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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

Chowanoka '87 

Chowan College 
Murfreesboro, N.C. 27855 
Phone (919) 398-4101 
Volume 64 





It was bound to happen 

The camera focuses on 

students, the Pressworkers 
in this printing job 

Start the Press! 
The '87 Press-run has begun 

Now! You can have a front row seat for the best action in town. 
Starting August 27. you get startling facts, exclusive stories, and 
one-of-a-kind photos of you on campus and in the Pressroom. Here 
is your personal darkroom pass. Use it to get to know your favorite 
press operators hard at work. 

This largest crowd of press operators in two years fills the halls, 
with sophomores crowding the press. 

Freshmen waiting in the Prep. Offset Lab waiting for the press. 
Moving from student life through clubs and sports, they take their 
turns on the Press. 

Together the Press operators take control of the production and 
use every opportunity to reveal their talents. 

Hi-lighting the run. Whitaker Library moves to the copyboard. 

For the first time in years Chowan's Brown lady is spotted on 

Today's leaders want headlines, captions, copy and artwork from 
the pressroom. But most of all they want success, so I'm sure you 
will agree that the '87 Braves are bound to leave Lasting 

4/Campus Life Divider 

Campus Life 

Campus Life Divider/5 

Moving In 

The start of the new college year is quite an experience. It 
begins with moving into the dorm, home for that semester. 
Moving is quite a hectic experience with a lot of laughs and 
pulled muscles involved. But it isn't until everything is moved 
in that the room begins to take on a "personality" and seem a 
little more like home. 

Parents' Day 


Parents' Weekend is one of the special 
Chowan and ranks along with Homecoming in popularity 
among the students and their parents. The day begins with a 
reception in McDowell Columns which provides the parents 
an opportunity to meet members of the Administration and to 
meet other students and their parents. 

Each parent has an opportunity during the day to visit each 
of their daughter's or son's professors and learn of his 
academic progress in the course. Most of these visits are plea- 
sant, but sometimes. Mom and Dad learn that a little more 
encouragement must be given their son or daughter to make 
sure they make that Honor Roll! 


Members of the sophomore class, who are residents of 
Jenkins Hall, welcome freshmen at the beginning of the fall 
term. New students, and their parents, received a warm 
welcome by the dorm officers and others who assisted with 
the school opening. 

it takes a lot of help to move into the dorm rooms at the 
beginning of school. Students, along with parents, help each 
other carry the heavy boxes filled with books, clothes, stereos, 
TVs, and all the other things needed for a year at college. 

The summer heat of the late August days didn't help much to 
ease the moving in chores at the beginning of school. Those 
students who were assigned to the top floor were most pleas- 
ed when they finally moved in. ..and made Belk Hall their 
home away from home! 

6/ Parents' Dav Moving In 

Sidney Ruff, Mr. Bobby Cross 
and Mr, Leo Ruff, 

Kathy Whitley, seated, helps 
a parent and her son register 
for Parents' Day, 

Parents and faculty enjoy 
chatting during the reception 
in McDowell Columns. 

Moving In/ 7 

Leisure living at 
Lakeside Student Center 

A day doesn't pass without every student visiting Lakeside 
Student Center for a variety of reasons! The center houses the 
student Post Office, laundry room, television lounge, meeting 
rooms, and. of course, ping-pong and pool tables. Converted 
from an athletic gym. the former basketball court is used by 
many students for roller skating, and. on special occasions, 
dances and movies. 

Students gather every day at the center to receive their 
mail, enjoy games and television, and to meet with friends. It 
is a popular spot and a favorite among all Chowanians. 

Left— students spend leisure hours chatting and catching up 
on the latest campus gossip. Below— Billiards is a favorite 
pasttime and some students are able to play a few games 
before and after classes. 

8/Lakeside Student Center 

tennis ... a fast-paced 
game . . . with spectators enjoying the con- 
test as much as the contestants. 

Of a more serious and important nature, 
Lakeside Student Center is used twice 
each year by the Tidewater Red Cross 
Bloodmobile. Students and faculty res- 
pond well in answering the call to help 

Lakeside Student Center/9 






"My daily workouts help with my endurance during football 
season," said Patrick Rudolph. 

Going along with the fitness craze all over the world, many 
Chowan students are getting into shape. Those who want a 
structured exercise program in a well-equipped facility turn to 
the Helms Center 

The Helms Center offers something for everyone. The 
center concentrates on dropping pounds and strengthening 
muscles. This is accomplished by a complete workout on first- 
rate equipment. The center also offers a total body workout 
through P.E classes 

For a different type of workout, the equipment puts the body 
through the motions on weight machines. The center's equip- 
ment and racquetball courts are designed to build and tone 
muscles in a passive way. The center also has a steam room 
and a sauna. 

Many of the athletes at Chowan find using the Helms Center 
a great way to stay in shape during the off season. 

t?" f' V 

10 'Helms Center 



Helms Center/ 11 

Small Town 

Offers Variety 

In Two-Day Vacations 

Homework gimme a break!" Who 
says homework is boring and unex- 
citing? You do- Who says you have 
to spend four hours a night pulling 
out your hair, biting your nails and 
beating your head against a wall? 
Your parents do Weekends may be 
a little different, but lets face it. peo- 
ple need a break from the drudgery 
of school during the week, also 

Some Chowan students found a 
way to overcome the "Death from 
Homework" syndrome. Sunday, the 
day that starts the week and leads 
to the dreaded Monday, is usually 
thought of as the day of rest 
However, it turns out to be another 
day in Vegas for Mike Fisher. "On 
Sunday. 1 like to gamble a little by 
playing cards with my friends." 
Monday, notoriously known as "Out 
o* my face 'fo i smack you Man," 
day IS Anthony Hodge's day of rest 
after classes 

Anthony Roberts spends his time 
wisely "I usually spend two hours 
on Tuesday night trying to cover 
Murfrcesboro's main street and 
many other interesting sites." he 

Whew! It's finally Wednesday, 
better known as "hump day" or 
"only two more days until Friday " 

Scott White said, "On Wednes 
day night I usually play racquetball 

But when I'm not playing racquet- 
ball. I see how much homework I 
can get done sitting in the dark. 
with my sunglasses on " 

Freshmen Marlon Witcher spends 
his Wednesdays in a routine way 
"When I'm not practicing my Rac- 
quetball. I organize an extensive 
sterilization process on my organic 
propulsion vehicle To put it simply, 
I wash my car." 

Thursday night I pick one channel 
and critique (all) the commercials 
from six o' clock till eight o' clock 
said Richard "At eight o' clock i 
give awards in two categories. The 
first is the award for the most 
elaborate commercial with a lot of 
information, but nothing is said 
about the product. The second is 
for the most embarrassing feminine 
hygiene commercial." 

And here it is! Drum roll, pleasel 
It's Friday — the most exciting night 
of the week for most Chowan 
students, but for some it's a little dif- 
ferent. "On Friday's I receive a ton 
of homework from Religion class 

"I usually listen to the radio for a 
while and then go to sleep." said 
Wilbert Comber 

As the spectacular evening comes 
to a close with Saturday night, most 
of the party-goers and athletes like 
to relax with a special someone 

12 /Weekends 


Weekends . . . a time for 
study, recreation 

While many students go to their homes, and other places, on 
the weekends, others welcome the two days off from classes as 
an opportunity to rest, study, and enjoy some form of recreation 
on campus. Most of those remaining on campus for the 
weekend enjoy the quietness, but they quickly agree that they 
welcome their friends back on Sunday evening to resume the 
normal college routine. 

Squirrel Park is used for the 
practice of football, golf, and 
otfier sports 

At far right, the weekend is 
brightened with a letter from 
home, often containing a 
needed check or money 

The two days of leisure can 
bring new acquaintances and 

14 Weekends 

"Shaping up on Sunday" could be a motto 
for those who use the time for exercise, and 
"Study on Sunday" for the many who need 
to catch up on class work, as seen below. 
Squirrel Park is very quiet on the weekends 
when it is dusted with a light snow, or the 
cold winds of winter come 

Weekends 15 

Special observances 
and special events 

Throughout the year, the college 
hosts many special events for 
students for their entertainment as 
well as for cultural and spiritual 
enrichment. In addition, various 
segments of the Murfreesboro com- 
munity use campus facilities for 
special observances, and on many 
occasions, members of the com- 
munity join the students, faculty and 
staff for meetings, plays, concerts, 

For the first time, a campus Christmas tree was lighted in front 
of Whitaker Library, On a very cold December night, 
students, faculty and staff gathered to sing Christmas carols 
and watch as the large tree became brightly lit and begin the 
yuletide season. Members of the community gathered in 
January to observe the 200th anniversary of the Town of 
Murfreesboro. On Valentine's Day. members of the faculty 
and staff who have served the college for more than 20 years 
were honored at a reception in the President's Dining Room. 
Dean B. Fraanklin Lowe. Jr., unveils a display with the 
photographs of the Chowan "long-timers". 

16/Special Events 

One of the highlights of the college year was the appearance 
of two professional mimes during Religious Emphasis Week. 
Mark MacMasters of Buies Creek, and Doug Berky of Wake 
Forest, staged outstanding performances and were praised by 
all students who viewed their programs. The pair performed 
humorous skits, juggling acts, as well as religious skits, among 
which was the "crucifixion act" pictured below. At below 
right, students gathered around Berky and MacMasters 
following their final performance to express appreciation and 
gratitude for their efforts. 

Special Events/1 7 

Getting to the point. Scott Cassell played his role well as Atticus 

Sophomore Scott Cassell and Patrick Rudolph listen attentively 
as the Judge gives his final verdict. 

Stealing the show. Chaplain Hargus Taylor performed well as 

18/Fall Production 

Dr. Taylor, as Tom Ewell. makes a point- 

Tough Attorney. Scot Tanner 
played the unforgettable pro- 
secuting attorney well. 

Enthusiastic actors working 
hard to make 

After the first number it is 
obvious that To Kill a Mock- 
ingbird is going to be a very 
exciting play. Playing to a full 
house last November, the cast 
was ready for action . 

To Kill a Mockingbird. 
adapted for the stage by 
Christoper Sergei is based on 
the classic American novel by 
Harper Lee. Set in fvlaycomb, 
Alabama in 1935. this play 
shows us racial prejudice 
through the eyes of a 12 year 
old girl. Growing up in the 
south. Scout has taken quiet 
life in Maycomb for granted, 
until the day her father agree 
to defend a black man accus- 
ed of assaulting a white 
woman. As the town quickly 
becomes divided over the 
issue and the trial events un- 

production a success. 

fold, a little girl grows up 
learning some important 

Scout is played by Jennifer 
Mekovsky, a freshman at 
Chowan. She was very im- 
pressive, especially since it 
was the first time she had ever 

All the actors were very im- 
pressive. Chaplain Taylor was 
a believeable Bob Ewell, but 
he is exactly the opposite, 
said Martin demons. 
Sophomore Scot Tanner 
played the unforgettable pro- 

secuting attorney. The very 
memorable Atticus, was 
played by Scott Cassel a 
freshman from Harrisonburg, 
Virginia, Our very own Mrs. 
Betty Batchelor played the 
wonderful nagging neighbor, 
Mrs. Dubose. 

Behind every great play 
like To Kill a Mockingbird 
there is always a wise and 
talented director. Mrs. Sandra 
Boyce showed her con- 
siderable talent with To Kill a 

Fall Production/ 19 

Many students participated 
in the Homecoming Parade, 
with many dressing as the 
"Chowan Braves'" 

At far right, the "Catbusters " 
man their "weapons" and 
head for the trip through 
downtown Murfreesboro 

The Chowan Cheerleaders. 

above, rode the Murfreesboro ^ , , , , , 

r-. r>, . »• ^ 1 J One of the girls residence 

rire Departments truck, and , „ 

1 J u ; »u 1 balls prepared a float, at right, 

led cheers for the annual , , 

J and announced that they 
parade. , ,. , , 

were ready to catch the 

Potomac State Catamounts". 

20/ Homecoming Parade 

For fun, warmth, and school spirit 

Nothing beats Homecoming week 

The highlight of the fall semester, 1986-87, was the annual 
Homecoming festivities which began in mid-week with the 
traditional parade from the campus through downtown Mur- 
freesboro. The residence halls, and other groups, prepared 
humorous, colorful and unusual floats to cultivate enthusiasm 
and school spirit prior to the football classic. The parade group 
formed in the parking lot of Camp Hall and proceeded along 
a route down Main Street, and then returned to Helms Center 
for the bonfire ceremonies 

The evening before Homecoming Day, members of the 
Homecoming Court, and their escorts, were honored at a din- 
ner and reception in the President's Dining Room of Thomas 

Bright, warm sunshine saturated the campus on Saturday 
and many high school bands performed in Braves Stadium to 
compete for honors and the opportunity to perform prior to 
the football game and during halftime ceremonies and corona- 
tion activities. 

Miss Michelle Isles received the crown as Homecoming 
Queen from Miss Lane Windham, the 1985 Queen, and Miss 
Lisa Mayo was selected as Freshman Princess, 

The special weekend concluded with a Homecoming Dance 
in Lakeside Student Center, when students, guests and friends 
celebrated the successful week and the Braves' victory over 
the Potomac State Catamounts. 

Chowan's Royalty for 1986— Miss Michelle Isles, left. Homecoming Queen, and Miss Lisa Mayo, Freshman Princess, leave 
the football field following the crowning ceremonies. 

Homecoming Parade/ 21 

Top-Une Windham, 1985 
Homecoming Queen, awaits 
on the sidelines to aown the 
new Queen for Chowan. 
Above — Action on the 
gridiron is always the 
featured attraction of the an- 
nual observance. 
Right— The stands were 
ed with alumni, friends, and 
students to watch the tradi- 
tional Homecoming gridiron 

22/Homecoming Da^/ and Dance 


Come Home 

It's October 18th at the Braves Stadium field at halftime of 
the Chowan- Potamac game. After an exciting week of show- 
ing spirit in every way. everyone was anxious for the final 
decision. The drum rolls as the crowd holds their breaths. The 
1986-87 Homecoming Queen is Michelle isles. 

Representing the sophomore class were Kim Lovell, Cheryl 
Graham, Alicia Dunbar and Michelle Isles. 

Chosen for the Freshman court were Kim Daily, Lisa Mayo, 
Elaine Fala and Rachael Rhodes. "When I was elected to the 
Homecoming Court, I felt both honored and happy, but I was 
a little nervous, being on the court was a proud position for 
me, " said Kim Lovell. 

Later that evening the Annual Homecoming Dance was 
held in the Lakeside Student Center. Magic flowed through 
the air, and couples crowded the dance floor. As midnight ap- 
proached, the Student Center slowly lost life, and the people 
faded away. 

But the night was just beginning. There were dorm parties 
to go to and private room parties to attend. 

"We were up all night partying until six o'clock the next 
morning," said Wilbert Camber. Homecoming Day, Dance: an 
evening to remember. 



At left, top— Michelle Isles is crowned as the 1986 Homecom- 
ing Queen by Lane Windham, last year's recipient. 
Left— The Freshman Princess was Lisa Mayo. 
Above— The Braves defeated the Potomac State Catamounts 
in beautiful fall weather and before a large crowd of spec- 

Homecoming Day and Dance/23 


A vital part of the instructional program at 
Chowan are the laboratories connected with 
many subjects in the various academic depart- 
ments. Generally, laboratories are conducted 
in the afternoons, and the rooms in Camp 
Hall. Green Hall, McSweeney Computer 
Center and Horner Communications Center 
are "bee hives" of activity. The learning op- 
portunities provide students hands-on ex- 
perience with computers . . . microscopes . . . 
printing presses . . . easels and brushes . . . 
and much more! 

Lori Lawson operates a typesetting terminal in Horner Center to 
complete a project for a typography lab 

Charmane Delaverson selects the tuloi transparen- 
cies which she will use to complete an audio-visual 
project in photography 

Bart Boatright photographs a "small product" display in the 
photographic laboratory of Horner Communications Center. 

24/Academic Labs 

And in some labs, students look at some 
SMALL items! This student carefully in- 
spects a lab sample in biology laboratory. 

In some labs, students operate BIG cameras! Delores Baker, left, and Kim 
Holmes place film on a process camera. 

Stanley Artis, Kim Lovell and Karen Parker work as a team 
operation laboratory, to complete a project in process color 

And when the lab project is through, it's 
always necessary to complete the lab 
report and turn in to the professor for 

Academic Labs/25 

Listening, writing and testing 
are all part of the course 

"Notes, noise and nodding are part of some of my 
classes." reports a student from a New England state, 
but thiis is not typical of Chowan courses. It's serious 
business, and the absolute core of a good college 

Top right — Regina Johnson and Mount Hayden review class notes with 
Kim Holmes prior to an English Literature class 

Right— David Aydlett stays after the lecture to make sure his class notes 
are in order. 

Above ^ Tammy Sobers completes one of "those blankety blank" tests 
that are so very frequent in many classes. 

26 Classes 

Top photo — Mrs. 
Esther Whitaker 
tures to one of her 
Religion 102 classes. 

Left — "Why do they 
call it a lecture when 1 
do as much writing as 1 
do listening?" ask 
many students. Note- 
taking is an important 
part of any course at 

Classes 27 





Charmane Delaverson 
Simons Hall 

Deanne Feurstein 
Parker Hall 

Lori Long 
West Hall 

Nanette Williams 
Jenkins Hall 

Carl Burgess 
Day Students 


Wally Clock 
Simons Hall 

Vic Tedder 
Jenkins Hall 

28 Spring Festival 

Spring Festival activities, normally 
held the last weekend in April, is one of 
the highlights of the college year. The 
Court is selected by vote of the student 
body from representatives chosen by 
the various residence halls and the Day 
Student organization. Announcement 
of the Spring Festival Queen, King, 
Freshmen Princess and Prince is made 
by the President of the College during 
the Coronation Ceremonies, held in 
center campus. Those students whose 
photographs appear on these two pages 
comprise the 1987 Spring Festival 

Brian Cutchins 
Jenkins Hall 

Spring Festival/ 29 

Food, fun, fellowship 
in Thomas Cafeteria 

It is not unusual to hear complaints about the "food in 
the cafeteria" but students rarely miss a meal! In addition 
to the food, a trip to the cafeteria is an opportunity to 
meet friends - . - hear the latest campus news ... or, 
make plans for the evening or the weekend! 

Attempts were made to determine the favorite food of 
the student body, but the choices were so varied that the 
selection of the Number One Meal was not determined. 
Among the choices often heard, however, were the Steak 
Nights . . . Pizza . . . the buffets prior to holidays . . . and 
the usual, All-American hot dogs and hamburgers! 

Dispensers are available 
for students to select their 
favorite soft drink, tea, 
milk, etc.. and also for 

At top right, Paige Byrum 
enjoys a noon meal with 

The staff of the cafeteria 
are cheerful when 
students move through 
the serving line to begin 
their evening meal 

30/Thowas Cafeteria 

Frequent visits to Bookstore 
for books, banking, boards 

A! the beginning of each semester, the Bookstore is packed with 
students purchasing the necessary textbooks for classes, and other 
supplies needed for college living. After the "book rush" is over, the 
store is a frequent stop for students as they shop for monogrammed 
clothes, toiletries, greeting cards, mat board. and, those 

necessary laundry tokens! 

Many of the students call the Bookstore their "bank" because on 
Thursdays and Fridays it is not unusual to see lines at the cash 
register as checks are cashed for that weekend trip to home, or 

Above top — Mrs Aldeen Gatewood, manager, shows Wendy 
Basden and Johnny Cale monogrammed tee shirts. Textbooks are 
the most important inventory of the store, however, as seen in bot- 
tom photo Below, Tim Johnson, an employee of the store rings up 
a sale for school supplies, and Mrs Gatewood cashes a check for a 
student heading home for the weekend. 

Bookstore 31 


Extra! Extra! 

Read all about it... 

Braves find pleasure in books 

The library opens every morning at 8:00 except for Satur- 
day and Sunday. Students flock in each day before and after 

Sophomore Francine Smith said. "1 use the library for 
research, books for reports, and for other references. The 
library has been very helpful during my two years at 

The library is a means for students to use books, magazines, 
records, microfiche, microfilm, and film strips. Some students go 
to the library to talk with friends. The librarians. Mrs. Harris, Mrs. 
Wood, Mrs. Sexton, and technical assistants Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. 
Gosnell, and Mrs. Davis, do their best to keep the library from 
becoming a gathering place for socializing. 

"Even though I have a busy schedule I make time to read 
because it is important to me," said freshman Warren 

"I like to read mainly because 1 enjoy it, but also because I 
know that the more I read the easier my college classes will 
be," said freshman Ken McKee. 

The English professors have many reasons for making their 
students read short stories and novels. The primary reason for 
reading is to gain knowledge. A book can also make a student 
think and take a journey from a world of realistic frustration to 
a world of imaginary ecstasy. 

Library/ 33 

Left — Dr. Roger D. Sharps. Ex- 
ecutive Director of People for the 
American Way in North Carolina, 
was the guest speaker for Fall 

Below — Paige Byrum. Regina Jer- 
nigan, and Nannette Williams find 
time to study during assembly. 


Left— Todd Coltrain, Beth Hawk, 
and Kim Lovell pay close attention 
during an assembly. 

Below — Dr. Whitaker addresses the 
student body during Fall Convoca- 


An hour is set aside each Monday and Wednesday morning 
for Chapel/Assembly, which is conducted in Turner Auditorium 
of the McDowell Columns building. At the beginning of this 
hour, students are observed making their way to the assemblies, 
with freshmen attending on Mondays and sophomores and 
commuting students on Wednesdays. 

A variety of programs are offered, to include religious ser- 
vices, speakers on a variety of topics, films, etc., and the hour is 
used to make numerous announcements which are beneficial to 
the entire student body. The vast majority of students listen at- 
tentively and use the hour for enrichment, but others may 
sometimes be observed catching up on class homework, or get- 
ting a quick rest between classes. 

At the beginning of each semester special Convocation ser- 
vices are held in Helms Center with the entire college communi- 
ty in attendance. These sessions usually feature noted speakers, 
outstanding alumni, or college officials. 

Student favorites of the assembly programs are excerpts from 
the fall and spring drama productions, the special holiday 
presentations, and the programs featuring talents of fellow 

Assembli) / 35 

Why do you go 
to Squirrel Park? 

One of the favorite places on 
campus is SQUIRREL PARK, and 
students find the area ideal to 
spend their hours of leisure. In the 
warmer weather. Squirrel Park is 
the gathering place to throw 
frisbees. practice golf, play flag foot- 
ball, or just simply enjoy the sun 
and fresh air and chat with friends. 

During the winter, however, the 
area is used as a "battleground" 
when snow covers the campus and 
students engage in the traditional 
snowball fights. 

In the evening hours. Squirrel 
Park is still used and couples are 
often seen strolling the center walk 
or sitting along the way on benches 
to talk about the day's activities, 
class work, and enjoy friendly con- 

. to have fun! 




