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>t, and will 1 
tadmooery i 


drugs, >o( 1 

is 1 


"■ awanipy ■ 

Ikof tim«, 




pmrs and 




EHODES, Proprietor, 




§xms C^ag0 ^Msk ^im, 



Tk« LABQEST AND BEST ASSORTED STOCK of all the above, eonebting of iie*rl7 eTery 

tLrtiole known to the Trade, to be found west of ITew York, oonstantly on hand uid 

for sale at NewJqrk prices. 


ITEAW XiZTTSXO constantly in the cotirae of pabGcation. 
The latest pabUcatione, tiom all the Fabliahers in the States, reodyed aa soon as issued. 

The attention of DEALERS is requested to'an eiaminalion of ny sfook, irhiflh is cc 
taHj selected, and bought ^t the Tery loneel market prices, and which -will be offered at lo' 
ntee than obji be bonght b; them in the Eastern ottiea. 

Shkbt Mdsic sent hy mail. 

Liberal Disconnt will be made to Seminaries and Teachers. 

mill rn. 

Chiokerlng A Bono, of Boston, 'Woodward A Brown, of Boaton, 

HollAtt & Ctunaton, do. Bacoii & Ravsn, of Hew Torl^ 

"W. P. Smeraon, do. Plith, Fond * Co. do. . 


These Pianos are wuorjiatied for durability of make, snperiority of finish and power, frf- 
nesB and briUiaDO; of tone, elasticity of touch, and capacity for standing in tone. 

1 keep none bat the vtry hat Pianos, and parehasers desiring a really superior instrument 
that may be depended npoa to wear well, and alTerd thorough satisfacttan, will not neglect an 
examination of my stock. 

Old Pianos taken in part payment for new. Tuning and Repairing promptly attended to. 

tESlil'i ilfiilM lil>®Si®ll, 

Of my own mannfactnre, which I spare no pains to make the beat Helodcons made in tha 
United States, of the following styles; 
414 OotSTM, portable rtjle, I 

■■ G " FUbo " '■ " 100 

.6 " " " " " wtth doable Mtt of raeds, ■ ■ - UO 

Tfarranted nnsurpasaed by any inade, in any of the points requisite to a first-rate Helodoon. 

K. e. fiREEIE, 74 Lake Street, CUcogo. 



OT^^&JZ OvSrCMStfMB «JMX7*JSr A G€?,*^ J9u%J%rjCj 

^mmm®, QiLiLaMQSi 



x ^li 

S0,000 jA-O 






flfe in % Citg of C|rag0, 



^ ■« ♦ »■ » 

In Lafayette, Green, and Sauk Counties, WIseonsin; 



Sltrms fMir-Mk liibispJafek 



Importer, aid Wh*leMle and MiB Dealtr U 


gidh, S^h^ii Ji[ad, J^ad |t9J|, Sp»hits, 

S M 18 P S ffl T S Si 









" I n 




No* 45 South Water Street* 

WM, Q. BIBBAB9, j 

CSB SKX £Z CSBJE^ (30^ C3D< 

\ I 


C H I C A. G O. 

< > ♦!• 



Jl1IB§3 JLQfln A 




HfS^ Taxes Paid, and UfwauUian ^Ten alioit Lands in any Seetlan af the West. 

P. S.-^We have faoilities for loaning money h^re, legally, at from lit to ^O per cent, per 
Annum — secured amply, by Trust Deeds on Real Estate — and by tht Lawt of Illinois^ the money 
ean be made on said Trust Deeds, in from 10 to 30 days after the maturity of the same ; thus 
^ offering a good and secure investment to those having funds to loan. Our charge for thus in- 
vestang, to the party loaning, is ONE per cent. Details given to any party on application, by 
mail or otho^wise. 

A OAifiBFUL examinaUon of the details of our Bailkoads and general Business Statistics, will 
^ve some Idea of the immense bnsini^ss and trade which noW is, and must continue to be con- 
centrated at Chicago. The natural increase of the laboring and other classes of population in- 
cident to the various mechanical branches of business, now being conducted or projected; with 
a similar increase in other pursuits, must i^ve Chicago an aggregate increase in population for 
the next few years fully equal to that of the past, thus making us, during the Spring of 1 836 

A CITY OF 100,000 PEOPLE!!! 

$1^ NO ONE, we thmky who looks at the present position of Chicago, and reflects that it is 
^t&ated at ike MmI df navigation on- the GnBAtXAfiSs^ within reach of lie Coal Fields of 
Illinois, the Lead Mines of Galena, and the Iron and Copper of Lake Superior, and stirround- 
«d by the great agricultural fields of the West, making us now 

; 5lr4 lariat %\xxmi dtjam W^^i^4 4 H *^W. 

OTKBa eiDE. 

Oftn doaVt thftt she is. destiQed to staiid unong the osbat c^nis of tills Continent ! With these 
ftMts so self-OTident, and Vith the knowledge that but a tUI^ as \ye\ of! these adrantagea are 
practioallj deyeloped, it is ▼ery clear that oar city has hut jnst commenced to grow ; and we 
Msert the fhot to be, that in no city in the United States are there so good chances for 


(Whetiier it be in prosecnting some of the Tarious mechanical or mercantile pursuits — ^loaning 
laoney, weU secured — or the purchasing^ judiciously, of Real Estate,) as are presented at this 


The arrangements of our House, and our knowledge of the property in this city and ricinity 
as weU as of our acqutuntanoe with the condition of. the makerat of the l^nds, Notes and Obli" 
gations offered £or sale — are sijich as to result to the advantage of those desiruig t^ inveat here^ 
irhether the bnyer Tisits'us in person, or gives us orders per mul or otherwise. , 

^ II 

Parties (whether in the United States or beyond) desiriiig to remit us for investment, can do so 
by procuring checks on 


or any of the Chicago Bankers ; or by drafts on the Eastern cities — together with such instruo' 
tions as wiU inform us of their wishes in the premises. 

We ask a calm reading of the facts and figures so amply set forth in published history of 
our Commerce and Bidlroads, issued last Spring, calling special attention to the articles on 
ftailroads and the Statistics of Population, and merely to aid reflection, suggest these points : 

1st, That at this time there are arriying and departing over one hundred trains of ean dail^ 
from this our ** Garden City." 

BiRANCH ^INES centering here^ have been built so far, and will be nearly all completed en- 
tire in 1855, without one dollar of expense to the city of Chicago, and giving and aggregate of 
some eight thousand miles of Railroads. 

8d, That the increase in population for the year 1853^ was twenty-two thottsand persons--' 
eqjdal to fifty-seven p^ cent, and the census completed July 1855, shows a population of over 

JUS^ Particulars about property, or general inquiries from non-residents, promptly answered 
by mail pr otherwise* 

Abdhess, N. p. ICLEHABT & CO., 

<•■ i> 


In and around Chicago, always to be found at our o^e, and a greft portion of^ it on payments 
of one-quarter cash, and balance on from one to five years credit I Also, good Notes and Bonds 
secured )^ Trust Deeds, are usually on hand, awaiitof sale. 















r. ^nntetl's i'^gdaWe Imtaal liUs 


uuiix's niiiui lu-iin rin runiu. 



Cat •Maiii thttK of the AitliirtMi i^eii^ 1909 ilfanlie ttvaUf 





nni ic^ ja^ ic» IBM v y 


141 IME STRSra, 

All Operations on 
Teeth executed in a 
skilful and perma- 
nent manner, and 
warranted to give 

entire satisfaction 



Ths Sabsoriber haying recently removed from Middletoim, Conn., and become the successdr 
of the late DR. KELBET, 141 Lake Street, respectfally offers his serrices to the Citizens of 
Chicago, as a 



And is prepared to insert Dental Substitutes of the most approved and useful styles. 

^Pm • 3P« JL, 33 ao X« X* » 


61 Randolph Street, 


roimiT FiiiHTii, 

69 Randolph Street, 

€3H0€^®®. OOaJLOil®!! 



« ■•! 




pain m)5 #matnental 


Ill iims or FiMi mi iiUHEim fsiitiii; 





Shop~WE8T BIADI80N 8T., (2d Door West of PubUc School) 


All inns or tood tobx toe siniDiKoa sohk iir the xobi AnsovED kyu. 



CHICAOO BIBECTORT: Its History and Gbowth.— The first General Directory of Chicago 
WAS published in 1844, by J. W. NoRfiis, and contained 1,935 names. 

The foHowtng eau^ally prepared TABLE will show at a glance fhe rapid growth «f lii« 
City, and how the annual register of names has kept pace with the increase : 




NO. or NAMES. 

fubltsuer's name. 





J. W. Norris 





Norris & Gardener 


October, 1847 



Korris & Eedzie 





Worris & Taylor 





Taylor & Hathaway 


Jane, 1850 



W. W. Danenhower 


June, 1852 

' 88,738 


Udall & Hopkins 


. 1858 



HaU & Smith 











A^ •»■► 


The high and efficient character of this Annual will be increased, in keeping with the 
growth of the City and the extended patronage bestowed upon it. In order to aUow time for 
many changes and improvements in the method of taking the names, printing, binding, &o., 
the caitTass for this work |Wlll oit be commenced till September, 1856, and the first edition 
issued early in November. 




N. B.— A limited number of Advertisemente seeeived at the usual rates. 

CP/^n^ . : — y^!^ ^'m^/^ ^ ct/zz^nte^HOf . 











C C H 1 C A G : 




• •«••••••*« 



• % 



^Am |)iresent idsUe of the Directory is the third consecutive publication which has ematlated 
from the same establishment; and it is hoped that an improvement will be obseired in its . 
various departments, in keeping with the rapid strides of our Citjr, the business details of 
which it att^smpts to convey a synopsis, as correct as the changes consequent upon its mar- 
vellotls growCh "vHll admit Such as hafe taken place «lhce the cahVas df th^ City, irill b^ 
found in the supplementary pages, which have been ke|>t open till the latest possible momenjt* 

The Publishers take this opportunity of acknowledging the very liberal support they 
have received from the advertising portion of the community, assuring them that no ezertioM 
fehall be Spared to render the future publications in evei^ wtij^ worthy of the public patrons gei 



Board of Beal Estate Brokers, - ^ 
Board of trade, - - - * 
Chicago AdveriisementSt • 
Obicago Bible Society, * * /^ 
Chicago Lyoetim, • • - - 
Chicago Phrenological Society, 
City QoTemment, * - - 
Cook Cotmty Drainage Commissioiiers, 
Corrections, Remoyals, <lcc.. 
Courts, ---•*; 
Custom HousC) . ^ ^ « 
Directory, Alphabetical, - ^ 
Directory, Business, - 
Directory, Street, * * 

Qerman Immigrant Society^ 
Hacks, Cabs, &o., - 
Hebrew Benevolent Society, 
BOLbemian Beneyolent Society^ 

^ •' 

- 196 

* 197 
to 126 

- 202 

' 203 

- 197 

- 198 

- 1 

•* XXV 


- 204 

' 302 

Pire Department, . ^ - * - 19SI 
Fireman's Beneyolent Association, - 199 

Independent Order of Odd Fellows, 200 

Independent Order of Good Templars^ 200 
Marine Hospital, . - * . ^ 203 
Masonic, - - ^ ^ - -*199 
Military, - - . ^ - . 198 
Mechanics' Institute, • . u .. 201 
Names too late for ins^rtloii, • •> ^xyiii 
Omnibus Eoutes, . . - « . 205 
Order of United Americans, «• • 201 
Public Schools, * i - - - 19f 
Bail Roads, . ^ ^ . . 203 
St James' Hospital, - * - • 202 
Sewerage Commissioners,- - ^ ^197 
Sons of Temperance, *. * ^ ^ 201 
Street Directory, - • - . xxt 

Temple of Honor, 20l 

Young Mens' Aftsooiation) * ^ i 201 


AccoucLeuseS) ... .»», „ 

Agencies, Mercantile,....* 

Agents, Collecting, .». .» 

House,... »... 

Insurance, ., 

Passenger, ..* 

Real Estate, !.......»..«.... 

Agricutm-al Warehouses, 

Apothecaries, .» 


Artists, » » 

Attorneys, » 

Auctioneers, * 

Bakers, ♦ , 

Band Boxes, ...'. .»...: 

Bankers, » ,..,. 

Banks, , ,..».... 

Banks for Savings, v» ». 

Barber?. ...,..»* ^ 


Bedstead Manufacturers, 

Beer, , 

Bell Fotinderfe, .». 


Belting, ,.-. ,..., 

Bill Posters,.. ..»...., 

Billiai'd Saloons, w 

Bird Stufferf^ 

Black and White-smiths, 

Blank Book Manufacturers, 

Keachers, .,... »....* ,,... 

Block, Pump and Mast Manufacturers,... 

Boat Builders,...^ »» »» 

Boiler Makers, , 

Bonnet Booms, 


Booksellers, ..,.» '........w..... 

Book and Job Printers .....;.... 

Boot and Shoe S tores,.. ..*.. 


Brass Pounders, ....:.......,.. 

Brew5|rs, .....w 

Brick Dealers, 

Bridge Builders, 

Brittania Ware, 

Brokers, Exchnnge, 

*' RealEstate, 

Brushes, , 

Builders, •, ., 

BuilJere, Dock, 

Burr Mill-stones,..., ♦ ,. 

Butchers,. k.. »«.... ». 








Cabinet Makers, .,...» 169 

CaJidle MouWs, 185 

Carpenters, .»....« 169 

Carpet Dealers, *.............. 169 

Carriage Makers, 168 

** Trimmers, 169 

Car Works, 169 

Carvers, ..o.».. 16^ 

Cassimeres,. 171 

Cement, 170 

Chemical Works, 170 

China, and Glass, ^ 178 

Cigar Stores, ».., ...^.. ^ 170 

** Manufacturers, 170 

City Despatch Posts, 170 

Clocks, 171 

Clothes Renovators, 171 

Clothiers, > 171 

Cloths, Cassimeres and Vestiugs, 171 

Coal Dealers, 171 

Coffee Roasters, 171 

Coffin Makers, : 172 

Collecting Agents, 168 

Cotnmisaioners, 172 

Commission Merchants,.. 172 

Compositioii Roofing, 178 

Confectioners, .»».. 173 

Consuls, Foreign^ 178 

Contractor^, ^..,. 178 

Conveyancers,'. ; 178 

Copperplate Printers, \* 189- 

Coppersmiths, » 178 

Coopers, 173 

Cordage and Rope Makers, ...« 172 

Crockery and Glassware, 178 

Cutlers, 178 

Daguerreotype Artists, 178 

Dentists, 17i 

Designers and Draughtsmen, 174 

Despatch Post, (city,) 170 

Die Sinkers, 174 

Distillers 174 

Dock Builders, 174 

Dress Makers, 174 

Druggists, 174 

Drydocks, ,.. » 175 

Det Goods. 

Domestic,. .' ^... 175 

Cloths and Cassimeres, 171 

Dyers and Scourers, 175 

Earthenware, , 178 

Rating Houses, •• .« 175 

iKHiit 70 Bwiinssfl pift£o$o»:r. 



eibroideries, ;....»^v.... <....•..... 176 

gine MakerSj (steam,) ..ou ...«*• »*. 192 

Engravers, * ....- 175 

SLKchange Offices u\t 175 

£xpresses, \%„,„ «. 17^ 

Fancy Goods, % » .»».» »... 175 

Feed Stores, : » 176 

Fenders and Grates, »» 177 

File Makers, »....» *... 176 

File Insurance, .» ..»).4. 181 

Fiflh Dealers, » v^..... 176 

Flagging) \...... ^..*. 176 

Floar Dealers,.. ........%. ^ 176 

Flour Mills, ^ 185 

Foreign Consuls, l73 

" Exchange, > .175 

Forwarding Merchants,... »>k....u 176 


Iron, 182 

Brass, ....'. * u »v 168 

Stereotype, v kt, 192 

Fruit Dealers,... .i.: » 176 

For Dealers, v« 176 

Furnaces, .;. % i.k.«.»..v...... 176 


Bedstead ManofaoturerB, ...k^ ....«« 166 

Cabinet Dealers, 169 

Carpert Dealers, 169 

Varieties, .........-.»% , 194 

Second Hand, 177 

G»8 Fitters, «. 177 

Gm Regulator, 177 

Qenta' Furnishing Stores, 177 

Oiiders, 177 

Glasjs 177 

tSloYO and Mitten Dealers, 177 

tGtlue Makers, ..v....... 177 

Orates and Fenders, *.. 177 

QboceHies AN9 Provisions. . 

Ctroceries, Wholesale, 177 

" Retail 178 

«* Green, 179 

Produce Commission Merchants, 189 

Provision Dealers 190 

C^unpowder, 179 

^uiui and Sporting Apparatus,,... 179 

Gymnasium, .....%« ...,..., 179 

Hair Dressers, 179 

Balls, &c., ...^^ 179 


Cutlers ...v.... V 178 

' Domestic Hardware Merchants,.... 179 

Saddlery Hardware, 190 

Tools, &c., ....V ^ ^,., ,, 188 

ttarness Makers^ , 190 

H«t8 and Caps, ...^ 180 

Hides and Pelts, ,.« 180 

Homoeopathic Medicines, 180 

. Horse Sboers, ;, 180 

Hot Air Furnaces, 176 

Hetdls, „ 180 

House Furnishing, 181 

Ho«0e Moyersi w..,...v.v.........vv .....v 181 






Ipe Dealers, * .^...., 181 

India Rubber Goods, « 181 

Ink Makers, « 181 

Insurance Agents,. ........*..« 163 

Companies ,. 181 

Fire '. 181 

Life, i.... 181 

Marine, < 181 

Inm Fences, Railings, &o., ...>.*. 182 1 

** Founders, • «...« ^. JM 

" Merchants,* 1^. 

Jewelry, .*.* .» r 182- 

Job Printers, ...» 189 

Junk Dealers, 182 

Justices of the Peace T... 182 ' 

Lace Goods, 188- 

Lawyers, 164< 

Lead Pipe, »» ,,.. 183. 

Leather and Findings, 182 

Life Insurance, 181 

Lightning Rods, 1^ 

Lime Dealers, 182 

Liquor Dealers, 182- 

Lithographers, 188* 

Livery Stables, 188 

Locksmiths, ....;.... 188 

Looking Glasses, 188 

Lumber Dealers)...... 188 

Machine'ry, .* 184 

Machinists, ,. 184 

Mahogany Dealers, ..• 184 

Maps and Charts, 184 

Marble Workers,. 184 

Markets, 184 

Marine Insurance, , 161. 

Masons, 184 

Matches, 184 

Mathematical Instrument Makers,.... 184- 

Medioines, 184- 

Melodeons, ,. 184 

Mercantile Agencies,. 168- 


Merchants, Commission, 172. 

** Forwarding 178 

" Produce,., 188 

Merchant Tailors 185« 

Metallic Burial Cases, 188 

Midwives, % • 185 

Milk Depots, 186^ 

Millinary Goods, 188 

Mill Stone Manu£ikctiixers« ^ 188. 

Mills. . . 

Coffee and Spioe, 188. 

Flour, , ^....; 188 

Planing, 188 

AfiUwrights, 188 

Moulds, Candle, .......,., .^•.;.. 188 

Music Stores, m.. 188 

" Teachers, 188' 

Mustard Manulactunrs, 188 

News Depots, *. .^ 188 

Newspapers, 188 

Notaries Public, 180. 


INDEX ^o Btrsnrsss dibbcto&t. 


Oenlifitfl, » 186 

Oil MftBiifiMtiiren 186 

OpUoiana, 186 

*C^aiEi6Dtftl Paintera, 186 

OytUr Dealers, ...... ..i - 186 

Packing HoHflea, 186 

.Painters and dealere in Paints, 186 

•< Oroamentia, 186 

♦« Portrait 186 

Paints, Oils and aiass, 186 

vPiaper Box Makers, 186 

" Hangers, 187 

•« Bulers, 187 

*' Wa^hoosea, 187 

Pavers, : 187 

Pawn Brokers, k r.. 187 

Perfumers, \ 187 

Physioiansand Surgeons, 187 

Piano Fortes, %...,.!..<.. 188 

Picture Frame Makers,.......; 188 

Planes and Tools, 188 

Planing Mills, 188 

Plumbers, 188 

Pocket Book Makers, 188 

Police Agency, 189 

Portrait Painters, 186 

Poulterers, 189 

Ihnnters, Book and Job, 189 

** "Copperplate, „ 189 

Printers' Furnishing Stores, 189 

Produce Commission Merchants, 189 

ProTtsion Dealers,. 190 

Public Houses, 180 

PnbUc Notaries^ 186 

Publishers, w........... 190 

Putnp Makers, 190 

Rag Dealers, 190 

Railroad Offices, 190 

Ridlroad Fumiehing, 190 

Real Estate Agents, 168 

Reapers, *...^.. <...../ 190 

Refrigerators, 190 

RenoTators (clothes/) 171 

Restaurants, 190 

Roofing, Composition, 190 

Rope Makers 190 

Saddle and Harness Maherd, 190 

Saddlery Hardware^..... 190 

Safes, 190 

Sail Makers, 190 

Saleratus Manufacturers, 191 

Sale Stables; 188 

Salt Dealers, ~ 191 

Sash, Door and Blind Makers, 191 

Savings Banks, 166 

Sawing and Planing, 191 

Soale Makers, 191 

Schools, 191 

Scourers and Dyers, 175 

Sealers of Wights and Measures, 191 

Seed Stores............ 191 

dewing Maehinee, ^..»^»... 191 

, PAOX. 

Shb^eMlHs, 191 

Ship and Boat Builders, 191 

Ship Chandlers, 191 

Shipping Merchants, 191 

Shllsmiths, 192 

Shirts, 192 

Shoes, &o., 167 

9ilk Goods, 192 

Silver Platers, * 192 

Soap and Candle Makers,..,. 192 

Soda Water Makers, 192 

Spectacles, 192 

Spice Mills, ...; 192 

Stables, Livery, ...» ; 188 

*' Sale, 188 

Stationers, 192 

Steam Engine Makers, < 192 

Stencil Cutters,.....:.. 192 

Stereotype Founder, 192 

Stoneware, 192 

Stoneyards, 192 

Storage, 192 

Stoves, - 192 

Straw Goods, 192 

Surgeons and Physicians, ,.«... 187 

Surgical Instruments, 192 

Surveyors, 192 

Tailors 192 

Tanners, : 198» 

Taxidermists, 198 

Tea Dealers, 193 

Teeth, Artificial, 174 

Telegraph Offices, 193 

Tinsmiths, ; 193 

Tinware find Stoves, ^ 193 

Tobacconists, ..,..'. ».. 193 

Tool Stores, 193 

Toy Stores, .., 193 

Trunk Makers; 198 

Turners, , 193 

Umbrella Makers, » 198 

Undertakers, 198 

Upholsterers, ,.... , 198 

Variety Stores, 194 

Vestings, 171 

Veterinary Surgeons, «. 194 

Vinegar Dealers, 194 

Wagons, ^....... 194 

Watches and Jewelry, ....:;..^,; 194 

Whips, ..« 194 

Whitewashers, 194 

Wig Makers, .....; 194 

Willow Ware, 196 

Window Shades 194 

Wines and Liquors, .; # 194 

Wire Manufacturers, .....J..... 194 

Wood Dealers, ..„. .....: 194 

" Ware, 195 

Wool Dealers, ; 195 

Woolen Dealers, ;... ..; » 195 

ZincPviiit, ;>........*.• ;..,... 195 




Gilbert & Frenohp. 1 

H. A. Pitts, , 1 

Wemple k Co., *..,..».*>.... 1 

K Wood k Co., ..* .....*.,. ....v>.v. , 1 

jr. S. Wright, • „ ,,......> 2 


Carter &Biiaer, (lor 159 Lako read 53 Lasalle 8 

0. H. MatjB, ,i ,.„ ., 8 

Van Oadell & Baumaim, ....v. 8 


Lennox, Pendergast & Co.,..^ 8 

P. Von Sishneidau, . .v 8 

A. Hester, baek of coTer 


Barker, Meeek & Peek, 4 

J. F. Clements, 4 

ComeU k Banroi^^ « «. 4 

George Ely, 4 

HarTie & Tnley, ...' 5 

Herrej & ClariMon, 5 

£« R. Hooper, 5 

King, Scott k Willson 6 

Biggins, Beckwith k Strother, 5 

F. D. Oven, ,... 6 

Parsons JE Howe, .-... 6 

Waller k Caulfield, (late W., C. k Bradley) 6 

Franklitt Webster, , 6 

Wilkinson, Dow k Pearson, .^.. 6 

0. Kendall, 7 

Thomson ft Andms, 7 

Wilder k Woodman, 7 


Dayisson, McCalla k Co., 32 

DanielElston & Co., ...: , 32 

Officer & Brother,... 38 

Swift B. E. k Co., back colored fly-leaf. 


Kelly k Blaokbnzn,..^ 72 

Bellows & Idesen,......^ 66 

^ • • • 

Cornelias John,....,.... ........% ......«»••••.•*.•• 7 


H. P. Moses, ^,.».,-,.,....*. ..110 

C B^sng, 110 



American S. S. Union Depository, 8 

" Tract Society, ;:;;;. 8 

A. H. & C. Burley........ 8 

W. W. DaneiAower,. .'......-.. 8 

Methodist Book Depository,. 8 


Bnel, Hin & Granger, 9 

S. Burton & Co., ....: 9 

M. Qleeson,... 9 

aN. Henderson & Go...... 10 

J. !r. Jewett, 9 

John Keller,. 9 

Pearson k Dana, 10 

S. Rattle, i..; 10 

0. J. Rose, (Rood & DaTol,) 10 

C. 0. Thompson & Co., 11 

Wadsworth, Wells & Seymour, 11 

Ward, Doggett&Co., 11 

E. S. WeUs, 11 


Thomafr George & Co., 1^ 

Mclntyre & Co.,... 18 


Lill & Diyersy, 13 


Hayward & Travis, 93 


Harriet & McDonnell, * 90 


Beeoher, HolHster k WiJkiits, .«..'..« 120 

Fitch k Hewes, * 29 


Chicago Plow and Wagon Manufactory,.... 121 
Purst k Bradley, 121 

P. W. Gates & Co.,...., 28 


D. Abbey k Co., .* 13 

Brown k Wilder, 14 

Swope & Hnbbell,.... 14 


A. Hemingway, (Business D'y,)- ^^^ 






C. M. Aiken, - 18 

B. Bremoer, « < 14 

Foreman Bros. & Co., 17 

IT. P. Harrie,^ 17 

Harris & Sommerfield, «• 16 

Mrs. Harrey, << 17 

Hunt, Wiggins k Co., < 15 

Huntington, Wadsworth & Parks, «< 14 

Jewett, Gates & Johnson, « 15 

Isaac Idarks & Co., 15 

Marks & Turner, 16 

M. Piser, 16 

Xhomas Savage, 15 

jr. &A. Schmaltz, 16 

H. H. Tappen, ..i 17 

8. P White k Bros., 15 


Neely, Eckley &;.Neely, *- 37 

A. T. Spencer & Co., 88 

8. Varian, 7d 


W. Jones, jr. &Ca., 18 

coxmssiw loqicrHAHTs. 

Armstrong Brothers, 19 

Beehe, Lyon & Co., 22 

0. L. Bissell, 23 

J. Bonbam & Co., 19 

Brown & Chapman, 19 

Burt & Biggins, 22 

J. Curmiohael, ;. 21 

John Clough, 18 

G. S. Hubbard & Co., 20 

King & Davis, : 23 

William H. Hoyt, 22 

Mohr & Kirchoff, 21 

Niles &Park, ,. 21 

£. De Witt Robinson & Co., 19 

Saltonstall, Martin & Co. 20 

J. H. femith&Co., 20 

Stevens & Catlin, 23 

A. Vane, 21 

H. Zinkeisen ^ Co., < 22 


James H. Bew & Co., (Businese B'y,). 178 


W. F. PominiekftCe., „ 56 

Tuttle, HibbardA Co., 


A. Hosier, back of cover. 


T. P. Abell, ; Ti 

E. W. Hadley, # 24 

E. Honsinger, ..., 24 

J. A« Kennicott, .« 24 

0. H. & J. D. Quinlan, 25 

J. T. Villard, 26 


Lees & Coope, .#« ..««« 99 


S. W. Hotokis«, (BaeineM Wj,) 174 


Barclay Brothers, ..«.«. ^, 37 

Bay & Baldwin. *.. 26- 

0. F. Fuller, 20 

Sawyer, Paige & Co., ^. 20 

F. Scammon & Co...... 29 

Schonbeok k Rosiene, .....,...«..««. 29 

Qears, Smith k Co...... 20 

H. W« Bigelow, « .....«« :.. 29 

Cooley, Wadsworth k Co., « 20 

fitch k Hewes, ..«.........; 20 

S. N. Foote k Co., (Peake, Marsh k Co.,).. 29 

R. v. Jones k Sons,... 29 

Mills/ Bowen, Billenbeck k Co., dQ 

C. McDonnell, ^ 9^ 

Ross k Foster, 80 

Savage, Case & Co., ^. 80 

R. Schloesser & Newell* ^ 80 

Thomson, Wetmore k Co.| 81 

W. R. Wood k Co., 81 

Atkinson & Lester, ^. B) 

WilUamR. WiUiams&Co.,... 4^ ^... 8^ 

W. J. White, .*.. 99 


J. M. Adsit, 3? 

Gwynne, Bay k Co., 88 

E. H. Huntington k Co., ^ 

Morford Brothers, 88 

Preston k Co.,. 80 

R. K. Swift* Co., 80 

Wadsworth k Hits, (late Prussing & W.)... 86 
G. C. Whitney k Son., 83 

American}... see front covers 

Illinois & Wisconsin, see Woodstock Directory^ 


Coolejp, Wadsworth k Co., 87 

Gerstenberg k Westermann, 80 

W. R. Williams k Co., 81. 


Hale & Co., 89 

J. R. Hn^mn,. 87 

Knapp^ Hocking& Co,, .#.^.......»^. 40 

Mather* Co 89 

Neely, Eckley & Neely, ^J 

Rumsey Bro. k Co.,...^.. I St 

Sanford, Hall * Co., 88 

A. T. Spencer &'Co., 8» 

WaUcer, BvensMi * Co., 80 



Ferris & Boyd, 40 

jram«8 Finerty, 40 

D. L* Jaeobiu&^Bfo.^*..'. 42 

<^. Morgan, >....,.: 4^ 

William Toohy, ^. 43 

H. K. Walker, 48 

^lUttHl, BMk k Co.,^ 48 


B^WQ & Wilder 14 

B- L. Ckwilj & Co., 15 

HoFarlane & Hutoheson, ;. 45 

Walworth & Co., 44 

tffiXTiExnrs FcsmsHiiro* 

' Barwell & Smith, 86 

3P Marks & Co., ». 15 


Thomas Bown & Co., 42 

Ferris & Boyd, 40 

Willmm Holmes, 41 

Hunger & Aitnoiir, * 46 

Oibb«, Griffin & Co., 1 114 


6. W. Prickett, (Business D*y,) 


OEOCSSS. (Wholesale,) 

Avery, Upham & Miller • 4^ 

Pike Brother & Co., 47 

f. H. Dunham & Co., * « : 49 

Flanders & Wadsworth, 49 

Oonld & Brpther, 51 

^ray, Densmore Is Phelp», i 48 

£. Hempstead 48 

J. Hurst, '. 50 

M. H. Norton & Co.,... 50 

Satterlee, Cook & Co.,i 49 

Bmith & Pollard, 51 

Warner & Clark, 47 

H. Whitaker, 48 

Whitaker k Bros 47 

Charles a. Wiekerft Co., ....; 47 

Williams^ Thompson k Co., 50 

0BOGBS. (BvtidL) 

Thomas Applebee,.....f ..126 

Cooper k Battelle, 51 

C.C. Fisher, *.....* 51 

J<An L. Gray 51 

8. T. Hinckley, 52 


C. Hopkinson, 46 

T. D. Randall, 46 


But4& Schiffer, 54 

W. F. Bominick k Co 54 

p. Eaton & Co., e» 52 

tnirlaub, gaitler k Co., 52 



W. Blair 4 Co.,...,... 04 

J. K. Botsford & Co., M 

Butz & Schiffer, , 54 

Cla^tt, O'Bannon & Honore, 59 

W. F. Dominick & Co., 56 

Filkins, Ronydn & Baker, 55 

Thomas Floyd, 5d 

A. G. Garfield, ♦ .^... St 

Hammill, Haight&Co., 27 

Edwin Hunt, 57 

J. M. k W. W. Kennedy, 68 

Lamb & Jewett, (late A. D. Lamb & Co.)... 58 

C. Metz, 58 

Pederson & Kenny, 59. 

Pitkin Brothers........ i.... 59 

C, Runyon & Co.,... 68 

Snow, Reynolds k Co., 5^ 

Tattle, Hibbard & Co., 

W. Wheeler & Co., .' 54 

James P. Williams, ; 60 

Martin Wise, 59 


E. Adcock, 69 

J. Barstow, 61 

Benedict, Mallory & Famatn, 60 

Winiam H. Caltert, jr., 62 

£. Emerson, 62 

M. H. Griffing, 62 

E. B. Kellogg k Co., 6:^ 


Chicago Hide and Leather Co., 72 

Kelly & Blackburn...... 1% 

P. L. Yoe, 78 


Briggs Hoase^ 66 

City Hotel, 64 

Clarendon House,... 66 

Dearborn House, • 65 

Garden City House.............. 64 

Hamilton House, 64 

Lake House, 64 

Mansion House,.... 68 

Sierra Neyada House, see Business Directory 181 

Scott House, .65 

TremoDt House,. .^ «. 64 

Vermont House, 64 

Bellows k Ideson, 56 

nrSV&AlfCB COlEFAltlBS. 

Chicago City Insurance, 67 

Chicago Mutual, *' 67 

Massachusetts Mutual Life,.. 66 

Mercantile,... .^.... 67 

ntov xsBcmAirrs. 

B. G. Hall k Co., 57 

Joseph T. Ryerson, 69 

A. F. Stoddani, (railljig,) :..... 68 



Brooks ^ Onions, •» 69 

Lotz ABnrHng, (Chicago Iron Works,) 69 


J. Pesnoit Poiaier, .78 


^latt&Howe, » 74 

8. B. & M. 0. Walker 78 

C. C Wileox, 74 


Arnold Bnekmao, «..* 74 

Day & Hayden, 74 


J, P. AMrich, 76 

J. P. Allen, ; 78 

B. Brewster & Co., 77 

William Butts, 80 

E. & J. Canfield, 78 

Artemas Carter, 76 

H. Colbom & Son, 88 

M. & G. Eastman, (Eastmanyille, Ottawa 

Co., Michigan,) ; 38 

Fraser & Jillett, 82 

Frost & Bradley, 81 

John Garriok, 77 

Hannah, Lay & Co., 79 

Hilliard, Howard & Morton, 76 

Howeir& Skilton, 81 

J. L. James '& Co.,. ; 88 

Kennedy & Stockhridge» 82 

C. Lamb & Co.,.. • 76 

Lull & Eastman, 88 

James H. Mills, 80 

Morrison & Wallace, 77 

J. H. Pearson & Co., 76 

Perry & Godfroy 79 

S. Reeve & Co., 76 

Rogers & Brown, 81 

Ryerson, Miller & Co., 78 

Otis Shepard, 78 

Shepard, Sherrifi's & Smith, ; 81 

William H. Slocnm, 75 

Steers & Co., 88 

Sutherland & Co., 79 

Throop, Learned & Co., 80 

H.N. Turner, 77 

Tuttle, Green & Co., 80 

Edwai^d Varian, 79 

JohnVolk&Co 82 

Wilcox, Lyon & Co., ,.... 76 


George G. Chase, 84 

Charles R. Fox,.... 85 

William M. Rideout, 90 

ScoYille, Buschick & Co., , 85 


W. H. Slocum, T6 

XAP8 ft CHftUS. 

Hall & Co., (Bu8.]yy,) ^.IBI 

SchiurenuuA & Hoftnanni »>.»»>—>♦««•>»»>. »«^«—. 85 
JohnShomer ft Co;, ^^......^ 8& 


C. M. Aiken, ^.^.^. 18 

Robert Bremner, •^. 14 

Burwell & Smith, ^ 86 

Dansoa ft Nichols, m«*.».^ ..«««^«. M 

J. H. Dykeman .^^^ 87 

fittwaru JSiiy, ........•..»•*•■••..••••■..••.«•••«• •«•• oi 

U. P.Harris, «^... 17 

Hodgson ft Perry, • 88 

John MoCormick, 88 

Thomas Savage, ..« •. »«.... U 

T. Bpeeir, ...•.....•........••..••.•••.•••.•••.•••••.. 87 


C. H. Jordan, 120 


Atkinson & Lester,.. ••• '81 

Mrs. E. A. Blake, ', 89 

D. B. Fisk & Co., 89 

Mrs. Mary Scott, 89 

Walmsley, Hiscox ft Huestoo, •.... 88 

W. R. Williams ft Co.,.. Si 

lOLLB, 00F7XE ft 8PI0B. 
Downer & Co., : 91 


Hayward ft Travis, 98 

R. G. Green,.. see next Ctont cover. 

PAnrrxBs ft bbalebs nr padtts. 

Barry ft Gushing, « 94 

Beekert ft Viert, 94 

Thomson ft Alston, d4 


Jevne & Almini, S^ 

Windheim ft Steita, * M 

Barclay Bros., 27 


Fredeciok Weigle,..8ee BuMness DirectO]7..187 


H. W. AndressftCo., 96 

Faxon ft Crosby, gift 

William E. Otto, '. 96 


Bradner, Warren ft Co*,..... SB 

Butler ft Hunt, 98 

G. H. &L. Laflin, 9? 

Chamberiain ft Bro., »•*...•..,.».....«.•.......•.. 9& 

mmK w ms^^o Aj^VBt^isitomi^s. 


A. B. Huribut, i 99 

F. Httdsoiiy V... 98 

R^ 0. Greene, <see card next front eoyef, 


T. Bown & Co., 42 

W. Holmes, 41 

pukiiBs An tools. 

W. F^. Dominlok & Cfl., 55 


<3t. H[«rbert & Co., , , , 99 

G. W. Jennings, 99 

T. Gkorge & 06., .; 12 

MeFarlane k Hutcbeson, 45 

Baffen & Son, 100 

VfUson & Hugbes, 100 

McGuire & Co., 100 

POLICE Aosinnr. 

Pinkerton & Co., .^.». 91 


W. Greens & Co., 128 

Cook« Cameron & Co., !. .....207 

Yielding & Adams, » ..«, 127 

Hayes & Thompson, 127 

Hoeffgen & Scbneider, 208 

^ FAGK. 

BooraiO) covpofiifov. v 

Barret, Pow & Co., ..•.. ...#.,. 93 


H. Scbiffbauer, *.*..,....ja7 

Dennis Sweenie, ..........>. lOZ 


Gray, Bensmore & Pbelps, r...«.. 48 

M. A. Neef, ..i ^ 107 


J. E. Tedder, 107 

Williams &Bro., 107 


Abbott & Kingman, .....^...<108 

Gobs & Phillips, 108 


Barber & Johnson,.... 108 

Bmce & Dobson, ,...........< 109 

Z. M. Hall & Co., lOa 

Hubbard & Robb, ...108 

Purrington & Scranton, .109 

A. Campbell, *....109 


H. P. Moses,....! 110 

P. W. Gates & Co., Ill 

J. Peatie & Co., Ill 

C. Reissig, 110 

Scripps, Rross & Spears, 208 1 Henry Warrington, Ill 


W. & A. B. Cook & Co........ , 112 

William C. Deakraan, 118 

Illinois Stone Dressing Co., 112 


Dayid Abbey & Co., .f....ll8 


Monger & Armonr, ^....i 46 

Gibbs, Griffin & Co., 114 

Neely, Eckley & Neely,...., 87 

A. T. Spencer & Co., 88 

Thomas Applebe, ^ 127 

J. P. D. Gibson, 116 


Thomas George & Co., 12 

Jewett & Root, 115 

J. M. & W. W. Kennedy, 58 

Christopher Metx, ......114 

Newberry, Filley & Wiswell, 116 

W. & J. Treadwell, Perry & Norton, 116 

Vincent, Himrod & Co., ..114 

A. B. Battia&Co., 117 

J. Wentworth, „..206 

R. L. & C. L. Wilson & Co., .....207 

Worrell & Bro., 127 

Wright, Medill&Co., 207 


Black & Sherman, 106 

Blackmars & Ifwin, 101 

Burt & Higgins, i... !. 22 

Culver & Co., '. 102 

Dana & Preston,..; ..106 

A. F. Dickinson 102 

Fletcher & Clark, 103 

S. A. Ford & Co., 104 

C. Hitchcock & Co., (Buffalo,) 102 

G. M. How, 102 

Kennedy & Brady, 103 

R. S. King, ....106 

Mohr & Kirchoff, ,..., 105 

Pease & Akers, i , :..108 

James Peck & Co., .....; 104 

Potter & Vincent, 101 

J. Radcliffe, 100 

J. R. Richards & Co., 108 

Sturges k Burlingame, ..104 


Han A Co., (Business D'y,) 190 

Thomas George & Co., 12 





Nrarb^TgW ft Br^.) ^ ..117 

Vioarc9i BrowDBoa & Go.,... *.... 01 


B. S. Castle 118 

€korge Glassner &Co.y : 118 

W. & 0. Wr%ht, 118 


Jamei B. Fislier, 120 

Wright & McCltiw, 119 


Beecher, HolUster & Wilkina, r 120 

B. B. Winbolt&Co., 120 


B|nium BroB.,« 

Gtrstenberg & WeBtermaim, 



Gilbert A French, 1 

Lill & Diversy, 13 

G. A. Eoeffler A Co., 125 


Garter A Caberey,..;....! 122 

Hemleb A Stahl, 123 

8. Hoard A Co., » 122 

Horse A Yoorheis^.r* .....121 

Isaae Speef, 122 

Frederick Smith, ^ *12A 

Thomptea A Johnaoii, « ..•••121 


F. HndBon, ..•..•• .....•«•»•..... fiS 

wms A xjQdroBS, gxbicah. 

AUair A Bini, 12& 

Day A Lee, 124 

G. A. Koeffler A€o., 12& 

Theodore Kraeft ^ 12^* 

True A Thayer,.. 124 

J. Weinmann A Co., 124 


Hayward A Travia, , ^ SS 

Snow, Beynolds A Co., 56 

B. Ackley, ^.... 12S 

B. F. Jacobs A Co 

Skinner A Andrew8,..v 135 

C. D. Spaids, 126 


Briggs A White, 126 

Joseph Murdock, 126 

Wool dealsbs. ' 

Robert Dunk, ISfi 




Adams, S.O. from th^ luke west to Reuben 
Ann, W.C. from Madison north to Kinzie 
Arnold, S.C. trom North to South 
Astor, N.O. from Division north to Church 
Asjltim Place, N.C. from Sedgwick east to the 
. lake ^ 

Augusta, W.C. from Reuben west to Robej 
Beach, W.C. from Harrison south to Ewing 
Bishop, N.C. from Wolcott east to the lake 
Black Hawk, N.C. from Sedgwick west to HaU 

Bridge, S.C. from the lake west to Grove 
Brown, S.C. from Twelfth south to North 
Bndden, S.C. Arom South south to limits 
Buena Vista, S.C. from Douglas av. west to 

Archer road 
Buffalo, S.C. from Jackson south to Twelfth 
Bushnell, S.C. from Stewart ay. north to Arch- 
er road 
Butler, S.C. from Rio Grande west to Archer 

Butterfield, S.C. from North south to South 
Calumet, S.C. from Ringold place south to limits 
Canal, W.C. from Kinzie south to limits 
Canalport Av., W.C. from Canal southwest to 

Carpenter, W.C. from Milwaukee plank road 

south to Madison 
Carroll, W.C. from the North Branch west to 

Cass, N.C. from North Water north to Green 

Bay road 
Catherine, W.C. from Rucker west to Reaben 
Cedar, N.C. from Wolcott east to the lake 
Centre, N.C. from the lake west to Racine road 
Charles, W.C. from Van Buren south to Harri- 
Cherry, N.C. from Division north to North av. 
Chestnut, N.C. from Wells east to Wolcott 
Chicago Av., N.C. from the lake west to limits 
Church, N.C. from Dearborn east to the lake 
Clark, S.C. from South Water $outh to limits 
Clarldna, W.C. from Reuben west to Wood 
Clinton, W.C. from Kinzie south to Twelfth . 
Clyboum Av., N.C. from Division north to limits 
Gommercej S.C. from the lake west to Grove 
Cook, W.C. from the North Branch west to Jef- 

CooUdge, W.C. from Reuben east to Hdosier av. 

Cornelia, W.C. from Reuben west to Wood 
Cottage Grove Av., S.C. from Ringold Haee 

south to limits 
K^ross, S.C. from the lake west to Grove ' • 
Cartiss, W.C. from Madison north to Second 
Davidson, W.C. from Canal east to the BonHh 

Dearborn, S.C. fh>m S. Water south to Monroe 
Dearborn Place, S.C. from Randolph to Wash- 
. ington 
Dekoven, W.C. from the South Branch west to 

Depujster, W.C. from Desplaineis west to Hal- 

Desplaines, W.C. from Chicago av. south td 

Division, N.C. from Lake west to North Branch 
Douglas Av., S.C. from Ringold Place soutli 

to limits 
Dyer Av., W.C. fronj North south to limits 
Edina Place, S.C. from Jackson south to Twelfth 
Eldredge Court, S.C. from State east to the lake 
Elizabeth, W.C. from Madison north to Kinzie 
Ellsworth, W.C. from Harrison south to Deko- 
Elm, N.C. from Lasalle east to Wolcott " 
Emily, W.C. from Reuben west to Wood 
Erie, N.C. from the North Branch east to th« 

JBwing, W.C. from Halsted east to the South 

Branch * 

Fenimore, S.C. from State east to Michigan av. 
Ferdinand, W.C. from Reuben west to limits 
Fir, N.C. from Hawthoriji'Av. south to Roberts 
First, W.C. from North Branch West to Wood 
Forquer, W.C. from Canal west to Halsted 
Fourth, W.C. from Jefferson west to Reuben 
Franklin, S.C. from South Water south to Mad- 
t ison 
Front, W.C. from Halsted west to Milwaukee 

Plank road 
Fulton, W.C. from the river west to limits 
George, W.C. from Elston road east to river 
Goethe, N.C. from Clark west to Sedgwick 
Grand Haven Slip, N.C. from Wolcott east tO 

the lake 
Green, W.C. from Third south to Harrison 
Green Bay, N.C. from Chicago av. north to 



BtfiBBi KxmmM. 

Green ?«y RummI, N.C. from Cemetery north to 

€hiswold, S.G. from Jackson south to Twelfth 
Groye, W.C. from Kinsie north to Hubbard 
HaUeok, S.C. from Stale east to Lake 
Haleted, W«C. from north to south Umita 
Hamilton Ay., W.C. firom Lole weet to limits 
Hardin Place, S.C from the lake west to State 
Harmon Court, S.C. from State east to the lake 
Harrison, S.C. from the lake west to Reuben 
Hastings, W.C. from Reuben east to Hoooier 

.Hawthorn At., ' N.C. fron Division porth to 

Henry, W.C. from Rucker west to Reuben 
Hiokory, N.C. froin Woleott east, to the lake 
Hinsdale, N.C. ifrom Market east to the lake 
Hoosier At., W.C. f^om Harrison southwest to 

^tbe limits 
Hubbard, W.C. from Jefferson to Paulina 
Hubbard Court, S.C. from State east to the lake 
Huron, N.C. from North Branch east to the 

Illinois, N.C. Arom North Branch east to the 

Indiana, N.C. from North Branch east to the 

Indiana At., S.C. from' North south to limits 
Jackson, S.C. from the lake west to Reuben 
Jane, IrY.C. from Reuben west to Wood 
Jefferson, W.^C. from North Branch to southern 

Judd, W.C. from Je^'erson east to Canal 
Kinzie, ^.C. from Rucker west to limits 
Kossuth, S.C. from Rio Grande to limits 
Laflin, W.C. from Madison south to limits 
Lafayette Place, N.C. Clark east to Dearborn 

bt Oak and Locust 
Lake, S.C. from the lake west to Reuben 
Larrabee, N.C. from Cly bourn aT. north to lim* 

Lasalle, S.p. from South Water south to Mad- 
LeaTitt, W.C. from Madison north to Chicago 

aT. . 
Liberty, SXf from Clark east to Slate 
Lisle, W.Q. from*Union Park south to limits 
Little Fort Road, N.C. from Green Bay road 

north to lintf ts 
Locust, N.C. from Lasalle east to Woleott 
Loomis, W.C. froiil Madison to southern limits 
Lumber, W.C. from Twelfth south to limits 
Madison, S.C. from the lake west to limits 
Maple, N.C. from Lasalle east to Woleott 
Market, S.C from South Watc^r Pouth to Van 

Buren \ 
Mather, W.C. from Jefferson east to Canal 
Maxwell, W.C. from Halsted east to S. Branch 
May, W.C. from Twelfth north to Einzie 
Meagher, W.C. from Halsted east to Canal 
Michigan, N.C. from North Branch east to the 

lake ; 

Michigan At., S.C, from Fort Dearborn south 

to limits' 

Mlliv*idiM At., W:C. trwa Kln^ m^rUk to Bi- 

Milwaukee Plank Road, continnation of Mil- 

wankee aT. 
Mitchell, W.C. Arom Halsted east to Ca.ii«l 
Monroe, S.C. Arom the lake west to Reaboi 
Mooterey, S.G. firom the lake west to Jkrehat 

Mmrgan, W.C. tnm Third sooth to Hanisen 
NoTttts, N.C. tem Ontario north to Crane and 

Wesson's Park ' 

New, S.C. frott StaU west ie Omre 
New Diyision, see West DiTision 
North Claric, N.C. from the RiTer north to Cen- 

North Dearborn, N.C. Arom the Birw iiov^ to 
• Cemetery 
North Market, N.C Arom the Rirer aorth to 

North Franklin, N.C. from the RlTor ninrtii to 

North Wells, N.C. Arom the RlTor north to lit- 
tle Fort road 
North, S.C. from the lake west to limits 
North At., N.C. from Sedgwick west to Woleott 
North Water, N.C from North Branch east to 

Oak, N.C from Market east to Woleott 
Oakley, W.C. from Madison north to Chicago 

O'Brien, W.C from Halsted east to Jefferson 
Ohio, N.C. from North Branch east to the lake 
Old, S.C. from the lake west to GroTO 
Ontario, N.C. from North Branch east to the 

Owen, W.C. from Jefferson west to Reuben 
Park Place, S.C. from Randolph to Madison 
Palo Alto, S.C from the lake west to Archer 

Paulina, W.C from Madison north to DiTisioii 
Pearce, W.C. from Hoosier ar. east to Waller 
Pearson, S.C. from Wells west to Market 
Pearson, N.C. from Market e«st to the lake 
Peck Court, S.C. from State east to the lake 
PennsylTania At., W.C. from Reuben west to 

Peoria, \^.C from Milwaukee plank|rQad south 

t<| Harrison 
Peyton, N.C, from Kinzie north to Erie 
Pine, N.C. from North Water north to Pearson 
Polk, S.C. ''from State west to Reuben 
Prairie, W.C from Halsted west to Reuben 
Prairie At., S.C. from Old south to limits 
Qaincy, S.C. from Wells east to State 
Randolph, S.C. from the lake west to Wood 
Rebecca, W.C. from Rucker wes^ to Reuben 
Rees, N.C. from North Branch eaat to Clyboum 

Reuben, W.C. from DiTision south to limits 
Reynolds, S.C from Wright north to Twelfth 
Ridgely Place, S.C. city line near Gottogt 

Grove aT. ' 

Rio Grande, S.C from Douglas aT. west to 
Dyer aT. 

Bnxns! BXRaotoitT. 


Hingold Place* B.C. frwn the l«k« wwt ^o 8t«te 
Biw, S.C. from South Water eMt to the Light- 

Roberts, N.O. from Erie north to North ay. 
Solker, W.C. from Madison south to Umtts 
Bneker, W.C. from Madison south to limits 
Soshy N.O. from Einiie north to Chicago ay. 
Sampson, W.C. from Reuben east to Hoosier ay. 
San<^ N.C. from Ktniie north to Chicago ay. 
Sangamon, W.C. from Third south to Harrison 
Schiller, N.C. from Clark vesi to Sedgwick 
Soott, N.C. from Woloott east to the lake 
Second, W.C. from the North Branch west to 

Sedgwick) N.C. from Biyision north to limits 
Shefltold Ay., N.C. from IKyislon north to 

Sheldon, W.C. from Madison ngrth to Kinzie 
Sherman, S.C. from Jackson south to Twelfth 
South, S.C. from State west to limits 
South Water, S.C. from Market east to the lake 
Springer, 8.0. from State west to Clark 
State, S.C. from South Water south to limits ' 
Stewarts Ay., S.C. from Twelfth south to limits 
Superior, N.C. from the North Branch east to 

Taylor, S.C. from State west to Reuben 
Third, W.C. from North Branch west to Wood 
Thorn, N.C. from Welcott east to the lake 
Tfaroop's Alley, S.C. from Market east to rear 

of Clark between Madison and Monroe 
TowBsend, N.O. from Ontario north to Crane 

and Wesson's Park 
Tremont Honse Alley, S.C. fr(H& 50 Dearborn 

east to State 

Tw»U^, S.C. from the lake west to limits 
Tyler, from State east to the lake 
Union, W.C. from Chicago ay. south to limits 
Van Buren, 6.0. from the lake west to limits 
Vine, N.C from Roberts north to Hawthorn at. 
Wabahsia Ay., W.C. from Milwaukee plank 

road east to Clyboum ay. 
Wabash Ay., S.C. from Riyer south to limits 
Waller, W.C. from Twelfth south to North 
Walnut, W.C; from Hamilton ay. south to 

Warren,' W.C from Union Park west to limits 
Washington, S.C. from the lake west to Ann 
Washington Place, N.O. from Clark east to 

Dearborn bt Locust and Chesnut 
Wells, S.C from S. Water sooth to Twelfth 
West piylsion, W.C. from Harrison south to 

West Water, W.C from Madison north to Pul- 
White, N.C from Market east to the lake 
Whiting, N.C. from Market east to Wells 
Whitney, N.C from Wolcott east to the lake 
Williams, W.C from Reuben east to Hoosier 

Willow, N;0. from Larrabee west to Sheffield 

Wilson, W.C from Jefferson east to Canal 
Wolcott, N.C from the Riyer north to Ceme- 
Wood, W.C from Madison north to Milwaukee 
plank road ' 

Woodstock Ay., W.C continuation of Reuben 
Wright, W.C from Halsted east to the South 



Abbott A. R. attorney, 10 Bearbora 
Adams & Glark, warerooms and ofBcd 188 Lake 
Addison John, hairdresser, 86 W. Ein2ie 
Aldrich Warren, tnaohine works, Indiana nr 

North Branch 
Allan & Cory, comtnission, N. Water E. of Clark 
Allan 0. Id . (A. & Cory) 
Allan & Greene, wines and liquors, 70 Lake 
Allen James P. removed cor Monroe and Market 
Allen P. T. (E. Dreier & Co.) 
Ambers John, confectionary, 869 Clark 
American Oscar L. 170 Lake, up stairs 
Andermat Joseph, carpenter, 175 If. Clark 
Anderson T. P. assistant bookkeeper 1^. L. Toe, 

h Jefferson bt Fulton and Prairie 
Anderson & Co. soap factory, N. Branch N. of 

North av 
Andrews £. physician, 66 Lake, up stairs 
Andrus Conrad^ iceman Joy & Frisbie 
Angell N. P. bookkeeper C. S. Dole & Co. 
Anglim Edward, removed 198 Buffalo 
Armstrong Bros, removed 18 Riyer 
Ashling Mrs. S. S. h 54 Lake 
Back Thoma?, cigars, saloon, &o. 155 Lake 
Baer Adams, for N. £. cor Huron, read Clark 

N, E. cor Huron 
Baer Lawrence, hardware, 223 N. Clark 
Barber J. E. [Hance & B.] 
Barker H. M. bookkeeper 1^16 S. Water, h 176 

S. Jefferson 
Barker P. A., read P. 4* A. 
Barr Robert, sale stable, Franklin bt Lake and 

Barry Richard, h removed Sedgwick 
Bates Williain S. (Jones, B. & Co.) bds Young 

Batten John H. office Court Commoa Pleas, h 

Black Hawk 
Beeler John, clerk Kite & Co. 
Beattie & Owen, removed 44 Clark 
Beckert & Vicrt, painters, 161 Lake 
Beckwith Charles H. (J. F. Going & Co.) bds 

109 Madison 
Behrens H. shoemaker J. M. Reis 
Bender Charles H. h 150 Washington 
Benton Pwight, mail agent M. S. R. R. bds 

Foster House 
Berry T. C. (Woodward, B. & Warren) 88 Dear. 
Birdsall Jeremiah, cooper, h cor Lake and San- 
Bishop Michael, teamster, h cor DiTision and 

Blftckburn B. F. attorney, oor Clark and Rand. 

Blanchard Stephen, removed Halsted bt 

well and Twelfth 
Blaisdell T. M. olerk J. H. Dunham ft Cd. 
Blow Charles, for 202 Blinois, read 102 
Boardman Joseph W. elerk St. NicholaB Ifotft 
Bostock Samuel C. conductor, h Buffalo N. of 

Bonenschatz Thomas, read Bo^fenschats 
Bradley William H. h 100 Ohio 
Brewster E. W. h 91 JaOkson 
Brewster 0. removed 186 Edina 
Brigham Charles B. (Stiles & B.) 139 Lake 
Broadstreet J. H. olerk J. M. Broadstreert 
BROADSTREET J. M. mercantile and law 

agency, 19 Metropolitan block 
Brown C." B. (Lake & B.) h 5 Park row 
Brown John, proprietor Caledonian House, 871$ 

Brown Miss F. assistant public school No. 4 
BroWn S. H. (Collins, Waters & B.) removedB62 

Wabash ay 

Brooks , physician, office 124 Wjells 

Brooks F. physician, office 60 N. Clark 
Bruce F. W. principal boy's class, school Hfst 

Presbyterian Church 
Bruce John J. grain buyer, bds J. Birdsall 
Brush D. E. olei-k W. P. Swift & Co. h Chiettgo 

av W. of Market 
Bryan F. A. h removed W. Randolph cor Polk 
Bryson John, (0ick &.B.) h 389 State 
Buchanan R. D. physician, 173 Clark 
Buckingham Charles, clerk 246 Lake 
Buckingham William B. stationary, &c. Wells 

bt Monroe and Adams 
Buck Robert, weighman Munger & Armour 
Buck Roswell R. clerk Stnrges & Burlingame 
BUEL, HILL & GRANGER, 159 S. Water 
Burgess Samuel B. bds 90 Washington 
Burkill T. M, removed 96 Monroe 
Burtiss T. B. bds 80 State 
Burnham E. (Sears, Smith & Co.) 
Butts John, painter, Randolph bt Carpenter 

and Curtiss 
Caldwell Peter, candy, &c. 76 Dearborn 
Carkin Willard S. fFbompson & C.) 157 Clark 
Carlen F. (Cox & C.) 
Case & Lewis, brassfounders, 3 N. Wells 
Carpenter W. S. physician, 172 Clark 
Carrol Mrs. S. A. milliner, 402 Clark 
Castor William H. agricultural implementBi 

May bt Madison and Washington 
Chapman Eldridge, farrier, 180 N. Clark 
Chapoton A. B. (Sproule & C.) 138 Lake 

ViAii^ 's^ uxM vovi, nmvhAA itwffitt ion. 


, r ., ,f 

Ckaat Henry W. music teftcber, h 20& tldi^ 
Chase Seba F. elerk Qt. O. Cbase 

^ees 54 Michigan ay 
OhUflOB, Charles, policeman, bds 67 Randolph 
Clauson John, ioeman Joy & Frisbie 
Olarkson Joseph P. bds 21 Michigan av 
Cloyes C. & J. grocers, 125 State 
Qlendenen D, R. j^riiKJipal Green 'St. Seminary 
OoiggsweU Misa F. A. assistant teacher public 

school No. 3 
Oo|in Da Young & Co« anction and commission, 

12 Dearborn » . 

Goba M. (€., Pe Young & Co.) bds City Hotel 
Coffee John) iceman Joy & Frisbie 
Coie Frank, mineral water matiufactarer, h 

Jefferson cor Kinzie 
Ohilde William A. clerk W. Blajr & Co. 
Cole Seth R. clerk J« P. Chapin bds 65 W. 

Coleman Joseph^ clerk. 7^ Lake, 
Qoleson Charles^ cooper, h S. Jeffer* eor Kin2ie 
Colville H. B. read CoW^n H. D. 

and commmisiion, 1^ S. Water cor Weils 
Cory James Y. (Allan & C.) 
Cottrse Henry, icemaa Joy & Frisbie 
Cok & Carlen, melodeon manufactttrers, 119 

Conly Thomas, iceman Joy & frisbie 
Conly Matthew, proprietor St. Chai-les. saloon 
€rawford Rev. L/P. agent S. S. Union, h W. 

Monroe bt Pesplaines and Halated 
Ci^one & Crosby, agents Singer's sewing, ma- 
chines, 55 Lasalle, up stairs 
C^sby Chester W. (Crone & C) 
Craig T. F. agent Union Express Co. at M. 

C. R, R. ^epot 
CnlTer Hiss H. assistant public school No. 3 
Cvmningham Alej^ander S. shipqiuilker, h 177 

S. Canal 
Coiiniagham James C^ h 154 S. Jefferson 
Cnjrrier L. W. (Wright & C.) bds Xremont House 
Curton Michael, lab, h Ohio nr Peyton 
Curton Michael, la.b, h Hubbard nr Union 
Curtis p. S. clerk Burt & Higgins 
Curtis Rev. Harvey, pastor pSst t^resbyterian 

Churoh, h 278 Wabash av 
Curtis James, electro plater, h 15 W. Randolph 
(Pur^s George S. foreman car shop C« & R. I. 

R. R. Works 
Qnrtiss P. &> Co. paekerSf cor Monroe and 

Curtiss Peter, (P« C. & Co.)h 66 W< Washington 
CuFtiss W. J3. receiver Union Telegraph Office 
Cushing, H. H. olerk J. T. Ryerson 
Cashing Nathaniel S. (Barry & C.}h 148 Dear. 
Cof hman Gustavus N. C. cl«rk GlbVs» Griffin 

Goshm^n Mattluas, lab^ h Jc^erf oa bt 9«r^ 

risen and Polk 
CUSTOM HOUSE, 129 S. TIaler. . , 

Cuthbertson Joluv clerk, RjGMUur4«t:'s office 

Cutler CM^^^fi^io^* ^arpenter^ h 311 State 
Cutler Jasper t, 2d lieutenant polipe^ h 97 S< 

Cutler John A. bookkeeper Ogden, Jones &; Coi 
Cutler Lyman G. salesman Fraser & Jillett, h 

,103 W. Madison . 
Cutmore Henry) h Washington av nr Reuben 
JS^fton & Rosenkrans, produce and commissi<M|^ 

51 Kinzie 
Eickhoff H. Alexander, h 116 W* Monroe 
Eddy A. D. pastor New School PresbyteriSiA 

Church ■ 

Eickoff Henry I boarding, h Halsted- bt Mil' 

waUkee av and fourth 
Elliott & MorriS) flour and feed» 50 Randolph 
Enqs A. W. attorney, 32 North Clark 
Evans Richard^ bookbinder Culver & Page, If 

Wells bt Michigan and Illinois 
Ewers Charles^ lumber and wood dealer, 13t 

Falcon Charles^ Polk Street bridge tend^r^ h 

Polk bt Desplaines and Halsted 
Fallagar Henry, read Fullagar 
Farwell W, attorney, 47 Clark, h 173 >?« 

Washington •■•"«i:«i»-- 

Fay George, attorney, 43 North Clark 
Fickett H. £. mosquito netts, 159 Lake 
Fink James L. olerk Sproule & Chapoton 
Fennerty JameSj read F«nnerty James 
Fish JameSj daguerrean, 18 Merehants' Exch< 
Fisher 0r. A. rmoved 107 Chicago av 
Fitch Thos, jr. bookkeeper Huntoon & Towneif 
Fitzgerald M. k L. grocers, 397 Clark 
Follansbee Charles, h 109 State 
Forsh Frederick^ h 0espla. bt Lake mid Randv 
Foster^ McEachron & Dunham, ship chandlers, 

&c., 195 S. Water 
Foster S. W. (Hanson & F.) 21} Clark 
Fo* e. B/rsad Fox C. R. 
Frederick H. shoemaker J» M. Beis 
Fuller William A. bookkeeper Goss & PhillipSf 

bds 374 Claris 
Fulton & Perkins, millwrights^ Washington nr 

Funk James A. tinsmith Thomas Hoyd 
Furney James r^mvfid 1^. W. cor Clark aad 

Gallupe George, bookl^eeper Butchers^ and 

Drovers* Bank, bds 102 Ohio 
Gannett Mrs. femoved 88 Adams 
Gates William F. cler^ George G. Chase 
Gibbons George, carpenter, 184 N. Clark^ h 

Gilbert 8. M. (G.^ Cameron & a)< 20Met. hVk 
Gill Wjlliam P. Auction, &q. 4 N. Clark 
CRillen^Jaoob,'h Gnsw^ld oor Van Buren 
Gilletts C. E« general agent Philadelphia, ^ 

mira & Niagara Stalls. B. R. 
Going J. F. & Co. liquors, &o. 60 Randolph 
Goodman Laurenoe re^noved Buffalo bt TaylfT 

inid Twelfth 
Goodman Jacob, fruity 427 State 
OOODBlCil, FAl^W£{iI« 4 8CK>TIUSt •«» 

tornejji, 4(7 G\»ifh . . 

KAMS8 TOO lATB FOR MatJIiAft msniTIOlf. 

Goodwin Jamea K. telograplk operator Union 

Line, bde Tremont 
Gray 0. F. inetrttment maker, 5 BanssDn'a 

block, ]i 118 Lasalle 
Gray Joseph W, (Green & G.) 
GBEEN k GRAY, tobacconists, 9? S. Water 
Green C. P. 66, 68 8. Water 
GRSEN S. G. & 00. confectioners, 90 Dearb. 
Griffin M. H. read Griffin^ M^ H. 
Gross T. P. salesman 72 Lake 
Gttglielman Joseph, fruit, 70 W. Kintie 
Gunderman Henry, laundryman, h rear 118 

Hale Solomon F. engineer, h 178 Edina 
Hall Silas, iceman Joy & Frisbie 
Hall W. H. rtiMhfd 57 Clark 
Hulliday B. F. clerk, 49 Clark 
Hammond C. G. remov^cfS. side Erie, bt Wolcott 

and Dearborn . 

Hance & Barber^ sash and door factory, eor 
' Franklin and Ohio 
. Hance J. A. (H. & Barber) 
Hanson & Foster, cigars, &o. 21} Clark 
Hanson J. R. (H. & Foster) 
Harrison James, h 188 Edina 
Hart Hiss Lncinda, bds L. B. Harkness 
Harlip T. B. read HaWM« T. B. 
Haskett H. iceman Joy & Frisbie 
Han^haw William, sailor, h 110 N. Clark 
Hayden Chester, barkeeper St. Nicholas* Hotel 
Hairkes Mrs. C. W. milUnery, 188 Lake, up 

Heath Miss Sarah A. Select School r«moe«(f eor 

Buffalo and Jackson 
HENDERSON C. N. & CO. for 109 read 169 

S. Water 
HIBBARD & PINNEY, bridgebnildeiv, 192 

Lake, up stairs 
Herrenkind Charles rmwted 50 Clark 
Hibbard Charles, (H. & Rnney) 
Higgens Brothers, music, &c. 54 Randolph 
HiU Thomas £. professor penmanship, Chicago 

Female Seminary 
Hite & Co. crockery and queensware, 71 Rand. 
Hite T. M. (H. & Co.) 
Holbrook Rev. J. C. h removed N. Lasalle bt 

Locust and Oak 
Hiolden C. N. removed Davisson's block, cor 

Clark and Lake 
Hollister J. H. remiwed 10 Metropolitan blqck 
Hopkins & Haynes, lirery stable, cor Kinzie 

and. Lasalle 
Hopkins Capt. E. P. h 87 S. Desplaines 
Horner & Crone, removed 100 Randolph 
HOTCHRISS 8. W. dock builder, office JT 

Clark, h CHnton bt Tan Buren and Harrison 
Horn William, shoemaker, 49 Wells 
Howell N. W. with Goodrich, Farwell k Sco- 

ville, 47 Clark 
Huributt F. J. at J. P. Chapin's 
Ideson, Jordan k BellowB, removed 89 8. Water 

cor Bearbom 
fogersoll Chaa. L. earriage bmlder, 19 S. Canal 
Jtrff 7 Hiw A. prlaeipal Adams' St Bmaaiuj 

Jewett F. (Lamb & J.) 

Johnston Joseph, (C. Ranyon & Co.) 171 Iiake 
Jones Darius £. removed 10 Metropolitan block 
Jones James, agent Roes, Jones k Tonaey, bdt 

, Sherman House 
Jones W. P. principal N. W. Female College, 

Jones S. k Co. stoneware, N. Water bt CUurk 

and Wells 
Kahle F. E. architect, 11 Masonic Temple 
Keen k Lee, for 148 read 146 Lake 
Rellogg Barid D. clerk 14 Lasalle 
Kennedy John W. h removed S. side Erie bt 

Wolcott and Dearborn 
Ketz & Lingenan, fancy goods, 87 WellB 
Kerho^f Kerley, read Kerley Rhoda A. 
Kidd S. J. k Co. cigars &c. 155 Lake 
Kirsch Charles, shoemaker J. M. Reie 
Kittredge Miss Sarah F. preceptress Chicago 

Female Seminary 
Kloek Peter, shoemaker J. M. Reis 
Knirr George, (Slaughter kK,) 
Kuocke k Kassing, merchant tailors, 85 N. 

Clark . 
Kolb Daniel, (Sanks & K.) 
Kopp Charies, saloon, 178 N. Clark 
Kough F. A. office 7 S, Clark 
KRAFFT THOMAS, wines and liquors, 194 

Kramer Max, clerk J. M. Stine 
Kramer Ferdinand, 72 K. Clark 
Keiser Matthew, shoemaker J. M. Reis 
Kronichfelt Gotholf, tailor, 46 N. Clark 
Kruse William, cigarmaker, 76 N. Clark 
Laas Rer. L. pastor Qerman Methodist Chnreb) 

h Indiana bt Wells and FrankHn 
Lamb & Jewett, (late A. D. lamb k Co.) 209 

Lambert Jesse; proprietor Waverly House, cor 

Clark and Van Burea 
Lane*& Co. Gem saloon, 66 Lake 
Lane Charles, (L. & Co.) 
Ledley J. H. physician. Office 94 N. Clark 
Led^c J. agent L. Renaud k Frere, MontreaI| 

6 Dearborn 
Lewis James, machinist, h 130 W. Kinzie 
Lewis Dr. James L. occulist and anrist, 66 

Michigan aT 
Liebenstein Jacob, for 677 Wells, read h 77 

Welh! , 

Loverin Nelson, physician and surgeon, 50 

Lyuan F. agent Milwaukee lime, &e. W. Dock 

bt Randolph and Washington 
Lyman J. & L. read Lynam k Bro. 
McDonald John D. G. grocer, cor Wells & Ifad. 
McGuire Charles, saloon, 11 N. Clark 
McGuire Michael, removed 82 N. Clark 
McE^oy Henry N. clerk Walker, Bronson ACo. 

h Halsted bt Washington and Randolph 
McKeown Mrs. C. E. prineipal Adams St. Semh 

McMa«ter W. E. portrait painter, l8l Lake 
Mag«jitt T. frilo. rear 75 Lake 


' KAIISB foO Um FOB BBi^irSAB h^sbktiox. 


Mknobester William B. cli$rk213 S. Water, bds 

Foster Hou«e 
HarouBo T. cigars, 34 N. Clark 
liiarks, Eempner & Co. dry goods, .48} N. Clark 
Harsh G. F. fPeake, M. & Co.) , 

Martin A. & Co. brokers, 71 Lake 
Mills James, teacher, bds 10 Sherman 
MBLBUBN ft CO. iron railing, North Braiich 

N. of North av 
Miller J. Terrance, clerk St, Nicholas Hotel 
Miller Frederick, shqemaker J. M. B^ia 
MiUward Henry, genera! broker, 16 Lasalle 
Mills J. B. & Co. rnnoved 83 S. Water 
Monks J. (T. W. Van Osten ft Co.) 143 S. Water 
Moore John M. reiiioved 111 Wells 
MOBFORD BBOSt banking and exchange, 

Lake S. W. cor Clark 
Myers M. clerk Bosenfield ft Bosenberg 
llitchell William, brickyard, Blue Island ar 
Neanen John, shoemtiker J. M. Beis 
Keoberger J. ft 8. dry goods, ftc. 167 S. Wa« 

ter, up stairs 
IVewkirk A. B* physician, h removed 166 Michi- 
gan aT 
NUes.Smitii, (N. ft Park) bds A. Dwtght 
Koble William F. W. flouring mill, cor Adams 

«nd Canal 
OLINGBB j» professoA German Garden City 

OBCUTT ft SUTHERLAND, proprietors City 

Payne David, bookke^er K« P. Iglehart ft' Co. 

h 106 £ne 
Palmer J. W. clerk 62 Wells, bds Mercha&ts* 

Fttyne Theodore S. clerk 72 Lake 
Peake, Marsh ft Co. (late S. N. Foote ft Co.) 

dry goodi^ ftp. 163 S. Water 
Peake Henry, (P., Marsh ft Co.) 168 S. Water 
Pearee J« Irv|ng, steward Matteson House 
Peltoh Loring A. h 79 MichigAn av 
Penter P. ft Co« blacksmiths, K. ( -lark cor Chi- 
cago av 
Pennefather William, general agency, 108 Band. 
Perkins W. A. clerk PhilUps ft Co. h 84 Adams 
Perrine Miss Irene H. teacher Chicago Female 

Pfhingle Sebastittli, professor German Chicago 

Female Seminary 
Piskerton Allan, for h 74 Van Bmren read 

Adams nr Wells 
Platenitts F. removed S Clark, 8d floor 
Pratt Moses G. ship carpenter, 154 W. Wash. 
Prentiss Alfred, clerk B. H. Conntiss 
PUBBINGTON ft SCBANTON, for 186 read 

236 S. Water 
Baoe Henry M. barkeeper St NIoholad Hotel 
Bath 8. (Marks, Kempner ft Co.) 
RENO ft BOONE, coal yard, North Branch, 

cffice 89 Clark, up stairs 
Keynolds Henry B. saleonan 72 Lake 
myn^lds Hiram, removed 99 8. W»ter 
B^gby F. & house and iigo p«ater, 09 Basil 

RIGHARD3 DANIEL, for 261 Lake read 29 

W. Randolph 
Bobb Charles, clerk J. H, D^al^am & Co; 
RobbsDs Chandler, teacner of singing, h 44 

ROOD ft DA VOL, boots and shoes, 190 Lake 
Bood A. M. (R. ft Davol) 
BODGERS J. KEARNEY, agent Manhattan 

Life Insurance Co. 47 Clark 
Bdgers Dr. E. C> removed 41 Clark 
BOSS, JONES ft TOUSEY, news depot, 25 

Clark ' ■ , 

Boy ReT. J. E. pastor Plymouth Church, h cor 
> Edina and Tan Biiren 
Bne J. C. removed 1 Clark 
Rqhling Adolph, (Vergho, B. ft Co.) 
BUN YON C. ft CO. hardware, 72, 171 Lake 
ST. NICHOLAS HOTEL, Cliirk nr Polk 
Sanks ft Kolb, drugs, ftc. 167 Randolph 
Sanks James O. (S. ft Kolb.) 
Schubach A. G. salesman Leopold ft Schloss^ 

Schnck Pet^r, shoemaker J. M. Beis 
Schott H. upholsterer, 168 Lake, up stairs 
Scott Mrs. Mary, removed 171 Lake, up stairs 
Seymour Mark, clerk A. J. Daniels, bds Tre- 

mont >» 

SEATON BBO. ft CO. produce commiseion/ 

180 S, Water 
Seeley H. E. read Seelye H. ^. 
Silrer E. city fish inspector, cor Washington 

and W, Water 
Sink ft Watkins, proprietors StNicliolas Hotel 
Sink Andrew J. (S. ft Watkins) 
Sheridan J. B. (Mite ft Co.) 
SHERMAN P. L. attorney, 8 Davissem's block * 
Slaughter ft Knirr, marble works, cor N. Clark 

and Superior 
Slaughter JFohn, (S. ft Knirr) \ 

Slocum DaVid P. <derk J. H. Bees ft Co. bds 

240 Madison 
Smalley E. cistern builder. Lake bt Peoria and 

Smith D. S. for 1^ Lasalle read 116 LasaBe 
Smith Bey. J. A. editor Christian Times, h 49 

Smith John, shoemaker J. M. Beis ' 

Smith G. S. (Wright, S. ft Co.) 105 S. Water ^ 
Snow C. P. professor penmanship Garden City 

Snow O. T. principal Garden City Institute 
Staab Franz, music teacher, 72 State 
Stoddard A. F. for 167 Bandolph read 197 
Stealey George, citil engineer, 98 Bandolph 
Stone H. E. at Bruce ft Dobson 
Stone H. ft J. for 179 read 19 N. CliMrk 
Stoops William S. read Stoops W. J. 
Thayer F. Porter, furniture, 188 Lake, h 114 

Thies August, tailor, h cor Van Buren and 

Thomas ft Boberts, removed N. E: oor Wash* 

ingtdn and Dearborn 
Tliwnpsaa ft JolBttwn» rtmomt 9^ L>k> 





^^worth, RuDjon & Co. rmovtd 109 S. Wattti 

up stairs 
Trea<Jwell W. J. read W. 4* J. 
UI4 ^' J* salesman Hammill, Haigfat & Go. 

Ms 40 Franklin 
Van Osten F. W, (F. W. Van 0, & CoO 
Van Osten F. W.. k Co. wines &c. 143 & Water 
Varian Dr. W, removed 8 W. Bandolph 
VSRGHO, BUHIiING & CO. guns and sport- 
lug, apparatus^ 89 S. Water 

Vergho ChaaUiB, (V, R«]iUiig Ss, G«.) b<Jbi Th 

mont House 
WalUr Jacob, h Btowell nr CUrk 
WARRICK J. freight agent Qrea^ W«grten 

Railway, office M. C R. R. depot 
Woodson W. T. removtd 224 WasUlogtoa 
Wiofaman H. shoemaker, 49 Wells 
Willets Uenry, (Wright & Co.), reikd (Wtyu 

& WiUets.) 

I ; 

t ! 




ABBREYiATioirs.— [Fbr h read house; bdsboardg; bt between; nr n^ar; cor comer; bdfs bfiildixigs;. 
com commission; Ibrwdg forwarding; lab laborer; W. West; N. North; S. South, etc. The word street is 

NOTICE.— The names received too late for regular insertion, removals, etc., on a preceding page. 

Aadelinan M. laborer, h Townsend nr White 
Aagaard Martin, tinsmith Loomis & Abbott 
ABELL T. P. dentist, 141 Lake, h same 
Abel Chas. machinist, h Ind. ay. S. of S6ath 
Abel Oramel £. machinist, h Creswell nr Polk 
Abel Francis, engineer C. & R. I. B. R. 
Abemethy R. G. clerk I. C. R. R. Office, bds 

48 Michigan av. 
Aber^rombie James, bootmaker, 93 Michigan 
Abert Henry, tailor, h Wells bt Jackson and 

Van Buren. 
Abraham F. C. W., batcher, 2 and 4 State 

street market 
Abrahamson Benjamin, sailmaker Porington & 

Scranton, h 59 Superior 
Abrahamson John, lab, h 58 Superior 
Abraham John, clerk, bds 298 Clark 
Abraham Marks, pedler, h 293 Clark 
Abrahamson Thomas, shoemaker, h Pine cor 

Chicago ay. 
Abston Christopher, carpenter, h Lumber nr 

ABB£Y DAVID & CO. stoneware depot, 82 

North Water 
Abbey David (D. A. & Co.) bds 41 N. Dearborn 
Abbey Geo. N. (D. A. & Co.) bds 41 N. Dearborn 
ABBEY GEORQE T. gunsmith, 220 Lake, h 

152 State 
Abbey Frederick J. gunsmith, bds 152 State 
Abbey Joseph, h 41 N. Dearborn 
Abbott Charles F. stonecutter. 111. S. Dres. Co. 
Abbott Thomas L. bookkeeper, bds 150 Dear. 
Abbott Albert, clerk 130 Lake 
Abbott Cosper, shoemaker W. Sporlien 
ABBOTT & EINQMAN, sash, doors, &c. office 

120 Clark 
Abbott R. A. stonecutter 111. S. Dressing Co. 
. Abbott WiUiam, elk. PoUce Court, h 18 N. Jeff. 
Abbott Asahel, tailor Jenks & Beers 
Abbott Chas. H. (A. & Kingman) h Buffalo S. 

of Van Buren 
Abbott Edw. grocer, cor Halsted and Monroe 

Abbott Oliyer H., Dem.' Press traveling agent,. 

h 189 Madison 
Abbott Oryil S. (Loomis & A.) h Rio Grande,. 

bt Cottage grove and Calumet avs. - 
Acaster Joseph, painter, h cor Owen and; Mil- 
waukee plank road 
Achhammer Michael, carpenter, h North La- 

salle, nr limits 
Acheson Henry, lithographer, &c. 130 Lake, 

third floor, h Oak cor Madison 
Acker Job, ship carpenter, h 226 Adams 
Ackerman Charles V. foreman Illinois Stone 

Diiessiug Co. 
Ackermann Christian, lab, h Qarknr Korth av. 
Aokermann James, lab, h Larrabee 
Ackley Benjamin, coal and wood. West Water 

bt Randolph and Washington 
Achert Edward, bookkeeper J. S. Boot 
Achten Mathias, cabinetmaker, h Arnold nr N. 
Ackerly Aaron A. foreman Vulcan foundry 
Ackerman Charles, carpenter, h New Division 
Ackerman George, labi h North av. 
Ackerman Joseph, lab, h Larrabee 
Ackhoff Henry, boarding, h Halsted, nr Third 
Ackman Ludwig, h Carpenter nr Chicago av. 
Adams Abel, shinglemaJier, h Jackson bt Des- 

plaines and Jefferson 
Adams Andrew, machinist, h Carroll bt Clinton 

and Jefferson 
Adams, Andrew jr. (Fielding & Adams) 
Adamson Magnus, lab, h Franklin nr Division 
Adams A. W. clerk, G. & C. U. R. R. office 
Adams George, butcher. North Market, h cor 

Market and Whitney 
Adams & Clark, bedstead manufacturers, cor 

Green and Fulton 
Adams Darius, moulder, h State nr Twelfth 
Adams Eli, stonecutter, h Wells bt Harrison 

and Polk 
Adams E. E. clerk-outfreight, G. & C. U R. E. 

Adams George M. clerk-outfrt. C. & G. IT. R. B. 
Adams Horace, scale builder, 197 S. Water 
Adams H. D. compositor Tribune office 


Adams Stephen, bookkeeper, minois & Wis- 
consin R. R. ft. offioe 
Adams Wm. fireman Riokard, Beierlein & Co. 
Adams Wm. H. (Osbom A. & Co.) h 121 Lasalle 
Adams WilUam B. PoUce District No. 1, h 107 

W. Monroe 
Adams Benjamin, proprietor Adams' Mills, h 

156 Michigan aT 
Adams Benjamin F. (Adams & Clark) hcor 

Ontario and Pine 
Adams B. S. clerk 104 Lake 
Adams Charles R. clerk 12 Lasalle, h Wells bt 

Harrison and Van Buren 
Adams C. & Co. tobacco manufactnrers, 6 and 

8 Kinzie 
Adams Cyrus (C. A. & Co.) h Adams nr Hal. 
ADAMS FRANCIS G. banking and exchange, 

44 Clark, h Lake Park place 
Adams George, h Halsted, cor Jackson 
Adams Gustarus P. clerk Adams' Mills, bds 

850 Wabash ay. 
Adams Mrs. Joanna h 350 Wabash ay 
Adams John Q. clerk Merchants' Hotel 
Adams Joseph, carpenter, h Clinton bt Lake 

and Randolph 
Adams J. Q. bds Mrs. J. Adams 
Adams Mrs. Mary, boarding, h 209 Madison 
Adams Maria, boarding, h 48 Ohio 
Adams Matthew, lab, h Black Hawk 
Adams Ralph, gunmaker, h cor Lake and Frank. 
Adams R. D. 157 South Water 
Adams T. W, saloon, 24 Lasalle 
ADAMS W. H. land agent and notary public, 

41 Clark 
Adams Wm. H. (Osbom, A. & Co.) h 121 Lasalle 
ADCOCE EDWARD, hat and cap store, 181 

Adcock Mrs. millinery, 181 Randolph, h same 
Ade John,hamessmaker, h Dearborn bt Diyision 

and North ay 
Ades John, butcher, 18 'W. market, h. Ran- 
dolph bt Morgan and Sangamon 
Adlam Robert N. sailor, h 146 W. Washington 
AdleW. carriage trimmer EUitborpe, Kline & Co. 
Adler Joseph, clothing, 268 Clark 
Adlerbaum Charles, saloon. Market, bt Van 

Buren and Tyler 
Adolph John B. h 219 Wells 
Adolphi Laurentz, lab, h North ay. 
Adler Nicholas, lab, h North Clark bt Elm and 

ADSIT J. M. exchange office, 85 Clark, h 108 

Addison C. smith, h Desplaines nr Hubbard 
Aesnar William, teamster, h Rucker nr Twelfth 
Affield Charles, watchman, h Throop's alley 
Agnew Francis, bricklayer, bds 183 N. Lasalle 
Agnew John, bricklayer, bds 188 N. Lasalle 
Agnew R. S. canyasser, 5th ward 
Aharan Morris, teamster, h Union cor Meagher 
Ahem Michael, grocer, 121 W. Randolph, h 

Aidleman Michael, lab, G. W. Noble 
Aiken S. H. h 17 Adams 

AIKEN CHARLES M. clothing, 77 Randolph, 

h cor Sangamon and Adams 
Aiken James, pedler, bds 209 Randolph 
Aiken James E. clerk Cooley, Wadsworth & Co., 

h 831 Wabash ay 
Aiken John J. clerk Pearson & Co. 5 Exchange 

Bank Buildings 
Aiken Samuel, h Qninoy nr Clark 
Aiken Andrew, justice of peace, 82 W. Ran- 
dolph, h 287 W Lake 
Aikin Carlos, h 277 W. Lake 
Ainsworth Robert, porter 144 Lake, h Adams 

near Wells 
Aird Arch, gardner, h Griswold nr Harrison 
Aitken William, shoemaker, 50 W. Randolph, 

h same 
Aker Charles, mason, h Canal south end 
Akers William B. at Pease & Akers, h 59 Edi- 

na place 
Akers John' (Pease & A.) bds 59 Edina 
Akin Thomas, drayman, h Clinton bt Van Bu- 
ren and Harrison 
Aknor Charles, butcher, h Wells, nr Monroe 
Albee C. P. butcher, 2 and 4 State street mar- 
ket, h 86 Monroe 
Alberding Tobias, teamster, h cor Wolcott and 

Albrecht August, cigarmaker, 102 Hlinois 
Albrecht Henry, lab, h Wells nr Diyision 
Albreck Jacob, lab, h Willow 
Albreckt Franz, lab, h Wells nr Diyision 
Albus Wm. carpenter, h South nr Archer road 
Alden Capti Edwin, h Green nr Owen 
Aldrich Ad. S. bookkeeper C. O.Thompson & Co* 
Aldrich Lucius H. boarding, h cor Madison 

and Market 
Aldrich Manot, wagon maker, h Pierce nr 

ALDRICH JAMES F. lumber, Marketeer Van 

Buren, h 221 S. Clinton 
Alexander Mrs. B. dressmaker, h BuiFalo S. of 

Alexander F. H. foreman E. G. Roberts & Co. 
Alexander George, whitewasher, h Buffalo N. 

of Polk 
Alexander Henry, conductor C. & R. I. R. R« 

bds 185 Clark 
Alexander James, bookkeeper Geo. Smith & Co. 
Alexander Joseph G. butcher, h Buffalo S. of 

Alexander Robert, clerk Hyde & Dana, h On- 
tario nr Lake 
Alexander William, lab, h Taylor cor Aberdeen 
Alexander L. £. clerk Mills & Co. 
ALEXANDER T. W. & Co. forwarding and 

commission, 170 S. Water 
Alexander T. W. (T. W. A. & Co.) h 97 8. Jeff. 
Alexander William, lab, h Van Buren bt Mor- 
gan and Sangamon 
Alford Edward, clerk Bruce & Dobson 
Alford Hiram F. clerk, bds 41 Clark 
Alfreds Albro, machinist H. P. Moses 
Alf Laurentz, shoemaker, 69 N. Clark 
Algren John, lab, h Mitchell nr Halsted 


Algerberr Frederick, butcher, cor Harrison and 

Alison John, shoemaker, h cor Third and Green 
Almini Peter, (Montel, Jevne & A.). 
Alschuler Joseph, h 40 W. Randolph 
Alston John (Thompson & A.) h N. Wells bt 

Ontario and Superior 
Alston William, clerk 165 Randolph 
Alt Frank, painter B. F. Chase 
Alt Nicholas, plasterer, h White 
AUacock William, h W. Madison nr Bull's Head 
Allan George M. clerk R. S. King 
Allan Levi, carpenter, h May bt Lake and 

ALLAIR & BINZ, wholesale liquor, 98 S. Water 
Allair Basilique (A. & Binz) h 95 Michigan 
AUemann John, mason, h 93 Superior 
Allen Alfred, sailor, h cor May and Polk 
Allen A. B. W. clerk 200 Lake 
Allen Frederick, sailor, h May nr Polk 
Allen Jabez, engineer, h 86 State 
ALLEN JAMES P. lumber, cor Lake and S. 

Water, h Jefferson cor Monroe 
Allen James, carpenter, h Jefferson bt Harri- 
son and Van Buren 
Allen James F. carpenter, Polk bt Desplaines 

and Halsted 
Allen John P. h Adams bt Wells and Clark 
Allen John P. h Hulbut cor Centre 
Allen John, h Jackson bt Clark and Wells 
Allen Jlohn R. h 134 Wells 
Allen Miles, joiner, h Clinton bt Harrison and 

Van Buren 
Allen Nathan, attorney, 82 W. Randolph, h 

Milwaukee av near city limit 
Allen Robert, carpenter, h 812 State 
Allen Samuel £. sailor, h Owen bt Desplaines 

and Union 
Allen Thomas, land agent, 41 Clark, h 802 State 
Allen William, justice peace, 34 W. Randolph, 

up stairs 
Allen William, blacksmith, h Cottage Grove av 

nr Rio Grande 
Allen William, boilermaker, h Mather nr Canal 
Allen Mrs. Z. M. primary school, Milwaukee 

av cor Fourth 
AUes Frantz, teamster, h Division nr Clark 
Alley James, lab, h Monroe nr Market 
Alliby John, lab, h 147 Wells 
Allis James, Illinois and Wisconsin R. R. h 

Boomer av nr Chicago av. 
Allis John, lab, h Van Buren nr Wells 
Allis John P. pedler, h 57 W. Jackson 
Allison David, harnessmaker, 16 Edina 
AlUson G. M. 46 W. Randolph 
Allison James J. ginger beer brewer, cor Car- 
rol and Jefferson 
Allison J. G. tinsmith T. George & Co. 
Allison Robt. carpenter, h Michigan nr Peyton 
ALLPORT WALTER W. dentist, 75 Clark, h 

AUum Charles, h State bt Springer and North 
^ AUworth John N. waiter Jervis House 
Amandson John, pressman Daily Journal 

AMBERG ADAM, grocer, Jefferson cor Monroe 
Ambrose Frederick, teamster, h N. Wells np 

North av 
Ambs Frederick, clerk 192 Lake 
AMBS JOHN & Co. wines and liquors, 173 

Randolph cor Wells 

AMERICAN HOUSE, cor Lake and Wabash av 
AMERICAN TIN WORKS, Cottage Grove av 

N. of Rio Grande 


sey, Bro. & Co., W. P. Swift & Co., agents 

Amerston John, lab, h 187 Randolph 
Ames Frederick, lab, h Griswold bt Van Buren 

and Harrison 
Ames Capt. Thomas, h nr Carpenter's garden 
Amick Hiram, clerk J. B. Doggett, bds P. 

Amick Pleasant, clerk J. B. Doggett, hCurtiss 

nr W. Randolph 
Amonson Sivart, carpenter, h Townsend nr 

Anderson A. shoemaker, h Desplaines nr Hub. 
Anderson Abram, machinist Illinois Stone 

Dressing Co. 
Anderson Adam, engineer, h Michigan bt Rush 

and Pine 
Anderson Albert (Saltonstall, Martin k Co.) bd« 

229 Clark 
Anderson Anders, lab, h 175 N. Lasalle 
Anderson Anders, hairworker, 175 N. Clark 
Anderson Andrew, sailor, h 101 N. Dearborn 
Anderson Andrew, lab, h cor Union and Mil- 
waukee plank road 
Anderson Benjamin, lab, h 73 N. Dearborn 
Andrews Charles B. carriagemaker EUithorpe, 

Kline & Co. 
Anderson Charles, tailor, h Townsend nr White 
Anderson Charles W. cook, h 104 Michigan 
Anderson Charles, teamster, h Wells nr Polk 
Anderson Clarence, clerk 200 Lake 
Anderson & Co. confectioners, 83 Clark 
Anderson Cornelius, lab, h Twelfth bt Canal 

and Lumber 
Andrews Daniel, police, 67 Randolph 
Anderson David, engineer G. W. Noble, h Jack- 
son bt Desplaines and Halsted 
Anderson Mrs. Euphemia, h 216 Monroe 
Anderson Frederick, bricklayer, h Clark S. of 

Anderson Frances (A. & Co.) 83 Clark 
Anderson George M. patternmaker, h Canal bt 

Harrison and Polk 
Anderson Mrs. Grace (A. & Co.) 83 Clark 
Anderson George, h 46 Monroe 
Anderson George, h cor May and Taylor 
Anderson Hendrich, lab, h Shanty town 
Anderson Henry, land agent, h 198 Wells 



Anderson Henry, tinsmith, 208 Lake 
Anderson Horatio, blacksmith Illinois and 

Wisconsin R. R. h Desplaine^ nr Hubbard 
Anderson Isaac, office, 208 Lake, h oor Cot- 
tage GroTO and Indiana ay 
AndAas Jacob, bricklayer, h Clark bt Polk 

and Taylor 
Andrew James, sheriff h Desplaines oor Morg. 
Anderson John, joiner, h Buffalo S. of Taylor 
Anderson John, tailor, h Lasalle bt Chicago 

ay and Superior 
Anderson John, moulder, h Fulton bt Peoria 

and Green 
Anderson John, printer Democratic Press, h 

214 N. Clark 
Anderson John, wagonmaker, h Lake bt Cur- 

tiss and Carpenter 
Anderson John, machinist, Granger's foundry, 

h Reuben nr Chicago ay. 
Anderson J. R. (A. & McAllister) h cor Polk 

and Edina 
Andrew Joseph, floating eleyator, h 67 N. 

Anderson Mrs. L. h 214 N. Clark 
Anderson Levris, carpenter, h Green nr Mil- 
waukee ay 
Anderson Lewis, blacksmith, h Hubbard nr 

Anderson Mrs. millinery, 142 Lake, h 45 Mon. 
ANDERSON & Mc ALLISTER, attorneys, 9 

Marine Bxink bdgs 
Anderson Mortimer, clerk, 86 Lake 
Anderson Ole, blacksmiths h cor Owen and 

Milwaukee plank road 
Anderson Rey. Paul, Scandinavian, h Green 

Bay road and 72 Superior 
Anderson Patrick, lab, h Adams bt Desplaines 

and Halsted 
Andrews Richard, lab, h Halsted nr Archer rd. 
Andrews S. B. (Skinner & A.) office cor Mar- 
ket and Adams 
Anderson Theodore, 66 N. Clark 
Andremath Joseph, lab, h cor Green Bay and 

ANDRESS H. W. & Co. paperhanglngs, 67 

Andress Henry W. (H. W. A. & Co.) 67 Rand. 
Andrew Edward, plasterer, h 80 Indiana 
Andrews George P. bds L. H. Waterhouse 
Andrews John, carpenter, h Jackson nr Market 
Andrews Richard^ sailmaker G. F. Foster 
Andrews '^. B. engineer Skinner & Andrews 
Andrews Wm. h Desplaines bt Van Buren and 

Andrick James, painter, bds 69 Jefferson 
Andrick John, carpenter, h Bishop 
Andrick L. M. attorney, 69 Clark, bds 156 

Andrus William E. (Thomson & A.) h corner 

State and Eldridge ct 
Angele Christian, saloon 9 N. Wells 
Angel P. coach painter, Ellithorpe, E. & Co. 
Anglesberg Nicholas, carpenter, h 184 W. Lake 
Anglim £dw*d, lab, h Twelfth near R. I. Depot 

Anglim James, books, 115} N Clark, h Des- 
plaines bt Rinsie and Hubbard 
Angsten Peter, lab, h Buffalo N. of Twelfth 
Angus William, pedlar Thomson & Andrus 
Annan Pefer, carpenter, h 105 N. Dearborn 

Block, h Lasalle bt (^hicago ay and Chesnut 
Anstey Edwin, porter Spring House 
ANTHONY ELLIOT, attorney, 1 DayisBon's 
Anton John, lab, S. B. Haggard & Co. 
Anton John A. shoemaker, h Clyboum ay 
Apel Anton, lab, h Dearborn near Church 
Apel Frank, painter, Mitchell near Halsted 
Apel John, machinist, h Edina N. of Twelfth 
Apel John, h 9 N. Dearborn ' 

Apel Lewis, yarnisher. Union Car Works, h 

Green cor Milwaukee ay 
Apfel Henry, h 120 Ohio 
Apel Peter, blacksmith, h Edina N. of Twelfth 
Apfel Philip, toys and cutlery, 21 N. Clark, h 

APOLLO HALL, 250 Lake 
April Henry, lab, h 277 W Lake 
Appeatt George,, polisher Shumer & Co. 
Appel Jacob, fruit, 228 Clark, h same 
APPLEBE THOMAS, Pekin Tea Store, 57 

ARCADE SALOON, 58 & 249 Clark 
Archambault J. boarding house, 178 Indiana 
Arend William, draughtsman Van Osdell & 

Arend William, lab, h Willow 
Arlin Stephen F. bookkeeper, bds 185 Clark 
Arlin Stephen N. ornamental painter, bds 185 

Armbruster John, carpenter, h Wells nr N. ay 
Armitage Anthony, mason, h 51 Jefferson 
Armour George, (Munger & A.) h 94 Erie 
ARMSTRONG BROS, commission, 6 Dearbon^, 

up stairs 
Armstrong E. R. T. railroad furnisher, 18 

Armstrong Mrs. Elizabeth, boarding, h 186 

Armstrong Edward, ship caulker, h Desplaines 

bt Washington and Madison 
Armstrong Edward, shoemaker, h Larrabee 
Armstrong George, sailor, h Owen near Green 
Armstrong George B. (Myers & Co.) h Wolcott 

cor Superior 
Armstrong John R. clerk Wm. Jones, jr. & Co. 
Armstrong Thomas, gardener, h Wolcott nr N. 

Armstrong Thomas R. h 74 Jefferson 
Armstrong Walter, stonecutter, h Desplaines 

bt Adams and Monroe 
Arnc Peter, lab, Union Car Works 
ARNOLD & CARDER, butchers, 394 State 
Arnold Casper, cabinetmaker T. Manahan, h 

Van Buren nr Franklin 
Arnold Chr. H. (A. & Carder) 
Arnold G. D. L. agent Thomas Arnold 
Arnold Isaac N. (A., Lamed & Lay) h Erie bt 

Rush and Pine 
Arnold Jacob, tailor, 221 N. Clark 


Arnold J. M. h Cottage Grove ay S. of South 
ARNOLD, LARNED & LAY, attorneys, 10 

Arnold Thomas, slate roofing, T. W. Alexander 

& Oo.'s office 
Arnold William, lab, h White 
Arnold William H. clerk Barrett, Dow & Co. 
Arnold William H. painter, h 69 S. Jefferson, 

bds 121 Dearborn 
Arnott William, carpeAter, bds W. K. Woods 
Amst Jacob, teamster, h oor Mather and 

Arons Samuel, tinsmith, h 100 N. Dearborn 
Artis Clinton, upholsterer, bds 156 State 
Arils Solomon, carpenter, bds Rebecca Joiner 
Aschenbrenner John, shoemaker, h Clybourn ay 
Ashlund Mrs. Susan, boarding, h 54 Lake 
Ashman Mark, bricklajer, h State bt Harrison 

and Peck ct 
Ashman Thomas, carpenter, cor Lake and San- 
Asbton John, lab, h Taylor nr Halsted 
Ashton Samuel, attorney, 9 Metropoliti^n Block 
Aslett Jesse, wellsinker, h State N. of North 
Aspinwall Charles A. bookkeeper Ferris & Boyd 
Aspinwall E. P. Illinois C. R. R. office, bds 58 
Michigan av 
. Astbory John, (Church & A.) bds 167 N. Clark 
Aston John, express wagon, h 89 Franklin 
Atchinson Robert, grocery. Lake bt Morgan 

and Sangamon 
Atkins H. H. clerk, 144 Lake 
Atkins John, lab, h Jefferson nr Fourth 
Atkins Robert, clerk R. Stewart 
Atkin Walter, attorney, h Washington nr Wa- 
bash av 
Atkins William, h Mather bt Canal and Riyer 
Atkinson C. T. (A & Lester) 66 Lake 
Atkinson John, ostler C. C. Wilcox, h Jefferson 

N. end 
Atkinson Henry, painter, h Indiana ay nr 

Atkinson»Isaac, baggage driver, 74 State 
ATKINSON & LESTER, fancy goods, 66 Lake 
Atkinson William, butcher, h Mil. plank road 

bt Owen and Hubbard 
Atsell Mrs. C. h 39 N. Dearborn 
Atterbury Francis, harnessmaker, bds 18 Buff. 
Atwood & Belden, proprietors Eagle Match 

Factory, cor State and Taylor 
Atwood George, engineer James Peck & Co.'s 

Atwood Harlow, intelligence, Box 2704 
Atwood Levi L. (A & Belden) h Twelfth nr 

Lake Shore 
Atwood S. F. bds 33 Michigan av 
Atzel George, harnessmaker, 42 Lasalle, h same 
Aabert Anton, carpenter, h Larrabee nr N. av 
Aubert Henry, lab, h Orchard nr Willow 
Aabert Mathias, grocer, Willow nr Orchard 
Auer Anthony, lab, G. J. Prussing 
Auferman Gustavus, bookkeeper 218 Lake 
Augerton Charles, lab, h cor Green and Owen 
Aul William, boilermaker Mason & McArthur 

Aurbauch S. trmt store, 162 Lake 

Aussem John H. h Lee nr Union Park 

Aussing John H. clerk E. Yarian 

Austin Andrew E. clerk, 159 S. Water 

Austin Erastus, carpenter, h 110 Indiana 

Austin H. carpenter, h Desplaines bt Van Ba- 
ren and Harrison 

Austin James, engineer C. & R. I. Railroad, h 
Wells bt Polk and Taylor 

Austin James, saloon, Sherman nr Van Buren 

Austin James, book agent, h cor Canal and 

Austin John, h Erie nr Peyton 

Austin Lawrence, lab, bds Cold Spring Houso 

Austin Mrs. L. h Milwaukee plank road hi 
Owen and Hubbard 

Austin William, lab, h cor Jackson and Sher- 

Austin William H. printer, 116 Clark 

Austin William, carpenter, h alley bt Washing- 
ton and Madison 

Auth George, watchmaker, 176 J Clark 

Auwres Otto, clerk 337 Clark 

Auw John, harnessmaker, h Dearborn nr 
North ay 

Averill James, h 266 Wabash av 

Avery Oscar F. (A. Upham & Miller) h 138 
Michigan av 

Avery Thomas M. (Williams & A.) h Halsted bt 
Lake and Fulton 

AVERY, UPHAM & MILLER, wholesale gro- 
cers, 193 S. Water 

Avery William W. clerk Williams & Avery 

Avi^ill Albert J. h 176 Wabash av 

Axman Josh. (N. Eisendrath & Co.) bds N. 

Axtell Manley W. h 24 Michigan av 

Axtell Osmun, h 21 Michigan av 

Aylworth George H. carpenter, h Harrison bt 
Desplaines and Halsted 

Aymar Mrs. L. h 351 Clark 

Ayres Enos, (A. & Hamilton) h 64 Kinzie 

AYRES & HAMILTON, real estate brokers, 
105 Randolph 

Aze Eugene, French varieties, 78 Dearborn 

Babbet Levi, clerk Hannah, Lay & Co. 

Babcock Cyril, (Willard Peak & Co.) h 819 

Babcock Mrs. Jane A. boarding, h t56 Dearb. 

Babcock John P. Chicago and Rock Island 
Railroad Office, bds Tremont 

Bachmeier Lewis^ machinist, G. Haven Slip 

Bach Peter, tailor, h Edina bt Twelfth and Lib- 

Bachrach Samuel, furniture, 175 N. Clark 

Backle John, stonecutter, h Hickory 

Backlny William, bricklayer, h cor Kinzie and 

Back Margaret A. dressmaking, 59 Randolpb, 
up 'stairs 

Back Thomas, agent, 59 Randolph 


Backus Henry L. porter Jerris House 

Backus J. M. clerk, 68 Lake 

Backus William H. h 80 Michigan ar 

Bacon Edward, attorney, 78 Clark 

Bacon F. H. job printing, 14 Lasalle 

Bacon Henry, engineer, HI. Central Railroad 

Office, bds 100 Wells 
Bacon H. P. clerk Illinois Stone Dressing Co. 
Bacon Jonathan, engineer, I. C. Bailroad, bds 

100 N. Wells 
Bacon Rufus H. clerk Recorder's Office 
Bacon William P. freight office M. S. & N. I. 

Badai Jos. carpenter, h Ohio ay near Peyton 
Badker John, porter John Taylor, bds samd 
Baendell A. C. pest-house watchman, near 

Baer Adam, groceries, N. E. cor Huron 
Baer Herman, (G. A. Eoeffler & Co.) 40 

Baer Peter, lab, h Larrabee N. of Willow 
Baer Laurence, h Chicago ay bt Clark and 

Baerbrock Henry, lab, h Buffalo N. of Liberty 
Baeumer Gustavus, Saloon, 128 Randolph 
Bagg OrijQT, lab, h Hubbard nr Desplaines 
Baierle Adam, proprietor Rbeinescher House, 

843 State 
Baier Adam, lab, h Hinsdale bt Wolcott and 

Baierle Charles, Rhemischer House 
Baier John, lab, h Green Bay nr Chicago av 
Baier Philip, lab, h Hinsdale bt Wolcott and 

Bailey Bennett, (Morrison & B.) h 90 Monroe 
Bailey, Broad & Co. railroad contractors, 93 

Bailey C. V. R. (B. & Durand) h JeflFerson bt 

Washington and Randolph 
BAILEY & DURAND, wholesale grocers, 244 

Lake and 285 S. Water 
Bailey Frederick H. clerk 111. & Wis. Railroad 

BAILEY GEORGE F. attorney, 87 Clark 
Bailey George H. clerk J. H. Rees & Co." 
Bailey Jerod, clerk Bailey & Durand 
Bailey John, lab, h Washington bt Desplaines 

and Jefferson 
Bailey Henry, house mover, h 22 Edina place 
Bailey Ralph N. clerk 82 Lake 
Bailey William S. tailor, h 21 Wolcott 
Bailey William, cabinetmaker Jacobus & Bro. 

h 178 Monroe 
Bain Alex, teacher, h Green bt Prairie and Kin. 
Baine Walter, express, h First cor Carpenter 
Baird Abner, 2571 Post Office 
Baird Archibald, blacksmith, h Wabash ay S. 

of Harmon ct 
Baird John, blacksmith Union Car Works 
Baird John, bds T. E. Hamilton 
Baker A. B. clerk 186 Lake 
Baker Bennett, mason, h Charles bt Wells and 

Baker Miss Caroline, bds 166 Clark 

Baker Christopher, lab, h Wells nr Harrison 
Baker Charles, clerk Frederick Baker, li e<ff 

Fulton and Desplaines 
Baker Diggory, gardener, h cor Madison and 

Baker Daniel, tanner, bds G. Hartman 
Baker Elihu, (T. B. Carter k Co.] h 60 Jack'n 
Baker Eli P. (Z. M. Hall & Co.) 
Baker Franklin, (B. & Moody) h 867 Clark 
Baker Frederick, grocer, h cor Fulton and 

Baker G. W. (Dyer & B.) 68 W. Madison 
Baker deorge, shoemaker, 21 N.j^Clark, h Chi- 
cago ay nr Franklin 
Baker Hiram, chain-pump maker, 67 Michigan 
Baker Joseph H. joiner, bds 28 W. Madison 
Baker Jean Z. baker, 857 State, h same 
Baker Lorenz, baker, 202 Wells 
Baker Levi S. clerk S. A. Ford, & Co. h Madi- 
son bt Jefferson and Desplaines 
BAKER & MOODY, hats and caps, 186 Lake 
Baker & McEwen, builders, Dearborn cor Ohio 
Baker M. H. (G. Glassner & Co.) 11 Clark 
Baker Mrs. Maria, groceries, cor Green and 

Baker Niles E li^b, h 87 Illinois 
Baker Nicholas, shoemaker J. Miller 
Baker Philip, trunkmaker, h 2 Buffalo 
BAKERS. L. attorney, office 2 Merchant's Ex- 
Baker William, boilermaker Mason & McArthur 
Baker William, (B. & McEwen) bds 83 K. 

Bakewell Ebenezer, tailor Hodgson & Perry 
Baldwin Colin, gas works, h Halsted nr Adamd 
Baldwin John, bookkeeper 73 S. Water 
Baldwin Seth C. Chicago & Mil. Railroad Office 
Baldwin William A. (Bay & B.) bds Mattesoa 

Balkof Arban, lab, h Wells iar DiTision 
Ball George, h 87 N. Clark 
Ball Plouden H. h 48 Illinois 
Ball Silas R. (B. & Sears) h 263 Clark 
Ball Thomas, Sportsman's Inn, cor Polk and 

Ballantine David, distiller. Lake Shore N. of 

Palo Alto 
Ballantyne & Co. job printing, 65 Clark 
Ballantyne James F. (B. & Co.) h Carrol bt 

Union and Halsted 
Ballantyne Capt. Robert, h Halsted cor Jackson 
Ballard Edward, (Wilcox & B.) h 48 Monroe 
Ballingall Patrick, (Blackwell, B. & Under- 
wood) h 83 Buffalo 
Ball & Sears, lard oil, 263 Clark 
Balmhorn Fritz, shoemaker, h Green Bay nr 

Ballon F. J. bookkeeper Loomis & Ludington 
Ballou James, porter New York House 
Ballou W. H. clerk 122 Lake 
Balsom Amos, boots and shoes 28 W. Randolph 
BALTIC HOUSE, Wells bt Harrison and Van 

Baltzell Dr. William H. 35 Clark, h 49 Indiana 


Balzer Anton, watchmaker, 19 N. Clark, h same 

Balzer Frederick, lab, h Larrabee 

Bamford James, milkman, h Harrison nr Hnl- 

Banahan James, h cor Franklin and V. Bnren 
Band Christian, clerk S. C. Field 
Bandt Henry, secretary Chicago City Insuranpe 
Go. h cor Michigan ay and Hubbard court 

Bane , clerk post-office, h 165 Adams 

Banger Frederick, carpenter, h Chisago av nr 

Banger Henry M. laborer, h Nerins 
Bangs George H., R. R. agent, h 03 1S{, Jefferson 
BANK OF COMMERCE, 26 Clark cor Lake 
Banks Abram A. salesman 14 Lasalle 
Banks Henry, japanner, h Green nr Hubbard 
Banks James, lab, h Union bt Lake and Fulton 
BANKS JAMES N. physician, 42 Clark, h 95 

Van Buren 
Banks Stephen, lab, h cor Adams and Desplaines 
Banland & Uirshman, provisions, &c. cor Mil- 
waukee road and Hubbard 
Banland Isaac (B. & Hirshman) cor Milwaukee 

road and Hubbard 
Bannister Edward, salesman Beecher, Hollister 

& Wilkins 
Bannon Andrew, drayman, h Canal nr Twelfth 
Banste Julius, tailor, h Market nr Madison 
Banzhoff Charles, h 226 Wells 
Bamber Robert, (Ross & B.) bds W. P. Ross 
Baragwanath William, engine, mill and ship- 
smith, Market nr Van Buren 
Barbe Barnard, clothing, 195 Randolph, h 181 

Barber David, moulder, h Ohio bt Market and 

Barber Francis E. mailing clerk post-office 
Barber Jabez, lumber, Canal bt Madison and 

Monroe, h 129 S. Clinton 
Barber Jacob, shoemaker, h 133 N. Clark 
Barber John, h 184 Madison 
Barber Dr. John E. oculist, 48} RandolpH, bds 

99 Clark 
BARBER & JOHNSON, ship chandlers, 248 

Lake and 239 S. Water 
Barber Lemuel (B. & Johnson) h.l55 Wells 
Barber Louis, fruit, 339 Clark 
Barber Robert, moulder, h Ohio bt Market and 

Barbian Anton, carpenter, h Dearborn nr 

North av 
Barbian Josh, carpenter, h Division nr Church 
Barbian Nicholas, cooper, h corner Clark and 

Barbiery Louis, confectioner, Canal bt Wash- 
ington and Randolph 
Barbor Ira C. Exchange, 42} Clark, bds 20 

Barbour Horace £. millinery goods, 183 Lake 

up stairs 
BARCLAY BROTHERS, wholesale druggists, 

213 S. Water and 9 Franklin 
Barclay David, firuit, 190 Clark 

Barclay Dennis, boarding, h near Archer Road 
Barclay James S. (B. Bros.) bds 113 Clark 
Barclay Lusian T. bds 2C Lake 
Barclay P. W. (B. Bros.) bds 113 Clark 
Bardwell Albert J. boarding, h 45 Randolph 
Barker Elijah T. (Filkins, Runyon & B.) h 

Washington nr Morgan 
Barker Elizabeth, dressmaker, 29 N. Clark 
Barker George, fruit, 27 N. Clark, h same 
Barker Jacob, lab, h Sherman nr Harrison 
Barker John N. moulder, h 116 Monroe 
Barker John, tinner, h 7 Buffalo 
Barker Joseph K. (B. Meech & Peck) h 56 

Barker Lewis, superintendent gas pipes, h Van 

Buren nr Halsted 
Barker P. (P. & A. B.) 
Barker P. A. stall 1 and 2 N. market 
Barker William, mason, h 69 Buffalo 
BARKER, MEECH & PECK, attorneys, 117 

Barkus Henry, h Griswold bt Van Buren and 

Barlow Benjamin, fireman Russell & Angell 
Barlow Charles, with B. Douglas & Co. h cor 

Lake and Sangamon 
Barlow George, clerk Norcross & Barstow 
Barnard A. M. travelling agent Mills & Co. 
Barnard Francis H. carpenter 
Barnard G. W. clerk 123 Lake, bds 76 Edina 
Barnard John, State street toll gate No. 1 
Barnard Michael, pedler, h 141 Wells 
Barnard Newton, boarding, h 292 -State 
Barnard T. W. theatre orchestra, h 203 Wa^ 

bash av 
Barnard W. W. travelling agent Mills & Co. 
Barnes Mrs. A. M. h 66 W. Madison 
Barnes Henry A. clerk 106 Lake, bds 94 State 
Barnes Joseph, travelling agent Mills & Co. 
Barnes Jerome, green grocer, W. Market 
Barnes Michael, laborer, h Halsted bt Harirson 

and Polk 
Barnet Alexander, foreman T. George & Co. h 

Halsted bt Madison and Monroe 
Barnet Daly, clerk, 29 Kinzie 
Barnet James, printer B. Fergus, h Halsted 

bt Madison and Monroe 
Bamett Michael, clerk, bds 216 Madison 
Barnett S. C. cutter J. & A. Shmaltz 
Barnet Thomas, brassfounder Thomas George 

& Co. h Halsted bt Madison and Monroe 
Barney Jacob, master mechanic, h Buffalo op- 
posite Round House 
Barney Jacob, canvasser city directory, h 131 

Barns Chas. 0. H. salesman Prescott & Basoom 
Barns Noah, clerk 103 Lake 
BARNUM BROTHERS, fancy bazar, 118 Lake 
BarnUm Charles H. carpenter, h Kinzie nr Wood 
Bamum Ezra H. (B. Bros.) bds 2 Lake 
Barnum Mrs. H. h Morgan bt Kinzie and Hub. 
Bamum Richard S. (B. Bros.) h 453 State 
Barr Mrs. Young Ladies' Boarding School, 55 



Barr Robert, accountant, 55 Michigan 
Barrett Bidelia, boarding, h Kinzie nr Wells 
BARRETT, DOW & CO. composition roofers, 

M^onic Temple 
Barret D. J. carpenter, h 16 Pine 
Barrett Edward, drajman, h 108 Illinois 
Barrett Henry, drayman, h Kinzie nr Market 
Barrett John, joiner J. Harris, h 95 Superior 
Barrett John 0. bds Bidelia Barrett 
BARRETT, KING & CO. wholesale clothing, 

189 apd 191 S. Water 
Barrett 0. W. clerk American Express Co. 
Barrett Soranus L. (B. King & Co.) 189 and 

191 S. Water 
Barrett Thomas, laborer, h Ohio nr Peyton 
Barrett Wm. S. M. clerk J. B. Boggett 
Barren James, distributing clerk Post-office 
Barren Mrs. h 219 Monroe 
Barren M. 0. foundry. Canal foot of Adams 
Barrig^n John, boarding, h 22 Kinzie 
Barringer Joseph, painter, h Jeff, nr Eleventh 
Barron Mrs. Ellen, h Sherman nr Taylor 
Barron H. E. agent J. R. Mills & Co. 
Barron Dr. John, 112 Wells, box 2543 P. 0. 
Barron Richard, lab, h Sherman nr Taylor 
Barron Walter, lab, h Harrison bt Canal and 

Barron William T. (CorneU & B.) office 65 

Clark, bds 93 Clark 
Barron Wm. E. clerk 180 Lake, h 21 Quincy 
Barrotg Hermann, music teacher, h 217 N. 

Barrow Timothy, ship carpenter, h Besplaines 

nr Polk 
BARRr & CUSHING, painters, 62 Lake 
Barry Edward, clerk 243 Lake 
Barry John, lab, h Jefferson bt Polk and Har- 
Barry Lawrence, lab, h Halsted, bt Harrison 

and Polk 
Barry Richard, carpenter, h 150 Washington 
Barry Samuel S. (B. '& Cushing) h 150 Dear. 
Barry Thomas S. clerk J. P. Chapin, h 77 N. 

Barry Rev. William, bds 85 N. Dearborn 
Barstow A. M. hatter, h alley bt Madison and 

Barstow Gardner S. (Norcross & B.) bds J. 0. 

BARSTOW JOSEPH, hats and caps, 134 Lake 
Bartch Robert, tailor, h rear 286 Clark 
Bartelme Baltazar, turner, N. end Wells street 

Bartels Henry, drayman, h cor Wells and Huron 
Barth Martin, boilermaker Mason & MoArthur, 

bds 196 Randolph 
Barth Nicholas, boarding, h 196 Randolph 
Barthlemay George, cabinetmaker, h 171 W. 

Bartlett G. carpenter, h Pine nr Chicago av 
Bartlett Richard, carpenter, h Desplaines bt 

Van Buren and Harrison 
Bartlett Silas, drayman, h 181 Edina place 
BaMett George, h 48 Buffalo 

Barton Charles R. (Feny & B.) cor Market 

and Washington , 

Bass Wm. B., G. & C. U. R. R. watchman 
Bassett Henry D. (Ward, Doggett & Co.) 133 

8. Water 
Batterman & Mathie, grocers, 63 S. Canal 
Battermann & Pieper, grocers, Canal bt. Har- 
rison and Polk 
Battermann John (B. & Pieper) 
Bartels John, teamster, h Adams nr Halsted 
Bartels M. F. shoemaker, Buffalo bt Twelfth 

and Liberty 
Barter James, carpenter, h Sherman nr Taylor 
Barter L. H. clerk, bds 147 Dearborn 
Barth Mrs. Anna, h cor Taylor and Clinton 
Barthgate James, mason, h 51 S. Desplaines 
Bartlett C. D. bookkeeper Prescott & Bascom 
Bartlett Rev. Gardner, h 119 Jackson 
Bartlett John A. (Rawson, B. & Co.) h Jackson 

bt Rolker and Loomis 
Bartlett John D. distributing clerk post-office 
Bartlett William E. policeman, h Elston road 
Bartley Dennis, foreman Sherman's brick-yard 
Bartley Michael, lab, h 22 Pine 
Barweld Leopold, hamessmaker Wm. M. Sayage 
Bascom A. |I. clerk R?ss & Foster 
Bascom Henry C. gunsmith G. T. Abbey 
Bascom J. G. (Prescott & B.) bds Lake House 
Bass Perkins, principal public sohool, Ko. 1, 

office, 65 Clark bds 174 Madison 
BassSigmund, cabinetmaker J. & A. Liebenstein 
Bassett Charles, operator Morse telegraph office 
Bassett George, carpenter C. & R. I. R. B. 

bds 150 Buffalo 
BASSETT & HAMMOND, hats, caps and furs, 

192 Lake 
Bassett Jared, physician, h 172 Clark 
Bassett Jas. S. (B. & Wilder) bds C. R. Adams 
Bassett Otis P. carpenter, bds 48 Buffalo 
Bassett S. S. &. Co. saddles, &c. 32 Dearborn 
Bassett Thomas, (B. & Hammond) h 14 Adains 
Bastemah Bernardis, carpenter, h cor Fulton 

and Curtiss 
Baster Henry, butcher, h Liberty bt Clark and 

BATCHELLER EZRA, dry goods, 182 Lake 
Batcheller Webster, bookkeeper Wm. Butts 
Bateman John, engineer Gage &, Haines, h cor 

.Polk and Morgan 
Bateman Samuel, cigar manufacturer, 178 

Bates Eli (Mears & Co.) bds 67 N. Wells 
Bates Mrs. Eliza, h 22 Madison 
Bates Henry, printer, h Sangamon cor JacksoA 
Bates Joseph, lab, h Milwaukee av cor Fourth 
Bates John, jr. office cor Wells and S. Water 
Bates Robert, porter John Taylor, bds same 
Bates William G. bds Young America 
Battelle William M. (Cooper & B.) 
Batterman Henry C. (B. & Mathie) 
Battey Gilbert, engineer, I. C. R. R. office^ h 

24 Michigan ay. 
BATTIN A. B. & Co., tobacconists, 77 Market 
Batie Charles, wagonmaker, h Clybonm ar 


Bauber Ferdinand, carpenter, h 119 N. Bear. 
Bauer Augustus (Carter & B ) 58 Lasalle 
Bauer Ferdinand, carpenter, cor Wolcott and 

Bauer Frantz, tailor, h cor Lake and Halsted 
Bauer John, boarding, h Buffalo bt Twelfth 

and Liberty 
Bauer John W. cooper, Wolcott cor Thorn 
Bauer M. vinegarmaker, h 106 S. Desplaines 
Bauer Michael, lab, h Larrabee nr Willow 
Bauer Sebastian, saddler, b cor Clybourn av 

nr Rees 
Bauer Wm, J. cooper, h Green cor Thorn 
Bauland Harman, saloon, 176 Clark 
Baum Charles, carpenter, cor Washington ar 

and Wood 
Baumann Frederick, haircutting, 69 S. Water 
Baumann Fredk. (Van Osdel & B.) h 157 Adams 
Baumann Frantz, teamster, h Clybourn ay. 
Baumann George, lab, bds 22d Randolph 
Baumann John, grocer, k cor Green and Hins- 
Baumann Mathias^ engineer, h Neyins nr Chi- 
cago ay 
Baumann N. machinist, h Neyins nr Chicago ay 
Baumie Edward, brassfinisher, h Desplaines bt 

Washington and Madison 
Baumeister Theodore (Rohrbaoh & B.) h 113 

N. Clark 
Bayin William, clerk 106 Randolph 
Baxter Bayid, lab, h 58 Jackson 
Baxter George, sawyer, bds Mrs. £. Nichols 
Baxter John, cabinetmaker, h Judd bt Canal 

and Clinton 
Baxter Patrick, drayman, h Jackson nr Wells 
Baxter Robert (McLean & B.) bds A. McLean 
Baxter Samuel H. engineer C. & I. R. R. h 

Clark nr Stowells Slip 
BAY & BALDWIN, druggists, 189 Lake 
Bay £. R. (B. & Baldwin) bds A. Officer 
Bay Henry, painter, Welcll & Mendson 
Bay H. B. street com. h Monroe nr Market 
Bayless H. M. teller R. E. Swift & Co. bds 

Briggs House 
Bayne G. W. deliyery clerk post-office 
Beach Charles £. bds S. S. Beach 
Beach Dr. James S. Coroner, h 88 State 
Beach John, h Pearson bt Halsted and Des- 
Beach Lawrens, h Wells nr Jackson 
Beach S. S. h 1B5 Wells 
Beach W. F. bds John Beach 
Beal Francis, h 165 Jackson 
Beal Richard J. blacksmith, h Halsted bt Lake 

and Randolph 
Bealeepper Peter, brickihaker, h. Canal nr 

Beans Charles, carpenter, h Owen nr Desplaines 
Bean £dward, commercial reporter, 46 Clark 
Bean Thomas, saddler, bds 144 State 
Beaniie L. teamster, h Sangamon nr Fourth 
Bear Richard, boarding, h 26 S. Clinton 
Bearce £dwin M. bds M. Jones, jr. 
Bearcroft Mrs. Jane, h Sherman nr Y. Buren 

Beard Albert, printer, bds 103 Jackson 
Beard Andrew, foreman Illinois Central R. R. 

blacksmith shop 
Beard Mrs. nurse, h 103 Jackson 
Beard Thomas, carpenter, h 103 Jackson 
Beardsley Abram, h 111 Madison , 

Beardsley H. H. physician, 47 Lasalle 
Beardsley & Ingersoll, box 2319 post-office 
Beardsley 0. J. cashier M. S. & N. L R. R. 

Beardsley S. & Co. carriages, 19 S. Canal 
Bearren Henry, blacksmith, h 116 N. Dearbon 
Beattie David C. justice of peace, 56 Clark 
Beattie J. jr., agent Enowles' saw mills, office 

Marine Bank bdgs. 
BEATTY & BOLAND, shipping agents, 16 

Beatty J. T. (B. & Boland) h Wolcott nr Pearson 
BEATJBIEN Gen. J. B. bds 281 Clark 
BEAUBIEN MARE, lighthouse keeper, h op- 
posite Fort Dearborn 
Beauchamp Felix, proprietor La Fayette House, 

Wells nr Jackson 
Beauchamp Joseph, piano polisher, h 382 Clark- 
Beber Charles, teacher, h 61 N. Clark 
Bebbington &, Co., soda water manufactory. 

Canal bt Lake and Fulton 
Bebbington Edward E. (B. & Co.) 
Bechauf George, butcher, h State bt Twelfth^ 

and Taylor 
Beck.August, tailor, 217 N. Clark 
Beck Augustus & Co. importers cigars, 146 

Beck George, tailor, h Wells bt Jackson and 

Van Buren 
Beck Hilger, packer Adams' Mills 
Beck James, tailor, h 119 Chicago ay 
Beck Philip, shoemaker, h Townsend nr White 
Beck T. Romeyn, jr. attorney 12 Metropolitan 

Becker Augustus F.(B. & Dean) h 129 Clark 
Becker Charles, clerk Frederick Becker 
Becker Charles, lab, h N. Wells nr North ay 
BECEER & DEAN, stoyes and tinware, 12^ 

Becker Francis P. surgical instrument maker 

ToUe & Co. 
Becker Frederick, grocer, cor Desplaines and 

Becker George, shoemaker, h MThite btl^arket 

and Franklin 
Becker Henry, clerk Goss & Hoag, h 164 N. - 

Becker Jacob, shoemaker Pearson & Dana, h 

Becker Joseph, cabmaker, h Green nr Hinsdale 
Becker Mrs. Mary, h 206 W. Randolph 
Becker Matthew, lab, h Roberts 
Becker Peter, boilermaker Mason & McArthur 
Becker Peter, bricklayer, h Black Hawk 
Becker William, clerk Fernald & Page, bds 

A. Schaffer 
Becker William, tailor, h cor North a? aad 





Beckerman Herman, carpenter, bds John Cook 
Beckerman John G. lab, h Wolcott nr Green 
Beekert C. Press Illinois Staatz Zeitung 
Beokley Mrs. dressmaker, 104 Lake 
Beckwith A. 8. gold pen manufacturer, 168 

Li^e, h Hubbard oor Peoria 
Beckwith Corydoi^i, (Higgins, B. &S.)^ 90 Erie. 
Beckwith C. H. bds 109 Madison 
Bedington George, bonnet bleacher, 821 Clark 
Bfidixiito Charles, lab, h Orchard 
Beebe John £. clerk 115 S. Water 
Beebe, Lyon & Co. lumber, Taylor nr S. Branch 
BEEBE, LYON & CO. com, 188 and 190 S. 

Water, up stairs 
Beebe Thomas H. (B. Lyon k Co.) h 188 Michi- 
gan av cor Adams 

pets, 185 and 187 Lake 
Beecher Jerome, h Washington cor State 
Beecher John, milter, h 168 Washington 
Beecher William F. foreman Thomas George & 

Co. hRio Grande nr Cottage Grove ay 
Beelenberg Henry C. paper board manufactory, 

58* W. Randolph. 
Beerman William, carpenter, bds 102 Monroe 
Beers Cyrus, boarding, h 81 Indiana 
3^ers Cyrenius, h Wabash ay cor Peck court 
Beers James M. express-man, h. Madison bt 

Desplaines and Union 
Beers John (Jenks & B.) bds 189 Wabash ay 
Beese Adolph, cabinetmaker, h Morgan nr 

N. ayenue 
Begole Bradley B. joiner, h 88 N. Wells 
Begot Eugene, chandler, h Hinsdale nr Wolcott 
Behlar Peter, blacksmith Mason & McArthur, h 

Clark bt Bivision and Elm 
Behler Christopber, h Dearborn bt Division and 

North ay. 
Behm Augustus, lab, h N. Wells nr Schiller 
Behm Frederick, tailor, h Cottage Grove av S. 

of Rio Grande 
Behler John, boilermaker Mifson & McArthur 
Beidler Aaron (J. B. Bros. & Co.) h Green bt 

Adams and Monroe 
Beidler Henry (J. B. Bros. & Co.) bds Mrs. 

Sarah Sammons 
Beidler J. Bros. & Co. lumber, cor Madison and 

Beidler Jacob, (J. B. Bros. & Co.)h50 N. Wells 
Beiersdorf Jacob, cabmaker, Sternberg &Isidor 
Beierlein John C. (RickHrds, B. & Co.) h Buf- 
falo nr Old 
Boirg Christian, carpenter, h 170 S. Desplaines 
Beles John, boilermaker, h Dearborn nr N. av 
Boles Peter, blacksmith, h, Clark bt Elm and Div. 
Bel^en James, lab, h South nr Canal 
lUSLDEN JAMES M. groceries and dry goods, 

h 03 West Washington 
Belden James, policeman, h cor Lasalle and HI. 
Belden Lemuel, (Atwood & B.) bds L. L. At- 

Belden 0. W. clerk Blair & Co. 
Belknap A. L. clerk 184 Lake 
Bell D. v. jr, clerk Marine Bank, bda 129 Dear. 

Bell Digby V. President Bell's Commercial Col- 
lege, h 19 Adams 
Bell Evans, lab, h cor Desplaines and Adams 
Bell James^ foreman George Lawson, h 79 ^. 

Bell James, sailor, h 94 Superior 
Bell James, plumber, 123 Wells 
BELL J. proprietor Vermont House, Market nr 

Bell John, engineer, h Carpenter nr Chicago ar. 
Bell Johvkj planer,, h Rebecca 
Bell John, clerk, lU. C. B. R. h Griswold nr 

Bell John, carpenter, h Sangamon bt Lake and 

Bell Robert, carpenter, Desplaines nr Kinzie . 
Bell Ralph, h 220 Ililadison 
Bell Willinm K. clerk, 126 Lake 
Bell William M. gardener, h 219 Adams foot 

BELLOWS & IDESON, India rubber goods, 105 

South Water 
Bellows Orlando, (B. & Ideson) 106 S. Water 
Beman Jerome, engineer C. & B. I. R. B. 
Bemis Judson, clerk Hale & Co. bds 155 Wash* 
Bemis S. M. clerk Hale k Co. bds 155 Washing. 
Bendler John, sa8hmaker,'h 108 W. Madison 
Bender Edward, shipcook, h cor Wells dnd Diy* 
Bender Sebastian, shoemaker, h 84 Kinzie 
Beadubn Frederick, carpenter, h Roberts nr 

Chicago ay 
Benedict Amzi (Field, B. & Co.) 171 8, Water 
Benedict Charles, M. S. k N. L R. R. office 
Benedict Charies, ticket agent M. S. R. R^ h 

alley bt Madison and Monroe 
Benedict H. W. (L. D. Olmsted & Co.) 142 Lake . 

caps, 20 Lasalle 
Benedict Russell, (B., Mallory k Famam) 20 

Benedict R. F. clerk 109 Lake 
Benedict William, cabinetmaker, h Townsend nr 
, White 
Beneke Frederick, shoemaker, Clark W. of 

Twelfth, h same 
Benhammon R. D. moulder, bds J. Mellor 
Benjamin George, foreman machine shop CM-' 

cago and Rock Island Works 
Bennett Abraham, blacksmith John Tear 
Bennett Benjamin, h Jefferaon bt Harrison and 

Van Buren 
Bennett Benjamin, teamster, h alley rear 104 

Bennett Charles C. clerk A. H. k C. Burley 
Bennett David, carpenter, h Halsted bt Madi<' 

son and Monroe 
Bennett George, 2390 post-office 
Bennett Giles, boarding, h North Water W. of 

Bennett Henry Y. whitewaaher, h alley Wells bt 

Madison and Monroe 
Bennett Israel, clothing store, 207 J^ Lake and 

40 West Randolph 
Bennett John, lab, h. 87 Michigan 



Bennett Joseph T. printer, h 46 Superior 
Bennett Peter, tailor, h New Division 
Bennett Peter, baggage man, h Desplaines nr 

Bennett Richard, grocer, Jefferson bt Jackson 

and Van Buren 
Bennett Robert, cooper, h W. Jackson nr River 
Bennett Thos. blacksmith Mason & McArthur 
Bennett William, teamster Chicago stone yard, 

h Harripon bt Jefferson and Clinton 
Bennett WiUiam, tailor, 28 W\ Randolph h Ad- 
ams nr Rncker 
Benson Mrs. Christine, h State S. of Polk 
BENSON F. H. & Co. real estate agents, 46 

Benson Francis H. (F. H. B. & Co.) h 67 N. 
. Dearborn 
Benson H. P. machinist Granger's foundry, h 

cor Franklin and Ontario 
Benson Peter, driller III. Stone pressing Co, 
Benson William F. G. bookkeeper 144 Lake 
Benson William W. bootmaker, 91 N. Clark 
Bent A. collector, 53 Lasalle, h 11 Quincy 
Bent John W. carpenter, h Green bt Madison 

and Monroe 
Bentel George, tailor, h Wells njr Polk 
jBentley Dr. Barber B. h 90 Welle 
Bentley Cyrus, attorney, 21 Dearborn, h 90 

Michigan av 
Bentley John, cabinetmaker, bds 882 Clark 
Bentley Joseph, fireman G. & C. U. B. R. bds 

Thomas Gantry 
Benton Johti S. clerk 145 S. Water 
Berdell Nicholas, justice of peace, 221 Wash. 
Berden M. grocer, 92 Clark, h Quincy nr Jack. 
Berg Anthony, (B, & Uchtman) h Wells bt Har- 
rison and Van Buren 
Berg Frank, carpenter, h 80 S. Jefferdon 
Berg Mrs. John^ h 362 State 
Berg Joseph, h Lasalle cor Huron 
Berg Samuel, pumpmaker Scranton & Bro. 
Berg & Uchtman, groceries and provisions. 

Wells bt Harrison and Van Buren 
Berganer Henry, laborer, h Clark S. of Liberty 
Bergen John, laborer, h 22 Kinzie 
Berger Charles, carpenter, h Now Division 
Berger Henry, laborer, h Rees 
Bergfeld P. W. teamster Ga^e & Haines 
Bergfeld H. G. clerk 105 Lake, h 3 Pine 
Berger W. W. h Sherman nr Harrison 
Bergman Carl, 2010 post-office 
Bergman Caspar, saloon-keeper, 150 W. Band. 
Bergman Joakim, laborer, h Hurlbut 
Bergner George, gunsmith, bds 228 Randolph 
Berkenville Christian, caulker, h 11 Indiana 
Bernard George, saloon, cor Lake and Union 
Bemauer Bonifaee, proprietor Rio Grande 

Hotel, 89 Lasalle 
Bernhart Charles, laborer, h Rees 
Bernhard Martin, sadler, h North Wells nr 

Bemer Jacob, lab, h State N. of Twelfth 
Bemico Joseph, proprietor Restaurant de Paris 
Berrill William, laborer, h Paulina nr Fourth 

Berringer John, h Orchard nr Willow 

Berringer Joakim, lab, h Sedgwick 

Berry Mrs, Bridget, h 315 Clark 

Berry Jacob, porter, h Van Buren nr Market 

Berry John, carpenter, h Owen near Jeff^rsoft 

Berry Michael, watchman 0. Mears & Co^ h 

Berry Thomas C. real estate,. 123 Randolph, ii'p 

stairs, h 193 State 
Berry W. D. P. derk J, B. Doggett 
Bert Charles, lab, h Depuyster nr Halsted . 
Berthel Charles, carpenter, h 205 W. Randolph 
Bertfaiold John, butcher, h SecQnd nr Mil. ter 
Beschormann Augustus H. leather, &o. 60 N. 

Besonet Simon, carpenter, h Griswold ar Cajr- 

penter | 

Besser Gustavus, barber 8. M. Jackson 
Best Henry, h Desp. bt Hubba*rd and Elntie 
Best Henry, h Oak 
Best Martin, h 359 State 
Best William, carpenter, h Meagher nr (Tanal 
Best & Weiss, beer hall, 119 Randolph 
Best William,, provision dealer, 884 State 
BETHEL CHURCH, cor Michigan and Wells 
Settles William, bootmaker, 67 S. Jefferson iftsd 

Betz Christian, laborer, h Superior nr Franklin 
Betz Jacob, clerk 106 Lake 
Betzgold John, tailor, h Orchard nr Wiltevr • 
Beuel Lambert, grocer, 168 Washington 
BeutenmuUer George, gunmaker, h 178 Wash. , 
Bevan Dr. Thomas, office 399 State, h Ediiift S.. 

of Polk 
Bevans H. C. grocery* cor Jeffer. and JaeksdB 
BEVERIDGE JOHN L. attorney, 55 Cliirk 
Bewley Charles, saloon, 152 Wells 
Beyer Charles E. carpenter, bds 398 Clark 
Beyer Frederick W. cabinetmaker, h 398 Clark 
Beyer Fred. jr. cabinetmaker, bds 398 Clark 
Beygeh Peter, butcher, 14 W. Randolph strc^^t 

Bibbins Tracy L. bookkeeper, 242 Lake 
Bicker Frederick, grocer, cor Fulton and Desp. 
Bickerdike George, h Owen nr Rucker 
Bickford R. K. clerk Mears & Co. 
Bioknel John, grocer, 143 Clark, h same 
Bldinger John, shoemaker, h Cass nr Pearson 
Bidingcr Peter, shoemaker, h Cass nr Pearson. 
Biddle William, carpenter, h Union bt Ran- 
dolph and Lake 
Bid well George H. clerk 178 Lake 
Bidwell George W. livery, Sherman House alley, 

h 42 Monroe 
Biehl Nicholas, blacksmith, h alley bt Union 

and Halsted 
Bier Jacob, lab, h nr D. Ellston's 
Bierdemann Ernst W. turner, h cor Morgan and 

Biermann Sophie, h cor Chicago av and Market 
Bieschmeyer H. cabinetmaker Sternberg & 

Bigelow Amory, olerk 104 Clark 
BIGELOW A. dry goods, 114 Lake, h 189 Clark 




Bigelow A. United States' Kayy, h 224 Clark 

Bigelow A. M. clerk 104 Lake 

Bigelow H. H. conductor 111. & Wis. R. R. h 

61 N. Dearborn 
Bigelow Henry W. dry goods, 104 Lake, h 57 

Bigelow John C. olerk 114 Lake 
Bigelow P. H. bds New York House 
Bigler Mrs. Mary, saloon, corner Madison and 

Bigsby Edward, surveyor^ h 107 W. Madison 
Biggs John, fisherman, h Michigan ay N. of 

Bihn Henry, carpenter, h Halsted bt Lake and 

Biland John, h cor Buffalo and Twelfth 
Bill Nioklaus, joiner, hill Ontario 
Billings Daniel, carpenter, h North Water l)t 

Wells and Riyer 
Iffillings Frank L. bookkeeper 176 Lake 
Bills a. R. 193 S. Water, h 220 Madison 
Bing Caspar, lab, h Rees nr Halsted 
BINGHAML. F. attorney, 6 Davisson's block 
Bingham H. R. physician, h Calumet ayenue 
Bins F. (AUair & B.) h cor Wells and Quincy 
Birchler Joseph, books, 321 State, h same 
Birohenhagen Otto R. H. carpenter, h 221 W. 

Bird And. J. machinist C. & R. I. R. R. shop 
Bird J. H. physician, 5 Clark, h 88 Wells cor 

Birdsall J. A. printer Dem. office, h 211 Wells 
Birkenbusch George, (B. & Rauch) h 10 W. 

Birkenbusch & Rauch, bakers, 10 W. Randolph 
Birkmeier Paul, stonecutter, h Hickory 
Biniey Mrs. Margaret, h 6 Cass 
Bisch Philip, carpenter, h Buffalo bt Polk and 

Bisohof, Andrew, lab, h Sedgwick 
Bischof Jacob, painter, h Sedgwick 
Bisen Steph. basketmaker, h £aina N. of Tayl. 
Bishop Albro E. clerk H. Witbeck, h 65 W. 
^ Washington 

Bishop Andrew, painter C. & R. I. R. R. shop 
Bishop Frederick, basketmaker, h Clark bt 

Diyision and Goethe 
Bishop Homer H. wagonmaker H. Witbeck 
BISHOP JAMES E. lumberdealer, cor Market 

and Jackson, h 112 Indiana 
Bishop John,carriage-trimmer,h Lake nr Green 
Bishop L. D. bookkeeper N. Ludington & Co. 
Bishop Mrs. Nancy, boarding, h 77 W. Madison 
Bishop Nehemiah, carpenter, h Blue Island 

ay nr Sangamon 
Bishop Robert, mason, h 52 Superior 
BISSELLC. L. produce and com. Hilliard's 

Bissell Chas. H. (B. & Son) h cor Lake and 

BISSELL HOUSE, 222 and 224 Lake cor Frank. 
Bissell John W. lumber agent for 0. & A. R. R. 

Co. h 109 N. Clinton 
Bissell B. & Son, proprietors Bissell House 

Bissell B. (B. k Son) h oor Lake and Franklin 
Bissenger Henry, boarding, h Van Buren bt 

Griswold and Clark 
Bissett William, sailor, h Jackson bt Hnlsted 

and Desplaines 
Bittorf Herman, tailor, h 181 IlUnois 
Bizby Levi, mason, h Wells cor Harrison. 
Black Abram, lab, h 14 N. Desplaines 
Black George, lab, h 47 N. Desplaines 
Black Jacob, (B. & Sherman) bds Hamilton 

BLACK & SHERMAN, commission, 47 Kinzim 
Black Wm. warehouseman J. T. Ryerson 
BLACKALL ALFRED H. tea store 56 Claxk, h 

Blackburn Rich. T. (Kelly & B.) h 42 N. WelLs 
Blackener A. R. clerk 150 Lake 
Blackman Edwin, clerk Frasher, Carr & Co. h 

150 Clark 
Blackman Roswell, clerk Black & Walker 
BLACKMARS & IRWIN, produce,&c. Hiltiard'a 

Blackmore John, lab, h Liberty W. of State 
WOOD, attorneys, 128 Lake 
Blackwell Robt. S. (Balllingall, B. k Under- 
wood) h 217 State 
Blaikie Andrew, h 92 Erie 
Blair George W. printer, bds 260 State 
Blair James, cabmaker, h Peoria nr Randolph 
Blair James, moulder, h Green bt Adams and 

Blair Louis, butcher, h Indiana bt Peyton and 

Market ' 
Blair Wm. & Co. hardware, 176 Lake 
Blair William, (B. & Co.) h 111 Wabash ay 
Blake Mrs. E. A. millinery, 66 Lake 
Blake, Jas. H. finisher Vincent, Himrod k Co. 
BLAKE H. D. drygoods and notions, 159 S. 

Water, bds Tremont 
Blake John, lab, h Ewing bt Jeffer. and Desp. 
Blake Oscar B. grocer, cor Cottage GroTe ay 

and Rio Grande 
Blake Patrick, lab, h cor Noble and Kinzie 
Blake Royal, bds 0. B. Blake 
Blakesley H. A. McCormick's Factory, bds 

Washington Coffee House . 
Blanchard John, saloon, ko. cor Kincie k Dunn 
Blancbard Jos. lumber, cor Jeffer. and Adams 
Blanchard Leonard J. box 2614 post-office 
Blanchard Richard, carpenter, h Milwaukee 

plank road nr Limits 
BLANCHARD RUFUS, Chic. Map Store, 52 

Lasalle, h cor Fulton and Peoria 
Blanchard Stephen, shipcarpenter, h Mather sr 

Blanckensee John D. caryer, h New Diyision 
Bland James, cooper, h N. Lasalle nr Oak 
Bland William, teajnster, h Lasalle nr Oak 
Blaney Charles, h 160 N. Lasalle 
Blaney Bernard, h Wolcott nr Chesnut 
Blaney James, sailor, h Liberty nr State 
Blaney J. V. Z. physician and prof, chemistry, . 

Rush Med. Col. h l02 Indiana 



Blan^ William, tanner, h cor Taylor & Garnee 
Blanks James, porter 111 S. Water, h Buffalx) 
V bt Polk and Harrison 
Blason Charles, tailor, k Eandolph bt Halsted 

and Green 
BlatchfordEKphaletW. (Collins & B.jbds Tre- 

mont honse 
Blattner John, boarding, h 63 W. Madison 
Blattneo: Conrad, laborer, h May nr Polk 
Blattner George, lab, h May bt Polk and Tay. 
Blattnerr Henry, tailor, h May bt Polk and Tay. 
BLAT2: ALBERT, saloon, 236 Randolph, cor 

Blaun Adam, teamster, h Bishop , 
BLELOCK WM. paperruler, &c. 189 Lake, 3d 

floor / ' 

. Blemrich Frederick, carpenter, h <5or Chicago 

ay and Ontario • 
Blenoowe Thos. G. elk W. James, h 59 Buffalo 
lUeser Loais, cabinetmaker J Loubmeyer 
Blessington JPatrick, clerk post-office 
Blettner Frank, shoemaker, Clark N. of Lib. 
BUnn Jonathan, ticket agent C. & R. I. R. R. 

h 178 State 
Blinston Alfred, tinsmith, 50 State, h Green bt 

Hubbard and Kinzie 
Bliss Charles, carpenter, h cor Sherman and 

Bliss Edwin J. carpenter, h Griswold bt Polk 

and Taylor 
Bliss Erskine A. Union Car Works, h 504 State 
Bliss George H. h S. E. cor Clark and Polk 
Bliss George J. harnessmaker, bds 228 Rand. 
Bliss Johnson W. millwright, h Carroll bt Union 

and I>esplaines 
Bliss Jacob F. painter, h Sherman nr Harrison 
Bliss John, laborer, h Sycamore nr Clark 
Bliss Perrin, patternmaker Union Car Works, 

h Liberty nr Buffalo 
Bliss Samuel, bookkeeper 79 South Water, bds 

93 Clark 
Bliss S. S. elk J. H. Reed & Co. bds 93 Clark 
Block Charles, tailor. New Division 
Block Charles, sailor, h cor Owen and Jefferson 
Block Frederick, tailor, h nr North 
Block John, carpenter, h Sedgwick 
Blodett Augustus F. hackman, h 176 Illinois 
Blow Charles, shoemaker, h 202 Illinois 
'Blomgren Charles, tailor, h Shanty Town nr 

Chicago avenue. 
Blommert Mrs. Mary, millinery, 75 Wells 
Blommert William, fruit, 75 Wells 
Bloodgood James, physician, 89 Clark bds 

Lake Honse 
Bloomendale Peter, mason, h Wells nr Har. 
Bloomfield Wm. R. elk R. I. R. R. Frt Depot 
Bluemicker Franz, laborer, h Clybourn avenue 
BlStn Gustavus, lab, h Shanty Town nr Erie 
Blum Jacob, painter, h 113 Ontario 
Blum John, express, h N. Franklin 
Blumenthal Julius, hats and caps, 187 Rand. 
Blythe William, drayman, h 114 N. Jefferson 
Boal Charles T. bookkeeper E. G. Hall & Co. 

Boardman Gedrge E. proprietor Lake House 
Boardman H. E. W. physician, 94 Lasalle 
Bobgen Louis, tailor, 34 Clark 
Bode William, furniture, State N. of Taylor, h 

Bode William, bricklayer, h Wolcott nr Whitt 
Bodeia Frederick, carriagetrimmer Welch /& 

Bodenschatz Jacob, lab, h 165 W. Randolph 
Bodine Francis, clerk 195 Lake, bds 78 Edina 
Bodinus Frederick, bookbinder Culver & Page 
Bodies Thomas, clerk J. Bonham &, Co. 
Bodtke Fred, carpenter, h Franklin nr Mich. 
Bodwell A. J. 45 Randolph, h 280 Madison ^ 
Bodwell £. A. (Joseph Saye & Co.) 
Boedecker Christian, laborer, h Willow 
Boedecker Christopher, grocer, Hubbard bt 

Desplaines and Jefferson 
Boedecker John, lab, h Pearson nr Cass 
Boedecker William, cabinetmaker, h Mather 

bt Clinton and Canal 
Boedecker Wm. laborer, h Willow 
Boehm George, lab, h Bishop 
Boehme Godfrey, cabinetmaker, h 118 W. Rand 
Boening George, plasterer, h Goethe nr Wells 
Boerner C. harnessmaker, 117 W. Randolph 
Boerner John, harnessmaker, 117 W. Rand. 
Boes John, laborer, h Kinzie nr Green 
Boes Michael, blacksmith, h Green bt Hubbard 

and Kinzie 
Bobssenen Victor, carpenter, h Griswold nr Polk 
Boettger Francis, clgarmaker, 49 N. Clark, h 

Bogan Thomas, tailor, Ewing bt Desplaines and 

Jefferson i 

Boger Gotlieb, cabinetmaker, h Griswold nr Plk 
Boggerman R. labdrer G. W. Noble 
Boggiano Peter, fruit and confectionery, 16 W. 

