 8 OCULINIDAE An 
Galaxea negrensis = Galaxea astreata 
Galaxea pauciradiata = Galaxea pane isepla 
Galaxea paucisepta : it OCULINIDAE An 
Galaxea susanae = Galaxea astreata 
Galictis allamandi= Galictis vittata 
Galictis vittata:(E) Allamand's Grison, Greater Grison, (S) Grison, 

Huron. Huron grange, Tejon, (F) Grison, Grison dAllemand III 

Gallicolombe poignardee (F): Gallicolumba htzonica 
Gallicolumba luzonica: (E) Bleeding-heart Dove. Bleeding-heart 

Pigeon, Luzon Bleeding-heart, (S) Paloma apunalada, Paloma 

apunalada de Luzon, (F) Colombe poignardee, Gallicolombe 

poignardee U COLUMBIDAE Av 
Gallina de palo (S): Iguana iguana 
Gallinazo rey (S): Sarcoramphus papa 
Galliraltus sylvestris: (E) Lord Howe Island Rail, Lord Howe Island 

Woodhen, Lord Howe Rail, (S) Rascon de la isla de Lord Howe, 

Rascon de la Lord Howe, (F) Rale de I'lle Lord Howe, Rale 

sylvestre I RALLIDAE Av 
Gallirex porphyreolophus = Musophaga porphyreolopha 
Gallito de las rocas (S): Rupicola rupicola 
Gallito de las sierras (S): Rupicola peruviana 
Gallito de pradera (S): Tympamichus cupido atrwateri 
Gallito de roca anaranjado (S): Rupicola rupicola 
Gallito de roca peruano (S): Rupicola peruviana 
gallitos de las rocas (S): Rupicola spp. 
Gallo de las praderas grande (S): Tympamichus cupido 
Gallo de Sonnerat (S): Gallus sonneratii 
Gallo gris (S): Gallus sonneratii 
Gallo lira (S): Tetrax tetrax 
Gallo lira del Caspio (S): Tetraogallus caspius 
Gallo lira de 1 Tibet (S): Tetraogallus tibetanus 
Gallo salvaje del Caspio (S): Tetraogallus caspius 
Gallo salvaje del Tibet (S): Tetraogallus tibetanus 
Gallatin simonyi: (E) Hierro Giant Lizard, (S) Lagarto gigante del 

Hierro, (F) Lezard de Simony, Lezard geant de Hierro I 

Gallus sonneratii: (E) Grey Junglefowl, Sonnerat's Junglefowl, (S) 

Gallo de Sonnerat, Gallo gris. (F) Coq de Sonnerat II 

Gamo de Mesopotamia (S): Dama mesopotamica 
Gampsonyx swainsonii: (E) Pearl Kite, (S) Cemicalo. Elanio chico, 

Elanio enano, (F) Elanion perle II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Gamuza alpina (S): Rupicapra pyrenaica ornata 
Gamuza de los Abruzzos (S): Rupicapra pyrenaica omata 
Gan-Gan (S): Callocephalon fmbriatum 
Gansito africano (S): Nettapus auritus 

Ganso bianco (S): Goscoroba coscoroba 

Ganso canadiense aleutiana (S): Branta canadensis leucopareia 

Ganso de Gambia (S): Plectropterus gambensis 

Ganso del Nilo (S): Alopochen aegyptiacus 

Ganso espolonado (S): Plectropterus gambensis 

Ganso nene (S): Branta sandvicensis 

Garceta Comiin (S): Egretta garzetta 

Garceta grande (S): Casmerodius albus 

Garcilla bueyera (S): Bubulcus ibis 

Garcilla grande (S): Casmerodius albus 

Garcita resnera (S): Bubulcus ibis 

Gardineria antarctica = Paraconotrochus antarctica 

Gardiner ia barbadensis = Gardineria paradoxa 

Gardineria capensis = Paraconotrochus capense 

Gardineria hawaiiensis: if GARDDMERIIDAE An 

Gardineria minor. U 8 GARDINERIIDAE An 

Gardineria musorstornica = Gardineria hawaiiensis 

Gardineria paradoxa: II 8 GARDINERI IDAE An 

Gardineria philippinensis: II 8 GARDINERIIDAE An 

Gardineria ponder osa = Gardineroseris planulata 

Gardineria simplex: II 8 GARDINERIIDAE An 

Gardineroseris planulata : II 8 AGAR1CIIDAE An 

Gardineroseris ponderosa = Gardineroseris planulata 

Garduna (S): Martes foina 

Garganey (E): Anas querquedula 

Garganta de oro coliverde (S): Polytmus theresiae 

Garganta lanza coliblanca (S): Threnetes niger 

Garrulax canorus: (E) Hwamei, Melodious Laughingthrush, (F) 

Garrulaxe hoamy II MUSCICAPIDAE Av 
Garrulaxe de l'Omei (F): Liocichla omeiensis 
Garrulaxe hoamy (F): Garrulax canorus 
Garza blanca real (S): Casmerodius albus 
Garza ganadera (S): Bubulcus ibis 
Garza goliat (S): Ardea golialh 
Garzetta grande (S): Casmerodius albus 
Garzon soldado (S): Jabim mycleria 
Gato andino (S): Oreailurus jacobita 
Gato atigrado (S): Leopardus tigrinus 
Gato bengal! (S): Prionailurus bengalensis 
Gato cabeciancho (S): Prionailurus planiceps 
Gato Colorado (S): Herpailurus yaguarondi 
Gato cutarra (S): Eira barbara 
Gato de agua (S): Lontra longicaudis 
Gato de Bengala (S): Prionailurus bengalensis 
Gato de Biet (S): Felis bieti 
Gato de cabeza plana (S): Prionailurus planiceps 
Gato de la jungla (S): Felis chaus 
Gato de las arenas (S): Felis margarita 
Gato de los pajonales (S): Oncifelis colocolo 
Gato de los pantanos (S): Felis chaus 
Gato de mar (S): Lontra felina 
Gato de mato (S): Oncifelis geoffroyi 
Gato de Pallas (S): Otocolobus manul 
Gato de pies negros (S): Felis nigripes 
Gato del desierto de China (S): Felis bieti 
Gato del Sahara (S): Felis margarita 
Gato dorado (S): Profelis aurata 
Gato dorado asiatico (S): Catoputna temminckii 
Gato fosa de Madagascar (S): Cryptoprocta ferox 
Gato jaspeado (S): Pardofelis marmorata 
Gato leopardo chino (S): Prionailurus bengalensis 
Gato leopardo de la India (S): Prionailurus rubiginosus 
Gato lince (S): Oreailunts jacobita 
Gato manul (S): Otocolobus manul 
Gato marino (S): Lontra felina 

Gato montes (S): Felis silvestrisl Leopardus wiediilLynx rufus 
Gato montes comiin (S): Oncifelis geoffroyi 
Gato moro (S): Herpailurus yaguarondi 
Gato negro (S): Eira barbara 
Gato onza (S): Leopardus pardalis 
Gato pajero (S): Oncifelis colocolo 
Gato patinegro (S ): Felis nigripes 
Gato pescador (S): Prionailurus viverrinus 
Gato rojizo (S): Prionailurus rubiginosus 
Gato rubiginosa (S): Prionailurus rubiginosus 

Seep. 13 1 Vease p. 29/ Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Gato silvestre (S): Felis sihestris 

Gato tigre (S): Leopardus tigrimis 

Gato tigrillo (S): Leopardus tigrimis 

Gaur (E): Bos gaurus 

Gaum (S): Bos gaurus 

Gavial (E): Gavialis gangeticus 

Gavial del Ganges (S): Gavialis gangeticus 

Gavial du Gange (F): Gavialis gangeticus 

Gavial, False (E): Tomistoma schlegelii 

Gavialis gangeticus: (E) Fish-eating Crocodile, Gavial, Gharial, 

Long-nosed Crocodile. (S) Gavial del Ganges, (F) Gavial du 

Gavilan acollarado (S): Accipiter cirrocephalus 
Gavilan acollarado (S): Accipiter collaris 
Gavilan albonotatus (S): Buteo albonotatus 
Gavilan alirrojizo (S): Buteo magnirostris 
Gavilan americano (S): Accipiter striatus 
Gavilan andapie (S): Parabuteo unicinctus 
Gavilan andino (S): Accipiter ventralis 
Gavilan arrastrador (S): Accipiter striatus 
Gavilan azor (S): Accipiter gentilis 
Gavilan azul (S): Leucopternis schistacea 
Gavilan bebehumo (S): Buteo platypterus 
Gavilan besra (S): Accipiter virgatus 
Gavilan bicolor <S): Accipiter bicolor 
Gavilan bidente (S): Harpagus bidentatus 
Gavilan bianco (S): Leucopternis albicollis 
Gavilan cabecigris (S): Accipiter poliocephalus 
Gavilan cangrejero (S): Buteogallus anthraciims 
Gavilan caracolero (S): Rostrhamus sociabilis 
Gavilan carinegro (S): Leucopternis melanops 
Gavilan ceniciento (S): Circus cinereus 
Gavilan chikra (S): Accipiter badius 
Gavilan cola corta (S): Buteo brachyurus 
Gavilan colifajeado (S): Buteo albonotatus 
Gavilan colipinto (S): Accipiter trinotatus 
Gavilan Colorado (S): Busarellus nigricollis 
Gavilan comun (S): Accipiter nisust 'Buteo magnirostris 
Gavilan cubano (S): Accipiter gund/achi 
Gavilan cueillirojo (S): Micrastur ruficollis 
Gavilan de Celebes (S): Accipiter griseiceps 
Gavilan de collar (S): Micrastur gilvicollis 
Gavilan de Cooper (S): Accipiter cooperii 
Gavilan de Frances (S): Accipiter francesii 
Gavilan de Galapagos (S): Buteo galapagoensis 
Gavilan de las Fiji (S): Accipiter rujitorques 
Gavilan de Manglares (S): Buteogallus aequinoctialis 
Gavilan de Nicobar (S): Accipiter butleri 
Gavilan de Nueva Bretana (S): Accipiter luteoschistaceus 
Gavilan de Nueva Caledonia (S): Accipiter haplochrous 
Gavilan de Ovampo (S): Accipiter ovampensis 
Gavilan de Traylor(S): Micrastur buckleyi 
Gavilan dorsigris (S): Leucopternis occidentalis 
Gavilan enano (S): Accipiter superciliosus 
Gavilan flanquirrojo (S): Accipiter castanilius 
Gavilan gabar (S): Melierax gabar 
Gavilan gargantiblanco (S): Buteo albigitla 
Gavilan grande (S): Circus buffoni 
Gavilan Griego (S): Accipiter brevipes 
Gavilan gris (S): Asturina nitida 
Gavilan habado (S): Buteo magnirostris 
Gavilan imitador (S): Accipiter imitator 
Gavilan langostero (S): Buteo swainsoni 
Gavilan malgache (S): Accipiter madagascariensis 
Gavilan maromero (S): Elanus leucurus 
Gavilan mixto (S): Parabuteo unicinctus 
Gavilan negro (S): Buteo leucorrhous 
Gavilan negro comun (S): Buteogallus subtilis 
Gavilan negro grande (S): Buteogallus urubitinga 
Gavilan pajarero (S): Accipiter striatus 
Gavilan palomero (S): Leptodon cayanensis 
Gavilan pantalon (S): Accipiter bicolor 
Gavilan papirrufo (S): Accipiter ruftventris 
Gavilan patilargo (S): Geranospta caerulescens 
Gavilan pechiblanco (S): Accipiter chionogaster 

Gavilan pechirrojo (S): Accipiter castaniliuslAccipiter rhodogaster 

Gavilan pechirroseo (S): Accipiter toussenelii 

Gavilan pescador (S): Pandion haliaetus 

Gavilan pico de Hoz (S): Rostrhamus hamatus 

Gavilan pico ganchudo (S): Chondrohierax uncinatus 

Gavilan pio (S): Accipiter albogularis 

Gavilan pita venado (S): Buteogallus meridionalis 

Gavilan pizarroso (S): Leucopternis schistacea 

Gavilan plomizo (S): Ictinia plumbea I Leucopternis plumbea 

Gavilan principe (S): Leucopternis princeps 

Gavilan puneno(S): Buteo poecilochrous 

Gavilan rabadilla blanca (S): Buteo leucorrhous 

Gavilan ranero (S): Accipiter soloensis 

Gavilan rastrero (S): Circus cyaneus 

Gavilan rufinegro (S): Accipiter melanochlamys 

Gavilan sabanero (S): Buteogallus meridionalis 

Gavilan semiplomizo (S): Leucopternis semiplumbea 

Gavilan teje (S): Buteo albicaudatus 

Gavilan tijereta (S): Elanoides forficatus 

Gavilan ventriblanco (S): Accipiter chionogaster 

Gavilan vientrigris (S): Accipiter poliogaster 

Gavilan zancon (S): Geranospiza caerulescens 

Gavilan zancudo (S): Geranospiza caerulescens 

Gavilancito americano (S): Accipiter superciliosus 

Gavilancito chico (S): Accipiter minullus 

Gavilancito de Celebes (S): Accipiter nanus 

Gavilancito de Hartlaub (S): Accipiter erythropus 

Gavilancito de Nueva Bretana (S): Accipiter brachyurus 

Gavilancito japones (S): Accipiter gularis 

Gavilancito moluqueno (S): Accipiter erythrauchen 

Gavilancito muslirrojo (S): Accipiter erythropus 

Gavilancito torcaz (S): Accipiter collaris 

Gavilan-reloj (S): Micrastur semitorquatus 

Gaviota de Mongolia (S): Larus relictus 

Gaviota relicta (S): Larus relictus 

Gazella amen: (E) Cuvier's Gazelle, Edmi Gazelle, Idmi, (S) 

Gacela de Cuvier, (F) Gazelle de Cuvier m BOV1DAE Ma 
Gazella dama: (E) Addra Gazelle, Dama Gazelle, (F) Gazelle dama 

Gazella dorcas. (E) Dorcas Gazelle, (S) Gacela dorcas, (F) Gazelle 

dorcas HI BOVIDAE Ma 
Gazella leptoceros. (E) Rhim Gazelle, Sand Gazelle, Slender-horned 

Gazelle, (S) Rhim, (F) Gazelle a comes fines. Gazelle leptocere, 

Gazelle a comes fines (F): Gazella leptoceros 
Gazelle dama (F): Gazella dama 
Gazelle de Cuvier (F): Gazella cuvieri 
Gazelle dorcas (F): Gazella dorcas 
Gazelle leptocere (F): Gazella leptoceros 
Gazelle, Addra (E): Gazella dama 
Gazelle, Cuvier's (E): Gazella cuvieri 
Gazelle, Dama (E): Gazella dama 
Gazelle, Dorcas (E): Gazella dorcas 
Gazelle, Edmi (E): Gazella cuvieri 
Gazelle, Rhim (E): Gazella leptoceros 
Gazelle, Sand (E): Gazella leptoceros 
Gazelle, Slender-homed (E): Gazella leptoceros 
Gecko cepediana = Phelsuma cepediana 
Gecko de I'ile Serpent (F): Cyrlodactylus serpensinsula 
Gecko diurne a bandes noires (F): Phelsuma nigristriata 
Gecko diume a courte tete (F): Phelsuma breviceps 
Gecko diume a gorge jaune(F): Phelsuma jlavigularis 
Gecko diume a large queue (F): Phelsuma laticauda 
Gecko diume a quatre ocelles (F): Phelsuma quadriocellata 
Gecko diume a queue bleue (F): Phelsuma cepediana 
Gecko diume a queue charnue (F): Phelsuma mutabilis 
Gecko diume a queue plate (F): Phelsuma serraticauda 
Gecko diume a tete jaune (F): Phelsuma klemmeri 
Gecko diume d'Aldabra (F): Phelsuma abbotti 
Gecko diume de Barbour (F): Phelsuma barbouri 
Gecko diume de Boettger (F): Phelsuma \'-nigra 
Gecko diume de Bourbon (F): Phelsuma borbonica 
Gecko diume de Grandidier (F): Phelsuma mutabilis 
Gecko diume de Klemmer (F): Phelsuma klemmeri 
Gecko diume de la region Antanosy (F): Phelsuma antanosy 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Gecko diume de la Reunion (F): Phelsitma borbonica 

Gecko diume de l'lle Maurice (F): Phehuma giiimbeaui 

Gecko diume de l'lle Pemba (F): Phehuma parkeri 

Gecko diume de l'lle Ronde (F): Phelsuma guentheri 

Gecko diume de Madagascar (F): Phelsuma madagascariensis 

Gecko diume de Meier (F): Phelsuma nigristriata 

Gecko diume de Parker (F): Phelsuma parkeri 

Gecko diume de Peacock (F): Phelsuma quadriocellala 

Gecko diume de Robert Mertens (F): Phelsuma robertmertensi 

Gecko diume de Rodrigues (F): Phelsuma edwardnewtonii 

Gecko diume de Seipp (F): Phelsuma seippi 

Gecko diume de Standing (F): Phelsuma standing! 

Gecko diume de Zanzibar (F): Phelsuma dubia 

Gecko diume des Comores (F): Phelsuma comorensis 

Gecko diume des lies Andaman (F): Phelsuma andamanensis 

Gecko diume des Seychelles (F): Phelsuma astriata 

Gecko diume geant de Rodrigues (F): Phelsuma gigas 

Gecko diume geant des Seychelles (F): Phelsuma sundbergi 

Gecko diume ligne (F): Phelsuma lineata 

Gecko diume modeste (F): Phelsuma modesta 

Gecko diume nain (F): Phelsuma pusilla 

Gecko diurne ocelle(F): Phelsuma ocellata 

Gecko diume ome de l'lle Maurice (F): Phelsuma omata 

Gecko diume poussiere-d'or (F): Phelsitma laticauda 

Gecko diume raye (F): Phelsuma lineata 

Gecko diume sombre (F): Phelsuma dubia 

Gecko diume tachete (F): Phelsuma guttata 

Gecko. Abbott's Day (E): Phelsuma abbotti 

Gecko, Aldabra Day (E): Phelsuma abbotti 

Gecko, Andaman Day (E): Phelsuma andamanensis 

Gecko, Antanosy Day (E): Phelsuma antanosy 

Gecko, Banded Day (E): Phelsuma standing! 

Gecko, Barbour's Day (E): Phelsuma barbouri 

Gecko, Black -eyed (E): Hoplodactytus kahutarae 

Gecko, Blue -tailed Day (E): Phelsuma cepediana 

Gecko, Boettger's Day (E): Phelsuma \^nigra 

Gecko, Bright-eyed Day (E): Phelsuma dubia 

Gecko, Central Tree (E): Naultinus poecilochlorus 

Gecko, Cloudy (E): Hoplodactylus nebulosus 

Gecko, Common (E): Hoplodactylus maculatus 

Gecko, Common Flat -tailed (E): Uroplatus fimbriatus 

Gecko, Common Green (E): Naultinus elegans 

Gecko, Comoro Day (E): Phelsuma comorensis 

Gecko, Delcourt's Sticky-toed (B): Hoplodactylus delcourti 

Gecko, Dull-green Day (E): Phelsuma dubia 

Gecko, Duvaucel's (E): Hoplodactylus din-aucelii 

Gecko, Dwarf Day (E): Phelsuma pusilla 

Gecko, Fan -tailed Day (E): Phelsuma serraticauda 

Gecko, Flat -tailed Day (E): Phelsuma laticauda 

Gecko, Forest (E): Hoplodactylus granulatus 

Gecko, Four-spot Day (E): Phelsuma quadriocellala 

Gecko, Giant Day (E): Phelsuma gigas 

Gecko, Gold-dust Day (E): Phelsuma laticauda 

Gecko, Golden Sticky-toed (E): Hoplodactylus chrysosireticus 

Gecko, Goldstripe (E): Hoplodactylus chrysosireticus 

Gecko, Gold-striped (E): Hoplodactylus chrysosireticus 

Gecko, Granulated (E): Hoplodactylus granulatus 

Gecko, Gray's Sticky-toed (E): Hoplodactylus granulatus 

Gecko, Gray's Tree (E): Naultinus grayii 

Gecko, Green Tree (E): Naultinus elegans 

Gecko, Gunther's Flat -tailed (E): Uroplatus giientheri 

Gecko, Harlequin (E): Hoplodactylus rakiurae 

Gecko, Henkel's Flat -tailed (E): Uroplatus henkeli 

Gecko, Island Day (E): Phelsuma nigristriata 

Gecko, Jewelled ( E): Naultinus gemmeus 

Gecko, Klemmer's Day (E): Phelsuma klemmeri 

Gecko, La-Digue Day (E): Phelsuma sundbergi 

Gecko, Lined Day (E): Phelsuma lineata 

Gecko, Lined Flat -tailed (E): Uroplatus lineatus 

Gecko, Madagascar Day (E): Phelsuma madagascariensis 

Gecko, Marlborough Green (E): Naultinus manukanus 

Gecko, Mauritius Day (E): Phelsuma guimbeaui 

Gecko, Mauritius Greater Day (E): Phelsuma cepediana 

Gecko, Mauritius Lowland Forest Day (E): Phelsuma guimbeaui 

Gecko, Mertens's Day (E): Phelsuma robertmertensi 

Gecko, Modest Day (E): Phelsuma modesta 

Gecko, Namaqua Day (E): Phelsuma ocellata 

Gecko, Natural Tree(E): Naultinus rudis 

Gecko, Nelson Green (E): Naultinus stellatus 

Gecko, Northern Flat -tailed ( E): Uroplatus alluaudi 

Gecko, Northern Sticky-toed (E): Hoplodactylus duvaucelii 

Gecko, Northern Tree (E): Naultinus manukanus 

Gecko, Northland Green (E): Naultinus grayii 

Gecko, Nosy Be Flat -tailed (E): Uroplatus ebenaui 

Gecko, Ocellated Day (E): Phelsuma ocellata 

Gecko, Ornate Day (E): Phelsuma omata 

Gecko, Pacific (E): Hoplodactylus pacificus 

Gecko, Pacific Sticky-toed (E): Hoplodactylus pacificus 

Gecko, Parker's Day (E): Phelsuma parkeri 

Gecko, Peacock Day (E): Phelsuma quadriocellala 

Gecko, Pemba Day (E); Phelsuma parkeri 

Gecko, Pronk's Day (E): Phelsuma pronki 

Gecko, Reunion Day (E): Phelsuma borbonica 

Gecko, Rodrigues Day (E): Phelsuma edwardnewtonii 

Gecko, Rough (E): Naultinus rudis 

Gecko, Round Island Day (E): Phelsuma guentheri 

Gecko, Seipp's Day (E): Phelsuma seippi 

Gecko, Serpent Island (E): Cyrtodactyius serpensinsula 

Gecko. Serrated Day (E): Phelsuma serraticauda 

Gecko, Seychelles Day (E): Phelsuma abbottil Phelsuma astriata 

Gecko, Seychelles Giant Day (E): Phelsuma sundbergi 

Gecko, Side-striped Day (E): Phelsuma lineata 

Gecko, South Island Tree (E): Naultinus gemmeus 

Gecko, Southern Flat -tailed (E): Uroplatus sikorae 

Gecko, Speckled Day (E): Phelsuma guttata 

Gecko, Spotted Day (E): Phelsuma guttata I Phelsuma ocellata 

Gecko, Spotted Sticky-toed (E): Hoplodactylus maculatis 

Gecko, Standing's Day (E): Phelsuma standingi 

Gecko, Starry Tree (E): Naultinus stellatus 

Gecko, Stephens's Island (E): Hoplodactylus stephensi 

Gecko, Stephens's Sticky-toed (E): Hoplodactylus stephensi 

Gecko, Stewart's Sticky-toed (E): Hoplodactylus rakiurae 

Gecko, Striped (E): Hoplodactylus stephensi 

Gecko, Striped Day (E): Phelsuma lineata 

Gecko, Thick -tailed Day (E): Phelsuma mutabilis 

Gecko, Warty Tree (E): Naultinus tuberculatus 

Gecko, West Coast Green (E): Naultinus tuberculatus 

Gecko, Whitaker's Sticky-toed (E): Hoplodactylus kahutarae 

Gecko, Yellow-throated Day (E): Phelsuma flavigularis 

Gecko, Zanzibar Day (E): Phelsuma dubia 

Geckos a queue plate(F): Uroplatus spp. 

Geckos a queue plate a bouche noire (F): Uroplatus sikorae 

Geckos a queue plate commun (F): Uroplatus fimbriatus 

Geckos a queue plate d'Alluaud ( F): Uroplatus alluaudi 

Geckos a queue plate de Gunther (F): Uroplatus guentheri 

Geckos a queue plate de Henkel (F): Uroplatus henkeli 

Geckos a queue plate de la cote est (F): Uroplatus phantasticus 

Geckos a queue plate d'Ebenau (F): Uroplatus ebenaui 

Geckos a queue plate ligne (F): Uroplatus lineatus 

Geckos a queue plate Malahelo (F): Uroplatus malahelo 

geckos diumes (F): Phelsuma spp. 

geckos diumes de l'Ocean Indien(F): Phelsuma spp. 

geckos, day (E): Phelsuma spp. 

geckos, flat -tailed (E): Uroplatusspp. 

geckos. New Zealand tree (E): Naultinus spp. 

geckos. Sticky -toed (E): Hoplodactylus spp. 

Geco de la isla Serpiente (S): Cyrtodactyius serpensinsula 

Geco diumo de Abbott (S): Phelsuma abbotti 

Geco diumo de Andaman (S): Phelsuma andamanensis 

Geco diumo de bandas (S): Phelsuma lineata 

Geco diumo de Barbour (S): Phelsuma barbouri 

Geco diumo de cola azul (S): Phelsuma cepediana 

Geco diumo de cola dentada (S): Phelsuma serraticauda 

Geco diumo de cola gruesa (S): Phelsuma laticauda 

Geco diumo de estrias negras (S): Phelsuma nigristriata 

Geco diumo de garganta amarilla (S): Phelsuma flavigularis 

Geco diumo de Guenther (S): Phelsuma guentheri 

Geco diurno de Guimbeau (S): Phelsuma guimbeaui 

Geco diumo de Klemmer (S): Phelsuma klemmeri 

Geco diumo de las Comores (S): Phelsuma comorensis 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Geco diurno de Madagascar (S): Phelsuma madagascariensis 

Geco diurno de Robert Mertens (S): Phelsuma robertmertensi 

Geco diurno de Standing (S): Phelsuma standing! 

Geco diurno de Sundberg (S): Phelsuma sundbergi 

Geco diurno de Zanzibar (S): Phelsuma dubia 

Geco diurno ocelado (S): Phelsuma ocellata 

Geco diurno ornado (S): Phelsuma ornala 

gecos diumos (S): Phelsuma spp. 

gecos diurnos (S): Phelsuma spp. 

Gelada (F): Theropithecus gelada 

Gemmipora frondens = Turbinaria frondens 

Gemmipora fungiformis = Turbinaria peltata 

Gemmipora patula = Turbinaria patula 

Gemmulatrochus simplex = Hoplangia durotrix 

Gennaeus edwardsi = Lophura edwardsi 

Geochelone carbonaria : (E) Red-footed Tortoise, Wood Tortoise, 

(S) Jabuti, Karumbe, Tortuga de patas rojas, (F) Tortue 

charbonniere IITESTUDINIDAE Re 
Geochelone chilensis: (E) Argentine Tortoise, Chaco Tortoise, 

Southern Wood Tortoise, (S) Tortuga terrestre argentina, (F) 

Tortue de la pampa II TESTUDINIDAE Re 
Geochelone denticulata : (E) Brazilian Giant Tortoise, Forest 

Tortoise, South American Tortoise, South American Yellow- 

footed Tortoise, Yellow-footed Tortoise, (S) Motelo, Tortuga de 

patas amarillas, (F) Tortue de l'Amerique du sud, Tortue 

dentelee, Tortue denticulee IITESTUDINIDAE Re 
Geochelone donosobarrosi = Geochelone chilensis 
Geochelone elegans: (E) Indian Star Tortoise, Star Tortoise, (S) 

Tortuga estrellada de la India, (F) Tortue etoilee de l'lnde II 

Geochelone elephantopus = Geochelone nigra 
Geochelone elongata = Indotesludo elongala 
Geochelone emys = Manouria emys 
Geochelone forstenii = Indotestudo forstenii 
Geochelone gigantea: (E) Aldabra Giant Tortoise, (S) Tortuga 

gigante de Aldabra, (F) Tortue geante, Tortue geante dAldabra 

Geochelone impressa = Manouria impressa 
Geochelone nigra. (E) Galapagos Giant Tortoise, (S) Tortuga de las 

Galapagos, Tortuga gigante de las Galapagos, (F) Tortue 

elephantine, Tortue geante des Galapagos I TESTUDINIDAE 

Geochelone partialis (E) Leopard Tortoise, Mountain Tortoise, (S) 

Tortuga leopardo, (F) Tortue -leopard du Cap II 

Geochelone peters i = Geochelone chilensis 
Geochelone pblynota : (E) Burmese Starred Tortoise, Flatback 

Tortoise, (S) Tortuga estrellada de Burma, (F) Tortue etoilee de 

Geochelone radiata : (E) Radiated Tortoise, (S) Tortuga estrellada de 

Madagascar, Tortuga rayada, (F) Tortue radiee de Madagascar, 

Tortue rayonnee I TESTUDINIDAE Re 
Geochelone sulcata : (E) African Spurred Tortoise. Grooved 

Tortoise, (S) Tortuga con piias, (F) Tortue sillonnee II 7 

Geochelone travancorica = Indotestudo forstenii 
Geochelone yniphora : (E) Angonoka, Madagascar Angulated 

Tortoise, Madagascar Tortoise, (S) Tortuga de espolones, 

Tortuga de Madagascar, Tortuga globulosa malagache, (F) 

Tortue a eperon, Tortue a plastron eperonne, Tortue a soc, 

Tortue a soc de Madagascar, Tortue de Madagascar I 

Geoclemmyde d'Hamilton (F): Geoclemys hamiltonii 
Geoclemys grangeri = Chinemys reevesii 
Geoclemys hamiltonii: (E) Black Pond Turtle, Black Spotted Turtle, 

Hamilton's Terrapin, Spotted Pond Turtle, (S) Galapago de 

Hamilton, Galapago rayado, (F) Emyde en toit, Geoclemmyde 

d'Hamilton, Tortue a toit de l'lnde , Tortue de Hamilton I 

Geoclemys kwangtungensis = Chinemys nigricans 
Geoclemys macrocephala = Malayemys subtrijuga 
Geoclemys paracaretta = Chinemys reevesii 

Geoemyda arakana = Heosemys depressa 
Geoemyda depressa = Heosemys depressa 
Geoemyda grandis = Heosemys grandis 
Geoemyda impressa = Manouria impressa 
Geoemyda japonica = Geoemyda spengleri 
Geoemyda latinuchalis - Manouria impressa 
Geoemyda leytensis = Heosemys leytensis 
Geoemyda spengleri. (E) Black-breasted Leaf Turtle III 

Geoemyda spinosa = Heosemys spinosa 
Geoemyda tricarinata = Melanochelys tricarinata 
Geoemyda yuwonoi = Leucocephalon yuwonoi 
Geoemyde des Celebes (F): Leucocephalon yuwonoi 
Geoemyde tricarenee(F): Melanochelys tricarinata 
Geoffroyus geoffroyi: (E) Red-cheeked Parrot, (S) Lorito carirrojo, 

(F) Perruche de Geoffroy II PSITTACIDAE Av 
Geoffroyus heteroclitus. (E) Singing Parrot, (S) Lorito heterdclito, 

(F) Perruche heteroclite II PSITTACIDAE Av 
Geoffroyus simplex: (E) Blue-collared Parrot, (S) Lorito acollarado, 

(F) Perruche a col bleu II PSITTACIDAE Av 
Geopsittacus occidentalis: (E) Night Parrot, (S) Cacatua noctuma, 

Loro noctumo, Perico noctumo, (F) Perruche nocturne I 

Geranoaetus melanoleucus: (E) Black-chested Buzzard- Eagle, 

Black-chested Eagle, Grey Buzzard-Eagle, (S) Aguila escudada, 

Aguila mora, (F) Buse aguia II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Geranospiza caerulescens: (E) Crane Hawk, (S) Azor zancon, 

Gavilan patilargo, Gavilan zancon, Gavilan zancudo, (F) Buse 

Gerfaut (F): Falco rusticolus 
Geronticus calvus: (E) Bald Ibis, Southern Bald Ibis, (S) Ibis calvo, 

Ibis calvo de Africa del Sur, (F) Ibis chauve de 1'Afrique du Sud, 

Ibis du Cap, Ibis noir D THRESKIORNITHIDAE Av 
Geronticus eremita : (E) Bald Ibis, Hermit Ibis, Northern Bald Ibis, 

Waldrapp, (S) Ibis eremita, (F) Ibis chauve I 

Gharial (E): Gavialis gangeticus 
Gharial, False (E): Tomistoma schlegelii 
Gharial, Malayan (E): Tom istoma schlegelii 
Ghor-khar(E): Eqttus onager khur 
Gibbon a favoris blancs (F): Hylobales concolor 
Gibbon a mains blanches (F): Hylobates lar 
Gibbon agile (F): Hylobates agilis 
Gibbon cendre (F): Hylobates moloch 
Gibbon de Muller (F): Hylobates muelleri 
Gibbon lar(F): Hylobates lar 
Gibbon noir(F): Hylobates concolor 
Gibbon, Agile (E): Hylobates agilis 
Gibbon, Black (E): Hylobates concolor 
Gibbon, Black-cheeked Crested (E): Hylobates concolor 
Gibbon, Bornean (E): Hylobates muelleri 
Gibbon. Buff-cheeked (E): Hylobates gabriellae 
Gibbon, Capped (E): Hylobates pileatus 
Gibbon, Common (E): Hylobates lar 
Gibbon, Crested (E): Hylobates concolor 
Gibbon, Crowned (E): Hylobates pileatus 
Gibbon, Dark-handed (E): Hylobates agilis 
Gibbon, Dwarf (E): Hylobates klossii 
Gibbon, Grey (E): Hylobates muelleri 
Gibbon, Hoolock (E): Hylobates hoolock 
Gibbon, Indochinese (E): Hylobates concolor 
Gibbon, Javan (E): Hylobates moloch 
Gibbon, Kloss's (E): Hylobates klossii 
Gibbon, Lar (E): Hylobates lar 
Gibbon, Mentawai (E): Hylobates klossii 
Gibbon, Miiller's (E): Hylobates muelleri 
Gibbon, Pileated (E): Hylobates pileatus 
Gibbon, Potto (E): Perodicticus potto 
Gibbon, Silvery (E): Hylobates moloch 
Gibbon, White-cheeked (E): Hylobates leucogenys 
Gibbon, White-cheeked Crested (E): Hylobates leucogenys 
Gibbon, White-handed (E): Hylobates lar 

Geochelone sulcata A zero annual export quota has been established for Geochelone sulcata for specimens removed from the wild and traded for 
primarily commercial purposes. /Se ha establecido un cupo de exportacion anual ratio para Geochelone sulcata, para los especimenes caphtrados en 
el medio silvestres y comercialtados confines promordialmente comerciales. / Un quota d'exportation annuel zero a ete etabli pour Geochelone 
sulcata/wur les specimens preleves dans la nature pour des transactions principalement commerciales. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Gibbon, Yellow-cheeked Crested (E): Hvlobates gabriellae 

gibbons (E/F): HYLOBATIDAE spp. 

Gibon ceniciento (S): Hvlobates moloch 

Gibon de cresta negra (S): Hvlobates pileatus 

Gibon de manos blancas (S): Hvlobates lar 

Gibon de Mueller (S): Hylobates muelleri 

Gibon hulock (S): Hvlobates hoolock 

gibones (S): HYLOBATIDAE spp. 

Giboya (E): Boa constrictor 

Gladostomus stellatus = Acipenser stellatus 

Glaucidium albertinum: (E) Albertine Owlet, Prigogine's Owlet, (S) 

Mochuelo del Alberto. (F) Chevechette du Graben II 

Glaucidium bolivianum : (E) Yungas Pygmy -Owl, (S) Mochuelo 

boliviano, (F) Chevechette des yungas II STRIGIDAE Av 
Glaucidium brasilianum : (E) Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl, (S) Cabure, 

Mochuelo cabure, Pavita terruginea, Tecolotito comiin, (F) 

Chevechette brune II STRIGIDAE Av 
Glaucidium brodiei: (E) Collared Owlet, Collared Pygmy -Owl, (S) 

Mochuelo acollarado, (F) Chevechette a collier II STRIGIDAE 

Glaucidium californicum :(E) Northern Pygmy -Owl, (S) Mochuelo 

californiano, Tecolotito del cabo, (F) Chevechette des 

Rocheuses II STRIGIDAE Av 
Glaucidium capense: (E) African Barred Owlet, Barred Owlet, (S) 

Mochuelo de El Cabo, (F) Chevechette du Cap II STRIGIDAE 

Glaucidium capense castaneum = Glaucidium castaneum 
Glaucidium capense ngamiense = Glaucidium ngamiense 
Glaucidium capense scheffleri - Glaucidium scheffleri 
Glaucidium castaneum : (E) Chestnut Owlet, (S) Mochuelo castano, 

(F) Chevechette chataine II STRIGIDAE Av 
Glaucidium castanonotum : (E) Chestnut -backed Owlet, (S) 

Mochuelo de Ceilan, (F) Chevechette a dos marron II 

Glaucidium castanopterum : (E) Javan Owlet, (S) Mochuelo de 

Java, (F) Chevechette spadicee II STRIGIDAE Av 
Glaucidium costaricamtm = Glaucidium jardinii 
Glaucidium cuculoides: (E) Asian Barred Owlet, Cuckoo Owlet, (S) 

Mochuelo cuco, (F) Chevechette cuculoide II STRIGIDAE Av 
Glaucidium cuculoides castanonotum = Glaucidium castanonotum 
Glaucidium cuculoides castanopterum = Glaucidium castanopterum 
Glaucidium gnoma: (E) Mountain Pygmy-Owl, (S) Mochuelo 

gnomo, Tecolotito serano, (F) Chevechette naine II 

Glaucidium gnoma californicum = Glaucidium californicum 
Glaucidium griseiceps = Glaucidium minutissimum 
Glaucidium Itardyi: (E) Amazonian Pygmy-Owl, Hardy's Pygmy- 
Owl, (S) Mochuelo amazonico. (F) Chevechette d'Amazonie II 

Glaucidium hoskinsii = Glaucidium gnoma 
Glaucidium jardinii : (E) Andean Pygmy-Owl, (S) Mochuelo 

andino, Pavita andina, (F) Chevechette des Andes II 

Glaucidium minutissimum : (E) Brazilian Pygmy-Owl, Least 

Pygmy-Owl, (S) Mochuelo minimo, (F) Chevechette caboure II 

Glaucidium mooreorum : (E) Pemambuco Pygmy-Owl II 

Glaucidium nanum : (E) Austral Pygmy-Owl, (S) Cabure 

patagonico, Mochuelo patagonico, (F) Chevechette australe II 

Glaucidium ngamiense: (E) Ngami Owlet, (F) Chevechette de 

Glaucidium nubicola : (E) Cloud- forest Pygmy -Owl II STRIGIDAE 

Glaucidium palmantm = Glaucidium mimttissimum 
Glaucidium parkeri: (E) Subtropical Pygmy-Owl, (S) Mochuelo de 

Parker, (F) Chevechette de Parker II STRIGIDAE Av 
Glaucidium passerinum : (E) Eurasian Pygmy -Owl, Pygmy Owl, (S) 

Mochuelo alpino, Mochuelo chico, (F) Chevechette d'Europe, 

Chouette chevechette II STRIGIDAE Av 
Glaucidium perlatum:(E) Pearl-spotted Owlet, (S) Mochuelin 

perlado, Mochuelo perlado, (F) Chevechette perlee II 


Glaucidium peruanum: (E| Pacific Pygmy -Owl, Peruvian Pygmy- 
Owl, (S) Mochuelo peruano, (F) Chevechette du Perou II 

Glaucidium radiatum : (E) Barred Jungle Owlet, Jungle Owlet, (S) 

Mochuelo de jungla, (F) Chevechette de iungle II STRIGIDAE 

Glaucidium radiatum castanonotum = Glaucidium castanonotum 
Glaucidium sanchezi = Glaucidium minutissimum 
Glaucidium scheffleri: (E) Scheffler's Owlet, (F) Chevechette de 

Scheffler II STRIGIDAE Av 
Glaucidium siju: (E) Cuban Pygmy-Owl, (S) Mochuelo siju, Siju, 

Sijucito, (F) Chevechette de Cuba II STRIGIDAE Av 
Glaucidium sjostedti: (E) Sjostedt's Owlet, (S) Mochuelo chico, 

Mochuelo de Sjostedt. Mochuelo del Congo, (F) Chevechette a 

queue barree II STRIGIDAE Av 
Glaucidium tephronotum: (E) Redchested Owlet. Yellow-legged 

Owlet, (S) Mochuelo pechirrojo, (F) Chevechette a pieds jaunes 

Glaucis aenea: (E) Bronzy Hermit, (S) Ermitafio bronceado, (F) 

Ermite bronze D TROCHILIDAE Av 
Glaucis dohrnii: (E) Hook-billed Hermit, (S) Colibri de pico 

recurvado, Colibri picosierra chico, Ermitafio de Espirito Santo, 

(F) Colibri a bee incurve, Colibri de Dohrn, Ermite de Dohm, 

Ermite de Dohrnou a bee incurve ITROCHILIDAE Av 
Glaucis hirsuta: (E) Rufous- breasted Hermit, (S) Colibri pecho 

canela, Ermitafio hirsute Ermitario pechicanelo, (F) Ermite 

Glaucis hirsuta aenea = Glaucis aenea 
Globicephala edwardii = Globicephala melas 
Globicephala macrorhynchus: (E) Pacific Pilot Whale, Short -finned 

Pilot Whale. (S) Caldron negro, (F) Globicephale tropical II 

Globicephala melaena = Globicephala melas 
Globicephala melas: (E) Long-finned Pilot Whale, (S) Caldr6n 

negro, (F) Globicephale commun II DELPHINIDAE Ma 
Globicephala sieboldii= Globicephala macrorhynchus 
Globicephale commun (F): Globicephala melas 
Globicephale tropical (F): Globicephala macrorhynchus 
Glory, Bhutan ( E): Bhutanitis lidderdalii 
Glossopsitta concinna : (E) Musk Lorikeet, (S) Lori almizclero, (F) 

