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No. I 


Published by the University of Manchester at 

The University Press (H. M. McKechnie, Secretary) 

12 Lime Grove, Oxford Road, Manchester 

Longmans, Green & Co. 
London : 39 Paternoster Row 
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University of Manchester Publications 
No. XC. 

Printed by Ballantyne, Hanson &= Co. 
at the Ballantyne Press, Edinburgh 



SANTA n.rrTj5z.r>A 


For many years Mr. R. C. Christie, who had held the Professorships of History, 
of PoHtical Economy, and of Jurisprudence in the Owens College (incorporated 
with the University of Manchester in 1904), had cherished the hope of seeing the 
College provided with a building for its Library, and had determined, in the event 
of no hbrary being built during his lifetime, to provide by will for the erection of 
one. In 1892 the Whitworth legatees (of whom Mr. Christie was one) purchased and 
presented to the Owens College the valuable historical library formed by Professor 
Freeman, and the acquisition of this Collection, consisting of over 6000 volumes, 
emphasized the need for increased and more suitable library accommodation. In 
the following year Mr. Christie, finding that (in his own words) " it seemed not 
impossible for me to carry out my wishes in my lifetime," addressed a letter to the 
Council offering to build a library at his own expense, and his generous offer was 
gratefully accepted. The building, known as the " Christie Library," was commenced 
in 1895, and was formally opened by the Duke of Devonshire in 1898. 

Mr. Christie's interest in the University Library was further shown by his decision 
that his own private library should eventually find a permanent home in the 
Christie Library, and in 1901, shortly after Mr. Christie's decease, the Collection 
was received and placed in a room reserved for the purpose. A full description of 
the character and scope of the Collection will be found in the Introduction to this 
volume, written by Mr. Christie himself. The Collection numbers about 8000 volumes, 
many of which possess an added interest by having been previously owned by 
well-known book-collectors — such as J. A. de Thou, the Marques de Morante, Dr. 
Kloss, and N. Yemeniz — or by having been bound by English and Continental 
binders of repute. 

In the main, the "Cataloguing Rules" compiled by the Rules Committees of 
the English and American Library Associations have been followed. Writers of 
the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, whose works are wholly or mainly in Latin, 
are indexed under the Latin form of their name, exceptions being made in the 
case of those authors whose writings are chiefly in the vernacular, e.g. Bembo, 
Pietro Aretino, &c. In each case, cross-references are given from the alternative 

Anonymous works are entered under the name of the author, when known. 
Otherwise, they are indexed under the name of any person or place with which they 
deal or under the first substantive in the title. 

Pseudonymous works are entered under the real name of the author, unless the 
pseudonym was exclusively used or is better known, e.g. Peter Pindar, J. B. Egnatius, 
Stendhal, &c. Cross-references are given in each case. 


Library Catalogues are indexed under the name of the hbrary or the owner, and 
Peerage Claims under the name of the peerage. 

In transcribing the titles of Greek books, accents have been omitted and con- 
tractions have been replaced by the letters they represent. For the sake of brevity, 
Greek imprints have been translated into Enghsh. 

Annotations have, for the most part, been limited to records of early printers, 
binders, and former owners, these notes being also given in collective form in the 
series of appendices. Where considered useful, references have also been made to 
bibliographical works. 

In the case of Incunabula which are either not included, or are imperfectly 
described, in Hain and Copinger, full bibliographical details have been recorded. 

In the preparation of this catalogue, invaluable assistance has been rendered by 
Mr. Cree, formerly secretary to Mr. Christie, who has also furnished much information 
(which otherwise would have been unrecorded) regarding the provenance of many of 
the books, and has read through the proof sheets. The excellent services rendered 
by my colleague. Miss E. M. Jackson, B.A., both in the compilation of this volume 
and in the correction of proofs, are also deserving of special mention. Thanks are 
also due to my former colleague, Mr. A. F. C. Davey, now Librarian to the Manchester 
Medical Society, for his share in the work of compilation, and to Mr. L. Lailavoix, M.A., 
for assistance in proof-reading. 

Although every care has been exercised to ensure accuracy, it should be stated 
that this catalogue has been compiled under the pressure of other duties, and the 
Librarian would be glad to have his attention drawn to any errors. 


December, 191 4. 




INTRODUCTION. By Mr. Christie ix 





Section I. : Printed Books i 

Section II. : Manuscripts 461 


I. Previous Owners of Christie Books 470 

II. List of Incunabula: i. Greek 496 

2. Latin 496 

3. French 498 

4. Italian 498 

III. Books Printed by Continental Printers up to 1550 .... 499 

IV. Topographical Index of Continental Printers 525 

V. Books Printed by or for British Printers, Booksellers and Stationers 

up to 1640 528 

VI. Index of Latin Geographical Names 530 

VII. Books Printed on Vellum 532 

VIII. List of Binders 332 

IX. List of Library Catalogues 536 


PORTRAIT OF MR. CHRISTIE. (From the original painting by T. B. Kennington in 

the Christie Library.) Frontispiece 




The present volume makes no claim to be either a model catalogue or the catalogue 
of a model collection of books. It is only a descriptive list of that part of the owner's 
library which he wishes to be kept together after his death by the Institution to 
which, on the happening of that event, it will be entrusted. While the formation of 
this library has been one of the greatest pleasures of his life, and while he hopes that 
it contains many volumes of interest, and at least some rarities not easily met with, 
yet its owner is, alas ! obliged to confess that the volumes that are of the greatest 
rarity and that fetch the greatest prices, from £ioo to £5000 according to Mr. 
Quaritch's valuation, are conspicuous by their absence. Those whose interest extends 
no further than books such as these in the finest condition in the bindings made 
for Groher, Maioli and Canevari, are not invited to look into this catalogue. But it 
is hoped that the Collector as well as the student will find both in the books and in 
their catalogue something to interest and possibly afford him some information which 
may be new to him. 

Although some of the volumes are what are called "Collector's books," yet the 
Collection as a whole will be found to have a uniform aim and a principle of unity 
pervading it. It has been formed with a view of illustrating and enabling its owner 
to study the Renaissance, and especially the classical Renaissance of Italy and France, 
and it will be found that the greater number of the volumes bear upon this subject, 
and more particularly upon certain departments, and the hves, labours and works 
of a certain limited number of scholars upon whose lives and labours I had at one 
time hoped to write something. £tienne Dolet, Aldus, Pomponatius, Clenardus, 
Giulio Camillo, Ramus, Sturm, Postel, J. C. Scahger, Paul Scaliger, Giordano Bruno, 
Vanini, Scioppius, Hortensio Lando are some of those, and of the writings of each of 
them an unusually large collection — with their biographies, and the writings of their 
commentators and their opponents — will be found in my library, while of several — 
Dolet, Camillo, Ramus, Sturm, Postel and Scioppius — I beheve that no other hbrary 
in England or on the Continent contains a more nearly complete collection, and I 
indulge the hope that some time, perhaps in the course of the next century, some 
student may feel interest in these scholars — veritable " oublies et dedaignes " — and 
may find these collections available for making their dry bones Uve. For, of those I 
have named, I have only accompUshed a complete monograph of one — Dolet — with 
essays,! perhaps as full as the world cares for, on Pomponatius and Clenardus and 
short papers, little more than contributions, to the biographies of Aldus, Bruno 
and Vanini. 

' Reprinted in the volume of "Selected essays," 1902. 


The revival of the study of Greek and the early history of Greek scholarship and 
Greek topography forms a very leading subject of the books here catalogued. Nearly 
every Greek edilio frinceps is included, many of them of great rarity and critical 
value, others of which the preface is an important contribution to the history and 
progress of Greek scholarship, and, in addition to editiones principes, many volumes 
of those printers whose Greek types and rare Greek productions are of great interest 
to both scholars and collectors, such as Calliergi, Thierry Martens, Simon de Colines 
and Conrad Neobar. 

Of Latin editiones principes a certain number will be found, and many rare 
incunabula from the presses of Italian printers, in whom I have always felt a very 
special interest — Sweynheym and Pannartz, Jenson, and Vindelin de Spire. 

Of the Aldine Series I believe every book of interest and merit will be found with 
the exception of the two Greek " Horse" of 1497 and 1521, the first Virgil, and the 
Nonnus, and these volumes alone constitute a tolerably complete Hbrary of the Greek, 
Latin and vernacular Hterature of Italy during the i6th century, while several of 
the volumes are of the greatest rarity, and were introuvable both to Renouard and 
to A. F. Didot. 

The books written and printed by fitienne Dolet are forty-five in number ; seven 
of these are the only copies known, and of ten others a single other copy is recorded. 

The large collection of books printed by Sebastian Gryphius will probably excite 
some surprise, a considerable number of them being absolutely worthless editions of 
Latin Classics and even less interesting translations of Greek authors. But, though 
of very little interest, Wiey were collected with a special purpose, namely, in part as 
bearing on the life and surroundings of fitienne Dolet, partly with a view of discovering 
if possible the books which bore traces of his hand as their editor or corrector. But 
alas ! of nearly one hundred volumes of Latin Classics in my possession printed by 
S. Gryphius between 1533 and 1546, I have only found one which has clear marks of 
Dolet's editorship, the " Orationes Ciceronis " of 1536. In this way, my interest 
arose in the books of Gryphius, and at one time I hoped to form a tolerably complete 
collection of these, but though my collection is more extensive than any other except 
that in the public library at Lyons, it is, I am sorry to say, still wanting in a large 
number of volumes. But though most of the classics of Gryphius have fallen into 
the category of " old books " only, yet the prefaces of many of them are of much 
interest to the student of the history of Learning in France, while the original works 
printed by him constitute in themselves a remarkable and distinguished history of 
Learning in the South of France during 40 years ; a few are also of distinguished 
rarity. In one of them I take special pride. Of the spurious " Cuspidii Testamentum, 
item. Contractus Venditionis " edited by Rabelais in 1532 one other copy — that in 
the Bibliotheque Nationale, and a very inferior copy to mine — is known,' while of 
the (not very interesting) tract of our countryman Volusenus, " Commentatio qusedam 
theologica," 1539, the copy I possess appears to be unique. 

Horace was the first Latin classic whom I read with real pleasure, and my affection 

> A third copy was sold at Sotheby's in February, 1 908. (See The Bibliophile, vol. i. p. 1 1 1 , where it 
is described as "a Lyonncse volume of 1532, containing the first published work of Rabelais, an Epistle 
to Almaricus Buchardus.") — C.L. 

' The Bibliotheque Nationale also possesses a copy, the date of which has been altered, at a remote period, 
to 1549, and three other copies are recorded in Tome VIII. of Baudrier's " Bibliographie lyonnaise." — C.L. 


for him led me nearly fifty years since to aim at a collection of the different editions 
of his works. I now possess seven hundred and ninety-eight volumes of editions, 
translations and commentaries, the earliest being the Milan edition of 1474. But of 
modern and absolutely uninteresting editions and translations the number is so 
great, that I long since gave up purchasing more of them, and confined my attention 
to those of the fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth centuries, only procuring those 
of the eighteenth and nineteenth that were distinguished by special merit. 

While some will be surprised to find in this collection so few of those books which 
"no gentleman's library should be without," others will wonder at the appearance 
of any of them and still more at the presence of a certain number of volumes which 
are eminently commonplace, and common editions, and have perhaps neither interest 
nor value. In fact they are books which — generally from old associations — have to 
me a special interest, and which, after being for so many years on my shelves, I still 
like to think will repose with their old associates. It was in the pages of the copy 
of the " London Magazine " included in this collection, that I first — nearly sixty 
years since — made acquaintance with Lamb, Hazlitt, De Quincey and Hood, for the 
first of whom I have ever since had the warmest affection, and for the second the 
greatest admiration. The copy of Boswell's "Johnson" I was wont to read fifty 
years since, while of more recent books there are many old friends of my Oxford hfe 
of which I like to see the " old familiar faces," and to think that they will at least 
for some years to come retain their places with their fellows. 

In Bibliography and Literary History — still bearing, however, specially on the 
learned literature and the biography of learned men of the sixteenth century — there 
will be found a considerable number of books which, without being " rarities," are 
not of common occurrence, and will, I believe, be found of use to those who make use 
of this " Collection " and this Catalogue. 


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Arab. . 

. Arabic. 

B.L. . 

. Black Letter. 

c. . 

. About. 

Ed. Pr. 

. First edition. 

Eng. . 

. English. 

Fr. . 

. French. 


. German. 

6.x. . 

. Gothic Letter. 

Gr. . 

. Greek. 

Heb. . 

. Hebrew. 

Ital. . 

. Italian. 

L.P. . 

. Large paper copy. 

Lat. . . . Latin. 

s.a. . . . Without date. 

Sig. . . . Signature. 

Skr. . . . Sanskrit. 

s.l. . . . Without place of publication. 

s.l. et a. . . Without place and date of pub- 

s.n. . . ■ Without place and date of publi- 
cation, or printer's name. 

Sp. . . . Spanish. 

s.l.n. . . . Without printer's name. 


Page 319, col. 1, line 8 from bottom, /or "second creation " read "first creation. 
„ „ „ „ „ 2 „ „ „ " third creation " „ " second creation." 

„ „ „ 2, „ 4 „ top, „ " second creation " ,, "first creation." 
» 370 „ « „ 20 „ bottom, „ „ „ „ 

» 431 „ ,, „ 26 „ top, „ „ „ „ 


ABBOTT (Richard) Servant of Caryll, Lord 
Molyneux. I. Abbott's journal (containing 
an account of his apprehension, imprison- 
ment and release, in the years 1689-Q1). 
II. The trials at Manchester in 1694. Edited 
by... A. Goss. 2 pts. [in i vol.] 

4to., (Manchester.) 1864. 
(Chetliam Society. Remains, etc. Vol. LXI.) 

ABERCONWAY, Abbey of. Register and 
chronicle of the Abbev... Edited by Sir H. 
Camden miscellany. Vol. I. 4to., 1847. 

ABERGA\^NNY, Barony of. The Aberga- 
venny case. See L'ISLE, Barony of. Report 
of proceedings on the claim to the barony of 
L'Isle, etc. Appendi.x, No. i. Svo., 1829. 

ABRAHALL (John Hoskyns-). See HOS- 

ABRAHAM, ben Meir Aben Ezra. Liber Abra- 
ham AvenezrsB de criticis diebus. See GANI- 
VETUS (J.). Amicus medicorum, etc. 

i6mo., 1550. 

ABRAHAM, the Patriarch, pseud, [i.e.. GuiL- 


ABRAM (William Alexander). The rolls of 
burgesses at the Guilds Merchant of... Preston 
••■1397-J682... Edited by W. A. Abram. See 
PRESTON.— Guild Merchant. 

8vo., 1884. 

ABRAVANEL (Leon). Dialogi di amore, 

composti per Leone Medico [i.e., L. Abra- 

vancl], di natione hcbreo, et dipoi fatto 

Christiano. [Edited by M. Lenzi.] 

8vo., [colophon .•] Vinegia : in casa de' 
figlivoli di Aldo, 1541. 
Renouard, p. 123. Meernian copy. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., [colophon .•] Vinegia : in casa de' 
figlivoli di Aldo, 1545. 
Benouard, p. 134. Zouclie copy. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., [colophon :] Vinegia : in casa de' 
figlivoli di Aldo, 1549. 
Benouard, p. 146. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., [colophon :] Vinegia : in casa de' 
figlivoli di Aldo, 1552. 
Benouard, p. 154. 
ABYDENUS, Corallus. Germanus, pseud. 
[i.e., Ulrich von Hutten.] See HUTTEN 
(U. von). 
.\BYSSINIENNES. Lcs Abyssinienncs et les 
femnics du Soudan oriental d'aprOs les rela- 
tions dc Bruce, Browne, Cailliaud, etc. 
[Postface signed Y.] 4to., Turin, 1876. 

400 copies printed, this being No. 49. 



(P.). Histoire de I'Acad^mie Fran9oise... 
[By P. Pcllisson.] Dernidre edition, etc. 

i2mo., 1688. 


J. T. d') Abbf. Histoire de I'Acad^mie 
Fran9aise...Avec... notes par C. L. Livet. 
2 torn. 8vo., 1858. 

ACCARIGI (Alberto). La grammatica vol- 
gare di M. Alberto de gl' Ancarisi da Canto. 
8vo., [colophon .•] Venetia : per Pietro, 
de Nicolini da Sabbio, 1549. 

ACCIUS (Lucius). See ESTIENNE (H.) 2nd 
of the Name. Fragmenta poetarum veterum 
Latinorum...Ennii, Accii, etc. 8vo., 1564. 

ACEILLY, le Chevalier d'. [i.e., Jacques de 
Caillv.] Poesies du Chevalier d'Aceilly. 
See BACHAUMONT (F. Le C. de) & 
CHAPELLE (C. E. L.). Voyage, etc. 

8vo., 1708. 


ACHILLES, Bononiensis. See BOCCHIUS 
(A.) called Phileros. 

ACHILLES TATIUS, Alexandrinus. Narra- 
tionis amatoriae fragmentum ^ Graeco in 
Latinum conversum, L. A. Crucejo inter- 
prete. [A Latin version of books V.-VIII. of 
the " 'EQVjtixa " of Achilles Tatius.] 

Svo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1544. 

[Another copy.] 

Achille Tatio...deir amore di Leucippe et 

di Clitophonte nuovamente tradotto (per F. 
A. Coccio), etc. 

Svo., [colophon ;] Venetia : stampati da P. 
et F. de Nicolini da Sabio, 1550. 
Tlie titlepago is dated 1551. 

Achillis Tatii de Clitophontis & Lcucippes 

amoribus lib. VIII. Daphnidis & 
Chloes amoribus lib. IV. 
amatoriis affectibus lib. I., etc. [Edited by 
J. and N. Bonnuitius.] Gr. &- 

8vo., [Heidelberg, '[ 1601. 
Incomplete ; containing only tho first seven boolcs 
ond a portion of the eighth boolt of Aohille* 
' Eqoitixoiv 'AxMfOK Tariov, sive de Clito- 
phontis & Lcucippes amoribus libri VIII. ex 
bibliothcca CI. Salmasii [by L. A. Cruccjus]. 
(Nova cdilio...Adjcctus est notarum et 
cmendationum liber.) Gr. 6- Lot. 

i2mo., Lugd[uni] Batavor[um], i(540 
Huglios copy. 

ACHILLES TATIUS, Akxandrinus.—icontd.) 

(The loves of Clitopho and Leucippe.) Eng. 

See HELIODORUS, Bishop of Tricca. Scrip- 
tores erotici Grasci, etc. Svo., 1855. 

ACIDALIUS (Valens). Disputatio perju- 
cunda, qua anonymus [i.e., V. Acidalius] 
probare nititur mulieres homines non esse : 
cui opposita est S. Gedicci...defensio sexus 
muliebris...Editio secunda. 

8vo., Hages-Comitis, 1638. 
Brunet, H., 759. 

ACOMINATUS (Nicetas) Choniata. See 

ACONTIUS (Jacobus). [«.«., Jacques Aconce.] 
J. methodo, sive recta investi- 
gandarum...artium ac scientiarum ratione. 
See VOSSIUS (G. J.). Gerardi J. Vossy et 
aliorum dissertationes, etc. i2mo., 1658. 

J. Acontii...epistola de ratione edendorum 

librorum, etc. 

8vo., Chemnicii Saxonitni, 1791. 
KirchoS copy. 

ACRON (Helenius). Acronis Commentatoris 
Egregii In Quinti Horatii Flacci Venusini 
Opera Expositio Incipit. See HORATIUS 
FLACCUS (Q.). [Opera.— La/;«.] Begin. 
Quinti Horatii Flacci Venusini Carniiunm 
[sic] Liber Primus Ad Mecoenatem. Vol. II. 

4to., 1474- 

ACTA. Acta exustionis anti-Christianorum 
decretalium. See STRUVE (B. G.). B. G. 
Struvii bibliotheca librorum rariorum, etc. 
Pt. I. 4to., 1 7 19. 

ACTUARIUS (Joannes). Actuarius de medi- 
camentorum compositione. Ruellio inter- 
prete. Lat. 

8vo., Parisiis : per C. Neobarium, 1539. 
ADAM (Melchior). See ADAMUS. 
ADAMANTIUS, Sophista. Adamantii...phy- 
siognomonica. Gr. Ed. Pr. 

8vo., Parisiis : [C. Niobar,] 1540. 

'A6aftavTiov...ipvaioyvioiJoviiiwr. a' (-^'). Gr. 

See jELIANUS (C.) PreBuestinus. Aihavov 
noixiXrji; laroQtac, PifiP.ia, id' , etc. 4to., 1545. 
ADAMUS (Melchior). [i.e., M. Adam.] Deca- 
des dusB continentes vitas theologorum ex- 
terorum principum, qui Ecclesiam Christi 
supcriori scculo propagarunt et propugnarunt, 
etc. 8vo.. Francojurti. 161S. 

Vitte Germanorum jureconsultorum et 

politicorum : qui supcriori scculo, et quod 
excurrit, florucrunt, etc. 

8\o., HaidelbergcB, 1620. 
With portrait of Johannes Hoefelius inserted and 
"I. Hoetel" stamped on the binding. 

Vitae Germanorum medicorum : qui seculo 

supcriori, et quod excurrit, claruerunt, etc. 

Svo., Haidelbergce, i6zo. 
Hoefel copy. 
Vit3B Germanorum philosophorum : qui 

ViteB Germanorum theologorum, qui supc- 
riori seculo Ecclesiam Christi voce scriptisque 
propagarunt et propugnarunt, etc. 

Svo., Haidelberg<s, 1620. 

ADRIANUS, Saint. Le livre et mistere du... 
Saint Adrien, public. . .avec introduction, table 
et glossaire, par E. Picot. 

4to., Macon, 189;. 
(Roxburghe Club PubliCBtlons, No. 125.) Mr. B. 
C. Christie's copy. 

.\DRIANUS [Castellensis], Cardinal. Adria- 
nus ... Cardinalis, de sermone Latino, et 
modis Latine loquendi. Ejusdem venatio... 
Item iter Julii II. Pontificis Rom. 

8vo., Lugdtmi : apud Seb. Gryphium. 1 542. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium. 1548. 
Hadriani... Cardinalis... de sermone Latino, 

et modis Latine loquendi. ..Cui accedit ejus- 
dem venatio... Nee non G. Scioppii observa- 
tiones linguae Latinae. i2mo., NoribergcB, 1681. 
With a second, engraved, titlepage. Crossley copy. 

Hadriani. sermone Latino, 

et modis Latine loquendi. Ejusdem venatio, 
etc. See KETELIUS (R.). De elegantiori 
Latinitate comparanda scriptores selecti, etc. 

4to., 1713. 

Adriani Cardinalis ... venatio. 8vo., 

[colophon .•] Venetiis : apud Aldum. 1505. 
Renouard, p. 49. Crofts and WodhuU copy. 

[Another edition.] See GRATIUS, 

Faliscus. Hoc volumine continentur. Poetse 
tres egregii, etc. 8vo., 1534. 

[Another edition.] See GR.\TIUS, 

seculo superiori, ct quod e.xcurrit, philo- 
sophicis ac humanioribus Uteris clan floru- 
crunt, etc. 8vo., Haidelberges, 161 5. 
Hoefel copy. 

Faliscus. venatione liber I., etc. 

Svo.. 1537. 


ADRY (Jean Felicissime). Catalogue chrono- 
logique des imprimeurs et libraires du Roy... 
public par M. [A. J. V.] Le Roux de Lincy. 

Svo. , Paris, 1849. 
From the "Journal de I'Amateur de Livros." 
Only 50 copies printed. 

ADVERTISSEMENT. Advertissement sur Ics 
jugemens d'astrologie. etc. [By M. de Saint- 
Gclais.] See SAINT-GELAIS (M. de). 

Svo., 1546. 

.-EGIDIUS, Romanus. See EGIDIUS. 

^GINETA (Paulus). See PAULUS, Mgiwta. 

.iELIANUS, Tacticus. Aeliani de instruendis 
aciebus opus, etc. See VEGETIUS RENA- 
TUS (F.). F. re militari, etc. 

8vo., 1523. 

AU.iavov TicQi axQaT>}yixo>v ra^eon' eXXtj- 

nxcoy. iEliani de militaribus ordinibus insti- 
tuendis more grBEconmi liber, a F. Robortello 
...nunc primum Gracce, editus, etc. Gr. 

4to., Venetiis, 1552. 

Aihavov :reQt arQaTtjyixwv ra^fojv 'E}.hj- 

nxiitv ftifiXiov, etc. Gr. &- Lat. Sec i-ELI- 
ANUS (C.) Pranestinus. Aihavov xa eipia- 
xofieva a:iavra, etc. fol., (1556.) 

^LIANUS, Tacticus.—(contd.) 

Ta^iq TzaXata, xai 6vo/iaaiat roiv agxovrwv 

ex Tou Alhavov. See THOMAS, Magister. 
G(o/ta Tov /taytaxQOv 6vofiax(ov aTTtxiov exXoyat, 
etc. 8vo., 1532. 

iELIANUS (Claudius) PrcBnestinus. AlXiavov 
ra evQiayofteva aTiavra. C j5iliani... opera, quae 
extant, omnia, Graece Latinfeque e regione... 
cura & opera C. Gesneri, etc. {AlXiavov 
[Tacticus] Jtegi argarijyixcov ra^ecov ' EXXt) 
Pi^Xiov, etc.) Gr. &- Lat. fol., Tiguri, {1556.) 
Spifamo and Guenoys copy. 

Ex Aeliani historia, per P. Gyllium 

Latini facti, itemejj ex Porphyrio, Heliodoro, 
Oppiano, turn eodem Gyllio luculentis acces- 
sionibus aucti libri XVI. de vi & natura 
animalium. Ejusdem Gyllii liber unus, de 
GalHcis & Latinis nominibus piscium. 

4to., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1533. 

[Another copy.] 

[.Another edition.] 

4to., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1535. 
Red morocco by Roger Payne. 

Ai/.iavov TioixiXiji iaxoQiai, fitfiXta. id'. 'Ex 

ro)v 'HgaxXeiSov negi jioX.tTeiojv vjioftyrjfta. 
noXe/Jo)vo<; qpvatoyvoj/torixojv iyxeigidiov. '/16a- 
ftavTiov £o(pi<rtov <pvatoyv(Ofiovixiov, Pif)X.ia p'. 
MeXafiTiodoQ ntgi TcaX./iiov fiavTixrj. Uegt eX.aiiav 
■tov aco^axoi;. ^Eliani varia; historic libri 
XIIII., etc. Gr. Ed. Pr. 

4to., [colophon .•] Roma : s. t. n.. 1545. 

iEiiani variae historiae libri XIIII. Item, 

rerumpublicarum descriptiones ex Heraclide 
cum Latina interpretatione J. Vulteii...nunc 
denu6...recognita. Gr. & Lat. 

i6mo., Lugd[uni], 1587. 
Vellura binding, with the Initials " M. C. M. T." 
and the date " i6oi " on the front cover. 

>EMILIANUS (Palladius Rutilius Taurus). 

.lEMILIUS (Paulus). Historiae jam denuo 
emendatae P. rebus gestis Fran- 
corum, a Pharamundo prime rege usque ad 
Carolum octavum, libri X. A. 
rebus gestis Gallorum libri IX. ad historiam 
P. Aemylii additi, a. Carolo octavo usq3 ad 
Henricum II. Ad hujus historiae lucem, in 
fine adjunctum est : chronicon J. Tilii de 
regibus Francorum, a Pharamundo usq3 ad 
Henricum II. a T. Frcigio auctum usque ad 
Carolum IX., etc. [Edited by J. T. Freigius,] 
3 pts. [in I vol.] fol., Basiled-, 1569. 

Each part has a separate titlopage, pagination, 
and register. Ft. III. is unpaged. 

See FERRONUS (A.). A. 

rebus gestis Gallorum hbri IX. Ad historiam 
P. iEmilii additi, etc. Svo., 1550. 

fol., 1550. 

[Another edition.] 
Tcrtia cditio...aucta, etc. 

Svo., 1555. 

iEMILIUS PROBUS. [For the " De vita 
excellcntlum imperatorum liber," attributed 
to .^imihus Probus.] See NEPOS (C). 

LiEBERKUEHNius (G. E. F.). Defensio C. 

Nepotis contra Aemilium Probum, librarium. 
diciae librorum injuria suspectorum, etc. 

8vo., 1844. 

^NEAS SYLVIUS [Piccolomini]. See PIUS 
II., Pope. 

iESCHINES. Aoyoi rovTcovt xoiv grjTogwv. 
Ala)^ivov. Avaioi'. AX.xtda/iavTog. 'Avria- 
devov;. A>j/iaSov. 'AvSoxtdov. 'laatov. Aetvag- 
xov, 'AvxirpoiVTO^, Avxovgyov. Fegyiov. 
Aeapiovaxxog. 'HgcoSov. 'Ext aiaytvov ^log. 
Avaiov fiioQ. Orationes horum rhetorum. 
Acschinis. Lysiae. Alcidamantis. Antisthe- 
nis. Demadis. Andocidis. Isasi. Dinarchi. 
Antiphontis. Lycurgi. Gorgiae. Lesbonactis. 
Herodis. Item Aeschinis vita. Lysiae vnta. 
([Pt. III.] ' laoxgaxovQ X.oyoi. 'AXxiSaftavxog, 
xaxa aotptaxcov. Fogyiov, 'E?.evrjg iyxa>/iiov. 
'Agtaxstdov rfavadrjvatxog. Tov avxov 'Poftiji; 
[sic] iyxm^iov. Isocratis orationes. Alci- 
damantis contra dicendi magistros. Gorgiae 
de laudibus Helenae. Aristidis de laudibus 
Athenarum. Ejusdem de laudibus urbis 
Romae.) Gr. 3 vols, [in 2.] 

fol., [colophon :] Venetiis : in aedibus 
Aldi, et Andreae soceri, 1513. 

This work is known as the "Oratores Grceol." 
Renouard wrongly states that Alcidaraas does not 
occur in vol. I., on pp. 177-184 of which appears 
his " 'OSv<raeut," but with the running heading 
"Aixriou X0705." Renouard, p. 60. Vols. I. 
& n. Hastings copy ; vol. III. Butler copy. 

Aeschinis Contra Cthesiphontcm de de- 

mosthenis coronatione per Leonardum Areti- 
num in latinam Orationem interpretata 
Oratio incipit. Lai. See CICERO (M. T.). 
[Opera. — Latin.] Tvlivs de oratore cvm 
commento et alia opera. fol., 1495. 

[Another edition.] 

fol., 1497. 

Toiv xrji; 'EXXadog s^oxiov gijxogoiv Alaxivov 

[xara Kzr]acq!o}vxog, — Tiegt IJagajigeafleiaq) xat 
AijfioaOiifovQ [negi xov Zxe<pavov, — negi iJaga- 
Tigcafieiag) X.oyoi xeaaagtg dvxidixoi. Graeciae 
eccellentium oratorum Aeschinis & Demos- 
thenis orationes quatuor inter se contrariae. 
Gr. 2 pts. [in i vol.] 

8vo., Venetiis : apud F. Turrisanitm, 1549. 

Witli tlie mark of Aldus on the titlepage. 
Renouard, p. 145. Tliis copy has been bound 
together in the order of the Hst of contents, and 
not in accordance with the pagination and 

Aeschinis et Demosthenis orationes dua; 

contrariae. (Alaxivov ... xaxa Kx)jai(pcovxog. 
Atj/ioaOevov; 6 negi xov Exe(pavov X.oyog.) Com- 
mcntariolum J. Sturmii in casdcni Hccatom- 
mercs. Gr. 8vo., Argentorati : per IK. 

Rihelium, i^^o. 

iEschinis et Demosthenis contrari.x ora- 
tiones in Ctesiphotcni, & pro corona, J. 
Pcrionio...interprcte, etc. Lat. 

4to., Lutetine, 1554. 
Byston Park copy. 


roayoidim ii 



Oratione di Eschine contro Tesifonte. 

Hal. See DEMOSTHENES. [Opera.— 
Italian.] Cinque orationi di Demosthene, 

8vo., 1557. 

[Opera. — Greek.] Aiaxv^v 

[or rather, seven]. Ugo/itjdEV? 

'E^na em &r]pacg. FleQaai. 

{Xoi}(poQot.] Evftevtdeg. 'Ixs- 

Tide;. Aeschj'li tragoediae sex. [Edited by 

F. Asulanus.] Ed. Pr. 

8vo., [colophon :] Venetiis : in aedibiis 
Aldi el Andreae soceri, 151 8. 
In this edition, under the title of " 'AYajue/iKwr," 
the '^' Ayafj.€/.Ltf(ijv '^ and the *' XoT;0opot "' are 
treated as a single play. There are several 
laciuiaj, for a Hst of which see Brit. Mvls. Cat. 
Renousrd, p. 8j. 

AhxvXov IlQOfitjdevQ dea/HOTTjg, 'Ema em 

&rjpaig, IleQaat, 'Ayafiejiviov, Ev/xevtdeg, 'Ixe- 
Ttdeg. 8vo., Parisiis, 1552. 

Red morocco by Derome. Yemeniz, Pattison, 
and Luard copy. 

[Another copj-.] 

Boissonade copy. 

Aiaxv'/ov xfjayviSini ^'.../Eschyli tragcedia; 

VII Scholia in easdem...P. Victorii cura & 

dihgentia. 4to., [Paris,] 1557. 

Poine copy, 

AiaxvkoQ, jEschyli tragcediae superstites 

at deperditarum fragmenta ex recensione 

G. Dindorfii...Editio secunda cmendatior. 
Tom. I. 8vo., Oxonii, 1851. 

Tom. I. contains the Greek text. Wanting 
Tom. II., comprising the annotations. 

[Opera. — English.] The tragedies of 

Aeschylus : literally translated, with. ..notes, 
and an introduction, by T. A. Buckley. 

8vo., Londcm, 1849. 

[Pers^.] A'laxvKov IJegaai. iEschyli 

PersJe. Ad fidcm manuscriptorum emen- 
davit, notas et glossarium adjecit C. J. 
BlomfieId...Editio quarta. Gr. 

8vo., Londini, 1830. 

[Prometheus Vinctus.] AlaxvXov Uqo- 

fiifievq deafiojrtjg. vEschyli Prometheus \-inc- 
tus. Ad fidem manuscriptorum emendavit, 
notas et glossarium adjecit C. J. Blomfield... 
Editiotertia. Gr. Svo. , Cantabrigia-, i8ig. 

The Prometheus of /Eschylus, with Eng- 
lish notes, critical and explanatory, original 
and selected ; and examination questions [by 
G. Burges]... Second edition. Gr. 

i2mo., London, 1833. 

[Septem contra Thebas.] Aiaxv?.ov 

enra em &>)^ng. ".Sschyli septem contra 
Thebas. Ad fidem manuscriptorum emen- 
davit, notas et glossarium adjecit C. J. 
Blomfield... Editio tertia. Gr. 

8vo., Londini, 1824. 

[Appendix.] Beatson (B. W.). Index 

in ^schylum. See INDEX. Index in 
tragicos Gra;cos. Vol. I. 8vo., 1830. 

See BRITISH MUSEU.M. Catalogue of 

printed books. Aeschylus. fol., 1883. 

See ROBORTELLUS (F.). Scholia in 

AeschyU tragoedias omnes, etc. 8vo., 1552. 

.ESCULAPIUS, Hermetis Disciptilus. See 

^SOPUS. [Pt. I.] Begin. [Fol. i, recto :] Bonus 
Accursius Pisanus doctissimo ac sapiientissi | 
mo ducali qusstori lohanni Francisco tur- 
riano | salutem plurimam dicit. | [Fol. 2, 
2YrrPA0Eir. \ [FoI. 33, recto:] 'AISQ- 
nOY MY0OL I End. [Fol. 70, redo:]... 
TeXo; Toiv Tov AtaojTtov Mvdojr. | [Pt. II.] 
Begin. [Fol. i, redo :] Vita Aesopi fabula- 
toris clarissimi e graeco latina p | Rynuciu 
facta ad Reueredissimu Patre Dominii | An- 
tonium tituli Sancti Chrysogoni Presbjfteru | 
Cardinalem. & primo prohoemium. | [Fol. 
33, recto : Latin prose version by Rinucius of 
100 fables of Aesop.] Argumentum fabulaE 
Aesopi e graeco i latinti. | E^id. [Fol. 59, 
verso :] Vita Aesopi per R^Tiucium thettalum 
traducta. | ^'erum quoniam ab eo non nulla 
fuerut praeter- | missa : fortassis qa graecus 
eius codex esset minus | emendatus : Ego 
Bonus accursius Pisanus : eadem | in ea 
omnia correxi : & emendaui. | [Pt. III.] 
Begin. [Fol. i, verso .] Bonus Accursius 
Pisanus doctissimo ac sapientissi | mo ducali 
Quaestori lohanni francisco Turriano sa| 
lutem plurimam dicit. | [Fol. 2, redo : 
Select fables of Aesop, with a parallel word- 
for-word Latin version.] M YOOI 'AWOnO Y 
Fabulae Aesopi | End. [Fol. 38, recto :] 
Bonus Accursius pisanus impressit : qui non 
do Ictorum hominum sed radium ac puerorum 
gratia | hunc laborem suscepit. | Gr. &■ Lat. 
Ed. Pr. 3 pts. [in i vol.] 4to., [Milan : 
B. and J. A, de Honate, c. 1480.] 

Hain, *z65. Proctor, 5963. Proctor', 59-60. 
This copy is wrongly bound, the first part 
being placed last. Brown morocco by Bevan. 
Stuart copy. 

Begin. [Sig. az, recto :] MYQOI 'AISQ- 

nO Y Fabulae Aesopi | [61 selected fables, 
edited by Bonus Accursius, the Latin version 
being taken from that by Remicius.] Gr. cS- 
Lat. 4to., [colophon .] Regii : inipresstim 

per Dionysiiim berlochitm, 1497. 

38 ff., witliout pagination ; sigs. a-5*, e*. Im- 
perfect ; wanting sig oi, containing the Latin 
preface by Bonus Accursius. Hain, 266. 
Beichling, I. , 86. Proctor, 7260. Proctor 2, 107. 
Crawford (Lakelands) and Gennadius copy. 

Begin. [Sig. ai, recto .] Gabriel Bracius 

Brasichellensis bonaru | artium cultoribus. 
S. I [Sig. ai, recto :] 'AHQnOY BIOS 

nAANOYJH I n'rrPA0Eiz. \ [Sig. j-e, 

recto .] 'AISPnOY MYOOI. | Gr. 
4to., [colophon :] Bartholomaei pelusii...Ga- 
brielis bracii...Ioannis Bissoli, et Benedidi 
Mangii...sumptibiis impressa. [Venice, 1498.] 

Hain, 267. Proctor, 5640. Proctor', no. Blue 
morocco by Riviere and Son, 


Habentur hoc vohimine lisec, videlicet. 

Vita (a M. Planude composita), et fabellas 
Aesopi cum interpretatione latina...Gabria; 
fabelhe trcs & quadraginta...ciim latina inter- 
pretatioe...Phurniitus sen, ut alii, Cnrnutus 
de natura deorum. Pala?phatus dc non cre- 
dendis historiis. allegoriis 
apud Homerum. Ori ApoUinis [s/c]...hiero- 
glyphica. CoUectio provcrbiorum Tarrhaei, 
& Did\ir\i...Ex Aphthonii excrcitamentis de 
fabula. Turn de fonnicis, & cicadis graece, & 
latine. De fabula ex imaginibus Philostrati 
graece, & latine, etc. Gr. (S- Lat. fol., 

[colophon :] V'enetiis : apud Aldum, 1505. 
Renouard, p. 49. Woiilmll and .Toye copy. 

Aesopi. ..vita ct fabellae...Gabriae Gra3ci 

fabella; trcs & quadraginta, etc. Gr. &■ Lat. 

8vo., in inclyta Basilea : (J. Frobenius, 

KI083 copy. 

Aiamnov inOol [sic]. See SCRIPTORES. 

Scriptores aliquot gnomici, etc. 8vo., [1521.] 

Aesopi. aliorum fabulac, etc. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphiuni, 1544. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Lugdwii : apud Seb. Gryphiuni, 1548, 

^sopi...fabuL'e Graece et Latine, cum aliis 

quibusdam opusculis, etc. (Gabriae fabulac. 
Homeri ranarum & murium pugna. Musaeus 
de Ero & Leandro. Agapetus diaconus de 
officio regis ad Justinianum Caesarem. Hip- 
pocratis jusjurandum.) 

i6mo., Parisiis : impensis viduec A. 
Birkmannni [sic], 1549. 
— ^ iEsopi...fabulae elegantissimis eiconibus 
veras animaliu species ad vi\'ia adumbrantes. 
Gabriae Graeci fabellae XXXXIIII. Barqa- 
Xo/ivoftaxia Homeri, hoc est, ranarum & 
murium pugna. raXeo)/ivoiia-/ta, hoc est, 
felium & murium pugna, tragcedia Gracca [by 
Theodorus Prodromus]. Haec omnia cum 
Latina interjjretatione. Nunc primum ac- 
cesserunt Avieni [i.e.. Avian!]... tabulae nus- 
quam antehac edila'. {AiaoiTron fiio;... 
Maiifim Tf;> nXavovfii) ai'yyoatpen;. -Esopi... 
\'ita, etc.) Gr. &■ Lat. 

i6mo., Lugduni, 1570. 

Planudes, Maximus. Aiaa)7Tov...fiio;. 

Ma^iftoj TV) nXavov6j] avyyqaipeii;. See SCRIP- 
TORES. Scriptores aliquot gnomici, etc. 

8vo., [15^1-] 

i^iTHICUS. ^thici cosmographia. (In 

/Ethici cosmographiam scholia, J. Simlcro 

auctore.) See DIONYSIUS, Periegctcs. 

Dionysii Alex, ct Pomp. Melae situs orbis 

descriptio, etc. 4to., 1377. 

AETIUS, Amidenus. 'Aexiov 'A/udijvor (iijiXioiv 

iaXQixow Tonoi a , rovreart fttftXiu oxro Ta 

TiQwra. Aetii Amideni librorum medicina- 

lium tomus primus, primi scilicet libri octo 

nunc primimi in lucem cditi. Gr. Ed. Pk. 

fol., [colophon .] Venetiis : in adibus 

hceredum Aldi Mantitii, &■ Andrea: 

Asulani, 1534. 

Renouard, p. J12. Sykcs copy. 

AFF6 (IrIlNEO). Memorie di trc celebri prin- 
cipesse della famiglia Gonzaga, etc. [Dedi- 
cation signed I. .\ff6.] 4to., Parma, 1787. 

Saggio di memorie su la tipografia Par- 

niense del sccolo XV. 4to., Parma, 1 791. 

.VERA, Saint and Martyr. Convcrsio et passio 

SS. MartjTum Afra?, Hilariac, Dignae, Euno- 

miae, Eutropiae ; quae ante annos paullo 

minus MCCC Augustae Vindelicorum passoe 

sunt. Cum commcntario, M. Velseri. 4to., 

Venetiis: apud Aldum[the Younger], 1591. 

Reiiousrd, p. 247. Block copy. 

AFRAXIUS (Lucius). See ESTIENNE (H.). 

znd of the Name. Fragmenta poetarum 

vetcrum Latinorum...Ennii...Afranii, etc. 

8vo., 1564. 

AGAPETUS, Diaconus. De officio regis ad 

Justinianum Caesarem. Gr. &• Lat. See 

iESOPUS. Aesopi... fabulce, e/c. i6mo., 1549. 

'ExOfois y.B(pa?.aioni jtagaivertxwv, a'/cSta- 

aOeiaa nana 'AyajrijTov, etc. See SCRIP- 
TORES. Scriptores aliquot gnomici, etc. 

8vo., [1521.] 
.VGAR-ELLIS (George James Welbore) ist 

Baron Dover. See DOVER. 
.AGATHARCHIDES. 'Ey. ro>v tou 'AyaOag/iSov 
rregi T)/c fQvOQa; OaX.aaarji; ixXoyat. See 
CTESIAS. 'Ey ran' Krtiatov, AyaOao/iSov... 
ioTOQiycov eyXoyai, etc. 8vo., 1557. 

AGATHIAS. .\gathire...dc impcrio et rebus 
gestis Justiniani imperatoris libri quinque : 
GrjEcc nunquam antehac cditi. Ex biblio- 
thecA [sic] & interpretatione B. Vulcanii, cum 
notis ejusdem. Accesserunt ejusdem Aga- 
thiae epigrammata Graeca (Latine rcddita per 
Josephum Scaligerum...& J. Dousam). Gr. 
<^v Lat. 1 pts. [in i vol.] 

4to., Lugduni Balavorum, 1394. 
The title to tlio second part read^ as follow?? ; 
" Bon. Vulcanii notfc ; qviilni.'i mulla Agathisa 
loca doclarantur ; qiiamplurinia otiani veteris 
codicis Ms. menda eastigantur," etc. The T.atin 
version of tlio " History of ju<itiuian," wliich 
should ho includtxl in tlio first part of this work, 
is in this copy placed at tlie end of tlio second 
part ; it lia.s a separate pagination and register, 

AGOSTINI (Lio.N'ARDo). tlcmmae et sculpturae 
antiquac depictae ab L. .\ugustino Senensi. 
.\ddita carum enarratione, in Latinum versa 
ab J. Gronovio, etc. z pts. [in i vol.] 

4to., Anistelodami, 1685. 

AGRICOLA (Cn.^cus Julius). Tacitus (P. c"). 
Ivlii Agricolc vita per Cornelivm Tacitvm... 
Begin. Franciscvs Pvteolanvs Rcverendo D. 
lacobo Antiqvario...salvtem. 4to., [1482,] 

AGRICOLA (CiEORGius) the Elder. G. Agri- 
colae de mensuris & pondcribus Romanorum 
alquc Gr;ecoruni lib. V. Dc cxternis men- 
suris & pondcribus lib. II. .^d ca, qua- A. 
.Alciatus dcnuo disputavit dc mensuris & 
pondcribus, brcvis dcfensio lib. 1. De men- 
suris, quibiis intcrvnlla mctimur lib. I. De 
restitucndis pondcribus a(q^ mensuris lib. I. 
Dc prccio metallorum & monetis lib. III. 

fol., [colophon :] Basilecp : apud II. 
Frobentum el N. Episcopium, 1550 
Do Tliou copy. 

AGRICOLA (Georgius) the Elder.— [contd.) 

G. Agricolae de ortu & causis subter- 

raneorum lib. V. De natura eorum quje 
effluunt ex terra lib. IIII. De natura fos- 
silium lib. X. De veteribus & novis metallis 
lib. II. Bennannus, sive de re metalUca 
dialogus lib. I. Interpretatio Germanica 
vocum rei metallicae, etc. fol., BasilecB, 1558. 

De Thou copy. 

AGRICOLA (RoDOLPHUs). R. Agricolae... de 
formando studio epistola elegantissima. See 
MELANCHTHON (P.). P. Melachthonis de 
corrigendis studiis sermo, etc. 8vo., 1537. 

AGRIPPA (Henricus Cornelius). See 
MORLEY (H.). Cornelius Agrippa, etc. 
2 vols. Svo., 1856. 

See RAVIUS (G. F.) Pras. Ex historia 

literaria de H. C. Agrippac.vita, fatis et 
scriptis, etc. 4to., 1726. 

AGUESSEAU (Henri Franjois d'). See 
filoge de H. F. Daguesseau, etc. Svo., 1760. 

See BUTLER (C). Memoir of the life 

of H. F. d'Aguesseau, etc. 8vo., 1830. 

AGUSTIN (Antonio) Archbishop of Tarrag07ta. 
Dialoghi...intorno alle medaglie inscrittioni et 
altre antichita ; tradotti di lingua spagnuola 
in italiana da D. O. Sada, & dal medesimo 
accresciuti, con diverse annotationi, etc. 
(Notitia di una medaglia di Costantino, molto 
bella, etc.) fol., [colophon .•] Roma, 1592. 

Hopetoun copy. 

Dialogos de medallas inscriciones y otras 

antiguedades. Ex bibliotheca A. Augustini. 

4to., Tarragona, 1587. 
Crawford (Lakelands) copy. 

A. Augustini... emendationum, et opinio- 

num, Lbri quatuor. Ad Modestinum : sive, 
de excusationibus, liber singularis. His libris 
maxima juris civilis pars ex Florentinis 
Pandectis cmendatur, & declaratur. 

8vo., Ltigdiini : apud Seb. Gryphiwn, 1544. 

Contemporary calf binding, with the initials 

" C. V. D. B." on the front cover. Castro and 

Sunderland copy. 

AHN (Henricus). De Bentleio Miltoni edi- 

tore. Dissertatio philologica, etc. 

8vo., Bonnae, 1859. 
Pattison copy. 
AIKEN (John). Vie d'Edmond Spenser... 
trad uite... par A. H. M. Boulard. 

8vo., Paris. 1818. 
From the " Annales EnoyoIop&Jiques " for Sep- 
tember, 181 8. Pattison copy. 
AILESBURY (Thomas Bruce) 2Hd Earl of. 
Memoirs of Thomas, Earl of Ailesbury, 
written by himself. [Edited by W. E. 
Buckley.] 2 vols. 4to., Westminster, 1890. 
(Roxburghe Club Publications, No. 122.) Mr. 
B. C. Christie's copy. 
AINSWORTH (William Harrison). Banquet 
to W. H. Ainsworth, Esq., at the Manchester 
Town Hall, 15th Sept., 1881. 

8vo., Manchester, [1881.] 

[Another edition, entitled :] Report 

of proceedings at a complimentary dinner 
given. W. H. Ainsworth, etc. 

8vo., {London,) [1881.] 

AKAKIA (Martinus) the Elder. Synopsis 
eorum quse quinque prioribus libris Galeni de 
facultatibus simpUcium medicamentorum 
continentur. See GALENUS (C). [De Sim- 
PLiciUM Medicamentorum Facultatibus.] 

8vo., 1555. 

AKOMINATOS (Nicetas) Choniates. See 


ALAMANNI (LuiGi) the Elder. Opere toscane, 
etc. 2 torn, [in i vol.] 8vo., Lugd[uni'\ : 

Seb. Gryphius excudebat, 1532-33. 
Marchett! copy. 
ALANUS, de Instdis, Bishop of Auxerre. Epis- 
tola Alani aurigae de detestatioe belli gallici 
& suasione pads. See PHILELPHUS (F.). 
Epistole F. Philelfi, etc. 4to., 1509. 

ALBA (Martial). See CRESPIN (J.). Des 
cinq escoliers (M. Alba, P. Escrivain, etc.) 
sortis de Lausanne, bruslez a Lyon, fol., 1878. 
ALBERGATI (Vianesio). La pazzia. [By 
V. Albergati.] 8vo., s.l. et t.n., [c. 1540.] 

Melzi, n., 323. Citron morocco by F. Bedford. 
B. S. Turner's copy. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., s.l. et t.n., 1541. 
[Another edition.] 8vo., [colo- 
phon .•] Venegia : per G. A . Vavassore detto 
Guadagnino, &■ Florio fratello, 1543. 
Qalsford copy. 
Les louages de la folic, traicte fort plaisant 

en forme de paradoxe [by V. Albergati], 
traduict...en francois par.. .J. du Thier. 

8vo., Paris, 1566. 

A translation of " La Pazzia." Barbier, IL, 134 J. 

ALBERT (Paul). La litterature frangaise des 

origines au 17"^ siccle. 8vo., Paris, 1872. 

ALBERTI (Heinrich). De Horatii odarum 

cum pueris tractandarum ratione, etc. 

8vo., Lipsiae, 1821. 

ALBERT IS (Albertus de). Generales vin- 

diciae, adversus famosos G. Scioppii libellos, 

Societati Jesu, etc. i2mo., Monachii, 1649. 

Lydius lapis ingenii, spiritus, ac morum 

G. Scioppii, etc. i2mo., Monachii, 1649. 

ALBERTUS, Magnus, Bishop of Ratisbon. 
Collectanea Lacinii ex Alberto Magno, etc. 
See BONUS (P.). Pretiosa margarita novella 
de thesauro, etc. 8vo., 1846. 

ALBERTUS (Leo Baptista). Begin. [Fol. i, 
verso .] ANGELVS Politianus : Laurentio 
Medici patrono suo. S. D | [Sig. ai. 

fol., [colophon:] FlorenticE : opera Magistri 
Nicolai Laiirentii Alamani, 1485. 
Hain and Copinger, '419. Proctor, 6131. Im- 
perfect ; wanting the last leaf, containing the 
register, and four other leaves (sigs. I3-I6 !). 

Lepidi comici veteris [i.e., L. B. Albertus] 

Philodoxios, fabula [in prose] ex antiquitate 
eruta ab A. Manuccio [the Younger]. 

8vo., Lucae, 1588. 
Benouard, p. 240. Blue morocco by Birdsall k 
Son. Bucliley copy. 


ALBERTUS (Leo Bapiista).— (coH/(i.) 

Trivia Senatoria. See LEGATUS. De 

• legato Pontificio. 4to., 1558. 

[Another copy.] 

ALBINOVANUS (Caius Pedo). C. P. Albino- 
vani elegiac III, et fragmenta, cum inter- 
pretatione et notis J. Scaligeri, elc. 

8vo., Anisteladami 
A. GosUing's copy. 


ALBINUS (Petrus). [i.e., Peter Weisse.] 
Vita G. Sabini...consignata potissimum ex 
ipsius scriptis...T. Crusius denuo edidit et 
luculento commentario auxit. 

Svo., Lignicii, 1724. 
ALBIUS (Thomas). See WHITE (T.) Roman 

Catholic Priest. 
LOM^US [Albizzi], Pisanus. 

ALC/EUS, of Mytitene. 'A}.xaiov /leh). Gi: 
&- Lat. See PINDARUS. Piiidari Olym- 
pia, Pj'thia, etc. [Vol. II.] 24mo., 15O0. 

Editio II. Graecolatina H. Steph., 

etc. 24mo., 1566. 

ALCIATI (Andrea). See ALCIATUS (A.). 

ALCIATOR (Bern.\rd). Essais poetiques. See 
HORATIUS FLACCUS (Q.). [Epistol.e : 
Ars Poetica. — French.'] Traduction nou- 
vellc.dc I'art poetique d'Horace...Deuxicme 
edition, etc. 8vo., 1839. 

ALCIATUS (Andreas), [j.^., Andrea Alciati.] 
D. A. rescripta principum com- 
mentarii, de summa trinitate, (dc) Sacro- 
sanct. Eccl., (de) aedendo, (de) in jus vocando, 
(de) pactis, (de) transactionibus. His ac- 
cessit ejusdem de quinque pedum prescript. 
lib. I. fol., Lugdnni : S. Gryphiiis Ger- 
maniis excudehat, 1532. 

[Anotlier edition.] 

fol., Liigdiini : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1537. 

[Another edition.] 

fol., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1547. 
Sunderland copy. 

Aureus A. Alciati...praisumptionum trac- 

tatus, J. N. Arelatani...ampli.ssimis auctus 
additionibus, argumentis ac indice elemen- 
tario de more exornatus, studiosorum ergo 
nunc primum in lucem exit. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud J. Ginntam, 1542. 

D. A. verborum significatione 

libri quatuor. Ejusdem in tractatum ejus 
argunicnti vctcruni jureconsulton commen- 

fol., Lugdutn : Seb. Gryphius excudebat, 1530. 

^— [Another copy.] 

[Another edition.] io\., Lugduni : 

S. Gryphius Germanus excudebat, 1542. 

Wodhull copy. 
Viri clarissimi 

A. Alciati...emblematum 

liber, jam denuo emendatus & rccognitus. 
8vo., [colophon .] Augusta Vindelicorum : 
per Henricum Sleyncr, 1534. 

A. Alciati emblemalum libellus, nuper in 

lucem editus [by P. Rhosithinus]. 8vo., 

[colophon :] Venetiis : apnd Aldi filios, 1546. 
Renouard, p. 138. Red morocco by Trautz- 

A. Alciati... paradoxorum, ad Pratuni, lib. 

VI. Dispunctionum, lib. IIII. In treis lib. 
cod., lib. III. De eo quod interest, lib. I. 
Proetermissorum, lib. II. Declamatio una. 
De stip. divisionib. commentariolus. Ex 
secunda authoris recognitionc. fol., [colo- 
phon .] Basiled' : apud A. Cralandrum, 1523. 

[Another edition.] D. A. Alciati... 

parado.xorum ad Pratum, libri sex...De stip. 

divisionib. commentariolus. Ex novissima 

recognitionc autoris. fol., Lugduni : Seb. 

Gryphius excudebat, 1532. 

[Another edition.] 

fol., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1535. 

[Another edition.] 

fol., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1537. 
Sunderland copy. 

[Another edition.] 

fol., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1543. 

JJaoegyon' juris libri tres priores...Cum 

singulorum capitum argumentis, ac vocabu- 
lorum, rerum, autoritatum, & locorum indice 

fol., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1548. 

ITaQeQydJv juris libri VII. posteriores... 

Argumentis in singula capita : rerum item, 
ac vocabulorum, autoritatum, locorumq3 
emendatorum indicibus amplissimis ad calcem 
operis adjectis. 

fol., Lugdutii : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1547. 

Reliqua D. A. Alciati opera, quae typis 

nostris hactenus non fucrant excusa, etc. (De 
magistratibus, civilibusqj & militaribus ofii- 
ciis, liber I. Dc ponderibus, & mcnsuris, 
liber I., elc.) 

fol., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1548. 

See GREEN (H.). A. Alciati and his 

book of emblems, etc. 8vo., 1872. 

- See RHENANUS (B.). In P. C. Tacitum 

annotationes B. Rhenani, Alciati, etc. 

8vo., 1542. 

See SEARS (G. E.). A collection of the 

emblem books of A. Alciati, etc. 8vo., 1888. 

ALCIDAMAS. 'A^xi6aftavro? odvaaeco;, xura 
:i(iXaiii)dovc; TTQodoaia-;. — 'AXxiSa/tavToq, negi 
T(i>v Tocc }'pa;rToi'C P.oyovg yQafovToiv, etc. See 
/ESCHINES. Aoyoi rovrwri t(ov qijxoqiov. 
Aiaxivov...'AXxt('iaiiavTo;, etc. [Pts. I. and 
HI.] fol., 1513- 

'Alxtda/iavTo: eig roi',- aotfiatui, /.oyo<;. a'. 

See ISOCRATES. [Opera.] Isocratcs 
nuper accurate recognitus, etc. fol., 1534. 

[Anotlier copy.] 

ALCINOUS. Alcinoi di.sciplinarum Plalonis 
cpitoma, etc. See APULEIUS (L.) Mad.tu- 
rensis. Begin. Bcssarion. S. R. E. Epi- 
scopus Ciirdinalis Sabinensis, etc. End. 
Lucii Apuleii...mctamorplioscos liber, etc. 

fol., 1 4 09. 


[Another edition.] Alcinoi... liber, de 

doctrinaPIatonis. Lat. 5ee lAMBLICHUS, 
Chalcidensis. Index eorum, quae hoc in 
Hbro habentur. lamblichus de mysteriis 
iEgyptiorum, etc. fol., 1497. 

[Another edition.] fol., 1516. 

[Another edition.] 'AXxivoov (pi}.o- 

aocpov eli ra rov IJkaTojvog doy/jara etaayoiyrj. 
Alcinoi philosophi ad Platonis dogmata intro- 
ductio. Gr. See APULEIUS (L.) Madau- 
rensis. L. Apuleii metamorphoseos, etc. 

8vo., 1521. 

[Another edition.] 9>vo.,Lutetiep : 

apiid M. Vascosaniim, 1532. 
Russia by Roger Payne. Wodhull copy. 

Alcinoi ... de doctrina Platonis liber. 

Graece et Latine. Speusippi... liber de Pla- 
tonis definitionibus. Xenocratis... liber de 
morte. [Translated by M. Ficinus.] 8vo., 

Parisiis : apud M. Vascosaniim, 1533. 
Tliis edition is without the Greek text of Alcinous. 
VVodhuU copy. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Parisiis : apud VascosanR, 1549. 

This edition is also without the Greek text of 

Alcinous. Wodhull copy. 

ALCIPHRON. 'AkxKpQovo; Qrjxogo; iniOToXai. 

Alciphronis rhetoris 

notis illustravit S. Bergher. Gr. &• Lat. 

8vo., Lipsics, 1 715. 
Citron morocco by Duseuil. Lamoignon, Beck- 
ford, and Sullivan copy. 
ALCMAN. 'A^.x/iavog fieh]. Gr. &■ Lat. See 
PINDARUS. Pindari Olympia, Pythia, etc. 
[Vol. II.] 24mo., 1560. 

Editio II. Graecolatina H. Steph., 

etc. 24mo., 1566. 

ALCOFRIBAS, pseud, [i.e., FRAN901S Rabe- 
lais.] See RABELAIS (F.). 
ALCORAN. [L' Alcoran des Cordeliers, tant 
en latin qu'en frangois, cest-a-dire la mer des 
blasphemes et mensonges de cest idole sig- 
matize qu'on appelle saint Francois, recuilli 
par...E. Alber du liure des conformitez de ce 
beau saint Fran9ois [by Bartholomaeus Al- 
bizzi], etc.] 2 torn. See BARTHOLOM^US 
[Albizzi], Pisantts. 8vo., [1560.] 


ALCUINUS. Albini sive septem 
psalmos poenitentiales & CXVIII. psalmu, & 
in Cantica graduum.-.expositio. Drogonis... 
de Sacramento dominica; passionis...commen- 
tatiuncula. 8vo., LuteticB Parisioriim : per 

N. Divite, 1547. 

See C.W.Ol-,\]S, Magnus. Caroli...Magni, 

et D. Albini [i.e., Alcuinus] de rhetorica & 
virtutibus disputatio, etc. 8vo., 1529. 

ALCYONIUS (Petrus). P. Alcyonii medices 
legatus de exsiho. i^to., [colophon:'] Venetiis : 
in aedibiis Aldi et A ndreae Asiilani soceri, 1522. 
Renouard, p. 95. 

P. Alcyonii... medicos legatus, sive de 

exilio hbri II., etc. See CARDANUS (H.). 
H. sapientia libri quinque, etc. 

8vo., 1624. 

P. Alcyonii medices legatus, sive de exilio 

libri duo: accessere J. P. Valerianus, et C. 
Tollius de infelicitate litteratorum, ut & J. 
Barberius de miseria poetarum Graecorum, 
cum prifatione J. B. Menckenii, etc. 

i2mo., Lipsice, 1707. 
Witli a half-title reading: "Analecta de calaraitate 

ALDENHAM (Henry Hucks Gibbs) 1st 
Baron. A catalogue of some printed books 
and manuscripts at St. Dunstan's, Regent's 
Park, and Aldenham House, Herts. Col- 
lected by H. H. Gibbs. 4to., London, 1888. 
Privately printed. Presentation copy from H. 
H. Gibbs. 

ALDRICH (Henry). Artis logics rudimenta, 
from the text of Aldrich, with notes and 
marginal references. By...H. L. Mansel. 
Second edition, etc. ' 8vo., Oxford, 1852. 

ALDROVANDUS (Ulysses). [i.e., Ulisse 
Aldrovandi.] U. Aldrovandi cycni enco- 
mium. See SCRIPTORES. Dissertationum 
ludicrarum...scriptores varii. Editio nova, 
etc. i2mo., 1644. 

[Another copy.] 

See FANTUZZI (G.). Memorie della vita 

di U. Aldrovandi, etc. 8vo., 1774. 


ALEANDER (Hieronymus) the Elder, Car- 
dinal, [i.e., Girolamo Aleandrc] D. H. 
Aleandri...tabulse sane quam utiles Graecarum 
musarum adyta copendio igredi cupietibus. 
Selecti aliquot Luciani dialogi [ Gr.], cum 
aliis nonnullis. 

4to., Lovanii : apud T. Mariinum, 1525. 
16 ff., without pagination, sigs. A-D'. This 
edition not known to Iseghem, 

ALECTHROCHORAS (Bartholom^us) 

pseud., Resp. [For editions of the " Dis- materia."] See 
CORNIGERUS (J.) pseud., Pras. 

ALEMBERT (Jean le Rond d'). Melanges de 

litterature, d'histoire, et de philosophic. [By 

J. le R. d'Alembert.] Quatri^me edition. 

5 tom. i2mo., Amsterdam. 1767. 

Tome V. is of the first edition. Barbier, III., 113. 

Mazarin Library copy. 

See DUMAS (C. L.). filoge de d'Alem- 
bert, etc, 8vo., 1789. 

See HUME (D.). A concise... account of 

the dispute between Mr. Hume and Mr. 
Rousseau : with the letters... of... Mr. D'Alem- 
bert, relative to this extraordinary affair, etc. 

8vo., 1766. 

ALEXANDER, Aphrodisaus. 'AXe^avdgov rov 
aq)QoSiaw(oQ, eli; to, rov AgtaroreXovg, jiQarega 
dvaXvxtxa, vTioftvrj/ia. Alexandri aphrodisien- 
sis, in priora analytica Aristotelis, commen- 
taria. Gr. fol., [colophon : Venice : 

Aldus Manutius and Andreas Asttlanns, 1520.] 
Renouard, p. 89. 

'AXs^avdQov 'AipQodt(nea)g elg ta romxa 

ALEXANDER, AphYodiscsns.—(contd.) 

'AQiatoreXovi, v:to/jvrjfiaTa. Alexandri Aphro- 

disiei in topica Aristotelis, commentarii. Gy. 

fol., [colophon .-] Veneliis : in aedibiisAldi, 

et Andreae soceri, 1513. 

The preface is dated 1514. Renouard, p. 6;. 

Marefoschi and Pattison copy. 

[Another copy.] 

Manzoni copy. 

Alexandri Aphrodisiei problematum liber 

primus (-secundus). See ARISTOTELES. 
[Opera. — Latin.'] Habentur hoc volumine 
haec Theodore Gaza interprete. Arictotelis 
[sic] de natura animalium lib. IX., etc. 
[Pt. III.] fol., 1504. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., s.a. 

'AXe^avdQov 'AipQoSiaucoQ larQiy.a &noQi}- 

liara, xai (pvaina TTQofiXtjfiaTa. (Alexandri 
Aphrodisiei problemata... J. Davioni studio 
illustrata.) Gr. &■ Lat. 2 pts. [in i vol.] 

l2mo., Parisiis : [E. Tousan,] 1540-41. 
Tiie fir.'^t part is unpaged ; the second part, con- 
taining tlie Latin version, is foliated. 

Alexandri Aphrodisiensis, in sophisticos 

Aristotelis elenchos, commentaria. 'AXe^av- 
dgov 'A<pQo6i.airojg d:ioai}neioOctg, tlq rovg 
ao(piartxovg iXsyxovQ. [Edited by H. Gyr- 
landus.] Gr. fol., [colophon :] Venetiis : 

in aedibtcs Aldi, et Andrea soceri, 1520. 
Renouard, p. 8g. Seilli^re and Genna<lius copy. 

'AXe^M'Sqov 'AtpQodiaiewQ ntqi ^vyrji, flt/i- 

Xiov. — 'AXe^avdQov 'AtpQoStaceio;...neQi. Ei/taQ- 
fiEvi];. etc. See THEMISTIUS, Euphrada. 
Ta Tov &e/it(mov. . .oiTiavra, etc. fol., 1534. 

'AXe^av6Q0v AcpQodiaiewg v7iofivt]fta ei; to 

HexEWQoXoyixa [of Aristotle], eZ; to nqunov 
( — TETaQXov). — 'AkE^av8oov 'A(pQodiaiEuig nEQi 
/uiEOK. Sec ARISTOTELES. [Opera.— 
Greek.] 'lojavvt]:; 6 rQafJ/jartxo; eli; to :tcqi 
ytvEOEtiK, xat cpOoQat;, etc. fol., 1527. 

Zijrti/tara 'AXE^avSgov tov AqiQodtatEOK 

ipvaixa, nEQi ipv/_i)c ifli]xa. METuifiQuaig ex 
Tojv da^taatov etg to jtq(otov nsQi ovqavov fiifiXiov. 
' ETtiTont) axoXixt] Cij; xa 8' TCQona xai to »/' .Trpi 
tpvatxt/Q fiifiXia. 0eo(pgaaTov tieqi alaOrjaeaj; 
(itpXtov. Ugtaxtavov ?.vdov /leraipQaai; tov 
dEOtpQaoTov TTEQi aloOijaeoj^ xai (favraaia-;. 
Qu;cstioncs Alexandri Aphrodisiensis natu- 
rales, dc anima, morales. Metaplirasis ex 
Damascio in primum librum de ccelo & 
mundo. Epitome per modum comentarii in 
(juatuor primos, & octavum physiccs libros. 
Theophrasti liber de sensu. Prisciani lydi 
metaphrasis in libros Theophrasti de sensu & 
phantasia. [Edited by V. Trincavelus.] Gr. 

fol., [Venice : B. Zanctti,] 1536. 
This edition contains only the " Pliysica " and 
*' De fato *' of Alexander. Panzer, VIII., 557, 
1923. Brunut, I., 161. 
ALEXANDER, Gramtnalicus. [Doctrinale.] 
(5. X. 8vo., 5.«. 

102 ff., without pagination ; Bigs. (V-d*^, o*^, f^, g", 
h\ i«, k». 1«, m", n", o». 36-38 lines to a full 
page. Wanting siga. a I , o 7 and o 8. 
ALEXANDER, Magnus, King of Macedon. 
The alliterative romance of Alexander... 
Edited by... J. Stevenson. 4to., London, 1849. 
(Roxburgho Olub Publications, No. 67.) 

ALEXANDER, Sophista. AXsiavSgov tieqi tcdv 

T»;- diaroia; aytj/iarcoi' xai tieqi tidv Tijq ?.£ieo}i 

rjxniiarcov. See APHTHONIUS, Sophista. 

Rhetores in hoc volumine habentur hi, etc. 

\yo\. I.] 4to., 1.508. 

ALEXANDER, Trallianiis. 'AXc^avdgov Tga?.- 

Xtavov tuTQOV /?(/?Ata SuoxaidExa. 'Pa!^>] ?.oyo; 

TTEQi X.ot/Hxi]i; aTio TijQ avQwv SiaX.exTov iicX- 

?.r]viaOEii;. Alexandri Tralliani medici lib. 

XII. Rliaza; de pestilentia libcUus ex 

Sj-rorum lingua in Grascam translatus. J. 

Goupyli in eosdem castigationes. Gr. fol., 

LxiteticB : ex officina R. Stephani, 1548. 

The " Castigationes " have a separate pagination 

and register. Red morocco by Roger Payne, 

Wodhull and Geunadius copy. 

[Another copy.] 

ander). The Stirling peerage. Trial of A. 
Humphrys or Alexander styling himself Earl 
of Stirling... for forgery... edited by W. Turn- 
bull. With an introductory notice of the 
Earldom of Stirling, etc. 

8vo., Edinburgh, 1839. 

LA (Georgius). 

AI^EXANDRO (Ale.xander de). Alexandri 
de Alexandre dies geniales. fol., [colo- 
phon .•] Roma: : in adibus J. Mazochii, 1522. 
Blue morocco by Kidge. Syslon Park copy. 

ALFIERI (Vittorio) Conte. Vita di V. 
.\lfieri scritta da essc.Edizione stereotipa. 
8vo., Milano, 1874. 

ALIONE (Giovanni Giorgio). See BRUNET 
(J. C). Notice biographiquc.sur J. G. 
Alione, d'Asti. 8vo., 1836. 

ALITOPHILUS, pseud, [i.e., Claude Bar- 

ALLATIUS (Leo), [i.e., Leone Allacci.] L. 
Allatii animadversiones in antiquitatum 
Etruscarum fragmenta ab Inghiramio edita. 
4to., Parisiis, 1640. 

L. Allatii apes urbana', si\c de viris 

illustribus qui ab anno 1630 per totnm 1632 
Rom:e adfuerunt, ac typis aliquid c\-ulgarunt. 
Et J. Imperialis... museum hisloricum, vir- 
orum litteris illustrium elogia, vitas eorun- 
dem et mores notantia complexum, priemissa 
procfatione J. A. Fabricii. 2 pts. [in i vol.] 

8vo., Hamburgi, 1711. 

Licetus L. Allatii, carmine e.xprcssus. 

Gr. &■ Lat. 4to., Romcc, 1641. 

L. Allatii de erroribus magnorum virorum 

in dicendo, dissertatio rhetorica, etc. 

8vo., Romer, 1635. 

L. Allatii dc scriptis Socratis dialogus, etc. 

See SOCRATI=;S. [The Supposititious Letters.] 
Socratis, Antisthenis, ct aliorum Socraticorum 
cpistolx, etc. 4to., 1637. 

L. Allatii av/i/iixra, sivc opusculorum, 

Grx'corum ct Latinonun...libri duo. Edente, 
nonnullis additis, B. Nihusio, etc. 2 pts. 
[in I vol.] 8vo., Colonic: Agrippin<T, 1653. 

Kach part has an independent paginntion, bat 
the register iu couuocuti\'u Lhruughuut. Mlt- 
ford copy. 

ALLEN (John). Inquiry into the rise and 
growth of the royal prerogative in England. 
A new edition... To which is added an inquiry 
into the life and character of King Eadwig. 
(Edited by B. Thorpe.) 8vo., London, [1849.] 
ALLEN (William) Cardinal. Cardinal Allen's 
defence of Sir W. Stanley's surrender of 
Deventer, January 29, 1586-7. Edited by 
T. Heywood. :^to., (Manchester.) 1851. 

(Chetham Society. Remains, etc. Vol. XXV.) 
ALLUT (Paul). A. Sygea et N. Chorier. [An 
essay demonstrating that N. Chorier was the 
author of the " Satyra Sotadica " attributed 
by him to A. Sygea.] (Syntra A. Sygaeas... 
aliaque ejusdem ac nonnuUorum prseterea 
virorum ad eamdem epigrammata, etc. 1566. 
[Reprint.]) 2 pts. [in one vol.] 

8vo., Lyon, 1862. 

fitude biographique et bibliographique 

sur S. Champier...suivie de divers opuscules 
frangois de S. Champier, etc. 8vo., Lyon, 1859. 
ALLWOERDEN (Henricus ab) Resp. His- 
toria M. Serveti. etc. See MOSHEIM (J. 
L.) Prcrs. 4to., (1728.) 

ALMACK (Edward). A bibliography of the 
King's Book, or Eikon Basilike. 

4to., London, 1896. 
ALMANDINUS (Maturinus). [i.e., Mathurin 
Alamande.] Que hoc libro contineantur. 
Almadini...genethliacon carmen de natalicio 
redeptorisdie...EjusdSepistola ad J. Fabru... 
Ejusde hymni tres de rebus divinis. Ejusde 
historiarij enarratio in paradoxa M. Ciceronis, 
etc. 2 pts. [in i vol.] 

4to., Castris : in edibus G. Niidi, et 
ToloscB aptid Joanem Fabri, (1519.) 
In the first part the pages have no numeration. 
The second part is foliated. The title to pt. II. 
reads: " Alraandini...hi3toriaru5 enarratio In 
paradoxa M. Cicerois," etc. This is the copy 
referred to in A. Claudin's " Un 6crivain sain- 
tongeais inconnu." Tiraqueau and Sunderland 

See CLAUDIN (A.). Un ecrivain sain- 

tongeais inconnu. M. Alamande, etc. 

8vo., 1895. 
[Another copy.] 

ALMELOVEEN (Theodorus Janssonius ab). 
T. J. ab Almeloveen amoenitates theolo- 
gico-philologicae . . . Subj iciuntur epigrammata 
& poemata Vetera, ut & plagiariorum syllabus 
altero tanto auctior. 3 pts. [in i vol.] 

8vo., Amsteladanii, 1694. 

T. J. ab Almeloveen bibliotheca promissa 

et latens. Huic subjuguntur G. H. Velschii 
de scriptis suis ineditis epistoto. 

8vo., Gaud(F, 1688. 
The dedication is dated 1692. Friedlaender and 

Fenerlein copy. 
T. J. ab Almeloveen de vitis Stephanorum, 

celebrium typographorum dissertatio episto- 
lica...Subjecta est H. Stephani querimonia 
artis typographies. Ejusdem epistola de 
statu suae typographiae, etc. (Index lib- 
rorum qui ex omnium Stephanorum officinis 
unquam prodierunt.) 

8vo., Amstcladami, 1683. 


( ) Earl of. The Earl of Dunfermline 
against the Earl of Calendar and Lord 
Almond. fol., [1851 ?] 

(Joseph). Typographes et gens de lettres. 
See DfiCEMBRE (J.) & ALONNIER (E.). 

8vo., 1864. 

ALPHABETUM. Alphabetum Graecum, una 
cum multis aliis...Cui adjuncta haec sunt: 
Precatio dominica, Salutatio angelica... & hoc 
genus alia, Gra°c6 & Latine, etc. 

i6mo., Parisiis : M. Juvenis, s.a. 
The printer of this book, M. Le Jeune, practised 

Alphabetum Graecum, cum accentibus, 

abbreviationibus, quib' Grseci plurimum 
utuntur, nonnullisq3 aliis, etc. 

8vo., Parisiis : ex officina S. Colintpi, 153 1. 
WodliuII copy. 

.-Mphabetum Gr£ecum...G. Moreho auc- 

tore. See MORELIUS (G.). 8vo., 1550. 

Alphabetum Graecum. Addita sunt T. 

Bezac scholia, in quibus de germana GrJEcae 
linguae pronuntiatione disseritur. 

8vo., [Paris ;] oliva R. Stephani, 1554. 
Crofts and Wodhull copy. 

Alphabetum Grffcum. De potestate lite- 

rarum, ac divisione earundem. Abbrevia- 
tiones, quibus Grgci frequetissimd utuntur. 
Oratio Dominica, cum aliis quibusdam pre- 
catiunculis Grace, versione Latina e regione 
posita. Postremo numerus secundum usum 
Graecorum. Or. &■ Lat. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1558. 
Published by the heirs of S. Grypliius. Croftl 
and Wodhull copy. 

Alphabetum GrKcum. De singularum 

literarum appcUatione & significatione. De 
literarum nexu, et syllabarum compendiis, etc. 
Gr. &■ Lat. 8vo., Parisiis, 1560. 

Crofts and Wodhull copy. 

Alphabetum Grandonico - Malabaricum 

sive Samscrudonicum. [Edited by G. C. 
Amaduzzi.] See AMADUZZI (G. C). 

8vo., 1772. 

Alphabetu Hebraicum. Heb. iS" Lat. 

8vo., Parisiis : ex officina R. Stephani, 

Wodhull copy. 

Alphabetii Hebraicum, in quo dihgentius 

& sincerius quam antehac legendi ratio ex 
Hebrjoru monumetis explicatur : adjecto ad 
tyrones exercedos Decalogo, adhaec brevi 
accetuum tractatione, quantum ilUs neces- 
sarium est. Secunda editio. Heb. &■ Lat. 

8vo., Luietien, 1563. 

ALPHONSO v.. King of Aragon and Naples. 
Facetiae Alphonsi. See FRISCHLINUS (N.). 
N. Frischlini... facetiae selectiores, etc. 

i2mo., 1651. 

ALPINE JOURNAL, The : a record of moun- 
tain adventure and scientific observation. 

ALPINE JOURNAL, The.—{coHtd.) 

By members of the Alpine Club. Vols. I.- 

IX. 8vo., London, 1864-80. 

Vols. I.-III. edited by H. B. George, vola. IV. -V. 

by L. Stephen, vols. VI.-IX. by D. W. Fresh- 


ALTHAUS (Friedrich). S. Hartlib. Ein 

deutsch-englisches Characterbild . 

Svo., [Leipzig, 1885.] 
From the "Historisches Tasclienbuch," 6. Folge, 
ALUMNUS THEMIDIS, pseud, [i.e.. Adrianus 
Beverlandus.] See BEVERLANDUS (A.). 
ALUNNO (Francesco). Le ricchezze dclla 
lingiia volRare. fol., [colophon .•] Vinegia : 
in casa de figlivoH di Aide, 1543. 
Renouard, p. 127. Syston Park copy. 
ALVAROTTI (Sperone Speroni degli). See 

ALYPIUS. 'AkvTitot! eiaaycoytj /lovaixtj, etc. 
Gr. &■ Lat. See MEIBOMIUS (M.). Anti- 
quse musicae auctores septem, etc. Vol. I. 

4to., 1652. 

AMABILE (LuiGi). Fra T. Campanella ne' 

Castelli di Napoli in Roma ed in Parigi, etc. 

Vol. I. 8vo., Napoli, 1887. 

Wanting Vol. II. 

Fra T. Campanella, la sua congiura, i suoi 

processi e la sua pazzia. Narrazione con 
molti documenti inediti...e 67 poesie di fra 
Tommaso finoggi ignorate, etc. 3 vols. 

8vo., Napoli, 1882. 

Fra T. Pignatelli, la sua congiura e la sua 

morte, etc. 8vo., Napoli, 1887. 

AMADACE, Sir. Sir Amadace. [A poem.] 
See ROBSON (J.). Three early English 
metrical romances, etc. 4to., 1842. 

AMADUZZI (Giovanni Crlstofano). Alpha- 
betum Grandonir.o-.Malabaricum sive Sam- 
scrudonicum. [Edited by G. C. Amaduzzi.] 
Skr. &■ Lat. 8vo., ifowfZ', 1772. 

(W. P.). Memoirs of A. Poll tianus... and the 
Amalthei...The second edition, etc. 8vo., 1805. 

AMANTON (Claude Nicolas). Notices sur 
M. (J.) Couturier et M. le baron (D. V.) 
Denon. [Signed C. N. Amanton.] 

8vo., [Dijon, 1825.) 
Pattison copy. 

AMARITON (Joannes) Nonetanus. J. Amari- 
tonis...oommentarioruminepistolasQ. Horatii 
Flacci, liber primus, etc. 8vo., Parisiis, 1553. 

AMAS^US (Hieronymus). See TOSI (P. 
A.). Descrizionc di un opuscolo [entitled, 
Vaticinium quo praedicitur universum orbem 
terrarum Christianae religionis imperium sub- 
iturum, by H. Amasaeus] impresso...ncir 
anno 1499. 4to., 1835. 

See TOSI (P. A.). Notizia...del poema 

romanzcsco La Spagna, colla descrizione di 
un opuscolo [by H. Amasaeus] impresso da 
Aldo Manuzio nell' anno 1499. 8vo., 1835. 

AMASiEUS (Romulus). R. Amasa;i oratio 
habita in funere Pauli III. Pont. Max. 
[Edited by P. Amasa?us.] 

4to., [colophon :] Bononicv, 1563. 

R. Amasaei orationum volumen, [Edited 

by P. Amasaeus.] 4to., Bononim, 1564. 

With a MS. index. 

Panegyricus sermo spectatiss. G. Sauro- 

manno Bonon. Gymnasiarchatus suscipienti 
insignia. ..a R. Amasaeo...dictus. 

4to., [colophon : Bologna:] impressit Bene- 

dictus bibliopola Bonon. [i.e., B. H, 

Faelli], 1513. 

See SCARSELLI (F.). Vita R. Amasai. 

etc. 4to., 1769. 

AMATI (Giacinto). Ricerche storico-critico, 
etc. [Critique on Vol. v.] 5^^ LABUS (G.). 
Tipografia del secolo XV., etc. 8vo., 1834. 

AMATUS, Lusitanus, pseud, [i.e., JoXo Rod- 
riguez, de Castello Branca.] [In Dios- 
coridis de mcdica materia libros quinque 
enarrationes. Accesscrunt adnotationes R. 
Constantini, necnon simplicium picturac.] 

Svo., (Lugduni,) [1558.] 
Imperfect, wanting the titlepage. Hastings 

AMBROGINI (Angelo) Poliziano. See POLI- 

AMBROSIUS, Saint, Bishop of Milan. De 
virginitatc opuscula sanctorum doctorum, 
Ambrosii, Hieronymi, et Augustini, etc. 

4to., Romae : apud P. Mantitinm, 1562. 
Renouard, p. 186. 


F. Tertulliani... Ambrosii. Probae Fal- 
coniae, opera. 8vo., 1825. 

AMBROSIUS (Theseus). Introductioin Chal- 

daicam lingua, Syriaca, atq3 Armenica, & 

dcce alias linguas, etc. 4to., [colophon :] 

Papiir : J. ^L Simoneta, 1539. 

Including letters to and from O. Postel. 

AMENO (Ludovicus Maria Sinistrari de). 


AMERBACHIUS (Vitus). V. Amerbachii in 
artem poeticam Horatii commentaria. [With 
the text.] See HORATIUS FLACCUS (Q.). 
[Epistol^ : Ars Poetica. — Latin.] 

8vo., 1543. 

AMEROTIUS (Hadrianus). See VAREN- 
NIUS (J.). J. Varennii....-rE£i' :rQoa([)dio}v 
libellus...De dialectis Graecis collecta...pcr A. 
Amerotium, etc. 8vo., 1593. 

AMES (Joseph). Typographical antiquities; 
or the history of printing in England, Scot- 
land and Ireland : containing memoirs of our 
ancient iJrinters, and a register of the books 
printed by them... Considerably augmented 
by W. Herbert... and now greatly enlarged, 
witli copious notes... by... T. F. Dibdin. 
Vol. IV. 4to., London, 1819. 

Wanting volfi. I.-III. This edition was never 

An index to [T. F.] Dibdin's edition of 

the typographical antiquities first compiled 
by J. Ames, witli some references to the 
intermediate edition by W. Herbert, etc. 

8vo., London, 1899. 
Printed for the iiibliographioal Society. 


AMFRYE DE CHAULIEU (Guillaume). See 

AMIEL (Iimile). Un publiciste du l6™« 
siecle. J. Lipse. 8vo., Paris, 1884. 

AMILHAU (Henri). Nos premiers presi- 
dents ; revue historique, politique et judi- 
ciaire du Parlement de Toulouse. 

8vo., Toulouse, 18S2. 

Marcellinus a M. Accursio niendis quinque 
millibus purgatus, & libris quinque auctus 
ultimis, nunc primum ab eodem inventis. 

fol., [colophon .] Augnstae Vindeliconim : 
in aedibtis Silvani Olmar, 1533. 
Editio princepa of Bks. XXVII.-XXXI. 

Ammiani Marcellini rerum gestarum liber 

quartus decimus ( — vigesimus sextus). See 
Ex recognitione D. Erasmi...C. Suetonius 
Tranquillus, etc. fol., 151 8. 

Ammiani Marcellini rerum gestarum libri 

decern et octo. 

i6mo. , Lugd[nni]: apnd Seb.Gryphitini, 1552. 
The Roman history of Ammianus Mar- 

cellinus... Translated by C. D. Yonge, etc. 

8vo., London, 1862. 

AMMONIUS, Grammaticiis, Alexandrinus. 
'Ai.i/iOiViov :xeQi 6/toiO)V xai dia(f>OQO>v f.sieojv. 
See CRASTONUS (J.) Placentinus. Dic- 
tionarium graecum copiosissimum, etc. 

fol., I497. 

[Another edition.] fol., 1524. 

[Another copy.] 

AMMONIUS, Hertnece. 'Y:Tofiv)iica el; rag ^evre 
<pa> I va; d:ioqja>vtjg [of Porphyrins] 'Afi/Koyton | 
MixQOv Tov 'Eo/uiov. I Ed. Pr. 

4to., [colophon : ^'enice : Z. Kallierges 
forN. Blastus, 1500.] 
Haiu and Copiuger, *92 7. Proctor, 5646. Proc- 
tor', p. iig. This is oue of tlie few copies with 
the headpiece and first capital printed in gold. 
The blank leaves at beginning and end, men- 
tioned by Copinger, are wanting. 

Afi/ion-iov rov 'Egftewu eig rag Jievre ipoivag 

TOV rioQipvQiov v.-iofirrj^a. Ammonii Hermiae 
in quinque voces Porphyrii commentarius 
[with the text], correctionibus quamplurimis, 
& locorum imaginibus illustratus. (Amuo- 
nov rov 'En/tietov eig rag rov AotaTorE/.ovg 
xartiyoQtag t^:io/iv}j/ia. Ammonii Hermia; in 
praedicamcnta Aristotelis commentarius. 
[With the text.] Aristotelis ^'ita.) {Afi- 
ficurcov rov 'Egfieiov elg ro rov AgiaTorefj^vg 
^egi egfitjvuag inoitvmta. Ammonii Hermiae 
in Aristotelis de interpretatione librum com- 
mentarius. [With the text.]) [Edited by 
P. Rhosithinus.] Gr. 3 pts. [in i vol.] 

8vo., Venetiis : apud Aldi filios, 1546. 
Renouard, p. 135. 

A/i/Ju/viov rov 'Eg/iewv vjiofivtjfta fig ro 

negi igfuireiag AoiarornXovg. etc. [With the 
text.] 4 pts. See ARISTOTELES. [Or- 
GANON : Categori;e & De Interpre- 
tatione.] fol., 1503. 

AMORETTI (Antonio Maria). Lettera suU' 
anno natahzio d'Aldo Pio Manuzio ed alcune 
stampe Manuziane, etc. 8vo., Roma, 1804. 

AMOS (Andrew). The great Oyer of poison- 
ing : the trial of the Earl of Somerset for the 
poisoning of Sir T. Overbury, etc. 

8vo., London, 1846. 

AMPELIUS (Lucius). L. Ampelius ex bibUo- 
theca C. Salmasii. See FLORUS (L. A.). 
L. A. Flonis, etc. i2mo., 1657. 

[Another edition.] See FLORUS 

(L. A.). L. A. Flori epitome rerum Roma- 
narum, etc. Tom. II. 8vo., 1702. 

AMPHILOCHIUS, Saint, Bishop of Iconium. recta studiorum ac vitae 
ratione, epistola ad Seleucum, versibus iam- 
bi cis...scripta : C. Rittershusii...notis illus- 
trata. Tertium cdita curante & recensente 
N. Rittershusio. Gr. &• Lot. 

8vo., Altdorphii, 1644. 

Maidment copy. 

AMSDORFF (Nicolaus von). Epistola>...N. 

Amsdorfii et D. M. Lutheri, de Erasmo 

Roterodamo. 8vo., [colophon .] WitehergcB : 

per Joanneni Lufjt, 1534. 

Ro3'al Society duplicate. 

AMUSEMENT. Amusement pliilosophique sur 
le langage des bestes. [By G. H. Bougeant.] 
2 pts. Sff BOUGEANT (G.H.). 8vo., 1739 

AMYOT (Jacques). See BLIGNI£;RES (A 
de). Essai sur Amyot, etc. 8vo., 1851 

ANACREON. AvaxQEovrog Ttji'ov i.teh}. Ana 

creontis Teii odae. Ab H. Stephano luce & 

Latinitate nunc primum donatae. Gr. &■ Lat. 

Ed. Pr. 4to., Lutetia, 1554 

Sussex and Paine copy. 

[Another copy.] 

Coreer copy, 

Ayaxgeovrog, xat d/./.ov riiov /.vgixtov 

7roitjro>v fte?.r]. Anacreontis et aliorum lyri- 
corum aliquot poetarum odae. In easdem 
H. Stephani observationes. Eaedem Latinae 
(ab H. Andrea... factae). Gr. 6- Lat. 2 pts. 
[in I vol.] 8vo., Parisiis, 1556. 

The title to pt. 11. reads: " Anacreontis... odse, 
ab H. Andrea Latins factte," etc, 

Avaxgeovrog Tijiov /leh). Gr. &■ Lat. See 

PINDARUS. Pindari Olympia, P\^hia, etc. 
[Vol. II.] 24mo., 1560. 

Editio II. Graecolatina H. Steph., 

etc. 24mo., 1566. 


(Q.). [Carmina, etc. — French.] Les deux 
lyres, etc. 8vo., 1830. 

See DILKE (T.). XXV. select allusions 

to several places of Horace... Anacreon, etc. 
Pt. I. 4to., 1698. 

[Another copy.] 

ANALECTABIBLION. Analectabiblion, ou 
extraits critiques de divers livres rares, 
oublies ou peu connus, etc. 2 torn. 

8vo., Paris, 1836-37. 
Qu^rard, I., 984. 


trimestrieL..Directeur J. Gay. Livr. II. 

i2mo., Briixelles, 1876. 

ANANIAS (Joannes Laurentius). [i.e., Gio- 
vanni Lorenzo Anania.] De natura daemo- 
num...Iibri quatuor, etc. 8vo., Venetiis : 

apttd Aldum [Aldus Manutius, the Younger], 

Renouard, p. 242. Syston Park copy. 

ANAXIMENES, 0/ Lampsacus. [For editions 
of the " Rhetorica ad Alexandrum," ascribed 
to Aristotle.] See ARISTOTELES. [Sup- 
posititious Works.] 

ANCARISI (Alberto di; gli). See ACCA- 
RIGI (A.). 

.\NCILLON (Charles). Traite des eunuques, 
dans lequel on explique toutes les diff^rentes 
sortes d'cunuqiies...Par M*** D***. [Dedi- 
cation signed C. d'Ollincan, i.e., C. Ancillon.] 
i2mo., [Berlin ?] 1707. 
Barbier, IV., 780. 

ANCILLON (Jean Pierre Frederic). See 
SAINT-PROSPER (A. J. C. m.). Notice 
sur F. Ancillon, etc. 8vo., 1835. 

ANCREN RIWLE. The Ancren Riwle : a 
treatise on the rules and duties of monastic 
life. Edited and translated... by J. Morton. 
4to., London, 1853. 
(Camden Society Publications, Vol. 57.) 

ANDOCIDES. See -^JSCHINES. Aoyoi xov- 
xiovi riov QtjTooov. AlrTy_ivov...'Avdo>!tdot', etc. 
[Pt. II.] " ■ fol., 1513. 

ANDRit ( ) de Nanteuil. Poesies diverses. 
See HORATIUS FLACCUS (Q.). [Carmina. 
etc. — French.] I.c premier livre des odes 
d'Horace, etc. 8vo., 1821. 

ANDREAS, Salcrnitanus. See GUARNA (A.). 

ANDRELINUS (Publius Faustus). [i.e.. 

Public Fausto Andrelini.] F. Andrelini 

de sciolorum arrogantia proverbialis epistola. 

4to., [colophon : Paris :] impresxit Baditis, 1510. 

Itebcr copy. 

Disticlia P. F. .Andrelini... cum J. Mauri... 

enarrationibus. Qug ab J. Ra>nerio...rccog- 
nita sunt omnia. 

8vo., Lugduni : T. Paganus c.xcudcbat, 1539. 

P. F. Andrelini... epistohc provcrbiales et 

morales, etc. 4I0., [Louvain :] T. Martini, s.a. 

13 ff., witliout pagination ; sig.s. a", b*, c'. Not 

known to I.'icgheni. Lunioignon copy. 
P. F. Andrehni.. .epistola; provcrbiales &: 

morales longe lepidissinia', nee minus scnten- 
tiosa;. 410.. [colophon: Paris:] ex edibits 

Asccnsianis, 1321. 
Ilober copy. 

P. Fausti hecatodistichon. 

(to., [colophon : Paris :] in erdibiis 

.4scl!si/jiiis Riirsus, 1515. 

llobor copy. 

ANDREWE (Lalkknce). See DUFF (E. G.) 

6- others. Hand-lists of ICnglish printers, 

I50i-i53t'>. Pt. H, R. Pynson...L. An- 

drewc, etc. S\o., 1896. 

ANDREWES (Lancelot) Bishop of Win- 

chester. See BEGAN US (M.). Refutatio 
Torturae Torti [of L. Andrewes], etc. 

8vo., 1610. 

ANDREWS (Ethan Allen). See FREUND 
(W.). A... Latin-English lexicon... with ad- 
ditions and corrections... By E. A. Andrews. 
New edition. 8vo., 1852. 

ANEAU (Barthel^mi). Picta poesis. Ut 
pictura poesis erit. [By B. Aneau.] 

8vo., Lugduni, 1552. 
Barbier, IV., 1344. H. Wliite's copy. 
ANGELI (Bonaventura). See ANGELUS. 
ANGELIUS (Petrus) Bargaus. [i.e., Pietro 
Angelio.] p. Angelii...cynegetica. Item, 
ramiinum libri II. Eclogae III. 4to., 

Lugduni : apud hcsredes S. Gryphii, 1561. 
Morante copy, 

P. Angelii...quo ordine scriptorum his- 

toriac Romanae monumenta sint legenda, 
libellus, etc. See GROTIUS (H.). H. Grotii 
et aliorum dissertationes, e/c. i2mo., 1645. 
ANGELUS (Bonaventura). [i.e., B. Angeli.] 
De non sepeliendis mortuis penes aram B. 
Angch...opusculum. 8vo., Ferrari<s, 1564. 
ANGERIANUS (Hieronvmus). [i.e., Giro- 
lamo Angeriano.] H. Angeriani...'i;o(t)To- 
TtmyvLov. Ecloga;. De obitu Lydae. De 
verbo poeta. De Parthenope. 

8vo., [colophon .] Venetiis : per Joan. 

Ant. de Nicolinis de Sabio, 1535. 

ANGIER (Paul). Lexperiece de...P. Angier... 

cStenant une briefve deffence en la personne 

de Ihonneste amant pour lamye de court 

cdtre la contreamye. See GUEVARA (A. 

de) Bishop of Mondoiiedo. Le mespris de 

la court, f/f. i6mo., 1544. 


Due d'Anjou. 
ANGLUS (Thomas). Sec WHITE (T.) Roman 

Catholic Priest. 
ANNIUS (Joannes) Viterbensis. Begin. [Sig. 
VITERBENSIS Theologia; professoris or- | 
dinis prcdicatoB ; de comentariis Antiquitatfi 
ad Christianissimos Hispaniarum | Reges Fer- 
dinandu & consortem eius Elisabetham Epi- 
stola incipit. I [Sig. (~4, recto :] C6mentaria 
fratris loannis Annii Viterbesis ordinis pdi- 
catoE Theologif pfessoris | super opera diuer- 
sorum auctorum dc .\ntiquitatibus loqucntiii 
confecta [together with the alleged text of 
tliose author.s] finiunt. | [5»^'. c\, recto :] 
Eiusdem fratris loannis institutio incipit de 
cquiuocis Prima. | (5. X. fol., [colophon:] 

Romf : per Eucharid Silber ais Franck, 1498. 
Spurious frftpniont'5 of cln'^-^icn! writers. {Se€ 
"Quorterly Hoviow," Vol. i6i {1885), p. 504.) 
HainandCopingcr, 'ii^o. I'roctor, 3888. Polio- 
diet, 795. Iinporfoct ; wimtinR siga. ai and 
b4. Naunton, .'\yrnH and Wodliiill copy. 

[Another edition, entitled :] Bcrosi 

...reliquoniinque consimilis argumenli auto- 
rum, de antiquilatc Italiir, ac lotius orbis, 
cum I". J. Annii... conimcntatione. i<: auxcsi 
...tomus prior. i6mo., Lugduni, 1554. 

Wanting torn. IT. 


ANNIUS (Joannes) Viterbensis. — (contd.) 

— — Varrerius (G.)- Censura in quendam 

auctorem, qui sub falsa inscriptione Berosi 

Chaldifii circumfertur. See ANTIQUITATES. 

Antiquitatum variarum autores, etc. [Pt. 2.] 

8vo., 1598. 
ANOMALIES. Heraldic anomalies, f/c. [By E. 

Nares.] 2 vols. See NARES (E.). 8vo., 1823. 

ANONIMO, di Utopia, pseud, [i.e., Ortensio 
Lando.] See LANDO (O.). 

ANQUETIL (Louis Pierre). Notice sur la 

vie de M. [A. H.] Anquetil Du Perron. 

[Signed Anquetil I'aine, i.e., L. P. Anquetil.] 

8vo., [Paris, 1805.] 

Pattison copy. 

cinthe). See ANQUETIL (L. P.). Notice 
sur la \-ie de M. Anquetil Du Perron. 

8vo., [1805.] 

See DACIER (B. J.) Baron. Notice his- 

torique sur la vie ct les ouvrages de M. 
Anquetil Duperron, e/c. 8vo., 1808. 

ANSELMUS (Georgius). [i.e., Giorgio An- 
SELMO.] G. Anselmi...epigrammaton libri 
septeni. (Sosthyrides.) 8vo., [colophon .■] 

Parma: : F. Ugoletus &■ A. Violiis socii, 1526. 

Gaspard d'). See VILLOISON. 

ANSTEY (John). The pleader's guide, a 
didactic poem, in two parts : containing Mr. 
Surrebutter's [i.e., J. Anstey's] poetical lec- 
tures on the conduct of a suit at law... The 
seventh edition. 8vo., London, 1815. 

ANTHOLOGIA GR^CA. Begin. [Fol. 1, 

verso, after Greek alphabet :] ['AjvOo^oyia 

SiatpoQOiv imyQafiftaron', Qgx^'O'f ovv \ zeOci- 

/tcvwv aoffoiq... \ etc. [Collected by Maximus 

Planudes, and edited by A. J. Lascaris.] 

Gr. Ed. Pr. 4to., [Florence : Lorenzo, di 

Francesco, di Alopa, 1494.] 

Imperfect ; wanting the 7 fi. following sig. kk8. 

Hain and Copinger, '1145. Proctor 2, 79. 

Manzoni copy, 

[Anotlier edition.] Florilegium diver- 

sorum epigrammatum in septem libros. 
'AvOoXoyia diaq)OQU>v iniyQamiaTiov, etc. Gr. 
8vo., [colophon .■] Venetiis : in csdihus 

Aldi, 1503. 
Benouard, p. 42. Cessole copy. 

[Another edition.] Gr. 
8vo., [colophon .•] Florentics : per h^redes 
P. Juntcr, 1 5 19. 
Renouard, p. xliii. WodhuII copy. 
[Another edition.] Gr. 
8vo., [colophon .•] Venetiis : in <sdibus 
Aldi, et Andreae soceri, 1521. 
Benouard, p. 93. Sussex copy. 

[Another edition.] Gr. 8vo., 

[colophon : Paris .•] sub prelo Ascensiano, 1531. 
WodhuII and Gennadius copy. 

[Another edition.] 'AvBoloyia 8ia- 

<poQiov iniyQanfiarmv... 'FloxiXegiwm diversorum 

epigrammatum, etc. Gr. 8vo., Venetiis : 

apud Aldi filios [P. Manutius], 1550. 

The colophon is dated 1551. Benouard, pp. 43 

and 148. Crawford (Lakelands) copy. 

ANTIDOTUM. Antidotum melancholiae joco 
serium, inspice, volve, vale. (Antidoti melan- 
choliae secunda pars, vel : schola curiositatis, 
omnibus hypochondriacis & atrabili laboran- 
tibus, sive fratribus spleneticis & melan- 
cholicis, vulgo den Miltzbriidern aperta a... 
Dn. Gaudioso von Fiirwitzhausen.) 2 pts. 
[in I vol.] i2mo., Francofurti, 1668-70. 

[Another edition of Pt. II., en- 
titled :] Schola curiositatis, sive antidotum 
melancholias joco-serium, etc. i2mo., s.l. eta. 

ANTI-JACOBIN, The. Poetry of the Anti- 
Jacobin... Edited, with explanatory notes, 
etc., by C. Edmonds. Third edition, etc. 

8vo., London, l8go. 

ANTIPHON, Oratoy. See ^SCHINES. Aoyoi 
rovrcovt Tcov ^ijxogcov. Alaxivov...'AvTt(piovrog, 
etc. [Pt. II.] fol., 1513. 

ANTIQUARIUS (Jacobus), [i.e.. Jacopo 
Antiquari.] See VERMIGLIOLI (G. B.). 
Memorie di J. Antiquari, etc. 8vo., 1813. 

ANTIQUITATES. Antiquitatum variarum 

autores, etc. 
i6mo., Lugd [uni] : apitd Seb. Gryphium, 1552. 
Pattiaon copy. 

[Another copy.] 

Pigskin binding by Marlidre. 
[Another edition.] 

i6mo., Lug- 

duni : apud haered. Seb. Gryphii, 1560. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another edition, entitled :] His- 

toria antiqua...Accessit censura G. Varrerii 

in Berosum. [Edited by J. Bonutius.] 2 pts. 

8vo., [Heidelberg .] Ex bihliopolio Com- 

meliniauo, 1599, 1598. 

The title to Pt. IL reads as follows : " Censtua 

in quondam auctorem, qui sub falsa inscriptione 

Berosi Chaldsei circumfertur, G. Varrerio 


rovTOivt rcov Qtjxoocoi'. 
[Pt. I.] 


Alaxivov. . . 'AvTiadevovg, 

fol., 1513. 

— See SOCRATES. [The Supposititious 
Letters.] Socratis, Antisthenis, et aliorum 


4to., 1637. 

AsPASio) pseud. 


Ricerche biblio- 

Socraticorum epistolae, etc. 
[i.e., Angelico Aprosic] 
ANTONELLI (Giuseppe). 

grafiche sulle edizioni ferraresi del secolo XV. 
[Dedication signed G. Antonelli.] 

4to., Ferrara, 1830. 

ANTONINUS, Augustus. Itinerarium provin- 

ciarum omniu Antonini Augusti, cum frag- 

mento ejusdem, etc. [Edited by G. Tory.] 

i6mo., Parrhisiis : in domo H. Stephani, 

Red morocco by Veuve Brany. 
Itinerarium provinciarum Antonini Au- 
gusti. See MELA (P.). Pomponius Mela. 
Julius Solinus, etc. 8vo., 1518. 
ANTONINUS, Liberalis. 'Amwvtvov Ai^egaf.ig 
fieTafioQ(po}aecov awaycoyyj. .\ntonini Liberalis 


ANTONINUS, Liberalis.— (could.) 

transformationum s)-nagoge. G. Xylandro... 
interprete. Gr. &■ Lot. See GALE (T.). 
Historian poeticae scriptores antiqui, etc. 

8vo., 1675. 

See BAST (F. J.). Lettre critique... sur 

Antoninus Liberalis, etc. 8vo., 1805. 

ANTONINUS (Marcus Aurelius) Emperor 

ANTONIUS (^Elius) Nebrissensis. A. Antonii A. Persium Flaccum...interpretatio, etc. 
[With the text.] See PERSIUS FLACCUS 
(A.). fol., 1504. 

A. Antonii Nebrisseii. introductiones in 

latina grammaticen cum ipsiusmet autoris 
longioribus glossematis. 

.\to., [colophon :] Liigdiini : sumptibus &- 

solertia...Johaiinis cleyn alemani, 1510. 

Without foliation or pagination. With " Epl- 

thaum Joannis Brassicani " by H. Bebelius in 

MS. at the end of the volume. Kloss copy. 

ANTONUCCI (Gaetano Zaccaria). See Z AC- 

ANULUS (Barptolem.^-us). See ANEAU. 

APEL (Joannes Wolffgang) Resp. Do vita 
et fatis J. C. Vanini dissertatio prior, etc. 
See OLEARIUS (J. G.) Frees. 4to., 1708. 

APHRODIS.i;US (Alexander). See ALEX- 
ANDER, AphrodiscFHs. 

APHTHONIUS, Sophista. 'A'pdoviov...tyH(oftiov 
eii 0ovxvdidt]v, ix TV)v eh ti]v ^tjzoQixijv ngo- 
■yvfivaafiarcov avrov. See THUCYDIDES. 
&ovy.vdid7jg, etc. fol., I502. 

'Ex Tcyv 'A(p6onov...:TQoyv/ivaaftftT(ov. Gr. 

&■ Lat. S^e^SOPUS. Habentur hoc volu- 
mine haec, videlicet. Vita, et fabellae Aesopi, 
etc. fol., 1505. 

Rhetores in hoc volumine habentur hi. 

Aphthonii ... progymnasmata. Hermogenis 
ars rhetorica. Aristotelis rhetoricoruni ad 
Theodecten libri tres. Ejusdem rhetorice ad 
Alexandrum. Ejusdem ars poetica. Sopatri... 
quaestiones de componedis declamationibus in 
causis praecipuae judicialibus. Cyri... differen- 
tiae statuum. Dionysii Alicarnasci ars rhe- 
torica. Demetrii Phalerei de interpretatione. 
Alexandri Sophistac de iiguris sensus & dic- 
tionis. Adnotationes innominati de figuris 
rhetoricis. Menandri...divisio causarum in 
genere dcnionstrativo. Arisleidis do civili 
orationc. Ejusdem dc siniplici orationc. 
Apsini dc arte rhetorica prttcepta. (Mirov- 
xtavov TttQi ini-/eiQtj/tarwi'.) ([Vol. II.] In 
Aphthonii progymnasmata commentarii in- 
nominati autori.s. Syriani, Sopatri, Marcel- 
lini commentarii in Hermogenis rhetorica.) 
[Edited by A. P. Manutius.] Gr. Ed. Pr. 
2 vols. 4to., [colophon .] \'enetiis : in trdib. 

Aldi, I so8-g. 
Thia collection is known aa the " Rhetores Grocol." 
Ronouard, p. 54. Citron morocco by Deromc. 
Sussex and Crawford (Lakelands) copy. 

[.\uother copy of Vol. I., pp. 1-160, 

comprising Aphthonius and Hennogenes.] 

'Er ro)de rm fiifthf;) Ta6c rrfoif/frai. '. Ir/-- 

doviov ao<pimov nQoyvfwaa/jaTa. 'EQ^ioyevov; 
Qtjxogtxa. In hoc volumine haec continentur 
Ausonii [i.e., Aphthonii]... prasludia. Hermo- 
genis rhetorica. Gr. 8vo., [colophon .] 
Florentia : in O'dibus P. Junta", 1515. 
Renouard, p. xxxix. Borghese copy. 
[Another copy.] 

The titlepage of this copy has six lines of text 
from the last page at the head, and the colophon 
at the foot. Red morocco by J. Larkint, 
Sullivan and Gennadius copy. 

'Ex rojv a.(f6ofioi>...nooyv/(i'aa/iarioi: See 

SCRIPTORES. Scriptores aliquot gnomici, 
etc. 8vo., [1521.] 

Aphthonii... praeexercitamenta (J. M. Ca- 

tanaco tralatore). Lat. See GEORGIUS, 
Trapeziintius. Conrinentur hoc volumine. 
Georgii Trapezuntii rhetoricoruni libri V., etc. 

fol.. 1523. 

Aphthonii... rhetorica progymnasmata. 

8vo,, Pansns .• apudS. Colivaeum, 1535. 
Sunderland copy. 

Aphthonii. ..prffie.xercitamenta A. Bonfine 

...interprete. See HERMOGENES, Tarsen- 
sis. [Ars Rhetorica.] Hermogenis... de 
arte rhetorica prascepta, etc. 8vo., 1538. 

APICIUS (C->elius). Apitii Cehi de re Coqui- 

naria libri decern. | Suetonius Traquillus De 

Claris Gramaticis. | Suetonius Traquillus De 

Claris Rhetoribus. | Coquinariae capita Grteca 

ab Apitio posita haec sunt : | Epimeles : 

Artoptus... I etc. 4to., [colophon :] Veneliis : 

per Bernardinum Venetum, [1500.] 

Hein, 'laSj. Proctor, 5539. Brunet, I., 343. 

Panzer, III., 496, 2801. This copy does not 

contain the works by Suetonius mentioned In 

the title. Hain and Brunet state that the 

volume ia complete without them, wliile Panzer 

describes a copy in wliioh they are included. 

Sunderland copy. 

C. Apitii. re culinaria libri X....PraB- 

terea, P. tuenda valetudine, 
natura rerum, & popinae scientia libri X....Ad 
h.-ec Pauli ^^iginetae de facultatibus alimento- 
rum tractatus, etc. [Edited by A. Torinus.] 

4to., Basileer, 1541. 
Mantel copy. 

— — — [Another edition.] 

Svo., Lugduni : a pud Seb. Gryphiuni, 1541. 

In hoc opera contenta. Apicii Caelii de 

opsoniis et condimentis, sive arte coquinaria, 
libri X. Item G. Humelbergii...annotatio- 
nos. 4to., Tigiiri : in ojjicina Froscho- 

viana, 1542. 
Huzard and Morsnto copy. 

[.\nothcr edition.] Apicii Coelii de 

opsoniis ct condimentis... libri decern. Cum 
annotationibus Martini Lister, etc. 

8vo . I.onditil, 1703. 

Only 120 copies printwl. With the iniicriptlon 

*' Amioo colondirtsimo D" Jacobo Poundooo 

Dono dcdit J. fllametoed Jnnusrii 14, 1706." 

Simmons copy. 

Editio sccunda, etc. [Edited by T. 

J. Almclovccn.] &\o., Amstclodami, 1709. 


APICIUS {CjELlvs).—{ccMitd.) 

[Another edition.] C. Apicii de 

opsoniis...libri X....edidit J. M. Bernhold. 

8vo., [colophon ;] Marcobraitae, 1787. 
Morante copy, with numerous MS. notes. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another edition.] Apici CaeU de 

re coquinaria hbri decern. Novem codicum 
ope adjutus auxit, restituit...C. T. Schuch. 

8vo., Heidelbergae, 1867. 


APOLLINARIUS, Bishop of Laodicea. 'Ano- 
hvagiov /tsraipnaai? tov ^aXTt^QOQ, etc. Gr. 
See BIBLE. — Old Testament. [Psalms. — 
Greek.] 8vo., 1552. 

APOLLO. The great assises holden in Par- 
nassus by Apollo, etc. [A poem by G. 
Wither.] 'See WITHER (G.). 4to., 1885. 

APOLLO (Orus) Niliacm. See HOR- 

APOLLODORUS, Atheniensis. ApoUodori... 
bibliotheces, sive de deorum engine, tarn 
graecd, qiiam latine, luculentis pariter, ac 
doctis annotationibus illustrati...libri tres. 
B. ^Egio...interprete...Quibus demum ad- 
ditus est S. Apollodoris...commen- 
tarius. Gr. &■ Lat. Ed. Pr. 

8vo., RomcF, 1555. 
Corser copy. 

[Another edition.] See GALE (T.). 

Historiae poeticae scriptores antiqui, etc. 

8vo., 1675. 

Aponodori...bibliothecae libri tres et frag- 

menta. Curis secundis illustravit C. G. 
Hej-ne. (Ad Apollodori bibliothecam ob- 
servationes auctore C. G. Heyne.) 2 vols. 

Svo., Goitingae, 1803. 

APOLLONIUS, Alexandrinns, Dyscohis. 'Atio?.- 
f.oiviov A?.eiavdo£iOi tieqi orrvra^eiog jSi^Aiov 
TiQcoror [-IV.]. " Ed. Pr. See GAZA (T.). 
In hoc uolumine haec insunt. Theodori 
IntroductiuK gramatices libri quatuor, etc. 
[Pt. II.] fol., 1495. 

[Another copy.] 

'Ev xcoSe xoi liifi?.t(i) rade neQiexerai. 'Ajiok- 

Xmvtov aleiavSQetoQ :zeQi. avvzaiewg. Meya).ov 
Baai).ioit neni yQa/ifiaziHijg yv/ipaaia;. In hoc 
libro haic continentur. con- 
structione. Magni Basilii de grammatica 
exercitatione. [Edited by E. Bononi.] Gr. 

8^'0., [colophon .•] Florctia : in aedibus P. 

Junta. 1515. 
Kenouard, p. xl. Red morocco by Boz^rian 

[Another copy.] 

APOLLONIUS, Rhodius. Begin. [Sig. ai, 
recto ;] Fevog 'A:iok^(ovwv rov tiohjtov t(ov 
aQyovavrtxv>v. \ End. [Sig. X3. ^'^fo •'] 

TIKiiN. I Ed. Pr. 

4to., [colophon : Florence : Lorenzo, di 
Francesco, di Alopa, 1496.] 
Imperfect ; wanting sig. ai (of which a reprint 
is inserted) and sig X4 (blank). Hain and 
Copinger, '1292. Proctor, 6407. Proctor', 79. 
Red morocco by Mackinlay. Joy and Bruce 

'AtxoV.oiviov tov Qodiov 'Agyoi'avTiya, nexa 

rwv TtaXaiviv re, xai navv wipeh^cov axoXiioi'. 
Apollonii rhodii argonautica, antiquis una, & 
optimis cum commentariis. [Edited by F. 
Asulanus.] Gr. 

8vo., [colophon .■] Venetiis : in aedibus 
Aldi, et Andreae soceri, 152 1. 
Ilonouard, p. 90. 

Liber nonus (-X.) argonauticon ex Apol- 

lonio, interprete Pio. See VALERIUS 
FLACCUS (C). C. Valerii Flacci argo- 
nautica, etc. 8vo., 1523. 

ATtoV.coriov rov 'Podiov 'AqyovavTixa, ftera 

T(ov 7ia}.awyv Tt xai navv wq^eXi/Kov axoXuoy. 

2 pts. 8vo., [Paris : E. Tousan,] 1541. 

The scholia has an independent litlepage, reading : 

** SxoXia Tra\aLare...eUTa.Tov' At oWojvtov podiov 

^Apyovai'TiKa.*' etc., and is printed on a smaller 

page than tliat of the test. With MS. notes. 

[Another copy.] 