Boggs Charles T. (B. & Son,) h 286 State 
Boggs George, (B. & Son) bds J. Boggs 
Boggs James, (B. & Son,) h cor Polk and Sher. 
Boggs & Son, builders, Hubbard ct bt State 

and Wabash av 
Boggs & Smith, carpenters, Sherman bt Quincy 

and Van Buren 
Bogue Charles X. constable, h 72 Adams 
Bogue E. A. (Kennicott & B.) 131 Lake 
Bogue N. B. clerk outfreight G. & C. U. R. R. 
Boban John, secondhand furnishing, 50 Wells, 

h same 
Bohan John, drayman, h 50 Carroll 
Bohn Lewis, lab, h Franklin nr Division. 
Boitz John G. carpenter G. H. Eiting 
Bolan Patrick, laborer h Griswold nr Harrison 
Boland John, boarding, h 61 N. Water 
Boland John, plasterer, h cor Hinsdale and 

Boland Mrs. Mary, boarding, h 47 Buffalo 
Boland Richard, (Beatty & B.) 16 Lasalle 
Bolant John, harnessmaker G. Leverinz 
Boldon Cfipt. George, h Mather nr Canal 
Boleman Anthony, lab, h Desplaines bt Fulton 

and Carroll 



Boles Michael, laborer, h 108 Edina 
Bolkow John, h Wells nr Harrison 
Bolles Jason H. condr. bds Dearborn House 
BoUes Nathan H. h Wells S. W. cor Monroe 
BoUes Rev. S. pastor M. £. Church, h Green 

cor Madison 
Bollet Peter, blacksmith H. P. Moses 
BoUmann Gotleib, barber, 145 Clark 
Bolmann John, provisions, N. avenue, h same 
Bolton Hiram, carpenter, h Owen nr Noble 
Bombard William, drayman, h Milwaukee av 

nr Sangamon 
Bond C. V. artist, 1 Exchange Bank buildings, 

4th floor 
Bond Edmond, laborer, h Peck court bt State 

and Wabash ay 
Bond Hiram J. carpenter, h 142 Buffalo 
Bond John, bookkeeper T. & H. Sherman 
Bond John, milkman, h Chicago av cor North 
Bond John, express wagon, bds 143 Clark 
Bond John D. Arctic saloon, 61 Lake 
Bond L. L. (B. & Seaton) 47 Clark 
Bond Milford R. shoemaker, bds B. W. Seaton 
BOND & SEATON, attorneys, 47 Clark 
Bond William S. clothing, 47 Clark 
Bond Mrs. h 73 Jackson 
Bondgar Hendrick, porter, h Canal south end 
Bone Nicholas, Philadelphia House, cor Wash- 
ington and Franklin 
Bonenschatz Thomas, cigar manufactory, 177 

W. Randolph 
Bonham G. W. (J. B. & Co.) bds Garden City 

BONHAM J. & CO. produce, &c. Madison nr 

Bridge ' 
Bonham Jeriah, (J, B. & Co.) h 78 W. Madison 
Bonke Julius, carpenter, h 72 Fulton 
Bonne Jacob, mason, h Edina S. of Taylor 
Bonzar, Christian, lumber, Hastings nr Rucker 
Boone Daniel L. bds 106 State ' 

BOONE LEVI D. MAYOR, h 106 State 
Bookout James, cutter E. Ely 
Boomer Geo. (Gowcy & B.) h 162 N, Lasalle 
Boomer James M. foreman Stone & Boomer 
Boomer Lucius B. (Stone & B.) bds A. B Stone 
Boorman John, wagonmaker, 89 Franklin 
Booth Alfred, (B. & Grayson) h 81 N. Dearb. 
BOOTH & GRAYSON, fish dealers, N. Market 
Booth Heman, packer, h 81 Adams 
Booth John, gardener, h Washington nr Cannon 
Bocth Thomas, carpenter and joiner, h Ontario 

cor Pine « 

Borcherdt Albert, veterinary surgeon, 80 Mil- 
waukee plank road 
Borden E. R. (Bryan & B.) Masonic Temple 
Bergman Adolph, laborer, h cor Lake and Ann 
Bormann George, German apothecary, 184 

Bormann Peter, carpenter, h cor Fulton and 

Bormeister William, coppersmith, h Market nr 
, Division 

Born B. baker, 55 N. Clark, h same 
Born Albert, tailor, h Div. bt Clark and Lasalle 

Bom Henry, shoemaker, h Madison nr Paalini 
Borner John A. harnessmaker, h Townsend 
Born Mathias, blacksmith, h Elm 
Bosembach George, joiner, h cor Fulton and 

Boshan William, carpenter H. A. Pitts 
Boshart Charles, laborer, h Hastings. bt Ruck- 
er and Rolker 
Bosley Edward F. housemovcr, h 115 TV. "Wast 
Boss Daniel W. agent Penn. R. R. 30 Dearbors 
Bosse Theodore, bookbinder Culver & Page, I 

133 Indiana 
Bostwick C. S. clerk Bissell House 
Bostwick George C. clerk Cook & Doty 
BOTSFORD J. K. & Co. hardware, 109 Lake 
Botsford J. K. (J. K. B. & Co.) h 79 Wab. av 
Botsford Theodore B. clerk J. Johnston, h 51 

Botsch P. J. bricklayer, h Liberty bt State and 

Botsch Peter, blacksmith, h 197 W. Randolph 
Bouch Joseph, sailor, h cor Hubbard and Car- 
Boulger Mrs. Ann, h Buffalo S. of Tivelfth 
Bourke Mrs. Rebecca, h 129 W. Lake. 
Boush Franz, carpenter, h Ohio nr Peyton 
Bouton Nathaniel S. (G. W. Sizer & Co.) bds 

Tremont House 
Boutwell Jas. N. clerk T. Newell & Co. 
Bowditch J. B. clerk Hubbard & Robb 
Bowditch M. G. clerk D. Walker & Son, bds 

143 Madison 
BOWEN & BROTHER, gloves, mittens and 

furs, 8 Clark ^ 

Bowen B. M. carpenter H. A. Pitts 
Bowen C. T. (Mills, B. & Dillenbeck) bds Mc- 

Cardel House 
Bowen E. R. (Bowen & Bro.) h Adams nr Mar. 
Bowen George S. (Mills, B. & D.) 100 Lake 
Bowen Ira B. engineer G. & C. U. R.R. h Green 

bt Hubbard and Owen 
Bowen J. E. (B. & Bro.) h Jackson nr Wells 
Bowen Martha, dressmaker, 104 Lake, up stairs 
Bowen W. R. bookkeeper Briggs House 
Bower Elisha, proprietor Mansion House 
Bower Thomas, Mansion House 
Bowers Geo. stonecutter, bds J. F. Bowers 
Bowers Henry, lab, h cor Monroe and Peoria 
Bowers Jacob F. stonecutter, h Edina S. of 

Bowers Wm. S. carpenter C. & R. I. R. R. shop 
Bowes James, clerk Marine Bank 
Bowes Miss Mary, h alley Wells bt Washington 

and Madison 
Bowland Christopher, laborer, h Chicago av nr 

Bowland Morris, meat market, Milwaukee 

plank road 
Bowman James, barber, h 17 N. Water 
BOWN THOS. & CO. gilders, &c. 10 Clark 
Box William, bricklayer, h 166 Edina 
Boyce Nelson, carpenter, h 51 Jackson 
Boyce Mm. N. carpenter, h cor Hubb. and May 
Boyd Jas. clerk Ferris & Boyd, bds 159 Monroo 

cbh;a^80 diubciort. 


loyd Jesse 0. (Ferris & B.) b 159 Monroe 
loyd John, carpenter F. M. Williams 
;oyd John £. sanrejor^ 94 Randolph 
loyd Thomas, sailor, hcor Taylor and Clinton 
;oydeU Joshua, mason, h Buffalo S. of Taylor 
k)yden Augustus H« clerk Treasurer's Ojffice, 
13 Court House 
(oyden F. H. h 50 Edina Place 
%er James A. caulker, h '86 S. Jeiferson 
Joyer Dr. V. A. druggist, &c. cor N. Clark and 

)oyington GaWin IB. bookbinder Munson & 

Bradley, h Halsted bt Lake and Randolph 
Boyington Eli £. liyerystable, h 20 Quincy 
Boyington Leyi C. clerk Stone & Boomer 
Boyington Thos. 0. architect, P. 0. Buildings, 

h 169 SUte 
Boyington William A. carpenter, h Wayman bt 

Union and Halsted 
Boyington Wm. W. architect, P. 0. Buildings, 

h Indiana aY S. of Old 
Boylan P. clerk 245 Lake 
Boyland William, carpenter, h Tyler nr Pesp. 
Boyle John, oyster saloon, 8 N. Clark 
Boyne Thomas, blacksmith P. Carlin 
Boynton Moses, carpenter, h Kinzie bt Bes- 

pUines and Halsted 
Boynton Samuel, carpenter, h Kinzie bt Bes- 

plaines and Halsted 
BOYS' ASYLUM, 267 Wabash ay 
Boys Richard, malster, h Wabash aT bt Hal- 
lock and Twelfth 
^raan John, h Adams nr Clark 
Brahon William, carpenter, h Quincy nr Besp. 
Brace Mrs. Catharine, boarding, h 121 Michigan 
Braohkt John G, lab, h N- Wells nr Schiller 
Bnchtendorf Peter, lab, h North *ATenue 
Bncken J. H. teller Bank of Commerce 
Bracken Thomas, express-man, h Jefferson bt 

Jackson and, Van Buren 
Bncken SyW^ter, engineer, h Michigan a? N. 

of Springer 
Brackett I. Lewis, clerk H. Norton & Co. bds 

416 Clark 
BRACKETT & WAITE, attorneys, 48 Clark 
Brackett WiUiam, (B. & Waite) h Wabash ay 

cor Hubbard 'ct 
Bradford Ahah, millwright, h cor Fulton and 

Bradlce James H. salesman Foreman, Bros. & 

Co. bds Dearborn House 
I Bradley Asa F. suryeyor, h 113 Franklin 
Jradley A, P. clerk Boss & Foster 
Bradley Benjamin F. (Waller, Caulfield & B.) 
h cor Wabash ay and Harmon ct 
nwlley Charles, (Frost & B.) 
{ndley Charles M. clerk 118 Lake 

ley Clement G. h Indiana ay S. of South ' 
radley C. P. Captain of Police, h 218 Madison 
ndley Cyrus, engineer C. & R. I. R. B. bds 
40 Buffalo 

|nidley Dayid, (Furst k B.) 
»ridley Dayid M. Democrat office, h 16 Quincy 
Aridity James, lab, h Jefferson nr Kinzie 

Bradley John S. painter Barry & Cushing 
Bradley L. C. (Van Dusen & B.) h 79 Edina 
Bradley L. H. h 159 Wells 
Bradley Philo, h Indiana ay S. of South 
Bradley S. S. (BUithorpe, Kline & Co.) 
Bradley Street, (Munson & B.) bds 108 Madisou 
Bradley Timothy M. deputy-sheriff, h cor Rol- 

ker and Adams 
Bradley William, finisher Mason & McArthur 
BRADLEY WILLIAM H. clerk U. S. Circuit 

and District Courts, Saloon Buildings, bds 

Bradner Josiah H. (B. Warren & Co.) 12 Lasalle 
BRADNER, WARREN & CO. paper warehouse, 

12 Lasalle 
Bradwell James P. attorney, 82 W. Randolph, 

h Union nr Owen 
Brady George, h 89 North Clinton 
Brady G. A. (Kennedy & B.) h 148 Micirigan 
Brady John, tailor, h Peyton nr Erie f 

Brady John J. boarding, h 62 N. Water 
Brady M. clerk B. K. Swift & Co. 
Brady Mary, boarding, h 167 Indiana 
Brady Patrick, lab, h Taylor cor Jefferson 
Brady Peter, sailor, h Whitney bt Wells and 

Bragg Almon, ^b, h Van Buren cor Canal 
Bragg F. A. superintendent special assessments^ 

office 1 Court House 
BRAINARD A. P. liquors, 16 Lasalle 
Brainard Daniel, phyalciaUi 53 Clark, h Rush 

cor Superior 
Braley Judd, liyery stable^ cor Madison and 

Braley Nathan^ h 173 Madison 
Branagin William, fruit, 127 Randolph 
Branch Jacob, lab, h Buff, bt Polk and Taylor 
Brandenburg John, carpenter, h Rees 
Brandes Christian, lab, h Curtiss bt Lake and 

Braner Andreas, shoemaker, bds H. Trapp 
Braner Michael, tailor, h 170 S. Desplaines 
Braner Reinard, wagonmaker, h cor Lake and 

Branigan Hugh, merchant tailor, 127 Randolph, 

h same > 

Brannin James, grocer, 18 Lind's block 
Branston John, express wagon, h Halsted nr 
' Madison 

Brant Anthony, proprietor Hen and Chickens 
Branzel George H. cabinetmaker, Harrison bt 

Jefferson and Clinton 
Brashine Bartholomew, shoemaker, h Kinzie nr 

Brasler John, lab, h Taylor bt Halsted and 

Brassan William, blacksmith, h Mather 
Bratzeburg John, lab, h Black Hawk 
Braubach Herman, machinist, bds 228 Rand* 
Braukmann Henry, salesman C. Morgan, h , 

Sherman bt Polk and Tyler 
Braun Jacob, lab, h Rees 
Braun John, tailor, h N. Wells nr Goethe 
BjTiiun William^ carpenter, h For<;[uer nr Cai^4 




Braunhold Gustavus, (B. & Sonne) h Clark \>i 

Division and Elm 
BRAUNHOLD & SONNE, bookbindery, 51, 52 

Braunsky Franz, tailor, h Chic, ay cor Reuben 
Bray Martin, physician, box 687 post-office 
Braymim A. S. salesman G. R. Roberts 
Brayman James O. editor Democrat, bds 51 

Michigan av 
Brayman M^son, solicitor Dl. C. R. R. Co. 75 

Brayman Mrs. S. £. mUUnery h eor Wells and 

Brayton C. L. clerk Marine Bank 
Brazie Augustin, h 80 Pine 
Bfeakey B. A. clerk 176 Lake 
Bieard W. H. bds 81 Michigan av 
Breck George, clerk 139 Lake, bds 75 Monroe 
Breck James, jr. attorney, 58 Lasalle 
Breckenridge James, jr. breakman M. S. Rail- 
road, bds 874 State 
Breokrisen Peter, h Buff, bt Polk and Harrison 
Brede Bernard, works G. \V. Pricket 
Brede, David & Martin, painters, 221 Wells 
Brede Lewis, commission, 221 Wells ' 
Breed Martin, painter Montel, Jevne & Almini 
Breen John, h Adams bt Clark aid Wells 
Breen Andrew, engineer James Carney 
Breen Michael, clerk 215 S. Water 
Breen Rev. John, prof. Rhet. &o., University 

St Mary's of the Lake 
Breese Robt boarding, h Buffalo N. of Twelfth 
Brehm Henry, lab, h Clark W. of Liberty 
Brehm John, (Gauch & B.) h 85 Chicago aT 
Breidert Philip, lab, h Wells nr Harrison 
Breiler Charles, clerk 47 Lasallt 
Breineir George, tanner, h Sherman nr Polk 
Brem Marcus, h Peoria bt Randolph and La- 
Bremer Peter, lab, h Sherman bt Polk and 

Bremmer John, drayman, h Carpenter nr River 
Bremner & Contoy, star bakery, 48 Wells 
Bremner James, mason, h Carpenter nr River 
Bremner Morris, baker, h 196 Adams 
Bremner Robert, clothing, 161 Randolph 
Brenan L. printer, Democrat pressroom 
Brennan Edward, lab, h cor Polk and Halsted 
Brennan John, teamster, h Liberty bt State and 

Brennan John, lab, h 42 Michigan 
Brennan Martin, clerk P. Brennan 
Brennan Martin, stonecutter Chicago S. yard, 

bds same 
Brennan Patrick, grocer, Clarkj bt Taylor and 

Twelfth, h same 
Brennan Patrick, boot & shoemaker, 270 Mad. 
Brennan Robert^ carpenter, h West Water nr 

Brennan Thomas, h Townsend nr White 
Brennan Thomas, clerk, h 164 Blinois 
Brennan William, lab, h Kinzie cor Green 
Brenning H. P. shoemaker C. Letz 
Bxminock Jm. drayita^^ h ^aron cor Franklin 

Brennock John, drayman, h 119 Franklin 
Brennock John, drayman, h 238 Adams 
Brennock Patrick, h Superior cor Franklin 
Brennock Robert, drayman, h 172 S. Jeffersoa 
Brenton Capt. John, bds Chesnut nr Wolcott 
Breslaw James, painter, 52 Clark 
Brewer Arnold, cigars, 29 W. Madison 
Brew«r John S. clerk G. & C. U. R. R. Co. bds 

Mrs. Phillips 
Brewer 0. F. 2271 post-office 
BREWSTER B. & CO. lumber, S. Clark nr 

Brewster Beigamin, (B. & Co.) h Michigan av 

N. of Twelfth 
Brewster Edward W. h 93 Jackson 
Brewster Oscar, h 40 Buffalo 
Breyer P. lab. G. W. Noble 
Briard W. A. box 19 post-office . 
Brick Henry, tailor, h Cedar 
Brick John, lab, h 8 Superior 
Bride Francis, switch tender, h Kinzie nr Morg. 
Bridges Thomas, carpenter, h cor Lake and 

Bridson Thos. carpenter, h Jefferson bt Jackson 

and Van Buren 
Brigett Peter, lab, h Indiana nr Franklin 
Briggs Amos, carpenter, h Desplaines bt Vtt 

Buren and Harrison 
Briggs Baptlste, lab, h nr North av 
Briggs Clinton, attorney, 16 Dearborn 
Briggs Felix, clerk, h Franklin nr Jaclcson 
BRIGGS HOUSE, Randolph N. E. cor Wells 
Briggs Joseph W. [B. & White] h 213 Stat« 
BRIGGS & WHITE, wood and willow-ware 

merchants, 238, 240 S. Water 
BRIGGS WILLLIM, office 41 Clark, bds Briggs 

Brinckcrhoff Dr. J. [B. & Penton] h 157 Wash. 
BRINCKERHOFF & PENTON, druggisto, 94 

Brine William, general broker, 10 Wells 
Brinker H. tailor, 80 Dearborn 
Brinkmeyer C. tailor, h Townsend nr Ohio, ar 
Brislure Charles, tailor J. Davis, h 212 W. 

Bristol Henry L. superintendent N. Albany & 

Salem Railroad, h Ann nr Madison 
Bristol R. C. office 120 S. Water, bds 33 Mich<> 

igan av 
Britt John, lab, bds Cold Spring House 
Brittingham G. F. salesman 49 Clark 
Britton George, sailor, h Green cor White 
Broad Lewis, [[Bailey, B. & Co.] h 93 Clark 
Broadway Daniel D. butcher, h 54 Washingt 
Broadway J. H. & Co. billposters, 49 Bandolp 

3rd floor 
Broadway M. D. (J. H. B. & Co.) 
Brobstoan Daniel, painter, h Union bt Hnbba 

and Kinzie 
Brock Isaac, machinist, bds 65 W. Madison 
Brock Thomas, h 148 Monroe 
Brockman Henry, cUrk 106 Lake 
Broderick Aagnsti carpenter, h Green Bay s^ 




Bretlner William, check clerk 77 South Water, 

h 4 Franklin 
Broderick Jeremiah, hoarding, h 11 N. Wells 
Broderick Michael, h Mich av N. of North 
Broere Michael, grocer, 206 N. Clark 
Brbesch Leonard, painter, h Townsend nr White 
Brofey Andrew, lab, h Woloott nr Ohesnut 
Brogan Nicholas, lab, h Desplaindb nr Owen 
Brogan Patrick, lab, h 68 Fulton 
Brohl Andrew, lafo, h Black Hawk 
Bromley Aaron, pressman, h Chicago ay nr 

Milwaukee plank road 
Bromley Henry A. furrier, h Griswold nr Jack. 
Bromley S. Democratic Press pressroom 
Bromwich Mrs. Jane, h 117 Michigan 
Bronson Charles G. printer Scott £ Fulton 
Bronson Guild) joiner, h Buffalo S. of Taylor 
Bronson J. G. clerk 102 Lake 
BRONSON S. & CO. hardware, 72 Lake 
Bronson Stephen, jr. [S. B. k Co«] h 75 Mich- 
igan ay 
Bronson T. G. (Walker, B. & Co.) 72 S. Water 
Brooker John C. hamessmaker^ 180 N. Clark 
Brookes Ebenezer, wagonmaker, 116 Dearborn 
BROOKES F. W. & CO. flour merchants, cor 

Madison and Canal 
Brookes Frederick W. £F. Wv B. & Co.] bds 78 

S. Desplaines 
Brookes Henrys h Cleayeryille 
Brooks George, h 93 N. Jefferson 
Brooks George H. clerk 47 Randolph 
Brooks Henty E. ship carpenter, h 104 Erie 
Brooks H. V. S. Sheffield Coal Co. h 176 State 
Brooks, J. P. office Post Office buildings 
BROOKS & ONIONS, iron founders. Lake bt 

Union and Halsted 
Brooks Orson^ bookkeeper Ryerson, Miller & Co* 
Brooks Samuel, [B. & Onions] bds 66 W. Mad. 
Brooksbank Joseph, painter, h 193 W. Lake 
Broomfield James, (Parkins, Harper & Co.) h 

282 Adama 
Brophy A. marble polisher Shumer & Co. 
Brosna David, carpenter, h Ohio nr Peyton 
Brbsna John, drayman, h Ohio nr Peyton 
Brosnan Daniel, tailor, h Hope nr B. Island ay 
Bross John A. att'y, 123 Lake, bds J. H. Bross 
Brosa Josiah H. off. C. W. W. h 139 W. Madison 
Bross WilUnm, editor Democratic Press, h Wa- 
bash aV cor Jackson 
Brother Valentine, clerk 79 take, bds 77 State 
Brough John, patternmaker, bds Carroll bt 

Green and Ralsted 
Broughton John, joiner McFall & Co. h 57 

Brown Andreas, canrer C. MorgiB,n 
Brown Andrew, [B. & Sinclair] h 2 Knight's 

BROWN ANDREW & CO. packers, 18 Lasalle 
Brojrn And*w J. attorney, 66 Clark, h 49 Wol. 
Brown Mrs. Ann, h 60 Superior 
Brown B. J. attorney, 4 Metropolitan block 
Brown Benjamin F. arhip Carpenter, h Sand 

cor Illinois 
Brown Charles, trankmaker W. & G. Wright 

BROWN & CHAPMAN, c(»nmis8ion, eor RiT«r 

and Dock 
Brown Charles, clerk 145 S. Water 
Brown C. B. [Lake & B.] 
Brown Charles G. engineer, bds Chas* Huson 
Brown C. J. clerk Hamilton House 
Brown Charles T. clerk George Brown 
Brown C. T. trunkmaker W. & G. Wright 
Brown Charles W. h Mather nr Jefferson 
Brown Edward H. [B. & Hilliard] bds 146 

Wabash av 
Brown Edwin R. clerk G. & C. 0. R. B. h 

Peoria bt Fulton and Carroll 
Brown Mrs. Eliza, h Halsted nr Einsie 
Brown Erastus S. teamster, h Monroe nr HsIb. 
Brown E. F. printer Democratic Press, bds 128 

Brown Frederick, plasterer, h Lasalle nr DiVn 
Brown Fred. W. sailor, h Fulton nr Paulina 
Brown George, sawyer Mason & Lamb 
Brown George, cabinet rooms, 209 Lake, if 178 

Brown George E. printer Daily Journal, h 139 

Brown Henry H. barber, 52 Lake, h same 
BROWN & HILLIARD, upholsterers, 168 Lake- 
Brown Hiram, [B. & Chapman] 
Brown Hiram H. fireman, bds L. Chipman 
Brown Hobart, plasterer, h Buff. S. of Twelfth. 
Brown Isaac; wood dealer, cor Charles and 

Tan Buren 
Brown Jacob, lab, h Bees' nr JIalsted 
BROWN JAMES H. & CO. commission, Mar-< 

ket cor Adams 
Brown James, Democratic Press job office 
Brown James, sailor, h 152 N. Lasalle 
Brown James A. salesman 111 S.' Water, h 

Clinton nr Madison 
Brown Capt. James, h Monroe cor Desplaines 
Brown Mrs. Jeduthan, h 92 Erie 
Brown Jerry, lab, h W. Water nr WeHs 
Brown John, gardener, h Taylx>r cor Blue 

Island ay 
Brown John, bds 185 Michigan *" 
Brown John, watchman, h Liberty bt State and 

Brown John, saah, door, and blind factory, ITS 

W. Randolph 
Brown John, gardener, h 51 N. Desplaines 
Brown John B. physician, 86 N. Clark 
Brown John E. policeman, dist. No. 8 
Brown John H. clerk 136 Lake 
Brown John H. carpenter T. Soper 
Brown Mrs. John J. h 176 Michigan ay 
Brown John Y. clerk H. G. Crary 
Brown Joseph, bds 60 N. Clark 
Brown Joseph, lab, h 4 Lind's block 
Brown Joseph E. clerk J. M. Adsit 
Brown Mrs. Mary, boarding, h 186 Randolph 
Brown Mortimer M. [L. D. Olmsted & Co.] 
Brown Mrs. Nancy C. h Charles nr Wells 
Brown Lemuel, blacksmith, h 154 Dearborft 
Brown Lewis A. h 60 Superior 
Brown Luman, match factory,.QuincyBr Clirfe 




Brown M. A. tinsmith W. Wheeler & Co. 
Brown M. J. [B. & Trowbridge] bds Garden 

City House 
Brown Ole, blacksmith, h Hubbard bt Union 

and Desplaines 
Brown Roland G. [Hutohings & B.] 48 S. Water 
Brown Rufua, bookkeeper Scotiile, Buschick 

Brown B. B. h 128 Wells 
Brown Samuel, tailor, 7 Tremont block 
Bnown Samuel, clerk W. C. Humaston 
Brown Samuel H. (Collins, Watters & B.) bds 
. Briggs Bouse 

Brown Samuel W. bowling saloon, 60 N. Clark 
BROWK & SINCLAIR, commission, 18 Lasalle 
BiQwn S. Lockwood, [B. & Wilder] h 8 Wash. 
Brown Thomas, lab, h N, Water nr Wells 
Brown Thomas, S. B. & M. 0. Walker's stable 
BROWHf & TROWBRIDGE, lumber. Market nr 

Brown & Wilder, crockery and glass, 105 Lake, 

and gas fixtures, 47 Wells 
Brown William, plasterer, h Jackson cor Hal. 
B^wn William, h Jefferson bt Jackson and 

Van Buren 
Brown William, [B. k Williams] 
Brown William B. butcher, h Market nr Tan 

Brown William H. attorney, 127 S. Water^ h 2 

Bcown William J. foreman J. S. Wright, h 

Canal nr Washington 
Brown Wm. P. planemaker J. S. Lape k Co. 
Brown WiHiam F. engineer C. & R. I. R. R. 
Brown William S. engineer, h cor Hubbard and 

Brown Wm. Wallace, bookkeeper 118 S. Water 
Brown William W. clerk Morrison, Wallace & 

Co. bds J. S. Wallace 
Bsawn & Williams, produce commission, 88 N. 

Browne Thomas C. «anTa88er city directory, 

li99^ Randolph 
Brownell S. physician and surgeon, office 82 

W. Randolph, h Green bt Prairie and Kinzie 
Bfpwnwell Lyman W. [Finley & B.] bds 109 

T^ abash av 
lE^UCE & DOBSON, ship chandlers, S. Water 

cor State 
BmQ«i Ethan A. [B. & Bobson] h 411 Clark 
Bruce William, bookkeeper B. K. Swift & Co. 

h Madison nr Paulina 
>Bruel B. W. exchange office, bds Hamilton 

BRUENN S. watches, &c. 51 Clark 
Brundage J. N. 8560 postpoffice 
Brunder John, h Buff, bt Tw«lfUi and Liberty 

Bruns John, lab« h Sedgwick 

Bruns William H. shirt manufactory, 42 Wells^' 

h same 
Brunton Martin, gardener, h 44 Buffalo 
Brush Daniel £. b 154 N. Lasalle 
Brush Henry W. clerk Phillips & Co. 
Brush Jesse, grocer, 9 West Market 
Brust Peter, lab, Ballantine*s Distillery, li Lake 

Shore N. of Rio Gran4e 
Bryan A. B. clerk F. A. Bryan, h 105 Qinton 
Bryan Archibald, clerk B. Stewart 
Bryan & Borden^ real estate, office Masonic 

BRYAN, CROCKER & MORRAS, attorneys. 

Masonic Temple 
Bryan F. A. druggist, 2 Tremont block, h 9& 

Bryan Thomas, physician, h 105 Clinton 
Bryan Thomas B, [B- & Borden] h 103 IVpchi- 

gan av ^ 

Bryant H. H. clerk Huntington, Wadsworth & 

Bryant Michael, watchman, h Carroll bt Clin- 
ton and Jefferson 
Bryde Martin, lab, h 225 State 
Bryson John, miller, h Lake Shore nr Ballan' 

tine's distillery 
Buchanan Miss Betsy, h 183 Wells 
Buchanan John S. office 100 Randolph, h Hax^ 

risen cor Buffalo 
Buchanan Nelson, h Curtiss Qor Hubbard 
Buchel Joseph, lab, h North ay nr Hurlbut 
Buck David, lab, h Pesplaines bt Fulton and 

Buck Franklin, clerk HI. Stone Dressing Co. 
Buck Philip, shoemaker Josh. Miller 
Buckhalts Christian, bds 22 Edina 
Buckheart Frederick^ butcher, 8 W. Market, h 

Buckley And' w, joiner, h Wabash av bt Springer 

and North 
Buckley Jeremiah, carpenter, h 318 Clark 
Buckle w John, machinist C. & R. I. R. R. shop 
i Buckley Mrs. Julia, h cor Taylor and Despla^ 

Buckley Thomas, clerk L. C. Hall 

Buckley Thomas, bootmaker F. V. Pitney, h 

Dearborn bt Elm and Oak 
Buckley Timothy, groceries. Market cor Adams 
BUCKMAN ARNOLD, whitesmith, &c. 47 

Franklin, h same. , 

Buckminster John, bds Tremont Exchange 
BUEL, HILL & GRANGER, bootb and shoes; 

South Water 
Buel Henry K. [B. Hill & Granger] h 64 North 

169 Wells 
Buel Samuel C. salesman 159 South Water, h 

64 North Wells 

Brundige Andrew J. bookkeeper Perry & God- Buel Capt. Stephen, h Green bt Kinzie and 


Bffnnnaman Benjamin, drover, h lOd Madison 
Brunie Eugene, clerk, h Creswell nr Polk 
Bruns Barnard, sash, doors, &c. cor Halsted 

Brans Frederick, plasterer, h SohUler 


Buesche E. L. clerk S. J. Surdam & Co. * 
Buffum Dr. A. C. obstetrical extractors, 66 Lake 
Buffum A. C. student N. 9. Davis, bds 2 ]jake 
Bulgar Daniel, soap factory, cor Halsted and 


Cltft)A«0 l)Iil®3T01tt. 


Bulger John, lab, bds 6S Bttfl'd.Io 

Bulkley Fayette S. Deputy Sheriff, bds Sher- 

raan House 
Ball Obristian, carpenter, h 425 State 
BVhWS HEAD TAVERN, Madison west end 
BuUard J. F. policeman, h 14$ Monroe 
BttUer Henry, lab, h Reuben nr Chicago av 
Balling John, carpenter, h Pearson nr Lake 
Bulman Robert olerk W. Blair & Co. h Larrabee 
Bam^arten John> clerk, h Owen nr Morgan 
Bumstead Mrs. Ellen, boarding, h Canal bt 

Van Btiren and Harrison 
Bunch Clyboum C. draymiw, h 156 State 
Bundock Bey. Samuel, h 111 Ontario 
Bundram H. L. carriagemaker, h 19 N. Clark 
Bunker D. box 2844 post-office 
Bunker William H. bookkeeper 111 Sv Water 
Bunn Nicholas, S. E. cor Wash, and Franklin 
Bontgen John, tailor, 52 Chicago av 
Bunting William, greengrocer, 5 West Market, 

h Deisplaines bt Lake and Randolph 
Buiiton £. M. h Madison nr Halsted 
Buntk Moren, lab, h Clark nr Korth ay 
Bunso B. lab, h Hurlbut 
Bunio Frederick, lab, h Sedgwick 
Bunto Staffa, lab, h Sedgwick 
Bunion Frederiok, lab, h Larrabee 
Bur Mrs. Mary, h Clark bt Springer and North 
Burchard Heni*y, tailor, h Green nr Cedar 
Burdsel C. S. h 17 North Clinton 
Burchmier Paul, polisher Shumer & Co* 
Burger James, lab, Chic. Hide and Leather Co. 
Burbank Edward A. bookkeeper 111 Lake, bds 

W. B. Burbank 
Burbank W. B. bookkeeper J. A. Smith & Co. 

h 90 Edina 
Bui^h I. H. & Co. Chicago Bank, cor Lake and 

Burch Isaac H. President Chicago Bank, h 121 

Michigan ay 
Burchard W. H* ol«rk Hunt, Wigins & Co. 
Bttr^«r John, brewer, h Ceidar 
Burckey Daniel^ yinegar manufactory^ h Adams 

near Wells 
Buroky Frederiok, yinegar manufactory) 221 

Burdick E. F. clerk 123 Lake 
Burger LouiS) carpenter, cor Franklin and 

Burgess Alonzo, clerk, h 78 Adams 
Burgess Albert F. [B. & Wilson;] h 45 Well* 
Burgess Charles, shoemaker, bds cor Lake and 

Burgess Henry, shoemaker, bds cor Lake and 

Ann ' 

Burgess John S<- bearing, h 109 Madison 
Burgess Thos. engineer, h Carpenter nr Hubbard 
Burgess & Wilson, oarriagemakers, 83 Franklin 
B-urgess Wm. T. attorney, 1 Davisson's block x 
Burhstahler Frederick, stonemason, h Superior 

nr Wells 
Burger Robert, tailor, h Orteliard nr Centre 
Burgher Mrs. Dayid, h Griswold bt Van Buren 


Burhans John, silyerplater C. W. Colson 
Burhans & Smith, Uvery stable, Washlnlgton 

nr Wells 
Burhans Henry, (B. & Smith) h Market nr 

Monroe , 

Burk Francis, lab, h West Randolph west end 
Bark James, boarding, h 77 Nortin Water 
Burk John, teamster, h Wright nr Halsted 
Burk John carpenter, h Wright nr Twelftb 
Bnrk Michael, drayman, h Erie nr MarkOt 
Burk Michael F. drayman, h Ewing bt Ciain&l 

and Clinton 
Burk Richard M. clerk eastern dist*n P. 0. 
Burk Samuel, shoemaker, h alley, Wells bt 

Madison* and Monroe 
Burk William, surgical instrument maker ToUt 

Burke Daniel, blacksmith, h 80 Ohio 
Burke Edwin, lab, h Edina bt Twelfth and 

Burke J. S. D. painter Barry & Cashing 
Burke Patrick, lab, h Buffalo bt Twelfth and 

Burke Patrick, lab, h Buffalo bt Twelfth and 

Burke Thomas, lab, h 10 C&ss 
Burke William, carpenter, h Canal bt Monroe 

and Adams 
Burke William, wagonmaker, h 76 W. Lake 
Burker Benjamin, carpenter, h Charles nr Wells 
Burkhard Christopher, lab, h Hastings 
Barkhard Frederick, butcher, 2 West market, 

h Halsted bt Lake and Randolph 
Burkhardt Chr. sailor, h 119 North Clark 
Barkhardt Fraderick, carpenter, h Buffalo N. 

of Twelfth 
Burkhardt James, tailor^ h Randolph bt Cpx- 

penter and Ourtiss 
Burkhart Philip, clerk D. Wikowsky, bds A. 

Shaffer t 

Burkhart William, musician, h Jeffei^s^m nr 

Burkitt T. M^ cleirk 2 Tremont block, h 30 

Burkfield William, teamster, h Canal bt Taa 

Buren and Harrison 
BURLEY A. G. & CO. crockery, 175 Lake 
Burley Arthur G. (A. G. B. & Co.) h 89 Adains 
Barley A. H. & Co. booksellers, 122 Lake 
Barley Augustus H. (A. H. & C. B.) 122 Lake 
Burley Charles, (A. H. & C. B.) h 107 Dearbop 
Burling Edward, (Letz & B.) h 88 Ohio 
Burlingame Mrs. C. H. boarding, 90 Illinois 
Burlinga:me Rufus P. (Sturges & B.) h 6 N. 

Bum Michael, h Rio Gran<io nr Calumet ar 
Bumam Ambrose, h 186 Wabash av 
Burnam fidwin, h 70 Edina place 
Bumam Edwin R. bookkeeper 118 Lake, bds 70 

Burndage Andrew J. clerk Otis Shepard 
Buraham Dyer N. attorney, 46 Clark, h 317 

Wabash ar 
Bnrnham F. W. clerk Tremonit House 



BornhAm Miss L. H. dressmaker, 67 Randolph, 

up stairs 
Boniett John, clerk Oibbs, Griffin & Co. h 16 

Burns Mrs. Ann, h Indiana ay S. of South 
Burns Bernard, carpenter, h 74 W. Randolph 
Burns Charles H. bookkeeper 18 Dearborn 
Burns Daniel, lab, h Townsend nr White 

Burns — , carpenter, h Maxwell nr Lumber 

Burns George, sawyer, h Peyton nr Ontario 
Burns James, labV h Waller nr Twelfth 
Burns James, lab, h cor Forquer a^d Clinton 
Burns James, sailor, bds A. J. Quirk 
Burns James, lab, h Green bt Hubbard and 

Burns John, plasterer, h Schiller 
Burns John, lab, h Fulton bt Green and Peoria 
Bums John, baker, h Whitney nr Wells 
Burns Michael, lab, Kuibloe & Bngg. 
Burns Patrick, lab, h Quincy bt Adams and 

Burns Torrence, shoemaker, h cor Owen and 

Bums Peter, plasterer, h cor Bond and Wa* 

bash ay 
Bums Peter, lab, h Buffalo bt Polk and Taylor 
Burns Thomas, h Buffalo N. of Polk 
Burns William, lab, h Ohio nr Peyton 
Burr Dayid, carpenter, h Griswold bt Van 

Buren and Harrison ** 

Burr Jonathan, office 18 Metropolitan l>dg8, h 

Michigan ay cor Eldridge court 
Burris Martin Y. St. Charles bowlmg saloon 
Burritt Miss Anna £. teacher Chicago Female 

Burroughs A. J. (B., Fields & Co.) h 194 Wa- 
bash ay 
BURROUGHS, FIELDS & CO. produce com. 

office Lasalle cor N. Water 
Burroughs Frederick, brewer and malster, 144 

W. Lake 
Burroughs Rey. J. C. pastor First Baptist 

church, h 194 Wabash ay 
Burt A. S. (B. & Higgins) h Indiana bt Pine 

and Sand 
BURT & HIGGINS, com. merchants, N. Dear- 
born cor Kinzie 
Burt William, assistant bookkeeper 135 S. Water 
BURTH JOHN, boarding, h 119 Michigan 
J^urtis James K. secretary Chicago gas com- 
pany, bds 80 State 
Burton Mrs. 0. h Dearborn opposite Catholic 

BURTON HIRAM, woodenware, 217 Lake, h 

Burton Horace, com. h oor Owen and Jefferson 
Burton James, house carpenter, h 43 W. Ban. 
Burton Lewis S. clerk J. B. Doggett, bds 128 

BURTON SAMUEL & CO. boots and shoes, 

60 Clark 
Burton Stiles, h 11 pearbom place 
Burton William, lab, h Quincy nr Franklift 
Burton William N. h 68 Monroe 

BURWELL H. G. mere, tailor, 7 Tremont blk. 
Busby Charles, mason, h Buffalo S. of Polk 
Busby Thos. millwright, h Desplaines nr Owen 
BuBch F. North Brewery, Lake Shore nr Cedar 
Busch Francis, wagonmaker, 191 Washiagton 
BuSch John B. h 2b2 State 
Busch John, b^ricklayer, h Blue Island »t nr 

Busch William, baker, h 78 N. Clark 
Buschel Jose] h, carpenter, bds 288 Randolpli 
Buschick G. A. h 140 Desplaines 
Buschick Angus F. (Scoyille, B. & Co.) 
Buschick Gustavo, (Scoyille, B. & Co,) 
Buschman & Seedorf, grocers, State K. of 

Buschman William, [B. & Seedorf] h State N. 

of Liberty 
Bush Dayid, h 98 N. Wells 
Bush & Gambrill, butchers, Stalin N. Market 
Bush Mrs. R. h 218 Market 
Bush Royal, clerk 207 S. Water, h Owen nr 

Bush William, (B. & Gambrill) h Chicago ftY 
Bush W. W. 2351 post-office 
Bushnell A. & L. grocers, 231 W. Randolph 
Bushnell Anson, [A. & L. B.] h 231 W. Ran<i. 
BushneU Lewis, [A. & L. B.] h 231 W. R&ndL 
Bushnell William H. attorney, 42 Lake 
Buswell John I. fireman, bds L. Chipman 
Buss Charles E. warehouseman 190 8. Waler 
Busse Henry, packer Gage & Haines 
Butchart William, carpenter, h Van Buren bC 

Curtiss and Carpenter 
Butcher A. at Piatt & Howe's stable 
Butcher Frederick, laborer, h corLarrabee aMi 

Butler Andrew C. deputy canal ccUeetor^h 114 

Butler Edward, h N. Water nr Wells 
Butler B. Franklin, bds Mrs. Butler 
Butler F. S. clerk W. F, Dominick & Co. 
Butler George S. express messenger, h 1^ 

Butler Hazen, carpenter, h Adams nr Jeffeisoa 
Butler H. A. bookkeeper Eyarts & Butler, bde 

65 Wolcott 
Butler & Hu^t, paper depots 48 State 
Butler Henry, mail agent, h 156 Dearborn 
Butler James, clerk, 165 S. Water 
Butler Jerome B. late 74 Lake 
Butler John, carpenter, h Forquer bt Clinton 

and Jefferson 
Butler John H. carpenter, h 154 Clark 
Butler John, lab, h Wells bt Polk and Taylor 
Butler John, plasterer, h Diyision nr Clyboum 
Butler Marcus, earpenter, h Desplaines nr 

Butler Michael, h Edina S. of Taylor 
Butler R. T. 1988 post-office 
Butler Michael, lab, Blanchard's row 
Butler Mrs. Walter, h 8 Rush 
Butler William C. [S. S. Bassett & Co.] h 167 

Butler WilUafli €. haraessinaker, h 157 State 



Butler William H) [Kvarts & B.] h 24 Cass 

Butler William M. h 116 Ontario 

Bntterfield Justin, attorney, 44 Michigan cor 

Butterfield M. box 2090 post-oJQSoe 
Bnlterfield Oakes S. pedler, h Market nr Mad. 
Butterworth Mary A. h Quincy nr Wells 
Button Peter, bricklayer, h 179 Edina 
Butts Charles R. clerk William Butts 
BUTTS WILLIAM, lumber, Canal bt Adams 

and Monroe 
Bute Caspar [B. & Schiffer] h 162 Michigan 
BUTZ & SCHIFFER, importers and dealers 

in hardware, 182 and 218 Lake 
Buts Walter, lab, h Black Hawk 
Buxby Jeremiah, lab, h Goethe 
Buxby Michael, lab, h Goethe 
Buxton y. drayman, h Kinzie cor Carpenter 
Byington R. H. clerk Ross & Foster 
Bjmy T. P. [E. L. Comly & Co.] bds 140 State 
Byrne Mrs. Cathapne, boarding, h cor Polk 

and Canal 
Byrne Edward, blacksmith D. C. Skelly 
Byrne James, lab, h llUnois nr Clark 
Byrne James, bricklayer, h May nr Taylor 
Byrne John, hamessmaker, h 116 Madison 
Byrne John, lab, h Adams nr Halsted 
Byrne Mrs. Johanna, h Adams nr Desplaines 
Byrne Thomas, bricklayer, h Madison bt Jef- 
ferson and^Desplaines 
Byrnes Charles, lab, h Hope nr Blue Island av 
Byrnes John, lab, h Monroe btClin. and Canal 
Byrnes Michael, grocer, 91 Dearborn, h same 
Byrne Misses, dresstanakers, 115 Madison, h 

B^pme Ow«n, lab, h Shaniy Town nr Chic, ay 
Byrne Rudolph, boarding, h 285 Clark 
Byrne Timothy, teamster, h cor Twelfth and 

Byms Godfrey, stonecutter, h Wells bt Har- 
rison and Polk 
Byrone Michael, saloon Van Buren bt Wells 

and Sherman 
Byron Timothy, drayman, h N. Water bt Wells 
and Franklin 

Oaberey H. R. [Carter & C] h 48 Adams 

Cabler Fi'ederick, hamessmaker, h Wells bt 
Polk and Hamilton 

Cadman Jonathan, lab, h Franklin nr Jackson 

Cadwell Marcus, h Rio Grande nr South 

Cadwell William, bookkeeper, 191 and 193 S. 

Cady David, feed store, 27 W. Randolph, h 
Madison W. of Ann 

C4dy F. H. lab, h 70 Fulton 

Cady Henry, bookkeeper 135 S. Water, h 184 
N. Clark 

CahiU James, lab, h Clinton bt Harrison and 
Van Buren 

Oahill John, teamster Gage & Haines, h Har- 
rison bt Canal and Rirer 

Cahill John, lab, h Prairie bt Peoria and San 
Cahill J. blacksmith Ellithorpe, Kline & Co. 
Cahill M. marblecutter H. & 0. Wilson 
Cahill Philip, lab, h Prairie bt Peoria and 

Cahoe Michael, lab, h Desplaines nr Fort ' 
Cain James, lab, 84 N. Water 
Cain Patrick, stonecutter Chicago Stone Yard 
Cain Thomas, stonecutter Chicago Stone Yard 
Cairns John, grocery, Canal bt Van Buren and 

Calahan Cornelius,, lab, h Pearce nr Desplaines 
Caldwell L. grocer, 213 W. Randolph 
Caldwell N. C. cabinetmaker, h 58 N. Dearborn 
Caldwell Oscar T. condtr. C. B. & Quincy R. R. 
Calhoun John, agent I. C. R. B. Co. h 110 State 
Calhoun John B. cashier I. C. R. R. h 70 

Michigan ar 
Calhoun William, joiner Jacob Harris 
Calking John, bricklayer, h 224 Adams 
Calkins William T. clerk 205 S. Water 
Calky Simon, tailor, 175J Clark 
Callahan I^atrick, carpenter, h 7 Indiana 
Callaghan Richard, lab, h Wabash ay bt Lake 

and Water 
Calle Lewis, clerk 45 N. Clark 
Callendine Mrs. Fanny, millinery, &c. 151 J 

Callendine George V. proprietor Bayne's Pan- 
orama, h 151^ Clark 
Callish Peter, drayman, h Whitney 
Calvert A. L. salesman 20 Lasalle 
Calvert William H. jr. hats, caps, and furs, 30 

Cambeck J. Democratic Press job room 
Cameron Charles S. attorney, 20 Metrop. bdgs. 
Cameron Daniel, [Cook, C. & Sheahan] 
Cameron" John A. dock builder, h Wabash av 

S. of Peck ct 
Cameron Joseph, butcher, h 873 State 
Camesetz Fritz, cooper, h Hastings nr Ruckcr 
Cameth Charles, distributing clerk post-office 
Campbell A. silver plater, cor Wells and Man. 
Campbell And. moulder Vincent, Himrod & Co» 
Camp Andrew, cooper, h Jackson nr Desplaines 
Campbell A. St. John, clerk 69 Randolph 
Campbell Archibald, carpenter, h 108 N. Dear. 
Campbell Arthur, h State nr Jackson 
Campbell Alexander, bookkeeper, 141 S. Water 
Campbell Mrs. Ann M. bds 14 Ohio 
Campbell Colin (Mclntyre k Co.) bds 79 Wells 
Campbell C. W. barber, 10 Clark, h Jackson 

bt Gumee and Wells 
Campbell Hastings, lab, h Canal bt Jackson 

and Van Buren 
Campbell James, moulder Vincent, Himrod & 

Campbell James, printer, h 209 Wells 
Campbell James, carpenter, 896 State, h cor 

Harrison and Edina 
Campbell John P. clerk, bds J8 Rush 
Campbell John, bookkeeper, bds 44 Edina 
Campbell John, carpenter, h 177 Indiana 
i Campbell Mathiat, carpenter, b 106 Michigaxi 



Campbell Peter, Union Car Works 

Campbell William, mason, h Harrison bt Des- 

plaines and Halsted 
Camp))ell William, carpenter, h 177 Indiana 
Camus William W. h Harrison nr Wells 
Camus William, clerk N. W. Christian Adyo- 

cate office 

and S. Water 
Camia Felix F. nurseryman, N. WeUs nr Cem. 
Canda Florimund, nurseryman, h Wells nr 

Canda Michael, drayman, h Market bt Pearson 

and Hinsdale 
Candler Adolph, watchmaker, h Buffalo N. of 

Canfield K(hnund, (£. & J. Canfield) 
Canfield E. & J. lumber, cor Canal and Fulton 
Canfield Eli L. h 78 Monroe 
Canfield Malcolm, clerk L. Chittenden 
Canfield Thomas, warehouseman Walker, Bron> 

son & Co. 
Cannon Mrs. Ann, h cor Clinton and V. Buren 
Cannon Mrs. A. washii\g, h 104 Indiana 
Cannon John, h Halsted bt Harrison and Polk 
Cannon John, gardener, h State Street Na- 
tional Garden 
Cannon Thomas, teamster, h Sedgwick 
Cannon Joseph, lab, h Lake cor Cannon 
CanoYan Peter, h 154 Wells 
Cantlon John, drayman, h Third nr Milw. ay 
Cantlon Michael, lab, h Chic, ay nr Townsend 
Cappas Richard, rigger, h Marketeer Jackson 
Caraher Patrick, grocer, 128 W. Lake 
Carberry Richard, waiter Tremont House, h 

160 Michigan 
Cardell John, bricklayler, h Bucker bt Polk 

and Taylor 
Carder Thomas R. (Arnold & C) h 394 State 
Carey J. M. box 2462 post-office 
Carey Michael, lab, h N. Water bt Wells and 

Carey Patrick, lab, h cor Fulton and Union 
Carey Thomas, teamster, h Ewing bt Clinton 

and Canal 
Cargney Edward, drayman, h Charles nr Wells 
Carigan James, sailor, h oor Sangamon and 

Milwaukee plank roskd 
Carl Carl, miller Rickard, Beierlein & Co. 
Carl John, shoemaker. Market nr Monroe 
Carl William, mason, h Harrison nr Halsted 
Carlin Frederick, h cor Klnzie and Reuben 
Carlin Philip, horse-shoeing and blacksmith, 

67 I'ranklin 
Carlin John, drayman Thomas Floyd, bds 254 

W. Randolph 
Carll Hiram D. printer Scott & Fulton • 
Carlson Gustay, laborer, h Peyton 
Carlson John, lab, h Shanty Town nr Peyton 
Carlson Josh, tailor, h Shanty Town nr Peyton 
Carlton Charles J. (Vint & C.) h May nr Polk 
Carlyle Adam, clerk 189 S. Water 
CARMICHAEL JAMES, commission, N. E. 

cor CUrk and South Water, bds 45 Mioh. ay 

Carmody John, h Mather nr Clinton 

Carmody Michael, laborer, h Mather bi JeSer- 

son and Clinton 
Carnes Dayid, h 189 Buffalo 
Carney Edward, laborer, h 71 Einxie 
Carney James, brewer, 41 South Water, h same- 
Carney Owen, drayman, h Pierce 
Carney Mrs. Patrick, h May bt Polk and Taylor 
Carney Patrick, lab, h N. Water bt WeUs ftnd 

Carney Thomas, laborer, h Market nr Madison 
Carpenter Abel, h Curtiss bt Lake and Fultoa 
Carpenter Benj. packer and proyision dealer^ 

North Water nr Lake House, h 76 Indiana 
Carpenter C. D. engineer, 181 Lake 
Carpenter Mrs 0. I>. dressmaking, 181 Lake 
Carpenter D. T. moulder Union Car Works 
Carpenter Danforth B. salesman 48 South Water 
CARPENTER, DIX & CO. clothing, 48 Soutln 

Water and 1 Clark 
Carpenter George B. bookkeepers. Carpenter 
Carpenter Hiram H. bds Tremont House 
Carpenter L S. (C, Dix & Co.) 48 South Water 
Carpenter Job, nursery, Lake W. of Ann 
Carpenter John D. h cor Kinzie and Carpenter 
Carpenter John M. cavpenter, bds N. Goidd 
Carpenter Joseph F. carpenter, h Clinton bt 

Van Buren and Harrison 
Carpenter Mrs Mary, h cor Lake and Curtiss 
Carpenter Philo, h Rand, bt Morgan and Carp. 
Carpenter Reuben, engrayer, 77 Lake, 8d floor 
Carpenter Samuel, house-moyer, h Lake W. 

of Ann 
Carpenter William, engineer, h Jefferson bt 

Madison and Monroe 
Carpenter William, gardener. Lake nr Reuben 
Carpenter William N. clerk Carpenter, Dix & 

Co. bds 161 WeUs 
Carr George, cook, h alley Wells bt Monroe 

and Adams 
Carr George, carpenter, h Madison nr Halsted 
Carr John, blacksmith Chicago Stone Yard 
Carr Moody, (Frasher, Carr & Co.) h 117 Mad. 
Carr Samuel P. olerk Charles Cleayer, h 192^ 

Carr William, laborer, h 80 Buffalo 
Carroll Mrs Anna, h Blwichard's row 
CarroU B. L. clerk U. S. Express Co. 
CarroU ComeUus, assistant E. G. StUes, h 18$ 

Carroll Edmund, grocer, 158 lUinois 
Carroll James, lab, h Hubbard nr Desplaines 
CarroU James, h Monroe nr Market 
Carroll John, blacksmith, h Randolph nr May 
Carroll John, shoemaker Van Dusen & Bradley 
Carroll John, lab. h Ewing bt Jeff, and DespL* 
Carroll John H. boarding. Canal bt Van Buren 

and Harrison 
CarroU Michael, lab, h Franklin nr Jackson 
Carroll Michael, bricklayer, h cor Polk and 

Carpenter WilUam S. physician, 172 Clark, bds 

98 Clark 
Carson Lewis, grocer, C^yboam ay 



O^irson William A. box 2093 post-office 
Carter Artemas, lumber, Peyton nr Kinzle, h 

cor Jackson and Jefferson 
Carter Aaher (C. & Bauer) h 217 Wabash av 
CARTER & BAUER, architects, 51, 58 Lasalle 
CARTER & CABERBr, watches and jewelrj, 

93 Lake , 

Carter Edmund, blacksmith P. Carlin 
Carter E. P. bookkeeper T. B. Garter & Co. 
Carter H. J. painter, h 118 North Dearborn 
Carter John« barber, 235 Randolph 
Carter 0. G, (C. & Caberey) 98 Lake 
Carter Richard, engineer G. W. Sizer & Co, 
Carter Roswell, fur and wool, 10 Well^, h 89 

Carter Thomas, clerk Artemas Carter 
Carter Thomas B. (T. B. & Co.) h 217 Wab. ay 
CARTER T. B. & CO. dry goods, 136 Lake 
Carthew Richard, constable A. Moon's office 
Cartuyyels Rev. Louis, h 110 North Clark 
Canrer A. M. foreman Dem. Pi*es8 newsroom 
Carver Benjamin F. cashier Marine Bank 
Caryer Ellas, agent Duryee &, Forsyth's scales, 

h Desplaines bt Van Buren and Harrison 
Carver Mrs Mary, boarding, h 2 Illinois 
Carver Oscar F. printer, h 264 Madison 
CARY MI^FORD, physician (botanic), h 93 

Cary Thomas, hackdfiyer J. Braley 
Cary Wm. stonecutter Chdcago Stone Yard 
Oarty James, laboi*er, h 2 Michigan 
Case A. B. printer, h 172 Buffalo 
("ase Adam, laborer, li Clark S. of Liberty 
Case Ben^iainin, shocmakorVanDusen & Bradley 
Case C. A. Connecticut pie bakery, Milwaukee 

av nr Halsted • 
Case Catherine, h Ja<!kson nr Wells 
< -ase E^ baker, h cor Hubbard and Sangamon 
Case .lohn R. h 173 State 
Case Patrick, lab, h Polk bt Desplaines and 

Case S. M. {Savage, C. & Co.) 181 South Water 
Case Wm. T. carriage trimmer, h Ann nr Rand. 
Casey B. boots and shoes, 129 State, h same 
Casey Dennis, hackdriver, h State nr Jackson 
Casey Edward, bds 223 Washington 
Casey Hugh, tailor, h 111 Wells 
Casey James (P. & J. C.) h 22S Washington 
Casey Jeremiah, carpenter, h Erie nr River 
Casey John, mason, h Jefferson bt Van Buren 

and Harrisoil 
Casey Martin, bridge-tender, h Jefferson, bt 

Pojk and Harrison 
Casey Michael, R. R. contractor, h 223 Wash. 
Casey Michael, pedlar, h MIL av nr Sangamon 
Casey Michael, fruit, Monroe cor Desplaines 
Casey Patrick, lab, h Adams nr Desplaines 
Casey P. & J. pawnbrokers, 40 Wells 
Casey Patrick (P. & J. C.) h 223 Washington 
Casey Patrick, laborer, h 68 Fulton 
Casey Patrick, saloon, cor Madison and Market 

and 13 Clu-k 
Casey Thomas, carpenter, h Jefferson bt Van 

Buren and Harrison 

Casey William, clerk 215 S. Water 
Cash Patrick, mason, h 93 South Jefferson 
Ca^han Mrs Ellen, h 82 Kinzie 
Cashan Richard, h alley Dearb(»*n bt Washing- 
ton and Madison 
Caspar! Charles, tailor, h Green Bay nr Cedaff 
Caspari Frederick, currier, h Wells bt Harrison 

and Van Buren 
Cass Louis, h Halsted bt Wash, and Randol]^ 
Cassidy Edward, constable, h Madison bt Green 

and Halsted 
Cassidy Edward, lab, h Buffalo S. ef Twelfth 
Cassidy James, saloon, 88 S. Water 
Cassidy John, drayman, h Franklin nr Hinsd. 
Cassidy Michael, lab, h Desplaines bt Fulton 

and Carroll 
Cassidy Patrick, lab 111. Stone Dressing Co. 
Cassimere Adam, planer, h New Division 
Oasson John, blacksmith, h cor Hub. and HiJL 
Castle C. H. clerk £. S. Castle 
Castle Edward H. (C, Granger & Filkins) h oor 

Lake and Paulina 
CASTLE £. S. trunks, &c. 284 Lake, bds 118 

Castle Frederick, distributing clerk post-offioe, 

bds 240 Madison 
CASTLE, GRANGER & FILKINS, real estate^ 

100 Randolph 
Caswell Sidney, police, h Wells nr Harrison 
Cather Solon, clerk Cochran & Lyon, bds 62 

W. Lake 

Madison and Wabash av 
Catlin Julius S. (Stephens & C.) bds 18 Dearb. 
Catlin Seth, at Houghteling & Shepard*s 
Caton William P. canal inspector, h 224 Mad. 
Caulfield B. G.(WaUer, C. & Bradley) 18 Metro- 
politan block 
Caughey Robert, carpenter, h cor Milwaukee 

and Chicago avs 
Caughlin Michael, clerk F. B. Gardner 
Cavanagh Jerry, h Canal nr Mitchell 
Cavanaugh James, tailor^ h Quincy E. of Clark 
Cavanaugh Michael, lab, h cor Oak and Wolcott 
Cavanaugh Dr. T. H. & Co. medicines, &c. 98 

Cella Powell, clerk 218 Clark 
Cerf Jacob, physician, 167 Wells 
Cbacksfield George, grocer, 242 W. Randolph, 

h same 
Chackstield Thomas^ drayman, h 41 Lasalle 
Chadboume A. S. clerk 105 Lake, bds 81 Mieh- 

igan ay 
Chadboume B. H. agent E. & T. Fairbanks & 

Co. 197. S. Water 
Chadwick Charles M. bds 186 Madison 
Chaffee Ebenezer, (J. R. Mills & Co.) 
Chakenesy Daniel, lab, h Goethe 
Chalander G: engineer G. & 0. U. R. B. h Hub*- 

bard bt Peoria and Green 
Chalmers Thomas, (P. W. Gates & Co.) h 119 
I W. Monroe 



Ghaloner Capi James, h cor ForqnerandOlm. 
^ Chamberlain & Brother, papier mache manu- 
facturers, 180 W. Kinzie 
Chamberlain B. L. bookkeeper J. R. Hugnnin 
Chamberlain Charles, carpenter, h cor Jackson 

and Franklin 
(Siamberlain F. V. (James Peck & Co.) h 77 

Chamberlain Ira S. (C. & Brother) h 182 W. 

Chamberlain Joel M. (C. & Brother) h 180 W. 

ChambeiMain William C. clerk 82 Lake 
Chamberlain William G. daguerrean gallery, 

181 Lake 
Chamberlin Mrs. H. h Indiana av S. of South 
Chamberlin James P. bds Dearborn House 
Chambers Anthony, h cor Van Buren and 

Chambers Joseph T. works G. Lawson, h 128 

Chandler Anson G. clerk C. H. Simpson & Co. 
Chandler Chas R. clerk Walker, Bronson & Co. 
Chansy Thomas, sawyer, h Ontario nr Peyton 
Chapin £ber J. (C, Marsh & Foss)^h cor Jack- 
son and Clinton 
Chapin Hezekiah, printer Democrat ofiSce 
Chapin John P. forwarding and commission 
mer. cor S. Water and Clark, h 7 Randolph 
Chapin Lyman, carpenter, bds 91 Van Buren 
CHAPIN, MARSH & FOSS, lumber, Canal bt 

A^onroe and Adams 
Chapiot J. bds 164 Randolph 
-Chapman & Attwood, carbuilders Union Car 

Chapman Charles, boarding, h Washington cor 

Chapman Mrs. C. H. h 206 State 
Chapman Daniel, (Brown & C.) bds Am. House 
Oiapman F. M. bds Hamilton House 
Chapman Fred, clerk 102 Lake, h 116 Monroe 
Chapman Henry, treasurer Chicago City Insur- 
ance Co. h State bt Harmon ct and Twelfth 
Chapman Henry, sawfiler, h 221 Adams 
Chapman Harvey C. physician, h 98 Buffalo 
Chapman H. H. clerk 111 Lake, bds 51 Mich- 
igan av 
Chapman JohnE. clerk 111 Lake, bds 51 Mich- 
igan ay 
Chapman Mrs. Sarah, h 107 Jackson 
Chapman William H. 1913 post-office . 
Chappel Delos N. h 137 Adams 
Chappell Peter A. teamster, h Throop*s alley 
Chappell William, teamster, h cor May and 

Chapronne Mons. gardener, h Elston road 
Chapronne Rosella, h W. Madison nr Wood 
Chapute Charles, (C. & Saunders) h Wells nr 

Charles Rev. J. F. h 91 Jackson 
Charleson Christian, cooper A. TorkildsoH 
Charlesworth John, teamster, h Clinton bt 

Madison and Monroe 
CbarletoB Charles, carpenter, h 25 Wolcott 

Charpiot George, proprietor French Hotel, 164^ 

Chase Benjamin F. painter, 90 Randolph, hda 

148 Buffalo 
Chase Charles C. bookkeeper W. S. Gumee 
Chase Charles E. clerk W. P. Swift & Co. h 154 

Chase Charles L. bds Sherman House 
Chase Datid F. clerk Throop, Learned & Co. 
Chase Rev. Dudley, rector Church of the Atone- 
ment, h cor Sangamon and Madison 
Chase Edwin, machinist, h Clinton bt Polk and 

CHASE GEORGE G. Chic, machine depot, 118 

S. Water; h 3 Harrison 
Chase H. G. bool^keeper J. H, Rees & Co, 
Chase Horace A. miller, h Lake W. of Ann 
Chase Saml. B. (J. H. Rees & Co.) h Pine Grove 
Chase Thurston, clerk J. S. Wright 
Chase William W. sailmaker Hubbard & Robb 
Chatfield James M. printer Dunlop & Sewell 
Chatiield John, h 22 Lake 
Chauncey 0. h Clinton bt Harrison and Van 

CHEESEBRO & FULLER, proprietors Tremont 

Cheesman Walter, clerk 144 Lake 
Cheffre Joseph, stonecutter Illinois Stone Dres- 
sing Co. 
Cheney Lucius P. {C. & Ross) h cor Sangamon 

and Monroe 
Cheney M. F. clerk Wood, Henderson & Co. 
Cheney & Ross, physicians, 62 W. Randolph 
Cheout John, boarding, h Market ur Randolph 
Cherry Stephen, carpenter, h 20 Quincy 
Cheshire Thomas, carpenter, b Fiflton nr May 

office, 48 Dearborn ' 

CHICAGO & AURORA R. R. office, cor Lake 

and Clark 
CHICAGO BANK, 125 Lake cor Clark 
CHICAGO BREWERY, Chicago av nr Lake 

office, W. Randolph 

av North branch 
CHICAGO DEMOCRAT, Jackson Hall, 45 La- 

CHICAGO EVANGELIST, (Presbyterian) 16 


and 170 Clark 
CHICAGO & GALENA U. R. R. freight oiRce, 

N. Water bt Clark and Dearborn 
CHICAGO GAS WORKS office, Monroe nr 


and 248 South Water, office Ex. bank bdgs 
CHICAGO JOURNAL office, 50 Dearborn 

Lasalle, up stairs 
CHICAGO MILLS, cor South Water and Wa- 

bash av 



CHICAGO & MILWAUKEE R. R. office, Ex- 
change building, 3d floor 

120 South Water 

State, (C. Webb, Scc» 
CHICAGO & R. I. R. R. office, 94 Randolph 
CHICAGO & R. I. freight office, Clark bt 

Twelfth and Liberty 

nr River 
CHICAGO THEATRE, Dearborn bt Randolph 

and Washington ■ 
CHICAGO TIMES, 48 Lasalle 
CHICAGO TRIBUNE, Tribune buildings, 51 to 

56 Clark 
CHICAGO WATER WORKS, Chicago avenue 

Luke shore 
CHICKERING & JAMES, attorneys, 146 Lake 
Chickering John W. (C. & James) 175 Wabash 

Chilbers Robt. pound-master, h cor Taylor and 

Chilbers William, h Aberdeen cor Monroe 
Childs. Henry C. bakery. Canal bt Lake and 

Childs J. F. proprietor Christian Times, h 91 

Childs L. W. baker, Canal bt Lake and Rand. 
Childs S. D. h 64 Superior 
Childs S. D. jr. engraver, 9 Clark, bds 64 Sup. 
Childs W. H. elk F. Scammon & Co. h 8 Lake 
Childs W. S. (S. S. Bassett & Co.) 
China John, carpenter, h Hastings 
Chipman J. N. attorney, off. 46 Clark, up stairs 
CHIPMAN J. S. & CO. liquors, 18 Dearborn 
Chipman i. S. (J. S. Coipraan & Co.) 
Chipman Levi, boarding, h Clark bt Liberty 

and Springer 
Ohipp John, butcher, 10 W. Market, h I^openr 

Blue Island av 
Chisck John, porter 115 South Water 
CHITTENDEN LEVI, land agent, office 3 Ex- 
change Bank bdgs, 8d floor 
Chittenden T. C. jr. clerk 209,South Water 
Chommer John J. saddler, 169 N. Clark 
Chonlet Mrs. C. h 33 Quincy 
Christ Wilhelm, bricklayer, h N. Wells 
Christian David W. woodyard, cor Quincy. and 

Franklin, h Indiana av N. of Rio Grande 
Christian Gotfried, sen. laborer, h Chicago av 
Christian John, bds D. W. Christian 
Christian. .lohn, carpenter, h Sungamon bt Owen 

and Hubbard 
Christian John A. clerk Ncely, Eckley & Neely, 

bds 147 Dearborn 
Christian' Napoleon, h Hubbard ur Desplaines 
CHRISTIAN TIMES office, 16 Lasalle 
Christie James, lumber inspector, h 152 Ind. 
Christophel J. drying, h 81 Jefferson 
Christopher Chas. coppersmith, rear 75 Lake 
Christopherson A. joiner, h Chicago avenue nr 


Christy Nathan, laborer, h* Peyton nr Ohio 
Chrystal John, bookkeeper Black & Sherman h 

29 Wolcott 
Chubb James, policeman, h 88 Indiana 
Chubb John F. tinsmith, h Cottage Grove av 
Church & Astbury, flour and feed, 167 N. Clark 
Church B. C. bookkeeper 45 South Water 
Church J. E. clerk 131 South Water, h 150 Buff. 
Church J. 'P. C. policeman, bds 179 Clark 
Church John C. h cor Washington and Curtiss 
Church Rev. Leroy, editor Christian Times, 16 

Lasalle , 

Church Luther W. (C. & Astbury) 167 N. Clayk 
Church Thomas, h 149 Wabash av 
Church William L. freight agent. I. C. R. R., h 

.192 Clark 
Churchill Augustus, finisher H. A. Pitts 
Churchill Geo. grocer, 10 W. Randolph, h same 
Churchill James, planer, h Twelfth nr Lumber 
Churchill Jesse, herdsman, h 83 W. Wash'tou 
Churchill John, clerk Garden City House 
-CITY BRIDEWELL, cor Polk and Wells 
CITY COLLECTOR'S office, 10 court house 

CITY DIRECTORY OFF. 189 Lake cor Wells 
CITY HALL. Court House square 
CITY HOSPITAL (Marine,) Michigan av nx 

Fort Dearborn 
CITY HOTEL, cor State and Lake 
Clabby James, engineer C. & R. I. R. R. 
Clafflin Wm. clerk, h cor Wells and Jackson 
Claflin Isaac, principal No. 2 public school 
Clagett Alfred Y. (C, O'Bannon & Honore) 

219 South Water 
ware, 219 South Water cor Franklin 
Clancy Cornelius, drayman, h Harrison nr Hal. 
Clancy Daniel, lab, h. Ohio nr Peyton 
Clancy John, cooper, h Indiana nr Peyton 
Clancy Mnrtiu, cooper, 163 Jackson, h same 
Clancy M. B. painter, ]i 279 Clark 
Clancy Patrick, mason, h Carroll bt Clinton 

and Jefferson 
Clangly C. teamster, h Williams nr Rucker 
Clansing Frederick, (Winning & Co.) h State K. 

of Taylor 
Clapp Charles C. h Calumet av 
Clapp James, attorney, 21 Dearborn, bds Tre- 

mont House 
Clapp Nicholas D. (Rumsey, Bro. & Co.) bds 

G. F. Rumsey 
Clapperton Mrs. Wm. h Indiana av S. of South 
CLARENDON HOUSE, 214, 216, Randolph 
Clarey John, laborer, h Sherman nr Harrison 
Clark Anna M. h 191 W. Lake 
Clark Augustus B. (Adaius & C) cor Green 

and Fulton 
Clark Dr. C. 2159 post-office 
Clark Charles A. bds 74 Van Buren 
CLARK CHARLES H. attorney, 63 Clark, h 

162 Illinois 
Clark David W. builder, alley bt State and Wa- 
bash ay. h 201 Clinton 



Clark & Dow, proprietors Jerris House 

Clark Edward, lab, h cor Shei^man and Harr. . 

Clark Mrs. E. h Fulton bt Green and Ualsted 

Clark Edwin, (C. & Pickering) 

Clatk Elisha C. carpenter, h rear 90 Superior 

Clark Francis, office 168 Lake 

Clark Francis, mason, h Sand cor Erie 

Clark Frederick, lab, h Fulton bt Halted and 

CLARK, FREEMAN & KIRK, real estate agts. 

4 Metropolitan block 
Clark George, (J. Peattie & Co.) b 81 Ohio 
Clark H. B. produce, bds 109 Madison 
Clark H. Hall, bds Philadelphia House 
Clark Harley, carpenter, h Hubbard bt Green 

and Halsted 
Clark Henry P clerk Ross & Bamber 
Clark Henry, machinist, h Owen nr Desplaines 
CLARK HENRY A. attorney, 41 Clark, h 18 

Clark Hugh, drayman, h 29 Michigan 
Clark Hugh G. grocer, cor State and Harrison 
Clark Mrs. Isabella, h Tyler bt Desplaines and 

Clark James, machinist, h Kinzie nr May 
Clark James N. clerk Doolittle & Miller 
« Clark James R. engineer, h Buff. S. of T?welfth 
, Clark Mrs. Jane, carpet weaver, h Halsted bt 

Einzie and Hubbard 
Clark John, boilermaker Mason & Mc Arthur 
Clark John, tninkmaker, Superior nr Wells 
Clark John, tailor, h Shanty Town nr Peyton 
Clark John, tailor, h Polk bt May and Rucker 
Clark John, (C & Son) 70 N. Clark 
Clark John, stonecutter 111. Stone Dressing Co. 
Clark John, engineer Vulcan Foundry 
CLARK JONAS C real estate, 53 Clark 
Clark Jonathan, carpenter, h Jefferson bt Van 

Buren and Harrison 
Clark L. G. (C. & O'Brien) h Dcspla. nr Owen 
Clark L. G. bookkeeper 111. & Wis. R. R. 
Clark Mrs. L. W. h cor Cottage Grove av and 

CLARK & MARTIN, grocers. State cor Van 

Clark M. M. painter C. & R. I. R. R. 
Clark & O'Brien, grocers, Desplaines nr Owen 
Clark 0. J. painter, h Hastings bt Laflin and 

Clark Patrick, boarding, h Quincy nr Market 
Clark Patrick, drayman, h Indiana nr Peyton 
Clai'k Philip, lab, h Polk nr Blue Island av 
CLARK & PICKERING, real estate and com- 

-mission, 8 Wells 
Clark Richard, lab, h Polk nr May 
Clark Richard, bookseller, h 151 W. Jackson 
Clark Robert B. h 97 S. Clinton 
Clark Ripley, (C. & Dow) Jei*%'is House 
Clark Robert, baker Stewart & Co. 
Clark Robert, (C. & Son) h 166 Illinois 
CLARK & SON, blacksmiths, 70 N. Clark 
Clark Stewart, h 13 Adams 
Clark Sylvester, printer, h 72 S. Desplaines 

Clark Thomas, h Carpenter lu* the River 
Clark T. R. (T. R. C. & Co.) h 65 Michigan av 
Clark T. R. & Co. woodyard, Michigan £♦ of 

McCorniick's factory, office 78 Lake 
Clark Watson, tinsmith Loomis & Abbott, h 

129 Dearborn 
Clark William, tailor, Sherman nr Polk, h same 
Qlark W. E. physician, office 42 Clark 
Clark Wm, H. clerk C. & R. L R. R. frt. office 
Clarke Mrs. Bridget, h Edina N. of Taylor 
Clarke Miss Eugene, 2d AsBist«,nt Primary De- 
partment No. 2 Public School 
Clarke George R. attorney, Metropolitan Hall, 

h Harrison bt Wabash and Michigan ays 
CLARKE GEORGE W. land agent, 10 Smith's 

Bank Buildings, bds Tremont House 
.Clarke Mrs. Henry B. h Michigan av bt Old 

and North 
Clarke Henry W. attorney, 3 Warner's block, 

h Michigan av nr depot 
Clarke James, watchman, h Clark bt Twelfth 

and Liberty 
Clarke John, machinist Union Car Works 
Clarke John, stonecutter, h 111 Madison 
Clarke John V. (Warner & C.) 
Clarke Samuel C. h Hinsdale nr Wells 
Clarke William, (G. Steel & Co.) 
Clarkson Joseph P. (Hervey & C.) 

James' Church, h cor Cass and Huron 
Clarkson Robert R. foreman F. V. Pitney, h 

177 Monroe 
Clarkson Thomas E. printer S. P. Rounds 
Clarkson William W. machinist C. & R. I. R. R. 
Clary Stephen, (Mather & Co.) h. 8 Knight's blk 
Clausen Charles, cabinetmaker Rug^ & Knib- 

loe, h S. Clinton nr Mather 
Clay J. lab, H. & 0. Wilson 
Clay George, boarding, h 349 Clark 
Clay Patrick, h rear 3 Buffalo 
Clayburgh Martin, clothing, 162 Lake 
Cleal James, clerk 82 Michigan 
Cleaver Charles, harnessmaker, h 83 Illinois 
CLEAVER C. lard oil, soap, and candles, 99 S. 

Water, h Cleaverville 
CLEAVERVILLB, Lake Shore, South Limits 
Cleber Ernst, carHagemaker Welch & Mendscn , 
Clegg James, watchmaker I. Speer 
Cleghorn Edward, 346 post-office 
CLEMENT, BUTLIN & CO. lumber. Market bt 

Monroe and Adams 
Clement Michael, works S. B. Haggard & Co. 
CLEMENTS JOHN F. attorney, 8 Marine Bank 

Clement Capt. Stephen (C, ButUn & Co.) h 64 

Clemmens G. B. carpenter, h Huhbard nr Desp, 
Clemmens Michael,' h 166 Washington 
Clenocver Charles, harnessmaker G. Leverenz 
Cleveland Reuben, (C. & Russell) h cor Peoria 

and Kinzie 
Cleveland & Russell, carpenters and joiners, 

74 Fulton 



CleTeland H. L. bookkeeper, h Halst. cor Mud. 
CleToland SyWeater, real estate and insuranee 

agent, h 300 Clark 
Olidesdell Capt* James, h Jefferson nr Hanison 
Olideedell Capt. Robert, h Peoria nr Adams 
Olifford James, wagonmaker, Union bt Lake 

and Randolph 
Clifford John, earpenter, h Fulton bt Peoria 

nnd Sangamon 
Clifford John, lab, h 78 N. WeUs 
Clifford Mrs. Lydia, h- cor Clinton and Polk 
Clifford Martin, shoemaker, h cor Michigan ay 

and River 
Clifford MorriS) dniyman, h Market nr €fai. av 
Clifford N. contractor, b Shanty Town nr Peyton 
Clinch Martin, lab. h Blanchard row 
Cline Mrs. A. F. h 157 Dearborn 
Cline James, machinist, h 72 W. Madison 
Cline Jacob, h cor Wells and Quincy 
Cline John W. bds 157 Dearborn 
Cline Levi, clothier, 253 Clark, h same 
Cline Simon V. machinist, h 88 W. Washington 
Cliney C. lab, h Fulton W. of Wood 
Clingley Christ, teamster, h Williams nr Laflin 
Clingman William & Co. clothing, 188 Lake 
CHugman William, (W. C. & Co. ) h 44 Monroe 
Clinton James B. bookkeeper U.S. Express Co. 
Clinton H. U. clerk J. S. Wright 
Clinton Patrick, lab, h cor Kinzie and Reuben 
Clogen William, cooper, h Forquer bt Clinton 

and JeflEcrson 
Clogher Wm. city surveyor, 69 Clark, h Hal- 

sted bt Fttlton and Carroll 
Clonuan And. engineer Rickard, Beierlien & Co. 
CloBgh John H. clerk T. D. Randall 
CLOU6H JOHN, produce broker, 48 Kinzie 
dough John, coppersmith, h Nebraska av 
Glouse Mrs. Eva, h Lake bt Union and Hnlsted 
Clcvrry Mrs. Bridget, h Canal nr MaiLwell 
Clowry B. M. saddler Wm. B. Savage 
Clowry Jer. carpenter, bds Mrs. B. Clowry 
Clowry Peter, ostler Piatt & Howe 
Clowry Thomas, Tutor University St Mary's 

of the Lake 

125 State 
Cleyde John, turner, bds Georp^o Sauennan 
Cloyde John, h cor Lydia and Union 
Cloyde Misses, dressmakers, h 84 State 
Clutis Henry, lab, h State S. of Peck ct 
Clyboum Archibald, (J. Ellis & Co.) h Elston 

roa<knr North av 
Coftle Isaac, lumber, G. Herbert & Co. bds 107 

Gean James, drayman, h Harrison bt Canal 

and River 
Coates Charles, carpenter, h Div. nr Clyboum 
Coatsworth George, physician and surgeon, of< 

fioe No. 1, 17 N. Clark 
Cobb Angelon, fruit dealer, bds 16 Kinzie 
Cobb Emery, manager Union telegraph Office, 

bds Tremont House 
Cobb G. W. h 148 Washington 
Cobb Henry, mason, h Lib. bt Stote and Oterk 

COBB JAMES W. foundry nr Kinzie st. bridge, 

h Desplaines bt Hubbard and Kinzie 
Cobb L. I. (MoFall & Co.) h Van Huron nr 
/ Desplaines 
Cobb Nathan, sash-factory, h cor Franklin and 

Cobb Silas B. h 67 Michigan av cor Lake 
Coburn Fitzhenry, clerk Mich. South. R. R. h 

Mather nr Canal 
Coburn J. L. clerk 181 S. Water 
Cochran James, grocer, Peyton nr Ohio 
Cochran James W. (C. & Lyon) h Lake btClin^ 

ton and Jefferson 
Cochran Jerome, shoemaker, h Kinzie 
Cochran & Lyon, land ageuts, 66 W. Lake 
Cochran Russel, contr. Chi. & Mil. R. R, bds 

Russel Green 
Cochran Samuel, barber, h 41 Buffalo W. of 

Cochrane Michael, shipcarpenter, h N. Water 

bt Wells and Peyton • 
Cochrane William B. surveyor, 69 Clark 
Cody Asa C. box 2708 post-office 
Cody John, drayman, h Franklin nr Division 
Cody T. A. conductor, h 348 Clark 
Coe Charles C. 86 Lake bds Matteson House 
Coe Matthew D. h 128 Michigan av 
Coe Peter^ blacksmith Eliithorpe, Kline & Co. 
Coe S. P. clerk 106 Lake 
Coey David, carpenter, h Buffalo S. of Polk 
Coffee Patrick, boarding, h cor Market and V. 

Buren ^ 

Coffey Daniel, h N. Market alley 
Coffey Edward, lab, h N. Water bt Wclls and 

Coffey James, cooper« h Dearborn nr North 
Coffey Jeremiah, express, h Erie nr River 
Coffey Michael, chandler J. Johnston 
Coffey Thomas, stonecutter, b Sherman bt Polk 

and Taylor 
Coffey Timothy, lab, Chicago Stone Yard, h 

Ohio nr Peyton 
Coffey William A. sailor, h Pearce nr Halsted 
Cogan John, bricklayer, h N. Jefferson nr FuL^ 
Cogan John, clerk T. W. Alexander & Co. h 47" 

Cogan Lawrence, boarding, h Wells nr Tyler 
Cogan Michael, carpenter, h Wells nr Tyler 
Coger Joseph, saloon, 68 State 
Cogger Henry, miller Gage & Haines > 
Cogne Julius, vinegar manufftcturer, 181 Wells 
Cohn B. tailor, 296 Clark, h same 
Cohn, DeYoung & Co. auction and commission, 

12 Dearborn 
Cohn Lewis, fhiit, 167 Lasalle 
Coit Daniel R. attorney, 10 Dearborn 
Cokely James, lab, h Dearborn bt Springer nnd 

Cokely Patrick, lab, h Clinton bt Harrison and 

Van Buren 
Colatta John M. provisions, W. Madison nr 

COLBORN H. & SON, commission, &c. cor 

Lake and Market 



Colborn Levi H. (H., G. & Co.) bds J. W. Pat- 
Colborn Josiah E. engineer^ h Prairie bt Peo- 

rie and Sangamon 
Colby George W. Colby House 
COLBY HOUSE, cor Wells and Washington 
Colby James F. clerk I. C. R. R. office, bds 854 

COLBY 0. V. proprietor Colby House 
Colby William, bds Colby House 
Cole Festus B. h Adams bt Desp. and Halsted 
Cole Heman W. clerk Cooper. & Battelle 
Cole Henry, joiner, h Michigan av. nr Fenni. 
Cole Henry S. carpenter, h jSich. ar nr Kound 

Cole Jackson, tinsmith, bds W. Davenport 
Cole James, blacksmith, h Curtiss bt Randolph 

and Lake 
Cole J. D. bookkeeper Exchange Bank, bds 

Mrs. Sweet 
Cole Mrs. Mary, milliner, h 152 W. Lake 
Cole Richard, stonecutter, h cor Forquer and 

Cole Solomon, 18 Edina. 
Cole Wesley, blacksmith Gowey & Boomer 
Coles Alfred W. soda bottler Bebbington & Co. 
Coles Thomas B. artist, bds 8 Buffalo 
Coleman Michael, carpenter, h 74 Carroll 
Coleman Ira, h 145 Dearborn 
Coleman Ira, lab, bds M. O'Meara 
Coleman Michael, shipcarpenter^ h 40 Fulton 
Coleman Wm. housemover, h Edina cor Taylor 
Collamer Edward, bds 91 Clark 
Colley William, }ab, h Grove 
Colliard Joshua, clerk 141 S. Water 
Colling Erick, tailor, h North ^f North av 
Coring John, blacksmith, h Sherman nr Polk 
Collins Miss Ann, vestmaker, bds 155 Huron 
COLLINS & BI.ATGHFORD, lead pipe works, 

Clinton cor Fulton 
Collins Mrs. B. h 65 Washington 
Collins Edmund, blacksmith, Union Car Works, 

h North nr Arnold 
Collins Edward, blacksmith Union Car Works 
Collins George, h 67 Washington 
Collins James, lab, h Erie nr Peyton 
COLLINS JAMES A. physician, 59 Clark, bds 

Sherman House 
Collins Mrs. James H. h Ontario bt Pine and 

Rush • 
Collins James L. bookkeeper, h 835 State 
Collins John, lab, h N. Water bt WeUs and 
" Franklin 

Collins John, drayman, h 155 ^uron 
Collins John, stonecutter, h Charles nr Wells 
Collins John, machinist, h cor Forq. and Clin. 
Collins Joseph B. Lieut. 4th Infantry, recruit- 
ing office 142 W. Randolph 
Collins Martin, lab, h 82 N. Clark,, up stairs 
Collins Morris (C. & Blatchford) 
Collins Patrick, blacksmith, Taylor E. of Clark 
Collins Patrick, lab, h. 225 Market 
Collins Peter, blacksmith, bds 27 ( Market 
Collins Stephen, fireman, h State nr Springer 

Collins Silas F. physician, 44 Franklin, h 186 

Franklin cor Madison 
Collins Thomas, ostler S. B. & M. O. Walter, 

h Erie 
Collins Thomas, h W. Madison nr Bull's Hea^ 
Collins Thomas, lab, h Butterfield nr Springer 
Collins Timothy, brassfinisher D. A. Foot 
Collins William, teamster, Chicago Stone Ywaed 
Collins Capt. W, A. h 58 W. Randolph 
CoUosky John, marblepolishert l91 Clark 
CoUum G. U. M. box 2540 post-office 
Colson Charles W. sUverplatar, 86 Randolph* 

h 75 Van Buren 
Colson Thomas, machinist, bds 75 Van Boren 
Colton Alex. M* F. carpenter, bds 88 N. I>esbr. 
Oolton Alonzo, C. & R. L R. R. h Gri»wald bt 

Polk and Taylor 
Colton Mrs. B. £. 2 Lake, Dearborn House 
Colton D. A* physician, office 2 Lake, h satme 
Colton John, carpenter, h N. Water bt Wells 

and River 
Colton John, sailor, h cor Lasalle and Tw <!»*»«. 
Colton J. R. 1920 post-office 
Colton Patrick, labf hShahty Townnr Peyton 
Columbo A. L. hairdresser, MeCardell House 
Colville George W. bookbinder R. OolviUe 
Colville H. D. agent U. S. Exp. Co. 14 Dear- 
born, h 204 State 
COLVILLE ROBERT, bookbinder, 189 i:.ake, 

h 106 Van Buren 
Colville R. W. bookbinder R. Colville 
Colvin D. carpenter, h Halsted nr Twelfth 
Colvin John H. clerk U. S. Express Co. 
Colvio S. R. vapor baths, 178 Madison, h same 
Colwell John, lab, h Creswell bt Harrison aiid 

Van Buren 
Comaford Francis, carriagetrimmer Welch & 

Combs Andrew, agent Watkins & Co. k 169 

Comfort Michael, tailor, h Desplaines bt Har> 

risen and Van Buren 
COxMLY E. L. & CO. gasfitters, 170 Lake 
Comly Edward L. (E. L. Comly & Co. h 14a 


COMMERCIAL BANK, cor Clark and Rand. 

Randolph and State 
COMMERCIAL HOUSE, Sher. cor V. ^luren 
Common Henry, blacksmith, h cor Hubbard 

and Halsted 
Commons Charles, stonecutter, h Forquer bt 

Canal and. Clinton 
Commons Patrick, lab, h Ewlng bt Canal and 

COMPTON, GREEN & GRAY, tobacco, 97 S. 

Compton John (0. , Green & Gray) h 26 Lake 
Comstock Abel G. baggagemaster, bds 21 Quin. 
Comstock 0. H. asst. supt III. C. R. R. h 72 

Michigan av 



— i 

Coaistoick lifike^ mailoarrier, li 76^ Monroe 
Oomjers L. H. turner F. F. Eggleston & Co. 
€U>iidon Riehard, lab, h Wayman bt Desplaines 

and Union 
Condon ^illiam^ bntcher, h cor Polk and Hal. 
Cone Albert^ baggagmnaster, h 11 Buffalo 
Cene Hnbbel B. agent Howell &8kilton, h 413 

GONE JOHN £. attorney, 17 M^opolitan 

Block, h cor Peoria and Lake 
Cone Oscar J. salesman 48 S. Water 
Conklin James, finisher Rngg & Knibloe 
Conklin John, h Jackson bt Halsted and Desp. 
Conldin William, policeman, h 45 Michigan 
Gonlan Mrs. Marj, h 52 W. Kinzle 
Conlej EdT^ard, Troy House, 270 Clark 
Conley Mrs. Eveline, h 113 W. Madison 
Conley Matthew, (C. & Wagner) 
Conley Peter, lab, h Sherman, bt Polk and 

Coiyiey Philip, proprietor St. Charles saloon, 

h 166 Michigan 
CONLEY & WAGNER, Exchange Saloon, cor 

Clark and Kinzie 
Conlin James, clerk J. H. Eames 
Conly Henry, butcher, h 134 State 
Oonnuighton Peter, boarding, h 66 N. Water 

ay nr Halsted 
Comiell James, lab, h William bt Van Buren 

and Harrison 
Connell James, h Carpenter nr Einzie 
Coimell John C. carpenter, h 184 N. Clark 
Connell John T. bookkeeper £. B. Hurd 
Comielly Bernard, teamster, h Ind. nr Franklin 
Connelly Michael, lab, h Wabash aybtHalleck 

and Twelfth 
Connelly Patrick, lab, h Washington bt Bes- 

plaiues and Jefferson 
Conner Charles, lab, h May 
Conner Edward, driver Bissell House 
Conner Mrs. Elizabet|i, h 228 Adams 
Conner James, mason, h alley Desplaines bt 

Madison and Monroe 
Conner John, drayman, h Van Buren 'bt Jef- 
ferson and Clinton 
Conner Patrick, teamster L. GT. Cutler 
Conner Patrick, boxmaker G. W. Sizer & Co. 
Connors James, lab, h May nr Taylor 
Connett Capt John W. h 125 Clark 
Connolly Edward, clerk 243 Lake 
CoMioUy Patrick, jeweler, 117 Lake, h 80 N. 

Connolly Thomas, working jeweller, h 99 Chi- 
cago av 
Connor Edward, laborer, h Jackson nr Halsted 
Connors John, lab, h Monroe nr Halsted 
Connor John, lab, h N. Water bt Wells and Rit« 
Connor Lawrence, stonecutter, h Sherman nr 

Connor Michael, laborer, h £inzie nr Wood 
Connor Owra, laborer, h Liberty bt State and 

Connor Thomas, proprietor Baltic House, Wells 

nr Van Buren 
Connor Timothy, drayman, h 25 Kinzie 
Connors Peter, laborer, bds Frank Miller 
Conrad Andreas, grocer, Green Bay nr Cedar 
Conrad George, shipearpenter, h Hinsdale nr| 

Conroy Francis G. bootmaker, h 87 Michigan 
Conroy — shoemaker, h 87 Michigan 
Conroy Jane, 4i Williams nr Carpenter 
Conroy John, carpenter, h Van Buren bt Cur- 

tiss and Carpenter 
Conroy Joseph, teamster, h cor Washington ar 
, and Wood 

Conroy Patrick, sailor, h 176 N. Lasalle 
Converse Ebenezer P. clerk 88 Randolph, bds 

76 Monroe 
Converse Nathaniel, shoemaker J. H. Willett, 

bds 309 State 
Conway Daniel, teamster, h Adams nr Halsted 
Conway Dennis, lab, h Buffalo N. of Twelfth 
Conway Godfrey, switchtender, bds E. Murphy 
Conway James F, grocer, 14 W. Randolph 
Conway John, h cor Jefferson and Madison 
Conway John, bricklayer, h Lake bt Jefferson 

and Clinton 
Conway Lawrence J. h 97 Jackson 
Conway Michael, laborer, h Carroll bt Clinton 

and Jefferson 
Conway Miohael, machinist C. & B. I. R. R« 

Conway Michael, stonecutter, h Wells bt Har- 
rison and Polk 
Conway Patrick, shoemaker, h Forquer cor 

Conway Patriek, h Erie, nr Peyton 
Conway Thos. laborer, h cor Peyton and Erie 
Conway* William, drayman, h Michigan av N« 

of Springer 
Cooban Edmondson, veterinary surgeon, h 265 

State ' 
Cook Alexander, (C. & McLain,) dyers and 

renovators, 96 Dearborn 
Cook Alpheus, h 109 Dearborn 
Cook Ansel D. (W. & A. B. G. & Co.) h 170 W. 

Cook Augustus F. teacher of music and lan- 
guages, h cor Polk and Griswold 
Cook Mrs. A. S. boarding, h cor State, and 

Cook Cfaas. groeer, Buffalo bt Polk and Taylor 
Cook C. E. 12 N. Clark 
Cook C. W. (W. & A. B. C. & Co.) bds WillartJ 


office, 48, Clark, 3d floor 
Cook Daniel G. h 5 N. Dearborn 
Cook D. G. commission, 6 N. Dearborn, h 11 

N. Dearborn 
COOK k. DOTY, grocers and Milk depots 5 N^ 

Cook Edward, h 186 Franklin 
Cook E. clerk 76' Lake 
Cook Emanuel, clerk B< Sondkeiai 


CaiCAaO DiKfiOTOSt. 

Cook £. M. ag«iit J. R. Mills & Go. 

Cook George C. (Satterlee, C. & Co.) h 291 

Wabash av 
Cook G. G. box 1989 post-office 
Cook Henry, bds 228 Randolph 
Cook Henry P. oarriagedriver, bds 162 Wash. 
' Cook H. W. clerk 64 Lake 
Cook Isaac, post-master, h d6 Michigan av 
Cook James, drayman, h Adorns bt Jefferson 

^rUd Desplaines • ^ 

Cook Jehiel F» bookkeeper 239 Lake 
Cook Jesse C. h 76 State 
Cook Joel, boot and shoemaker, Milwaukee 
. plank road nr Hubbard 
Cook Jdbn, fireman, h Buffalo S. of Polk 
Cook Josiah P> (Peacock & C.) h Monroe bt 
^ Desplaines and Halsted 
Cook Julius, hoQsemoTer, h Milwaiikee av nr 

Sangamon , 

Cook L. Eugene, (C. & Poty,) 
COOK & McLAIN, dyers and renovaters, 96 

Cook Meredith, clerk 244 Lake 
Cook B. G. police, h Adams nr Franklin 
Cook Bichard £. auctioneer, 17 N. Clark, h 

108 Jefferson 
Cook Theodore F. clerk, h Jackson l>t Loomis 

and Rolker 
Cook Thomas, laborer^ h Adams bt Jefferson 

and Despliunes 
Cook Thoffi>s, barkeeper Conley & Wagner, h 

96 Superior 
Cook Thomas, sailor, h Hinsdale nr Market 
COOK W. & A. B. & CO. flagging, &c. cor 

Jackson and Market 
Cook Willard, (W. & A. B C. & Co.) h Peoria 

bt Lake and Fulton 
Cooke David B. (D. B. C. & Co.) h 120 State 
COOKE D. B. & CO. books> &c. 135 Lake 
Cooke Henry, oysters and sealed goods, 12 

Clark, bds Tfemont House 
Cooke Jas.. S. (D. B. C. & Co.) h 112 Madison 
Cookson Charles, clerk Becorder's office, h 

Adams cor Rolker 
Cool Mathias» Wagonmaker) h Rebecoa nr 

Cooley Charles S. bookkeeper R. Hatch 
Cooley Francis B. (C.,Wadsworth & Co.)h 162 

Cooloy James, laborer, h Kiniie nr Morgan 

dry goods, 205 South Water 
Coombs George, groceries, W. Water bt Madi- 
. son and Washington 
Coomba WilHam H^ carpenter, h cor Wabaosia 

av and Cook 
Coone J. B. clerk 114 Lake 
Cooney Patrick, plumber, h Rucker nr Twelfth 
Cooney Patrick, blacksmith, h 80 W. Monroe 
Coupe Robert, (Lees &C.) bds 12 W^Us 
COOPER & BATTELLE, groceries, 157 Ran- 
dolph and 204 WeUs 
Cooper £. M. clerk American Ezpregs Co» 
Cooper Dr. H^sry, 2207 post^^ce 

Cooper James, barber, 66 BKnciolpli^ h 4^ 

Cooper Miss M. teacher public school No 1, 

bds 110 Indiana 
Cooper Mrs. Martha, h cor Carroll and JF^fer. 
Cooper William, (C. & Battelle) cor Adarmsand 
• Wells 
COPE BENJAMIN, saddles and harness, 44 

Copeland John, dreiyman, h Buffalo nr Jacksos 

near Archer road 
Copleman Adam, carpenter, Quincy nr Frank 
Coppage Jiohii W. fruit, h 146 Huron 
Corban Mrs. h Jefferson bt Carroll and Fiidtet 
Corbet John, lab, h Jeff'erson bt Lake and Band. 
CORBIN D. W. & CO. tobacconists, 57 Clark 
Corbin Daniel W. (D. W. C. & Co.) h Van B» 

renbt State and Wabash av 
Corbie Peter, moulder, h Ewing bt JefPesncn 

and Desp'iaiaes 
Corbridge John, cntler, 197 Randolph, h Wood 

bt Washington and Kinzie 
Corcoran Patrick, labors, h Canal nr Maxwell 
Corcorin John, laborer, h Charles bt Wells and 

Cordes Gustarus, tailor, 181 BlinoiS) h same 
Cordes Henry, laborer, h Liberty bt Clark and 

Cordry L. H. & Co. lightning rodS) rear 141 

Cordry Lorenzo H. (C. & Co.) h 53 W. Madison 
Corey Chester, plasterer, bds G. Barneti 
Corey David A. clerk D. B. Fisk & Co. bds 68 

Corey Samuel H. clerk 166 S. Water 
Corison Pv carpenter, cor Jefferson and Wash* 
Corkell John, lab, h Ohio nr Peyton 
Corkea Archibald, watchmaker I. Speer 
Corkery Timothy, lab, Stewart's av nr South 
Corlett Robert, engineer, h 2 Indiana 
Cormick Jo^n, laborer, h Ohio nr Peyton 
Cormick Thomas, lab, b 113 Kinzie 
CORNJSLL & BARRON, attorneys, 65 Clark 

cor Randolph 
Cornell James W. conductor G. & 0. U. & B* 
Cornell Paul (C. & Barron) 
Cornell W. R. bds 158 Madison 
CORNELIUS JOHN, blacksmith, Michigan bt 

Wells and Franklin 
Coming John, h 99 Jackson 
Corr Jacob, laborer, h N. of North 
Corrigan Edmund, blacksmith- M. Corpgta 
Corrigan Michael, blacksmith, 118 Dearborn 
Corrigan Nicholas, lab, h North bt Clark and 

Corrigan Richard, laborer, h Polk bt Des- 
plaines and Halsted 
Corrigan Thomas, blacksmith^ h 899 State 
Corrigan WiHiam, bds 88 South Water 
Corrigan Wm. soap foctory, Rucker cor Oath. 
Corry Dennis, lab, h Indiana nr Peyton 
Corry Patrick, teamster Adams' mills 
Cortosky M. olerk, bds 228 Randolph 

quicAoo M^scsonr. 


Corts Michael, tailoT, h £dina S. of Tf^lor 
Cory S. T. bookkeeper Maitland & Scranton 
Cosgrove John, blacksmith P. Carlin 
Co»grove John, pedler, h Desplaines bt Harri- 

aon and Polk 
Cobs Louis, saloon^ 115 K. Clark, h same 
Cosaey William, laborer, h Larrabee 
Cost William, machinist P. W. Gates & Co. 
Costegan Patrick, laborer, h 202 W. Lake 
Costello Daniel, waiter Washington coffee house 
Coatello James, laborer, h Edina bt Polk and 

Costello James, melter Q. W. Sizer &. Co. 
Costello Rich, drayman, h JEdina N. of Twelfth 
Costello Rich, carpenter, h Quincy nr Market 
Coston Benton A. carpenter, bds IG Kinzie 
Coston P. C. carpenter, bds 16 Kinzie 
Cottenham Henry, h Quincy nr Franklin ' 
Cotter William, bricklayer, h Lake Shore N. 
' of North 
Couch Lra, office 8 Couch's blk, bds Tremont 

Couch James, bds Tremont House 
Couch Oliver T. h 435 Clark 
Couch Mrs. Margaret, h cor Charles and Frank. 
Couch Uriah B. paymaster C. & R. I. R. R. 
COUCH'S BLOCK, 12, 14 and 16 Dearborn 
Coughlan Mrs. Ann, seamstress, h Adams nr 

Coughlin B. drayman, h cor Jackson and Frank. 
Coughlin Dennis, grocery, cor. Jeff, and Polk 
Coughlin John, engineer, h cor Prairie ay and 

Palo Alto 
Coughlin Peter, shipcarpenter, h N. Water bt 

Wells and Peyton 
Coughran Clinton, h Sangamon bt Madison 

and Monroe 
Coughran Michael, policeman, h Sangamon bt 

Madison and Monroe 
Coughran Washington, millwright, h Sanga- 
mon bt Madison and Monroe 
Coulson Henry Q. tailor, h Sang, nr Adams 
Counihan Michael, bds P. Eayler 
Countiss Robert H. grocer, Clai*k cor Van Bu- 

ren, h 322 Clark 
COUNTY CLERK'S OFFICE, 4 court-house 

COURIER office; 8G Dearborn 
COURT HOUSE, Court-House Squate, cor 

Clark and Randolph 
Courtney Edmond, lab, h William bt Carpen- 
ter and Curtiss 
Courtney John, lab, h Williams nr Van Buren 
Coventry Alexander, attcHcney, 1 Marine Bank 

Buildings, h 31 Cass 
Covert A. H. lumber, Franklin nr Charles, bds 

95 Edina 
Cowan A. B. shoemaker, h Morgan nr Polk 
Cowan John, lab, h Morgan nr Fourth 
Cowan Thomas, lab, h nr Monterejt bt Indiana 

and Prairie avs 
. (jowan William, lab, h nr Monterey bt Indiana 
aad Prairie kts 

Cowan Thomas, groceries, cor Wells and Mad. 
Cowdery 'Hiram C. W. carpenter. Lake nr 

Green, h Jackson bt Loomis and Rolker 
Cowdry James, lab, h Jefferson nr Harrison 
Cowell Rev. George, select school, 10 Sand ccr 

Cowles A. bookkeeper Tribune office 
Cowles William, clerk £. & J. Oanfield 
Cowlin Abraham, boot and shoemaker, h 132 

W. Lake 
Cowper Mrs. £. (C. & Co.) h 89 Clark 
Cowper & Co. house and land agents, 89 Clark 
.Cowper George, carriagemaker Welch & Men^ 

den, bds 89 Clark 
Cowper William, clerk, bds 89 Clark 
Cox Mrs. Elizabeth, boarding, h 78 Illinois 
Cor George, teamster, bds A. Fray 
Cox John C. car-repairer, h Green cor Kinzie 
COX SAMUEL, melodeon manufactory, 49 

Randolph, 3d floor 
Cox Thomas, cooper, h Owen near Desplaines 
Coy Charles, clerk, bds P. B. Green 
Coy Franklin P. foreman H. A. Pitts 
Coyne Luke, lab, h Harrison bt Canal and River 
Coyle Patrick, watchman, h Michigan aY N. of 

Coyle Peter, blacksmith, h 121 Edina 
Crade Charles, tanner Chic. Hide & Leather Co. 
Craft Mrs. S. boarding, h Sherman nr Jackson 
Crager Frank, foreman 109 Lake 
Craig James, grocer, N. Water bt Wells and 

Craig Mrs. Maj'garet, h 225 Adams 
Craig Thomas, confectioner, 70 N. Clark, h 

Craighead James, stonemason^ h Oak bt Wells 

and Franklin 
Crain Mrs. A. D. h eor Fulton and Peoria 
Cramer Adam, lab, h Division nr Sedgwick ' 
Cramer Adolph, bookkeeper 153 S. Water 
Cramer Albert, clerk 130 Lake 
Cramer Charles, barber, 73 N. Water 
Cramesr James, whitewasher, h Buff. S. of Polk 
Cramer John, stonecutter, h Will, cor Loomis 
Cram<sr Mrs. M. h Sherman bt Polk and Tay- 
Cramer Mathias, clerk William M. Savage . 
Cramer Nicholas, engineer Chicago Hide and 

Leather Co« 
Crandall Channcey B. foreman G. T. Elliott 
Crandall Erastus B. clerk E. Rawson,'bds 54 

CBANE BROS. & CO. clothing, 165 8. Water 
Crane Chester, machinist, bds C. Huson 
Crane & Dalton, agents SprottV Schnapps, 80 

CRANE E. P. & CO.. scale manufacturers, 

Wright's bdg, N. end Wells 
Crane E. P. (E. P. C. & Co.) h 24 Kinitie. 
CranQ lllon, h Buffalo S. of Van Buren 
Crane Isaac A. (C, Bro. & Co.) 165 S. Water 
Crane James L. (C, Bro. & Co.) 165 S. Water 
Crane Maurice, distributing clerk post-office, 

fa Eonzie nr Market 




Crane Martin, lab, h Erie nr Peyton 

Crane Nupoleon, bricklayer, h cor Lake and 

Crane Thomae, lab,' h N. Water bt Wells and 

Crang Richard R. (C & Schoelkopf) h Carroll 

bt Union and Halsted 
Crans Patrick, lal$, h Archer road , 
Crary H. C. & Co. groceries, cor Madison and 

Crarance Wm. printer, h 174 Washington 
Cravens B. H. (W. C. & Co.) h 174 W. Wash. 
Cravens & Co. printers, 182 Lake 
Crawford A. B. conductor G. & C. U. R. R. 
Crawford Capt. Alexander, h 20 Superior 
Crawford Hugh, bds 70 Buffalo 
Crawford James M. agent J. R. Mills & Co. 
Crawford John, patternmaker, h Broome av 
Crawford John, lab, h 171 N. Lasalle 
Crawford Rev. L. P. American Sabbath School 

Agent, 50 Lasalle 
Crawford Nicholas, teamster, h 68 Buffalo 
Crawford Peter, W. Band, bt Desp. and Jeff. 
Crawford Thomas, mason, h Division nr Hal. 
Crawford Wm. A. (J. R. Mills & Co.) 68 Lake 
Creari Maurice, distributing clerk post-office 
Creasman J. M. lab, h Sycamore nr Clark 
Creet James, blacksmith H. A. Pitts 
Cregier De Witt C. engineer Chicago Water 

Works, h Wolcott nr Superior 
Crego David R. trunkmaker, h 84 N. Dearborn 
Cremieux S. boarding, h 46 Kinsie 
Cremmiskey John, clerk R. I. R. R. frt dept. 
Creote Joseph, h Lake W. of Ann 
Creswell Mrs. John, h 182 W. Madison 
Creuzer Ferdinand, bookkeeper Illinois Staats 

Crew John T. manuf. Pain Extractor, 77 Lake 
Crews Rev. Hooper, h 113 Clark 
Cribler Lopold, lab. Rickard, Reierlein & Co. 
Crick Edward, lab, Union Car Works 
CridlAdd C. E. artist, 189 Lake 
Crippen J. H. clerk tf. Beidler, Bros & Co» bds 

62 W. Lake 
Crisup John A. (C. & Tim) bds 159 State 
Crisup & Tim, shaving saloon, 86 N. piark 
Croach George, welldigger, h Madison bt Green 

and Halsted 
Crocker George F. (Bryan, C. & Morras) Ma- 
sonic Temple 
Crocker William, saloon, h 17 Indiana 
Croes Mrs. Anna, h 218 Wabash av 
Oroes Robert D. clerk Williams, Thompson & 

Co. \ 

Croes R. V. M. 2949 post-office 
Croffert Hiram P. printer, h 15 St«te^ 
Crofleld John, lab, h Pearson nr Market 
Crofoot Benj. carpenter, bds. 18 Edi&a 
Crone Mrs. J. milliner, 119 Clark 
Crone John, lab, h K Water nr Franklin 
Crone Julius, (Homer & C.) h 119 Clark 
Cronemeyer Fredk. carpenter, h 114 W. Lake 
Cronen Joseph, lab, h Btftterfield bt Springer 

aa4 North 

Croney John, lab, h Third nr Halsted 
Cronin Michael, lab, h Buffalo 8. of Twdfth 
Cronin Patrick, blacksmith H. P. Moses 
Cronk J. M. saloon National Hotel 
Crook Frederick, clerk 116 Lake 
Crook R. boarding, h 121 Canal 
Crookshanks Geo. drayman, h Peyton nr Erie 
CROSBY A. distiller, N. Branch nr Chic, a? 
Crosby Albert, office HiUiard*s block, b W 

Clark cor Erie 
Crosby B. F. clerfc 192 S. Water, bds 42 Adams 
Crosby Christian, teamster, h Qyeen nr Wash. 
Crosby Chas. S. (Crosby & Weodt) 47 Lasalle 
Crosby F. I. (Faxon & C.) 62 Randolph 
Crosby John, cooper, shop cor Kinzie and Cur. 
Crosby John, carpenter, h Totvnsond nr White 
Crosby Lyman B. clerk 72 Lake 
Crosby Nathan, bds Albert Crosby 
Crosby &'Wendt, soap and candles, 47 Lasalle 
Crosman Benj. P. painter, bds 157 State 
Cross Burrel, waiter, h Bujfalo bt Polk and 

Cross Christopher, machinist, h 61 Canal 
Cross F. B. salesman, 111 S. Water, h Ytn 

Buren bt Wells and Franklin 
Cross James, brassfinisher, h Nebraska av 
Cross Michael, tanner, h Madison bt !>«• 

plaines and tlnion 
Croton John, clerk Rumsey Bro. & Co. h 48 

Crouch k Chandler, 2048 post-offiae 
Crouch Rev. Darius, boarding, h 95 Wash. 
Crow B. F. bookkeeper 241 Lake 
Crow Edward, harnessmaker, h 104 Chicago «r 
Crow James, h 42 Adams 
CROW & SMITH, insurance. &c. 227 Lake 
Crowe John J. shoemaker, h 130 Huron 
Crowley Mrs. Bridget, h 12 Indiana 
Crowley Mrs. Ellen, h 247 State 
Crowley Patrick, h Harrison near Cnnal 
Cryne Michael, blacksmith N. A. Car Works 
Cabit William, foreman Thomson & Andrtu, 

bds W. E. Andrus 
Cuddy Thomas, sailor, h Jackson nr Halsted 
Culbert James W. clerk 130 S. Water 
Culbert M. currier Chicago H. and Leather Co* 
Culbert Thomas M. bds 57 N. Wells 
Cull John, polisher Shunusr & Co. h 66 Fultoa 
CuUen* Andrew, clerk M. Lynch 
Cullen James H. tailor, h 155 Dearborn 
Cullen John, lab, bds Robert Emmett House 
Cullen Joshua, carpenter, h Edina bt HarrisQB 

and Polk i 

Culver Belden F. (C. & Co.) bds 90 Wash. 
Culver Charles E. (C. & Co.) bds 90 Wash. 
CULVER & CO. produce and commission, Hil- 

liard^s block 
Culver H. Z. (C. & Page) 
Culver John B. builder, h Milwaukee plank 

road bt Owen and Hubbard 
Culver & Page, bookbinders, 130 Lake 
Culver Robert, land agent, 1 Clark, up stairs 
Cumberland Norman, carpenter, bds 207 Bdina 
Camberland William, carver, h 207 Edina 



*Cuiner John, carpenter, h Qnincy bt Jefferson 

and Clinton 
"Cummings Charles R. clerk 187 lake 
Cummings E. H. (C. & Stone) bds New York 

Ctunmings Henry, blacksmith) h Halsted bt 

Kinzie and Hubbard 
X]?ammings N. engineer C. & M. U. R. 
CammiDgB Thomas, h Prairie nr Green 
Cummings & Stone, land agents, Warner's Hall 
Cummins Charles, stonedresser Illinois Stone 

Dressing Cow 
Cummins Ethel, police, li Meridian nr Halsted 
.Cummins Thomas, saloon and boarding, cor 

Clinton and Taylor 
Cummiskey Simon, clerk 249 Clark 
Cundell William, gardener, h Washington aV 

nr Reuben 
Candinger Peter, shoemaker, h Hickory 
Cunningham Charles, fruit, 119 Pearb. h same 
Canivngham Henry, Dep. Custom House In- 

spectoTT, h 82 itinzie 
Cunningham Jas. lab, h Butterfield nr Springer 
Cunningham J. C. pawnbroker, 116 Wells 
Cunningham J. engineer 0. & M. R. R. h Mil- 
waukee ay 
Cunningham John, .lab, h Shanty town nt !Erie 
Cunningham Robert, policeman, h 89 S. Carp. 
Cunningham Michael, lab, h N. Water bt Wells 

and River 
Cunningham Michae!) laborer, h Division bt 

Lasalle and Clark 
Cunningham Thomas, sailor, h Desplaines bt 

Lake and Fulton ' 

Cunningham William, h Indiana bt Peyton and 

Cunningham William, carpenter, h Polk nr Ann 
Cure Mrs. Peter, h 297 State . 

Curley Bernard, h Polk bt Canal and Clinton 
Curley John, lab, bds Robert Emmet House 
Carley Johh S. clerk Ooss & Hoag, bds 179 

Curley M. L. engineer, h Griswold nr Polk 
Curley Mrs. boarding, h 179 Clark 
CURRAN DENNIS, junk and marine store, 5 

Lind's block, h same 
Curran Hugh, h cor Wells and Throop alley 
Cutran John, la(b, h Jefferson nr Fourth 
Curran Michael, h 158 Wells 
Carran Thomas, lab, h Randolph nr Ann 
Currie John, proprietor Shakespeare saloon, 

13 and 15 Kinzie 
Currin William, grocery, cor Green and Mil. av 
Curry William, carpenter, h 61 W. Jackson 
Cartain John, lab, h Lumber nr Maxwell 
Curtis C. R. S. oculist, 48J Randolph 
Curtis Henry, bookp^r Ryerson, Miller & Co. 
Curtis — ' — carpeiiter, h 369 S. Clark 
Oushing Charles A. tinsmiUi J. P. D. Gibson, 

h 18 N. Dearborn 
Oushing Charles S. clerk Tribune office, bds 

148 Dearborn 
Cushing George W. machinist, h 177 Indiana 
Cushing Henry, Cooper, h Meridian cor Union 

Cushing John, cooper, h Moore nr Polk 
Cuthbertson William, enjgineer, h Fulton bt 

Green and Peoria 
Cutler AzTo, lightning rod maW, h 97 S. Jeff. 
Cutler Edmond J. h 97 S. Jefferson 
CUTTING F. H. produce, S. Water cor faver, 

h Lake opposite Union Park 

Dable Richv painter, h Buffalo N. of Twelfth 

Daoy Jeremiah, h Market nr Chicago av 

Dacy Timothy, laborer, h Fulton bt Union and ' 

DaegUng Chas. mason, 1^ cor Owen and Union 
Dahlem Gerhard, laborer, h Green nr Cedar 
Dahlmatm Frederick, laborer, h Sedgwick cor 

D^lmannn Henry, bookbinder Braunhold & 

Daikling Charles, mason, h Owen nr Halsted 
Daiels Matthew, watchman, h Michigan ja 

Dairy John, h Elston road nr DivisioB 
Daily M. A. h cor Market and Van Buren 
Daley Barney, laborer, h May nr Polk 
Daley Jefferson, policeman, h 68 N. Clark 
Ddley John, laborer^ h 8 N. Dearborn 
Daley Patrick, carpenter, h May nr Polk 
Daley Thomas, laborer Union Car Works 
Daley Thomas, drayman, h Union bt Owen and 

Dallam Joseph W. attorney, bds 189 N. Lasalle 
Dalliba Jasv E. (W. P. Swift & Co.) h 88.1nd, 
Dalton James, engineer, h 175 N. Lasalle 
'Dalton James, lumber, cor Market and Jaoke^pn 
Dalton Jas« joiner, bds cor Canal and Bunker 
Dalton James P. clerk, h 26 Quincy 
Dalton John, joiner, h Ohio nr Peyton 
Dalton John, shipcarpenter, bds 119 Dearborn 
Dalton John, drayman, h Harrison nr Halsted 
Dalton Martin, boarding, h 151 S. Water 
Daly Bernard, grocer, 26 Kinzie 
Daly James, drayman, h Hinsdale nr Lasalle 
Daly John, conductor C. & M. R. R. h 73 N. 

Daly John, laborer, h Ontario nr ;Peyton 
Daly John, laborer, h Nevins nr Chicago av 
Daly Marvin A. bookkeeper Smith, Medbury 

Daly Mrs. J. boarding, h 15 State 
Daly Mrs. Mary, washerwoman, h Wabash av 

bt Lake and Water 
Daly William, laborer, h Jactson bt Desplaines 

and Halsted 
Damm Caspar, carpenter, h Creswell nr Polk 
Damon F. H. bookkeeper Myers & Co. 
Dana Jeremiah, drayman, h cor Market and 

Dana Lorenzo D. (Hvde & D*) h 166 N. Clark 
Dana William V. (Pearson & D.) bds 98 Clark 
Danaher M. boatman, h cor Canal and Twelfth 




Da^aheiL Patrick, boUermaker, h oor Canal and 

Panck John, milkman, h Tf ashington nr Cannon 
Danforth James T. siWerplater B. A. Foot, bds 

95 Washington 
Daniell Jno. B. porter J. B. Doggett, h 93 Adams 
Daniels Andrew J. cigars Tremont block, h 95 

Adams 4 

Daniels D. D. clerk 14 Lasalle 
Daniels Elias, (D. & Smith,) h" Halsted nr 

Daniels John W. attorney, 50 Clark, h cor 

Madison and Clinton 
Daniels & Smith, btiilders, cor Halsted and 

Daniels W. painter, h cor Hubbard and May 
Daniels W. Y. cigars, &o. 79 and 81 Randolph, 

h 8 Dearborn place 
DANENHOWER W. W. bookseller, 123 Lake, 

hll4 Lasalle 
DANES HARVEY, superintendent Massachu- 
setts Insurance Company, h 264 State 
Danks H. P. daguerrean rooms, 39 Clark 
D' Anton Henry G. clerk, h 120 N. Clark 
Danyir John, teamster, h 70 Buffalo 
Danyir William, shoen.aker Van Dusen & Brad- 
Darby Patrick, grocer, Polk bt Halsted and 

Darkis George, carpenter, h 119 Market 
Darling Jeremiah H. land agent, 40 Clark 
Darling Loram, train agent C. A. & St. Louis 

Darling Thomas J. land agent, 98 Dearborn 
Darlington Charles, tinner J. & A. Rubel 
Darrah James, physician, h Owen nr Reuben 
Darrigan Dennis, laborer, h Clark bt Old and 

Darrow J. jr. clerk Hunt, Wiggins & Co. 
Darrow Patrick, laborer, ^h Canal Van Buren 

and Harrison 
Darrow Sidney L. h cor State and Harding 
Dart John, hatter J. Barstow 
Darwell John, blacksmith, h Clark bt Polk and 

Dassler Gustayus, stocking weaver 49 N.Clark 
Daixbacli Nicholas, laborer, h Cass nr Pearson 
Dauphin J. B. upholsterer, h Wabash ay. bt 

Halleck and Twelfth 
Davenport Charles W. clerk Hubbard & Robb 
D.ivenJ3ort Cluarles W. clerk, bds 8 Buffalo 
DAVENPORT GIDEON W. atttorney 104 

Davenport William, butcher, KSouth Cotlfage 

Grove av 
David Henry, carpenter, h 48 Chicago ayenue 
David Jno. & Co. boots and shoes, 50 W. Rand. 
David Joseph, fruit, Clark cor Van Buren, h 

, David Mrs. boarding, h 132 Wells 
Davidson A. S. boarding, h 89 Canal 
Davidson Anmitor, commission, 5 Couch's blk, 

IB Dearborn,^ h 71 Indiana 
, Dayidsozr Daniel, h 118 Wells 

Davidson Henry, carpenter, h Chicago av 

Davidson James N. commission merchant, b 

117 Michigan 
Davidson John, laborer, h Market 8. of Kand^ 
Davidson Walter, hackdriver, h Market S. of 

Davidson William, carpenter, h Desp. bt Madi-^ 

son and Monroe 
Davis Alanson E. clerk , S* Reeve & Co. 

nr Market 
Davis Andrew, blacksmith P. Carlin, h Monroe- 
Davis Benjamin F. carpenter, h Douglas ave- 
nue S. of Rio Grande 
Davis David, machinist, h cor Kinzie and Curt. 
Davis David, carpenter, bds 65 W. Madison 
Davis D. M. P. horsedealer, h 157 Michigan »t 
Davis D. Eugene, h Laker bt Curtiss and May 
Davis Edwin, printer S, P. Rounds 
Davis Elizabeth, h Polk bt Canal and River 
Davis Elizabeth, boarding, h 127 W. Madisoa 
Davis George B. clerk, 79 Lake, bds Doty's- 

Davis George, calker, bds J. 8. Merrill 
Davis George B. builder, h Canal nr Wright 
Davis George, D. Elston & Co's office, h 00m 

Peoria and Van Buren 
Davis H. (Edwd. Wing & Co.) 
Davis H. Deutcher adyocat,-53 Lasalle 
Pavis James H. (Lathrop & D.) bds 260 Mad. 
Davis James, policeman, h cor Kinzie and Wol. 
Davis James E. conductor C. & R. I. R. R. 
Davis Cap. J. Gj h Halsted cor Madison 

Savis J. De Puy^ (D. & Norton) bds 113 Dearb. 
avis. John, clothing, 2 W.Randolph, h 210 
W. Lake 
Davis John, laborer, h icor May and Carroll 
Davis Joseph, sailor, h Market bt Peai-son and 

Davis Mrs. M. dressmaker, h Wells nr Jackson 
Davis Mrs. Mary B. phrenologist, bds 76 W, 

Davis & Martin, attorneys, 188 Lake cor Wells 
Davis N. S* physician, 66 Lake, h 43 Mich, ar 
Davis Richard, boilermaker, h Adams bt Car- 
penter and Rucker 
Davis Robert, bds 86 State 
Davis Robert M. mason, h 129 Edina. 
Davis Samuel, lampmaker J. W. Fitch & Co, 
Davis Simon, clerk John Garrick 
Davis Thomas D. carpenter, h 7 Incliana 
Davis William, tailor, h Lake bt Halsted and 

Davis William H. notary public, h Lake bt Reu- 
ben and Paulina 
Davis William T. laborer, h Fourth nr Desp. 
Davison Alexander^ h 56 Washington 
Davison Charles G. (D. & Nichols) 54 Clark 
Davison Henry A. h Jefferson cor Harrison 
Davisen & Merrills, office 82 W. Randolph 
DAVISON & NICHOLS, merchant tailors, 54 

Davisson Alfred W. (D. McCalla & Co.) h 77 

cssoAoo nntnoxoBT. 


Thci namiis on this and tbe snoeeeding 
page were, by an unaccountable oyersig&t, 
mislaid till the work was nearly completed^ 
when they were fortunately recovered^ and 
placed in, ' as near as. possible^ their proper 
alphabetical order. 

Daoia & Preston^ commission, N. Water E. of 

Daniels Matthew, .watchman, h Michigan, nr 

DARLINO J. H. & CO. exchange office,^ 98 

DAY & HATDEN, locksmiths, 21 Dearborn 
Ddianey Charles, teamster, h Morgan bt Madi- 
son and Monroe 
^elai^ Etdward, lab, h Polk nr Carpenter 
Delany Michael, lab, h cor Forquer and Canal 
Delong A. W. backeeper, h 204 fitate 
Delong Wm. W. moulder G, W: Sizer & Co. 
DfiXiOYNES C. A. & CO., importers wines and 

liquons, 43 S. Water 
DIS^ARAY SAM'L, commission, 7 N. Clark, 

bda Wabansia House 
Demaray Hiram Et. h Warren 
D^mass Nathan, carpenter, h Buffiiio. S. of 

^m^rs Stepben, tinner, 281 Lake 
Demiug Mrs. S. E. boarding, h 76 Edtna place 
I)empsey Jeiwmiah, lab, h Goethe 
I^mpsey Joha^ portiir Bissell. House 
Dcmpsey John, lab, h Kinzie nr Market 
Dempsey John, collector, h Kinzie nr Wells 
Dempsey John, lab, h Canal bt, Monroe and 

Dempsey Stephen, wagon ma^er, h Sangamon 

oor Hubbard 
Denbach H. cabiuetmaker,. 191 Lake, 8d floor 
Denbridge Henry, painter, h Wells bt Jackson 

and Van Bnren ^ 

Denegher Patrick, boilermaker, h Twelfth nr 

Lumber v 

Deneve J. P. tobacconist A. B. BaPttan & Co. 
Dengel John, lab, h cor N. Wells and Chicago av 
Denison.B..H. derkGray, Densmore & Phelps* 

bds 112 Madison 
Denlaw James, porter Bissell House 
Dennebeck John, tinner, h Chicago av W. end 
Dennehy Cfaurles, (Smith & D.) 22 Clark 
Denner Wm. bootmaker, 4 Lind's block 
Denning Michael, blacksmith, h 179. Canal 
Dennis John, sailor, h Franklin nr Hinsdale 
J)ennis John, foreman C. M; Aiken, Franklin 

nr Hinsdale 
Dennis Joseph B. clerk, h 78 Buffalo 
Dennis J. D. clerk 49 Randolph, h 78 Bi^alo 
I^nis Patciek, boarding, h 12^ Havon 
Dennis Robert, tailor, 77 Randolph, h Weleott 

nr the Lake 
Dennlson William H. 'butcher, Cottage Qtt^xe 

av. south of Merrick 

Dennlston John> moneylender. 111. Lake 
Dctany William,. taUor, h Ohio bt Clark Kn4 

Densmore Eleazer W. (Gray, D. & Phelps) bds 

114 Wabash av 
Densi^re Thatch^ P. h Morgan bt Randolph- 

and Lake 
Dent Lewis D. desk, bds 92 Adams 
Denton M. C. box 1952 posi-c#oe 
DePew James, tinsmith, bds Wm. Davenport 
DePuy John, harnessmaker W. Speight 
Derby Case, clerk, bds 119 Clark 
Derby Erastus H. carpenter, h Cass nr Einzi^^ 
Dergan George, col. waiter, h 71 N. Dearborn 
DerSam Wm. boarding, h 2^ W. Madison 
Derr John M. carpenter, h State S. of Twelfth 
Derr & Lumbard, builduv, 281 W. Randolph 
Derr Stephen, (D. k Lumbard ) h Randolph bt 

Carpenter and Curtiss 
Dervan Thomas, works. Piatt & Howe's stable 
DeSales Mother Frances, principal of St. Aga- 
tha Academy, oor Calumet and Rio Grasni* 

Deutsche Frederick, groceries, 181 N. Clark 
Deveraux Chas. tailor, h 2&1 W^ Randolph 
Deverattx John, ostler J. Braley 
Dererman Henry, grocer, 165 N. Lasalle cor IlL 
Devemy Chas. blacksmith, h Erie nr River 
D'Evers Henry G« bookkeeper 139 Lake, h oo» 

Ohio and Clark 
Devine Arthur, foreman C. Beissig 
Devine Hugh, currier Chicago Hide & Leather 

Devine Jx)hn, fruit, 157 W. Randolph, h same 
Devine Michael, carpenter, h cor Jefferson and 

Devine Patrick, lab, h Butterfield S. of Old 
Devine Terrenoe, bda Patrick Devine 
Dewald Johuf lab, h Cedar 
Dewar James, pattern maker, h Halsted oor 

Dewes John, lab, h Mitchell nr Lumber 
Dewey A. C bds Jervis House 
DEWEY k CO, lumber, Peyton opp. Michigan^ 
Dewey Frank, shoemaker F. R. Nagle 
Dewey Horatio, clerk Henry Sayrs 
Dewey Horace P. conductor G. & C. U. R. B.^ 

h Madison W. of Union 
Dewey Lewis B. clerk P. Palmer & Co. 
DEWEY WM. H. (D. & Co.) h 107 Chicago av. 
DeWire Mrs. H. h 184 N. Clark 
DeWitt — , carpenter, h Mather bt Canal and 

D'Wolf Calvin, J. P. A P. M* 108 Randolph, h 

132 Adams 
D'Wolf Lyman £. atVy, 50 Clark, h W«sfaingtoa 

bt Clinton and Canal 
DeWolf, Maclay & Quimby, real estate brokeP8| 

98 Randolph 
D'Wolf William P. (D*W., Maday & Qttimby> 
Dexter George, gardener, h N. Wells nr Schiller 
Dexter George C. contractor, h 186 Michigan 
Dexter J. V. clerk IXL C. R. R. office, bds 68 

Michigan av 


Dexter William W. oUtk, bds 184 Stote 
Vvy Peter A^, C. & B. I. R. B., bds Trtsmont 
Dial Patrick, lab, h Polk bt Clinton and Jeffer- 

Diamond Ambrose, engineer C. & R. I. R. R. 
IHamond John, groeeries and frdit, 216 Lake 
Dick & Bryson, grocers, 889 State 
Dick D. (D. & Bryson) h 889 State 
Dick DaTid, engineer, h Lake shore nr Ballan- 

tine's distillery 
Dick John D. hackdriyer, h Thorp's alley nr 

Dickenson Bev. £. F. Congregational, h 214 

Dickerman Chas. painter, h Sanga. nr Adams 
Dickerman Miss Sarah, bds 168 Michigan 
Dickerman John D. machinist, h Buffalo S.»of 

Dickey li T. office 50 Dearb. h 88 Washington 
Dickey John B. clerk Downs & Van Wyck, bds 

212 Madison 
Dickey, Mather & Taft, attorneys, 65 Clark 
Dickey T. L. (D., Mather & Taft) 
DICKINSON ALBERT F. commission, off. 118 

. S. Water, h 189 Wabash ay 
Dickinson Rey. Edmond F. h 212 Edina 
Diekinson Ellsha, lab, h Monroe cor Halsted 
Dickinson Elijah, clerk J. J. Richards & Co. 
Diekinson 0. D. & Co., eommission, nr R. I. 

R. R. freight depot 
Dickinson G. D. (0. D. D. & Co.) bd» 98 Clark 
Diekson Giles, bookkeeper, h Shantytown nr 

Dickson Henry, engineer Granger's foundry, 

h 102 Erie 
Dickson James M. silyer plater Welch & Mend- 
sen, 118 W. Madison 
Dickson John F. engineer C. & R. I. R. R. 
Didricks August, gardener, h Wood N. of Cki- 
' cago ay 

Diedon John, clerk 100 Lake 
Diehme Christ, eabinetmaker, h Orchard 
Diefenthoul Philip, h Wells bt Harr. and Polk 
Diely George W. carpenter and joiner, h 4 

IMerkes Philip, watchmaker, h Wolcott 
Dierking Henry, tailor, h 127 N. Clark 
Diesel Augustus, tailor, h 821 State 
Dietrich Gottlieb, tailor, h Rees 
Dietrich Herman, watchmaker A. F. Otto 
Dietrich Lorenzo, teamster, h Thorn 
Dietrich Walter, porter Jeryis House 
DIKE, BROTHER & CO. wholesale groceries, 

W. Wate^ bt Washington find Madison 
Dike Henry B. h 94 Fulton 
Dike Isaao, (D., Bro. & Co.) 62 S. Canal 
Dike James, 62 S. Canal 
Dikeman Thos. lab, h cor Green and Prairie 
Dillard W. D. physician, 65 Clark, up stairs 
DUlenbeck Daniel, (Mills, Bowen & D.) h cor 
. Edina and Jackson 
Dillenbeck M. H. clerk F. A. Bryan 
Di)l,enbeck Stephen, (Mills, Bowen & D.) 100 


Dillingham John E. artist, bds 54 RandoIp]& 

Dillingham Chas. M. bds 64 Randolph 

Dillinger Peter, whitewasher, h 10 Superior 

Dillis T. 0. shoemaker Chas. Letz 

Dillon Cornelius, lab, h Erie nr Peyton 

Dillon Jas. baker, h 46 N. Jefierson 

Dillon Morris, carpenter, h Desplaines bt Jaek* 

son and Adams 
Dillon Wm. teamster, h State S. of Springer 
Dingman Henry C. painter,^ h Wabash at bt 

Halleck and Twelfth 
Dingman James, painter, h 209 N. Lasalle 
Dippe August, hamessmaker, 21 Market 
Dippe Wm. moulder, h cor Twelfth and Maj 
Dirches Peter, packer Brown & Wilder 
Disbrow Wm. painter, h State S. of Springer 
Dishenger Emanuel, bootmaker, 22 Kinzie 
Ditewig Andrew, jr, boot imd shoemaker, h 

Wells nr Van Buren 
Ditt Philip, mason, h Franklin nr Wells 
Ditter John, saloon, cor Einzie and Clark 
Dittos Philip, shoemaker, h Edina bt Polk and 

Ditzel Andrew, locksmith, Franklin nr White 
Diyersy John, wagonmaker, Diyision bt Wolcott 

and lake shore 
Diyersy Michael, (Lill & D.) h cor Chicago ay. 

and Green Bay road 
Dix Chas. E. salesman H. Wheeler & Co, h 94 

Dix Gotefried, lab, h Green nr Hickory 
Dix Joel H. (Carpenter D. & Co.) h 128 Clark 
Dixheimer Fred'k, hamessmaker J. F. Mahler 
Dixon E. G. clerk Geo. M. How, bds 57 N. 

Dixon Giles, clerk Ellithorpe, Kline & Co. 
Dixon Walter, clerk 209 Randolph , 
Dixon William, carpenter, h 21 N. Dearborn 
Dobler John, cooper, h cor Clark and North 
Dobson William H. (Bruce & D.) h 91 Indiana 
Doch James, butcher, cor Diyision and Clark 
Doctor Jolm, plasterer, h Edina N. of Twelfth 
Dodd Richard W. cutter W. Lock, h 90 Adams 
Dodds Andrew, carpenter, h oor Lake and Carp 
Dodge Absalom, boarding, h 48 Einzie 
Dodge G. & Co. liquor, 11 Franklin 
Dodge George, (G. D. & Co. h Ann nr Wash. 
Dodge HeniT, machinist C. & B. R. R. shop 
'Dodge John C. h 66 Ontario 
Dodge Lewis, carpenter and joiner, h Maynr 

Dodge Lorin, bookkeeper H. H. Husted, h 28 

DODGE MARTIN, pro, Myrick's Hotel, Cot. 

Groye av South of Am. Car Works 
Dolan Thomas, removed 14 Edina a 

Douaire E. N. hairdresser, 50 Wells 
Donnelly Charles, paints, paper hangings, &e. 

Theatre bdgs 
Doolittle George, assistant bookkeeper I. H. 

Burch & Co. bds 59 Edina 
Douglass Alexander, lumber, h Tyler bt State 

and Wabash ay 
Drennan John, laborer C. B. Brown 

* *^ 


85 ' 

jfc — 

'^aTisson Clfirendon, commercial edit. Tribune, 
ii Van Buren bt Wabash and Michigan avs 
DAVISSON, McCALLA & CO. Bank of Com- 
merce, 26 Clark 
DAVISSON'S BLOCK, cor Lake and Clark 
Davitt John, lab, h. 1 Ontario 
DaTitt, Thomas, drayman, h 110 W. Randolph 
DaTlin John, aucti<meer, 95 Randolph, h 40 

Ih^vlin John, painter, h Lake nr Ann 
Davlin Edward, h 126 W. Lake 
DaYoU William B. clerk 190 Lake 
Davy lUchard, clerk, 102 Lake 
: Bawley Thomas K. printer F. H. Bacpn 

Dawson James, bookkeeper, 213 South Water 
. Day Charles F. (D. & Hay den,) h Quincy nr 

Clark ^ 

■ Day Ebenezer, (Walker & D. h 180 Illiiiois 
Day Sdward, clerk Sherman & Co. 
Day George, clerk, bds 75 Monroe 
Day J. George, clerk 1T6 South Water 
Day Michael, laborer, h Williams 
Day Mrs. boarding h 119 Lasalle 
Day Patrick, laborer, h Forquer 
Day Patrick, sailor, h Jackson nr Halsted 
DAY & LEE, liquors 219 South Water 
Dayten Hiram, H. saloon, h 86 N. Dearborn 
Deacon George, engineeri bds Wm. Peters 
Deacon James, clerk, bds 27} Market 
Deadden Jacob, saloon, h old Milwaukee stage 

Deakman William, (W. D. & Go.) h ©or Judd 

and ClintQn 
Deakman William 0. & Co. stone yard, Wells 

nr Harrison 
Deal Henry, (D. & Wilcox) h 122 Wells 
DEAL & WILCOX, groceries, &o., Market cor 
> Dean Charles F. lumberinspector, h 148 Jeffer. 
Dean Charles B. carpenter, h Quincy nr Franklin 
Dean Frederick S. clerk S. B. Haggard & Co. ^ 
Dean Henry A. cutter Jenks & Beers, h 105 

Dean Jay, (Becker & D.) h 74 State 
Dean John, . blacksmith, Gumee bt Taylor and 
• Dean M. C. clerk A. H. & C. Burley, h 67 W. 
Dean S. T. musician, h 147 Clinton 
Dean W. R. clerk Downs & Van Wyck 
Dearborn Ira, clerk R. H. Countiss 
DEARBORN HOUSE, cor Michigan »▼ and 
; Lake 

^ DEARBORN PARK, Michigan ay. bt Washing- 
^ ton and Randot^h 
Deboi« F. L. silversmith, h 248 CHnton 
Declercg Atigustus H. mastermechanic, h 40 

Michigan ar 
Decker Henry S. printer R. Fergus, h 869 

Decreet Joseph D. superintendent Union Car 

Works, h State N. of Twelfth 
Deddrich Frederick, manufacturer blin^ and 
saah, eer Canal and Wafibingtoa 

Deegan George, lab, h cor Green and Pearson 
Deegan Michael,, cooper, h Fulton bt Union and 

Deeker Henry G. auctioneer, 7 N. Clark 
Deering Geo, W. bookkeeper G. Smith & Co. 
Deering Roger M. clerk, 48 Randolph 
Dcgan Thomas, laborer, h State bt Polk and 

Degenhardt Charies, (ToUe & Co.) h 298 Clark' " 
Dellart Dr. H. H. office 163 Lake, h 149 S. Jet 
Deliler Conrad, carpenter, h Ciyboum av 
Deichow John, lab, h Hurlbut nrXlyboum nr 
Deichstan Frederick, lab, h Cottage Grove av 
IVeily Isaac, carpenter, h oor Lssalle and In4. 
Deis Stepheii, lab, h Larrabee **" 

Deitch Frederick, carpenter, h Coolidge bt Ron-" ^ 

dolp^h and Rolker 
Deitz Andrew, boarditig, h Clark bt Twelfth 

and Liberty 
DeKover John, clerk G. & C. U. B. R, 
Delano Albert, clerk 196 Lake 
Delany William, lab, h Ohio nr Peyton 
Delea Mrs. Mary, h 119 Ohio 
Deloff Ernest, lab, h Orchard nr Madison 
De Young N. (Cohn, Y. & Co.) bds City Hotel 
De Young L. (Cohn, Y. & Co.) bds City Hotel 
Dickerman £. principal public school No. 5 
Dili worth Benjamin, carpenter, h S. Clark nr 

Dimock Edward* paints, h. Morgan cor Jack. 
Ditewig Andrew, h Wells nr ^am Buren 
Dodge Justus, manufacturer spruce beer, h 

Madison W. of Union 
Dodge William, (G.D. & Co.) bds Maulton H'se 
Dodson Henry^ mason, h^6 Ontario 
Doehla Henry, blactesmith, h Randolph bt Cur- 

tiss and May \ 

Doggett Elkanah, bds J. B. Doggett >^ 
DOGGETT J. B. groceries, 125 S. Water, h 49 

Doggett WiUiam E. (Ward, D. & Co.) bds 49 

Doherty Charles, lab, h Sherman bt Polk and 

Doherty Mrs. Eliaa, h Harrison bt Canal and 

Doherty Patrick, lab, h 427 State 
Dohenty Patrick, boarding, h 108 Einzie 
Doherty William, carpenter, h Van Buren nr 

Dohler William, nphoUterer, h 38 Fulton 
Dohn John, lab, h Green eor White 
Dohoney Patrick, tailor, h Wright nr Jeffersott 
Doig George, maohinist, h Adams bt Rolker 

and Carp«ater 
Dolan Thomas, tailor, h 138 Madison 
Dolan Thomas, lab, h N. Water bt Wells and 

Dolan Gapt. William B. h Woloott nr Maple 
Doland B. J. machinist C. & R. I. R. R. shop 
Dole Charles S. & Co. produce and commission, 

Rumsey, Brc». & Co.'s^offioe 
Dole James H. (C. S. D. & Co.) h 68 Illineils 
Dole John, elerk Norton & Bro» 




Bole Geo. W. h 80 Miehigan 

Dolea John, porter Kansas House, 375 Clark 

Doley Elisha, fireman, bds D. Huson 

Doll J&ctib, lab, h Clybourn^Tenae 

Boll John, lab, bds 228 Randolph 

Boll Peter J. carpenter, h Edina N. of Twelfth 

Bollard Michael, housemoYer, h Chicago av. 

nr Wolcott 
BoUimore William, baker, Garden Citj bakery, 

h 15 Kinzie 
BOMINICK Yf. F. & CO. hardware, 174 Lake 
Bomus James, carpenter, h Canal nr Wright 
B6nagan Patrick, drayman, h 214 Edina 
Bonahoe Jerry, lab, h Kinzie bt Canal and Clin. 
Bonahoe Rev. Michael, h 39 S. Besplaines 
^ ^ Bonahoe Michael, lab, h 60 Clinton 

Bonahue Daniel, lab, h cor Harrison and Jeff. 

Bonahue Baniel, lab, bds 14 Kinzie 

Bonahue Edward, mason, h Carroll -bt Clinton 

and Jefferson 
Bonahue James, stonecutUr^ h Ewing bt Jef- 
ferson and Besplaines 
Bonahue Michael, drayman, h Ghnswold nr Ha^. 
Bonahue Thomas, lab, h Sbaotytown nr Chica- 
go avenuo 
Bonahue William, carpenter, h Sherman near 

Bonbush John, lab, h Wells nr Pdk 
Bonegan Daniel, musician, h Ohio nr Wells 
Bonegan Patrick, lab, h Edina N. of Taylor 
Boney Thomas, jr. clerk Henry 6ayrs 
Bonivan Dennis, lab, h Ewing bt Jefferson and 

Donivan Michael, lab, b Buffalo N. of Liberty 
Bonlan Patrick, lab, h 888 State 
Bonley Michael, h Throop's alley 
Bonnelly Anthony, h 92 W. Washington 
Bennelly Baniel, h .IS State 
Donn4lly Hugh, (D. & MoTeer) b 129 Michigan 
Bonnelly Hugh, drayman, h 181 Lasalle 
DONNELLY J. M. livery stable, 91 and 93 

Randolph, h 122 Lasalle 
Bonnelly & McTeer, saloon, 129 Michigan 
Bonnelly Patrick, lab, h 140 W. Washington 
Bonnelly P. baggageman Bissell House 
Bonnelly Robert, £iller, h Lake bt W. Water 

and Canal 
Bonnenbere Lewis, teamster, h bt Milwaukee 

and Chicago avenues 
Bonnigan .Michael, painter B. F. Chase 
Bonoghue Mrs. Margaret M. h 174S. Jefferson 
Bonovin Timothy, carpenter, h 184 N. Clark 
Boogan John, shoemaker, cor Wells and Quin. 
Boolan Patrick, lab. III. Stone Bressing Co. 
Booley Jeremiah, tailor, 190 Washington, bds 

56 Washington 
Booley John, American Express driver 
Booling John, lab, h Shantytown nr Erie 
Booling Morgan, mason, h Ontario nr Peyton 
Booling Thomas, carpenter, h 118 N. Clinton 
Boolittle —— ^ h W. Madison nr Hamilton place 
Bodittle Edgar M. (B. & MiUer) h 49 W. Ada. 
Boolittle Lewis A. attorney, 100 Rando^h, h 
Madison W. of Cannoa 

Boolittle & Miller, ship builders, North Branel 

nr Kinzie bridge 
Boon John, saloon, Stafte 8. of Liberty 
Boonan Hugh, tailor, h 175 N. Lasalle 
Boonar Mrs. Mary, h Halsted bt Harrison ant 

Boppler Mich'l, shoemaker, bds 228 Bfandoipl 
Boran Nicholas, lab, h Harding nr Cott. Orov< 

Boran Peter 1^. amchitList Scoville, Basobick I 

Dorathy Azel, clerk 98 Randolph, h Madisoi 

nr Wood 
Dorcey Michael, h Jackson bt Clark and Wellj 
Dorcey William, lab, h Mather nr Canal 
Dorchester Capt. John, office N. W. cor S. Wa 

ter and Clark, bds 191 Wabash avenue 
Dore Edward, lab, h 50 Carroll 
Dore John C. superintendent public schools. 

office 73 Randolph 
Dorfeld Christopher, tinsmith, 154 Randolpk 
Dorgan William, grocer, 88 Wells 
Dorian Patrick, pedler, h Jefferson nr Har. 
Dorney John, lab, h cor Dearborn and Sprinjger 
Dorring Frederick, lab, h Wells nr Division 
Dorring John, wagonmaker, h WeHs nr DW. 
Borsey Mrs. washing, h alley Dearborn* bt 

Washington and Madison 
Dorson B. S. teanster, h Halsted bt Hubbsfd 

and Owen 
Dorwin 0. G. (Speer & D.) h 77 Jacksoff 
Doty Edwin, grwer, 86 Fulton 
Doty E. F. (Cook & D.) h 86 Fulton 
Doty Erastus B. agent Parmelee & Co. 
Doty Harvey C. clerk Doty's Hotel 
DOTY'S HOTEL, 62 and 64 Randolph 
Doty Tbeodoirus, proprietor Doty's Hotel 
Dougall Thomas, soap and candle factory, IlL 

£. of Sand, h Cedar 
Dougherty Owen, constable, h Wells nr Wbit^ 
Dougherty Patrick, lab, k Besplaines bt Jack' 

son and Adams 
Dougherty Richard, lab, h Archer read nr Sher' 

man's brickyard 
Doughty William M. agent Methodist book de^ 

pository, 68 Randolph ^ 
Douglas Capty Alexander, h 85 W. Monroe 
Douglas B. F. clerk Simon Smith & Cq. 
Douglas Charles, 20 Metropolitan block 
Douglas & Co. lumber, cor W. Water and W&ahr 
Douglas Ceo. A. bookkeeper Simon Smith & Co^ 
Douglas Henry, physician, 190 Lake, h 143 

Douglas James, blaeksmit^ h Harmon Coart 

bt State and Wabash av 
Douglas L. A. (D. k. Co. ) . 
Douglas Lake A. physieian, h Monroe bt Bes- 
plaines and Halsted 
Douglas Sidney, clerk 141 Lake 
Douglas Thomas P. (D. & Co.) h Sangamon cor 

Douglass B. k Co. mercantile agency, 18 La^ 

Douglass Charles, painter, b 79 Frankli» 



Douglass Charles M. painter, 5 Oa&alY h. Jef- 
. ferson nr Harrison 
Douglass Capt. James, h 29 Miohigau 
Douglasb James, lab, h 82 Michigan 
Douglass J. A. bookkeeper 16 Dearborn 
Douglass Lee P. woodyard, Biyer, h oO Lake 
Douglass Michael, gardener, h Washington bt 

Morgan and Sangamon 
Douglass N. W. cigar maker Mills & Co. h 

Wells nr Harrison 
Douglass Richard U (Ellsworth & Co.) h 85 

Douglass William M. policeman, 67 Randolph 
Douse Henry, lab, h Einzie bt Union and Hal. 
Pow George, produce, &c. 118 S. Water, up 

Dbw Henry, proprietor Jorris House 
Dow John, printer Scott & Fulton 
Dow Samuel K. (Wilkinson, D. & Pearson) bds 

84 Adams 
Dow W. C. (Barrett, D. & Co.) bds 61 Michi- 
gan ayenue 
Dowd James, lab, li Halsted bt Harrison and 

Polk . 
Dowding Joseph, carpenter, h Canal nr Forquer 
Dowel Edmund, shoemaker, 50 W. Randolph 
Dowling Edward, pedler, h Quincy nr Wells 
Down Thoipas, clerk, h 86 Wolcott 
DOWNER k CO. coffee and spice mills, 77 

Downer Samuel A. (D. & Co.) 
Downer S. A. h Canal nr Madison 
Downey James, lab, h Dearborn bt North and 

Downing B. F. bookkeeper Journal office, h 

104 Monroe 
Downing Moms, lab, h Union btLake and Ran- 
Downing Robert, clerk 225 Adams 
Downs A. G. (D. & Van Wyck) h 85 Jackson 
Downs A. S. secretary C. & M. R. R. h 97 Ind. 
Downs John H. pailmaker, h cor Franklin and 

Van Buren 
Downs John, lab, h Shanty town nr Peyton 
Downs Myron D. bookkeeper J. S. Wright, h 

165 W. Washington 
l)owns Richard, plumber, bds 225 Washingtbn 
Downs & Van Wyck, dry goods, 150 Lake 
Downs W. S. salesman 132 Lake 
Dox Hamilton B. cashier Exchange bank, bds 

Capl. Johnson 
Dox Peter, h 181 Monroe 
Doxe Joseph, lab, h Buffalo bt Polk and Har. 
Doyle Dennis, clerk Ross & Foster 
Doyle Mrs. Ellen, h Un\on bt Washington and 

Doyle Garrett, lab, h cor Ontario and Peyton 
Doyle James, clerk 0. McDonnell 
Doyle James, shoemaker P. Murray 
Doyle John, tailor, h Wells nr Tyler 
Doyle John, mason, bds 144 Randolph 
Doyle Laughlln, lab, h Sherman bt Harrison 

Mid Van Buren 
Doyle Lawrence, h 54 Edina place , 

Doyle Martin, engineer, bds James Connell 
Doyle Matthew, shoemaker, h Halsted btOwen 

and Van Buren 
Doyle Michael, lab, h State nr Springer 
Doyle Michael, h 29 Superior 
Doyle Michael, sailor, h Carpenter nr Taylor 
Doyle Michael, tailor, h Wells nr Polk 
Doyle Simon, jailor, h CUrk bt Division and g 

Drake Carlton, tinshop 79 Lake, h 48 State ' 
Drake C. G. bookkeeper R. D. Jones & Sons, 

h 211 W. Madison 
Drake £. R. Clerk P. Palmer & Co. 
Drake George, salesman J. S. Reed 
Drake George, painter, 289 Clark, h same 
Drake James, carpenter, h Hubbard cor Green 
Draper James F. & Co. proprietors Hamilton 

Draper James F. (J. F. D. & Co.) bds Hamil- 
ton House 
Draper J. S. manager Morse Telegraph Office 
Drechsler Andrew, confectioner, 24 W. Mad. 
Dreckman Henry, G. & C. U. R. R. depot, h 8 

Dreier E. (B. D. & Co.) bds P. T. Allen 
DREIER E. & CO.. chemi8(;p, 274 State 
Drent Cornelius, planer, h Mather bt Canal and 

Dresgler Michael, lab, h Rebecca nr Reuben 
Dresher John, cigarmaker, h rear 269 Clark 
Dress Jacob, lab, h Black Hawk 
Dresselhaus Henry, h cor Monroe and Peoris 
Dressier Andrew, mason, h Carpenter nr Chi- 
cago avenue 
Dressier George, watchman, Union Car Works 
Drew Carl, lab, h 160 Indiana < 

Drew George C. agent Clement's Line, bds 

Tremont House 
Drewry Mrs. B. h Sherman bt Polk and TyAr 
Drewry Daniel, lab, Ch* Hide and Leather Co. 
Drinkwater drayman, h Front nr Chi- 
cago avenue 
DriscoU D. D. salesman Carpenter, Dix & Co. 
Driscoll John, lab, h Mather nr Canal 
Droan Michael at Piatt & Howe's stable 
Droege William, cabinetmaker, h 203 W. Lake 
Drolher Peter, ship carpenter Jordan & Olcoit 
DroUman. Richard, h nr North city limits 
Drosio Bertram, laborer, h 42 W. Randolph 
Drummond Thomas, h 61 Wolcott 
Drymiller Peter J. miller 
Drysdale Andw. blacksmith, bds G. W. Prickett 
Dubois F. M. box 1899 post-office 
DUCK CHARLES H. physician, U Clark, h64 

W. Madison 
Dudaher C. drugstore. Mil. pPnk road nr Kin. 
Dudley Anthony, gardener, h Sedgwick 
Dudley A. S. tailor, 64 Clark 
Dudley John, lab, h Peyton ' 

Dndman George, (D. & Hallett) h 29 Sherman 
DUDMAN & HALLETT, iron railing manufac- 
turers, 29 Sherman 
Duensing Henry cabinetmaker C. Morgan, h 
N. Wells nr Oak . 


cHicAao jyiRjsmom. 

Duesmann William, carpenter, h Clark nr SohiL 
Buesold John/lab, h Buffalo bt Polk and Har. 
Duffy Mrs. C. h 98 Illinois 
Duffy Jam«8, (D. W. Corbin & Co.) 67 Clark 
Duffy James, lab, b. Taylor bt Desplaines and 

Duffy James, plasterer, h 20 Ohio 
^offy James, stonecutter, bds J. S. Merrill 
Duffy John, teamster, h Creswell bt Polk and 

Duffy John, teamster, h Jefferson bt Jackson 

and Van Buren \ 

Duffy Martin, lab, h 174 N. Lasalle 
Duffy Mrs. Mary, h 16 N. Dearborn 
Duffy Michael, melter, h Cottage Grove avenue 

S. of Bio Grande 
Duffy Michael, drayman, h Jackson bt Jeffer- 
son and Desplaines ^ 
Duffy Thomas, caif^enter, h Harrison nr iUver 
Duffy WiUiam, bds 10 Ohio 
Dugal P. E. lumber inspeetor, Market^ foot 

Dagan Michael, lab, h CUnt bt Polk and Ear. 
Duggan Michael, drayman, h Hubbard nr Peo. 
Duggan William, ship and boat builder, h Mon- 
roe bt Desplaines ^nd Hals.ted 
Dullard William, lab, h cor Polk and Elizabeth 
Dumphy Mrs. Anne,^b6arding, h 102 Michigan 
Dunagan James, gardener, h SlOntario 
Dunagan Patrick, carpenter, h Polk nr Welhs 
Dunavan John, lab, h Edina N. of Twelfth 
Dunavan John, drayman, h N. Water nr Frank. 
Dunavan Morris, drayman, h Fulton bt Des^ 

plaines and Jefferson 
Dunavan Patrick, lab, h Ohio* nr Peyton 
Dunbar William, tailor, h IMviaion nr Reese 
Ihincan Charles, salesman 197 Lake 
Duncan Joseph, h Buffalo N. of Polk 
Duncan J. W. & Oo. lumber, StowePs 8lb 
Dimdan Bobijikrltoarding, h 144 B.andolphf 
Duncan O* "^t|l)CTt, k Desplaines bt Ma 

Is 144 Randolph 
rayman, h 84 Monr 
»yman, h Wright 
iksmith, h Lake 
clerk 196 S. Wa 
Co. wholesale 

Dunn Daniel, h Ewing bt Clinton ar 
Dunn Rev. D. h 89 S. Desplaines 
Dunn James, clerk 168 Lake, bds j 
Dunn James A. groceries, cor Owei 
Dunn Jeremiah, olerkT. Maguire, 
Dunn John, boilermaker Mason & 
Dunn J. Lawrence, upholsterer Be 

lister & Wilkins 
Dunn John T. clerk 110 Lake 
Dunn Henry B. bookkeeper Brown & b^ 
Dunn Lawrence, lab, h Clark bt Taylor k^ 

Duan Martin, lab, h N. Wells 
Dunn Michael, teamster, b Harrison bt Caul 

and River 
Dunn Morris, lab, h Arnold nr North 
Dunn Pafriok 8. carpenter, h Adams nr Deip. 
Dunn Richard, carpenter, h Halsted bt Mail. 

son and Monroe 
Dunn Richard, carpenter, h Sangamon bt Like 

and Fulton 
Dunn S. L. clerk Edward Emerson 
Dunn William J. delivery olerk post office, bds 

202 State 
Dunn William, jr. carpenter, h Monroe bt Clin- 
ton and Canal 
Dunn William M. engineer, h Aberdeen nr \d 
Dunning Dr. C. h 100 W. Jackson 
Dunning H. M. cutter E. L. Ives & Co. 
Dunning S. M. student, bds 100 W. Jackson 
Dunson Henry, Carpenter, h Wells nr Oak 
DuPuy Charles M. agent land department HI. 

Cen. R. R. h Michigan avenue nr Harriion 
Durand Charles E. clerk Bailey & Durand, 244 


eorge, bds Hamiltoi 
C. (Bailey & D.) 

mas, carpente^^^^H^HKim^ 

dredging j^^H| «Mc* 

S factory, j^H^^ JCass 

R. bookk^^H^ iA(orth 



I . 


Edwards Fi:9derick, clerk W. H. Hojt, h State 

opposite Southern Hotel 
Edwards Richard, h 8 Jackson 
Edwards Thomas, carpenter, h Jefferson nr 

Edwards William, macl^inistB. I. R. R. h Hal- 

sted S. of Twelfth 
Egan Daniel, Shamrock House, cor Van Buren 

and Market 
Egan John, saloon, 489 State 
Egan John, agent C. & R. I. R. R. h 155 State 
Egan John, stonecutter, h cor Canal and Tay. 
Egan Mrs. Kate, h State S. of Peck Court 
Egan Michael, lab, h Jackson nr Market 
Egan Thomas, .h N. Market 
Egan Thomas, h Madison bt Union and Halsted 
Egan Thomas W. produce dealer, bds Garden 

City House 
Egan William B. real estate, 48 Dearborn, h 

Van Bpren bt Sangamon and Morgan 
Egan Capt. William M. h Carpenter bt Hub- 
bard and Owen 
Egan St Lister, saloon Sherman House 
Ege Titus R. plasterer, 313 State, h 85 Buffalo 
Eggert Albert, tailor, 221 W. Randolph 
Eggl«ston Alfred L. clerk 167 S. Water 
Eggleston F. F. (F. F. & W. P. E.) h Washing- 
ton nr Halsted 
Eggleston W. P. (F. F. & W. P. E.) h 166 

Washington ^ • 

Eggleston F. F. & W. P. cabinet wareroom, 65 

Eggleston Henry, clerk 65 Randolph 
Eggleston Rev. N. H. editor Con. Herald, h 364 

Eggleston Wm. W. physician, bds Doty's Hotel 
Egner Charles, butcher. Market street Market 
Egold John, plasterer, h N. Franklin cor White 
Ehle Marshall, clerk Williams & Bro. 
Ehle Mathias, lab, h North avenue * 

Ehlers John D. paperhanger, bdS'154 Dearb. 
Ehlers Thomas H. paperhanger, bds 154 Dear. 
Ehrenberg Michael, butcher, h North avenue 
Ehvhart Cha's, engineer, h Townsend nr White 
Ehrhart Julius, varnisher C. Morgan 
Ehrlinger George, clerk 143 Lake 
Ehrlinger John G. clerk, h N. Wells nr Schil. 
Ehrlinger Mikel, hamessmaker, h N. Wells . 
Ehrman Jacob, h Eleventh nr Morgan 
Eich Peter, shoemaker, cor Edina and Taylor 
Eich John H. bookbinder, h Chicago avenue nr 

Eich Peter, lab, h cor Black Hawk and Lasalle 
Eicfaenscher Simon, saloon, Larrabee nr Wil. 
Eichler Jacob, lab, h Willow nr Orchard 
Eidermann John Fred, teamster, h N. Wells 
Eiermann Joachim, tailor, h 52 Chicago av 
Silbrecht Wilhelm, grocer, cor Mil. plank road 

and Hubbard 
Eiler Morris, cabinetmaker, h 201 W. Lake 
Eimbs John, grocer, 119 Franklin, h same 
^inbecker George, tanner Chi. Hide & Leath. 

Co. h Gurnee cor Polk 
Einhom Joseph, earver C. Morgan, h 460 State 

£inhorn>Mi'ohael, carpenter, hl^erman corPlk 
Einwechter John C. eng'r. bds Q. W. Howard 
Eisele Jacob W. h Van Buren bt Wells and 

Eisle Jacol), lab, h Sedgwick 
Eisner William, lab, h Ruoker bt Eleventh and 

Eisendrath Nathan, (N. £. & Co») h Michigan 

cor Lasalle 
Eisendrath N. & Co. soap and candles^ Michi-^ 

gun cor Lasalle 
Eitchler August, carpenter, h Clark nt New 
Eitzinger Joseph, tailor, h White 
Ekstrom John, tailor, h Shantytown 
Eldridge D. G. bookkeeper H. P. Moses 
Eldridge George A. carpenter, bds 67 Canal 
Eldridge Isaac, tailor, h 8 Illinois 
Eldridge John W. physicileiD, 8 Clark, h cor 

Michigan av. and Eldridge court 
Eldridge Lyman, bds 104 Monroe . ^ 
Eldridge Stephen, fruit, 199 Randolph 
Elger Joseph, jSnisher, h Pearson cor Wolcott 
Eiker Ignatz, lab, h Weils nr Schiller 
Elkins H. K. ("Holbrook & E.) h 7 Clark 
Ell Lorenzo, tinware, Cc. State 3* of yLh&rty 
Ellicott George, waterman, h Randolphj[ir Shel. 
ELLIOTT GEORGE P. flour and feed, 50 Ran- 
dolph, h 29 Michigan avenue 
Elliott Elisha, h 29 Michigan avenue 
ELLIOTT HENRY, boarding, h Market near 

Elliott James F. D. h Palo Alto W. of Mich, av 
Elliott John, blacksmith, fa 130 W. Lake 
Elliott John, bookkeeper 94 Lake 
Ellis Joel, (J. £. & Co.) h 6 Edina place 
Ellis J. & Co. butchers, 1 and 3 State street 

Market and N. Market 
Ellis William, printer, h 186 Madison , 
Ellison Christian,^ shoemaker, h Desplaines bt 

Carroll and Kinzie 
Ellithorpe Albert C. (E., Kline & Co.) h Mor- 
gan bt Lake and Fulton 
ELLITHORPE, JLLINE & CO. wagonmakers, 

cor Randolph and Morgan 
Ells N. B. commission merchant, 14 Dearborn^ 

bds 202 State 
EUson Joseph, mason, h Halsted nr Monroe 
Ellsworth F. B. (E. & Co.) bds 78 Edina 
Ellsworth L. C. teller Exchange Bank 
Ellsworth L. S. bds Tremont House 
EUwood James L., C. & R. I. R. R. h 106 Mon. 
Elmers Ferdinand, sailor, h cor May and Quin. 
EMERSON EDWARD, hats and caps, 85 Lake,. 

bds Tremont House 
Emrath Peter, machinist Mason & litcArthur 
Emroy Franklin, carpenter, h Meridian nr HaU 
ELSTON DANIEL & CO. bankers, 190 Lake, 

up stairs 
Elston Daniel, (D. E. & Co.) Grove House, N. 