^e, w^^ .. 


»*s P "Just to have something to do." 
Wendy Jo Basden 
"To get out of my room and relax" 
Scott Gardner 

"It's a break from daily classes" 
Neil French 
"To relax" 
Susan Ricks 

Squirrel Park/ 37 

Lake-Lovers dare to take the plunge 

"I wouldn't dare dive in that nasty water! 
Go ahead and Cannonball!. Belly flop. Swan- 
dive." are often heard around Lake Vann but 
are unfamiliar sights Freshmen are often 
dared to dive in, and warned of the bikes 
floating down stream. But students enjoy it 
just the same. Lake Vann a gift to Chowan 
College, from the estate of the late George L. 
Vann of Murfreesboro in the sum of 
$56,552,45. Completed in 1976, Lake Vann 
a fine fishing spot for some. It offers the tran- 
quility to allow the mind to roam and fan- 

Fishing at Lake Vann is becoming very 
popular because of the variety that can be 

hooked. Bass are the most sought after, 
while not far behind are brim. Also found in 
abundance are catfish. "You have to know 
how to angle your reel before casting it to hit 
the desired spot," said David Beamon. Most 
avid anglers have that certain spot along the 
lake that brings them extra luck in catching 
fish and Standley Green is no exception to 
the rule. "I have my best luck fishing right off 
bridges," said Standley. "I like fishing early in 
the morning, way back in a cove," said Mar- 
tin Smith. Freshmen David Beamon agreed 
with Martin. "The fish can usually be found 
back in coves but if you know where to go, 
catfish can be caught almost anywhere in 
Lake Vann. 

38/Lake Vann 

_''»' ^sjTf- 

,j^^ is!«^p8i ^mm~ 



Belk Hall for women was 
dedicated in the honor of 
Mrs- Irwin Belk of Charlotte. 
North Carolina on October 
17, 1964- The three story 
brick building has a lounge on 
each room is air-conditioned, 
heated and has ample desk 
space for studying. Under the 
direction of Head resident 
Ms. Stanfield, Belk Hall holds 
a respectable reputation as a 
residence hall. There are two 
resident assistants on each 
floor whom the students can 
confide in and look to for 

Belk Hall provides a 
comfortable atmosphere to 
call home throughout the fall 
and spring semesters. 

40/Belk Hall 

Jenkins Hall for women 
was founded on October 25, 
1958. Dedicated in memory 
of Charles H. Jenkins and in 
honor of his mother Mrs. 
Olivia Benthall Jenkins. The 
residents of Jenkins Hall 
came to a newly renovated 
building this year. Jenkins 
Hall is a modern two story 
building which provides 
desirable and attractive ac- 
commodations for women at 
Chowan College. Under the 
direction of Head Resident 
Ms. Pam Riddle; Jenkins Hall 
sponsors numerous activities 
during the school year. 






Jenkins Han/41 




On May 4,1954. con- 
struction began on a men's 
residence hall, which was 
later named in honor of the 
late Dr. F.O. Mixon who 
succeeded President Bunn on 
July 23.1951. 

The two-story residence 
hall, which was completely 
renovated in 1981, ac- 
commodates one hundred 
male students. The structure 
has an attractive and com- 
fortable lounge area, an 
apartment for the residence 
hall director. and each 
student's room has in- 
dependent heating and air 
conditioning units. 

42/Mixon Hall 

The construction of nine- 
story Parker Hall began June 
2, 1969 and was completed 
in 1970. The building is 
located on Union Street 
overlooking Chowan's Lake 
Vann. Modern in every 
aspect, Parker Hall is fully air 
conditioned and has 
elevators. Parker Hall is nam- 
ed in honor of the late 
Elwood W. Parker of Mur- 




Parker Hall/43 

Simons Hall, built in 1960 
and named in memory of 
Betty V. Simons and Melton 
E. Valentine. Simons ac- 
comodates 118 male 
students. Equipped with in- 
dividual heating/air condi- 
tioning systems, Simons is a 
favorite among students. 

"Living in Simons to me is 
living in the 'Lap of Lux- 
ury.' " said David Beamon. 
The hall also has carpeting 
in each room and cable 
television service for the 
students. The structure pro- 
vides a spacious lounge on 
the first floor equipped with 
comfortable furniture, ven- 
ding machines and a televi- 






44/Simons Hall 

Dor'mi'toVy (dor mi to ri) A 
room, apartment, or building con- 
taining sleeping accommodations for 
216 students, of course, it's West 

West Hall, erected in 1963. is a 
three story brick building containing 
lounges on each floor, lavatories in 
each room, built in furniture and is 
fully air-conditioned. 

"I like West because it's spacious 
and is in the center of campus." 
said freshman Marlon A. Witcher. 

"Because I wanted to live on a 
quiet hall and have easy access to 
the cafeteria and the library" said 
Abernathy Clemens. 

Sponsoring dances, movies, and 
many other get togethers during the 
year. West Hall council had their 
work cut out for them . 

"1 enjoy working with my dorm 
brothers to accomplish a goal 
especially competing for the Presi- 
dent's Cup, because it requires team 
work and togetherness " said 
freshman Tijone Hicks 




West Hall/45 


Impressions '87 

46 Mini-Mag 

Early in 1952 the idea of starting a 
department of printing in conjunction 
with the College began to be discussed. 
Dr. F.O. Mixon. president of Chowan. 
Roy Parker. Sr., president of Parker 
Brothers Inc., and the Rev. Oscar 
Creech, associate to the president of 
Chowan, approached several publish- 
ers who expressed an interest in the 
proposed school. 

Officials of the News and Observer. 
hearing of the department, loaned 
Chowan a Linotype machine; and with 
the addition of a small job press, the 
department of graphic arts was ready to 
begin its initial courses in printing. 
Chowan College was fortunate in secur- 
ing John McSweeney as instructor for 
the very first year of operation. He 

came over from his office in Rich 
Square for two hours of instruction a 

John McSweeney and those associat 
ed with him saw the need for improved 
facilities and began to push for more 
equipment and space. Long years of 
experience, including the deanship of a 
Philadelphia school of printing for nine 
years, enabled McSweeney to see the 
need for a first class department of 
graphic communications. 

The department began the year 
1953-54 with a new building, three 
Linotype machines, two job presses, 
foundry type, and other equipment 
necessary for training. The publishers of 
North Carolina loaned and gave the 
equipment to the College. A fulltime in- 

structor was needed for that year, and 
McSweeney was asked to give up his 
duties as editor - manager of the North- 
hamptori Count\,> News and as vice- 
president and assistant general manager 
of Parker Brothers Inc. to take com- 
plete charge of the department 

The graphic communications depart- 
ment has grown and established a 
reputation for service and superior train- 
ing throughout North Carolina and the 
printing industry. The department is in- 
tegrally related to the rest of the school. 
Students are required to take regular 
courses in the liberal arts field, and 
special courses for liberal arts students 
have been set up in the department of 
graphic communications. 
Note: This article was tal<en from the 1963 edition 
of The History of Chowar} College pages 66. 67 . 

M t* 

y Ml M Ifc _^^^ ^^^^__.^ 

Mini-Mag continued . . . 


June '83 brought a change in location for the Graphic 
Communications Center. Originally located in Mc- 
Sweeney Hall, the center moved to a new and larger 
building located behind Camp Hall. 

Because of the crowded, unsafe working environment 
and increasing enrollment a new center was needed. 

The Chowan Graphic Arts Foundation saw the need to 
further strengthen and support the school of Graphic 
Communications. With the help of the foundation, cor- 
porations, gifts and pledges, the new 20,000 square toot 
Graphic Communications Center was built. Construction 

of the center began May 1 , 1982 and was completed June 
1, 1983 

The facility contains spacious laboratories for Typeset- 
ting. Pre-Press, Press Operation, and Photography. 
Graphics students gain valuable experience with 
numerous projects and exercises on modern equipment 
such as: Compugraphic Terminals and Typesetters, Con- 
solidated and Brown Horizontal Cameras, Log E Film 
Processor, Hell Color Scanner, Heidelberg KORD, 
Heidelberg Sormz, small duplicators, ATF Chief 126, 
News King Web Offset, Stahl folder and much more. 


125-year-old Ghost roams the Columns building to test the loyality of the students 
and to see if they have fallen away from the lofty ideals of Chowan. 

In December, '63 the college installed the Verdin Carrillon Bell System in 
McDowell Columns and the projection speakers in the tower. 




52/People Divider 

Personality traits differ 

but people come together 

"I think the different types of per- 
sonalities at Chowan make for a better 
college," said sophomore James Baker, "1 
enjoy the different friends I have." 

Personalities do differ at Chowan, 
making it a fun place as well as a learning 
one. Because of the variety of people at 
Chowan, talent abounds. Athletic teams 
succeed in being some of the best in the 
state. Because of the variety in per- 

sonalities, at our college, there is rarely a 
dull moment and friends can be made 

"I've enjoyed my two years at Chowan 
because of all the interesting friends I've 
made," said sophomore Leah Britt. 

Even though the students at Chowan 
come from all walks of life, they appreciate 
each other's differences and come together 
as friends. 

People Divider/53 


President of the College 

54/ Dedication 

Proudly . . . 
we dedicate 

The 1987 CHOWANOKA to the man who 
has provided the driving force for the 
development of Chowan College since 1957. 
When he came to the college in that year, he 
found a small, struggling institution with 
minimal facilities, equipment, and assets. 
Under his leadership the size of the student 
body has tripled, as has the size of the faculty. 
The total assets of the college have grown 
from less than $1,000,000 to approximately 
$23,000,000. The annual operating budget 
has grown from less than $300,000 to about 
$8,000,000. The library holdings have grown 
from less than 10,000 volumes to about 
87,000 volumes. The educational program 
has been greatly expanded and strengthened. 
While all of this growth has occurred, he has 
ensured that the college operated in the black. 

All of these accomplishments and more 
have required tremendous energy, hard work, 
and long hours. This he has gladly given 
because of his belief in the mission and 
purpose of Chowan College and because of 
his compelling determination that students 
would receive a quality higher education in a 
Christian environment. The welfare of 
students and of faculty/staff who serve the 
institution has always been foremost among 
his concerns. 

As a result he has won the admiration and 
respect of all of us on the campus, but also of 
educators throughout the state and nation. 
We take pride in the fact that he was recently 
acknowledged as one of the eighteen most 
effective college presidents in the United 

For all of these reasons and more, we the 
students of Chowan College proudly and 
gratefully dedicate the 1987 CHOWANOKA 
to the President of the College, Dr. Bruce E. 

Right — Dr. Whitaker 

presiding at Honors Day 

to recognize the 

achievements of Chowan 


Below — The President of 
the College spends 
countless hours promoting 
the college, and is pic- 
tured explaining 
Chowan's role to a 
representative of NCNB. 






56/Sophomore Class 

Lamp Post 


Kevin Helms 

«K ', 

Roney Abraha 

Kaori Akiya 

John Alexander 

Robert Anderson 

Christy Andn 

Stanley Artis 

Mark Ashley 

David Aydlett 

Sophomores/ 57 



Wendv Jo Basden 


Connie Bender 

Michelle Bennett 

Shcryl BIythe 

Ban Boatwright 

Salvatore A Boscn 

Gregory Browe 

Ernest Boyce 






58 / Sophomores 

Cynthia Brown 

Stacy Bryant 

Carl Burgess 

Paige Byrun 

Scott Capps 

Bryant Carter 

Sophomores / 59 

Duane Chamblec 




Kyle Chamblee 


kiat Chonateetron 





Heather Clark 

Tony Clark 

Andre Corbitt 


Dairyl Crulchficld 


Tom Cullerton 


-: i 

Brian Dailey 


60 Sophomores 

Charmane Delaverson 

Richard Demcritt 

April Dilda 

Robert Douglas 

Curtis Edwards 

Everett Ellinwood 

Tom Elphick 

Sophomores 61 

Lyn Emorv 

Angie Felton 






Michael A Fishe 

Rosalyn Flood 

Dee Ann Feuerstein 

62 / Sophomores 


Darrell Garrison 


Wally Clock 

Gregory Granger 

Ricky Gray 

Elizabeth Green 

Charles Hamm 

Sophomores/ 63 

Lorraine Harrison 




Jackie Howard 

Julie Ann Howard 

Kevin Huffstetle 

Susie Hughe 



64 /Sophomores 


Alfred Johnson 

Penny Jones 

Susan Joyce 

Eric Joyner 


Doug Kreimer 

Sophomores/ 65 

Cindii Larki 

Benjamin Leu 

Lori Long 

66 ' Sophomores 

m I 

RussgII McClung 

James McDonald 


Phillip Minter 

William Monk 

William M Monk.Jr 


Suga Morioka 

Graydon Morris 

Sandy Murray 

Eng Hwa Ong 

Sophomores/ 67 


Denice Panneil 


Belinda Parson 


Joe Pearct 




Stephen Perry 

Shokzollan Peyka 


■ WM^ \ K i 

l^ • 

Wendy Phelps 

Thomas Phyllips 



68 Sophomores 


J 7 

Cheryl Pope 

>'■ If Sandra Porch 




Douglas Price 

Michael Quil 

Shelia Roop 

Patrick Rudolph 

Sidney Ruff 

Sophomores/ 69 

Kirby Saunders 

Patrick Savage ^^fc^ «■«»' 


Todd Sharpe 

Bobby Smith 

Francine Smith 

Tammy Sobers 



K C Sparrow 

Dhisana Sritauaj 

Tracy Stilwell 

Troy Suggs 

Bret Taylo 

Byron Taylo 

Dean Thomas 

Sophomores/ 71 

Tammy Thompson 


■ i' 



Akio Tsunemasa 





Annie Vaughn 

Thomisenc Vaughan 

Wayne Whale 

72 / Sophomores 


•ft, <r/f' 

m. m\f::^v:x/ .,iv 

John Wheby 

Tracy Whitley 




L ' \ 



* MeiYan 

Sophomores/ 73 

74/ Sophomores 



Lake Vann 


Jennifer Mekovsky 

Freshman Class/ 75 

Sayuri Akahane 

Hassan Al-Derha 


Terry Ambrosi 

Ashely Baile 


76 Freshmen 



f < R»in ^"u-**'.' • David Bcamon 

SPlt .f 'iif W'ftV- fli Sherrie Beazle;^ 

Mike Bijou 

^^^ i 

Demetris Bishop 

Grady Blanton 

Timothy Boha 




Roger Boyce 

Neil Boyd 

Freshmen/ 77 

Mike Bracy 

Heidi Michelle Brake 

Marion Braswell 

Melonie Bunch 


Johnny Ca 

Chris Campbell 

Cathv Carawan 

Toney Carter 

Mathcw Chappell 

Yoshitake Chikaraishi 

Charles Christophe 

Freshmen/ 79 

Yiu Sal Chung 


Martin demons 


Wilbert L Comber 


, J 


^ ^ 


Kyle Connors 


■ f« 

Starr Cook 


Penny Lane Corey 


Angela Co 

Regina Co 

Andrea Croom 




Angela Curtis 

^ '• 

Brian Cutchins 



Charlcne Curtrell 

Kim Dailcy 

Edward Davies 

Kathy DelGais 

Alonso Diaz-Granadas 

Tammy Donahue 


Stephen Donohu 

Vanessa Dozier 

Douglas Draper 

Juhe Duell 


Twyla Duke 



Ganell Early 


m4 , 

Cathi Edingti 

David Edwards ^^ 

Euangelyn Edwards 

Ji\ I 

82/ Freshmen 


Stephanie Elliott 

Deanna Forbes 

Debby Forstcr 


Nancy Frye 

Vilma Funcich 

Kevin Gambrell 


Tammy Gardn 

Anteal Gargluo 

Doug Geer 

Amanda Glenn 


Charles Gooch 

Jeff Gragg 

Dwight Or. 

Standley Greene 





Johnalhan Gregg 



Erwin Hardy 

Connie Harris 

Marly Hartwell 

Yoko Hashimoto 


Rachael Hayward 

Barry Hedgepcth 



Tiy.on Hick5 

Angclcc Hills 


Anthony Hodge 

Dwavne Horton 

Karen Howard 


Robert Howard 


Hampton Howell 

1^ U 

86' Freshmen 

Frances Hawes 

Mary Jackson 

Roger Jenkins 

Larry Dean Johnson Jr 

Vanessa Johnson 

Todd Johnston 



Avupon Karnasuta 


LaRhonda Ketne 

John Adam King 



Charles Kurfees 

Richard LaBonlv 

88- Freshmen 

Kelly Lampkir 

Terry Lane 

Cheryl Lassit 





Cyndi Lewis 

Greg Little 

Michelle Liuengood 

Jeany Liverman 



Mi . 

Barbra Lynch 




Curtis Mabry 




Heath Malpass 

1 _ 



.:- J 


Darryl Mangun 

Vanessa Martme 






Rodney McDanie 

Billie Jo McLamb 

William McLean 

Lucrelia Meredith 

Miyo Mil 

i Lafayette Montgomery 

Stacey Mo 


Rebecca Moms 




Paul Murietus 

LatTicia Nicholso 


92 Freshmen 



Randy Oglesby 

Angela Mia Oliver 

I Sylvia Parker 

Ginger Payne 

Jo Helen Perry 

Andy Pit 


George Plair 

Frankic Pridemore 

Joseph Glen Proctor 





Rachel Rhodes 

Tyler Riggsbe. 

Anthony Roberts 

Kimberly Rogers 

Denise Ruocco 


Theresa Shcnoci 

Yukiyo Sho 



Lisa Sipley 

m Skottegaard 


Andrew Smart 





Lisa Spenc 

Scott Spen 

Mindi Sterling 

^ Cynthia Steward 



Michael Strothn 

Shellv Sutherland 

Steve Tarkingto 

LeGrant Taylo 

Lisa Taylo 


Tina Taylo 

Jeff Thompson 

Lee Thompso 

Tim Thompson 

Mario Thornton 

Stephen Trolhnger 

Robbi Vaughan 

Doug Vick 





David Warren 

i'' u 



Teresa Warren 

Tenence Washington 

Ronald Jr Watson 

Tara Westbrook 

Christine Whitake 

I Wiiham While 

Angela Whitely 


Roben A Williams 


\ 4 


5)- „> 

Ernesi Whithead 

Dennis Michael Woodard 

Sean Woodson 





1 ' 

100' Freshmen 


Mindy Woolwine 

Gregg Wright 

Stephanie Wright 

Todd Wright 

Masarv Yushioka 


Registering . . . relaxing 

. . . and remembering! 

102/ Freshmen 


Faculty, and 

Administration, Faculty, and Staff/ 103 

Below top— Dr. and Mrs. 
Whitaker pose in front of 
Whitaker Library, named in fiis 

Below Bottom— The President 
receives a financial contribution 
for the college from a represen- 
tative of Sears Roebuck Com- 

Dr. Bruce E. Whitaker 

President of the College 


Dr. B. Franklin Lowe, Jr. 

Dean of the College 

R. Clayton Lewis 

Dean of Students 

Deans/ 105 

H Thomas Appenzellcr. Jr 
Assistiant To Director of Athletics 

Winslow L Carter 
Director of Admissions 

Caria S Chamblcc 
Counselor-Upward Bound 



Clifton S, Collins 
Director of Financial Planning 



Bobby S Cross 
Director of Development 






James Earl Dilday 
Associate Dean of Students 

James G- Garrison 
Director of Athletics 

Jack Hasscil 
Director of Physical Plant 



Linda Hassell 

Admin Assistant in 

Student Development 




Denise B Helms 
ector of Health Services 

Cynthia A Lawson 




106/ Administration 


1 A \ k 

Darrell H Nicholson 

Philip L. Royce 

Director of College Relations 

E. Frank Stephenson. Jr, 
Project Director - Upward Bound 


Ronnie M. Sumnei 
Chief Accountant 

Ben C. Sutton 
Business Manager 

R. Hargus Taylor 
Chaplain to the College 




E. Vincent Tilson 

Associate Director of Development 

Linda E Tripp 
Director of Counseling 
-& Career Development 

CraigA Vick 

Diana F Burke 
Photograph not avail; 

John A Williamson 

Administration/ 107 

Bert L, Brown 
Accounts Payable Clerk 

BettieS Colson 

Sherry Daniels 
Systems Operator 

Sarah W Davis 
iica! Assistant Library 

Mary Drake 

Secretary Alumni & 

College Relations 

Aldeen P Gatewood 
Manager/Student Store 

Trudy M Gibson 
Secretary Graphic Commincations 

Hilda L Gatling 

Secretary/Office of Financial Aid 

Photo Unavailable 

;t- 1- 

Alicia Glasbv 
Secretary Department of Fine Ails 

Betty F Godu 
etary Office of Admissio 

Barbara D Gosneil 
Technical Assistant Library 


108 Administrative Assistants 



LynnW Gray 
Secretary to the Chapla 

Peggy R Hare 

Secretary to the Business Manager 

Teresa A HJI 
Secretary/Physical Plant 

iilinaP Hollar 

inistrative Assistant/Registri 

Marie V Landing 
Secretary to the President 

Madelyn M, McKcon 
Secretary/Athletic Department 




i . 

Kathleen R Outlaw 

Secretary to the Dean of Students 

Patricia B- Pearce 

Secretary to the Dean of the College 

Sue H. Rose 

Administrative Assistant/Registrar 

: >H?WiUi i J 

Joyce W Smith 
Secretary to the Faculty 

DorisT Taylor 

Technical Assistant/ Library 

Shirley White 
Secretary /Office of Adn 

Administrative Assistants '109 

BettieW Whitley 

Secretary to the Director 

of Development 

Bobbi Woolen 
Secretary/Upward Bound 

1 10 Administrative Assistants 

Joyce E Adams 
Merchandise Management 

Betty N Batchelo: 
English. Spanish 

Sandra N, Boyo 
English. Drama 

Robert W Brown 

Robert J, Burke 
Physical Education 

Robert J Casmus 
Athletic Trainer. 
Physical Education 


James M Chamble 
Music. Chairman 

Janet H Collins 
Physical Education 

John H Davis 


Stacy Lee Deavours 
Government. Econor 

James B Dewar 

Faculty '111 

Rene' Drake 

Andrea E Eason 

PatnciaB Edwards 



Joyce Elliott 

Douglas E Eubank 

Garth Dalmain Faile 
Chemistry. Chairman 




y > 





i 'M 




Carl L Garrett 

French, Spanish 

Herman W Gatewood 
ng Technology. Cha 

Mark S Genshaw 
Printing Technology 

Douglas Lloyd Gleasoi. 


JohnW Gosnell 
Social Science 

^^Bj^B^^^^ tf j^^^^l 

M Dwaine Green.' 
Religion, Chairmat. 