Lori a bandeau rouge, Lori muse II LORIIDAE Av 
Glossopsitta porphyrocephala : (E) Purple-crowned Lorikeet, (S) 

Lori coronipiirpura, (F) Lori a couronne pourpre II LORIIDAE 

Glossopsitta pusilla: (E) Little Lorikeet, (S) Lori carirrojo, (F) Lori a 

masque rouge, Petit lori muse II LORIIDAE Av 
Glyptemys insculpta = Clemmys insculpta 
Glyptemys muhlenbergii = Clemmys muhlenbergii 
Goanna, Sand (E): Varanus rosenbergi 
Goazu (F): Ozotoceros bezoarticus 
Gobemouche bleu de Rueck (F): Cyornis ruckii 
Gobemouche de Rueck (F): Cyornis ruckii 
gobemouches (F): Terpsiphone bourbonnensis 
Godoy (S): Potos flams 
Goeland de Mongolie (F): Larus relictus 
Goeland relique (F): Larus relictus 
Goethalsia bella : (E) Rufous-cheeked Hummingbird, (S) Colibri del 

Pirre, (F) Colibri du Pirre II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Goldentail, Blue-throated (E): Hylocharis eliciae 
Goldenthroat, Green-tailed (E): Polytmus theresiae 
Goldenthroat, Tepui (E): Polytmus milleri 
Goldenthroat, White-tailed (E): Polytmus guainumbi 
Goldmania violiceps. (E) Violet -capped Hummingbird, (S) Colibri 

de Goldman, (F) Colibri a calotte violette II TROCHILIDAE 

Golondrina de anteojos (S): Pseudochelidon sirintarae 
Gombessa (E): Latimeria chalumnae 
Gongylopltis colubrinus: (E| East African Sand Boa, Egyptian Sand 

Boa, Kenyan Sand Boa, Theban Sand Boa, (S) Boa de arena de 

Egipto, (F) Boa aux ecailles rugueuses, Boa des sables 

couleuvrin, Boa des sables dEgypte, Boa des sables du Kenya II 

Gongylopltis conicus: (E) Baby Python, Indian Sand Boa, Rough- 
scaled Sand Boa, Russell's Sand Boa, (S) Boa de arena de Sri 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Lanka, (F) Boa des sables a ecailles rugueuses. Boa des sables 

des Indes II BOIDAE Re 
Gongylophis muelleri.(E) Muller's Sand Boa, West African Sand 

Boa, (S) Boa de arena de Miiller, (F) Boa des sables de Miiller 

Goniastrea aspera : II 8 FAVIIDAE An 
Goniastrea australensis: II s FAVIIDAE An 
Goniastrea benhami = Goniastrea australensis 
Goniastrea bournonii = Goniastrea retiformis 
Goniastrea cerium = Goniastrea pectinata 
Goniastrea columella: II s FAVIIDAE An 
Goniastrea coronalis = Goniastrea pectinata 
Goniastrea deformis: if FAVIIDAE An 
Goniastrea edwardsi: II 8 FAVIIDAE An 
Goniastrea equisepta = Goniastrea aspera 
Goniastrea eximia = Goniastrea retiformis 
Goniastrea favistella = Goniastrea pectinata 
Goniastrea favulus. D 8 FAVIIDAE An 
Goniastrea favus = Favia favus 
Goniastrea grayi = Goniastrea pectinata 
Goniastrea hombronii = Favia stelligera 
Goniastrea incntstans = Goniastrea aspera 
Goniastrea laxa = Favia laxa/Favites pentagona 
Goniastrea mantonae = Goniastrea aspera 
Goniastrea minuta : II 8 FAVIIDAE An 
Goniastrea multilobata = Goniastrea pectinata 
Goniastrea palauensis: II 8 FAVIIDAE An 
Goniastrea parvistella = Goniastrea retiformis 
Goniastrea pectinata : II 8 FAVIIDAE An 
Goniastrea peresi = Favites peresi 
Goniastrea planulata = Goniastrea pectinata 
Goniastrea quoyi = Goniastrea pectinata 
Goniastrea ramosa: II 8 FAVIIDAE An 
Goniastrea regidaris = Goniastrea favulus 
Goniastrea retiformis: II 8 FAVIIDAE An 
Goniastrea rudis = Favites pentagona 
Goniastrea sericea= Gardineroseris planulata 
Goniastrea serrata = Favia pallida 
Goniastrea seychellensis = Goniastrea australensis 
Goniastrea sinuosa = Goniastrea pectinata 
Goniastrea solida = Goniastrea edwardsi/Porites solida 
Goniastrea spectabilis = Goniastrea aspera 
Goniastrea thecata : II s FAVIIDAE An 
Goniastrea vaeyamaensis = Platygyra yaeyamaensis 
Goniocoreiladumosa: II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Gonioc orella glanulosa = Goniocorella dumosa 
Goniocyathus pacificus = Dasmosmilia lymani 
Goniopora spp.: (E) daisy corals, flowerpot corals, sunflower corals 

Goniopora albiconus. \f PORITIDAE An 
Goniopora burgosi: D 8 PORITIDAE An 
Goniopora cellulosa: if PORITIDAE An 
Goniopora ciliatus. rf PORITIDAE An 
Goniopora columna: D 8 PORITIDAE An 
Goniopora djiboutiensis: if PORITIDAE An 
Goniopora duofaciata = Goniopora planulata 
Goniopora eclipsensis: II 8 PORITIDAE An 
Goniopora fruticosa : II 8 PORITIDAE An 
Goniopora hirsuta = Goniopora lobata 
Goniopora klunzingeri = Porites lichen 
Goniopora lichen = Porites lichen 
Goniopora lobata: U s PORITIDAE An 
Goniopora minor. II 8 PORITIDAE An 
Goniopora nigra = Goniopora stutchburyi 
Goniopora norfolkensis: II 8 PORITIDAE An 
Goniopora palmensis: Xf PORITIDAE An 
Goniopora pandoraensis: if PORITIDAE An 
Goniopora pearsont II 8 PORITIDAE An 
Goniopora pendulus. \f PORITIDAE An 
Goniopora planulata : II 8 PORITIDAE An 
Goniopora polyformis: if PORITIDAE An 
Goniopora pulvinul a = Goniopora djiboutiensis 
Goniopora savignii: II PORITIDAE An 
Goniopora somaliensis: II PORITIDAE An 
Goniopora stokesi: II 8 PORITIDAE An 

Goniopora stutchburyi: II 8 PORITIDAE An 

Goniopora sultani: II s PORITIDAE An 

Goniopora tenel/a : II 8 PORITIDAE An 

Goniopora tenuidens: II 8 PORITIDAE An 

Goniopora traceyi = Goniopora lobata 

Goniopora undulata - Goniopora somaliensis 

Goniopora viridis = Alveopora viridis 

Goniopora wotouensis = Goniopora stutchburyi 

Goose, Aleutian (E): Branta canadensis leuccpareia 

Goose, Aleutian Canada (E): Branta canadensis leucopareia 

Goose, Canada (E): Branta canadensis 

Goose, Egyptian (E): Alopochen aegyptiacus 

Goose, Hawaiian (E): Branta sandvicensis 

Goose, Knob-billed {Ey.Sarkidiornis melanotos 

Goose, Red- breast ed (E): Branta ruficollis 

Goose, Spur-winged (E): Plecn-opterus gambensis 

Gophere (F): Gopherus flavomarginatus 

Gophere a bords jaunes (F): Gopherus flavomarginatus 

Gophere dAgassiz (F): Gopherus agassizii 

Gophere du Texas (F): Gopherus berlandieri 

Gophere polypheme (F): Gopherus polyphemus 

Gopherus agassizii: (E) Desert Tortoise, (S) Tortuga del desierto, 

(F) Gophere dAgassiz, Tortue dAgassiz II TESTUDIN1DAE 

Gopherus berlandieri: ( E) Berlandier's Tortoise, Texas Tortoise, (S) 

Tortuga de Texas, ( F| Gophere du Texas, Tortue du Texas II 

Gopherus flavomarginatus: (E) Bolson Tortoise, Mexican Giant 

Tortoise, Yellow-bordered Tortoise, (S) Tortuga grande, 

Tortuga llanera, Tortuga topo, (F) Gophere , Gophere a bords 

jaunes, Tortue a bords jaunes, Tortue du Mexique, Tortue 

fouisseuse du Mexique I TESTUDINIDAE Re 
Gopherus polyphemus (E) Gopher Tortoise, (S) Tortuga terrestre 

de Florida, (F) Gophere polypheme, Tortue de la Floride, Tortue 

Gopherus polyphemus agassizii = Gopherus agassizii 
Gopherus polyphemus berlandieri = Gopherus berlandieri 
Gopherus polyphemus flavomarginatus = Gopherus flavomarginatus 
Goral (E): Naemorhedus goral 
Goral a queue longue (F): Naemorhedus caudatus 
Goral rouge (F): Naemorhedus baileyi 
Goral, Chinese (E): Naemorhedus caudatus 
Goral, Himalayan (E): Naemorhedus goral 
Goral, Long-tailed (E): Naemorhedus caudatus 
Goral, Red (E): Naemorhedus baileyi 
Goreaugyra memorialis = Meandrina maeandrites 
Gorgonia abies = Cupressopathes abes 
Gorgonia aenea = Cupressopathes abies 
Gorila(S): Gorilla gorilla 
Gorilla (E): Gorilla gorilla 
Gorilla gorilla (E) Gorilla, (S)Gorila,(F)Gorille IHOMINIDAE 

Gorille (F): Gorilla gorilla 
Gordon de Java (S): Padda oryzivora 
Gorrion pardillo (S): Passer griseus 
Goshawk (E): Accipiter gentilis 
Goshawk, African (E): Accipiter tachiro 
Goshawk, Asian Crested (E): Accipiter trivirgatus 
Goshawk, Australasian (E): Accipiter fasciatus 
Goshawk, Black (E): Accipiter melanoleucus 
Goshawk, Black-mantled (E): Accipiter melanochlamys 
Goshawk, Brown (E): Accipiter fasciatus 
Goshawk, Celebes Crested (E): Accipiter griseiceps 
Goshawk. Chestnut-mantled (E): Eiythrotriorchis buergersi 
Goshawk, Chestnut-shouldered (E): Erythrotriorchis buergersi 
Goshawk, Chinese (E): Accipiter soloensis 
Goshawk, Crested (E): Accipiter trivirgatus 
Goshawk, Doria's (E): Megatriorchis doriae 
Goshawk, Fiji (E): Accipiter rufitorques 
Goshawk, Frances's (E): Accipiter francesii 
Goshawk, Gabar (E): Melierax gabar 
Goshawk, Gray's (E): Accipiter henicogrammus 
Goshawk, Grey (E): Accipiter novaehollandiae 
Goshawk, Grey-bellied (E): Accipiter poliogaster 
Goshawk, Grey-headed (E): Accipiter poliocephalus 

See p. 13/ Vease p. 29 1 Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Goshawk, Grey-headed (E): Accipiter princeps 

Goshawk, Grey -throated (E ): Accipiter novaehollandiae 

Goshawk, Henst's (E): Accipiter henstii 

Goshawk, Meyer's (E): Accipiter meyerianus 

Goshawk, Moluccan (E): Accipiter henicogrammus 

Goshawk, New Britain (E): Accipiter princeps 

Goshawk, New Caledonia ( E): Accipiter haplochro us 

Goshawk, New Guinea Grey-headed (E): Accipiter poliocephalus 

Goshawk, Northern (E): Accipiter gentilis 

Goshawk, Papuan (E): Accipiter meyerianus 

Goshawk, Pied (E): Accipiter albogularis 

Goshawk, Red (E): Erythrotriorchis radialus 

Goshawk, Red-chested (E): Accipiter toussenelii 

Goshawk. Slaty-backed (E): Accipiter luteoschistaceus 

Goshawk, Spot -tailed (E): Accipiter trinotatus 

Goshawk, Sulawesi (E): Accipiter griseiceps 

Goshawk. Variable (E): Accipiter novaehollandiae 

Goshawk, White (E): Accipiter novaehollandiae 

Goshawk, White-bellied (E): Accipiter haplochrous 

Goura spp.: (E) crowned-pigeons, gouras, (S) palomas crestadas, (F) 

gouras, pigeons couronnes II COLUMBIDAE Av 
Goura couronne(F): Goura cristata 
Goura cristata: (E) Blue Crowned-Pigeon, Common Crowned 

Pigeon, Great Goura, Western Crowned-Pigeon, (S) Gura 

occidental, Paloma crestada azul. (F) Goura couronne II 

Goura de Scheepmaker (F): Goura scheepmakeri 
Goura de Sclater (F): Goura scheepmakeri 
Goura de Victoria (F): Goura victoria 
Goura scheepmakeri. (E) Maroon-breasted Crowned-Pigeon, 

Masked Goura, Scheepmaker's Crowned-Pigeon, Southern 

Crowned-Pigeon, (S) Gura surefia, Paloma crestada de 

Scheepmaker, (F) Goura de Scheepmaker, Goura de Sclater II 

Goura victoria: (E) Victoria Crowned-Pigeon, Victoria Goura, (S) 

Gura Victoria, Paloma crestada victoria, (F) Goura de Victoria 

Goura, Great (E): Goura cristata 
Goura, Masked (E): Goura scheepmakeri 
Goura, Victoria (E): Goura victoria 
gouras (E/F): Goura spp. 
Gracula enganensis = Gracula religiosa 
Gracuia indica = Gracula religiosa 
Gracula religiosa : (E) Common Hill Myna, Hill Myna, (S) Mina de 

la India, Mina religioso. (F) Mainate religieux. Merle des Indes 

Gracula robusta = Gracula religiosa 
Grampus (F): Grampus griseus 
Grampus griseus: (E) Grey Dolphin, Risso's Dolphin, (S) Delfin de 

Risso, Fabo calderon, (F) Dauphin de Risso, Grampus II 

Gran autillo veliblanco (S): Otus leucotis 
Gran biiho etiopico (S): Bubo lacteus 
Gran civeta de la India (S): Viverra zibetha 
Gran Lemur ardilla (S): Cheirogaleus major 
Gran sifaka bianco (S): Propithecus verreauxi 
Grand bandicoot-lapin (F): Macrotis lagotis 
Grand cacatoes a huppe jaune (F): Cacatua galerita 
Grand cheirogale (F): Cheirogaleus major 
Grand corail etoile (F): Montastraea cavernosa 
Grand Dauphin (F): Tursiops truncatus 
Grand dauphin de l'ocean Indien (F): Tursiops aduncus 
Grand Eclectus (F): Eclectus roratus 
Grand esturgeon (F): Huso huso 
Grand fourmilier (F): Myrmecophaga tridactyla 
Grand galago (F): Otolemur crassicaudatus 
Grand hapalemur (F): Hapalemur simus 
Grand hippocampe (F): Hippocampus kuda 
Grand hocco (F): Crax rubra 
Grand hocco a bee rasoir (F): Mitu mini 
Grand lepilemur (F): Lepilemur mustelinus 
Grand pangolin (F): Manis gigantea 
Grand pangolin de I'lnde (F): Manis crassicaudala 
Grand paradisier (F): Paradisaea apoda 
Grand requin blanc (F): Carcharodon carcharias 

Grand scorpion du Senegal (F): Pandinus gambiensis 

Grand serpent rat ier de I'Indie (F): Ptyas mucosus 

Grand teju (F): Tupinambis teguixin 

grand tejus(F): Tupinambis spp. 

Grand-due a aigrettes (F): Bubo poensis 

Grand-due africain (F): Bubo africanus 

Grand-due ascalaphe (F): Bubo ascalaphus 

Grand-due bruyant (F): Bubo sumatranus 

Grand-due d Amerique ( F }: Bubo virginianus 

Grand-due de Blakiston (F): Ketupa blakistoni 

Grand-due de Coromandel (F): Bubo coromandus 

Grand-due de Shelley (F): Bubo shelleyi 

Grand-due de Verreaux (F): Bubo lacteus 

Grand-due des Philippines (F): Bubo philippensis 

Grand-due des Usambara (F): Bubo vosseleri 

Grand-due d'Europe (F): Bubo bubo 

Grand-due du Cap (F): Bubo capensis 

Grand-due du desert (F): Bubo ascalaphus 

Grand-due du Nepal (F): Bubo nipulensis 

Grand-due indien (F): Bubo bengalensis 

Grand-due tachete (F): Bubo leucostictus 

Grand urubu (F): Cathartes melambrotus 

Grande aigrette (F): Casmerodius albus 

Grande civette de I'lnde ( F): Viverra zibetha 

Grande meiampitte (F): Melampitta gigantea 

Grande Outarde (F): Otis tarda 

Grande outarde arabe ( F): Ardeotis arabs 

Grande toupai'e (F): Tupaia tana 

Grass-Owl, African (E): Tyto capensis 

Grass-Owl, Eastern (E): Tyto longimembris 

Grass- Parakeet, Blue-winged (E): Neophema chrysostoma 

Grass- Parakeet, Elegant (E): Neophema elegans 

Grass- Parakeet, Splendid (E): Neophema splendida 

Grass-Parakeet, Turquoise (E): Neophema pulchella 

Gray-Back, (E): Eschrichtius robustus 

Graydidascalus brachyurus: (E) Short -tailed Parrot, (S) Lorito 

colicorto. Loro colicorto, (F) Caique a queue courte II 

Grebe de 1 Atitlan (F): Podilymbus gigas 
Grebe du lac Atitlan (F): Podilymbus gigas 
Grebe geant (F): Podilymbus gigas 
Grebe, Atitlan (E): Podilymbus gigas 
Grebe, Giant (E): Podilymbus gigas 
Grebe, Giant Pied-billed (E): Podilymbus gigas 
Green-Pigeon, African (E): Treron calva 
Green-Pigeon, Bruce's (E): Treron waalia 
Green-Pigeon, Yellow-bellied (E): Treron waalia 
Greenshank, Nordmann's (E): Tringa guttifer 
Greenshank, Spotted (E): Tringa guttifer 
Grenedera (S): Penelope purpurascens 
Grenouille de Zetek (F): Atelopus zeteki 
Grenouille doree du Panama (F): Atelopus zeteki 
Grenouille du Bengale (F): Euphlyctis hexadactylus 
Grenouille hexadactyle (F): Euphlyctis hexadactylus 
Grenouille plate a incubation gastrique (F): Rheobatra chus silus 
Grenouille tigre (F): Hoplobatrachus tigerinus 
Grenouille tigree (F): Hoplobatrachus tigerinus 
Grenouille tomate (F): Dyscophus antongilii 
Grenouilles a incubation gastrique (F): Rheobatrachusspp. 
Griffon, Cape (E): Gyps coprotheres 
Griffon, Eurasian (E): Gypsfulvus 
Griffon, Himalayan (E): Gyps himalayensis 
Griffon, Long-billed (E): Gyps indicus 
Griffon, Ruppell's (E): Gyps rueppellii 
Grison (F): Galictis vittata 
Grison (S): Galictis vittata 
Grison d'Allemand (F): Galictis vittata 
Grison, Allamand's (E): Galictis vittata 
Grison Greater (E): Galictis vittata 
Grosbeak, White-fronted (E): Amblyospiza albifrons 
Gros-bec a front blanc (F): Amblyospiza albifrons 
Gros-bec ponceau a ventre noir (F): Pyrenestes ostrinus 
Gros-bec sanguin(F): Spermophaga haematina 
Grosse cateau verte de Maurice (F): Psittacula echo 
ground iguanas (E): Cyclura spp. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animates 

Grue a cou blanc (F): Gnis vipio 

Grue a cou noir (F): Grus nigricollis 

Grue antigone (F): Gnis antigone 

Grue antigone tropicale (F): Grus antigone 

Grue blanche (F): Gnis americana 

Grue blanche americaine (F): Gnis americana 

Grue blanche asiatique (F): Grus leiicogeranus 

Grue blanche d'Amerique (F): Grus americana 

Grue blanche d'Asie (F): Grits leucogeranus 

Grue blanche du Japon (F): Grus japonensis 

Gruebleue(F): Grus paradisea 

Grue brolga (F): Grus nibicunda 

Grue canadienne (F): Grus canadensis 

Grue canadienne de Cuba (F): Gnis canadensis nesiotes 

Grue canadienne du Mississippi (F): Grus canadensis pulla 

Grue caronculee (F): Grus carunculatus 

Grue cendree (F): Grus grus 

Grue couronnee (F): Balearica pavonina 

Grue couronnee de Cap (F): Balearica regulonim 

Grue couronnee de TAfrique del'ouest et du Soudan (F): Balearica 

Grue couronnee de TAfrique du sud et de I'est (F): Balearica 

Grue d'Australie (F): Gnis rubicunda 
Grue de Mandchourie (F): Gnis japonensis 
Grue de paradis (F): Grus paradisea 
Grue de Siberie (F): Grus leucogeranus 
Grue demoiselle (F): Grusvirgo 
Grue du Canada (F): Grus canadensis 
Grue du Japon (F): Grus japonensis 
Grue grise (F): Gnis canadensis 
Grue moine (F): Grusmonacha 
Grue royale (F): Balearica regulorum 
grues (F): GRUTDAE spp. 

GRUIDAE spp.: (E) cranes, (S) gniidos, grullas, (F) grues l/II Av 
gruidos (S): GRUIDAE spp. 
Grulla americana (S): Grus americana 
Grulla australiana (S): Gnis nibicunda 
Grulla azul (S): Gnis paradisea 
Grulla blanca asiatica (S): Grus leucogeranus 
Grulla bianco cuello (S): Gnis antigone 
Grulla brolga (S): Gnis nibicunda 
Grulla canadiense (S): Grus canadensis 
Grulla carunculada (S): Grus carunculatus 
Grulla cenicienta (S): Grus canadensis 
Grulla cenicienta de Cuba (S): Grus canadensis nesiotes 
Grulla cenicienta del Misisipi (S): Gnis canadensis pulla 
Grulla comun (S): Grus grus 
Grulla coronada (S): Balearica pavonina 
Grulla coronada cuelligris (S): Balearica regulorum 
Grulla coronada cuellinegra(S): Balearica pavonina 
Grulla coronada del Africa occidental (S): Balearica pavonina 
Grulla coronada sudafricana (S): Balearica regulorum 
Grulla cuelliblanca (S): Gnis vipio 
Grulla cuellinegra (S): Gnis nigricollis 
Grulla damisela (S): Grus virgo 
Grulla de Cuba (S): Grus canadensis 
Grulla de Manchuria (S): Gnis japonensis 
Grulla de paraiso (S): Grus paradisea 
Grulla gritona (S): Gnis americana 
Grulla manchii (S): Gnis japonensis 
Grulla monje (S): Grusmonacha 
Grulla monjita (S): Grusmonacha 
Grulla moruna (S): Gnis virgo 
Grulla sarus (S): Grus antigone 
Grulla siberiana (S): Grus leucogeranus 
Grulla siberiana blanca (S): Grus leucogeranus 
Grulla trompetera (S): Grus americana 
Grulla zarzo (S): Gnis carunculatus 
grullas (S): GRUIDAE spp. 
Grus americana : (E) Whooping Crane, (S) Grulla americana, Grulla 

gritona, Grulla trompetera, (F) Grue blanche, Grue blanche 

americaine, Grue blanche d'Amerique I GRUIDAE Av 

Grus antigone: (E) Sarus Crane, (S) Grulla bianco cuello. Grulla 

sarus, (F) Grue antigone, Grue antigone tropicale II GRUIDAE 

Grus canadensis: (E) Sandhill Crane. (S) Grulla canadiense, Grulla 

cenicienta. Grulla de Cuba, (F) Grue canadienne. Grue du 

Canada, Grue grise I/II GRUIDAE Av 
Grus canadensis nesiotes: (E) Cuban Sandhill Crane. (S) Grulla 

cenicienta de Cuba, (F) Grue canadienne de Cuba I GRUIDAE 

Grus canadensis pulla : (E) Mississippi Sandhill Crane, (S) Grulla 

cenicienta del Misisipi, (F) Grue canadienne du Mississippi I 

Grus carunculatus: (E) Wattled Crane, (S) Grulla carunculada, 

Grulla zarzo, (F) Grue caronculee II GRUIDAE Av 
Grus grus: (E) Common Crane, Crane, (S) Grulla comiin, (F) Grue 

cendree II GRUIDAE Av 
Grus japonensis (E) Japanese Crane, Manchurian Crane, Red- 
crowned Crane, (S) Grulla de Manchuria, Grulla manchu, (F) 

Grue blanche du Japon, Grue de Mandchourie, Grue du Japon I 

Grus leucogeranus: (E) Siberian Crane, Siberian White Crane, 

Snow Crane, (S) Grulla blanca asiatica, Grulla siberiana, Grulla 

siberiana blanca, (F) Grue blanche asiatique , Grue blanche 

dAsie, Grue de Siberie, Leucogeranne I GRUIDAE Av 
Grus monacha: (E) Hooded Crane, (S) Grulla monje, Grulla 

monjita, (F) Grue moine I GRUIDAE Av 
Grus nesiotes = Grus canadensis nesiotes 
Grus nigricollis: (E) Black-necked Crane, Tibetan Crane, (S) Grulla 

cuellinegra, (F) Grue a cou noir I GRUIDAE Av 
Grus paradisea : (E) Blue Crane, Stanley Crane, (S) Grulla azul, 

Grulla de paraiso, (F) Grue bleue, Grue de paradis II GRUIDAE 

Grus pratensis = Grus canadensis pratensis 
Grus rubicunda: (E) Brolga, (S) Grulla australiana, Grulla brolga, 

(F) Grue brolga, Grue d'Australie II GRUIDAE Av 
Grus vipio : (E) White-naped Crane, White-necked Crane, (S) Grulla 

cuelliblanca, (F) Grue a cou blanc I GRUIDAE Av 
Grus virgo: (E) Demoiselle Crane, (S) Grulla damisela, Grulla 

moruna, (F) Demoiselle de Numidie, Grue demoiselle II 

Guacamayito azul (S): Cyanopsitta spixii 
Guacamayo acollarado (S): Propyrrhura auricollis 
Guacamayo aliverde (S): Ara chloroptera 
Guacamayo amarillo (S): Ara glaucogularis 
Guacamayo ambiguo (S): Araambigua 
Guacamayo azul (S): Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus 
Guacamayo azul y amarillo (S): Ara ararauna 
Guacamayo azulamarillo (S): Ara ararauna 
Guacamayo bandera (S): Ara macao 
Guacamayo barbazul (S): Ara glaucogularis 
Guacamayo barriga roja (S): Orthopsittaca manilata 
Guacamayo cabeciazul (S): Propyrrhura couloni 
Guacamayo caninde (S): Ara glaucogularis 
Guacamayo cobalto (S): Anodorhynchus leari 
Guacamayo de Cochabamba (S): Ara nibrogenys 
Guacamayo de Illiger (S): Propyrrhura maracana 
Guacamayo de Lear (S): Anodorhynchus leari 
Guacamayo de Spix (S): Cyanopsitta spixii 
Guacamayo enano (S): Diopsittaca nobilis 
Guacamayo frentirroja (S): Ara nibrogenys 
Guacamayo glauco (S): Anodorhynchus glaucus 
Guacamayo Jacinto (S): Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus 
Guacamayo macao (S): Ara macao 
Guacamayo maracana ( S ): Propynhura maracana 
Guacamayo militar (S): Ara militaris 
Guacamayo noble (S): Diopsittaca nobilis 
Guacamayo rojo (S): Ara chloroptera 
Guacamayo severo (S): Ara severa 
Guacamayo ventrirrojo(S): Orthopsittaca manilata 
Guacamayo verde ( S): Ara militaris 
Guacamayo verde mayor (S): Ara ambigua 
Guacamayo violaceo (S): Anodorhynchus glaucus 
Guaiabero(E): Bolbopsittacus lunulatus 
Guajolote ocelado (S): Agriocharis ocellata 
Guan aliblanco (S): Penelope albipennis 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Guan comun de Trinidad (S): Pipile pipile 

Guan cornudo (S): Oreophasis derbiamis 

Guan de frente negra (S): Pipile jacminga 

Guan negro (S): Penelopina nigra 

Guan, Crested (E): Penelope purpurascens 

Guan, Derby's (E): Oreophasis derbiamis 

Guan, Highland (E): Penelopina nigra 

Guan. Homed (E): Oreophasis derbiamis 

Guan, Little (E): Penelopina nigra 

Guan, Purple (B): Penelope purpurascens 

Guan, Purplish {¥.): Penelope purpurascens 

Guan, Trinidad White-headed Piping (E): Pipile pipile 

Guan, White- winged (E): Penelope albipennis 

Guanaco (E): Lama guanicoe 

Guaraguao (S): Buteo jamaicensis 

Guarahuau cordillerano (S): Phalcoboenus albogularis 

Guariba peludo (S): Alouarta palliata 

Guarouba(F): Guarouba guarouba 

Guarouba guarouba : (E) Golden Conure, Golden Parakeet, Queen 

of Bavaria's Conure, (S) Aratinga guaruba, Cacatua dorada, 

Cotorra amarilla, (F) Conure de la Reine de Baviere, Conure 

doree, Guarouba, Perruche doree I PS1TTACIDAE Av 
Gubarte (S): Megaptera novaeangliae 
Gubernatrix cristata : (E) Yellow Cardinal, (S) Cardenal amarillo, 

(F) Cardinal vert, Commandeur huppe II EMBERIZIDAE Av 
Guemal (S): Hippocamelus antisensis 
Guemal peruvien (F): Hippocamelus antisensis 
Guemal, Chilean (E): Hippocamelus bisulcus 
Guemal, Peruvian (E): Hippocamelus antisensis 
Guemaux (F): Hippocamelus spp. 
Guenon couronnee (F): Cercopithecus pogonias 
Guenon, Campbell's (E): Cercopithecus campbelli 
Guenon, Crowned (E): Cercopithecus pogonias 
Guenon, Diana (E): Cercopithecus diana 
Guenon, Dryas (E): Cercopithecus dryas 
Guenon, Golden-bellied (E): Cercopithecus pogonias 
Guenon, Lesser Spot -nosed (E): Cercopithecus pelaurista 
Guenon, Lesser White-nosed (E): Cercopithecus petaurista 
Guenon, Owl -faced (E): Cercopithecus hamlyni 
Guenon, Preuss's (E): Cercopithecus preussi 
Guenon, Red-bellied (E): Cercopithecus erythrogaster 
Guenon, Red-eared (E): Cercopithecus erythrotis 
Guenon, Russet-eared (E): Cercopithecus erythrotis 
Guenon, Schmidt's (E): Cercopithecus ascanius 
Guenon, Sclater's (E): Cercopithecus sclateri 
Guenon, Spot-nosed (E): Cercopithecus nictitans 
Guenon, Sun-tailed (E): Cercopithecus solatus 
Guenon, White-nosed (E): Cercopithecus nictitans 
Guenon, White-throated (E): Cercopithecus 

erythrogasterlCercopithecus sclateri 
Guepard (F): Acinonyx jubatus 
Guepardo (S): Acinonyx jubatus 
Guereza (E): Colobus guereza 
Guib d'eau (F): Tragelaphus spekii 
Guigna (F): Oncifelis guigna 
Guina(S): Oncifelis guigna 
Guincho (S): Pandion haliaetus 
Guineafowl, White-breasted (E): Agelastes meleagrides 
Guiriri (S): Dendrocygna autumnalis 
Gull, Relict (E): Lams relictus 
Gura occidental (S): Goura cristata 
Gura surena (S): Goura scheepmakeri 
Gura Victoria (S): Goura victoria 
Guynia annulata : II 8 GUYNIIDAE An 
Gymnogene (E): Polyboroides typus 
Gymnogene d'Afrique (F): Polyboroides typus 
Gymnogene de Madagascar (F): Polyboroides radiatus 
Gymnogene, African (E): Polyboroides typus 
Gymnogene, Madagascar (E): Polyboroides radiatus 
Gymnoglaux lawrencii = Otus iawrencii 
Gymnogyps californianus: (E) California Condor, (S) Condor 

californiano, Condor de California, (F) Condor de Californie I 

Gymnopus 1 meatus- Chitra indica 
Gymnoris dentata = Petronia dentata 

Gymnoscops insularis = Otus rutilus 

Gypaete barbu (F): Gypaetus barbatus 

Gypaetus barbatus: (E) Bearded Vulture, Lammergeier, (S) 
Quebrantahuesos, (F) Gypaete barbu II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 

Gypohierax angolensis. (E) Palm -nut Vulture, Vulturine Fish-Eagle, 
(S) Buitre palmero, (F) Palmiste africain II ACC1PITRIDAE Av 

Gypopsitta barrabandi = Pionopsitta barrabandi 

Gypopsitta caica = Pionopsitta caica 

Gypopsitta haematotis = Pionopsitta haemalotis 

Gypopsitta pulchra = Pionopsitta pulchra 

Gypopsitta pyrilia = Pionopsitta pyrilia 

Gypopsitta vulturina = Pionopsitta vulturina 

Gyps africain (F): Gyps bengalensis 

Gyps africanus. (E) African White-backed Vulture, White-backed 
Vulture, (S) Buitre dorsiblanco africano, (F) Vautour africain II 

Gyps bengalensis: (E) Asian White-backed Vulture, Oriental White- 
backed Vulture, White-backed Vulture, White-rumped Vulture, 
(S) Buitre dorsiblanco bengali, Buitre leonado bengales, (F) 
Gyps africain, Vautour chaugoun II ACC1PITR1DAE Av 

Gyps coprotheres: (E) Cape Griffon, Cape Vulture. (S) Buitre el 
cabo, (F) Vautour chassefiente II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 

Gyps fulvus: (E) Eurasian Griffon, Eurasian Griffon Vulture, Griffon 
Vulture, (S) Buitre comun, Buitre Leonado. Buitre leonado 
comun, (F) Vautour fauve II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 

Gyps fulvus coprotheres = Gyps coprotheres 

Gyps himalayensis. (E) Himalayan Griffon, Himalayan Griffon 
Vulture. (S) Buitre del Himalava, (F| Vautour de I'Himalaya II 

Gyps indicus: (E) Long-billed Griffon, Long-billed Vulture, (S) 
Buitre picofmo, (F) Vautour indien II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 

Gyps rueppellii. (E) Ruppell's Griffon, Ruppell's Griffon Vulture, 
Ruppell's Vulture, (S) Buitre moteado, (F) Vautour de Riippell 

Gyps tenuirostris = Gyps indicus 

Gyrfalcon(E): Falco rusticolus 

Gyrinus mexicanus = Ambvstoma mexicanum 

Gvroporaafricana: if STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Gyrosmilia interrupta : if CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 

Hada coronimorada (S): Heliothryx barroti 

Hada gorrimorada (S): Helioth ryx barroti 

Hada orejinegro (S): Heliothryx aurita 

Hagedashia hagedash = Bostrychia hagedash 

Halcon abejero (S): Pernis apivorus 

Halcon aleto (S): Falco femoralis 

Halcon aplomado (S): Falco femoralis 

Halcon azulado (S): Falco femoralis 

Halc6n berigora (S): Falco berigora 

Halcon blancuzco (S): Falco peregrinus 

Halcon borni (S): Falco biarmicus 

Halcon comun (S): Falco peregrinus 

Halcon cuellirrufo (S): Micrastur ruficollis 

Halcon de Berberia (S): Falco pelegrinoides 

Halcon de cabeza roja (S): Fato chicquera 

Halcon de Cuvier (S): Falco cuvierii 

Halcon de Eleonor (S): Falco eleonorae 

Halcon de Eleonora (S): Falco eleonorae 

Halcon de las praderas (S): Falco mexicanus 

Halcon de lomo pizarreho (S): Micrastur mirandollei 

Halcon de Nueva Zelandia ( S ): Falco novaeseelandiae 

Halcon enano de la India (S): Microhierax caerulescens 

Halcon gerifalte (S): Falco rusticolus 

Halcon golondrina (S): Falco rufigularis 

Halcon gris (S): Falco hypoleucos 

Halc6n gris de Australia (S): Falco hypoleucos 

Halcon guaco (S): Herpetotheres cachinnans 

Halcon guaicuni (S): Herpetotheres cachinnans 

Halc6n macagua (S): Herpetotheres cachinnans 

Halcon maori (S): Falco novaeseelandiae 

Halcon mejicano (S): Falco mexicanus 

Halcon migratorio (S): Falco columbarius 

Halcon murcielaguero (S): Falco rufigularis 

Halcon negro (S): Falco subniger 

Halcon negro de Australia (S): Falco subniger 

Halcon palomero (S): Falco columbarius/ Micrastur ruficollis 

See p. 13 / Veasep. 29 / Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Halcon palomero del sur (S): Micrastur gilvicollis 

Halcon pardo (S): Falco concolor 

Halcon pechianaranjado (S): Falco deiroleucus 

Halcon pechirrojo (S): Falco deiroleucus 

Halcon pechirnrfo (S): Falco deiroleucus 

Halcon perdiguero (S): Falco femoralis 

Halcon peregrino (S): Falco peregrinus 

Halcon peregrino de Babilonia (S): Falco pelegrinoides 

Halcon pizarroso (S): Falco concolor 

Halcon plomizo (S): Falco deiroleucus 

Halcon plomizo menor (S): Falco rufigidaris 

Halcon pradeno (S): Falco mexicanus 

Halcon primito (S): Falco sparverius 

Halcon real (S): Falco peregrinus 

Halcon reidor (S): Herperolheres cachinnans 

Halcon sacre (S): Falco cherrug 

Halcon semiacollarado (S): Micrastur semitorquatus 

Halcon taita (S): Falco fasciinucha 

Halcon viajero (S): Falco peregrinus 

Halcon yaggar (S): Falco jugger 

Halconcito (S): Falco sparverius 

Halconcito africano (S): Polihierax semitorquatus 

Halconcito argentino (S): Spiziapteryx circumcinctus 

Halconcito asiatico (S): Polihierax insignis 

Halconcito australiano (S): Falco longipennis 

Halconcito colilargo de Asia (S): Polihierax insignis 

Halconcito comun (S): Falco sparverius 

Halconcito de Borneo (S): Microhierax latifrons 

Halconcito de las Filipinas (S): Microhierax erythrogenys 

Halconcito gris (S): Spiziapteryx circumcinctus 

Halconcito gris americano (S): Spiziapteryx circumcinctus 

Halconcito malayo (S): Microhierax fringillarius 

Halcon-montes agavilanado (S): Micrastur ruflcollis 

Halcon-montes cahecigris (S): Micrastur gilvicollis 

Halcon-montes collarejo (S): Micrastur semitorquatus 

Halcon-montes de Buckley (S): Micrastur buckle)'! 

Halcon-montes dorsigris (S): Micrastur mirandollei 

Halcon-montes plomizo (S): Micrastur plumbeus 

Halcon-selvatico collarejo (S): Micrastur semitorquatus 

Halcrosia afzelii = Osleolaemus tetraspis 

Halcrosia nigra = Osleolaemus tetraspis 

Haliaeetus albicilla: (E) Grey Sea Eagle, White-tailed Eagle, (S) 

Pigargo, Pigargo coliblanco, Pigargo comun, Pigargo Europeo, 

(F) Pygargue a queue blanche, Pygargue commun I 

Haliaeetus leucocephalus (E) Bald Eagle, White-headed Eagle. (S) 

Aguila cabeciblanca. Aguila cabeza blanca, Pigargo americano, 

Pigargo cabeciblanco, Pigargo cabeciblanco meridional, (F) 

Aigle a tete blanche, Pvgargue a tete blanche II 

Haliaeetus leucogaster: (E) White-bellied Fish -Eagle, White-bellied 

Sea-Eagle, (S) Pigargo de vientre bianco, Pigargo oriental, (F) 

Pygargue a ventre blanc, Pygargue blagre II ACCIPITRIDAE 

Haliaeetus leucoryphus: (E) Band-tailed Fish- Eagle, Pallas's Fish- 
Eagle, Pallas's Sea-Eagle, (S) Pigargo de Pallas, (F) Pvgargue de 

Haliaeetus lineal us - Milvus lineatus 
Haliaeetus pelagicus: (E) Steller's Sea-Eagle, (S) Pigargo de Steller, 

Pigargo gigante, (F) Pygargue de Steller, Pygargue empereur II 

Haliaeetus sanfordi. (E) Sanford's Fish-Eagle, Sanford's Sea- Eagle, 

Solomon Fish-Eagle, Solomon Sea-Eagle, (S) Pigargo de las 

Salomon, Pigargo de Sanford, (F) Pygargue de Sanford II 

Haliaeetus vocifer: (E) African Fish-Eagle, River Eagle. (S) Pigargo 

vocinglero, (F) Aigle pecheurafricain, Pygargue vocifer II 

Haliaeetus vociferoides: ( E) Madagascar Fish -Eagle. (S) Pigargo de 

Madagascar, Pigargo malgache, (F) Pygargue de Madagascar II 

Haliastur indus (E) Brahminy Kite, Red-backed Kite, Red-backed 

Sea Eagle. White-headed Sea Eagle, (S) Milano brahman, (E) 


Haliastur sphenurus: (E) Whistling Eagle, Whistling Hawk, 

Whistling Kite, (S) Milano silbador, (F) Milan siffleur II 

Haliglossa echinata = Ctenactis eclmala 
Haliglossa foliosa = Herpolitha Umax 
Haliglossa interrupta = Herpolitha Umax 
Haliglossa limacina = Halomitra pileus 
Haliglossa stellaris = Herpolitha Umax 
Halomitra clavator. II' 8 FUNGIIDAE An 
Halomitra clypeus = Halomitra pileus 
Halomitra concentrica = Halomitra pileus 
Halomitra irregularis = Sandalolitha robusta 
Halomitra lomvinae = Halomitra pileus 
Halomitra meierae. II 8 FUNGIIDAE An 
Halomitra philippinensis = Halomitra pileus 
Halomitra pileus. (E) Bowl Coral, Dome Coral, Helmet Coral, 

Neptune's Cap Coral II 8 FUNGIIDAE An 
Halomitra robusta = Sandalolitha robusta 
Halomitra tiara = Halomitra pileus 
Haloseris crispa = Leptoseris papyracea 
Halsvdrus pontoppidani - Cetorhinus maximus 
Hamadryad (E): Ophiophagus hannah 
Hamadryade (F): Ophiophagus hannah 
Hamadryas (F): Ophiophagus hannah 

Hamirostra melanosternon. (E) Black-breasted Buzzard, Black- 
breasted Buzzard- Kite. Black-breasted Kite. (S) Milano 

pechinegro, (F) Milan a plastron II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Hanging-Parrot. Black-billed (E): Loriculus stigmatus 
Hanging-Parrot. Blue-crowned (E): Loriculus galgulus 
Hanging-Parrot, Blue-topped (E): Loriculus galgulus 
Hanging-Parrot. Ceylon (E): Loriculus beryllinus 
Hanging-Parrot, Flores (E): Loriculus flosculus 
Hanging-Parrot, Green (E): Loriculus exilis 
Hanging-Parrot, Green-fronted (E): Loricidus tener 
Hanging-Parrot. Maroon-rumped (E): Loriculus stigmatus 
Hanging-Parrot. Moluccan (E): Loriculus amabilis 
Hanging-Parrot, Orange -fronted (E): Loriculus aurantiifrons 
Hanging-Parrot, Papuan (E): Loriculus aurantiifrons 
Hanging-Parrot, Philippine (E|: Loriculus philippensis 
Hanging-Parrot, Pygmy (E): Loricidus exilis 
Hanging-Parrot, Red-billed (E): Loriculus exilis 
Hanging-Parrot, Sangihe (E): Loriculus catamene 
Hanging-Parrot, Sri Lanka (E): Loriculus beryllinus 
Hanging-Parrot, Sula (E): Loriculus sclateri 
Hanging-Parrot, Sulawesi (E): Loriculus stigmatus 
Hanging-Parrot, Vernal (E): Loriculus vernalis 
Hanging-Parrot. Wallace's (E): Loriculus flosculus 
Hanging-Parrot, Yellow-throated (E): Loriculus pusillus 
Hangul (E): Cervus elaphushanglu 
Hapalemur alaotrensis = Hapalemur griseus 
Hapalemur aureus: (E) Golden Bamboo Lemur, Golden Lemur, (S) 

Lemur cariancho, (F) Hapalemur dore I LEMURIDAE Ma 
Hapalemur dore (F): Hapalemur aureus 
Hapalemur gris (F): Hapalemur griseus 
Hapalemur griseus: (E) Grey Gentle Lemur. (S) Lemur cariancho, 

(F) Hapalemur gris. Petit hapalemur I LEMURIDAE Ma 
Hapalemur occidentalis = Hapalemur griseus 
Hapalemur simien (F): Hapalemur simus 
Hapalemur simus: (E) Broad-nosed Gentle Lemur, Greater Bamboo 

Lemur, (S) Lemur cariancho, (F) Grand hapalemur, Hapalemur 

simien I LEMURIDAE Ma 
Hapalopsittaca amazonina : (E) Rusty- faced Parrot, (S) Lorito 

amazonino, Perico multicolor, (F) Caique a face rouge II 

Hapabpsittaca amazonina fuertesi = Hapalopsittaca fuertesi 
Hapalopsittaca amazonina pyrrhops = Hapalopsittaca pyirhops 
Hapalopsittaca fuertesi: (E) Fuertes's Parrot, Indigo- winged Parrot. 