Elston T. bds Daniel Elston 
Elting G. H. carpenter, 108 Michigan, h same 
Elting Henry, carpenter, h Wolcott nr Bishop 
ElweU Emxnet f . (Parker & E.) h 24 Edina 




Elwell Darius A. engiBeer C. & B. I. K. B. bds 

. 24 Edina « 

ELY & BBOTHEB, wholesale grocers, 203 S. 

,Ely D. J. (Beynolds, E. & Go.) h 3 Washing$W(^ 
ELY EDWABD, draper and tailor, 9 Tremont 

block, bd6 90 Edina 
Ely George N. bookkeeper E. Ely 
Ely George, attorney, 48 Qlark, bds Tremont 

Ely Frederick, carpenter, h Polk bt Buffalo 

and Edina 
Ely Dr. J. Griffin, office 144 Lake, bds Mrs. 

Ely Thomas, bds Mrs. Holt 
Ely William, h 85 W. Washington 
Ely Z. Stiles, (Beynolds, E. & Co.) New York 
Embreck Christopher, machinist, bds J. Mellar 
Emde Albert, shoemaker, h Union nr Milwau- 
kee avenue 
Emerson Henry M. M., 111. & Wis. B. B. 
Emerson John, clerk 73 Bandolph, h 187 Ban. 
Emerson B. H. master mechanic I. & W. B. B. 
Emmett Bobert, boarding, h 266 Madison 
Emrath Philip, finisher Mason & McArthu^ 
Emrich Jacob, melter Lets & Burling 
Emrieh Jacob, moulder, h Elm 
Endholtz Christopher, tailor, h Black Hawk 
Endlich Charles, brewer, 336 State, h same 
Engel Jacob, mason, h Wolcot bt Chestnut and 

Engel William, clerk, h Chicago avenue 
Engels Ludwig, painter, h Cottag^e Grove av. 

S. of Bio Grande 
Englebertaon E. shipcarpenter, h 101 N. Dear. 
Englehart Jacob, lab, h 464 State 
English Alexander, h 116 Ohio 
English Dennis, whipmaker, hEwingbt Jeffer- 
son and Desplaines 
English Capt E. h Whitney nr Market 
English James, shoemaker, h cor First and 

English Patrick, sailor, h Milwaukee plank r'd 

bt Owen and Hubbard 
EngUsh Thomas, (£. & Dillon) h Lake bt Hal- 

sted and Union 
English T. moulder Letz & Burling 
English Widow, h Jefferson bt Van Buren and 

English William, tailor, h Desplaines bt Harri- 
son and Van Buren 
Engelbert Herman, painter Barry & Cushing 
Englehard Albert, clerk Boss & Foster 
Engelhart Henry, mason, h Larrabee nr N. av 
Engstler Matbias, carpenter, h Hins. n Lake 
Engstrom William, mason, h Quincy cor Wells 
Ennis Gregory, h 395 Clark 
Ennis James, clerk C. DeWolf 
Enorson Tfaos. boot and shoe store, 66 N. Clark 
Ensenbaker Joseph, lumber yard, h Jefferson 

nr Eleventh 
Ensser Louis, cabinetmaker, 61 W. Bandolph, h 

New Division 
Entwistie Mrs. Ann, k 38 W. Lake 

Entwistle Edward, engineer Goss & Phillips, h 

Stowell nr Clark ^ 

Euzenbartsen Joseph, h Jefferson bt Taylojr 

and Hubbard 
Enzian F. cabinetmaker J. & A. Liebenstein 
Ergins John, clerk James D. Sherman & Co. 
Erick John, lab, h Bees nr Halsted . 
Erickson Andrew, blacksmith, h 82 Ohio ' 
Erickson Andrew, pumpmaker Soranton &, Bro. 
Erickson Erck, shoemaker, h Chicago av. nr 

N* Branch 
Erickson Jacob, blacksmith, h Green nr Owen 
Erickson John, lab, h Erie nr the Biver 
Erickson John, h Owen bt Desplaines and' Un. 
Ernst Adam, bricklayer, h cor Willow and Orch. 
Ernst George, cigarmaker, h Tyler bt State and 

Wabash avenue , 

Ernst George, bds 342 State 
Erwin S. A. carpenter, h cor Ohio and Frank. 
Escbenburg J. William, (Saeger & E.) bds 15 

N. Clark 
Espelding Lambert, machinist, h Superior cor 

Pine. » 

Esmond James, clerk 189 Lake 
Espert Conrad, h 358 State 
Esplen John, carpenter, h Carpenter nr Chica- 
go avenue 
Estes C. C. bds 216 Bandolph 
Eul Michael, lab, h Edina N. of Twelfth 
Eul Peter, lab, h Buffalo bt N)Bw and Old 
Eul William, lab, h Boberts 
Euler Franklin, beer hall. Lake Shore N. of 

Euler Mrs. J. h Chicago avenue nr Lasalle 
Evans Albert S. attorney, h 283 W. Lake 
Evans Albert S. insurance broker, 1 HilUard*s 

Evans Anton, lab, h cor Ontario and Peyton 
Evans Edmund, clerk J. H. Willett ^ 

Evans Evan W. carpenter, h 129 Edina 
Evans John, lab, h Dearborn bt Springer and 

EVANS JOHN, physician, 65 Clark 
Evans Lewis E. American Trans. Co. b^s Ham- 
ilton House 
Evans Mrs. Mary, boarding, h Wells cor V. B. 
Evans Michael, proprietor Waterford House. 
Evans Morris, clothing, Kinzie nr Wells 
Evans Bev. Bees, h Fulton nr Welsh Chjirch 
Evanson Charles, saloon, h Owen nr Desplainea 
Evenhousen John B. shoemaker, h Curtiss b.t 

Lake and Bandolph 
Everett Bichard, mail agent, h 59 Buffalo 
Evers John, lab, h Goethe nr Sedgwick 
Everts D. T. painter, 90 Bandolph 
Everts H. H. (E. & Butler) h 55 Wolcott 
EVEBTS & BUTLEB, shingle mach's, Wright*« 

Building N. Water nr Wells 
Ewan James, machinifit, h Carroll bt Jefferson 

and Desplaines 
Ewan James, tinsmith Loomis & Abbott, h 153 

Ewers William, lab, h Clybourn av , 

42 . 


Bwitig Elvrard, carpenter, h cor Fulton and 

Morgan $ 
Ewing & Easton, joiners, Union bt Carroll and 


EXCHANGE BANK, Ezchange B'dgs. Clark 

cor Lake 
Ejrster Beuj. shipcarpenter Jordan & dcott 

FABIAN ROBERT L. com. merchant, 125 S. 

Water, h 287 Wabash av 
Fabias John, carpenter, *h N. Jeffersoji near 

Fach Lewis, M. D. h 225 Monroe 
Fach Theodore, jobber, 42 W. Randolph 
Fadden William H. h 24 Pine 
Fagan Patrick, pedler, h cor Franklin and 

Fagan Patrick, h 51 Buffalo 
Fagan William, conductor G. C. & U. R. R. h 

Kinzie W. of Reuben 
Faheley G. W. auctioneer, 12 N.' Clark, H 150 

Fahter Antoine, shoemaker, h 190 Wash. 
Fahmer Valentine, lab, cbr Clark and Goethe 
FAIRCHILD M. S. merchant tailor, 67 Lake 
Fairchild W. B. salesman C. Lamb & Co. bds 

189 N. Lasalle 
Faircloth Siley E. physician 37 Clark, bds 

Briggs House 
Pairman H. A. (H. J. Wright & Co.) h 21 

Edina * ' 

Falch iTeonard, soap factory, nr N. city limits 
Falen John, lab, h Owen nr Jefferson 
Falk Mrs. Ann, h Shantytown nr Peyton 
Falk Fernandis, chairmaker, h Polk bt Canal 

and River , 
Falkenhagen John, carpenter, h Wells nr Biv. 
Fallon Patrick, lab, h Shantytown nr Ontario 
Fallon Patrick, blacksmith, h nr American Car 

Fall John, carpenter, h cor Halsted and Kinzie 
Fanchel Sigmoud, watchmaker, 53 N. Clark, h 

47 Michigan 
Fanning C. K. clerk 94 Lake 
Fargo James C. agent American Express, h 89 

Parley Mich, drayman Throop, Learned & Co. 
Farley Patrick, lab, h Hope nr ^angamon 
Farley Philip, drayman, h Polk cor Rutter 
Farlin D. H. clerk R. K. Swift & Co. bds 177 

S. Desplaines 
Farlin J. Whitifey, clerk G. Herbert & Co. bds 

177 S. Desplaines 
Farmer Mrs. boarding, h Market nr Randolph 
Farmer Mrs. Ellen, boarding, h 141 S. Water 
Famam Henry, C. C R. I. R. R. bds Tremont 
Farnsworth J. E. clerk, h 46 N. Clark 
Famsworth C. T. bds Jarvis House 
Farnsworth J. F. attorney, 1 Davisson's block 
Farnum John M. 159 South Water 

Farr Reuben, clerk Clement, Butlin & Co. 
Farrell D^vid, carpepler, h Wells cor Jackson • 
Farrell Francis H. clerk Walker, Bronson & Co..' 
Farrell John, lab, h Desplaines bt Adams 

and Jackson 
Farrell John, plasterer, h Ewing bt Jefferson 

and Desplaines 
Farrell John, lab, h Butterfield bt New and 

Farrell George, lab, h N. Water bt Wells and 

Farrell Michael, lab, h Union bt Lake and 

Farrell Patrick, carpenter, h Ewing bt Des- 
plaines and Jefferson 
Ffirrell Thomas, drayman, h 257 State 
Farrell William, lab, h 19 Kinzie 
Farrell W. B. medical depot, 42 Franklin, h 

Prairie av S. of Monterey 
Farrington S. P. (William Thompson & Co.) 

bds 79 Michigan av 
Farwell Charles B. county elk, bds 155 Wash. 
Farwell Henry, clerk county clerk's oflfice, h 

155 Washington 
Farwell John V. {0ooley,Wad3Worth & Co.) h 

152 Madison 
Farwell John K. attorney, ^84 Dearborn, bds 

155 Washington ^ 

Farwell M. A. bookkeeper, 131 S. Water, h 

165 Washington 
Farwell Simeon, bookkeeper, 205 S. Water 
Farwell William W., attorney, 47 Clark 
Fashion Adam, carpenter, 130 Franklin 
Fasoldt William, watchmaker I. Speer 
Fassett Samuel M., assistant A. Hosier 
Fassett Stephen, lab, h Third nr Halsted 
Faulkner Samuel, (Satterlee, Cook & Co.) bds 

94 Washington 
Favor G. W. syrups and perfumery, 16 Lasalle 
FAXON & CROSBY paper hangings, 52 Rand. 
Faxon E. G. L. (P. & Crosby) 52 Randolph 
Faxon & Co. provisions, 14 and 16 State-st 

Faxon F. G. (F. & Co.) 

Fay Augustus A. boarding, h Wells near Har- 
Fay Charles, tutor University St. Mary's of 

the Lake 
Fay Dorwin, bookkeeper Ross & Bamber, bds 

81 Michigan avenue 
Fay Henry, lab, h Buffalo S. of Taylor 
Fay John, lab, h cor Carroll and Jefferson 
Fay Patrick, lab, h Franklin near Pearson 
Fay Rice, produce dealer, h 95 Buffalo 
FayloT John, lab, h Rucker 
Faymire Christian, carpenter, h Adams nr 

Faymonville Joseph, h N. Wells cor Schiller 
Faymonville Tillman F. h N. Wells' cor Schiller 
Feckenvith Henry, stone cutter Chicago Stone 

Feeny John, shoemaker Van Dusen & Bradley 
Feeney Mark, lab, h Wayman bt Union and 




Feeny John, maohinist J. W. Cobb 

Feigeir Nicholas, carpenter, h Habbard near 

Feigeir I^wis, harness maker D. Hogan ' 

Feilen Christopher, carpenter, h Church 

Feiler Peter, lab, S. B. Haggard & Co. 

Feikman Frederick, carpenter, h Mil. av. near 

Felron Mrs. Rose, h 200 Edina 

Feitt John, lab, h Wolcott nr Chicago av 

Felt Orson, brassfounder Union Car Works, h 
383 Clark 

Falthousan Jacob B. Franklin House, 40 

Felton Michael, tailor, bds Whitney bt Market 
and Franklin 

Felton William L. produce, h 36 Indiana 

Fenimore Richard, wagon maker, cor Judd and 
Canal V 

Fennimore William, groceries, Desplaines bt 
Adams and Jackson 

Fenley Thomas, plasterer, h comer Rees and 
Halsted i 

Fanner William A. carpenter, Michigan bt 
Wells and Franklin 

FENNERTY JAMES, furniture, &c. 190 Ran- 
dolph h near BulFs Head 

Fenton Marcus A. traveling agent Mills & Co. 

Fenton* Melvin, engineer, h cor Edina and 

Ferber Joseph, h Whitney 

FERGUS ROBERT, book and job printer, 189 
Lake, h 177 State 

Fergus Thomas, carpenter, h Forquer bt Hal- 
sted and Desplaines 

Ferguson Andrew, drayman, h Mather bt Jef- 
ferson and Clinton 

Ferguson D. C. attorney, 42 Clark, h 142 Ind. 

Ferguson Hagh, draymto, h Erie nr Peyton 

Ferguson James, lab, J. Braley 

Ferguson John, lab, I. S. D. Co. 

Ferguson William, lab, H. A. Pitts 

Fcringe Albert, teacher, h cor Franklin and 

Ferley Michael, lab, h 179 N. Lasalte 

Ferman John, lab, h Wolcott N. of Division ' 

Fernald Joshua E. (F. & Pnge) 

Fernald & Page, groc&rs State bt Taylor and 

Ferns J. brassfounder, 201 Lake 

Ferns John P. warehouseman, h 1 Pine 

Ferrend Alexander, stonecutter, h Wells near 

Ftftris Rev. John M. h 246 W. Randolph 

Ferris James, lab, h cor Halsted and Fourth 

FERRIS & BOYD, cabinet rooms, 177 Lake 

Ferris Thomas R. (F. & Boyd) h 157 Monroe 

Ferris Mrs. Charles, h 176 Monroe 

F«rry James H. (F. & Barton) h Green bt 
Lake and Fulton 

Ferry & Barton, lumber, Market cor Wash. 

Ferry & Sons, lumber. Market nr Madison 

Ferslew William 0. bds 134 Wells 

Fessenden M. R. clerk Walworth & Co. 

Fessenden F. H. Cong. Herald office, bds }9d 

Fester George, sawyer H. H. Everett & Co. b 

Wolcott cor Oak 
Fetcher Felix, h Williams nr Rucker 
Fetcher Valentine, planer, h Meagher. 
Fettinger G. F. cabinet maker F. F. & W. Pi 

Fettinger M. tinsmith, 156 Randolph 
Feucht Henry A. (Kaufman & F.) 
Feulon John, boarding, h 119 N. Clinton 
Feyner John, lab, h Larrabee nr Centre 
Fayler Mrs. H. Lake Brewery, 1 Ohio 
Fichster John, moulder, h Division nr Wolcott 
Fichster Mat. moulder, h Division nr Wolcott 
Fiche John, shinglemaker, h Reuben nr Ohio av 
FIELD, BENEDICT & CO.^ cloths, &o. 171 

South Water 
Field Benjamin M. (F., Benedict & Co.) h 

Wabash av hr North 
Field Peter W. (P., Benedict & Co.)- bde 

Captain Johnson 
Field Hubbard, clerk Express office, bds Sher- 
, man House 
Field William, confectioner, h Van Buren bt 

Market and Wells 
Field J. M. jr. clerk American Transport. Co. 
Field Spsr£ford, lumber, foot of Thomson 
Fields W. B. assistant A. Hosier 
Fielding William, machinist, h Prairie bt 

Sangamon and Morgan 
Fielding James E. (F. & Adams) h 63 Buffalo 
Fife Alexander, h N. Water bt Kinzie and Cook 
Filkins, Runyon & Barker, hardware, 189 Lake 
Filkins Joseph, (F., Runyon & Barker) h Lake 

nr Paulina 
Filliblere John, tailor, h Hastings bt Rolkor 

and Rucker 
Fillmore William, carpenter, h North Water bt 

Wells and River 
Findlan Joseph, saloon, cor Canal .and Kinzie 
Finen Michael, plasterer, h Market nr Hinsdftle 
Fink Henry, chairmaker, h Pearson cor Hals. 
Fink Charles, moulder Granger's Foundry 
Fink Frederick, lab, h Rees nr Halsted 
Finkler & Koch, cigarmakers, 45 Wells 
Finkler Peter, (F. & Rooh) h 45 Wells 
Finlanson Perry, carpenter, h 151 W. Wash. 
Finlay & Brownwell, flour, &c. 74 and 70 

Finlay James B. eierk Michigan Central Depot 
FinleyS. B. (P. & Brownwell) h 109 Wabash dv 
Finnegan Dennis, lab, h 22 Pine * 

Finnel Patrick, melter G. W. Sizer & Co. 
Finnerty Martin, carpenter, h 74 W. Lakto 
Finnuoan Michael, saloon, 15 North Clark 
Firnhopper Christian, h W. Madison nr Wood 
Fischer Charles, jr. shoemaker, 99 N. Clark 
Fischer Francis, lab, h cor Union and Twelfth 
Fischer Francis, cabinetmaker, h Wells bt 

Monroe and Adams ^ 

Fischer Frederick, (Satterlee, Cook & Co.) h 

217 Lake 
Fischer James, blacksmith Mason & MeArthur 



JPiflober G. H. schoolteacher, Indiana bt Wells 

and FranJcljn 
Fischer Joseph, iprocer, h 187 Indiana 
Fischer Joseph, tailor, h Williams 
Fischer Joseph, lah, h Orchard nr North aT 
Fischer Julias, cooper, h New Division 
Fish & Russell, milliners and dressmakers, 48 

North Clark 
FISU & L£ST£R, produce dealers, 257 South 

Fish Andrew W. [F. & Lester] bds Tremont 
Fish Chancey R. agent M. S. & N. I. R. R. h 

48 N. Clark 
Fish Capt John p. h cor Division and Reuben 
Fish Lipmau, pedler, h 237 Monroe 
Fish Philip, grocery, £. Kinzie nr Bridge 
Fisher Miss A. teacher Young Ladies' Institute 
Fisher Aletander, t>hy8ician and surgeon, off. 

60 Clark, h 42 Cass 
Fisher Charles, watchmaker, h 53 North Clark 
Fisher C. C. groceries, 62 West Randolph 
Fisher Frederick P. [Price & F.} bds 68 

Michigan ay # 
Fisher Francis, cabinetmaker, h Clinton nr 

Fisher Gotlieb, grocer, 81 Wells' 
Fisher Henry, tailor, h Mil. ay nr Diyision 
Fisher Ifarry, clerks Thomas Floyd 
Fisher Jacob, packer Adams Mills 
FISII£R JAMES R. undertaker, 184 Clark 
Fisher J. E. clerk Ross & Foster, bds Dearborn 

Fisher John, carpenter, h Division nr Clyborne 
Fisher John, lab, h Sedgwick nr Geethe 
Fisher Joseph, lab, h Orchard nr North ay 
Fisher Mrs. J. 0. h 95 Edina 
Fisher Peter H. liquor, 73 North, Clark 
Fisher William, shoemaker, 46 W. Randolph, 

h same 
Fisher William, machiElist H. P. Moses 
Fisl^er William, carpenter, h Halleok nr Mil- 
waukee av > 
Fisher W. W. clerk 06 Lake 
Fisher Mrs. W. h 15 North Clinton 
Fisk D. B. & Co. straw goods, 134 Lake, up 

Fi8k David B. [D. B. F. & jfo.] h 68 Adams 
Fisk Jasper, 111. C. R. R. o^ce, h 446 State 
Fisk Joseph, h 446 State 
Fisk 11. M. bds Mrs. A. Stratton 
Fitch Asa, brewer, h 61 State 
Fitch Charles, cooper, h cor Curtiss and Hub. 
Fitch Edward, office 73 Lake, bds 215 Madison 
FITCH & HEWES, wholesale dry goods, 82 

Fitch Francis S. [F. & Hewes) h 264 West 

Randolph cor Sangamon 
Fitch J. W. & Co. patent lamps, 248 S. Water, 

up stairs 
Fite Mrs. J. h Quincy nr Wells 
Fittz Caleb, upholsterer, * h cor Peoria and 

Fitz Henry, sailor, h Hinsdale bt Market and 


Fitz John, blacksmith EUithorpe, Kline & Co. 
Fitzgarls John, lab, h Fulton bt Union and 

Fitzgerald Edmund, blacksmith, h Pearce nr 

Fitzgerald Garrett, lab, h Ohio nt Peyton 
Fitzgerald James, grocer. Canal bt Van Buren 

and Harrison 
Fitzgerald James, lab, h Je£ferson bt Fulton 

and Kinzie 
Fitzgerald James, clerk poet-office 
Fitzgerald John, lab, h Desplaines bt Fulton 

and Carroll 
Fitzgerald John, lab, h Pearson nr Halsted 
Fitzgerald John, lab, h cor Polk and Clinton 
Fitzgerald Lawrence, saloon cor S. Water and 
■ Wabash av 
Fitzgerald Lawrence, mason, h Blanchard's 

Fitzgerald Mrs. Mary h Market nr Monroe 
Fitzgerald Mrs. Mary h bt Cottage Grove ay 

and Lake Michigan 
Fitzgerald Michael, lab, h Desplaines nr Lydla 
Fitzgerald Michael, lab, h foot of Lake 
Fitzgerald Michael, tailor, h Harrison bt Clin- 
ton and Jefferson 
Fitzgerald Patrick, stonecutter, h cor Clinton 

and Forrest 
Fitzgerald Thomas, lab, h 9 North Wells 
Fitzgibbons Edward, teamster, h Prairie nr 

Fitzgibbons Michael, fruit dealer, h 106 111. 
Fitzgibbons Rey. James, h Michigan ay cor 
/Madison , 

Fitzgibbons John, lab, h Edina bt Twelfth and 

Fitzgibbons John, h cor Prairie and Green 
Fitzgibbons Patrick, warehouseman, h 83 Jeff. 
Fitzhenry Richard, teamster, h cor Union and 

Fitzmorris John, lab, h State bt Springer and 

Fltzpatrick Mrs. Ann, tailoress, h 108 Huron 
Fitzpatrick Charles, cooper, bds H. Petit 
Fitzpatriok Hugh, carpenter, h 121 Ohio 
Fitzpatrick James, carpenter, h Michigan av 

bt Halleck and Twelfth 
Fitzpatrick James, carpenter, h Pearson nr 

Fitzpatrick James, machinist, h 48 N. Jefferson 
Fitzpatrick Mrs. Mary, h Wells nr Adams 
, Fitzpatrick Mrs. Michael, h Forquer bt Clinton 

and Jefferson 
Fitzpatrick Peter, lab, h Michigan av bt Hal- 
leck and Twelfth 
Fitzsimmons James, h Adams bt Desplaines 

and Halsted 
Fitzsimmons John, lab, h Fulton nr Paulina 
Fitzsimmons Patrick, drayman, h. Taylor nr 

Flack A. J. [F. & Walker] bds .90 Carroll 
Flack C. B. bellhanger C. W. Colson 
FLACK & WALKER, commission merchants, 

51 Kinsie 



Flack Mortimer A., U. S. Hotel, 27 W. Rand. 
FLAGG & CO. planing mills, cor Wells and 

Flagg George A. (F. & Co.) bds Sherman 

Flaherty John, blacksmith, bds 225 Washing. 
Flahaven Philip, lab, h Ohio nr Peyton 
Flanagan Owen, lab, h N. Water nr Franklin 
Flanagan Timothy, blacksmith, hCottageOroye 

av S. of Rio Grande 
Flanders £. J. grocer, h cor Wells and Adams 
Flanders George W. (F. & Wadsworth) 173 

South Water 
FLANDERS & WADSWORTH, groceries, 173 

South Water 
Flanrey Patrick, bds Charles Welch 
Flavin Dennis, carpenter, h Buffalo bt Twelfth 

and Liberty 
Fleetwood William F. clerk Ogden, Jones & Co. 

bds W. B. Ogden 
Fleicher Frederick, tailor^ h Bishop 
Fleischer Melchoir, lab, h Rees nr Halsted 
Fleming C. S. olerk, 183 South Water 
Fleming David, clerk G. & 0. U. R. R. depot, 

h 129 Ohio 
Fleming Dominick, cooper, h 168 Adams 
Fleming J. H. clerk G. & C. U. R. R. bds 14 

Fleming Matthew, lab, h Maxwell E. of Canal 
Fleming Mrs. Margaret, dressmaker, 189 Buff. 
Fleming Peter, lab, h Nevins nr Chicago av 
Fleming William, tailor, h 65 Kinzie 
Fleming James, boot and shoemaker, h 171 

Flentye Henry, clothing, 185 Lake, h 62 Wells 
Flenvy John, h Shantytown rir Peyton 
Fletcher George W. bds L. H. Waterhouse 
FLETCHER & CLARK forwarding and comm. 

112 South Water 
Fletcher Lorenzo (F. & Clark) h 128 Washing. 
Flet^er John, engineer, h cor Quinoy and 

Fletcher John M. carpenter, k 190 Edina 
Fletz Gabriel, shoemaker, h 138 Illinois 
Fling Michael, lab, h' Blanchard's row 
Fltnn Arthur, h Lake bt Canal and Clinton 
Flinn John, saddler, h cor Milwaukee av and 

Flinn Michael, lab, h Ewing bt Jefferson and 

Flinn Peter, lab, h Shantytown nr Ontario 
Flint C. C. assistant editor Daily Times 
Flint H. M. local editor Daily Tribune 
FUnt T. J. S. (F. & Wheeler) h cor Wabash 

av and Eldridge court 
FLINT & WHEELER storage and commission, 

N. £. cor South Water and Clark 
Flint W. H. compositor Tribune oflSoe 
Flood Edward F. ship carpenter, h comer 

Coolidge and Rucker 
Flood Henry, ship carpenter Jordan & Olcott 
Flood Captain James, h 120 West Madison 
Flood John, sawyer, h Indiana bt Market and 


Flood Thomas, cook, h 84 Kinzie 

Flood William, lab, h 214 Wabash ar 

Flood William J. clerk 118 Lake, bds 57 »fichi- 

gan atr 
Floren William, assistant P. Von Schneider, 

142 Lake 
Florence Charles W. dagnerrean, h Franklin 

nr Whitney 
Flowers M. T. C. proprietor National Hotel 
Floyd George H. clerk 145 South Water 
FLOYD & FRENCH, proprietors Briggs House 
Floyd J. J. (F. & French) bds Briggs House 
Floyd John ft. bookkeeper T. Floyd 
Floyd Thomas, hardware, 287 Lake, h 254 W. 

Floyd William, clerk 163 South Water 
Floyd Williatn, jr. (E. R. Kellogg & Co.) 167 

South Water 
Fly&n John, lab, bds 11 ^ Dearbofn 
Flynn Julia, h Tyler nr Wells 
Flynn Lewi», clerk 137 Lake 
Flynn Michael, lab, h Jefferson cor Tylerr 
Flynn Thomas, lab, h cor Wright and Union 
Flynn William, door-tender theatre, h Canal 

bt Harrison and Polk 
Fogerty & Hanahan, grocers, Canal bt Van Ba- 

ren and Harrison 
Fogerty Patrick, (F. & Hanahan) 
^gg Benjamin, painter; h Monroe nr Halsted 
Fogg Noah, h Fulton bt Green and Peoria 
Foggerty Edward, moulder, h Sand bt Indiana 

and Illinois , 

Foggerty William, lab, h alley Desplaines bt 

Madisdn and Monroe 
Fogt John S. h nr cor Cass and Chicago ar 
Fogol John, lab, J. W. Noble 
Foley Andrew, lab, h H&rding nr Cottage 

Grove avenue 
Foley Charles H. boilei maker, h Monroe bt 

Jefferson and Desplaines , 

Foley Cornelius, grocer, h Ohio nr Peyton 
Foley John, carpenter, h State bt Liberty and 

Foley John, lab, h 40 N. Desplaines 
Foley Johu^ lab, h Dearborn bt Springer and 

Foley James, lab, h cor Kinzie and Clinton 
Foley Maurice, bricklayer, bds 27^ Market 
Foley Philip, clerk Rumsey, Bros. & Co. h 20 

Illinois J . 

Foley Patrick, lab, h Dearborn bt Springer ^^. 

and North ' 

Foley Patrick, blacksmith J. Cornelius ' 
Foley Thomas, shoemaker, 105 North Clark 
Foley William, carpenter, h Edina bt Twelfth 

and Liberty 
Foley William, carpenter, h Franklin cor Peo* 
FOLEY HOUSE, cor Randolph and Market 
Folker John, stonecutter, h Griswold nr Van 

FoUansbe Charles, h Palo Alto 
FoUansbe M. C. cashier 108 Lake 
Follett Charles £. gen'l ticket agent C. B/ & 

Q. R. B. h 82 State 



FoUett F. E. clerk M. C. R. B. off. h 8i2 State 
Follett Louis, bookkeeper J. P. Chapin, li 860 

Wabash avenue 
Fotz Conrad, lab, h Larrabee nr North av. 
Foot D. A. silverplater, 158 Clark 
Foot Mrs. E. h 251 W. Randolph 
Foot George. G. h 81 Randolph 
Foot Ira, builder, bds S. Sexton 
Foot William J. carpenter, h Desplaines nr Har. 
Foot Starr, overseer county poor, h 180 Clark 
Foote G. C. bartender Young America 
Foote Henry L. clerk Laflins, Smith & Boyes 
FOOTE S. N. & CO. dry goods, 163 S. Water 
Foote Samuel N. (S. N. F. & Co.) 168 S. Water 
Forbes Alexander, carpentei*, h Hastings near 

Forbes Walter, carpenter, h 109 N. Dearborn 
Forbes William J. clerk, h 415 Clark 
Ford Bartley, boarding, h 94 and 96 Kinzie 
Ford David M. bookkeeper Mason & McArthur 
Ford Dennis, lab, h Indiana bt Peyton and 

Market .^. 

Ford E. M. bds Mary A. Fordl^' 
Ford Jonathan H. h 9 Quinoy 
Ford Mrs. Mary A. h cor Madison and Jeff. 
Ford Michael, constable, h Owen cor Union 
Ford Patrick, lab, h cor Market mid Division 
FORD S. A. & 00. produce and commission, 
. 10 Market 

Ford S. A. (S» A. F. & Co.)h W. Washington 
Fordham Jared, h 189 Madison 
Fordbam John, printer Hays & Thompson, bds 

87 Van Buren 
Fordham 0. C. printer S. P. Rounds, bds 189 

Fordham Williaiii, coal and wood, River near 

light house • 
FOREMAN, BROS. & CO. clothing, &c. 213 S. 

Foreman Benjamin, (F., Bros. & Co.) h Van 

Buren nr Market 
Foreman Henry, (F., Bros. & Co.) h 134 W. 

Foreman Rudolph, bookkeeper F., Bros. & Co. 
ForekoUer August, gardener Col. Hamilton 
Forge Frederick, cabinetmaker, h 19 N. Desp. 
Forrdst D. carriagetrimmer Ellithorpe, Kline 

Fortest Henry L. h Douglas av S. of Rio Grand 
Forrest J. K. C. local editor Democrat, h 161 

Forrest James S. joiner, S. W. cor Ediaa and 

Van Buren, bds 216 lUndolph 
Forrest Philip R. bds H, L. Forrest 
Forrest Thomas, h 65 Ontario 
Forsyth J. K. lumber inspectot^ Market car 

Forsyth James, clerk 75 Lake, bds 75 Clark 
Fqrsythe John, notary public^ I Marine Bank 

Forsyth Mrs. Walter, h Madison bt Green and 

Forqaer Henry, l«b, h Buffalo bt Twelfth and 

Liberty ** 

Forch Jacob, tailor, h Oipr Dearborn and Elm 
Forst Jacob, stonecutter, h Green nr Adams 
Foster N. P. clerk 68 Lake 
FORT DEARBORN, foot of Michigan avenue 
Fortune Joseph, boarding, h Halsted bt Owen 

and Hubbard 
Fosha Mrs. C. A. dressmaker, 66 Lake ' 
Fobs John, teamster, h Milwaukee av. nr Divi 
FOSS & BROTHERS, planing mills, cor Canal 

and Monroe 
Foss John P. h 262 Madison 
Foss Robert H. (Chapin, Marsh & F.) h 254 

Madison * 

Foss Samuel T. (F. & Bros.) h cor Monroe aiid 

Green j 

Foss William H. (F. & Bros.) h cor Monroe and 

Fossell Joseph, blacksmith, Larrabee 
Fosselman Sam'l, clerk 180 (Lake, h 115 Wells 
Fossett Thomas, sa41or, h Wabash av nr Kinzie 
Foster Arthur, gilder Ferris & Boyd, bds 146 

State y 

Foster Edward, chandler, h 19 Illinois 
Foster George F. ship chandler and sail loft, 

195 S. Water, h 68 Kinzie 
FOSTER HARVEY C. books, &c. 159 Lake, h 

109 State 
Foster Horace, scale builder, 197 S. Water« bds 

170 W. Lake 
FOSTER HOUSE, N. Clark cor Kinzie 
Foster Isaac, sailor, h Quincy nr Wells 
Foster James H. (Ross & F.) bds Tremont H. 
Foster John H. physician, h 216 Madison 
Foster Capt. Reuben L. h Michigan nr Clark 
Foster Samuel, clerk 187 Lake 
Fostison Mrs. B. h State bt Taylor and Twelfth 
Fountain Sliss H. dressmaker, IS^Lake 
Foute John J. (F. & Kelly) h Market nr Ran. 
Foute & Kelly, varieties, 235 Randolph 
Fowler S. D. box 1957 post-office 
Fowfer Charles A. (Miller & F.) h 258 W JR.and. 
Fowler John M. h nr American Car Works 
Fowler Mrs. Jjtne, boarding, h 134 Michigaii 
Fowler Lemuel, clerk R. I. R. R. freight depot, 

h 78 Edina 
Fowler Wm. L. baggage agent G. & C. U. R. R. 
Fowler Stanley G. bds 119 Clark 
Fox Adam, engraver S. D. Childfl, jr. 
Fox A. S. bds Jervis House / 

Fox Chancey H. machinist G. & C. U. R. R. 
Fox Charles B. manufacturer of siding mills, 

Canal nr Adams 
Fox Churles, books, &c. h 41 Adams 
Fox Miss C. C. teacher puJ^lic school No. 7 
Foil James, lab, bds 174 N. Laealle 
Fox James, groeer, Ewing bt Desp. and Jeff. 
Fox Joseph P. engineer, h nr G. & C. tJ. R. R. 

frei^ght depot 
Fox Mrs. William, h GUntoji bt Polk and Har. 
Foy John, lab, h Blanokard's tow 
Fraenkel Joseph, soapmaker, h Wolcott nr 

Fraenkel WiUiam, cabimetmaker, h Sedgwick 

nr Division 



IVancer ^eter, carriagemaker Ellithorpe, Kline 

& Co. 
Franchere David, groceries and liquors, corner 

Market and Quincy 
Francis J. Allen, b.keeper Ji. J). Olmsted & Co. 
Francis P. P. clerk 82 Lake, h 69 Edina 
Francks John, blacksmith Henry Witbeck, h 

Randolph cor Market 
Francis W. H. clerk Ross & Foster 
Frang John, lab, Mason & McAtthur 
Frank Adam, lab, h eor Wabash avenue and 

Harmon court 
Frank Arnold, cigars, h 22 Lasalle 
Frank Charles, sailor, h Franklin bt WhUney 

and Division 
Frank Emanuel, (Wineman & F.) h 64 W. Rand. 
Frank Frederick, physician, 16 W. Randolph 
Frank H., J. W. printer, h 161 Clinton 
Frank Herman, tobacconist and oigarmaker, 

62 Wells 
Frank Isaac cigarmaker, bds 22 Lasalle 
Frank Jacob, drayman, h 27 S. Water 
Frank Jacob W. (Huchberger & F.) 46 Clark 
Frank Joseph, miller Gage & Haines 
Fri^nke Charles, tailor, h Clark>bt Elm and. Div. 
Franke Mrs. Mary, h Monroe bt Clinton and 

Franke Keyle, lab,, h Larrabee nr Willow 
Frankel William, cabinetmaker C. Morgan, h 

FRANKENTHAL E. cigars, 62 Clark, h 89 

Van Buren 
Frankenthal Alexander, clerk E. Frankenthal 
Frankfield Reinard, (Wetzler & F.) 60 West 

Franks Wilson, printer Scott & Fulton 
FRANKLIN HOUSE, 84 to 40 Kinzie 
Franklin Simon, clothing, 247 Lake, h 226 

Frankman William, blacksmith, h 171 Jefferson 
Franzen Anton, gardener, h N. Wells 
Franz J. grocer. State S. of Liberty, h same 
Franz Lorenz Clark, grocer, cor Liberty 
Fraser Andrew D. (P. W. Gates & Co.) h Ad- 
ams bt Jefferson and Desplaines 
Fraser Alexander, baker Thomson & Andrus, 

h 77 W. Washington 
Fraser Charles, boarding, h 2 Kinzie 
Fraser David R. foreman P. W. Gat^s & Co. h 

Halsted cor Jackson 
Fraser Mrs. Mary, boarding, h 77 W. Wash. 
f RASHER & JILLETT, lumber, Sherman hit 

Taylor and Twelfth 
FRASHER, GARR & CO. dry goods, 108 Lake 
Frasher John E. L. (F., C. & Co.) 108 Lake 
Frazer Ellis P. clerk 68 Lake 
Frazier Emanuel, engineer, h cor Canal and 

Frederick David, lab, h Orchard nr N. avenue 
Frederick Henry, clerk 100 Lake 
Frederick Mrs Mary, wiishing, h alley Canal 

bt Madison and Monroe 
Frederick Peter, harnessmaker, h 164 W. Ran. 
Fredeilokstadt John, lab, k N. avenue nr Oroh. 

Frederickson Charles, porter 231 Lake 
Frederickson Frederick, shinglemaker, cor Hub-' 

bard and Desplaines 
Frederickson John, woodchopper, h 82 N. Dear. 
Freeman Charles E. machinist H. P. Moses 
Freeman Henry, police, h 102 W. Madison 
Freeman William, porter Marine Bank, bds 73 

Freeman William B. clerk 71 Randolph 
Freeman James, carpenter, h Wells nr Taylor 
Freeman Thomas, land agent, h Curtiss nr Lake 
FREER & INGALLS, attorneys, 53 Clark 
Freer L. C.P. (F. & Ingalls) h 118 Monroe 
Freer Joseph W. physician, 4 Davisson's bloc^, 

h 89 Ontario 
Frehrer John, tailor, h White 
Freimutt Alexander, painter, h Noble nr Kin* 
French A. T. clerk D. Abbey & Co. bds A. 

French Aaron, blacksmith, h cor Desplaines 

and Polk 
French B. F. (Gilbert & F.) h 105 Jefferson - 
French B. (Gilbert & F.) 
French Charles D. (Fifield & F.) 
French Henry, h 71 Randolph 
French James, carpenter F. M. -Williams 
French R. H. agent J. R. Mills & Co. 
French G. H. (F. & Floyd) bds Briggs House 
French W. D. bookkeeper 115 S. Water 
Frentzel Nicholas, clerk 257 Clark, bds same 
Frere Thomas, clerk III. Staats ZeitUng, h 185 

Fresk Rev. L. L. h N. of North avenue 
Fricke Benjamin, barber, 98 Wells 
Frickee Xavier, cabinetmaker, h 61 W, Rand. 
Fricke Henry, clerk post-office, h 148 Indiana 
Friederich Fritz, baker, Illinois nr Clark 
Friedrick John A. up^hoisterer, 116 W. Ran- 
dolph, h same 
Friedrich Peter, tailor, h North Wells 
Fries William, tailor, h Sherman bt Harrison 

and Van Buren 
Friesleben Gustavus, tinsmith, h 191 Lasalle 
FriesleWn Isaac, (J. EUis & Co.) h 161 Wells 
Friesleben Lebhold, dry goods, 88 N. Clark 
Frieland Jacob, lab, h cor Carroll and Ann 
Frietmah L. & Bro. dry goods, 166 Clark 
Frietman Lewis, (L. F. & Bro.) h 165 Clark 
Frietman L^^zarus, (L. F. & Bro.) h 165 Clark 
Frinier Oliver, carpenter, h Michigan avenue 

N. of North 
Frink & Co. chair factory, Tyler nr Halsted 
FRINK & WINSTON, attorneys, 61 Dearborn 
Frink Henry, (F. & Winston) h Pearson nr Hal. 
Frink L. ship carpenter, h N. Water bt Wells 

and Peyton 
Frinkenworth Henr/i Btoneeutter Chic. Stooe 

Frisbie Augustus, ice dealer, 126 S. Water, h 

161 Monroe 
Frisbie J. C. (Thomson, Wetm(»re & Co.) h 130^ 

Frisbie W. 0. clerk A« Frisbie, h 161 Monroe, 





frisbie Joseph, stonecutter, h State bt Harri- 
son and Peck ets 
Fritsche Charles, lab, h Center cor Orchard 
Fritz Mrs. W. h Sherman bt Jackson and Van 

Fritz Peter, blacksmith Union Gar Works 
j^ritzell Augustus, general delivery clerk P^ 0. 
Friuad Jacob, porter Garden City House 
Froiseth Berdard A. ticket agent C. & R. I. R. 

R. h 205 Edina 
Fromhiggins William, teamster Chicago Hide 

& Leather Co. 
Fi-ost & Bradley, lumber, foot Tyler 
Frost <Jeorge, butcher, h cor Market and Whit. 
Frost Lott, {F, & Bradley) bds 109 Wabash av 
Frost Mrs. Honora, vestmaker, h 142 Huron 
Frost Jacob) clothing, 179 Lake, h 166 Monroe 
Frost Thomas, painter, h Quincy nr Halsted 
Frost William P. clerk 150 Lake 
Froun Christian, chatHnaker, h Depuyster nr 

' Halsted 
Fruh William, carpenter, h Clark S. of Polk 
Frymouth Alexander, painterWelch & Mendsen^ 

h Noble 
Puhring Ferdinand, druggist, 161 W. Randolph 
Fuhrmeistcr Herman, (Schoe&fe F.) 318 ClaA 
Fallagar Henry, (F. & Smeeth) h Jackson bt 

Desplaines and Halsted 
FuUagar & Smeeth, tinsmiths, 123 W. Rand. 
Fuller Erasmus Q. assistant editor Christian 

Advocate, h 368 State 
Fuller E. 0. clerk U. S. Express Co. 
Fuller a: W. teller Merchants' & Mechanics* Bk. 
Fuller Harvey, (Stephens & Co.) h Rio Grande 

nr Cottage Grove avenue 
Fuller Henry, city superintendent, h 2 River 
Fuller Henry M. assistant engineer Chicago* 

Water Works, h Wolcott nr Superior 
Fuller Ira A. teamster Union Car Works h 

Liberty nr Buffalo 
Fuller Jacob, (F. & Rosenfield) h 19 Edina 
Fuller & Rosenfield, clothing, 166 Clark 
FULLER J. E. S. & Co. liquor -merchants, 27 

South Water 
FuUer James E. S. (J. K S. F. & Co.) bdslSl 

Michigan av 
Fuller 0. F. druggist, 195 Lake 
Fuller 0. L. baker 0. Itendall 
Fuller Thomas, farmer, h Ohio nr Franklin 
FpUer Willard M. brassfinisher T. George & 

Co. h W. Madison nr Halsted 
Fuller W. 'H. bar tender Tremont Exchange 
FuUerton A. N. Attorney, 96 Lake, bds Tremont 

FuUum Calvin, upholsterer F. F. & W. P. 

Fulton Col^jimbus, millwright, bds 90 Madison 
Fulton F. (Scott & F.) bds 90 Madison 
Fulton H. L. (^. & Perkins) h 90 Madison 
Funck Jacob, rectifier, 51 S. Water 
Funk James L. tinner 118 W. Randolph 
Funk John, lab, h cor N. Wells and Schiller 
Funk Michael) boilermaker Mason & Mc- 


yunk Peter, blacksmith, h N. Wells 
Funk Mrs. Sarah, h 143 State 
Fum Michael, sailor, bds Jame^ Palmer 
Furgess Ludwig, painter Welch & Mendsen 
Furley William^ lab, h cor Prairie av and 

Palo Alto 
Furlong James, lab, h cor Franklin and 

Furlong John, receiving clerk lumber yard, h 

Furlong Philip, lab, h Ontario nr Peyton 
Furlong Thomas, soapmaker, h Wabash av nr 

Fu^ney James, comm. Clark bt Taylor and 

Twelfth, h Depuyster 
Furman John» carpenter, h Market nr Division 
Fumer E. carrier Democratic Press, h Divi- 
sion opposite Larrabee 
Furst & Bradley, carriage manufacturers, 73 

W. Randolph 
Furst Conrad, (F. & Bradley) 73 W. Randolph 
Fussey John, sawyer, h Monroe bt Clinton 

and Canal 
Fyfe George, bookk^per Vulcan Foundry 
Fyfe James, blacksmith, h Fulton bt GrefSn 

and Peoria 
Fytler William, cabinetmaker, h Orchartl nar 


Gabber Gottfried, tailor, h Orchard nr Willow 

Gabel Peter, (Adams & Co.) cor Jefferson and 
West Water 

Gabriel Henry, lab, h Pearson nr the Lake 

Gadd Antony, tailor, Shantytown nr Peyton. 

Gaede Louis, tailor, h Northern av nr Cot- 
tage Grove av 

Gaffney Mrs. boarding, h 108 W. Washington 

Gaffney Barney, drayman, h Ohio nr Franklin 

Gaftiiey Patrick, clerk,, bds Mrs. Baker 

Gage A. T. proprietor Southern Hotel, cor . 
State and Twelfth 

GAGE BROTHER & DRAKE, proprietors Tre- 
mont House 

Gage Daniel A. Tremont House bar 

Gage Davis A. (G. Bro. & Drake) 

Gage George W. (G. Bro. & Drake) Tremont 

GAGE & HAINES, Chicago Mills, S. Water 
cor Wabash av 

Gage James L^ salesman Gage & Haines, bds 
113 Monroe 

Gage Jared, (G. & Haines) h 113 Monroe 

Gage John, bookbinder Culver & Page 

Gage Joseph, 68 Norrth Clark 

GAGE J. & CO. St. Charles Branch, 68 North 

Gage Joseph & Co. planing mills, cor Adams 
dnd Carroll 

Gaines Asa, h 91 Clark 

Gaines Christopher, shoemaker, h 114 West 

Gaines Robert, maehiniet, h Meridian nr Des» 

osiCAGo Dntscto&r. 


Oaist Frederick, cooper, h Clark bt North and 

Oalaher William, carpenter, h Griswold bt 

Jackson and Van Buren 
Gale Abraham, h 109 Wabash ay 
Gale D. W. (Van Olinda & G.) 66 S. Water 
Gale £. 0. clerk J. H. Reed & Co. 
Gale John H. grain dealer, h 166 Michigan 
Gale Robert, sailor, h Green bt Adams and 

Gide Stephen F. office 14 Dearborn, 8d floor 
Gale William H. clerk 184 Randolph 
Gallager Mrs. Bridget, h 171 N. Lasalle 
Gallagher Francis, clothing, 2 Lind's block 
Gallagher Hugh, lab, h Desplaines bt Polk and 

Gallagher James, clerk American House 
Gallagher John, waiter H. S. Speer 
Gallagher Ptter, lab, h N. Water nr Peyton 
Gallagher Thomas, lab, h Peyton nr Ontario ' 
Gallagher William, butcher North Market 
Galligan Lawrence, stonecutter, h Hastings nr 

Gallien Abraham, carpenter, h Pearson bt 

Franklin and Market 
Gallagan Peter, lab, h Cass bt Hinddale and 

Gallaly Michael, junk shop, 119 ]^nzie 
Galloway A. J. & Co. Western Land Agency, 

75 Lake 
Gallup Benjamin E. attorney, 127 S. Water, 

bdd 93 Clark 
Galyan John, shoemaker, Michigan ay N. of 

Springer, h same 
Galyin John, h cor Fort and Desplaines 
Galyin Michael, lab, h cor Fourth and Despl. 
Gamble Datid, bookkeeper G. Smith & Co. h 

cor Lasalle and Oak 
Gamble James, h Chicago ay cor Townsend 
Gamble Osborne, bookkeeper Adams Mill 
Gamble William, h 36 Ohio 
Gambril William, (Bush & G.) h cor Lasalle 

and Superior 
Gammerdinger Henry, clerk Sternberg & Isidor 
Ganer Peter, lab, h liberty bt State and 

Oaney John clerk Throop, Learned & Co. h S. 

Clinton bt Van Buren and Harrison 
Oaney Michael, lab, h cor Miejiigan and Mar. 
Ganey Patrick, lab, h 83 Jefferson 
Gannan Ira W. carpenter, h Green bt Hubbard 

and Kinzie 
Gannan Michael, lab^ h Blanchard's row 
•Gannett Mrs. Mary,, dressmaker, 155 Clark 
Ganson F. ship carpenter, h Hubbard nr 

Ganz Matthew, lab, h cor Wells and Schiller 
Garbutt John, machinist, bds Kansas House 
Garbutt Bbbert, machinist, bds Kansas House 
GARDEN CITY (Sloan's) office, 42 Lake 

GARDEN CITY HOUSE, cor Market and 


Gardner Charles, musician, h Hurlbut nr 

Gardner Charle?, bowling saloon, 60 N. Clark: 
Gardner H. A. barkeeper, American House 
Gardner F. B. lumber. Wells nr Harrison, h 

Sangamon cor Jackson 
Gardner James, engineer Crosby's Distillery^ 

h Roberts 
Gardner Joseph, carpenter, h Hastings nr 

Garey John, boarding, h cor Market and Ad. 
Garey Thomas,, lab, h Franklin bt Michigan 

and Illinois 
GARFIELD' A. G. hardware, 98 Lake 
Gar!i«ld E. L clerk 98 Lake 
Garfield Frederick H. conductor C. & A. R. 

R. h cor Carpenter and Kinzie 
GARLAND JOHN C. trunks, 160 Uke and 

84 Dearborn, h Superior cor Wells 
Garland Joseph P. car builder American Car 

Garland Thomas C. carpenter^ h Halsted nr 

Garlick Charles, machinist, 35 Washington 
Garlock Gilbert B. brakesman G. & C. U. R. B. 
Gamer Charles, lab, h Edina N. of Twelfth 
Garnsey Charles A. homoeopathist, h Peoria bt 

Lake and Fulton 
Garrabant R. C. clerk 47 Clark 
Garrahan Dennis, lab, h Fulton bt Desplaines 

and Jefferson 
Garrett G. printer. Democratic Press job room 
Garretty John, lab, h Ohio nr Peyton 
GARRICK JOHN, lumber clerk, nr StoweVs 

Garrison Andrew, attorney, h 4 Riyer 
Garritz Michael, Foster House Saloon 
Garrity Patrick, plasterer, h 90 Superior 
Garrity Patrick, clerk 190 Lake, h 109 Mich.. 
Garth P^ter, milkman, nr North City line 
Gartside Frederick, foreman. Dem. job office 
Gairyey Patrick, lab, h Polk bt Desplaines 

and Halsted 
Garyey John, lab, h cor Franklin and 'Michigan. 
Garey Mrs. Ann, h Third nr Milwaukee ay 
GAS WORKS, Monroe nr Wells 
Gaskill George, blacksmith C. & R. I.. R. R.. 

Gasman Michael, bds George Scbmitt 
Gasper Sebastian James, h cor Desplaines and 

Gassett L. M. foreman blacksmith Union Car - 

Gassett Loyel, clerk 134 Lake 
Gassett S. B. contractor Union Car Works, h 

77 Edina i 
Gastey James, lab, h 40 W. Lake 
Gastfield William, engineer. Grey's Tannery, 

h Chicago ay nr N. W. Plank road 
Gaston Alanson D. clerk, bds cor Clark and. 

Gates Caleb F. cashier American Car Co. hf 

Calumet ay nr Bio Grande 



Oates Francis A. salMmaa 101 S. Water 
Gfttes James L. (Jeiretti G. & Johnson) h 81 

Michigan aT 
Gates Nathan F. purchaser G. & K. L R. B. 

bds T. Barney 
Gates Philip, box 2253 post-office 
GATES P. W. & Co. Eagle Works, W. Water 

cor Washington 
Gates Philetus W. (P. W. G. & Co.) h 79 W. 

Gates Ralph J. moulder P. W. Gates & Co. 
Gaubert Charles H. agent Mills & Co. 
Gauch & Brahm, brewers, Bush cor Chicago av 
Gauch Jacob, (G. & Brahm) h 40 Bush 
Gauer Augustin, gardener, h Cedar 
Gauringer Joseph, carpenter, h Mitchell nr 

Gayigan Martin, lab, h Blanchard's row 
GaTigan Patrick, teamster, bds 27 A Market 
Gayin John, mason, h Halsted nr Twelfth 
Gayin John, undertaker, 77 Market 
Gayin Matthew, lab, h Dearborn bt Springer 

and N(M'th 
Gayin Patrick, h N. Market nr Erie 
Gayin Thomas, mason, h Sherman bt Harri- 
son and Van Buren 
Gavin William, drayman, h Pearson nr Bespl. 
Gay John, sailor, h Wabash av bt Lake and 

Gaylord Ebenexer, gilder and grainer, 165 Ban- 

dolph, h Bandolph W. end 
Gaylord Mrs. Marion L. h Park ay nr Cannon 
Gaylord William H. clerk HuntiDgdon« ^ad- 
worth & Parks 
f Gear Charles, carpenter, h V. Buren nr Wells 
« Geary Eugene, painter Barry & Cusbing 
» Geary thomas, lab, h Franklin bt Illinois and 
Gebel Michael, mason, h Hinsdale near the 

Gebel Peter, lab, h Pearson bt Green Bay and 

Gebert Charles F. teamster Beecher, Hollister 

& Wilkins 
Gtshardin Albert, capmaker Bassett & Ham- 
Gehr Samuel, clerk Bees & Eerfoot 
Gebrke Conrad, tailor, cor Goethe and Wells 
Oeib Peter, h Wells bt Monroe and Adams 
Geick Henry,, tailor, h Franklin nr Hinsdale 
Qeier John, carpenter, h Austin 
Gell Henry ,« clerk J. S. Vanduzer 
. GeimaDayid, engineer, h Peoria cor Madison 

• Gels Conrad, cabinetmaker, h Peoria cor Jack. 
Geits John, musician, h Pearson nr the Lake 
Gekler Heinrich, waf;on maker H. Witbeck, 

h Sherman bt Hamson and Van Buren 
Gelis Charles, saloon, 1^2. W. Randolph, h same 
Gemahle Godfried, plasterer, h Chicago ay nr 


• Gener Peter, lab, h Union bt Lake and Fulton 
< Gentsel Henry G. porter Sawyer, Page & Co. 
.G^try William^ engineer Gas Works, h 166 


George Hamilton, boilermaker P. W. Gatea 

George Jacob, cabinetmaker, h Rucker bt Polk 

and Taylor 
George John, coppersmith Thos. George & Co. 
George John, R. sailmaker Purington jt 

Scranton, h Monroe nr Market 
George Justin H. lab, h Diyision nr Clybourin 
George Peter, lab, h cor Harrison and Clinton 
George Peter, h Eldridge court cor State 
George Simon C cook, h 124 Dearborn 
GEOBGE THOMAS & CO. iron, copper an4 

tin, 201 Lake 
George Thomas, (T. G. & Co.) h cor Calumet 

ay and Bio Grande 
GEOBGE WILLIAM, tinsmith, h 215 West 

Georghold John, cooper, h Hurlbut 
Gerard J. B. surveyor Ogden, Jones & Co. 
Gerardin Victor, (Grossett, Brothers & G.) 

106 S. Water 
Gerbart Liudhard, capmaker, h Hinsdale or 

Gerber John L. painter, 158 Bandolph 
Gorge Hubard, shoemaker, h Wolcott nr Chic* 
Gerhard George, laborer, h Sedgwick 
Gerharls Matthias, lab, h Buffalo N. of Polk 
Gericke Christopher, dyer, h 88 Jefferson 
Gericke Henry, mason, h Hurlbut near Clyb« 
Gerike Mrs. Caroline, h Boberts 
Gerkle Henry, cabinetmaker, h 182 Indiana 
Gerke Charles, lab, h Douglas ay N. of Bia 

Gerlach Edward, boarding, h Liberty bt Buf- 
falo and Clark 
Gerlach William, clerk 242 Lake 
Gerling Matthias, carpenter, h Elm 
Germer M. shoemaker, h Liberty bt State and 

Germain Croyler, clerk Hannah, Lay L Co. 
Gerst Daniel, lab, h Ewing bt Clinton and 


goods, 48 Lasalle 
Gerstenberg Charles, (G. & Westerman) h W' 

Gerstley Maximilian M. clothing, 354 Lake, b 

179 Monroe 
Gertcken Henry, lab, h North ay nr Hurlbut 
Gerts George E. (G. & Loder) bds Mrs. Hoyeiy 
GERTS & LODEB, brush manufacturers, 51 

Gertz Anton, basket maker, h cor Larrabee 

and Black Hawk 
Gertz JohU) shoemaker W. Sporlein 
Gertzinger Valentine, brickmaker, h comer 

Mitchell and Canal 
Gerwing Frederick, mason, h Diyision 
Geselbracht Herman, cigarmaker, h 146 Mioh. 
Gesnerr W. C. barber, h 18 W. Lake 
GestJ. H. h 37 N. Clinton 
Getzler Mrs. Anton, furrier, h 219 Washington 
Geyer Carl, prin^ter Illinois Staats Zeitue^ 
Gibbons James, marble cutter, bds SJO Monroe 



<Qi1ibon8 Harry, lab, h North Water bt Wells 

and RiTer 
Gibbons John, lab, bds 174 N. Lasalle 
Gibbons Patrick, lab, h North Water bt Wells 

and River 
Oibbs Aaron, physician, 111 Lake, h 40 Monr. 
Gibbs Charles C. engineer, h Buffalo S. of 

GIBBS, GRIFFIN & CO. forwarding and com. 

North Water nr Wells 
Gibbs George A. (G., Griffin & Co.) h cor Ohio 
#, aad Wolcott 

Gibson Edward, carpenter, h 141 W. Madison 
Gibson J. laborer H. & 0. Wilson 
Gibson T. P. D. tinware manufacturer, 41 

Wells, h 41 S. Jefferson 
Gibson Nathaniel, draymai\| h Adams nr Wells 
Giddey James, clerk G. C. Morton, h Grove 

cor Thomson 
Gielow Christ F. wagonmaker, h B^fSB 
Gielhoffer George, lab, h cor Wells and Diyision 
Gienther Gotlieb, blacksmith, 106 W. Madison 
Giesenshlag Charles, shoemakerj h Depuyster 

nr Halsted 
Gieseke Henry, plasterer, h Hurlbut near 

Giesbaok Martin, carpenter, h Milwaukee ay 

nr City limits 
.Giffort Charles, sailor, h 29 Michigan 
Gifford Chester B. freight conductor G. & C. 

U. R. R. bds T. Fagan 
Gifford G. W. bookkeeper 188 Lake, h 106 S. 

Gigler Henry, blacksmith, h Sherman nr Har. 
Gilbert Ashley, cashier Commercial Bank, h 

48 Buffalo 
Gilbert, Cameron & Gilbert, attorneys, 20 Me- 
tropolitan block 
Gilbert Eli W. shoemaker, h cor Calumet ay. 

and Palo Alto 
Gilbert & French, cider yinegar, &c. 234 and 

236 S, Water 
Gilbert George 8. (G. & French) 
Gilbert Henry, tinsmith, 201 Lake 
GUbert Horace, tinsmith, 41 W^lls, h 17 Ontario 
Gilbert N. 8. hatter J. Barstow 
Gilbert Stephen, mason, h cor Lake and Hal. 
Gilbert Samuel H. salesman 205 S. Water 
Gilbert Tumey S. attorney, bds 185 Clark 
Gilbert William J. clerk 185 Lake 
Gilbert W. L. medicine depot, 44 Franklin 
Gilbrensen Imel, painter, h 95 Superior 
Gilchrist John, grocer, 6 Indiana 
Gilchrist Thomas, drayman, h 12 Cass 
Giles Henry, teams'r. h cor Fulton and Curtiss 
GILB9 a. H. & CO. produce, &c. N. Water 

cor Lasalle 
Giles Orin H. (0. H. G. & Co.) h Peoria bt 

Fulton and Prairie 
Giles William, teamster, h cor Fujton and 

€^(rfl« Jokn, lab, h Buffalo N. <tf Polk 
Gilfoyle Pierce, tailor, h 124 Edina 
GOganDayid, lab, hN. Water bt Wells ftnd Rhw 

Gill Edmund, saloon, cor Wells and N. Water 
Gill William P. clerk oor Wells and Randolph 
Gilla Matthew, lab, h Milwaukee ay nr city 

GiUard Mrs. Henry, h Chicago ay cor Reubea 
Crillespie Dayid, auctioneer, h 245 W. Randolph 
Gillespie John, sawyer Knibloe & Rugg 
Gillespie John, cabinetmaker, h Judd bt Canal 

and Clinton 
Gillespie John J. cabinetmk'r, bdsJ. Gillespie 
Gillespie Neal, lab, h Piiyton 
Gillespie W. C. C. bookkeeper T. W. Alexande^r 

& Co. 
Gillen Michael M. tailor, 837 State, h same 
Gillett Paul W. ink mfcnuf turer, 197 W. Lake 
Gilliard George, brewer, h Pine cor Chicago aw 
Gillies Alexander, carpenter, bds 53 Randolph 
Gills Lewis, tailor, h Franklin nr Division 
Gilman Marcus D. grocer, 181 S. Water, h 164 

Michigan ay 
Gilman William R. clerk J. B. Doggett, h cor 

Market and Chicago ay 
Gilman W. £. bookkeeper C. B. & Q. R. E. 
Gilmartin George, grocer, h Peyton nr Ontario 
Gilmor Warren, painter, bds J. Mello^ ** 
Gilmore A. R. h 172 State 
Gilmore Robert A. ticket clerk C. k R. I. R. R. 
Gilmore William, lab, h Canal bt Monroe an^ 

Gilmore William, h cor Kinzie and Clinton 
Gilson John, finisher, h 6 Superior 
Gilston John, helper C. Reissig 
Gimble John, painter, h Randolph bt Curtiss 

and May 
Gindele Franz, printer Illinois Staats Zeitung 
Glndele J. George, architect 111. Stone Drees.' 

Co. h Halsted bt Washington jand Randolph 
Ginder William, Union Car Works, h Sherman 

nr Harrispn 
Gindoof P. tinsmith, h Halsted bt Randolph 

and Washington 
Ginning John, lab, h 165 Adams 
Gioyanni Frazzo, hairdresser A. L. Columbo 
GIROUX B. produce merchant, S. Water cor 

Biyer, h 56 Kinzie 
Gitten Petejr, lab, Granger's foundry 
Glackner & Enuhl, bakers, Canal bt Van Bu- 

ren and Harrison 
Glackner John, (G. &. Knuhl) 
Glasen Matthias, (G. & Schuper) h Cass nr 

Chicago ay 
Glasen & Schuper, groceries, Cass nr Chic ar 
Glaser Frederick, cabinetmaker, h WellB nr 

Glaser John, h Milwaukee ay nr city limits 
Glass Alexander, teamster, h ^ Indiana 
Glass James, printer Scott & , Fulton, bdd 90 

Glass John, lab, h Towasend. nr White 
Glassbrooke George, fumaceman, h 48 S. Des- 

Glassford Hugh, dyer, h 190 Washington 
GLASSNER GEORGE & CO. trunks, 11 Clark 
Glasener Peter, lab, h Larrabee nr North ar 




Glasson Jobn, contractar, h Gumee bt Polk 
and Taylor 

GlaTin Eugene, lab, b Sbantytown nr Ontario 

Gleason Mr9. A. F. principal Ladies' depart- 
ment Normal School 

Gleason Dennis, omnibus driverj b Edina S. of 

Gleason J. tailor 164 Lake 

Gleason Jacob, bousemover, b Clark nr Nortb 

Gleason John, lab, b Division nr Sedgwick 

Gleason Mills B. principal Normal School, b 
107 S. Jefferson 

Gleason Phillips, carpenter, b Desplaines nr 

Qleason Thomas, lab, b Desplaines bt Fulton 
and Carroll * 

Gleeson Dan'l, carpn'tr, b Edina S. of Twelfth 

Gleeson Michael, boots and shoes, 121 Ran- 
dolph, h 85 WeUs 

Gleichman Gustavus, lab, b N. Wells nr N. ay 

Gleerup Geo. bookkeeper Granger's Iron W'ks, 
b cor Market and Ontario 

Glen Michael, lab, b 92 W. Washington 

Glenwood Mrs. £. h Prairie bt Peoria and San- 

Glesup George, bookkeeper Granger's Foundry 

Glindon Michael, blacksmith, cor Wolcott and 

Glorer William, agent M. S. R. R. bds Jervis 

Glose Charles, carpenter, b Blue Island ay nr 

Glosscock Thomas P. carpenter, h 202 Edina 
, Gluck John, cabinetmaker, b Roberts nr Chi- 
cago ay 

jGluck Philip, lab, h Roberts nr Chicago ay 

Gluckert Christopher, cigarmaker, h cor Mil- 
waukee ay and Allen ^ 

Glynn Patrick, blacksmith H. P. Moses 

Gnust John, b Wolcott nr Maple 

Gobbins George, teamster, h Lake nr Ann 

Goddard Ira, bds 78 Edina 

Godenratb Peter, lab, b Church 

Godfroy F. N. (Perry & G.) 

Godwin Henry M. h Hoosier ay nr Tyler 

Goebel Frederick, plasterer, b Green Bay nr 

Goebel George, carpenter, b North ay bt Wells 
and Franklin 

Goebel Peter, clerk C. Adams & Co. 

Goedecke William, grocer, Clark nr SheflEield 
coal yard 

Goelz Wilbelm, physician, b N. Wells nr Cem- 

• etery 

Go;elzlln John, tailor, h Clark, nr Goethe 

Goetzelman Henry, carpenter, h N. Wells nr 

Goetzche Mrs. Mary, b Chicago ay nr Reuben 

Goff William, lab, h 175 N. Lasalle 

Goggin Richard, boarding, h Kinzie bt Wells 
and Clark 

Going & Moore, agents Turner's ginger wine, 
64 Randolph 

Going J. F. (G. & Moore) h 154 Moni'oe 

Goins iColyin, brakesman, b Tbroop's alley nr 

Goldberg & Loewenstein, clothing, 116 Lake 

bt Twelfth and Liberty 
Golding .A. boot and shoemaker, b cor Fourtb 

and Sangamon 
Goldie William, sash, doors and blinds, 224 

Monroe, h 218 Monroe 
Golenetz Frederick, cabinetmaker, b Milwau' 

kee ay cor Halsted 
Goldsworthy A. boilermaker, h Polk eor Desiu 
GoUing Frederick, tailor, h Union bt Lake bm 

Gomar Jeremiah, sign and ornamental paintev^ 

202 Lake 
Gomer Joseph, porter Beecher, HoUister & 

Gomrey John, stonecutter, b Jefferson nr Har.^ 
Good Amos^ teamster, b Green nr Adams 
Goodale Dennis C. h Van Buren nap Wells 
Goodale William, at W. G. Phelps 
Goodall T. C. salooi^, h 99 Dearborn 
Goodheart William, (Leopold & G.) 112 Lake 
Goodjohn T. (Moore & G.) h May bi Randolph 

and Washington 
Goodman Eey. £. b Sangamon nr Randolph 
Goodman Francis, drayman, b Wolcott near 

Goodman Frederick^ b aUey bt Randolph an<i 

Goodman Joseph, carpenter^ b Buffalo N. of 

Goodman Lawrence, boarding, b 427 State 
Goodnough N. R. printer, bds 155 Dearborn 
Goodrich E. C. policeman, -b Van Buren bt 

Franklin and Market 
Goodrich E. M. general ticket agent C. & R. L 

R. R. bds 81 Michigan ay 
Goodrich Grant, (G. & Scoyllle) b 40 Illinois 
Goodrich M. L. clerk C, & R. L R. B. depot 
GOODRICH & SCOVILLE, attorneys, 47 Clark 
Goodridge Charles L. (Shipman & G.) b Tyl«p 

bt State and Wabash ay / 

Goodridge A. G. clerk Walker & Day 
Goodridge Lowell, h Polkbt Buffalo and^ Edina 
GoodwilUe Robert G. clerk Ferry & Barton 
Goodwin Caleb, bookkeeper C. Cleayer, h Cle»' 

Goodwin Christian, barber, b Fierce nr Desp.- 
Goodwin Geo. P. attorney, post-office buildings^ 

3d floor 
Goodwin Francis P. machinist, h 73 S. Des- 
Goodwin Lord M. Iowa House 
GK)odwin William, flour and feed store, oor 

Lake and Desplaines 
Gorchy B. P. lab, h Diyision nr Wells 
Gordon Edward, drayman, b Buffalo bt Polk 

and Taylor 
Gordon John, joiner, bds 28 W. Madison 
Gordon Michael, carpenter, h 46 W. Madison 
Gordon N. M. candy manufacturer, Desplaiiies 

bt Harrison and Van Buren 



Oorham Daniel S. ship carpenter, h Erie nr 

Gorke Henry, joiner, h 182 Indiana 
Gorke Henry, lab, h Ontario nr Chicago av 
Gorman George, New York House 
Gorman Jas. moulder Vincent, Himrod & Co. 
Gorman Jas. ropemk'r, h Randolph W. of Ann 
Gorman John, machinist H. P. Moses 
Gorman Michael, Cold Spring House, Clark bt 

Twelfth and Liberty 
Gorman Patrick, carpenter, h cor Noble and 

Gorman Thomas, lab, h Noble nr Kinzie 
Gorshe John, h Tan Bnren bt Desplaines and 

Gory Patrick, drayman, h 10 Kinzie 
Goss Daniel, (G. & Phillips) h 374 Clark 
€^oss G. G. b«x 2545 post-office 
<JOSS & HOAG, groceries, 10 Dearborn and 

40 N. Clark 
Goss 0. S. (G. & Hoag) h 55 Ohio 
GOSS & PHILLIPS, sash, doors and blinds, 189 

Gotteson Jacob, grocer, h CaiToU bt Union 

and Halsted 
Gottloff John, h 1 Buffalo 
G^tzbarger Lawrence, shoemaker, h Union nr 

Milwaukee av 
Gotzinger Nicholas, lab, h Taylor cor Sherman 
GOULD & BRO., wholesale grocers, 135 S. 

Gould John S. (O. & Bro.) h 262 Wabash av 
Gould Nathaniel, carpenter, h Prairie av cor 

Gould P. N. gatekeeper, Milwaukee plank road 
Gould S. proprietor Iowa House, 207 Sherman 
Gould Wm. R. (G. & Bro.) bds 262 Wabash av 
Gouldaman John, lab, h Franklin nr Jackson 
Gowey & Boomer, blacksmiths, 114 Dearborn 
Gewey Solomon, (G. & Boomer) h 88 Monroe 
Gownlock James, blacksmith, bds 225 Wash. 
Grace James, lab, h Quincy bt Clark and State 
Gracely Andrew, lab, h Fulton W. of Reuben 
Grady Fi'ancis, mason, h cor Jefferson and W. 

Water ♦ 
Grady James, teamster, h Clintcn bt Lake and 

Grady Jeremiah, (G. & Morrisey) bds 257 

Grady John, lab, h Polk bt Clinton and Jeff. 
Grady Michael, h foot Lake 
Grady & Morrisey, blacksmiths, Clark bt 

Twelfth and Liberty 
Grady Patrick, lab, h Olinton nr Fulton 
Grady Thomas, teamster, h Washington av cor 

Grady Stephen, lab, h 39 Adams 
Graf & Wala, grocers, Wells cor Van Buren 
Graf J." (Graf & Walz) 
Graff Geo. P. clerk 195 Lake 
Graff John, shoemaker, bds 149 Illinois 
Graham Col. J. D., U. S. army. Fort Dearborn 
Graham Patrick, bUcksmith, h nr American 

<kur Works 

Graham James, clerk 66 Lake 

Graham Wm. M. civil engineer and surveyor, 

at Col. J. D. Graham's, Fort Dearborn 
Gram Niels Peter, tailor, h Shantytown nr Erie 
Gran John, lab, bds 20 North Dearborn 
Graney James, lab, h cor Clinton and Kindle 
Gfanfield Wm. sulor, h Forquer bt Clinton 

and Canal 
Granger A. H- (G. & Co.) Indiana bt Market 

and Franklin 
Granger Elihu, (Castle, G. & Filkins) h cor 

Franklin and Indiana 
GRANGER IRON WORKS, cor Franklin and 

Granger James, boarding, h eor Canal and 

Van Buren 
Granger Nicholas, tailor, h Buffalo N. of Lib. 
Granger W. I. & Co. foundry and machine shop, 

cor Franklin and Indiana . 
Granger W. I. (W. I. G. & Co.) h Indiana cor 

Granger Summer C. h Sherman nr Van Buren 
Granigens James, lab, h Market nr Pearson 
Grannis Amos, carpenter, h 46 Adams 
GRANNIS ERY T. bleaching, 112 Lake 
Granniss J. K. millinery go<^«, 143 Lake, up 

Granniss Sidney H. h 115 Franklin 
Granniss S. W. hatter, h Buffalo S. of Polk 
Granniss W. C. D. clerk 131 South Water 
Gr}int Andrew D. engineer, h cor Lake and 

Grfint Michael, Lieut, night watch, h Halledk 

nr Milwaukee av 
Grant James, sailor, h 8 North Dearborn 
Grant James, lab, h Buffalo bt Twelfth and 

Grant James, policeman, h 68 Madison 
Grant James, mason, h Chicago nr Webster 
Grany James, grocer, h 118 North Clinton 
Graszle Andrew, lab, h Fulton 
Grass Peter, lab, h Shantytown nr Chicago av 
Gratz Michael, lab, h Michigan nr Market 
Grausman Andrew, cigarmaker, h Gurleynr 

Blue Island av 
Graves H. G. box 2378 post-office 
Graves L. M. box 2137 post-office 
Graves R. M. clerk 94 Lake, h 114 Michigan 
Graves Wm. shipcai^enter Jordan & Olcott 
Graves W. H. clerk 82 Lake 
Gray Adriel H. engineer, h Wells cor Adamfl 
Gray A. G. box 2229 post-office 
Gray Benj. F. shoemaker, bds John Gray 
Gray Capt. Calvin, h Peyton bt Michigan and 

Gray Charles W. clerk 176 Lake 
Gray Charles M. ticket agent M. S. R. B. h 46 

GRAY, D^NSMORE k PHELPS, wholesale 

groceries, 89 South Water 
Gray Eugene, painter, h 215 W. Randolph 
Gray Franklin D. (G., Densmore& Phelps) h 

258 Wabash av 
Gray George W. bds John Gray 



Gray Oeorge M. agent M. S. B. B. Co., bcU 81 

Miehigan aT 
Oray Hugh, snpt. G. & C. U. B. B. car shop, h 
, Hubbard bt Greea and Halsted 
Gray Isaac, maohinist Abbott & Kingman, bds 

T. E. Hamilton * 

Qttkj James, clerk G. k C* V. B. B. office 
Gray James, blacksmith, Polk bt Canal and 

Gray Jared, wigmaker, 73 Clark, h 158 Dear. 
GBAT JOHN L. grocer, 18 North Clark, h 87 

Gray John S. clerk Joseph H. Gray, bds same 
Gray Joseph H. h cor Clark and Madison 
Gray John, constable, bds 75 Monroe 
6ray John, h N. W. cor 6tate and Van Buren 
Gray Moses, h Washington nr Morgan 
Gray Moses, carpenter, h cor Lake and Peoria 
Gray Patrick, lab, h alley bt Mad. and Mon. 
Gray Bobert C. clerk M. S. & N. I. B. B. 
Gray Bobert, carpenter, h N. Water bt Wells 
. and Biver 

Gray Bobert, carpenter, h cor Peoria and Lake 
Gray Samuel, baggage master B. I. B. B., h 

Desplaines nr Harrison 
Qmtiy William, lab, bds Peytoh bt Michigan 

and Einzie 
Gray William, carpenter, h 170 N. Clark 
Gray William. B. H. deputy collector. Court 

House, h 23 Edina 
Gn^yson Edward, (Booth & G.) h 18 Michigan 
Greayes Geo. moulder G. W. Sizer & Co. 
Gredy Dennis, lab, h Dearborn bt Springer and 

Greely Michael, lab, h Erie nr Peyton 
Greele Samuel S. city surv^or, 15 Court House 
Greema Louis, clerk Butler & Hunt, h 8l 

Green Bartholomew M. carbuilder, h Indiana 

av S. of South. 
Green Cornelius, box 2838 postroffice 
Green David, bookkeeper M. T. Green k Co. 

bds 97 Clark 
Greene Edwin G. 90 Dearborn 
Green Francis, mason, h Sedgwick nr Schiller 
Green George S. printer Scott & Fulton 
Green G. W. comedian, bds 76 Edina 
Green Geoi^e, copying clerk po8t*of&ce 
Green George, ornamental plastelrer, h Madison 

nr Halsted 
Green Henry B. trainmaster G. & C. IT. B. B. 

h Wolcott nr Chicago av 
Green & Holden, lumber. Canal bt Adams and 
; Jackson 

Green Mrs. Jane, washing, h 218 N. Clark 
Green John E. (Compton, G. & Gray) 97 South 
. Water 

Green John, lab, h Hurlbut nr Clybourn 
Green John, boatman, h SQ Kinzle 
ureen John, lab. h nr Sherman's brick yard 
Green John, h 48 Quinoy , 
Green L H. finisher Letz & Burling 
Green John M. box delivery post-office, h 18^ 

Wabash av 

Green John, blacksmith, h Buffalo S. of Polk 
Green Mark T. (M. T. G. & Co.) h 97 Adams 
GBEEN M. T. & CO. lumber, cor Market and 

Van Buren 
Green Nelson, fruit, 87 N. Clark, h snme 
Green P. B. stencil-cutter, h Halsted bt Ban* 

dolphand Lake 
Green Bussell, (G. & Holden) h Canal bt Wash- 
ington and Madison 
Green Thomas, lab, B. I. B. B. h Maxwell nr 

Green Thomas, carpenter, h Erie cor Franklin 
Green Thomas, h 200 N. Clark 
Green Thomas, machinist C. & B. L B. B. shop 
Green Wm. M. bookkeeper 205 S. Water 
Greene Daniel, cooper, h Adams bt Canal and 

GBEENE JOHN S. office 4 Smith's ba^ 

buildings, h 258 Wabash av 
Greene Mrs. Margaret H. h 97 Clark 
Greene Piatt R. commission, 131 S. Water 
GREENE B. G. music and pianoforte8,74 Lak& 
Greenebaum Brothers, exchange, &c. 69 Well» 
Greenebaum Chas. D. bds Jacob Greenbaum 
Greenebaum Elias, (G. Bros.) 
Greenebaum Henry, (G. Bros.) 
Greenebaum Isaac, clerk M. & J. G. bds Hal- 

sted bt Randolph and Lake 
Greenebaum Jaeob, jr, (M. & J. G.) bds M, 

Greenebaum Jacob, h Hal. bt Lake and Rand. 
Greenebaum I^ichael, (M. & J. G.) h 159 West 

Greenebaum M. & J. hardware and tin, 159 W. 

Greenebaum Raphael, shoemaker, 210 W. 

Greenewald Jacob, clerk 166 Lake 
Greener Sebastian, lab, h Rees 
Greenhart Christ, lab, h Polk bt Buffalo and 

Greenhalgh Bobert, machinist, h Wells nr Van 

Greenhagon Fritz, lab, h Bees 
Greenland ^hos. lab, h Mather bt Jefferson 

and Clinton 
Greenleaf James, scalebuilder, 1 97 S. Water 
Greenleaf Wm. L. clerk Circuit Court office^ 

bds 28 Indiana 
Greenman Mrs. Lucinda, h. 98 Buffalo 
Greensfelder Isaac, boots and shoes, 253| Clark, 

h same 
Greenwalt Philip, butcher. Wells nr Quincy/ 
Greenwell Samuel, boiler maker, h Lake nr 

Greenwood T. E. clerk Houghteling & Shep- 

Greer Bobert C. shipcarpenter, h 65 Monroe 
Greer Samuel D. h 161 Dearborn 
Gregory Mrs. Catharine B. h Desplaines bt 

Jackson and Van Buren 
Gregory Henry M. bds Young America 
Gregory Henry W. clerk 108 Lake 
Gregory John, teacher, cor Clark and Wash. 



OrtgoTj Jblin, sodft mftiiiif. eor Lake and !Hal. 
Gr^entiagen August, fancy trimming, Town- 
send mr White 
Orein J. H. finisher Letz & Burling 
Orennell Thos. W. teamster, h Sand nr Illinois 
Oreshorie Elisabeth, h Wells bt Jaokson and 

Van Buren 
Qreter Geo. wagonmaker, h Gnrtiss bt Lake 
• and Fulton 
Qrey Charles F. & Co. leather and saddlery 

hardware, 181 Lake 
Grey's Cfaas. F. tannery, N. Branch nr Halsted 
Grey Chas. F. (C. F. G. & Co.) 181 Lake 
Grey Mrs. J. boarding, 62 West Lake 
Grey W. L. clerk 181 Lake 
Greyson Thos. sailor h cor Qreen and Hinsdale 
Griffin Mrs Bridget, saloon, 147} S Water 
Giiffin Edgar, clerk Gibbs, Griffin & Co. 
Griffin Edward W. (Gibbs, G. & Co.) h cor Ohio 

a^d Dearborn 
Griffin James, carpenter, h Clinton bt Jackson 

and Adams 
Griffin James, lab, h V. Buren bt Cur. and Car. 
Griffin Patrick, lab, h Dear, bt Spr. and North 
Griffin Patrick, carpenter, h Mich, nr Peyton 
Griffin S. B. clerk 63 Lake 
Griffin Stephen, clerk, bds 20 Quincy 
Griffin Wm. lab, bds H. Purcell 
Griffin R. H. clerk 84 Randolph 
Griffin M. H. hats and caps, 85 Randolph 
Griffith Mrs. Elizabeth, botfrding, h 227 Mad. 
Griffith 0. F. book agent, 8 Merchant's Ex. 
Griffith Robert h 75 Ohio 
Griffith Thomas, lab, cor Franklin and Mich. 
Griffith Wm. mason« h 18 Buffalo V 

Griffith Wm. brassfinisher 201 Lake 
Griffith Wm. H. clerk 102 Lake 
Griffith Wm. engineer, h Owen nr Reuben 
Griffiths David, painter, h 42 Buffiftlo 
Griffiths Geo. H. tailor, bds 18 Buffalo 
Griggs Edwin E. h 80 State 
GRIGGS S. C. & CO. booksellers and station- 
ers, 111 Lake 
Griggs Samuel C. (S. C. G. k Co.) bds 61 

Michigan ay 
Grillo & Gazzalo, confectioners, 88 W. Kinxie 
Grillo Joseph, (G. & Gazzalo) h 88 W. Kenzie 
Grimes Patrick, lab, Union Car Works 
Grinner Michael, lab, h nr North city line 
Griswold Wm. B. physician, h Lake bt Reuben 

and Paulina 
Griswold John X. A. president 111. C. R. R. 

bds Tremont House 
Grittman Adam, cabinetmaker Little & Co. 
Groas Jacob k Haas, livery, 25 & 27 W. Mad. 
Gross John & Jaoob, saloon, 28 W. Madison 
Grock Frederick, lab, h Hastings bt Rncker 

and Rolker 
Groocowiltz Oswald, carpenter, h Polk nrRno. 
Grodt Charles, -sailor, h Sherman bt Polk and 

Grogan Mf s. Ann, h Creswell nr Van Buren 
Grogan James, h Lake W. of Cannon 
Grogan SUas, lab, h Lake W. of Oftnnon 

Grohs Michael, shoeihaker, h North at nr HurL 

GroU Christian, bds P. GroU 

GroU Philip, bakery, cor Adams and Wells 

Grolp Frederick, lab, h Chicago av nr Ontario 

Grom Michael, carpenter, h Rees 

Groschow Frederick, teamster, h Schiller nr 

Grose John L. packer, h cor Jeff, and Quincy 
Grose Joakim, lab, h Larrabee 
Gross Charles, bds 186 State 
Gross Ludwig, cabinetmaker C. G^s 
Gross Martin, warehouseman, h 146 Edi^a 
Gross Michael, tanner, h 455 State 
Gross Robert, watchmaker 93 Lake 
Grossman M. carpenter, h Buffalo bt Polk and 

Grossett Bros. & Gerardin, hat manufacturers, 

105 S. Water, up stairs 
Grossett John & T. 105 S. Water 
Grotto John, ship carpenter, h N. Water bt 

Wells and River 
Grounds Frederick, hack driver J. Braley 
Grover J. M. traveling agent, h 75 Wabash aT 
Groves Dennison F. (G. & Morris) bds James 

H. Morris 
Groves James P. attorney, 108 Randolph, bda 

Groves Jas. lab, h N. Watwbt Wells and River 
Groves & Morris, saleratus manufactory, oor 

Carroll and Union 
Groves William A. attorney, 108 Randolph, h 

192 Wabash av 
GBUBB GEORGE G. auction and commission, 

204 Lake, h 190 Wabash av 
Gruber Adam, saloon and boarding, Gurnee bt 

Taylor and Polk 
Gmbe John, lab, h Third nr Morgan 
Grunby James, moulder, h Clyboum av cor 

Bisek Hawk 
Grundler John, hamessmaker J. F. Mahler 
Gmpe Henry, lab, h Division nr Wells 
Grape Christian, lab, h Division nr Wells 
Gmynder Lewis, saddler, h Market nr Randolph 
Gtibbins James, drayman, h cor Lasalle and 

Gubbins John, teamster, h Randolph bt Curtiss 

and May 
Gubbins Jous'h warehouseman Flint & Wheeler 
Gubbins J. lab, H. & 0. Wilson 
Guddat George, lab, h Chicago av nr Ontario 
Gudehaus Frwierick, grocer, 191 W. Randolph 
Guerue ' Edward, earragemaker, bds Patrick 

Guerue Patrick, boarding, h Canal bt Lake and 

Guilfoile, Cornelius, M. S. R. R. h Charles bt 

Wells and Franklin 
Guin Charles, engineer P. Schuttler 
Guissew J. F. painter, h Lake oor Halsted 
Gund Fred'ok, cigar mk'r, h Green Bay nr Oak 
Gunderson Andi'ew, lab, h N. Water bt Wells 

and River 
Gunderson Andrew, oarpenter, h cor Erie and^ 
• Market • 



Ganderson Gabriel^ h Owen bt Deaplaines and 

Gnndusson Sampson, ropeinaker, h Ontario nr 

Chicago av 
Gander John, lab, h Liberty bt State and Clark 
Gnnnerson Gander T. lab, h Owen nr Sang. 
Gunnison Austin, clerk C. & R. I. B. R. freight 

Gunnel Allen, lab, h Griswold nr Harrison 
Gunson And'w, pattern'mkr Granger's Foundry 
Guntam J. lab, H. & 0. Wilson 
Gunter John, varnisher G. & H. Lieben&tein 
Guntherd George, lab, h cor Sherman and Har. 
Guntz Ambrose, boarding, h Van Buren cor 

Gunzler David, lab, h cor Taylor and Canal 
GupJtell Nathaniel, freight agent I. & W. R. R. 

h Peoria bt Adams and Jackson 
Gurd Mrs. Cath'ne E. grocery. Pine oor Mich. 
Gurdy D. P. fitter Walworth & Co. 
Guritz Augustus, clerk H. Cooke, h N. Wells 

nr Cemetery 
Guritz Aug. teamster, h N. Wells nr Cemetery 
Gurley Jason, office 50 Bandolph, h Adams nr 

Gurley John A. bds Jason Gurley 
Gurmit Thomas, drayjnan, h Ohio bt Market 

and Peyton 
Gurnee Walter S. h 128 Michigan av 
GURNEE'S TANNERY, South Branch bt Polk 

and Taylor 
Gumey George, clerk 106 Randolph 
Gurney Seth, turntable foreman Union Car 

Works, bds Rock Island House 
Gurnley Patrick, lab, h Canal nr MaxweU 
Gumsey Frederick, joiner, h New Division 
Gus Andrew, lab, h Larrabee nr Willow 

Gust , lab, Mason & Lamb 

Gustafan Chas. carpenter, bds 225 Washington 
Gustine George, machinist N. P. Moses 
Gustine John B. h cor Polk and Elizabeth 
Gustine Reuben F. joiner, h 13 Quincy " 
Guthman Raphael, teacher, 62 W. Randolph 
GUTHRIE ALFRED & SONS, hydraulic works, 

Gurthrie John, boilermaker, h Forquernr Canal, 
Gutsch Anton, (G. & Bro.) h 112 Randolph 
Gutsch & Bro. beer saloon, 112 Randolph « 
Gutterson J. bookkeeper Barber & Johnson 
Guyer Henry, lab, Knibloe & B-ugg 
GWYNNE, DAY & CO. exchange brokers, 57 

Gwynne John A. (G., Day & Co.) 
Gwynne John, boarding, h 11 Kinzie 

Haag Paul, shoemaker, h Halsted bt Lake and 

Haake JohnD. grocer, 48 North Wells 
Haaman Frederick, blacksmith, h cor Ran- 
dolph and May 
Haarbleicher Harmon, (H. Zinkeisen & Co.) 
Haas Frederick, lab, h Clybourn av 

Haas & Brother, butcliers, eor Harrison and 

Haas Ludwig, blacksmith, Washington near 

Haas Miss, dressmaking, 125 Edina 
Haas Peter, stonecutter, h Rees 
Haas S. stall North Market 
Haas Yalentine, h 125 Edina 
Hach ^enry, leather and findings, 45 Wells 

bds May's Hotel 
Hachfield August, h cor Wells and Tyler 
Hacker Henry, cabinetmaker C Morgan 
Hackett James, drayman, h 218 W. Randolph 
Hackett Michael, lab, h Harrison bt Canal 

and River 
Hackett Thomas, h Wells bt Jackson and Van 

Hackman Herman, carpenter, h Roberts ^ 
Hackroth Ernst H. bds 228 Randolph 
Hadatzek Mathias, tailor, 166 Edina, h same 
Hadduck E. H. oif. 46 Clark, h 69 Michig. av 
Hade Maurice, mailing clerk post-office 
Hade P. lumber inspector, cor Washington 

and W. Water 
Haeg Adam, Recruiting-sergeant, h 142 W. 

Hadley Miss D. A. teacher, h 23 Quincy 
Hadley Elijah W. dentist, 88 Lake, h 82 

Hadley Lewis, box 2522 post-office 
Hadley Mrs. Nancy, h 28 Quincy 
Haerlle Daniiil, Editor Illinois Staats Zeitong^ 

h cor Clark and Quincy 
Haebler Hubert, lab, h Clark S. of Old 
Haeuser Franz, turner, h Franklin nr Division 
Hafenbrack Augustus, colporteur, h Reaben 

nr Michigan 
Hafer John G. box 1965 post-office 
Haffamin Thomas, drayman, h cor Fulton and 

Haffamin William, lab, h 177 N. Lasalle 
Haffy Michael, carpenter, h 142 Michigan 
Hagarty Cyrus R. carpenter, h Harrison bt 

Canal and Clinton 
Haggeman Adam,^ baker. Canal bt Randolph 

and Washington 
Hageman Frederick, currier Kelly & Black- 
Hagemann Adolph, baker, h W. of Reuben nr 

Hager Luther G. police, h 22 Quincy 
Hagerman Godfrey, bricklayer, h Chicago at 

cor Carpenter 
Hagan James, stonecutter Illinois Stone Dres- 
sing Co. 
Hagan James, jr. stonecutter Illinois Stone 

Dressing Co. 
Hagan !fhpmas, stonecutter Illinois Stone 

Dressing Go. 
Haggard S. B. & Co. chain pump manufactory, 

224 Randolph 
Haggard Samuel B. (S. B. H. & Co.) h 73 

Haggett J. B. boarding, h 57 Randolph 



Eaggo^ WiUiam, carpenter, h Peck court £. of 

Hahn Gertrude, midwife, h. N. of North, av 
Hahn D. J. A. Dearborn nr cor Lake, h 88 

Hahn John, shoemaker, 126 Kdina, h same 
Haho John, lab, h N. of North ay 
Hahn Norman £. salesman, 101 S. Water 
Hahllyosh Leyi, carpenter, h Lasalle bt Elm 

and Division 
Haier John J. mason, h Pearson bt Wolootti 

and Cass 
Haight Mrs. Eliza, boarding, h 66 Michigan ay 
Haight £. H. (Hammill, H. & Co.) 
Haight Leonard, (Hammill, H. & Co.) bds 66 

Michigan ay 
Hain Nicholas, lab, h Glyboum ay 
Haines George F.' salesman 182 Lake 
Haines Hannibal, clerk, h cor Harrison and 

Sherman . 
Haines James, h CooUdge cor Bolker " 

Haines J. D. clerk Goss & Hoag 
Haines Mary J. matron hydropathic hospital, 

18 Kinzie 
Hajek Franz, tailor, h Liberty bt State and 

Buffalo « 

Halahan Dennis, lab, h Mather bt Jefferson 

and Clinton 
Halbaner Henry, barber Stockley & Ortman 
Halderson Neils, lab, h Cass bt Pearson and 

Hale D. R. clerk Exchauge Bank, bds 161 

Hale F. M. (H. & Co.) bds 161 Washington 
Hale Sandford, machinist Union Car Works 
Hale Henry, baggage man C. B. & -Q. B. B. 

bds 185 Clark 
HALE & CO. forwarding and commisson, S. 

Water nr Wells 
Hale M. C. h IGl Washington 
Hale Thomas, h 161 Washington 
Hale Walter B. bds 161 Washington 
Haleman William, lab, h Blue L ay nr Bucker 
Haley James, lab, h Monroe nr Market 
Haley Jamos F. (Uiggins & H.) h 1 N. Clark 
Haley Jeremiah, drayman, bds 174 N. Lasalle 
Haley John, teamster, h 167 Indiana 
Haley Patrick, lab, h cor Pearson and Market 
Halifax Arthur S. eugineer S. A. Ford & Co. 

h cor Monroe and Clinton 
Halifax Edward, harnessmaker W. Speight 
Halket George, ship, carpenter and caulker, 

N. end Wells street bridge 
Halkin John, lab, h oor Forquer and Clinton 
Hall Amos T. treasurer C. B. & Q. R. B. h 

Tyler bt State and Wabash ay 
Hall A. T. barber, Canal S. of Randolph, h 

Wells nr Harrison 
HALL & CO. publishers, 189 Lake cor Wells 
Hall £. Hepple, compiler City Directory, bds 

S. W. cor Oak and Lasalle 
HALL E. G. & CO. wholesale iron, &c. 209 S. 

Hall Edward P. salesman 101 S. Water 

HaU Elfaridge G. (E. G. H. & Co.) h Wabash 

ay bt Hubbard and Peck ct 
Hall E. L. (Sanford H. & Co.) bds Lake House 
Hall Edwin D. sexton Grace Church, h Curtiss 

bt Lake and Randolph 
Hall Edw n, carpenter, bds 43 Monrqp 
Hall John, collector Lill & Diversey 
HaU J. B. clerk 182 Lake 
Hall John C. bookkeeper 187 S. Water, h 4 

Exchange Bank bdgs 
Hall John, sailor, cor Clinton and Ewing 
HALL LAMBERT C. insurance agent, 45 Clark, 

commission 4 N. Dearborn, h 167 Wabash ay 
Hall Leroy W. carpenter, h Buffalo ht Polk 

and Harrison 
Hall PhiUp A. asst. supt. G. & C. U. B. B. bds 

Tremont « 

Hall Patrick, cooper, h 64 N. Wells 
Hall Peter, clerk, h Hubbard nr Desplaines 
Hall Ransom, carpenter, h Adams nr Halsted 
Hall B. T. groceries, h Clyboura nr Division 
Hall R. W. carriage trimmer Ellithorpc, Kline 

Hall Wesley, butcher, h Michigan ay bt Hal- 

leek and Twelfth 
Hall Wm. H. attoniey, 21 Dearborn 
HALL Z. M. & CO. shipstores, 116 S. Water 

E. of Olurk 
Hall Zebulon M. (Z. M. H. & Co.) h Wolcott 

nr Chicago ay 
Hallbane Cbaides, joiner, h Cottage Groye a? 

nr Prairie 
Hallbeck Charles G. grocer, 105 N. Clark, h 

Haller Fred, carpenter, h Chicago ay nr Reuben 
Hallett John, ^Dudman & H.) 
Hallmer George, boarding, h 158 Madi6on 
Hailing Henry, lab, h Rucker bt Polk and Tay. 
Hallman ('arl, gardener, h West Madison nr 

Hamilton place 
Hallpretter Martin, brewer, h Green nr Hins. 
Halsey Christian, carpenter, h Peck ct bt 

State and Wabash ay 
Halsted L. sailor, h Whitney bt Frank. & Mark. 
Halyerson Enoch, sailor, h Owen nr Union 
Halyerson G. h Owen nr Despluiues 
Hambach Joseph, lab, h Chic, av nr N. Branch 
Hambleton C. G. office 105 Randolph, bds 108 

Hambleton Josh, builder, h Morgan bt Owen 

and Fourth 
Hau^lin Lewis A. agent J. W. Fitch & Co. h 

190 Clark 
Hambrick Michael, carpenter, h 111 N. Dear. 
Hamet Wm. plasterer, h 69 Monroe 
Hamill Charles D. clerk Bank of Commerce 
Hamill Robert C. physician 101 Wash, h same 
Hamill Mrs. nurse, h 353 Clark 
Hamilton Dayid, h Clinton bt Mad. and Mon. 
Hamilton Edward, (Thos. George & Co.) h 20 

HAMILTON HOUSE, 14 N. Clark cor N. Wat 
Hamilton Jacques £. professor French, Chicago 

Female Seminary 



Hamilton James, whitesmith, h 172 Monroe 
Hamilton James, tailor, h Creswell nr Jackson 
Hamilton James, lab, h Lasalle nr Kinsie 
Hamilton James G. (Ayres & H.) bds 26 Lake 
Hamilton J. T* physician, 53 Clark 
Hamilton John, boilermaker, h State S. of Lib. 
Hamilton Nathan, h alley rear 191 Clark 
Hamilton Polemus D. carpenter, h 60 Edina 
HAMILTON RICHAKD J. attorney, 69 Clark, 

h Madison nr West limits 
Hamilton Stewart, colporteur, h 172 Monroe 
Hamilton Thomas, engineer, bds Jas. Connell 
Hamilton Thomas E. carpenter, boor Polk and 

Hamilton Wm. M. clerk McLean & Co. 
Hamlin Alonzo, office 53 Clark, np stairs 
Jlamlin H. H. clerk Tremont House . 
Hamlin Oscar, engineer C. & R. I. R. *R. 
Hamm George, architect, bds 228 Randolph 
Hammeleff Fred. L. distiller, h Chicago ay cor 

Hammelsheim Francis, grocer, 89^^ Jefferson 
Hammer Capt. George, h 146 Huron 
Hammerstein Peter, carpenter, bds 228 Rand. 
HAMMILL, HAIGHT &C0. hardware, 78 Lake 
Hammill Robert C. (H., Haight & Co.) h 28 

Hammond Charles, h Adams nr Franklin 
Hammond Charles G. supt. C. B. & Q. R. R. h 

54 Michigan av 
Hammond Charles N. (Bassett & H.) bds 66 

Michigan aV 
Hammond Herbert, bartender Arcade Saloon 
Hammond John E. W. clerk Jervis House 
Hampfer Joseph, tailor, h O'Brien nr Halsted 
Hampton Wm. E. clerk 169 S. Water, h 66 Ful. 
Han Peter, wagonmaker, 89 Franklin 
Hanagan James, lab, h cor Desplaines and* 

Hanchett J. L. engineer, bds J. C. Williams 
Hanck Gabriel, currier Kelly & Blackburn 
Hancock J. L. box 2321 post-office . 
Hancock Wm. T. salesman H. D. Blake 
Hancox James S. blacksmith^ h Green bt Kin- 

zie and Hubbard 
Hand Charles J. tailor, h Cass nr Whitney 
Hand Edwin W. clerk J. fl. Leayenworih, h 

Twelfth nr Canal 
Hand Furnam, jr. h Clinton bt Harrison and 

Van Bureu 
Hand Patrick, lab, h nr American Car Works 
Hand Miss Ruth A. boarding, h 31 Mich, av 
Hand Wm. drayman, h 111. bt Wells aud Frank. 
Handell Edward, blacksmith, 158 N. Lasalle > 
Handley Matthew, lab, h Clark cor North 
Handley Patrick, lab, h Polk dor JelFerson 
Handley ^imothy, lab, h Polk bt Desplaines 

and Halsted 
Hanger Joseph, shoemaker, h Quincy nr Wells 
Hankinson Kenneth, snrveyor, Chic. City Ins. 

Co. bds 185 Clark 
Hankly John, h Buffalo bt Twelfth and Liberty 
Qanks Julius, clockmakert h cor Sangamon 

and' Monroe 

Hanley Edward, stonecutter, h Chicago air &r 

Hanley Michael, lab, h Williams bt Carpenter 

and Curtiss 
Hanley Polk, lab, Sherman's brick yard 
Hanley Wm. stonecutter, bds £. Hanley 
Hanlon Edward, wagonmaker, Michigan bt 

Wells and Franklin, h 158 N. Lasalle 
Hanlon Michael, grocer, 141 Clark, h same 
Hanlon Thomas, clerk T. Newell & Co. 
Hanlon Timothy, h Owen nr Desplaines 
Hanmas Thomas, lightning rods, h Adams eor 

Hann Christopher, gardener, h Calumet ay nr 

Rio Grande 
Hanna Wm. J. clerk McCormick*s factory, h 

Wells bt White and Hinsdale 
Hannaberg John F. lab, h N. of North ay * 
Hannafin Dennis, blacksmith, h Mich, nr Canal 
Hannah Francis H. h Calumet av N. of Rio 

HANNAH, LAY & CO. lumber, cor Canal and 

Hannah' ^erry, (H., Lay & Co.) bds Matteson 

Hannahan Patrick, cooper, hill W. Madison 
Hannahs J. M. clerk Thomas George & Co. h- 

74 S. Desplaines 
Hannahs Leopold, cabinetmaker, h Madison 

W. of Paulina 
Hannan Michael, lab, h Peyton 
Hannan Peter, carpenter, h 105 N. Dearborn 
Hanncn John P. clerk out-freight G. & C. U. 

R. R. bds 147 Dearborn 
Hanner Jacob, lab, h Harrison bt State tod 

Hannixman John, h 66 Michigan 
Hannon H. car'gem*kr Ellithorpe, Kline & Co. 
Hannon James, teamster, h Tyler nr Franklin 
Hannon John, lab, Chicago Stone Yard 
Hanrahan John, moulder Vincent, Himj!od & 

Co. h cor Fulton and Halsted 
Hanrahan Thomas, cooper, h Curtiss bt Lake 

and Fulton 
Hanseman Deddrick, shoemaker, h Mather bt 

Jefferson and Clinton 
Hansen Bernard, lab, h North av iir Wells 
Hansen George P. tobacco, &e. 88 Randolph, h 

183 Madison 
Hansen H. & J. Waldhanser, painterSj 174 N. 

Hanson Charles F. cooper A. Torkiidson 
HANSON D. P. & F. S. furniture, mattras, 

&c. 175 Randolph and 49 Wells 
Hanson Daniel P. (D. P. & F. S. H.) h 216 

W. Lake 
Hanson Erick, lab, h Peyton nr Chicago av 
Hanson Franklin S. (D. P. & F. 8. H.) bds 216 

W. Lake 
Hanson John, sailor, h Whitney 
Hanson John B. furniture, &c. 96 Randolph, U 

Indiana nr Franklin 
Hanson Joseph, whitewasher, h alley bt Frank- 
lin and' MarkM 

CniGA^tO mREcreBT. 


Hanson Joseph R. clerk B. P. & F. S. Hanson 
Hanson Leayenworth, clerk F. W. Brooks & Co. 
HANSON RIGHARJ) H. attorney, 40 Clark, 

8d floor 
Hanstock John, lab, h Sedgwick 

Hants , h Madison nr Wood 

Hants Frita, locksmith, h Rucker nr Twelfth 
Happ John, blacksmith, h Clark opp. Goethe 
Happ^atliias, wagonm'kr, h Randolph nr Ann 
Happ Michael^ lab, h lyivision nr Market ^ 
Harbach George, baggage mastw C» & R. I. 

R. R. h Pearson nr Halsted ^ 
Harbig Gustaf, cabinetmaker, h cor Clyboum 

at and Division 
Harooop Christian, brickmaker, h nr Rucker 
Hardcastle Thos. mason, h Randolph bt Car- 
penter and Curtiss 
Hardiman Jno. ship carpenter Jordan & Olcott, 

h WiUiams nr Carpenter 
Harding Mrs. Catherine, h State S. of Taylor 
Harding Frederick, h 4 Knight's block . 
Harding James, stonecutter. Chic. Stone Yard 
Hardly Timothy, lab, h Franklin nr Qnlney 
Hardy J. city hautboy, h Quincy nr Wells 
Hardy Michael, lab, h cor Quincy and Franklin 
Harfe Mathias, lab, h Franklin nr White 
Harford Thomas, lab, h alley bt Washington 

and Madison 
Hargin Cornelius, lab, h cor Ohio and Peyton 
Hargin 'Mrs. M. C manufacturer ladies' gar- 
ments, 69 Lake 
Harker Job, ship carpenter Jord^i & Olcott 
Harkin William H. printer Dem. Press office 
Harkness L. B. produce dealer, bds 845 Clark 
Harless & Parker,, com'sion, 10 Clark, up stairs 
Harlip Thomas, (H. & Parker) h 147 Monroe 
Ilarmon C. L. & Co« wholesale grocers, 197 S. 

Harmon Charles L. (C. L. H. & Co.) h Michi- 
gan aT cor Harmon .«t 
Harmon Christian, caibinetmaker, h 425 State 
Harmon Edwin R. (Keep, H. & Co.) 211 8. 

Harmon Elyah 0. bds C. L. Harmon 
Harmon Hei^ry,: h Wabash &t S. of Eldredge ct 
Harmon Isaac N. (C. L. H. &Co.) bds 91 Edina 
Harmsley Miss, dressmaking, 68 Lake, up stairs 
Hamch Robert, hamessmaker, h 43 N. Clark 
Harnett Laurens, h cor Quincy and Market 
Harold James, lab, h 44 W. Lake 
Harper Darastus, (Parkins, H. & Co.) h 128 

N. Clark 
Harper Mrs. James, h Green nr Hubbard 
Harper Mrs. Jane, h Rio Grande bt Cottage 

Grove and Calumet avs 
Harper Joseph, h nr American Car Works 
Harper Mrs. Louisa, fruit, h 260 Clark 
Harper & Peats, cement manufacturers, office 

4 Merchant's Exchange 
Harper Samuel, cooper, h Clark N. of lAheriy 
Harper WMam, carpenter, h 108 Edina 
Harpin Mrs. Julia, h Polk nr May 
Hftrrington Mrs. IL boarding, h Clark S. of 

Harrijt)^ Benjamin, (H. & McDonnell) h 59 

Harriot & McDonnell, carpenters, Clark cor 

Harris Abraham, painter Barry & Cashing 
Harris Henry H. h Van Jefferson 
Harris Jacob, carpenter, cor State and Adams, 

h 101 Adams > ' 

Harris John, carpenter, bds M. Qninlan 
Harris J. D. clerk Goss & Hoag 
Harris. John P. h Depuyster nr Halsted 
Harris Joseph, carpenter, h Adams bt Halsted 

and Desplaines 
Harris Moses, carpenter, bds 108 N. Dearborn 
Harris Oliver, eating saloon, cor Market and 

Harris Philip H, cooper, h 829 Clar^ • 

Harris Solomon, (H. & Summerfield) h 150 

Wells . / 

Harris & Summerfield, clothing, 158 and 191 

Lake -^ 
Harris T. L. box 2599 post-office 
Harris U. P. clothing and gents furnishing, 88 

Lake, h 95 Indiana 
Harris William, painter Barry & Cnshing, h 

53 State 
Harris William S. ship carpenter, h N. Water 

nr Wells 
Harrison Jamcs^' cattle dealer, h 138 Edina 
Harrison John, carpenter, h 71 W. Monroe 
Harrison John, clothing, N. Water bt Wells 

and River i 

Harrison Peter^ porter American H^use 
Harrison Miss M. A. dressmaker, 181 Clark 
Harrold Frederick, carpenter, h cor Third and 

Harsalius John, clerk 202 Lake 
Hart Adam,' lab, Wright nr Jefferson 
Hart B. B. box 2839 post-office 
Hart Edwin, grocer, 1 80 W. Lake 
Hart Elijah, clerk 160 Lake 
Hart James, boarding, h Jackson E. of Clark 
Hart John, shoemaker, h Wolcott cor Hinsdale 
HArt Levi, clferk 163 S. Water 
Hart Mathias, lab, h cor Wolcott and Oak 
Hart Thomas, waiter, h 201 Edina 
Hart Thomas, drayman « h Owen nr Desplaines 
Hart Thomas, h W. Water bt Kinzie and Cook 
Hartey Patrick, carpenter, h Market nr Van 

Buren ' 

Hartigan Timothy, warehouseman H. Wheeler, 

h Division 
Hartley John, lab. Union Ctt Works 
Hartley Joseph, blacksmith Union Car Works 
Hartman Herman, oarpent^, h Roberts 
Hartman John, shoemaker P. Miller 
Hartman Rev. Joseph, h 118 Ohio 
Hartman Peter, lab, h Clark bt Springer sChd 

Hartman Peter, lab, h Buffalo N. of Twelfth 
Hartman Theobald^ real estate agent, 55 Clark 
Hartman Thomas, lab, h Sherman nr Polk 
Hartman William, tailor, h eor Third and Cftr* 




Hartnett Moritz, lab, h Ontario nr Market 
Hartnett Robert, porter Manger & Armour 
liartney Michael, shoemaker, h Indiana bt 

Market and Peyton 
ilartung Casper, lab, h Townsend 
Hartung Henry, musioian, h Towngend 
Hartung John, carpenter, eor Ohio and Frank. 
jHartwich Henry, lab, h Wells nr North av 
Hartwig Henry, lab, h Whitney 
Harty John, carpenter, h Adams nr Desplaines 
Harvey Alonzo, condtt<;tor G. & C. U. R. R. h 

61 N. Wells 
Harvey Christopher, clerk 107 S. Water 
Harvey Dr. B. 0. E. (Lee & H.) 
Harvey George M. dagaerrean, 77 Lake 
Harvey H. A. surveyor, h Hurlbutnr Cly bourn 
H1^RV£Y HARRIET M. children's clothing, 84 

Harvey Horace, bookkeeper J. L, Gray 
HARVEY JAS. M. draper and tailor, 84 Lake 
Harvey John, clerk 150 Lake 
Harvey L. H. (Penny, Meechum & Co.) h Jef- 
ferson nr North 
Harvey Stephen C. clerk Doty's Hotel 
Harvey Tarlton W. foreman Abbott & Kingman 
Harvey W. H. compositor Tribune office 
Harvey William 0. hackman, h 145* Clark 
Harvie Andrew, (H. & Tuley) h 163"Stete 
HARVIE & TDLEY, attorneys, Tribune build- 
ings, 51 Clark 
Haseltine Asa A. bookkeeper O. H. Giles & Co. 
Haseltine J. M. (Rogers, H. & Co.) 
Haskell D. F. hatter, 85 Lake, h 46 Monroe 
Haslett Peter, carpenter, h -alley bt Monroe 

and Adams 
Hasley Charles C. works H. A. Pitts 
Hass Fred'ck, locksmith, h Rucker nr Eleventh 
Hass Frederick, sheet iron works, 62 Clinton, 

h Rucker nr Eleventh 
Hass Louis, blacksmith C. Reissig ' 
Hassie Peter, (McFall & Co ) h Quincy nr 

Hassis Charles, looksmith, h Franklin nr White 
Haster Heri^ann, lab, h North av 
HASTIE THOMAS, boot and shoemaker, oor 

Randolph and Market 
Hastings Campbell, clerk Sheppard, Sherriffs 

& Smith, h cor Jackson and Canal 
Hastings Wnu lab, h Milwaukee av nr Fourth 
Iluteh Albertj proprietor Iowa House, Sherman 

nr Harrison 
llatoh George, trunkmaker J. M. Ward 
Hatch Heman, saloon, 7 N. Wells 
Hatch J. M. clerk S. J. Surdam & Co. 
HATCH EUF^S, commission and produee, 116 

S. Water, up stairs 
Hatch Samuel A. (Wurts, H. &, Co.) h 185 

Hatchfield John, plasterer, h Chicago av nr 

Hatfield I. P. land agent, 10 Davisson's block 
Hatfield Moses C. h Halsted nr Randolph 
Hathaway Annas, bookkeeper J, B. Doggett, h 

cor Canal and Madison 

Hathaway Franklin, cashier Ogdeu, Jones Si 

Co. h 64 Indiana 
Hatton John, painter, h cor Taylor and May 
Hatsberg Frederick, plasterer, h Henry nr 

Haugh John, clerk J. McSherry 
Haughtou William B. clerk Williams & Avery . 
Haulenbeck Gibson J. (Maloney & Co.) bdd 

188 Clark 
Haun Adam, clerk 64 Lake, h 63 Edina 
Hauser Christian, carpenter, h "Peck «t E. of 

Hauslein George, locksmith, 79 Lake, h Onta^ 

rio bt Clark and Lasalle 
Haut Charles, lab, h Chicago av nr Nevins 
Haven Aaron, (Torrill & H.) h 20 Adams 
Haven Carlos, (H. & Stebbings) h 255 Wab. av 
Haven Charles, bookkeeper 51 S. Water 
Haven Luther, (Scammon & H.) h 142 Monroe 
Haven Samuel R. physician 22 Clark, h Michi- 
gan av N* of North 
HAVEN & STEBBINGS, attorneys, Davisson'a 

bdgs, 22 Clark 
Haver Kampf John, tailor Jenk« & Beers 
Haverly Jacob, h Quincy nr Wells 
HAVILLAND EDWARD, architect, 12 Marine 

Bank bdgs, bds 202 State 
Havilland John, teamster, h Polk nr May 
Hawes Alonzo R. carpenter C. & R. I. R. R. 

Hawes William, bds Philadelphia House 
Hawkes C. M. bookkeeper Marine Bank 
Hawkes Henry, clerk 56 Clark 
Hawkins George, barber, h 264 Clark 
Hawkins Capt. Henry, h 147 Indiana 
Hawkins Nehemiah, clerk Union Car Works, h 

Exchange Bank bdgs, 5th fioor 
Hawkins Samuel, tailor, h Quincy nr Halsted 
Hawkinsbrough Paul, lab, h Pearson nr Halsted 
Hawksey James, lab, h Ohio nr Peyton 
Hawksey Henry, painter, h 178 Edina 
Hawley C. A. clerk J. E. Bishop . 
Hawley Cyrus M. clerk 143 S, Water 
Hawley D. C. h Madison cor Clark 
Hawley George A. clerk 143 Lake 
Hawley H. F. clerk 211 S. Water 
Hawley J. B. engineer III. Cen. R. R. 48 Michi- 
gan av 
Hawley Joshua, physician, h 83 Michigan av 
Hawley Russ. T. cashier Ross & Foster 
Hawley Samuel F. bookkeeper J. E. Bishop 
Hawley U. R. (Mueller & H.) Saloon bdgs 
Hax Daniel, butcher, h Hins. cor Green Bay 
Hayden Edward, drayman, h cor Polk and 

Blue Island av 
Hayden Edward, clerk 107 S. Water 
Hayden Horatio H. bookkeeper 12 Wells, h IS 

Hayden John, lab, bds 225 Washington 
Hayden John, lab, h oor Jackson and Franklin 
Haydon John, fruit, 61 W. Randolph 
Haydon Natlian, carpenter, h cor Union and 

Hayea Christian, lab, b Market nr DlTisios 




Hayes H. attorney, 128 Lake 

llajes Joseph P. (Walworth & Co.) h 126 

Hayes Michael, lab^ h Pesp. bt Ear, and Polk 
Hayes 0. carpenter, h cor Lake and Cortiss 
Hayes Thomiis, fitter £. L. Comly & Co. 
HayhiTe Charles, maohinist, bde J. Miller 
Hayhive James, h Edina bt Twelfth and Lib. 
Hayman C. G« (H. & Sharpe) 
Hayman George, carpenter, h May nr Polk 
Hayman Joshua J./(H. & Sharpe) h Btate nr 

Hayman k Sharpe, carpenters. State nr Liberty 
Haynes James H. salestable, 89 Kinzie, h 72 

Haynes John £» bookkeeper 139 S. Water 
Haynes Jonas, carpenter, b Clark bt Taylor 

and Twelfth 
Hays Benj. F. h Sangamon bt Loke and Rand. 
Hays George, lab, h Shantytown nr Peyton 
Hays John, lab, h cor Fulton and Desplaines 
Hays John, lab, h Erie nr Peyton * 
Hays Julius A. (H. & Thompson) h Sangamon 

bt Lnke and Randolph 
Hays Michael, lab, h Har. bt Canal and River 
Hays Patrick, drayman, h Hari'ison bt Clinton 

and Jefferson 
Hays Patrick, lab, h Erie nr Peyton 
HAYS S. S. attorney, 123 Lake, h cor Wash- 
ington and Union Park 
Hays Thomas, lab, h Har. bt Canal and River 
Hays & Thompson, printers, 68 Lasalle 
Hays William, lab, G. & C. U. R. R. h 74 Carr. 
Hayward A. J. clerk HI. & Wis. R. R. office 
Hayward Arby P. (H. & Kelly) h cor Park and 

Hayward Henry, (Trevett & H.) h Market bt 

Washington and Madison 
HaywaM John, (Reynolds & H.) h Wells nr 

South, Branch 
Hay wurd Miss Susan E. teacher, public school 

No. 2 
Hayward & Kelly, carpenters, cor Paulina and 

Park ay 
HAYWARD & TRAVIS, biu-r mill stones, W. 

Water cor Washington 
Hayworth John, packer, h 47 Jackson 
Haxelton George H. agent Si J. Treadwell and 

JPerry & Norton, h 44 Franklin 
Hazeltoa Porter, salesman 246 Lake 
Hazmalhatch Thomas, h Front nr Chicago ay 
Heald Alexander H. mason, h 141 S. Jefferson 
Heald Frederick W. painter B. F. Chase 
Heald Horatio N. county treasurer, 13 Court 

House, h 168 Wabash ay 
Healy James, grocer, h 60 West Lake 
Healy J^hn, (Reis & Co.) h Michigan bt Frank- 
lin and Market 
Healy Mrs. C. h 76 Carroll 
Healy John, house painter, h 20 Ohio 
Healy Patrick, carpenter, h 74 Carroll 
Heany John, cooper, h Van Buren nr Desp. 
Heartt Abraham, (Fay & H.) bdslX B. Heartt 
Heartt Daniel B. private collector, h 114 Buff. 

Heartt Chauncey B. clerk Gage & Haines, & 

Buffalo bt Polk and Harrison 
Heartt George, lab, Gage & Haines, h Buffalo 

bt Polk and Harrison 
Heartt James, switchman R. I. R. R. h GriS' 

wold nr Harrison 

Heartman , lab, h Sherman nr Tyler 

Heartman George, boarding, h Wells nr Har. 
Heartaell David, lab, h Mil. av nr Chicago av 
Hearty John, lab, h Jackson bt Desp. and HaL 
Hearty James, carpenter, h Sherman nr Tay* 
Hearty Patrick, carpenter, h Market bt Jack- 
son and Van Buren 
HEATH & IIURD, paints, &c. 183 Randolph 
Heath Monroe, {Hr & Hnrd) h 168 Michigan 
Heath Miss Sarah A. select school 1^6 Monroe, 

bds 43 Monrue 
Heath Warren, h 168 Michigan 
Heatherman Timothy, shoemaker, 50 W. Rand, 
Heatley Francis, (Sewetl & H.) h eor Jefferson 

and Merrill 
Heaton James, h Wells nr Tyler 
Hebard George, mason, h Jackson bt Rolker 

and Rucker 
Hecht Frederick, joiner, b Sedgwick 
Heckman Charles, clerk 144 Ldce 
Hecox W. T. office 16 Dearborn 
Hederman Dennis, engineer, h Clinton bt Car- 
rol and Desplkines 
Hederman Michael, lab, h cor Carr. and Desp* 
Hedges Dr. James, h 44 Kinzie 
Hedin Andrew, carpenter, h Shantytown nr 

Hedi^ger Geo. teamster, h 171 W. Randolph 
Hedinger John^ tailor, h Townsend nr White 
Hefferan Thomas, clerk Lull & Eastman, bds 

W. Lull- 

, Heffer George, boarding, h Sherman nr Jackses 

Hefferna Patrick, sailor, h 60 Fulton 

Heffber Stephen, lab, h rear 2 W. Randolph '•'^ 

Heggele Fredesiek, cabinetmaker, h Wells nr 1^ 

North av 
Hegner Charles, cabiftetmaker, h N. Wells nr 

Hehn Jonas, teamster, h N. Wells nr Division 
Heida Augustus, tanner, h Griswold nr Taylor 
Heida Frederick, tailor C. Brinkmeier 
Heidt Johj», wagon maker, h Milwaukee av N» 

of tollgate 
Heill William, boarding, h 156 N. Lasalle 
Heillen Ferdinand, cooper, bds Fred. Heillen 
Heillen Frederick, cooper^ h Jefferson nr Har. 
Heimbrod J. P«. shoemaker, h Chic, av nr NeT« 
Heimrich Michael, saloon, Clark bt Harrison 

and Polk 
Heimshardt Henry, joiner, h Towns, nr White 
Hein Otto, salo6n. Wells nr Jackson 
Heincke George, tailor, h 12^ North Clark 
Heincke Henry, mason, h Wells nr SchiUer 
Heine Henry, worlds J. R. Fisher 
Heineman Mrs. Theresa, h oor State and Bnt* 

Heinrieh George, lab^ h Bees 
Heinrich J« finisher Leta & Buriiog * 




HeiBBoo (Hiftrles, meat market, Milwaukee av 

nr Halsted 
•HeintK John, lab, h. Desplalnes bt Waahington 

and Madison 
Heintz Nicbolas, blacksmith, h Hinsdale 
Heintz Lewis, grocer, 79 Jefi'erson 
Heinz Augast, cigarmaker, 28 W. Eandolph 
Heinz Barnard, lab, h Clark corSebiller 
Heinz Frederick, porter 79 S. Water, h 91 N. 

Held & Bro. scale builtlers, 229 Lake 
Held Henry, (H. & Bro.) 228 Lake 
Held Jacob, locksmith, h Tyler bt State and 

Wabash ay 
Hellbreak Theodore, mason, h Goethe 
Heller Abraham, grocer, Milwaukee plank 

road bt Halsted and Green 
Heller John, lab, h Taylor bt Edina and State 
Hellers John, engineer h 121 N. Clark 
Hellott John, fireman t^age & Haines 
Helm Dayid, blacksmith, h North ay 
HELM HENRY T. attorney, 16 Metropolitan 

Helm John, lab, h Orchard nr North ay 
Hellman Herman, teamster, h George near 

Elston road 
Hellman Ludoyicus, wagon maker, h cor Mon- 
roe and Peoria 
Helmbold George, carpenter^ h Coolidge 
Helmudt John, express man, h Townsend nr 

Chicago ay 
Helm and Emaftuel, lab, h Larrabee 
Helmuth Charles A. physician, h 74 N. Wells 
Hek John, formmaker, h Milwaukee ay.W. of 

Hely John (Sanford, Hall iL Co.) bds Lake 

Hemberg John, carpenter, h 72 Chicago ay 
HEMINWAF ALLEN, clocks, 61 Clark 
HEMINWAY H B. hats and caps; 78 Lake . 
Hemleb Bem^d, (H. & Stahl) h 196 Indiana 
Hemleb & Stahl, jewelers, 112 Lake, up stairs 
Hemmens Joseph, tailor, bds 146 State 
Hemmerick M. carpenter, h Liberty nr State 
Hemmings William, butcher, bds Wi Peters 
HBMPSTED EDWARD, wholesale groceries, 

116 8 Water 
Hemstead Charles, teamster, b;^s B. Crosp 
Hemstreet Abram L. carriagemaker, h Buf- 
falo near Liberty 

^eek ct 
Henaberg James, works J. Johnston, h 29 S. 

Henahan Peter, plasterer, h 116 Canal 
Henahan Patrick, grocer, Kinzie cor Franklin . 
Henckner Christ, lab, h Clybourn ay near 

Hendee Mis? L. M. dressmakw, 104 Lake 
Henderson A. check clerk J. H. Dunliam & Co. 
Henderson Alexander, wer^ Thomas George 

Henderson Mrs. Ann, boarding, h oor Canal 

and Van Buren 

Henderson Charles M. clerk 169 S. WaUr 
HENDKRSON 0. N. & Co. wholesale boots, 

&c. 109 S. Water 
Henderson Chailes N. (C. N. H. & Co.) 169 

S. Water 
Henderson Joseph, grocer, 280 N. Clark 
Henderson Martin T. carpenter, h Owen near 

Henderson & Newton, boots and shoes, 62 W. 

Henderson Kegnold, (H. & Newton) 
Henderson T. lather, h Fourth nr Desplaines 
Hendrick William, gilder, h Cass bt Pearson 

and Hinsdale 
Hendricks J. T. clerk 176 Lake 
Hendrickson Mrs. Ann, boarding, h 128 W, 


W. Madison 
Hendrie William A. & Co. clocks and watches, 

89 Wells 
Hendrie William A. (W. A. H. & Co.) bds New 

York House 
Hene Herman, h 829 Staie 
Henks Henry, tailor, h Forquer bt Canal and 

Hennabery Edward, lab, h Michigan ay N. of 

Henneberry James, chandler J. Johnston 
Henneberry John, drayman, h cor Polk and 

Hennemann Henry, carpenter, h 92 Superior 
Heunessy James, carpenter, h Clark bt Michi- 
gan and Illinois 
Hennessy Patrick, blacksmith, Canal bt Ran- 
dolph and Lake 
Hennessy P. boarding, h Clinton bt Polk and 

Hennessy Thomas, grocer, 116 W. Lake 
Hennessy William, lab, h rear 168 N. Lasalle 
Hennessy William, mason, h Buffalo N. of Polk 
Henning John, lab, h Sherman bt Polk and 

Henrich Jacob, tailor,* h Clark nr Schiller . 
Hcnrich Philip, h Wells cor North ay 
Henricks Joseph, jr. derk Beecher, Hollister 

& Wilkins, h 176 Monroe 
Henrotin F. physician, h 96 N. Clark 
Henry B. carpenter, h 170 Jefferson 
Henry Herricl^, foreman P. W. Gates & Co. h 

Van Buren nr Halsted 
Henry Mrs. Hannah, h cor Hubbard and 

Henry James, h Jefferson nr Fourth 
Henry John, lab, h Peck ct E. of State 
Henry John, lab, h North ay nr Fran|^Iin 
Henry William, carpenter, h Goethe nr Sedg. 
Henry Thomas, shoemaker, h Wells nr Jackson 
Henry Victor, moulder, h Canal bt Van Buren 

and Harrison 
Henshaw Joseph B. insurance and commission, 

66 Clark 
H^bshaw , deck S. BvonaoB &Co. Ms 199 




Henzeler Philip, nrftgoamaker, h Woleott near 

Hepburn 0. L. 
Hepp Joseph, lab, h Oliurk bt Dlvison and 

Heppel John, Btonecutter, h New Division 
Heptenstull John, drayman, bds Depot Saloon 
Herbert A iam, lab, h Hurlbut nr Clybourn a? 
Herbert Charles, clerk C. & E. I. R. B. off. 

bds 172 State 
Herbert Cornelius T. bagg^^emai^ h Sherman 

near Hurrison 
Herbert George, attomey, 188 Lake, bds 177 

S. Desplaines 
Herbert George & Co. planing mills, Polk nr 

Herbst William, tailor, h rear 98 Adams 
Herbster John G. carpenter, h Wells bt Goethe 

and Schiller 
Herdell Henrj, chandler, h Franklin near 

Herger John, carpenter, bds 228 Bandolph 
Hering Christopher H. lab, h Franklin near 

Hermann Charles F. clerk C. A. & S. L. R. B. 

Hermann Frederick, blacksmith, h Townsend 

nr White 
Hermann John, pa^lter, 209 W. Randolph 
Hermann Mathias, shoemaker, h Hinsdale. 
Hermann Mathias, wheelright H. Witbeck 
Hermann Orlof, cat pentcr, h Hinsdale 
Hermann Peter, lab, h Green Bay nr Pearson 
Hermann William* cabinetiiiaker, h Division 

bt Clark and Lasalle 
HEEMANNS CHABLES G. watchmaker, 163} 

Clark, h same 
Hermbach Miqhacl, grocer, h 111 N. Dearborn 
Hermes Servus, boarding, h cor Wells and 

Hern Hartwell C. joiner, bds 313 State 
Hem Henry F. (H. & Mason) h 318 Sute 
Hern James, lab, h Wabash av S. of Eldredge 

court • 

Hern & Mason, builders, Tyler E. of State 
Hern Michael, drayman, h Carpenter near 

Hern William C. bookkeeper H. P. Moses, h. 

Canal bt Van Buren and Harrison 
Herrenkind Charles, civil engineer, 89 Lasalle, 

h Green Bay nr Chicago av 
Herrick Alonzo, painter, h 295 Clark 
Herrick Elijah W. bds Tremont House 
Herrick Kufus A. tionor, 281 Lake 
Herrick W. B. physkcian, 118 Lake, h 104 

Herrington Frederick, shoemaker, h Clark nr' 

Herrling Henry P. clerk 112 Lake 
Herron James, lab, h Michigan vr N. of 
1 Springer 

Herron Patrick, lab, bds James McNallr 
Herrtage Johi]^ ^nason, b Carroll bt HalSr^ed 

and Green 

Herrtage Richard, mason, bds J. Herrjbiige - 
Herting JohD,^Chicago av bridge-tender 
Hertle Daniel, assistant editor Illinois Staats 

Zeitung, h 228 Clark 
Hertle Frederick, shoemaker, h Bucker 
Hertlett Bobert, lab, h 115 Canal 
Hertz Michael, joiner, h Van Buren W. of 

HEBVBY & CLABKSON, attorneys. 123 Lake 
Hervey Bobert, (H. & Clarkson) h Woleott cor 

Herzog John, lab, h cor Northern and Cottage 

Grove avs ' 

Herzog John, earpenter, h S. Clark near Sh^^ 

field coal yard 
HE8LEB ALEXANDEIt, daguerrean gallery, 

22 Metropolitan block, h 191 Wabash av 
Heslop Thomas, miller, bds McDonald Long 
Hess Conrad, blacksmith, bds P. Wenner 
Hesseaket B. brickmaker, h Jeiierson nr Polk 
Hessel George, cooper, h cor Canal and Taylor 
Hessemeyer B. boarding, h 97 N. Clark 
Hessmer Philip, drayman, h 339 State 
Hesz John, tanner, h Boberts 
Heth Harrison, foremaii J. P. Heth, h 13 

Heth John P. confectioner, Clinton bt Wash* 

in g ton and Madison 
Hetherell Alfred H. boarding, h Michigi^n bt 

Wells and Franklin 
Hetich Louis, h Wells bt 31 onroe and Adams 
Hettinger Frank, shoetmaker, 15 N. Clark, h 

Cly bourn av ^ 
Hettinger Georgf», h Randolph bt Halsted and 

Hettinger George, shoemaker, h Lake bt 

Canal and Clinton 
Hettinger John, shoemaker, 15 W* Bandolph 
Heuhl John, blacksmith^ h Woleott corner 

Hewes WilUam, (Fitch & H.) b 4 Lake 
Henley Jonathan, lab, h cor Randolph and 

Hewey John, blacksmith C. & R. I. R, R. shop 
Hcwey Robert, blacksmith, h Buffalo bt Polk 

and Taylor 
Hewitt Daniel W. (H. & Judd) h 58 Fulton 
Hewitt Dennis, lab, h nr Archer road 
Hewitt H. J. foreman Tribune office 
Hewitt Joseph, clerk Mills & Co. bds 75 Monroe 
HEWITT & JUDD, ship buUders,^ North 

Branch Point 
Hewitt Joseph P. clerk 139 S. Water 
Hewitt William H. printer B. Fergus, bds 60 

N. Dearborn 
Hewson Stephen, bookbinder/ h cor Nevins 

and Chicago av 
Hex Nathaniel, meat, &c. Division nr Wells 
Heydock M. 0. physician, office 77 Bandolph 
Heylman Matilda, h Wells cor Van Buren 
Heylman ^ Wurensche, druggists. Lake cor 

Heylman Charles (H. & Wurensche) cor Lake 

and Canal 

I • 


\ . 


Heywine Charles, bier hall, Cottage Grove av 

S. Rio Grande, h same • 

Hibbai-d Charles D. harper, bds 66 N. Wells 
Hibbard Earl A. clerk Tuttle, Hibbard & Co. 
Hibly John, moulder H, P. Moses 
Hibbard Mrs. II. L. h Clark bt Taylor and 

Hibbard Rey. Jolm R. pastor New Jerusalem 

Church, bds 70 Edina 
Hibbard W. G. {Tuttle, H. & Co.) bds 81 Michi- 
gan av 
Hickes Cornelius, grocer, Habbard cor Mil- 
waukee plank road 
Hickey B. drayman, h Lake W. of Ann 
Hickey James, lab, h 11 S. Desplaines 
Hickey James, lab, h De Koven nr Canal 
Hickey John, Jab, bds 225 Washington 
Hickey John, lab, h State nr Springer 
Hickey Michael, constable, h Charles nr Wells 
Hickey Maurice, blacksmith, h Ann bt Fulton 

and Carroll 
Hickey Patrick, proprietor Columbia House, 

247 Clark 
Hickey Richard, sivitchtender M. 8. R. R. h 

Archer road nr Brfdge 
Hickey Thomas, lab, li Dearborn bt Springer 

and North 
Hickcox Philander, house furnishing, 914 Lake 
Ilickcox Benjamin B*. mason, h 82 S. Jefferson 
Hicki^an Francis W. (Sassaman & H.) bds 61 

Hickman Jacob, moulder H. P. Moses 
Hiokox H. P. watchmaker I. Speer 
Hickenbrough Frederick, clerk F. B. Gardner 

Hickman Charles, h Wells bt Harrison and 

Hicks Orrin, carriagemaker Welch & Mendsen 
Hicks Philip, wagonmaker, 132 W. Lake, h 

Hicks Thomas, hackman, h 87 N. Clark 
Hicks William, painter, bds 228 Randolph 
Hiden Thomas, fruitdealer, Madison cor War- 
ren, h alley Lasalle bt Madison and Wash. 
Hide William, boarding, h 206 Madison 
HiggiubotLam Charles S. bleacher and presser, 

h 268 Madison 
Higgins Mrs. Ann, h Buffalo N. of Liberty 
lliggins Barney, works Piatt & Howe 
neys, 16 Dearborn 
Higgins Mrs. Bridget, h cor Carroll and Jeff. 
Higgins Edward, cattle dealer, h Polk bt Hal- 

sted and Desplaines 
Higgins Mrs. E. J. grocer, h cor Canal and 

Van Buren 
Higgins Ewa J. (H. & Haley) 1 N. Clark . 
Higgins Floyd, milk dealer, h 176 pesplaines 
Higgins George & Co. shingle machines, Mo- 

Cormick's reaper manufactory 
Higgins George W. (Burt & H.) h 168 N. Clark 
Higgins & Haley, )7roprietors Waubansia House 
Higgins Henry, bookkeeper 246 Lake 
Higgins James, clerk C. McDonnell 

Higgins John, carpenter, h State bt Polk and 

Higgins Martin, lab, h Owons W. of Reuben 
Higgins Van H.,(H., Beckwith & Strother) h 

104 Michigan av 
Higginson George M. h 29 Cass cor Erie 
High John, jr. (Magie & H.) h 13 Dearb. place 
Hilaire Legault, at J. Saunders 
Hilbert Joseph A. tinsmith, 96 Wells 
Hilbrun Simon, upholsterer, h 298 Clark 
Hild George, cooper, fa Franklin nr Goethe 
Hild Ludwig, lab, h Taylor bt Hal. and De8p» 
Hildebrand Stephen, ta Wells nr Harrison 
Hildenbentel Simon, boarding, h 206 W. Rand. 
Hilgard Jacob, lab,,h White 
Hill Edward, tanner, h Third tir Milwaukee av 
Hill Edwin F. coppersmith, 201 Lake, h Rolker 

cor Hastings 
Hill Hariow B. 216 Randolph, bds 213 Madison 
Hill Mrs. Jane £. h 81 Woleott 
Hill John, teamster, fa 180 W. Lake 
Hill L. J*. & R. proprietors Clarendon House 
Hill Lewis P. (L. P. & R. H.) 214 and 216 

Hill Mrs. Louisa, h 166 N. Lasalle 
Hill Martin, tailor, h cor Blue Island av and 

Hill M. W. machinist H. P. Moses 
Hill Robert B. joiner, h Cottage Grove av S. 

^ Rio Grande 
Hill Robert, (L. P. & R. H.) h 214 and 216 

Hill Thomas, h Halsted bt Wash, and Randolph 
Hillgartner Dr. George, editor Illinois Staats 

Zeitung, hll8N. Clark ' 
Hilliard A. carpenter, h 41 Adams 

Market bt Monroe and Adams 
Hilliard Laurin P. (H., Howard & Morton) h 

146 Wabash av 
Hilliard S. A. (Brown & H.)h 146 Wabash av 
HILLIARD'S BLOCK, N. E. cor Clark and & 

Hillis David, engineer^C. & M. R. R. 
Hills D. Hobert, (Ward, Doggett & Co.) h cor 

Lake and Wabash av 
Hills Newberry C. (Hough, H. & Co.) h State 

bt New and Old 
Hillsham Nicholas, lab, h Sherman bt Polk and 

Taylor * 
Himrod George, (Vincent, H. & Co.) h Adams 

nr Canal 
Hinchliff William, stone mason, fa cor Lake 

and Ann , 

Hinckley S. T. grocer, 71 Randolph, h same 
Hindline John, butcher, Sherman bt Polk, anci 

Hinds Ferdinand, shoemaker T. Hastie 
Hinds Isaiah, carpenter, fa Desplaines nr Vaft 

Hinds O. S. facyp dealer, bds New York House 
Hine Frederick, painter, fa Wash, nr Green 
Hine William, clerk Sturges & Burlingame, h 

65 Stqperior 

xm0i:«K^ mtmmt. 


-nine ¥51ltiay |K>Her laQ & Ulrersy, h Wolo<»tt 

cor Oak 
Hine -Wiltiain, bookkeeper Cbioago Breirery 
Hineberg Jobn, salooo, 6 N. Wdls 
Uines Austin, provisions, h 86 Kinzie 
Hines James, lab, Jackson bt Desp. and Hal. 
Hingel Mattbias, oarpeoter, h Wbiteey 
Hinlon Thomas, Jab, b Jefferson bt Polk and 

Hinman Qeorge, lab, b Gnmee nr Polk 
fiinAemann John, lab, h Orchard cor Willow 
Hinsche August, musician, k Clybourn av 
iBinsdale Henry B. agent F. B. Gardner & Co, 

bds 817 Clark 
Hinsdale H. W. (J. II. IhmbttBi & Co.) h 22 

' iSinton Peter, eallor, bds A. J. Quirk 
Hinze Henry, b N. Lasalle nr Division 
Hippie John F. carpenter, b Meridian nr Hal. 
Hitchcock £. b Adaibs nr Clark 
Hitchcock v. M. clerk A. Hjtcbeock 
UiCchcock Marshall V. boarding, h 90 State 
Hitchings Thomas, carpenter £ & R! I. R. R. 

shop cor State and Harmon ct 
Hirch John H. shoemaker CLetz 
Hirchbach Simon, clerk Waller & Obermeier, 

bds 179 Uke 
Hirley A. Y. physician, h 206 Madison 
Hirley James, 146 Randolph 
Hirsbraan Senry, (Bauland & H.) h Lake cor 

Hiscox G. D. {Wameley, H. *& Hueston) h 160 

Hitchcock Alonzo, groceries, 64 Randolph, b 
, cor Lake and Bieuben 
Hitchcock Arthur, policeman, h Morgan nr 

Hitchcock Charles, attorney^ Post Office build- 
ings, 8rd floor 
Hitchcock £• H. painter, h cor Kinzie and 

Hitchcock Thomas W. bookkeeper John Parker 
Hitchcock Horatio> physician, h State cor Har- 
mon ct 
Hitchcock Wilbur F. (B. Wood & Co.) 
Hitz John, lab, h Clybo«m av 
Hitz Lewis J. teller R. K. Swift & Co. ^ 
Hitz M. brewery, cbr Green Bay and Cedar 
Hoag T* 0. (Gosa & H.) h 106 Adams 
Hoagland Andrew, salesman 86 Lake 
Hoard Louis B. Glei*k circuit court and reoorder, 

5, 6 Court House, h 7S Van Buren 
HOARD S. & CO. Watehes and jewelry, 117 

Hoard Samuel, ^S. H. & Co.) h cor Van Buren 

and Morgan 
Hoas Christopher, blacksmith, k Morgan nr 

Hobart D. Forrest, wheat buyer Flab & Lester, 

h 221 W. Randolph 
Uobbs Bnos, boarding, h Sharaun bt Harrison 

and Van Buren 
Hobbs S. J. carpenter, h cor Jaokaen and Jeff. 
Hobe Stomas, ganbiev, b Or«b««l 

dobet Jieob, !•%, h Lalrrabee 

Hober Charles S. painter Chamberlain & Bro. 

Hobert Pettifc, sawyel* J. W. Npble 

Hobbo Charles M. carpenter, bds cor Jackson 

and Jefferson 
Hock Anton, h Market nr Randolph 
Hock Otehmir, tailor, 245 Monroe, h same 
Hockett Edward) machii^st, h Buffalo opp. R. 

I. R. R. works 
Hodes Frederick, blacksmiUi, b Lasalle nr 

Hodge L. S. mai^iniat^ b Waboeih ar bt Halleek 

and Twelfth 
Hodges George, bds.Tremont House 
Hodges G. R. insurance ag^it, 5 Davi£80n*s 

block, bds 128 Lake 
Hodges Mrs. Mary A. h 180 Huron 
Hodges WilUara, carpenter, h Stowell nr Clark 
Hodgson William, (H. & Ferry) h Quincy bt 

Clark and Wells 
HODGSON & PERRY, merch. tailors, 59 Clark 
Hodson John R. flour, &c^ 7 N. Dearborn, b 

Chicago av 
Hoebner Gotfriedt, lab, h Townsend nr White 
Hoefelman Christopher, baker, h 18 W. Lake 
Hoeffgen Robert B. (H. & Schneider) b Ohio 

bt Lasalle and 'Wells 
HOEFFGEN & SCHNEIDER, ptabfishers Eli- 

nois Staats Zeitung 
Hoeg Niels, tailor, h Peyton 
Hoeh George, boarding, b 120 W. Randolpb- 
Hoellger EUiil, carpenter, h N. Lasalle nr Oak 
Hoene William, tab, h Townsend nr White 
Hoes George, lab, b Hinsdale nr Lake 
Hoes J. D. h 50 Dearborn 
Hoemad Leopold, h W. Madison nr Wood 
Hoey Rev. Lawrence, treasurer Universitjr St. 

Mary's of the Lake 
Hoff George, shoemaker, bds Frank MiUer 
Hoff Matthias, shoemaker, h Nevins nr Chic, av 
Hoff Matthias^ lab, h Johnston nr Chicago av 
Hoff Matthias, lab, h Green Bay nr Whitney 
Hoff yPeter, carpenter, h Clark nr Liberty 
Hoffarth Henry, lab, h Clybourn av 
Hoffarth Peter, lab, h Recs 
Hoffert John, blacksmith, h 20 Desplaines 
Hoffenheimer Simon, drayman, h 15, Indiana 
Hoffmad Christian, clerk, h 107 N. Clinton 
Hoffman Frederick, Pennsylvania House 
Hoffman John, joiner, b 109 Ohio 
Hoffman M blacksmith, h Second nr Mil. av 
Hoffmann B. foreman Chicago Chemical Works 
Hoffmann Carl, fumacemau, h 104 Erie 
Hoffmann Conrad, bricklayer, b Schiller 
HOFFMANN F. A. banking and exchange, 58 

Lasalle, h 97 Ohio 
Hoffmann Frederick, groeeriefl, 182 N. Clark 
Hoffmann Frederick, cabinetmaker, h Butter- 
field bt New and Old 
Hoffmann Frederick W. bookbinder Braonbold 

& Sonne 
Hoffmann George, grocer, 74 N. Clark 
Hoffmann Herman, binder Braunhold & Sonne 
Hoffmann Henry, lab, b Sedgwiok 


tWiA#a . ^HMWK* 

Hoflfmuui Henxf Q, (Miatemfti & H^ bdB Jn- 

cobL.8olilireman ,:. 
Hoffmann H L. pl«r)c W« Gling^ftn ^ Co. , 
jQ^ofifmann Jo]in, lab, h Center nr Iiaiirabe« 
Hermann Panli mason, h Chicago a^ nr Cass . 
Hoffmann Michad, gardener, h Woloott N. of 

Pivision . 
Hoffmann Robert^ enginaer Q. &. C. U. B. R. 
Hoffmann Sebastian, bookseller, 43 K. Clark 
Hoffmann William ]>, (W. Clingman & Co.) 
Hoffmeister Frederick, warehouseman. A. T. 

^penoer &,.Co 

Holbmik Tli«(rfk»r(i, t H., Bilto4 C«^) k 

Wabash av and Jackson 
H^lbrook WiUiam, clerk Menfison & WaUftCiBi,. 

b Wabash ay cor New 
Holcomb Xi. P. clerk 16 Lasalle 
Hoteotob Samuel, clerk 171 S. Water 
Holden A. H. (G^reen & H.) h oor Adim ttttd 
. Halsted 
Holden Benjamin, carpenter, h Moi^nbt I«ake 

and Eandolph 
HOLP£T^ C. K. instiranee agents 77 RaB«ioI|^r 

h cor Jefferson and Washington 

Hoffmeister Henrj, proprietor New England. Holden Patrick, cooper, h Carroll bt Union amd 


Hogan parby,.lab, b Erie nr Pejton 
Hogan John, pawnbroker^ 230 Lake 
Hogan John, h Mather bt Canal. and Clinton 
Hogan Joseph, currier, b Hubbard nr Qreen 
Hogan Martin, lab,.b Ontarip iir Peyton 
Hogan Martin, boatman III Stone Dressing Co. 
Hogan Merrick, lab, h Sn State 
Hogan Michael, lab, 26 Edina 
Hogan Michael, Ub, h Twelfth nr B. I. B. B. 

freight depot. 
Hogan Michael W. elerk 128 Lake 
Hogan Patrick, hostler Piatt & Howe 
Hogan Patrick, cooper, h Liberty bt Buffalo 

ai^d Edina 
Hogan Patrick, boatman 111. iStone Dress. Co. 

h 86 N. Dearborn 
Hogan Bobert, carpent^, b Carroll bt Clinton 

and Jefferson . 
Hogan Thomas, lab, fi PulUm bt Jefferson and 

Hoge A. H. h 72 lUinois 
Hoge George B. clerk 190 S. Water, bds 72 111. 
.Hoge Thomas, attorney, 84 Dearborn, bds A. 

H. Hoge 
Hogg William, joiner Jacob Harris 
HofaiDsteg Jos. watchmaker, 87 Wells, h same 
Jlohensteg Miss Caroline, millineT, 87 Wells 
Hohn Anton, boiler'mki^, h Buffalo S. of Taylor 
Hohn Christopher, clerk 207 iS. Water . 
Hohn John, tailor, h 128 Edina 
Hoiser Henry, clerk 108 Lake 
HOISINGTON JASPEB A. justice of peace, 

71 Clark, b 188 Edina 
Hoit Jerry B. clerk Purringtim & Scranton, bds 

118 Indiana 
Tioit Mrs. Teraperanoe M. h 118 Indiana 
Hoit William P. painter Union Car Works 
. HolbiiPok Amos, foreman Adams & Clark, b 

cor May and. Lake 
Holbrook Benjamin, ship carpenter, h 62 Desp. 
Ilolbrook, Eikins & Co. lumber, office 7 Clark, 

2d floor 
Holbrook Josei^, salesman Morrison & Wallace, 

h Grove nr Bridge 
Holbrook Rer. J. C. pastor New £ng. Ch< and 
. editor Con, Hfrald, b 100 Ohio 
Holbrook Leveret H. (L. H. H. & Co.) h Madi- 
son cor Gre^n ; . 
Holbrook L. H. & "Co, cabinetmakers, Unilon 
cor Meridian r 

Holden ThonMUi, cooper, bdS cor Despl&itMs Wkd 

Holding John S. engineer, h Falton bt Paoite 

and Green 
Holiban Eras, oiarpenter, bds M^ Maber 
Holland George, machinist H. P. Mtoes 
Holland James, grocer, Market nr Madisott 
Holland John, (H. & Leoxriftrd) bds Garden 

City House 
Holland Ole, sailor, h. Chicago ar nr N. Btaneh 
HOLLAND & LEONARD, lumber, £. Madiioo 

nr Bridge 
HoUeren Cornelius, drayman, b Hilisdale nr 

HoUeren John, lab, b Franklin nr iaickwm 
HoUeren Michael,, lab, b Franklin nr Jai^kse^ 
Hollingsworth J. C. foreman J< S. Wright'0 

Factory, h Edinta cor' Jaektron 
HoUiste^l B. F. (Wnrts, Hatch & Co.) b98 In-r 

HoUister EU F. (Beecher, H. & Wilkins) b 72 

Van Bnren 
HoUister Dr. John H. office 7 Metropolitan 

block, bds Matteson Hbuee 
I Hollscher Emmett, taUor, h Goethto nr Wells 
Holm Charles, lab, b Sbtt&tytowB nr Chic. '%i 

and Fulton 
Holmes Byron, dei-k L. Holmes ft Co^ 
Holmes C £. grocer, cor Clinton and Madilibii 
Holmes Daniel B. yard clerk C. D. Spaids 
Holmes Edward B. moulder, b Grtfen bt LiSev 
Holmes Frederick, engineer J. 8. Wright, h 

Jefferson bt Polk and Harrisob 
Holtnes Isaac, for'mn H. P. Moses, b 117 W«U9 
Holmes J. W. printer Democratic Piress jbb 

room, bds 200 Madison 
Holmes WiUiam, sailor, b cor FiilloQ aiidSidig« . 
Holmes WiUiam, tailor, h Desplaines nr Kiaite 
HOLMES WILLIAM, gHder, &c. 189 Lak«, iip 

stairs, h 227 Monroe 
Holscber Belthazer, b State 8. of Pe^k ei 
Holson Alexander, lab, h cor Gri^en and Oven * 
HOLSTKIN LAND CO.'S office, 98 Bandol^h 
Holt D. B. (H. & Mason) h 165 Washington 
Holt Edward, B. L B. B. bds L. Cogan 
Holt J. T. foreman Dem. Pi^ss job !rdoin 
Holt $t Miison, lumber, oor Market and Moitfoe 
Holt Thomas J. clerk J. Murray, bds 6a Mich. 
Holt W. G. deatist, 74 lAke 
Holtz Conrad, packer^ M Lake 




Holtz Robert, cleriL 208 Lake 
Holti MathiM, lab, h Mitekell ar Halsted 
HoltM Frederick, cabinetpQaker, h 114 Oatarie 
Hohray Charlefi, saloon, i29'Randol^ 
Hotze & Co.' painters, 187 W. Randolph 
Homan Adam, kb, h Peek ot fi. of State 
Homer Efiplialet 0. engineer, h cor State fmd 

Hoflure Harmon, blacksipith John'Tear 
Homjrre IVederick, teamster, h Carpenter nr 

*■ HomjreHenry, ehanriMkttf Knibloe & Rugg, h 

Honisoh H^rnian, Iftb, h diiieago ^ bt Laaolle 

and Clark 
HoDolMii Wm. (Fogerty & fl.) bds J. Granger 
HoQore B. L. (H. & Co.) bds H. H. Honore 
ROKORE & CO. draggists, &o. 200 Lake 
Honore F. L. (CUgett, O'Bannon & H.) 219 

S. Water 
Honore H. H. (H. A 00.) h ^orClark «&d Ont. 
HONSINOER £. dentist, (^Boe 77 Lake 
Hontz Henry, lab, b i'liioago ay nr Reuben 
Hood Tbomas, ^roecr, 145 Wells 
Hoodley James M. clerk 78 Randolph 
HOOKE Enoch G. attorney, 4 Clark 
Hookers. P. clei^k J. H. Reed k Co. 
Hooker J. W. (Hv & Jones) h 100 Adams 
HOOKAH & JONES, agricttltaral wsrehpuscif 

107 Lake ' , 

Hooker S. G. carpenter, h Bnffalo^S.^ V.Bnreii 
Hooper David R. clerk J. S. WrighP 
HOOPER £. R. attorney, 3 Marine Bank bdgs. 

h 154 Madison 
Hooper Marion, marbleworker, bds W,H« Smith 
Hopewell Henry, sawmaker, h 182 Illinois 
Hopkins Andrew S. h Harrisoh cor Wabash av 
Hopkins Andreas S. (Warner ft H.) h Harrison 

bt Wabifsh and Michigan avs 
Hopkins Charies, bds 166 Clark 
Hopkins Horace, h Madison opp. Union Park 
Hopkins Pat'ck, lab, h BMffalo bt Polk and Tay. 
Hopkins W« blacksmith SlHthorpe, Kline k Co. 
Hopkins Willian} M. clerk J. M. Bradstreet 
Hopkinson Charles, green grocer, 6, 8 and 

State street Market 
Hopkinson William, clerk Charles Qopkinson 
HOPSON MRS. B. J. millinery, 86 Clark 
Hopson J.oseph, h 85.Cl)irk 
Horber John, boarding, h Gumee bt Polk and 

Herd Peter, chairmaker, h Ontario nr Peyton 
Horen Barid, Tremont House billiard room 
Hqren Owen, proprietor Robert Bmmett House 
Horn Anthony, gunsmith G: T. Abbey 
Horn B. Yan printer,. Bem. Press job room 
Horn Casper, carpenter, h Townpepd ftr White 
Horn Chas. umbrella mannfaotnrer, 135 Clark 
^ Horn Geo. blacksmith, Townsendnr Chic, av 
' Horn John, carriage painter, 135 N; Clark 
Horn John, Ifkb, h Third nr Morgan 
Horn John, jr. umbrella manufacturer^ 185 N. 


