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in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis Members and Sloan Foundation 


Maryville College 
Maryville, Tei 

Sidney 1^"'"^* 




Tuesday morning the shower's warm 
And I'm wishing I was asleep 
Monday seemed like a wasted day 
Cause all I did was sleep 
But today I need to settle down 
And work that problem out 
And tell myself to realize 
That's what life's all about. 








6 - Opening 

Opening - 7 

-— ^y 









i>?i' ' 





W^ ■' jB 

:> - ' ' , 


^^ ^^^B 

! ' 

' "»t!B '" 

f ' •'^ '^j^l 


^^^ l. 




~^--^. .-.. 

,.,^\ J 




10 - Opening 

















_ ' -• 

Thursday morning my head is warm 

And I'm wishing I was well 

I need to get some good ole rest 

And study just as well 

The choir will be short a voice today 

But my ears will both be there 

To try to gain some knowledge from 

The notes that fill the air. 

Opening - 11 



I find the blanket on the floor 
Where it certainly shouldn't have been 
Another week of classes are eone 

to study them 

Saturday morning the sun is warm 

My late sleep wish came true 

And now my stomach calls to me 

It needs attention too 

A ride into the mountains today 

Or a day at the library 

Between these two, 1 must find one 

Some times it's hard for me. 

14 - Openii 

Sunday morning I feel warm inside 

I visit God's house today 

I ask for guidance thru the week 

And to be thankful every day 

All through the week I need to stop 

And give thanks to the One above 

Thanks for all You've given me 

And thank You for Your love. 



r 9 



Opening - 15 


It's where I've been all along 
Where the mountains live and the forests call 
I know I haven't gone wrong. 

Dr. Wayne Anderson assumed office as the eighth president of Maryville College on Juty 
1, 1977, at the age of 39. He brings to the position an extensive background in administration 
and a deep commitment to independent higher education. He was also appointed in 1977 
as professor of political science at the College. 

At this time, Dr. Anderson serves as the Vice Chairman of both the Tennessee Independent 
Colleges Fund and the Tennessee Council of Private Colleges and as the President of the 
Mid-Appalachia Colleges Council, Inc. He is a member of the executive committee of the 
Presbyterian Colleges' Union as well as the Board of Directors of the Knoxville Symphony 
Orchestra and a former member of the Board of the Blount County Chamber of Commerce. 
In addition, he belongs to various regional and national professional groups, including the 
American Political Science Association. 

Dr. Anderson earned a B.A. degree in 1959 from the University of Minnesota in his home 
state, majoring in political science. He received a Master of Public Affairs dsgree in 1961 
from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs of Princeton University. 
In 1974, he earned the Ph. D. degree in government from Georgetown Universit-/ in 
Washington, D.C., with his dissertation on the White House staff of President Dwight D. 

Dr. Anderson is the force behind the Toward Century III Program. His job is a thankless one, 
but we, the students, would like to take this opportunity to say "THANKS", and that we do 
appreciate his dynamic efforts on behalf of Maryville College. 

18 - Faculty & Staff 


Mr. Pat Ballard - He received his B.A. from the University 
of Kentucky in 1979 and his M.Ed, from MTSU in 1977. Mr. 
Ballard serves as a football recruiter, assistant football coach, 
and Women's softbali coach. 

DR. CHARLOTTE BECK - This outstanding English instructor 
received her B.Mus., M.A., 1966, and Ph. D., 1972, from the 
University of Tennessee. Besides her duties in the English 
dept., she acts as Faculty Coordinator for the Presidental 

IVIR. CARROLL BARCER - He received his B.F.A. from the 
University of Tennessee in 1974 and his M.F.A. in 1977. Mr. 
Barger is currently teaching Art - Drawing, Painting, 
Photography, Art History and Education, and Fine Arts. He 
serves as a Webelos Den Leader for the Cub Scouts and lists 
Photography, sketching, and hiking as hobbies. 

MS. THaMA BIANCO - Her educational background 
Includes: B.S.Ed., Texas Technological University; M.A., Texas 
Women's University, 1969. She Is currently serving as an 
instructor in the Art Department. 

Faculty & Staff - 19 

DR. CAROLYN BIAIR - She is the current chairperson of 
the English dept. and her list of degrees includes a B.A. from 
the University of Montevallo (Alabama College), 1943; M.A., 
1948, and Ph.D., 1961, from the University of Tennessee. She 
is associated with numerous professional, honorary, civic and 
religious clubs and organizations and lists reading and 
creative writing as her hobbies. 

DR. DEAN BOLDON - He serves as chairman of the Division 
of Social Sciences and teaches Sociology. He received his 
Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University in 1975 and also holds a 
M.Div. from Princeton Seminary. Dr. Bolden's campus 
activities include the International Club, World Concerns, 
and Academic Life Committee. His hobbies are travel, tennis, 
and hiking. 

DR. JAMES BlOY - His impressive credentials include: B.A. 
and B. Mus., North Central College, 1951; M. Mus., Eastman 
School Of Music, 1953; D.S.M., School Of Sacred Music, 
Union Theological Seminary. He has had additional organ 
study with Helmut Walcha in 1958 and has also studied at 
Oxford University in 1972. Dr. Bloy also serves on the Board 
of Advisors, MACCO. 

DR. ROBERT BONHAM - His degrees include B. Music from 
Phillips University in 1963; M. Music from Kansas University 
in 1964; and Ph.D from Ohio University in 1981. Dr. Bonham 
teaches Piano, Music History, Art History, and Fine Arts 
(Architecture). He also has to his credit a continuing series 
of recitals broadcast by WUOT. 

20 - Faculty & Staff 

MRS. SHERRY BONHAM - She is currently serving as 
co-director of the Learning Center and teaches developmen- 
tal reading. She received her B.A. in 1966 from Maryville 
College and is working on her M.S. in Reading at U.T. Mrs. 
Bonham is a member of the Blount County Historic Trust and 
her hobbies include reading and photography. 

IViS. SHARON BROWN - She received her B.S. from Carson 
- Newman in 1973 and her M.S. from the University of 
Tennessee in 1974. She teaches Physical Education and 
coaches the Lady Scots Volleyball and Basketball teams. She 
lists jogging and guitar as hobbies and is also associated with 
the Blount County Center for the Handicapped. 

MRS. EXIR BRENNAN - She received her B A 1967 and 
M.L.S., 1972, from the University of Alabama She holds 
membership in Delta Kappa Gamma American Library 
Association, Southeastern Library Association, and Tennessee 
Library Association. She serves as Head Librarian and 
Yearbook Advisor. Her hobbies include hiking, gardening, 
and music. 

MR. KEITH BRUCKNER - He graduated with a B.S. from 
Cornell in 1965 and continued his education at the University 
of Tennessee where he received his M.B.A. in 1971. He 
teaches Economics and is a member of the International Club 
and World Concerns Committee. He is involved in reading 
on public policy issues and enjoys travel. 

Faculty & Staff - 21 

DR. TERRY BUNDE - This outstanding Chemistry professor 
received his B.S. from Rollins College in 1968 and his Ph.D. 
from the University of Florida in 1975. He is involved with 
numerous campus clubs, organizations, and activities. In 
recent years he has been named outstanding - Teacher -of 
- the - Year and could be a strong candidate for Father - 
of - the - Year (at least his one - year - old daughter, Janet, 
thinks so). 

MR. ARTHUR BUSHING - He received his B.A. from 
Maryville College and then did graduate work at the 
University of Tennessee, University of lowfa, and Duke 
University. Most freshmen get to know Mr. Bushing well 
through use of his Manual of Outlining and Research. 


DR. DAVID CARTLIDCE - His Impressive list of credentials 
include: B.A. Wooster, 1954; M. Div. McCormick Seminary, 
1957; and Ph. D. Harvard, 1969. Dr. Cartlidge teaches 
Religion, Philosophy and Greek. He is a stand-out member 
of the college pep-band and lists amateur radio, music and 
athletics as nobbies. 

MR. DAVID COOPER - His degrees include: B.S. University 
of Georgia, 1973; S. Ed. University of Georgia, 1977; Ed. D. 
University of Georgia, 1981. He teaches Health and Physical 
Education. Mr. Cooper is a First Aid and CPR instructor for 
the Red Cross and enjoys jogging and racquet ball. 

22 - Faculty & Staff 

MR. DUNCAN CRAWFORD - He graduated with a B.A. from 
Southwestern-at-Mettiphis in 1967 and continued his 
education at the University of Tennessee where he received 
his J.D. in 1973. Mr. Crawford is a practicing attorney in 
Maryville and teaches Business Law. He is also a commander, 
U.S. Naval Reserve and enjoys running in his spare time. 

DR. WILLIAM DENT, JR. - He received his B.A. from 
Maryville College in 1957, his M.S. from the University of 
Kentucky in 1963, and his Ph.D. from the University of 
Tennessee in 1972. He teaches all levels of Mathematics and 
is a member of several mathematics associations. He is 
involved with Curriculum Review and enjoys golf, bridge, 
and poker. 

MR. JIM DAVIS - He received his B.S. in P.E. and coaching 
from Plymouth State in 1979. He currently coaches Football 
and Track and is a member of the American Football Coaches 
Association. His hobbies include sports, reading, and music. 

MR. JAMES DIAL, JR. - This instructor in Health and Physical 
Education received his B.S. from Louisiana State University 
and Northwestern State University of Louisiana, 1975 - 1977. 
He is also involved in teaching gymnastics. 

Faculty & Staff - 23 

MR. J. SIDNEY DOWNEY - He is a teacher of 
Accounting, Management, and Finance. He received his B.A. 
in 1970 from High Point College and his M.B.A. in 1975 from 
Indiana University. Mr. Downey is involved with the St. John 
United Methodist Men as their president, the District 
Committee, and Boy Scouts of America. He also enjoys 
backpacking, camping, and being an Amateur Ham Radio 

teaches English 

Composition, Journalism, American Literature, and Western 
Literature. Dr. Fowler obtained her B.S. at Birmingham - 

A.A.U.W., Tenn. Philological Association, South Atlantic 
Modern Language Association and is very involved in her 

MR. ROBERT ElllS, JR. - He currently serves as 
Vice-President in charge of Development. His education 
includes: B.A. (English), 1973, Emory and Henry College; M.A. 
(Speech and Theater), 1976, University of Tennessee. In 
addition to his duties at Maryville College, he serves on the 
board of Directors Greater Knox Council for the arts. 

24 - Faculty & Staff 

MR. ERNIE COSS - He received his B.A., 1972, from the Univ. 
of South Fla., his M.8.A. in 1975 from Georgia State Univ., 
and his A.B.P. in 1981 from the Univ. of Tenn. Mr. Goss 
teaches Principles of Economics, Microeconomics, History of 
Economic Doctrine, and a Seminar course in Labor 
Economics. He is interested in Mathematical Functional 
Forms and their Effect on Regression Results, and Incentives 
to Encourage Nuclear Waste Disposal Siting. 

MR. DENNIS GRAHAM - Our current Adn 
Vice-President received his A.A.S. from Monroe Community 
College, Rochester, N.Y., his B.A. from University of South 
Florida, and his M.S. from Johns Hopkins University. Mr. 
Graham is also a Certified Public Accountant. 

MS. BARBARA HANDLER - This math instructor received 
her B.S. (1961) and her M.A. (1964) from M.S.U. She expects 
to receive her Ed.D. from University of Tennessee in 1982. 
She IS a member of the League of Women Voters, the 
Zoological Association, and Planned Parenthood. Her 
hobbies are reading, traveling, and cooking. 

DR. JOHN HARDWiC - He teaches Philosophy and Religion. 
Dr. Hardwig received his B.A. from Yale University in 1963, 
and his Ph. D. from the University of Texas in 1975. In his 
spare time he enjoys biking and tennis. 

Faculty & Start - 25 



DR. HARRY I. HOWARD - He teaches Political Science, 
Religion, and Interdisciplinary Values Course. Dr. Howard 
received his B.A., 1967, from Tennessee Wesleyan College, 
M.Th., 1970, M.A., 1971, from Southern Methodist Univ. and 
his Ph. D., 1980, from the Univ. of Tennessee. He is 
associated with the Bd of directors for children's Center of 
Knoxville and with Church St United Methodist Church Day 
Care Center 

MR. DAVID IRWIN - He received his B. Mus. in 1972 from 
Florida State Univ. and his M. Mus. in 1974 from Yale 
Universitv. He teaches orchestra, band, Music education, Fine 
Arts, and Clarinet. He is involved in the Maryville - Alcoa 
College - Community Orchestra and is a Faculty Advisor for 
Phi Mu Alpha. In his spare time he enjoys hiking and 

DR. JAMES JOHNSTON - He received his B.A., 1973, his 
M.S., 1976, and his Ph. D., 1979, from the Univ. of Tennessee 
of Knoxville. Dr. Johnston currently teaches Human 
Anatomy, and Physiology, Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy, 
Exercise Physiology, General Physiology, and Kinesiology. He 
is involved in the Institute for Positive Hiring, the 
Construction of a Fitness Circuit for the Campus, Muscular 
Dystrophy Association and more. 

DR. YOUNC-BAE KIM - His education background includes: 
B.A., Yonsei University; M.A., Indiana University, 1965; Ph.D., 
University of Kansas, 1974. Besides teaching Political Science, 
he is actively involved with the International Club. 

26 - Faculty & Staff 

DR. MARiORIE KRATZ - She currently teaches History and 
received her B.A., 1959, and M.A., 1960, from the Univ. of 
Mass. and her Ph. D., 1965, from the Univ. of Oregon. Dr. 
Kratz belongs to the Organization of American Historians 
Women's Comm. of the Southern Historical Association, and 
is interested in Early Nineteenth Century Women Travellers. 
In her spare time she enjoys knitting, travelling, walking, and 

MS. EDITH D. lARCEN - She received her B.S., 1948, from 
Maryville College, and her M.S., 1951, from the University 

of Tennessee. Ms. Largen teaches physical education. In her 
ijoys crafts, reading, and golf. 

spare time she enjoys i 

MR. RANDY LAMBERT - He is MC's Physical Education 
Instructor. He received his B.A. from Maryville College and 
his M.S. from the Univ. of Tennessee at Knoxville. He enjoys 
golf, tennis, racquetball, and basketball in his spare time. 

MR. MICHAEL M. LEDFORD - He is an assistant football 
coach and Head Baseball Coach. Mr. Ledford received his 
B.S., 1975, and M.A., 1980, in Health and Physical Education 
from Tennessee Tech. University. His hobbies include tennis, 
hunting, and fishing. 

Faculty & Staff - 27 





DR. WALLACE L. LEWIS - He received his B.A., 1957, and 
M.A., 1960, from the University of Alcron, and his Ph. D., 
1969, from the University of Iowa. Dr. Lewis is a professor 
of History and Non-Western Studies. He is an advisor to Pi 
Gamma Mu, is the precinct democratic chairman, and is the 
Election Judge for the college precinct. In his spare time he 
enjoys gardening, war games, and travel. 

MR. GARY E. MOWL - He teaches American Sign Language 
and Interpreting and received his B.A , 1977, from Maryville 
College and his M.S., 19B1, from the Unrv of Tennessee He 
is associated with Sigma Lambda Kappa, the Tenn Registry 
of Interpreters of the Deaf, The Tenn. Association of the 
: Deaf, and the Knoxville Area Comm Center for the Deaf 
" He is also involved in Research in Interpreters Aptitude and 
Research in AASL Ling. 