(S) Lorito de Fuertes, (F) Caique de Fuertes II PSITTACIDAE 

Hapalopsittaca melanotis: (E) Black-eared Parrot Black-winged 

Parrot, (S) Lorito alinegro, (F) Caique a ailes noires II 

Hapalopsittaca pyrrhops. (E) Red-faced Parrot, (S) Lorito 

ecuatoriano, (F) Caique de Salvin II PSITTACIDAE Av 

Seep. 13 1 Veasep. 29 1 Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Haptophaedia assimilis: (E) Buft'-thighed Puffleg II 

Haplophaedia aureliae: (E) Greenish Puffleg, (S) Calzadito verdoso 

norteno, Zamarrito verdoso, (F) Erione d'Aurelie II 

Haplophaedia aureliae assimilis = Haplophaedia assimilis 
Haplophaedia lugens: (E) Hoary Puffleg, (S) Calzadito canoso, 

Zamarrito canoso, (T) Erione givree II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Haplophyllia paradoxa = Gardineria paradoxa 
Hardella baileyi = Orlitia borneensis 
Hard-Head, (E): Eschrichtius robustiis 
Hare. Hispid (E): Caprolagus hispidus 
Hare- wallaby. Banded (E): Lagostrophus fasciatus 
Hare- wallaby. Rufous (E): Lagorchestes hirsutus 
Hare- wallaby, Western (E): Lagorchestes hirsutus 
Harfang des neiges (F): Nyctea scandiaca 
Harpagus bidentatus. (E) Double-toothed Kite, (S) Elanio 

bidentado. Gavilan bidente, Milano bidentado, (F) Milan bidente 

Harpagus circumcinctus = Spiziapteryx circumcinctus 
Harpagus diodoir. (E) Rut'ous-thighed Kite, (S) Elanio muslirrufo, 

Milano dentado, Milano muslirrufo, (F) Milan diodon II 

Harpia (S): Harpia harpyja 
Harpia harpyja : (E) American Harpy Eagle, Harpy Eagle, (S) 

Aguila arpia, Aguila harpia, Arpia, Arpia mayor, Harpia. (F) 

Aigle harpie, Harpie, Harpie feroce I ACCIP1TRIDAE Av 
Harpie (F): Harpia harpyja 
Harpie feroce (F): Harpia harpyja 
Harpie huppee (F): Morphnus gaianensis 
Harpyhaliaetus coronatus: (E) Crowned Eagle, Crowned Solitary 

Eagle, (S) Aguila coronada, Aguila de Azara, (F) Buse 

couronnee II ACCIPITR1DAE Av 
Harpyhaliaetus solitarius: (E) Black Solitary Eagle, Solitary Eagle, 

(S) Aguila solitaria, (F) Buse solitaire n ACCIPITRIDAEAv 
Harpyia coronata = Harpyhaliaetus coronatus 
Harpyopsis novaeguineae. (E) New Guinea Eagle, New Guinea 

Harpy Eagle, (S) Arpia papua, (F) Aigle de Nouvelle-Guinee II 

Harrier, Australasian (E): Circus approximans 
Harrier, Black (E): Circus mounts 
Harrier. Cinereous (E): Circus cinereus 
Harrier, Hen (E): Circus cyaneus 
Harrier, Long-winged fE): Circus buffoni 
Harrier, Madagascar (E): Circus maillardi 
Harrier. Marsh (E): Circus aeruginosus 
Harrier. Montagu's (E): Circus pygargus 
Harrier, Northern (E): Circus cyaneus 
Harrier, Pale(E): Circus macrourus 
Harrier, Pallid (E): Circus macrourus 
Harrier, Papuan (E): Circus spilonotus 
Harrier, Pied (E): Circus melanoleucos 
Harrier, Reunion (E): Circus maillardi 
Harrier, Spotted (E): Circus assimilis 
Harrier, Spotted-backed (E): Circus spilonotus 
Harrier, Swamp (E): Circus approximans 
Harrier- Eagle, Black-breasted (E): Circaetus pectoralis 
Harrier- Eagle, Brown (E): Circaetus cinereus 
Harrier- Hawk, African (E): Polyboroides typus 
Harrier- Hawk, Madagascar (E): Polyboroides radiatus 
Hat, Chinaman's (E): Zoopilus echinatus 
Hatteria de Gtinther (F): Sphenodon guntheri 
Hatteria ponctue (F): Sphenodon punctatus 
Hatteria punctata = Sphenodon punctatus 
Hatterias (F): Sphenodon spp. 
Hausse-col a queue rubanee (F): Astrapia stephaniae 
Hausse-col de Rothschild (F): Astrapia rothschildi 
Hausse-col dore (F): Astrapia nigra 
Hausse-col splendide (F): Astrapia splendidissima 
Haut-de-chausses a palettes (F): Ocreatus undenvoodii 
Hawk, African Long-tailed (E): Urotriorchis macrourus 
Hawk, Barred (E): Leucopternis princeps 
Hawk, Bat (E): Macheiramphus alcinus 
Hawk, Bay-winged (E): Parabuteo unicinctus 
Hawk, Bicolo red (E): Accipiter bicolor 

Hawk, Black-chested ( E): Leucopternis princeps 

Hawk, Black-collared (E): Busarellus nigricollis 

Hawk, Black- faced (E): Leucopternis melanops 

Hawk, Black-mantled (E): Accipiter melanochlamys 

Hawk, Broad- winged (E): Buteo platyptents 

Hawk, Chestnut-shouldered (E): Erythrotriorchis buergersi 

Hawk, Collared Fishing (E): Busarellus nigricollis 

Hawk, Cooper's (E): Accipiter cooperii 

Hawk. Crane (E): Geranospiza caentlescens 

Hawk, Cuban Black (E): Buteogallus anthracinus 

Hawk, Duck (E): Falco peregrinus 

Hawk, Ferruginous (E): Buteo regalis 

Hawk, Galapagos (E): Buteo galapagoensis 

Hawk, Grey (E): Asturina plagiata 

Hawk, Grey Frog (E): Accipiter soloensis 

Hawk, Grey-backed (E): Leucopternis occidentalis 

Hawk, Grey-bellied (E): Accipiter poliogaster 

Hawk, Grey-lined (E): Asturina nitida 

Hawk, Gundlach's (E): Accipiter gundlachi 

Hawk, Gumey's (E): Buteo poecilochrous 

Hawk, Harris's (E): Parabuteo unicinctus 

Hawk, Hawaiian (E): Buteo solitarius 

Hawk, Hispaniolan (E): Buteo ridgwayi 

Hawk, Long-tailed (E): Urotriorchis macrourus 

Hawk, Mantled (E): Leucopternis polionota 

Hawk, Marsh (E): Circus cyaneus 

Hawk, Masked (E): Leucopternis melanops 

Hawk, Meyer's (E): Accipiter meyerianus 

Hawk, Pacific Black (E): Buteogallus subtilis 

Hawk, Pigeon (E): Falco columbarius 

Haw k, Plain-breasted (E): Accipiter ventralis 

Hawk, Plumbeous (E): Leucopternis plumbea 

Hawk, Puna (E): Buteo poecilochrous 

Hawk, Red-backed (E): Buteo polyosoma 

Hawk, Red-chested (E): Accipiter toussenelii 

Hawk, Red-shouldered (E): Buteo lineatus 

Hawk, Red-tailed (E): Buteo jamaicensisl Buteo ventralis 

Hawk. Red-thighed (E): Accipiter erythronemius 

Hawk, Ridgway's (E): Buteo ridgwayi 

Hawk, Roadside (E): Buteo magnirostris 

Hawk, Rough-legged (E): Buteo lagopus 

Hawk, Rufous-tailed (E): Buteo ventralis 

Hawk, Rufous-thighed (E): Accipiter erythronemius/ Buteo 

Hawk, Savanna (E): Buteogallus meridionalis 
Hawk, Semi-collared (E): Accipiter collaris 
Hawk, Semiplumbeous (E): Leucopternis semiplumbea 
Hawk, Sharp-shinned (E): Accipiter striatus 
Hawk, Short -tailed (E): Buteo brachyurus 
Hawk, Slate-colored (E): Leucopternis schistacea 
Hawk, Swainson's (E): Buteo swainsoni 
Hawk, Tiny (E): Accipiter superciliosus 
Hawk, Variable (E): Buteo poecilochtous 
Hawk, Whistling (E): Haliastur sphenurus 
Hawk, White (E): Leucopternis albicollis 
Hawk, White-breasted (E): Accipiter chionogaster 
Hawk, White-browed (E): Leucopternis kuhli 
Hawk, White-necked (E): Leucopternis lacernulata 
Hawk, White-rumped (E): Buteo leucorrhous 
Hawk, White-tailed (E): Buteo albicaudatus 
Hawk, White-throated (E): Buteo albigula 
Hawk, Zone-tailed (E): Buteo albonotatus 
Hawk-Eagle, African (E): Hieraaetus spilogaster 
Hawk-Eagle, Ayres's (E): Hieraaetus ayresii 
Hawk-Eagle, Black (E): Spizaetus tyrannus 
Hawk-Eagle, Black-and-white (E): Spizastur melanoleucus 
Hawk-Eagle, Blyth's (E): Spizaetus alboniger 
Hawk-Eagle, Cassin's (E): Spizaetus africanus 
Hawk-Eagle, Changeable (E): Spizaetus cirrhatus 
Hawk-Eagle, Chestnut-bellied(E): Hieraaetus kienerii 
Hawk-Eagle, Crested (E): Spizaetus cirrhatus 
Hawk-Eagle, Crowned (E): Stephanoaetus coronatus 
Hawk-Eagle, Feather-toed (E): Spizaetus nipalensis 
Hawk-Eagle, Hodgson's (E): Spizaetus nipalensis 
Hawk-Eagle, lavan (E): Spizaetus bartelsi 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Hawk-Eagle, Mountain (E): Spizaelus nipalensis 

Hawk-Eagle, Ornate (E): Spizaelus ornatus 

Hawk-Eagle, Philippine (E): Spizaelus philippensis 

Hawk-Eagle, Sulawesi (E): Spizaetus lanceolalus 

Hawk-Eagle. Sunda (E): Spizaetus cirrhatus 

Hawk-Eagle. Tyrant (E): Spizaelus tyrarmus 

Hawk-Eagle, Wallace's (E): Spizaetus nanus 

Hawk-Owl, Admiralty (E): Ninox meeki 

Hawk-Owl, Admiralty Islands (E): Ninoxmeeki 

Hawk-Owl, Andaman (E): Ninox affinis 

Hawk-Owl, Bismarck (E): Ninox variegata 

Hawk-Owl, Brown (E): Ninox scutulata 

Hawk-Owl, Chestnut (E): Ninox theomacha 

Hawk-Owl, Christmas (E): Ninox squamipila natalis 

Hawk-Owl, Christmas Island (E): Ninox squamipila natalis 

Hawk-Owl, Cinnabar (E): Ninox ios 

Hawk-Owl, Jungle (E): Ninox theomacha 

Hawk-Owl, Little Sumba (E): Ninox sumbaensis 

Hawk-Owl, Madagascar (E): Ninox superciliaris 

Hawk-Owl, Manus (E): Ninox meeki 

Hawk-Owl. Moluccan (E): Ninox squamipila 

Hawk-Owl, New Britain (E): Ninox odiosa 

Hawk-Owl, New Ireland (E): Ninox variegata 

Hawk-Owl, Ochre-bellied (E): Ninox ochracea 

Hawk -owl. Papuan (E): Uroglaux dimorpha 

Hawk-Owl, Philippine (E): Ninox philippensis 

Hawk-Owl, Russet (E): Ninox odiosa 

Hawk-Owl, Solomon (E): Ninox jacquinoti 

Hawk-Owl, Sooty-backed (E): Ninox theomacha 

Hawk-Owl, Speckled (E): Ninox punctulata 

Helarctos malayanus: (E) Malayan Sun Bear, Sun Bear, (S) Oso de 

los cocoteros, Oso de sol, Oso malayo, (F) Ours des cocotiers. 

Ours malais I URSIDAE Ma 
Heleionomus variegatus = Python sebae 
Heliactin bilopha:(E) Homed Sungem, (S) Colibri cornudito, (F) 

Colibri aux huppes d'or II TROCHTLIDAE Av 
Heliactin cornuta = Heliactin bilopha 
Heliange a gorge amethyste (F): Heliangelus amethysticollis 
Heliange a queue bleue (F): Heliangelus strophianus 
Heliange clarisse (F): Heliangelus amethysticollis 
Heliange mars (F): Heliangelus mayors 
Heliange menu (F): Heliangelus micraster 
Heliange royale (F): Heliangelus regalis 
Heliange tourmaline (F): Heliangelus exortis 
Heliange violette (F): Heliangelus viola 
Heliangelus amethysticollis: (E) Amethyst -throated Sunangel, (S) 

Angel de sol amatista, Colibri gorgiamatista, Solangel 

gorjiamatista, (F) Heliange a gorge amethyste, Heliange clarisse 

Heliangelus clarisse: (E) Longuemare's Sunangel II 

Heliangelus exortis: (E) Tourmaline Sunangel, (S) Colibri 

turmalina, Solangel turmalino, (F) Heliange tourmaline II 

Heliangelus mavors: (E) Orange -throated Sunangel, (S) Angel de 

sol cuelliocre, Colibri de Marie, (F) Heliange mars II 

Heliangelus micraster: (E) Little Sunangel, (S) Colibri lacero, (F) 

Heliange menu II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Heliangelus regalis: (E) Roval Sunangel. (S) Colibri real, (P) 

Heliange royale II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Heliangelus spencei = Heliangelus clarisse 
Heliangelus stropltianus: (E) Gorgeted Sunangel, (S) Colibri 

pectoral, Solangel de gorguera, (F) Heliange a queue bleue II 

Heliangelus viola : (E) Purple-throated Sunangel, (S) Colibri violeta, 

Solangel gorjipurpura, (F) Heliange violette II TROCHILIDAE 

Helianthea eos = Coeligena eos 
Helianthea iris = Coeligena iris 
Heliastrea aperta = Favia leptophylla 
Heliastrea forskaelana = Echinopora gemmacea 
Heliastrea heliopora -Diploastrea heliopora 
Heliastrea solidior = Montastraea curta 
Helicolestes hamatus = Roslrhamus hamatus 

Heliodilus soumagnei = Tyto soumagnei 

Heliodoxa aurescens: (E| Gould's Jewelfront, (S) Brillante 

pechicastano, Colibri cuellicastano, Frentijoya, (F) Brillant a 

bandeau bleu II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Heliodoxa branickii: (E) Rufous- webbed Brilliant, (S) Brillante 

alicanela, (F) Brillant de Branicki II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Heliodoxa frentiazul (S): Heliodoxa leadbeateri 
Heliodoxa gularis: (E) Pink-throated Brilliant, (S) Brillante 

gorgirrosado, (F) Brillant a gorge rose II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Heliodoxa imperatr'tx: (E) Empress Brilliant, (S) Brillante 

emperador, (F) Brillant imperatrice II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Heliodoxa jacula: (E) Green-crowned Brilliant. (S) Brillante 

coroniverde, (F) Brillant fer-de-lance II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Heliodoxa leadbeateri: (E) Violet -fronted Brilliant, (S) Brillante 

frentivioleta. Heliodoxa frentiazul, (F) Brillant a front violet II 

Heliodoxa rttbinoides: (E) Fawn- breasted Brilliant, (S) Brillante 

pechianteado, Brillante pechigamuza, (F) Brillant rubinoi'de II 

Heliodoxa schreibersii: (E) Black -throated Brilliant, (S) Brillante 

gorjinegro, Brillante ventinegro, (F) Brillant a gorge noire II 

Heliodoxa xanthogonys: (E) Velvet -browed Brilliant, Velvet- 
crowned Brilliant, (S) Brillante de Tepui, Colibri frentiverde, 

(F) Brillant a couronne verte D TROCHILIDAE Av 
Heliofungia actiniformis: ( E) Disk Coral, Mushroom Coral, 

Sunflower Coral II s FUNGIIDAE An 
Heliomaster constantii (E) Plain-capped Starthroat, (S) Colibri 

pochotero. Picolargo coronioscuro, ( F) Colibri de Constant II 

Heliomaster furcifer (E) Blue-tufted Starthroat. (S) Colibri de 

Barbijo, Picaflor de Barbijo, (F) Colibri d'Angele II 

Heliomaster longirostris: ( E) Long-billed Starthroat, (S) Colibri 

estrella picolargo, Colibri piquilargo, Heliomaster piquilargo, 

Picolargo coroniazul, (F) Colibri corinne II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Heliomaster piquilargo (S): Heliomaster longirostris 
Heliomaster squamosus: (E) Stripe- breasted Starthroat, (S) Colibri 

escamoso, Picaflor escamacb, (F) Colibri mediastin II 

Heliopathes americana: II CLADOPATHIDAE An 
Heliopathes heterorhodzos. II CLADOPATHIDAE An 
Heliopora carinata = Lepidopora carinata 
Heliopora coerulea: (E) Blue Coral II 8 HELIOPORIDAE An 
Heliopora compressa = Heliopora coerulea 
Heliopora tubulata = Pliobothrus tubulatus 
HELIOPORIDAE spp.: (E) Blue Coral D 8 An 
Helioseris cucullata : (E) Sunray Lettuce Coral, (F) Corail laitue II 8 

Heliothryxaurita: (E) Black-eared Fairy, (S) Colibri hada orejazul, 

Colibri hada oriental, Hada orejinegro, (F) Colibri oreillard II 

Heliothryx barroti: (E) Purple-crowned Fairy, (S) Colibri hada 

occidental. Hada coronimorada, Hada gorrimorada, (F) Colibri 

Heliotrypha viola = Heliangelus viola 
Helmetcrest, Bearded (E): Oxypogon guerinii 
Heloderma spp.: (E) Poisonous lizards, (S) Helodermas, (F) 

Helodermes, Lezards perles, Lezards venimeux C 

Heloderma horridum : (E) beaded Lizard, (S) escorpion, lagarto de 

Cuentas, (F) heloderme granuleux, heloderme horrible II 

Heloderma suspectum : (E) Gila Monster, (S) Monstruo de Gila, (F) 

Lezard perle, Monstre de Gila II HELODERMATIDAE Re 
helodermas (S): Helodermaspp. 
Heloderme granuleux (F): Heloderma horridum 
Heloderme horrible (F): Heloderma horridum 
helodermes (F): Helodermaspp. 
Helops stellatus = Acipenser stellatus 
Hemigale de Derby (F): Hemigalus derbyanus 
Hemigalus derbyanus (E) Banded Musang, Banded Palm Civet, 

Hardwick's Civet, (S) Cibeta palmrayada, Civeta de Derby, (F) 

Civette palmiste a bandes de Derby. Civette palmiste rayee, 

Hemigale de Derby II VIVERRIDAE Ma 

See p. 13 / Veasep. 29/ Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Hemione(F): Equus hemionus 

Hemione de I'Inde (F): Equus onager khur 

Hemiono (S): Equus hemionus 

Hemiono indostanico (S): Equus onager khur 

Hemiono mongol (S): Equus hemionus hemionus 

Hemitriton mexicanum = Ambystoma mexicanum 

Henicopernis inf meatus: (E) Black Honey-buzzard, New Britain 

Honey-buzzard, (S) Abejero negro, (F) Bondree noire II 

Henicopernis longicauda (E) Long-tailed Honey-buzzard, Papuan 

Honey-buzzard, (S) Abejero colilargo, (F) Bondree a longue 

Heosemyde de I'Arakan (F): Heosemys depressa 
Heosemyde de Leyte (F): Heosemys leytensis 
H£os6myde epineuse (F): Heosemys spinosa 
Heosemyde geante (F): Heosemys grandis 
Heosemys depressa : (E) Arakan Forest Turtle, (F) Heosemyde de 

Heosemys grandis. ( E) Giant Asian Pond Turtle, Orange-headed 

Temple Turtle, (F) Heosemyde geante II EMYDIDAE Re 
Heosemys leytensis: (E) Leyte Pond Turtle, Philippine Pond Turtle, 

(F) Heosemyde de Leyte II EMYDIDAE Re 
Heosemys spinosa : (E) Spiny Terrapin, Spiny Turtle, Sunburst 

Turtle, (F) Heosemyde epineuse II EMYDIDAE Re 
Heosemys yuwonoi = Leucocephalon yuwonoi 
Hermine (F): Mustek erminea 
Hermit, Black -throated (E): Phaethomis atrimentaiis 
Hermit, Broad-tipped (E): Anopetia gounellei 
Hermit, Bronzy (E): Glaucis aenea 
Hermit, Buff-bellied (E): Phaethomis subochraceus 
Hermit, Cinnamon-throated (E): Phaethomis nattereri 
Herm it, Dusky -throated (E): Phaethomis squalidus 
Hermit, Eastern Long-tailed (E): Phaethomis superciliosus 
Hermit, Great -billed (E): Phaethomis malaris 
Hermit, Green (E): Phaethomis guy 
Hermit, Grey-chinned (E): Phaethomis griseogularis 
Hermit, Hook-billed (E): Glaucis dohmii 
Hermit, Koepcke's (E): Phaethomis koepekeae 
Hermit, Little (E): Phaethomis longuemareus 
Hermit, Long-tailed (E): Phaethomis superciliosus 
Hermit, Margaretta's (E): Phaethomis malaris 
Hermit, Minute (E): Phaethomis idaliae 
Hermit, Needle-billed (E): Phaethomis philippii 
Hermit, Obscure (E): Phaethomis idaliae 
Hermit, Pale-bellied (E): Phaethomis anthophilus 
Hermit, Planalto (E): Phaethomis pretrei 
Hermit, Porculla (E): Phaethomis griseogularis 
Hermit, Reddish (E): Phaethomis ruber 
Hermit, Rufous-breasted (E): Glaucis hirsula 
Hermit, Saw-billed (E): Ramphodon naevius 
Hermit, Scale-throated (E): Phaethomis eurynome 
Hermit, Sooty -capped (E): Phaethomis augusti 
Hermit, Straight-billed (E): Phaethomis bourcieri 
Hermit, Streak-throated (E): Phaethomis rupurumii 
Hermit, Stripe-throated (E): Phaethomis striigularis 
Hermit, Tawny-bellied (E): Phaethomis syrmatophorus 
Hermit, Western Long-tailed (E): Phaethomis longirostris 
Hermit, White-bearded (E): Phaethomis hispidus 
Hermit, White-browed (E): Phaethomis stuarti 
Hermit, White- whiskered (E): Phaethomis yaruqui 
Heron garde-bceufs (F): Bubulcus ibis 
He>on goliath (F): Ardeagoliath 
Heron, Buff-backed (E): Bubulcus ibis 
Heron, Goliath (E): Ardea goliath 
Herpailurus yaguarondt (E) Eyra Cat, Jaguarundi, (S) Gato 

Colorado, Gato moro, Leon brenero, Leoncillo, Onza, Tigrillo, 

Yaguarundi, (F) Jaguarundi I/II FELIDAE Ma 
Herpestes auropunctatus = Herpestes javanicus auropunctatus 
Herpestes brachyurus: (E) Short -tailed Mongoose III/NC 

Herpestes brachyurus fuscus: (E) Indian Brown Mongoose, (S) 

Mangosta colicorta oscura, (F) Mangouste a queue courte de 


Herpestes edwardsii (E) Indian Grey Mongoose, (S) Mangosta gris 

de la India, (F) Mangouste d'Edwards, Mangouste grise de I'Inde 

Herpestes fuscus = Herpestes brachyurus fuscus 
Herpestes fuscus fuscus = Herpestes brachyurus fuscus 
Herpestes hosei = Herpestes brachyurus 
Herpestes javanicus: (E) Javan Mongoose, Small Asian Mongoose 

Herpestes javanicus auropunctatus: (E) Small Indian Mongoose, 

(S) Mangosta de manchas doradas, (F) Petite mangouste 

Herpestes smithii: (E) Ruddy Mongoose, (S) Mangosta roja de la 

India, (F) Mangouste de Smith III HERPESTIDAE Ma 
Herpestes una (E) Crab-eating Mongoose, (S) Mangosta 

cangrejera, (F) Mangouste crabiere III HERPESTIDAE Ma 
Herpestes vitticollis: (E) Stripe-necked Mongoose, (S) Mangosta de 

nuca rayada, (F) Mangouste a cou raye III HERPESTIDAE Ma 
Herpetoglossa secunda = Ctenactis crassa 
Herpetoglossa simplex = Ctenactis crassa 
Herpetolitha ampla = Herpolitha Umax 
Herpetolitha crassus = Herpolitha Umax 
Herpetolitha rueppellii = Ctenactis echinata 
Herpetolitha stricta = Herpolitha Umax 
Herpetolithus ehrenbergii = Ctenactis echinata 
Herpetotheres cachinnans: (E) Laughing Falcon, (S) Acua, Halcon 

guaco, Halcon guaicuru, Halcon macagua, Halcon reidor, (F) 

Macagua rieur II FALCON1DAE Av 
Herpetotheres sociabilis = Rostrhamus sociabilis 
Herpolitha crassa = Ctenactis crassa 
Herpolitha Umax: (E) Slipper Coral, Tongue Coral, (F) Corail limace 

Herpolitha simplex - Ctenactis crassa 
Herpolitha stricta = Herpolitha Umax 
Herpolitha weberi: II s FUNGIIDAE An 
Heterocvathusaequicostatus. II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Heterocyathus alternants: II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Heterocyathus cochlea = Heterocyathus aequicostatus 
Heterocyathus hemisphaericus. I? CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Heterocyathus heterocostatus = Heterocyathus alternatus 
Heterocyathus japonicus = Heterocyathus aequicostatus 
Heterocyathus lamellosus = Heterocyathus aequicostatus 
Heterocyathus mai= Heterocyathus alternants 
Heterocyathus oblongatus = Heterocyathus aequicostatus 
Heterocyathus parasiticus = Hetero cyathus alternatus 
Heterocyathus philippinensis = Heterocyathus aequicostatus 
Heterocyathus pulchellus= Heterocyathus sulcatus 
Heterocyathus roussaeanus = Heterocyathus aequicostatus 
Heterocyathus rousseaui = Heterocyathus aequicostatus 
Heterocyathus sulcatus. rf CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Heterocyathus woodmasoni = Heterocyathus aequicostatus 
Heteroglaux blewitti = Athene bleu-itti 
Heterometrus roeseli = Pandinus imperator 
Heteropora abrotanoides = Acropora humilis 
Heteropora appressa = Acropora appressa 
Heteropora corymbosa = Acropora cytherea 
Heteropora corymbosa hemisphaerica = Acropora cytherea 
Heteropora forskalii = Acropora forskalii 
Heteropora hemprichii - Acropora hemprichii 
Heteropora microclados = Acropora microclados 
Heteropora millepora = Acropora millepora 
Heteropora seriata = Acropora seriata 
Heteropora sqtiatrosa = Acropora squamosa 
Heteropora tylostoma = Acropora horrida 
Heteropsammia aphrodes = Heteropsammia cochlea 
Heteropsammia cochlea: (E) Button Coral II 

Heteropsammia eupsammides: II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Heteropsammia geminata — Heteropsammia cochlea 
Heteropsammia michelinii = Heteropsammia cochlea 
Heteropsammia multilobata = Heteropsammia cochlea 
Heterospizias meridionalis = Buteogallus meridionalis 
Hexapathes australiensis: U CLADOPATHIDAE An 
Hexapathesheterosticha: U CLADOPATHIDAE An 

Seep. 13 1 Veasep. 29 / Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Hexaprotodon liberiensis: (E) Pygmy Hippopotamus, (S) 

Hipopotamo enano. Hipopotamo pigmeo, (F) Hippopotame 
nain, Hippopotame pygmee II HIPPOPOTAMIDAE Ma 

Hibou a bee jaune (F): Jubula letlii 

Hibou a casque (F): Lophostrix crislala 

Hibou brachyote (F).Asio flammeus 

Hibou criard (F): Asio clamator 

Hibou d'Abyssinie (E):Asio abyssinicus 

Hibou de la Jamai'que (F): Pseudoscops grammicus 

Hibou de Madagascar (F): Asio madagascariensis 

Hibou de Tweeddale (F): Mimiziiku gurneyi 

Hibou des marais (F): Asio flammeus 

Hibou du Cap (F): Asio capensis 

Hibou grand-due (F): Bubo bubo 

Hibou maitre-bois(F): Asio stygius 

Hibou malgache (F): Asio madagascariensis 

Hibou moyen-duc (F):Asio otus 

Hibou pecheur roux (F): Ketupa flavipes 

Hibou petit -due (F): Otus scops 

Hibou redoutable (F): Nesasio solomonensis 

Hibou strie (F): Asio clamator 

Hieraaetus ayresii: (E) Ayres's Eagle. Ayres's Hawk-Eagle. (S) 
Aguila-azor de Ayres, (F) Aigle dAyres II ACC1PITRIDAE Av 

Hieraaetus beIlicosus= Polemaetus bellicosus 

Hieraaetus dubius = Hieraaetus ayresii 

Hieraaetus fasciatus: (E) Bonelli's Eagle, (S) Aguila de Bonelli, 
Aguila perdicera. Aguila-azor perdicera, (F) Aigle de Bonelli II 

Hieraaetus fasciatus spilogaster = Hieraaetus spilogaster 

Hieraaetus kienerii: (E) Chestnut -bellied Hawk-Eagle, Rufous- 
bellied Eagle, (S) Aguila-azor ventrirroja, (F) Aigle a ventre 

Hieraaetus morplinoidesAE) Little Eagle, (S) Aguililla australiana, 
(F) Aigle nain II ACCIP1TRIDAE Av 

Hieraaetus pennatus: (E) Booted Eagle, (S) Aguila calzada, 
Aguililla calzada. (F) Aigle botte II ACCIP1TRIDAE Av 

Hieraaetus spilogaster. (E) African Eagle, African Hawk-Eagle, (S) 
Aguila perdicera africana, Aguila-azor africana, (F) Aigle fascie, 
Aigle-autour fascie II ACCIPITR1DAE Av 

Hieraaetus \vahlbergi = Aquiia wahlbergi 

Hierax etythrogenys = Microhierax etythrogenys 

Hieremys annandaliiAE) Yellow-headed Temple Turtle II 

Hierophasis edwardsi = Lophura ecbvardsi 

Hierophasis imperialis = Lophura imperialis 

Hierophasis swinhoii = Lophura swinhoii 

Hillopathes ramosa : II ANTIPATHIDAE An 

Hillstar, Andean (E): Oreotrochilus estella 

Hillstar, Black-breasted (E): Oreotrochilus melanogaster 

Hillstar, Ecuadorian (E): Oreotrochilus chimborazo 

Hillstar, Green-headed (E): Oreotrochilus stotzmanni 

Hillstar, Wedge -tailed (E): Oreotrochilus adela 

Hillstar, White-sided (E): Oreotrochilus leucopleurus 

Hillstar, White-tailed (E): Urochroa bougueri 

Hipopotamo anfibio (S): Hippopotamus amphibius 

Hipopotamo enano (S): Hexaprotodon liberiensis 

Hipopotamo pigmeo (S): Hexaprotodon liberiensis 

Hippo, Large (E): Hippopotamus amphibius 

Hippocametus spp.: (E) huemuls, (S) ciervo mazaina, ciervos 

andinos, huemules, (F) cerfs des Andes, guemaux I CERVIDAE 

Hippocametus antisensis: (E) North Andean Deer, North Andean 
Huemul. Peruvian Guemal, Peruvian Huemul, Taruca, (S) 
Ciervo andino septentrional, Guemal, Huemul, Taruca. Taruka 
de los Andes septentrionales, (F) Cerf des Andes 
septentrionales, Guemal peruvien, Huemul des Andes 
septentrionales I CERVIDAE Ma 

Hippocametus bisulcus: (E) Chilean Guemal, Chilean Huemul, 
South Andean Deer, South Andean Huemul, (S) Ciervo andino 
meridional, Huemul, (F| Cerf des Andes meridionales, Huemul 
des Andes meridionales I CERVIDAE Ma 

Hippocampe (F): Hippocampus hippocampus 

Hippocampe a museau court (F): Hippocampus hippocampus 
Hippocampe couronne (F): Hippocampus coronatus 
Hippocampe de kuda (F): Hippocampus kuda 

Hippocampe dore (F): Hippocampus kuda 

Hippocampe du Pacifique (F): Hippocampus kuda 

Hippocampe epineux IF): Hippocampus histrix 

Hippocampe long-nez (F): Hippocampus reidi 

Hippocampe marin (F): Hippocampus ingens 

Hippocampe mouchete (F): Hippocampus erectuslHippocampus 

Hippocampe nain (F): Hippocampus zosterae 
Hippocampe raye (F): Hippocampus erectus 
hippocampes (F): Hippocampus spp. 
Hippocampus spp.: (E) horsefishes, seahorses, sea ponies, (S) 

caballitos de mar. (F) chevaux de mer, hippocampes II 

Hippocampus abdominalis: (E) Big-bellied Seahorse, Big-belly 

Seahorse, Eastern Potbelly Seahorse, Pot-bellied Seahorse, 

Hippocampus agnesae = Hippocampus abdominalis 
Hippocampus aimei = Hippocampus spinosissimus 
Hippocampus atatus. (E) Winged Seahorse II SYNGNATHIDAE 

Hippocampus algiricus: (E) West African Seahorse II 

Hippocampus angustus: (E) Narrow-bellied Seahorse, Western 

Australian Seahorse, Western Spinv Seahorse II 

Hippocampus antiquorum = Hippocampus hippocampus 
Hippocampus antiquus= Hippocampus hippocampus 
Hippocampus arnei = Hippocampus spinosissimus 
Hippocampus alerrimus - Hippocampus kuda 
Hippocampus atrichus = Hippocampus guttulatus 
Hippocampus barbouri: ( E) Barbour's Seahorse U 

Hippocampus bargibanti. (E) Bargibant's Seahorse. Pygmy 

Hippocampus bicuspis = Hippocampus guttulatus 
Hippocampus biocellatus= Hippocampus trimaculatus 
Hippocampus bleekeri = Hippocampus abdominalis 
Hippocampus borboniensis: (E) Reunion Seahorse II 

Hippocampus brachyrhynchus - Hippocampus fuscus 
Hippocampus breviceps. (E) Knobby Seahorse, Short -head 

Seahorse, Short -headed Seahorse, Short -snouted Seahorse II 

Hippocampus brevirostris = Hippocampus hippocampus 
Hippocampus brunneus= Hippocampus erectus 
Hippocampus camelopardalis. (E) Giraffe Seahorse II 

Hippocampus capensis: (E) Cape Seahorse, Knysna Seahorse II 

Hippocampus chinensis = Hippocampus kuda 
Hippocampus colemani: (E) Coleman's Pygmy Seahorse II 

Hippocampus comes: (E) Tiger-tail Seahorse II SYNGNATHIDAE 

Hippocampus coronatus: (E) Crowned Seahorse, (F) Hippocampe 

Hippocampus dahii = Hippocampus trimaculatus 
Hippocampus deanei = Hippocampus algiricus 
Hippocampus denise: II SYNGNATHIDAE Ac 
Hippocampus ecuadorensis = Hippocampus ingens 
Hippocampus elongatus = Hippocampus subelongatus 
Hippocampus erectus: (E) Black Seahorse, Brown Seahorse, 

Horsefish, Lined Seahorse, Northern Seahorse. Spotted 

Seahorse, Yellow Seahorse, (S) Caballito erecto, Caballito 

punteado, (F) Hippocampe mouchete. Hippocampe raye II 

Hippocampus erinaceus = Hippocampus angustus 
Hippocampus europaeus = Hippocampus hippocampus 
Hippocampus fasciatus = Hippocampus coronatus 
Hippocampus fascicularis = Hippocampus erectus 
Hippocampus filamentosus = Hippocampus guttulatus 
Hippocampus fisheri: (E) Fisher's Seahorse II SYNGNATHIDAE 

Hippocampus fuscus: (E) Chilka Seahorse, Sea Pony II 



Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Hippocampus graciUformis = Hippocampus abdominalis 
Hippocampus gracilis = Hippocampus ingens 
Hippocampus grandlceps. (E) Bie-head Seahorse II 

Hippocampus guttuiatus: (E) Long-snouted Seahorse. (F) Cheval 

marin, Hippocampe mouchete II SYNGNATHIDAE Ac 
Hippocampus hendriki. (E) Eastern Spinv Seahorse II 

Hippocampus heptagomis = Hippocampus hippocampus 
Hippocampus hildebrandi- Hippocampus ingens 
Hippocampus hilonis = Hippocampus kuda 
Hippocampus hippocampus: (E) Black Seahorse, Sea Horse, Short- 
snouted Seahorse, (S) Caballo marino. Cabalo de mar, (F) 

Cheval de mer, Hippocampe, Hippocampe a museau court II 

Hippocampus histrix: (E) Seahorse, Spiny Seahorse, Thorny 

Seahorse, (F) Hippocampe epineux II SYNGNATHIDAE Ac 
Hippocampus horai = Hippocampus kuda 
Hippocampus hudsonius = Hippocampus erectus 
Hippocampus ingens: (E) Giant Seahorse, Pacific Seahorse, (S) 

Caballito de mar del Pacifico, (F) Hippocampe marin II 

Hippocampus japonicus = Hippocampus mohnikei 
Hippocampus jayakari: (E) Jayakar's Seahorse II 

Hippocampus jubatus = Hippocampus guttulatus 
Hippocampus jugumus: (E) Collared Seahorse II 

Hippocampus kampylotrachelos= Hippocampus trimacidatus 
Hippocampus kaupii = Hippocampus algiricus 
Hippocampus kelloggi: (E) Great Seahorse, Kellog's Seahorse, 

Offshore Seahorse II SYNGNATHIDAE Ac 
Hippocampus kincaidi = Hippocampus erectus 
Hippocampus kuda: (E) Black Seahorse, Coloured Seahorse, 

Oceanic Seahorse, Spotted Seahorse, Yellow Seahorse, (F) 

Cheval marin, Grand hippocampe, Hippocampe de kuda , 

Hippocampe dore, Hippocampe du Pacifique D 

Hippocampus kudamulriannularis = Hippocampus kuda 
Hippocampus laevicaudatus = Hippocampus erectus 
Hippocampus lenis = Hippocampus trimacidatus 
Hippocampus lichtensteinii:(E) Lichtenstein's Seahorse II 

Hippocampus longirostris = Hippocampus guttulatus 
Hippocampus macleayana = Hippocampus abdominalis 
Hippocampus manadensis = Hippocampus trimacidatus 
Hippocampus manmdus = Hippocampus trimacidatus 
Hippocampus marginalis = Hippocampus erectus 
Hippocampus melanospilos = Hippocampus kuda 
Hippocampus microcoronalus = Hippocampus guttulatus 
Hippocampus microslephanus = Hippocampus guttulatus 
Hippocampus minotaur: (E) Bullneck Seahorse II 

Hippocampus mohnikei: (E) Japanese Seahorse II 

Hippocampus moluccensis = Hippocampus kuda 
Hippocampus montebeiloensis: (E) Monte Bello Seahorse II 

Hippocampus multiannularis = Hippocampus guttulatus 
Hippocampus multispinus: (E) Northern Spiny Seahorse II 

