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Full text of "Cherokee Indian family history records by the name of Brown, back to 1835, in the United States"

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BY THE NA1.I; OF BROWM (3aok to 1835) 


BOX 6183 Apex Station 

BY THE Niii.i OF BROWN (Back to 1835) 


BOX 6183 Apeic Station 


:i-iv' - .'..': 

•■ V'OTii^":!! '•■■J''"'(A'« ^IAYC^^'l^ 



■• ,1- :.::;T-i;..u, 


Paso 1-Aa 


Sir: I hereby make amplication for such share as -lay be 
duo me of the fund aporopriated by tho AJlf'of Congress, an rovd 
June 30, 1906, in accordance with the decrees of the Court of 
Claims of I.Iay 13, 1Q05, and :.:ay 28, 1-06, in favor of the 
EASTERjI CHExROmES. Tie evidence of identity is here- 
S'lORT, BUT CO;;PLETE. CLAIi,; NO 33692 

FU7X A Q;:itH (or SiilTH) BROV/i; pesidence 

SEiJNOLE NATIOi", INDIA".! lERRITORY. Age 23, born Jan 25 1884, 
Born In V/ashington County Arlcansas . 

Nane of parents v/ore AARCII BR' WN, mother 
Tenny B^c^v.-n, her maiden name was Ten y Coply, father born In 
Dickson County Tennessee (they wrote it as Dixon, but as there 
is no county by this nanc , I checked and wrote it right) Her 
mother also born in tiiat county.. Her father died iiay 18,1900 
and moth-or in June 12, 10 ?6. 

Name of <«rtn brothors and sister were 
Bonjaman Brown bom Oct IS, 1-yJO 
Vta lishil Brjwn born A.-r 9 1393 
Elar Brown born Aug 9 1896 
Catilnany E^jv/n born n^j 30 1399. 
Hor grand parents wore": 

Rubin Brovrn, and Englas Noal? (vcr;/ illogiblo) 
and on grand ;nothe»r'i. side v/an ilai'y J Brown noe 

Mary J or L Cathil and they 
resided in Dickson Co Tenn in 1851 
Ti-Q nanos of their children v/crc 

Ilar-y, Arch, Billiu, I.iartin, John, Perky, Aarcn, ^^lily, 
iianandy, Jarios and Tom. 

liary resided in Sa -sal-in Texas, l.artin rosidod in Romalons O'cla 
Eully rosidv^d Bryton Indinn Territory 
and Ton resided in R^ialons OV-lalicma 

T-r.t his grard pr.rcnts back to 1335, v/orc Aaron Brnvn, 
grand mother Indian nnr-c Mary Jrnc Cathil, Elizabeth Cathil 
i.lrs Elizabeth Hall Indian name who was r.y greet c^r.-^nd mother. 
I have always understood through uy fo.f er the Halls wore 
Choroid! o Indians, by blood and that s^t-io of the Halls, 
my roLtion wore on the Indian rolls, signed A Q Br-wn, 

ii- -.i ■> -;;■ . -->- 


i*** '; •: 

Pace 1-A 

# 19690 v/ith llo 10798 

For share of Honey an ropriated for the Lastern Cyjerokee 
Indians by the Act of Gon^'ress annrovod June 30 1906, in 
accordance v;ith the decreoa of the Court of ^;lair;3 of ".'.ay 18 
1905, and ilay 28 1906^ 

His claim was Itejoctod . States his reside ice was 
l.IcEwen, Tenxiossee, Huiipliroys county Tcnessco, d te born Juno 
5, 1891 in Humphroys county Tennosseo. 

Cla^ ri:^ht to share t.irou,;:h relative living in 1851, 
sot forth each claiu separately; through my Gr^.nd Fat^or, 
Robert 3. Hatcher and my great grand father John Hatcher, 
v/ho was an EASTniR.- ClillCIa::^ INDIAN. 

HIS FAT.iR liVAS GEORGE BRoVJlv and mother vms /mianda diarlotto 
Brov/n, hor maiden name A:.anda Charlotte Hatcher. 

His fat or v/as born in Eur.iphrcys Jo Ten/, also his i.iothor 
born in that county. His father died 3 years ago, and his 
mother was still living when ho sigijcd this March 26, 1907. 
Question No 14, '..oro they ever enrolled for annuities, land or 
other benefits? If so, ntato v;hcn and wl'erc : 

Ho stated; th.oy may hove by ny grand father Robert b/ 

Ware of all his brot"icrs and sisters wore as follows; 
Robert Pcry Br v.-.i born Jan 9 1888 
Liary Ann Brov.n born Aug 2, 1889 
Gradin Br-v-n born N.v 24 1895 
Martha Br^MYn born So >t 7 1393. 
Question 7>'16; State cnglish and 
on both a'^d mother's dide; 
He never stated those on his fat' 
mo the r's side were 
and Indian, stated t)iey were bo] 
Ticy resided 1351 in same county. 
Names of all of their children wore 

JdxiJdaxx I.: J Rltha residence I.IcJuwen Tennessee 
U, Jlizabcth Tarpy 2 nee Hatcher residence Mc.'jv;en Ton:: 
11 Eveline uorgan nee Hatclier uCiAvon Tcnn 
Francos A. Crai^ nee Hatcher " '' 

Amanda Cliarlotto Brovm noo Hatcher, my mother 
Rlttio Fredonie Finley nee Hatcher 

His ancestors baelc to 1335 wore his mother 
Ai.'.anda Charlotte Brovm is the dau'_,htcr of ray grand fatiier 
Robert B Hatcher, who is the son of Jolm Hatcher who came 
from North Carolina about 1310 and who was an EASTt-RN CHEROKEE 

I a.a told that soon after my rlatives w..o 
lived in Texas have rocolvcid certificates of enrollment to 
citizenshio and are living on their claim in Indian Territ ry. 

:-Ic stated ■'! claim only through my groat -grand father 
John Hatcher, who was a Chcrckoc Indian from N C 85 or 90 
years a:;o, he lived in ?Iunphrcy Co remained up til death in 
August 1869. His full name was John Hatcher. 

H-'.is is shov/n in a letter Jan 31 l^^OS. 


n name of 



'or' 3 




on hi a 

"n in 

.2R . 

Sa .!e 

for English 
Co Itnr . 

o :':l 


% ' 


Pa^e -2-A 
No 19713 J;AST;'JK/ C'iiROlOSE RC3ERT PERIiY BRCV.II: a resident 
of Huiiphreys Co Tenn, town of liC-Aven In said county 

Born Jan 9j 1838 in Hunphreys C-i Tenn, and clains right to 
share through his ^-reat sra.r.d father John Hatcher and r.iy great 
grand father Robert B Il£tc':or and p.y mother ^^randa Cnarlotte 
Brov;n . Ihat he is not i.iorriod; 

T.iat name of his parents v/ero Goorge Brovm and Aiianda Charlotte 
Brov/n, maiden najio A -.and a Charlotte Hatdier. 
Ihey v/c e born in HuMphroys Cc Tenn, and his fat'.ior died 3 
years previous - in January, aiid his mother was still living 
w^ojn lie sii^nod this ^iJU?ch 26, 1907. 

and he stated tlio sa o thing as t.o one on page 1-A 
t at his grand R.'jbert B rlatcner enrolled 
mo at Indian office, ^/agoner Indian Territory So >t 1893. 
Tills I do not ]:nov/. 

i^a.-.e of all brothers and sisters v/ore 
Llary Ann born Au;^ 2 1889; './Vn Brmvn born June 5 n91, 
Harthy Brovn born Se t 7 1895, Grady Brv/n born Nov 24 1895 
T^iat the English and Indian na;-.'0 of grand parete its only on 
his mother's side v/erc [^-.ivon as Robert 3 Hatcher, and ^lary Jane 
Hatclio:'- t'^at tliey wore born in Hunphreys Or- Tenn and 
resided in that county in 1051. 
Napes of all t)ielr children \7oro as follriv/o; 
LI J Ritha Hatcror,. at licAvon Tenn 
N Elizabeth Parky nee Hatchor, l.Ic.t.'cn Tenn 
U I^v'clino Iior;-an, nee Hatc'ior 
R Frodonia Pinley nee Ilatchor :.'cj^;en Tenn 
Francis Ann uraig, noc Hotchor. 
Ainanda Charlotte Br'^v/n nee ilrtchor, my mother 

Ho had not boon enrol, cd f-r an uitios and land 

unless my grand father Ftobcrt B Hatchor onroliod no at V/agonor 
Indian territory in 1893 His claim v/as also rejected. 

-. :-| 


ORA L BIi:^'./rI a rosidoiit of Last Claattanooga route 
505 napriman Avonuo or Harrison Avo , Hardlton County Tenn. 
Date and place of Birth In POLI>: Co T\jnn aug 19 1830 
i-'y grand fat.ior v/aa John W Hildotrand '.ly my mother was liary W. 
Kildcbraad who r.arricd JCSE-1I_C_. HA£;.JAri_ 
And he clr.ims right to share through John W Ilildobrand 
and *ic is riarried to to 'will F. Brovm, v/ho v/as BdlT July 27 
1074. T..0 na-'ie of father was JOSil.H C IIA]^ AH A^.T) WIPE 

They were born in what is now Polk County Tonn. and resided 
in said county in 1051. Father died Jan 26 1901 and nothor died 
Se 't 13 1098. 

Str^tes ny mother iiary W Kildobrond was enrolled in 1851 
for per capita payment. 
Narics of all brothers and sisters; 
Peter S Hannah born Sept 24 1364 
David F Hannah Juno 21 1866 
Susan J Hannah born Jan 24 1369 
Jack v; Hannah born iipril 25 1^70 
Jay.ios I.I Hannah Feb 4^ 187c 
Botsio H Hannah b Sopt 10 1877 
Alva R Uanrah b Jan 1 1075V 

HIS GRA-TD PAREl^TS 'ifiilLi : 



T^EY RESIDED IN 1351 if living r.t that tine 
Grand father John './ Hildebrond in Ronton. 

Na. es of all XX tiicir cljildron -./crc 
HARY W HILDEBRi^LD; :.i£ I.I0j5i::-R DIED SEvT 18 1890 
^\. .olia E Hildobrand. 
Eliza Jatio 

hanoBva -i-uin b Juno 12 13 
Eriily C. and i^lcy b Jan 1851 
John 1/ He July 20 1353 

Ja.ios N l.Iarci^ 11 1357 Florance A Scot 1357 
Susan G died i.ip.rch 27 1862 Ja c^c W Fe". 23 1809 rosidonco 
Lawro'ice /. (Tiosc dates arc t'.ie date or death instead of birth 
His ancestors bac':: to 1835 were Great grand father Peter 
Hildobrand and r.iy ground father John ./ Hildobrand. 
hy claim thro Groat Grand r.iothc- Betsio H^irlan who married 
m;7 groat grand father Peter Hildobrand, my great grand mother 
died 1826. signed Orn L Brovm 1906 "T-v 5. 



Tie case was rejected - residence at iicijwon, Tennessee. 
(John Hatcher case) HU.ii-'HRJYS COU-.n' TEN.\" . 

Date of birth riC£.wen February 14, 1888. 
Claims rxght to share throu^jh my great -;randfather John Hatcher 
ray grand mother Eliza^etli C-j.rtis neo Hatcnor, and through my 
father J. Burl Curtis. SuO married to Halbert Lowe, 22 years 
old. Wanes of hor parents are: J Burl Curtis and Elizabeth 
(Patrick) Curtis. Il^-cy v/ere born in Humphreys County Tcn.icssoc, 
Both parents arc living vrtien she made this claim 1907 I.arch 26. 
Names of all hor brothers and sistors are: 
J E Ci.i.rtis born 1874, M. Caroline May nee Curtis 1876 
i/Iargarct E VVanamaker noe Curtis 1878 birth date 
Cyrus C-artis 18 ';0 born, E. Thomas C-jrtis born 1882 
Newton B Curtis born 18-4, Lucy A Johnson nee Cvirtis born 1886. 
Clara Curtis born 1839. 

Tno nar.ies of her grand parents v/ere: JOSHTIA Cttrtis a;^D ELIZA- 
born in Humphreys County Tennessee. They resided in 1851 in 
Humphreys Co Tcnn . 

Names of all their children follov/r 
Mary J Smith neo Curtis, KclCwen Tonn. 

John Curtis died in 1303. Nathan C. Oartis, McEwen Tenn 
Ja;<3s A Curtis, residence Dickson County Tennessee. 
TLionias ^. OartiS; roijidouco in Texas. Vino Curtis died 1905 
Willic^ii Curtis 1904 

Ciucsti^^n N 20. Have you over been onr lied for annuities, 
land and etc. If so statv. v/hon and where; A.;SWER V/AS : 
V/agonor Indian 1893, Ho may have enrolled us. 
Tracing back paternal and natornal ancestors back to 18353ho 
stated; tly groat griind father Indian narac was said to be 
HATCiiER and cane from Nortl^ Carolina early in 180. . ..y grand 
mother Elizabeth Oartis, my father J Burl Curtis. 

RL:.iARi:S: I have been inforracd tliat of my 
relatives have been given certificates of enrollment and some 
arc now living in Indian Territory on their claim, I have not 
filed apli cation. Signed; Addio Jane Lov/o 1907, Mch 26. 

•!r -.i w -«- ^ w •!;- 

jf^ I /' i: 

J I 

•..' ^ , ■ -*■■ ■■ ^ 

■X:.< ■■•. ■■ 



JEN. '11]; BRCV/TI Pace 5-A 

Hor Indian name was AII-LI-n, rcsidonce Ocono Lufty"" town ship 
TOV/l-I a::D post office; CIffiRji:EE: ecu 'TY OF SVVAIH ilORTFI 
CAROLINA, DATE A ^D PLACLi -F DT^T?!: In Sv/ain County 1339. 
Claims ri^ht to sharo through - as 'I v/as enrolled in 1851 
and also I claim my father' n share and also i.iy grand oarents 
on both sides, and also 1 brother's sharrj and also 1 cousin's 
naiuOd OO-tl-lu-cD also 1 uncle named Jesse Brov/n. 

She is not r.iarriod v/nen this v/as signed 1906 Dec 19ta. 

Ma; OS of hor parents wore Isaac Brown and EH-si-gi, 
a;.d hor mother 's Indian nano was Ta-V/ab-ti Brown, maiden 
v/ao Iti-V/ah-'il , maiden na.::o unknown. 
Both parents born in owain County North Carolina. 
Ttxos rcoidod 1851 in Birdtcavn, Swain county. Father 
and mother/ died da to un>.nov/n. v/ore enrolled - fat' er enrolled in Swain Oo ix 
N r th Carolina 1851. 

Na -.10 of all brothers and sisters; John 3rov/n date borr 
unlcnown, died Jan 31 IQOl. arjd DL-Ga-::u-Na-V/ha-ti , date 
born , unlcnov/n, dcto dioJ unlmown. 

Names of grand par^-'-tc; on both sides were: 
PATER'S SIDE: lIU-Yi-da-v/i and 

Nu-Clii and on mother's side was Di-la-ga-qua-ta 

a:-.d S-Yah-Cho-C-a (CHAP 689) 

a.rl tho place was unknown of their birth. 

They resided in 1351 in Swain Co North Car v- Una. 

All of their chilci2''cn v/ero as follov/s; 
Fat''s side Ben 3ro\Ti, all deceased. Jessie Br ^v/n , 

Isaac Brc-v-Ti and on mother's side wore 
Skitty - Du-th-stn; Cro-lc-cho- Sa-Ta-V'e-'ri , 
ano 5iax3CKxia± Ta-V^ah-ti al... deceased. I' she was enrolled 
for annul ti,; 3 aldi etc in Sv;ain Co 7 C. 

Also stated hor people were living in 1855 in & 1835. 
REiiAir\3: ;iy mother's brr-thors, Du-Tli-Sta a;;d Sa-ta-we-gi 
v/ore also enrolled and also D'.^.-tli-sta' s tv/o daug tors were 
enr.^llcd in 1851, nc.rr^>d ha-li-si and Sa-Wa-chi. fat /.er's 
brothers naned Bon Brovm was enrolled in 1851 and his 3 childrr 
ncmcd ;aatsey, ia Jira and /ida:!i. 
I claim a port of these peoples shares, sir^ned Jennie Brown 

19 Dec 1906. V.ltnesses tv her 
signaturu wore oampso.n OV/L AiiD JiiSSAN ALSO D S HARi-JS A:jD 

--In 1907 iiUg 10 she statod s.hc was a widow t. ..t he 
was deceased, tv^t she was widow of Daniel Brov/n. 
T.jorc v/as so:no poncil notes as follcv/s: Daniel Brovm, 
f-e v/ord adopted in front of his nc. .lo, so It is not clear 
as to v/'icthor x she v/as v/idow of Oaidel Br.'>wn or v/het. er 
a d-ild by this na :c, states Son David 

of/ & Hcrnbucicle and 
Polly Wale-li son of Jefferson H (Chap 140) 

.. card in the files v^idor No 6647 s!".ov/s Daiiiel Brovm 

v/as a ninoi' child by Jennie Brovm, Guardian, admitted 
in residorcc Clierokco N rth Carolina; claims through his 
grand father Jefferson Hornbuc^'lc , v/ho was enrolled by 

C:iAPi:AN NO 140. another receipt of Guion Illllcr, Special 

Commissioner of the court of claims. Treasury v/arrant No 9298 

continue : 




and Ho 9300 v;nrrant no each for tho sun of 133.19 

In full settlement of ainorint rivo the beneficiary enrolled 
opposite Roll Jj 363,365 on the final roll of the eastern 
Chorol:eo3 entitled to shoir in tl-O fund arising frjn tbo 
judgnunt of the Court of clc, ims of i.iay 28 1906, as ap roved 
by said court i.Iarch 15, li^lO. signou Jcniie Br.v/n (hor x mark) 

letter date Jr.n 7 1908 v/as sent to Jcnnio Brown, 
Cherokee, North Corolina; Dear iiiadam: Kolativo to your 
ap.^lication for participation in the fu.nd arising from the 
judgriont of the court .f, in favor of the iiastcrn 
Chorokoes, v/o beg to inforr.i you that neither your na. le nor 
tl.e names of your parents as x given in your application a.^pcar 
upon the rolls of 1835 or 1351. Please state as carefully 
as possible the names v\ndor vAiich you thin!: you and they 
wore enrolled. V/here were your grendpaiKjnts on the sid throu 
v/hich you claim born, and where were they residing in 1835? 
About when v/erc your parents m.".rricd. signed ver^ respectfully 

Gulon illllcr, Special Co:ru'.:issionor 
and on the bac]: side of this o; rgo \/orc the following: 
NO 50 . 

Indian name "Ml-lo-nih Hester roll 1334. 

Siler :To. 691 Cha^-sman 691 Sv/catland 1098 
> _ _ _ dap.3htcr of >yu-chah-l-:ah, a-TA.': AK ROIL NO 689 
-- Apolicant somctir-ios" suo^'on ,-f as JEIfaS FODDER STACIv OR 

In a paper thr. following is given. No 6647 ; 

Misc. Jonnie Br.>'.v", boJing first duly 3^/orn, deposes a ^d 
says; through David Owl, duly sv/crn and qualified as interpre- 
ter; H^.-.t I am about 66 years old. I live in Sv;ain Co N C 
My not'icr was Ta-wah-ti, and E-yah-clio-ga was my grand mother 
Ta-kah-nuh-wah-tih and Co-lus-t - -hih are my br thcrs . Tho 
last nai.KJd v^as my oldest br ther. "ly mother was dead at tho 
time of the CHAP: Ai: ?.:i......l\ and I was living with my grand- 
mother. 'J.hj Daniel Brown for whom I am claiming is the son 
of David Hornbucklc . Daniel's mother's na-ie is POLLY OR V/A-LII 
(I'/a-lih). Dar.iel Cr v/n or IIernbuc]:lo has been living v/ith me 
ten years. 3 Signed Jonnie Bruwn (her ;: marl:. 

signed 20 July 1908 at Chcrolcoo N C 
Note; Apolicant is Chap 691, aixl is tho grand daughter in- 
stead :u daughter of E-yah-cho-ga, CEAPIiAil 689. 
Daniel Br^v;n cr Hornbuckle, son of David Hornbuclclo is the 
grarid son of Jofferscn noriVoucVlc, Chapman 140. see 
whotiicr David si has filed claim for Daniel. 

., . ^ ,:.":: ; l .. 

No. 15810 Eastern Chcro'*eos an llcation Page 7-A 

cf pster brcv/m minor heir of john brown 
deCjlCassd by lydia brown. 

Residence Swain County North Carolina, post office JUD30N 
IN SAID COUNTY BORN MARCH 3, 1BC7 in Sv/aln Co N 0. Claims 
right to share by t:.e minor heir of John Drown deed, John 
Brov/n fat'\er Isaac Brov/n and mother Dah-'Vattio. John Brown's 
brother Ah-'Vah-Na-dah and Dai-ga-nun-na-wa-dlh and Isaac 
Brown's sister '>uallayuka Isaac Brown's mother Nunchl ; 
John Brown's mother's fater Di-ga-nl-yl-skl . 
Names of parents were Jo'm Brown whose Indian narie was; 

and mothe r v/as Lydia Brov/n, maiden name Lydia Bearmeat? 

place of birth for fatner unknov/n, and mother born in 
TijRTLETOV.' :. place of resirlenco 1851 for fatner unknown, 
motiior resided 1851 at lurtletown. Father died Jan 31,1902 
mother still livin v/hdn this was signed Jan 1907. 

Tney v/ore enrolled 1851 and 1852, place unknov.Ti. 
Names of all brothers a. id 3ist3r3 v/ero; 
Jonah, j:,ve, .-^ara and ^lla Bir)v/n 

Naiio of graiid pardits on both sides were: 
Isaac Prown and Daii-v/ctc e on fat er's side and on mother's 
side wore Bi^-ARliEAT ; YG.iLA C:'U V/I YAH A.iD ELIZA.. i;T BEAR.SAIIT 

o.^ LIH SIH. 
place of birth unknov/ii ; Noi-.ios of all their children were; 
Ben BruV/n Indian ntnae v/aa Q,ua-nih- died 
Isaac Erov/n Indian nainc v/as ii,h-sih-gih, died about 1866 
Indian name was VTuanlinyulca . His ancestors t.. 1835 v/ore 
fatl)or John Brrym, father' n fatlior v/as Isaac Brov/n or Eh si gib, 
father's mother Vi/as Dah-v/attio. 

2 Y/itaess to signat^'rc were vV F French and David Blythe . 
The caso v/as admitted at rosido co of Judson North c^arolina. 

Potor Brov/n minor by Lydic. Brov/n parents and gdn. 

Child of No 16823 and claims thro sane source. 

. . ... I. \' -••■.■ - p 

s 'd v.. 

> ■ ■ ' ' ■ f ,> 

V -J ;:.d:r:" 

ilT n:M 

, ■ ■ 1 - ' -.J A '.r ,.o 

■. '-1.- '.: . .. or-'. ■ = :'i. , :.^v . ,l^iv: 

.r:;;oi!i u 

i ; 0Y7 ; L' ; 3 

'i' J. .", 


;:. .'■' jr: :il :i .: 


J .■- -V .:. .- 




NO 16B43 con of No 16823 EAST2Ri'T CTERO*"JE A.=?LI CATION 

John Brov/n. Iho case was adn-.itt d. PACtE 8- A 

Jonvs Brown, Indian name was Jo-nuli, reside r:ce Swain Co North 

Carolina, post offico Judson, Sv;ain Co born So t 6 1B81, 

at Long Rid'o, North Cnrolinn , claims right to share through 

father, John Brown; ^rand fat' or, Isaac Brown, grand mother 

ilUNCHIE? and is married to AI'IWIE BRCV.'N a-c 22 

Parents wore Joh': F.roxrn, Indian norrie 00L-3too-hih, aiid mother 

Lydia Brov/n, maiden nr.r.o Lydia Boarracat. 

Father v/as born in Birdto\7n, North Carolina, now Sv/ain county, 

mother born at IVirtle town, 'Pennosseo. They resided 1851 in 

father at Blrdtown North Carolina and mother in Turtlotown, 

Tonn . Father died Doc 1B91 mother still living. 

Fat or enrolled 1847 and 1851 Mot or enrolj.od 1351 , not cor 

NaiTio of al] brothers and sisters; Eve Brown born about 
1883 died about 190u' . Mdai.-; Brov;n born 1835 died about 1886 
xjlla Brov/n born 1837 st:.ll living v/lien this was signed 1906 
and Feter Brov/n born 1900 

Gr;-.nd parents on both sides v/cre 

Isaac Br^wn Indian na_ ;c- ^.h-si-gih a.-;d j:Jngllsh name unknown 
Doo-v/ah-dih. mother's sido v/cre Bearmcat, 

'Question No 17, Whore were thoy bcrn; 

Unknov/n, as mother's fat cr, mother' 3 side I'urtlctov/n, Tonn 
(not certa; !i) 

Tiicy resided unknown plac father's side, mother 's side in 
1\a r 1 1 o t c v/n T.. n n . 

Names of all thoir children v/ore John Br:^v/n Doc 1390 Indian \icz Ool-Stoo-hih. 

Jonnic Fodder, indlan name i\li-li-2^.ih, C'^croirQe, Swain Co NC 
and Day-3^-nun-v/aj:'-dih, died about 1365. Daniel Indian name 
v/as Day-nu-lu died about 1365. Cinidia Sonnooko indian name 
v/as Ga davz-yo-oh died July 1905. 

Kis ancest"'rs bac': to 1335 v/ere Isaac Brov/n, ".h-si-gih 
Nun-chee; Boarmeat Youa-Isu-'. oe-yah . signed Johnah Brown 
1906 October 10. witness John Shell and /mdrev; Otter. 

•I!ie naiTC on the fr^nt of this claim looks like Jonas 
or Johah? Br^.xvn. His case \mz ad-nitted at Judscn N C and 
is son of No 16823. 


:?'f;.r:.:c .^::rvr " 

.0 -' 

r -, 

NO 16823, i:astorn Cne rokee ap -! 1 cation oa^e 9- A 

of LYDIA 3RC'..;T roaidence Judson Ncrt'. Carolina,SV;AIN COUflTY 
born at Turtletown, Tennessee aje 60 v/hen she filed 1906. 
Glai'-.s richt to clain throu::,h her father 3EAR:EAT and 
mothoi' Lizzie Bearrreat one tirother Oanlel, 
and she is a v/idov/. Hor parents were: fat'er Bearmeat 
vy' ose indian naao v;as Yona Isu-v/eo-yah, 

motho" was Lizzie Bearmeat. fat^.cr resided 1851 also nother 
in Turtletovm, l^in esseo. Fnt'i^^r died about 1370 mother died 
about 1898. 

T ey v/ere enroled 1835-1047 and 1851 
Nai.ies of all brothers ard sisters v/oro as follows; 
Susan half sister ; Oo-loo-cha one-half brother 
Cliu-ha-locko2^ half brotrn^r 

Cliu-v/a-looka hall' brotnorj Dt-nial Bt^arneat, Cindy oounooke, 
Se-dah-nlh, Nancy Smith, Judas Bcamioat, /tlsie 

ten in all. 
In 1907 Lydia Brov/n st.^tcd sho hr.d ono child W-O was 
living on i.iay 28 1906 i-io 15810) whoso nar-o v/as r'ETiJlR 

Lydia Brov/n rcsido' c Judson N G, clainod thro 
fat' or v;hosc na. kj v;as Yar-cho. hou.scc-jaih or 
BSARi/.EAT on Chaomnn roll i";-.-' 1527, 

''i ' .1 

PAGE 10-A 
resideico and .-os t office Suwanee, Gwinnett county Georgia, 
a e 35 born Dec 23 1873, bom in Forsyt'ne County Georsia. 
husband Dixon Brovr.: , a -e 54. Narne of all children who were 
livi.n,^; on May 28 1906 fullowa; 

Rogers Dixon Brown 12 yesrs old born Oct 22 1895 
Howard Jero e Br'~'W-; a^e 10 born Jan 21 ' 1897 

Daniel Augustus Br^n-m a^e 7 born Hay 1 1900 
James Victor Br^ wri a.pjo 4 born Jan 29 1903 

Nai:ies of parents "oefcre marria^^e; Augustus L Rogers 
and iviaruarett Hallman, father v/as Augustus L Rogers 
mother v/as i.iargaret (HALLwAN) FAT. £1; V/AS BORN IN FORCYTIIi!. Co. 
Georgia and mother born thore also. 

Tiey resided 1851 fatier in Forsyth Co Ga, and mother 
resided tlic ru also. I'.or mother xxs died So.jt 28 1876, her 
fat. er was still living when she signed this in 1907. 
Tlioy wore onrollod for money, annuities, land etc. as follows; 
iv?y father was enrolled 1861 (1851) in Forsyth Co Ga, 
and ho was also enrolled 1904 or 1905 in the Indian 'Perritory. 
Na.-.ics of all brothurs and sisters arc 

Junior x:. Sumrr.orour? boi'-n Liay 15, 1876 Albortsvil e Ala 
i'.iary May Honklns born 2-28-1831, Lawrcncovillo Ga 
J 'hn V/ Rogers born Dec 20 1802 Duluth Ga 
Louise :-j Rogers born J^n 17 1','36 Duluth Ga 
Ruth Augusta Rogers born A.^ril 4 1892 Diiluth Ga 
twins narcdj Ja 'Os C Rogers born "iay 8 1895 Duluth Ga 
and Robert C Rogers born Ma- 8 1895 

Napios of grand parc.its were V/illiam Rogers and 

Anna Louise Rogers and on mother's side wcr Goorge Hallraan 
and Llargarctt Hallman. 

Via Rogers born in Gwinnett Oo Ga , /;nna Louise 
Rogers bom in Forsyth County ilorth Oarolina, aid Margarett 
tooxjcxxn Hallman born in Forsyth ..c Georgia (I c'lec^'ed costal 
guide and find f-ei^ is a county by in both states) 
Tiey all resided 1851 in Forsyth Co Georgia. 

Natiies of all their children were 
Albina M Bell died June 28 1399, Henry S Rogers died Feb 1859 
Davd i.: Rogers died -idair Indian Territory 

Robert W Rogers died Duluth ae> r ia i.iary A Rogers d 8-12-1869 
»o ^ Rogers died Oct 13 1864. John J Rogers d 9-21 1847 
Sarah L woor d Duluth Ga, .ilizaoeth S Rogers d 10-36 1852 
Augustus L Rogers d Duluth Ga (my Hallman relations are all 
white). Her relatL\es bac'.: to 1835 V7ore '.ViLiara Rogers and 
Anna Louise Rogers, George Hallman and hargarctt Hallraan. 

R^hARIvS ay gr: nd fatlor Wm Rogers v/as one of tl' SIGNLRS 0? T i^ TR2ATY OF 1835 at Is'i^W ECIIOTA. 2 witness 
to her eigne turc v/ere Jo n l« Beaty and Richard .. Jheeler. 

This clTiin was admitted -daughter of No 400, at &RX 
Su\/anoe, Georgia. 

'-.-.> . r 


.5 J - 

^■r -; 4 ff ;t ~ r\ 

■y I ■ ' Vi i \ 


. .-vO -■ 



„•- ;,•! f 


"::''■ i "!.*..' ' 

:rr'. i 


NO 37458 rZastem Chero!:eo aoplicatlov of / . brown page llA 

a resident of CUBA CIT: V/ISCOilSIl.', Grant county '.'isconain 
ase 22 born Aug 17 ISIS in Cuba City, Gr^Jit Co '..'isconsin, 
and name v/ifo was riarie Ralne 22 and they had no c'^ildren 
Ila.iO of his parents were 2 Robert Brown and Sarah Faherty 
Koburt Drown vms fat'ior ar;d mother Sarah Faherty Brov.'n 
maiden name Faherty 

Fafier he thinlrs v/as born in Clierokee Nation, mother born 
LaFayette County IVisconsin. 

Kis parents wer ^ still living in 1907 Au^ 19th. 
Na OS of all brothers and sisters v/cro 

Irene ':icCor:nicl: born Se_t 

Stockton Illinois died January 23 1901. 

NA.J]: OP GRAi® JAlAti-'TS UliRE 
ho did not know on his f at. o r' s side. 

Ho thinks thoy wo o born in IRjb,LA..D. ilo dont know whore 
they resided in 1851 

Nanos of tho ir children were Francis 2 Faherty and 

William Faherty 
2 witness to his signature wore Ernest vVcdigo and iii^TiRr 
Sherman Hazel ton 

Tho ca::;o was Ad.ittcd of tinier Brown in Cuba '-iity 
'Wisconsin, son of Wo 12723 a'.d t;:;rou3h fc sa-ne source 

A LJlTToiR li'I TI-lx; PILE froc. D J Gardner Attorney in 
Plattevil'.o, dsconsin dated August 23 1907 

to Special Corii;nissi6ncr of tho Cc'urt fe of Plains, l/ps.iington 
DC- dear Sir: i^n closed you will find the application of 
Elmor Brov/n for his share of money aporoprlatod for tho 
Lastcrn Cli^^rokoc Indians by tho Act of Congress ap roved June 
30 1906 in Qccordancc with a decree of the co^.rt of claims, 
of ilay 1^ 1905 and :.'Iay 28 1906. 

I trust this anplicaticn will be aj Irlght as it is filled 
out as far as '.'.r Brov^n is a able to fill it. 

i-'is fr.thcr now lives nt '.iUSXOGEE and if v/e had tine wo 
could fijrnish an .le proof that^er Br>'wn is the son of 
R:bert Br^Avn, a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, as stated in 
the application. I thin.: that Robert Brown has made proof 
of tho s and places of residence of his children. 



r -■ ,r . ■ I 

'f. :. .. 

■-J"! :' •■ "' 

...i' •Ic5f'J-r 

" iJ V> <>i 1 -■ ^' ■/ 

.■;.: till 


1 iv.r.' 

; f... 

', . 1', 

; ■' T , '_ : 

■■-A *.r-> ■■ - 

, .'. I. ;i I.. . : 

f : .;. 

ipfr ; ;^ . ■ , .' 

T :: ■ 

r^i. 30i?I ■'K'. 

■.!■ :; J .'•; 

■, ' t 

wo. 14176 i^ASTi^R' CILiROKiiii A- x-LICATIOij .F PA::E 12 

ROSA (RI>X) BI^Ol'vlI 

Declaration of Rosa Rich residence in i.ioas, Clay 
County Ten-.essee ^ born 18 6 r.t jioas, 'rennessee, and cla±ms 
rij^ht through Polly Rich. a:.d is married to G.T. Brown a:/e 25 
hsr parents v/ei© John Rich and ..•; . A. Rich, maiden name was 

A. Welch, her fat .er \/as bom in Jaclcson County 
Ten-iessee and lived there in 1351. Her mather died 1894. 
Nanes of all hor brothers and sisters were: 
Llisha T. Rich born 1872; Nannie Rich b 1873, died 1901 
A. G Rich born 1834 ■. Loo Rich^ bor.i 1885 
Rosetta Rich bom 1800 died 18-.'6: Lusitta born 1878 
AD JOHN Rldl, grandson Rich on her fat'ier's side and on 
her mother's side were Mary Rich, and Jane Rich, Polly Rich. 

Tioy were born in Tennessee and North Carolina. 
Ihey resided 1351 in Tennessee^ Jac^rson County, 

Wa.-es of all t'lolr children were 
Vdll Rich, Ja-'.es Rich, Joh'i Rich, Jennie Rich, and Missouri 

Her ancestors bacV; to 1335 v/ere 
Elisha Rn-ch, Jno Rich and Grt;nd so R. ch or 
Granson ? and i.Iary Rich, Ja-e R'Oh, Folly R: ch . 

2 v/itress to her signature were 
Rosco Head and Tandy Head. 
T-'G case was rejected. 
Claims thro sa c source as Yio 12675. 


a '.. 

.'.1 KSOh ',.■. 


5.. 1 ■ i'c;'8.r 

. ._ ■['.:.' . r: '-,.> . ,1 . ■. :■.:■ ...... J 

.J. ;;o;r/;., 


' )' ' .. , . ' ' i 


1 i. ■ 

, . i:-''!: ?: 

Page 13 

NO. 41740 i.iar,; :j Brov/n, ^asterr. Cherokee Claim 

jiary ii-nilline Brrvvn for self and seven minors. 
v/liose Indian name v/aa L£.ngley, residence and post office 
Tails oreel:, Gilmer County Georgia, and is age 35 born Augast 
16 1872 born in Gilmer Co Ga . and is married to John H Brovm, 
born Fob 4 1874, and t lat she belongs to the ijastem Cherokee 
tribe. Names of all their children who itere living on May 28 
1906 follov/s; 

iiva Brown born Aur: 1 1894; Oliver Brown b.:rn 4-12 1896 
Mark 3r v/n born Aoril 28 1898; Luke Brovr. born Nov 1 1901; 
Georgie Bj,own bron Anr 13 1903, Pearl Brown born 12-22 1904 

BLAIII'^NSIIIP until after applicant's birth. Her Indian 
nane was Langley, and her maiden nar.e v/as GOBLE. 
father was born in Habersham county eorgia and mother born 
there also. 

T" ^ resided in Gilmer County Ga both of them. 
Stat s I think ray grand mother Nancy M Goble drew money for 
herself and my mother from t X' Govern-nent as Fastern Clieroke 
Cherokee Indian at Cumming, Forsyth Co Ga 

Naies of all brothers and sisters follow; 
Sarah Veal living in 1907 at Ttil Creek Georgia 
Ivlary Elvira Parrctt deceased 

Jas I-inknoy Blanlconship living in "i'.Iurray Co Ga 
Rebecca W Ooble lives at Tcil crco ■. Ga 
i^.arcodcniza Jen-'-ins lives at -reek Ga 
Cclia Uooro lives in Alabama 
^llon Voal lives t.^ore also 
iviclvina Blan'conship lives at Tail Creek Ga 

Nar.ies of grand parents on both sides arc 
on fat. or' 3 side David vr)uarlC3 and Sallic Quarlos and on 
mother's side arc Starllr. G bio aiid Nancy Malklsa Goble 

Indian Lnngloy, drov/ money at Gumming 
Forsyth Co Ga 1351 
TJ-iOir resided 1851 in G Imor Co Ga 

Nc'^ of all t".x)lr children wore onamothcr's die; 
Rachel t.ood Boaz Alaoaiiia: Rclecca Anr Blankonship, Tail 
Creek Ga. Mar 37 /mn Quarlos, in Quarlos Ga 

3enj Goble, at Boaz A.labar.ia .HFD Sookic Hcnsloy, Silverdale 
Ten lessee, Leonard Goblo deceased., lived ffail creek, Gilmcj 
Gilmer Co Ga . Jno V/m Goble, Boaz Alabama and George Goble 
no place ;j.ven for rcsiddonce. 

She stated my grand mother Nancy M Goble 's mother 
was named 3al]io Paris and was one-fourth .^astor'^ Cherokee 
RlLi.ARS: I rofor for furt'er O'idcnr.c to the a : licatior.s < 
my grani mother -of Nancy iiallsa Goble '"o 1521 and my 
mothers llrs Rebecca Blanlionsbip No 15756. 

List of children s'-^.e ap- lied for were Oliver Mark, Luke, 
Georgia and Pearl Brov/n, Tails creek Gilmc-r Co Ga 
Her case was admitted, a sister was No 24 a daughter was 
No 15755. She was also referred to as Mary C Brov/n. 



IM ■'■■} •!.■.:?<■ Six. 

'/ ■ ^A ,..:;uj,^ /••.;;> ,:-oi, ^'i c.Vi ^'i ■:;}:; hh .:... ■;■ 

- . . ■ .. ■'■■ ■ :.c 3 • 3c..i;iO ■ ' 

!;> r:-!"!- 

-^ >j . • (.»• t. 

:>': . ^;!.i t ir; I LOo'lL';.!- 

r ■ .; '■ : r ,;■•;:•! 


ynirv:.v:fO y- 

.ic ;";/' 

i^-i' •f-..:^. r.r, , 

LJ li. 

•■.1 ' ','• :,;, ;' ■. : ■■-; 

, --. ;■-, [-. r -r .» .' •■ 

..I :) 


Page 14- 

No 18553 -.astern Cherokoe Fannie Brovm ap lication. 
Hor rosidencs v/as Tollico Junction, MciJin:. County Tennessee 
born at Athens Ton.iossoo ISS'i,, and claims right to share 
through hor groat grand mothor Pogy Oxford who was full blood' 
blooded Indian Squaw of €re- C'lOrokec tribi . And she is 
married to WI^. lAJi BROVW ABOUT A:2 43. 

Her parents wore javid Jato and I.IcCrary and v;hich is 
her maiden name McCrary. 

Both parents born at Athens Ton cssoe 
and resided there 1351. Father died April 11, 1885, mother 
died Sept 18 1907 

Hatnes of all brothers and sisters follov/r; Johnio Catec 
Gates a:\o 48 in 1907 and died at Athens March 18 
Died at the a e of 14 

Ellen Gates died a-e 23 at death. Lottie dead at 27 yrs old 
Jeff living ago 26. 

Grand parents on her mother's side was Pegr;:' Oxford. 
She never ststcd who was on her father's side. 
Ihcy wore bom in North Ccrolina, precise place not known. 
The?^ resided 1351 r. t Ath.en3 T. nn 
Na -OS of al"! their children were Nancy McCrary 
who died at Athens T;-rineGsco. 

Franic I.lcCrary died at Athens Ton:' a^c about 70 
Bob McCrary died at Athens Tcnn ab-^ut 65 
Jane McCrary died at Sody, Ha;ailton Go Ibnn Sept 18 1899 

Tiio case of Fan- le Brown v/as Rojectcd residence Tellico 
Junction Tcnn - Aonlicant or ancestors v/erc never enrolled 
does not ap.'Oar t';at they were living v/ithin the Cherokee 
Domain in 1835 -6 and 1846 as recognized members of the tribe. 

Fanny Br^v/n stated in 190f; Jane 27 tb that 
her name is Fanny Brovjn . Ago 44. I v/as born in Mci'inn G^ 
I claim -y indi.:n blor.d thro ray mother Jane Gate, before 
marr.:.a^e Jane i.IcCreary. She claimed hor blood thro her 
grand mothor Peg y Oxfcrd, bofurc marriage, ily mothor v/as 
past 50. She has boon dead 9 or 10 years. She was more nearlj 
60 than 50. 'Jvj grand mother was born in N C, Glicrokee county. 
My mother ne\or went out v/ost that I know of. liy grand mother 
came to i.Iciiinn Co, way bac^-. ':,':j great grand mother was a full 
bio "id Indian squaw. I nc\cr heard to v/hat tribe she bolon od . 
Sally Oxford was niy grond mother's name and Peggy Oxford 
was my groat grand mother. I never heard of my grand mother . 
or great ^rand mother drawing any money V/e pass as white 
people in t'/io comriiunity. si -nod Fannie Brown. 

1 Jli-:.! -1. 

. : :^ . 

... "i.'j 

: i"'j ■. ^- 


' p. ! 

J .1, ■ . - . .'. -• -J 





J.O'V.1 . .Va ■;"!..; 

r . - ■^ , ■■'I' ■ 

?. '"> 7 ' '3 

.' . ■•■.-.irr - 


> ' I 

J J 1 ..•.;■ 

■ . i"' 1 

:.f'-r ■.■ I; 

^:>^\ r 


'3 L' 

PAGE 15 
19633 Western fJ^orokee ap licnticn of Jennie Brown 

Rosidonce 1611 Go.-^rgia Avonuo v, Elns Haiilton Cr<U:'!t?' 
Tonnoosco, born At'r.cna l^^nn Jen 30 1*^62 . 

Clr.i va right to ahrrc thrrugh ray father v/hjso nar.e 

WG3 onc-hr.lf chorokoc indir.n. She was married to Chca I.i. 
Brown a c 46. 

T c t hor parents v/cro Bob ilcCrary Indian Bob Di^i^ccna 
;.IcCrcary, mother Lizzie (Grisson) McCrary (not indian) 
Father was born at Kockuy Ford North Carolina, and nothcr at 
Athens Ton.eaaoc; they resided in 1851 at i^thons Tunn 
fataer died 1867 and she does not ror.iiaer date her mother 

Na.ios of all her brothers and sisters were: 
John HcCrary born 1860, Nancy McCoffrey born 1355 
Relzie I.IcEoffrey died Apr 6 1901 
Gertrude lidCrary - birtn not stated. 


a d she does not roniber grand parents on her mother' 
side . 

Dont remember v;here [irorid fat- or wae bom but grand mother 
v/as born at Rocky Ford r^orth Carolina. 
T oy r'.:: sided in 1851 in the vicinity of Athens Tonn 

Ila cs "f all tiieir children v/cro 
Relzio McCrarv maiden na:;e; Gates 
rosidonce Athens Tenn . 
Tills claim v/as admitted ; 

Residence of Jennie Br."v/n v/as Ciorokcc 
North Car-^lina Tirxia aeolicant was enrolled by C^'API.LAIT NO. 
691, under na- :e of "/Ji-lin-ih. 
luisc Test P. 1711. 

v-:;^ ..:-:/'. 

J-:U;.: . .J',.>.' 

.-.d:1. 1. 

iT'.r -(!, 

;n -.^T -ai";:;.'-?:- :'f.' 

V i . ' - 


■.■s IJ i... ^J : 

itj"' i''>'. 




-H . 

:.-:<:';'5:n J-. 

; /:'',7 

■tCt'r rv 

■ ri 1 .1 ■ ■ ' ol . '. J' ■' f 

Pago 16 
'lS^<^1k HXIFHREYS COUNTY T^.^ESSET^ at .c^enT^nn 
Born Nov 24 1895 In Hur.mhreyc Uo Ten-., and clalns righo to 
San. tl rouFh r:y great gr'aid father John and n:, 
grand fa^^^^or Robert B and my nothar iVr.anda Gharlott. 

Brown. ^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^ Gcor^.e Brown and Ar.ianda Charlotte 

C Ha t oner ) Bro w:a . , _ 

^ ' in Humphreys Co Tonn 

- olacc un-:nown 

pro^/ioua to Jan 24. This was signc. 

still living in 1917 

■ B Hatcher enroled him 

Both prints wore born 

They resided in 1351 

Father died 8 yeai s 

1917 i..arch 26. mother _ 

He thinlcs his grand father Rooert 
at Vmronor Indian Territory 
Kav.ios^of al brothers and sisters were: 

Robert P Brown born Jaa 9 1888 , o a npn-T; 

Williar: Brovm-born June 5 1891; r..artha Brwn b 9-7-1893 
and & Grady B v.vm bor'n So .t 24^1395 

Grand- pare 1 3 VvC:.?*. as lollows^ 
Great Grand father John ILvtchcr, 
John Hatcher 
Robert E Hatcher 
Robert B Hatcher on his fat .cr's side 

and on his mother's 

wore Honriett a Hatcher, ^ary 
v/ere bornr Great grand father 
father ar^ mother in Hnnnhrc 
there in 1351 
th e i r ch i Id r ? n v/e o ; 

Hatcher 1878 (not 

1t->i^ died 




Tiey resided 

Nanes of all 

John Landrvi'- 

John Landru!! 

V/illiai^ Hatchcor 

liatthevr Hatcher 

Jare Hatcher 

born North Carolina, 

rs Co Tcnn 

clear wh? t this dnte means 

Doc 1398 
Honry Hc.tchor, 

Robert B Hatcher died 

1897 Feb 22 

l,Iy grand father .^ bt 

B Bat oh ^:r v;j 

from N C about 1810 aixi 

L3 a 



John Hatcher 

i:,a stern C':erol:oc 

wno car 

'""^'Tbave been infor-.ed thatsone -^^ /-y. J^l^l'^^^^^J ^^ .re 
in vo-as have rocci od certificate of citizensaip a^^ are 
^Sw^Uving .n t^xr clains in ..c ^^^^^^^^l;^^^ 
Tnis cloiv.: v/as rcjec-ced - KJoau iiatcnor oaoo; 

that live 


I' f'^'r:!^':)-./)' 

■■l-O' 'ci.'" 

o:: \:^i:! 

• tl- UVV ' 

• .^, .T O . 


i -f i^j-^avl.;;. J /.Lis i^^.- i.i,;.. : d5 •■:::■■:...■ V;'.L..' 

f ^ -> ,,- ,., 

•. 'au-'i' 

•."I r .^ 


■:'7-&. r: 


ii ^ <■ 

i :.- 

,.:: 'X:-r. \ 

Pago 17 

NO 19711 Eaatcr.i Chero!:oo application of i.i. Prodonia J Brovm 

(neo Hoopor) Hor full na. c v/as 

llartha Frodonia Jettoru Brown (noo Hooper) residence at, Humphreys Coun^ Tcn.iosaoo . 

Born t'^cro Aug 12 1877 . 

Claims right to she. re tlirough ny groat grcxid fat'ncr John Hal-o)-o 

ny graixl father Ja^mea A Hatcher and thro my mother Rottoo a.\v 

Hooper, noo Hatcher, My jrcat grand father John Hatc'.->or 

an oastcrn chcrokcc indian. and she is narriod to 

PERRY Aj'IDERSON BR V/N A^E 29 last Ar^ril (so f-. 
signed this 1907 i arci' 26t;- . 

Names of parents Thomas C Hoopor and Rittie /jin 
Hooper (noo Hatcher) 

They v/cro born in Humphreys Co Tcnn and resided there 1851 
her fatier is still living and mother died Feb 11 1906. 

Sl.e was not enrol od for annuities , land and ' tc unless 
her grert uncle Robt c Hatcher enrol od hor at tho Indian 
Office at vVagonor Indian territory 1893 

Na OS of al biV'tlicrs and sisters were; 
Eli Dillard iloopur, born 11-5-1365; .c: Josooh Hoopor 7-11-1867 
Etta i.llas Ho per 4-4-1071, Noah Lcton Hooper 8-20 1873 
Lary Kittio Hoopor Jul" 1 1375-. Ghj.rlotto Anjeline Hooper 
born Llca'ch 6 1879 (1379) dxod 8-10- 1882 
Ja,..os i.illic Hooper born 4 1364 
Guary Ellen hovjpcr born kafi 3 1335 
/ananda Temple Kocpcr born Dec 9 1862 died Sc.;t 29 1876 

Grand parents v;crc Ja cs i. Hooper and James i. Hatchor 
Thoy v/cro born ; Gra:id fat .or Ja os A Hatchor born in 
Humphreys Cvj Tonn, grand mother place born unl:ncvm. 
t ey resided 1351 in Humphreys C\: Ten- 

I'a.ies of all t'lclr chid' rcn v/cro 
Rittlc /i.nn Hooper (noc Hatcher) residence in Humphreys Co Tenn 
Tl-'eir children of llartha F J Brov/n and P A Brov/n in Ilay 23 
1906 v/orc Carry Brrvm born 9-14-1896 and Carlos Br. \vn 
9-28- 1898 May Br 'V/-n 2-20- I'^Ol, and Harris? Br v;n b 2 19 1901 
Nellie Br-v/n 4-13-1904. 

r> .K. ■ '■ i':.' 


J. ^^'V: 

1 ! ■' - • . Cii- . -. - ' ' -J. 


, n 

, J "G 

. :.T 

f i 

■ i ' r.v' 

.i.v .n 

■■; '■ 




PAGE 18 
resident of Humphreys covmty IPcnnossee, I'cSwan born Sent 7, 
1S93 in said Hunohrcys "> Tcnn, end clclmo rifht to shcrc 
through hor great grand fot'^.r John Hr.tchor and my grand 
fat'cr Rr^bort B Hr.tchcr and ny nother /uiianda Charlotto Brown, 
and she is ncit married. 

Her parents were nained 
George Br-.wn, and :.v.ianda Charlotte Hatclicr Brown 
both wore born in Kunphroys county Tennessee. 
father had died 8 years last January . She signed this 
1907 iinrch 26. 

Hoi- mother was yot living then, and stated I thirJ.: my 
grand father Robt B Hatcher enrolled mo at Indian office 
in V/agonor Indian Territory. 
Nancs of all brothers and sisters v/cre; 
Rc'bt P Brown born Jan 9 1388; v/illiam Brc^wn born June 5, 1891 

liartha Erov/n born Sojt 9 7 1893 and Grady Bj,uVfii b 9-24- 1895 
Na. ics of grand pi rents v/orc Robert B Hatcher and 
on mother's sido was Mary Jano Hatchor. 

T cy wore born in Humphreys Co Tcnn 
and resided there in 1051. 

Na..'03 of all cJiildrcn wsr^ as follows 
1.1 J Ritha Hatcher, resident licSwen Tcnn 
N Elizabeth Tarpy noo Hatchor, IlcEv/cn Tcnn 
J.I Evolin IJornian noo Hatchor "' 

R Frodonla Budrly noo Hr.tchcr, '' 
Frances /uin Craig noo Hatcher, ' 

She Stat-, 3; Lly motJx) r is t :c daughter of Robt B Hatchor 
who v/as the son -)f " John HL^tc>'or, who cane t" Tcnnessco about 
1810 ixsm v/ho was an oastv?r^ C'-'.orokoo Indian. 

I a!-.: inf-r-.iod that s-'HC of my relations who 
livo in Texas has rccoivcd certificates cf onrollmont 
for citizenship and arc now living ..n their claim in the Indian 
torrit ry . 

'Iho claim was Kc;joctod (John Hrtcicr case) 

'i. s> ■. i »• 


H';-. .::. 

:j :■ ^'X 

' ^'J,'^>-■ '-• "' i.--.i .■■:'ij' 



. n; 

-rV > ,...^:Je ': 

:t, ^: -'^ 


■ , •- f- 



TCI-r.-ESSEE BROVr: Pa';e 19--- 

Her Indian nane v/aa Hornar.. rtesi'leiice at Hilhan, Overton 
Coun y Tov-;OS3eo, born 9-10-1045 in Overton Co, Teneaso'^ 
and is narried to Da t::L Dr;o'.:j; fac she belongs to tho 
Chero!>:Go tr:".be of Indians. 

T::oir children v/ho v/erc living on .ay 28 1906 were 
as fol ows; John R. Brown, ». H Bruv/n, J ■; Brawn, G '..' (iiinor) 
born Fob 20 lv':37, V/ P Brov/a. S .: Brov/n. J A Brovm, Josephine 
Brovm, (tv/o last v/uro tv/ins) and 3c ..' A Brown a r.iinor born 
12-1-100/ (1009) 

7iio nairiGs of parents v/oro Jolin Cornolk? mother \.'as Polly 
iilara (Cornolk) indlau nar.w Horr.ian, and her maiden nano vms 
Polly jjlai.i, tl:ey were both born in Overton County Tonnossoo. 
and resided there in 1351^ fat'.'.er died 1-10- 1894 and 
r.iothor died Juno 8 1902. of all brothers ard sisters v/er- : 
A R Cornolk born 9-29-1060; J :.: Gornclk b 7-25-1043; 
Llorsan K Hooks (dco.d) o 2 -7-1040 died 11-22- 195 
B A Llastcrs bom 3-r^0-1053:: IT S Bajttn? 4- 15 1853, died 8-29-ir 
J \'i Cornolk 9-1- 1041. post office Hilhan, TcnnosseaO^O 

Grand parents v/ero Zdv/ard or I'od ilani on her father's 
side and mother 's side was J]lizabeth Zlam, indian ^Jane v/as 
H'»rnan . 