^B0m Mat Vob, oaunty -surf^or, li W. tkj 

Horn Lewifi, deoorative painter, 141 W. Rand. 
Horn Philip, shoemaker, h Townsend nr<Ch»- 

cago av 
Horn Tfaeedone, lab, h Clark «or XHTision 
Horn William, boots and shoes, h cor Warren 

and Madison 
HombergOharlos, lab, h Chicago at nr Raitbaa 
Horner Henry, groceries and prOTisions, 33 

W. Randolph 
Homer John, steneoutt^, h Forquer bt JeSer- 

son and Besplaioes 
Homer Leopold, cabinetmaker T« Manahan 
Homer & Crone, real estate agents and aue- 

tioneers, 116 Clark - 
Horner W. B. (H. & Crone) h 116 W. Madison 
Homer Mrs% W. B. ladies* music teacher, 115 

W.' Madison 
Homrich Onesim, bds Lafayette House 
Horrenstein Casper, carpenter, b Dearborn sr 

North *T 
^orstmaer Henry, bds Geo. Schmitt 
Horting Charles, tanner, h Lasalle nr Division 
Horton Dennison, hamessmaker, 63 Dearborn,. 

h 124 Lasalle 
Horton Jaines €. ship carpenter Jordan & 01- 

cott, h Jefferson nr Harrison ' 

Horton J. F. saloon. Van Bnren nr Gumee 
Horton J. W. builder, h cor Sangamon and Owen-- 
Horton Patrick, )kb, h Dearborn nr North 
Horton Richard, boarding, h 34 N. Clark 
Hosley Geo. H. painter, h cor Green and Men. 
Hosmer Charles B. attorney, 12 Iv Lake, h oor 

Peck ct and Wabash ar 
HOSPITAL, (Sisters of Mercy) 265 Wabash ar 
Hotchkiss Charles T. out-freight agent G. & C. 

U. R. R, bds 102 Madison 
Hotchkiss SyWester W. dockbuilder, h ; 102 

Hotopp Henry, «lerk 217 Lake, h same 
Hotze Theodore, (H. & Co.) h Holstein 
Houok ^jhfoige, currier Kelly & Blackburn, k 

Gumee nr Polk 
Houf John, cigars and tobacco, 288 Randolph 
Hough Henry, clerk J. D. Bond 
HOUGH, HILLS & CO. soap and candle fact(»y, 

office 6 Dearborn 
Hough R. M. & 0. S. beef and park packerf>, 

office 6 Dearborn 
Hough Roselle M. (H., Hills & Co.) h State bt 

New and Old 
Honghteling Lewis, lab, h Hiosd. na the Lake 

and commission, 170 S. Water 
Houghteling W. D. (H. & Shepard) h 80 Ind. 
Houke Henry, carpenter, h Canal bt Van Buren 

and Harrison 
Houlihan John, lab, h 181 Indiana 
Houpt Matthew, tailor, h Wells nr Harrison 
Housewald Philip, engine builder, bds' 228 

Randolph • * 

Houssen William, cigars, Wells nr Jackson 
Houston H. J. clerk M. S. k N. I. R. R. offit* 

^ 6» 



HoTo John, ewpenttr* h WUlSam bl Loonis 

And Laflin 
doTen Georg^ > lab, h Franklin bt Tyler and 

Van Buren\ 
Heyey Samuel S. h 123 Dearborn 
HOW GBOROE M. llonr and produce, 146 S. 

Water, up stairs 
/ flow Robert H. bookkeeper A. Vane 
Howard David H. builder, h Habted bt Adams 

and Jackson 
Howard E. R. bds Jerris House 
Howard Francis, carpenter, b 39 Buffalo 
Howard George, sign painter, h 82 W» Lake 
Howard George A. clerk ld5 Lake, bds 112 

Howard George W. carpenter, h Tbird nr Mil-r 

waukee ay 
Howard Henry, sheet iron works F. Hass 
Howard John, h Halsted bt Owen and Mil. ay 
Howard Mrs. Louisa C. b 256 Clark 
Howard Capt. Paul, h Halsted eor Jackson 
Howard S. G. D. (Hilliard, H. & Morton) h 107 

Howard T. lab, h Franklin cor Quincy 
Howard William, bds J. D. Decreet 
Howe Asa, h 37 W. Washington 
Howe Christian, cooper, Clatk nr New,, b same 
How« Francis S. attorney, 48 Clark, 8d floor 
HOWE FREDERICK A. attorney, b 69 B«n- 

dolph, h 111 Edina 
Howe Frederick A. jr. (A. T. Spencer &; Co.) 
Howe James L. (Piatt & H.) h 87 N. WeUs 
Howe John, saloon. Van Buren nr Wells 
Howe John W. h Jackson nr Franklin 
Howe Nathan J. clerk Mathet & Co. 
•Howe Samuel, treasurer G. & C. U. B. R. b 

116 Michigan 
Howe Thomas, carpenter, h Ewisg bt Des- 

plaines and Jefferson 
Howell James C. (H. k Skilton) b 95 Edina 
HOWELL & SKILTON, lumber nerchants, 

Clark nr R. L R. R. depot 
Howes John H. bookkeeper 171 S. Water 
Howland Henry, clerk Throop, Learned & Co. 
Howland Hiram, manager Crosby's distillery, 

h Market cor Pearson 
Howrihan Daniel, lab. Union Car Works 
Howrin William, fireman Union Car Woiks 
AOYNE & MILLER, attoraeys, 2 Marine Bi^nk 

Hoyne Philip A. clerk Recorder's Court, 10 

Court House, h 44 N. Wells 
.Hoyne Thomas, (H. & Miller) h Michigan ay 

bt HuDoard and Peck cts 
Hoyt Miss Cornelia E. piano and yooal music, 

b cor Lake''and Lasalle 
Hoyt James T. (Ward & H.) h Morg. nr Mad. 
Hoyt Sherman H. clerk Wm. H. Hayt 
HOTT WILLIAM H. produce and commission, 

Clark cor Twelfth, h Old bt Indiana av and 

Lake shore 
Hubarte Nicholas, clerk 102 Lake 
Hubbard Mrs. A. b cor Randolph and Carp. 
» Hubbard Carios S. (G. S. M. 9t Co*) 

Hubbard EUas ^. (H. k Tompjdaa) bds 146 

W. Randolph 
Hubbard Elijab, (C» V. Dyer & Co.) bds Lake 

Hubbard Miss £. M. assistant publio school 

No. 4 
Hubbard Gilbert, (H. & Robb) 161 S. Wster 
Hubbard Gurdon S. (G. S. & Co.) h 67 Indian* 
HUBBARD G. S. & CO. packers, Peyton, office 

12 WeUs 
Hubbard James H. b cor Canal and l^welfth 
Hubbard John F. express, h Griswold nr Hsr^ 
Hubbard Capt Judiah, h Mather bt Canal aad 

HUBBARD, KINZIE & HUNT, insurance aadl 

commission agents, office 12 Wells 
Hubbard Lewis L. clerk 65 Randelpb, bds 7. 

F. Eggleston 
Hubbard Lucius, tinsmith S. J. Surdam & Oe. 
HUBBARD & ROBB, ship chandlers, 161 8. 

Hubbard Samuel, teamster Knibloe k Ruggs 
Hubbard Mrs. S«rana, h 86 Ohio 
Hubbard Mrs. h Wabash ay B. of Hubbard ei 
Hubbard Theodore, h Hal. bt Mon. and Adams 
HUBBARD & TOMPKINS^ buUders, 146 W. 

Hubbard William C. (Walworth k Co.) bds 6/V 

Michigan ar 
Hubbell Dr. John, office 80 Lake 
Hubbell Joseph P. (Swope & H.) t^ds 180 De&rj 
Hubbell Lewis B< machinist H. A. Pitts, bd» 

same 9 
Hubbell W. T. marking clerk ppst-office 
Huber Jacob, proprietor Michigan Luke Heuse^ 

Prairie ay N. of Palo Alto 
Huber John, lab, h Orchard nr North ay 
Huber L. blacksmith Ellithorpe, Kline k Co,* 
Huber Michael, h 346 State 
Huber Thomas, lab, h Orchard nr North ay 
Hubert Augustus, boarding, h 23 N. Chu-k 
Hubner John, h alley nr WeUs bt Washmgtes 

and Randolph 
Hubschmann John, lab, h Hurlbnt 
Huchberger C. (H. k Frank) 45 CUrk 
Hucbberger k Frank, clothings 45 Clark 
Huck John A. Eagle Brewery, Wolcott cor ik. 

Huekln John,, yegetables, W. Maricet, h 8» 

Hudlow James, lab, h Sherman nr Harrisoa 
HUDSON FRANCIS, wigmaker and perfumer. 

129 Lake, h 41 Quincy 
Hudson H. S. attorney, 18 Dearborn 
Hudson Ole, lab, h Buffalo N. of Twelfth 
Hues^ingahl Nicholas, lab, h Pearson bt Wei- ' 

cott and Cass 
^Huestis J. N. clerk 102 Lake, h 143 State 
Hueston S. J. ( Wamsley, Hiscox & H.) 6b^kt 
Huey Robert, blacksmith Union Car Work* 
Hufner John C. saloon and boarding, 2^ 

Hugel Peter, plasterer, h cor Chicago a? tnd 



tmcA^- wxmmiax. 


Hnggett Tbomas, oiirpeatdr, h Hinsdale bt 

Wells and Lasalle 
Hughes Archibald, drayman, h 29 Michigan 
Hughes Barney, operator Moose Telegaph office 
Hughes Bdward, lab, h Falton nr Paulina 
Hnghes Francis, carpenter, h Brie nr Peyton 
Hughes Henry, engrarer S. D. Childs, jr. 
Hughes John, carpenter, h Halsted nr Twelfth 
fiughee John, (Wilson & H.^ h 210 Edina 
Hughes John D. carpenter, u 191 W. Lake 
Hughes Richard, boilermaker, h 58 Jackson 
Hughes Robert, carpenter, h Bofralo Korth of 

Hughes William^ clerk Roes & Foster 
Hughs David, cooper R. Bennett 
Hn]ghs James, draymsCn, h Sherman bt Hani* 

son and Polk 
HUGCNIN JAMES R. forwarding and com- 

mission, cor S. Water and Franklin, h 84 

North Wells 
Hngnnifi Hiram L. bds J. R. Hugunin 
Huhl Bernard, cooper, h 141 Illinois 
Huhn George, ehipcarpenter, h Taylor nr May 
Hnhnstock F. H. saloon, Mil. aT nr Fourth 
}luke Wiinam, painter, 88 S. Desplaines, h same 
Hulbert G. A. attorney, 100 Randolph, bds 

121 Clartc 
Hulbert H. A. (J. H. Reed & Oo.) bds 75 

Hulbert WiUtam, clerk, h Carpenter nr Hub. 
Hiilgen Peter, carpenter, h cor Wolcottand 

* Locust r 

Hull Charles J. attorney, 59 Clark, h Madison 

bt Halsted and Green 
Hull Benjamin L. cutter 54 dark 
Hulme George, (H. & White) Young America 
Holme k White, proprietors Young America, 

cor Dearborn and Randolph 
HUMASTON WM. C. lumber, nr 8towel*s slip 
Humers Peter, lab, h Mitchell bt CaUal and 

H«mmell«foseph, shoemaker, 215 North Clark, 

h same 
Hummer Charles W. painter, 81 Kinsie, h 151 
• Dearborn 

Hummer J. N. carpenter, h Adams cor Halsted 
Hummer John P, (D. Vliet & Co.) 198 Lake 
Humphrey James O. h Monroe bt Desplaines 

and Halsted 
Humphrey John, drayman, h 221 Market 
Humphrey Jiistis, joiner, h 72 W. Madison 
Humphrey Robert, plasterer, h 8 Ontario 
Hundgeburth John, carpenter, h alley bt 

Union and Halsted 
Hungetford H. H. machinist H. P. Moses 
Hungerford Wm. W. brakesman G. AC. tT. R. R. 
Honstock Bernard, carpenter, h Third cor Mil- 
waukee ar 
Hnnstook George H. barber, 78 N. Clark 
Hunt Charles H. (G. S. Hubbard & Co.) 12 

Hunt Dattfel H. ctork B. L B. R. fireight 

depot, bds Mrs. Woods 
Hurt Sii^ttdy liab/IAiiMi€«r W<lidci 

Hunt^dwin, liardw«6re, 7^ Lake, h 1&3 State ' 
Hunt George, shoemaker, 28 Market, h same 
Hunt George W. city sexton, h 249 Madison 
Hunt H. W. (H., Wiggins & Co.) 
Hunt Ida W. (Mclntyre & H.)^h Warren 
Hunt Isaac, painter, 92 Washington, h Carroll 

bt Union and Halsted 
Hunt John J. chairmaker, cor Canal and Polk 
Hunt Robert H. 103 W. Randolph 
Hunt William, blacksmith, h alley bt' Union 

and Halsted 

Hunt William C. physician, 6 Clark 
Hunt William J. bookkeeper 79 Lake 
Hunt William H. machinist Abbott & Kingman, 

bds 263 Clark 
Hunt William H. planing machines, bds 2G8 

HUNT, WIGGINS & Co. clothing, 159 S. 

Hunter D. W. clerk, 79 Lake 
Hunter J. R. clerk Rose & Foster ' 

Hunter James W. traveling agent 281 Lake 
Hunter Miss S. A. assistuit public school 

No. 2 
Hunter Robert, currier Chicago Hide and 

Leather Co. 
Huntington Alonzo, attorney, 96 Lake, h cor 

Indiana ay and North 
Huntington £. H. (£. H. H. k Co.) bds 78 

HUNTINGTON £. H. & CO. exchange office^ 

84 Clark 
Huntington Henry A. (H., Wadsworth & 

Parks) h 266 W. Randolph 
Huntington Joseph C. carpenter, h 121 Sdina 

wholesale clothing, 167, 169 S. Water 
Huntly Orrin P. machinist H. P. Moses, bds 

Natiian Jackson 
Huntley N. W. foreman carpenter shop Chi- 

cargo and Milwaukee R. R. 
Huntoon Charles, h Harrison bt Clinton and 

Huntoon &; Towner, city coffee and spice mills, 

288 Lake 
Huntoon William F. (H. k Towner) 288 Lake 
Huntiker Michael, strawgoods, h 188 Wells 
Huoverstuhl John, carpenter, h Van Buren wt 

Hurd Bben C. (Heath ft H.) h 46 Quincy 
Hurd £. B. merchant tailor, 64 Clark 
Hurd Harvey B. attorney, 78 Randolph, k 

Hurd Nathan A. attorney, h Halsted bt Lake 

and Randolph 
Hurd, Periam k Co. clothing, 161 Lake, (cloi» 

ing up) 
Huriburt Charles, clerk C. & R. I. R. B. bds 

172 State 
Huriburt C. A. clerk, bds 147 Dearborn 
Huriburt Charles F. bds 172 State 
HURLBUT A. B. syrups, perfiimery, &e., 14 

Hifliot Xdwin P. I^remaa G. W. Siaer k Cc 



HwsUmt S. % plMift Airto t«iMr, W 41^ lOdb- 

igftn at 
Hvvibut Frederick J. 
Harlbat Horatio N. j^yBictEDy 8 Wwsat*9 

Hall, li oer Cottage Grove at and Prairie ar 
Hnrlbttt V. L. physioiiiii, 8 Warxier^s HaU 
Hurley James, ship carpeater, -h; 225 Market^ 
Hurley jamee, lab* b Qttiaoy nr FrankHa 
Harley Miohael, lab, bcorFrankUn'aikdQaioey 
^Htfriejr Michael, lab, h 152 Waebisgtoa 
Hurley ^ichael, professor Latin and Greek, 

ITniTersity St Mary^e of the Lake 
Hurley Timothy, lab, h cor Frank, and Qaincy 
Hurn Samuel, S. B. & M. 0. Walker's stable 
Hurst George, mariner, h 78 N* Wells 
HUBST JOSfiPH, wholesale grpcex^ 226 L^« 
^ur8on Edward, works J. R. Fisher . 
Htirton Charles, wagomniriier, l&% Randc^h. 
Huschke Frederick, lab, h Orchard nr North at 
Huse James L. salesman 197 South Water 
Husfeldt Charles, tailor, h Taylor nr May 
Huson Chattnoey, engineer, h Michigan ar nr 

M. S. R. R. frelj^t depot 
Huson Henry, engineer, h Y. Bnren cor Loeims 
Huesender Peter I; merehant tailor, Kisaie bt 

Market and Peyton 
Hussey Arthur, bookkeeper 204 Lake 
Httsted H. H. clothing^ 131 Lafce^ h cor Van 

Buren and LooBjis 
Husturt John, chairmaker, h Halsted bt Polk 

and Taylor 
Hutcheson L. W. (McFarlane & H.) h 211 

HUTCHINGS & BROWN^ chair inaHufaotorjr, 

48 9. Water 
BNttehings J. F. (H. & Brown) 48 S. Water 
Hutchifis Richard, clerk J. Johnson 
Butchinson B; J< (8. Burton & Co.) 
Hutchinson Mrs. Julia, boarding^ h eomer 

Chicago av and Laealle 
Hutchinson William j warehouimnan Fish & 

Hutchison L. pedler, bds Jervis House 
Htttehieou WUliami seda mantti3acrtx>i7^ Peoria 

bt Lake and Fulton 
Holttdr Michael, laib, h BeeA' 
Huisen William, pAiater, h Peoria bt' Bau- 
• . dolph and Lake 

Huzzy John, lab, h Green nr Washington 
HfDg &rBANA« pmduce eeUi. N. Water B. 

of Clark 
Hydfe Hiram, bookkeeper 244 Lak« 
Hyde Nicholas, Illinois C. B. R. offiee, k206 

Hyde S. P. (H. & Dana) 
ilylaad Midhael, h 9 Kidaie 
Hyman Ferdinand, butcher, h Market nr Gar- 
den City House 
Hyman Henry, butcher, h Market nr Garden 

City House 
Hyman NicholaSr tinsmith, 79 N* Clark 
S^nes D. J. pHnter Demooiratic Fresa ii«w« 

Sp|8dlmaii:JolfQiiUli>^£Armb«(a nr WUftnr : 


lantfftn B. W; lab, G. W. Noble 

lansen John,>lab, h Sfaf«ntytown)]sr OUbag^ a^- 

lansen John^ <)arp«ntec, h Towneend 

lanzen Guatarus^ shoeBiaicer, k Ooteio bt 

Chieago at 
lauzen J<)hn, htb, h Skanlgrtowii, nr Feyloa 
Idcsttf J6hfl a (Bellowa & L) h 8 Lakie 
lensck Frederick, loekamitik, h 106 Wells 
Iglehart Nichdlaa P. (N. P. L ft 00.) h V«t 

Buren bt'State and Wabash ay 
IGLEHART N. F. & Cof. bai^k^tt and re»l 

estate brokevs, 56 Laaalle 
I^efaatt WilHaai M. clei^c 56 LaaaUe, bd» N. 

P. Iglehart 
ILLINOIS CENTRAL R. R. oftee, 48 Mioh. Mf 
Illinois C. B. B. shopsj Lake shore N. «f North 
Illinois and Mississippi Telegraph offiee, 7 .Dli* 

Tisson's bloek^' 8d iodr 
ILLINOIS ^TAATS a^BITUNG, office 10 Wella 

and office, cor Wetls and Monroei 
ILLINOIS & WISCONSIN Bxprese Offiee,. Ill ^ 

Lake, J. H. Purfee^^preprtator 
Illinois and Wisconsin Land Co.'s office, 3 Ex- 
change Bank bdgs > 
change Bank bdgs, 8d floor 
Haley John C. clerk 118 Lake 
Ilsley John P. chief engineer G. & C. U. B. B. 

bds Brigga House 
Ines George, h Lake bt U&ioft and Deeplainea 
Ingalls G. A. (Freer' ft L) h 49 Jaekson 
IngefsoU Fd^ar S. h Desp^ines nr Van Bur^i^ 

S. of R. I. R. R. 
Iager«^U Geeri^ Hi bodts' aitd ^oes, 70 WeHii 
IngerfioU JerOme^ (L Si Blteworth) bda N. 

Inigerdol] Jotrati^, knt^berman, h Jeffemon bt 

Van Buren and Harrison 
lugersoll Jodepih, ^< ^rk 108 Lak^ 
Ingles Captain William, saloon, 28 N. Olaxk* h 

91 N. Dearborn 
IngoUe A. Bi watohmaker» 126 Lake,, bds 8» 

Midhigeli air 
Ingraham B. T. 111. C. Land Depot, bds Tie* 

mont Hoi&e . ■■ ■ <[ 

Ingraham Z. C« (L ft Co.) b 189 Buffale ' 
Ingraham ft Goi forwarding and commMeHi 

cor Clark and Taylor 
Innes Adam, clerk, bds G, Innis • 

Innes Alexander, bookkeeper A. Murray 
Ittndb Wimtim, derk^ fade G. Inniv 
Innis John, lab,, h Sfaiui^lo^B -nr Chitfag&air^ 
Inslow James, box 2206 post-office 
lochem Peter, gtfboer, h eor Caea and PearNt: 
IdrUell AugasHM^ tttilo», k Third nr CloipeBMy 
lost Joseph, lab, h Sedgwick 
IOWA HOUSE, arheftnaii bt Hatriada and ¥«l 

Ippel Chailta^ ifakNlb|>iiia>W«>Si|lldi^|^ >; . 

onOli^ »IR18M»V< 


lpplt^ Ch«ttes» bMr haA^ SratL eor PesfinAnM 
lrtflMid:\YllUam H. oavposter, bdg 74 W, Mad. 
iMda^* Charles, aailor,.li Pr|im« bt daBi^amoa 

and Morgan 
Irgens Joliu, al«rk 180 Ii«ke 
Irgness John, lab, Q. W. Nobk 
Irish S. A. cUpk A. H. Ooteirt, bd« 05 fidina 
I^ish WilMam R. proprietor Ameriean Hoqm 
Irrii^ David W« (Bla«kiaurs & I.) InIb Matteson 

IrfUi leaao, brawer, Woleott iir €h«reh 
Irfin John A. North Star Brewery, h Church 
Irrin Samuel, brewer, 0earboni nr North av 
hmm S. A. aUamey, 7 N. Cli^k^ b 290 Slate 
Inrine J.' H. conductor, bds 91 Clark 
IRYlNe HALL, 94 Ibandelph 
IRVING HOUS£, 196, 19S State 
Irvia Charles, operator A. Hosier 
Irwin Edward, printer, bbs 219 Washingtob 
Inrin fowler/ matfooi, bds John Irwin 
Irwin John, boarding, h 77 State 
If#i& John F. mason, h Randolph bt Peoria 

and Sangamon 
Uaacs David, clothing, 176 Clark, h same 
Isbell Levis, shaving saloon, under Matteson 

House, h 168 Adams 
Ise&beis €borge, boarding, h 166 Wells 
Iridor Edward, |S[Urnberg & I.) 168 Lake ' 
iMug Joseph, joiner, bds Washington House 
Isham I. N. clerk T. B. Carter & €o. 
Iton Anton, 116 K. Clark, h Sedgwick near 

Itsehner John, carpenter, h Weils nv SeMllier 
lurgins Lndwig, painter Weleh & Mendsen 
Iversoo Knud, derk 141 & Water^ h 98 

lyerson Die, blacksmith, h Third bt Green and 

Milwaukee av 
Iverson Ole, chairmaker 
Ives Bdward L. (S. L. Ives >A Co.) bds 
IVBS E. L. & Co. merchant taildrs, 68 Oark 

Jacob G)4dfirey, grocer, 8 W. Lake 
Jacob John, lab, h N. Wells nr NoHk av 
Jacob Oie B. ctevk Ryerson, l^filler & Co. h 

Hubbard nr Desplaines 
Jacobert Anton, mascm, h N. WellsnrNcrth av 
JACOBSI B. F.t& 00. wood yard, Market eor 

Jacobs Bee|amin F. (B. F. J. & Co.) h 176 

Jacobs Christian, painter, bds C. S. Street 
Jacobs Mrs. Jane, dress maker, h Pea^ee nr 

Halstod ' 

Japobs John, lab, h Larrabee nr Willow 
Jacobs John, lab, h N. Wells nr North av 
Jacobs Mareus, clothing, 169 Clark, h same 
Jacobs Mathias, shoemaker F. R. Nagle 
Jacobs Peter* lab, Chicago Hide and Leather Co. 
Jacobus D. L. (D. L! J. k Bro.) h toi Owen 

and Curtiss f 
JMwIhtt J. P. (R. L. J/I^BUKf liOir«a^«r€aH. 

JACOBUS D. L. & BROf HBR, cabin:et Airtii* • 

ture, 178 Lake 
Jacoby Frank, engineer G. A C. IT. R. R. Mb 

1)homas Ganti7 
Jackman William, carpenter, bds Mrs. Eemble 

asd Liberty • ' 

Jacksop Abraham, paper box maker, h 24 

Pine cor Indiana • 

Jackson Amos, produce, &c. Kinzie cor Wol- 
eott, haoklniie 
Jackson Andrew, lib, h Townsend nr White 
Jackson Edward, waiter, h Buffalo bt 'twelltk 
Jackson Fortescue R. bookkeeper C. & R. 1. 

It. R. office, h 68 Buffalo 
Jacksoii Joel, grocer, 181 W. Randolph 
Jackson- John, bariier, h 124 Quiney 
Jackson John W. milkman, h Lake W. of Ann| 
Jackson' Joseph, carpenter, bds JameJs Cann^l ' 
Jackson Julius, hats, caps, &c. 186 Randolph 
JACKSON HALI^; 46 Lasalle 
JadESon Henrjr, bla^ksmitii, k Fulton bt Des* 

plaines and Jefferson 
Jackson John, Miloir, bds A. J. Quirk 
Jackson Mrs^ Lucinda, h 24 Pine 
Jackson Matthew, Uitller^ h 129 Buffalo 
Jackson Nathan, boarding, h 24 Kinzie cor 

JACKSON OBADIAH, groceries «nd dry goods, • 

215, 217 S. Water 
Jackson Mrs. Robert- R. boarding|, h May bt 

Lake and Fulton 
Jackson 8^ E. box 2244 post-offiee 
Jackson S. M. baUnlig Waloon, City Hotel 
Jaldksbn Thomas^ ' sailbr, h Oreenbt^ Hubbard* 

and Kinrie ' ' - 
Jackson WiMiam^ express, h Jackson bt Clark 

and Wells 
Jaoksotf William, painter, h 111 dark 
Jacques Henry, lab, h Rees nr Halsted 
JacksOn James B. baggage master M. C. R. R 

h 211 State 
Jacques John, lab, h Rees nr Halsted 
Jacques William, teamster, h Jefrerson bt 

W^hingtOH and Madison 
Jaeger Augustus, carpenter, h 211 W. Rand. 
Jaeger Julius, gtk>cer, 19(7 W. IRand. h same 
Jaeger Rudolph, cabinetmaker C. Schwara 
Jaggar Oliver, pa&tertJnionCai'^orfcs, k 186 

Jahn Henry, blaeksmith, h 197 #.- Randolph 
Jahnke Charles^ gardener, h Division 
Jahnke John, machinist, h l)irision 
Jai^chke Adolphus, works H. A. Bromley 
Jakel Anton, carpenter, h Green cor Oweta 
James Abraham, conductor I. 0. R. R. bds 16- 

Wabash av 
James Benjamin F. (Chickering & J.) h 68 

James John, agent J. R. Mills & Co. 
James John, dlerk Lailln, Smith & Boiea 
James John, lab, h 70 Michigan "> ' 
Jam48 JosfiEih L. (J. L. J^. & Co.) h Michigan 

avN. ofOld 
James Mm. MaifX,' k 147 'Mrta ' 


i^flgtjff ^ 

JAHBB J. li. ft <X). Ivnber* Ctulc ar Utdva 

Cftr Works 
James Samuel, clerk 202 S. Water, h OS Mieh. 
JAMES & SPBINGER, land agento, 13 Metoo- 

politaa block 
James Thomas C. inspector steam boat boilers, 

b Beoben nr Wanren 
JAMEg^ WILLIAM, jr. gents' fomUkiiig, 64 

Jameson Robert, fireman, h Jackson bt Des- 

plaines and Halsted 
Jtmieson Tbomas P. bookkeeper, b 58 Buffalo 
Janch John, pedlar, h Wells nr Harrison 
Janes Henry W. reoelTiag teller George Smith 

Janes John J. bookkeeper HI. C. B. B. land 

Janes N. L. scale builder, 197 S. Water 
Janks Frits, lab, h Hastings nr Bucker 
Jansen E. L. (S. C. Griggs & Co.) bds W. Bross 
Jansen Gnstarusy shoemaker, h Shantytown 

nr Chict^o a? 
Jansen John, carpenter, h Shantytown nr Erie 
Janson GustaTUS, lab, h Chic, ar op. Townsend 
Janson Joha, lab, h Shantytown nr Erie 
Januske Andrew, lab, h Schiller nr Sedgwick 
Janien John P. lab, h Shantytown nr Erie 
Jaiuiet Charles F. foreman M.. C. B. B. bds 

J. W. WiUion 
Jaworski Mrs. Thomas, h Desplainei bt Van 

Buren and Harrison 
Jeflfers A. P. M. tintograph«r,.h 13 Qainqr 
Jeifers George, P^oker, h Pearson 
Jefferson, James, car builder, h Taylor nr Wells 
Jenenes Martin, (Scheidau & J.) h Edina 
Jeneson D. C. bookkeeper Hlinois 4 Missis* 

sippi Telegraph office 
Jeneson B. J. machinist G. Herbert ft Co* bds 

385 Clark 
Jenkins Charles M. (Glassner ft Co.) h 170 

Jenkins Darid, gilder Ferris ft Boyd, h 50 W. 

Jenkins David, bookkeeper Neely, Eokley ft 

Jenks Alexander £. paperhaoger, h 114 W. 

JENKS ft B£]P;BS, merchant tailors, 89, 91 

Jenks Chaae#or L. attecaey, 71 Clark, h 43 

Jenks John, (J. ft Beers) h 78 Michigan ay 
Jennees Bei^min, patent medicines, h 131 

Jenneweich W. teamster, h Green cor Pearson 
Jennings Ephraim, ciril engineer, h 100 N. 

Jennings George W. carpenter, Ohio cor Frank- 
lin, h 137 Ohio 
Jennings Henry S. attorney, 75 W. Bandolph, 

h 17 S. Jefferson 
Jennings James, lab, h Shantytown nr Chicar 
Jennings John, shoemaker C. Blow 
Jennings John B. ^tmi^^ h 129 StaAe. 

Jemtfaifes M«tti&, parasd maker, h m? dsrk ^ 
Jennings I^tlrick A. grocer, 241 Clapk» h 
Jennings Samuel, (L. H.. Holbrook ft Go.) 

L. H. Holbrook 
Jenseh Joseph, finisher Lets ft Barling 
Jenson Charles, tinner W. Wheeler ft Co. 
Jensen Henry* lab, h N. Wells nr Cemfet^ry 
Jeoniaa John, painter, h George ar Elston road 
Jerome 0. W. (T. H. Cavaoaugh ft Go.) dft 

Jerome Milten,<druggist, eor Clark aad Adants,. 

Jerome B. L. machinist €. ft B* I. B. B. shop 
Jerome William W. hind agent, cor Clark sad 

JEBVIS HOUSE, Shermaa cor Van Boren 
/erne Otto, (Mont^, J. ft Afanini) SO Bandolph 
Jewell Ira, agent J* S. Wright, h Superior bt 

Pine and Sand 

clothiers, 101 S. Water 
Jewett James, pattern maker, h Halsted bi 

Madison and Monroe 
Jewett John, moulder H. P. Moses 
JEWETT J. T. boots and shoes, 97^ Lake 
JEWETT ft BOOT, stoves, &c. 47 S. Water 
JEWISH SYNAGOGUE, cor WeUs and Adams 
Jiltett Ediom L. (Fraser ft J.) 
Jobst Mic^iael, lab, h Orchard nr Willow 
Jobst Simon, lab, h Centre ur LambCe 
Joiner Mrs. Bebecca, h Buffalo N. of Twelfth 
Joham Carl, tailor, h Green nr Owen 
John Augustus, stMiecutter, h Sherman nr Har. 
John Frederiok, stonecutter, h Sherma&nr Har. 
John Henry, h Sherman bt Polk and Harrison 
John Joachim, lab, h Meridian nr Deoplaines 
John Nathan, firmt store, 38 Wells 
John Thomas, sailor, h Hinsdale bt Market 

and Webster 
Johnas Eli, whitewasher, h Throop's alley 
Johnathan Anthony, h N. Water bt WeUs and' 

Johnes William, lab, Calumet aT S. of South 
Johns William, h Bolker cor Madison 
Johnson Alexander, lab, h Jefferson bt Lake: 

and Fulton 
Johnson Alfred S. (J. ft A. S. J.) h 124 N. Desp. 
Johnson Andrew, (Williams ft J.) 
Johnson Andrew^ lather, cor Mil. av and Habh.^ 
Johnson Andreiir* wagon maker, h Peyton nr 

Chicago av 
Johnston Andrew, sailor, h Chicago a? nr 

North Branch 
Johnson Andrew B. clerk Norton ft Brother^ 

h Hubbard bt Green and Halsted 
Johnson Ant. clerk M. Krieg & Co. 
Johnston A. G. (Phillips ft J. ) bds W. S. Phillips 
Johnson Barry, blacksmith John Tear 
Johnson Benjamin, joiner, h Fourth nr PcUc 
Johnson Be)]r)amin» engineer, h Sedgwick 
Johnson Benjamin W. carpenter, h 260 State 
Johnson B. F. engineer I. C B. B. oifics, 43 

Michigan ar « 

Ji^toaon Oknt^lfivBatiSlKek ISfitlm ft B«otfa«r 

mmmic^ t^mwmwf. 



J^^mson C. G. Blhrarplatir, 15' W. RAnd«4fJh 
Jofaaaon Ci^tain J>. h 189 Wabush aT 
Jolmson SJeftttor M. asshtant £. 0. Stiles 
Jobnson Edob, jr. office N* W. eor Einsie aod 

Wells, h N. Wdls nr Oak 
Jofauon Franoisv h 207 Menroe 
Johnson Frederick, lab, Chicago Hlie aad 

Leather Co. 
Johnson Frederick H. condnetor C. & M. R. E. 

h 121 Dearborn ^ 
Joh&flon George, bds Hamilton House 
•lohns(m G. A. policeman, h 63 Jackson 
Johnson Hans, ship carpenter, h Fourth nr 

Johnion Henry, (Jewett, Gates & Co.) fods 

Blaftteson Hoase 
Johnson Henry, whitewasher, h alley bt Monroe 

and Adams 
Johnson Henry B. clerk out-freight G. & C. 
• U. R. R. bds 121 I>earbem 
JoiuBSon Hiram A. attorney, 58 Lasallo 
Johnson H. A. physician, 118 Lake, h 104 

Johnson H. C. restanrant, nr Kinzle bridge 
Johnson J. & A. grocers, 124 N. Beeplaines 
Johnson Jacob B. painter Barry & Cashing, 

Johnson James, (Swift, J. & Co.) bds 421 (^ark 
Johnson James, cooper, h Desp. nr HubbaTd 
Jdinson James, oook, h 189 Adams 
Johnson John, tailor, h Sbastytown nr Peyton 
Johnson John, barber, h Buffalo K. of Edtna 
Johnson John B. (J. & A. J.) h Hubbitrd bt Hal. 

«t6d: and Green 
Johason John G. sailor, h Hubbard bt Des-f 

pUunes and Jefferson 
Johnson Capt. John, h 80 Michigaa 
jaHNSON: JONAS, bMtrding, h W. Water bt 

Randolph and Lake 
JoliEMOB Lewis, earpenter, fa Breomer ay 
Johnson Lewis, bar))er W. Johnson 
Johnson Nelson, chainnftker, h Ann bt Polk 

and Harrison 
Johiisofi Peter, whitewasher, h alley* Glark bt 

Washington and Madison 
j4>bason Rebt. B. confect'er, 163 CSavk, h u,me 
JohasOn Robert 6. clerk F. Newhall 
Johnsoa R. W. cjerk American Express Co. 
Johnson Sanuel, sailor, h Ontario nr Franklin 
Johnson Samuel, joiner, h Ontario nr Clark 
Johnson Sanford, carpenter and joiner, 168 W. 

Wasbg'ton, h Adams bt Morg. and* Aberdeen 
Johnson Capt S. h 47 Michigan «f 
Jeiintfon S. F. III. & Wis. R. R. bds Treraont 
Johnson Samuel M. (Barber & J.) h 5 Pine 
Johnson Thomas^ shipcarpenier, h 47 N. GUurk 
HhAsoB Thomas, h cor Kinzie and Ourtiss 
JohnsoB Walter St superintendent 0. & M. R. R. 
Johnson WiUism, carpenter, h Clark nr Bridge 
Johnson Wm. barber, 102 Randolph, fa 89 EiliuA 
Johnson William P., 111. C. R. .R. office, bds 

121 Dearborn 
J«imson Witilam Y. SBperintendoit oolportage* 

60 Lasalle, h Madison nr Carpenter ■ 

Johnson W^lan €^ baker Ov Kendall 
Johnston Charles, sailor, bds A. J. Quirk 
Johnston Christopher, clerk, h Ohiooi^ Maxkel 
Johnston Frederick, slup carpenter, h Quinoy 

nr Market 
Jc^nsten George A. , United States Express Co.'8 

Johnston John M. bookkeeper Rayniond k 

Ward, h 150 Michigan av 
Johnston Joseph, lard oil mannfacturer^ 29 8. 

Water, h cor Miehigan sr and Twelfth 
Johnston O. S. painter Bairry & Cubing 
Johnston William, carpenter, h cor Clark aad 

Archer road^ 
Johnston William, lab, h Grove 
Johnstou William, sailor, bds A. J. Qoirk 
Johnston William S. office 125 S. Water, h lUi^ 

nois cor Rush . 

Jones Abel F. teamster, h Peoria bt Madison 

and Monroe , 
Jones Amos, cook, h 122 Clark 
Jones, Bates & Co. general insurance agents, 

65 Clark , - 

Jones Benjamin, h 174 Monroe 
Jones Benjamin F. lumber, h Peotdaeor Moim» 
Jones Mrs^ Christian, h Monroe nr Market 
Jones Cyme R. attorney, 68 LasaUe, h La)i» 

■W. of Cannon . 

Jones Mrs. D. A. h 76 Adams 
Jones Daiims K office 7 Metropolitan block 
Jones David, cooper, h Fulton bt SangamiOB 

and Morgan 
Jones Emanuel, whitewiisher, h Buffalo p£ 

Jones £. W. cashier Union Car Works, bds 17i^ 

Edina - c 

Jones Fernando, h 64 Washington 
Jones F. R* carriage maker EUitliorpe, Klin4 

& Co. 
Jones George £. conductor C. & R. L B. R. fa 

Buffhlo nr C. & R. I. works 
Jones H. 0. (R. D. J. & Sons) 86 Lake 
Jones James, painter, h 81 Indiana 
Jones James,, lab, h Edina bt Polk and Taylor. 
Jones John, cook, h Buffalo N. of Twelfth 
Jones John, lumber, h Peoi^abtLake and Ful; 
Jones John, private collector, h 216 Edina 
Jones John F< lab, h Curtiss bt Rand, and Lals4 
Jenes Joseph W. freight agenty h cor Michigan 
. av and Fenimore 
Jones Martin, ii Wells nr Polk 
Jones Miss Mary, h 258 Clark 
Jenes Miss Mary, first assistant upper depavt* 

ment No. 2 pa'bUo sAool 
Jenes Natfa*«li A. (Hooker & Jj} bds 100 Adama 
Jones Owen, h Owen W. of Wood 
Jones Peter, carpenter, h AnnbtCarr. and Ful. 
JONES & PATRICK, bankers, 42 Clark 
JONES R. D. & SONS, wholesale dry goods, 

86 Lake 
Jones Reuben D. (R. J>. J. & Sons) h TweUth 
' coi^ Miehigan av 
Jones Tarlton & Co. himber* Elizabeth hi Polk 







Jones fftrllon, (T. J. & Co.) ^ Hnronbt Pine 

J«mQ8 Tbomas, mason,, h 190 Honroe 
Jones Tbomas P. stonecutter, h 59 Michigan 
JlDoes WiU>ar H. tinner W. C. Eendriokaon 
Jones William, agent, h 37 Wolcott 
Jiftnea WiUiam, (J. k Patrick) h 119 State 
J^nes William, buyer SL B. Pomeroy &,Co. 
JttieB William, teorastes, h Oreen nr Adams 
Jones William H. teamster Adams mills 
Jones William, wagoamaker, h FiiUon bt Ann 

and Maj 
Jones Wm. jr. (W. J. }r^ & Co.) K SI Adams 
JONES W. jr. & CO. oommereial agfaoy, 5 

Excbange Bank bdgs 
Janes William £. brass&atsher, h alley Besp. bi 

Washington and Madison 
Joag John, lab, h N. Wella nr North aT 
Jong Peter, tailor, h £lm . 
Joost Henry, clerk A. Daohsler 
Jordan A. assistant baggage master M. C. B. B. 
Jordan Collins H. agent Fisk's metatic coffins, 

ia4 Clark 
Jordan Edmund, M» C. R. B. depot, h Ohio nr 

JiatdanF, (J. & Olcott) h cor Canal and Harris. 
Jordan George £. daguerreotypist, 44 Dearborn, 

h Jackson nr Deiplainea 
Jordan Gmtavus, draaghtsman Van Osdel & 

Jordan James, lab, h Union bt Lake and Fulton 
Jardan John, baggageman, h cor Fnltonand 

Joiidan Laitreace, lab, h Owen nr Beuben 
Jordan & Olcott, ship builders. South Branch 

bt Harrison and Van Boren 
Joalm Mrs. B. W* h eer Jackson and Besplalnes 
Joslin J. E. photographic artist A. Hesler 
JOT HIEAM, ice daaler, 128 S. Water 
Joy James F. atUMrney, 60 Dearborn, fods Tre- 

mont House 
Joyce Patrick, stall north msvket, hds 9 Kinzie 
Joyoe WilHam, carpenter, h N. Water, bt Wells 

and River 
Jttdd N. B. attorney, 6d Dearborn, h Michigan 

av bt Hubbard ot and Harrison 
Jttdd William £. (Hewett & J.) bds 50 Clinton 
Jadson Edwin, dentist, 98 Lake, h >875 Wab. a^ 
Judson Sidney, carp'ntr, h Sangamon nr Fourth 
Juergens D. L. silverplaterD. A. Foot 
Julius John, tailor, h Welle .cor Tyler 
J«inge Cavl F« W., C, B. & Q. B, B. h 288 State 
Junge John, lab, h Liberty bt Buffalo and Edina 
Jongen Miiittbias, bricklayer, h Edina bt Polk 

and Taylor 
Jurgens Ferdinand, cigarmaker, 89 N. Clark 
Jurgena Ludwig, painter Welch & Mendsen 
J«0ten Nicholas, Ub, h Cass nr Pearson ' 
Justice Francis, health officer, h Hals, nr Mad. 
Jastiee William, h 229 W. Bandolph 
Juston Jno. B. machinist, h cor Beaoh and Polk 
JiiBtuB Augustus, tanner, bds G. Heart! 
Justus Jacobs shoemaker Joseph 

Eaaf £iward^ Iftb, h Diviaioa nr fiedg;wick 

KM)h«l8ki Franoia C. «lark 218 S. Widtor 

Kegel John, boilermaker Msaoa & MeArAi 

Kahle Francis, arehitect Van Osdel & Bi 

Kahler ft%nmB, architaoi 

Kahoe Patrick, lab, h cor Franklin and Mkfli. 

Katr James, h Greea nr Hinsdale 

Kaiser Joliat, proprietor Hotel de L^JQuYope- 

Kaiser & Weidner, dolliing, 288 Baudolpk 

Kalberlah William, cooper, h cot SaagaaioM 

Kales F. H. attorney, 16 Dearborn 
EaU Joseph, carpenter, h Jeffer&on ns Hanison 
Eallenbach William, tailor, h Third nr MlKr§an 
EaHcuiegger Anthony, olerk D. Blston k Co^ 
Kalter John, lab, h Green Bay nr PearsoB 
Kalmeta Charles, lab, h Larrfii)ee 
Kammer William, boarcUng, h 160 Indiana 
Kammuer Joseph, butcher, 878 State, h saaw 
Kampel John, oa^enter, h 61 Indiana 
Kamphyr Frederick, lab, h Larrabee 
Kamphyr J<)akim, lab, h Larrabee •. 
Kana Simon, tailor, h 76 W. Randolph 
Kandell Michael* lah, h Grf en Bay nr Faaisoft 
Kane Francis, grocer,, Van Bunen bt Garpttiter 

and Backet 
Kane Jamios,: earpeoier, bds M. Maher 
Kane Thomas, rectifying distiUescy, Canal bi 

Mco aftd Randolph 
Kane Thomal, Ub, h Clark nr North 
Kane William, mason, k Buffalo N. of Polk ^ 
Kanely James, lab, h Shsntytownnr £rie ■ 
Kaaka William, sheet iron worker Fred% Hasa 
Kannen Theodore, lab, h NaTins-.i>r Chicago ay 
Kannen Hulard, lab, bds Nerins nr Chicavovf 
Kannot August, tailor, h Franklin nx» BhuML'^. 
KANSAS HOUSE, 875 Clark 
Kany John, gardener, h Lakebt PanHnaaad 

Kappaa Gottleib, tesiastar, h oor Larabee and 

Kappers Christopher) cahinetmakar, h MacKse» 

nr Curtiss 
Karbach G. blacksmith Ellithorpe, Kline k Ce. 
Karby Jereniiah, moulder, h cor Jeff; andBiMbg 
Karing Cbas. shoemaker, Van Burtn nr Bridge 
Karle Dora.thy, painter, h 48 Chiosigd av 
Karns Michael, lab, h 10 Ca«s 
Karstadt David, earp'tr, h Van Buren nr Wells 
Karstens John, saloon, 164 Wella 
KasperKoerper, h cor Market and Jacksea 
Kassick George P., M. C. 11. B. office, h 160^ 

Kasson August, lab, h Sedgwick ' 
Kaster John, plasterer, h N. ^eils nr«No>th aa 
Kastler Nicholas, saloon, 78 N. Clark/ h sans 
Kastorf Christopher, lab, h Larrabee : 
Kata Jose|>h, woodsawyer, h Morgui nr (%i« 

oago M 
Kath Henry J. lab, h Larrabee 
K^kinup James, upfaolsteper Beaeber^ HolUstet 

k Wilkin 

*'.!. ' 


t • 


rt t ul i* 

■ «i^i»'»ifcii 

IfiBli^ Rudolph^ botel and bowsdiag-heuftft, ld6, 

198 QiAte 
K«tilfian»& Feipcbtejieaoreaw saloon^ 48 Wells 
Kaulfoian George, cabinetmaker, h M«rgan sr 

Kauffhiaii Henry A, (K. & FeneJite) bdft 43 

Kaufmaa J. bfassfiitiskcv 201 Lake- 
Kaaffmmif J. tinsotiti^ Ta Georgtt k Qo, 
£ii^iiffiB«B Iioiiis, drjF' goads a^: ck>Uiiifg, 891 

State, h same 
Kausson Henry, lookciaii^r ^ Black Hawk 
^Kanleiiiberg Henry^ earp^tn^er, h. White/ 
Karanaugh Edward, tinsmititi Loomis & Abbott 
K««€itta«igk OkarleS) fonMUA IlL Stoae Dres-^ 

sing Co. 
KajrJataeB, bof»diirg, Jll Market. nrMoatoe 
Kay William, joiner^ h Pearaoa nr Wotoelt 
ISm^ WUUam, jeioer, k Forqaier bt Canal and 

Sailor Babsefr, oanriag^ maker EUitborpev 

KluM^ & Co. 
Kaylor Patrick, carpenter, h Stale lit Spriager 

afid Ifortb 
^ya WlHiam, kb, h Qntarto nr Peyten 
Kayser Johauu, lab, h cor North ar and Larr. 
Ketime- John-, sheemaker M. Gleeson 
Keams James, baker Trevett & Haywaird 
K9«&ur Patrick, lab, h nv Sherman'a briek yard 
Kearney John, shipcarpenter, h 17 Kina« 
Wemeaey Thomas, porter Dyke, Brbthers & Ceu 
Kearney Theodore, watchmaker 69 Clark 
Kfartis Andrew, luaberraaa, h Jefferaen bt 

Jackson and Van Buren 
ScnUtig WiilUam, machinist H; P. Moses 
Kedzie A. 8. agent Chicago Theological Qmai" 

nary, bds 287 Olark 
Kedaift John H. attorn^, 100 Bandolf^, bds 

189 Wnbash ar 
Keef Lawrence, lab, b Halsted bt Harrison and 

Keefe £dwin, carpenter, h Dearborn bt Spring- 
er and' Nerth 
Keefa^mes, e^ostable, h eor Market and IKv. 
Keefe John, lab, h North bt Clark and DeArb. 
S«af« Johii, olerk ft.. N. Turner, h North nr 


JSfiM Mkhaei, lab, bds Cold Spriag Honsa 

Beftfe l^atrick, paokerg fa Dhriston nr Sedgwick 

KMlf» William; carpenler, h Hickory 

Keefe R. M. moulder H. P. Mo&rss 

I^MgA^Prasicie, derk a & B. h B. R. freif^ 

Keegan William, grocer, h Van Buren bt Clin- 
ton and Jefferson 

Keehle Jacob, baker P. Groll 

Keehore, draymaft 

fiMet Cyms, polieeman Claris street Bridge, h 
Harrison nr Wells 

Keelev John, engineer €. & B. L R. R. 

SiB»ler WUUam 0. agent for M. H. Griffin 

Keeler Matthew, lab, h Dearborn bt Springer 

. asAi Jforth 

Keelerman William, gunsmith, 18 Quaal - 

)^»iMY MIOBAELf ale aadipovtw dsyot^^ 

ceUav 48 S. Water 
Keeley Patrick, lab, h Clark N. of North 
Keeley TimoUiy J. tailor, h 105 Edina 
Keeling George, carpenter, bds Thos. Bridsoft. 
KEEN & LEE, booksellarS) 148 Lake 
Keen William B. (K. & Lee) h 159 Washingtcm 
Keeoan John, tailor^ h Desplaines nr Hubbard 
Keeni William, teamster, h Franklin nr Iiidiana! 
Keep Albert, (K., Harmon & Co.) h eor Monroa^ 

and Aberdeen 
KEEP, HARMON k CO. wholesale dry geode^ 

211 S. Water 
Keep Henry, (K., Hann<m & Co.) h cor Monroe 

and Aberdeen 
Keephart Jacob, teameter, h 91rst nr Carp«kt«p 
Keevan Chariies, en^^er, h Edina S. ,ef 

Keeivaa James, lab, h 89 Buffalo ^ 
KecTes Timothy, lab, h Clark S. of Liberty 
Kehoe Arthur, milksuui, h Harrison nr Hajsted 
Kehoe Michael, inspector canal boats, hJeffor- 

son bt Van Buren and Harrison 
Kehoe Thomas, tailor, h JElwing bt Deeplaines 

and Jefferson 
Kehoe T« K. opounissioR,^ bds 179 Clark 
Kehoe William, bricklayer, h 83 Michigan 
Kehres John, stoaeeutter, bds A. Fay- 
Keicheisen Henry, drayman, Buffalo bt Polk 

Keihm Mrs. Frantz, h cor Peoria and Miller 
Keiller Andrew, common , inquire at 

Keiller John, accountant Flint & Wheeler, h 

Keilly John, boa^pding, h 69 Kinzie 
Keir Edward, clerk 113 S. Water 
Keisal Henry, h Twdfth bt Clinton aad JeffeK. 
Keith Dodge W. (Savage, Case & Co.) 181 & 

Keith Edson, clerk 202 Lake 
Keith M. L. h eor Pine and Illinois 
^eith Mrs* Minerra U. h Market nr Oarde« 

City House 
Keith Osborn R. salesman D. B. Fisk & Co. 

Keith , (Peters k K.) bds Hamilton House 

Kelher Peter, caspeiiter, h Clinton bt Van Bv^ 

ren and Harrison 
KalieiB Roberl, shoemaker W. Sporlein 
Keller Christopher, lab, h Jackson nr W<eUs 
KeUer Henry, butoh«r, WeQe it Harrison and 

Keller John, boarding, h 107 Ejuzie 
Kelter John G. cabinetillaker Jneobus & Bro. 

h 7d S^ JeffisraAB » 

Keller John, lab, h DeKoTcn nr Canal 
KELLER JOHNi shoemaker, Market undet 

Garden City House 
Keller Louis, grooer, h Wells nr Dirision 
Keller Philip, carpenter, h Rees 
Keller P. h Wells eor Jackson 
Keller Valentine, carpenter, h Wells nr Quincy 
KelkmiaB Mrs. boarding, h 1 1 Canal 
Kelley Capt. Edirard, h Chesmit nr Weleett^ 



KtXhj Edwaard F. elevk210 S. Water cor Frank, f KemrnaA'-HeDi^, SivkymtgH O. Cleaver 
KeUey James W. D. clerk 174 Lake, bds 66 

KeUey John» carpenter, bds 33 S. Water 
Kelley John, clerk John Radoliffe, h Hinsdale 

bt Market and Webster 
Kelley lira. Mary, boarding, h 66 N. Wells 
Kelley John, shoemaker, bds 225 Washington 
Kellien Mrs. Bridget, boarding, h 214 Illinois 
Kellogg C. C. clerk 111. Gen. B. B. 48 Michigan 

av. bds 22 Lake 
iEellogg C. P. insurance agent, h 71 Jackson 
Kellogg David, clerk, bds 182 State ' 
KELLOOa E. B. & CO. wholesale hats, caps, 

and straw goods, 1C7 S. Water 
Kellogg Joseph, R. B. agent, h 98 Jackson 
KELLY & BLACEBUBM, leather dealers, 243 

Kelly Charles V. homcspathic physician, 115 

Lake, h 24 Lake 
Kelly.Charles, carpenter, cor Park aT and Cor- 
nelia, h Hubbard nr Wood 
Kelly Charles, plasterer, h 154 Illinois 
Kelly Christopher, masoo, h alley nr Wells bt 

Jackson and Qaincy i 
Kelly Christopher, shipcarpenter, h Townsend 

nr White 
Kelly Daniel, groceries, 103 Kinzie 
Kelly Dennis, lab, h Erie nr Peyton 
KELLY H. C. attorney, 42 Clark, h 60 S« Canal 
Kelly Jaconia, plasterer, h cor Wolcott and 

Kelly James, lab, h Wabash ay bt HalJeck and 

Kelly James, carpenter, bds 867 Clark 
Kelly James, (E. & Blackburn) 243 Lake 
Kelly James, (Foute & K.) 
Kelly Michael J. painter B. F. Chase 
Kelly Michael, shipcarpenter, h Ohio nifPeyton 
Kelly Michael, stonecutter Chicago Stone Yard 
Kelly Michael, lab, h Peyton 
Kelly John, lab, h Shahtytown nr Chicago ay 
Kelly Patrick, machinist H. P. Moses 
Kelly Patrick W. h Peck ct bt State and Wa- 
bash av 
Kelly Eobert, sailor, h Green nr Adams 
Kelly Thomas, agent M. S. B. B. bds Jervis 

Kelly Thomas, lab, h N. Water bt Wells and 

Kelly Thomas J. distributing clerk post-office; 

bds 179 Clark 
Kelly Thomas, lab, h 111 N. Clark 
Kelly Thomas, drayman, h Larra. nr North av 
Kelly Thomas, lab, h Michigan av bt Halleck 

and Twelfth 
Kelly William, sailor, h 6 C^s v 

Kelly William, policeman, bds Colby House 
KELSEY CALVIN 0. dagnerrean, 96 Lake, h 

114 Monroe 
Kelsey Capt. L. A. local mail agent post-office 

Kemble Mrs. Eliza, fruit, h Milwaukee plank 

noad nr Halyard » 

Kemman F. carriage maker BllHhorpe, Kli)i» 

KEMP JOSEPH, gunsaad sporting app&ratiM, 

238 Lake 
Kemp William, policeman, bds H. Hatch 
Kencke William, blacksmith, h Bees 
Kendo John, boarding, cor V. Buren andfAj. 
Kendall Edward K. clerk, bds 170 Monroe 
Kendall Jamea S. clerk, bds 170 Monro* 
KENDALL OBIN, iiakevy, 89 Washiactoa, Ir 

170 Monroe 
Kendall G. W. bds J. S. Memll 
Kendrick Mrs. George, groceries, WhnoA^m 

av cor Third 
Kendrick Joseph, butoker, h 88 W. Bandolph 
Kendrick S. G. 50 Dearborn 
Kenineda Edward B. B. k Detplaines nr Huh. 
Kennedy Alexander, bds 217 Adams 
Kennedy Alexander, shipcarpenter, fa Peytmi 

opp. Ohio 
Kennedy Mrs. Alfred, fa eor Kinzie and CuHiM 
KENNEDY & BBADY, produce and eommis- 

non, 88 Kinsie 
Kennedy Batt, grocer, 166 N. Clarli; h same 
Kennedy George, bookkeeper Boss & Foster, h 

42 Qttincy 
Kennedy James, lab. Cottage Grove av nr Bi« 

Kennedy James, (J. M. & W. W. K.) bds 217 

Kennedy John, butcher, h Buffalo bt TwcMtli 

and Liberty 
Kennedy John M. (K. & Brady) h cor W. Lak« 

and Carpenter 
Kennedy John W. (K. & Stoekbridge) h 22' 

Kennedy John, carpenter, h 107 Ohio* r . 
Kennedy John, lab, h N> Water nr E. Wells 
Kennedy Mrs. Mary, boarding, h Wat^r bl 

Wabash av and Michigan ar 
Kennedy Michael, lab, h Dearborn bt Springer 

and North 
Kennedy Patrick, lab, h Madison nr Halst^A 
KENNEDY & BOSS, proprietors Coanbereia! 

KENNEDY & STOCKBBIDGE, lumber deiders,' 

Franklin foot Charles 
Kennedy Thomas, boilermaker, 100 Defephiinerf 
Kennedy Thomas, cooper, cor Kinsie and Osfli 
KENNEDY J. M. & W. W. hardware and 

stoves/ 193 Lake 
Kennedy W. W. (J. M. & W. W. K.) bdJ 211 
Adams i 

Kennedy W. (K. & Boss) 
Kenney Crastavus, jeweler, 40 Clark ' ; 

Kenney James, clerk 135 S. Water 
Kenney Peter, currier Chicago Hide and Leatfa* 

er Co. 
KE9NIC0TT & BOGUS, dentists, 131 Lake • 
KENNICOTT J. A. dentist, 96 Lake, h 144 

Washington ' 

Kennicojt William H« (K. & Bogue) bdi J. A. 

amtao. ntKimottt. 




^f^mam^ttmilmmtimtt** w i «■! i 


Kenny Samnel B. (Pedersos & K.)li 65 {lli|ioui 

Kensala Mkhaelv Ix^ 124 W«8hi»gtoB 

Kent A- £»• & Oo. produce and oemmiBsion, 10 

Kent Albert, (A. £. K. k Co.) 10 ^ells 
Kent Frederick L. h 106 Sdina 
Kent Jqseph A. bookk«eper 140 Lalie, bds 104 

Kent Iiftwrencei bounding, h 17 N. Uetpteines 
Kent Patrick, lab, h 169 N. Lasalle 
Kent Samuel 8. eterk 2^9 Lake 
Kent Sidney A. (A. £. K«nt & Co.) 
Kent Timothy, lal^, bds Alexander McClelland 
Kent WUliaai^ shoemaker Wbipple & Pollard 
Kentner John, lab^ h BhMk Hawk 
Kenyon Rev. Archibald, pastor Baptiat Taber*- 
nacloi h Desplainea bt Harrison and V. Bnren 
Kenyon Geor^^ medkler. Vinoant, Himrod & 

Co. h IXipuyster nr Halsted 
KMgh William H. olerk Neely^ Eckly ft Neely 
Kerber John, shoemaker H. Lntsy, h Orchard 

nr Willoir-. 
Kereh Michael, tailor, h Woleott nr Loonst 
Kerf(H>t Samuel H. (Reea ft K.>) h Pine Orove 
Kerges John, shoemaker, h N. Welle nr Schill. 
Kerheart J:oh% ateneftutter, h Wells nr Polk 
Kerhoff Jobifc, lab, h 146 Indiana 
Kerhoff Kerley Bboda A. flower marking, 66 

Lake^ 3d floor 
Kern Ajiton, combmaker, h cor Wells asid Jack. 
KEBNAQHEN WILLIAM^ ^ommissioit, 16 Las. 
Kerr Francis^ shipcarpenter Jordan & Olcott 
Kerr James, patternmaker C. & R. I. R. R. shop 
Kerr James P. distribnting clerk postroflMe 
Kerr James P. <K. & Leonard) 70 N. Clark 
Kerr & Leonard, leonfeetioners, 70 N. Clark 
Kerr William, butcher, h cor Clinton and Seebdr 
Kerngan Philip P. b- Harrison bt Canal and 
a Kesner George, stoneentter, h Sherman bt Har- 
rison and Van Buren 
Keaseil John, karness maker J. F. Mahler 
Kessler Casper, earpenter, h 81 Bdina 
, Kessler Charles, paperkanger, h Nevins 
Kessler Fritz, lab, bds 22S Randolph 
Ketemier Ohai^es^ plasterer, h Clinton nr Fo^q. 
Katter Jobn,^German teacher, h 44 Chici^av 
Kettlestrings Joseph, (SturtOTant & K.) h 157 

Ketx Frederick C. oarpentsr, h 87 Wells 
Keun Julius, clerk 48 Lasalle 
Keun Budelpii^4arpenler» h Canal bt Van Bu- 
ren and HarsiSDn * 
KOTil James^ 180 Lake 
jjjeymer Henry, h 184 Wells 
. K<»ys Cii|M^ J«me«, h oon^anal and Van Buren 
Keys John, lab, h 219 Market 
Kezler William H. (Nichols ft K.) 101 Lake 
Kham Henty, oonfectioner, 222 Wells 
Kibler Fred, blaaksmith, h Madison nr Curtiss 
Kidder N. B. clerk J. S. Heed 
KIDDER'S GAS REGULATOR, offiee 122 Lake 
Kidston Alexander, maekinist, h Adams bt 
Backer and Carpenter 

Kiefer A. R. npho^sterer^ h 247 Madison 
Kie&r Frederick, machinist, h Pearce nr Desp* 
Kiefer . >■ ■ ■■ ■ » , h Union nr Chicago ar 
Kiely John, lab, h BuflFaloN. of Twelfth 
Kielly Mrs. Joanna, h State S. of Taylor 
Kiernan Patrick, constable, h Canal bt Wash* 

ington and Randolph 
Kiesbaum A. lab, h Carpenter nr Fourtb 
Kieslittg George^ Chicago Hide and Leather Oo« 

h Wells nr Tyler - 
Kiessling Edward A. tobacconist^ 9 W. Rand< 
Kiesslini^ F. cigars^ &c. 146 Randolph 
Kievalin James, woodturner, h cor Caixal and 

Kieweg"^ Anthony, tailori cor Liberty and'Bdf* 

falo, h same 
Kilbridge Sasonna, h Frairie bt Sangamon and 

Kilby Daniel, jr. elerk Tarleton Jones ft Co< 

bds 69 N. Wells 
Kilcorne James B. tulor, h cor Peyton and Erie 
Kilcrin Patrick, boarding, h 94 Wells 
Kilgraw John, lab, h Buffalo bt TwelfUi and 

Kilie Mrs. David, h Bwing bt Desp. and Je£fer. 
Rilie John, mason, h Ewing bt Canal and Clin« 
Kill Henry, carpenter, h Wells nr Monroe 
Kill Peto*, lab, b Schiller 
KtUbridge Patrick, lab, h Rucker bt Polk and 

Taylor i 

Killinger George, blacksmith, h Dirision hr 

Kilpatritfk Jamesy gardener, h cor Franklin and 

Kilyan Henry, tailor, h 425 Stilte 
Kimball Albert W. clerk Clarendon House 
Kimball Asd^ h Indiana ay S. of Rio Grande 
Kimball George P. clerk recorder's offioe, h 

Morgan bt Randolph and Lake 
Kimball Mark, (J. K Botsford ft Co.) b 2ai 

Kimball Seth W. olerk Bumsey, Bros, ft Co. 
Kimball Thomas W. printer, h Bufllalo N; of 

Kimball Walter, clerk Cook County Court of 

Common Pleas, h 99 Adams 
Kimbarit George, clerk 209 S. Water 
Kimbiffk S. D. saleslnan 209 S. Water 
Kimberly Ediuund S. h 138 Wabash aT 
Kimberiy J. £. 91 Randolph, bds 138 Wab. av 
King Alexander, shipcarpenter, bds cor Mor" 

gan and Prairie 
King A. Norton, (K. ft Davis) h Randolph cor 

King Albin, express, h W. Madison nr Halsted 
Kii^ Anton, carpenter, h Tyler nr Sherman 
King Mrs. Bridget, h Michigan av bt Halleek 

and Twelfth 
King C. B. h 124 Michigan av 
King £dward, 160 Lake 
King Edward T. watchmaker I. Speer 
King George, whitewasher, h Wells bt Hanisoii 

and Polk 
King James^ h 3^ <nack 


tsxc&MK) i^nMimr. 

KING & 0AT!fi9, forwAKBng und iBottmiiitiib) 

43, 43 Kiniie 
KiDg Henry W. (Bairett, K. & Go.) 191 8. 

Kiog James C. bookkeeper WiUwm8& Averj 
King James, fkrmer, h Aberdeen cor Monrae 
JCing James, traveling agent Mills & C^. 
King Jobn, dva^an, b 181 N. Lasalle 
£iiig John, groeer, Chicago ar cor Milvtan. «t 
king John, jr. h 99 Ohio 
King John T. h U^ Illinois 
King Patrick, engineer C, A. & St L. R. R. h 

Buffalo nr C. & B. I. works 
King Peter, lab) h 2 Sand cor Illinois 
KfNO R. S. produce and commission, N. TV^ 

ter E. of Clark 
KmQ, SCOTT & WILLSON, attorneys, SSQark 
King T. B. bookkeeper, bds 78 Edina 
King Tathill, b 96 Lasalle 
King WilUam H. (K., Scott & Wlllson) fa 87 

King Wimam H. <3lerk 14S 8. Water 
King WUliam L. (W. L. K. & Oo.>b€aaal bt 

Harrison and Polk 
~Kin|; WiUiam L. & Co. Stone Yard, Market oor 

King WlMiam B. superintendent Chiesgo Hide 

& Leather Co. bds T. R. Hamilton 
Kingsbury H. L. general ticket agent O. & C. 

U. R. R. h 63 N. Wells 
Kingman Beigamin F. (Abbot & K.) bds C. H. 

^ttgsley Edward B. hats and caps, 42 W. Rsoi- 

dolph, h 68 Washington 
Kingsley J. H. clerk 42 W. Randolph 
Kingswell Mrs. .Mary, (groceries, State bt Peck 

and El^ridge ets 
Kinney James A. bookkeeper Mnnger & Ar- 
mour, h 248 W. Randolph 
ICinftey John, lab, h Clark cor North 
Kinney Joel & Son, grocers, 118 W. Randolph 
Kilmey J4>el, (J. K. & Son) h fialMed t»t Washn 

ington and Madison 
Kinney Joel A. (J. K. & Son) bds Joel Kinney 
Kinney Patrick, blacksmith, h Carpenter bt 

Polk aYid Taylor 
Kinney Thomas, lab, h Liberty nr Clark 
Kinsaller Patrick, lab Phillips & Co. fa Adams 

bt Besplaines and Halsted 
Kinsell Christopher, lab, h Whitney 
KikiseDa Charles, mason, h St«te bt Hsmvon 

and Eldridge ct 
Kin&ella Michael, clerk 102 Lake 
Kinsella Thomas J. deputy collector «Bd in- 

iqjQctor of onstbsMi 
Kinsnn Henry, oonf\ectioner, h 197 N. Lasalle 
Kinsie J. H. canal collector, ciice 10 Wells, np 

stairs, bds Lake House 
Kipp Joseph, carpenter, h Qnin^ nr Halsted 
Kirbey Samuel, painter, fa 82 N. Olark 
Kirby Thomas, saloon, 2 N. Clark 
Slroh Charles, shoemaker, Woloott btPtsonon 

and Hinsdale 
IQrofa J<^s, ston«outt«r, fa Woloott nr^Sfnit 

KirtAt AAfoit% h tae-Btf id* 

Kirche «i«hfii, ewrpenter, fa -Maxwril nr HdMM 

Kircfaner Attgnst^ wbinelBiaker, 86 IX, Okufk, 

bds 118 N. Clark 
KirchenerfBraest, tntner, fa 83 N. DesrbMu 
Kirchner Frederiek, ebeemaker, 128 Hiells 
KirehnerMrs. Magdalen*, fa Sfaermap n^'Mk 
Kirchoff August, mason, fa Division nrOiyb«am«r 
KtKshfaeif Cfattrtee, (Mofar^i K.) US N. OI*vIl 
Kirchoff & Bre. 

Kirchoff Frits, monon, fa C^oam nr Dinisloft 
KIRK HENRY M. phy»ioiaa, IdYMetrep^tea 

hUwk, bds Tremoat House 
Keek Mi<^ftel, lab, faSdiaa bt N#w «nd Old 
Kirk T. (Clark, Freeman &K.) 
Kirk Writer, box 21:46 poBt'-oOce 
Kirkley PiitriGk,faN. WttterbtW^lt and'iliTer 
Kirkpatriok Mrs. Mta, bearding, fa 384 ^Wells 

nr Quincy 
Kirkwood James, plfKober, fa i^eoria nr:9ttald. 
Kirkland Horace, *wateh«Nm, fa Robert ' 

Kirwin & McLain, joiners, 890 State 
Kirwin Peter, (K. A McLain) fa dOO^tttte 
Kirwin Patrick, lab, fa W4ibasfa <iv bt SaB^k 

and Twelfth 
Kirwin Patrick, lab, bdB,:E. Beddy 
Kissan Rich, lab, fa N. Wat«r bt W^ls tM^Bkf^ 
Kissane Batnok, fa eor franklin and CfaleagcvkY 
Kist John B. (Kroenig & Co.) 8 N. Deirtoro, 

fa sadBe 
Kisterbro^mrJefan, tailor, fa 9& Miofaigan ' 
Kitchen Henry, tinsmith 201 Lake 
Kyjosiians, printer, fa 65 Superior 
Klank Frederick, taaJor, fa 146 Indiana 
Klank Nicolas, lab, fa North av 

Klar Francis A. fa Harmon ct bt W«kbaj»fa«nd ' 

Miofaigan ats 
Klar Josepfa, fraomaakbr, fa Clinton «r,Fofv«et 
Klassen John, h Harrison nr Qriswold 
Klawiek Philip, lab, fa Sfaantytown nr^^ie^at 
Kleffel William, cigarmaker, h New Di^inon 
Klein Oarl, boardisig, fa 114 W. Rand<^ 
Klein Christiftn, boarding, fa 290 Olnrlc 
Klein Christopher, lab, fa.DtYiaiott nr CSybMn 
Klein Hymen, watchmaker, 168} Clark 
Klein M. clerk L. Siltermaa, fa 219 WoHs 
Kleine John Fredcsiek, tailor, fa 14 W. L4k« 
Kldttsfer Henriofa, painter, 198 Wasfaingten 
KleinschmidtFrits, bricklayer, h DIt. 
Klemm Charles, land AffOni, im Randoifdiv h 

180 Ontario . 

Klemm Otfao, cashier D. Blston & Co. fa 9S Ohio 
Klenger & Co. saloon, 148 RauMpfa 
Klepper Lewis, tailor W. Oingman k Oo. 
Klett Jacob, bartender 87 franklin, bds vaaie 
Kley Laop^, oarnenter, fa 119 Cfaioago •▼ nr 


Kline Jofan, lri>, fa IDivisiflb 
Kline Jofan, M. D. 114 Adams; bdn 112 Adams 
Kline Abram P. mAcfainiBt, fa 101 Clinton 
Kline John 8. (miilborpe, K. & Co.) fa 288 W. 

KUne-P. L. clerk 171' S. Water 
KUne Simon, dry goed% 26^ Clark 




Kliai^rM. beer ftaloon, 148 Bandolph 
KUiige Chariesi lab» h Division btOl^k^oncl 

KM&kel Hetirj, flhoemaker, h Wells ar Cemeterj 
Ktook Spbriam, mootder, h State N« tif SptiBger 
Klock Peter, shoemaker, Buffalo S. of f Welflk, 

KLUB£R CHABL£8, pfa7Bit»ia& Mid Mn^eoii, 

9 Clark 
idNiber Dr. M. 0. h 4S} N. Clark 
Elumb Peter, tailor William Olingiaaii & Co. 
Kniiak Frederick, bricklayer, h Rben * 
Kkmid Michael, lab, h Former bt Gtttiial Mid 

Kuapfle John, etkoemaker, h GoeUie nr Welle 
Knapp B. L. (K., Hooking & Co.) b#s iTrembitit 

House » 

Kiaiapp D: 19. c^k C, A. & St. Louis E. E. off. 
Kuapp Franklin A. (K. & O'Farrell) h 56 Rand. 
KNAPP, Locking & CO. Boston forufwpding 

agency, S. £. cor State and 8. Water 
Sikmpp J. G. box 1936 post-office 
Knapp N. H. (K., Hocking & Co«) bds f^refmont 


KNAPP & O'FARRELL, druggists, 56 W. 

Knapphen Gotleib, teaniflter BL Btone ^Dres- 

fi^g Co. 
Knaub Julius, h Mitchell nr Halsted 
Knauer Charles & Scm, piano BianttfiMiirerS) 

181 N. Clark 
Knauer Charles, (C. K. & Son) h 181 N. Clark 
Knauer Sdfnund, music isaloon, 184 Lake 
'Knauer Herman, <C. K. & Son) h 181 N. €lark 
Kuausz Gotfried, h Bishop 
Knauae Jacob, teamster, h Bishop 
Knell Adolph, architect, h 86 W. Randolph 
^Kner €^earge, stonecutter, h Buffalo bt Taylor 

Knibloe William £. (Rugg & K.) h eor Harri- 
son and Clinton 
li^iekkihin Henry, Carpenter, h MiliraQkee 

plank road nr City limits 
Kniekerbooker F. steward Shermau flouse 
Knickerbocker Margaret, h 228 Mad^tson 
Knies Thomas Y. printing press repairing, 

Kin2ie nr Wells 
Knight William, clerk B. Carpenter 
Knight A. h 848 Wabash ar 
KNIGHT'S BLOCK, Harrison bt Bdjfl^o and 

Knight Darius, city marshal, h 144 "Madison ^ 
lB:mght Henry, h' 348 Wkba^ ar 
Knight John A. grocer, 119 Edina, bdeeame 
KnScem Charles, produce and oeimnisBion, 45 

Kinzie, bds 94 State 
Kniss Stephen> liratchman, h Clftrk bt Taylor 

and Twelfth 
Knocke William, tailor,, h Goethe fir Wells 
Knon)fle John, shoemaker -Pearson Jt Dana, h 

KAopp- George/ lab, Finley & Brdwnwvll 
Saox Andrewi finbher fhoAas George ft Co. 

KNOTT £LAM Ik Hftdimey, U Cl^rk 

Knott John J. boots and shoes, 61 W. Modish 

Knott J. P. h Madison W. of Cannon 

Knott Robert J« porter l44 Lake, h Quincy nr 

Knox William, b^ler^mkr C. & R. I. R. R. ehOp 
Knowles Theodore P. *t E. S. Wells ' 
Knowles Solomon, olerk 197 S. Water 
Knowlton Gepi^ C. bag^^age master, bila 99 

Knuct Knuson, carp-etr, Fourth nr pl^nk road 
Knudson A. cabinetmaker, Fourth nr pFk ro<td 
Kttuhl Fredentk, (Clackner & K.) Canal bt 

Van Buren and Harrison 
Knupfer Christ matfOn, h N. Wells nr Ncrt^ tT 
K6ust J. H. clerk 205 S. Water 
Knut Catlio, chalrthaker, h ^esplaiuesnrOw^n 
Kunteeon Mrs. A. washing, h85 N. Dearborn 
Knuteson C. chairmaker, h tM>r Desplainoff uad 

Enuteter LeYer, fiorter 49 Lake t 
Koch Carl, printer III. Staats Zeitttng, bds Rle 

Grande House 
Koch Dennis, dal^enter, h Halsted bt Lfdceail&d 

Koch JohU) lib, h Goethe tar Wells 
Koch John, shoemaker^ Adams bt l7ntoa'«iid 

Koch John S. h Buffalo bt Polk and HaTriiioii 
Koch John T; clbthifig, Clark nr Polk 
Kceh Johu F. (Finkler & K.) h 88 A^damfl 
Koch Theodore, teatii8ter,b cor Ewieg and Hal* 
Koeffier Gasta.tus A^ ^. A. K. & Co.) 40 Fr^k. 
KOEFFLER G. A. & Co., wines and liquors, 

40 Franklin 
Koegel Joh^,loekiimith, h Williams tir'^ie.'iV 
Koehr Adam, lab, h Clark nr Divisign 
Koehr Michael, lafo, h Dearborn nr Diyisioil 
Koehr Peter, lab, h Clark nr Division ^ 
Koetdch fi^eob, drttynuin, h Ewibg bt Jeffet^ 

and Clinton 
Koenleh Luilwig,- turnery h Sedgwick nr Di'ds. 
Koenig Julius, civil engineer and Architect, itS 

Metropolitan block, h 74 N. Wells 
Koerper Ciisper, blacksmith; 218 Washington 
Koeller Thuller, lab, h cor Cly bourn and Di-Ht# 
Kofer Christopher, shoemaker, h 177 W. Batfd* 
Kogh £. compositor Tribune oiGSce 
Kohagen Charles, tailor, North av nr Wells 
Kohl John, helper C. Biessig 
Kohier Daet2er,'carriagemaker, 251 Bitnddpli 
KoMer Ferdinand, .J. & A. Liebenstein 
Kehler Miehftel, lab, h North limits nr Btisfa. 
Kohles Conrad, lab, h Townsend nr Chicago iir 
Kevins Cenrad, lab, b Townsend 
Kohn Abraham, (A. &H K.)h HO Adams 
KOHN a: & H. clothing, 121 Lake 
Kohn Henry, (A. & H. K.) h 110 Adaihe 
Kohn Henry A. clothing, 147 Lake, h 286 M^, 
K6hn Ludwig, uf^olsterer Little & Co. 
Kohn Solomon, fruit, 261 Clark, h same 
Kohn William, tailor, bds Third nr Carp^ntiir 
Kohrdt Charlesi plaeterer, h eor Mather Mid 




Kol Joho, lab, h Jeff^raoa nr Harrison 
£olb Conrad, lub, h Rocker bt Polk and Taylor 
Kolb Philip, lab) Chicago Hide & Leather Co. 
Kolbes Frederick Yt. carpenter, h Roberts 
Kolling John, blacksmith, 111. Stone Drew* Co. 
Kollman Frederick, h Jefferson nr Polk 
Kolat John, lab, h Clark nr North av 
Kompe Henry, agent German Emigrant Society, 

office Lasalle S. £. cor Lake 
I Kondor John, stoneysutter 111. Stone Dress. Co. 
I Konig Lorentz, h Clark. nr Sheffield coal yi^rji 
Kook George, grocer, 82 N. Clark 
Kopf MicluLel, carpenter, h Gnrley nr Blue 

Island ay 
Eopfer William) bds 146 Clark 
Koplin August, blacksmith, h Wol. nr Locust 
Kopman Frants, lab, h White 
Kopp Rev. Anton, pastor St» Joseph's Church, 

h 62 Chicago av 
Koppes Michael, carpenter, h Edina S. of Taylor 
Kopp Bfr. Christof, 2nd Evangelist Church, 

h Wells nr Chicago ay . 
^Kopsel Auguste H. trunkmaker W. & G. Wright 
Korbett Patrick, lab, h Third nr Halsted 
iS^oretke Charles, joiner, h Sedgwick 
Korlfinn John G. lumberman^ h Jefferson nr 

Korps Frederick W. cabinetmaker, h Polk nr 

iCorth Frederick) tailor^ h Schiller nr Sedgwick 
Koache Frederick, tailor, h 198 N. LaaaUe 
Koslehofer Peter, joiner P. Schuttler 
Kosta John, blacksmith, h Mather bt Clinton 

and Canal 
Eosta John, h Clark nr Goethe 
ICosta John, lab, h N. Wells nr Goethe 
Kosta Peter, lab) h North ay nr N. Wells 
Koszta Martin, h 195 Washington 
Koter Frederick, drayman, h 71 Jefferson 
Kptz Christian, grocery. Wells bt Monroe and 
' Adams 

Kotze William, blacksmith P. Schuttler 
Koufman Jacob, lab, h N. of North ay 
koufman John, blacksmith, h Wol. nr Locust 
Koven John De, clerk G. & C. U. R» R. 
Kozh John, (Finkler & K.) h 88 Adams 
Kraeft T. H. h 90 Wells 
Krahl Henry, lab, h North ay nr Halsted 
l^ram ^^^, lab, h Liberty nr State 
Kram Mrs. Maria, midwife, h Liberty nr State 
jKramer Adolphus, (K. Bros.) h 72 N. Clark 
Kramer Brotherf, dry goods, 72 N. Clark 
Kramer Ferdinand, (K. Bros.) bds 38 Lasalle 
Kramer Jacob, shoemaker, 87 W. Randolph 
Kramer Jacob, carpenter, h Harmon ct bt 

State and Wabash ay 
Kramer Joseph, shoemaker, h 201 Lake 
Kramer Max, (K. Brothers^ bds 88 Lasalle 
Kvamer Max, clerk 180 Lake 
Kramer Matthew, printer, h 162 W Randolph 
Kramer Peter, lab, h Lake nr Wood 
Kramer Philip, clerk 218 Lake 
Krans Michael, shoemaker, Buffalo K» of 

Twelfth, h sam« 

Kranach Charles, tailor bds 251 dark 
Krantz Frederick, wagonmaket ElUtti^ype, 

Kline & Co. h Lake nr Woo4 
Krantz Jacob, carpenter, h cor Eldredge ct 
Kiaul Henry, plasterer, eor Lasalle and Maple 
Kraal Matthias, lab, h c^ Lasalle and Maple 
Krans George, farmer, h Larrabee 
Kraus Michael, lab, h Larrabee nr Centre 
Kiranse Hepry, shoemaker, h 101 Welto 
Krause John, h cor Wells and Taylor 
Krauseman Andrew, camphetie pedler, h Bhie 

Island ay nr Bridgeport road 
Krehs Jacob, locksmith, k Mather nr Clinton 
Kreckman William, paper carrier, h cor Wells 

and Diyision 
Kreckman Ludwig, paper carrier, h Bivisioa 
l^eg George, lab, G. W. Noble 
Kreickebain John, h 221 Clark 
Kreig M. & Co. grocery. Canal bt HarrisoR 

and Polk 
Kreiger Ferdinand, shoemaker J* Miller 
Kreis John, tailor, 215 N. Clark 
Kreisman Herman, student Bryan, Crocker & 

Kremer Nicholas, planer, h cor Twelfth and 

Kretlich Anton, carpenter, h Centre 
Kretsehmftu Robert, jeweller A. F. Otto 
Kretzchmar Charles, carpenter, Twelfth nr 

Kreudiurp Conrad, bds J. Simonit 
Kreusev Anton, tailor, h cor Pearson ^nd Green 

Kreuter Henry, plasterer, h Wells nr Oak 
Kreuter Michael, plasterer, h Chicago a? nr 

Krezb^rg A., William C. Beakman & Co« 
Kreber William, lab, h Clybourn ay 
Krews Charles, cabinetmi^er, h New Biyifitoft 
Krickeberg Henry, carpenter, h Biysion opp. 

Kriebs John, lab, h. rear 129 Edina 
Kriede Henry, blacksmith, h cor Elm «9d 

Krieg John GeorgC) lab, h Towns* nr Chic »v 
Krieg Nicholas J. saloon, Charles nr Wells 
KHeson Ferdinand, shoemaker, h Chicago ^at^ 

nr N. W. plank road 
Kriger Ferdinand, shoemaker, h Towns^ud nr 

Krill Frederick, carpenter, h FrankUn nr Div. 
Kroehler Jacob, kamster, h Clark bt Taylor 

and Twelfth 
KROENIG, RAYMONB & CO. grocery, S Jf. 

Kroger J. H. merchant tailor, 17 N Clark 
Kroger Benjamin, h 64 N. Dearborn 
Kroger Henry, jr. bds' 135 Ohio 
Kroger John H. h 135 Ohio 
Kronbawer Michael, h 224 Wells 
Krosa Mrs. Elizabeth, h 146 Edina 
Kroos Wm. groceries, cor State and S. W^r 
Kroppaeh Oswald, tidlor, Jackson nr Wells - 
Krotter Beano, packer, h cor Lasalle And Oto 




Krozer Arnold, cabinetmaker, 63 N. Wells 
Kruger A. J. discount clerk Exchange Bank 
Kmger Christ, shoemaker, h Clark nr Qoethje 
Kruger Dietrich, carpenter, h Schiller nr Wells 
Kruger Gothilp, cap and glove maker, 16 W. 

Randolph, h same 
Kruger Lewis, lab, h White bt Market and 

Krukerbur^ Bartold, clerk R. B. Woolford 
Krumback Lewis, basketmaker, h Clybourn av 
Krumpell Philip, cabinetmaker, h Sherman bt 

Harrison and Van Buren 
Krummhar Frederick, lab, h Reuben nr Chic, av 
Krusemarck William, clerk post-office, h. 114 

Krase Bayid, tailor, h Franklin cor Division 
Eruse Henry, clerk M. M. Gerstley 
Kuh'ardt Capt. Frederick, h Curtiss nr Mather 
Kuhardt Ludwig, cigar maker, bds W. Kul^ardt 
Kuhardt William, h Curtiss nr Mather 
Kuhl John, lab, h cor Chicago av and Reuben 
Kuhl Matthias, wagonmaker, h Rebecca nr 

Blue Island ay 
Kuhlman Conrad, stonecutter, h Maxwell nr 

Kuhlman Henry, carpenter, h Rucker nr 

Kuhn John, tailor, h N. of Korth av 
Kuhn Joseph, shoemaker, h Sedgwick 
Kuhn Michael, ship carpenter, h Wright nr 

Kukoe , lab, h Blue Island av nr Rucker 

Kuller Frederick, carpenter, h Hurlbut 
Kune Julian, clerk Marine Bank 
Kunreuther Rev. Ignatz, pastor Jewish Church, 

271 Clark, h same 
Kunz Charles, tinsmith, h Taylor bt Jefferson 

ftnd Clinton 
Kunz John, shoemaker, h 425 State 
Kurth Frederick, boarding, h 155 W. Randolph 
Kurth Frederick, Rio ^Grande House 
Kurtz John C. clerk 139 S. Water 
Kurtz Lewis, blacksmith, h Rand, cor Curtiss 
Kurtz William, lab, bds 228 Randolph 
Kurz Adam, lab, h Black Hawk nr Clybourn av 
Kurz Herman, painter, h Whitney 
Kusman Michael, lab, h Ewing nr Halsted 
Kussell Brothers, grocers, 115 W. Madison 
Kussell P. H. (K. Brothers) bds 66 W. Madison 
Kussell Charles, (K. Brothers) « 

Kuster William, tailor, h Hurlbut nr Clybourn 
Kychler Henry, carpenter, h N. Wells nr 

North av 
Kynsting Charles, carpenter, h Division nr 

Halsted » 

Kynsting Frederick, carpenter, h Clyboi^m 
Kyriss Mrs. Mary, h Sherman bt Harrison and 

Van Buren 
K74Ber Peter, works Mason & McArthur 

Laaszen Peter, lab, h Chicago av nr Townsend 
Labady Charles, carpenter, h 39 Bu^alo 
LaBar Eugene, elerk J. H. Rees & Co. bds 

240 Madison 
Labeau Alfred, carpenter, h cor Sangamo'fj^ 

and Owen 
Labenty Daniel F. boarding, h 255 W. Rand. 
Lahbart Martin, pottery, cor Union and Mil- 
waukee av 
Lace John, ship carpenter^ h Wellfe bt Hins- 
dale and White 
Lacey John N. masoa, h 125 ^dina 
Lacey John, h cor Prairie isad Sangamcn 
Lacher George, groceries, Kevins nr Chic. a% 
Ladd A. S. gilder 189 Lake, bds 182 Wells 
Ladd John A^. carpenter ۥ & R. I. R. R. shop 
Ladd John E. h 184 Edina plft^e 
Ladd Merril> salesman 135 S. Water 
Ladd S. J« attorney, 108 Lake, up stairs 
Lafayette Narcissus A. clerk' 145 S. Water 
Lafferty John, lab, h cor J^erson and Dunn 
Laflin George H. (G« H. & L. L.) h 5 Wasl^j. 

LAFLIN G. H. & L. paper com. merchants, 

175 S. Water 
Laflin Henry D. agent Laflins, Smith & Boies, 

h Wabash av S. of Twelfth « 

Laflin James W. (Levi & L.) bds BriggstloiM 
Laflin Lycurgus, (G» H. & L. L.) 175 S. Water;;? 
h W. Adams ,bt Laflin and Loomis '*' ' 

Laflin Matthew, h 1 Washington 
LAFLINS, SMITH & BOIES gunpowder manu- 
facturers, 116 S. Water 
Lngemann Ferdinand, watchmaker, ^12'*!^. 

Clark, h same 
Lagir Henry^ shoemaker, h Wells nr^Adams 
Laher John, drayman, h Rucker bt Polk and 

Lahman August, wagonmaker, h Fulton bt 

Peoria and Sangamon 
Laidlaw William, clerk Beebe, Lyon & Qo,- 
Laiger John G. shoemaker, 364 State, h same 
Leigh ton J. A. foreman roundhouse, C, B. 

& Q. R. R. * . 

Laitsch George, cabinetmaker, h Franklin nr 

Lake & Brown, hardware, 103 Lake 
Lake David J. (L. & Brown) h 71 Monroe 
Lake Edmund, lab, h Shantytownni^hicagoAT 
Lake George W. h 190 Madison 
LAKE HOUSE, cor N. Water and Rush 
LAKE STREET HOUSE, cor W. Lake and 

Lalande Da^d, pressman S. P. Rounds, bds 

219 Washington 
Lalley Patrick, malster, h Quincy nr FranMin 
Lally George A. 65 Clark 
Lally John D. carriagemaker, h 180 N. Lasalle 
Lalor John W. carriagemaker Welch & Mend- 
son, h Ana bt Randolph and Washington 




LAMB A. P. & CO. liardware, 208 Lake 
Lamb Mrs. Ann, ^h Sherman bt Polk and 

Tyler ^ 

Lamb ATtgnstns J). (A. D. L. & Co.) 208 Lake 
Lan& C. ^ Co. lumber, F«yton nr Hubbard's 

packing bouse 
Lamb Ci^er, (C. L. & Co.) h cor A^lams and 

^Lamb Bmery S. ship oarpenter) h 155 Qark 
Lamb Mrs. Helen M. millinery, 155 Clark, h 

Lamb John, butcher, 5 State street Market, h 

76^ State 
Lamb Johii, lab, Sherman ni* Tyler 
Lamb John Q, butcher, bds 76 State 
Lamb William, ship carpent^, h Van Buren 

nr Euoker 
Lambard Daniel, poUee, h 40 Adams 
Lambert Alfred, }»4nt^, bds 76 Edina 
Lambert Robert, blacksmith, Oeorge nr Mil- 
waukee ay 
Lambett George, trunkmaker E. S. Castl» 
Lambden George, shoemaker, bds 43 Ohio 
Lambden Thomas, carpenter, h 108 Erie 
Lamb Patrick, justioe of peace, 126 Randolph 
;Jbamb Peter B. (M«son & L.) h 88 W. Lake 
tiAMB WILLIAM, family groceries, Kinzie bt 

Clinton and Jefferson 
Lamb William, shoemaker 30 N. Clark, h 149 
. Lam^ Augustus, i^HKsery, Buffalo North of = 
^' Tw^M, h same 

Lfunke Lewis, sheet iron worker Mason & Mc- 
■/ Arthur 
LAMPARTER HENRY, g«s fitter, h 47 North 

I^phlse Michael, fanner, cor Milwaukee and 
^!)hif ago avs 
Lancastqp Joseph, carpenter, h 66 Quincy 
Lancaster Lafayette, bds 149 Monroe 
Lancaster Morgan, lampmaker J. W. Fitch 

Lancaster Reain, h 149 Monroe 
JiAND (U. S.) OFFICE, No. 9 Metropolitan- 
^ blo<|k 

Landeckr Jacob, Ikb, h Maxwell nr Jefferson 
Lauder Joseph T; painter, h 168 Randolph 
LandCTsTatrick, clerk William Wheeler- & Co. 
LandfSeldt Mathias, lab, h Wolcott nr Ohesnut 
Landgraf George, h 626 Clark 
Landgraf John, saloon, 324 Clark 
' Landon Alson, jr. bookkeeper J. F. Aldr ieh, h 

22^1 CUnton 
Landon Dx. D. S. 209 Randolph 
Lando^i Ira W. carpenter, h Greea bt Kinzie 

and Hubbard • 

Landrick Alonzo, h 280 Madison 
Landrigan John A. at J. Launder 
Landslard Joseph, bootmaker, h 141 West 

Landt Christy ttfilor, h Goethe nr Clark 
Lane Charles S. baggageman, 2^ S. Watev 
Lane Elisha, owpenter, h Monroe bt Bes- 
plaines and Halsted 

Lane Jaipes, boarding, h 17 N. Dearborn 
Lane James, blacksmith, h Milwaukee plank 

road nr City limits 
Lane John, teamster, h oor Throop's alley and 

Lane John, lab, h 100 Jefferson 
Lane ^Thomas, boarding, h Carroll bt Uuioxi 

and Desplaines 
Lanehart Frederick, shoemaker F. R. Nagle 
Laner William A. lab;, h Twelfth nr Blue 

Island ar 
Laney Frederick, baker P. Groll 
Lang Jacob, engineer, h 106 Chicago aT 
Lang Jacob; groceries and provisions, Larrabee 
Lang Lewis, Mason, h Townsend nr Chicago ar 
Lang Ludwig, farmer, State near National 

La^g Michael, lab, h Black Hawk nr Cly^ 

boun^ at 
Lang Peter, lab, h 108 Chic&go ar 
Lang Philip, lab, h 106 Chicago ar 
Langdon JauLcs J. printer's fumishingi 175 
S. Water, h Indiana av W. of Ametican 
C^r Worjts 
Langdon Jesse B. carpenter, h Michigan, at 

S. of Soiath 
Lange August, tailor, h N. av nr Wells 
Lange August, upholsterer C Morgan^ h 147 

Lange William, butcher, h State bt Harnioti 

and Peck cts 
Langheinrich Godfrid, baJcer, h 216 N. Clark 
Langley Cyrus B. compositor Pem. Press, h 

132 Lasalle 
Langley Howard, watchman R. H. h 94 Mich. 
Langlois John, commission me]:cbant, 146 S. 

Water, h 78 Kinzie 
Langraf Christopher, butcher, h CU.i^^ bt 

Harrison and Polk 
Lanihan John, III, C. R. R. 48 Michigi^n st 
Laoman David T. commission, 131 S. Water 
Lannon Thomas, cooper, h Desplaines bt 

Owen and Fort 
Lantier P. boot and shoemaker, ^ Clark 
Lantry Thomas, carpenter, h cor Owen and HaL 
Lantz Michael, h 50 J^inzie 
Laparle William B« bookkeeper AUair & Binz, 

h 165 Dearborn 
Lape J. S. & Co. planes, tools, &c. 57 Weils 
Lape J. S. (J. S. L. Co.) bds 40 Franklin 
Lappin Rioh9.rd, contractor, h 99 Chicago av 
Lardner Jeremiah, stonecutter, h Harrison bt 

Desplaines and Jefferson 
Lardner Jerry, stonecutter 111. Stone Dressing 

Lardner John, stonecutter Illinois Stone Dres- 
sing Co. 
Lardner William, stonecutter Illinois Stoae 

Dressing Co. 
Lareerman John, gr6cer, cor Chic, and Mil. aT9 
Large Hamilton, boUermaker, h Monr. nr Ha]. 
Larkin Lawrence, lab, bds 174 N. Lasalle 
Larkin Thomas, lab, h Jefferson nr Forquer , 
I Larkins Dennis, lab, h Throop's alley 



<>■*■■ ■! II ■* 

Iiaitnmie Charles, bookkeeper M. & M. Bank 
tjarminie S. H. clerk F. Scammon & Co. bds 

W. C. Child 
Larmon E. N. 8 Metropolitan block, bda J. 

LarmoB James, land agent, 8 Metropolitan 

block, h Michigan av nr Harrison 
Larmon Isaac, 8 Metropolitan block 
Larned Edwin C. attorney, h cor Randolph and 

Wabash a? 
Lamed James, agent S. B. & M. 0. Walker, bds 

American House 
Larrabee C. Bollin, (W. F. Dominiok & Co.) h 

66 Illinois. 
Larrabee Lucius, clerk 144 Lake 
Larrabee William M. secretary G. & C. U. B. 

B. h 70 Illinois 
Larrabee William B. clerk Water Com. office, 

bds. 66 Illinois 
Larson Andrew^ h Cass cor Hinsdale 
Larson Iver, carpenter H. A. Pitts 
I^arson Matiiiaa, carpenter^ h cor Market and 

Larson Peter, lab; h Michigan bt Market and 

Larson Z. shoemaker, h 66 N. Clark 
LaBue S. D. bookkeeper Charles BiTers, bds 

Foster House 
Lashway Lewis, clerk S. McCotter 
Laskey John, cooper, h cor Hubbard and May 
Lassig Moiitat, draughtsman Union Car Works, 

bds 219 Washington 
Latham G. W. machinist, bds 134 Michigan 
Lathrop & Davis, painters and paper hangers, 

127 State 
Lathrop F. M. (A. B. Battin & Co.) bds Frank- 
lin nr Lake 
Lathrop Henry A. (L. & D.) bds 161 State 
Lathrop Joseph H. (Linscott & K. h 151 State 
Lattan Theodore, painter, 74 W. Randolph, h 

cor Hubbard and Milwaukee av 
Lattin George, shoemaker, bds Colby House 
Lauer Christopher, boarding, h 87 Canal 
Lauer Jacob, turner, N. end Wells street bridge, 

h 90 Wells 
Lauer John, lab, h Cass bt Hinsd. and Pearson 
Laner Mathias, tailor, h Whitney 
Lauer Nicholas, tailor, h Elm 
Lauer Philip, lab, h Quincy nr Franklin 
X<aufe John, blacksmith, h Orchard 
Launder James, pawnbroker, 152 Bandolph, h 

141 State 
Laungenotte Antony, candies, 72 N. Clark, h 

fjsupetz August, harnessmaker G. Leverenz 
I<aarence W. J. bds J. A. Eennieott ^ 

liftursen Frederick, variety store, 92 Wells 
Lians Christian, lab, h Wells nr North av 
Z^anter^ung August, locksmith, 74 N. Clark^ 

bds 76 N. Clark 
I«avar F. A. physician, h Madison nr Clark 
Xiavelle Nicholas, lab, h Liberty nr State 
Iitaventhal Samuel, pastor Jewish church, bds 

111 Monroe 

Laver Mrs. Casper, h rear 397 Clai?k 
Lavinia W. T. S. ( W. T. 8. Mrinia & Co.) * 
Lavinia W. T. 8. & Co. pawnbrokers, 54 Fra^k* 
Lavis David H. paQ^banger, 67 BiMi^oli^ 
Law John, distributing clerk postH>ffiQe 
Law Prentiss, grocer, 512 State, h 230'BAcid. 
Law Bobert, grocer, 146 Clinton 
Lawler Fenton, saloon, Market nr Ha4iso& 
Lawler John, clerk out^freight G. &. G. 9. R* 

B. office 
Lawler. John, lab, h Jaoksoa htpttr)L-^nA W^ 
Lawler John J. carpenter, h Twelfth ^ £4in& 

and State ** 

Lawler J. J. (L. & T<»Eikin9) h Hwrxisott iMf 

Desplaines * 

Lawler Joseph, shipcarpoiier) h Hal«|e4 bt 

Hubbard and Milwaukee ar 
Lawler Michael, lab, h Mather nr Canal 
Lawler Michael, drayman, k WhitBftjrbt Hoxi* 

roe and Franklin 
Lawler Patrick, draymaik, h Hanisoo bt Des* 

plaines and Halsted 
LAWLEB & TOM£lINS, grocers, cor Hiuraflon 

and Jefferson. ^ * 

Lawrence E. W. commiflsion, 43 Kins. Ji Pear. 
Lawrence, Edwin, expresa wagon, h 368J3t|ito 
Lawrence Joseph, brieldayer, h oor C^aepmiet 

and Owen /^ 

Lawrence H. M. clerk, bds 147 Desrbora 
Lawrence Michael, lab, h Einzie nr Green» 
Lawrence Capt. 8. P. h Chicago av bt LaaaHf 

and Clark * 

Lawrence William H. bu:kee|pi: Choei^ro ft 

Fuller , • 

Lawrence W. 0, foreman w^>oet8hed Dm^B. %Q.» 

B. B. h Sangamon bt Lftke md B^nMjiS 
Lawson Andrew, (L. & Sunddl) 13^7 HUtHois 
Lawson Canute, city planking supertntendoity 

h 63 Superior ., * 

Lawson Catharine, tail(»res», h 106 £kirea 
Lawson George, plumber, 123 W^te 
Lawson George^, ^peai^enter, h Lakt Ip^GreeH 

and Halsted 
Lawson Iver, North Market clerk, h 72Saf^; 
Lawson Iver, carpenter, h 100 N. Deart>om 
Lawson John, barber, 10 Clark, bds BasiUiDn 

Lawson John, shoemak^, h oor KiiMile Mid 

Lawson Ole, machinist Granger's foondi^ 
Lawson Peter, shoemaker T. Hastie » ) 

Lawson & Sundell, soda wator mawUStiotarers^ 

137 IlUnois 
Lawson W. bricklayer, h Kuiziecor Noble 
Lawton H. T. L. carpenter, h cor Franklin and 

Lawton Jos^h C. clerk J. 8. Wrigbt, bds H. 

T. L. Lawton 
Lawton W. W. clerk Bumsey, Bro. & Co. 
Lay A. Tracy, (Huinah, L. i Co.) h MidUlgwi 

av nr Harmon ct ' 

Lay George W. (An^old, Lamed & L.)<h Miclu- 

gan av S. Harmon ct 
Lay Simon, carpenter, h Halsted nr Jackson 



IiAj William, blacksmith John Tear 

Iaj C. T. olerk J. Edwai^ Wilkins 

Lajton Thoma8,*macliiniBt €., B. & Q. B. K. h 

Kinzie cor Carpenter 
Latario Francis, fruit, 169} Clark 
Lazario Joseph) fruit, 266 Clark, h same 
Iieach James, lab, h Quincjr nr Franklin 
Leadbeater George Henry, flour store, Canal 

bt Harrison and Polk 
Leadley James, carpenter, h Gf een bt Adams 

and Jackson 
Leakart Wiltmtti, policeman, h Green nr Peoria 
I«eaheji0^homas,'lab, h alley rear Randolph bt 

Franuin and Market 
Leahy^aniel, lab, h Sherman nr Taylor 
Xieaicl^obert, moulder, h^cor Union and Lydia 
Leandepr Ckorge, policeman, h 107 Dearborn 
Learned S. J. <Throop, L. & Co.) h 212 Madi. 
Leary Richard, drayman, h Sherman nr Harr. 
Leary Thomas, lab, h Wells bt Harrison and 

Leary Thomas, turnkey city bridewell 
LeaTenwoHh J. H. lumber, cor Twelfth and 

Leiteke Charles, lithographer H. Acheson, h 
^ Wells bt Monroe and Adams 
Lebel Rot. Antony Isidore, h 287 Clark 
Leb^Ib*& J^others, clothing, 210 Lake 
Lebolt Levi, (L. & Brothers) 210 Lake 
LeBosquet S. A. assistant teacher public school 

*). 1 
Le BoB<met Susan B. teacher public school 

No. 1, bds 62 Edina 
Lebreiht Iredm, h Wells nr Harrison 
LeBrun T. F. leader orchestra Chicago Thea- 
9 4|re, h 4^ Madison 

Lecher Wentine, bricklayer, h Larabee 
Leckie Christopher, clerk 118 S. Water, h 15 




Leddfer Albert, grocer, cor Sedgwick and Goethe 
Ledding Charles, drayman, h Wells bt Harri- 
son andTan Bnren 
Ledwich P. & J. 1847 post-office 
Ledvith Michael, teamster. State S. of Old 
Leif Nicholas, yamisher, h S. W. cor State 

and Harrison - 
Lee A. Kerr, (Day & L.) h 216 Wabash ai 
Lee A. N. clerk A. S. Evans 
Lee Benjamin T. auctioneer, 56 Wells, h cor W. 

Washington and Union 
Lee H, S. attorney, 48 Dearborn, h 24 Lake 
L^Franklin, (Keen k L.) bds 57 Michigan ay 
Lee & HarVey, physicians, 67. Randolph, up 

Lee Dr. Hiram C. (L. & Harrey) 
Lee James, produce, h 125 Jackson 
Lee James W. boilermaker Mason & McAr- 

thur, Carrol bt Clinton and Jefferson 
L^ John, machinist, h cor Clark and Adams 
Lee Lars, pressman, h 67 N. Clark 
Lee Patrick, lab, bds Fulton bt Jefferson and 

L0e Patsick, teamster, h 114 S. Jefferson 
Lee R. R. liquotls, h 216 Wabash ar 

Lee Thomas, lab, h Buffalo S. of Twelfth 
Lee Thomas, .lab, h Clinton bt Harrison and 

Van Buren 
Lee William S. greengrocer, 8 W. Market 
Leech George, jr. car builder, bds Levon 
Leeders August, grocer, cor State and Peck 

ct, h same 
Leedle Richard, carpenter, bds 228 Randolph 
Lees & Coope, wood carrers, 146 Lake 
Lees Thomas, (L. & Coope) bds 12 Wells 
Lefle Conrad, teamster, h Edina N. of lifaylor 
Leger Bernard, upholsterer Little & Co. 
Legg Peter N. foAnderer, 182 W. Lnke 
Leggf^tt John, lab, h Sherman nr Jackson 
Lehan Murtz, carpenter, h Hubbard bt Green 

and Peoria 
Lehder Albert, tinsmith Thomas Floyd 
Lehmann August C. F. baker, h Diyision 
Lehmann Frederick, boarding, h 417 State 
Lehmar John, lab, h Mather nr Clinton 
Lehrkamp Frederick, veterinary surgeon, 372 

State, h §ame 
Leibolt Caspar, watchman, h Twelfth bt Buf- 
falo and Edina 
Leich Christopher, lab, h O'Brien nr Union 
Leichtenberger Lewis, cairiagemaker Welch & 

Mendsen, bds 160 W. Washington 
Leinbcke Frederick, lab, h Rees 
Leinbcke Henry, carpenter, h cor Townsend 

and White 
Leis John, carpenter, h Dearborn nr North- av 
Leister Thos. brassfounder Thos. George & Co. 
Leiter L. Z. bookkeeper 150 Lake 
Leland G. A. box 1960 post-office 
Lemer Charles, druggist, cor Desplaines and 

Milwaukee plank road 
Lemme Henry, ship carpenter Jordan & Olcott 
Le Moyne John Y. attorney, 48 Dearborn, h 9^ 

Lenden John, shoemaker, 422 Clark, bds sam* 
Lenders Patrick, clerk Wm. Wheeler & Co. 
Leney Thomas, cooper, h Washington bt , Jef* 

ferson and Desplaines 
Lenihan John, Michigan ay 
Lening Henry, saloon, Twelfth nr Clark 
Lennon Michael, blacksmith C. & R. I. R. R« 

Lennox Edwin S. (L., Pendergast & Co.) 

artists, 75 Lake 
Lensing Charles, shoemaker, h 184 Illinois' < 
Lent Amasa, teamster, h Morgan bt Owen and 

Lenz Casper, locksmith, h Black Hawk ^ 

Leonard Mrs. Abigail, h alley bt Market and 

Leonard Frank. (Kerr & L.) 
Leonard Hugh, hack driTCr, h cor Washington 

and Green 
Leonard James, mason, h Grore nr Joy's ice h. 
Leonard James, (Holland & L.) h Clinton bt 

Jackson and Yan Buren 
Leonard John A. h Jefferson bt Jackson and 
Van Bureir 



Leonard Rev. Joseph H. h 29 N. Dearborn 
Leonard Joseph M. clerk D. B. Fisk & Co. 
Leonard L. D. & Bro. brassfounders, h cor 

Jefferson and Wayman 
Leonard Leon, (L. D. L. & Co.) h cor Jefferson 

and Wayman 
Leonard Miss Martha J. associate in higher 

department Chic. Female Seminary 
Leonard Newton, Democrat office, h Jackson 

nr Clark 
Leonard Newton, painter, 75 Lake, h 40 Buffalo 
Leonard Peter, carpenter, bds 27 j Market 
Leonard Richard, grocer, 180 Wells 
Leonard Willidm, (L. D. L. & Co.) h cor Jef- 
ferson and Wayman 
Leopold & Goodheart, clothing, 112 and 245 

Leopold Henry, (li. ASchlossman) h 177 Mad. 
Leopold Melzer, blacksmith, h Larrabee 
Leopold Morris L. (li. & Goodheart) 
Leopold & Schlossman, clothing, 92 & 99 Lake 
Leppart John, boarding, h 159 State 
Lerendecker John, wagonmaker, 356, 358 State, 

h same ^ 

Lervier Felix, carpenter, h cor Desplaines and 

Lesch Frederick, carpenter, Canal nr Maxwell 
Leslie George, h Canal bt Washing, and Madis. 
Leslie John, carpenter III. Central Railroad 
Leslie Joseph H. sui'geon, 26 N. Clark, bds 

Foster House 
Les Peter, shoemaker, h Dearborn bt Division 

and Elm 
Lester E. printer Dem. Press news room 
Lester Henry C. civil engineer G. & C. U. R. R. 
Lester J. H. (Fish & L.) bds Tremont House 
Lester Thos. printer, h cor Market and Adams 
Lester T. S. (Atkinson & L.) 66 Lake 
Lester William M. bds 33 Michigan av 
Lethard William, policeman, h Green bt Prairie 

and Kinzie , 

Letterman George, tailor, h 425 State 
Lettern Lewis, lab, h Shei*man nr Harrison 
Letz & Bulling, Chicago Iron Works, 84 to 92 

Franklin . 
Letz Chas. boots and shoes, 40 Lasalle, h same 
Letz JVederick, (L. & Burling) h cor Illinois 

and Wells 
Letz Jacob, clerk Letz & Burling, h Monroe 

nr Wells , * 
LevBcke Charles, lithographer, h Wells nr Ada. 
licverenz Frederick, teamster, h nr Myrick's 
Leverenz Gustavus F. harnessmaker, 21 Mar- 
ket, h 184 Indiana 
Levi Geo. G. h cor Jackson and Buffalo 
liCvi George G. commission, h 110 Jackson 
Levi Isaac, millinery, 52 W. Ranc^olph 
Levi Philip, clothing, 207 Lake 
Lewcock George, Ijab, bds William Peters 
Lob Adolph (Oppenheimer & L.) h 360 State 
Lewis Albert C. land agent, 7 Smith's Bank bdg. 
Lewis Allen C. office 7 Smith's Bank bdg. 
Lewis Asa, bds 263 Clark 
Lewis Bobzein, tailor, 54 Clark, h Wells nr Ad. 

Lewis Chauncy, (L. & Loomj^) h 76 ^fadison 
Lewis Daniel, sailor, h Edina N. of Twelfth 
Lewis Edward, cor Market and Adams 
Lewis Edward, travelling agent Mills & Co. . 
Lewis Evan, carpenter, h 137 Jefferson 
Lewis Francis, h Griswold cor Polk 
Lewis George, carpenter, Polk nr Sherman 
Lewis H. shingle packer Everts & Butler 
Lewis Hiram L. attorney, 2 Marine Bank bdgs^ 

bds 69 Indiana 
Lewis H. B. clerk Williams & Avery, h 20 ., 

Desplaines 't * 

Lewis James, sheet iron, 3 N. Wells, ^128 W. 

Lewis John, land agent, office 7 Smith's Bank 

Lewis J., D. clerk 143 S. Water 
LEWIS ^ LOOMIS, Uvery stable, 51, 53 Dear, 
Lewis Marcus L. barber, 102 Randolph, bda 

156 State 
Lewis Ole, shoemaker, ^ Hubbard nr Desp. » * 
Lewis 0. S. policeman, bds Coby House 
Lewis Oscar P. clerk lU. €. B. R. office, h 116 

Lewis Miss Persa S. teacher select school, S. W. 

cor Buffalo and .Taylor 
Lewis Thomas, Wells St bridgetender, h Sedg. 
Lewis William, lab, h 223 Market 
Lewis William A. bds 36 W. Fulton * .- 
Lewison Nelson, wagonmaker. Green cot Third 
Lex Charles, harnessmaker G. Leverenz 
LIBERTY HOUSE, Clark N. of Twelfth 
Liberty Michael, painted, h Jefferson nr Polk. 
Lichtenberger George, h 160 W. Washington 
Lichtenberger Charles, carpenterj^h Peoria bt ' 

Adams "and Jackson , . 

Liebenstein Abraham, (J. & A. L.) h 118 Mad. 
Liebenstein Henry, furniture ware roon^, 186 

Randolph ^ 

Liebenstem Jacob, 677 Wells \ 

Liebenstein J. & A. furniture and upholstery, 
• 159 Randolph 
Liebenstein Joseph, (J. & A. L.) h Washington 

nr Wells ^ 

Liebenstein Moses, bds J. Liebenstein 
Liebenstein Solomon, h 113 Madison 
Liebrant G. P. bakery, 84 Wells 
LILL & DIVERSY, proprietors Chic. Bre^fiery 
LILL WILLIAM & CO. manufacturers of 

spirits, office 38 Franklin 
Lill William, (L. & Diversy) h cor Bush Aid. 

Chicago av • Np* 

Llllibridge C. H. daguerrean A. Hesler 
Lillis Morris, stone polisher, h 128 W. Lake 
Lillis Morris, laborer, H Buffalo bt Twelfth and 

Lilly Franklin, carpenter 4- Pierce, h HallAed 

bt Randolph and Washington 
LIM BERG AUGUSTUS, wines and .liquora, 

194 Randolph 
Limberg A. *' Union" saloon, 194 Randolph 
Limberg Gustavus, lab, h Ontario nr Market 
Limbert Kasper, tailor, h Whitney 




Xiinback Bfichael^ carpenter, h 18 Superior 
linoh Batrick, cbteyman, h Adams Dr Desp. 
Linok John, earpenter, h Hurlbut nr Centre 
Linck Moritz, jeweller and hair worker, 45 N. 
^ . Clark, h Chicago av nr Market 
Lincoln Mrs. Ann, h 104 Michigan 
Lincoln Francis, comedian, bds 76 Edina 
Lincoln Hartwell, bookkeeper Faxon & Crosby 
Lincoln Henry M. comedian, bds 76 Edina 
Linfoln Ira P. cigars, 9 N. Clark, h same 
Lincoln Joseph F. clerk Sandford, Hall & to, 
,*. bds D. Abbey 

Lind Andrew, lab, h Townsend nr White 
Lind Andrew, saloon, 87 S. Water, h cor 

Franklin ai|d Illinois 
LIND'S BLOCK, Market bt Kandolph and Lake 
Lind Christian, shoemakeri h Griswold bt Polk 

and Harrison 
Lind Francis, drayman, h Franklin nr Mich. 
Lind Sylvester, h cor Washingtoli and Morgan 
"^ Linda. James B. carriage painter EUithorpe, 

Kli^e & Co. 
Linden Henry, clerk 68 Lake 
Linden Jacob, carpenter, bd& J. W. Eisler 
Linden John, tailor, h 207 Market 
'Lindholm John, veterinary surgeon, 81 N. 

'Clark, h same ' 

Lindlam James B. clerk 174 Lake 
landman George P. grocer, 162 N. Clark, h 

218 N. Clark 
Lindner Mrs. Gustenea, dress'ker, 49 N. Clark 
Lindner Louis, clothing, 16 N. Clark 
Lindon Michael, blacksmith, 13 Wolcott 
Lindqiiist John, grocery, 176 N. Clark, h same 
Llngem C. y. sailor, h Owen nr Fourth 
Lingenau Mrs. M. fancy goods, 87 Wells 
Lifigering Charles^ lumber inspector, h Owen 

cor Union 
Linsi|on John, lab, 52 State, up siairs 
Liniffin Michael, shoemaker, h cor Owen and 

i Link Andreas, lab, h Neyins nr Chicago av 
Link Ferdinand, wagonmaker, h Wolcott nr 

hink George, lab, h Harrison E. of State 
]Link John, 227 Lake 

*Linkfield Charles G. note clerk Marine Bank 
Linn L. M. box 1852 poet-office 
I^scott & Lathrop, 22 and 24 State St. Market 
Lmscgtt Newton, gardener, 22, 24 State St. 

Market, h Halsted cor Taylor 
LinscottSam'l, State St. Market, bds 151 State 
• Linsoott S. K. (L. & Lathrop) ^ 
^niinsenbarth Frank, foreman Goss & Philips, 

h 280 Adams 
Linsley Emma, principal Young Ladies Inst. 
Linsley Mary E. principal Toung Ladies Inst. 
LiMy Joseph, moulder, h Desplaines cor Harr. 
Linlman Christopher, h nr Sherman's brick yd. 
Linton >William, carpenter, h Mather bt Canal 

fund Biver 
Lii^m James, lab, h Jackson nr Wells 
Lippelt Cowel, hats and caps, 114 N. Clark, 


Lippert Henry, pianist, h 45 Qoinoy 
Lipscomb Daniel, baker, h Sherman bt Har- 
rison and Van Buren 
Lissenden George, engineer Bobt. Merrill 
Lij^tel Charles, porter 124 Lake 
Lister James, lab, h Shantytown nr Erie 
Lister John, (Egan & L.) 
Lister William, stonecutter, h Forquer, bt Cft- 

nal and Clinton 
Lister William, tailor, h cor Hubbard and Desp. 
Litle Chas. sawyer, h Curtiss bt Lake and Fult. 
Little & Co. furniture, 96 Bandolph, workshop 

202 Lake 
Lively Michael, lab, h 88 N. Dearborn ' 

Livermore Stephen O. machinist Union Car 

Works, h 450 State 
Liversidge Amos, carpenter, h 115 Jackson' 
Livings Mrs. M. dressmaking, 145 Lake 
Livingston John, engineer, h Harmon ct bl 

State and Wabash av 
Livingston Simon, h 198 Adams 
Livsey James, foreman M. C. Barrel 
Litzau Jacob, shoemaker, h Shantytown nr 

Chicago av 
Llewllyn H. bds 186 Madison 
Lloyd Andrew, tin and copper ware, 387 State 
Lloyd Mrs. B. F. millinery, 149 Bandolph, h 

Ann nr Bandolph 
Lloyd James, clerk, h Bucker nr Madison 
Loach George, machinist, h Har. cor Griswold 
Loch Mathias, shoemaker, h Larrabee ^ 

Lochbrhler Ulrich, boarding, h 149 W. Band. 
Loche Sydney E. bookkeeper B. K. Swift & Co. 
Lochmann Christopher, cooper, h Orchard nr 

North av 
Lock William, clothing, 119 Lake, h 146 Monroe 
Lock William W. clerk W. Lock, 119 Lake 
Lockhart WUliam, (E. B. Winbolt & Co.) bds 

Merchafnt Hotel 
Lockhouse Henry, blacksmith, h Milwaukee 

plank road nr City limits 
Lockner Larenheart, cooper, h Madison nr 

Lockwood A. foreman C. B. & Q. B. B. ma* 

chine shop, bds cor Curtiss and Elinzie 
Lockwood Theodore, clerk Hale & Co. 
Loder George, (Gerts & L.) h Second W. Div. 
Loeb Moses, pedlar, h Monroe nr Halsted 
Loeber Mrs. W. A. h 106 N. Dearborn 
Loehr John, plasterer, h Hastings nr Bucker 
Loewanstein Victor H. (Goldberg k. L.).116 

Loewenstein Jacob, h Wells 
Loewenstein Joseph, h 141 Dearborn 
Loewenstein Julius, 
Loewenstein Walter H. 116 Lake 
Loft William, carpenter, h Douglass av S. of 

Bio Grande 
Logerston Peter, shoemaker, alley bt Market 

and Franklin 
Logier Bernard, (B. & W. L.) h 78 Milwaukee 

plank road 
Logier Joseph, fruit and confectionery, 2S& 

Clark, h same 



Logier B. & W. dni^sts, 76 Mil. plank road 
Logier WiUiam, (B. & W. L.) h 78 Milwaukee 

plaidL road 
Lohr Felix, grocer, h 175 N. Clark 
Lohr Philip, lab, h Clark N. of Liberty 
Lohse August, baker, h Wells cor Jackson 
Lomax John, engineer Abbott & Kingman, 

h Stowell nr Clark , 

liomax k Mei^her, manufacturers soda water, 

188 W.Madison 
Xiombard Daniel, policeman, h 40 W. Adaims 
Lombard Edward H. printer S. D. Childs, jr. 
Lond W. G. engineer Lill's brewery, h 12 

Superior cor Pine , 

Loiidahl M. lab, h 108 Illinois 
London Michael, drayman, h cor Hahted and 

London WiUiam, 'second en^neer Lill's brew- 
ery, h same 
Lonegan Mathew, li^, h Swing bt CUnton and 

Lonergan Lawrence, h Throop*s alley 
Lonergan & Scanlin, grocers, 14 Clark 
Lonergan Thomas, (L. & Scanlin) h 30 S. 

Long Mrs. Bridget, h 205 N. Lasalle 
Long ChriBtian, hostler, bds 228 Randolph 
Long Charles W. bookkeeper Reed & Watkins 
Long Eugene C. receiying teller Marine Bank 
Jjong J. M. tinsmith Thomas, George & Co. 
Long James, clerk E. I. Tinkham & Co. 
Long James, registrar U. S. land office, h 

Cottage Grove av 
Long Mrs. Joana, h Buffalo N. of Twelfth 
Long Jolm, lab, h 74 W^ Lake 
Long John, clerk E. I. Tinkham & Co. 
Long John, h 147 Michigan 
Long John, clerk John O'Neil 
Long McDonald, tracklayer, h cor Carpenter 

and Chicago av 
Long Patrick, boarding, h Mich, av nr Twelfth 
Long Richard, plasterer, h Adams nr Franklin 
Long Robert, attorney, h Green Bay road cor< 

North av 
Long Robert, sailor, h Larrabee 
Long Robert, h 187 Monroe 
Long Thomas, carpenter, h Edina bt Taylor 

and Twelfth 
Long William, drayman, h 144 Huron 
Longcroft Charles H. bookkeeper L. Kennedy, 

h 16 Ohio 
.Longley Hiram, proprietor Rock Island House 
Longsworth WilUam, State bt Randolph and 

Loobey Edward, lab, h Halsted bt Adams and 
• Monroe * 

Loobey James, lab, h May nr Polk 
Loobey Lawrence, h Halsted bt Adams and 

Loomis & Abbott, tin ware and stoves, 61 

lioomis Mrs. A. B. h 221 N; Lasalle 
LOOMIS A D. (T. Newell & Co.) h 317 Clark 
Loomis G. W. clerk 159 S. Water 

Loomis Horatio G. h Michigan av bt Eldredge 

and Harmon cts 
Loomis Jamea, (L. & Abbott) h Rio Grande B. 

of South " ' 

Loomis James Mason, clerk J. Barstow^ h 139 

Loomis John M. (L. & Ludington) h 170 StatN^- 
LOOMIS & LUDINGTON, lumb^, cor Canal 

and Adams 
Loomis Morgan, boarding, h 50 Fulton 
Loomis Par&, clerk 86 Lake 
Loomis W. R. (Lewis & L.) ^ Bearboif^ bdd 

Foster House 
Lord David £. bookkeeper 103 Lake, h 247 

W. Lake ^ 

Lord James F. clerk S. F. Stitberlaiid^ h 

Franklin nr Jackson 
Lord Josiea, produce, Bt Kinzie 
Lord Samuel L. clerkf^. H. &.C. Burley 
Lord, Ward & Co. commission, 10 N. Clark 
Lorden Mrs. Catherine, h Quincy nr Fmnkyn g 
Lorden Daniel, h 1^ Monroe * * 

Lorden Dennis, lab^ h 229 Adams nr Franldliv 
Lorden Patrick, ktb, h Franklin nr Adams 
Lorenz Caspar, carpenter, h Wells nr IHvieioil 
Lorenz George, grocer, North nr Wells ;* 

Lorenzen Jens, clerk 119 Edina, bds same 
Losee Albert, sale stable, State N. of TwMh " ' 
Lett Ferdiiuind, carriagemaker EHith^rpey 

Kline & Co. • • 

Lott Gottfried, blacksmith, 196 W. RMidolj^ 

h 191 W. Randolph * ' 

Lott J. V. H., Illinois C. R. R. office, bds ^ 

Michigan av 
Lotz Anton, lab, h cor Grand 9aven slip 
Loubmyre John, 8a8h\ and doors, Canftl bt 

Lake and Fulton ' ' 

Loughlin William, builder, h cor Lake and. 

Louis Abraham, clothing, 65 N. Clark, h sune 
Louis Joseph, butcher, h Union bt Ow^ and 

Louis Martin, farmer, near N. city limits 
LOUNSBURY W. fe. insurance agent, 77 

Lbux Mathias, carpenter, h Wolcott «ir White^ 
Love James, carpenter and joiner, h Wa^Aig^* 

ton nr Cannon ' 
Lovelass George, tailor, h Hubbard nr Dei3p. 
Lovett Theodore, h 94 Randolph 
Low Charles, lab. Mason & llcArthur 
Low Edward, soda manufacturer Bebbingtoii 

Low J. Hamilton, 98 Rand, bds 297 Wab. irr 
Lowd D. Y. clerk 82 Lake ^ t, 

Lowe A. G. clerk, bds 859 Clark •*^'* 

Lowe Henry, land agent, 78 N. Clark 
Lowe James M. land agent, 9 Metropolitan 

Lowe Joseph P, train master R. I. R{ R. bdi 

Clark street House 
Lowe Lewis, shoemaker, h Sherman nr Polk 
Lowe S. A. 9 Metropolitan block - ^ 

Lower Mrs. Eliza, boarding, h'1(5 W. Madison 



Lower John, cooper, h Fourth nr Desplainea 
Lower Matthew, boilermaker Mason & Mc- 

Iiowerj Samael W. attorney, 104 Randolph 
Lowoener Christopher, h Milwaukee ay nr 

city limits 
Lowrie John 0. apothecary 26 N. Clark, h 

* same 

Lowry Abraham, clerk G. & C. U. R. R. bds 

cor Curtiss and Einzie 
Loyd Alexander, (Thomas & L.) h 828 State 
Loyd Andrew, l^ardware, 887 State, h same 
Loyd Thomas, lab, h Indiana bt Peyton and 

Louer Oliver, carpenter Vincent, Himrod 

Lubcke Ferdinand, mason, h cor Wells and 
. Van Buren 
' Lubicke Casper, masoA, h Wells near V. Buren 
Lticas George H. mould# H. P. Moses 
Lncas Samuel L. boarding, h Clark N. of Tay. 
^ Luck Beter, tailor, h cor Oak and Wolcott 
Luder Daniel, wagon maker, h Johnston nr 

Chicago av 
Luders Charles, blacksmith, h New Diyision 
Lnders Frederick, A^eet iron works F. Hass 
Ludingtob Mrs. H. ladies' nurse, h 59 Michig. 
LUDINGTON N. & CO. lumber, cor Canal and 

Vnn Buren 
Lndingtem Nelson, (L. & Co.) h 162 State cor 
", Mt)nroe 

Ludington Samuel, clerk Ludington & Co. 
Lu^am Redben, homoeopathis physician, h 

• 116 Lasalle 

Ludlow Mrs. Angerona, boarding, h 249 State 
Ludlow James L. bds 31 Michigan ay 
Ludwick Aforam, lab, h Clybourn ay 
Ludwick Frederick, drayman, h Wolcott N. of 

Ludwick Jacob, teamster, h Hinsdale nr the 

Ludwick Jas. pedlar Lill & Diyersy, h Chic, ay 
Ludwick John, lab, h Clark nr Schiller 
Ludwick John, lab, h Dj^arbom bt Diyision 

and N. ay 
Ludwick Peter, lab, h Clark nr Schiller 
Kl^ndwick Peter, cutter H. H. Husted 
LuTOg Gotlieb, beer pedlar, h 46 Chicago ay 
Ludwig Peter, clerk H. H. Husted 
Ludwig Simon, teamster, h Wolcott cor Elm 
Luening Herman, bookkeeper F. A. Hoffman 
Luetke Henry, musician, h 125 N. Clark 
Luhrsen Fredferick, pianoforte maker, over 

Burhans &" Smith's livery stable, h 92 Wells 
Lukelev William, patternmaker, bds J. Mellor 
Lull Albert G. machinist, 117 Wells 
LULL' & EASTMAN, lumber, W. end Lake 

street bridge . 
LULL 0. R. W. attorney, 1 Warner's Hall, h 

St^erior bt Rush and Cass 
Lull Wiilter, (Lull k Eastman) h Desplaiues 

bt Washington and Randolph 
Lumbard Frank, music teacher, rooms 4 
^ Davisson's b% bds Tremont 

Lumbard Henry, clerk H. K. Walker 136 

Randolph, h Indiana bt Market and Frankl. 
Lumbard H. G. (Derr & L.) 
Lump Joseph, carpenter, h Edina N. of Twelfth 
LUMSDEN NICHOLAS, leather, &c. 232 Lake 
Lund Augustus A. foreman C. & R. I. machine 

shop, h Buffalo S. of Twelfth 
Lund Theodore, operator A. Hesler 
Lundy Edward, h Creswell bt Van Buren and 

Lunt Orrington, water comm's. office, h 1G2 

Michigan ay 
Lunt Stephen P. office 65 Clark 
Luplow Charles, lab, h Goethe nr Wells 
Lupsch Augustus, tinsmith, 158 N. Clark, h 

Lurton Dr. L. h 138 State 
Lurton L. L. druggist, 200 Lake 
Lusk Peter, mason, h Halsted nr Monroe 
Luth John, blacksmith Union Car Works 
Luther Charles, grocer, 141 W. Randolph 
Luther Frederick, lab, h Schiller 
Luther Meinolph, mason, h O'Brien nr Halsted 
Luther M. proprietor Western Prairie Garden, 

W. Madison 
Lu^z Christian, gardener, h Clybourn ay 
Lutz Jacob B. carpenter, h Clark nr Schiller 
Lutz Joseph, lab, H. Witbeck, h Halsted nr 

Lutzy Henry, shoemaker, 117 S. Water 
Lybecker Louis, prof, of music, 56 Michigan 
Ly decker Harmon, ship carpenter, h cor For- 

quer and Jefferson 
Lyman David H. supeidntendent American 

Car Co.'s Works, h 6 Washington 
Lyman John, grocer, Clark nr R. I. freight 

Lyman Lawrence, grocer, Clark nr R. I» 

freight depot 
Lynch John, grocer, 294 State, h same 
Lynch John, drayman, h May nr Polk 
Lynch John, packer, h Division 
LYNCH MATHEW, groceries, cor Monroe and 

Canal, h same 
Lynch Mathew, packer, h Ohio bt Peyton and 

Lynch J*atrick, lab, h Division nr Sedgwick 
Lynch Patrick, drayman, h Pearson nr Lasalle 
Lynch Thomas, foreman Crosby's distillery, h 

cor Erie and Lasalle 
Lynch Thomas, lab, h Union bt Owen and 

Lynch Timothy, teamster, h Diyision near 

Lynn Isaiah, physician,^8 Clark, h 148 Clark 
Lynn John, carpenter, h Erie nr Peyton 
Lynn Patrick, lab, h Owen W. of Reuben 
Lyntheon Charles, cook, h Townsend near 

Lyon Isaac L. (Beebe, L. & Co.) h 2 Pino 
Lyon James W. tailor, bds 167 State 
Lyon James 0. (Wilcox, L. & Co.) 
Lyon James W. cutter H. H. Husted 
Lyon John, trunkmaker W. & G« Wright 



Lyon J. E. clerk 163, 165 S. Water, h 20 

Lyon Joseph B. (Cochran, L. & Co.) bds cor 

Lake and Clinton 
Lyon Timothy, lab, h State N. of Springer 
Lyons James, lab, bds John Lyons 
Lyons James, lab, bds Cold S| ring House 
Lyons John, lab, h Dearborn bt Springer and 

Lyons Patrick, lab, h Wabash N. of Twelfth 
Lyons Patrick, carpenter, h 179 Canal 
Lyons Thomas, mason, h Liberty W. of State 
Lyster William, stonecutter Illinois Stone Dres- 
sing Co. 
Lyton Mrs. Mary J. h Fulton bt Sangamon 

,and Morgan 
Lyton William caulker, Fulton bt Sangamon 
and Morgan ^ 

McAllaster 0/ W. printer Ben Franklin office 
McAllister Charles J. salesman 197 Clark 
McAllister Samuel, salesman E. Hemstead 
McAllister William K. (Anderson & McA.) h 

a56 Wabash av 
McAlpin Patrick, lab, h 69 N. Dearborn 
McArthur Miss Caroline, principal primary 

department No. 2 public school 
McArthur John, (Mason & McArthur) h 18 N. 

McArthy Timothy, charge Tremont billiard 

McAuley Alexander, cooper, Aim nr £inzie, h 

McAuley Charles H. carpenter, h Green nr 

McAuley John, carpenter, h Madison W. Union 
McAuley John P. stevedore, h 73 Michigan 
McAvey Edward, teamster, h 131 Indiana 
McBordine Capt. h Whitney nr Market 
McBride Andrew, weaver, h cor Clinton and 

.McBride John, lab, hcor Maxwell and Lumber 
McBride John, lab, h State bt Lib. and Spring. 
McBride Richard, sailor, bds A. J. Quirk 
McBride Silas, carpenter, h 112 S. Jefferson 
McBride Thomas, h Ewing bt Hal. and Desp. 
McBride W. lab, XL & 0. Wilson 
McBride William, marble polisher, h cor Tay- 
lor and Desplaines 
McBHen Alfred, saloon, 32 Lake 
McCabe Dr. J. office 40 Clark, 3d floor 
McCabe John, carpenter, \\ State nr Springer 
McCabe Michael, carpenter, h Michigan av N. 

of North 
McCabe Patrick, lab, bds James McNally 
McCabe Thomas, bds J«hn McCabe 
McCaddams Patrick, moulder, h Buffalo N. of 

McCagg Ezra, jr. Court House 
McCagg Ezra B.^ (Scammon & McC.) h N, Clark 

cor Locust • 

McCagg George, clerk C. Mears & Co. 

MtCsiQg Isaac, h 31 Cass 

McCagg Mrs. Isaac, h Erie cor Cass 

McCagg John, mason, h Market bt Hinsdalo 

and Pearson 
McCaghary Bernard, pedlar, h 89 Michigan 
McCail Martin, stonecutter, h Liberty nr Clark 
McCalgan Patrick, carpenter, h North bt Clark 

and Dearborn 
McCall Samuel H. (Raymond & McC.) h 91 

Van Buren 
McCalla John, bds 99 Washingfbn 
McCalla J. & Co. produce, cor Kinzie and 

Dearborn, up stairg 
McCalla Thomas, (Davisson, McC. & Co.) h 99 

McCalla W. C. bds 99 Washington 
McCaller Mrs. H. boarding, h Market bt Wash- 
ington and Madison 
McCallum Hugh, brassfinisher Thos. George & 

Co. h 71 W. Lake 
McCamilly John, lab, h N, Water bt Wells and 
/ River 

McCann Henry M. works R. M. MHchell & Co. 
McCann Patrick, lab, h Buffalo bt Twelfth and 

McCardle John, stonecutter Chic. Stone Yard 
McCarthy Daniel, chandler J. Johnson 
McCarthy Dennis, works Jordan &, Olcptt, h 

Canal bt Van Buren and Harrison 
McCarthy Dennis, grocer. Canal bt Van Buren 

and Harrison 
McCarthy James, lab, h Wabash av N. of El- 

dridge ct 
McCarthy John, mason, h Buffalo N. of Polk 
McCarthy John, lab, h Dearborn bt Springer^ 

and North 
McCarthy JOHN, attorney^ 13 N. Clark, h 

McCarthy John, porter 171 S. Water 
McCarthy John, h alley bt Jackson and Quincy 
McCarthy John, mailing clerk post-office 
McCarthy J. B. clerk 102 Lake , 

McCarthy Lawrence, lab^ h Lasalle cox* Indiana 
McCarthy Matthew, h 249 Monroe 
McCarthy Owen, justice office, 13 N. Clarf, h 

cor Dearborn and Kinzie 
McCarthy Patrick, lab, h Halsted bt Harrison 

and Polk 
McCarthy Robert, stonecutter Illinois Stone 

Dressing Co. 
McCarthy William, grocer. Canal ur Wright 
McCarthy William, shipcarpenter Jordan & 

McCartney William, carpenter, h Harrison bt 

Canal and River 
McCarty A. (McFall & McC.) 
McCarty Benjamin F. h cor Cottage Grove and 

Rio Grande 
McCarty Callum, shoemaker, h 74 W. Lake 
McCarty Daniel, hostler J. M. Donnelly,' h 84 

McCarty Dennis, lab, h Jefferson nr Fourth 
McCarty Dennis, lab, h N. Water bt Wells and 




McCartj I)onald» lab, li Morgan nr Polk 
McCarty Edward, carpenter, h Ohio nr Peyton 
McCarty Florence, lab, h N. Water bt Wells and 

McCarty James, tailor, h 74 Lake 
MoCarty James, shipcarpenter, h Ohio nr Pey. 
MoCarty James, blacksmith, h 19 W. Washing. 
McCarty John, works J. Johnson 
McCarty Justin, cooper, h Desplaines bt Owen 

and Fort 
McCarty Michael, stonecutter, bds 74 W. Lake 
McCarty Patrick, foreman Lewis & Loomis, h 
I cor Dearborn and Washington 
McCarty Thomas, carpenter, Union nr Mil. aT 
McCarty William, carpenter and joiner, h 

Washington nr Wood 
MoCarty William, machinist, h Halsted bt Owen 

and Hubbard 
McCauley Charles H. carpenter, h Green nr 

McCauley Dominick, lab, h Shantytown nr 

McCauley Henry, carpenter, h Jefferson bt 

Carroll and Fulton 
McCauley Patrick, lab, h Ohio nr Peyton 
McCauly Michael, grain dealer, Halsted nr 

plank road 

McCauly , cooper, h Ann nr Kinzie 

McChesney Hiram, principal public sc*l No. 6 
McClane William; lab, h Franklin nr Jackson 
McClannen Henry, lab, h Van Buren nr Wells 
McClear James, Minor's Exchange, foot S. 

McClelland A. clerk Downs & Van Wyck 
McClelland Hugh, wagonmaker, 448 State, h 

McClelland B. tiu and brass smith 201 Lake 

McClelland +-, lab, h Dearborn nr Spring. 

McCleve John F. eigarmaker, bds 20 Quincy 
McCIevey Richard, h 81 State 
MoCLEVEY SMITH, liquors, 100 S. Water, h 
f Charles nr Wells 

McClovel Alexander, lab, h cor Green and Peor. 
McClure Andrew, (A. McC. & Co.) h 126 Las. 
McClure A. & Co. undertakers, &c. 88 Lasalle 
McClure Mrs. Julia, h 126 Lasalle 
McClure Robert, carpenter, bds 126 Lasalle 
McClure William, carpenter, bds 126 Lasalle 
McClure William A. bds 126 Lasalle 
McClustey James, shoemaker, h Grand Haven 

McClutchcy Francis P. filemaker, h Mather nr 

Canal i 

McClyne John, lab, h J^\ Water bt Wells and 

McComb John, lab, h N. Water bt Wells and 

McConnell John, drayman, h 6 Illinois 

McConnell , clerk H. S. Spears 

McConvill Arthur, shoemaker Van Dusen & 

Bradley, h Harrison nr Clark 
McCord Jason bds Tremont House 
McCormick Augustus^ stonecutter, bds A. 


McCormick Mrs. A. h Van Buren hr Canal 
McCormick Cyrus H. proprietor reaper facto^^ 

bds L. J. McCbrmick 
McCormick Mrs. Elixabeth, h Ewing bt Des- 
plaines and Jefferson 
McCORMICK JOHN, clothing, 145 Lake, h 

146 Monroe 
McCormick John, lab, h Shantytown nr Erie 
McCormick Leander J. (L. J. & W. S. MoC.) h 

49 Indiana 
McCormick L. J. & W. S. proprietors 'reiLper 

McCormick Patrick, lab, h cor Forquep and 

McCormick Patrick, blacksmith, h cor Fulton 

and Desplaines 
McCortnick's Reaper Factory, N.WaterbtPifte 

and Sand 
McCormick Stephen, h D'esplaines nr Harrison 
McCormick William, h 145 Monroe 
McCormick W. S. (L. J. & W. S. McC.) h 43 


McCormick , ctirrier, h Lake cor Ann 

McCotter Samuel, grocer, 48 W. Randolph, h 

McCowley Cornelius, 84 N. Water 
McCrae James, blacksmith, h State bt Liberty 

and Spruce 
McCue Mrs. Ann, h 199 Washington 
McCugh Patrick, carpenter, h Clark bt Polk 

and Taylor 
McCully Andrew, lab, h Erie nr Pearce 
McCuUy Owen, drayman, h Shanty town nr Bris 
McCuUoch John, teamster, h 4 Ohio 
McCurdy Hugh, h 10 Edina 
McCurdy William W. printer Democratic Pl'ess 

newsroom, bds 10 Edina 
McCurtie W. J. h W. Washington 

McDaniels , bds 186 Madison 

McDearman Samuel H. carpenter, h Buffalb bt 

Harrison and Polk 
McDearmont James, 'boarding, h 252 Madison 
McDermott Andrew, lab, h Taylor bt Halsted 

and Desplaines 
McDermott Christopher, lab, h Taylor bt Hal- 
sted and Desplaines 
McDermott James, grocer, h 123 Michigan 
McDermott John, boarding, h 19 Kinzie 
McDermott John, stonecutter Illinois Stone 

Dressing Co. h Division bt Lasalle and Clark 
McDermott Luke, porter T. B. Carter & Co. h 

2 Rush 
McDermott Michael, lab, h Lake W. of Cannon 
McDermott Michael, surveyor, h cor Jackson 

and Clark 
McDermott , boilermaker C. & R. I. Bw 

R. shop 
McDevit Michael, lab, h Quincy nr Franklin 
McDivit Mrs. Mary, h 192 Washington 
McDonald Alexander, teamster, h 14 Indiana 
McDonald Andrew, drayman, h Divis. nr Clyb^ 
McDonald C. M. clerk Norton & Bro. 
McDonald 'C. S. shoemaker T. Oleson 
McDonald Edward, porter, h Frank, nr Hinsd. 



JfcDonald Edward, proprietor Old Country- 
man's House 
McDonald James, Young America Hotel 
McDonald James, lab, H. & 0. Willson, h cor 

Canal and Taylor 
McDonald Capt. James, h 82 N. Dearborn 
McDonald Malcolm, clerk C. Hears & Co. bds 

60 Fulton 
McDonald Patrick, machinist, hcor Forquer 

and Clinton 
McDonald Patrick, lab, Union Car Works 
McDonald Peter, h Polk bt Clark and Gumee 
McDonald S. D. printer, bds Thomas Brock 

McDonnell Charles, dry goods, &o. 25, 

27 Market 
McDonnell Charles, painter .Welch & Mendson 
McDonnell James, boai'ding, h 27^ Market 
McDonnell James, lab, h cor Quinoy and Frank, 
t McDonnell James, h 82 N. Dearborn 
l^fcDonnell James, (Harriot & McD.) bds cor 

Michigan and Clark 
McDonnell Jerome, carpenter ttnd joiner, h 

Ontario nr Peyton 
McDonnell Michael, clothes renovator, 74 Dear- 
born / 
McDonnell Mrs* boarding, h 169 Clark 
McDonnell Peter, boarding, h 367 Clark 
McDonnell Timothy, h N. Water bt Wells and 

McDonnold Charles, carriage maker, cor Lake 

and May 
McDonough Mrs. Ann, dressmaker, h 397 State 
McDonough John, watchman, h Clinton bt 

Polk and Harrison 
McDonough John, lab, h Morgan cor Polk 
McDonough Michael, lab, h 897 State 
McDonough P. H. m«ch'cs saloon, 28 N. Clark 
McDowell Alexander, (P. Palmer & Co.) 
McDurell Timothy, lab, h N. Water nr Wells 
McEafchron Colin T. h 138 Michigan 
McElwain George, watchmaker, 40 Clark 
McElwee Edward, baker, h 90 Kinzie 
McEntire James, sailor, h Desplaines nr Owen 

MpEvoy , grocer, h Lake nr Paulina 

McEvoy William, printer Hays & Thompson, 

bds Lake nr Paulina 
. McEwan James, flour dealer, h 202 W. Lake 
McEwan John, (Baker & McE.) h 60 Ohio 
McEwen Alexander, bookkeeper, h 174 Lasalle 
McEwen James, blacksmith, 4 Kinzie 
McEwen , ship carpenter, h cor Halsted 

and Third 
.McFadden Patrick, lab, h N. Water nr Wells 
McFall Francis, (F. McP. & Co.) h 176 Mad. 
McFALL F. & CO. sash, doors, &c. Marjket cor 

McFarland Wm. stage manager Theatre, h 168 

, McFarlane Henry, clerk M. S. R. R. freight 

office, bds J. S. Buchanan 
McFARLANE & HUTCHESON, gas fitters, 64 

Lasalle ^ 

^cFarlane R. D. (McF & Hutcheson) bds 211 

McFarlin W. W. carpenter and joiner, h Chi- 
cago av nr Webster 
McGann Patrick, lab, h Edina bt Twelfth and 

McGarey Edward, carpenter, h Carpenter bt 

Polk and Taylor 
McGarvin Michael, bricklayer, h Shantytown 

nr Peyton 
McGarvin Mrs. Rosa, h Sand cor IHinois 
McGary Martin, lab, h Erie nr the River 
McGee Jas. B. clei^ Houghteling & Shepard 
McGENNIS J. B. agent McGoirens' pumps, 118 

S. Water 
McGENNIS JOHN W. secretary and superiii. 
tendent III. Stone Dressing Co. bds 96 Clark 
McGeorge Jas. composition roofer, h 76 Carr. 
McGillan Edward, clerk J. 0. Neil 
M/jGILVBA J. J. attorney, 6 Clark 
McGinley James, foreman Chicago Gas Fitting 

Co.'b shop, 47 Wells 
McGinley John, planer, h cor Randolph k Ca^. 
McGinley ^ichael, lab, h Erie nr Peyton 

McGinley , lab, h Griswold bt Van Buren 

.and Harrison •• 
McGinn John, lab, h Indiana bt Peyton and 

McGinnes Patrick, groceries, h Desplaines bt 

Hubbard and Kinzie 
McGlada James, h coi* Polk and Halsted 
McGorn Alexander, plasterei:, bds Prairie bt 

Green and Peoria 
McGorn James, plasterer, bds Prairie bt Green 

and Peoria 
McGovern John, engineer, h 221 Madison 
McGovern Michael, lab, h Peyton nr Kinzie 
McGovern Philip, lab, h Peyton nr Ontario 
McGowan Hugh, ship carpenter, h Shantytowii 
nr Erie 

McGrah , h cor Clark and Washington 

McGrath Daniel, lab, h 82 Monroe 
McGrath James, clerk HI. & Wis. R. R. Co. 
McGrath John, paperhanger, bds C. S. Street 
McGrath Morris, lab, h Lumber nr Mitchell 
McGrath William, carpenter, h 202 W. Lake 
McGraw Capt. h Jefferson bt Adams and Jack. 
McGraw Mrs. Ellen, h Wabash av S. of El- 
dredge ct 

McGraw , mason, h Adams nr Desplaines 

McGraw Edward, joiner, h Market nr Monroe 
McGraw Edward, sailor, h cor Canal and Mitch, 
McGraw James, painter Union Car Works 
McGraw John, ship carpenter Jordan & Olcott, 

h Market nr Adams 
McGraw J. R. soda pedler, h Peoria bt Ran- 
dolph and Lake 
McGraw -John, lab, h Dearborn S. of Old 
McGraway Jonn, lab, bds 174 N. Lasalle 
McGraway Michael, lab, bds 174 N. Lasalle 
McGregor Duncan, clerk R. K. Swift & Co. 
McGregor William, clerk C. L, Bissell 
McGuillicuddy P. proprietor Rochester House, 

254 Clark 
McGuire Charles, boarding, h 68 S. Water 
McGuire Daniel, tailor, h 129 W. Randolph 



McGaire John, lab/h 388 State 

McGuiro Mrs. Julia T. grocery, h Indiana nr 

McGuire Michael, justice of peace, office 4 N. 

McGuire Patrick, blacksmith H. P. Moses 
McGuire Torrenqe, plasterer, bds 115 Madison 
McGurn John, grocer, h 112 Ontario 
McHale Mrs. Catherine, h 68 Illinois 
McHale Michael, ship carpenter, h 68 Illinois 
McHale John,^ cutter T. Savage 
McHUGH JOHN, grocer, 102 Kinzie 
Mcllwaine Matthew, physician, h 69 Madison 
Mcllroy Daniel, attorney, office 12 Ct House 
Mclnnese Peter, lab, h Hubbard W. of Wood 
Mclnrie £dward, drayman, h Polk nr Rucker 
Mclntee Mrs. Margaret, h Taylor bt Halsted 

and Desplaines 
Mclntire C. A. clerk 169 S. Water 
MclNTIRE & CO. brass finishers, 79 Wells 
Mclntire Francis A. h Van Buren bt Rucker 

and Rolker 
Mclntire Francis, (McI. & Hunt J 
Mclntire & Hunt, dry goods^ groceries, &c. 32 

W. Randolph 
Mclntire John S. (McI. & yVelch) bds L. E. 

Mclntire John, house mover, cor Van Buren 

and Franklin, bds L. E.^DeWolf 
Mclntire Martin, lab, h Harrison nr Elizabeth 
Mclntire Mrs. boarding, h 72 Buffalo 
Mclntire & Welch, house movers, cor Van Bu- 

r^n and Franklin , 

Mcintosh Mrs. boarding, h 326 Clark 
Melsaac Peter, bookkeeper John Phillips, bds 

McJohn Edward, vamisher C. Morgan, h 140 

W. Lake 
McKawan James, ship carpenter, h Halsted bt 

Third and Fourth 
McKay Edward, lab, h Hubbard W. of Wood 
McKay John, contractor, h Lake W. of Ann 
McKay John, shipcarpenter, 3 N. Water 
McKay & Loverins, physicians, 137 State 
McKay Murdoch, lab, h Mich, av N. of North 
McKay Samuel, grocer, 30 N. Water 
McKee James, builder, h Monrop nr Market 
McKee Washington, m^son, bds 136 State 
McKee Wm. boarding, h 38, 40 Franklin 
McKellops William, master transportation G. 

& C. U. R. R. Co. h 122 Ontario 
McKeny Francis, boarding, h 309 Clark 
McKenny Mrs. Bridget, h Madison nr cor Mar. 
McKeon Patrick, lab, h 60 Illinois 
IklcKeown Mrs. teacher, h 64 Adams 
McKern -— ^, mason, h Peoria nr Halsted 
McKichan Solomon, (G. Steel & Co.) h44 Edina 
McKillop Daniel, boarding, h 35 S. Water 
McKindley James, salesman 178 S. Water, bds 

Capt. Johnson 
McKinlay William, dry goods, 8 N. Clark, bds 

m N. Wells 
McKinstry Theodore B. pork cutter, h Jeffer- 
son bt UarrijSDa and P«lk 

McKinzie George R. mason, h Loomis bt Jack- 
son an4 Adams 
McKnight Ge^ge S. h Wabash av bt Harrison 

and Hubbard ct 
McKuon Robei't, painter. Union Car Works 
McLallang Ralph, tinner, h 74 W. Randolpli 
MbLain & Bro. fruit, &c. 96 J Dearborn ^ 
McLain John S. (Kirwin & McL.*) 98 Dearborn 
McLain William, (Cook & McL.) 96 Dearborn 
McLane Andrew, painter, h 169 Lasalle 
McLane David 6. tailor, 108 Randolph 
McLane Thomas, lab, h cor Cass and Chic, a^ 
McLaughlin Charles, travelling ag't Mills & Co. 
McLaughlan Dennis, mason, h Market nr Hins. 
McLaughlin Dugal. "butcher, N. Market 
McLaughlin Francis, carpenter, h Adams nr 

McLaughlin Franklin, warehouseman A. T. 