Hippocampus natalensis = Hippocampus kuda 
Hippocampus novaehebudorum = Hippocampus kuda 
Hippocampus novaehollandiae = Hippocampus white! 
Hippocampus obscurus - Hippocampus fuscus 
Hippocampus obtusus = Hippocampus reidi 
Hippocampus pentagonus = Hippocampus hippocampus 
Hippocampus planifrons = Hippocampus trimacidatus 
Hippocampus poeyi = Hippocampus reidi 
Hippocampus poly taenia = Hippocampus kuda 
Hippocampus procerus - Hippocampus whitei 
Hippocampus punctulatus= Hippocampus algiricus/Hippocampus 

Hippocampus queenslandicus: (E) Queensland Seahorse II ' 


Hippocampus raji = Hippocampus kuda 

Hippocampus regulus = Hippocampus zosterae 

Hippocampus reidi. (E) Longsnout Seahorse, Slender Seahorse, (F) 

Hippocampe long-nez II SYNGNATHIDAE Ac 
Hippocampus rhynchomacer = Hippocampus kuda 
Hippocampus ringens = Hippocampus ingens 
Hippocampus rondeletii = Hippocampus hippocampus 
Hippocampus rosaceus- Hippocampus guttulatus 
Hippocampus rosamondae = Hippocampus zosterae 
Hippocampus semispinosus:(E) Half-spined Seahorse II 

Hippocampus sexmaculatis = Hippocampus trimacidatus 
Hippocampus sindonis: (E) Dhiho's Seahorse II SYNGNATHIDAE 

Hippocampus spinosissimus: (E) Hedgehog Seahorse II 

Hippocampus stylifer - Hippocampus erectus 
Hippocampus subcoronatus = Hippocampus camelopardalis 
Hippocampus subelongatus: (E) Tiger-snout Seahorse, West 

Australian Seahorse II SYNGNATHIDAE Ac 
Hippocampus suezensis = Hippocampus kelloggi 
Hippocampus taeniops= Hippocampus kuda 
Hippocampus taeniopterus = Hippocampus kuda 
Hippocampus takakurae = Hippocampus trimacidatus 
Hippocampus tetragonus = Hippocampus erectus 
Hippocampus trimaculatus: (E) Flat -faced Seahorse, Longnose 

Seahorse, Low-crowned Seahorse, Three-spot Seahorse, Three- 
spotted Seahorse II SYNGNATHIDAE Ac 
Hippocampus tristis = Hippocampus kuda 
Hippocampus tuberculatus = Hippocampus breviceps 
Hippocampus valentini = Hippocampus kuda 
Hippocampus vdlosus - Hippocampus erectus 
Hippocampus vulgaris = Hippocampus hippocampus 
Hippocampus whitei: (E) New Holland Seahorse, Sydney Seahorse, 

White's Seahorse II SYNGNATHIDAE Ac 
Hippocampus zebra : (E) Zebra Seahorse II SYNGNATHIDAE Ac 
Hippocampus zosterae: (E) Dwarf Seahorse, (S) Caballito olivaceo, 

(F) Hippocampe nain II SYNGNATHIDAE Ac 
Hippopotame (F): Hippopotamus amphibius 
Hippopotameamphibie (F): Hippopotamus amphibius 
Hippopotame nain (F): Hexaprotodon liberiensis 
Hippopotame pygmee (F): Hexaprotodon liberiensis 
Hippopotamus (E): Hippopotamus amphibius 
Hippopotamus amphibius: (E) Hippopotamus, Large Hippo, (S) 

Hipopotamo anfibio. (F) Hippopotame, Hippopotame amphibie 

Hippopotamus, Pygmy (E): Hexaprotodon liberiensis 
Hippopus hippopus. (E) Bear Paw Clam, Horse's Hoof Clam, 

Strawberry Clam II TRIDACN1DAE Bi 
Hippopus porcellanus. (E) China Clam II TRIDACNIDAE Bi 
Hippotrague geant de I'Angola (F): Hippotragus niger variant 
Hippotrague noir geant (F): Hippotragus niger variant 
Hippotragus niger: (E) Sable Antelope I/NC BOVIDAE Ma 
Hippotragus niger variant: (E) Giant Sable Antelope, (S) Antilope 

negro gigante, Antilope sable negro, (F) Hippotrague geant de 

I'Angola. Hippotrague noir geant I BOVIDAE Ma 
Hirola (F): Damaliscus lunatus 
Hirondelle a lunettes (F): Pseudochelidon sirintarae 
Hirudo medicinalis: (E) Medicinal Leech, (S) Sanguijuela, (F) 

Sangsue medicinale. Sangsue officinale II HIRUDINIDAE Hi 
Hobby (E): Falco subbuteo 
Hobby. African (E): Falco cuvierii 
Hobby, Australian (E): Falco longipennis 
Hobby, Eurasian (E): Falco subbuteo 
Hobby. Northern (E): Falco subbuteo 
Hobby, Oriental (E): Falco severus 
Hobereau a poitrine rousse (F): Falco severus 
Hobereau africain (F): Falco cuvierii 
Hocco a bee bleu (F): Crax alberti 
Hocco a bee rouge (F): Crax blumenbachii 
Hocco a pierre (F): Pauxipauxi 
Hocco d'Albert (F): Crax alberti 
Hocco de Blumenbach (F): Crax blumenbachii 
Hocco de Daubenton (F): Crax daubentoni 
Hocco globuleux (F): Crax globulosa 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Hocco huppe (F): Oreophasis derbianus 

Hocco mitou (F): Mitumitu 

Hocco piguiazul (S ): Crax alberti 

Hocheur (F): Cercopithecus nictitans 

Hocheur du Ghana (F): Cercopithecus pelaurista 

Hoco barbado (S): Crax globuhsa 

Hoco caroncule (F): Crax globulosa 

Hoco de casco (S): Paiixi pauxi 

Hoco de Daubenton (S): Crax daubentoni 

Hoco de pico navaja (S ): Mini mini 

Hoco faisan (S): Crax rubra 

Hoco grande (S): Crax nibia 

Hoco mitu (S): Mini mini 

Hoco piguirojo (S): Crax bhimenbachii 

Hoe-mother (E): Cetorhinus maximus 

Hog, Deer (E): Babyrousa babymssa 

Hog, Pygmy (E): Sus sahanius 

Hoki bianco (S): Crossoptilon crossoptilon 

Hoki pardo (S): Crossoptilon mantchuricum 

Hokki blanc (F): Crossoptilon crossoptilon 

Hokki brun(F): Crossoptilon mantchuricum 

Hokki de Harman (F): Crossoptilon harmani 

Hokki du Tibet (F): Crossoptilon harmani 

Holcotrochus crenulatus. U s TURBINOLIIDAE An 

Hotcotrochus scriptus. II 8 TURBINOLIIDAE An 

Homalochilus chrysogaster = Epicrares chrysogaster 

Homalochilus multisectus = Epicrates striatus 

Homalochilus striatus = Epicrates striatus 

Homalochilus sn-igilatus = Epicrates striatus 

Homophyllia australis = Scolymia australis 

Homopode a eperon (F): Homopus femoralis 

Homopode areole (F): Homopus areolalus 

Homopode de Boulenger (F): Homopus boulengeri 

Homopode eperonne <F): Homopus femoralis 

Homopode marque ( F): Homopus signatus 

Homopus areolatus: (E) Areolated Tortoise, Beaked Cape Tortoise, 

Grooved Mountain Tortoise, Parrot-beaked Tortoise, (S) 

Tortuga pico de loro, (P) Homopode areole II TESTUDINIDAE 

Homopus bergeri = Psammobates tentorius 
Homopus boulengeri: (E) Boulenger's Cape Tortoise, Boulenger's 

Padloper, Karoo Padloper, (S)Tortuga terrestre, (F) Homopode 

de Boulenger II TESTUDINIDAE Re 
Homopus burnesii = Testudo horsfieldii 
Homopus darlingi = Kinixys bel liana 
Homopus femoralis: (E) Greater Padloper, Karoo Cape Tortoise, (F) 

Homopode a eperon, Homopode eperonne II TESTUDINIDAE 

Homopus nogueyi = Kinixys belliana 
Homopus signatus: (E) Speckled Cape Tortoise, Speckled Padloper, 

Speckled Tortoise, (S) Tortuga manchada, (F) Homopode 

Honey-buzzard, Barred (E): Pernis celebensis 
Honey-buzzard, Black (E): Henicopernis infuscatus 
Honey-buzzard, European (E): Pernis apivorus 
Honey-buzzard, Long-tailed (E): Henicopernis longicauda 
Honey-buzzard, New Britain (E): Henicopernis infuscatus 
Honey-buzzard, Oriental (E): Pernis ptilorhyncus 
Honey-buzzard. Papuan (E): Henicopernis longicauda 
Honeyeater, Helmeted (E): Lichenostomus melanops cassidix 
Honeyeater, Yellow-tufted (E): Lichenostomus melanops 
Hoolock (F): Hylobales hoolock 
Hoplangia durotrix: (E) Weymouth Carpet Coral rf 

Hoplangia pallaryi = Cladocora caespitosa 
Hoplobatrachus rigerinus: (E) Indian Bullfrog, Tiger Frog, (F) 

Grenouille tigre, Grenouille tigree II RANIDAE Am 
Hoplocephale a large tete (F): Hoplocephalus bungaroides 
Hoplocephale de Schlegel (F): Hoplocephalus bungaroides 
Hoplocephalus bungaroides: (E) Broad-headed Snake, Fierce 

Snake, (F) Hoplocephale a large tete, Hoplocephale de Schlegel 

Hoplodactylus spp.: (E) sticky-toed geckos III GEKKONIDAE Re 
Hoplodactylus chrysosireticus: (E) Golden Sticky-toed Gecko, 

Goldstripe Gecko, Gold-striped Gecko III GEKKONIDAE Re 

Hoplodachius delcourti: (E) Delcourt's Sticky-toed Gecko III 

Hoplodactylus duvaucelii: (E) Duvaucel's Gecko, Northern Sticky- 
toed Gecko UI GEKKONIDAE Re 

Hoplodactylus granulatus. (E) Forest Gecko, Granulated Gecko, 
Gray's Sticky -toed Gecko UI GEKKONIDAE Re 

Hoplodactylus kahutarae: (E) Black -eved Gecko, Whitaker's Sticky- 
toed Gecko ni GEKKONIDAE Re 

Hoplodact\'lus maculatus: (E) Common Gecko, Spotted Sticky-toed 

Hoplodactylus nebulosus. (E) Cloudy Gecko III GEKKONIDAE Re 

Hoplodachlus pacificus: (E) Pacific Gecko, Pacific Sticky -toed 

Hoplodactylus rakiurae: (E) Harlequin Gecko, Stewart's Sticky-toed 

Hoplodactylus Stephens!: (E) Stephens's Island Gecko, Stephens's 
Sticky-toed Gecko, Striped Gecko III GEKKONIDAE Re 

Horastrea indica: U SIDERASTREIDAE An 

Hormiguero gigante (S): Myrmecophaga tridactyla 


Asian Black (E): Anthracoceros malayanus 
Asian White-crested (E): Aceros comatus 
Assam Brown -backed (E): Anorrhinus tickelli 
Bar-pouched Wreathed (E): Aceros undulatus 
Bar-throated Wreathed (E): Aceros undulatus 
Black (E): Anthracoceros malayanus 
Blyth's (E): Aceros subruficollis 
, Blyth's Wreathed (E): Aceros subruficollis 
, Brown (E): Anorrhinus tickelli 
, Burmese (E): Aceros subruficollis 
, Bushy-crested (E): Anorrhinus galeritus 
, Buton (E): Aceros cassidix 

, Celebes (E): Aceros cassidixIPenelopides exarhatus 
, Celebes Tarictic (E): Penelopides exarhatus 
, Concave-casqued (E): Buceros bicornis 
, Great (E): Buceros bicornis 
. Great Indian (E): Buceros bicornis 
Great Pied (E): Buceros bicornis 
Greater Sulawesi (E): Aceros cassidix 
Helmeted (E): Buceros vigil 
Indian (E): Buceros bicornis 
Indian Concave-casqued (E): Buceros bicornis 
Indian Pied (E): Anthracoceros albirostris 
Knobbed (E): Aceros cassidix 
Long-crested (E): Aceros comatus 
, Luzon (E): Penelopides manillae 
, Luzon Tarictic (E): Penelopides manillae 
, Malaysian Black (E): Anthracoceros malayanus 
, Mindanao (E): Penelopides affinis 
, Mindanao Tarictic (E): Penelopides affinis 
, Mindanao Wrinkled (E): Aceros leucocephalus 
. Mindoro (E): Penelopides mindorensis 
, Narcondam (E): Aceros narcondami 
, New Guinea (E): Aceros plicatus 
, New Guinea Wreathed (E): Aceros plicatus 
, Northern Waved (E): Aceros undulatus 
, Palawan (E): Anthracoceros marchei 
, Panay Tarictic (E): Penelopides panini 
, Panay Wrinkled (E): Aceros waldeni 
, Papuan (E): Aceros plicatus 
, Pied (E): Anthracoceros coronatus 
, Plain -pouched (E): Aceros subruficollis 
Plain -pouched Wreathed (E): Aceros subruficollis 
, Plicated (E): Aceros plicatus 
Red-knobbed (E): Aceros cassidix 
Rhinoceros (E): Buceros rhinoceros 
Rufous (E): Buceros hydrocorax 
Rufous-cheeked (E): Aceros nipalensis 
Rufous-headed (E): Aceros waldeni 
Rufous-necked (E): Aceros nipalensis 
Samar (E): Penelopides samarensis 
Samar Tarictic (E): Penelopides samarensis 
Sulawesi (E): Penelopides exarhatus 
Sulawesi Dwarf (E): Penelopides exarhatus 
Sulawesi Tarictic (E): Penelopides exarhatus 
Sulawesi Wrinkled (E): Aceros cassidix 

Seep. 13 / Veasep. 29 / Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Hombill, Sulu (E): Anthracoceros montani Hummingbird, 

Hornbill, Sumba (E): Aceros everetti Hummingbird, 

Hombill, Sumba Wreathed (E): Aceros everetti Hummingbird, 

Hombill, Sunda Pied (E): Anthracoceros albirostris Hummingbird, 

Hombill, Sunda Wrinkled (E): Aceros corrugatus Hummingbird, 

Hombill, Tarictic (E): Penelopides panini Hummingbird. 

Hombill, Tickell's Brown (E): Anoirhinus tickelli Hummingbird, 

Hombill, Visayan(E): Penelopides panini Hummingbird, 

Hombill, Visayan Wrinkled (E): Aceros waldeni Hummingbird. 

Hombill, White-crested (E): Aceros comatus Hummingbird, 

Hombill, White-crowned (E): Aceros comatus Hummingbird. 

Hombill, White-headed (E): Aceros leucocephalus Hummingbird, 

Hombill. Wreathed (E): Aceros undulatus Hummingbird, 

Hombill. Wrinkled (E): Aceros corrugatus Hummingbird, 

Hombill, Writhed (E): Aceros leucocephalus Hummingbird, 

Hombill, Writhed-billed(E): Aceros waldeni Hummingbird, 

hombills (E): Aceros spp./ Anorrhinus spp./ 'Anthracoceros spp./ Hummingbird, 

Buceros spp. Hummingbird, 

hombills, tarictic (E): Penelopides spp. Hummingbird. 

Horned-Pheasant. Crimson (E): Tragopan satyra Hummingbird, 

Horned-Pheasant, Western (E): Tragopan m elanocephalus Hummingbird. 

Hornera eburnea = Lepidopora ehumea Hummingbird. 

Hornera gravieri = Pliobothrus symmetricus Hummingbird, 

Hornera verrucosa = Errina dabneyi Hummingbird. 

Horse, Mongolian Wild (E): Equus pjzewalskii Hummingbird, 

Horse, Przewalski's(E):£<7«!«/»-:ewaM77 Hummingbird, 

Horse, Przewalski's Wild (E|: Equus przewalskii Hummingbird, 

Horsefish(E): Hippocampus erectus Hummingbird, 

horsefishes (E): Hippocampus spp. Hummingbird, 

Hortulia natalensis = Python sebae Hummingbird, 

Hortulia regia = Python regius Hummingbird, 

Hortulia sebae = Python sebae Hummingbird. 

Houbara (E): Chlamydotis undulata Hummingbird, 

Houbara ondule (F>: Chlamydotis undulata Hummingbird. 

Houbaropsis bengalensis = Eupodotis bengalensis Hummingbird. 

Houleman (F): Semnopithecus entellus Hummingbird, 

Houleman (S): Semnopithecus entellus Hummingbird, 

Houppifer erythrophthalmus = Lophura erythrophthalma Hummingbird, 

Howler, Black (E): Alouatta caraya Hummingbird. 

Howler, Brown (E): Alouatta fusca Hummingbird, 

Howler, Guatemalan (E): Alouatta pigra Hummingbird, 

Howler. Mantled (E): Alouatta palliata Hummingbird, 

Howler. Red (E): Alouatta seniculus Hummingbird, 

Howler, Red-handed (E): Alouatta behebul Hummingbird, 

Huallaca fS): Lontra felina Hummingbird, 

Huapo Colorado (S): Cacajao calvus Hummingbird, 

Huapo rojo (S): Cacajao calvus Hummingbird, 

Hubara (S): Chlamydotis undulata Hummingbird, 

Huemul (S): Hippocamelus antisensislHippocamelus bisulcus Hummingbird, 

Huemul des Andes meridionales (F): Hippocamelus bisulcus Hummingbird, 

Huemul des Andes septentrionales (F): Hippocamelus antisensis Hummingbird, 

Huemul, Chilean (E): Hippocamelus bisulcus Hummingbird, 

Huemul, North Andean (E): Hippocamelus antisensis Hummingbird, 

Huemul, Peruvian (E): Hippocamelus antisensis Hummingbird. 

Huemul, South Andean (E): Hippocamelus bisulcus Hummingbird, 

huemules (S): Hippocamelus spp. Hummingbird, 

huemuls (E): Hippocamelusspp. Hummingbird, 

Huhita shelleyi =Bubo shelleyi Hummingbird, 

Huillin(E): Lontra provocax Hummingbird. 

Huillin (S): Lontra provocax Hummingbird. 

Hulotte africaine ( F): Strix woodfordii Hummingbird, 

Hulotte chat -huant (F): Strix aluco Hummingbird, 

Hummingbird, Allen's (E): Selasphorus sasin Hummingbird, 

Hummingbird, Amazilia (E): Amazilia amazilia Hummingbird, 

Hummingbird, Amethyst -throated (E): Lampornis amethystinus Hummingbird, 

Hummingbird, Anna's (E): Calypteanna Hummingbird, 

Hummingbird, Antillean Crested (E): Orthorhyncus cristatus Hummingbird, 

Hummingbird, Azure-crowned (E): Agyrtria cyanocephala Hummingbird, 

Hummingbird, Beautiful (E): Calothorax pulcher Hummingbird, 

Hummingbird, Bee (E): Mellisuga helenae Hummingbird, 

Hummingbird, Berylline (E): Saucerottia beryllina Hummingbird, 

Hummingbird, Black-bellied (E): Eupherusa nigriventris Hummingbird, 

Hummingbird, Black-chinned {E):Archilochus alexandri Hummingbird, 

Hummingbird. Black-fronted (E): Basilinnaxantusii Hummingbird. 

Hummingbird. Blue-capped (E): Eupherusa cyanophrys Hummingbird. 

Blue -chested (E): Polyerata amabilis 
Blue-headed (E): Cyanophaia bicolor 
Blue -tailed (E): Saucerottia cyanura 
Blue -throated (E): Lampornis clemenciae 
Blue -vented (E): Saucerottia saucerrotlei 
, Broad-billed (E): Cynanthus latirostris 
Broadtai I ed ( E ) : Selasphorus platycercus 
B uff - be 1 1 i ed ( E ) : A mazilia yucatanensis 
BuffS' (E): Leucippus fallax 
Bumblebee (E): Atthis heloisa 
Calliope (Ey.Stellula calliope 
Cerise-throated (E): Selasphorus flammula 
Chestnut-bellied (E): Amazilia castaneiventris 
Cinnamon (E): Amazilia rutila 
Copper-rumped (E): Saucerottia tobaci 
Copper-tailed (E): Saucerottia cupreicauda 
Costa's (E): Calypte costae 
Dusky (E): Cynanthus sordidus 
Emerald-chinned (E): Abeillia abeillei 
Fawn -breasted (E): Amazilia yucatanensis 
Fiery -throated (E): Panterpe insignis 
Garnet -throated (E): Lamprolaima rhami 
Giant (E): Patagona gigas 
Gilded (E): Hylocharis chrysura 
Glow-throated (E): Selasphorus ardens 
Green-and- white ( E): Leucippus viridicauda 
Green-bellied (E): Saucerottia viridigaster 
Green- fronted (E): Ag}rtria viridifrons 
Heliotrope -throated (E): Selasphorus flammula 
Indigo-capped (E): Saucerottia cyanifrons 
Loja (E): Amazilia alticola 
Lucifer (E): Calothorax lucifer 
Magnificent (E): Eugenes fulgens 
Mangrove (E): Polyerata boucardi 
Many-spotted (E): Leucippus hypostictus 
Oasis (E): Rhodopis vesper 
Oaxaca (E): Eupherusa cyanophys 
Olive-spotted (E): Leucippus chlorocercus 
Purple-chested (E): Polyerata rosenbergi 
Rivoli's (E): Eugenes fulgens 
Ruby-throated (E): Archilochus colubris 
Ruby-topaz ( E): Chysolampis mosquitus 
Rufous (E): Selasphorus rufus 
Rufous-cheeked (E): Goethalsia bella 
Rufous-tailed (E): Amazilia tzacatl 
Sapphire-bellied (E): Lepidopyga lilliae 
Sapphire-throated <E>: Lepidopyga coeruleogularis 
Scaly-breasted (E): Campylopterus cuvierii 
Scintiilant (E): Selasphorus scintilla 
Scissor-tailed(E): Hylonympha macrocerca 
Shining-green (E): Lepidopyga goudoti 
Snowy -breasted (E): Saucerottia edward 
Sombre (E): Campylopterus cirrochloris 
Sparkling-tailed (E): Tilmatura dupontii 
Speckled (E): Adelomyia melanogenys 
Spot -throated (E): Leucippus taczanowskii 
Steely -vented (E): Saucerottia saucerrotlei 
Stripe -tailed (E): Eupherusa eximia 
Swallow-tailed (E): Campylopterus macrourus 
Sword-billed (E): Ensifera ensifera 
Tooth-billed (E): Androdon aequatorialis 
Tumbes (E): Leucippus baeri 
Vervain (E): Mellisuga minima 
Violet-bellied (E): Damophila julie 
Violet-capped (E): Goldmania violiceps 
Violet-chested (E): Sternoclyta cyanopectus 
Violet-crowned (E): Agyrtria violiceps 
Violet -headed (E): Klais guimeti 
Volcano (E): Selasphorus flammula 
Wedge-billed (E): Augastes geoffroyi 
White-bellied (E): Leucippus chionogaster 
White-eared (E): Basilinna leucotis 
White-tailed (E): Eupherusa poliocerca 
White-throated (E): Leucochloris albicollis 
Wine-throated (E): Atthis ellioti 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Hummingbird, Xantus's (E): Basilinna xantusii 

hummingbirds (E): TROCHILIDAE spp. 

humpback dolphins (Ey.Sousa spp. 

Humphead (E): Cheilinus itndulatus 

Hurleur a mains rousses (F): Alouatta belzebul 

Hurleur brun (¥): Alouatta fusca 

Hurleur du Guatemala (F): Alouatta palliata I Alouatta pigra 

Hurleur noir (F): Alouatta caraya 

Hurleur roux (F): Alouatta seniculus 

Huron (S): Galictis vittata 

Huron grange (S|: Galictis vittata 

Huron mayor (S): Eira barbara 

Hurria rynchops = Cerberus rhynchops 

Huso anasimos = Acipenser fulvescens 

Huso anthracinus = Acipenser fulvescens 

Huso atelaspis = Acipenser fulvescens 

Huso copei = Acipenser fulvescens 

Huso dauricus: (E) Great Siberian Sturgeon, Huso Sturgeon II 

Huso honneymani = A cipenser fulvescens 
Huso huso: (E) Beluga, European Sturgeon, Giant Sturgeon, Great 

Sturgeon, Russian Sturgeon. (S) Beluga, Cola de pescado. 

Esturion, Esturion beluga, (F) Beluga, Grand esturgeon, 

Huso ichthyocolla = Huso huso 
Huso kaluschka = Huso dauricus 
Huso kirtlandi = A cipenser fulvescens 
Huso !amarii = Acipenser fulvescens 
Huso mertinianus — Acipenser fulvescens 
Huso paranasimos = Acipenser fulvescens 
Huso platyrhinus= Acipenser fulvescens 
Huso rafmesquii = Acipenser fulvescens 
Huso rauchii = Acipenser fulvescens 
Huso richardsonii = Acipenser fulvescens 
Huso rosarium = Acipenser fulvescens 
Hwamei (E): Garrulax canorus 
Hvdnophora spp.: (E) horn coral , spine coral II s MERULENI DAE 

Hvdnophora aurorae = Hvdnophora exesa 
Hvdnophora bonsai: it MERULINIDAE An 
Hvdnophora breviconus = Hvdnophora rigida 
Hvdnophora contignatio = Hvdnophora exesa 
Hvdnophora demidovii - Hvdnophora exesa 
Hvdnophora ehrenbergii = Hvdnophora exesa 
Hydnophora exesa : II s MERULINIDAE An 
Hydnophora grandis: II 8 MERULINIDAE An 
Hydnophora gyrosa = Hydnophora exesa 
Hydnophora lobata = Hydnophora exesa 
Hydnophora maldivensis = Hydnophora exesa 
Hydnophora mayori = Hydnophora rigida 
Hydnophora microconos. II 8 MERULINIDAE An 
Hydnophora pilosa: II 8 MERULINIDAE An 
Hydnophora polygonata = Hydnophora exesa 
Hydnophora ramosa = Hydnophora grandis 
Hydnophora rigida: II s MERULINIDAE An 
Hydnophora tenella = Hydnophora exesa 
Hydrictis maculicollis = Lutra maculicollis 
Hydrodynastes gigas = Cyclagras gigas 
Hydrosalamandra japonica = Andrias japonicus 
Hydrosaurus giganteus- Varanus giganteus 
Hydrosaurus gouldii= Varanus gouldii 
Hyelaphus porcinus= Axis porcinus 
Hyemosch us aquatic us: (E) Water Chevrotain, (S) Antilope 

amizclero enano de agua, Cervatillo almizciero acuatico, (F) 

Chevrotain aquatique IIITRAGULIDAEMa 
Hyla nigerrima = Epipedobates trivitlatus 
Hyla tinctoria = Dendrobates tinctorius 
Hyla trivittata = Epipedobates trivitlatus 
Hylaplesia aurata = Dendrobates auralus 
Hylaplesia ignita = Dendrobates pumilio 
Hylaplesia labialis = Dendrobates labialis 
Hylaplesia lugubris = Phyllobates lugubris 
Hylaplesia nigerrima= Epipedobates trivitlatus 
Hylaplesia picta = Epipedobates pictus 
Hylaplesia pumilio = Dendrobates pumilio 

Hvlaplesia speciosa = Dendrobates speciosus 

Hylaplesia tinctoria - Dendrobates tinctorius 

Hylaplesia tinctoria latimaculata = Dendrobates auratus 

Hylaplesia trivittata = Epipedobates trivittatus 

Hylaplesia truncata = Dendrobates truncatas 

Hvlaplesia t\-pographa = Dendrobates pumilio 

Hvlobates agilis (E) Agile Gibbon, Dark -handed Gibbon, (F) 

Gibbon agile I HYLOBATIDAE Ma 
Hylobates concolor. (E) Black Gibbon, Black-cheeked Crested 

Gibbon, Crested Gibbon, Indochinese Gibbon, (F) Gibbon a 

favoris blancs. Gibbon noir I HYLOBATIDAE Ma 
Hylobates concolor gabriellae = Hylobates gabriellae 
Hvlobates concolor leucogenys = Hylobates leucogenys 
Hylobates gabriellae: (E) Buff-cheeked Gibbon, Yellow-cheeked 

Crested Gibbon I HYLOBATIDAE Ma 
Hylobates hoolock. (E) Hoolock Gibbon, (S) Gibon hulock, (F) 

Hylobates klossii: (E) Dwarf Gibbon, Kloss's Gibbon, Mentawai 

Gibbon. (S) Siamang de Kloss, Siamang enano. (F) Siamang de 

Hylobates lar. (E) Common Gibbon, Lar Gibbon, White-handed 

Gibbon, (S) Gibon de manos blancas, (F) Gibbon a mains 

blanches, Gibbon lar I HYLOBATIDAE Ma 
Hylobates lar agilis = Hvlobates agilis 
Hvlobates larmoloch = Hylobates moloch 
Hylobates larmuelleri = Hylobates muelleri 
Hylobates larpileatus = Hylobates pileatus 
Hvlobates leucogenys: ( E) White-cheeked Crested Gibbon, White- 
cheeked Gibbon I HYLOBATIDAE Ma 
Hylobates leucogenys gabriellae = Hylobates gabriellae 
Hylobates moloch: (E) Javan Gibbon, Silvery Gibbon, (S) Gibon 

ceniciento, (F) Gibbon cendre I HYLOBATIDAE Ma 
Hylobates muelleri: (E) Bomean Gibbon, Grey Gibbon, Miiller's 

Gibbon, (S) Gibon de Mueller, (F) Gibbon de Muller I 

Hylobates pileatus: (E) Capped Gibbon, Crowned Gibbon, Pileated 

Gibbon, (S) Gibon de cresta negra I HYLOBATIDAE Ma 
Hylobates syndactvlus: (E) Siamang. (Si Siamang. (F) Siamang I 

HYLOBATIDAE spp.: (E) gibbons, (S) gibones, (F) gibbons I Ma 
Hylocharis chtysura : (E) Gilded Hummingbird, (S) Picaflor 

bronceado, Picaflor dorado, Zafiro bronceado, (F) Saphir a 

queue d'or II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Hylocharis cyan us: ( E) White-chinned Sapphire, (S) Picaflor 

cabeciazul, Zafiro cabecimorado, Zafiro gorgiblanco, (F) Saphir 

Hylocharis eliciaeAE) Blue-throated Goldentail, (S) Zafiro de 

Elicia, Zafiro gorjiazul, (F) Saphir d'Elicia II TROCHILIDAE 

Hylocharis gray/: (E) Blue-headed Sapphire, (S) Zafiro cabeciazul, 

(F) Saphir ulysse II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Hylocharis humboldtii = Hylocharis grayi 
Hylocharis leucotis = Basilinna leucotis 
Hylocharis sapphirina: (E) Rufous-throated Sapphire, (S) Picaflor 

pechiazul. Zafiro gargantirrufo, Zafiro gorgirrojo, (F) Saphir a 

gorge rousse II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Hylocharis xantusii = Basilinna xantusii 
Hylonympha macrocerca: (E) Scissor-tailed Hummingbird, (S) 

Colibri tijereta. (F) Colibri a queue en ciseaux n 

Hypargos nitidula = Mandingoa nitidula 
Hypaspistes dipsadides = Morelia amethistina 
Hyperoodon spp.: (E) bottlenose whales, (S) ballenas hocico de 

Hyperoodon ampullatus: (E) Bottlehead, Northern Bottlenose 

Whale, (S) Ballena hocico de botella del norte, (F) Hyperoodon 

Hyperoodon austral (F): Hyperoodon planifrons 
Hyperoodon boreal (F): Hyperoodon ampullatus 
Hyperoodon phnifrons: (E) Southern Bottlenose Whale, (S) Ballena 

hocico de botella del sur, (F) Hyperoodon austral I ZIPH1IDAE 

Hyperoodon rostratus = Hyperoodon ampullatus 
Hypocharmosyna amabilis = Charmosyna amabilis 
Hypocharmosyna diadema = Charmosyna diadema 

Seep. 13 / Veasep. 29/ Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Hypocharmosyna meeki = Charmosyna meeki 
Hypocharmosyna multistriata - Charmosyna mullistriata 
Hypocharmosyna palmarum = Charmosyna palmantm 
Hypocharmosyna placentis = Charmosyna placentis 
Hypocharmosyna mbrigularis = Charmosyna ntbrigularis 
Hypocharmosyna ntbronotata = Charmosyna rubronotata 
Hypocharmosyna toxopei = Charmosyna roxopei 
Hypocharmosyna withelminac = Charmosyna wilhelminae 
Hypochera chaiybeata = Vidua chalyheata 
Hypochera wilsoni = Vidua wilsoni 
Hypochton pisciformis = Ambystoma mexicamim 
Hypuroptila urochrysia = Chalybura urochrysia 
Hyslrix cristata : (E) Crested Porcupine, North African Crested 

Porcupine. (S ) Puercoespin, (F) Pore-epic a Crete, Pore-epic du 

nord de l'Afrique III HYSTRICIDAE Ma 
Iaca (S): Podocnemis sextuberculata 
Ibis a crete du Japon (F): Nipponia nippon 
Ibis blanc (F): Nipponia nippon 
Ibis blanc du Japon (F): Nipponia nippon 
Ibis bianco japones (S): Nipponia nippon 
Ibis calvo (S): Geronticus calms 
Ibis calvo de Africa del Sur (S): Geronticus calvus 
Ibis chauve(F): Geronticus eremita 
Ibis chauve de l'Afrique du Sud (F): Geronticus calvus 
Ibis du Cap (F): Geronticus calvus 
Ibis eremita (S): Geronticus eremita 
Ibis escarlata (S): Eudocimus ruber 
Ibis hadada (S): Bostrychia hagedash 
Ibis hagedash (F): Bostrychia hagedash 
Ibis mofiudo japones (S ): Nipponia nippon 
Ibis moteado (S): Bostrychia rara 
Ibis nipon (S): Nipponia nippon 
Ibis nippon (F): Nipponia nippon 
Ibis nippon = Nipponia nippon 
Ibis noir(F): Geronticus calvt/s 
Ibis rara (S): Bostrychia rara 
Ibis rouge (F): Eudocimus ruber 
Ibis sacre (F): Threskiornis aethiopicus 
Ibis sagrado (S): Threskiornis aethiopicus 
Ibis vermicule (F): Bostrychia rara 
Ibis, Bald (E): Geronticus calvuslGeronticus eremita 
Ibis, Crested (E): Nipponia nippon 
Ibis, Hadada (¥.): Bostrychia hagedash 
Ibis, Hermit (E): Geronticus eremita 
Ibis, Japanese Crested (E): Nipponia nippon 
Ibis, Northern Bald (E): Geronticus eremita 
Ibis, Sacred (E): Threskiornis aethiopicus 
Ibis, Scarlet (E): Eudocimus ruber 
Ibis, Southern Bald (E): Geronticus calvus 
Ibis, Spot-breasted (E): Bostrychia rara 
Ibycter americanus = Daptrius americanus 
Ichthyaetus nanus = Ichthyophaga humilis 
Ichthyophaga humilis: (E) Lesser Fish- Eagle, Lesser Fishing Eagle, 

(S) Pigarguillo menor, (F) Pyeargue nain II ACCIPITR1DAE 

Ichthyophaga ichthyaetus: (E) Grey-headed Fish -Eagle, Grey- 
headed Fishing Eagle, (S) Pigarguillo comun, (F) Pygargue a 

tete grise II ACCIP1TRIDAE Av 
Ichthyophaga nana = Ichthyophaga humilis 
Ichtyocolle(F): Huso huso 
Icterideatetejaune(F): Agelaius flavus 
Icterus xantholaemus = Agelaius flavus 
Icfmaetus malayensis: (E) Asian Black Eagle, Black Eagle, Indian 

Black Eagle, (S) Aguila milana, (F) Aigle noir II 

Ictinia mississippiensis: (E) Mississippi Kite, (S) Elanio del 

Mississipi, Milano del Misisipi, Milano misisipero, (F) Milan du 

Ictinia plumbea: (E) Plumbeous Kite, (S) Elanio plomizo, Gavilan 

plomizo, Milano plomizo, (F) Milan bleuatre II 

Idiotrochus alatus. II 8 TURBINOLIIDAE An 
Idiotrochus emarciatus. II 8 TURBINOLIIDAE An 
Idiotrochus emarciatusperexigua = Idiotrochus emarciatus 
Idiotrochus kikutii: II 8 TURBINOLIIDAE An 

Idiotrochus perexigua = Idiotrochus emarciatus 

Idiurus kivuensis = Idiurus macrotis 

Idiurus macrotis: (E) Long-eared Flying Mouse, Long-eared Flying 

Squirrel, Long-eared Scaly -tailed Flying Squirrel, (S) Ardilla 

voladera de orejas largas, Ardilla voladora enana, (F) 

Anamolure nain III ANOMALURIDAE Ma 
Idmi (E): Gazella cuvieri 

lerax melanoleucos = Microhierax mekmoleucos 
Ignicolor (F): Euplectes franc iscanus 
Ignicolore IF): Euplectes franciscanus 
Iguana spp.: (E) iguanas, (S) iguanas, (F) iguanes communs, iguanes 

vrais, D IGUANIDAE Re 
Iguana cornuda (S): Phrynosoma coronatum 
Iguana crestada de Fiji (S): Brachy/ophus vitiensis 
Iguana delicatissima: (E) Lesser Antillean Iguana, West Indian 

Iguana, (F) Iguane des Antilles II IGUANIDAE Re 
Iguana iguana: (E) Common Iguana, Green Iguana, (S) Gallina de 

palo, Iguana verde, (F) Iguane commun, Iguane vert II 

Iguana marina (S): Amblyrhynchus cristatus 
Iguana rhinolopha = Iguana iguana 
Iguana terrestre de Barrington (S): Conolophus pallidus 
Iguana terrestre de las Galapagos (S): Conolophus subcristatus 
Iguana verde (S): Iguana iguana 
Iguana, Anegada Ground (E): Cyclurapinguis 
Iguana, Anegada Island (E): Cyclurapinguis 
Iguana, Anegada Rock (E): Cyc/ura pinguis 
Iguana, Bahamas (E): Cyclura cychlura 
Iguana, Bahamas Rock (E): Cyclura carinatalCyclura cychlura 
Iguana, Barrington Land (E): Conolophus pallidus 
Iguana, Bartsch's (E): Cyclura carinata 
Iguana, Cayman Islands Ground (E): Cyclura nubila 
Iguana, Common (E): Iguana iguana 
Iguana, Cuban (E): Cyclura nubila 
Iguana, Cuban Ground (E): Cyclura nubila 
Iguana. Fiji Banded (E): Brachylophus fascialus 
Iguana, Fiji Crested (E): Brachylophus vitiensis 
Iguana, Galapagos Land (E): Conolophus subcristatus 
Iguana, Galapagos Marine (E): Amblyrhynchus cristatus 
Iguana, Green (E): Iguana iguana 
Iguana, Hispaniolan Ground fE): Cyclura ricordi 
Iguana, Jamaica Ground (E): Cyclura collei 
Iguana. Jamaican (E): Cyclura collei 
Iguana. Lesser Antillean (E): Iguana delicatissima 
Iguana, Marine (E): Amblyrhynchus cristatus 
Iguana, Rhinoceros (E): Cyclura cormita 
Iguana, Ricord's (E): Cyclura ricordi 
Iguana, Ricord's Ground (E): Cyclura ricordi 
Iguana, San Salvador (E): Cyclura rileyi 
Iguana, San Salvador Ground (E): Cyclura rileyi 
Iguana, Santa Fe Land (E): Conolophus pallidus 
Iguana, Sea (E): Amblyrhynchus cristatus 
Iguana, South Pacific Banded (E): Brachylophus fascialus 
Iguana. Turks and Caicos (E): Cyclura carinata 
Iguana, Turks and Caicos Ground (E): Cyclura carinata 
Iguana, Watling Island (E): Cyclura rileyi 
Iguana, West Indian (E): Iguana delicatissima 
Iguana. White Cay Ground fE): Cyclura rileyi 
iguanas (E/S): Iguanaspp. 
iguanas cornuda (S): Cyclura spp. 
iguanas de Fiji (S): Brachylophus spp. 
iguanas terrestres (S): Conolophus spp ./Cyclura spp. 
iguanas, Fijian (E): Brachylophus spp. 
iguanas, ground (E): Cyclura spp. 
iguanas, land (E): Conolophus spp. 
Iguane a bandes des Fidji (F): Brachylophus fascialus 
Iguane a Crete des Fidji (F): Brachylophus vitiensis 
Iguane commun (F): Iguana iguana 
Iguane comu(F): Cyclura cornuta 
Iguane des Antilles (F): Iguana delicatissima 
Iguane marin (F): Amblyrhynchus cristatus 
Iguane terrestre comu (F): Cyclura cormita 
Iguane terrestre de la Jamai'que (F): Cyclura collei 
Iguane terrestre de I'lle Anegada (F): Cyclura pinguis 
Iguane terrestre de I'ile Santa Fe (F): Conolophus pallidus 

Seep. 13/ Veasep. 29 / Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Iguane terrestre des Bahamas (F): Cyclura rileyi 

Iguane terrestre des Galapagos (F): Conolophns subcristatus 

Iguane terrestre des lies Cai'manes (F): Cyclura imbila 

Iguane terrestre des iles Turks et Caiques (F): Cyclura carinata 

Iguane terrest re d'Hispaniola (F): Cyclura ricordi 

Iguane vert (F): Iguana iguana 

iguanes communs (F): Iguana spp. 

iguanes cornus (F): Cyclura spp. 

iguanes des Fidji (F): Brachylophus spp. 

iguanes rhinoceros (F): Cyclura spp. 

iguanes terrestres (F): Conotophus spp. 

iguanes terrestres des Galapagos (F): Conotophus spp. 

iguanes vrais (F): Iguana spp. 