States Grand nothcr v;as born in Jast Tcni-osseo, grmd 
fat'-'er born in North Cn-'-lina. Tat her fat'^cr died 1850. 
r.iother in Overton County Ton i 1870. 
Ha-.ics of all t'leir children wore : John Lilan, 
Nancy i^lane (Ledbetter), Ja'-ies .Tlar.i, Patience Elan, 
Poraby Jlar-, (Crawf rd); Polly (Ilary or ".a") llau her nothcr. 

states ancostrs back to 1035 cays sec; JESSiJE V/ORD-- 

OR IIORII OR K.iSII? COR;;OL;: APLICATIO:'. signed Tc-r.iesseo B own 

13 Au2 1907. the v.'itnoss to her 
sicnatur<.^ v/ore S C V.'ard, end \i C .iurohy. 

I3.1C caoc v;ac; rcjoctod. Kesidcnco Hillhan Tonn 
Clali'is through source as 32901. 

I.' ^v ■ ".'-.J. 

. ■ ■ " - - / «, 

w ; : :j8.o 

-, •■" r . ■ 

110 36221 EASTER:- CHEROirEE A?i LIGATION OPQ Pa^e 20 


His Indian nane was Harnon, residence ..ssons, Overton 
County Tennessee, a o 45 in 1907 when this application was 
made. Born Auj 7 1062. In Overton County Tennessee a d is 
married to Laura 3 3rown, v/hose a:_;e is 20. 

Hieir children living on i.lay 28 1906 were as follows {. 
Nancy C Brov/n, born June 1391; Gro.or C Feb 23 1893 
Oscar D July 30 1900; V/altcr H April 10 1004. 
N/u.ES OF PARE..TS MiiR^l: J/u.ilS G BRGi-'ii I^'.D SARAIi A C BROVH 
(INDI..y Ni...:E HARi.IOK) IIAIDE.-' :::...£ WAS SARiuI A C NE/iL . 

Father was bom in CU:.iBi:;RLA:D COUMTi KEITTJCiri'", Ail) 

Txiey resided in 1351 in Jackson County Tenn (which is 
now Overton County Ten.iessee) 

Father died Jan 29 1G91 and mother I.iardi 4 1393. 
Nanes of all brothers and sisters giving ai3e and roside-ice; 
Hottie H Brown Reynolds, born April 3 1860 

Marlntha B Brown deceasod Doc 10, 1864 and died Doc 9 1906 
Permelia E. Brown born Dec 22 1366, died Ofit 15 1892 
John L Brown born Fob 12 1363 . 

Sarah C Brov/n bom Fob 26 1070 died Oct 25 1874 
James G Br'-wn Jr. born June 25 1372 
Er.mia R T 3rov/n born 12 1075 died Oct 12 1892 
Albert S nrovrn. Aliens Tcnn born 12-12 1873 
V/m II Brov;n died 1 born Jan 12 1873, died Fgb 1399 
Fred 2 Brov;n .aions Tcni^ born July 24 1379 
Call 11a Brov/n born 3 1081 died Jimo 30 1002 

GRj^rlD ?A?E 'TS ■'ERIl ON Pi.T :^R'S SID:^ 
Larkin Brov/n and on mother's side Starling Hoal indian name 
v/as Harmon, or Ilorman. 
^ley rosjded 1051 in Ovorton Co Tenn. 

Names of all their childr.;n follow; GEi RGK V7. HEAL (DECD) 
S A G Brov/n, docd. ) Ka:iey Raines, ..lions Tenn, Paul Neal, 
Aliens Ton::i, Lottio ileal, Bur_-;oss, Livingston Tenn R R 1. 

Ancestors bock to 1835 v/ero James G and S iv C Brov/n, 
paronts Starling Noal and Har;:ion Hoal, grand parents Charles 
Harmon being my groat great grand father. Tiiat "I rely upon 
my doscGiit from Charles Harmon for my indian blood. 2 witness 
to his signature v/ero T B Oglctroc and W H iillrcd. TliC claim 
v/as rojoctod. Ho claims through th.e same source as No. 

>0 : 

)K C»,".B 

i ..- ?v-: '-y;v :,--:) 

■. v;' "^ 

vJruooO no^is^'O a7.. S8' 1 '\ 

1 )'.' ■ 

^v-...;5 ;>:.'. '//-/^irro-^ 

- 1/ 

: n 3'- ■ 

;"i;; '•'^' 


"K \r' , 


i..::- z 
■ '■i -ill. 

. '-J 

.'.''-* ^1. -, 

^rrl inow 


;--,.-*-. ■ ■■•^ 

c ^.:y J. 

^ .t. :: .i-. J. 

./; . ;•( W 

PAGE 21 
POP. I.IINOPi CHILD LEOITARD ; residence Chattanooga Tennessee, 
529 V.oavor Street, Hamilton Coiuity T.^nnessec. Born June 4, 
1393 in Chattano cia Ton-i. JIo claiuis through his f at' er . 
and she is not married. 

Jarr.os of her parents or his parentsC as it is 
not clear w^iich she moans) 

Her or his parents v/ero Janes H Brown, and mother v/as Ilary J. 
Brown, maiden name was I'arv J Cross, the father v/as born in 

ca:'pbell ccitjk: teiii^essee amd i.iotitr bofj^i in forsyih comiTi ga. 

Fat e r resided; in 1851, v/ho was not born then. 

riA:.':ss 0? al_ brothers AiiD SISTERS i:ere 

V/ALT:-R T E.R wit BORIT D.JC 2 1030 ; Lillio Douglass born July IC 
1887, Vicey Brown born Anril 10 1339, 'Villia--: H Brown born Aug 
22 1891 and Jlsie G Brown Born Feb 17 1899. 

absalo;: cross aiid susa,; cross 

wore and Cross people born in Forcytho County Georgia. 
Tnoy resided 1351 tPo Drowns in CampbolJ. Co Tcnn and tP.e 
Cross in Forsyth 2c Ga . 

Names of all tn. ir childron v/cro on father's side; 
James H Bro\/n, residence Indian Territory. 

English name; Ai.Tcrica Ross; -rcsidc.ce In P.arion county Term 
Rufus Brcv/n, residence Tcxarkana Texas. 
Elizabeth Ross, Marion County Tennessee. 
Colia Hartman, residence Indian Territory 
Vdlliai-,1 A Bro'.m , Par ion County Tennessee. 
Pother's side was John S Cross, died 1906 
Nancy Stonhens, /oplcansas, Jesso B Cross in Gc rpia. 
2 vd-tncss to her signature in ±^ 1907 Parch 27 were 
Lillic Doyf^lass and Walter T Brovai . 
Ihc case was rejected. 
She claimed through Brother of No 20589 claims thru sane source 

A. -j.a -i.'-u. a...' 

^. ^ 3/ ^^'j 

:s I ea } uitK?';^!-. c ■:.";. .: scfnaiB'^ 

:'.■■ ■ ''V/ '■iBCi ^" 

: -t 

■:'c^'i!J•? 'v'f; ,.:''-a^. H i;0 cu O'-tov/ ?i','-!:o-.GO a.M 

". ^rr 

na:,';:^ ''lod ■'•: n ;.5!::;;v- K'r'w ^'^S,:''^. r ■■ ; x'Si*;.. iv >>( ■"' ^^ 5fi'? 

': \_' t. '"; a 


^'.^ 2i :,o 


I -•;•; |- 



f .U - , . ... /J — . 

;■> ,- 

■ • - ■ I. 

'> .'.J:': ,3 .""f '"■.;."■; j*'' 


Residence Chattanooga Tennessee, 529 '.eaver St Chattanooga, I 
Hamilton Co Tonn, born I-'ab 17} 1399 claims through her fat.ier 

Pat er v/as James H Brov/n, and Mary J Brov/n maiden name 
Mary J Cross; father born in Campbell Co Tonn, mother in 
Forsyth Go Ga. 

NaniDs of all brothers and sisters we:e 
Walter T Brovm born Dec 2 1885, Llllio Dojiglas (Douglass) 
born July 18 1037, Vicey Brov/n born ^pr 10 1G39 
William B Brov/n born Aug 22 1891, Leonaixi 2 Brov/n born Jxmo 4 
1898 . 

Ilanies of grand parents v/ere V/illiam Brov/n and 
Hancy Brown on father's side and Absalom Cross and Susan J. 
Cross on mother's side. 

T.'iC Brov/n side v/ore born in Caripboll Co Tonn and triO 
Cross v/ore born in Forsyth Co Ga. 

Tney rcsidod 1351 t'no Brov/ns in Canpbel"' Co Tonn and 
Cross in Forsyth Co Ga. 

Names of all ehi their children on father's side v/ore 
Jai'.es H Brov/n, rosidencc Indian Territory, 
Araerica Ross in Marion County Tonn 
Rufus Brov;n, "^exarkana Texas, and 
;j;iizaboth Ross in iiarion County Tcnn 
Celia, Indian '.Porritory 

illlam A Brov.n in Morion County Tennessee 
on Mother's side v/ere John S Cross died 1906 
ITnncy Stevens -Arkansas 

Jesse 3 Cross -Goorgja 2 v/ltness to her na-ie iji 1907 
March 27 v;ero Lillio Dou^l-ss, and './alter T B_^ov/n . 

She v/roto a note in 1908 June 19th 

Mary J 3r v;n, bein,]; first duly sworn states; My husband 
Jair.os H jBrov/n, vras part chero'-.oe Indian. Ho v/as born in 
CAMPBEL COUl'TY" -::- f-E IS living in OliLAIIOMA at the present 
time. He has hecn there ab ut tv/o years. Ho never 
rccGivod any Indian money from the Government, t.iat I knov/ of. 
He claimed his Indian blood through his mother, Kancy Bv-'\rn. 
She lived in Tennessee and is nov/ in Oklalioma. Has lived ther^ 
there about 3 years. Sho nevor received any Indian raney. 
She lived v/ith v/hite people and her husband was a v/hito man. 
My husband's mother first told me that ho had Indian blood. 
My husband's gr.?nd mother v/as about one-quarter Indian. I 
nevor hoard of Hester the Government enrolling a^.ent in 
1G34. My husband livod in Georgia and Te.mossoc until ho 
v/ont to Ollahoma . 

signed ::?r:' J Brcvin 1903 Juno 19. 

TIE i^Iiri;BERS referred "to are 20590, 20591, 20593 
20602, 20601, 22614, 25591, 22613. A card states: It docs not 
ap 'oar that any ancestor v/as ever enrolled or that any ances- 
tor v/as party to the treaties of 1335, -6, & 1846-shov/s no 
real connecti n with the .jastor.i '^ncrolrees. Misc. T:st. p228 
y.'C v/rote a letter 1908 stating she had no Indian blood her- 
self f^at her children had thro their fat'^er. Her address 
1903 v/as 614 Carr St. Cliattanooga Tenn. 

a i' 

..)...' A. 

... ..-:;. ii^ii.f. , . ■ i '■■■ -■' "^ > . 

s.y.,( ■...!5 .:j jE? a 

., - (■ 

. ; o^iLi 

. - .,> •! :.J...0\y 

;, '.',1. ctiotj 

>'s 'i^' bi:.? 


' , '- -5 


Page 23 

No, 20195 EASTzra^ 'Cr::: Roici'S A. lioa^t:on of 

HARjTl- L Bli VM: Jx^SSIE :; BT.^VA: A;rO KATIE R. BROVm minors 
iiarr; L v;as born Nov 5 1900, o'essie ... born Oct 2 1902 and 
iiatie ?i born Oct 12 1904. 

liesidence xJast Chattanooga Haiiilton county Tennessee, born 
in r^ast 

In 1851 claims rif;ht to share through I.iary W.Hannah daughter 

of John W Hildebrand. a.-d is not married;' 

Pat er v/as "./ F Brown and mother Ora S Brown, maiden name of 

;iiot'.:er v;as Ora S or L Han.iah. 

Fat.:er was born at Berchv/o^.-dj and mother born in Benton Covnt 

of Polk Ten.cssee. 

Na.-,ies of al.. brothers and sisters v/ero K L Brov/n, 
J II Brown and K L Prov;n , 

Narios of grand parents on fat'ier's side are 
not stated but on mother's side was J. ? Hannah and iiary \'l Han 
Hannah, tliat trey v;oro born in Ten essoc. 
Names of all the.r chilJron v/ore: 

f S Hannah, D F Hannah, 3 J Hamiah, J 17 Hannah and J LI Hannah 
A R Hannah, and 3 H Hannah. 

Ancestors bac': to 1035 v/as Peter Hildebrand, 
John V; Hildetarrnd, ".'ary V; Hildebrand or I.icry 17 Hannah. 

She signed Ora L Brov/n, 23 I.'arch 1907. 
2 v/ltnosses wore 17 G Swindell and John Crow. 

Mrs Ora L Br:.n7n wrote a letter from Last Chattanooga, Tenn 
Au3 5 1907 stating; 505 Dodson Avenue; sir;- 
"Some ago I sent claim in for t/iroe rAnor clilldren, 
and rccor.vod notice for one Harry L Brown, ap ;lication 
No 20195, on 3a::io a"ojli cation jow v;ill find Jessie Kay and 
Katie Loo Bpown, I havent received c^nj n ticc of the;: be ? 
an application. Tninlcing Lhorc right bo so:.\e nistalce about 
getting tholr I would like fee hoar from you. 
signed Llrs Ora L Br wn 

A cord in the file No 20195; included in No 2773 
Applicant's grand mother Iiary Hannah or I.Iary Hildebrand 
enrolled by Chapr.ian No 1537. 
Cousin tv/icc rer.uved of ;/-359 



J. l-J , - 


-f! ■ fl 

r; .i ^ ( ■ 

■/ o 


Pa 130 24 
ITo 34394 JOmi VCSLZY BROV/H EASr_,Ri: CIU'JRf^'C:!:' A.\-LI CATION 
ALSO Ri^F;.?JS TO T ;..; FOL.OV.TIIG Nir '■^. JS FOH T'T': AS E BROVTrl. 
SAM:: SIZEMOR^; BROVrrI 34394 -34396 34397- 34400 34401, 
34402, 34403, 34404, 34413, 34409, 34411-34412. 

RcsidGncc was Ro^oravillc, Hav/l:ino County Tonnosgco. 
he is a^o 54 1907 Au^ 0. Born N^v 15, 1852 rt I/ic Valley 

Na:!0 of paronts v;cre IRiDI^LL CAMPBELL BRO\V!I AND IIARY ANII 
BRGV/1\. I.iAID^W Ny\..E I.IARY Ai^l^ WILLIS. 

Pat.:or v/aa born at V/ar Gap, Hav/kins County Tenn, and mothor 
born at Loo Valley Hawkins Co Tjnn. Tncy lived in 1851 
in Loe Valley Tennessee; father died Dec 30 1898 and nothcr 
died Juno 21, 1837. 

(Johnston born Doc 2 1844, Rugorsville, Tcnnoasoo 
:bsuaKiKxaKEx Anna R Starnoa I.lorristown, Tenn Nov 6, 1846 
--ryraV C Seal, whitcsbur^- T^nn Dec 8 1848 
Prank A Brov/n born iS&jcxxxSxiMa Lay 15, 1851 V/illls Br.v/n, i.iorristov;o Tony- Dec 1 1854 
I.iarj' A Orr-llorristovn-i Tcm Aug 23 1857 
Mattic J B own, '..l-iitesbur:^ Tonn April 9 1859 
Ihe grand parents v/c c 'liios '^ Br jvm and Sarah Sizomorc 
on father's side and on nothor's side v;orc Jarics V/lllis 
and Sallic St^'.plcton. 

Fat:'cr's side were born in South? Carolina, others? 
in Tennessee, i-^^ey resided 1051 fat'cr's side in or at 
iVar Gap, Tennessee, not or and sister? at Lee Valley, Tsnn. 

Na.'.es of -all their diildrcn , rr, -. ^-.v, ^^^^ 

Iredell C B .v/n deceased, Jesse By.o-.Ta deed. Ihos y^ Broxm deed 
Nancy Brown'dccd. Clinton Ji Br ■■v.'-n do cd . Sarah T? Brov/n deed 
Ov/on Bj.-^un deed, ::a tilde, L Bp :v/n docd. 

Ja-os Y C B vr.^., '.Tii tosbvrr^ Tenn 

Llary A ^./illis deed. J :i D Vlllis docd. Avers? R Willis deed 
Iredoll V/illis, docd. L I. Pranettc -.-ills , Blackv/ater Ga 
Perry Willis deed, Guss .:illl3 deed, ^.lizabeth .lllis deed 
Pleasurevillo? \ ,11 lis and Washburn :us??? 

..ncestcrs bac\ to 1835. Iredoll C and :.:ar; /. or vm 
Taos Z and Sarah Br wn, fat:.or's side Ja-ies and Sallie ./illis 

niothcr' 3 side . ^ , •, 

.c; unable to give Indian nano of my cnor icee 
ancostrs, bizenorc is the ^nglish nano. signed John i.osley 
Brov/n Aug 8 1907- 2 witness signed H .; I.iitchell and 
S L Poorol?- To caso v/as rejected. It is tlie Sizonoro oasc 
case, xlcsidcnce Rogorsvillc, Tennessee. ,,,^, 

li^e naiaos v/i th a Sizonorc nur:bor v/er€ 34394 and 34405 and 
t: e na-.cs v/erc JO:iN V;. JOS L EDISON 

BR0\7i! r:OS E BR V/ , Fi.C.:iV. L BROVr:!, LHHA J. BRj\/^T : . 
Japes Y Br.wn, Jas Y C Brov/n, K-eophalus G Brown, Francis a 
Brown, Mat tie '^ B„,n7n, Argyra C ^eal, Sallic J Johnston. 



'.!.:. 'W''':i 

i> . ■■(■ 

f >J--;-' ; 

T f- 

r. >. V . 



of HART A J BROVril. 

i.IART"i-i JA>IE BR.'^'XI; rosidence and 'oost offico Butlers 
Landing, Clay County Ten. easoc, a.^e 34 190)7 (1907 Aug 23. 
Bern i.Iay 1, 1173 in Clay County Tennesaeo , and is rnarriod 
to R w B Brtrvvn ar;o 39 v;ho belongs to the Cherkee tribe. 

"anes of t'.-'oir children living on i.Iay 2a 1906 aro 
Robert V B^ovm Born Oct 19 1391, Fannie M D ov/n born .icrch 5, 
1G93, and V'illlam J Br-.v/n born Dec 31, 10957 
Parents wore naT.od Josiah Rich and Sarah J Rich, maiden nar'S 
of motler was Sarah J Dougherty. v/as born in Jf clcs^n 
c.^unty Tennessee, mother in Overton County Tennessee. 
ihoy resided in 1351 fat.^.er in Overton Co and I.Iothor also 
t:ierc. Father died iiarch 27 1383 and mother July 12, j39\ 
Name of al '. brothers and sisters; 

jdaxs i.iastin H Rich bora Jan 17 1G79? Butlers Ldg Tenn 
I.Iary j-. A Gilpatricl:, born Jan 16 1366, Celina Tenn 
Lou i-iTdi Harris born ivug 51 1875, Port Gibson, O]clahona 
Minnie Flkcs ? Born Juno 18 1881, Butlers ldg Tenn 
Florunco iibnoy Juno IG 1G31 Butlers Landing T-enn 
No.nies of grand parents wore AISSOll OR ALSOLI RICH 

1!:c Plich family bor i in Jaclcson Co Tenn and 
Betsy Harrison in Overton Co Ten.i. Tnoy resided 1851 in Tenn 
Names of all their children v/ere ; 
Martin Rich deed 31 i Rich in Butler Ldg Tenn 
Polly Ctin ingham, Sparta Tonn, Josiah Rich deed. 

.ancestors baa: to 1335 v;oro my father v/as Josiah Rich 
his f at; er Alson Rich; his fatln-r Jesse Rich his mother 
Polly i^llon Rich, noe Ilocl'-'jr v/ho mcrriod V/n Rich father of 
Jesse Rich, signed i'art";a Jane Brown, 28 Aug 1907 2 witness 
to signrt-Jirc J K i? Davis and J R Store, or Stone. 

llic claim was rejected. 
Claims through sane 3"urcc as H' 12673. 


^ . 

,;j ■■''■.-^■.• 

j'^i.':.': ■ ."•".' -.''i y"'- 

;■ > r«'" ■ 

■?• . 

-:]'tei!:; :j'''Q L -r. t i'-:; 

J.'tl,',; .; ■;■'. 


•:■ '.f 

■ ; I. 

:^ Ij:il 

Pngo 26 — 

SARAI-: A. -LIA Blv.MU: 

Indian name v/as "lIORi.IOH" residence at Hilha;i, Ovei-ton Co 
TennessoG, born 8-4-1834 in Overton County TcnicssoG, and is 
married to Fate Brov/n, 

Her parents v/oro as follov/s; Robert S ■.'asters 
and mother Botta Ann Masters Indian name Herman, maiccn 
name v/as Botta Ann. Cornool:, they v;erc born in Overton Co Tcnn. 
and were living in Overton Co Tcnn 1051 Jan 1 in Y/]:ich her 
fat'-ier v/aa born. 

Names of all brothers and sisters wore Rosa L I'axv/o31 born 
6-22 1873; i.'anita '^Idridpre born 7-17- 1375, and Albert R 
Masters born 3-8- 1877, John R blasters born 11 20 1879, 
James A i.Iasters bom l^-lO- 1884, 1881 

Grovcr L i.Iastcjrs 4-29- 1887, and Joseph L Masters 4-27-1890 
Names of grnnd parents v/ere John Cormock on father's side 
and Folly (liary) Cormaci: (.'Jilam) 
or Hormen indian nam.e . 

v/ho were horn in Overton Oo Tenn. and lived there 1851. 
Names of their children were J vi Coriiack, J !' Cormack 
Tennessee Brown, iV L HcoI:o, E A Lastors, N 3 Best, 
I.I J Jav/3 aiid A R Cori'.iacl:. 

ilotc on ancestors uuc to 13§- 1835. states* soc 
application of 'vYILLi;^. BILY_.R .- • D A. D i:;;CIiIBIT Ti^R..TO FOR 
BROTIiiitS AID identification, signed S: ral: A^.i^lia Brov/n 

Au^; 13 1907 2 v/itioss v/oro J LI Brov;n and C D 

Sarah A B^own residence Hllliam T^^nn, claim rejected 
claims through the same source as ilo 52901. 

'.'■ .T-i . 

>> [^',£~ [.^-C •"'^ nd ' ■:, 

,->--* r- 

.O" ,. \ ' <J-: 

f-;, -,-. -T ' 

Julir. Savage Br'nvn, rosidoncc Cclina Clay Cr^unty T. nnosDOO 
njo 23 born 'Ith July 10Q4 , sicnod her an'ollcation 1907 Aug 23. 

Sho v/as bom in Olny County Tcnncsoco airl ia narriod to 
Al Brov/n a-o 35. lla-.o of thoir only child v/aa living 
in May 23 1906, wao '«il Willi a I^ich bf.rn Oct 19 1308 
Parents wore iiartin Rich and Sarah Rich. Father wao born in 
Overton County Tenn and nothor in Jac^rson County Ton . 

Ihey lived in D351 fatber in Ovorton Co Tonn and nothcr ir 
Jac':son Co Tonn, fatJxr died October 1301 mother died May 

i'Ia;'.C3 of all brothers airi sisters are Hav/ Butler Born A 
April 1371 Sutler Landing Tenn born Aoill 1071 
r.ortlia Ridi born 1381 Bi'.tler Ldg Tenn 
Gra;.id parents Alson Rich, and Betsy Rich noo Harrison 
Born in Tennessee, and resided in 1351 in Ovorton Co Tv^nn. 
ITainos of all their children v/oru 
Has tin Rich died, 
^li Rich Butler's Landing Tenn 
Polly Cunningham, Sparta T^miossoo 
Jcslah Rich, deceased. 

i'mccstors bad; to 1035 My father was i'.r.rtin 
Rich, his father Als;)n H^^ch, his fatl-'or Jesse Rich, his mothci 
Polly rillen Rich, nee Hooker, who raorriod .k\ Rich, 
fatncr of Jesse Rich, signed Julia Savage Brown, Aug 20 1907. 

2 witness J R Stone aixl Julia S 'jrvwn an^i J K P Da 

Tiie clain was rojeetod - residence Celina Tonnossoo 
Clains through source as IT':^ 12673. 


•.,■•■•■.' -v.-r'- i-'S'^ . V • - -;.oi . 
■ ■ r. ■■■ •• r ,-. ■ . ■ ■", - '- 1 ", ■ \ ■''^ r ■ ■ r 

,• f 

, -j:-. •..G'^r.o '..:3 '0.'./] • ,.■::!■'!:'■ ■ ./c./v 


:t .-I 


' ' 1 

•j.ui "C:? 




"; ■"■.' 



■; !n- 

' -i. 



- r 

: . ■) 

.It. ■ 

;iO la 

•-■ -■■ .L 

NO. 38761 EAS'njiL' c?n:;Ro:rEE A: plication page 23 

of SALLY BR'j\W (By rnarriar^e ) , residence 
Canyvilla, Tonnesaoe (wanted her nail sent to ^J.ue Ride, 
Fannin County Geoi-gia) 

And was Born October 13, 10:3 in Canobell county Tennessee 
and v/as married to V/I'.LIA: BROV/j: AGE 57, and belonged to the 
Cherokee tribe. 

Nanos of children who were living on i'ay 20 1906 were; 
ilaudia Brovm born Nov 10 1901, and Judscn Brovm" born Oct 12, 
1903, but this last nane had a red line ± drawn through it. 
Parents were Jaies P Keatherly and Annie (Ric^ht) Hoatherly 
Fatlx-r v/as born in Ca:.-ipbolj County Tennosseo and also her 
mother was born in that county, and father lived in said 
CanpbGl . C 'Itenn i 1851. 

Ha. :os of all brothers and sisters v.'orc Hairey Heathorly born 
Dec 6 1075 in Jacksosboro, Tennessee, 
i/ii Hoat.'.crly born A^.ril 3 1077, in Jacl^sboru Tennessee 
Jar.ios R Koathcrly bom liov 12, 1873, LaFollotto T-^nnossoe 
Alicio Hcat/icrly born Feb 17 1830, Jacksboro Tcnn 
i.lary Jauo Heathorly bom July 10 18S7 , Jacksboro Tcnn 
Tnoraas 11 born July 15 1309, JacVisboro Tcnn 

VVillia..! Right and on her Mother's side was Eliza, oth Hoatherly 
a:xl Sarah Ri^jht . all born in C'a,ipboll Co Tcnn and lived thor*. 
in 1851. 

She stated ''I clain chcrokoo Indian blood under ny 
grand father half chcrokco Indian, ho went by 2 na..ics JAJZES 
HEATIIERLY fic othor navae was JA;.ES KARRIS, his blood has 
been proved and filed with clain of eiaii^i»eH Shrilda Loy? 
signed Sally Brovm -hor x r.iark- 1907 : irch 20. 
2 v/itnass were Andrev; Broylcs end ''V C Sillers or Sellers 

Tero is a letter filed dated July 20 1900 

to State of Okla, county of Adair. 

Before mo, personally apjeered I'anerna nr Manerva J 
Snap,;, - Susan Hay Ivilliar'.s, r^rnnd dau^;htcr of I.^anerva Snap'^^ 
Kanorva J Snap)-^ -was farn? in :toleih?N c 

1836 year, nc.rried to John Faulkner 1353 in I.Ionroe County Ten 
Tcnn to Susan II Faulkner nee Susan Li Hart sock, Bern Aug 1054 
r.onroe County Tenn, mother fourth Zephariah Hill, born Ilay 
11 1791 married Susannah Hosser July 26 1829 died Jan 3, 
1330. Zephariah Hill was born in North Carolina. 

Signed ;.anerva J Snapp (her x riark 
subscribed and sv/orn to July 20 1908 before J 11 Richards, 

Notary ptiblic 
Sally Brown residence 'Jarcyvillo or Caneyville, Tcnn 
case was rejected. She is nioco of No 663 claim through 
same soi'.rcc. 

r '1 ■; "' n ■ - i 


. -r, F 

!.' .c:!'i''0 :---.'lC oj'bifO. 

. ■'!,,' ":.js -rl^i .. ,:ift^- 

i ^l.v 

I J 

Page 29 

RiiSIDK:Gi LILLIi.iAY (no post office by this nane in tl'O postal 
guide, but Clioathaiu county Itenncssee. a(_;o 32 in 1907 when he 
signed this ap li cation, Born 1875 in Ten ossee. ii'ar.^.e of v;ifc 
was i.ilMNIE BR0\y7" a.^e 24 then, and names of children living in 
Uay 28 1906: 
Lilliam Brov/n born 1901, and Alria born 1904. 

Naries of parents wore 1/illian Brown, and nothor llancy 
Brown, maiden nenie Nancy Crouch, both bom in Tennessee. 
and lived in Tonn 1851,, aixi both were still living in 1907; 
Naiies of all brothers and sisters; Ihos. born 1872 
Lillimay Tennessee, Jesse Brown born same olace 1873, 
Ida Brown born 18 5 sane place and 
Annie born 1877 at An Ashland City Tennessee 

The na^ncs of grand parents were Joseph and I.'Ipry Brcwn and on hi: 
mother's side v/as TlTonas and Harried Crouch. 
They were born in Tennessee and lived there 1851. 

Ka ICG of all their children were end residence 
as follows; /j?is Brov;n resided in ^^rlcansas 
Minnie BrOwn in Tvjnncssco 
Maridy Br-n-;n in i.iissouri 
AHy Andy ii Brov/n in Arkansas 

Mary Browr. in ijckansas, Jar.ics Brown in Tennessee; 
Joseph Brown in iirkansas. - liis ancestors back to 1835 wore 

VJin and ilancy Br o\m , ; Joseph and Liary Brov/n, great grand 
parents were Daniel and Barthinia Brov/n. 

Borthinia Brov/n v/as knov/ii as part chcrokco Indian, 
she v/as a Johnson, Johnson married a Puller - Fuller 
married a Chariblin supooscd to be a full Cherokee Indian. 

signed iio bo rt Brov/n Aug 26 1907. 

2 witness to his slgnataro v/cro T J Stump, J J 

Robert Brov/n No 38908 claim v/as rejected. 
Second cousin of No 38884. 




• :'V<' [ .■v;"'i . B.n;-r ,;-:'i:.iJE ',3 '"■.'■J" iV.i ..••';)■" 10 "..l.r' 'Ic n^:.i?'' 
^CS't^j; ■ -^r. -:■.■- .-v^ 3 ■ry[-'f/ ;:,.;•-;.:.: iaao*. , l^o^:. ^ .,. '. ' '' 

1:,;.,' o:>/.r:. c ■::.s; c 8.1 .rr:"' 


:"; J 


:."r' '. ;:;,; ■■'<-■■■ 

..,'^ ui^'' 

■■ „ r, . "f. ai'i'.. 

PAC2 30 
FOR HER 3 minor children only. 

EAST CHATTANOOGA #4610 aia-berlain Avenue, Hariilton County 
Tennessee, and is age 40 born Jar. 31 1867. Sine signed this in 
1907 Aug 15. 

States she was bcrn in Mcl.linn county Tennessee, and is married 
to H H Brov/n age 70 in 1907. 

Na:;es of all children living on May 28 1906, \/er3; 
John Dill Born October 6, 1886, May Dill May 14 1893 
and Lester Dill bom i.pril 15 1898. 

Iheir fat'ier was Fatten Dill, and mother Nancy (Kellfy) Dill 
Fat'er v/as boi'n In Cherokee County North Carolina and mother in 
McMinn Co Tennessee. 

( The children herein claimed for are ail t'lo children 
tiiat the said PATToN AI'D NANCY DIL^ HAD) 

Tiio father died Doc 1 1900 av.d mother still living East 
Chattanooga Tennessee. 

State Engllsl- ar-d Indian nai.-.os of your ^rand parents 
on both father' 3 and luotnor's side were 

Father's side v/as 'i/illia-.i Dill and -iary Dill and mother's side 

The Dills wore born in OhOrokoo county North Carolina 
- Andrew Xclley in Hawkins bounty Tenncssoo, Siolino in Georgia. 
In 1351 the Dills were in C,^erckGe Co North Carolina. Tie 
Kelloys in Moigs county Tennessee. 
Names of all thoir c'::ildron wcr; 

Liollic Griff itts and Dill living in Tast C^-iattanooga Tcnn. 
/Jicostors - remarks/ T-'O children claimed for in this 
application aru minor.- and their father 1-ATTON DILL IS DJ:;CD 
and tlioy get their c!iorokcc Indian blocd fr m him and his 
ancestors. The mother has no chcrckoe blo.-.d and has been 
married TWICE. SIGiri";D 1907 Aug 15. 'itness to her signature 
arc J C Reynolds, ollie Griff itts. 

A card of Nannie £rov/n shows claim rejected. Nephews 
nnd nieces of No 35753 and claim through same source. 

Nannie Brown being first duly sworn made / 1908 Juno 20 
tj'at she is age 41, wacj b.^m in l.lcl-.'inn Co Tenn and has lived 
thoro all of her lif o . I claim no Indian blo.d. I claim 
Cherokee Indian blood fcr my minor children through their 
fat>-or. iMy husband from Ghorokec ^jo N C . He never received 
any Indioi-i raonoy that I know of. I never hoard him say if 
his people received any Indian money, uy husband was a 
recognized wliite :.ian and his people v/eix; recognized v/hite people 
His mother wac part Indian but a recognized v/hito v/oman. 

signed Nannie Br v/n. 

1 '>■': 

1 .' , r-i 

1 Ll'v-'X 

:i >■-■ C^OL 

ir,':,o :"r: 



Residence Rogersville, Hawkins County Tennessee. Age 70 in 

1907 when she signed this, :/AS BORI^ JA"'UARY 12, 1837 

Was born in Scott County Virginia at Pattonville. 

And is a v/idov/; my husband v;as na ^ed Ov/on I!. Brown, who 

belon":ed to the Cherolroo tribft . 

Children living on Liay 28 1906 were as follows; 

NO 34411 Luthur F Brown born Aufi 26, 1857 and No 

34409 Sarah ^ Bj,-wn born Aoril 11,' 1863 and 

No 34412 Ov/en 11 Brov/n Jr. bom March 20 1371 


both bom in North Carolina 

lliey resided - father at Pattonvil].e , Scott County Va 

and father died 1870 and mother died 1849. 

Nai'es of all her brothers and sisters were- 

Elizabeth Palkner and Rebecca Palkner, Prancis Palkner who 

died 1857. I.Iartha i-a Falmner who v/as born a January 19 1839 

at Abingdon Vir inia. 

Her grand parents on her mother's side were 
Etheldrid, ;e ii-llis and xi^lizabcth iJllis. VAio were born in 
North Carolina; and grad mother aiid grand father resided 1851 
in North Carolina. 

Back to 1835 with ancestors were Ily maternal ^rand 
father v/as na'.ied iitholdrigo iJllis, grand mother lilizabeth 
Ellis, do not know nancs of father's parents. 

RSiiAR.S: I claim share of chorokeo fund as 
widow of OVEN H BROliW, who was of chorokoo descent but I 
can not give Indian nar.ios of his ancestors, Sizoncro was 
t>o ii-nglish name, signed Nancy L B ; wn Aug 8 iS 1907. 
2 witness to her signature vicrc J E Shanks and L L Poats. 
A card in this file shows the claim was rejected, and thr.t 

. I'j i.:.' i-u xJ/i -...i 

O , nuM Cl- 

, ^c.'.'xo- :jc:.ct./.;0 


ortr . 

'•'T^ ,-;• ! r 

vi T ' :. '.' i ' ti '"> y 

I-i^ :.■<■ ■orfT 

- b'VK '.SSI t'h:0 

.r'.^ :.1 ■;' 'i 0:1. J 


■..:,• f ;--'ji-. , 

. . '-J-;..' 

- - ■ *"; - - ,■ - . A\ - 1 . . . - 





'l i.J "^!.''-:, 

, • 'ii v-'.l.. 

:-'^'' -10;" vj'? ■ ■• 


NO 38958 EASTjIRi' CHER'/T'^JiZ A? 
whose Indian name was SARAl' L 

Grirnsley, Tennessee, 
dau-htor of No 34259 
Griirisley 'Ten was in 
Septonber 1, 1379 in 
Allen Bilbrey a-':o 35 
Na:.ies of all 
born April 1 1902, 
whoso parents v/orc 

Page 32 
CCBB, r'-sidenco and oost office; 

S!':e was t'le 

whose claim was Rejected. 

Clalias t/'ro sane source. 

Fentress county Tennessee. She was Born 

Pentross county, and is married to 

w'lsn she signed this 1907. 
children living hay 28 1906 were vVm Bilbrey 
and Mo la Le3 Bilbrey born Nov 7 1904 
Joss Boaty (Cobb Indian name) and Sarah Jane 

Boaty maidon nario was Sarah Jane Richard 

Parents wore born in Fentress County Itann, and living 

in 1851. the parents v/orc still living v/hen she 


the re 

Nanos of all brothers and sisters woro: 
Nancy Jane Raiasoy a^o 27, Griiisloy Tonn 
Ellen Bcaty Grirasoly Ten ■ ago 22 

i.:ary Etta Yori^ ago 2'i John Thonas? 3caty k a c 15 
D B Beaty a^^o 13 

Name of graid parents woro Flom Beaty and 
grand mother Cobb 1/2 Indian. 

Plor grand parents back to 1035 wore Joss Beaty and Sarah Ja 
Jane Pti-chards, na-'C of parents, and Flen Bcaty, Sarah (Cobb) 

Sarah L 3ilbrcy signed this application 1907 August 24. 
before' 2 v/itnos3 S S I.Icrgah and C Conatson or Conascr. 

;:; 'iu^. ji.' 

I'.V ...' G'._J OiiU 'V'-' 

r 9^CI , I ; 


\ • '> 


■ .n 


r ,' 



,i "•!'. 




'X' ^ 


' -J. 

".('■ ■ ■; 1.V'..: 

-.-r. i- 

•:■:'- £id-^ji v'l 

.:; C'W F^i 


PAGE 33 
Residoncc i.lii toaburg, Hamblen County Tennessee who was born 
APfflL 9, 1859, In Lee Valley, and is not married when this 
was filed 1907. 

Her parents were Iredol C Brov/n and Mary A Br'^wn, her 
maiden name was Mary A Willis. 

Father was born at & './ar '5ap, Hawkins county Tenn and mother 
born in same county at Lee Valley Tenn. 

T:!ey lived at taRTBigxpi^HKWx Lee Valley Hawkins Co Tenn in 1851. 
Father died Doc 30 1898 and mother died Juno 21 1887. 
Names of all brothers and sisters arc; 

Sallie -J Johnston born Doc 2 1844; Anna U Starnes Nov 6 1846 
iirgyra C Bcal born Dec 8 1848; Francis A Brown bom ;.:ay IS, 
1857. John u Brov/n bom Nov 15, 1852? Larkln w Brov/n born 
Dec 1 1854, and Mary Jo A Orr or Dov/? born Jan 23 1857. 
Hioy resided 1851 on fat-.or's side in \.ar Gap Tonn. 
and mother resided in Leo Va ley Tenn. 
Names of all their children wo o: 

CLINTON W BROVm DECD. JA.:iS J C BR. W1>; X lived at V.Tiitcsbur Tenn 
and Mary E Willis ; Mat V/illis; V/m Willis/ 
Perry V.'ilTis and Sam i/illis and Elizabeth Willis all deceased. 

ArCESTv'RS BACi: TO 1835; Irodcl C and Mary A Br v/n L. and Sarah Brown on fat'.er's side, on mother' James 
and Sallie "dllis 

Remarks; At thj s time I am unable 
to give Indian name of my cherokeo ancestors; Sizem.oro is 
the 'ilnsllsh nene. 

Signed Aug 3 1907 
2 witness were R S Rador and J '..'ierst? 





'.' JOS!. :"■ .ci^ii^ ^;;"t."'rcv^' noI'ir'.iH ,"'"r^'•.•i■ 

■.'■■:.- J ••rn :• 

i b.-iB ^vejIIeV v'>I 

•-1 ' -t 

. rj'n.'iCj ?;i'; 

■ ".1 

.^•r .■•v.vtt 

. .-i »■ r 

■ \ 

.-' .-1. ,:l. ■•C a ?jV..-.- ..-iJ-.J' O d. ■..,'.■: C. .-;- /'.i !.'U 1. ' 

/\.m):j. j/.o :.':?Tc;i ■■;. ::yV;o :\h;iw I,:;;;'' ,. ;. . •; 

-:■-;;':.' i-'l 'TV-,' .:!/ :■' 'C c. ^ "lO. ..t rl no ' J.cSi '^c.b-.-O'i -;■.)■,: 
;■•";■. Vj:. ■ : ■;■.■.! a/ f-'ji^'z.-:- •►■>:! ■o/a ;;;;i;i 

c...cA;;iC.i..- ■• : . ::-.«.;.'!■. Q.c/ i. '.' -pf} ^ .:.':a;"-;i 

'•:•.■■ ,■■'"■.■'>::■ .if-. .■:. I: y- j.S. 2<^ :;••;./].£ '} ': -B:.' /.":■ ,. Cj ;■.•:; ''.^jH-.; '. '•"../X'i: .J: 

.,,?■ 1:-^- Li'. T'.'.' ; :; ' '".^j'v' :>i.'.i ■ '.:,.'. ..Li." .' \,'T.Li: i b. ■ 
:jcc;;.sxi'.; jr;/; a ■ LI/, ■ i -i;^. ■• ; z •. J" r. •''•'iri 
J • .;oH£ ;.? 0.; r;r ':;a:'.' '.■■ ' 

i" I 


J on' 

d' ol; H"" ■■ IV ..'tri 

Cr :■ L:^." ^, 

? J c'.'l ■• JV ' ' 

■ - . !■■ ■ -^ 

Page 34 
ITO 38957 

Residence AOgersvllia, Hav/kina County Itenneasee Born Hay 11, 
1832, in Lee Valley T'^nneaaee. 
a,x3 alie is not married 

Wane a of her parenta v/ere 
Francis A Brov/n, Kellie P Brown (Snyder ) 
Tiist ia her maiden naruO was Nellie P Snyder. 
Father was born in Lee Valley Tennessee, and mother v/aa born 
at Decatur, i^nncsseo . 

In 1851 fat.-er lived at Lee Valley Tcnn 
her Daronts v/erc still living when she signed this cation 

llanos of all brothers and sisters v/orc 
Katie II Brown of Hogersvillo Temi born i^pr 7 1834 
iiaud Brov/n, born Roger svil.'e Tonn, born Aug 15 1388 
Annie Brovm, of Rogersville Tenn born Nov 27 1890 
Johnle Bj,own, Rogersville Tonn born Jan 13 1893 
Louise 3r^v/n, Rcgorsvillc Tenn born Oct 1 1895 
i.iildred Bpovm of Ro2,ersvil lo Tcnn, born Fob 7 1894 
Ralph BpCVffi, Rogers villo ^ Tenn February 10 1901 
Helen Br,vm, Rogersville Tonn born Sept 14 1903 

ila' of grand parents v/ero on father's side 
Iredell C B-pOvm. and Marv A Br vm. and on mother's aide were; 
Andrew H Snyder and I.iahala - Snyder. 

My fat'-or's side born at I>ee Valley Tenn, and on mother's 
side in IIEIGS COUTTTY TZiirESSEE . R'.^SIDED 1851 at 
Lo3 ValJ oy on fater's side and on mother's side in I'eiga Co 
Tenn . 

Hamos of all their children \/ere; 
ilrs 3 -. Johnson, Rogersville Tenn Mrs J J Starnes, 
Morristown Tenn, ..Irs J H Beal, '.Vhitesburs Ten; 
Francis a Bp^vm, Ro orsvil c Tunn John .. Br .vm, Rogersville 
L Vv Brown, i.iorristown Tenia, Urs v; h Orr, Ilorristown Tonn 
Liss uattie B^ov/n, whltooburL^ Tenn 
Dr jd W M Snyder, Spring C^ ty Tcnn 

i rs LaPayotto Small, docd^ i.r C G Snyder, Dinuba, California 
urs G G williaia, ..thcns Itnn, i.^rs F A Br wn , Rogersville, Ten 
Li F L Snyder, St Louis idssouri 

xi.ncost'-'r 3 bac'c to 1835 were Fran!: A and Nellie Brown, 
Iredell C and i^ary i^ Brown, James and Snllie Willis, 
IXidvoYf and i.iahala Snyder, licry and \m Ro^^ers. 

RiJ<lAR.:S, I do not knov/ the Indian name 
of my Cherokee ancestor/ SIZEi.iORE ia tho onglish . 

She sioHed iirr; ^^lizabcth Brown 1907 ^'.u- 26 
2 v/itnoss to her signature were B P Simpaon, and Galo 
Armstrong . 

T-10 action was re joctcd . A card ahov^ra that it 
was a Sizemoro Case. 

S -•' B - 

/ ..- ., .:.; .„'- -"■ ■' ' '' . -"'i^ 

.;-. .■V,'- .:•;..•■.:,;;, i?'':r!. ■.■'i-y.i.j'/iC IS. a 1/: aO'. v ^ 

r;-:;.i:S ocli.' J. 

J, U.'-^^'Ij: 

'S V'.li r.-iC'-^ 

oGoJ ^'J- ri;.'- 

^ l , V 'ii , . 

M ' (^i t !.>*-"' 

J -■ y '^'f-'ir^o:! 

tu'iow -./biro iL'->.^r\^ - r.c ^.m , r.iv ic' A ".;•.:'!; P'- .:; ~. . -' 

?:£':'t/^Jo V. 


J" ■ " ■<; "I ■ '"5' 

.r\"r;'i . 

..r. , f'\' -il 

:-.-'■' :i\!' 




.' ij .■- ; 

, i'. . '•-■■r^Ct 

■ . -' / ^ 

-■^. c'lo.oyy, 

V B C-l .i.i.v";.vx ■ 


[ ' i"^" f^^ 

; r -,;. 

'3r: :k:.. -.i^u :: 'J ';■; r;-!' ■■ ;• 'J: I'. .5. 1. ■■..'■■ 



C. O-iir.O ^; 

^'.■'■ ao/:^"ii : l 

PAGE 35 
No 36229 EASTER:' CIIERDKEE APrL:^ c/,tION CP !iAR7 AllV. BR-V/N 
i.iary Ann Brov/n Indian nane was Dennis, residence Hilham 
Overton County Tennessee, route No 1. Born 6-22-1863 
in Overton County Tenn. and is narried to JAIXS I i . BR'^\W 
A E 53 past. Born October 5, 1053. ard belongs to cherrkoe 
tribe. Jai.ies of all children v/ho v/ere living I.Iay 28 1906. 

No 36230: iIRS PAIINIE B BILYERS Boin 10-27- 1835 
i.irs Mdie Vl Bilyor born 2 14 1887 

L:rs Nancy i, Johnson bo in 7-30- 1888 1 Myrtie \ Brov/n born 6-10- 
1890, u' Brov/n born 3 29 1894 
l/illiam A Br^vvn born iixX- 9-8- 1893 

Sai.:uel B B ov/n bom 10-24 1895; Hugh T Brov/n born 7-29-1897 
Ida ii Bj,ov/h born 7-29-1899; Ollio L Br-V/n born 4- 1- 1901 

Nai.ies of pa rents v/ore oaniuol Davis and ijnanda Melvina 
(Dennis) Davis, Tl-o Indian v/as Dennis 
Her maiden na;a6 v/as i-j.ianda Melvina Knox. 

Pathor v/as born in Overton county Tennessee, and mother 
in Monroe C.^unty Tonncssce. 

Both parents llvod in Ovurton Jo Tcnn in 1351. 
Pat' cr v/as still livin.^ in 1907 v/hcn she signed this 
mother died 12 30 1896. 
Narios of all brothers and sisters v/erc: 
Isham J Davis born 8-7-1S54 in VThoatcroft Kcntuc'ry ' 

(v/hich is ebster Co Ky) 
Vi/'illiain B Davi. s, I'.eniphis Tcnn born 4 -9-1356 
..;rs Nancy i: Little, Livingston 'iVann R 2 born 6-22-1353 
Tliomas •./ Davis, ."'aris Texas born 5-27- 1361 
Josenh P Davis, 3rov/nv/ood l.ilssouri (Stoddard '';ountv) 

Born 10-1-1365 
Robert L Davis, born 11 10 1367, KilBiam Ten-- route 1 
John C Davis born 1-9-1070, ^'ilhaoi Tenn Laveila T Tnolnas, Hilham Tenn bom S-22-1872 

On I.Iothor's side v/ere Jose :)h J ICnox, deceased, born in 
CUl.iDERi'.AjTD COUNTY KLINTjCY. and Harriett G luiox, maiden or 
Indian v/as Dennis. 

Henrietta G Imox v/as born in CAS.Vr.L. COUNTY NORTH CAROLINA 
GA.ji TO OVERTON CO T^Ni': IN 1351. 

names of all tiioir clilldren v/ore ; i"j?s ^llzaboth Nlen (ICnox) 
docoasod . i.irs i'^ary A Saterwhite (linox) deed. R-b 
Robt T iaiox v/ont to i.exican v/ar deceased ;John D ivnox deed 
Lrs Ai'.anda d Dnvis (Imox) deed, r'eg y Port ? Hall (Ivncx) 
deceased. r.j?s Nancy A Hamilton (ICnox) deed. 
Vii'llliam G Knox, Ol^lahoma^ (so..ic where); Mrs Frances G Wright 
(ICnox), Hilhr.m Tennessee. 

Ancestors bac': to 1335; iviar.da Melvina Davis, dcu of 
Harriotte G ICnox vrho was a dau of Dennis of Caldwell Co 
N C tne cherol'.oe. R:.:.A.H:"S V/IJ GLEi" KNOX ha e t'lO positive 
statoviient from vy Glen lOiox t'nat had proved by 2 or 3 parties 
one a c: ei^o'ios tVat John Jennis in his case, w^:o was my grcaat 
grand father '.vas a c:"'cro'".ec Indian. Tne case was rejected 
2nd cousin of 35351 claims t'^ru sane source. 

PAGE 36 
His full na.v.e was Luther Fallcnor Brov/n residence Rogeravlllo 
Tennessee, Hav/lcins County boin Aug 26 1857 at War Gao, Hav/^:lns 
county Tennessee and is married to Jen;:le 3rov/n a-'-.o 43 
Names of all children who v/ere living on May 28 1906 were 
Lary i.iaud Bom Dec 16 1336: V/iliie Luther born June 14 1888 
Oscar heed born Aug 2 1891; Samuel Gault born April 19 1897 
Tyler P^uoort born October 17 1899 

Parents wore Owon li Brovm and Nancy L Brov/n, her maiden name 
v/as Nancy L Faulkner. 

Fathor was born at v/ar Gap, Hawkins Co Tenn and 
mothor born at x'attonsvi '.lo Scott County Virginia 
Father resided in 1851 at ^Var Gap, Haw^cins Co Tenn and mother 
at Pottonviilo, ocott Co Va . 

fat .er died Sept 28 1886 and mothor still living in 1907 
when this application was signed. 

Names of all brjthors and sisters v/ere 
Rebecca P born Oct 24 1850 died 1895 
Rogersville, Tenn 

Sarah iJ born April 11 1363 Rogersville, Tenn 
Ov/en M B_^own Jr born March 20 1871 Bristol Tcnnosoeo. 

Names of grand parents on both sidos were 
Tnos 3 BroY/n and Sarah Siserncro, and mother's side v/as 
Isaack Falkncr, and Sarah r^llis. 

tlicy were born in North Carolina. They resided in 1851 on fat 
faf'or's side at "iVar Gap Tonii, mothor nt Pnttonvillo, Va 
Naries of all their children KCro Iredoll C Broivn deed 
Jesse Brown deed, Ihomas - B ov/n deed, Nancy Br vm deed 
O.'en I'. B^ov/ : deed Sarah T Brovm ^ecd 

Clinton h By,ovvn deed, i.iatilda L B own deed, James Y C B^own 
l^i to sburg ,' Tennessee I 

Elizabeth Paiknor, deed, Re'-ecca Falkner, deed 
Francos Falkner, deed, Nancy L Falkner Rogersvi] e, l\jnn 
I.Iartha _ Falkner, Abingdon, .a, ^^ 

Ancestors back to 1C35 v/oro Ov/en i.i and Nancy L B own, 
T.ioa ±^ and Sarah Brown, on father's side and on mother's side 
Isaac and Sarah Falkner . 

AT T-;iS TliJE I Ai.1 UNABLE TO GIVE Indian name of my Cherokee 
ancestors, Sizemorc is the xi-nglish . 

Luthur F BpOwn signed this, 1907 Aug 8 
anc! 2 witness signed L L Poata, and J ^ €ha:il:s» 
A card in the file show the action was rejected 
Sizomore case . 




.i'^j.xn M ;v:,.Tua ■■::' ii'jJTAr xa^i^:A .u^ciop -O m tsaj. u.i^>s. .cm 

OSRc'i; or'r'- ii'-i.od •Y-.)r'J Vl! oi-lln'; .f---''! oi j^Ci i.ri.'^a busii '^iBil 

G • 

VOC i: nl j'nxv,':! M ':j-e ■rOfvOi'^ b--?^ 53k. [ fS .-tosc i).;/:ft -f 9-,.:fr''l 

'Oi;,:i.i^- a,.v; r.o.-:ji.iO 11.:, cii & c.!:t -^or'w 

.i:-/i , ! X ;:vL'':f:-'joH 
..' '■■ .. jJ.i ••■■■;;. -r-'' 0>. C;. .-I .'' r .^. f'i^.j-i \. ir.;j I., ru'X;:"c< 

:ifi'l. no S'^(^x r<t r^r-r-:.:r.::-: ••■-)''.'"' •;: JJ'::-« c" ; .;;-i;..'i''i jx- : a.o o-ii-»vr v;;-; 

. '■.■.:rn,:.,.D> 

Y B-. • ', J-);;.! r.v,^ .; ,.. vf::. ;;jn:. ]./.-;■. t./^^' ^ -...^rn.MO 

ebJr. r^ 




./f.o-^^': T'S S' 


.-, ■ P -^ " 

• '' 

■ ■'\'. 



'.4, '■- fc - ■ ' .. ' .- ■■ 




* ',.> /' 

• ■ -■ ::j:' ^.ooi':^^ 


[ A ■- 

' c 

■ '"." '■ *" 

' ."•'J -a ' ■■-.'"■ 

NO 34392 ji^astern CTnorokee application of Ja:::e3 ^. Tato Jr. 

Reaidenco was CEDARTOWN, POLK COUIiTY, GrlORGIA. j^ar-e 37 

Born February 17 1874 at Codartov/n Georgia, and is carried 
to Kattie £ Bush, and their children wore 
living on I.iay 28 1906 na-.ied Henry \i Tate born 1901 
and India Tate born 1903. 

Names of '. parents were i!) A Tate and Avalino Tate 

her Indian name was Avallne f.iuskgrove Tate, her maiden 
was Avalino Hackney. Patio r was born at Bladcburg, South Caroll 
and mother v/as born in Polk county Georgia 

Pat'ier resided 1851 in Blacksburg South Carolina and 
mother resided in Poll: Co Ga. 