V^v ^^^^^^H 




i lif 


112 Faculty 


Acheson A, Harde 

Geraldine L. Harris 
Head Librarian 

JohnP Hams 

Jerry L. Hawkins 

Physical Education, Psychology 

George L. Hazelton 

Hattie R. Jones 


Belinda B. McKeel 
Physical Education 

Stanley A Milctic 

Robert G Mulde 


Calvin 1 Owens 

Betsy PaHe 
Printing Techology 

David W Parker 


EarlH Parktr 

Charles L.Paul 
Social Science 

Rufus Allen Pridgen 

Thomas E Ruffin. Jr 

Carol S Sexton 
Assistant Librarian 

Warren G. Sexton 
Social Science. Acting Chairman 



Carl H Sin 



athematics, Ch( 


Rebecca M 



William B 


Pnnting Techi 




Daniel C Surface 
Physical Education, Chairman 

s H Suttcir; 

Gilbert A Trif 



J 24 Facu/ty 

Dorothy A. Wallace 
. Acting Ch. 

Esther A Whitaker 

: i^ 



Tt J 


G- Kenneth Wolfskill 
English. Chairman 

KatherineR- Wood 
Assistant Librarian 

Norman Edward Woolen 


Paul Anthony 

Director Lakeside Student Center 

Wrestling Coach 

Director of Intramural Sports 

Glenda Cooke 
Night Nurse 

Steve Davenport 
Maintenance Supervisor 

Charles Futrell 
Printing Production Assistant 

Scoft King 
Residence Director/ Simons Hall 


Mark Krauthcim 
Residence Director. West Hall 



Rene Osborne 

Residence Director, Parker Hall 

Assistant Coach 

Pam Riddle 

Residence Director, Jenkins Hall 

5GA Sponsor 

Neil Standeld 
Residence Director, Belk Hall 

Linda Thompson 
Manager ,/Snack Bar 

Ron Thompson '*^^,- 

Director of Food Services ' ^i ■ '■■ 




Long-time members 
jf the faculty-staff 
are recognized 

Early in the spring semester, thirty-four members of the faculty and staff who have 
served 20 or more years, for a collective total of 833 years of service, were honored 
for their "commitment and loyalty." 

Those recognized for completing 20 years of service were: James B. Dewar, Gilbert 
A, Tripp, Edward Wooten, E. Frank Stephenson, Jr., and Clifton S. Collins. Those 
with 21 years were Phyllis D. Dewar, Geraldine Harris, George Hazelton, and Carol 
Sexton. With 22 years of service were Hattie Jones, Robert Mulder and Dorothy 
Wallace. Serving for 23 years were Janet Collins, John P. Harris, Dr. B. Frankin 
Lowe, Jr., and Stev^ Davenport. 

Faculty and staff members with 24 years were Robert W. Brown, Herman W. 
Gatewood, Charles L. Paul, and Carl H. Simmons. Dr. Hargus Taylor has 25 years of 
service. With 26 years at the college were Betty Batchelor, Patricia Edwards, and Ben 
C. Sutton. Jack Hassell has 27 years with the college . 

Dr. James Chamblee and Warren Sexton, have 28 years of service; and James 
Garrison, Jerry Hawkins and L.M. Wallace, each have 29 years. Those with 30 years 
include Thomas Ruffin, Esther Whitaker and Dr. Bruce E. Whitaker. William Sowell 
has been with the college 32 years. 





ShBIw^^ Wm) 







w r> 



RA's receiving instructions on duties 
and responsibilities. 


The mysterious Waldo Tuttle of the 
Smoke Signals Staff. 

118/ Clubs 

S.A.D.D. gave us all a reminder 
not to drink and drive over the 
Christmas holidays. 

Chowanoka Staff discussing layouts 
for the yearbook. 

lf'4 *,-A'A'A 

Jennifer Mekovsky. a member of 
the Chowan Players; portrays Scout 
in "To Kill a Mockingbird. " 


Clubs/ 119 

Sophomore Class Officers 

Students elected to head the 1986-87 Sophomore Class are, left to right: Tracey Coaines. vice-president; 
Mrs, Phyllis Dewar, faculty advisor; Tom Cullerton president; Scott Gardner, treasurer; and Beth Hawk, 

120 Sophomore Class Officers 


Freshman Class Officers 

The officers of Cfiowan's 1986-87 Fresfiman Class are, left to rigfit; Rodney McDaniels, treasurer; Kyle 
Wimmer, president; R.A, Williams, vice-president; and Dr. Calvin Owens, Faculty advisor. 

Freshman Class Officers/121 

Alpha Pi Epsilon 

Members arc Terry Lynn Ambrose, Robin Janellc Bulls. Mclonie Faye Bunch, Deanna Lynn Burk, Rebecca Carolina 
Burleson, Angela Lynn Cox, Robin Lynn Frazier, Traci Yvene Gaines, Rebecca Rence Gardner, Wendy Ann Matncy, 
Wendy Leigh Phelps. Sandra Sterling Porch, Lisa Mane Sipley, Thomisene Vaughan, and Tara Lynne Williams 

"The ultimate purpose of Alpha Pi Epsilon is to profes- 
sionalize the status of the college trained secretary. To ac- 
complish this it endeavors to send young men and women of 
the highest ideals into the business world, equipped with keen 
intelligence and a mastery of their skills," 

"Alpha Pi Epsilon was established at Los Angeles City Col- 
lege in 1933 and was incorporated under the laws of the State 
of California on Dec. 9th of that same year. It bears the 
distinction of being the first honorary secretarial society of col- 
legiate standing. In 1942, the National Junior College Con- 
ference recognized Alpha Pi Epsilon as the official National 
Secretarial Honor Society. Today, chapters of Alpha Pi Ep- 
silon are scattered over the United States from Maine to 
California, from the Canadian border to our southern shore 

"To be eligible for membership in Alpha Pi Epsilon, a stu- 
dent must have shown himself outstanding in all his college 
work; he must also possess the qualities of accuracy, depen- 
dability, and initiative. In selecting candidates for membership, 
the society seeks young people of character, intelligence, 
leadership, scholarship, and superior competence on 
secretarial subjects." 

"The name. Alpha Pi Epsilon, is derived from the Greek 
letters denoting Accuracy, Dependability, and Efficiency. The 
badge of Alpha Pi Epsilon is a Latin scrolled gold key. The 
key signifies intellectual endeavor; the scroll, achievement; 
and the winged stylus, speed and efficiency." 

Alpha Pi Epsilon Chapter at Chowan College was establish- 
ed in 1957-1958 with five members. 


1986-87 BSU Officers 

Back: Chaplain Taylor: Left to Right: Patrick Rudolph - Vice-President Missions 
and Outreach, Todd Sharpe - Vice President Promotion and Publicity. Chris Pitt- 
man - Vice President Spiritual Growth and Nurture, and Angle Felton - Presi- 


The Baptist Student Union/Campus Chris- 
tian Fellowship is an organization which 
welcomes and embraces students from all 
denominations. Its primary purposes are to 
foster and provide worship, Bible study, mis- 
sion opportunities, and fellowship among 
those who share in its activities, and 
throughout the large campus community. 
Directed by a student Officers' Council — with 
Chaplain to the College as advisor— the 
group participated in 1986-87 in weekly 
general meetings, a Wednesday morning 
prayer breakfast, dormitory prayer/Bible 
study sessions. Thursday evening "Share 
Time." and monthly visitations to Pinewood 
Manor Rest Home in nearby Ahoskie. 
Broader contact with other Christian Students 
and opportunities for mission engagement 
beyond the local campus setting are provided 
through the organization's cooperative rela- 
tionship with the campus ministries programs 
of the Division of Youth and Campus 
Ministries, and Baptist State Convention of 
North Carolina. 


Baptist Student Union/ 123 


The Bravettes have been associated with Chowan for many years. The group is selected from many 
that try-out each semester. They receive instruction in body conditioning, fundamental dance move- 
ment and basic concepts of dance composition, with an emphasis on improvisation ^nd creativity. 
With Mrs. Maria Hunnings as director of the group, the Bravettes provide entertainment at various 
Chowan activities. 

124/ Bravettes 

N.C. Wildlife Club 

The purpose of the North Carolina Wildlife Federation 
is to promote conservation of animals of all kinds and to 
restore and preserve the soil and water. Contrary to 
popular belief, the Wildlife Federation is not anti-hunting. 

The association was formed in 1945 but did not 
become a Chowan College organization until four years 
ago in 1983. The club is associated with the North 
Carolina Wildlife Federation. The organization is in dire 
need of active interested members to return the following 

The club holds meetings twice a month and also in- 
volves the members in various programs Dick Brann, 
from the Wildlife Federation, came to speak to the club 
on Hunter's Ethics One of the more interesting programs 
was a film presentation on the goose stocking program 
taking place in North Carolina. The Wildlife Federation is 
involved in shipping geese from Canada to our state to 
enhance the geese population. The club also built blue 
bird boxes to sell for a fund raising activity. 

Another benefit the Wildlife Federation has enabled 
the College to have is a voice in the legislature. The voice 
enables support when a bill comes up for voting that is 
detrimental to the conservation of wildlife or nature. 

David Aydlett serves as President of the college's N.C. 
Wildlife Club. 

N C Wildlife Club /1 25 

Day Students 

All students classified as commuting are members of this organization. While this group serves many func- 
tions, its primary objective is to encourage the involvement of Day Students in College sponsored activities. 
The Day Students also have a representative on the Student Government Association. The organization also 
sponsors candidates for the courts of Homecoming and Spring Festival. Mrs. Betty Batchelor serves as ad- 

i 26 'Day Students 

Social Science Club 

The purpose of the Social Science Club is to pursue topics relevant to Sociology and Psychology for 
anyone who is interested; to develop good citizenship through service to the college and community, 
and to provide fellowship through fund raising and social activities. 

127/Social Science Club 

International Students 

International students have long been a tradition at Chowan College. In any one academic year, 
Chowan will enroll a significant number of international students who come here for the unique op- 
portunities such an institution can afford them. International students add much to the total at- 
mosphere of Chowan. 

. Kin Wah Lui. Sal-Chung Yiu. Jaspreel Singh 
Kiyomi Hasegawa. Yoko Hashimoto, Mjka 

iVIembtfrs of the International Students are Met Y 
Anand. Sayuri Akahane. Yoshitake Chikarais 
Hashimoto. Hidcaki Hayashi. Toshiyuki Ichikawa 

Also. Yukan Ito. Kumioko Kanzaki. Hitomi Kimura. Eng Hwa Ong. Yoko Sekmc. Junko 
Shinohara. Yukiyo Shono, Tetsuya Tsuchie. Ahmad M H Hallab. Hasan Abdul Ghafo Tifoni, 
Ayupon Karnasuta. Michael Strothmann. Nail Ahmed El Shorafa. Syed Nasir. George M Plainos. 
David Wayne Bumler, Sema Diker, Andy Demetris Constantinou. and Alonso Jose Diaz-Granados 

128'lnternalional Students 

Voices of Inspiration 

Front row left to right; Sylvia Parker. Vanessa Johnson; secretary. Patricia Price Middle row left to 
right: Carole Williams; president, Marion Braswell. Tanya Skelton; vice president. Back row left to 
right; Martin Clemons. Wilbert Comber. Standley Greene. Not pictured; Doug Price; treasurer. 

Voices of Inspiration is a new organization on campus. The idea was contemplated last year but 
never materialized. The group started rehearsing In the early stages of the spring semester and were 
voted in officially on February 13, 1987 at the faculty meeting. Dr. Carl Garrott is the group's sponsor. 

There are presently 15 members in this group and they sing a variety of music from traditional to 
contemporary gospel. The group is still in need of a pianist, but this has not stopped them 

Voices of Inspiration/ 129 


The Chowan College Chapter of the Data Processing Management Association (DPMA) was created 
to provide students with opportunities to associate with other students who have an interest in informa- 
tion processing, to interact with data processing professionals, to explore career opportunities in the 
field, and to tour computer facilities in the area. The Chowan chapter is sponsored by International 
DPMA and the Tidewater Chapter of DPMA. 

Members of the Data Processing Management Association are James H. Baker, Leah Y. 
Bntt. Brian K Elswick. Susan A Howell. Glenda Jones. Wendy J Phelps. Troy Robertson, 
Earnest E Boyce III. Tammy Thompson. Dauid A Walker, and JeHery V Waterfield 

130 DPMA 

Touring Choir 

The Chowan Chorale is an ensemble of 16-20 singers selected by audition from The College Choir, This 
group performs several times off campus during the school year and takes an extensive tour each spring 
Past tours have taken The Chorale as tar south as Florida and as far north as Delaware 

Touring Choir- 131 

College Choir 

The Chowan College Choir is made up of students interested in choral music The choir rehearses 3 
times a week and performs music of varying types, ranging from works by the treat classical masters to 
contemporary rock, from sacred to secular, from serious to lighthearted. Any student may join the choir, 
no prior experience is required. The choir presents two public concerts each year, one in the fall, the other 
in the spring. 


Orientation Leaders 

From left to right, from row — Barbara Shrewsbury, Angle Felton, Dclores Baker. Cheryl Pope. Cindy Larkin, Leah Bnrt. back 
row — Mike Fisher, Darrell Garrison, Tim Blake. Steuen Jackson, and Tony Clark 

Orientation leaders make the first Impression of college life to new students as they present Chowan 

Orientation leaders are picked by recommendations from faculty and staff and under the direction of 
Mrs. Linda E. Tripp. Three orientation sessions occur throughout the summer which these returning 
sophomores attend and lead new comers to Chowan College. Throughout orientation the leaders are 
easily spotted by their Chowan College T-shirts that conveniently display their names. During each of the 
sessions the leaders are expected to work with groups of students, help give placement tests, and set up 
refreshments for students and parents. They also serve the new students by answering questions about 
academics and campus life with an experienced student point of view. Orientation leaders are responsible 
for Belk Hall dormitory where they stay with parents and students during the sessions. 

The Student Panel for parents was very successful this summer and gave positive student viewpoints on 
various questions about life at Chowan and possible needs of the student. 

Orientation brings a closer look at Chowan for the new students. These student leaders are generally the 
first friends and first impression new comers receive. Orientation is a lot of hard work but the reward of 
new friendships and the pride of helping others feel at home with Chowan, makes all the work worthwhile. 

Orientation Leaders/133 

Outing Club 

Members pictured are: Wendy Basden. Phil Minter. Michelle Bennett, Lee Deauours (sponsor). Susan 
Ricks, and Robby Anderson. Not pictured: Stanley Artis. Jeff Isiah, and Bart Boatwright. 

The Outing Club, sponsored by Mr. Lee Deavours. goes on many camping and canoeing trips. Not 
only do the students learn the basics of outdoor living, they also learn about nature and about each 

Mr. Deavours has shown students things such as making a fire with pine cones, cooking over an 
open fire, carving a walking stick, canoeing and mountain climbing. 

Previous trips include camping by Kerr Lake and by the foot of a mountain in Crozet, Virginia. 

All the trips were a learning experience, but to learn, you must love the great outdoors. 



Pizzazz is an organization that strives for togetherness Pizzazz is a group of students who have gotten 
together and want to add life to the college Campus. Although the club got off to a rough start in the 
first semester, things have begun to turn around and Pizzazz is on top again. 

Pizzazz /1 35 

Phi Beta Lambda 

f>«» ^ti'N' 

I,, A. 

Phi Beta Lambda is a national business fraternity, affiliated with both state and national organiza- 
tions. The fraternity's primary purpose is to develop the business and civic leadership qualities that will 
enable young men and women to be highly successful in tomorrow's competitive world of work. 

136 Ph, Beta Lambda 

Phi Theta Kappa 


Chowan's lota Delta Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa is an honorary junior collegiate scholastic fraternity 
open to students with a 3,0 grade point average who have attended Chowan College for at least one 
semester and gave faculty recommedations. The students of the organization then screen the prospec- 
tive members and vote Mr Ed Wooten and Dr, Ken Wolfskill are co-sponsors. 

Phi Theta Kappa/ 137 


In 1968 Rotary International initiated Rotaract as a plan by 
which Rotary clubs throughout the world could become spon- 
sors of a service club for young adults (ages 18 to 28)- 
Rotaract at Chowan College is sponsored by members of the 
Rotary Club of Murfreesboro. The purpose of Rotaract is to 
develop leadership and responsible citizenship through service 
to the college community, to advance the cause of interna- 
tional understanding and to promote recognition and accep- 
tance of high ethical standards as a leadership quality and 
vocational responsibility. 

Members of the Chowan College Rotaract promote THE 
FOUR-WAY TEST of the things we think, say or do: 

1 Is it the TRUTH' 

2 Is it FAIR to all concerned' 

3. Will it buiU GOOD WILL and BETTER FRIEND- 

4, Will It be BENEFICIAL to all concerned' 

Members of llic 1986 87 Rolaracl Chapler arf David Aydlett, Shcryl Blylhe. Penny 
Corey, Tilda Cox. Angela Curtis. Patrick Davis. Ctiarles Hamm, Erwin Hardy. Billy Holt. 
Tom Ives. Kim Lovell. Elsie McCabe. Linda McCabc, Billie McLamb. Jim Roberts. JeH 
Roberson, Tyler Riggsbee. Helen Smith. Jerry Thomas. Wayne Whaley. Kyle Wimmer. 
and Greg Wright 

138/ Rotaract 

Student Admissions 

Left to right kneeling— Matt Chappell. LaRhonda Ketner, Susie Hughes; seated — Chris Pittman. Tony 
Clark, Angela Whitley, Lori Long, Laura Ryals. standing — Traci Gaines, Kurtis McNeil Not 
pictured — Tracy Whitley, Tammy Brunner, and Kyle Wimmer. 

The Student Admissions Representatives provide a valuable service to Office of Admissions. By con- 
ducting campus tours and assisting with Preview Days, they serve as a liason between the office and 
prospective students. 


Science Club 

Members, Left to right: Cheryl Blythe, Thomisene Vaughan, Melissa Rae. R.A Williams. Carl Burgess, Fabian 
Rathbone, Helen Smith, Charles Hamm, Gilbert Tripp. Not Pictured - Tilda Cox. Karen Piley. Todd Coltrain. 

Science club president Carl Burgess gives guest 
speaker Pete Gibson a token of the club's appreciation 
after Pete's lecture on the physiology of running. 

The Science Club officers are, left to right; Vice 
President, R.A. Williams; Social Chairman, Thomisene 
Vaughan; Secretary. Treasurer Melissa Rae; President 
Carl Burgess. 

The Chowan College Science Club is a campus 
organization open to all students interested in the field of 
science, with Mr Gilbert Tripp as sponsor. The clubs 
main purpose is to stimulate interest and to enhance an 
understanding of science. This is accomplished by 
sponsoring field trips and having guest lecturers talk to 
the club. 

One of the clubs field trips this year consisted of a visit 

to the NASA Langley Research Center located in 
Hampton, Va. Once there, the club members saw a 
movie on the future of space travel, heard a presentation 
on how the next U.S. satellite will be made, and saw the 
facilities wind tunnel used to experimentally test air- 

So whether it's for knowledge through experience, or 
to just have fun. the science club is the place to be. 


^BiT'''*'^r'TTrf''iiiiriiiMinifi n'mti i 


On November 6, 1986 a new organization 
formed— Students Against Drunk Driving. The goals 
of the organization are to teach students the conse- 
quences of drinking and driving and how to avoid 
those situations. S.A.D.D. does not tell the students 
not to drink— just if you drink, don't drive. Before 
the students left for Christmas break a wrecked car 
and sign were put on campus reminding all not to 
drink and drive. The group presently consists of 15 
students and always welcomes new members. 

Officers left to right - Tracy Whitley. 
Program Committee; Karen Parker, 
Secretary; Wendy Jo Basden, 
President; Wayne Whaley. Vice- 
President and Patrick O'Conner, 
Program Committee 

S.A.D.D. /141 

Smoke Signals Staff 

< Front row (1-r): Carole Williams, Martin demons. Donna Francine Smith, Carolyn Schaefer, Miss Betsy 
o Paffe. Back row (1-r): Bobbi Shehan, Warren Breniman, Vic Hall, Vic Tedder, Wayne Whaley, Wendy 
^ Basden . Not pictured ; Kevin Huffstetler and Rhonda Yates 




A rare photograph of the provocative (and The lab gets a bit hectic when the staff is preparing final 
somewhat mysterious) Waldo Tuttle. layouts. 

142/Srnoke Signals 

Warren Breniman and Bobbi Shehan collaborate 
on the front page design. 

Sophomore staff members (1-r): Wayne Whaley, Donna Francine Smith, 
Bobbi Shehan, Vic Tedder, Vic Hall, and Wendy Jo Basden. 

Smoke Signals is the student newspaper of Chowan 
College. The Signals Staff is a part of the Publications 
Workshop class. These students receive 1 credit hour 
for each semester they work on the newspaper. The 
staff meets formally every Tuesday when assignments 
are made and work is done on page layouts. 

A new addition to the paper this year has been the 
"Waldo's World" column. This features the thoughts 
and opinions of one staff member and is often quite 

Many of the staff members are Printing Technology 
majors. This provides the opportunity to help in the 
typesetting and layout of the paper also. 

Vic Hall carefully proofs his article before typesetting. 

Freshman staff members (1-r): Warren Breniman, Carole Williams and Wayne Whaley and Wendy Basden Put the 
Martin demons. finishing touches on the spring movie schedule. 

Smoke Signals/ 143 

Student Government Association 

The Student Government Association pro- 
vides leadership for the student body at 
Chowan College and serves as its "voice" in 
many different matters. The many respon- 
sibilities for the SGA include all allocations of 
funds spent for dances, movies, and other cam- 
pus activities. 

This year, the Student Government Associa- 
tion sponsored Homecoming and Spring 
Festival ceremonies. Other events included a 
Powderpuff Football Game and many movies, 
including "Top Gun", "The Deer Hunter", 
"Back to School", "Back to the Future", "Hallo- 
ween", "Rocky Horror Picture Show", "Stand 
by Me". "Happy Birthday to Me", and more. 

144 'Student Gouernment Association 

SGA Officers 


Mike Fisher 


Troy Robertson 


Traci Gaines 

Marl< Ashley 


Todd Sharpe 

Special Events Chairperson 

Scott Gardner 

Social Chairperson for Women 

Lori Long 

Social Chairperson for Men 

Bill Woodward 


Brian Frazier 


Ralph Stewart 

The Chowan Players 

The Chowan Players production of SOUTH PACIFIC features veteran Scot Tanner in the 
role of Emile de Becque Mr Tanner, a sophomore from Richmond, VA, has played several 
roles during his tenure at Chowan College He was delightful as Pseudolus in the musical A 
Ben Gant in LOOK HOMEWARD, ANGEL and the prosecuting attorney Gilmer in TO 
KILL A MOCKINGBIRD He held the title role in the players production of LIL' ABNER , 

Nellie Forbush in this production is portrayed by Jennifer Mekovsky Miss Mekovsky made 
her Chowan Players debut last fall when she appeared as the young girl. Scout, in TO KILL A 
MOCKINGBIRD She is a freshman from Raleigh majoring in art. 