Spencer & Co. 
McLaughlin James, soapmaker, h 66 N. Wells 
McLaughlin Michael, drayman, h 177 N. Clark 
McLaughlin Thomas, lab, h 140 Indiana 
McLaughlin William F. grocer, cor State and 

Madison, h 148 State 
McLean Archibald B. (McL. & Baxter) 
McLean & Baxter, merchant tailors, 220 Rand* 
xMcLean &^Co. flour and feed store, 89 Wash. 
McLean John, bookkeeper 73 Lake 
McLean W,. W. (McL. & Co.) 
McLeary William, lab, h carpenter nr Polk 
McLeod James, bookkeeper, ^49 S. Water 
McLoon , surveyor, h alley W. Madison 

and Washington 
McLuade James, lab, h Owen nr Desplaines 
McMahan J. switchtender G. & C. U. R. R. 

h Polk road bt Owen and Hubbard 
McMahan James, lab, h 190 Washington 
McMahon Mrs. C. h Forquer bt Halsted and 

McMahon Patrick, porter Tremont House, h 

46 Buffalo 
McMahon Patrick, h Hubbard nr Union 
McMahon Thomas, drayman, h State S. of Polk 
McManus Arthur, gasfitter, h Lasalle nr Div. 
McMecban James, lab, hN. Wells ^r North ar 
— , mason, h Sherman bt Polk 

McMillan , 

and Harrison 
McMiller Daniel, stonecutter, h 36 Monroe 
McMillen William, clerk Recorder's office 
McMonagle A. clerk J. T. Jewitt 
McMorrine John, bookkeeper Flanders & Wads* 

McMullen Mrs. Eliza, h 108 Indiana 
McMullen George B. grocer, Hali?ted bt Hub- 
bard and Owen 
McMullen Isaac, machinist, h Milwaukee plank 

road nr Owen 
McMullen James, h Adams bt Desplaines and 

McMullen James, jr. lumber dealer, Market nr 

McMullen Michael, tailor, h Wells cor Tyler 
McMullen William, collector, h Peoria cor 




McMurray Francis, attorney, 2 N. Clark 
McMurphy Michael, h 15 State 
McAIurtry John, M. C. B. R. freight office 
McNair J. produce dealer, N. W. cor Clark and 

S. Water, h 83 Adams 
McNally James^ track repairer, h Liberty bt 

Clark and State 
McNally Johif, city bill poster, theatre, h 40 

McNally William, h Jackson nr Halsted 
McNally Stearns, lab, h N. Water bt Wells 

and River 
McNamara Charles^ caulker, h Peoria cor 

McNamara Capt. Jas. h cor Clinton and Ewing 
McNamara James, lab« h Liberty bt State 

* and Clark 

McNamara Martin, drayman^ h Norton nr Polk 
McNamara Timothy, lab, bds J* McNally 
McNamara George, (£. P. Crane & Co.) bds 138 

McNamara « — ^, lab, Chic. Hide and Leather 

Co. h Lasalle cor £rie 
McNary Thomas, grocer, Polk nr May 
McNarnej John, lab, h Hope nr Blue Island av 
McNatchen Francis, laH, bds J. McNally 
McNautney, teamster, h Ontario nr Market 
McNeil Mrs. Agnes, grocery, 8 State 
McNeil Alexander, engineer Mason & McArthur 
McNeil Malcolm, ship carpenter, h cor Taylor 

and Edina 
MoNulty Hugh, lab, h Michigan av N. of, North 
McNulty John, lab, h Indiana av N. of North 
McNulty, boarding, h 76 N. Water 
McNulty John, boarding, h Kinzie bt Lasalle 

and Wells 
McPherson A. coaohpainter Ellithorpe. Kline 

McPherson Charles, finisher P. W. Gates & Co. 

h Union nr Meridian 
McPherson Lorenzo, Clirpenter, h nr Chicago 

av nr Reuben 
McPherson Michael, sailor, h Nebraska av 
McPherson William, sailor, bds 86 Jefferson 

• McQuade Patrick, lab« h Owen nr Desplaines 
McQuinn John, chandler, h cor Market and 

McRae John, blacksmith XJnion Car Works 
MoBoy Samuel, painter, h Indiana av S. of 

Rio Grande 
MeShea Michael, h Polk bt Desp. and Jefferson 
McShea John, saloon, 129 Canal * 

McSherry Patrick, tailor, bds J. McSherry 
McShcrry John, groceries and provisions, 8 

Lindas block 
McSweenay Thomas, blacksmith, 183 W. Rand. 
McTeer Stephen, (McDonald & MoT.) 120 

McVey Charles, sailor, bds Broomer av nr 

Chicago av 
McVey James, tailor, h Broomer av nr Chic, av 
McVey Jojjfn, carpenter, h Broomer nr Chic, av 
McVey L.^ stonemason, h Kinzie nr Bridge 
McVey Samuel, sailor, bds Broomer nr Chic* av 

McVey Thomas, tailor, h Chic, av nr Townsend 
McVICKAR B. physician, 47 Clark, h Adams 

nr Clark 
McVicker J. H. Chicago Theatre 
McWade John, works G. W* Prickett 
McWayne Samuel, sailor, h Arnold nr South 
Mc Williams Mrs^ C. h Jackson nr Wells 
McWilliams James, groceries, 160 Wells 
Mc Williams John, bds W. McWilliams } 
McWilliams Samuel, butcher, 18 N. Market, h 

83 Superior 
McWilliams William, carpenter, Quincy nr 

Maahen Nicholas J. carpenter & joiner, h £ri€f 

nr Peyton 
Maas Frederick, tanner, h De Eoven nr Canal 
Maas Henry, carpenter, bds 228 Randolph 
Maas Hubert, lab^ h 9. W. cor Edina and Taylor 
Maas Jacob, tailor, h Chic' av cor Green Bay 
Maas Peter, tailor, h Green Bay nr Chicago av 
Maas William, lab, h Lake nr Ann 
Maas William, candymaker, h State K. of Taylor 
Mabbs Augustus, carpenter, bds 72 Jefferson 
Mabbs John, machinist, bds 72 Jefferson 
Maclay James G. (Be Wolf, M. & Quimby)h 92 

MacEwen, ship carpenter cor Halsted and 

MACFARLANE JAMES, grocer, 64 N. "Clark 
Macfarlane Peter* grocer, 64 N. Clark 
Machlett Henry M. h Union nr Madison 
Machts Gotfried, plasterer, h Sedgwick 
Machts Gotlieb, painter, h Halsted N. of 

North av 
Machunsky Alowis, lab, h Townsend nr Whitt 
Mack John A. clerk C. Lamb & Co. h Monroe 

nr Desplaines t 

Mack Larry, lab, h Ontario nr Peyton 
Mack Mrs. Mary, h Jackson bt Clark and 

Mack Thomas, lab, lUinois Stone Dressing Co/ 
Mack Thomas, lab, h Pearson bt Wolcott and 

Mack William, bds Monroe bt Desplaines and 

Mack William, saloon, River near Wabash av 
Mackay Mrs. Johanna, h Liberty nr Buffalo 
Mackay John, lab, h Ohio bt Market and 

Mackey Thomas, lab, h cor^De Kovcn and 

Mackeney John, wagonmaker, h Carroll bt 

Jefferson and Desplaines 
MACK WAY WILLIAM, butcher, Clark S. of 

Macnee William, painter B. F. Chase 
Madden David, lab, h Michigan bt Market 

and Peyton 
Madden John, bricklayer, h 104 HHnois 
Madden Mrs. Mary, h 152 W^ashington 
Madden Michael, lab^ h • cor Dearborn and 

Madden Nicholas, h Mather nr Canal 
Madden Thomas, carpenter, h 70 N. Dearbon 



Maddea Timothy, lab, 116 Madison 
Maddery Christian, gravediggcr, h North ay 
Maddock Patrick, lab, h Lake shore nr Bal- 

lantine's distillery 
Maddy Thomas, confectioner, 154 Washington 
Magee Mrs. Catherine, dressmaker, h 146 Buff. 
Magee Henry, justice of peace, 2 W. Randolph 
Magee Joseph, carpenter, h 146 Buffalo 
Magee James M. bookkeeper Hale & Co. * 
Magee William, sailoi', h Hinsdale bt Market 

and Webster 
' Magie Haines H. (M. & High) h cor Ohio and 

MAGIi: & HIGH) office 108 Lake, up stairs 
Magie William H. (Throop, Learned & M.) 
Magill Charles A. Ontario, Huron & Simcoe 

R. R. office, bds 186 Randolph 
Magill Charles J. agent Ontario, Huron & 

Simcoe R. R. h 14 Ohio 
Magill John W. deputy clerk circuit court, 6 

Court House, bds 186 Randolph 
Magill Julian, h 70 Indiana 
Magner James, fruit, S. W. cor Dearborn and 

Randolph, h 169 Dearborn 
Magiier Jacob, butcher, cor State and Polk, h 

Magner John, lab C. & R. I. R. R. 
Magner Owen, lab, bds Robert Emmett Honse 
Magnerson Lewis J. h 48 Superior 
Magnus Edward, joiner, h N. Wells cor N. ay 
MAGUIRE T. & Co. plumbing, &c. rear 32 

Maher Cornelius, milkman, h Halsted bt Polk 

and Harrison 
Mahan James, lab, h cor Market and Quincy 
Mahar James, lab, h cor Halsted and Thii'd 
Mahar John, lab, h Gri^|«'old nr Polk 
Mahar Pierce, cooper, h GriswoM nr Harrison 
Mahar Thomas, tailor, h Peoria bt Kinzie and 

Maher Hugh, office Clark nr North 
M&her Jeremiah, drayman, h Fulton W. , of 
^ Ann 
Maher John, brewer James Carney 
Maher Leonard, boarding, h N. av 
Maher Michael, St. Louis Hotel cor Clark and 

Maher Michael, lab, leti & Burling 
Maher William, machinist, bds 228 Randolph 
Maher William, lab, h Ontario nr Market 
MAHLA FREDERICK, (German) apothecary, 

899 State 
Mahler Jacob H. harness, fto. 234 Randolph h 

Mahler John, h Harrison cor Wells 
Mahlke Charles, clerk 91 S. Water, h Townsend 
Mahlkie John Henry, clerk 104 Lake, h 68 N. 

Mahny Michael, shoemaker, bds Fulton bt 

Jefferson and Desplaines ' 

liahon David, blacksmith, h cor Chicago ay 

and Market 
Mahoney Daniel, lab, h Pearce nr Desplaines 
Mthoney Mrs. Ellen, h I^iberty nr StAto 

Mahoney James, lab, h Charles nr Wells 
Mahoney Jeremiah, wagonmaker P. Mullio, h 

Owen nr Green 
Mahoney John D. h Sedgewick nr N. ay 
Mahoney John, lab, h Clark nr Market 
Mahoney Martin, inspector of customs, 127 S. 

Mahoney Patrick, lab, h Jefferson bt Polk and 

Mahoney Patrick, sailor, bds 14 Illinois 
Mahoney Roney, lumberman, h Ohio cor 

Mahoney Thomas, sailor, h Quincy nr FrankL 
Mahoney William, drayman, h Quincy near 

MAHONEY WILLIAM, grocer, h Ohio nr 

Mahoney — — , broom maker, bds 8 Buffalo 
Mahony James, lab. Steams & Co. h Charles 

nr Wells 
Mahony Patrick, shoemaker, h Jackson bt Des* 

plaines and Halsted 
Mahony Timothy, h cor Jackson and Desplaines 
Maigerlain Henry, butcher, Market bt Adams 

and Quincy 
Main Joseph, teamster, h Morgan bt Polk and 

Mair Peter, shoemaker, h Butterfield bt New 

and Old 
Mairhoff Henry, h Dirision nr Milwaukee ay 
Maitland David, cl^rk S. A. Ford & Co. h 62 

Maitland John, (M. & Scranton) h Clark bt 

Locust and Oak 
MAITLAND & SCRANTON, commission, 14 

Dearborn, up stairs 
Major John M. physician, h 164 Madison 
Major John, sailor, h 59 Franklin 
Major J. S. physician, h 164 Madison 
Makins John, porter Merchant's Exchange, 

bds James Thomson 
Malcolm Robert, builder, h 86 Erie 
Male James, whitewasher, h 221 Monroe 
Mallett Walter, h 51 Jackson 
Mailman PhiUip, carpenter, h Larrabee 
Mailman Thomas, printer Illinois Staats Zei- 

tung, h Larrabee 
Malloy G. W. traveling agent Mills & Co. 
Malloy John, carpenter, h 193 Adams 
Malloy John, lab, h Shantytown nr Erie 
Malloy Joseph, h Desplaines nr Fort* 
Malloy Joseph, lab, h Third nr Halsted 
Malloy Peter, lab, h Jefferson nr Fourth 
Malloy William, bricklayer, h Shantytown nr 

Mallory Eli H. (Benedict, M. & Famham) 20 

Mallory Michael, lab, h Erie nr Peyton 
Malody James, lab, G. W. Noble 
Malone James, sailor, h Ontario nr Peyton 
Malone Joseph, sashmaker G. W. l^obler 
Maloney David, teamster, h Ann nr Carroll 
Maloney & Co. restaurant, 138 Clark 
Maloney James, drayman, h Lake W. of Ann 



Maloney James, grocer, cor Sampson and Buck. 
Maloney John, drayman, h cor I'ranklin f nd 

Maloney John, lab, h Desplaines bt Fulton and 

Maloney John, lab, h Mather nr Canal 
Moloney Mrs. Sarah, h Fulton bt Union and 

Desplaines • , 

Maloney Solomon, lab* h cor Market and Quin. 
Maloney Timothy, lab, Union Car Works 
Maloney William, drayman, h Peyton 
Maloney William, (M. & Co.) h 133 Clark 
Malony Capt. John, sailor, b Clinton jar Forquer 
Malony Thomas, lab, h Peyton 
Malzacher Louis, h 181 Lake 
Manahan Mrs. Ann^ boarding, h*Desplalnea nr 

Manahan M. lab. Mason & McArthur 
Manahan James, lab, h rear 2 W. Randolph 
Manahan Richard, lab, h Edina S. of Park 
Manahan Thomas, cabinet rooms, 205 Lake, h 

114 W. Monroe 
Mandle Solomon, cl'k 180 Lake, bds 115 Wells 
Mangle John, lab, h Sherman H Harrison and 

Van Buren 
Mangon Michael, lab, h Shanty town nr Peyton 
Mangon Thomas, lab, h Shantytown nr Peyton. 
Mangus Mrs. Chas. h Shantytown nr Chic av 
Manierre Edward, h Michigan av bt Peck and 
• Eldredge cts 
MANIERRE GEORat;, attorney, 84 Dearborn, 

h 170 Michigan av 
Mauley Thomas, lab, h N. Water bt Wells and 

Mauly Richard, drayman, h Polk bt Desplaines 

and Halsted 
Manly Thomas, drayman, h Polk bt Desplaines 

and Halsted * 

Mann David, engineer Mason & McArthur 
Mann Thomas, teamster, h Lake opp. Union 

Mannan Patrick, moulderh Dearborn bt Spring- 
er and North 
ManDlDg Michael, machinist, h Liberty bt State 

and Buffalo 
Manning Patrick, painter Chamberlain & Bro. 
Manning Wal. J. tinsmith, bds Wm. Davenport 
Manning William, brassfinisher 201 Lake 
Maasfield S. tuner Reed & Watkins 
Mansfield Thomas, tailor, h Peoria nr Hubbard 
Mansion House, 35, 37, Kindle 
Mantler Andrew, teamster, h N. Wells nr 

North av 
Mantler George, harnessmaker, bds 228 Rand. 
Manz Jacob, barber, 46 Wells, h same 
ifarble Andrew J. clerk city clerk's office 
Marble Mrs. Anna, h 29 Adams 
Marble S. M. clerk T. George & Co. 
Marble William H. shoemaker Van Dusen & 

Bradley, h 20 S. Jeflfersou 
March John, lab, h Wells bt Jack, and V. Buren 
Marecbal A. music teacher. Exchange Bank 

bdgs, 4 th floor 
MARINE BANK, N. E. cor Lak« and Lasalle 

MARINE HOSPITAL, Michigan av nr Fort 

Dearborn . 
Mark Asman, stonemason, h Cottage Grove nr 

Mark Jacob, brickmaker, h Carpenter nr N. 

Branch river 
Mark Nicholas, wagonmaker, b Desp. nr Mad* 
Markari Peter ; h 50 Chicago av 
Markendahler Michael, shipcarpenter, h Harri- 
son bt Canal and River 
Marker Joseph, lab, h Clark nr Liberty 

Marks Frederick, saloon, cor Mil. av and Sai^ 
MARKS ISAAC & CO. clothing, 187 Lake 
Marks Isaac, (L M. & Co.) h 187 Lake 
Marks Isaac, proprietor Hudson River House, 

262 Clark 
Marks James, (M. & Turner) 
Marks Robert, pedler, h Jefferson bt Polk and 

Marks Samuel^ clothing, 101, 227 Lake, h 156 

Marks & Turner, clothing, 115 Lake 
Markson Butler, clerk, h Desplaines nr Hubb* 
Marley Matthew, boarding, h 11 Riyer 
Marlof John, lab, h Townsend nr Chicago av 
Marn John, lab, h Clark S. of Liberty 
Marone John, lab, h cor Fourth and Desplaines 
Maroney Patrick, lab, h Harrison bt Jeffersojo 

and Clinton 
Marquet William, sash^ door, ^c. h Mitchell bt 

Canal and Lumber 
Marre Joseph, ice cream saloon, Wells nr Mon. 
Marsh Alexander, j[Chapin, M. & Foss.) bds 

cor Canal and Madison 
Marsh C. Carroll, charge Eastern distribution 

post-office, h Hub. ct bt Mich, and Wab. avs 
Marsh Darius, barber, Halsted bt Hubbard and 

Marsh G. F. (S, N. Foote & Co.) 
Marsh J. Leonard, attorney, 3 Odd Fellows' 

Hall, bds L. Marsh 
Marsh Luther, h cor Canal and Madison 
Marsh Sarah E. teacher Chic. Female Seminary 
Marsh Stephen W. Metropolitan Music Store 
Marsh Thomas, policeman, 192 Madison 
Marsh Volney A. clerlji J. B. Dcggett, h 90 

Marsh William H. foreman J. 8. Wright, bds 

70 Monroe 

Marsh --, carpenter, h 70 Superior 

MARSHALL BENJAMIN> aausagemaker, 396 

State, hi 19 Edina 
Marshall & Donormandie, eclectic physicians 
Marshall E. W. assistant public school No. 4 
Marshall George C. bds Myrick's Hotel, Cottage 

Marshall Henry, teamster Neely, Eckley ^ 

Neely, h Jefferson bt Madison and Monroe 
Marshall James A. (J. A. M. & Co.) h 379 

Wabash av ' 

MARSHALL J. A. ^ Co. land agenU and 

auctioneers, 16 Dearborn 




Marshall James D. h cor Third and Green 
Marshall X D. foreman Grey's tannery, h Third 

cor Green 
Marshall John A. clerk 132 Lake 
Marshall J. G. (M. & Steinhaus) h Desplaines 

bt Madison and Monroe 
Marshall J. G. physician and enrgeon, h 84 S. 

Marshall John, whitewasher, h 188 Buffalo 
Marshall J.M. land agent, 8 Metropolitan block, 

bds J. Larmon 
Marshall Jpsiah, hewer, bds L. Chipman 
Marshall Perry, treasurer theatre, h 188 Buffalo 
Marshall & Steinhaus, livery stable, Canal bt 

Ran4olph and Washington 
Marshall Miss S. teacher public school No. 1 
Marshall William, blacksmith C. & R. I. R. R. 

Marshall William, carpenter, 46 W. Lake, h 

Market nr Chicago av 
Marshall William S. clerk P. Palmer & Co. 
Martin Edward, (D. Elston & Co.) bds 86 Edina 
Martin Mrs. Ellen, boarding, h cor Franklin 

and Quincy 
Martin G. tiailor, h Clark bt Spring, and North 
Martin George, cabinetmaker, h Maxwell nr 

Martin George, drayman, h Jefferson bt Jack- 
son and Van Buren 
Martin Henry, painter Barry & Cashing, h 

Jefferson bt Van Buren and Harrison 
Martin James, lab, h Buffalo N. of Liberty 
Martin James, gilder Ferris & Boyd, bds 90 

Martin James, teamster, h Polk nr Rucker 
Martin John, cooper, h Mitchell nr Halsted 
Martin John, hostkr, bds 27j^ Market 
Martin John, teamster, h Randolph nr Sheldon 
Martin J. printer Democratic Press job room 
Martin J. H., L. G. House, h 38 State 
Martin Matthew, blacksmith, h Buffalo N. of 

Martin Michael, teamster, h Randolph nr Sheld. 
Martin Michael, lab, h Union bt Lake and Ful. 
Martin Morris, pedler> bds M. Weinmann 
Martin Miss Nancy, boarding, h Cook nr Jeff. 
Martin N. patternmaker, h Madison bt Union 

and Desplaines 
Martin Patrick, bootmaker, Carpenter bt Polk 

and Taylor 
Martin Philip, groceries. Canal bt Monroe And 

Martin Richard B.. (Clark & M.) bds 249 State 
Martin Richard, carpenter, h Madison W. of 

Martin Timothy, lab, h Liberty bt State and 

Martin Thomas, carpenter, h Hubbard nr Pauli. 
Martin Thomas S. attorney, 16 Dearborn 
Martin Thomas L. painter, h 169 N. Lasalle 
Martin Wm. general freight agt C, B. & Q. R. R. 
Martin William, lab, h Hastings 
Martin William, general freight ag«nt 
Marx William, blacksmith^ h Roberts 

Marwedel" Frederick, cabinetmaker, h cor 

Goethe and Wells 
Marwedel H. T. A. carpenter and architect G* 

& C. U. R. R. 
Masey James, boarding, h Buffalo S. of Twelftii 
Mason Aaron, proprietor Mason House, 266 

Mason Andrew, (Hem & M.) h 318 State 
Mason Carlyle, (M. &McArthur) h 16 N. Des|)» 
Mason Cbarles, paperhanger, 69 Randolph 
Mason Cornelius S. assistant engineer Q-. & €. 
■ U R R 

MASON HOUSE, 266 Clark 

Mason Jacob, engineer, h 346 State 

Mason James P. trunkmaker W. & G. Wrigbt| 

h Halsted bt Washington and Randolph 
Mason John, attorney, 8 N. Clark, h cor Frank- 
lin and Whitney 
Mason John, joiner, bds L. Chipman 
MASON & LAMB, planing mills, Jefferson cor 

Mason Rev. L. B. editor of New Covenant, h 

Tyler bt Wabash and Michigan avs 
MASON & McARTHUR, engine and boiler- 
makers, cor Canal and Carroll 
Mason Nelson, (M. & Lamb) h Washington bt 

Jefferson and Clinton 
Mason Richard, office cor Market and Monroe 
Mason R. B. chief engineer I. C. R. B. 48 

Michigan av 
Mason Thomas, chadrmaker, h Ptairie bt Sang- 
amon and Morgan 
Mason Thomas, police, h Madison nr Market 
MASONIC TEMPLE, Dearborn bt Randolph 

and Washington 

CO.'S office, post-office bdgs 
Massman Theodore, (Hotze & Co.) bds 187 W^ 

Masson Apolina, h Goethe nr Clark 
Master William, painter Reas & Co. 
Masters Mrs. Caroline W. boarding, h 237 Clark 
Masters Charles, at D. Wilson's saloon 
Masterson Barnard, lab, bds T. Shannon 
Masterson Patrick, teamster, h Carroll bt Jef- 
ferson and Desplaines 
Masury John, machini&t, h Union bt Owen and 

Masuth John, shqemaker, h Gurnee nr Polk 
Mates James, lab, h Depuyster nr Halsted 
a^ATHER & CO. forwarding merchants, N. 

Water bt Wells and Clark 
Mather D. W. bookkeeper 246 S. Water 
Mather Hiram F. (Dickey, M. & Taft) bds 109 

Wabash av 
Mather Joseph C. elerk 189 Lake 
Mather Joseph H. moulder, bds 152 State 
Mather M. T. (M. & Co.) h 27 Ohio 
Mather W. F. (M. & Co.) h 154 Michigan 
Mathews James, shipcarpenter, 255 Clark, h 

Ewing bt Desplaines and Jefferson 
Mathie John, locksmith, h Larrabee 
Mathie Peter, lab, h Larrabee 
Mathie W. (Batterman & M.) h 63 Canal 

emoAao dibsctoet. 


B(CA.tlu8 Lflonbert, carpenter, h'^olcottnr Locust Meagher James, bricl^yer, bds 74 Monroe 

liif ftton Mrs. Eliza J. bds A. McConviU 
Matt Jacob, carpenter, h Canal nr Twelftb 
Mattern Fred, tailor,^ 224 Randolph, h same 
MattesoB Andre, bds Mrs. Rickords 
Matteson Mrs. Joseph, h 41 Michigan ay 
Sfatteson Henry K. clerk H. Colbom & Son 
MATTESON HOUSE, cor Randolph and Dear. 
Matthews Cornelius, lab, h Erie nr Peyton ^ 
Matthews Charles H. clerk 136 Lake 
Matthews Jas. shipcarpenter Jordan & Olcott 
Matthews Mrs. Jane, h 53 Edina 
Matthews John, bridilayer, h 123 Ohio 
Matthews Thomas, teamster C. McDonnell, bds 

27J Market 
Matthews Thomas, tea;mster, h 217 W; Rand. 
Matthews Watson, h 11 Adams ' 
MattMas Urbannus, wagonmaker P. Schuttler 
MATZ 0. H. architect, post-office bdgs, 8d floor 
MAULTON JOHN H. boarding, h 112 Ran- 
dolph, 84 floor 
Maiiran Charles, (M. & Wright) bds Clark cor 

MAURAN & WRIGHT, grocers, S. W. cor 

Clark and Madison 
Manrer Theobald, yamisher, h 115 W. Madison 
Mans M. hamessmaker, bds 228 Randolph' 
Max Joseph, jnnk dealer. New DiTision 
Maxwell Henry, carrer and gilder Thos. Sown 

& Co. h Archer road nr Bridge House 
Maxwell J. Warren, salesman 184 Lake 
Maxwell Philip, physician, h 79 Clark 
May Gustavus, boarding, h 80 Wells 
May Robert J. coppersnlith 201 Lake 
Mayer Helman, yinegar manufacturer, cor Ca- 
nal and Jackson 
Mayer J. R. engineer, h 111 Adams 
Mayer Leopold, clerk 59 Wells, h 165 Adams 
Mayer Otto, clerk I. & A. Rnbel, h 230 Madison 
Mayer Philip, (M. & Schmitz) h Clark N. of 

Mayer Philip, h Clark N. of Twelfth 
Mayer & Schmitz, proprietors Liberty House 
Mayerhoffer Adam, bakery, 272 Clark 
Mayle John, wagonmaker, Chicago ay nr Clark, 

h 224 Clark 
Maynard Charles W. clerk 161 Lake 
Maynard J. B. tinner, 231 Lake 
Maynard John, weigher H. Norton & Co. h 81 

W, Washington 
Maynard John, cemmiesion merchant, h 57 N. 

Maynard S. A. physician, h 182 Randolph 
Maynard Mrs. S. A. boarding, h 182 Randolph 
Mayo 0. B. (Joseph Gage & Co,) 
Maypole Tobifls, tinware, 151 J Clark 
Heacham H. H. clerk, h cor Van Buren and 

Meacham Willard, proprietor Clark St. House, 

876 Clark 
Meadowcroft Richard, h cor Lasalle and Erie 
Meadowcroft Robert, ship stores, 248 Lake, h 

Erie nr Dearborn 
Moikgher James, h 74 Monro* 

Mcjagher Joseph, prhrter, bds 74 Monroe 
Meagher Michael, bricklayer, bds 74 Monroe 
Meagher William, bricklayer, bds 74 Monroe 
Meahan Patrick^ butcher, h State bt Halleck 

and Twelfth 
Mean Robert, lab, h 36 N. Water 
MEARS C. & CO. lumber, E. of Einzie bridge 
Mears Charles, (C. M. & Co.) 
Mears Nathan, (C. Mears & Co.) h 67 N. Wells 
MECHLING J. S. & CO, boots and shoes, 165 

Mechling Jonas S. (J. S. M. & Co.) h 54 Rand. 
Model John, butcher, h Clark nr Sheffield's 

coal yard 
Medelnian William, lab, h Larrabee 
MEDICAL COLLEGEt Dearborn bt Indian* 

and IllTnois 
Medill Joshua, (Wright, M. & Co.) 
Meech George A. (Barker, M. & Peck) bds 81 

Michigan ay 
Meeger Frank, works Mason & McArthur 
MEEKER GEORGE W. attorney and U. S. 

commissioner, 108 Lake 
Meeker Mrs. John, h 60 Ontario 
Meeker Joseph, builder, h 165 Clark 
Meere Carroll, lab, h Blanchard's row 
Meerfeld John, turner, h Hurlbut nr Clyb. &T 
Meeter Adder, milkman, h Milwaukee ay nr 

City limits 
Meglade Arthur, bookkeeper J. W. Duncan & 

Co. h Harrison bt Desplaines and Halsted 
Meglade William, clerk J. L. James & Co. h 

Jackson cor Desplaines 
Mehigan John, carpenter, h Van Buren bt 

Desplaines and Halsted 
Meighan William, clerk Joseph Mdghan * 
Mehin John, teamster, h Pearson bt Wolcott 

and Cass 
Mehree W. sign painting, 86 Clark, h 104 Dear. 
Mehring Frederick, proprietor Lake St. House, 

cor Lake and Canal 
Meierding Christ, grocer, h Hastings nr Rucker 
; Meierding Henry, grocer, Williams, h same 
Meierwald Charles, lab, h Mather nr Clinton 
Meighan Joseph, second hand furnishing, 54 

Wells, h same 
Meighan Patrick, porter 204 Lake 
Meikle John, clerk 64 Lake 
Meiller John, carpenter, bds Geo. Schmitt 
Meinch John, cigarmaker, 70 N. Clark, bds 154 

Melngold John, lab, h 174 S. Desplaines 
Meis Francis, bds A. Frays 
Melasky Isaac, tailor, 249 Lake 
Melbem Mrs. washing, h rear 163 Lake 
Melington Michael, grocer, h Jackson bt Cladc 

and Wells 
Melling Peter, joiner Jacob Harris 
MELLEN & CO. news depot, 75 Deari[>oni 
Mellen Reuben M. (M. & Co.) 
Mellinger J. H. eclectic physician, office 2 1ft 

Randolph, h Carpenter bt Lake and Baud. 




Mellor Jolixi, boarding, h Edina S. of Twelfth 
Melmer Peter, oarpenter, h Wolcott 
Meltoo O. (Brown & M.) bds 186 Michigan 
Heftz Frederick, blacksmith Letz & Burling, h 

Ohio bt Clark and Dearborn 
MeWill J. S. bookkeeper 189 and 191 S. Water, 

h 164 N. Clark 
MelyiUe Andrew, gardener, h State iStreet Na- 
tional Garden 
MelyiUe John, clerk, h 164 N. Clark 
Melvin David, baker, h Meridian nr Desplaines 
Melvin Thomas, constable, h 115 Ohio 
Melyin 'William, boarding, h 56 Illinois 
MENDEL EDWARD, lithographer and engra- 

yer, 170 Lake, bds 228 Randolph 
Mendelson Simon, cutter 191 Lake 
Mendsen Edward, carriage trimmer Welch & 

Mendsen J. F. (Welch & M.) bds Lake nr factory 
Mendsen William, clerk, h 226 S. Clinton 
Menicuxi John, plaster statuary, 97 N.Clark, h 

Menstrum Chas. carpenter, h State bt Springer 

and Liberty 
Menz Jacob, lab, h Wright nr Clinton 
Merchant N. L. select school, 85 Ohio 

and Lake 

89 Clark 
Merckle Henry, wine merchant, 889 State 
Mercy Dayid, lab, h State S. of Liberty 
Merganthaler Adam, car-smith, h Tyler cor 

Merganthaler Nicholas, lab, h State bt Polk 

and Taylor 
Mergentheim David, clerk Kelly & Blackburn 
Merkill Willhelm, butcher, 228 Clark 
Mernier John, tailor, 92 W. Washington 
Merriam L. T. (J. S. Short & Co.) bds 128 

Merrick D. E. at Simon Smith & Co. bds N. 

Wells nr Ontario 
Merrifield James M. (M. & French) Buffalo N. 

of Polk 
Merrifield & French, flour and feed, eor Canal 

and Van Buren 
Merrifield James M. (M. & French) 
Merrill A. H. h Jefferson 
Merrill James S. boarding, h Wells nr Harrison 
Merrill Joseph P. bookkeeper Gibbs, Griffin & 

Co. h 71 Indiana 
Merrill Joseph W. boarding, h 16 Kinzie 
Merrill L. T. agent Fairbank & Co. office 197 

8. Water 
Merrill Robert, jr. planing milh, Canal cor 

Carroll, h 199 W. Lake 
Merrill Silas, clerk C. & R. I. R. R. freight off. 
Merrington Francis J. upholsterer, h 172 Buff. 
Merritt John G. clerk 189, 191 S. Water 
Merritt William, sailor, h 247 W. Randolph 
Mertens Peter, shoemaker, cor State and Tay- 
lor, h same 

Mershon John, lumber, bds 78 Edtna 

Merti William, locksmith, h 185 W. Randolph 

Merwin Gnry, (O'Donnell & M.) h 2 Superior 

bt Pine i^nd Sand 
Messer Paul D. clerk J. H. Pearson & €o. eor 

Madison and Market 
Messinger Christian, stonecutter, h Wells nr 

Metcalfe John, secretary Chicago Carriage and 
' Wagon Co. h cor Cottage ay and Ringgold 
Metcalf Nathan W. fur dealer, 246 S, Water, ii 

256 Wabash av 
Metgen Matthias, lab, h Case bt Hinsdale and 


and Randolph. 
Metz Christopher,, hardware, 50, 52 State, h 74 

Metz Frederick, blacksmith Letz & Burling 
Metz Frederick, painter, h Rees 
Metz George, Union Brewery, Welcottnr Scott 
Metz Hermann, lab, h Sedgwick 
Metz Johan, cabinetmaker, h N, of North aT 
Metz L. carriagemaker Ellithorpe, Kline & Co. 
Metz Philip, carpenter, h Division nr Halsted 
Metz Simon, blacksmith, Sedgwick 
Metzger Conrad, saloon and boarding, h 138 W. 

Metzger John, haokman, h 42 W, Lake 
Metzger Otto, bds William Metzger 
Metzger William, butcher. Canal bt Polk and 

Metzler Jacob, lab, h N. Wells nr Cemetery 
Metzner Chas. ploughmaker, bds.228 W. Rand. 
Meville Piere, joiner, h cor Cook and W, Water 
Meyer Mrs. Barbara, h 161 Adams 
Meyer Charles E. (C. £. & C M.) h 92 Wells 
Meyer Charles, blacksmith and wagonmaker, 

cor Milwaukee plank road and Green 
Meyer Charles, clerk H. C. Foster, h 82 Lake 
Meyer Christopher, lab, h Diyision nr Wells 
Meyer Franz, tailor, h cor Wolcott and Maple 
Meyer Fred. V. hardware, 60 N. Clark, h same 
Meyer Frederick, h Sherman bt Harrison and 

Van Buren 
Meyer Henry, tailor W. Clingman & Co. h eor 

Wells and Oak 
Meyer Henry H. (M. & Williams) h 236 State 
Meyer Hubbard, lab, h Williams nr Rolker 
Meyer Jacob, machinist, h 144 W. Kinzie 
Meyer Jacob & Co. boarding, h cor Buffalo and 

Meyer John, barber, 296 Clark, h same 
Meyer John, h Sycamore nr S. Clark 
Meyer John, drayman, h 114 Ohio 
Meyer John, gardener, h Clark bt Division and 

Meyer John, carpenter, h Schiller nr Sedgwick 
Meyer John H. tobacconist, 97 Lake 
Meyer John, lab, h Cedar 
Meyer Joseph, carpenter, h Halsted bt Adams 

and Jackson 
Meyer Julius, caps, 88 K. Clark, h si^me 



Meyer Karl, barber, 19 N. Clark 

Meyer Lewis, eabioetmaker, h Hastings cor 

Meyer Leopold, foreman Letz & Burling 

• Meyer L. F. goldsmith, 146 Wells 

Meyer Metz J. (M. & Co.) h cor Buffalo and 

Meyer Motts, bonsemover, b Arnold nr North 
Meyer Nicholas, brksmith, Butterfield S. of Old 

* Meyer R. A, dye sinker S. D. Childsjr 
Meyer Simon, land agent, Post-Office buildings, 

8d floor 
Meyer Valentine, lab, h Edina N. of Twelfth 
Meyer Victor, cooper, h Clark bt Springer and 

Meyer Welberger, h Wells nr Adams 
Meyer Wendolin, lab, h Lasalle nr Chicago ay 
Meyer & Willins, grocers, 236 State 
Meyers A. tobacconist, 7 Clark 
Meyers Edward, h Wolcottbt Huron and Ontario 
Meyers John, painter Bees & Co. 
Meyers Jos. grave-digger, h Clark nr North av 
Meyers Lewis, cabinetmaker Knibloe & Rugg 
Mayers Martin, painter B. F. Chase 
Meyers Peter, blacksmith, h 8 N. Lasalle 
Meyers Peter, shoemaker Pearson & Dana, h 

N. Dearborn cor Chicago ay 
Meyers Peter, blacksmith, h 82 Superior 
Michael Adam, wagonmaker, h Halsted nr Mon. 
Michael John, lab, h Harmon ct bt State and 

Wabash ay 
Michael Louis, clothing, 247 Lake 
Michael Peter, nailer Mason & McArthur 
Michal Peter, finisher Mason & McArthur 
Michigan Central R. R. Shop, Lake shore N 

of North 

95 Lake cor Dearborn 
MICHIGAN S. & N. I. R. R. OFFICE, 6 Tre- 

mont block 
Michlitz Louis, fancy store, 851 State, h same 
Michlitz Theodore, tinner, 351 State, h same 
Mick W. E. clerk 86 Lake, bds 8 Buffalo 
Mickelson Oliver, moulder M. C. Burrell 
Mickle John, clerk 64 Lake 
Midcap James, lab, h Monroe nr Halsted 
Miehle Frantzolus, mason, h Orchard nr North ay 
Miel Anton, bookbinder, h 247 Madison 
Jllierding Christian, grocer, Hastings bt Rucker 

and Rolker 
Miers Edward, dry goods, 80 N. Clark, h same 
Miers Mrs. Edward, milliner, 80 N. Clark 
Migelir Rudolph, h Prairie ay N. of Rio Grande 
Mikels Foster, farmer, h Erie cor Sand 
Mildenberger John, tailor, h Hurlbut nr Clyb. 
Miles A. F. printer, bds 95 Washington 
. Miles Charles, h 340 State 
Miles Joseph S. clerk 205 S. Water, h State 
Miles James, saloon, M. S. freight depot 
Miles Sam'l, green-grocer, W. Market, h Mor- 
gan bt Polk and Taylor 
Milen James D. boarding, h 168 N. Lasalle 
Millard Joel, cooper, cor Union and Lake, h same 
MOlemami Daniel, carpenter, b 189 Indiana 

Miller Adolj^, saloon, 128 Randolph 

Miller Albion K. clerk 289 Lake 

Miller Alexander, draughtsman and millwrigfai, 

office 48 State 
Miller Alexander, carpenter and joiner, h cor 

Wells and Jackson 
Miller Andrew, (Doolittle & M.}.h.FnIton bt 

Sangamon and Morgan 
Miller Andrew, h 63 N. Wells 
Miller Anton, lab, h Harrison bt State and 

Wabash ay 
Miller A. J. soda fountain, cor Lake and Carp. 
Miller Augustus M. derk 14d S. Water 
Miller Benjamin E. bookkeeper. 47 Clark 
Miller Baltzer, carpenter, h Cass nr Hickory 
Miller Carl, seaman, h Milwaukee plank road, 

nr City limits 
Miller Charles, brassfinisher, h Wells nr Harr. 
Miller Christopher, lab, h 127 N. Clark 
Miller Christopher, propri'tr Milwaukee House, 

112 Ohio 
Miller C. H. J. architect, h 126 N, Clark 
Miller Ernest A. coppersmith, li 144 Indiana 
Miller Franz, h Pearson bt Green Bay and Cass 
Miller Francis, shoemaker, Clark bt Twelfl^ 

and Liberty 
Miller David, ship carpenter, h Cook nr Jeff. 
A|iller David, ship carpenter, h Franklin nr 

Miller DeLaskie, physician, 68 Lake, h 135 

Miller Elias, bds 169 Lake 
Miller & Fowler, attorneys, 44 Clark 
Miller Frederick, lab, cor Northern and Cot- 
tage grove av 
Miller Frederick, carpenter, bds 228 Randolph 
Miller Fred'ck, carpenter, h Superior nr Frank. 
Miller George, lab, h Quinc^ nr Desplaines 
Miller Henry, lab, h cor Peoria and Milwauk. aT 
Miller Henry, coach painter ElUthorpe, Kline 

Miller Henry, cooper, h Clark bt Division and 

Miller Henry G. (Hoyne & M.) bds 66 Michi> 

gan av 
Miller Henry E. mason, h 141 Wells 
Miller Hiram, shingle maker, h Washington nr 

Miller Jacob, bds 20 Quincy 
Miller Jacob, lab, h Clybourn av cor Divisioof 
Miller Jacob J. snuffmaker, h rear 268 Clark 
Miller Jacob, blacksmith, h 88 Indiana 
Miller James, ship carpenter, h cor Prairie a&d 

Miller John carpenter, h Orchard nr* Willow 
Miller John, cabinetmaker J. & A. Liebenst^n 
Miller John, ship carpenter, h Carroll bt Uaion 

and Desplaines 
Miller John, blacksmith, cor Ohio and Franklis 
Miller John, finisher Letz & Burling 
Miller John, lab, h Hinsdale nr the Lake 
Miller John, lab, h Milwaukee av nr City limits 
Miller John, butcher, cor Peoria and Milwao- 




MILLER JOHN Q. land Agent, 114 N. Clark, 

h bame 
MiHer John 0. (M. k Fowler) h cor Randolph 

and May 
Miller Josepk, booia and shoes, 166 Randol|»h 
liCiUer Lennet, tinsmith, 60, 52 State 
ifiUer Lewis, blaoksmUh, bds W. Shafer 
Millar Martin, tailor, h 146 Michigan 
Miller Matthew, saloon, Clark cor N(Nrth ar 
Millw Michael, tailor, h Dearborn bt Elm and 

Miller Michael, maaon, h Larrabee nr Willow 
Miller Nelaon, mason, h cor Townsend and 

MUler Nicholas^ Ub, h Halsted nr North ar 
MiUer Otto, cabinetmaker J. Ranker 
Miller Peter, boots and shoes, 28 Market, h 

Clinton bt Polk and Harrison 
Miller Peter, painter, h 194 Edina 
Miller Reuben M. clerk Williams & Ayery, h 

121 Jackson 
Miller Robert M. carpenter, h 86 Wdcott 
MiUer Watts T. (Ryerson, M. & Co.) 167 W. 

Bliller WUliam, tailor W. CUngman & Co. h 

Desplaines bt Madison and Monroe 
Miller William S. (Ayery, Upham & M.) 198 
^ S. Water 

Miller Wolfgang, carpenter, h Hnrlbut 
Miller W. N. painter Chamberlain & Bro« 
Miliike Max, tailor, h cor Green and Thorn 
MilUken Isaac L. police magistrate, h 154 State 
AfiUUngton Michael, grocer, Clark bt Polk and 
. Taylor 

Millman Mich'l, car'gemaker Welch & Mendsen 

MILLS & CO. dry goods and Yankee notions, 

189 S. Water 
MiUs Daniel H. (M., Bowen & Dillenbeck) 100 

Mills Henry, foreman 209 Lake, h Sherman bt 

Jackson and Van Buren 
.Mills James B. bds City Hc^el 
MILLS JAMES H. lumber commi8si(»i, 146 S. 

Water bds 16 Adiuna 
MILLS JOHN A. proprietor Franklin House 
Mills John R. (J. R. M. & Co.) h cor Madison 

and State 
Mills J. R. & Cq. Yankee notions, 68 Lake 
MiUs Jois. B. carriagemaker ElUthorpe, Kline 

Mille L. L. (M. ^ Co.) bds W. N. Mills 
Mills M. B. printer, bds 155 Dearborn 
Mills B. 1^. B. h V^ State 
Mills Walter N. (M. & Co.) h Adams btLoomis 

and Laflin 
Milner Thomas, builder, h 171 Monroe 
lifiltenberger J. O. iderk J. M. Parker, bds 66 

Michigan ay 
Minard Touisaiat, carpenter, h Bfichigan ay N. 
• of North 
Jtfiner £. H. proprietor Miner's Exchange, S. 

Water cor Michigan ay 

Ming Andrew, lab, h Nerina nr Chicago ay 
Minor L. T. bds Tremont House 
Minwegen Thomas, tailor, h Franklin nr Hins. 
Misener Mortimor C. prater Democrat office 
Mitchell Albert C. baggage master, bds 99* 

Mitchell Andrew, painter T. Lattan, bds cor 

Franklin and S. Water 
Mitchell Mrs. A. h 24 Adams , 

Mitchell Cushlng A. baggage master, bds 9B 

Mitchell Cornelius, clerk 152 Clark 
Mitchell Dayid W. box deliyery clerk post-office 
Mitchell Dayid, lab. III. Stone Dressing Co. 
Mitchell Haryey, barber Clark Street Hou8% h 

Buffalo N. of Polk 
Mitchell Henry A. h 12 Rush 
Mitchell John, carpet manuf. h 200 W. Lake 
Mitchell John, iceman Joy & Friable 
Mitchell J. O. (Robinson & Co.) 90 Dearborn 
Mitchell John 6. cabinetmaker J. Finerty, h 

Jeiferson bt Van Buren and Harrison 
Mitchell Joseph, proprietor Oreye Saloon, cor 

Einzie and W. Water 
Mitchell Mark, joiner, h Kinsde bt Clinton and 

Mitchell Michael, lab, h nr Amer. Car Woite 
Mitchell Patrick, lab, h Williama nr Aberdeen 
MITCHELL R. M. & CO. forwaiding and cott^ 

mission, 192, 194 S. Water 
Mitchell Rich. M. (R. M. M. & Co.)h Miohigan 

ay cor Harrison 
Mitchell Wm. W. (R. M. M. &Co.) h Miehigaft 

ay cor Harrison 
Mitchur Marcus, lab, h N. Water bt Widla «iid 

and Riyer 
Moascheld Jacob, blactemith, h fidina N* of 

Mockel Charles, grocer, 142 Randolph 
Moegenkamp Herman, lab, h Green nr Hickory 
Moeller Martin, clothing, 41 N. Clark 
Moerch Frederick, harnessmaker €1. Leyerena 
Moffatt Julius M. engineer, h Harmon ct bl 

Wabash and Miclyigan ays 
Moffatt M, engineer^ h Owen nr Plank road 
Mogridge R. P. stereotype foundry 
Mohan Christopher, lab, h Clark nr Liberty 
Mohar James, gilder, bds 27^ Mark^ 
MOHR CHRISTIAN, boarding, cor Clai^ and 

Mohr John, saloon, 48 N. (Hat%, h same 
Mobr Juhus, (M. & Kircboff) h 9 N. Clark 
MOHR & KIRCHOFF, storage and commisn^, 

45 Kinzie 
Mold WilMam, lab, h Desplaines nr Hartn««i 
Molder Peter, tanner, h Sherman nr Polk 
Molens Ole, sailor, h Third bt Green and MIHer 
MoUn James, lab, h 58 Superior 
Molke Charles, clerk C. O. Wicker 
Mollentohr Peter, lab, h 184 W. Lake 
Moloney Catharine, h 21 Kinzie 
Moloney Owen, lab, h Charles nr Wells 
Molter Nicholas, blacksmith, North ay 
Melter Peter, maAlstar,. fa Ch^eago ay 



Molton F. tinsmith T. George & Co. , 
Molynx William, boarding, h 45 Canal 
Monan William, lab, h Owen nr Jefferson 
Monaghan John, mason, b Polk nr &oIker 
M<mahan Matthew, lab, h Dearborn bt Spring- 
er and l^orth 
'Monck Mrs. B. washing, h Union bt Lake and 

Honehan James, hkb, h 127 Ohio 
Mong Diderick, cabinetmaker 0. Morgan, h 62 

N. Wells 
Mong Charles L. druggist's clerk, h Ohio bt 

Wells and Franklin 
Monninger Fran^, joiner, h Wells nr DlTision 
MONROE, BROWNSON & CO. whips and ci- 
gars, 159 Lake - 
Monroe George, cigars, 14 N. Clark, bds Ham- 
ilton House 
M<»roe Henry S. (M. & Nicholas) 48 Clark 
Monroe House, 188 Monroe 
Monroe James, shipcarpenter,' h Wol. nr White 
MONROE & NICHOLAS, attorneys, 48 Clark 
Monroe T. C. clerk 102 Lake 
Monschan Peter J. tailor, h cor Wells and Div. 
Montel £. (M., Jeme & Almini) h 84 Dearborn 
MONTEL, JEVNE & ALMINI, fresco paint- 
ers, 80 Randolph 
Montgomery ReT« Alexander, general agei^i 

American Tract Society, h 276 Wabash av 
Montgomery H. H. bds 276 Wabash av 
Montgomery Joseph A. bookkeeper J. H. Beed 

& Co. h 148 Madison 
Montgomery L. W. foreman Ward, Doggett 

Montgomery William P. elerk S. 0. Griggs & 

Co. bds 276 Wabash aT 
Montgomery William, boilermaker, h cor For- 

quer and Jefferson 
Monteney William, 50. State, bds Doty's Hotel 
Monzel Frank, cooper, h Sherman bt Polk and 

Moody , A. T. Spencer & Co. 

Moody J. D. moulder H. P. Moses 
Moody Mrs. Mary, h Division nr Clyboum 
Moody Otrin 0. (Bak«r ^ M.) h Buff^alo bt Har- 
rison and Polk 
Moody Thomas, h Washington cor Oakley 
Mooney Michael, blacksmiUi, 452 State, h same 
MOOB A. M. liquors, 6 Dearborn 
Moor Otto, clerk A. Moor, h 318 Wabash aT 
Moore Adam, iceman Joy & Frisbie 
MOOBE ANTHONY, boarding, h 37 S. Water 
Moore pharles E. mason, 58 Superior 
Moore Charles S^ office 14 Couch's block 
Moore Capt E. mariner, h 278 State 
Moore Mrs. Ellen, h Harrison bt Canal and 

Moore Edson, proprietor Merchants' Hotel 
Moore Garrett, lab, h Wabash bt Halsted and 

Moore George, (M. & CkKHlJohn) h Ann nr 

ICooro & Goo($ohn, carpenters and joiners, 
Randolph bt May and Ana 

Moore George, carpenter, h 44 Carroll 
Moore Henry, fur dealer, 10 Wdls^ h cor Jaek- 

son and Sherman 
Moore H. F. commission merchant, office 14 

Couch's block 
Moore James, Cabinetmaker, h 109 Clinton 
Moore John, boilermaker Mason k MoArthnr, 

h Townsend nr White 
Moore John M. fruit, 182 State, bds same 
Moore John, cabinetmaker Knibloa^ Bugg 
Moore John, carpenter C. & B. I. a.. B. shop, 

h Twelfth nr Blue Iriand av 
Moore John, sailor, h Illinois bt Market and 

Moore Jonas, millinery, 133 Clark, h same 
Moore Nicholas, engineer 0. & G. U. B. B. k 

221 Bandolph 
Moore Bobert, grocer, h Carroll bt Clinton and 

Moore Thomas, headwaiter Sherman House 

Moore U. H. (S & M.) h 164 Monroe 

Moore William, teamster, bds River 
Moore William, bookkeeper 142 Lake 
Moore William, moulder Gt. W. Siser & Co. 
Moore William, siulor, h Sherman bt Polk and 

Mooreland B. E. 68 Dearborn 
Moos John, blacksmith Letz & Burling, k 

Townsend nr White 
Moran Edward, (S. & B. Stout & Co.) 
Moran Elijah, express, cor V. Burenand Frank. 
Moran Martin, blacksmith, h Towns, nr White 
Moran Patrick, lab, h 174 N. Lasalle 
Moran Peter, mason, h Halsted nr Mfl^son 
Moran Boger, expressman, h Wabash ar bt 

Lake and Water 
Moran W. bds 18 Buffalo 
Mordoff Myron, clerk, k Carpenter nr Kinzie 
Morerty Owen, sailor, h Ohio nr Peyton 
Morey George, (Dike Bro. & Co.) 
Morey Henry 0. bookkeeper James & Springer 
Morey Henry, bank clerk, bds 75 Monroe 
Morffit J. C. physician, 47 Clark 
Morfit Andrew, machinist, h 152 W. Lake 
Morfit Walter, saloon, 8 W. Bandolph, h same 
Morford I. H. L. (M. Bros.) bdsB. H. Morford 
Morford Bobert H. (M; Brothers) k Wolcott nr 

Morgan Alexander O. physictan, 55 N. Clark, 

up stairs 
Morgan B. F. clerk 130 Lake 
MOBGAN CALEB, furniture warehouse, 199 

Lake, h 133 Lasalle 
Morgan Francis, delivery clerk post-office 
Morgan F. C. deliyery clerk post-office 
Morgan James, foreman Piatt k Howe, h 15 

Michigan av 
Morgan James, attorney, 14 Metropolitan block 
Morgan Nathaniel, blacksmith, h 79 Illinois 
Morgan Porter J. sailor, h Morgan nr Chic, av 
Morgan Wm. B. lumber agent Stone & Boomer, 

bds L. L. Atwood 
Morgan W. J. pftttenimaker, bds Giirden City 




Morgan William H. clerk Newaygo Company 
Morgenchein Moritz, bookkeeper, h 46 Chic. aT 
Morine James, lab, h Shantjtown nr Ontario 
Morine Peter, porter U. S. Express Co. 
Morissy Edward, saloon, 71 S. Water 
Merley Jno. proprietor Morley House, 61 Kinzie 
Morley Joseph, lab, G. W. Noble 
Morley Robert, bds 61 Eiazie 
Mornin John, lab, h 130 S. Desplaines 
Morony Patrick, distributing clerk post-office, 

bds 84 Einzie 
Morras Walter P. (Bryan, Crocker & M.) bds 

Capt. Johnson 
Morrin Peter, U. S. express office, h 97 N. 

Morrin P. E., M. C. B. R. bds Hamilton House 
Morris Buckner S. attorney, 98 Randolph, h 6 

Morris Edward, taikor, h 68 N. Dearborn 
Morris James H. (GroTCS & M.) Halsted bt 

Lake and Fulton 
Morris John, drayman, h Ohio bt Market and 

Morris Jno. H. mason, h Lake bt Curt, and May 
Morris Mark, h Eorquer bt Canal and Clinton 
Morris Price, clerk T. Savage 
Morris Robert, blacksmith Union Car Works 
Morris Robert H. office 3 Merchants' Exchange 

Morris Samuel, engineer C. & R. L R. R. 
Morris Thomas A. (Veeder, Bro. & Co.) h 71 

Morris Thomas E. conductor 6. & C. U. R. R. 

bds U. S. Hotel 
Morrison Alexander H. (M. & Wallace) 
Morrison & Bailey, builders, alley nr Cla^k bt 

Washington and Madison 
Morrison Daniel, boatman, h Monroe bt Hal- 
sted and Desplaines 
Morrison Ezekiel, (M. & Bailey) h cor Harrison 

and Halsted 
Morrison Edward, trayeling agent Mills & Co. 
Morrison James, (M. M. & Sons) bds 87 Buff. 
Morrison James M. h Harrison bt Halsted and 

Morrison Murdoch, (M. M. & Sons) h 87 Buff. 
Morrison Murdoch W. (M. M. & Sons) bds 87 

Morrison M. & Sons, painters, 389 Clark 
Morrison Orsemus, h cor Harrison and Halsted 
Morrison Thomas, carpenter, h cor Canal and 

MORRISON & WALLACE, lumber, Clark nr 

N. L & M. S. R. R. freight depot 
Morrisy Dennis, lab, h Edina N. of Twelfth 
Morrisy Roger, lab, h Dearborn bt Springer 

and North - 
Morrisy Thomas, h Ewlng bt Desp. and Jeffer. 
Morrisy Wmiam, (Grady & M.) bds 257 Edina 
Morritz Samuel, sailor, h Whitney 
Morrow Jason, clerk Van Olinda & Gale 
Morse Albert, clerk 189 S. Water, up stairs 

20 Clark 

Morse Chancey A. (M. & Voorheis) h 173 Wells 

"Cor Monroe 
Morse Mrs. Hannah M. h Van Buren nr Halsted 
Morse John, h Market nr Monroe 
MOUSE DR. J. C. druggist, 62 Dearborn 
Morse Robert, pedler, h Clinton bt JackaoB 

and Adams 
MORSE & VOORHEIS, jewellers, 126 Lake 
Mortimer Edward, mason, bds Adams bt-Abe^ 

deen and Rucker 
Mortimer William E. mason, h Rdker bt Ja^k- 

son and Adams 
Morton Albert, clerk F. H. Benson & Co. 
Morton Charles, blacksmith, Fulton bt Peoria 

and Green 
Morton George C. (Hilliard, Howard & M.) h 

197 Clinton 
Morton John, tailor, h 146 W. Lake 
Morton Walter D. health bitters, 36 W. Madison 
Moseler Henry, lab, h Illinois bt Market and 

Moseley Flavel, bds Tremont House 
MOSES HIRAM P. Chicago Steam Engine 

Works, h Polk bt Canal and River 
Moser Phillips, mason, h 117 W. Madison 
Moss John, mason, h 42 Pine 
Moton Joseph, carpenter, h 163 Dearborn 
Mott Augustus, taUor, h Schiller nr Wells 
Mould Brooks K. clerk R. G. Green, h Prune 

av S. of Monterey 
Mould J. C. (D. W. Corbin & Co.) h 67 Clark 
Mould W. clerk W. P. Swift & Co. 
Moulton Amasa, moulder, h Douglas a? S. of 

Rio Grande 
Moulton James H. clerk G. W. Sizer & Co. 
MOULTON J. TILDEN, attorney. Saloon bdgs, 

h 180 Washington 
Moulton Joseph T. carpenter, h 188 Wash. 
Moulton L. G. tinsmith, 203 Lake 
Mounteney William, meter-maker, 50, 52 State 
Mouretson Hans, ship carpenter, h Desplaines 

nr Owen 
Moulton William R. clerk M. A. Neef 
Mowry Henry C. clerk 86 Lake 
Moynahan Humphrey, clerk Ely & Durante b 

Jackson nr Wells 
Moynihan Andrew, boarding, h 121 Clark 
Mugler Geo. blacksmith, h Randolph cor May 
Muhlke J. Henry, clerk 104 Lake 
Mnir William T. bookkeeper 113 S. Water 
Mulfinger George L. German methodist minis- 
ter, h Aberdeen nr Adams 
Mulhall John, cooper, h cor Sangamon and Hub. 
Mulhall William, lab, h Einzie nr Reuben 
Mullans Patrick, cooper, Van Buren nr Desp. 
MuUany J. ship carpenter, h 104 Michigan 
Mullen Barney, groceries, cor Wells and Quincy 
Mullen Peter, blacksmith, 11 W. Randolph 
Muehlheims Jacob, bookbinder Braunhold & 

Mnelbers Peter, bVcksmith, Butterfield S. of Old 

Muelber , Union Car Works 

Muelbause -^ — , lab, h cor Twelftik apd Buflyi 
Mueller Ernst, druggist, 852 State^ h same 



Mueller Adolph F. C. (M. & Hawley) h 68 N, 

Mueller Frederick, clerk 96 Randolph 
Mueller George, tailor, h Buffalo S. of Taylor 
Mueller George, city scavenger, h Buffalo N. of 

MUELLER &HAWLE7, attorneys, Saloon bdgs 
Mueller Jacob, baker, h cor Clark and North 
Mueller John A. lager bier saloon, 431 State, 

h same 
Mueller Nicholas, carpenter, h 156 Buffalo 
Muesman Fritz, h 821 State 
Mullen James, lab, h Madison W. of Ann 
Mullen John, shoemaker, h cor Carroll and 

Mullen Joseph, h W. Madison nr Rolker 
Mullen Martin, carpenter, bds 83 S. Water 
Mullen 0. B. sailmakcr Purrington & Scranton 
Mullen Thos. blacksmith, C. & R. I. R. R. shop 
Muller Andrew, lab, h Larrabee jir Willow 
Muller Anton Frederick, quilter, h Townsend 
Muller Charles, tailor, h Wolcott nr Chicago ay 
Muller Christine, h Clybourn av 
Muller Christopher, carpenter, h N. Wells nr 

Muller Ernest, German druggist, 352 State 
Mailer Gustaye, printer 111. Staats Zeitung, h 

825 Clark 
Mailer G. H. beer hall, 128 Randolph 
Muller Jacob, blacksmith, h Townsend 
Muller John, cooper, h Hubbard 
Muller John, machinist C. & R. I. R. R. shop 
Muller John & Co. land agents, 114 N. Clark 
Mailer Martin, cutter Marks & Turner 
Muller Nicholas T. clerk R. K. Swift & Co. 
Muller Nicholas, lab, h Green Bay nr Chic av. 
Muller Peter, carpenter, h Townsend nr White 
Mulligan James A. bds 50 Dearborn 
Mulnex Levin, teamster, hcor Taylor and Hals. 
Mulvehnn William, lab, h Ewing bt Jefferson 

and Clinton 
Mulvey Edward, clerk Schlosser & Newell, bds 

226 Madison 
IkluHey John, h 226 Madison 
Mulvey John E. clerk Mrs. E. J. Higgins 
Mulvey Junius, attorney, 65 Clark 
Munch Egidius, lab, h Robert 
Munchausen August, carpenter, h Fulton bt 

Halsted and Green 
Mundorfer Walter, cabinetmaker J. &. A. Lie- 

Mundwich John, lab, h Townsend nr White 
MUNGER & ARMOUR, storage and commis- 
sion, cor N, Water and Franklin 
Munger Wesley, (M. & Armour) h 96 Erie 
Munson Alvin, machinist, h Milwaukee plank 

road nr City limits 
MUNSON & BRADLEY, stationery and books, 

81 Lake 
Munson Francis, (M. & Bnidley) bds 85 Edina 
Munvany Matthew, tailor, h Clark nr Schiller 
Manzenberger Charles, carpenter, h Roberts 

nr Chicago ar 
Murdoch Milton, drayman, h 128 Buffalo 

MURDOCK JOSEPH, wooden ware, 161 8. 

Water, h Tyler bt State and Wabash 
Murfey W. A., M. S. & N. I. R. R. office, bdB 
. Tremont 

Murper Adam, lab, h Clark nr Division 
Murphy Bartholomew, lab, h Dearborn ' bt 

Springer and North 
Murphy Cornelius, head waiter American Heuae 
Murphy Daniel, blacksmith, h Ewing bt Jeffer- 
son and Clinton 
Murphy Dennis, shipcarpenter, h Chicago Vf 

nr Market 
Murphy Edward, brewery, h Indiana av N. of 

Murphy Edward, lab, Vincent, Himrod & Co. 
Murphy Edward, h Harrison cor Morgan 
Murphy George, lab, h Peyton 
Murphy Hiram A. h 104 W. Madison 
Murphy Hiram P. clerk, bds H. A. Murphy 
Murphy James, boot and shoemaker, h Jack- 
son nr Gurnee 
Murphy James, h Superior cor Franklin 
Murphy James, teamster, h Blue Island av bt 

Polk and Harrison 
Murphy James, clerk, bds 179 Clark 
Murphy James, clerk Goss & Hoag 
Murphy James, carpenter, h Michigan av N. 

of Springer 
Murphy John, drayman, h Jackson bt Des- 
plaines and Halsted 
Murphy John, groceries, cor Canal and Jack. 
Murphy John, lab, h N. Water bt Wells iind 

Murphy John, lab, h Jefferson nr Polk 
Murphy John, shoemaker, h Wright cor Hals. 
Murphy John, lab, h Cottage Grove av S. of 

Rio Grande 
Murphy John, lab, h Erie nr Peyton 
Murphy John, helper C. Reissig 
Murpby John, special collector North Chicago, 

h 128 Huron 
Murphy John T. saloon, cor Market and Mich. 
MURPHY JOHN, tailor, h Van Buren bt Cur- 

tiss and Carpenter 
Murphy John T. grocer, Michigan eor Market 
Murphy Jos. machinist C. & R. I. R. R. shop 
Murphy Martin, mason, h Polk bt De&plainet 

and Halsted 
Murphy Michael, lab, h Polk bt Desplaines and 

Murphy Michael, lab, h Indiana av N. of North 
Murphy Michael B. clerk recorder's office, h 

138 Madison 
Murphy Nicholas, clerk, bds 27} Market 
Murphy Patrick, shoemaker, bds 0. B. Blake 
Murphy Patrick, h cor Erie and Peyton 
Murphy Patrick, blacksmith, h Curtiss nr Hub. 
Marphy Patrick, lab, h Indiana av N. of North 
Murphy Peter, lab, Sherman's brick yard 
Murphy Richard, clerk Briggs & White 
Murphy Thomas, lab, h Michigan av bt Hal- 
lock and Twelfth 
Murphy Thomas, lab, h Forquer bt Clinton an^ 


CHIOAGO directort; 

Morgan William H. clerk Newaygo Company 
Morgenchdn Moritz, bookkeeper, h 46 Chic, av 
Morine James, lab, h Shantytown nr Ontario 
Morine Peter, porter U. S. Express Co. 
Morissy Edward, saloon, 71 S. Water 
Meriey Jno. proprietor Morley House, 61 Kinzie 
Morley Joseph, lab, G. W. Noble 
Morley Robert, bds 61 Kinzie 
Mornin John, lab, h 130 S. Desplaines 
Morony Patrick, distributing clerk post-office, 

bds 84 Einzie 
Morras Walter P. (Bryan, Crocker & M.) bds 

Capt Johnson - 

Morrin Peter, U. S. express office, h 97 N. 

Morrin P. E., M. C. R. R. bds Hamilton House 
Morris Buckner S. attorney, 98 Randolph, h 6 

Morris Edward, taikor, h 68 N. Dearborn 
Morris James H. (Oroyes & M.) Hals ted bt 

Lake and Fulton 
Morris John, drayman, h Ohio bt Market and 

Morris Jno. H. mason, h Lake bt Curt, and May 
Morris Mark, h Porquer bt Canal and Clinton 
Morris Price, clerk T. Savage 
Morris Robert, blacksmith Union Car Works 
Morris Robert H. office 3 Merchants' Exchange 

Morris Samuel, engineer C. & R. I. R. R. 
Morris Thomas A. (Yeeder, Bro. & Co.) h 71 

Morris Thomas E. conductor G. & 0. XJ. R. R. 

bds U. S. Hotel 
Morrison Alexander H. (M. & Wallace) 
Morrison & Bailey, builders, alley nr Cla|:k bt 

Washington and Madison 
Morrison Daniel, boatman, h Monroe bt Hal- 

sted and Desplaines 
Morrison Ezekiel, (M. & Bailey) h cor Harrison 

and Halsted 
Morrison Edward, trayeling agent Mills & Co. 
Morrison James, (M. M. & Sons) bds 87 Buff. 
Morrison James M. h Harrison bt Halsted and 

Morrison Murdoch, (M. M. & Sons) h 87 Buff. 
Morrison Murdoch W. (M. M. & Sons) bds 87 

Morrison M. & Sons, painters, 839 Clark 
Morrison Orsemus, h cor Harrison and Halsted 
Morrison Thomas, carpenter, h cor Canal and 

MORRISON & WALLACE, lumber, Clark nr 

N. I. & M. S. R. R. freight depot 
Morrisy Dennis, lab, h Edina N. of Twelfth 
Morrisy Roger, lab, h Dearborn bt Springer 

and North - 
Morrisy Thomas, h Ewing bt Desp. and Jeffer. 
Morrisy William, (Grady & M.) bds 257 Edina 
Morritz Samuel, sailor, h Whitney 
Morrow Jason, clerk Van Olinda & Gale 
Morse Albert, clerk 189 S. Water, up stairs 

20 Clark 

Morse Chancey A. (M. & Voorheis) li 173 Veils 

'cor Monroe 
Morse Mrs. Hannah M. h Van Buren nr Halsted 
Morse John, fa Market nr Monroe 
MORSE DR. J. C. druggist, 62 Dearborn 
Morse Robert, pedler, h Clinton bt JacksoD 

and Adams 
MORSE & VOORHEIS, jewellers, 126 Lake 
Mortimer Edward, mason, bds Adams bt•Abe^ 

deen and Rucker 
Mortimer William E. mason, h Rolker bt Jack- 
son and Adams 
Morton Albert, clerk F. H. Benson & Co. 
Morton Charles, blacksmith, Fulton bt Peoria 

and Green 
Morton George C. (Hilliard, Howard & M.) h 

197 Clinton 
Morton John, tailor, h 146 W. Lake 
Morton Walter D. health bitters, 36 W. Madison 
Moseler Henry, lab, h Illinois bt Market and 

Moseley Flayel, bds Tremont House 
MOSES HIRAM P. Chicago Steam Engine 

Works, h Polk bt Canal and River 
Moser Phillips, mason, h 117 W. Madison 
Moss John, mason, h 42 Pine 
Moton Joseph, carpenter, h 163 Dearborn 
Mott Augustus, taUor, h Schiller nr Wells 
Mould Brooks K. clerk R. G. Green, h Prairie 

ay S. of Monterey 
Mould J. C. (D. W. Corbin & Co.) h 67 Clark 
Mould W. clerk W. P. Swift & Co. 
Moulton Amasa, moulder, h Douglas ay S. of 

Rio Grande 
Moulton James H. clerk G. W. Sizer & Co. 
MOULTON J. TILDEN, attorney. Saloon bdgs, 

h 130 Washington 
Moulton Joseph T. carpenter, h 188 Wash. 
Moulton L. G. tinsmith, 203 Lake 
Mounteney William, meter*maker, 50, 52 State 
> Mouretson Hans, sliip carpenter, h Desplaines 

nr Owen 
Moulton William R. clerk M. A. Neef 
Mowry Henry C. clerk 86 Lake 
Moynahan Humphrey, clerk Ely & Durant, k 

Jackson nr Wells 
Moynihan Andrew, boarding, h 121 Clark 
Mugler Geo. blacksmith, h Randolph cor Maj 
Muhlke J. Henry, clerk 104 Lake 
Mttir William T. bookkeeper 113 S. Water 
Malfinger George L. German methodist minlB- 

ter, h Aberdeen nr Adams 
Mulhall John, cooper, h cor Sangamon and Hob. 
Mulhall William, lab, h Kinzie nr Reuben 
Mullans Patrick, cooper. Van Buren nr Desp. 
Mullany J. ship carpenter, h 104 Michigan 
Mullen Barney, groceries, cor Wells and Quiney 
Mullen Peter, blacksmith, 11 W. Randolph 
Mueblheims Jacob, bookbinder Braunhold & 

Mnelbers Peter, bVcksmith, Bntterfield S. of(M 

Muelber , Union Car Works 

Muelkause — — , lab, h cor Twelfth t^pd Buftli ^ 
Mueller Ernst, druggist, 852 State^ h same 



MucUer Adolph F. C. (M. & Hawley) h 68 N, 

Mueller Frederick, clerk 96 Randolph 
Mueller George, tailor, h Buffalo S. of Taylor 
Mueller Qeorge, city scavenger, h Buffalo N. of 

MTJELLEB & HAWLE7, attorneys, Saloon bdgs 
Mueller Jacob, baker, h cor Clark and North 
Mueller John A. lager bier saloon, 431 State, 

h same 
Mueller Nicholas, carpenter, h 156 Buffalo 
Muesmau Fritz, h 821 State 
Mullen James, lab, h Madison W. of Ann 
Mullen John, shoemaker, h cor Carroll and 

Mullen Joseph, h W. Madison nr Rolkcr 
Mullen Martin, carpenter, bds 83 S. Water 
Mullen O. B. sailmakcr Purrington & Scranton 
Mullen Thos. blacksmith, C. & R. I. R. R. shop 
Mailer Andrew, lab, h Larrabee nr Willow 
Muller Anton Frederick, quilter, h Townsend 
MuUer Charles, tailor, h Wolcott nr Chicago ay 
Muller Christine, h Clybourn av 
Muller Christopher, carpenter, h N. Wells nr 

Muller Ernest, German druggist, 352 State 
Mailer Gustaye, printer 111. Staats Zeitung, h 

825 Clark 
Mailer G. H. beer hall, 128 Randolph 
Muller Jacob, blacksmith, h Townsend 
Muller John, cooper, h Hubbard 
Muller John, machinist C. & R. I. R. R. shop 
Muller John & Co. land agents, 114 N. Clark 
Muller Martin, cutter Marks & Turner 
Muller Nicholas T. clerk R. E. Swift & Co. 
Muller Nicholas, lab, h Green Bay nr Ohio av. 
Muller Peter, carpenter, h Townsend nr White 
Mulligan James A. bds 50 Dearborn 
Mulnex Levin, teamster, h cor Taylor and Hals. 
Mulvehan William, lab, h Ewing bt Jefferson 

and Clinton 
Mulvey Edward, clerk Schlosser & Newell, bds 

226 Madison 
Mulvey John, h 226 Madison 
Mulvey John E. clerk Mrs. E. J. Higgins 
Mulvey Junius, attorney, 65 Clark 
Munch Egidius, lab, h Robert 
Munchausen August, carpenter, h Fulton bt 

Halsted and Green 
Mundorfer Walter, cabinetmaker J. &. A. Lie- 

Mundwich John, lab, h Townsend nr White 
BfUNGER & ARMOUR, storage and commis- 
sion, cor N. Water and Franklin 
Munger Wesley, (M. & Armour) h 96 Erie 
Munson Alvin, machinist, h Milwaukee plank 

road nr City limits 
MtTNSON & BRADLEY, stationery and books, 

81 Lake 
Munson Francis, (M. & Brietdley) bds 85 Edina 
Munvany Matthew, tailor, h Clark nr Schiller 
Munzenberger Charles, carpenter, h Roberts 

nr Chicago av 
Murdoch ^Iton, drayman, h 128 Buffalo 

MURDOCK JOSEPH, wooden ware, 161 S. 

Water, h Tyler bt State and Wabash 
Murfey W. A., M. S. & N. I. R. R. office, bds 
. Tremont 

Murper Adam, lab, h Clark nr Division 
Murphy Bartholomew, lab, h Dearborn * bt 

Springer and North 
Murphy Cornelius, head waiter American House 
Murphy Daniel, blacksmith, h Ewing bt Jeffer- 
son and Clinton 
Murphy Dennis, shipoarpenter, h Chicago at 

nr Market 
Murphy Edward, brewery, h Indiana av N. of 

Murphy Edward, lab, l^ncent, Himrod k Co. 
Murphy Edward, h Harrison cor Morgan 
Murphy George, lab, h Peyton 
Murphy Hiram A. h 104 W. Madison 
Murphy Hiram P. clerk, bds H. A. Murphy 
Murphy James, boot and shoemaker, h Jack- 
son nr Guraee 
Murphy James, h Superior cor Franklin 
Murphy James, teamster, h Blue Island av bt 

Polk and Harrison 
Murphy James, clerk, bds 179 Clark 
Murphy James, clerk Ck>ss & Hoag 
Murphy James, carpenter, h Michigan av N. 

of Springer 
Murphy John, drayman, h Jackson bt Des- 

plaines and Halsted 
Murphy John, groceries, cor Canal and J'ack. 
Murphy John, lab, h N. Water bt Wells and 

Murphy John, lab, h Jefferson nr Polk 
Murphy John, shoemaker, h Wright cor Hals. 
Murphy John, lab, h Cottage Grove av S. of 

Rio Grande 
Murphy John, lab, h Erie nr Peyton 
Murphy John, helper C. Reissig 
Murphy John, special collector North Chicago, 

h 128 Huron 
Murphy John T. saloon, cor Market and Mich. 
MURPHY JOHN, tailor, h Van Buren bt Cur- 

tiss and Carpenter 
Murphy John T. grocer, Michigan eor Market 
Murphy Jos. machinist C. & R. I. R. R. shop 
Murphy Martin, mason, h Polk bt Desplaines 

and Halsted 
Murphy Michael, lab, h Polk bt Desplaines and 

Murphy Michael, lab, h Indiana av N. of North 
Murphy Michael B. clerk recorder's office, h 

138 Madison 
Murphy Nicholas, clerk, bds 27J Market 
Murphy Patrick, shoemaker, bds 0. B. Blake 
Murphy Patrick, h cor Erie and Peyton 
Murphy Patrick, blacksmith, h Curtiss nr Hub. 
Murphy Patrick, lab, h Indiana av N. of North 
Murphy Peter, lab, Sherman's brick yard 
Murphy Richard, clerk Briggs & White 
Murphy Thomas, lab, h Michigan av bt Hal- 
lock and Twelfth 
Murphy Thomas, lab, h Forquer bt Clinton and 



MorgAA WilUam H. olerk Newaygo Company 
MorgeDchein Merits, bookkeeper, h 46 Chic. aT 
Morine James, lab, h Shantytoini nr Ontario 
Morine Peter, porter U. S. Express Co. 
Morissy Edward, saloon, 71 S. Water 
Morley Jno. proprietor Morley House, 61 Kiniie 
Morley Joseph, lab, O. W. Noble 
Morley Robert, bds 61 Eiazie 
Moniin John, lab, h 130 S. Desplaines 
Morony Patrick, distributing clerk post-offioe, 

bds 84 Einzie 
Morras Walter P. (Bryan, Crocker & M.) bds 

Capt. Johnson 
Morrin Peter, U. S. ezpjress office, h 97 N. 

Morrin P. E., M. C. R. R. bds Hamilton House 
Morris Buckner S. attorney, 98 Randolph, h 6 

Morris Edward, taikor, h 68 N. Dearborn 
Morris James H. (Grores & M.) Halsted bt 

Lake and Fulton 
Morris John, drayman, h Ohio bt Market and 

Morris Jno. H. mason, h Lake bt Curt, and May 
Morris Mark, h Forquer bt Canal and Clinton 
Morris Price, clerk T. Savage 
Morris Robert, blacksmith Union Car Works 
Morris Robert H. office 3 Merchants' Exchange 

Morris Samuel, engineer C. & R. I. R. R. 
Morris Thomas A. (Veeder, Bro. & Co.) h 71 

Morris Thomas E. conductor 6. & C. U. R. R. 

bds U. S. Hotel 
Morrison Alexander H. (M. & Wallace) 
Morrison & Bailey, builders, alley nr Claf k bt 

Washington and Madison 
Morrison Daniel, boatman, h Monroe bt Hal- 
sted and Desplaines 
Morrison Ezekiel, (M. & Bailey) h cor Harrison 

and Halsted 
Morrison Edward, trayeling agent Mills & Co. 
Morrison James, (M. M. & Sons) bds 87 Buff. 
Morrison James M. h Harrison bt Halsted and 

Morrison Murdoch, (M. M. & Sons) h 87 Buff. 
Morrison Murdoch W. (M. M. &, Sons) bds 87 

Morrison M. & Sons, painters, 889 Clark 
Morrison Orsemus, h cor Harrison and Halsted 
Morrison Thomas, carpenter, h cor Canal and 

MORRISON & WALLACE, lumber, Clark nr 

N. I. & M. S. R. R. freight depot 
Morrisy Dennis, lab, h Edina N. of Twelfth 
Morrisy Roger,- lab, h Dearborn bt Springer 

and North • 
Morrisy Thomas, h Ewing bt Desp. and Jeffer. 
Morrisy William, (Grady & M.) bds 257 Edina 
Morritz Samuel, sailor, h Whitney 
Morrow Jason, clerk Van Olinda & Gale 
Morse Albert, clerk 189 S. Water, up stairs 

20 Clark 

Morse Chancey A. (M. & Voorheis) h 178 Welld 

'cor Monroe 
Morse Mrs. Hannah M. h Van Buren nr Hals^d 
Morse John, h Market nr Monroe 
MORSE DR. J. 0. druggist, 62 Dearborn 
Morse Robert, pedler, h Clinton bt Jackson 

and Adams 
MORSE & VOORHEIS, jewellers, 126 Lake 
Mortimer Edward, mason, bds Adams bt* Aber- 
deen and Rucker 
Mortimer William E. mason, h Rolker bt Jack- 
son and Adams 
Morton Albert, clerk F. H. Benson & Co. 
Morton Charles, blacksmith, Fulton bt Peoria 

and Green 
Morton George C. (Hilliard, Howard & M.) h 

197 Clinton 
Morton John, tailor, h 146 W. Lake 
Morton Walter D. health bitters, 36 W. Madison 
Moaeler Henry, lab, h Illinois bt Market and 

Moseley Flayel, bds Tremont House 
MOSES HIRAM P. Chicago Steam Engine 

Works, h Polk bt Canal and River 
Moser Phillips, mason, h 117 W. Madison 
Moss John, mason, h 42 Pine 
Moton Joseph, carpenter, h 163 Dearborn 
Mott Augustus, taUor, h Schiller nr Wells 
Mould Brooks K. clerk R. G. Green, h Prairie 

av S. of Monterey 
Mould J. C. (D. W. Corbin & Co.) h 67 Clark 
Mould W. clerk W. P. Swift & Co. 
Moulton Amasa, moulder, h Douglas av S. of 

Rio Grande 
Moulton James H. clerk G. W. Sizer & Co. 
MOULTON J. TILDEN, attorney, Saloon bdgs, 

h 130 Washington 
Moulton Joseph T. carpenter, h 188 Wash. 
Moulton L. G. tinsmith, 203 Lake 
Mounteney William, meter-maker, 50, 52 State 
>Mouretson Hans, ship carpenter, h Desplaines 

nr Owen 
Moulton William R. clerk M. A. Neef 
Mowry Henry C. clerk 86 Lake 
Moynahan Humphrey, clerk Ely & Durant, h 

Jackson nr Wells 
Moynihan Andrew, boarding, h 121 Clark 
Mugler Geo. blacksmith, h Randolph cor May 
Muhlke J. Henry, clerk 104 Lake 
Muir William T. bookkeeper 113 S. Water 
Mulfinger George L. German methodist minis- 
ter, h Aberdeen nr Adams 
Mulhall John, cooper, h cor Sangamon and Hub. 
Mulhall William, lab, h Kinzie nr Reuben 
Mullans Patrick, cooper, Van Bnren nr Desp. 
MuUany J. ship carpenter, h 104 Michigan 
Mullen Barney, groceries, cor Wells and Quincy 
Mullen Peter, blacksmith, 11 W. Randolph 
Muehlheims Jacob, bookbinder Braunhold & 

Muelbers Peter, bVcksmith, Butt^rfield S. of Old 

Muelber , Union Car Works 

Muelhause — — , lab, h cor Twelfth apd Buffak 
Mueller Ernst, druggist, 852 State, h same • 



MueUer Adolph F. C. (M. & Hawlcy) h 68 N. 

Haeller Frederick, clerk 96 Randolph 
Mueller George, tailor, h Buffalo S. of Taylor 
Mueller Qeorge, city scavenger, h Buffalo N. of 

MUELLER & KAWLEt, attorneys. Saloon bdgs 
Mueller Jacob, baker, h cor Clark and North 
Mueller John A. lager bier saloon, 431 State, 

h same 
Mueller Nicholas, carpenter, h 156 Buffalo 
Muesman Fritz, h 821 State 
Mullen James, lab, h Madison W. of Ann 
Mullen John, shoemaker, h cor Carroll and 

Mullen Joseph, h W. Madison nr Rolkcr 
ilnllen Martin, carpenter, bds 88 S. Water 
Mullen 0. B. sailmakcr Purrington & Scranton 
Mullen Thos. blacksmith, C. & R. I. R. R. shop 
KuUer Andrew, lab, h Larrabee nr Willow 
MuUer Anton Frederick, quilter, h Townsend 
MuUer Charles, tailor, h Wolcott nr Chicago ay 
Muller Christine, h Clybourn av 
Muller Christopher, carpenter, h N. Wells nr 

Muller Ernest, German druggist, 352 State 
Mailer Gustave, printer 111. Staats Zeitung, h 

825 Clark 
Mailer 0. H. beer hall, 128 Randolph 
Muller Jacob, blacksmith, h Townsend 
Muller John, cooper, h Hubbard 
Muller John, machinist C. & R. I. R. R. shop 
>iuller John & Co. land agents, 114 N. Clark 
Muller Martin, cutter Marks & Turner 
Muller Nicholas T. clerk R. K. Swift & Co. 
Muller Nicholas, lab, h Green Bay nr Chic av. 
Muller Peter, carpenter, h Townsend nr White 
Mulligan James A. bds 50 Dearborn 
Mulnex Levin, teamster, h cor Taylor and Hals. 
Mulvehan William, lab, h Ewing bt Jefferson 

and Clinton 
Mulvey Edward, clerk Schlosser & Newell, bds 

226 Madison 
Mulvey John, h 226 Madison 
Mulvey John E. clerk Mrs. E. J. Higgins 
Mulvey Junius, attorney, 65 Clark 
Munch Egidius, lab, h Robert 
Munchausen August, carpenter, h Fulton bt 

Halsted and Green 
Mnndorfer Walter, cabinetmaker J. &. A. Lie- 

Mundwich John, lab, h Townsend nr White 
MUNGER & ARMOUR, storage and commis- 
sion, cor N. Water and Franklin 
Munger Wesley, (M. & Armour) h 96 Erie 
Munson Alvin, machinist, h Milwaukee plank 

road nr City limits 
MUNSON & BRADLET, stationery and books, 

81 Lake 
Munson Francis, (M. & Bradley) bds 85 Edina 
Munvany Matthew, tailor, h Clark nr Schiller 
Munzeuberger Charles, carpenter, h Roberts 

nr Chicago av 
Murdoch iSlton, drayman, h 128 Buffalo 

MURDOCK JOSEPH, wooden ware, 161 S. 

Water, h Tyler bt State and Wabash 
Mupfey W. A., M. S. & N. I. R. R. ofece, bds 
. Tremont 

Murper Adam, lab, h Clark nr Division 
Murphy Bartholomew, lab, h Dearborn 'bt 

Springer and l^orth 
Murphy Cornelius, head waiter American House 
Marphy Daniel, blacksmith, h Ewing bt Jeffer- 
son and Clinton 
Murphy Dennis, shipoarpenter, h Chicago aT 

nr Market 
Murphy Edward, brewery, h Indiana av N. of 

Murphy Edward, lab, Vincent, Himrod & Co. 
Murphy Edward, h Harrison cor Morgan 
Murphy George, lab, h Peyton 
Murphy Hiram A. h 104 W. Madison 
Murphy Hiram P. clerk, bds H. A. Murphy 
Murphy James, boot and shoemaker, h Jack- 
son nr Gurnee 
Murphy James, h Superior cor Franklin 
Murphy James, teamster, h Blue Island av bt 

Polk and Harrison 
Murphy James, clerk, bds 179 Clark 
Murphy James, clerk Goss & Hoag 
Murphy James, carpenter, h Michigan av N. 

of Springer 
Murphy John, drayman, h Jackson bt Des- 
plaines and Halsted 
Murphy John, groceries, cor Canal and Jack. 
Murphy John, lab, h N. Water bt Wells and 

Murphy John, lab, h Jefferson nr Polk 
Murphy John, shoemaker, h Wright cor Hals. 
Murphy John, lab, h Cottage Grove av ^, of 

Rio Grande 
Murphy John, lab, h Erie nr Peyton 
Murphy John, helper C. Reissig 
Murphy John, special collector North Chicago, 

h 128 Huron 
Murphy John T. saloon, cor Market and Mich, 
MURPHY JOHN, tailor, h Van Buren bt Cur- 

tiss and Carpenter 
Murphy John T. grocer, Michigan eor Market 
Murphy Jos. machinist C. & R. I. R. R. shop 
Murphy Martin, mason, h Polk bt Desplaines 

and Halsted 
Murphy Michael, lab, h Polk bt Desplaines and 

Murphy Michael, lab, h Indiana av N. of North 
Murphy Michael B. cl^rk recorder's office, k 

188 Madison 
Murphy Nicholas, clerk, bds 27} Market 
Murphy Patrick, shoemaker, bds 0. B. Blake 
Murphy Patrick, h cor Erie and Peyton 
Murphy Patrick, blacksmith, h Curtiss nr Hub. 
Marphy Patrick, lab, h Indiana av N. of North 
Murphy Peter, lab, Sherman's brick yard 
Murphy Richard, clerk Briggs & White 
Murphy Thomas, lab, h Michigan av bt Hal- 
lock and Twelfth 
Murphy Thomas, lab, h Forquer bt Clinton aii(|i' 
Jefferson - ' 

csfOAOO iHBaioismi* 

Mnrphy Thoa. Ub, (Mo hi Mwrketsnd Pejton 
Murphy Timotby,lab, h Springer bt Dearborn 

ftnd State 
Murray Adam, bds Matieson House 
Murray George, lab, bds 3ohn McCabe 
Murray George, h 865 Clark 
Hurray Hugh, lab, 84 N. Water, h Nevins ur 

Chtoago av 
Murray James, porter Bissell House 
Murray James, butcher. State bt Michigan and 

Murray John, coal and commission merchant, 

N. Clark nr tiie bridge, h 72 Michigan 
Murray John F. chemist Chic. Chem. Works 
Murray John, at James M. Donnelly 
Murray Michael, lab, h Fulton bt J^erson and 

Murray Patrick, boots and shoes, 1 Lmd's 

block, h same 
Murray Robert^ distributing elerk post-office 
Murray Eobert H. (Hammill, Haight & Co.) h 

16 A.dams 
Murray Thomas, brakesman, h Union bt Owen 

and Hurlbut 
Murray Thomas, clerk 115 S. Water 
Murray Thomas, shipcarpenter, h N. Water bt 

Wells and Peyton ' % 

Murray W. lab, H. & 0. Wilson 
Murray William, Uacksmith* 174 W. Randolph, 

h cor Cannon and Parker 
Murray William, blacksmith, Merid. nr Union 
Murray Willett B. agent Butler & Hunt, h 88 

Murray Mrs. Winifred, h Market nr Madison 
Murres Peter, gardener, h Hinsdale nr the Lake 
' Murty John, lab, h cor Desplaines and Lydia 
MusgroTO Jabez, clerk B. K. Swift & Co. h 

Madison nr cor Bolker 
MusgroTC J. S. bookkeeper B. E. Swift & Co. 

h. cor Madison and Bolker 
Musham Mrs. Anna, h 93 Indiana 
Mushrush Michael, proprietor Rhelnthal House, 

292 State v 

Muss John, carpenter, h 42 W. Bandolph 
Mustey Nicholas, lab, h Sher. bt Polk and Tyler 
Mustin Eli, clerk 218 S. Water 
Mutchleckner Adolph, cabinetmaker, h Larra- 

bee nr Willow 
Mutz Anthony, barber, Clark bt Liberty and 

Mut> Ehrhart, lab, h Sherman nr Polk 
Muyhill Patrick, lab, h Jackson nr Halsted 
Muzzy Boliyar, painter, h 177 Canal 
Myer Mrs. Dorothea, h 144 Michigan 
Myer Peter, shoemaker, h 119 N. Dearborn 
Myers A. D. distributing clerk post-office 
Myers Andrew, h Broomer &w nr Chicago ay 
My^*s Conrad, clerk 7 Clark 
Myers & CO. produce and commission, 188 

S. Water cor Wells 
Myers Edw'd, (M. & Co. ) h Wolcott nr Superior 
MTEBS GEORGE, boots and shoes, Milwaukee 

ay nr Fourth 
Myers John, lab, h 68 Fulton 

Adders Jerome, (J. £. S. Poller k Co.) 27 8. 

Myers Joseph, distributing derk post-office • 
Myers Max, physician, 59 Clark, h State bt 

Harmon and Peck cts 
Myers Mrs. washwoman, h 78 W. Randolph 
Myers Niels, carpenter, hBreomer ay nr, Chi- 
cago ay 
Myers Patrick, blacksmith, h alley bt Madison 

and Monroe 
Myers Mrs. Phosbe, millinery, 80 N. C^ark 
Myers Samuel, rectifier and distiller, cor Madi- 

son and Market, bds Garden City House 
Myers Sfimuel, actor Bice's theatre 
Myhofifer Martin, teamster, h Hastings eor 

Myler Patrick, mason, bds 225 Washington 
Myott Patrick, teamster, h 164 N. Lasalle 
Myres Abram, lab, h Liberty bt Buffalo and 

Myrick Willard F. h Cottage Groye ay 
MYBICK'S HOTEL, M. Dodge, proprietor, 

Cottage Groye ay S. American Car Works 

Nabrath C. blacksmith, h cor Milwaukee nr 

and Sangamon 
Naddy Patrick, lab, h Ewing bt Canal and Clint. ' 
Naeckel Charles, stonecutter, bds A. Fay 
Nagel William, lab, h Neyins nr Chicago ay 
Nagele Joseph, saloon, 87 W. Bandolph 
Nagle Frederick B. shoemaker, 71 Wells 
Nagle Michael, drayman, h Ewing bt Clintoh 

and Jefferson 
Nagle Michael, waterman, h Blanchard's row 
Nangle Henry, tailor W. Cllngman & Co. 
Nannie Valentine, statuary, &c. 93 N. Dearborn 
Nantz Henry, tailor, h Wolcott nr Pearson 
Napier Capt. Andrew J. h 78 Jackson 
Napier Capt. Joseph A. harbor master, office 

N. end Wells St. bridge, h 68 N. Wells 
Napier William J. boarding, h 124 Washington 
Naramqre Edward, land agent C. J. Hull, h cor 

Blue Island ay. and Hope 
Nash Ebenezer, cooper, h Desplaines bt Van 

Buren and Harrison 
Nash Henry, tin and coppersmith, h Milwaukee 

plank road nr Halsted 
Nash John, merchant tailor, 80 N. Clark 
Nash Joseph, bookkeeper M. S. B. B. 
Nash S. carriagemaker Ellithorpe, Kline & Co. 
NATIONAL HOTEL, cor Bandolph and Peoria 
Nauhe Julius, lab. h Sherman nr Harrison 
Neafee James, carpenter, bds C. S. Street 
Nebe Charles, drayman, h Hinsdale nr the Lake 
Neal Mrs.* Jane, boarding, h 202 State 
Neeb Nicholas, teamster, h cor Green and White . 
Needham Arnold, boots and shoes, 264 Clark 
Needham P. blacksmith Welch & Mendsen 
NEEF M. A. commission merchant, 242, 244 

S. Water, h 269 Wabash av 
Neefie William, lab, J. H. Pearson & Co» 
Neely Albert, (N., Eckley & N.) 

cjerxcAao i>jsmamt* 

N££LY, EQKLEY & NESLY, forwardiDg and 

commigsion, S. Water cor FrankUa 
Neely A. E. (N., Eckley & N.) 
Kegdl Ernst, tailor, h N. Lasalle bt Oak and 

Negel Henry, tailor W. Olingman & Co. 
Ifeidhardt Hermann, carpenter, h Wcdcott nr 

H«ilson Barber, bds Hubbard nr Besplaines 
Neimann John, lab, h Liberty bt Buffalo and 

Keimeir Frederick, CArpenter, h. 71 Jefferson 
Keimeir William, boarding, h 154 Indiana 
Keisen Lawrence, h 230 Adams 
Nelson Alfred, clothing, 110 Einzie 
Kelson Andrew, h 55 Superior 
Kelson Andrew, sailor, h Carroll bt Besplaines 

and Union 
Kelson Andrew T. clerk, h Erie nr Franklin 
kelson A. H. clerk G. & C. U. R. B. freight 

Kelson Charles, lab, h cor First and Besplaines 
Kelson C. B. (Wm. Blair & Co.) h 135 Lasalle 
Nelson CJharles L. clerk Barker & Johnson 
Kelson Frederick J. attorney, 35 Clark 
Nelson Frederick, sailor, h Hubbard nr Jeff. 
Nelson George W. clerk 133 Lake, bds Colby 

Nelson Hugh, clerk I. C. R. R. bds 80 Mich, av 
Nelson Hugh, h' Wells nr Harrison 
Nelson John, carpenter, h Shantytown nr Chi- 
cago aT 
Nelson John, pesthouse keeper, h Cemetery 
Nelson John, engineer, h Griswold bt Polk and 

Taylor * 

Nelson J. blacksmith Ellithorpe, Kline & Co. 
Nelson John, woodchopper, h 182 N. Dearborn 
Nelson Niels, blacksmith, h 171 N. Lasalle 
Nelson Ole, carpenter, h cor Chicago av and 

Nelson Peter, sashmaker, h 101 N. Dearborn 
Nelson Peter, lab, h Chicago av. opp. Townsend 
Nelson Robert, sailor, fa 211 Market 
Nelson Thomas, shoemaker, h 110 Einzie 
Neper John, gardener, h cor Green Bay and 

Nepis John, lab, h State S. of Harmon ct 
Neslahd^ Israel, lab, h N. Wells nr Cemetery 
Nettleton Henry N. watchman G. & C. U. R. 

Jl. h Sangamon nr Owen 
Nettleton Z. H. traveling ' agent, h Clinton bt 

Polk and Mather 
Neuberger Abi*aham, upholsterer Brown & 

flilliard, h Jefferson bt Harrison and Polk 
NEUBERGER & BROTHER, tobacco, &c. X73 

Randolph cor Wells 
Neuberger Domian, painter, h cor Wolcott and 

Neuberger Hugo, saloon, 37 Franklin, h same 
Neuer John, tailor, h N. Lasalle bt Oak and 

Neuscbwunder Christian, lab, h N. Wells nr 

Neuthann Hubert, lab, h Clark N. pf Liberty 

Nefin John, blacksmith, bds 105 Jackson 
Nevins John, Lab, h Indiana ay opp. 1. 0. R. R. 

Nevins William J fruit store, 183 J Lake 

&c. 281 Lake i 

Newberry Walter L. office N. W. cor Kinzieand 

Wells, h 22 Rush 
Newcomb George W. attorney, 37 Claik, bd* 

*185 Clark 
Newell Elbridge G. (Schloesser & N.) bds 57 

Newell Harmon S. with Rounds, Hudson k 

Ranney, bds 81 Michigan ay 
Newell James, master mechanic C. & M. R. R. 

h Fourth nr Union 
Newell J. J. M. h Fourth nr Jefferson 
Newell John W. goldbeater Veed«r Bro. & Co. 
Newell Mrs. Lucinda E. h 88 Buffalo 
Newell Theodore, (T. N. & Co.) office Wells ht 

Harrison and Polk 
NEWELL T. & CO. lumber, Wells bt Harri- 
son and Polk 
NEWHALL FRANKLIN, fruit, &e. 9 Clark, k 

cor Ontario and Cass 
NEWHALL HARRISON, fruit, 75 Randolph, h 

162 Michigan ay 
Newhouse Henry, canrer, h W. of Reuben nr 

Newhouse James S. office 16 Dearborn, b Wa- 
bash av bt Peck and Eldredge cts 
Newkirk Adamson B. physician, 17 Metropoli- 
tan block, b 149 State 
Newkirk George, bookkeeper 82 Lake 
Newland Christopher, carpenter, h Indiana ay 

S, pf Monterey 
Newland James, sailor, h Ohio nr Peyton 
Newman John, carpenter, h Pearson nr Halsted' 
Newman N. B clerk C. N. Henderson & Co. 
Newman Terrence, boarding, h 129 Wells 
Newton Alexander, ship carpenter Jordan & 

Newton Charles, pailm'ker Rossetter & Pahlman 
Newton EUing, shipcarpenter, h 115 Chic, ay 
Newton George, ropemaker, h Clark nr Schiller 
Newton Mrs. Jane A. bds 62 W. Lake 
Newton Lewis, (Henderson & N.) hG2 W. Lake 
Newton S. h Fourth nr Milwaukee plank road 
Newton William, lab, bds J. Mollor 

Dayisson's bdgs 
NEW YORK & ERIE R. R. office 80 Dearbora 
NEW YORK, HOUSE, 211, 213 Randolph 
Nibbe John, tailor, h Diyision nr Clybourn ay 
Niblo William E. (N. & Rugg) h Clinton h% 

Harrison and Van Buren 
Nibloe & Rugg, cabinetmakers, foot of Twelfth 
Nicholas Robert R. (Monroe & N.) 48 Clark 
Nicholas Stephen, blacksmith, h Liberty h% 

State and Clark 
Nicholes D. C. (D. C. & L J. N.) h 74 Edina . 



ITicholcs P. C. & I. J. attorneys, S. E. cor Clark 

and Randolph 
Nicholes Ira J. (D. C. & I. J. N.) h Edina bt 

Polk and Taylor 
Nichols Re7. D. B. City missionary, 75 Ran- 
dolph, h Sangamon N. of Falton 
Nichols Mrs. Elizabeth, h Owen nr Curtiss 
Nichols George B. foreman Collins & Blatchford 
Nichols H. C. (N. & Keller) 101 Lake 
Nichols Joseph, machinist C. & R. I. R. R. shop 
Nichols & Kezeler, bandboxes, 101 Lake, 2d 

Nichols Lather, capt. watch, h 12 Edina 
Nichols Matthew S. (Davison & N.) 54 Clark 
Nichols Nelson L. bookkeeper C, B. & Q. R. 

R. bds cor Carroll and Sangamon 
Nichols William, miller, h 185 Illinois 
Nichols RcT. W. A. pastor Edward's (Congre- 
gational) Church 
Nicholson Isabella, h 20 Rush 
Nicholson John E. bds 20 Rnsh 
Nicholson Joseph, h 17 Michigan av 
Nicholson Patrick, saloon, 50 W. Einzie 
J^icholsgn Peter, sailor, bds 33 8. Water 
Nicholson Peter A. (Olmsted & N.) h 409 Clark 
Nicholson William, moulder H. P. Moses 

shipping merchants, 2 Hilliard's block 
Nichol James, h 127 Jackson 
Nickerson Patrick, pedler, h Hubbard nr Desp. 
Nickerson Solon, auction and commission, 228 

Lake, h 188 Madison 
Nicol Mrs. Margaret, fancy store 
Niebergal John, tailor, h White 
Niederberger Theodore, h N. ^el\a nr North av 
Niedert Henry, tailor, h cor Elm and Sedgwick 
Nieman Henry, carpenter, h Lasalle bt Elm 

and Division 
Nieman William, cabinetmaker, h Lasalle bt 

Elm and Division 
Niemeyer Geo. carpenter, h Frank, nr Division 
Nies John, tailor, h Townsend nr Chicago av 
Niesheim Iver, painter Union Ca» Works 
Nieson James, blacksmith, bds 145 W. Rand. 
Nieson Nathan, operator A. Hosier 
Niessen Franz, lab, h Green Bay nr Chicago av 
Nietschman Bernard, boarding, h Clark oppo- 
site Goethe 
Nilcs & Parke, commission, 49 Einzie 
Nippold Andrew, joiner, h Desplaines bt Ran- 
dolph and Lake 
Nisbett Rev. Acrchibald, pastor 1st United 

Presb. Church, h cor Monroe and Peoria 
Nish James, h Harrison bt Canal and River * 
Nish John, clerk 109 Lake 
Nissen Lawrence J. J. clerk county clerk's of- 

^ce, 4 Court House 
Nitschcowky Ludwig, tailor, h Division oppo- 
site Lasalle 
Nixon J. C. blacksmith Ellithorpe, Kline & Co. 
Nixon John W. bds Dearborn House 
Nixon Thomas, tinsmith, h Desplaines bt Owen 

and Third , 
Nixon William H. shoemaker 

Noa Lewis, blacksmith, h Quincy E. of Cli^rk 

Noack William, carpenter, h Wells nr Schiller 

Noble C. T. clerk 20 Dearborn 

Noble Geo. W. planing mills, Clinton nr Rand. 

Noble Gilbert C. clerk G. W. Noble 

Noble John, h Fourth nr Noble 

Noble J. C. clerk C. & R. L R. R. general 

freight office 
Noble Rev. L. L. pastor Grace Church, bds H. 

W. Zimmerman 
Noble Samuel, printer, h Sherman nr Y. Buren 
Nockin B. J. proprietor Wisconsin House, 888 

State cor Harrison 
Nockin Charles, proprietor United States Ho- 

tiel, 245 Clark 
Noctin John, lab, h Desplaines bt Harrison aiul 

Noctin Matthew, lab, h,Owen nr Green 
Noet'zell George, lab, h White 
Nolan Henry, lab, h Market bt Pear, and Bins. 
Nolan James, constable, h 108 Eiozie 
Nolan John, lab, h N. Water bt Wells and RiT. 
Nolan John, carpenter Vincent, Himrod & Co. 
Nolan Joseph, lab, h Clark bt New and Old 
N(dan Patrick, grocer, h cor Van Buren and 

Nolan Philip, baker, h cor Third and Halsted 
Nolan Patrick, stonecutter Illinois Stone Drea^ 

sing Co- 
Nolan Thomas, lab, gas works, h 86 Carroll 
Nolty Michael, lab, h Peyton 
Noll Frederick, tanner, h Sherman cor Tyler 
Noll John C. painter, h Milwaukee plank road 

nr City limits 
Noonan Mrs. Margaret, h Griswold nr Harrison 
Noonan John, carpenter, h State bt Halleck 

and Twelfth 
Noonan Mrs. Martin, h 175 N. Lasalle 
Noonan Richard, watchman, h Springer bt 

Clark and Dearborn 
Norboe Lauritz, painter, h Lasalle cor Einzie 
NORCROSS & BAR3T0W, grocers, 355 State 
Norcross Edwin, (N. & Barstow) bds 2 Enight's 

Nordel John 0. tailor, Ohio nr Market 
Nordin Peter J. tailor, h Ohio nr Market 
Nordlind Erick, boarding, h 70 W. Einzie 
Norman John, clerk Ross & Foster 
Nermann Nicholas, lab, h Cass bt Hinsdalt 

and Pearson 
Normille Michael, lab, h 165 Indiana 
Norris Henry D. painter Union Car Works 
Norris Mrs. h 56 Randolph 
Norris' Thomas, lab, h Forquer bt Clinton and 

Norris W. B. machinist C. & R. I. R. R. shop 
Norris William, steamer Superior 

opposite Goetfae 
North Frederick, butcher, h 177 Edina 
North Henry, plasterer, h Green nr Adams 
NORTH MAREET HOUSE, bt Michigan and 

Illinois £. of Clark 



CATE, office 68 Randolph 

Northam Eli, bds 100 Adams 

Norton A. L. policeman, h 181 Randolpb 

NORTON & BRO. lumber yard, cor Lake and 
W. Water 

Norton G. A. attorney, 1 Clark 

Norton Charles A. (M. H. N. & Co.) bds Wash- 
ington Cofifee House 

Norton C. O. blacksmith ITnibn Car Works, h 
Rio Grande S. of South 

Nortdn E. A. boots and shoes, 44 N. Clark 

Norton Eber, . carpenter, h Calumet ay bt Palo 
Alto and Monterey 

Norton George W. carpenter, rear 389 Clark, 
bds 376 Clark • 

Norton George, clerk Ryerson, Miller & Co. 

NORTON H. & CO. forwarding and commis- 
sion, cor River and Dock 

Norton John, lab, h Erie nr Peyton 

Norton John, tailor H. H. Husted 

Norton John A. deputy-sheriff, h Wayman nr 
Union ^ 

Norton Levi D* machinist C. W. Colson 

NORTON M. H. & CO. wholesale grocers, 49 
. S. Water 

Norton Myron H. (M. H. N. & Co.) bds H. S. 

Norton Nathaniel, (N. & Bro.) h 176 W. Wash. 

Norton Thomas, lab, h Michigan cor Market 
, Norwalk Juhn, lab, *h Shantytown nr Chic, av 

Norwood Wm. K. policeman, h Carroll nr Union 

NOWLIN LEWIS, jeweler, &c. 69 Clark, h 148 

Nowlin Michael, carpenter, bds J. W. Horton 

Nowstrey John, butcher, h Wells nr Polk 

Noyes Alonzo, hackdriver, cor Wash, and Wells 

Noyes A. G. collector R. I. R. R. h 82 Griswold 

Noyes Charles, policeman, h 90 N. Clark 

Noyes John, policeman, h 90 N. Clark 

Noyes Lewis, hackdriver, h 167 Wells 

Noyes Miss Mary J. dressmaker, 90 N. Clark 

Nugent John, lab, bds M. Nugent 

Nugent Michael, lab, h William bt Van Buren 
and Harrison i 

Nugent M. brass and copper foundry, cor Mar- 
ket and Washington 

NUGENT PATRICK, auction and commission, 
160 Randolph 

Nugent Timothy, lab, h Hinsdale cor Market 

NuBsbaum John, plasterer, h Lasalle bt Oak 
and Maple 

Nutley Thomas, (N. & Williams) 

Nutley & Williams, painters and glaziers, 127 
N. Clark 

Nutman Christopher, tanner Chicago Hide and 
Leather Co. 

NUTT JOHN, physician, 66 Clark, h Madison 
bt Union and Halsted 

Ni^ttall Thomas, saloon. Canal bt Van Buren 
and Harrison 

Nyland Thomas, lab, h 1 Superior 

Nyman J. C. marine inspector Mercantile In- 
surance Co. 


Oades John, lab, h Meridian cor Union 
Oakason Charles, lab, h cor Cass and Hinsdale 
Oakes Edward W. Oak Tree House, cor Cottage 

Grove av and Palo Alto 
Oakman Walter, engineer, h Indiana bt Frank* 

lin and Market 
Oaks Conrad, lab, h Hastings bt Rucker and 

Oastman Christian, lab, h Milwaukee av nr 

Chicago av 
Oastman Jacob, lab, h Milwaukee av nr Chio* 

ago av ' 

O'Bannon John T. rClagett, O'B. & Honore) 
Obeds Francis, garaener, h State. S. of Liberty 
Obenauer Henry, h 170 N. Lasalle 
Obelt Nicholas, lab, h Clark nr Schiller 
Oberg Conrad, groceries, h cor Green and Lake 
Obergfeldt Frederick, tailor, nr the Lake 
Oberhart Franz, stonecutter, h cor Twelfth and 

Oberhart Franz, stonecutter, h Green Bay n^ 

Obermeier Charles, (Waller & 0.) bds United 

States Hotel 
Oberton Joseph, joiner, bds 14 N. Clinton 
O'Brady Patrick, lab, h Union bt Owen and 

O'Brine Michael, drayman, h Erie bt Franklia 

and Wells 
O'Brien Anthony, boarding, h 94 N. Water 
O'Brien Mrs. Bridget, h 176 N. Lasalle 
O'Brien Mrs. Catherine, boarding, h 24 Kinzie 
O'Brien Charles F. clerk C. & R. I. R. R. bda 

172 State 
O'Brien Daniel, carpenter, h Ewing bt Canal 

and Clinton ' 

O'Brien Dennis, grocer, Kinzie nr Market 
O'Brien Edward, teamster, h Buffalo bt New 

and Old 
O'Brien James, harnessmaker, h N. Water bt 

Wells and River 
O'Brien J. coachpainter Ellithorpe, Kline & C(K 
O'Brien James, boarding, h 11 N. Wells 
O'Brien John, grocer, 192 Washington 
O'Brien John W. draughtsman. 111. C. R. R. h 

Franklin nr Indiana 
O'Brien John, sailor, h Erie nr Peyton 
O'Brien John, iceman Joy & Frisbie 
O'Brien John, carpenter, h Ohio bt Peyton and 

O'Brien John, lab, h Liberty bt State and 

O'Brien John, lab, h Dearborn bt Springer and 

O'BRIEN MICHAEL, blacksmith, cor Franklia 

and Quincy 
O'Brien Michael, tinsmith T. George & Co. 
'O'Brien Michael, grocer, 887 Clark, h same 
O'Brien Michael, lab, h Ontario nr Peyton 
O'Brien Michael, lab, h Desplaines nr Fourth 
O'Brien Morgan, grooeri 16 W. Rand, h ^mv 



O'Brien Mrs. Maiy, h Bnfiklo bt Taylor and 

O'Brien Martin, lab, h Mather bt Clinton and 

O'Brien Martin,, h Desp. bt Owen and Fourth 
O'Brien Morgan, lab, h Desplaines bt Harriaon 

and Van Buren 
O'Brien Patrick, h eor First and Desplaines 
O'Brien Patrick, h Cook bt W. Water and 

O'Brien Samuel, cigar manufacturer, 216 Lake, 

h same 
O'Brien Thomas, painter, h Cottage GroTe ay 

S. of Bio Grande 
O'Brien Thomas, lab, h Erie nr Peyton 
O'Brien Thomas, saloon, 10 State 
O'Brien William, drayman, h cor Randolph 

and W. Water 
O'Brien William, lab, h 50 Carroll 
O'Brien William, h Polk cor Gurnee 
O'Callaghan D. clerk 225 Lake 
O'Connell Mioses A. T. & £. A. milliners, 170 

O'CoDBell B. lab, h Hinsdale nr Lasalle 
O'Connell Mrs. C. h Union bt Lake and Fulton 
O'Connell Daniel, lumber inspector, h Wells 

cor Tyler 
O'Connell John, ship carpenter, h Peyton 
O'Connell Philip, lab, h cor Fulton fuid Union 
O'Connell Thomas, blael^mith, bds 27^ Market 
O'Connell , blacksuith, h cor Morgan and 

O'Connell Timothy, drayman, h 25 Einzle 
O'Connell William, bds C. Welch 
O'Connor Charles, mason, h Huron cor Woleott 
O'Connor Cornelius, tailor, h 127 Wells 
O'Connor Charles, lab, h Sherman nr Tyler 
O'Connor Henry,- lab, h Hope nr Blue Island av 
O'Connor James, lab, h Indiana ay N. of North 
O'Connor James, h 95 N. Clinton 
O'Connor Jeremiah, blacksmith, Randolph bt 

Halsted and Union 
O'Connor Jeremiah, h Fulton bt Clinton and 

O'Connor John, sawyer, h Ontario nr Peyton 
O'Connor John, stonecutter Chicago Stone 

Yard, h Canal bt Monroe ^ja.d Adams 
O'Connor Mrs, John, h 210 W. Randolph 
O'Connor John, blacksmith H. P. Moses 
O'Connor Michael, boarding, h 81 S Water^ 
O'Connor Michael, lab, bds 174 N. Lasalle 
O'Connor Michael, lab, h Edina bt Twelfth and 

O'Connor 0. stonecutter Chicago Stone Yard 
O'Connor Patrick, h Griswold nr Jackson 
O'Connor Patrick, boarding, h N. Water bt 

Wells and River 
O'Connor Thomas, lab, h Sedgwick nr Goethe 
O'Connor Thomas, lab, h Shantytown nr 

Chicago av 
O'Connor Thomas, lab, h Forquer bt Clinton' 

and Jefferson 
O'Connor Timothy, lab, h 19 Quincy 
O'Connor William, bds C. Welch 

O'Connor r~, bricklayer, h Halsted N. of Dxv. 
O'Conrus Patrick, h cor W. Water and Cook 
O'Day James, carpenter, h Desplaines bt LaJu 

and Fulton 
O'Day John, lab, h Union bt Lake and Fulton 
O'Day Michael, lab, h Wells cor Tyler 
O'Day Michael, lab, h Williams bt Curtlss mod 

ODD FELLOWS' HALL, 98 Randolph 
O'Dell Daniel, teamster, h 75 W. Lake 
O'Dell Ilia, painter, h 118 W. Randolph 
O'Donaghue James, justice of peace, 8 K. Clark 

h 118 Ohio 
O'Donaghue James, stonecutter Chicago Ston* 

O'Donaghue Julia, h 247 Monroe 
O'Donnell Cornelius, lab, H. & 0> WilsoB> h 

142 W. Washington 
O'Donnell James, teamster, h 64 Fulton 
O'Donnell John, lab, h Wells nr S. Branch 
O'Donnell Michael, tailor, h Erie nr Market 
O'Donnell M. marble cutter H. & O. Wilson 
O'Donnell & Merwin, carpenters, 4 Superior 
O'Donnell Patrick, lab, h Erie nr Peyton 
O'Donnell T. (O'D. & Merwin) 4 Superior 
O'Dounor Dominick, shoemaker, h 90 W. Rand. 
O'Dowd Michael, stonemason, h Franklin zir 

O'Dwyer Mrs. Hannah, h Ohio nr Peytoa 
Oechel John, white washer, h 806 Clark 
Oehler August, h S. Clark- nr limits 
Oehler Gotfred, shoemaker, h 201 W. Lake 
Gel Matthias, lab, h North av 
O'Farrell Mathias, carpenter, h Buffalo N, of 


O'Farrell , (Knapp k O'F.) h 56 W. Rand. 

Offe Jacob, gardener, eor Clark and Goethe 
Offenlock Paul, blacksmith, h Randolph bi 

Curtiss and Mav 
Office, City Directory, (HaU & Co.) 189 i;«ak« 

cor Wells 
Officer Alexander, lumber, cor Market and 

Monroe, h Jackson nr Wabash av 
OFFICER & BRO. bankers, 154 Lake 
Officer Robert W. (0. & Bro.) h 131 S. Clinton 
Officer S. P. (0. & Bro.) h 133 S. Clinton 
Offord John, engineer, bds J. Mellor 
OGDEN, JONES & CO, land agents, 1, 2, S 

Exchange bdgs, 2d floor 
Ogden Mahlon D. (0., Jones & Co.) h 88 Erie 
Ogden William B. (0., Jones Sl Co.) h Ontario 

bt Cass and Rush 
O'Gorinan John, saloon, &c. i 
O'Gorman Michael, lab, h Carroll bt Clinton 

and Jefferson 
O'Graok George, shipcarpenter, h Fulton bl 

Union and Desplaines 
O'Grudy John, baggagemaster, h Wells nr 

O'Hara Mrs. Anna, h Warren nr Paulina 
O'Hara Daniel, mail agent G. & C. .U. R. R. 

room No. 6 Merchant's Exchange 
O'Hara E. L. druggist, 30 W. Randolph, bd« 

United States Hotel 



0*Hara Rev. Bernard, oor Superior and Bush 
O'Hara Michael, h Bridgeport road nr Sher- 
man's Brick Yard 
'O^Herran Mrs. Ellen, washing, h cor Polk and 

Qhlbury Peter, blacksmith, h 81 W. Madison 
Ohle Gttstavas, boarding, h 273 Clark 
Ohlendorf William, grocer, Wells bt Harrison 

and Polk 
Ohlbants D. wagonmaker, h George nr Elston rd 
Ohlson Jens, Iab,,h 71. N. Dearborn 
Ohr William, shoemaker, h Green nr Division 
0*Keefe Daniel, mason, h cor Peyton and Erie 
0*Keefe Patrick, drayman, h 88 Superior 
O'Eeefe Patrick, builder, h 127 W. Randolph 
, Oiaphant David, turner, h Fourth cor Morgan 
O'Laughlin Daniel, tailor, b 179 Indiana 
< Oleott Orville, (Jordan & 0.) h Van Buren bt 

State and Wabash av 
Olcott William, clerk G. F. Foster 
Old Countryman's Home, Clark bt Taylor and 

Oldershaw Seabrook P. (T. Bown.& Go.) h 4^ 

Oldis Frederick A. general dealer, 4j} N. Clark 
O'Leary Edward, distributing clerk post-office 
Q'Leary Jerry, lab, h Charles nr Wells 
O^Leary Jerry, lab, h N. Water bt Wells and 

O'Leary John, lab, h N. Water bt Wells and 

O'Leary Michael, teacher, h Ontario nr Peyton 
O'Leary Timothy, carpenter, h Peyton 
Olda Orren D. corpenter, h cor Polk and Buffalo 
Oleson B. joiner, h Buffalo S. of Tyler 
Oliver John, salesman Byerson,- MUler & Co. 
Obver John A. h 104 Michigan 
Oliver Mrs. Mary, h Van Buren bt Desplaines 

and Peoria 
Olmsted E. R. pattern maker, bds Mrs. White 
OLMSTED L. D. & CO. dry goods, 142 Lake 
Olmsted Lucius D. (L. D. 0. & Co.) h 52 Erie ^ 
OLMSTED & NICHOLSON, architects, 16 

Dearborn, 8d floor 
Olmsted William B. (0. & Nicholson) h N. E. 

COT Edina and Van Buren 
Oln^stetter Martin, stonecutter, h 90 Wells 
Olson ( -hristian, carpenter, h 155 W. Randolph 
<H8on Charles, cooper, h Fourth nr plank road 
Olson Harvey, h Oweq. nr Desplaines 
Olson Henry, lab, h N. Lasalle nr Oak 
Olson Hias, ship carpenter Jordan & Olcott 
. Olson John, lab, h Hickory 
Olson John; shoemaker, h Einzie bt Clinton 

and Jefferson 
Oisoii Niels, ship carpenter, h Chicago av nr 

jdank road 
OlsoB Ole, shinglemaker, h Owen nr Desplaines 
Olson Samuel, shinglemakeri h Hubbard bt 

Desplaines and Jefferson 
Olson Thomas, shipsmlth W. 0. Snell 
Olson T. boots & shoes, cor Ein^e and Clinton 
O'Malley Charles, justice of peace, 2 N. Clark 
O'MaUey John, boarding, h Peyton nr Oatario 

O'Malley Michael, lab, h Ohio nr Peyton 
0*Malley Owen, boarding, h 77 Einaie 
O'Mara James, boarding, h 71 N. Water 
O'Mara William J. h 45 Buffalo 
O'Marra James, boarding, h N. Water bt Wells 

and River 
O'Marra Michael, lab, h State bt Springer and 

O'Meara Dennis, drayman, h Sheirman nr Taylor 
O'Meara Thomas, lab, h Canal bt Harrison and 

Van Buren 
OMNIBUS OFFICE, (F. Parmalee & Co.) 56 

Omnibus office, (S. B. & M. 0. Walker) 52, 54- 

Dearborn > 

O'Nahan Wm. J. clerk C. & R. I. R. R. works 
O'Neill Arthur, bookbinder, 189 Lake 
O'Neill Christopher, drayman, h Halsted nr 

O'Neill Daniel, lab, h Dearborn bt Springer and 

O'Neill Rev. Edward, St Patrick's Chttfrch, h 

895 S. Desplaines 
O'Neill Henry F. bds Planter's House 
O'Neill H. B. tailor, 77 Randolph 
O'Neill James, h Clark bt Twelfth and Liberty 
O'Neill John, lab, h Dearborn bt Springer and 

O'NEILL JOHN, liquors, 87 S. Water 
O'Neill Joseph, clerk Hurd, Periam & Co. 
O'Neill Michael, lab, h Dearborn bt Springer 

and North 
O'Neill Michael, bds C. McDonnell 
O'Neill Patrick, carpenter, h 128 W. Lake 
O'Neill Patrick, lab, bds John Main 
O'Neill Thomas, carpenter, h Maxwell bt Jef- 
ferson and Halsted 
O'Neill Thomas, cooper, cor Market and Jaekson 
Onions Daniel, r Brooks & 0.) bds 66 W. Madis. 
Onk Gerritt J. lab, h New Division 

S. E. cor State and S. Water 
Oppenhamer & Sole, cigars, 850 State 
Oppenhamer Simon, (0. & Sole) h 85a State 
O'Ragan Rt. Rev. Anthony, h Michigan av cor 

ORCUTT & LEWIS, proprietors City Hotel 
Orcutt William F. (0. & Lewis) City Hotel 
Orchard John T. printer, h IIU N. Clark 
O'Reilly Thomas, carpenter, h Ontario nr Pey. 
Orentz John,'h Hastings nr Rucker 
Organ Garritt, lab, h Ontario nr Peyton 
Organ John, moulder H. P. Moses 
Organ Pierce, moulder H. P. Moses 
0' Riley Jehu, pawnbroker. Wells cor Madison^ 
O'Rourke Matthew, lab, h 2 Superior 
ORPHAN ASYLUM, Michigan av bt South 

e^ Palo Alto 
Orr William, caulker, h 192 Monroe 
Ortleep Henry, stonecutter, h Edina bt Polk 

and Taylor ,. . 

Ortmaier Joshua, tanner, h Pearson nr Halsted 
Ortmann John, ropemaker, h Larrabee 
Ortmann JuUiui, (Stoekley & 0») 



Ortmayer Anton, harneBsmaker, 48 W. Ban- 

dolph, h 152 Randolph 
Ortmeier Joseph, turner Knibloe & Rugg 
Orton Joseph, paperhanger W. £. Otto 
OSBORN, ADAMS & CO. boots, shoes and 

leather, 206 Lake 
Oaborn George W. carpenter, h Habbard bt 

Green and Peoria 
Osbom Henry, merchant tailor, h 116 Madison 
Osbom Henry engineer C. & R. I. R. R. 
Osborn John, (0. & Warrington) h cor Lake and 

Osborn Rey. John Wesley, agent A. T. Society, 
. h cor Chicago av and Reuben 
Osborn k Thurber, builders, cor ^al8ted and 

OSBORN & WARRINGTON, lost bag. agents, 

108 Randolph 
Osborn William, (0., Adams & Co.) h 145 Mad. 
Osborne L. EL clerk 206 Lake, h Wells nr Harr. 
Osborne Lewis G. h 298 Clark 
Osborne Robert W. h Market nr Madison 
Osborne William N. printer S. P. Rounds 
Oseer Gordon P. shlpcarpenter, h cor Peoria 

and Milwaukee av 
0*Shannessy J. J. engraTer, 148 Lake, 8d floor 
O'Sbannessy Michael, saloon, 41 Canal 
O'Shannessy Thomas, lab, h Clark N. of North 
O'Shay Fennis, lab, bds Kanzas House 
O'Shea David, h Charles nr Wells 
Ostendorf William, saloon, cor Clark and Ran* 

dolph, h 171 Washington 
Oster F. W. physician, (German) h 251 Clark 
Osterdie Gottlieb, gardener, h Chicago av nr 

Osterhout Harry, clerk 157 Lake 
Osterhuut Newel F. clerk 239 Lake 
Osterwind Frederick, tailor, h 52 W. Randolph 
Ostrander L. B. conductor 111. C. R. R. h Owen 

nr Carpenter 
Oswald Augustus, clerk 218 Lake 
Otis Asahel, h Indiana av S. of Monterey 
Otis & Co. flour, &c. 392, 394 State 
Otis Harrison G. (0. & Co.) h 392 State 
Otis John V. clerk Bruce & Dobson 
Otis Thomas, (0. & Co.) h 392 State 
O'TooIe Charles, lab, h Ontario nr Peyton 
O'Toole Michael, lab, h Peck ct bt State and 

Wabash av • 

O'Toole Thomas, gardener, h Wolcott bt Supe- 
rior and Chicago av 
Ott John J. teamster, h Pearson bt Green Bay 

and the Lake 
Ott Samuel, tailor, EdinaN. of Twelfth, h same 
Otten Leonard, grocer, cor Bufl^alo anl Polk, h 

Ottignon H. G. prop' tor Ottigoon's Gymnasium 
OTTIGNON'S GYMNASIUM, 94 Randolph, 4th 

Ottmann Charles, woodworker Ellithorpe, Kline 

&Co. ^ 

OTTO AUGUST F. watchmaker and jeweler, 

211 Lake, h 94 Wells 
Otto John, carpenter, h 179 Lake 

OTTO 'WILLIAM £. paperhangings, &c. 09 

Randolph, h 6 Rush 
Outhet J. C. wagonmaker, 118 Franklin, h 244 

OVERHOLTS J. M. physician, cor Clark and 

S. Water, up stairs 
Overmeyer Charles, tanner, h Sherman bt Polk 

and Harrison 
OWEN FRANKLIN D. attorney, 44 Qark, h 

37 Indiana 
Owen Owen, trareling agent Mills & Co. 

Sangamon and Owen 
Owen William, collector, h Canal bt Harrison 

and Polk 
Owens John R. coppersmith, h Rncker cor Polk 
Owens Owen, h Desplaines bt Wash, and Madi. 
Ozenforth Joseph, lab, h Clark bt Tyler and 


Pabe Robert, cabinetmaker Knibloe & Rngg 
Pabst George, clerk 53 Lasalle 
Pabst Gottlieb, groceries, 61 N. Clark, h same 
Packard Malcolm, jr. checkclerk C. & R. L R. R. 

bds M. Packard 
Packard Malcolm, carpenter, h cor Monroe and 

Packe Arnold, blacksmith, h Cass bt Hinsdale 

and Pearson 
Pa^re Joseph, cooper, h Ohio nr Franklin 
Padgett Chas. engineer, h Park av nr Cannon 
Page Francis, (P. & Redell) h 212 Wabash aT 
Page George B. physician, 32 W. Randolpii^ 

bds 126 W. Kinzie 
Page G. W. news depot, under TremOnt House 
Page John L. physician, Post-Office bdgs, bds 
• Tremont Houte 

Page Peter, builder, h 24 Washington 
Page & Redell, builders, State nr Adams 
Page William, clerk 124 Lake 
Pagell John, lab, h Jackson bt Franklin and 

Pagenhard John G. lab, h Hope nr Sangamon 
Pagett Chas. engineer ScoYille, Buschick & Co. 
Pahlman John D. (Rossetter & P.) h 364 

Wabash ay 
Paige Nathaniel, (Sdwyer, P. & Co.) 124 Lak« 
Paine Thomas, grocer, h Jefferson bt Van 

Buren and Harrison 
Painter William, lab, h W^eUs nr Harrison 
Palmer A. B. physician, 63 Lake ^ 
Palmer D. D. proprietor Eastern Exchange, 

cor Twelfth and Clark 
Palmer Elgah, blacksmith Welch & Mendsen 
Palmer Edmund, carpenter, h Blue Island aT 

nr Twelfth 
Palmer Frank A. clerk 144 Lake 
Palmer G. S. bds New York House 
Palmer James, shlpcarpenter, h cor State and 

Rio Grande 
Palmer James, trainmaster M. S. R. R. h 86 




P«liiisr Joi\n, blaoksmithy h 160 Clittton 
Palmer John S. police, h 160 Clinton 
Palmer John* painter, 136 W. Madison 
Palmer John & Co. vinegar, &c. depots 54 

Palmer J. L. clerk 75 Randolph 
Palmer John R. clerk J. S. Wright 
Palmer J. W. clerk W. H. Sampsonj bds 

Merchants' Hotel 
PALMER P. & CO. dry goods and carpets, 

137 Lake 
palmer Potter, (P. P. & Co.) 137 Lake 
Palmer Robert, bonnet bleacher, 83 N. Clark 
Palmer Sigfield, pedler, h Halsted nr Kinzie 
Palmer Thomas, lab, h Green Bay road 
Palmer W. V. clerk 137 Lake, h 48 Superior 
Palmer William X. lab, h Randolph bt Car- 
penter and Curtiss 
Paltzcr Mathias, (Shelby & P.) 124 Wells 
Pantle Robert, gardener, h Harrison nr Halsted 
Paoli Dr. G. C. 142 Lake, 3d floor, h 48 

Pape F. physician^ h 217 Edina 
Papel Charles, cabinetmaker, Wells nr Adams 
Papendick Andrew, farrier, h Wells nr Division 
Pardee James, clerk Mather & Co. 
Pardee Josiah, h 116 Edina 
Pardee J. N. clerk 64 Lake 
Parish James, police, h cor Division and N. 

Parish John, maltster Garden City Brewery . 

Parish , (P., Kidder & Co.) 

PARISH, KIDDER & CO. hardware, 120 N. 

Park C. H. foreman carpenter's shop Illinois 

& Wis. R. R. 
Park Harrison C. commission, J. R. Hngunin's 

o^ce, h 194 Madison 
Park John D. clerk 100 Randolph 
Park William 0. (Niles & P.) h 64 Buffalo 
Parker Abraham, machinist, h Union nr Third 
Parker Alexander, bookkeeper Parmalee & Co. 
Parker B. groceries, Sherman bt Harrison and 

Van Bnren 
Parker Benjamin, h 123 Edina 
Parker Charles S. tinner I. & A. Rubel 
Parker Daniel G. (P. & Elwell) bds cor Har- 
rison and Edina 
Parker D. L. at Piatt & Howe's stable 
Parker Henry, physician, 144 Lake 
Parker James H. clerk 64 Lake 
Parker Jeremiah W. boarding, 131 State 
Parker John, Garden City Brewery, 115 Dear- 
born, h 186 Clark 
PARKER J. M. conveyancer, 11 Metropolitan 

Parker Theodore, boekkeeper 50 State 
Parker Thomas I?. (Ingram & Co.) bds Mrs. 

Parker Thomas, headwaiter at Bissell House 
Parker T. Sylvester, h Washington bt Ann and 

Parker Thomas, office 111 Lake, h 166 W. 

PARKINS, HARPER & CO. civil^ and gas 

engineers, 192 Lake, up stairs 
Parkins Henry, (P., Harper & Co.) 
Parks Calvin C. (Huntington, Wadsworth & P.) 

h 90 Lasalle 
Parks Mrs. Delia, boarding, h Wayman bt 

Union and Halsted 
Parks Mrs. J. W. boarding, h 94 Michigan 
Parks Robert H. clerk 167 S. Water 
Parmelee Charles, painter, h Canal nr Wright 
Parmalee P. & Co. omnibus line, office l)otj*§ ^ 

Parmalee Frank, (P. P. & Co.) h 118 State 
Parmelee Frederick E. R. R. conductor, h 12V 

Parrin Michael, sailor, h Market bt Pearson 

and Hinsdale 
Parry Richmond H. mason, h Fulton cor Peoria 
Parsons Augustus, bds 93 Clark 
Parsons Edward, gloves and mittens, h cor 

Clinton and Washington 
PARSONS & HOWE, attorneys, 48 Clark 
Parsons James A. (Reynolds, E}y & Co.) b^s 

Briggs House 
Parsons John B. teller R. K. Swift & Co. 
Parsons L. F. carriagemaker Welch & Mendsen 
Parsons Mrs. dressmaker, h 157 Washington 
Parsons Myron C. (P. & Howe) 48 Clark, 3d 

Partridge Henry, compiler City Directory, 1^9 

Pasce Charles, cutter E. B. Hurd 
Pasdelonp Francis, 59 Clark, up stairs 
Pates Henry, drayman, h 47 N. Clark 
Patmor John A. (J. A. P. & Son) bds Sherman 

Patmor J. A. & Son, proprietors Sherman 

Patmor John W. (J. A. P. & Son) 
Patrick J. foreman machine shop Illinois & 

Wis. R. R. 
Patrick Joseph, barber, h N. Water E. of Wells 
Patrick Joseph, maltster Lill & Diversy 
Patrick Miss Maria L. teacher public school. 

No. I. bds G. H. Bliss 
Patrick Milton S. (Jones & P.) h cor State and 

Patten James, blacksmith, h Clinton bt Jackson 

and Adams 
Patterson David, plumber, h Meridian nr Union 
Patterson Elizabeth, h Depuyster nr Halsted 
Patterson Henry E. h 103 Clark 
Patterson James W. treasurer M. S. freight- 
office, h Michigan av bt Twelfth and Fenn. . 
Patterson John, boarding, h Madison cor Union 
Patterson J. W. h 158 Clark 
Patterson Rev. Robert W. pastor 2nd Presby- 
terian Church, b(^s 5 Van Buren 
Patton John M. paperh anger, h 76 Buffalo 
Paul Eli, day police, bds 226 S. Clinton 
Paul Giles, teamster, 1! Polk bt Desp. and Hal. 
Paul Henry, cabinetmaker, h N. Welb bt 

Division and Whitney 
Paul Marks, lab, h 68 Fulton 


CfHIOAGO directort; 

Morgan William H. olerk Newaygo Company 
Morgenchein Moritz, bookkeeper, h 46 Chic. aT 
Morine James, lab, h Shantjtown nr Ontario 
Morine Peter, porter U. S. Express Co. 
Morifisy Edward, saloon, 71 S. Water 
Meriey Jno. proprietor Morley House, 61 Kinzie 
Morley Joseph, lab, G. W. Noble 
Morley Robert, bds 61 Kinzie 
Mornin John, lab, h 130 S. Desplaines 
Morony Patrick, distribnting clerk post-office, 

bds 84 Kinzie 
Morras Walter P. (Bryan, Crocker & M.) bds 

Capt Johnson 
Morrin Peter, U. S. express office, b 97 N. 

Morrin P. K., M. C. R. R. bds Hamilton House 
Morris Buckner S. attorney, 98 Randolph, h 6 

Morris Edward, tai>or, h 68 N. Dearborn 
Morris James H. (Oroyes & M.) Halsted bt 

Lake and Fulton 
Morris John, drayman, h Ohio bt Market and 

Morris Jno. H. mason, h Lake bt Curt, and May 
Morris Mark, h Porquer bt Canal and Clinton 
Morris Price, clerk T. Savage 
Morris Robert, blacksmith Union Car Works 
Morris Robert H. office 8 Merchants' Exchange 

Morris Samuel, engineer C. & R. I. R. R. 
Morris Thomas A. (Veeder, Bro. & Co.) h 71 

Morris Thomas E. conductor 6. & 0. U. R. R. 

bds U. S. Hotel 
Morrison Alexander H. (M. & Wallace) 
Morrison & Bailey, builders, alley nr Cla^k bt 

Washington and Madison 
Morrison Daniel, boatman, h Monroe bt Hal- 
sted and Desplaines 
Morrison Ezekiel, (M. & Bailey) h cor Harrison 

and Halsted 
Morrison Edward, trayeling agent Mills & Co. 
Morrison James, (M. M. & Sons) bds 87 Baff. 
Morrison James M. h Harrison bt Halsted and 

Morrison Murdoch, (M. M. & Sons) h 87 Buff. 
Morrison Murdoch W. (M. M. & Sons) bds 87 

Morrison M. & Sons, painters, 889 Clark 
Morrison Orsemus, h cor Harrison and Halsted 
Morrison Thomas, carpenter, h cor Canal and 

MORRISON & WALLACE, lumber, Clark nr 

N. L & M. S. R. R. freight depot 
Morrisy Dennis, lab, h Edina N. of Twelfth 
Morrisy Roger, lab, h Dearborn bt Springer 

and North * 
Morrisy Thomas, h Ewlng bt Desp. and Jeffer. 
Morrisy William, (Grady & M.) bds 257 Edina 
Morritz Samuel, sailor, h Whitney 
Morrow Jason, clerk Van Olinda & Gale 
Morse Albert, clerk 189 S. Water, up stairs 

20 Clark 

Morse Chancey A. (M. & Voorheis) h 178 Wells 

"cor Monroe 
Morse Mrs. Hannah M. h Van Buren nr Hals^ied 
Morse John, h Market nr Monroe 
MORSE DR. J. C. druggist, 62 Dearborn 
Morse Robert, pedler, h Clinton bt Jackson 

and Adams 
MORSE & VOORHEIS, jewellers, 126 Lake 
Mortimer Edward, mason, bds Adams bt- Aber- 
deen Mid Rucker 
Mortimer William E. mason, h Rolker bt Jajck- 

son and Adams 
Morton Albert, clerk F. H. Benson & Co. 
Morton Charles, blacksmith, Fulton bt Peoria 

and Green 
Morton George C. (Hilliard, Howard & M.) h 

197 Clinton 
Morton John, tailor, h 146 W. Lake 
Moiton Walter D. health bitters, 36 W. Madison' 
Moseler Henry, lab, h Illinois bt Market and 

Moseley Flayel, bds Tremont House 
MOSES HIRAM P. Chicago Steam Engine 

Works, h Polk bt Canal and River 
Moser Phillips, mason, h 117 W. Madison 
Moss John, mason, h 42 Pine 
Moton Joseph, carpenter, h 168 Dearborn 
Mott Augustus, taUor, h Schiller nr Wells 
Mould Brooks K. clerk R. G. Green, h Praine 

ay S. of Monterey 
Mould J. C. (D. W. Corbin & Co.) h 57 Clark 
Mould W. clerk W. P. Swift & Co. 
Moulton Amasa, moulder, h Douglas ay S. of 

Rio Grande 
Moulton James H. clerk G. W. Sizer & Co. 
MOULTON J. TILDEN, attorney. Saloon bdgs, 

h 180 Washington 
Moulton Joseph T. carpenter, h 188 Wash. 
Moulton L. G. tinsmith, 208 Lake 
Mounteney William, meter-maker, 50, 52 State 
Mouretson Hans, ship carpenter, h Desplaines 

nr Owen 
Moulton William R. clerk M. A. Neef 
Mowry Henry C. clerk 86 Lake 
Moynahan Humphrey, clerk Ely & Durant, h 

Jackson nr Wells 
Moynihan Andrew, boarding, h 121 Clark 
Mugler Geo. blacksmith, h Randolph cor May 
Muhlke J. Henry, clerk 104 Lake 
Muir William T. bookkeeper 118 S. Water 
Mulfinger George L. German methodist minis- 
ter, h Aberdeen nr Adams 
Mulhall John, cooper, h cor Sangamon and Hub. 
Mulhall William, lab, h Kinzie nr Reuben 
Mullans Patrick, cooper. Van Buren nr Desp. 
Mullany J. ship carpenter, h 104 Michigan 
Mullen Barney, groceries, cor Wells and Quincy 
Mullen Peter, blacksmith, 11 W. Randolph 
Mueblheims Jacob, bookbinder Braunhold 9k 

Muelbers Peter, bVcksmith, Butterfleld S. of Old 

Muelber , Union Car Works 

Mnelbause -~ — , lab, h cor Twelfth apd BufftU» 
Mueller Ernst, druggist, 852 State, h same- 



MneUer Adolph F. 0. (M. & Hawley) h 68 K. 

Mueller Frederick, clerk ,96 Randolph 
Mueller George, tailor, h Buffalo S. of Taylor 
Mueller Qeorge, city scavenger, h Buffalo N. of 

MUELLER & HAWLEt, attorneys, Saloon bdgs 
Mueller Jacob, baker, h cor Clark and North 
Mueller John A. lager bier saloon, 431 State, 

h. same 
Mueller Nicholas, carpenter, h 156 Buffalo 
Muesman Fritz, h 821 State 
Mullen James, lab, h Madison W. of Ann 
Mullen John, shoemaker, h cor Carroll and 

Mullen Joseph, h W. Madison nr Rolker 
M alien Martin, carpenter, bds 88 S. Water 
Mullen 0. B. sailmakcr Purrington & Scranton 
Mullen Thos. blacksmith, C. & R. I. R. R. shop 
Muller Andrew, lab, h Larrabee nr Willow 
MuUer Anton Frederick, quilter, h Townsend 
Muller Charles, tailor, h Wolcott nr Chicago ay 
Muller Christine, h Clybourn av 
Muller Christopher, carpenter, h N. Wells nr 

Muller Ernest, German druggist, 352 State 
Muller Gustave, printer 111. Staats Zeitung, h 

825 Clark 
Muller G. H. beer hall, 128 Randolph 
Muller Jacob, blacksmith, h Townsend 
Muller John, cooper, h Hubbard 
Muller John, machinist C. & R. I. R. R. shop 
>£uller John & Co. land agents, 114 N. Clark 
Muller Martin, cutter Marks & Turner 
Muller Nicholas T. clerk R. K. Swift & Co. 
Muller Nicholas, lab, h Green Bay nr Chic av. 
Muller Peter, carpenter, h Townsend nr White 
Mulligan James A. bds 60 Dearborn 
Mulnex Levin, teamster, h cor Taylor and Hals. 
Mulvehnn William, lab, h Ewing bt Jefferson 

and Clinton 
Mulvey Edward, clerk Schlosser & NewfeU, bds 

226 Madison 
Mulvey John, h 226 Madison 
Mulvey John E. clerk Mrs. E. X Higgins 
Mulvey Junius, attorney, 65 Clark 
Munch Egidius, lab, h Robert 
Munchausen August, carpenter, h Fulton bt 

Halsted and Green 
Mnndorfer Walter, cabinetmaker J. &. A. Lie- 

Mundwich John, lab, h Townsend nr White 
MUNGER & ARMOUR, storage and commis- 
sion, cor N, Water and Franklin 
Munger Wesley, (M. & Armour) h 96 Erie 
Munson Alvin, machinist, h Milwaukee plank 

road nr City limits 
MTTNSON & BRADLEY, stationery and books, 

81 Lake 
Munson Francis, (M. & Bradley) bds 85 Edina 
Munvany Matthew, tailor, h Clark nr Schiller 
Manzenberger Charles, carpenter, h Roberts 

or Chicago av 
Murdoch Milton, drayman, h 128 Buffalo 

MURDOCK JOSEPH, wooden war«, 161 S. 

Water, h Tyler bt State and Wabash 
Murfey W. A., M. S. & N. I. R. R. office, bds 
. Tremont 

Murper Adam, lab, h Clark nr Division 
Murphy Bartholomew, lab, h Dearborn ' bt 

Springer and North 
Murphy Cornelius, head waiter American Heuse 
Murphy Daniel, blacksmith, h Ewing bt Jeffer- 
son and Clinton 
Murphy Dennis, shipoarpenter, h Chicago av 

nr Market 
Murphy Edward, brewery, h Indiana av N. of 

Murphy Edward, lab, Vincent, Himrod & Co. 
Murphy Edward, h Harrison cor Morgan 
Murphy George, lab, h Peyton 
Murphy Hiram A. h 104 W. Madison 
Murphy Hiram P. clerk, bds H. A. Murphy 
Murphy James, boot and shoemaker, h Jack- 
son nr Guraee 
Murphy James, h Superior cor Franklin 
Murphy James, teamster, h Blue Island av bt 

Polk and Harrison 
Murphy James, clerk, bds 179 Clark 
Murphy James, clerk Goss & Hoag 
Murphy James, carpenter, h Michigan ay N. 

of Springer 
Murphy John, drayman, h Jackson bt Des- 

plaines and Halsted 
Murphy John, groceries, cor Canal and Jack. 
Murphy John, lab, h N. Water bt Wells and 

Murphy John, lab, h Jefferson nr Polk 
Murphy John, shoemaker, h Wright cor HaU. 
Murphy John, lab, h Cottage Grove av S. of 

Rio Grande 
Murphy John, lab, h Erie nr Peyton 
Murphy John, helper C. Reissig 
Murphy John, special collector North Chicago, 

h 128 Huron 
Murphy John T. saloon, cor Market and Mich. 
MURPHY JOHN, tailor, h Van Buren bt Cur- 

tiss and Carpenter 
Murphy John T. grocer, Michigan cor Market 
Murphy Jos. machinist C. & R. I. R. R. shop 
Murphy Martin, mason, h Polk bt Desplaiaes 

and Halsted 
Murphy Michael, lab, h Polk bt Desplaines and 

Murphy Michael, lab, h Indiana av N. of North 
Murphy Michael B. clprk recorder's office, k 

138 Madison 
Murphy Nicholas, clerk, bds 27} Market 
Murphy Patrick, shoemaker, bds 0. B. Blake 
Murphy Patrick, h cor Erie and Peyton 
Murphy Patrick, blacksmith, h Curtiss nr Hub. 
Murphy Patrick, lab, h Indiana av N. of North 
Murphy Peter, lab, Sherman's brick yard 
Murphy Richard, clerk Briggs & White 
Murphy Thomas, lab, h Michigan av bt Hal- 
lock and Twelfth 
Murphy Thomas, lab, h Forquer bt Clinton anc) 



Phi%S|JBarBfti^, city \ratch, . h Jeffersop. bt 

C9^rrm and Fulton 
Phillips Charles B. h 104 Adams 
PHILIilPS ^ CO. wKolesAle cloika, &c. ^ST 

S. Water 
PHILLIPS & CO. packers, 9 Lind's block 
Phillips Fran^iSy comnmaker W. T. Woodson 
Phillips Gardner, hKinzie bt Green a|id Peoria 
Phillips Edward, fa;rmer, h Forquer cor Desp. 
PhiUips Henry, (P. & Co.) h Fulton bt Sanga- 
mon and peoria 
Phillips Hubert R. conductor C. ^ Bf I. B. B. 

h79, 81 Michigan ay , 
PH^.LIPS JOHN, chainnaker, h Union bt 

Hubbard and Kinjsle 
ttbiftips John H. (E. T. Watkins & Co.) bds 

!Branont House 
Phillips John, h Ann nr Fulton 
Phillips John B. superintendent J. Phillips, h 

Owen cor Peoria 
Phillips J. M. chair painter, bds J. Phillips 
jPhillips k Johnston, produce and commission, 

opp. 111. & Wis. B. B. depot 
Phillips Bobert, dry goods, 38 N. Clark, h 88 

N. Wells 
Phillips Theodore F. (P. & Co.) h Erie cor 

PhiUips W. S: turner, bds John Phillips 
Phillips William B. (Goss & P.) bds 374 Clark 
Phillips William L. (P. & Johnston) h Sanga- 
mon bt Hubbard and Owen 
Philmot Joseph, carriagemaker,h Carpenter nr 

Philp William, lab, h Liberty nr State 
Phinnessy Michael, lab, h Ontario nr Peyton 
Pickel Veit, lab, h Cass bt Hinsdale and Pear. 
Pichl Mrs. C. h 1&2 W. Bandolph 
Pickard A. £. assistant bookkeeper Journal 

office, bds 57 Bandolph 
Pickering John W. (Clark & P.) h 28 Clinton 
Pickering Thomas, bookkeeper C. & B. I. B. 

R. 94 Bandolph 
Pickett DaTid, lab, h Shanty town nr Erie 
Pickett Henry, lab, h Division 
Pickett William, plasterer, h 74 W. Lake 
Pieper William, (Batterman & P.) 
Pierce Anson, carpenter, h Saogamon bt Ban^ 

dolph and Lake ' 

Pierce Benonia, clerk J. B. Doggett 
Pierce Edwin, h Madison nr Carpenter 
Pierce J. Irving, steward Matteson House 
Pierce Joseph, wagonmaker Bandolph nr JefF. 
Pierce John, carpenter, h Canal bt Van Buren 

and Harrison 
Pierce Lewis, wagons, &c 167 W. Baodolph, 

h same 
Pierce Levi D. h 89 Dearborn 
Pierce Levi.L. currier, Chicago Hide and Leath- 
er Co. 
Pierce Michael, blacksmith, cor Union and Mil- 
waukee plank road 
Pierce Owen, h cor Wright and Union 
Pierce Sanford, carpenter, h cor Owen and Mpr. 
Fiorce W. L. at Matteson House 

Pierdoaon 3. lab^ h Jfourth nr Mjilwai^se filuik 

Pierson John, sa^or,. h 118 W. Bandolph 
Pierson Stephen N. tailor, h cor Lake aiid Amur 
Piese George, joiner, h Boberts 
Piggott Thomafl.maltster) h Town^endnr Wnbittt 
Pike J. H. salesman 197 Lak& 
Pike B. W. policeman, bds 7 N. Wells, 
Pike William H^ policeman, h Quincy bi Clack 

and Wells 
Pilate John, oarpenteir, h Creswell nr' Poljk; 
Pilgrim Casper, turner,, h Morgan bt ^ttl^oil 

and Carroll 
Pilgrim Henry, turner, h Mather bt Caaal and 

Pillsbury Benjamin, boarding, h 153 Dearborn 
Pindar John ^. clerk 104 Lake, bds 155 Dear. 
PINKEBTON & CO. detective police ag^ocy, 

89 Washington 
Pinkerton Allan, (P. & Co<) b 74 Van Buven 
Pinkerton Bobert^ book agent G. & C. U, B. B. 

bds A. Pinkerton 
Pinter John, lab, h Wolcott nr Locust 
Pinter Peter, lab, h Wolcott cor Hinsdale 
Pinney Elijah T. boarding, h Michigan aT 
Pinney Gaylord, riulroad cond'tor, h 50 Adams 
Pinney H. G. (Hibbard & P.) h 74 Van 3urm 
Piott David, machinist H. P. Moses 
Piper Chiarles, lab, h Shantytown nr Ohio, ^t 
Pipho Henry, proprietor European Hotel 
Piser Jacob, clothing, 261 Clark 
Piser M. clothing, 221, 223 Lake, h 39 FrsAk. 
Pitkin Alfred H. (P. & Bro.) bda US Wab. av 
PITKIN & BRO. hardware. 111 S. Water 
Pitkin George E. bds 77 Indiana 
Pitkin James M. salesman 111 S. Watez 
Pitkin S. G. printer 55 Clark 
Pitkin Mrs. S. h 77 Indiana 
Pitkin WilUam. T. (P. & Bro.) h 113 Wabaekai 
Pitkin Wesley, h 189 N. Lasalle 
Pitney Aaron, homoeopathic physician, 124 

Lake, h 107 Michigan ay ; 
Pitney Franklin V. boots and shoes, 52 Clark, 

h 87 Jackson 
Pitney James, skipcarpenter Jordan & Olcott 
Pitt Henry T. foreman Chapman & Atwood 
Pitt Thomas,^ mason, h Green bt Adams and; 

Pitt William, sawyer, h Green bt Adams aa<| 

Pittard Vile, blacksmith, h 83 N. Dearboim 
Pitts A. y. finisher, bds H. A. Pitts 
PITTS tl. A. manuf. agricultural implements, 

Bandolph W. of Jefferson, h 23 & Jefferson 
Pitts J. L. clerk H. A. Pitts, bds same 
Pitts M. H. foreman H. A. Pitts, bds sam« 
Pissarro Edwin, cutter Jenkg^ Beers, h Wash- 
ington nr S^tate 
Place George W. engineer C. & B. I. B. B< 
PLAISTED k ROCKWELL, tanners and wool 

dealers, 74 S. Water 
Plaisted James J. (P. & Bockwell) 74 S. Watec 
PLANTER3' HOUSE, Rand. S. W. cor Wells 
Planthaber Henry, masofa, h Third nr Morgan 

on^A^ j^fEis&ioikti 

Plaske Jioseph) joiner, h Hinsdale nr Green Bay 

Plaske Bobert, carpenterj h Matber nr Canal 
Platenius F. pocketbook manufactory, &7 Wells 
Plathe Rev. G. H. pastor German Catholic 

Church, cor Clark and Polfc 
Piatt & Howe» livery stable, 9% 101 Randolph 
Piatt Jacob F. (8. Eeev© & Co.) cot Wells and 

Harrison ^ - 

Piatt E. G. shipcarpenter, h Besplaines cor 

Piatt Lawrence M. (P. & Howe) h 119 Clark 
Piatt Robert, shipcarpenter, h Third nr Hals. 
Platsche Andrew^ lab, h Orchard nr North av 
Platze John, lab, h Mitchell nr Jefferson 
Plowmati James, painter, h Cottage Grov^ av 

bt Palo Alto and Monterey 
^ummetr Enoch, plasterer, h Kinzie bt Des- 

plaines and Jefferson 
Plmnmer Peter, h Buffalo N. of IVdfth 
PLYMOUTH CHURCH, S. W. cor Madison 

and Dearborn 
Poegal John, tinsmith W. Wheeler & Co. 
Poehler Albert, lab, G. J. Pmssing 
Poehlman Jobn, cabinetmaker, h Adams cor 

Poehler Charles, teamster G^ J. Pmssing 
Poetke Henry, blacksmith, h cor Chicago av 

and Williams 
Pohle Rudolph, tanner, h Cass bt Pearson and 

Ohieago av 
Pohlman E. D. clerk Eastern Exchange 
POINIER J. PEARSON, lightning rods, Ein- 

lie nr Wells 
Poinier J. H. carpenter, h 78 Van Buren 
Polensky Frederick^ tailor, h 122 Franklin 
Pollard John K. (Smith & P.) h cor. Washing- 
ton and Tyler 
F4>llo6k Joseph, grocer, State bt Polk and 

POLLOCK L. J. fniit, &o. 92 Dterbom, h 146 

Ponaeroy A. B. planer^ bds 170 Michigan 
Pomeroy E. L. (S. B. P. & Co.) h Indiana av 

bt New and Old 
POMEROY S. B. & 00. forwarding and com- 
mission, 130 to 146 S. Water 
Pomeroy Edward, bds Briggs House 
Ponieroy Sam'l B. (S. B. P. & Co.) bds 96 Clark 
P^ncelot AdolpbuB, Bel^an Consul, h 76= N. 

P.otid G«orge H. sailor, bds 94 Michigan 
Ponseby Patrick^ Jab, h 160 W. Lake 
Pontius George, shoemaker Pearson & Diana , 
Pontius John, shoemaker, h- Sedgwick 
Poock Henry, lab, h Miller nr Chicago av 
Pool Jasper, h Adams nr Wells 
Pool Manning S. clerk T. Newell & Co. 
Pool John, carpenter H. A. Pitts 
Pooh» Charles W. machinist Union Car Works 
Poole Thomas, h 317 Clark 
Pope Wniard S. civil engineer 0. & C. U. Ri R. 
Popp Leonard, boarc^ng, h 64 N« Water 
Poppe JokD, boarding, h 116 N. Clinton 


Porter Henry H. clerk' (J. & <3i m 'R. R* IM^ 

: A. Harvey 

Porter Hibbard, h 208 Claric 

iPortew Frederick M» wood detatler, hMorgan^bti 

Lake and Fulton 
Porter William, carpenter,' k ll.Cass - 
Potth Charles, tailor, h 217 Monroe 
Portz Henry, lab, h North av 
iPossel Ferdinaody lab, h^Divisira bt Clark' afid 
i LasallO' 

Portmann Jacob, carpenter, cor Chicago ava&d 
: Sedgwick 

Portmann JOhn, boarding h-12 N. Dearborn 
Pott Chs^istopher^ ^oemSterjh Third lu* Carp. 
Potter Alexander, carpenter, h Cottage GroNre 

av S. of South 
Potter George W. h Halsted bt Mad. and Wott, 
POTTER & VINCENT, groceries^ &te. 81 W. 

Potter Eben M. baggagemasterC^lR. I. R;R. 
Potter M. P. (P. & Vincent) 
rottgieser Gierbert, boarding,^ 871 State- 
Pottie Lewis, boarding, h 13 N; Clark 
Potzel Conrad, cigarmaker, h alley nr Ran- 
dolph bt Franklin and Wells 
Poulson & Eriokson, boots and sh'oes, 119 Clark) 
Powell Charles F. tinsmith^ 203 Lake 
Powell Edward, teamster, h Polk bt Halsted' 

and Desplaines 
Powell James, clerk M: C. R. R. freight office, 

h Indiana av 
Powell John, clerk 10 Ni Clark, h 73 N. Dear. 
Powell John, h Polk bt 'Desplaines and Halsted^ 
Powell John, composition roofer, h Buffalo bt 

Taylor and Twelfth 
Powell John P. cabinetmaker, h cor Harrisb^n 
: and Wells 
Powell Lawrence, shipcarpenter, h Quincy nr 

Powell Mrs, Maria, dressmaker, 10& Edina 
Powell Samuel, ticket clerk C, B. & Q. R. R. 

bds 4 Knight's bloek 
Powell Thomas W; clerk recorder's office 
Powell William, teamster, h Polk bt Desplaines- 

and Halsted 
Power Adam, tailorjh Wells nr Harrison 
Power Jacob, lab, h. Wells bt Jackson and Vam 

Powers Henryj clerk Lake House 
Powers Mrs. Bridget, h cor Jefferson and Ew* 
Powers E. currier Chic. Hide and Leather Co. 
Powers John, carpenter, h YHiitney bt Market 

and Franklin 
Powers Lawrence, lab, h Peyton 
Powers Margaret J. boarding, h 11 River 
Powers John, lab, h Dearborn bt Springer and 

Powers Michael, lab, Vincent, Hhnrod & Co. 
Powers Patrick, drayman, h 65 Edina 
Powers Pft.trick, lab, Vincent, Hilmrod & Co. 
Powers Pierce, drayman, bds 56 Edina 
Powers Thomas, foundiyjnan, h cor Williams 

and Loomis 
Powers WilHam, xjooper, bShiaitrfcdwa nr JESrie 




Powers wmiam T. (X H. Pearson & Co.) 
powitzky Ludwig, carpenter, h WUliams bt 

Loomis and Laflin 
Powlie WiUiam, bricklayer, h 119 N. Clark 
PBAIRIE FABMEB, office 171 Lake 
Prame Marquis, teamstor, h Williams bt Loomis 

and Laflin 
Prange L. & F. blacksmiths, 827 State 
Pratt Charles C machinist H. P. Moses 
Pratt Cyrus N. baggage master M. S. K. B. h 

261 St&te 
Pratt F. A. bookkeeper 143 Lake 
Pratt Marion F. clerk 141 S. Water 
Pratt John, salesman Chapin, Marsh & Foss, h 

142 S. Desplaines 

Pratt John, teamster, h bt Hals. & Desp. 

Pratt Mrs. M. boarding, h Hubbard cor Green 
Pratt Newell, student Higgins, Beckwith & 

Strother, bds 119 Clark 
Pratt N. M. clerk 246 Lake 
Pratt S. C. oculist, 58 Lasalle 
Pratt William, clerk Chapin, Marsh k Foss, h 

Monroe nr Halsted 
Pratte Jacob, cigars, &c. 60 Dearborn 
FratjEer Antoine, porter 208 Lake 
Preis George, mason, h Clyboum nr Diyision 
Preiss Rudolph, carpenter, h Rucker nr Eley. 
Prendergast Jeremiah, constable, h 160 Indiana 
Pendergast Thomas G. justice of peace, 7 N. 