Fat or died inarch 7 1907 and mother died July 21 

Nai.os of all brothers and sisters v/ero Susie Tste Jones born 
DocembGr 22 1868. Cedartown, Georgia 
Henry A Tate bom 1872 died 1897 
Jas A Tate bom 1874, Codartov;n Goorgia, 
Annie Clark born 1878 end died 1907 
Joe L Tate born 1802, Codartovm Ga , 
Avalino Tate Ray 1884 at Godartown Ga . 

Names of grand parents on both altos wore; on Father's side 
TATE. A..T) ON ilOTIIM'S SID.b VffiRE ITAffiNSY and 

Ti-yoj wero born in North Carolina and Goorgla, 
Obey resided 1C51 in South Carolina and Georgia 
T^ic children of said grand parents arc all dead. 

Names of grand parents back to 1835 were Hackney and 
I.Iuakgrove . 

Janoa A Tate Jr signed this explication iS 1907 
August 10. in i^olk 3ounty Go r'ia. Tvvo witness were 
J B Battle and J A Morrla. 

A card In tlic file ahows the case rcjoctcd, 
brother of No 31805. 


. ->:-v . 


■J' if 

X':'';l ■■;':,':^' rd;j'i. ■• v:":: -loII 'berxn dO'L ■ 

^. '^r. 

■;7. r-ii3:'0f?.rt; r;i, 16^'f . ttyblR./'X 'X'::'\t ..^u 

>XV --Js 

r /■•'■•> 

nl Ibt:^'ay£ •lor^'on; 

vijjli PA.i'.C ■:/::>, tos 'V'l^ 

l0':c. . ijO ' j> 1Q'-C £■>:;, 

0-3.U: bf'.:: ;■ 


V<^B1 ^.:. :5 S'^'vi ;ricff si:J^ 



Vj'^L bolb or::: in'SI ;;■:<:.(< :."i^^i^ o}s!.nX 
-CiC ^;'v ::;-T;;'b.;C; , SC:"! (ytad ojrsT J ooL 


I'll & 3 . 



^/ :.£ ii ■■TOdctO'i no : ;'X.. 

■'u; .lIv. i -;.^^ ■';. 0..; vxC CI/ A . Jjii": 

. r 

■0 ■.,.;, e^no'ujo .;....:;•": 

""051 l^f 

. I. : J 

c .'. r. i' "^'-'3 ■ '• 

■'■j'l'^: r:. 

.1 ■ 1 -'. 

1:5 U-^'-, 


110 38955 KATIE HA.1ILTC' Bl\CVm 

1334 at Lee Valley Tennessee 

- names of m rents were Pr- "ids A Bro\7n and Nellie :P Brown 
(Snyder), father Francis A Bvyf/n and mother Nellie ? Brown 
wliose haiden name v/as Nellie -' Snyder. 
Fat'-a r was born in Lee Valley Tonn anr^ mother at Decatur, Tenn 

'ihe resided 1851, fat'-er in Lee Valley Tenn, mother was 
born after that date. Both 'oronts are living in 1907, when 3'i:;e 
signed this Au^ 26. 
Names of all brothers and sisters; 
laory 'aIj Brov;i-i, Rogersville, Tenn born i/Iay 11 1882 
..aud Browa, Rogersville, Tenn born I.larch 18 18o6 
Franlc Brown bom Rogersville, Tenn born Au<3 15, 1888 
Annie Br.wn, Rogersville, Tenn born Nov 27 1890 
Johnio Brown, Roger svi o, Tenn born Jan 13 1S93 
Louiso Brown Ro crsville Tonn born Oct 1 1895 
Mildred Brown, Roger svil o, ll.nn born ' ■■ ' Fob 7 1899 

Ralph Bro'*vn Rogersville Tonn born Fob 10 1901 
Holon Brovm, Rogorsvillo Tenn born Soot 14 1903 

Trovell ;:■ Brown and i.iar3 A Brov/n mother's sido were 
Andrew B Snydor and ivialinda :^ Snydor 

Hiyxifatiiar On father's side born at Loe Valloy Tenn and on 
mo tho r ' 3 side in i/Ic ig s Co To nnc s s o o . 

Tnoy rosidod in 1951 on father's side at Loo Valloy, Tonn 
on mother's sido in I.ieigs County Tennessee. 
Nav.os of their children wore L E Johnson, Rogersville; J J Starnes I.iorristown Tenn 
Francis A Brov/n, Rogersville Tenn 
John ■.. Brown, 

L ■7 Brown, iiorri stov/n, Tonn A ^:! Orr, Morris tov/n. Tonn 
I.Irs Ilattic B o\m , Vhitesbur' '^cnn 

Dr V; :i Snyder, Soring '^- ty Tenn 
I..r-s LaPayette Small, deed C ■./ Snyder, Athens Tenn 
I- s J A Brown, Rogeravilo, Tonn. Mr F L Snyder, St Louis 
i.assouri. . 

/mcestors bad: to 1335 Franii A and Nellie P Brov/n, 
Irodcl and I.Iar;'- A Brov/n, James and Sallio V/illis, Andrew 
arid i.iahala Snyder, i.^ary & \.r.\ Rogers. 

Tnc claim v/as rejected, ■^- SIZELIORE CASE 

... ui^ \j.ti'. ':. 1 ^J■ o: 
3cGI ti •;. .•;;aL<; -rnoo -'iJoT . tj u. :. .■ s -i •'• 'J/" ,. ".. 

^^■:S2:ii IS 'sr, ivxcxf •■ajT ,0 '_■■- ■■ ' :'.]-.:-■:. 

. OO&S ■'! ; .;■" ^' ■■a\v';.; :- ,. ;'. O'M .: '^■■.;;•^^.;i- 
■ :'j ')•;'. r, ::■■;■: '':' • -j- r;- ; '"; ,,_,"■■' ^ • . !.' M'- "Z ''!.-' '.i '~>i' ''i'O 

: n ■'■■ ;■ : \ ., -'a'., ■■;■;^'"•n , ■ i/ 

, 'iV; r" 
:'.c.< ■' ' :..:''■')•:'' i': '. ■^'t^ ' ' :■•■■£ ^ ( ■ ' 'I l'^";., ji;: .^■;:■:''L.i r 

' 1 

•* r . - -; 

^<f a.-.: . 

lOQI 01 :'o' 

•J f '.oj ';.. 

. ■ V 

cotj: i^j: j s>c 

:;-iOi| :r; 



— - ■- ' ' Gw.'.,. ^.C< 

102 viC 



■'';,■' ■ ■"*.,■";■ '.'T' ' 



^1 , 



?ac;e 39 

RESIDEi^ie MADISONVILLE ROUTE 5, l.Ionroe Gountv Tennessee 
bom a Feb 1869, in I.'acon County North Carolina and is merried 
to Biomas Brovm a-je 39 v;ben she sif^ned this 1907 
T e^' r children living on I.iay 28 1906 v/ere; 
Nola Brov/n bom 1891 Apr 6 

Lillie Brown born 1897 i.iay 7, Jess Br v/n born I.Iarch 29 1899 
x^rl Brov/n bom H,;rll 29 19.1, Roxi Brov/n born Oct 1 1903 
Ihurman Brov/n borii I.iay 14 1906. 

x-aretits v/ere fat.ier J G V.'ilson and mother 
Syntha J Uilson, Indian na;iie Jnerokee, maiden nasr.e v/as 
Syntha J I.iason, fataer v;as born in Hacon Co N C and mother born 
there also. 'It^ey also lived there in 1851. 

Nanes of all brothers and sisters v/ere 
Eve Tnoinas born June 1864, x-eachtrec Cherokee Go il C 
Sallle Blaclcwildor born N.v 1S66, Nantahala, i^iorokee Co N C 
Rol].ie Hackle r born June 1872, ii^towah LiciJinn County Tennessee 
Harriett Cox born i.iay 1876 Nov 12 died 1905 I!ov 
Anderson South Carolina 

gjoi Synda rr-'ssoll born Auj 1878 Jtna I'acon Go Nort 
North Cur oil n. 

On grand parents side, t ";at is on hor mother's side 
she did not give tl oso on hor fat/'cr's side, John fiason, 
and Polly i^iason and Chorokoo was the Indian name. 
Tncy v/orc born -lacon Co T. G and lived there 1851 
Names of al their children are/; SAL'IE vVILSON: 
the 2 last nariod lived in '.lacon Ge IT G. and Sallie Wilson in 
i.Iacon Co N C and Bettle V/ilson address unknov/n. 

Ancectors bac :: to 1335 v/o e Jnhn Iiason and Telly 
Mason, and Synthia S J l.'ilson. 

Rlil'.iARS: TilS is the na'-'.e s nf my mother's grr.nd 
parents Aron Roberson; Jayne Iioborson, she v/as a DorArmon, 
before marriage, Nice De:iU?man v/as also a relative. 

si nod Orie Brov/n, 1907 July 19. 
2 wit ess v/oro '..' N Barr and J R Sheet. 

Daughter of Ko 3969 and clp.iras through same source 
the claim v/as rejected. 

") :■•' 


•A '.!..!' .^ . ' ' '.-1. .', rJri. :': 1, :.'.■ ,\-.:}-J ij.'- J. &<'. 

'■• :. n ■'■ • T'-T-TP- 



•1 •, 


':■ • 

, i:.-i 

''iC' . iJ ■ 1.1 '. '-'■ i. 

r. '■ I 

' ■■ : 1 

/.' li '-, ' -'■ 


I r 

, I i '•; 

I , 

■ -•I .,1 

\ i: 


•j. 1 ;,'. 

PAGE 40 
CADE: residence of Ohurchville , Highland ierl: Station, Chattanoog 
Hamilton County Ten easee born Au;- st 6 1358 j21bertiz(y{ Countv 
Georgia (tnore is no county by this name, but there is a tov/n) 
She claims through my nothor aiid is married to George Br ••v/n 
age 63 v/hen she signed this in 1907. 
Haries of her g parents were 

2 Gill Cade, and Flora Cade, maiden name Flora Coleman 
fatl'or was born in ELBJiRT COITNTY Gi:.ORGIA I.iOTHijR IN SOUTIi 
CARCLIl.A. FATl-jilR RESIDED 1851 in Lincoln Co Georgia, also 
mother resided there also. 

mother died 25 years ago, fatiior still living. 
Naiies of all brothers and sisters v/ere 
John Coleman ono-half brother died 13 yeart^a-^o 
Henry Coleman 1/2 brother, Cliarles ,Vfe , ono-half brothers 
Bon, a lin one half br thcr died 10 yeariac;;,o 
Janes Coleinnn one half brothers die 6 years a o 
Susie Coloman one half sister still living 

ilamea of grr.nd parents are 
Thomao Cade ard Julin 'Jado a:.d on motnor's side are Hugh Saxon 
and Silvey Ford. 

Trrfind f r.tner and grand mother Cade bonn in 
V/ILKES COUNT' GEORGIA. oho does not knov; v;'iere "Trrcnd oarents 
on mother's side were loorn T'ley resided 1851 in 

-grnnd fat er and grand mother Cade lived in likes Co Ga and gran 
grand father Saxon and Grand mo ber Ford lived in Lincoln Co Ga . 

r;a es of all their children are Tenjamin Ford, 
who died 10 years ago in South ^--arolina, english nap.e was 
Eloort Ford- diod 13 yo rs a o in South Carolina 
Susio Stokes neo Ford rosidenco South Carolina. 

Sno si ed 13 ..^arch 1907 
She made an affidavit 1908 Juno 13 stating; 

Silver Brown being sworn states. I live 
in Chattanooga, Churchvillc, Tonn. I an ago 58. Born in Elborton, 
Ga - I claim to bo a doscondant of Ccerokeos. 
I claim thro in^' mother ^ sho got hor Indian blood through 
her father, -.y mother was a SLAVE of white pco;lo. I 
was a slavo of white people, signed Silver Brown. 

Tl'-c claim v/as rejected. 

poo, ir:-j:iVi:.j '.jo ;ms'- f^- :ilr^,r, .;,.:; , s i rivi^.;--'. 


S^'S' . 


'■:ia:jor. cri e.c cii-'/'oJ 

r.\V^'. TCI 0.:;.. 0^0 oo 

."Vv'Ol ni Bitlcf L&::.; r? 

iyjiov/ aMntv'iSq x <X'orf "xo tsj ;;.;i 

T y;.., "T j., Alvi^iO^'-^ vrrhvoo T.i.::Ua ^a :.-:.ou s,C',v -.crl-^'i 

li 1. "i ■..' .-.• 

jo ri.cofi.tJ ••;_ XcP/: a:.;c:ra2..fl 

-r,.-;. \; 

;.3 JL^'. Jl': 



-r ' .* "-If ■ r*" ' 

1 '': f •■- / 

"[:. -• 

;.••■ J 



u 'AS 


■''■:.>0 :.'./ •;■ vV "to ^. VA 

(i • ■■ ■ ■ - 


-" c 

-Oi:.;0 fii 

.1 ;.;,!'':. 
'; .''Hi. 

\0 ■-> ■:.^i^ 

i^age 41 
No 28505 SARAII J BRO'v/il AND CHILD. IimiAN NAiiii V/AS 
SAM-. J DA'S, residence and post office CO:;^:.H CHEEI.: LIOHROS 
ecu. 'I'i Ti:;Nx^:£SSEii; Born :.iay 5 1862 in Fannon County Georsia, and 
is i.mrried to Ja'.,,e3 Brov;n v/ao v/as a ^e 70 when she signed this 
1907 July 6. 

ila.-es of tlioir children on May 28 1906 were Ethel Brown 
born Dec 29 1885; states here aeo Also Claim 28506 

Names of her parents were John Davis and l/iarjarot (RusselJ 
Davis, t:at hor father a.idmother were born in Haywood County 
North Carolina 

Ihoy resided in 1851 in Georgia, hor fatlier died 1897 and 
her mother died 1900 

States that i/m Davis vms enrolled he was a 
brother to my fat'ior, I dont know as to father. 

Na:^ie of all brothers and sisters were 
G VV Davis, Mary M Davis deceased, no family 
j.Iaranda David, Janes Davis, dead no family also Lebo Davis 
dead and no family. Berry Davis and I/^ack Davis. 

.laiios of grand parents were Isaac 
Davis, they v/ere born in Worth Carolina and resided 1851 in 
N C. 

Wa-^ios of their children were 
John Davis 
V.'ri Davis 
George Davis 
Jar.ies Davis 
Caroline avis 
Ada lino Davis 
^liz oth Davis 
Nnncy Davis 
Sarah Davis . 

Ancestors bac : to 1C35 arc father's na:-c was 
John Davis, and his fat.jcr Isaac Davis and his fat/.cr 
:.;ashac'c Davis, -iy father's brother Vfa Davis was enrolled, 
I dout know as to fathor. 

This aj)pllcation is for me and my child, my husband he 
has this child on his apoli cation too. 

She signed 1907 July 6, 2 witness to signa- 
ture were John H Prcchian and John 1/ Vaughn. case was 
rejected, claims thru same source as No 690. 

'ivi . : 1 ■ • > 
. X U ■-'■.■ 

n^/c: -^ loo;":.;. 5iov; ■k'v:J jS Y'^i-^ -"•C> .at/ii::! ^ :. ; '■::0':J' '/o sc ;ji!- 

C';.>j5: I.. ■ i-^i>: OR.f.A Goh a^:;;^ EiO:i 

0i_'0.i ch' .oc. i^tOO 

. ; . ~ " 0C9I hej.j^ •lodj-ctrt -£0:1 

/^ g'v; V)t'. [;,jLlOv:-o &b-.; v;v.'\'bQ riu r) ;■, j a':j:'.j/; 

:■:•. ;.::;:'* on .. 01.50 o:'. .:■ - :.•■.. " " 

: •. , ■.■■I I " '':■-•- ,_ *;: i" ::u ,•: ■.• 

1 .~^ !' <:. . 

r- ;vi h'- 


-i . X -i '\o 

?. .!"V ru ... ^:io-y ^. 

a.r:::v:^ o.i t:;^-:'; -1 ;^'; rf , 6 

•1 Ti- ,,.,: jV) ir r; ,t '\^. .>;. .;•.. 1 ,." 

' A \ 


■ ;" . r I I . '" 1 : -1 f ; r* ,■ 'i 

; '.'.:i 



?n-o 42 

IIEP LIA. £ WAS NEE McNAIR. RrsID.'CT. Retro, Harnilton Countv 
Tennessee, dnte of birth June 2 1056, in ROA'^E COUNTY T^NIJ 
st.'^tcs she raalces her clr.lm through Indlrn blooS of my father 
Jarrett licNair d^IoNalr) end is married to SA17JZL BRCW:] 
age about 65 v/hen she signed this in 1907. 
Her parents were Jnrrett I.IcNalr and 'uart'.'^.a iMcNair maiden 
name Mortha I/IaGlothlin, they v/ere bom in North Carolina, 
Resided 1851 in Ronne Jounty Tenn 
fatlier died 1864, and mochordiod 1863 

Nances of all brothers and sisters were 
Henry kcNair Wi;o died tir-.o of the war 
V.iri.;lnia '' died 1882 i 
Fannie " diod 1066 
Lydia stil ' living also Mcry and Nancy were still living 

Hor grand parents were Grand father McQueen and Fannie 
LicQueen, and she did not kno\/ na'iios on hor mtthei-'s sido, 

'hiQ LicQueons wore born in Scotland and 
grand mother I.IcQuoon born in IiAR/LAilD US. I Dont know 
for certain whoro my grr.nd parents on mother sido wore born. 

Sarah 3rov/n signed ilarch 29 1907 ano 2 vd.tness were 
Minnie V Kolloj^ and Albert iColly 

A card in t^io filo sliov/s the case v/as rejected 
rosidenco Retro Tcnn 

There is also a letter h in t" o 'flic d-ated Rotro Tcnn March 
27 1908 stating; I.iy f at 'Cr and mother were slaves, 
fny grand mother was a 1/2 breed of cherolcee and my grand 
fat^^er was n SCOTC^I IRISPH'-Zal. TTCS mL^ EXPLAIN v/hy they 
were not enrolled . 

Sarah Brcv/n wrote the follov/ing lett.r Fob 16 1909 
from Careyvlllo, Campbell county Tennessee to 
Guion Llillor, Commissioner, dear sir; As cno of the heirs 
of JAi'ES KEATTiERLY I sent you my application for my share 
of fund belonging, to Chorol'oe Indians, and etc. v/ill you 
please lot mo knib'.v status t/'croof and if there is anything 
nooded on iny part to complete aarao. 

signed Sarah Brovm 

'!-:>■.:' v,Z ■' ' - 'f "" n-i'-^j '■: ■■ 

. 709 J.. ,ix .. ' ' 'tf>if^"' -. 

nC'Oioi'' ■r,:-',!'*;''; isrlc^tsM br:.: ■. . i'- 9'.''j'v 

^ff:/! ■ -J :■:: '■■ '•' .. lA :\.K I' 
sear £>(rx.b -i .^loCi-; or; ,-i^O«X' 

,0'ia; .:. ' . .'."■■ A :>;, no go .; r. ,;::'. .;. ■; ., - • ■ .. ;• :' , '.i.:'' upc.'-. 

'>' ^, "^ - :' -:r; 

h ■ -,- • ■ ' . , ;\; r,,- '- .r^f - .f 


. y 1 



i;% •■■•"r'"' - ■ -. C -.'. - ..•■'.>•■ ■ I -.._ 


■ : '■'':'■ '"''■ .''7 "t ' I V':'- r ,;-v "■ . :! :'t 

■. ■ '-' uno ■:'■/.; y_ •, 
• ^ "■' w. ':; ".z^l:. .';.;.r.-:. ,: r -,■■■- . ' ■'■- .1.;. a... rrr/; 

■ ■' '- i' ■ ' '.■';.- c jj .'■' ' ■ ■ ' ■ .J"' ,i .."1 jti.' .i. 


Paso 43-- 
\YALTj:R T. BFtOWrJ residence City of Chattanooga, post office 
529 V/eavor Street, Hamilton, Tennessee. Born Dcoeraber 2, lo33 
Catoosa County Georcia. Claims rl~ht to share through his 
Indian blood, of his father JAi.ES H. BROW I . 

And is not married. Na.^os of his parents v/ere James H. 
and Mary J Brov/n , whose maiden name v/as liARY J. CROSS. 
PAT'JilR was S born in CAI.IPBELL COUIITY TEl'iinilSSEE and I.lother v/as 
born in Forsyth county Georgia. 

Tney resided in 1851 ( not yet born) either of his parents. 
Tney are now living vmon he aighned his application 1907. 
Tnat he understood from his mother that her family v/as 
enrolled about 10 yoors in Indian Territory. 

Names of all his brothers and sisters v/erc as 

Llllio E. Douglas nee Brov/n Born July 18, 18G7 . 
Vicic V. Brown born April 1C90; Herbert Brown born Aug 1893 

Leonard? Earl born June 1898; Elsy Giortrudo Bornw born 2-17 
1899. Jennie Leo Brovm born (twins) born 1893 died 1895. 

Names of his grand nr.ronts were as follows: 

on father's side V/ILLIAI,! M'B N/J^TCY BROVm. 

They were born as foi: ov/s; Vi/ILLIAi.: AND NANCY BR \.'N BORN IN 
C/uiPBELL COUi'Ti TEN.TESSEE: TliE CROSS were born in Forcythe 
County Georgia. 

Napes of their children follov/sl 
CELIA BROVwJ married name v/as Hartman? 

rcsidonco Indian Territory. 
Air.orica Brov/n, married a ROSS., residence i.larion County Tcnn. 
Bcttio Ross nco Brown, rcsldcncj; I.iarion County Tcnn 
Rufua Brov/n, Tcxarkana, Arkansas. 
V/illiam Brov/n, liarion County Toniicssoo 
Bartov/ Cross resides in Athens X Georgia 
Samuel J Br,.)wn dlod 1906 .larch 29 
Nancy S Gross residence in Arkansas. ^^ 

Sig -cd Walter T Broiwn 23 i.iarch 1907 
A card in the file shov/s the' case was Rejected. 
that ho resided at 529 V/eavor St, Chattanooga, Tonn, and was a 
brother of No. 20589 v/ho claims thru same source. 


■■•■ - •\- .' D "l..; ■^;•' .'■'' ov . ^;.■.• r : 

,.^. ./ n 

... ■' ::X<'. 

J?''! • i;c/'.'"'i.;;i 

^■> j' ^ !;> 

'rrXO':; '1/, ,a*"i-- 

)■' '-/t: 

,r ':v 

•-'. I; ■lrv=i 

' ■ , '^' ;f .'. \ '"{.. 

- 1 - : -r • .J 



-.-,.. 1 


■ J •... ' ■ '. 

.' J. k'. > 

.s .M^o'-a 

;)f uji 

J ; , ' 

NO, 8149 ;j;AST.'.RN ClffiROIOilE Ai^ LICATI N OP ALKX . HAV/IflNS 
Tins CASE WAS ADi.:iTTED, Tahlequah, Oklahoma. PAGE 44-- 
Tie name Alex Hawkins, Snoke , or Brovm) 
Hi 3 Indian name was 00-ITj]-LA-GI , residence at 
Fountain Mile Creek, Tahlequah, Indian Territory, in 
Cherokee IJation, Indian Territory, age 53 when he signed this 
1906. States he was BORN in Flint District Clncrokee xNation 

Question No 7. By what right do you claim to share? If 
you claim through more than one relative living in 1851, set 
forth each claim separately: (Ihoy are as follows) 
1. Interest in Lcwis^Hawkins (Smoko or Brown) his father 
(2) '' Nancy Plav/ ins (Sraoko or Brown) Mother. 

3. '' Jim Hawkins, (S.noko or Brov/i^J Grarx^, father 

4. '' Polly Hawkins or V/a-Ti (Smoko or B own ) Grand mother 

5. " T ..: or Ta-Mi-OO-Tsi-you? ^rand faChor 

6. '' Kati '' '' " " '' '" Grand mother 

7. '' Joe Hawkins (Brother to fat or ) -- Uncle 

8 " Watt Hawkins brothca- to father - Uncle 

9 '' Allay OO-Tsi-Ya (sister to mother ) aunt 

10 '' Ta-law OO-Tsl-Ya (a brother to mother - uncle 

11 '' Oua-li-gah T '• '' brother to mother - uncle 

12 " Nancy Hawkins (sister to father) aunt 

13 " Sarah Hawkins (sis tor to father) Aunt 

14 '' Betsy or Buetsy Hawlcins (sister to father) aunt 

Ho is married. Name of his v/ifo was .ve Hawkins, ago 53 
on date ho slf^nod this in 1906 

Name of his parents v/ero: Lov/is Hav/kins (Smoke or Brovm ) 
Indian name was L£E-YT-00-TSO-vV-HI-DO and his mother's name 
v/as Nancy Hav/kins, Indian name was NU-TSI maiden name was 

They wore both born in North Carolina, and resided in 1851 
in Flint District, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory 
His died June 27, 1394 and his mother sometime in 

Ihoy wore enrolled for annuities, land etc. - the 1851 
and i8S- 1852 payment and 1875 Cl^.erokee Payment. 

Name of his brof'crs and sisters follow 
ARZ?-U-Que died 1852. 

Naiaos of his brothers and sisters were; (line repeated) 
and Tsl-yo-gah and Joab or Jack Hawkins, Joseph Hawkins 
Nnmo of his graiid parents ./ oro 

JIM HAV/ivIKS (Si.OKJ OR BRjV.I:") and Folly or Wa-li 
mother's side were Tom 00-T5I-Ya, and Ta-iffi-OO-Tsi-you 

Kati " 

- He does not know whoro they were born but thinks they came 
from North CaDlina. 

Ihin'-s they were in Flint District Indian Territory 

Chorokoe Nation. 

Names of their children and residence follov/: 
Jog Hawkins, Indian namo Tso-da, and Watt Hawkins, Indian 

name was V.a-Tl. and Alcy sister to mother, 

Sallio sister to mother 

/ilcy sister to mother 
i, and Ta-la- brother to mother and Qua-li-gah -t mother" 

ei^T'VrS .yjAk '-lo ■: itao .a 

--.AjS .-.DAI ./:?: 

'O ^nc:jp'>ir! 


rv'OHa" cvA 

'noxcTi;;:;: 0^>:o'i-;'o rtr^sM^^l'^ 6::>r^i n.' Vf-'ifip _ai?v; en a^^^JBrt^ - B'^ei 

•:--^i '■?..■! ;:-H:..ri' ?;.;o-\:~:k'; -00- .D.;-.-;-i -o T '• 



..-. /.--,-. 

:^'':-'l OJ -i.-jC-l;' ) 




:^ •'v oxxvr C; c: to 

1 av/o-:: 

c-'iioi^'S. i r 

o •■• - 'f ■ 

Ay -I'LT-00 



:53I i.;.;; 

. o;'". rnri 



r ^- -I- 

»-!<;>) ; . 

Ua3 ■•!!:! U.i. 


'- \ 

■7 I .in 

.i\. i,.'i.i.L- 

-no :; ; 



v::A : 

•S''.' ;:.o^' Si.j:' 

Pano 45 

(Ihis caso was admitted, Tahloquah Olclohoma. 
PAGE 2 . 

Question No 20, Have you over been enrolled for annuities, land 
or other benefits? If so, stcto v/hon and v/horo: 
Ansv/or; IN CKJROKEE PAYu.aiTS OF 1875 to f.ic 1894 

Ho sihnod Alex. Hawkins (his x mark) 
(Smoke or Erov/n Dec 28, 1906 
2 witness to his signature v/orc Go^r^o u' Bongo, and Bon Johnson. 

A card in the files shov/s the ccso was Admitted. 
Tohloquah Oklahoma. The motlicr of the apolicon was enrolled 
under tho name of NANCY IN NO 586 FLINT DISTRICT in 1851. 
Soc Llls Tor. P. 

An AFPIDA;IT IN Tn.^ FIL^S AS FOL.A.V/S: NO 8644-8149 

Jack Hawkins, being first duly sworn, thru his Interpreter, 
TOM ROACH, Deposes and says: 

I am Q^G 51 - I am a full blood Cherokee; neither of my 
parents were old settlors . Both of then wore omlgrrjit chcrokcos. 
Beta of my parents v/ore living together in 1Q51, Ihey wore 
living in Flint District; my father's nanc vms Lewis Hav/k or 
TAH WAH DIH. It might have been Sut or Smoke. My mother's nane 
was Nun-chih or Nancy. I had one sister who died when ho was vcr 
very small and I have been told thnt he drew money in 1852. 
I do not remember her Her name Ah-u-quo. h 

Tho father of Lewis Hav/k was Toh-wah-dih or Jim Tah-wah-dih 
or Jim Smoke. His mother's nanie was V/n-lih or Polly. I do not k 
knov whether they wore living r.t tliat time or not. I thin'- tl^at 
they wore living at that time. Ihe brother's and sisters of my 
father v.'ho were living with their parents in 1R51 were Jo-wuh-, 
or Joe, La-cy, a-sc-':o or Isaac. 

Uy mother's parents were OO-cheo-yah or Fish-worm and 
Ka-tih.'' Il-.oy v;ere livinj in 1351; thoy lived in Flint District 
- 'h-io children were Dah-lah or Treo Frog, V.'ahl-kuh or v;ah-le-lcuh, 
I thin', my mother and sisters by the name of Sally, 
All-coy, J-yar-ney . (See 586 Flint for the onrcllmcnt of 
mother, Nancy , and sister, Ah-qu-quc, and mother's sisters and 
brothers. ) I do not know v/ho Tom Pritchott is. He is some 
relation to my mother but I do not know v^at relation he is. 
I was enrol od ts by the Dav/s Comuission. 

I have a brother by tho name of El lick, a full -br 'tho r. 
Another full brother by nai.TO cf Joe. A sister by no-ie of Nancy. 
She died March 1908. Jack has 2 cliildron, their nar^ios are 
Lizzie Hawkins, Poggs, Oklahoma, another Susan Hav/klns, Posga, 
Oklahoma. Iloithei' of Th.os children arc married. (The children 
named in the 2 proceeding sentences are the clhildren of applicant 
K 586 Fl. (pencil writing as = follows K F 1 586) 

t>.i3 abovo Is merely a copy and was n."t 
signed, but it was dated 29 Larch 1909 at Tahlcquoh Oklahoma. 


.rv OllL 

, ..Ki-d t; ..; - .-: C'C'-^ a^.'o^Ja : 


.j1 >'1. 


y Jii ! .j 

; aiO;'0'XO..O i^OO.L ,1 ' lij't 

', (• T 

-IL^ 0, 

;:>f-;:n ;i ''.:;■"!: ci;,. vj,:, . ..^ionc ■■:■-: .';vc -.•',1.. .:■..:■ 
ic-r '^r-:-: ori -t-,-->; br-.U: ■ju^.; 'ij:j-:',R .■':i ^^rAl 1 


/Ixv^ -■■> U 

'}■■■' I ■ , '■■,:'-■ 

.. . ,-,„T „■- 

j'-i .7 •-.■r,^ £;. -.if^ 01:, i •/:■ "i or; ■.:■'■• >)c;5 :>ot' ) . v-, •-'::' -: 

■^.' 1. 'i. 

:. J vt 

'jno;i ': 

T .-vt-; .; 

'. . ■.•.-; ■? 

n- y:::j- n;o-. 

:r.n ...:■:■„ .jn.: ^- -;;■ ■■ 

- .-.L .- -f , bo .It,:, re 

PAGE 46 
529 ..eaver Street, Haiillton County Tenn, born April 15, 1889 
at Catoosa County Georgia. She clains ri/?ht to share through 
hor fatler. 

Nanes of her parents are James H B ov;n and Mary J 
Brown, v/hose maiden name was Mary J Cross. 

Her father v^as born in Campbell co\inty Tenoossee, 
and her mother v/asborn .n Forsyth County Ge r::la. 

Na-ies of all brothers and sisters fol ow; 
i..'9ltcr F Brov/n born Dec 2 1833. still living all of them 
Li Hie Douglass born July 18 1887 

V/illiam H^^Brov/n born Aug 22 1891 and Leonard 2 B own 6-4-1898 
Elsie G B ov/n born Feb 17 1899, 
Nai.ios of "grand parents follow; 
V/illiara and Nancy Brovm and on mother's side is Absalom Cross 
and Susan Jane Cross. 

Iho Browns v/cro born in Campboll county Tonn. 
Ihe Cross ancestors were born In Forsyth County Georgia. 
Tlicy resided in 1851 in Campbol county Tennessee, the Cross 
ancestors in Forsyth Co Ga. 
Names of all their children were; 

James H Brov/n, Indian Territory, on father's side. 
America Ross, Marlon County Tcnnossoo 
Rufus Brown, residence Texarkana Texas 
Elizabeth Ross, Marion county Tcnnossoo. 
Cclia Hartman, Indian Territory, 
V/illlam A Brovm, Marion county Tennessee, 
and on his mother's side was John S Cross died 1906 
Nancy Stephens, residence in Arkansas 
Jesse B Cross in Georgia, 

Mary J Brov/n si';'ned tl is ap licatlon 
March 27 1907,^,2 v/it.ioss to her signature v;cro Lille Douglass 
and Walter T B oxm, 

A card in the files shov/s this ar> licatlon v/as 
rejected - residence 529 '.Veavcr St, Chaitanooga Tcnn. 
Sister of No 20589 Claims thru same source.* 

jJaC ci-e 



nJ: r 90 V-; j-fi/fyr; .:'.:i"'r;^i'to'i'' n. aloo;:;;i''-' 7-!>r/;'''; ■ 

5 -..';. o.i. \ J, ' •-' '.• ii'.i.v' 

: 7ol '.o'l i.:!-:...yisy:r : ' '■ 

.;.aor!:0 '.k<':,k, .etc:;'-.: Drij:- 

' C ' <w jU (^ t.t- 

. ^j:./:o ;;;-"' '-.fri.joC' /(ci ^-.j •■•!:<:■ •! ; i . ■•.;.■,, 

I u' C' '.'»^i.! . ..■ w -.' J-^ 

/r.vij r; • ccv-iru: 

.1 1 

"- "j:ii :0a'!. 

■-■■J ,i ■':■.'■ L' ;■•. :'ni ,. '\''"..'"i;'; ;■ c:'"'; "0 

11 O'': ". 'i 1 

• "^'.■.0.''£i:''jC 

■ r lO^'i' ■■■? 

PAGE 47--- 


KINOn CHILD V/ILLIA;; HERBlilRT BROV/N, residencs 529 oaver St 

Chattanooga Tennessee, Hamilton county born Aug 22, 1891 

Catoosa County Go or:;;! a. 

States he claims thru his fat or. 

And is not married- Names of his jq parents arc James H. Brovm 

and Liary J (CROSS) BROlTx'. His fatr^or v/as born in Campbell 

county Tonnesseo and mothur born Forsyth County Georgia. 

Nam.esoX all brothers and sisters are; 
IValtor T B ov/.i, born Doc 2 1833, and all living 
Lillle Douglass born July 18 1887, Vicyy B ov/n born 4-10 1389 
Leonard r. B'^oivn 6-4- 1890, iiilsio G Bj,ovm 5-17-1899 

-- jjnmos of grand parents v/cru V/illia.i 3rov;n and Nancy Brov/n 
and on mother's side was ABSALOI.i CROSS A^.T) SUSAIT JA.nL CROSS. 

Ihoy resided in Campbell County Tennosseo as to the 
Browns, and the Cross ancestors resided in Forsyth Co Geor^^ia. 

Na!;i03 of all tlioir children on father's side wore 
Ja.i.os H Brov/n, Indian Territory, 
Amorica-Ro3S , i.iorion County Tennossoo. 

Rufus B^ovvn, Texarkana Te:-:^^ Iillizaboth Itoss, Hc-rLon Co Tonn 
Colia Hartman Indian Q.'o-'-rltory 
VAn A Br ov/n, Marion Go Tonn. 

On mother's side v/as John S Cr ss died 1906 
Nancy Ste ens, Apiransaa , Jesse By Cross residence in 

Hiavj J Brovm signed this application 27 March 1907 
2 witness to signature v/ero; Lillio Douglass and V/altcr T 
Brown . 

A t card in this file shov/s the case v/as rejected 
- residence of i 'm H Brov/n at CJiattanooga, To neoseo 
at 529 ..eavcr street. 

Brother of No 20589 Claims thru 
same source. 

- • - \*^ ;:o/ • ! 

■-A >■: 


'A ::'■:. ■ ;:' ■JVJi.i.ron nod 

• r< 


-- T .• "I - 

GJ. 81 

"■ • . • -\ -i ■ •-- .■■■ '!'■ r; ■ ; r j-,. , 

ii ■•Olr^i:': .U^v'J 


■-.L'vi.v t.^3:uw 

I ,-.-l-- 




i .-'O :'- .: '.''aVk'-. ' -. :a'ji''.j i. J. ;. OC;;'". -^ ii.^ 7:'''..: :■ •-\^''"f\ "iv'T',:' 

.-: ri^-- I 

. ) .7... 'ii ' 

L' iicvx'x''u , ec 

c- ;''xr:;' 


^"^'M" c >-i: ^'3 ,..;; 

J-'. . 

. _>c.' 

'- f- . '"^ 

PAGE 48 
Address was 709 Benton Doulevp.rd, Kansas City, Jackson county 
Liissouri, STaT'^S lihl WAS 30R1-I IN WASHING '^ON D C 
Septeiiibei' 27 1857. Clai:ti3 right as Eastern Cherokee through 
hor mother now i^rs Laura A. Pritchard. 

T.iat she is married to Franlc 3 B own, aje 53 when this 
ap^jli cation was signed 1907. 

Nai.ies of parents were L. Byron Boynton and Laura Narcissus 
Ridor. that hor father was born in CLEVELAIID OHIO and mother's 
maiden name y/as I.iiss Rivor 

Hftr raothar rosldod in Flint District, Clierokoe Nation and 
father DIED T-C SA.iE T^Ai: LINCOLN DIED, and her mother is 
still livins. 

Names of her sister was Lulu B Smith age 46 born 1860 who 
was still living v/hon she signed this ap lication. 

Her grand parents on lex hor mother's sido was 
Austin Rider and Polly Starr. 

Taat hor grand father was born in GHRUA'TY 
and her grand mother born in Georgia. 

Ihey resided 1851 in Indl-i^ Territory, Ciiemkee Nation. 
Question 20 Have you ever been enr Hod for .nnuities, Hi land 
and etc. Ana. &Terokec nation 1394 and 1896 and etc. 
RIl'MARICS: Under th-.s head the apr^licant may give additional 
information'; In Fob 1906, \/o removed from the form 8 miles 
soiith east dielsea, Indian Territory to Kansas, City, I.Io. 
as my husband cruld not ma'e a living in the Indian Territory, 
and here v/o have a good living. I was adriitted to Citizenship 
18910. '/-//^^pi afturv/a.Txl took up my residence 

Very soon /in Cherokee 

Nation. Tnis admittance was by /^ct of Cherokee Council. 

Signed .umlo Boyntcn Brcv/n Sept 5, 1905 
2 vn.tno3S v/erc C T IV.rnur Jr and ^i H Budd . A card in the file 
shows that her residence v;aa 3230 EHst Kansas City J^issouri. 
She claims tlirough hor m:thcr Laura Karcissa Rider, or Boynton. 
Her fat" or has no Indian blo^'d, see loti:cr marked ''A'' applicant 
vms born in 1857 but her mother was living in Flint Dist 
Indian Territory 1851 and is on Old Settler roll Flint District, 
118 Emiia J Starr, v^.io has filed api'lication No 5582 is a first 
cousin on hor father's side of this applicant. No 5532 says 
her fat or is an Old Settler, see S Roil Flint Dist No 99. 

A note on the botto'- of a letter written by F E Lovpp 
Commissioner, Easterr. Oicrokces, Dept of the Interior, Washington 
D C Se >t 11 1906, states as follows: 

"Annie Boynton Bj,own, was born in Washington D C Sept 27 1857, 
that My father v/aa not an Indian, he was L B Boynton, a relative 
of the lato General H V Boynton. I got my Indian blnoS on 
and right thro :ny mother- I was admitted to Citizenship by Act 
of the Cherokee Ccuncil, rcspct ±3q i.-rs . Annie B Brown, 

Na:-.:es of f-dldron of /.nnio B Brov/n, and husband Franlc Br 
Brown, were V.'m A Brown 22 b 1835, July 25, Laura J 1887 FeV 14, 
Hora-ce L minor b 18G9 Oct 22, Boulah B 1892 Oct 18, ^^ugenla D 
b 1901 Aug 29. ( t ey war. inrol ed with tlie Chelsear Ind . 
Territory OTorokco Nation. V/e came to Kansa City 15 months 
ago si ned 1907 i.iay 16. 

•Jl .1. . 

11-1 -.■ 

,-: ' ;■> xJ.r b....\ :u 


f ■ i'" . 1 

■1 ■•'' 

J J. 

■:.. I-.- J . 

1 r ■ , ; 

PAGE 49 

no 553 faster:: chehdkee aitlic/.tt f a^^die br'^^v.'m 

raiSIDSI'G'.. Lenapah, Clierolcee ;..-.^on, Indian Territory 
t^at place boni is Cherokee i'ation JJast, probably 100 years 
old. Claims right to sliare for myself and my daii^htor Rachel 
Brown, who died withovit dAsent, liy mother Rachel Brovm, my ^ranc 
mother Susie l/ilcox, my brothers and sisters Silas and Sallie 
Ross (or Br"V«i ) both of whon died without issve. My aunt 
Polly and Jane ''ilcox both of who:.: died without descent 

Name of parents father -name not known, (see #5571 
and mothea-" \.'as .'iachol Bro\m, her maiden name was Pachel Bpown. 
for fat' er soe iJo 557. mother was born in Chero]:ee Nation 
oast • 

In 1851 f athcrrosidod -- soe No 5571. 
Llothor died in valine District about 1351, soo 5571 
mother diod about 1351 

parents v/ore enrolled on xJnigrant pay roll in Saline District 18- 
Naiiies of all brothers and sisters aro Ho 557 Georse Hamine; 
Harmon or Harnan Brown, Lonapat Indian Territory, Silas Ross 
diod wityoi;t issue, Sallio Ross diod wit::out issue 
Juno? Ross dead, Perrj' Ross, Clarmrr.orc? Indian Territory, 

iia 'OS of grand parents wore Susie Wilcox (nee Brown) 
^Kt Susio V/ilcox was born in Oherokoo N^^tion, .^ast. 
Sus c V/ilcox lived in Saline Dist, resided 1851^^ there 

ITa.ioa of all children were Rachel B ov/n, my mother 
deceased. Polly •■.llcox, died without issue. and"Janc V/ilcox 
died v/it' out issue. 

Question No 20. Ha^-e you over ooen enrolled for 
annuities, land otc. -Ans; On 1894 Cherokee pay roll, and on 
Emo^rant pay roll of 1351= 

The 3rd page shows; back to 18&i 1835 ancestors; 

with the paper torn after the 2 words; Fat- er Alcxandr 

Oostanollah (paper torn away) 

REIiAPJ^S I hod n daughter, Rachel B^-wn, 

who was enrolled with me on the emigrcnt pay roll of 1851 
in Saline District, i She died about 1863 v/ithout issue. 

Signed Ab ie Br vm, 25 Se.^t 1906 a d 2 vrltness 
to signature wor- Goorgu ilolton cad .7ranl: Little. 

A card In this file shows the claim was AD/.ITT'-D . 
residence Lonapah, Oklaho.aa. Sister of No 557. and claims 
thru same source - she herself enrolled as Abigal at Sal #465 

A letter in the file from Lenapah, Oklahoma Jan 25, 1909 

to Mr Gioion ..illor, o ecial Cor.ii:dssionor , Court of Claims, 
Vtashington D C. Dear sir: In reply to your favor of Jan 12, 
V/EA. 558-557 will say that my nar,ie appears on the final roll of 
Caero:;ce3 No 1097 as ABIGAL BROVfif, as enrolled by tlv. Daws 
Commission, Yours truly, Abigal Br wn. 

i.IISCELANEOUS IToi,:; IN T-lij PILE NO 23232 and 23223 
Lizzie Robinson, -- being duly ffz/orn deposes and says; 
I.Iy na/ie is Lizzie Robinson .:nd I am av,c 49 - my father is 
George H Brovra ^557. 

George H Br.v,/n being recal cd stctes fiat 252321, 23321, 232'. 
23228 23220, 23230, 23233, 24892, 24893, 24894, 24895, 24920 
all claim through him. 

I^icy did not have any Indian names to my knowledge, 
signed Go.; H Brov/n, 1908, Aut 21. 

i:-r ■^■•; ,j.-;:'';.' !;^'''.-.) i'lI'G:; <': „::;::->:. i&t n ';r.':;; j:''/' 0-j ->.: .-.iv/ , 

J .:^->V;.:.<i.' 

( ■ '''TjCi 

'1 Cv'^^ 

:. J ij 

•f- .- ,-. . 

V . -P 

J .LI -Si C/n 

\.A . 

.-r,;<: . i ;::r . J-j;v. ;: .iv iit 
■ f ■"■ d - vTi a;/ :• ^ M \ ■ : ■. .:■■:■ ■:':.o (S. .■'i-^- 

■ . .'li. ■"■4.;; 

•,.•-, r 

XV/ .:. i". 

J .1 ^.. 

'T.-, •■ ,- ! 1 

_■ ,1 . . 

■ 'I 

:-.o ■..■i..;-.\_, ■••.•..;/:; •-:■: 

■ .: : :; 1 .[ 


• .-.-.(■,> 


Pago 2 of this claim: Pago 50 

No 558 Eastern Cherokee Ap'Dlioatlon of Abbie Brown 
Another Misc. document No 557, 558" 
Georj.o H Br v/n , being duly sv/orn deposes and says; 
I.!y name is Go.-*rse Br vn , I ar,i njc 60. I have lived here 25 yrs 
Previous to that on Grand River. I was Born in Georgia. 
I was living here in 1351. I was enrolled and got money. I 
lived in COO IN SCOCio District. I was enrolled in 1884. 
I got monoy then. I v/as enrolled by the Daws Cori-ission, 
Safronia Cabol 3235, Chcrokoo Preodman Roll. j\nnio H Cabell 
3234, Cherokee Freodman Roll, and IiJthol Bockor^ 2457 Cherokee 
Froodman roll. Taeso are my children and grand son. I was 
never a slave. I am not enrolled as a Freedman, ,.y mother was 
a full blood Cherokee. i;iy mother was nachcl Br. .v/n and she brough 
mo from Georgia. She has ooon dead 40 years and probably lived 
six or 7 years after she ca.ic hero . She was about 25 or 30 
when she caiio here. I thinl: she li ed hero 1851. She was enroll 
enrolled 1851 and got monoy. She got her Indian Blood thru her m 
mother, Susie Wilcox, maiden naiuc ousio B^^-vm. 3ho lived in 
tl>e Grand river, 30 rules east of here. She died before the v; 
war, she came from Ge 'rgia. I do not knov; how long sho livod 
here. She v/as a party to tlic treaty of 1335. I do not knov/ w 
where sho lived at that time. I thin!' sho v/as onrollod. 
I have one brother, Perry Ross, a half brother, but wo had the 
same mother. He livod at Glaromorc Oklahoria. i have ono 
sister, Abbie Brov/n (558) John Br. v;n is my mother's brother, and 
livod all his life in Indian Territory. I do not know x Susie 
>.'ilcox*s sisters or br thcrs. ITone of my people wore slaves 
except on my wife's side. My mother was not. i.Iy fatlier v/as a 
SLA^/E . I,Iy father married my mother in Georgia and mo od out 
hero bof : re the war. My father v;as brought out here by his 
Owne r . 

I don't knov/ Alexander Brov/r . I.Iy brother is 
enrollod by Dav/s Comr.iissioncr as Clior.koe Freednan and his 
name is Dorry Ross, He never v/as a slavo either. 
(Ho does not remember anything about Alexander Br v/n. 
Signed at Lcnapah, Oklahona 21 Aug 1908. 

A card in tlie file I'.o 557 of Gc.rgo Haraner B^ wn Lenapah 
Lenapah, OJclahoma - Action Admitted. Appllca t and his 
brother and sisters enrolled on Smx Drennan Roll Saline Dist 
No 464-5. (See special report) 

Another long pa.jor in the file 

George H Brovai, Abbie Brov/n and Perry Ross claim that 
thoir mother v/as a full blood Cherokee and their fatliers 
(the;y- had difforoiit fat.^ers) v/cre no-^roes and slaves. Ihey 
claim t'iatthoy v/ere enrolled in 1851 and George Har.unor Brown 
states that his mother v/as dead at that time, ^nd that 
Briso i.Iartin's widov/ drew tlie monoy for the :; t'.at is for 
Geor'jo, June and Perry, Abbie being older drew for herself. 

George Hammer Brovm is onrollod by the Daws CoiX-ission on 
the roll of Ghorokoos by blood at #15967 as l/2 blood. Abbie 's cannot bo found in any o;? the Dav/es Coi-.i. ission rolls under 
the nane "of Abbie Br .v/n. Porry Ross was enrolled by the Dav/s 
Com;:. ission on tiio Freednan roll at #2590, and ho gives his 

■■■ :f,-r •.:ij;>ofi .0.1 . 

i. iij 

■. ii.'Vv X 

f. :'. n ) 

c iri'J'. . XXoh i"J' 


. .ojii'fT':'..;-!^ ;ii: ' '^-<^ •-■"'•'' - ' ■'''•'.;■■- '■:■'>:■■ 

•■•■■ •■■ - - ■■-t,.:) rivrrvi .J vC^ fj'^ .;:.-.'i;ic' :::'v,/ I . nod:) ; \;cTtr. . ^f ;:t 1 

7.. ^ . .f ■,.■;■.•:■/;■: bo: M^ :,!>" j'^cor"..; .'•>■''" 

• J. ..'.,'..:. ' LS.'.I-!.*.. .1 .L 

":•.-.' . 'lj' u }.'• V V ',.1. '}lic. 
'S .. ■,:' :■ ;? ' '■•'•:■ .■•vdv; 

0>j.u 7..-:) tU^a '^o^I^cn !<:•: 1. 

r.- ■ 

■ •** ■-'• - — ^ - ■ ^ - ' . - -■ 

< •■■/ 

".-'•I - -' 

' j\; , ■-. ' - - : ^- _ .,- "J cv 1 c; 

■^•'i- 'X ..■ ■_ i' i:i .; V.t.L 
'=. '■ . '; .1.. V ■ ■'"' ■■■ •■ ■<- 

:, i -X^ •- "■■> '1.1 ■ X"'A. .3 

. -r - ■ I •■7!'". 

• 7^ n.\ 


),) .' 

'■n '■■' ■ 


'. ■:).... ' ■: :]. 

; "' '7"' X 

• v.- ^»» 



.1 ... 

;n\ ..r. fK -' ■ ' 

-(. ■ ■•■■ 

PAGE 3 of this one claim: Page 51 

No 558 Eastern CTnerokee application of Abbie Br'v/n 
explanation of the fact that he v/as enrolled upon t^-^at roll, 
tnat v/hen he was asl:ed by the Dawes Com ission on which roll he 
v/antod to go, he v/as scared and said "Freodman • 'as they had 
told no I v/ould have some trouble gettln.T; on t!:o ot'.ier alt ough 
my rao the r v/as a full blood' (See i.iisc. test, page 2513) 

T.-ie names of Goorgs, Juno and Per-o aopoar on the Drennen 
rolls, Salino District 464. Abigail in the District #465 
and it appears from the origina?. roll that oarali liar tin received 
the money for those childrc^n. TJnoy also claim that their grand- 
mother. Susan v.'ilcox and their aunt Polly 'w'ilcox, v;ho v/as not 
married, were enrolled 1851. Txioir nanos appear on tl.e Dronnon 
roll in Flint District, Group Nu 353. 

George Hammer Brown, states in affidavit th^it his mother 
had a brother by name of John Brov/n , who was a full blood 
Chorokoe Indian. Ho also states that he and his mother and 
sister cai.ic from Georgia, with "LIGE'' Hicks and George Fields. 
Tno name John Brown appears on the Drcnnon roll in Saline Distri 
K 531 and Elijah Hicks ia the hoed of the preceding group 
Ho 530, 

As those applicants, although their fat'.Tors wore negroes 
and slaves, claim through their mother a full blood, and as 
they thcmsolvos are enrolled as above stated, they and their 
descendants ar-: clearly entitled and should bo admitted. 

Sec i'd'fidavit of" George Hammer Brov/n of February 29, 
1908. and I.iarkcd "Exhibit A". 

Also seo Liisc. tost, pages 2135, 2136, and 

,1. c 

O'" !V1 

';,r /|-j r-' f I , 

-■ ; ---J "a'.''.- 'v.: ;■;■' '"J s;^ ;.r. r^ :. t'':'':-ie--1^ ;"■•■?': 
^rr..-; ^,: r; aof'i i:.;^ ' ■'^ ■■■'; ^ '^•.. •• V'- :^ : .., ::'o;-'?: ..■':• '■ 

"/.■•;' :. ,. 'j '..'.'' \iK::.Lo O.j.i^n /-.^''J' ■>':■■-;! .■: ';r-:> :j:::"'":t 'i-' -"•:•;.■:.■:» 

i.> •! 


:,:./,<■ J- 

J.-' ' w..-.. ,1,*.IJ..: 

I'"^ I. I.- 

■■'. :-,■■■■';-: '■r-)-> - 

•1- r 


P". <c 

^ -■ .. • .. VJ 

Page --52 
Residonce Tahlequah, Chero'-ee County Indian 'Iferrltory. 
date born 1830 in Alabama. Clairno right to share- 
through self and husband John L Brown. 

She is a v;ido\v that hor hushand v/as John L Brown, who died 

iia es of parents were I.LARTIN SCIIRIiuSKER AilD NANCY PETTI T 
Pettit was her maiden name. Ti.ey v/ore born in Old Cherohee 
Nation, and rosidod 1851 in Tahlequah, District, Cherokee 
IJaticn, and fatlior died 1866 and mocher died r! un]:nown date. 

T..oy v/cre enrolled 1851. 
Nar.ios of all brothors and sisters; wore 
Susan Adlxinson born 1335, or 1836, diod 1902 
John Schrimshor bom 1334 and diod 1904 
Mary Ro ers dead, Mart'ia Gulagor still living. 

:lai.:o3 of grand parents unknov/n on either side. 
Ansv;er to question No 20. Have you over been enrol ed 
for annuities and land etc. stated in ansv/.r that on 1851 
and subsequent rolls. 

S:-io signed Anna i B own, 1906 Nov 12 
2 witness v/erc Tom Tro it and Nannie r. B cvm» 

Ono card in the file shows t'iC Action 
was admitted - Aunt of i.laud Lano No 2379 and is admitted for 
sane reason 


;jo^'cv;e» .■■>■' bJO r.i -"loj ■:-■■..;''■; > ^ , or ";xi ■o&jV^"- "t'i' -^'V r|-j:;JTj-f>'I 

r-.- ;- 

;'::'r.rc'i.i:0 ^;i 1 ::i'.; s^i .';. 

vjC.!;" ^v:oc!" f.or, ■■u.;j;>.. ii,:::/ 

rvar o:.:\^^<. xKio'. 