Imperial-Pigeon, Mindoro ( E): Ducula mindorensis 

Impeyan, Chinese (E): Lophophorus Ihuysii 

Inca a collier (P): Coeligena torquata 

Inca a gemme hleue (F): Coeligena lutetiae 

Inca a queue blanche (F): Coeligena phalerata 

Inca acollarado (S): Coeligena torquata 

Inca alihabano (S): Coeligena lutetiae 

Inca arcoiris (S): Coeligena iris 

Inca bronceado (S): Coeligena coeligena 

Inca brun (F): Coeligena wilsoni 

Inca cafe (S): Coeligena wilsoni 

Inca celeste (F): Coeligena coeligena 

Inca coliblanco (S): Coeligena phalerata 

Inca de Bonaparte (F): Coeligena bonapartei 

Inca de Gould (F): Coeligena inca 

Inca gorgimorado (S): Coeligena violifer 

Inca iris (F): Coeligena iris 

Inca negro (S): Coeligena prunellei 

Inca noir (F): Coeligena prunellei 

Inca pardo (S): Coeligena wilsoni 

Inca porphyre (F): Coeligena helianthea 

Inca ventridorado (S): Coeligena bonapartei 

Inca ventrivioleta (S): Coeligena helianthea 

Incaviolifere (F): Coeligena violifer 

Inca, Black (E): Coeligena prunellei 

Inca, Bronzy (E): Coeligena coeligena 

Inca, Brown (E): Coeligena wilsoni 

Inca, Collared (E): Coeligena torquata 

Inca, Gould's (E): Coeligena inca 

Indigobird, Baka (E): Vidua larvaticola 

Indigobird, Black-faced Firefinch (E): Vidua larvaticola 

Indigobird, Goldbreast (E): Vidua raricola 

Indigobird, Green (E): Vidua chalybeata 

Indigobird, Jambandu (E): Vidua raricola 

Indigobird, Pale-winged (E): Vidua wilsoni 

Indigobird, Village (E): Vidua chalybeata 

Indigobird, Wilson's (E): Vidua wilsoni 

Indopacetus paciftcus (E) Indo- pacific Beaked Whale, Longman's 

Beaked Whale, (S) Ballena de pico de Longman, (F) 

Mesoplodon de Longman II ZIPHIIDAE Ma 
fndophyllia macassarensis: rf MUSSIDAE An 
lndotestudo elongata : (E) Elongated Tortoise, Pineapple Tortoise, 

Red-nosed Tortoise, Yellow Tortoise, Yellow-headed Tortoise, 

(F) Tortue a tete jaune II TESTUDIMDAE Re 
lndotestudo forstenii: (E) Celebes Tortoise, Forsten's Tortoise, 

Travancore Tortoise, (S) Tortuga matron de la India, (F) Tortue 

de Tranvancore, Tortue des Celebes II TESTUDINIDAE Re 
lndotestudo travancorica = lndotestudo forstenii 
Indri (F): Indri indri 
Indri a queue courte (F): Indri indri 
Indri colicorto (S): Indri indri 
Indri indri: (E) Indris, (S) Indri colicorto, (F) Indri, Indri a queue 

courte I INDRIDAE Ma 
Indri lanudo (S): Avahi laniger 
INDRIDAE spp.: (E) indris, sifakas (S) indris, sifakas, (F) avahis, 

propitheques I Ma 
Indris (E): Indri indri 
indris (E/S): INDRIDAE spp. 
Indris sifaca (S): Propithecus diademalPropithecus 

tattersallil Propithecus verreauxi 
Indris, Woolly (E): Avahi laniger 
Inferiolabiata labiata: if STYLASTERIDAEHy 

Inferiolabiata lowei: II 8 STYLASTERIDAEHy 

Inferiolabiata spinosa: II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 

Inia (F): Inia geoffrensis 

Inia boliviensis = Inia geoffrensis 

Inia geoffrensis: (E) Amazon River Dolphin, Boto, Boutu, (S) 

Bufeo, (F) Dauphin de 1'Amazone, Inia II PLATANISTIDAE 

Inseparable a collier noir (F): Agapornis swindernianus 
Inseparable a face rose (F): Agapornis roseicollis 
Inseparable ajoues noires (F): Agapornis nigrigenis 
Inseparable a tete grise (F): Agapornis canus 
Inseparable a tete rouge (F): Agapornis pullarius 
Inseparable abisinio (S): Agapornis taranta 
Inseparable acollarado (S): Agapornis swindernianus 
Inseparable cabecinegro (S): Agapornis personatus 
Inseparable cacheton (S): Agapornis nigrigenis 
Inseparable carirrojo (S): Agapornis pullarius 
Inseparable d'Abyssinie (F): Agapornis taranta 
Inseparable de collera (S): Agapornis swindernianus 
Inseparable de Fischer (F): Agapornis fischeri 
Inseparable de Fischer (S): Agapornis fischeri 
Inseparable de Lilian (F): Agapornis lilianae 
Inseparable de Namibia (S): Agapornis roseicollis 
Inseparable de Swindern (F): Agapornis sw'indern'onus 
Inseparable del-Nyasa (S): Agapornis lilianae 
Inseparable malgache (S): Agapornis canus 
Inseparable masque (F): Agapornis personatus 
Inseparable rose-gorge (F): Agapornis roseicollis 
Ionolaima schreibersii = Heliodoxa schreibersii 
Irbis (F): Unciauncia 
Isard (F): Rupicapra pyrenaica 
Isophvllastrea rigida: (E) Rough Star Coral, (F) Corail etoile 

rugueux II 8 MUSSIDAE An 
Isophyllia erythraea = Symphyllia erythraea 
Isophyllia multiflora = Isophyllia sinuosa 
Isophyllia rigida = Isophvllastrea rigida 
Isophyllia sinuosa: (E) Sinuous Cactus Coral, (F) Corail cactus 

sinueux D 8 MUSSIDAE An 
Isopora brueggemanni= Acropora brueggemanni 
lsopora palifera - Acropora palif era 
Isostkhopus fuscus: III STICHOPODIDAE Ho 
Imagine ensanglantee (F): Ithaginis cruentus 
Ithagines(F): Ithaginis cruentus 
Ithaginis cruentus: (E) Blood Pheasant, (S) Faisan ensangrentado, 

Faisan sangrante, Faisan sanguineo, (F) Faisan sanguin, Ithagine 

ensanglantee, Ithagines II PHASIANIDAE Av 
Jabali enano (S): Sus salvanius 
Jabali pigmeo (S).Sus salvanius 
Jabiru (E ): Jabiru mycteria 
Jabiru (F): Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis 
Jabiru (S): Ephippiorhynchus senegalensisl Jabiru mycteria 
Jabiru africain (F): Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis 
Jabiru africano (S): Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis 
Jabiru americain (F): Jabiru mycteria 
Jabiru Americano (S): Jabiru mycteria 
Jabiru d'Afrique (F): Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis 
Jabiru d'Amerique (F): Jabiru mycteria 
Jabiru du Senegal (F): Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis 
Jabiru mycteria : (E) Jabiru, (S) Garzon soldado. Jabiru, Jabiru 

Americano, (F) Jabiru americain, Jabiru d'Amerique I 

Jabuti (S): Geochelone carbonaria 
Jacare hirticollis = Caiman crocodilus 
Jacare longiscutata = Caiman yacare 
Jacare multisctdata = Caiman yacare 
Jacare ocellata = Caiman yacare 
Jacaretinga crocodilus = Caiman crocodilus 
Jacaretinga crocodilus fuscus = Caiman crocodilus fuscus 
Jacaretinga crocodilus jacare = Caiman yacare 
Jacaretinga moschifer = Paleosuchus palpebrosus 
Jacaruxi (S): Dracaenaspp. 
Jackal, Common (E): Canis aureus 
Jackal. Golden (E): Canis aureus 
Jacko (F): Psittacus erithacus 
Jacobin, Black (E): Florisugafusca 

Seep. 13/ Veasep. 29 1 Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Jacobin, White-necked (E): Florisuga mellivora 

Jacobino collarejo (S): Florisuga mellivora 

Jacobino nuquiblanco (S): Florisuga mellivora 

Jacobita (S): Cephalorhynchus commersonii 

Jacotinga ( S): Pipile jacutinga 

Jacquot (E): Amazona arausiaca 

Jacquot (F): Psittacus erithacus 

Jacuruxi (E): Dracaena guianensis 

Jaguar (E): Panthera onca 

Jaguarundi (E): Herpaihtrus yagiiarondi 

Jaqueton (S): Carcharodon carcharias 

Jaqueton bianco (S): Carcharodon carcharias 

Jaqueton de ley (S): Carcharodon carcharias 

Javania antarctica: II 8 TURBINOLIIDAE An 

Javania borealis: II 8 TURBINOLIIDAE An 

Javania cailleti: II 8 TURBINOLIIDAE An 

Javania californica: H 8 TURBINOLIIDAE An 

Javania delicata = Javania cailleti 

Javania eburnea = Javania cailleti 

Javania exserta : II 8 TURBINOLIIDAE An 

Javania fusca: II 8 TURBINOLIIDAE An 

Javania galapagensis = Javania cailleti 

Javania insignis: n 8 TURBINOLIIDAE An 

Javania lamprotichum : II 8 TURBINOLIIDAE An 

Javania nohile = Javania cailleti 

Javania pachytheca = Javania fusca 

Javania pseu'doalabastra: II s f URBINOLIIDAE An 

Javania vitrea = Javania cailleti 

Jerdonella sylhetensis = Kachuga sylhetensis 

Jewelfront, Gould's (E): Heliodoxa aurescens 

Jilguero cara amarilla (S): Carduelis yarrellii 

Jilguero de Yarrell (S): Carduelis yarrellii 

Jilguero rojo (S): Carduelis cuaillata 

Jorobada (S): Megaptera novaeangliae 

Jote real (S): Sarcoramphus papa 

Joues-oranges (F): Estrilda melpoda 

Jubarte (F): Megaptera novaeangliae 

Jubula lettii: (E) Maned Owl, (S) Buho de Crin, Buho de Guinea, 

(T) Due a criniere, Hibou a bee jaune II STRIGIDAE Av 
Junglefowl, Grey (E): Callus sonneratii 
Junglefovvl, Sonnerat's (E): Callus sonneratii 
Kachuga a cou raye (F): Kachuga dhongoka 
Kachuga a dos en toit (F): Kachuga tecta 
Kachuga a front rouge (F): Kachuga kachuga 
Kachuga spp.: (E) roofed turtles, (S) Galapagos cubiertos, (F) 

kachugas I/II EMYDIDAE Re 
Kachuga brookei = Callagur borneoensis 
Kachuga carenee (F): Kachuga lentoria 
Kachuga de TAssam (F): Kachuga sylhetensis 
Kachuga de Smith (F): Kachuga smithii 
Kachuga dhongoka: (E) Dhongoka Roofed Turtle, Three- striped 

Roofed Turtle, (F) Kachuga a cou raye II EMYDIDAE Re 
Kachuga fusca - Kachuga kachuga 
Kachuga hardwickii = Kachuga dhongoka 
Kachuga intermedia = Kachuga tentoria 
Kachuga kachuga : (E) Bengal Roof Turtle, Red-crowned Roofed 

Turtle, Sail Terrapin, (F) Kachuga a front rouge II EMYDIDAE 

Kachuga lineata = Kachuga kachuga 
Kachuga major= Callagur borneoensis 
Kachuga peguensis = Kachuga trivittata 
Kachuga smithii: (E) Brown River Turtle, Brown Roofed Turtle, (?) 

Kachuga de Smith II EMYDIDAE Re 
Kachuga sylhetensis: (E) Assam Roofed Turtle, Sylhet Roofed 

Turtle, (F) Kachuga de lAssam II EMYDIDAE Re 
Kachuga tecta : (E) Dura Turtle, Indian Pond Turtle, Indian Roofed 

Turtle, Indian Sawback Turtle, Tent Turtle, (S) Galapago 

cubierto de la India, Tortuga india de visera, (F) Emyde 

tricarenee, Kachuga a dos en toit I EMYDIDAE Re 
Kachuga tentoria : (E) Indian Tent Turtle, (F) Kachuga carenee II 

Kachuga trilineata = Kachuga trivittata 

Kachuga trivittata: (E) Burmese Roofed Turtle II EMYDIDAE Re 
kachugas (F): Kachuga spp. 
Kagou (F): Rhynochetos jubatus 

Kagou huppe (F): Rhynochetos jubatus 

Kagu (E): Rhynochetos jubatus 

Kagii (S): Rhynochetos jubatus 

Kaiserihind (E): Teinopalpus imperialis 

Kaiserihind, Golden (E): Teinopalpus aureus 

kaiserihinds (E): Teinopalpus spp. 

Kaka(E): Nestor meridionalis 

Kaka, New Zealand (E): Nestor meridionalis 

Kakapo (E):Strigops habroplilus 

Kakariki. Forbes's (E): Cyanoramphus forbesi 

Kakariki. Red- fronted (E): Cyanoramphus novaezelandiae 

Kakariki, Yellow- fronted (E): Cyanoramphus auriceps 

Kakatoe alba = Cacatua alba 

Kakatoe ducrops = Cacatua ducorpsii 

Kakatoe galerita = Cacatua galerita 

Kakatoe galerita ophthalmica = Cacatua ophthalmica 

Kakatoe haematuropygia = Cacatua haematuropygia 

Kakatoe leadbeateri = Cacatua leadbeateri 

Kakatoe moluccensis = Cacatua moluccensis 

Kakatoe roseicapilla = Eolophus roseicapillus 

Kakatoe sanguinea = Cacatua sanguinea 

Kakatoe sanguinea goffini= Cacatua goffini 

Kakatoe suiphurea = Cacatua sulphurea 

Kakatoe tenuirostris = Cacatua tenuirostris 

Kakatoe tenuirostris pastinator= Cacatua pastinator 

Kakatoi vareur (F): Cheilinus undulatus 

Kangaroo, Brush-tailed Rat (E): Bettongia penicillata 

Kangaroo, Lesueur's Rat (E): Bettongia lesueur 

Kangaroo, Tasmanian Rat (E): Bettongia gaimardi 

kangaroos. Rat (E): Bettongia spp. 

Kangourou-rat a queue touffue (T): Bettongia penicillata 

Kangourou-rat de Lesueur (F): Bettongia lesueur 

Kangourou-rat de Tasmanie (F): Bettongia gaimardi 

Kangourou-rat du desert (F): Caloprymnus campestris 

kangourou-rats {Y ): Bettongia spp. 

Karumbe (S): Geochelone carbonaria 

Kaupifalco monogrammicus: (E) Lizard Buzzard, (S) Busardo 

gavilan. (F) Autour unibande II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Kea (E): Nestor notabilis 

Keelback, Chequered (E):Xenochrophis piscator 
Keelback, Olivaceous (E):Atretium schistosum 
Keelback, Olive (E): Atretium schistosum 
Keelback, Split (E): Atretium schistosum 
Kelesa (E): Scleropages formosus 
Kestrel (E): Falco tinnunculus 
Kestrel, American (E): Falco sparverius 
Kestrel, Australian (E): Falco cenchroides 
Kestrel, Banded (E): Falco zoniventris 
Kestrel, Barred (E): Falco zoniventris 
Kestrel, Common (E): Falco tinnunculus 
Kestrel, Dickinson's (E): Falco dickinsoni 
Kestrel, Eurasian (E): Falco tinnunculus 
Kestrel, Fox (E): Falco alopex 
Kestrel, Greater (E): Falco rupicoloides 
Kestrel, Grey fE): Falco ardosiaceus 
Kestrel, Lesser (E): Falco naumanni 
Kestrel, Madagascar (E): Falco newtoni 
Kestrel, Mauritius (E): Falco punctatus 
Kestrel, Moluccan (E): Falco moluccensis 
Kestrel, Nankeen (E): Falco cenchroides 
Kestrel, Newton's (E): Falco newtoni 
Kestrel, Seychelles (E): Falco araea 
Kestrel, Spotted (E): Falco moluccensis 
Kestrel, White-eyed (E): Falco rupicoloides 
Kestrel, White-rumped (E): Falco dickinsoni 
Ketoupa brun (E): Ketupa zeyJonensis 
Ketoupa de Blakiston (F): Ketupa blakistoni 
Ketoupa malais (F): Ketupaketupu 
Ketoupa roux (F): Ketupa jlavipes 
Ketupa blakistoni: (E) Blakiston's Fish -Owl, (S) Buho manchu, (F) 

Grand-due de Blakiston, Ketoupa de Blakiston II STRIGIDAE 

Ketupa flavipes: (E) Tawny Fish -Owl, (S) Buho pescador, Buho 

pescador leonado. (F) Hibou pecheur roux. Ketoupa roux II 


Seep. 13/Veasep. 29 / Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Kelupa ketupif. (E) Buffy Fish -Owl. Malay Fish-Owl, (S) Buho 
pescador malayo, (F) Ketoupa malais II STRIGIDAE Av 

Ketupa zerlonensis: (E) Brown Fish-Owl, (S) Buho pescador de 
Ceilan, (F) Ketoupa brun II STRIGIDAE Av 

Khur ( E ): Equus onager khur 

Kiang (E): Equus kiang 

King-Parrot, Ambon (E): Alisterus amboinensis 

King-Parrot, Australian (E): Alislerus scapularis 

King-Parrot. Green-winged (E): Alisterus chloropterus 

King-Parrot, Moluccan (E): Alisterus amboinensis 

King-Parrot, Papuan (E): Alisterus chloropterus 

Kinixys australis = Kinixys belliana 

Kinixys belliana : (E) Bell's Hinged Tortoise, Bell's Hinged-backed 
Tortoise, (F) Kinixys de Bell II TESTUDINIDAE Re 

Kinixys belliana natalensis = Kinixys natalensis 

Kinixys castanea = Kinixys erosa 

Kinixys de Bell (F): Kinixys belliana 

Kinixys de Home (F): Kinixys homeana 

Kinixys du Natal (F): Kinixys natalensis 

Kinixys erosa:{E) Common Tortoise, Forest Hinged Tortoise, 
Schweigger's Tortoise, Serrated Hinge-back Tortoise, Serrated 
Hinge-backed Tortoise, Serrated Tortoise. (F) Kinixys rongee, 
Tortue articulee d'Afrique II TESTUDINIDAE Re 

Kinixys homeana : (E) Home's Hinge-back Tortoise, Home's Hinged 
Tortoise, Home's Hinged-backed Tortoise. (F) Kinixys de Home 

Kinixys jordani = Kinixys belliana 

Kinixys lobatsiana = Kinixys belliana 

Kinixys natalensis: (E) Natal Hinge-back Tortoise, Natal Hinge- 
backed Tortoise, Natal Hinged Tortoise, (F) Kinixvs du Natal II 

Kinixys rongee (F): Kinixys erosa 

Kinixys schoensis = Kinixys belliana 

Kinixys spekii = Kinixys belliana 

Kinixys youngi= Kinixys belliana 

Kinkajou (E): Potosflavus 

Kionotrochus avis = Pseudocyathoceras avis 

Kionotrochus hoodensis = Pseudocyathoceras avis 

Kionotrochus minimus = Peponocvathus minimus 

Kionotrochus suteri: D 8 TURBINOLIIDAE An 

Kite, African Swallow- tailed (E): Chelictinia riocourii 

Kite, American Swallow-tailed (E): Elanoides forficatus 

Kite, Australian Black-shouldered (E): Elanus axillaris 

Kite, Bat (E): Macheiramphus alcimts 

Kite, Black (E): Milvus migrans 

Kite, Black-breasted (E): Hamirosn-a melanosternon 

Kite, Black-eared (E): Milvus lineatus 

Kite, Black-shouldered (E): Elanus axillarislElanus caeruleus 

Kite, Black-winged (E): Elanus caeruleus 

Kite, Brahminy (E): Haliastur Indus 

Kite, Cayenne (E): Leptodon cayanensis 

Kite, Cuban Hook-billed (E): Chondrohierax uncinatus wilsonii 

Kite, Double-toothed (E): Harpagus bidentatus 

Kite, Everglade (E): Rostrhamus sociabilis 

Kite, Grey-headed (E): Leptodon cayanensis 

Kite, Hook-billed (E): Chondrohierax uncinatus 

Kite, Letter-winged (E): Elanus scriptus 

Kite, Mississippi (E): Ictinia mississippiensis 

Kite, Pariah (E): Milvus migrans 

Kite, Pearl (E): Gampsonyx swa insonii 

Kite, Plumbeous (E): Ictinia plumbea 

Kite, Red (E): Milvus milvus 

Kite, Red-backed (E): Haliastur Indus 

Kite, Rufous-thighed (E): Harpagus diodon 

Kite, Scissor-tailed (E): Chelictinia riocourii 

Kite, Slender-billed (E): Rostrhamus hamatus 

Kite, Snail (E): Rostrhamus sociabilis 

Kite, Square-tailed (E): Lophoictinia isura 

Kite, Swallow-tailed (E): Elanoides forficatus 

Kite, Whistling (E): Haliastur sphenurus 

Kite, White-collared (E): Leptodon forbesi 

Kite, White-tailed (E): Elanus leucurus 

Kite, Yellow-billed (E): Milvus migrans 

Klais guimeti: (E) Violet -headed Hummingbird, (S) Colibri 

cabeciazul, Colibri cabecivioleta, Tucusito cabeza azul, (F) 

Colibri a tete violette II TROCH1LIDAE Av 
Kobus leche (E) Lechwe, (S) Cobo de Lechwe, Lechwe, (F) Cobe 

lechwe, Lechwe II BOVIDAE Ma 
Kodkod(E): Oncifelis guigna 
Kogia breviceps. (E) Pygmy Sperm Whale, (S) Cachalote cabeza 

chica. Cachalote pigmeo, (F) Cachalot pvgmee II 

Kogia simus: (E) Dwarf Sperm Whale, Owen's Pygmy Sperm 

Whale, (S) Cachalote enano, (F) Cachalot nain II 

Kokomo (E): Aceros plicatus 
Kolinsky (E): Mustela sibirica 
Korhaan, Black (E): Eupodotis afra 
Korhaan, Black-bellied (E): Eupodotis melanogaster 
Korhaan, Blue (E): Eupodotis caerulescens 
Korhaan, Crested (E): Eupodotis ruficrista 
Korhaan, Damara (E): Eupodotis rueppellii 
Korhaan, Karoo (E): Eupodotis vigorsii 
Korhaan, White-bellied (E): Eupodotis senegalensis 
Korrigum (F): Damaliscus lunatus 
Kouprey (E): Bos sauveli 
Kulan (E): Equus hemionus 

Kulan, North Mongolian (E): Equus hemionus hemionus 
Labiopora antarctica = Errina antarctica 
Laborioso cabecirrojo (S): Quelea eiythrops 
Labvrinthocvathus cornu = Labvrinthocvathus delicatus 
Labyrinthocyathus delicatus. II s CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Labyrinthocyathus facetus. II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Labyrinthocyathus langae: II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Labyrinthocyathus limatulus. II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Labyrinthocyathus quaylei: II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Lacerta aegyptia = Uromastyx aegyptia 
Lacerta capensis = Varanus niloticus 
Lacerta chamaeleon = Chamaeleo chamaeleon 
Lacerta cordylus = Cordylus cordylus 
Lacerta crocodilus- Caiman crocodilus 
Lacerta exanthematica = Varanus exanthematicus 
Lacerta gangetica = Gm'ialis gangeticus 
Lacerta nilotica = Varanus niloticus 
Lacerta pumila = Bradypodion pumilum 
Lacerta varia = Varanus varius 
Lafresnaya lafresnayi: (E) Mountain Velvetbreast, (S) Colibri 

aterciopelado, Colibri terciopelo, (F) Colibri de Lafresnaye II 

Lagarhja de las Pitiusas (S): Podarcis pityusensis 
Lagartija balear (S): Podarcis lilfordi 
Lagartija de las Pitiusas (S): Podarcis pityusensis 
Lagarto cocodrilo chino (S): Shinisaurus crocodilurus 
Lagarto de cola espinosa comiin (S): Uromastyx acanthinura 
Lagarto de cola espinosa de Geyr (S): Uromastyx geyri 
Lagarto de cola espinosa de Macfadyen (S): Uromastyx macfadyeni 
Lagarto de cola espinosa de Thomas (S): Uromastyx thomasi 
Lagarto de cola espinosa ocelado (S): Uromastyx ocellata 
Lagarto de Cuentas (S): Heloderma horridum 
Lagarto egipcio de cola espinosa (S): Uromastyx aegyptia 
Lagarto gigante del Hierro (S): Gallotia simonyi 
Lagarto indio de cola espinosa (S): Uromastyx hardwickii 
Lagarto negro (S): Melanosuchus niger 
lagartos (S): Tupinambis spp. 
lagartos armadillos (S): Cordylus spp. 
lagartos dragons (S): Dracaena spp. 
Lagenodelpltis hosei: (E) Fraser's Dolphin. Sarawak Dolphin, (S) 

Delfin de Borneo, (F) Dauphin de Fraser II DELPHTNIDAE Ma 
Lagenorhynchus acutus: (E) Atlantic White-sided Dolphin, (S) 

Delfin de flancos blancos, (F) Lagenorhynque a flanc blanc de 

Lagenorhynchus albirostris: (E) White-beaked Dolphin, (S) Delfin 

de pico bianco, (F) Lagenorhvnque a bee blanc de I'Atlantique 

Lagenorhynchus australis: (E) Blackchin Dolphin, Peale's Dolphin, 

(S) Delfin austral, (F) Lagenorhynque de Peale II 


Seep. 13 1 Veasep. 29/ Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animates 

Lagenorhynchus cruciger. (E) Hourglass Dolphin, (S) Delfin 

cruzado, (F) Dauphin crucigere. Lagenorhynque crucigere n 

Lagenorhynchus obliquidens: (E) Pacific White-sided Dolphin, (S) 

Delfin lagenor ringo. (F) Lagenorhynque a tlanc blanc du 

Lagenorhynchus obscurus: (E) Dusky Dolphin, (S) Delfin listado, 

(F) Lagenorhynque sombre II DELPHINIDAE Ma 
Lagenorhynchus snperciliosus = Lagenorhynchus obscurus 
Lagenorhynque a bee blanc de TAtlantique (F): Lagenorhynchus 

Lagenorhynque a flanc blanc de TAtlantique (F): Lagenorhynchus 

Lagenorhynque a tlanc blanc du Pacifique (F): Lagenorhynchus 

Lagenorhynque crucigere (F): Lagenorhynchus cruciger 
Lagenorhynque de Peale (F): Lagenorhynchus auslralis 
Lagenorhynque sombre (F): Lagenorhynchus obscurus 
Lagonosticta larvata vinacea = Lagonosticta vinacea 
Lagonosticta rara: (E) Black-bellied Firefinch, Black-bellied 

Waxbill, (F) Amarante a ventre noir, Amarante rare III 

Lagonosticta rubricata: (E) African Firefinch. Blue-billed Firefinch. 

Brown-backed Firefinch, (S) Bengali de Lichtenstein. (F) 

Amarante flambe, Amarante fonce III ESTRILDIDAE Av 
Lagonosticta rufopicta : (E) Bar-breasted Firefinch, Bar-breasted 

Waxbill, (S) Bengali de Fraser. (F) Amarante pointe III 

Lagonosticta senegala : (E) Red-billed Firefinch, Senegal Firefinch, 

(S) Bengali senegales, (F) Amarante commun. Amarante du 

Lagonosticta vinacea : (E) Black -faced Firefinch, Vinaceous 

Firefinch, Vinaceous Waxbill, (S) Bengali carinegro, (F) 

Amarante masque, Amarante vineux III ESTRILDIDAE Av 
Lagorchestes hirsutus (E) Ormala, Rufous Hare-wallaby, Western 

Hare-wallaby, Wurrup, (S) Canguro-liebre peludo, Wallabi rojo, 

(F) Wallaby-lievre de I'ouest, Wallaby-lievre roux I 

Lagostrophus fasciatus: (E) Banded Hare-wallaby, Munning, (S) 

Canguro-liebre rayado, Wallabi rayado, (F) Wallaby -lievre a 

bandes, Wallaby-lievre raye I MACROPODIDAE Ma 
Lagothriche de Humboldt (F): Lagothrix lagotricha 
Lagothrix flavicauda: (E) Yellow-tailed Woolly Monkey, (F) Singe 

laineux a queue jaune I CEBIDAE Ma 
Lagothrix hendeei = Lagothrix flavicauda 
Lagothrix lagotricha.(E) Common Woolly Monkey, Humboldt's 

Woolly Monkey, (F) Lagothriche de Humboldt, Singe laineux II 

Lama guanicoe: (E) Guanaco, (S) Guanaco, (F) Guanaco II 

Lamantin d'Afrique (F): Trichechus senegalensis 
Lamantin d'Amerique du nord (F): Trichechus manalus 
Lamantin dAmerique du sud (F): Trichechus inunguis 
Lamantin de I'Amazone (F): Trichechus inunguis 
Lamantin des Antilles (F): Trichechus manatus 
Lamantin des Carai'bes (F): Trichechus manatus 
Lamantin du Senegal (F): Trichechus senegalensis 
Lamantin ouest -africain (F): Trichechus senegalensis 
Lamantino amazonico (S): Trichechus inunguis 
Lamantino norteamericano (S): Trichechus manatus 
Lambis(F): Strombus gigas 
Lamie (F): Carcharodon carcharias 
Lammergeier(E): Gypaetus barbatus 
Lampmussel, Alabama (E): Lampsilis virescens 
Lampornis amethystinus.(E) Amethyst -throated Hummingbird, (S) 

Colibri amatistino, Colibri-serrano gorjiamatisto, (F) Colibri a 

gorge amethyste II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Lampornis calolaema = Lampornis castaneoventris 
Lampornis castaneoventris: {E.) Purple-throated Mountain -gem, 

Variable Mountain -gem, White-throated Mountain-gem, (S) 

Colibri variable, (F) Colibri a ventre chatain II TROCHILIDAE 

Lampornis cinereicauda = Lampornis castaneoventris 

Lampornis clemenciae: (E) Blue-throated Hummingbird, (S) Colibri 

gorgiazul. Colibri-serrano gorjiazul, (F) Colibri a gorge bleue II 

Lampornis hemileucus: (E) White-bellied Mountain-gem. (S) 

Colibri gorgivioleta, (F) Colibri a gorge lilas II TROCHILIDAE 

Lampornis sybillae: (E) Green-breasted Mountain -gem, (S) Colibri 

de Sibila. Colibri-serrano pechiverde. (F) Colibri de Sybil II 

Lampornis viridipallens (E) Green -throated Mountain-gem, (S) 

Colibri gorgiescamoso, Colibri-serrano gorjiverde, (F) Colibri 

vert-d'eau II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Lampornis viridipallens sybillae = Lampornis sybillae 
Lampraster branickii = Heliodoxa branickii 
Lampribis rara = Bostrychia rara 
Lamprolaima rhami. (E) Garnet -throated Hummingbird, (S) Colibri 

alicastano, (F) Colibri a gorge grenat II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Lampsilis higginsii: (E) Higgins' Eye Pearly Mussel, Higgins's Eye I 

Lampsilis orbiculata : I/NC UNIONIDAE Bi 
Lampsilis orbiculata orbiculata : (E) Pinkmucket I UNIONIDAE Bi 
Lampsilis satur. (E) P lain Pocketbook Pearly Mussel, Sandbank 

Pocketbook I UNIONIDAE Bi 
Lampsilis tampicoensis tecomatensis = Unio tampicoensis 

Lampsilis virescens: (E) Alabama Lamp Pearly Mussel, Alabama 

Lampmussel I UNIONIDAE Bi 
Lancebill, Blue- fronted (E): Dory/era johannae 
Lancebill, Green- fronted (E): Doryfera ludovicae 
Langur a capuchon (F): Trachypithecus pileatus 
Langur a queue de cochon (F): Nasalis concolor 
Langur capuchino (S): Trachypithecus pileatus 
Langur chato (S): Pygathrix roxellana 
Langur collargo (S): Presbytis potenziani 
Langur comiin (S): Semnopilhecus entellus 
Langur crestado (S): Trachypithecus cristatus 
Langur de capa (S): Trachypithecus pileatus 
Langur de cara roja (S): Trachypithecus vctulus 
Langur de cresta (S): Presbytis melalophos 
Langur de Francois (F): Trachypithecus francoisi 
Langur de Francois (S): Trachypithecus francoisi 
Langur de frente blanca (S): Presbytis frontata 
Langur de Hose (S): Presbytis hosei 
Langur de Mentawi (S): Presbytis potenziani 
Langur de Nilgiri (S): Tracltypithecus johnii 
Langur de Thomas (S): Presbytis thomasi 
Langur des lies Mentawi (F): Nasalis concolor 
Langur dorado (S): Trachypithecus geei 
Langur dore (F): Trachypithecus geei 
Langur du Nilgiri (F): Trachypithecus johnii 
Langur gris (S): Presbytis comata 
Langur hanuman (S): Semnopilhecus entellus 
Langur jaspeado (S): Pygathrix nemaeus 
Langur mitrado (S): Presbytis femoralis 
Langur obscuro (S): Trachypithecus obscurus 
Langur rabicerdo (S): Nasalis concolor 
Langur rubicundo (S): Presbytis rubicunda 
Langur, Banded (E): Presbytis femoralis 
Langur, Bonneted (E): Trachypithecus pileatus 
Langur, Capped (E): Trachypithecus pileatus 
Langur, Common (E): Semnopilhecus entellus 
Langur, Douc (E): Pygathrix nemaeus 
Langur, Entellus (E): Semnopilhecus entellus 
Langur, Francois's (E): Trachypithecus francoisi 
Langur, Golden (E): Trachypithecus geei 
Langur, Grey (E): Semnopilhecus entellus 
Langur, Hanuman (E): Semnopilhecus entellus 
Langur, John's (E): Trachypithecus johnii 
Langur, Long-tailed (E): Presbytis potenziani 
Langur, Maroon (E): Presbytis i-ubicunda 
Langur, Mentawai (E): Presbytis potenziani 
Langur, Mentawi Islands Snub-nosed (E): Nasalis concolor 
Langur, Nilgiri (E): Trachypithecus johnii 
Langur, Pagai Island (E): Nasalis concolor 
Langur, Phayre's (E): Trachypithecus phayrei 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animates 

Langur, Pig-tailed (E): Nasalis concolor 

Langur, Red-shanked Douc (E): Pygathrix nemaeus 

Langur, Silvered (E): Trachypithecus cristatus 

Langur, Spectacled (E): Trachypithecus obscwus 

Langur, Thomas's (E): Presbytis thomasi 

Langur, True (E): Semnopithecus cntellus 

Langur, White-faced (E): Presbytia frontata 

Lanner (E): Falco biarmicus 

Lapa azul (S): Aramacao 

Lapin de Diaz (F): Romerolagus diazi 

Lapin de I'Assam (F>: Caprolagus hispidus 

Lapin desvolcans (F): Romerolagus diazi 

Larus melanocephalus relictus = Lotus reiictus 

I Aims relictus: (E) Relict Gull, (S) Gaviota de Mongolia, Gaviota 

relicta, (F) Goeland de Mongolie, Goeland relique, Mouette 

Lasiorhimts hamardi= Lasiominus kreffiii 
Lasiorhimis gillespiei = Lasiorhinus kreffiii 
Lasiorhlnus kreffiii: (E) Northern Hairy-nosed Wombat, 

Queensland Hairy -nosed Wombat, (S) Oso marsupial del rio 

Moonie, Vombat de Queensland, (F) Wombat a nez poilu du 

Queensland I VOMBATIDAE Ma 
Lathamus discolor. (E) Swift Parrot, (S) Periquito migrador, (F) 

Perruche de Latham UPSITTAC1DAE Av 
I in inter i a spp.: (F) coelacanthes I LATIMER1IDAE Sa 
Latimeria (E): Latimeria chahimnae 
Latimeria chalumnae: (E) Coelacanth, Gombessa, Latimeria, Old 

Four Legs, (S) Celecanto, (F) Coelacanthe I LATIMERIIDAE 

Latimeria menadoensis: (E) Menado Coelacanth I 

Laughingthrush, Melodious (E): Garrulax canorus 
Layardiella tabuensis = Prosopeia tabuensis 
Leatherback (E): Dermochelys coriacea 
Lechucita acanelada (S): Aegolhis harrisii 
Lechucita comun (S): Otus choliba/Speotyto cunicularia 
Lechucita de las viscacheras (S): Speotyto cunicularia 
Lechucita rojiza (S): Otus atricapillus 
Lechuza australiana (S): Tyto novaehollandiae 
Lechuza bataraz (S): Strix rufipes 
Lechuza baya de Madagascar (S): Phodilus badius 
Lechuza blanquinegra (S): SnLx nigrolineata 
Lechuza campestre (S): Asio jlammeus 
Lechuza colilarga (S): Strix albitarsuslStrix virgata 
Lechuza comun (S): Tyto alba 
Lechuza copetona (S): Lophostrix cristata 
Lechuza cornuda (S): Phodilus badius 
Lechuza de campanario (S): Tyto alba 
Lechuza de Celebes (S): Tyto rosenbergii 
Lechuza de El Cabo (S): Tyto capensis 
Lechuza de la Espanola (S): Tyto glaucops 
Lechuza de la Manus (S): Tyto manusi 
Lechuza de la Taliabu (S): Tyto nigrobrunnea 
Lechuza de las Tanimbar (S): Tyto sororcula 
Lechuza de Madagascar (S): Tyto soumagnei 
Lechuza de Minahassa(S): Tyto inexspectata 
Lechuza de Tengmalm (S): Aegolhis funereus 
Lechuza del Congo (S): Phodilus prigoginei 
Lechuza dorada (S): Tyto aurantia 
Lechuza estigia (S): Asio stygius 
Lechuza gavilana (S): Surnia ulula 
Lechuza gavilana de las Molucas (S): Ninox squamipila 
Lechuza gavilana de Norfolk (S): Ninox novaeseelandiae undulata 
Lechuza listada (S): Asio clamator/Strix hylophila 
Lechuza malgache (S): Tyto soumagnei 
Lechuza mora (S): Asio capensis 
Lechuza moteada (S): Tyto mu/tipunctata 
Lechuza negra ( S ): Strix huhula 
Lechuza orejicorta (S): Asio Jlammeus 
Lechuza orejita de Madagascar (S): Asio madagascariensis 
Lechuza patiblanca (S): Strix albitarsus 
Lechuza patilarga(S): Tyto longimembris 
Lechuza pescadora (S): Scotopelia peli 
Lechuza tenebrosa (S): Tyto tenebricosa 
lechuzas (S): STRIGIFORMES spp. 

Lechuzon (S): Asio clamator 

Lechuzon acollarado chico (S): Pulsatrix koeniswaldiana 

Lechuzon acollarado grande (S): Pulsatrix melanota 

Lechuzon anteojo (S): Pulsatrix perspicillata 

Lechuzon anteojo menor (S): Pulsatrix koeniswaldiana 

Lechuzon campestre (S): Asio jlammeus 

Lechuzon cariblanco (S): Sceloglaia albifacies 

Lechuzon de anteojos (S): Pulsatrix perspicillata 

Lechuzon de Woodford (S): Strix woodfordii 

Lechuzon negruzco (S): Asio stygius 

Lechuzon orejas largas (Sf.Asio clamator 

Lechuzon orejudo (S):Asio clamalorlBubo virginianus 

Lechuzon pardo menor (S): Pulsatrix koeniswaldiana 

Lechwe (E): Kobus leche 

Leech, Medicinal (E): Hirudo medicinalis 

Legs, Old Four (E): Latimeria chalumnae 

Leionolus maculatus = Tropidophis maculatus 

Leiopalhes acanthophora : II LEIOPATHIDAE An 

Leiopathes boscii = Antipathes boscii 

Leiopalhes bullosa: II LEIOPATHIDAE An 

Leiopathes expansa : II LEIOPATHIDAE An 

Leiopathes glaberrima (E) Smooth Black Coral II 

Leiopathes grimaldii: II LEIOPATHIDAE An 
Leiopathes lenta - Antipathes lenta 
Leiopathes secunda: II LEIOPATHIDAE An 
Leiopytlwn albertisii: (E) DAIberfs Python, White-lipped Python, 

(S) Piton de Albert, (F) Python a levres blanches, Python de 

Nouvelle-Guinee II PYTHONIDAE Re 
Leiothrix a joues argent (F): Leiothrix argentauris 
Leioihrix argentauris: (E) Silver-eared Mesia, (S) Mesia, (F) 

Leiothrix a joues argent, Mesia II MUSCICAP1DAE Av 
Leiothrix jaune (F): Leiothrix lutea 
Leiothrix lutea. (E) Red-billed Leiothrix, Red-billed Mesia, (S) 

Ruisenor del bambu, (F| Leiothrix jaune II MUSCICAPIDAE 

Leiothrix, Red-billed (E): Leiothrix lutea 
Lempijius megalotis = Otus megalotis 
Lemur a couronne (F): Eulemur coronalus 
L£mur a ventre rouge (F): Eulemur rubriventer 
Lemur ardilla coligrueso (S): Cheirogaleus medius 
Lemur brun (F): Eulemur fulvus 
Lemur cariancho (S): Hapalemur aureus/ 'Hapaletnur 

griseusl Hapalemur simus 
Lemur catta (F): Lemur catta 
Lemur catta : (E) Ring-tailed Lemur, (S) Lemur colianillado, (F) 

Lemur catta, Maki catta I LEMURIDAE Ma 
Lemur colianillado (S): Lemur catta 
Lemur comadreja de Ambanja (S): Lepilemur dorsalis 
Lemur comadreja de dientes pequenos (S): Lepilemur microdon 
Lemur comadreja de Edwards (S): Lepilemur edwardsi 
Lemur comadreja de pies blancos (S): Lepilemur leucopus 
Lemur comadreja septentrional (S): Lepilemur septentrionalis 
Lemur coronado (S): Eulemur coronatus 
Lemur coronatus - Eulemur coronatus 
Lemur de collar (S): Varecia variegata 
Lemur de Gola (S): Varecia variegata 
Lemur de Gorguera (S): Varecia variegata 
Lemur de vientre rojo (S): Eulemur rubriventer 
Lemur enano coligrueso (S): Cheirogaleus medius 
Lemur enano mayor (S): Cheirogaleus major 
Lemur fulvus = Eulemur fulvus 
Lemur leonado (S): Eulemur fulvus 
Lemur macaco (F): Eulemur macaco 
Lemur macaco = Eulemur macaco 
Lemur mangola (S): Eulemur mongoz 
Lemur mongoz (F): Eulemur mongoz 
Lemur mongoz = Eulemur mongoz 
Lemur negro (S): Eulemur macaco 
Lemur noir (F): Eulemur macaco 
Lemur orejipeludo (S): Allocebus trichotis 
Lemur rubriventer = Eulemur rubriventer 
Lemur vari (F): Varecia variegata 
Lemur variegatus = Varecia variegata 
Lemur, Berthe's Mouse (E): Microcebus berthae 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Lemur, Black (E): Eulemur macaco 

Lemur, Broad-nosed Gentle (E): Hapalemur simus 

Lemur, Brown (E): Eulemur fulvus 

Lemur, Coquerel's Dwarf (E): Microcebus coquereli 

Lemur, Crowned (E): Eulemur coronatus 

Lemur, Dry-bush Weasel (E): Lepilemur leucopus 

Lemur, Fat-tailed Dwarf (E): Cheirogaleus medius 

Lemur, Fork-marked (E): Phaner furcifer 

Lemur, Golden (E): Hapalemur aureus 

Lemur, Golden Bamboo (E): Hapalemur aureus 

Lemur, Golden-brown Mouse (E): Microcebus ravelobensis 

Lemur, Greater Bamboo (E): Hapalemur simus 

Lemur, Greater Dwarf (E): Cheirogaleus major 

Lemur, Greater Sportive (E): Lepilemur mustelinus 

Lemur, Greater Weasel (E): Lepilemur mustelinus 

Lemur, Grey Gentle (E): Hapalemur griseus 

Lemur, Grey-backed Sportive (E): Lepilemur dorsalis 

Lemur, Hairy-eared Dwarf (E): Alhcebus trichotis 

Lemur, Large Iron-grey Dwarf (E): Cheirogaleus ravus 

Lemur, Lesser Iron-grey Dwarf (E): Cheirogaleus minusculus 

Lemur, Lesser Weasel (E): Lepilemur ruficaudatus 

Lemur, Light-necked Sportive (E): Lepilemur microdon 

Lemur, Milne-Edwards's Sportive (E): Lepilemur edwardsi 

Lemur, Mongoose (E): Eulemur mongoz 

Lemur, Northern Rufous Mouse (E): Microcebus lavaratra 

Lemur, Northern Sportive (E): Lepilemur septentrionalis 

Lemur, Nossi-be Sportive (E): Lepilemur dorsalis 

Lemur, Red-bellied (E): Eulemur ruhriventer 

Lemur, Red-tailed Sportive (E): Lepilemur ruficaudatus 

Lemur, Ring-tailed (E): Lemur catla 

Lemur, Ruffed (E): Varecia variegata 

Lemur, Sambirano Mouse (E): Microcebus sambiranensis 

Lemur, White-footed Sportive (E): Lepilemur leucopus 

Lemur, Woolly (E): Avahi laniger 

lemures (S): LEMURIDAE spp. 