MS. KATHRVN MARTIN - Her educational background 
includes: B.A., Vanderbiit University, M.A., 1943, and 
1949-1950, Vanderbiit University, Universidad Internacional 
Menendey y Pelayo, 1956; University of Madrid, 1956-1959, 
1967-1968. At Maryville, she currently teaches Spanish and 

DR. ROBERT ). NAYIOR - He teaches Physical and 
Inorganic Chemistry and Astronomy. Dr. Naylor received his 
B.A., 1966, from Butler Univ., and his Ph.D., 1973, from Case 
Western Reserve Univ. He is involved in Research in Surface 
Diffusion Studies at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, 
and also the use of Computers in the Chemical Classroom. 
He is associated with various Science Organizations 

28 - Faculty & Staff 

DR. JOHN NICHOLS - His education includes a B.S. (1965) 
from Maryville College, M.S. (1967) and Ph.D. (1972) from the 
University of Tennessee. He is a member of the Outdoor 
Club, Math Club, M.A.A., A.M.S., T.M.T.A., and Blount 
County Historic Trust. He enjoys playing ping-pong, hiking, 
and archaeology in his spare time. 

MR. ART OGDEN - Our head football coach and athleti, 
director graduated from Lasalle in 1968, received his M.A. 
from Delaware in 1970, and has done graduate work at 
Rutgers, Wichita State, and Glassboro State. He holds 
membership in the American Football Coaches Association 
and is in the process of writing a book on Athletic 
Administration. His hobbies are fishing, golf, and reading. 

MRS. CHOI PARK - Mrs. Park is the Catalog Librarian. She 
received her M.L.S., 1970, from George Peabody College for 
Teachers of Vanderbilt Univ. Her hobbies include tennis, golf, 
hiking, and collecting stamps. 

DR. RUSSELL D. PARKER - Dr. Parker teaches Western Civ., 
U.S. Survey, African Studies, History of the South, and U.S. 
Cultural and Intellectual History. He received his B.A., 1949, 
from Lincoln Mem. Univ., his M.A., 1951, and Ph.D., 1966, 
from the Univ. of Tennessee. He is involved in the Kiwanis 
and the New Providence Presbyterian Church. Currently he 
is researching the history of the city of Alcoa and the state 
of Tennessee. 

Faculty & Staff - 29 

DR. ALFRED PERKINS - He graduated from Mercer 
University with an A.B. and then received his M.A. and Ph. 
D. from Harvard University. Dr. Perltins is the Academic 
Vice-President and a Professor of History. His hobbies include 
camping, tennis and swimming. 

DR. lAMES D. PICKENS - He received his B.A. from Ohio 
State University. In 1978, he received his Ph. D. from the 
University of Tennessee. Dr. Pickens teaches many 
psychology courses along with Science Thought. He is a 
member of the American and Southeastern Psychological 
Associations, Reading, baking, and playing with his children 
are among his favorite hobbies. 

DR. WILLIAM POLLARD - His impressive credentials 
include: B.A., Centre College; M.A., M.Div., Ph.D., Duke 
University. Dr. Pollard teaches in the English Department and 
holds membership in several English-related organizations. 
His hobbies are golf, travel in Europe, and archaeology. 

DR. MARILYN POLLIO - She received her B.A. from 
Brookline College and her M.S., 1971, and Ph. D., 1973, from 
the University of Tennessee. She currently serves as Assistant 
Professor of Education and Director of the Learning Center. 

30 - Faculty & Staff 

DR. ROBERT RAMCER - This biology and Health instructor 
graduated from Maryville College in 1956 and received his 
M.S., 1962, and Ph. D., 1972, from the University of 
Tennessee. He is involved in numerous community and 
college organizations, including Circle K, Athletic Commit- 
tee, Self Study Steering Committee, and February Meetings 
Planning Committee. His hobbies include jogging, tennis, 
hiking, gardening, and painting. 

MS. CAROL ROBERTS - This member of our library staff 
graduated from the University of South Carolina in 1974 and 
received her M.S.L.S. from the Univ. of Tennessee in 1977. 
She is a member of several Library Associations, the National 
Trust for Historic Preservation, and the Blount County 
Historic Trust. She enjoys collecting and refinishing antiques, 
travel, and historic Preservation. 

MS. JANE RICHARDSON - Our associate Dean of Students 
graduated from the University of Tennessee in 1978. It has 
been said that she is "Giver of all things great and small (like 
single rooms)." She also enjoys hiking and folk dancing, but 
not at the same time. 

MR. MICHAEL SABATELLE - He currently serves as Head 
Soccer Coach and Head Athletic Trainer. He received his B.S. 
in Health Education in 1979 from Pittsburgh State Univ. of 
New York. Coach Sabatelle teaches sports medicine, athletic 
training and CPR/First aid. His hobbies are running, 
photography, soccer, Softball, and travel. 

Faculty & Staff - 31 


VICTOR AND SALllE SCHOEN - This dynamic husband and 
wife team teach in the music department. Mr. Schoen 
graduated from Miami University in 1950 and then received 
his Masters from Indiana University in 1952. Mrs. Schoen 
graduated in 1951 from Oberlin Conservatory of Music and 
then received her Masters from Indiana Univ. She also 
received the Dalcroze Certificate in 1979 from Ithaca College. 


DR. MARGARET SHERER - She currently serves as Professor 
and Chairman of the Department of Education. Her ow/n 
education consists of B.F.A., Oklahoma City University; M.S , 
1953, and Ed. D. 1967, University of Tenn. 

MR. AUSTIN I. SHAMBLIN - Our director of the computer 
center graduated with a B.S. in education in 1965 from the 
Univ. of Miami, Oxford, Ohio. Besides teaching computer 
science, Mr. Shamblin acts as Faculty advisor for Intervarsity 
Christian Fellowship, serves on Religious Life Council, and is 
involved in Community Outreach. He enjoys jogging and 
music in his spare time. 

MR. KENT SKINNER - His educational background includes: 
B.A. (music) University of Northern Colorado, 1972-1976; 
M.Mus. in Conducting and Choral Lit., 1977 and M. Mus. 
(Voice), 1978-1980, Univ. of Texas. Besides serving as Choir 
Director, he teaches Choir, Voice, Conducting, and Opera 

32 - Faculty & Staff 

MR. WILLIAM STRICKLAND - Our Vice-President for 
Student Affairs' educational background includes; Maryville 
College B.A./B.S., 1957; Louisville Presbyterian Theological 
Seminary, B.D., 1963; Duke University, M.A., 1969; University 
of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with his dissertation in 

DR. lUDITH SUMNER - Her impressive educational 
background includes; A.B., Vassar College, M.S., 1974, and 
Ph.D., 1976, University of Massachusetts. She teaches in the 
Biology department with her specialty being in the field of 
botany. Her hobbies include gardening and the care of small 
rodents, particularly guinea pigs. 

MR. DONALD THOMAS - He graduated from the Univ. of 
Tenn. in 1968 and received his M.A.C.T. in theatre from UT. 
in 1975. He currently teaches English, Speech, and Theatre. 
Mr. Thomas is associated with the Playhouse Association and 
Acts as Director of Theatre at Maryville. He is also a member 
of the Executive Board of Playhouse of Blount County and 
the Knoxville Arts Council. 

MR. PETER VIAL - Our new chaplain graduated from 
Maryville College in 1975 and from Pittsburgh Theological 
Seminary in 1979. He currently serves as the Coordinator of 
the Religious Life Council and enjoys Photography in his 
spare time. His special projects are refurnishing his house and 
helping to raise his 2-year-old daughter. 

Faculty & Staff - 33 


DR. ARDA WALKER - This outstanding History instructor 
graduated from Maryville College in 1940. She received her 
M.A. from the Univ. of Tenn. in 1941 and her Ph. D. from 
the Univ. of North Carolina in 1958. She is both active on 
campus and in community through involvement in numerous 
clubs and organizations. Her hobbies include travel, plants, 
and crafts. 

DR. lERRY WATERS - His educational background includes: 
B.A., 1957, Maryville college; Ph.D., 1960, University of 
Kentucky. He teaches various Psychology courses and is a 
member of several pyschology, speech and hearing 
associations. He also serves as chairman of the Steering 
Committee of Self Study. 

DR. ROBERT YAGER - Our Physics professor received his 
B.A. fr-bm Harvard University and his M.A., 1967, and Ph. D., 
1969, from Rice Univ. Dr. Yager is usually found playing 
raquetball, jogging, or talking about his idol. Reverend Jim 
from Taxi. 


MS. IRMA YOUNG - She currently serves as Assistant 
Professor for Interpreting for the Deaf and holds a certificate 
from Registry of Intepreters for the Deaf. 

34 - Faculty & Staff 

Jeanne Bright 
Secretary for Admissions 

Dennis Chesnut 

Jean Clemens 
Secretary for Admissions 

Brenda Cooper 
Women's Athletics 

Deitra Cooper 
Secretary for Development 

Kathy Custer 
Financial Aid Assistant 

Anne Daniels 
Graphic Art Coordinator 

Donna F. Davis 
Assistant to the President 

Donna L. Davis 
Career Planning and Placement 

Ray Dirkson 
Staff Assistant 

Sam Foust 
Resident Director 

Ellie Gllmore 
Director of Alumni 

Brenda Goldman 
Acqulstions Librarian 

Jack Grantham 
HPER Building Manager 

Jan Hicks 
Secretary for the President 

Billie Sue Howard 
Office Manager/Payroll Clerk 

Jane Huddleston 
Secretary for the 
Academic Dean 

Joan Hughes 

Secretary for the 

Physical Plant 

Betsy Hunt 
Secretary for HPER 

Deborah Nichols 
Circulation Librariar 

Leslie Nier 
Admissions Counselor 

Epp Ogden 
Print Shop Manager 

Dan Perkins 
Director of Financial Aid 


Diane Perry 

Coordinator of Community 


Kay Pritchett 
Accounts Payable 

Diane Qua 












-^ jH 







Libby Rankin 
Development Office Manager 

Bill Ribble 
Director of Auxiliary Services 

Claire Roberts 
Resident Director 

Roberta Robinson 
Secretary for Communications 

Linda Rogers 
Secretary for Development 

Eleanor Sandidge & Julia Rop 

Dorothy Shamblin 

less Snyder 
Assistant Athletic Trainer 

Linda Stephens 

Sandy Stephens 

Secretary and Bookkeeper 

for the Library 

Rich Suttle 
Assistant Basketball Coach 

Judy Trout 

Ricky Tucker 
Admissions Counselor 

Larry West 
Director of Admissions 

Susan Whitehead 
Assistant to the Registrar 

Mary Ann Wise 

Admissions Office Manager and 

Resident Director 

Joan Wiseman 
Admissions Counselor 


Willis McLemore, 
Eldria Hurst, Fred 

Eldria Hurst 
Chief of Security 

Helen Williams 
Director of Housekeeping 

Row 1: Helen Malcolm, 
Helen Williams, Bertie 
Myers, Bob Whitehead. 
Row 2: Georgia Gray, 
Shirley Whitehead, 
Prudie Cooper, Joyce 
Perkins, Floyd Valen- 
tine, Leonard Coins. 
Row 3: Pauline Webb, 
Yvonne Long, Isabelle 

Row 1: Les Teffeteiler, 
Larry Thomas, Clifford 
O'Niel, Charlie Whi- 
tehead. Row 2: Carl 
Former, Ernie Farr, 
Johnny Godsey, Tim 
Shaw. Row 3: Bob Kirk- 
land, Bill Slater, Lee 
Stephens. Row 4: Cor- 
nell Young, John 

Lee Stephens 
Director of Maintenance 

Tom Duckett 
Food Service Manager 

Seated: Roger Brunson, 
Jenny McCall, Shelia 
Cobb, Gail Hedrick, 
Mae Shuler. Standing: 
Wanda Wolfe, Mary Sue 
Lowe, Ernie Burchfield, 
Sally Hiens, Dottie Wil- 
cox, James Hodge, 
Louise Shields, Bill 
Lundy, Lynn Cole, An- 
drea Earls, Tom Duckett. 


Brad Allison 

E. Palestine, OH 


Lesa Andrews 

Kingsport, TN 

Charles Alongi 

Newburgh, NY 

Cathy Angell 
Columbia, MO 

M ..4. 

Keith Amos 
Lenoir City, TN 

Steve Arnold 

Mountain City, TN 








Brenda Babb 

Kingsport, TN 

Mary Jane Babich 
Valrico, FL 

Anita Baker 

Miami, FL 

Seniors - 43 


Doug Berry 

Maryville, TN 

Debbie Blessing 
Edmond, OK 

Victoria Black 
W. Palm Beach, FL 

Ed Brewer 

Cincinnati, OH 

Kathy Blair 

Orange Park, FL 

Sidney Bright 

Church Hill, TN 

Patrick Burke 
Cincinnati, OH 

Carol Carter 

Burlington, NJ 

George Cassutto 

Westminster, MD 

Deanna Chapman 

Melbourne, FL 

Joe Crabtree 

Copperhill, TN 

Judy Creer 
Orlando Park, IL 

Pat Clemens 

Alcoa, TN 

Cynthia Cunningham 

Birmingham, AL 

Mickleton, NJ 

Mike Davis 
Glen Falls, NY 

Seniors - 45 






Tim Fitzgerald 

Glenmont, NY 

Russell Gibson 

Sevierville, TN 

Bill Dent 

Maryville, TN 

Beverly Fox 

Sevierville, TN 

Mark Fisher 

Stanley, NC 

Pam Fritts 

Maryville, TN 

Darlene Oilman 
Monroe, TN 

Mary Gravely 
Harrodsburg, KY 

Charlotte Hamby 
Oakwood, GA 

Jim Gritmon 

Lansdale, PA 

Page Harris 

Knoxville, TN 

Jeff Guillaume 

Columbus, OH 

Janet Helwig 

Chattanooga, TN 

Ivy Hinton 

Chattanooga, TN 

Tom Hudson 

Hughsonvilie, NY 

Sandra Kees 

W. Islip, NY 

Tom Kiersnowski 
Port Charlotte, FL 

Colette Kehoe 

Laceyville, PA 

Susan Kinnee 

Lansing, Ml 

Cheryl Laipply 
Mansfield, OH 


David Lee 

Westbury, NY 

Vanessa Logan 
Cincinnati, OH 

Karen Long 

Brentwood, TN 

Mike McCroskey 

Gatlinburg, TN 

Lynda MacCall 
Virginia Beach, VA 

Nancy Mackey 
Mt. Vernon, NY 

Nancy Manning 
Madisonville, TN 

Philip Merrill 
Antioch, TN 

Robin Minish 
Oak Ridge, TN 


Kimberly Mitchell 
Oyster Bay, NY 

Angela Murphy 
Bradenton, FL 

Walt Montgomery 

Knoxville, TN 

Kim Morris 
Inverness, FL 

Debra Nason 
Mountain Top, PA 

Elizabeth Neil 
Decatur, GA 

Yumi Okubo 
Yamanashi, Japan 

Donna Owens 

Melbourne, FL 

m"* -M 

Allison Perry 
Galliano, LA 

George Ralston 
Bradenton, FL 

Ruby Perry 
Jirmingham, AL 

JoAnn Ricci 

Thorns River, NJ 


Philip Rice 

Gatlinburg, TN 

Nadine Robinson 
Delta, PA 

John Sanders 
Brevard, NC 

Betty Schuster 

Dyersburg, TN 


Trent Shields 

Maryville, TN 

Barbara Stansbury 

Knoxville, TN 

Andy Steinbeck 
Wayne, PA 

Elizabeth Walker 
Cincinnati, OH 

Heidi Warner 
Grayson, GA 

Julia Wickstrand 
Gaithersburg, MD 

Ruth Wilgus 
Knoxville, TN 

Scott Wilson 
Crosse Pointe Farms, Ml 

Pete Woodring 
Chenoa, KY 

Laura Woolard 
Wilmington, DE 

Yoneda Masako 
Yokohama-shi, Japan 

Edwin Ainsworth 
Shawna Allen 
Bill Argyle 
Andrew Baker 

JoAnn Barretto 
Bill Bender 
Andy Bevers 
Mark Beyer 

Diane Bonning 
Barbara Booker 
Ric Brand 
Simp Broughton 

Jackie Carlton 
Scarlett Carson 
John Cockfield 
Carol Coffey 

Rebecca Cole 
John Cook 
Margaret Corey 
Matt Cragle 

Beckie Haynes 
Stanley Howard 

Carol Humphrey 
janie Jafvert 
Shelley Kingsbury 
Karen Kotz 

Teresa Lawson 
Tommy Livesay 
Kathy Long 
Lee Lord 

Bryan McFariand 
Doug McNaughton 
Valerie McWilliams 
Mary Manire 

Kenny Martin 
Charles Melton 
Michael Mertes 
Kinuyo Miyagi 

LaDonna Montgomery 
Barbara Morrow 

Bili Muller 

Candy Nutter 

Melanie Petree 

Jeff Pierce 

Teri Pitcock 

Jean Plant 

Arch Poeppel 

Brenda Prescott 

Julia Quinton 

Jeff Riley 

Robin Rimmer 

Brian Rigell 

Heidi Robinson 

Wayne Rodgers 

Randy Shackieford 

Jennifer Shoffner 



HJ^H \M 


CLASS OFFICERS - Donald Xiques, President; Traci Fraser, Sgt-At-Arms; 
Wilma Coleman, Vice-President. 