J.*'"^ n: f. v: 

:. h. 

Page 53 
Vilriose address v/as Chelsea, Iiidian Territory, i::iiel3ea, 
Cherolcee llatlon, Indian Territor:", January 21, 1833; 
t'-^at she claims to right to share through her grand father. 
DAVID 'TELCH, f at her grea L grand father, John '.elch, thru my 
uncles, and aunts, Jonathan, Cobb, Richard, Lloyd and Rebecca 
Welch. I also claim thru my mother Josenhine R. Cannon (nee) 
Welch) who married iioore first and Shav/ later. 
laid, that she is married. Ka;:'.e of hvisband David R. Brown, age 
30 when she signed this 1906. 

Names of hor parents are Lewis L Cannon, and Josephine R 
(Welch) Cannon. Txiat her father was born in Virginia and her 
mother in North Carolina. T.iat sho did not a know vi^erc her 
fatl'.er rcsidod in 1851 t lat her mother was born about 1849 
Patlicr diod 1886, and mothcrdiod October 1, 1901 
Tiat they were enrolled on chorokeo authenticated roll of 
18^0 . 

Namos of her brothers and sisters follow; 
Sponcor .. Cannon ^±k±^-jc who was bom 1876 living at Adair 

Indian Territory 
2. Wm C Clor^:, diod vri c out children, Caclsca Indian Territory 
3 Goorgo L Cannon, born Juno 25 1880, still living on baclanco 

of them 
Robert L Cannon Born Jan 21 13C3 
/da N Cannon born Feb 12 1886(1085) 
liar:/ P Shav/ dont know her birth dato . 

S Hor gr.-'Jid parents wore 
on father's side T;:EY VIEK^'. V.^PIITES. 

A:yD EE3ECCA WLLCll (noo) Vanoy 
Hor maternal grand parents were born in Old Cherokee nation 
oast of thv. l.Iississippi rlvor. 

Ihey resided In 1851 in North Car lina. 
Names of their children wo e Ilary elch died wihout heirs, 
rooidonce Josephine Shaw, my mother, dead. 

"- States I drew strip payr.ient of 1893; and have an 
allotment of land in the Ciierokeo nation, Indiaii Territory. 
2 witness to her signature in 1906 Doc 8 was S LI Brown, and 
Ira Allison. 

A lottor v/ritton 1909 Sept 27 from Chelsea, Oklahoma 
from David I Bruim to Guion Miller, V/ash D C -Dear Sirj 
I havo received as guardian vouchors for Jesse J Liooro 
J J I.iinors for t'jOxr share in l^astern C»:ierokee but my v/ife 
Annie B Brov/n nor amplication No 7448 has never reed, 
any; nor for oar child Leila ijnily Br^-'V.-n jidua- please advise me 
if their claim is allowed or not. Yours very truly, 

David I Bj,ovrti 
A card in tho files of No 7448 shov/s tl-^o case v/as Admitted 
ADI.-.ITTED. Cousin of No 4361 & is admitted for sarac reason, 
residence of rxinie B Brovm , Cl^elsca Oklahoma. 

Sho v/as born in Coowoescoowec DLst Cher.-'keo Nation, I.T- 
Name of her diild v/as Leila .C-r.iily Brov/n born Se;t 3 1903. 
She was never enrolled for any of the payment, but has an 
allotment of lands in Cher.-^:ee Nation, I. T. In a letter 
her in 1908, Kansas C, ty Mo states, my mother v/as Born in 
Cherokee Nat, Oklahoma nov/, 3rd Mch 1835, My grand mother 



.,.jci:{ v;-' 7" 

:i; ...'.i JL _. 

:e.'-B .1. 

■•X.^v! c- ::.;■■ ^:-■"^' X :foii .C-...6 ">. '- :?v;^ ;.;■ , -.r .;:Xo^tfO r:;:]'xo.:\ ;ij; ,v-^;\oo..i 
. C-'8.: ;).-. :/■ I 'i-c! .;-v; ; .■.Mo-'; --.^i:. ;t-;.~ '''rjCI r.s n'-'j<:;^:.n - o 1 ,::x 

• G-^x 
■■J'-';'f ■7::'.^ .-■■ , ; f: r>j-rii 

■•:-;•■ Oa'"-.i 

io- a:T'' 'T 

.-■-■•.n'v. i.; ..^--ii 
..Vila ■; ••-■^■•'i 

■lu :r;^.i 

T. ) 

* rf - .■> - 

•-•iv - , .V 

■/ .-ta 

V :.x.:.;f(: 

V i}j:; 

■ ■";.':) •/ 

.■ • . ./.<• 1 


".^. i-^'.U. iL' ; 


'' ■ K. i 

Page 54 
No 7448 :;i;AST^Rl' CHijiROIffia ArPIJ CATION 07 AN '11^ B BROv/II 
PAGE 2 continuod : 

Marj-- Ridor known and called Polly Hidor, noo STARR was BORN 
in Gocrsia known Q3 the Glicrj'roc reservation, sho was age 
75 years old v/hon sho diod, she died 1873, so k sho v/as Born 
1798. Sho was in Gcirgia in 1854 and loft for tho Clicrokee 
Nation, now Oklahoma arriving there in the Spring of 
the year 1835. I dont know why my mother's nune w as not on 
tho roll of the Lastcrn Cl:iurokoo. I am on the Daws 
comiaission roll and i.iy nanibor la ^^12959- I think this is correc' 
correct as my ccrtificatoa arc now in CrUDLSEA OIvLAHOJ.'iA in 
tho hands of my attorney who looks after my business. 
I v/as placed on tho Clicrokee citizonslilp roll. 

Yours rosi'octuful-y, 
Annie B Bj,:wn 
Address 1313 Askon Avenue 
Kansas City, Missouri. 

A Ic^fter in the files from John T Ezz.rd, Attorney 
at Lav7, Chelsea, Indiaii Territory, 1907 I.^ay 24, 
To Guion L'ilior, 
Wash D C 
Dear Sir: 

I am herewith enclosing yiu Supplimental Applica- 
tion of Annie B Brcnvn, fcr hor minor diild to he examined 
in connection \;lth claim. No 7448. 

Please acknowledge receipt 
Yours truly, 

(signed) J >hn T, '.IzZprd. 



-J . :.*L . 

■';ij.; ;/_•■-.' ^,cz .vijj'i. v 

■J :>.■'.. 

■.7.10 : 

■;..-i d:: 

... ..(. - 


PAGE 55- 


(nov/ Annie ,. Barrovvman) reaidenco Tahlequah Indian Iferritory 
Purccll, Oklahoma. Cherokeo ilation Indian Territory, date 
of Birth April 13 1889. 

Claiias right to share through Father's interest in John L or J 
Brov;n, (grand fat or) 2nd Kato Daniel (neo Brown), great aunt 
3rd David Brovm, (groat ^rand father 4th Rachel Brov,r:i "Great 
grand mother, (neo) Lowrey "'.Vash Lowroy (G grand uncle 
George Lov^roy, G G Grand father, 

Lucy Lov/roy, (neo Bengo) G Groat Grand mo 
mother . and is not married. 

Hor parents were Liar tin R Brovm (Ttucie) 
Indian nar^.e Tuxie . and moth<:.r Nancy Bj.^'Vm -maiden nane 
v/as Nancy LIcNair. 

Fat. er born \n GooareScaccre Dist t^c Saline or 
Vlrdegris? in 1851 

Tat fat' or died 1906, moth.or still living 
at Tahlequah I T 

l'-o c crokoo pay-ients since 1875 and 1878 and 1894 enroll- 
ment . 
Names of brother and sister one, 

Caf'arine 3ro\7n bom Jen 27 1891. 
Grand paror;ts v/ore as follows; on fat'ior's side 
John L Brovm, rnd iinn Brown neo Schmachor? ) Jeaxhai 
Willian i.IcNalr, and Radiol jaciMair, nee I'ayes. 
Tie B^own sidG v/as born in Alabana, others pieces of birth 
unlaiown . 

'Ihc Brov/'.i rosidod in 1851 in Tahlequah dist, others in 
Saline or Casanscoov/oo ? Dist I. r. 

Names of children v;oro Pdchord lIcNalr and died time vinknov/n 
John Pott it one -half brother. 

i^uostlon 20. Have , ou ovor been onrollod for an :uiti03 
land etc. At Tolilcquah, Indian Territory 1094 Chorokoo 
payment . 

I have no infomation bad: b to 1835 suffiflont to 
ansv/or the last question. signed Nancy Brown, guardian of 
Amia jj: BpOV/n 1906 Jccombcr 26. 2 v/itncss to her signature were 
LIACGIiL' STARR MID GRACE l.lcGrogor. A card in the filos of No 8138 ; 
states the potion v/as admitted, at Purccll Oklahoma 
tn Anna _ B ovm and nov/ Ba_rov/man, guardian v/as Nancy 3rov/n 
a grand nloco No 832. 

liUTTj^; JL.-i ^ 

.-'/sj.c/ti ;';T,!jp^;;^i' 

-— , H ,--,,jr. 

V J. ...' K' .i. -1. O 

■;';'.L i:'. ' .CO' .-.'i! ' 

:}•'' !'v ; 

'o/-.- .:-■^l; •Lo:::lo'i b:A~ 

') r ' ;■ 


. •.. i 

■( I ■.; 


^ic- - 1 ■■■■-. 

i.:.L. , 

Pa'^e 56 


- County date born 1865, in Greenvlllo District, South 

Carolina. Claims right to share through ''my fatlier 

Barurn 3obo Brov.'n'' .■ And is married to Carry Brown, ar^e 41 

at date this v/as signed 1906. 

ITarie of parents, were Barum Bobo Brown, and 

Carah Brov/n, nee £h Poster, maiden name Foster. 

Father and mother both bonrn In GREENVI LE SOUTH CAROLINA and 

livod there 1851 at Greenville County South Carolina, and 

father died 1904 and mother died 1333 

ilaries of ^ all brotlaors and sister were 

Benjamin Brovm born 1857 died 1875; Seab ? P Brov/n born 1859 

Angolino Brov;n born 1861, died 1877; 

Short Bvo\m bom 1863 i died 1873 

John Riley Brov/n born 1867, Nancy Jane Brov.Ti born 1869 

Grand parents aro Janes Brov;n and Corrie? Brov/n on father's 

side and on mother's side v/ei-o John Foster and Nancy 

Foster nee Tllloy. lliey v/ere born in South Carolina. 

T.ioy resided 1851 in Graonville County South Carolina, 

iiamos of all their children v/ere Jim Brov/n, 

resident Ball Ground, Georgia. 

\m Br v/n died about 1877 

Bicca Odouhi nco Brov/n died about 18B5 

Harrison B^own died 

Scab Brov/n died. 

Vinco Bj,ov/n his son drov/ land and money in Indian Territory 

and t:'icd to ;-ot Barem Bobo Brown to go go for share. 
Parents Barur, Bo'oo Brovm and Sarah Brov/n nco Foster 

graid parents James 3rov/n and Oarrio 3r. vat, 

Grand parent John Fostej? and Nancy Coster, nee Tilley. 

Ho signed B Leo B^ov/n 17 Doc 1106. 2 v;i tress v/oro 5 C McC 

LIcCoy and J P McCoy, ""a card in Barrur.: L 3rov;n, stotes Action 

is rejected. Claims through the same source as No 12035. 


,.'< ; 

;ro'XT:-'i:. ;'■ 

ivnciO'TO ri.; ,^^;";ir ■'■■,;:ccf -=:tHfc 

,-• r 

I "1 1 * 

. 'jVV 'i 

■■• ■.■:■■ ^ or 

r, ■ ■ ; 1 

-'.'■'-' i .L^ C tj 

or ■:•_ . 

AO-.J. yie.-r; i^t'VxJ. 

. -' '-■■'. ;;'.•:;■■;■-■[ f;i.i:r:;;, Co'" 

■ \l ■.■'■'.: ;;v/c-;-.l :;''io,..!3 
. -. ' • ■ .,•■'■ -,-'■ r . 's n - -- ■>■ 

, , r » % ^ - - ... - -.- rr- 

( ' " • ' • '"i ■' ^ " "^ C' '. ■ I ':'f'i "■ 

■'-., r . ,-;:>!■ tiij'. 


'^ J - ' 1 


'; X 

PAGE 57 
BROWI-T v/hose address was Anna Lvicretia Drfv.-n, Horndon, 
\yyomlng, County, West Virginia. V/as born in ASIiE COUillY NORTH 

Claims to share right through clieroliee Indian blood 
derived from my father Cololr Blevins and by virtue of the 
decree of the Supreme Court of tlio United States of April 30 

Tnat she is married to 1.1 G Brovm, born 1869. Names of parents 
are Colvin or Collr Blevins and Mary A. (Simmons) Blevins. 
That a her father was born In Ash County North Carolina, 
and mother born in ALEXANDER COUirrY NORTH CAROLINA. 

Na les Sif all brothers and sisters were 
Luvonia Ldmonson born July 14 1867, Roby C Blevins bom 11-24 
1871, Pioaco Blevins, born Oct 19 1873 
Ira & Isaac Blevins born Apr 27 1876 
Jones D Blovins born June 28 1878 
Elsy Blovins born Se-'t 2 1380 
Author Blevins born Fob 3 1883 

Luthor C Blevins bom Juno 29 1885, Edward L Blovins 12 5 1887 
Ambrose Blevins Born 3c t 25 1391 

Grand parents v/erc Ja-cc Blovins and Mecy Blovins on 
fatl^cr's side and mother's side Janos Simmons and Anna 
Simmons . 

Jar.\C3 Blovins born in Ashe Co N C, and in 1851 lived in 
Ahho (Ash Oo IT C ) 

Haufis of their childr--n; were 
Alphard Blovins died 1881, Daniel Blovins died 1874 
Easter Sexton died about 1879 

Ilorton Blevins died about 1863, Felix Brov.-n living; in co 
N C. Albert Blevins living in /-sho Co N C. Calvin Blevins 
living io Ashe Co N C but his post office in rarlc 
Owon Blevins living in Asho Co WC 

Joisoy Phipps living in Ashe Go N (J , iinccstors back to 1835 
v/o.o Ann Lucrotia Brovm who v/as a dau of Colvin Blovin v/ho v/as 
a son (u" James Blovins v/ho v/as a son of James & Liddio Blevins 
v/hoso maiden nanio WQ\Liddie Sizemore, a dau of Ned Sizemoro 
She signed Anna Lucrotia Brtnvn, Jan 21 1907. 2 v/itness wero 
J A Brov.-n and E V/yatt. A card in the files shov/s the /iction 
v/as rejected, residence Herndon u Va. Sizemoro Case No 12183. 
or Horndow? '.V Va. 

' ' ■ ' ■ ,Wdo.v '":;:: .. 

. U)QL 
.arfi-:'>-a=c: 'lo as: ;;•! ,ed8.L n-iod ,. .j'tu •^; ;.: oj I^o !: ':'!■:>;: cr. oris .■ ucL' 

» * <.'.L V • — - 

■ x'rom 

fi.TJ"; T :J., 

'!:. ru 

,!'■ ' C> ■' !" :!■':■*'■'; >!' I" "ii- 


■ - I ■'•• ' ■ ^^ 
, i ,• ■ - '*■* 

•■vsi a .il- .^ 

■-./C , -,-.■- ...;\' i'..;' c:. wj.c^^ OCX- 

' Ci o ' ■ J.. ' .f- 

o , i ,1'/: 



PAGE 58 

whose Indian narae v/aa also Jeffery Brov/ii, residence at 

212 Elgin Avenue, Muskogee, Oklahoma, date and place of birth 

was Kansas - date not shown. 

Claims right to share through both my father 's Cherokee by 

blood and mother's Cherokee by blood also - we pass for 

COLORD AIID INDIAN. Mixed blood in the community in v/hich I 

live, and is not married. 

Names of parents are HENRY P BROVm AND MOTTIER V/AS 
Pather v/as born in Arkansas mother born in Territory 
, and they resided 1851 both in Ivluskogee 

Patjor diod 12 years a^o, and he does not remember date his 
mother died. - He signed this in 1908 
- Hiey were onrollod for money } 

Names of borthors and sisters v/ero : Willis Brovai , 
Daniel Bj,own, Alice Brov/n, and Mahalla Brown. 

Names of grand parents wore William Brown 
on fat;ior's side, and on mothor's side wore Nana Bright and 
This is her Indian na-no : ;iana or Nona BROCIv? 
My grand parents wore parties to 1851 -1865 
jRioy were' born in Georgia and emigrated from Georgia to the 

Names of tliD ir children and rosidcnco wore 
Louisa Erode and Denial Brock, residence not given. 

Ancestors back to 1835 v;ero ; V/illiam Brown on father's 
side, Nona Bright on mothor's side. Ti^ey v;ere parties to 
1851 treaty this as I can remember. 

Dj^IAR SIR! as soon as I found out as I could get my right 
for myself and people I was to lad to do so and I started 
as soon as I found it out? 

signed An then ' J Brown 
Oct 15 1908 
The vn.tness were L. S. Washington and J J Pedhall, or S 

A card in tl:e file shov/s the Action was Rejected, 
residonco Muskogee, Oklahoma. 
Applicants parents wore SLAVES. 

S^.-. LETTER.: 
A lottor dctod 10-22- 1908 
Pst./ ^ 

Prom i.iuskogoc, Oklahoma, to Mr Guion Miller, leashing ton ^ o 
Dear S^r: Relative to Answer; whotho r my parents v/ero 
slaves. YES. i«Iy parents wore slaves, -of Indians. 
No, I v/ero never a SLAVS. 

Ver;/ respoctfiully , 
signed 7 Anthony J. Brown. 

:.;-':^--. ' „^i^' .;)'V 

"1 ' 


Lin .'cJi&r^'- 

■/•i .v?:':':;p_;v o' '•;;; 0. :;■ c 'i v;:ii -Mod !.l :!JO'-i.'.i -mida ";J .:Ti. 
I ;i^. ..-, ;.! -.. .L-;;ji..;.'CC yrJ- i^.;: 'iocuf bc'x.u: . v^^'-Tltfi Cii.A i?ICaOO 

nU : .'. ;.i t?. .- .0 • 1 ■. ■-. ••■1. "■ . J • ■ i i- J ■'. ) .'L- 


.. rrvf.'ilT Gil...: ^ 

'10 t; ■. >/;;■■•- 

.i.r:^.c :. ::/;ifiu 

. ' \ / 

"1 -■. ; 

i'-i vr: 


','■'■ ■■■ - ^ 1- ■-'■H ■■ r-'' i 




M e J /ijj •■"■ 

\~>-:.- c.- i,;;;'\. 


T • •: : p' '■, 


PAGE 59- 
v/hose address was Lillimay, Cheatham County Tennessee 
(but there is no address like this In the present day postal 
guide) He vms a^e 59 when this v;as signed 1907, born 1848 
in Tennessee, and is married to Nancy Brc>vm, a chero^-ee. 
Names of children were on May 28 1906, lliomas bom 1872, 
Jesas or Isas bom 1873, Robert bom 1875, Annie Born 1877 
and Ida born IS 5 . of parents v/erc Joseph Bpown and 
Mary (Taylor) Brc^n . both born in Tannesseo 
T. ey resided 1851 in Ten/essec. father died 18'-J0 mother died 

Names of all brothers and sisters v/ere 
Aris a:_,o 65 when this was signed 1907 
Minis ?^about 62, Merldy about 57- residence in Missouri 
Joseph Bpown ane 50, residence Arkansas 
I.iary about 55 rosidenco /ockansas, Andy Bj,ovm ab ut 48 
Jo residence in Arkansas. James about 52, residence Lillimay 

In 1851 they wore living in Davidson County Tunnesseo. 

Ancestors bad: to 1835 were Joseph and 
Mary Brown, Gr- Daniel and Barthcnia Brovm. 

REI.iARIvS: Barthenia Brov/n is the first Indian blood I can 
trace to - she was a JOTi^ISOK. Johnson married a Puller and 
Puller mariied a CITAMBLIIIE. If I spell the letter right. 
Iho two latter supposed to bo full blood cherokee Indians, 
signco V/ n Brown 
Aug 27 1907 
2 witness to kEi his signature were P, :".. Hooker or Hooper 
and S v; '>ocker. 

Ti\G action v/as rejected. He was a cousin of No 38884 
there was another figure on to this last number which was 
seemingly erased, but it was cither an 8 or 0. 

,5 ... o , ■ -^ •■,' , 

r. ■.f.i'.i. 

i''" L's:! h'iS' ::....■■:■ C£-)h\.' 


:i;i;.og ^^zb ch^ano^r. 


•^^ ^i■'J 5->-'xT. zzO'ib:.n q,; c.!: t.To.:'-i- 

'^i'BI ntc-il .■'':.Jv'': i:-:;_v;.i:B',' ni' :"o i"' •'v/ ''o 0._;; ^-.K , 
,::7"'i: 'Vice; ;;, ri':oiJ .^.3;^.C-r^S '-^'i -lO c«-)V7 ,-:r- i _■ ■ . .: 

tc.rl^i •".: ;:io,. , 0. e.: bo:-t 

.•> f.'i >*» •- 



Ig'^I iiifj.By*^ 

. .f:\,'.< 0«;:'' 

.f8 dqaG'. 


,''■' c ■.•. i 

- ; ■ - - _i .' .' 


■ '■ C' £ r. -' .li.i ; 

a';"! v.; 

'1 ". 

I^'3I • 

'- X 



\ ■•'■ 

;':0c;, "i' 

- f - , ... 

PAGE 60 

residence Lilllmay, County Tennessee a^e 35, 
born 1872 in Tennessee and is not married. 

His parents v/oro Willi an Bro\m and Nancy Brovm 
hor maiden name v;as Nancy Crouch, fatiier and mother bom in 
Tennessee, and they resided there in 1C51. 
Names of all brotiiors and sisters v;ero; 
Jesse Br ov/n born 1873, at Lilllmay Tennessee 
Robert BrOvm bom 1875 address 
Annie Brcvm born 1877 Ashland City, Tennessee 

Ida Brown bom 1005, at Lillimay Tennessee a 
Grand parents are; Joseph Brov^i and luary B^ovvn (nee Taylor) 
on father's side and I'los Crouch and Jennie Crouch on mother 
sxdo . l^iey v/ere born in Tonn and lived there 1851 

Names of all their children v/ere 
tIARY BROVvl^I, ANDY BRuV.'i., if^^'4 and James Brown. 

Parcrits v/ere in 1835 '•nn and Nancy Brov/n grand parents 
Joseph and uax" Brov/n, great Grand parents Daniel and 
Bar then! a Brov/n. 

RiilikKiS Oatfchenia Brovaiwas part Qierokeo Indian 
- she was n Johnson, c x'orG mcrriago, v/ho v;as a Fuller and 
she was a Chambline . fee 2 latter supposed to be full 
cheirolzoo Indians, signed Siomas J B^ov/n, iiug 27 1907 

2 v/...tne3s v/erc T J Stump, and Jennor Carney. 
A card in the file shows this Action v/as Rejected. 
SECOI© COUSIN 0? NO 38884. 


■;.■;' a ij'\ !i/;'; 

•i:'3m 'iOi, 

■S'iO:-, :■ "u. !;■"". -X :-;';•;:!■ ''.iz 'i'^ ■-■■■::■ ^.c 

^ JCi'o-T -y^;;";;' iK-cfQ o: 

o.. :r.. ■. . .-VC'-rc!' cf'tDoc:.! 

~J ^f'T'^^Ci riv-r >-;':; a i,,b'i 
{ ■:■: • .-i:* ys s^r jl;;i;510 

'■'• ■-• '•■'\'C '■' V '";. ■' !"i L 

I' • -• r« .'-■■'. 

i.'. • ii/ J., 

PAGE 61 
Residence was Lilllmay, Cv^eathara County Tennessee, (postal 
guide shov/3 no town by this name) 

1855 in Cheat^iain Countv Tennessee and is not 

a3e 52 b( 





Brown bi 


of children in I.^ay 2R 1906 Lizzie or HAazie 

1836, and Dovle Bpcv/n born 1890 
iJanes of parents were Joseph Brcv/n and Mary ( Taylor) Br ovm 
Born in Tenn both of the'n 
Tiiey lived in white Co Tenn in 1351. 
£ Fat'-ier died 18C0 mother in 1870. 

Ila es of all brothers and sisters were and their reside-.ce- 
Aris Brown, Arkansas born 1842, i.Ieredy Br v/n, Missouri bl850 
Minnie B^^own born Tenn 1855; Joseph Br-wn, Arl^ansas b 1887- 
1857. I.Iary Brov/n, Arkansas born 1852, /uidy Brown born 1359 
William Brov^a born 1848. 

Mother's side were James Taylor. Born in East Tenn. 
Ilioy resided 1851 in DAVIDSOil COUiriY TElnT, (lIASHVILJi; STATE 

Ancestors uz^^V. to 1335 vror -• Joseph and Wary Bj.own 
axKL2Lt Grand parents: Daniol and Earthenia 3rov/n . 

REi.iARilS : 
BARTFIENIA BRcVF v/as a part dioi'okoo indiai^, aho was a 
Jolinson, hor mother was a Fuller KiEiiiEE and P.^ller's mother 
was a CHAi.IBLi.TE. The two latter svipposcd to be full blood 
Cherokee o Sif^nod Jaros D Brov/n -his x mark. 1907 no day or 
month shov/n. 2 witness to his signatviro wo Enoch Doxior 
and S L Horner. 

A card no 39662 in the file shows thr.t the Action 
was rejected. 
Residence at Lillian Tenn- cousin of No 38S84 . 

'"■■' r. f'\ 30'.' Jl ^':? ■■.■'• ' i 


■-: .f- ■•^•i^r'? ;'i' ft.'; , , 

, o^^r& ': ■■ n ! ':,-i'.>j :'.i.avr ;■■■"]: . av/cit' 
•■■•■■•■ ■' ' " ::■■ la ■:■'.:.:> Jo- • 



.aic\':i. Ci;.., ;:, 

!^': J. 7. .V \'Si':[ ■ J. 
' :'"V . ; .:■'; )' L ■'.■'.' 

t. , I. . t. .11.. 



-jfi T' 

. f; 


1 ';.'"'/:::'! :.;;■ ;.0 0o 

T .'j 

PAGE 63 
Residence at Lea's Spring, Tennessee, Grainger County, Tenn. 
ago 43 v/hon this was signed 1907 

t: at ho v;as born March 12 1864, in CLAY COUHTY ICENTUCIOT 
and is married, to Rosa .:., Brovm , age 37. 

Tamo of their child living on May 28 1906 Harvey D. Brown 
born July 18 1894. 

Names of his parents were James Y C B own and Rebecca J 
Brown, maiden name Rebecca J Vermillion. '^ 
fatlior v/as born in War Gap, Hawkins county Tcnn, and mother 
born at vVillow Springs, Riissell county Virginia 

Father resided in 1851 at V.'ar Gap Hawkins Co 
Tennessee and mother resided at Sticklyvillo Scott County Va. 
They were both still living in 1907 when ho signed the applica- 

Names of his brothers and sisters and residence were; B^own bom Nov 13 1861, residence ICnoxvillo , Tenn 
George U B^ovm liarch 12 1864 res. Big Stone Gap, Virginia 
Thomas £ Brf\;-ai born Dec 9 1865, res; V/hitosburg Tennessee 
Clinton A B oxtn born Oct 12 1867, V.'Vii tesburg Tcnn 
V/illiam v; Brovvn Doc 28 1869, (there is a v;ord or nnsno like 

James Y Brovm bom Nov 23, 1374 residence Bulla Gap Tcnn 
Fannie L Bro\m born Nov 20 1878 residence V/hrtesburg Tc'nn 

on father's side and on mother's wide wore \.m Virmillion, and 
Nancy Virgillion. 

Father's side v/ero born in North Carolina, mother's side 
in Virginia. Father resided in 1851 at w'ar Gap Tenn, 
motlTcr's side at P?l;3 3o11 co Va. 

Names of their children v/ere; 
Oridoll C Bj,ovjn, deed, Hiomas C Brov/n, deed, Nancy Brown deed 
Owen I.I Bj,own doftd, Sarah 1' Br wn deed xi± Clinton A Brown 
deed, l.Iatilda B own deed, Y C Bvo\t.\ -rcsidv^nco Vihitesburg 

Tenn. and JoRn \'J Virgiillion, Archo B Augustus, i.'m Dugho, 
l.Iary H, Sarah C, and Rc'oocca J Virmillikn 

Ancestors back to 1835 v/cre J Y C Brov/n and Rccecc 
Rebecca J B^^ov/n , T..omas E and Sarah Brovm , W and Naiicy 
Virmiilion, REIiARI-ZS: I am linable at present to give 
Indian name of my chcrokoe aneestro, Sizenore is the Eriglish 
name signed Aug 24, 1907. 
2 witness were Bon P Holman and ".»in li Goodlin. 

A card in the files shov/ the Action was Rejected 
residence was Lea's Sprin;;;s, Tcnn. 

Sizomorc case. 


■X/OiiL.i- .:...rc; .d 

•„ , ^.l ,C 1'.- C '.. 'V ''■-'. 

'LM.-j'-.cfl .G ,,e^'■'XRc' dO'JL 32 ; .:vli i" ■■^-■"^-C'^ tii\:.>- ■.::.,.' 
I, HOC ■': ■:■) ijni^ '■'^'■■■'S^- '■■-• '^ r;o.-v^ ..■;,:. V cd:.0'r..sQ g.i:1 '.o 

O '.:L;'i-ii; 

nori-ji! or: .'-w..;; \'.'C.i- 


^, ,"- '.:■ -3 r\ • ■ -, ■''' r; ' r,"' '.1 " . ■"! : ; • - ». , '.^i 

..- J .t t 

!•-".• V'V'l 

i rio: ■■■■-■•■■ ;,Ii^ J. or. 

: l;-r ^., 

.1 :iJ.V ' .'.i'Jl- 

7 .- 

.1 ■jrrj'X-iV vo'- ' 


" -r .. :■ 


■'. 'f •' ■'■■->, 

. •- J. i.. .. 

i - -^ ■' - ■'■ 

-I ■;'■',':.. 

V --■- -. 

,.' J i> . ..J I i. 


• ra ; )i:- 

•f. >■ '^ 


j'f '■ J ,;:•'; c-.^ 

;joo:, .:.;., '^o-? :r'; 

.■ J. i -^ ■ --I 1:. 

PAGE 64 


Residence Saint Clair, Hawkins County Tennessee, and was a.^e 

38 when he signed this in 1907. 

Born Dec 2S, 1869, Born in Haw'-ins County Tennessee 

aid is narriod to Laura Cope, born Au^ 18 1877. 

Na.'ies of thoir childron living on May 28 1906 were; 
Troy Clyde Bj,own born Aug 23 1896; V/m jc Oral Bro\vn 2-21-1898 
Jai;',c3 Snead Brov/n Pel 6 1902, and Burly licICinon Brov/n 
born Mar oil 20 1905. 

Wai.ios of parents were Jar.ies Y C Brov/n and 
Robecca J Virmilllon Brov/n. 

FatliOr was bom at War Gap, Hawkins Co Tonn and mothtir at 
V/lllow Sprin s, Russell county Virginia. rosidod In 1851 it V/ar Gap, Hawkins Co Itonn and mother 
at SticlcloyvLllc, Scott Co Va. they woro both still living 
whon ho signed this application in 1907. 

Ilamos of all brothers and sisters, and thoir rosidonc 
T[ffiOPHILUS G BR l/H Bora ilov 13 1361, Kiioxvil c Tcnn rosidonco 
George M and Prank V/ rr.iv/n tv/ins born March 12 1864. 

rosidonco Big Stono Ga-^- Vir inia 
and Loas Springs Tonne sseo 
1!iomas C Br ovnr. , V/hitcsbarg Itonn Doc 9 1865 
Clinton A Brov/ii V.hitosbur- Tenn born Oct 12 1867 
James Y Bj,ov.-n, Nov 23 1874, Bulls Gap Tcnncssoo 
Pannic B ^^v.n, born Nov 20 1878, V'liitosburg Tonn 
and on mother's v/lde \fn\ Virinllllon and Ilancy Owons. 

Father's side was born in North Cnr Una and mother's 
side boni in Virginia, and in 1851 father's side was 
residing at War Gao, Tenn, and mothjr's side ab Russell C unty 

Nar.ics of all thoir childron and residonc'^ aro follov/ing; 
Ordill C Brown, deceased. 'D:ionas /^ Brov/n, deed, Nnncy Br'wn 
deed. Owen I.l Bj,own docd. Sarah T Brov/n docd 
Clinton A Brov/n deed, i.latilda L B^own deed, James Y <J Brown 
at Whitosburg Tjnnossoo . 

John w Vimilllkn, Apcho B Virnillio. 
iingustus , VAn Dugless , iJory B or i:^. Sarah C and Robecca J 

;^costors back to 1835 arc; J Y C Brov/n and Rebecca J 
Brov/n, 'Ihos S and Sarah Brov/n, V/m and Nancy Virnilllon. 

RLI.IARivS . I am unable at present to give 
Indian nnno of my chorokoe ancestor Sizor.ioro Is the iinglish v/igned ..i.. 2 v7. Brc^.n 26 Aug 1907, and 2 vTltnoss v/ ore 
V; P Graham and T C Fulbright. 

A card in the filo shows tho action v/as rejected 
rosidonco St Clair, Tenn. SIZEIiOrfli CASE. 

e^ns^'-'^iiV:' ■--;■■:);,■' i::na'X!3.[ ..irB'V .:^i-;/,M? aouoi: 

aoa^o- ; 

^; I. 

<" ■ 'j ..ii 

're !";• rij:.-.;'"-!! 

■.^ri.j \;'.:^c' •; x rio.^ob 

:-,!-. hr,- 

' - . r-'", ■> " '~. -,.■, r — , r, .,-..,1. , , ,-,'f 

;:>\. 2:'i''. -^C;; ■^.•-' ii?. l.^i 

"■iJ'.iiX; ■ ili-vi.wii'.A 

■■ fr: 

;0'1 '•5. J 

i 'S...'i 

n.!.:^v;-v-i ,-v'^v, 'xt;''. 


, l'.. Jt- cii-. 

I, J. . ■->:., :;i.-u ;i- 


::ef :,-. 

■.ZC. i\ 

. r- li,' 

■ ■-: V '■> 

Vl- i\ 

• ^'1, r 

a.:--^ :.:•■■] V 

.;:, _ . >; 

, — i.; 

'i .-[.i: 

PAGE 65 
ALSO SEE NO 40601 

R^SIDENTd v/as 932 .^. Vernon Avenue, Los Angeles, 
Los Angeles county California, a o 32 born Fe^ 6, 1875, in 
COLUiiBUS KAilSAS and is married. (but never gave her'nanie) 
but a^e 40 for wife . 

His parents v/ore ./illiaiu P Brovai and Mary Matilda Brovm 
Ilor maiden name was Mary Matilda '.Vay. 

Father was born in V/AYilE COUNTY INDIAiIA, mother in I^ndoloh 
county Indiana. Pat; er resided 1851 in H-iorntovm, Boone County 

Indiana and mother resided there also, aiid they are still 
living v/hen ho signed the application 1907 

Names of all brothers and sister wore 
Ruth Ann Brcnvn born 6-25 1866 died 10-28- 1871 
Henry Jar.ies Brown born 10-16-1867, died 10- 25 1867 
Luther G Bro\m born 10-22-1868, 
Lianotho Bj^vm 3-25-1871 died 12 22 1871 
Mdy Loroy BjO^vn born 10-iX3€i&2±>jix 14- 1872 
Alico Brown Chantry born 4-8-; 1883. 

JAi".j;S BRO-;/'-: bom In Guil.'.'ord County North Carolina, and 
Ruth Brovn born in SURRY COm'TiT NORTH CAR^'LINA, and on his 
mother's side wore IiE::R:i: OSBORI" OR OZBURl'J )V/AY 

born in iVayno County Indiana, and(Nancy ) Ann Millis (Fraaer) 
'Vay, born in Guilford Count North Carolina. 
Grond fatl^cr and grand mother rosldod 1851 

Brown and grand fatlior and grand 
mother VAiy all v;ere living at Ihovntuxm, Indiana 1851 
Names of all their cl-^ildrcn and rc'sidcncc v/erc : 
John Brov/n, Losj^ Angelos, California, V.m P B own same residence 
Cynthia B Stanley, Los /in^elos Gal 
I.iary E Hv.t chins, TQiorntovm Indiana. 

I-.Iodono California, (the present day post office shows this 

town to bo named "EL KOD.JNO CALIPCK.IA 
MARY MATILDA BRCV/I'I 1015, V 4th St, Los /ingelos California 
Tryphona Elma Loo, R 1, Orange, California 
Curtis Elma l/ay, 1030 4t> St Long Beach California 
Jane Ellon Sharpies, Long Beach, Calif, jvlson Elwood V/ay 
17 Central A-^o, Minneapolis Lirji, Lucinda Malinda Frailer, 

Los ilngeles, California 
Loton wdwin Lay, 1138 i/est 1st St, Los Angeles, Calif. 

/inccstors bac': to 1835 were Jr.ies Brov/n born 8-19-1813 
Ruth Bro^-n born 4-5-1310. 

Henry Osborn or Ozburn vVay born 4 8 1816 
Nancy) Ann illllis (Prazicr) ./ay 6-28-1817 

REMARivS: Tne l/ay Fraziors and probably the Osborn or Ozburn 
arc of Eastern Chorolroc Indian descent Pour of my great 
grand parents arc Nathan way born about 1783(2) in Guilford Co 
N...rth Crj?. lina and Huldah Osburn bom 1782 Guilford Co N C. Henry 
Henry Prazor born Au' 19 1793 Juilford Go N C and Polly (Hay) 
Otwell. Arthur C Brov.'n signed this apoli cation 21 Aug 1907; 
2 v/itnoss to his signature were John Chav/ne r and \'hn P Bj,;'V/n. 

a letter in tlio file from Los Angeles, 

California of 932 E Vernon A.enuo Aug 24 1907 to Mr Gulon Miller 
601 Ouray Building, Washingto- DC- dear Sir: continue to p 66 


■" A. "T 

, -'.B'- p.i-'j. ;• 


■'.0'. ■- i"/' 

:i'\3 1 

1 '■ 

,-f -. \'_ ,-,• 


' i 

« - •; 

1 i . 

V." ' .' 

- ':>?> ir 


■V'inh-S'i .^:-;c;?;.I .■rt'j/j^r.rt'.^.:"'' n.': -i-'. 

-> "f .- 

Yfjcr .rig ...n_; oo 

\ I 

I r 

V,.'3i..o.i:.-':i ■■■■:...•: r;\:..',i.G i:i^->.x.>. .-t::..-';^ 
'.-, J f. •-''.,-■: \<yl:^d -rbh':. 

. ...... .;- r.1/.;.,-. .,;i.' r .... 

;;.a o — 

.: K I / '. 

I ,1 c. . 


., 1 

,-■ V 

■ -■•, 1 

\ r 

r r, I 


_..,.;'!_.r ;;■!"; • 

■■,,■ ■ '1 

Tr'.-, '; 

;0 100 

Page 66-- 
Par-e 2_ continued : 

Dear S r I am sending to da;; another applicati n in place of 
tlie one I sent 2 days ago, t'.iat is, if the first one has not 
been witnessed to satisfactoril: In f^r farmer application, 
my father sl^^ned as one of the v/itnesses: 

iiy connection v/ith the i,asten^i Chero^:ees is on ray mrthers' 
side and as I an: of a^-e and living in a hoine of my own, my 

fat .er v;ould have no financial interest in the claim. If it 
was le^al for his to appear as a witness you may destroy 
this ap 11 cation. 

in addition to the ones whose nar.ios appear 
as witness I would refer you to Hon James LicLacklan, 
the consress..'an from our district or to Senator Franl: Flint, 
both poraonal friOiids of mine. Sigiiod Very respect 

Arthur C Brown, 
A card in tho files shov/s the action v/as rejected. 
Duplicate of Wo 40601. 


'■■'■■ ;V'i:T'.;.'Ta ■ A 

f:) f ^ "-t '• 

di^n ■:^i^'' en'^ cfn'til i-'^j li: , c c J'-^r.'?' , ;~ 

.on 6 1?, i;;". i. 

,, f, -7. 

'ii'-j;e:'.: ;:: ■,-j''! no r; :• aoe'-'O'iv'^. aj;'':.3','. ^..:; ; > -L.v noiu "'0. . . ,' 
V,.,.. ^-,^70 .;, ]^o ;^;:;or- j;, ru 7<^i.^v.c,i .p,::.-p; e>^.Li lo :; s J t:: .L;f:^;; .j:..ic 

v.O'-;ci3.."^ •.:rtf,; ;■;o^: aiiO; li'i'W ^i Zi^ •.'■.. /IJ? c rt :;',./;<•( z'-A Mi/J. .rL.ji Imw 
, ;:;v.r;IO;.,<u.oi.I od/^'-w^ i'?..rl. ';■:'■ i-'ix ':..Sl-yi l-i ^ vr I :;ac>nd'x'v" s;:; 

?AV/:;^a '1;:. NJ'-^;i. 

Pase 67- 
\7iOSE IITDIAN NAl.E \iAS TILDA BURCIIFIiLD , residence was 
CAD'JIS CO^/E, Blouiit County Tennessee, she spelled it Blunt 
She was age 22 in 1907 v/hen she signed hez^ ap li cation. 
States she was orn F^b 16 1835, in Cades Cove, Tenn and is 
married to Charley B cwn who is age 23 , that k their cliild 
who was living liay 23 1 06 was Ilay Brown born Hay 10 1906. 

Her parents were 
NATHANIEL BIRCHFIELD (spelled differe;:t t'-ian the above 

and mother Eliza eth Birchfield. Both were born in POLK 

SE^ did not know where they were residing in 1851 
ITames of all brothers and sisters were 
Cordie Burchfield, Samuel £iaxh Burchfield, Nancy Bu.rchfield 
Pleasant Burchfield, JoJm, Druceton, Baxter, Iheadore 
Loo and Jessie Burchfield, no date of birth given. 

NA^iS OF QR'. .D PARENTS ..'ERE on fatiior's side 
Satnuol Burchfield, and llancy Burchfield, and on mother's 
side v;oro Joab? tiughc ; and Nancy Burchfield 
Ihey v/uro born in Teti le'-aoo; 
Nai.ios of their children v/or-o 

Llanda Burchfield, Like? , liolton, Goorgo, Catharine, 
Janio and Mary i^nn Burchfield. and 

Ellzaboth Hughes, Nathaniol, John, ciamuol Hughes 
V/ilson, Llllio iixin, Jllon, Donic , Sinda, and Pllna Kughos. 

Her ancestors bad: to 1335, were Nathaniol Burchfield 
and his father was Samuel Burcliflold and -- pr? 
Idnson iourchfiold and his Burchfield. 
REIiARICS: His wife Anna Burckficld, maidon nar,:o was 
Anna l.xKonney her Rubaa i'.cKonnoy groat grand mother 
Nancy Baker, maiden name was Nancy S Eastridgo. 

signed Tildia Br"\m Aug 22 1907 
and 2 v/itnoss to her signatiaro were Plina Davis and Sam c 1 
Burchfield . 

A card in the file No 37427 shows Action was rejected 

l.J.iuO 'I- 

X ;, 

v.£.;. &a\. .ji..'/; 

5-. v^'J'l '•' 

0,O i, ::. 

.r );:l:4:j.., .0.1. 

h.r.. '-'ii^.^ 


» ■• : ,r ' 

'- ; L' 

:l ' '. 

'■ o J 

I u'> '1 

■ - V' J I J. 

PAGE 68 
Her full na:,-.e was Ada Florence Brovn , residence Glfford, Hot 
Springs, Arlcansas. a-^e 32 when she signed the annlication 1907 
Born October 23 1875. She v/as born at Handall, Cleveland county 
Arkansas, and is married to Joe D B„ovai a'^o 35. 

T-ieir child v/ho was living May 28 1906 was Gladys C B>,ovm. 
born October 16, 1895 ^ 

Naraes of her parents were Ihomas J '.heeler, and Nancy E. V/heeler 
maiden name was NANCY E. V/ARD . Fat' or v/as born Cartersvillo 
Geor:^la near STATE OP ;.:ISSISjPPPI . 

Ihey resided 1851, fat;:er at Cartersvllle Ga near . mother not 
yet born in 1851. 

Pat er still living mother died ::ay 1897 

Names of brothers and sisters were: one 

John L Vihoeler, born ie?.2, still living rt Little Rock ilrkansas. 

Names of grand parents on both sides arc 
Larkln J ^/heeler and Charity .;heeler and on mother's side 

Charity Jhocior, born at Chorokoo Co Georgia, 
others unknov/n place bor^, . 

In 1S51 Larkin J Vvboolor, aiTd Charity wheclor, resided at 
Othors, place uni<nov/n. 

Navies of thoir children v/ero 
V/illiam H Viljoolor Emerson, Georgia 
George R V.'heelcr, Gainsvillo, Georgia, 
Thomas J wheeler, R 3 Little Rock, Arkansas 

Ancostors bac'- to 1835 wore Larkin J V.hooler was my grand 
fat::cr who marriod CHAPttTY GODARD riy father is Thomas V-'hoolor 


who m.arried Nancy E. ".'ard and I an the first child of this 
marriage, si 'nod /vda Florence Brown 1907 August 3. 
2 witness were Addison A Brown and ' . ''ebb 

A letter in the files dated 10-3- 1908 from ::^s Ma P 
Brovm, I.Ialvorn, /^rlcansas to the Special "lorn ais si oners of the 
Court of claims of lastorn Cherokee, enrollment, 'ashington D C 
states; I have heard that the agent has been to Little Rock, Ark 
investigating claims and I have becnrt Gifford, /j?k. all the time 
and have never seen him and ray father LIr T J V.'heelcr and Brother 
J L? Vihecler have been in Little Rock and they say he never 
camo to see them. So I write to know why I have not seun or 
heai^ from him. My jia present address is Malvern Arkansas, my 
application No 32390, Anothur letter was v/ritten by her as 
foilov/s, I.Irs Ada P Brown 710 '.Vood St, Texaskana, Texas on June 
21, 1909. to same person. 

In case there should be anything in re ard to my application 
No 32390, Ji C^ieirokec enrollriunt ; my address is 710 l.ood ot. 
Texarkann Tex. father T J V/heelor is here v/ith me also, same 
address, will notify you all changes in address. 

A card in the files shows action Rejected, iiiece of 
No 20156 claims thru same source, her residence named on 
this card was Gifford Arkansas, but no date is given on the card. 

eO ■-.'■ Ahi 


Jon -r . '/i ■:■ T '■■.'■ir:ri cO cvCXivB'^srfTf.j- ^'^ 

;o : O'i.-r-'. ri. .••n :. tw/:; 'Y\ :■'.' o'i i 1:0 as'rj:;; 

.L' ■■ .J 


rc . ^ioi .■■::.:; 

X ;■: -. . 

■'1. ■ c .it; ^ r. rfx 
•• ■■ ■■■, • ■ ■■ ;+'"' 

"1 .-• 

if.; \\vl 

■J L. ii '-' 

;::;-, ri •; 

,- r 

; X w ,;•■:'; 

-T ■.:;■". -1 (''ii 

'' Oi; :; . 

'.'' ^ -J 

€ .;:K;t 

. m ;;> 

....■..■.. I 

*.' .V .. -> 

PAGE 69 
No 15941 ii'astern Cherokee Application of iionroe Brov/n 
guardian No 25. The names on the front of the file v/aa 
f ollovdng; 

and maternal guardian; LIOITROE BRO\W, residence Kavest Georgia 
in iiabershara County Georgia, date born for thorn v/as 
1896, 1898, 1901, 1902, 1905, ail at Harvest, Ger-ila. 
Claim rl3ht to sliare as follows; 

I claim for my children by their beinn gr at ^rand c'llldi 
diildren of Jennie OV/LS A full blood c'^.erol-ee Indian EAST? 
and her daughter Martha Hammonds v/as one-half blood chero':ee 
indian, EAST Al'.D HER Daughter I/Iary Brovm Chandler v/as one- 
fourth blood choro]:ee indian, .^last and her S' n Monroe Brov/n 
v/as 1/8 th blood chapokee indian ^.ast and those children are 
each one-16ta blood Cherokee indian east, (this last v/ord might 
bo moant for tho word "each'' 

T;iO parents v/ero Monroe Brov/n and Lizzie 
CASTLEnERRY BROVifN. Fa -ithor v/as born in Habersham, Co Ga 
and mother in Lumpkin O^vj.nty Ga^ Iho said parents aro still 

living, The namos of grand parents aro Gilford Chandler 
and Mary Chandler, born in Worth Carolina, 
2 in Anderson County South Carolina. Tioy resided 1851 in 
BURTC, Court y Georgia. 

Hcncs of all thoir children and roaidonco follov/a: 
Monroe Br 'V/n, Harvoat Goorgia; Emma Porcboo or Forebor, 

Harvest Ga 
I.'.ack B ovm, Harvest Ga, Jcj-^c "Vinters, do ceased 
Ccor-oliho Brown, l.artha Siith and Ncv/t Brown, all deceased. 

Ancestors back to 1835 v/oro Tie question No 21 is 
fully ansv/orcd, in the question in ansvor to question to 
ilo 7. signed Monroe Brovn, Jai:; 19 1907. 
2 witi'Gss v/cro Cnarles Smith and Henry Vihittakcr. 

A card in the file Ho 15941 shov/s the Action v/as rejected 
residence Harvest Georgia. A nephews and nieces to 
Emina Oraber? Ho 15646, and claims from tho same source 
Cliildren of Monroe Brov/n .15647, 

io -i'); -i^n' eCiJ 

'•■ i , ;,, 



'■■, '0 

.L. •'!• 

:b.Zl 'C, i-: ■-^' - 
"'■ ' '""mill' r: 


1 '..--. 

V 'f "^j '", 

■■i'.:-:%i:m "yi--:; ,t,-.':l ::-i. .y/ rrn' 

30? i: jk";! ,i:oc.L ,:;■-;; ^ 

: ■:.' .:' '.'/iy: .V '..1. '.' J - '■. :, ■ .^ .)'. ' '.'a'I' 

.. '■: .J u' '-.•■< \,\ ^. : ':.;. ^:7' ;\j • 

ci: '■.:..! cr;.:-! 'v/.o ^y- ■'-:.. .■■..'>''.^[ i;rv' 

'' '■ r- !■ . . 

'j;. • />;.;, 

■'i r .if";.!. 

' .'. ;"'-V-,.'^ ■-• 



i •.■'! r>!. r ' 


Indian Name Brunson? Residence and cost office 
Granby, Nev/ton County luissouri, a^-^e 57 v;hen she signed this 
application 1907, states she v/as borri in Missouri, and is 
married to \'i J Brov/n a;e 6C v/'.\on she signed this. 

Manies of all children v/ho were living May 28 1906 
v/ere; Isa Brown (or Lee?Brov;n? ) born 1876, Elaie Brovm 
born 1873, Clara Brovm born I'^SO, "Jmery born 13'^- 6, 
Edward Brown born 1890. 

parents wore names Thomas Nunn and Alitha? Hunn. 
V/hose Indian name v/as Brunson, -her maiden name was Alithia 
Brvuison. Father v/as born in Virginia and mother In /ilabama. 
Tliey resided 1851 in SENECA, ..ISSOURI both of them, and died 
1864 date for fat'er's death and mother died 1890. 

N.vnies of all hor brothers and sisters v/ero 
Joseph Nunn born 1848 and died 1903 
Mar!3arGt Wanchtul? born 1849 diod 1893 
Nettie Aggns, Joplln i/lo. born 1854. 
Grand parents on both sides v/oro, father's side 

Ltiller??? Nunn and Nunn 

and mother's side './as ~ Ileyikoa Brunson? and Obedianco 
Brunson, and she did not knov/ v/here they v/ere born. 
Tnoy resided 1351 in Sonoca Missouri. 

And the ancestors bad: to 1835 no to v/oro Ihonas Nunn 
- Miller. Nunn, mothur Spense ? father Jessce? Spoaso Ward? 
■}(• Ri:iMARlS: I am a ^€lhc, doscondant of Obedianco Brunson Spear. 
Spears, v/hoso grand parents arc Matt'iev/. Lid v/ero full 
blood eastern chorokoo, 

Amanda Brov/n, signed 27 March 1907. 
A card No 42714 shows action v/as rejected. Residence 
Granby Missouri, cousin of No 30762. 

c'Oi:;.: 05 "•'-■- :nc;! v.^r ■ ?T?'7 ■;::.' nv- ^:i'i :'a xIb lo so:;-;r.:': 

.-.v;o-.f^" niK/.:'- „')'V'3;' >.'::'..:.. i "' i,v.r- !':''i' .:i'i V >•, j ) f^v/--;T:;j .6bI , o-^aw 
.c' .:' ■■ -; ■^-••:-T':\ ,0.; I c.-i.":: r--;:-' ?:n:;if.O .^.^Vvi r.-focT 

C r- -1 

a :.r ; ).Hi r "^f:;^ 

.OUcx. lb;-;.;];: r.-r/O;:' n/.n 'Ur?,:ib E-'io cl' o'l ;:'x'-,;..;b ^t.^^:! 
e'ts\^ c'ti'j ;.. I. ::■■.';- c i a''^ ;-i:.;' c-n 'I'-- lo a'jv: ■' 

S')Oj. ".. , n /:y.j^ -Jl-^-'^ a'lod ru.'-.i ■' ■■■■■ 

. ;;:i :.; ^ ^' f. /'.:rrK ?'' ; ■ -'a-LJ' 

nn;:-v ',;-,r/.y,"" r^c^w v...-.-.:: ■;",•..:.■: ... :.:■■.." 'c: -.;;.:;: •>.;'., -;r^_:j :y,, 

: mJ .1. f ■ 

■\' :,i ■ ' ■•O': nv'o- ;", 

PAGE 71 
NO 20391 supplomont, to Sastcrn Chcrokoo a-:ir)licQtbn of 
GEORGE G BRCVVn, rosldonco Church vlllo Pike Street No 507 or 501 
Highland Pcirk Station, Tnattanooga 'Ponnosaoc, Hamilton county. 
Bom I.Iay 7 1844, South .orolina. States ho claims 
his Cherolooc blood through his fat>or; and ho is married 
to Silver Brown, ago 40. 

^i Nar^.os of his parents are 

George B o\m and Wariah B^own, maiden name "JAB0UN1*' 
They were both born in Abbeville County South Carolina 
father diod 17 years previous and mother died 1865 

Bane if vritgors a^d sustcrs arcl 
Nasgacj Vriv;bn Vebhanubm Hanesm Avraganm Wasgubftib abd llglnas 
Vriwb, T^inas duod 26 tears al'im '(this v/ns signed 1907 
March IS) 

His grand parents were Benjamin Bj,ov/n and Lmma. on hi a 
father's side and on his mother's sldo was Harry Duncan and 

Ti^ey wore all born in state of South Carolina, except i 
grand fathor fe Brov-Ti , ho vyas born in Virginia. ' 

Tlic resided in 1851, gr::-id fatnor and grand mother Brown lived i 
in South Carolina, also did grand fat or and Grand mother 
Dune an . 