Clark, h Diyision bt Clark and Lasalle 
Prendiyille Capt. John, h 101 Chicago ar 
PrendiTiUe Mrs. C. h Wolcott nr Chicago ar 
Prendiyille Redmond, h cor Chicago ay and 

Prentice Henry L. clerk H. Whitaker, h 800 

Prescott £. S. agent canal lands, 159 Lake, h 

cor Illinois and Cass 
Prescott F. C. salesman 110 Lake 
PBESCOTT & BASCOM, produce and com- 
mission, N. W. cor Lasalle and N. Water 
Prescott J. B. (P. &. Bascom) bds 139 Illinois 
PRESTON & CO. exchange brokers, 46 Clark 
Preston Dayid, (P. & Co.) bds American House 
Preston Isaac, boilermaker, h 71 S. Desplaines 
Preston John, piano manufacturer, h 22 Kinzie 
Preston J. W. (Hyde & P.) 
Pribble Silas M. saddler, h Harrison E. of Clark 
Price Cornelius, mason, h 226 Wabash ay 
Piice Edward, liyery stable, h 82 Erie 
PRICE & FISHER, lumber dealers, S. Branch 

nr Union Car Works 
Price Bobert P. clerk American House 
Price Samuel H. {P. & Fisher) 
Price Thomas, drayman, h Curtiss bt Bandolph 

and Washington 
Price William, mason, h 870 Wabash ay 
Price William, h Washington av cor Paulina 
Prickett George W. grates, &c. 118 Clark 
Priestley Howard, land agent, bds* 75 Monroe 
Priestley, Henry, clerk, h 10 N. Desplaines 
Primes Fred, lab, h cor N. Wells and Schiller 
Prime . Ed^iSrd, liquors, 135 W. Bandolph 
Pxince Sineon, lab» M. C. B. B. h 52 Lake 

Prince William H. policeman, h 75 Ohio 
Prindle Charles J. box 1777 post-office 
Pringle Thcnnas P. watchmaker S. Hoard & Go« 

h 51 Edina 
Printer Nicholas, lab, h Wolcott cor Chic, ar 
Prior Benj. F. clerk 130 Lake, bds 21 Quincy 
Profe Julius, physician, h State nr Harmon ct 
Profke John, shoemaker, h Green bt Pearson 

and Hinsdale 
Prosser W. R. clerk R. G. Greene 
Prouty Henry E. clerk J. S. Reed, h 79 Ohio 
Prouty Merrick F. clerk 238, 240 S. Water 
Prouty MilUns F. clerk 169 S. Water 
Priissing Charles G. (P. & Wadsworth) h State 

nr Liberty 
Prussing Ernst, clerk Bees & Eerfoot, h 107 

Ohio V 
Prussing George J. yinegar factory, rear 455 

PBUSSING & WADSWOBTH, exchange bro- 

kei;s, 86 Clark 
Pugh Oliver M. printer Dem. Press, h Adams 

cor Aberde^i 
Pugh William H. moulder G. W. Sizer & Co. 
Puhl Jacob, mason, h Sherman bt Polk and 

Puhls Henry, lab, h Clyboum ay 
Pulglace James, 182 Lake 
Pullen William, carpenter, h Maxwell bt Jef- 
ferson and Halsted 
Purcel Hisand, boarding, h Clark bt Taylor and 

Purcel Philip, lab, h Michigan ay N. of Springer 
Purcel WiUiam, lab, h N. Water bt Wells and 

Purdy G. W. confectionary, 76 Bandolph, under 

Young America 
PUBITAN CHURCH, cor Buffalo and Taylor 
Purrington George E. (P. & Scranton) h 29^. 

Wabash ay 
Purrington James A. foreman Purrington & 

Scranton, bds G. E. Purrington 
PURRINGTON & SCRANTON, ship chandlers, 

&c. 234, 136 S. Water 
Pusley Jos. whitewashing, h Mf'ells nr Monroe 
Putnam John T. clerk city clerk's office, 2 

Court House 
Putnam S. P. 1st Lieut. Police, h 249 Madison 
Putney Alonzo, American Car Works 
Pyne James^ porter 242 Lake, h Williams bt 

Carpenter and Bucker 
Pyott James M, moulder, h Front nr Chic. aT 
Pyott Dayid, machinist, bds Ewing bt DeS' 

plaines and Jefferson 
Pyott Mrs. Mary, h Ewing bt Desplaines and 


Quade Jeremiah, railroad conductor, h Harri' 

son nr Clark 
Quade John, lab, h Buffalo N. of Liberty 
Quade Michael, lab, h Forquer 
Quade Timothy, lab, h State nr Springer 



<2aaid Mrs. Ann, h Clark bt Twelfth and Lib. 
Queely John, carpenter, h WilHams bt Curtiss 

and Carpenter 
Queen James, watchman, h Desplaines bt Van 

Bnren and Harrison 
Qaensel £. bakery, cor Peoria and Milwauk. ay 
Querkenbush & Mosher, saloon and boarding, 

h Sherman bt Van Bnren and Harrison 
Querkenbush Theodore, (Q. & Mosher) h 228 

Quering John, cooper, h Kevins nr Chicago si 
Quigg George H. bookkeeper Douglass & Co. b 

162 Desplaines 
Qniglay Mattam, mason, h Hubbard bt Green 

and Peoria 
Quigley Patrick, blacksmith, h 83 Michigan 
Quigley Samuel, lab, h Erie nr Peyton 
Quimby Benjamin P. (DeWolf, Maclay & Q.) 

bds 297 Wabash ay 
Quine John, carpenter, h Peyton nr Ontario 
Quine William, weighmaster, h 9 Ohio 
Quinlan 0. H. & J. D. s^geon dentists, 83 

Quinlan Dennis, lab, h Kinzie nr Bridge 
Quinlan Martin, liyery stable, h 27 Wolcott 
Quinlan Michael, cabinetmaker C. Morgan, h 

Ohio cor Franklin 
Quinlan Patrick, lab, h Adams nr Halsted 
Quinlan Thomas, lab, h 163 N. Lasalle 
Quinn Barnard, sawyer Abbott & Kingman, bds 

Jonas Haynes 
Quinn Daniel, clerk R. K. Swift & Co. 
Quinn Edward, lab, h O'Brien nr Halsted 
Quinn Hugh, h 249 Monroe 
Quinn Hugh, lab, h 161 Wells 
Quion James, musician, h Peyton nr Ontario 
Quinn James, (Granger & Co.) cor Indiana and 

Quinn James, drayman, h 28 Kinzie ' 
Quinn Mrs. Mary, washerwoman, h Buffalo N. 

of Liberty 
Quinn Michael, lab, h 17 Quincy 
Quinn Patrick, lab, h Monroe nr Market 
Quinn Patrick, lab, h Forquer cor Jefferson 
Quinnahan Patrick, carp'ter, h State nr Spring. 
Quintz Prancis B. harnessmaker W. Speight 
Quirk Daniel, shoemaker, h 68 Superior 
Quirk John, boots and shoes, h 60 N. Clark 
Quirk Timothy, lab, h 146 W. Washington 
Qurnel Frederick, augermaker, h 200 N. Clark 

Baabe Godtlib, lab, h Division nr Halsted 
Ra&ps Charles, cabinetmaker, h Sherman bt 

Harrison and Van Buren 
Rabe Henry, shoemaker Charles Letz 
Rabenau William, shoemaker, h 164 N. Lasalle 
Rabenstein Frederick, at H. Trapp & Co. h 

Clark nr Liberty 
Rabenstein Frederick, at G. Schmitt & Co. 
Rachley Adam, carpenter, h Green bt Kinzie 

and Hubbard 
Badcliffe T. actor, h 158 Washington 

RADCLIFFE JOHN, eommisBion and {Mroduce, 

35 Kinzie, h 4 Indiana 
Radelings Theodore, fancy goods, 110 N. Clark 
Radick Ann, h Adams nr Franklin 
RAE ROBERT, attorney, Masonic Temple, bds 

202 State 
RAE THOMAS J. attorney, Masonic Ten^le 
Raffen Alexander, (R. & Son) h 172 Wells « 

Raffen Alexander, jr. (R. & Son) 172 Wella 
Raffen WiUiam, tinsmith T. George & Co. 
RAFFEN & SON, plumbers, 172 Wells - 
Ragan Mrs. Elizabeth, h 145 Randolph * 
Ragan James, shoemaker, h 147 Randolph 
Ragan John, moulder, bds 145 Randolph ' 
Raggie Charles, fruit store, 98 N. Clark and 

213 S.Clark, h 218 S. Clark -v 

Raggio John, fruit 8toi*e, 66 N. Clark and 152 * 

S. Clark 
RahaUMrs. Mary, h Michigan avN. of Springer 
Rainey R. clerk Chicago Bank s 

Raithel John, butcher, 2 W. Randolph market ^ 
Ramm Simon, grocer, 281 Clark, h same ^ 

Ramsay J. L. engineer C. & R. I. R. R. bdft 

833 State 
Ramsay Robert, sawyer, h Clark S. of Liberfy 
RAMSDEN JAMES V. Arcade saloon, 58, 249 . 

Clark, h 249 Clark 
RANDALL T. D. fish, &c. State street Market 
Randall William, cook, h Creswell nr Pblk 
Randels Patrick, sailor, h Ohio bt Market and 

Randolph Caleb F. foreman Adams* cooper 

shop, h 148 Ohio ^ 
Randolph Charles C. clerk Gibbs, Griffin & Co. 

h Ontario bt Clark and Lasalle 
dolph nr Desplaines 
Ranker Daniel, cabinetmaker J. Ranker 
Ranker Jacob, h 246 Monroe 
Ranker John, cabinetmaker, 208 Lake 
Rankin Harry, bookkeeper J. L. Gray, bds 

82 N. Clark 
Rankin James, carpenter, h Adams bt Car- 
penter and Rucker 
Rankin John, auction and commission, 174 

Rand<4ph cor Wells, h 114 Wells 
Rankin Robert C. Union Telegraph Office, bds 

cor Washington and State 
Ransdell David B. machinist Chapman & Att- 

Ransford Michael, lab, h Dearborn bt Springer 

and North 
Ransom Daniel, bookkeeper 0. Jackson, h 89. 

Ranson J. W. h Peoria bt Wash, and Randolph 
Ranstead B* W. agent Daily Journal, h Jackson 

bt Rucker and Loomis 
Rapp H. H. clerk G. & C. U. R. R. freight office 
Rapp John, lab, h Chicago av 
Rappleye N. B. clerk 1.76 Lake 
Rardan Francis, gas lighter, h alley bt Waeh- 

ington and Madison 
Rardan Michael, teamster, h cor Fulton and 






JUohIqq Michael, bds 174 N. Lasalle 

Rawlon Patrick, lab, h alUy bt Wasbiiqtgton 

: «iiid Madison 

Easbon John, lab, h Pesplaines bt Adams i^d 

■ JaoksoQ 
Rashman Godfrey, shoemaker, h Wellsnr Taylor 
Baakoff Kieholas, & Whitney 
Rathsfield Gottlieb, joiner, h cor Ontario and 

Battle Francis, clei^ B. Battle 
RATTLE SAMUEL, boot and shoe, 68 Clark, 
•h 40 N. WeUs 

Batty Nicholas, lab, h Broomer av 
tei O&rneliui, boarding/h 190, 192 Bandolj^ 
i]SEia WilUaiui, cooper, h cor Fulton and Curtiss 
' Banboldt John, mittw maker, 125 Franklin 
^Baneh John, (Birkenbusch & B.) h 10 W. Band. 
Baupert Otto, grocer, h 86 N. Wells 
•iEftttscher Bernhaxd, tailor, h Orchard jir North 

iBenahert Charles, lab, n Bees 
BaTis Andrew, boarding, h Canal bt Wash- 
ington and Madison 
RAWLEIGH DAVID C. flour and feed, 6, 7 

Lind'$ block, h cor Wabai^ av and Ann 
. Eawlcigh Tbomas, fruit store, 7 Canal 
BAWSON, BABTLETT & GO. boots and 

ishoes, 189 S. Wtiter 
Baws<m Mrs. €. L., M. D. homceopaUiiKt and: 

DbstetriciaD, 129 Dearborn 
BAWSON EBASTUS, office cor Cass and 

'Michigan, 'h 54 Indiana 
Bairson Boyal T. (B., Bartlett & Co*) 
Ray C. H. editor Daily Tribune 
Ray James, grocer, h Market nr Madison 
~R«y Thomas, maoiiinlst, bds 86 Qulncy 
Bay Thomas, drayman, h Clinton bt Harrison 

and Yan Buren 
Bay William, ropemakcr, h cor Prairie and; 

Baymdnd Benjamin W. (B. & Ward) h 180 

Wabash ay 
Raymond H^dry S. <derk J. B. Doggett, bds 

164 Michigan 
RAYMOND & McCALL, grocers, 177 Clark 
Baymond Samuel B. (B. & McCall) . 
RAYMOND & WARD, commission, 177 S. 

Raynar James, drayman, h 61 Buffalo S. of 

Van BuVen 
Read Chaunoy J. (B. & Siiier) h 43 S. Jefferson 
BEAD L. & CO. liquors, 95 S. Water 
. Read Leander, (L. B. & Co.) h 92 Washington 
Bead Bichard P. clerk J. Furney, bds J. Fumey 
Read & Sizer, painters, 173 Clark 
Reader D. L. (B. & Spencer) 
Reader & Spencer, produce and commislon, 7 

N. Dearborn 
, Ready James, teamster, h Hope nr Blue Is. av 
Ready John, blacksmith, h 119 Cana) 
Ready John, blacksmith P. Carlin, bds Claren- 
don House 
Ready W. saloon, 258 Madison 
Reas James E. (Beas & Co.) bds 154 Dearborn 

BEAS & CO. painters, alley nr Dearborn bt 

Madison and Washington 
Beasinger Joseph, shoemaker J. Miller 
Beardon Michael, lab, Everts ^ Butler 
Beardon Patrick, lab, h Canal bt Mather and 

Bector Edward C. clerk 108 Lake 
Bedick Adolph, mason, h Green Bay nr 

Chicago av 
Beding Mrs. Biddy, h bt Market and Franklin 
Bedden John, drayman, h O'Brien nr Halsted 
Bedding Thomas, lab, h cor Peyton and Ohio^ 
Beddington Lawrence, lab^ h Charles nr WeUs 
Beddington Michael, carpenter, h cor Owen 

and Milwaukee ar 
Beddish John, blacksmith, h 95 N. Dearbom 
Beddy Edward, lab, h Wabash av bt Halleck 

and Twelfth 
Beddy William, h eor Sangamon and MIL .wf 
Bede James, grocer, 117 Canal 
Bedell Jacob, sailmaker G. F. Foster, h 147 

Bedfield Henry A. (BobinsMi & B.) h 99 Clark 
Bedfield J. B. attorney, bds 109 Madison 
Bedfield Bos well, h S. £. <^or Buffalo and 

Bedke William, teamster, h Fulton bt Green 

and Halsted 
Bedmond D. shoemaker F. V. Pitney 
Bedmond D. marblecutter H. & 0. Wilson 
Bedmond James, blacksmith, 82 W. Randolph, 

h 2 W. Randolph > 

Beed Alexander, lab, bds J. PoVell 
Beed Cheney, (B. & Watkins) h 135 Mich, av 
Beed Bev. Francis A. pastor State St. Metho- 
dist Church, h Harr. bt State and Wab. av 
Beed G. W. bds Tremont House 
Beed Henry M. fireman C, B. & Q. B. R. 
Reed Henry, sailor, bds 83 S. Water 
Beed James, lab, bds J. Powell 
Reed John, omnibus driver, h 56 Bandolph 
Beed John, grocery, h Clybourn nr Division 
Beed Capt. John A. h 101 Clinton 
Reed J. H. & Co. drugs and medicines, 14d 

Beed Josiah H. (J. H. B. ^ Co.) 144 Lake 
BEED JOHN S. lumber yard, cor Canal and 

Carroll, h 88 Cass 
Beed Miss M. L. teacher public school No. 3 
Reed Thomas, helper Mason & McArthur 
BEED & WATKINS, piano forte rooms, 49, 51 

Bees J. H. & Co. conveyancers, 48 Clark 
Bees James fl. (B. & Kerfoot) h Pine Grove 
BEES & KEBFOOT, real estate roonis, 48 

Beese Fred, carpenter, h Boberts nr Chic, av 
Reeve Christopher, (S. B. & Co.) 
Beeves Michael, lab, h Harrison nr Canal 
Beeve J. B. clerk Sanford, Hall & Co. bds Lake 

Reeve S. & Co. lumber, cor Sherman and lay. 
Beeve Selah, (S. B. & Co.J bds 297 Waba^ av 



Reese William, oatidleiiioul^s^ 16€ Wells 
^gan Michael, li diaries nt Wells- 
Regan John, engineer, h Franklin nr Indiana 
Behl Josepk, lab, h Wrig^ b't Jeff, and Besp. 
®ehlilig SDetoy, teamster, h Bisliop 
Rehm Jacob, h Hinsdale nr Oreen Bay TOad 
Bekm Jacob, h Green eot Hinsdale 
Rebm Jacob, jr. street oommiissioner, h Pear- 
son nr the Lake 
llehm Morris, lab, h 92 Superior 
Reich Jacob, teamster, h Willow 
Reiehel John, blaefksmith, 88 W. Madison 
Reich Michael, groceries, 421 State, h same 
■fieid Robert, accotrntant 0. Smith & Go. 
Reidel Peter, lab, h 177 Edina 
Reider John, bntcher, 179 W. Randolph 
Heidsema Jacob, clerk Kennedy & Stockbridge 
Reifelman Charles, machinist, h Franklin nr 

R«(ifschnelder George, saloon, 94 N. Clark 
Reifschneider J. physician, 62 N. Clark 
Reiley' Mrs. £. saloon, h Jefferson nr Harrison 
R^ley Thomas, clerk W. Jones & Co. 
Reilitz Bernard, clerk Dr. Ritchie 
'Reimere J. Mitchell, sailmaker Pnrrington & 

Soranton, h 66 Wells 
Reinere Charles H. boarding, h Wells opposite 

Chicago Hide and LeaHier Co. 
Reinhard Christine, Golden Star boarding 

house, Clark bt Twelfth and Liberty , 
Reinhart Joseph, lab, State N. of Harmon ct 
Reiplinger Peter, bricklayer, h White 
Reis Herman, clerk 50 Randolph 
Reis Nicholee, draymah, h Qoincy bt Clark and 

State ' 

.Reis Jacob N. (J. P. R. & Bro.) 
Reis John P. & Bro. grocers, 488 l^te 
Reis John M. boots and shoes, 55 Lasalle and 

895 State, h same 
Reis Peter, proprietor Sta;fe Street House 
Reis Stephen, wagonmaker, 77 Franklin 
Reiser John, boarding, h 126 Bdina 
Reisser John, helper C. Reissig 
Reisser Wolfgang, carpenter, h Buffalo bt Tay- 
lor and Twelfth 
REISSIG CHARLES, manuf. of steam engines, 

Poik bt Clinton and Je^erson 
Reist Leonard, lab, h cor Green and Whitney 
Reiter Anton, lab, h Buc^ker bt Eleventh and 

l^eits Jacob, tailor, h 116 Ontario 
Regan Patrick, lab, h Milwaukee av nr Canal 
^Relight Miss Ann, dressmaker, 147 Lake, up 

stairs ' 

Relly J. W. repairing furniture, 149 Lake' 
Remingt<»n William A. sailor, h 167 Jackson 
Rene George, shoemaker F. R. Nagle - 
Rendle Mrs. Ann, dressmaker, h Adams nr 

Rener Richard, lab, h Haleted bt Owen and 
■ • Milwaukee aT 

Renfrew Robert, pressman R. Fergus 
Renke Jacob, wagonmaker P. Schuttler, bds 

228 Randol|4i 

Renne John, police, h cer Halstedand Mazw^ 
Renne Williani, groceir, 267 Clark, bds same ' 
Renne William, hEwingbtDesp. and Jeffersooa 
Reno Charles A. coal dealer, Peyton nr Erie 
Resk Peter, carpenter^ h Roberts s 
Restaurant de Paris, 227 Clark 
Retzlow Adolph, bricklayer, h Rees nr Halsfed 
Retzlow John, bricklayer, h Rees « 
Reuben William, tinsmith T, George & Co. 
Renbenbach Christophe'jr, lab, h 164 Indiana 
Buepert 0. grocer, Wells bt Ohio and Ontario 
Revell Fleming H. shlpcarpenter, N. Water ^ 

Wells, bds 166 Washington 
Rever Michael, carpenter, h cCr Lake and Sang. 
Rew William, teamster, h Ohio, cor Wells x 
Reynolds A. B. (Snow, R, & Co.) 
Reynolds Augustus S. h 96 Buffalo 
REYNOLDS, ELY & CO. wholesale grocers, 

201, 208 S. Water 
Reynolds Elihu G. policeman, h 144 Buffalo 
Reynolds George W. (R. & Hayward) h'88 

REYNOLDS & HAYWARD, packers and com- 
mission, South Branch nr Wells 
REYNOLDS HIRAM, glass, &c. 97 S. Water, 

h 66 Einzie 
Reynolds Ira, carpenter, h 144 Buffalo 
REYNOLDS JAMES L. (R., Ely & Co.) h 4 

Reynolds Patrick, lab, h Michigan nr Peyton 
REYNOLDS W. E. druggist and physician, h 

20 W. Madison 
Reynolds William H. carpenter, h Buffalo bt 

Polk and Harrison 
Rheinthal House, 292 State 
Rheinischer House, ^48 State 
Rhemano^p Frederick, tailor, h Ewing hi Clin- 
ton andCaifial 
Rhines Mrs. Minerva, h 224 WetlS 
Rhineburg House, Clark bt Taylor and Twelfth 
Rhodes Charles, moulder, bds 16 Kinzie 

Rhodes George A. yegetables, 19, 21, 23 State 

St. Market, h 161 State 
Rhodes George W. boarding, h 186 Madison 
Ria Henry, bds 148 Madison 
Rice C. C. moulder H. P. Moses 
Rice George W. machinist C. &R. LR. R. shop 
Rice Henry W. bookkeeper Collins & Blatch- 

ford, bds 148 Madison 
Rice James, lab, h Buffalo bt Polk and Taylor 
Rice John B. proprietor Theatre, h 196 Wab. av 
Rice Michael, lah, Welch & Mendsen 
Rice M. D. cooper, 147 S. Water 
Rice P. select school, 85 Ohio 
Rice Rufus A. bds 75 Wabash av , 

Rice S. B. bookkeeper Gage & Haines 
Rice Wm. H. (R. & Warren) bds 75 Wabash ay 
Rice & Warren, jMroduce and cCmmission, 118 

S. Water 
Rich Arthur D. attorney, 16 Metropolitan 

Ri<^ards Andrew J. clerk 169 S. Water 



Bichards Daniel, broker, 261 Lake, h29 Band. 
Richards Franklin S. produce, bds 156 Clark 
Richards Henry, lab, h Wells nr Division 
Richards Henry, h Wells nr Monroe 
Richards J.. J. & Co. produce commission, 

5. Deai<bom nr G. & C. U. B. R. depot 
Richards James, (J. J. R. & Co.) h 68 Illinois 
Richards Jesse M. (J. M. P. & Co.) bds Tre- 

mont House 
Richards J. M. & Co. oil merchaiits, 194 S. 

RICHARDS LEMUEL, foreman Chicago Hide 

and' Leather Co. 
Richavds Marcus, turner, h Canal bt Forquer 

and Taylor 
Richards Robert D. blacksmith, 240 W, Lake 
Richards Sebastian, wagonmaker, cor Randolph 

and Curtiss, h same 
Richards Thomas, carpenter, h cor State and 

Van Buren 
Riphardson David, lab, h Oumee nr Polk 
Richardson George H. lab, h Ann bt Polk and 

Richardson James, carpenter, h Sang, nr Owen 
Richardson Rev. R. H. pastor N. Presbyterian 

Church, h 14 Rush 
Richardson Richard, ^ailmaker, h Whitney nr 

Green Bay road 
Richardson Stephen, h. Ewing bt Clinton and 

Richardson T. 0. clerk J. Willard, 46 N. Clark 
Richart John, tailor, h 117 Chicago av 
Biche Henry, carpenter, h Elm bt Clark and 

Richter Mrs. Sophia, h Hinsdale nr Green Bay 

Richter Thomas, lab, h Larrabee 
RICHMOND & CO. commission and produce, 

4 Hiltiard's block 
Richmond Lewis, shoemaker F. R. Nagle 
Richmond Charles Y. shipping merchant, bds 

T. Richmond 
Richmond Holland M. (R. & Co.) bds T. Rich- 
Richmond Joseph A. bds T. Richmond 
Richmond Thomas, (R. & Co.) K Lake Park 

Richards, Beierleen & Co. Empire mills cor 

Lasalle and North 
Richards William, (R., B. &, Co.) bds J. C 

Bicker W. carpenter D. W. Clark, bds 53 Rand. 
Rickords Mrs. A. boarding, h 186 Randolph 
Rickords Frederick, charge general delivery 

post-office, bds Mrs. A. Rickords 
Rickords Miss Julia, assist, public school No. 4 
Ricle John, lab, h 180 W. Lake 
Ridell Archibald, (Page & R.) h 24 Quincy 
Ridell Jacob, sailmaker, h 147 Illinois 
RIDEOUT WILLIAM M. general agent, 68 

Bider Mrs. C. boarding, h 33 Michigan av 
Ridly Conrad, bl'ksmith, h Edina N. of Twelfth 
Ridley James, sailor, h Green <H>r Milwau. av 

Riedel Ernst, clerk Ross & Bamber 

Riedel Robert, soap and candle factory, 113 N^ 

Clark, h same 
Riehm Mathias, cooper, h 34 Rush 
Rieke Frederick, mason, h Eleyenih nr BloA 

Island ay 
Bicker Tobias, tailor, h Green Bay cor Hickory 
Bies John, proprietor Mainler House, Milwau- 
kee plank road 
BIES JOHN D. beer saloon and stable, Mil- 
waukee plank road 
Bies Stephen, (S. B. & Co.) h Bandolph cor 

Bies S. & Co. wagonmakers, Bandolph bt Cur- 
tiss and May 
BieKschal John, lab, h Clyboum Bees 
Rieser Jos. boilermaker, h Hastings nr Bolker 
Rietz Charlesj foreman Loomis & Ludington 
Rigert Henry, lab, h Milwaukee av nr Division 
Righton John, carriagemaker, bds J. Mellor 
Rigley Matthew, stonecutter. North av nr the 

Rigney Thomas, carpenter, Halsted nr Kinsiia 
Bilay John, hatter^ h 269 Clark 
Riley Benjamin, patternmaker, bds J. MeUor 
Biley Calvin, clerk 139 Lake, bds Amer. House 
Biley George, lab, h cor Tyler and Jefferson 
Riley Michael, helper Mason & McArthur 
Biley John, lab, h 169 Indiana 
Biley Patrick, moulder, bds W. E. Jones 
Biley Patrick, machinist, h Indiana ay N. of 

Riley Mrs. seamstress, h Bolk nr Bucker 
Bienbauld Joseph, bds.J. Masuray 
Bincker H. W. bell foundry,. Canal bt Monroe 

and Adams 
Binckenburg Lewis, teamster Williams & Bro. 
BING EDWARD H. insurance agent, Masonic 

Bing Geor^, butcher, 409 State, h same 
Bing P. B. h 1«7 State 
Biorden M. P. box delivery post-office 
Riordon Matthew, carp'ter, h Adams nr Desp. 
Riordon Timotiiy, lab, h Polk nr Tyler 
Ripley Thomas, bricklayer, h Warren nr Paul. 
Rippon John, h RUcker bt Polk and Tyler 
Rising Leonard, porter Sherman House 
Rissler Charles, saloon, 67 N. Clark 
Risley Justus, dry goods, h 180 Lasalle 
Ritchie Dr. H. dispensary, 117 Randolph, h 

163 Monroe 
Ritchie Hugh, chandler, Grand Haven slip and 

81 Kinzie 
Ritchie John, carpenter, h Grand Haven slip 
Rltter Joseph, cai*penter, h Franklin nr Jack. 
Ritter Joseph, h Ewing nr Halsted 
Ritter J. H. bds 186 Michigan- 
Ritz Charles, lab, h Jackson nr Desplaines 
Rivers Charles, wholesale liquors, 62 N. Clark 
Roach David, lab, h 124 Edina 
Roach David, lab, bds. 145 W. Randolph 
Roach John, grocer, Clark bt Taylor and 12th 
Roach Patrick, lab, h Desplaines nr Polk 



Roach Patrick, lab, h Erie nr Peyton 

Koach Tiiomas, h Lake shore nr Ballentme's 

Road John, h Jacksoa nr Qark 
B;oork Matthew, robber Shumer & Co. 
Boashen Christopher, lab, h Larrabee 
Boah John, Planters' Hotel 
Bobb Geo. A. (Hubbard & E.) h 124 Indiana 
&obe Mrs. Sarabi boarding, h 78 Madison 
ROBERT EMMET HOUSE, Clark N. of Twelfth 
Roberts Casper, barber, 229 Randolph 
Roberts Charles G. collector Tribune, bds 113 

Roberts Charles, chairmaker. 111 W. Randolph 
ROBERTS E. G. & CO. planing mill, Wells 

eor Polk . 
ROBERTS G. R. lumber cor Wells & Harrison 
Robert J. R. clerk Ross & Foster 
Roberts Jas. sailmaker Purrington & Scranton 
Roberts James H. (Thomas & R.) bds 66 Mich. 
Roberts James R. cook, h 67 Monroe 
Roberts James S. express, h cor Gurley and 

Roberts Jacob, Commercial Dining Hall, 50 

Roberts John, machinist Union Car Works 
ROBERTS JOSHUA, barber, 235 Randolph 
Roberts Myron P. 
Robertson Mrs. B. boarding, h Canal bt Van 

Buren and Harrison 
Robertson Charles, tailor, h 140 W. Washington 
Robertson Charles, lab, h Owen nr Paulina 
Robertson Mrs. Emma, h 25 Pine 
Robertson Walter S. cl'k Houghteling& Shepard 
Robey James, h Bobey cor Washington 
Robey Joseph, h Robey cor Washington 
Robbins Benjamin F. painter, h 15 Quincy 
Bobbins Edward J. clerk 198 Lake, h Sherman 

nr Jackson 
Robbins Jesse, engineer, bds C. Htison 
Robbins Miss R. S. assistant public school 

No. 2 I 

Robins Edward, carpenter and joinier, h Supe- 
rior bt Pine and Sand 
Robinson A. draper, &c. 77 Randolph 
Robinson Alexander, lab, Allen's lumber yard 
Bobinson Charles T. (B. & Redfield) h 97 S. 

Robinson E. DeWitt, clerk M. S. R. R. ticket 

office, h 281 Clark 
ROBINSON E. DE WITT & CO. forwarding 

and commission, S. Clark nr Twelfth 
Robinson Henry, ship carpenter Jordon &. 01- 

cott, h 72 Jefferson 
Robinson J. currier Chic. Hide and Leath. Co. 
Robinson James, carpenter, h Cottage Grove 

ay bt Palo Alto and Monterey 
Robinson L. M. (Shepard, R. & Co.) 90 Dear. 
Robinson Oscar L. carpenter, h Halsted bt 

Madison and Monroe 
Robinson RoUin, agent American Transporta- 
tion Co. at W. P. Swift & Co. 
Robinson & Redfield, lumber, h Charles bt Van 

Buren and Harrison 

BOBINSON THOMAS, boarding, h 33 Soutii 

Robinson Thomas, machinist H. P. Moses 
Robinson William, machinist, h Meridian nr 

Robinson William H. h Pearson nr Halsted 
Robinson Wm. P. trayeling agent Mills & Co. 
Robinson James, bds Myrick's Hotel ^ 

Robson Philip J. h 171 N. Clark 
Roche James J. h Blue Island av 
Ro.che Walter P. h Blue Island ay 
ROCK ISLAND R. R. OFFICE, 94, 96 Rand. 
Rock Island R. R. Shops, Clark bt Twelfth and 

Rock Island House, Clark opp. R. I. R. R. depot 
Rock Conrad, gardener, h Whitney cor Wells 
Rock Michael, lab, h Erie nr Peyton 
Rock Thomas, bricklayer, h Clark bt Polk and 

Taylor ^ 

Rock Joseph, stonecutter, h Adams nr Wells 
Rockell Adaq^, carpenter, bds 228 Randolph 
Rockwell Alpha, bookkeeper C. N. Henderson 

& Co. h 45 Madison 
Rockwell Dennis, (J. L. James & Co.) bds J. 

L. James 
Rockwell William, (Plaisted & R.) 
Roddy James D. ciril engineer, h Taylor bt 

Clinton and Canal 
Rode Frederick, watchman, h 180 Indiana 
Rode John, tailor, h Williams nr Rucker 
RODEMEYER H. F. LEWIS, grocer, 76 N. 

Roder John, blacksmith, h 178 Washington 
Rodgers J. K. bookkeeper, h 1 Knight's block 
Roe Geo. M. draughtsman W. W. & T. C. Boy- 

Roe James, lumber, bds 150 Buffalo , 
Roe Jonathan, sawyer, h Ohio bt Market and 

Roe William A. draughtsman, bds S. Bronson 
Roeck Martin, »L^emaker, 118 N. Dearborn 
Roedl Joseph, lab, h cor May and Carroll 
Roehleman Frederick, stonecutter, h Division 
Roelle Charles, lab, h Franklin nr White 
Roelle Frank J. sash, doors, &c. Canal cor 

Roelle Joseph, painter, 87 Franklin, h 204 W. 

Roesch Henry, steward Marine Hospital 
Roese Frederick, lab, h Williams 
Roesner Henry, lab, h New Division 
Roessele F. foreman 111. Staats Zeitung office 
Rofinot P. F. & Co. stone yard. Wells nr Harr. 
Rofinot Peter F. (P. F. R. & Co.) 
Rogers Anthony, printer, 372 State, h same 
ROGERS & BROWN, lumberT Elizabeth nr 

Rogers C. B. clerk City Hotel 
Rogers C. H. agent Fletcher's patent pumps, 96 

Rogers Charles A. {Jones, Bates & Co.) bds 

Young America 
Rogers E. K. (H. Norton & Co.)4i 50 Indiana 
Rogers E. C physician, 147 Lake 


CBWAM nissorarinr. 

Kogers G. W. boarding, h Oor CiurroQ sad 

Rogers George, (R. & Broirn) 
Rogers Harry A. bookkeeper A. T. Spencer & 

Co. bds 143 Madison 

straw goods, 157 S. Water 
Rogers John, general commisaicm, Kijnie St. 

bridge, h Cass cor Superior 
Rogers J. Webster, (R., Haseltine k Co.) 
Rogers James, carpenter, h cor Fulton and 

Rogers R. A. bookkeeper 201 Lake, h 210 State 
Rogers S. S. bookkeeper Democratic Press 
Rogers William, tinsmith T. George & Co. 
Rogws William, bootmaker F. V. Pitney, h 

cor Randolph and Carpenter 
ROGERS WILLIAM B. cashier State Bank, 

55 Clark, h 108 Adams 
Robmeis John, lab, h Wells nr SchiUer 
Rohmer Joseph, carpenter, h cor Green and 

Rohrbach & Baumeister, carpenters, 105 N. 

Rohrbach Balteiser, cabinetmaker, h North ay 
Rohrback Conrad, carpenter, h N. Wells nr 

North ay 
Rohrbach John, (R. & Baumeister) h Wells nr 

Rohrbach Philip, carpenter, h'N. Wells nr 

North av 
Rohrstrom Samuel, carpenter, h Ohio nr Market 
Rohrwinger Nichola^, lab, h Green nr Whitney 
Roley Joseph, plaster statuary, cor Halsted 

and Owen 
Roley Peter, expressman, h Jefferson nr Forq. 
Rolf George, engineer, h Desplaines nr Owen 
Roligh William, drayman, it Mather nr Canal 
Rolla Alex, at A. T. Spencer & Co. 
Roller Joseph, painter, h 204 W. Lake 
Rollett Charles, cabinetmakel:, h Harrison cor 

Rollins Reuben H. eonfectionary, 160 State 
RoUman Adam, lab, h Gumee nr Polk 
Rolls George, butcher, h 52 State 
Rolon John, ship carpenter, Union nr Owen 
Romeis George, city day police, h Elston road 

nr City limits 
Rood A. W. clerk 190 Lake 
Rooney Daniel, blacksmith J. Comelii» 
Rooney Hannah, washing, h 247 State 
Rooney Margaret, h May nr Taylor 
RooB Frank, boarding, h Buffalo S. of Twelfth 
Roos Lewis, lab, h cor Lasalle and North ay 
Roos Sebastian, plasterer, h Chicago ay nr 

Neyins • 
Root Chester L. bookkeeper New Coyenaut, h 

148 Buffalo 
Root George G. clerk Gibbs, Griffin & Co. bds 

McCardel House 
Root James P. clerk Higgins, Beokwith & 

ROOT J. S. prddnoe and commission, cor 

Clark and S. Water, h 4 Rush 

Root Samuel B. clerk, bds 249 State 
Root Simon, pedler, h 165 Jackson 
RORKE M. A. attorney, 47 Clark, h 79 Buffalo 
Rose Alvin L. bookkeeper Francis Clark, h d6 

Van Buren 
Rose Charles, butcher, h State N. of Liberty 
Rose Frederick, lab, h Clark bt Diyision and 

Rose Jacob, liyery stable, h Madison bt Pauliiia 

and Reuben 
Rose John, carriagemaker Welch & Mendsen, 

h 209 W. Randolph 
Rose Lewis, watchmaker A. F. Otto, h Fruik- 

lin nr Qntncy 
Rose 0. J. (Daniel Elston & Co.) 190 Lake 
ROSenbaum Louis, clerk 102 Lake,, bds 94 Btate 
Roeenburg Charles, painter, h Pearce nr Desp. 
Rosenbnrg Jacob, (Rosenfield & R.) h 172 

Rosenburg John 0. h Shanly town nr Chicago sr 
Rosenburg John, lab, h Sherman cor Polk 
Rosenburg John, druggist, 77 Clark cor HI. 

h 116 Ohio 
Rosenburg L. E. optician, 88^ Randolph 
Rosenburg William, dry goods and clothing, 

295 Clark, h same 
Rosenberger George, tailor, h Larrabee nr 

North ay / 

Rosenbusch Simon, clerk 210 Lake 
Rosendom John, boilermaker, h Jefferson nr 

Rosenfield Leyi, (R. & Rosenburg) h 182 


180 Lake 
Rosenmerkel C. apothecary, (German) 130 

Rosenthal Julius, clerk R. K. Swift & Ol 

bds R. E. Swift 
Roskopf Nicolas, lab, h Green Bay nr Whitnej 
Rosman Capt. Alfred W. h 74 Indiana 
Ross Alexander, carbuilder G. & C. U. R. R. 

h nr Milwaukee plank road nr Diyision 
ROSS & BAMBER, dry goods, 141 Lake 
Ross Chester W. bookkeeper Dike Bro. & Co. 

h 156 Clinton 
Ross & Foster, dry goods^ 167, 169 Lake 
Ross George C. stonecutter, h Halsted bt 

Washington and Randolph 
Ross Henry, clerk J. P. Allen 
Ross James, (Kennedy & Ross) 
Ross John H. salesman Ross & Foster 
Ross John, cooper, h Griswold nr Van Bnren 
Ross Joseph P. (Cheny & R.) bds D. T. Williams 
Ross Peter, clerk C. M. Wilcox 
Ross Robert, clerk Ross & Foster 
Ross Samuel, carpenter J. Sollett, h Meridian 

nr Halsted 
Ross William M. (R. & Foster) bds Tremont 
Ross William P. (R. & Bamber) h 16 Buffalo 
Rosseter Asher, (R. & Pahlman) h 17 Wab. ay 
Rosseter & Pahlman, manufacturers wooden 

ware, Market bt Adams and Jackson 
Rest August, Sadler, 214 N. Clark 

miOAm lyiBMCTO^Y. 


Rostli Alexander, lab, h Cottage Grove ay S. 

of Bio Grande 
BoBz Charles, lab, h Clybourn av 
Kothsak John, haraeesmaker, Ediaa bt Taylor 

and Twelfth, h same 
'Rotstadt George, h Franklin nr Jackson 
Koonds Horace E. printer S. P. Rounds 

eommiss. merchantB, cor g. Water and Clark 
Bounds G. W. (R., Hudson & lUnney) 
Bounds Sterling P. book and job printing, 161 

Lake, h 18 S. Jefferson 
Beunsavill Richard, cor Michigan and Market - 
Bourk John, butcher, h North bt Clark and 

Bourk Patrick, rail road contractor, h cor 

Canal and Twelfth 
-BOUBKB MICHAEIi A; attorney, 47 Clark, h 

79 Buffalo • 

Boxirke Patrick, propriety Eastern R. R. House 
Bourke Patrick, machinist, h cor Twelfth and 

Bowan Michael, tailor, li 159 Dearborn 
Bowan Philip, lab, h Edina S. of Taylor 
Bowan Patrick, boarding, h 63 N. Water 
Bowe Patrick, lab, h Third nr Division 
Bowland Henry, G. & C. U. R. R. h Cai^nter 

bt Kinzie and Hubbard 
Rowland David, composition roofer, h 11^ Wells 
Bowley Aaron D. painter, 119 Jackson " • 
Bowley D. W. C. clerk S. B. Pomroy &O0. 
Bowley Richard J. carpenter, h State alley 

out of Tyler 
Boyce John L. clerk 141 Lake 
Boziene Theodoie, (Schonbeck & R.) h 96 Clark 
Bubel Abraham, (J. & A. R.) h 230 S. Madison 
Bubel Gabriel, drover, h Quincy nr Wells 
Bubel J. & A. hardware, 36 W. Randolph an4 

241 Lake 
Eubel Joach, (J. & A. R.) h 230 S. Madison 
Rubel Moses, clerk J. & A. Rufoel, bds 230 

S. Madison 
Bubel Nlcolaus, lab, h Whitney 
Rubens Louis, tinsmith, h cor Eleventh and 

Blue Island av 
Rubensdorffer — , daguerrean rooms, 32 

W. Randolph, h same 
Eubow Henry, wagonmaker, h Edina N. of 
. Twelfth , . 

Ruby Jacobs, saloon, 81 Jefferson 
Ruck Joseph, fruit, 145^ Clark 
Rucker Ed\yard A. (Pinkerton & Co.) bds J. 

Rucker Henry L. judge county court, h 171 

Eucker Joshua, h cor Carroll and Jefferson 
Raden Peter, lab, h Larrabee N. of North av 
Rudolph Ferdinand, shoemnker, h White 
Rudolph I. fancy goods, 49 N. Clark, h same 
Rudd George H. salesman 246 Lake 
Rudd Thomas, porter 181 S. Water 
Rue J. C. cisternbuilder, rear 156 Clark, h same 
Ruger Harmon F. police, .67 Randolph bt 

Adams and Jackson 

Ruger Julius H. attorney, 108 Randolph 
Rugg Charles D. clerk A. T. Spencer & Co. 
Rugg Samuel, (Nibloe k Rugg) h Clinton bt 

Harrison and Van Buren 
Ruggles Lyman, clerk, bds 113 Dearborn 
Ruh Lawrence, cabinetmaker, h N. Wells Bt 

North av 
Rtih John, h N. Wells nr North av 
Ruhling Adolph, clerk 163, 165 S. Water 
Rullman Henry F. clerk 138 S. Water 
RUMSEY BBO. & CO. forwarding and com. 

merch's, N. Water nr G. R. R. freight d^ot 
Rumsey Julian S. (R. Bro. & Co.) 
Rumsey George F. (R. Bro. & Co.) h cor Dear- 
born and Ontario 
Rumsey R. S. (R. Bro. k Co.) h ear Cass and 

Rundle & Kline, box 1934 post-office 
Runyon Alexander, clerk Titsworth & Co. bds 

83 Michigan 
Runyon Clark, (S, vBronson & Co.) h 98 Van 
* Buren 
RUNYON E. F. attorney, 28 W. Randdpli, 

2d floor 
Runyon I. L. (Filkins, R. & Barker) h 101 

Runst Jacob, wagonmaker, h State S. of Peek et 
Runz Henry, .gardener, h N. Wells nr Green 

Bay road 
Rupp Benedict, carpenter, h Clark nr Liberty 
Rupp Michael, lab, h Sedgwick nr Elm 
Rusco Volney E. machinist, h Gumee bt Tay- 
lor and Polk 
Rush Charles, upholsterer, h 115 Ontario 
Russ John M. boarding, 35 N. Clark 
Russell Adam, carpenter, h Curtiss bt Lake 

and Randolph 
Russell & Angel, iron foundry, Kinzie cor Hals. 
Russell Alexander, machinist J. W. Cobb, h 

Kinzie nr Clinton 
Russell B. F. (R. & Angel) h Peoria bt Fulton 

and Prairie 
Russell David, blacksmith, h Owen nr Plank 

Russell Fred'ck C. port inspector, 127 S. W^ateir 
Russell George, B. bds Mjrtck's Hotel 
Russell George W. -^elerk Myriek's Hotel 
Russell Henry, sailor, 10 N. Dearborn 
Russell Jacob, city collector, 1 Court HousQ, 

h 21 Michigan av 
RUSSELL J. B. F. & CO. real estate brokers, 

94 Randolph 
Russell J. B. F. (J. B. F. R. & Co.) bds Lake 

Russell John F. bds 21 Michigan av 
Russell John E. carpenter, h Carpenter cot 

Russell John S. fruit, 71 Clark, h 164 Wash- 
Russell Miss Mary, (Fish & R.) h 48 N. Clark 
Russell Patrick, lab, h Forquer bt Clinton and 

Russell Sam'l B. bootmaker Wiswell & Barbour 
Russell S. carp^ter,'h Peoria cor Ilubbsurd 


Kussell William J. planer, h Ewing bt Des- 

plaines and Jefferson 
Bufiselding Poter, carpenter, h Wh:\tnejr bt 

Market and Franklin 
Rust Augustus, saddlemaker, 214 N. Clark 
Rust Henry A.* clerk Union Car Works, bds 

504 State 
Rust William, grocer, Ewing bt Jefferson and 

Clinton, h same 
Ruth Wendel, tailor, North av 
Ruther Antony, tailor, h Harrison bt Halsted 

and Desplaines 
Butledge Thomas, h Cook bt W. Water and 

Butter Dr. David, 41 Cl^rk, h 117 Wabash av 
Bjan Cornelius, saloon, S. Water cor Lasalle 
Ryan Daniel, machinist H. P. Moses ^ 
Ryan Daniel, shoemaker, 127 Wells 
Ryan Dennis, bl'ksmith, h Einzie bt Desplaines 

and Halsted 
Ryan Dennis, boarding, h 72 N. Water 
Ryan Edward, lab, h Ontario nr Peyton 
Ryan Edmund, machinist, h 128 W. Lake 
Ryan Franklin J. clerk 174 Lake 
Ryan James, lab, h Larrabee nr North av 
Ryan James, boarding, h Desplaines nr Kinzie 
Ryan James, boarding, h 76 W. Madison ' 

Ryan Jeremiah, carpenter, h Ohio nr Peyton 
Ryan J. J. clerk Jenks & Beers, bds Mrs Hovey 
Ryan John, lab, h Desplaines bt Harrison and 

Van Buren 
Ryan John, lab, h Dearborn bt Springer and 

Ryan John, lab, bds Mrs. Murphy 
Ryan John, lab, h Union bt Lake and Fulton 
Ryan John, lab, h cor Fourth and Paulina 
Ryan John, moulder, h Shantytown, nr Peyton 
Byan John, at Custom House 
Byan John, dri^yman, h Jefferson bt Carroll 

and Einzie 
Byan John, lab, h Jefferson bt Carroll and 

Byan John, boarding, h Market nr Monroe 
Byan John, lab^ h Griswold nr Quincy 
Hyan John, lab, h 176 N. Lasalle 
Byan John, tailor, h Market nr Monroe 
Byan Mrs. Margaret, h Sfete bt Springer and 

Byan Martin, lab, h Desplaines bt Fulton and 

Byan Mrs. Mary, dressmaker, h 8 Cass 
Byan Michael J. carpenter, h Clark nr North 
Byan Michael, lab, h Dearborn bt Springer and 

Byan Michael, lab, h Twelfth cor Clark 
Byan Michael, lab, h Erie nr Peyton 
Byan Michael, ship carpenter, h Erie nr Wells 
Byan Michael, drayman, h 43 Wolcott 
Ryan Michael, shoemaker, bds 228 Randolph 
Byan Patrick, constable, h 151 W. Bandolph 
Byan Patrick, lab, h Jackson nr Halsted 
Byanr Patrick, lab, h North av 
Byan S. E. actor, Theatre, h 117 State 
Byan Thomas, stonecutter, h Ontario nr Peyton 

Byan Timothy, lab, h Illinois bt Market And 

. Peyton 

Ryan Thomas, shoemaker, h Dearborn nr IHt. 

Byan Thomas J. grocer, 78 N. Wells 

Ryan Thomas, lab, h State bt Liberty- and 

Byan William, lab, h State bt Twelfth and 

Byan William, engineer, h Canal, bt Washing 

ton and Ma^lison 
Ryboldt Martin, stonecutter, h Sherman bt 

Polk and Taylor 
RYERSON JOSEPH T. wholesale iron, 196 

S. Water, h 61 Indiana 
Ryerson Mrs. J. boarding, h 74 Madison 
Ryerson Martin, (R., Miller & Co.) h 15 Michi- 
gan av 
Ryei*8on, Miller & Co. lumber, .cor Canal and 

Ryerton Patrick, he^er Mason & McArthnr 


Sabin P. R. clerk 186 Lake 
Sack John, cooper, h North av nr Wells 
Sacket George A. clerk Beebe, Lyon & Co. 
Sacket E. M. machinist C. & R. I. R. R. shop 
Sackley John, teamster, h Lake W. of Ann 
Sackley Stephen, lab, h Lake nr Paulina 
Sackley Henry, teamster, h Lake nr Paulina 
Sackley Robert, teamster, bds H. Sackley 
Saef ke Henry, tailor, h cor Wolcott and Maple 
Saeger Amandus, (S. & Eschenburg) bds lid 

N. Clark 
Saeger & Eschenburg, bookbinders, 40 Clark 
Safford Francis, cabinetmaker, h Morgan nr 

Jackson \ 

Sage Matthew, lab, h 205 N. Lasalle 
Sage Patrick, drayman, h 203 Lasalle 
St George Patrick, butcher, h 182 N. Lasalle 
St. Clair J. P. policeman, h 124 Franklin 
St. JAMES' HOSPITAL, 111 Ohio 
St. John John, lab, h Forquer bt Clinton and 

St Malo Leon, blacksmith, h New Division 
St Clair Horatio G. produce, h Morgan nr Mad. 
St. John J. L., C. & R. L R. R. h 94 Randolph 
St. Agatha Academy, cor Calumet av and Rio 

St. Clair John, stonecutter Chic. Stone Yard 
St. Clair Alexander, stonecutter Chicago Stone 

Shordam Thomas, lab, h !Erie nr Peyton 
SALEM CHURCH, 266 Clark 
Salor Joseph, boilermaker, h Eleventh nr Jef- 

Salisbury Alvin, h Monroe bt Jefferson and 

Salisbury C. L. clerk Tremont House, h 248 

Salisbury Orran H. salesman Loomis & Lud* 

Salkey Samuel, cutter M. M. Gcrstley 



galkey M. clothing, 73 N. Clark 
Salees Laner, saloon, 162 Wells 
gALOON BUILDINGS, S. £. cor Lake and 

JBaloman Edward, hats and caps, 45 K. Clark, h 

Salmon Owen, sailor, bds 88 S. Water 
Salter George William, carpenter, h cor Of^en 

and Morgan 
Saltonstall William W. office 159 Lake, h 288 

Madison * 

Saltonstall Edward H. clerk Hale & Co. 
Saltonstall William W. jr. clerk 197 S. Water 
SaltonstAll William D. h Peoria cor Washington 
Saltonstall F. G. (S., Martin & Co.) h 238 Mad. 
SALTONSTALL, MARTIN & CO. commission, 

&c. N. W. cor Clark and S. Water 
Sample Alexander A., R. R. agent, h 97 Jack. 
Sample George E. clerk 225 Lake 
Sample Nathan, lab, h Lake nr Cannon 
Samps Charles, carpenter, h Clark opp. Schiller 
Sampson Charles, lab, h Shantytown nr Erie 
Sampson Mrs. Caroline, h 163 Wells ; 

Sampson Frederick A. clerk Wm. H. Sampson 
Sampson J. W. steyedore, 82 Dearborn, h 8 

Sampson T. W. physician, office 80 Lake 
Sampson W. H. house and land agent, 52 Wells, 

h cor Adams and Aberdeen 
Sampson William L. bds 94 Stat^ 

Sampson , shipcarpenter, h Owen nr Desp. 

Samson Hermann, clerk 189 S. Water, bds 40 

Bamuell James, clerk J. T. Ryerson, h 53 

Sanborn Dr. Joseph C. office 168 Lake 
Sanders Henry, fruit, Sherman nr Van Buren 
Sanders Richard, blacksmith C. & R. I. R. R. 

Sanders William, foreman blacksmith shop C. 

& B. I. R. R. shop 
Sanderhoff Henrietta, fruit store, 108 Wells 
Sandberg John, blacksmith, h Shantytown nr 

Sands J. J. brewer Lill & Diyersey, h Pine nr 

Chicago av • ' 

Sanhoff Charles, bricklayer, h cor Ohio and 

Sangenbach Ernst, clerk J. & A. Liebenstein 
SANFORD, HALL & CO. forwarding and com- 
mission. Central Dock, N. Water 
Sanford John T. (S., Hall & Co.) bds Lake 

House \ 

Sanford Benjamin C. printer Democrat office, 

bds 211 Wells 
Sangford James, lab, bds M. Eirk 
Sanson G. W. bookkeeper Thompson & Cur- 
kin, bds 91 Clark^ 
Sapp Mrs. Susanna, h 108 Edina 
Sargent Albert, carpenter, h cor Fourth and 

Union ^ 

Sargent E. M. (F., Scammon & Co.) bas 82 

Michigan ay 
SarlSatn«^ h Judd or Canal 

SASSAMAN & HICKMAN, confectioners, Ran- 
dolph N. E. cor State 
Snssa man Charles, ( S. & Hickman) 
SATTERLEE, COOK & CO. grocers, 64 Lake 
Satterlee M. L. (S., Cook & Co.) h 301 St^ite 
Saltier William, (Uhrlaub, S. k Co.) h Michi- 

^gan ay bt New and Old 
Sauer Christian, M. D. h 433 State 
Sauber Fritz^ lab, h Black Hawk nr Larrabce ' 
Sauermann George, h 143 W. Randolph 
Saunders Joseph, cai-penter, Quincy nr Wells, h 

Saurigan Michael, h 225 Market 
Sauter Jacob, exprei<s, b 151 Indiana 
SAVAGE, CASE & CO. wholesale dry goods, 

181 S. Water, up stairs 
Saya^e James C. (S., Ca e & Co.) 181 S. Water 
Sayage John, R. R. breaksman, h 87 Jackson 
Sayage John, tailor Thos. Sayage, h 215 Adam* 
Sayage John, lab, h Sampson lir Rueker 
SAVAGE THOMAS, merchaiit taifer, 250 

Lake, h 105 Adams 
Sayage William M. saddler, &c. 101 Randolph 
Sawyer A. D. (Joseph Gage & Co.) 
Sawyer Alonzo J. principal Chicago Female 

Seminary, h 112 Monroe 
Sawyer Miss J. M. teacher public school No. 1 
Sawyer John P. carpenter C. & R. I. R. R. shop 
Sawyer Nathaniel, (S., Page & Co.) h 224 

Wabash ay * 

Sawyer, Page & Co. druggists, &c. 124 Lake 
Sawyer Sidney, (S. Page& Co.) h 44 Michigan 
Sawyer William, teamster, h Pearson nr Hals. 
Sayrs Henry, grocer, 54, 56 State 
Saxayer John, fitter E. L. Comly Si, Co. h cor 

Halsted and Forquer 
Scaddin Hewlet, patternmaker, h Polk bt 

Jefferson and Clinton 
Scales Charles R, yegetables, poultry, &c. 10 

State Street Market 
Scales Mary Ann, groceHes, 156 Washington 

h Laflin nr Tyler 
ScaHy Thomas, drayman, h Creswell bt Vaa 

Buren and Jackson 
SCALLr DENNIS, family groceries, 240 Adama 
SCAMMON F. & CO. druggists, &c. 140 Lake 
Scammon Franklin, (F. S. & Co.) h 144 Monroe 
SCAMMON & HAVEN, oils, &c. Van Buren 

nr Bridge, office 140 Lake 
Scammon J. Young, (S. & MoCagg) Marine 

Scammon L. M. (F. S. &Co.) bds Mrs. Rlckords 
Scammon & McCagg, attorneys. Marine Bank 

Scanlin Edward, clerk J. P« Heth, h cor 

Lasalle and Huron 
Scanlin James, clerk 14 Clark 
Scanlin Michael, (Lonergan & S.) bds Mer- 
chant's Hotel 
Scanlan Timothy, lab, h N. Wate^t Wells 

and Riyer 
Scanlin John T. tailor J. H. Dykeman, h 




Scazilon John, waiter Tremont Hoase 
Scanlan Patrick, lab, h Sherman bt Harrison 

and Van Baren ^ 

Scanlon Thomas, watchman Tremont House 
Scannel John M. distributing clerk post-office 
Schaay Dennis, papercarrier, h Peoria bt 

Morgan and Sangamon 
Schade William, groceries, &c. 48 Madison 
Shade Ootlieb, lab, h Rebecca nr Bucker 
Schade Nicholas, machinist, h Cherry nr North 

Schaeffer Andrew, boarding, h 483 State 
Schaer John, tailor, h 180 Randolph 
Schafe Christian, teamster, h Roberts nr 

Cbicago av 
Sohaafer W. groceries, cor Milwaukee plank 

i^oad and Green 
Sohaafer William, cooper, h 141 Indiana 

Sohaafer , blaoksiftith, h Liberty nr State 

Schafer Henry, tailor, h Johnson nr Chicago av 
Sohafer €lonrad, shoemaker P. Miller, h John- 
son nr Chicago av 
Schaeffer E. boarding, h 179 Lake 
Schaffer John, carpenter, h 187 W. Randolph 
Sehaffer Charles, candy manufacturer, h 204 

Sobaffer David, lab, h Edi^a N. of Twelfth 
Schaffer M. lab, h Whitney 
Schaffer Nicholas, lab, h Buffalo N. of Polk 
Schaffer Peter, tailor, Qriswold pr Polk 
Schafgen Nicholas, lab, h Whitney 
Schall Andre, proprietor NaperviUe Ht>use, 

Id] Randolph 
Schairer Matthew, clerk E. L. Ives & Co. h 

56 N. Dearbora 
Schaller Andreas, liquors, &c. 75 Monroe 
Sohaller Christian, bricklayer, h Hinsdale nr 

^e Lake 
Schaller John, blacksmith, h Hurlbut nr Clyb. 
Schanks Joseph, lab, h Divison 
Scharfenburg William, i^oemaker, h Twelfth 

bt Buffalo and Edina 
Sehaub Christopher, cabinetmaker Evarts & 

Sehaub Conrad, carpenter^h Wolcott nr Oak 
Sehaub John J. farmer, h 125 N. Clark 
SCHAUB MATTHEW, tobacconist, 39 N, Clark 
Shedacker Thomas, lab, h cor Larrabee and 

Black Hawk 
Seheeck Joseph, barber, 119 W. Randolph 
Schefer John, carpenter, h rear 99 N. Clark 
Stihenk Mrs. Bertha, French dyer, 149 Clark 
Schenck Julius, barkeeper W. Ostendorf 
Scheer Joseph, shoemaker, h Clark bt Polk 

and Taylor 
Scheurer Mathias, lab, h 83 Edina 
Schepp Conrad, masoQ, h Hubbard 
Sohenkowitz Augustus, tailor, 118} W. Rand. 
Scherpa Frederick, watchmaker, 64 Randolph, 

h 65 Wells 
Scherpa Bjbulina, animal magnetic cure, 64 

Sohiedel Christian, l^b, h Sherman nr Polk 
Schicfer George, 8aloon,'-75 State 


Schieferbein Frederick, wagonmaker,h 160 W. 

Schieferbein Henry, wagonmaker, h 160 W. 

Schieferstein Augustus, cabinetmaker Knibloe 

k Rugg 
Schiegeler Philip, grocer, cor Wells and Div. 
Schienman Bernard, teamster, h Chicago sr 
. nr Reuben 
Schiek Rev. G. pastor German Lutheran 

Church, cor Twelfth and Blue Island av 
Schier Joseph, clerk M. Gleeson 
SCHIFFBAUER H. hamessmaker, 180 Raad^ 
Schiff<M' Gustavus, (Butz & S.) h 51 N. Dearb. 
Schild Charles, cabinetmaker, h Townsend nr 

Sohilds Frederick, shoemaker, h 117 N. Dearb. 
Schiller Anton, moulder, h cor Division and 

Schillinger William, carpenter, h Cass nr 

Schilmer Anton, cabinetmaker, h Rees 
Schiller August, brewer, h 70 S. Desplaines 
Schimels John, carpenter, h New Division 
Schimmillo Jacob, carpenter, h 39 S. Desplaines. 
Schineman Nicholas, Union Car Worki^, h 

Griswold nr Polk 
Schinland A* carriagemaker Welch & Mendsen 
Schin Blarney, watchman Chicago Hide St 

Leather Co. 
Schillery Ordolph, boarding, h Van Buren E, 

of Canal 
Schipperus D. & H. carriage trimmegrs Elli* 

thorpe, Elin^ & Co; 
Schirmer William, lab, h Buffalo nt Liberty 
Schittler John, h Division nr Wells 
Schlauze Christian, cooper, h Liberty bt Clark 

and State 
Schleiffer Christian, machinist, h 42 Mk>nro» 
Schlick Adam, lab, h Division nr Clark 
Schloesser R. & Newell, dry goods, 202 Lake 
Schloesser Rudolph, (R. S. & Newell) h 167 

Schloesser Albert, clerk R. Schloesser & Newell 
Schloetzer Dr. George, office 60 W. Randolph 
Schloetzer Edward T. druggist, 116 N. Clsric, 

h same 
Schlossman Benedict, (Leopold & S.) h 11 

Schlossman Joseph, saloon, 66 Randolph 
Schlossman Simon, clothing, h 177 Madison 
Schlossman S. pedler, h 158 Monroe 
Sohlothauer Henry, lab, h Hinsdale bt Wolcott 

and Cass 
Scl\lox Peter, lab, h Edina S. of Taylor 
Schittler Jacob, physician, h 66 Superior 
Schluler Hermann, saloon, 168 Randolph 
Schluntt Frederick, cabinetmaker Knibloe & 

B-ugg* h Sherman bt Polk and Taylor 
Schlumbaum William, planer^ h Coolidge 
Schmabe Michael, lab, h Green Bay nr Hickory 
Schmaltz Abraham, (J. & A. S.) h U9 Lake 



SCHMALTZ J. & A. ^lot^ng, 171 Ei^dolpb, 

149 Lake wxd 5 Clatrk 
Schmaltz Joseph, (J. & A. S.) h 207 WeUa 
Sohmidt Charles, blaoksmithi h Ht)pe nr Suft- 

Schmidt Charles, upholsterer, h 307 State 
Schmidt Conrad, cabinetmaker C. Geis 
Schmidt Brnest, bl&cksmith, h New Diyision 
Schmidt Frederick, shoemaker, h Nerins: 
Scbiaidt Henry, blacksmith^ h 427 State 
Schmidt Edward, stonecatter, h Whitney 
Sctimidt John, groceries, 92 N. Clark, h Indi- 
ana bt Market and Franklin 
Schmidt Joseph, socgical instrument maker 

Tolle & Co. 
Schmidt Joachim, lab, h Ctybdum ay 
Schtuldt John, lab, Loomis & Abbott 
Schmitt Matthew, German and English school, 

0or Franklin, and Indiana 
Schmidt Matthias, paintec, 438 State 
Schmidt Matthias, shoemaker, 66 Lasalle * 
Schmidt Bohert, (kaughtsman W. W. & J. C. 

Sehmidt Fbilip, shoemaker M. Schmidt 
Schmizt Nicholas, lab, h N. Clark nr Diyision 
Schmizt Wilhelm, carpenter, h Lasalle nr 

S^midt Theodore, grocer, 44 Kandolph, h same 
Schmitt Andrew, tailor, h cor North aT and 

Sehnutt Cathftrine, h Roberts. 
«' Schmitt George & Co. Blue Island House, cor 

Van Buren and Griswold 
3cihmitt Nicholas, bla^sksmith, h Green Bay nr 

Cedar • 

Sohoditt Nicholas, lab, h Deaarbom bt OlTisicn 

and Elm 
Sclimitz Francifl, h Clark, nr Twelfth 
^ Sohmitz Peter, drayman, h Clark nr Liberty 
Schmuch Henry M, clerk Flanders &.Wad8worth 
Schmutz M. Stall 1 N. Market, h 69 Clark 
Scbnable Jacob, caMnetmaker B. L. Jaoobus 

& Bro. 
Schnable John, cabinetmaker B. L. Jacobus. & 

Bro. h Tyler nr Besplaines 
Schneidacher Rev. G. teacher Jewish Stohool, 

bds 18 Edina 

rooms, 142 Lake, h 65 N. Wells 
SdbAeider Anton, lab, h North av nr Wells 
Schneider Casper, shoemaker, bds P. Eich 
Schneider George, (Hoeffgen & S.) h 52 N. 

Schneider Jacob, proprietor Washington, House 
Schneider John, tailor, h Larrabee 
Schneider John, teamster, h Hastings nr Rncker 
Schneider John, boarding, h W. Polk nr River 
Sdbtaeiider John, grocer^ Clark bt Elm and Div. 
SchnMder Nicholas, (S» & Jeniu) h Peoria bt 

Jackson and Adams 
Schneider & Jenin, boilermakers, Canal bt 

Adams aiil Jackson 
Schneiler William, lab, h Dinsion nr Cly bourn 
Schneider Mrs. Mary, h 164 Indiana 

Sohueider Mat^as, wagonmaker, h Nerins ns 

Chicago ar ^ 

Schnetze Williamy tinsmith, 156 Ramlolph 
Schnell John, lab, h Erie nr Klyer 
Schneiler Max, cabinetmaker, h W. Tyler nr 

Schnitzr Isadore, carpenter, h Madison nr 

Schnitzer & Warkmaster, clothes renoTators, 

119 Dearborn 
Schnitzer John, (3. & Warkmaster) h 119 

Schoelkopf Henry, groceries, cor Wells and 

Schoelberg Henry, lab, h 196 Edina 
Schoellhaus Casper, teamster, h Edina N. of 

SCHOEN & FUHRMEISTBR, physicians and 

apothecaries, 318 Clark 
Schoen Lewis, (S. & Fuhrmeister) bds 318 

Schoenawauld Jacob, police, h Woodstock^ nr 

Milwaukee ay 
Schofield John, lab, h Indiana nr Peyton 
Schofield C. N. clerk Briggs House 
Sebofield G. Wheeler, bookkeeper 176 S. Water 
Schofield William, buteher, h 68^ Michigan 
Scholz John, mason, h N. Wells nr Goethe 
Scholz- Julius, tailor, h cor- Lake and Green 
Scholz Henry, tailor, h 81 Illinois 
Seboltz William^ lab, h Nl Wells nr Cemetary ^ 
Schomburg Henry, tailor, h Eld-redgo ct E. of 

Schommer Peter, blacksmith, h Chicago ar nr 

Milwaukee plank rd 
Sohonbeek John, (S. & Bosione) 96 N. Clark 
Schonbeck & Roziene, cor Clark and Indiana 
Schons Nicholas, polisher Shumer & Co. h 

Milwaukee av nr Sangaoion 
Sehoonmaker H. St. Nicholas restaurant, 209 

Schott Charles, tobacconist,. Wells bt Monroe 

and Adams 
Schover Frank, tailor, h 149 Illinois 
Scbowalter Jacob, lab, h Green nr Cedar 
Sehrader Charles, blacksmith, Milwaukee ay 

nr City limits 
Sohram Joakim, labj h Black Hi^wk 
Schrand Joseph, hamessmaker D. Horton, h 

re«r 80 S. Jefferson 
Schreinen Nobel, cabinetmaker, fa 240 S. Clinton 
Schreiner Frederick, teamster, h Pearson nr 

Schreiber George, lab, h Green nr Cedar . 
Schr^ibeiber Frederick, baker, h Division 
Schreiber Michael, carriagemaker, Milwaukee 

ay nr Toll gate 
Schreiber Henry, carpenter, h Milwaukee aT 

nr Chicago av 
Schreider Joseph^ yarnisher 0. Morgan 
Schrider Frederick, lab, k Maarket nr Ytax 

Schrider Henry, teamster, h Elston road cor 




Sohroeder Christopher, Ub, cor Forqner and { 

CUnton J 

8chroeder Liborgus, h Orchard nr North ay 
Schroeder John, tailor, h 217 N. Clark 
Schroeder August, lab, h Clyboum ay 
Schroedor John, carpenter, h Hope nr Blue 

Island ay 
Schroeder <f ohn, cabinetmaker J. & A. Lieben- 

Schroeder Charles, saloon and boarding, Mil- 
waukee plank road nr Owen 
Schroeder Joseph, yarnish^r, h Ruckor nr 

. Schroeder Robert D. bartender G. Baeumer 
Schroeder August, blacksmith 0. Meyer 
Schroeder T. H. cabinetmaker C. Morgan, h 

Schroeder Theodore, carpenter, h W. Lake 
Schroeder William, cabinetmaker, h Griswold 

nr Harrison 
Schryyer Daniel B. clerk 152 Lake 
Schtechting A. polisher Shumer & Co. 
Schubert Frederick H. carpenter, h Biyision 

nr Halsted * 
Schuch John, helper Mason & MoArthur 
Schuler Fred, pastor German M. £. church, 

h Van Buren cor Griswpld 
SchuUer MaxG. cabinetmaker Knibloe & Bugg 
Schram Mrs. B. gifoceries, cor Owen and 

Halsted and 68 W. Kinzie 
Schramm Lambert, laB, h Sedgwick nr Biyision 
Schrankel Franz, lab, h Liberty nr State 
Schreener Joseph, tanner, h Pearson nr Cass 
Schreiber John, carpenter, h Clyboum ay 
Schrettle John, lab, h Larrabee nr Willow 
Sohrenk August, carpenter, h N. Lasalle cor 

Schroeder Frederick, blacksmith, h N. Wells 

nr Schiller 
Schroeder Henry C, upholsterer, h 81 Illinois 
Schroeder John, lab, h Edina N. of Twelfth 
Schroeder Louis, proprietor Laborer's Home 
Schroch Frederick, groceries, cor Sherman and 

Schubert, Ferdinand H. plasterer, h Biyision 
Schubert John, lab, h Taylor bt Edina and 

Schue Matthew, blacksmith, h' Wolcott bt 

Maple and Locust 
Schulz Christian, tailor, 112 Michigan, h same 
Shultz Henry, carpenter, bds Kossuth saloon. 

Schultz William, joiner, h State N.. of North 
Schumacher Charles, clerk, h Carpenter bt 

Taylor and Twelfth 
Schupp Conrad, machinist C. & R. I. R. R. 

shop, h Liberty bt Buffalo and Edina 
Sohulgern John, chairmaker Knibloe & Rugg, 

h cor Polk and Clinton 
Schultz John, h Whitney nr Green Bay road 
Schultze A. & Co. Intelligence office, 66 Lasalle 
Schultze Adolph, (A. S. &. Co.) h Chipago ay 

*nr N. Clark 
SohulUe Adolph, (A. Schultze & Co.) 66 Lasalle 

Scfaiitti Henry, lab, h Rees 

Schultze £dward, printer Blinois Staats Zeitung 

Schulze Auguste, cabinetmaker, h New DivisioB 
Schulz John, sailmaker, h Jefferson nr t'olk 
Schultz Henry, shinglemaker, h Milwaukee ay 

nr Chicago ay 
Schumacker Louis, porter 45 S. Water 
Schumann Charles, clerk 58 Clark 
Schuper Lewis, (Glasen & S.) h Cass nr Chic, ay 
Schupp John, tailor, h 245 Monroe 
Schurz Charles, cabinetmaker, 44 Lasalle, h 

N. Lasalle bt Ontario and Ohio 
Schurz C. P. locksmith, rear 146 Clark 
Schurman Charles, lab, h Union nr Milwan. ay 
Schurman C. S. h 49 S. Besplaines 
Schussle John S. miller, h cor Townsend and^ 

Schutz Nicholas, carpenter, h Elm nr Wolcott 
Schutz Peter, wagonmaker, cor Randolph and 

Ann, h same 
Schuttler John, wagonmaker P. Schuttler 
Schutz John, lab, h Elm nr Wolcott 
Schutt Ferdinand, lab, h Shantytown nr Chi^ 

cago ay 
Schntte Henry, lab, h Third nr Morgan 
Schutt Edward, carpenter, h Cass nr White 
Schwetz Stefan, tailor, h Shantytown or 

Chicago ay 
Schwuchow Henry, lab, h Chicago ay nr Peyton 
Schwend Michael, turner, h Third nr Carpenter 

191 Clark 
Schttrem'ann Jacob L. (S. & Hoffman) h 114 

Schuster John, lab, h Claik bt Biyision and 

SCHUTTLER PETER, wagon factory, Frank- 
lin S. W. cor Randolph 
Schwatz Oswald, tailor, Clark cor Liberty, h 

Schwarz Jacob J. shirts, &c. 151 Lake, h 114 

Schwarz Julius, bds 114 Madison 
Schweinfurth George, baker, 48 Wells, h same 
Schweisthal Peter, joiner, h Wells nr North ay 
Schwindler Paul, joiner, h Buffalo bt Taylor 

and Twelfth 
Scott Charles, (S. & Fulton) h 62 Kinzie 
Scott Mrs. Elizabeth, boarding, h Besplaines 

bt Van Buren and Harrison 
Scott Francis, carpenter, bds P. Scott 
SCOTT & FULTON, job printers, N. E. cor 

Clark and S. Water 
Scott George £. drugs, &c. h cor Edina and 

Scott Hugh, bookkeeper Tribune office 
Scott Henry, whitewasher, h Sherman cor Polk 
Scott Ira, (King, S. & Willson) h 66 Adams 
Scott John, stonecutter Chic. Stone Yard, h 

Sherman nr Harrison 
Scott John, carpenter, h Charles nr Wells 
Scott Mrs. seamstress, h Peoria bt Kinxie and 




Sconten Daniel, bookkeeper, h Monroe bt Pes- 
plaioes and Halsted • 

^Seott Joseph, clerk Ross & Foster 

SCOTT HOUSE, 8 N. Wells cor N. Water 

SCOTT Mrs. MARY, milUnery goods, &c. 69 

Seott Peter, carpenter, h Qaincy nr Wells 

Scott Robert, miller A. Crosby, h Franklin bt 
White and Hinsdale 

Scott Silas L. carpenter, bds 24 Michigan ay 

Scott William, prpprietor Scott House 

SooCt William J. boilermoker, h Blue Island ar 
nr Henry 

Scott William H. h Aberdeen bt Monroe and 

Scovill Capt. Samael V, h 148 Illinois 

Sooville Alonio, tinsmith Thos. Qeorge & Co. 

Scoville Augustus J. foreman. I. C. R. R. ma- 
chine shop 

Scenlle Addison J. h Halsted nr Jackson 

Scoville C. F. foreman I. C freight depot, bds 
24 Michigan ay 

SCOVILLE, BUSCHICK & CO. engine manu- 
fajpturers, Canal bt Lake and Randolph 

Scoville George, (Goodrich & S.) h 77 W. Mon. 

Scoville Hiram H. machinist, bds Ives Scoville 

Scoville Halsey W., M. S. R. R. h Gumee cor 

Scoville Robert, agent M. S. R. R. bds Jervis 

Scoville Samuel M. tailor, h 18 IlUnois 

Scoville Washington L. (S., Buschick & Co.) h 
cor Adams and Desplaines 

Scoville William H. h Jackson cor Halsted 

Scow Anton F. machinist Granger's Foundry, h 
. Broomer av 

Scranton & Bro. block and pumpmakers, 92 
N. Water 

Scranton AJbner R. (Parringtoa & S.) h 118 

Scranton A. S. (S. & Bro.) h 37 Ohio 

Scranton Don Carlos, (Maitland & S.) h 7 Van 

Scranton Noah, (S. & Bro.) h B7 Ohio 

SCRiPPS, BBOSS & SP£ABS, publishers Dem- 
ocratic Press, 45 Clark 

Seripps J. L. (S., Bross & Spears) h 164 Mon. 

Scrul James, baker, h 24 Dearborn 

Scully Michael, lab, h Buffalo S. of Taylor 

Scnpham Mrs. W. h 145 Indiana 

Seadorf Henry, (B & S.) h State N; of 


Sears Baward H., R. D. Jones k Sons, h 358 
Wabash av 

Sears John, jr. (S., Smith & Co.) h 196 Wa- 
bash av 

SEARS, SMITH & 00. druggists, 118 Lake 

Beaton A. Sidney, (Bond & S.) 69 W. Wash. 

Seaton B. W. job printer, 81 Dea^b. h 1 Harr. 

Seavems Charles H. (B. M. & O. S. Hough & 
Co.) bds 66 Michigan av 

Seayems George A. bookkeeper 12 Wells 

Seavems J. S. clerk 12 Lasalle 

Sebftstian Christ. grocer,'h cor Green aii^ Whit 

Sebastian John, teamster, h Hickory 
Secombe W. W. clerk D. B. Fisk & Co. 
Sedgwick Albert, bds 1^4 State 
Sedgwick George, (S. & Walker) h 167 Michi- 
gan av 
Sedgwick Theodore, clerk 178 S. Water 
SEDGWICK & WALKER, attorneys, 60 Dciar. 
Seebrock Mrs. M. h Division nr Halsted 
Seely Amos S. flour and feed, 10 S. Clinton, % 
cor Lasalle and Madison ' 

Seeley H. E. attorney, 47 Clark 
Seeman Charles, lab, h Edina N. of TwelfljE^ 
Seeman John S. whitesmith, h Willow 
Soger Joseph, h 72 Chicago av 
Seib John, clerk Fernald & Page 
Seidel Jacob, shoemaker J. M. Reis 
Seidel William, shoemaker, h Willow 
Seidenwants Christopher, teamster, h Green nr 

Seidl Louis, cabinetmaker Little & Co. 
Seifert Adam, saloon, &c. h 148 W. Randolph 
Seifert Anton, tanner, h Sherman nr Polk 
Seifert Erick, leather dresser, h Cherry ^gf 

North ay 
Seller Adam, carpenter, h Taylor, bt JefiEerson 

and Clinton 
Seiman Herman, cl^rk 195 Lake, h 2^ Kinzie 
Seipp Charles, lab, h Edina N. of Twelfth 
Seipp Conrad, brewery, opp. I. C. R. R. round 

Seipp John, clerk 346 State 
Seitz Henry, baker, 888 State, h 8a,me 
Seligman & Bro^ clothing, 19^ Lake 
Selleck A. B. hatter J. Barstow 
Selly William, lab, h Quincy nr Wells 
Selord Christian, h 118 PrankKn 
Selwig Andrew, sailor, h |7. Lasalle bt Supe- 
rior and Chicago av 
Semple George C. clerk Joseph Hurst 
Semple Dr. Manly, h 21 Clinton 
Sendelbach Jol^n F. bricklayer, h O'Krion nr 

Seng Abram, carpenter, h Second nr Milwau- 
kee av 
Seng Joseph, upholsterer, h Chicago av * 
Senf George, h Van Buren nr Wells 
Senyard Charles, painter, h 86 Quincy 
Severs J. blacksmith Eilitborpe, Kline &, Co. 
Seville Wm. variety store, 68 N. Clark, h same. 
Seward William J. physician, bds 167 State . 
Seward William L. clerk Boss & Foster 
Sewell & Heatley, auctioneers, 4 W. Randolpli 
Sewell Marshall, (S. & Heatley) bds New York 

Sewell Thomas, (Dunlop & S.) 

Sexton George 0. joiner. North av nr the Lake 
Sexton Sylvester, R. R. contractor, h cor In- 
diana and Twelfth 
Sexton Stephen, carpenter, h 157 N. Lasalle 
Seyberlick Ferdinand, capemaker, h N. Wells 

nr North av 
Seyfried Ulrich, carpenter, b Maxwell nr Jeff. 




Seymour C. W. (Wadsworth, Wells & Co.) 145 

S. Water 
Sejmour Henry, mason, h Harrison nr Desp. 
Seymour H. R. agent Monroe, Brownson & Co. 
Seymour M. A. clerk G. B. Roberts 
Shaaf G. painter, h Sherman bt Polk and Tay. 
Shadley Coot N. clerk Avery, Upham & Mil- 
ler, h 68 Buffalo 
Shafer Frank, boarding and saloon, UN. Clark 
Sbafer William, carriagemaker, Desplaines bt 

Lake and Randolph 
Shae Jeremiah, tailor, h Wells bt Jackson and 

Van Buren 
Shalett Francis, carpenter, h 58 £dina 
Shallow William, cooper, h May nr Kinzie 
Shan Peter, saloon, Wells cor Polk 
Shanahan Joseph, lab, h Tyler, cor Sherman 
Shanch Peter, works G. Leverenz 
Shandley W. plater Ellithorpe, Kline & Co. 
Shandy Owen, lab, b 8 N. Desplaines 
Shane Joseph, lab, h Rees nr Halsted 
Shank Peter, lab, h Sherman bt Harrison and 

Shanks John, engineer Journal office, h rear 75 

Michigan ay 
Shanks John, jr. engineer North Branch Pla- 
. ning Mill, h 11 Ohio 
Shanks Peter, pedler, h Wells bt Harrison and 

Skanly Michael, lab, h Wright nr Union 
Shann Jas. lab, h N. Water bt Wells and Rirer 
Shannon James, salesman, h Pearson bt Jack- 
son and Van Buren 
Shannon Terrence, boarding, h Wells nr Taylor 
Shapland John, lab, h Wells nr Harrison 
Shapley S. H. mailing clerk post-office, h 174 

Shappley Morgan L. works on harbor drudge 
Sharkey Charles, shoemaker, bds J. McSherry 
Sharkey Mrs. M. h Kinzie cor Wells 
Shannon George, pile driver, h 13 Indiana 
Sharp Be Witt C. clerk, 47 S. Water 
Sharp Solomon L. 98 Randolph 
SHARP, SMITH & CO. real estate brokers, 

^98 Randolph 
Sharp William, (Hayman & S.) h State nr Lib. 
Sharp William, carpenter, h Polk bt Canal and 

Sharp William, trunks, &c. 170 Randolph 
Sharp George H. carpenter, h Buffalo bt Har- 
rison and Polk 
Sharpe William, bookkeeper H. Dunlap 
Sharpies Thompson, carpenter, h Rees 
Shaughnessy Thomas, lab, h State nr Springer 
Shaver George, tracklayer, bds 24 Michigan av 
Shaw Caleb, house agent, office 78^ Randolph, 

h 124 Franklin 
Shaw B. £. teaoher of dancing, bds 136 State 
Shaw Elijah, carpenter and joiner, h Halsted 

bt Adams and Union 
Shaw Joseph, chairmanufacturer, h Randolph 

bt Carpenter and Curtiss 
Shaw Robert, sailor, h Polk nr May 
Shaw Stephen P. bookkeeper Jacobus & Bro. 

Shaw William, lab, h Tyler nr Carpenter 
Shaw Joseph, clothing, 807 Clark, h same 
Shaw Samuel, shinglemaker, h cor CarroU and 

Shay John, blacksmith P. Carlln, bds Claren- 

don House 
Shay J. B. dry goods, 102 Lake, h 167 State 
Shay Patrick, carpenter, Polk nr Rucker 
Shead Oliver, (J. J. Richards & Co.) h 69 N. 

Shead W. Loring, clerk J. J. Richards & Co. 
Sheahan James W. editor Batly Times, 53 Las« 
Shear J. ^B. news depot, cor Dearborn and 

Sheehan Andrew, lab, h cor Harrison and Jeff. 
Sheehan Jerry, stonecutter Hi. Stone Dres- 
sing Co. 
Sheehan Michael, grocer, Desplaines cor Jack. 
Sheehan Patrick, lab, h 153 W. Randolph 
Sheehan Patrick, shoemaker, h Ohio nr Peyton 
Shells James B. conductor, h 886 State 
Shelby Isaac, jr. office 1 Merchants' Kxchange 
Shelby Nicholas, at Shelby & Palzer 
Shelby & Palzer, Milwaukee beer hall, 119 Wells 
Shelby Walter, merchant tailor, 177 Randolph 
Shelby Walter, (S. & Paliers) 
Sheldon A. boarding, h 1 18 Laaalle 
Sheldon Charles A. forwarding, &c. 5 Knight's 

Sheldon Charles R. clerk Ogden, Jones & Co. 
Sheldon D. H. h 92 Michigan 
Slieldon Edwin H. (Ogden, Jones & Co.) 
Sheldon L. T., G. & 0. U. R. R. office 
Sheldon Reuben, exchange broker, cor N. Wa- 
ter and N< Clark, h 74 Kinzie 
SHELTON & TUTTLE, carriage repository, 

216 Randolph 
Shepard B. J. produce merchant, 12 Dearborn 
Shepard George W. (Houghteling & S.) h 82 

Shepard Joseph B. conductor C. k. B. L R. B. 

h 10 Quincy 
Shepard Otis, lumber, W. Kinzie nr Bridge 
Shepard S. H. brakesman, h 107 Clinton 
Shepherd C. L. fruit, &c. lOS Randolph, h 173 

Shepley J. C. clerk Mauran & Wright, h 98 

Sheppard Robert, (S., Sherriffs & Smith) h 

Clinton bt Harrison and Van Buren 

Canal nr Jackson 
Sherdan Patrick, lab, h Peyton nr Chicago av 
Sheridan Patrick, machinist, h 65 Buffalo 
Sheridan William, boarding, h 63 Canal 
Sheridon Patrick, cooper, h Depuyster nr Hals. 
Sherlock Thomas, brassfounder 201 Lake 
Sherman A. S. (Illinois Stone Dressing Co.) h 

cor Morgan and Adams 
Sherman Andrew T. bookkeeper 46 Clark 
Sherman B. F. attorney. 111 Lake 
Sherman C. G. carpenter, h Milwaukee av nr 

Chicago av 
Sherman Edwin, (F. T. & £. S.) 100 Randolpli 



SHERMAN. EZRA L. offioe 98 Randolph, h 28 

Washington * 

Sherman F. C. bd? Sherman House 
Sherman Francis T. (F» T. & E. ,S.) h Van 

Baren bt Michigan and Wabash ays 
Sherman Frank D. clerk C. & R. I. R. R. bds 

106 Monroe 
Sherman F. T. & E. brick makers, office 2 Odd 

Fellow 8 Hall 
Sherman George, clerk S. S« Durfee, h Indiana 

nr Sand 
Sherman Howard, (T. & H. S.) h N, W. cor 

ItfAsalle And Oak 
SHERMAN HOUSE, N. W. cor Clark and 

Sherman James D. (J. D. S. & Co.) 
SHERMAN J. D. & CO. dry goods, 130 Lake 

and 20 Clark 
Sherman John, grocer, Canal nr Forquer 

fherman John B. (Black & S.) 47 Kinzie 
herman Lucius, bookkeeper Stearns & C?. 
Sherman Mrs. Nancy A. boarding, h 171 State 
Sherman Orrin, (Illinois Stone Dressing Vo.) 

h outside City limits 
SHERMAN O. & W. G. lime, &c. 240 Lake 
Sherman RoUin, clerk Steams & Co. 
Sherman S. E. (T. Y. West & Co.) bds 186 

Sherman T. & H. stoves, &c. 171 Lake 
Sherman Thaddeus, (T. & H. S.) h N. W. cor 

Lasalle and Oak 
Sherman W. G. (O. & W. G. S.) 240 Lake 
Sherry Patrick, tutor University St. Mary's of 

the Lake 
Sherwood Edwin, clerk 47 S. Water, bds 93 

SHERWOOD ISAAC, prodnce dealer, office 

Hilliard's block, h 86 Indiana 
Sherwood Philip, derk D. B. Fisk & Co. h 

174 Madison 
SMeffer Frederick, painter, h Union bt Lake 

and Randolph 
Shield John, h Hubbard, nr Reuben 
Shield M. clerk 187 Lake 
Shields Mrs. Ann, h Indiana nr Franklin 
Shields Charles, lab, h Halsted nr North av 
Shields David, carpenter^ h Chicago av cor 

Shields James, lab, h Division 
Shields John, carpenter G. & C. U. R. R. h 

Falton nr Paulina 
Shields M. assistant public school No. 6 
Shilling Henry) Lake bt Union and Desplaines 
Shilling Isaac, carpenter, h Jackson bt Rolker 

and Rucker 
ShilUnglaw Richard, machinist C. & R. I. R. R. 

shop, h Jackson bt Carpenter and Rucker 
Shimp Peter, produce, h 161 Adams 
Shin Peter, carpenter, h Ontario nr Peyton 
Shine Jeremiah, Limerick House, Clark bt 

Twelfth and Liberty 
Shine Michael, Rock Island Exchange, Clark 

bt Twelfth and Liberty 
Shine William, tailor, h cor Charles and Frank. 

Shinn Rev. R. F. Meth. Prot'Ch. h N. W. cor 

WashiQgton and Desplaines 
Shipard George, l)oarding, h Eintie nr Franklin 
Shipe Jacob, warehouseman Van Olinda & Gale 
Shipman Daniel B. (S. & Goodridge) h Yaa 

Buren bt State and Wabash av 
Shipiuan George £. physician homoeopathic, 

94 Lasalle 
SHIPMAN & GOODRIDGE, druggists, &c. 

78 S. Water 
Sbippen Rev. Rush R. pastor Unitarian Church 

bds 66 Michigan av ^ 

Shippy Richard, mason, h Wells nr Quincy , 
Shirf Godfrey, joiiier, cor Franklin and Adams 
Shirley Thomas, attorney, 2 Warner's Hall, 

bds Sherman House 
Shirra James, h Desplaines bt Harrison and 

Shirra Mose^, groceries, 6 W, Randolph, h 

Ourtiss bt Lake and Randolph 
Shiub Conrad, carpenter, h Wolcott bt Maple 

and Locust 
Shiub John J. farmer, h 126 N. Clark 
Shivers Anthony, mason, h Griswold bt Van 

Buren and Harrison 
Shield wi I er Joseph, carpenter, h Black Hawk 
Shlerch Joseph, cooper, h rear 151 Indiana 
Shnure Mrs. M. grocery, 308 State, h same 
Shoad 0. F. jr. clerk G. & Ci U. R. R. office 
Shoan Louis, clerk 229 Lake 
Shockley Henry P. police, bds 67 Randolph 
Shoe Peter, shoemaker, h 188 Wells 
Shoeneman Benjamin, brick manufacturer, ^ 

office 186 Randolph 
Shoenwald Francis, druggist, 852 State, h same 
Shook Mrs. Nancy, h Third bt Green and 

Milwaukee av / 

Shook W. H. law student Robert Rae 
Shocks G. blacksmith Ellithorpe, Kline & Co. 
Short Henry W. boarding, h cor Market and 

Van Buren 
Short John, cabinetmaker Knibloe & Rugg, h 

Judd nr Canal 
Short Joseph S. (J. 8. S. & Co.) h 123 Dearb. 
SHORT J. S. & CO. paperhangings, 172 Lake 
Short Philip, shoemaker F. R. Nagle 
Shottcnkirk J. C. collector Democratic Press, 

h Lake cor Halsted 
Shoupe Michael, real estate, &c. 50 Clark, h 

cor Twelfth and Clinton 
Shreider David, harnessmaker G. Leverenz 
Shuber Charles, lab, h Harrison cor Wells 
Shubert Mrs. Eliza, h 114 Jackson 
Shuhman Nicholas, bookbinder Braunhold & 

ShuU Anton, cooper, h Mitchell E. of Canal 
SHUMER & CO. marble works, 240 Lake 
Shumer John, (S. k Co.) 240 Lake 
Shumer Peter, iceman Joy & Frisbie 
Shuminray Horatio G. attorney, 107 Lake, bd» 

Matte son House 
Shurer Jacob, moulder, h Clybourn av 
Shurley Robert V. printer, bds Desplaines bt 

Randolph and Washington 




Shurleff BenjaQiiD, h nr North ar 
Shuster George, blaeksmith, h Hickory 
Shutin John, chairmaker, h Mather cor EUzab. 
8hutt CaWin C. (McFall & Co.) h Jackson nr 

Shuttock AWin, joiner Jacob Harrig 
Sibenheister Matthias, lab, h Green Bdj nr 

Chicago av 
Slble\y B. F. clerk Jenks & Beers, bds 189 

Wabash av 
Siblej Sylvester, clerk J. H. Dunham & Co. 
Sickle Edwardllbookkeeper W. P. Swift & Co. 

h 54 N. Dearborn 
Sidle Jacob, shoemaker, h Wells cor Polk 
Sieb John, clerk P. Law 
Sleber Otto, lab, h Green Bay cor Maple 
iSiegle Philip, boarding, h 69 S. Water 
Siegmann William H. cabinetmaker, h Sherman 

bt Polk and Harrison 
Siegawald David, beer saloon, State nr El- 
dredge ct 
Siem William, bookkeeper 72 Lake 
Silenger John, P. F. Rofinot's office 
Siller A. H., G. & C. U. R. R. out-freight office 
Siller Alexander, clerk F. A. Hoffmann, h 76 

N. Wells 
Siiler F.,p. clerk S. F. White & Bro. 
Silva Carroll, tailor, h 48 State 
Silvester Benjamin D. grocer, h Randolph ur 

SILVERMAN LAZARUS, land agent, 40 Clark 
Sim James, groceriiesi cor Madison and Morgan 
Sim James C. bds cor Madison and Morgan 
Sim T. & J. physieians, 30 W. Randolph 
Sim John, (T. & J. S.) 
^im John, carpenter, h Market nr Madison 
Sim Thomas, (T. & J. S.) h Pine Grove 
Siraer Andrew, leather dresser, h Cherry nr 

North av 
Simmons Dennis, shipoat^enter, h Desplaines 

bt Lake and Fulton 
Simmons George N., R. R. conductor^ h 101 

Simmons John J. conductor M. S. R. R. h 102 

Simmons Ryerson, blacksmith, h Madison nr 

Simmons Mrs. Sarah, boarding, h cor Charles 

and Van Buren 
Simmons Thomas E. h Adams nr Halsted 
Simmons William, moulder M. C. Barr«l 
Simon Charles A. ship cook, h N. W^s &r 

Simon Hermann, clerk 0. F. Fuller 
Simon Jacob, h Dearborn bt Elm and Dividon 
Simon John, lab, h N. Wells nr Cemetery 
Simon John, printer Tribune office 
Simon John, lab, h Clark S. of Old 
Simon Matthew, blacksmith, h Sedgwick 
Simon Matthew, gardener, h Dearborn nr 

Simuu Matthias, tinsmith Thomas Floyd 
&mon Nicholas, tinsmith Thomas Floyd 
Simon Peter, mouhler, h K* Disarbom nr Div. 

Simon Peter, tinsmith, fa N. Dearborn, ni^ 

Simonds G. T. clerk Newaygo Co. 
Simonet John, boarding, h Wells nr Van Buren 
Simonet Thomas, h cor Market and Quincy 
Simonne A. H. clerk 282 Wells 
Simpson Charles H. saloon nr R. L R. R. 

freight depot 
Simpson Mrs. H. h 112 W. Randolph 
Simpson Michael, helper Mason & McArthur 
Simpson William H. tailor, h 33 Wolcott 
Sims Thomas, sailor, h Obicago av nr Towns. 
Simsrot Henry, watchman, h Blue Island av nr 

Sinclair Alexander, stonecutter Chicago Stone 

Sinclair Horatio G. (Brown & S.) h Morgan nr 

Sinclair James, tinn«r, 866 State, h 372 Stafte 
Sinclair J. D. teamster C. A. Reno, h Peyton 

nr Erie ' 

Sinclair John, stonecutter, h Mather bt Clinton 

and Jefferson 
Sinclair L. G. painter, h 179 W^lls 
Sinclair M. B. assistant public school No. 5 
Sinclair William, plumber, h 46 N. Wells 
Singer H. M. (S. & Tolcott) 
Singer Joseph, cooper Scammon & Haven 
Singer John, cooper, h Kinzie nr Curtiss 
Singer Peter, clerk F. Scammon & Co. bds 179 

Singer & Tolcott, stoneyard. Market nr Adama 
Sinneshaw Jos^h, carpenter, h Green nr Hub. 
Sinnott George, shoemaker, h Ontario nr Pey. 

Wabash av 
Sitts Benjamin F. brakesman G. &. C. U, R. 

R. h cor Green and Hubbard 
Sitts George, produce and commission, h S 

Sivert John, lab, h Clark S. of Liberty 
Sivertson John B. pumpmaker Scranton & Bro, 
Sivike William, hat and cap manufacturer, 63 

N. Clark 
Sizer Charles 0. (Read & S.) bds 127 W. Mad. 
SIZER G. W. & CO. foundry Union Car W'ks 
Skaer Jacob, teamster, h Clybourn av 
Skahan Mrs. James, h Polk bt Halsted and 

Sharritt John, carpenter, h 143 Indiana 
SKELLY DANIEL C. Chicago Stone Yard, hot 

Wells and Harrison 
Skinkle James F. teller Geo. Smith & Co. 
Skinkle J. W. teller Geo. Smith & Co. h 188 

Skillman William R. carpenter, n <3reen cor 

Skilton Timothy, (Howell & S.) bds 418 Clarit 
SKINNER & ANDREWS, wood yard, cor Mar- 
ket and Adams 
Skinner B. H. (S. & Andrews) h Jackson bt 

Loomis and Rolker 
Skinner John L. painter, h 168 Buffalo 
Skinner Rev. Samuol P. office 76 Stata 

oHtoAao unisca^oRT. 


Skinner Mark, attoroey, 74 Lake, h 118 Wa- 
bash ay 
Slade George B. (E. B. Kellogg & Co.) 
Slagle Alford, policeman, h 68 Lasalle 
Slagh William, lab, h May bt Polk and Taylor 
Slater B. F. A. carpenter, li Milwaukee ay nr 

^ater F. railroad contractor, h Besplaines bt 

Lake and Randolph 
Slater Richard, blacksmith, h 12 N. Besplaines 
Slater Richard, saloon, 67 S. Water, h Cartiss 

bt Lake and Randolph 
Slater Samuel S. clerk J. Barber, h Besplaines 

bt Jackson and Van Buren 
Slayen James, blacksmith J. Oomelius 
Slayton J. Henry L. music teacher, bds 108 

Sleeper F. H. bookkeeper 211 S. Water, h 

Morgan, nr Madison 
Sleeper Jacob, printer Scott & Fulton 
Sleeper Solomon C. conductor C. & R. L R. R. 

h 838 State ' 
Sleigh William, lab, h May nr Polk ' 
Sleight John, brickmaker, Milwaukee ay nr 

Chicago ay 
Sleight Robert, brickmaker, Milwaukee ay nr 

Chicago ay 
Slietz Matthias, lab, h Larrabee nr Nordi ay 
Sloan A. carpenter, h 157 W. Randolph 
Sloan Mrs. Bridget, h 81 Superior 
Sloan Edward, chandler J. Johnston 
Sloan James, foreman Singer & Tolcott, h 

Clark nr Union Car Works 
Sloan Oscar B. editor Garden City, h cor Ful- 
ton and Ann 
Sloan Patrick, bricklayer, bds 161 N. Lasalle 
Sloan Mrs. Mary, h 161 N. Lasalle 
Sloan Walter B. medicine depot, 42 Lake 
Sloat B. county constable, h 40 W. Kinzie 
Slocomb David P. clerk J. H. Rees & Co. bds 

240 Madison 
Slocum Hubert, tinsmith 60, 52 State 
SLOCUM WILLIAM H. lumber, &c. Market 

cor Jackson 
gloss George, carpenter, h Union bt Owen and 

Slothman Henry, porter 91 S. Water 
Slonn Edward, chandler, h 150 State 
Slusser Americus, clerk post-office 
Smale William, finisher Thomas George &, Co. 
Smale James, grocer. Cottage Grove av N. of 

Rio Grande • 

Smale James, jr. clerk L. C. Hall 
Small George, (Mclntyre & Co.) 79 Wells 
Small John H. clerk A. H. & C. Burley 
Small William, carpenter, h 118 W. Jackson 
Smalley Ellis, h Coolidge bt Rucker and Rolker 
Smallwood Mrs. dressmaker, 285 Lake 
Smallwood Rev. William A. rector Trinity 

Charch, h 142 Wabash av 
Smead Daniel, flour and feed, 4 Lind's block 
Smeeth Edward, (Fnllagar'& S.) h Warren bt 

Washington and Madison 
Smeeton H. tinsmith 201 Lake 

Smeiding William, clerk 148 S. Water 
Smiddy Pierce, lab, h Springer bt State and 

Smidt Frederick, grocer, 95 Clark 
Smidt Henry, pedler, h Wolcott nr Grand Ha- 
ven slip 
Smidtz Frank, music teacher, h 48 Rush 
Smith Abraham, h 122 Wells 
Smith Abraham, policeman, h 262 Clark 
Smith Addison, bridge foreman Union Car 

Smith Alfred, coal, &c. foot of Pine, h 10 Rush 
Smith Augustus, bookkeeper C. Reissig, h Jtf- 

ferson bt Polk and Harrison 
Smith A. B. clerk, bds 147 Bearbom 
Smith A. £. printer Baily Journal 
Smith A. Judson, salesman 141 S. Water 
SMITH, BRABLEY & CO. real estate rooms, 

98 Rahdolph 
Smith Calvin L. h 117 State 
Smith Charles, drayman, h Chicago av nr Las. 
Smith Charles, sailor, h Cass bt Hinsdale and 

Smith Charles, sailor, h 175 N. Lasalle 
Smith Charles, blacksmith Bl. Stone Bres. Co. 
Smith C. B. (J. A. S. &. Co.) 110 Lake 
Smith Charles B. (S. & Bennehy) h 69 N. Wellg 
Smith Charles B. clerk 114 Lake 
Smith Chas. Oilman, physician, office 122 Lake 
Smith C. G. (Sears & S.) 118 Lake 
Smith Charles H. h Halsted nr Madison 
Smith Christian, butcher, Clark nr Sheffield 

coal yard 
Smith & Bennehy, fruit, &c. 22 Clark 
Smith Bennis, carpenter, h 153 W. Randolph 
Smith Bennis, groceries, 78 N. Bearborn 
Smith Edson, finisher Knibloe & Rugg 
Smith B. S. physician homoeopathic, 16 Lasalle 
Smith Edward, polisher Shumer & Co. 
Smith Edward L. gilder Thomas Bown & Co. 
Smith Edward W. clerk Higgins, Beckwith & 

Smith E. B. carpenter P. W. Gates & Co. 
Smith E. Randolph, (S., Bradley & Co.) h 112 

Smith Elijah, (E. S. & Ives & Co. ) h N. Bearbom 

cor Ohio 
Smith Ezekial S. h 112 Adams 
Smith E. Willard, architect, Metropolitan Block 

h,173 Michigan ay 
SMITH GEORGE & CO. bankers, 89, 41 Clark 
Smith Francis, painter, h Chicago avnr Mil. ay 
Smith Francis, sawyer, h New Bivision 
Smith Francis, mason, h Charles nr Wells 
Smith Frank, waiter, h 37 Buffalo 
SMITH FREBERICK, watches, &c. 181 Lake, 
. 2d floor 

Smith Frederick, carpenter, h Forquernr Hals. 
Smith Frederick, lab, h Griswold bt Van Bu- 
ren and Harrison 
Smith Miss F. assistant public school No. 6 
Smith George, CMrpenter, h Polk bt Canal and 




Itmith George, joiner, h 117 Monroe 

Smith George, cooper, h cor K'lnzie and Carp. 

Smith Geo. vhite washer, bds Rebecca Joiner 

Smith George B. clerk 107 Lake 

Smith George B. clerk G. &. C. U. E. R. out-fr't 

Smith George C. (Bradner, Warren & Co.) h 

63 N. Wells 
Smith Ge6rge Clinton, cutter E. L. Ives & Co. 
Smith George P. clerk Exchange Bank 
Smith George W. (Boggs & S.) h cor Buffalo 

and Polk 
Smith Harvey, h 125 N. Clark 
Smith Henry, vice-president III. & W. R. R. h 

cor Carpenter find Owen 
Smith Henry A. clerk G. & C. U. R. R. h^al- 

sted bt Lake and Randolph 
Smith Henry H. cooper, hcor Curtissand Einzie 
Smith Henry M. assistant editor Journal, h 57 

Smith Henry N. confectioner, h Clark ns Goethe 
Smith Henry 0. machinist, h Pesplaines nr Har. 
Smith Hezekiah B. h Clark bt Twelfth and 

Smith Hiram, physician, 86 W. Lake, h same 
Smith Hiram B. h 75 S. Desplaines 
Smith Hugh, harnessm'kr, h Madison cor May 
Smith Isaiah, bricklayer, h Buffalo N. of Polk 
Smith Jacob 0. clerk 14 N. Clark, bds Hamil- 
ton House 
Smith Jas. sash, doors, Slg. h Monroe nr Hals. 
Smith James, drayman, h Jackson nr Clark 
Smith James D. clerk 124 Lake 
Smith James, (Sheppard, Sherriffs & S.) 
Smith James, drayman, 144 Lake 
Smith James A. (J. A. S. & Co.) h 1 Dearborn 

SMITH J. A. & GO. hats, caps, &c. 110 Lake 
Smith James F. jr. druggist, 48 Randolph, bds 

J. F. Smith 
Smith James F. mason, h W. Madison nr Hal. 
Smith J. G. h Jackson bt Desplaines and Hal. 
Smith John, sailor, h cor Forquer and Clinton 
Smith John, grocer, cor Peoria and Milwauk. av 
Smith John, iceman Joy & Frisbie 
Smith John, wines and liquors, Taylor bt 

Buffalo and Edina, h same 
Smith John E. wagonmaker, 195 W. Randolph, 

h same 
Smith John P. butcher, h cor Cly bourn av and 

Smith John G. bds cor Quincy and State 
I Smith John L. family groceries, Van Buren nr 

Smith John L. shoemaker, h Miller bt Polk 

and Harrison 
Smith John L. freight agent Galena depot, h 

144 Edina 
Smith John T. carpenter, h 86 Michigan av 
Smith John W. lumber tallyman, h 83 Canal 
Smith John W. (S. &Co.) 
Smith Rev. J. A. editor Christian Times 
SMITH J. H. & CO. produce commission, N. 

E. cor S. Water and Clark 
Smith J. M. collector, h cor Whitney and Green 

Smith J. Porter, clerk J. H. Bees & Co. bds 

A. H. Hoge 
Smith J. Wilmot, clerk T. W. Alexander & Co. 
Smith J. F. (S. & Tiernan) h 211 Randolph 
Smith Joseph H. freight agent C. & Mil. B. R. 

h 320 Clark 
Smith Julius P. clerk Beebe, Lyon & Co. 
Smith Justus H. (J. H. S. & Co.) h Tyler nr 

Wabash av 
Smith L. D. h 92 LasalU 
Smith Lawrence, ferryman. Twelfth St. Ferry 
Smith Marcellus B. (S. & PoUatd) h 314 State 
Smith Miss M. A. seamstress, h 90 Kinzie 
Smith Mrs. Martha M. h 23 Michigan av 
Smith Mrs. Maria, h 8 N. Dearborn 
Smith M. P. shoemaker, h 80 Ohio 
Smit)i Michael, drayman, h Sherman nr Harr. 
Smith Michael, harnessmaker S^ S. Bassett & Co. 
Smith Michael, lab, h Carroll bt Clinton and 

Smith Michael, h cor Wabash av and Harmon ct 
Smith Nicholas, fireman, h Harmon ot bt 

Wabash and Michigan avs 
Smith N. F. brakesman C, A. & St, Louis R. Br. 

h Franklin nr Hinsdale 
Smith Orson, h 181 Wabash av 
Smith Patrick, drayman, h 79 N. Dearborn 
Smith Patrick, blacksmith J. Cornelius 
Smith Patrick, planer, h New Division 
Smith Patrick, proprietor R. R. tavern, N. 

Water nr G. & C U. R. R. depot 
Smith Peter, boilermaker Mason & McArthur 
Smith Philander A. clerk J. Bonham & Co. 
Smith Philip, machinist H. P. Moses 
Smith Philip, lab, h May nr Polk 
Smith P. H. groceries, 125 Wells 
SMITH & POLLARD, wholesale grocers, 141 

S. Water 
Smith R. D. confectioner, h Van Buren cor 

Wabash av 
Smith Richard S. scenic artist Theatre 
Smith Robert, carpenter, bds 48 Ohio 
Smith Russell, tailor, 7 Tremont block, h 27 

Michigan av 
Smith Simon &. Co. planing mills, Peyton nr 

Ontario / 
Smith S. A. clerk 100 Lake 
Smith Sidney J. flour & feed, Madison cor Eliz. 
Smith Solomon A. (J. R. Mills & Co.) 
Smith Theodore, grocer, h 130 W. Lake 
Smith Thomas, carpenter, h Jefferson bt Car* 

roll and Kinzie ^ 

Smith Thomas, drnyman, h Edina nr Taylor 
Smith Thomas, drayman, h 110 Erie 
Smith Thomas, h 211 Market- 
Smith Capt. Thomas H. h Sangamon bt Lake 

and Randolph t 

Smith & Tiernan, proprietors New York House, 

211, 213 Randolph 
Smith Waldo W. (S. J. Surdam & Co.) h 98 

Smith Washington* 141 S. Water, h Wabaslk 

av cor Hubbard ct 
Smith William, trunkmaker, h 88 Van Buren 



6initli P^ter, lab, h Larrabee 
Smith William, hairdresser, Sherman nr Har- 
rison, h 94 Edina 
Smith William, cook, h Mather bt Canal and 

fimith William, carpenter J. Taylor, bds 88 

Smith William, machinist, h Sangamon bt Lake 
• and Fulton , 

Smith William, machinist, h 70 8. Desplaines 
Smith William H. saloon, &o. 89 Dearborn 
Smith W. D. insurance agent, Masonic Temple, 

bds 163 Wabash av 
Smith W. N. clerk D. R. Holt, h 228 Wells 
Smith William K. carpenter, h 82 Edina 
Smith Wright, carpenter, h cor Polk and' Buffalo 
Smyth Henry S. shipcarpenter, h cor Franklin 

and Chicago ay 
Smyth Michael, shipcarpenter, h cor Franklin 

and Chicago ay 
Snell Levi, h 289 Clark 
Snell William, shipsmith, 91 N. Water, h 168 

N. Clark 
Snell William, Kinsie bt Wells and Lasalle, h 

Carpenter nr Chicago ay 
Snelling Edward T. b^kkeeper Chapin, Marsh 

& Foss 
Snider Frederick J. police, h Williams nr Rucker 
Snor Jacob, tailor, h Pearson bt Wolcott and 

Snow Miss E. assistant public school No. 2 
Snow George W. b State cor Jackson 
Snow Henry, lab, h Elm 
Snow H. Orville, principal Garden City Institute 
Snow James, h Halsted bt Twelfth and Maxwell 
Snow Jonathan M. (S. Reynolds & Co.) h 8 Buff. 
SNOW, REYNOLDS & CO. hardware, 46 Dear. 
Snow Samuel, box delivery post-office 
Snowdon William, physician, 215 Clark, h same 
Snowhook Mrs. Ellen, h 130 Ohio 
Snowhook William B. 
Snyder B. tailor, 43 N. Clark 
Snyder Edward, teamster, h Morgan nr Fourth 
Snyder George, moulder, h Sherman bt Polk 

and Taylor 
Sobey Joseph, clerk W. E. Reynolds 
Sock Mrs. Catherine, h Hinsdale nr Green 

Bay road 
Soeger Nicholas, joiner, bds 160 Randolph 
Sofge William, teamster, h Lasalle cor Division 
Sollitt John, carpenter, Post Office alley/ h 102 

Sollitt John, butcher, h 451 State 
Sollitt William, carpenter, Pearson nr Halsted 
Solomann John, h 126 Dearborn * ' 
Solomon Adolphus, scourer, 210^ Lake 
Solomon Morris,rClerk 191 Lake, h 141 Dearb. 
Bomers Mrs. John, h Green bt Adams and 

Somerville Capt. William, h Chesnnt nr Wolcott 
Sondheim B. clothing, 229 Lake and 203 Rand. 
Sonne Charles, (Braunhold & S.) 47 Lasalle 
8<^er Thomas H. builder, cor Van Buren and 

Clinton, h Rolker bt AdfUKU aiid Jackson 

Soper William H. shipcarpenter, h cor Rolker 

and Jackson 
Soraghan Daniel, drayman, h 189 Michigan 
Soraghan Mrs. Elizabeth, h 23 Wolcott 
Soraghan John, team«ter, h 143 Michigan 
Sorah Frederick, lab, h May nr Polk 
Soranson Andrew P. shipcarpenter, Fourth nr 

Milwaukee plank road 
Sorgal John, carpenter, h Quiney nr Market 
Sostheim Samuel, finisher, 178 Randolph 
Soule Maria, agent E. G. Stiles 
Soullard B. L. clerk 86 Lake 

Calumet av and Rio Grande 
Southard A. S. compositor Tribune office 
Southard J. M. bookkeeper Bruce & Dobson 
Souther Anton J. painter, h Wells nr Harrison 
SOUTHERN HOTEL, N. W. cor State and 

SOUTHERN R. R. HOUSE, Clark bt Taylor 

and Twelrth 
Southgate Volney, clerk J. B. Doggett, bds 

V. A. Marsh 
Southwick Samuel, boiler maker, h Einzie bt 

Desplaines and Halsted 
Sowell Henry, shoemaker, h Liberty nr State 
Sowerby William, h 268 State 
Spaeght William, hamessmaker, 182 N. Clark 
SPAIDS C. D. wood, lumber, &c. Market nr 
' Randolph, h cor Washington and Morgan 
Spaids Joseph, clerk C. D. Spaids 
Spain James C. carpenter, h Wabash ay bt 

Halleck and Twelfth 
Spain Joseph, lab, h Polk nr Blue Island ay 
Spain Joseph, lab,' h Charles bt Van Buren 

and Harrison 
Spalding John, engineer C. & R. I. R. R. 
Spalding Johnson J. printer Daily Journal, bds 

8 Buffalo 
Spangler David, physician, 8 Metropolitan blk 
Spannagel Joseph L. physician, h 134 Franklin 
Sparrestrom Frederick, h 168 Illinois 
Spaulding C. W. printer, h 115 W. Madison 
Spaulding H. J. ticket agent M. C. R. R. h 

Rush cor Indiana 
Spaulding William 'A. conductor M. S. R. R. h 

60 State 
Spears B. W. (Scripps, Bross & S.) h 87 Indian^ 
Spears Mrs. C. tailorcss, bds G. Sauermann 
SPEARS G. M. clothing, 99 Randolph 
Spears Hugh S. proprietor Washington Coffee 

House, cor State and Randolph 
Spears Isaac, cabinetmaker Enibloe & Rugg^ 

h Van Buren bt Desplaines and Halsted 
SPEER ISAAC, watches and jewelry, 77 Lake, 

h 94 Monroe ' 

SPEER THOMAS, merchant tailor, 75 Lake, 

h 119 Monroe 
Speer William, lab, h Fourth nr Desplaines 
Spehncock Joseph, carpenter, h 46 Chicago ay 
Spein John, lab, h 56 State, up stairs 
Spellman John, watchmaker, 117 Lake 
SPENCER A. T. & CO. forwarding and com- 
mission, 28 to 58 S. Water 




Spencer Albert T. (A. T. S. & Co.) h 6 Park 

Spencer B. H. (Reader ^ S.) bds 19 Michigan 
Spencer C. H. attorney, ^8 Claric 
SPENCER FRANKLIN P. 47 S. Water, bds 

American House 
Spencer George, clerk Goes & Hoag 
Spencer Samuel, foreman Everts & Butler 
Spencer T. Rush, physician, 104 Randolph 
Spencer William, Rock Island House, Sherman 

bt Harrison and Van Buren 
Sperrjr Charles, blacksmith, h 172 Madison 
Spicer F. D. bookkeeper 181 S. Water 
Spies Matthias, carpenter, h Sedgwick 
Spink Alfred V. president Chicago Bank, h 

82 Michigan aT 
Spink John W. clerk Marine Bank 
Spitz William, painter, h North ay 
Splinton August, painter, h Whitney 
Spohrer Andrew, gardener, h cor Division and 

Spoo John, carpenter, h 118 N. Dearborn 
dporhausen Harry, h Willow nr Orchard 
Sporlein Wolfgang, boots and shoes, Wells bt 

Monroe and Adams 
SPORTSMAN'S INN, cor Polk and Sherman 
Sprague Henry M. police, h cor Kinzie and 

Spreugler Henry, cutler, 184 Lake, h 128 N. 

Spring Charles A. (C A. S. & Sons) h Fulton 

bt Union and Halsted 
Spring C. A. & Sons, boots and shoes, 188 Lake 
Spring G. H. (C. A. S. & Sons) bds C. A. Spring 
SPRING HOUSE, 374 Stat6 
Spring William N. (C. A. S. & Sons) bds. C. A. 

Springer George A. (James & S.) 
Sprohule Fraiiz, stonecutter, h Van Buren nr 

Sprohule Martin, stonecutter, bds F. Shrohule 
Sproule & Chapoton, clothing, 138 Lake 
Spry John, clerk F. B. Gardner, bds. 102 W. 

Spry Samuel, h 102 W. Madison 
Squire Samuel R., R. R. messenger, h Buffalo 

N. of Taylor 
Staaden Nicholas, tinware, &c. 211 N. Clark 
Staadt Frederick, clerk S. Nickerson 
Stableton William, carpenter, cor Blue Island 

av and Twelfth 
Stack James, lab, h Liberty nr Clark 
Stack John, lab, h Ontario nr Peyton 
Stack Patrick, lab, bdd 45 Canal 
Stack Thomas, lab, h Shantytown nr Chic, ay 
Stacy August, carpenter, h Taylor bt Clinton 

and Jefferson 
Stacy William, h 110 S. Jefferson 
Stade Henry, lab, h Orchard nr Willow 
Stadelman Dietrich, cabinetmaker C. Morgan, 

h Wells bt Harrison and Polk 
Stafford John f^. ship carpenter 102 S. Water, 

h 112 Jackson 
Stafford 0. A. printer 

Stager Frank, carpenter, h Wells war Polk 
Stahl Lewis, locksmith, h Clal>k bt Mm and 

Stahl Philip, saloon, cor Wells and Jackson 
Stam Joseph, tailor, h. Wolcott nr Chicago at 
Stanbe William, boilermaker Mason & McAv. 
Stander Charles, h Wells nr Harrison 
Standerson Thoi^as S. blacksmith, h Edina S. 
of Taylor • 

Stanfurth John, engineer, bds Jas. Connell 
Stange Charles, painter, h 64 Hlinois 
Stanley John W. h Sangamon nr Randolph 
Stanlick Edmond, sailor, h Harri^n nr Hals. 
Stannis Otto, druggist, cor Chicago and Mil- 
waukee ays 
Stanaell! Jacob B. clerk Neely, Eckely & Neely 
Stanton Patrick, h N. Water bt Wells and Ri^er 
Staples John N. h 1 Prairie ay 
Staples Stephen M. reporter Tribune 
Staples William, clerk 195 Lake 
Stapleton Michael, lab, h Ohio nr Peyton 
Stapleton William, carpenter Beggs & Smith 
Starck Joseph, engineer, h Gurnee nr Polk 
Stark Louis, cooper, h Polk bt Desplaines aad 

Stark William, lab, h Jefferson bt Carroll aad 

Starkie Arthur, carpenter, h Clark nr Libeyty 
Starkweather Charles R. h 102 Michigan ay 
Starmont Adolph M. bookkeeper, h Tyler bt 

State and Wabash ay 
Starr John F. physi<»an, 17 N. Clark, bds City 

STATE BANK, 55 Clark 
STATE STREET HOUSE, cor State and Hub- 
bard ct 
Stateman John, caulker, bds 228 Randolph 
Staunton Patrick, lab, h 211 Market 
Stave Christian, lab, h Carpenter nr N^ branch 
Stave Henry, tailor, 54 Clark 
Stave Lewis, land agent, 108 Randolph, h 70 

Stead John, teamster Williams & Brc 
Stead John W. yegotables, 3, 4 N. Market, h 85> 

Superior ' 

Stearns & Co. commission, &c. £. end Lake St. 

bridge ^ 
Steams Marcus C. (S. & Co.) h 73 Adams 
Stebbings H. R. (Haven & S.) 22 Clark 
Steckmest John, mason, h Townsend nr Chic, av 
Stcdman Capt. Isaac, h 154 Clinton 
Steel George & Co. produce, commission, &c. 

S. Water cor Lasalle 
Steel George, (G. S. & Co.) h Michigan ay cov 

Steel Hugh, mason, h Wells cor White 
Steel James, bds George Steel 
Steel John, painter, h N. Wells bt Goethe and 

Steele Alfred, h alley bt Monroe and Adams 
Steele B. clerk 121 Lake 
Steele Timothy, lab, h Erie nr Peyton 
STEERS & CO. lumber commission, W. Tay- 
lor nrS. bcan^ 



Steers Thomas^ (S. & Co.) bds Tremont House 
Steers William S. & Co.) k Judd nr Canal 
Steffenson JSrnst, shoemaker, h Green bt Eln- 

2ie.and Hubbard 
Stegle Frederick; butcher, Market nr Monroe 
Steigerwold Paul, shoem'kr, h Quinoy ur Frank. 
Steigler John, lab, h Hastings bt Rolker and 

Steileu Peter, lab, h cor Clyboum and Division 
Stein Charles, boarding, h ^60 Randolph 
ST£IN CHARLES) fancy goods, 59 Randolph, 

h same 
Stein Frederick, shoemaker, h 173 N. Lasalle 
Stein Matthias, shoemaker, h Wells nr Division 
Stein Peter, shoemaker, bds 160 Randolph 
Stein Valentine, bds 160 Randolph 
Steinbaok Franz, h Green nr White 
Steinback John, sadler, h N. Dearborn nr 

North av 
Steinbrecker Edward, saloon and boarding, 7 

W. Randolph 
Steinbagen Johann, lab, h Franklin N. end 
Steinhaus August, (Marshall & S.) h 109 W. 

Steinhause Henry, carpenter, h Butterfield bt 

New and Old 

Steinmetz , lab, h cor Union and Twelfth 

Steiumuller Philip, plasterer, h Goethe ur Sedg. 
Stell John, teamster, h Laflin cor Taylor 
Stelie Alexander, bookkeeper, 134 Lake, bds 

75 Clark 
Stelser Lewis, carpenter, h 111 Chicago av 
Stem Charles, lab, h 14 Desplaines 
Stem Frank, blacksmith Union Car Works 
Stenford George, engineer G. & C. U. R. R. h 

Cairpenter nr Hubbard 
STEPHANI & BRO. wines and liquors, 154 W. 

Randolph \ 
Stephani Jacob, (S. & Bro.) h 154 W. Randolph 
Stephani Johann, (S. & Bro.) h 154 W. Rand. 
Stephens & Co. match factory, Rio Grande 
Stephens John, cabinetmaker, h 247 W. Rand. 
Stephens John, (S. & Co.) h 92 Clark 
Stephens John, vegetables, &c. N. Market, h 

90 N. Clark 
Stephens Misses, principals Young Ladies High 

School, 158 Washington 
Stephens Mrs. J. millinery, 90 N. Clark, h same 
Stephens Spencer B. h Rio Grande, bt Cottage 

Grove and Calumet &vs. 
Stephens William, moulder M> G. Barrel 
Stephens William, clerk 183 S. Water 
Stephenson John, sailor, h 277 W. Lake 
Stephenson Robert, clerk 94 Lake 
Sterling Mrs. Ann, dressmaker, 134 Franklin 
Sterling Isaac, fruit, &c. 95 Randolpli, h 85 

Sten^berg G. W. clerk 133 S. Water 
STERNBERG & ISIDOR, furniture, &c. 163 

Lake and 195 Randolph 
Sternberg Solomon, (S. & Isidor) 
Sterrett James W. clerk Clement's steamboat 

Sterry Christopher W. h cor Adams and Wells 

Stetzlen Jacob, plasterer, h Cass bt Hinsdftle 

and Pearson " • 

Steurnagel William, clerk 232 Lake 
Steurnasell I*ewis, tailor, h Clybourn av 
STEVENS & CATLIN, produce commission, 

35 Kinzie 
Stevens Mrs. Catherine, h 91 Adams 
Stevens Ebeneier, prop'r Bull's Head Tavern 
Stevens Edward, carpenter, h Owen nr Green 
Stevens Enoch B. (S. & Oatlin) bds 18 Dearb. 
Stevens E. D. hair dresser, 5 S. Canal 
Stevens Frederick, wagonmaker, 132 W. Jack. 
Stevens Frederick, carpenter, h Goethe 
Stevens George H. clerk 3 Clark, bds 91 Adalns 
Stevens H. B. attorney, 122 Lake, h 177 S. Desp* 
Stevens Herrick, (S. & Willard) 
Stevens Henry L. (S. & Co.) 
Stevens James, h 217 W. Randolph 
Stevens James, carpenter, h Pine nr Chic, av 
Stevens Jeremifth L. (Stone & S.) h cor State 

and Quincy 
Stevens John, policeman, h 91 Clark 
Stevens Joseph S. bookkeeper 36 Kinzie 
Stevens Lawrence, lfl.b, h Desplaines nr Lydia 
Stevens Peter, foreman Walker & Day 
Stevens R. G. carpenter, h Griswold nr Harr. 
Stevens S. J. bds 66 N. Wells 
Stevens & Willard, proprietors Matteson House 
Stevens William F. bookkeeper Ward, Doggett 

& Co. h 132 Washington 
Stevens William, moulder, h New Division 
Stevens William W. clerk Z. M. Hall & Co 
Stewart Alanson C. (A. C. S. & Son) bds 94 

Stewart Adam C. h Hubbard nr Sangamon 
Stewart A. & C. planing mill, CUnal bt Adams 

and Jackson 
Stewart Rev. Alexander M. h Fulton cor San- 
STEWART A. C. & SON, real estate and stock 

brokers, 47 Clark 
Stewart & Co. bakors, Canal bt Randolph and 

Stewart David, blacksmith, h Merid. nr Union 
Stewart Edwin, cabinetmaker Knibloe & Rugg 
Stewart F. H., M. C. R. R. depot 
Stewart Hart L. h 1 3 Adams 
Stewart Henry C. (Stewart & Co.) h Canid bt 

Harrison and Polk 
Stewart Jackson F. police, h cor Dearborn N. 

Stewart John F. cashier Am. Express Co. 
Stewart John W. clerk Alex. White 
Stewart John W. proprietor Spring House, 874 

Stewart Joseph, foreman Hannah, Lay & Co. 

h cor Jackson and Canal 
Stewart Neil, teamster, h 6 Illinois 
Stewart Robert, teamster Rogers & Brown, h 

Elizabeth bt Polk and Taylor 
Stewart Robert, wood m«rchant, West Water, 

h cor Van Buren and Wells 
Stewart Shaw, blacksmith, h Indiana av opp 

R. I. Boundbouse 



Stevart William K. blacksmith, h Fulton or 

Stewart William, (Stewart k Co.) h Canal bt 

Van Buren and Harrison 
Stewart W. Scott, bookkeeper Marine Bank 
Stewart Wm. W. (A. C. S. & Son) h 226 Wab. aT 
Stickler John, laborer, h Hastings nr Backer 
Stickles Charles, engineer R. I. R. R. h. Gris- 

wold nr Polk 
Stickney Mrs. Abby C. ih 47 Wolcott 
Stickney Milford, operator Union Telegraph 

Stickney T. C. h 80 Quinoy 
Stickney Wm. H. attorney, 82 N. Clark, h 69 

Stiefel Abram, saloon, 91 Wells 
Stieft William, lab, h Wolcott nr Maple 
Stiles B. B. attorney, office Marine Bank Build- 
ings, bds 91 Clark 
Stiles Charles A. silver plater C. W. Colson 
Stiles Edmund G. daguerrean gallery, 139 

Stiles Henry, lab, h Kinzie nr Paulina 
Stiles Jesse, baker Wilder & Woodman 
STILES' UNION DESPATQH, office 139 Lake, 

8d floor 
Stiles William, h alley bt Monroe and Adams 
Stille Frederick, lab, h Goethe nr Wells 
Stillman H. F. machinist P. W. Gates & Co. h 

71 Desplaines 
STILWELL, SAWYER & CO. stoneware, &c. 

83 N. Water 
Stjlwell Smith C. (S., S. & Co.) 
Stirapson James, inspector of customs, 129 

S. Water 
Stine J. M. dry goods, &c. 154 Lake, h same 
STINSON E. land agqnt, 88 Dearborn 
Stitsell Jacob, lab, h Chicago av nr Reuben 
Stobs Jacob, cabinetmaker, 124 Wells 
Stocker George, cooper, h 46 Rush nr Chic, av 
Stockley Leopold, (S. & Ortman) ' 
Stockley & Ortman, barbers, Sherman House 
Stockton Jos. clerk Gibbs, Griffin & Co. bds 

66 Michigan av 
StockwcU Frederick, drayman, h 18 Buffalo 
Stoddard A. F. ornamental blacksmith, rear 

167 Randolph 
Stoeckler Isaac, fruit, 151 Lake 
Stoetzel John, paperhanger, 846 State, h same 
Stoewig Christof. lab, h Townsend nr White 
Stokes John, lab, h Hins. bt Wells and Lasalle 
Stokes William, plasterer, h Curtiss bt Hub- 
bard and Owen 
Stolt Richard, clerk Bruce & Dobson 
Stolz Ferdinand, picture frame maker, 130 

Clark, h 219 Adams 
Stolz Joseph, carpenter, <;or Franklin and 

Stolz M. carpenter, Dearborn bt New and Old 
Stolze Ernst, clerk, 62 Clark, bds May's Hotel 
Stone Andres B. (S. & Boomer) h 26 Washing. 
Stone George M. stone cutter, h Eldrodge ct E. 

of State 
Stone H. & J. pianoforte makers, 179 N. ClarK 

STONE & BOOMER, Union Car and Bridge 

Works, Clark south of Twelfth 
Ston^ H. O. real estate agent, 08 Lake, h Cot- 
tage Grove 
Stone H. W. clerk Rosenfeld & Rosenberg, ISO 

Stone John, laborer, bds E. Jackson 
Stone J. D. (S. & Stevens) 
Stone Lewis W. (Cummings & S.) h 107 Edina 
Stone Rev. Luther^h 105 Michigan av 
Stone Osborn, fruit store, 151 Clark, h same 
Stone Oliver, mason, h Desplaines nr Owen 
Stone Richard, tailor, h Jefferson nr Harrison 
Stone & Stevens, vegetables, &c. 11 and 1$ 

State Street Market ^ % 

Stone Samuel, receiver, Morse Telegraph Office 
STONE & WITT, railroad contractors, Exch. 

buildings, 3d floor 
Stoneham John, State nr Liberty 
Stoops Daniel, carpenter, h Chic, av nr North 
Stoops William S. fancy and dry goods, 42 N. 

Clark and 171 Clark, h 171 Clark 
Storch F. W. printer 111. Staats Zeitung 
Storch Lewis, farmer, h Townsend cor White *. 
Stordilman Henry, tailor G. Cordes 
Storer J. C. police, h 98 Jackson 
Storer Samuel T. shipping clerk, 246 Lake 
Storey G. W. bookkeeper Marine Bank 
Storns Inka, clerk, h Desplaines nr Owen 
Storrs G. W. (R. & G. W. S.) bds Garden City 

STORRS R. & G. W. proprietors Garden City 

Storrs R. (R. & G. W. S.) bds Garden City 

STOSE CHARLES, variety, cor Wells and 

Stott Charles, machinist, h Buffalo S. of Polk 
Stott Seville, boilermaker, h 209 Edina 
Stotz John, cabinetmaker S. Nickerson, h 89 

Stonghton Chas. H. bookkeeper P. L. Yoe, b 

W. Lake cor Ann 
Stoughton Samuel, h 226 Wabash av 
Stout Robert, (S. & R. S. & Co.) h. 92 W. 

Stout S. & R. & Co. confectioners, 92 W. Rand. 
Stout Stanley, (S. & R. S. & Co.) 
Stow Nelson L.. agent patent wheels, &c. Lake 

opp. American House 
STOW W. K. bonnet rooms, 87 Lake 
Stowe W. H. bds American House 
Stowell Ephraim C. h Michigan av nr South 
Stoyart Pankroz, express driver, h cor Wolcott 

and Locust 
Straid John, blacksmith Union Car Works 
STRAIL ISAAC, office 8 Smith's Bank Build- 

ings, bds L&ke House 
Straild John, blacksmith, Halsted bt Kinzie 

and Hnbbard 
Strandelman Martin, boarding, h 19 N. Dear. 
Straning John, (Frink & Co.) 
Stratton Mrs. Abigail, h Depuyster bt Van 

Buren and Harrison 




8trauIow Christian, teamster^ rear Halst^ 
Straum Jacob, lab. h Griswold bt Van Buren 

and Harrison - 
Straum Louis, chief bagging department P. 0. 
Strauss Samuel, pedler, h 1 North Franklin 
Strauss Geo. M. clerk 133 South Water, h 

Wells nr Harrison 
Straussel Henry, clerk 0. -J. Rose 
Straut Liepold, carpenter, h Sherman bt Polk 

and Tyler 
Streeper Charles S. boarding, h 158 Clark 
Streeter Joseph, house mover, h Monroe cor 

Stireeter William, h rear of 2 Buffalo 
Strickland John, laborer, h Edina S. of Har- 
rison ♦ 
Stricklin Peter, drayman, h car Buff, and Har. 
Striker Charles, carpenter, h Division nr Halst. 
Strochlein Frederick, book binder Braunhold 

& Sonne 
Strokey Miss Kate, milliner Fish & Russell 
Strong Cephas, paying teller Marine Bank 
Strong George, macliinist H. P. Moses 
Strong. Mary B. niirbe, bds cor Har. and Canal 
Strong O. W. attorney, 47 Clark 
Strong Robert W. bds 66 Michigan av 
Strong William 0. fish broker. South Water cor 

Strother Bolton F. (Higgins,'Beckwith & S.) 
' bds Briggs House , 

Strother F. F. student, 16 Dearborn 
Strother Robert S. physician, oflBce 
Strow John, helper Mason & Mc Arthur 
Strow, Wm. H. proprietor R. R. Hotel, h Van 

Buren nr Clark 
Strowenger Wm. wheelwright, h 221 W. Rand. 
Stryker Stephen W. clerk 134 Lake 
Stuart Alexander, upholsterer, h alley rear of 

191 Clark 
Stuart Charles, scale builder, 197 South Water 
Stuart J. Frederick, clerk Am. Ex. Co. h 89 

Stubbins P. W. clerk 213 S.- Water 
Stubbs Francis, miller Gage Sc Haines 
Stubbs Timothy R. stair builder, Buffalo bt 

Polk and Taylor, h same 
Stuesje John J. lab, h Bishop 
Stukard George, machinist, h cor Fulton and 

Stultz Peter J. carriage maker Welch & Mend- 
sen, h Sangamon bt Lake and Randolph 
Stumbaugh Wm. B. teamster, h Sand bt Erie 

and Canal 
Stumme Conrad, grocer, h cor Lake and Union 
Stumps Mrs. Barbara, midwife, h Peck ct bt 

State and Wabash av 
Stunkel Wm. grocer, h cur May and Twelfth 
Stupp Henry, saloon, h 213 North Clark 
Sturenback John, lab, h. cor Lasalle and Divis. 
STURGES & . BURLING AME, storage and 

produce, N. Water nr Cass 
Sturtevant A. D. h 38 W. Jefferson 
Sturtevant J. D. bookkeeper D. B. Fisk & Co. 
Sturtevant Noah, h Halsted cor Adams 

Sturzel John J. lab, h Wolcot nr Bishop 
Sublet George, whitewasher, h Wells lit Jack- 

son and Van Buren 
Suhr Charles, lab, h Hurlbut nr Clybourn 
Suhr Henry, lab, h Schiller nr Sedgwick 
Suits George H. laborer H. A. Pitts 
Sullivan D. Patrick, boarding, h Canal bt Lak« 

and Fulton 
Sullivan Eugene, grocer, 158 Market 
Sullivan James, laborer, h Mather nr Jefferson 
Sullivan James, helper Mason & Mc Arthur 
Sullivan Jas. blacksmith, h Williams nr Carp. 
Sullivan Mrs. Jeremiah H. h Unirm bt BAii- 

dolph and Washington 
Sullivan Jeremiah, drayman, h Hinsdale nr 

Sullivan John, lab, h Erie nr Market 
Sullivan John, stone cutter C. S, Yard, h Sher- 
man bt Harrison and Polk 
Sullivan John, lab, h Sedgwick opp. Goethe 
Sullivan Capt. John, h Chesnut nr Wolcott 
Sullivan John, shoemaker, bds Geo. Sauerman 
Sullivan Mathew, laborer, h Ewiug bt Jeffer- 
son and Clinton 
Sullivan Michael, lab, h Goethe nr Sedgwick 
Sullivan Owen, blacksmith H. P. Moses 
Sullivan Patrick, h Van Buren nr Market 
Sullivan Patrick, lab, h Dearborn bt Sp;"ingor 

and North 
Sullivan Philip, moulder, h cor Union and 

Sullivan Thomas, baker, h Fulton bt Jefferson 

and Desplaines 
Sullivan Thomas, lab, h Canal bt Van Buren 

and Harrison 
Sullivan Timothy, lab, h Ontario nr Peyton 
Sullivan Timothy, coach paint^er Welch & 

Mendsen, h N. Water bt Wells and River 
Sullivan Timothy, painter, h Williams nr Carp. 
Sullivan Timothy, lab, h cor North and Dearb. 
Sullivan William, cooper, h Jefferson bt Van 

Buren and Harrison 
.Sullivan William, lab, Union Car Works 
Sullivan William, wagonmaker, h 74 W. Rand. 
Summer Leonard, lab, h North av 
Summerfield Caspar, (Harris & S.) 103 Lake, h 

111 Franklin 
Summers Geo. M. cashier I. C, R. R. bds 

58 Buffalo 
Summers James, grocer, 75 W. Lake bt Jeffer- 
son and Clinton 
Summers John, foreman M. Gleeson 
Sumner M. L. scale builder, 197 South Water 
Sundell Chad. (Lawson & S.) h 53 North Clark 
Sunderland John J. carpenter, h Sherman bt 

Jackson and Van Buren 
Sunderland John, carpenter, h 238 Adams 
Surdam Samuel J. (S. J. S. & Co.) h 61 

SURDAM S. J. & CO. hardware, 178 Lake 
Susbauer Frantz, lab, h Carrol nr Ann 
Suter John, harness maker, h Blue Island ay 
nr Eleventb 



Sathertand Benjamiii E. street sprinkler, cor 

Lake and Reuben 
SUTHERLAND & CO. lumber yard, Canal bt 

Fulton and Carroll 
Sutherland David R. H. (S. & Co.) h cor Ran- 
dolph and Curtiss 
Sutherland D. W. clerk E. L. Comly & Co. bds 

176 Stale 
Sutherland John, (B. & Co.) bds H. 8. Spears 
. Sutherland S. F. lumber, Market bt Jackson 
and Van Buren 
Stitter Charles, lab, h cor Greenbay and Hick. 
Sutter Jacob, carpenter, fa Wells nr Quincy 
Sutter Joseph A. carpenter, h Oak nr Green 
Sutter Sebastian, wagonmaker, h Clinton bt 

Polk and Harrison 
Sutton Abner, h cor Monroe and Desplunes 
Sutton Jesse B. clerk T. B. Carter & Co. 
Sutton John, Amer. express driver, 20 Dear- 
born, bds 66 Washington 
Sutton Peter, driver American Express Co. 

bds 56 Washington 
Svan Olson, blacksmith Clark & Sons 
Svenson Berent, farmer, Desplaines nr Owen 
Swain Charles^ moulder, h Division 
Swain Lewis, tinsmith, 193 Lake 
Swainson Charles, founder, h Ann bt Polk and 

Swan Eugene H. painter, 847 Clark 
Swane peter, ship carpenter, h Cass bt Polk 

and Taylor 
Swanson Swan P. Cholera Hospital 
Swanton William, tinsmith, h Fulton bt Green 

and Peoria 
Swarts Henry, boarding, h Clark nr Sheffield 

Coal Yard 
Swarts Henry, cigars, h 31 W. Madison 
Swartwout Edward D. bookkeeper Van Olinda 
■ & Gale 

Swartz Henry, tailor, h Nevins nr Chicago av 
Swartz Joseph, lab, h Hinsdale nr the Lake 
Swartz Joseph, cooper, h Hinsdale nr Green 

Bay road 
Sweat Edwin H. clerk C. & R. L freight office 
Sw«denburgh Charles, cabinetmaker, h Wells 

nr Harrison 
Sween Louis H. tinsmith, h 143 Illinois 
Sweeney Christ, tailor, 48 Carroll 
Sweeney John, jr. coach builder, bds 183 N. 

Sweeney John, lab, h 60 Superior 
Sweeney Mrs. Mary, h 94 Michigan av 
Sweeney Michael, lab, h Owen nr Paulina 
Sweeney Patrick, drayman, h Market nr Chic- 
ago av 
Sweeney Robert, works M. Gleeson 
Sweeny John, carpenter, h cor Buffalo and 

Sweeny John, boarding, h 183 North Lasalle 
Sweet Richard M. (S. & Adams) h 16 Adams 
Swendson John, labowr, h 73 North Dearborn 
SWENIE DENNIS, saddles and harness, 197 

Swenk David, foreman P. Sohuttler 

Swenson Bertha, seamstress, h 106 Huron 

Swenson Olaf, shoemaker, |h cor Cass and 
Hinsdale ' ' 

Swenson Peter, lab, h Lasalle bt Chicago aT 
and Superior 

Sweyer William, laborer, h Sherman nr Harr. 

Swift Alden G. (W. P. S. & Co.) 

FICE, Randolph, N. W. cor Lasalle 

Swift Henry, sailor, h N. of North av 

Swift Jeremiah, stonecutter Chicago Stone Yard 

Swift Lyman P. (R. K. Swift & Co.) h 260 W. 

Swift Richard K. (R. K. S. & Co.) h 174 Michi- 
gan av 

SWIFT W. P. & CO. forwarding and commis- 
• sion. South Water cor State 

Swinson John, lab, h N. Water bt Wells and 

Switzer John, express, h New Division 

Swope B. L. (S. & Hubbell) bds 80 Dearborn 

SWOPE & HUBBELL, crockery ware, 84 

Swope Jacob, bookkeeper, 84 Lake, 'h 180 

Sylvester Jacob H. cigarmaker, h Townsend 
nr Chicago af 



Taege' Charles, lab, h Franklin nr White 
Taensere Michael, lab, h Orchard nr Willow 
Taemike Henry, shoemaker Charles Letz 
Taft Levi B. (Dickeyi Mather & T.) h Morgan 

nr Washington 
Tayney Thomas, engineer, h 14S Illinois 
Tague Edward, chandler J. Johnston, h State 

S. of Twelfth 
Tahl Franz, lab, h Buffalo N. of Twelfth 
Talbot Frederick M. (Osbom, Adams & Co.) 

206 Lake 
Talbot James, boarding, h 7J Lind's block 
TALCOT L. A. fruit, 49 Randolph, h Van Bu- 
ren bt Desplaines and Halsted 
Talcott Mansel, h cor Park av and Wood 
Talcott Orlando, box 1778 post-office 
Tall;- A. M. foreman Democrat office 
Talmadge William, clerk Garden City House 
Tallman T. P. 44 Clark 

Tamblington Alonzo F. clerk T. & H. Sherman 
Tamburg Emile, blacksmith, h Kinzie nr Wood. 
Tamerus Peter, mason, h Schiller nr Sedgwick 
Tankans Edward, mason, h 10 N. Pearbom 
Tanner Joseph, tanner, h Clark S. of Liberty 
Tanson Henry, h Larrabee 
Tapley Geo. W. at S. B. & M. 0. Walker's stable 
TapUng Michael S. h 46 N. Wells 
TAPPEN H. H. clothing, 46 Clark 
Tapper William, mason, h Catherine nr Loomia 
Tarney John, blacksmith, h 71 W. Lake 
Tarnow Christ, tailor, h La;rrabee 
Tate R. C. bookkeeper I. Spear 
Tate William, machinist, h cor Desplaines and 



Tatge Henry, lab, h Obicago av nr North 
Tatge John, milkman, h Rebecca nr RuckeE 
Tauber James, carpenter, cor Arnold and North 
Taubmnn Henry, joiner, h Cly bourn av 
Taubman John, joiner, h Clybourn ar 
Taye William, clerk John Taylor 
Taylor Abram T. h 47 Edina 
Taylor Austin D. h 225 Wabash av 
Taylor Charles, foreman E. S. Castle 
Taylor Charles M. drugs, 167 Randolph, h cor 

Keabeu and Lake 
Taylor Charles, carpenter, h Harrison bt Jef- 
ferson and Desplaines 
Taylor David, lab, h foot of Lake 
Taylor David, carpenter, h Owen nr Union 
Taylor Edward, bds 24 Lake 
Taylor Edward D. h Michigan av bt Harrison 

and Tyler 
Taylor Ezra, (O. S. Hubbard & Co.) h Illinoi« 

nr Peyton 
Taylor Frank. C. bookkeeper R. K. Swift & Co. 
Taylor Francis H. tailor, 222 Randolph 
Tay4or Francis R. tailor, 151 Clinton, h 62 Sa> 

TAYLOR GEORGE L, attorney, 146 Lake, h 

nr Buirs Head 
TPaylor Harmon, clerk 91 S. Water 
Taylor Ithream, rail road contractor, bds 76 

Taylor James, teamster, h Peoria cor Jackson 
Taylor James, produce and eoimnission, 64 W. 

Taylor John, grocer, W. Water bt Randolph 

and Lake 
Taylor Joseph, carpenter, h 2 Erie 
Taylor Lewis D. carpenter, h eor Van Buren 

and Desplaines 
Taylor Mary, h Division nr Clybourn 
Taylor Reuben, real estate agent, h cor Reuben 

and Lake 
Taylor William, lab, h 190 Monroe 
Taylor William, clerk T. T. West & Co. 48 W. 

Taylor William, dyer, 136 Clark 
Taylor W. FI, boots and shoes, 120 Lake 
Teahon Michael, shoemaker, bds Wm. Teahon 
Teahon William, h 119 Canal 
Teal Henry, machinist, h Hubbard nr Peoria 
TEAR JOHN, blacksmUh, Ein^e nr Bridge, h 

1 Ontario 
TEARE Dr. JOHN, h 107 Indiana 
Tedman R. J. policeman, h cor Ohio and Sand 
Tege John, lab, h Wells nr Schiller 
Tegtma^r Frederick, gardener, h Canal S. «nd 
Teghimaer John C. teamster (iage & Haines 
Tein Nicolas, blacksmith, h cor Chicago av 
• and Clark 

Teites Henry, lab, h Fulton nr Paulina 
. Teller John, engineer, bds C. Hason 
l&mplar's Hall, cor S. Water and Wells 
Temple J. F. agent Stewart & Co.'s planing 

mills, cor Polk and Canal, h cor Adams and 

Tenant Charles^ h Van Burdn nr Wells 

TenbroeckeC. O. bookkeeper Hubbard & Robb, 

bds 143 Madison 
Tenbroeck William, watchman, h Well bt Har- 
rison and Van 15ui-en 
Tenny Edwin L. ckrpenter G. &G. U. R. R. h 9 

Terry Charles, carriage trimmer Ellithorpe, 

Kline & Co. 
Terry E. D. clerk 115 Lake 
Terry John, h 44 Rush nr Chicago ar 
Teubner Jacob, shoemaker, h Halstedbt Lake 

and Randolph 
Teuchett William, stonecutter Chic. Stone Yard 
Teufel Hermann, clocks, watches and jewelry, 

226 Randolph, h tame 
Thackery Heni-y, lab. 111. Stone Dressing Co. 
Thameus Jacob, mason, h Rees 
Thatcher David C. bds Mrs. S. P. Thatebw 
Thatcher Mrs. S. P. h 114 Wabash av 
Thayer Francis, clerk Jervis House 
Thayer F. Porter, furniture ware room, 118 

Lake, h 114 Indiana 
Thayer George S. bds 23 N. Dearborn 
Thayer H. A. (True & T.) h 23 N. Dearborn 
Thebo Franklin, carpenter Boggs & Smith 
Th^sion Henry, harnessmaker G. Leverenz 
Thekoeter Henry, carpenter, h Clybourn nr 

Thiel Adam, sawyer Knibloe & Rugg 
Thiel August, cabinetmak^ C. Morgan, h Ar- 
cher road 
Thieloke Charles M. casMer recorder's office^ 

bds cor Lasalle and Oak 
Thielcke H. D. portrait painter, 25 Metropoli- 
tan block, h cor Lasalle and Oak 
Thtelen Henry, lab, h 152 Buffalo 
Thieler Henry, saloon, 117 Wells 
Thies Christ, bricklayer, h Morgan nr Mil. av 
Thies Matthias, lab, h Dearborn bt Division 

and North av 
Thies Otto, grocer, cor Milwaukee av and SaBg. 
Thies Peter,^ lab, h Clark nr Van Buren 
Thom John, boarding, h 57 W. Madison 
Thorn John H. bds City Hotel 
Thom William, bookkeeper Goss & Hoag, h 1 

Thoma Henry, boarding, h State N. of Har. ct 
Thomas A. boarding, h 4 River 
Thomas B. W. (T. & Loyd) h 91 Illinois 
Thomas Benjamin M. (T. & Roberts) 66 Michi- 
gan av 
ThomAs Cyrus, lumber receiver G. & C. U. R.R. 
Thomas David, blacksmith H. P. Moses 
Thomas Geratd, gardener, h cor Dearborn and 

Thomas H. A. h 199 Lake 
Thomas John N. lab, h Harmon ct bt State and 

Wabash av 
Thomas John, lab, h Franklin nr Jaokson 
Thomas Jno. R. grocer, 12 W. Randolph, hsame 
Thomas Lewis, h Quincy nr W-ells 
Thomas Lewis, lab, h Black Hawk 
THOMAS & LOYD, lumber dealers, Market 
nr Randolph 



Thomas Nels, carpenter, li Franklin nr Hinsdale 
Thomas Peter, lab^ h Edina S. of Taylor 
Thomas Peter, lab, Goethe nr Clark 
THOMAS & ROBERTS, attorneys, 44 Clark 
Thomas Robert^ butclier, 1 Randolph St. Market 
Thomas .T. shoemaker, Buffalo bt Polk and 

Harrison, h eiine 
Thomas Thomas, stonecutter, h cor Blue Is- 
land av and Catherine 
Thomas Thomas, carpenter, h 17 Cass 
Thomas William R. clerk C. &. R. I. R. R. 

freight office 
Thomme Nicholas, lab, h Pearson bt Wolcott 

and Cass 
Thommen John J. harnessmaker, 169 N. Clark 
Thompson Alexander, mason, h Adams bt Jef- 
ferson and Desplaines 
Thompson Alfred C. auctioneer, 207 Randolph 
Thompson Albert, clothing, h 818 Clark 
Thompson Andrew, ship carpenter, h Des- 
plaines bt Hubbard and Kinzie 
Thompson B. S. bookkeeper Walker, Brownson 

Thompson C. E. attorney, 46 Clark 
Thompson & Carkins, liquors, &c. 18 Dearborn 
Thompson C. 0» (C. 0. T. & Co.) h Erie bt 

Dearborn and Wolcott 
THOMPSON C. 0. & CO. wholesale boots and 

shoes, 127, 129 S. Water 
Thompson Daniel, ^perintendent Flint & Whee- 
ler's elevators, Ir 79 Adams 
Thompson Edward, shoemaker T. Ha^tie 
Thompson Edward, carpenter, h Polk bt Des- 
plaines and Halsted 
Thompson Edward, wagonmaker E. Brooks 
Thompson Francis A. shipcarpenter, h Halsted 

bt Twelfth and Maxwell 
Thompson Mrs. G. h Shantytown nr North av 
THOMPSON G. W. & J. A. attorneys, 46 Clark 
Thompson George W. (G. W. & J. A. T.) h 

South bt Prairie and Calumet avs 
Thompson Harvey M. (Williams, T. & Co.) 

bds 81 Michigan av , 

Thompson Henry, machinist, h Pearson nr Hal. 
Thompson James, mason, h 78 rear Mich, av 
Thompson James, works J. P. Chapin, h rear 

78 Michigan av 
Thompson John, sailor, h Nevins nr Chicago av 
Thompson John A. city attorney, h 173 Wa- 
bash av 
Thompson John H. attorney, 84 Dearborn 
Thompson John Q. clerk 127 S. Water 
Thompson J. B. bookkeeper S. B. Pomeroy & Co. 
Thompson J. C. shipcarpenter, h 187 Buffalo 
Thompson J. S. (Hays & T.) h W. Madison 

cor Green 
Thompson J- E. surveyor Ogden, Jones & Co. 
THOMPSON & JOHNSON,jewellers,56JClark 
Thompson Josiah, clerk 176 Lake, bds 67 Wells 
Thompson Michael, lab, h Townsend nr Chic, av 
Thompson Nicholas T. sailor, h 196 N. Clark 
Thompson Richard, carpenter, h 86 Rush nr 

Chicago ay 
Thompson Theodore, clerk T. B. Garter & Co. 

Thompson Tobias, brickmaker, h cor Owen 

and Desplaines ' 

Thompson Thomas, shipcarpenter, h Franklin 

nr Whitney 
Thomps3n Thomas, shoemaker, h Desplaines 

nr Owen 
Thompson Thomas, wagonmaker, h Goethe 
Thompson Walter L. (T. & Co.) 
Thompson W. G. (T., Wetmore & Co.) bds 64 

THOMPSON, WETMORE & CO. dry goods, 

68 Lake 
Thompson William G. clerk, h Ann nr Wash. 
Thompson William S. (T. & Carkinsj bds Briggs 

House ' 

Thompson William, white washer, h Huron nr 

Thompson William, carpenter, Fourth nr Desp. 
THOMSON & ALSTON, paints and oils, 165 

THOMSON & ANDRUS, bakers, 16 Clark and 

cor State and Eldredge ct 
Thomson James, (T. & Alston) h N. W« cor 

N. Wells and Ontario 
Thomson Thomas, (T. & Andrus) h 16 Clark 
Thoms Thomas, wagonmaker, h Goethe 
Thorn George, bricklayer, h fearsonnr Wolcott 
Thornburg H. H. land agent, 108 Randolph 
Thornburg William M. clocks, watches, &c. 

96 Dearborn 
Thorman Emanuel, clerk 191 State 
Thornton James, carpenter, h Jefferson nr 

Thornton John, lab, h Dearborn bt Springer 

and North 
Thorp Dr. J. €. oflce, 7 Davison's block, h 118 

Thorpe Charles, lab, h Fulton bt Peoria and 

Thrall William A. clerk G. & C. U. R. R. out- 
freight ofSce 
Threadgold Thomas, proprietor Cottaga of 

Content, 44 Wells 
Throm John, cabinetmaker C. Geis 
THROOP A. G. & CO. real estate agents, 48 

Throop Amos G. (A. G. T. & Co.) bds Garden 

City House 
Throop John E. (T., Learned & Co.) h 81 S. 

THROOP, LEARNED & CO. lumber, Market 

bt Madison and Monroe 
Throop William, farmer, h Madison W. of Ann 
ThuU Peter, carpenter, h Edina N. of Twelfth 
Thulman Mary, alley nr Wells bt Washington 

and Randolph 
Thurber William, carpenter, Hubbard nr Green 
Thurnes John, provisions, h Wolcott nr Chesnut 
Thurston G. L. bookkeeper 122 Lake 
Thurston Robert H. check clerk R. I. R. B. 

Thwing Franklin, (S. H. Dodge & Co.) h 68 

N. Wells 
Tibbets S. E. assistant puhUo school No. 8^ 



Tibbetts Mrs. C. millmery, 177} Randolph 
Tibbetts William, auetioneer, 4 N. Clark, h 

177} Randolph 
TiedemaD P. Theodore, clerk 114 Lake 
Tiernan Hugh, (Smith & T.) 211 Randolph 
Tiernan Michael, h 18 Rush cor Ohio 
Tierney John, labs b Ontario nr Peyton 
Tierney Michael, lab, h Buffalo N. of Twelfth 
Ties Peter, tailor, h Clark nr North . 
Tieverse John, wagonmaker, h Bishop 
Tiffany Joseph H. (J. Peck & Co.) h 174 State 
Tiffany Lysander, clerk J. Peck & Co. h 146 

Tillinghast Clark, office 43 Kinzie 
Tillingbast L. C. office 48 Kinzie 
Tillis l^faurice, lab, Illinois Stone Dressing Co. 
Tillson Stephen, attorney, 50 Dearborn 
Tim William K. (Cresup & T.) h 100 Michigan 
Timme Charles, lab, h Willow nr Orchard 
Timme Christ, shoemaker, h cor Lake and 

Timme Frederick A. tailor, h Fourth W«of Wood 
Timme George, clerk 180 Lake 
Timmons Andrew A. carpenter, h 78 W. Rand. 
Timmons James F. butcher, h 169 W. Randolph 
Timoney Esther, dressmaker, h 68 Madison 
Tingler Conrad, lab, h nr Sherman's brick yard 
Tingley Michael, drayman, h Market nr Chi- 
cago av \ 
Tingley William H. phyacian, (E. T. T. & Co.) 