The comic Luther Billis is being played by veteran performer Greg Granger Mr. Granger is 
a sophomore from Williamsburg, VA, majoring in Business Administration He has appeared 
on the Chowan stage as Pappy Yokum in LIL' ABNER. as the sheriff in TO KILL A MOCK- 

Lt Joe Cable is played by Tim Johnson Mr Johnson is a freshman from Waynesville. 
NC. majoring in Art Connie Hams from Cary. NC, is portraying the island girl. Liat Miss 
Harris is a freshman majoring in journalism She is a member of the college stage band and 
touring choir The role of Bloody Mary is played by Tanya Skelton Miss Skelton is a 
freshman from Wilson. NC. majoring in business administration 

Working with a production like SOUTH PACIFIC is a pleasure. The memorable songs are 
some of the most beautiful Broadway has produced and the characters are delightful. The 
rehearsal period was fun for everyone and the cast and crew hope the production was en- 
joyable and entertaining to all those who attended 

Chowan Players/ 145 

Who's Who 

The 1987 edition of Who's Who Among Students in 
American Junior Colleges will contain the names of 31 
students from Chowan College, who have been selected as 
being among the country's most outstanding campus leaders. 

Students are selected by campus nominating committees. 
These committees base their nominations on academic 
achievement, service to the community, leadership in ex- 
tracurricular activities and future potential. These students join 
an elite group of students selected from more than 1500 in- 
stitutions of higher learning in all fifty states, the District of 
Columbia and several foreign nations 

Named this year from Chowan College are: Roney 

Kuruvilla Abraham, David Patrick Aydlett. Delores Ann 
Baker. Diana Lynn Baker, James Horatio Baker, Timothy 
Owen Blake, Leah Yvette Britt, Melonie Faye Bunch, Deanna 
Lynn Burk, Scott Gardner Capps, Tony Xavier Clark, Angela 
Elizabeth Felton, Michael Andrew Fisher, Rosalyn Charisse 
Flood, Robin Lynn Frazier, Tract Yvette Gaines, Darrell Bruce 
Garrison, Jimmy Richard Gray, Jr., Elizabeth Anne Hawk, 
Laura Elizabeth Hazelton, Susan Arneta Howell, Bryon Kevin 
Huffstetler, Lebrena Annette Jones, Kimberly Michelle 
Lovelace, Wendy Ann Matney, Wendy Leigh Phelps, Melanie 
Carol Sawyer, Roger Lee Shadburn, Eric Todd Sharpe, 
James Steven Thompson, Jr., and Thomisene Vaughan. 

146/ Who's Who 

Residence Hall Staff 

Members of the Residence Hall Staff serve a very important role at Chowan College as a vital link bet- 
ween the college administration, the faculty, and the students residing in various residence halls. The 
Residence Directors and their assistants meet periodically with students to interpret rules and regulations 
and to offer whatever assistance may be required. 

Comprising the 1986-87 Residence Hall Staff in Belk Hall are: Neal Stanfield, RD; Kim Lovelace, Tam- 
my Threatt, Bobbi Shehan, Glenda Jones. Tammy Brunner and Kim Lovell, as assistants. In Jenkins Hall 
Pam Riddle serves as Residence Director, with Carolyn Schaefer, Nanette Williams, Angela Whitley, and 
Cheryl Graham. In Simons Hall, Residence Director Scott King is assisted by Richard Ayoub, Robert 
Saunders, Jr., and Dan Ginn. The Mixon staff is headed by Tony Clark, assisted by James Thompson, 
Jr., and Troy Robertson. 

In Parker Hall, Rene Osborne serves as Residence Director. The Residence Assistants are Richard Le- 
bounty, Lyle S. Cassell, Hulan Williams, Patrick Rudolph, Brian Bailey, Matt Woody, Doug Arrington, 
Christopher Greene, Andy Harth, and Russ McClung. In West Hall, Mark Krautheim serves as Residence 
Director, with Stan Artis, William Woodward, Jr . Mark Treu. William Garvey, Kevin Huffstetler. and 
Brian Frazier. 

Residence Hall Staff/ 147 

Left to right, seated: 
Kevin Scott Gardner, 
Frances Hawes. Debbie 
Lori Lawson. Standing, 
left to right: Stanley 
Artis. Kim Marunde, 
Kim Lovell. Karen 
Parker. Brenda 

Knowles. Sidney Ruff 
and Richard Perry 


The Chowanoka Staff starts working early in 
the fall semester to have the annual ready for 
the students in the Spring. The staff meets 
each week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 
4:00 to 5:00 pm; and works many hours out- 
side the classroom to produce the yearly an- 

The class. Publications Workshop, designs 
the cover, makes layouts for each page, and 
writes all the editorial copy of the book. 
The class is under the guidance of Herman 
W. Gatewood, yearbook advisor 

Chowanoka staff hard at work on the 1986-87 Edition 

148/ Chowanoka 

Alpha Mu Gamma 

Alpha Mu Gamma is a national collegiate foreign language honor society Candidates for membership 
shall have received in the same language at least two grades of "A" in unrepeated courses that give at 
least three hours credit each. Associate membership may be granted to any student who has met part 
of the qualifications for membership. 

Alpha Mu Gamma/149 

150/Sports Divider 


highlights of the year 

Athletic competition, whether it be intramural or intercollegiate, is an important part 
of the educational process at Chowan College. The sports activities add a "touch of 
togetherness" to the campus community, and Chowan fans support the teams en- 

"Sports bring the student body, faculty, staff and community closer together by being 
a medium for school spirit and physical talent," said freshman Richard Perry. 

The various teams spend many hours working together, putting emphasis on skills, 
dedication and winning attitudes. The coaches strive to lead the teams to impressive, 
winning records, and place much emphasis on the important element of teamwork. 

Athletic events are among the leading attractions at Chowan, and it is obvious that 
the Braves win together . . . the Braves lose together . . . and the Braves support each 
other all the way! 

Sports Diuider/ 151 

<.*^>r; s ■ji,^-- :mfnt s mtm t mi iitis ssi<»?y^*'»gg^wiW'*»^^'»^ggit**w«p<^^ 

1986 Footb 

all Roster 

No. Name 







1 Tim Barnes 


Sal Brown 


Phillip Hudson 


James Ryals 

2 Brian Dick 


Tony Aiwaler 


Jasper Williams 

3 Kevin Reach 

4 Tully Ryan 


Randall Holmes 
Eric Wallace 



Heath Malpass 



Chaun Gunter 
Cedric Black 

5 Steve Perry 


Clarence Jones 


Jeffrey Simonds 

6 Troy Suggs 


Rodney Beltield 


Martin Williams 

7 Marcus Harris 



Brian Uzzo 

8 Oteriah Wood 


Tim Harrell 


Russell Carroll 


Richard Labounfy 




Howard Robinson 

10 Andy Jackson 


Derrick Davenport 


Joseph Tiley 


Ben James 

1 1 Isiah Reese 


Timothy Simon 


Erwin Hardy 

12 Andre Corbitt 


Kevin Walson 


Jimmy Pittman 

13 Darrell Garrison 


Edward Powell 


William Harris 

14 Jefl Wilson 


Kurtes McNeil 

William Jones 

1 5 Onlario Gatney 


Tony Carter 


Leonard Geer 

Todd Johnston 

16 Terry Lane 


James Mason 

1 7 Theron Brown 


William Eure 

Anthony Mosley 

18 Heilh Lloyd 


Richard Ayoub 

Mel Emory 

Paul Myrletus 

19 Joseph Bean 


Roger Shadburn 

Keith Payton 

20 Kevin Morns 


Shawn Williams 

Jeffrey Perkins 

21 Keith Ware 


Melvin Stone 

22 Kenny Vinson 

23 Rulus Satchell 

24 Markus Taylor 

25 ToddWanhen 


Charles Gibbs 
Scott Hardee 
Tim McCray 
Mount Hadden 



Chuck Haislip 
James Levine 
Louis Bologna 

Darryl Crutchfield 
Todd Baldwin 
Garrett Baxter 
Melvin Dixon 
Mark Ficklmg 
Sean Woodson 
Scott White 

26 Harold Sims 

27 Leon Whitehead 


David Sellers 
Michael Bailey 


Owen Belton 
Jonathan Gregg 

28 Steven Mickerson 


Elgin Bryant 


Louis Lazzaro 

Cassie Watson 

29 Kyle Connors 


Michael Felsoci 


Jeftrey Davis 

Donnie Williams 

152/ Football 

Above — "Got me under pressure," thinks Troy Suggs as 
he manages to get away from his opponents. 

United we stand. Divided we fall, except in the case of Tim Harrell, as four of his 
opponents attempt to conquer one valiant Brave. 

Gotcha' llir ['.K.^t's football 
players crush the opponent 
andget by with a surprise 

Football/ 153 

Roger Shadburn observes 
action on the field while 
coach Surface and Coach 
Krautheim take a moment to 
decide on the next call. 

The Braves stretch out during 
pre-game warm ups. 


Mike Felsoci, and Chaun The Braves' sideline along 
Gunter take a breather during with the crowd watch the 
a tough Chowan battle , action on the field. 

Brian Dick warms up with a 
punt along the side line. 

The Braves' defense proves 
to be tough against the pass. 

Football/ 155 

The cheerleaders hitch a ride 
on the Murfreesboro fire truck 
during the annual homecom- 
ing parade. 

We've got more! The 
cheerleaders show their 
school spirit to the football 

From crowd to team 

they work 

to spread Spirit 

B-R-A-V-E-S, Lets' Go! The source of this spirit chant that 
echoes through the crowd is the cheerleaders 

Cheerleading is just as demanding a sport as football, basket- 
ball, soccer, baseball or track Hours of practice are needed to 
perfect a cheer and cheerleaders dedicate a big part of their lives 
to their task. The squad is made up of a wonderful group of girls 
that work hard to promote school spirit. Each individual on the 
squad makes the team effort a good one. Everyone is supportive 
and enthusiastic about everything they do. To be a Chowan 
cheerleader you must be enthusiastic, self-disciplined and in 
good physical condition. 

1986-87 Cheerleading Squad 

Julie Delk 
Nancy Frye 
Lorraine Harrison 
Susan Howell- Captain 
Denise Ruocco 

Shelly Southerland 
Nanette Williams 
Tanya Williams 
Mindy Woolwine 

Julie Delk and Shelly Southerland show that sometimes 
cheerleading can be a lot of fun and laughs 

156/ Cheerleaders 

The cheerleaders are getting another cheer together to lead the 
football team on to victory. 

btanding tall, the Chowan cheerleaders build more than spirit. 

Cheerleaders/ 157 

Lady Braves Basketball Team 

The members of the 1986-87 Lady Braves Basketball Team are; Rcgina Cox, Stephanie Elliott, Kim Rogers, Barbara 
Lewis, Amy Pierce, Charlene Cutrell, Rosalyn Flood, Melanie Sawyer, Lisa Thomas. Coach: Belinda B McKeel, 
Trainer: Jim Thompson, Managers: Abbey Batts and Vann Edwards, Scorekeeper: Kim Lovelace. 

■i ' ' ~^H 





JIE^S i^BHcDk fl 


' <'r ' • 

Defensive pressure is applied by the Lady Braves. 
158/ Women's SaskelhaW 

Fans wait anxiously for the start of the game 

Lady Braves block out to receive the rebound 

Lady Braves battle 
to winning season 

The Lady Braves basketball team continued the winning tradi- 
tion in 1986-87 and posted an overall record of 14 wins and 9 
losses. Coach McKeel's team faced strong opposition in the 
Eastern Tarheel Conference, as well as playing squads from 
senior colleges The Lady Braves were the first runners-up in the 
Eastern Division Tournament, after capturing the trophy as co- 
champions of the Eastern Tarheel Conference. 

Two of the Lady Braves claimed individual honors during the 
season after being the leaders for the team in court action. 
Rosalyn Flood was named Co-Player of the Year in the Eastern 
Tarheel Conference and was also selected for the All- 
Tournament and All-Region teams. Teammate Melanie Sawyer 
took individual honors as a member of the those named to All- 
Conference, All-Tournament, and All-Region squads. 

A few lay-ups to loosen up for an upcoming game. 

Women's Basketball/ 159 

Far right — Lady Braves' 
center Lisa Thomas is 
challenged for position by two 

1 60/ Women 's Basketball 

Left — Regina Cox swats 
away an opponent's pass. 

Below — Amy Pierce gets in 
close to help out on the Lady 
Braves' rebounding 



Chowan 60 
Chowan 73 
Chowan 73 - 
Chowan 72 - 
Chowan 63 - 
Chowan 68 - 
Chowan 79 • 
Chowan 83 - 
Chowan 83 - 
Chowan 67 - 
Chowan 77 ■ 

Lces-McRae 61 
North Greenville 60 
Brevard 53 
St. Paul's 82 
St. Paul's 84 
Alleghany 53 
Hagerstown 56 
Anderson 82 OT 
Peace 64 
Brevard 61 
Mary Washington 45 

Jackie Ammons Classic - 1st Place 
Chowan 87 - Louisburg 74 
Chowan 86 - Hagerstown 48 

Chowan 63 - 
Chowan 63 - 
Chowan 59 - 
Chowan 63 - 
Chowan 72 - 
Chowan 69 • 
Chowan 73 • 
Chowan 70 - 

Spartanburg 66 
Anderson 83 
Lees-McRae 80 
North Greenville ) 
Louisburg 54 
Spartanburg 71 
Peace 78 
Louisburg 59 

Eastern Division Conf. Co-Champions 3-1 
Overall 13-8 
Region 8-6 

Women's Basketball/ 161 

They bump, set and spike together 
Teamwork: The name of the game 

The Chowan College Volleyball Team had an 
outstanding 1986 season. Ranked 19th in the 
nation, they finished 28 - 12. Seeded No. 2 in 
Region X. the team won the Regional 
Volleyball Tournament in Spartanburg, SC. 
placing three athletes on honorary teams. As 
1986 Region X Champions, for the second 
year in a row, the Lady Braves went to the 
NJCAA Nationals in Miami, Florida. Seeded 
13th, the team lost to Barton County C.C. and 
Schoolcraft C.C, who finished 3rd and 4th 
respectively. The volleyballers finished 13th in 
the nation and Jemise Diggs was named All- 
American Second Team. 

1986 Ail-American Second Team Jemise Diggs "gets low" 

during warm ups. 

1986-87 Volleyball Team 

Members are Katherine Del Gais. Jemise Diggs, Elaine Fala. Monika Herz. Vanessa Martinez. Lucretia Meredith. Toni 
Rheames, Rachael Rhodes, Marianne Sobers, and Robin Swindall. The team is coached by Mrs. Janet Collins, managed by 
Alice Hyatt and Ann Howard, and the team trainer is Doug Kreimer. 

162 Vollevball 

Left— Lady Braves awaiting 
the serve. 

elow left — The Lady 
raves standing on the 

defensive line preparing for 



Right — A behind the back shot by Vanessa Martinez 



Katherine Del Gais 

Uantagh. NY 

Jcmise Diggs* 

Waynesboro, VA 

Elaine Fala 

Hynnesboro, PA 

Monika Herz 

Mt. Sinas, NY 

Vanessa Martinez 

Miami, FL 

Lucretia Mereditli 

Ivaniioe, NC 

Toni Riieames 

Raeford, NC 

Rachael Rhodes 

North Port, Fl 

Marianne Sobers* 

Norfolk, VA 

Robin Swindall 

Manassas, VA 


Colors: Columbia B 

ue 8 White 

H - Hitter 

S - Setter 

D - Defensive Specialist 

* - Co-Captain 

164 /Volleyball 

Lucretia Meredith gets up over the net during pre-game 

A picture of the game from the referee's point of view. 

1986 Volleyball Honors 

All Region X Volleyball Team - Jemise Diggs 

Elaine Fala 
Vanessa Martinez 

All Region X Tournament Team - Jemise Diggs 

Vanessa Martinez 

Best Chowan College Offensive Player - Jemise Diggs 

Best Chowan College Defensive Player - Vanessa Martinez 

MVP - Jemise Diggs 

All- American Second Team - Jemise Diggs 


Coach Burke converses with the bench his strategies for the game. 

166/ Men's Basketball 

Men's 1986-87 Basketball Schedule 


Top left— A dunk by Mattison to excite the crowd . 

Top right — The team relaxes as Coles shoots the front end of his 
free throws. 

Above — Andrews lays it off the glass with the left . 

Nov 10 



Nov 12- 

Trojan Classic 

Anderson, SC 


N Greenville, Anderson, 
DeKalbCC (GA) 

Nov 15 

Montreal Anderson 

Monlreat, NC 

Nov 21 

Spartanburg Methodist 


Nov 22 

Anderson College 


Nov 25 

Newport News Apprentice 

Newport News, VA 

Dec 2 

Richard Bland College 

Petersburg, VA 

Dec 3 

Univ of Virginia J V 

Charlottesville, VA 

Dec 5- 

Hardee's Classic 



Charles Co CC, Md, 
Westchester CC. NY, 
Lees McRae, NC 

Dec 9 

Newsport News Apprentice 


Jan 12 

Erie C C 


Jan 17 

Lenoir C C 


Jan iq 

Soulhcaslern C C 

Whiteville. NC 

Jan 21 

Craven C C 

New Bern, NC 

Jan 23 

Charles Co C C 

Capital Ctr , MD 

Jan 28 

Richard Bland College 


Jan 30 

Spartanburg Methodist 

Spartanburg, SC 

Jan 31 

Anderson College 

Anderson. NC 

Feb 2 

Southeastern C C 


Feb 4 

Louisburg College 


Feb 11 

U N C -JV 

Chapel Hill, NC 

Feb 14 

Craven C C 

Home (Parents Dai, 

Feb 17 

Lenoir C C 

Kinston, NC 

Feb 19 

Louisburg College 

Louisburg, NC 

Feb 21 

Montreal Anderson 


Feb 26-28 

Region X Eastern Div Tourn 

Louisburg, NC 

Mar 4-6 

Region X Tourney 

Murfrecsboro, NC 

Men's Basketball/ 167 

Another victorious season 
for the Braves 

For the seventh consecutive year, the Chowan men's 
basketball squad was victorious with more than twenty wins, 
and posted a regular season record of 25 3, which tied the 
best regular season record ever. In gaining the impressive 
mark, the Braves battled the very best in junior college com- 
petition and played several teams ranked in the NJCAA Na- 
tional Finals The Braves were ranked 17th in the nation 
among junior colleges at the close of the 86-87 season 

Under head coach Bob Burke, who has recorded more 
than 175 victories and is the second "winningest" coach in 
North Carolina, the Braves entered the conference tourna- 
ment as the No.l seeded team and went to take the 
coference championship with a hard-fought victory over arch- 
rival Louisburg College 

Indeed, the winning tradition lived on during the year when 
some of the very best talent on the eastern seaboard wore the 
"Chowan blue" and staged fast-paced action on the court and 
claim Honors for themselves as well as the college Gary Mat- 
tison was named to the All-Eastern Division Team of Region 
10. and Hank Ellis, an outstanding point guard, was named 
to the All-Eastern squad as well as being the Eastern Division 
Player of the Year 

Above — A few members of the team gather under the basket 
during warm ups 

Top right — Coach Burke studies the team's movement during 
a home game 

Bottom right — Coach Burke converses with the bench his 
strategies for the game. 

168 Mens Basketball 

1986-87 Men's Basketball Team 

Front row from left to right: Bryon Taylor, Oliver Graham, Bobby Ray Smith, Mike Brown. Sean Andrews, Joey Griffin, 
Gary Mattison. Back row from left to right; Coach Bob Burke, Kelly Lampkin, Kerven Dennis, Billy Coles, Guy Owens, 
Johnny McNeil, David Stubblefield, Hank Ellis and Assistant Coach Rene Osborne. 

Trainer Bob Casmus prepares an ice bag for an injured Brave 

A pre-game stretch to loosen up the 

Men's Basketball/ 169 

Right — Charles Wren sizes opponent up for next 

Below — Chris Moore is announced the winner by 

Above — Clarence Jones controls opponent during a match 
at Chowan's first home contest 

Right — The team trainer. Bob Casmus, checks out an in- 
jury sustained by Tim Curran - 

The outstanding wrestling squad of Chowan College is led by 
Coach Paul Anthony, who has proved his matmen's ranking 
by coaching eight of his wrestlers to The National Wrestling 
Tournament in Chicago. Two all Americans. Tom Elphick 
and Charlie Parker resulted from this tournament. 


Eion Kelley gets his eye checked by trainer Bob Casmus, while his head gear is checked by the referee to help 
prevent any further injuries from occurring 

1986-87 Wrestling Team 

Kneeling from left to right: Tom Elphick, Eion Kelley, Scott Conti, Tracy Foster, Chris Conti and Earnest Harris. Standing 
from left to right: Coach Paul Anthony, Curtis Edwards, Charlie Parker, Tim Curran, Charles Wren, Chris Moore, Clarence 

Wrestling '171 

Above — Both wrestlers seem 
to have the same thing on 
their minds, keeping the 
other from getting the best 

Above right — An opponent 
shows the agility a wrestler 
must possess to excel in the 

Right — The referee almost 
appears to be right in the mid- 
dle of the pile 

Below — Thomas Elphick 
takes a deep breath after 
pinning his opponent during 
a home match 


To be a good wrestler it 
takes lots of hard work and 
practice. A wrestler must be 
both mentally and physically 
strong to endure the 
pressures faced out on the 
mat. A well watched diet 
and a skilled coach are two 
other factors that are 
necessary. The atmosphere 
that the Braves' matmen are 
surrounded by provides all 
the necessary elements for 
excellence. And with the 
continued coaching of Paul 
Anthony and good recruits, 
Chowan will continue to 
have an excellent squad. 

] 12 Wrest/ing 

Improving their record, 
wrestlers find the right moves 

The Chowan Braves, under the direction of second year Coach 
Paul Anthony have had this past season to be one of the best in 
Chowan's history. Fifteen sophomores, including thirteen let- 
termen, returned this year along with the strongest group of 
freshmen recruits ever assembled at the school 

Competing in the league against many four year institutions 
comprised of many more experienced wrestlers. Chowan's 
matmen earned a national ranking of 7th during one point of the 

With the excellent coaching of Paul Anthony, eight of the 
squads wrestlers made it to the NJCAA Wrestling Tournament 
held in Chicago. Of the eight that represented Chowan in the 
tournament. Thomas Elphick and Charlie Parker were awarded 
All-American titles. 

With the return of the strong freshmen matmen and the promis- 
ing recruiting of Coach Anthony, Chowan is looking forward to 
another promising season. Hopefully, one with an even more im- 
pressive outcome. 