The:J^r children v/oro Botaio Brown, who died 13 years ago. 
Cornolia^^B ov/n, Elsie Brown \iho died 15 yoars ago 
Kittie B ovm, Augusta, Georgia, Rebecca B ov/n , Little Rock Ark. 
Washington Brovm, dont know v/hother he is living or not. 
Hashack Brown -dont Irnow whether ho. is living. 

Qocvzo J B ovm signed this ap lication 
Liarch 18 1967 
2 witness to his signature A J Tabb and J G Isbell 

On anotb.or yapor dated June 10 1907 was t'^.o following 
George G Brown, Highland Park Station, Hamilton Tcnn 
Stated then he v/as born May 6,^^1844 in South Carolina, and 
that ho is married to Silver B ov;n ago 43 and she bel ngs 
to Cherokee trib§. Hanes of their children living on May 28 
1906. Cornelia Brovm born Aug 5 18G6, C^iarles B^own 8© 15 
1838, Lucy B own bom Jan 2 1890, Leia M B^ovm June 10 1893 
Paul Brov;n born Oct 4 13 6, Carrie B^own b'^Dec 5 1898. 

A card in thv. file 20391 shov/s tine action was rejected 
Applicant or ancestor wore never enrolled, apnli cants parents 

George Browi wrote a letter i.arch 22 1908 from 
Chattanooga Tenn -address 507 Piiro St. 

Statin^ "I received your letter yesterday - Glad to hear 
from you. My grand parents were not enrolled -it was simply 
because they v/ere hendored by their owners, which v/ere V.HITE 
peo]?le . I was in TALICO 12 years ago. I had "promition 
to live there, but I decided to wait on the Government. 
-;mn(bthor letter from G G B-pOvm of 507 Pike St 
Cnattanooga Tonr. 1909 i.Iarch 20: sir; allov/ mo to address 
a f ow lines to you inquiring to know v/hen ycu are .oing to pay 
the Indians. I am coing off on a long trip and would like 
to knov/ something concerning it boforc I go. 

'l-:> :;'-tj~n .£...- 'c ^o.'o Tv.:.:; rri-'':^ :;'•■■' o:f ■",•'■ 

*'Til;'0:5;\'il"' or.r.-ri ■iO'::.E;:,n- ^nv/c^S riiij:ifil.. i'^B nv/'- CI 3:^'7c:? 

BjmJ)' >.:;••;..;: .;'x::u^ oi-. h^i'b enni. *' 

{3L' rb'io.l 

;:.ld no . /ji^raJ i:^i£ .:-r^Tc,,'2 rixcii/;(;«'^^ o^-f ::v; r.^+fi0';ix^tv .5:->5'j:;ii a lA 

hii.-i n/iDa-iu vx't^lT en •• 

b.'.!^ 3 ' ■xOiL oii: ctj"' !":c-i iinu :*£,:& 

Ti^: -..^.. 

'>• -f .- 

■■,'( c-r? •• 

;3- nv'o'T'i 

'tj;v! j'^ir^^r'-i i>ri' ii-''-Ci'-.. I 

■■■' ^r\■o•ii■ It. 'H.ilc!'-':' £5n.^'i; 

•'I ;-i . 

..... f-.,-;...'.-: 

■•:■>(' 'T 

I." -.' .*. ./ i -'-J * - J—' 

iiW'j-ju T.i^i.;;..- 

^ ?•• I 

nCLj;:'' CI iT 

vu'">l a£ r'e-i:. 

yliO-': )■:'■.'■) .L r::"n ,1'!. .^.^C:lC ■■•'':" 

::-c^'' '.re/'::' 


,1. '<•' • 

„r 1. 

riO 'id. '^.i. 

:':,;'-..C:'? .C:":":.! ;: '.;.:.A i-trcf .-■•'-fS " ;-Iv;t1(jO .DOG: 
Ctrl' {■ r\'f?^:'-' ::t'f':r''> ,0 ''.:i .1 :^.%0 : .^orf •"-• 'xc i.-.-'.. . 

s.,, .' I -. . ,.••■-.-,-■■■ .■:■■ 

^QQl ■ I ,..•:-,. 

.10 Mi.'r;--.U' v-I-.' 

i> flo-r'-.- ■ '. :^j:.' ••} 



i.'iod c :i fv;.!.; - 

'■;0 :.,).a.t ..'• .J 

NO 36654 EASTi^R- CIL?:rOI\EES A.-JLICAnON ■^P/Pa--^e 72 


Frederic ::iiv/ard ':rov;n Indian k v/aa Harmon residence at A! 
Allons, Overton County, Tennessee, age 28 born July 24,1879 
in Overton County Tennessee, a.xl is not married 

His parents v/ere G Brov.n and Sora'-. A G Brovm, 
whose Indian name was Harmon and her maiden narre was 
Sarah A C Neal 

Father was born in CU1.!B'::R"'.A''D COUNTY IQNTJCirZ 
Ai^yD liOTfj^R BORN IN V/AYlfE COimT:'!: ICLNT'JT.Y. 

Tnoy resided 1851 fa tier in Jackson (now Overton ) Co Itenn 
and mother 1851 in Overton Co Tenn 

P'ather died Jan 29 1891 and mother ..lorch 4 ." 

Names of all brothers and sisters v/ere; 
HettiG H (Brovm) Reynolds rO Not knovm born Anril 6, 1860 
Wariottia B Br.-wn deed, born Doc 10 1864 

Permelia j^ B^ovm deed, born Dec 22 1866, died Oct 15 1892 
John L Br-.wn deed born Feb 12 1868, 

Sarali C B own deed born Poc 26 1870 died Oct 25; 1874 
James G Brovm Jr bo-' \ Juno 25 1872 docoased', dato forjot 

Kmma R T Brcvn born Dec 8 1875 died Oct 12 1890 
Albert S Brovm, b Allons IV^nn born Dec 12 1873 
\'k\ H Brovm deed b Jan 12 1873 d Feb 1899 
Calika Br^ v/i deed b Aug 3 1831 died June 30 1832 

Starlins G Brovn, b Allons Ton., b Aug 7 1862 

Nn.ies of grand parents; 
Larkin Bj.ovm on father's side and Starling Neal and Indian 
nar.e v/as Harmon. 

They lived 1B51 in Overton Co Tenn 
naraes of all their children v/cro George VV Neal deed, V,=->i R 
Noal and Vianna Neal deceased. 

Kelly Neal. at Obra (nothing in postal 
guide like this, in Tonnessoe 

SAC Brown deceased Kamy Raines, Allons Tenn 
Paul Neal, Allons, Tenn. Lottie Neel, Burf-;ess, Route 1 
Livingston, Tenn. 

Ancestors back to 1855 are J G and SAC Harman )Brown 
parent Starling Noal and (Harmon Ileal, grand parents O.arles 
Harmon, I thin^: was my great great grano fat/ior. 

I claiii thru tlie Hanrons, Charles Harmon 
'" Gre- Horse" a chor l:ee Indian, originall fron: :.;ONROE 
Cv.miTl' T-.IIin:;SSEE or North Car lina being my great great 
grand father, signed Froderici- i. B ovm, 1907 Aug 9. 
2 witness woi« W H ALLFHD AlID JA^ujS SAVAGE. 1907 Aug 9 

i^ card in tno Fiol Nc 36654 siiov/s the action v/as rejected 
t at ho claims through sa.-.o source ^^s No 52901. 

•r :^\'^ "1. 

'V :". ' ' 

'■ci.-v n 

~iO ' ■ 'i.e. ~'~'' 

'•-•' ^•■■' -= ■■ '■'-' '- -^..-^-::^ ...7...,..- ..,_ .por ..:..::iof:: b' .^ 

i:*--- iV, : 

O'^Jo.! C 

' " i 

J :' J 

, ^ . . .._ , . 1 - - - -- •*• ■'■ 


1 . ..1 

, ;'iC. ;'""'^li -:;;y" /.>:'i 
: •■■.,::'., >',''C' .'.rV l .■■J" l1 -fV'-'II' 

.1. '.• /';■> 

'■ / '^i' , 

. 1 ' " ■ • 



... ,i i- ■:.; V 

. ■ • 1 

. -^ r . . - 

. Li. 

, c .iij.i:'' '-.' .'i"i 


i^ ■• :•:■ ■') ; ' r:v; 


: ^ ^x • ■' 

L :. 

•^"' ^•■-'-C'T 

' . :' .1 

„ i:■f.^5'L■ ,r: 

f - • 

, . C' 

J- ' .' 'J 

!'/ "/ ■■' " :"i i.,'OciJ 


-'.;■•'; a'!;-::? 


'.:.'. ...v 

•.■:: ::.C.-H-u} i': 

1 ; 

:.''.L :jnj:.i'i 

. ... V, 

t ;.'.! 

''■^ : " •"'' ' 

■ o .G'l'i -i^ c; ' -■ :.' 


..rv :':;,, r. J 

.L . 

Pa.3e 73 
guardiaxi of Flory Rossalie Brown minor under a^e 21. 

Indian name v/aa Harmon, residence at Allona 
Overton county Tennessee. a3e 10 bom Pe' 22 1897 in Overton 
county Tenn and is not married. 

Her mother v/as i.iarietha Belle 3^ov/n or Indian 
name Harmon and her maiden name v/as l.larlntha B^Brown. 

mother born in Overton county Tennessee. 
1,'Iothor died Dec 2 1906. 

Ihe grand parents were Ja es G & Sarah A C Harmon Brov/n 
Indian name was Harmon. 

J G Brown was born in Cumberland County Ky 
SAC Brown in ^/ayne Co Ky. 

In 1851 resided in Overton Co Tenn, ''I thinl:" . 
Na.ies of al 1 thoir children were - 
Starling G Brown, Allons Tonn 
Hettie H Brov/n, Reynolds, PO Not knov/n 
:d--Iiarientha B Brown, but loft the above illegitimate child 

Permelia -Z Brovai deed, John L Br v/n, deed, Sarali C BrOvm,dcd 
Jaaos G B ov/n, deed, -LPJ^a :i T Brovm deed. Albert Brovrn , Allons, 
Tenn, \ai H Brown, deed. -Mlilca Brov/n, deed, Frederic/ 2 3rov/n 
Allons, Tenn 

Ancestors ' acl: to 1835, I.'arietha B Brown, kother 
J G and SAC. (Hapiaii) Er0wi-, grand parents, Indian, blood 
through the Harmons. 

RSi.IAHlCS: WARD CLAir.S DESCE::T from C^.arlos 
Harman the Grey Horse, a chorokoo half blood. 
Fred S Brov/n, guardian 1907 Aug 19. 
2 witness v;ero V/ C Oglotree and ]'. L Ogletree 

A card in the file shov/3 ^.action v/as rejected 
residerce Allons, Tenn, Fred E B_ ov.n for Clory R Brovm, 
claims through sane so'^rce as No"" 32901. 

', -^ihaX -.'- ■'■■ 

-:o V'}T:I-::ldV'.: 

'lU .'.. .;.:!: :j .- ' •-■ i f'- - IjI 

fi. ^ rorii.'^'^ •:*'''0.ri 

\ J f ■ ■.; ' /. 



c. •; 

-Dw ^' r i ■ '* ■ •*t - *• ■ 

■:o;:iw- -;■'.. 


1^ f.[ ■■): ;-\34 

:fx ,- '::;:.. U 

! .1 ..;. . 

■:■?;■ :.'■■■ ccM ;;-. ,; .r:v ;: 

PAGE 74 
No 35775 Eastern Cherokee application of HAR'.^ H B20\TJ 
.'•esidencc and post officie; Zast Chattanooga No 4610 
Chanberlain A enue , Hamilton County Tennessee. Age 70 when 
he signed this application 1907. Born Aug 10 1837 
Born in MONROE COITNTY T.^illiESSEL: . and is married to llannie 
Brown, age 40, 

No names of children are given. 
His parents were Joseph Bpov/n and Catharine, maiden name was 
Catharine Harrold, father bom in Virginia and mother in 
Kawl:ins county Tcnn. 

In 1851 father lived in l.Ionroo Co Tonn and mother was dead 
by 1851. 

Fatl:io r died 1863 and mother in 1844. 
Names of brothers and sisters; John Brown, deed 
v*i Br wn decased, was killed at BATTLE CERO GARDO, i.EXICO 
Betsio Brov/n deed; George Brov/n, Deed, Nancy Bruwn, Deed 
Mary and Joseph Brown deceased. 

Names of grand parents are Aaron Bj,ov«n on father's 
side aiid dont know first namo on grand parents on mother's 
sid. , but their last navro v/as Harold. 

Browns born in irglnia and the Earr dds vroro born 
in Hawkins county Tcnn. T^^ey resided 1851 

Aaron Brov;n and v/ifo v.'ere dead and the Harrold' s also 
Names of their children who were all deceased ; 

R2MARF[S: STAT S: I get my Cherokee blood from my father 
ho v/as in the V/AR OP 1312 and my grand fat er in the RT70LU- 
TIONAHi'' WAR and he claimed to be a one-half blo.d cherv'reo 
Indian. I got this inforroation from my father v/ho ne- er 
denied boin", one fourth cierokoo blo-d. 

Signed Har ey K Brovm, 15 Aug 1907 
2 v/itness were J C Reynolds and Mollio 

A card in the files No 35775 s ows tr.e -ction was 
rejected, residence a; "J^^ast Chattanooga 4610 Chamberlain A e 
Tennessee - ^applicant claims thru grand father who was 
born in Va prior to 1835, not a party to treaty, 

1835 36 46 ne or lived vd th Cher koes nor 
enrol ed with them. 

'■'..: . ;i er ;■..;■■■■ fi . /^J 

'■■■'^lo.^O nni^iJ- :;«'■■ ^'^'V'-'S cTI 

exhr 0'^ e-\;^ 

VI ;o .-^ ; 


: c u ;7X . J- .■■ .: 

.' ;•/■".; . uux,^ 

3);,.'aiJ;~;;!'u;^ t■■■■'^ 

^V ht'j i 

'i-;c> eS' 

.. -■„ •! J. •T,., X ji ...1 .l-^. J ■■- . 

. ;;. -J o-rao. 

iO . '.I 

!''t[l aflc't 

':::-> w";;-^ .,.: J 't^^:'f 1.0 ^iOi':'" 

L.::^;)'-! .iwCcS' ";:;■;;■.". ,!:'0oG' . a^ri.^'s.1 

r . ■ • r-.r ■,.-■ 

.' G X ^.^ 

7-j. -.Ill I ■ .-..i .t D J ..} 



^'0<vl ■ -A c^I 

rjT- ' 

'.■■,*!■ ' , 

Page 75 

FOR ALICiii BR0W1\I, MINOR. Res denco Kyles, Alabaa, Jaclcson 
county. Born April 13 1896 J'ontoa,^,lo , Grundy Cc^unty Tennessee 
Claims right to share through one i-elative, her mother, Sarai: k. 
Brown, daughter of Nathan Goins. 

He is not married. Na:;es of his parents were jp. 
Vdlliam T Brown, and Sarah :i (G0IN3) Drown. 

Father v/as bom at Callioun, Mississippi, and mother in Wilson 
county Tennessee -near Round Ga^ Post office. 

mother died June 3 1902, father yet living when he signed this 
apoli cation in 1907. 

Nn;ies of brothers and sisters were 'VilliaTi Staley Brown 
born Oct 24 1090, and Cora Brown b-rn Oct 30 1897. 

Mother's side of grand parents v/ere Nathan GOUTS, and 
Charlotte (called Charit ) Goins. 

Nathan Goins born near Harrison in Hamilton 
county, Tennessee. I--; Hast Tennessee but dont know wherej 
(ISiayliD4ife4dadia85i3:ainb8mithville DeCalb County Tennessee. 

Ka-:'Gs of all their children were as fol'ov/s; 
Milly Goins born March 20 1884 
Joshaway Goins Jr died 1?04 

Sarah rl Goins born A ril 16 1862 died June 8 1902 
U^n C Goins, born January 7 1865 
Calvin Goins, born Nov 86 25, 1860 
Mary Goins born ?e"u 15 1371 
La Ta J Goins born July 14 1878 
John H a Goins born Dec 4 1877 
Harvey R Goins born Seot 4 18S1 

He states tlrnt his ancestors back to 1835 v/ere 
maternal groat great grand fat.crwas Hanan? Helton and 
'' " " " Grand mothor was Sarali Morgan Helton. 

signed VAn T Br:wn i.ic.rch 15 1907 
ai'd 2 witness to signature v/ore su '.«' liolcctifoe and u H Nelson. 

A card in the file IIo 19030 shows tno Action was rejected, 
v/ho v/as a first cousin tv/icj removed of No 10294 and claims thru 
same source . 

^oe:'oJ^T. ^b .sob/^-i ■\:ol%.i, u":70'>, co.^ .rlOi'Iil- JUvOHS' iiOX^aA /iC"I 
&oaaf''".j^9'I vj^i/oj ■i]:'::;-"tO oI^;£jf>d no': oGGI 31 I.v-;i,:A rr.?:o3[ *"v;Ji:;-'00 

r;oaI'.'v; nJ: ^;sJino^1 L;-;j, ^ xqc .resist; .;;:i ,;..; :-:!£::■ :] ;. mod sBW 'J0':cff3'?: 

,VOyi nx '.ox..;^.. 

■fjCi r:-^ fiLrV;. o'sv^ aiB'^s a br^s 3t: orlo o'i<i lo yiO'Ti'^'I 

, , -. p -,:.; r- ; J cj, T 

Ji'-'^ i;'UJ-> 


.; :'iC '■■IOC 

uvo- 1:1 e.P • :f>v7 

nocfljr-u^Ti: its ■'-(jy.i.'-f't.Bil 'zsJ-o:i riTO'" s..(':'.i^ -jBi-'dv^I:' 

:;.■■■'.'.!! 'A '■•-/•]■:;;■ :.!^--.v:' a.ixcv -i^.' Xi: : 

•Oi ■•■:■-:. 1 ..'.'.•:.(. :.'v^ .'X- --J ^V'!.iC-Xj K. , ;..- 

V'' ■:i:-:j:o--' j:^ 11 rcc'i. 
■0- ■■-.^■i.-: ''.:-i\^^..'rlziii 

■■- Z'^-a r.c.-:U 

V09X ei .:o' 

■•■ ■■ '•, 'v- r.-'T 

:!^o;;:i _v' S^ b •', 


PAGE 76 

BROTOI, residonco at Peckville, PAITOLA CO IITY TEXAS. 

Date of birth v/as 1871 DecG:nber 5, and clai:::ed right to 
share through his grand father f at is gr at grand father 
Mlliani Brown, - name of wife or husband; £a Sousan Minnie 
Bravn nee Allen. 

Na 'es of parents v/ere Andrew Jade son Br wn 
and mother Easter V.ard Brown, maiden nane : Easter \/ard COBEN 
fat: er v/as born in Upson Co Georgia and mother in 
BUCK OR RUC COUNTY TEXAS ( iViough I could not find this in 
either spelling in the present day postal guide), 
that his f at. e r in 1851 lived at Upson count.,' Georgia and mother 
in Rusk or Buck co Texas (at Henderson post office), 
mother dod winter of IP.38 
War.ios of brothers and sisters were; 
Ella Brov/n i died Aug 1906 and Lue Ann Langley, 
nee Brown Fob 25 1876,.. luattie B ov/n died Sopt 1903 
ai-id LaFayott •..Gbstor B ov/n ( B, '"Slst 1880 

i'lanos 5f grand parents v/ore 
Burnsidc Brovm on father.-'' s side and Nancy Hoyle on 
mother ' s side . 

Tjioy wore born Upson Go Googia. 
Rii-i.IARlvSS : LIINOR HEIRS of And rov/ Fran, lin B jwn, Lena ^llzaboth 
Brov/n, ago 11, Solonon Jackson Brov/n, ago 5 
Benjamin Franklin B^-v/n, a-o 2. 

signed Androw F Bj,ov;n 1907 
March 14. 2 v/itnoss to his signature v/crc J P Stone and 
E H Searcy. 

Another supolcmontal application was f-nv filed 
1907 Juno 17 by Andrcv/ Franklin i?.r v/n of Bedrvillo, Penola, 
County Texas, date born Dec 5 1871, a'xi is married to Susan W 
Brown, and names of all t'-ieir children v/er.c; 

Lena E B'' wn bom 9-20-1875, Solomon J B^.-^v/n born 4-18 1900 
and Benjamin P B^nvm born 10-22-1004 

One card in the file shov/s Act on v;as rejected, 
- I'O v/as cousin of Nc 21369, Claims thru same source. 

NO 21372 
ZASaSRi: CfflROiailC Ar.Ll cation "'F A^IDKEV/ JACKSON BROVm: Page 77 
TGWJ OP BEOrcVILUC, PANOLA TEXAS. Born at Unson county 
Georgia, February 14 1846. Claims right to share through ray 

reat p;rand. father /mdrerson Brov;n , a Cherokee Indian as a 
descendant of said Anderson Br.A/n, and is married to 
Luvinia Brov/n , noo TRULARF:, age 40. 

Names of parents v/ero Burell 3 own , and Nancy Brov/n, whose 

maiden name v/as Nancy Hoyle ) 

Ihey v/ero born in Upson County Goorrria, and moth.-:r bom In 

TALBOT COUNTY GEORGIA, and in 1851 both lived in Upson Co Georgia 

-father died 1835 and mother in 1881. 

Nanes of all brotliors and sisters of the ap 11 cant are 

James IV Br Avn born 1845, Martha A Brcv^i bom 1847 

Mary D Bj,o\vn bom 1849, Giza? Brovm born 1853, 

Jefferson M Brov/n born 1855. died 1399 

Jennie Br.v/n died 1880 

Nai-es of grand parents v/ere , Willia;: Brown on fat er's side, 

naj:es of grand parents on mother's side v;ero nut stated. 

Taat ''I think ho v/as born in Upsom Co Ga. and lived t arc 1351 

Naues of all their children v/oro ; 

Nancy Brown, near Griffin >.our^ia, 

Jennie B own, in Upson Co Ga 

And rev/ J '^Brov/n, Hill county I'cxaa. 

Sue Ann Brov/n, Griffin Georgia 

Mary Brov/n, died about eleven years previous to signing this 

ap llcation v/hich v/as i.larcli 14, 1907 


Llinor heirs of Androv/ Jadcson Brov/n, Dort l3rov/n, ajo 19 

Brady Drov/n a;o 17, Dossio 3rov/n, a ,o 16, Effio Brov/n age 15, 

Uaud Bruv/n ago 14, Lavola Br v/n ago is 13, alJ his children. 
T ore v/cro 2 witness to his signature, v/ho v/cro l. M £ Searcy 

and J P Stone . 

•c filed another ap lication sup lomcntal for minor 

c'.ildron; 'Ihc names of his children that were living on May 23 

1906 v/erc Borty Brown born 10-19-18"7 and Wm Brady Brown 1839 

July 14, 

Bessie Brown March 14 1891; Effie Brov/n born Feb 7 1892; Ilaud 

Br v/n bom 5-14- 1893 and Lavado Brov/n bom 10-24-1894. 

Androv/ J Bj,cwn of 3ed:ville, Texas card in this file 

shows that Action v/as rejected . 

Cousin of N«> 21369 Claims through sane source. 



Page 78 
Hor indin naine was Graham, residence Collinsvlllo, Grayson county 
Texas, tovm of Collinsville, Tt-xas, Grcyson Co, Texas, born April 
13 1845 In Coffee County Tonnossee. 

Claims to share t'.iough my mother Martha Graham, whoso maiden 
name was "GLASS" . 

T!iat she is married to D. 0. Brov/n, age 62; date this was signed '. 
1907; rather parents wore Graham, my mother was a Glass before i 

marriage. My grand mother v/aa a CATJELIN. 

My -,rand mother's name v/as Camblin 
fat er v/as born in Murray Co Tcnn, and mother was born in Va . 
Tiioy resided 1851, father in and mother in Coffee Co Tenn. 
father died Oct lo 1874 and mother died Dec 4 1901 

Nar.-.os of all hca-' brother's and sisters v/ere 
Mary Colston bom 1840 -Mhi Graham born 1842; 
Jarios Grahan: born 1847; Lucinda Crasslin born 1849 
Charlos Grohai:! bom 1856, and Richard Grahan born 1858. 

Names of grand parents were; on my mother's side named 
GLASS, was tho iin;_ilish and the indinn naiic v/as Ca..iblin. 
My father's sido v/as .nglish; (Crahain) 
In 1851 they wore both dccoasod in 1S51. 

■Pierc is a cai-d in the files No 21385 shov/ing that this 
action v/as rcjocted, She was a sister of No i 21227 • 

FAir^IE BRO'//II PAliii 79 

Residence I.icCays, FOLIC COU::iY Tl^JmSSEE, age 20 In 1907 
date she signed the ap 'lication, statiiJc she was born in 
PICl<:EiIS COITrlTY GEORGIA, and is married to liar': L. Brovm 
- Ihe nanes of the children v/ho were living on May 28, 1906 
were Clifford Brown, born lAay 22, 1901, and Pearl Brown 
born August 21 1903. 

Nai.ies of parents were A B Davis and Mary S Bozman 
both parentswere born in Fidcins Co Ga . 

Nanes of all brothers and sisters were Rosa Davis born Jan 3 
1888, and Uark Davis born I.Iay 2 1897, aiid Lillie Davis born 
Juno 11 1901 

Nanos of grand parents \;ero ; 
on father's sido Benjamin Davis and Nancy Davis, and on 
mothci*3 side wore Jno R Dozman and Scrah Bozraan. 
Ihey v/ore born in Rutherford Co N C 
and rosidod in 1851, in iPidcins Co Ga . 

Ilories of their children were; 
Martha Davis rcsid nco Gordon Co Calhoun Ga. 
A B Davis, rosi donee Postolle, Polk Co Tonn 
Slrono Davis, rcsidunco at Cui.-mins, Forsyth Co Ga . 

through the x Darby family to Chorokeo. 

signed Fannie hor x marl: Bro\7n , 
Juno 14 1907 
witness wore J H Morgan and L A Mor,3an 

A card in the files shows action was rejected - 
Biddy Case. her residence v;as r.cCays Tennessee. 

Page 80 
NO 356 21 Eastern Cherolzee application of cliza A l.'astera 
Residence and post office Hilha-n, Overton Coixntty TVjnneasee. 
Born Dec 27, 1871. Bom Jan 3 District Overton County Tenn 
and is married to John S i.iQstors a-e 39 date she signed the 
aprli cation in 1907. 

IJai.ies of children who were living May 28 1"06 wore 
Cmrlie H i.'astors born Sent 16 1893 
Mable Masters born Oct lO" 1895 

Lillie K Liasters born April 14 1897, Rosa 1.1 Masters born Jan 
15, 1900, Kata F Masters born Seot 14 1904. 

Names of parents wore Jesse '.Vash Carinacl: Sr. 
hor father, and Indian name was Josso i.asn Harmon, and mother 
was Lucio Caraacl:, maiden name Lucie Nolen. 

T:-:ey wore born in Overton County Tonnossoo, fat or in the 6th 
District and mother in the 3ixi district, and resided in said 
districts in 1851t 

Nai.ios of all brothers and sisters were 
John W Garmack, Johnson Stomd.? Temi born Oct 27 1866 
Joo N Carraack " born March 2 1868 

Mary E ©de Odle (Garmack) i,:onteroy Fob 22 1870 
Jess or Geo? \i Garmack Jr -Oohloy Tomi b Dec 27 1873 
Elizabeth Canadc -ionteroy Tenn b May 13 1876 
Samuel D Garmack, Hilham Tenn b Oct 29 1877 
vVm Brovm Carmnc]: Livingston Tenn b Dec 11 18^>3 
Vermatis B Carmac):, Hilham Ponn born Jan 15 18r;6 
Grovor C Garmack, Hilham Tenn born Jan 15 18''.6 
ffinus Garmack., '' born Au^; 13 1889 

Audio Garr:ack, " July 25 1892 

iiraio Garmac!:, '' born A r 2 1894 

Na'-ies of grand ?ip parents were on father's side 
Josso ' (V/ ft. Washin-^ton) Garmack Sr son of John Gariack & 
wife Pollie . Carnack (i^lam) sbo dr/:htor of 
/:kiward Elam and wife 3etsie Pitam (Harman) she the 
dau:';kter of Charlie. T cy resided in 1851 Jno Garmack lived in 
Overton Go Tenn 

Tiioir children wore J ."I Garmack, A R Garmack, 
Tennessee Brown (Garmack) Margaret Hooks Garmaclc, 

B 11 Masters, H S Best a^xi W J Jones Garmack. 

She states "I rely upon Charlie Harmon Indian for my 
Indian blood, signed 1907 Auj 14. 2 witness to signature wore 
L B Ogle tree and J M Tnompson 

A card in the files shows action v;as rejected, daughter 
of No 35619, claims thru same source. 

She filed another paper as follooa? Ovorton Oo t^jh . 
Andrew J Bilyor aiid ,m Bilyor who made oath tlie- knew Elizaoocn 
Elam, deed in toor lifetime and knew hor to be the dau of Charles 
Harmon docd, he being tlioir great ,rand fat or and re rated to 
bo Oicrokoe Indian about half bllod- lived in same neighborhood 
of Charles Karnon and his dau xClizabcth Eloiu, affidant "..oirvs 
children at same time aald Elizn otli Harman married jldward Elam. 

nick name Ned, and was mother cy him of I'.ary ...lam. Patience 
Slim, Jin Elan, Jo n Elan, Fercby i^lam now Crav^f ord.Mar:/ Elam 
m Jo' n Garmack & had fol. owing children; Elizabetli Garmack, Jesse 

-Tennessee, Mar arot, Majory J, Nancy S, Alvin Pddlev Garmack 
Elizabeth m Robt S Masters, Tenn m Daniel Brown, iMgt m Louis 
Hooks, Mar j or:,- m Rcbt P Jones, Nancy m Hx Noah M Best, Alvin/ n 
Hooks Mary m Jones, 


v/hoae na.-.a v/aa J/v. ES BROVy: OR JOM! BP.CVP.] (It is v/ritten both 

v/ays, and John). Addreaa Ccker Cree'' Tennessee v/as 

COi:.;.R creel:, I.IOHRO.': COTJ-.-TY TU'^ITISSSEE age 70 v.-hen he signed this 

in 1907, states he uas h-^rn ilay 14 1337 IN BUIICOI.SE COUIJIY 

NcRTIi CAROLIWA. and is narriod to SARAH J. BRO'WiJ a-e 47 

r-ie nanes of their children who v/ere living Llay 28 1906 v/ere; 

Ethel Brown bom Dec 29 1396, and he has another girl under age 

but she v/il put in for ov/n ap.lication as she is narried, 

and has children, her name BELL VAUHN) 

Naine of parents arc Sinon Brown and Llar^jarot Bro\7n, v/hoso 

maiden narae is Margaret Caglo . 

Ihey v/ere both born in Henderson County North Carolina. 

and lived in Georgia in 1851. Patter died 1891 and mother in 


Names of brothers and sisters were 
Elizabeth J Bj,ovm, John Brovm, Leonard Br-'wn , Nancy Brovm, 
Mary Brovm, Necl Berry Brov/n, Adalinc Berry, 
and Easter Brov/n . 

Nai'.cs of grand part^nts r^.ro 
Morgan Brov/n and Robocca Br.v;n, on his father's side and on his 
mother's side v/ere John Cagle, and Jennie Cagle . 

Tlioy xiGXKd born in MORGAN BR V;il BORIT IN SOUTH 
CAROLINA. And vroix> dcadin 1351. 

Nar,-:es of their children v/oro John Brov/n, Nellie 
Brov/n, Jaclrson 32 Brovm, Jess Brown. 

His ancestors bac': to 1835, v/ere on father's side 
Simon Br v/n, his father v/as Morgan Br \vn, his mother 
Bettie B^oiTn, a full i chero'cce, and he sifzned this as 

Ja^nes Br wn, June 28 1907 
2 v;itnes3 v/erc James M Smith and James- D. MARTIN 

One card in tho files for Janes B^ v/n No 27823 shov/s 
action v/as Rejected, his address v/as Col-or Cree'.-, 'Itnn 

It does not appear t'lrt any ancestor was party to the 
treaties of 1835 or 6, and 1846, or t;;.-;t any ancost r v/as 
ever enrolled, shov/s no connection \/i th the .^astern Qierokees. 


r-ACE 82 
wlien this ap lication v/as signed 1907 . She v/as Born Dec 6, 
1387 born in Flint District, W. Indian Territory 
and SiiO is not married. 

Parents were Villliam A Brovm (v/hlte) and mochor was Llolly 
C Lleigs, her maiden was I.iollie C McKee . 

Patiier v/as born in Arkansas and mother in Cleveland, Tennessee. 
Neither wore living in 1851. 

Father died Sept 4, 1893 and raothor in Cookaon, Indian 
territory . 

Tiiat her mother drew money in 1894, On the Dav/os Conr.ilr 
Commission, roll, a chcrokoo, allottoo. 
Na>i03 of all brothers and sister wore; 
Maud F Brovm born Dec 9 18" 5, and al ■ the follov/ia;; were yet 

Bertha il Br v/n, born Juno 6, 1889 
Mary E Brovai , born July 8, 1891 

and one-half sistor Josio Hcigs born Juno 29, 1899 
and One-half brother Go -r^c i'.cKoe I.leigs, born Se-t 7 1902. 

(did not knov/ on father's side but on her mother's x side were 
\7i 1 1 i a m J i: cKe e , and Add i e L . 1.; cKe e 
They v/cr.: born in ClIEROirEE COUNTY NORTH CAROLINA. 
Ohcy resided in 1851 in Choro!:eo Co N C. 

Na es of all their children were 
I.iollio C i.icigs, C okson, Indian Territory, (states my mother) 
\':n\ RLIcKoe, Park Hill, Indian Territory 
Joseph R licKcc sa:ic 

Perd A ucKcc ■' 
GeoroO D LIcKoe same 
Floroncc S I.;cKec 
Johnio T McKoe sarac 
Pearlie LicKoo sarao 
\h\ A Bp0\vn, deceased) our fat:aer. 

States ho drew money in 1894 ■:. l^cv.vs 
Cori-Lmisslon roll, a cherokee allottee -(Chcrokoo) 

RELIARICS: MOLLIS C i,lr,IGS nee McKoe , emigrant No 10188 
is daughter of Vin J licKee, who was sk on roll of 1851 and drew 
money at that time, signed Addle V Brown, June 19 1C07 , 
2 v/itnoss v/cre Chas Rain Crov;, and Sto.hen F Corlilo. 

0.10 card in files for 26029 showing that the CASE V/AS 
ADMITTED. Niece of No 2737 and claims through same source. 
Lllnor, Daughter of No 1018 • 

Page 83 
NO. 24523 ii;AST^RI^ CPuiR0rai2i APx^LIJATIO.i OP ADDIE Bil V/N 
Indian name v/as ITA 

Residence aixl post office; Ncrciaaa Indian Territory 

Delaware District, 

A:;e 21 when she signed this a, >di cation 1907; bom 1336. 
She v/as born in Delaware Dist, Cnerokee Nation, and is not 
inarried . 

States sho bolonsed to the ^astern Cherolteo nation. 
Tii: t the navies of parents woio Front: B Br<jvm Indian nano was 
Kilikunu whi h was f her father and Sarah A Brown ^99 
Indian name was SALAK, naiden name was Sarah A Fields (FIELDS) 
f at' er was bom in I.Iissouri and mother bom in Delaware District 
Cherokee Nation. 

She states her mother Sarah a Br v/n , enrol ed with 

Eastern Cherokee on tlic Eightj' Roll and on evorj- roll made 

since then. 

Names of all brothers and sisters were; 

Please Fields, or Ti ka tah. 
Vailiam Fields, V/o La 

George Fields Chi Cho 

Llary E Chastane na la 

Annie xl Fields 
Ana in 1883 date b^rn 
Sarah A born in 1865 

3a lah 
Kaaes of ,j,rand parents on father's sice, not stated. Uioso on 
bor mother's side wore Judy iIcGheo, Chu tah 

AI.iBROSE lIcGhoo Stovostah 
Iho;,^ were born in the OLD C^L:RC1^^;J: NATION 
In 1851 t oy resided in Dolawarc District, Chorokoe Nation. 

Na ^,0 3 of all their children were 
Albert C HcGheo who resided in Delaware Dist, C!:oro]:eo Nation 
John K I.IcGhee sa'-'.e 
Ihomas J licGhee sar:x3 
I.iary A Holin or Harlin? 
Eliza J Fields sai^e 
David A IIcGheo 
Elizabeth B B I.IcC-hee 
Francis Currey 3a:/.o 
Susan Did: sa. e 

She drew of the Strip Lloney that was paid out 
1894 cnrollod by the Daws Oomnissinn and they allotted 
land to me. RELiARl^S . I am the dauchtor of Sarah A Dr.wn, 
t-o no of her application being 266. She signed this J'ono 10 
1907. 2 v/itnoss were Ja .es A V.alkor and Konry Gaines? 

A card in the files shows the ACTION WAS AD1.IITTED. 
Niece of No 390. residence Narcissa Oklahoma* 

Page 84--- 

Residence and post office at Cree^: Nation, P. 0. Ilusko^ee, 
Indian Territory, age 22 when this aoi^lication was alsned 
borr. 1085. in Texas, and is married to '.'illie Brov/n, age 25. 
Tiathe belongs to the Jree^: liati:.n tribe. 

maiden name .j^ceny HcINTOSH, t e fatiier was bom in Georgia, and 
mother In Indian tei-ritor-y. 

In 1351 fathor resided at Fort Gibson and place of 
residence of mother unJcnown. 

Ilaiios of all brcthors and sisters v/ere ; 
Susie Pirtlo born 1877; itodolph Wofford b 1870 
Maria Sraith b 1880, Daisjr Allen b 1881 
Joe i.offord b 1883, Doliza '..offord b 1888 
Honry IVofford b 1890, Henda? \Jofford, b 1892, 
Sarah V/offord b 1895, Cleo Viofford b 1897 
Bertha Wofford b 1900, Leila V/offord b 1901 

Grandparents aro Sara './offord and Susan Hill 
and on mother's side was Lois liclntosh and i.Iaria liarshel 
IVjOy woro born Georgia Indian Territory. 
Resided 1851 in Ft Gibs n and '.-"ybark. 
Their children wore* 'lEOKGE V/OPPORD : DICTC WOFFORD, 

I.Iuslcohoe, Indian Territory 
Eli Wofford, deceased, and Tnom '.'/offord, Talcquah Indian Territ 

Signed Acylcan Brown July 27 1907 

2 witness v;e}X3 Dempsy Grasscr? and Dennis Vann 

A card Yio 31359 shov/s that t'-'C Action was rejected. 
residence liuskogoo, Oklahoma 
Dau htcr of No 25232. 


6 . t;^- 



ll^M i »«■» 


¥•. |« .1 

I £;7e 85 
V/ILLIA:: IlillRY BROmvI : INDIAII NA:E HAR'ON, reside -at 
Hilhaiii, Overton County, T'onnessee, born 4-3-1869, in Overton * 
Co Tonii, and is married to I.;. P. Brovm and belongs to the | 

Chero):ee tribe J " 

Na:r.os of all childron v/ho v/ere living on L'.ay 28 1906 follows: 
T VI Brov/n born 3-4-;893- John A or D? Brov/ri born 7-31 1894 
Cl-iasly B Brov/n 6-16-1805, Annie L Brov;n , 3-17-1898 
Janes Bpov/n born 10-1- 1901. 

faror.ts were Daniel Brov;n and .-ary TenriOsseo Brown, v/hoso i 

Indian naino v/as Harman or Hornan, maiden naino was t 

l.lary Tennessee Cormach . v/ho were born in Overton County, Tonn. 
and they lived in said county in 1851, and both v/eic stilx 
living when he signed this Aug 15, 1907. 

Naiiies of all brothers and sisters v;orc? 
No. 35612, John Ridby Brovm born 8-4-1867. 
No. 35611 J I.I Brovm 

G V/ Browrn v/ith no nunbor opnosito 
IIo 35613 u F Daily; 
35615 S E Ogle tree.: 

and Tv/ins, I.Irs J A Horkins, No. 35514 and 
Josephine Ilor^'.lns No 35616 
(this last ncne may be meant for Hav/kins?) 
as it is not legible 
and Mrs W A Cof f man . 

and mother's side v/as Polly (Mary) Carnack (iJlair., (Elam) 

and " English nn-ie Harmon 

v/ho were born in Overton Co Tonn and lived there in 1851. 
Nanes of all their children fcllov/: 

J 1/ Cornack or Co mock, i 

J 1.1 ■' '= '= ' 

\7 L Hooks j 

B A Masters | 

N S Best I 

l.i J ix Jones I 

A R Co mock • 

Hary Tonnossoe Brovm, (my mother) i 

(states; 300 ap li cation of tl^.e Cormacks or Cormocks, 
and Bilyors Generally. 'x\!o v/it..es3 for his signatvrc were 
J \i Eldridgo, and J S Langford. 

V/illiaiu H Brov;n, residence Hllham Tonn, action Rejected, 
claims through the same source as No 32901. 

The soccial comr.ussioncr of the Court of claims, 
sent an announcement thc.t T A w.uld bo rt Livingston 
Tenn. /to Mary P Daily Nc 35613 Juje 29 1908 and that 

for her to toll VAn H Br \vn No 35610 to be present also. 

PAGE 86. 
NO. 35611 JAi;US "lADISOH BROVfil 

£AST:".R CT-IxlRCnLE APPLI CATION; real .'>.;. cc Hllhp.n, Overton Co. 
Tennessee, who v/as born 5-12-1882 in 0- orton Co. and is not 

Fane of parents were Daniel B ov-ti and nother; 
Tennessee Brown, v/hose Indian narie v/as Harnon or 
maiden na:^.e v/as Tennessee Cornacl:. './ho v/ero born in Overton 
County Tennessee, nrd they libod there in 1851. And both v/ere 
still living when ho sif^ncd this Au 13 1907. 
Nanos of all brothers and sisters v/cro 
John R Brown, born 8-4-1867; 17 H Br.vm born 4-3-1867 
li P Brov/n Dorty oi- Daily? born 9-4-1871 
S V. Bruvai, Ogletroe) born 9-13, 1874 

Tl/VIKS: JOSSi-HILLi BRO.i'I AKiD JO A BROWiI, BORN ll-iQ 11, 1876? 
G './ Brov/n born 2-20- 1387 
W A Brov/n (Coffman) born 12-1-1889. 

1IA.£S OP G;:Ai^D FARiCrlTS iKfiE FATi.ER'S SIDl) V^Rd 
JOHN CORI.IACK and oii nother' s side v/as Polly or i.lary Cornack 
and her Indian waa Horman. Tnoy v/orc » born in Ovorton 
Co Tennessee, and resided t;:icro 1351. 

Names of their c.rlD.dren v/orc J \\ Cornacl:, J \\ Coraaclc 
W L Hck 1 Coraack, E A .Vartls Cornack, \\ S Bost Cor!r;ack 
?.I J Jones Cornack, deed, ai-id A R Comaclc. 

•Hiis nano coixld t)0 oithor Comae!: or Cornock. 
SCO ai^illcation of Jossio? Hash? Cornack, relative to 
Charles Hornan v/hercacouts and life, 

signed Jt'.MOs Iladison Brov/n, 13 Aug 1907. 
2 v/itncss signed v/crc S C V/ard, and Abo Hawkins. 

Action v/as reioctod. Clains through sane source as 
No 32901. 

Pa^e 87 

or Indian Nane Honv.Ein or Hornon, residence Kilhau, Overton 
County Tennessee, born 8-4-1367, 

Tiey were born in Overton County Tennessee, and nane of 
wife was S A Brown, (Haw^rins) born 2-7-1868?. of their children were Fannie ^'av Br-'^v/n born 
8-11-1889 and Vvillln? i^lzin? Brown bom 6-3-1891 
Nanes of parents v/ere, father Daniel Brown, and mother 
T II ESSEE BR vWI (CCRiiAaO Indian nane Hornan 
maiden name Tennessee Cori.iack, both born in Overton 
and lived in said county in 1851, and both v/ere stll.. living 
in 1907 Au:?; 13, when ho signed this. 

Nai'.es of all brothers and sisters were; 
V; H Brov/n, J I.I Brown, G V. Brown, W F Brown, (Daily ) 
S 'hj Brown (Oglotree) and twins; 
J A Brown (Hawkins 

Josephine Brov/ii (Hav.'kins, who mnrriod brothers. 
and \'i A Bruv;n (Coffman) 
NAiiES OF GRAI© ]eAREjrrS V/ JOHN GOK.iACK, father's sido 
and mother's sido was xolly (i.iary) Corr^.acl: (iLlam) 

o":* Hornan 
born in Ovorton Go Tonn, and lived thoro in 1351. 
NAi.SS OF AL . TtlHlIR CHILD 1131^! VfiliLi J \'I CORIIACK, 

ii s 30ST cor:.acic, :.i j joites cori:ack, a r coR;.:Aav, iu\RY 

TEN.l'ESSES BRO/LI, (my mother). 

see a.-. plication for ancestors bock to 1035 
of Jessie '.Yard? Cormacl:, and others spinning from Ciarles 
nOR':A:i, conm> n ancest.T. 

2 witness to signature of John Ridley or Ridby 3ra-/n were 
S C \/ard, and J T Lansdon. 

A card in the file 35613 shov/s action vras rejected. 
Claims through sarno source as No 32901. res.rdonc Hilham, 
Tennessee . 



Residence of V-liitesburs, Tennessee, Ha.blen county Tenn 

age 28 v/hen this apylication v/as signed 1907 Au^.ust 5. 

S She was born Nov 20, 1878 at .-'ar Gap, Hawkins County Tennessee. 

and she is not married. 

Naries of the pnronts v/er Ja les Henry Crawford 
BROlTrl NO 34400, and Rebocca Jane Br^wn, whose maiden name was 
VERl.IILION, that they .vero born father at V.'Qr Gapl Hawkins County 
Tennessee, and mother at Vvillow Springs, Russell county Virginia. 

In 1851 father resided at V/ar Gap Hawkins Co Tennessee 
and mother resided at Stidcloyvillo, Scott Co Va . 

NajTios of all brothers and sisters v/oro; 
T.'eophilus G Brown, born Novonibor 13 1861, at ICnoxvillo, Tennessee 
George McClollan and Franlc Brov/n, (tv/ins) born March 12 1864. 

Loo's Spring, Tennoosco; BIG STCilE GAP IX VIRGINIA 
T-'iOS E BRcm BORiN DEC 9 1865; V^hitosburg, Tcnn 
Clinton A Brown Bom Oct 12 1867 '' 
W.\ W Brown. St Clair, Tonnessoc ,born Doc 23 1869 
James K Brown , bom Nov 23 1874, at Bull's Gap, Tennessee 

on fatiior's side and on mother's side was V^n Vermillion, and 
Nancy Owens, and on father's side were born in North Carolina 
nnd on mother's side born in V&rginia. and in 1351 on father's 
side resided at War Gap Tennessee, and on mother's side resided 
in Scott County Virginia. 

Iheirr children were Irodcll C Brov/n, deed. 
Jesse Brown, Ihos iJ Br-^vTi, Nancy Brovm , Ov;on M Brovm 
Clinton A Br^v/n, "atilda R Brcvm Jarios Y C Br.v/ri , residence 
at V;hitosburg, Tenn for the last named. 

John V; Vemillion, Arch 3 VenilMon 
Augustus, '.'Vm Doughlass ftVormillion 
Mary E Vermillion, Sarah C Vcrnillicn, and Ro'occn J Vermillion. 

Ancestors back to i8&- 1835 were J F C 3r"\vn and Rebecca 
Brown, on father's side -- Tios - and Sarah Brv/n, mother's 
wore V.r.i and Nancy Vermillion. 

RL:;..!ARi:S : 
Mentions Sizomore as t::c English name 
Signed Fannie L Leona Br wn, Aug 3 1907 and 2 vdtness were 
Rev D T/ Laws on and I.i A Creech. 
A card in the files 

shows the action was i^ejoctod. and that it v/as a Sizemoro 
Case . 

NO 34B41 EASlliRN CKiiROICEE A.-.LICATIO:i OF Page 89 

VrtLBERT OWT::: BR:vriI, the minor, Indian nafo was Harnon . 
residence Hilham, Overton county Tennessee, v/hc v/as ago 2 
Born October 5 1904, Born in Overton County Ten.esseo. 
Nanes of all his children ^vlio were living ilny 28 1906 
— \/ilbert Ov/en or Oliver Brov/n, age 2, born Oct 5, 1904. 

NA; .".'S CP his PA1:'LR XX AIID MOTHT-R v/as Jo' n Leslie Br.-wn 
the aoolicant, and no the r v/as Eva S Br v/n, NO 34842 
Indian nane v;as Harnon, nniden nar.e v/as T?va S Dr''V/n. 
Tlioj v/ere both bom in Overton Co Teniesseo. 


Father's side v/erc G G Br'^vn, and I'.nry Brovm, end on 
nothcr's side v/ere Jarios 1' Belyor or Indian none Harnon 
and A/o Bilyer. 
and they v/oro born in Overton county 'Xtonnossee . 

Har.'.es of all diildron follov/; 
Eva S Br JV/n , nothor of ninor^ residence Hilhan Tenn, Route 1 
Perry D Bilyer sar^c 
x'arthena Bilyer sa.. o addroso 
Ova V Bilyer sartO 
Dora J Bilyer saiw 
V/:: P Bilyor sai.ic 
George P Bilyer 2 saino address 

John Leslie and E.a S Brown, parents were J P (Hnrnan) 
Bilyer and Ava Bilyer, Grand parents, Benj and Nancy (Haman) 
Bilyor v/ho v/as a grand son of Charles Harmon a cherol:ce Indian 
of half blood. Signed John L BpOV/n^xSAi^gust 14 1907. 

A card in the files shov/ the ..ction v/as rojoctcd. 
Residence Plilham Tennessee, clains thro the sa:?.e source 
as No 32901. 

A letter in tie file dated Aug 14 1907 to Special 
Cor.imissionor U S Court of claims Vashin^Tton D C. 
Dear Sir; I am desirous to Irnov/ the fact whether or not 
Chcrlos Harnon deceased v/as enrolled on the Indian of the 
Eastern &^oro]reo Tribe it has been reputed and handed do\m, 
as a part of the family record that he v/as in one of the 
early v/ars; I thin^: the Revolutionary v/ar, and led a x snail 
band of Indians a^^ainst the Tories, Please investigate 
your office contains such inf orr.'.ction or not r)loase-»rof cr 
or forv/ard to the proper office, give no any information 
you can in order to assist mo in my claim. 

Very truly, Joh:i Leslie Br-v.-n • 

Page 90 

who v/as fon.orly Bllyen (indlnn nr-\o jjva Sobrlna Harmon) 
Residence; Hilhan, route 1, Overton County Tennescee. 
A: e 24, born July 8, 1803. Pom in Overton county Ifennesse- 
whose husband v/as John Leslie Br v/n , 

Na -le of her child was '.'ilbert Ozner Brovm, a.-^e 2 
born October 5, 1904. 

Na;'03 of parents v/ere Ja les Peter Bllyen and A va 
Bllyen, forierly Avo Hornor , fat'-'cr was Ja:-.G3 P Bilyen 
Indian jaae was Ja.ios P Har.ion, and mother was Ava Bilyen 
maiden name was Ava Harnor or Hornor. 

Tnoy were born in Overton County Tennessee, 
fatr'.or and mother were both living in 1907 August 13, when 
she signed this ap..licatlon; 

All hor brother's and sisters wore as follows; 
Perry Dontnn Bilyor born Aorix 10 1837, rosidonco Ililhan/Ponn 
Parthenia Olivia Bilyor, Hilhnr.; Tonn born Ilarch 19 1889 
Ova or Ava V Bilyen born Juno 1 1391, Hilhaia Tonn 
Dona Jano Bilyen born Oct 14 1895, Hilhom, Tenn 
'ui.\ royton Bilyen born Juq® 21, 1899, Hilhan, Tonn 
George Powell Bilyen, com Aug 12 1902, Hilham Tenn 

ON Father's side Bo ' j Bilyen and or Harmon and 
Nancy Bilyon Pctcrmnn and on mother's side was John H Horner 
and ulnorva J (TROUT) HOR]ER 

Resided 1851, m.y grand parent Bllyen resided in Overton Co 
I'onn, the others I a;; no sua re. 

NaiTics of all thoir children were Oliver Bilycr, deed. 
Andrew J Bilyon, Hilhan, Tcnn -V/:n Bilyen at Hilhan, Tenn 
Parthenia Bilyen, deed. George \'i Bilyen, deed. Nancy E Bilyo: 
Bilyon, Oglotreo , Livingston Tcnn 

Jacob Bilyen, deed. Sherod A. Bilyen, R-assellville , Ky 
I.Iahala A (Bilyen) Holman, iTusselville, Ky 
liahala A Bilyon Holman, Rassellville Ky 
Rose A Bilyen,'lford, Russellville, Ky 

Ancestors bac": to 1035, shows Jr.;'.cs V (Harman) Bilyen and 
Avo Bilyen parents, Bcnj Harmon Bilyen and Nancy Bilyen 
grand parents Oliver Harnaon Bilyen, and Bilyon, great grand 

parents Charles Harmon and Harmon Great Great Grand 

p arc lit s . 

Sec a- olleation of John D kAiito filed with ap lication 
of ijidrew' J Bilyen, and ap licantion of :iliza Jane Gore 
filed with Vn Bilyen' s a;plicati n as to my descent from 
CHARLES HARluON Iv/^ Cili. R^vil- lilDIAi: 

She signed niva S Brovm, 13 Aug 1907, with 2 witnesses 
\'I F ward and Albert i/ilson. I^.e card in N^ 34842 shows 
Action was rejected. Clai..:s tiiru the same source as No 32901 



Page 91 
no 34558 Zastern Chero?:oe, apjlicp.tian of 
A ARI'.TA S. BROW::. Residence at Route V.c. , 3 PULASivA COUl'TY 
ARlCAiSAS a^c 27 born Feb 20 1800, born in Snllno County 
/ipicansas, and is i •.•lari-l od to Caarlea A Bx'-^'m, a chero':ee 
Na:ie of child was Benard Pa,3an by First Husband ap:o 10 
born Aug 29 1897 . 

Ihis child was livlrg n ::□:' 28 1006. 

Na-es of parents v/ero Joshua Bowden Snov; ^..^ .. ,..-r Alice 
Virginia Snov/, maiden nane Alice V Sincox. 
fathsr was born in Saline County Arlransas, and no the r in 
Decatur Alabor.ia. 

In 1851 father lived at Saline Gn Ark. and nother in 
Decatur Alabana 

Fat, er d ed Jan 31 1905, and nother still llvliv, _.- 

Na.'o of all your broth'' rs and sisters were 
Chesloy B Snibw, born Dec 271 1872, 
Claudl Leon Snow bom Juno 21 1875 
Hannlo Snow bom ^lardn 4 18o6 
Ellsworth Snow, born J ne 20 1890 
Roland Lofland Sn.w born Dec 1 1392. 

OBEDI/Ji SNOW MID on nothor's side was ivuth Snow. 
Thoy v/oro born in Goorgia and iilabar.ia, 
thoy resided in 1851 in Salino County iO?lcansas. 
Na-.ios of all their children .vcrc Solonon Snow 
I.ialancy Snow and Jack Snow or Zack Snow, all deceased. 