Alex Albert 
Lina Anabtawi 
Margaret Andrews 
Janet Apgar 
Sterling Bales 

Mary Lea Ballman 
Dorcas Battle 
Mary Jo Bowen 
Cindy Brannon 
Tomnny Brown 

Melissa Canon 
Jimmy Carmigniani 
Dottie Carson 
Joel Chesser 
Wilma Coleman 

Anne Coomer 
Carol Cooper 
Kim Corbitt 
Kevin Crothers 
Jana Dalton 

Ruby Davis 
Jennifer Denny 
Liz Dishman 
Greg Driver 
David Edington 

Sophomores - 61 

Beverly Evans 
Mamie Evans 

Chris Faico 
Kim Favors 

Frank Fisch 

Traci Eraser 

Nickie Frazier 

Susan Friedmann 

Edward Gartrell 

Ed Cervasoni 

Eric Greaser 

Walter Hardaway 

Kim Hatfield 

Leslee Hay 

Todd Honeycutt 

Glenn Houtchens 

Mary Hughes 

Teresa Hurst 

Sandra Jones 

62 - Sophomores 

Glenn Katz 
Jim Kidder 
Doug Knight 
Kelly Layman 
Amy LeBar 

Sarah Jane Lindsay 
Kay Lippincott 
Joe Longo 
Lenyce Lovingood 
Gayle McConathy 

Diane McDaniel 
Helen McNieli 
Joan Marshall 
Lee Millar 
Craig Mrazek 

Laurie Nelson 
Amy Nicholson 

Monica Paige 
Bruce Petitt 

Sophomores - 63 

Chris Porter 

Mickey Post 

jina Radozycki 

Cindy Ramsey 

David Rauierson 

Caroline Reed 
Giennis Riedi 

Bobby Rimmer 

Terri Roberts 

Nancy Rojas 

Becky Sanden 
James Sasscer 

Don Sawyer 
Ellen Smith 

Ellen Sniveiy 

Evelyn Sowell 

Karen Spence 

Glenn Stout 

Meianie Teffeteller 


Don Titman 
Lisa VanDivort 
John Varney 
Nick Venditti 
Andrea Vousden 

Jenny Walker 
Ed Welch 
Tara Wey 
Sheila White 
Donna Whitley 

Susan Williams 
Laurie Winiarski 
Rosa Wong 
Donald Xiques 
Kim Youpa 

Sophomores - 65 


66 - Freshmen 

Sandy Abramson 
Hamdan Bader 
John Beaupre 
Rhonda Benton 
Connie Blair 

Lesley Boand 
Mary Ann Bobbitt 
Daniel Bouch 
Paula Braden 
Cameron Buchholtz 

Mary Jane Burnett 
Ciretta Carpenter 
Crystal Carroll 
Amy Carter 
Shannon Chilcoat 

Jeffrey Clarke 
Trina Coggins 
Kathy Conklin 
Janet Conrad 
Sara Covington 

Regina Curry 
Ed Davilla 
Dave Denshaw 
Eric Deziel 
Louise Donahue 

John Farrell 
Joe Fazioli 
Kelly Fitzgerald 
Patrick Foster 
Jeanne George 

Freshmen - 67 

Brenda Giiiespie 

Libba Gillum 

Trent Gilmore 

William Gipson 

Mike Good 

Marty Green 

Tyrone Greene 

Terry Harmon 

Rob Harrison 

Jennifer Hart 

Lenida Hawkins 

Barbara Hogan 

Ben Hornsby 

Julie Humpert 

Maria Irwin 

Susan Jennings 

Tammie Johnson 
Mike Kennedy ^_^_ 
Shaun King M^k <» 
Lore Kuchlbauer 
Pete Leahy 

Angela Lonas 

Robert Loray 

Jill Lucke 

Kathy McCollum 

Patrick McDuff 

68 - Freshmen 

David McElroth 
Stacy Mediin 
Lisa Melton 
Laura Meneely 
Mark Mixner 

ulia Nasipak 
Vic Newmark 
Beverly Ogle 
Kevin O'Reilly 
Melissa Parks 

Mack Paschall 
Sharon Pimm 
Don Poeppel 
Scott Pulliam 
Lora Quillen 

Adrienne Ramsey 
Will Randolph 
Lee Roberson 

Michael Rohan 
Don Rufus 
Johnny Russ 

David Sanchez 
Karen Shafer 
David Sheffield 

Freshmen - 69 

''Sure, years from now we'll look back at 
our years at MC with fond memories. I can 
see some of those memories now as I live 

But Maryville College will be more than 
just a bunch of reminiscences, more than 
just a collection of quotes and photo- 
graphs in an annual. MC has given us all 
much more than these - perhaps more 
than we'll ever know. It has given us a way 
of looking at others, ourselves . . . " 

-Tom Hudson 

72 - Senior Candids 

"Maryville College means a great deal to me 
academically and socially. Academically it 
means dedication, responsibility, hard work, 
timing, and luck. Socially it means maturing 
and fostering lifelong friendships." 

-Tim Fitzgerald 

Senior Candids - 73 

'7 leave with direction, set upon a chosen 
path. I have seen myself evolve through 
learning - in the halls of study, in the 
company of friends, and in the shadow of 

-Michael Weiss 

74 - Senior Candids 

"Maryville: New experiences from which to 
grow, special friends that mean so much; a 
smiling face in troubled times. 

Maryville: an experience we all share and will 
remember fondly." 

-Carol J. Carter 

Senior Candids - 75 

''Maryville College has provided me 
with new experiences, challenges, 
friendships, and personal growth. 
Now that my four years are coming 
to an end, it is time to move on, 
but the memories I have of 
Maryville College will be everlast- 
ing. " 

-Mary Jane Babich 

76 - Senior Candids 

"/4s an entering freshman, all I wanted 
was to be an upperclassman and to be 
able to see the end. Now as a 
graduating senior, I look back at 
freshman year and wonder: what was 
so bad that comps, independent study, 
and graduation could have actually 
looked good to me?" 

-Russell Gibson 

Senior Candids - 77 

''After four years at Mary vi lie College 
filled with good times, good friends, hard 
studying and hard work, I can look back 
and say . . . it's all been great. The 
experiences and friendships I have 
developed here will carry me through a 
lifetime ... a lifetime in which I shall 
always look back to Maryville with the 
deepest and happiest of memories." 

-Janet Helwig 

78 - Senior Candids 

". . . a lot of work, a lot of play; a lot of 
laughter, a lot of tears; a lot of emotions, 
a lot of carefree times; a lot of growth, a 
lot of set backs; a lot of caring, a lot of 
love . . . cherished experiences placed 
into memory." 

-Donna M. Czegledi 

Senior Candids - 79 


"'I am a bear of very little hair and long 
words bother me' was my quote from 
high school. Fortunately, my college 
years have proved that the hair is only 
as small as you limit it to be." 

-Brad Goar 

80 - Senior Candids 

'7f has been said that 'we must 
resemble each other a little in order 
to understand each other, but we 
must be a little different to love 
each other/" 

-Barbara Stansbury 

Senior Candids - 81 

82 - The Snow Of 1982 

The Snow Of 1982 - 83 

The Class Of 1982 

'The four years we have spent at Maryville have 
helped direct us toward the kinds of lives we would 
like to lead and the goals we would like to pursue. 
With the challenges, successes, failures, and 
discoveries we have encountered, we have been able 
to evaluate ourselves and emerge as individuals whose 
horizons have been broadened and whose characters 
have been strengthened. These have been four very 
special years. " 

-Cathy Angell 
Senior Class President 

- Senior Class 



JUNIORS - First Row: Jeff Hayes, Second Row: Beth 
Sieber, Melanie Petree, Sue VanAken. Third Row: 
Wayne Rodgers. 

Under the direction of Dr. Charlotte Beck, the 
P.S. program will graduate its first class this 
year. The program originally designed to give 
scholarships to academic high achievers, has 
developed into a fellowship organization that 
promotes cultural and scholastic excellence. 
Along with their faculty advisors, the Presiden- 
tial Scholars are treated to trips, concerts, and 
monthly luncheons in Profitt Dining Room. 

SENIORS AND SPONSORS - First Row: Dr. Robert Ramger, Janet Helwig, Lee 
McCampbell, Anita Baker, Lesa Andrews. Second Row: Dr. Charlotte Beck, Angela 
Murphy, Russell Gibson, Page Harris. 

SOPHOMORES - First Row: Martin Paluga, Bruce Petitt. Second Row: Leslee Hay, Kay 
Lippincott, Diane McDaniels, Margaret Andrews, Glennis RIedl. Third Row: David 
Edington, Karen Spence, Joel Chesser, Kevin Crothers, Traci Fraser. 

FRESHMEN - First Row: Maelae Morrison, Kathy Conklin, Laura McNeely, Helen Smith, 
Melissa Parks, Leslie Boand. Second Row: Jeff Tickle, Teresa Welch, Mary Ann Bobbitt, 
Earl Stokes, Adrienne Ramsey, Gary Daniels. Third Row: Cameron Buckholtz, Paul 
Anagostics, Todd Troke. 


Playmakers - This group is composed 
of some of MC's most talented 
students and is directed by Sharon 
Crane. The Playmakers provide both 
on and off campus entertainment in 
the form of singing, dancing, and 
presentation of short plays. The 
group is one of Maryville's most 
positive recruiting tools. 

First Row: Tim Fitzgerald, Ruth Wilgus, Tracey DePue, Frank Fiore, Kathy Long. Second Row: Jean Plant, 
Tom Hudson, George Cassutto. 



Each year the college and 
community come together to 
perform Handel's Messiah. This 
spectacular event is directed 
by the college choir director 
and includes the choir, MAC- 
CO, and many members of the 
community. Many hours of 
practice make this the event of 
the fall season. 

Great Scots - 87 

1981 Ho 
Queen i 

During halftime of the 
game, Mary jane Babich was 
crowned 1981 Homecoming 
queen. Other candidates 
were Donna Czegledi, 
escorted by Brad Goar; Janet 
Helwig, escorted by Bill 
Dent; Vanessa Logan, 
escorted by Don Rufus; and 
Julia Wickstrand escorted by 
Jim Pearce. 

d Court 

Also present was last year's 
queen, Mari Ann Masch, 
escorted by President Wayne 
Anderson. Class representa- 
tives included, Kathy Long 
(Junior), escorted by Curtis 
Shaw; Dottie Carson (So- 
phomore), escorted by Don- 
ald Xiques; and Kim Sperry 
(Freshman), escorted by 
Steve Ford. 

Great Scots - 89 

Who's Who 

Cathy Angell 
Environmental Science 

Mary Jane Babich 
Elementary Education 

Sidney Bright 

Mathematics & Business Administration 

Ed Brewer 

Business Administration 

90 - Great Scots 

George Cassutto 


Russell Gibson 

Chemistry (Pre-Med) 

Bill Dent 


Sissy Gravely 
Political Science 

Great Scots - 91 


t^^y '^ '^ Vfiio^Hl^ffsl 


iV ^ i^mhIH 

Page Harris 

Janet Helwig 


Betty Schuster 
Music Education 

Lee McCampbell 


92 - Great Scots 

Teri Trotter 

Business Administration 

Julia Wickstrand 


Mike Weiss 

Ruth Wilgus 
Studio Art 

Great Scots - 93 


94 - Great Scots 

' HOME , 

HALL COUNCIL - First Row: Debbie Hall, Simp 
Broughton, Kim Mitchell. Second Row: Brad Goar, 
Bonnie Dobson. 

RA's and SA's - First Row: Judy Creer, Ruth Wilgus. 
Second Row: Sam Foust, John Cockfleld, George 



Great Scots - 95 


RD, RA's and SA's: Sheryl Moore, Beverly 
Fox, Barb Booker, Sharon Crane, Julie 

HALL COUNCIL - First Row: Beth Manire, Margaret Andrews, Ellen Smith. Second 
Row: Jenny Walker, Susan Friedman, Donna Czegiedi, Traci Fraser. 

96 - Great Scots 

RESIDENT DIRECTORS - Jim, Mary Ann, Brandon, 
and Lindsey Wise. 

1 '^^Hi; H 


HALL COUNCIL - Steve Arnold, Bill Argyie, Chris 
Porter, John Rush. 

Dorm I 


RA's and SA's - First Row: Alex Albert, Pat Burke, Steve Ford. Second Row: 
Tom Hudson, Sidney Bright, Mike Krtausch. 

Great Scots - 97 


RA's and SA's - First Row: Jean Plant, Wilma 
Coleman. Second Row: Beckie Haynes, 
Beth Sieber. Third Row: Teri Trotter, 
Andrea Vousden. 

HALL COUNCIL - First Row: Sarah Jane Lindsay, Lesley Boand, Jennifer Hart. Second 
Row: Crystal Carroll, Teresa Welch, Tara Wey. 


98 - Great Scots 

RA's and SA's - First Row: Trevor Nelson, Joe Crabtree, Gene Wheatley, Ed Brewer, 
Mike Weiss. Second Row: Bill Dent, Jeff Pierce, Tim Fitzgerald. 

HALL COUNCIL - First Row: Johnny Russ, David Sanchez, Mark Mixner. Second Row: 
Vernon Golden, Pat Moyer. 


and Emily Nelson. 

Great Scots - 99 

All College Council 

' ... M 1 



First Row: Dr. Elizabeth Fowler, Dr. Carolyn Blair, Sherry Bonham, Linda Stephens. Second Row: Mike Davis, 
Dr. Alfred Perkins, Mr. Arthur Bushing, Mike Hester, Bill Strickland, Bill Bent, Don Xiques, Dr. Wayne 

All College Council - The ACC is the equivalent of a Student 
Council, except the ACC works to involve all members of the 
college community. Composed of students, faculty, and staff, it 
is chaired by President Anderson with Bill Dent serving as 
Co-Chairman. Three major committees work under the ACC: The 
Academic Life Council, Student Life Council, and the Religious 
Life Council. Through these committees, the college is made a 
more democratic community equally for students, faculty, and 

"It has been an honor to serve my fellow students as 
Co-Chairman of the All College Council this year. 
Serving on the ACC has helped me to gain an 
understanding of responsibility and all the commit- 
ments that come with it. As Co-Chairman, I would like 
to thank everyone who has devoted their time to 
serving and working on the ACC this year. Thank you 
all for a great year and an unforgettable learning 
experience. " 

-Bill Dent 

Bill Dent 
Student Co-Chairman 

100 - Great Scots 


PHOTOGRAPHERS - First Row: Joel Chesser, David Lee, Martin Paluga. Second 
Row: Lesa Andrews, Sidney Bright, Tara Wey, Jennifer Hart, Randy Shackleford. 

EDITOR - Sidney Bright 

COPY EDITOR - Russell Gibson 
102 - Organizations 

First Row: Tara Wey, Sarah Jane Lindsay, Martin Paluga. Second Row: Sidney Bright, Kay 
Lippincott. Third Row: Joel Chesser, Jennifer Hart, Russell Gibson, Lesa Andrews. Fourth Row: 
David Lee, Randy Shackleford, Exir Brennan. 