LEMURIDAE spp.: (El lemurs, (S) lemures, (F) lemuriens. Lemurs 

I Ma 
lemuriens (F): LEMURIDAE spp. 
lemurs (E): LEMURIDAE spp. 
lemurs (F): LEMURIDAE spp. 
lemurs comadreja (S): MEGALADAPIDAE spp. 
Leon (S): Panthera leo 
Leon americano (S): Puma concolor 
Leon asiatico IS): Panthera leo persica 
Leon bayo (S): Puma concolor 
Leon brenero (S): Herpailurus yaguarondi 
Leon costarricense (S): Puma concolor costaricensis 
Leon de Florida (S): Puma concolor coryi 
Leon indostanico (S): Panthera leo persica 
Leoncillo <S): Herpailurus yaguarondi 
Leontideus caissara = Leontopithecus caissara 
Leontideus chrysomela = Leontopithecus chrysomela 
Leontideus chrysopygus - Leontopithecus chrysopygus 
Leontideus rosalia = Leontopithecus rosalia 
Leontopithecus spp.: (E) lion tamarins, (S) titis-leon, (F) singeslions 

Leontopithecus caissara: (E) Black-faced Lion Tamarin I 

Leontopithecus chrysomela: (E) Golden-headed Lion Tamarin, (S) 

Tamarino leon de cabeza dorada I CALLITRICHIDAE Ma 
Leontopithecus chrysopygus: (E) Black Lion Tamarin, Golden- 

rumped Lion Tamarin I CALLITRICHIDAE Ma 
Leontopithecus rosalia: (E) Golden Lion Tamarin, (F) Singe-lion, 

Tamarin soyeux I CALLITRICHIDAE Ma 
Leontopithecus rosalia caissara = Leontopithecus caissara 
Leontopithecus rosalia chrysomela = Leontopithecus chrysomela 
Leontopithecus rosalia chrysopygus = Leontopithecus chrysopygus 
Leontopithecus rosalia rosalia = Leontopithecus rosalia 
Leopard (E): Panthera pardus 
Leopard (F): Panthera pardus 
Leopard des neiges (F): Uncia uncia 
Leopard, Clouded (E): Neofelis nebulosa 
Leopard, Hunting (E): Acinonyxjubatus 
Leopard, Snow (E): Uncia uncia 
Leopardo (S): Panthera pardus 

Leopardo de las nieves (S): Uncia uncia 

Leopardo nival (S): Uncia uncia 

Leopardus jacobita = Oreailurus jacobita 

Leopardus pardalis: (E| Ocelot, (S) Gato onza, Manigordo, Ocelote, 

(F) Ocelot I FELIDAE Ma 
Leopardus tigrinus: (E) Little Spotted Cat, Oncilla, Tiger Cat, (S) 

Caucel, Gato atigrado, Gato tigre, Gato tigrillo, Tigrillo, Tirica, 

(F) Chat-tachete, Chat-tigre, Oncille I FELIDAE Ma 
Leopardus wiedii: (E) Margay, Tree Ocelot, (S) Caucel, Gato 

montes, Tigrillo, (F) Margay I FELIDAE Ma 
Lepidochelyde de Kemp (F): Lepidochelys kempii 
Lepidochetys kempii: (El Atlantic Ridley, Gulf Ridley, Kemp's 

Ridley, Mexican Ridley, (S) Cotorra, Tortuga lora, Tortuga 

marina bastarda, (F) Lepidochelyde de Kemp. Ridley de Kemp, 

Tortue de Kemp I CHELONIIDAE Re 
Lepidochelys olivacea: (E) Olive Ridley, Pacific Ridley, (S) Tortuga 

golfina, Tortuga olivacea, (F) Ridley du Pacifique, Tortue 

batarde, Tortue de Ridley, Tortue olivatre I CHELONIIDAE Re 
Lepidochelys olivacea kempii = Lepidochelys kempii 
Lepidogenys subcristatus = Aviceda subcristata 
Lepidopora acrolophos: II s STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Lepidopora biserialis: II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Lepidopora carinata: II s STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Lepidopora clavigera: H 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Lepidopora cochleata = Errina cochleata 
Lepidopora concatenate. II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Lepidopora cryplocymas: II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Lepidopora dabneyi = Errina dabneyi 
Lepidopora decipiens: II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Lepidopora dendrosty/us: II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Lepidopora diffusa: II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Lepidopora eburnea: II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Lepidopora glabra: II s STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Lepidopora granulosa: II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Lepidopora hicksoni = Lepidopora eburnea 
Lepidopora microstylus: II" STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Lepidopora polystichopora: II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Lepidopora sarmentosa: II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Lepidopora symmetrica: II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Lepidopyga coeruleogularis: (E) Sapphire-throated Hummingbird, 

(S) Colibri gorgizafiro, (F) Colibri faux-saphir 

Lepidopyga coeruleogularis lilliae = Lepidopyga lilliae 
Lepidopyga goudoti: (E) Shining-green Hummingbird, (S) Colibri 

de Goudot, Tucusito pico curvo, (F) Colibri de Goudot 

Lepidopyga lilliae: (E) Sapphire-bellied Hummingbird, (S) Colibri 

ventrizafiro, (F) Colibri de Lillian IITROCHILIDAE Av 
Lepidopyga luminosa = Lepidopyga goudoti 
Lepidotheca altispina: II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Lepidotheca brochi: II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Lepidotheca cervicornis: II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Lepidotheca chauliostylus: II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Lepidotheca fascicularis: II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Lepidotheca horrida: II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Lepidotheca inconsuta: II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Lepidotheca macropora: II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Lepidotheca pourtalesi: II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Lepidotheca ramosa: II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Lepidotheca robusta: II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Lepidotheca tenuistylus: II 8 STYLASTERIDAE Hy 
Lepilemur dorsalis: (E) Grey-backed Sportive Lemur, Nossi-be 

Sportive Lemur, (S) Lemur comadreja de Ambanja I 

Lepilemur edwardsi: (E) Milne-Edwards's Sportive Lemur, (S) 

Lemur comadreja de Edwards I MEGALADAPIDAE Ma 
Lepilemur leucopus: (E) Dry-bush Weasel Lemur, White-footed 

Sportive Lemur, (S) Lemur comadreja de pies blancos I 

Lepilemur microdon: (E) Light-necked Sportive Lemur, (S) Lemur 

comadreja de dientes pequenos I MEGALADAPIDAE Ma 
Lepilemur mustelinus: (E) Greater Sportive Lemur, Greater Weasel 

Lemur, (F) Grand lepilemur I MEGALADAPIDAE Ma 
Lepilemur mustelinus dorsalis = Lepilemur dorsalis 
Lepilemur mustelinus edwardsi = Lepilemur edwardsi 

Seep. 13 / Veasep. 29/ Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Lepilemw mustelinus leucopus= Lepilemur leucopus 
Lepilemur mustelinus microdon = Lepilemur microdon 
Lepilemur mustelinus ruficaudatus= Lepilemur ruficaudalus 
Lepilemur mustelinus septentrional is = Lepilemur septentrionalis 
Lepilemur rufescens = Lepilemur edwardsi 
Lepilemur ruficaudalus: (E) Lesser Weasel Lemur, Red-tailed 

Sportive Lemur, (F) Petit lepilemur I MEGALADAPIDAE Ma 
Lepilemur septentrionalis. (E) Northern Sportive Lemur, (S) Lemur 

comadreja septentrional I MEGALADAPIDAE Ma 
lepilemurs (F): MEGALADAPIDAE spp. 
Leporillus conditor (E) Greater Stick -nest Rat, House-building Rat, 

(S) Rata arquitecto, (F) Rat architecte I MURIDAE Ma 
Leptailurus serval: (E) Serval, (S) Serval, (F) Chat-tigre, Serval II 

Leptastrea aequalis: II 8 FAVIIDAE An 
Leptastrea agasski = Cyphastrea agassizi 
Leptastrea bewickensis: II 8 FAVIIDAE An 
Leptastrea bottae: II 8 FAVIIDAE An 
Leptastrea ehrenbergiana = Leptastrea purpurea 
Leptastrea hawaiiensis = Leptastrea bottae 
Leptastrea immersa = Leptastrea bottae 
Leptastrea inaequalis: II 8 FAVIIDAE An 
Leptastrea mammiformis = Echinopora mammiformis 
Leptastrea pruinosa : II 8 FAVIIDAE An 
Leptastrea pulchra = Leptastrea purpurea 
Leptastrea purpurea : II 8 FAVIIDAE An 
Leptastrea roissyana = Leptastrea purpurea 
Leptastrea solida = Leptastrea bottae 
Leptastrea stellulata = Leptastrea purpurea 
Leptastrea tratm'ersa : II 8 FAVIIDAE An 
Leptoboa dussumieri = Casarea dussumieri 
Leptocyathus stimpsonii = Deltocyathoides stimpsonii 
Leptodon cayanensis: (E) Cayenne Kite, Grey-headed Kite, (S) 

Gavilan palomero, Milano blanquigris, Milano cabecigris, (F) 

Milan de Cayenne II ACCIPITRJDAE Av 
Leptodon forbesi: (E) White-collared Kite, (S) Milano acollarado, 

(F) Milan de Forbes II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Leptopenus antarcticus. II 8 MICRABACIIDAE An 
Leptopenus discus: II 8 MICRABACIIDAE An 
Leptopenus hypocoelwr. II 8 MICRABACIIDAE An 
Leptopenus irinae = Leptopenus discus 
Leptopenus solidus: II 8 MICRABACIIDAE An 
Leplopsammia britannica: II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Leptopsammiachevalieri: II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Leptopsammia columna: II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Leptopsammia conica = Balanophvllia stimpsonii 
Leptopsammia crassa: it DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Leptopsammhformosa: II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Leptopsammia microcardia = Leptopsammia pruvoti 
Leptopsammia poculum : II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Leptopsammia pruvoti: D 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Leptopsammia queenslandiae: tf DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Leptopsammia stokesiana: B s DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Leptopsammia trinitatis: II 8 DENDROPHYLLIIDAE An 
Leptoptilos crumeniferus: (E) Marabou Stork, (S) Marabii, Marabu 

africano, (F) Marabout, Marabout africain. Marabout dAfrique 

Leptoria gracilis = Leptoria phrygia 
Lepioria irregularis: II 8 FAVIIDAE An 
Leptoria phrygia: II 8 FAVIIDAE An 
Leptoria tenuis = Leptoria plvygia 
Leptoseris amitoriensis: IF AGARICIIDAE An 
Leptoseris cailleti:(E) Lacy Lettuce Coral if AGARICIIDAE An 
Leptoseris columna = Leptoseris scabra 
Lepto seris cucullata = Helioseris cucullata 
Leptoseris digitata = Leptoseris papyracea 
Leptoseris exptanata: II 8 AGARICIIDAEAn 
Leptoseris foliosa: it AGARICIIDAEAn 
Leptoseris fragilis = Leptoseris tenuis 
Leptoseris gardineri: II AGARICIIDAEAn 
Leptoseris glabra = Leptoseris explanata 
Leptoseris gravieri = Leptoseris hawaiiensis 
Leptoseris hawaiiensis: II 8 AGARICIIDAE An 
Leptoseris incrustans = Leptoseris hawaiiensis 
Leptoseris incrustans. II 8 AGARICIIDAE An 

Leptoseris mycetoseroides: if AGARICIIDAE An 

Leptoseris nobilis = Helioseris cucullata 

Leptoseris panamensis - Leptoseris papyracea 

Leptoseris papyracea: II 8 AGARICIIDAEAn 

Leptoseris paschalensis = Leptoseris solida 

Leptoseris porosa = Leptoseris solida 

Leptoseris regularis = Leptoseris scabra 

Leptoseris scabra: if AGARICIIDAEAn 

Leptoseris solida: II 8 AGARICIIDAE An 

Leptoseris striata = Leptoseris hawaiiensis 

Leptoseris tenuis: II 8 AGARICIIDAE An 

Leptoseris tubulifera : II 8 AGARICIIDAE An 

Leptoseris yabei: U g AGARICIIDAE An 

Leptoseris zamboi= Leptoseris papyracea 

Leptosittaca branickii: (E) Golden -plumed Conure, Golden -plumed 

Parakeet, (S) Aratinga de pinceles, (F) Conure a pinceaux d'or, 

Perruche de Branicki II PSITTACIDAE Av 
Leptosmilia costulala = Euphyllia glabrescens 
Leptosmilia gaimardi = Euphyllia glabrescens 
Leptosmilia glabrescens = Euphyllia glabrescens 
Leptosmilia ramosa = Euphyllia glabrescens 
Leptosmilia rugosa = Euphyllia glabrescens 
Leptosmilia striata = Euphyllia glabrescens 
Lesbia gouldii = Lesbia nuna 
Lesbia nuna : (E) Green-tailed Trainbearer, (S) Colacinta coliverde, 

Colibri colilargo menor, Colibri coludo verde, (F) Porte-traine 

Lesbia victoriae: (E) Black -tailed Trainbearer, (S) Colacinta 

colinegra, Colibri colilargo mayor. (F) Porte-traine lesbie II 

Letepsammiaftssilis: II 8 MICRABACIIDAE An 
Letepsammia formosissima II 8 MICRABACIIDAE An 
Letepsammiafranki: II 8 MICRABACIIDAE An 
Letepsammia superstes: II s MICRABACIIDAE An 
Leucippus baeri: (E) Tumbes Hummingbird, (S) Colibri de Tumbes, 

(F) Colibri de Tumbes II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Leucippus chionogaster: (E) White-bellied Hummingbird, (S) 

Colibri ventriniveo, Picaflor ventriblanco, (F) Ariane a ventre 

Leucippus chlorocercus: (E) Olive-spotted Hummingbird, (S) 

Colibri blancioliva, Colibri olivipunteado, (F) Colibri a queue 

Leucippus fallax: (E) Bufly Hummingbird, (S) Colibri ante, Colibri 

anteado, (F) Colibri trompeur II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Leucippus hypostictus: (E) Many-spotted Hummingbird, (S) Colibri 

moteado, Colibri multipunteado, (F) Colibri grivele II 

Leucippus taczanowskii: (E) Spot -throated Hummingbird, (S) 

Colibri de Taczanovvski, (F) Colibri de Taczanowski II 

Leucippus viridicauda: (E) Green -and- white Hummhgbird, (S) 

Colibri blanquiverde, (F) Ariane du Perou II TROCHILIDAE 

Leucocephalon yuwonor.(E) Sulawesi Forest Turtle, (F) Geoemyde 

des Celebes II EMYDIDAE Re 
Leucochloris albicollis: (E) White-throated Hummingbird, (S) 

Colibri gargantilla, Picaflor cuelliblanco, (F) Colibri a gorge 

Leucogeranne (F): Grus leucogeranus 
Leucopleurus acutus = Lagenorhynchus acutus 
Leucopsar rothschildr. (E) Bali Myna, Bali Starling, Rothschild's 

Myna, Rothschild's Starling, White Starling, (S) Estornino de 

Rothschild, Mina de Rothschild, (F) Etoumeau de Rothschild, 

Mainate , Mainate de Rothschild, Martin de Rothschild, 

Sansonnet de Rothschild I STURNIDAE Av 
Leucopternis albicollis: (E) White Hawk, (S) Busardo bianco, 

Gavilan bianco, (F) Buse blanche II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Leucopternis albicollis occidentalis = Leucopternis occidentalis 
Leucopternis kuhli:(E) White-browed Hawk, (S) Busardo 

cejiblanco, (F) Buse a sourcils blancs II ACCIPITRJDAE Av 
Leucopternis lacernulata(E) White-necked Hawk, (SI Busardo 

cuelliblanco, (F) Buse lacernulee II ACCIPITRIDAE Av 
Leucopternis melanops. (E) Black -faced Hawk, Masked Hawk, (S) 

Busardo carinegro, Gavilan carinegro, (F) Buse a face noire II 


Seep. 13 / Veasep. 29 / Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Leucopternis occidentalis: (E) Grey-backed Hawk, (S) Busardo 

dorsi, Busardo dorsigris, Gavilan dorsigris, (F) Buse a dos gris 

Leucopternis plumbea: (E) Plumbeous Hawk, (S) Busardo plomizo, 

Gavilan plomizo, (F) Buse plombee II ACCIPITRJDAE Av 
Leucopternis polionota:(E) Mantled Hawk. (S) Busardo 

blanquinegro, (F) Buse mantelee II ACCIP1TR1DAE Av 
Leucopternis princeps. (E) Barred Hawk, Black-chested Hawk, (S) 

Busardo azoreno, Gavilan principe, (F) Buse barree II 

Leucopternis schistacea: (E) Slate-colored Hawk, (S) Busardo 

pizarroso, Gavilan azul, Gavilan pizarroso, (F) Buse ardoisee II 

Leucopternis semiplumbea: (E) Semiplumbeous Hawk, (S) Busardo 

semiplomizo, Gavilan semiplomizo, (F) Buse semiplombee II 

Leucuria phalerata = Coeligena phalerata 
Levipalifer orientalis = Dellocyathus vaughani 
Lezard a ceinture epineuse (F): Cordylus spinosus 
Lezard a fausse ceinture de Lang (F): Cordylus langi 
Lezard a fausse ceinture des rochers (F): Cordylus microlepidotus 
Lezard a fausse ceinture du Cap (F): Cordylus capensis 
Lezard a queue epineuse a larges ecailles (F): Cordylus macropholis 
Lezard a queue epineuse a pustules (F): Cordylus pustulatus 
Lezard a queue epineuse a taches bleues (F): Cordylus 

Lezard a queue epineuse africain (F): Cordylus polyzonus 
Lezard a queue epineuse commun (F): Cordylus cordylus 
Lezard a queue epineuse dArmadillo (F): Cordylus cataphractus 
Lezard a queue epineuse de Campbell (F): Cordylus campbelli 
Lezard a queue epineuse de Cope (F): Cordylus tropidosternum 
Lezard a queue epineuse de Hewitt (F): Cordylus peersi 
Lezard a queue epineuse de Jordan (F): Cordylus jordani 
Lezard a queue epineuse de Lawrence (F): Cordylus lawrenci 
Lezard a queue epineuse de McLachlan (F): Cordylus mclachlani 
Lezard a queue epineuse de Reichenow (F): Cordylus vittifer 
Lezard a queue epineuse de Rhodesie (F): Cordylus rhodesianus 
Lezard a queue epineuse de Tasman (F): Cordylus tasmani 
Lezard a queue epineuse de Warren (F): Cordylus warreni 
Lezard a queue epineuse d'Oetafsen (F): Cordylus oelofseni 
Lezard a queue epineuse du Namaqua (F): Cordylus namaquensis 
Lezard a queue epineuse d'Ukinga (F): Cordylus ukingensis 
Lezard a queue epineuse geant (F): Cordylus giganteus 
Lezard a queue epineuse noir (F): Cordylus niger 
Lezard cornu (F): Phrynosoma coronatum 
Lezard cornu de San Diego (F): Phrynosoma coronatum 
Lezard crocodile de Chine (F): Shinisaurus crocodilurus 
Lezard de Lilford (F): Podarcis lilfordi 
Lezard de Simony (F): Gallolia simonyi 
Lezard des Baleares (F): Podarcis lilfordi 
Lezard des Pityuses (F): Podarcis pityusensis 
Lezard des rochers (F): Cordylus microlepidotus 
Lezard des rochers du Drakensberg (F): Cordylus melanotus 
Lezard d'Ibiza (F): Podarcis pityusensis 
Lezard giSant de Hierro (F): Galtotia simonyi 
Lezard perle (F): Heloderma suspectum 
Lezard-cai'man de Guyane (F): Dracaena guianensis 
Lezard-cai'man du Paraguay (F): Dracaena paraguayensis 
lezards a fausse ceinture (F/S): Cordylus spp. 
lezards a queue epineuse dAfrique Australe (F): Cordylus spp. 
lezards caiman (F): Dracaena spp. 
lezards epineux dAfrique australe (F): Cordylus spp. 
lezards fouette-queue (F): Uromastyx spp. 
lezards perles (Fj: Heloderma spp. 
lezards venimeux (F): Heloderma spp. 
Liasis aibertisii = Leiopython albertisii 
Liasis amethistinus = Morelia amethistina 
Liasis amethystinus timoriensis = Python timoriensis 
Liasis boa = Bothrochilus boa 
Liasis boeleni= Morelia boeleni 
Liasis carinata = Morelia carinata 
Liasis childreni= Antaresia childreni 
Liasis childreni perthensis = Antaresia perthensis 
Liasis clarki = Morelia amethistina 
Liasis cornwallisius= Liasis fuscus 

Liasis duceboracensis = Morelia amethistina 

Liasis fuscus: II PYTHONIDAE Re 

Liasis fuscusalbertisii - Leiopython albertisii 

Liasis mackloti: (E) Macklot's Python, Water Python, (S) Piton de 

Macklot, (F) Python de Macklot II PYTHONIDAE Re 
Liasis maculosus = Antaresia maculosa 
Liasis maximus = Apodora papuana 
Liasis olivaceus:(E) Olive Python, (S) Piton oliva, (F) Python olive 

Liasis olivaceuspapuanus = Apodora papuana 
Liasis papuanus= Apodora papuana 
Liasis perthensis = Antaresia perthensis 
Liasis petersii = Python timoriensis 
Liasis savuensis = Liasis mackloti 
Liasis stimsoni= Antaresia stimsoni 
Liasis laronga - Morelia boeleni 
Liasis tornieri = Apodora papuana 
Lichanotus laniger = Avahi laniger 
Lichanura myriolepis =Lichanura trivirgata 
Lichanura orcutti = Lichanura trivirgata 
Lichanura roseofusca = Lichanura trivirgata 
Lichanura simplex = Lichanura trivirgata 
Lichanura trivirgata : (E) Rosy Boa, (S) Boa mexicana rosada, (F) 

Boa a trois bandes. Boa rose II BOIDAE Re 
Lichenostomus cassidix = Lichenostomus melanopscassidix 
Lichenostomus melanops. (E) Yellow-tufted Honeyeater, (F) 

Meliphage cornu I/NC MELIPHAGIDAE Av 
Lichenostomus melanops cassidix : (E) Helmeted Honeyeater, (S) 

Melero de casco, Melifago de casco, (F) Meliphage casque I 

Licmetis pastinator= Cacatua pastinator 
Liemys inornata = Orlitia borneensis 
Likh (E): Eupodotis indica 
Lillipathes lilliei: II SCHIZOPATHIDAE An 
Lillipathes quadribrachiata : II SCHIZOPATHIDAE All 
Lilliput, Pale (E): Toxolasma cylindrellus 
Limnaetus africanus = Spizaetus africanus 
Limnochelone micrura = Dermatemys mawii 
Limnonectes tigerimis = Hoplobatrachus tigerinus 
Limpiacasa (S): Phaethornis augusti 
Lince (S): Lynx lynx 
Lince africano (S): Caracal caracal 
Lince boreal (S): Lynx lynx 
Lince caracal (S): Caracal caracal 
Lince del Canada (S): Lynx canadensis 
Lince europeo (S): Lynx lynx 
Lince iberico (S): Lynx pardimts 
Lince rojo (S): Lynx rufus 
Lingo (S): Bassaricyon gabbii 
Linsang a taches (F): Prionodon pardicolor 
Linsang manchado (S): Prionodon pardicolor 
Linsang rayado (S): Prionodon linsang 
Linsang raye (F): Prionodon linsang 
Linsang tachete (F): Prionodon pardicolor 
Linsang, Banded (E): Prionodon linsang 
Linsang, Spotted (E): Prionodon pardicolor 
Liocichla omeiensis: (E) Emei Shan Liocichla, Mount Omei 

Liocichla, Omei Shan Liocichla, (S) Liocicla del Monte Omei, 

(F) Garrulaxe de l'Omei II MUSCICAPIDAE Av 
Liocichla, Emei Shan ( E): Liocichla omeiensis 
Liocichla, Mount Omei (E): Liocichla omeiensis 
Liocichla, Omei Shan (E): Liocichla omeiensis 
Liocicla del Monte Omei (S): Liocichla omeiensis 
Lion (E): Panthera leo 
Lion dAfrique (F): Panthera leo 
Lion dAsie (F): Panthera leo persica 
Lion, Asiatic (E): Panthera leo persica 
Lion, Indian (E): Panthera leo persica 
Lion, Mountain (E): Puma concolor 
Lipotesvexillifer: (E) Baiji, Changjiang Dolphin, Chinese Lake 

Dolphin, White Flag Dolphin, Whitefin Dolphin, Yangtze River 

Dolphin, (S) Baiji, Delfin de China, (F) Baiji, Dauphin fluviatile 

Lisaliafusca = Liasis fuscus 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Lissemys punctata : (E) Indian Flapshell Turtle. Indo-Gangetic Flap- 
shell. Sported Turtle, (S) Tort uga de concha blanda moteada, 
Tortuga plana indiana, (F) Lyssemyde ponctuee, Tortue de 
I'lnde, Tortue molle a clapet de 1'lnde, Trionyx de l'lnde II 

Lissodelphis borealis: (E) Northern Right Whale Dolphin. (S) Delfin 
liso, (F) Dauphin aptere boreal II DELPHIN1DAE Ma 

Lissodelphis peronii: (E) Southern Right Whale Dolphin, (S) Delfin 
liso, Tunina sinaleta, (F) Dauphin aptere austral II 

Lissotis hartlaitbii = Eupodotis hartlaubii 

Lissotis melanogasler = Eupodotis melanogaster 

Lissotrochus curvatus. it TURBINOL11DAE An 

Lithactina novaehiberniae = Polyphyllia novaehiberniae 

Lithodendrum saccharatum = Distichopora coccinea 

Lithodomus dactyhts - Lithophaga lithophaga 

Lithodomus inflatus = Lithophaga lithophaga 

Lithophaga lithopluga: (E) Date Mussel II MYTIL1DAE Bi 

Lithophaga mytuloides = Lithophaga lithophaga 

Lithophyllia argemone = Mussa angidosa 

Lithophyllia vitiensis = Scolymia vitiensis 

Lithophvllon levistei = Lithophvllon undulatum 

LithopMlon lobata : II 8 FUNGIIDAE An 

Lithophvllon mokai: II 8 FUNGIIDAE An 

Lithophvllon ranjitht n 8 l FUNGIIDAE An 

Lithophvllon undulatum : II 8 FUNGIIDAE An 

little agate shells (E): Achatinella spp. 

Lizard, African Large-grain (E): Vararms exanthematicus 

Lizard, African Small-grain (E): Varamts niloticus 

Lizard, African Spiny -tailed (E): Cordylus polyzonus 

Lizard, Agra (E): Varamts griseus 

Lizard, Ambon (E): Varamts indicus 

Lizard, Angolan Girdled (E): Cordylus angolensis 

Lizard, Angolan Spiny-tailed (E): Cordylus angolensis 

Lizard, Armadillo Girdled (E): Cordylus cataphractus 

Lizard, Armadillo Spiny-tailed (E): Cordylus cataphractus 

Lizard, Baghdad Small-grain (E): Varamts griseus 

Lizard, Balearic (E): Podarcis lilfordi 

Lizard, Barberton Girdled (E): Cordylus barbertonensis 

Lizard, Beaded (E): Heloderma horridum 

Lizard, Bell's Dabb (E): Uromastyx acanthinura 

Lizard, Bengal (E): Varamts bengalensis 

Lizard, Bengal Black (E): Varamts bengalensis 

Lizard, Bent's Spiny -tailed (E): Uromastyx benti 

Lizard, Black Girdled (E): Cordylus niger 

Lizard, Black Spiny-tailed (E): Uromastyx acanthinura 

Lizard, Blue-spotted Girdled (E): Cordylus coeruleopunctatus 

Lizard, Blue-spotted Spiny -tailed (E): Cordylus coeruleopunctatus 

Lizard, Calcutta Oval-grain (E): Varamts flavescens 

Lizard, Campbell's Girdled (E): Cordylus campbelli 

Lizard, Campbell's Spiny -tailed (E): Cordylus campbelli 

Lizard, Cape Girdled (E): Cordylus cordylus 

Lizard, Chinese Crocodile (E): Shinisaurus crocodihtrus 

Lizard, Cloete's Girdled (E): Cordylus cloetei 

Lizard, Coast Horned (E): Phrynosoma coronatum 

Lizard, Coastal Spiny-tailed (E): Cordylus macropholis 

Lizard, Common Girdled (E): Cordylus cordylus 

Lizard, Common Spiny -tailed (E): Cordylus cordylus 

Lizard, Dabb (E): Uromastyx aegyptia 

Lizard, Dragon (E): Crocodilurus amazonicus 

Lizard, Drakensberg Crag (E): Corch'lus subviridis 

Lizard, Dwarf Crag (E): Cordylus nebulosus 

Lizard, Dwarf Girdled (E): Cordylus minor 

Lizard, Dwarf Karoo Girdled (E): Cordylus aridus 

Lizard, East African Spiny -tailed (E): Cordylus tropidosternum 

Lizard, Eastern Cape Crag (E): Cordylus fasciatus 

Lizard, Egyptian Spiny -tailed (E): Uromastyx aegyptia 

Lizard, Eyed Dabb (E): Uromastyx ocellata 

Lizard, False Girdled (E): Cordylus capensis 

Lizard, Fish (E): Varamts dumerilii 

Lizard, Flower (E): Varamts indicus 

Lizard, Giant Girdled (E): Cordylus giganteus 

Lizard, Giant Spiny -tailed (E): Cordylus giganteus 

Lizard, Graceful Crag (E): Cordylus capensis 

Lizard, Guyanan Caiman (E): Dracaena guianensis 

Lizard, Hardwick's Spiny-tailed (E): Uromastyx hardwickii 

Lizard. Herero Girdled (E): Cordylus pustulatus 

Lizard, Hewitt's Spiny-tailed (E): Cordylus peersi 

Lizard, Hierro Giant (E): Gallotia simonyi 

Lizard, Highveld Crag (E): Cordylus melanotus 

Lizard, Ibiza Wall (E): Podarcis pityusensis 

Lizard. Indian Oval-grain (E): Varamts flavescens 

Lizard, Indian Small-grain (E): Varamts bengalensis 

Lizard, Iranian Spiny -tailed (E): Uromastyx asmussi 

Lizard, Jordan's Girdled (E): Cordylus jordani 

Lizard, Karoo Girdled (E): Cordylus polyzonus 

Lizard, Lang's Crag (E): Cordylus langi 

Lizard, Lang's Girdled (E): Cordylus langi 

Lizard, Large-scaled Girdled (E): Cordylus macropholis 

Lizard, Lawrence's Girdled (E): Cordylus lawrenci 

Lizard, Lilford's Wall (E): Podarcis lilfordi 

Lizard, Limpopo Girdled (E): Cordylus j ones ii 

Lizard. Maasai Girdled (E): Cordylus beraduccii 

Lizard, Machado's Girdled (E): Cordylus machadoi 

Lizard, McLachlan's Girdled (E): Cordylus mclachlani 

Lizard, McLachlan's Spiny -tailed (E): Cordylus mclachlani 

Lizard, Mesopotamian Spiny -tailed (E): Uromastyx loricata 

Lizard, Namaqua Girdled (E): Cordylus namaquensis 

Lizard, Namaqua Spiny-tailed (E): Cordylus namaquensis 

Lizard, No-mark (E): Varamts salvator 

Lizard, Northern Crag (E): Cordylus transvaalensis 

Lizard, Oelofsen's Girdled (E): Cordylus oelofseni 

Lizard, Oman Spiny-tailed (E): Uromastyx thomasi 

Lizard, Paraguayan Caiman (E): Dracaena paraguayensis 

Lizard, Peers's Girdled (E): Cordylus peersi 

Lizard, Penang (E): Varamts bengalensis 

Lizard, Plain (E): Vatanus salvator 

Lizard, Prickly Girdled (E): Cordylus ipinosus 

Lizard, Regal Girdled (E): Cordylus regius 

Lizard, Reichenow's Spiny-tailed (E): Cordylus vittifer 

Lizard, Rhodesian Girdled (E): Cordylus rhodesianus 

Lizard, Rice (E): Varamts salvator 

Lizard, Ring (E): Varanus salvator 

Lizard, Rooiberg Girdled (E): Cordylus imkae 

Lizard, Rough-scaled Girdled (E): Cordylus cordylus 

Lizard, Saharan Spiny -tailed (E): Uromastyx geyri 

Lizard, Somali Spiny -tailed (E): Uromastyx macfadyeni 

Lizard, Spiny Crag(E): Cordylus spinosus 

Lizard, Talagoya (E): Varanus bengalensis 

Lizard, Tasman's Girdled (E): Cordylus tasmani 

Lizard, Transvaal Girdled (E): Cordylus vittifer 

Lizard, Tree (E): Varanus rudicollis 

Lizard, Tropical Girdled (E): Cordylus tropidosternum 

Lizard, Tropical Spiny-tailed (E): Cordylus tropidosternum 

Lizard, Ukinga Girdled (E): Cordylus ukingensis 

Lizard, Ukinga Spiny -tailed (E): Cordylus ukingensis 

Lizard, Van Dam's Girdled (E): Cordylus vandami 

Lizard, Warren's Girdled (E): Cordylus warreni 

Lizard, Warren's Spiny-tailed (E): Cordylus warreni 

Lizard, Waterberg Girdled (E): Cordylus breyeri 

Lizard, Western Cape Crag (E): Cordylus microlepidotus 

Lizard, Yellow Land (E): Varanus flavescens 

Lizard, Zimbabwe Girdled (E): Cordylus rhodesianus 

Lizard, Zoutpansberg Girdled (E): Cordylus depressus 

Lizardet, Dragon (E): Crocodilurus amazonicus 

lizards, caiman (E): Dracaena spp. 

lizards, crag (E): Cordylus spp. 

lizards, girdled (E): Cordylus spp. 

lizards, monitor (E): Varanusspp. 

lizards, poisonous (E): Heloderma spp. 

lizards, spiny-tailed (E): Cordylus sppJUromastyx spp. 

lizards, Tegu (E): Tupinambis spp. 

Lobactis conferta = Fungia scutaria 

Lobactis danae = Fungia scutaria 

Lobito de cola ancha (S): Pteronura brasiliensis 

Lobito de rio (S): Lontra longicaudis 

Lobito del Plata (S): Lontra longicaudis 

Lobito patagonico (S): Lontra provocax 

Lobo (S): Canis lupus 

Lobo comun (S): Canis lupus 

Seep. 13 / Veasep. 29 / Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Lobo de crin (S): Chrysocyon brachyurus 

Lobo de Rio Grande (S): Pteromira brasiliensis 

Lobo de Tasmania (S): Thylacinus cynocephalus 

Lobo de tierra (S): Proteles cristatus 

Lobo del rio (S): Pteromira brasiliensis 

Lobo fino sudamericano (S): Arctocephahts auslralis 

Lobo gargantilla (S): Pteromira brasiliensis 

Lobo marsupial (S): Thylacinus cynocephalus 

Loboparadisea sericea: (E) Wattle-billed Bird-of-paradise, Yellow- 

breasted Bird-of-paradise, (F) Paradisier soyeux II 

Lobophyllia angulosa = Mussa angulosa 
Lobophyllia aurea = Tubastraea coccinea 
Lobophyllia corymbosa : if MUSSIDAE An 
Lobophyllia costata : rf MUSSIDAE An 
Lobophyllia cvtherea = Lobophyllia hemprichii 
Lobophyllia dentatus. II 8 MUSSIDAE An 
Lobophyllia diminuta : \t MUSSIDAE An 
Lobophyllia fislulosa = Lobophyllia corymbosa 
Lobophyllia flabelliformis: II 8 MUSSIDAE An 
Lobophyllia glabrescens = Euphyllia glabrescens 
Lobophyllia hataii: it MUSSIDAE An 
Lobophyllia hemprichii: II 8 MUSSIDAE An 
Lobophyllia pachysepta : II 8 MUSSIDAE An 
Lobophyllia robusta: II 8 MUSSIDAE An 
Lobophyllia serratus. D 8 MUSSIDAE An 
Lobophyllia sinensis = Platygyra sinensis 
Lobopsammia robusta = Dendrophyllia robusta 
Lochmaeotrochus gardineri: II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 
Lochmaeotrochus oculeus. II 8 CARYOPHYLL1IDAE An 
Loddigesia mirabilis: (E) Marvellous Spatuletail, (S) Colibri 

admirable, (F) Loddigesie admirable UTROCHTLIDAE Av 
Loddigesie admirable (F): Loddigesia mirabilis 
Lofoforo chino (S): Lophophorus Ihuysii 
Lofoforo de Sclater (S): Lophophorus sclateri 
Lofoforo del Himalaya (S): Lophophorus impejanus 
Loggerhead (E): Caretla caretta 
Lonchurabicolor. (E) Black-and-white Mannikin, Black-and-white 

Munia, Blue-billed Mannikin. (F) Capucin bicolore, Spermete a 

Lonchura cantans: (E) African Silverbill, (S ) Monjita pico-de-plata, 

(F) Bec-d'argent, Capucin bec-d'argent III ESTRILDIDAE Av 
Lonchura cucullata : (E) Bronze Mannikin, Bronze Munia, Bronze- 
winged Mannikin, (S) Negrita bronceada, (F) Capucin nonnette, 

Spermete nonnette III ESTRILDIDAE Av 
Lonchura fringitloides: (E) Magpie Mannikin, Magpie Munia, Pied 

Mannikin, (S) Negrita picanza, (F) Capucin pie, Spermete pie 

Lonchura malabarica cantans = Lonchura cantans 
Lonchura oryzivora = Padda oryzivora 
long-nosed echidnas (E): Zaglossus spp. 
Lontra annectens = Lontra longicaudis 
Lontra canadensis: (E) North American Otter, North American 

River Otter, Northern River Otter, (S) Nutria de Canada, Nutria 

norteamericana, (F) Loutre du Canada II MUSTELIDAE Ma 
Lontra enudris = Lontra longicaudis 
Lontra felina : (E) Chingungo, Chungungo, Marine Otter, Sea Cat, 

(S) Chichimen, Chinchimen, Chungungo, Gato de mar, Gato 

marino, Huallaca, Nutria de mar, Nutria marina, (F) Chungungo. 