She si nod the ap-^li cation as io'nrina Snow Br -wn 
13 1907 and 2 witness wore i. -i Br \.ti and Ton D Johnson. 

A card in the file shows the action was rejected. 
Clains thru saiio source as No 32526. 


NO 34703 :a(50 92 

l^ase shows hsr naie to be Arcenla Brov/n, residence of 
706 10th St Indianapolis, liarlon Count;' Indiana 
She was af;e 35 when she signed this ap'-lication 1907. 
Str.tes she was Born Au^vist 23 1822. in' Halifax County North 
Carolina, states she is a widow. 

I^iat her child Charles './iliian Brown was born 
October 8 1854. 

Hor father was Asa Jones, and mother was Nisa Jones 
maiden nn: :e was Nisa Hinniard, (wl:ito). 

fat'^.or vms born in Halifax County North Carolina 
her mother born there also. 

T.ioy resided in I^sh county Indiana in 1851, deceased) 
father diod about 1830 and inothcr about lo'.3 


and on mother's sido "V/HITE" 
Ti-IEY WERE BORl'I IN GEOX-IA. in 1851 v/cro docoasod . 

Four of i.iy chil'fr:-."! have diod but xxzxe leave 
off a rings, doscondants of c.xro'ioc. 

Sho si nod Au^ 12 1907 
with 2 witness; Albert -7 Roberts and Julia Brown Harris 

Ihorc is a card in tro files, showing Action was rojoctod. 
No ancestor was over enrolled. It docs not appear that any 
ancestor was party to the treaties *")f 1835, and 1036, and 1346. 
An dicant v/as nor her fat'ior wore no or roco",nlzed as 
me.ibcrs of the tribe. ^■>3gTrT87t Shows ^x no connection vrLth the 
Eastern Chcro^toes. sec letter. 

Hor letter reads, "Indianapolis, I .d H.ay 25 1908 

Hon G'ion Miller, V/r3hin£:ton D C 

Dear Sir: I v/as not enrolled in 1851 because I dnd not l:now 

anything about it. 

Ily father was not enrolled in 1^51, or 1835 

because he did not know anything about it. 

•ly father nor myself v/erc never recognized 

members of the Eastern Choro'':co3, and so wore not ad'.''ittod 

to tribal council. 

I was never a slave. 

signed /a?conia Br v/n, 

706 V/ 10th St. 

Pa^e 93 

# 33198 faster:: GIIliHO'rEE A'PLICATIOi; OF AxTT'TF Bx'lV.lI, address; 
Italy, iJllis county Texas, a^o 33 born 1873, In Ilarrant or 
Denton (probably county as there aru 2 count 'es by this nane 
in Toxas ) . -Jid is married to R. ... Brov/n a- e 54. 

Waiics of all children v/ho v/ore living on liay 28, 1006 
Nannio Law Bpov/n, born March 1895, ..alter -iaby Brown, born 
July 1897, ■.;illia!:i Jadcaon Brov/n born February 1900, 
Dollic Loona Brown, born August 1902, Iva Burro 1 Brown born 
March 1905. 

Kai.ios of her ;paront3 v/orc Bill Driskill, 
and uary (Thomas) Dri skill, and lived in Chorokoo Nation in 1851. 
Ilotior diod April 9, 1883, and fat.or still living. 
Kar.ios of all brothers and sisters wore; 
Donnis L Dri skill, Italy Texas born 1865, 
John Driskill, born Sia Italy, Toxcs 
Jai.'es A Dri ski 11, Tanner Toxas 
/innie Driskill, Italy Ellis county Texas 
Llary Day^ Dolborg, Indian Territory 

/(I cannot find this na;r:C in Postal r-uldo ) 
Nauos of grcnd parents v/CiC; 
John Drisklll, a -.d Catharir-0?"Dri3klll, 

(my fat>(;r gets his indirn blood from his (jrcnd mother £b 
Chrlstiannic 2aton. 

ilothcr's side was Joseph Thomas and I'ory Thoras 
Nni/.os of all children wore*' 

Bill Driskl.ll, John, George, Pairlio, Lizaboth and Jnno Drisklll. 
iuICSSTC'RS r.AC: to 1835; 

Bill Driskill , do not knov/ whether he 
was born as early that dato, John Drisl'ill, (grcnd father) 
Catherine Driskill (grand r.i thor) 

1 hereby appoint Bclva A Lockv/' d of i^ash, D C (prob nionn s 
l/ashington b C liy true and lawful attorney and allov; 
h>-r a ccLomisslon of tpn por cent. 

signed Jennie Br wn, 2nd Au^ 1907. 

2 v/itnoss were John M Brovm and J C Snycr. 

i. card in the file shov.'S the action was rejected. 
She was a sister of No 13191, 

(not sistor of 13191, residence Italy Texas, 
(also a note in the files as follows: 
Tills case was incorrectly grouped and t::oreforo, 
should be roc jnsidered - shows no relation to No 13191 

No. 34400 PQge 94. 

JAI.ES YOUIiG CRAV;F0RD BROVJ"! of Eastern Corokooa, ap llcatl n 

Reaidenc© at V/hltesburg, Tennesaoo, Har.iblon county, ago 69 

born January 27, 1838, bom at War Gap, Hav/klna County Tonnosaee. 

and Is narrlod to Rebecca J Brovm, ago 63. 

The ansv/er to question No 9. wliich statoa, to v/hat trlbA of 

Indians does sho bo long; Ansv/or; does not claln Indian blood. 

Na.iQs of all their child ron living Hay 28 1906 are; 

Iheo G Brmnn born Nov 13 1861 

George I.; and Frank 17 Br jvm , (T\'/INS) born March 2 or 12,1864 

Tlios jZ Brov/n born Dec 9 1865 

Clinton A. Brown born Oct 12 1867 

Uillian V/ Brov/n born Doc 28 ^ 1869 

Ja.ies Y Brov;n bom November 23, 1874. 

Fannie L. Brov/n born Novonber 20, 1878 
Ihomas ^ast Brown, and Sarah Brown, whoso niai.. .. ;. _ .as 

SARAH SIZEi.!ORE. Born in North Carolina 
Tliey resided at ' Gap, Hawkins County Tonnessoe in 1851. 
Father diod February 22 1867 aid mother died Aupust 26, 1853 
Na.-.!Os of all brothers and sisters wor.: 
Iradoll C Br.vm docd, bori July 27 1817, 
Jessio Brov/u deed, bom Oct 17 1819 
Thos '^ Brov/n docd, born Jan 12 1822 
Nancy Br.v/n deed, born Nov 26 1825 

Owen 11 Brov/n bom Jan 10 1030 
Sarali T Brov/n born Jan 5 1032 deed 
Clinton A Br v/n docd bom Oct 31 1833 
Llatilda L Brovn , deed, bom Avz 27 133G 

Ihcy v/orc born in North Carolina, 
Ihcy wore dead In 1851. 

na:"es of all their children v/e e 

FAT-^ER'S SIDE: Jesse Brov/n, Hios L Brov/n, Sam Brov/n. 

A nane blurred Nurygau Sizonoro, Foraby Sizemoro, 
Alsy Sizenoro, Tabitha Sizemorc , Cynthia Sizenoro and 
Sarah Sizomore. A'ICESTORS "ACIC TO 1055; 

Tlios E and Sarah B^own, Sar.i and Hannah Bro\vn , Grcnd parents 

on father's side; Ov/en and Sizonore, grand parents on 

mother's Sizomcro side cannot give Indiwn na os. 
REI.IARICS : At this tine were unable to give Indian of ny 
cherol-oc ancestors x Sizenoro, is tho English nane. 

Signod, Jainos Young Grav/ford Br"V/n, Au,"^ 3 1907. 
2 witness v/orc Rev D T Sk Lawson, and M A Crooch 

A card in the file shows tlio Action was rojoctod. 
and that it was the a± Sizenoro case. Residence at i^hiteabur^ 
Tennessee for Janos Y C 3f 3r0V/n. 



RESIDENCE Rogeraville, Tenneaaee, Hav/'iins county age 56. 
Born Hay 15, 1851, In Loe Valley, and is iimrrled to Nellie P. 

Nonol of all chlldron wrtio were living Hay 20 1906. 
ilary E Brovm born May 11 1882- Katie ?I Brovm Apr 17 1804 
Maude ., Br. vm Born I.'arch 18 1086 
FranJc C 3r v/n Born Aug 15, 1088 
Anna Brown Born Nov 27 1090 

Johnle B Brown born Jan 15, 1893 
Louiza Brov/n born Oct 1, 1895 
Mildred Brown born Feb i 7, lo99 
Ralph Brown Born February 10 1901 

Hilda ? Brov/n born Se;.t 14, 1903 

r.ame3 of parents were 
Iredell Carapbel" Brov/n, and mother was Mary An^ (V.T'IS) BROV/N 
Father was born at '..'ar Ga'j, Hawkins County ?enn. 
rnothor in Loe Valley, Hawl'.ins county Tennessee 
T.iey li>. ed in Lee Valley Tonn in 1851. 

Fat.:or died December 30 ir.OO, and motlior died Juno 21, 1887. 
Name of brothers and sisters wero: 
#34405, Salllo ^ Johnston, Rogorsvil.o, Tonn 
Anna R Starnos, Morristovm, Tonn no niunber givon 
No 34404, Argyra C Boal? V^hitosbur^ Tonn 
John wosluy Brown, Rogcrsvilxo, Tc .n 
Larkin \<lllis Br^v/n, Morristov/n, Tcnn 
Mary A Orr, Morristovm, 
No 34403, Mnttio '^ Brovm, Vihi tosbur;; Tunn 

Na OS of grand parents 
Thos ^J Brov.Ti and Sarah Slzonorc 

on Mother's side vms Ja.ios V/illis and Sarah Stublotown? 
(might bo mount for Stuff loboan? vory illegible - 
lYioy v/cro Bom in North Carolina, on father's side} 
Tonnossoo on mother's side. Tncy resided 1051 at V/ar Gap, Tonn 
on fatnor's side and Loe Valloy, Tonn on mother's side. 

Names of all thoir children. Xollov/; 
Iredell C B^ov/n , deed. Jossie B^ov/n, deed, Thos Z. B^'^vm docd 
i'lancy Brovm, docd, Sarah T Brown, docd, Clinton A.Br')V.'n, docd 
KlM Nealson:? L Brov/n, deed, Ov/en M Brov/n, deed 
J Y C Brov/n, V.hitcsburg, Tonn 

Mary A \/illis, deed J M D V.lllis deed, Annis R Willis, deed, 
VVra l/illis, deed, Iredell Willis, deed, LaFayette V/illls, deed 
Blackv/ater, Virginia. Perry or Berry './illis, deed, San V.'llla 
docd, riizabeth '/illis deed, Svimmervil3e V.illis, V.ashburn Praldlo 
Prairio, Missouri his rosidonc . 

Ancestors bade to 1835 v/er« Ir^-dell C and Mary A ^„'v,-n, 
Tnos E and Sarah Brov/n , father's side , JairjOs and Sal 
Willis, on mother' 3 sidij . signed F A Brov/n Aug 5, 1907, and 2 
witness S H Eidson and J L Cope.. A caixi in the file shows 
this Action v/as Rejected, and that it v/as a Sizonorc case. 

residence Rogeraville, Tonnossee* 

■ ■, :■ - ■ '.'. -■ .t: 1 ■ 


Bieophulus Drown residence at ICnoxville, 'I>enn. Page 96 

ICnox County, a^e 46, born Nove;::ber 13 18C1. 

STATES HE V;AS BORN IN CLAY COUNTY 'iZL TJC^ . end is rnarrlod to 


Nanes of their children living t!ay 23 1-. 
Ray or Roy H Brov/n born 3o_.'t 25, 1887 
James Harvey? Brown born JQn 1890 

Eaanest C Bj,own born ? 1893 

Thos G Brovm bom April 1898 

Names of parents were : 
Ja;vies Young Crawford Dj,ovm, and Rebecca J Brov/n, whose nadien 
name was Rebecca J Us. Verr.illllon. 

father was born at l/ar Gop, Hawlcins County Tannessec and mother 
at V/illow Springs, Russell County Virginia. 
Ihey resided, in 1851 at './ar Gap, Hawkins County Tenn and 
mother at Stickloyvillo, Scott County Vlr'-inia. 
his parents v/oro both still living when ho signed this ao llca- 
tlon 1907 A ug 6. 

Na'-.os of brothers and sistors wore 
Goorgo IxClolland and 

Franl-: Bpov/n, (TWINS) BOai I.IARCH 12, 1864 
Loos Springs, Tonnossoc and Big Stone Gap Virginia. 
TI':0 3 iii Brown, whitosbur:; Tennessee, born Ooc 9 1865 

Clijton £ A }3rown, '..hitosburg. Term born Oct 12 1867 
VAn \i firw Brov/n, St Clair, Tonn born Doc 28 1869 
Jamos Y BrovAi, Bulls Gap Tonnossoo, bom Nov 23 1874 
Faiinio Loonia Br-wn, 'wMtoaburg, Tonn, born Nov 20 1873 

Ti:o na!..C3 of grand parents follow; 
Ihoa r- or A? Brov/n and Sarah Slzonorc and on nothor's side 
wcro \/n Vo million and Nancy Ov/on. 

Fat'oor's side v/oro bom in North Carolina, and 
nothor's side born in Vir'^inia. 

Tlioy resided in 1851 on father's side at ' Gap Tonnossoo, 
and nothor's side in Soott County Virginia 

Names of all thoir children v/ere/ 
Iredoll C Brov/n, deed, Josseo Drov/n, deed, Ihos-E 3r-^vm docd 
Nancy Br v;n docd, Ov/on :: Drov/n deed, Scnuol T By,ovm docd 
Clinton A Brov/n deed, ::atilda L E^o\7n deed, James Y C Brown 
livos at I'liitesbur ■ Tonn. On mother's sido was John 
Vermillion, /irch E, Augustis, V/n Douglass, Ilary 3, Sarah C 
and Robocca J Vernilxion. 

Ancestors back to 1835 follows; J Y C Drov/n and Rebecca 
J Br-v.TL, Thos A ? and Sarah Br.w:, "..•.n and Nancy Vermillion 

He signed this Olaoopholus G Brxnvn, Aug 6, 1907 
v/ith 2 witness; G E Bradford, and L TX Hickman. 

One cari in the file shov/s residence ivnoxvillo, Tenn 
that Actio was rejected, and it v/as a Sizcnoro case. 


1 '.->-•- ' , ':'■" 

NO, 33907 Tl:X/iII:'A BROMI EASTCRl! CiLEROKEE Page 97 


(t is i.iay be either for a nan or v/ouan, as It 
Is a little blurred as to v/::et' It nlp;ht bo Texasaa, 
shows the Indian nano was Texarius Jefferson, res denes 
Riceville Tennessee, ■Iclilnn county Tennessee, ajc 32 or 52? 
bom 1855. in said licl.linn county and is married but does not 
show nane of to whom they were riarried, and nane of wife or 
husband a was 69, but no na:.:o shov/n. 

Wanes of all children living on '.lay 28 1906, were 
Lilie born 1876 ' born 1894, Hulo born 1896, 
and another na:io wliich is very illegible - Liight be meant for 
Dopoin or anything born 1897 . 

T J JACSOK Indian na:r.o T J Jefferson, and Lucy ,::eGeo 
and Indian name Lucoy Jofforson, and Luccy Jabson or 
Jobson maiden name. 

Fat.. or was born in Jofforson County Tcnnossoo 
and i.Iothor born in Jouth Gar u Una 

Tlioy rosidod 1051 in Jofforson county Tonnossoo, and nothor 
in South Carolina. 

Father died 1903 and mother still living 

Names of all brothers and sisters v/cre 
Tinnic Jobson? born 1843, llauda Jabson born 1363, and 
JIm Jabsoa or Jolson bom 1869, Latti. o Jolson? bom 1875 

Yil^.ES OF GJU.m PaRE.:TS VVEHIJ uj grand father 
was Rcocc Jofforson? some more words, w-.ich are too illogiblo 
to decipher. they wore b._-'rn in Jofforson Cc Tonn 
and resided t'jcro in 1351. 

1\,cir children were Jlnno Jefferson, Salli< 
Sallio Jofforson and T J Jefferson. 

Tlie ap -11 cant signed Tcxanna (her x !:arl:) Drov/n, 
Aug 12 1907 and 2 witness J ' McDeruott and G '.' Vhite. 

il-ioro is a card in tre file shov/ing Action Rejected 
Applicants parents were SLA'^IIS. RI^SIDI^iCC ; RIC:,YT^ 2 TENM. 


#25591 last:;;:!'" CHJROinSES AiMlCA'ITON OF ?ap-Q 96' 

inLLIAI! A BRO'.Trl 
HIS ;.:iDDIE NA-E WAS V/ILLIA:: ALVIS BR '.::;, Indian descent 
was Haynes . 

Residence uarlo' Couritv Tennessee, i'oat Offioe Roo">e , 
Marion County Tennessee, and is a^e 34, horn Aril'lB, -1873 
near Ringgold, Catoosa County Georr-ia, and is married to 
I.iousie Drov/n, v/ife, a. e 26, 

Tr.oir children living on May 28 1906, were 2 
Oscar Brovm, born July 1901 and AlvJLs Drov/ri born Jan 14 1905. 

Kaiies of parents we© V/illian D ovm and Nancy Heatherley 
(after hor marriage was Nancy Brown^ h Indian na'no was 
Nancy Haynes, maiden na lO was Nancy Heatherley. 
raronts both born in Campbell county Ton ossee . 
In 1851 in Bartersvil '.e, Indian Territory tnx9»9i-i 
QUESTION NO 15, Vvore thoy ever enrolled for monoy, annuities 
land or other benefits:? States], liy mother infeirmod mo 
that we were onroL.ed at TELLEQUAH, CILhiROI-OiE liATIOH: C liiROICEE . 

Nap.os of all brothers and sisters v;orc : 
James H Brown, born Jm 22 1860, Bartorsvillo, Indian Torritorj' 
Rufus K Brovm Bom I.Iay .3 1361, last account in Toxas reside nco 
I.Iary /uin x Brown, deed, born Jan 3 1863 
America 3rov/n, April 21 186^ (1863, married L L Ross 

residonco; Victoria, ikarion County, Tonn. 
Sarah Lilizabcth Brovm, born Nov 20 1865, -arried J ?I Ross 
reside r CO V:'. ctoria , Harion County Tcnn. 

Celia Bj,own, born June 21, 1868, married husband H A Hartman, 
residence Bartersvil Ic, Indian Territory. 

JAllSS R BRCV/il and Sallie Alder, no Indian descent 

mother's sid>. v/erc Ja^.os Heatherley, indian na:r.e was 

Jamos and Betty ? 

Names of all their children were 
Tliomas Heatherley, deceased, 
Ja-.-.-Os Hoat: erloy ii Can;.bcll Co Tcnn 
Tncre arc other children, but ayplicant does not knov/ t'.ieir 

na.-cs . 

Ho si nod this '.71111 am A Bj,ov/n, Juno 18 19u7 
with 2 witness; D B Plllsbury and i.l i: Strawn. 

A caixi in the files shows this action was Rejected 
residence Roopo Tonne sseo; Uncle of No 20589, claims thru 
same source.. 



Inc3,ian N II or H? H J W B, reaidonco Cherokee nation, 

Indian Torritory, town and post office Chocotah, Indian Terrlt- 

or-y, coiuity - 'Jt Creek Matlon, Indian Iferritor-y, 

date and place of birth; CiIiil'tvKUi; NATION :,lARGh 31 1055 

and claims right to sharo, through .my mother Lucy Brov/n 

(NEE LGV/RY OR LOVVREY) xxn Tiy grand f at lOr Jq;.ioo Lov/roy, 

ray grand mother Botaoy Lov/i^oy, also throu h GEORGE BRCW;;, 

Elizabeth Bv,ovm and Lov/ry or Lorey Brov/n if on the 1851 roll. 

and is mfi.rriod to Sal lie Brewer ago 35. 

Name of paixDnts aro : 

John Brown indian name or N? to N ct V/ BV Lucy Browo: 
Browcr, indian nano F W" P? J V/ B, maiden Lucy Lowrcy 
and he did not knov/ v/horo they woro born, but the-.' lived in 
1851 in Cherokco Nation. Pat jor died March 15 18b4, and mother 
in 1863, 

Names of all brother's and sisters v/crc 
George Brov^i. born Oct 4 1844 died 1859 

Elizabeth B ovm. born Oct 3 1847 Lorcy (might be Lucy? Brown 
born SoDt l5 1850, Alc::a idcr Brov/n Born Juno 11 1853, died Apri: 
Aoril 27 1872, and Tecv. ;?.'oh 3r ^v/n born Oct 9 1857 
Worcester B V/-n. born I.iai^^.i 31 1859, and Sarrh Br^v/n born Se-it 

28, 1861. 

Naries of grand parc.ts on his father's sido were 
not known, but on his mother's sido was Jc.r.cs Lowrey 

H L Q T V; H P?indian na-ie 
They resided in 1851 in (J^crokec Nation. 

The ansv/cr to question no 20 v/as ; 
Have you over been enrollod for annuities, land etc he stated. 
At Fort Gibson, Cherokee Nati n InJiiJi Territory, and dont 
romcmbor date. 

In a long hand written application it stat s. 
No 465 For eastern or Caor koe e.iigroi-it 
Claim answer to Guion Llillcr, letter to J ■ .. 'O s 
Brown docoascd; State of Oklalioma, County Ox; 

On this 4 Jan 1908 came before me a Notary public in and 1. 
for said stato Ja.r.os Barnes of Kocfoton x'ost Office Oklahorm 
administrator on estate of James Br.m, deceased, and guardian 
of his minor children. 1. Watie B^.v/n , ^GO 1^ 
2^Ja.;o3 Br.v/n Jr ago 12. who being sworn ^^^^i^^^, ^^'^^^'o' in 

Slrf VroS li, 1C55 in Illinois District C'*'*"" J?"5Shn 
^ra'son .f John Bro>^ *cr...oo ln.x.n na« of^saW 

Eost^in or-Enl;rant acr^'.oc on the ;^™Erant rol. of ia51^_^^_^^ 
^ S^^r^rr oso jr .Ju.^^^^^^^ 
?r«roo Sfon?* -"-^oS .:,?'|u| Lo»rc.^Bpv,n „ero 

SisualilDu- Bill i-owry, Jo^m Lowro lo 

''ir.o childron of Jf^" Br™n or Sc^..r ^m ^^_^^r ^^^^^^ 
and Lucy Br;wn, noo LowrOj , aoooraine 
wcro ; 


HO 465 cuntinuod of EAST-oIil C iLROiCSii ... rLI CATION ^Pa,;^e 
J>L.j..S BR*.'»rri: 100-- 

1. George Brown 

L./ born Oct 4 1844 

2. Elizabeth Brovm , deed, born October 3 1047 

3. Larey Brov/n.decd, on oepteiber 10 1050 

4. Alexander B^ov/n deed, born June 11 1852 - 1055 

5. Jaivies Brvn"/n deed, born iiarch 31 1855 

6. Tecunshie Drav/n, born October 9 1857 

7. VYorchester Brow;-, deed born i;arch 31, 1059 

0. Sarah Brov/n, deceased, born September 28 1361. 

John Scrogen or Seoryor, or Bu^ Brcwn and his v/ifo 
Lucy Lov/roy Brown, parents of Jai.ios Brcnvn deeoased, 
father of V/atie and Ja;-.e3 Br v.n Jr, riinors lived in Illinois 
District, Cheroicoo Nation in 1851, so I an infoiriod. 

iiajor George Lov/rey long Second Chief of Chero'ceea 
and his wife Lucy BEIIGE LOV/REY, were father and mother of 
Janes Lowrey, father of Lucy Brcv/n, Kee Lowrey. 

sij.iod Janes Barnes guardian of illnor 
V/atio 3rov/n, and Minor ." .'ou Brovm, Jr Ihj.s Jan 4 1908 

Certificate: Hon Guion ilillor, Co -jnissioner of Chero'cee 
Emigrant clairas, Washington J C 

I certify that Lucy B cwn, nee Lov/rcy v/as the 
mother of Ja:.ies Brcwn deceased c 3ho was dau^;htor of Jamos 
Lowrey son of .-is uajor George Lowroy and Luc;/ BENGE LOWREY. 

Hc-r mother was nai.iod BETSEY LOV/REY of 
Flint District, Chorol<»o Kjjtion in 1851. 

Scoryer Brown or Bug Br. wn, or 
John Brov/n was sheriff of Illinois District, Chorokoo Haticn 
in 1051. 

signed Joshua Ross ..uslco .oo Oklaho;;ia 
T-'.is claim was AD.-ITTED; JA..ES BROV/I-. ilO 465 

who died ilay 5 1907 residence Ghocotoh. 03:lahona 
aolicant's mother enrolled by DRSlIirLII IN 1051 

Flint 84. 

?a/ZO TOT 




II©IM TERRITORY BORN 1365 in Dolav/arc District', Cherokee 

Nation, and is raarrled ; t at her hvaband v/an b m 1864, 

but did not state his na ic hore; fn; t ' • .astern 


Name of children living on liay 28 1906 were; 
N • 24523 Adair J Brcvm born 1806 a^e 21 v/hon she a' ^ this 

in 1907, and No 24524 Lizzie Truslor born 1088. 
JossQ Brov/n , no numbers on the balcne of then, bor;; 1390 
Garland A Brown born 1892 ii^fio E Brovm born 1897 

and otolla M^g.-V/^e^8^8a^8??dd by the Daws or Dawes Cc.:rd3sion 
in Dolauare District Cher o'. fee Nation, and thoy 
allotted lards to thoia . 

Tne above 4 na:.:es were enroled as cherolcoos 
In Dolav/are District chcro!:ee nation and drew of the strip 
money that was paid out in 1894. 

A card in the file No 266 shows the /iction was ad;.iitted. 
Residence Karcj^^sa^Ok^ai-igna^gQ Clainanfs mother enrolled 
by DREOTIEN IN 1851 Dol.T- arc 142. 

Sarah A Brv/n statoci in 1909 in Narcissa Oklnhcma, 
that her husband's nanc was FRANTC B BROV/N. 
That ho has never made ap'-ilication f:r any 
Eastern Cherokee funds kx for himself. 


il^ 557 l^ASTi^R.; CK^HO.J^ Ar.LICATIOH cP GJ. HGr) HA^Sl BnJ.rW^°^""' 
Rn^SIp^..'.:. W^.S Linapaii, Loi.apah, Ci-iero'-oe l.ation, Indian 
Territory, born 1839 In GtofSIA. 

CLAI..S RIGHT TO SHARE for uyaelf, ny mother .^chel Brovvn. ,iy 
grand mother, Susie Vdlcox, ny brother and sister, Silas 
and Sallxe Ross, or Brown, both of v/hon died v/if ut descent 
- i-y aunts I'olly and Jane \<llcox, both of \^on died without 
this^ls'lOOel ^^ "a^^^ied to ::ahala Brovm a-e 57 v/hen he signed 

They both were born in Choro':ee Nation, and died in Saline 
District, about 1851. 
Father died sinco the Civil V/ar, mother died about 1851 

Tney wore enrolled on emigrant cheroicoo oayroll in Snlino 
district in 1351. 

Kar.E s of brithors and sis tors; 
No 558 AE.EIE BROVfJ, at Lcnapah, Indian territory 
Silas Ross died wihout descent 
Ja:ies £e±1 Ross deceased 
Salllo r?03s died v/it ;out descent 
Perry Ross, Clarimoro In*.:' n Territory. 

Kones of grand parer :.m on his mother's side was 
SUSIE BROlTw, afterwards Susie i.'ilcox. 
Susio Brown was born in GhcrD::ee Nation EAST. 
Taoy resided 1851 as fol cv/s ; Susci '..ilcox lived in So lino 
District . 

Nar.»G of all their children woro Rachel Br.'v;n, 
my m.ther, docoasod^ Polxy jctx V.ilcox, deed, wit^^out descent 
Jane Ullcox died without dc secret. 

Tliat ho was enrol j.od for annutios, and etc. on the o:;:igrant 
roll of 1851 on Gnor.'^-.oo authonticatod roll of 1380 and 
am a chcrokoe allottee . 

S my great grand fat er Alexander Brovm lived 

signed Sojit 22 1906 as Gcrgo Hammer Brovm (with x narl:) 
2 witness v/erc J H Shifclott and 3 A Been 
p 7 c follov/ing typed pa~c is in the file, of Ano. No 947 and 325 

Perry ross, being duly aew« sv/orn, deposes and says; 

ily is Perry Roa3.„ I, am about 59 -I claim chcr.>keo blo.d 

through my mothfcr. ..v fatncr was colored and a slave. 

Hor v/as aachcl Dr^v/n, and my father' o na'io v/as Rcss, 

after his ovmor. I v/as enrolled by the Dawes Goiinissicn as 
Chcro]:ee freedman Gncro^ree roll No 2590. I got tie strip money 
and bread money. I v/as never a slave. :iy mother was never a 
slave. Tie Dav/es C->rr.:issicn asl'cd mo which rell I wanted to 
go on and I v/as scared and said Freedman as they had told me I 


She has been dead. She was enrol^-w^ ^.. - 

I knew her mother. She ^ot Indian blood from both parents. 
Pier mother went by name of Susie ., ilcox. She lived in the 
Iterritory, she called mo her grand son. She was Indian. I 
cant recall my grand father ».ilcox. I never joined any other 
tribe of Indians, but alv/ays v/ent -.rith the Gier ':ees. I dont 
renerabor my mother's brobhers caid sisters, hy half br^.tners are 
Ge--rge H Brown at Leaaoah or Ha!ii:::or Brown, Acbie Brovm is my 

...'V i : '■ 

^\ . 


Pago 103 

No 557 continuod, EASTiCR.i Cia:.ROICEL Ar.LICAriCH OP 
GijORuE HAi... ER BROkrN: 

Har.imor Brovm did not talco tho Proodinan Roll but his daughters 
follov/cd the nothor and took it. Ky other relatives arc all 
docoasod. V.o had the nothor. Signed I'crry R: 33 

His grani nothur v/as Susie V/ilcox , noo x 3r:wn. She was 
tho mother of Rachol Bj,.-v/n, Polly, Je ;03 air' Ihonpson Wilcox. 
Rachel Br '\vn was tho nothor of x-'orry. According to llr . Starr. 

Tlio follov/ing is mar^rod "EXHIBIT A" 

CI-ISROIvEE ENROLL. ;S] IT 601 Ouray Building, •.Vr.shingtjn D C 

Lonapah, Oklahona Feb 29 1808 
Dear Sir: Replying to yovr letter of the 24th l'J08, I bog to su 
submit the follov/ing sv/orn statenent; 
v/Lich v/as signed by George Br v/n; 

"l.Iy mother v/as a ful?L blood chernkoo Indian and ny father was 
Stephen Taylor a negro be '-onging to Ton Taylor a chcr koo Indian 

i.Iy mother died bef.'re tlio money v/as paid out at Tahlequah, and 
it was paid to BRICE IiARTIi'S V/IDOV/ and .ibby, my sister. 

Briee (spelled Bris'; .artin v/as a Cherokoo Indian, 
f'erry Ross is my half 01 ■..■^.or. V/o hal tho sane mother but 
fathers' s were differeneo. r'orry Ross's father v/as Joss Ross w 
who belonged to Lev/is xicss a Clacr..koo Indian. 

John Brov/n was ny mother's brother a full blood caorokoo. 
EV;^:S, OSCAR, SUSSIE, /JID PEGC-Y BROVai all children of tho said 
John Brov/n, all full blood Indians and all my first cousins. 

I cario to this country v/ith Lige Hicks and Govrge Fields, 
wiio were both full blood Indians and also my mother and sister 
.ibbie from Gcwrgia. I can nut roi.ior.ibor jlloxar.der Bru'.m, for 
that v/as before I v/as born. 

I v/as never hold as a slave, neither v/as my mother, 
held as a slave by the chcrokee Indians. 

I do not kn v/ hov/ many tii.ios my nothor 
Su s i e Br o v/n my g r on d mo th or v/ a 2 mar r i ed . 

Judge Brov/n, better knov/n as Jim Br v/n vrtis judge 
at Tahloqv.ah, He v/as my mother's uncle and my great uncle 
He v/as a full blood Indian. 

Tnorc is another very long ap; li cation written in 
ty:^^od material . 

■■■■ .:r 

PAGE 104--- 


Vlhose Indian name v/as Lla-Lee, rGs^donce in Che. :-- 
Nation, m tov/n of Ketcnuw, Indian I^erritory, 

Cherol:ee Nation, Indian Territory, date and Dlcce of birth was; 

about 1843. in FLINT DISTRICT, CHXR- -IGEiE IIATi".!. 

Claims right to share; States; I claln my individual share, 

IIARY I.IILLER. Interest In my mother's Ollio Miller. I claln an 

interest in my grand mothers, Han (CALLED: TEIiilESSEE NAN). 

1 claim an interest in my brothers './illiajn Miller. I claim on 
Interest in my brother's Calvin I.iillor also Daniel Miller, a 
brother. And is married to THdAS BRoV/II, age about 53, when 
she signed this 1906. 

TA-LA-LA. flor mother was Ollie Miller, Indian nanc v/as OLLA. 
She did not know her maiden . Stated her father and mother 
were both bom in TErllESSEE. That her father v/as dead by 1851. 
Her mothor still resided 1S51 on VIRDEGRIS IN CffiRC?CEE NATIOi:. 

a States " My mother v/as enrolled for the 1851 payment. 
Names of all her brotliors anO sisters v/oro; 

MILLER, but she did not ,:o\i their birth dates. 

Did not i:now hor grand parents names. 
T.iat in 1851 her father was deceased but her mother v;as enrolled 
for 1851 payment. I^^at her parents died v/hon she was small. 

Tiat oho v/as enrolled and drev/ in 1351 nay-rxit. 
Also drew in 1875. 18 jO 1883 18 6 1390 and 1894. 
That 'I nov/ have an allotment in the Chorohec Nation. She v/as 
left an orphan and does not knov/ much about her ancestors. 
Si g end Mary Brovm ( her x mark) 

2 witness to her signature were J D IJuskrat and .7 H Drew 

The names of her children living on May 28 1906 v/ore 
FMJNIE M BR0\m BORN I.iiy 22 1896 
Bertha L Brov/n born Sc jtonbor 28 1897 
Sadie M Brov/n born January 14 1001 

(included in No 26305 v/as George P C Curtis Brov/n born July 27 


She made the last statement 1907 and 2 witness v/cre; 

J K Raper and Henry F B ov/n. „.,„^^^„„_ 

IvETCHlTM, OICLAiiOI.iA, that Sister of No 907, is enrolled in 1851 
by Drennon, Saline No 557. 


Cherokee Nation, Born February 15 1845, North Carolina 

Stntos ''I am on rolls of 1<351 and dauc^htor of Eliza Bro\m, 
who aio,:iear3 on rolls 1351 as a Cherokee by blood and la 
rocognizod as sane dow to present tl ".e. And she is not narriod. 

Nanos of parents were Jai.ies Brov.Ti, v/hi to adopted 
and her mother was Eliza i Brov/n, v/hose maiden nano was Eliza 
RAPER. Ihey v/ero both born in North Carolina, ar-»d 1851 resided 
thoro in Clierokeo county NC Father died Docor.bor 25 1004 
and hor mother v/as still living when she signed this 1906. 
Tioy -\7oro enrol ed for annuities, land etc in North Ccrclinu 
and Indian Territory, Cherokee Nation. 

Kqi.ics of all brothers and sistora were 
No 975, NARSISSUS BROVvlI BORN N. v 21 1347 still living 
No 974 John \1 Brcv,-i., born December 30 1849 still living 
Henry i.Iarshal Brov;n born Feb 30 1854 
I.Iartha a B^ov/n born A ril 16 1856 died iuay 1882 
Jose phono Brovm born April 15 1053 died Fob 1880 
Joiios S Bpown born Oct 20 1860 living 
Florence Brov/n born i.Iay 1 1871, still living 
Pov/cl Brown born Nov 2 1872, died iiay 13 1371 

Naiuos of grand paro/its \/oro : 
(that hor hrand father v;as a white man) 

hor J rand mother v/as Jessie Rapor and i.inry rlapor. 
Tlioy v/oro born in North Carolina. 

Dicy resided in said N C in C^cr-keo county 1851. 
Names of their children v/erc 
I.inrtin J Raper, resided Chance Indian 'Torritory 
Charles Rapcr died about 1063 
Catherine Rapcr died about 10^5 
Martha Rapcr died ab^ut 1903 
Lov,-is Raper died about 1854 
Gabriel Raper died about 1852 
Pov/el Rapor still living 
Elonzo Raper died 1864 
Rachel Rapcr stil living. 

T.iat she has boon on 11 rolls from birth dov;n to 
present time. She stated hor great grand father was Alexander 
I.icDaniel, and her grand father was Jessie Rapor and grand mother 
was Mary Kanor. 2 v/itnoss to her signature v/oro T^iomas L. 
Johnscn%.nd'Gco \: Dickie - sighed 1006 September 5. 

i.Iary A Brown clai;:i v/as AD..IT1ED. RESIDENCE CILA..CE OivLA 
Tiot she claims through mother enrolled by Chapman in 1051 
as Eliza Brov/n, sister c:irolled as Polly Brov/n sister Narcissa 
Brov.^, brother John Brown. All v/ere enrolled by Chap 1 51. 
Sec Chapman roll Nos 1290 to 1293 inclusive. 


Page 106--- 

No 953 Eastern Clierckee ap li cation of Zlisa Brov/n : 

Residence; Chance Indian Territory, Chero^ree Hat Ion, ': 

place born, Cherokee County North Carolina, born Au^ 7 1827. 
Claims ri^ht to share through i-iary PlE per wife of Jesse Haper. 
(adopted white nan). Gabril Rapor Son of Mary Raper and 
Ilartha Raper daughter of ;iary Raper, Elonzo Raper son Mary Raper 
and she is r.mrried to Jaes Brown, a^e 88. 

Names of parents were Jessie Rapor and Mary Raper, whoso 
maiden nane was MARY HcDAilNIilL 

Kioy wor'- both born in North Carolina. 
Ihey resided there 1851 in C,^erokoc county NC. 
Father was deceased 1387 and mother deceased 1800. 
dey were on all the Cliorokee rolls t^iat was over ta':on since 
1851 to dato of death. 

Na.-nos of all brothers and sisters were; 
No 976, I.IARTIN J RAi-ER X BORl.' A.TlUT 1008 
Charles Raper 1318 died about 1063 
Catharine Raper born about 1820 died about 18C5 
Ilartha Raper about 1822 diod about 1903 
Lev/is Raper born about lo:?4 died about 1854 
Gabriel Raper b rn about iiiSfit (ixaa ± ±&M. 
?o\vol Rnjer born about 1030 Axxui still living 1906 
Elonzo Raper born 1332 diod 1864 
Rachel Rapor born about 1334 still li ing 
Nancy Halland or leaner born 1826 still I'v-'*-- 

:IA:.£;S op grand FA!{E::T3 V.-E;. 'XAIDER LIcDannll 

and Jessie Rapor on inothor's side v/as Mary Hapcr. 

born in North Corolina. 
Nanos of all thoir children were; 
Lucy McDaniel rosidonco N.^rth Carolina 
Nclla McDaniel North Carolina 
KATIE McDaniel rcsidonco North Carolina 
Mary McDaniel, N C 
Soolcio McDaniel residoiice N C 
She a was on all the rolls taken £ Cher 'kees. 

She stated she v/as born in North Carolina, G^or koe 
county, Au3 7 1027, ca lO to Indian Toritory , aiorokoc 
nation October 1871. 
2 witness to her signnturo v/cro Ihor.ias L Johnson and George Vi 


Hor Action was /Emitted, she was mother 972. 

and was enrolled by Cha.naa No 1290. 

Page . 106 — 

No 953 Eastern Cherckee ap 11 cation of Zllza Drown: 
Residence; Chance Indian Territory, C^xero^rec Nation, date l-. 
place born, Chero^'ee County North Carolina, " " c 7 1827. 

Claims ri^ht to share through i.'.ary Haper wl. ._ -jsse Haper. 
(adopted white nan). Gabril Raper Son of I'ary P?aper and 
Ilartha Raper daughter of .lary reaper, Elonzo Raper son liai^ Raper 
and she is nTarried to Ja-es Brown, a'3e 88. 

Names of parents v/ere Jessie Raoor and liary Raper, whoso 
maiden nane was LIARY McDAlINIEL 

Ihoy v/or. both born in North Carolina. 
They resided there 1051 in Cv,orokoo county NC. 
Father was deceased 1387 and mother deceased 18'..'0t 
T:;ey v/ero on all the Cneroheo rolls tuat was ever ta':on since 
1851 to dato of death. 

Nar.ies of all brothers and sisters wore; 
No 976, I.IARTIK J RArER X BORi: A.DiUT 1808 
Charles Raper 1018 died about 1063 
Catharine l^pcr born about 1820 died about 18o5 
:.Iartha Raper about 1822 diod about 1903 
Lev/is Raper born aboub 1824 died about 1854 
Gabriel Raper b rn about ±j^525t sLxa^ ± ±&M. 
?owol Raper born about 1830 dxjsui still living 1906 
Elonzo Raper bora 1832 died 1864 
Rachol Raper born about 1334 still li ing 
Nancy Halland or Raper born 1826 still living 

and Jessie Rapor on aothor'3 side v/as Mary Ka:^er. 

born in North Carolina. 
Nanos of all thoir children wore: 
Lucy i.IcDaniel residence North Cardina 
Nclla McDanlol, North Carolina 
ICATIE I.IcDanlol residence North Carolina 
Mary r.cDaniel, N C 
Soolcio iicDaniel residcp.ce II C 
She s was on all the rolls taken -f Clior keos. 

She stated she was born in North Carolina, v>,or koo 
county, Aug 7 1027, ca lo to Indian Itoritory , Ciorokoo 
nation October 1871. 
2 wit.icss to her sigm^turo wcr.j Ihoaas L Johnson and George V. 
Dickie . 

Her Action was Mmitted. she was mother of No 972. 

and was enrolled by Cha nan No 1290. 

i. :■.. ■,■ 


NO. 8797 h.LiA I.tAY BRlA£^ ^'" 

a resident of Spavinaw, Indian Territory, iiayes county 
Indian Territory or Oklahoi.ia, date and place of birth; 
Vineta, oeptetnber 9, 1830, 

Clains right to share through my mother Sarah Kicks, v/ho 
was a daughter of John Grimraot and Lizza Grlmniot al . 3u 
mLLlAsl GRIi^.iT. Brother of John Grim et ard his heirs. 
&£Life'Wfi?ij^8R2^::^Lfe3Sa'H?^S^Zo- A%^ parents wore; 
and Mother Sarali Hicks, ^^loso maiden na-ne was Sarah Grimnot. 
her nothor was bom in Georgia, but did not know v/horo fatiior 
was bom . 

Hor mothordied Jan 14 1883, hor father was still living, of all brothers and sisters wore 
CrIARLIE niCi:S born unl:nov/n, died 1894 

Agio Hicks died 1903, Millr^.rd Hicks died a'-c 5 months. 

Peggie Hicks, diod 2 year old 

Ella May Hicks, still living. 

Father's sie^o on her grand parents v/oro 

father's nothor Peg ie Nelons,. 

Her mother '3 sioo was John Grimmet and Lizzie Grinmot 

States she drcv; strip nonoy. 

2 witness to her signature 1906 Dec 31 

were Perry Brcv^i and Maud 3 Zeno. 

A card in the files shov/ the Action was ADL'TTTED. 

Residence Sparxpav/, Okla. Groat niece of No 279 and claiiiis 

t.irough tho source. Daughter of No 4663. 

She r.Kido ar sworn stato.v.cnt in 1908 t .at 

"I think ny mother and father wore both ir.ii.iigrants. 

I do not Icnov/ if they v/orc living at tho tine of tlie payment. 

I never got any Old Settlor Money, i^iy father is living now 

and has in a claii.:. I a;.i a chorokcc Alottoo and ny Number is 

16243. father had a sister by tho name of I.'.anda . Ho had a 

brother naacd Za chary. 

In a letter to Special Com^niscioncr of Court of Clairis 

from SpavlnavT, Okla. Feb 14 1908. 

Ella A Brov/n, stated upon her oath that she is tho 

daughter of Sarah ?:ic!<:s, t>.c said Sarah Hicks is the daughter of 

Eliza Harlan who was enrolled in 1851 as Easter Chorokoo. 

7.'\c said Eliza Harlan v/as narriecl to a man hy na'ne of 

John Grir.iriott. Sarah Hicks was tho daughter of tho above 

Eliza Harla. n, noe Grimnct, and John Grinr:;ot and Ella A Br-'wn 

is the daughter of said Sarah. Hicks. 

In reply to No 8791. 

Subscribed and sworn 14 Feb 1908 

^ , t' F Accrcrpmbie, Notary Public. 

She stated in ISIO t lat her children llvinG 

on SIfty 28 1906 were as follows: Ida A 3r wn born 2-6-1B97 

Leline P Br. v;n b 5-6-1899; Ruth Z 3r v/n 9-29-1900; 

Sai.Tucl F BrOV/n b 12- 14 1901; Jewel I:- Bj,-.wn, b 9-8-i&Q< 1904 

Cecil li Brov/n b 12 4 1905, and Loali C born 12-14- :906, 

Pago . 108-- 

NO 2216 EASTLRij CKEROICEE Ar-LICA!!. . :^ iiARY I.i BRuVfii 

v/hose residence was Giance Indian Territory, Clierolcee Nation. 
Born February 21 1852 in Indian Territory, Cherokee Kation. 
Claims right to share through Beijb^ my groat i^rand mother 

on mother's side, JAITE TAYLOR, grand mother on mother' 3 aide 

and she is married to Henry ]\ Brov/n, a/^o 52. 
names of parents v/ero William C Ghormloy and Elizabeth (Taylor) 
Ghormloy. T.iat her father v/as born in Tennessee, and mother 
born in North Carolina, Tiio ,, resided in Cher-l:eo Nation, 
Indian Territory 1851. Fatter died September 1S96, and mother 
died Oct 25 1863 

Ihey were enrolled Cherokee Nation Indian territory. 
Names of all brothers and sisters follov/: 
IIICHALL GHORi.iLEY age 62 in 1906 when she signed this 
Islbolla J Ghormloy a^e 60 
David V Ghormloy 
V/illiam A Ghormley died 1877 
Erastus Ghormley died 1865 
Ev/in C Ghormley ago 48 
Rachel Ghormley ago 47 
Abraham Ghormley died lSci2 

Names of her grand parents were Andrew Taylor and Jane 

Taylor » 

Names of all their children v;ero Issibella Taylor 

bor:'. about 1865, sho died 

David Taylor died about 1897 

Elisibotb October 25 1363 

liinorva Taylor about 1832 ^ , n > 

that she v/as enrol ed for anuitios and land andc tc in Chorokoo 

nation, Indian Territory. 

2 v/itnoss to her signature were John \( Br wn 

arxl Ida E Brcwn^^^^^^ ^^ ^,^^.^ children living on l.ay 28 1906 

woro: No 25^73 Baskum Brovm born So t 26 1876 

Ellziboth B ovm born Oct 20 1873 

No 22973 Hortha Brown, born Doc 16 1836 

V/illiam C Brov;n born March 3 1839 

Sarah il Brovm , born Oct 6 1891 ^, t , 

'a card in the file N 2216 shows the claim 
v/as Ad-dtted. An licants mother enrolled by Dronnen 1851 

G S 409 
Another card in file shov/s the fol owing: 
"luartha Bvcvm, minor child In airaication No 2316 v/as not put 
on roll. Her father and mother are enrolled N- 5895 ann 

: '■; ^ f. :•• >'■ :i : ■!> 

?ase 100- - 

No 22969 rliece of No 972 


Residence at Chance, Indian Territory, a:;e 3;. >..,.., ^^.. ^,. . 75 

bom In C^^erokoe Nation, Indian Territory and is not narrlc;. 

Tnat her parents were John V. Bro\Tn and E-.lly L (IJcTAGGART) 

both born In North Carolina. T>^ey were both still living v/hen 

she signed this 1907. 

T-iey v/ere enrol ed for noney and Annul tlr id etc. 

In Cherolcee county North Carolina and also In ..■.; lee :]atlon 

Indian Territory. 

Nai.ies of all brothers and sisters v;oro; 

Ollie Brov/n nee (Ollle Hart) born Jan 12 1072, 

Hike '•■ 

Llary J Brovm born Jan 1 1880 died Ja 6 1893 

Llyra Brown born ^ept 2 1882, 
Florronco Brown born Fob 18 1885 
Robert A Brow;:i born Juno 16 1887 
Deriiris Bj,own born Feb 18 1339 
Richard Bpov/n born Oct 2 18 4 . 

Nanos of grand parents wore 
Janes Brown, white and ^liza Brown, a chorolcoo, 

Taat her father was bom in Tcniiossco, _;.^ ..or 

no the r born in North Carolina and lived there 1851 

Nanes of all their children wo.c/ 
Ivlary A Brown, rcsidonco Chanco Indian Territory 
Narcissa ^rown noe( Thompson) residence Rovr Indian Ibrrltor^ 
John V: B ovm, rcsioncc Chanco, Indian Territory 
Hcnr:\ I.i BUovm residence Chanco , Indian Territory 
Jar.ios S Br. vm, residence at Caance Indian Territory 

Plorrencc I. Bj,own, no rosidcnco stated. 

2 witness to her signature 1907 i:ny 27 were 
Fredrick Lewis and Fannie Odlo . 

A card in the files siio\73 Action was /^d-v-ltted . 
rciidonce Ciance, O^clahona. 

Niece of No 972 and through sa:-ic source. 


RACHEL BROV/TI; Residence Keefeton Indian Territory, 
Gherolreo Notion, Indian Territory, born M&rcii 1st 1872 
Clains right thDou.,h hor father To:r. Scalloe, or Scvillawl 
whose na:::e should ap; ear on the roll of 1851 taken in the Cherokee 
nation and who was a descendant of Scalloe, who was a full blo:,'d 
Chorokee and whose should e ear on the roll of 1835, 
taken in the state of North Carolina. 

Tii&t her husband is deceased; tlint his name was 

SAi.; BRUwl"!. 
Her parents v/oro Ton Scalloe and Bettie(Snlth) Scalloe. 
T!.iin.k3 hor fattier v/as born in North Carolina, Zninlcs her nother 
v;as born in South oast part of Cherokee Nation, near Fort Sinith, 
Arkansas. Fatl.or died 1872 and nother d£cd 1879 t ey v/ero onrollod as citizens of Chorokoo Nation. 

riancs of brothors and sisters; were 
Allice Scalloe^ deceased, she died vrlthout issue 
and Becky Scalloe, died without issue. 

Na:nos of grand parents wcro 
Dare Scalloe or Scullowo . and Botsoy Scalloe. 
On her father's side the;, v/oro born in North Carolina 
and thinks her nother' s people cap.e frcr.i Alaba-ia, 

T!-iat she has boon enrolled as a citizen of the 
Cncrokee nation, Indisui territory. 

She dosiros to claim for ny nlnor children, nanely 

Samuel Troy Brov/n, ago 17, Joslah i.: Brovm, ago 10, and 
Jonnotte Brovm, a;i^o 7, all of v/hoij aro living at home with hor 
and under her ca c. She sighed this Doc 19 1906. 

In June 11 1907 she nade a statenont 
that she residod at Kocfoton, Dist 10, Indian Territory, t'at she 
was born Llorch 1st, 1873, Indian Territory, widow of San^. Bj.ovm. 

Na;n03 of her children v/c o 
Sanuol T Brov/n Born Nov 18 1839 
Joseph Brovm born Hay 24 1396 
Jcnnottio B^ovm born Dec 3 1899 

«T!r-!?iwiR-> A card in the file shows the case was Admitted. 
Niece of No 6781 and clains through sane source - see 
Liiscl Tos. 4129, father enrolled Sal ? 615. 



E. BROV.'T^; address > Table quah, Chorokee Indian Territory, 
born 1866 in Saline District, and clai..s richt to share 
through father VVillia I.IcNair, (2) nothor, i'^chel r.clJalr 
3rd Grand fatlier Nicolas B wcKair, (4) Grand nother 
Mary iicNair, John R I.icIIair, Cler.i V Lcliair, Da id B i.cNalr, 

Ivlartha S IlcKair, on mother's side llancy Wayes, Francis A. C. 
I.Iayos, Joel B uayes, V/altor A ilayes, Richard T Layes, 
Rachel Ivliller or Adriinistratrix Lovely Rogers. 

Husband was I.:artin R Brown, ago 47 deceased. of g parents were Willioir. iJcNair 
and mother Rachel (l/iayes )LicNair 

Ihey resided 1851 in Saline District, mother died 1 

1873, did not know when her fat.ier died. 

Taoj v/ero enrolled in 1851. 

NAi.ZE OF IffiR GRAI^D i^ARE TS V/lil-ffi NICOLAS B MC Nair, and Mary 

McKair on her father's side and on her mother's side was 

Nancy i'.Iayes, and Rachel or Adnir Groat grand mother. 

States they were born in Old Choro!:ee Nation. 

'Pney resided 1051 In Salino District, Crnero':oe Nation. 

Names of all their children were; 
Martha I.icNair died 1355 no children 
Clem V McNair, diod 187 G '' " 

Sarah LicUair no childocn 
John R IicNair, no children 
I.iary D I.icNair no children 

PRA7CIS A I.IAYES, died 1861, no children 
Joel B Hayes 1391 

V/alter A Hayes, diod about 1356 no children 
Richard T Hayes diod about 1863 

V/yly Mayes, still living when she signed this 1906 
W H Hayos living, S H Hayes living G I.' Hayes, dead, had chil 

had c ildron. 
V.orc enrolled 1880 arxL subsequent rolls. 

Tnat Rachol l.Iillcr or Adair was great grand mother. 

That Lovely Ro crs an uncle v;ont to CALIFORNIA IN 1849 
and died. Left no children x^^.ci^ol Hiller (Adair) a groat gr 
grand mother on 1857 roll 

2 witness woro to her signature .. K Trent and 

Ann E Browc.. A card in the file shows Action was Mr.dttcd. 
Nannio ^l B oV/n and 2 children, residence Talilequah, Okla. 
NiSce of No 832. 

no 5879 eastern] c'cieholcee applicatiok cp rupus h browi 

chero::ee page 112--- 

Residence; Collinavllle , N'ation 

Indian Territory, born April 21, 1853 in Flint District 
Chorolceo Nation, Indian Territory. ri^ht to share throuch my nether Ruth Br:>v,' , ny uncles 
xilias and Isaac GAl^IN both of v/ho:n died with out descent, 
lly uncles aiiii i^ndrov; liil :r his v/ifc Sallio and their son 

Henry Mlllor, all of whom are deceased wit -.ut descent. 
And my great Grand mother Lydia Hic'is. of wife Ella N Brown, ago 33, ■.v..o;. this wa- -;''•'-•* 

Nanes of parents wore '.dliian ^ Brown and RJIK (GANN) BRu 
BROVTiJ. Father was born in Alabar.ia, mother bom in Cherokee 
Nation, East. Tlioy resided 1851 in Flint District, Cherokee 
Nation. Father died Sootonber 19 1835, and nothor '■ .larch 

17, 1878. 