Photos, faces, quotes, places. That's what this yearbook is. At least 
now. But it becomes more. It becomes something that prods 
memories and reminiscences - something that ties now and then, 
then and now, together. It's the closest thing one can get to a 
slice of life between two covers. 

FACULTY ADVISOR - Mrs. Exir Brennan 




■. i V i&^ ^^HH 




f 5 J '^^t^^H 


Hi (A ^^^^m 







ASST. EDITOR - Sarah Jane Lindsay 


SECTIONS EDITOR - Kay Lippincott 
Organizations - 103 

First Row: Traci Fraser, Nancy 
Rojas, Barb Booker. Second 
Row: Steve Arnold, Robin 
Rimmer, Barbara Hogan, 
Charles Melton. Third Row: 
Kathy Fitzeli, Jenny Fitzell, 
Walt Montgomery. 

Led by editor Kathy Fitzell, this group 
produces the college newspaper every 
week. Members of this group write 
stories, lay-out, and proofread each 
edition of The Highland Echo. Out- 
standing sections this year include 
sports reporting and special features. 

Kathy Fitzell - Editor, Barbara Booker - Assistant Editor. 

104 - Organizations 


/*^ » 











A ^ 

•MI^^HHi H ';-i ii* «I t !'< U i I 





First Row: Bill Warren - Editor, Lisa Swisher. Second Row; Brad Coar. Cynthia Cunningham. Third 
Row: Jim Kidder, Carol Humphrey, Fourth Row: Phil Merrill, Debbie Hail, Scarlett Carson, Dr. Beck, 
Lesa Andrews. 

Outdoor Club 

Impressions - The members of this 
organization collect, edit, and 
layout the Maryville College Liter- 
ary Magazine. Impressions presents 
a means of self-expression open to 
all members of the college 
community. It recognizes the often 
unseen talents of the more creative 
among us. 

First Row: Beth Neil, Sharon Pimm, Cathy Angell, Heidi Robinson, Teresa Welch, Glen Stout, Leslee 
Hay, Amy Nicholson, Susan Jennings, Emily Nelson, David Sanchez, Cynthia Cunningham, Lora 
Williams, Julie Nasipak. Second Row: Joe Longo, Ellen Snivley, Barbara Hogan, Lesley Boand, Ben 

The Outdoor Club is an organiza- 
tion open to all students who wish 
to join and are invested with a love 
of nature. The club enjoys our 
outdoor world through activities 
such as: hiking, skiing, horseback 
riding, spelunking, and camping. 
The Great Smoky Mountains Na- 
tional Park provides an area rich 
with opportunities for the Out- 
door Club to relish the world 
around us. 

Organizations - 105 

Drama Club 

Drama Club - The members of this 
organization have a common inter- 
est in theatre. Most members are 
involved in Playhouse productions 
during the year and want to 
promote the image of theatre on 
campus. By well-planned activities, 
the officers hope to involve more 
students in this important division 
of the Arts. 

First Row: Jean Plant, Frank Fiore, Diane McDaniels. Second Row: Heidi Warner, Beth Manire, Karen 
Kotz, Bryan McFarland. Third Row: Linda Trostle, Lee Lord, Cynthia Cunningham, Jina Radozycki. 
Third Row: Ruth Wilgus, Beckie Haynes, Lisa Swisher, Ellen Snivley, George Cassutto. Fourth Row: 
Kathy Long, Tommy Brown. Fifth Row: Andy Bevers, Mark Beyer, Tracey DePue, Tim Fitzgerald. 
Sixth Row: Tevor Nelson, Don Thomas. 


Black Student Association - The 

BSA is an organization of black 
students interested in fellowship 
and preservation of common iden- 
tity. Through all-campus activities 
the BSA works for recognition of 
minorities as important members 
of the college community. 


I'?*- V''-'^^ m^K 

■^ f ■ - • 


First Row: Monica Paige, Sara Covington. Second Row: Adrienne Ramsey, Dorcas Battle, Simp 
Broughton, Vanessa Jordan, Toko. Third Row: Andrew Baker, Tyrone Matthews, Robert Loray, 
Greg Hickman. 

106 - Organizations 

Beta Beta Beta 

First Row: Shelley Kingsbury, Tara Wey, Lee McCampbell, Rebecca Cole, Wilma Coleman, Cathy 
Angell, Beth Neil. Second Row: Martin Paiuga, Bruce Pettit, Joann Berretto, Pat Burke, Dr. Ramger, 
Joe Wynne, Teresa Welch. 


Beta Beta Beta - Our chapter of 
this national biological society is 
dedicated to achieving high stan- 
dards in biological study at Mary- 
ville. The activities of Tri-Beta 
include seminars, lectures, and 
field trips. Tri-Beta is also in charge 
of the College greenhouse and 
sponsors plant sales every Wednes- 

SNEA - Our chapter of the 
National Education Association is 
open to students interested in 
possible careers in education. The 
group holds regular meetings 
where problems in education 
today are discussed. Guest 
speakers are invited on a regular 
basis and all seminars are open to 
everyone interested. 

First Row: Lynda MacCall, Mary Jane Babich. Second Row: Steve Arnold, Sarah Jane Lindsay, Janet 
Helwig. Third Row: Bill Warren, Mike Weiss, Walt Montgomery. 

Organizations - 107 

student Music Educator's National 
Conference - SMENC is a professional 
organization founded to provide its 
student and professional members 
with the opportunity to share ideas 
and discover more about music 
education through seminars, publica- 
tions, and conferences. 


Wendy Wolfner, Barbara Morrow, Darlene Cilman, Bill Bender. 

Delta Omicron 

Delta Omicron is a professional 
women's music fraternity founded in 
1909 at the Cincinnati Conservatory of 
Music. Delta Omicron's purpose is to 
create and foster fellowship, develop 
character, and promote high ideals of 
musicianship and scholarship. Delta 
Omicron also holds musicales, formal 
meetings, and performs musical ser- 

Barbara Morrow, Karen Harvllle, Darlene Gi 

Dorothy Bushing, Margaret Andrews, Wendy 


Worship Committee 

First Row: Janet Helwig, Scarlett Carson, Beverly Fox, Angela Murphy, Ed Brewer. Second Row: 
Julie Wickstrand, Amy Grubbs, Carol Coffey, Mary Hughes, Andrea Vousden, Linda Hasty. Third 
Row: Sheila White, Mrs. Gilmore, Jim Kidder, Kim Morris, Susan Jennings. Fourth Row: Steve 
Ford, Ed Davila, Ed Welch. Fifth Row: Peter Vial, Todd Honeycutt; John Sanders. 


Worship Committee - This campus 
organization is responsible for 
religious activities on campus. The 
group is composed of members of 
all faiths and plans its activiites 
accordingly. Besides being a plan- 
ning committee, it also provides 
good fellow/ship for its members. 

Intervarsity - This organization is a 
Christian Fellowship open to all 
members of the campus and 
community. Members enjoy Bible 
study and other Christian activities. 

First Row: Shelia White, Lynda MacCall. Second Row: Chandra Williams, Connie Wheeler, Amy 
Grubbs. Third Row: Julie Humpert, Laurie Nelson, Cynthia Cunningham. Fourth Row: Jim Kidder, 
Mary Lea Ballman, Carol Cooper, Joel Chesser, Bill Warren, Lisa Swisher. 

Organizations - 109 

Social Committee 

The Social Committee plans the major social activities on campus, 
attempting to provide a varied and well-rounded program. It plans 
and administers such traditional activities as Homecoming and 
"May Madness," and works with the food service in planning 
study breaks and other social events on campus. It also seeks to 
encourage spontaneity and to function as a task force at the 
service of community members who have ideas for social events 
and need help in carrying them out. It gives attention to 
scheduling for a balanced program of social and recreational 

First Row: Tommy Brown, Betty Schuster, Jean Plant. Second Row: Frank Fiore, 
Bryan McFarland, Karen Kotz. Third Row: Debbie Hall, Kevin Crothers. 

Circle K is a service organization that 
is affiliated with Kiwanis. They are 
involved in service to both the college 
and the community and have per- 
formed such services as painting the 
football field and initiating the Big 
Brother and Big Sister Organization 
here on campus. 

Circle K 

First Row: Todd Honeycutt, Ed Welch, Joe Longo. Second Row: Susan Jennings, Lisa Yacks, Leslee 
Boand, Teresa Welch, Helen Smith. Third Row: Andrea Vousden, Missy Williams, Larry Martin, David 
Denshaw, Paula Walton, Kevin O'Riley 

110 - Organizations 

Chi Beta 

First Row: Susan Jennings, Linda Hasty, Ivy Hinton, Jean Plant, Claire Roberts, Lesley Boand. 
Second Row: Kim Morris, Sharon Pimm, Lisa Yacks, Lesa Andrews, Teresa Welch, Beckie Haynes, 
Lora Williams, Lynda MacCall, Rita Wade, Cynthia Cunningham. 

Student Foundation 

First Row: Cynthia Cunningham, Janet Helwig, Sue Taylor, Sarah Jane Lindsay, Sandra Jones. 
Second Row: Sue VanAken, Barbara Booker, Lee McCampbell, Wilma Coleman, Leslee Hay, 
Debbie Hall, Ellen Smith. Third Row: Larry West, Russell Gibson, Beth Sieber, Linda Hasty, Andrea 
Vousden, Amy Nicholson, Anita Baker, Marnie Evans. Fourth Row: Ed Welch, Martin Paluga, Brad 
Allison, Brad Goar, Todd Honeycutt, Sidney Bright, Ellie Gilmore. 

Chi Beta - This women's service 
organization is open to all interest- 
ed female students. All activities 
sponsored by Chi Beta are service 
oriented and usually are well- 
planned by its officers. Initiation of 
new members always provides 
much needed excitement on cam- 

Student Foundation - In its second 
year, the Student Foundation 
remains an honored organization 
of Maryville's finest. Its members 
act as ambassadors and hosts to 
guests of the College. Working 
closely with the Admissions and 
Alumni offices, the students often 
give tours, assist in alumni events, 
and present an overall positive 
impression of Maryville College. 

Organizations - 111 

Pi Gammu Mu 

Pi Gamma Mu - This is the internation- 
al social science honor society. Its 
function is to recognize the academic 
achievements of students of the social 
sciences; i.e., history, sociology, and 
political science. 

First Row: George Cassutto, Page Harris, Mike Weiss. Second Row: Dr. Harry Howard, Dr. Young 
- Bae Kim, Dr. Russell Parker, Dr. Wallace Lewis. 

Jazz Ensemble 

Jazz Ensemble - This is a small musical 
organization that provides an op- 
portunity for students to utilize their 
musical talents in a relaxed and 
enjoyable atmosphere. The group also 
has the opportunity to perform 
periodically throughout the year. 

First Row: Tom KiersnowskI, Susie Kinnee, David Irwin, Melanie Teffeteller. Second Row: Paula 
Walton, Ric Brand, David Denshaw, Don Rufus, Ed Brewer, David Eddington, Hampton Henry. 

112 - Organizations 

Sign Language Club 

Sigma Lambda Kappa, the Sign Lan- 
guage Club, is both a service and social 
organization. The purpose is to give 
students opportunities for experiences 
outside the classroom in communicat- 
ing with deaf people. Fund raising 
projects provide monies for activities 
in conjunction with Deaf Awareness 
week or other worthwhile activities 
related to deafness. 

First Row: Kim Mitchell, Cynthia Cunningham. Second Row: Jina Radizycki, Ciretta Carperter, Barbara 
Hogan, Amy Nicholson, Susie Kinnee, Jean Plant, Sharon Pimm. Third Row: Irma Young, Pat Walker, 
Julia Wickstrand, Connie Wheeler, Mary Lea Ballman, Kathy Conklin, Donna Whitley. Forth Row: Ben 
Hornsby, Ellen Smith, Ed Cervasoni, Lisa VanDivort, Gary Mowl, Karen Shaffer. 

International Club 


^Ifl^iSSHKI^^I^^HP*!^^^^'^^'^^^ ^i^^v.^^^^H^| 


mm f ' ^ i^K ■1 

This organization works toward a 
better understanding between 
members of foreign nations. Those 
interested in international matters 
foster their interest through fellowship 
activities such as international dinners. 

First Row: Amy Crubbs, Lina Anawatabi, Rosa Wong, Tami Frye, Yumi Okubo. Second Row: Faith 
Thompson, Susie Kinnee, Marie LeGrains, Hamdan Bader, Jim Kidder. Lee McCampbell, Domingo 


Alpha Lambda Delta 

Alpha Lambda Delta - Members of this Freshman 
Honorary Society are chosen at the end of their freshman 
year. Membership is reserved for the top ten percent of 
the class with a minimum GPA of 3.5. The student remains 
an active member through his sophomore year and usually 
assists in initiation of new members the following spring 

First Row: Martin Paluga, Bruce Petitt, Clennis Riedl. Second Row: Mary 
Hughes, Lee Millar, Sarah Jane Lindsay, Amy Nicholson, Marnie Evans. 
Third Row: Kay Lippincott, Karen Spence, Andrea Vousden. 

American Chemical Society - The ACS 

is open to all students with an interest 
in chemistry or chemical Engineering. 
The organization provides its members 
with an opportunity to present and 
listen to formal seminars on chemical 
topics. The ACS is the largest scientific 
organization of its kind and the MC 
chapter has been named Outstanding 
Chapter numerous times in the past 






- '1:] 



■ ■„ <^»*^r 


f n ■ ':<mP.^ 


First Ro\y: Todd Dickson, Dr. Terry Bunde. Second Row: Dr. Robert Naylor, John Cook, Bill Dent, 
Charles Along!, Randy Shackleford, Lee McCampbell, Russell Gibson, Rebecca Cole, JoAnn Beretto. 

114 - Organizations 

Phi Mu Alpha 

First Row: Bill Bender, David Edington, Frank Fiore, Andrew Bever. Second Row: Ed Brewer, Todd 
Dickson, Bill Dent. 


First Row: Barbara Morrow, Diane McDaniels, Karen Kotz, Ivy Hinton, Tracy DePue, Kama Cook, 
Angela Murphy, Lori Kuchlbauer, Masako Yoneda, Laura Woodhull. Second Row: Teresa Lawson, 
Gloria Anaple, Dorothy Gillun, Melissa Morton, Simp Broughton, Paula Walton, Wendy Wolfner, Sue 
Taylor, Leslee Hay, Maelea Morrison. Third Row: Trent Gilmore, David Denshaw, Mark Beyer, Todd 
Dickson, Bryan McFarland, Mike Good, Frank Fiore, Mike Hawn, Jeff Hayes, Dr. Dave Cartledge, 
Maggie Corey. 

Phi Mu Alpha is a men's professional 
music organization designed as a 
service club. The club provides ser- 
vices to the campus such as painting 
the band room and sponsoring 
campus-wide events. 

In his first year as Choir Director, Kent 
Skinner has maintained the high 
standards set in past years for MC's 
Choir. The Choir is open to all 
members of the College community 
and allows those with musical talent to 
exhibit it on MC's behalf. Besides its 
religious obligations, the choir acts as 
an important public relations tool and 
tours different areas of the country 
each spring break. 

Organizations - 115 

MC Playhouse 

Whose Life Is It Anyway? 

The Cast of A Midsummer Night's 

Under the direction of Don Thomas, the MC 
Playhouse presented three major produc- 
tions in 1981-82. The Fall production of 
Whose Life Is It Anyway? featured Kathy 
Long in the leading role. Winter term's 
production, A Midsummer Niglit's Dream, 
worked to involve numerous campus 
members through acting, set design, and 
technical work. The Pirates of Penzance \Na% 
chosen for the Spring production and 
promised to keep the spirit of theatre alive 
at Maryville College. 