1986-87 Wrestling Schedule 

Nov. 12 
Nov. 7-8 
Nov. 14-15 
Nov. 21-22 
Dec. 4 

Dec. 6 

Jan. 1M7 
Jan. 24 
Jan. 27 
Jan. 31 

Feb. 7 
Feb. 12 
Feb. 21-22 

Elizabetli City St. Univ. 
Eastern Nationals 
Pembrolte St, Classic 
Elon Invitational 
Newpoil News Appren. 
Virginia State 


Elizabeth City. NO 
NoiioUi, VA 
Perabrolie. NC 
Burlington, NC 
Newport News, VA 

6:00 PM 

Elon Biirlingtoi 

Elon Duals 

(Qtadel, Elon, Winston-Salem State, Newpoit News Apprentice, 

Wilites Co. College, Hiram, Peiribrolce, Chowan I 

Gloucester Co. CoUege GCC Sewell,NJ 7: 

Middlesex PU Princeton, N J 9: 

I^rinceton ( JV ) 


Apprentice Toum 


Delhi Toum. 

Newport Apprentice 

00 AM 

NNAS Newport News. VA 
Lynchbiirg, VA 
Delhi, NY 


00 PM 
00 PM 
00 AM 
00 PM 


Chowan Miirf reestwro, NC 
Virginia Tech Invitational VT Blacksburg, VA 

( Virginia Tech, James Madison, George Washington, Pembroke, 
Virginia, George Mason. Campbell. Morgan State Carson- 
Newman. Chowan I' 

ODU Dual Meet Festival ODU Norfolli.VA TBA 

Liberty (JV I Chowan Murfreesboro, NC 6:30 PM 

MAC Conference Toum. MCC Edison, NJ TBA 

NJCAA Toum. DCC Chicago. IL TBA 


Above— Chris Moore displays a crafty hold as he pushes 
for the pin. 

Top right— Eion Kelley prepares to defend against his op- 
ponent's advancement. 

Left — Tim Curran goes head up with opponent. 

Wrestling '173 

is fast-paced 
for Lady Braves 

With the winning tradition 
spanning the past ten years, 
when the Lady Braves began 
intercollegiate play in slow- 
pitch Softball. Chowan has 
been a perennial front-runner 
in junior college ranks and a 
training ground for senior col- 
leges and universities. 

Last year, the team con- 
verted to fast-pitch competi- 
tion and captured third place 
in the Region Ten Tourna- 
ment. During the 1987 
season, the action was fast- 
paced as the Lady Braves ad- 
justed well to the new style of 
Softball and scored many vic- 
tories among their strong 
competition in the con- 

Rosalyn Flood awaits the ftrst pitch of the inning. 

1987 Softball Team 

Members of the 1987 Softball team are Kim Lovelace, Toni Rheames, Sharon Ferrell, Vanessa 
Dozier, Lucretia Meredith, Tina Taylor, Lisa Taylor, Elaine Fala, Amy Stephenson, Charlene 
Cutrell. Rosalyn Flood. Belinda Parson. Kathy Delgais, and Jemise Diggs. 

174 Softball 


1987 Softball Schedule 

March 18 

Elizabeth City 

April 4 

Christopher Newport 

March 20 

Norfolk State/St 


April 7 


March 24 

Elizabeth City 

April 9 


March 25 

Virginia Wesleyai 

April 10 

North Greenville 

March 27 


April 1 1 


March 28 


April 16 


March 31 

Chnstopher New 


April 17 

North Greenville 

April 1 


April 18 


April 3 

Norfolk State 

April 24-25 

Region X Tournament 



m ^^ 


Top left — Lisa Taylor fields 
tfie ball to protect home plate. 

Above— Amy Stephenson is 
surprised when called up to 

Left — Tina Taylor catches an 
overhead fly ball to end the 

Far left — Lisa Taylor, an in- 
field player, catches the ball 
after a short hop. 

Softball/ 175 

Right— The Lady Braves' 
pitcher, Kathy Delgais, gets a 
turn at bat. 

Below — "Get ready — 
Because here it comes!" 

Below right — Assistant Coach 

Mike Brown gives base run- 
ner, Jemise Diggs, the green 







^SfMiW^ ^^^M 



V.>; ■' 



w » '^r**^"* ■, 

■ x.x-^ *^j|MKi9.^. ^j^Bf^v^^^ 


1 76/Softball 

Delgais delivers 
to lead team 

The experience gained by players from the 1986 
squad, coupled with the pitching talents of Kathy 
Delgais, from Wantagh, New York, were the big fac- 
tors in the Lady Braves' success in 1987. 

Delgais was a star on the mound as her potent 
fastball continually baffled the opposition, and in her 
first two games of the season she struck out twenty 
players. Offensively, first baseman Jemise Diggs, and 
teammates Charlene Futrell and Rosalyn Flood were 
strong with the bats and consistently hit safely 
throughout the season. 

Head Coach Belinda McKeel indicated that she has 
the strongest team in many years and expects her 
Lady Brave softball team to continue the winning 
tradition at Chowan. 

Keeping tiie bail in the glove is a little difficult sometimes, so 
Jemise Diggs tai^es an extra precaution by using her free hand. 


Vanessa Dozier settles in the batter's box for a few swings. ^J> 


Above — The fans sit on the edge of their seats as they observe 
every play of the game. 

Top right — An easy bunt hit takes the player to first base. 

Right— Preparing for the hit of the century, the player ap- 
proaches the base confidently. 

Lower right— Phil Phelps relays to Michael Simmons the 
coaches signs. 

] 78/BasebaH 

1986-87 Baseball Team 

Seated from left to right: Toby Fischer, Dean Thomas, Kevin Huffstetler, Aluin Allen, Tracy 
Stillwell, Phil Phelps, and Walter Denby, Kneeling; Gary Hanes, Pete Howard, Frankie 
Pridemore, David Washington, Charles Christopher, Neil French, Mike Clark, and Kelly 
Wright, Standing: Jim Roberts(manager), Lee Hardee, Mike Hanzlik, Chris Parson, Ricky 
Fuquay, Michael Simmons, Doug Price and Coach Jerry Hawkins, 

Braves helping 
coach gain 
500 victories 

Coach Jerry Hawkins began his 29th 
season as baseball coach at Chowan College 
with a 418 and 301 record. As assistant coach 
in football, Hawkins has been a popular fixture 
on the small college campus A native of 
Shelby, North Carolina, and a graduate of 
Gardner Webb College and Western Carolina 
University. Hawkins came to Murfreesboro as 
a young 21 year old coach 

The Braves had several players to return 
who saw considerable action last year Toby 
Fisher from Greenville, NC, returned to 2nd 
base where he alternated and hit 222 Dean 
Thomas of Henderson, NC, and Vance Coun- 
ly High School, brought a 324 average to 3rd 
base 1st baseman, Walt Denby from Cur- 
rituck had a 222 average last season to round 
out the returning infielders. Tracy Stillwell 
from lilorganton. NC, hit .360 and was the 
leading outfielder. Chris Parsons of Norfolk, 
VA was the catcher and he worked with 
several veterans Alvin Allen of Wilmington, 
DE, was 6-2 last season with a 2 5 ERA 
and was selected as the teams Most Valuable 
Pitcher. Richmond, VA native, Phil Phelps, 
had a 2 8 ERA and an 8-3 overall record 
Kevin Huffstetter returned from Charlotte. 
NC. with a 3 1 record and a 3.5 ERA 

Coach Hawkins' also had several freshmen 
who were ready to step in and help the 
sophomores in making this a winning season 
Mike Hanzlik of Prince George. VA. short 
stop; David Washington of York High School 
in the outfield; Michael Simmons, a right 
fielder from Greensboro. NC; and Charles 
Christopher of York. VA.Three pitchers. 
Frankie Pridemore. Doug Price and Neil 
French all came to Chowan from Highland 
Springs. VA 

The Braves had a demanding 35 game 
schedule against junior and senior colleges In 
addition to traditional rivals Louisburg and 
Lenoir. Chowan played Allegany. Essex. 
Dunwalk and Garrett Colleges all of Maryland. 
Elizabeth State and Newport News 

420 victories in 29 years at Chowan. Coach 
Hawkins' next goal is to reach the magic 500 
win total before he retires 

Far left — Braves wait on the 
sidelines to begin the second 
game of a doubleheader. 

At left— The loyal fans watch 
the action even on the very 
cool days of the spring 

Baseball/ 179 

= Hi 

1987 Baseball Team 

Alvin Allen, Jr. 

Kevin B. Huffstetler 

Charles Christopher 

Chris Parson 

Mike Clark 

Douglas Price 

Walter Denby 

Frankie Pridemore 

Toby Fischer 

Phillips Phelps 

Neil French. Jr. 

Michael Simmons 

Ricky Fuquay 

Tracy Stillwell 

Gary Hanes 

Jerry Dean Thomas 

Mike Hanzlik 

David Washington 

Curtis Hardee, Jr. 

Kelly Wright 

Pete Howard 

Right —Tracy exchanges team spirit with other players. 

Below right — Kevin studies the opponent's batting lineup to plan 
his strategy. 

Directly below— The team is in a huddle, psyching themselves 
up for the game. 


Above— The teammates con- 
verse before the game. 

Far left — Fans come out to 
watch the game and cheer the 
Braves on to victory. 

Left — Kevin Huffstetler winds 
up to send a pitch across 
home plate. 

Baseball/ 181 

Golfers tee up for 
season play 

The Chowan golf team plays a rigorous 
fall and spring schedule and meet strong 
teams on some of the finest courses in 
eastern North Carolina and Virginia. In the 
1986 spring schedule, the Braves claimed 
the Eastern Division Ten championship and 
a season record of 7-1. The overall record 
for last year's team was 16 wins, 7 losses, 
and 2 ties. 

Under the direction of Coach William 
Sowell, the 1987 squad was headed by 
sophomore Tim Sumner, the only returning 
player from last year's squad. The team is 
optimistic that the previous record will be 
improved upon, and they have their sights 
set on the Conference Tournament at New 
Bern, and the Region X Tournament at 
Lake Lure, NC 

Right — Bill Moves and Roger Boyce inspect 
their clubs prior to a match in Louisburg. 

Below — Bag, balls and clubs . . . everything 
is ready for a good season, and the team has 
hopes that the "weatherman" will cooperate 
with some good golf weather. 

Below right — It happens to every goltei 
sometimes . . . and he finds his ball in the 
rough. At below, right. Todd Cochran takes 
a practice swing. 


■V'i *:../cJet' ■■ -'-■ 



The 1987 SCHEDULE 

March 18 

Conference Match at Clayton 

with Louisburg, Lenoir. Chowan 

March 24 

Conference Match at Louisburg 

Lenoir and Chowan 

March 27 

Invitational at Newport News 

April 6 

Conference Match at Lenoir 

Louisburg and Chowan 

April 16 

Conference Match at Chowan 

Louisburg and Lenoir 

April 17 

Invitational at Newport News 

April 26-28 

Conference Tournament at 

New Bern 

May 10-12 

Region X Tournament 

Lake Lure. NC 

June 9-12 

National Tournament 

Golf Team 

Left to right: Mark Morgan, Roger Boyce. Pat O'Connor, Bill Moyes. Tim Sumner, 
Brent Averette, and William Sowell, coach- Not pictured are Brian Dailey and Todd 

Above— At left, Tim Sumner and Pat 
O'Connor watch as Brent Averette tees up 
the ball. 

Directly above — Brian Dailey uses a fairway 
wood to gain distance on the course. 

Golf/ 183 

Wendell Parker makes a 
strong return against a senior 
college opponent- 

At far right — Wayne Felton 
shows his winning form to 
help the Braves to another 
victory - 

Below left — a Brave packs up 
his equipment after the team 
posted another win on the 

Wayne Felton shows his 
strong backhand in warm-up 

Tennis Schedule 

April 7 

Newport News Apprentice 


2 PM 

April 8 

Craven Community College 


2 PM 

April 13 

N,C. Wesleyan 


2 PM 

April 14 

Newport News Apprentice 


2 PM 

April 16 

Pitt Community College 


2 PM 

April 22 

Craven Community College 


2 PM 

April 23 

Pitt Community College 


2 PM 


Membere of the 1987 tennis team are Scott K Campbell. Wayne Felton, William Garvev. Tii 
Hughes, William McLean, Jr., Wendell Parker, and Mike Watson. 

in Tennis 

The season begins with 
pre-season practice during 
the cold days of February, 
and often times these practice 
sessions must be held indoors 
at Helms Center, but the 
team is always ready for com- 
petition in late March. Match- 
ed against strong senior col- 
leges and NJCAA teams 
located in eastern North 
CaroHna and Tidewater 
Virginia, the team carries on 
the winning tradition of 
Chowan to post impressive 


Jumping to Jazz 

Many Chowan students have danced their way 
through semesters in the school's Jazz program. Hav 
ing such a highly qualified instructor as Mrs. Maria 
Mannings, the dance program has achieved much 

Mrs. Hunnings began her career of dancing while 
attending the Elmira Furgeson School of Dancing. 
She has also performed in a few off-Broadway pro- 
ductions such as "Guys and Dolls" and "Damn 
Yankees". She has also choreographed the Pinky 
Lee T.V. show. Mrs. Hunnings has taught dance in 
the Upward Bound program at Chowan for the past 
ten years. She also choreographs dance and poise 
routines for the Jaycees' Miss Ahoskie Pageant held 
annually. Along with these and many more ac- 
complishments Mrs. Hunnings proves to be well 
qualified for the role she plays in Chowan's Fine Arts 

The students of Chowan are very fortunate to have 
an instructor of such quality. You can bet with Mrs 
Hunnings running the show, the Jazz students will 
surely be "puttin on the hits," and entertaining crowds 
wherever they go. 



Top right— "Legs up and stretch." the instruc- 
tor shouts. 

Right — The art of flight is almost captured by a 
high-flying jazz student- 
Above — Moving with the music seems to make 
class a lot more exciting 

186' Jazz 

Left— Jazz students enjoy reaching new heights. 

Below left— A routine isn't as easy as it looks. 

Members of the Jazz class are Bret Taylor, Angelec Hills. Scot Tanner, and Jennifer Mekousky. 