Mother was enrolled for aniuties, x land and etc. 
on emigrant chorokoo roll of 1351 in Flint District. 

Names of all brothers and sister v/cre 
Rebecca E Crooch? at Cw ..jnsvillo, Infllan lYjrrltory 
Ruth A y/illiams deceased, and John T Brov/n , deceased. 
His grand parents wore Thomas and Catharine GANN, 

(nee tet Hldrs. 
These v/oro on his mother's side. He did not give thor 
his grand fathci-'a side. 

Tlioso bom on his maternal side, were born in Chorokoo 
Nation East. 

They died In 1839. 
Namos of all thoir children wore Avery V Ilillor, 
Eliizabcth Inlov; (noc I.Illlcr) deed 
Isabel Kargravos, noo Liillor, deed 
Elnira Paden, noo i.iillor, docd 
Lucinda /idair noc Miller docd 
Alfred Miller, docd 
/uidrow i.iiller docd, no descent, 
EUXk ELIAS GAilll, dfecoasod, wit out descent 
RUTH BHOVrN (1>TEE GMN) i.Iy mother, deed. 

Has boon enrolled on chorolceo authenticated roll of 
1880 and am a chorokoo allottoo. 

States; ''■ I.iy great grand parents wore Charles R. and 
Lydia Hicks nee HALFBREED? 

L'ly \inclo Andrew i'.Iillcr's wife was Sallie ilcCoy, and they had 
had one son Henry Liillor, who died v/ltriout descent. 2 wrltn^ss 
to his signature Oct 10 1.06 wore Luther n. Evans, and Gocrge \i 
Ware. One card in the files shows the .^ction was ADiilTTED. at 
Collinsvil c, Oklahoma. Brother of No 929, claims thro same 
source . 

T , -:' -■ \ ' 


--Paso 2 nuFUS H. BnoV/II: 

who vvas^born i.pril 21 1853 Pllnt District Indian l^rrltorY 
ila.Mes oi their cnildren who v/ero living on I'ay 28 1906 
were iJollle C imdoe nee Brov/n born Jan 11 1890 near Brvu 
Pryor creek, India.: ^rritory ' 

Bessie LI Brcnvn born .March 26 1893 near 'Ililsa India l^rritorv 
Letha F Bpovm bom Feb 22 1895 

Florence B Brcv-Ti born July 19 1897 Collinsvil.o IVjrri- 

Nora L BrowTi, July 29 1901 Col.insville , Indian'^c-- c^ry 
Pay Brown, born Ilarch 5 1905, Coliinsuil e, Indian 'Ibrritory 
Pern Brown born i.iurch 5 1905, Collinsviile , '•• 

The 2 oldest enrolled 1893 for strli) 
paj'nent, all been enrolled for land allotrionts. 

A letter in the file foil ws, addressed fron 

Collinsvillo, Oklahoma. 
12-7- 1907 
APxLICATIO.I ilO 5879 -929 

To Gulon Miller, Special Co;:;,;is3ioncr . Dear Sir: 

2 Yours of 11/22/' is received and note contents and 
reply that ny r.iothor wav carried 1851 to V.T:l:.IA:: E. BRCV/1^ 
and I dont know whether she v/as enrolled undor her na-o after 
marriage or her maiden na:.;o, Miss Riithio GAl^ni - ?.!y grand mronti 
parents on mother's side dlod 1839 on the ROAD V/I Tii THE* 
EIIIGR/JIT CITROITSS PRO. I T'ji CLt C:.:;R(;ffi^ IIATIWI - any other 
infomation you desire that I can give you will bo done on 
request as fai' as it is in my power to do. si-nod 

I\ufus H Br:vm, 
States; \'ki E Brown ny father v/as an intcrr.arried white nan/ 

To the Clerk of the Court of C aims, V.'cshington D C 

In He; the exceptions to the findings of the court of 
clniiis v/lth the cases of Nollic C /uIDOE, A.n5 PIER MINOR C;nLD: : 
t-ie court of claims of i.ay 28 1906, in fcvor of the Eastern 
Cherokee s . 

Co.ics now Nellie C Andoe for her so If and for her 

minor child; Lucilc Hindoo, who prays that the court of claims 
BW.W reconsider her claim and said applicant submits the 
following facts to show why she should be enrol Led. 

That applcation was made in the specific time, for Nolllo 
C nndoc, by her father Rufus H Br^^vm, as v/ill be shovm by 
Eastern Chorokoo application. No 5379, the reason of her 
rejection was that she was married at the her fat;;cr 
made application for her and the rules required her to na-o 
separate application. 

TlTat her father and full sisters have boon regularly 
enrolled as will be shovm by the following; fron the oastcrn 
chorol:oo roll as made by the Hon Guion Miller. 

Brov/n, Rufus H - Eastern Chorikoe No 59':^0 
Bessio il 5991, Letha P 5992, Florence B 5993, idMai 
Nora L 5994, £cy Fay 5995, Fern 5996, all na-.ed Brwn 
liiat she has the sore right as they have. Biat her daughter 
Lrcile Andoe was Born So t 14 1906 and has equal rights as 
herself, signed Nollic C/indoo, v;t Rufus H Brown and N.Nogena 

ROSA aROWW Pago 114 

No 9233 EASTLilHi; Clii^uICEE Ax^x LI CATION 0? 

at Town and post office of Kowata, Choro'.ceo Natlonj Indian 
Territory, born April 10 1670, aiid clainu right thro the 
following: "I am c>.ero!:o3 and claln first aliaiKi in rzy mothor'a 
Sarah Rogora, 2nd grand mother Rosa Rogers, noe V.iest/ 
grand uncle, Nelson \.e3t, George V.'est^ Ezoltiel ..ost^ ._.::... 
V/est , Sarah Harlin V/ost roll 1835. 

She is marriod to Jar.ios H Brown, aj-o 4'. •■' ;t. 
Names of her riarents v/ero: 

Her mother was born in Chcroi:ee Nation, Indian Torrttory. 
and they resided 1851 in Saline District, "lyjcrol'oe N'ation. 
father died l.Iarch 1, 1869 and mother died 1892 

In 1851 - 1835 and 1894, tliey were enrolled for an- '*' 
land or other benefits - for "^herokeo strip money. 

Names of all brothers and sisters follow: 
ELLEN WLICENSOIi still living when she signed 1907 
Joseph Ca;,rpbcll yet living, John Campbell living Glen Campbell 
Nat Campbell living, Delora Campbell livin~ 

BUSTER GRIGGS AI.D FRA,:i( '-;aa..:3 

I;a...e3 of grand parents v/: .'O 

NELSON ROGERS and Rosa.i/.a Iiogers, (nee) './est. 

on her father's side, and on her mother's side were 

VAUGHTS, white people 
llicy v/oro born in Old Chcro]:oe W^ Lon 

r..oy resided 1851 in Saline District, Chorokoo 

Kaios of their children v/crc 
Eliza iRogors. died 10 years ago 

residonco Chotcau, Indian Territory or Saline Dist. 
Lev/is Rogers - living, 
Residence Pahuska. 
John Rogers, died before the v/ar. 
Wellington Rogers living, at Osacc , Nation, 

Charlott Rogers, living, resided at VAnitn Indian Territory. 
Have been enrolled for Chorokoo strip money 1894, have 
allotment of Cherokee land. Signed 1907 Jan 4 2 with 2 witnoaa 
Joshua C V.'ost and James S Da cnport 

Names of tiicir children residing in Indian torrlt-^ry 
living on ilay 28 1906 were Xing Dr.vid Blad:woll 
born :.:rjrch 27 1388, Solomon Plackv/ell born Dec 21 1891 
and Hazel Blaclcwell born iiarch 27 1095. 

h. statement in the files s^.ov/s the Actio: /tdnlttod 

residence Nov/ata Okwlahoma. Claims through Grand mother 
enrolled in Saline District No 482 by DrCiTnen. 



The rosidenco of John .V Drown was T anco , ItxHo-. TVirrltory 
CSicrokec Nation, v/ho was Born in North CQr.)linn 3cccnibor 30 X^<// 
1849 and claims right to sharo through L;il2c Br wn, and is on 
tlic rolls of 1351 and son of Eliza Brown, who ao .onrg on tho rcllo 
of 1851 as n chorolcco by bio d and is rocognizod as sano down to 
tho present tirno . /u^d is nnrricd, that name of his w^fc is 

T^^iat his parents arc James Brovm an .-.a CRf-.'/^M) Brown. 

Tiat his father and mother were born in North Cnr .' C.-crolcoe 

county and lived there in 1851. TJiat his father . oc 25, 

1914 or 190)4, tho last fi^uuros are blurred, nl-^ht t!-.or 

1904 or 1914. His mother was still living when he aicnod tho 
application 19C6, September St^.. 

To at they wore enrolled for annuities, aldnd etc in Hort»i 
Carolina and also in Cliorokco 'Nr^tion, Indian Territory. 

}r975 ilarsissus Ihorapson born about 1B47 
No 972 ;.:ary A Br vvii born Pc .. 15 1845 
Henry i.larshal Brov/n born Doc 30 1S49 
Martha A Brovm born Aj,)rii 16 1356 diod May 1832 
Josephine Brown born April 15 1358 died Feo 18"0 
James S Brown born Oct 20 1360 
Ploroncc Brown born May 1 1871 
^f.-wTTRTt-ywy Powol Brov/n born Nov 2 1872 diod May 13 1871 

Ho li Name of ^rand parents were on his mother's si'io; 
Jessie Rap or and liary Rapor 

Tl^at thoy wore born in North Car lina, Chorokoo County, and 
resided there in 18514 

Naiios of their children v/crc: : Martain J Rapor 
rosidenco; Chance Indian Territory- 
Lcv;is Rapor died about 1854 
Martha Raoor died 1903 
Gabriel Rapor diod 1C52 
Powcl Rapcr sti il living 1906 
Elonzo itoiDor died 1864 

Rac'-'ol Rapor residi.nce Clioro]:oe County North Carolina. 
Tnat has beon enrolled from 1851 dov/n to present tine nf 1906. 

Hoj-.cs of grand parents down to 1835 woro Alexander McDaniol 
his cro'at grand father, Jessie Rapcr, grand fat cr, and Hnry Tis: 
Rapor his grand moth-cr. 

States t at I.Iary liapcr is a daughter of ivloxond^r 

McDaniol, a Cherokee by blojd. , ^^ « -t nao ^^ri 

John W Br wn staled he is a brother of Nr 972 and 
claims through same source. Apvlicant enrolled Chapman 1293. 
at Clianco, Oklahoma, and a card in the files show tnat ..ction 

is ADliITTBD. ,, ^ - -1- T -^.n-w- 

Names of children of Jolm u hr.^■m and ^nil:/ \J^tqo'7 
living :.lay 28 1906, were Robert A ^r- v/n born Juno 16 1887 
and Dendris Brown born Po-:. 13 188U ua->y;» 



RosicIcncG Collinsvillo, Indian Territory, Collinavillo 
Indicn Territory Indian Territory, (Tncro'.-oo Nation is v/hOT'o 
ho was born Doc 18 1863. 

Clairas right to ahaix) through hia nothor iJllen Dnra Pcarso 
maidon name (Ellon D King, also my grcnd mother Annie King, 
v/hoso maiden nano v/as Annie McCanraon, Uy grand unclo Sanuei McCaar 

McCaminon, my aunt Serosia King, faiy unclo V/lllinm King, my uncle 

CLABORIT KING. Lly aunts SclvG»ter Francis and Agnes King. 

and is married to TIiOiviAS B. BRCVill AGE 44 who died 23rd Fob 1904. 

Names of parents aro John Little, and i^llon Dora 

Tiiat her father was born in Tonnossoo, and mother born in 
Cherokee liation. and mother lived there 1851. 
Father died Juno 22 1868 mother died Iiarch 2 5, 1885. 

T at his mother's na; lO v/ill ap'^oar on all rolls un to 
time of death in 188;3^5( 1885) 

Names of brothers and si.stors v/erc Samuel Little, born 1860 
and diod about 1866. Ja.'^Lon Jroarse born Feb 3 1875. 
Name of grand parents v/cro Jackson G King aid Annie King. 

'Grand father v/as born in Tonnossoo and grand 
mother v/as born in Alabama. 

They resided 1351 in Chorokoo Nation 

Names of all thoir children v/ero; 
ELLEil DORA FEARSE died Ivlorch 5, 1^35 
resided in Cher;-kcc Nation. 
V/lllian King, doceasod. 
Claborn King, deceased. 

Silvester King^iod Dec 1875 rcsidenco Cherokee Nation 
Serena and Francis and Agnes King, all deed 
liar y V.h tors , Ch or ckc e Kat i on . 

Enrolled in 1S;51 and 1892 in Sequoyah district, Indian Territory. 
A ncest:r3 back to 1835 were Grand mother -Jinio ,ic 
McCammon and m.y grand unclo Samuel I.Ic Gammon ny great :rand 

mother, McMCammon first na:;.o not known, signed 1906 

October 27 . " ' 2 witness v/erc 3 ^ Oglesby and ..' i,l I'alscn or Poison 

Te children of Johjinie A and Tom Br v/n were living on 
May 28 1906 v/ero bcrena L 3rov/n, application No 32434 
born So,jt 29 1837 and Laura E Brov/n born Aug 27 1889 
John S isrov/a Born Jan 9 1892, Mdio iv. Br^v/n b rn Hay 5 1894 
Marth A (Ellen B^. wn born Dec 21 1897 Elijah Marion Bror/n born 
Juno 3 1902, Robert D BroV/n born Aug 5 1904. 

No 9971 l.iary V/aters, v/itness f^'r Louisa Snelling, 
sworn states: 

Lonia Snelling is my grand daughter. I ar.i 70 years 
of ago. Lonia Snelling has CheroJioe bio d. She claims through 
her parents. She is a Cherokee alottce and 1 a:; a cherokoo 
alottec . I v/as paid with tlic immigrants in 1852. 

I.Iy aooli cation No is 4038. signed Llary Waters 

Se.:)t 19 1908. 
II card in the file shov/s claim no 1702 v/as 
mother Ellen King enrolled by Drcnn.^n at Rbewt Grou- Ho 132, 
Skin Bayou Dist. grand mother Oncy King enrolled same group. 


Pa-0 117- - 


Piesidonco Vinitia, Indian Territory, C!'.oro!:ee Nation, 
bom in GEORGIA Claims to share 1851 t'Tou^h nether, 

husband was Torry Jones, --TERS-oo-s^cil-lle . DA.V/eo-a;-d rr.y own 
share enrolled Colie. 

States she is a v;idov/. her parents v/ero Jehu Luckes? and moth'. r '.Var Mee Noa w!icse 
maiden nana was V/ar Lie Nar? 
fatlier and motlicr borth born in Georgia. 

Ihat her f atiicrnarriod in Goor^jia t at her mother resided 1351 in 

Tiiot death of h4r is unl:nown. mother died about 1854 in 
t::e fall. 

Itlotherv/as enrolled in 1851 but she died bof jre the money \vas 
paid in 1852. 

t rt her bruthcrs and sisters are alJ deceased before 
1852 payment . 

t at she has been enrolled for annuities, land and 
benefits. 1851 Dclav/are D.lst Ir.dian Territory 1894, Coo Yi'cQ 
See Woe Dist 1902, Coo V/co Scoo Wee Dist. 

States that hoy 'other died before the payi.-.ent of 1852 
and Robert B Daniel was ap-rentTced-as my guardian 

and he drew the money due m-/ other and my money. 
2 witness to her signature were T. Daniel and John K Daniel 1906 

Gelio Brcwn docd, Action Admitted , applicant ard nether 
enrolled by Drcnnen in 1851, V/ah - ne- nau he and Colia, 
151 Flint," Died June 20 1907. 

A letter in the files from Levi Jnnes of Vinita 
Indian Territory Aug 8 1907. rx ^ c* 

to S'-)CClal Commissioner jf the court of claims, ..asn D C -Sir: 
My grand mother Celie Brovm, card w^v Number 2790. died Juno 20 
1907, leaving no heirs, but myself whs WlEER-V/ILi. be 
required of mc to Qot her portion of the ^astorn Cnorokoo money 
Please infom me in this matter, signed, Levi Jones. 

3152: ra^e 117 J- 


born 1830 in Alabama, and claius n.^ht to share through 
self and husband John L Bruvm, that she is a wldov/. 
llaue of husband John L Br v/n , diec 1859. 

Har.:o of pareuts wero I.artin Schrinsher and Nancy(Pottlt) 
Schrj.n.<3her. t; at fney v/ere born in OLD CirEROKEE NATION 
FkTiZ^R DIED 1365 and mother diod unlcnown date. 

Wore onrollod 1351. 

Names of brothers and sisters aro folvov/ins; 

Susan iidkinson born 1835 or 1856 and died 1902 

John Schrinsher born 1834 and died 1904 

i.Iar:' Rogers, deceasod, I.Iartha Gi^la.Ter still living 

Did not know hor grand parents 's names 
Ihat has been rolled 1351 and subsequent rolls. 

She sif;ned Nov 12 1906 v/ith 2 witness 
Ttioa B Trent and Nannie .. Brov/n , 

A card in the file shows "o . 3152 ACTION V/AS ADMITS 
ADI.:iTTED, .lunt >. . i.'.aud Lane ;Io 2379 and is admitted 
for sa..;e reason. 

No 6242 


i^a-o 118 

Born on BIG CRii^EX Ilf CO V.'EESCCGVffiji. DISTRICT: 
Claims ri2;ht to share 1851 through ny father John Brovm, 
v/ho was living in .1851 and my uncles Dob Brrwn and Jin Brown 
and one aunt named ELIZA^ETii BR \T:'i , and is narrled to /jinle 
Brown, age 19 v/hen he signed this 1906. 

Name of parents were John Brovm called Big Eye John Brown, 
and I.Ilnerva Brown, whose maiden name v/as i-'inerva Foster. 

Fatlier V/AS BORi\T IK TEN1:ESSEE OR ICEIITuC.T to the best 
of my information. Hiey rssied 1851 - v/ere living here in 

Indian territory 1851, tho they were not married at that tine. 
Patiier died 1334 and mother died about iX 1873 
T?.AT "LT BIOT;i-.R V/AS what is known as an old settler. 
Hy f atlicr was on 1880 roll and I am. 

Nar.ies of all brotliors and sisters follow 
JOHII BRO'im DIED 1905, 
Ebben Brov;n born 1890 
Joe Brown born 1870 

Oco Brown 

W P Brovm bom 1896 

Pinl: Cheney 

Did not Icnow names of grand parents 
But ga\o namos of all thoir children as fol'ov/s: 
Taat ho v^as enrolled 1830 r"i"'.l and 1896 and 

and have solcdod? allotment. 

signed ir^06 Doc 17, 2 witness were 

Richard Dov/ning, and Randolph Dowry 

A card in the files shows Action Admitted for No & 6242 
Uncle of No 4520. 

Names of tho children of Louis Br>'^v/n 
and liatilda Brown w o died Aug 1905. Ciildron living May 28 
1906, were Ebben W Brovm, born 1900 in September, 
Ida Hay Br^^vn born 1902 ? or 1903? in May 
Leslie L Brown born 1904 in ioril. 

Ho states that his present v;ife is /innio Br n-/n 
v^ho is a white woman, and is not a citizen of any tribe of 

No 6437 -P^® 119--- 


Residence Northern District, tovm of Cleora, '^Jiero^'eo Nation 
Indian Territory, born Jan 26 1830 Delaware District, Cherokee 
Nati&n. Claims ri:;ht to shore for my grand mother Julia 
McGhee neo (Julia Iloskins) 

and is married to Bertha A Brown, a^e 24 in 1906, No 24877. 
Names of parents were James Henry Brown, and Francis Louella 
Brown, (now Bond) whose maiden name was Francis Louella McGhoe 

t'-^at hts father died about 1880 and mother died April 5 1898 
States Mother on the Tnerokee authenticated roi:' of 1880 
and on Cherokee nay roll ot 1894. I think her name was on 
roll of ICSO and* Louella Brovm . BROTi^irs & SISTj-RS AR^: 
No 5841 Eddie S Bond born March 24 1837 died Vinita I. T. 

VAn P Bond bom July 10 1392 Vinita Indian l-erritory 
Albert H Bond born April 29 1896, Vinita Indian Territory. 
Statos "I had no full brothers or sisters, these v/oro half- 
brothers and sisters 

ilr of grand paroncs follows; 
NATKAI; MD SARAH AilW JO."D on father's side and on mother' 
side wero Jarios and Jul:. a lacGheo (nee Koskins) 
both wero Cherokee, he was old settler. 
Hatcrnal Grand parents v/ere born in tho Qierokoe u'ation. 

and resided th^ ttc , lo51.. .t, „ , ^ ^^ ^ , 

Na^TOs of tndr cnildron ; Praicis Louella Br :wn (nov/ 

Bond) my motrr. r, dead. 

have been enrolled for annuities, land and etc 

on Chorkce Authenticated roll cf 1330, - On chorokoc pay roll 

cf 1S94 and am a Cherokee allotteo. 

Randolph Ballard of Hoodmoro, Indian Territory, nuv-ic an 
application guardian for some minor children by name of >/ELCH . 
T"pc grand mother of the V/clch children was Annie Huss or 
LAi'IDRuT! and she was a sister to my grand mother. I wish you 
to refer to tte application of Randolph Ballard as guardian 
for more inf or..iation about ray family. After the death of 
my father my mother married Sylvester Bond. 

signed James Henry Brov/n Dec 1? , 1906. 
2 vritness wore lA G Hav/kins and R V; Tittle. 

A card in the file for 6437 shows the Action: Mmittod 
Half brother of No 5841 and claims through same source. 

• x 

■ ■: '.f 

PaTe 120 

residence Cherokee Nation, at tov/n '^ "--'ve, Indian " "' •. 
Born in Chorolce Nation Jan 15 1Q6. ;lair.i3 riri;h 

share through my mother Susana ana urand parents ^SA-H-C-T-O-D ] 
0-D-Ei, . A-I,i i,I E^. T A I.I A H ? Indian names. 

and is married to Kate Brov/n, a-o 37 when this was sit^ned 1906. 
Names of parents v/ero Charley Brov/n, and Susamia Brovm 
v/hose maiden name was Susanaa A-G-M-EJ 

That his father was born in New York, and mother was born in 
Chorokeo Nation. and his mother lived in C^orokoo Nation 1851, 
but does not know vihore fatnor resided in 1851 
Father diod 37 years previous to signing thi^ ..> mother died 
about 25 years previous to 1906. 
Names of his brcthors and sisters WC'O 
John IVattorback, place of birth unlcnov/n and 
Susanna Vfatorback " " deceased ■ 

. ,, Name of grand oarents on mother's side v/as 

indian name: g.^.R.D. EE. T. ' 

who was born in GEORGIA, and in 1851 resided in Cnoroko 
nation. Ihcy were onrcT"' :d for annuities, land etc. in Chorokoc 

2 witness to his signature were Rider Formcn and Honry 

Names of chile" ron of Charlos Brown and Kate Brown 
living May 28 1006 v/oro Frank J Brov/n born Juno 17 1390 
Pearly J Brcwn "orn July 3 1392 
Charles A Brov/n born Feb 27 1395 
George R Br- v.n born July 24 1897 
Ulla Via Brov/n born June 1 1990 
iinna Lee 3rov/n born Dec 13 19'-;2 
Marina? or Norcna Br ;v/n born March 8 1905. 
T.iat Pearl and Frank have been enrolled for stri-; money, 
all have allotment of land in Ciorokoc Nation. 

Charles Bvuvm being suorn stt. tos I live at Grove, Okla. 
iiy Dav/cs Comraissicn roll mcr.iBtJr is is 16103, I am age 39 
(li/08) I was born in Dclav/arc District. I claim my Indian 
blood thro ray mother Susanna BroV/n. I dent know her maidon name 
Her raothor's name v/as Charlotte She lived in Dol-v.'-- Dist. 
my mother died abovit 1879. She was 45. She neve: any siste 

sisters and brothers as I knov/ of. See Del. 520. 

I have a half brotter nc-ed JO>:n V^AT^RBAC 

A card in the fitos shov/s Action Ad.r.ittod. 
Ap li cant's mother was enrolled '.:•- Drennen in Del. Dist #520. 

Ilisc Test, pages 2729 & 3840 

A LETER IN TiIE FILE DATiLD 1908 from Charles Brov/n 
dated at Grove, Delaware Co Oklahoma. June 5 1908; 
Case No 6607. Personally appeared before a Notary 
states ''I was told my mother Susan Blu Eye, as she v:as cr.iied 
in the neighborhood v/as born about 1834, in DELAV.'AR. DISTRICT 
C"-EROI\EE NATIO:'. S:IE resided there 1851 I was told my grand 
mother's nane was SI LI TAN ON MY MOT-.R'S SIDE, Rider FOR^.^ydi 
told me this: His post office is Cherokee City, /o-kanscs. Ho 
also told mo t- at in 1835 they lived in NORIH ? CAROLINA 

PAGE 2 continued t&fe 121- - 

If they were living at that tir.i© , I do not knov/ when tl.oy movec 
moved VEST. Rider Foreman also told t at my grand mother 
lived in Delaware District 1851, and drow il.ilgrant money in 
1352 at Fort Gibson. TINIIEK a.d E Z H K A K. were my 
grard mother; 2 brothers; So I was told. I thlnl: she was 
enrolled with the eastern ch ^i ckeos. Under nar.o of Susan Blu 
eyOo Date of her onrollniont. I do noi; knov/. 

in Delav/aro Couiity Oklahoiia, at Grove post office, 
before a notary public ape 64 ^ whose post office is 
Narcissa Oklahoma, who after being duly sworn states he XM 
know Susanna v/ho was t'-iO mother of Charley Brov/n and was 
She was enrol ' ed in Delaware District Chorakeo Notion with the 
EVii^rant Chorokoos 1851 and drow of the ::inlgrant monuy that 
was jn id out at Fort Gibson in 1852. Susanna Cherokee na e 
was SIR SI NAH who was f e mothcrof Charley Brovm , Charlotte 
v^ose Cherokee nar-e was Sili tah, who was Susan Mother would 
be Cher ley Brov^i Grand p.othor and ANAH v/as SILI TAH MOTHER whi 
which would make her G'.- rloy Brov/n, great rand nothor who 
v/ero all kKHjna emi rani chorokoos aiid lived in Jclawaro Dist 
Chorokoe Nation in 1851 and v/ere enrol ed as E;ni^rant Ciiorokooc 
in Delav/are District Cherokee Nation 1851 aid drew ;.Ionoy at 
Fort Gibson 1852 arxi drcv/ noney at Fort Gibson in 1852. V.yo 
above state^.xD .t t at I make is true to the best of rny knowled- 
ge and belief. Signed Hionas J i.lcGheo br 1908. 

Oct 10 statos: t^jough his interpreter, liartin Squirrel,; 

i.iy is John Backwater. I was born in Delav/aro Dist 
1869. I was not onrol..ed by the Dav/es Com iscion and never 
recoivod an aliotnont of land. I am a full blood Cherokee. 
I had 2 brothers, living 1851 in Saline Dist. who woro Jo-wuh 
or Joe Backwater, and Sal-lih, or Sallio Backwater. I thihic 
they v/orc enrolled v/ith my parents 1851 in Saline Dist. 

My fathers English nai.-.c was Backv/atcr. His chcrokoo nar»o 
was A i.rUH AH CfniH ITTTH . Ky mother's onglish nnvc was 
Susannah. Her chorokoe na e was the sano. ;Iy fnf-'^.r v/as onrollc 
1851 in SaJ. ino Dist with his v/ifc Sal in Ih . Snlin ih was the 
first vd-fc of ny father. My mother was onroiicd in Delaware 
District in 1851 v/ith her mothcrv/hose nai-^e v/as Charlotte 
(See 520 Del. for mother and grand motho r. 

My f af.ers parents v/orc Young Chicken or Chco-tax-gah->c>l 
ah-nee-tah. I do not knov/ the name of my father's mother. 
I do not knov/ namo of my mother's father- I never received 
any Old settler money. -.11 my ancestors v/orc Mmigrr.nt 
Cherokeos. All my ancestors have alv/ays been with the 
Clierckee Tribe. I v/as enrolled and drav/ the strip 
payment in 1394. 

AFFI::/AVIT OF T J ifJSKRAT AGE 50 in 1908 in Grove, Del Co 
Oklahoma ; was personal y acqiiainted with the mother of 
Charles Brov/n. 5: states "about the as ether affiants. ho t>_ok chra-ley to raise after death of his mother 1877 
v/hon ho was age 5. t.iat his mother v/as not married. Cl.arles 
is half brother to John watcrback, a 3/4 Cnerc-ec. & lives on 

;i ■•■; 


WO 7448 EAST2R:^ C?L:R0KE^ Ar.LICATION OP Aiail::: E DROW!: ^^^ 

Residence at Chelsea Indian Territory, tovm and post cffico; 
Chelsea in Cherokee Nation Indian Territory born Jan 21 1883 
and claims right to share through nry grcuid faf ct DA .ID V/ELCH 
my great grand father John V.'elch, thjTU my uncles ai->d aunts, 
Jonathan, Cobb, Richard, Lloyd a-id Rebecca '.Velch. 
I claim through my mother alfio, Josephine R Cannon (noo olch) 
vfho married I.Ioorc first and Shav/ later. 

and is married to David R Brov/n, ago 30 1906 v/hon she 
signed this application, 

Nrr^es cf her parents v/ere Lewis L Cannon and 
J. 3 e phi no R Cannon (nee .;elch); fat father was born in Va . 
and mother in North Carolina. mother was born about 1849. 
Father died 1836 and mother died Oct 1 1901 

'./as on Cherokee authenticated rol . of 1830. 
Names of all brothers and sisters were; 

S^-iix^O^R V/ CAKNOM born 1876 living at ;dair, Indian Tcrr.tory 
Vfci C Clarlc died v/ihout children, Chelsea Indian Itrritory 
Geor,;iO L Cannon, born Juno 25 1380, 
Robert L Cannon bom Jan 21 IS'iS 
Ma N Cannon born Feb 12 1335 
iviary P Shaw, dont knov/ birth da to. 

names of ^jrand parents on mother's side wore 
David Uolch (chor..keo) and ricbocca Eolch (nee Vanoy) 

Tnat matcriial feroiid parents were born in Old Cherokee 
nation east of t:x I.iississippi riVor. T.icy resided 1851 in 
North Carolina. 

Names of all children of theirs were Hory ..'olch wno d: 
died v/ithout heirs, and Josephine Shawjil my m thcr deceased. 
Ihat she drew strip payment of 1893 and have on allotment of 1.' 
land in the Cherokee Nation, Indi:^ territory. 

2 v/ltness to her signature Dec 8 1906 v/ere 
S \7 Brown and Ira Allison , , , , ^^^.^^ 

A sueulomontal ap lication for minor children was dated 
1907 signed Annie 3 Brown, states she was born Jan 21 1833 
Coowooscoowee district of chcro' eo nation, Indian territory 
thxit name of her hus\-)and was David I Br^'v/n, ago 30 in 1907 
name of chiM who was living May 28 1 06 was 

T^at she v/as never enrolled for any of the payr-.cnt but has an 
allotment of lands in Cherokee Nation, Indian ijrrltory. 

Ti^o Action was ADI.'.ITT-^D. aT C^iELSEA OIvL/vhOLA 
She was a cousin of No 4361 and is admitted for aario reason. 



Resldenco: (now iumio E Barrov/r.ian, i^urcoll, Okla) 

Residence Tahlequah, I. T. Gliorokeo ..atioa, born April 13 1839 
claina right to sham tiirough's interest in 'JO:'i: J. 
BROV/II, (grand father) 2nd Kato Daniel (neo Brown) (Great Aunt) 
3rd David Brov/n, (groat grand father) 4t;i Rachol B^ov/n, great. 
grand mother, (noo Lowroy 5 Wash Lowroy, G Graiid uncle Goorgo 
Lov/rcy, G G Grand fat.ior^ LUCY LO^'^TL.Y (NEE BENGE) GREAT GRr.AT 
GRAIDD li^THER. aid she is not narriod 

New of parents were liar tin R Brov/n (TUXIE) INDIAN NA.iE "TUXIE 
father was bom in COOVSESCOOIVEE ? Dlst. t o Sabii.' 
Vcrdegris in 1851 ,- mother resided in same place. 
They resided 1851 sane plate ,- father died 1906 and mother 
was still living at Tahlequah in 1906. 

Tnoy were enrolled for Cherokee paynont since 1875 to 189 

rJa::e of sister was Catharine Brovm born Jan 27 1891 
Names of grand parents were on father's side John L Br^^'Wn 
Ann Brovm , (nee SclTmacher) and on mother's side v/as V.lllian 
I'.icilair, and Rachel I.IcNair, noo Hayes. 

Tnc Bvovra side was born in ALABA:.LA, place ; •" " :th 
of other ancestors, ai-v, not known. 

Tiiey resided 1851 Browns in Tahlequah dist other s 
in oaline or CooweoScoowee Dist, I T. 

Nar.ies of their x children were Richmond i/icNalr 

and John Petti one-half brother. -.or., ^ 

Have been enrolled at Tahlequah, 1894 Cnerclcoc 
payment .2 witness to hor signature, signed Nancy Brown 
guardian of Anna E Brown 1906 Dec 26 was ilaggic Starr and 
Grace McGregor. 

.. letter v/as v/rittcn to toe Go miiiis si oner of Indian 
id'faits 1909 by wm Barrovman -R'.al Estate and Insurance Office 
Furcell Oklahom.a 1909 sighed by Anna ^ JB^^n Barrowmon, 

(ncc Br^:v/n) by V/m. ^ " ■-, ^i.i. j „4. 3,,„„«i 

i. card in the file shows to /.etion was Admitted, at Purcei 

Furccll Okla /Jina E Brown was now Barrowman, 

Nancy Brov/n guardian and mother and cnrcllod 
as such, Grand niece of No S 832. 


Pas® 124- - 


CATIIARIlffi BHDUr by her liotherNa-cy Bro\7n; 

Residence Tahlequah Indian Territory, Oherolioe ]': ■ born Jan 

27 1391. 

Clains right to shara through 'it Patier'a interest in 
his father John L Brovm, (grand father) 2nd Ilato Daniel (noe 
Brown, ) ''grand aunt 3rd David Brov/n, 'Groat Gra:-id father, 
4 Rachel Brown, Great grand mother (nee Lo\7rey, 5 iVash Lowrey, 
great grand uncle, i.iag George Lowrey, Great Great grand 
6th Lucy Lowrey, nee Brown, groat grant gret. gra-d mother. 

and she is not ma varied 
Name of her parents were liartin R B own ( Tuxie -indian ncr.o) 
Nancy Brown nee Nancy licNair. 

Father was born in Virdigns, now Goo. wee. see . wee dist 
G N Indian Territory and mother was born sane place, 
father died 1906 and mother still living at l^hloquoh, I .T 
they wore in cherol:eo payucnts 1875 niid 1894 pay;r.Ci.t3 
Nar.,c of brothers and sisters; 

AiraA E BRvm BORiy 4 13 1839 
Names of grand parents v/cro John L Br-wn and 

An' Brov;n, nco Scrirasher. on father's side and o;. mother's side 
wore WILLI A..: lIcNAIR AilD RACiJiL I.IcNair, nee Mayes. 
Thoy were born in Alaba;:a, and nothca'''s uaknown place. 

Ilaey rosidcd 1851 in Tahlequah as to the Brovms, 
others in Saline or Coo woo scoo woe Dist C N I T. 
Narios of thoir children were; Richard i.icNoair 
and John Petti t one-half brother. 

Have boon enrolled for annuities and land etc at Tahle- 
quah, I T in 1894 and cl^cro^ce oayr.ent 

2 witness to her signature 1906 Dec 26 were 
Grace lIcGrcgor and Maggie Starr 

A card in the file No 8139 shows Nancy Brcwn guard In 
of Catherine Brown and mother and enrolled for her miner 
child. Grand niece of No 832. 


^ ■", L.' 

# 12670 brother of 12136 ? • 125--- 


Mdress; Kinnison, Indian Territory, born Feb Cherokee 

Ration claims right to share through r.y grand notho- Jallie licGhoc 
I.icGheo . :iy uncle Ambros McGhee , ny groat iinn2o 

Rogers, my groat aunt Susie and Martha Rogers, nv ^ grarri 

mother Diana Rogers. And is married to Clareb'"' -v/r. . 

lianes of parents wo e William H Bra.v:. :. Jeorg ._. . i-ov/n 
whoso maiden nar,s was Goorgoan I.icGhoe . 

Father was born in Hissouri and mother in G. erckoe 
nation. Ihey resided in 1651 father in Missouri and mother 
not then living, father died ilay 30 1902 and mother died 
16, 1S89 
Tiiey v/cro enrolled in Delaware district, chorokee n'atlon. 
Ifeies of al brothers and sisters wore Morris Brovm 
born March 1873, 18th day; Larkin Brovm born 9-6-1874 
Ida B^own born Se-?t S 1876 died July 14 1896 
Ada Brovfli born Sect 1878 died Feb 2 1900 
Saraii Brcv;n born July 26 ICOO 
Hary and Nannio Brovm born 18 6 d Jan 1887 
father's Na.ies of grand parents; Did not knov; th . 

/./)i\{</:j//;i/s±d.c , but on mo:/.cr's side were Sallio I.icGhoe .. .a 
Larkin idKSiLS McGheo . 

Ihey were born in Old Cr^orokeo Nation. 
They resided 1851 in Coouncoonell ? district, Qiorckoc Iljtlon. 
Wanes of all thsir children were Gcorgoan j.icGhoo, died 

Juno 16 189 hesidenoe Kinnison, Indian territory, 

John H McGhcc , Kinnison, I T 

Albert A McGhoe, V;clch, ladia.i territory. 

They have been enrolled for amiultics, and etc at 
COOME^SCOOI.IES? DIST 1396, Enrolled for strip pay:r.ont3 and by 
Dawes commissi on and thoy alotted land for me. 

My mother Sallic McGheo, (Dianna Rogers, GQ.rgo 
McGheo, Larkin McGhoe. 

R^i'AKlSi RIIFER to John H McGheo and Albert McGheo, ap.:ill cation 
to find all my ancestors, they arc my uncles- 

signed Frank Brcwn 22 Juno or Jon 
1907. 2 v/itness v/cre J A Dobkins and G "' Dixon. 

A card in the file sliov/s that Action was Admitted 
for Brw/n and 2 diildrcn, rcsidcrcu ■..oldi Okla, br'thcr of 
12135. Parents of ap licant wore ± not living in 1351. 

Frank Brcwn was married to Clara Bel Br v;n, and their 2 
children who were living on May 28 1906 were as follov/s; 
Geneva Adrin B^rvm afje 3 born March 4 1904 and Frederic!: C. 
Brown born 11 - 30- 1905. 




Indian Territory who was BORL; III ?:•• irESSEE 1847 p« lol ' 

and clainis right through nyaelf because I was an KnigJunr^""' 
in the 1851 roll and ny father Robert Drovm. my prand father 
JOHN BROM, my uncle V/illia:- Browii ny grarri other '*''"*''^ 
my sister Bettsle Brown, ny great Uncle Janes Brown. . he 

is ni^rried to Ollie Brown a^e 35 when he ; the ap llcatlon 

in 1906. 

Narie of his parents weio Robert Brown, and ncthor 
Narsissls J Brown, whoso maiden nane v/as Narclols Below. 
Father v/as BORl^" IN OLD CliLRClCilE ::ATI0N and nothor was born in 
TENNESSEE. T.HY R:iSIDED 1851, father in Soquoh District, 
SKIN 3R0? and mother also resided there, father died 1861 and 

nothor died 1879 Ihoy v/ero enrolled 1351. 

Names of all brothers and sisters were Robert Drown born 
1850, sisters one Berthey or Elizabeth born 1846 died 1851 
I.Iary Bro;vn born 1845, died 1867 

Narcisis Brown born 1861, T..n::ESSEE BRCWi BORN 1852 died 1867 
brother Cherokee Brov/n died 1852. 

Nar.os of grand parents v/erc John Br wn arxi 
Elizahcth Br wn, born in Tennessee, and resided 1851 in Cherokee 
Nation. Names of all thoir children v/oro : 

Tabert BrowTi, deed, V/:i B^ov/n deed, Eliseboth Brown Bdocd 
Ned Brov/n, Jar-es Br )V/n, and John B^jv/n, 

They have boon onro led for strip money 1893, 
onrollod by Daws Cormission at Fort Gibson for land. 
That his gra :d parents v/e:e on the 1835 rolls. Ihot ho is 
the son of Robertson and Narcissa J Bj, v/n and grand son of 
John and Eliza^.cth Brov/n. Signed John Brov/n Dec 17 1906, v/ith 
2 witness Narcissa Collins and Robert Br v/n 

A card in the file shows the Action v/as Admitted, residence 
Muskogee, Okla. Groat uncle of No 10661 enrolled as John 
Br^wn S B No 39. 

SUi-'jeLEi.'iElJTAL Ar.^LICATION FOR I.'JNOR CKILDRE : which shwwa 
fat the children of John and Ollic Br -v/n v/cro living Ilay 28 
1906 v/er - Jack Brown born 1837, Narcissa Brov/n born 1890 
John Brov/n Jr born 1892, Kollah Brovm born 1894 
and Akic Brov/n born 1903 . 

T.'.at they were enrol ed in Illinois District f i. r Strip 
nonoy and or Stoincr or Stilv/oll Indian Territory for 
Clierokoo ? land. 




-i ■- .'--. 

: c ' jw •: 




PAGS 127 


( nee OLLIZ V/AIiQiR) residence ^n^^.: llation, liuslcogoe !Io 923 
South 2nd street, Indian i'orrltury, date bom was 1880 
Cherokee Nation. My grand rather T. .;. V/ALKLR and Undo Vial 
Walter Walker, xh enrolled as i^astem Chorc'roea In 1851. 
I/Iy uncle Y/altor died without issue. 

and she is married to John Brown, lia.nea of her paror.ta are 
RICHARD I.I. VvALlER A:ID LIZZIE WALKER, whoso r.iaidxir. nar.o was 
Llzzio Pettit. Father and motherv/oro bom in G ero'roo 
nation. Pat' or diod 1905 and mother v/ao still living in 
1907 when sho signed this- 

names of all brothers and sisters wore: 

born 1884. 

Nanes of grand parents were T M V.'aUcer R'^i 
Elizabeth Walker (nee Adair) on her fatr.or side 
mother's side was Pranl: Pettit. 

Ihey v/ero born in Gierokee nation EAST 

Ihey resided in 1851 in Cherokee Nation. 

Names of all tiieir children were; 

EI.:iLY DRAIvE (NEE ^]AiJ\l.R) reside. icoi Choir. ' " ':>3rritor: 


JAC WALiCER, Rosidoncc Fort Gibson, I T 

Y/altor Walker, deed without issuo 

Suako Walker deed. 

Richard i.i Walker, my fatnor deed 

EDWARD WAUCER, rosidoncc Braggs Indian Territory. 

TiiOY havo boon enrolled - allotod land by tlv.; Day/os 

Com.mission. My paternal aiiccstor x was JACK WALiJiR wno dloc 

died in the Cherokee Nation LAST. 

I an the daughter of :> .-rd ;.'. and i^lzzlo 

Walker and grand daughter of T. .:. and Elizabeth .talker. 

signod 011x0 Br wn (Nco Walker) 
Jan 21 1907. 2 witness to her signature wore 
W F Blakcnan and Thomas J Ihornton. .^ .*.^ ^ 

A card in the file shows Action was /knitted. 
Huskogco Oklahoma, No 923 3 2nd Stroct. 
Grand dughtor of No 1859 . 




EORIT AT SEQUOMI DISTRICT 1850, and claims right to share 
; ti ot tie was an emigrant on the 1851 roll and my fa fie r 
Robert 3 ovni , my grand father John Brovm , .Villiam 3^ v/n my 
grand oEher Br v/n my sister 13ettie B own my grand uncle 
Janes Brown. 

And he is not married, 
ilanes of his parents are Ro'oe rt Brov,-; l.'arcissis 

J Brov/n (nee Narcisls Belov/. Father was born 1.. .--u Glioro'.:oe 
NATION IN TSNIIESSES: Both resided 1851 at Soquoh District 
Sltinblo? fat'ier died 1861 and mother diod 1879. Bioy wore 
enrolled 1851. 

Names of all brothers and sistors v/ero John Brov/n born 
1847. and one brother, name not shovm born 1348 diod 1351 
i.lary B^ov/n born 1845 diod 1867 
Narciss Brovai born 1851 

Tennessee B^jv/n born 1352 died 1864? or 1067? 
Cherokee Brov/n i died 1352. 

NaiHO of grcjid parents only one stated John Brovm. 
v^o v/as born in Tennessee 
They resided in 1851 in Old Cherokee Nation* 
Nanes of children of John Br wn was Robert Br v/n, deed 
Vifci Brov/n deed, Elisobcth Brov/n, deed, Ned Brown and Jamoa 

Tiioy have been enrolled for strip ra ney by the Dav/os 
Commission at Port Gibson for In: i . T'^nt his grand father 
v/as on 1835 rolls. 

2 v/itnoss to signature of Robert Br v/n 
Doc 17 1906 v/ero John Br 'V/n and Narcissa Colli 

. card in the file shov/s Action v/as Admitted for 
Robert Brov/n and one child, Muskogee Okla . Great un 
No 10661 oncollcd in Robertson Br-'wn - R 3 No 39. 
--- AiXTIiER APPLICATIOi- NO 12727^ IN T'E SAi.iE PILE './im 
Ai.'OVE, OP Application of '..altor Jac son, per mother Chcrrlo 
B Jadcson, - residence LIuskogGe Indian Territoi^, born 12 4 
1900 , claims right of ny grand mothur, Martha Jac son, 
nee Harris, by my great grand motho r Jane Harris, nee 
Collins and by my groat aunt, Frederic Harris, ond is not 
married; Name of parents v/ore ..alter H Jc;ckson, and 
Cherrio (Brcv/er) Jackson, both born in C orokee Nation. 
Fatior died Jan 2 1901 and motxi r still living. T-ioy drew 
money in chcrokoc nation 1875-18 JO- 1303-1386, 1390 and 1894? 
aid moth'^r has been allotment in Cher keo ji nation. 
States he has no brothers or sister. 
Naios of grand parents v/ere 
W-.i Jadcson, and ifiartha Jackson, on his father's side and on 
his mother's side was ? Brewer and Delilah Brewer. 

Tnat William Jackson v/as born in EUGLA.D, Martha 
Jackson, Forsyth County Georgia, P Brov/n in TENIvESSEE 
and Delia Sr^wH Brewer in GEORGIA. 

Grand £ mother Jacl-.sen in Forsythe County Georgia. 

Names of all their children were on father's 
side Walter H Jackson, died Jan 2 1901, Andrew Jackson, uagonc 
V/agoncr Indian Territory, Lllnnic Sleeper, noo Jackson 


#12727^ continued (in tho file of No 12728) continued 

of Robert Brov;n -.Page 129 

residence Wagoner, Indian territory, on mother's 

aide v/ere : I.iary V Brov/er died Nov 9 1334 

John Brewer died I.-iay 9 1082 

Ihonas Henry Brev/or diod k'ov 1 18^4 

Scov/yer B Brev/er died Oct 30 1866 

Ethel Brev/er died uay 28 1873 

Cherrie 3 Jadcson -Muskogee Indian 'Itorritory 

Oliver F B ev/er, i.Iu3i:ogee, Indian Iterritory. 

I havS boon enrolled for my allot. .iont in tho Cherokee 

His ancosturs bad: to 1835; Great Groat Grand nothor 
Nannie Collins, Groat Grand nother, Jane Harris neo Collins- 

One brother of ny grand nother, IJartha Jackson, noo Harri 
Harris whose nick was Dock - believe loft no children 
but I am not sure . 

REIiAR:^ : Great Grand father, Charles Harris, 
married Sallio Collins, after whoac death ho married hor 
sister, Jano Collins, who was ny groat grand nothor. 

Signed x, V/altor Jacoson, oer mother 
iTiorry B Jadison 1907, Jrn 19 with 2 
vatness; A 17 Robb and Levi Ac!cloy. 

A card in tho filo for No 12727^ shov/s Action was 
Mnittod. Residence liuskogeo, Okla. 

2nd cousin of No 1208 aid claimant's grand mother; hartha 
Jackson is on Chapman's roll No 1866 Parents woro not bom 
before 1851- 



Page 130 

#13630 £ brother of V.o 4707 r.ASTJRi; CHROIuii A-.-LIJATI0:J 
of Prcnklin G Brown rosidoncc at liarciasa Ci.ero!:oo Ilation 
Indian Territory, born August 12 1D6S in Golnganalce District 
Crnoro]:oc Nation, and clair.s right through nothor, .;c:r_,Qr<jt 
or ir'eggjr Brov/n (nee V/o^dall) my gr:^nd paroi.ta, Ihonaa and 
ITancy Woodall, iny avint Botay V.bodall who diod without doscont 
and is r.iorriod to Nancy I Brov/n ago 44 when this ap llcutlon 
v/as signed 1907. Nanos of parents v/oro Willia-. Brown 
and I.iorgarot or i:OQTJ Brovm, r.iaidon nav.o Woodall. 
mother was born Clierolceo '.'ntion 2AST. 
In 1851 they resided in Going3nal':e District, Chcr.;):ee Hotlon. 
Father died about 1865 and nothcr died about 18 4 

/lOthcr enrolled on choro^rc'^ -- •-I'^rr'.nt roll of ^.^^^ 
in Goingsnako Dist, Cherolroc Notion .- xor rolls of tho 

Cherokee Nrtion. 

Na^es of all brothers and s.^ stcrs foljov/: 
Archilla Sanders died during civil v/ar . 
Nancy J L.Iulcare, born about 1843, died about 1878 
Tiiomas "Vagnon, born. About 1851 died at V/ostville, Indian 
Territor37 and I.Icrsarot •^oston, born about 1853, diod V/estvlll 
Indian Territory. V.';: B*ov/nd born about 1856, -' " 

Grand parents on kKi his mother's side wore Ihonas 
and Nancy '..oodall, nee TADrOLE . 

Grand notlior was born in the Cherokee N.tlon EAST. 
They resided 1851 both in Going snalco District, Ciicrukoe Hat. 

Navies of all their x children wore 
Robert Woodall deed 
Susan '' died as an infant 
Isaac iVoodali, deed 
Abralian '' deed 
Tuonas " deed 

Betsy V/oodal . died x \vithout descent 
Lucinda Downing deed 
Celia Enery deed 
I.iargarot B^ov/n, ny mother deed 
Jacob V/oodall deed. 

Tney have been enrolled on the Chorokoc 
authenticated roll of 18:0 and on all of the rolls of tho 
Cherokee nation since I v/as born, I am a Cherokee allottee. 

i'y grand father Hionas V/aodall, I think was a 
white man but he was enrol ed v/ith tho emigrant chcrckoos in 
1851. R:.rAR"Si My b mother was married 4 tines, first to 
.vlec Sanders, 2nd to John Scott, third to Marshall wagnon, 
and fourth to V.'m B^vm, my father, she was li'-^dy °c:„„..„ 
vvagnon in 1851. lly aunt, Celia .nery married a Kr Severs 
aft.r her husband Mr Ornery died and she wns likely a 
Severs in 1351. T-c ..oodall was sor:etimo on t,.c old 
rolls as -./oodalo. Sighed 1906 Jan 25 with 2 witness i I. 

Buffington, I.Iike Mulcare . ^..^ ^^or^ 

A CARD in the file shows the .action /^.J-ttcd. 
Rosidcncj Narcissa Oklahoma, one-half brother of Nc 4707. 
Lother of ap licant enrolled 1851 in Goingsnr.l.o 

*In 1907 l.:aY 29 his address was 2 miles w & 1 mile 
south of Narcissa .ost office, Indian Territory. Delaware 

page 131-- 
G Br-'Wn 

near Baptist 
::Qy 28 1906 

Page 2 

#13630 Eastern Chorokee /application of Fran'- in 
of Franklin Gillara Brov/n, continued; 
District Cherokoe llation, born Aug 12 1?j50 
Indian Territory, and is :narrled to lla cy I 
llanos of their children v/' o v/ere livin^ 
Tennessee Bell Brov/n bom Aug 6 lO'JO 
Fannie Adlald Brown born Se .t 28 1392 
Frederick Fran':lin Brov/n born Dec 12 1894 
Ilanoy Isabell Brown born March 29 189? 
Robert liinond Lee Erov/n born May 2 ! 1 
Ruth/ May Brov/n born April 23 1904 

Tiey v/ere enrolled , yes, five, at Vinita a: 
ono v/itness v/as Nancy I Brov.n 1907 i.^ay 29. 


Born June 1, 1834 in Cherokee ijatlon, _ pa^Q 132 

Claims right to oharo thro fat.icr, John T Brown"' anS ot:.era' 
iiB i blo.'d relation on father's sile. 3nt whose na-.iB I ' : z 
knov; at this tine - ar.d is not married. 

Na:;e3 of parents are John T Drown, or Indian nano; 
OOL-SCUNT-NI, and nothor Lary Jane Brov/n, whoso nmiden 
was i-ary Jrxio V/ood. Tiie-j v/oro born in Cncrolcoo :,i;tti on. 
And they v;ore not living at date of 1 
Father died about Jan 1891 and mothur aLxxi survives, 
they v/oro enrolled, in Ciiorokeo paynonts of 1875, auci 18 30 
and 1833 and 1886 and 1890, tninJcs in toivn of Tt^hlcquah, 
Indian territory and nothora payr.cnt of 1894 and for lend 
about 1900. He did not know naiies of his grand oaronts 
but gives na.ies of their children as fol ov/s: 

ratcrnal sid , Nancy Tohec-neo BROVfil- Tnhlequah, Indian Torri 
Cliar lotto 'Triplott sa.r.c ro sid once 
Alcio Gritts same 
Lillio Grease sa:;-'C 

MATZRIIAL SID2 Nannie Reed, noo Wood, 
Grena, Indian '"Jerri tor y, 
Cillic Planlc, nee V/ocd, 'jiLrtlosville , Indian territory 
t'-at v;as enrol ed chero!:ce pay -cnt 1886 and 1800 and 
and for Cherokee Indipji Irnd, about 1900 al at Clarc:v..-rc. 
Indian Territory, money and land received. 

RE::aRI;S: HTOITj.R BRCiri' Indian nar.e Ka-HA-Hi Deceased, 
died at Tahlequah Indian lierritory about 1885, v.'cs ny grand 
fatlicr. iiary Brown, father's na' .0 , net know., a daughter of 
Peg t Brov/n, claimant by fornor husband. Said I^ary Br^vm 
my aunt, deed, ?og_^;y Brov/n deed v/as my grand mother. 

signed John Br vn 23 Jan 1906. 2 v/itnoss 
John F V/ard and J Albert Bengey 

i-i card in the file shov/s the case v/as Adr.-J.ttcd- 
i-iP licant's grand parents xiaglo and Quailscc? v/ero enrolled 
by Drennon in Jabol Dist ITo 318 


page 133 


Indian name was V/ Y Dah . Residence Dolav/aro District, 
Cherokee nation, after Indian territory. Born 1849 
in Delaware District, Cherokee Imtion. 
Claims right to share through herself Policy V/icl:ett, 
and iiy mother Rachel V/ickett and kai Kerlicha ny grand 
father and Wa Kah my grand mother and Ina V/a Kah ny aunt 
Si la my aunt and Choy Q,uah Klu la and Ar.o Tye4Ya Na Klu lu 
and Si Li Ter IVickett 

and is married, but is x nov/ a widow. Her last husband 
John Brown was deceased . age 30 . 