Loutre de mer I MUSTELIDAE Ma 
Lontra incarum = Lontra longicaudis 
Lontra longicaudis: (E) Long-tailed Otter, Neotropical Otter, 

Neotropical River Otter, South American River Otter, (S) Gato 

de agua, Lobito de rio, Lobito del Plata, Nutria de agua. Nutria 

de cola larga, Perro de agua. Taira, (F) Lcutre a longue queue, 

Loutre dAmerique du Sud, Loutre de La Plata I MUSTELIDAE 

Lontra mesopetes = Lontra longicaudis 
Lontra platensis = Lontra longicaudis 
Lontra provocax: (E) Huillin, Southern River Otter, (S) Huillin, 

Lobito patagonico, Nutria chilena. Nutria de Chile, (F) Huillin, 

Loutre du Chili I MUSTELIDAE Ma 
Lophaetus occipitalis: (E) Long-crested Eagle, (S) Aguila copetuda 

africana, Aguila crestilarga, (F) Aigle huppard II 


Lophelia anthophyllites = Pourtalosmilia anthophyllites 

Lophelia californica = Lophelia pertusa 

Lophelia pertusa: (E) Tuft Coral II 8 CARYOPHYLLIIDAE An 

Lophelia prolifera = Lophelia pertusa 

Lophelia subcostata = Lophelia pertusa 

Lophocebus albigena : (E) Grey-cheeked Mangabey, White-cheeked 

Mangabey, (S) Mangabey de mejillas grises II 

Lophochroa goffini= Cacalua gqffini 
Lophohelia affinis = Lophelia pertusa 
Lophohelia arbuscula - Madrepora arbuscula 
Lophohelia Candida = Madrepora oculata 
Lophohelia Carolina = Madrepora Carolina 
Lophohelia exigua = Madrepora Carolina 
Lophohelia investigatoris = Madrepora oculata 
Lophohelia tenuis = Madrepora oculata 
Lophohelia tubulosa = Lophelia pertusa 
Lophoictinia isura: (E) Square-tailed Kite, (S) Milano colicuadrado, 

(F) Milan a queue carree II ACC1PITRIDAE Av 
Lophophore de Lhuys (F): Lophophorus Ihuysii 
Lophophore de Sclater (F): Lophophorus sclateri 
Lophophore resplendissant (F): Lophophorus impejanus 
Lophophorus impejanus (E) Himalayan Monal, Impeyan Pheasant, 

Monal Pheasant, (S) Faisan monal del Himalaya, Lofoforo del 

Himalaya, Monal colirrojo, (E) Lophophore resplendissant, 

Monal de I'Himalaya I PHASIANIDAE Av 
Lophophorus Ihuysii: (E) Chinese Impeyan, Chinese Monal, (S) 

Faisan monal chino, Lofoforo chino, Monal coliverde, (F) 

Lophophore de Lhuys, Monal chinois I PHASIANIDAE Av 
Lophophorus sclateri: (E) Crestless Monal, Sclater's Monal, (S) 

Faisan monal de Sclater, Lofoforo de Sclater, Monal coliblanco, 

(F) Lophophore de Sclater, Monal birman IPHAS1ANIDAE Av 
Lophophorus wallichii = Catreus wallichii 
Loplwrina superba. (E) Superb Bird-of-paradise, (F) Paradisier 

Lophornis adorabilis: (E) Adorable Coquette, White-crested 

Coquette, (S) Coqueta adorable, (F) Coquette adorable II 

Lophornis brachylophus: (E) Short-crested Coquette, (S) Coqueta 

cresticorta, Coqueta de Guerrero, (F) Coquette du Guerrero n 

Lophornis chalybeus: (E) Festive Coquette, (S) Coqueta abanico 

puntiblanco, Coqueta festiva, Coqueta verde, Picaflor abanico 

verde, (F) Coquette chalybee II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Lophornis delattrei: (E) Rufous-crested Coquette, (S) Coqueta 

crestirrufa, (F) Coquette de Delattre II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Lophornis delattrei brachylophus = Lophornis brachylophus 
Lophornis gouldii: (E) Dot -eared Coquette, (S) Coqueta moteada, 

(F) Coquette de Gould II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Lophornis helenae: (E) Black-crested Coquette, (S) Coqueta 

crestinegra, (F) Coquette d'Helene II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Lophornis magniftcus: (E) Frilled Coquette, (S) Coqueta magnifica, 

(F) Coquette magnifique II TROCHILIDAE Av 
Lophornis melaniae = Lophornis delattrei 
Lophornis ornatus: (E) Tufted Coquette, (S) Coqueta abanico 

canela, Coqueta adornada, (F) Coquette huppe-col II 

Lophornis pavoninus: (E) Peacock Coquette, (S) Coqueta abanico 

pavo real, Coqueta pavonina, (F) Coquette paon II 

Lophornis stictolophus: (E) Spangled Coquette, (S) Coqueta 

coronada, Coqueta lentejuelada, (F) Coquette pailletee II 

Lophosaura pumila fordii = Bradypodion pumilum 
Lophoseris cactus = Pavona cactus 
Lophoseris crislata = Pavona cactus 
Lophoseris difjluens = Pavona diffluens 
Lophoseris divaricata = Pavona divaricata 
Lophoseris explanulata = Pavona explanulata 
Lophoseris frondifera = Pavona Jrondifera 
Lophoseris repens - Pavona varians 
Lophosmilia rotundifolia = Oxysmilia rotundifolia 
Lophosmilia wellsi = Phyllangia consagensis 

Seep. 13/Veasep. 29/ Voir p. -IS. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animates 

Lophostr'tx cristata : (E) Crested Owl, (S) Biiho corniblanco, Buho 

cornudo, Lechuza copetona, (F) Due a aigrettes, Hibou a casque 

Lophostrix iettii = Jubula lettii 
Lophotis gindiana = Eupodotis gindiana 
Lophotis ruficrista = Eupodotis ruficrista 
Lophotis ruficrista gindiana = Eupodotis gindiana 
Lophotis savilei = Eupodotis savilei 
Lophura edwardsi. (E) Edwards's Pheasant, (S) Faisan de Edwards, 

(F) Faisan d'Edwards I PHASIANIDAE Av 
Lophura erythrophthalma. (E) Crestless Fireback, Rufous-tailed 

Pheasant, (S) Faisan colicanelo, Faisan de caruncula azul, (F) 

Faisan a queue rousse III PHASIANIDAE Av 
Lophura ignita:(E) Crested Fireback, Vieillot's Fireback, (S) Faisan 

de caruncula azul crestado, Faisan noble, (F) Faisan noble III 

Lophura imperialis: (E) Imperial Pheasant, (S) Faisan imperial, (F) 

Faisan imperial I PHASIANIDAE Av 
Lophura rufa = Lophura ignita 
Lophura swinhoil. (E) Swinhoe's Pheasant, (S) Faisan de Formosa, 

Faisan de Swinhoe, (F) Faisan de Formose, Faisan de Swinhoe I 

Lophyrus victoria = Goura victoria 
Lora de cara roja (S ): Amazona pretrei 
Lori a bandeau rouge (F): Glossopsitta concinna 
Lori a collier jaune (F): Lorius chlorocercus 
Lori a couronne pourpre (F): Glossopsitta porphyrocephala 
Lori a diademe (F): Charmosyna diadema 
Lori a front rouge (F): Charmosyna nibronotata 
Lori a gorge rouge (F): Charmosyna amabilis 
Lori a joues bleues (F): Eos cyanogenia 
Lori a masque rouge (F): Glossopsitta pusilla 
Lori a menton rouge (F): Charmosyna rubrigularis 
Lori a nuque blanche (F): Lorius albidinuchus 
Lori a ventre violet (F): Lorius hypoinochrous 
Lori acollarado (S): Lorius chlorocercus 
Lori adornado (S): Trichoglossus ornatus 
Lori alinegro (S): Eos cyanogenia 
Lori almizclero(S): Glossopsitta concinna 
Lori arcoiris(S): Trichoglossus haematodus 
Lori arlequin (F): Eoshistrio 
Lori barbirrojo (S): Charmosyna rubrigularis 
Lori bigotudo (S): Oreopsittacus arfaki 
Lori bride (F): Oreopsittacus arfaki 
Lori cardenal (S): Chalcopsitta cardinalis 
Lori cardinal (F): Chalcopsitta cardinalis 
Lori carirrojo (S): Glossopsitta pusilla 
Lori chispeado (S): Chalcopsitta sintillata 
Lori coquet (F): Charmosyna placent is 
Lori coronipurpura (S): Glossopsitta porphyrocephala 
Lori damisela(S): Lorius domicella 
Lori de Buru (F): Charmosyna toxopei 
Lori de Duyvenbode (F): Chalcopsitta duivenbodei 
Lori de Goldie (S): Psitteuteles goldiei 
Lori de Josefina (S): Charmosyna josefinae 
Lori de Josephine (F): Charmosyna josefinae 
Lori de Kuril (F): Vini kuhlii 
Lori de las Tanimbar (S): Eos reticulata 
Lori de 1'ile Buru (F): Charmosyna toxopei 
Lori de Margaret (F): Charmosyna margarethae 
Lori de Margarita (S): Charmosyna margarethae 
Lori de Marguerite (F): Charmosyna margarethae 
Lori de Meek (F): Charmosyna meeki 
Lori de Mindanao (S): Trichoglossus johnstoniae 
Lori de Musschenbroek (F): Neopsittacus musschenbroekii 
Lori de Nouvelle-Caledonie (F): Charmosyna diadema 
Lori de Papouasie (F): Charmosyna papou 
Lori de Ponape (S): Trichoglossus rubiginosus 
Lori de Rimitara (S): Vini kuhlii 
Lori de Samoa (S): Vini aus traits 
Lori de Sangir (S): Eos histrio 
Lori de Seram (S): Eos semilarvata 
Lori de Stephen (F): Vini stepheni 
Lori de Wilhelmina (F): Charmosyna wilhelminae 
Lori des dames (F): Lorius domicella 

Lori des Fidji (F): Phigys solitarius 

Lori des Moluques (F): Lorius lory 

Lori des montagnes (F): Oreopsittacus arfaki 

Lori des palmiers (F): Charmosyna palmarum 

Lori diadema (S): Charmosyna diadema 

Lori ecaille (F): Eos squamata 

Lori ecarlate (F): Eos bornea 

Lori emeraude (F): Neopsittacus pull icauda 

Lori escamoso (S): Eos squamata 

Lori escuamiverde (S): Trichoglossus chloro/epidotus 

Lori estriado (S): Charmosyna multisu-iata 

Lori feerique (F): Charmosyna pulchella 

Lori flammeche (F): Chalcopsitta sintillata 

Lori tlanquirrojo (S): Charmosyna placentis 

Lori frentirrojo (S): Charmosyna rubronotata 

Lori fringillaire (F): Vini austral is 

Lori garrulo (S): Lorius garrulus 

Lori gorgirrojo (S): Charmosyna amabilis 

Lori humilde (S): Trichoglossus euteles 

Lori iris (S): Psitteuteles iris 

Lori lindo (S): Charmosyna pulchella 

Lori masque (F): Eos semilarvata 

Lori monjita (S): Vini peruviana 

Lori montano chico (S): Neopsittacus pullicauda 

Lori montano grande (S): Neopsittacus musschenbroekii 

Lori muse (F): Glossopsitta concinna 

Lori negro (S): Chalcopsitta atra 

Lori noir(F): Chalcopsitta atra ILorius garrulus 

Lori nonnette (F): Vini peruviana 

Lori nuquiblanco (S): Lorius albidinuchus 

Lori orange sombre (F): Pseudeos fuscata 

Lori palmero (S): Charmosyna palmarum 

Lori papou (F): Charmosyna papou 

Lori pardo(S): Chalcopsitta duivenbodei 

Lori pigmeo (S): Charmosyna wilhelminae 

Lori rabilargo (S): Charmosyna papou 

Lori reticule (F): Eos reticulata 

Lori rojo (S): Eos bornea 

Lori solitaire des lies Fidji (F): Phig\>s solitarius 

Lori solitario (S): Phigys solitarius 

Lori sombre <F): Pseudeos fuscata 

Lori sombrio (S): Pseudeos fuscata 

Lori splendide(F): Charmosyna placentis 

Lori strie (F): Charmosyna multistriata 

Lori tricolor (S): Lorius lory 

Lori tricolore (F): Lorius lory 

Lori ultramar (S): Vini ultramarina 

Lori ultramarin (F): Vini ultramarina 

Lori ventrivinoso (S): Lorius hypoinochrous 

Lori verdigualdo(S): Trichoglossus flavoviridis 

Lori versicolor (S): Psitteuteles versicolor 

Loria loriae = Cnemophilus loriae 

Loriculo amable <S): Loriculus amabilis 

Loriculo coroniazul (S): Loriculus galgulus 

Loriculo de Ceilan (S): Loriculus beryllinus 

Loriculo de Celebes (S): Loriculus stigmatus 

Loriculo de Flores (S): Loriculus flosculus 

Loriculo de Java (S): Loriculus pusillus 

Loriculo de la Sangihe <S): Loriculus catamene 

Loriculo de las Bismarck (S): Loriculus tener 

Loriculo de las Sula (S): Loriculus sclateri 

Loriculo exiguo (S): Loriculus exilis 

Loriculo filipino (S): Loriculus phi lippensis 

Loriculo papii (S): Loriculus aurantiifrons 

Loriculo vernal (S): Loriculus vernalis 

Loriculus amabilis. (E) Moluccan Hanging-Parrot, (S) Loriculo 

amable, (F) Coryllis des Moluques H PSITTACIDAE Av 
Loriculus amabilis catamene = Loriculus catamene 
Loriculus amabilis sclateri = Loriculus sclateri 
Loriculus aurantiifrons: (E) Orange -fronted Hanging-Parrot, 

Papuan Hanging-Parrot, (S) Loriculo papu, (F) Coryllis a front 

Loriculus aurantiifrons tener = Loriculus tener 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Loriculus beryllinus: (E) Ceylon Hanging-Parrot, Sri Lanka 

Hanging-Parrot, (S) Loriculo de Ceilan, (F) Coryllis de Ceylan 

Loriculus catamene. (E) Sangihe Hanging-Parrot, (S) Loriculo de la 

Sangihe, (F) Coryllis des Sangi II PSITTACIDAE Av 
Loriculus exilis: (E) Green Hanging-Parrot, Pygmy Hanging-Parrot, 

Red-billed Hanging-Parrot, (S) Loriculo exiguo, (F) Coryllis 

Loriculus Jlosculus: (E) Flores Hanging-Parrot, Wallace's Hanging- 
Parrot, (S) Loriculo de Flores, (F) Cory His de Wallace II 

Loriculus galgulus. (E) Blue-crowned Hanging-Parrot, Blue-topped 

Hanging-Parrot, (S) Loriculo coroniazul. (F) Coryllis a tete 

bleue, Loriculus malais II PSITTACIDAE Av 
Loriculus malais (F): Loriculus galgulus 
Loriculus pkilippensis: (E) Colasisi. Philippine Hanging-Parrot, (S) 

Loriculo filipino, (F) Coryllis des Philippines II PSITTACIDAE 

Loriculus pusillus. (E) Yellow-throated Hanging-Parrot, (S) 

Loriculo de Java, (F) Coryllis a gorge jaune II PSITTACIDAE 

Loriculus sclaleri. (E) Sula Hanging-Parrot, (S) Loriculo de las 

Sula, (F) Coryllis del Sula II PSITTACIDAE Av 
Loriculus stigmalus: (E) Black-billed Hanging-Parrot, Maroon- 

rumped Hanging-Parrot. Sulawesi Hanging-Parrot. (S) Loriculo 

de Celebes, (F) Coryllis des Celebes II PSITTACIDAE Av 
Loriculus stigmalus tenet- = Loriculus tener 
Loriculus letter: (E) Green- fronted Hanging-Parrot. (S) Loriculo de 

las Bismarck, (F) Coryllis des Bismarck II PSITTACIDAE Av 
Loriculus vernalis: (E) Vernal Hanging-Parrot. (S) Loriculo vernal, 

(F) Coryllis vernal II PSITTACIDAE Av 
Lorikeet. Blue (E): Viniperuviana 
Lorikeet, Blue-crowned (E): Vim australis 
Lorikeet, Blue-fronted (E): Charmosyna toxopei 
Lorikeet, Duchess (E): Charmosyna margaretltae 
Lorikeet, Emerald (E): Neopsittacus pullicauda 
Lorikeet. Fairy (E): Charmosyna pulchella 
Lorikeet, Goldie's (E): Psitteuteles goldiei 
Lorikeet, Green-naped (E): Trichoglossus haematodus 
Lorikeet, Henderson (E): Vim stepheni 
Lorikeet, Iris (E): Psitteuteles iris 
Lorikeet, Johnstone's (E): Trichoglossus johnstoniae 
Lorikeet, Josephine's (E): Charmosyna josefmae 
Lorikeet, Kuhl's (E): Vini kuhlii 
Lorikeet. Little (E): Glossopsitta pusilla 
Lorikeet, Little Red (E): Charmosyna pulchella 
Lorikeet, Meek's (E): Charmosyna meeki 
Lorikeet, Meyer's (E): Trichoglossus flavoviridis 
Lorikeet, Mindanao (E): Trichoglossus johnstoniae 
Lorikeet, Musk (E): Glossopsitta concinna 
Lorikeet, Musschenbroek's (E): Neopsittacus musschenhroekii 
Lorikeet, New Caledonian (E): Charmosyna diadema 
Lorikeet, Olive-headed (E): Trichoglossus euleles 
Lorikeet, Orange-billed (E): Neopsittacus pullicauda 
Lorikeet, Ornate (E): Trichoglossus ornatus 
Lorikeet, Palm (E): Charmosyna palmarum 
Lorikeet. Papuan (E): Charmosyna papou 
Lorikeet, P erfect (E): Trichoglossus euteles 
Lorikeet, Plum -faced (E): Oreopsittacus arfaki 
Lorikeet, Pohnpei (E): Trichoglossus mbiginosus 
Lorikeet, Purple -crowned (E): Glossopsitta porphyrocephala 
Lorikeet, Pygmy (E): Charmosyna mlhelminae 
Lorikeet, Rainbow (E): Trichoglossus haematodus 
Lorikeet, Red-chinned (E): Charmosyna ruhrigularis 
Lorikeet, Red- flanked (E): Charmosyna placentis 
Lorikeet, Red- fronted (E): Charmosyna rubronotata 
Lorikeet, Red-spotted (E): Charmosyna rubronotata 
Lorikeet, Red-throated (E): Charmosyna amabilis 
Lorikeet, Scaly -breasted (E|: Trichoglossus chlorolepidotus 
Lorikeet, Scarlet -breasted (E): Vini kuhlii 
Lorikeet, Stephen's (E): Vini stepheni 
Lorikeet, Streaked (E): Charmosyna multistriata 
Lorikeet. Striated (E): Charmosyna multistriata 
Lorikeet, Tahitian (E): Vini peruviana 
Lorikeet, Ultramarine (E): Vini ultramarina 

Lorikeet, Varied (E): Psitteuteles versicolor 

Lorikeet, Whiskered (E): Oreopsittacus arfaki 

Lorikeet, Wilhelmina's (E): Charmosyna mlhelminae 

Lorikeet, Yellow^and-green(E): Trichoglossus flavoviridis 

Lorikeet, Yellow-billed (E): Neopsittacus musschenhroekii 

Loriquet a tete bleue ( F ): Trichoglossus haematodus 

Loriquet de Goldie (F): Psitteuteles goldiei 

Loriquet de Johnstone ( F): Trichoglossus johnsto niae 

Loriquet de Ponape (F): Trichoglossus rubiginosus 

Loriquet eutele (F): Trichoglossus euleles 

Loriquet iris (F): Psitteuteles iris 

Loriquet jaune et vert (F): Trichoglossus flavoviridis 

Loriquet ome (F): Trichoglossus ornatus 

Loriquet versicolore (F): Psitteuteles versicolor 

Loriquet vert (F): Trichoglossus chlorolepidotus 

Loris fmo (S): Loris lardigradus 

Loris grandis = Loris lardigradus 

Loris grele (F): Loris tardigradus 

Loris lent (F): Nycticebus coucang 

Loris lento (S): Nycticebus coucang 

Loris lydekkerianus = Loris tardigradus 

Loris malabaricus = Loris tardigradus 

Loris nordicus = Loris tardigradus 

Loris nycticeboides = Loris tardigradus 

Loris tardigradus. (E) Slender Loris, (S| Loris fino, (F) Loris grele 

Loris, Lesser Slow fE): Nycticebus pygmaeus 
Loris, Pygmy (E): Nycticebus pygmaeus 
Loris, Slender (E): Loris tardigradus 
Loris. Slow (E): Nycticebus coucang 
Lorito acollarado (S): Geoffroyus simplex 
Lorito alinegro (S): Hapalopsittaca melanotis 
Lorito amazonino (S): Hapalopsittaca amazonina 
Lorito cabecigualdo (S): Pionopsitta pyrilia 
Lorito cabecipardo (S): Poicephalus cryptoxanthus 
Lorito caica (S): Pionopsitta caica 
Lorito carigualdo (S): Poicephalus flavifrons 
Lorito carinaranja (S): Pionopsitta barrabandi 
Lorito carirrojo (S): Geoffroyus geoffroyilPionopsitta pileata 
Lorito carirrosado (S): Pionopsitta pulchra 
Lorito chirlecres (S): Pionites melanocephala 
Lorito colicorto (S): Graydidascalus brachyurus 
Lorito de copete (S): Nymphicus hollandicus 
Lorito de Coxen (S): Cyclopsitta diophthalmacoxeni 
Lorito de Desmarest (S): Psittaculirostris desmarestii 
Lorito de Edwards (S): Psittaculirostris edwardsii 
Lorito de Fuertes (S): Hapalopsittaca fuertesi 
Lorito de Meyer (S): Poicephalus meyeri 
Lorito de Riippell (S): Poicephalus rueppellii 
Lorito de Salvadori (S): Psittaculirostris salvadorii 
Lorito dobleojo (S): Cyclopsitta diophthalma 
Lorito dorsiazul (S): Psittinus cyanurus 
Lorito ecuatoriano (S): Hapalopsittaca pyrrhops 
Lorito emmascarado de Coxen (S): Cyclopsitta diophthalma coxeni 
Lorito encapuchado (S): Pionopsitta haematotis 
Lorito frentirrojo (S): Poicephalus gulielmi 
Lorito guayabero (S): Bolbopsittacus lunulatus 
Lorito heteroclito (S): Geoffroyus heteroclitus 
Lorito niam-niam (S): Poicephalus crassus 
Lorito orejudo (S): Pionopsitta pileata 
Lorito pechinaranja (S): Cyclopsitta gulielmitertii 
Lorito pileado (S): Pionopsitta pileata 
Lorito piquigrueso (S): Rhynchopsitta spp. 
Lorito robusto (S): Poicephalus robustus 
Lorito rubio (S): Pionites leucogaster 
Lorito senegales (S): Poicephalus senegalus 
Lorito ventrirrojo (S): Poicephalus rufiventris 
Lorito vulturino (S): Pionopsitta vulturina 
Lorito-momoto amarillento (S): Prioniturus flavicans 
Lorito-momoto coroniazul (S): Prionitum s discurus 
Lorito-momoto de Buru (S): Prioniturus mada 
Lorito-momoto de las Sulu (S): Prioniturus verticalis 
Lorito-momoto de Luzon (S): Prioniturus luconensis 
Lorito-momoto de Mindanao (S): Prioniturus waterstradti 
Lorito-momoto de Palawan (S): Prioniturus platenae 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Lorito-momoto dorsidorado (S): Prioniturus platurus 

Lorito-momoto montano (S): Prioniturus monlanus 

Loritotigre de Brehm (S): Psittacella brehmii 

Lorito-tigre de Madarasz (S): Psittacella madaraszi 

Loritotigre modesto (S): Psittacella modesta 

Lorito-tigre pintado (S): Psittacella picta 

Lorius albidinuchus: (E) White-naped Lory. (S) Lori nuquiblanco, 

(F) Lori a nuque blanche II LORIIDAE Av 
Lorius amabilis = Lorius hypoinochrous 
Lorius cardinalis = Chalcopsitta cardinalis 
Lorius chlorocercus: (E) Yellow-bibbed Lory, (S) Lori acollarado, 

(F) Lori a collier jaune II LORIIDAE Av 
Lorius domkella : (E) Purple-capped Lory, Purple-naped Lory, (S) 

Lori damisela, (F) Lori des dames II LORIIDAE Av 
Lorius garrulus: (E) Chattering Lory, Yellow-backed Lory, (S) Lori 

garrulo, (F) Lori noira II LORIIDAE Av 
Lorius hypoinochrous: (E) Eastern Black-capped Lory, Purple- 
bellied Lory. (S) Lori ventrivinoso, (F) Lori a ventre violet II 

Lorius lory: (E) Black-capped Lory, Western Black-capped Lory, 

(S) Lori tricolor, (F) Lori des Moluques, Lori tricolore II 

Lorius roratus = Eclectus roratus 
Lorius tibialis - Lorius domkella 
Loro aguileno (S): Psittrichas fulgidus 
Loro alibronceado (S): Pionus chalcopterus 
Loro alisero (S): Amazona lucumana 
Loro barranquero (S): Cyanoliseus patagonus 
Loro brasileno (S): Amazona brasiliensis 
Loro burron (S): Amazona fahnosa 
Loro cabeciamarillo (S): Amazona ochrocepbala oratrix 
Loro cabeciazul (S): Pionus menstruus 
Loro cabecirrojo (S): Amazona pretrei 
Loro cabeza amarilla (S): Amazona ochrocepbala 
Loro cabeza azul (S): Amazona farinosa 
Loro cabeza roja (S): Amazona viridigenalis 
Loro cachtirrosa (S): Pionopsitta pulchra 
Loro cacique (S): Deroptyus accipitrinus 
Loro cariazul (S): Amazona brasiliensisl Amazona dufresniana 
Loro caroniblanco (S): Pionus senilis 
Loro choclero (S): Pionus maximiliani 
Loro colicorto (S): Graydidascalus brachyurus 
Loro corona-violeta (S): Amazona fmschi 
Loro de banda roja (S): Amazona vittata 
Loro de Barbado s (S): Amazona barbadensis 
Loro de Buru (S): Tanygnathus gramineus 
Loro de cabeza blanca (S): Amazona leucocephala 
Loro de cabeza roja (S): Amazona pretrei 
Loro de Jamaica (S): Amazona collaria 
Loro de la Espanola (S): Amazona ventralis 
Loro de mejillas azules (S): Amazona rhodocorytha 
Loro de Muller (S): Tanygnathus sumatranus 
Loro de San Vicente (S): Amazona guildingii 
Loro del paraiso (S): Psephotus pulcherrimus 
Loro eclectico (S): Eclectus roratus 
Loro famaulipeco (S): Amazona viridigenalis 
Loro ftente blanca (S): Amazona albifrons 
Loro frente roja (S): Amazona autumnalis 
Loro frentirrojo (S): Amazona autumnalis 
Loro guaro (S): Amazona amazonica 
Loro hablador (S): Amazona aestiva 
Loro hombroamarillo (S): Psephotus chrysopterygius 
Loro imperial (S): Amazona imperialis 
Loro lomirrojo (S): Amazona /estiva 
Loro malva (S): Amazona vinacea 
Loro mona amarilla (S): Amazona ochrocephala 
Loro morado (S): Pionus fuscus 
Loro multicolor (S): Amazona versicolor 
Loro negro (S): Coracopsis nigra 
Loro noctumo (S): Geopsittacus occidentalis 
Loro nuca amarilla (S): Amazona ochrocephala 
Loro nuquiamarillo (S): Amazona ochrocephala auropalliata 
Loro nuquiazul (S): Tanygnathus lucionensis 
Loro orejirrojo (S): Pionopsitta haematotis 
Loro pechivinoso (S): Amazona vinacea 

Loro pecho vinoso (S): Amazona vinacea 

Loro picogrodo (S): Tanygnathus megalorynchos 

Loro piquigordo (S): Rhynchopsitta pachyrhyncha 

Loro piquirrojo (S): Pionus sordidus 

Loro rabudo collar (S): Psitlacula krameri 

Loro real (S): Amazona ochrocephala 

Loro senil (S): Pionus senilis 

Loro tumultuoso (S): Pionus tumultuosus 

Loro vasa (S): Coracopsis vasa 

Loro ventriazul (S): Triclaria malachitacea 

Loro ventrinaranja (S): Neophema chrysogaster 

Loro verde (S): Amazona farinosa I Amazona mercenaria 

Loro yaco (S): Psittacus erithacus 

Loro yucateci (S): Amazona xantholora 

Loro yucateco (S): Amazona xantholora 


Lory, Biak Red (E): Eos cyanogenia 

Lory, Black (E): Chalcopsitta atra 

Lory, Black-capped (E): Lorius lory 

Lory, Black-winged (E): Eos cyanogenia 

Lory. Blue-eared (E): Eos semilarvata 

Lory, Blue-streaked (E): Eos reticulata 

Lory, Brown (E): Chalcopsitta duivenbodei 

Lory, Cardinal (E): Chalcopsitta cardinalis 

Lory, Chattering (E): Lorius garrulus 

Lory, Collared (E): Phigi's solitarius 

Lory, Dusky (E): Pseudeos fuscata 

Lory, Duyvenbode's (E): Chalcopsitta duivenbodei 

Lory, Eastern Black-capped (E): Lorius hypoinochrous 

Lory, Greater Streaked (E): Chalcopsitta sintillata 

Lory, Iris (E): Psitteuteles iris 

Lory, Josephine's (E): Charmosyna josefinae 

Lory, Moluccan (E): Eos bornea 

Lory, Moluccan Red (E): Eos squamata 

Lory, Ornate (E): Trichoglossus ornatus 

Lory, Pohnpei (E): Trichoglossus rubiginosus 

Lory, Purple-bellied (E): Lorius hypoinochrous 

Lory. Purple-capped (E): Lorius domicella 

Lory, Purple-naped (E): Lorius domicella 

Lory, Rainbow (E): Trichoglossus haematodus 

Lory, Red (E): Eos bomea 

Lory, Red-and-blue (E): Eoshistrio 

Lory, Ultramarine (E): Vini ultramarina 

Lory, Violet-necked (E): Eos squamata 

Lory, Western Black -capped (E): Lorius lory 

Lory, White-naped (E): Lorius albidinuchus 

Lory, Yellow-backed (E): Lorius garrulus 

Lory, Yellow-bibbed (E): Lorius chlorocercus 

Lory, Yellow-streaked (E): Chalcopsitta sintillata 

Loup (F): Canis lupus 

Loup a criniere (F): Chrysocyon brachyurus 

Loup gris (F): Canis lupus 

Loup marsupial (F): Thylacinus cynocephalus 

Loup vulgaire (F): Canis lupus 

Loutre a cou tachete (F): Lutra maculicollis 

Loutre ajoues blanches (F): Aonyx capensis 

Loutre ajoues blanches du Cameroun (F): Aonyx congicus 

Loutre ajoues blanches du Congo (F): Aonyx congicus 

Loutre a longue queue (F): Lontra longicaudis 

Loutre cendree (F):Amblonyx cinereus 

Loutre commune (F): Lutra lutra 

Loutre d'Amerique du Sud (F): Lontra longicaudis 

Loutre dAsie (F): Lutrogale perspicillata 

Loutre de La Plata (F): Lontra longicaudis 

Loutre de mer (F): Enhydra lutris/Lontra felina 

Loutre de mer de Californie (F): Enhydra lutris nereis 

Loutre de mer meridionale (F): Enhydra lutris nereis 

Loutre de riviere (F): Lutra lutra 

Loutre de Sumatra (F): Lutra sumatrana 

Loutre d'Europe (F): Lutra lutra 

Loutre du Canada (F): Lontra canadensis 

Loutre du Chili (F): Lontra provocax 

Loutre geante du Bresil (F): Pteronura brasiliensis 

loutres (F): LUTRINAE spp. 

Lovebird, Abyssinian (E): Agapomis taranta 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Lovebird, Black-cheeked (E): Agapornis nigrigenis 
Lovebird, Black-collared (E): Agapornis swindernianus 
Lovebird, Black-masked (E): Agapornis personatus 
Lovebird. Black -winged (E): Agapornis taranta 
Lovebird, Fischer's (E): Agapornis fischeri 
Lovebird, Grey-headed (E): Agapornis canus 
Lovebird, Lilian's (E): Agapornis lilianae 
Lovebird. Madagascar (E): Agapornis canus 
Lovebird, Masked (E): Agapornis personatus 
Lovebird, Nyasa (E): Agapornis lilianae 
Lovebird, Peach- faced (E): Agapornis roseicollis 
Lovebird, Red- faced (E): Agapornis pullarius 
Lovebird, Red- headed (E): Agapornis pullarius 
Lovebird, Rosy -faced (E): Agapornis roseicollis 
Lovebird, Yellow-collared (E): Agapornis personatus 
LOXOCEMIDAE spp.: (E) New World pythons II Re 
Loxocemus bicolor. (E) Burrowing Python, Ground Python, New 
World Python, (S) Piton excavadora, (F) Python d'Amerique 
centrale. Python fouisseur du Mexique II LOXOCEMIDAE Re 
Loxodonta africtma : (E) African Elephant. African Savannah 

Elephant, (S) Elefante africano, (F) Elephant africain. Elephant 
Loxodonta cyclotis = Loxodonta africana 
Lugano cardenalito (S): Carduelis cucullata 
Lugano de Yarrell (S): Carduelis yarrellii 
Lugano encapuchado (S): Carduelis cucullata 
Lungfish, Australian (E): Neoceratodus forsteri 
Lungfish, Queensland (E): Neoceratodus forsteri 
Luth (E): Dermochelys coriacea 
Lutra canadensis = Lontra canadensis 
Lulrafelina = Lontra felina 
Lutra longicaudis = Lontra longicaudis 
Lutra longicaudis longicaudis = Lontra longicaudis 
Lutra lutra: (E) Common Otter, Eurasian Otter, European Otter, 
European River Otter, Old World Otter, (S) Nutria, Nutria 
comim. Nutria europea, (F) Loutre commune, Loutre de riviere, 
Loutre d'Europe I MUSTELIDAE Ma 
Lutra maculicollis: (E) Speckle-throated Otter. Spot-necked Otter, 
Spotted-necked Otter, (S) Nutria de cuello manchado, (F) Loutre 
a cou tachete II MUSTELIDAE Ma 
Lutra nippon = Lutra lutra 
Lutra perspicillata = Lutrogale perspicillata 
Lutra provocax = Lontra provocax 
Lutra sumatrana : (E) Hairy -nosed Otter, (S) Nutria de Sumatra, (F) 

Loutre de Sumatra II MUSTELIDAE Ma 
LUTRINAE spp.: (E) otters, (S) nutrias, (F) loutres I/II 

Lutrogale perspicillata : (E) Indian Smooth -coated Otter, Smooth- 
coated Otter. (S) Nutria lisa, Nutria simung. (F) Loutre d'Asie II 
Lycalopex culpaeus = Pseudalopex culpaeus 
Lycalopex griseus = Pseudalopex griseus 
Lycalopex gymnocercus= Pseudalopex gymnocercus 
Lycocorax pyrrhopterus: ( E) Paradise-Crow, Silky-Crow, (F) 
Corneille de paradis, Paradisier corvin II PARADISAEIDAE 
Lynchailurus colocolo = Oncifelis colocolo 
Lynx (F): Lynx lynx 
Lyra boreal (F): Lynx lynx 
Lynx canadensis: (E) American Lynx, Canada Lynx, (S) Lince del 

Canada, (E) Lyax du Canada II FELIDAE Ma 
Lynx caracal — Caracal caracal 
Lynx d'Espagne (F): Lynx pardinus 
Lynx d'Eurasie (F): Lynx lynx 
Lynx du Canada (F): Lynx canadensis 
Lyax du desert (F): Caracal caracal 
Lynx lynx : (E) Eurasian Lynx, (S) Lince, Lince boreal, Lince 
europeo, (F) Lyax, Lynx boreal. Lynx d'Eurasie II FELIDAE 
Lynx lynx canadensis = Lynx canadensis 
Lynx lynx pardinus- Lynx pardinus 
Lynx pardelle (F): Lynx pardinus 

Lynx pardinus: (E) Iberian Lynx, Pardel Lynx, Spanish Lynx, (S) 
Lince iberico. (F) Lynx d'Espagne, Lyax pardelle I FELIDAE 

Lyax roux (F): Lynx rufus 

Lynx rufus: (E) Bay Lyax. Bobcat, (S) Gato montes, Lince rojo, (F) 

Chat sauvage. Lynx roux II FELIDAE Ma 
Lynx, American (E): Lynx canadensis 
Lynx, Bay (E): Lynx rufus 
Lynx, Canada (E): Lyra canadensis 
Lyax, Desert (E): Caracal caracal 
Lyax, Eurasian (E): Lynx lynx 
Lynx, Iberian (E): Lynx pardinus 
Lyax, Pardel (E): Lynx pardinus 
Lyax, Spanish (E): Lynx pardinus 
Lyssimyde ponctuee (F): Lissemys punctata 
Macaca arctoides: (E) Bear Macaque, Stumptail Macaque, Stump- 
tailed Macaque. (S) Macaca ursin, (F) Macaque brun II 

Macaca assamensis: (E) Assam Macaque, Assamese Macaque, (S) 

Macaca del Himalaya, (F) Macaque d' Assam D 

Macaca cangrejera (S): Macaca fascicularis 
Macaca cola de cerdo (S): Macaca nemestrina 
Macaca crestada de Sulawesi (S): Macaca ochreata 
Macaca cydopis: (E) Formosan Rock Macaque. Taiwan Macaque, 

(S) Macaca de Formosa, (F) Macaque de Formose II 

Macaca cynomolgus = Macaca fascicularis 
Macaca de Formosa (S): Macaca cyclopis 
Macaca de Madras (S): Macaca radiata 
Macaca de Sri Lanka (S): Macaca sinica 
Macaca de Tonkean (S): Macaca tonkeana 
Macaca del Himalaya (S): Macaca assamensis 
Macaca del Tibet (S): Macaca thibetana 
Macaca fascicularis: (E) Crab-eating Macaque, Cynomolgus 

Monkey, Long-tailed Macaque, (S) Macaca cangrejera, (F) 

Macaque crabier. Macaque de Buffon II CERCOPITHECIDAE 

Macaca fuscata : (E) Japanese Macaque, (S) Macacajaponesa, (F) 

Macaque a face rouge. Macaque japonais II 

Macaca irus = Macaca fascicularis 
Macacajaponesa (S): Macaca fuscata 
Macaca leonina (S): Macaca silenus 
Macaca leonina - Macaca nemestrina 
Macaca ma ura: (E) Celebes Macaque, Moor Macaque, (S) Macaca 

mora, (F) Macaque maure II CERCOPITHECIDAE Ma 
Macaca mora (S): Macaca maura 
Macaca mulatto : (E) Rhesus Macaque, Rhesus Monkey, (S) Mono 

resus, (F) Macaque rhesus II CERCOPITHECIDAE Ma 
Macaca negra (S): Macaca nigra 
Macaca nemestrina : (E) Pigtail Macaque, Pig-tailed Macaque, (S) 

Macaca cola de cerdo, (F) Macaque a queue de cochon II 

Macaca nigra : (E) Celebes Black Macaque, Celebes Crested 

Macaque, Gorontalo Macaque, Sulawesi Macaque, (S) Macaca 

negra, (F) Cynopitheque negre, Macaque des Celebes II 

Macaca nigrescens= Macaca nigra 
Macaca ochreata : (E) Booted Macaque, (S) Macaca crestada de 

Macaca pagens is = Macaca nemestrina pagensis 
Macaca pagensis pagensis = Macaca nemestrina pagensis 
Macaca pagensis siberu = Macaca nemestrina 
Macaca radiata : (E) Bonnet Macaque, (S) Macaca de Madras, (F) 

Macaque bonnet chinois, Macaque commun II 

Macaca silenus: (E) Lion-tailed Macaque. Wanderoo.(S) Macaca 

leonina, Macaco barbudo, Macaco de cola de leon, (F) Macaque 

a queue de lion, Macaque ouanderou, Ouanderou I 

Macaca sinica: (E) Toque Macaque, (S) Macaca de Sri Lanka, (F) 

Macaque couronne, Macaque toque II CERCOPITHECIDAE 

Macaca speciosa = Macaca arcioides/Macaca fuscata 
Macaca sylvanus: (E) Barbary Ape, Barbary Macaque, (S) Mono de 

Berberia, Mono de Gibraltar, (F) Macaque de Gibraltar, Magot, 


Seep. 13 / Veasep. 29/ Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Macaca thibetana : ( E) Pere David's Macaque, Short -tailed Tibetan 

Macaque, Tibetan Macaque, (S) Macaca del Tibet, (F) Macaque 

Macaca tonkeana : ( E ) Tonkean Black Macaque, Tonkean Macaque, 

(S) Macaca de Tonkean, (F) Macaque de Tonkea II 

Macaca ursin (S): Macaca arctoides 
Macaco barbudo (S): Macaca silenus 
Macaco de cola de leon (S): Macaca silenus 
Macaguarieur(F): Herpetotheres cachinnans 
Macaon de Corcega (S): Papilio hospiton 
macaones (F): Bhutanitis spp. 
Macaque a face rouge (F): Macaca fuscata 
Macaque a queue de cochon (F): Macaca nemestrina 
Macaque a queue de lion (F): Macaca silenus 
Macaque bonnet chinois (F): Macaca radiata 
Macaque brun (F): Macaca arctoides 
Macaque commun (F): Macaca radiata 
Macaque couronne (F): Macaca sinica 
Macaque crabier (F): Macaca fascicularis 
Macaque d' Assam (F): Macaca assamensis 
Macaque de Button (F): Macaca fascicularis 
Macaque de Formose (F): Macaca cyclopis 
Macaque de Gibraltar (F): Macaca sylvanus 
Macaque de Tonkea (F): Macaca tonkeana 
Macaque des Celebes (F): Macaca nigra 
Macaque du Tibet (F): Macaca thibetana 
Macaque japonais (F): Macaca fuscata 
Macaque maure (F): Macaca mama 
Macaque ouanderou (F): Macaca silenus 
Macaque rhesus (F): Macaca mulatto 
Macaque toque (F): Macaca sinica 
Macaque, Assam (E): Macaca assamensis 
Macaque, Assamese (E): Macaca assamensis 
Macaque, Barbary (E): Macaca sylvanus 
Macaque, Bear (E): Macaca arctoides 
Macaque, Bonnet (E): Macaca radiata 
Macaque, Booted (E): Macaca ochreata 
Macaque, Celebes (E): Macaca maura 
Macaque, Celebes Black (E): Macaca nigra 
Macaque. Celebes Crested (E): Macaca nigra 
Macaque, Crab-eating (E): Macaca fascicularis 
Macaque, Formosan Rock (E): Macaca cyclopis 
Macaque, Gorontalo (E): Macaca nigra 
Macaque, Japanese (E): Macaca fuscati 
Macaque, Lion-tailed (E): Macaca silenus 
Macaque, Long-tailed (E): Macaca fascicularis 
Macaque, Moor (E): Macaca maura 
Macaque, Pere David's (E): Macaca thibetana 
Macaque, Pigtail (E): Macaca nemestrina 
Macaque, Pig-tailed (E): Macaca nemestrina 
Macaque, Rhesus (E): Macaca mulatto 
Macaque, Short -tailed Tibetan (E): Macaca thibetana 
Macaque, Stumptail (E): Macaca arctoides 
Macaque, Stump-tailed (E): Macaca arctoides 
Macaque, Sulawesi (E): Macaca nigra 
Macaque, Taiwan (E): Macaca cyclopis 
Macaque, Tibetan (E>: Macaca thibetana 
Macaque, Tonkean (E): Macaca tonkeana 
Macaque, Tonkean Black (E): Macaca tonkeana 
Macaque, Toque (E): Macaca sinica 
Macaw, Blue-and-gold (E): Araararauna 
Macaw, Blue-and-yellow(E): Araararauna 
Macaw, Blue-headed (E): Propyrrhura couloni 
Macaw, Blue-throated (E): Ara glaucogularis 
Macaw, Blue-winged (E): Propyrrhura maracana 
Macaw, Button's (E): Ara ambigua 
Macaw, Chestnut- fronted (E): Ara severa 
Macaw, Glaucous (E): Anodorhynchus glaucus 
Macaw, Golden-collared (E): Propyrrhura aaricolUs 
Macaw, Great Green (E): Ara ambigua 
Macaw, Green-winged (E).Ara chloroptera 
Macaw, Hahn's (E): Diopsittaca nobilis 
Macaw, Hyacinth (E): Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus 
Macaw, UWger's (E): Propyrrhura maracana 

Macaw, Indigo (E): Anodorhynchus leari 

Macaw, Lear's (E): Anodorhynchus leari 

Macaw, Little Blue (E): Cyanopsitta spixii 

Macaw, Military (Ey.Aramilitaris 

Macaw, Noble (E): Diopsittaca nobilis 

Macaw, Redand-green (E): Ara chloroptera 

Macaw, Redbellied (E): Orthopsittaca manilata 

Macaw. Red fronted (E): Ara rubrogenys 

Macaw, Redshouldered (E): Diopsittaca nobilis 

Macaw, Scarlet (E): Aramacao 

Macaw, Severe (E): Ara severa 

Macaw, Spix's (E): Cyanopsitta spixii 

Macaw, Yellow-collared (E): Propyrrhura auricollis 

macaws, blue (E): Anodorhynchus spp. 