The " Scliolia " is from the Sunderland Library, 

[Another edition.] 8vo., Franco- 

forti : ex officina P. Brubachii, 1546. 

Argonauticon liber nonus (-X.), ex Apol- 

lonio, interprete Pio. See VALERIUS 
FLACCUS (C). C. Valerii Flacci argo- 
nautica, etc. i6mo., 1548. 

APOLLONIUS, Tyantsus. ' ETncnoXai anoX- 
Xioviov <fi).oao(pov nvQayoQixov. See PHA- 
LARIS. [The spurious epistles of Phalaris, 
etc.] 4to., 1498. 

See PHILOSTRATUS. ^dooTgarov eh 

rov 'AjioM.ioviov rov Tvaveoti; fiiov fii^ha 
oxrm, etc. 2 pts. fol., 1501-4. 

See PHILOSTRATUS. Phylostratus de 

vita Apollonii Tyanei, etc. 8vo., [1504 ?] 

APOLLONIUS (Petrus). P. Apollonii... exci- 

dii JerosoljTTiitani libri 1 1 II. Nunc primiim 

J. Gagnsii.. .opera ac studio in lucem editi. 

8vo., Parisiis : apud J. Lodoicum, &■ 

N. Divitem, 1540. 

[Another edition.]. ..Nunc secundd 

...editi opera... A. ^''anderburchii, etc. 

Svo., Antverpiip, 1586. 

APOSTLES. Knvovcg ru>v 'AnoaroXviv xai rcuv 
dyuov avvod(or. Apostolorum et sanctorum 
concilionmi decreta. [Edited by J. Tilius.] 
Gr. 4to., Parisiis : per C. Xeobariiim. 1540. 

Kavoveg riov dyion' xai naracTinm' 'Anoa- 

To).on: Gr. &■ Lat. See CLEMENS I., Pope, 
Saint. Divi dementis opera, etc. fol., 1544. 

APOSTOLIUS (Michael). 'ATioaroXiov rov 
Bil^avriov naoot/itai. Apostolii Bisantii paro- 
emiai. Gr. Ed. Pr. i6nio., [colophon :] 

Basileae : apud J. Hervagium, et J . E. 

Frobeniion. 1538 


APPIANUS, Alexandrinus. 'Anniavov 'AXe^av- 
Sqeoji; 'Po/iaixcuv, Ke}aiy.i}, Atfivxi) 7) Kagxr]- 
dovtxtj, 'iXXvgixt], HvQiaxij, IJaodixi], Midgt- 
doTew;, i/t(pv?.uov e'. Appiani Alexandrini 
Romanorum historiarum Celtica, Libj-ca... 
Cura ac diligentia C. Stephani. Gr. Ed. Pr. 
4to., LutcticB, 1 55 1. 

Appiani Alexandrini... de civilibus Ro- 
manorum bellis historiarum libri quinque. 
Ejusdem libri sex : Illyricus, Celticus, Liby- 
cus, Syrius, Parthicus, & Mithridaticus. (P. 
Candido interprete.) 
i6mo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1551. 
'Anmavov 'Pio/iaixcov 'Avvifiaixr]- (Anni- 

avov 'Poj/xaixov 'l^ijQtxt].) See CTESIAS. 'Ex 
Tuv Krijaiov. . .Mefivovog loTootxcov ixXoyai, etc. 

8vo., 1557. 
Appiani... Hispanica & Annibalica. Latine 

nunc primum edita, ex F. Beraldi...interpre- 

tatione, etc. Lat. 8vo., [Paris,] 1560. 

APPONYI (Louis) Count. Catalogue of the 

choice portion of the... library of Count L. 

Apponyi... which will be sold by auction, etc. 
8vo., London, 1892. 
APPULEIUS (Lucius) Madamensis. See 


APPUN (Fridericus Georgius) Resp. Dis- 
sertatio historico-litteraria de transpositione 
bibliothecarum memorabili, etc. See FA- 
BRICIUS (R. A.) Prrrs. 4to., 1724. 

APROSIO (Angelico) formerly (Lodovico). 
La bibliotheca Aprosiana. Passatempo au- 
tunnale di C. Aspasio Antivigilmi [i.e., A. 
Aprosiol, e/c. i2mo., Bologna, 1673. 

Meizi, I., 69. 
APSINES. Ayttvov Te^vr] qrizoQrjxtj [sici negi 
nQooifiiov. — Tov avTov negt rmv iaxijliarianevoiv 
nQofi}.rjiiaro>v. See APHTHON lUS, Sophista. 
Rhctores in hoc voluminc habentur hi, etc. 
[Vol. L] 4to., 1508. 

APULEIUS (Lucius) Madaurcnsis. Begin. 
[Fol. I, redo .] Bcssarion. S. R. E. Epis- 
copus Cardinalis Sabincnsis. ct | Constatino- 
politanus patriarcha... | End. Lucii Apu- 
leii platonici madauresis philosophi mcta- 
morphoseos | liber : ac nonulla alia opuscula 
eiusdcm [including the Asclcpius of Hermes 
Trismcgistus translated by Apulcius] : nec- 
non epitoma Alcinoi | in disciplinaru Platonis 
dcsinunt... | Ed. Pr. lo\., [colophon :] 

Rome: [C. Sweynheym and A. Pannartz,'] 1469. 
Hatn and Copin^er, •1314. Proctor, 3207. 
Pellechet, 923. Tliis copy contuins 176 ff. 
It wonts the tlireo lihink leaves mentioned by 
Copinpor as occurrin;^ nt tlie bepinninfr, after 
the table of contents, and at the end. Tlio 
AIcinouH, stated iiy TopinRer and I'dlechet to 
comprise 17 ff. and by Httin 16 ff., hero com- 
prises 15 ff. only. Kod morocco by Zaehnpdorf. 

Comnientani a P. lieroaldo tonditi in 

asinu aureu lucii apuleii. [With the text.] 
fol., [colophon .■] Vvnctiis : per S. Papien- 
sem dictum Bivilaqnam, 1501. 
239 fl., widiont pagination ; sigs. a', b-q", r', 
»-z«, i«, gii. Il«, A-0«, r». Citron morocco 
spriiililcil witb lldurs-do-Uu, and with the arma 
of the C'olWgo do3 Urassins on the sidcH. Ilrockett 

L. Apuleii metamorphoscos, sive lusus 

asini libri XI. Floridoru IIII. De deo 
Socratis I. De philosophia I. Asclepius 
Trismegisti dialogus code Apuleio iterprete. 
Ejusdem Apuleii liber de dogmatis Platonicis. 
Ejusde liber de mundo, que magna e.x parte 
ex lib. Aristotelis ejusde argumenti in latinum 
traduxit...Apologi£e II. Isagogicus liber Pla- 
tonicae philosophias per Alcinovj philosophum, 
grace impressus, etc. [Edited by F. Asu- 
lanus.] 8vo., [colophon .•] Veneliis : in 

aedibus Aldi, et Andreae soceri, 1521. 
Renouard, p. 91. 

The works of Apulcius, comprising the 

metamorphoses, or golden ass, the god of 
Socrates, the florida, and his defence, or a 
discourse on magic. A new translation. To 
which are added, a metrical version of Cupid 
and Psyche, and Mrs. Tighe's Psyche, a poem 
in six cantos. 8 vb., Lowion, 1853. 

See SCIOPPIUS (G.). G. Scioppii sjTn- 

bolacriticain L. Apuleii... opera. i2mo., 1605. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., 1664. 

AQUILA, Romanits. Aquilae Romani de 
figuris sententiarum, et elocutionis. See 
GEORGIUS, Trapeziintius. Continentur hoc 
volumine. Georgii Trapezuntii rhetoricorum 
libri v., etc. fol., 1523. 

Romani Aquilae de nominibus figurarum 

& exemplis liber. E.x Alexandro Numenio. 
See RUTILIUS LUPUS (P.). De figuris 
sententiarum, ac verborum, etc. 8vo., 1533. 

[Another edition.] 
[Another edition.] 
[Another copy.] 

8vo., 1536. 
8vo., 1542. 

AQUINAS (Thomas) Saint. See THOMAS, 

Aquinas, Saint. 
ARABIAN NIGHTS. The book of the thou- 
sand nights and one night : now first com- 
pletely done into English prose and verse... 
byJ.Pavne. 9 vols. 8vo., /,o»;rfo)!, 1882-84. 
500 copies privately printed for tlio Villon 
Society, this being Xo. 280. 

ARAGONA (TuLLiA d'). See AXON (\V. E. 
A.). TuUia d'Aragona, a poetess of the later 
Renaissance. 8vo., [i8gg.] 

ARATOR, Siibdiaconus. Aratoris...historia2 
Apostolicx- libri duo. See I'RUDENTIUS 
CLEMENS (A). Prudcntii... opera, etc. [Vol. 
II.] 4to., 1501. 

[Another copy.] 

AR.\TUS, Solensis. Fragment vni Arati phac- 
nomcnon per Gcrmanicvm in Latiiivm con- 
vcrsi cvm commento nvper in Sicilia rcperto. 
— Fragment vin Arati pliacnonienon .M. Tvlio 
[sic] Cicerone nterprcte [sic]. — Arati phac- 
nomena Rvfo Festo Avienio paraphiiiste. — 
'Aqutov SoXco; cfnii'o/icva /icTa axohwr. 
Arati Solensis pacnomena [sir] c\'m commen- 
(J.). lulii Firniici Astronomicorum libri 
octo, etc. [Ft. II.] fol., 1499. 


AKATUS, Solensts.—{co?itd.) 

'Agaxov. . .(paivoftcra. Gr. &■ Lat. See 

DIONYSIUS, Periegeles. Aiovvaiov oixov- 
/lEvrjg jicQiriyr^aiQ, etc. 8vo., I523. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., 1534. 

Arati <paivo/iEvcov fragmentum Germanico 

Caesare interprete. — ' AQarov...q>aivo^iEva. Gr. 
&■ Lai. See HYGINUS (C. J.). C. J. 
Hygini...fabularum liber, etc. fol., 1535. 

'Agarov. . .(patvo/xeva. Ciceronis in Arati 

phaenomena interpretatio...Accesserunt his 
VergiHi, Germanici Cssaris, & R. Avieni 
carmina, iis respondentia Arati, qupe a 
Cicerone conversa interciderunt. Hasc autem 
Latina omnia Graecis ex altera parte respon- 
dent J. Perionii opera, cujus observationes 
simul eduntur. Gr. &■ Lat. 

4to., Parisiis : apud J. Lodoicum, 1540. 
'AQa.Tov...(paivonsva xai Sioaij/iEia. Oeoivog 

CTjfoAia. AcoiTiov MrjyarLxov iregi dgaTetag 

aq^atoag. 4to., Parisiis, l^SQ. 

There are two woodcuts representing the solar 

system at the end of this work. WodhuU copy. 

'Agarov ... (paivo/ieva. {Aioarjfieia.) See 

ESTIENNE (H.) 2nd 0/ the Name. Oi tjj; 
r'jgwixij^ nouiaecos; ngoyteuovTEq noirjTai, etc. 
[Pt. II.] foL, 1566. 

ARBER (Edward). A list, based on the 
registers of the Stationers' Company, of 837 
London publishers... between 1553 and 1640, 
etc. See STATIONERS. Company of. 

4tQ., 1890. 

A list of 847 London publishers, 1553- 

1640. See STATIONERS, Company of. A 
transcript of the registers of the Company... 
1554-1640, etc. Vol. V. 4to., 1894. 

See STATIONERS, Company of A tran- 
script of the registers of the Companj-... 
Edited by E. Arber. 5 vols. 4to., 1875-94. 

ARBITER (Titus Petronius). See PETRO- 

ARBUTHNOTT (John Arbuthnott) 10//1 
Viscount. Catalogue of the valuable Scottish 
MSS. known as the Arbuthnot Missal, Horae 
and Psalter, the property of the representa- 
tives of the late \'iscount Arbuthnott, which 
will be sold by auction, etc. 

8vo., London, 1897. 

ARC (Jeanne d'). See VOLTAIRE (F. M. 

Arouet de). La P..d'0..[j.e., La PuceUe 

d'Orleans] podme, etc. i2mo., [1755.] 

ARCERIUS (Theodorus). Arcerii epistola. 

See GR^VIUS (J. G.). J. G. Grajvii, Arcerii 

...epistolae, etc. 8vo., 1710. 

ARCH^OLOGIA. An index to the first fifteen 

volumes of Archaeologia ; or, miscellaneous 

tracts, relating to antiquity. 

4to., London, i8oq. 
Published by the Society of Antiquaries of 

ARCHIMEDES. 'AQxinr]8ov(;...-ia /lexQi vi'v 
acol^oftEva oTiavra. Archimedis... opera, qua? 
quidem extant. ..Adjecta quoqj sunt Eutocii 
Ascalonitas in eosdem Archimedis Ubros 

commentaria, etc. [Edited by T. Gechauff.] 
Gr. &■ Lat. Ed. Pr. 4 pts. [in i vol.] 

fol., Basilea : J. Hervagius, 1544- 

Archimedis opera non nulla a F. Com- 

mandino...nuper in Latinum conversa, etc. 
(Commentarii in opera non nulla Archimedis 
[by F. Commandinus and Eutocius Asca- 
lonita].) 2 pts. [in i vol.] 

fo)., Venetiis : apud P. Manutium, 15S8. 
Ronouard. p. 173. Purple morocco by Simier. 
Sergeant, Malta Protestant College, and Cra-.?- 
ford (Lakelands) copy. 

ARDINGHELLUS (Augustinus) pseud, [i.e., 
Gasparus Scioppius.] See SCIOPPIUS (G.). 

ARENA (Antonius de). A. Arena. suos 
compagnones studiantes...bassas dansas in 
gallanti stilo bisognatas. . .cum guerra Romana 
...cum guerra Neapolitana : & cum revolta 
Genuensi...mandat. See OPSOPOEUS (V.). 
V. Obsopoeus de arte bibendi lib. quatuor, 
etc. [Pt. III.] i2mo., 1648. 

A. de Arena... ad suos compagnones 

studiantes...bassas dansas & branlos practi- 
cantes, nouvellos quamplurimos mandat, etc. 
(Nova novorum novissima, sive poemata 
stylo macaronico conscripta...composita & 
jam...augmentata per B. Bollam, etc.) 2 pts. 
[in I vol.] 8vo., S.I., 1670. 

The pagination is consecutive. Osuna copy. 

See FABRE (A.). A. Arena, notice his- 

torique at litteraire. 8vo., i860. 

ARENHOLD (Silvester Joannes). Conspec- 
tus bibliothecae universalis historico-literario- 
criticas epistolarum, etc. 

4to., Hanovera, 1746. 
ARESTA AMORUM. Aresta Amorum. [By 
M. d'Auvergne.] See AUVERGNE (M. d'). 

4to., 1533. 
[Another copy.] 

[Another edition.] 
[Another edition.] 

4to., 1538. 
8vo., 1546. 

ARETxEUS. 'AQtTaiov KannaSoxov negi ahioDv 
xai aijfieiojv oieon' xat xQOviojv TtaOcov, fii^X. 8. 
'Off (01) xat XQOvioiv vovaoiv OegaTrevTixa, ^i^X. 
d'. acutorum, ac diutumoru 
morborij causis & signis, lib. Ill I., etc. 
[Edited by J. Goupylus.] Gr. Ed. Pr. 

8vo., Parisiis, 1554. 
The colophon is dated I55i. 

ARETINO (Pietro). See PIETRO, Aretivo. 

ARETINUS (Leonardus). L. Aretinus, de 
studiis & literis. See GROTIUS (H.). H. 
Grotii et aliorum dissertationes, etc. 

i2mo., 1645. 

i Oratio Heliogabali Romanorum Impera- 

I toris, habita in concione ad meretrices, quam 

' a L. Aretino compositam plerique credunt. 


In hoc volumine haec continentur. J. B. 

Egnatii Veneti de Caesaribus Ubri III., etc. 

8vo., 1516. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., 1 519. 


ARETINUS (Leonardus).— {co«<rf.) : - 

L. Aretini rerum suo tempore in Italia 

gestarum commentarius. Ejusdem do rebus 
Graecis liber. 

8vo., Ltigduvi : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1539. 
" Bibliotheca Rcgia Parmensis " copy. 

ARETIUS (Benedictus). V. Gentilis justo 
capitis supplicio Bernae affecti brevis historia : 
at contra ejusdem blasphemias orthodoxa 
defensio articuli de Sancta Trinitate, etc. See 
GENTILIS (J. v.). V. Gentilis teterrimi | 
haeretici impietatum... brevis explicatio, etc. 1 
[Pt. II.] 4to.. 1567- ' 

A short history of V. Gentilis the tri- 

theist... translated into English, etc. 

8vo., London, 1696. ' 

AREVALO (RoDERicus Sanctius de) Zamo- 

ARGELLATI (Filippo). P. Argelati... biblio- 
theca scriptorum Mediolanensium, seu acta, ! 
et elogia virorum omnigena eruditione illus- i 
trium, qui in metropoh Insubri^, oppidisque 
circumjacentibus orti sunt...Praemittitur...J. 1 
A. Saxii ... historia literario-typographica ' 
Mediolanensis ab anno 1465 ad annum 1500, | 
etc. 2 torn, [in 4 vols.] fol., Mediolani, I74,'5. 
Each torn, is in 2 pts. The " Bibliotheca " is 
paged continuoasly throughout. i 

ARGENS (Jean Baptiste de Boyer) Marquis | 
d' . Memoires historiques, et secrets, con- 
cemant les amours des rois de France. Avec 
quelques autres pieces, etc. {Reflexions his- 
toriques sur la mort de Henri le Grand. Lc 
mal de Naples, son origine et ses progrfis en 
France. Trfesors des rois de France.) [The 
whole edited by the Marquis d'Argens.] | 

i2mo., Paris, 1739. ' 
Barbier, III., 228. 

See TIM^US, Locrus. Timee de Locres 

en grec et en franfois, avec des dissertations 
sur les principales questions de la meta- 
phisique, de la phisique, & de la morale des 1 
anciens...par M. le Marquis d'Argens. 

8vo., 1763. 
.\RGENTRIi (Charles Du Plessis d') Bishop 
of Tulle. CoUectio judiciorum dc novis 
crroribus, qui... in Ecclesia proscripti sunt & 
notati ; ccnsoria etiam judicia insignium 
academiarum...Editio nova. 3 torn. 

fol., LuteticB Parisiontm, 1755. 

ARGONNE (Noel d') [called Bonaventurk 
d']. Melanges d'histoire et de litt6rature, 
par M. dc Vigneul-Marville [i.e., N. d'Ar- 
gonne]. Quatrifime ddition, etc. 3 torn. 

Svo., Paris, 1740. 
Barbier, HI., 112. Calf by White. Broderip 

ARIAS MONTANUS (Benedictus). [i.e., 
Br.NiTO Arias Montano.] Rhetoricoruni 
libri I III.... Cum annotationibus A. Moralii, 
etc. 8vo., Valentiae, 177';. 

See LOIIMYER (J. F. N.). Vic de B. 

Arias Montano, etc. 8vo., 1842. 

ARIOSTO (LoDovico). La cassaria. Comc- 
dia. etc. [In verse.] i2mo., Vinegia, 1560. 

La lena. Comedia...nuovamentc ristaiii- 

pata, etc. [In verse.] i2mo., Vinegia, 1562. 
II negromantc. Comedia...nuovamente 

ristampata, etc. [In verse.] 

i2mo., Vinegia, 1562. 

Rime et satire. ..Di nuovo ristampate, etc. 

i2mo., Venetia, 1593. 
La scolastica. Comedia ... Nuovamente 

ristampata, etc. [In verse.] 

8vo., Venetia, 1587. 

Imperfect ; wanting all after fol. 47. Syniraons 
ARIST.(ENETUS. 'AQtaraiverov iniaxolai 
iQOJTixai. Tiva Tcov naXauov tjqcoojv emxatpiH. 
[Edited by J. Sambucus.] Ed. Pr. 

4to., Antverpiae, 1566. 
Ueinsiua and Crawford (Lakelands) copy. 

Aristaeneti epistolae Graeca;, cum versione 

Latina et notis J. Merceri, curante J. Cornelio 
de Pauw, cujus notae accedunt. Gr. &■ Lat. 

8vo., Trajecti ad Rhenttm, 1737. 

The love epistles of Aristacnetus : trans- 
lated. ..into English metre. By R. B. Sheri- 
dan and Mr. [N. B.] Halhed. See PRO- 
PERTIUS (S. A.). Erotica. The elegies of 
Propertius, etc. 8vo., 1854. 

See BAST (F. J.). Lettre critique... sur... 

Aristendte. 8vo., 1805. 





ARISTIDES (.Elius). Aoyot 'AQtareidov. 

Orationes Aristidis. [Edited by E. Boninus.] 

Gr. Ed. Pr. fol., [colophon :] Florentia : 

sumptibus P. Junta, 1 517. 

Uououard, p. sli. 

Aristidis oratio de urbe Roma (4 S. 

Carteromacho in latinum versa). See 
In hoc volumine hacc contincntur. Ncrva; 
& Trajani...vita>, etc. 8vo., 1519. 

'AQiaTci6ov Qt]roQoq, UavaOtivatxcQ. — Aqio- 

reiSov, 'Po)/i)jg eyxio/iiov. See /liSCHlNES. 
Aoyoi Tovtiori xmv qijxoqcov. Aiaxivov, etc. 
[Pt. III.] fol., 1513- 

'AQiaxeu^v ^rjxoQOQ UavaOrjvaiKO^. — 'Agta- 

xnfiov 'I'tufttjg iyxvj^uov Aoj'o,-, /3'. See 
I SOCRATES. [Opera.] Isocratcs nuper 
accurate recognitus, etc. fol., 1534. 

[Another copy.] 

'AQiaxeifiov TteQi Tiohxtxov ^oyov. — Tot' 

avxov xex>'ti>v qiixoqixiov rrrQi (\(peXovi koyoi'. 
See Al'HTHONIUS. Sop>hista. l^hctorcs in 
hoc volumine habcntur hi, etc. [Vol. I.] 

4to., 1508. 

'AQtaxcidov 'y'<o/(»/c fyxw/ttor. Sec ISO- 
CRATES. [Orationes Select.e.] 'laoxqa- 
xovc: TTQoc; 67]/wvtxoi' 7i(iQ(Hveinc, etc. 

8vo., 153S. 

ARISTIPPIA. Aristippia. Comedia chia- 
mata Aristippia. [In prose.] 

8vo., S.I., 1544. 
Calf by Trautz-Bauzonnet. 

ARISTOPHANES. [Oprra.— Greek. '\ 'API£- 
nXovxoq Plutus. I NecpeXai Nebulae | Barga- 
yot Ranx | etc. [Edited by M. Musurus] 
Ed. Pr. fol., [colophon :] Venetiis : apiid 

Aldiim, 1498. 
Wanting the last leaf (blank). Renouard, p. 16. 
Hain and Copinger, *i656. Proctor, 5566. 
Inserted at the beginning is the original manu- 
script of the preface of the editor, Marctis 
Musurus, together with printed facsimiles of 
his handwriting and a not© by Renouard. 
Brunok and Renouard copy. 

[Another copv.] 

Wanting the last leaf. Bumey copy. 

[Another edition, edited by B. di 

Giunta ] 8vo., [colophon .•] Floretia : 

opera &■ sumptu P. Jtinies, 15 13. 
Panzer, VII., 22, 102. Renouard, p. zxxlz. 
Bninck and Renouard copy. 

'Ev Tt]de fuxQa fiifiAci rad' ivecniv. 'Agia- 

ro^avovg Qea ^lOcpoQiai^ovaai. Tov aixov Avai- 
oToaTrj. In hoc par\-o libro haec insunt. 
Aristophanis Cereris sacra celebrantes. 
Ejusdem Lysistrate. [Edited by B. di 

8vo., [Florence: F. G-iii):ta,'\ (151=:.) 
Tlie first edition of these two plays. Panzer, VII., 
20, 91. Renouard, p. xxxix. Brunck and 
Renouard copy. 

[Another copy.] 

Green morocco by Thouvenin. 

[Another copy.] 

Gaistord copy. 

AoioTOfavov; xo/ncpdtat evfEa ^lera ayohojv 

...Aristophanis comoediae novem cum com- 
mentariis, etc. [Edited by A. Fracinus.] 

4to., [colophon .■] FlorenticB : per hcsredes 

P. JuntcB, i=i25. 

Renouard, p. xlviii. The titlepage is slightly 

mutilated. Brown morocco by C. Lewis. 

Paine copy. 

'AQiajofavovq ev^aneXoirarov [sic] xtofimi- 

diat Eci'ta... Aristophanis facerissimi comoedig 
noveni, etc. [Edited by J. Cheradamus] 

4to., [Paris :] Egidius Gormontius, [1528.] 
Each play has a separate titlepage and register. 
The titlepage to the "'IjrTrcis " is missing. 

'Ao(aTO<payovQ EVTQa.^e/.UiTaTov xojfitodiai 

iv6ey.a. Aristophanis facetissimi comoediaB 
undecim. etc. [Edited by S. Grynaeus.] 

4to., Basilea : apud A. Cratandnim, <S- 
/. Behelium, 1532. 
The first complete edition of the eleven comedies. 
Pilkington copy. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., [colo- 
phon ;] Venetiis : in esdibus B. Zaiietti, 1538. 

[Another edition.] 

4to, Parisiis : apud C. Wechelitm, 1540. 
Each play has a separate titlepage, but the 
pagination is continuous througliout. Guinseus 

'AQiaroifavovq^twSiai ervea... Aristo- 
phanis comocdieae [sic] novem, etc. 

8vo., [colophon .•] Florentice : per Benedictum 

Jv.nct''m, 1540. 
Renouard, p. Iv. Green morocco by Thouvenin. 
Renouard copy. 

'AQiarofavovi;...xci>nii>5iai hdexa. Aristo- 
phanis comcedise undecim, etc. 

8vo., [Venice:] J. Gryphius excudebat, 1548. 
Brunet, I., 452. Calf by Courteval. Hebercopy. 

[Another copv.] 

Stamped pigskin, with the arms of the Holy 
Roman Empire and the date 158 1 on the front 
cover, and figures of Music, Geometry, and 
Astronomy on the back cover. 

[Another edition.] 

4to., Parisiis, 1560. 
Imperfect ; containing only the " Plutus." Inter 
leaved copy, with MS. notes. 

[Opera. — Latin.] Aristophanis... comoe- 
diae undecim, 6 Graeco in Latinum, ad verbum 
translatae, A. D. J. Politano interprete, etc. 

8vo., [colophon :] \'enetiis : apud Comi- 
mim de Tridino Montisferrati, 154S. 

[NuBES.] 'AoioTOipavovi; Ne(peXai. The 

Clouds of Aristophanes. The Greek text 
v.ith a translation into corresponding metres, 
and original notes [by B. B. Rogers]. Gr. 
S- E)ig. ^to., Oxford, 1852. 

[Pax.] Q. S. F. Christian! in Aristophanis 

Irenam \'el Pacem commentaria glossemata, 

etc. [With the text in Greek and Latin.] 

2 pts. [in I vol.] 8vo., Luteties, 1589. 

The colophon is dated 1588. Russia by Purgold- 

Hering. Sullivan and Gennadius copy. 

'AQiaro(pavov(; Eioijvij. The Peace of 

Aristophanes... The Greek text revised ; with 
a translation into corresponding metres, 
and original notes. By B. B. Rogers. Gr. 
&■ Eng. ^to., London, [iSSj.] 

[Plutus.] 'A.QiaToff:avovi...n).omoq. Aris- 
tophanis... Plutus, jam nunc per C. Girardum 
...& Latinus factus & commentariis...iIlus- 
tratus. Editio prima. Gr. i~ Lat. 

4to., Parisiis : excudebat C. Wechelus, 1549. 


[Another copy.] 

Grutorus copy. 

[Ran^e.] 'Aoiatoqiavovq Baxqaxoi. Gr. 

4to., s.n. 
ETtracted from an edition of Aristophanes' works. 
26 if., without pagination ; sigs. N-R*, e^. 
Title taken from the caption. 

[Vesp.^.] 'AotaTocpavov!; £(pr]xEg. The 

Wasps of Aristophanes. ..The Greek text 
revised ; with a translation into correspond- 
ing metres, and original notes. By B. B. 
Rogers. Gr. &- Eng. ^to., London, {187^.) 


[Opera. — Greek.] 

[Vol. I.] Begin. [Sig. Ai, recto. Epi- 
'ANDNYMOK \ [Sig. Ai, verso:] ALDVS 
Manucius Romanus Alberto Pio principi 
Carpensi. S.P.D. | [Sig. Bs, redo :] 'APIS- 
Impressum Venetiis dextentate AJdi Manucii 



[Opera. — Creek.] — (could.) 
Romani. | Calendis nouembris. M.CCCC. 
LXXXXV. I [Vol. II.] Begin. [Sig. *i, 
recto .•] Twv iv rrjde Ttj l}tfiXq> TxeQiexofieviov 
ovo/xara xoi rafij. | 'AQtarorcXov; f!to; ex 
Tcuv XaeQXiov. \ etc. \Colophon .•] E.xcriptum 
Venetiis manu stamnea i domo Aldi manutii 
Romani, & | gra?corum studiosi. Mensc 
Februario. M.IIID. | [Vol. III.] Begin. 
\_Sig. aaaaT, recto ;] Tmv ef rijde rrj fiijiXot 
TiEQiexofievojv, ovo/iara xai Ta^t:;. \ '.igiaroxe- 
Xovg TieQt ffticyv laTOQta;. ^t(iha d' | etc. 
[Colophon .•] Venetiis in domo Aldi Mense 
lanuario MI I ID. | [Vol. IV.] Begin. [Fol. i, 
recto :] Tow iv rrjSe rrj jiiftXm Tieois^o/ievoif 
dvofj-ara xai Toffc. | Geoq^Qaarov neqi tpvrov 
iaroQiag. ptfiXia dexa. | etc. [Colophon :] Ex- 
criptum Venetiis in domo Aldi Manutii 
Caledis lunii. M.IIID . | [Vol. V.] Begin. 
[Sig. aaaai, recto:] Tade eveartv iv ttj6e t/j 
/3i/9A(u, I 'AoicnoreXovi rfiixtov vixo/iayEKov 
fiifiXia Sexa. | elc. [Colophon :] Venetiis. 
M.IID. Mense iunio. Apud Aldum ...| 
[Edited by Aldus Manutius.] Ed. Pr. 
5 vols. fol., [colophon :] I'enetiis : dextcritale 
Aldi Manucii Romani, i40';-g8. 
Renouard, pp. 7, 10, 11, 16. Hain and Copinger, 
•1657. Proctor, 5547, 5553, 5555, 5556, 5565. 

[Another copy of Vol. II.] 

Contemporary stamped leather, with floral and 
other patterns on the sidea. Pattison copy. 

[Another copy of Vol. IV.] 

Soabise and Pattison copy. 

XifinXixiov vno/ivii/iaza eIq tu y fiifiha Tov 

'Agi<JTOTe?.ov<; Ttegt xpvyy-jQ. AXe^avdQov '-UpQO- 
diaiE(og vjio/tvtj/iaTfi elg to ntpt niaOijaccK, xai 
alaOrjTov. MixaijXov rov 'EtpEOiov a/oXia eIi; 
TO negt ftvtj/irjg, xai ava/ivrjOEca;. El; to tisqi 
ivvnviotv. Eli to jieqi xaO' vnvov /tavTtxij;. 
Elg TO TiEQt l^ojCDV xivtjaerog. Eig to tieqi ftaxQo- 
^lOTtjTog, xai f^QaxvftioTTjTog. Eig ro tieqi 
veorrjTog, xai yijQag, xai Cft)»;g, xai Bavarov. 
Elg TO negt dva^ivoijg. Elg to tteoi l^uxov 
noQEiag. Simplicii commentaria in trcs libros 
Aristotelis de anima, etc. [With the text.] 

fol., [colophon .•] Venetiis : in acdibus Aldi, 
et Andreae Asulani soceri, 1527. 
Renouard, p. 104. 

' Iwavnijg o yoa/i/iartxog elg ro tieqi yevEOEiug, 

xai <p6oQag [of Aristotle, with the text]. 
AXe^avdoog 6 A(pQodiaiEvg Elg ra fiETEto- 
QoXoytxa [of Aristotle, with the text]. 'O avTog 
TtEQi iii^Eo>g. Joannes Grammaticus in libros 
de generatione, ct interitu. Alexander Aph- 
rodisiensis in metcorologica. Idem de 
mixtione. fol., [colophon :] Venetiis : in 

aedibus Aldi, et Andreae Asulani soceri, 1527. 

Renouard, p. 104. 

'A()iaTuTeXovg Jiuouv Xoytxijv, QtjTonixrjv, 

TtotrjTtxrjV TiQay/iaTEiav negif/oiv, xnjiog . A'. 
Aristotelis omncm logicani, rhetoricam, ct 
poeticam disciplinam continens, tonius I. 
(De physica auscultationc, de coclo, de niundo 
ad Alex., de generatione ct corruptionc, ct 
meteorologicam disciplinam continens, tomus 
II.) (Dc historia animalium disciplinam ct 

reliquos huic discipline agnatos libros con- 
tinens, tomus III.) (Problemata cum Ale.x. 
Aphrodis. probl. et mechanica, et meta- 
physices disciplinam continens, tomus 1 1 II.) 
(.Moralia magna, et moralia Eudem. et 
moralia Nicomach. et rei familiaris, civilisque 
disciplinam continens, tomus V.) (Theo- 
phrasti historiam de plantis, et de causis 
plantarum, et quosdam alios ipsius libros 
continens, tomus VI.) [Edited by J. B. 
Camotius ] 6 torn. 8vo., [colophon :] 

Venetiis : apud Aldi filios, 1551-53. 
Renouard, p. 150. Red morocco by Boz^riaa 
jeune. Gennadius copy. 

'Ex Tlov 'AqiaTOTEX.ovg xai GeotpQaaxov. 

Aristotelis et Theophrasti scripta quaedam, 
etc. ('Ex TOV TiEQi ^laOijfiaxixijg 'AQyyxa xov 
JJiiOayogeiov. — 'Ex xoiv I^ioxuovog xwv OTiooadi^v 
TiEoi noxafiwv xai xqtjvojv xai Xipiviov naga- 
do^oXoyov/ievojv.) 8vo., [Paris,} 1557. 

[Opera. — Latin.] 

Habentur hoc volumine haec Theodore 

Gaza interpretc. Aristotelis de natura ani- 
malium. lib. IX. Ejusdem de partibus 
animalium. lib. II 1 1. Ejusdem dc genera- 
tione animalium. lib. V. Theophrasti de 
historia plantarum. lib. IX. Et decimi 
principium duntaxat. Ejusdem de causis 
plantarum. lib. VI. Aristotelis problemata 
in duas de quadraginta sectiones...Alexadri 
Aphrodisiesis problemata duobus libris no 
unqua ate ipressa eode Theodore iterprete, 
etc. 3 pts. [in i vol.] fol., [colophon :] 

Venetiis : in domo Aldi, IS03-4. 

The pagination and rt»gister of the three parts 

are consecutive. Tho "problemata" have a 

separate titlepage with the printer's device. 

Renouard, p. 43. 

[Another edition of Vols. II. -III.] 

8vo., [T.vons,] s.a. 
A counterfeit Aldine. Renouard, p. 308. Vol. HI. 
Millard copy. 

Aristotelis et Theophrasti historiae, cum 

de natura animalium, turn de plantis & earum 
causis, etc. 2 pts. [in i vol.] 

8vo., Luf^duvi, I 552. 
Pt. II. ha.? a separate titlepage and pagination. 

Physicorum Aristotelis libri, etc. 

8vo., Lugduni : apiid Seh. Gryphium, 1554. 
The " Parva Naturalia " and other works are 
included in the volume. The Latin versions 
are by J. Argyropylus and F. Vatablu.^. Con- 
temporary pigikin. with arms and " I. G. 1556 " 
stamped on tlio side. 

[De Anima.] 

'Icoavvov yoajinaxixov ...i:ioiivr}na sig to 

TiEQt ^(ivxrjg (iifiXia xov 'AniaxoxeXovg. Joannis 
Grammatici... commentaria in libros de anima 
Aristotelis. [With the text. Edited by V. 
Trinravelhis.] En, Pi;. fol., [cotopUon :] 

I'ciirliis: in (pdibns Biniholomtri Z metli, 1535. 

Russia by Roger Payne. Gaisford and Gcnnodiua 

Aristotelis dc anima libri trcs. J. Argyro- 

pylo... interpretc. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Sch. Gryphium, 1545. 
Wanting tlio lost loaf, bearing tho printer's 



[De Anima.}— (com^.) 

[Another issue.] 

8vo., Lugduni : apttd Seb. Gryphium, 1546. 

See ODONI (R.). Discorsc.per via peri- 

patetica, ove si dimostra, se ranima, secondo 
Aristotele, e mortale, o immortale. 4to., 1557. 

[De Coelo.] 

l^iftjiXixiov v:io/n'tj/iaTa elg zeaaaoa pLJiha 

'AQi(noxe)^ovi neoi ovquvou, fisra tou vTioxei- 
fiEvov rov avTov. Simplicii commentarii in 
quatuor Aristotelis libros de coelo, cum textu 
ejusdem. [Edited by A. Asulanus.] Gr. 

fol., [colophon .-] Venetiis : in aedibus Aldi 
Romani, &- Andrea Astilani soceri, 1526. 
Renouard, p. 102. Hare copy. 

Aristotelis de coelo libri quatuor. I. 

Argyropilo...interprete. Lat. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gyyphium, 1545. 

[De Coloribus.] 

Aristotelis, vel Theophrasti de coloribus 

libellus, a S. Portio...latinitate donatus, & 
commentariis illustratus : una cum ejusdem 
praefatione, qua coloris naturam declarat. 
Gr. &■ Lat. 

8vo., Pari si is : apud Vascosamtm, 1549. 

[De Generatione et Corruptione.J 

[Aristotelis de generatione et comiptione 

libri duo. F. Vatablo interprete.] Lat. 

8vo., [Lyons : S. Gryphius, 1546.] 
Wanting the titlepfipe. 

[De Mundo.] 

'AQicnore).ov(; xai 0t?.covo; ^egi xoafiov. 

Aristotelis & Philonis de mudo. [Edited bj' 
J. Thusanus.] Gr. 

4to., [Paris : J. Bade, 1510 ?] 
26 ff.. without paRination ; gigs. A-E*, F". The 
titlepage bears the device of J. Bode. 

De mundo Aristotelis lib. I., Philonis 

lib. I. G. Budaeo interprete. Cleomedis 
lib. II. G. Valla interprete. 'AQtcrrore?.ov; 
Tteoi y.oaiiov...pifi?.. tv. 0iXon'OQ 'lovdawv Tiegi 
y.o'afwv PipL iv. Ad haec scholion doctiss. in 
Aristotelis libellu de mundo, S. Grynaeo 
authore. Gr. &■ Lat. 2 pts. [in i vol.] 

Svo., Basilees : apud J. Valderum, 1533. 

'AQWTot£).ovQ xai 0i?.on'o; Tzeoi xoafiov. Gr. 

Svo., Parisiis : per Conradum Neobar, 1540. 

The date on the titlepage ie wronglv printed 
" M.D.L.X." 

De mundo Aristotelis lib. I., Philonis 

Ub. I. G. Budaeo interprete. Ocelli Lucani... 
libellus, de universi natura. Lat. 

8vo., Parisiis : [E. Tousan,] 1541. 
[De Planus.] 

To -Ttpt rpvrojv Toi' 'Aoiarore/.ov; Pifihov 

TtQOiTov (-/?'). Gr. See GEOPONICA. y'tto- 
Tiorixa, etc. 8vo., 1539. 

[De Republica Atheniensium.] 

Aristotle's constitution of Athens. Trans- 
lated. T. J. Dymes. 8vo., London, 1891. 

[De Virtutibus et Vitus.] 

AoiaTOXE).ov(; negi dgercov xai xaxuov. — 

Aristotelis de virtutibus et vitiis liber. S. 
Grynaeo interprete. Gr. &■ Lat. See below 
[Ethica.]. Epitome doctrinae moralis, etc. 

8vo., 1 62 1. 

EvarQaxiov xac aXXuv tivwv tmatj/ia)v ■6no- 

fiptj/^tara elg ra dexa Tcui' tov '.AgiaTOTeXovg 
i)dixa>v Nixo/^ia/euov ptfiha /uera rov v:zoxet/tevov. 
Enstratii et aliorum insignium Peripateti- 
corum commentaria in libros decem Aristo- 
telis de moribus ad Nicomachum, una cum 
textu suis in locis adjecto. Gr. 

fol., [colophon ;] Venetiis : in aedibus haeredum 
Aldi Manutii, ct Andreae Asulani soceri, 1536. 
Benouard, p. 116. Hastings copy. 

'AgiaTOTe/.ovi I'fitxoiv Nixoiiayjicn' fitfi/.ia 

Sexa. Aristotelis de moribus ad Nicomachum 
libri decem. Gr. 

4to., Parisiis : apud J. Lodoicum, 1540. 
The colophon is dated 1538. 

Aristotelis ad Nicomachum filium de 

moribus, quae Ethica nominatur, libri decem. 
J. Perionio. .interprete. ..Commentarii ejus- 
dem in eosdem libros. . . Accessit liber Ciceronis 
de universitate, etc. 

4to., Parisiis: apud S. Colintpum, 1540. 
Contains only the Latin version of the " Ethica." 
The colophon reads : " Excudebat J. Lodoi- 
cas.'* Askew and WodhtUI copy. 

'/loicrTOT£/ot'c ifitxiuv Nixofiaxeuov fSipXia 

iSexa. ' Aristotelis de moribus ad Nicomachum 
libri decem. [Edited by J. Sturraius.] Gr. 

8vo., Argentorati : per W. Rihelium, 1545. 
[Another edition.] 

Svo., Argentorati : per W. Rihelium, 1549. 

A. Talai in primum Aristotelis ethicum 

librum explicatio, etc. [With the text.] Lat. 

4to., Parisiis : ex typographia M. 
Davidis, 1550. 
Mauzofu copy. 

'/IgiaroTeXovg rjdixojv Nixo/jaxetojv /Si^Ata 

dexa. Aristotelis de moribus ad Nico- 
machum hbri decem. Gr. [Edited by P. 
Victorius." 4to., Parisiis, 1554. 

Askew and Wodhnll copy. 

Aristotelis ethiconim ad Nicomachum 

hber quinctus...M. A. I.Iureto interprete. 
Lat. See MURETUS (M. A.). AI. A. Mureti... 
orationes XXIII., etc. [Pt. II.] 8vo., 1575. 

Primus Aristotelis Uber ad Nicomachum 

...ab A. Talaeo explicatus. Lat. See 
TAL^US (A.). A. Talaei... opera, etc. 

4to.. 1575. 

Aristotelis ethicorum Nicomachiorum libri 

decem e.\ D. Lambini interpretatione Gras- 
colatini. T. Zuingeri argumentis atq3 
scholiis . . . illustrati. Theophrasti . . . monim 
characteres, interprete C. Auberio...Pytha- 
goreorum veterum fragmenta ethica (a Stobaeo 
conservata), a G. Cantero...conversa & eraen- 
data, etc. Gr. &■ Lai. fol., Basilets, 1582. 

Schurtzfieisch copy. 

Epitome doctrinae moralis, ex decem 

libris ethicorum ... collecta ... per T. Golium. 
Adjectus est ad calcem aureus ejusdem Aris- 



[Ethica.] — (contd.) 
totelis libellus .icgt aosTwv xaxtan>, h. e., 
de virtutibus & vitiis : intcrprete S. Grj'neo. 
Gr. &■ Lat. 8vo., Argentorati, 1621. 

Hoslingg copy. 

The Nicomachean ethics of Aristotle. 

Translated, with notes... by R. W. Browne. 
Eng. 8vo., London, 1850. 

Aristotelis ethica Nicomachea. Edidit... 

J. E. T. Rogers. Gr. S\o., Oxonia:, iS^2. 

See FORESTUS (H.). H. 

ethica Aristotelis... domesticae prselectiones. 

8vo., 1550. 
[Another copy.] 

See FORESTUS (H.). H. 

quintum ethicorum Aristotelis domesticae 
praelectiones. 8vo., 1550. 

[Another copy.] 


'AotOTOTeXov!; TteQi (cocov lajooiai; fii^Xia x'. 

Aristotelis de animalium historia libri X. 
Addita e Theophrasto collectanea quc-edam 
de animalibus... Addita item diversa locorum 
lectio, etc. [Edited by F. Sylburgius.] Gr. 

4to., Francofurdi, 1587. 


Bessarionis Cardinalis...metaphysicorum 

Aristotelis XIIII. librorum tralatio. Lat. 
See BESSARION (J.) Cardinal. Quae hoc 
in volumine tractantur, etc. [Pt. II.] 

fol., 1516. II. XII. et XIII. Aris- 
totelis libros metaphysiccs commcntarius 
[with the text], a H. Bagolino...Latinitate 
donatus. Lat. 

4to., [Venice :] in Academia Veneta, 1558. 
Rpnoimrci. p. 272. 


Meteorologicorum Aristotelis libri quatuor 

F. Vatablo interprete. 

8vo., Liigdnni : apud Seb. Gryphiiim, 1546. 

See POMPONATIUS (P.). P. Pom- 

}X3natii...dubitationcs in quartum meteoro- 
logicorum Aristotelis librum, etc. fol., 1563. 


See FORESTUS (H.). H. 

occonomica Aristotelis... domestica; prailec- 
tiones. 8vo., 1550. 


Dialectica Aristotelis, Boethio... intcr- 
prete, ab J. Rsenerio recognita, ac scholiis 
lUustrata. Lat. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, [154 j ?] 
The titlepape is mutilated. 

Dialectica Ari.stotelis, Boethio... inter- 
prete. Adjectis j;im recens A. Politiani in 
singulos libros argumcntis. 

8vo., Litgditni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1547. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Lugdmii, 1553. 
StaiDpod vi'lluin Mmlinf.'. 

[Organon : C.\TEGORi.?i.] 

SeeVO'RPnYKlVS.Philosophus. 'IItov 

noQ(pvQiov el; Ta; 'AgiaroTe^ovi xazijyoQia; 
i^rjyijaig xara nivaiv xai aTioxgiatv, etc. 

4to., 1543. 
See SIMPLICIUS, of Cilicia. EtunXixiov 

Meyalov Atdaaxa?.ov mofivtj/ta el; Ta; dexa 
xazijyoQiai rov 'AgiaroreXovg. fol., [1499.] 

[Organon : Categori.e & De Interpre- 

'A/n/jwviov rov 'Eg/Aetov v:iofiv>]fia el; to 

.^fgl iQfnjveia; 'AgiaTOTcXov;. MayevT>]vov 

MtjXgoTiohrov Mitv?.>]V)j; i^rjyjjai; ei; to aino. 
Ammonii Hermei commentaria in librum peri 
hermenias. Margentini, eundem enar- 
ratio. {Mixa-i)Xov 'PeV.ov 7inoa(pgaai; el; xo 
Tiegi iofitjveta;.) {'An^iutviov 'Eg/j.eiov el; ra; 
dexa 'xarrjyoQia;.) [With the text.] Gr. 
4 pts. [in I vol.] 

fol., [colophon :] Venetiis : apud Aldum, 1303. 
The imprint is at the end of the second part. 
Renouard, p. 40. Kod morocco by Storr, 
Syston Park copy. 

'Afificoviov rov ' Egnetov el; ra; rov 'Aoia- 

roreXov; xarrjyoQia; vjio^tvi^fta, etc. {'Aufiw- 
%'tov Tou ' Eofieiov el; to tou '.(4oi(Ttot£Aoi)J negi 
ioft)]veta; v7io/iivt]na, etc.) [With the text.] 
See AMMONIUS, llermecs. 'A/t/ttmnov tod 
'Eg/ieiov el; to; nevre (poiva; rov noQ<pvgtov 
v7tofivrj/ia, etc. [Pts. II. & III.] 8vo., 1546. 

[Organon : Categoric & Elenciii.] 
AgtaroreXov; xarriyogiai, negi ignrjveta;. 

rojzixa, xai negi ao^iorixiov eXeyxo)V. Aris- 
totelis de sophisticis elenchis. 
Editio stereotypa. Gr. 8vo.. Lipiiae, 1832. 
Forms Vol. VTII. of nn edition of .Aristotle's 

[Organon : Analytica.] 

'AgiaroreXov; avaXvrixa ngorega xai varega. 

Aristotelis analytica priora et posteriora ... 
Editio stereotypa. Gr. 8vo., Lipsiae, 1832. 

Forms vol. IX. o( an edition of Ari.stotIo*3 works. 

[Organon : Pkiora Analytica] 

'Iwavvov ygafi/jartxov...el; ra Tzgorega dva- 

XvTixa rov 'AgiaroreXov;, v:ro/i>'ijfia. Mayev- 
rivov ayoXia el; ra aura avvoifi; negi raiv 
avXXoyia/iwv. Joan. Gram. ... comentaria in 
priora analytica Aristotelis, etc. [With the 
text. Edited by V. Trincavcllus.] Gr. Ed. Pr. 
2 pts. [in I vol.] fol., [colophon :] 

Venetiis : in a-dibiis Bartholomeei Zanctti, 1536. 

W\\ ;ia l.y Roper Payne. Oalsford and Oennadiua 

See ALEXANDER, Aphrodistsus. 'AXe^- 

avdgov rov d(pQodiaieo);, el; ra, rov 'Agia- 
roreXov;, ngorega dvaXvrixa, vno/iv>ifia, etc. 

fol., 1520. 

Averroes. Quastio Aucrrois in librum 

priorum, etc. See MAIOLUS (L.). Epiphyl- 
lides in dialecticis. [Pt. III.] 4to., 1497. 

[Organon : Posteriora Analytica.] 

'Iioawov rov yga/j/iarixov, el; Ta varega 

dvaX.vrtxa 'AgiaroreXov;, x^no/ivrj/ia. 'Avan-v- 
fiov et; rn ai'ra. Evargarinv et; ra nvra. 
Joannis grammatici in posteriora rcsolutoria 



[Organon : PosTERioRA Analytica.] — (contd.) 
Aristotelis, commentarium. Incerti authoris 
in eadem. Eustratii in eadem. [With the 
text.] Gr. 2 pts. [in i vol.] fol., [colophon :] 
Venetiis : in adibus hceredtwi Aldi Mamilii 
Romani, &- Andrem Astilani soceri, 1534. 
Renouard, p. 113. 

See JOANNES, Grammaticus, Philoponus. 

Joannis grammatici in posteriora resolutoria 
Aristotelis comentaria, etc. Gr. foL, 1504. 

See RAMUS (P.). [Animadversiones 

Aristotelic.s;.] P. Rami...Aristotelicaru 
animadversionu liber nonus & decimus in 
posteriora analytica, etc. 8vo., 1553. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another edition.] 8vo., 1556. 

[Organon : Topica.] 

See ALEXANDER, AphrodiscBUs. '/IM- 

ai'dgov 'AtpQoSiaiecoQ elg ra Toniy.a 'AoiaroTeXovQ 
vnoftv)]/iaTa, etc. fol., 1513. 

[Another copy.] 

- See RAMUS (P.). [Animadversiones 
ARisTOTELic.Ti;.] P. Rami ... animadver- 
sionum Aristotelicarum libri octo in totidem 
Aristotelis topica, e/c. 8vo., 1556. 

[Organon : Elenchi.] 

Expositio Egidii Romani supra li | bros 

elenchorum Aristotelis. | [With the text.] 
Questio defensiua opinionis de medio | de- 
monstrationis eiusdem. | [Edited by A. de 
Meschiatis de Bugella.] Lot. Q. %. 

fol., [colophon .•] Venetijs : mandnto t~ 
expensis dni Andree Torresani de Asiila, 
per Simone de Luere, 1500. 
Hain and Copinger, 141. Proctor, 5630. Hoff- 
mann, I., 334. Renouard, p. 291. 

See ALEXANDER, Aphrodisaus. Alex- 

andri Aphrodisiensis, in sophisticos Aristotelis 
elenchos, commentaria, etc. Gr. fol., 1520. 

[Organon : Appendix.] 

See CATHENA (P.). Universa loca in 

logicam Aristotelis in mathematicas disci- 
plinas hoc novum opus declarat. 4to., 1556. 

[Parva Naturalia.] 
[Aristotelis de sensu & sensili, memoria & 

reminiscentia, somno & vigilia, insomniis, 
divinatione in somno, logitudine & brevitate 
vitae, juvetutc & senectute, & vita & morte, 
& respiratione, libri... F. Vatablo interprete.] 
Lat. 8vo., [Lyons : S. Gryphius, 1546.] 

Wanting the titlepage. 


— — 'Icuavvov yQa/t/iarixov vno/ivijfta el^ ra negi 

(pvaiHTji; rsaaaga nqioTa Pipha tov 'AQicnoTe- 

kovg. Joannis Grammatici in primes quatuor 

Aristotelis de naturali auscultatione libros 

commentaria. [With the text. Edited by 

V. Trincavellus.] Gr. fol., [colophon ;] 

Venetiis : in erdibus Bartholomtsi Zanetti, 1535. 

Large papor copy, uncut. Gaisford and Gen- 

uuUius copy. 

Physicorum Aristotelis, seu, de naturali 

auscultatione, libri octo. J. Argyropylo... 
interprete. Lat. 

8vo., Lugduni : apitd Seb. Grvphium, 1546. 
Stamped vellum binding, witii the date *' 1550." 

See PSELLUS (:Vl. C). [Commentarii 

IN Aristotelem.] physicen Aris- 
totelis commentarii, etc. fol., 1554. 

See RAMUS (P.). [Schol^ Physic.^.] 

P. Rami...scholarum physicaru libri octo, etc. 

8vo., I 565. 
[Another edition.] 8vo., 1583. 


'AgiaTOTeXovg tieqi TiotrjTixrjg. Gr. See 

APHTHONIUS, Sophista. Rhetores in hoc 
volumine habentur hi, etc. [Vol. I.] 

4to., 1508. 

Aristotelis poetica, per A. 

Latinum conversa. Gr. &■ Lat. 2 pts. [in 
I vol.] 8vo., [colophon ;] Venetiis : in 
aedibus haeredwn Aldi, et Andreae Asulani 

soceri, 1536. 
Renouard, p. 115. Randolph and Heber copy. 

[Another edition.] 8vo. , [colophon :] 

Basilea : per B. Lasium et T. Platterum, 1537. 

'AoiaTOTEXovc; Tioiijxtxi]. Gr. 

8vo., [colophon: Paris: E. Tousan, 1541.] 
Sunderland copy. 

Aristotelis poetica, per A. 

Latinum conversa. Lat. 8vo., apiid J. 

Bogardum, [colophon .■] Parisiis, 1542. 
Sunderland copy. 

AQiaToTE^.ovg TiEoi jioujTixijQ. Gr. See 

below [Rhetorica.]. 'AgtaroTeXovi; rexviQ 
QijtoQtxijg fiifiha y' , etc. 8vo., 1546. 

F. librum Aristotelis de 

arte poetica explicationes, etc. [With the 
text.] (F. Robortelli...paraphrasis in librum 
Horatii, qui vulgo de arte poetica ad Pisones 
inscribitur. Ej usdem explicationes de satyra, 
de epigrammate, de comoedia, de salibus, de 
elegia, etc.) Gr. (S- Lat. 2 pts. [in i vol.] 
fol., Florentiae : inofficinaL. Torrentini, 1548. 

Cessole copy. 

'AgtaTorc?.ovg negi JzonjtDcrjg. Gr. S- Fr. 

See BATTEUX (C). Les quatre poetiques, 
etc. Tome L 8vo., 1771. 

[Another edition.] Gr. &■ Fr. See 

HORATIUS FLACCUS (Q.). [Epistol.c : 
Ars Poetica. — French.] L'art poetique 
d'Horace, etc. 8vo., 1815. 

Aristoteles rhetorica et poetica. Ex re- 

ccnsione L Bekkeri, iterum seorsim editae. 
Gr. See below [Rhetorica.]. 8vo., 1843. 


Aristoteles de conuenietia | politico & eco- 

nomice. | Aristotehs...dediffe| rentia& coue- 
nientia politice et economice & ordine earu3 | 
libri duo cu comento & annotationibus viri 
subtilssimi [sic] et | modemorum omnium 
(pace cunctoru dixerim) primarii | Gilberti de 
crab. Scoti. | Eiusd§ insuper de crab, ques- 
tiones economice i vico stra | minis vulgo apel- 
lati palam disputate & decise. | Et aristotelis 
postremo economicarum pubUcarum liber | 



[POUTICA.] — (contd. ) 
vnus, que quatU3 lectori studioso et cuiq5 
c5ferant qui le- | gerint atlendent : lectureq3 
non penitebit. | 0. X. 

4to., [Paris .•] 7. Petit, [c. 1500.] 
36 ff., without pagination ; sigs a-d', e^. An 
abstract of the first two books of Aristotle's 
Politics, dealing with the relationship between 
politics and economics. There is a notice of 
G. Crabbe in Dempster's " Historia eoolesi- 
astioa," Ed. 2, tom. I., p. 184. 

'AoiaioreXovt; Tiohrtxoiv jiifiX. oxro). Aris- 

totelis dc Optimo statu reipub. libri octo. 
[Edited by P. Victorius.] Gr. 

4to., Parisiis, 1556. 
'Aqioxoxe/.ovq Trohrty.ojv ra tvQiaxo/icva. 

Aristotelis politica, a P. Ramo...Latina facta, 
etc. Gr. &■ Lat. 8vo., Fravcofurti, 1601. 

See GOZZI (N. V. di). Dello stato dalle 

republichc secondo la mente di Aristotele, etc. 

4to., 1591. 

Aristotelis Stagirite et philo | sophi 01m 

pspicatissimi et ora- | tons eloquetissimi tria 
rhetori | coa volumia incredibili suaui | tate 
et rhetorice artp vbertate insignia : quib' 
pluria splen- | didissime facultati rhetorice 
adiumenta atq3 ornameta sub | ministrasse 
cognoscitur. | Lat. (3. X. 

fol., [Leipzig : J . Thanner,] s.a. 
Hoffmann, I., 335. Hain, 1679. Proctor, 30R6. 

'AQtOZ0T£/.0Vg TEyVljg Q)lTOf)lXllQ JV)t' tt^ TQia 

TO nQonov. See APHTHONIUS, Sophista. 
Rhetores in hoc volumine habentur hi, etc. 
[Vol. I.] 4to., 1508. 

Aristotelis rhetoricorum ad Thcodecten 

Georgio Trapezuntio interprete libri III. 
S^eGEORGIUS, Trapezuntius. Continentur 
hoc volumine. Georgii Trapezuntii rhetorico- 
rum libri v., etc. fol., 1523. 

'Antarore?iov; rex*''l? QiJtoQix}]^ fiifiha y' . 

Aristotelis de arte rhetorica libri tres. Gr. 

4to., [colophon .] BasiletB : per H. Fro- 
benium et J. Hervagium, 1529. 
Snndertand and Gennadina copy, 

Aristotelis rhetoricorum ad Theodccten 

libri tres. Georgio Trapczunrio interprete. 

8vo., Lugduni : aprid Seb. Gryphium, 1541. 

D. Barbari in tres libros rhetoricorum 

Aristotelis commentaria. [With a Latin 
version of the work.] 

8vo., Lugduni : aptid Seb. Gryphium, 1544. 

Rhetoricorum Aristotelis ad Theodectcn 

libri tres. Georgio Trapezuntio interprete. 
Ejusdcm ad Ale.xandrum Rhetoriccs liber I. 
a F. Philelpho in Latinum versus. 

8vo., l-ugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1545. 

'AQKTTOTeXov:; lex"')'^ QtjTOQixiiQ PijiXta y . 

Tlnni 'A^e^avfiQov TicQi ^rjTOQixtjQ fitfi. a' . IJein 
Tioiiinxtiz Pif). a'. Aristotelis dc arte rhetorica 
libri III. Ad Alexandrum de rlictorica lib. I. 
Dc poetica lib. I. Gr. 8vo., [colophon :] 

Venetiis : apud J. Gryphium, 1546. 

'AgiaToreXov!; Tcxyrji QTjrogixtji; pifiXia rgta. 

Aristotelis de arte dicendi libri tres,,. 4 P. 

Victorio correcti & emendati. Tide Latini- 
tate donati per H. Barbaru. Gr. &■ Lat. 
2 pts. [in I vol.] 

8vo., Parisiis : apud Vascosani4, 1549. 
The second part, containing the Latin version, 
has a separate titlepage in Latin only. Wod- 
hull copy. 

Aristotelis de arte dicendi libri III. H. 

Barbaro interprete, etc. Lat. 

4to., Parisiis, 1559. 

Aristotelis rhetoricorum libri III. in 

Latinum sermonem, & scholis brevio- 
ribus explicati a J. Sturmio, etc. Gr. &■ Lat. 

8vo., [colophon :] Argentorati, 1570. 

A brief of the art of rhetorick, etc. See 

RAMUS (P.). [DiALECTiCA.] A compen- 
dium of the art of logick and rhetorik, etc. 

l6mo., 1651. 

Aristotelis rhetorica et poetica. Ex re- 

censionc I. Bekkeri, iterum seorsim editae. 
Gr. 8vo., Berolini, 1843. 

Interleaved copy, with MS. notee. 

Aristotle's treatise on rhetoric, literally 

translated... with copious notes. New edi- 
tion, to which is added, an analj'sis of Aris- 
totle's rhetoric, by T. Hobbes, etc. 

8vo., London, 1847. 

[Rhetorica : Appendix.] 

£1? xr)v MgioTOTeAou; QtjxoQixip vnoftvti^a 


fol., Parisiis : per C. Neobarium, 1539. 

[Supposititious Works.] 

'AQiaroxE^.ovQ ^ijxoQijxrjJiQoi; 'A?.e^avSQov. 

See APHTHONIbs, ^uyuisia. Rhetores in 
hoc volumine habentur hi, etc. [Vol. I.] 

4to., 1508. 

Rhctorices ad Alexandrum a F. Philelpho 

in latinum versae. Lat. See GKORGiCs, 
Trapezuntius. Conrincntur hoc volumine, 
Georgii Trapezuntii rhetoricorum libri V., etc. 

fol,, 1523, 
[Another edition.] Lat. See above 

[Rhetorica.]. Rhetoricorum Aristotelis.,. 

libri tres, etc. 8vo., 1545. 
[Another edition.] Gr. See above 

[Rhetorica.], 'AgiaToxeXov^ xexvijz QijxoQixtji; 

PijiXiay' ,etc. 8vo., 1546, 


Descriptionis univcrsae naturae, ex Arist. 

pars prior... scholiis illustrata. Per J. Car- 
pentarium, etc. 4to., Parisiis, 1560. 

Averroes. Quaestio Auerrois in librum 

priorum [of the Analytica of Aristotle], etc. 
See MAIOLUS (L.). Epiphyllidcs in dialcc- 
ticis. [Pt. III.] 4to., 1497. 

See BRITISH MUSEUM. Catalogue of 

printed books. Aristotle. fol., 1884. 

See DONATUS (B.). De Platonicrc atquc 

Aristotelicac philosophia; differentia, etc. 

8vo., 1540. 

See GEMISTUS (G.) called Pletiio, 

FedtQyiov Fe/itaToi>...7zeQt wv 'AQtaxoxe>.r]<; 
jtQOi ID.axiova 6iaq>tQSXM. l2mo., [1540,] 



[Appendix.] — (contd.) 

See GOVEANUS (A.). A. Goveani pro 

Aristotele resposio, adversus P. Rami calu- 
nias, etc. 8vo., 1543. 

See JUSTINUS, Martyr, Saint. Eversio 

falsorum Aristotelis dogmatum, etc. 

l6mo., 1552. 
[Another copy.] 

MuRMELLlus (J.). In Aristotelis decern 

praedicamenta J. Munnellii...isagoge. See 
C.ESARIUS (J.). J. Caesarii...dialectica, 
etc. 8vo., 1538. 


Aristotele in P. Ramum orationes II., etc. 

8vo., 1548. 

See RAMUS (P.). [Animadversiones 

Aristotelic/e.] p. Rami...Aristotelicae ani- 
madversiones. 8vo., 1543. 

See RAMUS (P.). [Animadversiones 

Aristotelic.*.] p. Rami.-.animadversio- 
num Aristotelicarum libri XX....Editio secun- 
da. 8vo., 1550. 

See SUISETH (R.). Calculator... Questio 

insuper de reactione juxta Aristotelis senten- 
tiam & comentatoris. fol., 1,520. 

ARISTOXENUS. 'AQiaroievov dg/jovixov arot- 
xeicov fiifiha y' , etc. Gr. 6- Lai. See MEI- 
BOMIUS (M.). Antiquae musicae auctores 
septem, etc. Vol. I. 4to., 1652. 

ARLEQUINIANA. Arliquiniana, ou les bons 
mots, les histoires plaisantes & agreables, etc. 
[By C. Cotolendi.] See COTOLENDI (C). 

i2mo., 1694. 

ARMAGH, Archbishops of. 

James. [1625-56.] See USSHER (J.). 

ARMINIUS (Jacobus). See BERTIUS (P.). 
P. Bertii in obitum...J. Arminii, etc. 

4to., 1609. 

ARMYTAGE, Family of. Armytage, of Kirk- 
lees. [Pedigree.] See YORKSHIRE. [33 
pedigrees, etc.] fol., s.a. 

ARMYTAGE (George John). See DUG- 
DALE (SirW.) Garter King of Arms. Index 
to the Visitation of the County of Yorke... 
Compiled by G. J. Armytage, etc. 4to., 1872. 

ARNAI.DUS, de Villa Nova. Collectanea La- 
cinii ex Amaldo de Villa Nova quae practicae 
compositionem lapidis philosophorum con- 
tinent et exquisite decent. See BONUS (P.). 
Pretiosa margarita novella de thesauro, etc. 

8vo., 1546. 

ARNAUDUS (Andreas). [i.e., Andre 
Arnaud.] Joci, etc. (Epistolae. — A. Amaudi 
rara. — P. Guirandi... Margarita, etc. — Ejus- 
dem Guirandi lusus. — Tumuli. — Apologise.) 

i2mo., Avenioni, 1600. 

Joci...Hac iterata editione mendae prioris 

sublatae ; multa adjecta, plura abjecta. 

i2mo., Avenioni, 1603. 
The titlepage is engraved, 

ARNOBIUS, Afer. Arnobii disputationum ad- 
versus gentes libri octo [or rather, seven ; the 

eighth being the Octavius of Minucius Felix] 

nunc primum in lucem editi [by F. SabaeusJ. 

Ed. Pr. fol., [colophon :] Romae : in 

eedibus Francisci Priscianensis, 1542. 

The dedicatory epistle is dated 1543. Borghese 


Arnobii disputationum adversus gentes 

libri septem. M. Minucii Felicis Octavius. 
Romana editio posterior & emendattor. 
[Edited by F. Ursinus.] 4to., RomcB, 1583. 

ARNOLD (JoHANN) Bergellanus. See BER- 

ARNOLD (Thomas). History of Rome... Fifth 
edition. 3 vols. 8vo., London, 1848, 45, 46. 
Vols. Il.-ni. are of the third edition. 

ARNOULD (Louis Duval-). See DUVAL- 

AROUET DE VOLTAIRE (Francois Marie). 

ARPE (Peter Friedrich). Apologia pro J. C. 
Vanino, etc. [By P. F. Arpe.] 

8vo., Cosmopoli, 171 2. 
Barbier, IV., 11 57. 

Theatrum fati, sive notitia scriptorum de 

providentia, fortuna et fato. 

8vo., Roterodatni, 171 2. 

ARREST. Arrest memorable de la Cour de 

Parlement de Dole, contrc G. Garnier, Lvon- 

nois. etc. See GARNIER (G.). 8vo., 1598. 

ARRIANUS, Nicomedicnsis. See ARRIANUS 

ARRIANUS (Flavius). 'A^Qiarov TieginXovQ 
Ev^eivov IJoiTov. Tov avTov jieQi7i).ovi rijg 
'EQvOqaQ daf.aaarjQ. [This work is not by 
Arrianus.] 'Avvcovo; jteginf.ovQ ?.ifiv>]g. IlXov- 
TOQXov neQi Tiora/tcuv >cai oqcov. ' Emtofirj tojv 
Tot) Zrgafiojvog yecoyQaqjixojv. Arriani & Han- 
nonis periplus, etc. [Edited by S. Gelenius.] 
Gr. Ed. Pr. 4to., [colophon : Basel : H. 
Froben and N. Episcopitis, 1533.] 
Bignon copy. 

A^^iai'ov TTSQi A^.eiavdQOV dra^aaecag. 

Arria n de ascensu Alexandri. [Edited by 
V. Trincavellus.] Gr. 8vo., [colophon :] 

Venetiis : in eedibus B. Zanetii, 1535. 
Didot copy. 

Arriani. rebus gestis Alexadri Magni... 

libri octo...B. Facio...interprete. Lat. 
i6mo., Lugd[tini] : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1552. 

[Arriani de Epicteti dissertationibus libri 

III., etc.] See EPICTETUS. 4to., 1554. 

ARRIGONI (LuiGl). Notice historique et 
bibliographique sur vingt-cinq manuscrits... 
ayant fait partie de la bibliotheque de Fran- 
9ois Petrarquc.en possession de L. Arrigoni. 

4to., Milan, 1883. 

ARRIVABENE (Lodovico). Dubois botte. 
[.\ translation by A. Heulhard of the " Syl- 
vius Ocreatus " of L. Arrivabene.] See 
HEULHARD (A.). Rabelais, ses voyages 
en Italie, etc. (Deuxieme edition.) 

8vo., s.a. 

ARSENIUS, Archbishop of Monembasia. 'Anoq)- 
Oeyfcara <piXoao<pwv xat azQarijymv, QtiroQuiv xn 


ARSENIUS, Archbp. oj Moncmbasia. — (contd.) 
xai TioiyjTwv. l^vUcyevTa, TioQa 'Aqocviov 
'AQxientaxonov Move/ijiaaiag. Praeclara dicta 
philosophorum...ab Arsenio...collecta. {FeQag 
cl n' ovo^iaaeiag anaviov rmv anovdauov, ovx 
dv d/iaoroig Srj^aStj, rrjg dhjdeiag (pike.) Gr. 
2 pts. [in I vol.] Svo.,{Rome.: S.I. n., 1^20}] 

SxoXia TU)v Jiaw doxi/toiv eig ima XQaycudiag 

\_sic] TOW EvQiniSov, avV.cyevTa Ix diacpoQiov 
naXmwv pifiXiov xai avyaQ/noXoyrjOcvra Jiaga 
'Agaeviov ... Scholia in septem Euripidis 
tragoedias, elc. Gr. Ed. Pr. 

8vo., [colophon :] Venetiis : in officina 

Liicwantonii Junta, 1534. 

Bed morocco by Roger Paj-ne. Brogden copy. 

ART. Art poetique fran9ois, etc. [By T. 

Sibilet.] See SIBILET (T.). i6mo., 1576. 

ART ET L'lDIiE, L' : revue contemporaine 

illustree (du dilettantisme litteraire et de la 

curiosite). Publiee par O. Uzanne. 2 torn. 

4to., Paris, 1892. 

All published. 

ARTEMIDORUS, Dalclianus. 'AQTe/tidugov 

6vtiQoxQirixo>v ^ifikia Tierre. Tleoi ivvnvimv 

Svveaiov (he. ?.Eyovaiv. Artemidori de somnio- 

nim interpretatione libri quinq;. De in- 

somniis, quod Synesii cujusdam nomine 

circiifertur. [Edited by F. Asulanus.] Gr. 

Ed. Pr. 8vo., [colophon :] Venetiis : in 

aedibus Aldi, et Andreae soceri, 15 18. 

Renouard, p. 82. 

Artemidori Daldiani ... de somniorum 

interpretatione, libri quinq3, k J. Comario... 
latina lingua conscript!. 8vo., [colophon :] 
BasilecB : per H. Frobenium &■ N. Episcopiiim , 

Jolley copy. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1546. 

[Another copy.] 

ARTHUR, King of Britain. The anturs of 
Arther at the Tamewathelan. [A poem.] 
See ROBSON (J.). Three early English 
metrical romances, etc. 4to., 1842. 

The avowyngc of King Arther, Sir 

Gawan, Sir Kaye, and Sir Bawdewyn of 
Bretan. [A poem.] See ROBSON (J.). 
Three early English metrical romances, elc. 

4to., 1842. 
ARUNDEL (Thomas Howard) Earl of. .See 

WALKER {Sir E.). A .short view of the 

life of...T. Howard, etc. fol., [1705.] 

ARUNDELl. (Richard) Chevalier. Will of 

R. Arundell, Chevalier, son of J. de Arundell, 

by Eleanor Maltravers. [Copied by Sir C. C. 

Young.] 4 pp. 8vo., s.l. et a. 

.\SCENSIUS(JodocusBadius). SVsBADIUS 

(J.) Ascensius. 
ASCHAM (Roger). The English works of R. 

Ascham...With notes and observations, and 

the author's life. By J. Bennet. 

4to., London, 1761. 
Millesr copy. 

A new edition. [Edited by J. G. 

Cochrane.] 8vo., London, 1815. 

The whole works of R. Ascham... col- 
lected and revised, with a life of the author ; 
by... Dr. [J. A.] Giles. 3 vols, [in 4.] 

8vo., London, 1865, 64. 
(Library of Old Authors.) Vol. I. Is in two parts. 

Apologia... pro caena Dominica, contra 

Missam et ejus prgstigias...Cui accesserunt 
themata quKdam theologica...Expositioncs... 
in epistolas...Pauli ad Titum & Philemonem, 
etc. 8vo., Londini : (ex typographia H. 

Middletoni) pro F. Coldocko, i^yj. 

Disertissimi viri R. Aschami...familiarium 

epistolarum libri tres...Quibus adjunctus est 
commendatitiarum, petitoriarum, & aliarum 
hujus generis similium epistolarum, ad alios 
principes & magnates conscriptarum, liber 
unus. Hue accesserunt pauca quaedam ejus- 
dem R. A. poemata. Item oratio E. G[rant]. 
de vita et obitu R. A., etc. 

8vo., Londini : [in officina H. Middle- 
toni) pro F. Coldocko, 1578. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Londini : [ex officina Henrici Byn- 
neman) pro F. Coldocko, 1581. 

[Another edition.] 

i2mo., Hanovia, 1602. 

R. Aschami epistolarum, libri quatuor. 

Accessit J. Sturmii, aliorumque ad Ascha- 
mum, Anglosque alios cruditos epistolarum 
liber unus. Editio novissima, etc. (Eduardi 
Grant oratio de vita & obitu R. Aschami.) 
[Edited by W. Elstob.] 4to., Oxonii, 1703. 

[Another copy.] 

ASCLEPIUS, Hermetis Discipulus. 'Ogoi 
'Aaxh^niov Tigog Afjfwva ^aaiXea. Gr. &■ Lat. 
See HERMES, Trismegistus. 

'Egfiov rov 
4to., 1554. 

Greek text 

Tgia/JieyiaTov noifiavdgrjQ, etc. 

[Another copy of the 


[Another edition.] Gr. &■ Lat. 

4to., 1574. 

mentaries on the orations of M. T. Cicero.] 
Begin. [Sig. az, recto .•] Q. A. Pedianus. I 
senatu cotra. L. Pisonem. | |Pt. H. 

Sig. ai. recto:] Antonii Lusclii...Inquisitio 
I sup. XL orationes Ciccronis ad fratrcm 
suum optimum : ntqj | charissimum As- 
tolfmum de marinonibus. | [Sig. 16, recto :] 
Xiconis Polentoni argument. 1 super aliquot 
orationibus & iuo | ctiuis Ciccronis... |... inci- 
piunt. I [Edited by H. Squarzaficus.] 3 pts. 
[in I vol.] fol., [colophon :] Venetiis : p 

lohdtie^ de Colonia sociiiqz ems lohdnem 
Manthen de (lerretzcm, (1477). 
Hftin and CopiiiRcr, '1886. Proctor, 4317. 

Asconii I'aeduuii cvptisitio in 1111. ora- 
tiones M. Tiillii Cic. contra C. Verrem. & in 
orationem pro Cornclio. In orationcm contra 
C. Antonium, & L. Catilina. In orationcm 
pro M. Scauro. In orationcm coulia I.. 


ASCONIUS PEDIANUS (Quintus).— (cow/i.) 
Pjscncm. In orationem pro Milone. atq; 
harum renim omnium index. Victorini com- 
mentarii in libros M. T. C. de inventione & 
Georgii Trapezuntii in orationem pro Q. 
Ligario. [Edited by F. Asulanus.] 

8vo., [colophon ;] Veneiiis : in aedibus 
Aldi, et Andreae Asulani soceri, is22. 
Renouard, p. 96. Blue morocco by Roger Pajne. 
Syst-on Park copy, 

[Another copv.] 

Syaton Park copy. 

[Another copy.] 

' [Another edition]... cu scholiis P. 

Manutii, et indice nominum, verborum, & 
rerum memorabilium. 

8vo., Veneiiis : apud Aldi filios, 1547. 
Renouard, p. 140. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Veneiiis : apud P. Manutium, 1553. 
Renouard, p. 157. Drury copy, uncut. 
ASHBEE (Charles Robert). A few chapters 
in workshop re-construction and citizenship. 
8vo., London, 1894. 
ASHBEE (Henry Spencer). Don Quixote and 
British art. A paper, etc. 

8vo., London, 1900. 
Printed for private circulation. 
— ^ An iconography of Don Quixote, 1605- 
1895. 4to., London, 1895. 

(Bibliographical Society. Illustrated Mono- 
graphs. No. III.) 

ASHBURNHAM (Bertram Ashburnham) 4</j 
Earl of. The Ashburnham Hbrary. Cata- 
logue of the magnificent collection of printed 
books, the property of... the Earl of Ashburn- 
ham. Which will be sold by auction, etc. 
3 pts. [in I vol.] 8vo., London, 1897-98. 

Partly priced in MS. 

■ The Ashburnham hbrary. Catalogue of 
valuable books returned from the sales of 
the Ashburnham library, having been found 
to be imperfect. Which will be sold by 
auction, etc. 8vo., London, 1898. 

Partly priced in MS. 

Catalogue 01 a ponion of the collection of 

manuscripts known as the " appendix," made 
by the late Earl of Ashburnham. ..Which will 
be sold by auction, etc. Svo., London, 1899. 

ASHBURNHAM (John). A narrative by J. 
Ashburnham of his attendance on King 
Charles the First from Oxford to the Scotch 
army, and from Hampton-Court to the Isle 
of Wight, etc. 2 vols. 8vo., London, 1830. 

ASHBURTON (Richard Barre Dunning) 
2nd Baron. Genealogical memoirs of the 
Royal House of France, forming a commen- 
tary upon the genealogical table of that 
illustrious and ancient House. 1818. [With 
the genealogical table.] fol., London, 1825. 
Privately printed. 

ASHTON-LInDER-LVNE. Custom roll and 
rental of the manor of Ashton-under-Lyne, 
1422. See HARLAND (J.). Three Lanca- 
shire documents of the fourteenth and fif- 
teenth centuries, efc. 4to., 1868. 

ASSELINEAU (Charles.) L'enfer du bibUo- 
phile vu et decrit. i6mo., Paris, i860. 

ASSHETON (Nicholas). The journal of N. 
Assheton of Downham...for part of the year 
161 7, and part of the year following. Inter- 
spersed with notes from the life of. ..J. Bruen 
of Bruen Stapelford... Edited by...F. R. 
Raines. 4to., [Manchester,] 1848. 

(Clietham Society. Remains, etc. Vol. XIV.) 

ATANAGI (Dionigi). De le lettere facete, et 
piacevoli di diversi grandi huomini, et chiari 
ingegni, raccolte per D. Atanagi, libro primo, 
hora la prima volta posto in luce. 

8vo., Venetia, 1561. 

De le rime di diversi nobili poeti toscani, 

raccolte daD. Atanagi, libro primo (-secondo), 
etc. 2 vols. 8vo., Venetia, 1565. 

Lettere di XIII. huomini ilhistri, etc. 

[Lib. 1-13 collected by D. Atanagi.] See 
LETTERE. Svo., 1560. 

ATHANASIUS, Saint, Patriarch of Alexandria. 
Magni Athanasii opusculum in Psalmos. A. 
Politiano interprete. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1528. 

ATHEN^US, Naucralita. Athenaeus. '^19;;- 
vaiov Aeinvoao(piaTov Ttjv noXvfiadcaraxrjv nqay- 
/laTeiav vvv eiecni aoi, qrif.o^.oye, fuxgov TTQiaftevo) 
noXXoiv T£ xai /leyaXuyv xai d^ioiivijpiovEVTCov 
xai BavfiaaTcov xai noixi).OiV xai datSaf.wv xat 
y?.a<pvQ(ijv xai cuv laco:; TtQOTeqov ovx ^Sei;, i; 
yvcoaiv D.deiv, etc. [Edited by A. P. Manutius 
and M. Musurus.] Gr. Ed. Pr. 2 pts. 
[in I vol.] fol., [colophon ;] Venetiis : apud 
Aldum, et /Indream socerum, 1514. 
Renouard, p. 67. Sussex copy. 

Banquet des savans, par Athenee, traduit, 

tant sur les textes imprimes, que sur plu- 
sieurs manuscrits, par M. [J. B.] Lefebvre de 
Villebrune. 5 tom. 4to., Pan'i, 1789-91. 

The deipnosophists or banquet of the 

learned... Literally translated by C. D. Yonge. 
With an appendix of poetical fragments, 
rendered into English verse by various 
authors, etc. 3 vols. 8vo., London, 1854. 

ATHENAGORAS. Athenagora...della risur- 

rettione de' morti, tradotto in lingua italiana 

da G. Faleti : con una oratione della nativita 

di Christo, composta dal medesimo Faleti. 

4to., Venetia: Aldus [P. Mantttius], 1556. 

Renouard, p. 167. 

'AU)it>ayoQov...d7io/.oyta TieQi XQiariavuiv. 

Tov avTov, TiEQi dvaaraaeioi; vexqojv. Athena- 
gorae... apologia pro Christianis (C. Gcsnero 
interprete)... Ejusdem, de resurrectione mor- 
tuorum (P. Nannio interprete), etc. Gr. &■ 
Lat. 8vo., [Paris,] 155J. 

ATHfiNfiE. See ATHEN.EUS, Naucratita. 

ATHENRY (Edward Bermingham) calhng 
himself Baron. See BERMINGHAM (E.). 

ATHERTON (John) Bishop of Waterford and 
Lismore. See BERNARD (N.). The case 
of J. Atherton, etc. 4to., 1710. 



ATRAMENTUM. Atramentum, sive fabula, 
de monachis Antonianis...Latinis versibus 
reddita ab A. Menagio. See GR.EVIUS (J. 
G.). J. G. Gra;vii, Arcerii...epistolae, etc. 

8vo., lyio. 

ATTENDOLO (Giacomo) afterwards SFOR- 

ATTHILL (William). Documents relating to 
the foundation and antiquities of the Col- 
legiate Church of Middleham...With an his- 
torical introduction, and incidental notices 
of the castle, town and neighbourhood, by 
W. Atthill. 4to.. Londofi, 1847. 

(Camden Society Publications, Vol, 38.) 

ATTICUS (Titus Pomponius). Nepos (C). 
T. P. Attici vita. See CICERO (M. T.). 
[EpisTOL.s.] M. T. Ciceronis epistolae, etc. 

8vo., 1543. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., 1544. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., 1545. 

[Another edition.] i6mo., 1546. 

[Another edition.] i6mo., 

[Another edition.] i6nio., 

[Another copy.] 

[Another edition.] 8vo., 1551. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., 1555. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another edition.] i6mo., 1560. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., 1563. 

ATTICUS HERODES (Tiberius Claudius). 
IleQi noXixEiag, 'Hgwdov. See .lESCHINES. 
Aoyoc TovTcovi rcov qi]toqu>v. Ataxivov...' Hq(o- 
60V, etc. [Pt. II.] fol., 1513. 

AUBEPIN ( ) Comte de I'. See L'AUBEPIN. 


AUBIGNfi (Agrippa d'). See AUBIGNfi 
(T. A. D'). 

AUBIGNfi (Jean Henri Merle d"). See 

AUBIGNIi (Theodore Agrippa d'). Do la 
douceur des afflictions. Opuscule inconnu 
de T. A. d'Agrippa...Auqucl on a ajoutc le 
morceau intitule I'Herculc chresticn, etc. 
[Edited by C Read.] 8vo., Paris. 1856. 

150 copies printed. 

Hell illuminated. Or, Sancy's Roman 

Catholic confession, etc. [Translated from 
the French of T. A. d'Aubignc.] 

i2mo., London, 1679. 

See DUFRAISSE (M.). Sur la vie ct Ics 

Merits d'A. d'Aubigne. 8vo.. [i860.] 

See FEUGfiRE (L. J.). A. d'Aubignc. 

8vo., 1853. 

See FEUGfiRE (L. J.), ihudc sur "les 

oeuvrcs d'A. d'Aubignc. 8vo., 1855. 

See POSTANSQUE (A.). T. A. d'Au- 
bigne. Sa vie, ses ceuvres et son parti, etc. 

8vo., 1854. 

AUBLET DE MAUBUY (Jean Zorobabel). 
Histoire des troubles et des demelfes litt6- 
raires, depuis leur origine jusqu'a nos jours 
inclusivement. [By J. Z. Aubletde Maubuy.] 
2 pts. 8vo., Amsterdam, 1779. 

Barbier, II., 745. 
AUCTORES. Historiae Romanae autores 
varii, etc. See HISTORIA ROMANA. 

i6mo., 1552. 

AUDEBERTUS (Germanus). [i.e., Germain 

AuDEBERT.] Audeberti...Venetiae, etc. [A 

poem.] 4to., Venetiis : apud Atdum 

[Aldus Mavtitiw;. the Younger], 1583. 

Renouard, p. 233. Russia by Tliouvenln. 

[Another copy.] 

AUDIFFREDI (Giovanni Battista). Cata- 
logus historico-criticus Romanarum editio- 
num saeculi XV. In quo praeter editiones 
a Maettario, Orlandio, ac P. Laerio relatas et 
hie plerumque plenius uberiusque descriptas 
plurimae aliae...recensentur ac describuntur, 
etc. [By G. B. Audiffredi.] 

.^to., Romae, 1783. 
Imperfect ; wanting pp. 433-440. 

Lettere tipografiche dell' Abate N. Ugolini 

Folignate [i.e., G. B. Audiffredi] al Padre F. 
S. Laire, etc. [A criticism of Laire's " Speci- 
men," etc.] 8vo., Magonza [Rome], 1778. 

Specimen hi-storico-criticum editionum 

Italicarum saeculi XV. in quo praeter edi- 
tiones ab Orlandio, Mettario, Denisio, Laerio, 
et a nonnuUis bibliographis recentioribus 
hactenus relatas plurimae aliae recensentur, 
omnesque plenius uberiusque describuntur. 


•+1.. Romae. 1704. 
Aesium " to "Genua." 

Ad Abbatem Ugo- 

B. Audiffredi] epi- 

8vo., (1779.) 

Tom. I. extends from ' 
No more published, 

See LAIRE (F. X.). 

lini Fulginatem [i.e., G 
stola, etc. 

AUDIFFRET (Florimond Louis d') Comte. 
Distractions d'un financier. Essais de tra- 
duction des odes d' Horace. [By M. le comte 
d'Audiffret.] See HORATIUS FLACCUS 
(Q.). [Carmina, etc. — French.] 8vo., 1855. 

AUDIN (J. M. v.). Histoire de Leon X. et de 
son siecIc.Troisifimc edition. 2 torn. 

8vo., Paris, 1850. 

Histoire de la vie, des ecrits ct des doc- 
trines de M. Luther... Cinquiemc 6dition, etc. 
3 torn. 8vo.. Paris, 18^5. 

Wanting pp. 577 to end of Toiiio III., and tho 
atlas containing 14 plates. 

Histoire de la vie, des ouvrages ct des 

doctrines de Calvin... Cinquidnie Edition, etc. 
2 torn. 8vo., Paris, 1850. 

AUDIN DE KIANS (Stefano L. G. E,). Cata- 
logue des editions Aldines qui sc trouvcnt 
chez it. Aiulin. ,1*0 , Florcurc. 1827. 

Hooksoller's catalogue, with prices affixed. 

AUDLEY (Gi:ouGE John Touchet) igth 
Baron. See BANKS (T. C). A genealogical 
...account of the ancient earldom of Salis- 
bury, showing... the right of the Baron 
Audley to. ..the same earldom. 8vo., 1832. 


RiCUM KT Afram. See BRAUN (P. I.). 
Notitia de bibliotheca...Monasterii 
...extantibus, etc. 2 pts. 4to., 1788-89. 

AUGURELLUS (Joannes Aurelius). J. 
Aurelius Augurellus. 8vo., [colophon :] 

Venetiis : in aedibus Aldi, 1505. 
Benouard, p. 49. Canliain copy. 

AUGUSTINUS, Saint, Bishop of Hippo. [De 
Civitate Dei.] Begin. [Fol. 2, recto :] Au- 
relii Augustini Hipponen Episcopi de ( Ciui- 
tate dei primi libri incipiunt Rubrice | 

fol., [colophon :] Rome : Coradus sutteyii- 
hevtn : Arnoldus panartzq;, 1470. 
Wanting ff. i and 15 (botli blank). Rubricated. 
Haic and Copinger, •2049. Proctor, 3310, 

Begin. [Fol. i, recto:'] Aurelii Augus- 
tini de ciuitate dei | primi libri incipiut 
Rubricae | 

fol., [Venice : Johann and Wendelin, of 

Speier,] [colophon :] 1470. 

271 ff., rubricated. Hain, •2048. Troctor, 4019. 

Di\'i A. Augustini... liber de sancta vir- 

ginitate. See AMBROSIUS, Saint, Bishop 
of Milan. De virginitate opuscula, etc. 

4to., 1562. 

Divi A. Augustini de spiritu & litera, liber 

unus. (Augustinus... ad versus pclagianorum 
argumenta. Epi. CV.) 2 pts. [in i vol.] 

i6mo., Parisiis : apud A. Augerellum, 1533. 

Divi A. Augustini. ..principia rhetorices. 

8vo., Parisiis : apud S. ColiniBttm, 1534. 
Sunderland copy, 

See CHLADENIUS (J. M.). De fortuna 

bibliothecae D. Augustini in excidio Hip- 
ponensi disserit...J. M. Chladenius. 

4to., 1742. 

See CHRISTIAN. Cujusda fidelis Chris- 

tiani epistola...Subsequitur & divi Augustini 
de miseria, ac brevitate hujus mortalis vitae, 
sermo, etc. 4to., 1886. 

AUGUSTINUS (Antonius) Archbishop of 
Tarragona. See AGUSTIN. 

AUGUSTINUS (Leonardus). See AGOS- 
TINI (L.). 

of Rome. Magxov 'Avtojvivov tov .rttjro- 
xgaTogog tov £(j eatnov pif^ha ij)' . M. An- rebus suis.. .libri XII....Versione 
insuper Latina commentario per- 
petuo, explicati atque illustrati ; studio 
operaqe T. Gatakeri. Gr. &■ Lat. 

4to., CantabrisiiT, 1652. 
The notes have a separate pagination and register. 

(S. A.). 

AURISPA(P. HiPPOLiTus). (P. H. Aurispae 

elegiarum lib. I.) 8vo., [colophon :] 

Roma; : per A . Bladtim de Asula. i^y,^. 

Wanting the titlepaeo. Title taken from the 


.4 uximo. 

AUSONIUS (Decimus Magnus). Ausonius. 
[Edited bj' H. Avancius.] 

8vo., [colophon :] Venetiis : in aedibus 
Aldi et Andreae soceri, 15 17. 
Renouard, p. 80. 

D. M. Ausonii... opera, tertiae fere partis 

complemento auctiora, & diligentiore quam 
hactenus, censura recognita, etc. 

8vo., Lttgduni, 1558. 

D. M. Ausonii... opera in meliorem ordi- 

nem digesta. Recognita sunt a Josepho 
Scaligero...& infinitis locis emendata. Ejus- 
dem Josephi Scaligeri Ausonianarum lectionu 
libri duo... in quibus castigationum rationes 
redduntur, & difficiliores loci Ausoniani expli- 
cantur. 2 pts. [in i vol.] i6mo., Lugdnni : 

apud A. Gryphium, 1575, 74. 

D. M. Ausonii... opera omnia ex editione 

Bipontina, cum notis et interpretatione in 
usum Delphini.. .accurate recensita (curante 
A. J. Valpy). 3 vols. 8vo., Londini, 1823. 

The pagination is consecutive throughout. Meri- 
vale copy. 

D. Ausonii... opuscula varia. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1537. 
Sunderland copy, 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1540. 

[Another edition.] 

i6mo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1549. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another copy.] 

D. M. Ausonii. XII. Casaribus per 

Suetonium Tranquillum scriptis. See SUE- 
C.5SARUM.] C. Suetonii Tranquilli Xll. 
Casares, etc. 8vo. 

[Another edition.] 
[Another edition.] 
[Another edition.] 



8vo., 1539. 

AUSTIN (John). The province of juris- 
prudence determined. Second edition, etc. 
(Lectures on jurisprudence, etc.) [Edited by 
Mrs. S. Austin.] 3 vols. 

8vo., Londan, 1861-63. 

AUTELS (Guillaume des). See DES AU- 


AUVERGNE (Emmanuel Theodose de La 
Tour d') Cardinal, Due de Bouillon. See 

AUVERGNE (Martial d'). Aresta amorum. 
[In French, by M. d'Auvergne.] Cum erudita 
B. Curtii...explanatione. 

4to., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1533. 
Red morocco by Hardy. 

[Another copy.] 

Sharpe copy. 

[Another edition.] 

4to., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphiutn, 1538. 
Klosj and Roberta copy. 


AUV'l^RGNE (Martial D').~{contd.) 

[Another edition.] Aresta amorum 

LI., elc. 

8\'o., Lxigdiini : apitd Seb. Grvphiiim, 1546. 
Contemporary stamped calf binding. 


de Auximo. 
AVEMAN (Daniel). Hodegeta Horatianus, 
sive index omnium verborum in Horatii 
poematibus contentorum... opera & studio 
Danielis Aveman. 

24mo. (i6-8 X 68 cm.), Brunsviges, 1667. 
The titlepage is engraved. Mitford copy. 

AVENARIUS (Benedictus Christianus). 
Aelurias, epos jocosum. In Latinum vertit 
B. C. Avenarius. [From the German poem 
by J. F. W. Zachariae, entitled " Murner in 
der HoUe."] 8vo. , Brunsviges, 1771. 

AVENEL (Joseph d"). Histoire de la vie et des 
ouvrages de D. Huet, etc. 8vo., Paris, 1853. 

ben Meir A ben Ezra. 

AVERROES. [i.e., Muhammad Ibn Ahmad.] 
Quaestio Auerrois in librum priorum [of the 
Analytica of Aristotle] traducta per Heliam 
hebraum. See MAIOLUS (L.). Epiphyl- 
lides in dialecticis. [Pt. III.] 4to., 1497. 

See RENAN (E.). Averroes et I'Aver- 

roisme...Troisieme edition, e/c. 8vo., 1866. 

AVIANUS (Flavius). /Esopi fabute XLII. ab 
Avieno elego carmine conscripta?. See 
jESOPUS. iEsopi. .. tabulae, e/c. i6mo., 1570. 

Aviani iEsopicarum fabularum liber. A 

T. lucem editus. 

i6mo., AntverpicB, 1585. 

Conyboaro copy. 

[Another edition.] 

i6mo., Antverpiis, 1607. 

AVICENNA. [i.e., Abu 'Ali Husain Ibn'Abd 
Allah, called Ibn Sina.] See FLORENCE. 
— Nova Academia Florentina. Novae 
Academiae Florentinae opuscula. Advcrsus 
Avicennam, etc. 8vo., 1534. 

AVIENUS (Flavius). See AVIANUS. 

AXIOM ATA. Axiomata legum. Ex rcccptis 
juris utriusque libris, & interpretum com- 

mentariis, ordinc certo, & in literas alpha- 
beticas distincto, recens coUecta, ac edita. 
8vo., Liigduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1547. 

AXON (William Edward Armytage). Art 
in Lancashire. 8i'o.. Manchester, 1884. 

From the " Manchester Quarterly," No. 10. 

Bibliographical note on Espinosa's 

" Florcs." 8vo., {Manchester,) 1892. 

Not published. 

Book rarities of the Warrington Museum. 

8vo., Warrington, 1878. 

The cost of theatrical amusements. 

8vo.. Manchester, 1882. 
From the " Tran.9. Manch. Statist. Roc," Pr»s. 

De Quincey and J. F. Ferrier. 

8vo.. Manchester, 1898. 
From the " Manchester Quarterly," No. 67. 

Milton's " Comus " and Fletcher's " Faith- 
ful shepherdess " compared. 

8vo., Manchester, 1882. 
From the " Manchester Quarterly," No. 3. 

O. Lando, a humorist of the Renaissance. 

8vo., Lonilon, [1899.] 
From the "Trans. Roy. Soo. Lit.," Vol. XX. 

On a reference to the evil eye in the 

Anglo-Sa.xon poem of Beowulf. 

8vo., \I.ondi'n. 1809.] 
From the "Trans. Roy. Soc. Lit.," Vol. XXL, 
pt. 2. 

On an English translation of Franccsca de 

Chaves's " Mirror of Man's Life." [With the 
text.] See CHAVES (F. de). i6mo., 1897. 

On the stalk as a sign of contract. 

8vo.. Manchester, 1883. 
From the " Manchester Quarterly," No. 6. 

Report of the presentation of a testimonial 

to Mr. W. E. A. Axon, in recognition of his 
.services as honorary secretary to the Man- 
chester Literary Club and Manchester Statis- 
tical Society, etc. 8vo., Manchester, 1878. 

Tullia d'Aragona, a poetess of the later 

Renaissance. 8vo., [London. 1899.] 

From the " Trans. Roy. Soc. Lit.," Vol. XXL. 
pt. 2. 

AYRMANN (Christoph Friedrich). De H. 
Eobani Hessi ortu et nomine disserit...C. F. 
Ayrmannus. (Dissertatio altera de H. Eobani 
Hessi nomine et conjugio, etc.) 2 pts. 

4to., Giessae, 1739-40. 


B., E. M., M. See BANCEL (E. M.). 

B., H. See BAUDRIER (H.). 

B., J. F. See BUDDEUS (J. F.). 

B., J. H. See BOECLER (J. H.). 

B., T. See BRAYSHAW (T.). 

BABINGTON (Churchill). Catalogue of the 
library of...C. Babington.. .which will be sold 
by auction, etc. 8vo., London, 1889. 


BABRIUS. [Also called GABRIAS] Gabriac 
fabellae tres & quadraginta, elc. Gr. d~ Lat. 
See i^iSOPCS. Habentur hoc voluminc haec, 
videlicet. Vita, ct fabella; ALso-pi, etc. 

fol., 1505. 

rnPniov fifOoi. Gabriae fabulac. Gr. 6- 

Lat. SccAlSOVVS. Acsopi...vitact fabcllao, 
etc. 8vo., (1517.) 

[Anotlicr edition.] i6mo., 1549. 

[Another edition.] i6mo., 1570. 



ra^Qiov...TeTQa(rrtxa- See SCRIPTORES. 

Scriptores aliquot gnomici, etc. 8vo., [1521.] 

BABYLON. The romaunce of the Sowdone 
of Babyloyne and of Ferumbras his sone who 
conquerede Rome. 4to.. London, 1854. 

(Roxburghe Club Publications, No. 71.) 

BACCHIUS, Senior. Baxxetou rov regovrog 
elaayojytj tc/vtjq /wvaixrji;, etc. Gr. &■ Lat. 
See MEIBOMIUS (M.). Antiqua musicae 
auctores septem, etc. Vol. I. 4to., 1652. 

BACCHUS (DioNYSius) pseud., Pras. Dis- 
putatio jure potandi, etc. 
See FACETIAE. Facetiae facetiarum, etc. 

i2mo., 1615. 

[Another edition.] 4to., 1627. 

[Another edition.] i2mo., 1647. 

[Another edition.] i2mo., 1657. 

[Another edition.] i2mo., 1737. 

[Another edition.] i2mo., 1754. 

BACCHYLIDES. Bax/vXidov neXt). Gr. &- 
Lat. See PINDARUS. Pindari Oljinpia, 
Pythia, etc. [Vol. II.] 24mo., 1560. 

Editio II. Graecolatina H. Steph., 

etc. 24mo., 1566. 

BACCI (Andrea). Del Tevere...libri tre, ne' 
quali si tratta della natura, & bontti dell' 
acque, & specialmente del Tevere, & dell' 
acque antiche di Roma, del Nilo, del P6, 
deir Arno, & d'altri fonti, & fiumi del mondo 
...Delle inondationi, & de' rimedii, che gli 
antichi Romani fecero, etc. 4to., Venetia : 
[Aldus Manutius, the Younger,'] 1576. 
Renouard, p. 222. Syston Park and Belt copy, 


BACHAUMONT (Francois Le Coigneux de) 
& CHAPELLE (Claude Emmanuel Lhuil- 
lier). Voyage de Messieurs Bachaumont et 
La Chapelle. Auquel on a joint les poesies 
du Chevalier de Cailly, la relation des cam- 
pagnes de Rocroi & de Fribourg [by H. Besse], 
& les visionnaires, comedie de J. Des-Marets, 
etc. [Edited by B. de la Monnoye.] 

8vo., Amsterdam, 1708. 
With the inscription " Leigh Hunt from his 
friend C. B." 


logue de livres rares et curieu.x anciens et 
modernes...En vente aux prix marques a la 
librairie Bachelin-Deflorenne. 

8vo., Paris, 1872. 
This catalogue and the following one include 
many Morante books. See Mr, R. C. Christie's 
*' Selected essays," p. 272. 

Catalogue de livres rares et curieux anciens 

et modernes. En vente aux prix marques a 
la librairie Bachelin-Deflorenne. 

8vo., Paris, 1873. 

Catalogue de livres rares... et de manu- 

scrits du 9= au 18= siecle, r6dige par M. [A.] 
Bachelin-Deflorenne, etc. fol., Paris, 1878. 

Sale catalogue, with 6 coloured plates. 
BACHMANN (Franciscus Mauritius). Uni- 
versitatis Erfordiensis Rector F. M. Bach- 
mann... Sacra Christi Natalitia civibus 
academicis pie celebranda indicit et hac 
occasione de Magorum adoratione pertractat. 
4to., Erfordiae, (1802.) 

van). La bibliotheque des ecrivains de la 
Compagnie de Jesus et le P. Augustin de 
Backer. 8vo., 1876. 

BACKER (Augustin de) & RUELENS 
(Charles). Annales Plantiniennes...i555- 
1589. See RUELENS (C.) & BACKER 
(A. de). 8vo., 1 866. 

BACON (Francis) Viscount St. Albans. The 

works of Francis Bacon. Collected and 

edited by J. Spedding, R. L. Ellis and D. D. 

Heath. 14 vols. 8vo., London. i8';7-74. 

Vol. I. includes "The life of ... Bacon,*' by W. 

Rawley. Vols. I.-V., Philosophical works. 

Vols. VI.-VII., Literary and professional 

works. Vols. VIIL-XIV., The letters and the 

life... collected and set forth... by J. Spedding. 

The historie of the reigne of Iving Henry 

the Seventh. ..Whereunto is now added a... 
table. fol., London : printed by J. H. 
{? John Haviland] and R. Y. [? Robert Young], 

sold by P. Stephens and C. Meredith, 1629. 

Fr. Baconis de Verulamio sylva sylvarum, 

sive hist, naturalis (Latio transscripta k 
J. Grutero), et novus atlas. 

i6mo., Luglduni] Ratavor[um], 1648. 
The titlepage is engraved. The ' ' Novua atlas " 
has a separate pagination and register. 

BADIUS (Jodocus) Ascensius. [i.e., JossE 
Bade.] Glareani chronologia, per J. Badium seriem literarum redacta, etc. See 
LORITUS (H.) Glareanus. H. Glareani in T. 
Livium annotationes, fie. 8vo., 1542. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., 1555. 

BADUELLUS (Claudius), {i.e., Claude 
Baduel.] C. Baduelli annotationes in 
M. T. Ciceronis pro Milone & pro M. Marcello 
orationes. Quibus adjunctas sunt ejusdem 
orationes aliquot, etc. 

8vo., Lugduni : apiid Seb. Gryphium, 1552. 
Sundcrlftnii copy. 

C. Baduelli de morte Christi mcditanda, 

ac contemplanda oratio. 

8vo., Lugduni : apiid Seb. Gryphium, 1543. 

De officio et munerc eorum, qui juventutem 

erudiendam suscipiunt, epistola, etc. 
8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1544. 

C. Baduellus de ratione vitas studiosoe, ac 

literatae in matrimonio coUocandas, & de- 

4to., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1544. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., [colophon :] Lipsiee, 1577. 
Scharfi and Velde copy. 


BADUELLUS (Claudius).— (cofi^i/.) 

See GAUFRtS (J.). C. Baduel et la 

reforme dcs 6tiidcs au 16° sidcle, etc. 

8vo., 1880. 
BAEDA, Venerahilis. See BEDA. 

B^LIUS (Petrus). See BAYLE (Pierre). 

B.CRLE (Kasper van). See BARL.EUS (C). 

BAGLIOXE (Luca). L'arte del predicarc 

contenuta in trc libri, secondo i precetti 

rhetorici. 8vo., Vinegia : appresso A. 

Torresano, et fyalrlli, 1562. 

With the mark of Aldus. Uenouiird, p. i86. 

Red morocco by Boz^rian jeune. Uncut copy. 

BAGSHAW (Christopher) Roman Catholic 
Priest. A true relation of the faction begun 
at Wisbich, by Fa. Edmonds... a Jesuite, 
1595, and continued since by Fa. Walley... 
against us the Secular Priests their brethren, 
etc. (By C. Bagshaw.) 1601. See LAW 
(T. G.).' A historical sketch of the conflicts 
between the Jesuits and Seculars in the 
reign of Queen Elizabeth, etc. Svo., 1889. 

BAIERUS (Joannes Jacobus), [i.e., Johann 
Jakob Baier.] J. J. Baieri epistola; ad 
viros erudites eorundemque responsiones 
historiam literariam et physicam specialem 
explanante"!, rurnnte filio F. J. Baiero. 

4to., Franco] urti, 1760. 
Tydoman copy. 

B.AIF (Jean Antoine de). Carminum J. A. 
Baifii liber I. i6mo., Lutetice, 1577. 

BAIF (Lazare de). See BAYFIUS (L.). 

BAILEY (Alfred). On the English law of 
attainder and forfeiture for high treason, etc. 
4to., Westminster, 1882. 
B'rora the " Archtcologin," Vol. 47. 
BAILEY (John Eglington). Bishop L. Bayly 
and his " Practice of piety." 

8vo., Manchester, 1883. 
From the " Mtiiohoater Quarterly," No. 7. 

Catalogue of the... library of the late J. E. 

Bailey... which will be sold by auction, etc. 

8vo., Manchester, 1889. 

The first charter of Salford, etc. Sec 

SALFORD. 8vo., 1882. 

The Grammar School of Leigh, Co. Lan- 
caster, and its library : a lecture, etc. 

8vo., Leigh, (1879.) 
Reprinted from the " I^igh Chronicle." 

Inventories of goods in the churches and 

chapels of Lancashire, taken in. ..1552. 
Edited by J. E. Bailey. 2 pts. 

(to.. {Manchester,) 1879-88. 

(Chetham Society. Remains, etc. VoIh. CVII. 

and CXIII.) Tart I. — Salford huiidrt-d. I'urt 

II. — West Derby, Blackburn, and Leyland 


[Another copy.] 

Ft. II. is one of three copies printed on largo 

John Whitakcr, the historian of Man- 
chester. 8vo., Manchester, 1877. 

From Iho " Papers of the Manchester Literary 
Club," Vol. ni. 

The life of a Lancashire rector during the 

Civil War... Charles Herle, M.A., of Winwick, 
etc. 8vo., Leigh, 1877. 

From the " Leigh Clironicle Scrap-book." 

The life of T. Fuller... with notices of his 

books, his kinsmen, and his friends. 

8vo., London, 1874. 

Major-general C. Worsley, M.P. for Man- 
chester, 1654. 8vo., Manchester, 1886. 

Reprinted from the " Manchester Guardian," Dec. 
28, 1883. 

A memoir of. ..J. Tilsley, M.A., Vicar of 

Deane, near Bolton, a.d. 1642-1662. 

4to., Leigh, 1884. 
Reprinted from the " Lancashiro and Cheshire 
Antiquarian Notes." Not published. 

Mr. [W.] Beamont's history of Winwick : 

Charles Herle and the Gee family. 

8vo., Manchester, 1878. 
Reprinted from tlio " Manchester Coimer," Deo. 
13, 1878. 

Old Stietford : a lecture, etc. 

8vo., Manchester, 1878. 

Sir Peter Leycester, of Tabley, Cheshire, 

etc. 8vo., Manchester, 1878. 

The troubles of W. Ryley, Lancaster 

Herald, and of his son, clerks of the Records 
in the Tfower. 8vo., Leigh. 1879. 

Reprinted, with additions, from the " Leigh 
Chronicle." Not published. 

BAILEY (Sir William Henry). On the value 

of public lectures on the books in free 

libraries. 8vo., Manchester, 1879. 

From " Papers of the Manchester Literary Club," 

Vol. v. 

Outside the classroom : thoughts for 

young engineers. See MANCHESTER. — 
Municipal School of Technology. Intro- 
ductory addresses, etc. 8vo., (1890.) 

Shakespeare as a patriot. Inaugural 

address, etc. 8vo., [Manchester,) 1899. 

B.\ILLET (Adrie.n). Jugcmens dcs savans 

sur les principaux ouvragcs dcs autcurs... 

Revus, corrigez, & augmcntez par M. dc la 

Monnoyc. NouvcUe edition. 8 torn, [in 17 

vols.l i2mo. , .'inisterdam, 172=;. 

Tome VII. is entitled : " .\nti-Bailliit, ou oritii|Uo 

du livre de Mr. Baillet, intitule Jugemens dos 

savans. Par Mr. Menage." Duroy do Noin- 

ville copy. 

BAILY (Thomas). See BAYLY. 

BAINBRIDGE (John). Commcntariolus dc 
vita ct studiis...J. Bainbridgii. Sec SMITH 
(T.) Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford. 
Vito! quorundam...viroruni, etc. 4to., 1707. 

BAIRD (Henry Martyn). History of the rise 
of the Huguenots. 2 vols. 

8vo., London, 1880. 

The Huguenots and Henry of Navarro. 

• vols. 8vo., London, 1886. 

BAISERS. Les baisers dc Zizj, poOm 
J. H. dcCastera.] 

S«C.\STERA(J. H. de). 
i2mo., 178O. 


BALBI (Adriano). Essai statistique sur les bib- 

liotheques de Viennc, precede de la statistique 

de la Bibliothdque Imperiale comparee aux 

plus grands etablissemens de ce genre anciens 

et modernes, etc. 8vo., Viejme, 1835. 

BALBUS (HiERONYMUs) Bishop of Gurck. [i.e., 

GiROLAMO Balbi.] H. rebus Tur- 

cicis liber. ^to., [colophon ;] Romae : aptid 

F. M. Calvum, 1526. 

Sussex copy. 

BALDACCHINI (Michele). Vita di F. Cam- 

panella (con alcune sue lettere). 

8vo., Napoli, 1847. 

Vita e filosofia di T. Campanella... 

seconda edizione. 8vo., Napoli, 1857. 

The wrapper reads : " Delia filosofia del Cam- 
panella libro uno." 

BALDELLI BONI (Giovanni Battista) Conte. 
Vita di G. Boccacci. 8vo., Firevze, 1806. 

Olive morocco by Clarke and Bedford. B. S. 
Turner's copy. 

BALDOVINETTI (Ettore). Rinaldo appassio- 
nato, nel qual si contiene battaglie d'armi, e 
d'amorc. [A poem, by E. Baldovinetti.] Con 
diligenza revisto, e nuovamcnte ristampato, 
etc. 8vo., Venetia, [1660 ?] 

Imperfect ; wanting all after p. 96. Melzi, II., 
BALDUINUS (Franciscus). [i.e., FRAN901S 
Balduin.] F. Balduini. .. breves commentarii 
in praecipuas Justiniani Imp. novellas, sive 
authenticas constitutiones. Idem ad Aedili- 
tium cdictum. 4to., Lugdttni : apud Seb. 

Gryphiitm, 1548. 
Sunderland copy. 
[Another copy.] 

BALDUNG (HiERONYMUs). [i.e., Hans Bal- 
DUNG or Gruen.] Aphorismi compunctio |nis 
theologicales. Hicro |nymi Baldung : artiu 
ct mediciaE doctoris &c. |, etc. 

4to., [colophon : Strassburg .■] per magistrii 
lohaniietn Griininger ciuis [sic] A rgetiii., 

Hain and Copinger, '2270. Proctor, 477. This 
copy has the date printed in lower case. 

BALDWIN (William). The funeralles of 

King Edward the Sixt. (By W. Baldwin.) 

4to., London, 1817. 

(Roxburglio Club Publications, No. 11.) Fac- 

Bimile reprint. Earl of Marlborough's copy. 

BALE (John) bishop of Ossory. Kynge 
Johan. A play, in two parts... Edited by 
J. P. Collier, etc. 4to., London, 1838. 

(Camden Society Publications, Vol. 2.) 

Scriptorum illustriii majoris Brytannig, 

quarn nunc Angliam & Scotiam vocant : 
catalogus...IX. centurias continens, etc. 
(Scriptorum illustrium majoris Brytannia; 
posterior pars, quinque continens centurias 
ultimas, etc.) 2 torn. 

fol., [colophon ;] BasilecB, 1557-59. 
Carteret copy, 

BALUZIUS (Stephanus). [i.e., £tienne 
Baluze.] S. vita, rebus 
gestis, moribus, & scriptis... Petri de Marca, 
etc. 8vo., Parisiis, 1663. 

BALZAC (Jean Louis Guez de). Balzacii 
epistolae selectae. See VAVASSOR (F.). 
F. ludicra dictione liber, etc. 

Svo., 1722. 
BANBURY, Earldom of. Banbury. 

Svo., [London, 181 2.] 
From T. C. Banks' " Dormant and Extinct 
Peerage of England," Vol. I. Sir C. J. Young's 

Case of the Earldom of Banbury. See 

NICHOLAS {Sir N. H.). A treatise on the 
law of adulterine bastardy, etc. 8vo., 1836. 

Lord Chief Justice Holt's judgment, 4 Will. 

and Mary, in the Banbury case, on a question 
of peerage determined by a Committee of 
Privileges of the Lords. fol., s.n. 

BANBURY (Charles Knollys) calling him- 
self £a>-/ 0/. See KNOLLYS (C). 

BANCEL (E. U.). Catalogue des hvres 
precieux et des manuscrits avec miniatures 
composant la bibliotheque de JL E. M. B. 
[i.e., E. M. Bancel]. (Table alphabetique 
des noms d'auteurs et des ouvrages anonymes 
du catalogue de la bibliotheque de ^I. E. 
M. B. — Liste des prix d'adjudication.) 2 
pts. [in I vol.] 8vo., Paris, 1882. 

Sale catalogue. 
BANCROFT (Thomas). The glutton's leaver. 

4to., London, 1817. 
(Roxburghe Club Fublication.9, No. 15.) Dibdtn 

BANDECO (Daniel) Resp. Pythagoras, utrum 
fuerit Judaeus, monachusve Carmelita, etc. 
See MAYER (J. F.) Frees. 4to., 1700. 

BANDELLO (Matteo) Bishop of Agen. La 
prima ( — quarta) parte de le novelle del 
Bandello, 4 pts. [in 3 vols.] 4to,, Londra, 1 740, 
BANDIERA (Allesandro Maria). Osser- 
vazioni su le epistole di M. T. Cicerone a' 
familiari ad usu di buono indirizzo, per ben 
comprendere I'eleganza del testo latino, e 
per iscrivcre con proprieta e purita latina. 
Ed a questo medesimo intendimento si sono 
messe in fine le latine formole raccolte da 
Stefano Doleto... Seconda edizione. 

8vo., Venezia, 1764. 
This work forms a supplement to Bandiera's 
translation of the " Epistolae ad Familiares." 

[Another edition, without the 

" Formulae " of Dolet.] See CICERO (M. T.). 
[Epistol.^ : Ad Familiares.] L'epistole di 
AI. T. Cicerone a' familiari in volgar toscano 
recate, etc. [Fourth edition ?] Tom. III. 

8vo., 1783. 

BANDINEL (Bulkeley) & BLISS (Philip). 
Historical papers, part I. [Edited bv P. Bliss 
and B. Bandinel.] See BLISS (P.) & 
BANDINEL (B.). 4to., 1846. 