Student Directory 



Barnes. Timothy A 
2809 Ryland Dnve 
Hampton. VA 23661 

722 W Main St 
Luray. VA 22835 

Chonateetron. Somkiat 
602 Ratchada Village 
Bangkok. Thailand 

Abraham, Roney Kuruvilla 
PO Box 7805 
Saudia Arabia. Riyadh 

Barnes ll.SamuelDewey 
1120 Geneva AlbnghlRd 
Graham. NC 27253 

Brown. Micheal Donald 
131 Dale Dnve 
Poitsmouth.VA 23704 

Clark, Tony Xavier 
Rl l.Box419 
Elm City. NC 27822 

Akiyama. Kaon 

6-4-27 Aiikawa^:ho 
Ibaraki. Japan 

Basden. Wendy Jo 
PO Box 33 
Windsor. NC 27983 

Brown. Theron Ulysses 
Rl 3. Box 377-B 
Blacksburg. VA 24060 

Clifton. Jr . William Douglas 
Rt 2. Box I28-K 
CreswelINC 27928 

Albntlon, Pamela Jean 
Rl 4, Box 314 
Edenlon.NC 27932 

Batelli. Thomas Joseph 
27 Red Twig Trail 
Bloomingdale. NJ 07403 

Bryant. Elgin Thomas 
1402 King Dr 
Goldsboro. NC 27530 

Colttaln, James Todd 
Rt l.Box412 
Panlego, NC 27860 

Alexander. Jr . John Keith 
509 Unghome Avenue 
Richmond. VA 23222 

Bazemore. Sidney Nelson 
P Box 103 
Aulander NC 27805 

Brvant. Stacy Lynn 
325 Redbnck Dr 
Chesapeake. VA 23325 

Combs, Phyllis 
Rt 2, Box 232 
Hertford. NC 27944 

Allen, Jr . Alvin 
910 Paifeide BIyd 
Claymont. DE 19703 

Beck. Matthew Wayne 
4004 Franconia Rd 
Alexandna.VA 22310 

Bunch. MelonieFaye 
Rt 2, Box 146 
Windsor. NC 27983 

Cook. Andre 
3755 E 154th St 
Cleveland. OH 44128 

Anderson. Robert Allen 
1715 Larrton Road 
Lynchburg. VA 24502 

Belfield. Rodney Earl 
847 12th Street 
Newport News. VA 23607 

Burgess. Jr . Leon Carlton 
Rl 2. Box 57 
Conway. NC 27820 

Cooke. Timothy Ray 
Charlie Nonnan Rd 113 
Mount Airv.NC 27030 

Andrews, Chnsty Beth 
304 Country Club Drive 
New Bern. NC 28560 

Bennett. Michelle Mane 
209 Laurel Ave 
Wilmington. DE 19809 

Burk. DeannaLynn 
4966 Finnegan Court 
Richmond. VA 23228 

Copeland IV. Henry Perkins 
216 Oakengate Turn 
Virginia Beach. VA 23462 

Arter. Lonny Scott 
209 Lumbetlon Rd . Rt 16 
Mt Holly. NJ 08060 

Berry. Dexter Leonard 
210 Crane Street 
Davidson. NC 28036 

Burleson. Rebecca Caroline 
404 Holly Hill Rd 
Murlrcesboro, NC 27855 

Cowell. Anthony Bnan 
Rl 2, Box 153 
MoyockNC 27958 

Arils. Stanley Mauncc 
700 West Walnut Street 
Goldsboro.NC 27530 

Blake. Timothy (3wen 
10755 River Rd 
Chesterfield. VA 23832 

Byrum. Angela Paige 
Rt 2. Box 179 
Windsor. NC 27983 

Crulchfield, Darryl 

5328-A Mulberry Drive 
Sumter, SC 29152 

Ashley. Mark Anthony 
Box 1293 
SuHolk.VA 23434 

Blythe. Shcryl Denise 
Rl 2. Box 193 A 
Conway. NC 27820 

Byrum. Robert Earl 

1041 Cypress Chapel Rd 
Suffolk VA 23434 

4610 Joseph Hoskins 
Summerfield.NC 27358 

Atwater. Tony Antonio 
Rt 3. Box 6 
Durham. NC 27713 

Boatwnght. Barton William 
PO Box611 
Belton.SC 29627 


Cullinane. James Patrick 
Rl l.Box 487 
Purccllville.VA 22132 

Aydlett. David Patrick 
Rt 1. Box 292-D 
Camden. NC 27921 

Bologna. Louis Albert 
174 Harvard Dnve 
Uke Worth. PL 33460 

Cannon. Dennis Edward 
776 Sandbndge Road 
Virginia Beach. VA 23456 

Cunan. Timothy 

2619 E HurieyPondRd 
Wall. NJ 07719 


Bosco. Salvatore Anthony 
9975 NW 23rd St 
Coral Spnngs. FL 33065 

Capps. Scott Gardner 
100 Grove Street 
Oxford. NC 27565 

Cuthtell. Cynthia Lynn 
Rl l.Box 193 
Edenlon.NC 27932 

Baker. DelotesAnn 
Rt 3. Box 288-0 
Windsor. NC 27983 

Bost. Shawn Maunce 
Rl 3. Box 837 
Huntersvtile. NC 28078 

Carter. Brvant William 
1615 Harriet Dnve 
Burlington. NC 27215 


Baker. Diana Lynn 
6002 Cable Avenue 
Camp Spnngs. MD 20746 

Boyce. Ejnest E 
Rt l.Box 199NC32 
TyncrNC 27980 

Cello. Chnstine Mana 
638 NW 13th Street «23 
Boca Raton. FL 33432 

Davenpon Demck 
Rl 2. Box 39, NC 27563 

Baker. James Horatio 
Rl 4. Box 113 B 
Nashville. NC 27856 

Rt 2. Box 95 
AhoskieNC 27910 

Chamblee. DuaneA 
112 Spnnglake Dnve 
Murlreesboro. NC 27855 

Davis. Charles Eric 
227 Centtnenlal E>rive 
Durham. NC 27712 

Barclifl. Donna Lynene 
Rt 2. Box 428 
Elizabeth City. NC 27909 

Blower. Gregory Herbert 
Rt IPO Box8 
Candor. NC 27229 

Chamblee. Kyle Monroe 
112 Spnnglake Dnve 
Murfreesboro.NC 27855 

Dcbnam. Paul Andre 
143 Whitehead Aucnue 
South River. N J 08882 

188/ Student Directory 

Decker, Mark Steven 
208 Hankins Di 
Hampton, VA 23669 

Deeds, Michael Layne 
425 Easlovei Dr 
Hamsonbiitg,VA 22801 

Delaverson. Charmane Maile 
3702 NForesldalc Ave 
Dale City. VA 22193 

Deincritt, Jr , Richard Joseph 
5810 AwUey Church Road 
Acworth,GA 30101 

Denby, Walter Paul 
PO Bo«398 
Moyock,NC 27958 

Dick, Brian Earl 
4305 Landgreen Street 
Rockville,MD 20853 

Dilday. April Joy 
PO Box 421 

Mur<recsboro, NC 27855 

Douglas, Robert Blair 
2400 Black Cap Lane 
Reston,VA 22091 

Dunbar, Alicia Sophia 
2309 Nelson Street 
Raleigh, NC 27610 

Edwards, Audra Louise 
Rl 2, Box 185 
Franklin, VA 23851 

Edwards, Curtis Todd 
1 10 Douglas Avenue 
Portsmouth, VA 23707 7308 

El-Shorafa, Nail Ahmed 
PO Box 47 
Dubai, U A E 

Ellinwood 111, Everett Hews 
3519 Tonbndge Way 
Durham, NC 27707 

Elliott, Cecile Yolanda 
300 Sea Breeee Court 
Hampton, VA 23669 

Ellis, Henry Craig 
1201 Boonshlll Road 
Coral Hills, MD 20743 

Elphick, Thomas Martin 
237 East Mam Street 
Prospect Park, NJ 07508 

Elswick, Bnan Keith 
2909 S Military Hwy 
Chesapeake, VA 23323 

Emory, Jr , Mel Franklin 
Rl 6 Tabernacle 
Lancaster, SC 29720 

Epps, Michael Lamar 
3420 St Clair Dnve 
Chesapeake, VA 23321 

Box 194 
Moen, Truk 96942 

Fazio, Debra Anne 
Camp Butler PO Box 1232 
FPO Seattle, WA 98773 

Felsoci, Michael Raymond 
146 Forest View 
Winlersuille, OH 43952 

Felton, Angela Elizabeth 
1018 Maryland Avenue 
Suffolk, VA 23434 

Gates, NC 27937 

Fischer, Joseph Philip 
1003 Wnght Rd 
Greenville, NC 27834 

Fisher, Michael Andrew 
404 Pondorosa Dnve 
Sandslon,VA 23150 

Foglemanll, JohnHarward 
Rt 5, Box 169 
Durham, NC 27704 

Ford, Linda Bond 

504 Ravensview Dnve 
Tallassee,FL 32301 

Foster. Tracy Brain 
3943 County Rd J 4 
Canandaiqua, NY 14424 

Fox, Tracy Ann 
RT 689, Box 5 
Redan. VA 23142 

Frazier, Bnan Renne' 
Rt 1, Box 201 2 
Jacksonville, NC 28540 

Frazier, Robin Lynn 
Rt I. Box 136 
Wanenlon,NC 27589 

Gaines, Tract Yvette 
PO Box 8072 
West Palm Beach, FL 33407 

Gardner, Kevin Scott 

5713 Avalon Woods Dnve 
Virginia Beach, VA 23464 

Gardner, Rebecca Renee 
Rt l,Boxl34-A 
Eure. NC 27935 

Garrison, Danell Bruce 
PO Box 412 

Murfreesboro, NC 27855 

Garvey, William Joseph 
Virginia Beach, VA 23454 

Getter, Bnan 
582 National St 
Sumter, SC 29150 

Gibson, Scott Edward 
4 Heahen Lane 
Newport News, VA 23606 

Ginn, Daniel Rowe 
746 Kempsville Road 
Virginia Beach, VA 23464 

Giasby, Kathryn Alycia 
364 Franklin Dnue 
Murfreesboro. NC 27855 

Glover. Christopher Leon 
RuralRl 1. Box 131 
Margarettsville, NC 27853 

Graham, Cheryl Lynn 
423 Blue Hill Avenue 
Roxbury. MA 02121 

Granger, Gregory Hill 
302 Harrison Avenue 
Williamsburhg,VA 23185 

Gray, Jr , Jimmy Richard 
Murfreesboro, NC 27855 

Gunter, Chaun Eric 
3000 Plaza Dnve 
Forestville,MD 20747 

Gupton, Scott Ernest 
2402 Richmond Coun 
New Bern, NC 28560 


Hamm, Charles Bnnkley 
805 Patnck St 
Tarboro, NC 27886 

Harrison, Lorraine Kaye 
Rl 1, Box 716 
Denton, NC 27239 

Harrison, Paula Marie 
200 Halifax Street 
Williamston,NC 27892 

Hassell, Elizabeth Mae 
PO Box 212 
Ahoskie,NC 27910 

Hawk, Elizabeth Anne 
108 Guinevere Ln 
Greenville, NC 27835 

Hazelton, Laura Elizabeth 
409 Holly Hill Rd 
Murfreesboro, NC 27855 

Herring, Zachary Ray 
318 Greenbnar Avenue 
Jacksonville, NC 28540 

Hemngton, Melissa Russ 
1808 Bethlehem Road 
Rocky Mount, NC 27801 

Hill, Rodney Lee 
92 North Willow 
Harrisonburg, VA22801 

Holmes, Kimberly Linette 
PO Box 1813 
Aydleft, NC 27916 

Holt, Bradley Winston 
2309 Caroline Drive 
Durham, NC 27705 

Home, Lisa Faye 
Rl 5,Bo«6-A 
FayeltevilleNC 28301 

Howard, Julie Ann 
Rt 2, Box 54 
Aulander, NC 27805 

Hudson, Phillip 
6126 Clane Drive 
Covinglon.GA 30209 

Huffstctler, Bryon Kevin 
4622 Charlie Hipp Rd 
Charlotte. NC 28208 

Hughes, Susie Ella 
P O Box 298 
Aulander, NC 28501 

Hutchinson, James G 

Box 140, Tumblewood Rd 
Coopersburg, PA 18036 

Hyatt, Alice Drake 

10009 Palace Court-A 
Richmond, VA 23233 

Isles, Janet Michelle 
Rt 3, Box 56 
bttleton.NC 27850 

Ives, Thomas C 
Box 251 RD 3 

Bainbridge, NY 13733 

James, Benjamin Thomas 
605 RFD Box 357 
Locustville, VA 23404 

Januszonis, Susan Marie 
3487 Castle Hill Drive 
Dale City, VA 22193 

Jemigan, Regina Mechell 
Rl 3, Box 257 
Windsor, NC 27983 

Johnson, Dennis Lee 
Rt 1, Box 242 
Willard,NC 28478 

Johnson, Jacqueline Deannt 
740 Lunar Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27610 

Jones, Labrena Annette 
Rl 3, Box 235 1/4 
Ahoskie.NC 27910 

Jones, Lisa Renee 
PO Box 96 
Wanwick,MD 21912 

Jones, Penny Brown 
PO Box 111 
WintonNC 27986 

Joyce, Susan Lynne 
718S High St 
Pearisburg, VA 24134 

Joyner, Roberi Eric 
Rt 1, Box 130 B 
Murfreesboro, NC 27855 


Kluis, Karen Lynne 
20 Sturgis St 
Onancock,VA 23417 

Kost, Roberi Stephen 
P O Box 1232 
Laplala,MD 20646 

Kreimer, Carl Douglas 
2001 Stratton Dr 
RockvilleMD 20854 

Student Directory/ 189 

Larkin, Cynlhia Lynne 
4201 Nina Di 
Chesapeake. VA 23321 

Lee. Bentamin E 
Rl l.Bo>448 
Beaufort. NC 28516 

Lee. Olen Del 
Ahoskie. NC 27910 

Lcvine. Jf .James William 
Re 3. Box 390P 
Sumter. SC 29150 

Lewis. Barbara Jean 
Rl l.Box234-C 
Muifreesboro. NC 27855 

Liberty. Mane B 
2229 Cypress A»e 
Allemown. PA 18103 

Linkous. Kimberly Lynn 
PO Box 774 
Kitty Hawk. NC 27949 

Lollar. Brett Lewis 

1 1 Roberts Landing Driwe 
Poquoson. VA 23662 

Long. Lon Beth 
5453 Todd St 
Virginia Beach, VA 23464 

Lossen. Jr . Thomas Godwin 
Rt 3. Box 187 B 
Ahoskie. NC 27910 

Lovelace. Kimberly Michelle 
PO Box 2216 
Drexel NC 28619 

Lovell Kim Elizabclh 
22 Dartmouth Rd 
Wilmington. DE 19808 

Lowe. Lon Lynn 
502 Lakevicw Drive 
Murfrccsboro. NC 27855 


Manow, Patrick Xavier 
661 Price Street 
Raleigh, NC 27606 

Matney, Wendy Ann 
PO Box 338 
Boykins. VA 23827 

McCabe. Linda Fay 
Rt l.Box20-A 
Swan Quarter. NC 27885 

McCants. Victoria 
4016 Oak Drive 
Chesapeake. V A 23321 

McCienney. John Joseph 
221 Woodbndge Drive 
Muffreesboto.NC 27855 

McClung, Russell Lowell 
8(H) E Williamsburg Rd 
Sierling.VA 22170 

McDonald, James Euqene 
1404 Terrace Avenue 
Hopewell, VA 23860 

Minler. Phillip Anthony 
108 Peachtree Court 
HamiitonVA 22068 

Monk II, WLiliam Mckinley 
Rt I, Box 58 
Magnolia. NC 28453 

Moore, Chnstopher Bryan 
Rt 1. Box 29 
Godv^in.NC 28344 

Morioka. Suqa 
3944-6 Nukazuka-cho 
Wakayama-ken 647. Japan 

Moms. Graydon David 
108 Maple Si 
Murfreesboro,NC 27855 

Moskovic, Tracy Alan 
175 BWellongate Apt 
Rocky Mount. NC 27801 

Moti, TheodoieGrani 
3401 Litchfield Road 
Virginia Beach. VA 23452 


Nakanishi. Jun 

2-13-15-604 Hikan-machi 
Hiroshima City. Japan 


Oldham. Kelly Michelle 
2903 East 5th Street 
Greenville, NC 27358 

Ott Jettrey Robert 
104 Chnstopher Lane 
Chester. SC 29706 

Pace. Darrcl Anthony 
7S08 Louise Lane 
Wyndmoor. PA 19118 

Pafle. JaneC 
845 Holland Street 
Winston Salem. NC 27101 

Panico. Enc A 
705 Burlington 
Mt Holly, N J 08060 

Pearce, Joseph Logan 
P O Box 158 
Cieswell. NC 27928 

Pendleton. Jackie Steven 
Rt 4. Box 105A 
Rocky Mount, NC 24151 

Pcnhollow, Timothy Arthur 
737 West 2nd Street 
Washington, NC 27889 

Perry, Stephen Earl 
PO Box371 
Colerain,NC 27924 

Peykamian. Shokzollah 
54 13th Street 
Isfahan, Iran 

Phelps, Phillip Lee 

9407 Farmington Dnve 
Richmond, VA 23229 

Pilley, Karen Noel 
6706 Battlewood Road 
Richmond, VA 23234 

Pmckney, Waverly 
Mt Pleasant, SC 29464 

Pitrone Theodore Alen 
405 22nd Street 
Virginia Beach, VA 23455 

Pope, Cheryl Lynn 
Rt 2. Box 256 
Conway. NC 27820 

Porch, Sandra Sterling 
P O Box 85 
Boykins, VA 23827 

Pnce, Douglas 
Rt l,Box70AA 
Seaboard, NC 27876 


QuiHen, Michael David 
Rl 3, Box218C 
Newport. NC 28570 


Ramsey, Lenn Jerod 
574 National Street 
Sumter, SC 29150 

Reach, Kevin Thomas 
1188 Nielsen Dnve 
Clarkston,GA 30021 

Reid III, Lucius Francis 
1716 Broadmoor Dnve 
Richmond, VA 23229 

Ricks. Susan Renee 
P O Box 23 
Rich Square. NC 27869 

Robbins, Frank Edward 
P O Box 642 
Newport, NC 28570 

Roe, Karen Louise 
4203 Gadwall Place 
Virginia Beach, VA 23462 

Roop. Sheila Raye 

505 MerTiweather Dnve 
King. NC 27021 

Rudolph, Patrick Leon 
128 Overland Trail 
Savannah, GA 31405 

Ruff. Richard Sidney 
823 Indian Drive 
Horence. SC 29501 

Ryan, Tully Michael 
Rt 4, Box 398 
Edenton, NC 27932 

Satchell, Rulus Earl 
409E SatchellStieet 
Wallace, NC 28466 

Saunders, Kirby Lamont 
PO Box 98 
Poplar Branch, NC 27965 

Saunders, Jr , Robert Garv 
656 Turlington Rd 
SuHolk, VA 23434 

Sawyer, Melanie Carol 
Rl 1, Box 139 
BelhavenNC 27810 

Scammell, Carl Regan 
3258 Freshour Road 
Canadaiqua, NY 14424 

Schaefer, Carolyn Lucy 
1 153 Revere Point Rd, 
Virginia Beach, VA 23455 

SchatI, Gregory Scott 
2308 F Juliet Place 
Greensboro, NC 27406 

Sekine, Yoko 
225-3 Iwatsuki 
Saitama-ken, Japan 

Senju, Kazuhiro 
321 1 Nakasho 
Okayama-ken, Japan 

Shadbum Roger Lee 
9925 HuntcliH Trace 
Atlanla GA 30338 

Sharpe, Enc Todd 
745 Piedmont Ave 
Gibsonville.NC 27249 

Shehan, Bobbi Lynn 
Rr 1. Box 43 
Undrum.SC 29356 

Slaughter, James Keith 
3509 Windsor Drive 
New Bern, NC 28560 

Smith, Bobby Ray 
Rt 1, Box 1% 
Rose Hill, NC 28458 

Smith, Donna Francine 
3624 Holts Chapel Rd 
Greensboro, NC 27401 

Smith, Donnie Elton 
215 Hopedale Street 
Fayetteville.NC 28304 

Sobers. Mananne Elizabeth 
2453 Rankin Ave 
Norfolk, VA 23518 

Sntavai, Dhisana 

199 Sukhumyitfi Klongton 
Bangkok Thailand 

Stilwell, Tracy Ray 
Rl 2, Box 794 
Connelly Springs, NC 28612 

Stiaughan, Michael Edward 
9307 Calanda Street 
LanhamMD 20706 

Stubbleheld, Jr , David Thompso 
Rt 10, Box 3 14 
Reidsville, NC 27320 

Suggs. Troy Donell 
Rl 1. Box 75 
Baltleboro.NC 27809 

Sumner Timothy McCoy 
Rt 4. Box411 
Ahoskie. NC 27910 


Talben, John Herschel 
Rt 5. Box 208 

Tanner. Thomas Scot 
Richmond. VA 23235 

Taylor. Byron Fayne 
12 Langrock Way 
Burlington. NJ 08016 

Taylor. Joseph Bret 
Rt 3,Box322A 
Kenly, NC 27542 

] 90/ Student Directory 

Tayman, Gregory Allen 
14931 Ml CalueriRd 
Upper Marlboro. MD 20772 

Tedder, Vic Darren 
Rl 3. Box 38 
King, NC 27021 

Thomas, Jr , Jerry Dean 
Rt 5, Box 202 
Oxford, NC 27565 

Thompson, Tammy Webb 
P O Box 499 
5tuan,VA 24171 

Thompson, Jr , James Steven 
2009 Rainlree Dr 
Richmond, VA 23233 

Tifoni, Hasan Abdul-Ghafo 
PO Box 38018 
Al Salcem, Kuwait 

Treu, Mark Webster 
2100 Haycock Rd 
Falls Church, VA 22043 

4 8 3Yushima 
Tokyo. Japan 

Tyson VI, Seth Hawkins 
Rl 1, Box 72 
Slanton5burg,NC 27883 


Uso, Brian Andrew 
10883 Gantry Street 
Boca Raton. FL 33428 


Vaughan, Thomisene 
P O Box 344 
Mur(recsboro,NC 27855 


Walker, Queen Esther 
Rt 1, Box 240 
Wake Forest, NC 27587 

Walsh, Timothy Melyin 
4966 Finnegan Court 
Richmond. VA 23228 

Walslon. Randall White 
PO Box 38 
Roxobel, NC 27872 

Warlhen, Todd Edgar 
1056 N Dixie Hwy 
Boca Raton. FL 33432 

Waterlicid, Jeffrey Vernon 
Box 83 
Pungoteague,VA 23422 

Fairfield, NC 27826 

Webster, Billy Eugene 
2130 Wrens NesiRd 
Richmond, VA 23235 

West, Richard Royall 
105 Pine Lake Drive 
Eliiabeth City, NC 27909 

Whaley II, Bobby Wayne 
310 Dogwood Lane 
Newport, NC 28570 

PO Box 580 
Stafford. VA 22554 

While. Sandra Louise 
Rl 2 Box 49 A 
Edenlon.NC 27932 

White, Tonya Dee 
Rt 1, Box 70 
Poplar Branch, NC 27965 

Whitley. Tracy Lynn 
PO Box 241 
Conway. NC 27820 

Williams, Jimmy Dean 
1921 Middle Road 
Fayetteville.NC 28301 

Williams. Nanette Winfield 
Capron.VA 23829 

Williams. Shawn Carlton 
1876 West Queen Street 
Hampton. VA 23666 

Wilson. David Earl 
Rl 1. Box 1896 
Manleo. NC 27954 

Windham, Patricia Lane 
101 Greenwich Court 
Lexington, SC 29072 

Witt, Daniel Joseph 
3001 Brittany Way 
Chesapeake, VA 23321 

Wornom, William Upshur 
404 Valley Road 
Sanford. NC 27330 

Wright, Kenneth Abram 
U-2 Doctors Park Apis 
Greenville, NC 27834 



Havelock,NC 28532 

Adams, Jean Karole 
PO Box 68 
Corapeakc. NC 27926 

Adams. Rusty Shane 
Rt 2. Box 599 
Ayden.NC 28513 

Adler, Chnstopher Churchille 
204 Circle Dnve 
Greenville, NC 27834 

Akahane, Sayun 
2 5Chuo4 
Ueda Naqano, Japan 386 

Al-Derham, Hassan Rashid 
PO Box 9060 
Doha, Qatar 

Allen III. Reuben Arthur 
1 16 68lh Street 
Virginia Beach. VA 23451 

Alphm. William Beverly 
Rt 1. Box 156 
Zuni.VA 23898 

Ambrose , Terry Lynn 
Rt 2. Box 318 A 
Morehead.NC 28557 

Anderson. Christopher Patrick 
191 IKirkham Road 

Andrews. Sean P 
4211 BuckmanRoad 
Alexandna. VA 22309 

Anthony. Joseph Aubrey 
720 Harold Dnve 
Durham. NC 27712 

Archibald. Darryl Cordell 
Rl 2. Box 243 
Raleigh. NC 27610 

Armstrong, Melissa Dawn 
Rt 2, Box 241 
Whilakcrs,NC 27891 

Amnglon, Douglas Aubrey 
1007 Stanton Dnve 
Nonh Augusta, SC 29741 

Atkinson, Richard Chnstian 
Rt 4. Box 156-D 

Atwood. Elliot ScotI 
2400 Linda Avenue 
Key West. FL 33040 

Averette. Brent Wiggins 
1512 Hemphill Dnve 
Raleigh. NC 27609 

Ayoub. Richard Emil 
5873 1 10th SUeel 
Jacksonville. FL 32244 


Bailey. Ashley Darnell 
3904 Whooping Crane Cir 
Virginia Beach, VA 23455 

Bailey. Frank Travis 
11801 Spnng Run Road 
Chesterfield, VA 23832 

Bailey. Michael Bryan 
PO Box 246 
Sharpsburg.NC 27878 

Ba.nes III, Judson Paul 
3728 Hardwick Terrace 
Chesapeake. VA 23321 

Baldwin. Todd Tushay 
422 South Elm Street 
Troy. NC 27371 

Ballard, Michelle Antionenc 
Rt 1, Box 62 
LeIand.NC 28451 

Bano, Leonard John 
2440 Blue Castle Lane 
Virginia Beach, VA 23454 

Barnes, Christopher Everett 
333 North West 26th Court 
Wilton Manors, FL 33311 

Battle, Thomas Orange 
309 Fussell Street 
Goldsboro,NC 27530 

Baxter, Ganet Alan 
724 Crittenden Street NE 
Washington, DC 20017 

Beamon, David Lee 
PO Box 844 
Kinston. NC 28501 

Bean, Joseph Christopher 
39 South West 10th Avenue 
Defray Beach, FL 33444 

Beazley, Shene Lynn 
140 Deer Lane 
Franklin, VA 23851 

Beck, Richard Craig 
49 Edison Terrace 
Sparta, N J 07871 

B«ll, Michael James 
Rl 1, Box 67 
Havelock,NC 28532 

Belton, Owen C 
PO Box 592 
Winnsboro,SC 29180 

Bender. Connie Michelle 
2025 4lhSt NE 
Washington. [X; 20002 

Bennett. Pamela Jean 
Rt 1. Box 102 
Harbinger. NC 27941 

Bennett. Tony Anothony 
Rt 1. Box 219 
Rembert.SC 29128 

Berghuis. Bonnie Anne 
Route 7 10 
Dutton. VA 23050 

Belhune. Barbara Michetle 
10408 Basel Dnve 
Cheltenham. MD 20623 

Beverage. Jeffrey Wayne 
Rl 1. Box 105 
Marlmton.WV 24954 

Bew. Lynwood Lee 
1208 Vickilee Road 
Richmond. VA 23236 

Bijou, Michael Anthony 
4015 Murdock Street 
Temple Hills, MD 20748 

Student Directory/ 191 

Bishop, Dcmetris Mishell 
Henderson. NC 27536 

Black Jc .Cednt Wayne 
Rl 5. Box 367 
Washington. NC 27889 
Blanton. Grady AJlen 
3301 Archers Mill Road 
SuHolk. VA 23434 

Bohan. Timothy Michael 
13 Early Drive 
Ponsmouth.VA 23701 

Boone. Jr . James Wood 
Box 156 Calhoun Street 
Jackson. NC 27845 

Boyce. Roger Morgan 
Rl 1 . Box 47A 
Denton, MD 21629 

Boyd . Neil Granerson 
PO Box 844 
Louisa, VA 23093 

Bracken. Kelly West 
102 Chestnut Court 
Grafton, VA 23692 

Bracy, Michael Timothy 
PO Box 542 
Aulander, NC 27805 

Bradshaw, Jeffrey Lynn 
Rt 2, Box 284 
Roseboro,NC 28382 

Braswell. Manon Vniian 
PO Box 671 
Nashville. NC 27856 

Breniman. Warren Ansel 
5320 Edingtoii Lane 
Raleigh. NC27h04 

Brewer. KJelly James 
108 Pulley KRd 
Havelock, NC 28532 

Brewington, Vemita Darlene 
Rt 3. Box 221 
FuquayVanna. NC 27526 

Bnckhouse. Don-Nie Felecia 
Rl 2. Box 3 

Creswell.NC 27928 

Brininger. David Alton 
Rt 4, Box 199 
Berlin. MD 21811 

Brinson. Cletis 
907 South Brake Street 
Nashville. NC 27856 

Britt. Michelle Denise 
PO Box 262 
Conway. NC 27820 

Broughton. Darrel Edward 
31 15 Plymouth Place 
Mechanicsville. VA23111 

Brown, Calvin Lee 
Rt 1, Box 261 
Longs. SC 29568 

Brown, Salverlore 
101 Delight Road 
Relsterstown, MD 21 136 

Brown, Tavanes Antonius 
109 Duponi Circle 
Goldsboro. NC 27530 

Brumsey. Anthony Randolph 
Box 16 
Shawboro.NC 27973 

Brunner. Tammy Lynne 
2824 W Grace St Apt 10 
Richmond, VA 23220 

Bulls. Robin Janelle 
PO Box84 
Sedley.VA 23878 

Bulmer. David Wayne 
1 14 Woodfield Drive 
Nepean.OnI Canada 

Burchell, Susan Mane 
Fredericksburg, VA 22401 

Byrd. AmyMarlene 
Rl l.Box83XX 
Ahoskie. NC 27910 


Cade. Carl Dean 
Rt 1. Washington St 
Calhoun Falls. SC 29628 

Caison. William Raymond 
40 Hamilton Drive 
Clinton. NC 28328 

Cale, Johnny Edward 
234 South Maple Street 
Ahoskie. NC 27910 

Callis. Kimberly Dawn 
PO Box 244 
Matthews. VA 23109 

Campbell. Christopher Scott 
PO Box 767 
Fredericksburg, VA 22404 

Campbell. Michael Mathews 
Rt l.Box28C 
Benson. NC 27504 

Campbell. Scott Kevin 

321AbercornSt Unit 102 

Savannah. GA 31401 
Carawan. Cathy Annette 

727 Carolina St 

Roanoke Rapids. NC 27870 

Can. Patricia Ann 
Box 21 Bells Island 
Cumtuck.NC 27929 

Carroll. Russell Keith 
45 Vance Street 
Roanoke Rapids. NC 27870 

Carter. Toney Lee 
PO Box 614 
Batlleboro. NC 27809 

Carwise. LariyJoe 
PO Box 182 301 Lewis Blvd 
Live Oak. FL 32060 

Cassell. Lyie Scoll 
PO Box 1131 
Verona. VA 24482 

Chappell. Malhew Scott 
244 East 39th Street 
Norfolk. VA 23504 

Cheracles. Anthony Emmanuel 
3328 Bow Creek Blvd 
Virginia Beach. VA 23452 

Chick. Pettis P 
921 Bess Street 
Newbeuy.SC 29108 

Chlkaralshi. Yoshilake 
5-8 19Dol. Yuqawar machi 
Kanaqawa ken 359 0, Japan 

Christopher, III, Charles William 
323 Joanne Dnve 
Scalord,VA 23692 

Clark. Heather Anne 
9283 Spnng Forest Dnve 
Indianapolis. IN 46260 

Clark. Michael Andrew 
Rt 5. Box 18 C 
Louisa. VA 23093 

demons, Martin Abernathy 
2100 Ramseur Street 
Raleigh, NC 27610 

Clontz, Jr , William Brodis 
Route 1 
Advance, NC 27006 

Cochran, William Todd 
Rl 1, Box 315 
Winlervllle,NC 28590 

Comber. Wilbcrt Lee 
Rt 2. Box 195C 
Clarkton.NC 28433 

Connors, Kyle Matthew 
30 Treadwell Avenue 
Westport,CT 06880 

ContI, Chnstoper Allen 
4017 Travis Parkway 
Annandale, VA 22003 

Conn, Richard Scott 
4017 Travis Parkway 
Annandale, VA 22003 

Cook, Tenance Starr 
Rl 3, Box 176 A 
Launnburg, NC 28352 

Corbitt. Andre F 
704 Welch St 
Snow Hill. NC 28580 

Corey. Penny Lane 
116 East Corbett Street 
Greenville. NC 27834 

Cornelius. Gary Bernard 
231 South West 15 Avenue 
Delray. FL 33444 

Cox. Angela Lynn 
P O Box 134 
Jackson. NC 27845 

P O Box 864 
Bethel. NC 27812 

Cox, Tilda PaBlcia 
Rt 1. Box 238 A 
Whltakers,NC 27891 

1227 E Balview Ave 
Norfolk, VA 23602 

Cox, Trevor Brett 
P O Box 325 
Belhaven,NC 27810 

Crawley, Antonio Marcellus 
Rl 2, Box 109 
Spnng Hope, NC 27882 

Croom, Andrea Dale 
2tXI James Sneet 
CarrboroNC 27510 

Curtis, Angela Marie 
4209 Rowan Street 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