}Ior parents wero Jade Wickett lie S 111- 220 
or Del 362. Indian name was Chake Chustitel, -ir-sd nothor was 
Rachel V/ickett, Indian Na':o v/as La Chil La. Maiden nane was; 

Pat/^er was born in the Old Cherokee nation and also was place 
of birth of her mother . 

In 1851 parents both resided in Delaware Dlst Cherokee 
Nation. Father died before tlie War mother died about 

Toy were enrolled, 1851, in the Ci:ierokoe :iat. nd drew 

money at Fort Gibson at tine the Knigmnt v.- ■ a,d off 

Names of brothers and sisters were; 
Polley Brov/n born 1849, 

Si liter V/ickott born 1850 died before the Into war 
IVobstor V/id-ott born 1852 
Annie V«offord half sister, 

Sallio Hicks, h:'.lf sister, they wero born durin^; the late war. 
and their maiden naiue was SU.-i.'jilRPIEID 

Names of Grand parents 
No 466 Talequah, Nod V/ickctt and on mother's side was 

Na Kah Kir Si cha .' 
Ihoy wore born in the Old Cherokee Nation 
resided 1351 in Delaware Dist Cr.crokee Nation. 

Nn.ios of their children vrer.: 
#362 Del. Rachel Vddeett, Indian name La C'^il La 

residence; Delaware Dist. Cherokee nation 
Inlv/olcuh Indian name Im V/akah, rosidenbe Del Dist Cherokoo Nat 
C 1939-5 Sallic 

K 2149 Sila, Del Dist C:icr..koo Nation. 

States I was enrolled 1851, In Del Dist. C N in fact have 
boon placed on all rolls from said Date up to Dawes Connlaslon 
enrol. od no and the; allotted f^ms to me. 

RSLiARKS: Tac within arioli cation made by me is only through 
my mother's side as name in t;:e face of ny application, ..y 
father Jack V/ickett was an old settler. Signed 1907 Jen 28 
2 witness V7 J Uelton nnd Jen::ie Guess. 
One card in files shows Action was dmltted. for :^olly Brown 
and one child, rcsidcnco ..fton, Claimant's mother enroll 
-ed in Delaware Dist 362, by Drennen 1851 - Material Grand 
father enrolled Del. 908, maternal uncle enrolled 9C7 
see uiscl. 4325 and 4593 also a material aunt enr iJel. 




Page 2 


William oweetwatei" in behalf of Polly Br^wn, beim^ first 
duly 3V/orn, thru his interpreter, Ton Roach, deposes and says; 

I an about age 60-1 knew Polly 3rov/n and her iiaronts. 'l 
do not Icnov; whether the mother of Polly Brown was an" er-iigrant or 
not. I became acquainted with her after the enrollment of 1851 
after the payment of 1852 Rachel lived with Jacl: V/idcott; Rachel 
was an old woman in 1851; I do not know whether Jad: '.Vic'tott 
v;a3 an old settler or not; I do not knov/ his choro'.iee; Ho was 
called Ja-ko Clioo-tah-geo-tah lih or Blue Eye. Ko was about a 
quarter chcrokoo. Rachol looked to bo about a quarter chorokoo . 
I do not know when l^chol diod; I thinlc she died about tho tirao 
of the war; Rachel took up with another man and wont south tho of the v/ar; the man she went with was JOE SIT-'JERFIELD . 
KXLs Ho was a part Cherokee Indian. Rachel was consl^oreT To bo 
a Chcro;:eo about the time of the v/ar. Webb V/lckett, #16445, in a f 
full brother of Polly Brovm., Anna Cordery is a half sister cf 
Polly Brov/n on the mother's side. Her father was Joe Su-nnorfiold 
Iho fathor of Joe Suninorfield was John Sunmerfield. Ti^.c wife of 
John Suiranorfield. the wife of Jo' n Sumiiorfiold was Caty; tsee 
Del 821). Iho Indian nainc of Joe Sun;-icrf ield was CTnoo-guh tah tih. 
I thinl: that Joe Suu..ierf ield had some children in 1851; ho h. : 
a daughter by name of A-Ko . He also had a son by name of Isaac, 
or A-sick-o. Josejh Suminorfield had a sister living v/ith him 
named Gah-daw-tluli-nuh in 1851. (sec Del. 706). 

I thinl: that Coo lah chih was tho fatlicr of Rachol. I do 
not remember seeing tho mother of Rachel. I do not knov/ her 
name J I do not of Ftackel living v/ith any other man before 
she lived v/ith Jack IVidcetto I do not thin; that Coo lah chih v/as 
living in 1851; whoa Coo lah chih v/as living, he lived in Del Dist 
-see Del 908. I do not kn^.v/ v/ho Goo lah chih's v/ifc was. Tao 
brothers and sisters of Rachel v/oro Sallie who v/as living v/ith a 
man by nai'.ie of 00 dah nee yiih dvh. She had a brother by name of 
Hide. He hod a v/ifo nanod Ailcio. I do not knov/ naros of 
any of Nid.s diildron. Ho had some at that time. I thinlf Nick 
had sons by name of VAd lo or W.\ and VVoh yih of Pigeon. 

Tno children of Polly Br.v/n and John Br.v/n living on I'lay 
28 IC'06 wore Biddic Hav/kins bom Dec 16 1871 
JAi.-ES L/u.:ARE BORIT AUG 30 1876 
Eddie LAIIARE born Jon 15 1879 
Susan A Ranoning born So >t 10 1831 
George P Brov.n born Aug 28 1895. 


it '' 

# 16550 EASTERN CIL^-ROKEB] APrLICATIOH OF JO :i L BROV.W - page 135-- 

;,.ade application for his children, Jacl: Br v/n Narciaaa 
Brown, John Brov;n J, Kellah Brovm in Indian Iferritory 
rluskogee, Creek Nation, Indicn Territory. Date Lkjrn Kove-iber 23 
1847 in Tennessee. ' 

Claiiis right f.jr my children through their mother Sallie 
Lackey's Interest in her mother LOUISIA FIELDS I'ACKEY 

2. i'.lart.ia Fields Taylor. ' 

3. John uackey, brother to my children's mother 

4. Looney Hicks, uncle or nearest kin to my v/ifo. 

name of first wife, was Sallie Llackey Br .-v/n, deceased. 
Name of parents were; 
Piobinson Brov/n, and IJarcissa J (Balow) Br-rwn. 

Fatrior v/as born in Old Cherokee nationn in TEN.JESSSE also mother 
was born in Tenn. They lived in 1351 Skin Bay on District, 
fat. or died 1351 ani mother died about 1868 

Ihey wero enrolled 1351 fat:. or and mothur; also John r^ckey, 
brother to Sallie I.i Br v;n, and hor mother Louisa Fields. 

Names of all brothers and sister; 
Yi/ifo's brothers and sister.':-: 

John Mackoy born about 1895, I ellah Mackey, died 1900 
Laura I.iackoy died 1809, Lugic i.iadccy living in 1907 v/hcr. he signed 
thi s 

grand parents were i.iackoys v/ero old settlers, on's 
side, and mother's side v/as /irch Fields living in Dwight. 
''I am not sure; Betsey Fields. 

They v/crc born in Gherokso nation. 

They resided 1851 in Illinois dist. 

Names of all their children wer ; Louisa Field 37! lackey 
died 1898. In Illinois District, Llartha Fields Taylor, 111 Dist 
George Piolos, date not know, residci-icc Illinois Dist. 
Has enrolled in Chorkoe Strip money 1894, my children and I havo 
Cherokee lands, allotted by Dawes Commission. 

Riii.iARlvS: Tills claiiu is made for my children, | 

Viz their mother Sallie I.iacJjoy Br v/n daughter of Louisa Fiijlda 

!,.ac]:ey. 5)uls No 1 Jack Br.nvn, age 20 in 1907 
2. Narciss a Br v-n , ago 15, John Br v/n Jr ago 13 
and Kellah Brov/n age 12 in 1907. 

2 ivitnoss to his signature V/ F Blalcemoro 
and John \ /a t k i n s . 

A card in tho files shov/s the Action wa. Admitted 

by JohRai'cifiiiitiggi^fidrdaiSi&Lier and uncle enrolled 100 Illinois 

Dist (FAB) 




he signed this in 1907, Ernest R. age 12, Rebecca A a :e 1 _.d V. 
William I.i age 8. 

Residence - 4 raile east 'Jliotoau, Cherolcee Nation, I:.. 

Date and place of births of Riith ;.;. born 9-29-1891 (1391) 
Earnest R b^rn 12-16, 1894, Rebecca A iiorch 1, 1896, n:Td 
Willian II 12-14-1397, all in COOWOCSCOOYEE DISTRICT. 

Tiiey claini to share right through xjn their 1 raothor 

Ruth Brovn . Their great Unclos and aunt; Andrew .. . .ily ;.lillor, 
Elias and Isaac Gann ? Tlieir great Groat grand mother; Lydia 
Chisholn, thoir groat great groat aunts, Jennie Halfbrood and 
Elizabeth Squirrel. Thoir Cousins Henry C. I.'.illor, Joseph 
Walkor and William Squirrel, Wanio Tianna and I-'cry Fields. 

Parents were Johnson T Brown, and Mary and Fannie Br-wn, 
Maiden naracs; Mary Condi t and Fannie Gandle . 

Father was born in Chorol:eo Nation mot'.icrs in the States. 
They resided 1^51, -- that their pnixints were bom 
after 1851. 

Tacir father died ahout 1900. Iheir mother Itory died 
about 1891 and Fannie diod about 1899 

Tiiat father v/as on chorokee authenticated roll of 1880. 
Navnes of all their brothers a:Td sisters follow: 

Ruth I.I Brown, residence of all of tJicr-. Choteau, Indian Territory 
Earnest R Brovm, Rebecca A and Wri U Brown. 

Names of grand parents v/ere William E c '-h Brown. 

Her maiden name was Ruth (GAITN) B.iO.V:J. 
The paternal grand mother was born in (Jherokee nation East. 
Ihe paternal gra;id mother resided 1851 in Chor:koo 

Names of thoir children were; 
Rufus H Brovm, Collinsville , Indian Territory 
Rebecca E Creech, Collinsville, Indian Territory 
Ruth A Williams, deceased 
Johnson T Brw.i, their fatncr deceased. 

States tha-t- they ai-c chorokoc allottees. _._..._ „ ,„., T.^^rt in 
Tnolr groat grand fatnor ThOi.LAS GAi-iiJ uvea in 

CHEROlJiE NATION EAST IN 1835. ^ ,, ^ ^.*. „„h f-v,/- 

RE--aSs: RJTH LI Brown is the daughter of Mary nee Condit and the 
thci -^ vounror children are the children of Fannie Bpown , noQ 
GoSdy.'^ The? wore al- born in lawful wcdloclc. T.^xir grandmotner 
Ruth Brovm, hcd 3 brothers, Andrew :.'J.llcr, Elias and Isaac Gann, 
all of whom sc are deceased and v/ithout descent. Their great 
uncle Andrew Miller's v/ife was Sally (McCoy). JI^oj' ^-^ ^ 
son Henry C Miller, who died '.vithout descent! ■^;cir ._. _ 
|?aAd Sher was Lydia Chisholm, she lived in Skin Bayou .x a. 
in 1851 T^ieir great groat grand mot-cr Lydia C-nisholn had 2 
sLters JeSie nSfbreld and Elizabeth Squirrel both of whom 
arc deed and without descent. H.eir gr^at great great aant 
Elizabeth Squir^^cl had 3 sons and Z daughters, Joseph , "alLor 
aid SlSam squirrel, Nannie and Tiana Fields a 1 of ^*on ar^ 
deceased and without descent. Tneir cousin Nan .ie Fields had a 
daughter Mary Fields who died without descent, 
aaufeuo ^ oisnod Geor--e A McCord Jon 30 1907. 

Action Admitted, -gland ch^S? #929 claims thru same source.. 



A brother of Ho 12136. -Page 137 

Residence ..elch , county of C00I.UiESC00:.3:: INDIAN TERRITCRY. 
Born i.iarch 18 1873, In Jhcrohoe Mntlon. 

Claims right to share through his mother George /jin Drcv/n, 
my grani nother Sallie McGhoe and uncle /j-.ibros McGheo , 
my great uncle Janes Rogers and Susio .Rogers, Liartha Rogers. 
and my groat aunt - ray great grand mother Diana Rogers. 
And ho is married, October 12 1894 
Name of v/ifo v/as jitta Brown, v/as born Aug 25 1876. 

Names of Parents were William Brov/n and • •:; /jin 

Brown, v/hoso maiden name was George Ann i.lcGhoo . 

Father was born in tho state of Missouri and muUior born 
in OLD Cherokee Nation. 

Father died Hay 30 1902, Blether died 1839 Juno 16. 
THEY wore onrollod Dclavmrc Dist, Cherokee Nation, also in 
1880 chorokoo nation. Lly grand mother Sarah McGhoo and uncle 
Ainbr s McGheo ^ 

Naifls of al 1 brothers and sisters wore; 
Morris Br'V/n, born March 18 1873 
Larkin Bj,own born So.:^t 6 1874 

Ida Brovm born Aug 17 1876 ,«„« 

Ma Brown born Sc t 1878 died . Died 2-2-1900 

Sara'-: Bv,ovm & Frank & Mary & Nan Brovm (no dates giver.) 

States they were bom in C^^erokee Nation. 
They resided 1851 in Coomsescoov/ee Indian Nation. 
Nanes of all their chiddren were George Ann McGhee 
died Jan 16 1339. Residence Coumcescoomeo ^ist, Choro.:ee mz. 
John H McGhee, Kinnison, Indian Territory, 
/ilbort N McGhoe, "v;elch, Indian Territory 
/imbros McGhee died in early days. 

Has been enrolled in Comeescooneo 
Dist, enrol od 1880 and for tho strip money and drew jo^oral 
payments and was also enrolled by Dawes co mission and they 

allotted Ijf ^-^^f^-;^ ^^^. ,, 1835 ,ore his mother George Anr 
^IrGhee (Sellio McGhoo and Larkin McGhee. and Dlanna Rogers. 

rSmIk S: Look to John H McGhee and .Ubert '-'CGhce applica- 
tion to find all of my ancestors and who I have right to draw 
^"""^^.re my un?les. signed Jan^O l^^^^/^^^^^S??^ 

S^190^ of%gP?fs S[^^ itta^3??^;l^-wel^^%^ i?l^y'§6 1§8|; 

nSli^n born ?-20-1895, Eva M I^^^O-ISSG ^^able 12-2 - 
Floyd P 2-17-1901, and Gcorgan 4-29, 1904. Morris 

^ A card iA the files shows ^-ction i^mittcd, for Morris 

Brt^n and 5 children, at .Velch Oklahoma, and a brother No 1 

No 12136, 



#16605 EASTERil CliRoiaCr; Ai^t-LI CATION OF LARICIN BROV/li ^rt) 
is a brother of No 12136. 

Residence Kinnison, Indian 'Iferrit.-ry. Born there Sept 6, 
1874. Claims right to share through his mother George Ann 
Brovm, my grand mother Saline iicGhee, ny uncles Anbroa McGhee 
my great uncle James Rogers, Susin and i: ,. • ..-ors my great 

aunt -groat grand mothor Diana Rogers. ' ' 

Ho is married to Fannie C Brown, age 34 when ho slKnod 
this 1907. 

Narae of parents v/oro William Brovm, and George Ann 
(McGhee) Brov/n, father was born in Missouri, and mother in 
ChcrclioG Nation. Father diod May 30 1002 and mothc: ;• I Juno 
16, 1889. Ho was enrolled in Cherokee Notion 1880. 

Names of all brothers and sisters; 
Morris Brov.n born March 18 1873. Sarah Nells born July 24 1881 
Ida Brown born Aug 17 1876 deceased July 14 1896 
Ada Brovm born Sept 1878 died Feb 1900 

Fran!*: Brov/n and Mary Brovm and Mary Mans ted? and Nannie Houx 
all living. 

Ho did not Icnow his grand parents on his father's 
sido, but on his mother 'n side v/as Sallio McGhee and Larkin 
McGhee, both born in C-LOHGIA. AIJD IN 1851 lived in Cherokoo 

Nar.os of all their children v/ere; AiiBROSE McGJIEZ diod 
but dont knov/ date. George Ann ..icGhoe diod June 16, 1889 
John H McGhoo, residence Kinnison Indian Territory 
Albert McGhee, V.olch Indian Territory. 

Ho has boon enrollod 1800 and for stri,; pay:.-.ont and 
v/as allotted land by DAVffiS C0i..i.iIS3ICII . 

.RLii.lARilS RijFERS to J hn H McGhee and A V McGhee 
a.._-lication to find my ancestors. Tnoy are my uncles. 

Signed Larkin Bj,o\vn 1907 Jan 50-2 witness wore L IV 

TIio children of Larkin Brov;n and v/ifu Fannie C 
Brown living on May 28 1906 v/ere; 

Martha Brov/n born Sept 1 1393 , Elmer L Brown born May 19 1895 
Sybil F Brov/n born Juno 4 1897, Bertha M Brov/n born Jen 19 1899 
William H Brcv/n born May 4 1901, Bessie G Brown born Fob 6 1903 
Mary L Br :\vn born March 8 1905 . 

Hiot they wore enrolled in Vanlta 1903 Indian territory, 
for money -annuities, land etc. 

A card in tho file shov/a the Action was ..dmittod 
at Kinnison Oklahoma, brother of No 12156 

^'arcnts of applicant not living in 1851. 



PAGE i99 

RosidoncQ vVhltosburs, Haublan County 'itnnossoo. ago 39 
born October 12 1867 v/hon ho slsnod this 1907, 
States ho was born in CLAY COUNTS: ICNTi C .Y and ia not mcrried 

Tho names of his parents v/oro : 
James P. C^ Brov/n, and Robocca xx J Brown, her maiden nano 
was Robocca J Vcrrdllion. were born as foll.-wa: 
father in WAR GAr', H.^WXIIIS COUI.'fv' Tjl^N.ILSSE^: MOaHER IN 
rejoctod . states: Sec Sizomore caso. 

That in 1851 thoy resided as follows; ?•♦- -- 'n Hawkins Co 
Tcnn and mother in Stickloyvillo, Scott . . his parents 

v/cre both living. Na. es of all brothers uitl sisters; 
v/ero T:-!E0?HALUS G BROuJ: born N V 13 1861, Knoxvil lo , IVinn 
George Jr and Frank W Brown, born March 12 1364 
'Erioraas E B ov;n Doc 9 1865, VJiitesburg Tonn 
V/m W Brp^wn" Doc 28 1869, St Clair Tenn 
James B own,- Bulls Ga o Tcnn March 23 1874 
Prancis'L B^own Nov 28 1078 Wl-iltcsburg Tcnn 
nar.ics of -his grand parents v/ero; 

Thos E B^ovm and Sarrh Sizeraoro, mother's sido was VAn 
Vcrnljlibn and ITancy Owcas. T.iey wc e born on fatj.or's side 
letter looks more like an "S") and on his^i^^her's die in Va. 
They resided in 1951 on V/ar Gap Tenn, mother's side in Scott 
County Va . 

Naines of all their children are 
Iredill-.C Bi»ov/n dcd, 

Jesse B_^ov/i-i deed Taos ^ B^i v/n deed ilancy Br'^v/r^ deed 
Owen? i'.i'^Brown, deed, Sarali T B c\m deed, Clinton A Br wn deed. 
i.iatilda L B^ ovm deed. Ja.ies Y ^ Brown, '.Tnitesbur:^ Tonn 
John \J Vernlllion .irch B, Augustin, \/m Douglas, .'sK' ^'^ and 
Sarai:! C and Rebecca J VEii.II: LION. Ilis ancestors back to 1835 
v/ere J Y C Brov/n and Rebecca J Br-'wn, Thos _ and Sarali Br.wn, 
vVm and Nancy Voruil-ion. Sizenore is tnc ErIGLISH NA.JE. 

dated signed Clinton A B own 
1907 2 Aug 15. 

•}{■ -;.- '.f ir ir-i<- -X- ■Or •,.- •>;- -> •«■ •'<• -> -if 


Cyntha R Bilyev/ (now Brown) Indian was 
Cyntha R Harmon, residence Hilhan, Overton County Tennessee 
age 38 bom 3e jt 27 1868 in Overton Co Tcnn, and is married 
to AliBROSE JA'CICSON BROVrN age 36. Tie names of their iron 

wore Dora A Bj^ov/n 16, born May 12 1891, Dosy 1-' Brov/n ^1 ^ 
July 22 1893, ^La. Zura Bro\;n 5, born 11-25- 1901, Janeie Brown 
3 born July 23 1904. 

Names of parents were ATIDREW JAC:SON BILYE"JH (3ILYEW 
Indian nano v/as Andrew Jackson Harmon, mather v/as i.iSrgarct J. 
Bilyev/, her maiden name was llargarot J B o-wn . thoy v;orc both 
born in Overton County Tonno33eo.& both lived there 1851. 
Na:os of all brcthors and sisters; Benjamin B Bilycw, b I.^ay 20 
1870, Sanuel Denton Bilycw, b 3-15 1874, George ashington 
Bilycw b 12 22 1873, Nancy Bilyew now uasters, b 7-20-1831 
all born Hilha-m Tenn. name of grand parents were Benjamin 
Bilycw & Nancy Poterman, Indian nar.o was Benjamin Harmon 



EASTl^R: CHx^ROKEE no 32972 Ci^ITHIA R. X ?QGO 140- — 

3RCmi CvlITINl'LD: 
on her nothor's sido was luiv/ard Er v/:i and Gi-ntha Br.w . 
iilvvard was born in Jade son county Tonn 
and Gyntha Brown born in Toni-i . Tncy rusidod 1851 In 
Overton Co Tonn. Na..i03 of all thoir children foll.v/a- 

'I^:\ BilyewjHilhain, Tonn. Nancy ^ Oglotroc;Living3tv.r/ 
S A. Bllyov/ , 11 A Kolnia;., Bilyov/ once? ?. A V/lllifora, co 
Bilycw, Peter Bilyov/, Hilham, Ten;;. A L Bilyov/, Cookvillo 

Ancestors back to 1835 v/crc; 

"I thinl: the chain of genealogy is ny fat:.or Andrew 
Jackson Bilyev/, Harmon, sen of Benjamin Bilycw (Harncn) 
was born IBIG . 
■>{• ii ■?(■ -ir -Sf -ii- w •}(• '/c if -,:■ •ji- ^.c 'A- ■a ■..-■a 

CLAIM NO 31094, CAT J:nTT'r; bRCTOI 
CATITARINE BR-'.', Indian na e v :3ARK:, rosidonco in 

Ncv/comb, Campbell County Tonnossoci, a-c 21 born Fob 5th. 
Clnin signed 1907} 3:>rn in LAURi.L COUITT/ IGNTfJCl'T, rnd J 

is r.irrried and bolcii;_:s to Cherokee tricft. of parents v;orcj 

Niu.i; OP PAiLr-:; :Ts le.:tj.;.l liAiN: 110)1 /i:! n;^j£ ROAra: 

AND UARGAIILIT ll/Jii:, :,IAID.h;:I Ih...:. li/iRGAR^'T Ih.TFlLlD. 

Father was born in ASH COUNT/ NCRT5I CAR..LINA Ai.D MO-n-'^R in 

Vi3:iTIi.Y COUNTY I'lLNTu Jl.Y . and tl^oy rosidod there 1351. 

I>ia-;iu of all brothers and sisters wore; 

i^lisabcth i-, Hughes, Trultha, iilizao. tl a burn J n 12 1314 

resided at Hugs Indian territory 

Robjrt born Oct 3 1876, Lc^follette itn.-i 

Tilitha resided hughes Indian Torritry, born uu,., 11,1879 

that his grand ^ji rents weiv LomucI Main or Roar):, and 

i.Iar^arot Hain tret fat'.ior born in Nort;i Gorlina 

and mother born Ky. Tiat the na.'.os of all their children 

v;erc Elisabeth -Robert T Tilitha, and Catharine 

born hcConb 5^h Tonn. 

w ^;- ■«■■!(• -ji- -M- ■};-■«■ -J*- -jt- -;;- <- ■«• ■!>- -sj 

CLAI.l NO 37460 of Garter Bj, wn 
residence and post office; Canyvillo, Tonn, Car. bell Co 
Tennessee, age 30 born 1877, born Union County Tonnessoo 
and is. carried to r.Iattio Q^aillcin age 23, na;:e of child 
I.Iary 3 cwn a<;:o 2 b.^rn 1905. Name of parents were W J Brown 
and Sarah Hcathby, father born .■jadors''^n "o Tenn, ncthor bor 
in Co.mpbei; Cc Tcnn. anri resided t^-cro 1851. mother died Oct 
1390. of brothers and sisters v/ori-: 
Halie Loach born 1C75, -.llice Sriith born liny 2 1873 
Jane Dillon? Hay 11 1G74 . na:;e of his grand parcrts were 
JOHN BRO:.'^;] A"ID i.iOT.-...^R' 3 SID:i WAS LAVINAY BR:V.::, and they 
wore born Canpbell C.:' Tcnn. Tic clair was rejected. Ihc 
brother was No 37462. Letters wore directed to Carter 
Brown in 1907- at Blue Tddgo, G^or'ia- several of the:. 
- proving lineage bac': to 1335, he states he his 
Cherokee blood fr^.n r.iy great grand father on mother's side 
Jai.ies or Jams or Jar:ees Pleat lerly he may be called by both 
naiacs a half chero'cco this has been proved and affidavits 
wxtli claim of Shirilda iag Loy's clam, signed 1907. 

E/iSTtRi'I CHEHuKEii, CL;a...S ?a;-:6 141 

NO 19670 of i--nanda 'Jharlotte Bruv.-n 

Residence in Humphreys county Tjnri, at neat office Mc2won 

said county , born July 4 1069 Kum.jhroys Co Tenn 

claims throuf^h hor fatior Robert x3 Hatclier, T/ho was a aon 

of John Hatcher v/ho an oastorn choroLLOO Indian. 

Sho is raarriod to George E^.vm born J-ay 14 1866 

died 8 years ago. Th;at hor parents are Robert E Hatciior, 

and mother iiary Jano Hatcher, maiden nanc Mary Jane Hoopor. 

T:ioy v/ore born in Hunphroys Co Tenn and resided there 1051. 

Father died Fob 2 1897 and mother still living,. 

Tnat hor jq father Robert B Katchor was onrollod at tho 

Indian office at Wagonor Indian Territory Sept 1393 

Nanes of brother: and sisters were: 

Nancy Elizabeth Farley? born i.iay 31 1857; 

Rittio Prodonia Finloy born Dec 10 1060 

V/ra Katchcr died Jan 3 1397 

i.:nrtha Eveline Mor:3an born J.larch 4 1065. 

Frai^ces Ann-Craig born i.pril 20 1367 

i.Iary Jane R^ th Kc.tchcr born Oct 14 1858 

I!c, .c of grand parents are 

John Hatcher arrl Henrietta Hatcher and on grand mcthcr's 

sido was Dcmcy Hooper and ilizabeth Hooper 

toy XXE were born Humphreys Co Tenn 

Names of alJ th.^ir childrv^n arc 

John Lamdrum Hatcher died ^ug 19 V'/: 

V/m Hatcher diod Doc 1885 

Nathan H.'.tchcr 

Konr^^ Hat d.'. or 

Robert B Hatc.ior diod Fob 2 1397 

Woalcy Hatcher death unlcnov/n 

Ja '03 Alfred Hatcher died ..:2y 11 ? 1905 

Rob oca i.da i3 

Elizabeth 'Ourtis. 

"..cnticns I rccom? a-y nr^-.o was enr'-'llod at 
tho Indian office, V^Tfonor India;. Territory by "^yj^t icr 

Robort K Hatcher, Sopt 1095; that his ancostcrs bcc.: 1335 
worc: my fat or Robort H B Hatcher v/as tho son rf John 
Hatcher who cano from North Carolina about 1310- H° "js 
eastern Choro' oo Indian I Have been inf rned t^^t sono of 
•lY rclrtivcs in Texas have rood cortif icatos of cnroll.-cnt 
to citizcnshic and arc nov; living in Indian Territory. 

John ^.rtin made a long stator.ent 1908 in Tarrant 
Count- Texas ro-arding lineage of /.nanda r-ranan Brovrn 
and mostly the Grahan linoaso . (hard to road) 



EASTERN CIi:-I?OKEE CLAIii OF ALBERT S BR^'./:' N '. 36404 142 

Albert Smith Brov/n indir.n nano wna Harnon - roaldonto 
WQs Aliens, Ovorton County Tonn, age 33 bom 12 12 1873 
born in Ovorton Co Tcnn, and is narlod to Liartha B^-^wn a^o 32. 
thoir children v/oro I'ta J P Brovffi born Jnn 15 1390 
Jamos i S Bj,ov/n born Liarch 8 1905, r;ila IJay Brwvm born 
7 1906. 

His parents names wore J/u.'ES G BROVVIT and Sarah A C Broim 
Indian nanc was Harmon, maiden name nf mother v/as Sarah .\nn C. 
Noal. they were born, father bom Cumbcrlai.d Count; IZcntucky and 
raothcr born in Wayne Co ICy.- his claim was rejected 
Claims through same sourco as No 32901. 

'Brioy resided in 1851, Jac. son Cjuntj Tcnn which is 
father did and mother resided in Overton Co Tonn. 

father died Jan 29 1391 mother died i.Iarch 4 1893. 
names of al.i. brothers and sisters wore; 
Hot tie H B^ovm, born Apr 6 1360 
Starling G' Brown, Aliens Tenn born Aug 7 1862 
Liaritha B deed born Doc 10 1G64, died Dec 7 1906 
Parmolia E deed born 12 22 1066 died Oct 151892 
John L B^uv/n deed born 2 15 1868 died -Doc 
Saroh G deed b Feb 26 1370 died Oct 25 1374 
James G Jr born Juno 25 1872 died -dont rccoloct 
Ama R T born 12 8 1875 died Oct 12 1C92 
Wm H b 1 12 1873 born Fob 1899 
Fred in at Aliens Tcnn born 7-24 1879 
Caloitlia deed b 3-2- IS'^l died June 30 1302 

Names of grand parents 
Larkin Bj,v.>vm fat or side, and on mother's side was 
Starling Neal, indian Harmon, mother a was a 
great ;;rand daughter of CMARI^S HAR'ION ''GRl^Y HORSE 

Names of all thoir chilc^rcn wore 
TENl\i Qut on Route 1.. Linea-.e back to 1835; Janes G and 5 .r C 
Brcv/n, parents Starling Neal Kisialj Neal, grand parents ; 
VVm Neal - Neal , graaat grand parents. Charles Harmon; 
groat great grand parent. 

I depend upon oiicrlos Plarmon for my indian descent 
ho boing my great groat grand father. 

signed 1907 by Albert S B . v/n . 

..' - .i.■ 

ic:.. !"'i^^ 

c'U^X ^ 

.".o I 

■.{-'v; . 

':. : (..:. 

! ") 

:• <• f Of . - 

. >(.. 


') ' - 



I '-' 


• . •)■; ' 

CLAIl: ITO 1273 of A. L. 3R0TO. P^gQ 143- - 

as heir and hus'.and cf Al^ VL BRO'MI , DECKASED. 

Residence miles north west of Pryor Gree':, Indian 

Territory, post office j Pryor Creel:, Cherokee nation, 

Indian Territory. Indian Territory, Goingsnake District 

said Chero'-ee nation. 

In 1851 set forth each claim separate ;y; 
PROCTOR, TH0I,:aS FOREIvIAN, SUSHN FOREiaA":;, GiilORrTi. 'foR-JIuA;!, m\ S 
X POREl.IAN, J/il'.uIS S FORBllAi:, mi H FOrEi.lAN, l.lARY FOREIaAN. 
Tliat name of his wife, Annie Proctor Brov/n is dead. 
A^e of A L Brown, (white) was 51. 

Father was Johnson Proctor, father of deceased wife. 
Elizabeth Proctor mother of deceased v/ifo, maiden name v/as 
ELIZ.-BETr! FOREMAN. Her fafor was born east of the 
Mssissippi river, old Cliorukeo Nation, east of the 
Ivllssissip.ji river in old chorokoo nation, 
her fatiior resided 1851 in present Cherokee Nation, 
Goingsnalce district, and mother resided there also, 
date of death of the father was about 1869 or 1870, mother 
died 1897 or 1898. 

Th.oy drew money in the Cherokee Emigrant pa:,'Tnent in 
1852, and arc enrolled on that pay roll. 

Eliza Proctor HORN about 47 years old when ho signed this 
in 1906. 

Charley Proctor killed 1827, Susie Proctor Tayl r, date of 
death unlmov^-n. Sponccr Proctor died about 1888. I.'iOllio 
Proctor died about 1809. Taoiuas : Proctor died in Infancy. 
Margarctto Proctor 3hclt«Mi died about 18 6 
Names of the grandparents on bnth sides were: 
"iVm Proctor, Grand father 

Cclia Proctor, grand mot':cr and on the grr.nd mother's AlAx 
side was Thomas Forcr^an, grand father, and Susan Foreman, 
grand mother; and they v/orc born east of t'vc Mlssissip i rvr 

Names of all their children wore as follows; 
AD/ii'.l PROCTOR: .'.rch, Rachel. Nancy, George, Elizabeth 
Foreman Proctor, (my mother) 
"v/n S Foreman 
Wm H Foreman ,^ ^ ^. ^ . .. ^ 

lary Foreman. T^iese people being enrolled entirely in tne 
English language I presume that they had no Indian^ na es. 

In 1894 f'y wifo /^nie Brown drew money in tne Str^p pay- 
ment and is enrolled as /u^nie or Nannie Brovm. T^ie claim 
was rejected, T.ese names can be found i" Goingsnake 
pao-e 145, 318, ai^ 324, pa^,e 146, 329 and 330 Flint Die. 
paSe 80 No 260, page 85 No 302. On Emigrant c.;erokee pay 
roll of 1852. 


NO 29548 ELIZ^ BROWI! (iilxICR) ^^2° 


ANDERSON, PR/JfiCLIN COUHTY TJ/i^rESSKli. age 14, born 1893 

Born in JACKSON COUNTY AL/J3Ai.A, and is single. 

Belonged to the Cherokee triba. 

Parents were IQE BROV/^T Ai^ID HOlIffiR i/iARTi'A JANE BROV/N 


Tiiey were sr born; father bom in Cannon County Tenn mother 

born in Franklin Co Tenn ' 

father died ±9 1894 mother died 1395 
Names of brothers and sisters were; 
Viola Rush born 1885, Halley Hook, ulabama 
Loney i.ndorson at nnderson Tenn 
Delia Brov/n bom 1890 Liaxville, Alabama. 

Name of father's side of his grand parents were James Br^^vm a> 
and Lucy Brown, and J?is grand mother jcaa side was /^ndy Cheves 
and Eliza Cheves. Tiiey were born in C/u/iBELL CO TENN 
TFILY RKSID^D 1851 in Bledsoe Co Tonn. 

Names of all their children v/erec 
Millie Ghoves or Chovos, Silas Chaves, Sallie Forshee, and 
Andrew Chovos Jr. The .^laim of ^^liza Brown 29548 was 
rojocted , - niece \7az No 24434. 

One .jndrtiw uhavors sighnod this 1907 July 15 
as her guardian. 
•5«- •«■■}!• -Sf ';.- -;;- -;;- -..- 

NO 19760 A )nli cation of Cora Brown resided at 
Johnson City Ton.i vVashin^ton County Tenn 

born near Umbroovillo Tama and claims £ through her fatnor; 
Jamos J Johnson. She is marriod to V7illlam Brov/n 
her parents v/ere J J Johnson and Betty Jolonson, her father 
was born near Lnbrccvillc, Tenn and resided tlierc 1851 
father lijbsjt and mother arc both living 1907. 

Name of h.or brothers and sisters were Henderson, David, Cilice 
and Clara all living ex 

Ihat Henderson Johjison was her grand father on her 
father's side. Her claim v/as Rejected . Her parents v/ero 
held as slaves. Sec letter marked ''hJ' . (which is not In this 


'"'./. ... 

fjj. i;-i;ja 

■JB*]; : -'rv 

' y ■ . «■■': ■ T-rT ■ -*-« ■ r' 

.■ . -„Ti i--; .!.' s. ' y- ::;r f-MCt, a :t- '::■: i-i^ i ? z'^'.^'/. 1.o o^:r. 

I'l-^n ,,■) r/ 

■.' -..[.T 

.'. J J • 

• i^/ 

X.:; r-i.. 

:.. '^ ,r;'' f .. .'.. ;C v/j-ib.:,:.':. 

-' ->j ; J ^ ' ^ : 

■t •■ 

-■ U-^ 

, ^ .'r, ■ I-., * ' 


'.' V.' 


' 'I 

■ :■ a 

. i 

. ;;, 

. w/:- 

■j \j 

; 'j: 

: 'i. 







j' .^. 

■ ly 

. ^". 



■ 'I* 

V.' ' C' , 



,1 »: 

■-< ,■' 


• J. 

-» i 1 

.. •; 



i" '? 



r 1 

i ■ 


PACE 145 

Residence Talilequah District, tavn and post office Hulbert 

County; Northern District, Indian .rerritory, born 1868 in 

C'"-Lerokee Nation, Indian i'erritory. Clalns ri rht to share thro 

Georgo Boling my father, -V/m Bolinc uncle, David Boling uncle, 
And is married to John Brown, af-,e 42. 

Narues of pare^its were Goorge Boling and ^lizabeth 


Fat.ier was bom East of Mississippi river and mother was born 
in Qierokoe Nation, Indian Territory. Ibey resided in 1851 
Cherokee Nation Indian l^rritory, father died 1876 and mother 

in 1903. 

Father Got emigrar^t payment 1852, in Clierokee Nation 
Indian Territory, mother enrolled on old settlers rolls. 
Names of all brothers and sisters wore; 

V/orcester Doling bom 1871; O'l-arley Boling born 1874 
Ida B Brown born 1868 . 

Fair.os of grand parcSnts; were fatcr's side was Johnson 
Boling aj-d on mother's side was J-: n Terroll and Jennie Terrell 
3aey were born Jlast of luisslssip/i river. And resided 1351 
Cherokee Nation, Indian Terr tcry. 

Names of a 11 their children follow; 
Fannie Bigher? at-'Hulbert Indian Territory. 
Susio Guinn . AJi-no-V,'ako, Indian Territory 
Rebecca Robertson, IJanard, Indian Territory 

Elizabeth Boling, Doced 1903 
George Boling died 1876. 

Has been enrolled for Cherokee payments from 1875 
to 1894, and land by Comjrdssion from 1902 to 1906. 
2 witness to her signature 1906 Doc 27 wore "Hiomas J Harris 
and Francis E Leo. 

Her Ad .11 cation shown by card in the file, that the 

ACTION WAS ADitiiTTED, reside::oE hulp^rt oklahgi.-A. sist:.r of 

V/ostor Boling, application Nc 10313 and is admitted for some 
reasons . 

Children of Ida B Brov/n and J A Brcwn v/as living May 
28, 1906; Florence Chancy born 9-25-1892; £a Roscoo Brown 
boi'n Aug 2 1895, Jenevia Brov/n born Aug 13 1898, Cliarlcy Brovm 
born Liay 28 1901, Pai-mio Br-'V,n bom Jrin 21 1003 & John Brcwn 
born 4-11-1906; that they wore enrolled for land in Cherokee 

■ ^'iOi-l'J,: :•- ill- 

<" , . cj 

V -on J 

■ ii:! ^j:i;;.i .1(3 ' 'i^r-oieJO 


lo :j;.^ I: : ;. j" 

.'X', i^ '; ?V'.f T o''' J • 

■J C ,..' 

.n . ;. c ;j :;:']:. ;^;0 ,:i 

•■ ■->'■■ -i-'- : ':.r;;Cj;L;-;.. 

J ■• ; 

.1. ■•■. 

I 1 ; 

/^'■"■■; f r 1. .- ."■ 

i-'^ C. I. 

■ - . '",1 

' <: - I .' ^ ' 

':■' '.■J'-'-:'n 

no ..:, J. 

i -' .•■.-; i-i-r c 

■■l:/} o ::.:._: :■;;- 

, u. 1 ; -c . 

r V ■ r', 

■i'':^ J 


-^'.. -'.; ri^ior; > 

' c "> 

#10315 IDA B BROVrJ (r!E^ BOLIHG) EASTiiRi^; CHSulOIIEC A.^^LI CATI 0:1 

Page 146 

In a letter dated April 4, 1908 from Sarah I Blackwol? 

states; liy's namo was Gilbert Jefferson Mains, 
his father's nano was \t\ luainos, a:id his mother's nanio was 
Sallie Maines and her maiden nane vms Sal lie Lowr^- 
her father was Janes Henry Lowry, My fatiiCr's g:- l . _:.or 
name was Sallie Lowery. ily's brothers v/as J H Ilalnos a 
and J A Maine s a^id his sisters v/cre ;iartha Jane V.lllcoaon and 
Bcttsoy Amk Lowrcy and some arc dead. I dont '.oiow any thing 
of thorn as far as my great vir.cles and aunts I dont Icnow 
anything of the o I dont rnov; where my grand parents v/oro . 
Groat Grand parents v/aro in 1834 -1835 for I dont know anything- 
of thorn, only they were in T.J. EAST. I dont thin'- thoy v/erc 
over moved west. I think fat>or v/as born in McHINN COTOTY 
TEK.ESSEE. Ho was in Tennessee in 1851. 

Ho was at that time with his father V/illiam I.Iaincs. 
My father's mothur l.Iains v/as Sallie Lov/roy In 1835 
She vras living in 1851 in TL--;..ESSEE . SHE WAS iX enrol ..d in 
name of Sal ie Lov/rey. signud Yours truly, 

Sarah I Blackv/ell, Catoosa, Olclahona. 
R P D No 2, Iviarch 30 1908, 

A letter in tho file dated Sopt 9 1907. to Alfred H. 
Chancy, i,urcka, Indicn Territory Sir: Replying to your 
letter of Aug 31, 1907, you are advised that your minor child, 
Florence x.; Chancer, has been included in the application of your 
divorced v/ifo, Ida B Brown < 

Your letter of guardianship have boon placed on 
flic and v/ill be considered in connection with this applicati.' 
v/hen it IS reached for final invcstigatio . 

signed Special Com.ilssioncr. 
Also letter to Beiva A.Loclcwood, Fob 19 1907 
619 F St H Vi, Washington D C Dorr ; lad am: 

Enclosed please find Eastern cher.-'koo ap licr.tion No 
11619, bearing nar.o of Sarah I. Blackv/oll of Catoosa, Indian 
Territory, whi'±i is unsigned and uncxocutod. 

liindly have sari.c properly executed and return to^ this 
office at your easliest convenience. Signed Qiicf Clcrk. 

A.- -LIGATION CERTIFICATE v/as in the files 
Letters of Guardianship. for Florence E Chanoy, under a^o 
of 15 f»r the use of said minor in the sum of 'jlOOO dr. tod 
1906 Nov 14, at Wagoner •Vostcrn Dist, Indirxi 'Porrit.>ry. 

A letter in the file dated Aug 31 1907, from Eureka 
Indian Territory, to S'^ocial Commissioner, 

I will nail to you my letters of guardianship for my 
child Florence L Chaney, she is entitled to J,^f^are of the 
enlKrant money, that is ponding payir.ent of this as.c yo^Jo 
itndTe same to me at ^lireka Indian Territory. ^-^ ^°^^;°^^^^f 
^daBBrcvn enrolled my child. 1 dont know tne numbed of roll 
record - you can look up name of Jolva Brown ana Ida B Brown 
Tfind mv child's naue with thoirs. She will not give me her 
roll numbLfl got action in the guardian ix^tters before the 
Indian agent, a .d etc signed Alfred L C^anoy. 

.. ;..:'L.-.-' "r-j .'irL'! cAu. (€■■;! jo._. ^^h) \::.,j,i-: ci uQ'. 

--. _ ;o r-: 

■^i ^I'lvrl . i^ Illt:..\ c.:j^/: iovJoX ;; iil 


. ;^I^■^■•:: V'::. -3^ -*•■ 

■1 . 

.J-:;.' ?, L ■; ' ,■{/ 'i 

.'\-j Jf,'^\'> 

i. : 

> r .- 


, ■•■.l:''-..f :j.'i;.0'. i^.i' v ;■ . 'T, •■.■. .-X ••Ji. '].' '.•■.■r:,r. 

J- -•••./jlor. 

^ ■■ I 


' J., n - . 

1 ■i^■^■:■L :.:'V.' ''.rn-:: 


.4- . . - rn 

■■■■ '^jv !:..: . ,-•-., u- ■■!fc-'T • 

." --^rx'T;".^;:: 

. ' .1 

.1 ■ , ■ •+ . 

' \': .' 'T ;■ I'C I " f" ■ '» "t "^ •"»' '*■■ ■ > r' Tj •^" ■ ' * 

I 'T . 


■ :'- ■■■ :.':oI'-I P;X:.:^ 

;.; /onoq ;,.c ;r,.-vr ,Y'-i'iOi: ;'it:.-^ 

J..i... I.!', /j' ' . 

-• ^' . - w 


#8138 Anna E Brown 123 

& her mother Nancy 

7448 Annie B Brcwn 122 

3152 Anna E Brown 117 j 

8158 Anna E Brown 55 
by Nancy 

12183 Anna L Brown 57 

7448 Annie B Brown 53-54 

3152 Anna E Brown 52 

#56 Annie Boys ton Brjwn 48 
33198 Annie Brown 93 
36404 Albert S Brown 143 

1273 A. L. Brown 143 

33S92 A. Quith (or) Smith 
page 1-AA 

1273 A L Brown 143 

36404 Albert 3 Bro'wn 142 

8149 Alex Hawkins (alias) 
STiOke or Brown 44-45 

558 ^.bbie Brown 49- to 51 

26029 iiddie V Brown 82 

24523 Addie Brown 83 

19698 Addie S Lowe Browa 
nee C-^rtis 4-A 

32390 Ada P Brown 68 

31359 Acylean Brown 84 

#21385 Amanda G Br wn 7 3 
(nee Graham) 

42714 Amanda Brown 70 

19670 AjT.anda Charlotte Brown 141 


Page 147 

21373 Andrew Frankl!:. .n ' 


21372 Andrew Jackson Brown 7' 

page 77 

45290 Anthony J Brcwm 58 

34703 Aranla -^^ n 92 

37498 nrthur G Brown 65-66 

3455 8 Avarina S Brown 91 

12036 aarum Lee 3ro««m 56 

3895 8 Bilbrey, Sarah L or C' 
Cobb, page 32 

6607 Charley Brown 120-121 

2790 Celle Brown 117 

19760 Cora Brown 144 

8139 Catharine Brown 124 k 
mother lUncy Brown 

37460 Carter Brown 140 

32972 Cinthia R Brown 139-14( 

34897 Clint\^-A S-own 139 _ 

8707 Ella May 3ro-wn 107 

953 iliza Brown i.Qji 106 

28548 illza Brown 145 

37458 ELmer Brown ll-A 

34397 Fannie Leona 5r ■• . 38 

34402 Francis Asbury Br'twn 

38482 Frank W Brown 63 

12670 Frank Bro?m 

24947 Fannie Brown 79 

Vi^.J Sp.^.'i ;GL.,!rH 2 iJAJ^:' v" 

■•■'o '."'-. .'t 

f. ;■-<••>, v 

■j-h .-.v^^ris 

•-^ r 

;)Xl/.j:iC \0c'9 

.>i.f;er ...^V^ 

- 1 I nr-.-.'X'- ■::--r'T^: ■■'.', ^v. 


iV/-. 'y. 

.' r r , 

,;'.\;' !S. Q.^ rji'.' i-^' 

i*--. ^'.' 

•:^2i fjv.o'ii: ^ j^-rit. 31'^v 

=?VII i'iWC'j.n' £ x^nn.-i. 

r^',' :'^VC"'il ,'■ 

/■^.v-^-'h 1 iJCu-A c'ciS. 

~oo i.V, 

l-^j V.7 'It L 

■V\ ■■iL r. ;ir:^-.. y 


■v/. 'io^ie: 

I?l n ;....;;■ 

/ -. > ■ - 

19711 M Frederic J Brjwn 17 
183 18553 Fannie Brown 14 
13530 Frankl n G Br jv/n 130, 131 

36653 Fred E Brovm 73 
3149 E. Brown 111 
20391 George G Brown 71 

36654 Frederic Edward Brown 72 

557 George Hammer Brown 102-103 

19694 Grady Brown 16 

^ 16853 George A MoCoyi, gdn 
of Ruth V. Brown 
Ernest R -Rebecca ^ ^c 

VVm M Brown. 

35775 Harvy H E^own 74 

10315 Ida (Bo ling) Brown 145 -146 

22969 Ida B Brovm 109 

38955 Kate Hamilton Br -^wn 38 

39662 James D Brown 61 

27 823 James or John Brown 81 

465 James Brown 99-100 

35612 John Rldcy Brown 87 

34400 James Young Crawford 
Brown pa2,e 93 

35611 James Madison Brown 85 

34392 James k Tate 37 

6437 Jamos Henry Brown 119 

20195 Harry L Brovm, Jessie M 
and Katy R 23 

38902 Jesse Brown 62 

#12722 John Brovm 126 

Page 148 

NA: ED: BROWl^. 

14226 John Brown 132 
16550 John L Brown 135 
34394 John //ealey .i .. „. 
41439 Julia Savago Br:v. 
6647 Jennie Brown pgoa 5-A & 


19633 Jennie Brown o 15 

16843 John Brown 8-A 

34841 John Leslie Brown 89 

974 John W Br Dwn 115 

1702 Johnnie A Brown 116 

16605 Larkin Brown 138 

6242 Louis L Brown 118 

34411 Luther P Br wn 36 

16823 Lydia Brown 9-A 

41442 Martha Janc .- i 25 

38957 I,U'.ry Elizabeth 3r> wn 34 

36229 Mi^ry Ann Brovm 35 

417 40 Mary E Brown, 13 

20593 Mary J 3r>^wn for minor 
Wm Herbert Brown 47 

908 Mcr y Brown 104 

972 Mary A Brown 105 

2216 Mary b! Brown 108 

20590 Mary J Br 'wn 21 

20589 Mary J Brown k Easie 

vartin L Brown 18 

GMj: !%'-;':. 

1'^ nwc::- o'^J-Vi::?. :':x.Isii, i^'!ti;- 

-S ..-.-•c; ;:;ur>--. 



C.J.^ i: 

' ..■?'. d ^' :;•'■.! L;£-:;;3 

o;.i . 

■■■ r 



." Rj 

VI ^w^'s£ L oj. 'xcbo'i'J; M . XIV9I 

Ici. , I'Cl ■' ■. -^ii V n. L-'n;::;'^:''! OCo--;! 

.'V i:r:: /:F, [■ SjO't'ti 008^0 

•".!■ i. V -:: i:Jb^=;0 i-QBQl 
(:•■•' '■:'■: '■■■ Jcl/,.rl '!'; 

- V j.v. - .:• '■> ,,v'.'i ':' iVvdo 

•:.-/■- '■'-■•i Wi.i. (.. ■-;. ■o^) ;:bl :;J:60.C 

cc.i v.\ -.^c ■' .■:■)!: f:.r -.'cS:; 

.:>■- -. 't'i :"..:J.:;,>...;:..VI ■■^.:> ■,;! rieCi?^^ 

\':i fwv' 'C ''ohin liv'jij S'.L056 

^■•v ■i'-.-vi!;. ^_,r..oY 2..- r. f. ''Oi-iC 

'■ '' .. . •• •. ,■ erf 

/■"*'-■ 'ii n^.'-v rifi -^ )' ''^ ^"1/ 'T ■■1 ■ ''T. r r,-^f',/' 

Ji:: r'rv.,-xa v^x^j^H n;.,r,;'. ^Si^S 


15941 Monroo Browq 69 

16604 Morris Brown 137 

35621 Eliza n Mast^.rs 80 
mentions Daniol Brown 

29144 Mary Ethol Br v;;n 10 -i» 

34403 Mattie E Brown 33 

35754 Nannie Brown 30 

34410 ilancy L Brown 31 

12724 Ollie (Walker) Br^wn 127 

29993 Orle Br wn 59 

15 810 Peter Brow.i 7 -A 

2773 era L Brown 3-A 

15076 Pol ley Brown 133, 134 

12727^ Robert Brown 129 

6419 Rachel 110 

12728 Robert Br ;wn 128 

19713 Robert Porry 3r wn 2-A 

38908 Robert & Minnie 29 

14176 Rose Kich Brown p 12 

9233 Rosa Brw/n 114 

5879 Rufus 3 Brown 112-113 

35477 Siu-ah Amelia Brawn 26 

260 Sorali a Brown 101 

21947 Sarah Brown 42 

28505 Sarah J Brown & child 

34842 Soblna Brown 90 

387 61 Sally Brown 28 


Pago 149 

20373 Silver 3rown (noo) Cado 

33907 Toxanaa Brown 97 

34401 Theophulus 3r:«»n 96 

35622 Tennoasoo Brown p 19 

39663 Thomas J Brown 60 
37427 Tilda Browi^ 67 

39664 y< W Brown 59 

20602 Walter T BPown 43 

19030 V/m T Brown for ullce 
Brown pa;ge 75 

25591 Wm A Brown 98 

35610 V/m Ho-ry Brown 85 

19692 l-.» 

38350 Wm V/ Brown 64 


36221 Starling G Brown 20 


KU C^m-li C 

icri ) r:v-<= '^;: -..'vIU- d-^'CO;:^ 



(vS .;'.v -vc vi' s'l: v:- ClOc'/f. 

•v. J. .fc- J V' -t- ' "' ' ■■••- ' '«- 

I. .V^: iCi 


r. . 

Wl . i 1 ' 


:i\V 'If 

:-*'.VT t . 


,- - ? ' W'.- 'it 

CIi r;- ■ ■ 

1 ..•• 

l■j_^r^:' -J, -Jft-'X.;; I.. 

;x -r^'-'ii: 


D. C. Most of which were complied by the W P A. 

VOLU:iE #1-A 

Which contains RECORDS OF INDEX 

142 Pacrea 


BOX 6103 Apex Station 
Washington 4, D, C. 

^^ttadfiaafi Tnv^^t^i^ nrinrflming records of any family. 

.^ -'^ 




■•<. ,A^^ 

"^.. S 




,0 o 


.*^ '■•' 

-<t.- C^^' 

..-N ■'■^ 

^^^■ >■-_ 

,0 o 

'<>. v-^' 

^ , V 



H : 

^^■^ '^t 



,0 0^ 




0021549 393 3