BANDINI (Angelo Maria). De Florentina 
Juntarum typographia ej usque censoribus ex 
qua Graeci, Latini, Tusci scriptores ope 
codicum manuscriptorum a viris clarissimis 
pristinae integritati restituti in lucem pro- 
dierunt. Accedunt excerpta uberrima prae- 
fationum libris singulis praemissarum. 2 pts. 
[in I vol.] 8vo., Lucac, 1791. 



BAXDURIUS (Anseljius). [i.e., A. Banduri.] 
D. A. Bandurii...bibIiotheca nummaria, sive 
auctorum qui de re nummaria scripserunt... 
cum notulis ct indicibus recusa...curante 
J. A. Fabricio. 4to., Hamburgi, 1719. 

Kerrich copy. 

BANGOK, Bishops of. 

Lewis. [1616-31.] See BAYLY (L.). 

BANKES (Richard). See DUFF (E. G.) S- 

others. Hand-lists of English printers, 

1501-1556. Pt. IL R. Pj'nson...R. Bankes, 

etc. 8vo., 1896. 

BANKS (Thomas Christopher). [Calling him- 
self SirT. C. Banks, Bart.] Baronia Anglica 
concentrata ; or, a concentrated account of 
all the baronies commonly called Baronies 
in Fee, etc. 2 vols. 4to., Ripov, 1844. 

The dormant and e.xtinct baronage of 

England, s/c. 2 vols. 4to., Lo»;(/o>;, 1807-08. 

A genealogical and historical account of 

the ancient earldom of Salisbury, showing 
the right of the Baron Audley to the inheri- 
tance of the same earldom. 

8vo., London, 1832. 

A genealogical history of divers families 

of the ancient peerage of England. ..forming a 
supplement to the fonner volumes of Banks's 
Dormant and extinct baronage, etc. 

4to., London, 1826. 

A letter. relation to the proceedings 

at the late election of Scotch Peers. (By 
T. C. Banks.) Second edition. 

8vo., London, 1830. 
Sir C. G. Young's copy. 

See LOCKHART (E.). A disquisition on 

the right of jurisdiction in peerage succes- 
sions... With an appendix (by T. C. Banks). 
Second edition, etc. 8vo., 1830. 

BANNATYNE CLUB. [Publications.] See 
DEMPSTER (T.). T. Dempsteri historia 
ecclesiastica gentis Scotorum...Editio altera. 
2 torn. 4to., 1829. 

See INNES (C). Memoir of T. 

Thomson. 8vo., 1854. 

BANNUS (Joannes Albertus). J. A. Bannii 
disscrtatio epistolica de musica: natura, etc. 
See GROTIUS (H.). H. Grotii et aliorum 
dissertationes, etc. i2mo., 1645. 

[Another edition.] Sec VOSSIUS 

(G. J.). Gcrardi J. Vossy et aliorum disserta- 
tiones, ete. i2mo., 1658. 

BAPTISTA, Mantuanus. [i.e., Baptista Spag- 
NUOLi.] F. Baptiste Mantuani Bucolica seu 
adolescctia in dece asglogas divisa. Ab J. 
Badio Asccnsio famiiiariter cxposita cum 
indice dictionum. Carme ejusde de .sancto 
Johanc Baptista. Carme Saphicu H. Buschii 
dc cotenendo mOdo. Et alia multa no 
lloccipedOda. 4to., [colophon :] ArgentincD : 
impensis honesli Johdnis Prusz, i 503. 
Tanzor, VI., 29, 26. Kloss copy. 

J. Baptistae Mantuani bucolicon, etc. Sec 

BESEDlCTUS, Philologus. Eclogac. Vergihi, 
etc, 8vo., 1504. 

B.\RANTE (Claude Igxace BrugiLre) Sieitr 

de. Observations sur le Petrone trouve a 

Belgrade en 1688, et imprime a Paris en 

1693. Avcc unc lettrc sur I'ouvrage & la 

personnc de Petrone. [By C. I. B. de 

Barante.] 8vo., Paris. 1694. 

Barbier, III., 629. At the end of tlio work there 

is a copy of the privilege granted to the author 

under his pseudonym, O. PelLssier. 

BAR.XXTE (Pierre Amable PuosrER Bru- 
gieke) Baron de. Etudes litteraires et 
historiqucs...Nouvelle Edition. 2 tom. 

8vo., Paris, 1859. 

BARATIER (Jean PHiLirpi:). See FORMEY 
(J. H. S.). La vie de Mr. J. P. Baratier. 

8vo., 1741. 

BARBARO (Daniello). See BARBARUS (D.). 

B.\RB.\ROM.\STIX. Barbaromastix, sive 
Medicus, dialogus elegantiss. See FLOR- 
ENCE. — Nova Academia Florentina. 
Novae Academiae Florentinae opuscula, etc. 

8vo., 1534. 

BARB.\RUS (Daniel) Patriarch of Aquileia. 
[i.e., Daniello Barbarc] Exquisitre in 
Porpliirium commentationes. 

4to., [colophon .•] Venetiis : apiid Aldi 
filins [P. Manutius], 1542. 
Uenouard, p. 124. 

Aurea in quinquaginta Davidicos Psalmos 

doctorum Cira-corum catena. See BIBLE. — 
Old Testament. [ — Latin.'] 

fol., 1569. 

D. Barbari in trcs libros rhetoricorum 

.\ristotelis commentaria. [With a Latin 
version of tlie work.] See ARISTOTELES. 
[RiiETORiCA.] 8vo., 1544. 

B.\RBARUS (Hi.kmolvus) Patriarch of Aqui- 
leia. [i.e., h'RMOLAo Barbarc] P1uscu1;c...H. 
Barbari, etc. See BEROALDUS (P.) the Elder. 
Orationcs, prelectiones, f/c. 4to., (1511.) 

Notice historique sur la vie et Ics ouvragcs 
de M. [J. L.] Barbcau de la Bruy^re, etc. 

Svo.. [Paris.] 1782. 
Mercure do France." 
(Mafeeo). Sec 

Fattisoa copy. 

From the " 

VIIL, Pope. 

B.\RBERIUS (Josephus). J. Barberius dc 
miseria poetarum Grascorum. Sec 

.VLCYONIU'S (P.). P. Alcyonii mcdices 
legatus, f/c. 121110., 1707. 

B.\RBIER (Andre Thomas). Notice sur les 
hcures de Charlemagne... Iir6e de la zu' lettrc 
du Voyage M. I'. I". d'un jugement sm- I'ouvrago 
anglais. ..par M. Barbier. (Notice sur R. 
I'orson [signed Barbier ncveu].) 

8vo., Paris. 182;. 

Tlio " Notice «ur Ics houros," etc., in taken from 

the ** Uevuo lCncycIop6diqiio,'* the '* Notioo 

Hur U. Porwon " from the " Itiographio Uni- 

vorsollu," tonio XXXV. 

B.VRBIER (.\ntoine .Vlknandki ). Diction- 
naire dcs ouvragcs anonynics... Iroisiimc 


BARBIER (Antoine Alexandre). — {contd.) 
edition, revue et augmentee par O. Barbier, 
R. et P. Billard, etc. 4 torn. 

8vo.. Paris, 1872-70. 
Issued as a complement to the second edition of 
Qu6rard'8 " Les supercheries litt-^raires d6- 
voilfes," of whicli it forms torn. IV.-VII. 

Supplement... par G. Brunet, etc. See 

BRUNET (P. G.). Dictionnaire des ouvrages 
anonymes, e'/r. 8vo., 1889. 

Dissertation sur soixante traductions 

franjaises de 1' Imitation de Jesus-Christ... 
suiviede considerations sur la question relative 
a I'auteur de I'lmitation (par J. B. M. Gence). 

8vo., Paris, 18 12. 
Examen critique et complement des 

dictionnaires historiques les plus repandus, 
depuis le dictionnaire de Moreri, jusqu'a la 
Biographie Universelle inclusivement. Par 
I'auteur du Dictionnaire des ou\Tages 
anonymes et pseudonymes [i.e., A. A. 
Barbier]. Tome I. 8vo.. Paris, 1820. 

Tome I. comprises the letters A-J. No more 

Notice bibliographique sur les diverses 

editions des ouvrages de J. J. Rousseau, et 
sur les principaux ecrits relatifs a sa personne 
et a ses ouvrages... Quatrifime edition. ..par 
M. L. Barbier et par M. [J. M.] Querard. 

8vo., Paris, 1836. 

From " La France litt^raire," by J. M. Qu6rard, 

tome VIII. With an autograph letter of O. 

Barbier inserted at the beginning. Thomas 


- Notice sur la vie et les ouvrages de D. 
Durand. 8vo., {Paris, 1803.) 

From the " Magasin Encyclop&Jique." Pattison 

Notice sur la vie et les ouvrages de M. L. T. 

Herissant. 8vo., Paris, 1812. 

From the " Magasm Enoyclopidique " for 
November 1812. Pattison copy. 

Notice sur la vie et les ouvrages de T. 

Guyot, etc. 8vo., Paris, 1813. 

From the " Magasin EncyclopMique " for August 
1813. Pattison copy. 

See BARBIER (L. N.). Notice biogra- 

phique et litt^raire sur M. A. A. Barbier. 

8vo., 1827. 
[Another copy.] 

BARBIER (Louis Nicolas). Notice bio- 
graphique et litteraire sur M. A. A. Barbier. 

8vo., Paris, 1827. 
From the "Dictionnaire des ouvrages anonymes 
et pseudonymes," Tome IV. Pattison copy. 

[Another copy.] 

BARBIERI (Fran-cisco Asenjo). Notice bio- 
graphiquc sur D. J. Gomez de la Cortina, 
marquis de Morante. See MORANTE (J. 
Gomez de la Cortina) Marques de. Cata- 
logue de la bibliothdque de feu M. le marquis 
de Morante, etc. Pt. I. 8vo., 1872. 


BARCLAIUS (Joannes). See BARCLAY (J.). 

BARCLAY (Alexander). Certayne egloges... 
Reprinted from the edition of 1570. 

fol., (Manchester.) 1S85. 
(Publications of the Spenser Society, No. 39. ) 

The mirrour of good maners... Reprinted 

from the edition of 1570. 

fol., [Mavchesfer.) 18S5. 

(Publications of the Spenser Society, No. 38.) 

BARCLAY (John) Poet. J. Barclaii Argenis. 

Editio novissima. Cum clave, hoc est, 

nominum propriorum elucidatione hactenus 

nondum edita. 

i2mo., Lugd[uni] Batlavonini], 1630. 
The titlepage is engraved. 

Euphormionis Lusinini, sive, J. Barclaii 

partes quinq3. Satyricon bipartitum. L. i 
& 2. Apologia pro se. L. 3. Icon animorum. 
L. 4. Veritatis lachrymae. L. 5 [by Ali- 
tophilus, i.e., C. B. Morisot]. Cum clavi 
praefixa. Accessit conspiratio Anglicana. 

i2mo., Oxonice : excudebat J. L[ichfie/d]. 
impensis Henrici Cripps, 1634. 

[Another edition.] 

i2mo., Lugd[uni] Batavorum, 1637. 
The titlepage is engraved, Chamior copy. 

See SCIOPPIUS (G.). Is. Casauboni {i.e., 

G. Scioppius] Corona Regia...ab Euphormione 
[i.e., J, Barclay]... edita. i2mo., 161 5. 

BARETTI (Giuseppe). A new dictionary of 
the Italian and English Languages, based 
upon that of Baretti... Compiled by J. Daven- 
port and G. Comelati. 2 vols. 

8vo., London, (1854.) 

BARL^US (Caspar). [i.e., Kasper van 
Baerle.] C. Barlsei dialogi aliquot nuptiales, 
etc. — C. Barlaei faces sacrae, sive hymnus 
Salomonis, etc. See CATS (J.). Faces Au- 
gustaj, etc. 8vo., 1643. 

C. Barla2i nuptise peripateticse, sive uni- 

versae philosophise ad statum conjugalem 
festiva applicatio. See CATS (J.). Faces 
Augustae, etc. 8vo., 1643. 

[Another edition.] See SCRIP- 
TORES. Dissertationum ludicrarum . . .scrip- 
tores varii. Editio nova, e<c. i2mo., 1644. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another edition.] i2mo., 1666, 

[Another copy.] 

C. Barlaei methodus morum, etc. See 

GROTIUS (H.). H. Grotii et aliorum dis- 
sertationes, etc. i2mo., 1645- 

C. Barlaei methodus studiorum, etc. See 

GROTIUS (H.). H. Grotii et aliorum dis- 
sertationes, etc. i2mo., 1645. 

C. Barlaei oratio de ente rationis. See 

SCRIPTORES. Dissertationum ludicrarum 
...scriptores varii. Editio nova, efc. 

i2mo., 1644. 

[Another copy.] 
[Another edition.] 

[Another copy.] 

i2mo., 1666. 


BARL^US (Caspar). — (contd.) 

C. Barlaei poematum editio nova. etc. 

r2mo., Liigdu[ni] Batav[oruni], 1631. 
The titlepage is engraved. 

G. Van Baerle. [Biographical notice.] 

See MORANTE (J. Gomez de la Cortina) 
Marques de. Catalogus librorum, etc. Tom. 
VI., pp. 490-496. 8vo., 1859. 

BARLANDUS (Hadrianus). [i.e., Adrian van 
Barland.] Dialogi Adrian! Barlandi, una 
cum dialogo A. chartarum 
ludo : ac Barlandi opusculo, de insignibus 
oppidis Germanias inferioris. 
8vo., Lugdiivi : aptid Seb. Gryphium, 1543. 

Jocorum veterum ac recentifi duje cen- 

turijB, cum scholiis per H. Barlandum. J. 
Pontani festivissimus de grammaticorum con- 
ten tione dialogus, cum ejusdem Hadriani 
scholiis, etc. 

Svo., Lovanii : apudP. Martimtm, 1524. 
Iseghem, p. 335. 

[Another copy.] 

BARNABEUS (Hieronvmus). Vita C. Baronii 
...Cardinalis. 4to., Roma, 1651. 

BARNARD (Nicolas). See BERNARD (N.). 


(E.) Cosmopolita, pseud. 
BARNFIELD (Richard). 

(Roxburghe Club Publications, 

The complete poems of 

4to., London. 
No. 4.) 


R. Barnfield. 

Edited... by... A. B. Grosart. 

4to., London, 1876. 
(Roxburghe Club Publications, No. 102.) 
BARO (Eguinarius). [i.e., Eguinaire Baron.] 
Pandectaru juris civilis oeconomia, per E. 
Baronem...olim in ordinem confecta, & nuper 
ab eodem recognita, etc. 4to., Pictavii : 
ex officina Marnefiorum fratrum, 1547. 
Sunderland copj'. 
BAROALDUS(Philippus). 5««BER0ALDUS. 
BARON (]£guinaire). See BARO. 
BARONIUS (C«sar) Cardinal, [i.e.. Cesare 
Baronic] See BARNABEUS (H.). Vita 
C. Baronii... Cardinalis. 4to., 1651. 

See SCIOPPIUS (G.). N. Macri...cum 

N. Cra.sso...disceptatio de pargnesi Cardinalis 

Baronii ad...Remp. Venetam. 4to., 1607. 

BARONS. Barons by tenure, etc. [By Sir 

C. G. Young.] See YOUNG {Sir C. G.) 

Garter King of Arms. 8vo., s.a. 


BARRINGTON (Sir Jonah). Personal 

sketches of his own times... Second edition, 

etc. 3 vols. 8vo., London, 1830-32. 

Orieinallv intended to end with the Becond vol. 

vol. III. i3 of tho first edition. Slirowsbury 


BARROIS (J.) of Lille. Bibliotheque [sic] 
protypographique, ou librairies dcs fils du 
Roi Jean, Charles V,, Jean de Bcrri, Philippe 
de Bourgogne et les siens. [Edited by J. 
Barrois.] 4to., Parts, 1830. 

BARTH (Caspar von). See BARTHIUS (C). 

BARTHE (Nicolas Thomas). Lettre de l'abb6 
de Ranee a un ami, 6crite de son abbaye de la 
Trappe. Par M. Barthe. [In verse.] 

8vo., Genive, 1765. 

BARTH^LEMY (Jean Jacques). See 
BOUFFLERS (S. J. de) Marquis. i^loge 
historique de M. I'abbe Barthelemy, etc. 

8vo., 1806. 

BARTHIUS (Casparus). [i.e., Caspar von 
Barth.] C. Barthii ablegminum libri III. 
et IV. See below, Venatici et bucolici 
poetse Latini, etc. 8vo., 1613. 

T. Hebii [i.e., C. Barthius] amphi- 

theatrum gratiarum, libris XV., Anacreonte 
modimperante constitutum, etc. 

8vo., HanovicB, 161 3. 
T. Hebii [i.e., C. Barthius] amphi- 

theatrum sapientiae, quae ex libris hauriri 
potest. Cujus decem libri puris choliambis 
scripti nunc primum prodeunt, etc, 

8vo., Hanoviee, 161 3. 
T. Hebii [i.e., C. Barthius]... amphi- 

theatrum seriorum jocorum, libris XXX 
epigrammatum constructum. Pleraque pars 
in Lojolas, Scoppios...& id genus alios, etc. 

8vo., Hanovics, 161 3. 
[Another copy.] 

Cave canem. De vita, moribus, rebus 

gestis, divinitate G. Scioppii apostatas, 
satiricon. Auctore T. Hebio [i.e. , C. Barthius], 
etc. i2mo., Hanovias, 1612. 

James I. 's copy, British Museum duplicate. 

[Another copy.] 

Mitford copy. 

C. Barthii erotodidascalus, sive nemora- 

liura libri V., etc. See GIL POLO (G.). 

8vo., 1625. 

T. Hebii [i.e., C. Barthius]... Scioppius 

cxcellens. In laudem ejus et sociorum, pro 
J. Scaligero et omnibus probis. Epigram- 
matum libri III., etc. 

1 2mo. , Hanovia, 1 6 1 2. 
James I.*s copy, British Museum duplicato, 

[Another copy.] 

Mitford copy. 

Venatici et bucolici poetae Latini, Gratius, 

Nemesianus, Calpurnius...Addita fragmcnta 
V. Spurinna: scriptoris nunquam hactcnus 
publicati, etc. (C. Barthii ablegminum libri 
III. et IV.) [Edited by C. Barthius.] 

8vo., Hanoviw, 1613. 
Doni, Wodhull and Mitford copy. 

G. Barthius. [Biographical notice.] See 

MORANTE (J. Gomez de la Cortina) 
Marquis de. Catalogus librorum, etc. 

VI., pp. 499-502 




BARTHOLINUS (Thomas) the Elder. Viri 
doctissimi T. Bartholini dc libris legcndis 
dissertationcs, quas propter raritatem ac 
pr?estantiam publicie luci reslituit, & de vana 
librorum pompa prasfatus est J. G. Meuschcn. 
8vo., Francofurti, 171 1. 


BAliTHOLMESS (Christian Jean Guil- Histoirc philosophique de I'Aca- 
deniie de Prusse depuis Leibniz jusqu'a 
Schelling, particiilierement sous Frederic-Ie- 

Grand. 2 torn. 
Pattlson copy. 
Jordano Bruno. 


msei Coloniensis 

8vo., Paris, 1850-51. 

2 torn, [in I vol.] 

8vo., Paris, 1846-47. 
A nglicus. See GLAN- 

Coloniensis. Bartholo- 
epistola mytliologica : 
plerisque lepidis sententiis, & ad communem 
sermonum usum accomodatissimis leferta, etc. 
See DRAUDIUS (G.). Praxis jocandi, etc. 

8vo., 1602. 
BARTHOLOM^US [Albizzi], Pisamis. [L' Al- 
coran des Cordeliers, tant en latin qu'en 
fran^ois, cest-a-dire la mer des blasphemes et 
mensonges de cost idole sigmatize qu'on 
appelle saint Franfois, recuilli par...E. Alber 
du liure des conformitez de ce beau saint 
Fran9ois [by BartholomEeus Albizzi]... Nou- 
ucllement a ete aioute le second liure prins 
mot a mot au meme restraict, afin de mieux 
descouurir la saintete de ceste secte infernale 
que le monde adore.] 2 torn, [in 1 vol.] 

8vo. . [Geneve : par C. Badius. 1560.] 

Tome I. wants the titlepage, that of tome II. 

having been bubstituted. Title taken from 

Brunet, I., 151. J. Bigot's copy, 

BARTHOLOM.^US [Granchi], Pisamis. See 

NlCOh.WJS. de A uximo. Begin. In nomine 

dni nostri iliu xpi amen. Incipit liber q 

dicitur supplementuj [to the Summa Magis- 

trutia or Pisanella ot Bartholomaeus], 

4to., 1488. 

BARTOLUS, de Saxojerrato. See CRACOVIUS 

(G.). De Bartolo...oratio, efc. 8vo., 1562. 

BARVOETIUS (Ale.xander). Catalogus 

praecipuorum auctorum ineditorum MSS, qui 

in Bibliotheca Scorialensi asservantur. See 

MADERUS(J. J.). Debibliothecis...virorum 

clarissimorum libelli, etc. 4to., 1702. 

BASEL. — Universite. Une visite a la biblio- 

th^que de I'Universite dc Bile. Par un 

bibliophile lyonnais [i.e.. H. L. Baudrier]. 

See BAUDRIER (H. L.). 8vo., 1880. 

BASILIUS, Magnus, Saint. Archbishop oj 

Ccesarea. Opera quaedam Beati Basilii... 

Tractatus ethicorum. Regula, sive xa daxijTixa. 

De virginitatc. Contra Ennomium. Item 

sermones & cpislolas nonnulte insertae in 

regula : quae omnia diliggter recognita nunc 

primum impressa sunt. Tov h' ayioig TtQog 

>l/io)v Baai?.etov. . .ai'yi'Qa^i/taTa rira, etc. Gr. 

fol., Uolophon .■] Veuetiis : per Stephanum 

de Sabio, 1535. 

'Anana ra rov Oeiov...BaatXetov...T)\\'\ 

Basilii Magni opera Graeca, quae ad nos extant 
omnia. [Edited by J. Cornarius.] Gr. 

fol.. Basiteae. 1551. 
De Thou and Syston Park copy. 

Sancti Basilii de liberalibvs stvdiis ct in- 

genvis moribvs liber per Leon. Ar[etinum] 
ex Gre[co] in Latinvm conversus. — Basilii 
oratio de invidia c Graeco in Latinvm con- 

\crsa per Xicolavni Perolvm incipit. See 
CENSORINUS. Index librorum : qui in 
hoc uolumine continentur. Censorinus de 
die natali, etc. fol., 1497. 

BaaiXetov...6fii?.ia xaxa fiedvovrmv. D. 

Basilii Magni... cotra ebriosos homilia. Gr. 

8vo., [colophon :] Lovanii : e.t officina 

R. Rescii, sumptibns ejusdem ac B. 

Gravii, 1533. 

Baai}.etov...6/iiha tieqi cpdovov. Basilii 

Magni... homilia de invidia. Gr. 

Svo., Lovanii : ex officina R. Rescii, 1536. 

Basilius Magn'de studio poetaR&ora | ton 

quo pacto quaUterue legi debeant. | ©. X. 

4to., s.n. [? Magdeburg : M. Brandiss, 

Copinger, Pt. II., 919. Kloss Catalogue, 592. 

Baai}.eiov...6fuha ttoo; tovq veovg, oTimg dv 

ii e?.?.>]vixojv (h<fe).oivTo ?.oyo)V. D. Basilii 
Magni... homilia ad juvenes, de utilitate capi- 
enda ex Gentilium autorum libris. Gr. 

8vo., Lovanii: ex officina R. Rescii, 1538. 

BaaiXeiov...6i.nha xaxa doyuo^tevtav. Tov 

aixov 6/iiXta ei; xo, Tiooaeye aeavxco. D. 
Basilii Magni... homilia in irascentes. Ejus- 
dem homilia in dictum illud, Attende 
tibiipsi. Gr. Svo. , [colophon .] Lovanii : 
ex officina R. Rescii, sumptibns efusdem, ac B. 

Gravii, i 532. 
Contemporary stamped leather binding, with 
medallion portraits and mark of John Reynes, 
the binder. 

Ba<yt/.Eiov...6i(tha ei; tov; dyiov; xeaaaoa- 

xovxa ftoQxvQui. Basilii Magni... homilia in 
quadraginta martyres. Gr. 

8vo., Lovanii : ex officina R. Rescii, 1536. 

'H Oeta ?.eixovQyeia [sic] xov iv dyiot; 

TtaxQOQ Baaileiov xov fteya?.ov. See LITUR- 
GIES. Ai Oeiai ^.eiTovgyeiai, etc. 4to., 1526. 

Meya}.ou Baaihov :i£oi yga/iftaxixijg yv/i- 

raaiag. See APOLLONIUS, Alexandrinus, 
Dyscolus. 'Ev xioSe ro) jSt^AiM xade negiexercu. 
'A}toX?.wnou d?.eiavdQeiog heqi avvxa^eoii, etc. 

8vo., 1 515. 
B.\SILIUS I., Macedo, Emperor oj Constanti- 
nople. BaaO.siov xov 'Pwfiauav Baai?.ecu; 
xeq>a?.aia Ttanatvexixa S;' ^Qog xov iavxov viov, 
Aeovxa. xov 0iXoao(pov. Basilii... e.xhorta- 
tionum capita LXVI. ad Leonem filium, 
cognomento Philosophum, etc. Gr. cS- Lat. 
Ed. Pr. 2 pts. [in i vol.] 4to.. Luteticp, 1584. 
The Latin version ha'i a separate titlepago and 

toire de la religion des eglises reformees, 
depuis Jesus Christ jusqu'a present... Nou- 
vcllo edition, etc. 2 tom. 

4to., Rotterdam. 1725. 
Tome I. is in 2 parts. Verelst and Swanwick copy. 
BASSELIN (Olimer). Vaux-de-vire d'O. 
Basselin, poete normand de la fin du 14" 
siccle ; suivis d'un choix d'anciens vaux-de- 
vire, de bacchanales et dc chansons, poesies 
normandes... publics, avec des dissertations, 
des notes et des variantes, par L. Du Bois. 

8vo., Caen, 1821. 


BAST (Friedrich Jacob). Lettre critique... 
sur Antoninus Liberalis, Parthenius, et 
Aristcnete. 8vo., Paris, 1805. 

Bed morocco by P. Rosa. 

BASTARD (Thom.\s). Chrestoleros. Seven 
bookes ]of epigrames. (Reprinted from the 
edition "of 1598.) 4to., (Manchester,) 1888. 
(Publications of the Spenser Society, No. 47.) 

BATE (George) M.D. Elenchi motuum 
nuperorumin Anglia. Pars prima ( — secunda), 
etc. 2 pts. [in I vol.] 

i2mo., Amstelodami , 1663. 

BATEMAN (John Frederic) & REVY 
(Julian John). Channel railway. Descrip- 
tion of a proposed cast-iron tube for carrying 
a railway across the Channel between the 
coasts of England and France. 

8vo., London, 1869. 


xofivo/iaxia, seu bellum ranarum in mures. 

Per E. Calentium Latino scrmone donata. Lat. 

4to.. [Paris :] apud E. Gormontium, [1510 ?] 

Hcber copy. 

Homeri Batrachomyomachia, hoc est, 

ranarum & murium pugna. [Edited by 
J. Frobenius.] Gr. &■ Lat. 

8vo., [colophon .•] in...Basilea : apud J. 
Frobeniiim, 151S. 
Blue morocco by E. Niddrfo, 

'OfitjQov BaTQa/fifivo^axia. Homeri rana- 
rum & murium pugna. Gr. &' Lat. See 
.^SOPIJS. Aesopi...fabula3, e<c. i6mo., 1549. 

[Another edition.] i6mo., 1570. 

[For editions issued with the works of 

Homer.] See HOMERUS. 

BATTAGIA (Michele). Elogio del Cardinale 
P. Bembo pubblicato (da M. Battagia) in 
occasione dell' ingresso di...J. Monico...alla 
sua sede di patriarca di V'enezia e primate 
della Dalniazia. Accompagnato da quattro 
lettere incdite del Cardinale suddetto. 

8vo., Venezia, 1827. 

BATTEL'X (Charles). Les quatre po£tiques : 
d'Aristote, d'Horace, de Vida, de Dcspreau.x, 
avec les traductions & des rcmarqucs. 2 torn. 

Svo., Paris, 1771. 
Lamoignon copy. 

( ). Proccs de Baudichon de la 

Maison Neuve. Accuse d'hcresie a Lyon, 
1534. Public. ..par J. G. Baum. 

8vo., Genive, 1873. 

BAUDIER (Dominique). See BAUDIUS. 

BAUDIUS (Dominicus). [i.e., Dominique 
Baudier.] D. Baudii amorcs, edente P. 
Scriverio. c<c. Svo., Liit^duni-Batavontin, 1638. 

Oratio funebris dicta honori & memoriK 

...J. J. Scaligcri. 

4to., Lugduni Batavortiiii, i6c)(). 

[.\nothcr copy.] 

[Another copy. J 

BAUDRIER (Henri Louis). Bibliographic 

lyonnaise au is' siecle. [Signed H. B., i.e., 

H. Baudrier.] 8vo., Lyon, 18S1. 

From the " Revue lyonnaise." With autograph 

of the author. 

Bibhographie lyonnaise. Recherches sur 

les imprimeurs, libraires, relieurs et fondeurs 
de lettres de Lyon au i6« siecle... Publiecs et 
continuees par J. Baudrier. S6r. I.-X., 
illus/. 8vo., Lyon, 1895-1914. 

Sir. IV.-X. purchased. 

Les incunables de la Bibliothtque de 

Toulouse. [Signed H. B., i.e.. H. L. Baudrier. J 
8vo., [Lyon, 1879.] 
From the " Salut public," Jon. 7, 1899. 

De I'orthographe du nom de G. Rouville, 

et de quelques autres particularites de sa 
vie, etc. 8vo., Lyon, 1883. 

Une visite A la bibliotheque de I'Uni- 

versite de Bile. Par un bibliophile lyonnais 
[i.e., H. L. Baudrier]. 8vo., Lyoii, 1880. 

S«eNIEPCE(L.). Le President Baudrier, 

sa vie et ses oeu\Tes. 4to., 1884. 

See TERREBASSE (H. de). Notice 

necrologique sur H. Baudrier. 8vo., 1884. 

BAUER (Johann Jacob). Bibliotheca librorum 
rariorum universalis. Oder voUstandiges 
Verzeichniss rarer Biicher, aus den besten 
Schriftstellern...zusammen getragen und... 
vermehret, von J. J. Bauer. (M. A. VVest- 
phalii epistola L ( — n.)...qua libri publica 
auctoritate combusti recensentur atque ex- 
hibentur.) [The last seven sheets of Thl. I., 
and Thle. H.-IV., by G. A. Will.] 4 Thle. 

8vo., Niirnberg, 1770-72. 
Parr and Cotton copy. 

Bibliothecae librorum rariorum univer- 

salis supplcmcntorum volumen L ( — H.), etc. 
[By B. F. Hummel.] 2 vols. 

8vo., Niirnberg, 1774. 
Wanting Vol. III., published In 1791. Parr and 
Cotton copy. 

BAYFIUS (Lazarus), [i.e., Lazare de Ba'if.] 
L. Bayfii annotationcs in L. H. dc captivis^ 
et postliminio reversis (Ex...libro XLIX 
Pandectarum). In quibus tractatur de re 
navali. Ejusdem annotationcs in tractatum 
de auro & argeto leg. quibus, vestimentoru, 
& vasculorum genera cxplicantur. A. Thy- 
Icsii de coloribus libcllus, etc. [Edited by 
C. Estienne.] 2 pts. [in i vol. | 
4to., Parisiis : ex officina R. Stephani, 153'^. 
Bigot Librory and ICnight copy. 

Do re navali hbcllus. m adolcsccntulott 

bonarum artium studiosorum favorem, e.x 
Bayfii vigiliis cxccrptus. A in brevcm sum- 
mvilam facilitatis gratia rcdactus. Addita 
ubiq;, pucrorum causa, vulgari vocabuloruni 
significationc. [Edited by C. Estienne.] 
8vo., Lugduni: apud Seb. Gryphium, 1540. 
Kerrioh copy. 

Dc re vcstiaria libellus ex Bayfio ex- 

cerptus. Addita vulgaris linguie intcrpreta- 


BAYFIUS (Lazarus).— (<;o»;W.) 

tione, in adulcscentulorum gratiam atq; 
utilitatem. [Edited by C. Estienne.] 

8vo., Lugduni : apiid Seb. Gryphium, 1536. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., Lugduni: 
apnd hcBvedes S. VinctiiUi. 15.^^. 
The colophon reads: " Excudebant...M. et G. 
Trechsel fratres." Jahn copy. 

[Another copy.] 

Secunda editio. 8vo., Parisiis : 

ex officina R. Stephavt. 1^41. 

The first issue of tliis editioa appeared in 1535, 
and a second in 1536. See Renouard's " An- 
nates des Estienne." p. 42, Kerrich copy. 

— [Another copy.] 

De vasculis libellus...ex Bayfio decerptus : 

addita vulgari Latinarum vocum interpreta- 
tione. [Edited by C. Estienne.] 

8vo., Lugduni: apud Seb. Gryphium, 1539. 
Kerrioh copy. 

[Another edition.] 

Svo., Parisiis: ex officina R. Stepliani, 1543. 

BAYLE (Pierre). Dictionaire historique et 
critique ... Cinquieme edition ... augmentee. 
Avec la vie de I'auteur par Mr. [P.] Des 
Maizeaux. 4 torn. fol., Amsterdam, 1740. 

[Supplement.] See CHAUFFE- 

PIE (J. G. de). Nouveau dictionnaire 
historique et critique, etc. 4 torn. 

fol., 1750-56. 

P. Baelii...epistola de scriptis adespotis. 

See PLACCIUS (V.). V. Placcii...theatrum 
anonymorum et pseudonymorum, etc. [Pt. 
III., Appendix.] fol., 1708. 

See DU REVEST ( ) Abbt. Histoire 

de Mr. Bayle et de ses ouvTages...Nouvelle 
edition, etc. l2mo., 1716. 

BAYLY (LEWIS) Bishop oj Bangor. See 
BAILEY (J. E.). Bishop L. Bayly and his 
" Practice of pietj'." 8vo., 1S83. 

BAYLY (Thomas). The Ufe and death of... 
John Fisher, Bishop of Rochester... Carefully 
selected from severall ancient records, by 
T. Baily [or rather, R. Hall]. See HALL (R.). 

Svo., 1655. 

BEAMONT (William). Annals of the Lords 

of Warrington for the first five centuries 

after the Conquest. With historical notices 

of the place and neighbourhood. 2 pts. 

4to., (Manchester,) 1872. 
The pagination is consecutive. (Clietliam Society. 
Remains, etc. Vols. LXXXVI.-L.XXXVII.) 

History of Warrington Friary, etc. See 


4to., 1872. 

Homage roll of the manor of Warrington 

...1 49 1 to 1 517... Edited by W. Beamont. 
See LANCASHIRE. Miscellanies, relating 
to Lancashire and Cheshire. Vol. I. 

Svo., 1885. 

See BAILEY (J. E.). Mr. Beamonfs 

history of Winwick, f^c. Svo., 1878. 

BE.\TIANUS (AuGUSTiNus). [i.e., Agostino 
Beazzanc] Lachrymae in funere P. Cardi- 
nalis Bembi, etc. 

Svo., Venetiis ; apud G. [G]iolitum, 1548. 

[Another edition.] See BEMBO 

(P.) Cardinal, Bishop oJ Bergamo. [Rime.] 
P. Bembi carminum libellus. Svo., 1553. 

BEATSON (Benjamin Wrigglesworth). In- 
dex in i5ischylum. [By B. W. Beatson.] 
See INDEX. Index in tragicos Griecos. 
Vol. L 8vo., 1830. 

Index... verborum formularumque om- 
nium in Sophoclis tragcediis...occurrentium. 
[By B. W. Beatson.] See INDEX. Index 
in tragicos Graecos. V^ol. I. 8vo., 1830. 

BEAUCHAMP (Richard de) 12th Earl 0} 
Warwick. See WARWICK. 

(G.). E. de Beaulieu... Notice biographique, 
etc. i2mo., 1880. 

See COLLETET (G.). Vie d'E. de Beau- 
lieu, etc. Svo.. 1878. 

BEAUMANOIR (Philippe de Remi) Sire de. 
The romance of Blonde of Oxford and Jehan 
of Dammartin. By Philippe de Reimes 
[i.e., P. de Beaumanoir]... Edited... by M. 
[A. J. v.] Le Roux de Lincy. Fr. 

4to., [London,] 1858. 
(Camden Society Publications, Vol. 72. ) 

BEAUMARCHAIS (Antoine de La Barre 
de). Lettres serieuses et badines sur les 
Guvrages des savans, et sur d'autres matidres. 
[By Ar. D. V. A. D. L. H., i.e.. A. de La 
Barre de Beaumarchais.] 12 torn. 

8vo., LaHaye, 1729-41. 
Tom. I., II., pt. 1, and IX., pt. 1, are of the second 
edition. Tom. IV., V. and IX. are in three 
parts, and the other vols, in two. Tome IX. 
has a second titlepage reading : " Le Hollan- 
dois, ou lettres eur la Hollande ancienne et 
moderne." Tom. X.-XII. have second title- 
pages reading : *' .\mu.seraens litti^raires : ou 
correspondanco politique, historique, philo. 
sophique, critique, & galante.*' Barbier, II., 
1288. Nacli copy. 

BEAUMARCHAIS (Pierre Augustin Caron 
de). See fiON DE BEAUMONT (C. G. L. 
A. A. T. d'). Pieces relatives aux demSles 
entre Mademoiselle d'£on de Beaumont. 
le Sieur Caron dit de Beaumarchais, etc. 

8vo., 1778. 

BEAUMONT, Family of. Beaumont of Whit- 
ley. [Pedigree.] See YORKSHIRE. [^ 
pedigrees, etc.} fol., s.a. 

BEAUMONT (Charles GENEyifevE Louis 
AuGUSTE Andr£ Timothee d' ^on de). See 

BEAUMONT PAPERS. Beaumont papers. 
Letters relating to the family of Beaumont of 
Whitley, Yorkshire, from the fifteenth to the 
seventeenth centuries. Edited... by W. D. 
Macray. 4to., London. 1884. 

(Itoxburgho Club Publications, No. 113.) Cole- 
ridge copy. 

BEAUVAL (Jacques Basnage de). See BAS- 



BEBELIUS (Henricus). [i.e., Heinrich 
Bebel.] Faccti:B...superiorum aetatum sive 
dicta jocose, sive facta ridicule, mira gratia 
continentes. Accesserunt illustrium olim 
virorum joci, &. . .apophthegmata, ex Macrobio 
& Erasmo collecta, etc. (Prognosticon ex 
Ethrusco sermone in latinum traductum ab 
anno domini M.D.IX. usqi in finem mundi. — 
Prognostica...ab Jacobo Henrichman, latini- 
tate donata, etc.) Svo., Antverpiae : cura 
S- situdio A. Goini Morensis, 1540. 
Edmund AVliite's copy, 
Facetiarum ... libri tres ... His acces- 
serunt selects qusedam Poggii facetias. Item 
prognosticon... J. Henrichmanni, etc. 

Svo., Tubingee : ex offlcina U. Alorhardi, 

I 542- 

Facetiarum Bebclianarum, quas lusit in 

adoloscentia sua. liber primus (-tertius). 
See FRISCHLINUS (N.). N. Frischlini... 
facetiae selcctiores, «<f. i2mo., 165 1. 

BECANUS (Martinus). [i.e., Martin Ver- 
BEECK or VAN DER Beeck.] Dc fide Deo 
servanda, Vel, an monachi servent Deo 
fidem, qui profugiunt ad Lutheranos & 
Calvinistas, & ibi uxores accipiunt ? 

8vo., hlogmities, 161 1. 

—— QuEestiones Batavicaj. In quendani Ba- 
tavum, qui se Christianum, Evangelicum, & 
foederatorum defensorem appellat. 

8vo.. Moguntits, 161 1. 

Refutatio Torturae Torti [of L. Andrewes] 

...Authore M. Becano. 8vo., Mogtintia, 1610. 

BECCADELLI (Lodovico) Archbishop of 
Ragusa. Vita R. Poli...Cardinalis, etc. 
[Translated from the Italian of L. Beccadelli 
by A. Dudilius.] 

4to., Venetiis: ex officinaDominiciGnerrei, 

&■ Joan. Baptista fratrum, 1563. 

From the Aldino presR, tlie type corresponding to 

that used in the " De conciHo lihor " and the 

'* Reformatio Anglite " issued in the previous 

year. Unknown to Renouard. Mitford copy. 

The life of Cardinal R. Pole... by L. Becca- 

tclli... translated into English. With notes 
critical and historical... By. ..B. Pye. 

8vo., London, 1766. 
J, Leo's, Sir G. Loo's, and Sir \V. Lee's copy. 

BECCADELLUS (Antonius) Panormita. [i.e., 
Antonio Beccadelli.] A. Bononiae Bccca- 
telli...epistolarum libri V. Ejusdein orationcs 
II. Carmina pneterea quaedam qua; ex 
multis ab eo scriptis adhuc colligi potuere. 
[4 + ] 135 f}- 4to., Venetiis, 1553. 

[Another edition.] [4 + ] i?i9ff- 

4to., Venetiis, i Sfl.v 
Sunderland i.'opy. The four preliminary leaves 
differ fmm thiino in tlio previous edition. 

A. Panormitae hcrmaphroditus. Primus 

in Cermania cdidit...F. C. Forbcrgius. 

.Svo., Cohurgi, 1824. 

Quinque illustrium poctarum Ant. Panor- 

mitae ; Ramusii, .Vriuiinensis ; P. Ma.ximi. 

J. J. Pontani ; J. Secundi...Lusus in Venerem 
...nunc primum editi [by B. Mercier]. 

8vo., Parisiis, 1791. 

.See RAMORINO (F.). Contributi alia 

storia biografica e critica di A. Beccadelli 
dctto il Panormita. 8vo., 1883. 

BECCUTI (Francesco) called II Coppetta. 
Commento del Grappa [i.e., F. Beccuti, called 
II Coppetta] sopra la canzone in lode della 
salsiccia [by A. Firenzuola]. See FIREN- 
ZUOLA (A.). 8vo., 1881. 

BECK (Charles). The age of Petronius 
Arbiter. 4to.. Cambridge [Mass.l, 1856. 

From the " Memoirs of tlie American Academy of 
.^rts and Sciences," New iSeries, Vol. VI. 

BECK (Christian Daniel). Index... ver- 
borum formularumque omnium in Euripidis 
tragCEdiis...occurrentium. [By C. D. Beck.] 
See INDEX. Index in tragicos Grascos. 
Vol. II. Svo., 1830. 

BECKER (George). E. de Beaulieu, pocte et 

musicien, seizieme siccle. Notice biographique 

et bibliographique, publiee avec la musique de 

deux chansons. i2mo., Paris, 1880. 

Only 100 copies printed. 

G. Gueroult et ses chansons spirituelles, 

seizieme siecle. Notice biographique et biblio- 
graphique, publiee avec la musique de deux 
chansons. i2mo., Paris, 1880. 

Only 100 copies printed. 

BECKER (WiLHEL.M Adolph). Charicles : or 
illustrations of the private life of the ancient 
Greeks... Translated by...F. Metcalfe. Third 
edition. 8vo., London, 1866. 

Gallus : or Roman scenes of the time of 

Augustus ... Translated by...F. Metcalf. 
Third edition. 8vo., London, 1866 

BECKET (Thomas X) Saint, Archbishop oj 
Canterbury. See THOMAS [a Becket]. 

BECKFORD (William) of Fonthill Abbey. 
The Hamilton Palace libraries. Catalogue. ..of 
the Beckford library, removed from Hamilton 
Palace. Which will be sold by auction, etc. 
4 pts. 8vo., London, 1882-83. 

Large paper copy, witl> prico^ and purcliasera' 

[Another copy.] 

.Smull paper copy. 

[Another copy of Pt. I.J 

Partly priced in MS, 

The Hamilton Palace libraries. Cata- 
logue of valuable books returned from the 
sales of the Beckford and Hamilton libraries, 
having been found to be imperfect. Which 
will be sold by auction, ffc. 8vo,, London, 1S84. 

BECKHER (Guilielmus Henricus). M. Gui- 
liclmi H. Bcckhcr.-.schediasma critico-liltcra- 
rium dc controvcrsiis pnxcipuis B. Bckkero... 
quondam motis. ob librum cui titulum fecit : 
Die bezauberte Welt. Adjccta in lineauctorum 
farragine, qui vel Bckkcri scriptum refuta- 
runt, vel asseclarum more illud dcfendcrunt. 
4to., Regiomonti, 1721. 


BEDA, Venerahilis. De schematibus & tropis 
sacraru literarum, lib. I. See RUTILIUS 
LUPUS (P.). De figuris sententiarum, ac 
verborum, etc. 8vo., 1533. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., 1536. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., 1542. 

[Another copy.] 

Venerabilis Bedae presbyteri de tem- 

poribus sive de sex aetatibus hujus seculi 
liber incipit. P. Victoris de regionibus urbis 
Rome libellus aureus. [Edited by P. M. 
Alexander.] 4to., [colophon ;] Vene\ins\ : 

p J. de Tridino alias Tacuino, 1 509. 

BEECK (Martin van der). See BECANUS 

BEEKE (Hermann von der). See TORREN- 

b6hAGUE (Octave de) Comte. Catalogue 

des li\Tes rares et curieux composant la 

bibliotheque de M. le comte O. de B6hague. 

Pt. II. 8vo., Paris. 1880. 

Sale catalogue. 

BEKKER (Balthasar). See BECKHER 
(G. H.). M. Guilielmi H. Beckher...schcdi- 
asma critico-litterarium de controversiis 
prsecipuis B. Bekkero... quondam motis, ob 
librum cui titulum fecit : Die bezauberte 
Welt, etc. 4to., 1721. 

BELL (Henry Nugent). The Huntingdon 
peerage, etc. See HUNTINGDON, Earldom 
of. 4to., 1820. 

BELL (William) Pastor oj the Church at 
Hightown. Lanes. Well-doing, well done to, 
set forth in a sermon preached... the 14th day 
of March, 1647. 4to., London, 1650. 

(J.) Cardinal. 

BELLANDA (Cornelio). Viaggio spirituale 

...Diviso in dieci varii soggetti, & ragiona- 

menti spirituali. 4to., Venetia : [.4ldiis 

Manutitts, the Younger,] 1578. 

Benouard, p. 225, 

BELL.\RMINUS (Robertus Franciscus 
RoMOLUs) Cardinal, .Archbishop of Capua, 
[i.e., Roberto Francesco Romolo Bellar- 
MiNO.] De ascensione mentis in Deum per 
scalas rcrum creatarum...Editio ab ipso 
auctore recognita. i2mo., Liigduni, 1615. 

De Thou, Hibbort and Beckford copy. 

Recognitio librorum omnium R. Bellar- 

mini...ab ipso ... auctore edita. Accessit 
corrcctorium errorum, qui. libros ejusdem 
Cardinalis cditionis Venetae irrepserunt. 

8vo., Ingolstadii, 1608. 
De Thou and Morante copy. 
Sec SCIOPPIUS (G.). G. Schoppii apolo- gemino de indulgentiis libro... 
R. Cardinalis Bellarmini, etc. 4to., 1601. 


BELLEVILLE (Adolphe de). Les secrets 
de Saint-Leu. Notice curieuse sur ce chateau 
et ses proprietaires...Suivie d'une biograpliie 
complete sur la baronne de Feucheres, et de 
details sur la mort du due de Bourbon. 

8vo., Paris, 18^1. 

BELLIUS (Martinus) pseud, [i.e., Sebastien 
Chateillon.] See CHATEILLON (S.). 

BELLONIUS (Petrus). See BELON (P.). 

BELLONUS (Joannes). Communes jurium 
sententiae. Quibus additas sunt contrariorum 
oppositiones & solutiones, etc. 

8vo., Lugduni, 1553. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Cadomi, 1607. 

Sunderland copy. 

BELON ( ) Priest. Pan^gj'rique de 

Sainte Madeleine, etc. 8vo., 5./. et a. 

BELON (Pierre). P. aquatili- 

bus, libri duo. Cum etconibus ad vivam 

ipsorum effigiem, quoad ejus fieri potuit 

e.xpressis, etc. obi. 8vo., Parisiis, 1553. 

L'histoire de la nature des oyseaux, avec 

leurs descriptions, & naifs portraicts retirez 
du naturel, etc. fol., Paris. 1555. 

BELTZ (George Frederick). Memorials of 
the... Order of the Garter, etc. 

8vo., London, 1841. 

A review of the Chandos peerage case 

adjudicated 1803, and of the pretensions of 
Sir S. E. Brydges, Bart., to designate himself 
per legem terrse Baron Chandos of Sudeley. 

8vo., London, 1834. 
BEMBO (PlETRO) Cardinal, Bishop oj Ber- 
gamo. [Opere.] p. Bembi opuscula ali- 
quot, etc. 

8vo., Lugduni: apud [S.] Gryphium, 1532. 
Blue morocco by Leighton. 

[.Etna.] Begin. PETRI BEMBI DE 

LIBER. I 4to., [colophon:] Venetiis : in 

aedibus .4ldi Romani. 1495. 
Benouard, p. 7. Halo, '2765. Svajer and 
Hamilton copy. 

P. Bembi de /Etna...Uber. See SEVERUS 

(C). P. C. Seven ^tna, etc. 8vo., 1703. 

[Gli Asolani.] Gil Asolani di Messer 

Pietro Bembo. 4to., [colophon :] Venetia : 

nelle case d'.4ldo Romano, 1505. 
This copy lias the dedication. Benouard, p. 48. 

[Another copy.] 

Without the dedication. 

[.Another edition.] 

8vo., [colophon :] Vinegia : nelle case 
d'.Aldo Romano &■ d'.indrea Asolano 
sua socero, 15 1 5. 
Benouard, p. 72. Svajer copy. 

[.\nother copy.] 

Bathurst copy. 

(Edition seconda.) 

8vo., Vencgia : per Comin de Trino de 
Monjerrato, 1544. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Vinegia: appresso G. Scotto, 1553. 
Benouard, p. 488. There are only 115 numbered 
leaves, not 150, as stated by Kenouard. Blue 


morocco by C. Lewis. Sussex copy. 
[HiSTORiA Ve.neta.J p. Bjmbi 


dinalis historiae Venetae libri XII. 

fol., [colophon .•] Venetiis : apud Aldi 

ftlios, 1 55 1. 
Benouard, p. 133. Bigot Library and Bogers copy. 

BEMBO (PiETRo).— (cojiW.) 

[Lettere.] p. Bembus de imitatione ad 

Conte della Concordia. J. F. Pici Mirandulae 
...physici libri duo, etc. 4to., 1518. 

P. Bembi et J. Sadoleti (ad C. Longolium) 

epistolarum liber. See LONGOLIUS (C). 
C. Longolii orationes duas, f/f . 4to., 1524. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., 1533. 

[Another edition.] See LONGO- 
LIUS (C). C. Longolii lucubrationes, etc. 

8vo., 1542. 

[Another edition.] S«eBUNELLUS 

(P.). P. Bunelli...& P. iManutii...epistolaj, 
etc. [Pt. IL] 8vo., 1 581. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another edition.] SecBUNELLUS 

(P.). Epistote P. Bunelli, etc. 8vo., 1837. 

P. Bembi epistolarum Leonis dccimi Pont. 

Max. nomine scriptarum libri XVI. Placuit 
prasterea cjusdem autoris epistolas aliquot... 
adnectere. Videlicet ad Longolium III., ad 
Budaeum II. , ad Erasmum I. 8vo., Lug- 

dtini : apud htpredes S. Vincentii, 1538. 
The colophon reads : " Dionysius ah Harsio 
excudebat." Borghese copy. 

Delle lettere di P. Bembo secondo volume. 

8vo., [colophon .•] Vinegia : per gli figlivoli 

di Aldo, 1550. 

The titlepsge ia dated 1551. Renouard, p. 149. 

Vols. I., III., and IV. do not appear to have 

been issued by the Aldine Press. 

P. Bembi Card, epistolarum familiarium, 

libri VI. Ejusdem, Leonis X. Pont. Max. 
nomine scriptarum, lib. XVI. [Vol. I.] 

8vo. , Venetiis, 1552. 
Wanting Vol. II., containing the Popal letters. 

Delle lettere di P. Bembo primo (-quarto) 

volume, etc. (II rcsiduo del libro primo.) 
4 vols. 8vo., Vinegia, 1552. 

Vol. X., which is of tlie second impression, is in 
two parts separately bound. Vols. III.-IV. are 
bound together. The second volume of thi.s 
edition was unknown to Renouard ; it has 8 
unnumbered leaves and 333 numbered pages, 
Renouard, pp. 149 ond 487. 

[Another copy.] 4 vols, [in 2.] 

Tlio second volume in this copy is one of those 
issued by the Aldine Press in 1550-51. Blue 
morocco Ijy Niodrie. 

P. Bembi. . .epistolas omncs...quarum libri 

scxdecim Leonis X. Pont. Max. nomine script! 
sunt, sex autem reliqui familiares epistolas 
continent. 8vo., [Basel, i 567. | 

Morante copy. 

P. Bembi ct J. Sadoleti alia; ad alios epis- 

tolK. See BUNELLUS (P.). Epistote P. 
Bunelli, etc. Svo., 1837. 

Lettere inedite o rare di P. Bembo. 

8vo., Padova, 1852. 

Lettere inedite del Cardinale P. Bembo e 

di altri scrittori del sccolo XVI....pubblicate 
dal Prof. G. Spezi. 8vo., Roma, 1862. 

See LETTERE. Lettere di XIII. huomini 

illustri...con moltedcl Bembo, etc. 8vo., 1 560. 

[Pkose.] Le prose di M. P. Bembo. 

8vo., [colophon .•] Vinegia : appresso 
G. Scotto, 1552. 
Renouard, p. 4S7. Blue morocco by C. Lewis. 
Stissex copy. 

[Another copy.] 

Burnell copy. 

— [Rime.] P. Bembi carmina. See CAR- 
MINA. Carmina quinque illustrium 
poetarum, etc. 8vo., 1548. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., 1552. 

Le rime di M. P. Bembo nuovamentc 

ricorrette et ristampate. (Stanze di M. P. 
Bembo, etc.) 8vo., [colophon ;] Vinegia : 

appresso G. Scotto, 1552. 
The leaves containing the " Stanze " are not 
numbered. The register is consecutive. Re- 
nouard, p. 488. Blue morocco by C. Lewis. 
Sussex copy. 

P. Bembi carminum libellus. (In P. 

Bembi . , . mortem ac laudem eclogae tres 
incerti authoris. — In P. Bembi mortem diver- 
sorum epitaphia. — In funere Petri Cardinalis 
Bembi A. Beatiani lachrymae.) 8vo., 

[colophon .■] Venetiis: apud G. Scottum, 1553. 
The titlepago is dated 1552, Renouard, p. 488. 

Stanze di Monsignor P. Bembo, etc. See 

POLITIANUS (A.). Stanze di Messer A. 
Poliziano, etc. 8vo., 1753. 

Versi Spagnoli, f^c. 8vo., Livorno, 1882. 

[Appendi.v:.] See BATT.\GIA (M.). 

Elogio del Cardinale P. Bembo, etc, 8vo., 1 827. 

See BEATIANUS (A.). Lachrymae in 

funere Petri Cardinalis Bembi, etc. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., 1548. 
See above 

[Rime.]. P. Bembi carminum libellus. 

Svo.. 1553. 

See GRESWELL (W. P.). Memoirs of 

A. Politianus ... P. Bembus ... The second 
edition, etc. 8vo., 1805. 

BENAHAVIS (Ric.\rdo Heredia) Cotnte de. 

BENALT (Thomas). The visitation of Lan- 
cashire and a part of Cheshire, made in... l 533, 
by special commission of T. Benalt... Edited 
by W. Langton. 2 pts. 

4to., (Manchester,) 1876-82. 
The pagination is consecutive. (Chethara Society. 
Remains, etc. Vols. XCVIII. and CX.) 

BENECH (R.wmond Osmi.n). Eludes sur 
Horace appliquecs au droit civil romain, etc. 
8vo.. Toulouse, 1845. 

BENEDETTI (Alessandro). Sec BENE- 

BENEDICTUS, Philologus. Eclogae. Vergiiii. 
Calphurnii. Nemesiani. Francisci Pc 
(trarchac). Joannis Boc(cacii). Joan bap 
Mri(tuani). Pomponii Gaurici. [Edited by 
Benedictus. Philologus.] 

Svo., [colophon :'\ Florentice : opera t~ 
impcnsa Philippi dc Giunta. 15111. 
Renouard, p. xxxlv. Crofts and AVodhuIl copy. 


BENEDICTUS XI., Pope. [i.e., NiccoLb 
BoccAsiNO.] 5«fi BONIFACIUS VIII., Po^-e. 
Acta inter. ..Benedictum XI.. Philippum 
Pulcr., etc. 2 pts. 4to., 1613. 

BENEDICTUS (Alexander). [i.e., Aless- 
ANDRO Benedetti.] Diana (A. Benedicti) 
de bello Caroline. 

dto., [Venice : Aldus, 1406.") 

Sigs. a-h', i*. Bonouerd, p. 260.' Hain, *8o5. 

Proctor, 5552. 

BENRATH (Karl). B. Ochino, of Siena: a 

contribution towards the history of the 

Reformation. ..Translated. H. Zimmern, 

etc. 8vo., London, 1876. 

BENSLY (Robert Lubbock). The missing 
fragment of the Latin translation of the 
Fourth Book of Ezra, ek. See BIBLE.— 
Apocrypha. [Esdras.] 4to., 1875. 

BENSON (Edward White) Archbishop of 
Canterbury, Judgment of his Grace the 
Lord Archbishop of Canterbury in Read v. 
the Bishop of Lincoln... on the jurisdiction 
of English metropolitans over their sufiragan 
bishops, etc. 8vo., London, [1889.] 

BENSON (George). A brief account of 
Calvin's burning Servetus for an heretic... 
The second edition, etc, 8vo., London, 1744. 

BENSON (William). The plebeians. By a 
member of the House of Commons [i.e., W. 
Benson]. The sixth edition. 

8vo., London, 1710. 
Consists of four tracts on the Peerage Bill. Hal- 
kett and Laing, III., 1940. 

BENTLEY (John). A genealogical table of 
the royal families of England, from the 
Norman Conquest to the year 1790. 

fol., London, [1791 ?] 

BENTLEY (Richard). Dr. Bentley's dedica- 
tion of Horace, translated. To which is 
added, a poem in Latin and English, in- 
scribed to. ..Lord Hallifax, etc. 

8vo., London, [171 2 ?] 

•^— In Q. Horatium Flaccum notae & emenda- 
tiones R. Bentleii, etc. See HORATIUS 
FLACCUS(Q.). [Ov-erk.— Latin.] Q. Hora- 
tius Flaccus, cfc. [Pt. II.] 4to., 1711. 

R. Bentleii notae atque emendationes in 

Q. Horatium Flaccum integrae...Cum ipsis 
indicibus Bentleianis. Curante J. F. Sachse. 

8vo., Quedlinbttrgi, 1825. 

See AHN (H.). De Bentleio Miltoni 

editore, etc. 8vo., 1859. 

See CLERICUS (J.). Mr. Le Clerc's 

judgment and censure of Dr. Bentley's 
Horace, etc. Svo., 171 3. 

See CUNNINGHAM (A.). A. Cuning- 

hami animadversiones in R. Bentleii notas... 
ad O. Horatium Flaccum. Svo., 1721. 

See JOHNSON (R.). Aristarchus Anti- 

Bentleianus quadraginta se.x Bentleii errores 
super Q. Horatii Flacci odarum libro primo... 
ostendens, efc. 2 pts. 8vo., 1717. 

[Another copy.] 

See KER (J.). Quaternae epistolae, etc. 

[Containing criticisms on Bentley's edition 
of Horace.] 8vo., 1713. 

BEOWULF. See AXON (W. E. A.). On a 
reference to the evil eye in the Anglo-Saxon 
poem of Beowulf. 8vo., [1899.] 

BERALDUS (Nicolaus). [i.e., Nicolas B^r- 
AULD.] N. Beraldi de vetere ac novitia 
jurisprudentia oratio, recognita ab autore & 
aucta, etc. 

4to., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1533. 

N. Beraldi ... dialogus. Quo rationes 

qufdam explicantur, quibus dicendi ex 
tempore facultas parari potest, etc. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1534. 
BERARD (AuGUSTE Simon Louis). Essai 
bibUographique sur les editions des Elzevirs 
les plus precieuses et les plus recherchees [by 
A. S. L. B^rard], precede d'une notice sur 
ces imprimeurs celcbres [abridged from the 
" Notice sur les imprimeurs de la famille des 
Elzevirs," by J. F. Adry]. 

8vo., Paris, 1822. 
Barbier, II., 201. 
B]6r.\ULD (Nicolas). See BERALDUS (N.). 

BERENICUS (Theodosius) pseud, [i.e., 
Matthias Berneggerus.] See BERNEG- 
GERUS (M.). 

BERGELLANUS (Joannes Arnoldus). [i.e., 
Johann Arnold, Dergellanus.] Encomion 
chalcographias [in verse, by J. A. Bergellanus]. 
See LA CROIX DU MAINE (F. Crude de). 
Les bibliotheques franfoises de La Croix du 
Maine et de Du Verdier...nouvelle Edition, etc. 
Tome VL 4to., 1773. 

BERGER (Samuel). La Bible au seizieme 
siecle. Etude sur les origines de la critique 
biblique. 8vo., Paris, 1879. 

La Bible fran^aise au moyen ige. fetude 

sur les plus anciennes versions de la Bible 
ecrites en prose de langue d'oil, etc. (Ap- 
pendice. Description des manuscrits.) 

8vo., Paris, 1884. 
BERGHERSH, Barony of. Pedigree of the 
Barons of Berghersh. See NICOLAS (Sir 
N. H.)., [1827 ?] 

BERGHMAN (G.). i^tudes sur la bibliogra- 
phic Elzevirienne, basees sur rou\Tage Les 
Elzevicr de M. A. Willems. 

8vo., Stockholm, 1885. 
OiJy 100 copies printed, this being No. 94. 

Nouvelles etudes sur la bibliographie 

Elzevirienne. Supplement a I'ouvrage sur 
les Elzevier de M. A. Willems. 

8vo., Stockholm, 1897. 

BERINGTON (Joseph). The hterary history 

of the Middle Ages, <'<c. 8vo., London, 1846. 

BERJEAU (Jean Philibert). Early Dutch, 

German and English printers' marks. 

8vo., London, i866(-69). 

250 copies printed. 

BERKELEY, Barony of. The barony of 

Berkeley. See L'ISLE, Barony of. Report 

of proceedings on the claim to the barony 

of L'Isle, etc. Appendix, No. 3. 8vo., 1829, 



BERKELEY (George) Bishop oj Cloync. 
Sins : a chain of philosophical reflexions 
and inquiries concerning the virtues of tar 
water... By G[eorge] L[ord] B[ishop] 0[f] 
C[loyne, i.e.. Bishop Berkeley]. The second 
edition, etc. (A letter to T... P... \i.e.. T. 
Prior], Esq ; from the author of Siris. Con- 
taining some farther remarks on the virtues 
of tar- water... Second edition, etc.) 2 pts. 
[in I vol.] 1 2 mo.. Dubliv. 1744. 

Each part is separately paged, but the register 
is consecutive. 

BERMINGHAM (Ed\v.\rd) calling himself 
Baron Athenry. Ancient Baronage of Ire- 
land : with a comparative examination into 
the usages or laws of descent of the peerage 
of England, Scotland, and Ireland. By 
Edward, Lord Athenry. ^vo., London, 1833. 

BERNARD, Saint, Abbot oj Clairvaux. See 

BERNARD (Auguste Joseph). De I'origine 
et des debuts de I'imprimerie en Europe. 
2 pts. 8vo., Paris, 1853. 

Les Estienne et les types grecs de Franfois 

I", complement des Annales Stephaniennes 
[by A. A. Renouard], renfermant I'histoire 
complete des types royaux, enrichie d'un 
specimen de ces caracteres et suivie d'une 
notice historique sur les premieres im- 
pressions grecques. 8vo., Paris. \%^6. 
The first part of this work i.s from the " Bulletin 
de la Socii5t6 du Protestantisme fran9ais." 

G. Tory, peintre et graveur, premier im- 

primeur royal, reformateur de I'orthographe 
et de la typographic sous Francois I". 

8vo., Paris, 1857. 

Deuxieme edition, etc. 

Paris, 1865. 

Memoire sur les origines du Lyonnais, 

Rh6ne et Loire. 8vo., Paris. 1S46. 

From the " M6m. See. Roy. Antiq. Fraucu," 
Tome 18. 

BERNARD (Jean Frederic). Le peche ori- 
ginel, traduit librement du latin d'A. 
Beverland, etc. See BEVERLANDUS (A.). 

8vo., 1868. 

BERNARD (Louis Rose Desire). Notice sur 
la vie et les oeuvres de M. le premier President 
Henrion de Pansey. 8vo., Paris, 1829. 

Tattisou copy. 

BERNARD (Nicolas). The case of J. 
Atherton, Bishop of VVaterford in Ireland ; 
who was convicted of the sin of uncleanncss 
...1 640... To which is added the sermon 
preach'd at his funeral... The whole written 
by N. Barnard [sic^ etc. 4to., London, 17 10. 
The sermon has a neparato titlepage dated 1 709. 

BERNARDUS, Saint, Abbot oj Clairvaux. 

[Sig. ai, recto: de conteptv mondi | Cum 

commento. I] ©. X. 8vo., [colophon:] 

Parisii [stc] ; per Michaelem le noir, 1408. 

2S fl., without pagination j sigs). a", \y-Qf', d'. 

33-38 lines to a full page. Wanting aig. ai. 

The title is taken from Copinger, II. (l). 983. 

Pelleohet, 3186. Not iu Proctor. 

BERNEGGERUS (Matthias), [i.e.. Mathias 
Bernegger.] Hypobolimaea divaa Marias 
dei parse camera, sen idolum Lauretanum, 
eversis Baronii Cardinalis, Canisii, Turriani 
ac Tursellini Jesuitarum fulcimentis de- 
jectum, etc. 4to., Argentorati, 1619. 

Proaulium tubse pacis, occenta; Scioppiano 

belli sacri classico, salpiste T. Berenico [i.e., 
M. Berneggerus], etc. 4to., Argentorati, 1620. 

Tuba pacis, occenta Scioppiano belli 

sacri classico, salpiste T. Berenico [i.e., M. 
Berneggerus], etc. 

4to., At'.oustiB Trebocoriim, 1621, 

Niceron, XXXV., 205. 

BERNHARDI (Daniel). In nomine Jesu ! 

Proselyta retractans. i.e. Q. Horatius Flaccus, 

etc. [By D. Bernhardi.] See HORATIUS 

FLACCUS (Q.). [Carmina, etc. : Imitations. 

— Latin.] i6mo., 1652. 

BERNHARDI (Johann) von Feldkirch. See 

BERNI (Francesco) Poet. Vita di Pietro 
Aretino. 8vo., London. 18^0. 

A reprint of the Perugia edition of 1538. Only 
12 copies printed. 
BERNONI (Domenico Antonio). Dei Torre- 
sani, Blade e Ragazzoni, celebri stampatori 
a Venezia e Roma nel XV e XVI secolo. 
Cogli elenchi annotati delle rispettive edizioni. 
8vo., Milano, 1890. 
BERNUS (Auguste). Notice bibliographique 
sur R. Simon. 8vo., Bale, 1882. 

From A. M. P. Ingold'a " Essai de bibliographle 
moyen de parvenir : oeuvre contenant la raison 
de ce qui a ete, est et sera, avec demonstra- 
tion certaine selon la rencontre des eiiets de 
la vertu... public. ..avec un commentaire... 
par P. L. Jacob, bibliophile [i.e., P. Lacroix]. 
l2mo., Paris, 1841. 
BEROALDUS (Philippus) the Elder. [i.e., 
FiLippo Beroaldo.] Commentarii a P. 
Beroaldo conditi in asinil aureu lucii apuleii. 
[With the text.] See APULEIUS (L. ) 
Madaurensis. fol., 1501. 

Comentarii philippicarum (M. T. Ciceronis) 

cum annotationibus P. Beroaldi. [With the 
text.] S«e CICERO (M. T.). [Orationes : 
PniLiPPiCiE.] fol., 1501. 

Commentarii qua;stionum tusculanarum 

editi a Philippo beroaldo. [With the text] 
See CICERO (M. T.). [Tusculan-c Dis- 
putationes.] fol., 1499- 

Comnientationes conditae a P. Beroaldo 

in Suetonium Tranquillum [with the text]... 
Eiusdcm P. Beroaldi vita per B. Blanchinum 
composita. See SUETONIUS TRAN- 
OUILLUS (C). [Vit.t. XII. C.-esarum.] 

^ fol., 1506. 

P. Beroaldi dcclamatio. an orator sit 

philosopho & medico antcponendus. See 
OPSOPCEUS (V.). V. Obsopoeus de arte 
bibendi lib. quatuor, etc. [Pt. II.] 

12 mo., 1648. 


BEROALDUS (PiiiLiprus) the Elder.— {contd.) 

P. Beroaldi elegia de fortuna, etc. 

4to., Parisiis : apud F. Gryphitim, 1543 

Enarrationes P. Beroaldi in XIII. Colu 

mellffi libros, etc. See MERULA (Georgius) 
Priscarum vocum, in libris de re rustica 

enarrationes, etc. 

[Another edition.] 

[Another copy.] 

[Another copj-.] 


Orationes et carniina baroaldi \_sic\ 
4to., [colophon .•] Bonoiiics : s.t.n.. 


1 50 J 

Orationes, prelectiones, praafationes & 

qusedam mythicje historie P. Beroaldi. 
Item pluscula; A. Politiani, H. Barbari, atqj 
una J. Maini oratio. Ouibus addi possunt 
varia ejusdem P. Beroaldi opuscula, etc. 

4to., Parrhisiis : in aedibus Ascensianis : 
<~ /. Parvi, ( 1 5 1 1 . ) 
The data is given in tlie colophon on fol. 72. 

QuEBStio quis inter scortatorem, aleatoreni. 

& ebriosum sit pessimus : explicata a P. 
Beroaldo. See OPSOPCEUS (V.). V. Ob- 
sopcEus dc arte bibendi lib. quatuor, etc. 
[Pt. II.] i2mo., 1648. 

Varia P. Beroaldi opuscula, etc. 

4to., [colophon :\ in aedibus M. Johannis 

GatiHhier, i 50Q. 

The first 56 leaves are foliated ; the remainder 

liave no numeration. The colophon occurs on 

fol. 72. 

Clarissimi...viri P. Beroaldi... vita. See 

PINUS (J.) Bishop of Ricux. Diva; Cathe- 
rine Senensis...vita. 4to., 1505 

BEROALDUS (Philippus) the Younger, [i.e. 
FiLippo Beroaldo.] See RHENANUS (B.j 
In P. C. Taciturn annotationes B. Rhenani 
Alciati, ac Beroaldi, etc. 

BEROSUS, ChaldcBus, pseud. 

Svo., 154 

(J.) Viterbensis. 

BERR (MICHEL). Essai sur la vie et les 
ouvrages de P. J. Bitaube, etc. 

8vo., Nancy, [1809.] 
Pattiaon copy. 

Notice sur le comte Lanjuinais...avec des 

changemens et des notes. 

8vo., (Bruxelles.) 1&27. 
From the " Constitutionnel dea Pays-Bas " for 
Jan. 22 k. 23, 1827. Pattison copy. 

BERRV (Charles Ferdinand de Bourbon) 
Due de. See WILLBROD ( de) Comte. 

Revelations politiques. Les trois victimes (P. 
Didier, Charles Ferdinand [de Bourbon] due 
de Berry, et le Prince de Conde). 8vo., 1847. 
BERRY (Jacques Le Bouvier). See LE 

BOUVIER (G.) called Berry. 
BERRY (William). County genealogies. 
Pedigrees of Hertfordshire families, etc. 

fol.. London, [184;.] 
Lithographed from tlie author's Iiandwriting. 
County genealogies. Pedigrees of the 

families in the Countj' of Hants, etc. 

fol., London, 


CEuvTes de Regnier. 
Tome II. 

BERTI (DoMENico). 
G. Bruno, etc. 

County genealogies. Pedigrees of the 

families in the County of Kent, etc. 

fol., London, 1830. 

Countj- genealogies. Pedigrees of the 

families in the County of Sussex. 

fol., London, 1830. 

BERT (Peter de). See BERTIUS (P.). 

BERTHELOT (N.). Poesies choisies de 
Motin. Berthelot, etc. See REGNIER (M.). 
Nouvelle edition, etc. 
i6mo., 1780. 

Documenti intorno a 
8vo., Roma, 1880. 

Vita di G. Bruno da Nola. 

8vo., Firenze, 1868. 

BERTIUS (Petrus). [i.e., Peter de Bert.] 
P. Berth oratio in obitum...J. Arminii, etc. 

4to., Lugdmii Batavoriim , 1609. 

BESSARIOX (Joannes) Cardinal. Quae hoc 
in volumine tractantur. Bessarionis Cardi- calumniatore Platonis libri quatuor 
...Ejusdem correctio librorum Platonis de 
legibus... Ejusdem de natura & arte adversus 
eundem Trapezuntiii tractatus, etc. [Edited 
by A. P. Manutius.] fol., [colophon :\ 

Venetiis : in esdib. .4ldi Roman i, 1503. 
Renousrd, p. 40. Marchetti copy. 

[Another edition.]. ..Ejusdem meta- 

physicorum Aristotelis XIIII. librorum tra- 
latio. Theophrasti metaphysicorum Aristo- 
telis lib. I., etc. 2 pts. [in i vol.] 

fol., [colophon :] Venetiis : in aedibus Aldi, 
et Andreae soceri. 15 16. 
Pt. II. has a separate titlepage. Renouard 
p. 77. Sunderland copy. 

BESSE (Henri de). Relations des campagnes 
de Rocroi, et de Fribourg, en I'annee 1643 ^t 
1644, etc. [By H. de Besse.] See BACHAU- 
MONT (F. Le C. de) & CHAPELLE (C. E. L.). 
Voyage, etc. 8vo., 1708. 

BETHIUS (Petrus). DeUcise musarum, hoc 
est collectiones poeticae, artificiosi quidam 
logogryphi, nunquam antehac visi. Et 
diversa carniina, etc. 

i2mo.. Colonics A grippitKs, 1632. 

BETULEIUS (Xystus). [i.e.. Sixt Birck.] 

X. Betuleii annotationes in Laelium Ciceronis, 

seu de amicitia. 4to., Parisiis : 

ex officina M. Vascosani, 1545. 

.In.^'t- ^- Ciceronis libros de ofticiis, de 

amicitia, de senectute, commentaria longe 

eruditissima, nuncq5 primum in lucem edita. 

3 pts. [in I vol.] 4to., [colophon :] BasilecB : 

per J. Oporinum, 1544. 

BEURHAUS (Friedrich). See BEUR- 

BEURHUSIUS (Fredericus). [i.e., Friedrich 
Beurhaus.] Ad P. Rami dialecticara 
variorum et maxime illustrium exemplorum. 
naturali artis progressu, inductio, etc. 

Svo., ColonicB, 1583. 


BEURHUSIUS (Fkedekicus). (contd.) 

Dc P. Rami dialecticae prascipuis capitibus 

disputationes scholasticae, etc. 

8vo., Tremoniee, 1581. 


Svo., Colonia:, 1588. 

Defcnsio P. Rami dialectics, etc. 

Svo., [colophon ;] Erphordics, 1588. 
BEUV'E (Charles Augustin de Sainte-). 

BEVERIDGE (William) Bishop 0} St. Asaph. 
Ecclesia Anglicana Ecclesia Catholica ; or, 
the doctrine of the Church of England... in a 
discourse upon the Thirty-nine Articles... 
Third edition. 8vo., Oxford, 1847. 

BEVERLANDUS (Adrianus). [i.e., Adrian 

Beverland.] H. Beverlandi de fornica- 

tione cavenda admonitio, sive adhortatio ad 

pudicitiam et castitatem. Editio nova, etc. 

8vo., [Amsterdam ?] 1698. 

Peccatum originale, xot e$ox^v sic nun- 

cupatum, philologice TiQofihjuarixu)^ elucu- 
bratum a Themidis Alumno [i.e., A. Bever- 
land]. 8vo., Ektttheropoli, (1678.) 

Barbier, IV., 1339. 

H. Beverlandi... de peccato originali, xaz 

i^oyjijv sic nuncupate, disscrtatio. 

8vo., [Ley den,] 1679. 

£tat de I'homme dans le pechc originel... 

Septieme edition, etc. i2mo.. s.L, 1774. 

Based on Beverland's " Do peccato originali." 

Le peche originel, traduit Ubrement du 

latin d'A. Beverland par J. F. Bernard. 
Reimprcssion sur 1741, etc. 

8vo., Paris. 1868. 

An imitation rather than a translation of Bever- 
land's " De peccato originali." 237 copies 
printed, this being No. 100. 

H. Beverlandi... de stolata3 virginitatis 

jure, lucubratio academica. 

8vo., Lugduni in Batavis, 1680. 
BEVERLEY.— St. Mary's Church. See 
THOMSON (\\.) Archbishop of York. Rank 
and degree in church. Correspondence be- 
tween the Archbishop of York and the 
churchwardens of St. Mary's, Beverley, etc. 

8vo., 1887. 
BEVILACQUA (Luca Antonio). Vocabu- 
lario volgare, et Latino, non solamente di 
tutte Ic voci Italianc, ma ancora dc i nomi 
luoderni, & antichi delle provincic, citta, 
monti, & fiumi di tutte le parti del mondo, etc. 
fol., Venetia, 1571. 

[Another edition.] 

fol., Venetia, 1576. 
Syston I'ark copy. 
BEYER (August). M. A. Beycri memoria; 
historico-criticaj libroruin rariorum, ac- 
cedunt Evangcli Cosmopolitani nota; ad J. B. 
Menckenii de charletancria eruditorum de- 
clamationes, in quibus exempla nonnuUa 
prKcipue Hispanoruni adfcruntur. 

8vo., Dresdcc, 1734. 
BEYLE (Marie Henri). See STENDHAL, 
M. dc, pseud. 

BEYS (Charles). Les odes d'Horace en vers 
burlesques. See HORATIUS FLACCUS (Q.). 
[Carmina, etc. : Imitations. — French.] 

4to., 1652. 

BEZA (Theodorus). [i.e., Theodore de BiizE.] 
De hsereticis a civili magistratu puniendis 
libellus, adversus M. Bellii [i.e., S. Chateillon] 
farraginem, & novoruni Acatlemicorum 

Svo., [Geneva :] Oliva R. Stephani, 1554. 

De praedestinationis doctrina et vero 

usu tractatio absolutissima... Editio secunda. 

Svo., [Geneva :] Excudebat E. Vignon, 1 583. 

Epicedia, quae clarissimi aliquot viri, et 

T. Bezae charissimi : sicut & illis ipse Beza 
vivus charissimus, & mortuus est honora- 
tissiinus : scripserunt in ipsius obitum. 

8vo., Geneva, 1606. 

Epistola...B. Passavantii [i.e., T. Beza]. 

Rcsponsiva ad commissionein sibi datam a... 
P. Lyseto...Adjunctis quibusdam pertinentiis. 
[A satire on P. Lizet.j (Complainte de...P. 
Liset sur le trespas de son feu ncz.) Ed. Pr. 

8vo., s.l.eta.[iSSi-\ 
Bninet, I. , 843. 

[Another edition.] See GRATIUS 

(O.). Epistolarum obscurorum virorum... 
volumina II., etc. i2mo., 1742. 

Le Passavant de Th. de Beze. lipitre de 

...B. Passavant a. ..P. Lizet...traduite...par 
I. Liseux, avec le texte en regard, et la 
Complainte de...P. Lizet sur Ic trespas de 
son feu nez [in verse]. Lat, (Sf Fr. 

12mo., Paris, 1875. 

Histoire ecclesiastique des egHses re- 

formies au Royaumc de F'rancc. [Edited by 
T. Marzial, with a life of T. Beza by G. D. F. 
Boissard.] 3 torn. 8vo., Lille, 1841-42. 

T. Bezae. ..poemata. 

.Svo., Luletics : ex officina C. Badii, 1548. 
The ooloplion reads: " Lut«tiie, H. Stophano, 
sibi C. Badiu3 excudebat." 

r. Bezie... poemata juv-cnilia. 

i6mo., [Paris, 1580.] 
With the mark of tlie death's head. A surrep- 
titious reprint of tlio lirst edition, containing 
suppressed poems. Soliarff and Latham copy. 

Les Juvenilia de Th. de Bczc. Tcxte latin 

complet, avec la traduction des epigrammes 
ct des epitaphes, et des recherches sur la 
querelle dc Juvenilia, par A. Machard. Lat. 
(sy Fr. 121110., Paris, 1879. 

Scholia in quibus dispntatur de gerniana 

Gra;ca) linguie pronuntiatione. See ALPH.V- 
BETUM. Alphabctum Grajcuin, etc. 

8vo., 1554- 

Vie do J. Calviu...Nouvelle 6dition, 

publice ct annotee par A. Franklin. 

i2nio., Paris, 1864. 

5t!cCELSUS (M.). M. Cclsi...dehaeieticis 

capital! supplicio non alTiciendis. Adjunctse 
sunt cjusdem argunienti T. Bezaj & A. Duditii 
cpistolaa duac contrariiB, efc. 8vo., 1584. 

See FAYUS (A.). Dc vita et obitu... 

T. Bezao, etc. 8vo., 1600. 


BEZA (Theodorus).— (cojiW.) 

See LIV'ET (C. L.). La grammaire 

franfaise et Ics grammairiens du i6« siecle... 

Dubois... T. de Bczc, etc. 8vo., 1859. 



- Uavra ra xar' iiox)jv na/.ovfis;'u Bijiha 
Oetag Sr^Xadtj FQa^tjg :TalaiaQ re, xm vea?. 
Sacrae Scripturae veteris, novaeque omnia. 
[Pt. L edited by A. Asulanus, pt. IL by 
Federicus Asulanus, and pt. IIL, the New 
Testament, by Franciscus Asulanus.] Gr. 
3 pts. [in I vol.] fol., [colophon .] Veneliis : 

in aedib. Aldi et Andrene soceri, 15 18. 
The first published edition of the Bible ia Greek. 
Renouard, p. 84. H. W. Walpole's copy. 

T>jg Oeia; FQaiptj;, naXaia^ dtjXad}j xai 

rea; Acadijxij?, a:tavra. Divinae Scripturae, 
veteris ac novi Testamenti, omnia . . . doc- 
torum virorum opera. lucem edita. (P. 
Melanchthonis praefatio.) 

fol., BasUeae : per J. Hen-agium. 1545. 
The third Greek Bible, a copy of that issued by 
Aldus in 1518. Sunderland copy. 


Biblia : cum concordant! j is : et ter- 

minorii hebraico- 1 rum interpretationibus. | 
(?. X. 

fol., [Strassburg : J. Prilss,] [colophon :] 

Hain andCopijiger, *3io4. Proctor, 543. Copin- 
ger, " Incunabula Biblica," p. 144. 

[Biblia Sacra.] Libri Regum IIII. ...JobL 

(Psalmorum liber... Ecclesiasticus Jesu filii 
Sirach.) (Evangelistae quatuor, etc.) (Acta 
Apostolorum.) (Epistolae B. Pauli...Apoca- 
lypsis B. Joannis.) 5 pts. [in 3 vols.] 

i6mo., Ltigduni : apud Seb. Gryphiiim, 1542. 

The imprint occurs oiJy in the first of these parts. 

The last three parts are bound together. Two 

more parts are needed to complete this edition, 

Biblia, insignium historiarum simu- 

lachris, cum venustati, tu veritati accomodis 

8vo., [Paris:] Excudebat F. Gryphitts, 1542. 

Biblia, etc. [The Vulgate version and 

that of Leo Juda and others, with notes de- 
rived from the lectures of F. Vatabius.] 
(Diffusiores in priores psalmos (I. — LXXIL) 
annotationes. ) [Edited by R. Estienne.] 
S pts. [in 2 vols.] 

ivo..Liiteti<s : ex officina R. Stephani, 1545. 
In tliifl copy the books of the "Maccabees" are 
wrongly bound aft«r " Esther," instead of at 
the end of the Old Testament. The last leaf 
of vol. II., containing the notes on the 72nd 
Psalm, is wanting. 

Biblia Sacra ad optima quseque veteris, ut 

vocant, tralationis exemplaria...castigata. 
His adjecimus Hebraicarum, Graecarum, 
caeterarumq; peregrinarum vocum...inter- 
pretationem, etc. 10 pts. [in 2 vols.] 

fol., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphittm, 1550. 

Biblia Sacra. Juxta vulgatam cditionem 

ad vetustissima exemplaria castigata. 8 pts. 
[in 5 vols.] 

l6mo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphiuni. i?>fi. 
The title and imprint are contained in the first 
part only. Vol. 4 is In 2 pts., and Vol. 3 in 
3 pts. Cessole copy. 

Biblia Sacra ad optima quseq; veteris, ut 

vocant, tralationis exemplaria... castigata, etc. 

8vo., Lugdmii, 1567. 

Biblia Sacra vulgatae editionis (ad Concilii 

Tridcntini prsescriptum emendata et a Sixto 
V. P. M. recognita et approbata) tribus 
tomis distincta. 3 torn, [in i vol.] fol., 
Romae : ex Typographia Apostolica Vaticana 

[Aldus Maniitius. the Younger], 1590. 
Renouard, p. 243. Brunet, L, 877. Wanting the 
two leaves containing the bull of Sistus V. 
Sunderland and Makellar copy. With the 
autograph of "C. Spencer" (3rd Earl of 
Sunderland) on the titlepage. 

Biblia Sacra vulgatae editionis (Sixti 

Quinti Pont. Max. jussu recognita atque 
edita). (Oratio Manassae, necnon libri duo, 
qui sub libri tertii & quarti Esdrae nomine 
circumferuntur. etc.) L. P. fol., Rotnce : 

ex Typographia Apostolica Vaticana [Aldus 

Manutius, the Younger], 1 502. 

With a second, engraved, titlepage. The 

*' Oratio Manassre, etc..*^ are at the end, and 

have a distinct pagination. Renouard, p. 248. 

Imperial!, Marchetti, and Makellar copy. 

Testamenti Veteris BibUa Sacra... Acces- 

serunt libri qui vulgo dicuntur .\pocryphi... 
quibus etiam adjunximus Novi Testamenti 
hbros...Secunda cura F. Junii. 6 pt3. [in 
I vol.] 

fol., Londini : excudebant G. B[ishop]. 
R. N[ewbery'\. 6- R. B[ar/ier], 1593, 92. 
Pts. IV.-VI. bear the date 1592. 

— — Biblia Sacra, sive Testamentum Vet9 ab 

I. TremelUo & F. Junio ex Hebraso Latine 

redditum, et Testaraentu novii a T. Beza e 

Greeco in Latinu vers. i2mo., Londini, 1661. 

The titlepage is engraved. 

BibUa Sacra vulgatae editionis, Sixti V. 

et dementis VIIL ... auctoritate recognita. 
Editio nova, notis... illustrata. 

fol., Parisiis, 1837. 

Concordantise majores Sacrae Bibliae, 

summis vigiliis jam denuo ultra omnes edi- 
tiones castigatcB, & auctae, per F. Arolam. 
(Alter concordantiarum Sacrae Biblije tomus, 
qui est partium, sive, dictionum indeclina- 
bilium.) 2 torn, [in i vol.] 

4to., Lugduni : apudSeb. Gryphium, 1551. 

See COPINGER (W. A.). Catalogue of 

the Copinger collection of editions of the 
Latin Bible, etc. 4to., 1893. 

See COPINGER (W. A.). Incunabula 

Bibhca, or the first half century of the Latin 
Bible... between 1450 and 1500, etc. 

4to., 1892. 




The Byble | which is all the holy Scripture : 

in which are contayned the Olde and Newc 
Testament truly and purely translated into 
Englysh by Thomas Matthew [i.e., John 
R)gers]. B. L. 4 pts. [in i vol.] 

foL, [Antwerp : J. van Meteren jor R. 
Grafton and E. Whitchurch,] 1537. 
" Matthew*g Bihlo." Plainly a reprint of tho 
versions by Titidale and Covcrdale. Tho fly- 
leaf bears the inscription : " J. S. Duncan, 
New Coll : From R. Whatflv [Archbishop 
Whately], Oriel Coll : " At the end of t!\o 
volume are MS. entries of births and marriages 
in the Clivo family (of Huxley, Cheshire, an- 
cestors of Lord Clive and the Earls of Powis) 
from 1543 to 1584. Russia gilt, in morocco 
case by Zaehnsdorf. 

The Holy Bible, containing the Old and 

New Testaments, etc. (The Psalms of David 
in metre.) 2 pts. [in i vol.] 

8vo., Oxon., {1755.) 
Version of 161 1. 

See COTTON (H.). A list of editions of 

the Bible and parts thereof in English, from 
...1505 to 1820, etc. 8vo., 1821. 

Second edition, etc. 8vo., 1852. 


Le premier | volume de la | bible historiee. | 

[Fol. 353 (sig. utiin) verso :] Cy finist Ic 
premier volume de la | bible historiee... | etc. 
[Sig. XXI, recto :] Cy commence le psaultier | 
[Sig. 95, verso :] Cy finist le psaultier en 
francois | Imprime a Paris pour Anthoine Ve- 1 
rard. | [A paraphrase by Guyard Des 
Moulins, interspersed with translations of 
extracts from the " Historia scholastica " of 
Petrus Comestor. With woodcuts.] B. L. 

fol., [colophon .] Paris : pour .4. Verard. 

[1. 108 ?] 
Wanting Vol. II. Vol. I. wants fol. 280 ( = sic. 
118), Big. 91, ',2, and ^^8. Sen J. Macfarlano 8 
*' Antoino Vdrard," p. 54. Buccloueh copy. 

(La grant bible en francoys hystoriee.) 

[With woodcuts.] 3 pts. [in 2 torn.] 

fol., {Lyon,) s.n. 

R. 256, 134,102. Wanting the titlepoge. Tome L 

wants fi. 1-27 ; Tome II. pt. i, wants fol. 37 ; 

pt. 2, fli. 91, 95-102. .Vnothor edition of that 

of A. Verard. 

Le premier ( — second) volume de la 

Bible en franjois. [Translated from the 
Latin of Petrus Comestor by Guyard Des 
Moulins.] 2 vols., illust. 8vo., Paris : par 

M. Boursette veufve de feu F. Regnault, 1543. 

Tho colophon of vol. I. is dated 15(4. In tho 

same \-oIumo tho titiepage is in facHimilo, and 

sip. a8 of the table is wanting, Sussex and 

Ashbumham copy. 

La Bible franyaise de Calvin. Livrcs dos 

Saintes ficritures traduits ou revises par lo 
Reformatcur tires do scs ocuvres ct accom- 
pagn6s de variantcs d'autres versions du 
1 6" siccle par E. Reuss. 2 tom. 

8vo., Brunswick, iXo7. 
(Corpus Rofonnalorum, Vols. 84 and 85.) 

See BERGER (S.). 

La Bible fran9aise 
8vo., 1884. 

au moyen age, etc. 

See PliTAVEL-OLLIFF formerly PfiXA- 

VEL (E. ). La Bible en France, ou les 
traductions des Saintes ificritures, etc. 

8vo., 1864. 
[Old Testament.] 

[Greek.] 'II na?.ata AtaOtjX}] xara tov; 

'E^do/itjxovra. Vetus Testamentum Graecum 
ex versione Septuaginta interpretum, juxta 
exemplar Vaticanum Romse 
cusum. (In Sacra Biblia Graeca... scholia ; 
simul et interpretum cseterorum lectiones 
variantes.) 2 pts. [in i vol.] 

4to., Londini, 1653. 

[Latiii.] Pentateuchus Moysi...Josue. 

Liber Judicum. Ruth. i6mo. , Venetiis : 

in officina Lnceantonii Junt^, 1533. 
Part of an edition of the Vulgato. Ronouard, 
p. xxviii. 

Contenta. Libri Rcgum IIII. Libri 

Paralipomenon II. Libri Esdrs IIII. Liber 
Tobise. Liber Judith. Liber Esther. Liber 

l6mo., Parisiis : ex officina S. Coliiirei, 1540. 
A part of a reprint of the eight-part Bible, printed 
in 1527. The colophon is dated 1541. 

[Hagiogr.\pha. — Latin.] Libri Salo- 

monis. Proverbia. Ecclesiastes. Canticum 
canticorum. i6mo., Parisiis : ex officina 

S. Coliyimi, 1542. 

Proverbia Salomonis. Ecclesiastes. Can- 

tica canticorum. Liber sapientiae. Ecclesias- 

i6mo., Lugdttiii : apud Seb. Gryphiwn, 1542. 

[Job. — Spanish.] E.vemplodelapaciencia 

de Job. 8vo., En Leon : en casa de 

Sebastian Grypho, 1550. 
Mazarin, Gancia, and ITeredia copy. 

[PsAi.Ms. — Poly^lott.] Begin. [Sig. ai, 

recto:] AAYIA IIPO'PHrOY | B.AEI. 
ET I REGIS MELOS. | [Edited by J. 
Crastonus.] Gr. S- Lat. 4to., [colophon :] 

Mediolani : [Bonus Accursius,] 1481. 
Hain and Copinger, •13454. Proctor, 5966. 
Proctor-, pp. 62. 64. Tliis copy lia-s the single 
line colophon without the printer's name. Itn- 
perfect, wanting tho two preliminary loaves. 
Silva and Herodia copy. 

Psalterium, llcbreuui, Grpcu, .■\rabicri, 

& Chaldju, cfi tribus liitinis itcrptatoibus tk. 
glossis [by A. Justinianus]. 

4to., [colophon : Genoa :] P. P. Porrus, 1516. 
The first polyglot t in which each langunge is 
printed in its own pr^iper characters. A lite of 
Christopher Columbus tiy A. .luslininnus in 
comprised in a nolo to Psalm l<». A(H*ortiing 
to tho wire-marks, this voUnno is not a folio, 
as usually stated, but a quarto. Hrunel, IV., 
919. Cessolo cojiy. 

-Vppciidici liuic llK■^t ijuadi uplcv I'.sal- 

terium, videlicet Ilebr;cum, & Hebraica 
Veritas, divo Ilieronymo interprete, Grajcurn, 
& jcditio ultiina Latina aulore inccrto. See 
HIERONYMUS, Saint. Octavus tomus 
[operuni Ilieronymi] commentarios in Psal- 
terium habct, c/f. fol., 1530. 



[Old Testament.] — {conid.) 

[Psalms.— Pofyglolt.] Psalterium sextu- 

plex. Hebracum cum tribus Latinis, vide- 
licet, Divi Hieronymi, R. P. Sanctis Pagnini, 
& Felicis Pratensis. Graecum, Septuaginta 
intcrpretum, cum Latina vulgata. 8vo., 

Lnadwii : Seb. Gryphius excndebat. iJiSO. 
Contemporary brown morocco, blind tooled. 

Psalterium Grasce et Latine, etc. 

i6mo., Basilea, 1557. 

Liber Psalmorum Davidis ... Ex Arabico 

idiomate in Latinum translatus. A Gabriele 
Sionita...& Victorio Scialac, etc. Arab. &■ Lat. 

4to., Romes, 161 4. 
Eon de Beaumont copy. 

[Psalms. — Greek.] 'PaXnjQcov. [Edited, 

with a preface in Greek, by Justinus De- 
cadyus.] 4to., [colophon: Venice: Aldus 

Manutius, 1497 ?] 
Renounrd, p. 260. Hain, 13452. Reicliling, I., 
181. I'roctor, 556^ Proctor^, p. 95. Hildyard 

'PaXrijQiov. ('Aqx>] "^o" M'po^oytov.) 2 pts. 

[in I vol.1 8vo., [colophon :] Venetiis : per Mel- 
chiorem Sessa &■ Petrum de Ravanis sociis, 1525. 

A liturgical psalter, without pagination ; rubri. 

'PaXrrjQiov 7iQoq>7jrov xat /SacriAf to? tov /ia^td. 

Tov TTQOTSQOu afioXvvToxeQOx: 

i6mo., Avtverpies : apud J. Grapheum, 1533. 
A liturgical psalter. 

'AjioXivagiov fteraqiQaaiQ tov Va^Trjgog, dia 

azixoiv riQcuixcov. Apolinarii interpretatio 
Psalmorum, versibus heroicis, etc. 

8vo., Parisiis, 1552. 
Contemporary stamped piaskin, with the initials 
" H. M. H." and the dato " 1556 " on the 
front cover, 

' Aafiidov 7TQ0<p>]rov ... fteXog ... Psalterium 

... Davidis, versibus elegiacis redditum a 
P. Dolscio, etc. 

8vo., [colophon :] BasilecB, 1555. 

[Psalms. — Latin.] Secunda emissio. 

Quincuplex psalterium. Gallicum. Rho- 
manum. Hebraicum. Vetus. Conciliatum, 
etc. [With a preface and exposition by 
J. Faber Stapulensis.] fol., [colophon .•] 

m clarissinio Parisiorum gyinnasio : ex 
calcotypa H. Stephani officina, 1 5 13. 

J. Sadoleti... interpretatio in Psalmum 

Miserere mei Deus, etc. [With the text.] 

8vo.. Lugdnni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1528. 
J. Sadoleti. Psalmum XCIII. inter- 
pretatio. [With the text.] i\o., Lugd[uni]: 
S. Gryphius Germ, excud., 1530. 

Eximii Prophetarum antistitis regia 

Davidis oracula, per F. Bonadum ... ad 
Psalmorii seriem centum quinquaginta 
numeris poeticis exarata. 

8vo., Parisiis : C. Wechelus, 1 53 1. 
Printed on vellum. Wodhnll copy. 

Psalmorum omnium juxta Hebraica 

veritate paraphrastica interpretatio, autore 
Joanne Capensi. (Succinctissima & quatu 
phrasis Hebraica permittit, ad littera pxime 
accedes, paraphrasis in cocione Salomonis 

Ecclesiastse p Joanne Capesem.) 2 pts. [in 

1 vol.] 

1 6mo. , Parisiis : ex officina C. Chevallonii, 1532, 

[Another edition.] 2 pts. [in i vol.] 

l2mo., Venetiis: ex officina J. B. Peder- 

zani, 1533. 

J. Sadoleti ...interpretatio in Psalmum 

Miserere mei Deus, etc. [With the text. J 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1533. 

Enchiridion Psalmorum. Eorundem ex 

veritate Hebraica versionem, ac Joannis 
Campensis c regione paraphrasim...complec- 
tens. Concionem praeterca Salomonis Ecclesi- 
astae, per eundein Campensem ex Hebraico 
noQarpQaoTMoi; traductam. 

i6mo., Lugd[iini]: Seb. Gryphius, 1533. 

[Another edition.] 

i6mo., L%igd[uni'\: Seb. Gryphius, 1534. 

J. Sadoleti. Psalmum XCIII. inter- 
pretatio. [With the text.] 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1534. 

Enchiridion Psalmorum, etc. 

i6nio., Lugduni : s.t.n., 1536. 
Apparently a copy of the edition of Seb. Gryphiu? 
of 1533. 

[.\nother edition.] 

l6mo., Lugd[tini] : Seb. Gryphius, 1537. 
[Another edition.] 

i6mo.. Lugd[uni]: Seb. Gryphius, 1540. 
Sclilachter and Buxheim Library copy. 

Commentarius in Psalterium [with the 

text]: & Psalmorum usus...D. J. Draconites. 

2 pts. [in I vol.] 8vo., [colophon .•] Mar- 

purgi : in officina C. Egenolphi, 1 540-43. 
Pt. L contains the text, Pt. II. the commentary. 

Psalmorum liber. (H^-mni ecclesiastici.) 

l6mo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1542. 

Enchiridium Psalmorum. Eorundem ex 

veritate Hebraica versionem, ac Jo. Campensis 
e regione paraphrasim...complectens, etc. 

i6mo., Parisiis : apud J. Bogardum, 1545. 

Liber Psalmorum. Cum accentibus. 

l6mo., Parisiis : ex officina R. Calderii, 
&■ Claudii ejus filii, 1 546. 

M. A. Flaminii paraphrasis in triginta 

psalmos. See FLAMINIUS (M. A.). M. A. 
Flaminii carminum libri duo. etc. 8vo., 1548. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another edition.] See CARMINA. 

Carmina quinque illustrium poetarum, etc, 

8vo., 1552. 

J. Rapicii paraphrasis in Psalmos Davidis, 

ek. See RAPICIUS (J.). J. Rapicii. 
numero oratorio libri quinque, etc. [Pt. II.] 

fol., 1554. 

M. A. Flaminii in hbrum Psalmorum brevis 

explanatio [with the text], atque in eorum 
aliquot, paraphrases luculentissimae, etc. 

8vo., Venetiis : Aldus [P. Manutius], 1 564. 
Benouard, pp. igo and 491. 

Enchiridium Psalmorum. Eorundem ex 

veritate Hebraica versionem, ac Jo. Campensis 
e regione paraphrasim...complectens, etc. 

i6mo., Parisiis, 1565. 
Another oditiou of that by J. Bogard in 1545. 



[Old Testament.] — {conld.) 

[Psalms. — Latin.] Aurea in quinquaginta 

Davidicos Psalnios doctorum Graecorum 
catena. Interprete D. Barbaro. 

fol., Venetiis, 1569. 
Colbert copy. 

Psalmi Davndis ex Hcbraica vcritatc 

Latinis versibus exprcssi a J. M. Toscano... 
Quibus prsefixa sunt argumenta singulis 
distichis comprehensa, opera J. Aurati. 

8vo., Parisus, 1575. 

Psalmorum Davidis paraphrasis poetica. 

Auctore G. Buchanano...Ejusdem Buchanani 
tragoedia quae inscribitur Jephthes, etc. 

l6mo., Lutetia, 1580. 
[Another edition, entitled :] Para- 
phrasis Psalmorum Davidis poetica . . .Ejusdem 
Buchanani tragoedise duse, Jephthes, & 
Baptistes. (A. Prudentii hymnus de miraculis 
Christi.) i6mo., Liigduni Batavorum, 1621. 
— — — — [Another edition, entitled :] G. 
Buchanani... paraphrasis Psalmorum Davidis 
poetica. 8vo., Glasguae. 1750. 
Contains only the " Paraphrftsia." Crossley copy, 
— ^— [Psalms. — English.] The Psalms of Da\id 
translated into lyrick-verse. By G. Wither. 
(1632.) 2 pts. 4to., (Manchester,) 1881. 
(Publications of the Spenser Society, Nos. 31-32.) 
—— [PsALMS. — hrench.] Cinquante - deux 
Pseaumcs de David, traduictz en rithme 
fran9oyse...par C. Marot, etc. 

i6mo. , Parts : chez J. Bogard, 1546. 
Imperfect ; wanting all after fol. 6. 

[Psalms : Appendix.] See ALCUINUS. 

Albini sive septem psalmos 
poenitentiales & CXVIII. psalmu...expositio, 
etc. 8vo., 1547. 

See ATHANASIUS, Saint, Patriarch of 

Alexandria. Magni Athanasii opusculum in 
Psalmos, etc. 8vo., 1528. 

See HIERON\TVIUS, Saint. Octavus 

tomus [operum Hieronymi] commentarios in 
Psalterium habet, etc. fol., 1530. 

See PETRUS, de Herentals. Glosa c5tinua 

coUectoris super librum psalmoru. fol., 1488. 

See SAVONAROLA (G.). Fratris H. 

Savonarolae...expositi6es in Psalmos. Qui 
regis Israel. Miserere mci Deus. In Te 
Domine speravi, efc. 8vo., 1517. 

See SAVONAROLA (G.). H. Savona- 

rolae...meditationes in Psalmos Miserere, In 
Te Domine spcravi, et Qui regis Israel. 

l2mo., 1633. 

See STEUCHUS (A.) Euguhinus. A. 

Eugubini in Psalmum XVIII. et CXXXVIII. 
interpretatio, etc. 8vo., 1533. 

See TURRECREMATA (J. de) Cardinal. 

Begin. Ad sanctissimum ... dominum dnm 
Pium secudum...editio in librum psalmoru 
...a lohanne de turre cremata...edita. 

fol., 1472. 

See WITHER (G.). Exercises upon the 

first Psalmc, etc. 4to., 1882. 

See WITHER (G.). A preparation to the 

Psalter.. .1619. fol., 1884. 

[Song of Solomon. — Latin.] _ Begin. 

[Fol. I, recto:] Incipit comentu bti gre | 
gorij pape sup Catica ca | ticor\im Prologus. | 
[With the text.] Ed. Pr. 0. X. 

fol., \Cologn' : U. Zel, 1470.] 
Hnin and Copingcr, *7937. Proctor, 894. 

Bcati Canticum Canti- 

corum explanatio, interjectis Maximi, Nili, 
Pselliq. notationibus, F. Zino interprete, etc. 
[With the text. Edited by P. Galesinius.] 

fol., Roma : apud P. Manutium, 1563. 
Renouard, p. 1S8. 

[Prophets. — Latin.] Prophetae. (Macha- 

baeorum libri duo.) 2 pts. [in i vol.] 

i6mo., s.n. 
Probably printed at Lyons by S. Oryphius. 

Libri Prophetarum...Itcm Machabaiorum 

libri duo. 

i6mo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1542. 

See THEODORETUS. Bishop 0} Cyrus. 

Divi Theodoreti...explanationes in Duodecim 
Prophetas, etc. Svo., 1533. 

[EzEKiEL. — Latin.] Beati Theodoreti... 

in Ezechielem prophetam commentarius, 
J. B. Gabio... interprete, etc. [With the 
text.] fol., Roma : apud P. Manutium, 1 563. 

Renouard, p. 188. 

[Daniel. — Latin.] Theodoreti... in visioncs 

Danielis prophetae commentarius, J. B. Gabio 
...interprete, etc. [With the text.] 

fol., Roma : apud P. Manutium, 1562. 
Renouard, p. 184. 

[Appendix.] See STEUCHUS (A.) Eugu- 
hinus. Recognitio Veteris Testamenti ad 
Hebraicam veritatcm, ffc. 4to., 1529. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., 1531. 

See THEODORETUS. Bishop of Cyrus. 

Tov iiaxaQirov QeodiogtjTov et; to d.^oga tt;? 
Oeiag Fgaiprji xot' ixXoyrjv, etc. 4to., 1558. 

[New Testament.] 

[Polyglott.] Novum Instrumentu omne, 

diligenter ab Erasmo Roterodamo rccognitum 
& emendatum...una cu annotationibus. etc. 
Or. &■ Lat. fol., [colophon :] 

Basilea : in tvdibus J. Frobenii. 15 16. 
First published edition of the New Tostamont in 
Greek. Black morocco by F. Bedford. Makel- 
lar copy. 

Novum Testamcntum omne, tcrtio jam ac 

diligentius ab Erasmo Roterodamo rccog- 
nitum, etc. Gr. &■ Lat. 

fol., [Basel : J. Frobeii.] (1522.) 

Novum Tcstamentum Gra;cc & Latind, 

juxta veterum ... cmcndatissima cxemplaria 
...diligentia D. Erasmi Rotcrod....collatum, 
etc. Gr. (S- Lat. 

8vo., Parisiis : excudebat C. Guillard, 1543. 
PatUson copy. 

[Le Nouvcau Testament, c'csl-A-dirc la 

Nouvclle Alliance dc Nostre .Seigneur Jcsu 
Christ, tant en latin qu'en fracois... Brieve 



[New Testament.] — [could.) 

declaration d'aucuns mots & manieres de 

parler contenues en iceluy, etc.] Lat. &■ Fr. 

[Vol. II.] i6mo., [Geneva.] 1552. 

Wanting vol. I., containing the Gospels and the 

Acts of the Apostles. Vol. II. is in two parts, 

each with a separate titlepage. 

[Greek.] Novum Testamcntum Grsece. 

8vo., Argentorati : apud W. Cefhaleenm. 1524. 

'H Kairt] AiaBi)xi}. 

Svo., [Paris ; S. de Colines, 1534.] 

T)]i Kmriii AiaOijxrji anavxa. Novum 

Testamcntum, etc. (Ai xov dyiov Tlavlov 
entcnoXm, etc.) 2 pts. 

l6mo.. LuteticP, 1569, 68. 
The colophon is dated " Idib. Janaar, anno 
M.D.LXIX." Cornwallis copy. 

'// Kaifii Aia8>]x)j. Novum Testamcntum, 

ex regiis aliisque optimis editionibus cum 
cura expressum. i6mo., Amstelodami, 1678. 
Dolben and Barnwell copy. 

Novum Testamcntum Griecum, e codice 

MS. Alexandrino, qui Londini in Bibliotheca 
Musei Britannici asservatur, descriptum a 
Carolo G. Woide. fol., Londini, 1786. 

Printed in facsimile. Apthorp copy. 

See REUSS (£. G. E.). Bibliotheca Novi 

Tcstamcnti Graeci cujus editiones...collegit... 
E. Reuss. 8vo., 1872. 

[Latin.] Novum testamcntum, illus- 

tratum insignium rerum simulacris, cum ad 
veritatem historia?, tum ad venustatem, 
singulari artificio expressis. 2 pts. [in I vol.] 

i6mo., [Paris :] excudebat F. Gryphius, 1 540. 
Borluut de Noortdonek copy. 

[Another edition.] 2 pts. [in i vol.] 

i6mo.. [Paris:] excudebat F. Gryphius. 1541. 
Hailstone copy. 

Testamenti Novi editio vulgata. 2 pts. 

[in I vol.] 

i6mo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1543. 
Illustrated with woodcnts. 

[Another edition.] 

i6mo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium. 1544. 

Testamcntum Novum, ex D. Erasmi 

Rot. vcrsione, ac ejusdem recognitione 

i6mo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1547. 

Testamenti Novi editio vulgata. 2 pts. 

i6mo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1549. 

A re-issue of the edition of 1543. 
[Another edition.] 2 pts. [in i vol.] 

i6mo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1551. 
[Another edition.] 2 pts, [in i vol.] 

i6mo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1553. 
[Another edition.] 2 pts. [in 1 vol.] 

i6nio., Lugduni: apud Seb. Gryphium, 1555. 
[Another edition.] 2 pts. [in i vol.] 

i6mo., Lugduni: apud hatred. Seb.Gryphii,i ^64. 

[Another edition.] 2 pts. [in i vol.] 

i6mo., Lugduni : apud A. Gryphium, 1569. 

See VALLA (L.). L. Lati- 

nam Novi Testamenti interpretationem... 
adnotationes, etc. fol., 1505. 

[French.] Les Epistres, et Evangiles des 

cinquante, & deux dimenches de I'an. 
.\vecques briefves & tresutiles expositions 
d'yceUes. [The translation by J, Le Fevre.] 

i6mo., Lyon : ch^s E. Dolet, 1542. 
Red morocco by E. Thomas. Yemeniz «uid 
Keuftrd copy. 

[Gospels. — French. \ La \-ie dc nostre 

Seigneur Jesus Christ par figures scion le 
texte des quatre Evagelistes, & les Evagiles, 
Epistres & Propheties de toute I'annee, 
chantees en la Messe, avec aucunes oraisons. 
[Compiled, originally in Latin, by G. de 
Branteghem.] 2 pts. [in i vol.] 

8\-o., Paris : ches C. Neobar, 1540. 

The colophon in wrongly dated "M.D.LX." 

BrunPt I., 1 210. Dietrichstein and Baillie copy. 

[Gospels : Appendix.] See POSTEL 

(G.). Evangelistarum cocordiae 
liber, etc. 8vo., 1543. 

.See THEOPHYLACTUS, Archbishop of 

.ichrida. quatuor Evan- 
gelia enarrationes, etc. fol., 1524. 

See THEOPHYLACTUS, Archbishop of 

.4chrida. 01-oipvXaxrov ... egftTjveia etg ra 
Teaaaoa EvayyeXia. fol., 1542. 

[Matthew. — Latin.] In Evangelium 

Matthaei D. Erasmi ... paraphrasis. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1542. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Ltigduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1344. 

[.Mark. — Latin.] Paraphrasis D. Erasmi 

... in Evangehum Marci. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1544. 

Sanctum Jesu Christi Evangelium, secun- 
dum Marcum. See below [Apocryphal 
Gospels.]. ProtevangeUon, etc. 8vo., 1552. 

[Luke. — Latin.] Paraphrasis D. Erasmi 

... in Evangelium Lucae. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1542. 

[]onn. Gospel of. — Greek & Latin.] Novvov 

...fiEXcx^oXr} Tov xara 'lioawijv dytov tvayye^tov. 
( Evangelium sancti Joannis para- 
phrasis Grasca, a C. Hegendorphino Latina 
facta, etc.) 2 pts. [in i vol.] 

8vo., Parisiis : apud J. Bogardum, 1541-42. 
Gennadius copy. 

[Another copy of Pt. I.] 

Imperfect ; wanting the last two leaves. Wareupp 

[John, Gospel of. — Latin.] 

Evangelium Sancti Joannis paraphrasis 
Graica, a C. Hegendorphino Latina facta, etc. 

4to., Halae Suevorum, [i5]40. 

Paraphrasis D. Erasmi ... in Evangelium 


8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1542. 

[Acts. — Latin.] Paraphrasis D. Erasmi 

... in Acta Apostolorum. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1544. 

[Epistles. — Greek &• Latin.] Epistolae 

divi Pauli apostoli cum triplici editione ad 
veritatem grscam, etc. 

8vo., [colophon :] Venetiis : apud fo. 
Antonium &■ Fratres de Sabio, 1533. 



[New Testament.] —(com W.) 

[Epistles. — Latin.] Commentariohis 

Joannis Campensis in duas qiiidem D. Paiili, 
sed argumenti ejusdem, epistolas, alterant 
ad Romanes, alteram ad Galatas. Ab ipso 
authore recognitus, & multis in locis auctus. 
[With the text.] 

8vo., [colophon :] Vetietiis : in tsdibus J. 
A. de Nicolinis de Sahio, 15.34. 

D. Erasrr.i ... in epistolas apostolicas 

8vo., Lttgditni : apud Seb. Gryphinni, 1544. 

In Pauli ad Romanes, et ad Galatas, 

epistolas commentarii. [By J. Sadoletus, 
with the text.] 

8vo., Lugduni : apud S. Gryphium, 1544. 

Monopanton, id est, unum ex omnibus D. 

Pauli epistolis per locos communes, seu ccr- 
tarum materiarum titulos, summo turn 
jiidicio turn diligentia digestis. Dionysio 

l6mo., Lugduni ; apud Seb. Gryphium, 1547. 

[.\nother edition.] 

i6mo., Ltigdiiiii : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1549. 

[Epistles : Appendix.] See GUIL- 

LIAUDUS (C). CoUatio in omnes divi 
Pauli apostoli epistolas, elc. 4to., 1544. 

See GUILLIAUDUS (C). In canonicas 

Apostolorum septem epistolas coUatio, elc. 

4to., 1544. 

See PRIMASIUS, Uticensis, Bishop of 

Adrumetum. omnes D. Pauli 
epistolas commentarii, etc. 8vo., 1537. 

[Romans. — Latin.] J. Pauli 

epistolam ad Romanes commentariorum libri 
tres. [With the text.] 

fol., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1535. 

[Another edition.] ioL, Lugduni : 

S. Gryphius Germanus excudebat, 1536. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., [colophon :] Venetiis : per J . A. dr 
Nicolinis de Sabio, 1336. 

[Revelation.] Vencrabilis patris ... 

Ricardi de Sancto Victorc in beati Joannis 
Apocalypsim libri scptcm : quicquid in ca 
crat obscurum...clucidantes, etc. [With the 
text.] Lat. 

<\t.o., [colophon :] Lovanii : T. Martinus, 1513. 
Purplo morocco by Scliavve. 

The Apocalypse of S. John the Divine, 

represented by figures reproduced in fac- 
simile from a MS. in the Bodleian Library. 
[Edited by H. O. Coxc] 

4to., Londov, 1876. 
(Roxhurgho Club Publications, No. 103.) 


[English.] Apocrypha. 

4to.. [London, 1600 ?] 

Wanting tlio titlppage. 

[EsuKAs.J The missing fragment of the 

Latin translation of the Fourth Book of 

Ezra, discovered, and edited with an intro- 
duction and notes, by R. L. Bensly. 

4to., Cambridge, 1875. 

[Wisdom of Solomon.] M. Robert! librum Sapientia; Regis Salc- 
monis [with the text] pra?lectiones CCXIII. 
His... ejusdem autoris, moralizationum his- 
toriarum, sive moralium explicationum liber 
est adjectus, elc. [Edited by J. Ryterus.] 
Gr. &■ Lat. fol., [Basel '?] 1586. 