116 - Organizations 


■^^L , .: 


First Row: Mari Jennings, Kandy Schram, Kay Julian, Tammy Williams. Second Row: Manager Br 
Reese, Donna Owens, Deanna Chapman, Coach Sharon Brown. 

Rigeil, Bonnie Dobson, Robin Rimmer, Rachel 

MC - 

1. Finished #10 in nation in NCAA Division III; 

2. Traveled to Stevens Point, Wisconsin, for Regional competition. 
Lost to Occidental College from Los Angeles, California, in first 

3. Held first ever NCAA Division ill Final Four Championships at MC. 
First place went to University of California at San Diego; second 
place w/ent to Occidental; third place w/ent to Juniata; and fourth 
place went to Illinois Benedictine. 

COACH'S COMMENTS: MC made the transition well from having lost 
two starting seniors from the previous year. We had good victories 
over UT Chattanooga, Austin Peary, and MTSU, and we're not afraid 
to play the best. Only Division III losses were to Bryan and Radford. 
The other ten losses came to Division I and Division II Schools. 

118 - Sports 

Captain Donna 
Owens and Coach 
Sharon Brown. 

Captain and Senior Donna Owens 

Senior Deanna Chapman 

Maryville College 
Volleyball 1981 

September 16 
September 22 
September 25,26 
September 29 
October 2,3 
October 6 

October 9,10 
October 13 

October 17 

October 30,31 

-Middle Te 

at Maryville, 6:00 pm 

-Tennessee Temple, at Maryville, 

-Maryville College Invitational, at 
Maryville, 5:00 pm 
-Carson - Newman College, at 
Jefferson City, TN, 5:00 pm 
-UT Martin Invitational, at Martin, 
TN, 5:00 pm 

-King College Triangular - King 
College, Tusculum, Maryville Col- 
lege at Bristol, TN, 6:00 pm 
-Emory and Henry Invitational, at 
Emory, VA, 5 00 pm 

tucky, Maryville College at Coo- 

; Chattanooga, TN, 6:30 


-Bryan Triangular - 

Maryville College, 

6:30 pm 

-King College, at Maryville, 6:30 ; 

-East Tennessee State University, 

lohnson City, TN, 6:30 pm 

-Milligan Invitational, at Millig; 

Maryville College, at Maryville, 


-MTSU Triangular. - Middle Tenn 

, Maryville 
lege, Lambuth College, at 
freesboro, TN, 5:00 pm 

'What A Great Day!' 

Scots capture winning season 

First Row: Bob McQuade, Jon Watson, Chris Falco, Gerry Shadley, Keith Martin, Dave Evans, John Cockfield, Mike Wortman, Glen Katz, Alex Albert. 
Second Row: Bob Glowers, Bill Goetsch, Don Sawyer, Greg Driver, Scott Dixson, Jon Roberson, Ed Ainsworth, Jeff Skipper, Brian Shea, Doug Knight. 
Third Row: Chuck Angelus, Don Poeppel, Earl Stokes, Mark Barron, Mike Krtausch, Dave Sheffield, Tony Fletcher, Jeff Carboneau, Ed Belfi, Tony 
Mitchell. Fourth Row: Bill Adair, Mike Williamson, Mike Evangelisti, Mike Surrency, Dudley Taliaferro, Charles Haynes, Darrell Strother, Brian Tucker, 
Darius Fagin, Tony Volkodav. Fifth Row: Paul Anagnostis, Thomas Lindsay, John O'Donnel, Brian Gunter, Danny Bouch, Joe Wortman, Brian Skipper, 
Hal Helton, Vince Safatinos, Steve Monday. Sixth Row: Ed Jones, Archie Poeppel, John Riffle, Will Randolph, Mike Scotti, Shannon O'Brien, Mark 
Araujo, Pat Moyer, Pat O'Brien, Todd Schlenker, Ralph Tennant. Seventh Row: Linda Barile, Veron Golden, Mike Wilhite, Rich Morrow, Jack White, 
Mike Shannon, Joe Fazioli, Jim Rice, Jerry Thompson, Don Titman. Eighth Row: Tom York, Ken Bartuccio, Jeff Belcher, Randy Topping, Wayne 
Cockcroft, Gene Smiley, Johnny Russ, Truit Graue. 

that graduates only two seniors, tl 
Fighting Scots Football team had a remarkable 
Captains Keith Martin, )on Watson, and Dave Evans led 
the talented, young Scot team to a 5-4-1 record. Their 
ability to fight back when all seemed hopeless earned 
them a 2nd place finish in the Old Dominion Athletic 
Conference behind Washington and Lee (although both 
teams had identical conference records, Washington and 
Lee outscored Maryville 14-1 
game). The never-say-die attitude of the Scots enabled 
them to come from behind three diffei 

i-Sydney to finally overtake the Tigers 35-21. 
Trailing Emory and Henry 0-10 going into the final period, 
1 proved themselves worthy of their 
nail-biting fans by mounting two scoring drives in the 4th 
prevail 14-10. And the Scots endeared 
themselves to the homecoming crowd when once again, 
trailing Southwestenr 3-21 after three quarters, they 
fought back to a 24-24 tie capped by Gene Wheatley's 
miraculous catch in the end zone with 24 seconds left in 
the game and Pat O'Brien's tw 
Chuck Angelus. Finally the freshman dominated Scots 
gained valuable experience by playing nationally ranked 
t Georgia, Depauw University, and Millsaps. 
For their superior play, five members of the fighting Scots 
named 1st Team All-Conference. These 

Gene Wheatley, Offensive Guard Doug Knight, 
Defensive Tackle Alex Albert, Linebacker Ed Belfi, and Bob 
McQuade at Defensive Back. Those named to the 2nd 
Team were, offensively: Dave Evans, Mike Krtausch, Mike 
Scotti, Tony Fletcher, Pat O'Brien, and Chuck Angelus . . . 
defensively: John Cockfield, Jeff Carloneau, and Jeff 
Skipper. Of these 14 All-Conference players, only one is 
lost to graduation. Look out i 

122 - Sports 

Bob Glowers - Senior 

Joe Crabtree - Senior 

Dave Evans - Senior 

Jon Watson - Senior 

Keith Martin - Senior and Student Coach Art Ogden - Head Coach 

COACHES - First Row: Pat Ballard, Wayne Thompson, Jim Wise, Jerry Thompson. Second 
Row: Jim Davis, Art Ogden, Mike Ledford. 

CAPTAINS - Dave Evans and Jon Watson 







Sept. 12 

Baptist University 



Sept. 19 




Sept. 26 




Oct. 3 

Emory & Henry 



Oct. 10 

Washington & Lee 



Oct. 17 




Oct. 24 




Oct. 31 




Nov. 7 



Nov. 14 

West Georgia 



•9< »t|.|J 

0W -^N, 

W^^' t 




t - 








First Row Mark Street, Walt Hardaway, Bobby Rimmer, Andrew Baker, Bo Foxx, Brian Gray. Second Row: William Gipson, Gordon Miller, Tyrone Matthews, 
Greg Gheen, Larry Winter, Brian Williams, Tom Bill Weston, Sterling Bales. 

V "'' \^^^^^^^^ w ^ ^ 

1981-82 Men's Basketball 

' .^^^^^^K 1 1/ 




J^^^^^t ^.^^^^^^^BtsiS^^ 




\ '^^^^^H^^^^^BBfb'qif 

Alice Lloyd 

■ ^V^^~^^BB|fi*>''^^H^HHB^- 

Rotary Classic 

B^''^^^\^^t ^^^^Hr^ 

Emory & Henry 

Mr '^^:; V ^^^^ ' ^i^^^^^^t..^ 

Warren Wilson 

w H' ^k ^^^ ^^^^^Ic 

Eastern Mennonite 

J^B .^^■K^^^fe? ^^^^^^B 

Carson Newman 

*'' Kt flr '^^K^i^^H 



^ ^w'^Hk "W^^KoKKIf/^' 


pr . ^mt ^^^ ' ^^^^^Vf^^k.^' 

Alice Lloyd 

Hb » '/ ^ ■• -.^IhMSVP^ 

Emory & Henry 

i fLLA,^^ *v 


Washington & Lee 

/ i W^iP^ 



Eastern Mennonite 

Washington & Lee 

Last year the Scots posted an 


impressive record of 15-11. 


This was the most wins in thirty 

O.D.A.C. Tournament 

years. The 81-82 line up 

contains no seniors but despite 

126 - Sports 

CAPTAINS: Tom Bill Weston and Andrew Baker 

team's strengths as depth, team speed, and amazing shooting abilities. 

Sports - 127 


First Row: Assistant Coach Brenda Cooper, Rachel Reese, Kim Allen, Brenda Babb, Melissa Sullivan, Head Coach Sharon Brown. Second Row: Stacy 
Medlin, Robin Rimmer, Mini Chesney, Trina Coggins, Sara Covington, Candy Nutter, Beverly Evans, Robin Simmons. 

SENIOR - Brenda Babb 

CAPTAIN - Kim Allen 

1981-82 Women's Basketball 



Knoxville College 


Eastern Mennonite 

Tennessee Temple University 

Bryan College 

Tennessee Wesleyan 

Milligan College 

Covenant College 

Fisk University 

Fisk University 

University of the South 

Bryan College 

Knoxville College 

Milligan College 

Covenant College 

University of the South 

Morristown College 

Morristown College 

Georgetown College 

Tennessee Temple University 

Tennessee Wesleyan 

Emory & Henry 

Kim Hatfield, Carol Carter, Susan Williams, Mary Jane Babich, Sissy Gravely, Terri Roberts, Ginger Harris. 


SENIORS: Carol Carter and Sissy Gravely. 



CAPTAINS: Ginger Harris, Sissy Gravely, Kim Hatfield. 

Carol Carter, Terri Roberts, Sissy 
Gravely, Susan Williams, Ginger 
Harris, Kim Hatfield 

Sports - 131 


First Row: Glenn Stout, John LaCava, David Luzadder, Eric Deziel, Cory Alden, Mike Weiss. Second Row: Pete Worley, Jeff Denson, Mack Paschall, 
Andy Steinbeck, John Beaupre, Mark Burnett. Third Row: Fernando Delfino, Carlos Avogaro, Eduardo Delfino, Ken Davidson, Chris Laisy, Mike 
Sabatelle - coach. 

Maryville College 

Men's Soccer 1981 


Schedule They 

Washington & Lee 4 

Longwood College 9 


Hampden - Sydney 8 

Lynchburg College 7 


Milligan College 2 

Tennessee Wesleyan 3 

University of the South 6 


Milligan College 1 

Eastern Mennonite 1 

Roanoke College 3 


Tennessee Tech 1 

132 - Sports 

In the Old Dominion Athletic Conference, the 
second leading scorer was senior, Fernando 
Delfino on the second team offense. He 
accumulated a total of 25 points, with 11 goals 
and 3 assists in 10 games. He averaged 2.50 
points per game. Coach Sabatelle said he was 
"Best Offensive Player, Highly Skilled Pro 

In talking about freshman John Beaupre, on 
the second team Defense, Coach Sabatelle was 
quoted as saying he was the "Most Valuable 
Team Player" and "Very Steady, Consistent, 
Mature for a Freshman." 

In the ODAC Scoring, the sixth and eleventh 
place also went to Maryville College. Number 
Six was Eduardo Delfino, a freshman who 
averaged 1.33 pts/game, with 12 points, 4 
goals, and 4 assists in 9 games. Junior Ken 
Davidson was ranked eleventh, with an 
average of .73 pts/game, and 8 points, 3 goals, 
and 2 assists In 11 games. 

#~^JV ^ 

MwmmL \ . 

Sports - 133 


^ m ^ E.. ^ St V - 


First Row: Laura Hart. Second Row: Amy Blanc, Colette Kehoe, Julie Quinton, Cathy Angell, Jackie Dye, Laurie WiniarskI, Amy Nicholson. Third 
Row: Linda Trestle, Mary Hughes, Sue VanAken, Beth Neil, Marie LeCrain, Gretchen Wadewitz, Laura Woolard, Allison Perry. 

Maryville College 
Women's Soccer 1981 




Warren Wilson 
Georgia Tech 
University of Tennessee 





Warren Wilson 
Knoxville Federation 
Knoxville Women 
University of Tennessee 
Knoxville Federation 

Aken, Beth Neil 

134 - Sports 

1981 marked the beginning of the first 
official women's soccer club in MC history. 
According to the founder, Beth Neil, the 
players were "loyal, devoted, and improved 
greatly with each match." Their potential 
began to show toward the end of the 
season, as the scores indicate. The club was 
self-supporting through doughnut sales and 
aluminum can collections. They truly 
appreciated the support of their fans. We're 
proud of you, ladies! 

Beth Neil - Senior 







Colette Kehoe - Senior 

Allison Perry - Senior 

Laura Woolard - Senior 

>*\iW!- ' ' 


First Row: Kevin 
Crothers, Randy 
Shackleford, John 
Sanders. Second 
Row: Steve Arnold, 
Dave Raulerson, Jim 
Kidder, Pat Dyer. 

CAPTAINS: Randy Shackleford and 
John Sanders. 

COACHES: Steve Arnold, assistant, 
and Pat Dyer, head. 

SENIOR: John Sanders 

First year head coach Pat Dyer, assisted by Steve Arnold, prepares a team torn by graduation. 
Losing their 2nd-5th position players, the Scots return their number one and number six players 
and embark on a 12 game schedule and prepare for the seasonal ODAC tournament. 

136 - Sports 


First Row Maria Irwin, Shar- 
on Pimm, Shelley Kingsbury, 
Tern Roberts. Second Row: 
Ellen Smith, Mari Jennings, 
Sharon Wood, Coach Brenda 

The Maryville College Lady Scots Tennis Team, under the leadership of 
second year coach Brenda Cooper, anticipates its best season ever. The 
Lady Scots are led by returning starters Sharon Wood, Shelley Kingsbury, 
and Sue Spence with newcomers Maria Irwin, Ellen Smith, Mari Jennings, 
Terri Roberts, and Donna Owens. The Lady Scots feel they will have a 
tough season facing Division II schools Carson Newman and Roane State 
and top Division III schools. 

Sports - 137 


TRACK - First Row: Charles Melton, Sam Hill, Joel Chesser, Mike Surrency, Ken Davidson, Jim Gerald. Second Row: Pat Foster, Darius Fagin, Brian Cunter, 
Mike Scotti, Walter Nesbitt, Gene Wheatley, Jim Davis. 

138 - Sports 

FIELD - First Row: Brian Shea, Alex 
Albert. Second Row: Archie 
Poeppel, Jim Davis, Ed Belfi. 

Sports - 139 


First Row: John Riffle, Ken Bartuccio, Todd Schlenker, Nick Venditti, Vernon Golden, Jim Rice, Will Randolph, Mike Wortman, Pat Moyer. Second Row: 
Rick Brand, Domingo Castillo, Joe Wortman, Mark Woodhull, Mike Rohan, Matt Allison, Duran Williams, Chuck Angelus, Tony Mitchell, Coach, Mike 

RETURNING STARTERS - First Row: Coach Mike Ledford. Second Row: Rick Brand, Nick 
Venditti, Mark Woodhull, Duran Williams, Mike Wortman. 

Coach Mike Ledford 

140 - Sports 


FIRST YEAR PLAYERS - First Row: Vernon Golden, Ken Bartuccio, John Riffle, Pat Moyer, Will Randolph, 
Jim Rice, Todd Schlenker. Second Row: Domingo Castillo, Joe Wortman, Chuck Angelus, Mike Rohan, 
Matt Allison, Tony Mitchell, Coach Mike Ledford. 