Cutchins. Bfian Patrick 
4520 Regent Drive 
Ponsmouth,VA 23703 

Culrell, Charlene Virginia 
Elizabeth City Beach Rd 
Shiloh.NC 27974 


Dailey, Brian Louis 
5100 Warrington Dnve 
Suffolk. V A 23435 

Dailey. Kimberly Shay 
3316 Boston Street 
Hopewell. VA 23860 

Davies, Edward DeVany 
111 Brewer Avenue 
SuHolk. VA23434 

Davis, Cecil Manning 
708 Brunswick Place 
Gary. NC 27511 

Davis. James Patrick 
221 Cherokee Trail 
Wilmington, NC 28403 

Davis, Jeffrey Rick 

2410 Pocoshock Boulevard 
Richmond, VA 23235 

Davis. Sharon Rose 

310 Newport News Avenue 
Hampton, VA 23669 

Davis, William Ashley 
Rt 1. Box 177 
Como.NC 27818 

Davis, Jr , Richard Sterling 
908-C Palace Way 
Richmond. VA 23233 

Dean, April B 

2816 Schley Avenue 
Bronx. NY 10465 

Delgais, Kalherine Mane 
3641 Franklin Street 
Wantagh. NY 11793 

Delk. Julie Renca 
1527 Wilkins Drive 

Suffolk. VA 23434 

Dennis, Kerven Wayne 
4550 Southland Avenue 
Alexandria. VA 22312 

Diaz-Granados. Alonso Jose 

Santa Moria. Columbia 

Dickerson, Lawrence Haywood 
21 12 4th Avenue 
Richmond, VA 23222 

Diggs, Jemise Adell 
1850 E Mam St 
Waynesboro, VA 22980 

Diker , Scma 

Istanbul. Turkey 

Dixon, Jeffrey Wayne 
Rt 4,Box394-A 
Kinston.NC 28501 

Dixon. Jr., Melvin Kenneth 
Rl 1, Box 358- A 
Chinquapin, NC 28521 

Donahue, Tammy Lynn 
Rr 2, Box 349 

Moyock, NC 27958 

192 /Student Directory; 

Donohue. Stephen 
8609 Butnl Hickory 
Urbana.MD 21701 

Dozicr. Vanessa Lahoma 
Rl l,Bo«486 

Draper. Douglas Wayne 
PO Bok433 
Jackson. NC 27845 

Drewry. Andrew Brian 
Franklin, VA 23851 

Duel! Julie Eli2abelFh 
PO Box 31 
Battery Park. VA 23304 

Duke. Twyla Gardner 
PO Box 255 
Conway. NC 27820 

Dunn. Patrick Kelly 
3704 Janice Lynn 
Chesapeake. VA 23323 

Early. Ganell Ruth 
Rl 1. Box 478 

Aulander.NC 27805 

Edington. Catherine Lee 
520 21st Street 
Virginia Beach. VA 23451 

Edmonds. Amy Annette 
Rl l.Box 12 
Rich Square, NC 27869 

Edwards. Amie Coleman 
1517 Mam Street 
Scotland. NC 27874 

Edwards. David Massie 
1513 McAnhut Avenue 
New Bern. NC 28560 

Edwards, Evangelyn Rena 
Rl 2, Box 123 
Conway. NC 27820 

Edwards, John A 
414 Holly Hill Road 
Murfreesboro, NC 27855 

Edwards, Philip Wayne 
1300 Girard Boulevard 
Merrilt Island, FL 32952 

Ehtenworth, Kevin Michael 
2606 Boush Quarter 
Virginia Beach. VA 23452 

Elliott, Stephanie Evonnc 
Rt l.Box 84 
Tyner. NC 27980 

Ervin, Bradley L 
100 Fitlh Street 
Morganlon, NC 28655 

Eure, William Henry 
327 Jefferson Street 
Roanoke Rapids. NC 27870 

Everett, Steven Earl 
3202 Glenmore Drive 
Hope Mills. NC 28348 

Fala, Elaine Mane 
871 DelmonI Drive 
Wynnewood,PA 19096 

Farr, Susan Mana 

7009 Yorklowne Drive 
Charlotte, NC 28226 

Felton, Joseph Wayne 
Rl l.Box 129 
Eure. NC 27935 

Fickling. Mark Lanard 
1 164 Symmes Drive 29407 

Fipps. Brett Gay 
Rt 2.Box2-G 
Tabor Cily. NC 28463 

Fisher. Thomas Lee 
404 Pondorosa Drive 
Sandston.VA 23150 

Forbes. Deanna Gerald 
109 Monoco Drive 
Ahoskie.NC 27910 

Forster. Deborah Diane 

1356LongdaleDr Apt 102 
Norfolk. VA 23513 

Fox. Jr . Donald Lynn 

Box 4508, 1306 LashleyPk 
Glbsonville, NC 27249 

Franklin III, Edgar Moms 
PO Box 206 
Gretna, VA 24557 

510 Arbutus Drive, East 
Roanoke Rapids. NC 27870 

Freeman. Jr . Andrew Harvey 
Rt l.Box 125 
Ash. NC 28420 

French. Jr . Neil Joseph 
845 Pleasant Street 
Highland Springs. VA 23075 

Frye. Nancy Ellen 
117 School Street 
Gorham. ME 04038 

Fulford III, Foms LaCosle 
Virginia Beach, VA 23455 

FuncichVilma Christine 
105 Dupont Avenue 
Wilmington. DE 19809 

Fuquay. Ricky Lynn 
Rl l.Box 153 
SnowCamp.NC 27349 

Games. Anthony Rene 
58 River Road 
Poquoson. VA 23662 

Gainey, Ontario Lamar 
955 Norih Main Street 
Walerbury, CT 06704 

Gambrell, Kevin Laiay 
6 East Oxfoid Avenue 
Alexandria. VA 22301 

Gardner, Tammy Glynn 
5286 Waller Couri 
Virgmia Beach, VA 23464 

Gargiulo, Anleal Ray 
2815 Kennedy Road 
Richmond, VA 23233 

Gaskms, Ibn Y 
16-B Sicily Dnve 
Fori Bragg. NC 28307 

Geer, Leonard Douglas 
121 Cherokee Road 
Belton.SC 29627 

Gerstem. Robert Earl 
1200 Mill Run 
Chesapeake. VA 23320 

Ghee. Jill Leilani 
7200 Holly Road 
Virginia Beach. VA 23451 

Gibbs. Charles Jerome 
124 Claremont Avenue 
Montclair. NJ 07042 

Gibson. Kenneth 

412 Donaldson Street 
Highland Park. NJ089O4 

Gillislll, James 

248 Seymour Road 
PoriCheslcr, NY 10573 

Glass, Camna Carole 
24 Cedar Creek Condo's 
Jamestown. NC 27282 

Glass. Jr . Barry 
Rt 8. Lot 20 
Salisbury, NC 28144 

Glenn, Amanda Leah 
111 Willis Street 
Spruce Pine, NC 28777 

Clock, Jr , Wallet Charles 
General Delivery 
Dulton,VA 23050 

Godettc, Thomas Lee 
6631 Everett's Road 
Suffolk, VA 23434 

Godley, Mark Andrew 
Rt 1, Box 150 
Bath, NC 27808 

Golf II, Larry Hunt 
5212 Locke Lane 
Virginia Beach, VA 23464 

Gooch, Charles Taylor 
3307 Lanceor Dnve 
Glen Allen, VA 23060 

Goodman, Jr , Raymond 
605 W Liberty Spnngs Rd 
Suffolk, VA 23434 

Goria, Jr , Pierre Alfredo 
P O Box 14489 
Greensboro, NC 27415 

Gorman, Elizabeth Prince 
3 1 1 7 West Avenue 
Newport News, VA 23607 

Gragg, Jeffrey Graham 
P O Box 1383 

Retcher,NC 28732 

Gray. Brian Keith 
Box 123 Emerson Rd 
Owings, MD 20735 

Randolph Pines 
Enfield, NC 27823 

Green, Elizabeth 

19258 Esmond Terrace 
Germantown, MD 20874 

Greene. Dwight Christopher 
PO Box 813 
Chesapeake Beach, MD 20732 

Greene, Slandley 

251 South 55lh Street 
Philadelphia. PA 19139 

Greene, Jr , Jackson Andrew 
2693 Lake Cohoon Road 
Suffolk. Va 23434 

Gregg. Jonathan Anihony 
236 Murphy Street 
Sumter. SC 29150 

Griffin. Joseph Alan 
2801 Weslmmstei Drive 
Rocky Mount. NC 27801 

Grove. Dabney Dee 
107 Dumbarton Court 
Gary. NC 27511 

Grube.Jr , Charles Edward 
223 Litlle Flonda Road 
Poquoson, VA 23662 

Guriera, Michael Jeiome 
3616 Wedgewood Dnve 
New Bern, NC 28560 


Hadden, Carroll Mount 
5805 Summit View 
Crestwood,KY 40014 

Haislip II, Charles Matthew 
818 Quail Avenue 
Wake Forest, NC 27587 

Hall, Victor Alexander 
2409 Darnay Lane 
Wilmington. DE 19808 


* 23805 

Hardee. Scott Brandon 
1917 Greenstone Place 
High PomiNC 27260 

Hardee, Jr , Curtis Lee 
Rl 3. Box 130 
Greenville. NC 27834 

Hardy. Erwin D 
4628 Farmal Street 
Charleston, SC 29405 

Harrell. Joseph Scott 
Rt l,Boxl9W 
Ahoskie,NC 27910 

Hartell. Laura Inez 
PO Box 254 
Avon, NC 27915 

Hants, Chacona Lanetia 
11 38 Evens Road 
Cary,NC 27511 

Student Directory / 1 93 

Hams. Marcus Reginald 
508 Revolution 
Havre de Grace, MD 21078 

Hams 111. Ernesl Hamillon 
1126 Harbour Place 
Chesapeake. VA 23320 

Hams III. Robert Hunt 
309 Rolhngwood Road 
Jamestown, NC 27282 

Hams.Jr , William L 
PO Bo).398 
Cecilton,MD 21913 

Hanover. Christopher Warrer 
9109 Ewell Street 
Manassas. VA 221 10 

Harshaw, Mark Allen 

11 39 2nd Street Place SE 
HickorvNC 28601 

Harth II, Bad Andrew 
130U1 DeerparkDnve 
Midlothian, VA23113 

Hartwell II, Martin Joseph 
10008 Old Warden Rd 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

Hasan, Naser Ahmad 
KNPCPO Box 69 
Ab-HLAIFA, Kuwait 

Hashimoto, Yoko 

1963-3 ltako,ltako-machi 
Ibaraki ken, Japan 

Hawthorne, WavedyH 
29 Ness Dnve 
Apex. NC 27502 

Hayashi. Hideaki 
1398-2 Yokoshiba 
Sanbugun Chiba. Japan 

Hayward. Rachael V 
4707 Kenny Court 
Dale City, VA 22193 

Hedgepeth. Barry Bryan 
135 Breezy Point Dhve 
Grahon.VA 23692 

Heinritz. Mary Beth 
782 Dividing Road 

Helms. Kevin Eugene 
7000 Lakeland 
Charlotte. NC 28214 

Hillenbrand Keith Alan 
2043 Haycock Road 
FallsChurch.VA 22043 

Hills. Angelec 
Rl 2. Box 290 
Lovettsville.VA 22080 

Hobbs. Martin Thomas 
1132 Turner Drive 
Suffolk, VA 23434 

Hobgood, John Kelly 
3278 Virginia Lane 
Danville, VA 24540 

Hodge, Anthony 
PO Box 373 
HardeevilleSC 29927 

Holler. Kelly Ann 

1 104 Covington Road 
Colonial Heights. VA 23834 

Holcomb III. Norman Dewey 
706 Decatur Road 
Jacksonville. NC 28540 

Hollingsworth. Matthew Joel 
4216 Wingate Dnve 
Raleigh. NC 27609 

Holloman. Donald 
Rl IBox 101 
Aulandei NC 278US 

Holloman, Karl Kelly 
419 Nash Street 
Enfield, NC 27823 

Holt, William Russell 

5813 North Beaver Lane 
Raleigh, NC 27604 

Norton, Dwayne 
Rl 2. Box 215 
Wake Forest, NC 27587 

Howard, Karen Jo 
1337 Parkside Place 
Virginia Beach, VA 23454 

Howard. Peter D 
4509 Curtiss Dnve 
Virgmia Beach, VA 23455 

Howard, Robert Munford 
6804 Monument Avenue 
Richmotid.VA 23226 

Howell. Hampton 

2232 Pinehurst Avenue 29407 

Hughes. Timothy Allen 
Danbury.Ct 06810 

Jackson. Mary Denise 
115 Morton Avenue 29681 

Jackson. Michael Andrew 
519 South Oak Avenue 
Highland Spnngs. VA 23075 

Jackson. Mike Ray 

6902 Chestnut Avenue 
FallsChurch.VA 22042 

Jackson. Jr , Eddie Wayne 
Ri 1. Box56-A 
Saluda. VA 23149 

Jacquelin. Knsti Lynn 
406 Chapbco Rd 
South Hill. VA 23970 

Jameson. Christoper King 
908 Brook Green Drive 
CaryNC 27511 

Jenkins III, Roger Glenn 
2 Lee Lane 
Weldon,NC 27890 

Jernigan, Joseph Hubert 
P Box 306 
Ahoskie,NC 27910 

Johnson, Ethel Vanessa 
313 Wanen Street Apt A 
Wilson, NC 27893 

Johnson, Glen Allen 
606 Lynch Street 
Florence, SC 29501 

Johnson, Jimmy Clifford 
316 Tudor Place 
Chesapeake, VA 23325 

Johnson, Randy Demetrius 
4120 Belt Rd 
Capital Heights, MD 20743 

Johnson, Timothy Lindsay 
51 Sneed Dnve 
Clyde, NC 28721 

Johnson. Jt , Lany Dean 
1301 River Rd 
Suffolk. VA 23434 

Johnston . Todd Anderson 
Rt 2.Box44-B 
Whitakers.NC 27891 

Jones. Bobby 
1022 Evans Rd 
Gary. NC 27511 

Jones. Eric Scott 
Richmond. VA 23235 

PO Box 1132 
Edenlon.NC 27932 


330-11 Tomizuka-Cho 
Hamamatsu. Japan 

Kamasuta. Ayupon 

23/7 Thunpuying Paho! 
Bangkok. Thailand 

Keith. Lisa Carol 
Rl 4. Box 47 
Fuqoay Varina. NC 27526 

Kelley. Eion David 
4011 Woodland Rd 
Annadale.VA 22003 

Kelner. LaRhonda Renee 
Rt 3. Box 109 
MocksvilleNC 27028 

King. Dawn Estclle 
2336 B Godwin Blvd 
Suffolk. VA 23434 

King. John Adam 
P O Box 1000 
Roanoke Rapids. NC 27870 

King. Rodenck 
509 E Juniper Street 
Wake Forest. NC 27587 

Knowles. Brenda Lee 
Rt 2. Box 344 
Campbell. NY 14821 

Knowles. Melanie Ann 
PO Box 264 
Rose Hill. NC 28458 

Kurfees. Charles Michael 
Rt 7. Box 597 
Mocksvllle. NC 27028 

Labounty. Richard James 
Rt lLotK3 
Moyock, NC 27958 

Lampkin. Kelly Pernell 
PO Box 296 
Kenly. NC 27542 

Lane. Cornelius Tareylon 
Rl l.BoxlOK 
Ahoskie. NC 27910 

Lasslter. Cheryl Dean 
Rl 1. Box 9011 561 
Aulander, NC 27805 

Lasslter. Timothy Gordon 
P O Box 326 
Roxobel.NC 27805 

Henry. Stephen B 
1 102 Hilllop Place 
Marshall. VA 221 15 

Hewitt. Doyle Carlton 
4821 SW 47th Street 
Gainesville. FL 32608 

Hicks. Tiyioun 
407 South Church Street 
RorenecSC 29501 

Hill. Mahon 

1048 Edison Sttcel 
York. PA 17403 

Inscoe. Jeffrey Todd 
Rl 2. Box 175 
Littleton. NC 27850 

Isaia. Jeffrey Paul 
408 Sunset Rd 
Burlington. NJ 08016 


Jones. Keith Lyndelt 
Rt 2. Box 386-1 
Wake Forest. NC 27587 

Jones. Kendall Lee 

612 Unyatd Road 
Newporl News, VA 23602 

Jones. Jr . Clarence Thomas 
916 South East Street 
Raleigh. NC 27601 

Lawson, James Patrick 
1 1 104 Bremerton Court 
Raleigh. NC 27612 

Lawson. Lori Michele 
5612 Woody Court 
Virginia Beach, VA 23464 

Lazzaro. Louis Andrew 

1922 South Fallsmead Way 
Potomac. MD 20854 

Leake. Ceasar 
PO Box 508 
Mount Gilead.NC 27306 


Jackson. Mark A 

McLean, VA22102 

Joyner. Pattie Monique 
Rt 1. Box 292 

Murfreesboro.NC 27855 

Lee. Jr . Garland Haywood 
19 Weaver Road 

Williamsburg. VA 23185 

J 94/Stuclent Directory 

LeGrand, Christopher John 
Rl 1 , Box ME 
MouncGilead.NC 27306 

Lewis, Cynlhia Dawn 
Rl 1, Box 488 
Smyrna, NC 28579 

Marshall, Mark Anthoney 
221 E 37lh Street 
Brooklyn, NY 11203 

Martin, Robert Preston 
9507 Lesler Lane 
Richmond, VA 23229 

Martinez, Vanessa 

13180 South West 9th Lar 
Miami, FL 33184 

Miles, Lou-Ellen 
Rl 1 , Box 33-L 
Branch»llle,VA 23878 

Miller, Mark Lee 
350 Agecroh Court 
Hampton. VA 23669 

Milton. Derrick Orlanda 
Ncwnan.GA 30263 

NasiT. Syed Muhammad 
A-501. Sector AB 
N Karachi. Karachi • Pakistan 

Neal, Andrew William 
1731 Neelley Road 
Pleasant Garden, NC 27313 

Neher, Jr , Harold Victor 
104 Freemorc Drive 
Poquoson, VA 23662 

Livengood, Michelle Dawn 
12441 CreedmoorRd 
Raleigh, NC 27614 

Liverman, Jeanette Grant 
303 Maple Street 
Murlteesboro. NC 27855 

Lloyd, Heith Enc 
Rl 1, Box 425 A 
Haw Ri»er,NC 27258 

Long, Peggy Leigh 
7009 Farmdale Road 
Raleigh, NC 27610 

Love, Charles Dauid 
1016 Briarwood Point 
Virginia Beach, VA 23452 

Lownsbury, Bradley James 
809 Timberlake Drive 
Virginia Beach, VA 23464 

Lui, Km Wah 

Block B15/F 42 Fei Fung 
Kowloon, Hong Kong 

Luise, Marc Christopher 
508 Ivydale Road 
Wilmington. DE 19803 

Lykins, David Andrew 
4814 Reigal Wood Road 
Durham, NC 27712 

Lyie, Travis Wesley 
PO Box 215 
McKenneyVA 23872 

Lynch, Barbara Jane 
110 Cedar Avenue 
BeriinMD 21811 

Lyon, Beth Lynn 
8176 Snowlall Drive 
Manassas, VA 221 11 

Marunde. Kimbcrly Mary 
75Tidc Mill Lane 
Hampton, VA 23666 


Mabry, Bonnie Christine 
4991 Century Drive 
Virginia Beach, VA 23462 

Mabry, Curtis Lee 
Rl l,Box75-A 
Woodland, NC 27897 

Mackey, Jerome Rome 
82 North 16th Street 
Long Island, NY 11798 

Malpass. Heath Edward 
P O Box 263 
Riegelwood.NC 28456 

P O Box 581 
Apex. NC 27502 

Mason, Jr , James Danny 
4324 Cheviol Dnve 

Charleston, SC 29418 

Mateo, Tar 
3505 Wj 

nchesler Dr 
ulh.VA 23707 

Mattison. Gary Donnell 
2215 Roberts Streel 
Raleigh, NC 27607 

Mayo, Lisa Michelle 
PO Box 394 
Garysbur9,NC 27831 

McCabe, Elsie Virginia 
Rt 1. Box 20 A 
Swan Quarter. NC 27885 

McCormick. Timothy Earl 
Rl 3, One Canal Dnve 
Franklin. VA 23851 

McCray. Tim J 
4837 Mississippi Court 
Jacksonville. FL 32209 

McDaniel. Rodney Ray 
Rt 4. Box 446-A 
Mt Airy. NC 27030 

McKee. Kenneth Hall 
41 EdgcmontRoad 
Asheville. NC 28801 

McLamb. Billie Jo 

1308 South West Boulevard 
Clinton. NC 28328 

McLean. Jr . William Harvey 
214 West Stevens Street 
Wallace. NC 28466 

McNeil. Johnny J 
1750 Lambave 
High Point. NC 27260 

Mekovsky. Jennifer Lynn 
3510 Rock Quany Road 
Raleigh. NC 27610 

Melton. Jeffrey Speight 
Rt 2. Box 342 B 
Whitakers.NC 27891 

Meredith. Lucretia Monique 
Rt 1. Box 334 
luanhoe. NC 28447 

Memtt III. Ralph DeLeon 
707 Pou Streel 
Goldsboro. NC 27530 

Mitchell. ChadesTheo 
345D Crowells Road 
Highland Park. NJ 08904 

Miura. Miyo 

33 Aza-hongome. Uwanuma 
Miyaqi-ken 987-06. Japan 

Montgomery J La Fayette 
1134 West Davidson Street 
Gastonia.NC 28052 

Montgomery, Kelly Elizabeth 
456 Winterhavcn Drive 
Newport News, VA 23606 

Moore, Anthony Wayne 
P O Box 1320 
Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870 