[EccLEsiASTicus.] Libro de Jesus Hiio 

de Syrach, qu'es llamado, el Ecclesiastico, 
traduzido de Griego en Icngua Castellana. 

8vo., en Leon : en casa de S. Grvpho, 1550. 
Mazariu, Gancia and HereJia copy. 

[Maccabees.] Machabaorum libri duo. 

See above. Old Testament. [Prophets. — 
Latin.] Prophetae. [Pt. II.] i6mo., s.a. 

[Another edition.] i6mo., 1542. 


Protevangelion, sive de natalibus Jesu 

Christi, & ipsius matris V'irginis MaricC, sermo 
historicus divi Jacobi minoris... [Translated 
from the Greek by G. Postcl.] Evangelica 
historia, quam scripsit beatus Marcus... Vita 
Joannis Marci evangelistse, collecta ex pro- 
batioribus autoribus, per T. Bibliandrum, etc. 
[Edited by T. Bibliander.] 

8vo., [colophon :] Basilea, 1552. 
Niooron, VIII., 332. Des Billons, p. 133. 

Protevangelion divi Jacobi minoris. 

[Translated from the Greek by G. Postel.] 
Acccssit huic dialogus quiilam Christiani cum 
Judaeo de ("hristo, e.x Suida: philologia. M. 

fvo.. .4rgentorali, 1570. 
Mil fold copy. 

The Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs, 

the sons of Jacob. Translated out of Greek 
into Latine, by R. Grosthead...and now 
Englished [by A. Gilby], etc. 

Svo., London, 1674. 

[.\rri;NDix J 

Ta leQa TtaQtMtjXa. Parallela sacra, 

hoc est, locorum Veteris Tcstamenti cum iis. 
qua; in Novo citantur. conjuncta coinmcmo- 
ratio, Ebraicfi & Gra;ce. J. Drusius trans- 
scripsit : convertit in Latinum : ct notas 
adjpcit, etc. 4to., Franckerrr, 15S8. 

Do Thou and Ilobor copy. 

Octo cantica sacra c Sncris Bibliis Latino 

carmine exprcssa a J. M. Toscano: nriefixis 
argumcntis J. Aurati ... Ejusilem loscani 
Iiynmi, & poemata, etc. Lat. 

8vo., Parisiis, 1575. 

Prccationes aliquot cclcbriorcs d sacris 

Bibliis dcsumptcc. ac in studiosorfi gratiani 
lingua Hcbraica, Gra-ca iS: I.atina in cncliiridii 
formulam redacla;. Adjectis bcncdictionibus, 
canticis, etc. Heb., Gr. &■ Lat. 

8vo., Parisiis, 1554. 
Prinloil in doulilo columns. 



[Appendix.] — (cotitd.) 

Le sommaire de la Sainte ficriture, ou 

manuel du Chretien, traduit de I'italien, etc. 

8vo., Paris, 1879. 

See BERGER (S.). La Bible au seizieme 

si^cle, etc. 8vo., 1879. 

See BRITISH MUSEUM. Catalogue of 

printed books. Bible. 2 pts. fol., 1892-97. 

See LE LONG (J.). Bibliotheca sacra, 

seu syllabus omnium ferme Sacrae Scripturae 
editionum ac versionum, etc. 2 pts. 

8vo., 1709. 

[Another edition.] 2 torn. 

fol., 1723. 

[Another edition.]. ..continuata ab 

A. G. Masch. 2 pts. 4to., 1778-90. 

See LE LONG (J.). Discours historique 

sur les principales editions des Bibles poly- 
glottes, etc. i2mo., 171 3. 

Lymburn (J.). Notice of the Euing 

collection of Bibles. See DICKSON (W. P.). 
The Glasgow University Library, etc. 

8vo., 1888. 

See ROGERS (H.), The superhuman 

origin of the Bible, etc. 8vo., 1874. 

See SIMON (R.) Hebraist. Critical en- 
quiries into the various editions of the Bible, 
etc. 4to., 1684. 

See STEVENS (H.) F.S.A.. 0} Vermont. 

The Bibles in the Caxton Exhibition, 1877... 
Special edition, etc. 4to., 1878. 

BIBLIOGRAPHER, The. A journal of book- 
lore. [Edited by H. B. Wheatley.] 6 vols. 
4to., London, 1882-84. 
Afterwards incorporated with " Book-lore." 

BIBLIOGRAPHIANA. Bibliographiana, by a 

society of gentlemen ; originally pubhshed in 

the Manchester Exchange Herald, in... 181 5 

and 1 8 16. 8vo., Manchester, (1817.) 

Only 24 copies printed. F. R. Atkinson's copy. 

BIBLIOGRAPHICA. (Papers on books, their 

history and art.) [Edited by A. W. Pollard.] 

3 vols. 4to., London, 1895-97. 

All published. 

tion, rules, and list of members. 1892-3. 

4to. , (Loudon, 1892.) 

Annual report, rules, and list of members. 

1893-4. 4to., {Lotidon, 1894.) 

Rules and list of members. 1 894/5-1 901. 

7 pts. 4to., {London, 1895-1901.) 

Illustrated Monographs, No. I. See 

REDGRAVE (G. R.). Erhard Ratdolt and 
his work at Venice, etc. (Supplement.) 

4to., 1894-95. 

No. II. See PROCTOR (R. G. C). 

Jan van Doesborgh, printer at Antwerp, etc. 

4to., 1894. 

No. III. See ASHBEE (H. S.). 

An iconography of Don Quixote, 1605-1895. 

4to., 1895. 

No. IV. See HAEBLER (K.). The 

early printers of Spain and Portugal. 

4to., 1897. 

No. V. See LA MARCHE (O. de). 

Le chevalier delibere, «<c. 4to., 1898. 

No. VI. See CLAUDIN (A.). The 

first Paris press, etc. 4to., 1898. 


0/ the British Museum. Antoine Verard. 

4to., 1900. 


C). The printing of Greek in the fifteenth 
century. 4to., 1900. 

News sheet. 47 Nos. 

4to., (London,) 1894-1901. 
The first 24 parta are numbered, and have a 
consecutive pagination. 

[Publications.] See AMES (J.). An index 

to Dibdin's edition of the typographical anti- 
quities first compiled by J. Ames, etc. 

8vo., 1899. 

See DUFF (E. G.) &■ others. Hand- 
lists of Enghsh printers, 1501-1556. Pts. I.-II. 

8vo., 1895-96. 

See GREG (W. W.). A Ust of Eng- 

lish plays written before 1643 and printed 
before 1700. 8vo., 1900. 

See PLOMER (H. R.). Robert 

Wyer, printer and bookseller, etc. 8vo., 1897. 

See SERAPEUM. A classified index 

to the Serapeum, etc. 8vo., 1897. 

Rough hand-lists of books in the library. 

4to., {London,) 1897. 

First supplement, etc. 

4to.. [London,] 1898. 

Second supplement, etc. 

4to., [London,'] 1899. 

Transactions, etc. Vols. I.-V., pt. i. 

1892-99. 4to., London, 1893-99. 

BIBLIOMANE, Le. Nos. 1-2. See BIBLIO- 
PHILE ILLUSTRfi, Le. 8vo., 1861. 

BIBLIOPHILE. La Bibliotheque Imp6riale 
...par un bibliophile [i.e., A. Franklin]. See 
FRANKLIN (A.). i6mo.. 1861. 

Curiosites theologiques par un bibhophile 

[i.e., P. G. Brunet]. See BRUNET (P. G.). 

8vo., 1 861. 


tree des amateurs de livres, d'estampes et de 
haute curiosite. 7 tom. 

4to., Paris, 1868-73. 
AU published. 

deux fois par mois, avec la collaboration de 
G. Brunet, A. Delvau, C. Diguet, etc. Annee 
VII.. No. 9-10. 8vo.. Paris, 1868. 

mane [by J. P. Berjeau]. Nos. i- 2. [in i vol.] 
8vo., Londres, 1861. 



[Continued as :] Le Bibliophile Illustre. 

Texte et gravures par J. P. Berjeau. Avcc collaboration de MM. P. Lacroix...G. autres. Vols. I.-II. 

8vo., Londres, 1862-67. 

BIBLIOTHECA. Bibliotheca arcana, seu cata- 
logus librorum penetraliuni...By Speculator 
Morum. Series I. 

4to., London, (1884-) 1885. 

All publislied. 

Bibliotheca Horatiana. See HORATIUS 

FLACCUS (Q.). [Appendix: Biblio- 

BIBLIOTHECA. Bibliotheca Parisiana. A 
catalogue of a collection of books formed by a 
gentleman in France [i.e., J. B. Paris de 
Meyzieu], eU. See PARIS DE MEYZIEU 
(J. B.). 8vo., 1791. 

BIBLIOTHfiCAIRE. Expose succinct d'un 
nouveau syst^me d 'organisation des biblio- 
thSques publiques ; par un biblioth6caire 
[i.e., L. F. Danjou]. See DANJOU (L. F.). 

8vo., 1845. 

BIBLI0TH£QUE. Bibliotheque [sic] protypo- 
graphique, ou librairies des fils du Roi Jean, 
Charles V., Jean de Berri, Philippe de Bour- 
gogne, et les siens. [Edited by J. Barrois.] 
SeeBARROIS(J.)o/L!7/e. 4to., 1830. 

Bibliotheque universelle des historiens, etc. 

[By L. E. Dupin.] 2 torn. See DUPIN 
(L. E.). 8vo., 1707. 


logue raisonne de la bibliotheque Elzeviri- 
enne, 1853-1865. 8vo., Paris, 1866. 

rections and additions to the catalogue of 
incunabula in the Mazarine Library. By 
W. A. Copin,';er. S\-o., Manchester, 1893. 

Only 20 copies privately printed. 

See FRANKLIN (A.). Histoire de la 

Bibliotheque Mazarine, e<c. 8vo., i860. 


logue des livrcs imprimes sur velin de la 

Bibliotheque du Roi. [By J. B. B. van Praet.] 

Tom. I.-V. [in 3 vols.] &VO., Paris, 1S32. 

Only 200 copies printed. Wanting tome VI. 

Bruiiet, v., 1079. 

[Supplement.] See PRAET (J. B. B. 

van). Catalogue des livres imprimes sur 
v61in, qui se trouvent dans des bibliothfiqucs 
[sic] tant publiques que particulicrs, etc. 
Tom. I.-III. 8vo., 1824. 


fitat actucl des catalogues des manuscrits de 
la Biblioth6quc Royalc, etc. 8vo., [1847.] 

See FRANKLIN (A.). La Bibiiothdiiue 

Inip6rialc, son organisation, son catalogue. 

l6mn., iHCii. 

See FRANKLIN (A.). Precis de I'histoire 

de la Bibliotheque du Roi, aujourd'hui 
Bibliotheque Nationalc.Deuxieme edition, 
etc. 8vo., 1875. 

See MAUDUIT (A. F.). Description d'un 

projet de bibUotheque...pour la ville de 
Paris, etc. 8vo., 1839. 

[Another copy.] 

S«e TECHENER (J. J.). Considerations 

serieuses k propos de diverses publications 
recentes sur la Bibliotheque Royale, etc. 

8vo., 1847. 
BIDERMANN (Johann Gottlieb). -\2i pn 
riD^ja '•^•' commentatio de natura ac indole 
juvenumex Salomonis sententia Prov. XXX., 
ig, etc. t\to. , Numburgi, s.a. 

BIGMORE (Edward Clements) & WYMAN 
(Charles William Henry). A bibliography 
of printing, with notes, etc. Vol. I. 

4to., London, 1880. 
From the *' Printing Times and Lithographer.'* 
Vol. I. comprises A-L, inclusive. Wanting 
vols. LL-IIL 

BIGNON, Family of. Christie (R. C). 
The Bignon family ; a dynasty of librarians. 
See CHRISTIE (R. C). Selected essays, etc., 
pp. 291-296. 8vo., 1902. 

BIGNON (Jean Paul). See DU BOIS (G.) 
Cardinal, Archbishop oj Cambrai. Bibhotheca 
Duboisiana...recueillie ci devant par Monsieur 
I'abbe Bignon, etc. 3 pts. 8vo., 1725. 

M. de Montaigne ; sa vie, ses oeuvres et son 
temps. ..Deuxieme edition, etc. 

i2mo., Paris, i860. 


BIGOT (Jean) &■ others. Bibliotheca Bigotiana, 
seu catalogus librorum, quos...summa. curi 
& industri&...congessere... Joannes, Nicolaus, 
& Lud. Emericus Bigotii... Quorum plurimi 
MSS. antiqui...annotatis ornati. Horum fiet 
auctio, etc. 5 pts. [in i vol.] 

I 2 mo., Parisiis, 1706. 
RoloB and Cambridge University copy. 

BIGOTIUS (Gulielmus). [i.e.. Guillaume 
Bigot.] G. Bigotii. ..somnium.. .in (juo cum 
alia, tum Imperatoris Caroli dcscribitur ab 
regno Gallif dcpulsio. Ejusdeni cxplanatrix 
somnii epistola...Ejusdem catoptron, & alia 
quaedam poematia, etc. 

Rvo.. Parisiis : sub sipmi Fnlcharii. 1537. 
Tlio titlepage boars the murk of Piorre RotTct. 

BILDIUS (Beatus) Rhenanus. See 


BILLONS (Francois Joseph Terrasse des). 

Society for the Diffusion of L'soful Knowledge. 
(Edited by G. Long.) Vols. I.-IV. [in 7.] 

.■^vo., London. 1842-44. 
All puljlislicil. Kxloiuls only to Az. 

BIOGRAl'lillv. Biographie toulousainc.par 
ime socielo de gens de lettrcs, etc. 2 tom. 
See LA MOTllE-LANGON (fi. L.) liaroii de. 
<!~ others. 8vo., 1S23. 


graphie generale depuis les temps les plus 
recules jusqu'a nos jours. ..publiee... sous la 
direction de...D'. (J. C. F. ) Hoefer. 46 torn. 
8vo., Paris, 1852-66. 
Tom. 1-9 were entitled : " Nouvelle biographie 
universelle." For a critique on this work, see 
Mr. R. C. Christie's " Biographical diction- 
aries '* {1884). 

Question de propriete litteraire concemant 

la publication de la nouvelle Biographie 
Universelle [afterwards called Biographie 
Generale]. etc. 4to., Paris. 1852. 

See HOEFER (J. C. F.). Du systeme 

qui transforme I'editeur en auteur et coauteur 
...Document a consulter pour la decision du 
proces entre I'ancienne et la nouvelle Bio- 
graphie Universelle [afterwards called Bio- 
graphie Generale]. 4to., 1853. 

universelle ancienne et modeme... nouvelle 
edition, publiee sous la direction de M. [J.] 
Michaud, etc. (Discours preUminaire par C. 
Nodier.) 45 torn, [in 23 vols.] 

ate. Paris, i843[-6!;l. 

Tom. I3-:1S are rditod by T?. T)esplnce<». For a 

critique on this work, see Mr. R. O. Christie's 

** Biographical dictionaries *' (18S4). 

BION, SmvrncBus. (IdylUa.) Lat. See 

MOSCHUS. Moschi, Bionis, Theocriti ... 

idyllia aliquot, etc. 4to., 1555. 

BicovoQ . , . £(<5tiAA(a. Gr. &■ Lat. See 

MOSCHUS. Moaxov,..sldv).Xia, etc. 

4to.. 1565. 
[Another edition.] 

ENNE (H.) 2nd of the Name. 
noiTjOEwi; TiQaitevovTe; Ttotrjrai, etc, 

Gr.^ See ESTI- 
01 rrjQ TjQcoiHT^q 
[Pt. II.] 
fol., 1566. 

[Another edition.] Gr. &■ Lat. See 

CRESPIN (J.). Ta aio^o/tera tuv naXaioraxcov 
noirjTcov yecoQytxa, etc. [Pt. III.] 

i6mo., 1570. 

[Another edition.] Gr. <S- Lat. 

l6mo., 1639. 
BIONDO (Michel Angelo). See BLONDUS 

(M. A.). 
BIRCH (Herbert). Momories of Birch. Its 
owners and its ancient chapel. 

8vo.. Manchester, 1896. 

Reprinted, with additions, from the " Manchester 

City News " of July 4, 1896. 

BIRCH (Thomas). An inquiry into the share, 

which King Charles I. had in the transactions 

of the Earl of Glamorgan, afterwards Marquis 

of Worcester, for bringing over a body of 

Irish rebels to assist that king, in... 1645 and 

1646, etc. (By T. Birch.) 

8vo.. London, 1747. 

BIRKHEAD (Henrv). Otium literatum. 
Sive miscellanea qusedam poemata ab H. H. Stubbe...Quibus accedunt 
deliciae poetarum Anglicanorum in Graecum 
translata; : authore eodem H. Stubbe. 3 pts. 
[in I vol.] 8vo., Oxonia, (1658.) 

BIRJIINGHAM.— Free Libraries. Bibho- 

i graphy : or books about books. ..forming part 

'■ of the Reference Department... Catalogued 

I by I. D. Mi'.IHns. ito., Bir»i'vphnm. 18S4. 

Kepriated from the " Ciilulugui; of Liouks." 

PreUminary list of bibliography in the 

new Reference Library, Birmingham. 

8vo., Birmingham, (1882.) 

Reference Department. Catalogue of 

books. [Compiled by J. D. MuUins.] 7 pts. 
[A — Shakespeare.] 

4to., Birmingham, 1883-89. 

BISTICCI (Vespasiano da). Vite di uomini 
illustri del secolo XV., etc. 

8vo., Firenze, 1859. 

BISTON (Pierre). De la fausse noblesse en 
France. 8vo., Paris, 1861. 

BITAUBfi (Paul Jer^mie). See BERR (M.). 
Essai sur la vie et les ouvrages de P. J. 
Bitaube, etc. 8vo., [1809.] 

BIZARDlfeRE (Michel David de la). See 

BIZZARUS (Petrus). [i.e., Pietro Bizari.] 
P. Bizzari varia opuscula, etc. 

8vo.. Venetiis : Aldus [P. Mnnutius], 1565. 
Renouard, p. 198. R. S. Turner's copy. 

[Another copy, wanting fl. 1-88.] 

BLACK (William Henry). Illustrations of 
ancient state and chivalry, etc. [Edited by 
W. H. BHck.] 4to., London. 1840. 

(Roxburgho Club Publications, No. 56.) 

Plan of a national and civil registration 

of births, marriages and deaths, etc. 

8vo., London, 1833. 

BLACKSTONE {Sir William). An analysis 
of the laws of England. 

i2mo., [London,] 1821. 

Swanwick copy. 

Dissertation on the accounts of All Souls 

College, Oxford. [Edited by Sir W. R. 
Anson, Bart.] 4to., London, i8q8. 

(Roxburghe Club Publications, No. 136.) Mr. 
R. C. Christie's copy. 

Order of precedence set forth in Black- 
stone's Commentaries, 5th edit., 1773. 
[Edited, with notes, by Sir C. G. Young.] 
4 pp. 8vo., s.l. et a. 

BLADES (William). The biography and 
typography of William Caxton, England's 
first printer. ..Second edition. 

8vo., London, 1882 [i88i]. 

A catalogue of books printed by, or 

ascribed to the press of, William Caxton, in 
which is included the press-mark of every 
copy contained in the library of the British 
Museum. 4to., London. 1865. 

With a second, engraved, titlopago. Only 50 
Oj,.'ieB privately printed. 

How to tell a Caxton, with some hints 

where and how the same might be found. 

8vo., London, 1870. 
Presentation copy from the author to Dr. E. F. 


BLADES ^William). — i^contd.) 

The Pentateuch of printing, with a chapter 

on Judges... With a memoir of the author, 
and Hst of his works, by T. B. Reed. 

Ato.. London, 1891. 
With a second, engraved, titlopage. 

Some early type specimen books of 

England, Holland, France, Italy, and Ger- 
many... with explanatory remarks. 

.Svo.. London. 1875. 
From the " Printera' Register." 

Typographical notes. [Signed W. Blades.] 

8vo., (London. 1870.) 
From " The Book-worm." Bimbault copy. 
Contents : The early sohoola of typography ; 
The £nsched6 type-foundry at Haarlem. 

The use and development of signatures 

in books. Svo., London. i8qo. 

Xo. I. of the author's " Bibliographical Miscel- 

BLADUS, Family of, Printers. See BERNONI 
(D. A.). Dei Torresani, Blado, etc. 

8vo., 1890. 


BLANC (Antoine) called Leblanc de Guil- 

BLANNBEK (Agnes), [i.e., A. Blanbeckin.] 
Ven. Agnetis Blannbekin...vita et revela- 
tioncs auctore anonymo Ord. FF. Min. e 
Celebri Conv. S. Crucis Wiennensis...Accessit 
Pothonis... liber de miraculis Sanctje Dei 
Genitricis Mariae. Utrumque opusculum... 
edidit...B. Pez. 8vo., VienncB, 1731. 

BLANQUI ( Adolphe). Histoire de 
I'economie politique en Europe... Troisidme 
edition. 2 torn, [in i vol.] 

8vo., Paris, 1845. 

BLAYDS, Family of. Milner of Nun-Appleton, 
formerly of Leeds. Blayds, of Leeds and 
Oulton. [Pedigree.] See YORKSHIRE. 
[■i:^ pedigrees, etc.] fol., s.a. 

BLEICH (JoHANN Tobias) Pras. Dissertatio 
historica, de singularibus quorundam theolo- 
gorum fatis...prffiside M. J. T. Blcich & rc- 
spondente J. C. Forstero, etc. 

4to., Lipsim, 1704. 
PattiAon copy. 

BLERVACHE (Simon Clicquot de). Sec 

BLIGNlfeRES (Auguste de). Essai sur 
Amyot et les traducteurs fran^ais au 16" 
sificle. Precede d'un eloge d'Amyot, etc. 

8vo., Paris, 1851. 

BLISS (Philip) & BANDINEL (Bulkeley). 

Historical pai)ers, part I. [Edited by P. 

Bliss and B. Baiulincl.l 4to., London. 1846. 

(Roxburplio Chib Publications. No. 63.) Con- 

tont8 : I. Ciu^tra Hogia ; a troatiso on the sue* 

coswion, by H. Kdwardu, 156S. 2. Novissiina 

Straffordii ; soino account of the procoedin^^a 

against. ..Thomas Wontwortli, Eurl of Strafford 

...written in Latin by A. Wright. 3. The same 

translated... by J. Wright. 

BLONDEL (FRAN90IS) Marechul de Camp. 
Comparaison de Pindare et d'Horace, etc. 

i2mo., Paris, 1673. 

BLONDUS (Michael Angelus). [i.e., Michel 
Angelo BiONDi.] Ad R. Archiepiscopum 
Cyprium. De memoria Ubellus, etc. 

8vo., [colophon:] Venetiis : per J. A. et 
P. fratres de Nicolinis de Sabio, 1545. 
De Thou copy. 

M. A. Blondus. De partibus ictu sectis 

citissime sanandis, et medicamento aquae 
nuper invento. Idem, in plurimorum opinio- 
nem. De origine morbi Gallici de^; Hgni 
indici ancipiti proprietate. 

Svo., [colophon :] Venetiis : per J. A. et 
P. fratres de Nicolinis de Sabio, 1542. 
De Thou copy. 

CORDS. Crosby records : a chapter of 
Lancashire recusancy. Containing a relation 
of troubles and persecutions sustained bv 
W. Blundell, etc. 4to., 1887'. 

BOBALI (Saving de). Rime amorose, e 

pastorali, et satire. [Edited by S. and M. 

Bobali.] 4to., Venetia : presso .4ldo 

[Aldus Manutius, the Younger], 1589. 

Renouard, p. 243. 

BOBBIN (Tim) pseud, [i.e., John Collier.] 
See COLLIER (J.). 

BOCCACCIO (Giovanni). [Ameto.] Ameto 
over comedia delle nimphe Florentine. 

8vo., [colophon :] Vinegia : per Gregorio 
de Gregori, i 526. 

[Another edition.] i\o., [colophon :] 

Vinegia: per M. Sessa, 1534. 

[Amorosa Fiam.metta.] Fiammctta del 

facondissimo orator & poeta Giovani Boc- 
caccio. Dopo la ultima e piu fedel firen- 
tina impressione novamente revista. Correti 
prima gli errori scorsi per incuria del im- 
pressor a suoi lochi scgnati : & rcdutta etiam 
a piu leggibbili charattcre & comoda forma : 
como facilmete si vede. [Colophon, fol. CI III., 
recto :] Qui finiscie la Elcgia di Madonna 
Fiammeta cdposta per Mcsscr Giovanni Boc- 
chacci Fiorcntino: diligcntcnicnte slampata 
in Venetia per CKsaro arrivabeo Vcnitiano: 
ne li anni del nostro signore mille cinque- 
cento disidoto : a di vinti auosto. 8vo., 

[colophon .-1 Venetia : perC. Arrivabeo, 15 18. 
F£. I.-CIIII., numbered j aigs. A-N«. 


8vo., [colophon :] Firenze : per P. di 

Gidtit. 1 517. 
Renouard, p. xli. Oreon morocco by Trautt- 
Bauzouact. Renouard copy. 

— — L'amorosa Fiammctta. ..di novo corretta 
ol ristampata, etc. 

8vo., Vinegia : appresso G. Giolito, 1545. 

[CoRDACcic] I.aberinto d'amorc.di 

novo corretto. etc. 

8vo., Vinegia : appresso G. Giolito, 1 545- 


BOCCACCIO (Giovanni).— (c<w<i.) 

[Decameron.] II decamerone...nova- 

mente corretto [by A. P. Manutius] con tre 
novelle aggiunte. 4to., [colophon ;] 

Vinegia : nelle case d'Aldo Romano, &■ 
d' Andrea Asolano suo suocero, 1522. 

Benouard, p. 95. Original Venetian morocco. 
This copy was in the possession of Schenclc von 
Erbach in 1530, and has since been in the 
possession of E. Trosa (the Paris booltseller) 
five times, M. Viel, M. Chedeau, (Sir H.) Tufton, 
and Mr. R. S. Turner. With letters of Tross, 
receipts, etc., as to its ownership, inserted in 
the volume. 

—— ^-^ [Another copy.] 

Imperfect ; wanting several leaves of the text of 
tlie Decameron, and fl. 299 to the end, com- 
prising the additional " novelle " and the 
table. Crawford (Lakelands) copy, 

— — II Decamerone...nuovamente corretto, etc. 

8vo,, [colophon .•] Firenze : per It heredi 

de P. di Giiinta. 1527. [Venice. 1729.] 

A reprint In facsimile of the edition of 1527. 

Hepburn copy. 

-—^ [EcLOGiE.] Boccacii bucolicon. See 
BENEDICTUS, Philologus. Eclogae. Vergilii, 
etc. 8vo., 1504. 

[NiNFALE FlESOLANC] Comincia cl Nim- 

phale Fiesolano damore...nel quale sicontieni 
lo innamoramento Daffrico & di Mensola & 
iloro accident! & morte. 8vo., [colophon .] 

Vinegia : per J. Tacuino da Trino, 15 19. 
Wanting the titlepage. 

[Appendix.] See BAI.DELLI BONI (G. 

B.) Confe. Vita di G. Boccacci. 8vo., i8o6. 

See HAGER (J. G.). De J. Boccatio 

veritatis Evangelicae teste disserit...J. G. 
Hager. 4to., 1765. 

BOCCARDO (Giovanni Francesco). See 
PYLADES (B.) Brixianus, pseud. 

XI., Pope. 

BOCCHINI (Bartolomeo). Le pazzie de' 
Savi, overo il Lambertaccio, poema tragico- 
eroicomico. i2mo., Venetia. 1641. 

BOCCHIUS (Achilles) called Phileros. 
Achillis Bononiensis apologia in Plautum. 
Vita Ciceronis auctore Plutarcho nuper in- 
venta ac diu desiderata. 4to., [colophon .•] 

Bonon[ieB\ : Joannes Anto[nius] Pla[tonides], 

1 508. 

BOCK (Fridericus Samuel). Friderici S. 
Bock...historia antitrinitariornm, maxime 
Socinianismi et Socinianorum, etc. 2 torn, 
[in 3 vols.] 8vo., Regiomonti, 1774-84. 

Tom. I. Is In two parts with n consecutive pagina- 

BODENHAM (John). Bodenham's Belvedere, 
or the garden of the muses. Reprinted from 
the original edition of 1600. 

4to.. (Manchester,) 1875. 
(Publications of the Spenser Society, No. 17.) 

BODIXIS (Joannes). [i.e., Jean Bodin.] 
Demonomania de gli stregoni, cioS furori, et 
malie de' demoni, col mezo de gli huomini : 

divisa in libri IIII. Di G. Bodino...Tradotta 
dal K\ Hercole Cato...Con una confutatione 
deir opinione di G. Vuier, etc. 

4to., Venetia : presso Aldo [Aldus Manu- 
tius, the Younger], 1587. 
Benouard, p. 239. Butler copy. 

See LEYSERUS (P.) of Helmstadt. Press. 

Selecta de vita et scriptis J. Bodini, etc. 

4to., 1715. 

BODIUS (Hermannus). Unio dissidentium, 
libellus omnibus unitatis ac pacis amatoribus 
utilissimus, ex praecipuis Ecclesiae Christianae 
doctoribus, per...H. Bodium...selectus. Ex 
quarta recognitione. 

8vo., [colophon .■] Basilea : apudB. West- 
hemerutn, et N. Brylingerum, 1537. 

University. — Bodleian Library. 

BODONI (Giovanni Battista). See GAMBA 
(B.). Biografia dell' illustre tipografo G. 
Bodoni. 8vo., 1835. 

BOECLER (Johann Heinrich). Biblio- 
graphia historico-politico-philologica curiosa, 
quid in quovis scriptore, laudem censuramve 
mereatur, exhibens, cui praefixa celeberrimi 
cujusdam viri de studio politico bene in- 
stituendo dissertatio epistolica posthuma 
[signed J. H. B., i.e., J. H. Boeder]. (Biblio- 
theca politica contracta, hoc est, recensus & 
judicia de scriptoribus politicis et ad poli- 
ticam pertinentibus inprimis autem his- 
toricis. [By J. A. Bosius.]) [Edited by S. 

8vo., Gerntanopoli [Frankfort], 1677. 
Barbler, IV., 1167. Morante copy. 

BOEHME (Jacob). See JAEGER (J. W.) 
Pras. De J. Boehmio judicium H. Mori, 
etc. 4to., 1708. 

BOEHMER (Eduard). Bibliotheca Wiffeniana. 
Spanish reformers of two centuries from 
1520. Their lives and writings according to 
...B. B. Wiffen's plan and with the use of hi.s 
materials, described by E. Boehmer...With a 
memoir of B. B. Wiffen by I. Wiffen. 2 vols. 
8vo., Strassburg, 1874-83. 

BOEMUS (Joannes) Aubanus. Omnium 
gentium mores, leges & ritus ex multis 
clarissimis rerum scriptoribus, k Joane 
Boemo... nuper collecti, & novissime recogniti. 
Tribus libris absolutum opus, Aphricam, 
Asiam, & Europam describentibus, etc. 

8vo., Ltigdiini : apitd F. Justttm, 1536. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., Lugdtini : 

[colophon .■] excudebat J. Barbous, 1539. 

[.■\nother edition, entitled :] Mores, 

leges, et ritus omnium gentium, etc. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphittm, 1541. 

BOERNER (Christian Friedrich). See LE 
LONG (J.). Bibliotheca sacra post... Jacobi 
Le Long et C. F. Boerneri iteratas curas... 
continuata. etc. 2 pts. 4to., 1778-90. 


BOETHIUS (Anicius Manlius Torquatus 
Severinus). Boetius de ?solati6e philo- 
so I phie cum cometo angelici do | ctoris Thome 
de Aquino. | ©. X. 

4to., [colophon ;] Anthonii kobergers ciuis 
indite Nurnbergensiii vrbis industria, 1495. 
Hain and Copinger, •3388. Kloss copy. 

— — In topica Ciceronis A. M. S. Boetii com- 
mentarius. [With the text.] See CICERO 
(M. T.). [Topica.] 4to., 1536. 

BOGOESIUS (Abraham) Resp. Exercitatio 
historica i^tp^-ovg, seu erudites sine libris, 
qua generaliora sistens, etc. See BONICK 
(H.) Pras. 4to., 1693. 

BOHEMIA. Apologie ou declaration des 
raisons pour lesquelles les trois Estats du 
Royaume de Boheme stib utraqiie ont este 
contraints de prendre les armes pour leur 
defence et conservation. Item, un extrait 
d'un livre publie k Pavie par G. Scioppius... 
soubs ce tiltre, Classicum belli sacri...Le 
tout traduit en fran^ois par S. W. 

4to., {Deventer ?] 1619. 

BOHN (Henry George). Appendix to the 
Bibliographer's manual of English literature, 
etc. See LOWNDES (W.T.). The bibliogra- 
pher's manual, e<c. Appendix. 8vo., 1864. 

A catalogue of books. 

4to., London, 1841. 

H. G. Bohn's general catalogue. Pt. II., 

sect. I. 8vo., London, 1850. 

Containing Creek and Latin classics, commen- 
taries and translations. 
BOHN (JAMES). A list of some of the choicer 
editions of the Aldine press, from its first 
establishment under Aldus Manutius, Pius, 
Romanus, at Venice in 1494. And of a few 
rare Lyonese and Venice counterfeits, and 
other works illustrative of the series. To 
which is added a list of Giunta editions... 
Selected from the stock of J. Bohn. 

4to., London, 1836. 
A booksollor's cataloRue, with prices affixed. 
One of 12 copies printed on blue paper. 

BOILEAU-DESPRIiAUX (Nicolas). Poetique 
deDespreaux. [With notes.] 5«e BATTEUX 
(C). Les quatre poetiques, etc. Tome II. 

8vo., 1 77 1. 

L'art poetique. See HORATIUS FLAC- 

CUS (Q.). [EPISTOL.E : Ars Poetica. — 
French.] Les deux arts poetiques d'Horace 
et de Boileau, etc. 8vo., 1874. 

A discourse of satires, arraigning persons 

by name. [Translated from the French.] 
See HARTE (W.). An essay on satire, etc. 

8vo., 1730. 

BOINDIN (Nicolas). A discourse upon the 

masks and habits used on ancient theatres, etc. 

See TURNBULL (G.). Three dissertations, 

etc. 4to., 1740. 

BOIS (Guillaume du). See DU BOIS. 

cois Paul ^mile). See BONNECHOSE. 

BOISl'REAUX ( de) pseud, [i.e., BliNiGNE 

DujARDiN.] See DUJARDIN (B.). 

BOISSEVAIN (G. M.). The monetary question 
...Translated... by G. T. Warner. 

8vo., London, 1891. 

BOISSONADE (Jean Francois). Notice sur 

la vie et les ecrits de feu M. [P. H.] Larcher. 

[By J. F. Boissonade.] 8vo.. [Paris. 1813.] 

From the catalogue of M. Laroher's library. 

Pattison copy. 

theque [sic] du Louvre sous les rois Charles 
v., Charles VI. et Charles VII. Dissertation 
historique. See PARIS. — Louvre. Inven- 
taire ou catalogue des livres de I'ancienne 
bibliotheque du Louvre, etc. 8vo., 1836. 

P. Pithoei vita, elogia, opera, bibliotheca. 

Accesserunt excerpta, notae, aliaeque appen- 
dices : accurante J. Boivin, etc. 

4to., Parisiis, 171 1. 
Gaisford copy, 

BOKENAM (Osbern). The lyvys of seyntys, Bokenam. See LIVES 
OF SAINTS. 4to., 1835. 

BOLINGBROKE (Henry Saint- John) 15/ 
Viscount. Letters on the spirit of patriotism : 
on the idea of a patriot king : and on the 
state of parties, at the accession of King 
George the First. (By Lord Bolingbroke.) 
A new edition. 8vo., London, 177$- 

BOLLA (Bartholomeus). [i.e., Bartolommeo 
Bolla.] Nova novorum novissima, sive 
poemata stylo macaronico conscripta, etc. 
See ARENA (A. de). A. de Arena... ad suos 
compagnones studiantes, etc. [Pt. II.] 

i2mo., 1670. 

tonio). See CREVENNA. 

BOLSEC (JfiROME HERMfes). Histoire de la 
vie, moeurs, actes, doctrine, Constance et 
mort de Jean Calvin. ..Publiee i Lyon en 
1577, et recdit6e avcc une introduction, des 
extraits de la vie de T. de BSze, par le mSme, 
et des notes k I'appui par L. F. Chastel. 

8vo., Lyon, 1875. 

La vie, mort et doctrine dc Jean Calvin... 

Ensemble la vie de J. Labadie (par F. 
Mauduict), etc. 2 pts. [in i vol.] 

8vo., Lyon, 1664. 
Em li part has a separate pagination. 

See BORDIER (H. L.). Bolsec rajeuni, 

etc. [Edited by H. Bordier.] 8vo., 1880. 

See BORDIER (H. L.). L'6cole his- 
torique de J. Bolsec, c/c. 8vo., 1880. 

BOLTON (Edmund). Tricorones, sive soles 
gemini in Britannia. Carmen de Christian! 
IV. regis adventu in eandcm. 

4to.. .Augusts Trinobantum, 1607. 
Royal Society duplicate. 



banus Bellunensis, i.e., U. Holzanius.] Gr. 

&-Lat. Ed. Pr. 410. , [colophon. ■] Vcuetiis : 

in (rdihtis Aldi Manutii Ronunii. M'T- 

Ronouard, p. 11. ITnln and Coplngor, •i(V>i3. 

I'rootor, 55S4- In tliis copy tlio two loovoa of 

errata aro oi tlio first iniprcsaion. 


BOLZANIUS (URBANU5) .—[contd.] 

U. BoUaiiii...gTammaticae institutiones 

ad gracam linguam, a mendis quamplurimis 

8vo., Venetiis : apud P. Manntium, 1557. 
Pcnoinrd, p, 171. 

[Another edition.] 

8\'o. . Vevrtiis : Aldus [P. Manutius], 1560. 
Kenouard, p. 180. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Venetiis : Aldus [P. Mamititis], 1566. 
Renonard, p. 201. Orange morocco by Boz^rian 
jeune. Syston V&sk copy. 

BOLZANUS (Joannes Pierius Valerianus). 

BON (John) pseud. See LUKE ( ) 

Physician. John Bon and Mast person. 

4to., [1807.] 
BONACIOLUS (LuDOVicus), [i.e., Ludovico 

BoNACioLi.] L. foetus for- 

matione, etc. See PIN.EUS (S.). I. S. integritatis...virginum notis... 

opuscula, etc. i2mo., 1641. 

BONACURSIUS (Dominicus). Orationes vera nobilitate maga virtute 

q3 diviciis orta. [Edited by P. Niavis.] 

ito., s.n. 
i'anzer, IV., 99, 209. J. B. Inglis' copy. 

BONADUS (Franciscus). [i.e., FRANq:ois 
BoNADE.] Eximii Prophetarum antistitis 
regia Davidis oracula, per F. Bonadum... 
numeris poeticis exarata. See BIBLE. — 
Old Testament. [Psahns. — Latin.] 

8vo., 1531. 

BONAFOUS (NoRBERT Alexandre). Examen 
critico de la vida y obras de A. Policiano, 
traduction del original Latino de Mr. N. A. 
Bonafous. See MORANTE (J. Gomez de 
LA Cortina) Marquis de. Catalogus 
librorum, etc. Tom. V.. pp. 875-1159. 

8vo.. 1859. 

BONAMICIUS (Philippus). [i.e., Filippo 
Buonamici.] p. Bonamicii de claris Ponti- 
ficiarum epistolarum scriptoribus . . . Editio 
altera, etc. 8vo., Roma, 1770. 

BONARSCIUS (Clarus) pseud, [i.e.. Carolus 

BONCOMPAGNI (Baldassarre) Principe. 
Catalogo della biblioteca Boncompagni, etc. 
3 pts. 8vo., Roma, 1898. 

Sale catalogue. 

BONETUS (Nicolaus). [i.e., Nicolas Bonet.] 

Habes N. Bonetti...quattuor volumina : 

metaphysicam videh. naturale phylosophia. 

pdicamlta. necnon theologia naturale, etc. 

fol., [colophon ;] Venetiis : per B. Loca- 

telhtm. 1505. 
Eou de Beaumout and Horwood copy. 
BONFINIS (Matth.^us). [i.e., Matteo Bon- 
FiNi.] M. Horatianis operibus 
centum et quindecim annotationes. 

4to., [colophon :] R[o}ne :] per Magistrii 
Stcphanii Gttillereri de Lothoringia, c~ 
Herculem de Ncni. [^^\2 ?] 
70 ff,, without pagination ; sigs. a-q*, r*^. Sunder- 
land copy. 

BONGI (Salvatore). Notizie sulla vita di... 
O. Lando. — Catalogo delle opere di...O. 
Lando. See LANDO (O.). [Novelle.] No- 
velle, etc. 8vo., 1851. 

Vita di Antonfrancesco Doni...Seconda 

edizione, etc. 8vo., Fireme, 1863. 

BONI (Giovanni Battista Baldelli) Conte. 

BONI (Pietro Antonio). See BONUS (P.). 

BONICK (Henricus) Press. Exercitatio his- 
torica dfiipkovi, seu eruditos sine libris, qua 
generaliora sistens, quam...placido erudi- 
torum examini...subjiciunt pr£eses H. Bonick respondens A. Bogoesius. 

4to.. Lipsics, 1693. 

BONIFACIO (Baldassare). See BONI- 

BONIFACIUS VIII., Pope, [i.e., Benedetto 
Gaetano.] Acta inter Bonifacium VIII. et 
Benedictum XI. P. P. et Philippum Pulcr. 
regem Christianiss....Accedit historia eorun- 
dem ex variis scriptoribus. 4to., s.l., 161 3. 
De Thou copy. 

BONIFACIUS (Balthasar) Bishop of Capo 
d'Istria. [i.e., Baldassare Bonifacio.] B. archivis liber singularis, etc. 
See MADERUS (J. J.). De bibliothecis... 
virorum clarissimorum libelli, f<6'. 4to., 1702. 

B. Bonifacii... historia ludicra... Editio 

nova...Cui accessit vita authoris, etc. 

4to., Bru.xellct. 1656. 

The titlepage is cngruved. 

BONINUS (HuPHROSYNUs). [i.e.. El-frgsino 

BONINI.] ' Eyx^tQidiov ygaftfiaTiy.tjQ elaaywytjg 

ex dta<poQO}V avyyga(pcwi' ai<kXij(p6tP [by E. 

Boninus]. 'Ev node tip fitjiXim rade TiEQiexerai. 

'EQcuTijfiara zov XgvaoXojQa. Usqi dvofiaAon' 

Qtj^arcov. IJegi ayjifiaTta/tov row -/qovow ix 

rov Xakxoi'dvXov. QeoSwgov yga/i/iarixt]; elaa- 

ycityrjQ tiov eli; zsaaaga to TETagrov, negi 

avvra^Kog. 'Hgcodtavov negi iyx?.iTtx(ov. Fvco- 

jiai itoroariyoi ix Siaipogiov noii)T(jof. Kartovog 

go/iatov yvtofiai Tiagaivertxai biariyoi ac, jteiti- 

veyxev ex ri/i ?.aTiv(x>v fpu)i'i)i; el; rijp i?.hjvi6a 

diaKexxov //aft/(Os fiovaxog 6 UXavovSio;. 

8vo., \colnfihon : Florence: F.Giuvta, 1314.] 

Kcnounid, p. xxx™i. 

BONIVARD (Francois de). Advis et devis 
de la source de lidolatrie et tyrannie papale 
...suivis des difformes reformateurz, de 
laduis et deuis de menconge et des faulx 
miracles du temps present. [Edited by 
J. J. Chaponniere and G. Revilliod.] 

8vo. , Gentve, 1856. 

Advis et devis des lengucs suivis de 

laraartigencc. cest a dire de la source de 
peche. 8vo., Geneve, 1865. 

BONNEAU (Alcide). Curiosa. Essais critiques 
de litterature ancienne ignoree ou mal connue. 

8vo., Paris, 1887. 
300 copies printed. 

Des livrcs de civilite depuis le i6« siScle. 

See ERASMUS (D.). [De Civilitate Morum 
Puerilium.] La civilite pu6rile, etc. 

i2mo., 1877. 


BONNECHOSE (Iimile de). See BONNE- 
CHOSE (F. P. t. B. DE). 

BONNECHOSE (Francois Paul £mile 
BoisNORMAND DE). Refomiateurs avant la 
Reforme, 15'' siecle. Gerson, Jean Hus, et le 
Concile de Constance ; avec des considera- 
tions sur rfiglise gallicane depuis le grand 
schisme jiisqu' ;\ nos jours. ..Nouvelle edition. 
2 torn. 8vo., Paris, 1853. 

BONNET (Jules). A. Palcario. £tude sur 
la Reforme en Italie. i2mo., Paris, 1863. 

BONO SERRANO (Caspar). Biografia de 
M. G. Vida. See MORANTE (J. Gomez de 
L.\ Cortina) Marquis de. Catalogus 
librorum, etc. Tom. VI., pp. 619-686. 

Svo., 1859. 

BONUS (Petrus). [i.e., Pietro Antonio 
BoNi.] Pretiosa niargarita novella de 
thesauro, ac pretiosissimo philosophoruni 
lapidc (P. Bono...autore). Artis hujus divinae 
typus, & methodus : Collectanea ex Amaldo, 
Rhaymundo [Lullio], Rhasi, Alberto, & M. 
Scoto ; per J. Lacinium...nunc 
lucem edita. Svo., [colophon :] Venetiis : 

apud Aldi filios, 1546. 
Renouard, p. 135. 

BONUTIUS (JUD.\s). Historia antiqua, etc. 
[Edited by J. Bonutius.] See ANTIQUI- 
TATES. Antiquitatum variarum autores, 
etc. Pt. I. 8vo., 1599. 

BOOK. The boke of noblesse : addressed to 

King Edward the Fourth on his invasion 

of France in 1475. With an introduction 

by T- G. Nichols. 4to., London, i860. 

(Roxburghe Cliih Publications, No. 77.) Gaisford 


BOOKBINDER, The. An illustrated journal, 

BOOKER (John). A history of the ancient 
chapel of Birch, in Manchester parish, etc. 

4to., [Manchester,) 1859. 

(CTietham Society. RemalnB, rf^. Vol. XLVII.) 

— — A history ol liic aiinent chapel of Denton, 

in Manchester parish, etc. See CHETHAM 

MISCELLANIES. Vol. IL 4to., 1856. 

A history of the ancient chapels of Dids- 

bury and Chorlton, in -Manchester parish, etc. 

4to., (Manchester.) 1857. 
(Chetham Society. Remains, etc. Vol. XLII. ) 
BOOKHUNTEK. "Bookworms of yesterday 
and to-day. Mr. Chancellor R. C. Christie. 
[Signed " A Bookhuntcr."] 

.(to., London, 1889. 

From " Tlio Bookworm," No. 17. 


BQerraviyri ijyox'v pifiXoq (hi/ioaiwi' evytw xai 

diaxovrjaemq /ivarijQifoy xai Twy a?.X(i)v Oca/ituv 

xai re?.er(ov iv xfj ' ExxXijaK} tj/kov 'AyyXtxavjj 

tli Ttiv Tfov <piXeXXt]>'Cf>v vev>v ;(apiv iXhjvtaTi 

ixSoOeiaa. Liber prccum publicarum...gra:c6 

cditus. Opera & studio E. Petili. {'I'aX- 

rrjQiov, etc.) Gr. 8vo., Londini : typis 

T. Cotesii pro R. Whitakero. 1638. 

Sec TOMLINSON (J. T.). The First 

I'rayer Book of lidward VI., etc. 8vo., [1894.] 

See WHE.\TLEY (C). A rational illus- 
tration of the Book of Common Prayer, etc. 

Svo., 1849. 


Book of. 

BOOK-PRICES CURRENT : a record of the 
prices at which books have been sold at 
auction, etc. [Edited by J. H. Slater.] 
Vols. I.-XVIII. 1 886-1 904. 

Svo., London, 1888-1904. 
\ 0I3. I., n., XV.-X^^II. purchased. 

Index to the first ten volumes. ..1887 to 

1896. etc. (By W. Jaggard.) 

8vo., London, 1901. 

Index... for the second decade, 1897 to 

1906. ..By W. Jaggard. 8vo., London, 1909. 

BOOKWORM, The. (A Uterary and bibho- 
graphical review.) Edited and illustrated by 
J. P. Berjeau. Vols. I.-V. [in 2.] 

8vo., London, 1866-71. 
All published. 
BOOTH, Family of. [Pedigiee of the Booth 
family, of Holland.] 3 pp. 4to., s.l., (165 1.) 
BOOTH (William) of Dunham Massey. Some 
instructions given by W. Booth... upon the 
purchase of VVarrington by Sir G. Booth... 
and W. Booth... 1 62 8. Communicated by 
W. Beamont. See CHETHA.M MISCEL- 
L.^NIES. Vol. III. 4to., 1862. 

BORBONIUS (Xicolaus). [i.e.. Nicolas Bour- 
bon, the Elder.] N. Borbonii...nugac. (N. 
Borbonii ferraria.) 

8vo., Parisiis : apud M. Vascosanum, 1533. 

[Another edition, entitled :] N. Bor- 
bonii... nugarum libri octo. .\b autore recens 
aucti et recogniti, etc. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1538. 

N. Borbonii. ..opusculum puerile ad pucros 

de moribus, sive IlaiSaycoyeiov. (N. Borbonii 
carmina varia.) 

4to., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1536. 
Sunderland cony. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Lugduni: apud P. Rhomanum, 1536. 
The colophon readi : " Rxcudobnt ,1. Barbous, 
alirt.s J.O Normand. " 

[Another edition. j...Addit;e sunt 

etiam leges scholastica;, ab A. Sibcro con- 
scriptaj, etc. 

8vo., Francforti [sic] ad Viadrum, 1555. 

Joannis de,s Caurres...cnarrationcs, in N. 

Borbonii. ..libclluin de moribus, etc. [With 
the text.] 4to., Parisiis, 1571. 

Heber copy. 

Tabella; elementariae, pueris ingenuis pcr- 

nccessariae. 8vo., Lugduni : apud J. 6- F. 

Frelltros fralres. 1539. 

BORDEAUX. — BiBLioTHivQUE Publiqui:. Sec 
GERGiiRES (J. B.). Hisloirc cl description 
do la Biblioth^que Publiquc do la ville dc 
Bordeaux, etc. 8vo., 1804. 


BORDEL. Le Bordel, ou le Jean-Foutre puni, 
etc. [By the Comte de Caylus.] See 
CAYLUS (A. C. P. DE T. de G. de P. 
DE L.) Comte de. 8vo., 1736. 

BORDERIE ( ) Seigneur de la. See 


BORDIER (Henri Leonard). Bolsec rajeuni 
et de nouveau reprime pour ses vieilles calom- 
nies centre Calvin, Geneve et la Reformation. 
[Edited by H. L, Bordier.] 

8vo., Libourne, 1880. 
From " La France protcstante." Printed ou blue 

Le chansonnier huguenot du 16^ siecle. 

[Edited by H. L. Bordier.] 2 pts. 

8vo., Paris, 1870. 
The wrappers are dated 1871. The pagination is 

L'6cole historique de J. Bolsec, etc. 

8vo., Geneve, 1880. 
Interleaved copy. 
BORGHESE (Paolo Maria Agostino Ignazio 
FiLOMENO GlULIO Melchiorre Cornelio 
Ghilaino) Principe di Snlmona. Catalogue 
de la bibliotheque de S. E. D. Paolo Borghese, 
Prince de Sulmona (et de M. le comte de 
I'Aubepin). 2 pts. 8vo., Rome, 1892-93. 

Liste des prix d'adjudication des livres 

composant la bibliotheque de S. E. Don 
Paolo Borghese Prince de Sulmona. Pt. L 

8vo., Rome, 1892. 
BORSIUS (Marcus). Ex obscurorum virorum 
salibus cribratus dialogus, non minus eru- 
ditionis, q3 macaronices amplectens : in quo 
introducuntur Colonienses theologi tres, Or- 
tuinus, Gingolphus, Lupoldus [de Egloff- 
stein], tres item celebres viri J. Reuchlin, 
D. Erasmus, J. Faber. De rebus a se re- 
center factis disceptantes. [By M. Borsius.] 
4to., aptid Antipodas, [Mainz : s.i.n., 1519] 

toire du Parlement de Bordeaux... 145 1 -1 790. 
CEuvre posthume. 2 torn. 

8vo., Bordeaux, 1877. 

BOSIUS (Joannes Andreas). Bibliotheca 
politica contracta, hoc est, recensus & 
judicia de scriptoribus politicis et ad poli- 
ticam pertinentibus inprimis autem his- 
toricis. [By J. A. Bosius.] See BOECLER 
(J. H.). Bibliographia historico-politico- 
philologica curiosa, etc. 8vo., 1677. 

Epistolae virorum quorundam doctorum 

ad J. A. Bosium...editae ab J. F. Fischero. 

8vo., Lipsiae, 1760. 

BOSSCHA (Pieter). Vindiciae Horatianae, 

adversus nuperam censuram [on certain odes, 

epodes and the carmen saeculare] a...Petro 

H. Peerlkamp editam. 

8vo., Daventriae, 1836. 
Wolckenaer and Morante copy. 

[Another copy.] 

BOSSUET (Jacques B^nigne) Bishop of 
Meaux. See FLOQUET (P. A.), filoge de 
Bossuet, etc. 8vo., 1827. 

See HfiRISSON (C. C. F.). f loge de J. 

B. Bossuet, etc. 8vo., 1811. 

BOSWELL (James). The life of Samuel John- 
son. ..To which are added, anecdotes by 
Hawkins... Steevens, <S:c. and notes by various 
hands. 10 vols., illnst. 8vo., London, 1835. 

BOTERO (Giovanni). Relatione della Re- 
publica Venetiana...Con un discorso intorno 
alio stato della Chiesa. 8vo., Venetia, 1608. 
The " discorso " has a separate titlepage. 
BOTETOURT, Barony of. Case of the barony 
of Botetourt. See L'ISLE, Barony of. 
Report of proceedings on the claim to the 
barony of L'Isle, etc. Appendix, No. 2. 

8vo., 1829. 

BOTFIELD (Beriah). Prafationes et epi- 
stolae editionibus principibus auctorum vete- 
rum praepositae. Curante B. Botfield. 

4to., Cantabrigiae, 1861. 
With a second titlepage in Englisli. 
BOTHE (Friedrich Heinrich). F. H. Bothii 
annotationes ad Horatium a Carolo Fea 
editum Romae. Accedunt J. G. Graevii 
scholia in Horatii odarum libros duo priores 
nunc primum edita. 2 fasc. [in i vol.] 

8vo.. Heidelher^ae, 1821. 
Wanting the "scholia" of Graevius. Forms part 
of the works of Horace pubhshed in this year. 

J. N.). Obser\'ations sur les memoires de 
La Tremouille (par J. Bouchet), etc. 

8vo., (1827.) 

BOUCHOT (Henri). Les ex-libris et les 
marques de possession du livre. 

8vo., Paris, 189 1. 

BOUELLES (Charles de). See BOVILLUS 

BOUFFLERS (Stanislas Jean de) Marquis. 

liloge historique de M. I'abbe [J. J.] Barthe- 

lemy, I'un des quarante de la ci-devant 

Academic Frangaise, etc. 8vo., Paris, 1806. 

Pattison copy. 

BOUGEANT (Guillaume Hyacinthe). 
Amusement philosophique sur le langage des 
bestes. [By G. H. Bougeant.] (Lettre... 
pour servir de supplement k I'amusement 
philosophique sur le langage des betes.) 
2 pts. fin I vol.] 8vo., Paris, 1739. 

Barbier, I., 156. 

BOUHIER (Jean). Dissertation sur I'art 
poetique d'Horace, par le President Bouhier. 
(Q. Horatii Flacci ars poetica, ordini suo, 
ex mea sententi§,, restituta.) See PRU- 
NELLE (C. F. V. G.). Remarques inedites 
...sur quelques passages d'Horace, etc. 

8vo., 1807. 

[Another copy.] 

Souvenirs de J. Bouhier... contenant des 

details curieux sur divers personnages des 
I7« et i8<' sidcles. i2mo., [Paris,] [1866.] 

BOUILLON (Emmanuel Theodose de La 
Tour d'Auvergne) Cardinal, Due de. See 


BOULARD (Antoine Marie Henri). Notice 
necrologique sur la vie et les ouvrages de 
M. A. P. Lottin, ancien libraire. [Signed 
A. M. H. B., i.e.. A. M. H. Boulard.] 

8vo., S.I., [1813.] 
Barbier, III., 455. Fattison copy. 

BOULLANGER (Andr£). Le songe du petit 
pSre Andre {i.e., A. Boullanger]. 

8vo., [Dijon, 1841.) 
Qufirard, I., 345. 

BOULMIER (Joseph), fitudes sur le seizieme 
si^cle. E. Dolet, sa vie, ses oeuvres, son 
martyre. 8vo., Paris, 1857. 

Mr. Christio'e working copy, with MS. noton. 

— — [Another copy.] 

Pattison copy. 

[Another copy.] 

One of 50 copies on " papier verg4," uncut. 

Portefeuille intime. 8vo., Paris, 1864. 

Rimes brutales. 8vo., Paris, 1864. 

— — Salmon Macrin, I'Horace franfais. 

8vo., Paris, 1872. 

From tlie " Bulletin du Bibliophile," 1871. 

BOULMIER (Joseph) & VIGNON (Eugene). 

L'aveugle : drame antique en un acte, en 

vers. 8vo., Paris, 1879. 

BOURBON (Henri de) Prince de Condi. 

See HENRI II. [de Bourbon]. 

BOURBON (Louis Henri Joseph) Due de. 
See BELLEVILLE (A. de). Les secrets de 
Saint-Leu. Notice curieuse sur ce chateau... details sur la mort du Due de 
Bourbon. 8vo., 1831. 

BOURBON (Louis Joseph de) Prince de 
Condi. See CONDfi. 

BOURBON (Nicolas) the Elder. See BOR- 

Reflexions sur les grands hommes qui sont 
morts en plaisantant. [By A. F. Boureau- 
Deslandes.] Nouvelle Edition. Aug^entee 
d'epitaphes, etc. i2mo., Amsterdam, 1732. 
Barbier, IV., 165. 

J£rOme). filoge de H. F. Daguesseau, 
Chancelier de France. 8vo., Paris, 1760. 

Pattison copy. 


Jules de). Julcs-C6sar de Lescale, Scaliger. 

8vo., [A gen,] i860. 

From the " Reoueil des Travaux do la Sociiit^ 

d' Agriculture, Sciences ot Arts d'Agon." 

BOUSSUETUS (Franciscus). [i.e.. Francois 
BoussuET.] F. natura aqua- 
tilium carmen, in universam G. Rondcletii... 
quam de piscibus marinis scripsit historiam, 
etc. 2 vols, [in i ], illust. 4to., Lugduni. 1558. 
Korrich copy. 

BOUTELL (Charles). Heraldry, historical 
and popular... Third edition, revised and en- 
larged. 8vo., London. 1864. 

Comte. See BUTURLIN. 

BOUVIER (Gilles Le) called Berry. See 

BOVILLUS (Carolus). [i.e., Charles de 
Bouelles.] Agonologiae Jesu Christi, libri 
quatuor. [Compiled by C. Bovillus.] 

8vo., [colophon : Paris :] impensis P. 
Vidoup tibi (S- impressnm, 1533. 

C. laude Hierusalem, liber 

unus. Ejusdem de laude gentium, lib. I. 
De concertatione & area peccati, li. I. De 
septem vitiis, lib. I. 

8vo., Lugduni: Seb. Gryphius excud., 1531. 

C. raptu divi Pauli libellus, 

auctus ab ejus epistola, ad fratre Inno- 
centium Guenotum... Ejusdem de prophetica 
visione liber. 

8vo., Parisiis : apud S. Colinaum, 1531. 

C. Bo villi... dialogi tres, de anima; immor- 

talitate, de resurrectione, de mundi excidio, 
& illius instauratione. 

4to., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1552. 

BOWES (Robert). Biographical notes on the 
University printers from the commencement 
of printing in Cambridge to the present time. 
8vo., Cambridge, 1886. 
Reprinted for private circulation from the 
" Cambridge Antiquarian Society's Communi- 
cations," Vol. V. 

A catalogue of books printed at or relating 

to the University, town and county of 
Cambridge from 1521 to 1893, with bibho- 
graphical and biographical notes, by R. 
Bowes. 8vo., Cambridge, 1894. 

Index (compiled by E. VVorman). 

8vo., Cambridge, 1894. 

Note on the Cambridge University Press, 

1701-1707. 8vo., (Cambridge,) 1887. 

From the "Cambridge Antiquarian Society's 
Communications," Vol. VI. 

BOXHORNIUS (Marcus Zuerius). [i.e., M. Z. 
BoxHORN.] M. Z. Boxhornii allocutio nup- 
tialis, ad...G. Goesium...sponsum, etc. See 
SCRIPTORES. Disscrtationum ludicrarum 
...scriptores varii. Editio nova, etc. 

i2mo., 1644. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another edition.] i2mo., 1666. 

[Another copy.] 

BOYER (Jean Baptists de) Marquis d'Ar- 
gens. See ARGENS. 

BOYSSON (Jean de). See GUIBAL (G.). 

8vo., 1863. 

de Boy.sson, ou 

la Renaissance k Toulouse. 8vo., [1864,] 

BOZE (Claude Gros de). 
livres du cabinet de M. de 
catalogue. By J. Boudot. 

De J. Boyssonnei vita, etc. 
See GUIBAL (G,). J. 

Catalogue des 
Bozc. [Auction 
Second edition.] 
8vo., Paris, 1753. 
With prices in MS. BouIIior copy. 


Due d'Anjou. 

See FOGG 10 


BRADSHAW (Henry) Benedictine. The holy 
lyfe and history of Saynt Werburge, very 
frutcfull for all Christen people to rede. [A 
poem, translated from the Latin, by H. 
Bradshaw.] Edited by E. Hawkins. [A 
reprint.] 4to., [Manchester,] 1848. 

(Chetham Society. Remains, etc. Vol. XV.) 

BR.ADSHAW (Henry) Librarian of the Uni- 
versity of Cambridge. Address at the open- 
ing of the fifth annual meeting of the Library 
Association. . .Cambridge. . . 1 882. 

8vo., {Cambridge, 1882.) 

[Another copy.] 

Collected papers of H. Bradshaw, etc. 

[Edited by F. J. H. Jenkinson.] 

8vo., Cambridge, 1889. 

Godfried van der Haghen, G. H., the 

publisher of Tindale's own last edition of the 
New Testament in 1534-35. 

8vo., London, 1886. 
From " Tlie Bibliographer," No. i. Only 30 copies 
privately printed. 

A half-century of notes on the day-book 

of John Dome, bookseller in Oxford, a.d, 
1520, as edited by F. JIadan for the Oxford 
Historical Society. fol., Cambridge, 1886. 

Lithographed throughont. 

The University Library. Papers con- 
tributed to the Cambridge University Gazette, 
1869. 8vo., Ca^nbridge, 1881. 

(Memoranda, No. 6.) 
BRADSHAW (John) the Regicide. A letter 
from J. Sir P. Legh. [Edited 
by W. Langton.] See CHETHAM MIS- 
CELLANIES. Vol. 11. 4to., 1856. 

BRADSTREET (Robert). The Sabine Farm, 
a poem : into which is interwoven a series 
of translations, chiefly descriptive of the 
villa and life of Horace, etc. 

8vo., London, 1810. 

BRAHE (Tycho). See GASSENDUS (P.). 
T. Brahei...vita...Editio secunda, etc. 

4to., 1655. 

BRAINNE (Ch.\rles) &■ others. Les 
hommes illustres de I'Orleanais, biographic 
generale des trois departements du Loiret, 
d'Eure-et-Loir, et de Loir-et-Cher, publiee 
par C. Brainne, J. Debarbouiller, C. F. 
Lapierre, etc. 2 torn, [in i vol.] 

8vo., Orleans, 1852. 

BRAMSTON (James). The art of politicks, 
in imitation of Horace's art of poetry. [Bv 
J. Bramston.] See HOR.ATIUS FLACCUS 
(Q.). [ErisTOL.E : Ars Poetica : Imita- 
tions.] 8vo., 1729. 

The man of taste [in verse]. ..By the 

author of the art of politicks [i.e., J. Bram- 
ston]. 8vo., London, 1733. 

Halkott and I^aing, 11., 1539. 
BRAMSTON {Sir John). The autobiography 
of Sir J. Bramston, etc. [Edited by Lord 
Braybrooke.] 4to., London, 1845. 

(Camden Society Publications, Vol. 32.) 
BRANDOLINI (Aurelio) called Lippo. See 

BKANDOLINUS (Lippus Aurf.lius). L. A. 

Brandolini...oratio de virtutibus D. N. Jcsu 

Christi nobis in ejus Passione ostensis, etc. 

[Edited by Aldus Manutius, the Younger.] 

4to., Romae : ex typographia D. Basae, 1596. 

Renouard, p. 153. Calf gilt by C. I^owis. S.v«ton 

Park copy, with note l>y Sir J. Thorold. 

BRANT (Sebastian). Navis sluliifera a do- 
mino sebastiano Brant primu edificata : & 
lepidissimis teutonice lingue rithmis decorata : 
Deinde ab J. Lochero philomuso latinitate 
donata : & demfi ab J. Badio Ascensio vario 
carminii genere no sine eorundem familiari 
explanatione illustrata. [With woodcuts.] 
(5. X. 4to., [colophon .■] Basilee : p Nicolaii 

Lamparter, 1507. 
Swanwick copy. 

BRANTEGHEM (Gulielmus de). La vie de 
nostre Seigneur Jesus Christ par figures selon 
le texte des quatre Evagelistes, etc. [Com- 
piled, originally in Latin, by G. de Brante- 
ghem.] 2 pts. See BIBLE. — New Testa- 
ment. [Gospels. — French.'] 8vo., 1540. 

BRASSICANUS (Joannes Alexander). De 
bibliothecis, cumprimis Regia Budensi... 
epistola. S^e MADERUS (J. J.). De biblio- 
thecis... virorum clarissimorum libelli, etc. 

4to., 1702. 

BIBUS, alias DRINKMUCH (B.) pseud. 

BRAUN (Placidcs Ignatius). Notitia his- 
torico-litteraria de libris ab artis tj'po- 
graphicae inventione usque ad annum 1478 
(-1500) impressis : in bibliotheca...Monas- 
terii ad SS. Udalricum et Afram Augustae 
extantibus, etc. [By P. I. Braun.] 2 pts. 
[in I vol.] 

4to., Augustae Vindelicorum, 1788-89. 
Rossi copy. 

BRAYE, Barony of. Minutes of evidence 
given before the Committee of Privileges to 
whom the petition of Sarah Otway Cave... 
claiming the title and dignity of Baroness 
Braye, was referred. fol., [London,] 1836. 

BRAYSHAW (Thomas). Giggleswick worthies. 

[Signed T. B., i.e., T. Brayshaw.] Nos. 2, 

3 & 5. 8vo., [ Giggleswick,] 1885. 

No. 2. Rev. Josiah Shnte. No. 3. Tliomaa 

Procter, the sculptor. No. 5. Rev. J. S. 


BR^BAN ( Corrard DE). SeeCORRARD 

BREGHOT DU LUT (Charles). Melanges 

biographiques et litteraires, pour servir a 

I'histoire de Lyon, par M*** [i.e., C. Breghot 

du Lut]. 8vo., Lyon, 1828. 

Barbier, III., ill. 

Nouveaux melanges, biographiques et 

litteraires pour ser\'ir a I'histoire dc.Lyon. 

8vo., Lyon, 1829-31. 


(Marc .\ntoine). Biographic lyonnaise. 

Catalogue des Lyonnais dignes de memoire, 

etc. L. P. 8vo., Paris, 1 830. 

Published by the SocieLe Litt«rair; de Lyon. 


BREITINGER (Johann Jacob). See PRU- 
NELLE (C. F. V. G.). Remarques inedites... 
de Breitinger et du Perc Oiidin, siir quelques 
passages d'Horace, elc. 8vo., 1807. 

[Another copy.] 

BRENELLERIE (Paul Philippe Gudin de 

BRERETON (Sir William) Bart. Travels in 

Holland, the United Provinces, England, 

Scotland and Ireland, 1634-1635.. .Edited by 

E. Hawkins. 4to., [Manchester.] 1844. 

(CHietham Society. Remains, etc.. Vol. I.) 

BRETONNE (Nicolas Edme Restif de la). 

BRIDGEMAN (George Thomas Orlando). 
An account of the family of Swynnerton, of 
Swynnerton and elsewhere, in the county of 
Stafford. Svo., {London,) 1886. 

The history of the church and manor of 

Wigan, in the county of Lancaster. 4 pts. 

4to., (Manchester.) 1888-90. 

(Chethara Society. Remains, etc. New Series, 

Vols. 15-18.) Tlie pagination is continuoiw 

throughout. One of three copies printed on 

largo paper. 

BRIDGEMAN (John) Bishop 0/ Chester. 
Loans, contributions, subsidies, and ship 
money, paid by the clergy of the diocese of 
Chester, in the years 1620, 1622, 1624, 1634, 
1635, 1636 and 1639, as recorded in the 
private ledger of J. Bridgeman... Edited by... 
G. T. O. Bridgeman. See LANCASHIRE. 
Miscellanies, relating to Lancashire and 
Cheshire. Vol. I. 8vo., 1885. 

BRIDGER (Charles). An inde.K to printed 
pedigrees, contained in county and local 
histories, e/c. 4to., London, 1867. 

BRIGGS (Henry). Commentariolus de vita et 
studiis...H. Briggii. See SMITH (T.) Fellow 
of Magdalen College, Oxford. Vitae quorun- 
dam...viroiiim, e^c. 4to., 1707. 

BRIGGS (William). Nova visionis theoria... 
Editio altera. 8vo., Londini, 1685. 

Kerricli copy. 

Ophthalmographia, sivc oculi ej usque 

partium descriptio anatomica... Editio secun- 
da, etc. 8vo., Londini, 1687. 

Kerrich copy. 

BRIGHT (John). Ceremony of unveiling the 
statue of. ..John Bright, M.P., in Albert 
Square, Manchester, October 10, 1891. 

4to., (Manchester,) 1891. 


JOANNES (A.) Cydonius. R. P. A. 

Eudaemon-Joannis ... castigatio apocalypsis 

apocalypseos T. Brightmanni. 8vo., 1611. 

BRISTOL, Bishops of. 

Joseph. [1738-50.] See BUTLER (J.) 

Bishop of Durham. 


University. Britanniae natalis. 4to., 1630. 

BRITANNUS (Robertus). R. Britanni... 

agriculturae encomium. 

4to., Parisiis : apud C. Wechelum, 1539. 
Sundorlani copy. 

R. Britanni. parsimonia libellus. 

8vo., Parisiis: apud S. Colinmum, 1532. 

R. Britanni epistolarum libri duo. 

4to.. Parisiis: apud L. Grandinum, 1542. 
The coloplion is dated 1543. Sunderland copy. 

• Formula thematum, sive ratio coscri- 

bcndaru epistolarum in unoquoque gencre, ad- 

junctis epistolis & responsionibus, etc. 8vo., 

Parisiis : e typographia M. Davldis, 1547. 

R. Britanni... orationes dua;... altera de 

pace, altera de philosophia. 

8vo., Parisiis : in officina C. Wecheli, 1538. 
Block and Pattison copy, 
binder. An illustrated journal for binders, 
librarians, and all lovers of books. Vols. 
I.-III. 8vo., London, 1888-89. 

[Continued as .] The British Bookmaker : 

a journal for the book printer, the book 
illustrator, etc. Vols. IV.-V. 

8vo., London, 1891-92. 
Wanting Vols. VL-VII. 
BRITISH MUSEUM. Catalogue of books in 
the library of the British Museum, printed in 
England, Scotland, and Ireland, and of books 
in English printed abroad, to the year 1640. 
[Edited by G. BuUen.] 3 vols. 

8vo., London, 1884. 
The pagination is continuous throughout. 

Catalogue of printed books. Aeschylus. 

fol., London, 1883. 
Aristotle. fol., London, 1884. 

Bible. 2 pts. 

fol., London, 1892-97. 

Cicero. fol., London, 1886. 

Homer. fol., London, 1890. 

Horatius Flaccus. 

fol., London, 1885. 

Interleaved copy ; witli catalogue of Mr. Christie's 
Horace collection. 

[Another copy.] 

Jesuits. fol., London, 1889. 

Virgilius Maro. fol., London, 1882. 

— List of bibliographical works in the 
reading room of the British Museum [com- 
piled by G. W. Porter]. Second edition, 
revised (by G. K. Fortescue). 

8vo,, (London,) 1889. 

— Three hundred notable books added to 
the library of the British Museum under the 
keepership of Richard Garnett, 1 890-1 899. 
[Edited by A. W. Pollard and R. Proctor.] 

8vo.. [London,] 1899. 
250 copies printed for subscribers. 

— See BLADES (W.). A catalogue of books 
printed by... William Caxton, in wliich is 
included the press-mark of every copy con- 
tained in the library of the British Museum. 

4to., 18O5. 

Sec COPINGER (W. A.). Investigation 

of a portion of the British Museum Catalogue. 

8vo., 1893. 



See PROCTOR (R. G. C). An index to the 

early printed books in the British Museum ; 
from the invention of printing to the year 
1500, etc. 2 vols. 8vo., 1898-99. 

graphy. Or, an historical account of... the 
topographical antiquities of Great Britain 
and Ireland. [By R. Gough.] 2 vols. See 
GOUGH (R.). 4to., 1780. 

BRITONIO (GiROLAMO). Gelosia del sole, 
opera volgare, etc. 8vo., [colophon .■] 

Venetia : per M. Sessa, 1531. 
FIoridu3 and R. S. Turner's copy. 

BRIXIUS (Germanus). G. Brixii...gratula- 
toriae quatuor, ad totidem viros clarissimos. 
Ejusdem epistote quatuor ad totidem viros 
doctissimos. Eju.sdem versus aliquot ad Fran- 
ciscum Galliarum regem. 

4to. , Parisiis : excudebat C. Wechelus, 1531. 
Sunderland copy. 

BRIZARD (Gabriel). Notice .sur J. C. R. 

de Saint-Non. 8vo., [Paris,) 1792. 

Pattison copy. 

BROCKWELL (T.). Incendium Palatinum. 

Pridie nonas Januarias...i697. See MUSiE 

BRITANNICjE. Musas Britannica;, etc. 

8vo., 1 71 1. 

BROEUS (Franciscus). Parallela legis et 

nummi. Quibus triplex juris species natu- 

ralis gentium, & civilis philologici exponitur. 

8vo., Parisiis, 1633. 

BROGDEN (J. Ellett). a collection of fac 

simile autographs, from the originals, in the 

possession of J. E. Brogden. 

8vo., Lincoln, 1861. 
BROUN [Sir Richard) Bart. The baronetage 
for 1844, etc. 8vo., London, [1844.] 

BROWN (Horatio Robert Forbes). The 
Venetian printing press. An historical study 
based upon documents for the most part 
hitherto unpublished, etc. 

4to., London, 1891. 
For a critique on this book, see Mr. R. C. Christie'a 
*' Selected essaj-s," pp. 343-349. 
BROWN (James Roberts) & FINCHAM 
(Henry Walter). A bibliography of book- 
plates, ex-libris. See FINCHAM (H. W.) 
& BROWN (J. R.). 8vo., 1892. 

BROWN (Peter Hume). G. Buchanan, 
humanist and reformer. A biography. 

8vo., Edinburgh, 1890. 

For a critique on this work, see Mr. R. C. Christie's 

" Selected essays," pp. 337-342. 

BROWNE (Sir Thomas). Sir T. Browne's 

rehgio medici ; or, the Christian religion, as 

professed by a physician... The tenth edition. 

8vo., London, 1736. 

BRUCE (Thomas) 2nd Earl oj Ailesbury. See 

BRUEGGEMANN (Ludwig Wilhelm). A 
view of the English editions, translations and 
illustrations of the ancient Greek and Latin 
authors, with remarks. 8vo., Stettin, 1797. 

A supplement, etc. 

8vo., Stettin, 1801. 

BRUEN (John). See ASSHETON (N.). The 
journal of N. Asshcton... Interspersed with 
notes from the life of. ..J. Bruen, etc. 

4to., 1848. 


BRUGUI£RE (Antoine Andre) Baron de 
Sorstim. See SMITH (J. S.). Notice necro- 
logiquesurM. A. Bruguifire, e/c. 8vo., [1824.] 

BRUIJN (Petrus Antonius de). Dissertatio 
philosopho-historica de vita, doctrina et 
moribus J. Bruni, etc. 8vo., Groninga, 1837. 

BRUIN (Claas). Aandachtige Bespiegelingen. 
[In verse.] 8vo., [Utrecht, 1721.] 

BRULLIOT (Francois). Dictionnaire de 
monogrammes, chiffres, lettres initiates et 
marques figurees sous lesquels les plus cele- 
bres peintres, dessinateurs, et graveurs ont 
designe leurs noms, etc. 4to., Munich, 1817. 

BRUNET (Gustave). See BRUNET (P. G.). 

BRUNET (Jacques Charles). Catalogue des 
livres rares et precieux composant la bibho- 
theque de...J. C. Brunet. (Notice sur la vie 
et les travaux de J. C. Brunet [signed Le 
Rouxde Lincy].) Pt. I. 8vo., Pans, 1868. 
Sale catalogue, with prices in MS. 

Manuel du libraire et de I'amateur de 

livres, contenant 1° un nouveau dictionnaire 
bibliographique...2° une table en forme de 
catalogue raisonne...Cinquieme edition, etc. 
6 tom. 8vo., Paris, 1860-65. 

Supplement... par P. Deschamps et 

[P.] G. Brunet. 2 tom. 8vo., Paris, 1878-80. 

Supplement, etc. See DESCHAMPS 

(P.). Dictionnaire de geographie ancienne et 
moderne, etc. 8vo., 1870. 

See LE BLANC (C). Manuel de 

I'amateur d'estampes ... Ouvrage destine a 
faire suite iau Manuel du libraire... par J. C. 
Brunet. Tom. I. -I I. 8vo., 1854-56. 

See QUfiRARD (J. M.). De la 

bibliographie generale au dix-neuvieme siecle 
et plus particulidrement du Manuel du 
libraire et de I'amateur des livres [by J. C. 
Brunet], etc. 8vo., 1863. 

— [Another copy.] 

Notice biographique et bibliographique 

sur J. G. Alione, d'Asti. 8vo., [Paris,) 1836. 

From Brunet's edition of Alione's poems, pub- 
lished in this year. 

Recherches bibhographiques et critiques 

sur les editions originales des cinq livres du 
roman satirique de Rabelais... on y a joint 
une revue critique des editions collectives du 
meme roman, et, de plus, le texte original des 
" Grandes et inestimables croniques de Gar- 
gantua," etc. 8vo., Paris, 1852. 

The " Grandes. ..croniques de Gargantua " has a 
separate pagination. 

See TARDIEU (J. R.). Bibliographie. 

[A review of the first part of the catalogue of 
J. C. Brunet's hbrary, etc.] J. C. Brunet 
juge par lui-meme. 8vo., 1868. 

See TARDIEU (J. R.). Necrologie. J. C. 

Brunet. 8vo., 1867. 


BRUNET (Pierre Gustave). Curiosites bib- 
liographiques et artistiques : livres, inanu- 
scrits et gravures qui, en vente publique, ont 
depasse le prix de mille francs ; tableaux 
payes plus de cinquante mille francs. 

8vo., Genive, 1867. 
— ^— Curiosites thtologiques par un bibliophile 
[i.e., P. G. Brunet]. 8vo., Paris, 1861. 

— — Dictionnaire des ouvrages anonymes [of 
A. A. Barbier] suivie des supercheries litte- 
raires devoil6es [of J. M. Querard]. Supple- 
ment... par [P.] G. Brunet, etc. 

8vo., Paris, 1889. 
Contains also "Essai sur les bibliothSques Ima- 
ginaires," by P. G. Brunet, and " Les devises 
des vieux pontes," by G. Mouravit. 

Essai sur les bibhotheques imaginaires. 

See RABELAIS (P.), Catalogue de la 
bibliotheque de I'Abbave de Saint-Victor, etc. 

8vo., 1862. 
[Another edition.] See above, Dic- 
tionnaire des ouvrages anonymes, etc. 

8vo., 1889. 

Etudes sur la reliure des livres et sur les 

collections de bibliophiles celebres. 

8vo., Bordeaux, 1873. 
115 copies printe<l, tbis being No, 32, 

Fantaisies bibliographiques. 

i2mo., Paris, 1864. 

262 copies printed, tliis being No. 163. 

Imprimeurs imaginaires et libraires sup- 
poses ; 6tude bibliographique suivie de re- 
cherches sur quelques ouvrages imprimes 
avec des indications fictives de lieux ou avec 
des dates singuliSres. 8vo., Paris, 1866. 

Les livres cartonnes, essais bibliogra- 
phiques par Philomneste Junior [i.e., P. G. 
Brunet]. 8vo., Bruxelles, 1878. 

Le marquis de Sade, I'homme et ses 

ecrits : etude bio-bibliog^aphique. 

i2mo., Sadopolis, Van 0000 [Brussels, i860]. 
150 copies printed, Uiis being No. lOI. 

Le nouveau siecle de Louis XIV., ou 

choix de chansons historiques et satiriques 
presque toutes inedites, de 1634 ^ 1712, 
accompagnees de notes [by P. G. Brunet], etc. 

i2mo., Paris, 1857. 

Barbier, III., 513. 


(Pierre). Manuel du libraire... Supplement 

par P. Deschamps et [P.] G. Brunet. 2 torn. 

See BRUNET (J. C). Manuel du libraire, 

etc. 8vo., 1878-80. 

BRUNFELS (Otto). De disciplina, et puero- 

rum institutione O. Brunfelsii para;ne.sis. 

8vo., Lugdttni : aptid Seb. Gryphium, 1538. 

BRUNNE, Robert of. See MANNYNG (R.) 

0/ Brunne. 
BRUNO (Giordano). Opcrc di G. Bruno 
Nolano, ora per la prima volta raccoltc e 
pubblicate da A. Wagner. 2 vols, [in i .] 

8vo., I.ipsia, 1830. 
I''ino paper copy, of wliicli only 25 were printed, 
— — Le opere italiane di G. Bruno ri.-ilampatc 
da P. de Lagarde. 2 vols. 

4to., Goltinga, 1888. 
The pafjinaliun is coiisocutlve. 

— Obras de G. Bruno. Expulsion de la 
bcstia triHnfante...Traduccion del Italiano 
por J. M. Rey. 8vo., Madrid, 1888. 

— J. Bruni...acrotismus, sen rationes arti- 
culorum physicorum adversus Peripateticos 
Parisiis propositorum etc. 

8vo., Viteberges, 1588. 

— Philothei J. Bruni...recens et completa 
ars reminiscendi, etc. 8vo., [London, 1583 ?] 

J. B. Inglis', Beckford and R. S. Turner's copy. 

— Artificium perorandi traditum k J. Bruno 
...coramunicatum a J. H. Alstedio, etc. 

8vo., Francofurti, 1612. 
Laing and B. S. Turner's copy. 

— Boniface, et le pedant. Comedie en 
prose, imitee de I'italien de Bruno Nolano. 

8vo., Paris, 1633. 

— Candelaio, comedia. [In prose.] 

8vo., Pariggi, 1582. 
Wanting ft. M-23. R. S. Turner's copy. 

— Philothei J. Bruni...cantus Circaus ad 
earn memoriae pra.xim ordinatus quam ipse 
judiciariam appellat, etc. 

8vo., Parisiis, 1582. 
Manzoni copy. 

La Cena de le Cencri...nuova edizionc, 

etc. [Edited by C. Bartholmess.] 

8vo., Milano. 1864. 
Forms Vol. XXXVI. of tlio " BIbHotoea rara," 
publislied by O. Daelli. 

Le ciel reforme. Essai de traduction [by 

L. V. de Vougny] de partie du livre italien, 
Spaccio della bestia trionfante [by G. 
Bruno]. 8vo., [Pans ?] 1750. 

Red morocco by Dorome, 

[Another copy.] 

— Philotheus J. compcndiosa 
architectura, & complcmento artis Lullii, etc. 

l6mo., Parisiis, 1582. 
Brown morocco by Trnutz-Bau^^onnet. B. S. 
Turner's copy. 

J. iniaginum, signorum & 

idearum compositione. Ad omnia inven- 
tionum, dispositionum, & memoria! genera 
libri tres, etc. 8vo., Francofurti, 1591. 

R. S. Turner's copy. 

[Another copy.] 

Laing and R. S. Tumor's copy. 

G. Bruno Nolano. De I'infinito universo 

et niondi, etc. 

8vo., Venetia [or rather London], 1584. 

Milford ond ^lanzoni copy. 

J. 13iuui...dc nionade numero et figura 

liber consequens quinque dc minimo niagno 
ct mensura. Item dc innumerabilibus, im- 
nienso, & infigurabili ; sen dc universo A 
mundis libri octo, etc. 

8vo., Francofurti, 1.591. 
K. S. Turner's copy. 

j. Brunus Nolanus. De progressu ct 

lampadc venatoria logicoruin, etc. 

8vo., [Wittenberg,] 1587. 

[Another edition.] Sec LULLIUS 

(R.). R. Lullii opera. ..Editio poslrcma. 

8vo,, 1O51. 


BRUNO (Giordano). — (contd.) 

J. Brunus Nolanus. De spccierum scru- 

tinio et lampade combinatoria R. Lullii, etc. 

i2mo., Praga, 1588. 
Wodhull copy. 

[Another edition.] See LULLIUS 

(R.). R. Lullii opera... liditio postrema. 

8vo., 1651. 
•^— J. triplici minimo et mensura 
ad trium speculativarum scientiarum & mul- 
tarum activarum artium principia, libri V., 
etc. 8vo., Francofurti, 1591. 

—— J. Brunus Nolanus de umbris idearum, etc. 
(Ars memoriae J. Bruni.) 2 pts. [in i vol.] 

8vo., Parisiis, 1582. 
The first part is without pagination. The second 
part ia foliated. 

[Another cop}'.] 

J. Brunus Nolanus. De umbris idearum. 

Editio nova, cura\-it S. Tugini. 

8vo., Berolini, 1868. 

— — Philothei J. Bruni... explicatio triginta 

sigillorum...Quibus adjectus est sigillus sigil- 

loriim, etc. 8vo., [Loudon, 1583 ?] 

Olive morocco by Boyet. J. B. Inglia', Beckford, 

and R. S. Turner's copy. 

— — G. Bruno Nolano. De gl' heroici furori, 

etc. 8vo., Parigi [or rather London : 

T. Vautrollier], 1585. 

The heroic enthusiasts (Gli eroici furori)... 

Translated by L. Williams. With an intro- 
duction, etc. 2 pts. 8vo., Lcmdon, 1887-89. 

Summa terminorum metaphysicorum, J. 

Bruni... Accessit ejusdem pra.icis descensus, 
seu applicatio entis ex manuscripto per R. 
Eglinum Iconium. 

8vo.. Marpurgi Cattorum, 1609. 
Laing and R. S. Turner's copy. 

See BARTH0LM£SS (C. J. G.). J. 

Bruno. 2 tom. 8vo., 1846-47. 

See BERTI (D.). Documenti intomo 

a G. Bruno, etc. 8vo., 1880. 

See BERTI (D.). Vita di G. Bruno da 

Nola. 8vo., 1868. 

See BRUIJN (P. A. de). Dissertatio... 

de vita. ..J. Bruni, etc. 8vo., 1837. 

See CHRISTIE (R. C). Was Giordano 

Bruno really burned ? 8vo., 1885. 

[Another edition.] See CHRISTIE 

(R. C). Selected essays, etc., pp. 161-171. 

8vo., 1902. 

See DESDOUITS (T.). La legende tra- 

gique de J. Bruno, etc. 8vo., 1S85. 

See FRITH (I.). Life of G. Bruno, etc. 

8vo., 1887. 
See HARTUNG (E. B.) 


8vo., 1878. 

S. Jordani... 

einer Ethik bei G. Bruno, etc. 

— 5ee JORDAN (C. t.). C 
disquisitio historico-litcraria, de J. Bruno. 

8vo., [1726.] 

See LEVI (D.). G. Bruno o la religione 

del Pensiero, etc. 8vo., 1887. 

— See MARIANO (R.). G. Bruno. La 
vita e I'uomo, etc. 8vo., 1881. 

— See PLUMPTRE (C. E.). 
tale of the sixteenth century. 

G. Bruno : a 
2 vols. 

8vo., 1884. 

See POGNISI (A.). G. Bruno e I'ar- 

chivio di San Giovanni DecoUato, etc. 

8vo., 1 891. 

See PREVITI (L.). G. Bruno e i suoi 

tempi. 8vo., 1887. 

Saisset (£. E.). Giordano Bruno et la 

philosophic au seizieme siecle. See SAISSET 
(li. E.). Melanges d'histoire, e;c. i2mo.,i85g. 

See SCHEFER (L). G. Bruno ovvero la 

divina commedia in Roma, etc. 8vo., 1869. 

See STIAVELLI (G.). Vita di G. Bruno, 

etc. 8vo., 1889. 

BRUSCAMBILLE, pseud, [i.e.. N. Deslau- 
RiERs.] Les oeuvres de Bruscambille. Con- 
tenant ses fantasies, imaginations & para- 
doxes, & autres discours comique [sic]... 
Le tout...reveu et augmente par I'autheur. 

i2mo., Rouen, 1622. 
Qu^rard, I., 585. Corser copy. 
BRUSONIUS {Lucius Domitius). L. D. Bru- 
sonii...facetiarum exemplorumq. libri VII. 
fol., [colophon ;] RonKX : per J. Mazochiu, 1518. 

[Another edition.]... Opus... repur- 

gatum, inq3 lucem editum, opera ac studio 
C. Lycosthenis. 4to., Basile^g, [1,559-] 

Contemporary stamped pigskin, with "I B I " 
and date " 1563 ' on the front cover. 

Speculum mundi, in quo per serias 

facetasque narratiunculas tota humana vita 
graphice exprimitur...rcnovata editio. 

8vo., Lugduni, 1658. 
Guilford copy. 
BRUT. See CHRONICLE. An English 
chronicle [a version of the Brut] of the 
reigns of Richard II., Henry IV., etc. 

4to., 1856. 

BRUTUS (Jacobus). Corona Aurea coruscan- 

tibus gem | mis : & preciosissimis conserta | 

margaritis i qua he per | pulchre & scientifice | 

mat'ie parisiensi | more pertra | ctantur. | 

4to., [colophon ;] Venetiis : per loannem 

de Tridino alias Tacuinum, 1496. 

Hain and Copinger, *4026. Proctor, 5445. 

Syston Park copy. 

BRUTUS (Marcus Junius). [Epistles.] Gr. 

See PHALARIS. [The spurious epistles of 

Phalaris, e/c] 4to., 1498. 

Bruti epistolae e Graeco in Latinum con- 
verse, incerto autore. 8vo., Luteties : apttd 

Christianum Wechel.. 1528. 
The colophon reads : " Excudebat Parisiis S. 
Silvius." 12 ff., without pagination ; sigs, 
A«, B*. 

BRUYfeRE (Jean Louis Barbeau de la). 

BRYCE (James). The academical study of the 
civil law. An inaugural lecture delivered at 
Oxford.. .1871. 8vo., London, 1871. 

BRYDGES (Edward Tymewell). See 
CHANDOS, Barony of. Speech of Lord 
Chancellor Eldon upon the Chandos claim 
of peerage [made by E. T. Brj-dges], etc, 

fol., s.a. 


BRYDGES (Edward Tymewell).— (cow^i.) 

See CRUISE (W.). Account of the claim 

[made by E. T. Brj-dges] to the barony of 
Chandos, etc. fol., s.a. 

BRYDGES {Sir Samuel Egerton) Bart. A 
brief inquiry into the principles and pro- 
visions of the law and constitution of England 
regarding the protection of the rights of 
peerages inheritable under a common law- 
creation, etc. [Signed Chandos of Sudeley, 
i.e., Sir S. E. Brydges.] (Appendix, etc.) 
2 pts. [in I vol.] fol., S.I., i823[-26]. 

^— The case of the King and the Earl of 
Banbury. To accompany Stemmata illus- 
tria [by Sir S. E. Brydges]. fol., s.l., (1825.) 

French and English peerage. [By Sir S. 

E. Brydges. 1 S\'o.,[T.ovdov, 1830.] 

From the " Quarterly Review," Vol. 42. 
— — [Another copy.] 

Miscellaneous notes regarding Brydges 

alliances. Chandos claim of peerage. [By 
Sir S. E. Brydges.] fol., [Paris ? 1826 ?] 

Reflections on the late augmentations of 

the English peerage. To which are added, 
a short account of the peers in the reign of 
Queen Elizabeth, and a catalogue of all the 
knights created in that illustrious reign. 
[By Sir S. E. Brydges.] 

8vo., London, 17Q8. 
HoUiott and Laing, III., 2111. Sir C. G. Young's 

Select poems. ..with a preface. 

4to., Lee Priory Private Press, 1814. 
Only ICO copies printed. 

[Shield of 360 quarterings of Sir E. 

Brydges, Bart.] s. sh. fol., [Paris,] s.a. 

List of the great shield of quarterings of 

Sir E. Brydges, Bart... made out by E. 
Lodge, etc. 2 pp. fol., s.l. et a. 

Tabula genealogica. Descent of Sir E. 

Brydges from the Merovingian kings. 2 pp. 

fol., S.L et a. 

See BELTZ (G. F.). A review of the 

Chandos peerage case... and of the preten- 
sions of Sir S. E. Brydges, Bart., to designate 
himself... Baron Chandos, e/c. 8vo., 1834. 

BUCCARDUS (Joannes Franciscus). See 
PYLADES (B.) Brixianus. 

BUCHANAN (George) Historian. G. Bucha- 
nani...elegiarum liber L Sylvarum liber L 
Endecasyllabon lib. L Ejusdem Buchanani 
tragoedia, quae inscribitur Baptistcs, sive 
calumnia. i6mo., Littetia:, 1579. 

G. Buchanani. ..Franciscanus & fratres, 

quibus accessere varia ejusdem & aliorum 
poemata, etc. 

8vo.. Basileer Ratiracoruin, [1564 ?] 

G. Buchanani... poemata qua; extant. 

Editio postrcma. 

i6mo., Lugduni Batav[orunt\, 1628. 
The titlepagn is engraved. Incomplete ; wantin;^ 
all oftcr p. 528. 

[Another edition.] 

i6mo., Amstelodami, 1676. 
Tlie litlepage is engraved. Kniglit copy. 

[Another edition.] 

i6mo., Amstelcedami, 1687. 
Swanwick copy. 

[Another copy.] 

Psalmorum Davidis paraphrasis poetica. 

Auctore G. Buchanano... Ejusdem Buchanani 
tragoedia quae inscribitur Jephthes, etc. See 
BIBLE. — Old Testament. [Psalms. — 
Latin.] i6mo., 1580. 

[Another edition.]... Ejusdem Bucha- 
nani tragoediae duae, Jephthes & Baptistes. 

i6mo., 1621. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., 1750. 

Vernacular writings... Edited by P. H. 

Brown. 8vo., Edinburgh, 1892. 

(Scottish Text Society.) 

See BROWN (P. H.). G. Buchanan... A 

biography. 8vo., i8go. 

BUCHLER (Joannes). FvwuoXoyia, seu sen- 
tentiarum memorabilium, cum primis Ger- 
manicoe, Gallicaeque linguae, brevis & aperta. 
Latino carmine, inspersis rhythmis festivis- 
simis, facta descriptio... Editio quanta, etc. 

i2mo., ColonicB, 1639. 

BUCHNER (August). CI. viri A. Buchneri 
epistolarum partes tres...totum opus amendis 
purgatum prioribus, opera M. J. J. Stiibelii, 
etc. 8vo., Francoflurti], 1707. 


BUC'HOZ (Pierre Joseph). Catalogue des 
livres de la bibliotheque de M. Buc'hoz... 
Dispose et mis en ordre par G. de Bure, fils 
ain6. 8vo., Paris, 1778. 

BUCKINGHAM (John Sheffield) ist Duke 
of. Tentamen de arte poetica... Ex Anglico 
Latind redditum per J.N.M.A. [i.e.. John 
Morris.] See MUS^ BRITANNIC.E. Musae 
Britannicaj, e/c. 8vo., 1711. 

BUCKLER (Benjamin). Stemmata Chiche- 
leana ; or, a genealogical account of some of 
the families derived from Thomas Chichele 
of Higham-Ferrers, etc. [By B. Buckler.] 

4 to., Oxford, 1765. 
Ilalkett and Laing, III., 2492. 

BUCKLEY (Henry Burton). The law and 
practice under the Companies Acts, 1862 to 
1880, the Joint Stock Companies Arrange- 
ment Act, 1870, and the Life Assurance Com- 
panies Act, 1870 to 1 872... Fourth edition. 

8vo., London, 1883. 

BUCKLEY (William Edward). Catalogue of 
the. ..library of the late Rev. W. E. Buckley... 
which will be sold by auction, etc. 2 pts. 

8vo., London, 1893-94. 

BUCOLDIANUS (Gerardus). [i.e.. Gerard 
BucHOLDS.] G. Bucoldiani de invcntionc, & 
amplificatione oratoria : sen, usu locorum, 
libri tres. 

4to., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium. 1534. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Lueduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1535. 
Nouvcllct copy, 
[Another copy.] 


BUCOLDIANUS (Gerardus) .—(contd.) 

Do puella, quae sine cibo & potu vitam 

transigit, brevis narratio, etc. 

8vo., Parisiis : ex officina R. Slephani, 1542. 
BUDA. L'admirable et heureuse prinse de la 
ville de Bude en Hongrie par I'arm^e im- 
perialle, sur les Turcs. Ensemble le mal- 
heureux success du Roy de Polongne en Suede, 
advenu par le pemicieux conseil des Jesuites. 
Et le retablissement de Battori, Vaivod de 
Transilvanie. 8vo., Paris, 1599. 

BUDyEUS (GuLiELMUs). [i.e., Guillaume 
Bude.] G. Budaei...lucubrationes varig, 
cum ad studiorum rectam institutionem ac 
philologiam, turn ad pietatem spectantes : 
quibus adjunximus epistolarum ejusdem 
Latinarum ac Gra^-carum libros VI., etc. — 
G. Budaei operum tomus II. in quo de asse 
et partibus ejus libri V. continentur, etc. — 
G. Budaei operum tomus III. in quo anno- 
tationes in Pandectas...comprehenduntur... 
Ejusdem Forensia, etc. [Edited by C, 
Secundus.] 3 tom. [in 2 vols.] 

fol., Basileae, 1357. 
The "Forensia" has a .separate titlepago and 
pagination, and has been bound at the end of 
tom. I. 

— — Anuotatioues G. Budaei. quatuor et 

viginti Pandectarum libros. ..Accuratius niti- 

diusq3 ab J. Badio Ascensio nuper impressae. 

fol., [Paris : J. Bade, 1308 ?] 

Imperfect, wanting the lo.'st page containing tlie 

coloplion. Tlie titlepage bear-s the device of 


^— [Another edition.] ... postrcmiim 

auctae & recognitae. (G. Budaei... altera 
editio annotationum [i.e.. further notes] in 
Pandcctas.) 2 pts. [in i vol.] 
fol., Parisiis : imprimehat M. Vascosanus, sibi, 
R. Stephano, at J . Roigni, affinibus suis, 1542. 
Wodhul! copy. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Liigduni : apiidSeb. Gryphium, 1546. 

[Another edition.] 

8\'o., Lugdiuii : apud Sob. Gryphium, 1551. 

G. Budaei... libri V. de asse, & partib. ejus 

post duas Parisienses impressiones ab eodem 
ipso Buda;o castigati, id'q; authorc J. 
Grolierio...cui etiam ob nostra in eum ob- 
servantia a nobis illi dicantur. 

4to., [colophon .•] Veneiiis : in aedibiis 
Aldi, et Aiidreae Asitlani soceri, 1322. 
Renouard, p. 94. Butler copy. 

De asse et partibus ejus, libri quinquc, G. 

Budaei. ..nuper recogniti & ampliores facti, a 
furto'que vindicati. Ejusdem de asse & 
partibus ejus, breviarium. 8vo., Colonia: : 

opera &- impesa Jodnis Soteris. 1528. 
The " breviarium " liap a separate titlepaL'O and 
is u ithout pagination. 

■ G. Budaei... de asse et partibus cjui 

libri V. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1542. 
[Another edition.] 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1550. 
[Another edition.] 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1551. 

Epitome assis Budaici. Sff SUETONIUS 

TRANQUILLUS (C). [Vit^ XII. C.^sa- 
RUM.] C. Suetonii Tranquilli duodecim 
Caesares, etc. Pt. II. 8vo., 1543. 

BovSaiov intaroXai ' EXXrtvixai.. Budaei 

epistote Graecae, per A. Pichonium...LatinaB 
factas. Gr. 6- Lat. 4to., Parisiis, 1574. 

Slade and Sunderland copy. 

See BUD£ (E. de). Vie de G. Bude, etc. 

8vo., 1884. 


Graecas Budaei epistolas annotationes, etc. 

4to., 1579. 

See LE ROY (L.). G. Budaei... vita, etc. 

4to., 1540. 

See REBITTE (D.). G. Bude... Essai 

historique. 8vo., 1846. 

-^ [Critique on this work.] See FEU- 

GfeRE (L. J.). Les femmes poetes au 16* 
siecle, etc. 8vo., i860. 

BUDDEUS {Joannes Fraxciscus). [i.e., Jo- 
HANN Franz Budde.] De moribus philoso- 
phorum dialogus. [Dedication signed J. F. 
B., i.e., J. F. Buddeus.] i2mo., Jenes, 1695. 

BUDE (Eugene de). Vie de G. Bude, Fon- 
dateur du College de France, 1 467-1 540. 

8vo., Paris, 1884. 

BUDE (Guillaume). See BUD^US (G.). 

BUDERUS (Christianus Gottlieb). [i.e.. 
Christian G. Buder.] Vitae clarissimorum 
jureconsultorum...ex rccensione et cum notis 
C. G. Buderi. 8vo., Jenae, 1722. 


BUECHNERUS (Joannes Godofredus). [i.e., 
Johann Gottfried Buechner.] J. G. 
Biichneri...schediasma historico-literarium, 
de vitiorum inter erudites occurrentium 
scriptoribus, etc. {IlaQahnofteva, supplementa, 
etc.) 2 pts. [in i vol.] 8vo., LipsicB, 1718. 

BUELAU (Friedrich). Personnages enigma- 
tiques, histoires mystcrieuses, evenements 
peu ou mal connus. Par F. Bulau. Traduit 
...par W. Duckett. 3 tom. 

8vo., Paris, 1861. 

BUESCHING (Anton Friedrich). Commen- 

tatio de vestigiis Lutheranismi in Hispania, 

etc. jto., Goettingae, 1755. 

Morante copy. 

BUISSON (Ferdinand). Repertoire des ou- 

\Tages pedagogiques du i6<= siecle. Biblio- 

theques do Paris ct des departements. 

[Compiled by F. Buisson.] 8vo., Paris, 1886. 

(M^moires et documents ficolaires pnbli^q par Te 

Mus6e P^agogique. Fasc, 3.) 

S. Castellion, sa vie et son oeuvre, 1515- 

1563. Iitude sur les origines du protestan- 

tisme liberal franfais. (Bibliographic.) 2 

tom. 8vo., Paris, 1892. 

For a critique on this work, sec Mr. R. C. Christie's 

"Selected essays," pp. 350—355. 


BULAU (Frederic). Sec BUELAU (F.). 


thecaire, revue mensuelle) public par J. 
Techener, etc. Serie I.-XVI. [in 19 vols.] 

8vo., Paris, 1834-63. 
Le Bibliophile Beige. [Edited by the Baron 
de Reiffenberg.] Tom. I. -VI. 

8vo., Bruxelles, 1845-50. 

[Continued as .•] Bulletin du Bibliophile 

Beige. ..publie.. .sous la direction de C. de 
Chenedolle. Tome VII. 8vo., Bn(;ire//M, 1850. 

Wanting torn. VIII.-IX. 

BULLINGER (Ethelbert William). The 
Massorah : being an account of the preserva- 
tion and transmission of the manuscript text 
of the Hebrew Bible. 8vo., London, 1897. 

BULLINGER (Heinrich). See SIMLER (J.). 
Narratio de ortu, vita, et obitu...H. Bullin- 
geri, etc. 2 pts. 8vo.. 1575. 

BULLOCK (Henry). Doctissimi viri H. Bul- 
led. ..oratio habita Catabrigia;, in frequen- 
tissimo cetu, praesentibus Caesaris oratoribus, 
& nonnuUis aliis episcopis...An. 1521. Re- 
produced in exact facsimile... with a biblio- 
graphical introduction by...H. Bradshaw. 

4to., Cambridge, 1886. 
150 copies printed, thLs being No. 28. 

BUNELLUS (Petrus). [i.e., Pierre Bunel.] 
P. Bunelli familiares aliquot epistolae, etc. 
[Edited by C. Estienne.] 8vo., Littetice, 1551. 

^— — — [Another edition.] 

8vo., Colonia, 1568. 

P. Bunelli... & P. Manutii... epistolae Cicero- 

niano stylo scriptae. Aliorum Gallorum pari- 
ter et Italorum epistolae eodem stylo scriptae. 
(C. Longolii epistolae selectae. Item P. 
Benibi et J. Sadoleti aliquot ad eum epi- 
stolae. — P. Bembi et J. Sadoleti aliae ad alios 
epistolK.) [Edited by H. Estienne.] 2 pts. 
[in I vol.] 8vo., [Pan's,] 1581. 

Mallinckrodt and Ochs ab Ochsenstein copy. 

—— [Another copy.] 

P. Bunelli... epistolae familiares: cum 

notis Francisci Graverol, etc. 

i2mo., Tolosee, 1687. 

Epistolae P. Bunelli, P. Manutii, C. Lon- 
golii, P. Bembi, J. Sadoleti, A. Palearii... 
partim selectae partim integras. Brevcm 
narrationem de vv. dd. vitis praemisit, an- 
notatione perpetua in Bunelli epistolas in- 
struxit...F. A. C. Grauff. 8vo., Bemm, 1837. 

See SAMOUILLAN (A.). De P. Bunello 

...ejusque amicis, 1499-1546, etc. 8vo., 1891. 

BUNIVA (Michele Fr.vncesco). Igiene de' 
tipografi, «<c. 8vo., Torino, 1825. 


BURCHARDUS, Bibcracensis. Begin. [FoL 
I , recto :] Hystoria Friderici imperatoris 
niagni. hui9 nomis primi | duels sueuorum et 
paretelc sue : | [Fol. 26, verso : History of the 
Emperor Henry VI. ] [Fol. 28, recto : His- 
tory of the Emperor Philip.] [Fol. 33, verso : 
History of Otto IV.] [Fol. 41, recto: His- 
tory of Frederick II.] [By Burchardus 

Bibcracensis.] iol., [Augsburg : in the 

monasterv of SS. Vlrich and Afra, 1474 ?] 
Hain, *87i8. Proctor, 1633. Braun, I., 4G. 
Brunet, I., 1 399. 

BURCKHARD (Jacobus). Jacobi Burckhard 
de Ulr. de Hutten...fatis ac mcritis commen- 
tarius. See HUTTEN (U. von). Equitis... 
Ulrichi de Hutten ad B. Pirckheymer...epi- 
stola, etc. 3 pts. 8vo., 1717-23. 

BURDO (JosEPHUS Justus) pseud, [i.e.. Jose- 
PHus Justus Scaliger.] See SCALIGER 

(J- J-)- 
BURE (GuiLLAUME Francois de). BibUo- 

graphie instructive : ou traite de la connois- 

sance des livres rares et singuUers, etc. 7 vols. 

8vo., Paris, 1763-68. 

Supplement, etc. 2 torn. See GAIG- 

NAT (I.. J.). 8vo., 176Q. 

Bibliographie instructive ; tome dixifime, 

contenant une table destinee k faciliter la 
recherche des livres anonymes qui ont 6te 
annonces par M. de Bure le jeune dans sa 
bibliographie instructive & dans le catalogue 
de M. Gaignat, & k supplier a tout ce qui a 6te 
omis dans les tables de ces deu.x ouvrages. 
Precedee d'un discours sur la science biblio- 
graphique & sur les devoirs du bibliographc, 
etc. [By J. F. Nee de La Rochclle.] 

8vo., Paris, 1782. 

Catalogue des livres du cabinet de M'. 

G . D... P... [i.e., P. Girardot de Prefond]. 

8vo., 1757. 
BURGASSI (Antonio Cesare). Serie dcU' 
edizioni Aldine per ordine cronologico cd 
alfabetico. [By A. C. Burgassi.] 

i2mo., Pisa, 1790. 
Moizi, III., 56. 

Seconda cdizione, con cmendazioni 

e giunte. i2mo., Padova, 1790. 

Appendice, etc. 

1 2 mo., Padova, 1803. 

Tcrza cdizione, etc. 

i2mo., Venezia. 1791. 

Terza [or rather, the fourth] cdizione, 

etc. (Notizic Icttcraric intorno ai Manuzi 

stampatori e alia loro famiglia [by A. Zeno]. 

8vo.. Firenze, 1803. 

[Another copy.] 

BURGER (Conrad). Repertorium biblio- 
graphicum... opera Ludovici Hain. Indices 
ubcrrimi opera Conradi Burger. See H.MN 
(L.). Svo.. i8qi. 

BURGERSDICIUS (Franco), [i.e., F. Buu- 
CERSDIJCK.] Idea occonomica; ct politico; 
doctrinae...Opus postliumuni. 

i2mo., I.Hgd[uni\ Btitavorum, 1657. 

Idea philosophic moralis, sive com- 

pendiosa institutio...Editio postrcma...cmcn- 
(lata. i2mci.. Lugd\uni\natavor[um], 1644. 

1'. Burgersdicii idea iihilosophia; natii- 

ralis ; sive mcthodus dcfinitionum & contro- 
vcrsiarum physicarum : cditio novissima. 

l2mo., Lugd[tini'\ Batavorum, 1645. 


BURGGRAEVE (Adolphe). Etudes sur A. 
Vesale, precedees d'une notice histoiique 
sur sa vie et ses ecrits, etc. 4to., Gand, 1841. 

BURGHALL (Edward). Burghall's Provi- 
dence improved. See MALBON (T.). Me- 
morials of the Civil War in Cheshire, etc. 

8vo., 1889. 

BURIGNY (Jean Levesque de). See 

BURKE (Edmund). The beauties of Burke, 
consisting of selections from his works. By 
A. Howard, Esq. i2mo., London, [1834 ?] 

— — A philosophical inquiry into the origin of 
our ideas of the sublime and beautiful. 
With an introductory discourse concerning 
taste. 8vo., Chiswick, 1825. 

Reflections on the Revolution in France. 

2 vols. i2mo., London, 1820. 

BURKE (John). A genealogical and heraldic 
history of the landed gentry... of Great 
Britain and Ireland... Small paper edition. 
4 vols. 8vo., London, 1837-38. 

BURKE (John) & (Sir John Bernard). En- 
cyclopaedia of heraldry, or general armory of 
England, Scotland, and Ireland. ..Third edi- 
tion, efc. 4to., LoHc/ow, [1844.] 

■ A genealogical and heraldic history of the 

extinct and dormant baronetcies of England, 
Ireland, and Scotland... Second edition. 

4to., London, 1844. 

BURKE (Sir John Bernard). A genealogical 
and heraldic dictionary of the landed gentry 
of Great Britain and Ireland. 

8vo., London, 1858. 

— — A genealogical and heraldic dictionary of 
the peerage and baronetage of the British 
Empire. ..Twenty-second edition. 

8vo., London, i860. 

A genealogical history of the dormant, 

abeyant, forfeited, and extinct peerages of 
the British Empire... New edition. 

8vo., London, 1866. 
' The Royal families of England, Scotland, 

and Wales, with their descendants, sovereigns 
and subjects. 2 vols. 8vo., London, 1851. 
tion of bookbindings. [A catalogue compiled 
by W. Y. Fletcher and W. H. J. Weale, with 
introductory remarks on tlie history of book- 
binding by E. Gordon Duff and Miss S. T. 
Prideaux, and a bibliography.] 

4to., London, 1891. 

[Another edition ; with 1 1 3 coloured 

plates by W. Grifjjrs.l L. P. 4to., London. i8qi. 

A duplicate of the former edition, with tlie addi. 

tion of the plates and of a not© on p. Ivi. 

BURMANNUS(PETRUs);/ic£/rff/-. [;.<•., Pieter 

BuRMANN.] Sylloges epistolarum a viris 

illustribus scriptarum, tomi quinque, collect! 

et digesti per P. Burmannum, etc. 5 tom. 

4to., Leider. 1727. 
Each vol. heis a separate titlepape, describing its 
contents. Tom. I. k II. contain the letters of 
Justus Lipsius. 


(I.). Chrcstomathia Pctronio-Burmanniana ; 

sive cornucopiae observationum...quas...P. 
Burmannus congessit in Petronium Arbitrum, 
etc. 8vo., 1734. 

BURMANNUS (Petrus) the Younger, [i.e., 
PiETER BuRMANN.] Bibliotheca Burmanni- 
Burmanni secundi . . . quorum publica fiet 
auctio per S. et J. Luchtmans, etc. (Catalogus 
codicum manuscriptorum, etc. — Catalogue 
d'une belle collection de tableaux, etc.) 3 pts. 
[in I vnl.l 8vo., Ti'ediipi Batavorum, 1770. 
With prices in MS. Tydoman and Gaisford copy. 

BURN (Richard). The ecclesiastical law... 
The ninth edition, corrected ; with... addi- 
tions... by R. Phillimore. 4 vols. 

8vo., London, 1842. 

BURNET (Gilbert) Bishop of Salisbury. A 
discourse of the pastoral care... reprinted... 
with notes... and a prefatory address, by...T. 
Dale. 8vo., London, 1840. 

La vraie religion demontree par I'ficriture 

Sainte. Traduite de I'anglois de G. Burnet. 

8vo., Londres, 1767. 

BURNETT (George). Popular genealogists, 
or the art of pedigree-making. [By G. 
Burnett. 1 Svo., Edinburgh, 1865. 

liulkell and Laing, III., 1974. 

BURTCHAELL (George Dames). See SHAW 
(W. A.). The knights of England. ..incor- 
porating a complete list of knights bachelors 
dubbed in Ireland, compiled by G. D. Burt- 
chaell. 2 vols. 4to., 1906. 

BURTON (Robert). The anatomy of melan- 
choly. What it is, with all the kinds, causes, 
symptomes, prognostickes & severall cures of 
it. ..By Democritus Junior [i.e., R. Burton]... 
The eiehth edition, etc. fol., London, 1676. 
Bradbury copy. 

Philosophaster comoedia, nunc primum 

in lucem producta. Poemata...nunc in unum 
collecta. [Edited by W. E. Buckley.] 

/ito.. HertfordicF, 1862. 
(Roxburghe Club Publication.s, No. 83.) nth 
Duke of Hamilton's and BuclUoy copy, 
BURY. Minutes of the Bury Presbyterian 
Classis, 1 647-1 657. Edited by W. A. Shaw. 
2 pts. 4to.. (Manchester.) 1806-98. 

Appendices : i. The minutes of the Nottingham 
Classis, 1656-60. 2. Minutes of the Cornwall 
Classis, 1655-8. 3. Minutes of the Cambridge 
Classis, Jany 20, 1656/7, to July 13, 1658. 
4. An account of the ministers mentioned in 
the Bury minutes. (Chetham Society. Re- 
mains, etc. New Series, Vols. 36 and 41. 
The pagination is continuous throughout. One 
of three copies printed on large paper. 

[Another copy of Pt. II.] 

Small paper edition. 
BURY (Richard de) Bishop of Durham. 
Philobiblon Richardi Dunelmensis, sive de 
amore librorum, et institutione bibliothecae, 
tractatus pulcherrimus...editio jam secunda 
[or rather, the fourth] ; cui acccssit appendi.x 
de manuscriptis Oxoniensibus. Omnia hasc, 
opera & studio T. J(ames). 
4to., Oxonia : exciidehat J. Barnesius, 1599. 

Richardi de Buri...philobiblion, etc. See 

GOLDASTUS (U.). Pliilologicarum episto- 
larum centuria una. etc. Svo., 1674. 


BURY (Richard de). — {contd.) 

[Another edition.] See MADERUS 

(J. J.)- De bibliothecis nova accessio col- 
lectioni Maderianae adjuncta, etc. 4to., 1703. 