Maryville College 
1982 Baseball 


Roane State 
California (Pa.) State 
Tennessee Tech 
Roane State 
Carleton (Minn.) State 
Bridgewater College 
Tennessee Tech 
Tennessee Wesleyan 
Eastern Mennonite 
Fisk University 
Emory & Henry 
Fisk University 
University of the South 
Lynchburg College 
Washington & Lee 
Tennessee Wesleyan 
O.D.A.C. Tournament 
University of the South 

SENIOR and CAPTAIN - Bill Dent 

Sports - 141 


First Row: Sterling Bales, Tom Swager, Bruce Blaisdell, Walter Nesbitt, Walt Hardaway. Second Row: Scott Chandler, Bo Foxx, Mike Rohan, Mark Street, 
Sam Hill. 

Coach Rich Suttle 

142 - Sports 




The Class Of 1982 

ALLISON, JAMES B. - Political Science - 569 Sugar 
Camp Drive, East Palestine, OH 44413. Football, 
Intramurais, RA Copeland, RA Carnegie, Vernon M. 
Queener Award, Athletic Committee, Judicial Com- 
mittee, Dean's List, Mid-West Model United Nations. 

ALONGl, CHARLES - Chemistry - 36 Willow Lane, 
Newburg, NY 12550. American Chemical Society 
president. Manager of Football Team, Intramurais, 
Charles and Octavia Merrill Scholarship. 

AMOS, KEITH G. - Business Administration - Route 
1, Box 197A, Lenoir City, TN 37771. Baseball, 
Cheerleader, Dean's List, intramurais. 

ANDREWS, LESA D. - Biology - 1301 West Sullivan 
Street, Kingsport, TN. Presidential Scholar, Head 
Photographer for the Chilhowean, Beta Beta Beta, 
Alpha Lambda Delta, Instructional Program Commit- 
tee, Interim Committee. 

ANGELL, CATHY - Environmental Science - 5516 
South Bethel Church Road, Columbia, MO 65201. 
Freshman ACC Representative, Band, Chi Beta, 
Outdoor Club, Sophomore Class President, Alpha 
Lambda Delta, Social Committee, Intramurais, 
Women's Soccer Club, Beta Beta Beta, Judicial 
Committee, Review Board. 

ARNOLD, STEVE - Physical Education - 621 Fairground 
Lane, Mountain City, TN 37683. Football, Tennis Most 
Valuable Player, Tennis Student Assistant Coach, 
Intramurais, Highland Echo Sports Editor, Intramurais 
Director, ACC, Dorm President. 

BABB, BRENDA A. - Biology - 1280 Bridwell Street, 
Kingsport, TN 37664. Presidential Scholar, Beta Beta 
Beta, Women's Varsity Basketball, Highland Echo, 
Student Foundation, Intramurais, Judicial Committee. 

BABICH, MARY JANE - Elementary Education - 1301 
Brantwood Drive, Valrico, FL 33594. Cheerleading, 
SNEA, Dean's List, Intramurais. 

BAKER, ANITA M. - Biology - 1309 Sevierville Road, 
Maryville, TN 37801. Presidential Scholar, Beta Beta 
Beta, Student Foundation, Student Assistant in 
Development Office. 

BERRY, DOUGLAS F. - Business Administration - 2407 
Pennsylvania Avenue, Maryville, TN 37801. Alpha 

Lambda Delta, Blount County Alumni Scholarship, 
Beulah M. Kittrell Scholarship, Dean's List. 

BLACK, VICTORIA A. - Psychology - Box 2072, 
Maryville College, Maryville, TN 37801. Ellen 
Mapstone Scholarship, Band, Orchestra, Wind 
Ensemble, "Messiah" Orchestra, Sigma Lambda Kappa 
Treasurer, Dorm I Vice-President, Judicial Council, 
Hall Council, Outdoor Club Advisor, Intramurais. 

BLESSING, DEBORAH R. - English - 1517 Washington 
Street, Edmond, OH 73034. 

BREWER, EDWARD C. - Business - 1954 Fireside Drive, 
Cincinnati, OH 45230. Alpha Lambda Delta, Treasurer 
of Phi Mu Alpha, Vice-President of Tau Kappa Chi, 
Assistant Editor of Highland Echo, President of Band, 
Chairman of Hall Judicial Council, MC Rising Freshman 
Music Scholarship, SA, Student Host, Marching Band, 
Jazz Ensemble, Wind Ensemble, Orchestra, Choir, 
Intramurais, Traffic Committee, Worship Committee, 
Publications Committee, Dean's List, "Messiah", 
Computer Room Lab Assistant, Judicial Review 

BRIGHT, SIDNEY - Mathematics and Business 
Administration - Route 1, Box 356, Church Hill, TN 
37642. Yearbook Editor, SA, Sophomore Class 
Vice-President, Junior Class Vice-President, Senior 
Class Vice-President, MC Playhouse, Dean's List, 
Intramurais, Beta Beta Beta, Alpha Lambda Delta, 
Publications Committee, Review Board, Math Club. 

BURKE, PATRICK T. - Biology - 6515 Meis Avenue, 
Cincinnati, OH. Presidential Scholar, SA, RA, 
Intramurais, Beta Beta Beta. 

CARTER, CAROL J. - Interpreting - 13 Summer Road, 
Burlington, NJ 08016. Majorette, Cheerleader, 
"Messiah", Secretary-Treasurer of Sophomore, Junior, 
and Senior Class, Intramurais, Dean's List, Sign 
Language Club. 

CASSUTTO, GEORGE H. - History - 32 Carrollview 
Avenue, Westminister, MD 21157. Playmakers, 
Playhouse, RA, Pi Gamma Mu, Social Committee, 
Dean's List. 

CHAPMAN, DEANNA - Psychology - 802 Tompkins 
Street, Melbourne, FL 32935. Women's Volleyball, 
Women's Basketball, Intramurais. 

144 - Senior Directory 

Go where 
the>lction is. 



Locations throughout Blount County 



CLEMENS, PATRICK L. - Political Science - 1634 Maury 
Street, Alcoa, TN 37701. UN Midterm in St. Louis. 

CRABTREE, JOESEPH H. JR. - Political Science - Route 
1, Box 303, Copperhili, TN 37317. Dean's List, Football, 
Elections Committee, Head Football Coach Search 
Committee, RA, SA, Hall Judicial Council. 

CREER, JUDY - Business - 14228 Union Avenue, 
Orland Park, IL 60462. SA, RA, Dean's List, Intramurais. 

CUNNINGHAM, CYNTHIA E. - Art - 16519 Laurel Field 
Drive, Houston, TX 77059. Tennis Team, Outdoor 
Club, Sign Language Club, Chi Beta, Dean's List, Art 
Editor, Davies Award, Fine Arts Award, Gamma Delta, 
Student Foundation, President of Sign Language Club. 

CZEGLEDI, DONNA M. - Psychology and Interpreting 
for the Deaf - 7 Democrat Road, Mickleton, NJ 
08056-0068. Chi Beta, Sign Language Club, Band, Lloyd 
Hall Council. 

DAVIS, MICHAEL K. - Biology - 61 Coolidge Avenue, 
Glens Falls, NY 12801. Dean's List, ACC, Secretary of 
American Chemical Society, Beta Beta Beta, Student 
Life Council, Soccer Club, Intramurais. 

DENT, WILLIAM H., Ill, - Chemistry - 107 Humming- 
bird Drive, Maryville, TN 37801. Marching Band, Wind 
Ensemble, MACCO, SA and RA in Copeland, Baseball 
Team, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, American Chemical 
Society, George Dewey Howell Scholarship for Most 
Outstanding Rising Senior Chemistry Major, Out- 
standing Achievement in Structural Chemistry Award, 
ACC Co-Chairman. 

FISHER, KENNETH M. - English and Foreign Language 

- Route 2, Box 108, Stanley, NC 28164. Choir, Student 
Foundation, Voice. 

FITZGERALD, TIMOTHY M. - Business Administration 

- Kenwood Avenue, Glenmont, NY 12077. Playmakers, 
Playhouse, SA, Choir, Varsity Soccer Captain, Varsity 
Baseball, Intramurais, Soccer Most Valuable Player, 
Dean's List, Maryville-Alcoa Civic Ballet, Coffeehouses, 
Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble. 

FOX, BEVERLY K. - Economics and Business 
Administration - Route 8, Sevierville, TN 37862. 
Intramurais, Robert Ailey Burchfield Scholarship. 

FRITTS, PAMELA M. - Elementary Education - 2438 
Pennsylvania Avenue, Box 4, Maryville, TN 37801. 

GIBSON, E. RUSSELL - Chemistry (Pre-Med) - Route 
5, Box 453, River Divide Road, Sevierville, Tennessee 
37862. Alpha Lambda Delta, American Chemical 
Society, Beta Beta Beta, Playhouse, Presidential 
Scholar, Student Foundation, Howell-Strain Pre-Med 

Scholarship, Chilhowean, Academic Life Council, 
Instructional Programs Committee of ACC, Dean's List, 
Hall Judicial Council. 

GILMAN, DARLENE Y. - Music Education - Route 2, 
Monroe, TN 38573. Student Music Educators National 
Conference, President and Secretary; Delta Omicron 
Publicity Manager and President, Tau Kappa Chi, 
SNEA, Band, Orchestra, Chi Beta, Alpha Lambda Delta, 
Intramurais, Flag Corps, Highland Echo, "Messiah," 
Fine Arts Award (3 years). 

GOAR, BRAD - English - 2811 East Geddes Plaza, 
Littleton, CO 80122. Student Foundation, Dean's List. 

GRAVELY, MARY M. - Political Science - 382 Bonta 
Drive, Harrodsburg, KY 40330. Alpha Lambda Delta, 
Freshman class Secretary/Treasurer, Cheerleading 
Captain, Intramurais, Social Sciences Honorary Society, 
Dean's List, Chi Beta. 

GRITMON, JAMES H. - Political Science - 843 Troxel 
Road, Lansdale, PA. Community Standards and Values 
Committee, Carnegie and Copeland Judicial Councils, 
Varsity Basketball, Intramurais, Dean's List. 

GUILLAUME, JEFF - Business Administration - 588 
Everwood Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43214. Intramur- 
ais, Intramural Director and Official, Junior Class 

HAMBY, CHARLOTTE A. - Psychology - Route 2, Box 
256, Oakwood, GA 30566. Softball, Dean's List. 

HANSFORD, MARY - Political Science - Morningside, 
Maryville College, Maryville, TN 37801. 

HARRIS, PAGE - History - 3811 Taliluna Avenue, 
Knoxville, TN 37917. Intramurais, Alpha Lambda Delta, 
Beta Beta Beta, MC Playhouse, ACC, Dorm Council, 
Dean's List. 

HELWIG, JANET - Math - Route 2, Carmack Road, 
Flintstone, GA 30725. Tennis Team, Cheerleader, 
Alpha Lambda Delta, Presidential Scholar, SNEA 
President, Publications Committee, Workshop Com- 
mittee, George Knapp Math Award, ALCOA Founda- 
tion Scholar, Dorm Officer, Alpha Gamma Sigma 
Award, SNEA Award. 

HINTON, IVORA D. - Psychology - 4811 Renezet 
Drive, Chattanooga, TN 37416. Choir, Softball, Band, 
Beta Beta Beta, Chi Beta, Cordek, BSA. 

HUDSON, THOMAS F. - Religion - P.O. Box 334, 
Hughsonville, NY. Band, MACCO, MACCO Director 
of Public Relations, Publications Committee, Highland 
Echo Editor, Staff Assistant, Judicial Council, Play- 
makers, Playhouse, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. 

146 - Senior Directory 


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Just use THE BANK CARD, which you get tree for opening any Bank of Maryville 
checking, regular savings or MasterCard account, at any of six THE BANK 24 locations 
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of maryville 

"Since 1885" 


KEES, SANDRA L. - Business Administration - 1254 
Montauk Highway, West Islip, NY 11795. Choir, 
Student Foundation. 

KEHOE, COLETTE - Economics and Business - Route 
1, Box 123C, Laceyville, PA 18673. Women's Soccer, 

KIERSNOWSKI, THOMAS M. - Business Administra- 
tion - 416 Northeast Edgewater Drive, Port Charlotte, 
FL 33952. Jazz Band, Food Committee, Intramurals, 
Dean's List. 

KINNEE, SUSIE - Psychology - 709 Cates Street, Apt. 
4, Maryville, TN 37801. Dean's List, Sign Language 

LAIPPLY, CHERYL - Elementary Education - 538 Illinois 
Avenue, Mansfield, OH. Sign Language Club, Chi Beta, 

LEE, DAVID - Physics and Chemistry - 26 Rose Avenue, 
Westbury, NY 11590. Presidential Scholar, Dean's List, 
Yearbook Photographer, American Chemical Society, 
Gymnastics, Society of Physics Students. 

LEWIS, TONY R. - Recreation - 1312 Young Avenue, 
Maryville, TN 37801. Dean's List. 

LOGAN, VANESSA M. - Political Science - 1102 
California Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45237. Hall Floor 
Representative, Black Student Association, Playhouse, 
Playmakers, Student Coordinator of Student Activities. 
Elections Committee, Intramurals. 

LONG, KAREN M. - Studio Art 
Circle, Brentwood, TN 37027. 

232 Williamsburg 

Garden Drive, Knoxville, TN 37901. Presidential 
Scholar, Susan Allen Green Award, President of 
International Club, Beta Beta Beta. 

MCCROSKEY, BETSY - Recreation - Route 3, Box 510, 
Maryville, TN 37801. Yearbook Photographer, Softball 

MCCROSKEY, MIKE - Chemistry (Pre-Med) - Hickory 
Lane, Gatlinburg, TN 37738. Presidential Scholar, Beta 
Beta Beta Affiliate Member, American Chemical 
Society Vice-President, Student Foundation, Election 
Committee Chairman, Scholarship to Argonne 
Laboratory in Chicago, Intramurals, Structural 
Chemistry Award, Midwest Model United Nations 

MACCALL, LYNDA ANN - Elementary Education - 
5021 Churchill Court, Virginia Beach, VA 23464. 

Outdoor Club, SNEA, Inter-Varsity, Tennis Team. 

MACKEY, NANCY A. - Interpreting - 625 Gramatan 
Avenue, Mount Vernon, NY 10522. SNEA, Sign 
Language Club. 

MANNING, NANCY L. - Business Administration - P.O. 
Box 264, Madisonville, TN 37354. Dean's List, MC 
Playmakers, Impressions. 

MARTIN, KEITH P. - Physical Education - 1536 Lime 
Drive, Melbourne, FL. Phi Mu Alpha, MC Playmakers, 
Football Student Coach, Football, Baseball, Social 
Committee, Intramurals. 

Antioch, TN. 

English - 2944 Walnut Crest, 

MINISH, ROBIN E. - Psychology - P.O. Box 2545, 
Maryville College, Maryville, TN 37801. Alumni and 
Student Representative Club. 

MITCHELL, KIMBERLY - Studio Art - 31 Florence 
Avenue, Oyster Bay, NY 11771. Sigma Lambda Kappa, 
Dean's List, Knoxville Theater of the Deaf. 

MONTGOMERY, WALTER L. - Art Education - 3201 
Ellis Street, Knoxville, TN 37920. Soccer, Outdoor 
Club, Band, Freshman Class President, Art Scholarship, 
English Scholarship, Highland Echo. 

MORRIS, KIMBERLY A. - Religion - Route 2, Box 
341G, Inverness, FL 32650. Worship Committee, 
February Meetings Committee, Circle K Secretary, 
Dean's List. 

MURPHY, ANGELA P. - Religion - 3323 West 27th 
Street, Bradenton, FL 33505. Presidential Scholar, 
Playhouse, Worship Committee, Community Outreach 
Committee, Choir, "Messiah," Chilhowean, Highland 

NASON, DEBRA K. - Interpreting - 5 Jacob's Ladder, 
Mountaintop, PA 18707. Sign Language Club. 

NEIL, ELIZABETH - Pre-Physical Therapy - 437 Mimosa 
Drive, Decatur, GA 30030. Beta Beta Beta, Concert, 
Jazz, and Marching Bands, American Chemical Society, 
Alpha Lambda Delta, Outdoor Club, Intramurals, 
Captain of Soccer Club, Community Outreach 
Committee, CIV Committee, Athletic Review Board. 