72 Lake 
TINKHAM E. I. & CO. bankers, Exchange 

Bank bdgs, 28, 80 Clark 
Tinkham E. I. (E. L T. & Co.) h Rush cor 

Tinkham J. W. (E. I. T. & Co.) bdfl Rush cor 

Tinkham Richard H. bds American House 
Tinkham Smith, (Tarlton Jones & Co.) h cor 

Illinois and Wolcott 
Tinneson Ole, carpenter, h Desplaines nr Owen 
Tinsley Thomas, clerk Boss & Bamber 
Tippe August, harnessmaker G. Leverenz 
Tippile Robert, lab, h Wolcott nr Oak 
Tipping Robert, carpenter, h 88 W.Washington 
Tipping Thomas, carpenter, h Rebecca 
Tisen Peter, lab, h Edina S. of Taylor 
riser Peter, lab, h Edina bt Twelfth and Liberty 
TITSWORTH A. D. & CO. clothing and fur- 
nishing goods, 132 Lake 
Titsworth A. D. (A. D. T. & Co.) h 133 Adams 
Titsworth John N. clerk 105 S. Water 
Titsworth Reuben, h 185 Adams 
TITSWORTH, RUNVON & CO. gents* fur- 
nishing, 105 S. Water 
Titus Mrs. L. h Halsted cor Madison 
Titus Robert, conductor R. I. R. R. bds 107 

Tobeissa Nicholas, carpenter, cor Halsted and 

Toby Wm. H. H. printer Budget office, 117 Lake 
Tobias Daniel, shipoarpenter Jordan & Olcott, 

h Peoria bt Monroe and Adams 
Tobin Luke, lab, Chicago Hide and Leather Co. 

Tobler Mike, shoemaker, bds 228 Randolph 
Toby Orrille H. packer, h 208 State 
Tochterman Charles, h 264 State 
Todd Charles, porter Beecher, HoUister & 

Todd William, works P. MiUer ^ 

Toernay Daniel, lab, h JeSersiM bt Carroll and 

Toge W. H. clerk J. Taylor, bds same 
Tolerton John, carpenter, h Pearson nr Despl. 
Toles Isaac W. clerk 12 Lasalle 
Toley Philip, warehouseman Rumsey, Bro. & Co, 
Tolle & Co. mimufflicturer surgical instruments. 

87 Clark 
Tolle George, (Tolle & Co.) h 87 Clark 
Tolman Thomas, agent Patterson Iron Co. 

office 47 Clark 
Tolner John, tailor, h Wolcott nr Chesnut 
Tomka Franz, tailor, h Shantytown nr Chic, av 
Tompkins Daniel R. (Hubbard & T.) h .146 W. 

Tompkins John F. salesman 73 Lake, bds 

Dearborn House 
Tompkins Theodore, moulder G|. W. Sizer & Co. 
Tompkins Theodore, (Lawler & T.) h Harrison 

bt Desplaines and Halsted 
Toi^ey Jacob, shipcarpent^r, h N. Wells nr 

Tonis John, cabinetmaker; Twelfth bt Clinton 

and Jefferson 
Tonner John, ropemaker, h Peyton nr Ontario 
Toohy Bryan, lab, h Wabash av N. of Eldr. ct 
Toohy Dennis, bds 66 N. Wells 
Toohy William, furniture, 180 N. Clark, bds 

66 N. Wdls 
Toomey Patrick, proprietor S. R. B. House 
Toops Mrs. S. boarding, h Green nr Owen 
Toothaker J. H. S. genial agent Native Citi- 
zen, 117 Lake 
Topf Mrs. Catherine, h Wells nr Harrison 
Topf Henry, physician, h 133 W. Randolph 
Topp Leonard, boarding, h 69 N. Water 
Torkildson Andrew, cooper, Illinois bt Market 

and Peyton, h same 
Torpy Thomas, carpenter, h cor Rucker and 

Torry Alonzo, omnibus driver, h 71 Randolph, 

up stairs 
Tourmey Daniel, lab, h 116 N. Jefferson 
Tower Henry E. tender Lake House Ferry 
Tower Johh, boilermaker, h cor Halsted and 

Milwaukee av 
Towling William, paper ruling, 161 Lake, h 

151 Wells 
Towne Amos, stall 12 State Street Market 
Towne Edward P. attorney, 107 Lake 
Towne Joseph W. bds L. H. 'Waterhouse 
Towner Bennet W. (Huntoon & T.) 233 Lake 
Towner H. A. (Rumsey, Bro. & Co.) bds G. W. 

Towner N. K. h 72 Indiana 
Townsend A. K. P., M.D. 8 Clark 
TOWNSEND E. C. collecting agency, 96 Dear. 
Townsend E. P. jeweller, &c. Dearborn 



Townaend Henry, painter Barry & Cashing 
Townsend Joseph, agent M. S. R. R. h Gurnee 

bt Polk and Taylor 
^wBfiend William, boarding, h 184 State 
Tows John, lab, Union Car Works 
Tracy Dennis, tailor, Canal bt Van Buren and 

TBACV ELISHA W. attorney, 48 Clark 
Tracy John, lab, h Michigan av N. of Springer 
Tracy John D. machinist C. & R. I. R. R. shop 
Tracy John F. superintendent C. &> R. I. R. R. 

bds Tremont 
Tracy Mrs. M. h Harrison bt Canal and River 
Tracy S. P. clerk 72 Lake 
Train Arthur, physician, 98 Randolph 
Trainer John, blacksmith, cor Lake and Frank. 
Tramer Peter, lab, h Clark nr Liberty 
Trapp, Henry & Co. boarding, h Clark nr 

Travis Charles F. (Hayward & T.) bds Garden 

City House 
Trautman George, teamster, h White 

stove manufacturers and dealers ; manufac- 
tory North Branch Pt. ; warerooms, 246 Lake 

and 237 South Water ; G. H. Hazelton, agent 
Tree Joseph, boardings h River bt Wabash ^ind 

Michigan avs 
Treeb William, cabinetmaker, h 124 Wells 
Treher John, blacksmith Mason & McArthur 
Treleaven Walter, jeweller, 168 Lake, h 177 

TREMONT HOUSE, S. E. cor Lake and Dear. 
. Tremper Paul, blacksmith, h Clybourn ay 
Trench Capt. Daniel, h Wright cor Union 
Trent Frederick, wagonmaker, h N. WeUs nr 

North av 
Tres Frederiek, lab, h Twelfth bt BuffUo and 

Trevett & Hayward, bakers, Market bt Wa?k- 

ington and Madison 
Trevett Oliver T. (T. k Hayward) 
TRIBUNE BDILDINGS, 49, 61, 63 Clark 
Trick John, water hauler, h Franklin bt White 

and Hinsdale 
Trigaux Gustavus, candy store, 88 N. Clark 
Trinity Churchy Madison W. of Clark 
Trip 0. teamster, h Edina bt New and Old 
Tripp Robinson, agent Banning^s Body Bnuse 

apd Truss, h 46 Madison 
Tritch Joseph, tinsmith, Clark cor Van Buren 

and Harrison 
Trittle Wm. A. tinsmith, bds Wm. Davenport 
Trolman Joseph, lab, h Centre 
Troost Gustavus, wines, &o. 337 State 
Trolsen Gissel, lab, h 212 North Clark 
Troup O. H. clerk Democratic Press office 
Trowbridge Alvah, (Brown & T.) 
Trowbridge James, painter^ h Peyton opp. Ohio 
Troy Jew, lab. Wells nr Quincy 
TRUE & THAYER, liquors, &c. 8 Dearborn 
True A. C. (T. & Thayer) h Madison nr May 
True Hiram, clerk True & Thayer 
True J. P. agent C, B. & Q. R. R. 

-Trueman Oliver, stoneeiitter CMCi Stoae Yvtd 
Trussell George, bookkeeper Richmond & Co. 

bds H. D. Colvin 
Tryon W. A. bds 66 Michigan av 
Tuba Andrew, cabinetmsdLer, h Liberty hi 

Clark and State 
Tucker Arthur S. secretary « Chicago Car aad 

Wagon Factory, h Prairie av S. of Monterey 
TUCKER H. A. & CO. Exchange Bank, Excb. 

Bank bdgs, cor Lake and Clark 
Tucker Henry, secretary Chicago Water Worksi, 

h 81 Adams > 
Tucker Hiram A. president Exchange Bank, 

h 60 Michigan cor Cass , 

Tucker Israel, teamster, h Monroe nr Hals<»d 
Tucker Ichabod, bookkeeper Preston & Co. 
Tucker Mrs. Mary J. boarding, 99 Clark 
Tuley M. F. (Harvie & T.) h 168 W. Wash. 
Tuller Elam, bookkeeper 101 S. Water 
Tttlly John, lab, h Harding nr Cott. Grove aT 
Tully John, drayman, h Canal bt Forquer and 

Taylor * 

Tully Michael, switch tender, bds H. Puroell 
Tully Thomas, h ear Clinton and Harrison. 
Tunell Frederick, cooper Gage & Haines 
Tupper Chester, box 257 Post Office 
Tupper Simeon, house mover, h Harrlsoii nr 

Tupper William, h Harrison nr Griswold 
Turley John, blacksmith, h Griswold nr Polk 
Turner David, coach painter Ellithorpe, Kline 

k Co. h 58 West Randolph 
TURNER -HORATIO N., lumber, Clark nr 

Liberty, h North cor State 
Turner James, greengrocer, 7 West Market 
Turner John T. carpenter, h Franklin nr Van 

Buren / 

Turner Capt. John M. lumber dealer, nr Polk 

Street bridge, W. side, h Wabash av N. of 

Harmon ct 
Turner John B. president and superintendent 

G. & C. U. R. R. h cor Wolcott and Ohio 
Turner Lafayette, R. R. contractor, h Jeffer- 
son bt Carroll and Fulton 
TURNER JOHN, livery stable, cor Wolcott 9o4 

N. Water, h 15 Wolcott 
Turner J. S. bookkeeper 161 S. Water 
Turner Mynon W. machinist P. W. Gates & Co. 

h cor Jefiferscm and Washington 
Turner Myron, bds 186 Madison ' 

Turner Robert L. wagonmaker, h 101 Michigaa 
Turner Thomas A. Clement's Steamboat Office, 

h 1312 Indiana 
TURNER VALENTINE C. attorney, 41 Clark, 

h Lafayette place 
Turner William, (Marks & T.) bds 175 Madison 
Turner William, porter 85 8# Water 
Turner William, lab, h Griswold nr Harrison 
TURRILL & HAVEN, wholesale »quors, 61. 

S. Water 
Turrill Samtiel H. (T. & Haven) h 162 Monn)« 
TurUe Richard, grocer, 129 W. Randolph 
Tuttle Ebenezer, h cor Randolph and Carpenter 
Tattle Edwin R, bookke^>er Geo. Snutk k Co. 

cipoA€K> mfmsmx* 


Tnttle I^deriok, h 110 Wi^banh av 
Tuttle F. J. clerk Tuttle, Hibbard A Co. 
TUTTLB, GREEN & CO. lumber, oor Maxket 

a.iid Van Biiren 
TUTTLE, HIBBAED & CO. wholesale hard- 
ware and cutlery, 45 S. Water 
Tuttle Lucius G. (T., Hibbard & Co.) 
Tttttle Nelson, <T., Hibbard & Co.) h 186 Michi- 

' gan at 
Tuttle fl. J. bank clerk, bds 20 Quincy 
Tyler Andrew, lab, h Charles nr W. Halsted 
Tyler Elisha, Tinegar depot, W. Water 
Tyler George, whitewasher, h alley bt Madison 

and Monroe 
Tyler Henry W. clerk John Taylor 
Tyler Joseph, clerk John Taylor 
Tyler Joseph, carpenter, Wabansia at nr Mil- 
waukee plank road 
Tyler John D., G. & C. U. R. R. depot, h 64 

N. Dearborn 
Tyler Orson, cutter 75 Lake, h 85 State 
Tyler Roland, clerk E. Tyler 
Tyman Jno. lab, h Forquer bt Canal and Clinton 
Tynan William, chandler J. Johnston, h Illinois 

BT Clark 
Tyrrell John A. cashier Swift's Bank, h 176 

W. Washington 
Tyrrell John, (A. G. Burley & Co.) 175 Lake 
Tyrrell James, mason, h Edina N. of Twelfth 
Tyrrell Volney, engineer, bds J. MeUor 
Tyrrell Willilim, clerk A. G. Burley & Co. 
Twognits C. cai^enter, h Milwaukee at nr City 

Twomey Cornelius, drayman, h Sedgwick nr 

Twomey John, lab, h Sedgwick nr Bivision 

Uchtman John, packer 84 Lake 
Udisch Charles, carpenter, Harmon ct bt Wa- 
bash and Michigan ats 
Uhler John A. box 1987 post-office 
TThrlaub Herman, (XJ., Sattler & Co.) 
UHRLAUB, SATTLER & CO. jobbers and im- 
porters, 168, 165 S. Water 
Uhrwanger Michael, cabinetmaker, h Orchard 

nr North at 
Ulbrick Francis, cabinetmaker C. Gels 
Ulbrich Francis, hamessmaker, h Twelfth nr 

IJlich August, tanner, h Roberts 
Ulich Carl Gottfried, h State nr Natio. Garden 
Ulman E. S. clerk 202 Lake 
Ullman H. Charles, clerk 180 Lake 
TJllrich M. proprietor S. Niblo's restaurant, 

Hilliard's block 
TTnderhill Samuel E. clerk Harris & Ladd 
Underwood Joseph B. (Blackwell, Ballingall & 

U.)h 8 Buffalo 
Underfeinger And. lab, hLarrabee nr North ay 
Understock Joseph, lab, h Green nr Hinsdale 
Untried Henry, cooper, h 210 Clark 
Unger Jacob, boarding, h St*te N. of Twelfth 


S. of Twelfth 
UNION BREWERY, Wolcott nr Lak« shore 
UNITARIAN CHURCH, Washington bt Clark 

and Dearborn 
TARY OFFICE, 40 Clark ^ 


W. Randolph 
UNITED STAGES HOTEL, 27 Randolph cor 


Clark and Dearborn 

LAKE, Cass cor Chicago ay 
Unkre John, express, h 178 N. Lasalle 
Unonius Rev. GustaTus, rector St. Ajulparios 

Church, h Hubbard nr Jefferson 
Unson John, planer, h Jefferson nr Elerenth 
Upman Edward B. (Ayery, U. & Miller) 
Upton Robert, lab, h Polk bt Desplaines and 

Upton William, goldbeater, 78 W. Washington 
Urban Casper, carriagemaker, h Milwaukee 

plank road nr City limits 
Urbanise Matfaias, wagonmaker, h Van Burea 

nr Wells 
Urbanus Nicholas, h Van Buren nr Wells 
Urban John, lab, h cor Green and White 
Urquhart Thomas, h Wells nr Schiller 
Useldinger John, carpenter, h Sedgwick opp. 

Uting John, shoemaker, bde S. Weber 

Vagler Herman, clerk IjBO Lake 

Vaguer Frederick William, carpenter. Twelfth 
nr Rucker 

Vail Asa, (N. P. Iglehart & Co.) h 421 Clark 

Vail John, lab. Union Car Works 

Valbracht August, cabinetmaker, cor Market 
and Adams 

VALENTINE & CO.'S E2:PR£SS, office 172 
S. Water 

Vallett Christ, lab, h Rees 

Van Bebber Henry, carpenter, h' O'Brien or 

Van Berschot Diek, bricklayer, h Polk bt Clin- 
ton and Canal 

ler, 287 Clark, h same 

Van Brunt Amos C stoTC finisher Vincent, 
Himrod & Co. h 113 Jefferson 

VAN BUREN A. H. insurance agent, 20 La- 
salle, up stairs 

Van. Buren Charles, fruit storCj 67} Clark, 
bds 137 Michigan 

Van Biireu G. H. compositor Tribune office 

Van Buven T. G. attorney, 20 Lasalle 



mmAM iHipiamf i 


Jhia BiOg Wliii^nlii9, p^tiSr, h WUliiuiif nr 

Taa Buskirk'Joiw A. eoxidvctorG. k S. L R* 

R, li»^ 21 <)mp(jy 
fm» C. €. box 19ti7 poflt-oifice ' 
Yance Caleb, clerk, bds 91 Va9 Bujran 
yfmG9 Jame», ^e^}^, bda 91 Van B^t^n 
Vance Joseph, joiner, b 146 Buffalo 
Yyi^ Ml^n Al£€^ lab, b Fulton W. of Ann 
Vanderbelt H. foreman Democratic Prees office, 

b Matb^ bt Canal and BUzabetb 
Vanderbelt Luke, shingle weavAr, b M^tboT bt 

Canal a&4 £^sab«tli 
Tan Der Cook Charles, b 76 Van Buren 
Van Der Kolk Jlawy, oolportour, b 219 W. 

Van Der Kooi M. B. painiler, $31 State, b same 
%9PL Der Lyn H* box 330 post-offiee 
Van Der Wolflf OornctliuB, b New^DHftion 
VAN DU8BN Sf, BJ^ADI^fiY, bootjs and shoes, 

76 Lake 
Vmi Dasen James, (V«tt D. & Bradley) b 77 

Van Duser Jawb A, priirter Pein» Frees, h 140 

VAN DUZER JOHN S. clothing, 164 Uke, h 
, State nr J^curmon c^ 
V<|^ I^uKer Lew^s, ^rooer, 481 State, b Buffalo 

bt Taylor and Twelfth 
VANP ALLHNt commaaion aad produce, eoir 

S. Water and River 
Van Horn Bailey W. printer, b 34 FuHon 
Van fioaper William, upbelaterer, b Mather 

bt Canal and iHizabeUi 
VsA Iniifagen At office 9 Milliard's block 
Van Norton Samuel, carpenter, bds C. &.. Stroeps 
VanNor^wiek Jobn, sunerintendent 111. C. E. R. 
VAN O'LINDA & GALE, forwarding and 

commission, 56, 6^ S* Water 
Van O'Linda W. (Van 0. & Gale) b Indiana bt 

Clark and Dearbom 
VAN OSDEL ^ BAUMAl^N, ^r^Mteots, 10 

Masonic Temple ' 
Y%n Osdel Jobn M. (V. Q. k Baumann) h cor 

Quincy and State 
Ym Riper Richard, plan^ Cobb & McFall 

h Charles nr Wells 
Van Tugl ^bebe^ dtessmaker, 76 Lake, up stairs 
Van Valkenburg Amos, agent C, B. & Q. R. R. 

h 187 Clark 
^Tan V^lkettburg Andrew, h 107 W. Rudolph 
Van Valkenburg E. P. 163 S. Water 
Vm Varlkeaberg J^ T. c^^^rk !£[« Lake 
Van Winkle J. bookkeeper A. D. Titsworth &, Co. 
J^n Wyok Francis P, . (Downs & Van W. ) 
Van Wyck Tunis B. clerk UO Lake, bds -147 

VanzwoU HenaMm, aasbmaker, b 145 Illinois 
Vargis Loui« M. pbysiciftn, &8 If. Clark 
VARIAN EDWARD, lumber^ fibingleand coal, 

eor Band, and W. Water, h Madison cor Peo, 
Varian William M. D. Clark cor Twelfth, bds 

. Rock Island House 
Varmire Charles, engrayer, b Franklin nr Jack. 

Vamey Chas* M, #iritobt«nder<, bda H. 

Vater J(^n, grower, h Franklin btPearBoa 9sid 

Vaughan Mrs. D. L. boarding, b 88 W. Xotjffi 
Vaugban David F. builder, 398 Stjate, h sfune 
Vaughan James, olerk John Ranrkin, h V^oam 

bt Adams and Monroe 
Vaughan EdwBni, maebintst^ h 152 W, Lai» 
Vaughan John C. (Wright, Medill & Co.). 
Vaughan Martin, lab, cor FrankUn ftH^ miiB. 
' Vaughn Michael, lab, b 150 IllinoiA 
Vadder G. F. ^s^yman; b Morgan l>t JiB,k» 

and Rand^b 
VEDDER JOHN £. salt agent, S. Water ^or 

Veeder Aaron, (Vevd^r Bro* 4 Co.) b 7^ W, 

Veeder Bro. & Co. goldbeaters, 87 Clark 
Veblbagen Fxitx, lab, b 42 W. Bande^ph 
Veight Fritz, teamster, b WiUiasis nr RnQker 
Veit John, lab, b F-eiton W. of Wood 
Veit» William, cabinetmaker, b ftOey b1?W*sfe' 

ington nod Madidon 
Velge John, tailor, b 121 N. Dearborn. 
Venables Mrs. Robert, dry goods, 32 N« Clark, 

b same 
Venke Joseph, musician, h Jefi^ein nr Polk 
Vei'dad Nieholaa, oatpenter, h Griswoidar Polk 
VERMONT H0¥8]S» Market S. of Lako 
Vomer Jacob, lab, b Nortb at 
Vernon Daytd, clerk Exchange Bank 
VEENON S. B. a^orney, Merebaiit'aEs^phiu^ge,. 

bds Clarendon House 
Vernon WilHala, bookkeeper, b 160 Michigan ar 
Verz Joseph, lab, N. Wells nr North av 
Vettinger »Ir». T. boarding, b W W. Bandolpli 
Vial Edwin, carpenter A. Pierce 
Vicard Martin, lab, h Indiana nr Franklin 
Vickers Robert P. bookkeeper J. M. Russ, b 

19 Clark 

ViobTTeg Francif^ joiner, Cottage Grove av nr 

Prairie ^ 

Vickory Isaac N, bds Pearborn Souse 
Viedeskeh Ludwig, marble works Sbumer & Ge. 
Vielee G. S, olei^ G. & C. U. R. R. out-freight 
Vietze William* sbo^adaker Pearson & Dana, 

bds 128 N. Clark 
Villard Dr. T. J. dentist, 71 Lake 
Vincent A. (Potter & V.) b 246 S. CU^am 
Vincent Bethel T. derk 242 Lake 
Vincent John H. (V., Himrod & Co.) Atai& 

nr Morgan 
VINCENT, HIMROD k CO. manufaotar^aqd 

dealers in stoves, 242 Lake and 233 S. W«;ter 
Vincent Shadracb, tailor* Halsted nr M^iuroe 
Vint & Carlton, piiinters, ^ W. Lake 
Vint William, (V. &Carlton) h 55 Jae^m 
VlNTOJf & CO. dining saloon, «2 Rand^iiiih 
Vinton Col. 0, M. <V.. & Co.) k 113 Dearborp 
Vitt William, boilermaker, b Ewing bt J^er- 

$oa and CUnton 
Vogel Charles H. (V. & Woelfer) 825 State 
Vogell H. E. commission, N. Water 
Vogel & Woelfer, sausage makerS; 325 State 


atm*m snoGX^RT. 


Togeibs^r I<or«iiz, carpenter, li Hiosdnle nr the 

Yogi F. W. i^aior W.CUiigiiiaB & Co. 183 Lake 
Voice CorneliuB, carpenter, h W^s nr Van 

Voice John, carpenter, k Wells bt Jackson 

and Qaincy 
Voight Frederick, c&rtman, k Larrabee 
Voi^t Frederick, tailor, k Biskop , 
Voigkt George, porter 122 Lake 
Voigkt Jobn, h Cass bt Pearson and Chicago av 
Voigfat Joa<^im, gardener, h fickiller nr Sedg. 
Volk Frederick, Sioejaaker If, Miller 
Volk Henry, (John V. & Co.) h May bt Lake 

and Fulton 
VOLK JOHN & CO. lumber, South R. I. freight 

Volk John C. (J. V. & Co.) k EliKabeth nr Mad. 
Volk John, h eor Carpenter and Madison 
Volkman George, basketmaker, h Clyboum av 
Vollar Mrs. Amelia, boarding, h N. W. cor 

fidina and Harriaon 
Vollhelmcr Joseph, machinist, h DiTision nr 

Volmer William, groceries and proTisions, 

Sherman bt Poljk and Taylor 
Volner Charles, hardTrare and crookeory, 167 

Clark, h same 
Volney Joseph, shoemakw, ld6 Sdina 
Voltz Frederick, milk depot, 40 W. Kinzie 
VoU Daniel, baker P. Groll 
Volwider Jacob, clerk, 137 Lake 
Von Horn John, county svrreyor, kMilvmakee 
• av nr Chicago av 

VOOR0J3IS ABRAHAM, attorney, U Pear- 
bom^ bdssl48 Madison 
Voorheis Theodore, (Mooi»e & V.) bds 33 

Michigan av 
Vortman John, lab, h Wolcott ta Bishop 
VOSS ARNO, attorney, 40 Clark, h 232 Madison 
Voss Daniel, musician, h Randolph bt Caipenter 

and Curtiss 
Voss William, lab, h North av 
Vreeland Henry, carpenter, h Kdina cor Polk 
VULCAN FOUNDRY, W. Water nr Washington 

Waber Nicholas, carpenter, h 123 N. Clark 
Wackier WUUam H. YottBg Ameriea, h 190 

Wadsworth A. assiatajit public school No. 6 
Wadawortii filisha S. (Cooley W. & Co.) h Pine 

nr Illinois 
Wadsworth James W. (Flanders. & W.) h 140 

Wabash av 
Wadsworth John, clerk R* D. Jones ^ Sons, h 

State S. of Spriugcr 
Wadsworth M. C. assistant public school No. 6 
Wadsworth Philip, (Huntington, W. & Parks) 

k 90 Lasalle 
WADSWORTH & HITZ, bankers and exchange 

brokers, 86 Clark 
Wadsworth Strong, (W. & Hits) h 140 Wab. ay 

Wadsworth T. W. (W. k WelTs) 
WADSWORTH & WELLS, bootSi shoes and 

rubbers, 145 S. Water 
Wagenba^ger John, lab, h Gumee nr Polk 
Wagoner Nicholas, paperhanger, bds 123 Rand. 
Wagner Christian, lab. New 2)iTi8ion 
Wagner Frederick W. carpenter, h cor TweUtli> 

and Rucker 
Wagner Henry, blacksmith C. &. R.LR.K ikop^ 
Wagner Jacob, carpenter, k H7 Monroe 
Wagner John, shoemaker J. M. Reis, hi Sher- 
man jirP<^ 
Wagner John, cooper, h Bu9alo S. of TweHtki 
Wagnw Peter, h 36 N. Clark cor Einvie 
Wagner Robert, drayman, h 11 Indiana 
Wagoner E. H. grocer, Milwaukee av c«r" 

Fourth, k Fourth cor Green 
Wagoner Frederick, butcher, h alley bt De^pl. 

and Union 
Wagoner H. 0. hominy maker, Waslipgton or 

Wagoner Lewis, pedler, k Whilpey nr C. & B* 

R. B. depot 
Wagoner' Peter, lab^ h Milwaukee plank road 

lur City limits 
Wagoner Thomas, bds New York Hoi|3e 
Wahl C. jr. (C. W. & Sons) k at Factory 
WAHL C. & SONS, glue factory, N. Branch 
nr Chkagosav, depot 242, 244 S. Water ^ 
Wahlblough John, chairmaker, h Hubbard 
Wais&ust Ca^er, gunsmith, bds 228 Randol]^ 
Wait Amanda L. box 98 post-office 
Waite Charles B. (Brackett ik W.) k Peoria bt 

Lidse and Fulton 
Waite Miss E. J. bds C. B. Waite 
Waite Edwin, clerk 146 hake 
Waite E. S. clerk 94 Lake 
Waite T. H. clerk 122 Lake 
Waite G. A. scale builder, 197 S. Water 
Waite H. F. attorney, 107 Lake, h< 37 Ihdia;Dta' 
Waite John F. cleric G. & C* U. B. R. h car- 
Randolph and Green 
Waite L. F. saloon, 119 Canal 
Waite Thomas H. tailor, h Curtlss^bt Randa^ 

and Lake 
Waite WiUiam E. condi|o|(Mr G. &. B. L R. B. Ji 

Buffalo S. of Polk 
Walbrage John W. clerk: Hale & Gd, , 
Walch Charles, baggage^, h foot Lake - 
Walsh John, boarding, k 143 S. Water ^ 
Waldbaum August, mason, h cor Lasalle and 

Wal(H>attm Fredrick,mase(n,.hNeyin&nr'Chi.«v 
Walde John, bookbinder, h State N. of Taylor 
Walden John, .lab, hSkant^town n^ Peyton 
Walden Wiley, barber, RandolBh under Matte- 
son House, bds 156 State 
Walder Henry, lab, h Centre 
Walder Martin, sash and blmds, h 61 W. Ban^. 
Waldo Mrs. C, boarding h 162 Dearborn 
Waldon Philip, lab, h W. Madison nr Reuben 
Waidy<^el Conrad, cooper, h Forq. nr Halsted. 
Walenta R. clerk £. Rosenmerkel 
Walker A. finisher Lets k Burling 


\ I 



Walker Abnbam, carpenter, k Clinton bt Jack- 
son and Adams 
Walker Mrs. Almond, h 25 Michigan aT 
Walker Amos £. watchmaker, 69 Randolph, 

8d floor 
Walker Alfred A. clerk H. K. Walker 
Walker Augustus L. carpenter, h 86 Canal 
Walker Antony, shoemiUcer Joseph Miller, h 

152 Stoto 
Walker Amasa A. upholsterer, cor Wells and 

Walker B. F. superintendent Chicago Water 

Woi^ks, h 142 S. Jeflferson 
WALKER, BRONSON & Co. forwarding and 

commission, 72 S. Water 
Walker Charles, h 42 Michigan ar 
Walker C. H. (W., Bronson & Co.) bds Wash- 
ington Coffee. House 
Walker Curren, bds Wilson House 
WALKER & DAT, lumber. Canal bt Carroll 

and Kinzie 
WALKER D. k SON, upholsterers, 92 Rand. 
Walker DoliTCr, (D. W. & Son) h 59 State 
Walker Daniel, mason, h 94 W. Jackson 
Walker G. C. (W., Bronson & Co.) bds 33 

Walker George H. trunkmaker B. Cope, h 
• Buffalo bt Taylor and Twelfth 
Walker G. H. hamessmaker, 184 N. Clark, 

bds same 
Walker George, lab, h Pearson nr the Lake 
Walker Henry P. carpenter, h cor Union and 

Walker Henry D. (D. W. & Son) h Indiana ay 

S. of Twelfth 
Walker Henry K. furniture, &c. 163 Randolph, 

h Indiana av S. of Twelfth 
Walker James M. (Sedgwick & W.) bds 157 

3iichigan ay 
Walker James, stonecutter, h Wells nr Harrison 
Walker James, d^rk H. K. Walker 
Walker James, proprietor United States Hotel, 

27 W. Randolph 
'Walker Jesse R. h 8 Dearborn place 
Walker Joseph, lab, h 58 Buffalo 
talker J. S. C. clerk S. McCotter 
Walker L. B. (W. & Warner) h cor Wokott 

and Diyision 
Walker Lysander, student J. Wanghop 
Walker Martin 0. storage and commission, cor 

S. Water and Wab. ay. h cor Wash, and State 
Walker Michael, lab, h 198 Edina 
WALKER ROBERT, grocer, 78 Randolph, h 

State S. of Peck ct 
WALKER S. B. ^ M. 0. liycry stable and 

omnibus line, 54 Dearborn 
Walker S. B. (S. B. & M. 0. W.) h 122 Mich, ay 
Walker Samuel C. clerk Steams & Co. 
Walker Saladin A. bookkeeper R. M. Mitehell 

& Co. bds 164 Michigan ay 
Walker Uriah, (Flack & Co.) h 90 Carroll 
WALKER & WARNER, comnkiseion, 4 N. 

flPTalker William, h Wells nr Polk 

Wall Martin, lab, h Buffalo bt Twelfth snd 

Wallace Edward Q. carpenter and joiner, h 

Quincy bt Halsted and Desplaides 
Wallace James, blacksmitii, h 6 W. Randolph 
Wallace James, blacksmith, h cor W. Water 

and Randolph . 
Wallace John H. clerk 104 Lake 
Wallace John S. (Morrison & W.) bds 421 Claris 
Wallace John, lab, h Green nr Kinzie 
Wallace Martin, blacksmith C. & R.I.R.R. shop 
Wallace Martin, lab, h Shantytown nr Chic, ay 
Wallace Richard, blacksmith, h Buffalo S. of 

Wallace Thomas, gas cock manufacturer, 50 

Wallace William, shipcarpenter, h Hubbard 

cor Milwaukee ay 
Wallace William, lab, bds F. Miller 
Wallen John, lab, h White 
Waller Anton, tailor, h Rees nr Halsted 
WALLER & CAULFIELD, attorneys, 18 Met- 

ropoliten bdgs 
Waller Henry, (W. & Caulfield) bds Captain 

Waller Maurice, (W. & Obermeir) h Milwaukee 

ay nr Fourth 
Waller & Obermeir, dry goods, 84 W. Randolph 
Waller William, hack driyer, Throop's alley nr 

WALLIN C. C. & SON, leather dealers, 9 

Lind's block 
Wallin Charles, (C. C. W. k Son) h Peoria bt 

Washington and Randolph 
WalKn T. S. (C. C. W. & Son) bds€. C. Wallin 
Wallis James, carpenter, h 19 Kinzie 
Wallman Henry, works Foss & Bro. h Bfil* 

waukee ay nr Sangamon 
Wallschlager Williamf. clerk 208 Lake 
Walrath 0. clerk Day & Lee 
WALSH DAVID, Bridewell keeper. Wells cor 

Walsh Henry, teamster, Williams cor Y. Buren 
Walsh John B. upholsterer, 108 N. Clark, bds 

17 N. Dearborn 
WALSH JOHN, boarding, h Michigan bt 

Franklin and Market 
Walsh Dr. J. office 63 N. Clark 
Walsh Laurence, lab, h 186 Indiana 
Walsh Patrick, Lone Ster restaurant, dl8Clark 
Walsh Richard, lab, h Williams nr Carpenter 
Walsh WilUam, sailor, bds 88 S. Water 
Walter Charles H. carpenter, bds 228 Randolph 
Walter Mrs. Ethan, h 89 Monroe 
Walter Joel C. (H. Norton & Co.) h 79 Clark 
Walter T, C. builder, 196 Clark 
Walter Lawrentzo, cigar maker Mills & Co. h 

53 N. Dearborn 
Walter Martin, sash and doors, Randolph cor 

Winter Nicholas, cabinetmaker, h Third .nr 

Walter Samuel L. mason, h cor Sangamon and 




»■ I I !■«■>«*» 

Walters A. H.^ol«rk 100 Lake ' 

Walters Eliza, h 215 Monroe 

Walther All^ert, lab, h nr CljboUrn ay 

Walthez Charles, clerk 114 Lake 

Waltz George, shoemaker, h Sherman nr Harr. 

WALWORTH & 00. Gas and Steam Pipe 

Works, 238 Lake 
Wall George, harnessfiaaker, 134 Franklin 
Walz Mishael, lab, h Peyton 
Wals Joseph, (Graff & W.) h Wells cor Van 

Walz John, blacksmith. Union Car Works 
Walzen Peter, painter, h Wolco^tt bt Pearson 

and Hinsdale 
Wambold J. F. bds 186 Madison 

goodflt, &c. 65 Lake 
Wanken John, lab, h N. of North ay 
WARD, DOGGBTT & CO. boots and shoes, 

183 S. Water 
Ward Daniel M. h Edina bt Harrison and Polk 
Ward E. jr. attorney, 40 Clark, h N. WeUs nr 

Ward Ephraim, attorney, 40 Clark, h 104 Ohio 
Ward Edward P. clerk, 4 Court House, bds 

155 Washington 
Ward Edward, shoemaker Whipple & Pollard 
Ward George (W. Doggett & Co.) 
Ward Geo. ship carpenter, h Indiana nr Market 
Ward Hugh, builder. Green cor Jackson 
Ward & Hoyt, attorneys, 32 W. Randolph 
Ward James, mason and builder, h 256 W. 

Wari James M. h 84 Buffalo 
Ward Jasper D. (W. & Hoyt) h Warren 
Ward James, wagonmaker P. Mullen 
Ward J. M. h Bi^alo nr Harrison 
Ward John, sailor, h cor Sangamon and Hope 
Ward John, plasterer, h cor Sucker and Cooli. 
Ward Jos. ]P. dry goods, 142 Clark, h same 
Ward Lorenzo C. clerk 167 and 169 S. Water, 

bds 152 Dearborn 
Ward Michael, teamster, h Polk bt Desplaines 

and Jefferson * 
Ward 0. S. clerk 141 Lake 
Ward Patrick, blacksmith, h Carpenter bt Polk 

and Taylor 
Ward Samuel D. (Raymond & W.) h 22 Adams 
Ward Thomas, carpenter, h Wells bt Hinsdale 

and White 
Ward Timothy, lab, A. Officer, h Desplaines bt 

Van Buren and Harrison 
Ward William J. ship carpenter, h Hinsdale bt 

Market and Webster 
Warder William H. bookkeeper Smith, Bradley 

Wardner «H. R. physician, office 63 Lake 
Wardner P. J. student Drs. Herrick & Johnson 
Ware Edward, clerk, bds 20 Rush 
Ware John, h Adams/ bt Desplaines and Halst. 
Wark Joseph, upholsterer Little & Co. h cor 

Wells and Adams 
Warkmasl^ Frederick, (Sehnitzer & W.) h 119 


Warkmaster John, tailor, 859 State, h 425 Stat« 
Warlich Louis, druggist, 37 N. Clark, h same 
Warmuth Valentine, tailor P. Schaffer 
Wamecke Conrad, cabinetmaker, h Morgan nr 

Milwaukee ay 
Warner Ansel, mason, bds 111 State 
Warner Charles, watchman, h 14 N. Clinton ' 
Warner Charles, police, h Clinton bt Lake' and 

WARNER & CLARKE, groceries, 107 S. Water 
Warner D. P. clerk, bds 149 Dearborn 
Warner E. S. (P. W. Gates & Co.) h cor Lake 

and Peoria 
WARNER'S HALL, 104, 106 Randolph 
Warner Harry, ( W. T. S. Layinia & Co.) h Jack- 
son bt Halsted and Desplaines 
Warner B. >clerk B. D. Jones & Sons 
Warner E. W. brooms, &o. rear 48 State 
Warner Hiram, grain buyer, h Sangamon cor 

Fourth , 9 

Warner Frederick, shoemaker T. Hastie 
Warner Harmon, (R. & J. M. W.) h 115 Frank. 
Warner & Hopkins, yarieties, 74 Dearborn 
Warner John M. (R. & J. M. W.) 
Warner James, ironforger, h Prairie ay Si of 

Monterey ^ 
Warner Lawson S. bookkeeper 195 S. Water h 

180 State 
Warner Peter, bookkeeper Brown & Wilder^ 

h 249 W. Lake 
Warner Philo J. builder, h 111 State 
Warner Reuben, (R. & J. M. W.J 
Warner R. & J. M. auction and commission, 

207 Randolph 
Warner Spencer, h 201 Wabash av 
Warner S. M. (W. & Clarke) h 149 Dearborn 
Warner S. P. blacksmith, h 188 Clark 
Warner T. Jeff. (W. & White) bds 144 State 
Warner William S. fanning mill maker, h 26 

Warner & White, news agents, 74 Dearborn 
Warnike Conrad, lab, h Dearborn bt Diyision 

and Elm 
Warnike Lewis, tailor, h Clark bt Diyisiotf 

and Elm 
Warouka Fritz, carpenter, h Gurley 
Warren Mrs. A. C. boarding, h 168, 170 Wellg 
Warren Albert, clerk H. Whitaker 
Warren Charles B. clerk L. D. Olmsted & Co. . 

bds 153 Dearborn 
Warren Cornelius J. (Rice & W.) bds 258 W. 

Warren Henry, (Woodward, Berry & W.) 
Warren Horace, clerk H. Whitaker, bds Brigg? 

Warren John, lab, h N. Ayenue nr Orchard 
Warren John, baggageman, h 385 Clark 
Warren AV. G. W. (Bradner, W. ftCo!) 
Warrington Henry, Vulcan Foundry, W. Water 

nr Kinzie, h 92 Fulton 
Warrington Thomas, (Osborn & W.) h cor Lake 

and Sangamon 
Warthen Edward, marble cutter, h Wolcott nr 



c^cAo^ ptRWdfew. 

#iHitian Charles F. earpenieir, h Franklin nr 

Washauaen Frederick, cabinetinakerC. Morgan 
IfnehaaseB Henry, clerk 176 Lake 
Washington Geo. cor Throop's alley and Wells 
WASHINOTON HOUSE, 228 Randoli)h 
WA^HXNfjKTON HOUSE, Clark bt Taylor and 

Wass A. D. bookkeeper Walworth & Co. 
Waston John, shoemaker, cor Canal and Harr. 
WATCH HOUSE, CITY, S. end Court Hotise 
Wsterford House, Clark bt Taylor and Twelfth 
Waterhouse Albert S. olerk H. & 0. Wilson 
Waterhonse L. H. builder, h 86 W. Jackson 
Waters Hon^, lab, h Michigan bt Market and 

Waters J^imes H. moulder G, W. Sher &; Co. 
Watban Edward, marble cutter Shumer & Co. 
Watkins C. L. (Reed & W.) bds C. Reed 
Watlbs Elias T. (E. T. W. &<Jo.) h 21 Mich, at 
W&tkiiis John, shoemaker, h Polk bt Canal and 

Watkins Joseph, brickyard. Division W. of Hals. 
Watkins Matthew, Cl'k 60Clark, h Pblknr Canal 
Watkins Williani M. clerk E. J. Flanders 
Watrous Joseph, teamster G. W. Noble 
Watson Alanson, carpenter, h Clinton bt Jack- 
son and Adams 
Watspn Benj. R. (Otis ft Co.) S92 State 
Watson Don A. clerk Mills & Co. h 109 Jackson 
Watson E. D. h 90 Mchigan 
Watson George, tailor H. H. Husted, bds 18 Buff. 
Watson James M. carpenter, h 44 Quincy 
Watson J, M. carpenter, 219 Monroe 
Watson Rev. J. V. editor North Western Chris- 
tian Advoeafe, h 63 Randolph 
Watson Job S. carpenter and joiner, h 164 W«lls 
Watson Mrs. Mary, h cor Cornelia and Jeffer. 
Watson Mrs. -i , matron Protestant Orphan 

Watson Nathan H. travelling agent Mills & Co. 
Watson Mrs. Sarah, h Halsted \ft Einzie and 

Watson Tliomas, confectionary, 90 Wells 
Watson Wm. teamster, h Wabash av nr RiUzie 
Watson W. T. burning fluid, h 107 Erie 
Watt James, carpenter, h cor Green and Fulton 
Watters, William (Collins, W. k Brown) 
Watterman h. B. carpenter, h Morgan bt Kin- 

zie and Hubbard 
Watters Wm. (Collins, W. & Brown) bds Brigjjs 

Watts Hiram, carpenter, h 204 Edina 
Wi^to W. C. tools, ac. 67 Wells 
Waugh James, h Cook bt W. Water and Jeffer. 
WAUGHOP J. W. attorney, 65 Clark, h 11^ 

Wayman Edmund, h 59 Jackson 
Wayman E. G. clerk J. B. Ford & Co. 210 Lake 
Wayman James, lumber inspector, h Jackson/ 

bt Canal and Clinton 
Wayman William, padnter, h Clinton bt Jackson 

and Adams 

Wayman WHUam, wagonibaker, corD)eiplaibe« 

and Carroll, h 90 N. Desplaines 
Weadley Henry, faricldayer, h Madison b4 Ann 

and Rucker 
Wear Neal^ sailor j h l^ranklin bt WKHne^and 

Weaton Capt. Edward H. b cor Hubbard and 

Weaver F. M. hairdresser, 102 Randolph 
Weaver Frederick, machinist H. P. Mosei 
Weaver George, shoemaker Joseph Miller 
Webb Charies, boot and shoemaker, h W^ells^ nr 

Quincy * 

Webb Frank, porter Sherman House, h Thr«(^*s 

Webb Geo. t. bookkeeper 167, l69 S. W«ter 
Webb John, mason, h 15 Bufi^lo 
Webb John B. clerk Sanford, Hall k €». ' 
Webber Mrs. Anna, h cor Clark and Arch€»' 
Webber Edwin A. collector, W. Dirision^ bds 

Nat. Webber 
Webber Edwin^ clerk Baker & Moody, h 359 

Webber Mrs. ElisabeUi, h 8^1 State 
Webber FredoKng, lab, h Dearborn nr North at 
Webber Flos, cabinetmaker Knibloe & Rngg 
Webber John F. clerk 68 Randolph 
WEBBER JOHN D. fancy goods, 198 Lake • 
Webber Joseph, teamster, h Pearson neiH* the 

Webber Mat. 8. ship carpenter, h 109 N. DearK 
Webber N« & Son, dry goods, 58 W. Randolph 
Webber Nathaniel, (N. W. & Son) h 246 W. Lake 
Webber Mrs. Peter h Chic, av opp. Townsend 
Webber Peter, h 97 N. Dearborn 
Weber AnUkony, tanner, h Sherman bt Polk 

and Taylor 
Weber Christian, butcher, 8 North Market 
Weber Henry, \eh, h Milwaukee av »r Chic, av 
Weber Henry, wagonmaker, 164, 156 W. Lal^e 

h cor Union and Lydia 
Weber John, lab, h N. Wells cor Division 
Weber L. boots and shoes, Desplaines bt Wask^ 

ington and Madfson * 

Weber Nicholas, tailor, h Cass bt Pearson and 

Chicago av 
Weber Peter, carpenter, h Chicago «v nr Reuben 
Weber Pete^, shoemaker, FranUin nr Hinsd^ale 
Weber Peter, painter, h Wolcott bt Elm txui 

Weber Pater, wagontnaker, h Milwaukee at nr 

Chicago av 
Weber Peter, jr. painter, h Wolcott nrcer Dear. 
Weber William, tailor, 126 Clark 
WEBSTER FRANKLIN, attorney, 73 Randolph 
Webster John, physician, hydropathic, h 208 

W. Lake 
Webster John H. h Harrison bt Wabash and 

Michigan avs 
Webster Jcseph D. h Z2 Washington 
Webster Per Lee H. porcelain ware, 100 Ruid. 
Webster Richard, grocery, h 206N.XJlarit 
Webster William B. fruit, 70 State, h 106 Van 




WjiBdMnAatUk M. clerk S. Ii. CoHill^ ftOo^ 
Weed James, carpenter atid* JKHboefr h 45 W. 

Weed J. tinsmith T. George & Co. . 
Weeks Jokn B. grocer, Clark or R. L R. R. 

depot, h 82 Quincj 
WegamaiL Frederic]^ lab^ h lAxrabM 
Wegener Joseph, li^b, h Whitney 
Wehonoper C. blackamith, Milwsukee plaidc 

roftdy bt Halsted and Qceen 
Wehrer Michael, lab, h Orchard 
Wehrle Bndolph, piOnter, bds 228t aand«il{^ 
WEHRLE RUDOLPH W. bnteher, 15 State St 

MftJrkeiy h 68 Wariungtob 
Weickerich Jacob, lab, h Green nr White 
Weide Alexander, wagonmaker^ 198 W. Ravid. 
Weidinger Michael^ grocer^ h Greien eor Hinsw 
Weidiittr Alexander^ (Kaiser & W.). 
Weigle Frederick, paper box manufaotarer, 71 
, Lake,. 3d floor 
Weil Thompson, lab, h Hubbard nr Desplaines 
Weikump Roy. John B., St Pnme&s Chiirch, k 

cor Clinton and Mather 
Weiler Peter^ saloon, 217 N. Qark 
Weiler Capt Theodore^ boardij^ k cor Wells 

and N. Water 
W«iB4n Christ lab^ h Ghicagc a^ bt Kerens 

.and Robert ' 

Weimim Henry, h W. Hiadison nr Wood 
Weimer Christopher, carpenter, h CooUdge 
Weimer Chr^topher,. plaoer, h eor O'Brien and 

Weimbioh Henry, lab, h 462 State 
Weinmano John, (J. W. & Co.) 
WEINMANN J. & CO. Rhine wines, Hqoors, 

&c. 49 JUealh^ cellar S. W. cer Wells and S. 

Welnml^n M. saloon, 88 Lasalle^ 
Weinand Jacob, mason, h Cedar 
Weiuand J(Sm, mason, h Hickory 
Woipf Jacob, Ub, k Stowell nr Clark 
Weir George, copyist Morse's T^egri^ 
Weir John B. auction and eommissiolty 2^ 

Lake^ h 16 Franklin 
Weis Frederick, baker, h 147 W. Randolph 
Weis John, lab, h N. Wells nr Cemetery 
Weisborth , surgical instrument mgker 

ToUe & Co. 
Weishaar J. merchant tailor, 109 Wells 
Weishaar Mrs. J. French millinery, 109 Wells 
Weishaus , lab, k Cottage Grove aT nr cor 

Weiskeph Peter, Maekwrnth, bds 228 Randolph 
Weislock Ciliadi, taUor, h Prrisien iu* Canal 
Weismontel Joseph, stonecutter, bds A. Fay 
Weissenbach C. mei^ohant taUoary 46 Wells, h 

Weissenbonti Christq;)her, lab^ h Aees 
Weiss Adam, tailor, Clark bt Taylor and TweL 
Weiss Henry, (Best & W.) k 119 Ra&^lph 
Weiss F. kbb, h N. Wells 
Weisswa^>e Charles, bds 228 Randolph 
Weist Conrad, Uh, h Sedgwick 
Wcith Joseph, lab, k Baffala S. of :rwelftk 

Weitser Ja«ob, l«b» h Skvftnim bt F«ak wl 

Wei^ebaum Barnard* tobacco «ud. a^lfLiB, 9$ 

WelbAsky Francis S. bool^Ke^tf J. P. Chaiuli^ 

h381 Wabash ay 
Welbercheid Adam, proprietor Chicago SSaglt 

Weldrat Joseph, lab, h BulaLo bt Polk ftnd 

Welch B. 0. (W. &Mflaidsen) h cor Aite mi 

Welch Daniel, driyer Bissell House 
Welch Darby, lab, bds M. Madden 
Welch Dennis, lab, h Clinton bt Polk s^d Hanr. 
Welch Edwtffd^ boetknak^, h cor Lake i^d 

Welch Frederick, boold^eeper Wslck & MendsflBk^ 

h 96 K. Jefferson 
Welch H. teamster, k William nr VaU Bursa 
Welch Jftmes, carpenter, h Jiickson btFranklitt 

and W^s 
Welch. James, lah, h Van Buren nr Market 
Welch James^ lab, h Dearborn bt Springer wad 

Welch Jamea, h Meagheor £. of Canal 
Welch John, lab, h J.Ss<ersen bt Polk and Harr. 
Wdoh JohU) boarding, h Michigan nr Market, 
Welch Michael, lab, h Dearborn bt Springer 

and North 
Welch Michael, caiptti,ter, h Sh^nnan bt Polk 

and Tyler 
Welch & Men<feen) carriage repository, IQf 

Welch Patrick, grocer,. 87 N. Clinton^ h same 
Welch Patrick, teamster, h Desplaines &r Hart* 
Welch Patricki lab, h 87 CHnton 
Welch Patrick, watchman, h Kinaie cor Wells 
Welch Patrick, carpenter, h Liberty bt Stal^ 

and BufEftlc 
Welch R. M. painter, bds G. B. Datis 
W^ch Thomas, teamster, h Tf^lor bt Hsisted 

and DespUines 
Welch Thomas, blacksmith, 89 W, Randolph 
Welch Thomas, shii^emaker, h Van Buren ar 

Welch Thomas, lab^ h Dirision nr Wells 
Welch Thomas, carpenter, h 88 W* Washington 
Welch Thomaa, clerk Plait & Howe 
Welch William, lab, h Dirision nr WeUs 
Welge Frederick, teamster, h Hinsdale bt Mar* 

ket and Franklin 
Welge Henri, shoemaker, 43 N. Clark, h 116 

Weiler Daniel, carpenter, h Bdina bt Taylor 

and Twelfth ^ 

Weiler Gustarus, clerk 218 Lske 
Wellhouse WilUaia, (Z. Jones & Co.) 
Wells Alaphus, en^eer, h 88 W. Lake 
Wells Charles B, (J. A. Marshall & Co,) 16 

Wells C. J. bds 409 Clark 
WBLLS £. S. boots and' shoes, li7 Randdpli, 

bds 209 M«4i8on 


CBiCAC^ I>I]p<9WT. 

IVaBs Edward P. bookkeeper 145 8. Water 
Wells Edward W. clerk Barber & Johnson 
Wells Bev. E. E. pa&tor S. Congregational 

Church, h Prairie ay S, of Monterej 
Wells E. P. bookkeeper Wadsworth & Wells, 

bds 200 Madison 
WeUs Frederick C. clerk 145 S. Water 
Wells Frank, fruit dealer, Wolcott bt Superior 
' and Chicago ay 

Wells Geo. M. ( Wadsworth & W.) 145 S. Water 
W^s Henry G. clerk 79 Lake, h 110 Madison 
Wells Henry M. shipcarpenter, k Buffalo bt 

Harrison and Polk 
Wells Joel A. machinist Illinois Stone Dressing 

Co. h 92 Buffalo 
Wi^s J. H. local editor Deinocratic Press, bds 

Tremont House 
Wells Moses D. clerk 145 S. Water, bds 209 

Wells P. L. commercial editor Democratic Press 
Wells Samuel T. boarding, h 156 Michigan 
WeUs Wm. shoemaker, h cor Peyton and Erie 
Welsh Edward, lab, h Shantytown nr Ohio 
Welsh James, drayman, h Shantytown nr Erie 
Welsh James, lab, h Lake W. of Cannon 
Welsh John, lab, bds 119 Dearborn 
Welsh John, teamster, h Dirision 
Welsh John, carpenter Union Car Works, bds 

Caledonian House 
Welsh Thomas, packer, h Diyision 
Welsh William, packer, h Diyision 
Welter Valentine, saloon, 225 Clark, h same 
Welton Michael, shoemaker, h Canal bt Lake 

and Bandolph 
Wemple A. (W. & Co.) h Washington nr Green 
Wemple D. F. carmaker, h 218 Madison 
WEMPLE & CO. threshing machines, Canal 

cor Washington 
Wendt Christian, lab, h Coolidge 
Wendt Henry, (Crosby & W.) h Chicago ay 
Wengeler Jacob, shoemaker, h Larrabee 
Wenk John, sailor, h Reuben nr Chicago ay 
Wenner Martin, at Beecher, HoUister & Wil- 

kins, bds 226 Randolph 
Wenner Peter, tailor, Taylor W. of Edina, h same 
Wenstob Tellef, joiner, h Peyton nr Chicago ay 
WENT WILLIAM, (W. & Worthing) 
Wentworth E. W. bookkeeper Tremont House 
Wentworth D. S. principal public school* No. 3, 

h Jackson bt Loomis and Rolker 
Wentworth H. C. clerk M. C. R. R. ticket off. 
Wentworth Jo)in, prop'r Chicago Democrat, 45 

Wentworth John T. attorney, 108 Randolph, 

bds 119 Clark 
Wentworth W. W. boots and shoes, 78 Randolph 
Wentzel Henry, lab, h Clark bt Elm and Diyis. 
Werber Nicholas, carpenter, h 123 N. Clark 
Werfel A. pattern maker, h 113 Chicago ay 
Werkamp Bey. J. B. pastor of St. Peters Church 
Wemecke Franz, lal^, h Hinsdale bt Franklin 

and Market 
Werner Andrew, lab, h N. Wells nr North ay 
Werner F. hair dressing, 72 Randolph 

Werner JohO) barber and Iimt dreoser, 216 

Randolph, li 40 Wells 
Werner Michael, mattrass maker, h nt Black 

WERNIGK REINHARD, photograi^iie artist, 

65 Randolph, 2d floor 
Wemigk Mrs. portrait paintings, 65 Baadelpb^ . 

2d floor 
Wesencraft William, h 48 Clinton 
Wespie Franti, shoemaker, h Wolcott north of 

West Augustus, h cor Desplaines and PeaprsoB 
West Dayid, cook, h 41 Buffalo 
West Dayid, police, h oor DesplaiBes and Adams 
WEST JOHN, carpets, furniture, and uphol- 
stery, 197 Lake 
West John, tailor, h Green Bay nr Hiasdale 
WEST JOHN M. firuit dealer, cor WeUe and 

West John R. clerk J. B. F. Russell & Co. bds cor 

Adams and Wabash ay 
West J. J. clerk i97 Lake 
West Mrs. T. h 171 N. Lasalle 
West T. Y. & Co. clothing, 125 Randolph 
West Valentine, shoemaker, h rear 145 Dearborn 
Westbrook Gideon, liquors, 230 Rand, h same 
Westerfield Henry, boarding, h cor Polk and 

Canal , 

Westerman Harmon, (Gersterberg & W.) h W. 

Westerhofen Henry W. saddler, h Twelfth nr 

Westfall Julien, carpenter, h Edina N. of TwelfUi 
Westland Peter, tailor h Lasalle bt Chicago ay 

and Superior 
Weston Nathan, police, h 95 Monroe 
Westphal Fritz, jeweler, 40 Clark 
Westya Gosse, ship carpenter, h Jackson bt 

Rolker and Rucker 
Wetherell Oscar D. clerk J. Barber, R 62 W: Lako 
Wetmore C. L. (Thomson, W. & Co.) 68 Lake 
Wetterer Peter, lab, h Wolcott nr Oak 
Wetzel Martin, plasterer, h Chicago ay nr Neyins 
Wezel Philip, plasterer, h Neyins nr Chic, ay 
Wetzler & Frankfield, watchmakers, 60 W. Rand. 
Wentzel Charles, (W. & Frankfield,) h 60 W. 

Weyer Jacob, boots and shoes, 93 Dearborn 
Weyhman & Horn, shoemakers, oyer 49 Wells 
Whalftn Daniel, weigher James Peck & Co. 
Whalen John, blacksmith, bds 119 Dearborn 
Whalen Martin, drayman, h Franklin cor Pear. 
Whalen Robert, h Rio Grande nr Calumet ay 
Wheadon Edward C. clerk R. H. Countiss, bdt 

822 Clark 
Wheelan Jas. lab, Ewingbt Jeff, and Desplaines 
Wheeler Andrew B. constable, h 150 Buffalo 
Wheeler C. G. clerk 148 Lake, bds 162 Madison 
Wheeler Charles H. conductor C. & R. I. R. R. 

h State north of Twelfth 
Wheeler C. T. (Flint & W.) h 100 Indiana 
Wheeler Frederick A. clerk H. Wheeler & Co. 
Wheeler Frederick, shoemaker T. Hastie 
Wheeler Fred'k. wagonmaker) 120 FrankUa . 


WHSBZiSR B. produce and commitrilion, 112, 

114 S. Water, h 126 Michigan ay 
MTheeler H. H. agent Democratic Press 
Wlieeler John E. assistant editor Democratic 

Press, h eor Bufila.lo and Harrison 
Wheeler Joseph, confectioner, 89d€lark, hsame 
Wh€iel«r JDewis £. engineer, h 209 Edina 
Whe^er Robert, clerk 225 Lake 
Wheeler l^chard, weighman H. Norton & Go. h 

Clark nr Van Boren 
Wheeler Samuel M. carpenter, h 117 Jackson 
WHEELER W. & CO. hardware, 143 Lake 
Wheeler WilUam, (W. W. & Co,) h 162 Madison 
Wheeler William, bookkeeper W. B. Slodn 
Whiderbaom Adolph, chatrmaker, h 56 Superior 
Whipple Hiram, Illinois & Mississippi telegraph 

operator, bds 229 Clark 
'Whipple John C. constable, h 176 Polk 
Whipple & Pollard, boots and shoes, 185 Clark 
Whipple Rodney M. (W. & Pollard) bds 158 

Whipple T. Herbert, h 105 Clinton 
WHITAKER & BROTHERS, wholesale grocers 

14 L&salle 
Whitaker George S. (W. & Bros.) h 182 State 
WHITAKER HORACE, wholesale groceries, 75 

». Water 
Whitaker James A. (W. & Bros.) h 132 State 
Whiteomb Charles, h Douglas ay 
Whitcomb Azel D. carriagemaker, 98 Clinton 
Whitoomb L C. commission, 87} Randolph 
Whitcomb L. E. clerk 186 Lake 
Whitoomb James 6. mathematical instrument 

maker, 36 Dearborn, h 46 Michigan av 
Whitcomb Wm. M. (Niekles, W. & Armstrong) 
WHITE ALEXANDER, paints, oils, &c. 118 

S. Water 
White Bernard, lab, h Illinois bt Mark. andPej. 
White B. F. pattern maker H. P. Moses 
White E. F. machinist Union Car Works 
White A. D. clerk G. & C. U. R. R. 
White Mrs. A. boarding, h 178 Clinton 
White D. M. saddler D. Horton 
White P. W. pastor Owen St. Methodist Church, 

h Owen nr Sangamon 
White Henry A. cashier G. & C. U. R. R. office 
WHITE HORACE agent N. Y. associated press 
White James F. (S. F. W. & Bros.) bds Briggs 

White Henry D. (Warner & W.) 
White John, lab, h Shantytown nr Erie 
White John E. (Briggs & W.) bds J. P. Chapin 
White JuUus, insurance agent, N. W. cor S. 

Water and Clark 
White Martin, h Illinois bt Peyton and Market 
White J. Stockton, (Hulme & W.) Young Araer. 
White Thos. ornamental plasterer, 60 W. Mad. 
White Thomas, bds 166 Madison 
White Patiick, drayman, h Illinois bt Peyton 

and Market 
White Thos. carpenter, h 100 Buffalo 
R. N. wood engraTer* 161 Lake 
S. F. & BROS, wholesale clothmg, 188 

White Wm. 0. teller B. K. Swift &^Ca h 2m 

White Capi* Wm. h carpenter bt Owen and 

White Capt Wm. h 1 Cass 
White Mrs. Catiierine, h Superior cor Franklia 
White Thos. engineer C. & B. R. R. h cor Prai- 

rie and Sangamon 
White Thos. carpenter, h Superior nr Franklin 
White Wm. lab, h Ewing bt Canal and Clinton 
White Wm. P. policeman^ h 168 S. Desplaines 
White Wm. G. (S. B. W. & Bros.) h 96 Indiana 
WHITE W. J. engrayer, 72 State, h same 
Whitehead Rev. Henry, M. E. book depository, 

h 125 State % 

Whiteley Wm. jr. (Rogers, Haseltine & Co.) 
Whiteside Thos. clerk Lake & Brown, h 'Pear- 
son bt Jackson and Van Buren 
Whiting Ezra, mason,, h 98 Edina 
Whiting Herbert L. conductor M. S. R. R. h 

9 Buffalo 
Whitfield John H. carpenter, h Jackson nr Hals* 
Whitington Henry B. joiner, h 4 IllinoJs . 
Whitman E. C. clerk 86 Lake 
Whitman Sheldon, h Green nr Madison 
Whitmarsh Thomas 0. printer, h Buffalo bt 

Polk and Harrison 
Whitney Chas. H. (G. C. W. & Son) h 102 Ohio 
WHITNEY G. C. & SON^bankinganid exchange, 

88 Clark 
Whitney Geo. C. (G. C. W. & Son) h 102 Ohio 
Whitney John, railroad contractor, h 92 Ohio 
Whitney John B. & Co. commission, 49 Sinzie , 
Whitney Joel E. operator A. Hosier 
Whitney Wm. office 41 Clark, h 70 Ohio 
Whitten Horatib H. bookkeeper Mohr &^ Ker- 

ohoff, h 169 Dearborn 
Whittier Mrs.(A. E. teacher public school. Ko. 

1, h 153 Dearborn 
Whittlesey Chas. H. (S. A. Ford & Co.) h 61 

N. Dearborn 
Wiamalt John, lab, h Maxwell nr Canal 
Wibbeymeyer Martin J. h Madison nr Bridge 
Wiber Wm. fruit, 240 Randolph 
Wiard Karry, machinist H. P. Moses 
Wiard Norman, superintendent H. P. Moses 
Wibray J. F. bookkeeper Flint & Wheeler, bds 

79 Adams 
Wichboldt John, lab, h Rces 
Wiche Frederick, teamster, h Williams 
Wichmann Henry, tailor, h Townsend nr White' 
WICKER C. G. & CO. wholesale giocers, 91 S. 

Wicker Charles G. (C. G. W. & Co.) h Van 

Buren bt Wabash and Michigan avs 
Wicker Joel A. (C. G. W. & Co.) h 98 Ohio 
Wicker George, printer, bds J. Wightwick 
Wickersham Swayne, physician, office 895 Clark 
Wicks Lysander, pedler, bds Jerris House - 
Wiech Charles, h 70 N. Wells 
Wiedemann Casper, tailor, bds Third nr Carp. 
Wiedemann Ludwig, lab, h Cass nr Pearson 
Wiegleb J. H. clerk 141 Lake 
Wiehe Wm. teamster, h Williams 

# f 


CBiOlM mEBOXaiiF. 

^^Imaim F^radnlck^ ear|^l«r, h Ckuk nf 

North ay 
^9M» Frederi<5k) teiuttBier, h £im hi CliMk and 

l^iele Dirtriofa, h N. Clftric nt QehaiXet 
Wiei^beim Cd&rad, lab, h Tdwntiend 
Wieselmaim Christ, lab» h K. Wells nr Goethe 
Wieting William, lab, h SohiB«r oi^ Sedgwiek 
WIfenbftck George^ foreman OMcago Hide and 

Leather Co. 
Wtfenbaok R. enirler Cl^e. Hi4e alnd Lea. Co. 
^Wiggers Henry, clerk Ferrie k Boyd 
Wiggins AttgBstns S. condttetorG. & C. 17. E. R. 

li 69 N. WeUfl 
Wiggins D. H. anotioneer, h Kinide nr Morgan 
Wiggins George W. (Himt> W. ft Co.) 169 S. 

Wiggins William H. eonduetor G. & C. V. R. R. 
Wight J. Ambrose, h Waba^ av nr Twelf^ 
Wigiitman David) elerk 901 Lake 
Wightman F. H. clerk 201 Lake 
Wightman J. S; tinsmith S. J. Snrdam & Co. 
Wightman R. T. tinner, 229 W. Randalph 
Wightwick John, (J. D. Sherman & Co.) h 1^4 

W. Jack&on ^ 
Wlhl fiemy, blacksmil^ C ReissAg 
Wilber WilUam H. clerk 8. F. Collins, h 240 

Wilbur R. S. clerk 107 Lake 
Wilbour W. H. L. clerk Carpenter^ Dix & Co. 

bds Wanbansa Honse 
Wilce Patrick, lab, h E^e nr Peyton 
Wileke J. sash manufacturer, cor Caaal«nd 

Wilcken Charlos, tailor, h Glyboum aY 
Wike Thomas, carpenter, h Adams bt Despl. 

and Halsted 
Wilcox & Ballfird^ buildere, lUley nr State bt 

Monroe and Adams 
WILCOX CHARLES C. finery stable, 1 a Frank. 
Wilcox Charles M. grocer, 4 Lind's block, bds 

16 Baffalo 
Wilcox Cyms S. (W. & Ballard) h Qnincy nt 

Wilcox Erastus, h cor State and Adams 
Wilcox Edward, engineer, bds J. Masey 
Wileox Gurdon H. offiee 6 Warner's Hall ' 
Wilcox Henry, (Deal & W.) 
Wilcox John, clerk T. George & Co. h 32 Monroe 
WILCOX, LYON & CO. lumber, Franklin nr 

Wileox Jacob W. printer, h 74 S. Desplaines 
Wilcox J. S. carrier Daily Tribune 
WUcox S. J. check clerk Williams & Bro. 
Wilcox Sextus N. (W., Lyon & Co.) 
Wilcox Theo<fore, clerk T. Newell & Co. 
WILDE J. & SON, lumber, W. Van Buren nr 

Wilde John M. cabinetmaker, h Hubbard nr 

Wilde Joseph, (J. W. k Son) h Peoria bt Van 

BiEPen and Harrison 
Wilde Joseph, jr. (J. W. & Son) h Clinton bt 

Jackson and Van Bixren 

WILDlHt « YlQOmiMi^ baken^ imaolK IMT 

N. Dearborn 
Wilder Hiram, eletrk C, Rlrere, b 19 N. C^adt 
Wilder Charles J. h K)0 Illinois 
WUdniMi Da»i^ blaeksmith, b New Difaateii 
WUdef Henry, shoemaker W» ^^rlein 
Wilder A* G. prineJ^ public school Na. 4, k 

98 niinois 
Wikfer Benjamin^ h State bt Twelfth aed Iib> 
Wilder C. carpenter, h oer KJb^ and Cai^pcn. 
wader K. P. (Broim & W.) h 7 WasfaingtOQ 
Wilkening Christof^ teamster^ h K W. plank 

road S. of DiTition 
Wilkie William, stoneeutter HUnM Stone 

Dressing Co. bds J. S. Mernlt 
WMkine DaTid, jr. (Beeeher^ HeUister k. W,) 

h 99 Ohio 
Wilkins Hertey, derk G. & C. U. R. R. ofilee • 
WILKIN8 J. EDWARDi lumber jtaA, ^fp. 

Union Car Works, offiee 14 Couch's block. 

4 Exchange Bank buildings 

Wilkinson Jvmes, inarble rubber Shumer k.€^ 
Wpkinson Thomas, maiblerubber Shumelr &Co. 
Wilkinson Lorenio D. (W., Dow & Pearson) 
Wiley Samuel, bds 159 Dearborn 
Wiley Thomas, jr. h cor Lake and WaJMb aT 
WiU ChristophiWy porter PhilHps & Co. h 164 

Will John, ccffpenter G. H. Siting 
Willard Charles, clerk Bock Island fr't dvpA 
Willard Charles S. ssdesman 91 S. Water 
Willard Samuel, clerk 47 S. Water 
Willard Henry T. conanission, bds 119 Canal 
WILLARD, PEEK & CO. furniture, 1&» Rand: 
Willard B. K. (Gwynne, Day & Co.) h l^ciu^ 

gan ay cor Hubbard ct 
WiUard R. W. (G. Smith, ft Co.) h Miidiigaft w 

nr Hubbard ct 
Willard Henry, shipcarpenter, k Halsted ns 

Willard H. F. clerk Matteson House 
Willard J. P. (Steyens AW.) , 

Willard Joseph, drugs, &c. 46 N. Clark, h 36 

N. Dearborn 
WlUard Lucius A. (W., Peek k Co.) h 62 E^kft 
Willert Charles^ tragonmakex h Edina K of 

Willett Henry S. foreman of yard, Vmm Car 

WILLRTT JOHN H. boote and shioes, 87 

Randolph, h 809 State 
Willets Henry, (Wright k Co.) bds Clark Si 

Willet Marinus, eailor, h Hubbard cor Green 
Willhelm A. P. teacher of languages, Poal 

Office buildings 
Willhelm Mrs. Catherine, h Robert nr Cbi& b$ 
Williams A. £. & B. H. millinery^ 198 Lake 
Williams Abel, blacksmith Union Car Worka 
WILLIAMS A. R. prodaee a^id commiesiDil^ 

5 Couch's blocks bds Tremont 

Williams Archibald T. gardener^ h cor €fam 
and Erie 

&mM^ iMmedNmt. 


Fulton and Carroll 
WIliLIAMS & BI^)i saltd«al«r8, 146 S. Water 
Williams Mrs. Catharine, k 126 Franklin 
WiSi«m8 Charled 8* earpen^f, h Harrison nr 

Wlllia3ti8 Cburldfi, eoop«r, h o«r Cook and Jeff. 
Williams Charles W. (W. & Johnson) 
Wmiams Chariot E. boarding, 147 State 
Wmiivms Charles, (Brown & W.) h 83 N. Water 
WUHains Christopher, butcher, W«st Maarket 
Williams David, machinist H. P. Moses 
Williams Dwight T. T. h 121 S. Clinton 
Wil^fimfr Bvan, sailor, h Market bt Pearson 

and Hinsdale 
WilUatDs Edwaid, boarding, h 148 Wells cor 

Williams Mrs. 1. A. h Throop'a alle^r 
Wifliaxas Oeorge S« bookke^er, 116 S. Water 
Williams George H. salesman 67 Randolph 
ymsJj'tAMQ OEOROE N. plumber, im Clark, 

H^Uiams Gt. W. clerk 124 Lake 

Williams Grant H. clerk Reynolds, Ely & Co. 

bdd 1421 Wabash ay 
Williams Eli B., U. S. reeeiter, 40 Clftrk, h 

Wabash av cor Monroe 
Williams Mrs. £. 8. h t^iae cor Buperior 
WiUiame Evan, carpentef, h Buffalo N» of Har. 
Williams Ezekiel, h cor Tyler and Aberdeen 
WmSam^ F. B. (W. k Bro.) bds MoCardel 

wmiams Freeman M. carpenter, h 196 Clark 
Williams Henry, clerk New England House 
Williams Henry, carpenter, 55 Buffalo, h same 
WBIituaas He«try, moulder, h Quincy nr Halsted 
Williams Henry, sailor, h Kinzie W. of Reuben 
Wifliaras Horatio W. dagoerresrar, 56 W. Band. 

h 247 W. Randolph 
WIHial&a Ira, cocker, bds F. Miller 
Williams Isaiah H. police, h 16 N. Clinton 
WUUaxns James H. paper hangetr W. E. Ot^, h 

Harpi^n nr Halsted 
WiHiaais James P. hardwa^e^ ' 161 Lake, h 

Clark nr Chicago av 
WSllans J. P. musciaft, b Quiuey nr Wells 
Williams Miss J. assistant public school No. 6 
Williams John, drayman, h eor Market and 

Williams John C (W., Thompson & Co.) h 285 

Wabaf& ay 
Williams J. H. police, b Clinton bt Lake and 

WiUlams & Johnson, grocers, Wells cor Jack. 
WILLUMS J. MARIBHALL, lumbet, cor Mon- 
roe and Canal, h 118 W. Washington 
WiUkime Rey. J. M. agent N. W. Home Mis- 
' ^ionary Society, h Jackson nr Halsted 
Williams John 8. & cor Milwau. ay and Peoria 
Williams J^ej^, k 160 Monroe 
Wilfiams Keel, lab, h Hickory 
f Williams Miss Matilda, millinery, 145 Clark, 
Williams Mrs. M. A. dressmaker,, k 41 'Fnmklin 

l^Iliams M. B. printer Democrat office^ bds 21*9 

Williams Hoses, clerk W^son & Hughes, li 

Halsted bt Lake and Randolph 
W^Hams Nicholas, lab, h Sherman ur Polk 
Williame Orlando S. window shade depot, 45 

Williams Patrick, lab, h Ontarl«i nr Market 
Williams Read A. (W. & Ayery) h cor Fultoa 

and Halsted 
Williams Ralph P. pbyacian, 96 Randolph, bd» 

118 Deai^om 
Williams Robert, foreman H. WItbeck, bdji 

M. C. Mcfta«6eld 
Williams Seth, boarding, h 58 Randolph 
Williams Sidney, carpent^er, h dor Halsted and 

Williams Stephen B. bookkeeper, 188 S. Water^ 

h 24 Adams 
WILLIAMS, THOMPSON & Ca grocers, 77, 

7B S. Water 
WILLIAMS W. R. & 00* millinery and fancy 

ffoods, 152 Lake 
wSliams Wm. (Nutley & W.) bds 127 N. ClaA 
Williams Wm. R. (W. R. W. & Co.) 
Williamson Andrew R^ grocer, 82 N. Clark, !i 

Willhelm A. P. teacher of languages, 88 Bear. 
WiUiarason Coleman L. clerk 146 Lake 
Williamson Joseph, gardener, h cor Green and 

Williamson Joseph, jr. gardener, h cor Green 

Bay and Hinsdale 
Williamson Liyingston, watchman, bds L. Chip- 
Williamson Ffaiatt, japanner, h Green bt Kihslt 

and Hubbard 
Williamson Thomas, paperhanger W. E.Otto, 

h Jefferson nr Tyler 
Williard Charles, police, 67 Randolph 
Willing Henry J. clerk, bds 101 Jackson 
Willing Mrs. Mary J<me, h 101 Jackeon 
Willins Ferdinand, (Meyer & W.) h 236 State 
Willis George 8. clerk 51 S. Water 
Willis Reuben W. engineer G. & C. U. R. R. h 

Hubbard bt Green and Peoria 
Willis Thomas, carpenter, h Clark nr North ay 
Willmarth Henry B. bds Tremont Hou^e 
Willmot Mrs. Barbara, h Clai'k nr Liberty 
Wills W. M. clerk 141 Lake 
Wilner George, lab, McFall & Co. h Franklin nr 

Van Buren 
Wilner John, lab, McFall & Co. h Franklin nr 

Van Buren 
Willnow Charles, tailor, h Union bt Lake and 

Wilson Ad6lph, carpenter, Owen nr Noble 
Wilson Alexander, warehouseman W. P. Swift 

& Co. h 82 Pine 
Wilson Alfred, marble Cutter, h Wells bt 0iy!- 

sion and Whitney 
Wilson Andrew, lab, h Hubbard nr Jefferson 
Wilsott A, J. (Shumer & Co.) 240 Lake 
Wils<m C. B. printer Pern. Pi^ess news rooia 




Wilsoa C. F. clerk 284 S. Water 

Wilson 0. H. costumer Theatre 

Wilsoa C. L. (R. L. & C. L. W. & Co.) bda 

Tremont House 
Wilson Dayid, billiard saloon, 121 Kandolph 
Wilson David, fireman Bosseter &- Fahlmaa, 

h 288 Adams 
Wilson D. F. superintendent 0. & R. I. E. B. 

Car Works, h 62 Edina 
Wilson £. lab, h Hubbard nr Jefferson 
Wilson F. C. clerk, 144 Lake 
Wilson George B. warehousemau Neelj, Eckley 

& Neely 
Wilson Henry, (Burgess & W.) bds New York 

WILSON fi. & 0. marble works, cor State 

and Washington 
Wilson Henry, (H. & 0. W.) h Washington ar 

cor State 
Wilson Henry, sailor, h 876 State 
Wilson Henry L. (W. & Hughes) h 107 State 
Wilson Hiram, (J. Bonham & Co.) h 280 Madis. 
WILSON HOUSE, cor Randolph and Canal 
Wilson & Hughes, Chicago Plumbing Works, 

50 Dearborn 
Willson James L. druggist, 118 W. Madison 
Wilson James D. agent G. & C. U. B. E. h 61 

Wilson James W. livery stable, 7 Lake, h 

Prairie av 
Wilson James, clerk J. L. Gray, bds Hamilton 

House • 
Wilson James, barber, h Griswold cor Van Bur. 
Wilson James, (Dunlap, Wright & Co.) | 

Wilson James, teamster L. G. Cutler 
Wilson Capt. James D. h 136 Illinois 
Wilson John, boots and shoes, 72 W. Kinzie, h 

Third nr Green 
Wilson John, marblecutter Shumer & Co. 
Wilson John, lab, h N. Water bt Wells and River 
Wilson John, sailor, h Ohio nr Peyton 
Wilson John, teamster, h Wells nr Harrison 
Wilson John L. agent McCormicVs reaper, h 

194 Clark 
Wilson John M. judge Court Common Pleas, h 

107 Wabash av 
Wilson John, h Sangamon bt Lake and Band. 
Willson Joseph, h Lake W. of Ann 
Wilson Mrs Mary M. boarding, h 257 Clark 
Wilson Oliver, (H. & 0. W.) bds Henry Wilson 
Wilson R. L. & C. L, & Co. publishers Chicago 

Journal, 50 Dearborn 
Wilson Richard L. (R. L. & C. L. W. & Co.) 

bds American House 
Wilson Robert, shoemaker, h Carpenter nr 

Chicago av 
Wilson Robert, painter B. F. Chase 
Wilson Bobert S. judge recorder's court, h 

Michigan av N. of Twelfth 
Willson Solomon M. (King, Scott & W.) h cor 

Madison and Desplaines 
Wilson Theodore 0. proprietor Wilson House 
Wilson Thomas, gardener, h 54 Superior 
Wilson. William D.. sailor, h Owen nr. Jefferson 

Wilsoa William A. r«al estate office, 65 Gajek^ 

bds 144 State 
Wilson William J. livery, 7 Lake 
Wilsoa WllUam S. cigars, 876 Clark 
Wilsoa Wm. blacksmith C. & B. L R. B. shof 
Wilsoa William, masoa, h 88 N. Dearborn 
Wiltsee S. S. lightaiag rod maaufaoturer^ h 

Owea ar Saagamoa ^ 

Wiabolt £. B, & Co. upholsterers, 104 Rand. 
Winbolt Edward B. (£. B. W. & Co.)h 6 Baft 
Winbolt James W. upholsterer, 104 Bandolph, 

bds 5 Buffalo 
Wilton Harry, U. S. Marshal, h 84 Michigaa 
Winchester Walter, h Sherman cor Jaoksoa 
Winder William, h 188 Monroe 
Windett A. W. attorney, Saloon buildiags 
WINDHEIM P. & 0. STIETZ, fi*esco and sign 

paiaters, 161 Lake, up stairs 
Wiad^iel Sebastiaa, shoemaker, h. Orehardl ar 

Willow . 

Wiadoes Joshua, (W. & J. W.) h 125 S. Olintoa 
WINDOES W. & J. gloves aadmitteas, 3 Clark 
Wiadoes WiUiam, (W. & J. W.) h Unioa M 

Baadolph aad Wasbiagtoa 
Wiaemaaa & Fraak, dry goods, 54 W. Baad. 
Wiaemaa Max, (W. & Fraak) h 17 Edina 
WING EDWABD & CO. lumber. Market bt 

Jacksoa aad Vaa Burea 
Wiag Bev. C. pastor ladiaaa St Metkodist 

Wiag Edward, (E. W. &; Co.) bds 158 Cltak 
Wingle Frederick, iceman Joy & Frisbie 
Winghofer Bernard, cabinetmaker J. & A. Lei^ 

Winkoop John, painter, h New Division 
Winlak Mrs. Sarah, h Jackson bt Desplaines 

and Jefferson 
Winklemaa Joha E. carpeater, h Division ar 

Winkler Daaicl, pedler, h Mather bt Canal aad 

Winkler Ferdinand, haraessmaker J. F. Mahler 
Winkler George M. tailor, h 177 W. Randolph 
Winkler Heary^ carpenter, h Forquer bt Caa^ 

and Clinton 
Winne Conrad William, butcher, h rear lid 

Chicago av 
Winning & Co. grocers, State N. of Taylor 
Winning Harry, (W. & Co.) h Harmon ot bt 

Stato and Wabash av 
Winsauer Casper, gunsmith G. T. Abbey 
Winslow A. H. bookkeeper 100 Lake 
Winslow Frederick, cigarmaker, 76 N. Dearb. 
Winslow Mrs. Mary A. h 158 Wells 
Winslow 'H. J. commission, office Walker, Broii* 

son & Co.'s warehouse 
Winston Frederick H. attorney, Gl Deaxboni^ 

bds 41 Michigan av 
Winter Adolph, h Townsend nr White 
Winter Chaxies, stonecutter, h Judd 
Winter William, cabinetmaker, Desplaines oor 

Winter William, stonecutter, h SheAoan bt 

Poik and Tyler 



Wintet William, printer Bern. Press job room 
Winterburn Edwin, meat market, Desplaines 

nr Harrison 
Winterhatter Hercules, batcher, h 118 Edina 
Winteringham James, miller Chicago Mills, h 

Whitney bt Market and Franklin 
Winters F. printer Democratic Press 
Winters John, h 40 Pine 
Winz Peter, oarpenter,h Townsendnr Chic, ar 
Wipfler Paul,, lab, h cor Pearson and Wolcott 
Wippe Conrad, harnessmaker, 1 19 W. Madison 
Wippo Charles, works Sternberg & Isador 
Wirth Charles, wagonmaker, h N. W. Plank 

road S. of DiTision 
Wirtzell Philip, lab, h Taylor nr May 
Wirtzler John, stonemason, h Sedgwick nrOoe. 
WISCONSIN HOTEL, 353, 365 State 
Wise John, tinner J. Fitch & Co. 
WISE MARTIN, hardware, &c. 218 Randolph, 

bds New York House 
Wiskemire William, cabinetmaker, h 60 N. 

Dearborn . ' 

Wist Jacob, lab, h Goethe nr Wells 
Wiswell A. Augustas, clerk 133 Lake 
Wiswell Oregg, engineer, h cor Union and 

Wiswell J. C. clerk T. W. Alexander & Co. 
WISWALL & BARBOUR, boots and shoes, 183 

Wiswall Charles E. (W. & Barbour) bds 158 

Wiswell William, (Newberry, FUley & W.) h 

215 Madisoa 
Wiswell William H. clerk 231 Lake 
Witbeck Henry, wagons and plows, Randolph 

W. of Jefferson, h Halsted nr Madison 
Witbec& Isaac T. h 24 S. Desplaines 
Witbecker Ferdinand, ciffarmaker, h 81 Dear. 
'V^tloken Frederick, lab, h 154 Buffalo 
WITKOWSKI D. clothing, 165, 157, 194 Lake, 

h 111 Monroe 
Witkowsky Simon, clothing, 207 Lake 
Witte August, carpenter, h Chic, ay nr Peyton 
Wittrock Henry, vatsman C. Gray, h cor La- 

salle and Division 
Witzer Eender, plasterer, h' Hastings bt Rolker 

and Rucker 
Wizer John, carpenter, Clinton bt Madison and 

Woebbecke Frederick, shipcarponter, h Goethe 

nr Wells 
Woebbeke Conrad, tailor, h Buffalo bt Harri- 

eon and Polk 
Woehr Albert, colporteur, h Chicago av nr Noble 
Woessler Lewis, carver, h Morgan nr Milw. av 
l^olfenstetter Jos. clerk Osborn, Adams & Co. 
Wolfer Augustin, finisher, h Mich, av N. of North 
Wolfer Charles, (Vogel & W.) h Edina N. of 

Wolff Mrs. C. boarding, h 68 Kinzie 
Wolff George C. clerk 2 Court House 
Wolff Henry, tailor, 131 Illinois 
Wolff Jolin, lab, h Rees 
Wolfi' Juhir, shocmuker, h cor Korth niid Dear. 

Wolff John, barber, 426 State, h same 

Wolff Peter, stonecutter, h Edina bt Harrison 

and Polk 
Wolff William, jailor, h 119 N. Clark 
Wolfgurig Hofner, cooper, 172 Madison 
Wolfram Herman, organ manufacturer, h 2 Ohio 
Wollter John, lab, h Division nr Wells 
Wolltz Andreas, h 162 Indiana 
Womback Fredk. lab, h Twelfth nr Blue Is. av 
Wood Alonzo C. mason, h cor Wash, and Curtiss 
Wood Caspar, watchmaker, 193 Lake 
Wood Edward P. lumber inspector, office E. 

Einzie nr Bridge, bds 94 Illinois 
Wood Eliphalet, h 109 Wabash av 
Wood Edwin S. app. Lennox, Prendergast & Co. 
Wood Enoch, h Quincy bt Clark and Wells 
WOOD EZRA & CO. agricultural implementi, 

84 N. Water 
Wood Ezra, (E. W. & Co.) 84 N. Water 
Wood Henry, tinsmith Loomis & Abbott 
Wood H. J. coppersmith 201 Lake 
Wood Hiram D. mail agent G. & C. U. R. R. h 

Wabash av nr Kinzie 
Wood J. G. bds 186 Madison 
Wood Louis, wheat buyer Gage & Haines 
Wood Mary, groceries, Kinzie nr Bridge 
Wood Peter, lumber dealer, h 94 Illinois 
Wood Peter, teamster, bds A. Fay 
Wood Peter P. clerk Hannah, Lay & Co. bds 94 

Wood R. J. blacksmith Ellithorpe, Kline & Co. 
WOOD W. R. & CO. dry goods, &o. 152 Lake 
Wood Walter R. (W. R. W. & Co.) 162 Lake 
Woodbridge John, jr. attorney, 84 Dearborn, h 

^ush cor Ohio 
Woodbury John, 168 State 
Woodbury Hiram, h cor Cottage Grove av 9iid 

Rio Grande 
Woodbury Manley, 158 Stat-e 
Woodbury & McCarty, grocers, Rio Grande eof 

Cottage Grove av 
Woodford B. F. draughtsman Averts & Butler, 

h 56 Wolcott 
Woodman Charles L. baker Wilder & Woodman 
Woodman J. E. (Wilder & W.) 
Woodruff Mrs. D. h 190 Edina 
Woods James, blacksmith, h Randolph bi Curtin 

and May 
Woods Mrs. Jane, embroidery school, h 184 

Woods Matthew, lab, h 116 Canal 
Woods Michael, lab, h alley, bt Madison and 

Woods Williaqi,, clerk John Radcliffe, h 154 N. 

Woods Edward, lab, h Franklin or Jackson 
Woodson W. T. undertaker, 232 Lake 
Woodward, Berry & Warren, real estate, &c. 88 

Woodward E. W. police, bds Jervis House 
Woodward Franklin S. clerk J. Johnson 
Woodward G. T. box delivery clerk post-office 
Woodward Jolm, butcher, h Mather nr Jefferson 
Woodward J. D. (W., Berry & Warren) 



/ • 

Woodward Lor^oxo, oatpMitor, h Dosplfttntt bt 

Van Burca and Harmon 
Woodward P. & Co. banking mad oxebasge, 87 

Clark » 

Woodward Paschall, (P. W. & Co.) h 98 Lftaalle 
WoodwurtU Goo. D. ( W. & Phillips) b 47 Wasb. 
Woodworth Hon. J as. H. b 5 Kivor 
Woodworth Dr. Jacob, (J. M. W. & Co.) b 170 

WOODWORTH J. M. & CO. dru^ste, 604 

Woodwortb J. M. (J. M. W. & Co.) bda 170 

Woodwortb & Phillips, hydraulic mills footLak^ 
Woolctt Charles, h Lake W. of Cannon 
Woolcott John C. carpenter, 250 Madison 
Woolcy John, bricklayer, bds 18 Buffalo 
Woolford Richard B. grocer, cor State and Ad- 
ams, bds 116 Kdina 
Woolwich M., St. Neblo'fl nataorant, b 101 

Woolaton Alfred D. (J. W. Pnncan & Co.) h 

Superior nr Wolcott 
Woolston Jeremiah, (J. W. Dunoan k Co.) 
Woltz John, joiner, 26 Indiana 
Worley John, bricklayer, b cor Rock Island Vf 

and Eleventh # 

Worley Richard, mason 
Wormley J. E. transportation master American 

Express Co. 
Worms Ansel, clothing, 19 Market 
Worrell Benjamin F. (W. & Bro.) b Morgan nr 

Worrell & Brother, job printing, 60 Clark 
Worrell W. H. (W. & Bro.) bds B. F. Worrell 
Worst Jacob, turner, h Randolph bt Carpentw 

and Curtiss 
Worthington Robert S. cVk Amer. Transp. Co. 
Wrath John, brakesman G. & C U. B. R. h 

dook bt W. Water and Jefferson 
Wirenn Milbourn, h cor State and Polk 
Wren William, h 58 W. Jackson 
Wright A. P. (Dunlap, W. & Co-) b Jjkcfcsojabt 

Unioii and Desplaines 
Wright Andrew J. b 17 Michigan 
Wright Chauncey, correspond. cPk Marine B'k 
Wright Christopher, lab, h alley nr Dearborn 

bt Washington and Madison 
Wright & Currier, livery stable, 128, 126 Mich. 
Wright Daniel S. h 68 Kinzie 
Wright D. T. planer Dunlap, Wright & Co. bds 

A. P. Wright 
Wright Edward, office 123 Lake 
Wright Elizabeth, boarding, b Market nr Mad. 
Wright George S. (W. & G. W.) h Adams nr 

Wright George, clerk L. Read & Co. 
WRIGHT H. J. & CO. tea store, 106 Rand. 
Wright Henry J. (H. J, W. & Co.) h 18 Quincy 
Wright Henry, grocer, bds C. A. Morse 
Wright Henry S. actor Rice's Theatre 
Wright James (W. & McClure) 88 liasalle 
Wright John W. carpenter, b cor Ontario and 


Wright Jobs ^. (W. & WIllMs) li PraM« «▼ bi 

Monterey and Rio Grande 
WRIGHT JOHN S. reaper factory, Peyt4B,)i 

84 Washington 
WRIGHT & McCLURE, undertakers, 8S I*- 

Wright, Medill & Co. proprietor Chie. Tribnttf 
Wright Michael H. (A. Stewart & Co.) h Polk 

bt Canal and EUiabetb 
Wright Prescott A. (Dunlap, W. & Co.) k 

Jackson nr Halsted 
Wright Robert C. (R. K. Swift & Co.) h 81 

S. Desplaines 
Wright K. H. foreman H. P. Moses. 
I Wright R. M. planing mill, b 1^2 Cbesnul 
Wright Sophia, dressmaker, 192 Madison 
Wright Timothy, (W., MediU & Co,) k 116 

Michigan aT 
Wri^t Walter, attorney, 47 Clark, h lU 

Michigan av 
WRIGHT W. & G. trunks, &c. 61 Clark «mI 

116 Lake 
Wright WilUam, (W. & G. W.) h 167 Dearbom 
Wright & Willets, oarriagemakers, Siate bt 

Liberty and Springer 
Wright William G. butcher, 865 Clark, h same 
Wnenscbe Charles^ (HeyUntn & W.) cor Iskfi 

and Canal 
Wunder Roy. Henry, pastor German Lutberan 

Church, b 178 ladMuui 
Wunderle Louis, merchant tailor, 182 Randol^ 
Wunder John, lab, h Edina N. of Twelfth 
Wunderle William, shoemaker, b Cbarlofl nr 

Wurzbui^r Louis, cutlery, 178 Clark 
WUTHENOW WILLIAM, mustard mitnu&o- 

turer, cor Franklin and Van Buren 
Wundt Jerome, engineer, b 208 Edina 
Wurnke G. lab, h Clark bt Elm and Dirisioa 
WURTS, HATCH & CO. auction, &c. 22 De«. 
Wurts Alfred P. (W., Hatch & Co.) h Carpenter 

bt Washington and Madison 
Wurtz Daniel, tinsmith 198 Lake 
Wyckhoff Newton, clerk Van O'Linda & Gala 
Wygant Horace, cTerk American Express Co. 

b Carpenter cor*Hubbard 
Wyder Frederick, upholsterer Beecber, Hol- 

lister & Wilkins ^ 

Wylie James, clerk Beecher, Hollister & Wfl- 
■ kins 
Wyman Henry, carpenter, b Madison above 

. PiwllBa 
Wynkoop H. A. assistant post master, h 127 


Tager Joseph, carpenter, h 37 S. De^lainf^ 
Yager Philip, h Edina N. of Twelfth 
Yanen Mats, blacksmith, b Edina N. of TwelOl 
Yapp George, patternmskker, h 117 Edina 
Yarra Joseph, ioe cream, 216 Clark 
YAT PETER, h Buffalo S. of Twelfyi 
Yates Horace H. Peoria bt.Wasb. and Band. 




Yates James B. sailor, h Sangamon bt Lake 

and Fulton 
YAT£3 J. H. Mtorney, 1 Merchant's Bxohange 
Yates William, clerk G. & C. U. R. B. 
Yeates Samuel, washing fluid, h 187 Madison 
Yelyerton William, police, h 1 N. Water 
Y«nch John, stonecutter, h 40 Quinoy 
YEBRINGTON JAMES D. agent Rhodes ague 

cure, 69 Clark 
Yeskey Julius, carpenter, h rear of 128 Edina 
YO^ P. L. leather, and saddlery hardware, 106 

Lake, h Michigan av nr Hubbard ct 
" YOUCOTAS," enquire at the K. N. Lodge 
Yong George H. cooper, 275 W. Lake, h Green 

bt Lake and Fulton 
Yong John, lab, h Goethe nr Clark 
Y'ong Martin, teamster, h Pearson nr the lAke 
Youstone John, sailor^ h Owen nr Desplaines 
Youdale Isaac, marblecutter Shumer & Co. 
Youdale Joseph, marblecutter Shumer & Co. 

h Wells bt Diyision and Whitney 
YOUNG AMERICA, cor Dearborn and Rand. 
Young Augustus H. foreman Bebbington & Co. 
Yojmg Andrew H. cor Market and Madison 
Young B. P. clerk 104 Lake, bds 94 Monroe 
Young E. W. clerk 47 S. Water, bds 74 State 
Young James, groceries, cor Polk and Carpen. 
Young James, grocer, h Lake nr limits 
Young John, cooper D. Green 
Young John, carpenter, h Franklin nr Chic av 
Young Joseph, shoemaker J. M. Beis 
Young Mrs. Laura, boarding,. h 75 Monroe 
Young Lewis, clerk, h Quincy bt Clark and 


Stephens, 158 Washington 

Young Mrs. Mary, h Van Buren cor Clark 

' Randolph 
Young Thomas, h 38 Pine 
Young William H. clerk Ross & Foster 
Younger Charles, matrassmaker, 96 J N. Clark, 

h Pine nr Lills Brewery 
Yourt Alexander, teamster, h West Water bt 

Kinzie and Cook 
Youse Joshua, boarding, h 180 Madison 
Yore Peter, drayman, h May nr Taylor 
Yorkston Archibald, carpenter, h Polk bt Des- 
plaines and Halsted 

Yoyst J. £. clerk 6 Court House 


Zachmann Christian, drayman, h Clinton bi 

Van Buren add Harrison 
Zahl Charles, lab, Welch & Mendsen 
Zanner Michael, grocer, North ay. nr Hurlbnt 
Zehne August, lab, h Orchard 
Zeigler Albert, lab, h Buffalo bt Polk and Har. 
Zeller. Charles E. pressman Scott & Fulton, 

bds 62 Kinzie 
Zeise Gottlob, carpenter, nr Rucker 
Zenny Anthony, tailor, h Liberty bt State and 

Zettwoch John, fruit, 885 State, h same 
Zewiar Joseph, lab, h Shanty town nr Chic, av 
Zidler Richard, clerk 114 Lake 
Ziegler Adam, tailor h DiTision nr Halsted 
Zlegler Isaac, horse dealer, h 136 Madison 
Ziegler Louis, clerk, h 221 W. Randolph 
Ziegler Nicholas, h North Wells nr North at 
Zimlick H. E. produce and commission. Market 

bt Van Buren and Harrison 
Zim Adam, shoemaker, h Hinsdale bt Market 

and Franklin* 
Zimmerman Edwin, polisher Jacobus & Bro. h 

Owen nr Curtiss 
^mmerman Ferdinand, stone patter, h oor La- 

sails and Division 
Zimmerman Heniy, hamessmaker, h bt Polk 
, and Tyler 

Zimmerman Henry W. city clerk, h 49 Michig, 
2Siramerman Jacob, h Wab. ay S. Eldredge ct 
Zimmerman John, tools, Ac. 42 W. Madison 
Zimmerman Michael, lab, h Diyision 
Zinn Adam, ilhoemaker, h 80 N. Water 
Zinkie Franz, joiner, h George 
ZINKEISEN H. & CO. commission, 242, 244 

S. Water 
Zinkeisen H. (H. Z. & Co.) h Michigan ay cor 

Hubbard ct * 
Zinshemner S. oaryer Sternberg k Isidor 
Zitzo Fritz, carpenter,. h N. Wells nr Divtson 
Zoodel Bey. Joseph, h North ay nr Sedgwick 
Zollinger Rudolph, canrer C. Morgan, h Adams 
Zuber Christ, shoemaker, h Chicago ay nr N. 

W: plank road 
Zwick W. H. bookkieep^r Brown & Wilder, 

bds' 168 Randolph 

t I 


I » 


CKCl O A-Ca-O 


»^^\^^m ' tk ' »lk%M'^0Vt w H «»i*»<»»> ^ <i>iii* W 'fc^Mx %» jg ^ -^j-Ci «j-w«fc»-» j >ii»^ 

i W ^ *« ij «<-«<-0*L«-**^'«i »««J»jO»^»*>JO»<fc*%« 


(See Midwive^.) 


BROADSTREET J. M. 19 Metropolitan block 
DOUGLASS B. & Co. 18 Lasalle 
JONES WM. JR. & GO. 5 Eichange bank bdgs. 
{See Cardpagt 18.) 


Bent A. 53 Lasalle , 

Hatfield I. P. 10 Davisson's block 
Townsend E. C. 93 Dearborn 
Wilson T. O. 65 Clark 



(Sec aito AgenUy Real EttetU,) 

Cowper & Co. 89 Clark 
Miller John, 114 N. Clark 
Sampson W. H. 52 Wells 
Shaw a l^ Randolph 
Stave L. 108 Randolph 


Brine WiUiam, 10 Wells 
Brooks J. P. Post Office buildings 
Cleveland S. 800 Clark s 

Crow & Smith, 227 Lake 
Culver R. 1 Clark, up stairs 
Danks Harvey, Post Office buildings 
' Dodge John C. Merchants^ Exchange 
Evans A. S. 1 Hiliiard's block 
Hall L. C. 45 Clark 
Henshaw J. B. 55 ClaHc 
Hodges G. R. 5 Davisson's block 
HOLDEN C. N. Davisson's block 
Hubbard, Kinrie & Hunt, 12 Wells 
Jones, Bates & Co. 55 Clark 
Kellogg C. P. 71 Jackson 
Lounsbury W. B. 77 Randolph 
Norton H. .& Co. cor River and Dock 
Phillips T. F. 187 8. Water 
Richmond & Co. 4 HilliardV block 
Ring E. H. Masonic Temple 
Smith W. D. Masonic Temple 
yan Buren A. H. 20 Lasalle 
Wadsworth T. W» 1 Clark 
White JuUus, 1 Clark 


(See News ZhpoU.) 

AGrarS, PAS8SirGSB« 

) (See alto Forwarding Merchants.) 

HOFFMANN F. A.* 58 Lasalle, (see card in. 

McDonnell C. 25 Market, (9€e card page 

SWIFT R. K. & Co. 60 Lasalle cor Randolph, 

(see card pagu 34, 36.) 

Adams W. H. 41 Clark 
Allen Thomas, 41 Clark 
Ayres & Hamilton, 105 Randolph 
BENSON F. H. & Co. 46 Clark, [«ee card page 

Briggs William, 41 Clark 
Bryan & Boi^n, Masonic Temple 
Buchanan J. S. 100 Randolph 
Castle, Granger & Filkins, 100 Randolph 
Chittenden Levi, Exchange Bank buildings, 3d 

Clark, Freeman & Kirk, 4 Metropolitan block 
CLARK & PICKERING, 8 Wells, {set card 

page 72.] 
Clark Jonas C. 53 Clark 
Clarke George W. 10 Smith's Bank buildings 
Cummingfl & Stone, Warner's Hall 
Cochran & Lyon, 66 W. Lake 
Egan W. B. 48 Dearborn 
GALLOWAY A. J. & Co. 75 Lake, [««« card 

page 71.] 
Greene J. S. 41 Clark 
Hnrtmann Theodore, 55 Clark 
Horner & Crone, 116 Clark 
IGLEHART N. P. & Co. 56 Lasalle, (see Index 

for card.) 
James & Springer, 13 Metropolitan block 
Jerome W. W. cor Clark and Adams 
Klemm Charles, 108 Randolph 
Larmon J. 8 Metropolitan block 
Lewis John, 7 Smith's Bank buildings 
Loewe Henry 78 N. Clark 
Lowe J. M. 9 Metropolitan block 
MARSHALL J. A. & CO. 16 Dearborn, [see 

card page 70.] 
Marshall J. M. 8 Metropolitan block 




Mey^r Simon, Post Office buildings 

OaDEN, JONES & CO. 1, 2, 8, Exchange Bank 

buildings, [tee card page 69.] 
Peterson B. J. 16 Metropolitan block 
BEES &££BFOOT, 48 Clark, [aee card page 

Russell J. B. F. & Co. 94 Randolph 
Saltonstall WiUiam W. 159 Lake 
Sherman E. L. 98 Randolph 
SILVERMAN L. 40 Clark, {tee card page 7 1."] 
Shoupe M. 60 Clark 
SMITH, BRADLEY & CO. 98 Randolph, [tee 

card page 70.] 
Stinson £. 88 Dearborn 
Stone XL 0. 63 Lake 
Stewart A. C. & Son, 47 Clark 
Stinson E. 88 Dearborn 
Throop A. O. & Co. 48 Clark 
Taylor Reuben, cor Reuben and Taylor 
"If Uson W. A. 66 Clark 


Cactor William H. [Cuttivatore,'] May nr Mad. 
GILBERT & FRENCH, 286, 288 S. Water, {see 

card page 1.) 
Hooker & Jones, 107 Lake 
l^cCormick L. J. & W. S. North Pier 
PITTS H. A. Randolph cor Je£ferson 
WEMPLE & CO. Canal cor Washington, (see 

card page 1.) 
Williams Seth, [Strawcutier.l 63 Randolph 
WRIGHT J. S. Peyton nr Kinzie, {see card 

page 2.) 
WOOD EZRA & CO. 84 N. Water, {see card 

page 1.) 


{Sbe Druggists.) 

Boyington T. C. & W. W. Post Office buildings 
CARTER & BAUER, 63 Lasalle, (see card page 

Havilland Edward, 12 Marine Bank buildings 
Koenig Julius, 23 Metropolitan block 
MATZ OTTO H. 84 Dearborn, (see card page 3.) 
Olmsted & Nicholson, 16 Dearborn 
Smith E. W. 12 Metropolitan block 
VAN OSDEL & BAUMANN, Masonic Temple, 

{see card page 8.) 


{See Portrait Painters.) 


Allen Nathan, 32 W. Randolph 
Anderspn J. R. 9 Metropolitan block 
Andrick L. M. 69 Clark 
Anthony Elliot, 7 DaTisson's block 
Arnold I. N. JO Dearborn 
Ashton Samuel, 9 Metropolitan block 
Atkin Walter, 89 Clark 

Bacon Edward, 73 Clark 

Bailey G. F. 87 Clark 

Baker 8. L. 2 Merchants' Exchange 

BaUingall P. 123 Lake 

Barron W. T. 66 Clark 

BARKER J. N. 117 Lake, (see card page 4.) 

Blackburn B. F. cor Clark and Randolph 

BeattieD. C. 44 Clark 

Beck T. Romeyn jr. 12 Metropolitan block 

BECKWITH C. 16 Dearborn, (see card page 6,) 

Bentley Cyrus, 21 Dearborn 

Blackwell R. S. 123 Lake v 

Bond L. L. 47 Clark 

Brackett William, 48 Clark 

Bradley W. H. 123 Lake 

BradweU James P. 32 W. Randdph 

Brayman Mason, 76 Lake 

Breck James, jr. 68 Lasalle 

Briggs Clinton, 16 Dearborn 

Bross John A. 128 Lake 

Brown A. J. 56 Clark 

Brown B. J. 4 Metropolitan block 

Brown WilUam H. 127 S. Water 

Bryan Thomas B. Masonic Temple 

Burgess W. T., DaTisson's block 

Burnham D. N. 46 Clark 

Butterfield Justin, 44 Michigan 

Cameron C. S. 20 llf etropolitan block 

CAULFIELD B. G. 18 MetropeUtan block, .{see 

card page 6.) 
Chickering John W. 146 Lake 
Chipman J. N. 46 Clark 
Clark C. H. 63 C^ark 
Clarke H. A. 41, Clark 
Clarke H. W. 8 Warner's Hall 
Clarke G. R. Metropolitan block 
CLARESON J. P. 123 Lake, [iee eatrd^agt 6.] 
Clapp J. jr. 21 Dearborn 
CLEMENTS J. F. % Marine Bank bdgs, (»ee 

card page 4.) 
Coit D. R. 10 Dearborn 
Cone J. E. 17 Metropolitan block 
CORNELL PAUL, 65 Clark, {see card page 4)) 
Coventry A. Marine Bank bdgs 
Crocker G. F. Masonic TempW 
Daniels J. W. 60 Clai:k 
Davis W. H. 190 Lake cor Wells 
De Wolf Calvin, 108 Randolph 
De Wolf Lyman E. 108 Randolph 
Davenport G. W. 104 Randolph 
Dickey H. T. 60 Dearborn 
Doolittle L. A. 100 Randolph 
DOW S. K. Exchange Bank bdgs, (^e card 

page 6.) 
ELY GEORGE, 48 Clark, (see card page 4A 
Enos A. W. 32 N. Clark 
Evans A. S. 283 W. Lake 
Farnsworth J. F. 63 Clark 
Farwell W. 47 Clark 
Fay George, 43 N. Clark 
Fowler C. A. 44 Clark 
Freer L. C. P. 53 Clark 
Frink Henry, 61 Dearborn . 
FuUerton A. N. 96 Lfike . 



Oallap B. £. 127 S. Water 

GarrisoQ Andrew, 4 RWer 

Gilbert S. M. 20 Metropolitan block 

Gilbert T. S. 20 ^Metropolitan block 

Goodrich Orant, 47 Clark 

Greves James P. 108 Randolph 

Hall WilUam H. 65 Clark 

Hamilton R. J. 69 Clark 

Hanson R. H. 40 Clark . 

HARVIE A. 63 Clark, (see card page 5.) 

Haven C. Davisson^s block 

Hawley W. R. 128 Lake ' ' 

Hayes H. 123 Lake^ 

Hayes S. S. 123 Lake 

Helm H. T. 16 Metropolitan block 

Herbert George, 188 I^e 

H£RV£Y R. 128 Lake, Uee card page 6.) 

HIGGINS VAN H. 16 Dearborn, («<?« card 

page ^6,) 
Hitchcock Charles, Post Office bdgs 
Hoge Thomas, 84 Dearborn 
Hooke £. G. 4 Clark 
HOOPER £. R. Marine Bank bdgs, (eee card 

page 6.) 
Hosmer €. B. 121 Lake 
HOW£ FRANCIS S. 48 Clark, Uee card page Q.) 
Howe Frederick A. 69 Randolpn 
Hoyne Thomas, 2 Marine Bank bdgs 
Hoyt J. T. 32 W. Randolph 
Hudson H. S. 18 Dearborn 
Holbert G. A. 100 Randolph 
Hull C. J. 69 Clark 
Huntington A. 96 Lake 
Hard H. B. 73 Randolph 
Hurd N. A. Halsted bt Lake and Randolph 
Ingalls G. A. 63 Clark 
Irvin S. A. 7 N. Clark 
James B. F. 146 Lake 
Jenks C. L. 71 Clark 
Jennings H. S. 76 W. Randolph 
Johnson H. A. 63 Lasalle 
Jones C. R, 63 Lasalle 
Joy J. F. 60 Dearborn 
Judd N. B. 61 Dearborn 
Kales F. H. 16 Dearborn 
Kedzie J. H. 100 Randolph 
Kelly H. C. 52 Clark 

KING W. H. 39 Clark, (eee card page 5.) 
Knott £. L. 108 Lake 
Ladd S. J. 76 Randolph 
Lamed £. C. 10 Dearborn 
Lay George W. 10 Dearborn 
Lee D. S. 48 Dearborn 
Le Moyne J. V. 48 Dearborn 
Lewis H. L. 2 Marine Bank bdgs 
Lull 0. R. W. 1 Warner's Hall 
Mannierre George, 84 Dearborn 
Marsh J. L. 8 Odd Fellows' Hall 
Martin Edward, 190 Lake 
Martin T. S. 16 Dearborn 
Mason John, 8 N. Clark 
Mather H. F. 66 Clark 
McAllister W. K. 9 Marine Bank bdgs 
McCagg £. B. Marine Bank bdgs 

McCarthy J. 13 N. Clark 

McGilyra J. J. 6 Clark 

Mcllroy D. 12 Court House 

McMurray F. 2 N. Clark 

Meeoh George A. 117 Lake 

Meeker G. W. 108 Lake n ** 

Miller H. G. 2 Marine Bank bdgs 

Miller John C. 44 Clark 

Monroe H. S. 48 Clark 

Morgan James, 14 Metrdpolitan block 

Morras W. P. Masonic Temple 

Morris B. S. 98 Randolph 

Mueller A. F. C. 128 Lake 

MulYcy J. 66 Clark 

Nelson F. J. 35 Clark 

Newcomb G. l^nfil Clark 

Nicholas R. R. 48 Clark 

Nicholes D. C. & L J. 108 Randolph 

Norton C. A. 1 Clark 

OWEN F. D. 44 Clark, (eee card page 6.) 

Parker J. M. 11 Metropolitan block 

PARSONS M. C. 48 Clark, (see card page 6.) 

PEARSON GEORGE T.. Exchange Bank bdgs, 

(eee card page 6.) 
Peck £. 123 Lake 
Peck J. H. 117 Lake 
Peyton John L. 42 Clark 
Phelps Pallas, 66 Clark 
Rae Robt. Masonic Temple 
Rae Thos. I. Masonic Temple 
Roberts James H. 44 Clark 
Rorke M. A. 47 Clark 
Scammon J. Young, Marine Bank bdgs 
Scott Ira, 89 Clark 
Scoville George, 47 Clark 
Sedgwick George, 60 Dearborn 
Seelye H. E. 47 Clark 
Sherman B. F. Ill Lake 
Sherman P. L. Davisson's block 
Shirley Thomas, 2 Warner's Hall 
Shumway H. G. 107 Lake 
Skinner Mark, 74 Lake 
Smith £. S. 16 Dearborn 
Stebbings H. R. 22 Clark 
Stevens H. B. 122 Lake 
Stewart W. W. 47 Clark 
Stickney Wiltiam H. 32 N. Clark 
Stiles B. B. Marine Bank bdgs 
Strong 0. W. 47 Clark 
Strother B. F. 16 Dearborn 
Taft Levi, 65 Clark » 

Taylor George L. 146 Lake 
Thomas B. W. 44 Clark 
Thompson C. £. 46 Clark 
Thompson G. W. & J. A. 46 Clark 
Thompson J. H. 84 Dearborn 
Tillson Stephen, 60 Dearborn 
Towne £. P. 107 Lake 
Tracy E. W. 48 Clark 
Tuley M. F. 63 Clark 
Turner V. C. 41 Clark 
Underwood J. B. 123 Lake 
Van Buren T. G. 20 Lasalle 
Yernon S. B. Merchants' Exchange 



Voorheis A. 84 Dearbom 

Voss Anio, 40 Clark 

Waite H. F. 107 Lake 

WALLER HENRY, 18 Metropolitan block, (see 

card page 6.) 
Ward Ephraim, 40 Clark 
Ward J. D. 82 W. Randolph 
Waughop J. W. 65 Clark 
WEBSTER IFRANKLIN, 73 Randolph, {tee card 

poffe 6.) 
Wentworth J. T. 108 Randolph 
WILKINSON L. D. 4 Exchange Bank bdgs, 

(see card page 6.) 
WUlson S. M. 89 Clark 
Windett A. W. 128 Lake 
Winston F. H. 61 Dearbom 
Woodbridge John, jr. 84 Dearbom 
Woodward P. 87 Clark * 
Wright Edward, 128 Lake 
Wright Walter, 47 Clark 
Yates J. H. Merchants' Exchange 


Cohn De' Young & Co. 12 Dearbom 
Cook R. E. 17 N. Clark 
Davlin John, 95 Randolph 
Faster H. C. 169 Lake 
Grubb G. G. 204 Lake 
Horner & Crone, 116 Clark 
Lee B. T. 57 Wells 
Levi O. G. 110 Jackson 
Marshall J. A. & Co. 16 Dearbom 
Nickerson S. 228 Lake 
Nugent P. 150 Randolph 
Ilankiq John, 174 Randolph 
Russell J. B. F. & Co. 94 Randolph 
Sewell & Heatley, 4 W. Randolph 
Thompson A. C. 207 Randolph 
Warner R. & J. M. 207 Randolph 
Wurts, Hatch & Co. 22 Dearbom 


Birkenbnsch & Ranch, 10 W. Randolph 

Blackner & Knuhl, Canal nr Harrison 

Born B. 65 N. Clark 

Case C. A. Milwaukee av nr Halsted 

Childs H. C. Canal N. of Randolph 

Ford B. 94 Kinzie 

GroU P. Wells cor Adams 

KENDALL 0. 89 Washington cor Dearborn, 

(see card page 7.) 
Liebrandt G. P. 84 Wells 
Majerhoffer Adam, 272 Clark 
McElwee E. 90 Kinsde 
Quensel E. cor Peoria and Milwaukee ay 
Seitz Henry, 838 State 
Stewart & Co. Canal bt Randolph and Lake 
THOMSON & ANDRUS, 16 Clark, (see card 

page 7.) 
Treyett & Hayward, Market nr Madison 
Went & Worthing,.148 Wells 
WILDER & WOODMAN, Illinois cor Dearborn, 

(see card page 7.) ' 

BAVB ft f ASQT B0XI8. 

(See Paper Box Makers,) 

(See also Exchange Offices^ ^e*) 
Adams F. G. 44 Clark 
Burch I. H. & Co. Lake 3. E. cor Claxk 
Dayisson, McCalla & Co. 24 Clark, (see card 

page 82.) 
Hoffmann F. A. 58 Lasalle 
OFFICER & BRO. 154 Lake, Marine Bank 

buildings, (see card page 88.) 
Smith G. & Co. 41 Clark 
SWIFT B. K* & CO. 60 Lasalle cor Randolph, 

(see card page 34, 85.) 
Tucker H. A. & Co. 1 Exchange Bank bdg^ 

Bank of America, 41, 43 Clark 
Bank of Commerce^ 24 Clark cor Lake 
Butchers' & Drovers', N. Clark cor Water 
Chicago Bank, 125 Lake cor Clark 
Commercial Bank, 66 Clark cor Randolph 
Exchange Bank, Clark S. W. cor Lake 
Marine Bank, Lake N. £. cor Lasalle 
Merchants' and Mechanics' Bank, 39 Clark 
State Bank, 65 Ckrk 
Swift's Bank, Lasalle N. W. cor Randolph 

Chicago Bank, 125 Lake ' 
Dime Sayings' Bank, 116 Clark 
Dollar Sayings' Bank, 24 Clark 
Marine Sayings' Bank, cor Lake and Lasalle 


Briggs House 
Jackson S. M. 59 Lake 
Johnson W. 102 Randolph 
Tremont House 



Adams & Clark, cor Green and Fulton 

BEEB. (Small or Boot) 
(See Soda Water Makers.) 

Rincker H. W. Canal nr Adams 


Gallily M. 119 Kinzie 


Harmon C. L. & Co. 197 S. Water 
Kelly & Blackburn, 243 Lake 
Yoe P. L. 106 Lake 


Broadway & Co. 49 Randolph 
McNally J. Theatre buildings 

. J 




American House, 40 Lake 

Garden City, 49 Lasalle 

Lake House, cor Ensh and N. Water 

Tremont, 88 Lak« 

Wilson D. 121 Randolph 

Toung America, Randolph S. £. oor De«rbom 

Ctttmor Henry, Washington «▼ cor Benbeii 
Robson P. J. 171 N. Clark 


{Skt aUo Gatriage j* WagonnM^uin,) 

Baragwanath William, cor Market and Van 

Brown Ole, Hnbbard bt Union and Desplaines 
Bttckman A. 47 Franklin 
Carlin P. 67 Franklin 
Clark J. k Son, 70 N. (Bark 
CORNELIUS J. Michigan W. of Wells, (h€ 

card page 7.) 
Corrigan M. 118 Dearborn 
Doehla H. Randolph bt Curtiss and May 
Oowey & Boomer, 116 Dearborn , 

Haas L. Washington nr Franklin 
MoEwen James, 4 Kinzie 
MeSweeney T. 183 W. Randolph 
Morton C. Fulton bt Peoria and Green 
O'Brien M. cor Franklin and Quiney 
Prange L. 825 State 
Quigtoy P. 83 Michigan 
Ryan D. Kinzie bt Desplaines and Halsted 
Stoddard F. rear 167 Randolph, {see card page 



{See aUo Ship Ckandlert; alto Sh^ and Boat 


Scranton & Bro. 92 N. Water 

Halket a. North end of Wells St. Bridge 

(See'Ship j- Boat BuOdm.) 

Baragwanath William, Market cor Van Buren 
Mason & McArthur, Canal cor Carroll 
Moses H. P. Polk nr Canal 
'Reissig C. Jackson nr Canal 


(See also Straw Goods; also MiUmery and 
Fancy Ooods.) 

Bedington George, 321 Clark 
Fox Otis, 86 Lake 
Higginbotham C. S. 268 Madison 
Palmer Robert, 88 N. Clark 


Braunhold ft fionne, 61 Lasalle 

Burley A. H. & C. 122 Lake 
Culyer & Page, 180 Lake 
Colrille R. 189 Lake 
Munson & Bradley, 81 Lake 
Saeger & Eschenburg, 40 Citak 


(See also Straw Goods; also MSJUaerg msd 
Fancy Ooods.} 

Hopson Mrs. J. 85 Clark 
Stow W. K. 87 Lake 



(See also Publishers.) 

50 Lasalle, (see card page 8.) 

AMERICAN S. S. UNION, depository, L. P. 
Crawford, agt 50 Lasalle, (see card page 8.) 

BURLEY A. H. & C. 122 Lake, (see card 
page 8.) 

COOKE D. B. & CO. 185 Lake 

Catholic Book Depot, 25 Market 

Foster H. C. 159 Lake 

Gnggs S. C. & Co. Ill Lake 

Keen & Lee, 146 Lake 

dolph, (see card page 8.) 

Munson & Bradley, 81 Lake 


BUEL, HILL & GRANGER, 157 8.. Water, 

(see card page 9.) 
HENDERSON C. N. & C0« 169 S. Water, (tee 

card page 10.) 
Osborn, Adams ft Co. 206 Lake 
Rawson, Bartlett ft Co. 189 S. Water 
THOMPSON C. 0. ft CO. 127, 129 a Water, 

(ses card page 11.) 
WADSWORTH ft WELLS, 145 S. Water, (ms 

card page 11.) 
Ward, Doggett ft Co. 133 S. Water 

Balsom A. 28 W. Randolph 

Bender S. 84 Kinzie 

Blow C. 80 N. Clark 

Brennan P. 270 Madison 

BURTON S. ft CO. 60 Clark, (tee card page 9.) 

Casey B. 129 State 

David J. ft Co. 50 W. Randolph 

Enorson Thomas, 66 N. Clark 

Foley Thomas, 105 N. Clark 

GLEESON M. 121 Randolph, {see card page 9.) 

Greensfelder I. 253^ Clark 

Hastie Thomas, Market cor Randolph 

Henderson ft Newton, 62 W. Lake 

Hettinger F. 15 N. Clark 

Hettinger John, 15 N. Clark 

Hunt George, 23 Market 

Huimmel J. 215 N. Clark 

lanzen G. Ontario nr Chicago aT, 

Ingersoll George M. 70 Wells 



JEW£TT J. T. 97} Lake, (tee eardpg^e 0.) 
KELLER J. Market nr cor Madison, [«ea card 

E&eh«iier F. 128 Wells 

Knott J. J. 61 W. Madison 

Kramer J. 201 W. Lake 

Kranse H. 101 Weill 

Lantier P. 9 Clark 

Lete C. 40 Lasalle 

Lntqr H. 117 S. Water 

Meohling J. S. & Co. 165 Lake 

Ifiller Joseph, 166 Randolph 

HiUer Peter, 28 Market 

Murray P. 1 Lind's block 

Myers Cteorge, Milwankee ay 

Nagle F. R. 71 Wells 

Needham A. 264 Clark 

Nelson T. 110 Kinsie 

Norton E. A. 44 N. Clark 

Olson T. comer Kinzie and Clinton 

PEARSON & DANA, 184 Lake, (m« card p. 10.) 

Pfeifer C. 297 Clark 

Pitney F. V. 62 Clark ' 

Qnirk J. 60 N. Clark 

RATTLE S. 68 Clark, (see card page 10.) < 

Reis J. M. 55 Lasalle 

ROOD & DAYOL, 190 Lake 

ROSE 0. J. 190 Lake, (Cloeing outy see card 

page 10. 
Spring C. A. & Sons, 148 Lake 
Taylor W. H. 120 Lake 
1^ Dnsen & Bradley, 76 Lake 
Weber L. Desplaines bt Washing, and Madison 
WELLS E. S. 147 Randolph, {see card page 11.) 
Whipple & Pollard, 186 Clark 
WILLETT J. H. 87 Randolph 
• Welge Henry, 48 N. Clark 
Wentworth W. W. 78 Randolph 
WihK>n John, 72 W. Kinzie 
WInrall & Barbonr, 183 Lake 


Hntohinson W. Peoria, bt Lake and Fulton 
Keeley M. 48 S. Water 


Case & Lewis, 8 N. Wells 

Fnllagar & Smeeth, Randolph cor Desplaines 

GEORGE T. & CO. 201 Lake, {see card p. 12.) 

Leonard L. D. & Co. cor Jefferson and Wayman 

MoINTYRE & CO. 79 Wells, {eee card p, 18.) 

Meta Christopher, 60, 62 State 

Nugent M. Market nr cor Washington 

'Bnrroughs Frederick, 144 W. Lake 
Busch F. Lake shore nr Cedar 
Carney James, 41 S. Water 
Garden City, 116, U7 Dearborn 
<Gaueh & Brahm, Rnsh cor Chicago ay 
Bits, M. cor Green Bay and Cedar 
Hueh J. A. Wolcott cor N. Diyision 
Iryin Isaac, Wolcott nr Chnrch 

LILL ^ DIVERSET, Chieago ay. Lake shore, 

(eu card page 18.) 
Met! G. Woloott nr Soott 


Chicago Patent Brick Co. North side nr timits 
Copeland , Archer road 

Sleight & Bro. Milwaukee plank road 
Page Peter, (Milwaukee), 24 Washington 
Penny, Meechum & Co. Canal nr Lumber 
Sherman F. T. &£. office 2 Odd Fellows' Hall 
Shmnamann & Co. office 186 Randolph 
Smith W. H. & Co. Clark, nr Rock Island 

fireight depot • 

Watkins J. Diyision W. of Halsted 


, [Seeako Car Worke,^ 
Hibbard & Pinney, 192 Lake, up stairs 


Capen E. Canal N. of Randolph 


{See Exchange Officet.) 


(Seeaho WoodeneWare; aleo Varieties.) 

Gerts & iioder, 51 Wells 

Kaefer M. 450 State 

Murdoch Joseph, 161 S. Water 

Uhrlanb, Saittler & Co. 168, 165 S. Water 

Warner E. W. (brooms), rear 48 State 


(See also Architects.) 

Baker & McEwen, Dearborn cor Ohio 

Bishop R. 52 Superior 

Boggs & Son, Hubbard ct 

Boggs & Smith, Sherman nr Quincy 

Cleveland & Russell, 74 Fulton 

Culyer John B. Milwaukee road nr Hubbard 

Goo^john T. May nr Randolph 

Harris J. cor State and Adams 

Hayman & Sharp, State nr Liberty 

Hayward & Kelly, cor Paulina and Park ay 

HARRIOT & McDonnell, Clark cor Su- 

pperior, (see card page 90.) 
Hem & Mason, Tyler £. of State 
Hemberg John, 72 Chicago ay 
Irwin J. F. Randolf^h bt Peoria and Sangamon 
McAuley J. Madison W. of Union 
Malcolm Robert, 86 Erie 
M^ee James, Monroe nr Market 
Mllner Thomas, 171 Monroe 
Morrison & Bailey, alley Clark bt Washington 

and Madison 
Moore J. W. Randolph nr Green ^ 

Osbom & Thurber, cor Halsted and Carroll 
Page &'Redel, State nr Adams 
Price C. 226 Wabash ay 
Price W. 870 Wabash ay 



SoUiti J. Post Office alley 

Soper Thos. H. Van Buren bt Canal and Clin. 

Walter Thomas C. 196 Clark 

Ward J. & H. Randolph nr Peoria 

Ward James, 256 W. Randolph 

Waterhouse L. H. 86 W. Jackson 

Wilcox & Ballard, alley State bt Monroe and 

Wood A. C. Washington cor Cnrtiss 


{See Millstone Manufacturers,) 


Adams George, 9 North Market 

Ades John/ West Market 

Albee C. P. 4 State Street Market and 4 Market 

Street Market . . 
Arnold & Carder, 894 State 
Atkinson William, Milwaukee plank road 
Bechanf George, State nr Twelfth 
Beygeh P. 14 West Market 
Broadway D. D. Market Clerk, 54 Washington 
^rown Wm. B. Market nr Van Buren 
Buckhard F. 3 West Market 
Bush & Gambrill, 3 North Market 
01yboum& Ellis, 18, 15 North Market 
Egner C. 2 Market Street Market 
Ellis J. & Co. 1, 2 State Sifeet Market 
Bspert C. 5 Market Street Market 
Faxon & Co. 14, 16 State Street'Market 
Gallagher William, 5 North, Market 
Greenwalt Philip, Wells nr Quinoy 
Haas & Bro. cor Harrison and Clinton 
Kammaer J. 378 State 
Eendrick J. 38 W. Randolph 
Lange M. State nr Peck ot 
Magner J. cor Polk and State 
Mackway William, Clark S. of Taylor 
Metzgar William, 6 Market Street Market 
Pfeififer R. Ontario nr Clark 
Raithel J. W. 2 West Market 
Steigele F. Market nr Monroe 
SoUett John, 451 State 
Thomas R. 1 West Market 
Timmins J. F. 169 West Market 
Webber C. 3 Forth Market 
Wehrli R. W. 15 State Street Market 
Wilhelm & Billon, 5 West Market 
Williams C. West Market 


(See Furniture Dealers.) 


{See Builders; also Sashj Doors, ^e.) 


' {See also Dry Goods.) 


137 Lake, {see card page 120.) 
PITCH & HEWES, 82 Lake, {see eardp, 29.) 
West John, 197 Lake 


{See also Blacksmiths.) 

Anderson J. W. Lake nr Carpenter 

Beardsley S & Co. 19 S. Canal 

Boorman J. 89 Franklin 

Burgess & Wilson, 83 Franklin 

Burk W. 76 W. Lake 

Chicago Plow and Wagon Manufactory, 1 W. 

Randolph, (see card page 121.) 
Doehla H. 129 Randolph 
Ellithorpe, Kline & Co. Randolph cor Morgan 
FURST & BRADLEY, 73 W. Randolph, {see 

card page 121.) 
Gerber J. L. 158 Randolph 
Happ M. J. W. Randolph nr Morgan 
Hicks P. 182 W.^ Lake 
Keisling & Reische], Madison nr Clinton 
Koerper C. 216 Washington 
Leiendecker John, cor State and Randolph 
McClelland H. 448 State 
McLelan C. Lake nr Clinton 
McSweeney Thomas, 183 W. Randolph 
Outhct J. C. 118 Franklin 
Pfaffle J. Randolph bt Halsted and Fnion 
PauU P. Wells nr Schiller 
Penter Peter & Co. N. Clark cor Chicago a? 
Peterman George, Lake nr Union 
Pierce L. Randolph nr Halsted 
Prange Ludwig, 323 State 
Richards P. Lake nr Union 
Richards S., W. Randolph cor Curtiss 
Ries M. & Co. M. Randolph nr May 
Shelton & Tuttle, 216 Randolph 
Shore J. cor Twelfth and May 
Schuttler P. Franklin cor Randolph 
Smith J. E. 195 W. Randolph 
Turner R. L. 101 Michigan 
Wayman William, cor Desplaini&s and Carroll 
Weber H. Lake cor Union 
Vfelch B. C. & Co. 188 Randolph 
Wcfide A. Randolph cor Halsted 
Willtin, Ries & Co. 75 Franklin and W. Rand. 
WITBECK H. Randolph nr Jefferson, {see card 

page 121.] 
Wright & Willets, depot, 51, 53 Dearborn 
Young John, 348 State 


{See Saddle and Harness Makers ; also Saddlery 



{See Designers and Draughtsmen.) 


AMERICAN, Lake Shore, S. Chicago, {see 

card page 2.) 
Union, S. Clark nr Twelfth. N. S. Bouton, 

Tremont House 
GATES P. W. & CO. W. Water nr Washington, 

{see card page 28.) 
Scoville & ( -0. Canal nr Randolph 



8izer George W. & Co. Ckrk S. end 

STONE & BOOMER, office and works S. Clark 


Sherman 0. & W. S. 240 Lake 
Stearns & Co., liake St. Bridge, £. end 


(Sm also TobaceonUta.) 

Bateman Samuel, 178 Randolph 

Beck A. & Co. 146 Clark 

Bodensohatz Thomas, 177 Vf. Randolph 

Brewer A. 29 W. Madison 

Daniels W. J. 79, 81 Randolph 

Daniels A. J. Tremont House 

Finckler & Koch, 45 Wells 

Frank Herman, 52 Wells 

FRANKENTHAL E. & CO. 62 Clark 

Hanson & Foster, 21 j^ Clark 

Kidd S. J. & Co. 155 Lake 

Kiessling F. 146 Randolph 

Kiessling E. A. 9 W. Randolph 

Marcuse T. 84 N. Clark 

Mills J. R. & Co. 83 S. Water 

Mills & Co. 139 S. Water 

MONROE, BROWNSON & CO. 169 Lake, (iee 

card page 91.) 
Neuberger & Bro. 173 Randolph cor Wells 
tJhrlaub, Sattler & Co. 163 S. Water 
Wilson W. S. 876 Clark 


{See Furniture.) 


Chicago Chemical Works. J. V. Z. Blaney, 
North Branch S. of Chicago av 


(See Crockery y Glata, ^c.) 


Stiles' Union Dispatch, 139 Lake 
True & Thayer, 8 Dearborn 


(See Surveyors*) 


(Marked thus * are without charge,) 

Abbrkviations. — ^.-Baptist. (Jowipr. -Congre- 
gational! st. ^.-Episcopalian. i/<3^A.-Metb- 
odist, t/e.-Jew. JV. X.-Norwegian Lutheran. 
Pre».-Presbyterian. N. X-New Jerusalem. 
J2. C.-Roman Catholic. £rn.-Unitarian: Uv.- 

Anderson Paul, (N. L.) 7^ Superior 
Bartlett G.* 119 Lake 
BoUes S. H. (Meth.) Green nr Madison 
Burroughs J. C. (B.) 194 Wabajsh av 
Charles J. F.-^ 91 Jackson 

Chase Dudley, (E.) Sangamon cor Madison 

Church Leroy,* 16 Lasalle 

Clarkson R. H. (£!.) cor Cass and Huron 

Cowell George,* 10 Sand 

Crawford L. P.* 50 Lasalle 

Crews H. (MetL) 118 Clark 

Curtis Harvey, (Pres.) 278 Wabash av 

Dickenson E. F. (Cong.) 214 Edina 

Dunn D. (R. €,) 89 S. Desplaines 

Eggleston N. H. (Cong.) 864 State 

Evans R., Fulton nr Welsh Church 

Fitzgibben James, (R. C) cor State and Adaas 

Ferris J. M. (R. ProH D.) 246 W. Randolph 

Frisk , (B.) Lasalle nr Harrison 

Hartmann J. (L.) 118 Ohio 

Hibbard J. R. (K J.) 70 Edina 

Holbrook J. C. (Cong,) Lasalle t>t Oak ftnd 
Locust • 

KeUy C. V. (K) 24 Lake 

Kenyon Archibald, (B,) Desplaines bt Hani- 
son and Van Buren 

Knureuther Ignatz, (Je.) 271 Clark 

Kopp Anton, (R. & ) 62 Chicago av 

Laas Leopold, (M. JB, O.) Indiana btWeUs and 

Lebel A. I. (R. C.) 237 Clark 

Leonard J. H.^ 29 N. Dearborn 

Mason L. B. (Ifv.) Tyler E. of Wabash af 

Nicholas D. 'B.^ 7^Randolph 

Nicholas W. A. (Cor^.) Edward's Church, De»> 
plaines bt Jackson and Van Buren 

Nesbett Archibald, (Pres.) Monroe cor Peoria 

Noble L. L. (JE?.)" 

0*Hara B. (R. C.) Superior cor Rush 

O'Neill Edward, 89 S. Desplaines 

O'Regan Anthony, Michigan av cor Madison 

Osborn J. Wesley, Chicago av cor Reuben 

Patterson R. W. (Pres^) 6 Van Buren 

Plathe G. H. (R. C.) cor Clark and Polk 

Perkins George W. (Cong.) Peoria S. of Wash- 

Reed F. A.. (Meth.) Harrison bt State and W«o 
bash av 

Richardson R. H. (Pres.) 14 Rush 

Shinn R. F. (M. P.) N. W. cor Washington and 

Shippen Rush R. (Un.) ^ Michigan av 

Skinner S. P. 76 State 

Smallwood W. A. f^.] 142 Wabash av 

Smith J. A. [Pre*. J 76 Lasalle 

Stewart A. M. Fulton cor Sangamon 

Unonius Gustavus, [E."] Hubbard nr Jefferson 

Watson J. V. 63 Randolph 

Weikamp J. B. \_R. C] Clinton cor Mather 

Wells E. E. [Cong.'\ Prairie av S. of Monterey 

White F. W. [ifeM.] cor Owen and Peoria 

Williams J. M. Jackson nr Halsted 

Williams T. [MethA Lidiana bt Dearborn and 

Wunder Henry, [L. (?.] 178 Indiaina 

Wing C. [M. G?.] Ohio bt Wells and Lasalle 

Zoedel J. North av nr Sedgwick 




[Sec also Watches ^ Jewelri/.'\ 

Oaylord C. E. 169 Clark 

Hemmingway A, 51 Clark, wholesale dealer in 
CLOCKS and TIME PIECES of every de- 
scription. Dealers and others are inyited 
to calV and examine specimens that are not 
and cannot be surpassed in either quality or 
finish. N. B. A good > assortment of Seth 
Thomas's celebrated clocks kept constantly 
on hand. 

Hendrie W. A. & Co. 89 Wells 

Huntington J. C. 119 Edina 

Otto A. F. 211 Lake 

Teufel H. 226 Bandolph 
' Thomburg W. M. 96 Dearborn 


l^Marked thus * are Wholesale only. See also 
Merchant Tailors; also Oents* Furnishing. "^ 

' Adler J. 2*68 Clark 
Aiken C. M. 77 Randolph 
Barber B. 195 Randolph 
♦Barrett, King & Co. 189, 191 S. Water . 
Bennett Israel, 207} Lake 
Bond^W. S. 47 Clark 
BBEMNER ROBERT, 161 Randolph, {ses card 

page 14.) 
Carpenter, Dix & Co. 1 Clark 
♦Carpenter; Dix & Co. 48 p. Water 
Claybourgh Martin, 162 Lake 
Ciingman W. & Co. 183 Lake 
Cline L^yi, 258 Clark 
ColUnS) Walters & Brown, ^(CTommun'on,) 188 

S. Water 
Franklin Simon, 247 Lake 
♦Crane, Bro. & Co. 165 8. Water 
Davis John, 2 W. Randolph 
Fairchild M. S. 67 Lake 
Flentye Henrys 185 Lake 
FOREMAN, BROS. & CO. 213 S. Water, 

{su card page 17.) 
Frost Jacob, 179 Lake 
Gallagher F. 2 Lind's block 
Gerstley M. M. 254 Lake 
HARRIS U. P. 88 Lake, (see card page 17.) 
HARRIS & SUMMERFIELD, 153 and 191 

Lake, (see card page 16.) 
HARVEY H. M. (children's) 84 Lake, (see card 

page 17.) 
Harrison J. N. Water bt Wells and River 
Hodgson & Perry, 59 Clark 
Huchbergcr & Frank, 45 Clark 

167 S. Water, (see card page 14.) 
Hunt, Wiggins & Co. 159 S. Water 
Hard, Periam & Co. 161 Lake. (Closing out.) 
Husted H. H. 181 Lake 
Isaacs D. 175 Clark 
Ives E. L. & Co. 68 Clark 
Jacobs M. 159 Clark 

Water, (see card page 15.) 

Kaufman Louis, 891 State 

Koch J. T. Clark nr Polk 

Kohn A. & H. 121 Lake 

Kohn Henry A. 147 Lake 

Kroger & Co. 17 N. Clark 

Lebolt & Bros. 210 Lake 

Leopold k Goodheart, 112 Lake 

Leopold & Schlossman, 92, 99 Lake 

Levi PhiUp, 207 Lake 

Lock William, 119 Lake 

McCormick John, 145 Lake 

MARKS ISAAC & CO.* 187 Lake, (see eard 

page 15.) 
MARKS & TURNER, 115 Lake, Tsee card 

page 16.] 
Marks S. 101 Lake 
Moeller M. il N. Clark 
Nelson A. 110 Kinzie 
Pierson J. & Co. 286 Lake 
PISER M. 221, 228 Lake, [see card page 16.} 
SAVAGE THOMAS, 250 Lake, [see card page 

SCHMALTZ J. k A. 149 Lake and 5 Clark, 

[see card page 16.] 
Seiigman & Bro. 11 Clark 
Shaw X 807 Clark 

Sondheim B. 229 Lake and 203 Randolph 
Sproule & Chapoton, 188 Lake 
TAPPEN H. H. 49 Clark, [see card page 17.] 
Titsworth A. D. & Co. 182 Lake 
Van Duxer J. S. 164 Lake 
West T. Y. & Co. 125 Randolph 
WHITE S. F. & BROS. 138 S. Water, [see card 

page 16.] 
Witkowsky D. 155, 157 Lake 

CLOTHnro, SECom) havd. 

[See Furniture, Second ffand."] 


[Marked thus ♦ are Dyers also.'] 

Bohan John, 50 Wells 

Cook & McLain, 96 Dearborn 

♦Glassford Hugh, 190 Washington 

McDonnell M. 74 Dearborn 

Meighan Joseph, 54 Wells 

Schnitzer & Warkmaster^ 119 Dearborn 

♦Taylor WiUiam, 186 Clark 



[See also Fancy Goods.^ 

Field, Benedict & Co. 171 S. Water 
Phillips & Co. 187 S. Water 


[See also Wood,'\ , 

Ackley B., W. Water nr Washington 
Dyer C. H. & Co. Dock nr Lake House 
Dewey & Co. North Branch nr Kinzie Bridge 
DODGE H. H. & CO. S. Water cor Wells 


(mioAao wsvsnm dirsotobt. 

Jftmes J. L. & Co. Clark nr Roek Island D«pot 

Murray John, 2 N. Clark 

Neely, Eckley k Noely, S. Water, cor Fraaklin 

Norton H. & Co. River nr S. Water 

Reno C. A. Peyton nr Erie 

Rounds, Hudson & Ranney, S. Water cor Clark 

Sheffield Coal Co. Clark S. o^ Polk 

Smith A. foot of Pine 

Spencer A. T. & Co. 80 S. Water 

Varian E. Randolph cor W. Water 


l^See Tea and Coffee Dealen; also MilUj 
Coffee and Spiee.'] 

corns IIAXERS. 

[See Undertakere,"] * 


Beck T. Romeyn, 12 Metropolitan block 

Bently Cyrus, 21 Dearborn 

Clapp J. jr. 21 Dearborn 

Clarke H. A. 41 Clark 

Clarke H. W. 8 Warner's HaU 

Fowler C.»A. 42 Clark 

Greenebaum H. 59 Well? 

HOLDEN C. N. 77 Randolph. For Maine, 
Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, 
New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Penn- 
sylvania^ Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and Wis- 

Herrey & Clarkson, 128 Lake, 2d floor. For 
Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Maryland, 
Virginia, North Carolina, Minnesota, Wis- 
consin, Florida, Kentucky and Iowa. 

James B. F. 146 Lake 

King W. H. 49 Clark 

Lull 0. R. W. 1 Warner's HaU 

Meeker G. W. 108 Lake 

Owen J. D. 56 Clark 

Pearson George T. Exchange bdg s. 2d floor 

Rucker H. L. Court House 

Shumway H. G. 107 Lake 

Stewart W. W. 47 Clark 

Waite H. F. 40 Clark 
^ Willson S. M. 49 Clark 


(See also Forwarding ; also Produce Commission.) 

Allan & Cory, N. Water E. of Clark 
ARMSTRONG BRO'S. River B. of Wabash av, 

(see card page 19.) 
BEEBE, LYON & CO. 188 S. Water, up stiurs, 

(see card page 22.) 
BISSELL C. L. Hilliard'B block, (see card 

page 23.) 
Black & Sherman, 47 Kinzie 
BONHAM & BRO. 280 Madison, (see card 

page 19.) • 

Briggs & White, 238 S. Water 
BROWN & CHAPMAN, cor River and Dock, 

(see card page 19.) 

Brede L. 221 Wells 

BROWN J AS. H. & CO. Marketeer Adams 

Brown & Sinclair, 18 Lasalle 

BURT & HIGQINS, cor Dearborn and Kinzie, 

(see card page 22.) 
CARMICHAEL J. Hilliard's block, (see card 

page 21.) 
Carpenter H. H. & Co. S. Water nr Market 
CLOUGH JOHN, 43 Kinzie, (see card page 18.) 
Colbum H. & Son, Lake cor Market 
Dana k Preston, N. Water E. of Clark 
Davidson J. N. 117 Michigan av 
Dodge H. H. & Co. S. Water cor Wells 
Ells N. B. 14 Dearborn 
Fabian R. L. 125 8. Water 
Flack & Walker, 2 N. Dearborn 
Fletcher & Clark, S. Water £. of Clark 
Flint & Wheeler, 8. Water cor Clark 
Green Piatt R. 181 S. Water 
Hall L. C. 4 N. Dearborn 
Harmon C. L. & Co. 197 S. Water 
Hatch Rufus, 116 S. Water 
HOYT W. H. cor Clark and Twelfth, [see card 

page 22.1 
HUBBARD G. 8. & CO. (Packers), 12 Wells, 

[see card page 20.] 
James J. L. & Co. Clark S. end 
Kernaghan William, 16 Lasalle 
KING & DAVIS, 41 Kinzie, (see card page 23.) 
Lanmam D. T. 181 S. Water 
Langlois J. 146 S. Water 
Lawrence E. k W. 43 Kinzie 
Maitland & Scranton. 14 Dearborn 
MOHR k KIRCHOFF, 45 Kinzie, [see card 

page 21.] 
Neef M. A. 242 8. Water 
NILES k PARKE, 49 Kinzie, [see card p. 21.] 
^eck Jas. & Co. S. Water cor Dearborn 
Park H. C, J. R. Hugunin's' warehouse 
PERKINS, MAYNARD & CO. HiUiard's block 
Raymond & Ward, 177 S. Water 
RICHARDS J. J. CO. 2 N. Dearborn nr depot 
Richards J. M. &.Co. 194 8. Water 
Richmond k Co. Hilliard's block 
Rogers John, E. Kinzie nr bridge 
ROBINSON DE WITT k CO. 8. Clark nr 

R. I. freight depot, (see card page 19.) 
Rounds, Hudson k Ranney, S. Water cor Clark 
Russell J. B. F. k Co. 94 Randolph 

N. W. cor Clark 
SMITH J. H. k CO. Hilliard's block 
Steams & Co. 8. Water cor Lake 
STEVENS k CATLIN, 85 Kinzie, (see card 

page 28«) 
SWIFT R. K., JOHNSTON k CO. Met block, 

(see card pages 84, 85.] 
VANE A., 8. Water opp. Wabash av. (see card 

page 21.) 
VARIAN E. W. Water cor Randolpl^ 
Vogel H., N. Water 
Walker & Warner, 4 N. Dearborn 
Whitcomb I. C. 87} Randolph 
Whitney John B. & Co. 49 Kinzie 



WILLIAMS & BRO. 146 S. Water 
ZINKBISEN H. & CO. 244, 246 S. Water, 
(w« card page 22.) 


{Ste Rooferty Composition,) 


. Anderson Mrs. & Co. 83 Clark 

Anerbach S. 162 Lake 

Banghoff C. 90 Wells 

Barbiery L. Canal bt Washington and Randolph 

Barclay D. 190 Clark 

Boggiano P. 16 W. Lake 

Brown G. E. 261 Clark 

Caldwell P. 76 Dearborn 

Diamond John, 216 Lake 

Grillo & Gazzallo, 88 W. Kinzie 
'^ Hefh J. P. Clinton nr Madison 

Johnson R. B. 163 Clark . 

Kanffman & Feuchte, 43 Wells 

Kohn S. 261 Clark 

Laungenotte Anton, 72 K. Clark 

Lazario F. 169} Clark 

Logier Joseph, 255 Clark 

Lonnergan & Scanlan, 14 Clark 

Magner James, S. W. cor Dearborn and Rand. 

McLain & Bro. 96} Dearborn 

Newhall F. 9 Clark 

Newhall H. 75 Randolph 

Raggio C. 98 N. Clark 

Raggio J. 66 N. Clark 

Robinson & 6^o. 90 Dearborn 

Sassaman & Hickman, 47 Randolph 

Shepherd C. L. 103 Randolph 

Smith & Dennehy, 22 Clark 

Sohafer C. 204 Madison 

Sterling I. 95 Randolph 

Stevens & French, 71 Clark 

Stone 0. 15 Clark 

Stout S. & R. & Co. 92 W. Randolph 

Talcot L. C. .49 Randolph 

Van Buren C. 67} Clark 

Watson Thomas, 90 Welle 

C0K8ULS, 70B3SIOir. 

Belgium, A. Poncelot, 76 N. Wells 

Swedish, Norwegian and Danish consulate office, 

142 Lake, third floor, P. Von Schneidau V. 



{See also BiUldera.) 

Bailey, Broad & Co. 98 Clark 

Casey M. 22 Washington 

Stewart A. C. 47 Clark 

Stone & Boomer, Clark, South .end 

Stone & Witt, Exchange Bank buildings, 3d floor 

Wells W. Fulton cor Jefferson 

WiUon, Fisk & Co. 52 Lake 

Parker J. M. 11 Metropolitgn block 

BEES J. H. & CO. 48 Clavk, will attend io th« 
investigation of titles to land in Cook County, 

Sherman B. F. Ill Lake 


(See (Uto Tinsmiths.) 

Christopher Charles, rear 75 Lake 
FULLAGAR & 8MEETH, W. Randolph cor 

Lewis & Co. N. Wells near Bridge 
LOOMIS & ABBOTT, 61 Randolph 
Nugent M. cor Market and Washington 


Barbian N. Clark cor Goethe 

Bennett R. Jackson nr Canal 

Fleming D. 168 Adams 

Hild G. Franklin nr Goethe 

Huhl B. 141 Illinois 

Rice R. 147 S. )¥ater 

Torkildson A. Illinois near Peyton ^ 


(See Attorneys,) 


Foster George F. 196 S. Water 
Gorman J. Randolph W. of Ann 
Ganddessen S. Ontario nr Chicago ay 
Newton George, N. Clark nr ScMUer 
Ortmann J. Larrabee 


ABBEY D« & CO. 82 N. Water, (see card p. 118.) 

Brown & Wilder, 106 Lake 

Burley A. G. & Co. 176 

Comly £. L. & Co. 170 Lake 

Jones Z. & Co. 83 N. Water 

Stillwell, Sawyer & Co, 70 N. Water 

Swope & Hubbell, 84 Lake 


(Marked thus * are Importers.) 

Apfel Philip, 21 N. Clark 
♦Brown & Wilder, 105 Lake 
♦Corbridge John, 197 Randolph 
♦Dominiok W. F. & Co. 174 Lake 
Lauteijung A. 76 N. Clark 
ToUe George, 87 Clark 
Tuttle, Hubbard & Co. 46 S« Water 
♦Uhrlaub, Sattler & Co. 163 S. Water 
Voos L 57 Lasalle 
Whitcomb J. 0. 36 Dearborn 
Wise Martin, 218 Randolph 
Wurzbuager L. 178 Randolph 


ChamberUin W. G. 131 Lake 
Danks H. P. 39 Clark 
Fish James, 18 Merchants* Exehange 
Harvey G. M« 77 Lake 




HBSLSR A. 22 Metropolitan Mock, (•« card 

back tover.y 
Jordaa G. K 44 Dearborn 
Kelsey a C. 96 Lake 
Schneidau P. Von, 142 Lake 
Stiles £. G. 189 Lake 
Williams H. W. 55 W, Randolph 


Abell T. P. 141 Lake 

Allport W. W. 75 Clark 

HADLBV £. W; 88 Lake, [«« ear^/Ni^24.} 

Holt W. G. 74 Lake 

HOKSINGER £. 77 Lake, [tee card pa$t 24.] 

Jndson Edward, 98 Lake 

Kel9€sy H. B. 144 Lake 

KENNICOTT J. A., [see card page 25] 

KENNICOTT & BOGUE, 131 Lake, [h€ card 

page 43.] 
QUINLAN C. H. & J. D. 188 Clark, [see card 

page 25.] 
VILL^RD T. J. 71 Lake, [see card page 2Q.1 

[See alio ArehiteeU.'] 
LEES & COOPE, 146 Lake, [eee card page 98.] 
Lowe J. M. 9, 10 Metropolitan block 
Roe W. bds S. Bronson 


[See also Engravers.'] 
Childs S. D. jr. 7 Clark 



[See aho Liquor Dealers. Marked thu9 
BficHfiers only,'} 

Ballantyne D. Lake Shore S. of Twelfth 

Crosby A. North Branch nr Chicago av 

♦Fuller J. E. S. & Co. 27 S. Water 

♦Kane Thomas, Canal nr Randolph 

Ltll W. & Co. 38 Franklin. Mannfactdrers of 

Alcohol, Pure Spirits, Cologne Water, &o. 
♦Myers Samuel, Madison nr Bridge 
♦True k Thayer, 8 Dearborn 
♦Turrill & Haven, 51 S. Water 

HOTCHKISS S. W. 7 Clark. Contractor for 
building Docks and Wharres ; also agent for 
buying and* selling round and square oak 
timber, &c. Rendence S. Clinton bt Van 
Buren and Harrison 

BOOBS, *o. 
[See Sashf Voors, j*e.} 


[See aiso MiUmers,'} 

Alexander Mrs. B. Buffalo nr Taylor 
Barker Elizabeth, 29} N. Clarkf 
Becker Mrs. 205 W. Randolph 
Bowen Martha, 104 Lak9 

Bnmham Miss 8. M. 67 Randolph . 

Brahman S. £. cor Wells and Adami 

Bryne Misses, 115 Madison 

Carpenter Mrs. 131 Lake 

Cloyde Mioses, 84 State 

Crone Jane, 119 Clark 

Davis Mrs. M. Wells nr Jackson 

Eaves Mrs. G. 259 Clark 

Edwards Mrs. C. 76 Ohio 

Gannett Mrs. 88 Adams 

Hargin Mrs. M. C. 69 Lake 

Harmsley Miss S. £. 68 Lake 

Jacobs Mrs. Jane, Pierce nr Halsted 

Livings Mrs. M. 145 Lake 

O'CONNELL Misses, 170 Lake 

Perkins Mrs. H. 78 Randolph 

Powell H. Maria, 108 Edina 

Sand Mrs. G. 49 N. Clark 

Snider Mrs. G. 49 N. Clark 

Timoney E. 68 Madison 

Van Tugl Phebe, 76 Lake 

Weishaar Mrs. J. [French] 109 Wells » 

WilUams M. A. 41 Franklin 


[Marked thus ♦ are wholesale. J 

♦BARCLAY BROS. 218 S. Water and 9 Frank, 

[see card page 27.] 
♦BAY & BALDWIN, 139 Lake, [see card 

page 26.] 
Borman George, [German] 184 Randolph 
Boyer V. A. 77 Clark 
♦Brinckerhoff & Penton, 94 Lake 
Bryan F. A. 2 Tremont block 
FULLER 0. F. 195 Lake, [see card page 26.] 
Heylmann & Wuensche, Lake cor Canal 
Honore & Co. 200 Lake 
Jerome M. Clark cor Adams 
Knapf & O'Farrell, 56 W. Randolph . 
Lemer C. cor Desplaines and Milwaukee plank 
Logier B. & W. 78 Milwaukee plank road 
Lowrie J. C. 26 N. Clark 
Mahla Frederick, [German] 399 State 
Morse J. C [Eclectic] 62 Dearborn 
Mueller E. 852 State 
HARA E. L. 80 W. Randolph 
Reed JJ H. & Co. 144 Lake 
Reynolds W. E. 20 W. Madison 
Ritchie H. 117 Randolph 
Rosenberg J. Clark cor Illinois 
Rosenmerkel C. [German] 180 Wells 
SAWYER, PAIGE & CO. 124 Lake, [see card 

page 26.] 
Sanks & Kolb, 167 Rnndolph 
SCHONBECK & ROZIENE, cor Clark anil 

Indiana, [see card page 28J 
SEARS, SMITH & CO. 113 Lake, [see card 

page 28. j 
Shipman & Goodridge, 78 9. Water 
Smith J. F. jr. 48 Randolph 
Stannis 0. cor Chicago and Milwaukee aVs 
SCAMMON F. & CO. 140 Lake, [see card 

page 28] 
WarUch Lewis, «7 N. Clark 

cHicijao BirsiKBsa d(iisctobt* 


WilUrd J. 46 N. Clark 
Willson J. L. 113 W. Madison 
Woodworth J. M. & Co. 504 State 


PotoUttle & Miller, North Branch 
Jordan & Olcott, Charles nr Harrison 


^Marked thus * are Wholesale only, Bee dUo 

Fancy Goods, 

Batchelor B. 182 Lake 

:i^gelow A. 114 Lake 

BIGELOW H. W. 104 Lake, {see card page 2&,\ 

Blake H. B. 159 S. Water 

Carter T. B. & Co. 186 Lake 

♦COOLEr, WABSWORTH & CO. 205 S. Water, 

[su card page 29.] 
Bunk Bobert, 41 Lasalle 
Fisher C. C. 62 W. Bandolph 
FITCH & HEWES, 82 Lake, [see cardpage 29] 
♦FOOTE S. N. & CO. 163 S. Water, Idosing 

out, see card page 29.] * 

Frasher, Carr & Co. 108 Lake 
« Jones R^B. & Sons, 86 Lake 
Kauffman Louis, 39X State 
♦Keep, Harmon & Co. 211 S. Water 
Kline Simon, 252 Clark 
Kramer Bros. 72 N. Clark 
Lynam & Bro. Clark nr B. I. freight depot 
Marks Kempner & Co. 48J N. Clark 
McKinlay William, N. Clark nr Bridge 

Lake, {see card page 80.] 
MoBONNELL CHARLES, 26, 27 Market, {see 

cardpage 93.) 
Mclntire & Hunt, 82 W. Randolph 
Miers Edward, 80 N. Clark 
MichUtz L. 351 State 
♦Mills & Co. 139 S. Water 
Neuberger J. &. S. [importers], 167 S. Water, 

.up stairs 
Olmsted L. B. & Co. 142 Lake 
Palmer Potter & Co. 187 Lake 
Peake, Marsh & Co. 163 S. Water 
Phillips R. 88 N. Clark 
Kosenfeld & Rosenberg, 180 Lake 
Boss & Bamber, 141 Lake 
ROSS & FOSTER, 167, 169 Lake, {see card 

page 80.) 
♦SAVAGE, CASE & CO. 181 S. Water, up 

stairs, [see card page ZO,) 

(see cardpage 80.) 
Shay J. B. 102 Lake 

Sherman James B. & Co. 180 Lake and 20 Clark 
Stine J. M. 164 Lake 

Stoops W. J. 42 N. Clark and 171 S. Clark 
' THOMSON, WETMORE & CO. 68 Lake, {see 
cardpage 80.] 
Venables R. 82 N. Clark 
Waller & Obermeyer, 84 W. Randolph 
Webber N. & Son, 58 W. Randolph 

Wineman & Frank, 64 W. Randolph 
WOOB W. R. & CO. 152 Lake, (see cardpage 


' {See Clothes Renovators,) 


{See Restaurants,) 


{See also Fancy Goods.) 