Philobiblon, a treatise on the love of 

books... Written in 1344, and translated from 
the first edition, 1473 [by J. B. Inglis]. 
With some collations. 8vo., London, 1832. 

Philobiblion, e.xcellent traite sur I'amour 

des Uvrcs...Traduit pour la premiere fois en 
fran9ais, precede d'une introduction. ..par H. 
Cocheris. Lot.&Fr. 8vo.. P^m, 1856. 

(Im Tr6sor des Pieces Rarea ou In^dites.) 

The philobiblon of Richard de Bury... 

Edited and translated by E. C. Thomas. 
Lat. &• Eng. 8vo., London, 1888. 

See THOMAS (E. C). Was Richard de 

Bury an impostor ? 8vo., 1888. 

BURY SAINT EDMUND'S. Wills and inven- 
tories from the registers of the commissary of 
Bury St. Edmund's and the archdeacon of 
Sudbury. Edited by S. Tymms. 

4to., [London,] 1850. 
(Camden Society Publications, Vol. 49.) 
BUSCHE (Hermann von dem). See 


BUSCHIUS (Hermannus). [i.e., Hermann von 

DEM BuscHE.] De salubcrri- | mo fructuos- 

issimoqT | diuc virginis Marie Psalterio. | 

triple.x Hecatostico Hermanni Buschij monas- 

teriensis. cum | quibusdam alijs carminibus. | 

Ma. Diui Cipriani martyris ct episcopi de 

ligno I salutifere crucis carmen heroicii Clau- 

diani poetg | getilis inuocatio ad Christum pro 

Tlieodosio cesa | re Augusto. | (5. %, 4to., s.n. 

Hain and Copinger, *4i54. It Is doubtful wliether 

tliia work was printed in tlie 15th century. 

H. Buschii oda de cotenedo mudo, etc. 

See BAPTISTA, Mantitanus. F. Baptiste 
Mantuani bucolica, etc. 4to., 1503. 

BUSSY (Roger de Rabutin) Coniie de. His- 
toire amoureuse des Gaules. (Maximes d' 
amour avec una lettre ecrite au Due de Saint 
Agnan.) 12 mo., Cologne, 1716. 

Histoire amoureuse des Gaules. ..suivie de 

La France galante, romans satiriques du 17' 
sificle attribues au comte de Bussy. Intro- 
duction et notes par A. Poitcvin. Seconde 
edition, revue et augmcntee des maximes 
d'amour, e/c. 2 tom. 8vo., Paris, 1857-58. 

BUSTAMANTE PAZ (Benedictus). Metho- 

dus in scptem aphorismorum libris ab HipjK)- 

crate observata, quani & continuum librorum 

ordinem argumenta & schemata declarant, elc. 

4to., [colophon :] Venetiis : apud Aldi 

filioH[P. Manutixis], 1550. 

Renouard, p. 147. H. W. Wolpolo's copy, 

BUTLliR (CiiAur.ES). Ihc book of the Roman 

Catholic Church... Second edition. 

8vo., London, 1825. 

Vindication of " The Book of the Roman 

Catholic Church," against. ..G. Townscnd's 
" Accusations of history against the Church 
of Rome "...Second edition, enlarged. 

8vo., London, 1826. 

The life of Erasmus : with historical 

remarks on the state of literature between 
the tenth and sixteenth centuries. 

8vo., London, 1825. 

Memoir of the life of H. F. d'Aguesseau... 

and of his ordonnances for consolidating and 
amending certain portions of the French 
law : and an historical and literary account 
of the Roman and Canon law. Fourth 
edition. 8vo., London, 1830. 

The philological and biogi-aphical works 

of C. Butler, ffc. 5 vols. 8vo., /.onrfon, 1 817. 

Reminiscences... Fourth edition ; with a 

letter to a lady on ancient and modern 
music. 8vo., London, 1824. 

BUTLER (Joseph) Bishop of Durham. The 
works of. ..J. Butler. ..To which is prefixed, a 
preface, giving some account of the character 
and writings of the author, by S. Halifa.x. 
2 vols. 8vo., Oxford, 1849-50. 

BUTLER (Samuel) Poet. Hudibras. poeme 
heroi-comique, tire de I'anglois de S. Butler ; 
avec des notes, etc. 8vo., Londres, 1755. 

F. R. Atkinson's copy. 

The posthumous works of S. Butler... To 

which is added, A key to Hudibras, by Sir 
R. L'Estrange. The sixth edition, etc. 

i2mo., London, 1754. 

BUTURLIN (Dmitry Petrovich) Comte. 

Catalogue de la biblioth^que de...M. le comte 

D. Boutourlin. [Preface signed E. L. J. E. 

A«,», i.e., S. L. G. E. Audin de Rians.] 

pts. [in I vol.] 8vo., Florence, 1S31. 

200 copies printed. Brunet, I., 1642. Cheney 


BUYSSONIUS (Claudius). C. Buyssonii... 

partitiones : quibus juris civilis brevis idea 

exprimitur. Tertia editio...aucta. 

8vo., Cadomi, 1607. 
Sunderland copy. 
BYDDELL (John). See DUFF (E. G.) cS- 
others. Hand-lists of English printers, 1501- 
1556, Pt. II. R. Pynson...J. Byddell, «to. 

8vo., 1896. 
BYROM (John). Catalogue of the books and 
manuscripts in the Chetham Library, Man- 
chester, added between... 1 863 and 1881, in- 
cluding the collection of John Byrom, etc. 
See CHETHAM LIBRARY. Manchester. 
Bibliotheca Chethamensis, etc. Tom. VI. 

8vo., 1883. 

Miscellaneous poems. 2 vols. 

8vo., Manchester, 1773. 
Mortlock copy, 

The poems of John Byrom. Edited by 

A. W. Ward. 2 vols, [in 4.] 

4to., (Manchester,) 1804-05. 

(Cliotliani Society. Remains, rie. New Series, 

Vol.^. 20-30, 34-35.) Kii"!! volume ih in two 

partH. One of tlirce tH)pie.s priiitotl on largo iJajwr. 

I'lie private journal and literary remains 

of J. Byrom. Edited by R. Parkinson. 
(The Byrom pedigrees... With illustrative 
notes, by...F. R. Raines.) 2 vols, [in 4.] 

4to., {Manchester,) 1854-57. 
Kftcli voTumo U in two pnrti with eon'^ociitivo 
pn^ination. ((_'li(»thntn Society. Uoinaiim, ftc. 
\ ols. XXXII., XXXIV., XL.", and XLIV.) 


C. E. Emaricdulfe. Sonnets written by E. 
C. Esquier. HQJ. [Reprint.] See LAM- 
PORT GARLAND. A Lamport garland, 
etc. 4^°-' ^^^i- 

C, G. L. B. O. See BERKELEY (G.) Bishop 
of Cloyne. 

C, H. See CONSTABLE (H.) Poet. 

C***. M. le Docteur. Catalogue de livres rares 
et curieux composant la bibliothdque de ^L 
le docteur C***. Pt. L 8vo., Pam, 1886. 
Sale cafo.logue. 

C***, M. M. de. Catalogue d'une belle collec- 
tion de livres rares et pr6cieux...provenant du 
cabinet deM. M. deC***. 8vo., Paris, i860. 

Sale catalogue. 
C^ECILIUS, Calactinus. See SUIDAS. Begin. 
AiaXoyoi areipavov, etc. [Sig. 03, recto :] To ficv 
nagov fiiphov. Eovida. Oi 6e avvTa^a/ievot rovro, 
avdpeQ ao<poi. Evdi]fio?...Kei<dw;, etc. 

fol., 1499- 

[Another edition.] fol.. 1514. 


ENNE (H.) 2nd of the Name. Fragnienta 

poetarum veterum Latinorum ... Ennii ... 

Caecilii, etc. 8vo., 1564. 

C^LI ENARRANT. Incipit opusculum Ca;li 

enarrant. See GANIVETUS (J.). Amicus 

medicorum , etc. 1 6mo. , 1 5 50. 

C^LIUS (Apicius). See APICIUS (C). 

CAEPOLLA (Bartholom^us). Bartholomei iniperatore militu deligedo. See 

PUTEO (P. de). Trac. de re mill. & duel., 

etc. 8vo., 1543- 

CESAR (Caius Julius). Begin. [Fol. i, 




fol., [colophon :] Venetiis : N. lensott, 1471. 
Hain, 4213. Proctor, 4074. . . 

Commentarii Caesaris recogmti per P. 


Svo., [Lvo>is : B. de Gabiano,] 1512. 
A counterfeit Aldine. Renouard, p. 312. 

Hoc voluniinc conlinentur haec. Com- 

mentariorum de bello Gallico libri VIII. 

(A. Hircii derelictorum de bello Gallico liber 

VIII.) De bello civili Pompeiano. libri 

nil. [i.e.. III.] (A. Hirtii aut Opii) De bello 

Alexandrino. liber I. De bello Africano. 

liber I. De bello Hispaniensi. liber I., etc. 

[Edited by J. Jucundus. With woodcuts.] 

8vo., [colophon .•] Venetiis : in aedibiis 

Aldi, et .Andreae soceri. 1513. 

Renouard. p. 60. With the words " TTxello- 

duauni" and " Massilia " in tlie handwriting 

of Aldu-s beneath two of the woodcuts. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., [colophon .•] Venetiis : in aedibus 
Aldi, el .4ndreae soceri, 15 19. 
Renouard, p. 8S. 

C. Julii Caesaris commentarii, etc. 

8vo.,Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1534. 
Contemporary stamped leather binding with 
" W G " on both covers. Hawtrey copy. 

[Another edition.] 

?.\'o..Lugduni: apud Seb. Gryphium, 1536. 
Sunderland copy. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo.. Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1538. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1540. 

[Another edition.] 

8\'0., Lugduni : apud S. Doletum, 1543' 
Green morocco by EirJsall & Son. 

[Another edition, entitled :] C. Julii 

Caesarisrerum ab se gestarum commentarii, etc. 
l6mo., Lugduni: apud Seb. Gryphium, 1545. 

[Another edition.] 

l6mo., Lugduni: apud Seb. Giyphium, 1546. 

[Another edition, entitled :] C. Julii 

Caesaris commentariorum de bello Gallico, 
libri VIIL, etc. 

8vo., Lugduni: apud Seb. Gryphium, 1 547. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Venetiis : J. Gryphius excudebat, [1548 ?] 

[Another edition of that of 1 545.] 

i6mo., Lugdtmi : apud Seb. Gryphittm, 1549. 

[Another edition of that of 1547.] 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1 551. 

[Another edition of that of 1545.] 

i6mo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1555. 

[Another edition of that of 1547.] 

Svo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1 556. 

[Another edition.] ... Cum correc- 

tionibus P. Manutii. 

8vo., Venetiis : Aldus [P. Manutius], 1 561. 
Renouard, p. 1S4. 

[Another edition, entitled :] C. Julii 

Caesaris commentarii ab Aldo Manutio PaulU 
F. ...emendati et scholiis illustrati, etc. 

8vo., Venetiis : apud Alduni [Aldus 
Manutius, the Younger], 1575. 
Renouard, p. 221. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Venetiis : apud Aldum [Aldus 
Mantttius, the Younger], i 576. 
Renouard, p. 224. 

[Another edition of that of 1545.] 

i6mo., Lugduni : apud Ant. Gryphium, 1582. 

[Another edition of that of 1575.] 

Svo., Venetiis : apud Aldum [Aldus 
Manutius, the Younger], 1588. 
Renouard, p. 240. 

[Another edition, entitled:] C. Julii 

Caesaris qua; extant ex cmendatione Jos. 
Scaligeri. umo. , .4mstelodami, 1661. 

Bagot copy. 

[Another copy. ] 

A. T. Strachan's and Sir J. Strachan's copy. 


CESAR (Caius Julius).— (cohW.) 

Sec CLARKE (S.). The dedication of 

Dr. Clarke's edition of Csesar's commen- 
taries, etc. 8vo., 171 2. 

Floridus (F.) Sabinus. F. 

C. J. Caesaris praestantia libri tres, etc. See 
FLORIDUS (F.) Sabinus. F. 
M. A. Plauti...calumniatores apologia, etc. 

fol., 1540. 

See LORITUS (H.) Glareanus. In C. 

Julii Caesaris... commentarios de bello Gal- 
lico, ac Civili, H. Glareani...annotationes. 

Svo., 1538. 

[Another edition.] Svo., 1546. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another edition.] 8vo., 1548. 

See RAMSHORN (J. G. L.). Sacra sol- 

lemnia in memoriam renovati ill. Gymnasii 
Fridericiani Altenb. . . . Vindicatur locorum quo- 
rumdam. . .Caesaris. . .integritas, etc. 

4to., (1826.) 

See RAMUS (P.). [De Cesaris Militia.] 

P. Rami... liber de Cjesaris militia, etc. 

8vo., 1559. 
[Another edition.] 8vo., (1574.) 

ScHUBART (G.). G. Schubarti C. Julius 

Caesar... sub e.xemplo mutatae reipublicae 
descriptus. See STRUVE (B. G.). B. G. 
Struvii bibliotheca librorum rariorum, etc. 
Pt. IL 4to., 1719- 

See SURTEES (S. F.). Julius Caesar: 

did he cross the Channel ? 8vo., 1866. 

See SURTEES (S. F.). Julius Ca;sar : 

showing, beyond reasonable doubt, that he 
never crossed the Channel, etc. 8vo., 1868. 

C^SARIUS (Joannes). J. Caesarii...dialec- 
tica. Cui adjecimus J. Murmcllii isagogen in 
decern Aristotelis praedicamenta. 

8vo., Lugduni : apxid Seb. Gryphium, 1538. 

Rhetorica J. Caesarii, in septem libros, 

sive tractatus digesta : universam fere ejus 
artis vim facili compendio complectens. 

8vo.. Lugduni : apudSeb. Gryphium. 1539. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo.. Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1546. 
Sunderland copy. 
CAHIn (Sigismund). Trias quaestionum Hora- 
tianarum. Dissertatio, etc. 

8vo., Boyinac, 1838. 
Contents : — De ordinis, quo nunc poomntn Ilora- 
tiana cullocata sunt, origino ot ratioiie ; Do 
Canidia Uoratiana ; Do amoribua lloratii. 
CAILHAVA (Leon). Catalogue d'un choix de 
livres ancicns rarcs et curieux de la biblio- 
th^quc dc L. Cailhava. 8vo., Paris, 1862. 
Sale catalogue. 
CAILLARU (Antoine Bernard). Notice sur 
M. A. B. Caillard. Svo., s.n. 

Pattifion copy. 

CAILLY (Jacques nv.). See ACEILLY, le 
Chevalier d' . 

CALABER (Ouintus). Scc QUINTUS, Swyr- 

CALAIS. Tlie Chronicle of Calais, in the 
reigns of Henry VII. and Henry VIII. to the 
year 1540. Edited. J. G. Nichols. 

4to. , London, 1846. 
(Camden Society Publicationa, Vol. 35.) 

CALAMINUS (Georgius). [i.e., Georg 
RoRicH.] G. Calamini... liber, vel epistola 
Mnemosynes ad Eugeniam, de literarum 
origine & propagatione. Elegiarum liber I. 
Lyricorum lib. I. Epithalamiton Ub. I. 
Epigrammatum.lib. I. i\o.,Argentorati, 1583. 
Latham copy, 

Turtur G. Calamini. eligenda uxore 

elegia, etc. 4to., Argentorati, 1583. 

Latham copy. 

CALAS (Jean)." Se« COQUEREL (A. J.). J. 
Calas et sa famillc ; etude historique, etc. 

8vo., 1858. 

CALCAGNINUS (C^lius). [i.e.. Celio Cal- 

CAGNiNi.] C. Calcagnini... opera aliquot, etc. 

fol., [colophon :] Basilea : per H. Fro- 

beniiim et N. Episcopium, 1544. 

Burmannu^ the Elder's copy. 

C. Calcagnini ecomium [sic] pulicis. See 

SCRIPTORES. Dissertationum ludicrarum 
...scriptores varii. Editio nova, etc. 

i2mo., 1644. 
[Another copy.] 

[Another edition.] i2mo., 1666. 

[Another copy.] 

See GRIFOLUS (J.). M. T. Ciceronis 

defensiones contra C. Calcagnini disquisi- 
tiones in ejus officia, etc. Svo., 1546. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another edition.] See FERRA- 

RIUS (H.). H. Ferrarii ad P. Manutium 
cmendationes in I'hilippicas Ciceronis, etc. 

8vo., 1552. 
[Another copy.] 

[Another copy.] 

See MAJORAGIUS (M. A.). M. A. 

.Majoragii decisioncs XXV., quibus M. T. 
Ciceronem ab omnibus C. Calcagnini criini- 
nationibus liberat. 8vo., 1544. 

CALCEOLARIUS (Franciscus). See CALZO- 

CALDERWOOD (David). Parasynagma Per- 
thensc et juramcntum Ecclesias Scoticana; 
[by D. Caldcrwood] et .\. JM(elvini) Antita- 
niicamicatcgoria [in vcr,sc]. 

^to.. [Edinburgh : A. Hart,] 1620. 
,Srr •■Di<-t. Nat. Riop.," .XXXVIL, 236, ».n. 
Melville (A.). 

CALENDAR. 1 he new calendar : or, an 
address to the common j>coplc of England 
on the alteration of the time, by the new 
stile, of celebrating o\ir fasls and festivals. 
By a sincere friend of theirs. 

Svo. , London, 1753. 

CALEND.^R ( ) Earl of. Sec DUN- 

FERMLINE ( ) Earl of. The Earl of 

D\mfcrmlinc against the Earl of Calendar 
and Lord Almond, fol., [1851 ?] 


CALEPINUS (Ambrosius). [i.e., Ambrosio 
Calepino.] a. Calepini dictionarium. In 
quo restituendo atque exomando haec prae- 
stitimus. Primum non solum. ..cura\dmus... 
ut adderemus quamplurima ; sed etiam... 
ut multarum dictionum obscuram significa- 
tionem apcriremus. Deinde, cum exempla 
quedam Calepinus adduxerit, quae nunc in 
libfis emendate impressis aliter leguntur, ea 
sustulimus, & aptiora reposuimus, etc. 
[Edited by P. Manutius.] 

fol.. Veiietiis : apud Aldt filios. 1 1;48. 
Renouard, p. 142. Lalaing and Butler copy. 

[Another edition.]. ..Additamenta P. 

JIanutii. tum ad intelligendam, tum ad 
exornandamlinguamLatinam.quaedam etiam 
ad Romanarum rerum scientiam utilissima. 
In hac postrema editione... singulis vocibus 
Latinis Italicas, Gallicas, Hispanicas inter- 
pretationes addendas curavimus. 3 pts. [in 
I vol.] fol., Vevetiis : ex Bibliotheca 

Aldina [the Toyresam], 1571. 
Benouard, p. 212. 

[Another edition.] fol., Venetiis : 

Aldus [Aldus Manutius.the Yovv^er^. i t,yfy. 
Renouard, p. 222. Red morocco by C. Lewis. 
Syston Park copy. 

CALLIMACHUS. Ka/.?.tfiaxov KvQt]vaiov vfivoi. 
See PINDAR. IIcvdaQov. 'Oh'funa. IJx^ia, 
etc. 8vo., 1513. 

KuV.ifiaxov KvQtjvatov vfivot, ftera rcov 

ayohcov. rvco/iai ex diacpoQcov Tioirjrwv cpiXo- 
aotptov re QrjTOQcov av?.f.eyeiaai. Callimachi 
Cyrenaei h\Tnni, cum scholiis nunc primum 
aeditis. Sententiae ex diversis poetis ora- 
toribusq^ ac philosophis collectae, non ante 
excusae. [Edited by S. Gelenius.] Gr. 

4to., [colophon : Basel : H. Froben 
and N. Episcopiits, 1532.] 

KaD.tfiaxoi' KvQ>jvaiov elg Trjv 'AQXefiiv 

vnvoQ. Gr.'&'Lat. See FLORIDUS (F.) 
Sabinus. F. M. A. Plauti... 
calumniatores apologia, etc. [Pt. II.] 

fol., 1540. 

KaXh/iaxov...vfivoi. See ESTIENNE 

(H.) 2nd of the Name. 01 rijg 7]ocoixrig 
noiJjaews TiQcurevovrsg noirjxai, etc. [Pt. II.] 

fol.. 1566. 

KaV.t/myov Ki'ovvatov [s/c] vfivoi, /itra 

axohioi: Callimachi... hymni (interprete N. 
Gulonio), cum scholiis. Gr. <sy Lat. 

4to., Parisiis, 1574. 
The Latin version has a separate pagination and 
register. Cavellat copy. 

KaXh/iayog. KXeavBi]!;. IIqoxXo;. Calli- 

machus. Cleanthes. Proclus. Curante J. 
F. Boissonade. Gr. i6mo., Parisiis, 1824. 

Sophista. 'Exrpoaaeti KaX- 

LUCIANUS, Samosatensis. 

ivearn' ev roiSe tco /Si^Ajw. 

fol., 1503. 

hajQUTov. See 
[Opera.] Tade 
Aovxiavov, etc. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another edition.] See PHILO- 

STRATUS. Ta6e eveariv ev rmde tw {iifiXiw. 
0t?.oaTQarov elxoveg, etc. fol., 151 7. 

[Another edition.] See LUCIA- 

NUS, Samosatensis. [Opera.] Aovxiavov 
diahiyoi xat dP.).a noXXa avyyga/iftara, etc. 

fol., 1522. 
CALMO (Andrea). I piacevoli et ingeniosi 
discorsi in piu lettere compresi, e ne la lingua 
antica volgari dechiariti, etc. 

Svc, Vinegia : per Comin de Trino di 

Monferrato, 1547. 

CALPURNIUS (Titus Julius) Siculus. T. 

Calphurnii...bucoUcon. See BENEDICTUS, 

Philologus. Eclogae. VergiUi, etc. 

Svo., 1504. 

'■ [Another edition.] See PONTANUS 

(J- J)- J- J- Pontani amorum libri II., etc. 

Svo., 15 1 8. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., [1520 ?] 

[Another edition.] See GRATIUS, 

Faliscics. Hoc volumine continentur. Poetae 
tres egregii, etc. 8vo., 1534. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., 1534. 

[Another edition.] See GRATIUS, 

Faliscus. venatione liber I., etc. 

8vo., 1537. 
[Another edition.] T. Calpumii ec- 

logae VII. C. Barthius recensuit, et animad- 
versionum librum adjecit. See BARTHIUS 
(C). Venatici et bucolici poetae Latini, etc. 

8vo., 1613. 
CALVIN (Jean). In J. Calvini catechcsin Latinam linguam conversi 
ab J. A. Frisio. His accedit alia Catechesis 
cujus in reformatis Belgicae ecclesiis et alibi 
usus est, etc. 2 pts. 

8vo., Antverpiis, 1584. 
With autograph and MS. notes by G. Scioppius. 
The " Catechesis " has a separate titlepage 
and pagination. 

Le Catechisme fran9ais de Calvin... suivi 

de la plus ancienne confession de foi de I'figlise 
de Geneve. Avec deux notices par A. 
RiUiet et T. Dufour. 8vo., Geneve. 1878. 

Traitte des reliques... Autre traitte des 

reliques centre le decret du Concile de 
Trente, traduit du latin de M. Chemnicius. 
Inventaire des reliques de Rome ; mis 
d'italien en fran^ois. Response aux alle- 
gations de R. BcUarmin Jesuite pour les 
reliques. 8vo., (Genhje, 1863.) 

A reprint of the edition of 1599. 

See AUDIN (J. M. V.). Histoire de la Calvin... Cinquieme edition, etc. 2 
tom. 8vo., 1850. 

See BENSON (G.). A brief account of 

Calvin's burning Scrvetus for an heretic... 
The second edition, etc. Svo., 1744. 

See BEZA (T.). Vie de J. Calvin. ..Nou- 

velle edition, etc. i2mo., 1864. 

See BIBLE. [French.l La Bible fran- 

9aise de Cahin, etc. 2 tom. 8vo., 1897. 

See BOLSEC (J. H.). Histoire de la vie J. Calvin, etc. 8vo., 1875. 

See BOLSEC (J. H.). La vie, mort et 

doctrine de J. Calvin, etc. 8vo., 1664. 


CALVIN (]E.K>^).—{coiitd.) 

See BOKDIEK (H. L.). Bolscc rajeuni 

et de nouveau reprime pour ses vieilles calom- 
nies centre Calvin, etc. 8vo., 1880. 

See CHARPENNE (P.). Histoire de la 

Refonne et des Reformateurs de Gendve, 
suivie de la lettre du Cardinal Sadolet aux 
Genevois pour les ramener a la religion 
catholique et de la reponse de Calvin. 

8vo., 1861. 

See DOUMERGUE (t.). J. Calvin. Lcs 

hommes et les choses de son temps. Tome I. 

4to., 1899. 

See DYER (T. H.). The life of J. Calvin, 

etc. 8vo., 1850. 

See HENRY (P. E.). The life and times 

of J. Calvin, etc. 2 vols. 8vo., 1849. 

See MARRON (P. H.). J. Calvin, etc. 

8vo., s.a. 

See PUAUX (N. A. P.). Vie de Calvin. 

(Nouvelle Edition.) 8vo., 1864. 

See WILLIS (R.) M.D. Servetus and 

Calvin, etc. 8vo., 1877. 

CALZOLARI (Francesco). Iter Baldi civi- 
tatis Veronae lucem editum ab... 
F. Calceolario, etc. See OLIVUS (J. B.). 
De reconditis ct praccipuis coUectaneis ab... 
F. Calceolario... in musseo adservatis, etc. 

4to., 1593. 

CAMBINI (Andrea). Commentario de A. 
Cambini Fiorentino. della origine de Turchi, 
ct imperio dclla casa Ottomana. See 
JOVIUS (P.) Bishop of Nocera. Commen- 
tarii delle cose de Turchi, etc. [Pt. II.] 

8vo., 1541. 

CAMBRIDGE. Minutes of the Cambridge 
[Presbyterian] Classis, Jany 20, 1656/7, to 
July 13, 1658. See BURY. Minutes of the 
Bury Presbyterian Classis, etc. Pt. II., Ap- 
pendix 3. 4to., 1898. 

[Another copy.] 

CAMBRIDGE.— Public Free Library. See 
PINK (J.). The Cambridge Public Free 
Library, etc. 8vo., (1882.) 

CAMBRIDGE. — University. Oliva Pads. 
Ad illustrissimum cclsissimumq3 Olivcrum, 
Reipub. Angliw, Scotiae, & Hibernias Domi- 
num Protectorem ; de pace cum foedcratis 
Bclgis fehciter sancita, carmen Cantabri- 
giense. 4to., Cantabrigia, 1654. 

Wanting fol. E4. 

Quaestiones, una cum carminibus, in 

magnis Comitiis Cantabrigia? celebratis 17 14. 

8vo., Cantabrigia;, 1714. 

See BOWES (R.). Biographical notes on 

the University printers, etc. 8vo., 1886. 

Sec BOWES (R.). A catalogue of books 

printed at or relating to the University... of 
Cambridge. <•/<;. (Index.) 8vo., 1804. 

See BOWES (R.). Note on the Cambridge 

University Press, 1 701-1707. 8vo., 1887. 

See BRADSHAW (H.) Librarian of the 

University of Cambridge. The University 
Library, etc. 8vo., 1881. 

CAMDEN (William). Britannia, sive floren- 
tissimorum regnorum, Anglice, Scotia?, Hiber- 
niae, et insularum adjacentium ex intima 
antiquitate chorographica descriptio. 
Svo., Londini : per Radulphum Newbery, 1586. 

Remaines concerning Britain : their lan- 
guages, names... epitaphs... The sixth impres- 
sion. ..By the industry. ..of J. PhiIipot...and 
W. D., Gent. 4to.. London, 1657. 

Wanting all before the titlopage. 

cellanv. Vols. I.-IV. 4to.. [/.o»rfoM.] 1847-50. 
(Camdon Society Publication.'?, Vols. 39, 55, 61, 73.) 
Contents : Vol. I. — Register and chronicle of the 
Abbey of Aberconway, — Chronicle of the re- 
bellion in Lincolnshire, 1470. — Bull of Pope 
Innocent VIII. on the marriage of Henry VII. 
with Elizabeth of York. — Journal of the Siege 
of Rouen, 1581. By Sir T. Coningsby. — Letter 
from George Fleetwood. an account of 
the Battle of Lutzen and the death of Gustava<? 
Adolphu.'i. — Diary of Dr. Edward Lake... chap- 
lain and tutor to the Princesses Mary and 
Anne.. .1677-1678. 

Vol. II. — Account of the expenses of John of 
Brabant and Thomas and Henry of Lancaster, 
A.D. 1292-3. — Household expenses of the Prin- 
cess Elizabeth during her residence at Hattield, 
Oct. I, 1551, to Sept. 30, 1552.— The request 
and suite of a true-hearted Englishman. Written 
by W. — The discovery of 
the Jesuits' College at Clerkenwell in March 
1627-8 : and a letter found in their house... 
directed to the Father Rector at Bruxelles. — 
Trelawny papers. — Autobiography and anec- 
dotes by W. Taswell... 1651-82. 

Vol. III. — Papers relating to proceedings in 
the county of Kent, A.D. 1642-A.D. 1646. — .An- 
cient biographical poems, on the Duke of Nor- 
folk, Viscount Hereford, the Earls of Essex, and 
Queen Elizabeth.. .Edited by J. P. Collier. — A 
relation of some abuses which are committed 
against the common-wealth. ..Composed. ..1629, 
t)y a poore freind [tiic] and welwisher to the 
commonwealth (A. L. ). — Inventories of the 
wardrobes, plate, chapel stulT, etc., of Henry 
Fitzroy, Duke of Richmond, and of the ward- 
robe stuff at Baynard's Ca.stle of Katharine, 
Princess Dowager. 

Vol. IV. — London chronicle during the reigns 

of Henry the Seventh and Henry tho Eighth. — 

The expenses of the Judges of Assizo riding the 

Western and Oxford Circuits.. .1596-1601. 

Edited, from the MS. account book of T. 

Walmysley, etc. — Tho Bkryvonors' play, the 

incredulity of St. Thomiw. — Tho Childo of 

Bristow, a poom, by John Lydgato. — Sir E. 

Lake's account of his interviews with Charle,s I. 

on being created a baronet, etc. — The letters of 

(A.] PoiJO to Atterbury when in tho Tower of 

London. — Supplomentarj- not« to the discovery 

of tho Jesuits' College at Clorkonwoll in March 

1627-8, etc. 

CAMDEN SOCIEIV. [Publications.] Vols. 

1-82. 4t<)., London. 1838-62. 

Wanting Vols. 6, 8, 13, 15. 26-29, 36, |^ 47. 5°. 

52. 69. 

Vol. I. Sec EDWARD IV., King of 

England. Historic of the arrivall of Edward 
IV. in England, etc. 4to.. 1838. 

Vol. 2. See BALE (J.) Bishop of Ossory. 

Kynge Johan. A play. eto. 4to., 1838. 

Vol. 3. See RICHARD XL, King oj 

England. Alliterative poem on the deposi- 
tion of King Richard II., etc. 4to., 1838. 


CAMDEN SOCIETY. [Publications.]— (cojjR) 

DENCE. Plumpton correspondence, etc. 

4to., 1830. 

Vol. 5. See THO.MS (W. J.). Anecdotes 

and traditions, illustrative of early English 
history, e^c. 4to.,i83Q. 

Vol. 7. S(;eHAYWARD(S!> J.). Annals 

of the first four years of the reign of Queen 
Elizabeth, etc. 4*0-. 1840- 

Vol. 9. See NORDEN (J.). Speculi 

Britanniae pars, e<c. 4to., 1840. 

Vol. 10. See WARKWORTH (J.). A 

chronicle of the first thirteen years of the 
reign of King Edward the Fourth, etc. 

4to., 1S39. 

Vol.11. See KEMP {\\\). Kemps nine 

dales wonder, etc. 4to., 1840. 

Vol. 12. See EGERTON PAPERS. The 

Egerton papers, etc. 4to., 1840. 

Vol. 14. See CROKER (T. C). Narra- 
tives illustrative of the contests in Ireland in 
1 64 1 and 1690, etc. 4to., 1841. 

Vol. 16. See MAP (W.). The Latin 

poems commonly attributed to W. Mapes, 

Vol. 17. See NUCIUS (N.). 

book of the travels of N. Nucius, 

4to., 1 84 1 
The second 

4to., 1841. 
Three early 

4to., 1842. 
The private 

4to., 1842. 

(J.). An 

4to., 1842. 


4to., 1842. 

Vol. 18. See ROBSON (J.), 

EngUsh metrical romances, etc. 

Vol. 19. See DEE (J.). 

diary of Dr. J. Dee, etc. 

Vol. 20. See WYCLIFFE 

apology for Lollard doctrines, etc. 

Vol. 21. See RUTLAND 

Rutland papers, etc. 

VoL 22. See CARTWRIGHT (T. ) Bishop 

of Chester. The diary of Dr. T. Cart%vright, 
etc. 4to., 1843. 

Vol. 23. See ELLIS {Sir H.). Original 

letters of eminent literary men, etc. 

4to., 1843. 

Vol. 24. See KYTELER (A.). A con- 
temporary narrative of the proceedings 
against Dame Alice Kyteler, etc. 4to., 1843. 

Vol. 25. See GALFRIDUS, Anglicus. 

Promptorium parvulorum sive clericorum, 
etc. Tom. I. 4to., 1843. 

Vol. 30. See THORNTON (R.). The 

Thornton romances, etc. 4to., 1844. 

VoL 31. 5ee VERNE Y (5t> R.). Verney 

papers, etc. 4to., 1845. 

Vol. 32. See BRiVMSTON {Sir J.). The 

autobiography of Sir J. Bramston, etc. 

4to., 1845. 

Vol. 33. See PERTH (J. Drummond) 4th 

Earl of. Letters, efc. 4to., 1845. 

Vol. 34. See LONDON. De antiquis 

legibus liber, etc. 4to., 1846. 

Vol.35. See CALAIS. The Chronicle of 

Calais, etc. 4to., 1S46. 

Vol. 41 




— Vol.37. S«e ENGLAND. A relation... 
of the island of England, etc. 4to., 1847. 

— Vol. 38. See ATTHILL(W.). Documents 
relating to the... Collegiate Church of Middle- 
ham, etc. 4to., 1847. 

The Caniden Miscellany. Vol.1. 4to., 1847. 

— Vol. 40. See GREY OF WILTON (A. 
Grey) 14th Baron. A commentary' of the 

William Lord Grey of Wilton. 

4to., 1847. 

See YONGE (W.). Diary, etc. 

4to., 1848. 

See CHARLES (N.). The 

visitation of the county of Huntingdon, etc. 

4to., 1849. 

— Vol. 44. See SMYTH (R.). The obituar>' 
of R. Smyth, etc. 4to., 1849. 

— Vol. 45. See TWYSDEN {Sir R.) Bart. 
Certaine considerations upon the government 
of England, etc. 4to., 1849. 

\'ol. 46. See ELIZABETH, Queen of 

England. Letters of Queen Elizabeth and 
King James VI. of Scotland, etc. 4to., 1849. 

— Vol. 48. See GREY {Lady J.). The 
chronicle of Queen Jane, etc. 4to., 1850. 

— Vol. 49. See BURY SAINT EDMUND'S. 
Wills and in^■entories from the registers of 
the commissary of Bury St. Edmund's, etc. 

4to., 1850. 

— Vol. 51. See GUYLFORDE (Sir R.). 
The pylgrymage of Sir R. Guylforde to the 
Holy Land, etc. 4to., 1851. 

Vol. 53. See LONDON. Chronicle of 

the Grey Friars of London, etc. 4to., 1852. 

Vol. 54. See GALFRIDUS, Anglicus. 

Promptorium parvulorum sive clericorum, etc. 
Tom. IL 4to., 1853. 


The Camden miscellany. Vol. II. 

4to., 1853. 

Vol. 56. See VERNEY. Family of. 

Letters and papers, etc. 4to., 1853. 

Vol. 57. See ANCREN RIWLE. The 

Ancren Riwle 
Vol. 58. 



Letters, etc. 
— Vol. 59. 


Bishop of Hereford. 

expenses of R. de Swinfield, etc. 


4to., 1853. 
{Lady B.). 
4to., 1854. 
A roll of the household 
Vol. I. 
4to., 1854. 
60. See EDWARD V., King of 
England. Grants, etc. from the Crown during 
the reign of Edward the Fifth, etc. 4to., 1854. 

The Camden miscellany. Vol. III. 4to., 1855. 

— Vol. 62. See SWINFIELD (R. de) 
Bishop of Hereford. A roll of the household 
expenses of R. de Swinfield, etc. Vol. II. 

4to., 1855. 

— Vol. 63. See CHARLES I., King of 
England. Charles I. in 1646. Letters, etc. 

4to., 1856. 


CAMDEN SOCIETY. Publications.]— (cow/rf.) 

Vol. 64. See CHRONICLE. An English 

chronicle of the reigns of Richard II., Henry 
IV., etc. 4to., 1856. 

Vol. 65. See PHILIPPUS, de Thame. 

The Knights Hospitallers in England, etc. 

4to., 1857. 

Vol. 06. See ROUS (J.). Diary, etc. 

4to., 1856. 


Trevelyan papers, etc. [Pt. I.] 4to., 1857. 

Vol. 68. See DAVIES (R.). Journal, etc. 

4to., 1857. 

Vol. 70. See WHITELOCKE {Sir J.). 

Liber famelicus, etc. 4to., 1858. 

Vol. 71. See SAVILE (H.). Savile corre- 
spondence, etc. 4to., 1858, 

Vol. 72. See BEAUMANOIR (P. de 

Remi) Sire de. The romance of Blonde of 
Oxford and Jehan of Dammartin, etc. 

4to., 1858. 


The Camden miscellany. Vol. IV. 4to., 1859. 

Vol. 74. See SYMONDS (R.). Diary of 

the marches of the Royal army during the 
great Civil War, etc. 4to., 1859. 

Vol. 75. See HAMILTON (W. D.). 

Original papers illustrative of the life and 

writings of John Milton, etc. 

Vol. 76. See TOTNES (G. 

Earl of. Letters, etc. 

Vol. 77. See NICHOLS (J. 

4to., 1859. 
Carew) 1st 

4to., i860. 
G.). Narra- 
tives of the days of the Reformation, etc. 

4to., 1859. 

Vol. 78. See JAMES I., ftTin^ of England. 

Correspondence, etc. 4to., 1861. 

Vol. 79. See CHAMBERLAIN (J.). 

Letters, etc. 4to., 1861. 

Vol. 80. See LARKING (L. B.). Pro- 
ceedings. connection with the parliaments 
called in 1640, etc. 4to., 1862. 

Vol. 81. See GREAT BRITAIN.— 

Parliament. Parliamentary debates in i6io, 
etc. 4to., 1862. 

Vol. 82. See COOPER (W. D.). Lists of 

foreign Protestants and aliens resident in 
England, 1618-1688, etc. 4to., 1862. 

CAMERARIUS (Joachimus) the Elder, [i.e., 
GiovACCHiNO Camerario.] J. Camerarii de 
vita P. Melanchthonis narratio. Recensuit, 
notas...aliaque addidit G. T. Strobelius, etc. 

8vo., Halo;, 1777. 
'ExXoyt} Hat oiov uJiavOia/ia SiatpoQoiv inia- 

toXiov 'EXhivtxa)v...De\iicta' quaedam Graeca; 
epistolx', etc. [Edited by J. Camcrarius.] 
5«e EPISTOL/E. 8vo., 1540. 

('EmyQa/i/iara.) See EPIGRAMMATA. 

'EniyQa/i/taxa 'EXXrjvixa tcov jiaXawjv Tioitjxmv, 
etc. 8vo., 1538. 

[Another copy.] 

J. Camerarii... in M. T. Ciccroncm anno- 


8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1540. 

— [.\nother edition.] 

, Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1552. 

[Another copy.] 

Stamped pigskin binding, with clospa. 

J. Camerarii narratio de H. Eobano 

Hcsso. Accesserunt C. T. Kuinoelli oratio 
de H. Eobani Hessi in bonas literas mentis 
et H. Eobani Hessi carmina de pugna stu- 
dentum Erphordiensium cum quibusdam 
conjuratis nebulonibus et in bonarum 
artium detractorem iterum cdita. Recog- 
novit...J. T. Kreyssig. 8vo., Misenes, 1843. 
Moranto copy. 

J. Camerarii Norica, 

digiorum liber, etc. 

[Another copy.] 

sivc de ostentis, etc. 

J. Obsequentis pro- 

i6mo., 1553. 

See PHILES (M.). Tov aorpcorarov 0ihj... 

TieQi i.oHov ?f5(OTj;Toc...Sapicntissimi 
animalium proprietate, cum auctario J. 
Camerarii, etc. 8vo., 1596. 

C.\MERARIUS (Joachimus) the Younger. 
[i.e., Giovacchino Camerario.] 'ExXexra 
yeoiQyixa, sive opuscula quaedam de re 
rustica, partim collecta, partim composita k 
J. Camerario... Editio iterata auctior. 

8vo., Noribergcs, 1596. 
Morante and Syston Park copy. 

CAMERARIUS (Philippus). [i.e.. Filippo 
Camerario.] See SCHELHORN (J. G.). 
J. G. Schelhornii de vita. ..P. Camerarii... 
commentarius, etc. 4to., 1740. 

CAMILLA. Camilla, opera molto dilettevole 

da intendere. Nella quale si contiene sonetti, 

ottave, & strambotti, per gioveni innamorati. 

i6mo., Piacenza, 1600. 

32 ft., without pagination ; sigs. A-B'". 

CAMILLO (GiULio). Di G. Camillo. Tutte 

le opcre. etc. [With a preface by L. Dolce.] 

i2mo., Vinegia, 1552. 

[Another edition.] 

i2mo., Vinegia, 1554. 

[Another edition.] 

1 2 mo. 

[Another edition.] 

Camillo, etc. z torn, [in i vol.] 

i2mo., Vinegia, 1560. 

[Another copy of torn. II.] 

[.Another edition.] Tutte I'opere di 

G. Camillo. ..nuovamcntc ristampatc, & ricor- 
rcttc da T. Porcacchi, etc. 2 torn, [in i vol.] 
ijnio. , Vinegia. \^0>('. 
The coloplion of torn. U. in diilod 1565. 

[Another eilitiou. J .; loni. [in i vol.] 

i2mo., Vinesiii, i |;ft7. 65. 

This copy is made up of two dilToront editions. 

It bomngml to T. l'on!iicclii, tlio wlilor of thin 

and other editions of Comillo's works, and has 

his autograph on tho titlopago. 

[Another edition.] 2 torn, [in i vol.] 

i2ino., Vinegia. 1568.65. 
This copy is mado up of two difToront oditioas. 

Vinegia, 1555. 
Opere di G. 


CAMILLO {GiVLio).—{contd.) 

[Another edition.] 2 torn, [in i vol.] 

i2nio., Vinegia. 1568, 74. 
Thi3 copy is made up of two different editions. 

[Another edition.] 2 torn, [in l vol.] 

1 2 mo., Vinegia, 1579. 

[Another edition.] 2 torn, [in i vol.] 

1 2 mo., Vinegia, 1580. 

[Another edition.] 2 torn, [in i vol.] 

i2mo., Vinegia, 1581. 
Manzoni copy. 

[Another edition.] L'opere di G. 

Camillo...di nuovo rivedute & ristampate, 
elc. 2 torn, [in i vol.] 

i2mo., Vinegia : appresso A. Griffio, 1584 

Annotation!... sopra le rime del Petrarca 

etc. See PETRARCA (F.). II Petrarca 
Nuovamente revisto, etc. [Pt. II.] 

i2nio., 1557 

II Davalo di G. Camillo tradutto d 

latino, etc. See MUZIO (G.) Giustinopolitano 
Rime diverse, etc. 8vo., 1551 

Due Re Christianissimo. 

8vo., Vinegia. 1545. 

[Another edition.] 5e«ORATIONI. 

Orationi diverse, ffc. 8vo., 1546. 

Due trattati...runo delle materie, che 

possono venir sotto lo stile dell'eloquente : 
I'altro della imitatione. 4to., {colophon ;] 

Venetia : nella stamparia de Farri, 1544. 

L'idea del theatre. 4to., [colophon ;] 

Fiorenza : appresso L. Torrentino, 1 5 50. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., Vinegia: 

appresso di A. Bindoni, 1550. 

J. Camilli Delminii pro suo de eloquentia 

theatro, ad Gallos oratio. 

4to., Venetiis, 1587. 

CAMPANELLA (Tomm.\so). CEuvres choisies 
de Campanella, precedees d'une notice, par 
Mme. L. Colet. 8vo., Paris, 1844. 

Presentation copy from the editor. 

Opere di T. Campanella scelte, ordinate 

ed annotate da A. d'Ancona e precedute da 
un discorso del medesimo sulla vita e le 
dottrine dell'autore. 2 vols. 

8vo. , Torino, 1854. 
Forms part of the " Nuova Bibliotoca Populare." 

F. T. Campanellae... apologia pro Galileo... 

Ubi disquiritur, utrum ratio philosopahndi 
[sic], quam Galileus celebrat, faveat sacris 
scripturis, an adversetur. [Edited by T. 
Adami.] 4to., Francofurii. 1622. 

Tlie titlepage has an engraved border. Crossley 

[Another copy.] 

[Another copy. Without the en- 
graved border to the titlepage.] 

T. Campanellae de libris propriis & recta 

ratione studendi, syntagma, etc. See GRO- 
TIUS (H.). H. Grotii et aliorum disserta- 
iionts, etc. . i2mo., 1645. 

Clarissimi...viri T. Campanellae... de rc- 

formatione scientiarum index. [Edited by J. 
Gaffarel.] 4to., Venetiis, i6;?3. 

Crossley copy. With the inscription '* Pour 
Messienr Puy. Gaffarel " on the titlepage. 

F. T. Campanellae de sensu rerum et 

magia, libri quatuor...T. Adami recensuit, 
et nunc primum evulgavit. 

4to., Francofurii, 1620. 

Prodromus philosophiae instaurandae, id 

est, dissertationis de natura rerum com- 
pendium secundum vera principia, ex scriptis 
T. Campanellae praemissum. Cum prjefatione 
ad philosophos Germaniae [by T. Adami]. 

4to., Francofurii, 1617. 
Crossley copy. 

[Another copy.] 

See AMABILE (L.). Fra T. Campanella, 

la sua congiura, etc. 3 vols. 8vo., 1882. 

See AMABILE (L.). Fra T. Campanella 

ne' Castelli di Napoli in Roma ed in Parigi, 
etc. Vol. I. 8vo., 1887. 

S««BALDACCHINI(M.). Vita diT. Cam- 
panella. 8vo., 1847. 

See BALDACCHINI (M.). Vita e filosofia 

di T. Campanella. ..Seconda edizione. 

8vo., 1857. 

CAMPANUS (Joannes Antonius) Bishop of 
Teramo. [i.e., Giov.\nni Antonio Ca.m- 
PANi.] •:• Plus in aUeno •:• | •:• DE TE •:• 
MOX •:• DE iSIE ■:• | Ne precor quid prius 
dato lector uitio q omnia intueare Nam spero 
fore I ut nisi cuncta abiicias cogaris singula 
laudare. | •:• CONTINENTVR •:• | Tracta- 
tus. V. Orationcs. XV. EpistolaE. IX. 
libri. Vita Pii. Historia Brachii. Epigra- 
matu. VIII. t. [Edited, with a Ufe of Cam- 
panus. by M. Fernus.] 6 pts. [in i vol.] 

fol., [colophon .] Romce : per Eticharitim 

Silber alias Franck. 1495. 

304 ff. Each work has a distinct register and 

dedicatory epistle. Hain and Copinger, 42S6. 

Proctor, 3879. Mitford copy. 

CAMPBELL (Arabella Georgina). The life 
of Fra P. Sarpi. etc. 8vo., London, 1869. 

H. W. Walpole's copy. 

CAMPBELL (George Lamb). Wigan Public 
Library : a note to introduce Mr. H. T. 
Folkard's catalogue of its Reference Depart- 
ment. i2mo., Wigan, 1886. 

CAMPEGIUS (Joannes Baptista) Bishop of 
Majorca, [i.e., Giovanni Battista Cam- 
PEGGl.] J. B. Campegii... oratio de religione 
tuenda, etc. See SADOLETUS (J.) Cardinal. 
Orationes duae clariss. et ampliss. virorum, 
etc. 4to., 1 561. 

CAMPEGIUS (Symphorianus). See CHAM- 

CAMPEGIUS (Thomas) Bishop of Feltre. 
[i.e., ToMMASo Campeggi.] Opus T. Cam- 
pegii... de auctoritate, & potestate Roman. 
Pontificis, et alia opuscula, etc. 

8vo., Venetiis : apud P. Manutium, 1555. 
Renonard, p. 164. 





CAMPERIUS (Symphorianus). See CHAM- 

CAMPESTER (Lambertus). L. Campestri... 
apologia in Martinu Lutherum, hsereseos 
Acephalorum, ac Sacrilegorii antesignanum, 

4tQ., Parisiis : in adibtis S. Colincei, 1523. 
CAMUS (Armand Gaston). Notice d'un livre 
imprime a Bamberg en 1463 [containing a 
book of complaints against death, the his- 
tories of Joseph, Daniel, Judith and Esther, 
and a Bibha pauperum], etc. 

4to., Paris, an VII. [1799.] 
F. R. Atkinson's copy. 

See TOULONGEON (F. E.) Vicomte de. 

£loge historique de A. G. Camus, etc. 

8vo., 1806. 

CAMUS DE LIMARE ( ). Catalogue de 

livres rares [of M. Camus de Limare]...Par 

G. de Bure, fils aine. 8vo., Paris, 1786. 

Sale catalogue, with prices in MS. 


Lettre a M. [A. M. J. J.] Dupin sur I'eloge 

d' £. Pasquier...Deuxi6me edition. 

8vo., Paris, [post 1848.] 
Pattiaon copy. 
CANADA. An account of the noblesse, or 
gentry in Canada, in the year 1775. 

8vo., s.l. [post 1789.] 

Sir C. G. Young's copy. 

CANINIUS (Angelus). [i.e., Angelo Canini.] 

A. Caximii...' EXXrjviafioi;. In quo quicquid 

vetustissimi scriptores dc Graecae lingua? 

ratione praecipiunt, etc. 4to., Parisiis, 1555. 

Wollaston copy. 

— — [Another edition.] ... copiosissimi 

Graecarum Latinarfimque vocum indicis ac- 
cessionc per C. Hauboesium locupletatus, etc. 
8vo., Parisiis, 1578. 

Parr ond Pattison copy. 

CANISIUS (Petrus). Authoritatum Sacrae 

Scripturae, et sanctorum Patrum, quae in 

summa doctrinae Christianac.P. Canisii... 

citantur, & nunc primiim ex ipsis fontibus 

fidelitcr collcctae, ipsis catechismi verbis 

subscriptac sunt, pars prima (-tertia). 3 tom. 

4to., Venetiis : ex Bibliotheca Aldina [the 

Torresani^ 1571. 

Renouard, p. zii. 

CANNING (George). The doctor. A parody, 
etc. See HONE (W.). The man in the moon, 
etc. 8vo., 1820. 

CANONES. Canones, et decreta Sacrosanct! 
Oicumenici et Generalis Concilii Tridentini, 
etc. See TRENT, Council of. 

— — Kuvovti; Tiuv ^AnooToXtov, etc. See APOS- 


CANTERBURY, Archbishops of. 

Archibald Campbell. [18O9-82.J See T A IT 
(A. C). 

Edward White. [1883-96.] See BENSON 
(E. W.). 

Matthew. [IS59-7S-] 5ee PARKER (M.). 

Thomas. [1162-70.] See THOMAS [A 
Becket], Saint. 

Thomas. [1533-56.] See CRANMER (T.). 

CANTERUS (GuLiELMUs). [i.e., Willem Can- 
ter.] G. Canter. [Biographical notice.! 
See MORANTE (J. Gomez de la Cortina) 
Marquis de. Catalogus librorum, etc. Tom. 
VII., pp. 24-29. 8vo., i860. 

CANTtJ (Cesare). Gli eretici d'ltaUa, discorsi 
storici. 3 vols. 

8vo., Torino, 1865-66 (-67). 

CAP OF DIGNITY. Cap of dignity or estate, 
called the Cap of Maintenance. [By Sir C. 
G. Young.] See YOUNG {Sir C. G.) Garter 
King of Arms. Svo., s.a. 

CAPELLA (Galeatius Flavius). [i.e., Gale- 

Azzo Flavio Capella.] L'anthropologia di 

G. Capclla, etc. 8vo., [colophon :] 

Venetia : nelle case dclli hercdi d'Aldo 

Romano, &■ d' Andrea d'.i sola, 1533. 

Ronounrd, p. no. 

Commentarii di G. Capella delle cose fatte 

per la restitutione di Francesco Sforza, 
secondo Duca di Milano. Tradotte di latino 
...per F. Philipopoli, etc. 

4to., Venetiis: cpud J. Giolitum, 1539. 

G. Capella; de rebus nuper in Italia gestis 

libri octo, etc. 8vo., [colophon .] Antverpio' : 

apud M. Ccrsarem, 1533. 

CAPELLA (MartianusMineus Felix). Opus | 
Martiani Capelle de Nuptijs | Philologie & 
Mercurij libri duo| dc grammatica. | dc dialec- 
tica. I de rhctorica. | de gcomctri [siV]. | de 
arithmetica. | dc astronomia. | de musica libri 
scptem. I [Edited by F. Vitalis Bodianus.] 
Ed. Pr. fol., [colophon .] Vicentia : per 

Henricum de Sancto Vrso [Riga di Ca Zeno, 
of Saniorso,}^ 1409. 
Hain, •4370. Proctor, 7174. Moranto copy. 

— — M. M. F. musica liber IX. 
See MEIBOMIUS (M.). Antiqua; musicae 
auctores septem, etc. Vol. II. 4to., 1652. 

M. M. F. Capellae...satyricon, in quo de 

nuptiis Philologiae & Mcrcurii libri duo, & de 
septem artibus libcralibus libri singulares. 
Omncs, & cmendati, & notis, sive februis H. 
Grotii illustrati. 8vo., [Lcyden.] i "loo. 

With the scarce oncraved portrait of Groflw*. 
The notos by Grot in** are unpdgoti and have 
an independent register. Steevons, Bnnl<9, 
Person, and H. White's copy. 

CAPELLONI (LonENzo). Vita del Prencipe 

A. Doria. etc. 4to., Vinegia. 1565. 

Chorley copy, 

CAPICIUS (Scipjo). S. Capicii de principiis 

rcrum libri duo. Ejusdem dc vatc maximo 

libri tres. [With a preface by P. Manutius.] 

8vo., [colophon ;] Venetiis : apud Aldi 

filios. 1546. 
Renouard, p. 138. Hebcr copy. 



CAPICIUS (SciPio). —{contd.) 

S. Capicii de principiis rerum. See CON- 

TARINI (G.) Cardinal, Bishop of Belluno. 
G. elementis...libri quinque, 
etc. 8vo., 1548. 

CAPILUPUS (HirPOLYTUs) Bishop of Fano. 

{i.e., Ippolito Capilupi.] Ad. ..J. Boncom- 

pagnum.. .versus, cum epistola P. Manutii. 

4to., RomcB : apud fosephum de Angelis, 1 573. 

Renouard.p. 216. Calf gilt by C. Lewis. Butler, 

Systou Park, and \"yvyaa copy. 

CAPITO (Lepidus) pseua., Kesp. [For editions 
of the " Theses de hasione et hasibili quah- 
tate."] See STENGLERUS (F.) Leporinus, 
pseud., Pras. 

Accursius Pisanus Salutem dicit plurima, etc. 
[Fo/. 4, verso .] In hoc codice continentur 
Caius Suetonius Tranquillus...Iulius Capito- 
linus, etc. 

[Another edition.] 

[Another edition.] 

[Another edition.] 

■^— [Another edition.] 

fol., 1475. 

8vo., 1516. 

fol., 1518. 

8vo., 1519. 

Tom. I. 

i6mo., 1551. 


Decouverte de la maison de campagne 

d'Horace. Ouvrage utile pour I'inteUigence 

de cet auteur, etc. 3 torn. 

8vo., Rome, 1767-69. 
CAPORALI (Cesare). Rime piacevoli di C. 
Caporali, del Mauro, et d'altri auttori. Ac- 
cresciute in questa quinta impressione di 
molte rime gravi, & burlesche del Signer T. 
Tasso, del Signor A. Caro, & di diversi 
nobilissimi ingegni, etc. 

i2mo., Venetia, 1595. 
Farmer copy. 

NINI (G.) da Capugnano. 

CARACCIOLI (Louis Antoine de) Marquis. 

Le livre a la mode. [By L. A. de Caraccioli.] 

i6mo., Verte-Feuille [Paris, 1759]. 

Printed In green. Barbler, n., 1321. Hastings 


— — Nouvelle edition, etc. 

i6mo., en Europe. 1759. 
Printed in vermilion. Barbier, II., 1321. Hastings 
CARACCiOLO (Ant&nio) called Epicuro. 
Comedia nova composta per Nocturno Nea- 
politano [i.e., A. Caracciolo]. Libro tertio. 
8vo., [colophon .] Milano : per Magistro 
Gotardo da Ponte, 1 5 1 8. 
Beginning at slg. G. A fragment of the works of 
Ctu-acciolo printed at Milan in tlie same year. 
Brunet, IV., 87. 

CARACTERES. Caracteres des auteurs an- 
ciens et modernes, etc. [By M. D. de La 
Bizardiere. Second edition.] See LA 
BIZARDI£RE (M. D. de). i2mo., 1705. 

CARBEN (Victor von). De vita et moribus 
Judeorum...libellus. See MONTECRUCIS 
(R. de). Contenta. Ricoldi... contra sectam 
Mahumeticam...libellus, etc. 4to., 1511. 

CARDANUS (Hieronymus). [i.e., Girolamo 
Cardanc] H. Cardani... liber de immor- 
talitate animorum. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1545. 

H. Cardani... liber de libris propriis, 

eorumque ordine, et usu, ac de mirabilibus 
operibus in arte medica per ipsum factis, etc. 

8vo., Lugduni, 1557. 
Guilford copy. 

H. Cardani... de methodo medendi, sec- 

tiones quatuor, etc. 8vo., Parisiis, 1565. 

De Thou copy. 

H. Cardani... de propria vita liber. Ex 

bibliotheca G. Naudaei. (G. Naudaei de 
Cardano judicium.) 8vo., Parisiis, 1643. 

Crossley copy. 

[AiioLlier copy.] 

[Another edition.]. ..Adjecto hac 

secunda editione de praeceptis ad filios libello. 
i2mo., Amsteladami, 1654. 
Ferriar and Crossley copy. 

[AuoUier copy.] 

Fraaoklin copy. 

H. Cardani. rerum varietate libri 

XVII. Post alias omnes editiones, nunc 
recogniti, castigati, infinitisque mendis re- 
purgati. Accessit... index amplissimus. 

8vo., Lugduni, 1580. 

H. Cardani. sapientia libri quinque... 

Ejusdem de consolatione libri tres. (H. Car- 
dani. ..libellus de libris propriis, etc.) His... 
adjecti sunt P. exilio, libri 
duo, etc. 3 pts. [in 1 vol.] 

8vo., Aureliopoli, 1624. 

H. Cardani. subtilitate libri XXI. 

Jam postremo, ab authore plusquam mille 
locis illustrati, nonnulHs etiam cum 
additionibus. Addita insuper apologia 
adversus calumniatorem, qua vis horum 
librorum aperitur. 8vo., Basilea, (1582.) 

H. Cardani... de utilitate ex adversis 

capienda, libri IIII....Defensiones ejusdem 
pro filio coram praeside provinciae & senatu 
habitae. J. B. Cardani. abstinentia ab 
usu ciborum foetidorum libellus exiguus, 
quem moriens explere non potuit. 

8vo., BasilecB, 1561. 
Werdensteln copy. 

[.\nother edition.] H. Cardani de 

utilitate ex adversis capienda hbri IV. 

8vo., FranikeriB, 1648. 
Wrangham copy. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Amsielodami, 1672. 

H. Cardani Neronis encomium. 

i2mo., Amsterdami, 1640. 

— H. Cardani... podagras encomium. See 
SCRIPTORES. Dissertationum ludicrarum 
...scriptores varii. Editio nova, etc. 

1 2 mo., 1644. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another edition.] i2mo., 1666. 

[Another copy.] 



H. Cardani...proxeneta, seu de prudentia 

civili liber, etc. 

i2mo., Lt{gd[uni] Bal[avorum], 1627. 
The titlepsge is engraved. 

[Another edition, entitled:] H. 

Cardani arcana politica, sive de prudentia 
civili liber singularis. 

i6mo., Lugduni Batavor[tim'], 1635. 
The titlepage is engraved. 

SeeMORLEY(H.). J. Cardan, ffc. 2 vols. 

8vo., 1854. 

See WATERS (W. G.). J. Cardan. A 

biographical study. 8vo., 1898. 

CARDANUS (Joannes Baptista). {i.e., Gio- 
vanni Battista Cardano.] J. B. Cardani... 
de non edendis cibis faetidis, etc. See CAR- 
DANUS (H.). H. Cardani. utilitate ex 
adversis capienda, libri IIII., etc. 

8vo., 1 561. 

CARfiME. Le caresme in-promptu, et le 
lutrin vivant. Poemes. Par I'auteur de 
Vert- Vert [i.e., J. B. L. Cresset]. See 
CRESSET (J. B. L.). i2mo., 1735. 

CAREW (George) xst Earl of Totnes. See 

CAREY (Patrick). See CARY. 

CARITAT (Marie Jean Antoine Nicolas) 
Marquis de Condorcet. See CONDORCET. 

CARLISLE, Bishops of. 

John. [1787-91.] See DOVGLAS(].) Bishop 
of Salisbury. 

William. [1702-18.] See NICOLSON (W.) 

A rchbishop of Cashel and Emly. 

CARLYLE (Thomas). History of Fricdrich II. 

of Prussia, called Frederick the Great. lo 

vols. Svo., London, (1888.) 

CARMICHAEL (Charles Henry Edward). 
The Vatican library and the letter of Pope 
Leo XIII. 8vo., [London. 1886.] 

From the " Trang. Roy. Soe. Lit.," Vol. XHI. 

CARMINA. Carmina quinque illustrium poet- 
arum (P. Bembi liber I. A. Naugerii liber I. 
B. Castilioni liber I. J. Cottae liber I. M. 
A. Flaminii libri IIII. Ejusdem paraphrasis 
in triginta psalmos, versibus scripta), etc. 

8vo., Veneiiis : ex officina Erasmiana V. 

Vnlgrisii. i S48. 

Imperfect, wanting pp. 95 to end, containing the 

works of Flaminius, whose name has Iiocn 

obliterated in the list of contents. 

— — [Another edition. ]...Additis non- 

nullis M. A. Flaminii libellis nunquam antea 
impressis. &vo., Florentiir, 1552. 

Carmina sclecta illustrium poetarum Ita- 

lorum ex primo tomo. See SANNAZARO 
(J.). J. Sannazarii opera omnia, etc. 

i2mo., 1590. 

— — Sepulcralia carmina ex anthologia M.S. 
Graecorum epigrammatum dclecta, etc. 
[Edited by J. H. Leichius.] See LEICHIUS 
(J. H.). 4to., 1745- 

CARNIVORA (Cornelia) pseud., Resp. [For 
editions of the " Theses inaugurates."] See 
KUCKELBRIO (S.) pseud., Pras. 
CARO (Annibale). De le lettere familiari del 
Commendatore Annibal Caro volume primo 
(-secondo). [Vol. I. edited by G. B. Caro, 
vol. II. by L. Caro.] 2 vols, [in i.] 

4to., Venetia : appresso Aldo Manulio 
[the Younger], 1574-75- 
Renouard, pp. zi8, 220. 

Rime del Commendatore Annibal Caro. 

[Edited by G. B. Caro.] 4to., Venetia: 

appresso Aldo Manutio [P. Manutius], 1 572. 
Renouard, p. 215. 

Gli straccioni : comedia [in prose]. 

I2mo., Venetia : presso Aldo [Aldus 
Manutius, the Younger], 1589. 
Renouard, p. 243. 

5eeCAPORALI (C). Rime piaceyoli di C. 

Caporali...Accresciute in questa quinta im- 
pressione di molte rime... del Signor A. Caro, 
etc. i2mo., 1595. 

CAROL. A political Christmas carol, set to 
mw5\c, etc. See HONE (W.). The man in the 
moon, etc. 8vo., 1820. 

Consort of George IV., King of England. The 
form of prayer, with thanksgiving to Almighty 
God, to be used daily. ..for the happy de- 
liverance of Her Majesty Queen Caroline from 
the late most traitorous conspiracy. [Drawn 
up by W. Hone.] Tenth edition. 

8vo., London, 1820. 
Halkett and Laing, II., 943. 

C.\ROLUS, Magnus. [Charlemagne.] Caroli 
Magni...capitulare de villis suis. See LEO 
III., Pope. Leonis III. Papa; epistolae, etc. 

4to., 1655. 

CaroH ... Magni, ct D. Albini [i.e., Al- 

cuinus] de rhetorica & virtutibus dispulalio, 
per M. Moltherum restituta. 

8vo.. Parisiis : apud S. Colinceii, 1529. 
Sunderland copy. 

See TOSI (P. A.). Notizia di una edizione 

sconosciuta del poema romanzcsco La Spagna 
[by Carolus, Magnus], etc. 8vo., 1835. 


CARPENTARIUS (J.\cobus). [i.e., Jacques 
Charpentier.] J. Carpcntarii animadycr- 
siones in libros trcs dialecticarum institu- 
tionum P. Rami. 4to., Parisiis, 1554. 

Descriptionis universe naturae, ex Arist. 

pars prior, etc. See ARISTOTELES. [Ap- 
pendix.] 4to-. i5^»- 

See OSSAT (A. d') Cardinal. Expositio 

A. Ossati in disputationcm J. Carpentarii de 
mctliodo. 8vo., 1564. 

CARR (Roiiicrt) Earl of Somerset. See 

CARRIO (Ludovicus). L. Carrionis in Valcrii 
Flacci...argonauticon libros octo castiga- 
tiones, etc. See VALERIUS FLACCUS (C). 
C. Valerii Flacci...argonauticon lib. VIII., 
etc. [Pt. II.] i2mo., 1566. 


Bruto Icilio Timoleone Libri) Conte. See 

CARTER (Matthew). Honor redivivus, or an 
analysis of honor and armory. [Second 
edition.] 8vo., London, 1660. 

CARTWRIGHT (Thomas) Bishop of Chester. 
The diarj' of Dr. T. Cartwright... commencing 
...August 1686, and terminating... October 
1687, etc. [Edited by J. Hunter.] 

4to., London, 1843. 
(Camden Society Publications, Vol. 22.) 

CARUS (Titus Lucretius). See LUCRE- 

CARVAIALUS (Ludovicus). Dulcoratio ama- 
rulentiarum Erasmice responsionis ad apo- 
logia Fratris Lodovici Carvaiali, ab code 
Lodovico audita. 

8vo., Parisiis : apud S. ColincEum, 1530. 

CARY (Patrick). Trivial poems, and triolets. 
Written. P. Carey. 20th Aug. 1651. 
[Edited by Sir Walter Scott.] 

4to., London, 1820. 

CASA (Giovanni della) Archbishop of Bene- 
vcnto. J. Casa; Latina monimenta, quorum 
partim versibus, partim soluta oratione 
scripta sunt. [Edited by P. Vettori, the 
elder.] 4to., Floreniia, 1564. 

J. de la Casa. [Biographical notice.] See 

MORANTE (J. Gomez de la Cortina) 
Marquis de. Catalogus librorum, etc. Tom. 
VII., pp. 55-60. 8vo., i860. 

CASAUBON (Isaac). I. Casauboni ad epis- 
tolam...Cardinalis Perronii, responsio. 
4to., Londini : excudebat Joannes Norton, 1612. 
De Thou copy. 

Casauboniana, sive I. Casauboni varia de 

scriptoribus hbrisque judicia, observationes 
sacras in utriusque foederis loca, philologicae 
item & ecclesiasticae, ut & animadversiones 
in annales Baronii ecclesiasticos ineditse, ex 
varii [sic] Casauboni MSS....erutEe i J. C. 
Wolfio...Accedunt duae Casauboni epistolae 
ineditse, etc. 8vo., Hamburgi, 1710. 

I. Casauboni... epistola ; in qua de apo- 
logia disseritur communi Jesuitarum nomine 
ante ahquot menses Lutetiaa Parisiorum edita. 
4to., Londini : excudebat Joannes Norton,i6ii. 

I. Casauboni epistolas, insertis ad easdem 

responsionibus...Accedunt huic tertise editioni 
...I. Casauboni vita; ejusdem dedicationes, 
praefariones...Item M. Casauboni, I. P., epis- 
tolae... Curante Theodore J. ab Almeloveen. 
3 pts. [in I vol.] fol., Roterodami, 1709. 

Clavis epistolarum I. Casauboni, etc. 

See COLOMESIUS (P.). P. Colomesii opus- 
cula. i2mo., 1669. 

I. Casauboni in Dionem Chrysostomum 

diatriba avzoaxEdio^. See DIO, Chrysosto- 
WM5. Aimvoi; xov XQvaoarofcov Xoyoi n , etc. 

fol., 1604. 

I. Hortiboni \_i.e., I. Casaubon] Theocrita- 

rum lectionum libellus. See CRESPIN (J.). 
Tu ami^ofiEva riov TiaXaioraraiv noii^rcov yewgyixa, 
etc. [It. II.] i6mo., 1639. 

— See EUD.EMON-JOANNES (A.) Cydo- 
nius. R. P. A. Eudaemon-Joannis, Cydonii 
...responsio ad epistolam I. Casauboni. 

8vo., 1612. 

NisARD (M. L. C). Biografia de I. Casau- 
bon. See MORANTE (J. Gomez de la 
Cortina) Marquis de. Catalogus librorum, 
etc. Tom. VIII., pp. 741-850. 8vo., 1862. 

See NISARD (M. L. C). Le triumvirate 

litteraire au 16^ siecle...!. Casaubon. 



Second edition. 


responsio, ad epistolam I. 


I. Casaubon, 1559- 

8vo., 1875. 

8vo., 1892. 

H. Krigsoederi... 
Cazoboni, etc. 

i2mo., 1615. 

[Review of this work.] See COL- 

LECTIO. Nova librorum rariorum con- 
lectio, etc. Fasc. i, p. 126. 8vo., 1709. 

[Another copy.] 

CASAUBON (Meric). A letter... concerning 
natural experimental philosophic, and some 
books lately set out about it. 

8vo., Cambridge, 1669. 

M. Casauboni... epistote selectae. See 

CASAUBON (I.). I. Casauboni epistolae, etc. 
[Pt. III.] fol., 1709. 

CASAUBONUS (Isaacus) pseud, [i.e., Gas- 
PARUS Scioppius.] See SCIOPPIUS (G.). 

CASELIUS (Joannes), [i.e., Johann Chessel.j 
J. ludo htterario recte aperiendo, 
liber... iterum editus, etc. 

8vo., Helmaestadii, 1O19. 

J. Casehi... epistola, de studio liberalis 

doctrinae, decente equestri loco natos : aliqua 
de peregrinatione nobiU : nonnulla de ora- 
tione civili perspicua. See GROTIUS (H.). 
H. Grotii et ahorum dissertationes, etc. 

i2mo., 1645. 

Epistolae J. Caselii. See HUTTEN (U. 

von). Epistolae U. Hutteni, etc. 4to., 1842. 

Viri incomparabiUs D. J. Caselii pro arte 

poetarum oratio...per M. H. Rumpium de 
novo edita. 8vo., Hamiwygi, 1618. 

CASHEL AND EMLY, Archbishops of. 
William. [1727.] See NICOLSON (W.). 

CASSAN.EUS(Bartholomaeus). [i.e.,BARTHE- 
LEMi Chasseneux.] B. Cassanaeus catalogo 
gloriae mundi, lib. XII. See MADERUS (J. 
J.). De bibliothecis...virorum clarissimorum 
libelli, etc. 4to., 1702. 

(H.). H. Grotii in consultationem G. Cas- 
sandri annotata, etc. 2 torn. 8vo., 1642. 

CASSANO SERRA ( ) Duca di. See 

SPENCER (G. J. Spencer) 2nd Earl. A 
descriptive catalogue of the books printed 
in the fifteenth century, lately forming part 
of the library of the Duke di Cassano Serra, 
etc. 4to., 1823. 



CASSIANUS (Joannes) Eremila. Joannes | 
Cassianus | de | Institutis ce- | nobiorum. 
Origie ; causis | et remediis | vitiorum. | Col- 
latioibus | patrum. | ©. %. 4to., [colophon :] 
Basilei : per magistru loannem Amerbach, 

Hain and Copinger, 4564. Proctor, 761 1. From 
the Monasterium ad SS. Udalricum et Afram, 

CASSIUS, latrosophista. 'larqixai dnogtat xai 
nQopXrj/nara negt fcowv xai Terganoduiv, Kaaaiov 
latQoaofpiarov. Cassii Medici de animalibus 
quaestiones medicinales. Gr. 

8vo., [colophon: Paris: E. Tousan, 1541.] 

CASSIUS (AviDius). Gallicanus (V,), Avi- 
dius V. GalUcani. V.C. See EGNATIUS 
(J. B.) pseud. In hoc volumine haec con- 
tinentur. J. B. Caesaribus libri 
III., etc. 8vo., 1 5 16. 

— ^ [Another edition.] See SUETO- 
CiESARUM.] Ex recognitione D. Erasmi... 
C. Suetonius Tranquillus, etc. fol.. 15 18. 

[Another edition.] See EGNATIUS 

(J. B.) pseud. In hoc volumine haec con- 
tinentur. Nerv^ae & Trajani...vitae, etc. 

8vo., 1519. 

CASSIUS (Dio) Cocceianus. See DIO CASSIUS. 

CASTELLANI (Carlo). La stampa in Venezia 
dalla sua origine alia morte di Aldo Manuzio 
Seniore. Ragionamento storico...con appen- 
dice di documenti in parte inediti. 

8vo., Venezia, i88g. 
For a critique on this book, see Mr. R. C. Clliristif's 
" Selected esKftys," pp. 343-344. 
CASTELLAN US (Petrus) Bishop of Orleans. 

CASTELLANUS (Petrus). [i.e., Pierre 

Chatelain or Duchatel, Professor of Greek 

at Louvain.] Vitae illustrium medicorum, qui 

toto orbe, ad haec usque tempora floruerunt. 

8vo., AntverpicB, 1618. 

CASTELLENSIS (Adrianus) Cardinal. See 



CASTELNAU (Michel de) Seigneur de Mau- 

vissiire. Les memoires de Messire M. de 

Castelnau...illustrcz et augmentez de plu- 

sieurs commentaires & manuscrits...Par J. 

Le Labourcur,..NouveIle edition, etc. 3 torn. 

fol., Bruxelles, 1731. 

Sir C. G. Young's copy, 

CASTERA (Jean Henri de). Les baisers de 

Zizi, pofimc. [By J. H. de Castdra.] 

l2mo., Paphos, 1786. 
Bnrbicr, T., 37S. Gay, I., 368. 

CASTIGLIONE (Baldassark) Conte. B. Cas- 
tilioni carminum liber. See CAR.MI.XA. 
Carmina quinque illustrium poetarum, etc. 

Svo., 1548. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., 1552. 

II libro del Cortegiano del Conte B, 


fol., [colophon .■] Venetia : nelle case d'Aldo 
Romano, &-d' Andrea d' A sola sno suocero, 1 528. 
Renouard, p. 103. Manzoni copy. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., [colophon :] Venetia : nelle case delli 
heredi d'Aldo Romano, et d' Andrea d' A sola 

suo suocero, 1533. 
Renouard, p. 107. 

— — ^— [Another edition. ]...nuovamente ri- 
stampate. ioh , [colophon :] Vinegia: nelle 
case de fi^livoli di Aldo, 1 545. 
Renouard, p. 131. Russia by Riviire. 

Stanze pastorali, del Conte B. Castiglione, 

et del Signor C. Gonzaga, con le rime di A. 
G. Corso [the editor]. 

8vo.. Vinegia : Aldi filii [P. Manutius], 1553. 
Renouard, pp. 157-158. 

CASTILIONEUS (Matth^us). [i.e.. Matted 
Castiglione.] De origine, rebus gestis, ac 
privilegiis gentis Castilioneae...commentaria. 
4to., Venetiis, 1596. 

CASTLEFORD, Family of. [Pedigree of the 
Castlefords of Snydale.] See YORKSHIRE. 
[33 pedigrees, etc.] fol., s.a. 

CASTLEHAVEN (Mervin Touchet) 2nd Earl 
of. The case of sodomy, in the tryal of 
Mervin Lord Audley, Earl of Castlehaven... 
1631, etc. 4to., London, 1708. 

CASTRACANI (Castruccio) Diica di Lucca. 

CASTRIOT (George) called Scanderbeg, 
Prince of Epirus. See JOVIUS (P.) Bishop 
of Nocera. Commentarii delle cose de Turchi 
...con gli fatti, et la vita di Scanderbeg. 
[Pt. III.] 8vo., 1541. 

CASTRITIUS (Matthias). M. 

heroicis virtutibus, memorabilibus factis, 

dictis, & exemplis principum Germanise, 

libri v., etc. 8vo. , [colophon :] Basilete, 1565. 

De Thou and Beokford copy. 

CASTRO (Leon de). Fuente (V. de la). 
Biograffa de L. de Castro. See MORANTE 
(J. Gomez de la Cortina) Marquis de. 
Catalogus librorum, etc. Tom. VII., pp. 685- 
768. 8vo., i860. 

CASTRO (Petrus a). Bibliothcca medici 
eruditi...ab A. Pasta... reccnsita, etc. 

8vo., Bergomi, 1742. 

MiNELLl] Duca di Lucca. See MANUTIUS 
(A.) the Younger. Le attioni di Castruccio 
Castracane de gli AntclmincUi, Signore di 
Lucca, etc. 4to., 1590. 

CATALOGUE. Catalogue dcs Merits, gravurcs 
et dcssins condamncs depuis 1814 jusqu'au 
1" Janvier 1850, suivi do la listc des indi- 
vidus condamn6s pour d^lils do presse. 

I .!mo.. Paris. 1850. 

^— - Catalogue dcs livrcs imprimis sur v61in, 
etc. [By J. B. B. van Praet.] Tom. l.-IIl. 
See PRAET (J. B. B. van). Svo., 1824. 


CATALOGUE.— (comW.) 

Catalogue des livres...qui composaient la 

bibliotheque de M. ** [i.e., D. M. Meon], etc. 
See MfiON (D. M.). 8vo., 1803. 

Catalogue des ouvrages mis a I'lndex... 

Seconde edition. See INDEX LIBRORUM 
PROHIBITORUM. 8vo., 1826. 

Catalogue d'une jolie collection de livres, 

etc. See POTIER (L.). i2mo., 1853. 

Catalogue of an interesting portion of the 

valuable collection of illuminated and other 
manuscripts and early printed books with 
woodcuts, the property of a gentleman in 
Austro-Hungary. Which will be sold by 
auction, etc. 8vo., London, 1900. 

With 17 plates. 

A catalogue of a... library of books.., the 

property of a gentleman lately deceased [i.e.. 
J. Douglas], etc. See DOUGLAS (J.) M.D. 

Svo., 1792. 

Catalogue [of the library of Mark Patti- 

son]. Pt. III., etc. See PATTISON (M.). 

8vo., [post 1875.] 

A catalogue of a most elegant collection 

of books. ..constituting. ..part of the extensive 
library of a nobleman [the 3rd Duke of 
Grafton], etc. See GRAFTON (A. H. Fitz- 
roy) ■^rd Duke of. 4to., 181 5. 

Catalogue of a portion of the library of a 

collector. ..comprising books printed in the 
fifteenth century. ..books printed by Caxton, 
Machlinia, Pynson, Wynkyn de Worde, Ras- 
tell and other early English printers... speci- 
mens of historical bindings ... illustrated 
French works of the last century... and works 
in general literature... Which will be sold by 
auction, etc. Svo. , London, 1896. 

With 4 colotired plates of bindings. 

Catalogue of a remarkable collection of 

books in magnificent modern bindings, formed 
by an amateur... '\\Tiich will be sold by 
auction, etc. 8vo., London. 1897. 

With 8 coloured plates of bindings, and with note 
of W. Roberts inserted and prices in MS. 

Catalogue of valuable books and manu- 
scripts selected from the library of a gentle- 
man, comprising editiones principes ; rare 
Enghsh works... a series of original humorous 
designs by. ..J. Sneyd.. .works illustrated by 
W. Blake... Also another property, containing 
county histories and topographical works... 
Which will be sold by auction, etc. 

8vo., London, 1896. 
With 3 coloured plates of bindings. 

Catalogue of valuable books selected from 

the library of a nobleman, comprising fine 
books of prints. ..old and rare books. ..Which 
will be sold by auction, etc. 

8vo., London, 1900. 
With 3 coloured plates of bindings. 

■ A catalogue of valuable books, the pro- 
perty of a nobleman... Which will be sold by 
auction, etc. ,8vo., [London.] 1792. 

With the autograph of Eon de Beaumont. 

CATALOGUS. Catalogus historico-criticus 

Romanarum editionum saeculi XV., etc. 

[By G. B. Audiffredi.] See AUDIFFREDI 

(G. B.). 4to.. 1783. 

CATANEO (PlETRo). I quattro primi libri di 

architettura, etc. fol., [colophon :] Vinegia : 

in casa de figlivoli di A Ido, 1 5 54. 

Kenouard, p. 159. Syston Park copy. 

CATECHISMUS. Catechismus Calvinisticus 

fide perquam optima concinnatus. 

8vo., s.L, 1609. 
CATHARINA, Alexandrina, Saint. The life 
and martjTdom of Saint Katherine of Alex- 
andria, Virgin and Martyr. Now first 
printed... with preface, notes, glossary, and 
appendix. [Edited by H. H. Gibbs.] (Ap- 
pendix : The life of Saint Katherine... with 
its Latin original... edited... by E. Einenkel.) 
4to. , London, 1884. 
{Roxburghe Club Publications, No. II2.) 
C-i^THARINA [Benencasa], Senensis, Saint. 
Dialogus Seraphice ac Di | ue Catharine de 
Senis | cum nSnuUus aliis | orationibus. | 
[Translated from the Italian by Raymundus 
Capuanus.] (5. %, 

8vo., [colophon .-] In alma Ciuiiate Brixie : per 

Bernardiinim de misintis de Papia, 1496. 

192 f?., including the last, which is blank, Hftin 

and Copinger, *4593. Proctor, 7034. The 

blank leaf is wanting in this copy. 


[Edited by B. da Alzano.] 

fol., [colophon .•] Venetia : in casa de A Ido 
Manutio Romano. 15CXD. 
Renouard, p. 23. Hain and Copinger, 4688. 
Crevenna copy. 

See PINUS (J.) Bishop of Rienx. Divae 

Catherinae Senensis... vita. 4to., 1505. 

CATHARINE [of Aragon], Queen Consort of 
Henry VIII., King of England. Inventories 
of the wardrobes... of H. Fitzroy, Duke of 
Richmond, and of the wardrobe stuff at 
Baynard's Castle of Katharine, Princess 
Dowager, etc. See CAMDEN MISCEL- 
LANY. The Camden miscellany. Vol. III. 

8vo., 1855. 

CATHELAN (Antoine). Passevent Parisien 

[i.e., A. Cathelan] respondant a Pasquin 

Romain. De la vie de ceux qui sont allez 

demourer a Gendve, et se disent vivre selon 

la reformation de I'fivangile : faict en forme 

de dialogue, etc. i2mo., Paris. 1875. 

A reprint of the third edition of Paris, 1556. 

Qu^rard, III., 36. 

CATHENA (Petrus). Universa loca in logi- 

cam Aristotelis in mathematicas disciplinas 

hoc novum opus declarat. 

4to., Venetiis. 1556. 
CATO (DioNYsius). [Disticha de Moribus. — 
Latin.} Catho pro pueris. B. L. 

8vo., [Paris .] A. Denidel, s.a. 
12 pp.. without pnginalion ; sig. a". 30 lines to 
a full page. Not in Hain or Proctor. 

Begin. [Fol. i, recto ;] Omnia quecunq3 

facitis in verbo aut in ope omnia in | nomine 
diii nostri hiesu xpi facite... | etc. End 


CATO (DioNYsius).— (cowW.) 

[Fol. 484, recto .] Ob prime omnium rerum 

cause precoma : militantisq3 


eruditoe3 Cathonis magni autoris moralissimi 
I ethica pregnantissima torquedo Auguste 
imposita... \ etc. [With the commentary of 
Philippus de Bergamo.] B. L. 

fol., [Augsburg : A. Sore.] 1475- 
484 ff. Hain and Copinger, *47II. Braun, I., 
178. Proctor, 1643. Original stamped pigskin. 

Catonis disticha moralia cum scholiis Des. 

Erasmi Rot., etc. 

8vo., Lugduni : afud Seh. Gryphium. 1538. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Lugduni: apudSeb. Gryphium, i$^o. 
Lazzari copy. 

— [Another edition.] 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium. 1550. 

D. Catonis disticha de moribus, etc. 

8vo., Berolini, 171 5. 
Scott copy. 

[Disticha de Moribus. — Latin &- French.] 

Disticha de moribus, nomine Catonis in- 
scripta... Dicta sapientium, cum...interpre- 
tatione, per M. Corderium. 

8vo.. Parisiis : apud J. Lodoicum, 1543. 
Red morocco by Delanoii pire. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Lutetia, 1560. 
Yemeniz copy. 

D. Catonis disticha de moribus, etc. 

8vo., Berolini, 1715. 
Scott copy. 

[Disticha de Moribus. — Latin (S- Greek.] 

(Libellus elegantissimus, qui inscribitur Cato, 
de prseceptis vitas communis, Eras. Rotcr. 
castigatore, & interprete.) 8vo., [colophon :] 

Lugduni: apud G. Beringum. 1544. 
Titlepage wanting. Title taken from the caption. 

[Disticha de Moribus. — Dutch.] Zede- 

vaarzen van Dionys Cato, aan zyn zoon. See 
HORATIUS FLACCUS (Q.). [Selections.— 
Dutch.] Bygedichten uit Horatius, etc. 

8vo., [171 1.] 

[Disticha de Moribus. — Greek.] Karo- 

voc 'Pwftaiov yvio/xat nagaiverixai dtarixot d? 
/lETrjveyxev ex ttjc: Aartvojv qjoivijg elg rtjv 
'EXXada diaXexTov Ma^i/iux; 6 IlXavovdrji;. See 
THEOCRITUS. Tade heazi iv TfjSe t// 
fiifiX(p. QeoxQirov d6v\Xia, etc. [Pt. I.] 

fol., 1495. 
[Another copy.] 

[Another edition.] See BONINUS 

(E.). ' Eyyeigidiov yQaiifiarixr]i; elaaywyt]/;, etc. 

Svo., [1514.] 

[Another edition.] See CHRYSO- 

I.ORAS (E.). ' Eoo)T)]/iara Tov XnvaoXwQa, elc. 

8vo., 151 7. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., 1545. 

CATO (Marcus Porcius) the Censor. Libri 
de re rustiia M. Catonis lib. I. M. T. Var- 
ronis lib. III. L. J. M. Columcllae lib. XI 1. 
Ejusdcm dc arboribus liber scparatus ab 
aliis...Palladii lib. XI 1 1 1. Dc duobiis dic- 

rum generibus : simulq; de umbris, & horis, 

quas apud Palladium [by A. P. Manutius], 

etc. [A revision of the edition of G. Merula 

by J. Jucundus.] 4to., [colophon :] Venetiis : 

in aedibus Aldi, et Andreae soceri, 1514. 

An edition of the work known as " Scriptores roi 

rusticse." Renouard, p. 66. 

[Another edition.] 

4to., [colophon :] Venetiis : in aedibus 
haeredum Aldi, et Andreae soceri, 1533. 
Renouard, p. 109. Maturin copy. 

[Another copy.] 

De re rustica. M. Catonis lib. I. M. T. 

Varronis lib. III. Palladii lib. XI I II. 
Tomus I. 

8vo., Lugduni: apud Seb. Gryphium, 1535. 

Forms Tom. I. of an edition of the " Scriptores 

rei rustiooe," for Tom. III. of which see Merul.\ 


De re rustica. M. Catonis lib. I. M. T. 

Varronis lib. III. Palladii lib. XI II I. 

Svo., Lugduni : apitd Seb. Gryphitttn, 1537. 

M. Catonis, ac M. T. Varronis de re rustica 

libri, per P. Victorium, ad veterum exem- 
plarium fidem, suae integritati restituti. 

8vo., Lugdutii : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1541. 

Imperfect ; wanting all after sheet 0. 

[Another edition. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1549- 
Contemporary Italian morocco, tooled. 

[Another copy.] 

M. P. Catonis ex libris originum frag- 

menta. See VARRO (M. T.). M. T. Varronis 
de lingua Latina libri tres, etc. 8vo., 1535- 

[Another copy.] 

See VICTORIUS (P.). P. Victorii explica- 

tiones suarum in Catonem, Varronem, Colu- 
mellam castigationum. 8vo., 1542. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another copy.] 

[Another copy.] 

C.VTS (Jacob). Faces Augusta;, sive poematia, 
quibus illustriores nuptix>, k...]. Catsio... 
antchac Belgicis versibus conscript.T, jam k 
C. Barh-co & C. Boyo Latino carmine cele- 
brantur, etc. (C. Barla'i dialogi aliquot 
nuptiales, etc. — C. Barhci faces sacra>, sive 
hymnus Salomonis, etc. — J. Lydii sermonum 
convivalium libri duo, etc.) 4 pts. [in 2 vols.] 





8vo., Dordraci, 1643. 

(Caius) Caninius, pseud, [i.e.. 
Harderus.] See HARDERUS 

(Caius Valerius). Catullus. 
Propctius [sic]. [Edited by H. 
Avancius and A. P. Manutius.] 

Kvo., [colophu)i :] \'ciuiiis : in aedibus 

Aldi, 1 50 J. 
Kononivnl, p. y). 

[Another edition.] 2 pts. [in i vol.] 

8vo., [Lyons,] s.a. 
A counterfeit of tlio Aldine edition of 15^2. 
Renouard, p. .I""' 


CATULLUS (Caius Valerius).— (couW.) 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., [Lyons.] s.a. 

Differing from tlie former in several slight details. 
Blue morocco by Simier. Butler, Bruce and 
Sulli\'an copy. 

[Another copy.] 

Clements copy. 

[Another edition of that of 1502.] 

8vo., [colophon :] Venetiis : in aedibus 
Aldi et Andreae soceri, 1515. 
P.enouarcl, p. 70. Svajer and Noel copy. 

[Another edition.] Catullus. Tibul- 

lus. Propertius. Cn. Cornelii gaUi...aut ut 
quidam volut Maximiani...fragmenta. 

8vo., [colophon .] Lugdnni : sumptu... 
Bartholomei Trot, 1518. 
A counterfeit Aldine. Renouard, p. 313. Hardy 

[Another edition.] Catullus. Tibul- 

lus. Propertius. His accesserunt C. Galli 

8vo., Lugd[uni'\ : apud(Seb.) Gryphium, l^^i. 
Gonzalez copy. 

[Another copy.] 


lus. Propertius. 
8vo., Parisiis 

8vo., Lugditni : 


8vo., Lugduni : 
Sixteenth century 

with medallion 


edition.] Catullus. Tibul- 
Multis in locis restituti. 
.• apud S. Colinaum, 1534. 
edition of that of 1531.] 
apvd Seb. Gryphium, 1537. 

edition of that of 1531.] 
apud Seb. Gryphium, 1542. 
German stamped calf binding, 
portraits of Molanchthou and 

[Another edition.] Catullus. Tibul- 

lus. Propertius. 

i6mo., Parisiis : ex offitinaS. Colinesi, 1543. 
[Another edition of that of 1531.] 

i6mo., Lugdwii : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1546. 
[Another edition of that of 1531.] 

i6mo., Lttgdmii : apiidSeb. Gryphium, 1548. 

[Another edition of that of 1531.] 

i6mo., Lugduni : apudSeb. Gryphium, 1551. 

Catullus, et in eum commentarius M. A. 


8vo., Venetiis : apud P. Manutium, 1554. 
Benouard, p. 162. 

[Another edition.] ... Ab eodem 

correcti, et scholiis illustrati, TibuUus et 
Propertius. 3 pts. [in i vol.] 

8vo., Venetiis : Aldus [P. Manutius], 1562. 

In this copy, which wants the general titlepage, 

tlio Tibullus is placed 6rst, Renouard, p. 187. 

Catullus cum commentario A. Statii. 

8vo., Venetiis : in aedibus Manutianis 
[P. Manutius'], 1566. 
Renouard, p. zoi. 

C. V. Catullus, et in eum I. Vossii 

observationes. 4to., [Leyden .■] apud Isaactim 

Littlehxnii hibliopolam Londinenscm. 1684. 

The titlepage, preface and end only printed in 

London. With MS. notes by Adrian Bever- 


CatuUi. Tibulli, et Propertii opera. (In- 
dex in Catullum. — Index in Tibullum. — 
Index in Propertium.) 8vo., Londini, 1715. 

Freind copy. 

C. V. Catullus. Recensuit J. Wilkes. 

4to., Londini, 1788. 

[Carmina.] Lat.&-Fr. 5«eHORATIUS 

FLACCUS (Q.). [Opera.— Fr^McA.] CEuvxes 
completes d'Horace, etc. 8vo., 1845. 

C. V. CatuUi casta carmina... selectaab R. 

EgUno Iconio ... Ejusdem ad versus Josephurn 
Scaligerum vindicise ciris Catullianae... Acces- 
serunt G. Schoppii . . . epitheta et synonyma 
poetica, etc. i2mo., [Frankfort.l 1606. 

The titlepage is wrongly dated " MDVI." 

Niceron, XXXV., i86. 
CatuIIi Epigrammata. See TIBULLUS 

(A.). TibuUus cum commentariis Cyllaenii 
Veronensis, etc. fol., 1500. 

CAULIAC (Guidon de). See GUIDO, de 


CAUSTON (Henry Kent Staple). The How- 
ard papers : with a biographical pedigree 
and criticism [founded on the MSS. of 
William Howard]. 8vo., London, 1862. 

CAUSTON (Petrus). Tunbrigiaha. See 
MUS^ BRITANNICiE. Musas Britannicae, 
etc. 8vo., 1 711. 

CAVALCA (Domenico). [Sig. ai, recto:] 
PVNGI LINGVA. [Sig. az, recto .] IN 
NOMINE PATRIS ET | filii & spiritus sancti 
amen Q. In | comincia ilbellissimo & utile 
tractate | cotra el peccato della lingua Pro- 
logo I sopra decta opera compilata & facta | 
per frate Domenico chaualcha da ui | co 
pisano frate predicatore. | 
fol., [colophon .] firenze : p ser Lorenzo di 
Mathio chericho fiorentino, &■ p Gioudni di 
Piero thedesco da Magdza, 1490. 
72 ff., the last of which contains the register. 
Hain and Copinger, 4774. Reichling, I., 123. 
Proctor, 6349. 

fSpecchio di Croce.] Begin. [Sig. ai, recto .-] 

Come Idio prese carne per Uberare Ihuomo 
da tre | defecti, neUiquali incorse perlo pec- 
cato Cap. 1. I End : [Sig. m6. recto :^ Deo 
gratias. Amen. 

4to.. [colophon .■] Firenze : s.t.n.. [1J94?] 
Without titlepage. 98 S. ; siga. a*, a-l*, m^. Hain, 
4784. Reichling 11., 144. Wanting the foiir 
preliminary leaves (sig. a). 

CAVALCANTI (Bartolommeo). Delle repub- 
liche & delle spetie di esse, discorsi XV. See 
CONTARINI (G.) Cardinal, Bishop of Bel- 
luno. Delia repubUca et magistrati di 
Venetia libri V., etc. 8vo., 1 591. 

CAVALCASELLE (Giovanni Battista) & 
CROWE (Joseph Archer). The early Flem- 
ish painters, etc. See CROWE (J. A.) & 
CAVALCASELLE (G. B.). lamo., 1857. 

CAVE (Sarah Otway) caUing herself Baroness 
Braye. See BRAYE, Barony of. Minutes 
of e\adence given before the Committee of 
Privileges to whom the petition of Sarah 
Otway Cave... claiming the title and dignity 
of Baroness Braye, was referred, fol., 1836. 


CAVE (William). Guilielmi Cave...scriptorum 
ecclesiasticorum historia literaria...Editio no- 
vissima, valde accuratior, etc. 

fol., Colonics Allobrogum, 1720. 

CAVENDISH (William) ist Duke of Devon- 
shire. See DEVONSHIRE. 

CAXTON (William). Caxton Celebration, 
1877. Catalogue of the loan collection of 
antiquities, curiosities, and appliances con- 
nected with the art of printing, etc. [Edited 
by G. Bullen.] 8vo., London, [1877.] 

See BLADES (W.). The biography and 

typography of William Caxton... Second edi- 
tion. 8vo., 1882 [1881]. 

See BLADES (W.). A catalogue of books 

printed by, or ascribed to the press of, WiUiam 
Caxton, etc. 4to., 1865. 

S«e BLADES (W.). How to tell a Caxton, 

etc. Svo., 1870. 

See MIDDLETON (C). A dissertation 

concerning the origin of printing in England. 
Shewing, that it was first introduced and prac- 
tised by... William Caxton, eto. 4to., 1735. 

See STEVENS (H.) F.S.A., of Vermont. 

The Bibles in the Ca.xton Exhibition, 1877... 
Special edition, e/c. 4to., 1878. 

CAYLUS (Anne Claude Philippe de Tubi- 


Comte de. Le Bordel, ou le Jean-Foutre puni. 
Comedie en trois actes, en prose. [By the 
Comte de Cavlus.] 8vo., Anconne, 1736. 

Uarbier, I., .(4S. Jo!!oy copy. 


CEBES. Cebetis Thebani tabvla : e Graeco 
in Latinvm conversa per Lvdovicvm Odaxivm 
Patavinvm. Lat. See CENSORINUS. In- 
dex librorum : qui in hoc uolumine continen- 
tur. Censorinus de die natali, eic. fol., 1497. 

— — Ke^rjroi; Otj^aiov niva^. Gr. &■ Lat. See 
LASCARIS (C). C. octo parti- 
bus orationis, liber primus, etc. [Pt. XL] 

4to., [1502 ?] 

[Another copy.] 

[Another edition.] 4to., 1512. 

[Another edition.] 4to., [^05^512.] 

Ccbetis tabula & greca & latina, opus 

morale, & utile oibus & praecipue adoles- 
cetibus. Carmina aurea Pythagorae. Pho- 
cylidis poema ad bene, beateq3 vivendum. 
Gr. <?- Lat. 

4to., [l.oiivain .•] T. Martini, [1517.] 
22 ff., without pagination ; sigfl.a-d*, o**. Isoghoin, 
p. 277. Renouord copy. 

Kijlrjroi; &i}jiaiov niva^. Ccbetis. ..tabula. 

Ta Toti rivOayoQov xQ^oa int]. Aurca carmina 
Pythagorce. Gr. 4to., Parisiis, 1557. 

Cebetis. . .tabula totius philosophias moralis 

thesaurum complectens. (Aurca carmina 
Pythagoras.) J. Velsio...interprcte. Lat. 

4to., Parisiis, 1557. 

CfiLfiBRITfiS. C616brit6s lyonnaises. See 

LYONS. 8vo.. 1873. 

CELLARIUS (Christophorus) the Elder, [i.e.. 

Christoph Keller.] C. Cellarii epistolae 

selectiores et praefationes conlegit J. G. 

Walchius, etc. 8vo.. Ltpsiae, 1715. 

CELSIUS (Olof) the Younger, Bishop of Lund, 

Press. Speciminis literarii, de meritis et fatis 

J. et A. Messeniorum, pars prior, quam... 

O. Celsius. J. Tillman. ..publico bonorum 

examini modeste submittunt, etc. 

4to., Upsalics, 1 74 1. 
Wanting pts. II.-IV. 

CELSUS (AuRELius Cornelius). In hoc volu- 

mine haec continentur. A. C. Celsi medicinae 

libri VIII. quam emendatissimi, Graecis etiam 

omnibus dictionibus restitutis. Q. Sereni 

liber de medicina [in verse] et ipse castigatiss. 

-A^ccedit index in Celsum, et Serenum, sane 

quam copiosus. [Edited by J. B. Egnatius.] 

4to., [colophon .•] Venetiis : in aedibus 

Aldi, et Andreae Asulani soceri, 1 528. 

Ileuouard, p. 105. 

A. C. Celsi de re medica libri octo. Item Q. 

Sereni hber de medicina. Q. R. F. Palamonis 
de ponderibus & mensuris liber, etc. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1542. 

[Another edition.] 

i6mo., Lugduni, 1554. 

Flosculi in medicina ex C. Celso extracti. 

See JOANNITIUS. Liber Hysagoge Joan- 
nici, etc. 8vo., 1502. 

CELSUS (Minus). M. Celsi. haereticis 
capitali supplicio non afiiciendis. Adjuncta? 
sunt ejusdem argumenti T. Bez.-e & A. 
Duditii epistolae duae contrarias, etc. 

8vo., S.I., 1584. 

See SCHELHORN (J. G.). Dissertatio 

epistolaris de M. Celso, etc. 4to., 1748. 

CENNINI (Bernardo). See FANTOZZI (F.). 
Notizie biografiche originali di B. Ccnnini, etc. 

8vo., 1839. 

CENSORINUS. Index librorum : qui in hoc 
uolumine continentur. | Censorinus de die 
natali. | Tabula Cebetis (e Graeco in Latinvm 
conversa per Lvdovicvm Odaxivm Pata- 
vinvm). I Dialogus Luciani (dc virtute con- 
querete cum Mercurio. a Carolo aretino e 
graeco in latinu traductus). | Enchiridion 
Epicteti [translated from the Greek by A. 
Politianus]. | Basilius (de liberalibus studiis 
et ingenuis moribus liber per Leon. Ar[cti- 
num] ex Gre[co] in Latinum conversus). | 
Plutarchus de Invidia & Odio. | [Edited by 
P. Beroaldus.] fol.. [colophon .] Bononiir : 

per me Benedictitm hertoris hononiesis, 1407. 
JIain and Copinger, '4847. Proctor, 6633. 

Ccnsorini opusculum de die natali ad Q. 

Cerellium. See CICERO (M. T.). [De Re- 
puhlica : SoMNiuM ScipioNis.] Macrobii 
in somnium Scipionis...e.\planatio, etc. 

8vo., 1528. 

Ccnsoiini de die nat.di liber. ..ab Aldo 

Mannuccio, I'aulli F cincndalus, & notis 

illustratus, etc. Svo. , Venetiis : apud 

Aldum [Aldus Manutius. the Youyigcr\, \f.ii\. 
Kenouard, p. 229. RutJiin by C. Iloring. 



— — Censorinus de die natali. H. Linden- 
brogius recensuit, et notis illustravit, etc. 

8vo., Cantabrigice, 1695. 

Wrangham copy. 

CENSURA. Censura generalis contra errores, 

quibus recentes haeretici Sacram Scripturam 

asperserunt, edita a supremo Senatu Inquisi- 

tionis, ffc. See INQUISITION. 4to., 1562. 

CEPOLE (Bartholom^us). See CAEPOLLA. 

CEPORINUS (Jacobus). Compendium gram- 
matics GraBcae...jam tertium de integro ab 
authore castigatum. 

8vo., Parisiis : apud S. ColincBiim, 1529. 

CERASTUS CORNANUS (Cornelius) pseud., 
Pnes. Themata medica de beanorum... 
affectibus et curatione, etc. See FACETI^. 
Facetiae facetiarum, etc. [Pt. 9.] 

4to., (i626-)i627. 

[Another edition.] 

Nugae venales, etc. [Pt. 7.] 

[Another edition.] 

^^— [Another edition.] 

[Another edition.] 

Facetiae facetiarum, etc. 
[Another edition.] 

Nugas venales, etc. 
[Another edition.] 

Facetiae facetiarum, etc. 
[Another edition.] 

Nugae venales, etc. 

[Another edition.] 

i2mo., [i6]32. 

i2mo., 1642. 

i2mo., 1644. 


i2mo., 1647. 

See NUG^. 

i2mo., 1648. 


i2mo., 1657. 

See NUG^. 

l2mo., [1662.] 

i2mo., 1663. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another edition.] 
[Another edition.] 
[Another edition.] 
[Another edition.] 

l2mo., 1689. 

8vo., 1703. 

i2mo., 1720. 

i2mo., 1741. 

CERFVOL ( DE). Supplement aux 

memoires de M. [C] Palissot, pour servir a 
I'histoire de notre Utterature, ou lettre a M. 
Palissot, sur un article de ses memoires. [By 
— de Cerfvol.] Svo., Londres, 1775. 

Barbier, IV., 594. 

CEKRATUS (Paulus). [i.e., Paolo Cerr.'^to.] 

P. virginitate libri III. 

8vo., Parisiis : apud S. Colincewn, 1528. 
CERUTUS (Federicus). In M. T. Ciceronis 

orationem pro lege Manilla commentarius F. 

Ceruti. [With the text.] See CICERO (M. 

T.). [Orationes : Pro Lege Manilia.] 

8vo., 1584. 
— — Paraphrasis F. Ceruti... in Q. Horatii 

Flacci librum de arte poetica. [With the 

text.] See HORATIUS FLACCUS (Q.). 

[Epistol^ : Ars Poetica. — Latin.] 

4to., 1588. 
[Another copy.] See HORATIUS 

FLACCUS (Q.). [Oper.\.— Latin.] Q. Horatii 

Flacci poemata...paraphrasi...illustrata, etc. 

[Pt. III.] 4to., 1593.85.88. 

ingenious gentleman Don Quixote of La 
Mancha...Done into English by H. E. Watts. 
A uew edition, etc. 4 vols. 

8vo., London, 1895. 

See ASHBEE (H. S.). Don Quixote and 

British art, etc. 8vo., 1900. 

See ASHBEE (H. S.). An iconography of 

Don Quixote, 1605-1895. 4to., 1895. 

See GAYTON (E.). Festivous notes on... 

Don Quixote... Re vised, etc. 8vo., 1768. 

See WATTS (H. E.). M. de Cervantes, his 

Ufe and works... A new edition, etc. 

8vo., 1895. 

ZUlItlGA (D.). Juan 
de Cespedes, etc. 4to., s.a. 

CHABOTIUS (Petrus Gualterius). See 

CH.\ILLOT (P.) Manuel du libraire, du bib- 
Uothecaire et de I'homme de lettres...par un 
libraire [i.e., P. Chaillot]. 

i2mo., Paris, 1829. 

Qu^rard, II., 781. 

CHALCONDYLAS (Demetrius). [Pt. I.] 

Begin. \Sig. a2, recto :]Arjfti]rQiov xa^xovdvkov 

iQWTrj^ara avi'OTiTiHa Ttoc oxtco \ Tov }.oyov 

/legajp /lera rtvcuv XQrjai[i(jjv xavovojv. | [Pt. 1 1.] 

Begin. [Sig. ai, recto .] Tov ao<pcoTaTov xai 

XoyicoTaTov xvqov itavovrjX tov /w | axonovXov 

6ioQ0(odEvro}v eQcorrjuarojv. | [Pt. III.] Begin. 

[Sig. al, redo :] IJegi dtaXExrcov ra>v naqa 

xoQLvOov TzaQexphjOecacov. | Ed. Pr. 3 pts. 

[in I vol.] 4to., [Milan : Bonus Accursius 

or Ulrich Scinzemeler ? c. 1493.] 

Imperfect, wanting sig. 01 (blank) of Chalcondylas. 

Hain and Copinger, 6093. Proctor, 5968-70. 

Proctor 2, pp. 70-72. Sussex and Crawford 

(Lakelands) copy. 

— — IleQi ax'lf>a.riafiov tcov xQovojv ix rcov 

Xa?.xovSvXov. See CHRYSOLORAS (E.). 

'EgcoTrj^tara rov XgvaoXtoQa, etc. 8vo., 1512. 

[Another edition.] See BONINUS 

(E.). ' EyxeiQiSiov yQa/iftanxt]i; eiaaywyr}!;, etc. 

8vo., [1514.] 
[Another edition.] See CHRYSO- 
LORAS (E.). ' EQcoTtjftaTa rov XgvaoXcoga, etc . 

Svo., 1517. 

—— [Another edition.] Svo., 1522. 

— — — [Another edition.] Svo., 1545. 

CHALMERS (George). The Ufe of Thomas 
Pain [i.e., Paine]. ..Ijy F. Oldys [i.e., G. 
Chalmers]. The third edition. 

8vo., London, 1791. 
Halkett and Lalng, n., 1484. 

CHALON (Renier Hubert Ghislain). Nugae 
difficiles. Supplement aux amusements philo- 
logiques de G. Peignot. [Followed by a 
letter from A. Dinaux to the author.] 

8vo., Bruxelles, 1844. 

CHAMBERLAIN (John). Letters written... 

during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. Edited S. Williams. 4to., [London,] 1861. 

(Camden Society Publications, Vol. 79.) 


tionary of universal knowledge... Re vised 
edition. lo vols., tV/ws^ 4to., Lo«rfon, 1874. 

CHAMBURE (Charles Hippolyte Maillard 

CHAMPFLEURY, pseud, {i.e.. Jules Fleury.] 

See FLEURY (J.). 

CHAMPIER (Symphorien). S. Champerii de 

tripUci disciplina cujus partes sunt. Philo- 

sophia naturalis. Medicina. Theologia. 

Moralis philosophia, etc. 3 pts. [in i vol.] 

8vo., [colophon :] Lugd[iini'\ : arte Clandii 

davost al's de Troys, 1 508. 

Hortus Gallicus, pro Gallis in Gallia 

scriptus, veruntamen non minus Italis, Ger- 
manis, & Hispanis, qua Gallis necessarius. 
S. Ca.pegio...authore, etc. 

8vo., Lugduni : in cedihus Melchioris 
et Gasparis Trechsel, 1533. 
Corbori copy. 

Domini Simphoriani champerii... liber de 

quadruplici vita, etc. 4to., [colophon .•] 

Lugduni : arte...Jannot de Campis, 1507. 
Panzer, VII., 287, 97. Sussex copy. 

Periarchon, id est, de principiis utriusque 

philosophiae...S. Campegio...authore. 

8vo., Lugduni : in adibiis Melchioris et 
Gasparis Trechsel, 1533. 
Panzer, VIL, 358, 709. Drury copy. 

Que in hoc opusculo habentur. Duellum 

epistolare [between S. Champier and Hieronj;- 
mus, Papiensis], etc. 8vo., [colophon : 

Venice .■] per J. Phiroben & /. Divineur, 1 5 1 9. 

Rosa Gallica...omnib9 sanitatem affec- 

tantibus utilis & necessaria, quae in se cotinet 
pcepta, auctoritates, atq3 setetias memoratu 
dignas, ex Hippocratis," GaIeni...multorijq3 
alioril clarorum virorum libris in unu col- 
lectas : quas ad medicam artem rectaq3 
Vivendi forma plurimu conducut. Una cum 
sua pciosa Margarita : de medici atq3 ggri 
officio. 9,vo.. [colophon : Paris :] ex officina 

.Ascensiana, 15 14. 
Panzer, VTII., 13, 706. 

See ALLUT (P.). l5tude...sur S. 

Champier, etc. 8vo., 1859. 

CHAMPOLLION (Jean Francois). See SACY 
(A. I. S. DE) Baron. Notice sur la vie et Ics 
ouvrages de M. Champollion Ic jcunc, etc. 

8vo., 1833. 

fitat actuel des catalogues des manuscrits de 
la Biblioth^que Royale. i" Mars 1847. 

8vo., Paris, [1847. 1 

CHANCELLOR (Richard). See HAMEL (J. 
von). England and Russia ; comprising the 
voyages of...R. Chancellor... and others, to 
the White Sea, etc. 8vo., 1854. 

CHANDOS, Barony of. Chandos peerage. 

fol., s.n. 
Speech of Lord Chancellor Eldon upon the 

Chandos claim of peerage [made by E. T. 

Brydges] in the House of Lords, June 13, 
■ 1803. fol., s.n. 

See BELTZ (G. F.). A review of the 

Chandos peerage case, etc. 8vo., 1834. 

See BRYDGES {Sir S. E.) Bart. Miscel- 
laneous notes regarding Brydges alliances. 
Chandos claim of peerage. fol., [1826 ?] 

See CRUISE (W.). Account of the claim 

to the barony of Chandos, etc. fol., s.a. 

CHANDOS, Herald. The Black Prince. An 
historical poem, written in French. ..with a 
translation and notes by H. O. Coxe. 

4to.. London, 1842. 

(Roxburghe Club Publications, No. 58.) Bandinel 

and Gaistord copy, with two letters from Beriah 

Botfield inserted. 

CHANDOS, of Sudeley, Sir Samuel Egerton 

Brydges, calling himself, per legem terrae, 

Baron. See BRYDGES {Sir S. E.) Bart. 

(A.). C. ses lettres in6dites, 
etc. 8vo., [1 880.] 

CHANSONNIER. Le chansonnier huguenot 
du le*" sidcle. [Edited by H. L. Bordier.] 
2 pts. See BORDIER (H. L.). 8vo., 1870. 

See RAYNAUD (G.). Le chansonnier 

Clairambault, etc. 8vo., 1879. 

CHANSONS. Sensuyuet plusieurs belles chan- 
sons coposees nouuelleint les qlles ne furent 
iamais Iprimees & se chantent sur diuers 
Chans nouueaux pource quelles sont nouuelles 
& le nombre dicelles se treuue en la table qst 
a la fin du present. [A reprint.] 

4to., Paris, (1838.) 

(Collection de Poesies, Roman?, Chroniques, etc., 
Livr. 3.) 

CHAPELLE (Claude Emmanuel Lhuillier) 
|& BACHAUMONT (Franc,ois Le Coigneux 
de). Voyage de Messieurs Bachaumont et 
La Chapelle, etc. See BACHAUMONT (F. 
Le C. de) & CHAPELLE (C. E. L.). 

8vo., 1708. 

CHAPPUZEAU (Samuel). Gendve d61ivr6c. 
Comedie sur I'Escalade composee en 1662... 
Publiee par J. J. G. Galisse et E. Fick. 

8vo., Genive, 1862. 

Une imposture litt^rairc. [Refening to two 
supposititious odes of Horace.] Appcndice 
aux melanges philologiques de Chardon de la 
Rochettc. D'aprds son manuscrit compl6t6 
par P. F. J . Servan de Sugny. 

i2mo., {Lyon,) [c. 1814.] 

CHARIST^US (Joannes) pseud, [i.e., Jacob 
Haktlieb.] See HARTLIEB (J.). 


CHARLES. Charles ct Vilcourt, idylle nou- 
vcllc. [By J. Dromgold.] Sec DROM- 
GOLD (J.). 8vo., 1772. 

CHARLES I. [de Valois], Due d'OrUatis. 
Poems, written in English, by Charles, Duke 
of Orleans, during his cajjlivity in England 
after the battle of Azincourt. 

4to., London, 1827. 

(Kiixhurnlic ('lull riiMiciilioiia. No. .(4.) 
Innd ropy. 



CHARLES I., Emperor of the West. See 
CAROLU^ Magnus. 

CHARLES I., King of England. Charles I. in 

1646. Letters of King Charles the First to 

Queen Henrietta Maria. Edited by J. Bruce. 

4to., [London,] 1856. 

(Camden Society Ihiblications, Vol. 63.) 

Elxoiv Baaihxr). The pourtracture of his 

sacred Majestie in his solitudes and sufferings, 
etc. i2mo. [9.5x5 cm.], [London,] 1649. 

See ALMACK (E.). A bibliography of the 

King's Book, or Eikon BasiUke. 4to., 1896. 

See BIRCH (I.). An inquiry into the 

share, which King Charles I. had in the trans- 
actions... for bringing over a body of Irish 
rebels. ..1645 ^^id 1646, etc. 8vo., 1747. 

CHARLES II., King of England. Notes which 
passed at meetings of the Privy Council be- 
tween Charles II. and the Earl of Clarendon, 
1660 — 1667, together with a few letters, re- 
produced in fac-simile from the originals... 
Edited by...W. D. Macray. 

4to., London, 1896. 

(Roxburghe C3ub Publication;!, No. 129.) Mr. U. 
C. Christie's copy. 

See OXFORD.— University. Britan- 

niae natalis. [A collection of academical 
verses on the birth of Charles II.] 4to., 1630. 

CHARLES v.. King of France. See MERCIER 
(L. S.). :£loge de Charles v., e^c. 8vo., 1767. 