OKUBO, YUMI - Business Administration - 341 Okubo 
Masuho-cho MINAMIkoma-gun, Yamanashi-ken, 
Japan 400-05. International Club. 

OWENS, DONNA M. - Business Administration - 2453 
Allan Adale Road, Melbourne, FL 32935. Captain of 
Volleyball Team, Basketball Team, Intramurals. 

148 - Senior Directory 

Compliments of 


Take the Confusion Out Of 
Making Your Hair Beautiful 

Serving Maryville and Alcoa 

Midland Center 
Alcoa, TN 37701 

Compliments of 











PERRY, ALLISON - English - Box 2588, Maryvllle 
College, Maryville, TN 37801. 

PERRY, RUBY A. - Business Administration - 2905 Fisk 
Avenue S.W., Birmingham, Al 35211. Black Students 
Association, Intramurals. 

RALSTON, GEORGE A. - Interpreting - 708 Northwest 
60th Street, Bradenton, PL 33529. 

RICCI, JOANN - Psychology - 511 Vine Avenue, Toms 
River, NJ 08753. Chilhowean, Dean's List. 

RICE, PHILIP L. - English - Box 55, Gatlinburg, TN 

ROBINSON, NADINE - Business Administration - Box 
288, 704 Main Street, Delta, PA 17314. Student 
Activities Committee, Playhouse, "Messiah." 

SANDERS, JOHN M. - Biology - Brevard, NC 28712. 
Beta Beta Beta, Tennis Team, Most Improved Tennis 
Player-1980, Assistant Editor of Chilhowean. 

SCHUSTER, BETTY L. - Music Education - 913 Sam 
Houston, Dyersburg, TN 38024. Presidential Scholar, 
Student Programming Committee, Choir, Marching 
Band, Highland Echo, Student Foundation, Staff 
Assistant, Presser Scholarship, Fine Arts Scholarship, 
"Messiah," Playhouse. 

SHIELDS, TRENT R. - Business Administration and 
Economics - Route 13, Box 94, Maryville, TN 37801. 
Dean's List. 

STANSBURY, BARBARA - Interpreting - 5800 
Woodburn Drive, Knoxville, TN 37919. Social 
Committee, Circle K Club, Lloyd Judicial Board, Dean's 

STEINBECK, ANDREW E. - Psychology - 39 Briar Road, 
Wayne, PA 19087. Soccer, Chilhowean, Judicial Board, 
Volunteer Work with Child and Family Services of 

TEFFETELLER, TONY H. - Business Administration - Box 
336, Route 13, Maryville, TN 37801. Intervarsity. 

TROTTER, TERI K. - Business Administration - Route 
2, Box 343, Athens, TN 37303. Dean's List, Faculty 
Women's Scholarship, Band of Maryville Scholarship, 
Peterson Scholarship, ALCOA Foundation Scholarship, 
Intramurals, Sign Language Club. 

VENDITTI, EDWARD J. - History - 7817 Northwest 66th 
Terrace, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33319. Football, Intramur- 
als, Dean's List, Presidential Scholar. 

WALKER, ELIZABETH L. - English - 1310 Collinsdale, 
Cincinnati, OH 45230. Intramurals, Theta Epsilon, 
Impressions, Highland Echo Photogrpaher. 

WARNER, HEIDI E. - Business Administration - P.O. 
Box 103, Grayson, GA 30221. Dean's List, President and 
First Vice-President of MC Theatre Association, 
Majorette, Playhouse, "Messiah", Outdoor Club. 

WEISS, MICHAEL S. - History - 1945 West Wesley Road 
Northwest, Atlanta, GA 30327. Dean's List, Vernon M. 
Queener History Award, Highland Echo, Varsity 
Soccer, Pi Gamma Mu, Judicial Review Committee, RA 
in Copeland. 

WHEELER, CONNIE S. - Interpreting - 1331 Tsali Trail, 
Lake City, Ga. 30252. 

WICKSTRAND, JULIA M. - Interpreting - 10617 Seneca 
Ridge Drive, Gaithersburg, MD 20760. Dean's List, 
Sigma Lamba Kappa, SA, RA, Intramurals, World 
Concerns Committee, Lloyd Judicial Board, Interna- 
tional Club. 

WILGUS, RUTH A. - Studio Art - 4930 Mountain Crest 
Drive, Knoxville, TN 37918. CM^oivean photographer. 
Art Scholarship, Commissioned by School for Artwork, 
RA in Lloyd, RA in Pearsons, Dean's List, Playmakers, 
Coffeehouse, Van Metre School Of Dance. 

WILSON, SCOTT J. - Business - 34 McKinley Plaza, 
Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan. 

WOODRING, PETER A. - English - Route 2, Box 106 
B, Chenoa, KY 40925. Wrestling, Athletic Committee. 

WOOLARD, LAURA B. - Interpreting and Psychology 
- 503 Falkirk Road, Wilmington, DE. Dean's List, Sigma 
Lamba Kappa. 

YONEDA, MASAKO - Music Performance (Piano) - 47 
Nihonenoki Kanagawaku Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa- 
ken, Japan. International Club, Japanese Class Tutor, 

ZENICK, DANIEL L. - Business Administration and 
Economics - Route 12, Box 521, Maryville, TN 37801. 
Soccer, Highland Echo Photographer, Dean's List, 

150 - Senior Directory 

•'^"' STUOIOf INC. 

2406 Maqnolia Avenue — KnoxvUle, Tennessee37917 

Tom Graham Mark Smith Rick Bise Mike Riley Scott Snodgrass 

Your Yearbook 


Abramson, Michelle - 66 

Adair, Francis - 121 

Ainsworth, Edwin - 55, 121 

Akwuruaha, Dorothy 

Al-Bassam, Nail 

Albert, Alexander - 61, 73, 97, 121, 138, 139 

Alden, Cory - 132 

Allen, Joseph 

Allen, Kimberly - 14, 95, 128, 129 

Allen, Shawna - 55 

Allison, Brad - 1, 6, 43, 94, 111 

Allison, Matt - 140, 141 

Alongi, Charles - 43, 73, 114 

Amidon, Mark 

Amos, Keith - 43 

Anabtawi, Lina - 61, 113 

Anagnostis, Paul - 86, 121 

Anaple, Gloria - 115 

Anderson, Sally 

Andrews, Lesa - 43, 77, 81, 86, 102, 103, 105, 

Andrews, Margaret - 61, 86, 96, 108 
Angell, Cathy - 42, 43, 81, 90, 105, 107, 134, 

Angelas, Charles - 121, 140, 141 
Apgar, Janet - 61 
Araujo, Mark - 121 
Argyle, William - 55, 97 
Arnold, Steve - 15, 43, 97, 104, 107, 136 
Avogaro, Carlos - 132 


Babb, Brenda - 43, 78, 128, 129 
Babich, Mary Jane - 13, 43, 75, 76, 81, 88, 
90, 107, 130 

Bader, Hamdan - 67, 113 
Baker, Andrew - 43, 55, 106, 126, 127 
Baker, Anita - 86, 111 
Bales, Sterling - 61, 126, 142 
Ballman, Mary Lea - 61, 96, 109, 113 
Bankole, Olufunke 
Barile, Lindy J. - 121 
Barnett, Julie 
Barron, Mark - 82, 121 
Bartuccio, Kenneth - 121, 140, 141 
Battle, Dorcas - 61, 106 
Beaupre, John - 67, 132 
Belcher, Jeff - 121 
Belfi, Ed - 121, 139, 158 
Bell, Mike 

Bender, Bill - 55, 78, 108, 115 
Benton, Rhonda - 67 
Berretto, JoAnn - 55, 107, 114, 159 
Berry, Doug - 44 
Bevers, Andrew - 55, 106, 115 
Beyer, Mark - 55, 106, 115 
Black, Vicky - 44 
Blair, Connie - 67 
Blair, Kathy - 44, 59 
Blaisdell, Bruce E. - 142 
Blanc, Amy - 134 
Blessing, Deborah - 44, 80 
Boand, Leslie - 67, 69, 86, 98, 105, 110, 111 
Bobbitt, Mary Ann - 6, 67, 86 
Bonning, Dianne - 55 
Booker, Barbara - 54, 55, 96, 104, 111 
Borowy, Jeffrey 
Bouch, Daniel - 67, 121 
Bowen, Mary Jo - 61 
Braden, Paula - 67 
Brand, Ric - 55, 112, 140 
Brandt, Andre 

Brannon, Cindy - 61 
Brewer, Ed - 44, 90, 99, 109, 112, 115 
Bright, Sidney - 42, 44, 57, 77, 79, 80, 90, 
97, 102, 103, 111 

Broughton, Cynthia - 55, 95, 106, 115 
Brown, Thomas - 61, 106, 110, 116 
Buchholtz, Bryan - 86 
Buchholtz, Cameron E. - 67 
Burke, Pat - 44, 73, 97, 107 
Burnahm, Karl 
Burnett, Mark - 132 
Burnette, Mary Jane - 67 
Bussey, Carolyn 

Canon, Melissa - 61 

Carbonneau, Jeffrey - 121 

Cardwell, Susan 

Carlton, Jackie - 55 

Carmigniani, Jimmy - 61 

Carpenter, Ciretta - 67, 113 

Carroll, Crystal - 67, 98 

Carson, Dottie - 61, 64, 89 

Carson, Scarlett - 55, 105, 109 

Carter, Amy Jo - 67 

Carter, Carol - 12, 42, 44, 75, 78, 81, 130, 

Cassuto, George - 45, 87, 91, 95, 106, 112 
Castillo, Domingo - 113, 140, 141 
Chandler, Scott - 142 
Chapman, Deanna - 45, 118, 119 
Chesney, Mimi - 128 
Chesser, Joel - 61, 86, 102, 109, 138 
Chilcoat, Shannon - 67 
Clarke, Jeffrey - 67 
Clemens, Pat - 45 
Clemens, Terry 
Glowers, Bob - 121, 124 
Cockcroft, Wayne - 121 
Cockfield, John - 55, 95, 121 
Coffey, Carol - 55, 109 
Coggins, Trina - 67, 128, 129 
Cole, Rebecca - 55, 76, 107, 114 
Coleman, Wilma - 60, 61, 98, 107, 111 
Compton, Kimberly 
Conklin, Catherine - 67, 86, 113 
Conrad, Janet Gaile - 67, 159 
Cook, John L., Ill - 55, 73, 114 
Cook, Kama - 115 
Coomer, Anne - 61 
Cooper, Carol - 61, 96, 109 
Corbitt, Kimberley - 61, 96 
Corey, Margaret - 55, 115 
Covington, Sara - 67, 106, 128, 129 
Crabtree, Joe - 45, 73, 99, 124 
Cragle, Matt - 55, 56 
Greer, Judy - 45, 95 
Crothers, Kevin - 61, 86, 110, 136 
Cunningham, Cynthia - 45, 105, 106, 109, 

111, 113 
Curry, Regina - 67 
Czegledi, Donna - 45, 78, 79, 81, 88, 96, 13 


Dalton, Janna - 61 

Daniels, Gary - 86 

Davidson, Kenneth - 56, 132, 138 

Davila, Edward - 7, 67, 109 

Davis, Michael - 45, 74, 100 

Davis, Peter - 56, 159 

Davis, Ruby - 61 

Delfino, Eduardo - 132 

Delfino, Fernando - 56, 132 

Denney, Jennifer - 61 

Denshaw, David - 67, 110, 115 

Denson, Jeffrey - 132 

Dent, Bill - 46, 91, 99, 100, 114, 115, 141, 

DePue, Tracy - 56, 83, 87, 106, 115 
Deziel, Eric - 67, 132 
Dickson, Todd - 9, 56, 114, 115 
Dishman, Elizabeth - 61 
Dixon, Scott - 121 
Dobson, Bonnie - 56, 95, 118 
Dockery, Virginia 
Donahue, Louise - 67 
Driver, Greg - 61, 121 
Droubi, Husam 
Dye, Jackie - 56, 95, 134 

Eckert, Janet 

Edington, David - 61, 86, 112, 115 

Esty, J. Chris 

Evangelisti, Michael - 121 

Evans, Beverly - 62, 128 

Evans, Dave - 121, 124, 125 

Evans, Marnie - 62, 111, 114 

Fagin, Darius - 121, 138 

Falco, Chris - 62, 97, 121 

Farrell, John - 67 

Favors, Kim - 62 

Fazioli, Joseph - 67, 121 

Feehrer, Sammy 

Ferretti, Francisco 

Fiore, Frank - 87, 106, 110, 115 

Fisch, Frank - 62 

Fisher, Mark - 46 

Fitzell, Johny - 104 

Fitzell, Kathy - 56, 99, 106 

Fitzgerald, Kelly - 67 

Fitzgerald, Tim - 46, 73, 87, 106, 116 

Fleenor, Melinda - 56 

Fletcher, Tony - 121 

Ford, Stephen - 56, 73, 97, 109 

Foster, Patrick - 67, 138 

Fox, Beverly - 46, 75, 109 

Foxx, Darrell - 126, 142 

Foy, Gary - 56 

Eraser, Traci - 60, 62, 86, 96, 104 

Frazier, Nickie - 62 

Friedmann, Susan - 62, 96 

Fritts, Pam - 46 

Fry, Tammie - 113, 159 

Gardner, Nanci 

Garner, Scott 

Gartrell, Ed - 62 

George, Jeanne - 67 

Gerald, Jim - 138 

Gervasoni, Edward - 62, 113 

Gheen, Gregory - 126, 127 

Gibson, Russell - 42, 46, 71, 79, 86, 102, 103, 

Gillespie, Brenda - 68, 98 
Gilliland, Don 
Gillun, Dorothy - 68 
Gilman, Darlene - 46, 78, 108, 115 
Gilmore, Trent - 68, 115 
Gipson, William - 68, 126 
Goar, Brad - 11, 46, 72, 80, 95, 105, 111 
Golden, Vernon - 99, 121, 140, 141 




Deli Goods 

605 Washington Ave. 

2825 Old Knoxville 



Open 6 a.m. - 12 midnight 
7 days a week 





I East Broadway 3061 Airport Highway Seymour. 441 Highway 

"Serving Tfie 
Area Since 1921 

Good, Michael - 68, 115 

Grau, Truitt - 121 

Gravely, Sissy - 47, 76, 91, 130, 131 

Cray, Brian - 126 

Greaser, Eric - 62 

Green, James 

Green, Marcella - 68 

Green, Tyrone - 68 

Gritmon, James - 47 

Grubbs, Amy - 56, 109, 113 

Guillaume, Jeff - 72 

Gunter, Brian - 121, 138 

Julian, Donna - 118 



Hall, Debora - 56, 95, 105, 110, 111 
Hamby, Charlotte - 47, 76 
Hamilton, James - 56 
Hansford, Mary - 78 
Hardaway, Walter - 62, 126, 142 
Harmon, Terry - 68 
Harris, Ginger - 56, 74, 130, 131 
Harris, Page - 7, 47, 76, 86, 92, 112 
Harrison, Robert - 67 
Hart, Jennifer - 66, 67, 98, 102 
Hart, Laura - 134, 158 
Harville, Karen - 56, 108 
Hasty, Linda - 56, 109, 111, 130, 131 
Hatfield, Kim - 62 
Hawkins, Lenida - 68 
Hay, Leslee - 62, 86, 105, 111, 115 
Hayes, Jeffrey - 56, 73, 86, 115 
Haynes, Rebecca - 6, 11, 13, 57, 98, 126 
Head, David 
Helton, Hal 

Helwig, Janet - 9, 13, 47, 11, 78, 79, 81, 86, 
88, 92, 107, 109 
Hendricks, Nathan 
Hendry, Hampton - 112 
Herron, Mark 
Hester, Michael - 100 
Hickman, Greg - 106 
Hill, Lianne 
Hill, Sam - 142, 138 