Macgregoria pulclira : (E) Macgregor's Bird-of-paradise, (F) 

Paradisier de Macgregor II PARADISAEIDAE Av 
Machaerhamphus alcinus = Macheiramphus alcinus 
Machaon de Luzon (F): Papilio chikae 
Macheiramphus alcinus. (E) Bat Hawk, Bat Kite, (S) Milano 
murcielaguero, (F) Milan des chauves-souris II 
Macrocephalon maleo: (E) Celebes Maleo, Gray's Brush-turkey, 
Malee Fowl, Maleo, Maleo Fowl, Maleo Megapode, (S) 
Megapodio maleo, Megapodo cabecigrande, Talegalo maleo, 
(F) Maleo, Megapode maleo I MEGAPODnDAE Av 
Macrocercus glaucus = A nodorhynchus glaucus 
Macrocercus maracana = Propyrrhura maracana 
Macrocercus pachyrhynchus = Rhynchopsitta pachyrhyncha 
Macrotis logons: (E) Bilby, Dalgyte, Greater Bilby, Greater Rabbit- 
eared Bandicoot, (S) Bandicot conejo, Cangurito narigudo 
grande, (F) Bandicootlapin, Grand bandicoot-lapin I 
Macrotis leucura:[E) Lesser Bilby, Lesser Rabbit-eared Bandicoot, 
White-tailed Rabbit -eared Bandicoot, Yallara, (S) Bandicot 
conejo de cola blanca, Cangurito narigudo coliblanco, (F) 
Bandicoot-lapin a queue blanche, Bandicoot-lapin mineur, Petit 
bandicoot-lapin IPERAMELIDAE Ma 
Macuco (S): Tinamus solitarius 
Madrace a dix rayons (F): Madracis decactis 
Madrace etoile (F): Madracis pharensis 
Madrace profond (F): Madracis formosa 
Madracis asanoi: IT POCILLOPORIDAE An 
Madracis asperula : Jt POCILLOPORIDAE An 
Madracis brueggemanni: if POCILLOPORIDAE An 
Madracis carmabi: rf POCILLOPORIDAE An 
Madracis decactis: (E) Green Cactus Coral, Ten-ray Finger Coral, 
Ten-rav Star Coral, (F) Madrace a dix rayons IT 
Madracis formosa: (E) Eight-ray Finger Coral, (F) Madrace profond 

Madracis hellana: D 8 POCILLOPORIDAE An 
Madracis interjecta : II 8 POCILLOPORIDAE An 
Madracis kauaiensis: II 8 POCILLOPORIDAE An 
Madracis kauaiensis macrocalvx = Madracis kauaiensis 
Madracis kirbyi: II 8 POCILLOPORIDAE An 
Madracis luciphila = Madracis pharensis 
Madracis mirabilis = Madracis myriaster 
Madracis myriaster. (E) Striate Finger Coral, Yellow Pencil Coral 

Madracis palaoensis = Madracis asanoi 
Madracis pharensis: (E) Star Coral, (F) Madrace etoile II 8 

Madracis profunda: U s POCILLOPORIDAE An 
Madracis senaria: tf POCILLOPORIDAE An 
Madracis singular is: II s POCILLOPORIDAE An 
Madrepora abdita = Favites abdita 
Madrepora abrotanoides = Acropora abrotanoides 
Madrepora acervata - Acropora hum His 
Madrepora aculeus = Acropora aculeus 
Madrepora acuminata = Acropora acuminata 
Madrepora africana = Acropora tenuis 
Madrepora agaricites = Agaricia agaricites 
Madrepora alcocki = Madrepora oculata 
Madrepora alliomorpha = Acropora appressa 
Madrepora amblyclados = Acropora humilis 

See p. 13 / V ease p. 29 / Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Madrepora ampliata = Men/Una ampliata 

Madrepora angidata = Acropora horrida 

Madrepora angidosa = Mussa angidosa 

Madrepora annularis = Montastraea annularis 

Madrepora anthocercis = Acropora anthocercis 

Madrepora anthophyllites = Pourtalosmilia anthophvllites 

Madrepora anthophyllum = Caryophyllia cyathus 

Madrepora appressa = Acropora appressa 

Madrepora arbuscida = Acropora formosa 

Madrepora arbuscida : if OCUL[NlDAE An 

Madrepora arcuaia = Acropora cytherea 

Madrepora arenosa = Pontes lutea 

Madrepora areolata = Manicina areolata 

Madrepora armata = Acropora cytherea/Stylocoeniella armata 

Madrepora aspera = Acropora aspera/Echinophvllia aspera 

Madrepora assimilis = Acropora appressa 

Madrepora astroites = Montastraea annularis 

Madrepora oust era = Acropora austera 

Madrepora australis = Acropora hum il is 

Madrepora axillaris = Cyathelia axillaris 

Madrepora baeodactyla = Acropora digit if era 

Madrepora boletiformis = Pavona cactus 

Madrepora brachiata = Acropora formosa 

Madrepora brachyclados= Acropora florida 

Madrepora brevicollis = Acropora digitifera 

Madrepora brueggemanni- Acropora brueggemanni 

Madrepora bullata — Acropora hamilis 

Madrepora cactus = Pavona cactus 

Madrepora caespitosa = Cladocora caespitosa 

Madrepora calamaria = Acropora humilis 

Madrepora calendula = Caryophyllia cyathus 

Madrepora calycularis = Astroides calycularis 

Madrepora canaliculata = Acropora humilis 

Madrepora canalis = Acropora nobU'ts 

Madrepora Candida = Madrepora oculata 

Madrepora capitata = Eusmilia fastigiata 

Madrepora carduus= Mussa angulosa 

Madrepora carduus = Acropora carduus 

Madrepora Carolina: if OCULINIDAE An 

Madrepora caryophyllia = Caryophvllia smithii 

Madrepora cavernosa = Favia favus/ Montastraea cavernosa 

Madrepora cereal is = Acropora cereal is 

Madrepora cervicornis = Acropora cervicornis 

Madrepora chalcidicum = Cyphasti-ea chalcidicum 

Madrepora cinerascens= Turbinaria mesentehna 

Madrepora circumvallata = Montipora circumvallata 

Madrepora clathrata = Acropora clathrata 

Madrepora clivosa = Diploria clivosa 

Madrepora coalescens = Acropora valida 

Madrepora cochlea = Heteropsammia cochlea 

Madrepora coerulea = Heliopora coerulea 

Madrepora complanata = Acropora clathrata 

Madrepora concamerata = Echinopora gemmacea 

Madrepora concinna = Acropora valida 

Madrepora conferta = Acropora hyacinthus 

Madrepora conglomerata = Porites solida 

Madrepora conigera = Acropora robusta 

Madrepora contecta = Acropora humilis 

Madrepora contignatio = Hydnophora exesa 

Madrepora contigua = Psammocora contigua 

Madrepora convexa = Acropora convexa 

Madrepora cophodactyla = Acropora humilis 

Madrepora cornuta ~ Acropora pal mala 

Madrepora coronata = Acropora anthocercis 

Madrepora corymbosa = Acropora cythereaJLobophyllia corymbosa 

Madrepora crater = Turbinaria crater 

Madrepora crateriformis = Acropora crateriformis 

Madrepora cribripora = Acropora aspera 

Madrepora chstagalli = Montipora circumvallata 

Madrepora cristata = Pavona cactus 

Madrepora cucullata = Helioseris cucullata 

Madrepora cuneata = Acropora cuneata 

Madrepora cuspidata = Galaxea fascicularis 

Madrepora cyathus = Caryophyllia cyathus 

Madrepora cycloptera = Acropora robusta 

Madrepora cymbicyathus = Acropora nasuta 

Madrepora cytherea = Acropora cvtherea 

Madrepora daedalea = Alveopora daedalea/Platygyra daedalea 

Madrepora decipiens = Acropora robusta 

Madrepora deformis = Acropora danai 

Madrepora delicatula = Acropora selago 

Madrepora dendrum = Acropora dendmm 

Madrepora denticulata =Fa\'ia favus 

Madrepora dianthus = Desmophyllum dianthus 

Madrepora diffusa = Acropora acuminata 

Madrepora digitata = Stylophora pistillata 

Madrepora digitata spathulata ~ Stylophora pistillata 

Madrepora digitifera = Acropora digitifera 

Madrepora disticha = Acropora nasuta 

Madrepora divaricata = Acropora divaricata 

Madrepora divergens= Galaxea fascicuhris 

Madrepora diver sa = Acropora secale 

Madrepora durvillei = Acropora echinata 

Madrepora echinata = Acropora echinata/Ctenactis echinata 

Madrepora efflorescens = Acropora efflorescens 

Madrepora effusa = Acropora digitifera 

Madrepora ehrenbergii = Acropora pharaonis 

Madrepora elegans = Acropora elegans 

Madrepora elegantula = Acropora elegantula 

Madrepora elephantotus= Mycedium elephantotus 

Madrepora elseyi = Acropora elseyi 

Madrepora embescens= Stylaster ervbescens 

Madrepora erythraea - Acropora humilis 

Madrepora ethica = Acropora palmata 

Madrepora eurystoma = Acropora eurystoma 

Madrepora exesa = Hydnophora exesa 

Madrepora exigua = Acropora formosa/Madrepora Carolina 

Madrepora ex His = Acropora elseyi 

Madrepora fascicularis = Galaxea fascicularis 

Madrepora fastigiata - Eusmilia fastigiata 

Madrepora faveolata = Montastraea annularis 

Madrepora favosa = Favites abdita 

Madrepora favus = Favia favus 

Madrepora fdograna = Diploria clivosa 

Madrepora flabelliformis = Acropora microclados 

Madrepora florida = A cropora florida 

Madrepora foliosa = Montipora foliosa 

Madrepora formosa = Acropora formosa/Madrepora oculata 

Madrepora fragilis = Acropora rambleri 

Madrepora fragrum = Favia fl'agum 

Madrepora fiitcticosa = Acropora humilis 

Madrepora fungites = Fungia fungites 

Madrepora galapagensis = Madrepora oculata 

Madrepora galaxea = Astreopora listeri 

Madrepora gemmascens = Stylaster gemmascens 

Madrepora gemmifera = Acropora gemmifera 

Madrepora glauca = Acropora glauca 

Madrepora globiceps = Acropora globiceps 

Madrepora gracilis = Acropora formosa 

Madrepora grandis = A cropora grandis 

Madrepora granulosa = Acropora granulosa 

Madrepora guppyi = Acropora humilis 

Madrepora gyrosa = Colpophyllia natans 

Madrepora haimei = Acropora haimei 

Madrepora hebes = Acropora aspera 

Madrepora hirtella = Sclerhelia hirtella 

Madrepora ht'spida= Acropora cuneata 

Madrepora horrida = Acropora horrida 

Madrepora humilis = Acropora humilis 

Madrepora hyacinthinus= Acropora hyacinthus 

Madrepora hystrix = Acropora cereal is 

Madrepora implicata = Diploria labyrinthiformis 

Madrepora incrustans= Turbinaria mesentehna 

Madrepora inermis = Acropora inermis 

Madrepora intermedia = Acropora intermedia 

Madrepora intersepta = Stephanocoenia intersepta 

Madrepora investigatoris = Madrepora oculata 

Madrepora irregidaris = Acropora irregularis 

Madrepora kauaiensis: II 8 OCULINIDAE An 

Madrepora kenti = Acropora tenuis 

Seep. 13 / Veasep. 29/ Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Madrepora labrosa = Acropora prolifera 

Madrepora labyrinthiea = Meandrina mciecmdrites 

Madrepora labyrinthiformis = Diploria labyrinthiformis/Plalygyra 

Madrepora lacera = Scolymia lacera 
Madrepora lacluca = Pectinia lactuca 
Madrepora lamellosa = Echinopora lamellosa 
Madrepora latislella = Acropora latistella 
Madrepora leptocyathus = Acropora humilis 
Madrepora Umax = Herpolilha Umax 
Madrepora lister i = Acropora lisleri 
Madrepora longicyathus = Acropora longicyathus 
Madrepora loripes - Acropora loripes 
Madrepora macrostoma = Acropora macrosloma 
Madrepora maeandrina = Monlipora danae 
Madrepora maeandrites = Meandrina maeandrttes 
Madrepora mammillaris = Oculina valenciennesi 
Madrepora manni = Acropora aspera 
Madrepora mexicana = Acropora palmata 
Madrepora microcyathus= Acropora pharaonis 
Madrepora microphthalma = Acropora micro phthalma 
Madrepora mimitiseptum : II s OCULINIDAE An 
Madrepora mirabilis = Acropora mirabilis 
Madrepora monasteriata = Monlipora monasteriata 
Madrepora monile = Coscinastrea monile 
Madrepora monticulosa = A cropora monticulosa 
Madrepora mullicaulis = Acropora valencennesii 
Madrepora multiformis = Acropora formosa 
Madrepora muricata = Acropora danai 
Madrepora nana = Acropora nana 
Madrepora nasuta = Acropora nasuta 
Madrepora nigra = Acropora acuminata 
Madrepora nobilis = Acropora nobilis 
Madrepora obscura = Acropora humilis 
Madrepora obtusata = Acropora hemprichii 
Madrepora ocellata = Acropora ocellata 
Madrepora oculata : U* OCULINIDAE An 
Madrepora orbicularis = Acropora orbicularis 
Madrepora organum = Galaxea fascicularis 
Madrepora pallida = Acropora humilis 
Madrepora palmata = Acropora palmata 
Madrepora papillosa = Acropora cuneata 
Madrepora parilis = Acropora parilis 

Madrepora patella = Fungia fungites 

Madrepora patula -Acropora latistella 

Madrepora paxilligera = Acropora humilis 

Madrepora pectinata = Acropora hyacinthus 

Madrepora pelewensis = Acropora brueggemanni 

Madrepora peltata = Turbinaria pel lata 

Madrepora pentagona = Favites pentagona 

Madrepora perampla = Acropora palmata 

Madrepora pertusa = Lophelia pertusa 

Madrepora pharaonis = Acropora pharaonis 

Madrepora phrygia = Leptoria phrygia 

Madrepora pileus = Halomitra pileus 

Madrepora pistil lata = Stylophora pistil lata 

Madrepora plantaginea = Acropora plantagineaf Acropora secale 

Madrepora platycyathus = Acropora humilis 

Madrepora poculata = Astrangia poculata 

Madrepora polvstoma = Acropora polystoma 

Madrepora porcellana. II s OCULINIDAE An 

Madrepora porites = Porites porites 

Madrepora procumbens = Acropora echinata 

Madrepora prolifera - Acropora prolifera/Lophelia pertusa 

Madrepora prolixa = Acropora carduus 

Madrepora prostrata = Acropora prostrata 

Madrepora pruinosa = Acropora pruinosa 

Madrepora pulchra = A cropora pulchra 

Madrepora punctata = Stylaraea punctata 

Madrepora pustulosa = Acropora pharaonis 

Madrepora pyramidalis = Acropora humilis 

Madrepora quelchi= Acropora cerealis 

Madrepora radians = Siderastrea radians 

Madrepora radiata = Montastraea cavernosa 

Madrepora rambleri = Acropora rambleri 

Madrepora ramea = Dendrophyllia ramea 

Madrepora rayneri- Acropora granulosa 

Madrepora recumbens = Acropora hyacinthus 

Madrepora reticulata = Acropora cytherea 

Madrepora retusa = Acropora retusa 

Madrepora robusta = Acropora robusta 

Madrepora rosaria = Acropora rosaria 

Madrepora rosea = Stylaster roseus 

Madrepora rotumana = Acropora danai 

Madrepora rousseauii = Acropora valida 

Madrepora rudis = Acropora hemprichii 

Madrepora rus = Porites rus 

Madrepora samoensis = Acropora samoensis 

Madrepora sarmentosa = Acropora sarmentosa 

Madrepora scandens - Acropora pharaonis 

Madrepora scherzeriana = Acropora scherzeriana 

Madrepora secale = Acropora secale 

Madrepora secunda = Acropora nobilis 

Madrepora securis - Acropora cuneata 

Madrepora selago = Acropora selago 

Madrepora serailia = Cyphastrea serailia 

Madrepora siderea = Siderastrea siderea 

Madrepora simiosa = Isopltyllia sinuosa 

Madrepora smithi = Acropora robusta 

Madrepora solida = Porites solida 

Madrepora speciosa = Acropora speciosa 

Madrepora spectabilis = Acropora humilis 

Madrepora spicifera = Acropora spicifera 

Madrepora spongiosa = Monlipora foveolata /Monlipora spongiosa 

Madrepora squamosa = Acropora millepora 

Madrepora stilosa = Monlipora stilosa 

Madrepora striata = Acropora striata 

Madrepora subaquila = Acropora palmata 

Madrepora subglabra = Acropora subglabra 

Madrepora subseriala = Stylophora subseriala 

Madrepora subulata = Acropora subulala 

Madrepora super ba = Acropora palmata 

Madrepora surculosa = Acropora hyacinthus 

Madrepora symmetrica = Acropora cytherea 

Madrepora syringodes -Acropora nana 

Madrepora lenella = Acropora tenella 

Madrepora tenuis = Acropora tenuis 

Madrepora teres = Acropora teres 

Madrepora [homasiana = Acropora palmata 

Madrepora tizardi = Acropora tizardi 

Madrepora tortttosa = Acropora tortuosa 

Madrepora tri/inguis = Herpolilha Umax 

Madrepora tubigera = Acropora aculeus 

Madrepora tumida = Acropora titmida 

Madrepora undata = Agaricia undata 

Madrepora valencennesii = Acropora valencennesii 

Madrepora valida = Acropora valida 

Madrepora variabilis = Acropora variabilis 

Madrepora variolosa = Acropora variolosa 

Madrepora vasiformis = Acropora clathrata 

Madrepora venosa - Montipora venosa 

Madrepora verrucaria = Balanophyllia europaea 

Madrepora verrucosa = Pocillopora verrucosa 

Madrepora virgata = Acropora formosa 

Madrepora virginea = Oculina diffusa 

Madrepora vitiae - Madrepora oculata 

Madrepore oeuillet tachete (F): Rhizosmilia maculata 

Maeandra caudex = Dendrogyra cylindrus 

Maeandra cerebrum = Favia gravida 

Maeandra conferta = Favia gravida 

Maeandra cylindrus = Dendrogyra cylindrus 

Maeandra daedalea = Platygyra daedalea 

Maeandra labyrinthiea = Platygyra daedalea 

Maeandra lamellina = Platygyra lamellina 

Maeandra spatiosa = Dendrogyra cylindrus 

Magot(F): Macaca sylvanus 

Magot commun (F): Macaca sylvanus 

Mahali a calotte marron (F): Plocepasser superciliosus 

Mailmbo capirotado (S): Anaplectes rubriceps 

Mainate (F): Leucopsar rothschildi 

Seep. 13 / Veasep. 29 1 Voir p. 45. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Mainate de Rothschild (F): Leucopsar rothschildi 

Mainate religieux (F): Gracula religiosa 

Maja chico (S): TropUophis melamtrus 

Maja de Sta. Maria (S): Epicrates angulifer 

Maki a bourre (F): Avahi laniger 

Maki ardilla (S): Phaner furcifer 

Maki brun (F): Eulemut fulvus 

Maki carta (F): Lemur catta 

Maki coligordo (S): Cheirogaleus major/Cheiroga/eus medius 

Maki horquilia (S): Phaner furcifer 

Maki mongoz (F): Eidenntr mongoz 

Maki noir (F): Eulemur macaco 

Maki raton (S): Microcebus mfus 

Maki raton de Coquerel (S): Microcebus coquereli 

Maki raton gris (S): Microcebus murinus 

Maki vari (F): Varecia variegata 

makis (S): CHEIROGALEIDAE spp. 

Malacochersus tornieri: (E) Crevice Tortoise, Pancake Tortoise, 

Softshell Tortoise, Tornier's Tortoise, (S) Tortuga de cuna, (F) 

Tortue a carapace souple, Tortue de Tornier II 

Malania anjouanae = Latimeria chahimnae 
Malavemys subtrijuga : (E) Malayan Snail-eating Turtle, Ricefield 

Maleo(E): Macrocephalon maleo 
Maleo (F): Macrocephalon maleo 
Maleo, Celebes (E): Macrocephalon maleo 
Malimbe a bee bleu (F): Malimbus nitens 
Malimbe a gorge noire (F): Malimbus cassini 
Malimbe a queue rouge (F): Malimbus scutatus 
Malimbe a tete rouge (F): Malimbus nibricollis 
Malimbe de Cassin (F): Malimbus cassini 
Malimbe huppe (F): Malimbus malimbicus 
Malimbe, Black-throated (E): Malimbus cassini 
Malimbe, Blue-billed (E): Malimbus nitens 
Malimbe, Cassin's (E): Malimbus cassini 
Malimbe, Crested (E): Malimbus malimbicus 
Malimbe, Gray's (E): Malimbus nitens 
Malimbe, Red-headed (E): Malimbus nibricollis 
Malimbe, Red-vented (E): Malimbus scutatus 
Malimbo cabecinegro (S): Malimbus nitens 
Malimbo cuellirrojo (S): Malimbus nibricollis 
Malimbo culirrojo (S): Malimbus scutatus 
Malimbo monudo (S): Malimbus malimbicus 
Malimbus cassini: (E) Black -throated Malimbe, Cassin's Malimbe. 

(F) Malimbe a gorge noire, Malimbe de Cassin III 

Malimbus malimbicus: (E) Crested Malimbe, (S) Malimbo monudo, 

(F) Malimbe huppe III PLOCEIDAE Av 
Malimbus nitens: (E) Blue-billed Malimbe, Gray's Malimbe, (S) 

Malimbo cabecinegro, (F) Malimbe a bee bleu III PLOCEIDAE 

Malimbus rubriceps = Anaplectes rubriceps 
Malimbus rubricollis: (E) Red-headed Malimbe, Red-headed 

Weaver, (S) Malimbo cuellirrojo, (F) Malimbe a tete rouge III 

Malimbus scutatus: (E) Red-vented Malimbe, (S) Malimbo 

culirrojo, (F) Malimbe a queue rouge III PLOCEIDAE Av 
Mallard, Marianas (E): Anas oustaieti 
Malure occidental (F): Dasyornis longirostris 
Malvasia (S): Oxyura leucocephala 
Malvasia Cabeciblanca (S): Oxyura leucocephala 
Manatee, African (E): Trichechus senegalensis 
Manatee, Amazonian (E): Trichechus inunguis 
Manatee, American (E): Trichechus manatus 
Manatee, Caribbean (E): Trichechus manatus 
Manatee, North American (E): Trichechus manatus 
Manatee, South American (E): Trichechus inunguis 
Manatee, West African (E): Trichechus senegalensis 
Manatee, West Indian (E): Trichechus manatus 
Manati amazonico (S): Trichechus inunguis 
Manati de Senegal (S): Trichechus senegalensis 
Manati norteamericano (S): Trichechus manatus 
Manchot de Humboldt (F): Spheniscus humbo/dti 
Manchot du Cap (F): Spheniscus demersus 

Manco (S): Eira barbara 

Mandingoa nitidula : (E) Green Twinspot, Green-backed Twinspot, 

(F) Astrild vert pointille, Senegali vert III ESTRILDIDAE Av 
Mandril (S): Mandrillus sphinx 
Mandrill (E): Mandrillus sphinx 
Mandrillus leucophaeus: (E) Drill, (S) Dril, Drill, (F) Drill I 

Mandrillus sphinx:{E) Mandrill, (S) Mandril, (F) Mandrill I 

Mangabe (F): Cercocebus galeritus 
Mangabey a Crete (F): Cercocebus galeritus galeritus 
Mangabey agile (F): Cercocebus agilis 
Mangabey couronne (F): Cercocebus torquatus 
Mangabey crestado (S): Cercocebus galeritus 
Mangabey crestado ventriblanco (S): Cercocebus galeritus galeritus 
Mangabey de collar bianco (S): Cercocebus torquatus 
Mangabey de la Tana (F): Cercocebus galeritus galeritus 
Mangabey de mejillas grises (S): Lophocebus albigena 
Mangabey enframe" (F): Cercocebus torquatus 
Mangabey. Agile (E): Cercocebus agilis 
Mangabey, Collared (E): Cercocebus torquatus 
Mangabey, Crested (E): Cercocebus galeritus 
Mangabey, Grey-cheeked (E): Lophocebus albigena 
Mangabey, Red-capped (E): Cercocebus torquatus 
Mangabey, Sooty (E): Cercocebus torquatus 
Mangabey, Tana River (E): Cercocebus galeritus galeritus 
Mangabey, White-cheeked (E): Lophocebus albigena 
Mangabey, White-collared (E): Cercocebus torquatus 
Mangeur d'hommes (F): Carcharodon carcharias 
Mangeur d'oeufs asiatique (F): Elachistodon westermanni 
Mangeur d'oeufs indien de Westermann (F): Elachistodon 

Mango (S): Anthracothorax nigricollis 
Mango a cravate noire (F): Anthracothorax nigricollis 
Mango a cravate verte (F): Anthracothorax viridigula 
Mango antillano (S): Anthracothorax dominicus 
Mango de la Jamai'que (F): Anthracothorax mango 
Mango de Prevost (F): Anthracothorax prevostii 
Mango de Veragua (F): Anthracothorax veraguensis 
Mango dore (F): Anthracothorax dominicus 
Mango gargantiverde (S): Anthracothorax viridigula 
Mango gorginegro (S): Anthracothorax nigricollis 
Mango gorgiverde (S): Anthracothorax viridigula 
Mango jamaicano (S): Anthracothorax mango 
Mango pechinegro (S): Anthracothorax nigricollis 
Mango pechiverde (S): Anthracothorax prevostii 
Mango picolezna (S): Anthracothorax recurvirostris 
Mango portorriqueno (S): Anthracothorax viridis 
Mango vert (F): Anthracothorax viridis 
Mango. Antillean (E): Anthracothorax dominicus 
Mango. Black -throated (E): Anthracothorax nigricollis 
Mango, Dominican (E): Anthracothorax dominicus 
Mango, Green (E): Anthracothorax viridis 
Mango, Green-breasted (E): Anthracothorax prevostii 
Mango, Green-throated (E): Anthracothorax viridigula 
Mango, Jamaican (E): Anthracothorax mango 
Mango, Veraguan (E): Anthracothorax veraguensis 
Mangosta cangrejera (S): Herpestes urva 
Mangosta colicorta oscura (S): Herpestes brachyurusfuscus 
Mangosta de manchas doradas (S): Herpestes javanicus 

Mangosta de nuca rayada (S): Herpestes vitticollis 
Mangosta dentipequeno (S): Eupleres goudotii 
Mangosta gris de la India (S): Herpestes edwardsii 
Mangosta roja de la India (S): Herpestes smithii 
Mango -taniwha (E): Carcharodon carcharias 
Mango -ururoa (E): Carcharodon carcharias 
Mangouste a cou raye (F): Herpestes vitticollis 
Mangouste a queue courte de ITnde (F): Herpestes brachyurus 

Mangouste crabiere (F): Herpestes urva 
Mangouste de Smith (F): Herpestes smithii 
Mangouste d'Edwards (F): Herpestes edwardsii 
Mangouste grise de I'lnde (F): Herpestes edwardsii 
Manicina amarantum = Trachyphyllia geoffroyi 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Manicina areolata: (E) Rose Coral. (F) Rose de corail II 

Manicina hemprichii = Favites complanata 
Manicina hispida - Manicina areolata 
Manicina interntpla = Gyrosmilia intemipla 
Manicina mayori = Manicina areolata 
Manicina praentpta = Manicina areolata 
Manicina strigilis = Manicina areolata 
Manicina valenciennesii = Montastraea valenciennesii 
Manigordo (S): Leopardus partialis 
Manis spp.: (E) pangolins, (S) pangolines, pangolinos, (F) 

pangolins, n 10 MANIDAE Ma 
Manis crassicaudata : (E) Indian Pangolin, Thick -tailed Pangolin, 

(S) Pangolin indio, (F) Grand pangolin de I'lnde, Pangolin a 

grosse queue Il' MANIDAE Ma 
Manis culionensis = Manis javanica 
Manis gigantea: (E) Giant Ground Pangolin, Giant Pangolin, (S) 

Pangolin gigante, (F) Grand pangolin. Pangolin geant II 

Manis javanica: (E) Malayan Pangolin, Sunda Pangolin, (S) 

Pangolin malayo, (F) Pangolin javanais. Pangolin malais II 

Manis longicaudata = Manis tetradactyla 
Manis pentadactyla : (E) Chinese Pangolin, (S) Pangolin chino, (F) 

Pangolin a queue courte. Pangolin de Chine II" MANIDAE Ma 
Manis temminckii: (E) Cape Pangolin, Scaly Anteater, South 

African Pangolin, Temminck's Ground Pangolin, (S) Pangolin 

del Cabo, (F) Pangolin de Temminck, Pangolin terrestre du Cap 

Manis tetradactyla : (E) Black-bellied Pangolin, Long-tailed 

Pangolin, (S) Pangolin de cola larga, (F) Pangolin a longue 

queue, Pangolin tetradactyle II MANIDAE Ma 
Manis tricuspis: (E) Three-cusped Pangolin. Tree Pangolin, White- 
bellied Pangolin, (F) Pangolin a ecailles tricuspides. Pangolin 

commun. Tricuspide II MANIDAE Ma 
Mannikin, Black-and-white (E): Lonclnira bicolor 
Mannikin, Blue-billed (E): Lonchura bicolor 
Mannikin, Bronze (E): Lonchura cucullata 
Mannikin, Bronze- winged (E): Lonchura cucullata 
Mannikin, Magpie (E): Lonchura fringilloides 
Mannikin, Ped (E): Lonchura fringilloides 
Manopora caliculata = Montipora caliculata 
Manopora capitata = Montipora capitata 
Manopora digitata = Montipora digitata 
Manopora effusa = Montipora effiisa 
Manopora expansa = Montipora hispida 
Manopora foveolata = Montipora foveolata 
Manopora hispida = Montipora hispida 
Manopora incrassata = Montipora incrassata 
Manopora nodosa = Montipora nodosa 
Manopora nudiceps- Montipora circumvallata 
Manopora planhtscula = Montipora verrucosa 
Manopora tortuosa = Montipora digitata 
Manouria emys: (E) Asian Giant Tortoise, Asian Tortoise, Black 

Giant Tortoise, Burmese Brown Tortoise, Burmese Mountain 

Tortoise, Six-legged Tortoise, (F) Tortue brune II 

Manouria fusca = Manouria emys 
Manouria impressa : (E) Impressed Tortoise, (S) Tortuga marron de 

Burma, (F) Tortue imprimee II TESTUDINIDAE Re 
Mantella spp.: (E) golden frogs, mantellas, (F) mantelles, (S) ranas 

Mantella attemsi = Mantella betsileo 
Mantella aurantiaca : ( E) Ginger Tree Frog Golden Frog, Golden 

Mantella, (S) Rana dorada, Ranita dorada de Madagascar, (F) 

Mantelle doree II MANTELLIDAE Am 
Mantella aurantiaca milotympanum = Mantella milotympanum 
Mantella baroni: (E) Baron's Mantella, Harlequin Mantella, 

Variegated Golden Frog, Variegated Mantella U 


Mantella bernhardi (E) Bemhard's Mantella, Black Mantella, 

Tolongoina Golden Frog II MANTELLIDAE Am 
Mantella betsileo. (E) Betsileo Golden Frog, Bronze Mantella, 

Brown Mantella II MANTELLIDAE Am 
Mantella cowanii nigricans = Mantella nigricans 
Mantella cowanii: (E) Black Golden Frog, Cowan's Golden Frog, 

Cowan's Mantella II MANTELLIDAE Am 
Mantella cowanii pulchra = Mantella pulchra 
Mantella crocea: (E) Eastern Golden Frog, Yellow Mantella II 

Mantella ebenaui = Mantella betsileo 
Mantella expectata : (E) Blue-legged Mantella, Tulear Golden Frog 

Mantella haraldmeieri: (E) Haraldmeier's Mantella. Tolagnaro 

Mantella laevigata : (E) Arboreal Mantella, Climbing Mantella, 

Folohy Golden Frog. Green-backed Mantella II 

Mantella loppei = Mantella madagascariensis 
Mantella madagascariensis: (E) Madagascan Mantella. Madagascar 

Golden Frog, Malagasy Mantella, Painted Mantella II 

Mantella madagascariensis haraldmeieri = Mantella haraldmeieri 
Mantella mattery: (E) Marojezy Mantella, Marojezy Mountain 

Mantella milotympanum : (E) Black-eared Golden Mantella, Black- 
eared Mantella II MANTELLIDAE Am 
Mantella nigricans: II MANTELLIDAE Am 
Mantella pulchra : (E) Beautiful Mantella, Parker's Mantella, 

Parker's Golden Frog, Splendid Mantella II MANTELLIDAE 

Mantella viridis: (E) Green Golden Frog, Green Mantella, Lime 

Mantella, Arboreal (E): Mantella laevigata 
Mantella, Baron's (E): Mantella baroni 
Mantella, Beautiful (E): Mantella pulchra 
Mantella, Bemhard's (E): Mantella bernhardi 
Mantella, Black (E): Mantella bernhardi 
Mantella, Black-eared (E): Mantella milotympanum 
Mantella, Black -eared Golden (E): Mantella milotympanum 
Mantella, Blue-legged (E): Mantella expectata 
Mantella, Bronze (E): Mantella betsileo 
Mantella, Brown (E): Mantella betsileo 
Mantella, Climbing (E): Mantella laevigata 
Mantella, Cowan's (E): Mantella cowanii 
Mantella, Go Iden (E): Mantel/a aurantiaca 
Mantella, Green (E): Mantella viridis 
Mantella, Green-backed (E): Mantella laevigata 
Mantella, Haraldmeier's (E): Mantella haraldmeieri 
Mantella, Harlequin (E): Mantella baroni 
Mantella, Lime (E): Mantella viridis 
Mantella, Madagascan (E): Mantella madagascariensis 
Mantella, Malagasy (E): Mantella madagascariensis 
Mantella, Marojezy (E): Mantella manery 
Mantella, Marojezy Mountain (E): Mantella manery 
Mantella. Painted(E): Mantella madagascariensis 
Mantella, Parker's (E): Mantella pulchra 
Mantella, Splendid (E): Mantella pulchra 
Mantella, Variegated (E): Mantella baroni 
Mantella, Yellow (E): Mantella crocea 
mantellas (E): Mantella spp. 
Mantelle doree (F): Mantella aurantiaca 
mantelles (F): Mantella spp. 
Manucaude de Comrie (F): Manucodia comrii 
Manucaude de Jobi (F): Manucodia jobiensis 
Manucaude de Keraudren (F): Manucodia keraudrenii 
Manucaude noir (F): Manucodia atra 
Manucaude vert (F): Manucodia chalybata 
Manucode, Crinkle -collared (E): Manucodia chalybata 
Manucode, Curl-crested (E): Manucodia comrii 

8 Seep. 13/ Vease p. 29 /Voir p. 45. 
' Manis spp. A zero annual export quota has been established/or Manis crassicaudata, M. javanica and M. pentadactylayoc specimens removed 
from the wild and traded for primarily commercial purposes. / Se ha establecido im cupo de exportacion anual nulo para especimenes de Manis 
crassicaudata, M. javanica v M. pentadactyla capturados en el medio silvestrey comercializados con fines primordialmente comerciales. / Un quota 
d'exportation annuel zero a ete etabli pour Manis crassicaudata, M. javanica et M. pentadactyla pour les specimens preleves dans la nature pour des 
transactions principalement commerciales. 


Checklist of fauna / Lista de especies de fauna / Liste des especes animales 

Manucode, Glossy -mantled (E): Manucodia atra 

Manucode, Jobi (E): Manucodia jobiensis 

Manucode, Trumpet (E): Manucodia keraudrenii 

Manucodia atra : (E) Glossy -mantled Manucode, (F) Manucaude 

noir, Paradisier noir Il'PARADISAEIDAE Av 
Manucodia chalybata:{E) Crinkle-collared Manucode, (F) 

Manucaude vert, Paradisier vert II PARAD1SAEIDAE Av 
Manucodia comrii: (E) Curl-crested Manucode, (F) Manucaude de 

Comrie, Paradisier d'Entrecasteaux IIPARAD1SAEIDAE Av 
Manucodia jobiensis: (E) Jobi Manucode. (F) Manucaude de Jobi, 

Paradisier de Jobi II PARADISAEIDAE Av 
Manucodia keraudrenii: (E) Trumpet Manucode, Trumpetbird, (F) 

Manucaude de Keraudren, Paradisier de Keraudren II 

Marabout (F): Leptoptilos crumeniferus 
Marabout africain (F): Leptoptilos crumeniferus 
Marabout d'Afrique (F): Leptoptilos crumeniferus 
Marabu (S): Leptoptilos crumeniferus 
Marabu africano (S): Leptoptilos crumeniferus 
Maracana cuellidorada (S): Propyrrhura auricollis 
Maracana dorsirroja (S): Propyrrhura maracana 
Margay (E): Leopardus wiedii 
Mariposa apollo (S): Parnassius apollo 
Markhor(E): Capra falconeri 
Marl (E): Perameles bougainville 
Marmoset Santarem (F): Callithrix humeralifer 
Marmoset, Black-and-white Tassel-ear (E): Callithrix humeralifer 
Marmoset, Black -headed (E): Callithrix nigriceps 
Marmoset, Black -pencilled (E): Callithrix penicillata 
Marmoset, Black-tailed (E): Callithrix argentata 
Marmoset, Black-tufted-ear(E): Callithrix penicillata 
Marmoset, Buffy-headed(E): Callithrix flaviceps 
Marmoset, Buffy-tufted-ear(E): Callithrix aurita 
Marmoset, Common (E): Callithrix jacchus 
Marmoset, Cotton-top (E): Saguimis geofjroyi 
Marmoset, Geoffroy's Tufted-ear (E): Callithrix geoffroyi 
Marmoset, Goeldi's (E ): Callimico goeldii 
Marmoset, Marca's (E): Callithrix marcai 
Marmoset, Maues (E): Callithrix mauesi 
Marmoset, Pinche (E): Saguimis geoffroyi 
Marmoset, Pygmy (E): Callithrix pygmaea 
Marmoset, Rio Acari (E): Callithrix acariensis 
Marmoset, Rio Manicore (E): Callithrix manicorensis 
Marmoset, Satere (E): Callithrix saterei 
Marmoset, Silvery (E): Callithrix argentata 
Marmoset, Tassel-eared (E): Callithrix humeralifer 
Marmoset, White-eared (E): Callithrix aurita 
Marmoset, White- fronted (E): Callithrix geoffroyi 
Marmoset, White-tufted-ear (E): Callithrix jacchus 
Marmoset, Wied's (E): Callithrix kuhlii 
Marmoset, Wied's Black -tufted-ear (E): Callithrix kuhlii 
Marmot, Himalayan (E): Marmota himalayana 
Marmot, Long-tailed (E): Marmota caudata 
Marmot, Mexican Prairie (E): Cynomys mexicanus 
Marmota caudata : (E) Long-tailed Marmot, (S) Marmota de cola 

larga, (F) Marmote a longue queue III SCIURIDAE Ma 
Marmota de cola larga (S): Marmota caudata 
Marmota del Himalaya (S): Marmota himalayana 
Marmota himalayana :(E) Himalayan Marmot, (S) Marmota del 

Himalaya, (F) Marmote de I'Himalaya III SCIURIDAE Ma 
Marmote a longue queue (F): Marmota caudata 
Marmote de I'Himalaya (F): Marmota himalayana 
Marmouset a oreilles blanches (F): Callithrix aurita 
Marrajo (S): Carcharodon carcharias 
Marrajo ballenato (S): Cetorhimis maximus 
Marrajo gigante (S): Cetorhimis maximus 
Marshbuck (E): Tragelaphus spekii 
Marsh -Harrier, African (E): Circus ranivorus 
Marsh -Harrier, Eastern (E): Circus spilonotus 
Marsh -Harrier, Eurasian (E): Circus aeruginosus 
Marsh -Harrier, Madagascar (E): Circus maillardi 
Marsh -Harrier, Malagasy (E): Circus maillardi 
Marsh -Harrier, Pacific (E): Circus approximans 
Marsh -Harrier, Reunion (E): Circus maillardi 
Marsh -Harrier, Spotted (E): Circus sp ilonotus 

Marsh -Harrier, Western ( E ): Circus aeruginosus 

Marsopa comiin (S): Phocoena phocoena 

Marsopa de anteojo (S): Australophocaena dioptrica 

Marsopa de Dall (S): Phocoenoides dalli 

Marsopa espinosa (S): Phocoena spinipinnis