CHARLES (Nicholas). The visitation of the 

county of Huntingdon ... by ... N. Charles, 

Lancaster Herald, a.d. 1613. Edited by Sir 

H. Ellis. 4to., [London,] 1849. 

(Camden Society Publications, Vol. 43.) 


CHARLIN (Louise). See PERRIN formerly 

CHARLOTTE, Queen Consort of George III. 
Thoms (W. J.). Queen Charlotte and the 
Chevalier d'Eon. See THOMS (W. J.). 
Hannah Lightfoot, etc. 8vo., 18S7. 

CHARPENNE (Pierre). Histoire de la Re- 
forme et des Reformateurs de Geneve, suivie 
de la lettre du Cardinal Sadolet aux Genevois 
pour les ramener a la religion catholique et de 
la reponse de Calvin. 8vo., Paris, 1861. 


CHARPENTIER (Jean Pierre). Histoire de 
la renaissance des lettres en Europe, au 
quinzieme sidcle. 2 torn. 8vo., Pam, 1843. 
Pattison copy. 
CHARRON (£tienne Leonard). Memoires 
pour serv'ir k I'eloge historique de Jean de 
Pins...Avec un recueil de plusicurs de ses 
lettres, etc. [By fi. L. Charron.] 

8vo., Avignon, 1748. 
Barbier, III., 235. Bnmel, IV., 671. 
CHARTERHOUSE. Chronicles of Charter- 
House. By a Carthusian [i.e., W. J. D. 
Roper]. See ROPER (W. J. D.). 8vo., 1847. 

CHARTREUSE. La Chartreuse, 6pJtre...par 
I'auteur de Ver-Vert [».«., J. B. L. Cresset] 
. . .Deuxieme [sic] edition, etc. See GRESSET 
(J. B. L.). i2mo., 1736. 

CHASLES (Victor Euphemion Philarete). 
fitudes sur le seizidme sidcle en France, 
precedees d'une histoire de la litterature et 
de la iangue fran9aises de 1470 4 1610, etc. 

8vo., Paris, (1848.) 
Includes, inter aha, " Essai sur la vie et les 
oeuvres de J. A. de Thou." 

— — Etudes sur W. Shakspeare, Marie Stuart 
et I'Aretin. Le drame, les moeurs et la re- 
ligion au i6« sidcle. 8vo., Paris, (1851.) 

CHASSANG (Alexis). Histoire du ronian et 
de ses rapports avec 1 'histoire dans I'antiquite 
grecque et latine. Svo., Paris, 1862. 

CHASSE. La chasse aux bibUographes et 
antiquaires mal-advises, etc. [By J. J. Rive.] 
2 torn. See RIVE (J. J.). 8vo., 1788-89. 

CHASSENEUX (Barth6lemi). See CASSA- 
N^US (B.). 

bibliographique, philologique, Utteraire, cri- 
tique et anecdotique, redigee par une societe 
de bibUographes et de bibliophiles, etc. 
Ann6e I. -II. 8vo., Paris, 1862-63. 

Wanting Annie III., Nos. 1-2. 

CHASTEL (Jean). .Arrest de la Cour de 
Parlement, contre J. Chastel escolier estu- 
diant au college des Jesuites, pour le parricide 
par luy attente sur la personne du Roy. 

8vo., Rouen, 1595. 

CHASTEL (Pierre du) Bishop of Orleans. See 

CHATEILLON (S^bastien). See BEZA (T.). 
De haereticis a civili magistratu puniendis 
Ubellus, adversus M. Belli [i.e., S. Chiteillon] 
farraginem, f/c. Svo., 1554. 

See BUISSON (F.). S. CastelUon, sa vie 

et son ceuvre, etc. 2 torn. 8vo., 1892. 


CHATEL (Pierre du) Bishop of Orleans. See 


CHATHA.M (William Pitt) ist Earl of. 
Thoms (W. J.). Lord Chatham and the 
Princess OUve. See THOMS (W. J.). Han- 
nah Lightfoot, etc. 8vo., 1867. 

CHAUFFEPlfi (Jacques Georges de). The 
life of Ser\-etus... Translated... by J. Yair. 

8vo., London, 1771. 

Nouveau dictionnaire historique et cri- 
tique, pour ser\ar de supplement ou de con- 
tinuation au Dictionnaire historique et 
critique de P. Bayle. 4 torn. 

fol., .■imsierdam. 1750-56. 
Including translations from the English edition of 
Bayle's " Dictionnaire historique," etc. 

CH.\UFFOUR-KESTNER (Victor). Etudes 
sur les Reformateurs du 16' siecle. Ulrich de 
Hutten — Zwingli. 2 torn, [in i vol.] 

l2mo.. Paris. 18; :;. 
Tome I. U. de Hutten ; Tome II. Zwin^i. 


CHAULIEU (GuiLLAUME Amfrye de). See 
LfiMONTEY (P. t.). Notice sur I'abbe dc 
Chaulieu. 8vo., 1823. 

CHAUNCY {Sir Henry). The liistorical an- 
tiquities of Hertfordshire, etc. (Reprint.) 2 
vols., illust. 8vo., Bishops Stortford, 1826. 

CHAUPY (Bertrand Capmartin de.) See 

CHAUSSE (Michel Ange de la). See LA 


CHAVES (Francesca de). On an English 

translation of F. de Chaves's ' Mirror of Man's 

Life.' [With the text.] By W. E. A. Axon. 

Tfimo., T.nvdnfi, 1807. 

One of 25 copies reprinted from ** Notes anil 

Queries," Ser. 8, Vol. XII. 

CHAVIGNY (Jean Aime de.) Prognostica- 
tion de I'advenement a la Couronne de France 
de... Prince Henry de Bourbon roy de 
Navarre. Ensemble de la grandeur & pros- 
perite a venir de sa Majeste. Le tout tire 
des Centuries & autres conimentaires de M. 
Nostradame, «fc. 8vo., Pam, i 595. 

CHEKE (Sir John). J. pronuntia- 
tione Graecas potissimum linguae disputationes 
cum Stephano Wintoniensi Episcopo, etc. 

8vo., BasilecB, iS55- 

[Another edition.] See HAVER- 

KAMP (S.). Sylloge altera scriptorum, etc. 

8vo., 1740. 

CHEMNITIUS (Martinus). Traitte des re- 
liques, contre le decret du Concile de Trente. 
See CALVIN (J.). Traitte des reliques, etc. 

8vo., 1863. 

CHENED0LL£ (Charles Julien Lioult de). 
Notice raisonnee des ouvrages, lettres, dis- 
sertations, etc., publics. ..par Mercier de 
Saint-L6ger, depuis I'annee 1760 jusqu'en 
1 y go. eti-. 8vo.. Tlruxellcs. 1853. 

From the " Bulletin du Bibliopliilo Belgo." 225 
copies printed. 

CHENU (Jean). Archiepiscoporum et episco- 
porum Galliae chronologica historia, etc. 

4to., Parisiis, 1 62 1. 

— — Chronologia historica patriarcharum archi- 
episcoporum Bituricensium & Aquitaniarum 
primatuni. Anno 1603 primo edita : nunc 
vero editioni secundae accessit catalogus 
decanorum Ecclesias Bituricensis, etc. 2 pts. 
[in I vol.] 4to., Parisiis, 162 1. 

CHERADAMUS (Joannes), [i.e.. JeanCh^ra- 
dame.] J. Cheradami...introductio sane 
quam utilis Graecarum musarum, adyta 
compendio ingredi cupientibus. 
4to.. [Paris:] in aedibus M. Gormontii, [l 520 ?] 
Hcber copy. 

CHESHIRE. Miscellanies, relating to Lan- 
cashire and Cheshire. Vols. I. -III. Sec 
LANCASHIRE. 8vo., 1885-96. 

The rights and jurisdiction of the county 

palatine of Chester, the earls palatine, the 

chamberlain, and other officers... with in- 
troductory notice by J. B. Yates. See 

4to., 1856. 

CHESTER. Chester's triumph in honor of her 
Prince, as it was performed upon St. George's 
Day 1 610... Reprinted... with an introduction 
and notes [by T. Corser. A pageant, the 
verses of which are by R. Davies]. 

^,to., (Mniich''<'(fr.^ 1844. 
(C'hotliam Society. Remains, elc. Vol. III.) 

CHESTER, Bishops of. 

Francis. [1714-25.] S^-e GASTRELL (F.). 
John. [1619-52.] S«eBRIDGEMAN(J.). 
John. [1673-86.] See PEARSON (J.). 

Thomas. [1686-89.] See CARTWRIGHT 

CHESTER, Diocese of. An index of the wills, 
inventories, administration bonds, and de- 
positions in testamentary suits, now pre- 
served at the Diocesan Registry, Chester, 
from 1487 to 1620 inclusive. Edited by W. 
F. Irvine. See LANCASHIRE. Miscel- 
lanies, relating to Lancashire and Cheshire. 
Vol. III. 8vo., 1896. 

A list of the clergy in eleven deaneries 

of the diocese of Chester, 1541-42. To- 
gether with a list of the tenths and subsidy 
payable in ten deaneries, circa 1 5 ^8. Edited 
by W. F. Irvine. See LANCASIilRE. Mis- 
cellanies, relating to Lancashire and Cheshire. 
Vol. III. 8vo., 1896. 

CHESTER. — Abbey OF St. Werburg. Annales 
Cestrienses ; or, chronicle of the Abbey of 
S. Werburg, at Chester. Edited, with an 
introduction, translation, and notes by R. C. 
Christie. 8vn.. [Manchester.] 1887. 

(Koeord Society Publications, Vol. XIV.) One 
of four copies printed on large paper. 

[Another copy, on small paper.] 

The monastery of Saint Werburgh : a 

poem, etc. [By W. P. Grcswell.] See 
GRESWELL (W. P.). 8vo., 1823. 

CHESTER.— Consistory Court. See GAMON 
(J.). The Consistory Court of Chester, etc. 

8vo.. 1877. 
CHESTER. — Court of Probate. An index 
to the wills and inventories now preserved in 
the Court of Probate at Chester, from A.n. 
1545 (to 1780). ..Edited by J. P. Earwakcr 
([and afterwards] W. F. Irvine). 9 vols. 

8vo., {Manchester.) 1S70-OO. 

(Record Society Publications, Vols. 11., IV., XV., 


XXXVIII.) Vols. 1-7 arc lur>;o pupor copies, 

of which only four were printed. 

CHETHAM (HiiMi'iiRKv) of Manchester. See 
FRENCH (G. J.). Bibliographical notices of 
the church libraries at Turton and Gorton, 
bequeathed by H. Chetham. 4to., 1855. 

CHETHAM LIBRARY. Manchester. Biblio- 
theca Chcthamensis : sive bibliothcca; pub- 
licae Mancuniensis ab Humfredo Chctliam... 


CHETHAM LIBRARY, Manchester. — (conld.) 
fundata^ calalogus, exhibcns libros in vaiias 
classes pro varietate argument! distributes, 
etc. 6 torn, [in 4 vols.] 

8vo., MancuKti, 1701-1883. 
Tom. I.-II. edited by J. Radcliffe, torn. Til. by 
W. P. Greswell, torn. IV.-V. by T. Jones. 
Tom. V. comprises the index, with two supple- 
ments which form a separate volume. The 
titlepage of torn. VI. reads : *' Catalogue of 
the books and manuscripts... added between... 
1863 and 1881, including the collection of 
John Byrom...and all the MSS." 

A catalogue of the collection of tracts for 

and against Popery, published in or about 
the reign of James II., in the Manchester 
library founded by H. Chetham, in which is 
incorporated... the whole of Peck's list of the 
tracts in that controversy... (To which are 
added a tabular index to the tracts in both 
editions of Gibson's Preservative, and a re- 
print of Dodd's [i.e., H. Tootell's] Certamen 
utriusque Ecclesiae.) Edited by T. Jones. 
2 pts. 4to., {Manchester.) 1859-65. 

(Clietham Society. Remains, etc. Vols. XIATTT. 
and LXIV. ) The pagination is consecutive. 

4to., {Manchester.) 1851-78. 

(Chetham Society. Remains, c«c. Vols. XXIV., 



Contents : Vol. I. — Papers connected with the 
affairs of Milton and his family. Edited by 
J. F. Marsh, etc. — Epistolary relics of Lanca- 
shire and Cheshire antiquaries. 1653-1673. 
Communicated by G. Ormerod. — Calendars of 
the names of families which entered their 
several pedigrees in the successive heraldic 
visitations of the county palatine of Lancaster. 
Communicated by G. Ormerod. — A fragment, 
illustrative of Sir W. Dugdale's visitation of 
Lancashire, etc. — Autobiographical tracts of 
Dr. J. Dee... Edited by J. Crossley. 

Vol. II. — The rights and jurisdiction of the 
coimty palatine of Chester, the earls palatine, 
the chamberlain, and other officers... with 
introductory notice by J. B. Yates. — The 
Scottish field. (A poem on the battle of 
Flodden.) Edited by J. Robson.— Examjma- 
tyona towcheynge Cokeye More temp. Hen. 
VIII. in a dispute between the lords of the 
manors of Middleton and Radclyffe. With 
introduction and notes. Communicated by... 
F. R. Raines.- — A history of the ancient chapel 
of Denton, in Manchester parish... By... J. 
Booker. — A letter from J. Sir 
P. Legh. [Edited by W. Langton.] 

Vol. III. — On the South Lancashire dialect. 
(Part II. of " Tim Bobbin " and its author 
[J. Collier].) By T. Hey wood.— Rentale de 
Cokersand : being the bursar's rent roll of the 
Abbey of Cokersand. ..for.. .1501, ..Edited by... 
F. R. Raines. — The names of all the gentlemen 
of the best callinge w'*'in tiie countye of Lan- 
caster, whereof choyse ys to be made of a 
c'ten number to lend unto her Ma*)*" 
,..1588, etc.- — Some instructions given by \V. 
Booth... upon the purchase of Warrington by 
Sir G. Booth.. .and W. Booth. ..1628. Com- 
municated by W. Beamont. — Letter from Sir 
J, Seton, Manchester.. .1643. Edited by T. 
He5rwood. — The names of eight hundred in- 
habitants of Manchester who took the oath of 
allegiance to Charles II. in April, 1679. Com- 
municated by J. Harland. — The pole booke for 
Manchester. . . 1 690. 

Vol. IV. — Some account of General R. 
Veuable8...(by L. P. Towu-ihond) together with i 

the autobiographical memoranda or diary of 
his widow, E. Venahles, etc. — A forme of con- 
fession grotinded upon the ancient Catholique 
and Apostolique Faith. Made and composed 
by.. .the Lady Bridget Egerton...i636, etc. 
[Edited by Sir P. de M. G. Egerton.] — A 
kalender conteyning the names of all such 
gent.and others as upon her Maty's pryvye seales 
have paid there money to. ..Sir H. Cholmondley 
...coUecf of her Hyghnes loane within the 
countie of Chester. ..1597, f(c. [Edited by R. H. 
W^ood.] — History of Warrington F^iarJ^ Edited 
by W. Beamont. 

Vol. V. — A description of the state, civil and 
ecclesiastical, of the county of Lancaster, about 
...1590. By some of the clergy of the dioceso 
of Chester.. .With an introduction and notes 
by...F. R. Raines. — A visitation of the diocese 
of Chester, by John, Archbishop of York, held 
in. ..1590, with the Archbishop's correspondence 
with the clergy. ..With illustrative notes by... 
F. R. Raines. — Letters on the claims of the 
College of Arms in Lancashire, in the time of 
James the first : by L. Smethley and R. Holme 
...Edited, with an introduction and notes, by... 
F. R. Rames. — The Easter rolls of Whalley in... 
1552 and 1553. ..Edited by. ..Canon Raines. 

Vol. VI.— The rent roll of Sir J. Towneley... 
for Burnley, Ightenhill, etc. in the county 
palatine of Lancaster. ..1535-6. With an intro- 
duction and notes by...F. R. Raines. — -The 
autobiography of Mr. Langley of Prestwich, 
seventeenth century. With an introduction 
and notes by...F. R. Raines. — A close cata- 
logue of the rectors of Prestwich, from 1316 to 
1632. Extracted from the episcopal registers 
of Lichfield and Chester by F. B. Raines. 
CHETHAiM SOCIETY. Remains, historical 
and Uterary, connected with the palatine 
counties of Lancaster and Chester. 1 14 vols. 
4to., Manchester, 1844- 88. 

Vol. I. See BRERETON {Sir W.) Bart. 

Travels in Holland, etc. 4to., 1844. 

Vol. II. See ORMEROD (G.). Tracts 

relating to military proceedings in Lan- 
cashire during the Great Civil War, etc. 

4to., 1844. 

Vol. IIL See CHESTER. Chester's 

triumph in honor of her Prince, etc. 

4to., 1844. 

Vol. IV. SeeMARTINDALE(A.). The 

life of A. Martindale, etc. 4to., 1845. 

Vol. V. See HIBBERT-WARE formerly 

HIBBERT (S.). Lancashire memorials of 
the Rebellion, 171 5, etc. 2 pts. 4to., 1845. 

Vol. VI. See POTTS (T.). Pott's 

discovery of witches in the county of Lan- 
caster, etc. 4to., 1845. 

Vol. VII. See JAMES (R.). Iter 

Lancastrense ; a. poem, etc. 4to., 1845. 

Vol. VIII. See GASTRELL (F.) Bishop 

of Chester. Notitia Cestriensis, etc. Vol. I. 

4to., 1845. 


Norris papers, etc. 4to., 1846. 


The coucher book. ..of Whalley Abbey, etc. 
Vols. I.-II. 4to., 1847. 

Vol. XIL See MOORE (E). The Moore 

rental, etc. 4to., 1847. 



Vol. Xili. See WORTHINGTON (J.) 

D.D. The diary and correspondence of 
Dr. J. Worthington, e^c. Vol.1. 4to., 1847. 

[Another copy.] L. P. 

Vol. XIV. See ASSHETON (N.). The 

journal of N. Assheton of Downham, etc. 

4to., 1848. 

Vol. XV. See BRADSHAW (H.) Bene- 

dictine. The holy lyfe and history of Saynt 
Werburge, etc. 4^0., 1848. 


The coucher book... of Whalley Abbey, etc. 
Vol. III. 4to., 1848. 

Vol. XVII. See LEGH, Family of 

Warrington in 1465, etc. 4to., 1849. 


Independent Minister. The diary of...H. 
Newcome, «fc. 4to., 1849. 

Vol. XIX. See GASTRELL (F.) Bishop 

of Chester. Notitia Cestriensis, etc. Vol. II., 
pt. I. 4to., 1849. 


The coucher book... of Whalley Abbey, etc. 
Vol. IV. 4to., 1849. 


(F.) Bishop of Chester. Notitia Cestriensis, 
etc. Vol. II., pts. 2-3. 4to., 1850. 

Vol. XXIII. See ROBINSON (R.) of 

Alton. A golden mirrour, etc. 4to., 1851. 

LANIES. Vol. L 4to., 1 85 1 

Vol. XXV. See ALLEN (W.) Cardinal 

Cardinal Allen's defence of Sir W. Stanley's 
surrender of Deventer, etc. 4to., 1851. 


(H.) Independent Minister. The autobio- 
graphy of H. Newcome, etc. 2 vols. 

4to., 1852. 


The Jacobite trials at Manchester in 1694, etc. 

4to., 1853. 


The Stanley papers. Pt. I. 4to., 1853. 

Vol. XXX. See HULTON (W. A.). 

Documents relating to the Priory of Pcn- 
wortham, etc. 4to., 1853. 


The Stanley papers. Pt. II. 4to., 1853. 

Vol. XXXII. See BYROM (J.). The 

private journal. ..of J. Byrom, etc. Vol. I., 
pt. I. 4to, 1854. 

Vol. XXXIII. See PICCOPE (J. G.). 

Lancashire and Cheshire wills and inven- 
tories from the Ecclesiastical Court, Chester, 
etc. Pt. I. 4to., 1857. 

Vol. XXXIV. See BYROM (J.). The 

private journal. ..of J. Byrom, etc. Vol. I., 
pt. 2. 4to., 185s! 


Family of. The house and farm accounts of 
the Shuttleworths of Gawthorpe Hall, etc. 
Pt. I. 4to., 1856. 

D.D. The diary and correspondence of Dr. 
Vol. " ■ ' 

J. Worthington, etc. 
[Another copy.] 



4to., 1855. 
L. P. 


4to., 1856. 

FRENCH (G. J.). 

Vol. XXXVII. See 


Vol. XXXVIII. See 

Bibliographical notices of the church libraries 
at Turton and Gorton, etc. 4to., 1855. 


PAPERS. The Farington papers, etc. 

4to., 1856. 

Vol. XL. See BYROM (J.). The private 

journal. ..of J. Byrom, etc. Vol. II. , pt. i. 

4to., 1856. 


Family of. The house and farm accounts 
of the Shuttleworths of Gawthorpe Hall, etc. 
Pt. II. 4to., 1856. 


history of the ancient chapels of Didsbury 
and Chorlton, eto. 4to., 1857. 


Family of. The house and farm accounts of 
the Shuttleworths of Gawthorpe Hall, etc. 
Pt. IIL 4to., 1857. 

Vol. XLIV. See BYROM (J.). The 

private journal... of J. Byrom, etc. Vol. II. , 
pt. 2. 4to., 1857. 

Vol. XLV. See WILSON (T.) Rector of 

Claughton. Miscellanies : being a selection 
from the poems. .. of. ..T. Wilson, etc. 

4to., 1857. 


Family of. The house and farm accounts of 
the Shuttleworths of Gawthorpe Hall, etc. 
Pt. IV. 4to., 1858. 

Vol. XLVII. See BOOKER (J.). A 

history of the ancient chapel of Birch, etc. 

4to., 1859. 


Manchester. A catalogue of the collection of 
tracts for and against Popery, etc. Pt. I. 

4to., 1859. 

Vols. XLIX.-L. See HARLAND (J.). 

The Lancashire lieutenancy under the Tudors 
and Stuarts, etc. 2 pts. 4to., 1859. 

Vol. LI. See PICCOPE (J. G.). Lanca- 
shire and Cheshire wills and inventories from 
the Ecclesiastical Court, Chester, etc. Pt. II. 

4to., i860. 

Vol. LII. 5««C0RSER(T.). Collectanea 

Anglo-poetica, etc. Pt. I. 4*0., i860. 

Vol. LIII. 5e« HARLAND (J.). Mame- 

ccstrc, etc. Vol. I. 4*0.. 1861. 

Vol. LIV. S«e PICCOPE (J. G.). Lanca- 
shire and Cheshire wills and inventories from 
the Ecclesiastical Court, Chester, etc. Pt. IIL 

4to., 1861. 

Vol. LV. S<'eCORSER(T.). Collectanea 

Anglo-poetica, etc. Pt. II. 4to., 1861. 

Vol. LVI. See HARLAND (J.). Mame- 

cestre, etc. Vol. 11. 4to., 1S61. 



LANIES. Vol. IIL 4to., 1862. 

Vol. LVIII. See HARLAND (J.). 

Mamecestre, etc. Vol. III. 4to., 1862. 

Vols. LIX.-LX. Se« RAINES (F.R.). A 

history of the chantries within the county 
palatineof Lancaster, fie. 2 vols. 4to., 1862. 

Vol. LXI. See ABBOTT (R.) Servant of 

Caryll, Lord Molyneux. I. Abbott's journal, 
etc. 2 pts. 4to., 1864. 


discourse of the vvarr in Lancashire, etc. 

4to., 1864. 


volume of Court Leet records of the manor of 
Manchester in the sixteenth century, etc. 
[Vol. I.] 4to., 1864. 


Manchester. A catalogue of the collection of 
tracts for and against Popery, etc. Pt. II. 

4to., 1865. 

tinuation of the Court Leet records of the 
manor of Manchester, a.d. 1586-1602, etc. 

4to., 1865. 


PAPERS. The Stanley papers. Pt. III., 
vols. 1-2. 4to., 1867. 


Collectanea relating to Manchester and its 
neighbourhood, etc. [Vol. I.] 4to., 1866. 


Grammar School. The admission register 
of the Manchester School, etc. Vol. I. 

4to., 1866. 


The Stanley papers. Pt. III., vol. 3. 

4to., 1867. 

Vol. LXXI. See CORSER (T.). Collec- 
tanea Anglo-poetica, «fc. Pt. III. 4to., 1867. 

Vol. LXXII. See HARLAND (J.). 

Collectanea relating to Manchester and its 
neighbourhood, etc. Vol. II. 4to., 1867. 


Grammar School. The admission register 
of the Manchester School, etc. Vol. II. 

4to., 1868. 

Vol. LXXIV. See HARLAND (J.). 

Three Lancashire documents of the fourteenth 
and fifteenth centuries, etc. 4to., 1868. 

Vol. LXX V. S«eKING(T.W.). Lanca- 
shire funeral certificates, etc. 4to., 1869. 

Vol. LXXVI. See HEYWOOD (R.). 

Observations and instructions, etc. 

4to., 1869. 

Vol.LXXVIL S^e CORSER (T.). Collec- 
tanea Anglo-poetica, sfc. Pt. IV. 4to., 1869. 


(Sir T.) Bart. Tracts written in the con- 
troversy respecting the legitimacy of Amicia, 
daughter of H. Cyveliok, etc. 3 pts. 

4to., 1869. 

Vol. LXXXI. SeeVhOWEK(\W.)Norroy 

King of Arms. The visitation of the county 
palatine of Lancaster, made in... 1567, etc. 

4to., 1870. 


(Sir R.) Clarenceux King of Arms. The 
visitation of the county palatine of Lancaster, 
made in...i6i3, etc. 4to., 1871. 

CELLANIES. Vol. IV. 4to., 1872. 

DALE (Sir W.) Garter King of Arms. The 
\dsitation of the county palatine of Lancaster, 
made in... 1 664-5, £<c. Pts. I.- II. 4to., 1872. 


MONT ( W. ). .A.nnals of the Lords of Warring- 
ton for the first five centuries after the 
Conquest, etc. 2 pts. 4to., 1872. 


W.) Garter King of Arms. The visitation of 
the county palatine of Lancaster, made in... 
1664-5, etc. Pt. IIL 4to., 1873. 

Vols. LXXXIX.-XC. 5fe FARMER (R.) 

D.D. The Dr. Farmer Chetham MS. Being 
a common-place book in the Chetham Library. 
etc. 2 pts. 4to., 1873. 

Vol. XCI. See CORSER (T.). Collec- 
tanea Anglo-poetica, efc. Pt. V. 4to., 1873. 

Vol. XCII. See FISHWICK (H.). The 

historj' of the parish of Kirkham, etc. 

4to., 1874. 


— Grammar School. The admission register 
of the Manchester School, etc. Vol. III. 

4to., 1874. 

Vol. XCV. See LANCASHIRE. Abstracts 

of (Lancashire) inquisitions post mortem, etc. 
[Vol. I.] 4to., 1875. 

LANIES. Vol. V. 4to., 1875. 

Vol. XCVII. See RENAUD (F.). Con- 
tributions towards a history of the ancient 
parish of Prestbury, etc. 4to., 1876. 

Vol. XCVIII. See BEN ALT (T.). The 

\'isitation of Lancashire and a part of Che- 
shire, made in... 1533, «<c. Pt. I. 4to., 1876. 

stracts of (Lancashire) inquisitions post 
mortem, etc. Vol. II. 4to., 1876. 

Vols.C.-CIL Se« CORSER (T.). Collec- 
tanea Anglo-poetica, etc. Pts. VI.- VIII. 

4to., 1877-78. 

LANIES. Vol. VL 4to., 1878. 

Vols. CIV.-CV. See FISHWICK (H.). 

The history of the parish of Garstang, etc. 
2 pts. 4to., 1878-79. 

Vol.CVL See CORSER (T.). Collectanea 

Anglo-poetica, etc. Pt. IX. 4to., 1879. 

Vol. CVII. See BAILEY (J. E.). In- 
ventories of goods in the churches and chapels 
of Lancashire, taken in. ..1552, etc. Pt. I. 

4to., 1879. 
[.\nother copy.] 



Vol. CVIII. See CORSEK (T.). CoUcc 

tanea Anglo-poetica, «/c. Pt. X. 4to., 1880. 

Vol. CIX. See WALWORTH (N.). 

The correspondence of N. Walworth and P. 
Scdiion, etc. 4to. , 1880. 

Vol. ex. See BENALT (T.). The \'isita- 

tion of Lancashire and a part of Cheshire, 
made in. ..1533, e(c. Pt. II. 4to., 1882. 

VoLCXL S^eCORSER(T.). Collectanea 

Anglo-poetica, etc. Pt. XI. 4to., 1883. 

Vol. CXII. See LINCOLN (H. De 

Lacy) Earl of. Two " compoti " of the Lan- 
cashire and Cheshire manors of Henry de 
Lacy, Earl of Lincoln, etc. 4to., 18S4. 

[Another copy.] 

Vol. CXIII. See BAILEY (J. E.). In- 
ventories of goods in the churches and 
chapwls of Lancashire, taken in... 1552, etc. 
Pt. IL 4to., 1 888. 

[Another copy.] 


(J.) D.D. The diary and correspondence 
of Dr. J. Worthington, etc. Vol. II., pt. 2. 

4to., 1886. 
[Another copy.] 

[Another copy.] L. P. 

General index to the Remains historical 

and literary... Vols. I.-XXX. 

4to., [Mayichester,] 1863. 

General index to the Remains... Vols. 

XXXI.-CXIV. 8vo., [Manchester,] 1889. 

This volume wa^^ c.aneollcd. 

■ General index to the Remains... Vols. 

XXXI.-CXIV. 4to., [Manchester,] 1893. 

[Another copy.] 

Ono of throe ropirs pilntc<l on large paper, 

CHETHAM SOCIETY. Remains, etc. New 
series. Vols. 1-43. 

4to., Manchester, 1 883-1 900. 

Ono of throe copii^-; piln(e:l on largo paper. 

— — [Another copy of Vols. 40-43. | 

Small pnpor erlition. 

Vols. 1-2. See RAINES (F. R.). The 

vicars of Rochdale, etc. 2 pts. 4to., 1883. 

Vol. 3. See PICCOPE (G. J.). Lanca- 
shire and Cheshire wills and inventories at 
Chester, etc. 4I0., 1884. 

Vol. 4. See VAUX (I-.). .\ catechisme 

or Christian doctrine, etc. 4to., 1885. 

Vols. 5-6. See RAINES (F. R.). The 

rectors of Manchester, etc. 2 pts. 4to., 1885. 

Vol. 7. See CHRISTIE (R. C). The old 

church and school libraries of Lancashire. 

4to., 1885. 
■^— —— [Another copy.] 

VoL S. See FISHWICK (H.). The 

history of the parish of Poulton-le-Fyldc, etc. 

4to., 1885. 

Vol. 9- See FURNESS ABBEY. The 

couchcr book of Furness Abbev. etc. Pt. I. 

4to., 1886. 

Vol. 10. See FISHWICK (H.). The 

history of the parish of Bisphani, etc. 

4to., 1887. 


coucher book of Furness Abbey, etc. Pt. II. 

4to., 1887, 


Crosby records : a chapter of Lancashire 
recusancy, etc. 4to., 1887. 

Vol. 13. See CHRISTIE (R. C). A 

bibliography of the works written and edited 
by Dr. J. Worthington. 4to., 1888. 

[Another copy.] 

Vol. 14. See FURNESS ABBEY. The 

coucher book of Furness Abbey, etc. Pt. III. 

4to., 1888. 

Vols. 15-18. 5d«BRIDGEMAN(G.T.O.). 

The history of the church and manor of 
Wigan, efc. 4 pts. 4to., 1888-90. 

Vol. 19. See DERBY (E. Stanley) 3rd 

Earl of. Correspondence of Edward, third 
Earl of Derby, during the years 24 to 31 
Henry VIII., etc. 4to., 1890. 

Vol. 20. See MANCHESTER. Minutes 

of the Manchester Presbyterian Classis, etc, 
Pt. I. 4to., 1890. 

Vol. 21. See RAINES (F. R.). The 

fellows of the Collegiate Church of Manchester, 
etc. Pt. I. 4to., 1 89 1. 

Vol. 22. See MANCHESTER. Minutes 

of the Manchester Presbyterian Classis, etc. 
Pt. II. 4to., 1891. 

Vol. 23. See RAINES (F. R.). The fel- 
lows of the Collegiate Church of Manchester, 
etc. Pt. II. 4to., 1891. 

Vol. 24. See MANCHESTER. Minutes 

of the .Manchester Presbyterian Classis, etc. 
Pt. in. ■ 4to., 1891. 

Vol. 25. See FISHWICK (H.). The 

history of the parish of St. Michaels-on- 
Wyre, etc. 4to., 1891, 

VoL 26. 5ee ROPER (W.O.). Materials 

for the history of the Church of Lancaster, 
etc. Vol. I. 4to., 1892. 

Vol. 27. See GLYNNE (5/;- S. R.) Bart. 

Notes on the churches of Lancashire, etc. 

4to., 1893. 

Vol. 28. See EARWAKKR (J. P.). 

Lancashire and Cheshire wills and inventories 
1572 to 1696, etc. 4to., 1893. 

Vols. 29-30. See BYROM (J.). The 

poems of John Byroin, etc. Vol. I. 

4 to., 189.1. 

Vol.31. Sec ROPER (W.O.). Materials 

for the history of the Church of Lancaster, etc. 
Vol. IL 4to., 1894. 

Vol. 32. See GLYNNE (Sir S. R.) Bart. 

Notes on the churches of Cheshire, etc. 

VoL 3i. See JOLLIE (T.). 

book of... T. Jolly, etc. 

Vols. 34-3S- Sec BYROM 

poems of John Byrom, etc. \'o\. 





4 to.. 





4 to.. 





Vol. 36. See BURY. Minutes of the 

Bury Presbyterian Classis, etc. Pt. I. 

4to., i8q6. 

Vol. 37. See RYLANDS (J. P.). Lan- 
cashire and Cheshire wills and inventories, 
1563 to 1807, now preserved at Chester, etc. 

4to., 1897. 

Vols. 38-40. See COCKERSAND 

ABBEY. The chartulary of Cockersand 
Abbey, etc. Vols. I. & II., pt. I. 4to., 1898. 

[Another copy of Vol. 40.] 

Vol. 41. See BURY. Minutes of the 

Bury Presbyterian Classis, etc. Pt. II. 

4to., 1898. 

[Another Copy.] 

Vol. 42. See CROFTON (H. T.). A 

history of the ancient chapel of Stretford, 
etc. Vol. I. 4to., 1899. 

[Another copy.] 


The chartulary of Cockersand Abbey, etc. 
Vol. II., pt. 2. 4to., 1900. 

[Another copy.] 

CHEVALIER (Henri £mile). Rabelais et 
ses editeurs. 8vo., Paris, 1868. 

CHEVILLIER (Andre). L'origine de I'im- 
primerie de Paris. Dissertation historique, 
et critique, etc. 4to., Paris, 1694. 

CHICAGO. — World's Columbian Exposi- 
tion OF 1893. See CURTIS (W. E.). 
Souvenir of La Rabida, World's Columbian 
Exposition. The relics of Columbus, etc. 
2pts. 8vo., (1893.) 

CHICHELE, Family of. Stemmata Chiche- 
leana ; or, a genealogical account of some of 
the famiUes derived from Thomas Chichele, 
of Higham-Ferrers, etc. [By B. Buckler.] 
See BUCKLER (B.). 4to., 1765. 

CHICHESTER, Bishops of. 

Lancelot. [1605-09.] 5ee ANDREWES (L.) 

Bishop of Winchester. 
Reginald. [1450-58.] See VECOCK (R.). 

CHIFFLETIUS (Joannes Jacobus). [j.(;.,Jean 
Jacques Chifflet.] Praelibatio de terra et 
lege SaUca, ex vindiciis Lotharingicis. etc. 
See STRUVE (B. G.). B. G. Struvii biblio- 
theca librorum rariorum, etc. Pt. II. 

4to., 1719. 

CHIOCCUS (Andreas). [/.?., AndreaChiocco.] 
A. Chiocchi... apologia pro divina H. Fracas- 
torii V. C. syphilide, vel Ubris de morbo 
Gallico adversus J. C. Scaligeri censuram. 
Nunc primum in luccm edita a B. Chiocco, 
etc. 4to., Veronae, 1598. 

CHIOGGIA. Chioggia ; a letter from Venice. 
Read before the Manchester Literary Club. 
8vo., (Pendleton, 1883.) 
Not published. 

CHIPLICUS (Dacrion) pseud., Resp. [For 
editions of the " Materia mere magistrahs 

multisciorum studiosorum magistrorumque 
multivas miserias...memorans & magnifi- 
cans."] See OGRAVITTUS (M.) pseud.. 

CHLADENIUS (Joannes Martinus). [i.e., 
JoHANN Martin Chladni.] De fortuna 
bibliothecae D. Augustini in excidio Hippo- 
nensi disserit...J. M. Chladenius. 

4to., Lipsiae, 1742. 

CHOEROBOSCUS (Georgius). XotQO§oaxov 
TTooQ rov; fc rrajt [sic] rot; Q)uiacn navovai; 
t^ijTomna(; xai ofioioTtjTai;. — XoiQopoaxov neQt 
rov iipcXxvariyov v . — Ileoi eyy.XivofiEvmv. ix 
Tojv Tou XeiQoPoawv. See MANUTIUS (A. P.). 
QrjaavQog. KegaQ d^akOeia;, etc. fol., 1496. 

—— IJegt iyxhvofievojv, fx Tfoi' rov XeiQo^oaxov. 
See CRASTONUS (J.) Placevtinus. Dictio- 
narium Graecum, etc. [Pt. II.] fol., 1524. 

[Another copy.] 

CHOKIER (Joannes Ernestus a). Tractatus 
de re nummaria prisci aevi, quas coUata ad 
aestimationem monetae praesentis, etc. 

8vo., Leodii, 161 9. 

CHOLMELEY (William). The request and 
suite of a true-hearted EngHshman...i553. 
Edited. W. J. Thoms. See CAMDEN 
MISCELLANY. The Camden miscellany. 
Vol. II. 4to., 1853. 

CHOLMONDELEY (Sir Hugh). A kalender 
conteyning the names of all such gent, and 
others as upon her Maty's pryvye seales have 
paid there money to. ..Sir H. Cholmondley... 
collect' of her Hyghnes loane within the 
countie of Chester... 1597, etc. [Edited by 
LANIES. Vol. IV. 4to., 1872. 

CHORIER (Nicolas). Memoires de N. Chorier 
...sur sa \ie et ses affaires, traduits...par 
F. Crozet. 8vo., Grenoble, 1868. 

See ALLUT (P.). A. Sygea et N. Chorier. 

[Pt. I.] 8vo., 1862, 

CHORLEY. The Chorley survey, being an 
abstract of the survey taken on the 15 
February, 1652, of the estate of Richard 
Chorley of Chorley. Edited by R. D. Rad- 
clifie. See LANCASHIRE. Miscellanies, 
relating to Lancashire and Cheshire. Vol. 
III. 8vo., 1896. 

CHOUL (Guillaume du). See DU CHOUL. 

CHRESTIEN (Florent). Q. S. F. Christiani 
in Aristophanis Irenam vel Pacem commen- 
taria glossemata, etc. [With the text.] See 
ARISTOPHANES. [Pa.x.] 8vo., 1589. 

CHRfiTIEN-LALANNE (Marie Ludovic). 

CHRIST (JoHANN Friedrich). J. F. Christii 
noctes academicae observationibus ad rem 
litterariam miscellis et conjecturis expositae. 
4 pts. [in I vol.] 

8vo., Halae Magdehurgicae, 1727-29. 
With Pt. 4 there was issued a covering titlepage 
reading : " J. F. Christii noctiuin aoadeniicarum 
libri sive specimina quatuor." 


CHRISTIAN. Cujusda fidelis Christiani epis- 
tola, ad Christianos oes...Subsequitur & divi 
Augustini de miseria, ac brevitate hujus 
mortalis vita;, sermo...Anno XXI [i.e., 1521]. 
Reproduced in exact facsimile, etc. 

4to., Cambridge, 1886. 
150 copies printed, this being No. 28. 
CHRISTIAN IV., King of Denmark and Nor- 
way. See BOLTON (E.). Tricorones, sive 
soles gemini in Britannia. Carmen de Chris- 
tiani IV. regis adventu in eandem. 

4to., 1607. 
CHRISTIANUS (Quintus Septimus Florens). 

CHRISTIE (Alex.\nder) of Montrose. The 
Holy Scriptures the only rule of faith, and 
religious liberty asserted and maintained in 
sundry letters, etc. (By A. Christie.) 

8vo., Montrose, 1790. 

Scripture truths... shewing the unhappy 

and evil consequences of falsehood, bribery, 
and corruption... Illustrated with extracts 
from the Night thoughts [of E. Young]. 
(By A. Christie.) 8vo., Montrose, 1790. 

CHRISTIE (James). A disquisition upon 
Etruscan vases ; displaying their probable 
connection with the shows at Eleusis, and 
the Chinese Feast of Lanterns, with explana- 
tions of a few of the principal allegories de- 
picted upon them. [By J. Christie.] 

fol., London, 1806. 
Only 100 copies privately printed. HalkcU and 
Laing, I., 668. 
— — [Another edition, entitled :] Dis- 
quisitions upon the painted Greek vases, and 
their probable connection with the shows of 
the Eleusinian and other mysteries. 

4to., London, 1825. 

An inquiry into the antient Greek game, 

supposed to have been invented by Pala- 
medes...with reasons for believing the same 
to have been known from remote antiquity 
in China, and progressively improved into... 
chess. Also, two dissertations : I. On the 
Athenian Skirophoria. II. On the mystical 
meaning of the bough and umbrella, in the 
Skiran rites. [By J. Christie] 

4to., London, 1801. 
Halkett and Lalng, II., 1227. 

An inquiry into the early history of Greek 

sculpture. L. P. 4to., London, 1833. 

Observations occasioned by Mr. Ouva- 

roff's essay on the Eleusinian mysteries. See 
UVAROV (S. S.) Count. Essay on the mys- 
teries of Eleusis, etc. 8vo., 1817. 

CHRISTIE (Richard Copley). Bibliographic 
Doletienne. Catalogue des livres ecrits, 
edites et imprimes par ]6. Dolet. 

8vo., Paris, 1886. 
From tlie author's " Etienno Dolet, lo martyr de 
la Renaissance." One of 12 copies only. 
[Another copy.] 

A bibliography of the books written, 

edited, or printed by fi. Dolet. 

8vo., London, 1880. 
Olio of 25 coi)ios reprinted, on Targe paper, from 
tlie author's " Etionuo Dolel." 

[Another copy.] 

—— [Another copy.] 

Mr. Cliristie's working copy, interleaved, with 
MS. notes. 

A bibhography of the works written and 

edited by Dr. J. Worthington. 

4to., {Manchester,) 1888. 
(Chetham Society. Remains, etc. New series. 
Vol. 13.) One of three copies printed on large 
[Another copy, on small paper.] 

Biographical dictionaries. [A critique on 

the followmg : — " Biographic univcrselle, an- 
cienne et modeme," " Nouvelle biographic 
generale," and " Specimen of a dictionary of 
national biography," edited by L. Stephen.] 

8vo., London, 1884. 
From the "Quarterly Review," Vol. 157, No. 313. 

[Another edition.] See below. 

Selected essays, etc., pp. 1-57. 8vo., 1902. 

The catalogues of the library of the due 

(le La ValliSre. 8vo., London, 1885. 

From the "Library Clironicle," Vol. II., No. 22. 

[Another edition.] See below, 

Selected essays, etc., pp. 279-290. 

8vo., 1902. 

A charge delivered to the churchwardens 

of the diocese of Manchester, at the Easter 
visitation, 1880. 8vo., Manchester, 18S0. 

From the " Manchester Diocesan Churchman." 

The chronology of the early Aldines. 

4to., London, [1894.] 
From " Bibliographioa," Vol. I., pt. 2. 

[Another edition.] See below. 

Selected essays, etc., pp. 223-251. 

8vo., 1902. 

Dictionary of National Biography. [A 

critique on Vols. I.-X.] 

8vo., London, 1887. 
From the " Quarteriy Review," Vol. 164, No. 328. 

Elzevier bibliography. A paper, etc. 

Svo., London, 1888. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another edition.] See below. 

Selected essays, etc., pp. 297-308. 

8vo., 1902. 

The engraving of tinctures in heraldry. 

4to., Manchester, 1881. 
From the "Palatine Note-book," Vol. I., No. I2. 

fitienne Dolet, the martyr of the Renais- 
sance. A biography. (Bibliographical ap- 
pendix.) 8vo., London, 1880. 

[Another copy.] 

Mr. Christie's working copy. Imperfect. 

[Another copy.] 

I'reparod, under Mr. Christie's supervision, for 
the new edition. 

New edition, revised and corrected. 

8vo., London, 1890. 

[Another copy.] 

[Reviews and notices of " Etienno 

Dolet, a biography by R. C. Christie " ; first 
edition 1880, second edition 1899.] 

1880-82, 1899-1900. 


CHRISTIE (Richard Copley).— (cow^i.) 
fitienne Dolet, le martyr de la Renais- 
sance, sa vie ct sa mort. Ouvrage traduit 
de l'anglais...par C. Stryiensld. (Appendice 
bibliographique.) 8vo., Paris, 1886. 
For a rcvievr of t!iis book, «» O. Guiffrqy's " Edu- 
cftt«uT3 franynis efc strangers. E. Dolet." 

[Another copy.] 

Working copy nsed by Mr. Christie. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another copy.] 

- litienne Dolet, the mart}-r-printer of 
Lyons. [An extract from the author's 
" fitienne Dolet."] 8vo., Leicester, 1892. 

From the " British Piinler," Vol. V., Xo. 2}. 

Extracts from the judgment of. ..Chan- 
cellor Christie, in the Consistory Court of 
Manchester, in the case of the Rev. P. Mar- 
shall and others v. S. P. Andrews [or rather, 
Andrew]. See TAIT (A. C.) Archbishop of 
Canterbury. An apology for the laitj', etc. 


The forgeries of the Abbe Fourmont. [A 

critique on the " Corpus Inscriptionum 
Graecarum," edited by A. Boeckh.] 

8vo.. London, 1885. 
From the " Quarterly Review," Vol. 161, No. 323. 

[Another issue.] See below, Selected 

essays, etc., pp. 58-91. 8vo., 1902. 

Introductory lecture on the study of his- 
tory, etc. 8vo., London, 1854. 

[Another edition.] See POPULAR 

LECTURER, The, etc. Vol. I. 8vo., 1855. 

The ISIarquis de Morante : his library and 

its catalogue. Svo., Manchester. 1883. 

From the " Manchester Quarterly," No. VI. 

[Another edition.] See below. 

Selected essays, etc., pp. 257-278. 

8vo., 1902. 

The old church and school libraries of 

Lancashire. 4to., {Manchester,) 1885. 

(Chetham Society. Remains, etc. New series, 
Vol. 7.) One of three copies printed on large 

—^ [.'Another copy, on small paper.] 

[.\nother edition.] See LIBRARY 

ASSOCIATION. Transactions... of the... 

sixth annual meeting, etc. 4to., 1886. 

On some economical views of the Greek 

philosophers. A paper, etc. 

8vo., Manchester, 1857. 

A sceptic of the Renaissance [i.e., P. 

Pomponatius. A critique on the following : — 
" The skeptics of the Italian Renaissance," 
by J. Owen ; " P. Pomponazzi, etc.." by F. 
Fiorentino ; " Sulla immortahta dell' anima 
di Pomponazzi, etc.." by G. Fontana ; and 
" La psicologia di P. Pomponazzi, etc.," by 
L. Fern.] 8vo., London. 1893. 

From the "Quarterly Re\iew," Vol. 177, No. 354. 

[Another edition.] See below, 

Selected essays, etc., pp. 124-160. 

8vo., 1902. 

A scholar and traveller of the Renaissance. 

[A critique on the epistles of N. Clenardus, 
1566.] 8vo., London. 1893. 

From the "Quarterly Review," Vol. 176, No. 351. 

[Another edition.] See below. 

Selected essays, etc., pp. 92-123. 8vo., 1902. 

Selected essays and papers... Edited with 

a memoir by W. A. Shaw. (Notes on Mr. 
Christie's collection of books. By J. Cree.) 

8vo. . Londcm. 1002. 
Presented by Mrs. Clu-istie. Contents :- Bio- 
graphical dictionaries. — The forgeries of the 
Abb6 Fourmont. — Clenardus, a scholar and 
traveller of the Renaissance. — Pomponatius, a 
sceptic of the Renaissance. — Was Giordano 
Bruno really burned ? — Vanini in England. — 
The Scaligers. — Clu-onology of the early Aldines. 
— The Aldine anchor. — An incunabulura of 
Brescia.^Marquis de Morante and his library. 
— Catalogues of the library of the due de La 
Valli^re. — The Bignon family, a dynasty of 
librarians. — Elzevier bibliography. — De tribus 
impostoribus. — The earliest appearance in 
print of, the first idyll of Moschus. — Le Cheva- 
lier D'Eon, bibliophile, latinistc et th6ologien. 
— The Chevalier D'Eon. — Giordano Bruno.— 
George Buchanan, humanist and reformer. — 
The Venetian printing press. — Sebastian Cas- 
tellion, the first preacher of religious liberty. — 
The relations of the Church to the State in 
respect to ecclesiastical law. — A charge de- 
livered to the churchwardens of the diocese of 
Manchester at the Chancellor's visitation of 

Vanini in England. 8vo., London. 1895. 
From the " English Historical Review," Vol. X., 
No. 38- 

[Ancthcr edition.] See above. 
Selected essays, etc., pp. 172-208. 8vo., 1902. 

Was Giordano Bruno really burned ? 

8vo., London, 1885. 
From " MacmiUan's Magazine," Vol. 52, No. 313. 

[Another edition.] See above. 

Selected essays, etc., pp. 161- 171. 8vo., 1902. 

See BOOKHUNTER. Bookworms of 

yesterday and to-day. Mr. Chancellor R. 
C.Christie. 4to., 1889. 

See CHESTER. — Abbey of Saint Wer- 

BURG. Annales Cestrienses ; or, chronicle 
of the Abbey of S. Werburg, at Chester. 
Edited, Avith an introduction, translation, 
and notes, by R. C. Christie. 8vo., 1887. 

[Another copy.] 

S(;« COPLEY (5z>T.). Letters... Edited... 

by R. C. Christie. 4to., 1897. 

See MILNER (R.). Chancery of Lanca- 
shire. Milner v. Reed. Application for an 
injunction... For the plaintiff: Mr. [R. C.] 
Christie and Mr. Bryce, etc. 8vo., 1870. 


diary and correspondence of Dr. J. Worthing- 
ton, etc. (Vol. II. part 2. Edited by R. C. 
Christie.) 4to., 1866. 

[Another copy.] 
[Another copy.] 

L. P. 

CHRISTIE (Robert) of Quebec. The military 
and naval operations in the Canadas, during 


CHRISTIE (Robert) oj Quebec— [contL] 
the late war with the United States. In- 
cluding also, the political history of Lower- 
Canada. . .from. . . 1 807 until . . . 1 8 1 5 . 

8vo., Quebec, 1S18. 
CHRISTIE (Thomas) of Montrose. Letters on 
the Revolution of France, and on the new 
Constitution. ..To which is added, an appen- 
dix, containing original papers... relative to 
the affairs of France, etc. Part I. 

8vo., London, 17QI. 
All published. The appendix has a separate 
pagination. This copy has the " Chart of tlie 
new Constitution," sometimes lacking. 

Miscellanies : philosophical, medical and 

moral, etc. [By T. Christie.] 

8vo., London, 1789. 

Not published until 1792. Halkett and Laing, 

n., 1631. 

CHRISTIE {Wii.i.i\yi.) of Montrose. Discourses 

on the Divine unity : or, a scriptural proof 

and demonstration of the one supreme Deity 

of the God and Father of all, etc. 

8vo., Montrose, 1784. 

The second edition corrected. 

1 2 mo., Montrose, 1790. 

The third edition. 

1 2 mo., London, 18 10. 

The fourth edition. 

:2mo., London, 1828. 
CHRISTIE (William Dougal). J. S. Mill and 
Mr. A. Hayward. A reply about Mill to a 
letter [from A. Hayward] to the Rev. S. 
Brooke, privately circulated and actually 
pubhshed. 8vo., London, 1873. 

CHRISTIUS (Joannes Fridericus). See 

CHRIST (J. F.). 
CHRONICLE. An English chronicle [a version 
of the Brut] of the reigns of Richard II., Henry 
IV., Henry V., and Henry VI., written before 
...1 47 1. With an appendix containing the 
1 8th. and 19th. years of Richard II. and the 
Parliament at Bury St. Edmund's, 25th. 
Henry VI. ; and supplementary additions 
from the Cotton. MS. chronicle called 
" Eulogium." Edited by J. S. Davics. 

4to., \ London,] 1856. 

(Camden Society Publications, Vol. 6.|.) 

CHRYSOLORAS (Emanuel). Habes candide 

lector grammaticcn doctissimi Chrysolorg a 

J. Chaeradamo, longe q antea emendatiorem. 

Gr. y\o., [Paris :] G. de Gourmont. s.a. 

With an autograph and note of C. Du Fresno, 

Siuur Du Cange, and notes of GillcH M6nagc. 

Portraits of Du Cange and Menage inserted. 

[Erotcmata.] Begin. [Sig. ai, recto :i 

[E]ig Tioaa diaigowrat ra | iixoat [sic] Tiaaaga 
yQa/i/iaTa | el? Svo... \ etc. End. [Sig. e8, 
recto : after Greek alphabet.] Chrysolora; 
Manuelis | Erotimata Fcliciter | Finiunt. | 
TeIoi;. I Gr. &- Lat. 

.fto., [Parma : .S. Cnrallus ? c. 1,(81. 1 
Hain, '5019. Proctor, 687.). Proclor'', 87 and 
175. Plate IX. in Proctor^ was taken from 
this copy. The "E" in tlie first word " K/s " 
is inserted in gold leaf. Liliri, C. liahingtonV, 
and CiionnadiuH copy. Two letters from Itobcrt 
Proctor regarding this book are in^-orlcd. 

Krotemata Guarini [abridged from Chryso- 

loras] cum multis additamentis, et cum com- 
mentariis Latinis [by L. Ponticus Virunius. 
Edited by J. M. Tricxlius]. Gr. 

8vo., [colophon :] Ferrarite : impresswni 

p me Jodne Masochfi, i S09. 

The Greek text and the Latin commentary have 

separate registers. The former is without 

pagination, and the latter is foliated. Crofts 

and Wodhull copy. 

^— 'EQ0)T7jftaTa rov XQvao?.ojQa. Jlegi dvco- 

fiaXojv Qi]/itaTOjv. IIeqi axmiaxiafiov rcov /govmv 

ex Tfyy Xa}.xov8vXov. To rexagrov tov /"cifr;, 

negt avpra^EOjg. {' HgojStayov) negi iyxXniy.iov. 

Fvoinai ^lovoarixoi ix 8iatpogo)v noiijrojv. 

Erotemata Chrysolora?. De anomalis verbis. 

De formatione temporum ex libro Chalcon- 

dylae. Quartus Gazae de constructione. De 

encliticis. Sententiaj monostichi ex variis 

poetis. [Edited by A. P. Manutius.] Gr. 

8vo., [colophon :] Venetiis : inadib. Aldi, 1512. 

Renouard, p. 59. 

' Egunrjpiaxa rov XgvaoXmga. See BO- 

NINUS (E.). ' Eyxcigidiov yga/ifiartxi]; elaa- 
yoiyr]?, etc. Svo., [1514.] 

' Eganriiiara tov Xgvao?.u)ga, etc. [Edited 

by A. P. Manutius.] 

8vo., [colophon :] Venetiis : in aedibiis 

Aldi et Andreae soceri, 1517. 

Tliis edition is similar to that of 1512, with tlie 

addition of the *' Karw*' " and '* 'EpwTi;/xoTo tou 

Vovaptvov,^ Renouard, p. 80. 

- ' Egwrrj/tara rov Xgvao).ioga. Llegi axr]- 
fiariafiov t(ov xQ'^^'"^^ ^^ ^'"'' Xa)jtoi'SvXov. 
Erotemata Chr^'solorae. De formatione tem- 
porum ex libro Chalcondylae. Gr. &■ Lat. 
8vo., [colophon :] Roma : [Z. Callicrges ?] 1522. 

Earl of Guilford's copy. 

'Egcarti/iara rov XovaoXiuga. Uegi av<u/ia- 

Xwv grjftarojv. flegi ax'jiianaftov rtov xQovcov 
ex rmv XaXxovSvXov. To reraorov tou AiJ/;, 
Tiegi avvra^ewg. JTegi iyxXt]rixo)v [sic]. Frvy- 
/lat fiovoartxot ex Sta<pogo)V noirjTov. Karcov. 
Erotemata Chrysolora;, etc. Gr. 

8vo., [colophon :] Venetiis : in officina 
haredum P. Rabani &■ socionim, 1545. 
LUS (C). 

CHRYSOSTOMUS (Die). See DIO, Chryso- 

s towns. 

Chrysostomiis, Saint, Patriarch of Constan- 

of the Council of the Church .\ssociation to 
the " rejoinder " of the E[nBlish] C[liurch] 
U[nion]. 8vo., London, [1S92.] 

GREAT BRITAIN.— Parliament : Acts. 

CHURCH OF ENGLAND. The constitutions 
and canons ecclesiastical, made in the year 
1 60:5 and amended in the year 1865 ; to 
which are added, the thirty-nine articles of 
the Church of England. 

umo., London. [1864.] 
(.Society for Promoting Christion Knowledge.) 



See BEVERIDGE (W.) Bishop of St. 

Asaph. Ecclesia Anglicana Ecclesia Catho- 
lica ; or, the doctrine of the Church of 
England. ..Third edition. 8vo., 1847. 

See GIBSON (E.) Bishop of London. 

Codex juris ecclesiastici Anglicani, etc. 2 
vols. fol., 171 3. 

See LE NEVE (J.). Fasti Ecclesia; 

Anglicanae, e^c. 3 vols. Svo., 1854. 

See PHILLIMORE {Sir R. J.) Bart. The 

ecclesiastical law of the Church of England. 
2 vols. ' 8vo., 1873. 

See SHAW (W. A.). A history of the 

English Church during... 1640-1660. 2 vols. 

8vo., 1900. 

secretary [J. T. Tomlinson] at the Church 
Congress, Sheffield, 1878. 

Svo., [Manchester, 1878.] 
Reprinted from the " SheflSeld Telegraph." 

CHURCHILL (Ch.^.rles). The poetical works 
of C. Churchill. With memoir, critical dis- 
sertation, and explanatory notes, by...G. 
Gilfillan. The text edited by C. C. Clarke. 
8vo., Edinburgh. 1864. 

CHURCHYARD (Thomas). The worthines of 
Wales. ..Reprinted from the original edition 
of 1587. 4to., (Manchester,) 1S76. 

(Publications of the Spenser Society, No. 20.) 

CHYTR^US (David) the Elder, [i.e., D. Koch- 
HAFE.] D. Chytrsei...epistolae...nunc demum 
in lucem editas a D. Chytraso, authoris filio. 

8vo., Hanovia, 161 4. 

Colbert copy. 

See SCHUETZIUS (O. F.). O. F. Schiitzi 

de vita D. ChytraBi...commentariorum hbri 
quatuor, e/c. Lib. I.-II. 8vo., 1720-22. 

CIAMPOLI (Giovanni). Lettere di G. Ciam- 
poli...Accresciute in questa seconda impres- 
sione di ventinove lettere del medesimo 
auttore, etc. i2mo., Venetia, 1657. 

CIBO (Giovanni Battista). See INNOCEN- 
TIUS VIII. , Pope. 

CICCARELLI (Antonio). De Bibliotheca 
Vaticana. Auctore A. Cicarella. See MA- 
DERUS (J. J.). De bibliothecis...virorum 
clarissimorum libelli, etc. 4to., 1702. 

CICERO (Marcus Tullius) — 

[Opera. — Latin.] 

Begin. [Fol. i, recto :] M. Tul. Ciccronis 

in dialogii de natura | deorum ad Brutum. 
Prefatio. | [Colophon of torn. /. ;] Hoc Con- 
radus opus Suuenheym ordine miro : | Arnol- 
dusq; simul Pannartz una aede colendi | 
Gente Theotonica : Rome expedicre sodalcs. j 
Anno Xpi. M.CCCC.LXXI. die uero. 

XXVII. mensis | Aprilis. Rome in dome 
magnifici uiri Petri de Maximo. | 2 tom. 

4to., [colophon .■] Rome : Conradtis... 
Suuenheym... Arnoldusq;... Pannartz, 147 1. 
This copy is imperfect, wantmg £f. 88, 90, 91. 
and 95 of tom. I., and fol. 66 (blank) of tom. II. 
At the end of tom. I. is the " Somnium Scipi- 
onis " in contemporary manuscript. Capitals 
illuminated. Hain, '5231. Proctor, 3320. 
Manzoni copy. 

Begin. [Fol. i, recto:} MARCI TVLLII 

CICERONIS ARPI- | natis : cosulisqg Ro- 
mani. Ac oratorum maximi. Ad. M. ] Tul- 
lium Ciceronem filium suu Officioru liber 
pmus. I [Fol. 65, verso .•] Marci Tullii Ciceronis 
Paradoxa. | [Fol. 74, recto .] M. T. Ciceronis 
Lglius siue de amicitia dialogus... | etc. [Fol. 
91 , verso :] M. Tu. Ciceronis Cato maior vel de 
senectute... | etc, [Fol. 106, verso: De somnio 
Scipionis.] End. [Fol. iii, verso:] Finis 
libri M. T. Ciceronis de officiis : de senectute : 
de I amicitia : paradoxa : de s6nio scipionis. 
nee no de essetia | mundi : qui poptime 
emendatus : impressus extat Ve- | netiis 
ductu & expesis lohannis de Colonia agripine | 
si ac lohanis mathen de Gherresthe ano 
M.cccc.lxxiiii. | 4to., [colophon :] Venetiis: 
expesis lohannis de Colonia... ac lohdnis 

mathen de Gherresthi, 1474. 

Hain and Copinger, 5259. ReicWing. IV., 194. 

Proctor, 4292. Imperfect ; wanting fol. i and 

all after fol. iii. Neither Hain nor Copinger 

describes this book correct!}'. 

Begin. [Fol. 2, recto :] M. Tullii Ciceronis 

Ad. D. Brutu3 Paradoxa Incipiunt : | [Fol. 
8, verso :] M. "T. C. Lehus Siue de Amicicia 
[sic] Dialogus Ad. T. Pom | ponium Atticum 
Prefatio. | [Fol. 22, verso :] M. T. Ciceronis 
Cato Maior Vel De Senectute Ad. Ti. | Pom- 
ponium Atticum Prgfatio. | [Fol. 35, verso :] 
Marci Tulii Ciceronis de somno [sic] Scipionis 
libellus I e. vi de rep. libro excerptus incipit. | 
End. [Fol. 38, verso :] Laus deo atq5 uirgini 
gloriose Marie. [ 

fol., s.n., [Brescia : Eustace, 1475.] 
Hain. 5294. Proctor, 6948. Wanting capitals, 
Kloss and Crawford (Lakelands) copy. 

Begin. [Sig. ai, verso :] PETRI MARSI 

INTERPRETATIO in officia Ciceronis ad 
reuerendissimuminchristo patre & | dominum. 
D. F. Gonzagam Cardinalem Mantuanum. | 
[Sig. 03, recto :] Marci Tullii Ciceronis officioE j 
liber primus ad Marcum filiu. | fol., [colo- 

phon :] Venetiis : Bernardinii de Nouaria et 
Bernardinu celleriil de Ltiere...memieris, 1484. 

Hain and Copinger, *5274. Proctor, 4942. 
Kloss copy. 

Title. [Sig. F4. verso :] TVLIVS DE 

ALIA OPERA I Begin. [Fol. ai. verso:] 
CLARISSIMI tS: eloquentissimi Rhetoris 
Omniboni Leoniceni : Oratio de laudibus 
eloquen- | tiae : foeliciter incipit. | [Sig. 61, 


CICERO (Marcus Tullius)— 

[Opera.- — Latin.] — [contd.) 
corum Liber ad Caiuni Trebatium. | [Sig. B5, 
verso :] Marci TuUii Ciceronis partitionum 
liber Ciceronis cum Cicerone filio : Dialogus. | 
[Sig. A 4, recto .] MARCI TVLLI CICERO- 
FRATREM SVVM. | [Sig. C6. recto .] 
GENERE ORATORVM. | [Sig. D\, recto:] 
AESCHINIS Contra Cthesiphontem de demos- 
thenis coronatione per Leonardum Aretinum 
in latinam | Orationem interpretata Oratio 
incipit. I [Sig. Ei, verso : Demosthenes' " De 
corona " :] Primu qdem uiri Athenieses... | etc, 
fol., s.l. ett.ii., [colophon .•] 1495. 
Ilain, 5109. KIoss copy. 

Tullius de Officiis cum commentariis Petri 

Mar I si eiusqj recognitione. Cuius epistolas 
quaso I perlegas & in principio & in calce 
ope I ris editas. Insunt praeterea pa | ra- 
doxa : de amicitia : de sene | ctute : cum 
interpre | tibus suis. | 

fol., [Venice : P. Pinciits.] (1496.) 
Hain, *328o. Proctor, 5309. KI093 copv. 



fol., [colophon : Nuremberg :] ab An- 

thonio koberger, 1497. 

Another edition of that of 1495. Hain, *5Iii 

(the first so numbered). Proctor, 2114. IClosa 


Marci. T. C. De natura Deorum. | Marci. 

T. C. De diuinatione. | Marci. T. C. De 
legibus. I Marci. T. C. De academia sua. | 
(Liber M. Tulii Ciceronis de fato primus. | — 
De disciplina militari. | ) 4 pts. [in i vol.] 

fol., [colophon .•] Regii : per,..Ba2alerittm 
de Bazaleriis, 1498-99. 
This work is described by Hain in three separate 
parts without the collective tillepape. Pt. IV. 
in tliis copy ends with sig. Fff 4, and wants the 
remaining 46 loaves mentioned by Hain. Hain, 
*5333. '5338 and •5344. Kloss copy. 

In hoc volumine hacc conlinentur. Rhe- 

toricorum ad C. Hcrcnnium lib. IIII. M. T. 
Ciceronis de inventione lib. II. Ejusdcm de 
oratore ad Quintum fratrcm lib. III. Ejus- 
dem de claris oratoribus, qui dicitur Brutus : 
lib. I. Ejusdcm orator ad Brutuni lib. I. 
Ejusdcm topica ad Trebatium lib. I. Ejus- 
dcm oratorix- partitiones lib. I. Ejusdcm de 
Optimo gcncre era torn m prxfatio qua'dam. 
[Edited by A. P. Manutius.] 

4to., [colophon :\ Vcnctiis : in aedibtis 
Aldi, et Andreae soceri, 15 14. 

Rcnouard, p. 65. 

[Another copy.] 

[.\nother copy.] 

Wanting the two loaves at the end, containing 
tlicj errata. 

In hoc volumine hacc continentur. M. T. 

Cic. officiorura lib. III. Gate Maior, sivc de 

senectute. Laelius, sivc de amicitia. Som- 
nium Scipionis...i7apa(5o|a GeoScDQOv Tiegi 
yijgco^ IgiirjVFia. 'OvciQo; ZxiTtuovo;. [Edited 
by J. B. Eg^atius.] 

8vo., [colophon :] Veneliis : in aedibus 
Aldi, el Andreae soceri, 15 to. 
Rcnouard, p. 86. Wanting fol. 153 and the last 
leaf, bearing tlie device of Aldus. 

M. T. Ciceronis de philosophia volumen 

primum, in quo haec continentur. Aca- 
demicarum quasstionum. Editionis primae 
liber secundus. Editionis secundae liber 
primus. De finibus bonorum & malorum 
libri V. Tusculanarum qua?stionum libri V. 
(Secundo volumine haec continentur. M. T. 
C. de natura deorum libri III. De divina- 
tione libri II. De fato liber I. Scipionis 
somnium...De legibus Hbri III. De universi- 
tate liber I. Q. Ciceronis de petitione con- 
sulatus ad Marcum fratrem liber I.) [Edited 
by F. Asulanus.] 2 vols, [in i.] 

8vo., [colophon :] Venetiis : in aedibus 
Aldi et jindreae Asulani soceri, 1523. 
Konouard, p. 97. 

M. T. Ciceronis officia, de amicitia, de 

senectute, paradoxa, & somniu Scipionis, 
vigilantiori denuo cura per D. Erasmum 
Roteroda. & C. Goclenium recognita, de- 
prehensis ac restitutis aliquibus locis no 
cuilibet obviis. Quibus accessit Graeca tra- 
ductio T. Gazae in Senectutem & Somnium. 

8vo., Lugd[uni]: Seb. Gryphius excud., 1529. 
The colophon is dated 1530. Contemporary 
stamped leather binding. 

M. T. Ciceronis officia cum annotationibus 

P. Melanchthonis & Erasmi Roterodami. 
Item de amicitia et senectute cum Erasmi 
scholiis, & paradoxa cum adnotationibus 

8vo., [Paris:] apitd F. Gryphium, [post 1531.I 
Imperfect ; wanting ff. 9-16. 

In hoc volumine hacc continentur. Rhc- 

toricorum ad C. Herennium lib. IIII.. ..Index 
reru notabiliu, qua; toto opere continentur, p 
ordine alphabcti. Varietas lectionii, qua ex 
diversorfx exeplariu collatione collegimus. 

4to., [colophon :] Venetiis : in aedibus 
haeredum Aldi Manutii Romani, et 
Andrrne Asulani soceri, 1533. 
Pononard, p. 107. Puller copy. 

M. T. Ciceronis de ofiiciis lib. III. Item 

de amicitia, de senectute, paradoxa, somnium 
Scipionis. Cum D. Erasmi, P. Melanchthonis, 
& B. Latomi annotationibus. 5 pts. [in i 

j,\o.,Parisiis : apud. F. Gryphium,{iS^S-)iS40. 

Kach part has o distinct tillepage, foliation, and 

register. They are ilotod o-s follows : " Do 

amicitia." 1539; " Ue sonectuto," 1539; 

"Paradoxa," 1536; "Do somnio Scipionis," 


M. T. Ciceronis libri Ires de olViciis. Item, 

de amicitia : de senectute : paradoxa : & 
de somnio Scipionis : cum D. Erasmi, P. 
Meltanchthonisl ac B. Latomi nnnotalionibus. 
Quibus accessit Graeca T. Gaza; in lib. de 
senectute, & somniQ Scipionis traductio. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1539. 


CICERO (Marcus Tullius)— 

[Opera. — Latin.]— (conld.) 

M. T. Ciceronis de philosophia, prima pars, 

etc. (M. T. Ciceronis de philosophia \olumen 
secundum, etc.) (Schoha P. Manutii, quibus 
Ciceronis philosophia partim corrigitur, par- 
tim explanatur.) 2 vols. 8vo., [colo- 

phon:] Venettis : aptid A/di filios, 1541. 

The " Scholia " have a distinct titlepage and 
register. Renounrd, p. 122. Blue morocco by 
Roger Payne. Syston Park copy. 

[Another copy of Part I.] 

Imperfect; wanting the last leaf, bearing the 
colophon and printer's device. 

[Another copy of the " Scholia " 


M. T. Ciceronis officiorum libri tres : Cato 

Major, vel de senectute : Laelius, vel de 
amicitia : paradoxa stoicorum sex : somniuni 
Scipionis, ex libro sexto de republica, etc. 
[Edited by P. Manutius.] 8vo., [colo- 

phon :] Venetits : apud Aldi filios. 1541. 

Renouard, p. 123. Blue morocco by Roger 
Payne. Syston Park copy. 

De officiis M. T. Ciceronis libri tres... 

Omnia denu6...dihgentissime castigata. 

8vo., Lugduni : upud Seb. Gryphium, 1544. 
Another edition of that of 1539. 

M. T. Ciceronis de officiis lib. III.. ..Cum 

D. Erasmi, P. Melanchthonis, & 13. Latomi 
annotationibus. 5 pts. [in i vol.] 

4to., Parisiis : apud F. Gryphium, 1544. 
Another edition of that of 1.S38-40. Sunderland 

M. T. Ciceronis de philosophia, prima pars, 

id est, academicarii quaestionu editionis 
prims liber secundus, editionis secundae liber 
primus. De finibus bonorum & malorum 
libri V. Tusculanarum quaestionuni libri V. 
Quibus in libris, quae in aliis editionibus dc- 
pravata legebantur, multa sunt restituta. 

l6mo., Parisiis : apud S. Colinaum, 1545. 

M. T. Ciceronis officiorum Ubri tres, etc. 

[Edited by P. Manutius.] 8vo., [colophon :] 

Venetiis : npud Aldi filios. I 54 ;. 
Another edition of that of 1541. Renouard, 1^. 

M. T. Ciceronis de philosopliia tomus 

primus. (I'hilosophicoruni M. T. Ciceronis 
tomus II.) 2 tom. 

i6mo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, iS-\6. 
Vol. II. is in red morocco double, by Boyet. 

[Another copy of Tom. I.] 

M. T. Ciceronis de philosophia... Cum 

scholiis, & conjccturis P. Manutii. 2 vols. 
Svo., [colophon :] Venetiis: apud Aldi filios, 

1 5 ;''''• 
In tliis edition the *' Scholia " are placed at the 
end of each part. Ronouartl, p. 137. Scharne- 
bourne copy. 

Rhctoricorum ad C. Herennium libri IIII. 

inccrto auctore. Ciceronis do inventione 
libri II. De oratore, ad Q. fratrem libri III. 
Brutus, sivc, de Claris oratoribus. liber I. 
Orator ad Brutum, topica ad Trcbatium, 
oratoriae partitioncs, initium libri de optimo 

generc oratorum. Corrigente P. Manutio, 
.\ldi filio. 4 pts. [in i vol.] 8vo., [colo- 
phon .•] Venetiis : apud Aldi filios, 1546. 
Renouard, p. 136. Contemporary citron morocco, 
with .scroll and geometrical tooling. Massimo 
and Ashburnham copy. 

[Another copy.] 

Syston Park copy. 

[Another copy.] 

Contemporary Venetian morocco. 

[Another copv.] 

Imperfect ; wanting ft". 129-136 of the " Rhe- 
torica." Blue morocco by Roger Payne. 
Syston Park copy. 

De officiis M. T. Ciceronis Ubri tres. 

Ejusdem, de amicitia, de senectute dialogi 
duo : cum paradoxis, & somnio Scipionis. 
Omnia nunc demum.. .castigata diligentissi- 
me4; excusa. i6mo., Lugdutii : apudG. 

(S- M. Beringos, fratres, 1547. 

- M. T. Ciceronis de philosophia tomus 

i6mo.. Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1548. 
Another edition of that of 1546 ; wanting tom. IL 

M. T. Ciceronis officiorum libri tres, etc. 

[Edited by P. Manutius.] 8vo., [colophon .■] 

Venetiis : apud Aldi filios, 1548. 
Another edition of that of 1541. Renouard, 
p. 143. Scharnebourne copy. 

De officiis M. T. Ciceronis libri tres. Ejus- 
dem, de amicitia, de senectute dialogi duo : 
cum paradoxis, & somnio Scipionis, etc. 

i6mo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 154Q. 
Imperfect ; wanting all before p. 7, except the 

De officiis M. T. Ciceronis Ubri tres... 

Omnia... diUgentissimd castigata. 

Svo. , Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1549. 
Another edition of that of 1539. Incomplete; 
wanting the Greek versions of " De senectute " 
and " Somnium Scipionis." 

M. T. Ciceronis officiorum libri III. 

ctim commcntarus P. Marsi &■ Ascensii. 
Dialogus de amicitia, cum comentariis P. 
Marsi & Ascensii. Dialogus de senectute, 
cum comentariis P. Marsi, M. Filetici, & 
Ascensii. Paradoxa, interprete Ascensio. 
Accesserunt prasterea D. Erasmi, & P. 
Mclanchthonis schoUa qusedam, etc. 

fol., [colophon : ^Venetiis : apud J. Gryphium, 

The titlepage is dated 154S. 

De officiis M. T. Ciceronis libri tres. 

Ejusdem, de amicitia, de senectute dialogi 
duo : cum paradoxis, & somnio Scipionis. 
Oinnia nunc denuo... castigata, diUgentissi- 
mcq; e.xcusa. 

i6mo., Lugduni: apud T. Paganurn, 1550. 

M. T. Ciceronis de philosophia tomus 

primus. (Philosophicorum M. T. Ciceronis 
tomus II.) 2 tom. 

l6mo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1551. 
Anotlior edition of (hat of 1546. VoL I. is in red 
morocco double, by Boyet, 

— M. T. Ciceronis de philosophia prima pars, 
id est, Acadcmicarum qu;estionum editionis 
primsB liber secundus : editionis sccunda; 


CICERO (Marcus Tullius) — 

[Opera. — Latin.] — {contd.) 

liber primus. De finibus bonorum & ma- 
lorum lib. V. Tusculanarum quaestionum 
lib. V. — (M. T. Ciceronis de philosophia 
volumen secundum, id est, De natura 
deorum lib. III. De divinatione lib. II. 
De fato lib. I. De legibus lib. III. De 
universitate lib. I. Q. Ciceronis de petitione 
consulatus ad Marcum fratrem lib. I.) — 
(M. T. Ciceronis de philosophia tomus tertius. 
Officiorum libri tres. Cato major : vel, de 
senectute. Laelius : vel, de amicitia. Para- 
doxa Stoicorum sex. Somnium Scipionis, ex 
libro sexto de republica.) 3 vols. 

8vo., Lugdutii : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1552. 

Contemporary calf binding, with " A. B. G. D. 
1562 *' on the front cover. Sunderland copy. 

[Another copy of Tom. I.] 

iM. T. Ciceronis opera, quae quidem extant 

omnia, ex complurium doctissimorum viro- 
rum, P. praecipue Manutii ac P. Victorii, 
castigationibus nunc demum excusa : 
scholiis, castigationumq; explicationibus 
eorundem adjectis. Eorum primus hie tomus 
omnia ad rhetoricam oratoriam^; artem 
spectantia complectitur, etc. 

8vo.. Lugdunt : apud Seb. Grvphittm. l,i;52. 

Contemporary calf binding, with " X. B. G. D. 

1562 " on the front cover. Sunderland copy. 

-— [Another copy.] 

Rhetoricorum ad C. Herennium libri IIII. 

incerto auctore. Ciceronis de inventione 
libri II. Topica ad Trebatium. Oratoriae 
partitiones. (Ciceronis de oratore libri III. 
Orator. De Claris oratoribus.) Corrigente 
P. Manutio. 2 vols, [in l.] ?i\-q., [colophon:] 

Venetiis : apud P. Manuiium, 1554. 
Ronouard, p. i6r. 

M. T. Ciceronis de officiis lib. Ill cum V. 

Amerbachii commentariolis, annotationibus 
Erasmi ... Philippi Melanch[thonis] & dis- 
quisitionibus aliquot C. Calcagnini. Ejiis- 
dem, de senectute, dc amicitia, dialogi... 
paradoxa...& somnium Scipionis cum anno- 
tationibus Erasmi, B. Latomi, & pralcctio- 
nibus P. Kami. H;ec omnia. ..sunt a P. 
BaIduino...integritati rcstituta, etc. 5 pts. 
[in I vol.] .(to.. Parisiis, 1^56. 

Kaoh part ha-s a separate litlopage, foliation 
and rcy:istor. WaddingLon, p. 446. 

[Khetoricoruni ad C. llcrcniiium libri IIII. 

...Corrigente P. Manutio.] Ciceronis dc 
oratore libri III. Orator. Dc Claris ora- 
toribus, etc. [Vol. II.] 

8vo., Vciictiis : Aldus [P. Matnitius], 1550. 

.\iiotli(-'r wlition of that of 1554 ; wantinp \'o]. I. 

Kenouord, p. 177. Contemporary elaiuped 

pigskin, with " G. D. V. 1562" on the front 

cover. Buccius copy. 

M. T. Ciceronis ojx;ra omnia... a D. 

Larabino.-.emendata, & aucta...Ejusdem D. 
I.ambini annotationes, etc. 4 torn. 

fol., Lutetift : apud li. Turrisanutu. sub 
Aldina Bihliotheca. 1566, 05. 
Renonard, p. 297. 

M. T. Ciceronis librorum philosophicorum 

volumen primum (-secundum )...emendatum 
a J. Sturmio, etc. 2 vols. 

8vo.. {colophon :'] Argentovii. i c6o. 
Contemporary stamped pigskin, with portraits 
and " G. G. B. 1572 " on aides. 

Rhetoricorum ad C. Herennium libri IIII. 

incerto auctore. Ciceronis de inventione 
libri II. Topica ad Trebatium. Oratoriae 
partitiones. (Ciceronis de oratore libri III. 
Orator, de Claris oratoribus.) Cum anno- 
tationibus D. Lambini... singulis tomis dis- 
tinctis. — (M. T. Ciceronis genus, patria...vita 
...omnia ferS ex ipso Cicerone a D. Lambino 
collecta.) 4 pts. [in I vol.] 9,\o., Venetiis : 

ex Bihliotheca Aldina[the Torresani], 1569. 
Renouard, p. 207. 
[Another copy of Pts. 3 & 4.] 

M. T. Ciceronis librorum philosophicorum 

volumen I. (-II.)...eniendatum a J. Sturmio. 
2 vols. 8vo.. [colophon :] Argentornti. 1574. 

.'Vnother edition of that of 1569. Contemporary 
stamped pigsliin, with figure8 of Justice and 
Fortune on the sides and the crest of a crowne<l 
dolphin on the back. Sunderland copy. 

In hoc volumine haec continentur. Rhe- 
toricorum ad C, Herennium lib. IIII. M. T. 
Ciceronis de inventione lib. II., ejusdcm de 
oratore ad Quintum fratrem lib. III., ejusdem 
de Claris oratoribus, qui dicitur Brutus 
lib. I., ejusdem orator ad Brutum lib. I.. 
ejusdem topica ad Trebatium lib. I., ejusdem 
oratoriae partitiones lib. I., ejusdem de optimo 
genere oratorum prjefatio quDedam...cmcn- 
dati a J. Sturmio, etc. 

8vo., [colophon :] .4;gentorati, 1578. 

Contemporary stamped pigskin, with figures of 

Justice and Fortune on the .sides and the crest 

of a crowned dolpliin on the back. Sunderland 


M. T. Ciceronis dc officiis lib. III. Cato 

major, sive de senectute. E;eliiis, sivc de 
amicitia. Somnium Scipionis. Paradoxa. 
Sylloge lib. de repub. Post postremam 
Naugerianam & Victorianam correctionem 
cmcndata a J. Sturmio... Additre ctiam 
sunt Erasmi Rotcrodaini, it P. Melanch- 
thonis, & B. Latomi annotationes in eosdem 
libros. Omnia, quam antehac, & locu- 
jilctiora ct emcndatiora. 

8vo., [colophon ;] Argcutorati. i ,70. 
Contemporary stamped pigskin, with figures of 
Justice and Fortinto on the sides, and the 
crest of a crowned dolphin on the back. Sun- 
derland copy. 

P. Rami pra-lcctiones in Ciceronis ora- 

tioncs octo consularcs [with the text]. Una 
cum ipsius vita, per J. T. Ercigium collecta. 
etc. (.\I. T. Ciceronis de legibus liber I. P. 
Kami...pr3eIcctionibus illustratus. — Do fato 
ilbcr. — Scipionis somnium. — De oplimo 
genere oratorum. — P. Kami rhctorica; dis- 
tinctiones in Quintilianiim. — Platonis cpis- 
tola; a P. Ramo Latina- facta".) 2 pis. [in 
I vol.] 4I0.. Iliisilcr. I si^ti. 

The pagination is conlimionn. Niceron, XIII., 
300. Woddiiigloii. p. 468. Ishnm Lllirnry copy. 

M. T. Cicero .M.iimiicciorum comiuciUariis 

illustratus antiquacq. Icctioni rcstitutus. etc. 


CICERO (Marcus Tullius)— 

[Opera. — Latin.] — (contd.) 

(M. T. Ciceronis historia, per consules de- 
scripta, & in annos LXIV. distincta, per F. 
Fabricium.) lo torn, [in 4 vols.] 

fol., Venctiis : apud Aldxim \^Aldus 

Manutitts, the Younger], 1581-83. 

Each volume has a separate titlopage dated 

1583, except vol. X., which is dated 1581. 

The covering titlepage is engraved, and is 

dated 1583. Renouard, p. 232. Shuter copy. 

P. Rami in Ciceronis orationes et scripta 

nonnulla, omnes qua hactenus haberi potu- 
erunt praelectiones, etc. [With the text.] 

8vo., Francojurti, 1582. 
Waddington, p. 470. 

M. T. Ciceronis opera omnia uno volumine 

comprehensa...cdidit C. F. A. Nobbc.Nova 
editio stereotj'pa. 4to., Lipsiae, 1850. 

[Opera. — Greek.] 

Maoyov Tv).}.iov Kixeoajvo; Ucofiatov [sic] 

Kaiwv, i) TXEQi ytjQMg. (Maoxov Tv).).iov 
Kixegcovos oveioo; rov Sxinaovoi.) [Translated 
by T. Gaza.] 

8vo., \Lyons: S. Gryphius, 1535 or 1536.] 
From the 1535 or the 1536 edition of " M. T. 
Ciceronis libri tres de olEciis," pubHshed by 
S. Gryphius. 


M. T. Ciceronis academicarum quaes- 

tionum Uber primus, ab A. Talao expli- 
catus. [With the text.] See TAL^US (A.). 
A. Talasi academia, fto. 8vo., 1547. 

M. T. Ciceronis academicarum quaes- 

tionum liber primus (-secundus), ab A. 
Talaeo expUcatus. [With the text.] See 
TAL^US (A.). A. Tatei academia, etc. 
[Pt. II.] 4to.. 1350. 

[Another issue.] 

[Cato Major.] 

M. T. Ciceronis Cato Major sen de senec- 

tute...F. Sylvii commetariis, & D. Erasmi 
annotationibus illustratus. 

4to., Parisiis : apud M. Vascosanii, in 
o'dibus Ascensianis, 1536. 
Tlie colophon is dated 1533. 

M. T. Ciceronis Cato Major, sen de senec- 

tate, etc. 1539. See above [Opera. — Latin.]. 
M. T. Ciceronis de officiis lib. III., etc. 
[Pt. II.] 4to., (i538-)i540. 

[Another edition.] See above 

[Opera. — Latin.]. M. T. Ciceronis de officiis 
lib. III., etc. [Pt. v.] 4to., 1544- 

[Another edition.] 

4to., Parisiis : apud Vascosanum, 1540. 

[Another edition.] See above 

[Opera. — Latin.]. M. T. Ciceronis de officiis 
hb. III., etc. [Pt. III.] 4to., 1556. 

M. T. Ciceronis Cato Major, seu de senec- 

tute, dialogus. . .somnium Scipionis. 

i2mo., Parisiis, 1796. 

[De Amicitia. See below, L.?=;lius.] 

[De Fatc] 

M. T. Ciceronis de fato liber. 

4to., Paarisiis [sic] : apud J. Lodoicum, 1 539. 

M. T. Ciceronis de fato Hber, P. Rami... 

praelectionibus expUcatus... Editio secunda. 

4to., Lutetice, 1554- 

Waddingfon, p. 44S. 

[De Finibus.] 

M. T. Cice. de finibus bonorum & malorum 

libri quinque, etc. 

4to., Parisiis : apud F. Gryphium, 1542. 
Tlie colophon reads : " excudebat J. Lodoicua." 

[De Inventione Rhetorica.] 

[For editions of the " De inventione 

rhetorica " printed with the " Rhetorica ad 
C. Herennium." See below. Supposititious 

[De Legibus.] 

M. T. Ciceronis de legibus hber I. P. 

Rami... praelectionibus illustratus, etc. 

4to., Luteties. 1554. 
Wtiddington, p. 449. 

[De Natura Deorum.] 

M. T. Ciceronis de natura deorum, libri 


8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1541. 

[De Officiis.] 

M. T. Ciceronis officia, etc. s.a. See 

above [Opera. — Latin.]. 8vo., [post 1531.] 

M. T. Ciceronis libri tres de officiis, etc. 

See above [Opera. — Latin.]. 8vo., 1539. 

M. T. Ciceronis de officiis lib. III., etc. 

1540. See above [Opera. — Latin.]. 

4to., (i538-)i540. 

[Another edition.] See above 

[Opera. — Latin.]. 4to., 1544. 

M. T. Ciceronis de officiis hb. III.... cum 

V. Amerbachii commentaxiohs, etc. See above 
[Opera. — Latin.]. 4to., 1556. 

M. T. Ciceroes three bookes of dueties to 

Marcus his sonne, turned out of latine into 
Englishe, by N. Grimalde. Whereunto the 
latine is adjoyned. 

Svc, [London : R. Tottel,] 1574. 
The translation is printed in Black Letter. Incom- 
pleto ; wautiiig the la.^t leaf. 

See GRIFOLUS (J.). M. T. Ciceronis de- 

fensiones contra C. Calcagnini disquisitiones 
in ejus officia, etc. 8vo., 1 546. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another edition.] See FERRA- 

RIUS (H.). H. Ferrariiad P. Manutium emen- 
dationes in Philippicas Ciceronis, etc. 

8vo., 1552. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another copy.] 

[De Optimo Genere Oratorum.] 

M. T. Ciceronis de optimo genere ora- 
torum. Prafatio in cotrarias .<Eschinis & 
Demosthenis orationes, P. Rami... praelec- 
tionibus illustrata, ete. t^io.. Parisiis, 1557. 

Waddington, p. 455. 


CICERO (Marcus Tullius). — (contd.) 

[De Oratore.] 

- M. T. Ciceronis de oratore dialogi tres, a 
P. Melachthone nova...locorum insigniu 
enarratione illustrati. 

8vo., Parisiis : ex officina S. CoUnai, 1537. 
Carteret copy. 

M. T. Ciceronis de oratore libri III. 

[Edited by P. Melanchthon.] 

8vo., Lugduni: apud Seb. Gryphium, 1540. 

M. T. Ciceronis de oratore dialogi tres, a 

Philippo Melanch[thone] nova...locorum insig- 
nium enarratione illustrati. 

4to., [Paris .] apud F. Gryphium, 1544. 

M. T. Ciceronis de oratore ad Quintum 

fratrem dialogi tres, A. Talxi explicationibus 
illustrati, etc. 3 pts. [in i vol.] 

4to., Parisiis, 1553. 
Isham copy. 

NoRES(G. Di). Brevis, et distincta summa 

praeceptorum de arte dicendi ex tribus 
Ciceronis libris de oratore collecta. See 
HORATIUS FLACCUS (Q.). [Epistol^ : 
Ars Poetica. — Latin.'\ In epistolam Q. 
Horatii Flacci de arte poetica Jasonis de 
Nores...interpretatio, «fc. 8vo., 1553. 

[Another issue.] 8vo., 1553. 

[De Partitione Oratoria.] 

M. T. Ciceronis oratoriae partitiones. (M. 

T. Ciceronis de optimo genere oratorum.) 
Secunda editio. 

8vo., Parisiis : ex officina R. Stephani, 1530. 
Sunderland copy. 

M. T. Ciceronis, de partitione oratoria, 

dialogus, J. Strebxi, ac G. Valise commen- 
tariis illustratus. 

4to., Lugduni : apud Seb, Gryphium, 1538. 

[Another edition.] 

4to., Parisiis : apud F. Gryphium, 1538. 

J. Sturmii, in partitiones oratorias Cice- 
ronis, dialogi quatuor [with the text], ab 
ipso authore emendati, & aucti...Adjunximus 
...ejusdem authoris libros duos, de amissa 
dicendi ratione, & quomodo ea rccuperanda 
sit. 2 pts. [in I vol.] 8vo., Argentorati : 

excudebat T. Rihelius, (1530-43.) 
The prefaces to tlio two parts are dated respec- 
tively 1539 and 1543. Schmidt, p. 315. 

- De partitione oratoria M. T. Ciceronis 
dialogus, J. I,. Strebaei ac G. 
mentariis, illustratus. Quibus jam recens 
adjecimus, B. Latomi in cundcm cnarrationes. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1545. 

See ERYTHR7EUS (V.). Zxwiartor/joi, 

hoc est, tabula qua;dam partitionuni ora- 
toriarum M. T. Ciceronis, etc. fol., i 547. 

See VALLA (G.) In Ciceronis partitiones 

commcntaria G. Vallae. 8vo., 1528. 

[De Republica : Somnium Scipionis.] 

Begin. [Fol. i, recto:] SOMNIVM 






MVS. I [Fol. 48, recto .-] MACROBII AVRELII 




fol., [colophon ;] Venetiis : opera et im- 

pensa Nicolai lenson Gallici, 1472. 

Hain, 10426. ReichUng, III., 96, Proctor, 40S5. 

Macrobii in somnium Scipionis ex Ciceronis 

VI. libro de rep. eruditissima explanatio. 
[With the text.] Ejusdem satumaliorum 
libri VII. Censorinus de die nataU, additis 
ex vetusto exemplari nonnullis, quae desidera- 
bantur. [Edited by B. Donatus.] 

8vo., [colophon :] Venetiis : in aedibus 
Aldi, et Andreae Asulani soceri, 1528. 
Renouard, p. 105. 

M. T. Ciceronis de somnio Scipionis, etc. 

1539. See above [Opera. — Latin.]. M. T. 
Ciceronis de officus Ub. III., etc. [Pt. V.] 

4to., (i538-)iS40. 

M. T. Ciceronis somnium Scipionis. 

4to., Parisiis : apud G. Richardum. 1543. 

M. T. Ciceronis de somnio Scipionis, etc. 

See above [Opera. — Latin.]. M. T. Ciceronis 
de ofificiis lib. III., efc. [Pt. II.] 4to., 1544. 

Somnium Scipionis ex sexto Ubro de re- 
publica M. T. Ciceronis, P. Rami...prae- 
lectionibus e.xplicatum, etc. 

8vo., Parisiis : excudebat J. Bogardus, 1546. 
AVaddington, p. 446. 

M. T. Ciceronis Scipionis somnium ex 

libro sexto de republica. [Edited by Erasmus. ] 

4to., Parisiis : ex officina typographica 
I M. Vascosani, 1 547. 

Scipionis somnium... P. Rami praelectioni- 

bus expUcatum... Secunda editio. 

4to., Parisiis : ex typographia M. Davidis, 1550. 
Moiizoni copy. 

M. T. Ciceronis somnium Scipionis, etc. 

See above [Opera. — Latin.]. M. T. Ciceronis 
de officiis lib. III., etc. [Pt. V.] 4to., 1556. 

Somnium Scipionis. See above [Cato 

.Major.]. M. T. Ciceronis Cato Major, etc. 

1 2 mo., 1796. 

SeeMACROBIUS(A. A. T.). Macrobii de 

somno Scipionis... libri, etc. fol., 1501, 

See MACROBIUS(A. A. T.). Macrobii... 

in somnium Scipionis libri II., etc. 

8vo., 1532. 

[Another edition.] Svo., 1538. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., 1542. 

[.\notlKr copy.) 

[Another edition.] 8vo., 1548. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., 1550. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., 1556. 

[Another copy.] 

[De Senectute. See above, Cato Major.] 


CICERO (Marcus Tullius).— (co«/(i.). 


M. T. Ciceronis epistolarum ad Atticum, 

ad Brutum, ad Quintum fratrem, libri XX. 
Latina interpretatio eorum, quas in iis ipsis 
epistolis graece scripta sunt, ubi multa & 
mutata, & addita sunt, etc. (M. T. Ciceronis 
ad Octavium epistola, etc.) [Edited by A. P. 
Manutius.] 8vo., [colophon :] Venetiis : in 

aedibiis A Mi, et A ndreae soceri, 1 5 1 3. 
Kenouard, p. 61. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another edition.] 

Svo., [colophon .•] Venetiis : in aedibus 
Aldi, et Andreae soceri, 1521. 
Renoucird, p. 93. 

M. T. Ciceronis epistolae ad Atticum, 

Brutum, & Q. Fratrem. Ex diversorum 
exemplarium...colIatione diligentissima casti- 
gatas. T. P. Attici vita (per C. Nepotem). 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1 543. 

M. T. Ciceronis epistolae. ..multorum loco- 
rum correctione illustratae, ut, post omnes 
omnium editiones, exeant emendatissimas. 
In quas omneis epistolas commentarii, sepa- 
ratim impressi, propediem cdentur, auctore 
P. Manutio, Aldi filio. (T. P. Attici vita per 
C. Nepotem.) 

8vo., [colophon .•] Venetiis : apud Aldi 

filios, 1 544. 
Without the coinmentariea mentioned on the 
titlepage, which were not published until 1547. 
Renouard, p. 129. Contemporary citron 
morocco, witli geometrical and scroll tooling 
on sides. Massimo and Ashburnham copy. 

M. T. Ciceronis epistolae. ..Ex diversorum 

exemplarium...collatione diligentissima casti- 
gatae. T. P. Attici vita (per C. Nepotem), etc. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium , T545. 
Another edition of that of 1543. 

[Another edition.] 

i6mo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1546. 

[Another edition.] 

i6mo. , Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1548. 

[Another edition.] 

i6mo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1551. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another edition of that of 1544.] 

8vo.. [colophon:] Venetiis: apud Aldi filios, iKSi- 
Renouard, p. 152. Soharnebourne copy. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another edition of that of 1 543.] 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, i^<^<^. 
Contemporary calf binding, with " A. B. G. D., 
1562," on the front cover. Sunderland copy. 

[.\nother copy.] 

Epistolarum I\I. T. Ciceronis ad divcrsos 

missarum, quae hactenus familiares dictae, 
libri sexdecim, ex P. Victorii castigatione. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1555. 

Contemporary calf binding, with " A. B. G. D., 

1562," on the front cover. Sunderland copy. 

[Another edition of that of 1 543.] 

i6mo., Lugduni : apud haeredes Seb. 
Gryphii, 1560. 
Lyons tooled vellum of the i6th century. Ex- 
iubited at the Burlington Fine Arts Club exhibi- 
tion of bindings in 1891 {see plate 53 in the 
illustrated catalogue). 

M. T. Ciceronis epistolae... cum correctio- 

nibus P. Manutii. (T. P. Attici vita per C. 
Nepotem. ) 

8vo., Venetiis : Aldus [P. Manutius], 1563. 
Another edition of that of 1544. Renouard, p. 

M. T. Ciceronis epistolarum volumen 

primum. quod est Ubrorum XVI., cum pras- 
fatione J. Sturmii...Additus est etiam index 
copiosus : & scholia P. Manutii. (M. T. 
Ciceronis alteram epistolarum volumen, etc.) 
2 vols. 8vo.. Arseniorati, 1570, 7^. 

The date, 1579, for vol. I. is taken from the 
colophon. Contemporary stamped pigskin, 
with figures of Justice and Fortune on the sides, 
and the nre«t of a crowned dolphin on the back. 
JSunderland copy. 

[EPIST0L.E : Selections.] 

Locution! dell' epistole di Cicerone scieltc 

da Aldo Manucci, etc. i6mo., Venetia : presso 

Aldo [.4ldus Manutius, the Younger], 15S7. 
Renouard, p. 239. 

[Epistol.^ : Appendix.] 


epistolas M. T. Ciceronis ad M. Junium 
Brutum, & ad Q. Ciceronem fratrem. 

8vo., 1557. 

S«ePRISCIANESE(F.). F. Priscianensis 

argumentorum observationes in omneis Cice- 
ronis epistolas. Svo., 1549. 

[Epistola : .\d Atticum.] 

Le pistole di Cicerone ad Attico, fatte 

volgari da iNI. Senareg^. 

8vo., [colophon :] Vinegia : in casa de' 
figlivoli di Aldo, 1555. 
Renouard, p. 164. 

SeeMANUTIUS(P.). InepistolasCiceronis 

ad Atticum... commentarius. 8vo., 1557. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., 1572. 

[ErisTOL.i : Ad Familiares. — Latin.] 

Hoc in uolumine ha?c continentur. | .M. 

Tulii Ciceronis Epistolarum familiarium libri 
sexdecim | Vbertini Clerici Crescentinatis in 
Ciceronis epistolas comentarii | Martini Phile- 
tici in quasdam epistolas ellectas commentarii | 
Georgii Merulae Alexandrini in epistolam ad 
Lentulum | Spintherem accurata interpraj- 
tatio I Addita sunt etiam nonnulla alia loca 
in libro miscelanearum | per .\ngclum Politia- 
nuni interprsetata | 

fol., [colophon :] Venetiis : p Simonem 
Biuilaqud Papiensem, 1495. 
Copinger, II. (i), 1617. Reichling, IV., 192. 
Proctor, 5392. 

M. T. C. epistolae familiares. 8vo., 

[colophan :] Venetiis : in aedib. Aldi, 1502. 
Renouard, p. 33. Blue morocco by Mackenzie, 
Munster copy. 


CICERO {AFarcus Tullius)— 

[Epistol-e: Ad Familiares. — Lati>!.] — (contd.) 

M. T. Ciceronis epistolae familiares, dili- 

gentius, qu4m quae hactenus exierunt, cmcn- 
datae. P. Manutii scholia, etc. 2 pts. [in 
I vol.] 8vo., Venetiis : P. Manuthts. 1540. 

Renouard, p. 1 20. Blue morocco by Roger Payne. 
Syston Park copy. 

Epistolae familiares iSl. T. Ciceronis, cum 

argumcntis, scholiis, & Grscorum intcrpre- 
tatione. [Edited by C. Hegendorphinus.] 

8vo., Parisiis : apiid F. Gryphiuni, 1541. 
Contemporary Ptanipod leather bintlin?. Sun- 
derland cop3". 

M. T. Cic. epistolarum, ut vocant, famili- 

arium libri XVI. Denuc.castigati. 

l6mo., Lugdiini : apud Seh. Gryphiuin, 1547. 

[Another edition.] 

l6mo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphiuni, 1 550. 

M. T. Ciceronis epistola nona ad P. 

Lentulum, dialecticis rerum summis breviter 

4to., Lutetics : apud Vascosaniim, 1550. 
Manzoni copy. 

i\I. T. Ciceronis epistolae familiares. P. 

Manutii scholia, etc. 2 pts. [in i vol.] 

8vo., [colophon .•] Venetiis : apud Aldi 
filios, 1552. 
Another edition of that of 1540. Renouard, 
p. 153. ScharneboiuTie copy. 

Epistolae familiares M. T. Ciceronis. Jam 

recfins... emendate, etc. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1553. 

M. T. Ciceronis epistolae familiares. P. 

Manutii scholia, etc. 8vo., [colophon .•] 

Venetiis : apud P. Manutium, 1554. 
Another edition of that of 1540. Renouard, 
p. 161. Warenghien copy. 

[Epistoi.^ : Ad Familiares. — French.] 

Les epistres familiaircs de M. T. Cicero... 

NouvcUement traduictes...en francoys par 
E. Dolet, etc. 

8vo., I.yon : ches E. Dolet, i 54J. 

Blue morocco with scroll tooling by Hardy. 

Kxliibitod at the BurUngton Fine Arts Club 

exhibition of bookbinding, 1891. Bninet, II., 

58. Villeneuve de Bargemont copy. 

[Another copy.] 

Wanting the laat leaf, bearing the colophon and 
printer's device. La Valli^re and Wodbul! 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., [colophon .] Paris : J. Real, 1542. 
Blue morocco by R. de Covorly. 

[Another edition.] 

i6mo., Lyon : chez J. et F. Frellon, 1543. 
Calf by Simier. Costo and Renard copy. 

[Another edition.] 

i6mo., Paris : J. Ruelle, 1547. 
The colophon reads : " Impriin6...par G. Tlil- 

[Another edition.] 

ifimo., Lyon: J. de Tournes, &-G. Gazeau, 1 540. 
Brown morocco by Duru. Solar copy. 

|.\notlior copy.] 

Sunderland copy. 

[Anotlier edition.] 

i6mo., Lyon, 1560. 
La Bastie and Perrin copy. 

Les epistres familiaircs... latin et fran- 

coys...Ie francoys traduit par E. Dolet. 

l6mo., Lyon, 1561. 

Les epistres familieres ... latin-frangois. 

Par E. Dolet & F. de Belle-forest... On a aussi 
adjouste a ceste edition cinq epistres nouvelle- 
ment traduites, prises du XII. Uvre. 

l2mo., \Chanibiry .?] 1569. 
Presented by Dr. G. Cnrey Foster, F.R.S. 

[Another edition, bound in 3 vols.] 

l6mo., Paris : pour V. Norment, &' J. 
Bruneau, 1572. 
Morante copy. 

[Another edition.] 

i6mo., Paris : ches G. Buon, 1572. 
Sunderland copy, 

[Another edition.] 

i6mo., Lyon : de I'imprimerie de L. 
Cloquemin, 6- E. Michel, 1 573. 

[Another edition.] 

i6mo., Paris, 1585. 

[Another edition.] 

i6mo., Cologni [Geneva], 1618. 
licnyon de Beauvoir copy. 

[Another edition.] 

i6mo., Rouen, 1624, 

[EPISTOL.E : Ad Familiares. — Italian.] 

Le epistole famigUari di Cicerone, tradotte 

secondo i veri scnsi dell' auttore, et con 
figure proprie della lingua volgare [by G. 
Log^lio]. 8vo., [colophon :] Vinegia : nelle 

case de figlivoli di Aldo, 1 545. 
Renouard, p. 132. 

L'epistole di M. T. Cicerone a' familiari in 

volgar toscano recate a riscontro del tcsto 
latino, ed illustrate con note per A. i\l. 
Bandiera ..Si aggiungono Ic formolc piu 
eleganti della lingua latina di Stcfano 
Dolcto, coUe osservazioni del sudtletto P. 
Bandiera, etc. [Fourth edition ?] 3 torn. 

8vo., Venezia, 1783. 

Tliis work does not include tho " Formula) " of 

Dolet, }>ut only tho " Os.serva7.ioni " of Ban- 

<liera. Sec Mr. Christie's " Ktienne Dolet," 

2nd ed., p. 270, note i. 

See BANDIEK.'V (A. JNI.), Osservazioni su 

le epistole di M. T. Cicerone a' famiUari... 


Seconda edizionc. 8vo. 

[Epistol.5 : Ad Familiares: Appendi.v. ] 

Annotationes doctiss. virorum in omncs 

M. T. Ciceronis epistolas, quas vocant 
familiares, etc. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphiuni. 1542. 
With arms and initials " C. F. A." on the sides. 


M. T. Ciceronis Laelius, sivc de amicitia 

dialogus, etc. 1539. See above [Opera. — 
Latin.], M. T. Ciceronis de ofTiciis lib. III., 
etc. [Pt. IILJ 4to., (iS3J^-)i54o. 

M. T. Ciceronis l,;rlius...cum anno- 

lationibus D. Erasmi. I". Victorii, i'> P. Balduini. 
4io., Parisiis : ex vfficina \L Vascosani, 1540. 


CICERO (Makcus Tullius)— 

[LiELius.] — (contd.) 

M. T. Ciceronis Laelius, etc. See above 

[Opera. — Latin.]. M. T. Ciceronis de officiis 
lib. III., etc. [Pt. III.] 4to., 1544. 

M. T. Ciceronis Laslius, etc. [Edited by 

P. Victorius.] 4to., Parisiis : ex o/pcina 

typographica M . Vascosani, 1547. 

M. T. Ciceronis Laelius, etc. 

4to., Ltitetia, 1552. 

M. T. Ciceronis Laelius, etc. See above 

[Opera. — Latin.']. M. T. Ciceronis de officiis 
lib. IIL, ffc. [Pt. II.] 4to., 1556. 

Laelius, seu de amicitia, dialogus...Para- 

doxa, etc. i2mo., Parisiis, 1796. 

See BETULEIUS (X.). X. Betuleii an- 

notationes in Laclium Ciceronis, etc. 

4to., 1545. 

[Orationes. — Latin.] 

Begin. [Fol. 2, recto :] M. T. C. pro 

magno Pompeio Luculentissima ad | Quirites 
Oratio fojliciter incipit. | End. [Fol. 297, 
verso :] Hoc ingens Ciceronis opus : causasq5 
forenses | Quas inter patrcs dixit & in 
populo I Tu quicunq5 leges. Ambergau 
natus ahenis | Impressit lormis. Ecce magis- 
ter Adam. | .M.CCCC.LXXIL | 

fol., [Venice : Adam, of Ambergau,] 1472. 
Wanting tl\e first leaf (blank). Hain and Copin- 
gcr, *5I23. Proctor, 4150. Kloss copy. 

— — Orationes M. T. Ciceronis. 

8vo., [colophon :] lugduni, 1508. 
A counterfeit Aldine. Renouard, p. 309. 

Orationes. M. T. C. Adjecta alia ora- 

tione ejusdem in Valerium in aliis non im- 
pressa cum Parenesi, quae an Tullii, an 
Quinti fratris sit, incertum est. 

8vo., [colophon :] Lugduni : sumptu Bar- 
tholomei trot, 151 5. 
A copy of the Giunta edition of the same year. 
Renouard, p. 313. 

M. T. Ciceronis orationum volumen pri- 

mum (-tertium). [Edited by A. Naugerius.] 
3 vols. 8vo., [colophon .•] Venetiis : in aedi- 

bus A Idi, et A ndreae soceri, 1 5 1 9. 

Renouard, pp. S5-S6. 

— — M. T. Ciceronis orationes, ex optimorum 
quorumqj exemplarium collatione accura- 
tissime castigatae. Tomus primus. (Ora- 
tionum. ..secundus tonius.) (Orationum... 
tertius tomus.) [Edited by £. Dolet] 3 torn. 
8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1536. 
Stamped pigskin, with portraits of ctossicaJ 
writers. .SV^ Mr. R. C. Christie's " Ktienne 
Dolet," 2nd ed., pp. 235-236 (footnote) and 519. 

— — — — [Another copy of Tom. II.] 

M. T. Ciceronis orationes tres, antequam 

iret in exilium. Post reditum ab exilic in 
Senatu. Item altera ad Quirites. Cum argu- 
mentis singulis J. Sturmii. 

4to., Parisiis : apud F. Gryphium, 1538. 

— — M. T. Ciceronis orationum volumen 

primum (-tertium), in quo multa...sunt 

emendata. [Edited by P. Manutius. ) 3 vols. 

8vo., [colophon :] Venetiis : apud Atdi 

filios, 1540-41. 

Renouard, pp. 121, 486. Blue morocco by Roger 

Payne. Syston Park copy. 

M. T. Ciceronis orationum. ..volumen 

primum. (Orationum... tomus II.) (M. T. 
Ciceronis orationum tomus tertius.) [Edited 
by M. Ferretus. | 3 tom. 

Svo., Lugduni : apudSeb. Gryphium, 1545, 41. 

JI. T. Ciceronis orationum pars I. (-III.) 

Corrigente P. Manutio. 3 vols. 

Svo., [colophon :] Venetiis : apud A Idi 

filios, 1 546. 

Anotlier edition of tliat of 1540-41. Renouard, 

p. 136. Contemporary citron morocco, with 

geometrical and scroll tooling on the sides. 

Massimo and Ashburnham copy. 

M. T. Ciceronis orationum tomus primus. 

(Orationum. ..volumen II.) (-volumen III.) 
[Edited by JE. Ferretus.] 3 tom. 

i6mo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1547. 
Another edition of that of 1545, 41. 

M. T. Ciceronis orationes tres. Antequam 

iret in exilium, ad populum & equites Ro- 
manes, Myliandri...annotationibus illustrata. 
Post reditum, in Senatu, J. Bugelio scholiaste. 
Item post reditum altera, ad Quirites, cum B. 
Latomi item scholiis. Additis in easdem sin- 
gulis X. Polentoni . . . & J. Sturmii argumentis. 

4to., Parisiis : apud T. Richardum, 1549. 

M. T. Ciceronis orationum tomus primus. 

[Edited by M. Ferretus.] 

i6mo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium , 1550. 
Anotlier issue of the edition of 1547. Wanting 
tom. II.-III. 

M. T. Ciceronis orationum. Pars I. (-III.) 

Corrigente P. Manutio. 3 vols. 8vo., 

[colophon:] Venetiis: apud Aldi filios, i^^o. 
Another edition of that of 1540-41. Renouard, 
p. 148. Scharnebourne copj*. 

M. T. Ciceronis orationum... volumen 

primum. (Orationum... volumen II., etc.) 
(Orationum... volumen III., etc.) [Edited by 
JE. Ferretus.] 3 tom. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1555. 

.Another edition of that of 1545. 41. Contempo- 
rary calf binding, with " A. B. G. D., 1562," 
on the front cover. Sunderland copy. 

M. T. Ciceronis orationum voluminatria... 

emendata a J. Sturmic.Accessit huiceditioni 
elenchus variarum lectionum. 3 vols. 

8vo., Argentorati, 1558. 

The place of publication is omitted from the 

titlepage to vol. I. Stamped pigskin, with tho 

date " 1563 " on the front cover. Berger and 

Biber copy. 

M. T. Ciceronis orationum pars I. (-III.) 

Cum correctionibus P. Manutii. 3 vols. 

8vo., Venetiis : Aldus [P. Manutius], 1559. 
Renouard, p. 177. Blue morocco by Bozdrian 

[Another edition of vol. III.] 

8vo., [colophon :] Venetiis : apud P. 
Manutium, 1 562. 
Wanting the titlepage and vols. I.-II. Re- 
nouard, p. 187. 

^ tiM l 



CICERO (Marcus Tullius)— 

[Orationes. — Latin.] — (conid.) 

— ^ M. T. Ciceronis orationum volumcn 
primum. Accesserunt breves animadver- 
siones ex doctissimorum hominum commen- 
tariis, etc. 
i6mo., Lugduni : apud Ant. Gryphium, 1582. 

Wanting vols. II.-TII. 

M. T. Ciceronis orationum volumina III.... 

Cum doctissimorum hominum... notis, etc. 
[Edited by J. M. Brutus. ] 3 vols. 

8vo., Luednni : apud Ant. Gryphium, 1586. 
I^izzo copy. 

Orationum M. T. Ciceronis volumen 

pnmum. Ex emendatione D. Lambini. 
Additis hac postrema editione sectionibus. 

l6mo., Liigdiini, 1614. 
Wanting vols. II.-III. 
— ^ M. T. Ciceronis orationum selectarum 
liber... Notas addidit E. a Zurck. 

8vo., Roterodami , 1694. 
Sunderland copy. 

[Orationes : Appendix.] 

In omnes M. T. Ciceronis orationes doc- 
tissimorum virorum lucubrationes, accurate 
in unum volumen collectae, locis^ue non 
paucis ad veritatem emendatae, adjectis Q. 
Asconii Pediani commentariis, cum cor- 
rectionibus P. Manutiiprope innumerabilibus. 

fol., [colophon •] Venetiis : apud Aldi filios , 1547. 
Renouard, p. 140. 

— — [Another edition.] 

fol., [colophon :'\ Venetiis: apud Aldi filios, i ^,^2. 
Renouard, p. 153, Red morocco by R. Storr. 
Syston Park copy. 

mentaries on the orations of M. T. Cicero.] 
3pts. fol., (1477.) 

5fi£ ASCONIUS PEDIANUS (Q.). Asconii 

Paediani expositio in IIII. orationes M. 
Tullii Cic. contra C. Verrem, etc. 8vo., 1522. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another copy.] 

[Another edition.] 8vo., 1547. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., 1553. 

See BADUELLUS (C), C. Baduelli anno- 

tationes in M. T. Ciceronis pro Milone & jjro 
M. Marcello orationes, etc. 8vo., 1552. 

See OPORINUS (J.). In omnes M. T. 

Ciceronis orationes... doctissimorum virorum 
enarrationes, «fc. fol., 1554. 

[Orationes : Contra Sallustium. See 
below. Supposititious Works.] 

[Orationes : In Catilinam.] 

In Catilinarias M. T. Ciceronis invcctivas 

!•'. Sylvii..,commentarii luculentissimi. [With 
the text.] 4to., [colophon : Paris :] sub 

prelo Ascensiano. 1528. 
Contemporary stamped calf, with tlie figure of 
Hope, ((uotatioua from P.-joIins LXX. and XC, 
and tlie initials " I. P." 

- [For editions issued with the works of 
(C). [Opera.— Latin.] 

[Orationes : In Pisonem.] 

- Oratio M. T. Ciceronis in L. Pisonem. 

4to., Parisiis : apud F. Gryphium, 1537. 

[Orationes : In Verrem.] 

JNI. T. Ciceronis actionii in Verrem libri 

septem, additis argumentis Asconii. & parti- 
tionibus B. Latomi, in singulas actioncs. 

4to., Parisiis : apud F. Gryphium, 1538. 

S^eLATOMUS (B.). Oratio... de laudibus 

eloquentije & Ciceronis, dicta in auditorio 
cum enarratione Actionum in Verrem auspi- 
caretur. 4to., 1535. 