Hinton, Ivora - 44, 47, 11, 110, 115, 158 
Hogan, Barbara - 68, 98, 104, 105, 113 
Holsinger, Jonathan 
Honeycutt, Todd - 62, 109, 110, 111 
Hornsby, Benjamin - 68, 105, 113 
Houtchens, Glenn - 62 
Howard, Christine 
Howard, Gregory 
Howard, Stanley - 57, 79, 97, 158 
Hudson, Tom - 47, 72, 83, 87, 97 
Huenke, James 

Hughes, Mary - 7, 62, 109, 114, 134 
Humpert, Julie - 68, 109 
Humphrey, Carol - 57, 105 
Hurst, Teresa - 62 
Hutsell, Diane 

Irwin, Maria - 68, 137 

Jafvert, Jane - 57, 83 

Jennings, Mari - 118, 137 

Jennings, Susan - 66, 68, 105, 109, 110, 111 

Johnson, Tammie - 68 

Jones, Edwin - 121 

Jones, Sandra - 62 

Jordan, Vanessa - 106 

Katz, Glenn - 63, 83, 121 

Kees, Sandra - 48 

Kehoe, Colette - 48, 76, 134, 135 

Kennedy, Michael - 68 

Kibbons, Charles - 63, 105, 109, 113, 136 

Kidder, James - 63, 105, 109, 113, 136 

Kiersnowski, Tom - 48, 77, 112 

King, Shaun - 8, 10, 57, 107, 137 

Kingsbury, Shelley - 8, 10, 57, 107, 137 

Kinnee, Susan - 48, 112, 113 

Kirchner, Catherine - 82 

Knapp, Deborah 

Knight, Douglas - 63, 121 

Kotz, Karen - 6, 57, 106, 110, 115 

Krtausch, Mike - 82, 97, 121 

Kuchlbauer, Hannelore - 68, 115 

Laipply, Cheryl - 48, 76 

Laisy, Christopher 132 

Lawson, Teresa - 57, 115 

Layman, Kelly - 63 

Leahy, Peter - 68 

LeBar, Amy - 63 

Lee, David - 48, 77, 102 

Legrain, Marie - 113, 134 

Lewis, Tony 

Lindsay, Sarah Jane - 63, 98, 102, 103, 107, 

111, 114 
Lindsay, Thomas - 121 
Lippincott, Kay - 63, 86, 102, 103, 114 
Livesay, Tommy - 57 
Logan, Vanessa - 48, 50, 88, 96 
Lonas, Angela Denise - 68 
Long, Karen - 48, 78 
Long, Kathryn - 57, 58, 87, 89, 106, 116, 158 
Longo, Joe - 63, 105, 110 
Loray, Robert - 68, 106 
Lord, Lee - 57, 95, 106 
Lovingood, Lenyce - 63 
Lucke, Jill - 68 
Luther, Matt 
Luzadder, David - 132 


McCampbell, Lee - 49, 86, 92, 107, 111, 113, 
McCarter, Debbie 
McCollum, Kathy - 68 
McConathy, Laura - 63, 94 
McCroskey, Betsy - 49, 75 
McCroskey, Mike - 49 
McDaniel, Diane - 63, 86, 106, 115 
McDuff, Patrick - 68 
McEachern, Don 
McElroth, David - 69 
McFarland, Bryan - 8, 57, 106, 110, 115 
McHenry, Robert 
Mcintosh, Scott 
McNaughton, Doug - 57, 97 
McNiell, Helen - 63 
McPherson, John 
McQuade, Robert - 121 
McWilliams, Valerie - 57, 76 
MacCall, Lynda - 49, 80, 81, 107, 109, 111 
Mackey, Nancy 

Manire, Elizabeth - 57, 96, 106 
Manning, Nancy - 49 

Marshall, Joan - 63 

Martin, Kenneth - 57, 124 

Matthews, Clarence - 106, 126 

Medlin, Stacy - 69, 128 

Melton, Charles - 57, 104, 138, 139 

Melton, Lisa - 69 

Meneely, Laura - 69, 86 

Merrill, Philip - 49, 105 

Mertes, Michael - 57 

Metts, Stephanie 

Millar, Lee - 63, 114 

Miller, Gordon - 126 

Minish, Robin - 49 

Mitchell, Kimberly - 50, 76, 95, 113 

Mitchell, Anthony - 121, 140, 141 

Mixner, Mark - 69, 99 

Miyagi, Kinuyo - 57 

Monday, Steve - 121 

Montgomery, LaDonna - 58 

Montgomery, Walt - 50, 72, 104, 107 

Moore, Melissa 

Moore, Sheryl - 57, 96 

Morris, Kimberly - 50, 77, 109, 111 

Morrison, Mae Lea - 86, 115 

Morrow, Barbara - 58, 108, 115 

Morrow, Richard - 121 

Morton, Melissa - 115 

Moyer, Patrick - 99, 121, 140, 141 

Mrazek, Craig - 63 

Mueller, Heidi 

Muller, William - 58 

Murphy, Angela - 50, 79, 86, 109, 115 


Nasipak, Julia - 69, 105 
Nason, Debra - 50 

Neil, Elizabeth - 50, 81, 105, 107, 134, 135 
Nelson, Laurie - 63, 96, 105, 109 
Nesbitt, Walter - 138, 142 
Newmark, Victor - 69 
Nicholson, Amy - 63, 105, 111, 113, 114, 
134, 158 
Nutter, Candace - 58, 95, 128, 129 


O'Brien, Pat - 65, 99, 121 
O'Brien, Shannon - 121 
O'Donnel, John - 121 
Ogle, Beverly - 69 
Okubo, Yumi - 50, 113 
O'Reilly, Kevin - 69, 110 
Ownby, Anthony 
Owens, Donna - 50, 118, 119 

Paige, Monica - 63, 106, 159 

Paluga, Martin - 86, 102, 111, 114 

Parks, Melissa - 69, 86 

Paschall, Mack - 69, 132 

Peery, Jim 

Perry, Allison - 51, 76, 78, 134, 135, 158 

Perry, Ruby - 51, 76, 78 

Petitt, Bruce - 63, 86, 107, 114 

Petree, Melanie - 58, 86, 94, 159 

Petree, Melba 

Pierce, Jeff - 58, 72, 99, 141 

Pimm, Sharon - 15, 69, 98, 105, 111, 113, 137 

Pitcock, Terry - 58 

Plant, Jean - 54, 58, 87, 98, 106, 110, 111, 

113, 116 
Poeppel, Arch - 58, 121, 139 

9/fari/ville J^urriiture 


212-214 S. College Street 


Phone: 982-4300 


Photographic Equipment, 
Sales, and Service 

Omega - Paterson - Bell & Howell - Mamiya - 
Konica - Canon - Pentex - Nikon - Sigma - Ricoh 

- Polaroid - Kodak - Sylvania - llford - Cibachrome 

- Soligor - Braun - Gossen - Sunpak - Bauer 


Roddy Manufacturing Co. 

901 Tuchaleechee Road 

Maryville, Tennessee 37801 






983-7353 - 983-2071 


402 Greenbelt Drive 

Maryville, Tennessee 

Featuring RedKen Products 

Phone for Appointment 

Mon.-Sat. 983-8428 

Complete Hair For Men 

And Skin Services And Women 


Midland Center 


Bibles, Books, Cards, Tracts 


Albums Tapes 








407 Washington 


Poeppel, Donald - 69, 121 
Porter, Chris - 64, 97 
Porter, Deborah 
Post, Mickey - 64 
Prescott, Brenda - 68 
Pulliam, Thomas - 69 


Quillen, Lora - 69 
Quinton, Julia - 58, 96, 134 

Radozycki, Jina - 64, 106, 113 

Ralston, George - 51 

Ramsay, Cynthia - 64, 97 

Ramsey, Adrienne - 66, 86, 106 

Randolph, William - 69, 121, 140, 141 

Raulerson, David - 64, 136 

Reed, Caroline - 64 

Reese, Rachel - 118, 128, 129 

RIcci, Joann - 51, 72 

Rice, James - 121 

Rice, Philip - 51, 140, 141 

Riedl, Clennis - 64, 86, 114 

Riffle, John - 121, 140, 141 

Rigell, Brian - 58, 118 

Riley, Jeffrey - 58 

Rimmer, Robert - 64, 126, 127 

Rimmer, Robin - 57, 58, 80, 104, 118, 128, 

Robbins, Laura 
Roberson, Jonathan - 121 
Roberson, Lee - 69 
Roberts, Andrew - 98 
Roberts, Michael 

Roberts, Terri - 130, 131, 137, 64 
Robinson, Heidi - 58, 105 
Robinson, Nadine - 51 
Rodgers, Wayne - 58, 86, 77, 79 
Rohan, Michael - 69, 140, 141, 142 
Rojas, Nancy - 64, 104 
Rop, Bob 
Rowe, Earl 

Rufus, Donald - 69, 112 
Rush, John - 97 
Russ, Johnny - 69, 99, 121 

Safatinos, Vincent - 121 

Sanchez, David - 69, 99, 105, 112 

Sanden, Rebecca - 64 

Sanders, John - 42, 51, 74, 109, 136 

Sasscer, James - 64 

Sawan, Jean 

Sawyer, Donald - 64, 121 

Schlenker, Todd - 121, 140, 141 

Schram Kandis - 68, 118 

Schuster, Betty - 51, 92, 110 

Scotti, Michael - 121, 138 

Shackleford, Randy - 58, 102, 114, 136 

Shadley, Gerald - 121 

Shafer, Karen - 69, 113 

Shannon, Michael - 121 

Shea, Brian - 121, 139 

Sheffield, David - 69, 121 

Shoffner, Jennifer - 58 

Sieber, Beth - 54, 59, 86, 98, 111 

Simmons, Robin - 69, 128 

Sipple, Steven 

Skeen, Lisa 

Skipper, Brian - 121 

Skipper, Jeffrey - 121 

Slack, Leah Ann - 59 

Smiley, Eugene - 121 

Smith, Ellen - 1, 64, 96, 110, 111, 137 

Smith, Helen - 86 

Snively, Ellen - 64, 105, 106, 113 

Snyder, David 

Sowell, Evelyn - 64, 94 

Spence, Karen - 64, 86, 114 

Spence, Susan - 10, 58, 59, 74, 94, 137 

Sperry, Kim - 70, 89 

Spires, Edward 

Stansbury, Barbara - 42, 52, 77, 81 

Steinbeck, Andy - 15, 52, 132 

Stewart, Margo - 70 

Stokes, Earl - 86, 121 

Stout, Glenn - 65, 105, 132 

Street, Mark - 126, 142 

Strother, Darrell - 70, 121 

Sullivan, Mellissa - 8, 59, 128 

Surrency, Michael - 70, 121, 138, 159 

Swager, Thomas - 142 

Swisher, Lisa - 59, 105, 106, 109 

Taliaferro, Dudley - 121 
Taylor, John - 59, 72, 94 
Taylor, Susan - 9, 59, 111, 115 
Teffeteller, Melanie - 65, 112 
Teffeteller, Tony - 52 
Tennant, Ralph - 70, 121 
Test, Rebecca 
Thompson, Faith - 59, 113 
Thompson, Gerard - 121 
Thompson, Wayne 
Tickle, Jeffrey - 86 
Titman, Donald - 65, 121 
Topping, Randall - 70, 121 
Troke, Todd - 86 

Trostle, Linda 
Trotter, Teri - 
Tucker, Brian 
Turner, Hap 
Tyler, Tina 

■ 59, 106, 134 
52, 75, 92, 98 

Vagnier, John - 70 

VanAken, Susan - 59, 86, 74, 111, 134 

Van Divort, Lisa - 65, 97, 113 

VanHuss, Tracy 

Varker, Butch 

Varney, John - 65 

Venditti, Edward - 52 

Venditti, Nicholas - 8, 65, 140, 141 

Volkodov, Anthony - 70, 121 

Vousden, Andrea - 65, 98, 109, 110, 111, 114 

Vouyioukas, Apostolis 


Wadewitz, Gretchen - 74, 134 

Walker, Elizabeth - 52 

Walker, Kathleen - 59, 74 

Walker, Mary - 15, 64, 65, 96 

Walton, Paula - 70, 110, 112, 115 

Warlick, Steven 

Warner, Heidi - 6, 52, 106 

Warren, William - 59, 105, 107, 109 

Watson, Clayton 

Watson, Renee - 70 

Watson, Jon - 121, 124, 125 

Weiss, Michael - 1, 11, 45, 53, 74, 93, 99, 

107, 112, 132 
Welch, Edward - 65, 109, 110, 111 
Welch, Teresa - 86, 98, 111, 70, 105, 107, 

West, Larry - 111 
Weston, Thomas - 59, 126, 127 
Wey, Tara - 65, 98, 102, 107 
Wheatley, Gail - 8, 97 
Wheatley, Eugene - 99, 138 
Wheeler, Connie - 53, 80, 109, 113 
White, John - 121 
White, Sheila - 65, 109 
Whitehead, Robert - 59 
Whitley, Donna - 65, 113 
WIckstrand, Julia - 53, 77, 88, 93, 109, 113 
Wilgus, Ruth - 42, 53, 75, 81, 87, 93, 95, 106 
Wilhite, John - 70, 121 
Wilkinson, Kelley 
Williams, Brian - 126, 127 
Williams, Chandra - 70, 109 
Williams, Duran - 59, 72, 140, 141 
Williams, Joan - 70 
Williams, Lora - 70, 98, 105, 111 
Williams, Susan - 65, 94, 130, 131 
Williams, Tammy - 118 
Williamson, Michael - 121 
Wilson, Scott - 53 
Winiarski, Laurie - 65, 134 
Winter, Lawrence - 70, 126, 127 
Wolfner, Wendy - 59, 108, 115 
Wong, Rosa - 65, 113 
Wood, Sharon - 137 
Woodhull, Laurel - 70, 115 
Woodhull, Mark - 59, 140 
Woodring, Ginny - 77, 158 
Woodring, Peter - 53, 73 
Woodworth, Robert - 70 
Woolard, Laura - 53, 76, 134, 135 
Worley, Peter - 70, 132 
Wortman, Joseph - 70, 121, 140, 141 
Wortman, Michael - 121, 140 
Wutt, Mary - 70 
Wynne, Joseph - 59, 107 

Xiques, Donald - 11, 60, 65, 100 


Yacks, Lisa - 15, 70, 110, 111 
Yoneda, Masako - 53, 76, 80, 115 
York, Thomas - 65, 121 
Youpa, Kimberly - 8 


Shields, Trent 


Wade, Rita 

- 70, 111 

Zerick, Daniel 



My years at Maryville have been very special 
to me. While at Maryville, 1 have been able to 
realize the true meaning of life. I have grown 
in many ways. 1 will always regard these four 
short years as the beginning of a successful life. 

In serving as editor of the Chilhowean, I have 
also grown in many ways. Learning all about 
Maryville, working with all kinds of people, 
and acquiring a sense of school pride are just 
a few of the benefits. I have been able to see 
exactly how the entire Maryville College 
Community works. 

The 7982 Chilhowean is a product of many 
long and hard hours of work. To say the least, 
it is the product of many contributors. 
Tremendous gratitude goes to Kay for her 
positive attitude and willingness to work; also 
to Russell for his dependability and supportive 
attitude. Lesa was a great asset in photography. 
As for Swisher, thanks for everything. A special 
thanks goes to Mike Boyatt for the use of his 
photography in the opening section, and to 
Sandy Stephens for typing the index. Finally, 
thanks also goes to Mrs. Brennan for her words 
of support and guidance. 

This yearbook is produced for the Maryville 

College Community. I hope that it will always 

a source for remembering the yesterda/s. 

yHThe todays and tomorrows are meant for 

living, but the yesterdays are ours to treasure. 

Sidney Bright 

158 - Memories 











Ht'^ Jl^^^H 

Memories - 159