Moore, Stacy Wade 
401 Huey Street 
Gaston, NC 27832 

Moorer II , James Lewis 

EME Apt G-6 Central Pk Rd 
Charleston, SC 29412 

Morgan , Jeffrey Ray 
Rt 3, Box 138 
Spnng Hope, NC 27882 

Morgan, Mark J 
332 Rexmoor Place 
Richmond, VA 23236 

Moms, Kevin LemonI 
PO Box 8164 

,NC 27410 

Morris, Rebecca Mane 
1663 Brookford Rd 
Kernersville. NC 27284 

Moset. Arthur Allen 
12329 Myterra Way 
Hemdon.VA 22071 

Moser. Jeffrey S 
2704 Dix Inlet Road 
Virginia Beach, VA 23452 

Moy, Alan Neng 
2636 Williams Dnve 
Cu!peper,VA 22701 

Murray, Sandra Lynn 
4400 Green Acres Pkwy 
Portsmouth, VA 23703 

Myrtetus, Paul F 

6851 South West 94 Street 
Miami. FL 33156 

Newton. David Scott 
9109 A Derbyshire Road 
Richmond, VA 23229 

Nicholson, Latricia Le'ee 
Box 4 1 Littleton Road 
Littleton, NC 27850 

Moyes, Jr , William A, 
Main Streel Box 37 
Shlloh,NJ 08353 

Numey, Theresa Laiay 
Rt 2. Box 67 
Ivor. VA 23866 


O'Connor. Patrick Edward 
Columbia. SC 29223 

O'Neal. Laura Jean 
PO Box 25 
Avon. NC 27915 

Oakes. Mariea Kae 
Rt 1. Box 136 
Rice. VA 23966 

2466-32 Yoshida 
Gunmaken, Japan 

Oglesby, Randolph Laughton 
801 Robert E Lee Drive 
Wilmington, NC 28403 

Oliver, Angela Mia 
138 Sharps Rd 
Williamsburg, VA 23185 

Ong, Eng Hwa 

Blkl9»02-04 Dairy Farm R 
Singapore, Japan 

Orfield. Mark Stephen 
7553 Impala Lane 
Jacksonville. FL 32244 

Oswald. Michael Bruce 
1530 Grecnbeny 
Powhatan. VA 23139 

Owens, Guy Dyrell 
237 Castlclon Place 
Largo, MD 20772 

Owens, Myron O 

21 Parkwood Terrace Drive 
Danbury.CT 06811 

Owens 111 , Lawrence Eugene 
301 Hanging Tree Road 
Courtland,VA 23837 

rlanley, Jr , Harvey David 
Rl 2, Box 117B 
Conway, NC 27820 

Mickcrson, Steven Tyrone 
PO Box 138 
Calhoun Falls, SC 29628 


Maready, Richard Daron 
Rl 5, Box 365 
Jacksonville, NC 28540 

Midgett, Mona Lisa 
P O Box 54 
Harbinger, NC 27941 

Nagai. Masao 

20-35 Shinoyuma 
Oiia-ken. Japan 

Page, Kenneth Scott 
P O Box 656 

Graham. NC 27253 

Student Director}^/ 195 

Pannell. Lila Denice 
PO Bon 60 
Cbnlon. SC 29325 

Paiker. Charles J 

908 Norlh Hill Top Road 
Virginia B«ach, VA 23454 

Parker. Dawn Alisa 
P O Box 12284 
Raleigh, NC 27605 

Parker. Sylvia Delores 
210 Bruce Street 
Murfreesboro.NC 27855 

Parker, Wendell Phillip 
1546 Raleigh Blvd 
Raleigh, NC 27610 

Parson, Belinda Theresa 
881 Schenck Ave 
Brooklyn. NY 11207 

Parsons. Chnstopher Wilson 
2213 Haywood Avenue 
Chesapeake VA 23324 

Payne, Ginger Calhenne 
1721 Grady Dnve 
Durham. NC 27712 

Payton. Keith Dion 
202 Anderson Dnve 
Greenville. NC 27834 

Pease. Maynard Gordon 
4913 Erskine Street 
Virginia Beach. VA 23462 

Perkins. Jefliey Anthony 
632 Banery Avenue 

Perkins. Margin Shawn 
Rl 2. Box 605 
Windsor. NC 27983 

Permenter. Charles Lewis 
Rl 2. Box 185 
Notlh Myrtle Beach. SC 29582 

Perry. Jo Helen Shiver 
112 Jackson Street Apt 3 
Edenton.NC 27932 

Perry. Richard Daniel 
Rt 4. Box 135B 
Henderson. NC 27536 

Phillips Thomas H 
409 Patrick Lane 
Herndon.VA 22070 

Pierce. Amy Lorraine 
Rt l.Box 169B»37 
Gatcsvllle.NC 27938 

Pierce, Andrew Thomas 
2361 Buckingham Road 
Burlington, NC 27215 

Pierce, Hamen Louise 
1 120 Clear Springs Road 
Virginia Beach. VA 23464 

Piltman. Chnstifet Steven 
401 Westclide Court 
Raleigh, NC 27606 

Pittman. Jimmy 
Rt l.Box 210 
Tarboro.NC 27886 

Plainos. George 

42 Mile Course Kmgsmill 
Williamsburg. VA 23185 

Poik. Ryan Neil 
160 Palms Street 
Danvile.VA 24541 

Pool. Donnie Watkins 
501 Wanda Ridge Dnve 
Durham. NC 23185 

Porter James White 

13602 Steeple Chase Rd 
Midlothian. VA 23113 

Powell. Edward Doanell 
624 Celey St 
Hampton. VA 23661 

Price. Douglas Michael 
201 North Rose Avenue 
Highland Springs. VA 23075 

Pnce. Patnaa Ann 
Rt 1. Box70-AA 
Seaboard. NC 27876 

Pndemore. William Franklin 
44(X) Woodview Dnve 
Sandston.VA 23150 

Proctor. Glen Joseph 
22 Kemper Avenue 
Newport News. VA 23601 


QuetlhotsI Enc 

69 Scenic Hills Dnve 
Poughkeepsie. NY 12603 

Query Chnstopher Bnan 
2901 East Point Dr 
Chesapeake. VA 23321 

Quesada. Chnstopher Alexani 
11804 Triple Crown Road 
Reston.VA 22091 

Quick. Curtis Hamilton 
Rt 2, BoxSl-B 

Oxford. NC 27565 


Rammell. Anne Pembroke 
2037 Alpine Road 
Virginia Beach. VA 23451 

Ramos. James Christian 
105 Winterberry Ridge 
Durham, NC 27713 

Randall. Anthony D 
P O Box 83 
West Point VA 23181 

Ranson III. William Fitrgerald 
P O Box 505 
Fork Union. VA 23055 

Rathbone. Fabian Freddy 
Rl 2. Box 267 A 
Waynesville.NC 28786 

Reason. RutusMilchell 
PO Box 127 
Jamesville.NC 27846 

Reese. Barry Lee 

1005 West Durham Rd 
Cary.NC 27511 

Reese. Isiah 
997 Samuel Streel 
Sumter. SC 29150 

Rhea. Melissa Ruth 

Roanoke Rapids. NC 2787(1 

Rheames, Toni Rachelle 
Rl 1. Box 124 
Raeford.NC 28376 

Rhodes. Rachel L 
182 McCaughey 
North Port. FL 33596 

Riggsbee. Tyler Blair 
6005 Beardsly Court 
Raleigh. NC 27609 

Roberts. Anthony Leon 
Star Route. Box 137-A 
Gaston. NC 27832 

Roberts. James Christopher 
15 Crows Nest Road 
Andover.NJ 07821 

Roberison. Troy Donald 
2214 Beaumont Rd 
Wilmington. DE 19803 

Robinson. Leonard Bernard 
350 SW 8th Avenue 
Delray Beach. FL 33444 

Robinson. Lindsey Dale 
1009 Spnng Street 
Mount Airy. NC 27030 

Robinson. Jr . Howard Edward 
1233 Sharon Acres Road 
Forest Hill. MD 21050 

Rodgers. Betty Jo 
Rl 2. Box 207 
Gales. NC 27937 

Rogers. Kimberly Jo 
Rt 2, Box 337 
Rowland. NC 28383 

Rohde. Michael Scott 
306 Norih West Yacht Dr 
Long Beach. NC 28461 

Romero. Phillip Damen 
PO Box 332 
Lewiston.NC 27849 

Rook. Arness Durante 
Rt 1 , Box 28 
Garysburg.NC 27831 

RuoccoDenise Louise 
152 Hamilton Avenue 
Island Park, NY 11558 

Russell, Charles Alexander 
505 Dogwood Lane 
Graham, NC 27253 

Ryals, James Dale 
Rt 2 Box 322 B 1 
Angier, NC 27501 

tyan. James Joseph 
7813 Woodway Court 
Raleigh. NC 27606 

Salmon, Brenda Elaine 
1104 Lake Point Lane 
Suffolk, VA 23434 

Saunders, Jay Fred 
Box 309 
AulanderNC 27805 

Savage, Patrick Earl 
325 Spnngdale Dnve 
Wilmington, NC 28405 

Scaglione, Terry L 
4809 S 10th Avenue 
Tampa, FL 33619 

2308-F Juliet Place 
Greensboro. NC 27406 

Schebella. Steven B«n]amin 
10851 Weisiger Ljine 
Oakton.VA 22124 

Schenck. Charles I 
269 South 10th Ave Apt C 
Highland Park. NJ 08904 

Sellers. David Jay 
304 Lizzie Street 
Selma. NC 27576 

Sellers. Jr . Loyd William 
P O Box 163 
Coiniock. NC 27923 

Shaver, Wilma Lee 
PO Box 480 
Winton.NC 27986 

Shearer. David E 

425 Brookforesl Road 
Wilmington. NC 28403 

Shearin, Tanya Mane 
105 Regency Place 
Cary.NC 27511 

Sheklon. Steven Kent 
P O Box 127 
King & Queen Court. VA 23085 

Shinohara. Junko 

317-15 Go Niihamashi 
Ehime792 Japan 

Shono. Yukiyo 

1050-4 Koquki Shiraoka- 
Saitama-qun Japan 

Simerson. Jeff Bryant 
3314 Kendale Drive 
Sanford.NC 27330 

Simon. Timothy Dave 
474 Kent Streel 
Salem. N J 08079 

Simonds. Jeffery L 
PorismouthVA 23701 

Simpson .Randy Earl 
Route l.Box 162 
Winlerville. NC 28590 

Sims. Jr , Harold Steven 
Rt 33. PO Box 157 
Quingue.VA 22965 

Sipley. Lisa Mane 
RD 2. Box 3 15 
Vergennes.Vr 05491 

Skellon. Tanya Lee 
Route 1 . Box 289A 
Fremont. NC 27830 

Skotteqaard. Pamela Jane 
905 Post Oak Court 
Virginia Beach. VA 23464 

Small. Lisa Kathleen 
4063 South Riverside Dr 
Lanexa.VA 23089 

1 96/Student Director]; 

Smart. Andrew Bedford 
3500 Carter Road 
Portsmouth, VA 23703 

Sm«h. Cornell 
48 Hassener Road 
Cherry Hill. NJ 08002 

Sm.lh. Edward Wayne 
6737A B«ylah Road 
Alexandna.VA 22310 

Smith. Heather Wy^rhe 
P O Bo« 325 
Clayton. NC 27520 

Smith. Helen Gay 
PO 80x42 
Ebony. VA 23845 

Smith, Joyce W 
Rt l.Box 132A 
Murfreesboro. NC 27855 

Smith. Martin Luther 
116 Washington Place 
Rocky Mount. NC 27801 

Smith. Jr . William F 
322 Dawson Street 

Snead. Stephen Wendall 
10909 Bluebell Dr 
Glen Allen, VA 23060 

Spain, Shea Meredith 
707 N Broad Street 
Suffolk, VA 23434 

Spence, Lisa Anne 
Route 4, Box 440 
Newport, NC 28570 

Spencer, Scott B 

9811 Luscombe Lane 
Richmond, VA 23228 

Spruill Gerald Wayne 
P O Box 73 
Como, NC 27818 

601 Union Street 
Murtrcesboro. NC 27855 

Stephenson. Amy Lou 
5707 Old Stage Road 
Raleigh. NC 27603 

Stroud. Ronald Lynn 
Virginia Beach. VA 

Stuckey, Chnstopher Memck 
48 Monte Sano Dnve 
Charleston. SC 29418 

Swindall. Robin Renee 
7624 Quail Run 
Manassas. VA22110 

Tadlock. David Hunter 
212 Pine Dale Road 
Havelock.NC 28532 

Talbert. Shannon Gerald 
Rl l.Box23B 
Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

Tarkington Jr . William Stc». 
3619 Whilewood Road 
Richmond. VA 23235 

Taylor. Lc'GranI Mano 
202 Queen Guenevere Tra 
Gamer, NC 27529 

Taylor, Lisa Ann 

9238 Richmond Road 
Laneva, VA 23089 

Taylor, Markus Leon 
6443 Hll-Mar Dr *202 
Forestville. MD 20747 

Taylor Tina Ann 

9238 Richmond Road 
LaneyaVA 23089 

Taylor Jr . Lawis 
202 W Yellowwood Dnye 29681 

Thames. Earl David 
307 Lakeview Road 
Hope Mills. NC 28348 

Theodorakis. B J 
502 Sewell Street 
Murtrcesboro. NC 27855 

Thomas. Lisa Chanel 
3490 Williams Avenue 
Miami. FL 33133 

Slerling, Melinda Gaye 

Thompson, Douglas Carter 

184 Somers Cove 

707 Hamilton Street 


Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870 

Sicwarl. Cynlhia Elame 

Thompson, Jeffery Shawn 

3642 Barnes Avenue 

1102 Atlantic Avenue 

Bronx, NY 10467 

Goldsboro.NC 27530 

Slewart, Jr Ralph 

Thompson , Timothy R 

5146 Marsielles Dnve 

313 Union Si 

North 294 18 

Murfreesboro. NC 27855 


Thornton. EIke Margot 

1504 Horseshoe Circle 


Virginia Beach, VA 24551 

Virginia Beach, VA 23452 

Stone, Melvin Lamai 

Thornton, Mario Andre 

Route 1 , Box 264 

532 Arnold Avenue 

Graham, NC 27253 

Richmond, VA 23222 

TlKord, Tarance Trevor 
711 Lynce Street 
Rorence.SC 29501 

Tiley, Michael Hampton 
1519 Goodwin Road 
Durham, NC 27712 

Tillotson. Sonya Jean 
258 Marilyn Circle 
Gary. NC 27511 

Tipton, David James 
151 Lawson Dnve 
Tabb, VA 23602 

Tokuda, Nobuaki 

5-4-1-205 Nagayoshi delo 
Osaka 547, Japan 

Toti. Paul Jeffery 
P-O. Box 45 
Gatesville.NC 27938 

Trollinger, Stephen Paul 
Rt 2. Box 442 

Purcellev.lle.VA 22132 

Tsuchie. Tetsuya 

Yodogawaku Osaka, Japan 

Twisdale. Stuart Douglas 
PO Box 357 
Halifax. NC 27839 

Tyrance III. Leamon 
Rt 2, Box 523 
Hubert, NC 28539 


Vaughan. Annie Mane 
PO Box 344 
Murfreesboro. NC 27855 

Vaughan. Robita Cartctte 
914 North Rhue Street 
Ahoskic.NC 27910 

Vick. Douglas Wayne 
PO Box 441 

Franklin, VA 23851 


Wainwright, Troy Alan 
Rt 4, Box 200 
Berlin. MD 21811 

Waldron. Phillip Fredenck 
2284 Pimmit Run Ln 
Falls Church, VA 22043 

Waike, Keith Andrea 
105 Brentwood Circle 
Virginia Beach, VA 23452 

Walker, David Acree 
Troy. VA 22974 

Wallace. Eric Joseph 
PO Box 412 
Dallas. NC 28034 

Walton. John Thomas 
621 College Street 
Henderson. NC 27536 

Ware. Keith L 

320 South West ISlhTert 
Delray Beach. FL 33444 

Warren. Mark Allen 
8813 Trent Road 
Richmond. VA 23235 

Warren. Teresa Dcnise 
208 Gentry Street 
Roxboro. NC 27573 

Warren. Jr . David Ray 
Rl l.Box65-B 
Exmore.VA 23350 

Washington. David Bryan 
P O Box 1367 
Grafton. VA 23692 

Washington, Terrence Milton 
Rt 17, Box 263 
Charleston, SC 29412 

Watson. Cassie Theodore 
#1 Phyllis Street 
Charleston, SC 29405 

Watson, Kevin Dwayne 
57 Fairway Lane 
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250 

Watson, Wendy Joy 
5307 Memory Lane 
Durham, NC 27712 

Watson Jr, Ronald Ray 
57 Fairway Lane 
Jacksonville Beach. FL 32250 

Webb III, Robert Lee 

1 Carteret Oaks Townhouse 
Morehead City, NC 28557 

Westbrook, Tara Jeannine 
316 Sumpter 
BadinNC 28009 

Whitaker, Chnstine Ann 
107 Kay Street 
Carrboro.NC 27510 

White. Scott Kenneth 
4 Watchung Ave 
Chatham. NJ 07928 

White Jr . William Earl 
Rt 1 . Box 224 
Murfreesboro. NC 27855 

Whitehead. Leon 
Rt 3. Box 319 
Tarboro.NC 27886 

Whitehead Jr , Ernest Lee 
730 13th Street 
Virginia Beach. VA 23451 

Whitley. Angela Gayle 
261 lYartiell Road 
Richmond. VA 23231 

Whitley, Kalhy Elaine 
Rt 1, Box 84 
Como, NC 27820 

Stone, Jr , Charles Jesse 
1002 North Magnolia 
RaefordNC 28376 

Strothmann, Michael 
Lab Vargas SA 
Caracas lOlOA, Venei 

Threatt. Tamni Elizabeth 
7 Ventnor View 
Carrollton.VA 23314 

Tiley. Joseph John 
75 Perch Creek Road 

Wallace. Gary Wayne 
850 Greyson Road 
Rocky Mount. NC 27804 

Wallers. Douglas S 
Rt 3. Box 103 
Howard. PA 16841 

Vilder. Joel Jay 
Greensboro. NC 27406 

Student Directory ' 197 

WBams, Hulan Small 
2022 Haves Dr 
Rock Hill, SC 29730 

Williams. Jasper Vanell 
3225 75lh Ave Apt 202 
Landovei. MD 20785 

Williams. Martin Danell 
1626LangsIon Dr 
John's Island. SC 29455 

Williams, Michael Angelo 
Rt 2. Box 200 ZA 
Gteeleyville, SC 29056 

Williams. Rotwrt Anderson 

407 W AvalonDt 

Wright, Gregory Allen 

Kill Dewl Hills, NC 27948 

Rl 1. Box 323 

Leesburg.VA 22075 

/ilhams. Susan Diane 

506 Revolution St 

Wright, Sarah Thomas 

Havre De Grace. MD 20178 

2257 Sandalivood Road 

Virginia Beach. VA 23451 

/illiams. Tanya Lanise 

3516 Carver Rd 

Wnght, Stephanie Lynn 

Winston-Salem, NC 27105 

P Box 5 

Po^ellsville.NC 27967 

Williams, Tara Lynnc 

Wnght. Todd Wilson 

Rl 1, Bon 110 

10130 W Providence Rd 

Willis. Shannan Leigh 
6609 Ridgeway Dr 
Springfield. VA 22150 

«immer. Jr . Kyle Edward 
Poquoson. VA 23662 


Willis. Vanessa DeShawn 
4457 Ponds Street NE 
Washington. DC 20019 

Willis. William Thompson 
P.O Box 224 
Davis. NC 28524 

Wimmer Jr . Kyle Edward 
141 Emmaus Road 
Poquoson. VA 23662 

4936 Stoddard Drii 
Troy. Ml 48098 


7D. 1-2 St Stephen's Ln 
Hong Kong 

Yoshioka, Masaru 

Atubetu-Chuo 5-4. Shiro 
Hokkaido, Japan 

Young. Michael Donald 
Rt l.BoxSXX 
Ahoskie. NC 27910 

Vitcher. Marlon Angelo 
4701 Myrtle Street 
Lynchburg. VA 24502 

Witt. Darrell Ray 
Lot 20 Faith Aaes 
Sumtct.SC 29154 

Wood. Benjamin Adam 
Route 3 
Denton, MD 21629 

Zito. Scott Anthony 
Rt 4, Box 15 
Motehead City. NC 28557 

Wood, Otenah Lee 
506 Mansfield Drive 
Richmond, VA 23223 

Woodard. Dennis Michael 
PO Box 67 
Boykins, VA 23827 

Woodby. Matthew J 
13602 Steeple Chase Rd 
Midlothian. VA 231 13 

Newport News VA 23602 

] 98/ Student Director]^ 


The Chowanoka is an annual production of the yearbook staff 
for the administration, faculty and students of Chowan College. 
Consisting of 208 pages, 810 copies were printed by Horner 
Graphic Communications Center. 

The book is printed on Warren's Patina paper with Kohl & 
Madden ink. The end sheets are white. 

Body copy is 8 pt. Souvenir Light. Headlines are Souvenir 
Medium and 36 pt. 

A very special thank you goes to Mr. Gatewood, Mr. Sowell, 
Ms. Paffe, Mr. Genshaw, and Mr. Futrell for their hard work 
and patience. Also the work-study students in the Graphic Com- 
munications Department. 

Of indespensible value to the staff were Ms. Paffe and her 
typography class. We appreciate their error-free effort and will- 

The 1986-87 Chowanoka was written, edited and designed by 
the staff members, with the aid of Mr. Herman Gatewood. 

Most of all, the staff would like to thank Chowan College. 

Colophon/ 199