[Orationes : Philippic^.] 

COmentarii philippicarum (M. T. Cice- 
ronis) cum annotationibus P. Beroaldi. [With 
the text.] fol., [colophon :] Bononice : per 

Benedictum Hectoris, 1501. 
KIoss copy. 

M. T. Ciceronis orationes phihppicae cum 

argumentis singulis (Georgii Trapczuntii, et 
P. Beroaldi), & multo castigatiorcs quam 
ante hac editae. 

4to., Parisiis : ex officina F. Gryphii, 1534. 

[Another edition.] 

4to., Parisiis : apud F. Gryphium, 1543. 

M. T. Ciceronis in M. Antoniun [sic] 

Philippicas orationes XIIII... .emendatae ac 
restituta;, & ... H. Ferrarii obscrvationibus 
illustratae, etc. 

4to., Parisiis : M. Vascosanus, 1544. 

Commentarius M. Toxitae Philip- 

picam M. T. Ciceronis, primam (alteram, 
septiinam). [With the text.] Kx scholis J. 
Sturmii pomeridianis. 3 pts. [in i vol.] 

&V0., Argentorati, 1552. 
Cah' by Petit. With an autograph inscription by 
M. Toiites. 

Le Filippiche di M. T. Cicerone contra 

Marco Antonio, fattc volgari per G. Ragrazzoni. 

4to., [colophon .•] Vinegia : appresso P. 
Manutio, 1556. 
Renouard, p. lOS. 

See FERRAKIUS(H.). H. Ferrarii... emen- 

dationes in Philippicas Ciceronis. Bvo., 1542. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another edition.] 8vo., 1552. 

[Another copy.] 
[Another copy.] 

[Orationes : Pro Archia.] 

M. T. Ciceronis oratio pro .Vulo l.icinio 

Archia pocta, adnotatiunculis B. Latomi 
illustrata. Addito artificio & disposilione : 
item Integra paraphrasi in eandcm orationem, 
per P. Mclanchthoncm. 

4to., Parisiis : apud F. Gryphium, 1534. 
Imporfent; wantinn nil (lio toit excopt the fir.'t 
two ieavoH, containing rliaps. 1-8. Cliaps. ig 
to tlio end am .'^upi)lio(i from tlio udition of 
,1. Hade. Pari.-;. iSi'- i'l'e numeration of tlio 
chapters is that of the Toubnor edition, i8j6. 


CICERO (Marcus TvLL\vs}.—{contd.) 
[Orationes: Pro C^cina.] 

Prolegomena in ... M. T. Ciceronis pro A. 

Cecinna orationem de interdicto recupcra- 
torio, unde vi...J. OmphaIio...aiictore. [With 
the text.] 

Svo., Paiisiis : ex officina S. CoHna-i, li^^i. 
Sunderland copy, 

[Orationes : Pro] 

M. T. Ciceronis oratio pro M. Cajlio, cum 

argumento & adnotalionibus...per B. Lato- 

4to., ParisilS : apnd F. Gryphium, 1538. 

[Or.\tiones : Pro Cluextio Habito.] 
M. T. Ciceronis oratio pro A. Cluentio 

Habito, cum F. Sylvii... argumento. 

4to, ParisilS : apiid F. Gryphium, 153S. 

[Orationes : Pro Fonteio.] 

M. T. Ciceronis pro M. Fonteio oratio XI. 

4to., Parisiis : apud J. Lodoicum, 1547. 
Sunderland copy. 

[Orationes : Pro Lege Maxilia.] 

Oratio Ciceronis pro lege Manilia cum 

argumento & annotationibus B. Latomi. 

4to., Parisiis : apud F. Gryphimn. 1536. 

In M. T. Ciceronis orationem pro lege 

Manilia commentarius F. Ceniti. [With the 
text.] 8vo., Verona, 15S4. 

Sunderland copy. 

[Orationes : Pro Ligario.] 

M. T. Ciceronis oratio, pro Q. Ligario ad 

C. Csesarem, cum argumento & annotationibus 
...per B. Latomum. 

4to., Parisiis : apud F. Gryphium, 1536. 

[Orationes : Pro Marcello.] 

M. T. Ciceronis oratio pro M. Marcello. 

cum artificio & paraphrasi P. Melanchthonis 
& adnotationibus B. Latomi. 

4to., Parisiis : apud F. Gryphium, 1536. 

[Orationes: Pro Milone.] 

M. T. Ciceronis oratio pro T. Annio 

Milone, illustrata scholiis per B. Latomnm, etc. 

4to., Parisiis : apud F. Gryphium, 1535. 

[Another edition.] 

4to., Parisiis : apud F. Gryphium, 1537. 

M. T. Ciceronis pro T. Annio Milone oratio 

XXXVIII. Q. Asconii Pediani & F. Sylvii 
commentariis, B. Latomi scholiis, & P. 
Melanchthonis dispositionc illustrata. 

4to.. Parisiis : ex officina M. Vascosani, 1545. 
Longepiorro and Sunderland copy, 

M. T. Ciceronis oratio pro T. An. Milone. 

Cum cnarratione J. CruquiL 

4to., Antverpiae, 1582. 
Sunderland copy. 

5e<'T0SCANELLA(0.). Oratio Ciceronis 

pro T. Annio Milone, ab H. Tuscanella 
examinata. 4(0., 1576. 

[Or.\tiones : Pro Murena.] 

M. T. Ciceronis oratio pro I.. Murena, 

adnotationibus B. Latomi illustrata. 

4to., {Paris .] apud F. Gryphium, 1535. 

[Another edition.] 

4to., Parisiis : apud F. Gryphium. 1538. 

See PALEARIUS (A.). Plaidoyer pour 

Servius Sulpicius, contre L. Murena, etc. 

8vo., 1826. 

[Orationes: Pro Plancio.] 

See TOXITES {^L). Commentarius. . .in 

orationem... pro Cn. Plancio, etc. 8vo,, 1551. 

[Orationes : Pro Quintio.] 

M. T. Ciceronis oratio, pro P. Quintio, 

[Edited by F. Sylvius.] 

4to., {Paris .] apud F. Gryphium, s.a. 

M. T. Ciceronis pro P. Quintio oratio, F. 

Sylvii commentario illustrata. 

4to., Parisiis : apud F. Gryphium, 1537. 

[Orationes : Pro Rege Deiotaro.] 

M. T. Ciceronis oratio pro Rege Deiotaro, 

cum argumento & annotationibus. ..per B. 

4to., Parisiis : apud F. Gryphium, 1536. 

[Orationes : Pro Roscio Amerino.] 

M. T. Ciceronis oratio. pro Sexto Roscio 

Amerino. [Edited by F. Sylvius.] 

4to., [Paris .] apud F. Gryphium, s.a. 

M. T. Ciceronis oratio pro Sex. Roscio 

Amerino, adnotationibus B. Latomi illustrata, 
etc. 4to., [Paris .] apud F. Gryphium, 1 535. 

[Another edition.] 

4to., [Paris :] apud F. Gryphium, 1537. 

M. T. Ciceronis oratio pro Sex. Roscio 

Amerino, Guarini Veronensis, F. Sylvii com- 
mentariis, P. Melanchthonis & B. Latomi 
scholiis & artificio rhetorico illustrata. 

4to., Parisiis : ex officina M. Vascosani, 1541. 
Sunderland copy. 

[Orationes : Pro Sestio.] 

M. T. Ciceronis oratio pro P. Sestio. 

4to., Parisiis : apud F. Gryphium, 1538. 

P. Manutii in orationem Ciceronis pro 

P. Sextio commentarius. [With the text.] 

8vo., [colophon .•] Venetiis : apud P. 
Manutium, 1556. 
Renouard, p. 168. 

[Another edition.] Svo., [colophon :] 

Venetiis : apud P. Manutium, 1559. 
Renouard, p. 177. Sunderland copy. 


M. T. Ciceronis ad M. Brutum orator, J. 

L. Strebiei comment£iriis ab authore ipso 
recognitis illustratus. 

4to., Parisiis : ex officina M. Vascosani, i539- 
Sunderland copy. 


CICERO (Marcus Tullius)— {coii/i ). 


Paradoxa M. T. Ciceronis ... cum F. 

SylTu...commentariis : additis D. Erasmi, & 
B. Latomi annotationibus. 

4to.. Parisiis : apud M. Vascosajtttm, 1536. 
With the mark of J. Bade on the titlepage. 

M. T. Ciceronis paradoxa, etc. I53i5. See 

above [Opera. — Latin.}, M. T. Ciceronis de 
officiis lib. III., etc. [Pt. IV.] 

4to., (1 538-)! 540. 

M. T. Ciceronis paradoxa, etc. [Edited 

by F. Sylvius, with his annotations and 
those of B. Latomus and an anonymous 
writer.] 2 pts. 4to., Parisiis: 

ex officina M. Vascosani, i=;43(-45). 
The annotations have a distinct foliation and 
register. The colophon is dated 1545. 

M. T. Ciceronis paradoxa, etc. See above 

[Opera. — Latin.'}. M. T. Ciceronis de officiis 
lib. III., efc. [Pt IV.] 4to., 1544. 

M. T. Ciceronis paradoxa... triplici com- 

mentario illustrata. [With the annotations 
of F. Sylvius, B. Latomus and an anonymous 
writer. Edited by F. Sylvius.] 

4to., Parisiis : apud J. Lodoicum, 1546. 
— — M. T. Ciceronis parado.xa, etc. 

4to., Parisiis : apud Vascosanum, 7548. 
Another edition of that of l543(-45), without tlie 

— ^ M. T. Ciceronis paradoxa, etc. 2 pts. 

4to., Luteticp, 1551, 45. 
Another edition of that of i543(-45). 

M. T. Ciceronis paradoxa, etc. See above 

[Opera. — Latin.}. M. T. Ciceronis de officiis 
lib. III., f to. [Pt. IV.] 4to., 1556. 

—— M. T. Ciceronis paradoxa... Cum anno- 
tationibus F. Sylvii, X. Betuleii, incerti 
cujusdam auctoris, B. Latomi, & A. Talei 
margini adjunctis, etc. 4to., Parisiis, IS74. 
Sunderland copy. 

M. T. Ciceronis paradoxa, etc. See above 

[LyELius.], Laelius, eto. i2mo., 1796. 

M. T. Ciceronis paradoxa, etc. See below 

[TuscuLANiE Disputationes.]. M. T. Cice- 
ronis Tusculanarum disputationum libri quin- 
que, etc. 8vo., 18^4. 

See MAJORAGIUS (M. A.). M. A. Majo- 

ragii antiparadoxon libri sex. In quibus M. 
T. Ciceronis omnia paradoxa rcfclluntur. 

8vo., 1546. 

[Partitiones Oratori.«. See above, 
De Partitidne Oratoria.] 

[Rhetorica ad C. Hekennium. See below. 
Supposititious Works.] 

[SoMNiUM SciPioNis. See above, De Re- 


M. T. Ciceronis ex Timaeo Platonis de 

univcrsitate liber, etc. See PLATO. [Tim- 
^us.] 4to., 1543. 

M. T. Ciceronis Timacus [translated from 

the Greek of Plato], etc. See PLATO. 
[TiM^us.] 4to., 1551. 

See PLATO. [] 'Ey. niarcovo: 

Ti/iatov Tfi>i/ia ro toj Kty.egon'o; .if 01 Ttavxc; 
(iifiho) av/^Kpojvovv, etc. Gr. &■ Lat. 

4to., 1540. 
[Another edition.] Gr. 4to., [1580 ?] 

[Topic A.] 

In topica Ciceronis A. M. S. Boetiic om- 

mcntarius. [With the text.] 

4to., Lttgduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1536. 

Enarrationes B. Latomi in topica Cice- 
ronis, etc. [With the text.] 

4to., Parisiis : apud F. Gryphium, 1539. 

Topica M. T. Ciceronis... cum A. M. S. 

Boetii, & J. Visorii...commentariis, quibus jam 
recens accesserunt B. Latomi explicationes 
in eadem. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1541. 
Sunderland copy. 

[Another edition.] ...His jam recens 

adjecimus B. Latomi e.xplicationcs, ac P. 
Mclanchthonis & C. Hegendorphini scholiis. 
Svo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1545. 

yi. T. Cic. topica... In eadem B. Latomi 

enarrationes. P. Melanchthonis & C. Hegen- 
dorphini schoUa. A. Goveani commentarius. 

4to., Parisiis : apud J. Lodoicum, 1546. 


Commentarii quaestionum tusculanarum ] 

cditi a Philippo beroaMo. | [With the te.xt.] 

fol., [colophon :] Veneliis : p Dartholo- 
mcum de Zannis de Portesio, 1499. 
Hain, '5324. Proctor, 5343. Klos^ copy. 

M. T. Ciceronis Tusculanarum quaes- 
tionum liber primus (-quintus). [Edited by 
D. Erasmus.] 

4to., Parisiis : apud F. Gryphium, 1543. 
Sunderland copy, 

M. T. Ciceronis Tusculanae quaestiones. 

[Edited by D. Erasmus.] 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1551. 

Tusculanarum quasstionum Ciceronis... 

libri V. Cum scholiis P. Manutii. Corrigente 
P. RIanutio Aldi filio. 8vo., [colophon :] 

Veneliis: apud .-lldi filios, 1552. 
Forms the second part of tlio first volume of the 
"Opera pliilosophico." lU'iiouard, p. 154. 

M. T. Ciceronis Tusculanarunjqua'stionum 

lib. V. ... emedati : ac conimcntariis ... P. 
Beroaldi, & J. Camerarii : dcindc lunsmi... P. 
iManuUi, & P. Viclorii variis Icctionibus & 
annotationibus illustrati. yuibus nunc pri- 
nium accessit doctissimi cujustlam viri com- 
mentarius, cum annotationibus Lcodcgarii A 
Quercu. Cum indice, etc. 

4I0., Parisiis, 1558. 

- M. T. Ciceronis Tusculanarum dispu- 
tationum libri quinquc.rccognovit J. C 
Orellius. Acccdunt paradoxa, V. Fabricii 
adnotationes, K. Hcnlkii cnu-iulationcs... 
J. J. Reiske libellus variantiuiu Icctionum, 
J. J. Hottingcri spicilecinm, F. A. Wolfii 
scholarum exccrpta Anglice roildita, etc. 

8vo., Oxonii, 1834. 


CICERO (Marcus Tullius)— 


Les questions tusculanes...Nouve!lenient 

traduictes...en francoys, par E. Dolet. 

i6mo., Payis : J. Ruelle, 1544. 
Calf by Koehler. Cost©, Pericaud, and Renard 

[Another edition.] 

i6mo., Paris : G. le Bret, 1545. 

[Another edition.] 

i6mo., Paris : J. Ruelle, 1548. 

[Another edition.] i\o.,Lyon: 

ches S. Sabon, pour A. Coiisiantin, [1549.] 

See STURMIUS (J.) Sleidaims. Commen- 

tarii in M. T. Ciceronis Tusculanam primam, 
etc. 8vo., 1575. 


Apliorisnii Ciceronis bre\iores, etc. 

[Edited by M. Mylius.] 8vo., Gorlicii, 1623. 

Epitheta M. T. Ciceronis collecta a P. J. 

Nunnesio. 8vo., Venetiis : Aldus 

Manutius, Paulli F., 1570. 
Renouard, p. 209. 

[Supposititious Works : Oratio contra 

[For editions issued with the works of 

(C). [Opera.— La/j»i.] 

[Supposititious Works: Rhetorica ad 

Begin. [Sig. ai. lerso :] Marii Fabii 

Victorini Rhetoris in rhetoricis Ciceronis Liber 
primus incipit. | [Sig. a2, recto .•] M. T. 
Rhetorics ueteris Liber primus incipit. | 
[Sig. m2, recto .] M. Tuhi Ci. Rhetoricae nouse 
ad Hereniu hber primus Icipit. | 

fol., [colophon ;] Venetijs : per T. Z. P. 6- 
Petrti lo. Q[uarengts]. Perga. 1403. 
Hain and Copinger, *5o8o. Proctor, 5475. Kloss 

M. T. Ciceronis rhetoricorum commentarii 

in Hermagoram et ad Herennium. 

8vo., [colophon .■] Florenti<s : opera et 
impensa P. Giunta, 1508. 

Renouard, p. xxxv. 

Utraque Ciceronis rhetorica hoc volumine 

clauduntur. 8vo., [colophon :] Florentiee : 

stimpttt P. Jnnt(e, 1515. 
Kenouard, p. xl. Koyal Society duplicate. 
[Another edition.] i6m.o., [colo- 
phon : Toscolano :] A. Paganinus, 1521. 

Rhetoricorum M. T. Ciceronis ad Heren- 
nium hbri quatuor. 8vo., Pictavii ; ex 

officina Marnefiorum fralrtwt, 1537. 
Sunderland copy, 

Rhetoricorum ad Herennium libri quatuor. 

M. T. Ciceronis de inventione hbri duo. 

8vo., Lugdujii : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1540. 

Rhetoricorum ad Herennium hbri quatuor 

...De inventione hbri II. 

8vo.. Lueduni : apud S. Doletum, 1541. 
Wanting the last leaf, bearing the printer's device. 

M. T. Ciceronis rhetoricorum libri quatuor 

ad Herennium. Item M. T. Ciceronis de 
inventione hbri duo. 

8vo. , Parisiis : ex officina S. Colinisi, 1 541. 
Simderland copy. 

.M. T. Cic. rhetoricorum ad C. Herennium 

libvi quatuor. Ejusdem de inventione hbri 
duo. Ex P. Victorii, ac P. Manutii casti- 
gationibus. (M. T. Ciceronis rhetoricorum 
secundus tomus.) 2 torn. 

i6mo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, I 546. 
Incomplete ; torn. I. wanting the " De inventione." 

[Another edition.] 2 torn, [in i voL] 

i6mo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1548. 

Rhetoricorum ad Herennium Hbri quatuor, 


8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1549. 
Another edition of that of 1540. 

M. T. Cic. rhetoricorum ad C. Herennium 

libri quatuor, etc. 2 tom. [in i vol.] 

i6mo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1551. 

Another edition of that of 1546. 

[.\nother edition.] 2 tom. [in i vol.] 

i6mo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1555. 

Marliani copy, 

Rhetoricorum ad Herennium libri quatuor, 


8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1556. 
Another edition of that of 1540. 

Grifolus (J.). Rhetoricos libros ad He- 
rennium scriptos ad M. T. Ciceronem nihil 
omnino pertinere, per J. Grifolum...decla- 
[EPISTOL.E : Ars Poetica. — Latin.] Q. 
Horatii Flacci liber de arte poetica. etc. 

4to., 1550. 
[Another edition.] 8vo., 1562. 

[Appendi-x : Bibliography.] 

See BRITISH MUSEUM. Catalogue of 

printed books. Cicero. fol., 1886. 

See DESCHAMPS (P.). Essai bibUo- 

graphique sur M. T. Ciceron. etc. 8vo., 1863. 

[Appendix : Biography.] 

Vita M. T. Ciceronis litteraria. 

8vo., Oxonii, 1762. 

—^ LiGNAMiNEUs (D.). Sepulchri facies M. T. 

Ciceronis... in Zacyntho insula reperti, etc. 

See STRU VE ( B. G. ), B. G. Stru vii bibUotheca 

librorum rariorum, eto. Pt. I. 4to., 1719. 

Plutarchus. M. T. Ciceronis vita. See 

BOCCHIUS (A.) called Phileros. Achillis 
Bononiensis apologia in Plautum, etc. 

4to., 1508. 

[Appendix : Criticism, etc.] 

See BETULEIUS (X.). In M. T. Ciceronis 

hbros de officiis, de amicitia, de senectute, 
commentaria, efc. 3 pts. 4to., 1544. 

See CAMERARIUS (J.) the Eld-er. J. M. T. Ciceronem annotationes. 

8vo., 1540. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., 1552. 

[Another copy.] 


CICERO (Marcus Tullius)— 

[Appendix : Criticism, elc] — (contd.) 

See DOLET (fi.). S. Doleti dialogus, de 

imitationc Ciceroniana, adversus D. Eras- 
mum, etc. 4to., 1535. 

[Another copy.] 

See DOLET (£.). S. Doleti... liber. De 

imitationc Ciceroniana adversus Floridum 
Sabinum. 4to., 154a 

DoRNMEiER (A. J.). De vitioso M. T. 

Ciceronis imitatore dissertatio. See VORST- 
IUS(J.). J. Latinitate selecta... 
liber, etc. 8vo., 1738. 

Sffi KECKERM ANNUS (B.). Introductio 

ad lectionem Ciceronis, efc. 8vo., 1610. 

See LANDO (O.). [Cicero Relegatus.] 

Cicero relegatus, & Cicero revocatus. Dia- 
logi, etc. 8vo., 1534. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another edition.] 8vo., 1534. 

— [Another edition.] See VORSTIUS 
J. Latinitate selecta... liber, 

8vo., 1738. 

See LENIENT (C. F.). De Ciceroniano 

bello apud recentiores commentariolum, etc. 

8vo., 1855. 

See MAJORAGIUS (M. A.). M. A. Majo- 

ragii dccisiones XXV., quibus M. T. Ciceronem 
ab omnibus C. Calcagnini criminationibus 
hberat. 8vo., 1544. 

5>eMANUTIUS(P.). Scholia P. Man utii, 

quibus Ciceronis philosophia partim corrigitur, 

8vo., 1552. 


partim explanatur, etc. 

[Another copy.] 


Ciceronis oratore contra P. 

Ramum, oratio. 
8vo., 1547. 

SeeRAMSHORN(J. G. L.). Sacra sollem- 

nia in memoriani renovati ill. Gymnasii 
Fridericiani Altenb. ... Vindicatur locorum 
quorumdam Ciceronis... integritas, etc. 

4to., (1826.) 

See RAMUS (P.). [Ciceronianus.] P. 

Rami... Ciceronianus, eft;. 8vo., 1557. 

[Another copy.] 

Editio postrema. 8vo., 1580. 

[Another copy.] 


[Opera. — Latin.] C. Crispi Sallustii de con- 
juratione Catilinac.Ejusdem oratio contra 
M. T. Ciceronem. M. T. Ciceronis oratio 
contra C. Crispu Sallustium. Kjusdcm 
orationes quatuor c5tra Lucium Catilina, etc. 

8vo., 1509. 



[Another edition ; 

counterfeit Al- 
8vo., s.a. 

[Another edition.] 
[Another edition ; 

8vo.. i5:!i. 

counterfeit .M- 
8vo., s.a. 

See SCALIGER (J. C). J. C. Scaligeri 

oratio pro M. T. Cicerone contra D. Erasmum, 
etc. 8vo., (1531.) 

— — [Another copy.] 

Sussann.«us (H.), Connubium adver- 

biorum, id est, elegans advcrbiorum appli- 
catio, & mirificus usus ex omnibus Ciceronis 
operibus, ordine alphabeti demonstratus, etc. 
See DOLET (£.), Phrases et formulae lingua; 
Latinae, eft;. [Pt. IL] 8vo., 1585. 

See TAL^US (A.). A. Talaei... opera, etc. 

[Comprising the commentaries of Talasus on 
various works of Cicero.] 4to., 1575. 

See VICTORIUS (P.), P. Victorii expU- 

cationes suarum in Ciceronem castigationum. 

8vo., 1540. 

[Another edition.] 8vo.. 1552. 

[Another copy.] 

[Appendix : Lexicons.] 

See ESTIENNE (H.) 2nd of the Name. 

Ciceronianum lexicon Gra;colatinum, elc. 
2 pts. 8vo., 1557. 

See NIZOLIUS (M.). Nizolius, sive the- 
saurus Ciceronianus, etc. fol., 1576. 

See NIZOLIUS (M.). Lexicon Ciceronia- 
num, etc. fol., 1734. 

[Another edition.] 3 tom. 

8vo., 1820. 

SeeSCHORUS(A.). Thesaurus verborum 

Unguse Latinae Ciceronianus, etc. 4to., 1570. 

CICERO (QuiNTUs Tullius) the Elder. Q. 
Cicero de jjetitione consulatus ad M. TulUum 
fratrem. See CICERO (M. T.). [Opera.— 
Latin.] M. T. Ciceronis de philosophia 
volumen primum, etc. [Vol. II.] 8vo., 1523. 

CINTHIO (Giovanni Battista Giraldi). See 

CIOFANUS (Hercules). H. P 
Ovidii Nasonis metamorphosin ex XVII. 
antiquis libris observationes, etc. 

8vo., Venetiis : Aldus [Aldus Manuttus, 
the Younger], 1575. 
Renouard, p. 219. 
CIPELLI (Giovanni Battista). See EGNA- 

TIUS (J. B.) pseud. 
CIRILLUS, Philosophus. Saint. See CYRIL- 

CLAIMS. The claims of labour. .\n essay on 
the duties of the employers to the employed. 
[By Sir A. Helps.] See HELPS {Sir A.). 

8vo., 1844. 

CLAPMARIUS (Arnoldus). [i.e., Arnold 

Clapmar.] a. Clapmarii...nobilis adoksccn- 

tis tricnnium, f/c. 5<;d; GKOTIUS (H.). H. 

Grolii ct aliorum disscrtationes, etc. 

i2mo., 1645. 

CLARENDON (Edward Hvde) ist F.arl of. 

The history of the Rebellion and Civil Wars 

in England.. .To which are subjoined the 

notes of Bishop Warburton. 7 vols. 

8vo., Oxford, 1849. 


CLARENDON (Edward Kyde) ist Earl of.— 

See CHARLES IL, King of England. 

Notes which passed between. ..Charles II. and 
the Earl of Clarendon, 1660- 1667, etc. 

4to., 1896. 

See DOVER (G. J. W. Agar-Ellis) ist 

Baron. Historical inquiries respecting the 
character of E. Hyde, Earl of Clarendon, etc. 

8vo., 1827. 

See OLDMIXON (J.). Clarendon and 

Whitlock compar'd, e^t. 8vo., 1727. 

CLARIS DE FLORIAN (Jean Pierre). See 

CLARK (William) Rotnan Catholic Priest. A 
replie unto a certaine libell, latelie set foorth 
by Fa: Parsons... intituled, " A manifestation 
of the great folly and bad spirit, of 
certaine in England, calling themselves 
seculer priestes," etc. [By W. Clarke.] 

4to., s.l. et t.n., 1603. 
"Diet. Nat. Biog.," X., 408. Two Iett«rs of G. 
W. Napier as to the author of this work are 
Inserted in the volume. 
CLARKE (Adam). A bibliographical dictio- 
nary ; containing a chronological account... of 
the most curious... and important books... 
from the infancy of printing... Including the 
whole of the fourth edition of Dr. [E.] Har- 
wood's view of the classics... To which are 
added, an essay on bibliography... And an 
account of the best English translation of 
each Greek and Latin classic. [By A. 
Clarke.] 6 vols. l2mo., Liverpool, etc., 1802-4. 
Halkett end Laing, I., 229. 

The bibliographical miscellany ; or, 

supplement to the bibUographical dictionary. 
[By A. Clarke.] 2 vols. 

i2mo., London, 1806. 

Halkett and Laing, I., 230. 

CLARKE (Samuel). The dedication of Dr. 

Clarke's edition of Caesar's commentaries, 

to... the Duke of Marlborough. In Latin 

and English. Translated by R. T. 

8vo., London, 1712. 

CLARKE (William) Bookseller. Repertorium 

bibliographicum ; or, some account of the 

most celebrated British Ubraries. [Edited 

by W. Clarke.] 4to., London, 1819. 

Halkett and Laing, III., 2169. Hailstone copy. 

CLAUDIANUS (Claudius). C. Claudiani 

opera quam diligentissime castigata, etc 

[Edited by F. Asulanus.] 

8vo., [colophon :] Venetiis : in aedibiis 
Aldi et Andreae Asulani soceri, 1523. 
Benouard, p. 96. 

C. Claudiani. ..opera, etc. (C. Claudiani 

vita ex P. Crinito.) 

8vo., Lugdnni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1535. 
De Thou copy. 

— — [Another edition.] 

i6mo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1548. 

C. Claudianus, T. Pulmanni...diligentia, 

& fide summa, h vetustis codicibus restitutus. 
(Ad C. Claudiani... opera Martini A. Del-rio 
notae.) 2 pts. i6mo., Antverpitp, 1585. 

Conybeare copy. 


— [Another edition.] 

l6mo., AntverpicB, 1607. 
Claudiani quse extant : e-x emen- 

datione virorum doctorum. 

i6mo., Parisiis, 1635. 
Willi a second, engraved, titlepoge. 

C. Claudiani in Rufinum libri duo. Editio 

altera. (La chute de Rutin. ..traduit du 
latin. ..Par le marquis de Sy.) Lat. &■ Fr. 
tol^ : Ars Poetica. — French.] Q. Horatii 
Flacci de arte poetica liber, etc. [Pt. II.] 

8vo., 1816. 

C. Claudiani... invocatio ad Christum. 

See BUSCHIUS (H.). De saluberrimo...vir- 
ginis Marie Psalterio, etc. 4to., s.a. 

CLAUDIN (Anatole). Antiquites typo- 
graphiques de la France. 3 torn. 

8vo., Paris, 1880-97. 

Lin ecrivain saintongeais inconnu. M. 

Alamande, pofite et litterateur de Saint- Jean 
d'Angely, 1486-1531. Notes sur une im- 
pression de Toulouse [i.e., Mr. Christie's 
copy of M. Alamande's " Genethliacon "] et 
sur un libraire rouennais etabli a Castres en 
1519, etc. 8vo., Paris, 1895. 

Only 100 copies reprinted from the " Kovue do 
Saintonge et d'Auni?." 

[Another copy.] 

The first Paris press. An account of the 

books printed for G. Fichet and J. Heynlin 
in the Sorbonne 1470-72. 

4to., London, 1898. 
(Bibliograplucal Society. Illustrated Mono- 
graphs. No. VI.) 

Les origines de I'imprimerie ^ la Reole en 

Guyenne, 15 17. Recherches sur la vie et les 
travaux de Jean Le More, dit Maurus, de 
Coutances, imprimeur et professeur de gram- 
maire, 1507- 1550. 8vo., Pan's, 1894, 

Only 100 copies reprinted from the " Revue Catho- 
lique de Bordeaux." 

Les origines et les debuts de I'imprimerie 

cl Bordeaux. 8vo., Pan's, 1897. 

Only 100 copies reprinted from the "Revue Catho- 
lique de Bordeaux." 

Un typographe rouennais oubUe. Maitre 

J. G. [i.e., Jacques Gentil], imprimeur d'une 
Edition de Commines en 1525. 

8vo., Paris, 1896. 
Only 100 copies reprinted from the " Bulletin du 


G.). Dissertatio epistolaris de M. Celso... 

auctore, Claudio item Allobroge, etc. 

4to., 1748. 
CLAUSERUS (Conradus). [i.e., Konrad 

Clauser.] De oratione liber, etc. 

8vo., Tiguri, 1553. 
CLAYTON, of Thelwall. Family of. See RY- 

LANDS (J. P.). Some account of the Clayton 

family, etc. 8vo., 1880. 

CLEANTHES. KXeavOovg vfivoQ eli; Ata. See 

CALLIMACHUS. Kcdhftaxot;. KXeavOri?. 

ITgoxXog, etc. i6mo., 1824. 

CLEMENS, Alexandrinus. See CLEMENS (T. 

F.) Alexandrinus. 



Pope, Saint. 
CLEMENS I., Pope. Saint. Divi Clemen tis 
opera ... Rufino ... interprete. Accesserunt 
Canones Apostolorum per eundem Clementem 
in unum cogesti, una cum interpretatione G. 
Haloandri & veteri editione, etc. 
fol., Parisiis : ex officina Carolcs Giiillard, 1544. 

Clementis Romani epistulae (ad Corin- 

thios)...edidit C. de Tischendorf. [With an 
introduction.] (Editio secunda.) Gr. 

4to., Lipsiae, 1873. 

CLEMENS v.. Pope. [i.e.. Bertrand de Goth.] 

Begin. [Fol. i, verso .•] Constitutiones Cle- 

metis pape qnti | vna cu apparatu diii loanis 

adree. | [Fol. 71, recto .■] Incipiunt decretales 

extrauapantes que | emanauerunt post sex- 

tum. |(5. X. fol., s.n. [Basel : N. Kesler, 1487 ?] 

78 fi., of which ff. 8-77 are numbered 7-76. 

Copinger, II. (2), 305, 1671a. Cj. Hain, 

•3585 (2). 

CLEMENS VIII., Pope. Clementis P. P. VIII. 

Bulla Indictionis S. Jubileii. Cum G. Schoppi 

annotationibus in eamdem : itemque epistola 

parasnetica, etc. See SCIOPPIUS (G.). G. 

Schoppi Erga, anni Jubilaei, etc. 4to., 160 1. 

CLEMENS (AuRELius Prudentius). See 

CLEMENS (Claudius). [j.e.,CLAUDECL6MENT.] 
Musei, sive bibliothecae tam privat«e qucim 
publicae extructio, instructio, cura, usus. 
Libri IV. Accessit accurata descriptio regiae 
bibliothecae S. Laurentii Escurialis, etc. 

4to., Lugduni, 1635. 
The titlepage is engraved. 
CLEMENS (Titus Flavius) Alexandrinus. 
KXrj/ievrog 'AXe^avSgeog to evQiaxofieva dnavroL. 
[Edited by P. Victorius.] fol., [colophon .] 

Floreniits : L. Torrentinus, 1550. 
Frasor copy. 
CLEMENT (Claude). See CLEMENS (C). 
CLEMENT (David). Biblioth^que curieuse 
historique et critique, ou catalogue raisonnc 
de livres difficiles 4 trouver. 9 torn. 

4 to., Goltineen, etc., i7«iO-6o. 

The worli extends only to " Ho-ssua." Tom. I.- 

III. bear tiic imprint " Gottingen.** torn. IV.- 

V. "Hannover," and torn. VL-IX. " Leipsic." 

CLENARDUS (Nicolaus). [i.e.. N. Cley- 
NAERTs.] N. Clenardi epistolarum libri duo. 
etc. 8vo., Antverpia. 1566. 

Institutioncs in linguam Graecam. 

4to., [colophon .•] F.ovanii : ex officina li. 

Rescii, 1531. 
[Another edition, entitled:] Cle- 
nardi grammaticac institutioncs Gracae, etc. 

8vo. , I.urr/tini : ripud S. Doletum. 1 54 1. 
Blue morocco Ijy G. \Vin3tanley. 
[.Another edition, entitled:] Institu- 
tioncs absolutissiniac in Graecam linguam, 
etc. (Annotationcs R. Guillonii in gram- 
maticam Graecam Clenardi.) 

8vo., l.ugduni : apud Seh. Gryphium. 1543. 

[Another edition.) 
Bvo., Lu'^duni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1548. 

[Another cdilion. | 
.8vo., Lugduni : npiid Seb. Gryphium, 1552. 

[Another edition, entitled :] N. 

Clenardi institutioncs linguae Graecae, cura 
scholiis et praxi P. Antesignani. 

8vo., Venetiis : in aedib. Manutianis [P. 
Manutius]. 1570. 
Eonouord, p. 2o3. 

Clenardi meditationes Graecae, in artem 


8vo., Lugduni : apud S. Doletum. 1541. 
[Another edition, entitled :] Medita- 
tiones Graecanicae in artem grammaticam, etc. 
Svo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium. 1543. 

- [Another edition.] 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1548. 

[Another copy.] 

—— N. Clenardi peregrinationum, ac de rebus 
Machometicis epistolae elegantissimse. Acces- 
sere autem supra priorem cditionem aliquot 
epistolae, etc. 8vo., Lovanii, 1551. 

See CHRISTIE (R. C). A scholar and 

traveller of the Renaissance. [A critique on 
the epistles of Clenardus, 1566.] 8vo., 1893. 

[Another edition.] See CHRISTIE 

(R. C). Selected essays, etc., pp. 92-123. 

8vo., 1902. 


totius grammaticae Grascae tabulae. His ad- 
juncta; sunt quaedam nominum...accessioncs 
cum verbis anomalis, c.\ N. Clenardo, etc. 

4to.. 1559. 

CLEOMEDES. Cleomedis [de mundo] lib. II. 

G. Valla interprete. Lai. See ARISTO- 

TELES. [De Mundc] De mundo Aristo- 

telis lib. I., etc. 8vo., 1533. 

— — KXeo/tr/Sov; xvxXixt) Oco)Qia dz (iifiha f^'. 

Nunc primum typis excusa prodit, etc. Gr. 

4to., Parisiis : per C. Neobarium, IS3'). 

44 fl., without pagination j sig«. a-\*. Large 

paper copy, uncut, 

CLEOPATRA, Queen of Egypt. See LANDI 
(G.). La vita di Cleopatra, etc. 8vo., 1551. 

CLERC (Jean le). See CLERICUS (J.). 

CLERCQ (Jacques du) Sieur de Beauvoir. See 


GREAT BRITAIN.— Parliament : Acts. 

CLERICUS (Joannes), [i.e., Jean Le Clerc] 
J. Clericus de ehgenda, inter disscntientes 
Christianos, sentcntia. Liber unus. See 
GROTIUS (H.). H. Grotius de vcritate rc- 
ligionis Christiana;. Editio adcuratior, etc. 

8vo.. 1 71 8. 

Mr. Le Clerc's judgment and censure of 

Dr. Bentlcy's Horace ; and of the Amsterdam 
edition, comi)ar'd with that of Cambridge. 
Translated from the l'"rencli. 

8vo., London, i 71 3. 

CLERK {Sir John) Bart. Memoirs of the hfc 

of Sir J. Clerk... extracted by himself from 

his own journals, 1676-1755. Edited. J. 

M. CJrav. 4to., London. 1895. 

(Koxburglie Club Publicntions, No. iifi. ) In- 

cludwl in the same vohuno nro " Memoirs of 

Joliii MmUy. K8i|." Mr. H. C. Christie's copy. 


CLERKE ( Carr). The efficacy and 
power of the Archdeacon's Court in former 
centuries, and the influence of modem legis- 
lation on the Church of England, etc. 

8vo., Oxford. 1877. 

CLERKENWELL.— Jesuits' College. The 
discovery of the Jesuits' College at Clerken- 
well in March 1627-8 ; and a letter found in 
their house, (as asserted,) directed to the 
Father Rector at Bruxelles. Edited by J. G. 
The Camden miscellany. Vol. IL 

4to., 1852. 

Supplementary note to the discovery of 

the Jesuits' College... By J. G. Nichols. See 
Miscellany. Vol. IV. 4to., 1859. 

CLERM0NT-L0D£VE (Guillaume Em- 
manuel Joseph Guilhem de) Baron de 
Sainie-Croix. See SAINTE-CROIX. 

CLESSIUS (Joannes), [i.e., Johann Cless.] 
Unius seculi ; ejusque virorum hteratorum 
monumentis...ab...i500. ad 1602. Nundina- 
runi autumnalium inclusive, elenchus con- 
summatissimus librorum ; Hebrai, Greeci, 
Latini, Germani, aliorumque Europse idioma- 
tuip. etc. Tom. I. dto.. Fraucrfuiti, 1602. 
Wanting torn. II., containing tlie German books. 
Kirchoff copy. 

CLEVELAND (Catherine Lucy Wilhelmina 
PowLETT, formerly Vane, formerly Prim- 
rose) Duchess of. The Battle Abbey Roll ; 
with some account of the Norman lineages. 
3 vols. Svo., London. 1889. 


JACOB (S.). Notice sur la vie et les ouvrages 
de feu M. Cliquot-Blervache, etc. 8vo., 1815. 

CLINTON (Henry Fynes). An epitome of the 

civil and literary chronology of Greece, from 

the earliest accounts to the death of Augustus. 

8vo., Oxford. 1851. 

CLIVE (Robert Clive) Baron. See PAINE 
(T.). Reflections on the hfe and death of Lord 
Clive. 8vo., 1820. 

CLOYNE, Bishops of. 

George. [1734-53.J See BERKELEY (G.). 

CLULOW (George). The origin and manu- 
facture of playing cards... A paper, etc. 

8vo., London. 1889. 

(J.). R. Cobden ; notes sur ses voyages, 
correspondances et souvenirs... Deuxidme 
Edition. 8vo., 1879. 

COBHAM (Charles George Lyttelton) 8th 
Viscount. A classic epitaph on a celebrated 
archdeacon... With a translation by H. H. 
Smith. 8vo., London, [1900 ?] 

COBHAM (John Oldcastle) Baron. See 

COCAIUS (Merlinus) pseud, [i.e.. Teofilo 
FoLENGO.] OpusM. Cocaii...macaronicorum 
in his infra notatis titulis divisum. Zani- 
tonel la . . . Phantasise macaronicon . . . Moschseae 

facetus liber... Libellus epistolarum, & epi- 

grammatum, etc. i2mo., [colophon: 

Tnsculani : A. Pneaninii<:. 1521. 

Calf by Boz^rian jeune, Crawford (Lakelands 


[Another edition.] izmo., Venetiis, 1613. 

Macaronicorum poema. Baldus. Zani- 

tonella. Moschaea. Epigrammata. [By T. 
Folengo.] i2mo., Venetiis, 1555. 

Smyth copy. 

De casei laudibus. See FACETIAE. 

Facetiae facetiarum. i2mo., 1647. 

[Another edition.] 12 mo., 1657. 

COCCIUS (Marcus Antonius) Sabellictis. 
Begin. [Sig. a\, verso .■] M. Antonius sabelicus 
Hieronymo Donato uiro omnibus | disciplinis 
ornatissimo salutem | , etc. End. [Sig. h6, 
verso :] Hoc in volumine haec continentur. | 
M. Ant. Sabellici de situ urbis uenetae ad 
Hieronymum dona- | tum libri tres. | M. Ant. 
Sabellici de praetoris officio ad antonium 
comarium | philosophum liber unus. | M. 
Ant. Sabellici de latine linguae reparatione : 
seu de uiris illu | stribus. Ad M. Antonium 
maurocenum equitem liber unus. | 
4to.. s.n. [Venice : Dn->^in^ii^. nf Goreoniola.] 
Haiu and Copinger, *I4056. Proctor, 5319. 

Begin. [Fol. i, verso :] M. Antonii Sabel- 
lici in tris & triginta suos reE VenetaE Libros 
Epitoma | [Sig. 03. recto .] M. ANTONII 
CITER INCIPIT. I (Recognitio ex collatione 
Archetypi & impressionis.) 

fol., [colophon :] Venetiis : arte cS- industria 
...Andrew de Toresnnis de Asula. 1487. 
Hain and Copinger, * 1405 3. Proctor, 4713. 
Kenouard, p. 286. In this copy the two leavea 
in Gothic type, containing the " P.ecognitio," 
are placed in the middle of sheet O. Cronstern 

M. A. Sabellici epistolarum libri duo- 

decim, etc. 4to., [Paris .] /. Petit, s.a. 

Laiuoiguou copy. 

M. A. Sabellici annotationes in T. Livium. 

In T. Livium annotationes, etc. 8vo., 1555. 

Rapsodiae historiarum enneadum ... ab 

orbe codito pars prima (-posterior) ... prae- 
missis earundem repertoriis & epitomis. 
2 pts. [in I vol.] 

fol., [colophon .■] Lugduni : excudebant N. 
Parvus. &- H. Penet cosortes, 1535. 

M. A. Coccio SabeUco. [Biographical 

notice.] See MORANTE (J. Gomez de la 
Cortina) MarquSs de. Catalogus librorum, 
etc. Tom. V., pp. 4- 11. 8vo., 1859. 

COCHL^US (Joannes), [i.e., Johann Dob- 
neck.] Catalogus brevis eorum quae contra 
novas sectas scripsit J. Cochlsus. 

8vo., prope Moguntiam : per Franciscutn 

Behem, 1548. 

COCKAINE (Sir Thomas). See COKAYNE. 


COCKERSAND ABBEY. The chartulary of 
Cockersand Abbey of the Premonstratensian 
order. ..Transcribed and edited by W. Farrer. 
2 vols. 4to., {Mavchester.) i8Q8-iqoo. 

(Clietliam Society. Remains, etc. New series. 
Vols. 38-40, 43.) Each volume was originally 
issued in two parts. The pagination is con- 
secutive throuKhout. One of 3 copies printed 
on large paper. 

fAnother copy of Vol. II.] 

A amall paper copy bound in two parts. 

Rentale de Cokersand : being the bursar's 

rent roll of the Abbey of Cokersand... for 
...1501... Edited by...F. R. Raines. See 

4to., 1862. 

COCKEY MOOR. Examynatyons towcheynge 
Cokeye More temp. Hen. VIII. in a dispute 
between the lords of the manors of Middleton 
and Radclyffe. \Mth introduction and notes. 
Communicated by ... F. R. Raines. See 

4to., 1856. 

CODEX. Codex nundinarius Germaniae lite- 
ratae bisecularis. Mcss-Jahrbucher dcs deut- 
schen Buchhandels von dam Erscheinen des 
ersten Mess-Kataloges im Jahre 1564 bis zu 
dcr Grundung des ersten Buchhandlcr- 
Vereins im Jahre 1765. Mit einer Einleitung 
von G. Schwetschke. fol., Halle, 1850. 

CODRUS URCEUS (Antonius). See UR- 
CEUS (A. C). 

CGELIUS (Apicius). See APICIUS (C). 

COGNATUS (GiLBERTUS). [i.e., Gilbert 
Cousin.] G. Cognati... opera multifarii argu- 
menti, etc. 3 torn, [in I vol.] 

fol., BasilecB, 1562. 
Sunderland copy. 

G. Cognati. ..qua;dam opuscula...Accessit 

...C. Nucillani oratio, adversus rhetoricen 
atq; eloquentiam, etc. 8vo., [colophon .] 

Basilea : ex officina J. Oporini, 1547. 

Consolatoria D. G. Cognati, etc. 

8vo., Basilece : per J, Parcum, (1546.) 

Epistolarum laconicarum, atque selcc- 

tarum farragines duae...G. Cognati... opera... 
olim collector, & nunc ... locupletatae, etc. 
Pts. T.-IT. T6mo., Bnsiteir. 1554. 

Wanting pt. III. In pt. II., pp. 3-4, 281-2S4, 
and 327-386 ore wanting. 
— ^ OixBTiji sive de officio famulorum. 

8vo., [colophon :] Basileae : per II. Fro- 
beniuin ac N. Episcopium, 1535. 

Sylva narrationum G. Cognati... Adjccta 

sunt cjusdcm argumcnti & qua^dam alia, etc. 

i6mo.. I.ugduni. i(tzo. 
Tlie colophon roods : " Exoudebat J. Frollonius, 
COHEN (Francis) afterwards Sir Francis 

Pai.grave. See PALGRAVE (Sir F.). 
COKAYNE (Sir Thomas). A short treatise of 
hunting : compylcd for the delight of noble- 
men and gentlemen by Sir T. Cockaine... 
1591. [Edited by G. E. Cokaync.] 

4to.. I.nnifnii. 1R07. 
(KoxburKho Club Publications, No. 134) Mr. 
K. C. Christie's copy. 

COKE (Sir Edward). See EUD/EMOX- 
JOANNES (A.) Cydonius. R. P. A. Euda>- actionem proditoriam E. 
Coqui, apologia pro H. Game to, etc. 

8vo., 1 6 10. 



COLBERT (Jean Baptiste) Minister of Louis 
XIV. See LitMONTEY (P. fi.). Notice sur 
J. B. Colbert, etc. 8vo., 1 822. 

COLCHESTER. — Monastkrv cf Saint ] vas 

THE Baptist. Cartularium Monasterii Sancti 

Johannis Baptiste de Colecestria... Edited by 

S. A. Moore. 2 vols. 4to., London, 1807. 

(Roxburghe Club Publications, No. 131.) Mr. 

R. C. Christie's copy. 

COLDONESE (Pandolfo) pseud, [i.e., Pan- 
DULPHUs Collenutius.) See COLLENU- 
TIUS (P.). 

COLEMAN (James). Coleman's general index 
to printed pedigrees... found in... county and 
local histories, etc. 4to., Londmi, 1866. 

COLERUS (Christophorus). [i.e., Christoph 
CoLER.] C. Coleri de ordinando studio 
politico epistola, etc. See GROTIUS (H.). 
H. Grotii et aliorum dissertationes, etc. 

i2mo., 1645. 

COLET (John). See ERASMUS (D.). The 
lives of J. Vitrier...and J. Colet, etc. 

8vo., i8S^ 

See KNIGHT (S.). The life of Dr. j. 

Colet... A new edition. 8vo., 1823. 

See SEEBOHM (F.). The Oxford Re- 
formers. J. Colet, Erasmus, and T. More... 
The second edition, etc. 8vo., i86q. 

COLINES (Simon de). See RENOUARD (P.). 
Bibliographie des Editions de S. de Colines, 
etc. 8vo., 18Q4. 

COLLECTIO. Collcctio... omnium librorum... 
qui in nundinis Francofurtcnsibus...vcnalcs 
extiterunt, etc. Tom. I. See FRANK- 
FORT. 4to.. 1502. 

Nova librorum rariorum conlectio, etc. 

Fasc. 1-4. [in i vol.] 

8vo., Halis Magdeburg., 1709-15. 
Wanting foso. 5. Contains, inter alia, reviews of 
the following : — " H. Krigsoederi...respon«io luj 
epistolam I. Cazoboni ... pro C. Scioppio " ; 
" Priapoia...commentariis C!. .Schoppii " : and 
" Forcianao <)uaiwtiones ... auetoro Philalotho 
Polytopiensi Cive [i.e., O. Lnndo']." The book- 
plate of F. Roth-Scholtzius is impressed on tho 
back of the titlcpages of each of tho four pnrts. 

[Another copy of Fasc. i and 2.] 

8vo., llalis Magdeburg., 1700. 

Wanting the titlepaue to Fasc. 2. 

COLLECTION. A collection of old ballads, 

etc. [Collected by A. Phillips.] 3 vols. .See 

PHILLIPS (A.), ^vo., I72^ [Reprint, 1H7J.I 



See PEIRESC (N. C. Fadri de). Lcttrcs tie 

Peiresc aux frdres Dupuy, etc. Tom. I.-III. 

4to., 1888-92. 

COLLECTOR. The cla.ssical collector's vade 

mecum, etc. [By — Poole.] See POOLE 

( ). l2mo., 1823. 



COLLENUTIUS (Pandulphus). II Filotimo. 
Dialogo di M. Pandolfo Coldonese [i.e., P. 
CoUenutius], e/c. ^io., Bergamo, 1594. 

COLLETET (Guillaume). Notices biogra- 
phiques sur les trois Marot...publiees...par 
G. Guiffrey. 8vo., Paris, 1871. 

Scevole. Chant pastoral sur la mort de 

Scevole de Saincte-Marthe. [Signed G. CoUe- 
tet.] See SAINTE-MARTHE (S. de) the 
Elder. £loges des hommes illustres, etc. 

4to, 1644. 

Vie d'E. de Beaulieu . . . avec notes et 

appendice par P. Tamizey de Larroque. 

8vo.. Pans, 1878. 
(PIaqueUe9 Gontaudaises. No. i.) 

Vies des poetes gascons...PubUees avec 

introduction, notes et appendices par P. 
Tamizey de Larroque. 4to., Paris, 1866. 

Reprinted from the ** Revue de Gascogne.'* 

COLLIER (John) 0/ Urmston, commonly called 
Tim Bobbin. Heywood (T.) F.S.A. On the 
South Lancashire dialect. (Part II. Of 
" Tim Bobbin " and its author [J. Collier].) 

4to., 1862. 

COLLIER (John Payne). Ancient biographi- 
cal poems, on the Duke of Norfolk, Viscount 
Hereford, the Earls of Essex, and Queen 
Elizabeth... Edited by J. P. ColUer. See 
miscellany. Vol. III. 4to., 1855. 

Five old plays, illustrating the early pro- 
gress of the English drama. Edited... by J. 
P. Collier. 4to., London, 1851. 

(Roxburghe Club Publications, No. 70.) Sir R. H. 
Inglis' copy. 

See HAMILTON (N. E. S. A.). An in- 
quiry into the genuineness of the manuscript 
corrections in Mr. J. P. Collier's annotated 
Shakspere, Folio, 1632, etc. 4to., i860. 

COLLIGNON (Albert). £tude sur Petrone : 
la critique litteraire, I'imitation et la parodie 
dans le satiricon. Svo., Paris, 1892. 

COLLOQUIA. De cotidianis coUoquiis, etc. 
Gr. See HOMILIA. 8vo.,[i520?J 

COLOMBO (Cristoforo). The letter of Colum- 
bus on the discovery of America. A fac- 
simile of the pictorial edition, with a new and 
literal translation, and a complete reprint of 
the oldest four editions in Latin. [With an 
introduction by W. Fames.] 

Svo., New York, 1892. 
Printed by order of the trustees of the I.enox 

See CURTIS (W. E.). Souvenir of La 

Rabida, World's Columbian Exposition. The 
relics of Columbus, etc. 2 pts. 8vo., (1893.) 

• JusTiNiANUS (A.) Bishop of Nebbio. [Life 

of Christopher Columbus.] See BIBLE. — 
Old Testament : Psalms. [Polyglott.] 
Psalterium, Hebrgum, Grgcii, etc. [Note to 
Ps. 19.] 4to., 1516. 

COLOMBO (Michele). Novella inedita. See 
ROSASCO (G.). Due novelle, etc. 

8vo., 1855. 
COLOMESIUS (Paulus). [i.e., Paul Colo- 
Miiis.] P. Colomesii opuscula. 

i2mo., Ultrajecti, 1669. 
Includes " Clavis epistolarum Scaligeri, Casauboni, 
Salmasii, & aliorum.*' 

GalUa orientaUs, sive Gallonim qui 

linguam Hebraeam vel alias orientales 
excoluerunt vitae, etc. 

4to., HageB Comitis, 1665. 

See DES MAIZE AUX (P.). ScaUgerana Colomesiana. Ou J. 
Scaligeri... & P. Colomies, etc. Tome I. 

i2mo., 1740. 

[Another copy.] 

COLONIA (Dominique de). Histoire litte- 
raire de la ville de Lyon, avec une biblio- 
theque des auteurs lyonnois, sacres et profanes, 
distribues par siecles. 2 pts. 

4to., Lyon, 1728-30. 
Aubais copy, 

COLONIUS (Nicolaus). Q. Horatii Flacci 
methodus de arte poetica : per N. Colonium 
exposita, etc. [With the text] (Ejusdem N. 
Colonii carmina.) See HORATIUSFLACCUS 
(Q.). [EPISTOL.E : Ars Poetica. — Latin.] 

4to., 1587. 

COLONNA (Egidio) Romano, Archbishop of 
Bourges. See EGIDIUS, Romanus. 


Coloten.] Plutarchi liber contra Coloten, 
etc. 8vo., 1555. 

See PLUTARCHUS. [Contra Coloten.] 

Plutarchi... in Coloten liber posterior, etc. 

8vo., 1555. 
COLUANDER (Leosthenes) pseud. ? Sen- 
tentiae prophanae ex diversis scriptoribus... 
coUectas, per L. Coluandrum. See SENTEN- 
TI^. Sententiae et proverbia ex poetis 
Latinis, etc. 8vo., 1541. 

COLUMBUS (Christopher). See COLOMBO 

COLUMELLA (Lucius Junius Moderatus). 
Begin. [Fol. i, recto:] LVCII IVNII 

fol., [colophon :] Venetiis : opera et im- 

pensis Nicolai lenson, 1472. 

A portion of the collection known as ** Scriptores 

Rei Rustic*." Wanting fol. 214 to end. Hain, 

*I4564. Proctor, 4or6. 

L. J. M. Columellae de re rustica liber 

primus (-duodecimus). (L. J. M. Columellae 
liber de arboribus, etc.) See CATO (M. P.) the 
Censor. Libri de re rustica, etc. 4to., 1514. 

[Another edition.] 

[Another copy.] 

4to., 1533. 

COLUMELLA (I-. J. M.).—{contd.) 

L. J. M. Columellae de re rustica libri 

XIL Ejusdem de arboribus liber, separatus 
ab aliis. 

8vo., Lttgduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1^4,1. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another edition.] 

Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1 548. 
, Smith's copy. 

[Another copy.] 

Beroaldus (P.) the Elder. Enarrationes 

P. Beroaldi in XIII. Columellae libros, etc. 
See MERULA (Georgius). Priscarum vo- 
cum, in libris de re rustica, enarrationes, etc. 

8vo., 1535. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., 1549. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another copy.] 

See VICTORIUS (P.). P. Victorii ex- 

plicationes suarum in Catonem, Varronem, 
Columcllam castigationum. 8vo., 1542. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another copy.] 

[Another copy.] 

COLUTHUS, Thebanits. KoXovdov (-r^^aiov... 
'E?.Evtii aqjiayti See QUINTUS, Smyrnaus 
Ko'iviov KukaPqov TtaQahino/ievojv '0/ti]QOV, 
fiifiXia rcaaaocs xai dtxa, etc. 8vo., [1505.] 

Coluti Thcbani Hclenae raptus. See 

HOMERUS. [Opera.— I.a<i«.] Homeri... 
Ilias, e^c. [Pt. III.] 8vo., 1541. 

[Another copy.] 

Ko?.ov0ov,..'E^ev7]g agnayr], etc. Gr. i'^ 

Lat. See PYTHAGORAS. En lector, lib- 
rum damns ver6 aureum, etc. [Pt. III.] 

4to., 1559. 
-^— KoXovOov ...iXevrji; aQTiayrj. See ESTI- 
ENNE (H.) 2nd of the Name. 01 rr]Q ^Qwtxrjg 
jioirjaewg nQonevovreg noujTai, etc. [Pt. II.] 

fol., 1566. 
(G. W.). Collections for a genealogical ac- 
count of the family of Comberbach. 

8vo., 1866. 
COMBERMERE. The Book of the Abbot of 
Combermere, 1289 to 1529. ..Edited by J. 
Hall. See LANCASHIRE. Miscellanies, re- 
lating to Lancashire and Cheshire. Vol. II. 

8vo., 1896. 
COMENIUS (Joannes Amos), [i.e., Jan Amos 
KoMENSKY.] Diogenes Cynicus rcdivivus. 
Sive tie compendiose philosophando, etc. 

l2mo., Amstelodami, 1658. 
Crossloy copy. 

J. A. Comcnii...pansophiae prodromus, et 

conatuum pansophicorum dilucidatio. Ac- 
cedunt didactica dissrtatio [sic] de scrnionis 
Latini studio pcrfcctc absolvcndo, aliaquc 
ejusdem. [Edited by S. llartlib.] 

i2nio., Lugduni Batavorum, 1644. 
COMES (Natalis). [i.e., NataleConti.] Naxa- 

XlOi TfOl' KofllT(rJV TOO ' EvcTOV TlBQl V>QO)V fiifiXlOV 

h. Natalis Comitum Veneti dc horis liber 

lemmate, etc. 

F. Commandini.. 

maei commentarius. 
rium, etc. [Pt. II.] 

unus. Ejusdem de anno libri quatuor. 
Myrmicomyamachia; libri quatuor. Ama- 
toriarum elegiarum libri duo. Ejusdem 
elegiae sex. Gr. &■ Lat. 

8vo., Venetiis : per Fratres de Nicolinis 
de Sabio, 1550. 

The colophon readw: " Iinpressum...iX'r Petnim 
de Nicolinis de Sabio." Sunderland copy. 

Natalis Comitum Veneti de venatione, 

libri IIII. H. Ruscellii scholiis brcvissimis 
illustrati. 8vo., Venetiis : Aldi filii 

[P. Manutius], 1551. 

Renouard, p. 152. Wanting the four unnumbered 
leaves at the end. 

COMESTOR (Petrus). See PETRUS, Comes- 

COMMANDINUS (Federicus). [i.e.. Federigo 

Commanding.] Commentarii in opera non 

nulla Archimedis. See ARCHIMEDES. 

Archimedis opera non nulla, etc. [Pt. II.] 

fol., 1558. 

F. Commandini... liber, de horologiorum 

descriptione. See PTOLEM^US (C). [De 
Analemmate.] C. Ptolemaei liber de ana- 

4to., 1562. 

,in planisphaerium Ptole- 


Ptolemaei planisphae- 

4to., 1558. 

the Committee... and of the trustees for the 
maintenance of ministers ; relating to Lanca- 
shire and Cheshire, 1643-1660. Edited by 
W. A. Shaw. 2 pts. 

8vo., [Matichester,] 1893-96. 

(Record Society rublications, Vols. XXVIII. 
and XXXIV.) 

[Another copy of Pt. I.] 

Ono of four copies printed on large paper. 

COMPAYRfi (Gabriel). Ramus. 

8vo., Paris, 1882. 
From V. Buisson's " Dictionnoire do pidagogio," 
Livr. 158. 


Council of. 
CONCIONES. Concioncs sive orationcs ex 

Grjecis Latin'squc historicis exccrptK, etc. 

[Edited by H. Esliennc.] 2 pts. See ESTI- 

ENNE (H.) 2nd of the Name. fol., 1570. 

[Another copy.] 

CONCORDIA. Begin. In nomine saiicte & 
indiuiduc trinitalis Incipit concordia dis- 
cordantifi canonfi, etc. [By GraUanus.] See 
GRATIANUS, the Canonist. fol., 1483- 

COND/; (Henri de BouRnoN) Prince de. See 
HENRI II. [de BouRUON]. 

CONDI'. (Louis josKiMi DE BouRnoN) Prince 
de. See WILLBROD ( ue) Comte. Revela- 
tions politiqucs. Lcs trois victimcs (P. 
Didici, Charles Ferdinand due dc Berry, ct 
[Louis Joseph dc Hourbonj Ic Prince de 
Con(16). 8vo., 1847. 

CONDORCET (Marie Jean Antoine Nicolas 
Caritat) Marquis de. See LACROIX (S. 
F.). Notice historique sur la vie et les 
ouvrages de Condorcet. 8vo., 1813. 


CONFUTAZIONE. Confutatione del libro de 
paradossi nuovamente composta [by O. 
Lando], e<c. Swo., [Venice,'] s. a. 

Bongi, xxxix. Melzi, I., 241. 

— ^— [Another copy.] 

C0NGR£S. Congrt's politique, ou entretiens 
libres des Puissances de I'Europe, etc. See 
EUROPE. 4to., 1772. 

CONINGSBY {Sir Thomas). Journal of the 
Siege of Rouen, 1591 ...Edited by J. G. 
Camden miscellany. Vol.1, 4to., 1847. 


CONNAISSANCES. Connaissances nfecessaires 
a un bibliophile. [By £. Rouvevre.] Seconde 
edition, ete. See ROUVEYRE'(fi.). 

8vo., 1878. 

CONON, Grammaticus. Kovwvoq dirjyrjaetg r', 
etc. Gr. &- Lat. See GALE (T.). Historiae 
poeticae scriptores antiqui, etc. 8vo., 1675. 

CONRINGIUS (Hermannus). [i.e., Hermann 
CoNRiNG.] H. Conringii de Bibliotheca 
Augusta quas est in arce Wolfenbuttelensi... 
epistola, etc. See MADERUS (J. J.). De 
bibliothecis...virorum clarissimorum libelli, 
etc. 4to., 1702. 

PrcBS. Bene vortat ! De civili philosophia 

ej usque optimis ac praecipuis scriptoribus dis- 
sertatio politica, quam...sub patrocinio...H. 
Conringii... submittet J. G. Rinckius. 

4to., Helmisstadii, 1673. 
Sunderland copy. 

H. Conringii de pace civili inter imperii 

ordines religione dissidentes perpetuo con- 
servanda libri duc.Editio secunda...Acces- 
serunt ejusdem argumenti alia. 

4to., Helmestadii, 1677. 
The title is wrongly dated " MDLXXVII." 
Sunderland copy. 

H. Conringii epistolae, hactenus sparsim 

edita, nunc uno volumine comprehensse. De 
varia doctrine. 4to., Helmestadii, 1666. 

Colbert and Crossley copy. 

H, Conringii examen libelli a V. Erber- 

manno... Concussion! fundamentorum fidei 
Pontificiae oppositi. .\dditus est sub finem 
libellus ipse. j^io., Helmestadii, 1654. 

The " Libellus " has a separate titlepage with the 
imprint " Herbipoli." Sunderland copy. 

CONSIDERATIONES. Duae considerationes 
vocum...quae in doctrina Trinitatis a theo- 
logis usurpantur...a veritatis & pacis studiosis 
conscriptae, etc. [The first by J. Szlichting, 
the second by J. Preussius.] See SZLICH- 
TING (J.). " i2mo., 1684. 

CONSOLATORIE. Consolatorie de diversi 
autori, novamente raccolte, etc. [By O. 
Lando.] S«e LANDO (O.). [Consolatorie.] 

8vo. , 1 5 50. 

CONSTABLE (Henry) Poet. Diana ; or the 

excellent conceitful sonnets of H. C. [i.e., H. 

Constable.] Supposed to have been printed 

either in 1592 or 1594. 4to., London, 1818. 

(Roxburghe Club Publications, No. 20.) 

TIUS (J.). 

CONSTANTIA. ReUgiosae constantiae et haere- 
ticae fraudulentiae ac violentiae duo...exempla, 
etc. (Oratio apologetica, Monalium nomine 
scripta a B. Pyrckheimero, qua vitae ac fidei 
ipsaru ratio redditur, etc.) 

4to., Ingohtadii, 161 5. 
Morante and Crossley copy. 

CONSTANTINUS I.," Magnus, Emperor of 
Rome. See STEUCHUS (A.) Eugubinus. A. 
Steuchi... contra L. Vallam, de falsa dona- 
tione Constantini, Ubri duo, etc. 4to., 1547. 

CONSTANTINUS IV., Pogonatus, Emperor of 
the East. [For editions of the ■■ rK»7roviy.a" 
attributed to Constantinus IV.] See GEO- 

CONSTANTINUS VII., Porphyrogenitus, Em- 
peror of the East. Constantini . . . de thematibus 
occiduae partis Orientalis imperii, lib. II. 
Graece nunc primum prodit...F. Morellus... 
recensuit, Latine vertit, & notis illustravit. 
Gr. (~ Lat. 2 pts. [in i vol.] 

8vo., Lutetia, 1609. 

" Mininies de Paris " copy. 

CONSTANTIUS (Jacobus). [i.e., Giacomo 
CoNSTANTi.] J. Constantii...collectaneorum 
hecatostys prima. ..In Ibin Ovidii sarritiones 
annotationum ultra centum. In ejusdem 
methamorphoses assumenta : annotationum 
supra ter centum. 
4to., [colophon ;] Fani : ab H. Soncino, 1508. 

Jahn copy. 

CONSTITUTIONS. The constitutions and 
canons ecclesiastical, etc. See CHURCH OF 

CONTARENUS (Caspar) Cardinal. Bishop 
of Belluno. [i.e., Gasparo Contarini.] G. 
Contareni... opera. (G. Contareni vita a J. 
Casa conscripta.) [Edited by A. Conta- 
renus.] fol., Pamns, 157 1. 

Manzoni copy. 

[Contradictoris tractatus doctissimus. A 

refutation of the " Tractatus de immortali- 
tate animae " by Pomponatius.] See POM- 
PON ATIUS (P.). Apologia P. Pomponatii, 
etc. [Pt. II.] fol., 1518. 

G. Contareni... de elementis & eorum 

mixtionibus libri quinquc.S. Capitii de prin- 
cipiis rerum poema. [Edited by J. Gaig- 
naeus.] Svo., Liitetia Parisiorum : per N. 

Divitem, 1548. 

G. Contareni... de magistratibus, & re- 

publica Venetorum. 4to., Venetiis : apud 

Alduni[.4ldits MtiulWi the Younger], 1589. 

Renouard. p. 243. Sunilerland copy. 

Delia republica et magistrati di Venetia 

libri v.... Con un ragionamcnto intorno alia 
medestma di D. Giannotti...Et i discorsi di 
S. Erizzo, & di B. Cavalcanti : aggiontovi 


CONTARENUS (Caspar).— (cowiii.) 

uno di nuovo dell' eccellenza delle republiche 
[by A. Manutius, the Younger], etc. 

8vo., Venetia : presso Aldo [Aldus Manu- 
tius, the Younger], 1591. 
Renouard, p. 247. 

CONTI (Antonio Maria de') Majoragio. See 

CONTI (Natale). See COMES (N.). 

CONTRIBUTIONS. Contributions towards a 
dictionary of English book-collectors, as also 
of some foreign collectors whose libraries were 
incorporated in English collections, etc. Pts. 
1-13. 8vo., London, 1892-99. 

No more published. 

COOKE (Robert). The visitation of London, 
taken by R. Cooke... 1568 ; and since aug- 
mented both with discents and armes... 
Edited by J. J. Howard and J. G. Nichols. 
12 pp. 4to., s.l. et a. 

COOPER (Anthony Ashley) ^rd Earl 0} 
Shaftesbury. See SHAFTESBURY. 

COOPER (William Durrant). Lists of foreign 
Protestants and aliens resident in England, 
1618-1688... Edited by W. D. Cooper. 

4to., [London,'] 1862. 

(Camden Society Publications, Vol. 82.) 

COOPER (William M.). Flagellation and the 
flagellants. A history of the rod in all 
countries from the earliest period to the 
present time. 8vo., London. (1869.) 

COP (Jean). See COPUS (J.). 

COPE (Sir William Henry) Bart. List of 
works written and edited by... Cardinal New- 
man, in the library of Sir W. H. Cope, Bart., 
at Bramshill. 8vo., Portsmouth, [1884 ?] 

(P.). T. Brahei...vita...Accesslt N. Coper- 
nici...vita. Editio secunda, e/c. 4to., 1655. 

COPINGER, Faryiily of. See COPINGER (W. 
A.). History of the Copingers or Coppingers, 
etc. 8vo., 1882. 

A new edition. 

8vo., if 

COPINGER (Walter Arthur). Catalogue of 

the Copinger collection of editions of the 

Latin Bible, with bibliographical particulars. 

4to., Manchester, 1893. 

One of fifty copies privately printed. With the 

arms of \V. A. Copinger on the front cover. 

Corrections and additions to the catalogue 

of incunabula in the Mazarine Library. See 

8vo., 1893. 

History of the Copingers or Coppingers, 

etc. 8vo., Manchester, 1882. 

A new edition. 

8vo., Manchester, 1884. 

Incunabula Biblica, or the first half cen- 
tury of the Latin Bible ; being a biblio- 
graphical account of the various editions of 
the Latin Bible between 1450 and 15^x3. 
With an appendix containing a chronological 
list of the editions of the sixteenth century. 

4to., London, 1892. 

See VICAIRE (O.). A propos des 

Incunabula Biblica de W. A. Copinger. 

8vo., (1893.) 

—— Investigation of a portion of the British 
Museum Catalogue. 8vo., Manchester, 1893. 

Privately printed and not for circulation. 

On the authorship of the first hundred 

numbers of the " Edinburgh Review." 

8vo., (Manchester, 1895.) 
Forms No. 2 of the author'.-i " Bibliographiana." 

On the English translations of the " Imi- 

tatio Christi." 8vo., Manchester, 1900. 

Forms No. 3 of the author's '* BibUographiana." 

Supplement to Hain's Repertorium biblio- 

graphicum, etc. Pt. I. See HAIN (L.). 

8vo., 1895. 

A treatise on predestination, election and 

grace... To which is added a bibliography of 
the subject. 8vo., London, 1889. 

COPLAND (Robert). See DUFF (E. G.) cS- 
others. Hand-lists of English printers, 1501- 
1556. Pt. II. R. Pynson, R. Copland, etc. 

8vo., 1896. 
COPLEY (Anthony). A fig for fortune. [A 
poem.] 4to., London : R. Johnes, 1596. 

Graham copy. 

COPLEY (John). Doctrinall and morall ob- 
servations concerning religion : wherein the 
author declareth the reasons of his late 
un-enforced departure from the Church of 
Rome, etc. 4to., London : imprinted by 

W. S.for Richard Moore, 161 2. 

Lyndhurst copy. 

[Another copy.] 

COPLEY (Thomas). See DORSEY (K. C.) 
Mrs. The life of Father T. Copley, a founder 
of Maryland. 8vo., 1885. 

COPLEY (Sir Thomas). Letters of Sir T. 
Copley. Queen Elizabeth and her Minis- 
ters. ..Edited. R. C. Christie. 

4to., London, 1897. 
(Roxbuighe Club Puhlicationn, No. 130.) Mr. 
R. C. Cliriatie's copy. 


COPUS (Joannes), [i.e.. Jean Cop.] De resti- 
tutis a...Francorum rege Francisco Uteris... 
oratio, etc. 

4 to., Parisiis : ex ofjicina C. Wecheli, 1535. 

Sundi'rland ropy. 

COQUEREL (Athanase Josuii). Jean Calas 
et sa famille ; etude historique d'apri's les 
documents originaux, suivie dcs depOches du 
C" de Saint-l'" des lettrcs de la 
Socur A. J. Fraisse, de la Visitation, i Mile. 
Anne Calas. 8vo., Paris, 1858. 

COQUUS (Edouardus). See COKE (Sir E.). 

CORALLUS. Abydenits. pseud. [i.e.. Ulrich 
VON HuTTEN.] See HUTTEN (U. von). 


CORDERIUS (Balthasar). [i.e., B. Cordier. 1 
De Hibliotheca Kcgia S. Laurentii Scorialensi 
in Ilispania cpistolae duac. Sre M.\DERl'S 
(J. J.). De bibliothecis...viroruin clarissi- 
moruni libelli, etc. 4to., 1702. 


CORDERIUS (Maturinus). [i.e., Mathurin 
CoRDiER.] M. Corderii de comipti sermonis 
emendatione, & LatinS loquendi ratione liber 
unus, etc. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1547. 

Contemporary stamped calf binding. 

M. Cordier. [Biographical notice.] See 

MORANTE (J. Gomez de la Cortina) 
Marquis de. Catalogus librorum, etc. Tom. 
VII., pp. 194-195. 8vo., i860. 

CORDES (Jean de). Bibliothecae Cordesianae 
catalogus, etc. (J. Cordesii...elogium, auc- 
tore G. Naudaeo.) 4to., Parisiis, 1643. 





CORINTHUS. See PARDOS (G.) Archbishop 
of Corinth. 

CORNANUS (Cornelius Cerastus) pseud. See 

CORNARIUS (Janus), [i.e., Johann Hagen- 
BUT.] In peregrinationis laudem prgfatio 
ante D. Hippocratis de acre aquis & locis 
libellum, per J. Cornariu...habita, etc. See 
PARTHENIUS, Nicaensis. Parthenii Ni- 
caensis, de amatoriis afiectionibus liber, etc. 

8vo., 1531. 

[Another copy.] 

CORNEILLE (Pierre). (L'occasion perdue 

recouverte. [By P. ComeUle.] — La joiiis- 

sance iraparfaite. — Contre le mariage.) [In 

verse.] 8vo., s.l. ei a. 

Without titlepage. 

See GAILLARD (G. H.). £loge de P. 

ComeiWe, etc. 4to., 1768. 


CORNIFICIUS (QurNTUs). [For editions of 
the " Rhetorica ad C. Herennium."] See 
CICERO (M. T.). [Supposititious Works : 
Rhetorica ad Herennium.] 

CORNIGERUS (Josephus) pseud.. Press. Dis- materia, etc. See 
FACETIiE. Facetiae facetiarum, eU. 

4to., 1627. 

[Another edition.] 
[Another edition.] 

i2mo., 1647. 
i2mo., 1657. 

CORNISH (Henry). The tryal of H. Cornish, 
Esq ; for conspiring the death of the King, 
and raising a rebellion in this kingdom... held 
...October, 19, 1685. 8vo., London, 1707. 

CORNUTUS (Lucius Ann^us). ^ovqvovzov 
BetoQia, TiBQi Tjj? roDV decov (pvaeoji;. See 
.S;SOPUS. Habentur hoc volumine haec, vide- 
licet. Vita, at faballae Aesopi, etc. fol., 1505. 

CORNWALL. Minutes of the Cornwall [Pres- 
byterian] Classis, 1655-8. See BURY. 
Minutes of the Bur>' Presbyterian Clcissis, etc. 
Pt. II., Appendix 2. 4to., 1898. 

[Another copy.] 

COROCOTTA (M. Grunnius) Porcellus. pseud. 
M. G. Corocottae PorcelU testamentum. See 
SCRIPTORES. Dissertationum ludicrarum 
. . .scriptores varii. Editio nova, etc. 

i2mo., 1666. 

— — — — [Another copy.] 

CORRADUS (Quintus MarIus). [i.e., Quinto 
Mario Corrado.] Q. M. Corradi episto- 
larum Ubri VIII., etc. 8vo., Venetiis, 1565. 

CORRARD DE BRfiBAN ( ). Recherches 
sur I'etablissement et I'exercice de I'imprimerie 
a Troyes ... TroisiSme Edition ... augmentee ... 
par O. Thierry-Poux. 8vo., Paris, 1873. 

CORRARO (Gregorio). Progne, tragoedia 
[in verse, by G. Corraro], nunc primum edita 
[by J. Riccius]. 

4to., [Venice ;] in Academia Veneta, 1 558. 
Renouard, p. 273. Meizi, II., 379. Olive morocco 
by Birdsall & Son. Latham copy. 

CORROY (Simon A). Pandecta legis evan- 
i6mo., Lugduni . apud Seb. Gryphium, 1 549. 

CORRUPIE (Pierre) pseud.? Discours...sur 
le succes Sc cas advenu au Chasteau neuf de 
Naples cest an 1 546 & le 16 de Mars. 

8vo., Lyon : par J. de Tournes, 1546. 

Crofts copy. 

CORSER (Thomas). Catalogue ... of the ... 

library, formed by the Rev. T. Corser...of 

Stand Rectory, near Manchester... Which \vill 

be sold by auction, etc. 9 pts. [in i vol.] 

8vo., London, etc., 1868-76. 
The prices realised are given in part XI. of 
Corser's " Collectanea Anglo-paetica." 

Collectanea Anglo-poetica : or, a biblio- 
graphical and descriptive catalogue of a 
portion of a collection of early English poetry, 
with occasional extracts and remarks, bio- 
graphical and critical. 1 1 pts. 

4to., (Manchester,) 1860-83, 
(Chetham Society. Remains, etc. Vols. LII., LV., 
and CXI.) 

CORSO (Antonio Giacomo). Rime di A. G. 
Corso. See CASTIGLIONE (B.) Coi:te. 
Stanze pastoraU, etc. 8vo., 1553. 

CORTELLIA (Jacobus). In Laurae Nasiae 
virginis omatiss. tumulum diversorum poeta- 
rum epigrammata, per J. Cortelliam... edita. 
His accessit ejusdem de die Natali Christi 
oratio, additis quibusdam carminibus ad 
apophthegmata, quae aliquot epistolae sub- 

8vo., Aug[ustes] Taurinorum, 1589. 

Heber copy. 

CORVINUS (Laurentius). [i.e., Laurent 
Rab.] Latinum idioma, etc. 

4to., [colophon ;] Colonie : s.t.n., 1516. 

CORVINUS (Marcus Valerius Messala). 

COSIN (John) Bishop of Durham. Vita. ..J. 
Cosini, Episcopi Dunelmensis. See SMITH 
(T.) Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford. 
Vitjc quorundam...viroruni, etc. 4to., 1707. 


COSMAS, Hierosolymilanus. Cosmae...cantica 
tredecim. Gr. &- Lat. See PRUDENTIUS 
CLEMENS (A.). Prudentii ... opera, etc. 
[Vol. I.] 4to., 1 501. 

[Another edition.] Lat. See PRU- 
DENTIUS CLEMENS (A.). Prudentius. 
Prosper, etc. 8vo., [i 518 ?] 

COSMO I. [de' Medici], Gran Duca di Toscana. 
See GIAMBULLARI (P. P.). Apparato et 
feste nelle noze dello illustrissimo Signer Duca 
di Firenze [Cosmo I.], etc. 8vo., 1 539. 

See MANUTIUS (A.) the Younger. Vita 

di Cosimo de' Medici. fol., [i 586.] 

COSMOPOLITANUS (Evangelus) fseud. See 
EVANGELUS, Cosmopolitanus. 

COSMUS, Hierosolymilanus. See COSMAS. 
COSTE (Jean Louis Antoine). Catalogue de 
la bibliothdque lyonnaise de M. Costc.redige 
et mis en ordre par A. Vingtrinier. 2 pts. 

4to., Lyon, 1853. 
The pagination is continuous throughout. 

—^ Catalogue des livres rares et precieux de 
la bibliotheque de...J. L. A. Coste, etc. 

8vo., Paris, 1854. 
Sale catalogue. 

COSTER (LouRENS). See LINDE (A. van 
der). The Haarlem legend of the invention 
of printing by L. J. Coster, etc. 8vo., 1871. 

See RENOUARD (A. A.). Note sur L. 

Coster, etc. 8vo., (1818.) 

COTER^US (Claudius), [i.e.. Claude Coter- 
EAU.] C. jure, et privilegiis 
miUtum libri tres. Ad haec, d§ officio im- 
f)eratoris liber, etc. [Edited by E. Dolet.] 

fol., Lugduni : apud S. Doletum, 1539. 

COTOLENDI (Charles). Arliquiniana, ou les 

bon mots, les histoires plaisantes & agreables. 

Recuellies des conversations d'Arlequin. [By 

C. Cotolendi.] l2mo., Paris, 1694. 

Barbier, I., 275. Brunet, L, 480. 

COTTA (Joannes). J. Cottae carmina. See 
CARMINA. Carmina quinque illustrium 
poetarum, etc. 8vo., 1548. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., 1552. 

COTTA (Joannes Franciscus) pseud, [i.e., 
BiLiBALD Pirckheimer.] See PIRCK- 

COTTON (Henry). A list of editions of the 
Bible and parts thereof in English, from... 
1505 to 1820. With an appendix containing 
specimens of translations, and bibliographical 
descriptions. 8vo., Oxford, 1821. 

Editions of the Bible and parts 

thereof in English, from... 1505 to 1850... 
Second edition, etc. 8vo., Oxford, 1852. 

A typographical gazetteer... The second 

edition, etc. 8vo., Oxford, 1831. 

Second series. 8vo., Oxford, 1866. 

Presentation copy from the author. 

COTTON (Pierre). Anti-Coton, or a refuta- 
tion of Cotton's letter declaratorie...To which 
is added, a supplication of the Universitie of 

Paris. ..Both translated out of the French, by 
G. H,, etc. 4to., London : printed by T. S. 

for R. Boyle, 161 1. 
Sussex copy. 

Anti-Cotton : nouvelle edition, aug- 

mentee de quelques remarques, et precedee 
d'une dissertation historique et critique sur 
ce fameux ouvrage. 8vo., La Haye, 1738. 

Elixii- Calvinisticum, sen lapis pliilosophiae 

I reformatae...Cum testamentario Anticotonis 
I codice nuper invento...Auctore A. Schioppio 
j [i.e., P. Cotton]. 

I 8vo., In Ponte Charentonio, 1615. 

Horoscopus Anticotonis auctior et pene 

novus. Autore A. Schioppio [i.e., P. Cotton], 
etc. 2 pts. [in i vol.] 

4to., Ingolstadii, 161 6. 
The pagination is continuous. 

See EUD^MON- JOANNES (A.) Cydo- 

nius. Confutatio Anticotoni qua respon- 
detur P. Cottonem...congestis. 

8vo., 161 1. 

COULTHART, Family of. See KNOWLES (G. 
P.). A genealogical and heraldic account of 
the Coultharts, efc. 4to., 1855. 

COURTHOPE (William John). The paradise 
of birds ; an old extravaganza in a modem 
dress. 8vo., Edinburgh, i&jo. 

COUSIN (Gilbert). See COGNATUS (G.). 

N.). Notices sur M. Coirturier, etc. 

8vo., (1825.) 

M. Arouet de). La guerre civile de Geneve, 
ou les amors [sic] de R. Covelle... Nouvelle 
edition, etc. 8vo., 1769. 

COWIE (Benjamin Morgan) Dean of Exeter. 
Liberalism in the priests' craft. A letter to 
the Bishop of Manchester in reference to the 
first paper read by Dean Cowie at the 
Diocesan Conference. 8vo., London, [1876.] 

COWPER (William Cowper) ist Earl. The 
private diary of William, first Earl Cowper, 
Lord Chancellor of England. 

4to., Eton, 1833. 
(Roxburghe Club Publications, No. 49.) Uttcrson 
CRABBE (Gilbert). Aristoteles de conucnie- 
tia politico & economice. 
differentia & cSuenientia politice et econo- 
mice & ordine earns libri duo cii comcnto... 
Gilberti de crab. Scoti, etc. See ARISTO- 
TELES. [PoLiTiCA.] 4to., [f. 1 500.] 

CRACOVIUS (Georgius). [i.e.. Georg Cra- 
cow.] Do Bartolo jurisconsultorum claris- 
simo, oratio, etc. 8vo., Witebergir. 1562. 

CRAMERUS (Andreas), {i.e., A. Cramer. 1 
M. A. Cramcri...dcutlichc...Anle)tung wic die 
zarte Jugendt von Kindt auff in Gottes Furcht, 
Kunstcn, und Sprachen...konne crzogcn... 
werden ; mit...Bedenckcn...P. I^ami. 

8vo., Magdeburg, 161 8. 

M. A. Crameri praxis Horatiana, qua turn 

verus artium logicaruin usus in nobilissimo 
poeta lyrico per analysin & genesin clarissime 


CRAMERUS (Andreas). —{contd.) 

deinonstratur...Argumenta super singulas Q. 

Horatii odas...adjecit V. Cremcovius. 

8vo., [colophon :] Magdaburgi, 1616. 
[Another copy.] 

CRANMER (Thomas) Archbishop of Canterbury. 
See NICHOLS (J. G.). Narratives of the 
days of the Reformation... with two contem- 
porary biographies of Archbishop Cranmer, 
etc. 4to., 1859. 

CRAPELET (Georges Adrien). fitudes pra- 
tiques et litteraires sur la typographic. 
Tome I. 8vo., Paris, 1837. 

No more publislied. 

Notice sur la vie et les ouvrages de 

Quinault, suivie de pieces relatives a I'eta- 
bhssement de Topfera. 8vo., Pans, 1824. 

Pattison copy. 
— — R. Estienne, imprimeur royal, et le roi 
Francois I*"'. Nouvelles recherches sur I'etat 
des lettres et de I'imprimerie au 16'= siecle, 
etc. 8vo., Paris, 1839. 

CRASSUS (HiERONVMUs). [i.e., Girolamo 
Crasso.] De calvariae curaione [sic] trac- 
tatus duo. 8vo., [colophon :] Venetiis, 1560. 
De Thou copy. 
CRASSUS (NicoLAUs) Junior. [i.e., Nicol?) 
Crasso.] S«e SCIOPPIUS (G.). N. Macri... 
cum N. Crasso... disceptatio de par^nesi Car- 
dinalis Baronii ad...Remp. Venetam. 

4to., 1607. 
CRASTONUS (Joannes) Placentinns. [i.e., 
Giovanni Crastoni.] Begin. [Sig. ai, 
recto .-] Bonus. Accursius. Pisanus uiro Lit- 
teratissimo ac grauissimo louani Fri|cisco 
turriano ducaU quaestori salutem plurimam 
dicit. \[Sig. ai, recto:] AEEIKON KATA 
STOlXEIQN\ Gr. &■ Lat. 

fol., [colophon .] Vincentia : per D. 

Bertochum, 1483. 

Imperfect ; wanting sig. ai (blanlc). Hain and 

Copinger, 5813. Beiohling, I., 132. Proctor, 

7177. Proctor', p. 89. 

•^■^ Dictionarium graecum copiosissimum secfl- 

dum or- 1 dinem alphabeti cum interpretatione 

latina. | [By J. Crastonus.] CyrilU opus- 

culum de dictionibus, quae uariato accen | tu 

mutant significatum secundum ordinem 

alpha- |beti cum interpretatione latina. | Am- 

monius de differentia dictionum per literarum 

I ordinem. | [Gr.] Vetus instructio & de- 

nominatioes praefectoii militu. | Significata 

rov 7). I Significata rov oig. \ Index oppido- 

quam copiosus, docens latinas dictiones | fere 

omneis graece dicere & multas etia multis 

modis I [by A. P. Manutius, the editor of the 

whole work]. fol., [colophon :] Venetiis : in 

csdibus Aldi Manutii, 1497. 

243 ff., witliout pagination ; sigs. a-1', A-K*, U", 

M8, N'D, OS, p-r8, s", t". Wanting the last leaf 

(blank). Renouard, p. 13. Hain, '6151. 

Proctor, S561. Proctor^, p. 109. Blue morocco 

by Boz^rian jeune. Butler copy. 

Dictionarium Graecum cum interpre- 
tatione latina, omniu, quae hactenus impressa 
sunt, copiosissimum. [By J. Crastonus.] 
Collectio dictionum, quae differunt significatu, 
per ordinem literarum. [By Cyrillus.] Dic- 

tiones latinae graece redditae. Ammomus de 
simiUbus & differentibus dictionibus. Vetus 
instructio & denominationes praefectorum 
militum. Orbicius de nominibus ordinum 
miUtarium. Significata tou 1) xai cug. 
Jo. Grammatici quaedam de proprietatibus 
linguarum. Eustathii quaedam de proprie- 
tatibus linguarum apud Homerum. Corin- 
thus de proprietatibus linguarum. Verborum 
anomalorum declinationes fm ordinem litera- 
rum. Herodiani quaedam de enchticis. Jo. 
Grammatici Characis quaedam de encliticis. 
Choerobosci quaedam de enchticis. Thomae 
Magistri eclogae atticorum nominum, & ver- 
borum. Phrynichi ecloge atticorum nomi- 
num, & verborum. E. Moschopuli eclogae 
atticarum dictionum, nunc primum impressae. 
2 pts. [in I vol.] 

fol., [colophon .•] Venetiis : in aedibus Aldi, 
et Andreae Asulani soceri, 1 524. 
Renouard, p. 99. 
[Another copy of Pt. II.] 

Wanting ff. 1-65, containing the " Dictionesi 
latinEe grsece redditae." Sunderland copy. 

CRAWFORD (Alexander William Crawford 
Lindsay) z^th Earl of, and Sth Earl of Bal- 
carres. Report of the speeches... upon the 
claim of James Earl of Crawford... to the 
original dukedom of Montrose, etc. See 
MONTROSE, Dukedom of. fol., 1855. 

CRAWFORD (James Lindsay) 24^* Earl of, 
and jth Earl of Balcarres. [For reports on 
the case of James, Earl of Crawford, claiming 
the dukedom of Montrose.] See MONTROSE, 
Dukedom of. 

CRAWFORD (James Ludovic Lindsay) 26th 
Earl of. and gth Earl of Balcarres. BibUotheca 
Lindesiana. Catalogue of the library of... the 
Earl of Crawford... which will be sold by 
auction, etc. 2 pts. 8vo., London, 1887-89. 


CONFERENCE. Second International Li- 
brary Conference. List of manuscripts, 
printed books and examples of bookbinding 
[in the Earl of Crawford's library] exhibited, 
etc. 8vo., 1897. 

CRAWFORD (William Horatio). The Lake- 
lands hbrary. Catalogue of the... books, 
manuscripts and engravings, of the late W. 
H. Crawford... Which will be sold by auction, 
etc. 8vo., London, 1891. 

With names of purchasers and prices in MS. 

Minutes of evidence taken before the Com- 
mittee for Privileges to whom was referred the 
petition of James, Earl of Balcarras [sic]... 
claiming the honours and dignities of Earl of 
Crawfurd [sic] and Lord Lindsay ; and also the 
petition of R. Lindsay Crawfurd, Esquire... 
claiming the titles... and dignities of Earl of 
Crawfurd and Lindsay, etc. 

fol., [London,] 1845. 

CR]£bILLON (Claude Prosper Jolyot de). 
Collection complette des ceuvres de M. de 
Crebillon le Fils. Nouvelle edition. 7 torn. 
i2mo., Lcmdres, 1779. 

Tome I. ia in 2 pts., each with a separate pagina* 
tiou. Mitiord cop^'. 


CREDLAND (William Robert). The Man- 
chester Public Free Libraries. A history and 
description, and guide to their contents and 
use. 8vo., Manchester, 1899. 

CREDONIUS (Claudius). C. 
Graecas Budffii epistolas annotationes, etc. 

4to., Parisiis, 1579. 

Slade and Sunderland copy. 

CREE (John). Notes on Mr. Christie's collec- 
tion of books. See CHRISTIE (R. C). 
Selected essays, etc., pp. Ixiii-lxvii. 

8vo., 1902. 

CRELLIUS (Joannes), {i.e., Johann Crell.] 
J. Uno Deo Patre, libro duo. 
In quibus niulta etiani dc Filii Dei & Spiritus 
Sancti natura disseruntur. 

8vo., RacoviiT. 1631. 

CREMCOVIUS (Valentinus). Argunienta 
super singulas Q. Horatii Flacci odas, etc. 
See CRAMERUS (A.). M. A. Crameri praxis 
Horatiana, etc. 8vo., 161 6. 

— [Another copy.] 

CRENIUS (Thomas) pseud. [i.e., Thomas 
Theodorus Crusius.] De eruditione coni- 
paranda in humanioribus, vita, studio poli- 
tico, cognitione auctoruni ecclesiasticorum, 
historicorum, politicorum ac militarium, item 
peregrinatione tractatus ... quos T. Crcuius 
conlegit, fi/c. ^to., Lugduni Batavorum, 1699. 

Petit copy. 
CREPUNDIA. Crepundia poetica somniata, 
etc. See NUG^E. Nugae venales, etc. [PI. 2. J 

1 2 mo., 1642. 

[Another edition, enlarged.] 

l2mo., 1644. 

i2mo., 1648. 

i2mo., 1681. 

— [Another edition.] 

[Another edition.] 

[Another edition.] 

[Another edition.] 

[Another edition.] 

i2mo., 1689. 

8vo., 1703. 

i2mo., 1720. 

— — [Another edition.] i2mo., 1741. 

CRESPIN (Jean). Actiones et monimenta 
martyrum, qui k Wicleffo et Husso ad nos- 
tram hanc aetatS in Germania, Gallia, Anglia, 
Flandria, Italia, & ipsa demuni Hispania, 
veritatem Evangehcam sanguine suo con- 
stanter obsignaverunt. 4to., [Geneva,} 1560. 

Des cinq escoliers (M. Alba, P. Escrivain, 

B. Seguin, C. Faure, P. Nauihd-res) sortis de 
Lausanne, bruslez a Lyon. [By J. Crespin.] 

fol., Geneve, 1878. 

.\ reprint of part of Crespin's " Histoire des 
niartyrH," 1619. 

Histoire des martyrs, persecutez et mis a 

mort pour la vcritfe [sic] de I'Evagile, depuis le 
temps des Apostres jusques i I'an 1 597. [By 
J. Crespin. ]...Reveu(' & augmentee en ceste 
edition [by S. Goulart], etc. 

fol., [Geneva,] 1597. 
Barbier, II., 757. 

Ta aotl^o/iEva riov naXutorarov ttoujxcov 

yewQyiKa, fiovxohxa, xan yvionixa. Vetustis- 
simorum authorum georgica, bucolica, & 

gnomica poeniata qua> supersunt, etc. [Edited 

by J. Crespin.] Gr. <" Lat. 4 pts. [in i vol.] 

i6mo., [Geneva : J. Crespin, 1569-70.] 

Eacli part has a separate titlepage, pagination 

and register. Blue morocco by Boz6rian jeune. 

Yemeniz and Didot copy. Contenta : — 
[Pt. I.] TayfUfiyLKa. 'Utriodoi'...if>ya Kai ij^epai. 

Tov avTov. 'A(T7rts 'U/ja*fXfoi'y. OeoyoPta. 

Hesiodi... opera qure supei-sunt omnia, etc. 
[Pts. II.-IIl.] Bou/foXiKQ. QeoKptTov ... flSvWta 

Kai ^TTLypafi/xaTa ffut^oneva. Xifxfitov ... Mcxr^ou 

...Biwvoj.-.Theoeriti, Siramias, Moschi, & Bionis 

eidyllia, etc. 
[Pt. IV.] Vfu^oypa^oi. Q^oyvtSos ... yvw^L 

^XiyctaKai, ^uKv\t5ov iroLT}fj.a vovderiKov, Yluda- 

yopov XP^'*^^ fT?;, XoXojvos yvfjifxat iXeyeiaKai. 

Theognidis. Phocylidis, Pythagora?, Solonis, 

Blior(imc|uo \'eterum pocmata gnomica, etc, 

• [Another edition.] Accessit huic 

edition! I. Hortiboni Theocriticarum lectio- 

num libellus, etc. (Movaaiov ra xad' 'Equ> [sic] 

xai Aeav6Qov.) Gr. <'^ Lat. 3 pts. [in I vol.] 

i6mo., [Geneva,] 1639. 

CRETTONE ( Jacomo di). See CRICHTON ( J.). 

CREVENNA (Pietro Antonio Bolongaro). 
Catalogue des livres de la bibliotheque de 
M. P. A. Bolongaro-Crevenna. (Prix des 
livres de la bibliotheque [sic] de M. P. A. 
Bolongaro-Crevenna, etc.) 5 vols, [in 6.] 

4to., .4insterdam, 1789-90. 
Vol. III. is in two parts. Vol. V. is called on the 
titlepage " Sixidmo volume." One of 50 copies 
In 4to. 

Catalogue raisonnfe de la collection de 

livres de M. P. A. Crevenna. [By himself. | 
6 vols, [in 3.] 4to., [Amsterdam,] 1776. 

Vol. V. includes " Lettrea d'hommes illustros du 
XVII™" & XVIlIn'« Bi6clo [sic], qui n'ont 
jamais 6t6 imprim6e9.*' 

CRICHTON (James) called the Admirable. See 
MANUTIUS (A.) the Younger. Relatione... 
sopra le ammirabili qualiti del nobilissimo... 
Jacomo di Crettone. 8vo., 1 582 [i 830]. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., 1831. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another copy.] 

— [Another edition.] Svc, 1831. 

CRINITUS (Petrus) Florentinus. P. Criniti... 
de honesta disciplina, lib. XXV., pootis 
Latinis, lib. V., et poematon, lib. II., cum 

8vo., l.ugduni : apud Seb Gryphium, i 543. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1554- 

Soubiso copy. 

[Another edition.] }6mo., l.ugduni: 

apudhcrred. Seb. Gryphii, 1561. 
Ked morocco by 0. Lowiw. Latham copy. 

[Another edition.] 

i6mo., Lugduni : apud .X. Gryphium, 1585. 

CRIPPS (Henry William). A practical trea- 
tise on the law relating to the Church and 
clergy. ..The fifth edition, etc. 

8vo., London, 1869. 


CRIPPS (Henry William).— (cow^i.) 

See FISHER (R. A.). The Ecclesiastical 

Dilapidations Act of 1 871 ...Forming a supple- 
ment to the fifth edition of Cripps' treatise on 
" The law of the Church and clergy." 

8vo., 1872. 

CRISPUS (Caius Sallustius). See SAL- 

CRISTIANI (Girolamo Francesco). Dell" 
utOita' e della dilettazione de' modelli dis- 
sertazionc.Seconda edizione, etc. 

4to., Brescia, 1765. 

CRIT£s, pseud, [i.e., Antoine Joseph Gorsas.1 
See GORSAS (A. J.). 

CROCIUS (Ludovicus). {i.e., Ludwig Cro- 
cius.] L. Crocii D. instructio, de ratione 
studii theologici. See GROTIUS (H.). H. 
Grotii et aliorum dissertationes, etc. 

i2mo., 1645. 

[Another edition.] See VOSSIUS 

(G. J.). Gerardi J. Vossy et aliorum dis- 
sertationes, e/c. i2mo., 1658. 

CROCUS (Cornelius). Farrago sordidorum 
verborum, sive Augiae stabulum repurgatum. 
See ERASMUS (D.). [Epitome in Elegan- 
TiAS L. Vall^.] Paraphrasis D. Erasmi... 
in elegantiarum libros L. Vallae, etc. 

8vo., 1530. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., 1533. 

CROFT {Sir Herbert) Bart. Horace eclairci 
par la ponctuation. lamo., Paris, 18 10. 

CROFTON (Henry Thomas). Early books on 
gipsies. Svo., [London, 1882.] 

From the " Antiquary," Vol. III. 

The former costume of the gypsies. 

8vo., Manchester, 187 >. 
From the " Papers of the Manchester Literary 
Club," Vol. II. 

Gipsy folk-tales. Svo., Manchester, 1882. 

From the "Manchester Quarterly," No. i. 

Gypsy life in Lancashire and Cheshire. 

8vo., Manchester, 1877. 
From the " Papers of the Manchester Literary 
Club," Vol. UI. 

A history of the ancient chapel of Stret- 

ford, in Msmchester parish. Including 
sketches of the township of Stretford. To- 
gether with notices of local famiUes and 
persons. Vol. I. 4to., (Manchester,) 1899. 

{Chethani Society. Reniaiiis, eU. New series. 
Vol. 42.) One of tliree copies piinted on large 
paper. Wanting Vols. II. -III. 

[Another copy of Vol. I.] 

Sriiall paper edition. 

ReUcs of the common field system in and 

near Manchester. Zvo., Manchester, 1887. 

From the " Manchester Quarterly," No. 21. 

Vestiges of village communities. 

8vo., Manchester, 1893. 
From the " Journal of the Manchester Geo- 
graphical Society," Vol. IX. 

CROFTON (Henry Thomas) & SMART (Bath 
Charles). The dialect of the English 
Gypsies... Second edition, etc. See SMART 
(B. C.) & CROFTON (H. T.). 8vo., 1875. 

CROFTS (Thomas) F.R.S. Bibliotheca Croft- 
siana. A catalogue of the. ..library of...T. 
Crofts... which will be sold by auction, etc. 

8vo., [London,'] 1783. 

With prices added in MS. 

CROKER (Thomas Crofton). Narratives 
illustrative of the contests in Ireland in 1641 
and 1690. Edited by T. C. Croker. 

4to., London, 1841. 
(Camden Society Publications, Vol. 14.) Con- 
tents : — The siege of Ballyally Castle. By M. 
Cuffe. — Macariie Excidium. By C. O'K. [i.e. 
C. O'Kelly]. 

CROLLIUS (Oswaldus). [i.e., Oswald Croll.] 
O. Crollii... basilica cliymica...In fine libri 
additus est ejusdem autoris tractatus novus 
de signaturis rerum intemis. 2 pts. [in i 
vol.] 8vo., ColoyiicB Allohrogum, 1610. 

The tract " De signaturis rerum internis," has a 
separate titlepage and pagination, but the 
register is consecutive throughout. The title- 
page bears the mark of Gryphius. 

CROMWELL, Family of. See NOBLE (M.). 
Memoirs of the protectoral-house of Crom- 
well... The third edition, etc. 2 vols. 

8vo., 1787. 

CROMWELL (Oliver). OUvario Cromwellio 
in foedera inter Rempub. Britannicam & 
ordines foederatos Belgii stabiUta, 1654. See 
MUS.E BRITANNIC^. Musae Britannicae, 
etc. 8vo., 171 1. 

See CAMBRIDGE.— University. Oliva 

pacis. Ad...01iverum, Reipub. Angliae, Sco- 
tiae, & Hibemiie Dominum Protectorem... 
carmen Cantabrigiense. 4to., 1654. 

CROSBY RECORDS. Crosby records: a 
chapter of Lancashire recusancy. Containing 
a relation of troubles and persecutions sus- 
tained by W. Blundell, of Crosby Hall... 
1 560-1638, and an account of an ancient 
burial ground for recusants, called the Har- 
kirke, and of coins discovered there. With 
an introduction by. ..A. Goss. Edited by... 
T. E. Gibson. 4to., (Manchester,) 1887. 

(Chetham Society. Remains, etc. New Series, 

Vol. 12.) One of three copies printed on large 


CROSSLEY (James). Catalogue... of the... 
hbrary of. ..J. Crossley... Which will be sold 
by auction, etc. 2 pts. 

8vo., London, 1884-85. 

Catalogue of a portion of the... library of 

the late J. Crossley... To be sold by auction, 
etc. 8vo., Manchester, 1884. 

[Another copy.] 

CROSTON (James). The ancient Rectorial 
and Parish Church of Manchester. With 
some account of the circumstances which 
gave rise to its coUegiation. A chapter of 
local history. $vo., Manchester, 1879. 

From the " Manchester Diocesan Churchman," 
Vol. L 

Anglo-Saxon cross, Prestbury. A chapter 

of Church history, etc. 

8vo., (Manchester,) 1884. 

Reprinted, for pri\ate circuluiion, from " The 
Palatine Note-Book," Vol. IV. 


CROSTON (James.).— (could.) 

See PRESTBl^RV. Paiish of, in Cheshire. 

The register book of christenings, weddings, 
and burials... 1 560-16^6. Edited by J. Cros- 
ton. " 8vo., 1 88 1. 

CROTCHET CASTLE. Crotchet Castle. [By 
T. L. Peacock.] See PEACOCK (T. L.). 

8vo., 1 831. 

CROWE (Joseph Archer) & CAVALCA- 
SELLE (Giovanni Battista). The early 
Flemish painters : notices of their lives and 
works. 1 2mo.. London, 18 c,y. 

CROZAT (Joseph Antoine) Marquis de Tugny. 

Catalogue des livrcs dc Monsieur le President 

Crozat de Tugny. Dent la ventc.sera 

indiquee par affiches. 8vo., Paris, 1751. 

With prices added in MS. Dibdin copy. 

CRUCIUS (Jacobus) Delphensis. J. Crucii 
mercurius sive opus epistolaru sex libros 
comprehendens...Editio novissima. 

i2mo., Amstelodami , 1 681. 
The titlepage i'l engraved. 

(G.). Due novelle, etc. 8vo., 1855. 

CRUFENAS (Cariollinus Tevetio) pseud., 
Resp. [For editions of the " Themata 
medica de beanorum...affectibus et cura- 
tione."] See CER.\STUS CORNANUS (C.) 
pseud., Pras. 

CRUISE (William). Account of the claim 
[made by E. 'V. Bryilges] to the barony of 
Chandos, given by Cruise in his Treatise on 
dignities, p. 215. io\., s.n. 

^— A treatise on the origin and nature of 
dignities, or titles of honor... Second edition, 
etc. 8vo., LoM(/oH, 1823. 

CRUPENAS (Cariollinus Tevetio) pseud. 

CRUSIUS (Joannes) Jesuit. Resolutiones... 
de concordatis Germaniae adversus allega- F. Romani Haye horto male 
appellate Crusiano repcrtas. 

4to., Colonics Agrippince, 1653. 

CRUSIUS (Thomas Theodorus). See CRE- 
NIUS (T.) psexid. 

CTESIAS. 'Ex T(in< Ktijoiov, 'AyaOao/iSov, 
Afefivovo; laroQixviv ixXoyai. 'Ajiniavov 'iprjf>ixij 
xai 'Avvtjiaj'x)!. Ex Ctesia, Agatharchide, 
Memnone excerptre historic. Appiani Iberica. 
Item, de gestis Annibalis. Omnia nunc 
primum edita. Cum H. Stephani castiga- 
tionibus. Gr. 

8vo., [Paris :] Ex ojfficina H. Stephani, 1557. 

CUEVAS (Aloisia de). See SIGiEA (A.). 

CUFFE (Maurice). The siege of Ballyally 
Castle, in the county of Clare. See CRO- 
KER (T. C). Narratives illustrative of the 
contests in Ireland in 1641 and 1690. 

4to., 1841. 

CUMBERLAND (Olive Wilmot) calling her- 
self Princess of. See WILMOT (O.). 

CUN.91US (Petrus). [i.e., Pieter van der 
Kun.] Cunaei epistolae. See GR,4iVIUS 
(J. G.). J. G. Graevii... Cunaei... epistolae, 
etc. 8vo., 1710. 

Sardi venalcs ; satyra Menippea, etc. 

See ERASMUS (D.). [Mori.t. Enco.mium.] 
Encomium moriae, etc. [Pt. II.] 

i2mo., 161 7. 

P. Cunsei satyra Menippea incastrata. 

Item D. Juliani Imperatoris satyra. 

i2mo., Lugd[uni] Bat[avoruni], 1632. 
The titlepage is engraved. 

CUNNINGHAM (Alexander). A. Cunin- 
ganiii animadversiones in R. Bentleii notas... 
ad Q. Horatium Flaccum. 

8vo., Hagae Comitum, 1721. 

CUNNINGHAM (William) gth Earl of Glen- 
cairn. See GLENCAIRN. 

CURIDEMUS (Vesp.\sianus) pseud., Prtps. 
Disputatio de comelio et ejusdem natura ac 
proprietate, etc. See FACETI;C Facetiae 
facetiarum, eif. [Pt. 17.] 4to., (i626-)i627. 

[.\nother edition.] 

Nugas venales, etc. [Pt. 4.] 

[Another edition.] 

[Another edition.] 

[Another edition.] 

Facetiae facetiarum, etc. 

[Another edition.] 

Nugae venales, etc. 

[.\nother edition.] 

Facetiae facetiarum, etc. 

[Another edition.] 

Nugae venales, etc 

[Another edition.] 

[Another copy.] 

[Another edition.] 
[Another edition.] 
[Another edition.] 
[Another edition.] 
(CcELius Secundus) 

See NUG.E. 
i2mo., [i6]32. 

i2nio., 1642. 

i2mo., 1644. 

i2mo., 1647. 

See NUG.E. 
i2mo.. 1648. 

I 2mo., 1657. 

See NUG/E. 
l2mo., [1662.] 

1 2 mo., 1663. 

1 2 mo. 



1 2mo. 





tomi duo. Quorum primo versibus ac rhyth- 

mis, altero soluta oratione conscripta quam- 

plurinia continentur, etc. [Collected by C. S. 

Curio.] 2 tom. [in i vol.] 8vo., Eleuthero- 

poli [Basel : J. Oporinus], i 544. 

Tlie pagination is consecutivx. Baihier, IV., 

1338. Luard copy. 

C. S. Curionis Pasquillus ecstaticus, uni 

cum aliis etiam aliquot Sanctis pariter & 
lepidis dialogis, e<c. Svo., [Basel ? 1544?] 

Calf by Thouvenin jevine. 

CURIOSITfi. La curiositi- litterairc et biblio- 
graphique, etc. Scric 1-4. 

i2mo., Paris. 1880-83. 


CURRER (Frances Mary RiciiARnsoN). Cata- 
logue of the library at Eshton-Hall, in the 
county of York. 4to., Loudon, 1820. 

Interleave*!. With a cancrllcd titleoiigo rcn<liiig : 
"The hbrary of Miss (.'urrt-r. at tshton-Hall," 
etc. Only 40 copies printiKl. 

CURSIUS (Petrus). P. Cursii...defensio pro 
Italia ad Erasmum Rotcrodainum. 

4to., [colophon :] Rotn<r : apud .(. Bladum 
dc Asula, 1535. 
Sunderland copy. 



CURSIUS (Sebastianus). In P. Rami gram- 
maticEe duos priores libros, singularum, qua 
his continentur, vocum, familiaris atque 
Germanica interpretatio. 

8vo., Lugduni Batavonim, 1585. 

CURTIS (William Eleroy). Souvenir of La 
Rabida, World's Columbian Exposition. The 
relics of Columbus. An illustrated descrip- 
tion of the historical collection in the Monas- 
tery of La Rabida. (Christopher Columbus, 
his portraits and his monuments. A descrip- 
tive catalogue.) 2 pts., illust. 

8vo., Washington, Chicago, (1893.) 

CURTIUS (Cornelius). C. Curtii iqunonaiy- 
viov ad D. C. Eyserum. Item ejusdem ad 
eundem epistolae familiares aliquot. 

8vo., 'EqcototxoXi [i.e., Ingolstadt, 1621.] 
German 17th century calf, stamped and gilded. 
The " Epistolae familiares " are separately 

CURTIUS (Franciscus) the Younger. [i.e., 
Francesco Curzio.] Consummatissimi juris- 
consultorum principis & Do. Domini F. Curtii 
Junioris tractatus feudalis, etc. 8vo., Lug- 

duni : apud haeredes jacobi Giunta, 1 547. 

CURTIUS RUFUS (QuiNTUs). Begin. [Fol. i, 

recto .■] [I]nter hec Alexander ad conducen-| 

dum ex Pelop5nesso militem... | etc. End. 

[FoL 148, verso ;] Finis gestorum Alexandri 

magni...| efc. Ed. Pr. io\., s.l. et a. 

[colophon ;] G. Lauer, [Rome, 1470 ?] 

Hain, 5879. Proctor, 3407. Reichling, IV., 204. 

Morante copy. 

Quintus Curtius. [Edited by A. Fran- 

cinus.] 8vo., [colophon .•] Florentits : 

sumptu P. JttntcB, 1517. 
Renouard, p. xH. Maturin copy. 

Quintus Curtius de rebus gestis Alexandri 

Magni regis Macedonum. Cum annotationi- 
bus D. Erasmi. fol., [colophon ;] Argen- 

torati : ex aedibus Schurerii, 1 5 1 8. 

Quintus Curtius. (Fragmentorum Q. 

Curtii de rebus Alexandri regis Macedonum 
liber tertius — decimus.) [Edited by F. Asu- 
lanus.] 8vo., [colophon :] Venetiis : in 

aedibus Aldi, et Andreae soceri, 1520. 
Benouard, p. 88. Wanting the last leaf, bearing 
the printer's device. 

[Another copy.] 

Wanting the last leaf, and having a made-up 
titlepage. Hare-Naylor and Drury copy. 

Quintus Curtius de rebus gestis Alexandri 

Magni... Cum annotationibus D. Erasmi. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1541. 
Belmontus copy. 

Q. Curtii de rebus gestis Alexandri Magni 

...historia, aucta nunc ac locupletata [by C. 
Bruno], etc. 

i6mo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1547. 

[Another edition.] 

i6mo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1548. 

[Another edition.] 

i6mo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1551. 

[Another edition.] 

Svo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1556. 

Q. Curtii Rufi historiarum Ubri, accura- 

tissime editi. 

i2mo., Lugd[uni] Batavorum, 1633. 

Q. Curtii Rufi de rebus gestis Alexandri 

Magni, cum supplementis Freinshemii. In- 
terpretatione et notis illustravit M. Le 
Tellier, etc. 4to., Parisiis, 1678. 

Hoym and Pilkington copy. 

CURTZE (Ludwig). Commentatio de Horatii 
carm. I., 12. 4to., Mengeringhusae, 1840. 

Morante copy. 

CURZIO (Francesco). See CURTIUS (F.). 

CUSPIDIUS (Lucius). Ex reliquiis veneran- 
dae antiquitatis Lucii Cuspidii testamentum. 
[A forgery by Pomponius Laetus.] Item, 
contractus venditionis, antiquis Romanorum 
temporibus initus. [A spurious work, the 
author of which was J.J. Pontanus.] [Edited 
by F. Rabelais.] 

8vo., Lugduni : apud [S.] Gryphium, 1532. 
8 ff.. without pagination ; sig. A*. Rabelais, 
immediately these works were printed, dis- 
covered tliat they were spurious, and ordered 
the whole issue of 2,000 copies to be destroyed. 
There are only two other known copies, one of 
which is in the BibliothAque Nationale. See 
Mr. R. C. Christie's " Selected essays," p. 60. 

[Another edition, entitled :] Rabelais 

legiste. Testament de Cuspidius et Contrat 
de vente de CuUta, traduits avec.des notes 
...par A. Heulhard. Lat. &■ Fr. 

8vo., Paris, 1887. 

CUTWODE (Thomas). Caltha poetarum, or, 

the bumble bee. 4to., London, 1875. 

(Roxburghe Club Publications, No. 2.) Olive 

morocco by C. Lewis. Dent and Tennant copy, 

CUVIER (Georges Leopold Chretien Fre- 
deric Dagobert) Baron. See PARISET 
(fi.). filoge du baron Cuvier, etc. 

8vo., 1833. 

CYPRIANUS, Saint, Bishop of Carthage. D. 

C. Cypriani operum tomus primus (-secun- 

dus), ex recognitione D. Erasmi. 2 torn. 

[in I vol.] 8vo., Lugduni : S. Gryphius 

Germanus excudebat, 1528. 

Imperfect ; the " Epistola " and " Annotatiun- 
culao " of Erasmus having been cut out. 

[Another edition.] 2 torn, [in i vol.] 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1544. 
Imperfect ; the " Epistola " and a portion of the 
'* Annotatiunculse " of Erasmus having been 
cut out. 

[Another edition.] 2 tom. [in i vol.] 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1550. 

T. C. Cypriani... de ligno salutifere crucis 

carmen heroicum. See BUSCHIUS (H.). 
De saluberrimo...virginis Marie Psalterio, etc. 

4to., s.a. 

Cyprianus de ligno Crucis versu heroico. 

dentii... opera, «<c. [Vol.11.] 4to., 1501. 

[Another copy.] 

II primo sermone di S. CeciUo Cipriano 

sopra I'elemosina. See GREGORIUS, Na- 
zanzenus. Saint, Patriarch of Constantinople. 
Due oratione, «<c. 4to., 1569. 