Ketz & Lingenau, 87 Wells 
Woods Mrs. 182 State 

^ £!(GBAVSBS. 

{Marked thus * are Lithographers also,) 

♦Acheson Henry, 180 Lake 

Carpenter B. 77 Lake 

Childs S. B. jr. 9 Clark 

Hughes Henry, 86 Bearborn 

♦Mendel E. 170 Lake 

Waller J. 77 Lake 

Wellstood, Hanks, Hay & Whiting, (Bank Note) 

148 Lake. J. J. O'Shannessy, agent 
WHITE W. J. 72 State, {see cardpage 82.] 


{See also Banks,) 

Adams F. G. 44 Clark 

ABSIT J. M. 85 Clark, {see cardpage 82.) 

Barling J. H. & Co. 98 Bearborn 

ELSTON B. & CO. 190 Lake, [see card p, 82.] 

Greenbaum fero's, 69 Wells 

GWYNNE, BAY & CO. 67 Clark, [see card 

page 83.] 
Hoffmann F. A. 58 Lasalle 
HUNTINGTON E. H. & CO. 84 Clark, \ses 

cardpage 38.] 
McBonnell C. 26 Market 
MORFORB BRO'S, S. W. cor Clark and Lake, 

[see cardpage 88.] 
Rogers W. B. 65 Clark 
PRESTON & CO. 46 Clark, Uee card page Z^.'\ 
SWIFT R. K. & CO., N. W. cor Lasalle and 

Randolph, {see card pages 84, 86.] 
Sheldon Reuben N. Clark cor N. Water 
Richards B. 29 W. Randolph cor Canal 
WABSWORTH & HITZ, 86 Clark, [see carf 

page 86.] 
Woodward P. & Co. 37 Clark 


American, [J. C. Fargo], 20 Bearborn 

H. Burfee, Proprietor, {see card in Wood" 

stock Directory,'] 
Union Express Co. [T. F. Craig, agent,] M. C. 

R. R. depot 
UNITEB STATES, [H. B. Colvin, agent], 12,^ 

14 Bearborn 
VALENTINE & CO.'S, 172 S. Watetij 




[See aUo Dry Goods. Marked thui * art 

ATKINSON & L£ST£R> 6« Uke, [«e« card 

page 31.] 
Barnum Bros. 118 Lake 
Unins W. U. 42 Wells 
*Cooley, Wadsworth & Co* 206 S. Water 

Lingenaa Mrs% M. 87 Wells 
Mills J. R. & Co. 83 S. Water 
*MilU & Co. 139 S. Water 
Stein Charles, 59 Randolph 
Stoops W. J. 42 N. Clark 
Uhrlaub, Sattler & Co. [Importers J « 168 S. 

Webber J. D. 198 Lake 
WUliams W. R. & Co. 1^2 Lake^ [tee eard 

page 31.] 

McClatcbey F. P.- Market cor Van Buren 

Bailey & Burand, 244 Lake and 235 Sv Water 
Booth & Grayson, [fresh] N. Market 
Buchruch S. 176 N. Clark 
Jackson 0. 215, 217 S. Water 
Strong W. O. 204 S. Water 
Varian E. Randolph oor W. Water 


ISee Stone Yards,"] 


\^See aUo Produce Commisnon Merchants ; also 
Flour MUls.] 

Brookes & Co. Canal cor Madison 

Cady D. 27 W. Randolph 

Church & Astbury, 167 N. Clark 

Elliott & Morris, 50 Randolph 

Goodwin W. cor Lake and Besplainee 

Leadbeater G. H. Canal bt Harrison and Polk 

McLean & Co. 89 Washington 

Merrifield & French, cor Canal and Van Boren 

Otis & Co. 392, 894 State 

Potter & Vincent, 31 W. Randolph 

Rawleigh D. 6, 7 land's block 

Seely A. S. Clinton S. of Randolph 

Smead Samuel, 4 Lind'e block 

Smith S. J. Madison oor Elisabeth 


{See Exchange OfficeeJ] 


[Su aUo ComnUeston.'} 

Alexander T. W. & Co. 170 S. Water 
American Transportation Co. 
Chapin Ji P., S. Water cor Clark 

HALE & CO., S. Water nr Wells, [««« card 

page 89.] 
Houghteling & Shepard, 170 S. Water 
HUGCNIN J. R., S. Water cor Franklin 
Ingraham & Co. Cor Clark and Taylor 
^APP, HOCKING ft CO. S. Water S. B. cof 

State, (9ee eardpaiffe 40.) 
MATHER ft CO. N. Water bt Clark and WeBs^ 

(see card page 89.) 
Mitchell R. M. ft Co. 192 S. Water 
Neely, Eckley ft Keely, S. Water cor Franldin 
NORTON H. ft CO. cor Rirer and Dock, (wet 

card page 87.) 
Pomeroy S. B. ft Co. 180 S. Water 
RUMSEY^ BRO. ft CO. N. Water B. of Clark, 

(tee card page 87.) 
SANFORD, HALL ft CO. N. Water W» of Clarke 

{tee card page 38.) 
SPENCER A. T. ft CO. 80 to 60 S. Water, (m» 

card page 88. J 
Swift W. P. ft Co. B. Water cor SUte 
Van Olinda ft Gale, 56, 58 S. Water 
WALKER, BRONSON ft CO. 72 S. Water, {set 

card page 88.) 


{See Confectionert,) 

FUB D£iUiEB8. 

ISee HaUf Cape and Fare,'] 


(See alto Tin Ware and Stoves,) 

Raymond ft Ward^ 177 S^ Water, Agents for 
Chilson's Hot Air FumaceS) Portable Fama* 
ces, ForgeS) ftc. 

Brown George, 209 Lake 
Clark ft Adams, (bedsteads) Green cor l*alton) 

office 188 Lake 
Eggleston F. F. ft W. P. 65 Randolph 
Ennessen L. oor Randolph and Clinton 
Ferris ft Boyd 177 Lake 
Friedrich J. A. 116 West Randolph 
FINERTir JAMES, 190 Randolph, {see card 

page 40,) 
Hanson D. P. ft F. S. 175 Randolph 
Hanson J. B. 96 Randolph 
Hickox P. (Tarieties) 214 Lake 
Hutchings ft BroWn, 43 S. Water 
JACOBUS D. L. ft BRO. 178 Lake, {tee card 

page 42.) 
Kiefer A. R. 247 Madison 
Liebenstein J. ft A. 159 Randolph 
Manahan Thomas> 205 Lake 
Morgan C. 199 Lake 
Nickerson ft Weir, 229 Lake 
Ranker John, 208 Lake 
Roberts C. Ill W. Randolph 
Shaw J.' Randolph nr Curtiss 
Sternberg ft Isldor, 163 Lake and 195 Bandolph 
Thayer F. P. 118 Lake 



TOOHY WM. 180 N.Clark, {see card paffe 4Z.) 
WALKER H, K. 163 Rand, (see card page iZ.) 
West John, 197 Lake 

WILLARD, PEEK k CO. 155 Randolph, {see 
card puffe 43.) 


Bohan John, 38 WeUs 
Cunningham P. J. 40 Wells 
Curran D. 5 Lindas block 
LaTinia W. T. S. & Co. 54 Frankliii 
Meighan J. 54 Wells 

0A8 FUTEBflk 

Brown & Wilder, 45 WeUs 
COMLY E. L. & CO. 170 Lake, (see cfstd page 
I Parker, Harper & Co. (gas engineers), 4 Mer- 
chants^ Exchange 
Lamparter H. 47 N. Clark 
WALWORTH & CO. Chicago Steam & Gas 
i. Pipe Works, 233 Lake. Possessing every 
facility fot> warming and lighting buildings 
with eyery description of steam and gas 
fittings, (see card page 44.) 
; McFARLANE & HUTCHESON, 54 Lasalle, 
* (see card page 45.) 


N0W York Gas Regulator Co. 105 Lake. Office 
of Kidder's Patent Oas Regulator. 

GENTLEKEirs fmiKmnfO. 

(Marked thus * are wholesale,) 

♦Barrett, King & Co. 180, Ifll S. Water 

Bruns W. H. 42 Wells 

BURWELL & SMITH, late H. G. Burwell, 

7 Tremont block, (see card page 86.) 
Hachberger & Frank, 45 Clark 
Foreman, Bros. & Co. 213 8. Water. 
Ooldmuith M. & Co. 245 Lake 
James William, jr. 64 Dearborn 
MARKS ISAAC & CO, 187 Uke, (see card 

page 60.) 
Schwarz J. J. 151 Lake 
Tltsworth & Co. 132 Lake 
Titeworth & Ruuyon, 109 S. Water, up stairs 


(See abe Silver Platers; also Picture 
Frame Makers,) 

BOWN THOMAS. & CO. 10 Clavk^ (see card 

page 42.) 
^JSraonhold & Sonne, 51, 58 Lasalle 
iprake G. 289 ClAFk 

MRRIS & BOYD, 177 Lak©, (see card pag»AQ.) 
baylord E. 165 Randolph 
HOLMES WILLIAM, 189 Lake, 2d floor> (see 

card page 41.) 
Il^ajne J. ^t. 217 Adams 
nN;olB £. 85 Clark 

(See Pmnis, Oils and Glass.) 

0LOTE8 ft Krmars. 

Bowen & Bro. 8 Clark 
Easterly John, 10 Wells 
Mills & Co. 189 S. Water 
Windoes W. & J. 3 Clark 

Wabl C. & Sons, 242, 244 S. Water 


Beckwitii A. S. 168 Lake 


(See Produce Commission.) 


Prickett G. W. 118 Clark. Manufactarer an* 
dealer in parlor grates and fenders of ereiy 
style and price ; also marbleized iron man- 
tels, Fire Brick, Tire Clay, and aU kinda ctf 
Varnishes, &c. 

GBOCSSIUS. (WhoUiale.) 

AVERY, UPHAM & MILLER, 198 S. Water, 

[see card page 4%.) 
Bailey & Darand, 244 Lake and 285 S. Watef 
DIKE, BROTHER & 00. W. Water bt WȤb- 

ington and Madison, [see card page 47.} 
Doggett J.'B. 128 8. Water 
DUNHAM J. H. & CO. 92, 94 8. W^ter, [ne 

card page A^.'\ 

[see card page 49.] 
Oilman M. D. 181 S. Water 
GOULD & BROTHER, 186 8. Water, [seetard 

page 51.] 
GRAY, DENSMORB & PHELPS, 87 8. Water, 

f««e card page 48.] 
Harmon C. L. & Co. 197 S. Wattor 
HEMPSTEAD E. 115 S. Water, [see card page 

HUIIST J. 225 Lake, [see card page 50.] 
Jackson O. 216 S. Water 
NORTON M. H. & Co. 49 8. Water, [see card 

page 50.] 
SATTERLEE, COOK & CO. 64 Lafce,.[«c card' 

page 49.] 
Smith & Pollard, 141 S. Water 
WARNER & CLARKE, 107 8. Water, [see 

card page 47.1 
WHITAKBR H. 76 8. Water, [see card page 

WHITAKER & BROS. 14 Lasalle, [set card 

page 47.] 
WICKER C. G. & CO. 91, 98 8. Water, [see 

card page 47 ."l 

Water, [see card page 50.] 

GROCERS. (Retail.) 

ABBOT E. Halsted cor Monroe 
AJiern M. 121 W. Randolph 
Ambers Adam, Jefferson oor Monroe 





Atohegon R., W. Lake nr Sangamon 

Aubert Matthias, Willow 

Baer A., N. £. cor Horon and Clark 

Baer K 227 N. Clark 

Baker Frederick, cor Folton and Desplaines 

Bauland & Hirshman, cor Milwaukee plank 
road and Hnbbard 

Battexman & Pieper, 68 S. Canal 

Batterman & Mathie, Canal bt Harr. and Polk 

Bennett R. Jefferson bt Jackson and Van Boren 

Benel L. 168 Washington 

Berg & Uchtman, Wella bt Harr. and V. Buren 

Bevans H. C. Jefferson cor Jackson 

Bicker Frederick, cor Fulton and Desplaines 

Bicknell John, 143 Clark 

Boedecker Chr. Hubbard bt Despl. and Jeffer. 

Blake 0. B. Cottage Grove ar 

Brannin James, 18 Lind's block 

Brennan P. Clark bt Taylor and Twelfth 

Broeve M. 206 N. Clark 
i Brush Jesse, 9 W. Market 

Buckley Timothy, Market nr Adams 

Buschmann & Seedorf, State nr Liberty 

Bushnell A. & L. 281 W. Randolph 
r Byrnes M. 91 Dearborn 

Caldwell L. 21^ W. Randolph 
i Caraher P. 128 W. Lake 

Carroll Edmund, 168 Illinois 

Chacksfield George, cor W. Randolph and Peo. 

Churchill George, 10 W. Randolph 
^ Clark H. G. cor State and Harrison 

> Clark & Martin, State cor Van Buren 

> Clark & O'Brien, Desplainea nr Owen 
Cloyes C. & J. G. 126 State 
Conway James F. 14 W. Randolph 

'Cook Charles, Buffalo nr Polk 

Cook & Doty, 6 N. Dearborn 

Cook D. G. 6 N. Dcftrbom 

COOPER & BATTELLE, 167 Randolph, and 
204 Wells, [«e0 card page 61.] 

Coombs G. W. Water bt Washington and Mad. 

Coughlin D. cor Jefferson and Polk 

Counties R. H. cor Clark and Van Buren 

Cowan Thomas, cor Wells and Madison 
* Craig James, N. Water bt Wells and Franklin 

Crary D. G. cor Canal and Madison 
^Deutsche F. 131, N. Clark 

Deyermann H. 169 N. Lasalle 

Diunond J. 216 Lake 
«Dick & Bryson, 889 State 

Dunn James A. cor Owen and Desplaines 

Femald & Page, State bt Taylor and Twelfth 

FISHER C. C. 62 W. Randolph, {tee card 
,pag€ 61.] 
.^Flanders E. J. cor Wells and Adams 

Fogt John S. Chicago ay cor Cass 

Forsyth M. W. Madison bt Halsted and Green 

Foster, McEachran & Dunham, 195 S. Water 

Franz J. State 8. of Liberty 

Franz L., Clark cor Liberty 

Gilchrist John, 6 Indiana 

Glasen & Schuper, Cass nr Chicago ay 

•Goss & Hoag, 10 Dearborn, and 40 N. Clark 

GRA7 JOHN L. 18 N. Cl«rk, {m oar</pa^e51.) 

Gudehaus F. 191 W. Randolph 

Haake J. D. 48 N. Wells 

Hammelsheim F. 89j^ Jefferson 

Hanlon Michael, 141 Clark 

Hart Edwin, 180 W. Lake 

Heintz Lewis, 79 Jefferson 

Heller Abraham, Milwaukee plank road bt Hal« 

sted and Green 
Henderson J. 230 N. Clark ^ 

Hennessy Thomas, 116 W. Lake 
Higgins Mrs. E. J. cor Canal and Van Buren 
HINCKLEY S. T. 71 Randolph, [«ee cafi 

pagt 62.] 
Hitchcock Alonzo, 64 Randolph 
Hoffmann F. 132 N. Clark 
Hoffmann George, 74 N. Clark 
Holland James, Market nr Madison 
Holmes C. ]^. cor Clinton and Madison 
Hood Thomas, 146 Wells 
Homer H. 83 W. Randolph 
Jaeger Julius, 196 W. Randolph 
Jackson Joel, 131 W. Randolph 
Jacob G. 8 W. Lake 
Jennings P. A. 241 Clark 
Johnson J. k A. 124 N. Desplaines 
Kane Francis, Van Buren bt Carpenter aii 

Kelly David, 103 Kinzie 
King J., Chicago ar cor Milwaukee ar 
Kingswell Mrs. Mary, State bt Peck and B* 

dredge cts 
Kinney J. & Son, 118 W. Randolph 
Knight John A. 119 Edina ' 
iLott Christian, Wells bt Monroe and Adaait 
Kreig M. & Co. Canal bt Harrison and Polk 
Kroos William, cor State and S. Water 
Kroenig, Raymond & Co. 8 Dearborn 
Kussell Bros. 116 W. Madison 
Lacher George, Nerins nr Chicago ay 
Lamb W., Kinzie bt Clinton and Jefferson 
Law Prentiss, 612 State 
Lawler & Tompkins, cor Harrison and JeffertoB 
Ledder Albert, cor Sedgwick and Goethe 
Leeders August, cor State and Peck ct 
Lonergan & Scanlin, 14 Clark 
Lindman George P. 162 N. Clark 
Linguist John, 176 N. Clark 
Luther Charles, 141 W. Randolph 
Lyman John, Clark nr R. I. freight depot 
Lynch John, 294 State 
Lynch Matthew, cor Monroe and Canal 
McCotter S. 48 W. Randolph | 

McDonnell C. 26 Market, {teetkrdprgt^) 
McHugh John, 102 Kinzie 
McKay S. 30 N. Water 
McLaughlin W. F. State cor Madison 
McNary Thomas, Polk nr May 
McSherry John, 3 Lindas block 
McWilliams J. 160 Wella 
Macfarlane J. & P. 64 N. Clark 
Mahoney William, Ohio nr Peyton 
Martin Philip, Canal bt Monroe and Adams 
Mauran & Wright, S. W. eor Clkrk and M •£■« 
Meyer & WiUinSi 286 State 



MUlington Michael, Olsiit bt Polk and Taylor 
Mockel Charles, 142 Randolph 
iCarphy John, eor Canal and Jackson 
Murphy John T. Michigan cor Market 
Norcross & Barstow, 35^ State 
Ofterg Conrad, cor Oreen and Lake 
O'Brien Bennis, Einzie nr Market 
O'Brien John, 192 Washington . . 

O'Brien Michael, 8B7 Clark 
O'Brien Morgan, 16 W. Randolph 
Ohlendorf WilUan;i, Wells bt Harrison and Polk 
Pabst Gottleib, 61 N. Clark 
Parker B. Sherman bt Harrison and Van Bar. 
Peck S. W. Madison W. of Market 
Pollock Joseph, State bt Polk and Taylor 
Potter k Vincent, 81 W. Randolph 
Ramm S. 281 Clark 
Raupert Otto, 86 N. Wells 
Raymond & McCall, 177 Clark 
Renne W. 257 Clark 
Rodemeyer H. F. L. 76 N. Clark 
• Ryan T. J. 78 N. Wells 
8ayrs Henry, 64, 56 State 
Seally Bennis, 240 Adams " , 
Schade W. 48 W, Madison 
Schmidt J. 92 K. Clark 
Scheelkop Henry, Washington cor WeUs 
Sim J. Madison dor Morgan 
Smith Bennis, 78 N. Dearborn 
Bmith J. cor Peoria and Milwaukee ay 
Smith John L. Van Buren nr Market 
Smith P. H. 126 Wells 
Stumme Conrad, oor Lake and Union 
Sjunmers James, 75 W. Lake 
Taylor John, W. Water S. of Lake 
Thomas J. R. 12 W. Randolph 
Thies Otto, Milwaukee av cor Sangamon 
Vnrtle Richard, 129 W. Randolph 
Volmer William, Sherman bt Polik and Taylor 
Waffoner £. H. Milwaukee aT cor Fourth 
Walker R. 78 Randolph 
Welch P. 87 Clinton 
Wiloox C. M. 4 Lind's block , 
Williams & Johnson, Wells cor Jackson 
WiOliamson A. R. 82 N. Clark 
Winning & Co. State N. of Taylor 
Woodberry & McCarty, Rio Grande cor Cottage 

Grore ay, 
Xofwg Jamen, Lake nr W. limits 


Barnes J. West Market 

Best William, State Street Market 

Bunting W. 6 West Market 

HOPRINSON C. 6, 8, 9 State Street Market, 

{«e6 card page 46.) 
Linscott & Lathrop, 22 State Street Market 
BANDALL THOS. D. 7 State Street Market, 

(«ee card page 46.) 
Rhodes G. A. 28 State Street Market 
Scales C. R. 10 State Street Market 
Stone & Steyens, 18 State Street Market 
.Stead W. J, 8, 4 N. Market v 


Laflins, Smith & Boies, 116 S. Water 

Gray, Densmore & Phelps, 87 South Water. 

Agents Schaghticoke Mills Powder 
Mills J. R. k Co. 68 Lake 


(Marked thut * are Mmttfttetman, 
*Abbey G. T. 220 Lake 
But! & Schiffer, 218 Lake 
Dominick W. F. & Co. 174 Lake 
EATON D. & Co. 88 Lake, [gee eard page 62/] 
*Kellermann William, Canal S. of Randolph 
* Kemp Joseph, 238 Lake 
UHRLAUB, SATTLBR ft CO., 168, 165 S. 

W%ttr, [jfee card page 62.^ 
Veigho Ruhling & Co. 89 S. Water 


Ott^oa H. G. 96 Randolph 

y^TI ^ BBX88EB8. 

Baumann F. 69 S. Water 

Campbell C. W. 10 Clark 

Cooper James, 56 Randolph 

Crisup & Tim, 86 N. Clark 

Emerson W. W. Tremont House 

Hall A. T. Canal nr Randolph i 

Hawkins G. 264 Clark 

Hunstock George H. 78 N. Clark 

Isbell L. Matteson Houae 

Jackson S. M. 59 Lake 

Johnson W. 102 Randolph 

EibboUa k Fraiia, 86 Dearborn 

Topf Theodore, Garden City House 

Walden W« k Co. Lake under City Hotel 


Armory, 12, 14 Dearborn, 4th floor 
Harmony, 46, 48 Clark, 8d floor 
IrTlng, 94, 96 Randolph 
Metropolitan, Randolph cor Lasalle 
'Odd Fellows, 100 Randolph, 8d floor 
North Market, Michigan, bt Clark and Dearb. 
South Market, (City) State N. of Randolph 
West Market, W. Randolph oor Deeplalnes 
Warner's, 104, 106 Randolph 


(See alto Iron; also Tinware and Stoves.) 
Bauer L. 228 N, Clark 

BLAIR W. k CO. 176 Lake, {tee eard page 54.1 
BOTSFORD J. K. k CO. 869 Lake, [^e eard 

page 54.] 
BUTZ & SCHIFFER, 182, 218 Lake, leee cand 

page 54.] 

Water, [eee card page 58.] 
DOMINICK W. F. k CO. 174 Lake, [«m card 

page 55 

[tee eard page 55.] 
FLOYD THOMAS, 287 Lake, Ueeca^dr- '" 



GKic^aa BirsiNSSs pirect^bv. 

GARFIELD A. 0. 98 Lftke, {tee card back cover) 
Grey.Ctorlen ^ Co. 285 Lake 
Oreenebnijtti M. & J. Randolph cor Union 
HAMMILiL, HAIQHT «f' C0. 78 Lake, {tee 

card page 57.] 
HUNT EDWIN. 79 Lake, \jm card pagt 67.] 
KENNEDY J. M. & W. V?. 193 Lake, [we 

eaird page 68.] 
Lake & Bvowb, lOft Lake 
LAMB & JEWETT, late A. D. Lanb k Co. 

208 Lake, [«m card page 58.] 
Lloyd Andrew, 387 3tate 
METZ CHEXSTOPHEfi, 50, 52 SUte, [m 

card page 58.] 
Meyer Frederick V. 50 N. Clark 
P^krisli, pdd^r & Co. ^120 K. Clark 
tEDERSON & KEJilJNY, 54 N. Clarli, [w c«rrf 

page 59.] 
PITKIN BROTHERS, 111 S. Water, [tee card 

page 69.] 
Rubel J. & A. 83 W.*Randolpfa, and 241 Lake 
RUN YON C. & CO. 72, 171 Lake, [tee card 

page 68.] 
SNOW, REYNOLDS & C6. 46 Dearlwm, [we 

card page 56.] 
Sordam S. J. & Co. 178 Lake 
TUTTLE, HIBBARD & CO. 46 S. Water, (we 

card on cover » 
Volner C. Ul Clark 
WHEELER WILLUM & CO. 148 Lake, [we 

ear<^ j9a^e 59.]. 
WILLIAMS J. P. 161 LBkt,>(^ee card page 60.) 
WISE MARTIN, 218 Randolph, («ee card page 

69.) • 


(Marked thtu * are Wholesale.) ' 

ADC0CK:E. 181 Randolph, (we card page 60.) 

Baker & Moody, 186 Lake 

BARSTOW JOSEPH, 134 Lake, (eee card page 

B^ssett & Hammond, 192 Lake 

Water, (*ee card page 60.) • 

Blumerthall J. 187 Randolph 
OALVERT WILLLIM H. jr. 80 Dearborn, (eee 

card page 62.) 
EMERSON E. 85 Lake, (eee card page 62.) 
Grosset Bros. & Gerardin, 105 S. Water, up 

GRIFFING M. H. 85 Randolph, (*ee card page 

62.) ' 

Heminway H. R. 78 Lake 
Jackson Juliua, 186 Randolph 
♦KELLOGG E. R. & CO. 167 S. Water, (we 

card page 62.) 
Ki||g8ley JB. B. 42 W. Randolph . 
Kruger G. F. (glove maker,) 16 W. Jlandolph 
Lippett Cowel, 114 N. Qark 
Smith J. A. & Co. 110 Lake 

Exchange B^nlp biulfmiga^ deppt 246, 249 
S. Water 
Clongh John, 43 Kinzie 
Metcalf Nathan W. (furs,) 246 «. Water , 
Moore Henry, 10 WellQ 

Plaistcd & Rockwell, toners and W9Ql4e»)«lllr 
, 74 S. Water 


(See jPAyetciane, Mov^opathtc^) . 


(See alto Lealher Dealers.) 


(^ee Blackmithe.) 

American Hi^use, W. R. Irishi IL^^^, cor W»« 

bash aT 
Baltic House, Wells nr Harnsea 
Bissell House, P. Bissell & Son, 224 Lak^ 
BRIGGS HOUSE, Floyd % French, Randolph 

N. E. cor Wells, (eee card page 66.) 
Bull's Head, Madison, W. ^d 
Caledonian House, 375 Clark, J. Br^v^ 
CITY HOTEL, Orciitt & Sutherland, hfi3s» ooe 

CLARENDON HOUSE, 2:^,4, 216 Rsodclpli, I^ 

P. & R. Hill, (eee card page 65.) 
Clark St. House, 879 Clark, W. Meaefaam 
Colby House, cor Washington and Welki, O. y« 

Commercial House, Shermi^ eoi; Vaa Bfcrea, 

Kennedy & Ross * 
Doty's Hotel, 62, 64 Randolph 
Eastern Exchange, cor Twelfth and dw^, P^ 
D. Palmer ' 

Foster House, N. Clark cor ]^zie 
Franklin House, 84 to 40 Kinxie, ^. A. Mills 
French Hotel, 164 Randolph, George Qhiffpio^ 
GARDEN CITY HOUSE, cor Market ^d Ha(^ 
isoU} R. & G. W. Storrs, (see card page 64.) 
HAMILTON HOUSE, 14 N. Clark, Janes F. 

Draper, (see card page 64,) 
Hotel de L'Europe, cor Marked and Momeo^ 

Joliai Kaiser 
Irving House, 196, 198 St«te, Rudolph Katte 
Jervis House, Sherman cor \an Bnr^u 
Kansas House, 375 CU^rk t 
Lafayette House, Wells nr Jackson 
LAKE HOUSE, N. Water cor Rush, fi. £. 

Boardman, (see card page 64.) 
Lake St. House, eor W« Lake and Canal, F. 

Lake View House, N. Lake shore 
McCardel House, 17, 19, 21 Dearbom 
Mason House, 266 Clark 
MANSION HOUSE, 89, 41 Kii^ie, £. Bowers, 

(«e card page 63.) 
Matteson House, cor Randolph opd, I>9nil)Qi% 

Steyens & Willard 
May's Hotel, Wells nr Randolph, G. Mi^ 
Merchants' Hotel, 15 Lasalle, E. Mooi^ 
Myrick's Hotel, Cottage Grore aT, M. Dodgft 
Napernlle House, l91 Bandplph, A» S4dxaU 
National Hotel, Randolph cor Peoria 


■-» r 


Kew England Hou«e, 4^2 State 

North Clark St. House, N. Clark opp C^oetbe 

New York House, 211, 213 Randolph, Smith & 

Philadelphia House, Washington cor Franklin, 

N. Bunn 
PlanterB' H^vm, Btodolph cor Wells, J. Me- 

Bio Grande, 89 Lasalle/G. Bemaur 
R0of^ Island fioufflS, 01«rk S. end, H. J^ngtey 
8t. Nicholas, Clark nr Polk, Sink &^ Watkins 
Scott House, N. Wells cor Water 
Sherman House, cor Clark and Randolph, J. 

A. Patmor & Son 

Ceay, Proprietor, No. 849 Clark St., 
between Harrison and Polk. 

This House is entirely new^^ and pleasantly 
^ situated. The proprietor can assure his 
friends and the public generally, that, as his 
house is well furnished, he is especially pre- 
pared to render all who may patronize him, 

Southern Ilptel, cor State and Twelfth, A. T. 

State $t House, cor State and Hubbard 
TBEMONT HOUSE, cor Lake and Dearborn, 

Gage, Brother & Drake, (9i6 tcard page 64.) 
United States Hotel, 245 Clark, Charles Nockin 
United States Hotel, 27 Randolph, J. Walker 
VERMONT HOUSE, Mai'ket nr Lake, J. Bell, 

(tee card page 64.) 
lAashington House, 228 Randolph 
yrashington House^ Clark bt Twelfth and Taylor 
Wilson House, cd^ Canal and Randolph, T. 6. 

Wisconsin House, 388 State, B. J. Noekin 
VOUNG AMERICA HOTEL, eor Randolph md 

Dearborn, Hulme & White 

(See Ftgmiture; alto Varieties; alto Woo^lm 



Bosley Edward F. h 115 W. Washington 
Carpenter Sconuel, h Lak« W. of Ann 
Mclntire & Welch, cor Van Buren and Frank. 
!tnpper 8. h Harrison nr Griswold 
Streeter Joseph, h Monroe cor Halsted 


Joy & Frisbie, 123 S. Watelr 

BELLOWS & IDESON, 106 S. Water, and 72 
Dearborn, [eee eard page 66.) 


(Su Mathematical Ineirum^tt; also Surgicttl 

Gille^ Paul W. (manufaeturer,) 297 W. Lake 

^ IHStr&AirCB BBOXEBil. 

(See Agents, Insurance,) ^ 


(Marked tkiu * art Marine ai$o,) 

Arctic, (N. Y.) 126 Litke 

iEtna, 12 Wells 

American, (Utica, N. Y.) 100 Randolph 

Astor, (N. Y.)84Lake 

* Atlantic, (Proyidence, R. I.) '77 Randolph 

Attas, (N. Y.) S. Water cor State 

Beekman, (N. Y.) 45 Clark 

Bridgeport, (Cona.) 18 Dearborn 

Chicago City^ Masonic Ten^sle^ (see card pa^ 

^Chicago Marine and Fire, Marine Bank 
CHICAGO MUTUAL, 120 S. Water, (see card 

page 67.) 
♦City, (Cleveland, Ohio) 189 Lake 
City, (Hartford, Conn.) 77 Randolph 
Commercial, (Jersey Oily) 189 Lake 
Connecticut, (Hartford City) 1 Clark 
Goiitinentiil, (N. Y.) Bavieisoik's block 
Equitable, (London) 45 Clark 
*Girard, (PhHa.) 87 Ctark 
Granite, (N. Y.) 45 Claifc 
Home, (N. Y.) 204 Lake 
Howard; 187 S. W«ter ' 

Laftirge, (N. Y.) 187 S. Waier ^ 
Liverpool & London, 12 Wells t 
LoriUand, (N. Y.) MasoBie Temple 
Metropolis, (N. Y.) 77 Randolph 
♦Metropolitan, (Beaiton, Maes.) 1 Clark 
MERCANTILE, Hilliard's block, (see card page 

Merchant's, (Phila.) 77 Randolph 
Monarch, (London & N. Y.) Darisson's block 
New Amsterdam, (N. Y.) Masonic Temple 
New York City, (N. Y.) 46 Clark 
*Northern Protection, (Caind^n, N. Y.) 100 

♦North Western, (Phila.) 1 HiUjard's block 
*North Western, (Oswego) S. Water cor Clark 
Ontario, (Hamilton, C W.) 77 Randolph 
Phgenix, (Brooklyn, N. Y.) 128 Lake 
Phoenix, (Hartford, Conn.) 77 Randolph 
Protection, (Hartford, Conn.) 77 Randolph 
Renssellnr, (Lansinburg, N. Y.) Masonic 

Roger Williams, (Providence, R. I.) Masonic 

Temple > 

♦Springfield, (Mass.) 77 Randolph 
Star, (Ogdensburg, N. Y.) 77 Randolph 
Washington, (N. Y.) 77 Randolph 
♦Western, (Olian, N. Y.) 128 Lake 


Berkshire, (Mass.) 1 Hilliard's block 
British Commercial, (Londbn) 20 Lasalle 
Charter Oak, (Hartford, Conn.) 77 Randolph 



Conntctioot Hotcud, (Huriford, Conn.) Masonic 

Hartford, (Hartford, Conn.) 77 Bandolph 

International, (London) 46 Clark 

Knickerbocker Temperance, (N. T.) 7 Metro- 
politan block 

Idverpool & London, 12 Wells 

Mass.) branch ei&ce. Post Office bnildtngs, S6 
Dearborn, 2d floor, {see card page 66.) 

Mutual, (N. T.) 84 Uke 

Mutual Benefit, HilUard's block 

New England, (Boston) 77 Randolph 

ProYidence, (Washington, B. L) 20 LasaUe 

IBOV 1SVCE8, KAILnrOS, fte. 
Melboum & Co. North branch N. of North ar 
8T0DDABD A. F. rear 197 Bandolph, {tu 
card page 68.) 

ntov Fouras&s. 

BROOKS & ONIONS, Lake bt Union and 

Halsted, (ut card page 69.) 
Cobb J. W., W. Klnzie nr Bridge 
GATES P. W. & CO. Eagle Works, W. Water 

cor Washington, (see em^ page 111.) 
Granger W. J. & Co. Granger Iron Works, 

Indiana cor Franklin 
LETZ k BURLING, Chicago Iron Works, 84 

to 92 Franklin, (see card page 69.) 
Mason & McArtnur, cor Canal and Carroll 
Moses Hiram P. Polk bt Canal and RiTer 
REISSIG CHARLES, Polk bt Clinton and 

Jefferson, (see card page 110.) 
Siser G. W. k Co. Union Car Works, S. Clark 

S. of Twelfth 
Warrington Heniy, Vulcan Foundi7, Water N. 

of Kmzie 


HALL E. G. & CO. 209 S. Water, (see card 

page 67.) 
Lake & Brown, 108 Lake 
BYERSON J. T. 196 S. Water, (see card page 

Norton H. & Co. (pig,) cor RiTer and Dock 
Sizer G. W. & Co. S. Clark S. of Twelfth 


(Ses Watches f Jewelry,) 


(See also Furniture, Second ffand,) 
Curran Dennis, 6 land's block 


Aiken Andrew, 82 W. Randolph 
Allen William, 84 W. Randolph, up stairs 
Beattie D. C. 66 Clark . 

Berdell Nicholas, 221 Washington 
Dunlap John, 79 N. Water 
Hoisington Jaspar A. 71 Clark 
Lamb Patrick, 123 Randolph 
Magee Henry, 2 W. Randolph 

McCarthy Owen, 4 N. Clark 
0*Donoghue James, 8 N. Clark 
O^MaUey Chariee, 2 S. Clark 
Ruger H. B. 67 Randolph 

LACS eoosf. 

(Ste Embffridertrs; aUto MiUmerpf alto Jkneg 



(See also PamU, OOf, and Cohrs.) 

BALL k SEARS, 268 Clark 

CleaTcr Chas. 99 S. Water, Works aeaYerrille 

Corrigan Wm., Rucker cor Catherine 

Crosby k Wendt, 47 LasaUe 

Dongall Thomas, Illinois E. of Sand 

Fallch Leonard, nr N. City limits 

Foster Edward, 19 Illinois 

Hough, Hills & Co. office 6 Dearborn 

Riedel Robert, 113 N. Clark 

Ritchie Hugh, Grand Haven slip and 81 Kinaie 


(Su Attomegs,) 


Collins k Blatchford, Clinton cor Fulton 


Beschormann Augustus, 70 N. Clark 

Exchange Bank bdgs, (see card page 72). 
Grey C. F. k Co. 286 Lake » - 

Hach Henry, 46 Wells ' 

KELLY k BLACKBURN, 2|8'Lake, (see card 

page 72.) 
Osbom, Adams k Co. 206 Lake 
Wallin C. C. k Son, 8 land's block 
YOB P. L; 106 Lake, (see card page 73:) 


Cordry L. H. k Co. rear 141 Lake 
POINIER J. PEARSON, Kinzie nr WeUs, (ste 
, card page 73.) 

Wiltsee S. S. Owen nr Sangamon 
Hanmas Thomas, h Adams cor Jefferson 

LDCE, Mti^T.w^a nr 


(See also Brick Dealers; also Builders; Plas- 

Lyman F. Dock bt Randolph and Washington 

W. side 
Sherman 0. & W. G. 240 Lake 
Steams k Co. E. Lake nr Bridge 


Marked thus * are Rect^iers also. See also Wms 

and Liquors,) 

ALLAIR k BINZ, 98 S. Water, (<e« card page 

Brainard A. P. 16 LasaUe 



I>AT & LEJS, S* Water cor Franklin, (tee card 
. JfogeUi.) 

Dodge G. & Co. 11 Franklin 
^Fuller J. E. S. ft Co. 27 S. Water 
KOEFFLER G. A. ft CO. 40 Franklin, («^ 

'card page 126.) 
'M.cCUYty Smith, 100 S. Water 
Moor A. M. 6 Dearborn 
"^MyerB Samuel, Madison nr Bridge . 
*0'NeU John, 87 S. Water 
Keed L. ft Co. 95 S. Water ^ 

KlTers Charles, 62 N. Ciark 
Stephani ft Bro. 154 W. Randolph 
*TRUE ft THAYEH, 8 Dearborn, (tee card 

page 124.) 
*TurriU ft HaTon, 51 S. Water 
Watkins E. T. ft Co. 90 Lake 
WEINMANN J. ft CO. S. Water cor Wells, 

(see card page 124.) 
Westbrook G. 230 Randolph 
Wolf Abraham, 187 Lake 


(See JSngravera.) 


(Marked thus * are also Sale.) 

^Barr Robert, Franklin bt Lake and Randolph 
Bralejr J. Madison oor Lasalle 
Burhans ft Smith, Washington nr Wells 
Donnelly James M. 91 Randolph 
«£ddy William H. 66 Randolph 
G^ross Jacob ft Haas, 25 W. Madison 
Lewis & Loomis, 51, 53 Dearborn 
Hopkins & Haynes, cor Einzie and N. Lasalle 
« «linn L. M. 238 State 

Marshall ft Steinhaus, Canal bt Randolph and 

Peacock ft Cook, Canal bt Randolph and Wash. 
PLATT ft HOMTE, 99, 101 Randolph, (Me card 

page 74.) 
Turner J., N. Water cor Wolcott 
WALKER S. B. ft M. 0. 54 Dearborn, (see 

sard page 73.) 
WILCOX C. C. 18 Franklin, (see card page 74.) 
Wilson Bro. ft Co. 7 Lake 
Wright ft Currier, 128 Michigan 

LOCK ft WMlTEftllXrSS. 

DAY ft HATDEN, 21 Dearborn, (see card 

page 74.) 
Jensch F. 105 Wells 
Lauteijung A. 74 N. Clark 
Wise M. 218 Randolph 


(See Gilders.) 


ALDRICH J. F. Market cor Tan Buren, (see 

card page 76.) 
ALLEN J. P. cor Lake and S. Water, (see card 

page 78.) 

Barber J., Canal bt Madison and Monroe 
Beebe, Lyon ft Co. Taylor nr S, Branch 
Beidler J. Bros, ft Co. Madison cor Canal 
Bishop James E., Market cor Jackson 
Blanchard Joseph, cor Jefferson and Adams 
Bonzar Christian, Hastings 
BREWSTER B. ft CO. S. Clark nr M. S. Do- 
pot, (see card page 77.) 
Brown ft Trowbridge, Market nr Madison 
BUTTS WILLIAM, Canal nr Monroe, (see card 

page 80.) 
CANFIELD E. ft J. Canal cor Fulton, (ses 

card page 78.) ' 

CARTER ARTEMAS, Peyton cor Kinzie, (see 

card page 75.] 
Chapin, Marsh ft Foss, Canal nr Monroe 
Clement, Butlin ft Co. Market nr Monroe 
Covert A. H. Franklin nr Charles 
Dalton James, Markee cor Jackson 
Dewey ft Co. E. Einzie nr Bridge 
Duncan J. W. ft Co. Stowell's Slip 
Dunlop Hugh, Market nr Adams 
Dutcher W. F. 54 N. Wellfi 
Ewers Charles, (also wood,) 137 Ohio 
Ferry ft Barton, Market nr Madison 
Ferry ft Sons, Market nr Madison 
Eraser & Jillett, Sherman nr Taylor 
Frost ft Bradley, Tyler nr S. Branch 
GARRICE JOHN, StowelFs sHp, (see card 

page 77.) 
Gardner F. B. Wells nr Harrison 
Green ft Holden, Canal nr Adams 
HANNAH, LAY ft CO., Canal cor Jacksoi^ 

(see card page 76.) 

nr Monroe, (see card page 77.) 
Holbrook ft Elkins, office 7 Clark, 2d floor 
Holland ft Leonard, E. Madison nr Bridga 
Holt ft Mason, Market cor Monroe 
Howell ft Skilton, Clark nr R. I. depot 
Humaston W. C. Clark nr Stowell's slip 
Hubbard J. Canal cor Twelfth 
Ingram Geo., W. Water bt Rand, and Wash. 
James J. L. ft Co. Clark nr R. I. depot 
Johnson S. M. 239 S. Water 
Jones Tarlton ft Co. Elizabeth bt Polk and 

Kennedy ft Stockbridge, Franklin foot of Chas. 
LAMB C. ft CO. Peyton nr Hubbard's pack- 
ing house, (fee card page 75.) 
Leavenworth J. H. cor Twelfth and River 
Lind S. Canal S. end < 

Loomis ft Luddington, cor Canal and Adams 
Ludington N. ft Co. Canal cor Van Buren 
Lull ft Eastman, W. end Lake St. brieve 
McMullin James, Market nr Adams 
Mears C. ft Co. E. Kinzie nr Bridge 
MILLS JAMES H. off. 146 S. Water, (see em-d 

page 80.) 
Mitchell H. A., W. Water nr Madison 
MORRISON ft WALLACE, Clark nr Mich. 8. 

freight depot, (see cardpagt 77.) 
Newell T. ft Co. Wells bt Harrison and Polk 
Noble George W., Jefferson nr Randolph 


CJSaQMO WBWSSA iobbctObt., 

Norton $l Bco. W. Waier eor Lake 

Officer A. go> Market and Monroe 

Pi^ & mdell,' (cabinet,) rear 225 State 

Peacock J. &jPo. Stowell^s slip 

Pil^^RSON J. H. & CO. Market.eor Madison, 

(we card page 76.) 
Peak J. W. & N. a, Lake W. orAnn 
PERRY & GODFROT, W. Water bt Randolph 

and Washington, (w« card page 79.) 
Price & Fisher, S. Branch nr Union Car Work^ 
Beed J. S., Canal cor Carroll 
REEVE S. & CO. Sherman cor Taylor, («w 

card page 76.) 
Roberts George R. Wells cor Harrison 
Rogers & 'Brown, Polk S. Branoh 
RYERSQN, MILLER & CO.- Canal cor Fulton, 

4tu card page 78.) 
SHEPARD OTIS, W. Kinzie nr Bridge, (dee 

card page 78.) 
Shepard, Sherriffs & Smith, Ca^'al bt Jackson 

and Van Buren 
BLOCtjM WILLIAM H., Marketeer Jackson, 

(ice card page 75.) 
Spaids C. B. Masket nr Randolph 
Steers & Co. W. Taylor nr River 
SUTHERLAND & CO. Canal nr Fulton, (see 

cardpagp 79.) 
Satherland S. F., Market nf Jacksgn 
Thomas & Loyd, Market nr Randolph 
THROOP, LEARNED & CO.-Market nr Madi- 
son, ($e$ cardpc^e 80.) 
Turner J. M., W. Polk nr Bridge 
TURNER H. N. Clark, nr Liberij, (m card 

page 77.) 
XUTTLE, GREEN & CO. Market cor Van Bur 

ren, (tee card page 80.) 
VARIAN E. Rancblph cor W!Water, cardpJ9. 
Volk J. & Co. S. Clark E. end 
Walker & Day, Canal bt Einzie and Carroll 
WILCOX, LYON & CO. Franklin nr Charles, 

(ece card page 76.) 

tde J. & Son, W. Van Buren nr Bridge 
Wilkins J- E., S. Clark opp. Union Car Works, 

office 14 Couch's block 
Williams k Ayery, CanaJ nr Fulton . 
Williams J. M. Canal bt Folk and Tyler 
Wing £. & Co. Market nr Jackson ' 

Wood, Henderson k Co. Twelfth nr Lafiin's slip 
Wood P. 94 niinois " . 


Beatile J. jr., agent Snowies* Patent Saw, 
Marine Bank bdgs. 156 Lake 

CHASE GEORGE C., Chicago Machine De- 
pot, 118 8. Water, [«« ctfrd page S^."] ^ ■ 

RIDEOUT WILLIAM. M., agent Norcross* par 
tent rotary planing and flooring machine, 68 
Dearborn, (see card page 90.) 


(See also BUteksmith; also Boiler Makers;, 
also Jrofi Founders.) 

FQZ C. R., Canal bl Adams and Jackson, (sa 
card page 85.) 

PEATIB JOHN k CO., N. Water njr G. ft C. 

U. R. R. passenger depot, (see card pq^Vllt,) 
SCOVILLE, BUSCHICK k CO. Canal b€l4ikft 

and Randolph, (see card page 85.) 


(See also Lumber, Dealer s.y 

SLOCUM WILLIAM H.^ Market cor Jackisoft, 
(see card page 7 6.) 

l^APS ft CHiCRTS. 

Chicago Map Store, Rufus Blanchatd,^ 52 La* 

COOR£ D. B. & CO. 185 Lake, (see •urd m 

HALL k CO. (new City Map,) 189 Lake oor 
Wells, haTO just published a complete mi^p 
of the City,, with all the late improv^meBts, 
extci^sions and subdivisions, in couTenient 
size and form for eitfier Counting House ox 
Pocket. Parties wishing to send Maps to 
non-resident property holders and friends at 
a distance, will be furnished with suitable 
impressions at reduced prices. Orders from 
the trade throughout the State respectfully 

Lowe James M. 9, 1(> Metropolitan block 


SCHUREMAN k HOFFMAN, 191 dask, (mc 

card page 85.) 
SHUMER k 00. 240 Lake, (see c»dp^^.) 
Wilson H. k. 0., State eor Wasiangtoa* 
Slaughter k Knirr, oor N, Clark and Sup^rkw 


(^ee Bu&dere.) 

MARXirrs. - 

NORTH, Michigan bt Clark and Dearborn 
MARKET STRJSET,. Market S. of RandolpU 
SOUTH, State cor Randolph 
WEST, W. Rand<^ph» oor Desplaines 


Atwood & Belden, cor State and' Taylor 
Brown L. .Quiucy nr Clark 
Stevens & Co, Rio Grande 

Gray 0. F. 5 Davisson's blook , 
Whitcomb J. 0. 36 Dearborn 

(See Patent Medicinee.'^ 


Cox & Carlen, 119 Wells 

^ V 


(See Agencies^ Mercantile.) 


(See Commission Merchants,^ 





(See also Clothing,) 

AIKEN C. M. 77 Randolph, {tee cdrd, page 18.) 

Branigan Hugh, 127 Randolph 

BRSMK£R KOB£RT, 161 Baacto)|yh, {u$ eatd 

BUR WELL & SMITH, 7 Trenlbnt block, (tee 

card page's^,) 
Clingman W. & CO. 113« Lake 
DAYISON & NICHOLS, 64 CTark, (m card 

page 88.) 
Dykem^n J. H. 5 Tremont block 
Falrchild M. S. 67 Lake 
HARRIS XT. P. 83 Lake, {eee eardpage 17.) 
Harrey James M. 84 Lake 
HODGSON & PERRY, 69 Clark^ (see eardpage 
. 88.) 

Hurd E. B. 64 Clark 
Ives £. L. & Co. 63 CkHnk 
Jenks & Beers, 89, 91 Lake 
McLean & Baxter, 220 Randolph 
Kroger & Co. 17 N. Clark 
Lock William, 119 Lake 
Nash John, 80 N. Clark 
SAVAGE THOMAS, 260 Lake; («« eardpage 

Shelby W; 177 Randolph 

8PEER T. 76 Lake, (see eardpage 8T.) 

Weishaar J. 109 Wells 

Weistnbacfa T. 46 Wells 

Wmiderle L. 182 Randolph 


(See also UnderUxkfrt,) 
JOllDAN C. H. 184 Clark, (see eatrd pagel^,) 


Bawsdn C. L. (M. D.) 129 Dearborn 
64iunp» B. Peck ct nr Stale. 


Cook & Doty, 6 N. Dearborn 
Higgine F. 176 Desplaines 

i^ee also Drts» Makers,) 

Adtfook Mrs. £. 181 Randolph 

Anderson Mr?. G. 142 Lake 

JBart)Our Horace E. 133 Lake 

Barker Elizabeth, 29.N. Clark 

BLAKE MRS. E. A. 66 Lake,'(mcar(/j[7a^£89.) 

Blommeri Mrs. M. 76 Wells 

Calendine Mrs. F. 161 J Clark 

Cloy4e Misses, 84 State ^ 

Eafves Mrs. George, 269 Clark 

Eiah & Russell, 49 N. Clark 

iSrannis J. K. 143 Lake 

Hargin Mrs. M. C. 69 Lake 

Hawks Mrs. C. W. 188 Lake 

Hohensteg Miss C. 87 Wells 

Hopson Mi*s. J. 86 Clark 

^nilker Michael, 183 Wells 

Lamb Miss Helen M. 166 Cla^k 

, ,«-.^ 

Levi Isaac, 6!2 W. Randolph 

Loyd Mrs. B. F. 149 Randolph - 

Myers Mrs. P. 80 N. Clark 

O'ConncU A. T. & E. A. 170 Lake 

Perkins Mrs. B. 73 Randolph 

SCOTT MRS. MARr, 171 Lake, (set eardpagt 

Sterling Mrs. Ann, 134 Franklin 
Tibbetts Mrs. C. 177} Randolph 
\lllliams A. E.-& E. H. 138 Lake 
Williams Miss M. 146 Clark 
WILLIAMS 'W. R. & CO. 152 Lake, (see card- 

page 31.) 


DOWNER & CO. 77 Market, (see cardpagt^n.) 
Huntoon & Towner, 288 Lake 

Adams B., W. Water E. of Clark 
Gage & Haines, S. Water cpr lUver 
Noble W. F. W. cor Adams and Canal 
Rickards, "Beierlien & Co. cor Lasalle and 

Woodworth & Phillips,- Michigan %j cor Lake 


HAYWAIU) & TRAVIS, W. Water nr Wash« 
ington, (see eardpage 93.) 


Fox Charles R. Canal nr Adams 

Fulton & Perkins, lYashington W. of Canal 

Miller A. 48 State 

Reese William, 160 Wells 


(See Piano Fortes.) 

Bergman Carl, box 2010 post-offico 

Chant H. W. 206 Edina 

Cook A. F. Polk cor Griswold 

Dean S. T. 147 Clinton 

Horner Mrs. W. B. 116 W. Madison 

Hoyt Miss Cornelia, cor Lake and Laaalle 

Knauer Edmund, 184 Lake 

Lippert Henry, 45 Quinsy , 

Lybecker Louis, 9 Clark 

Marcchal A. Exchange Bank bdgs. 4th floor 

Slaytor J. H. L. 108 Madison 

Stabb Franz, 72 State 


Wuthinow W. cor Franklin and Van Buren 

IMnenhower.W. W. 123 Lake 
Griffith 0. F. agent Tallis & Co. and Virtne, 

Son & Co. 8 Merchants' Exchange 
McNally John, Theatre buildings 
Paige G. W. Tremont House Bar 
ROSS, JONES & TOUSET, (branch) 25 Clark 
Shear J. B. Dearborn cor Randolph 
Warner k White,, 74 Dearborn 




{Marked ihut * are Dailiety f are WeekUeSf and 
J are M*mtkUet.) 

*fGhicAgo Democrat, J. Wentworth, 45 Lasalle 

f Chicago ETangelist, J. 0. Wilson 

*f Chioago Joumal, R. L. & C. L. Wilson k Co. 

60 Dearborn 
'^t^hicago Times, Cook, Cameron h Sheahan, 

43 Lasalle t- 

«tChicago Tribune, Wright, Medill k Co. 58 

f Christian Times, Church k Smith, 16 Lasalle 
fCoDg. Herald, Ilolbtook k jlggleston, 7 Met- 
ropolitan block 
f Courier, R. P. Hamilton, 84 Randolph 
*! Democratic Press, Sorippe, Bross k Spears, 

45 Clark 
^flUinois Staats Zeitung, Schneider k Hill- 

gartner, 10 Wells 
f New Covenant, L. D. Mason, 76 State 
fNorth Western Christian Advocate, J. Y. 

Watson, 5B Randolph 
{North- Western Medical and Surgical Journal, 

Davis k Johnson, 66 Lake 
f Pathfinder, Horner k Crone, 116 Clark 
JPrairie Farmer, Wright k Wight, 84 Dearborn 
f Sloan's Garden City, Oscar B. Sloan, 42 Lake 


Adams W. H. 41 Clark 

Bentley Cjrus, 21 Dearborn 

Beveridge J. L. 55 Clark 

Brown A. J. 65 Clark 

Calhoun J. B. 4S Michigan ay 

Clarke H. W. 3 Warner's Hall 

Davenport G. W. 104 Randolph 

Davis W. H. 190 Lake 

Farwell Charles B. 4 Court House 

Forsythe John, Marine bank buildings 

Gilbert Ashley, 64 Clark 

Greenebaum Henry, 58 Lasalle 

Hoffmann F. A. 58 Lasalle 

Huntington A. 96 Lake 

Ingalls G. A. 53 Clark 

James B. F. 148 Lake 

Pearson G. T. 4 Exchange Bank buildings 

P^jok W. W. Saloon buildings ' 

Russell J. B. F. 94 Randolph 

Stewart W. W. 47 Clark 

Tamer V. C. 41 Clark 

YosB Arno, 40 Clark 

Wright Edward, 128 Lake^ 

{See also Lard, OH j* Soap.) 

Chicago Oil Manufacturing Co. office 13 State 
SeamrooB k Haven, (linseed oil and putty,) 
office 140 Lake 


(See alto PhyMane,) 

Barber J. E. 48} Randolph 
Curtis C. R. S. 48} Randolph 

Newkirk J. 17 Metropolitan block 

Lewis Joines L. {and Aurist,) 56 Mickigan 


Parmalee F. k Co. 56 Randolph, np stairs 
Walkers. B. k M. 0. 54 Dearborn 


Gray 0. F. 5 Davisson*s block 
Rosenberg L. £. 88} Randolph 
Whitcomb J. 0. 36 Dearborn 


Cooke Henry, 12 Clark 
Doggett J. B. 125 S. Water 


'{See Provision DeaUre and PaeketM,) 


B ARRT k CUSHING, 62 Lake, {m card pa, 94.) 
BECKERT k YIERT, 161 Lake, Cm card page 

Brede D. k M. 221 Wells 
Chase B. F. 90 Randolph 
Clancey M. B. 279 N. Clark 
Drake George, 239 CUrk 
Hager, L. G. 22 Quincy 
Hansen H. k J. Waldhaaser, 174 N. Clark 
Heath k Hurd, 183 Randolph 
Hotze k Co. 187 W. Randolph 
Howard G. ^(2 W. Lake 
Hummer C. W. 81 Kinsie 
Lattan T. 74 W. Randolph 
Lathrop k Davis, 127 SUte » 
Mehrle W. 86 N. Clark 
Morrison M. k Sons, 339 Clark 
Nutley k Williams, 127 N. Clark 
Skinner John L. 153 Buffalo 
THOMSON & ALSTON, 168 Randolph, («i 
• card page 94.) 
Vint k Carlton, 86 W. Lake 


Gaylord £.165 Randolph 

Horn Lewis, 141 W. Riwdolph 

Mehrie W. 86 N. Clark 

JEVNE k ALMINI, 80 Randolph, (ess eari 

page 94.) 
WINDHEIM & STEITZ, 191 Lake, {tee card 

page 94. 


Bond 0. V. 1 Exchange Bank bdgs, 4th floor 
Coles T. B. 8 Buffalo 
Cridland C. E. 189 Lake 
ambrotype and mezzograph, {eee card page 8.) 
McMaster W. E. 181 Lake 
THIELCKE H. D. 25 Metropolitan block 

PAiirrs, on. * glass. 

See alto DruggUtt, 

BARCLAY BROS. 218 S. Water, and 9 Frank- 
lin, {tee card page 27.) 



Reed X H. & Co. 144 Lake 

Reynolds Hiram, 97 S. Water 
Shipman & Qoodridge, 78 S. Water 

IVlute Alexander, 118 S. Water 



Jenks A. £., Lake nr Clinton <« 

Nicholas & Kezeler, 101 Lake 

WEIGLE FRED., Plain and Fancy Paper Box 
Maker, No. 71 Lake street, 8d story. Manu- 
facturer of Shoe, Shirt, Ribbon, Glore, Bon- 
net, Perfumery, Confectionary, Hosiery, Dry 
Goods and Hat Boxes. Any of the above 
kinds of Boxes will be furnished at the short- 
est notice, and at reasonable rates. Orders 
reoeired by mail will receive prompt atten* 


See also PainUre, 

ANDRESS H. W. & CO. 67 Randolph, {9U 

eardpaffe 96.) 
I>rake George, 289 Clark 
Donnelly C, Theatre bdgs. 
FAXON & CROSBY, 52 Randolph, (aee card 

page 95.) 
Lathrop k Davis, 127 State 
OTTO WILLLIM E. 69 Randolph, {eee card 

page 96.) 
Short J. S. & Co. 172 Lake 


Barley A. H. & C. 122 Lake 
Culver & Page, 131 Lake, 4th floor 
Tolling William, 161 Lake, up stairs 


. BRADNER, WARREN & CO. 12,La8aIle, {eee 
card page 98.) 
BUTLER & HUNT, 48 State, {ue eardjfage9S.) 
Griggs S. C, & Co./lll Lake 
LAFUN G. H. & L. 176 S. Water, (ue card 
page 97.) 

Chamberlain & Bro. 180 W. KSnzie 


(See aUo Druggiste.) 

Cavanaugh T. H. & Co. 98 Dearborn 

•Collins S. F. 44 Franklin 

FarreU W. B. 42 Franklin 

GUbert W. L. 44 Franklin 

Jenniss Benjamin, 181 Clark 

Sloan Walter B. proprietor of Sloan's Family 
Ointment, Instant Relief, Life Syrup, Horse 
Ointment, Condition Powders, &c., 42 Lake 

YERRINGTON J. D. 69 Clark 


[See also Furniture, eectmd hand.'] 

Casey P. & J. 40 Wells 
Hogan John, 280 Lake 

Launder James, 152 Randolph 
Lavinia W. T. S. & Co. 54 Franklin 
O'Reily John, Wells cor Madison 


[See eiane Yarde,'] 


Gray Jared, 78 Clark 

Hudson F. 129 Lake 

HURL6UT A. B. ISLasalle, [eee card page99.l 

Reed J. H. & Co. 114 Lake 


Andrew E. 66 Lake 

Baltzell William H. 85 Clark 

Banks J. N. 42 Clark 

Basset Jared, 172 Clark 

Beach J. S. (homoeopathic,) 88 State 

Beardsley H. H. 47 Lasalle 

Bell Henry R. 90 Illinois 

Bentley B.B. (botanic,) 90 Wells 

Bevan Thomas, 899 State 

Bingham H. R., Calumet ay 

Bird J. H. 5 Clark 

Blaney J. Y. Z, 102 Indiana 

Bloodgood J. 89 Clark 

Boardman H. K. W., homoeopathic, 94 Lasalle 

Borman George, [German,] 184 Randolph 

Brainard D. 53 Clark 

Brinokerhoff J. 94 Lake 

Brown J. B. 86 N. Clark 

Brownell S. 82 W. Randolph 

Bryan Thomas, 105 Clinton 

Buchan&n R. D. 173 Clark 

Carey Milford, (botanic,) 98 Adams 

Carpenter W. S. 172 Clark 

Cerf Jacob, 167 Wells 

Chapman H. C. 98 Buffalo 

Cheeney & Ross, 62 W. Randolph 

Clark W. E. 42 Clark 

Coatsworth George, 17 N. Clark 

Collins James H. 59 Clark 

Collins S. F. (botanic,) 44 Franklin 

Colton D. A. 2 Lake 

Dillard W. D. 65 Clark 

Davis H. S. 66 Lake 

Duck C. H. 44 Clark 

Douglass L. A. 190 Lake 

Dusenbury A. T. 112 Wells 

Dyer C. V. Dearborn cor Monroe 

Eldredge J. W. 8 Clark 

Ely J. G. 144 Lake 

Evans John, 55 Clark 

Foster J. H. 216 Madison 

Faircloth S. £. 87 Clark 

Freer J. W..4 Davisson's block 

Gibbs Aaron, 111 Lake 

Garnsey Charles, (bomoeopathist,) Peoria bt 

Lake and Fulton 
Griswold W. R. Lake nr Reubeii 
Hamill Robert C. 101 Washington 
Hamilton J. T. 58 Clark 
Haven Samuel R. 22 Clark 



Hawley J. 83 Michigan %f 

Hedges J. 44 Kifizie 

Helmuth C. A. 74 N. Wells 

Henrotin F. 95 N. Clark 

HerpickW. B. 113 Lake 

Hejdock M. 0. 77 Randolph 

Hirley A. V, 206 Madison 

Hitchcock H. State cor Harmon ct 

Hunt W. 0. 6 Clark , 

BEurlbut H. N. 3 Warner's Hall 

fiuribut V. L. 3 Warner's Hall 

Jerome M. Clark cor Adams 

Johnson H. A. 113 Lake ' 

Kelly C. V. (homoeopatliist,) 115 Lak* 

Kluber Charles, 9 Clark 

Kluber Dr. C M. 48^ N. Clark 

Lavar Fi A. Madison nr Clark 

Landon Dr. D. S. 209 Randolph 

Ledlie J. H. 84 N. Clark 

Lee & Harvey, 67 Randolph 

Loverin Nelson, 137 State * 

Ludlam Reuben, (homoeopathiBt,) 116 Lasalle 

Lurton Dr. L, 138 State 

Lynn L P. (city), 148 Clark 

Marshall J. G. 84 S. Desplaines 

Mcllwaine M. Madison nr Jefferson 

M«Vickar B. 47 Clark . 

Major J. S. (botanic)i 164 Madison' 

Maxwell Philip, 79 Clark , 

Maynard S. A. 182 Randolph ' 

Mellinger J. H. (eclectic), 2 W. Randolph 

Miller De Laskie, 63 Lake 

Morfit J. C. 47 Clark 

Morse J. C. (eclectic), 62 Dearborn 

Myers Max. ^9 Clark 

Newkirk A. S. (oculist), 17 Metropolitan hall 

Nutt John, 65 Clark 

Oster F. W. (German,) 261 Clark 

OVERHALTS J. N., S. E. cor Clark and S. 

Yf titer, (see index for card.) 
Page George B. 82 W. Randolph 
Page John L., Post Office bdgg 
Palmer A. B. 63 Lake 
PaoH Dr. G. C. 142 Lake, up stairs, 3d floor 
Parker Henry, 144 Lake 
Pape F. 217 Edina 
Perkins T. A. 284 Clark 
Pitney A. (homoeopathic,) 124 Lake 
Quinlan C. H. k J. D. (dental siLrgeons,) 83 

Rawson Airs. C. L. (homo&opathic), 129 Dearb. 
Reynolds W. E. 20 W. Madison 
Ritchie Henry, 117 Randolph 
Rutter David, 41 Clark 
Bauer Charles, 133 State 
Semple Manly, 21 Clinton 
Shipman G. E. (homoeopathio,) H Lasalle 
Sim T. & J. 30 W. Randolph 
Smith C.G. 122 Lake 
Smith D. S. 116 Lasalle 
Smith Hiram, 86 W. Lake 
Snowdon William, 216 Clark 
Spangler David, 3 Metropolitan block 
Spannagel J. L. 134 Franklin 

Spencer T. R. 104 Bsttdolph 

Starr John F. 17 N. Clark 

Teare J. 107 IndUana 

Thorp J. C. Davison's block . 

TopfH. 133 W. Randolph 

Tingley W. H. 72 Lake 

Train A. 98 Randolph 

Vargis L. M. 63 N. Clark 

Wftteh J. 68 N. Clark 

Wardner H. R. 63 Lake 

Webster JohA, (hydropatk,) 208 W. Lake 

Wickersham S. 396 Chirk 

Williams R. P. 96 Randolph 

Woodsworth J. 604 State 


{Marked thus * are Manufacturers.) 

Brabant & Co. 90 Lasalle 

GREENE R. G. 74 Lake, (su card next froni 

Higgins Bros. 64 Randolph 
^Knauer C. & Son, 131 N. Clark 
Luhrson Frederick, 92 Wells 
*Preston J. 22 Kinwe 
Reed & Watkins, 49, 61 Randolph 
»Stone H. & J. 19 N. Clark 
Walker H. VL 163 Randolph 


{See ilso Grocers.) 
Doggett J. B. 123 Lake 


BOWN T. & CO. 10 Clark, (see card pajjf^ 4%) ^ 

Braunhold & Sonne, 61, 63 Lasalle 

Ferris k Boyd, 177 Lako 

HOLMES W. 189 Lake, (see eardpagt 41.) 

Stolz F. 180 Clark 


Flatentaa F. 8 Clark 


(See also Hardware.) 

DOMINICK W. F. & CO. 174 Lake, {see card 

page 56.) . 
McClutchey Francis P. (file,) h Mather nr Canal 
Watts W. C. 67 Wells 
Zinunermah John, 42 W. Madison 

Foss & Bros, cor Canal and Monroe 
Gage J. & Co, cor Adams and Carroll 
HERBERT G. & CO. Polk nr Bridge, (see card 

page 99.) 
JENNINGS G. W. Ohio cor Franklin, {set card 

page 99.) 
Mason & Lamb, Jefferson oor Fulton 
McFall F. & Co. Market cor Tyler 
Merrill Robert, jr. Ctfnal cot Carroll 
Noble G. W. Clinton nr Randolph 
Smith S< k Co. Peyton ftr Oiitai4o 


aasoAso xasmws saBKcs^sTi 


Sieirart A. & Co. Cai^al bt Adams aiul Jaoksoix 


(See alio Bmlder$.) 

Andrew E. 80 Indiana 
Oreen George, Madison nr Halsted 
McGraw J. Adams i^ Dei^raines 
Ward John, h cor Rncker and Co<^idge 
Wobd A. <3. Washington cor Curtisa 

GEORGE T. & CO. 201 Lake, (see card page 

Ijloyd Andrew, 387 State 


{see card page 45.) 
Maguire T. & Co. rear 75 Lake 
Pedeson & Kenny, 54 N. Clark 
KAFFEN & SOlSr, 172 Wells, (see card page 100.) 
Kubel J. & A. 86 W. Randolph and 241 Lake 
WIghtman R. Y. 229 W. Randolph 
Williams G. N. 369 Clark 
WILSON & HUGHES, 60 Dearborn, (see catd 

page 100.) 


./PINKERTOK k €0. 89 Dearborn, (tee card 
page 91.) 


South end qf Court House, 
Bradley C. T. (Captain,) res. 2 IB MacUsoa « 


(See Oreen Orocert,) 


A««en W.H.I 16 Clark 

]^on F. H. 14 Lasalle 

Case A. 6. 65. Clark 

Cook, Cameron & Sbeahan, 48 Lasallf 

Crayens & Co. 132 Lake 

XHinlop k Sewiell, 145 Lake 


Fielding & Adams, 41 Clark 

Hayes & Thompson, 53 Lasalle 

Hoeffgen & Schneider, 10 Wells. Publishers 
Illinois Staats 2eitnng, are prepared to 
execute all orders for printing in German, 
English, French and Norwegian languages. 

Rounds S. I*. 161 Lake 

Scott & Fulton, N. E. cor CJiark Mid S. Water 

Scripps, Bross & Spears, 45 Chvk, 

Seaton B. W. 81 Dearborn 

Wentworth John, 45 Lasalle 

Wilson R. L. & C. L. & Co, 50 Dearborn 

Worr9U.& Bro. 60 Clark 

psnrrEKs, copptttpxiA3X. 

(See Engravers.) 


Bacon F. H. & Co. 12 LasalW 

Fabian I^. L. 125 Si Water • 
Langdon James J. 175 S. Water 


(See also Forwarding^) 

Bissell C. L. HiUiard's blook 

BLACK & SHERMAN, 47 Kinzie, («*^ c<ird 

page 105.) 
BLACKM^aS & IRWIN,,HUliard'8 blook, (m 

card page 101.) 
Burronghs, Fields & Co. office Lasalle cor N« 

Bonham J. & Co. E. Madison nr Bridge 
Brown & Chapman, cor River and Dock 
Brown & Williams, 83 N. Water 
BURT k HIGGINS, N. Dearborn, cor Kiniie, 

(see card page 22. Y 
Chapin J. P. cor S. Water and Clark 
CULVER & CO. HiUiard's block, (see car4 

page 102.) 
DANA & PRESTON, K. Water one door E. of 

Hamilton House, (see card page 106.) 
Dole Charles S. k Co. at Rumsey, Bro. k Co.^9 

Fish & Lester, 257 S. Water 
Flint & Wheeler, N. E. cor S. Water and Clark. 
FLETCHER k CLARK, 112 S. Water, (see card 

page 103.) 
Girouz B., S. Water cor River 
HITCHCOCK C. k CO. (Buffalo,) A. F. ©iekr 

ifison, agent, (see cardpagis 1X)2.) 
Hitchcock A. 64 Rapdolph 
^lOW G. M.146 S. Water, (see e<^d page 102.) 
floyt William H* Clark cor Twelfth 
Jackson Amos, Kinzie eor Wolcott 
KENNEDY & BRADY, 38 Kinzie, (set car4 

page 103.) 
Kent A. E. & Co. 10 Wells 
Kernaghan William, 16 Lasalle 
King & DaTis, 41, 43 Kinzie 
KING R. S., N. Water E. of Clark» (se^ cqfd 

page 106.) 
Kniskern Charles, 45 Kinzie 
McNair J., N. W. cor Clark and S. Water 
MOHR k KIRCHOFJ^, 45 Kinzie, (^ card 

page 105.) 
Myers & Co. 188 S. Water cor Wells 
Norton H. k Co. cor River and Dock 
Pease & Akers, 47 Kinzie ^ 

PECK, JAMES k CO., N. E. corS. Water and 

Dearborn, (see card page 104.) 
Phillips & Johnston, opp. Illinois and Wiseon-" * 

sin R. R. depot 
Pomeroy S. B. k Co. 180 to 146 3. Water 
RADCLIFFE J. 85 Kinzie, (see card page 101.) 
Richmond & Co. 4 HiUiard's block 
Seaton, Bre. k Co. 180 S. Water 
Sbepard B. J. 1^ Dearborn 
Sherwood Isaac, HiUiard's block 
Smith J. H. k Co., K. E. cor S. Water and 

Steel George k Go. S. Water cor Lasalle. 
Stevens & CaUin, 36 Kinzie • 




8TUB0ES k BURLIN6AHE, K. Water nr 

Ca«8, (Me card pagt 104.) 
Sweet & Adams, 45 Kinrie 
Swift W. P. & Co. & Water cor Stata 
Tan BUricnm WiUiam C. 287 Clark 
Vane Allen, S. Water opp. Wabash aT 
Wheeler ^. 112, 114 8. Water 
Williame A. R. 5 C«tich*s block 
Zimliok H. B. Market bt V. Boren and Harr. 
ZINKSISON H. ft CO. 242, 244 8. Water, (tee 
rdpage 22.) 

(Marked tku * art Packers.) 

Best W. 884 State 

*Brown A. ft Co. 18 LasaHe 

^Carpenter Beoj. North Water nr Lake House 

Hines Austin, 86 Kinsie 

*Hongh R. M. ft O. 8. 6 Dearborn 

•Hobbard O. 8. ft Co. 12 Wells 

•PbUips ft Co. 9 Idnd's block 

^Bejnolds ft Hajward, South Branch nr Wells 


{See JEfoteU,) 


(Bu also BookHUert.) ' 

Barley A: H. ft Co. 122 Lake 

Cooke B. B. ft Co, 185 Lake 

Griggs 8. C. ft Co. Ill Lake 

Hall ft Co. 189 Lake. Publishers Korthem 
Counties Gasetteer ft Directory, Chicago City 
Directory, Chicago Almanac, &c. 

Hoeifgen ft Schneider, 10 Wells, up stairs 

Johnson W. T. 50 Lasalle, American Tract 
Society's Publications 

Keen ft Lee, 146 Lake 


Haggard 8. B. ft Co. (chain,) 224 Randolph 
Scranton ft Bro. 92 N. Water 


(See Paper Warekotuu ; aUo Junk X^eaUrs*) 


(See aleo RaUroadej Appendtx.) 

Canada Great Western, 80 Dearborn 
Chicago, Altpn ft 8t. Louis, 48 Dearborn 
* Chicago & Burlington, 54- Michigaii ay, sup'ts 

office at Galena Depot 
CHICAGO ft MILWAUKEE, Exch. Bk. bdgs, 

8d floor 
Chicago ft Rock Island, 94 Randolph, *2dfioor 
Galena ft Chicago Union. N. Wells cor N. Watcit 
Illinois ft Wisconsin, Exchange Bank bdgs, 

8d floor 
Illinois Central, 48, 50 Michigan av 
Michigan Central, 95 Lake cor Dearborn 
Michigan Southern, 6 Tremont Block 
New York Central, 96 Lake cor Dearborn 

New Tork ft Brie, 80 Defrbon • 
New Albany ft Salem, Michigan Central depot 
Ontario, Simcoe ft Huron, (Collingwood,) & B. 
cor Stete and 8. Water, Spencer's dock 


Armstrong £. B. T. 18 Dearborn 
Brown ft WUder» 105 Lake and 47 Wells 
GEORGE THOMAS ft CO. 201 Lake, («ee tard 

page 12.) 
Fiteh J. W. ft Co. (lampS)) 248 8. Water 
Neef M. A. 242, 244 8. Water 
Raymond ft Ward, 177 8. Watei^. Looomotitt 

lamps, signal bells, &c. 

BXAFSR8, fte. 
(See Agricultural ImpUmenU.) 


(SuaUo Htnue Pumiekmg.) 

Ridebut W. M., agent Maish's Patent, 68 Deaar^ 
bom, (eee ctardpage 90.) 


Clarendon, 214, 216 Randolph 
Commercial Dining ^all, Lewis Isbell, 50 Clark 
Gill Edmund, N. Wells cor N. Water 
Hateh Heman, N. Wells nr Einzie 
Holway's (C. Holway,) 181 Randolph 
McCardel, 17, 19 Deai-born 
Maulton J. H.,192 Randolph 
Mason A. 188 Randolph 
Restanrent de Paris, 227 Clark 
St Charles, M. Conley, 15, 17 Clark 
St. Neblo's Hilliard's block 
Tremont Exchange, 8 Tremont block 
Vinton's, O. M. Vinten, 82 Randolph 
Washington Cpffee House, H. 8. Speer, State 
cor Randolph 


Arnold Thomas, (slate,) 1708. Water 
BARRETT, DOW & CO. Masonic Temple, (m. 

card page 92.) 
Powell John, Buffalo bt Taylor and TweUth 
Loomis ft Abbott, (tin,) 61 Randolph 

(See aleo Skip Chandlers.) 
Newton George, N. Clark nr Schiller 


Filkins, Runyon ft Barker, 189 Lake 
Grey Charles F. 285 Lake 
Toe P. L. 106 Lake 


Allison David, 16 Edina 
Atzel George, 42 Lasalle 
Bassett S. S. & Co. 82 Dearborn 
Boerner C. 117 W. Randolph 
Cope Benj., 44 Dearborn 
Horton D. 68 DearboAi 



X^eT'erenx Gustavus, ^1 Market 
Mahler J. F. 284 Randolph 
SCHIFFBAUER H. 180 Randolph, (tee ^rd 

page 107.) 
SWEENIE DENNIS, 197 Randolph, (we card 

j>tige 107.) 
Tbommen John J. 169 N. Clark 
Walts G. 21 Market 


(Set Ship ChandUrt.) 


Castle, Granger & Filkins, loO Randolph, 

agents G. & M. Heintz, St. Louis 

(see card pagje 48.) 
Hftrmon 0. L. & Co. (Herrings^) 197 S. Water 
N££F M. A. (Davidson's,) 242, ^44 S. Water, 

(eee card page 107.) 
Kaymond & Ward, (Durjee & ForsjUx's,) 177 

S. Water 

GroTta & Morris, Carroll cor Union 



(See Reatauranttj ^e.) 


TEDDER J. E., S. Water cor Juasalle, (Me card 

page 107.) , 
WILLUMS & BROS. 146 S. Water, (eee card 

page 107,) ' 


ABBOTT & KINGMAN, office 120 Clark, (tee 

card page 108.) 
Brown John, 178 W. Randolph 
Bmns Bernard, ^cor Halsted and Kiuiie 
Cobb Nathan, cor Franklin and Tyler 
Deddrick Frederick, cor Canal and Washington 
Ooldie William, 218 Monroe, 
GOSS & PHILLIPS, 189 Randolph, (tee card 

page 108.) 
Loubmyre John, Canal bt Lake and Fulton . 
McFall F. & Co. Market cor Tyler 
Pierce Edwin, Madison nr Carpenter 
Walter Martin, Randolph cor Clinton 
Wilcke J. cor Canal and Jackson 

SAwnro AVD kakihg. 

(See Planing MiUe.) 


(Marked ihtu * aredealere only.) 

Crane £. P. & Co. Wright's building N. end 

Wells St. Bridge 
^Harmon C. L. & Co. agents, Fairbanks, 197 

8. Water 
Held ak Bro. 223 Lake * 


(See aUo Public Schools, Appendix.) 

Adams St. Seminary, Mrs. McKewon & Miss 

Junfey, Adams nr State 
Allen Mts. pHmary, Milwaukee av cor Fourth 
Bjarr Mrs! R. (Ladies' Seminary,) 55 Michigan 
Chicago Female Seminary, A. J. Sawyer, prin- 
cipal, 168, 170 Clark 
Garden City Institute, 69, 71 Adams 
Green St. Seminary, Green bt Wash, and Mad. 
Heath Miss S. A. cor Buffalo and Jackson 
Lewis Miss Persa S. (select,) S. W. cor Buffalo 

and Taylor 
School of the Holy Name of Jesns, cor Cass 

and Superior 
Woods Mrs. (Literary and Industrial,) 184 State 
Young Ladles, (High,) Misses Stephens, 182 

Washington , 

Young Ladies Institute, Green nr Washington 



(See Lightning Bods*) 
Poinier J. P. (CTtYy) 


(See Ag riculiurcU WarehouHs. ) 

Hooker k Jones, 107 Lake 
Wood E. & Co. 84 N. Water 


Singers, Crone & Crosby, agents, 55 Lasalle 

(See Machinery.) 


Halket Goorge, N. end Wells St. Bridge 
Hewitt & Judd, North Branch Point 
Jordan & Olcott, South Branch bt Harrison 
and Van Buren 


(Marked thus * have Sail Lofts.) 

BARBER k JOHNSON, 248 Lake, (see eatd 

page 108.) 
^Foster, McEacbron & Dunham, 195 S. Water 
BRUCE & DQBSON, S. Water cor State, (see 

card page 109.) 
HALL Z. M. & CO. 116 S. Water, (e$e card 

page 109.] * 

*HUBBARD & ROBB, 161 S. ^atei:, (see card 

page 109.) 
Meadowcroft Robert, 248 Lake 

Water, (see cardpe^ge 109.) 


(See Forwarding Merchants.) 

Beatty & Boland, 16 Lasalle 
Kernaghan William, 16 Lasalle 
Nickles, Whitcomb & Armstrong, 2 HiUiard's 




Baragwanath William, Market nr Van Boren 

Sncll William, 91 N. Water 

Tear John, Kinzie £. near ikt Bridge 


{See Gents* Furnishing Goods*) 

(See Dry Goods; also Fancy Goods,) 


CAMPBELL A. cor Wells and Monroe, (su 

mrdpage 10&.) 
Colson Charles W. 86 Randolph 
Foot D, A. 153 Clark 
Johnson C. C. 15 W. Randolph 

{See Lard, OU, Soe^ and Candles.) 


Bebbington & Co. Caual bt Lake and Fulton 

Cole Frank, Jefferson nr Kincie 

Hutchison W. Peoria bt Lake and Fulton 

Lawson & Sundell, 137 Illinois 

Lomaz &'Meagber, 1G8 W. Madi9on 

Miller A. J. (Soda Fountain erector, and dealer 

in Soda Water Apparatus^) eor Lake and 



(See OpUcians») 


(See Coffee and Spice Mills.) 


(See Livery Stables.) 



{See also Paper Warehouses ; also Bookbinders.) 

ISraonhold & Bonne, 51, 53 Lasalle 
Burley A. H. & Co. 132 Lake 
Mnnson & Bradley, 81 Lake 


(Ste MftcMnists; aUso Boiler Makers ; also Iron 



(See Engravers,) 


William Ree8». 150 WelU 


COOK W. & A. B. & CO. flagging, &c., cor 
Jackson and Market, [see card page 112.] 

DEAKMAN WM. 0. Wells nr Harrison, {see 
card page 1X2.] 


and Monroe, (aes card page 112.) 
King William L. & Co. Market cor Quincy 
Rofinot P. F. & Co. Wells nr Harrison 
Singer & Talcott, Market nr Adams 
Skelly S. D. Wells cor Harrison 


ABBEY, DAVID & CO. 82 N. Water, (see card 

page 113.) 
Jones Z. & Co. 79 K. Water 
Stilwell, Sawyer & Co. 83 N. Water 


(8cs Tinware and Siova.) 


(Ses also MUHnery and Fancy Goods.) 

Fisk D. B. k Co. 134 Lake, [tee card page 89.} 

Kellogg E. R. & Co. 167 S. Water 

RogerS) Haseltine & Co. 157 S. Water, up 


Lake, \see card page 88.] 


See also Forwarding Merchants; also Produce 


Chapin Jobn P. cor S. Water and Clark 
MUNGER & ARMOUR, cor N. Water And 

Franklin, (set card page AQ.) 
GIBBS, GRIFFIN & CO. I^. Water W. of 

Wells, [««0 csarc^jTo^e 114.] 
NEELY, ECKLEY & NEELY, S. Water* eor , 

Franklin, [see card page 37.] 
Norton H. & Co. cor RiTor and Doek 
SPENCER A. T. & C0», S. Water cor 8tat«, 

[see card page 38.] 
W.alker M. 0., ^S. Water cor Dock 


Corbridge J. 197 Randolph 

Tolle & Co. 87 Clark 

Wbitcomb James 0. 86 Dearborn 


Bigsby Edward, 107 W. Madison 
Bradley A. F. 113 Franklin 
Clobber William, 59 Clark 
Cochran William B. 69 Clark 
Greele Samuel S. 15 Court House 
Herrenklnd Charley, 50 Clark 
Horn John Von, W. City limits 
Koenig Julius, 23 Metropolitan block 
Lowe J. M. 9 Metropolitan block 
McDermott Michael, cor Clark and Jaoksofi 
Thompson J. E., Ogden Jones & Co. 's office 


(See also Merchant Tailors; also Cloihing.) 

Bartch Robert, rear 286 Clark 
Cordes Gustavus, 131 Illinois 
Edwards F. 898 Desplaines 



FfiM W. Sli^nnp bt Hairkdd and Van Btir^& 

Sitoeke & Kassing. 85 ]l^. CUurk 
^nichfelt a. 76 K. Clark 
Nash John, 3Q K. Glaik 
i^eebles R. Jeffersdn nr Polk 
0c1ienkowiti A. UU W. Bandolpk 
Shaw Jo8«ph, B07 Qark 
Weiseenbaeh G. 46 WeUa 

ISei Hide md limikgr i>ea<er«.] 

41) ^ ^ i\ 

(See BM SH^ere.) 


AFPLEBli 1!Hbliik9» 57'IlaiM6li^, (eee card 

page 126.) 
Blaokall A. H. 66 Clark 
Wri^t H. J. k Co. 106 Randolph 

Illinoia and'HllsslBiBippi, 7 BArnJBob'B block 
|if orse's American, 22 Clark 
Union, 24 Clark 

Xni BMfTBB. 
(iSfee a290 Tm Fare and SUwe^,) 

Borft^td ^Inriflftopher, 154 Randolph 
Follager & Smooth, 123 W. Randolph 
GIBSON J. P. B. 41 WoHs, (m0 coril pa^e 

Hondriokson William C. 129 W. Madison 
.Hilbort Joseph A. 96 Wells 
MiohliU Theodore, S51 Siato 
l>fester John, 226 W«lls 
Sinclair James, 866 State 


Becker & Bean, 129 Gark 

GEORGE THOMAS & CO. 201 Lake, {eee card 

page 12.) 
JBWETT k ROOT, 47 S. Water, (eee card page 

KENNEBT J. M. k W. W. 198 Lake 
Lloyd Andrew, 887 State 
Loomis & Abbott, 61 Randolph 
Lnpsch Aagustns, 168 N. (Hark 
METZ CHRISTOPHER, 60, 52 State, (see 


Lake, (eee iardpage 116;) 
Pederson & Ket&nj, 54 N. Cf4irk 
Rtmyott 0. & Oo. 72, 171 Lake 
Staaden N. 211 N. Clark 

S46 Lake and 287 S. Wafer, {eee card tfOge 

VINCENT, HIMROB & CO. Sf42 Lake einA 

288 S. Water, \eee card page 114.1 
Wlghtman B. V . 229 W. Bi^^h 


Adams C. k Co. 6, S Kinxie 

BATTIN A. B. k CO. 77 Market, tu&eardpam 

117.] . 

Corbin B. W. & Co. 67 Clark 
Baniels A. J., TrMftclBt block^ 
Baniels W. Y. 79, 81 Randolph 
Frankenthal S. & Co. 62 Clark 
Green k Graj» 97 S. Water 
Hansen G. P. 88 Randolph 
Hoof John, [cigars,] 288 Ravido^h 
Honssen WilUam, fMars,] Wi^nr JfwISdOB 
Kiessling E. A. 9 W. Randolph 
Kiessling F. 146 Randolph 
Lincoln Ira P. [cigars,] 9 N. Clark 
Meyer John H. 97 Lake 
Meyers Aaron, 7 Clark 
MONROE, BROWNSON & CO. 159 Lake» [ms 

card page 91.] 
NEUBERGER & BBC., 178 Ewviolph cor 

Wells, (eee card page 117.) 
O'Brien Samuel, 215 Lake 
Oppenhamer & Sole, 350 Siafe 
Schott Charles, Wells bt Monroe idd Adams 
Schanb Matthew, 89 N. Clark 
Weixelbaum Barnard, 88 Wells 


[See Flane Makers; ako Cutlere; c^o ffatdtare^l 

tin 9T(msb, 

(See VdrieHee,) 


ISu also Saddle and jfiTaffMit Jfoftsft.} 

CASTLE E. S. 284 Lake, [eee card page lld») 
Garland John C. 160 Lake, and 84 Bearborn 
GLASSNER GEORGE ^00. 11 Olark, and 

181 Lake, (see card page 118.) 
Sharp William, 170 Randolph 
WRIGHT W. k G. 61 Clark, and 116 Lake, 

(eee card page 1X6.) 


{See Cabinet Makete.] 


Hohi John, jr. 186 N. Chirk 


FISHER JAMES R. 184 dark, (eee eardpam 

GaTin John, 77 Market 
Woodson W. T. ISi24 Washington 
WRIGHT & McCLURE, 88 LasaUe, leee catd 

page 119.] 

[See oho Fmekure DeUe^,} 


Lake, (eee card page 120.) 
Brown k Hittiard, 166 Lake 



oncikfio BiranrBSfl dirbctoet. 

S3«fer A. B. 247 Msdison, 
Walker D. & Son, 92 Randolph 
West Johm 197 Lake 

WINBOLT B. B. & CO., 104 Bandolpk, (Me 
eardpQ0§ 120.) 

Apfel Philip, 21 N. Clark 
Ase Eugene, 78 Dearborn 
BARNUM BBOS. 118 Uke, {w index fir 

Qlake H. D. 169 8. Water 

[tee card page 86.1 
Hiokcoz P. 214 Lake 
BeTiUe William, 68 N. Clark 
Btein C. 59 Randolph 
Btoae C, Randolph cor Welle ' 

Webber J. B. 198 Lake 


Boreherdt Albert, 80 Milwaukee plank road 
Cooban Edmondeon, 265 State 
Lehrkanp Fredarick, 872 SUte 
Lindholm J. L. 81 N. Clark 


Burckey IHiniel, A.dam8 nr Wells 

Borckej Frederick, 221 Washington 

Cogne Julius, 181 Wells 

GILBERT & FRENCH, 284, 286 9. Water, 

best Western Reserve Cider Vinegar always 

on hand, [eee card page 1.1 
Prussing George J. rear 455 State 
LILL k BIYERST, Chicago ar nr Lake, («ee 

card page 18.) 
KOEFFLER G. A. & CO. 40 Franklin, {ne 

card page \2b,) 
Palmer John & Co. 54 Kinsie 
Stephani k Bros. 154 W. Randolph 
Tyler E., W. Water 

WAOOini, fte. 

[See Carriage and Wagon Mahert,'] 

Balzer Anton, 19 N. Clark 
Bruen S. 51 Clark • 
CARTER A CABEREY, 98 Lake, [eee card 

page 122.] 
Connolly Patrick, 117 Lake 
Edwards J. T. & E. M. 40 Clark 
HEMLEB A 8TAHL, 112 Lake, up stairs, [eee 

card page 128.] 
Hendrie W. A. A Co. 89 Wells 
Hermanns Charles G. 168^ Clark 
HOARD 8. & CO. 117 Lake, [eee card page 

Hohensteg Joseph, 87 Wells 
Ltnck Morita, 45 N. CUrk 
MORSE A JOORHEIS, 126 Lake, [tee card 

paae 12Lj| 
Nowlin I^wis, 59 Clark. 

Otto August F. 211 Lake 

SPEER ISAAC, 77 Lake, (tee^eard page 122.) 

SMITH FREDERICK, 181 Lake, (iee card page 

THOMPSON & JOHNSON, 96 Lake, (see card 

page 121J 
Walker A. E. (watchmaker,) 69 Randolph, up 

WeUler A Frankfield, 60 W. Randolph 

WHlff, . 

[See VarwHet,'} 


Johnson P., alley Clark bt Wash, and Madison 
Sublet George, Wells bt Jackson and Y. Bufea 


[See alto Hair Drettert.'] 

Gray Jared, 78 Clark 

HUDSON F« 129 Lake, (tu card page 98.) . 


[8u Paper Haingmgt*1 


Ambs John A Co. 58 Wells 

KOEFFLER G. A. A CO. 40 Franklin, {tet 

curd page 1 25. ) 
KRAEFFT THEODORE, 194 Randolph, (#« 

card page 128.) 
limberg Augustus, 194 Randolph 
McCleTey Smith, 100 S. Water 
Sohaller A. 75 Monroe 
Stephani A Bro. 154 W. Randolph 
Troost GastsTus, 887 State 
WEINMANN J. A CO. 49 Lasalle, {tee card 

page 124.) 


HAYWARD A TRAVIS, W. Water cor Wash. 

• (eee card page b^,) 

SNOW, REYNOLDS & CO. 46 Dearborn, {ue 
card page 56.) 


[See alto Coal JOealert; alto Lumber, 2 

Brown Isaac, Van Buren cor Charles 

Clark T. R. A Co. Michigan £. of McCormick's 

Factory, office 78 Lake 
ACKLEY B., W. Water 8. of Randolph, (tee 

card page 126.J 
Christian D. W. Qnincy cor Franklin 
Eames A Fordham, Lake cor Wabash ar 
JACOBS B. F. A CO. Market cor JackaoB, 

(eee index fir card,) 
Murray R. H. 78 Lake 
SKINNER A ANDREWS, cor Market and 

Adams, [tee card page 125.] 
SPAIDS C. D., Market nr Randolph, (tee cmrd 

page 125.] 
Stewart Robert, W. Water 




[^See also ForM^tef.] 

BBIGGS & WHITE, 240 S. Water, (#«e card 

pa^ft 126.) 
Barton Hiram, 217 Lake 
fiiokoox P. 214 Lake 
MURDOCK JOSEPH, 161 8. Water, {ttt tard 

page 126.) 
Boaaetter k Pablman, Market bt Adams and 



[Su aUo Sidet and Pdit.'] 

Carter Roswell, 10 Wella 
Clough John. 48 Kiniie 
DUNK BOBSRT» 41 Lasalle, (tee card page 
. 126.) 


ISee Clothe^ Caetimertf j'c] 

znrcPAiirr. ^ 

{See PaiiUt, OiU^ j-e.] 


Kahle f . £. 11 Mascmic Temple ' 


Abbott A. B. 10 Dearborn 
foadstreet J. M. 19 Metropolitan block 

CSitrles L. IngersoU, 19 S. Canal 

CIOABS, fto. 
BMk Xhomas, 155 Lake 


Bue J. C. rear 155 Clark 

SmaUey E. Lake bt Peoria and Green 

Bena & Boone, office 39 Clark, up stalm 


ABen & O017, N. Water E. of Clark 
Collins, Watters & Brown, 188 & Water 
Eaton k Bosenkrans, 51 Einsie 
Martin A. h, Co. 71 Lake 
Ifillward Henry, 16 LasaUe 

OreeaE. G. t Co. 90 Dearborn 

Hite ft Go. 71 Randolph 


WHITITEY G. C. & SON, 88 Clark, (sm eanf ' 
pa^e 82.) 


Melbnm & Co. North Branch, N; of NoxHi wet 


Donglaa Alexander, Tyler bt State and Wab. at' 


Staab Franz, 72 State 

Cortiss P. & Co. cor Monroe and'Desplaines* 


Bigby F. E. 69 Bandolph 


Vargis Loais, 58 N. Clark 

William Yarian, office 8 W. Bandolph- 


Seaton Bro. & Co. 180 S. Water 

Hance & Barber, cor Franklin and Ohior' 

Erarts & BaUer» Wright's bdgs N. Wa^r 




» ' ' 



DABnrS ISmmWf^amhal. H. W. ZIMMCRHAlf, Clerk. 

Jtmtm ^omnxt, OoUeOor. 

Wx. B. H. GSAT, <* Soath DiTision. 

S. A. WiBBSK, ^* WeBt BiTision. 

J. 8. WkM YwamaaXf <« Nfl#th Bhisioiu 

Jomi A. Trompsoh, Jl^^ome^. 

Adibt FuLLSBy JSn^ftiinUnienl TuhUe Works, 

8. 8. Gbsblb, Surveyor, 

Qwmia P. Hahsoh, Health Officer. 

Thomas Chuboh, ) ^^^ ^"^ ^"*- 

Wm. F. BbWolt, JVeoiurer. 

F. A. Bbaoo, Supt IS^edal AeseumeitU. 

C P. Bbadlbt, Coj^ain of FoUce, 

I. P. Lthb, Phytietan, 

Q W. HuwT, City Sexton, 

O. W. DOLB, 1 

H. Witbbgb:, > Board of HeMi, 

B. MoYicsab, j 

Batid Walbk, BriieteeU Ketg^er. 

OAfTAiB J. A. NAPint, Sailor Mtttter. 

J. P. PoiBfBm, iSlM^er We^ktt ^ 3 fawi g »> 

J. S. Bbaoh, Coroner, 

J. 0. BDbb, Superintendatt Pu^ SehooU, 

Jambs Lobo, &Aoo/ il^ient. 

D. D. Bboadwat, Markei Clerk, S. Bifieioib 

ItBB IiAWSOB, *^ ** N. DlTifliOB^ 

P. W. GttLBTT, •* " W.BMaw. 

H. B. Bat, South Bitiaion, Sireet CommW, 
J. Rbhm, North Bbision, « «* 

AxyiB SALis^iTBTy M%st BhUncA, '* 

J. B. Calver, 
James Harzy, 
0. W. Rogers, 
Martin Omj, 
Thomas Lewis, 
Edgar £. fogeni^, 
John R. Prat«, 
John H«rtiBg, 
Edson Smith, 

Ttnder iLake SirvwiBrldge. 







CSiicago AT 
*« Twelfth Strfte» F«»3^' 
*« Lake fioitse^tfiryj. 






Witfd 1. £u B. WiauAMs, 

Stltbstbb Sbxtob. 
2. B. M. Soucn, 

Thomas Au»r. 
8. William L. Ohttbch, 


4. j. c, outhbt, 
William Colbt. 

Ward 9. M. L. Kbcfh, 

Samvbi* MoKat. 




Ward 5. J. D. WABd, 

Chablbs N. Holdbn. 

6. Wi^&iamWatmab, 

• A. G. ELLil60BFB. 

7. Elihu Obangbr, 
James L. Howb. 

8. S. D. La Rub, 
Samubl Abhtoh. 





1. FiVAMOi— WiUiams, Holden, Sexton. 

•2. Claims— Keith, Colby, Wayman. 

41. Habbobs and Bbidobs — Hough, Granger, 

4. Fibs abd WATBB^Holden, Granger,Chiireh. 
t6. PouoB— Church, Ellithorpe, AUen. 
'6. Schools— Allen, Ward, Howe. 
:7. JvDiciA&T— Ward, Aihtoii, Sexton. ' 

8. Pbibtibg — McKay, Wayman, Onthet 

9. Whabvbs abd Public Gboubds — SextoB/ 

Onthet, Howe. 

10. LicBNSBS— Ellithorpe, Church, Granger. 

11. Stbbbts abd Allbts, S. D. — ^Hough, Wil^ 

liams, Fletcher, Colby. 
12« Stbbbts abb Allbts, N. D.-- Howci Keiths 





t3. Steibts ahd AiiUTBt W. B^-^Wa^xBMi, 

14. Wkabpino Pbivzlbobs — ^Wiffiams, Boone, 
IfVMiBj .Chtixoh^ MitohoU. 

15« M^¥i9fH^fa#«t, Ashton, Wafd. 
16. Gab tioaxs— Taylor, Foas, O'Neil. 
17; Local AasiasiixNTs — Thomas, Tajtor, 



8. B. PoMBBOT, Viee-PreaidenL W. W. Mitohbll, Seeretarff mtd Treantfm 


Orington Lunt, 
I. li. Lyoj|» 

D. B< :^ol^ 

W. D. Hottghteling, 
Albert Neely, 
SdwArd K. Rqgcos, 
B. P. Borlingameji 

T. W. Alexander, 
Bdmud Hempstead, 

Thomas H. Beebe, 
B. S. Sh^puued^ 

J. P. ChapiD, 
Charles H. Walker, 
B. 8. King, 

Qommittu of Ref^mf»: 

B. C. Bristol, 
0. 1^. Wheeler, 

StmUng- ChmmiUur 

D. B. Bjolt, 
Wesley Manger, 

L. P. HiUiard. 

G. Q. MfMisq^ 
Q* W. Efpnnds. 


Jamss H. Bbbs, Pr€jndei4f 

J. B. P. BussBLL, Ytu-Pruidentf 

Samubi:*. K. Bjbsvoot, Seq^efiffgm 
Thqius Wbbji, l^eaturtr. 


CommUiumert : 

W. B. OODBH, J* ]>. WbBSTBB, & lOBD. 

omcx, 4$ cjjjo^ flpnm, trud sxobt. 

Hbnbt Smith, Prendent, Johh I>. HANeHBT, JBn^fiitemK 

Chablbs V. Dtbb, Seerttary, Gbobob W. Thohpsoh, AUormy. 

George W. Snow, GecogeSNeT,. Jitmee. HI IMs. Isaac Cook. 


South DivisioN--rF. Moseley, L. HaTen, A. H. Barley. 
Wbst Divi8iov-^S» M; Willson, P. Carpenter. 
* NoBTH Division— G. M. Hlgginson, J. C. Dodge. 

School Aobbt — Z* Longj 117 Lake Street. 







Madison nr State 

Clark nr Hamsoa. 

Madison nr Halated 

Ohio nr Wells 

Dindon , 

Owen W. of Lake 

American Car WackB.,. < 

Wanen Street nr BaU'a-Haad* ........ 

Union Street nr Halsted 

I. ...•*• 


P. Bass 


D. S. Wentwordi . 

A. G. Wilder% 

Ei DIckerman .... 
H. McChesney.... 


J. E. Ward «. 

J..*E. SefmooV'.... 












• 7 











; 2 



i 1 






The Cireiut Court holds its terms, in Chicago, 8d Tuesday of April and Ist Tuesdftj of 
Oetobw ; in Springfield, 1st Monday of July and Id Monday of December. 

Hon. John McLean, Judge, William Pope, Esq., CUrk. f 

George W. Meeker, Esq., Dqmty CUrk, 

The IMstrlot Court holds twelTe terms per annum, commencing on Ist Monday of vterj 

Hon. Thomas Drammond, Judge. William Pope, Esq., Clerks 

George W. Meeker, Esq., DqnUg Clerk. 


Judgtt: — Hon. J. D. Caton, * Hon. Samuel H. Treat, Hon. Lyman TrumbolL 

South Division, Mount Vernon, 8d Monday of November ; 2d Central DlTision, Spring- 
fteld, 1st December ; North DiTision, Ottawa, 8d Mondlsy of June. 


Hon. Geo. Mannierre, Judge. Louis D. Hoard, CUrk. D. Mollroy, Esq., State*^ AUomey. 
"^ Four Terms per Annum : 

1. Vacation Term, 4th Monday in March. I 8. Vacation ** 4th Monday in October. 

2. Trial •* 1st ** " May. | 4. Trial • " 8d " « Noyember. 


vHon. John M. Wilson, Judge, Walter Kimball, Clerk. 

Eight Terms per Annum : 

1. Vacation- Term, Ist Monday in January. 

2, Trial " " " February. 
8. Vacation *« " " March. 

4. " ." " " April. 

5. Vacation Term, Ist Monday in June. 

6. " " •* " July. 

7. " " " * " September 

8. " « •* " NoTember. 


Hon. Robert S. Wilson, Recorder. Philip A. Hoyne, CUrk. 

TwelTe Terms per Annum :— 1st Monday or each month. 


Hon. H. L. Rucker, Judge. Charles B. Farwell, Clerk. 

TwelTe Terms per Annum : 
1st Monday in each Month. 


The Custom House is situated at No. 129 South Water Street, and is open from 9 in the 
morning until 12 M., and from 2 until 5 in the eTcning The following is a list of the officers: 

Philip Conley, Collector. Henry Cunningham, 2d Aid to Receiver, 

Thomas J. Kinsella, Deputy CoUector. John Ryan, Zd Aid to Receiver. 

Fred. C. Russell, Inspector. Dennis Ryan, ith Aid to Receiver. 

James Stinson, Aid to Receiver. Thomas C. James, Inspector <ff JBoiUrs. 

Redmund PrindlTiUe, Inspector of HuUs. 


J. M. Donnelly, CoUmd 60eA Regiment. 

R. K. Swift, Captain. E. W. Hadley, Third Lieutenant. 

James Sm)th, First LieuienanL H. 6. fipeeri Commissisry^ 

E. Taylor, Second Lieutenant. 

W. I. R. 

Capi 0. J. Rose, P. M. Capt D.. F. Eston, Aid. 

NAnovAL GuABDS, (A.^) W. B. Olmsted, Capt^ GiTiJU) ot LintBTT, G. W. J. C(me, Ca^ 
♦« «< (JJ.,) W. W, Danenhotrer, CapU 

hvfzsmi. 199' 


{JSlection cf Ogicert m December,) 

Silfts McBride, Chief Engineer. — Office, 5 Davisson's Block. 
^. A. Kinncj, l4t Attietant Engineer. John McLain, 2d' Ametant Engineer, 


A««.#i fi^" '^ /I** 4* 2^ Wardty Jos. Schosaman. iVbr^A Divieion, Michael Brophj. 
fMMl/wuum, -J^grf^4^^ « S. McBride; West « t. B. Bridges. 



• » . - . 

U. p. Harris, PrmdmU C. P. Bradley, Secretary, 

jM&eB M. Dennelly, Ft<^*Pre<«£0n<. Ashley Gilbert, Treaturer, 



Meet at Springfield, on the first Tuesday in October. Officers for the carrent year ar«: 

M. W., James L. Anderson, O, M, R. W., T. O. Wilson, /?. (7. M, 

B. W., J. Hibbard) 8. G. M. E. W., Wm. MoMnrtiy, G. Treat. 
K. W., B. M. Haines, J, G, W. J. B. Diller, G. Orator, 

B. W., H. J. Reynolds, G, JSe^y, A. R. Robinson, G. TUer, 


Tkere are ia the ci4y about. eight hundred members belonging to the leTeral ICasonie 

Bodies. Non-affilated Masons, and others not members here, are not included in thik 



Meets on the first and third Mondays in each month. 

W. H, BoBSOK, W. M. 


Meets on the first and third Fridays in each month. 
Wx. B. HxnsiCE, W. M. 


Meets on the second and fourth Wednesdays in each month. 

Dr. L. P. Cheney, W. M. 


Meets on the first and third Tuesdays in each month. 

J. Dart, W. M. 



Meets on the first and third Wednesdays in each month. 

Geo. Glassner, W. M. 


Meets on the second and fourth Mondays in each month. 

Carltov Drake, H. P. 


Meets on the' second and fourth Thursdays in each month. 
Dr. J. V. Z. Blanby, G. M. 


Meets oni ihe eecondand fourth Fridays In each month. 

Pr. J. H. Bdwo, G. C. 


■■ . ii I *■ II II I ■■ I n il I ■ II ..I ■ I I I .. I .ill 

10, 0, F. 

Tbii order wu introduced ^e»^ m 1644, ^u tli# .i]|i|t],tiitioii of Union Lodge, No. 9. There 
MO now in the Citj fire Sabordinat^ Lodges, numbering upwards of Ato hundred membersr 
awl one JBn^ioipme&t oC sevMitj nembers, holding 4h«r meetiaga as follows : 



H«^ OTsry Thorsday eTening, at Odd Fellows' Hall, 100 lUmdQljph Stmt 


ORaAiiiaisa> m abcsb, ma. 

Meets OTory Tiieidaj sfODing, at Odd F^ws' Hall. 



Meets erery Wednesday eTening, at Odd Fellows' Hall. 


Meets IVery Monday erening, at Hall corner t)f Lake and State Sts., Sd story. 



Meets on Tuesday eyenings, at the Hall of Chicago Lodge. 

(ffiGANIZED JULY, 1850. 

Meets on the 2d and 4th Frfdi^y of et^ .I99|ith, at Odd Fellows' Hall. 



Meets on the 1st and 8rd Friday of each month, at Odd Fellows' Hall. 



I|fSTiTir>rBn April 18, 1355. 

Annual Sessions, 2d Tuesday of May ; Semi-annual Sessions, 2d Tuesday of NoTember. 
Place and hour fixed by vote, at annual Ssessipns. Next semi-annual at Vandalia, 2<t 
Tuesday, Not., (18th,) 1855. Next annual, at Chiqago, 2^ Tuesday, May, (14th,) 1856. 
There were fifiy-one sub-Lodges in the State, July 18, 1855. ~ 

0. W. Stsonq, G. W. C. S., [Address box 1482, Chicago P. 0.} 


STAR OF HOPE, No. 16. 

INSTIXp^^ BECEHB^ 27, 1854. 

Meets Friday erenini^, at Templars' Hail, corner Wells and South Watfr Streets^ 7| o*eloek» 

^ ' [Entrance on W^Us.] 

HOUSTON, No, 82. 


Meets Monday eTenings, at compr Randolph and Clinton Streets, 4th floor, 7| o'elock. 

[Entrance on Clinton.] 

ARETHtlSA, No. 48. 

INSTITUTia> JtriiY «, 18S5. 

Meets Friday STenings, at Odd Fellows' Hall, Metropolitan Block, at 7|^ o'eloek.' 

{Entrance on Lasalle.] 
Any information oheerftilly C0m|nuj|»icated by Ek B. Bowen^ Distri^ ^^^ty, No. Sduk 
Street or box 846 Post-Office. 


APPjmDIX, 201 


Meeta at Twnplara' HaU» coiner of Wells and South Water Streets, Tlrarsday eveniagB^ 
. at 71 o'olook. 


Meets at same place and, hour, on alternate Tuesday CTenings, in coDJun<^t|on with 
Social Degree. 

CmCJiflQ SOCIAL DEGB^, Ko. 18. 

Meets at same pUcA and hour, on alternate Tuesday CTenings, In conjunction with 
P^ipree Ti»m^9. 

Fbakkliit Hateawat, G. W. S. 



Meets Monday eyening, at Hall on corner of Wells and Soi\th Water, at 7J o'clock. 

[Entrance on Wells.] 


Meets on Friday eTenii)igs, at Hall comer W. Randolph and Clinton Streets, at 7} o'cloc)^. 

[Entrance on Clinton.] 

Chasi^ss B. W«i^, Dept. G. W. Sec'y. 


Meets at Harmony Hall, 48 Clark Street, 2d and 4th Thursday of etery month. 


4 « 

Rooms in Warner's Block, 104 Randolph Street. Reading-Rooms open day and evening* 
(Sundays excepted.} Library open every Wednesday and Saturday evening, 


Henry E. Seelye, Prendent. S. D. Ward, Corresponding Secretary. 

John A. Bross, l$t Vice-Fretident Henry Howland, Recording *< 

▲mii Benedict, 2d Vifie-Previdentl L. M. Scammon, TroamgtF, 

MANAoxns : 

8. J. Learned, E. B. Stevens, « C. H. Hunt, 

Nathaniel Faige^ Charles Burley, W. H. Ca^irter. 

H. Thompson, 

L. R. Baugher, Librarian. 



C. T. Boggs, President, Ives ScoviUe, 2d Viee-PirewknL 

William Price, Itt Vice-Ptetident, 

BOABD. ov niB^c;r0l(S ; j 

E. Granger, S. D. Childs, L L. MUliken» 

L. Waterhouse, H. W. Zimmennaiit N. Mason. 

G. E. Holmes, Becordiiig Siontary. Isaac Speer< Treaturer, 

fi. W.: Zi9M»erm«Q, C^trfMpfmdmg Seet^ry^ S. C. iSolmes, Libntntuu *■ 

■ ( 



Meets eyery Tuesday eyeniog from Ist Taesdaj in September to 1st Tuesday in June, at 
the Hall 168, 170 South Clark Street. 


/ Jame A. Mulligan^ Pteadent L. J. Hits, 2Veaturer. 

£. H. Hall, Vtec-Prendent, N. Hawkins, Reader, 

J. J. O'Shannessy, Secretary. 


KB,N. D. ) 

t, 8. D. [ 
I. W. D. J 




Casper Butz, Pretident Dr. FiBolier, Corresponding Seeretary* 

£. Schaeffer, Vice-PresidenL F. A. Hoffmann, Treasurer, 

Henry Deubacb, Secretary, Henry Kompe, Ayent, 




T. J. Einsella, President, Philip Conley, Treasurer. 

David Walsh, Ist Vice-President. D. S, O'Connell, Secretary, 

Francis McMurray, 2(/ Vice-President, 


James Stinson, Chairman, H. Cunningham, Patrick Houlton, 

Richard Lappin, Patrick Nugent, Michael Byer, 

D. O'Conn/Bll, James Began, Michael Brophyk 
Patrick Hickey, 

79, nxnrois sibeet. 

Eey. B. H. Clarkson, President, George W. Dole, Treasurer, 

Dr. A. B. Palmer, Physician, C. B. Larrabee, Secretary, 


J<An West, Walter L. Newberry, S. H. Kerfoot, 

Wm. F. Dominick, John C. Dodge, T. F. Phillips. 

£. H. Sheldon, 

Application for adminion may be made to ei&er of the above snaanid gentlemen. 

1 • 

Db. a. B. Palkbb, N. D. 
C. G. Hamkobd, Esq., President, Db. D. S. Smith, S. D. }- Vke-Pnsidmis. 

L. B. Taft, Esq. 

J. W. Waughop, Clark St. Methodist. 

J. P. Poinier, Jefferson St. 

A. J. Brown, Indiana St. 

George G. Cook, State St 

£. Lord, Owen St. 

Thomas George, Protestant 

A. Zoohman, German Methodist. N. S. 

1^. Fisher, German Methodist, S. S. 

A. Kellner, German Methodist, W. S. 

M. Peterson, Swedish Methodist, N. S. 

Andrew Neilson, Norwegian. 

John Da?is, Welch. 

A. Benedict, Ist Presbyterian Church. 
S. D. Ward, 2d Presbyterian Church. 
M. D. Downs, 8d Presbyterian Church. 
Samuel Howe, North Presbyterian Church. 
Moses Shirra, Beformed Presbyterian Church. 

B. F. Worrell, 1st Congregational. 
A. Bidell, Plymouth. 
Jf. D. Olmsted, New England. 
Mr. Langdon, South Congregational. 
M. L. Satterlee, Unitarian. 
J. P. Clarkson, St. James. 
Star Foot, Trinity. 
Beuben Taylor, Church of Atonement 




■* ■■ m> " ' 


Br. Diuuel Bv^asrd. SUwardy Henry Roesch. Matton^ Johanna Roescb. 


Organized April 1, 1854, with ten members. The Society now numbers upward of forty. 
Begmar meetings first Sunday in each month. 

Laopold Mayer, PrendetU. 
Moses Rnbel, Vice'PretidenL 
Joseph LiebeBstein, IVedntrer. 
J. M. Stine, Recording SecreUuy* 

Bei^min Schoeneman, 


Raphael Gathmann, Pinandal Secretary. 
Simou SohloMmann. 1 ^^^ Conmitttt. 

' Raphael Neuberger, 


Moses Rubel/ 

Jacob Greenebaum. 


Obganized Novembeb, 1855. 
Meets every Tuesday evening, at Sawyer's Seminary, No8.'168 and 170 Clark Street 

8. W. Grannis, Fresident* 

B. G. Townsend, Vice-President, 

Thomas H. Soper, 

orricERS : 

Thos. R. Damly, Recording Se^y and Treiuurm* 
Mrs. M. B. Davis, Corresponding SecreUary^ 


WiUiam Barker, 






John B. Turner, President, 
Henry Tucker, Treasurer, 
WiUiam M. Larrabee, Secretary. 

P» A. Hall, Assistant Superintendmt^ 
John P. Ilsey, Chief Engineer, 



John N. A. Griswold, President^ N. Y. John B. Calhoun, Cashier^ Chicago. 

William H. Osborn, Vice-President^ " James F. Joy, Attorney and Solicitor. 

J. F, Bnnce; Secretary^ ** John Van Nortwiok, Superintendent. 

J. N. Perkins, l^easurcTf *< Charles H. Comstock, Assistant Superint*nt„ 

Roswell B. Mason, Chief Engineer, Chicago. George Watson, Division Superintendent. 




J. M. Forbes, President, Boston. 
B. N. Rice, Superintendmt, Detroit. 
V. Traoy Hoifs, IVMnfrsr, Detroit 

H. J. Spalding, GsnH Ticket Agent. 
George Williams, Jr., Gm*l Agent, Chieago. 






Gbobgb M. Obat, General Agent, 

John W^adnsooQ, JR^Mybm; Syraouce. WiUi«n Sftvage, Oa&Mefhf 

£. L. Litchfield, Treaturer, N. T. City. James A. Raynbr, OenH Ticket Agents 

Jamas Moore, StipmnUndmt^ Adrian. Charles M. Gray, . Om'l Local Freight Agent, 

Samuel Brown, G'm'/ Frdghi J^enl, ** Chiiwgo. 



^. B. Ogden, President, • A. S. Downes, Secretar;g and Treaturer. 

S. F. Johofoi^ JSlngmeer and Superintendent^ 

Election, Third Monday m Decemhef^ 


Henry F&mam, Preeident, Chicago. ' J. L. Elwood, Secretary ^ Cashier. 

John F. Tracy, Superintendent, " E. M. Goodrich, General Ticket Agent 

W. H. Whitman, Asmt* Sup't, Book Island. J. P. Babcook, General Freight Agent. 

(See.Galxna & Chicago Union.) 



N. Y. Brewster, President. J.. E. Spencer, General Ticket Agent. 

8. M. Blatchford, TVeasurer. • L. Darting, General Agent, Chicago. 

B. P. Moirgan, Superintendent, BloomingloB. 



P. Homan, General Western Ticket Agent. J. Warrack, General Freighi Agent. 



James F. Joy, President. Charles E. Follet, Ticket Agent. 

C. G. H«immond, Superintendent. , William Martin, General Freight Agent, 
A. T. Hall, Treasurer ^ Secretary, 



Walter S. Gnrnee, President. H. A. Tucker, Treasurer. 

A. 8. Downes, Secretany. W. S. Johnson, Superintenderit. 


(Eitracts from City Ordinance.) 


The prices to be charged by the or 
Driver of any Hackney Coach, Cab, Coach, or 
tny' other vehicle, except Omnibuses, for the 
eoDveyatice of any passengers within said city, 
shall be as follows : to be reg|alated and esti- 
mated by the distance of the most direct 
routes; namely: 

1. For oionT^ying passengers any dis- 
tft&oe not exceeding oue milo . ^ . . $0.80 

For eveiry ^iidditionM passengar of thA 
fame family or party - « . . ^ . 0.15 

2. For convening a passenger any ctt«- 
tance ex.ceedlng a mile, and within city, 
limits ----------- Ot^ 

For every additional pas.seng;er of ^o 
same family or party ----.- 0.26 

S. Fqr epUTeyimg children between 
five and fourteen years of age, half of 
the above prices may be charged for 
the like distances; but for children 
under five years, no charge shiill be. 
made. (To be regidated by the distance^^ 
upoii thB moslid^t^iKMite.)^ *. ' 




4. Fot the iMe, by th« day, of any 

Backney ooacb, or other carriage, drawn 

i by two hotiMf with one or more pas- 

vengers --^----f^- 

6. S'or the me of ai^ suoh tehicle by 
ttie hour, wiih one or more passengers, 
with tiie priyilege of going from place 
to place, and stopping as often as may 
be required, as follows: for the first 
hour -------*--• 

For the second honr ------ 

For every sacoeeding hour - - - - 

6. For the use of any oab or other 
IsftFriftge, drawn by a single ht)rse, by 
the hour, with one or more passengers^ 
with the priyilege of going fh>m place 
to place, and stopping as 0ff6n as be 
required, as follows : for the first hour 

For the second hour ------ 

For every succeeding hour - *. - - 

7. For the use of any such cab or 
other carriage, by the day - - - - 

' B. Every passenger flhall be allowed 
to have conveyed upon such vehicle,, 
without ohairge, his ordinaiy traveling 
l^ajggtgB, not elceeding in any case, t>ne 
trunk and twenty-five pounds of other 
baggage. For every additional paoka^ 
where the whole weight of baggage is 
orer one hundred ^pounds, if conveyed 
to any place Within the city limits, th~e 
owner or driver shall be permitted to 

trib«rge -^.. 

If eofiteyed any greatet distance - - 







U any 'owner or driver of any licensed Haok^ 

ney Coach, Cab, Coach, or other Carriage^ or 
vehicle, Bray, Cart, or Wagon, shall indupe 
any pereon to Employ him, by either knowing* 
ly. Wantonly, or igUorantly, misinforming or 
^isleadihg such person^ us to the time «yr plaee 
of arrival or departure of any Railroad Car, 
Steam, or Canal Boat, or other public convey- 
ance whatever; or the location c^ any Railroad 
Depot, Office, or Station ; or any other Rail- 
toad Ticket Office, or the location of any Hoteil, 
Stage Offipe, public place or private resdeDGe« 
within said city ; or shall induce aoy persoo 
to ride or employ his vehicle by falsely repre- 
senUng himself to such person as running his 
vehicle for, or beii^ in the employment of a 
Public House, Canal, or Steamboat Line, Rail* 
road, or Stage Company, with a view to exact, 
solicit, or take fare, or any sum of money 
whatever from such person, for conveying bim 
to stich Public House, Canal or Steamboat 
Landhag, Railroad Depot, Ticket Office, dr 
Stage Company's Office ; or shall convey any 
passenger at or without his request, in such 
vehicle, to any Ticket Office* for the purpose of 
enqttiiing tt£i to the tUine i>f ilep&rture the^et^, 
and th^Ace to any c^ the before mentioned 
public conveyances, and shall, without having 
l>e^ miMasohably d<^t^ilin«d by said passenger, 
charge any such greater price than single fare 
dr hire, ot shall strike^ threiiten, insult, other- 
wise abuse er ihaltreat any passenger under 
any pretence whatever, Buib. owner or driver 
shall, for each and every of said offences, for- 
feit and pay a sum not less than ten dollars 
«&d not exceeding fifty dollars. 


Fob Abchbk Road.— One leaves Lake Street 
Bridge, every fifteen minutes, from 7 a. m. to 
9 p. M., running on Lake and State Streets — 
fare five cents. Parmelee & Co. 

For Btjll's Head. — One leaves comer of 
State ttud Randolph Streets, every half hour, 
frokn 8 a. m. to 9 p. v., excepting 1 and 8 p. it. 
— ^are five cents. Parmelee & Co. 

Foa Cabfsntsb*s GaUDbv, West Side. — One 
leates comer Lake and State Streets (City 
Hotel), every hour from 7 a. m. to 8. 80 p. m.. 
Tunning on Lake Street~-fare five cents. S. B. 
k M. 0. Walker. 

Fob WiLCfH^s Oabbx^ob FxdtoBT, West 
Side.'-'One leaves corner of Randolph and 
Stttte Streets, erery hour ttom 7 a. m. to 8 
p. M., tuhning on Randol|& Stineet— -fare five 
eents. S. B. & M. 0. Walker. 

Fob Rook Islahd House. — One leaves cor- 
ner of Clark and Randolph Streets, every ten 
ninutes, from 7 a. m. to 9 p. x., running, on 
Qark Street^fave fite ^ehts. S. B. & M. O. 

Fob Lakv Yibw Housx. — From the Ameri- 
■ eiB HoiitfB^ eohiier of Lake Street and Wabash 

Avenue : 9 a. m., 12 n., 8.00 p. »., C p. x« 
— ^Returning, it lesves the Lake View House 
at 7.80 A. M., 10.80 a. X., 1.46 p. m., 4.80 P. x. 
S. B. & M. O. Walker. 

To Railboads. — Omnibuses mn ft'om the 
Hotels to the several Raikoad Depots, and to 
and from trains and private houses, fncludblg 
baggage, for twenty-five cents each passenger* 
Parmelee & Co. 

Chioaoo and BtftdirroN.— Starts from Tre- 
mont House, and runs on Randolph, Canal, 
Harrison Streets and Blue Island avenue^ to 
Brighton, twice a day. Leaves Brighton 7 
A. X., 2 p. X. Leaves Tremont House, 12 x., 
6 p. X. S. B. & M. 0. Walker. 


Leaves Tremont House and the Holstein Land 
Office, 98 Randolph Street, stopping at NeW 
York House. Leaves Chicago at 8 a. x., 9.80 
A. X., 12 X., 8.80 p. X., 5 p. x.^, 8.30. LeaviiiB 
Holstein at 8 a. x., 9 a. x., 11 a. x., 2 p. x., 
5.80 p. »., 0.80 p. K. The 8 o'islook a. k. and 
6 d*bl6ck p. X. fun to Niles. Returning, 
leaves Niles at 7 a. v. and 8.80 p. x. John 
Qxay, SiqferintendenU 

•rsats o-xtsjLv 


tm^ owwioM 



€\t €^mp f ailg ani MeeMg gmtttrat, 

The oldest and most widely circulated paper in Ghicaeo. Established in 1830. Has 
elt^dnsiye circulation throughout Illinoie, Indiana, Iowa, and Wisconsia. 


' Hating a great variety of type and material of every description, and numerous STEAM 

and HAND J^RESSES, we are prepared tp do 


In a style not surpassed in the Western Oountxy. Particular attention paid to 

<lj0mmi|r4ial, lani, and $ailt[0ai Iptini:, 

For which we have made special arrangements; Purchasing our stock from first hands wui 
at wholesale prices, We are prepared to execute orders on tiie most reasonable tenqs. 




Our Book and Pamphlet Department is well supplied with new type, and our office offbrft 
facilities for this species of work unsurpassed in the City. 

We have always on hand, a large stock of CARDS, of -every description, from the Manu* 
iacturers, and are prepared to serve our friends and the Public in this lin» promptly 
and in the best style. 

... i n^ i»»^ « .. 

We keep on hand the most full aad complete assortment of Blanks of all kinds to be found 
in Chicago, for City, County, and State Officers->Deeds, Bonds, Mortgages, Notes, &o. &c.-; 
or they will be printed to order on the shortest notice. 










TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION : Daily, $8,00 '^ annom ; Tri-weekly, $4,00 ^ annam f 
Weekly, $2,00. Invariably in adyance. 

CLUBS :— Daily, 5 copies for $35,00; 10 copies for $60,00. Tri-Weekly, 5 copies for 
$17,00 ; 10 copies for $30,00. Weekly— 5 copies for $8^00 ; 10 copies for $15,00, ai^d larg^er 
numbers at equally liberal rates. 

The CHICAGO TRI-WEEKLY TRIBUNE is pTiblished Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Satur- 
days, in time for the earliest Morning mails. It is of the same size with the large. Morning Daily, 
and contains all the reading matter of two days. It is an excellent edition for residents in ^a 
country. It will be furnished to mail subscribers at the low price of $4,00 a-year in adyance. 

Ths CHICAGO WEEKLY TRIBUNE contains all the valuable reading matter of the Daily, 
oomprising the Latest Intelligence by Telegraph and the Mails, Market Reports, Literary 
Beyiews^ one Choice Story every week, and excellent ^ome Articles, and furnishes more read* 
ing than the large sheet of the I^ew York Weekly/ Tribune, It is published every Friday, at 
Hie low price of $2.00 a-year, in adyance. Ten copies, to one address, $15.00. Twairnr 
Copies to onb address, $25,00. 


Is published EVERY EVENING, (Sunday excepted,) and delivered to City Subscribers at 12} 
eente per week, payable to Carriers; or $1.50 per quarter, payable in advance ; $2.00 when 
not paid till expiration of quarter ; $4.00 for six months, when not paid in advance. To mail 
subscribers, $6.00 per year, if paid in advance. 

The CHICAGO WEEKLY JOURNAL, designed for the country, contain- 
ing all the reading matter of the Daily Journal, is published at tiie same office every Monday, 
at the*low price of Two Dollars a-Yeab, payable invariably in advance. It has an extensive 
cftrbulation in the country, which renders it an invaluable advertising medium for merchants 
and others, who wish their advertisements widely circulated in the eountry towns of this and 
anyoining counties. 

J^JE^XX^XX^T Gh, in all its varieties and styles, executed neatly and promptly. 
All kinds of Justices* and other Blanks on hand. 

C. fl. PIERCE, 


Pibltshers Chieai^ Jonnalf 

50 Dba^bobn Street. 


Is published DAILY, and delivered to City S ubscribers at 1 2 cents per week, payable to the 
Carriers. The C3&XXO./^GhO *\^S£3]S:Xj^Sr OrXXwCSS, designed for the 
country, containing all the reading matter of the Daily Times, is published at the same office 
every THURSDAY MORNING. It has a larger circulation in Illinois and the adjoining States 
than any other political paper published in Chicago. T£RMS*-$1.50; or to clubs of ten, $10« 

Connected with the Times establishment is an immense 

WKere, with Hob & Co.'s magnificent Steam Presses, we are able to execute all kinds of JOB 
WORE in 'a style unsurpassed by any Office in the Union. 

I. COOK, ) 

D. CAMERON, Jr. t PreprtetOTI 

N. B» — The Timm is the only Democratic paper published in Chicago. 

TBE DAET tmmm nm, 


0AILT QXSUmLATtOtf, AVfmST, SaSS— S,592; 'WBBB3.Y, 4,dDflL 

Daily, per amKun, in tdvuiee, bj mafl, $6.00. Tri-Weeklj, $4.00; Weekly, ditto, $1.60. 

Chibsof five, $6.00; Qoba often, $10.0a 


WM. BXOflS. 

B. W. aPBASB. 

W i» 



At tlie Demoomtic Frees Offiee, 45 dark Street 

We are prepared to exeeate orders for Job and Book Work irith neatness and dupatck. Oar 
oSoe is in charge of an experienced -workman, and suj^lied with the latest styles of Plain and 
Fancy Type, and a great variety of Borders and Ornaments. Our facili^es are such that %» 


are quite sure we shall be able to please all favonng us with orders for any kind of work^ 

All orders from the countiy, accompanied with the cash, will be promptly attended to. 


rinting ^staWi5|itttnt, 


Ii a« EKGL«», ffiBUI k SCAIfDUU^All Uagugia, pn^Uy MM Mtfy 



This is the only German DAILY newspaper in this City and State; the WEEKLTT Iliinois 
Staats ZeitUng has a large circulation in the States of Illinois, Wisconsia, Indiana, Iowa, aad ife 
Minnesota Territory, and is therefore the best medium to spread advertisements among the 
Oeraun populatiOD. 


(d^icajgo %imxlmmmte* 

AGB.X6tr3:.TtrH.AX. XIk]:X>3:.£M£3!Era^8 










X T" T S y 



HaBST R AlVDOIiPH STREET, earner of* JeflR^rson. 

I ■ IP I ■ ■■■^■11 ^i^»^. — ■—■ ■ ■ ^^^^^1 ■■ ■ m, ■■—■■— I ■ ■■!■■ 11 II ■ ■■■■■■■■■■» II ^^■p »^ i— ^^— — ^^^^ ■■■■■i» wa n ■ i wi^^m^— ■■^■^■^■— ^^^^p^^— 

1?^EMPLE & CO., 



Corn S|eIItrs, anb ^gricttltnral |n^tanfs, 
' cobheb of canal & washinoton streets. 







1 ri] 

jOl ic Tan X Tsr 

MrmmAtm, ism 


1 (the first) batlt in 1852, 300 in 20 different States in 1854, 

40 used Bucceesfult; in 1853, 1200 built in 1855, 

3000 building for Harvest of 1856. 



Alr«&d; received from State sod Count; AgrioQltaral Sooieties, The Americui InBtitalr. 
Tbe Frtnklin InsUtnte, of PeDDijlTaois, &e. (several of (hem repeftted,} two >t the Nev York 
CTyBtil Palue Exhibition. 

l^ -fii. SX2 CP!33 i^a ES 'Q' a3» 


Its Succeuee aod Sefeote, Blank Order^ Notes, Kequiremeata of Ageata, &c. muled !« 
AppIiOBDiB, prepaid. 

g®~ Send Orders early — directly to me or by the Agent. Many TTere 
disappointed in not getting the Self-Rarer last year, and many will be 
this year, in all probability. 


" Fkaibii Famiik" Wabibodbi, CaiOAOO, Sbftekbeb, ISCS, 







OTTO S. HATZ, Architect and Building Superintendent, 










Q) a CSS "O" "(Sr £23. OB &33 9 
JTkf. 7S JL^KE STREET, Up Stairs. 






A. R T I S T, 

- I.AKV: STREET, - - 

Awarded Gold Modal tai 1852 for belt Pagierreotypes* 






ttormgs ^ fansellors at f ato, 



117 Lake Street* 

^ --_ ■ __ - ■ _ . _ . _ _ - _ _ - - 



J}/^. S Jftarine Bank BuUdings. 

United States' Ck>xiiini88ioner. 



SaUettors In Chancery* 







%\\mx^, Solititor, ^rador, Cffunstllor, anb Jbktate 

In tb* United StatM* Sitttlot and Cinnit Couti for ^ Siitriet of lUinoif. 

OFFICE, 48 CLARK STREET, (Up Staies.) 

4 . * 


aMm ^ €mmtlm 




Residence, 158 State Street. 


Besidence, 163 West Washington Street 



J. p. 0LABK80H. 


%nii €m]mUm at fab, anb ScKtitors k C^anmg. 

Offiee, - No. 44 CLARK STREET, (Second Story.) 

\0^ Commissioners for the States of Massachusetts, Fennsylrania, Maryland, Yirginia, Korth Carolina, 
Kichigan. Wisconsin, Florida, Kentucky, and Iowa. 

lO^ Agents for the Purchase and Sale of Real Estate, and Conveyancers. 
OC^ Titlee Sbcamined, and Abstracts Prepared with care and promptness. 






No. 12 Metropolitan Buildings. 

All Professional Business faithfully and 
promptly attended to. 
Land Titles carefully examined. 
Collections attended to and promptly remitted. 




39 Clark Street. 






l€)M€Sf €)M W €ili^lf«]Ef o 





3BIZir O 30 

Frederick Bronson, Esq. j 

Doane, King & Co. 

Especial aUmiion given to Colleciiotu throughout the Northwest. 






A^ ^ i\ 1^ w M 

And Counsellors at Lair* 

OFFICE, - - ------ 48 CLARK STREET. . 

K. C. PABIOaB, »• •• BOWB. 






No. 73 Randolph Street. 




Will attend to the duties of their prof emon m the different State and United States Courts for lUinou. 

L. D. WILKinSON, 8. K. DOW, GEO. T. FSAJtfiON 

W., D. & p. are in correspondence with the most reliable Attorneys in every city 
and county in the Northwest, and are prepared to receive for collection, claims whether before 
maturity or past due. Under this arrangement, our clients may rely upon the services of the 
most efficient Attorneys at the point of collection, and prompt payment of proceeds, when re- 
mitted here. 

Personal attention given to legal business of importance in Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, and 
Illinois, when desired. 


j3 aoL jK £ JnL o. 






■ - - - - ■ ■ " .11. ■ . -, ^ 



Manufacturer of a Superior kind of 


Car. JDearbom and Washmgtan Streets. 

-I I J I I ■! I I , -■■■ ^,-, ■ ., ^^ . ^ ^^^..^..^_^ ^. - _ ■ ■ _ ^ __^^^ ^ ^ _• ■ .-■ 



B^S'Z^B Bm®WB BmiiJLB^ 

White, Graham, and Rye Bread ; Boston Crackers ; Oyster, Butter, and 
Sugar Crackers ; Soda, Wine, and Milk Biscuit ; all kinds of 

Fancy and Plain Cake, Pastry, &c. 
PftrtiaSf BaUs, fto. farniBhed with all kinds of Cakes and Pastry, at the shortest notice. 


Ha« commenced business on MICHIGAN STREET, (between Wells and 
Franklin Streets,) where he will be happy to re ceive all orders in his line. 
I am now m anufacturing the SELF-ACTDfG BAIL FROGS and 
SWITCHES* and am ready to receive all orders with which I may be 
favored. J. CORNELIUS. ^ . 

P. S.— Plane Knives and other Edge Tools of all sizes made to order. / / 

" 7 . / / 








^ m*^¥- 

Superintendent of Colportage ft Depository. 


50 - ' Lasalle Street - - 50 

Jmmtan SnnbagSt Jool^nk 



L. p. CBAWFOBD, Agent 

[D^ All the Publications of the Union for sale at 
Eastern prices. 


(TEBMS, Two Dollars per Aanuin, in Advance.. 



4 »%• » 

Always on hand, a large supply of Methodist Books, Sunday Schooi 
Books, Tracts, and MiscbIiLANbous Books, at Eastern Prices. 

W. Jli. DOUOHTY, Affent. 





l$7 JouOi Wa«^ m^d i0 Xi^e tStieelB. 

H. K. BUEt, 

Cl4at)eKiiel& Wells,) 

'i » « ii^T'^*'^— ii i i ii ' i'i f ii 

o. L. qrTnqer, 

«T '■■ ii> - I I 1 »l I i |< i d^ m ri l 

' > 'i« f II I . 'i n , 1 ' il» > 



(Bbenniui HoQM.BloolL) 
BC?^ PAftimriar uttetitlon paid to the znajiiifactatiiiff of til kinds of Ladies^ and <xeBts* Boots and Sboes. 


m*mtmff^^^m¥f''i^>^^trmu^mm» ilia>— n ^ m i, ip |ipiM^» 

— i J di K l |i I S I '^ . ii 







J. T. J E v^:e t t. 

BOOTS jk jsmm, 



.. t 





(ITttder tbe aarden Cit^ Bouse.) 

'^ .- 2 





4 JLm 

SI ,SI17ZI.SI£I^. 

ALiSftT <k PBASUSOjr, 


'^i^'— —■'■■! i .m 


i*— K— «^l^^-»W " «l »« 

- - 




IVo. leo Soath Water Street^ 

mn ' WJUil l IJUIAXLS ahb wsxxs. 




sAsirrAonniBE Ata> dsalbr ih 

oflls, §|0^s, Waiters, ^itj ^\m, 



7k«ik[hYaIisetftTnTe]i]iffBagt«aliand. 53 (HliABK STREET. 






m LAKE STREET, (corner of Lake & Well&) 




Httnfiictwen aid Dealers Is 





H. D» BA88STT) 

D. H. HILL8. 



No. 145 South Water Street. 


010. X. WSLL8, 

CHA8. W. 8KTX0VX. 




Nos. 127 & 129 SOUTH WATER STREET, 

TMrd Do«r IFeit of Olmrlc. 





XAvuvACTDiaai or aub dkaubr nr 

ITate' (^ Cents' §00te ^ $\m, 0f all stgle^ 





SH A88f etrsnKBasLR 

1855. 201 LA^KE STRiEET. 1855. 

li B ti 

THOBliAS 6E0E6E & CO., 


m m. s 



iY^?S 191919911 

301 l.AK£ STRCET. 

t-^ • • » » 



Il^QIfCTllKl' 22^13© ©Mir WIESaillflSiElS, .. 

.Canal and Boat Xiamps, Copper anid !lfin FumpSp 

Cof omottBt £(intps, #c. ^c. 

' ^ ■♦♦•■»' " 











db OOmf 


No. 79 Wells Street, lietween Bandolph & Washington. 




.* p. 1^1 1 i>i ¥ i 

• I • < > > 

-r-! J" >- 


LII.31. & DI^EIISY, 


5:7 CE> OP C3D O^ 'iQ' £2B Ol a 

l^tiJr ^eakrs in PCafi anii |ij(r|B: 

ALSO, UASvwAtmvKM or 



All Orders from City or Country, enclosing a Remittance for the 
amount, respectfully solioited, and promptly attended to. 

esQcxsTA, eHeeK3SB.x, ajtd 8Te:QS'£ isirABjg. 

D. ABBE7 & CO., 



JVorth Water Street. 

















I * M P I I I ^ 





B. t. 6WOPB, 



OA.K: HALi. ciLOTH:i]sra store. 

4 O • » » 


161 - - RAnroaiiPH street. - - i6i 



JtEH'S and BOYS' CLOTHES Cftt and Hade in the Latest Styles^ at short neflise. 




Nos. 167 & 169 South Water Street, (Second Floor.) 




J . 


Hftnifactitrers and Wholeflale D^en la 




J. ^. JBMVST, J. £. GATK8, %, JOHHSON. 

' — ■ ■' ■■ I.-,. J-,.., ,....■ .1,, >.. '.. -■■ 


KanufiMitinren and Wholesale Dealen in 




H. W. BtJKT, O. If. WIGGIV8, P. BOKB, X. H. nBK. 




^ ■ ■ "F- 




250 LaKe, 34 t ClaiiL & 252 South Water Streets. 

SSf He keeps constantly on hand a general Assortment of CLOTHS, 
GASSIMEBBS, and VESMNGS, which will be made up to order in the 

16 - 

,W H L E S A L C 



' XA3fVS>ACTimSB8 AMD Wft0l«6AL9 DBA^ESS |H 

GLOTfiffifi & fmmm mm, 

WUdI tbef wlQ ScD at ITinf T0rk lid 9oiitctt 1^^ 
SALE-ROOMS, • • 153 A 191 liAKB STREET. ^ 

« ■ ■ p f II m i > «^ M y 



3; .cA3 V XT XI. 93r 3BI XI., 




fMISi 1149X8. 

r . 

'■ N ■ ■ ><^ I ■ ■ I .1 W II i. I I ■ 

JQusifEts auul« t9 Ondir ml sbortiMtltek 

/WX. VUftMte* 


^piWil ►y ■■■^■y»>fc^1M^b^^<^»^— ^^■^■p— I 

m ^i M III f 4- 


Murafifcotoz^erii ftnd "Wholesale PtenAlem in 

'Russia &:0EJio®m imuNp, ?Ay^,&fi.i 





W. G. WiIITl» 

r . ii.i ■>■ 1 i|< I 

M. P I SEB, 



S3L®f Mil© 

suai OF TPE ne Eiai) cut, 
No*. 931 ^ 223 Lafcei Btreet. 


J. «fc A.. SHMiA^LTZ, 


! I 




^. -. 


£3 iSLf X* O XI. X XT 33UC^ 

... ^ • 

loi 84 LA££ StREET, (over Swope & fiubbell^s Store.) 

Ladies can always find a well-selected stock of Buttpns. aQd Trimmings 
Brf; Mrs. HaAvey's Rooms^ or can have any article made to order. 

lET. p. HE A. H RIB, 





» ; 

* f 




« i ■ 'T ' p 

*r " * < ■ 

I II ■ « «i • " I »» 

' *-■ — 

* ,• - 







]Vo. 49 Clark St. [€>l«t Post Office BuUdW*] 





y 1 

^tafi^e: AsdD f^irct det oQm 

^1 «iv .^ . 



«^. 313 HOiMt^U WfM'ltBiSt. nT.. Vp Stairs 




ml: y leaf m Ttot 



Clotljing ani JTttnTiBljmfl ^ooH. 


eeMM»B.exAX. A&£3!rex. 





BXCHANGS BANK BVILDIIIGS, comer of Clark & lake Street?. 


r COLLECTIONS effected throughoat the United States and Canadas. A Register kept«4 
prompt and effioient Attorneys throughout the United States and British ProTinoes, aia 
names furnished free or cbabgx, on application at the Office. ' 

•Associate OMces. 

KEW YORK, - - Tatvav ft ]licKxi.LOP. i PHILABELPHIA, - - F. W. Tafpah k Q|» 
BOSTON, • - - " Jas. Wm. KiKBALL. I BAX.TIMQBE, - * Joiis HcKii.u>r * Ci 

DETROIT, UuHTisoTOiT, Lbs ft Co. 


Mw liiuiiilrain mm. 


wmiLp iPisEiV^p ismnDiEs, jmis> sioh@» 

43 ^iJXiJB Street, (opposite Galena Freight Depot.) 

i;o]i&u»]iims fiOLiccnv. 


; «. «>. Mnaa.K. 


i^. ^H' ■»» » 

';i^x| Morluai 91 .ma Biidg«. n 

r t^QMJdgn aUrSbatte.. ; 


.CblMgolWm. Fishcr&Co _.. 

Wm. Fisher & Co _, ...Ltcfin, JUlnpl|( 

'W. C. BoIItIii ft Oe™...^ .■;.;...'!^Feorii, lUlnob 

.St. Looli.Ma. I. 1>. HumOD & Co.... 




fiilSmOffi BROfHERS. 

« E nr e R A X. 


(UP STAIRS.) ',' 

'iwm BOBntaoa. 

E, Se 


H KHEnrsp tfnafsa lo Am Foim kob^ msr, n ■du^wh:^ dufaioh. 
g««oiohi*aaMiig»Bfla»*«odirofdd<ft^rij: -.„,■'■,- 

John E. QeniT, Eh,, Saperluteadunt Chlcigo k Rock IilBBd BallnMd Co. 

p. a. aALtowaxALLy 


^MH^fl^'HSLi^l^Wl <S CO., 




ir. Witener of ;CliMrk^»iS' Soijtji .Water 

J. H. SMITH A ^O., 

.,:. j„I-j.^-r53ST 

msFEXt: 3STO: 

It l[;i;.'i;i 


^^g/T ■ r'-' [ ■■ ; W ^ ^. 

I,' EM'. ■ -' "■■' - " " dgrfeniw 


Office, No. 12 Wells S1arwC<bwtvMn'JAk^ Water.) 

f -'V. !( 

*« k te A *4 


c^^.1 »^:. t .- 

^1 '-'f 

mtiiig: Kiiu^ajy^4|^^d ti|g^4Mei|^^ Depot 

f.; .■'; 



l , > '»Jis»f.«; |H .i./ 

4 I . 

J » 1-1- • 

• i » iA 

I/, /'5H«H».?y»SH|WW5'. 



••■'-.isyi'.r A .n 




^«(pne Door £a«t t>f {he Chicago AUlls,) * 

fe<jyilCt6»M nnk4b an kinds of Grala anit 
; . , ClQUAtry Produce, Cheese, Butter, Hams, Park^ 


J ■ -^ 


,>. M-r- .r :OX 




. i.itj III-' (, 

'.«& .!llil.!lUBy[JDSifJ'i':a'i 

" jyo, 49 KIJVZIE STREET, 

* Fartlcalar atteatiam paid ta the Sale af Prodnce arriylni^ hy tHe several ItaUraads, aad 

lOpiMi^reMlis Vadi A* t»t AbAP ^ 

• ' * * 

»•• » 

B. Steams fc Co Chicago I Messrs. R. K. Swift & Co., bankers Chicam 


,% ''< '^r 

Kos. 188 & i90^ffr ^fer jSt^t^ cvjmr of Wells. 

*-i» «~ Ci 


1 1> 

< * . '- f» 


♦ » 


t. ' 1 

Wi%W®8. ^fPl ,... 


OFFlet^Cttber ^aijatt! )b twelfth streets, (ipposlte C. fc R. t. FREIGHT iim 


H. KIKKfilflEK. 

iiai- 1' iis±^h^t^:tm':Bi3St^'^ti^. 


:m: jaiEt o ai^-A. it^rrr S". 

-iiLSa, DBALEB8 QT^, 

. ( ' • :x ; 

]SrOS. 343 & 344: SOUTH "VTA^TEH 81 



ition ysAd to^Qo 




> »>. .. • 


FQ«i) Jliflj MEti ittT Mft<>7K]#l«itt,iOF 


t: • i. 

e^^^^asa ©a? ■' :pJBjSa'a^G»ii' 3jm''KiBJrxxJB' J.9Sp:a3BjB^ 

Kiisra & daatis, 





41 & aiawm sheet; <)|posife OflClena K. R. Fri;iglii Depot 

\ A. H. KIVG. J. O.. PAVIS. 

r ' • 

Ca \,Zjib- jcs X ISt; S(. £3 iXji- lELi 





(Suooesflors to Hweet & Adams,) 


M E H O H A IN^ T S, 

Jn». 80 KMJWIE tSTttEET, JVtar the Galena Depot. 




OFPCE iiL CHICAGO, at B. 8. KIM'S, North Water Street. 


• . s 

^ TH08. M. TUBLAY. ^_ W. B. KIKO. 


■^ #i»— » 

0VM. M 

^S8^^ ^^BK? 




J ■» 



Ci^v .Jzau«* 



4 ♦ • ♦ » 

practice in this City^ will be sufficient guaranty of his professional skilT «td aiMIity. 

Any style of work required will be promptly executed, and warranied for life. 

J. A. Kwinc^TT^ p. I). S^ ^hicago, 111. 

"■■■»■■ .-*■». .m J , '^ i ( » » ^ ' '■' 

» \ 





ttrjgti[d m& ^^l^m^ld §i[ttt}^f rj 

Wth neitftess and' tare, «iid warrante entire sattsfaetion to'aileafliek 

N. B.^A|iy Slumber of«T6^h, fte&fiim to fdiif^n,in%r^ oii 0^^d Plate %}£la^ '^^^f^jut to o| IsLuritt? 
- • '-- '■• '• " • ' the natural TeeiK. ' Also, ^ 



77 ImAKH strict; (TREMONT BLpCE.) 


* ' ' 1 '.' 

■ V« f ♦ •! 

m^ lt«: J; D. 

, f "^ •-»»'' 




o^FxoiGi A:xfXT>. xlJBlBI^o^I^a;Q:]s^. 

, J . . 

Nos. 81 & 83 CLARK Sfl^f, ^FOSQRIl THE COVRT HOUSE.) 


\ • 


f ' f ^ ' ■ '» 1 

* t 

J ^ jeAIMOaCliAa AgCDCN^ttOy P4H> TQ 

«« t^ir* 

V , • 

mi II eiuk: 


' ; 

'. .p» 




i. «j. 

: , . . • ' 


■• » ••« ' 

^ .. 


, THIS "m^ xa, jrs« Aiif.f5<^ mj^ifT^ f(>}8^ 


A i 

303E1.; or* >v. xTXtLrnXMAieiyy^ 


iHBce, lo. 71 LAKB STREET, (oTer M& & FOSTER'S,) 

Offers bis services to the Citizens of Chicago and its vicinity. After a 
practice of nine years in the District of Columbia, I take pleasure in re- 
ferring to the following Gentlemen : 

Dr. A. Qibbs, Pr. S, O. Morflt, Memn. Oaulfield ft Bradley, Ockpt. J. D. "Webster, 

and the Medical Faoulty of the District of Columbia. 

■ ■ ■ ' i»i « ' 









195 LAKE 8TRBET, (Three Dodrs from VTeVm Street.) 

HM I^MM ^^M Ja IHK MUM ^^^k. SM^ iMUHft' ^tf Md HM ^^^ '^MriM 



faraisli, Bye StiQiffs, Fateiait 



S. B. Bat, (late Qf the firm of Sears «(Baj.) ' W. A. Baldwin, 




p. ir. KJetcikr. 

RR©liftf BRIIiH 







A W 

Enjoying t^e bejft faoflitiesTot Kurcbasipfy Cogether irith the advantage of 
a long experience in the largc^ Houses East, ^^.C*^^ confident we can offer 
inducements to West&rn Dealers unsurpassed hy any Western House. 


We keepa large sto^fefc* of Instruments on hand, and can furnish any- 
tliter b the line td; order. 

/ < 


• ■• • * ■ 

Jayne's Medicines, Baker & Co/s Ood Liver Oil, 


AY6k«$ i^mkVl^ ^BOTORkL, PERRY l»/l\ftS*:PAtN KILLCRf, 




ft w^ 

:•? j^jfttS^ 

Pftrt&ulat attention paB to fackiko, o^d Qoods warranted to go.tqfc to any part of t)k$ Qpuatiy. 



mmm m mfmensm. 

4 r 

' *? 

mmm m aiiac i^.ifi^jpp.. a^nnf^T^ 



Medicines, all of the best quality, constantly kept on hand. 


♦■ '■ 

r tf><«' • •• 


- «te «^ ^ 




lis' lAKESTiftEET. 

Htnaffttaren >f .Lard 01), CaiifOn, aad (;ai!(ph«|i»~F»etM7, MS. lfr|2|S,CI«!^ ftrtet. 


1 ' 



« » 

I y ^ 




7. 8CAXUON. 

X. H. SAltOEVT. 

L. M. SCAinCON. 


33a9LX GOODS, 

' ■ • — : f, t 

» ,» r • 

■* * • 

9M PW!C£ l&A»i ^QO^i^^^ XAll^ m^ 

^/ ■• 




"* 1 < 

- CABPEW. OIL CLQTttS, lyRtrG^Hf S, ^ ^ ^ • 

uraW.iHAT.iB msAii^ui^ 

dsKe fhef^1?tdilibiit Hmbe:) 

r. 8. rriCB.. 



wm: h£wks. 


& CO.-, 




a ^•-. f 

• ,.«j> . ^. . . V' 

r ** 

• " J 

< ■ l» . I ■ > <tl , <. . 

' .«/ 

^ . y ' , > »^, 

*^ ' 5»*. 

« > * ••» NV 

'Hfc»-' ^ 

r« »«w. I • ..jtjiit^Mim 

a. N. EM-TE- & CO,, 


^fitp wi iwt!w iit 

leiriMftrvit MMTAttiW siPimiiT. 



H. f EAKE, 

-I — . — u. 

< ' ( I 

V • ' fc 

'^ ^ ' ' v.-' ■• Mil; ' • 


1. • 

R. B. JONES "St f ONS, 

i2fik)JiTitt9 Amy jd^ms I'H 



I ■<.:./. 

■ It R^li'J . .. .',l M^>..i:/L J J-/) fax. • - ..'JO./ V, .-, / 


* dA' ■*■•. » 



No. 131 S0;DTH WATEIl. 8TRE»T. Up ^^Isrs. 


- ■ ■■ ■■■- ■ — . ■■ ■ - ■- , ■-■-■■-. - ^ - - - _ - ■ ^ 



Jfmip attb luimstit Irg §mh. 

nr^oJt.sssjtx.ts jRoajBSst rrjp s:r*.A^MSj, 

j ■ ■« im t ■ 


sa .fri 

/ifcVV ^' 

t 1 


r ' : ■ 

■ - ' j • V ■ ' ■' ! 



AM) FAiCY Dry goods 

Mr * im liiAKE 8TBBEX. 


lifMesale Imd lUtaU Oei^rg ia iH kinds of 




]lo. 202 UKE 8TIEI&T. 

H. B. — ^Being connected frith the most extensive Wholesale Honses in 

New York, this Establishjaent has advantages over every other, and will bt 

in the'dlbily receipt of the newest and most diesirable" Goods, as rapidly as 

they appear iii.that lo^rb^, all of irhicl\ wiJilbQ 9olll •t NowYork prices. 

' SO 

W. R. WOOD & CO., 



) • 











ii » -»i»— ^— «i I ■ ^1 < »!-— ^— i^— — ^ ) ^ «! . . y . 

XOiCB B.e X 3) SB. XS8. 

W l « >( 



Sdf^iAf 6> hMWt CkoUws, loslerj , ClIo^s, Worsted, &e. 


^^'} K«. ae lAILE &TBRST. 













. ; 

:pQtw^^a Lasalle and Clark Streeti 

I I 


SSm 3^^X^3338. 8'. 



4^P^''^I^4 <!{ai[<i'|nnliiii and Jltatoiir, * 




jp* Notarial amd Odee SEALS ftinOBh^ at tlie 8h(»l«6t notice, and witk tb« utmost peifeetion. 

■^ ' .•■ ^ ' . . . » 

BANf EL ElilSTON -'^ COh 


NO. 19.9; ];.ftK:fi ftTVtl^IiT. 


WM. H.-i>AVI8, 

O: J. ROBE, 


. 9 TV 


J, u,, ADSrr, 



;^35 cdkick ^jsiittep. 




* \j. 



«& . 


»»■«» I. 

D^VISSON, M^C^LL^ & Co, 

Buy and 5dH*|lk^|bHge, Odin, arid! Uncurrebj;; Mdney ; reoeive Deposites, 
allowing interest thereon : discount good Business Paper ; and make 
' * • <irMledti6ri6 througlibuliili^ Wted States. 


; OWYKNE, 1>AY ^ GO., • ^ • • CHICAGO, JLfu. 
VERY, aWYNKE $; OO*^ - - • ^ l^TEW YORK. 


DE4.I.BRS m 

fanV Warrants, Jforeign t!^ Jmmtan S^me, fe|angt,t)^^ 

5Tr - - - - CI^ARK STREBT* - - '- ^ 6t