CYPRIANUS, Saint.— (contd.) 


F. Tertulliani, Probae Falconiae, 
opera. 8vo., 1825. 

CYPRIANUS (Johannes). Ad actum liccntia- 
turae theologicae...hiijus coUegii majoris 
principum [i.e., V. Weigel and J. F. Heben- 
streit] celebrandum, magnificum academiae 
rectoreni, illustrissimos comites...invitat Pro- 
Cancellarius D. J. Cyprianus. 

4to., (Lipsio',) 1720. 

CYRILLUS, Glossalor. Evvayioyii riov tcqoq 
6ta(poQov arj/iaatav kc^ewv xara aroix^tov. Col- 
lectio dictionu qua; differunt significatu 
secundum ordinem alphabeti. [By Cyrillus.] 
Gr. & Lat. See CRASTONUS (J.) Placen- 
tinus. Dictionarium graecum copiosissimum, 
etc. fol., 1497- 

[Another edition.] fol., 1524. 

CYRILLUS, Phihsophus. Saint. Begin. [Fol. 

I . recto ;] Speculu Sapientie beati Cirilli epis- 
copi alias quadripertitus [sic] apolo- 1 gieticus 
[sic] vocat) In cuius quide puerbijs omnis ct 
totius sapientie spe- | culum claret. Feliciter 
incipit. I ©. X. 

fol., [Strassbiirg : II. Eggeslein, c. 1475.] 
Hain and Copinger, '5904. Proctor, 288. Red 
morocco by J. Mackenzie. Crawford (lake- 
lands) copy. 
CYRUS, Sophista. Kvqov, negi 6iaq>0Qai; <na- 
aewQ. See APHTHONIUS, Sophista. Rhe- 
tores in hoc volumine habentur hi, etc. 
[Vol. I.] 4to., 1508. 


(A. DE). 

CZANAKIUS (Matth^us M.). Nobile scabiei 
encomium, etc. See FACETIAE. Facetiae 
facetiarum, etc. 4to., 1627. 

[Another edition.] 
[Another edition.] 

i2mo., 1647. 
i2mo., 1657, 


D. Art poetique. (Par D.) See HORATIUS 
FLACCUS (Q.). [Epistol.i: : Ars Poetica. 
— French.] Art poetique d'Horace, etc. 

8vo., 1835. 

D***, M***, pseud, [i.e., Charles Ancillon.] 

D., M. F. See DIDOT (F.). 

D., P. See DESCHAMPS (P.). 

D., T. F. See DIBDIN (T. F.). 

DACIER (Andre). Remarques critiques sur 
les oeuvres d'Horace, avec une nouvelle tra- 
duction [by A. Dacier]. 5 torn. See HORA- 
TIUS FLACCUS (Q.). [Carmina, etc.— 
French.] 8vo., 1681-84. 

DACIER (ANDR16) & SfiVIGNfi (Charles) 

Marquis de. Dissertation critique, sur I'art 

poetique d'Horace, etc. See SfiVIGNfi (C.) 

Marquis de & DACIER (A.). umo., 1698. 

DACIER (BoN Joseph) Baron, liloge his- 

torique de M. [J.] Levesque de Burigny, etc. 

8vo., (Reims, 1787.) 

Pattlnon copy. 

Notice historique sur la vie et les ouvrages 

de M. [A. H.] Anquctil Duperron, etc. 

8vo., Paris. 1808. 
Patliaon copy. 

— — Notice historique sur la vie et les ouvrages 
de M. [F. J. G. dc La Porte] Duthcil, etc. 

8vo., {Paris,) 1816. 
From " Lo Monltour " for September 24th, 1816. 
Pottison copy. 

Notice historique sur la vie et les ouvrages 

de M. (C. G.) Heyne. 8vo., [Paris,) 1816. 

From " Le Moniteur" for October loth and nth, 
1816. Pattiflon copy. 
-^— Notice historique sur la vie ct les ouvrages 
de G. Poirier, etc. 8vo., Paris, 1804. 

Pattlaon copy. 

Notice historique sur la vie et les ou\Tages 

de M. [J. B. G. d'Ansse] de Villoison, etc. 

8vo., Paris, 1806. 
Pattison copy. 


DAGUESSEAU (Henri Fran^-ois). See 
AGUESSEAU (H. F. d'). 

DALTON, of Thurnham, Family of. See 
ROPER (W. O.). The Daltons of Thurn- 
ham, etc. 8vo., 1892. 

D.\LZEL (Andrew). History of the Univer- 
sity of Edinburgh from its foundation... With 
a memoir of the author (by C. Innes). [Edited 
by D. Laing.] 2 vols. 

&\'o., Edinburgh, 1862. 

Damasccnus, Saint. 

DAMASUS, Saint, Pope. Sancti Damasi de 
laudibus Pauli Apostoli versus he.xamctri. 
dentii... opera, «<c. [Vol.11.] 4to., 1501. 

[Another copy.] 


F. Tertulliani... Damasi. ..ct Probae Falconiic, 
opera. 8vo., 1825. 

DAMHOUDER (JossE de). Praxis rerum 
criminalium, elegantissimis iconibus ad ma- 
teriam accommodis illustrata, etc. 

8vo., .Antuerpitr, 1556. 
DANIEL (Samuel). The complete works. ..of 
S. Daniel. Edited, with memorial-introduc- 
tion and a glossarial index... by A. B. Grosart. 
5 vols. 4to., [London,] 1885-96. 

(Spen.ser Society.) 

The collection of the history of England. 

By S. Daniel. Revised, and by his last 
corrected coppy printed. fol., (in threes), 

London : tho. Cotes, for S. Waterson, 1634. 


DANIEL (Samuel).— (con/i.) 

See TRUSSELL (J.). A continuation of 

the Collection of the history of England, etc. 

fol., 1636. 

DANJOU (Louis Felix). Expose succinct 
d'un nouveau systeme d'organisation des 
bibliotheques publiques ; par un bibliothe- 
caire [i.e., L. F. Danjou]. 

8vo., Montpellier, 1845. 

Qu6rard, I. 526. 

Gaspard). See VILLOISON. 

DANTE ALIGHIERI. Le terze rime di 
8vo., [colophon ;] Venetiis : in aedib. Aldi, 1 502. 

Renouard, p. 34. Tliis copy is without the 
anchor on tlie last page. 

[Another copy.] 

This copy has the anchor at the end. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., [Lyons, 1503 ?] 

A counterfeit Aldine. Renouard, p. 307. 

Dante col sito, et forma dell' inferno 

(Purgatorio. — Paradise.) tratta dalla istessa 
descrittione del poeta. 

Bvc, [colophon ;] Vinegia : nelle case d'Aldo 
&' d' Andrea di Asola suo suocero, 1515. 
Renouard, p. 73. Wanting the second titlepage, 
sig. ai. 

Le terze rime de Dante con sito, et forma 

de lo inferno novaniente in restampito. 
8vo., [Venice : Gregorius de Gregoriis ? 15 15?] 

A counterfeit of the Aldine edition of 1515. 
Renouard, p. 318. 

Dante col sito, et forma dell' inferno. 

8vo., [colophon .■] P. Alex. Pag. Benacenses. 
F. V. V. [Toscolano : per A. Paganino, 1527?] 

A counterfeit of the Aldine edition of IS'S- 
Renouard, p. 318. 

See HARDOUIN (J.). Doutes proposes 

sur I'age du Dante, etc. 8vo., 1847. 


DARBISHIRE (Robert Dukinfield). Is not 
aU true theology scientific ? 

8vo., London, 1884. 
From the " Modern Review," Vol. V. 

Meditations on the dedication of a new 

window in the library of Manchester College, 
Oxford. [By R. D. Darbishire.] 

8vo., [Manchester.] 1898. 

DARBY (Samuel). A letter to...T. Warton, 
on his late edition of Milton's juvenile poems. 
[By S, Darby.] 8vo., London, 1785. 

Halkott and Laing, II., 1410. 

D'ARC (Jeanne). See ARC. 

DARES, Phrygius. Daretis Phrygii de excidio 
Troiae, historia, C. Nepote interprete. See 
DICTYS, Cretensis, pseud. Dictys Cretensis 
et Daretis Phrygii de Bello Troiano historia, 
etc. i6mo., 1552. 

[Another edition.] i6mo., 1569. 

D'ARGENTRfi (Charles Du Plessis) Bishop 
of Tulle. See ARGENTR^. 


DARLING (James) Bookseller, the Elder. 

Cyclopaedia bibliographica : a library manual 

of theological and general literature, etc. 

2 vols. 4to., London. 1854-59. 

Vol. I. Authors. Vol. II. Subjects. Holy Scriptures. 

DATUS (AuGUSTiNUs). [i.e.. Agostino Dati.] 
Artis dicendi et scriben- 1 di preceptoriii \'tiUs- 
simu I ingeniosa Augustini dati | Senensis 
lucubratioe congestu : cii regulis quibusda | 
oratorijs, et epistolis formularibus non inor- 
natis. I [Sig. Aa2, recto .] Eloquentissimi viri 
ac pre|cipui oratorie artis doctoris Augustini 
Senensis. de va| rijs loquendi regulis siue 
poetarum preceptis Tractatus | feliciter in- 
cipit. I (5.x. ^to., [colophon :] Lyptzick : 

per Baccalariunt wolfgangum Monacensem 
[i.e., W. Stoeckel]. 1497. 
48 ff., without pagination ; sigs Aa-Hh*. Im- 
perfect ; wanting the last leaf, probably blank. 
Hain, 6022. 

Clarissimi viri ac prestan | tissimi doctoris 

Augustini Daci Senesis. de varijs lo|quedi 
figuris. siue vario dictadi mo. ad Andrea Sene | 
sem Ysagoicus [sic] libell') (qui dicit major) 
incipit infra | ©. X. 

4to., [colophon :] Colonic : s.t.n., 1490. 
Hain, •6002. 

D'AUBIGNfi (Jean Henri Merle). See 

D'AUBIGN^ (Theodore Agrippa). See 

D'AUDIFFRET (Florimond Louis) Comte. 

D'AUVERGNE (Emmanuel Theodose de La 
Tour d') Cardinal, Due de Bouillon. See 


DAUNOLT (Pierre Claude Fran90IS). Ana- 
lyse des opinions diverses sur I'origine de 
I'imprimerie, etc. See LAMBINET (P.). 
Origine de I'imprimerie, etc. Tome I. 

8vo., 1 810. 

D'AVENEL (Joseph). See AVENEL. 

DAVIES (Richard) of Chester. See CHES- 
TER. Chester's triumph in honor of her 
Prince, etc. [A pageant, the verses of which 
are by R. Davies.] 4to., 1844. 

DAVIES (Rowland). Journal... from March 8, 
1688-9, to September 29, 1690. Edited, 
with notes and an appendix, and some 
account of the author and his family, by R. 
Caulfield. 4to., [London.] 1857. 

(Camden Society Publications, Vol. 68.) 

DAVY DUPERRON (Jacques). See DU- 

DAWES (Sophia) Baronne de Fenchc-res. See 


DAWKINS (William Boyd). The Channel 

tunnel. 8vo., Salford, 18S2. 

From " Trans. Manchester Geol. Soc," Vol. XVI. 

DAWSON (George). See IRELAND (A.). 
Recollections of G. Dawson, etc. 8vo., 1882. 


DEBARBOUILLER (J.) &■ others. Les 
honimes illustres de I'Orleanais, etc. 2 torn. 
See BRAINNE (C.) &- others. 8vo., 1852. 


DfiCEMBRE (Joseph) & ALONNIER (Ed- 
mond). Typographes et gens de lettres. 

8vo., Paris, 1864. 

DECEMBRIUS (Angelus). [i.e., Angelo De- 
CEMBRio.] Politiae literariae...libri septem, 
etc. foL, AugustcB Vindelicorum : H. 

Steynerus, 1540. 

De Tliou and Heber copy. 

DECIUS (Philippus). [i.e., Filippo Decio.] 
Consilium cli. P. Decii...habitum pro Eccle- 
sise auctoritate, anno 1511. See PISA, 
Council of. Acta primi Concilii Pisani, etc. 
[Pt. III.] 4to., 1612. 

DECKHERRUS (Johannes), [i.e., Johann 
Deckherr.] J. scriptis ades- 
potis, pseudepigraphis, et supposititiis, con- 
jecturse. (Editio secunda priori auction) 
(P. Vindingii...epistola de scriptis nonnullis 
adespotis.) i2mo., s./., 1681. 

Anstruther copy. 

B. J. scriptis adespotis, 

pseudepigraphis et supposititiis conjectura', 
cum additionibus variorum, etc. See PLAC- 
CIUS (V.). V. Placcii...theatrum anony- 
moruni el pseudonymoruni, etc. [Pt. III., 
Appendix.] fol., 1708. 

DECLAMATIONS. Les declamations para- 
doxes, etc. [A free translation by C. Estienne 
from the Italian of O. Lando.] See LANDO 
(O.). [Paradossi.] i2mo., 1603. 

DECLAMATIUNCUL^. Aliquot declamatiun- 
culae Grsecae, etc. [By Libanius, Sophista.] 
See LIBANIUS, Sophista. 4to., 1519. 

DECLARATION. A briefe declaration for 
what manner of special nusance concerning 
private dwelling houses, a man may have his 
remedy by assise, or other action as the case 
requires. Unfolded in the arguments, and 
opinions of foure famous sages of the Common 
Law [viz., Mr. Mounson, E. Plowden, Mr. 
Vraye and J. Manwood], etc. 

4tQ., London : William Cooke, 1636. 

DEDEKINDUS (Fredericus). [i.e.. Fried- 
rich Dedekind.] Grobianus, et Grobiana. 
De morum simplicitate, libri tres, etc. 

8vo., [colophon :] Francoforti, 1554. 

[Another edition, entitled :] F. Dcdc- 

kindi ludus satyricus, de morum simphcitate, 
etc. izmo., Lugduni Batavorum, 1631. 

Tertia editio. 

i2mo., Lugduni Batavorum, 1642. 
Combes copy. 

DEE (John). Autobiographical tracts of Dr. 
J. Dec. ..Edited by J. Crossley. See CHET- 
HAM MISCELLANIES. Vol. I. 4to., 1851. 

The private diary of Dr. J. Dee [from 

1594 to 1601], and the catalogue of his 
library of manuscripts... Edited by J. O. 
Halliwell. 4to., London, 1842. 

(Camden Society Publications. Vol. 19.) 

Vita Joannis Dee, etc. See SMITH (T.) 

Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford. Vita; 
quorundam...virorum, efc. 4to., 1707. 

DEFLORENNE (Antoine Bachelin-). See 

DEGEN (Johann Friedrich). Specimen 
urbanitatis Horatianae. 4to., Erlangae, 1 774. 
Drury copy. 

DEGGE (Sir Simon). The parson's counsellor, 
with the law of tithes and tithing, etc. 2 pts. 
[in I vol.] 8vo., London, 1676. 

The pagination is consecutive. 

DEGREVANT, Sir. The romance of Sir 
Degrevant [in verse]. See THORNTON 
(R.). The Thornton romances, etc. 

4to., 1844. 
DEGUILEVILLE (Guillaume de). Le pele- 
rinage de I'ame... Edited by J. J. Stiirzinger. 
4to., London, 1895. 

(Roxburgho Club Publications, No. 127.) Mr. 
R. C. Christie's copy. 

Le pelerinage de vie humaine.. .Edited by 

J. J. Stiirzinger. 4to., London, 1893. 

(Roxburghe Club Publications, No. 124.) Mr. 
R. C. Christie's copy. 

Le pelerinage Jhesucrist... Edited by J. J. 

Stiirzinger. 4to., Lowrfow, 1897. 

(Roxburghe Club Publications, No. 133.) Mr. 
R. C. Christie's copy. 

The pilgrimage of the lyf of the manhode. 

from the French of G. de Deguileville- 
Edited by W. A. Wright. 

4to., London, 1869. 
(Roxburghe Club Publications, No. 91.) 
DEJOB (Charles). M. A. Murct. Un pro- 
fesseur fran9ais en Italic dans la seconde 
moitie du 16= si6cle. ThSse, etc. 

8vo., Pom, 1881. 

DE LACY (Henry) Earl of Lincoln. See LIN- 

DELAMALLE (Gaspard Gilbert), liloge de 
W. (F. D.) Tronchet, etc. 8vo., Paris. 1806. 

Pttttison copy. 

DELANDINE (Antoine Francois). Manu- 
.scrits de la Bibliothdque de Lyon, on notices 
sur leur ancicnnete, leurs auteurs, etc. 3 tom. 
See LYONS. — BiBLiOTHhQUE de la Ville. 

8vo., 1 81 2. 
DELEPIERRE (Joseph Octave). (Essai bio- 
graphique sur I'histoire littfiraire des fous.) 

^to.. [Londres, i8()o.] 
Imperfect ; wanting the titlepage. Title taken 
from the caption. 

Macaroneana, ou m61anges de litt6raturc 

macaroniquc des diiferents pcuples de I'Eu- 
ropc. 8vo., Paris, 1852. 

Macaroneana Andra, overum nouveaux 

melanges de litti-raturc macaroniquc. 

4to., Londres, 1862. 

La parodie chez les Grccs, chez les Re- 
mains, ct chez les modornes. 

4to., Londres, 1870. 

Supercheries litt6raircs, pastiches, suppo- 
sitions d'auteur, dans les lettres ct dans les 
arts. 4to., Londres, 1872. 


DELINEATIO. Delineatio summorum capi- 
tum lustitudinis studenticae in nonnuUis 
academiis usitata(e). See FACETI^. Face- 


tiae facetiarum, etc. 

[Another edition.] 

[Another edition.] 

[Another edition.] 

[Another edition.] 

[Another edition.] 

DELIUS (Matth^us). 
scripti carmine 

i2mo., 1737. 


i2mo., 1754. 

De arte jocandi libri 
nil. scripti carmine a M. Delio, etc. See 
OPSOPCEUS (V.). De arte bibendi libri 
tres, etc. 8vo., 1578. 

[Another edition.] See FACETI^. 

Facetise facetiarum, etc. i2mo., 1615. 

[Another edition.] See OPSOPCEUS 

(V.). V. Opsopoeus de arte bibendi Ub. 
qaa.tuor , etc. [Pt. I.} i2mo., 1648. 

[Another edition.] See FACETI^. 

Facetiae facetiarum, etc. i2mo., 1737. 

[Another edition.] 

DEL RIO (Martinus Antonius). 
DELTOUR (Nicolas Felix) & 

i2mo., 1754. 

See RIO. 


(Louis Athenais). Notice sur le Doctorat 
6s Lettres...Troisi6me edition, etc. See MOU- 
RIER (L. A.) & DELTOUR (N. F.). 

8vo., 1869. 
DEMADES. /irj/iiadov, vnsg T»jg dcudeHaertag. 
See ^SCHINES. Aoyot rovrwvi rcov qijto- 
Qiov. Alaxtvov...A7]fiadov, etc. [Pt. I.] 

foL, 1513. 

DEMETRIUS, Phalereus. Atju^xqiov 0aXtjQewg 

neQi iQftijveia;. See APHTHONIUS, Sophista. 

Rhetores in hoc volumine habentur hi, etc. 

[Vol. I.] 4to., 1508. 

Arjni]TQiov ^aArjQecos ^egi iQurjveiag. De- 

metrii Phalerei de elocutione. Gr. 

8vo., Florenties, 1552. 

Red morocco by C. Lewis. Beckford, Sullivan, 
and Gemiadius copy. 

[Another edition.] Gr. 

8vo., Parisiis, 1555. 

P. Victorii commentarii in librum Demetrii 

Phalerei de elocutione. [With the text.] 
Positis ante s^ngulas declarationes Graecis 
vocibus auctoris : iisdemque ad verbum 
Latine expressis, etc. Gr. &■ Lot. 

fol., Florentia, 1562. 

Hoym, Crevenna and Gennadius copy. 
DEMETRIUS, Triclinius. Ai]nr]ZQ(ov tov Tqi- 
xhviov, tig TO too Iio(fox}.tovg inra dQa/iara, 
Tzegi /lETQcov olg ixQtjOaro SorpoxXtjQ, negi 
axn/Jarcov, xai axoha. See SOPHOCLES. 
[Opera. — Greek.'] £orpox}.tovc rnaymdcai, etc. 

[Pt- n.] 4to., 1553. 

[Another copy.] 

DEMOCRITUS, pseud. Democritus ridens. 

Sive campus recreationum honestarum, etc. 

[By J. P. Langius.] See LANGIUS (J. P.). 

i2mo., 1655. 
[Another edition.] lamo., 1701. 

xai eSi)xovxa. Ai^aviov 
elg rovg avtovg Xoyovg. 

(J. C). J. C. Magneni ... Democritus re- 
viviscens : sive vita et philosophia Demo- 
criti. i2mo., 1648. 

DEMOCRITUS, Junior, pseud, [i.e., Robert 
Burton.] See BURTON (R.). 

DE MORGAN (Augustus). Arithmetical 
books from the invention of printing to the 
present time, being brief notices of a large 
number of works drawn up from actual in- 
spection. 8vo., London, 1847. 

A budget of paradoxes. 

8vo., London, 1872. 

Reprinted, «-ith additions, from the " Athenaeum." 

DEMOSTHENES. [OpiE.RA.—Grt'ci.] Arj/xoa- 
devovQ ?.oyot, 8vo 
ao(piarov, vnoOeaetg 

Biog 6rjftoad£vovg, xar' aviov hpaviov. Biog 
drjfioadti'ovg, xara Ti?.ovraQxov. Demosthenis 
orationes duae & sexaginta. Libanii sophistae 
in eas ipsas orationes argumenta. Vita 
Demosthenis per Libanium. Ejusdem vita 
per Plutarchum. [Edited by A. P. Manutius, 
assisted by S. Carteromachus.] Ed. Pr. 
2 pts. [in I vol.] 

fol., [colophon .] Venetiis : in cedib. Aldi, 1504. 
Kenouard, p. 47. 

At)i.ioa6evovg xar a ^ihnnov }.oyog a . Tov 

avTov nsQi ri^g elgijvtjg. Demosthenis contra 
Philippum oratio prima. Ejusdem de pace. 
(Atjfioadevovg xara ^iXiTinov Xoyog /?'. Tov 
avrov Tiegi Djg 'Akovrjaov, etc. — Arj/xoaBcvovg 
xara 9th:iJiov Xoyog y'. Tov avrov jieQi rcjv 
iv XeQQovrjom, etc.) 

4to., Parisiis : apud C. Wechelum, 1543. 

Eacli oration has an independent titlepage. In- 
complete ; wanting the fourth oration. 

Aijfioadevovg Xoyiov rfirj/ia tiqioxov {-xqixov). 

Demosthenis orationum pars prima (-tertia) 
...Corrigente P. Manutio. 3 pts. [in 2 vols.] 

8vo., [colophon ;] Venetiis : apud P. 
Manutium, 1554. 
Benouard, pp. 160. 488. 

Atjfioadevovg Xoyoi, xai Jigooiftia drjfitjyogixa, 

xai EJitaroXai, aw ratg E^)jytjaeatv...rov OvXma- 
vov grjrogog. . .StogOcodBtaatg, 6ia tpiXonoviag, xai 
ijitfieXeiag rov F. Mogshov...ngoEre6i] piog 
Atjfioadevovg. ..'Eleyxog nov Xoycov, xai ngooift. 
drjfujyogtxcov, xai iniarokoiv, fiera ra ngoXeyo- 
fieva rov Ovkntavov. fol., Ltitetiis, 1570. 

Wodlmll and Gennadius copy. 

[Opera — Italian.] Cinque orationi di 

Demosthene, et una di Eschine, tradotte... 
in italiana [by G. Ferro], etc. 

8vo., Venetia : Aldus[P. Manutius], 1557. 
Renouard, p. 171. 

[De Corona. — Greek.] Aijfioadevovg 6 

jtegi rov areipavov Xoyog. See jESCHINES. 
Tiov r)jg 'EXXaSog i^oxcov grjrogiov Aiaxivov 
xai Aijfioadevovg ?.oyoi reaaageg dvrtdixoi, 
etc. [Pt. II.] Svo., 1549. 

— [Another edition.] Se« -ESCHINES. 

Aeschinis et Demosthenis orationes duse con- 
trariae, etc. 8vo., 1550. 

Aijfioadevovg 6 negi rov areqiavov Xoyog. 

Demosthenis oratio de corona. 

4to.,|[G«wei'(i? .■] A pud Joanncm Lertout, 1581. 




[De Corona. — Latin.] [De Corona.] See 

CICERO (M. T.). [Opera.— LaftM.] Tvlivs de 
oratore cvm commento et alia opera. 

fol., 1495. 

[Another edition.] fol., 1497. 

Demosthenis pro Ctesiphonte de corona 

oratio, J. Perionio,..interprete. See jESCHI- 
NES. ^schinis et Demosthenis contrariae 
orationes, e<c. 4to., 1554. 

[De Falsa Legatione.] Aijfwadevov^, 6 

Tte-Qi TTjg TiagajiQEaPeiai; ^oyoQ. See ^SCHI- 
NES. Tct>v rr]Q "EXXaSog i^oxojv Q7]roQ(ov 
Ataxii'ov xai AijfwaOevovg Xoyoi reaaageg 
avTidixoi.etc. [Pt. II.] 8vo., 1549. 

[OLYNTiiiACiE.] Ar}tioa0Evov(;...)M'yoi'OXw- 

Oiaxoi rgeig. Demosthenis... Olynthiacae ora- 
tiones tres, analysi dialectica, rhetorica, 
historica, ethica & poUtica a M. Beuralero... 
illustratae...Accessit in fine earundem ora- 
tionum Latina interpretatio. a D. R. CoUino, 
etc. Gr. &■ Lat. 8vo., Franco fttrdi, 1585. 

[Philippics. — Greek.] AtjftoaOevovg 6 Tigog 

Tjjv ^ihnnov iTitaroXrjv Xoyog. Demosthenis ad 
Philippi epistolam oratio. J. Habighorstii in 
eandem adnotationes xExvoXoywai. 

8vo., Colonics : per J. Soterem, s.a. 
18 ff., without pagination ; bigs. a~^, 7-. 

Arj/waQevovg xara 0thn7iov Xoyog 6'. De- 
mosthenis oratio quarta contra Philippum. 

4to., Parisris : ex officina C. Wecheli, 1539. 

— — Atj/ioadcvovg xara 0tXi7tnov Xoyot. De- 
mosthenis orationes contra Philippum. 

4to., Parisiis : apud J. Lodoicum, 1541. 

[Philippics. — Latin.] Demosthenis ora- 
tiones quatuor contra Philippum, k P. 
Manutio latinitate donatae. 4to., Venetiis : 

apud Aldi filios [P. Manutius], 1 549. 
Renouard, p. 146. 

• [Appendix.] See ULPIANUS, Rhetor. 

Ovhiiavov QrjTOQog, TCQoXeyo^eva elg re rovg 
dXwdiaxovg, xai (piXmmxovg drjfwaOevovg Xoyovg, 
etc. fol., 1503. 

[Another edition.] fol., 1527. 

DEMPSTER (Thomas). T. Dempstcri historia 
ecclesiastica gentis Scotorum : sive, de scrip- 
toribus Scotia. Editio altera. [Edited by 
D. Irving.] 2 torn. 4to., Edinburgi, 1829. 

(Rannatyne Cluh. ) Tho pagination is con- 

DENAISIUS (Petrus). Dissertatio de idolo 
Hallensi, J. Lipsii, mangonio & phaleris exor- 
nato atque producto. [By P. Dcnaisius.J 

4to., [Heidelberg,] 1605. 
Borbier, IV., 1338. 

DENIS (JoHANN Nepomuk Cosmas Michael). 
Annalium typographicorum v. cl. Michaclis 
Maittairc supplementum. Adomavit M. 
Denis. 2 pts. .See MAITTAIRE (M.). 

4to., 1789. 

Sec PANZER (G. W.). Annales typo- Maittairii Denisii aliorumque 
doctissimorum virorum curas in ordinem 
redacti cmendati et aucti. 1 1 vols. 

4to., 1793-1803. 

DENIUS (Cornelius) pseud, [i.e., Rodolphe 
Matman.] See MATMAN (R.). 

DENNISTOUN (James). Memoirs of the 
Dukes of Urbino, illustrating the arms, arts 
and literature of Italy, from 1440 to 1630. 
3 vols., illust. 8vo., London, 1851. 

DENON (Dominique Vivant) Baron. See 
AM ANTON (C. N.). Notices sur M. Cou- 
turier et M. le baron Denon. 8vo., (1825.) 

D'ifiON DE BEAUMONT (Charles Gene- 
vieve Louis Auguste Andre TimothSe). 

DEPPING (Georg Bernhard). Les Juifs 
dans le moyen age : essai historique sur leur 
6tat civil, commercial et litteraire, etc. 

8vo., Paris, 1845. 

DE QUINCEY (Thomas). See AXON (W. E. 
A.). De Quincey and J. F. Ferrier. 

8vo., 1898. 

The Stanley papers. 3 pts. 4to., 1853-67. 

DERBY (Edward Stanley) ^rd Earl of. 
Correspondence of Edward, third Earl of 
Derby, during the years 24 to 31 Henry VIII. 
[i 532-1 539.]. ..Edited by T. N. Toller. 

4to., {Manchester,) 1890. 

(Chetham Society. Remains, etc. New Series, 

Vol. 19.) One of three copies printed on large 




Vols. III.-V. 8vo., London, 1881-83. 

DE-ROSSI (Johannes Bernardus). See 
ROSSI (G. B. de). 

DERRY, Bishops of. 

George. [1616-34.] See DOWNAME (G.). 
William. [1691-1703.] See KING (W.) 

A rchbishop of Cashel and Emly. 
WilUam. [1718-27.] See NICOLSON (W.) 

A rchbishop of Dublin. 

(C. de). 

DES AUTELS (Guillaume). See LIVET (C. 
L.). La grammaire fran9aise et les gram- 
mairiens du 16° siMe... Dubois (Sylvius). ..G. 
des Autels, etc. 8vo., 1859. 

DES BILLONS (Franjois Joseph Terrasse). 
Nouveaux eclaircissements sur la vie et les 
ouvragesde G. Postcl. 8vo., Liege. 1773. 

Calf l>y 0. Lewis. 

[Another copy.] 

I'attison copy, in which uro indicated the books 
by I'ostel ill tho possession of Mr. R. C. Christie. 
Imperfect ; wanting tlio hist leaf. 

DESCARTES (Reni;). Rcnati Descartes epis- 
tola;, partim ab auctore Latino sernione 
conscnptae, partim ex Gallico translate, etc. 
2 pts. [in I vol.], illust. 4to., Lotuiini, 1668. 

DES CAURRES (Jean). Joannis dcs Caurrcs 
...enarrationcs, in N. Borbonii...libelluni dc 
moribus, etc. [With the text.] See BOR- 
BONIUS (N.). 4to., 1 571. 


DESCHAMPS (Pierre). Dictionnaire de geo- 
graphie ancienne et modeme a I'usage du 
Ubraire et de I'amateur de livTes...Par un 
bibliophile. [Dedication signed P. D., i.e., P. 
Deschamps.] (Supplement au manuel du 
libraire et de I'amateur de livres [by J. C. 
Brunet].) 8vo., Pam, 1870. 

Essai bibliographique sur M. T. Ciceron... 

Avec una preface par J. Janin. [With an 
appendix containing a list of manuscript 
copies of Cicero, taken from " Bibliotheca 
bibliothecarum manuscriptorum nova " by 
B. de Montfaucon and J. Le Maistre.] 

Svo., Paris, 1863. 

Morante copy. 

DESCHAMPS (Pierre) & BRUNET (Pierre 
Gust.we). Manuel du libraire... Supplement 
...par P. Deschamps et [P.] G. Brunet. 2 
tom. See BRUNET (J. C). Manuel du 
lihrsLhe, etc. 8vo., 1878-80. 

DESCRIZIONE. Descrizione di due libri 
stampati da Aldo. [By C. Ramazzotti.] 
See RAMAZZOTTI (C). 8vo., [1852.] 

[Another edition.] 8vo., (1853.) 

DESDOUITS (THitoPHiLE). La legende tra- 
gique de J. Bruno, etc. 8vo., Paris, 1885. 

For a critique on this work, ste Mr. R. C. Ciiristie's 
" Was Giordano Biuno really burned? " (1885). 

DES FREUX (Andre). See FRUSIUS (A.). 

DES GUERROIS (Ch.\rles). Patelin, comedie 
du quinzieme siecle, ramenee a la langue du 
dix-neuvieme. 8vo., Paris, 1855. 

300 copies printed, this being No. 95. 

DESH0ULI£RES (Antoinette du Ligier de 
La Garde) Madame. See Lfi.MONTEY (P. 
£.). Notices sur M"". de La Fayette et sur 
M™'. Deshouli^res, etc. 8vo., 1822. 

DESL.\NDES (Andre Francois Boureau-). 


DES LYONS ( ) Baron. Eloge du roi 

Louis XII., surnomme le Pdre du Peuple. 

8vo.,5./., 1788. 
Pattison copy. 

DES MAIZEAUX (Pierre). Scaligerana 
[prima Scaligerana compiled by F. Vertunia- 
nus ; secunda Scaligerana compiled by J. 
and N. Vassan], Thuana, Perroniana, Pithce- 
ana, et Colomesiana. Ou remarques his- 
toriques, critiques, morales, & litteraires de 
J. Scaliger, J. A. de Thou, le Cardinal Du 
Perron, F. Pithou, & P. Colomies. Avec les 
notes de plusieurs savans. [Edited by P. 
Des Maizcaux.] 2 tom. 

121110., Amsterdam, 1740. 

[Another copy.] 

La vie de Monsieur [P.] Baylc.conside- 

rablement augmentee, etc. See BAYLE (P.). 
Dictionaire historique et critique ... Cin- 
quieme edition, f/c. Tome I. fol., 1740. 

DESMARETS (Jean) Seigneur de Saint-Sorliri. 
Les visionnaires, comMie. See BACHAU- 
MONT (F. Le C. de) & CHAPELLE (C. E. 
L.). Voyage, c/r, 8vo.,.i7o8. 

DESMAZE (Charles). Le Parlement de Paris : 
son organisation, ses premiers presidents et 
procureurs generaux ; avec une notice sur 
les autres parlements de France... 2= edition, 
"ic. 8vo., Paris, i860. 

i6« sificle. P. Ramus, sa vie, ses ecrits. 

sa mort, 1515-1572. i2mo., Pam, 1864. 

Morante copy. 

L'Universite de Paris, 1 200-1 875. La 

nation de Picardie. les colleges de Laon et de 
Presles, la loi sur I'enseignement superieur. 

i2mo., Paris, 1876. 

Pattison copy. 

DES PERIERS (Bonaventure). CEuvres 

fran9oises... revues... et annotees par L. La- 

cour. 2 tom. 8vo., Paris, 1856. 

Cymbalum mundi, ou dialogues satyriques 

sur differens su jets... Avec une lettre critique 
...par P. Marchand. 

1 2mo. , A msterdam , 1 7 1 1 . 

Nouvelle Edition, etc. 

1 2 mo., Amsterdam, 1732. 
Beaufort copy. 

Nouvelles recreations et joyeux devis... 

suivis du cymbalum mundi ... Avec une 
notice, des notes et un glossaire par L. 
Lacour. 2 tom. 8vo., Paris, 1874. 

DES PORTES (C. B. F. Boscheron). See 

DESPRfiAUX (Nicolas Boileau). See 

DES RfiAUX (Gedeon Tallemant). See 

DEUTSCHE (Jacobus) Resp. Dissertatio pos- 
terior de Vanini scriptis et opinionibus, etc. 
See OLEARIUS (J. G.) Pras. 4to., 1708. 

G.\NGUs) Resp. De castrationis librorum 
causis. librisque historicis mutilatis, etc. See 
ENGELIUS (M. A.) Pras. 4to., 1765. 

DEVELAY (Victor). Lettres des homnies 
obscurs. Traduites par V. Develay. 3 vols. 
See GRATIUS (O.). 24mo., 1870. 

DE VINNE (Theodore Low). Historic 
printing types. A lecture, etc. 

4to., New York, 1886. 
(Publications of the Grolier Club.) 202 copies 

DEVONSHIRE (William Cavendish) 1st 
Duke of. The charms of liberty : a poem... 
by the late Duke of D(evonshire). See 
of T. Pctronius Arbiter, etc. 8vo., 17 10. 

D'H.\RDIVILLIER (Pierre) Archbishop of 
Boiirges. Sec HARDIVILLIER. 


DIALOGHI. Due dialoghi, I'uno di Mercurio 
et Caronte...L'altro di Latantio et I'Archi- 
diacono, etc. [By J. de Valdes.] See 
V.\LDES (J. de). 8vo., s.a. 

DL\LOGO. Dialogo intitulato II grammatico 
overe delle false essercitationi delle schuole. 
[By A. Palearius.] See PALEARIUS (A.). 

4to., 1557. 


DIAZ DE LUCO (Juan Bernardo) Bishop of 
Calahorra. Joannis B. Diaz de Luco... 
magistrales doctrinae utriusque censurg pro- 
fessoribus nee minus neeessariae quam utiles. 
Accessere huic editioni LXXV. doctrinae, re- 
liquis item quae prius crant impressae locuple- 
tatis, ut exemplaria conferenti facile patuerit. 
8vo., Lugduni : M. et G. Trechsel fratres 
excudebant, 1535. 

DIBDIN (Thomas Frognall). Aedes Althor- 
pianae ; or, an account of the mansion, books, 
and pictures, at Althorp ; the residence of 
George John Earl Spencer, K.G. To which 
is added a supplement to the Bibliotheca 
Spenceriana. 2 vols., illust. 

8vo., London, 1822. 

Paine copy. 

The bibliographical decameron ; or ten 

days of pleasant discourse upon illuminated 
manuscripts, and subjects connected with 
early engraving, typography, and biblio- 
graphy. I \o\s., illust. 6vo., London, 181J. 

Hnrtopp copy. 

Bibliography : a poem. In six books. 

[Advertisement signed T. F. D., i.e., T. F. 
Dibdin.] Book I. 8vo., (Lofi(fo«, 1812.) 

Only 50 copies privately printed. Halkett and 
Laing, I., 230. Luarii copy. 

' Bibliomania ; or book madness : a biblio- 

graphical romance, in six parts, etc. [Second 
edition.] 8vo., London, iSii. 

New and improved edition, to which 

are added preliminary observations, and a 
supplement including a key to the assumed 
characters in the drama. L. P. 

8vo., London, 1876. 

■ Bibliophobia. Remarks on the present 

languid and depressed state of literature and 

the book trade. ..By Mercurius Rusticus [i.e., 

T. F. Dibdin], etc. 8vo., London, 1832. 

Halkett and Laing, I., 230. Luard copy. 

Bibliotheca Spenceriana, etc. 4 vols. 

See SPENCER (G. J. Spencer) 2nd Earl. 

4to., 1814-15. 

.\ descriptive catalogue of the books 

printed in the fifteenth century, lately forni- 
mg part of the library of the Duke di Cassano 
Scrra, etc. See SPENCER (G. J. Spencer) 
2nd Earl. 4to., 1823. 

An intro<luction to the knowledge of rare 

and valuable editions of the Greek and Roman 
classics, etc. 8vo., Glocester, 1802. 

Third edition, etc. 2 vols. 

Svo., London, 1808. 
I'ourtli edition, etc. 2 vols. 

8vo., London, 1827. 

The library companion : or, the young 

man's guide, and the old man's comfort, in 
tlic choice of a library. 8vo., London, 1824. 

Reminiscences of a literary life. (Index.) 

3 pts., illust. 8vo., London, 1836. 

The pagination of pts. i and 3 is consecutive ; 
pt. 3, contoiiiing the index, is separately paged. 

Sj^ecimcn of an English Dc Burc. [By T. 

F. Dibdin.] 8vo., London, (1810.) 

Halkett and Laing, III., 2464. Only 50 copies 
pri%'ately printed. Luard copy. 

See AMES (J.). An index to Dibdin's 

edition of the typographical antiquities first 
compiled by J. Ames, etc. 8vo., 1899. 

See BARBIER (A. T.). Notice sur les 

heures de Charlemagne. ..tiree de la 29'^ lettre 
du Voyage M. T. F. 
Dibdin, e<c. 8vo., 1823. 

DIBON (Henri de). See FABER (R. S.). 

The buried book, or the Bible of Henri de 

Dibon. 4to., 1885. 

DICKENS (Charles). Sketches by Boz... 

With forty illustrations by G. Cruikshank. 

New edition, complete. 8vo., London, 1839. 

See KITTON (F. G.). Dickens and his 

illustrators, etc. 4to., 1899. 

DICKSON (Robert) & EDMOND (John 
Philip). Annals of Scottish printing from 
the introduction of the art in 1507 to the 
beginning of the seventeenth century. 

4to., Cambridge, 1890. 

No. 39 of 200 copies printed on small paper. 

DICKSON (William Purdie). The Glasgow 
University library : notes on its history, 
arrangements, and aims. ..Notice of the Euing 
collection of Bibles, by J. Lymburn. 

8vo., Glasgow, 1888. 

DICTIONARIUM. Dictionarium graecum 
copiosissimum secudum ordinem alphabeti 
cum interpretatione latina. [By J. Cras- 
tonus.] etc. See CRASTONUS (J.) Placen- 
tintis. fol., 1497. 

[Another edition.] fol., 1524. 

DICTIONARY. A bibliographical dictionary, 
etc. [By A. Clarke.] 6 vols. See CLARKE 
(A.). i2mo., 1802-4. 

63 vols. 8vo., London, 1885-1900. 

Vols. 1-21 edited by L. Stephen, vols. 22-26 by 
L. Stephen and S. Leo, vols. 27-63 by S. Lee. 

Supplement. 3 vols. 

8vo., London, 1901. 
Presented by Mrs. Christie. 

Errata. 8vo., London, 1904. 

Presontetl by Mrs. Christie. 

Index and epitome. 8vo., London. 1903. 


See CHRISTIE (R. C). Dictionary of 

National Biography. [A critique on Vols. 
L-X.] 8vo., 1887. 

DICTIONNAIRE. Dictionnairc bibliogra- 

phiquc, historiquc ct critique des livres 
rares, etc. [By the Abbe Duclos.] 3 torn. 
See DUCLOS ( ) .4bb,'. 8vo., 1790. 

Dictionnairc dc bibliographic fran(jaisc. 

[By G. Fleischer.] Tom. I. -II. See 
FLEISCHER (G.). 8vo., 181 2. 

Dictionnairc tics ouvragos polyonymcs et 

anonymcs dc la litteraUirc fran(;aise, 17CX.) k 
1845. [By J. .M. ducrard.] Sec piTltRARD 
(J.M.). ' 8vo.,[i8.iO.| 

Dictionairc francoislatin, contcnant les 

motz & manieres de parler francois, tourncz 
en latin. fol., Paris : dc I'impriineric de 

R. Estiennc, 1 539. 
The colophon is dated 1540. Joiighe copy. 


DICTYS, Cretensis. pseud. Dictys Cretensis (Q. 
Septimio...interprete), et Daretis Pnrj'gii (C. 
Nepote interprete), de bello Troiano historia. 
Declamationes tres Libanii Sophistae, ejusdem 
ferd argumenti (D. Erasmo... interprete). 
i6mo., Lugd[uni] : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1552. 

[Another edition.] 

i6mo., Lugduni : apud A. Gryphium, 1569. 

Dawson Turner copy. 

DIDEROT (Denis). Les bijoux indiscrets... 

Nouvelle edition. lamc, Paris, 1833. 

DIDIER(Je.\nPaul). See WILLBROD ( de) 

Comte. Revelations politiques. Les trois 

victimes (P. Didier, Charles Ferdinand due 

de Berry, et le Prince de Conde). 8vo., 1847. 

DIDOT (Ambroise Firmin). Les Aide Manuce, 

etc. 8vo., (Paris,) [i860.] 

From the " Nouvelle Biographie Gin^rale," 

Tome XXXin. 

Aide Manuce et I'Hellenisme a Venise, etc. 

(Appendice.) 8vo., Pam, 1875. 

See QUANTIN (A.). Aide Manuce 

et THellfenisme a Venise par A. F. Didot... 
Rapport, rff. 8vo., 1875. 

See VINET (E.). Un mot sur I'Alde 

Manuce de M. A. Firmin-Didot. 8vo., 1875. 

Catalogue des livres precieux, manuscrits 

et imprimes, faisant partie de la bibliotheque 
de M. A. Firmin-Didot, etc. (Table alpha- 
betique des noms d'auteurs et des ou\Tages 
anonymes suivie de la Uste des prix d'adjudi- 
cation.) 12 pts. [in 2 vols.] 

8vo., Paris, 1878-84. 

Sale catalogue in six parts, each with a ' Table 

alphab^tique." Pt. II. is preceded by au 

" Essai aur la gravure dans les livres," by 

G. Duplessis. 

Catalogue raisonne des livres de la biblio- 
theque de INL A. F. Didot, etc. Tome I., 
livr. I. 8vo., Paris, 1867. 

Essai sur la typographic. 

8vo., Paris, 1855. 

From the " EncyclopMie Moderne," Tome XXVI. 

Essai typographique et bibUographique 

sur I'histoire de la gravure sur bois...pour 
faire suite aux costumes anciens et modemes 
de C. Vecellio. 8vo., Paris, 1863. 

Les Estienne, etc. [Signed A. F. Didot] 

8vo., (Pam,) [1856.] 
From the " Nouvelle Biographie G6nerale," 
Tome XVI. 

DIDOT (Firmin). Catalogue des livres rares, 
precieux, et tres-bien conditionnes, provenant 
du cabinet de ^L F. D[idot]. 

8vo., Paris, 1808. 
Sale catalogue, with prices in MS. 

•^— Catalogue des livres rares, precieux, et 

trds-bien conditionnes du cabinet de AL F. 

Didot. 8vo., Pam, 1810. 

Sale catalogue, with purchasers' names and prices 

in MS. 

Poesies de F. Didot, suivies d'observa- 

tions litteraires et typographiques sur Robert 
et Henri Estienne. 8vo., Paris, 1834. 

DIDYMUS, Alexandrinus, Grammaticus. 
i7j;oAia nakaia re, xat :iavv dxpeh/ia eli; it]v 

Tott 'OfttjQov 'IXiada, xai d; rrjv 'OSvaaea [sic]. 
Interpretationes et antiquae, et perquam 
utiles in Homeri Iliada, nee non in Odyssea 
[sic]. [Ascribed to Didymus.] {IIogqwQiov 
(pi}.oao<pov ofiijQixa ^TjTrj/jaTa. Tov avrov noQ- 
ipvQiov TtEQi xov, Ev 66vaaeiq tojv w/.tq)cov, avrgov. 
Porphyrii philosophi homericarum quaestio- 
num liber. Ejusdem de n^Tnpharum antro 
in Odyssea, opusculum.) [Edited by F. Asu- 
lanus] Gr. 2 pts. [in i vol.] 

Svo., [colophon ;] Voietiis : in aedibus 

Aldi, et Andreae soceri, 152 1. 

Renouard, p. 91. The scholia on the Odyssey, 

mentioned on the titlepage, did not apiJear 

until 1528. 

[Another copy of Pt. IL] 

AiSv/iov ... elg Trjv 'Odvaaeiav iirjyrjati;. 

Didymi...interpretatio in Odysseam. [Edited 
by F. Asulanus.] Gr. 

8vo., [colophon ;] Venetiis : in aedibus Aldi 
et Andreai [sic] Asulani soceri, 1528. 

Contemporary Venetian morocco, with title of 
book and device of Fortune holding ft sail, on 
sides. Renouard, p. 105. Manzoni copy. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., [colophon .] Parisiis ; G. Morrhius, 1530. 

Ewaymyr] rwv Taggatov, xai Sidvfiov... 

nagoifiimv, etc. See JiSOPUS. Habentur 
hoc volumine haec, videlicet. Vita, et fabellse 
Aesopi, etc. fol., 1505. 

DIGBY (Sir Kenelm). Poems from Sir K. 
Digby's papers, in the possession of [and 
edited by] H. A. Bright 4to., London, 1877. 

(Roxburghe Club Publications, No. 104.) 

DIGN.\, Saint and Martyr. See DYMPHNA. 

DILKE (Emila Francis Strong) Lady, for- 
merly Mrs. Pattison. Art in the modem 
state. 8vo., London, 1888. 

DILKE (Thomas). XXV. select allusions to 
several places of Horace, Martial, Anacreon, 
and Petron. Arbitr. Pt. I. 

4to., London, 1698. 
No more published. 

[Another copy.] 

DILLON (Wentworth) ^th Earl of Roscom- 
mon. See ROSCOMMON. 

romwvi rwv qtjtoqojv. Ai(7xi''>'ov...Actvagxov, 
etc. [Pt. II.] fol., 1513. 

DINAUX (Arthur Martin). Les societ^s 
badines, bachiques, litteraires et chantantes, 
leur histoire et leurs travaux ; ouvrage post- 
hume...revu...par G. I^runet, etc. 2 torn. 

8vo., Paris, 1867. 

DIO, Chrysostomus. Dion Chrj'sostomus Pru- 
sensis philosophus ad Ilienses : I Ilii captiui- 
tatem non fuisse aperte demonstrat | Fran- 
ciscus Filelfus e graeco traduxit | Petronius 
.\rbiter Satyricus. | Lat. 

4to., [colophon .] Venetiis : per Bernar- 

dinum Venetum de Vitalibics, 1499. 

Hain and Copinger, *6i85. Proctor, 5533. This 

copy wants the leist leaf (blank). Red morocco 

by L, Guetant. 


DIO, Chrysostomus. — [contd.) 

Aiujvoi Tov Xgvaoarofiov Xoyoi re'. Dionis 

Chrysostomi orationes LXXX. Apposita est 
in extreme libra varietas lectionum, cum 
orationum indice. Gr. Ed. Pr. 

8vo., Venetiis : apud F. Turrisanum, [1551.] 

Renouard, p. 151. With the mark of Aldus. 

Aiojvog rov XgvaoaTO/iov Aoyo* n'. Dionis 

Chrysostomi orationes LXXX....Photii ex- 
cerptis, Synesiiq. censura illustratae. Ex 
interpretatione T. Nageorgi, accurate recog- 
nita...F. Morelli. . .opera. Cum I. Casauboni 
diatriba, & ejusdem Morelli scholiis, etc. Gr. 
&' Lat. fol., LuteticB, 1604. 

The " Diatriba " of Casaubon and the " Scholia " 
of Morellus are each separately paged. Gen- 
nadius copy. 
DIO, Nicisus. See DIO CASSIUS. 

DIOCASSIUS, Cocceiamts. TcovAioivog'Piofiai- 
y.div iaTOQiwv dxoaiiQia pifiXia. Dionis Ro- 
manarum historiarum libri XXIII, k XXXVI 
ad LVIII usque. [Edited by R. Estienne.] 
Gr. Ed. Pr. 

fol., Lutetice : ex officina R. Stephani, 1548. 

'Ex Tcuv AtcovoQ...'Po}ftaiHU>v iaxoQicov, dno 

nofintji'ov Mayvov f^exQig 'A?.eSavdQov rov 
Maftaiag, iTciroftr] 'loiawov rov Si(pihvov, etc. 
(Dionis Nicsi, reru Romanarum...epitorie, J. 
Xiphilino auctore, & G. Blanco... interprete.) 
Gr. &- Lai. avols. [ini.] ^to., Ltitelio', 1551. 

Syston Park and Gennadius copy. 

[Another copy of the Greek text 


'Ex Ttuv Atwvo; ExXoyai 'Iwavvov tou 

Eicpihvov. E Dione excerptae historia: ab J. 
Xiphilino. Ex interpretatione G. Blanci, a 
G. Xylandro recognita. H. Stephani in J. 
Xiphilinum post duos egregios messores 
spicilegium. Gr. &' Lat. 

fol., [Paris .] Excudehat H. Stephanus, 1592. 
Montagu and Hastings copy. 

Conflagratio Vesaevi montis ex Dione. 

G. Merula... interprete. See SCRIPTORES 

HISTORIC AUGUSTS. Ex recognitione 
D. Erasmi...C. Suetonius Tranquillus, etc. 

fol., 1 5 18. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., 1519. 

Nerva Cocceius ex Dione Graeco G. 

Merula... interprete. (M. Ulpius Trajanus 
eodem G. Merula interprete. — Adrianus ex 
Dione Graeco G. Merula interprete.) See 
hoc volumine haec continentur. J. B. 
Egnatii...dc Ca;saribus libri III., etc. 

8vo., 1516. 

[Another edition.] fol., 1518. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., 1 5 19. 

[Another edition.] Tom. I. 

i6mo., 1 55 1. 

DIODORUS, Siculns. Aioda>Qov Sixehmrov 

iaroQWiv fiifiha riva ra evQiaxo/ieva. Diodori 

Siculi historiarum libri alicjuot, qui extant, 

opera & studio V. Obsopoei in luccm cditi. 

Gr. Ed. Pr. 

4to., [colophon : Basel : J. Oporimis, 1539.] 

Comprisea only Books 16-20, 

Diodori Siculi bibliothecae historicae libri 

XVII. [Translated by Poggio Bracciolini.] 
i6mo., Lxigd^uni] : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1552. 

[Another edition.] i6mo., Lwg- 

duni : apud haered. Seb. Gryphii, 1559. 

AioduiQov rov Sixehutrov jit^hodTjxyjQ laroQi- 

xrjQ ^ip^oi nevrexatSexa ex twv reaaagaxovra. 
Diodori SicuU bibliothecae historicae libri 
quindecim de quadraginta. Decern ex his 
quindecim nunquam prius fuerunt editi. 
[Edited by H. Estienne.] Gr. 

fol., [Ge7ieva ;] Excudebat H. Stephanus, 1559. 

DIOGENES, Laertius. [Sig. ai, recto.] La 
uita de Philosophi | [Sig. az, recto .] IN- 
Phylosophi & delle loro elegantissime sententie 
extra |cto da. D. Lahertio & da altri antiquis- 
simi doctori. | [Colophon : Sig. g5, recto .-] 
Impressum Florentie per nos magistros 
magistrorum | lacobum Caroli clericum 
florentinum & Petrum | Honofrii de bonac- 
cursis Anno Salutis | M.CCCC. LXXXVIIII 1 
Nono Calendas | Nouebris. | [Sig. ^5, verso ;] 
TABULA I [Sig. g6, recto .■] FINIS. | 
4to., [colophon :] Florentie : per ... lacobum 
Caroli... &' Petrum Honofrii de bonac- 

cursis, 1489. 

52 ff., without pagination ; sigs. a-o^, f-g^. Hain, 
*6209. Heber and Waterton copy, 

Begin. [Fol. i , verso :] Benedictus Brog- 

nolus generosis patriciis Venetis Lauretio 
georgio : lacobo [que Baduario. Sa. Plurimam 
D. I [Fol. 3, recto .•] Laertii Diogenis uitae & 
sententiae eorum qui in philosophia pbati 
fuerunt. | [Translated from the Greek by A. 
Traversarius.] Lat. fol., [colophon :] Vene- 
tiis : per Pelegrinum de Pasqualibus, 1493. 
Wanting the two preliminary leaves, containing 

the table of contents. Hain, *6203. Hoff- 
mann, II., 76. Ivloss copy. 

AioyevovQ Aaegriov negc fSiwv, doyfiarcov xai 

djio<pOeyiiaTaiv rwv ev qyiKoaofKf evSoxi/iiiaavTcuv, 
fSifiha dexa, vvv Tigcorov evTvinuOevra. Diogenis 
Laertii dc vitis...celebrium philosophorum 
libri decern, etc. [Edited by H. Froben and 
N. Episcopius.] Gr. 

4to., [colophon : Basel : H. Froben 
and N. Episcopius,] 1533. 

Marnix van Sant Aldegonde copy. 

Diogenis Laertii de vita et moribus philo- 
sophorum libri X., etc. [Edited by F. Am- 

8vo., Lugdtmi : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1541. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1546. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Lugduni: apud Seb. Gryphium, 1551. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., Lugduni : 

apudhtvred. Seb. Gryphii, I5S9- 

Pizzo copy. 

Apophthegmata Grxca regum & ducum, 

philosophorum item, alior6mque quorundam : 
ex Plutarcho & Diogcnc Laertio, etc. Gr. iS- 
Lat. See PLUTARCHUS. [Apophthegmata 
Regum et Imperatorum.] i6mo., 1568. 

DION, Chrysoslom. See DIO, Chrysostomus. 


DION CASSIUS, Cocceianus. See DIO CAS- 



DIONYSIUS, Alexandrinus. See DIONY- 
SIUS, Periegetes. 

DIONYSIUS, Areopagita, Saint. Tade ivcariv 
ev Tr]6e ttj flipXiii rov dyiov Aiovvaiov. IJegi 

rrjQ ovQaviag ieQaQy_i.a<; IleQi Qeicov oro^iaiwv. . . 

IJegi rr]g ixx?.)jaiaarixr]i; iegagx Ileoc /ivaxixTji; 

Q£o!.oyiag...'E7iiaTO?.ai...MaQTi<Qiov tov aytov 
Aiovvaiov. Hsec insunt in hoc libro Sancti 
Dionysii. De coelesti hierarchia...De divinis 
nominibus, etc. Gr. 8vo., [colophon : 

Florence :] in aedibus P. Juntw, 1516. 

Renouard, p. xl. 

Dionysii Areopagita... libri duo, alter de 

mystica theologia, alter de divinis nominibus : 
iSI. Ficino et interprete, et explanatore. Qui- 
bus nunc graeca quoqs lectio adjecta est, etc. 
Gr. &■ Lat. 8vo., [colophon .] Venetiis : in 

adibtis BartholomcBi de Zanettis, 1539. 
The titlepage is dated 1538. 

Aiovvaiov 'AQeonaynov...-nQoi; TiftoOeov 

iniaxonov negi t>j? ovgaviag iegag^iag ^i^hov. 
[Edited by J. Chseradamus.] 

4to., [Parisiis ;] apud J . Bogardum, 1542. 

Tov fianagiov Aiovvaiov. ..ra evgiay.oneva. 

Ma^ifiov axoXia, etg ra atxa. Fecogyiov tov 
Tiaxv/iegij 7iaga(pgaaii. Mixai]). tov avyyiXov 
iyxiofuov. Dionysii Areopagitffi opera qua; 
extant, etc. Gr. Pts. I. & III. 

8vo., Parisiis, 1562, 61. 

Brunet, II., 723. Imperfect ; wanting pt. II., 
containing the " Maximi schoHa " and the 
" Michaehs Syngeli encomium." The title to 
pt. III. reads : *' rew/ryiou tov JlaxvfXEpTj jrapa- 
(ppaffts fiS TO Tou d7(OU Atovvffiov...€vpiijKO/xfvay^' 

See MICHAEL, Syncellus. Mixarjk I^vy- 

yeXov...iyxa)fiiov ei; tov dyiov Aiovvaiov, etc. 

4to., 1547. 

DIONYSIUS. Carthusiamis. See LEUWIS (D. 
DE) de Rickel. 

DIONYSIUS, Halicarnasseus. [Opera.] Aioi'v- 
aiov TOV 'AhxagvaaaewQ ' Pwfiaixijg dgxaio^oyiag 
fStfif.ta Sexa. Dionysii Halicamassei antiqui- 
tatum Romanarum lib. X. (Aiovvaiov tov 
'AhxagvaaaecoQ negi awdeaecog ovo^iaTojv, Tigog 
'Povcpov. Tov ainov Tr]g Q7]T0Qtx>jg Ttxvrjg 
xeqxiXaia Tiva, ngog 'Ex^xgo-Ttp. Tov avTov 
Tiegi Tiov Qovxvbidov Idioj^iaTcov, ngog 'Afi/naiov, 
etc.) [Edited by R. Estienne.] Gr. Ed. 
Pr. 2 pts. [in I vol.] 
fol., LuteticB : ex officina R. Stephani, 1546-47. 

Each part has an independent titlepage and 
pagination, but tlie register is continuous. The 
colophon of Pt. I. is dated 1547. Red morocco 
by Lortic. Didot and Gemiadius copy. 

[Another copy.] 

Russia by Roger Payne. Hildyard copy, 

Dionysii Halicamassei antiquitatum, sive 

originum Romanarum, libri X. S. Gelenio 
interprete. Adjecimus undecimum ex ver- 
sione Lapi, etc. Lat. 

i6mo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1555. 
Incomplete ; having the first six books onlj-. 
Jersey copy. 

[Ars Rhetorica.] Aiovvaiov 'Ahxan- 

vaaewg [sic] xexvrj. See APHTHONIUS, 
Sophista. Rhetores in hoc volumine habentur 
hi, etc. [Vol. I.] 4to., 1508. 

[De Thucvdide.] Aiowatov 'AXixag- 

vaaasiug Tiegi tcov &ovxvdidov idiiofiaTcov. See 
THUCYDIDES. 0ovxv6i6t]g, etc. fol., 1502. 

Dionysii Halicamassei de Thucydidis his- 

toria judicium, A. Duditio ... interprete, etc. 

4to., Venetiis : Aldus [P. Manutitis], 1560. 
Syston Park copy. Renouard, p. 181. 

[Another copy.] 

DIONYSIUS, Periegetes. Dionysii Afri de situ 
orbis opus...grasce scriptii. Idem in latini- 
tate a Rhemnio gramatico traslatu...In idem 
annotamenta graecorii more latine scripta, in 
quibus aliquot autorum castigationes con- 
tinentur. C. Calcagnini annotatio super 
Anchiale, et Rhemniai carminis pesitatio. 
Gr. &■ Lat. Ed. Pr. 

4to., [colophon .] Ferraria : J. Maciochus 
Bondenus imprimebat, 1512. 
52 f?., not 54, as stated by Brunet (II., 729), 
without pagination ; sigs. .\-E', F-G'. 

[Another copy.] 

Imperfect ; wanting sigs. G3 and G4. This copy 
has a contemporary map of Africa inserted 
between sigs. C7 and C8. 

Aiovvaiov olxovftenig Tiegujyrjatg. See 

PINDAR, nivdagov. 'OXv^ima. nvdia, etc. 

8vo., 1513. 

Dionysii Afri poema de orbis situ Prisciano 

interprete. S^eNIELA (P.). Pomponius Mela. 
Julius Solinus, ffc. 8vo., 1518. 

Aiovvaiov oixovfici'r]g negttjyyjaig. 'AgaTov 

(faivo^teva. FlgoxXov acpaiga. Dionysii orbis 
descriptio. Arati astronomicon. Procli 
sphaera. Cum scholiis Ceporini. Gr. &• Lat. 
2 pts. [in 1 vol.] 8vo., [colophon .] Basilea : 

apud J. Bebelium, 1523. 
The Latin translation is without pagination. 

[Another edition.] Gr. &- Lat. 

8vo., Basilea : [/. Bebel,] 1534. 

In this edition the Greek portion is foliated. 
Calf by Morrell. Morante and Gennadius copy. 

Aiovvaiov 'Ake^avdgewg Trjg otxovfievijg 

negiijytjoig, vnofiv^^iariaQeiaa vtio tov EvOTa- 
0(ou... Dionysii Alexandrini de situ orbis 
libellus, Eustathii Thessalonicensis archie- 
piscopi commentariis illustratus. Gr. 

4to., Lutetice : ex officina R. Stephani, 1547. 

Aiovvaiov oixovfievTjg Tisgirjyrjaig. See 

ESTIENNE (H.) 2nd of the Name. Oi Trjg 
fjgioixrjg Tioujaeoig TtgoTsvovreg noirirai, etc. 
[Pt. II.] fol., 1566. 

Dionysii Alex, et Pomp. Melae situs orbis 

descriptio. iEthici cosmographia. C. J. 
Solini polyistor [sic]. In Dionysii poematium 
commentarii Eustathii : interpretatio ejus- 
dem poematii ad verbum, ab H. Stephano 
scripta : necnon annotationes ejus in idem, 
& quorundam aliorum. In Melam annota- 
tiones J. Olivarii : in -^ithicum scholia J. 
Simleri : in Solinum emendationes Martini 
A. Delrio. Gr. &■ Lat. 3 pts. [in i vol.] 

i^to.,[Geneva? :] Excudebat H. Stephanus, 1577. 
Robinson and Hastings copy. 



DIONYSIUS (^Lius). AlXiov Aiowctov, tsqi 
[sic] dxhroiv ^ij/tartov. See MANUTIUS (A. 
P.). &tjaavQog. Kegai afiaWeiag, etc. 

fol., 1496. 

DIOSCORIDES (Pedacius). Uedaxiov Aioa- 

xoQtSov aval^aQ^eux; jibqi vhjQ \ laTQixi]i }.oyoi 

i^. I 'Eti TTCQi lo^oloyv ev w xai negt Xvaacnnoc, 

xvvoQ. I arjfjeuoaig re tojv vTc'avTiDV SeSijyuevojv 

xai 6e\Qaneia. \ NixovSqov tov xoXocpmviov 

noirirov 6i]giaxa. \ /jsra axohoiv. | Tov avjov 

aXe^KpaQnaxa. \ [Edited by A. P. Manutius.] 

Ed. Pr. 2 pts. [in i vol.] 

fol., [colophon .•] Venetiis : apud Aldum, 1499. 

Wanting the 10 leaves at the end containing tlie 

scholia on the " 'AX«|i0a/)/xa«a." Renouard, 

p. 21. Hain and Copinger, *6257. Proctor, 

5571. Wellesley and Crawford (Lakelands) 


AioaxoQuhjg. Dioscorides. (rieSaxiov 

AtoaxoQiSov TieQi vh]<; iatQixi]!; Xoyoi eS, etc.) 
[Edited by F. Asulanus, with annotations by 
H. Roscius.] 4to., [colophon .•] Venetiis : 

in aedibus Aldi et Andreae soceri, 1518. 

Renouard, p. 62. 

Dioscoridis libri octo Graece et Latino (J. 

Ruellio interprete). Castigationes in eosdem 
libros[by J. Goupil]. 8vo., Parisiis : ini- 

pensis vidua) A. Birkmanni, 1 540. 
The colophon reads : " Excudebat B. Prevost." 

Alphabetum empiricum, sive, Dio.scoridis 

ct Stephani remediis expertis 
liber, juxta alphabeti ordinem digestus. 
Nunc primum 4 C. Latinam 
linguam conversus, & in luceni editus. 

8vo., [Zurich,] 1581. 
De Thou and Beckford copy. 

Simplicium medicamentorum facilitates 

secundum locos ex Dioscoride. See DU 
PINET (A.) Sieur de Noroy. Historia plan- 
tarum.ffc. [Pt. II.] i6mo., 1561. 

Secunda editio. 

See AMATUS, Lusitanus, 

i6mo., 1567. 

pseud. [In 
Dioscoridis de medica materia libros quinque 
enarrationes, cic] 8vo.,[i558.] 

DIRECTOR, The ; a weekly literary journal, 
etc. [Edited by T. F. Dibdin.] 2 vols. 

8vo., London, 1807. 

Luard copy. 

DISCORSI. Tre discoisi volgari. L'uno di 

quel ch'6 col mezo d'amorc. L'altro dell' 

aniore del Petrarca...Il terzo della compas- 

sionc, etc. 8vo., Ferrara, 1585. 

DISCORSO. Discorso intorno allc cose della 

gucrra, etc. [Edited by A. Girardi.] See 

GIRARDI (A.). 4to., 1558. 

DISCOURS. Discours contenant le scul, et 

vray moyen, par lequel ung scrvitcur favo- 

rise, & constitu6 au service d'ung prince, 

pcult conserver sa felicitc eternellc, & tem- 

porelle : et eviter Ics choscs, qui luy pour- 

royent I'une, ou I'aultre faire perdre. 

Svo., Lyon : chis E. Dolet, 1542. 
Barbier, I., 1003. Olive morocco by Deroine. 
La Valliore, Cost«, and Didot copy. 
. Discours du trcs-epouventable desbordc- 

ment du Tibrc a Rome. etc. See TIBER. 

8vo., 1599. 

Discours veritable de ce qui est advenu 

cu la ville de Bruges I'an 1582 par cc que le 
roy Philippe d'Espaigne a derechef pratique 
...meurtners, pour oster la vie au due de 
Brabant ... Anjou, Alen^on, &c., etc. See 
FELIPE II., King of Spain. 8vo., 1 582. 

Entier discours de la victoire qu'il a pleu 

a Dieu donncr aux Chrestiens a I'encontre des 
Turcs, etc. [By J. d'Ongoys.] See ONGOYS 
(J. D'). 8vo., 1571. 

Le plaisant et facetieux discours des 

animaux, etc. [By A. Firenzuola.] See 
FIRENZUOLA (A.). i6nio., 1556. 

DISNEY (MoLiNEUx). Claim of M. Disney, 
Esq. to the barony of Hussey, 1680, etc. See 
HUSSEY, Barony of. 8vo., 1836. 

DISPUTATIO. Disputatio inter clericum et 
militem, etc. [By Gulielmus de Occam.] 
See GULIELMUS. de Occam. 8vo., s.a. 

Disputatio perjucunda, qua anonymus 

[i.e., V. Acidalius] probare nititur mulieres 
homines non esse, etc. See ACIDALIUS (V.). 

8vo., 1638. 

DISQUISITION. A disquisition upon Etrus- 
can vases, etc. [By J. Christie.] See 
CHRISTIE (J.). fol., 1806. 

DISRAELI (Is.\AC). Amenities of literature... 

A new edition, edited by. . .B. Disraeli. 2 vols. 

8vo., London, 1859. 

The calamities and quarrels of authors... 

A new edition, edited by...B. Disraeli. 

8vo., London, 1859. 

Curiosities of literature... A new edition, 

edited, with memoir and notes, by...B. 
Disraeli. 3 vols. 8vo., London, 1862, 59. 

The literary character... Literary miscel- 
lanies ; and an inquiry into the character of 
James the First,.. A new edition, edited by... 
B. Disraeli. 8vo., London, 1859. 

DISSERTATION. Dissertation sur I'auteur du 
livre intitule : De I'imitation de Jesus-Christ. 
[By J. Ghesquidre.] See GHESQUlfiRE (J.) 
Jesuit. i2mo., 1775. 

Dissertation sur les bibliotlicqucs, etc. 

[By J. B. Durey de Noinville.] See DUREY 
DE NOINVILLE (J. B.). i2mo., 1758. 

DISSERTATIONES. Dissertationum ludi- 
crarum et amoenitatum, scriptores varii. 
Editio nova et aucta. See SCRIPTORES. 

12 mo., 1644. 

DISTICH.\. Disticha gnomica : c poclarum 
illustrium ... monumcntis ... singulari studio 
selecta. (Disticha sumniam cvangcliorum 
Dominicalium, ct fcstorum annivcrsarionim 
continentia.) 2 pts. [in 1 vol.] 

8vo., Erf[ordiae]. 1624. 

DISTINCTIONES. Distinctioncs cxcmplorum | 
vctcris ct noui testamcnti | rcducte ad diucr- 
sas ma-|tcrias. I (3. X. 

4to.. [colophon :] Mlmingen : p .UbertQ 
Kune de dudcrstat, 1485. 
Itttin and Copinger, •6;8i. Proctor, 3777. 


DIVIZIO (Bernardo) da Bibbiena. Cardinal. 
Calandra, comedia [in prose]... Di nuovo 
ricorretta e ristampata. 1 2mo., Venetia, 1 561 . 

[Another edition.] 

i2mo., Venetia, 1586. 

DIXON, Family of. Pedigree of Dixon, of 
Heaton-Royds, in the. ..parish of Bradford, 
etc. See YORKSHIRE. [33 pedigrees, etc.] 

fol., s.a. 

DOBNECK (JoHANN) CochlcPiis. See COCH- 
L^US (J.). 

DOBSON (Henry Austin). Illustrated books. 
See LANG (A.). The library, etc. 

8vo., 1 88 1. 

DOCTRINE. The CathoUc doctrine of eu- 
charistic sacrifice : what is it ? 

8vo., London, [1879.] 

DODD (Charles) pseud, [i.e., Hugh Too- 
TELL.] Certamen utriusq; Ecclesiae : or, a 
list of all the eminent writers of controversy, 
Catholicks and Protestants, since the Re- 
formation, etc. [A reprint.] See CHETHAM 
LIBRARY, Manchester. A catalogue of the 
collection of tracts for and against Popery, 
etc. Pt. II. 4to., 1865. 

Dodd's Church history of England, from 

the commencement of the sixteenth century 
to the Revolution in 1688. With notes... and 
a continuation by...M. A. Tiemey. Vols. 
I'-V. 8vo., London, 1839-43. 

No more published. Ends with the reign of 
Charles I. 

DODSON [Sir John) Dean of Arches. The 
judgment of.. .Sir J. Dodson...also the judg- 
ment of the Judicial Committee of the Privy 
Council, in the cases of Liddell (Clerk) and 
Home and others against Westerton, Liddell 
(Clerk) and Park and Evans against Beal. 
Edited by A. F. Bayford. 

8vo., London, 1857. 

[Another copy.] 

Abstracts of (Lancashire) inquisitions post 
mortem, made by C. To\\Tieley and R. Dods- 
worth, etc. 2 vols. 4to., 1875-76. 

DO£S (Jan van der). 


(R. G. C). Jan van Doesborgh, printer at 
Antwerp, etc. 4to., 1894. 

DOLCE (LoDOvico). Didone, tragedia. [In 
verse.] 8vo., [colophon :] Vinegia : in casa 
de' ftglivoli di Aldo, 1547. 
Renouard, p. 141. 

Giocasta, tragedia. [In verse. An imita- 
tion of the Phoenissae of Euripides.] 

8vo., [colophon ;] Vinegia : appresso i 
ftglivoli d'Aldo, 1 549. 
Renouard, p. 146. Black morocco by Binda. 

Giomale delle historic del mondo...Rive- 

duto...daG. Rinaldi. 8vo., Venetia, 1572. 

Lettere di diversi eccellentiss. huomini, 

raccolte da diversi libri [by L. Dolce], etc. 

8vo., Vinegia, 1554. 

See DOUSA (J.). 
van). See PROCTOR 

DOLCINO, Fra. See KRONE (J.). Era Dol- 

cino und die Patarener ; historische Episode 

aus den piemontesischen Rehgionskriegen, 

etc. 8vo., 1844. 

DOLE, Parlement de. Arrest memorable de la 

Cour de Parlement de Dole, contre G. Gamier, 

Lyonnois, pour avoir en forme de loup-garou 

devore plusieurs enfans, etc. See GARNIER 

(G.). 8vo., 1598. 

DOLET (fixiENNE). Cantique d'Estienne 

Dolet, prisonnier a la Conciergerie de Paris, 

sur sa desolation et sur sa consolation : en 

vers. 8vo., [Pam, 1829.] 

First printed in 1779. See Mr. Christie's " Etionne 

Dolet," 2nd ed.. pp. 552-553. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Paris, [reprinted 1830.] 
120 copies printed. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another edition.] See below, Le 

second enter d'fitienne Dolet, etc. 8vo., 1868. 

S. Doleti...carminum libri quatuor. 

4to., Lugduni : [S. Gryphius,] 1538. 
The titlepage bears the mark of Dolet, but the 
book was actually , printed by S. Grypliius. See 
Mr. Christie's '" Etienne Dolet," 2nd ed., pp. 
520-521. Citron morocco by Vogel. Brodeau, 
Nodier, Bruy^res-Chalabre, Taillandier, and 
Renard copy. 

[Another copy.] 

Cato Christianus. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud S. Doletuyn, 1538. 
Calf by Bauzonnet-Purgold. Coste and Didot 

Commentariorum linguae Latinae tomus 

primus (-secundus). 2 torn. 

fol., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1536-38. 

[Another copy.] 

Commentariorum linguae Latinae S. 

Doleti, epitome duplex, etc. [By Jonas 
Philomusus, pseud.] 

8vo., Basileae : [Lasius and Platter,] 1537. 
With the mark of Lasius and Platter on the last 

leaf. An epitome of the first volume only of 

the Commentaries. 

— ^— [Another copy.] 

Wanting the last leaf. Filleau copy. 

Tomus secundus commentariorum de 

Latina lingua D. S. Doleti, a quodam ejus 
nominis studioso, in epitomen redactus, 
ubiq3 ordine autoris servato. 

8vo., Basilece : ex officina B. Westhemeri, 1539. 

Tluirston Smith's and Sunderland copy. 

Tomi primi epitome commentariorum 

linguae Latinae S. Doleti, brevis, eodem quo 
ipsi autori visum ordine ubiq3 sancte obser- 
vato, & jam secundo in lucem edita, etc. 

8vo., [colophon :] Basileae : apud B. 
Westhemerum et Rupertum Winter, 1540. 
Tliurston Smith's and Sunderland copy. 

S. Doleti dialogus, de imitatione Cicero- 

niana, adversus D. C. Lon- 

4to., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1535. 
Rosa and Morante copy. 

— — — — [Another copy.] 

Crofts and Syston Park copy. 


DOLET (fixiENNE).— (co«/i.) 

S. Doleti... liber. De imitatione Cicero- 

niana adversus Floridum Sabinum. 

4to., Liigduni : apud eundetn Doktum, 1540. 

S. Doleti... liber unus de officio legati, 

quem vulgo ambassiatorem vocant. Et item 
alter de immunitate legatorum. Et item 
alius de legationibus J. Langiachi [in verse]. 

4to., Lugduni : apud S. Doletum, 1541. 

—— S. Doleti de re navali liber ad L. Bayfium. 
4to., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1 537. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another copy.] 

—^ La forme et maniere de la punctuation, 
& accents de la langue francoise. Livre tres 
utile... Nouvellement reveu & corrige. [By 
fi. Dolet.] i6mo., Paris, 1560. 

Barbler, II., 483. 

-{Another edition.] See SIBILET (T.). 

Art poetique franfois, f fc. i6mo., 1576. 

Formulae Latinarum locutionum illustrio- 

rum... Prima pars conflatas ex nomine, & 
vcrbo locutiones habet. Secunda significa- 
tionem, & constructionem verborum profert. 
Tertia usum particularum indeclinabilium 
demonstrat. Pars I. 

fol., Lugduni : apud eundetn Doletum, 1539. 
No moro published. 

[Another edition entitled :] Phrases 

et formulae linguae Latinae elegantiores...Nunc 
denuo recognitae. Cum praefatione J. Sturmii. 
Quibus adjecimus connubium adverbiorum 
Ciceronianorum, H. Sussannaei. 2 pts. [in 
I vol.] 8vo., [colophon :] Argentorati, 1585. 
Tho " Connubium " has a separate titlepsge and 

[Another edition.] Phrases et formulae 

Latinae, quas S. Doletus ex suis commentariis 
collegit...castigatae & auctae [by J. Facciolatus]. 
See NIZOLIUS (M.). Lexicon Ciceronianum, 
etc. [Pt.IL] fol., 1734. 

[Another edition.] See BANDIERA 

(A. M.). Osservazioni su le epistole di M. T. 
Cicerone a' familiari, etc. 8vo., 1764. 

[Another edition.] See NIZOLIUS 

(M.). Lexicon Ciceronianum, etc. Tom. III. 

8vo., 1820. 

Francisci Valesii Gallorum regis fata. 

Ubi rem omnem celebriorem a Gallis gestam 
nosces, ab... 1513 usque ad ...1539. [In 
verse.] 4to., Lugduni : (Doletus,) 1539. 

Morante copy. 

[Another copy.] 

Les gestes de Francoys de Valois roy de 

France... Prcmierement compose en latin par 
E. Dolet : et aprcs par luy mcsmes translat6 
en langue francoyse. 

4to., Lyon : chSs E. Dolet, 1540. 
Blue morocco by Duru. Didot copy. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Lyon : chis E. Dolet, 1543. 
Ulack moiocuo by Duseuil. Louis XtV. and 
Montesson copy. 

Genethliacum Claudii Doleti, Stephani 

Doleti iilii. Liber vitae communi in primis 
utilis, et necessarius. Autore patre. 

4to., Lugduni : apud eundetn Doletum, 1539. 

Didot copy. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Paris, [repritited 1830.] 
120 copies printed. 

[Another copy.] 

L'avant naissance de Claude Dolet, filz 

de Estienne Dolet : prcmierement composde 
en latin par le pere : & maintenant par ung 
sien amy traduicte en langue francoyse, etc. 

4to., Lyon : chSs E. Dolet, 1539. 
Didot copy. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Paris, [reprinted 1830.] 
120 copies printed. 

[Another copy.] 

S. Doleti in Virgilii opera annotatiunculae 

succinctae. See VIRGILIUS MARO (P.). 
[Opera.] P. Virgilii Maronis opera, etc. 

fol., 1546. 

La maniere de bien traduire d'une langue 

en aultre. D'advantage, de la punctuation 
de la langue francoyse. Plus, des accent 
[sic] d'ycelle. [Second edition.] 

4to., Lyon : chis Dolet mesme, 1 541. 
Red morocco by Ni6dr6e. Coate, Cailhava, and 
B6hague copy. 

[Another edition.] 

4to., Lyon : chis Dolet mestne, 1542. 

Brown morocco by Zaehnsdorf. 

[Another edition.] See MEIGRET 

(L.). Traite touchat le commun usage de 
I'escriture francoise, efc. 8vo., 1545. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., Lyon : 

E. Dolet, 1540 ,• Paris, [reprinted 1830.] 
130 copies printed. 

[Another copy.] 

Observationes in Terentii comoedias. 

Nempe Andriam : et item Eunuchum. S. 
Doleto... autore. 

8vo., Lugduni : apudeundem Doletum, 1543. 

— — S. Doleti observationes Latini scrmonis in 

(Terentii) Andriam & Eunuchum. See 

TERENTIUS (P.) Ajer. P. Terentii ... 

comcediae, efc. fol., 1552. 

[Another edition.] fol., 1553. 

[Another edition.] fol., 1558. 

[Another edition.] See TERENTIUS 

(P.) Afer. Terentius, etc. [Vol. II.] 

8vo., 1560. 
— — [Another copy.] 

[Another edition.] See TERENTIUS 

(P.) Afer. P. Terentii... comoediac, etc. 

fol., 1561. 

— — S. Doleti orationes duac in Tholo.sam. 

Ejusdem epistolarum libri II. Ejusdcm car- 

minum libri II. Ad cundcm epistolarum 

amicorum liber. [Edited by S. Finetius.] 

8vo., [Lyons : S. Gryphius, 1534.] 
Morante copy. 

[Another copy.] 


DOLET (fiTiEXNE).— (coH/i.) 

Phrases et formulae lingua Latins, etc. 

See above, Formulas Latinarum locutionum, 

Proces d'Estienne Dolet, imprimeur et 

libraire k Lyon, 1 543-1 546. [Preceded by 
an " avant-propos " on the life and works of 
Dolet by A. Taillandier.] 8vo., Paris, 1836. 

Recueil de vers latins, et vulgaires de 

plusieurs poetes francoys, composes sur ie 
trespas de feu Monsieur le Daulphin. [Edited 
by E. Dolet] 

8vo., Lyon : cluiz F. Juste, 1536. 
Contains verses by E. Dolet. 

Le second enter d'Estierme Dolet, etc. 

(Deux dialogues de Platon...Scavoir est: 
I'ung intitule Axiochus...Item : ung aultre 
intitule Hipparchus...Le tout nouvellement 
traduict en langue fran9oyse, par E. Dolet.) 
[Edited by A. Martin.] 

8vo., Lyon, 1544 ; Paris, [reprinted 1830.] 
120 copies printed. 

[Another copy.] 

Le second enfer d'fitienne Dolet, suivi de 

sa traduction des deux dialogues Platoniciens 
I'Axiochus et I'Hipparchus. Notice bio- 
-bibliographique par un bibliophile. (Cantique 
d'Estienne Dolet, etc.) 8vo., Paris, 1868. 

237 copies printed, this being No. 154. 

E. Dolet. [Biographical notice.] See 

MORANTE (J. Gomez de la Cortin.\) 
Marques de. Catalogus librorum, etc. Tom. 
VII., pp. 322-347. 8vo., i860. 

See BOULMIER (J.), fitudes sur le 

seizieme siScle. £. Dolet, sa vie, ses oeuvres, 
son martjTe. 8vo., 1857. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another copy.] 


Doletienne. Catalogue, des 

editcs et imprimes par fi. Dolet, 
[Another copy.] 

livres ecrits, 

8vo., 1886. 

See CHRISTIE (R. C). A bibliography 

of the books written, edited, or printed by 
£. Dolet. 8vo., 1880. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another copy.] 

See CHRISTIE (R. C). fitienne Dolet, 

the martyr of the Renaissance, etc. 

8vo., 1880. 
[Another copy.] 

[Another copy.] 

New edition, etc. 

[Another copy.] 

- See CHRISTIE (R. C). 
.sa ^■ie et sa mort, etc. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another copy.] 

[Another copy.] 

8vo., 1899. 

Etienne Dolet 
8vo., 1886. 

See CHRISTIE (R. C). t. Dolet, the 

martyr-printer of Lyons. [An extract from 
R. C. Christie's " fitienne Dolet."] 

8vo., 1892. 

See CICERO (M. T.). [Epistol;e : Au 

Familiares. — French.^ Les epistres famili- 
aires... Nouvellement traduictes...en francoys 
par E. Dolet, etc. 8vo., 1542. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another edition.] 8vo., 1542, 

[Another edition.] i6mo., 1543. 

[Another edition.] i6mo., 1547. 

[Another edition.] i6mo., 1549. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another edition.] i6mo., 1560. 

See CICERO (M. T.). [Epistol.^ : Ad 

Familiares. — French.] Les epistres famili- 
aires... latin et francoys. ..le francoys tra- 
duit par E. Dolet. 8vo., 1561. 

[Another edition.] i2mo., 1569. 

[Another edition.] i6mo., 1572. 

[Another edition.] i6mo., 1572. 

[Another edition.] i6mo., 1573. 

[Another edition.] i6mo., 1585. 

[Another edition.] i6mo., 1618. 
[Another edition.] i6mo., 1624. 

See CICERO (M. T.). [Orationes.— 

Latin.'] M. T. Ciceronis orationes, etc. 
[Edited by fi. Dolet.] 3 torn. 8vo., 1536. 

See CICERO (M. T.). [Tusculan^ Dis- 

PUT.\TI0NES.] Les questions tusculanes. . . 
Nouvellement traduictes...en francoys, par 
E. Dolet. i6mo., 1544. 

[Another edition.] i6mo., 1545. 

[Another edition.] i6mo., 1548. 

[Another edition.] 8vo.,[i549.] 

See COTERiEUS (C). C. 

jure, et privilegiis militum libri tres, etc. 
[Edited by fi. Dolet] fol., 1539. 

See DOUEN (E. O.). t.. Dolet : ses 

opinions reUgieuses. 8vo., 1881. 

See DUVAL-ARNOULD (L.). fi. Dolet, 

un pretendu martyr de I'athfeisme au 16" 
siecle. 8vo., 1898. 

See FLORIDUS (F.) Sabinus. F. Floridi 

...adversus S. Doleti..,calumnias liber, etc. 

4to., 1 541. 
[Another copy.] 

- See GUIFFREY (G.). fiducateurs fran- 
9ais et etrangers. fi. Dolet. [A review of 
Mr. Christie's " £tienne Dolet."] 8vo., 1887. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another copy.] 

- See N£E de LA ROCHELLE (J. F.). 
Vie d'i^tienne Dolet, etc. 8vo., 1779. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another copy.] 4to., 1779. 


DOLET (fixiENNE).— (con/f^.) 

See WEISS (N.). La Sorbonne, le Parle- 

ment de Paris et Ics livres heretiques [in- 
cluding works by Dolet]. 8vo., 1885. 

DOLET (Martinus). M. Dolet... de parta ab 
invictissimo galloru rege Ludovico duo- 
decimo in Maximilianum ducem victoria 
cum dialogo pacis. 

4to., [Pan's ;] apttd J. Gourmonihtm, [c. 1510.] 
28 ff., without pagination ; aigs. a^, b-e*, f^. 
Bninet, II., 793. 

D'OLIVET (Pierre Joseph Thoulier) Abbe. 

DOLMAN (R.) pseud, [i.e., Robert Parsons.] 
See PARSONS (R.) Jesuit. 

DOLSCIUS (Paulus). Aa^iSov ngrxpr^Tov... 
/is^o?...Psalterium...Davidis, versibus elegia- 
cis redditum k P. Dolscio, etc. Gr. See 
BIBLE. — Old Testament. [Psalms. — 
Greek.] 8vo., 1555. 

DOMENICHI (LoDOvico). Facetie e motti 

arguti di alcuni eccellentissimi ingegni, e 

nobilissimi signori. [Edited by L. Domeni- 

chi.] 8vo., Vinegia : s.l.n., 1550. 

Ortolani copy. 

Facetie, motti, et burle, di diversi signori 

et persone private, raccolte per M. L. 
Domenichi, etc. 8vo., Firenze 1564. 

Ragionamento di M. L. Domenichi. Nel 

quale si parla d'imprese d'armi, et d'amore, 
etc. 8vo., Milano, 1559. 

DOMINICUS (Marcus Antonius). [/.,•., Marc 
Antoine Dominicy]. De treuga et pace 
ej usque origine et usu in bellis privatis... 
dissertatio. See STRUVE (B. C). B. G. 
Struvii bibliotheca librorum rariorum, etc. 
Pt. I. 4to., 17 19. 

DOMINIS (Marcus Antonius de) Archbishop 
of Spalatro. episcopos eccle- 
siae Christians scripta, in qua causas discessus 
a suo episcopatu exponit. 

4to., Campido7ii, 161 7. 

[Another copy.] 

M. A. de Dominis...suae profectionis con- 
silium exponit. 

4to., Londini : apud J. Billum, 1616. 

[Another edition.] 

4to., [colophon .•] HagcB Comitis, 161 6. 

Marci A. de Dominis... causae profectionis 

suae ex Italia. See STRUVE (B. G.). B. 
G. Struvii bibliotheca librorum rariorum, etc. 
Pt. I. 4to., 1 7 19. 

See NEWLAND (IL). The life and con- 
temporaneous Church history of A. de 
Dominis, e<c. 8vo., 1859. 

DONATO (Bernardino). .See DONATUS (B.). 

DONATUS (^Lius). Donati de octo partibus 
orationis libellus. Qui antea mutilatus, jam 
nativa intcgritati, opera Glareani...est resti- 
tutus. Adjectis prjeterea scholiis...Ad haec 
D. constructione opu.sculum. 
novissim^ ab autore recognitum. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium. i 535. 

M. Donati de octo partibus orationis 

libellus, in dialogi formam Latinam & 

Gallicam redactus, etc. 8vo., Parisiis, 1560. 

The colophon is dated 1559. Yemeniz copy. 

JE. Donati methodus, primum scholiis... 

illustrata, opera D. H. GIareani...deinde octo 
ejusdem epitomis sive tractatibus aucta, etc. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1538. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1549. 
DONATUS (Bernardinus). [i.e., Bernar- 
dino DoNATO.] De Platonicae atque Aris- 
totelicae philosophia; differentia, libellus, nuper 
in lucem editus B. Donato...authore. J'fwg- 
ytov zov re/ttaTOV...7Tegi rv 'AQiaTOZEKr]^ tiqoi; 6ta<peQ£Tai. 

Bvo., Veneliis : apud H. Scotum, 1540. 
Imperfect ; wanting tlie tract by Gemistus. 


DONI (Antonio Francesco). La libraria del 
Doni Fiorentino. Nella quale sono scritti 
tutti gl'autori vulgari con cento discorsi sopra 
quelli...Di novo ristampata, etc. 

i2mo., Vinegia : appresso G. Giolito de 
Ferrari etfratelli, 1550. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Vinegia, 1557. 

(La seconda libraria del Doni.) 

i2mo., [colophon .■] Venelia, 1551. 

Wanting the titlepag>\ 

La zucca del Doni (Cicalamenti, baic, et 

chiachiere). 3 pts. [in i vol.] 

8vo., [colophon .•] Vinegia, 1551. 
Eacli part has a sep.i'-ate titlepago, pagination 
and register. This eopy wants sigs. Yi (the 
titlepage to pt. III.) and Y4. 

La zucca del Doni...divisa in cinque libri 

...Espurgata, corretta, riformata ... da J. 
Gioannini da Capugnano. 

Bvo., Venetia, 1595. 

See BONGI (S.). Vita di Antonfrancesco 

Doni... Seconda edizione, e<c. 8vo., 1863. 


DORIA (Andrea) Principe di Melfi. See 
CAPELLONI (L.). Vita del Prencipe A. 
Doria, etc. 4to., 1565. 


DORNAVIUS (Caspar), [i.e., C. Dornau.] 
Amphitheatrum sapientiae Socratica- joco- 
-seri:r, hoc est, encomia et commentaria 
autoruni...quibus res, aut pro vilibus vulgo 
aut damnosis habitac, styli patrocinio vindi- 
cantur, exornantur, etc. 2 torn, [in i vol.] 

fol., Ilanovicc, 1O19. 

C. Dornavii de periodis libellus methodicus. 

8vo., llanovia;, 161 9. 

Encomium invidiai, caccitatis, ncminis, 

frigills, pelecani, authoribus inccrtis amphi- 
theatro sapientia Socraticai joco-scria; a...C. 
Dornavio edito tJit/ieTQOf additum liaud 
levidense. 4to., Fraticofurti, 1626. 

Wanting the *' Amphitheatrum Hupientia'Socriiticv 

G. Dornau. [Biographical notice.] See 

MORANTE (J. Gomez de la Cortina) 
Marquis de. Catalogiis librorum, etc. Tom. 
VII., pp. 352-364. 8vo., i860. 



DORNK (John). See BRADSHAW (H.) 
Librarian of the University of Cambridge. A 
lialf-century' of notes on the day-book of J. 
Dome. edited by F. Madan, etc. 

fol., 1886. 

DORNMEIER (Andreas Julius). De vitioso 
M. T. Ciceionis imitatore dissertatio. See 
VORSTIUS (J.). J. Latinitate 
selecta... liber, e^c. 8vo., 1738. 

DOROTHEA, Recluse of Pomerania, in Prussia. 
See LILIENTHAL (T. C). Historia beat:ic 
Dorotheac, Prussiae Patronae, f/c. 4to., 1744. 

DORSEY (K.\THERINE C.) Mrs. The life of 
Father T. Copley, a founder of Maryland. 

8vo., s.t., 1885. 

DORT, Synod of. Judicium synodi nationalis, 
Reformatarum Ecclesiarum Belgicarum, habi- 
tae Dordrechti. anno 1618 & quinque 
doctrinse capitibus in Ecclesiis Belgicis con- 
troversis. 4to., Dordrechti , 1 61 9. 

Sussex copy. 

D'OSS.\T (Arn.\ud) Cardinal. See OSSAT. 

DOUBLE (LEOPOLD). Catalogue de la biblio- 
theque de L. Double. 8vo., Paris, 1863. 

Sale catalogue, with prices in MS. 

DOUEN (Emmanuel Orentin). C. Marot et 
le Psautier Huguenot, etude historique. 
litteraire, musicale et bibliographique. etc. 
2 torn. 8vo., Paris, 187S-79. 

fi. Dolet : ses opinions religieuses. 

8vo., Paris, 1881. 
From tlie " Bulletin de la Soci6t6 d'Histoire du 

DOUGLAS (Archibald James Edward Doug- 
las) 1st Baron. The case of A. Douglas, Esq. 
and his guardians, appellants, against... the 
Duke of Hamilton... and others, respondents ; 
to be heard at the Bar of the House of Lords, 
on Monday, the i6th of January, 1769. 

4to., [Edinburgh, '1 1768. 

See STUART (A.). Letters to. ..Lord 

Mansfield [in reference to the decision in the 
Douglas case]. 4to., 1773. 

DOUGLAS (James) M.D. A catalogue of a... 
library of books... the property of a gentle- 
man lately deceased {i.e., J. Douglas]... Which 
will be sold by auction, etc. 

8vo., [London,"] 1792. 

— -^ Catalogus editionum Q. Horatii Flacci, ab 
aim. 1476. ad ann. 1739., quae in bibliotheca 
Jacobi Douglas... adservantur. 

4to., Londini, 1739. 
For the original MS. of tliis book, «ee Section II. 
of this Catalogue. 

DOUGLAS (John) Bishop of Salisbury. Milton 
vindicated from the charge of plagiarism, 
brought against him by Mr. Lauder, and 
Lauder himself convicted of several forgeries, 
etc. 8vo., Lonion, 1 75 1. 

DOUGLAS {Sir Robert) Bart. The peerage of 
Scotland : containing an historical and 
genealogical account of the nobility of that 
kingdom... Second edition. Revised... with a 
continuation... by J. P. Wood. 2 vols. 

fol., Edinburgh, 1813. 

DOUMERGUE (^mile). J. Calvin. Les 

hommes et les choses de son temps. Tome I. 

4to., Lausanne, 1899. 

Tome I. — La jeunesse de Calvin. Wanting tom. 

II. and III. 

DOUNAMUS (Georgius). See DOWNAME (G.). 
DOUSA (Janus) the Elder, [i.e.. Jan van 

der Doiis.] See SIEGENBECK (M.). 

Laudatio J. Dousae, etc. 8vo., 181 2. 

DOUS.\ (Janus) the Younger, [i.e., Jan van 

DER Doiis.] J. Dousae F. in laudem umbrae 

declamatio et carmen. See SCRIPTORES. 

Dissertationum ludicraruni...scriptores varii. 

Editio nova, etc. i2mo., 1644. 

[Another copy.] 
[.\nother edition.] 

[Another copy.] 

i2mo., 1666. 

DOVER (George James Welbore Agar- 
Ellis) ist Baron. Historical inquiries re- 
specting the character of E. Hyde, Earl of 
Clarendon, etc. 8vo., London, 1827. 

DOWNAME (George) Bishop of Derry. Com- 
mentarii in P. Rami...dialecticam...Auctore 
G. Dounamo. See RAMUS (P.). [Dialec- 
TiCA.] P. Rami...dialectic8e libri duo, etc. 
[Pt. IL] 8vo., 1669. 

DOYLE (James William Edmund). The 
official baronage of England, showing the 
succession, dignities, and offices of every peer 
from 1066 to 1885. 3 vols., illtist. 

4to., London, 1886. 


DRACONITES (Joannes). [i.e., Johann 
Drach.] Commentarius in Psalterium [with 
the text]...D. J. Draconites. 2 pts. See 
BIBLE. — Old Testament. [Psalms. — 
Latin.] 8vo., 1543. 

DRAITON (Michael). See DRAYTON. 

DRAUDIUS (Georgius). [i.e., Georg Draud.] 
Bibliotheca classica, sive catalogus officinalis, 
in quo singuli singularum facultatum ac 
professionum libri, qui in quavis fere lingua 
extant... secundum artes & 
censentur... Usque ad annum 1624 inclusive. 
Accesserunt hincinde praeter eas, quas ex 
catalogis nundinarum coUegimus, haud in- 
fimae notae materiae ac rubricaE...qua2q3 in 
prima editione non habentur, etc. 2 pts. [in 
I vol.] 4to., Francofurti ad Mcenum, 1625. 
The pagination is consecutive. 

Praxis jocandi, hoc est, jocorum sive 

facetiaruni in conversationibus hominum rite 
adhibendarum via ac ratio commodissima. . . 
His annexa sunt : modus ac ratio deponendi 
cornua iis, qui in academiis in numerum 
studiosorum cooptari volunt. Epistola my- 
thologica (Bartholomasi Coloniensis), ridi- 
culis, jocis...& facetiis respersa. Ad asinum, 
altioribus, ac doctoratui propemodum in- 
hiantem, digressio lepidissima [otherwise 
entitled : speculum stultorum, by N. Wire- 
kerus]. Nunc primum...Regii cujusdam 
Goraddi\'i [i.e., G. Draud]. lucem edita. 

8vo., Francofurti, 1602. 


DRAYTON (Michael). The muses Elizium... 
Reprinted from the edition of 1630. 

4to., (Manchester,) 1892. 
(Publications of the Spenser Society, New Series, 
No. 5.) 

Poems.. .Edited by J. P. Collier. 

4to., London, 1856. 
(Rosburghe Club Publications, No. 74. ) Buckley 

Poems. (Reprinted from the edition of 

1605.) 2 pts. 4to., (Manchester,) 1888. 

(Publications of tho Spenser Society, Nos. 45-46.) 

■' Poemes, lyrick and pastorall. 

4to., (Manchester,) 1891. 
(Publications of the Speaser Society, New Series, 
No. 4.) 
— — The Poly-olbion : a chorographicall de- 
scription of Great Britain. 3 pts. 

fol., (Manchester,) 1889-90. 
(Publications of the Spenser Society, New Series, 
Nos. 1-3.) 

See ELTON (O.). An introduction to 

M. Drayton. 4to., 1895. 

DREPANIUS (Latinus Pacatus). See PACA- 

DREUX DU RADIER (Jean Francois). 
Essai sur I'amour. [By J. F. Dreux du 
Radier.] i2mo., Amsterdam, lyiT,. 

Barbier, II., 226. Ceruti copy. 
DROGO, Cardinal, Bishop of Ostia. Drogonis 
. . . de Sacramento dominica; passionis. See 
ALCUINUS. Albini sive septem 
psalmos pccnitentiales...expositio, etc. 

8vo., 1547. 
DROMGOLD (Jean). Charles et Vilcourt, 
idylle nouvelle. [By J. Dromgold.] 

8vo., Amsterdam, 1772. 
Barbier, I., J70. 

DRUJON (Fernand). Catalogue des ouvrages, 
ecrits et dessins de toute nature poursuivis, 
supprimes ou condamn^s depuis le 21 octobre 
1814 jusq'au 31 juillct 1877. Edition entiere- 
ment nouvelle, e<c. 9,vo., Paris, 1879. 


DRUMMOND (James) 4<A Earl of Perth. See 

DRUMMOND (Robert Blackley). Erasmus, 
his life and character, as shown in his corre- 
spondence and works. 2 vols. 

8vo., London, 1873. 

DRUMMOND (William Hamilton). The life 
of M. Scrvetus, etc. 8vo., London, 1848. 

DRURY (Henry Joseph Thomas). A cata- 
logue of the... library of the Rev. H. Drury... 
WTiich will be sold by auction, etc. 

4to., (London,) 1827. 
With names of pureliasers and prices in MS. 

DRUSIUS (Joannes) the Elder, [i.e.. Jean 
Druys.] Ta Una naQaXXr)).a. Parallela sacra 
...J. Drusius transscripsit, etc. See BIBLE. 
[Appendix.] 4to., 1588. 

DU BELLAY (Jean) Cardinal. J. BcUaii... 
aliquot elegantissima poemata. See SAL- 
MONIUS (J.) called Macrinus. Salmonii 
Macrini..,odarum libri tres, etc. 8vo., 1 546. 

DU BELLAY (Joachim). Fontaine (C). 
Quintil...sur la defense, et illustration de la 
langue franfoise [by J. Du Bellay], etc. See 
SIBILET (T.). Art poetique franfois, etc. 

l6mo., 1576. 

See PLOETZ (G.). £tude sur J. Du 

Bellay, etc. Svo., 1874. 

DUBLIN, Archbishops of. 

Richard. [1831-63.] See WHATELY (R.). 
William. [1703-29.] See KING (W.). 

DUBOIS (FRAN501S) of Amiens. See SYLVIUS 
(F.) Ambianus. 

DU BOIS (Guillaume) Cardinal, Archbishop 
of Cambrai. Bibliotheca Duboisiana, ou 
catalogue de la bibliotheque de feu...le car- 
dinal Du Bois ; recueillie ci devant par 
Monsieur I'abbe Bignon, etc. 3 pts. [in 2 
vols.] 8vo., La if aye, 1725. 

Sale catalogue. 

DUBOIS (Jacques). See LIVET (C. L.). La 
grammaire franjaise et les grammairiens du 
16" siecle... Dubois (Sylvius). L. Meigret, etc. 

8vo., 1859. 

DUBOIS (Louis Fran?ois). Notice historique 
et litt^raire sur [C. £. D. de] Valaze, etc. 

8vo., Paris, 1802. 
Pattison copy. 

DUCHAT (Jacob Le). See LE DUCHAT. 

DUCHATEL (Pierre) Bishop of Orleans. Le 
trespas, obseques, et enterrement dc.Fracois 
... roy de Frace ... premier de ce nom ... Les 
deux sermons funebres prononcez esdictes 
[By P. Duchatel.] 
\^Paris ;] De I'imprimerie de R. 
Estienne, [1547.] 
119. Black raorocco by Duseuil. 
[Another edition.] See GALLAN- 
DIUS (P.). P. Castellani...vita, etc. 

8vo., 1674. 

See GALLANDIUS (P.), P. Castellani... 

vita, etc. 8vo., 1674. 

DUCHATEL (Pierre) Professor of Creek at 

Louvain. See CASTELLANUS (P.). 
DUCHERIUS (GiLBERTUs). [i.e., Gilbert 
Ducher.] G. Ducherii... epigram maton libri 

8vo., Lugdnni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1538. 
Coste and Morante copy. 
DU CHOUL (Guillaume). Discours de la 
religion des anciens Remains, etc. 

fol., Lyon, 1556. 

[Another edition.] 

4to., Lyon, 1581. 
DU CLERCQ (Jacques) Siciir de Beauvoir. 
See MONMERQUli(L. J.N.). Observations 
sur les m6moires de La Trdmouille ct sur ccux 
de J. du Clcrcq, e<c. 8vo., (1827.) 

DUCLOS ( ) .'Ibbc. Dictionnairc biblio- 

graphiquc, historique et critique des livrcs 
rares...Suivi d'un essai de bibliographic, etc. 
[By the abb6 Duclos.] 3 torn, [in i vol.] 

8vo., Paris, 1790. 
Barbier, 1., 956. Inijx'rfoct ; wanting (he " Essai 
de bibliographic " at the end of tome III, 

obseques, etc. 

Barbier, IV., 81 


DUDITIUS (Andreas) Bishop of Fimfkirchen. 
[i.e., A. DuDiTH.] See CELSUS (M.). M. haereticis capitali supplicio non 
afficiendis. Adjunctae sunt ejusdem argu- 
menti T. Bezae & A. Duditii epistote duae 
contrariae, etc. 8vo. , 1 5 84. 

DUDLEY (Edmund). The tree of common 
■wealth : a treatise by E. Dudlay.. .Written 
by him while a prisoner in the Tower, in... 
1509 and 1510, and under sentence of death 
for high treason. Now first printed, etc. 

4to., Manchester, 1859. 
Privately printed for the Brotherhood of the 
Rosy Crosp. 

DUDLEY '{Lady Jane). See GREY {Lady J.). 

DUDLEY (John) ist Earl of Northumberland. 

DU FAIL (Noel) Seigneur de La Herissaye. 
Contes et discours d'Eutrapel...Avec une 
notice, des notes et un glossaire par C. Hip- 
peau. 2 torn. 8vo., Paris, 1875. 

Propos rustiques, balivernes, contes et 

discours d'Eutrapel...Iidition annotee et pre- 
cedee d'une notice sur N. Du Fail et ses ecrits 
par M. Guichard. 8vo., Paris, 1856. 

DU FAUR (Gui) Seigneur de Pibrac. Oratio 
habita a G. Fabro oratore Caroli Galliarum 
regis... in general! congregatione, & subse- 
quenter. Responsum Synodi in admissione 
oratorum ejusdem regis Christianiss. ... 4 Junii 
1562. 4to., Ripcp, 1562. 

6 fi'., witliout pagination ; sig. A**. 

DUFF (Alexander). The traditional account 
in the town of Perth, concerning the death of 
John, Earl of Gowrie, and his brother, Mr. A. 
Ruthven, in the year 1600. See PERTH. 
Memorabilia of the city of Perth, etc. 

8vo., 1806. 
DUFF (Edward Gordon). Early printed 
books. 8vo., London, 1893. 

(Books about Books). 

[Remarks on the history of bookbinding.] 

Exhibition of bookbindings. 4to., 1891. 

[Another edition.] 4to., 1891. 

DUFF (Edward Gordon) &■ others. Hand- 
Usts of English printers, 1 501-1556. [With 
a temporary preface by A. W. Pollard.] 
Pts. I.-II. 8vo., London, 1895-96. 

Printed for the Bibliographical Society. Con- 
tents : — Pt. I. Wynkyn de Worde, Julian 
Notary, R. & W. Faques, John Skot. By E. 
Gordon Duff.— Pt. II. R. Pynson, R. Copland, 
J. Bastell, P. Treverie, R. Bankes, L. Andrewe, 
W. Rastell, T. Godfray, J. Byddell. By E. 
Gordon Dufl. H. R. Ploraer. R. Proctor. 
DU FOUR (Jean). Horatius Christianus. 
See HORATIUS FLACCUS (Q.). [Carmina, 
etc.: Imitations. — Latin.] i2mo., 1629. 
DUFRAISSE (Marc). Sur la vie et les ecrits 
d'A. d'Aubigne (par M. Dufraisse). 

8vo., [Brussels, i860.] 
From " La Libre Recherche," Tome XVII. 
DU FRESNOY (Nicolas Lenglet). See 

DUFRICHE DE VALAZfi (Charles £leo- 
nore). See VALAZfi. 

DUGAS-MONTBEL (Jean Baptiste). See 
DUMAS (J. B.). £loge historique de J. B. 
Dugas-Montbel, e<c. 8vo., 1835. 

DUGDALE {Sir William) Garter King of Arms. 
A fragment, illustrative of Sir W. Dugdale's 
visitation of Lancashire, etc. See CHETHAM 
MISCELLANIES. Vol.1. 4to., 1851. 

Index to the Visitation of the county of 

Yorke begun a.d. 1665, and finished a.d. 
1666, by W. Dugdale. Compiled by G. J. 
Armytage, and printed by private subscrip- 
tion. 4to., London, 1872. 

The visitation of the county palatine of 

Lancaster, made in. ..1664-5. ..Edited by... 
F. R. Raines. 3 pts. 

4to., {Manchester,) 1872-73. 
The pagination is continuous:. {Chethani Society. 
Remains, etc. Vols. LXXXIV., LXXXV., and 

DU GUILLET (Pernette). Rymes de gentile 
et vertueuse dame D. Pernette Du Guillet 
lyonnoise. [Reprint.] 8vo., Lyon, 1856. 

125 copies print-ed. 

DUJARDIN (Benigne). La vie de Pierre 
Aretin. Par M. de Boispreaux [i.e., B. 
Dujardin]. i6mo., La Haye, 1750. 

DULAURE (J.\CQUES Antoine). See TAIL- 
FARGEAU (P. A. E.). Notices sur la vie et 
les ouvrages de M. Dulaure. 8vo., s.a. 

DU LAURENS (Henri Joseph). Le Compare 
Mathieu, ou les bigarrures de I'esprit humain 
...Nouvelle edition, augmentee d'une notice 
sur I'auteur, etc. 3 torn, [in i vol.] 

8vo., Paris, 1837. 

Madame Deshoiclieres. See DESHOU- 


DU LUT (Charles Breghot). See BREG- 

DU MAINE (Francois Grude de La Croix). 

DUMAS (Charles Louis), filoge de [J. le R.] 

d'Alembert, etc. 8vo., Londres, 1789. 

Pattison copy. 

DUMAS (Jean Baptiste). Eloge historique de 
J. B. Dugas-Montbel, etc. 

8vo., Lyon, 1835. 
Pattison copy. 

DUMAST (Augusts Prosper Francois Guer- 

DU m£GE (Alexandre Louis Charles 
Andre). Histoire des institutions religieuses, 
politiques, judiciaires et litteraires de la ville 
de Toulouse. 4 tom., illust. 

8vo., Toulouse, 1844-46. 

DU m£GE (Alexandre Louis Charles 
Andre) &- others. See LA MOTHE-LAN- 
GON (Ii. L.) Baron de, & others. Biographic 
toulousaine, efc. 2 tom. 8vo., 1823. 

DUMENIL (Pichot). L'esprit de mensonge 
devenu sincere. Poeme comique [adapted 
from " El Alguacil alguacilado "in " Los 
Suenos " of Gomez de Quevedo Villegas], etc. 
(F.). 8vo., 1739. 


DU MOULIN (Antoine). De diversa homi- 
num natura prout a veteribus philosophis ex 
corporum speciebus reperta est, cognoscenda 
liber, A. Molimi...diligentia nunc primum in 
lucem emergens. 

8vo., Lugduni : aptid J. Tornaesium, 1549. 
The running heading reads : " De physiognomiae 
ratione liber." Morante copy. 

DU MOULIN (Pierre) the Elder. P. Molinei 
tractatus I. De peregrinationibus super- 
stitiosis. II. De altaribus et sacrificiis 
Christianorum. See STRUVE (B. G.). B. 
G. Struvii bibliotheca librorum rariorum, etc. 
Pt. II. 4to., 1 7 19. 

See GARASSE (F.). Le Rabelais re- 

fome des ministres, et nommement de P. du 
Moulin, etc. 8vo., 1620. 

DUNFERMLINE ( ) Earl of. The 

Earl of Dunfermline against the Earl of 
Calendar and Lord Almond. 

fol., London, [1851 ?] 
(Lord Stair's Reports of decisions in the Court of 
Session, Vol. II. , p. 263.) Printed for use in 
the hearing of the Montrose dukedom case. 

DUNNING (Richard Barre) 2nd Baron Ash- 
burton. See ASHBURTON. 

DUNTON (John) Bookseller. Religio biblio- 
polae. The religion of a bookseller. After 
the manner of the Religio Medici, by. ..Sir T. 
Browne. [By J. Dunton.] 

8vo., London, [1780 ?] 
"Diet. Nat. Biog.," XVI., 238. 
DUPERRON (Abraham Hyacinthe Anque- 

DU PERRON (Jacques Davy) Cardinal, .Arch- 
bishop of Sens. Perroniana, sive excerpta 
ex ore Cardinalis Perronii per F. F. P. P. 
(fratres Puteanos). 8vo., Geneva, 1669. 

Baron Guilford's copy. 

See CASAUBON (I.). I. Casauboni ad 

epistolam... Cardinalis Perronii, responsio, etc. 

4to., 1612. 

See DES MAIZEAUX (P.). Scaligcrana 

... Perroniana... Ou J. Scaliger 
...le cardinal Du Perron, etc. Tomi I. 

i2nio., 1740. 
[Another copy.] 

DUPIN (Andre Marie Jean Jacques), itloge 
d'fi. Pasquier, etc. 8vo., Paris, 1843. 

Patti.son copy. 


(H. L.). Lettre a M. Dupin sur I'cloge d'jt. 
Pasquier... Dcuxidme 6dition. 

8vo., [post 1848.] 

liioge do M. le due de Nivernois, etc. 

8vo., Paris, 1840. 
Pattison copy. 

DU PIN (Jean) Bishop of Rieux. See PINUS 

DUPIN (Louis Ellies). Bibliothcque des 
auteurs separcz de la communion de I'figlise 
romaine du 16. ct du 17. sidclc. Tom; I. 

8vo., Paris, 171 S. 

Wanting tome II. Aooordin" to Bruiiot (II.. 8j2), 

this work forms part of tho author's " Biblio- 

thique dos auteurs occWsiastiquos." Sillcry 


Bibliotheque universelle des historiens, 

contenant leurs vies, I'abrege, la chronologic, 
la geographie, et la critique de leurs histoires, 
etc. [By L. E. Dupin.] 2 torn, [in i vol.] 

8vo., Paris, 1707. 
The pagination is consecutive. Barbier, I., 421. 

DU PINET (Antoine) Sieur de Noroy. His- 
toria plantarum. Earum imagines, nomen- 
claturae, qualitates, & natale solum. [From 
P. A. Matthioli and others.] Quibus acces- 
sere simplicium mcdicamentoru facultates, 
secundum locos & genera, ex Dioscoride. 
[By A. Du Pinet, edited by G. Coterius.] 
2 pts. [in I vol.] i6mo., Lugduni, 1561. 

Kerrich copy. 

Secunda editio. i6Tao., Lugduni, i^Sy. 

Kerrich copy. 

DU PLANTIS ( ). Lettre d'un gentil- 

homme de" Champagne a un conseiller de 
Paris, sur la mort & punition divine du 
capitaine de Saint Paul, soy disant Mare- 
schal de la pretendue Union. [Signed Du 
Plantis.] 8vo., Paris, 1594. 

DUPLESSIS (Georges Victor Antoine 
Gratet). Essai sur la gravure dans les 
livres. See DIDOT (A. F.). Catalogue des 
livres precieux, e^c Pt II. 8vo., 1879. 

Bishop of Tulle. See ARGENTRfi. 

DU PLESSIS-MARLY (Philippe de Mornay) 
Seigneur. See MORNAY. 

DUPONT DE NEMOURS (Pierre Samuel). 

Notice sur M. (P. P.) Gudin. [Signed Du 

Pont de Nemours.] 8vo., [Paris.] 181 2. 

From " Le Mercure de Franco " for March 7tli, 1812. 

Pattison copy. 

See SILVESTRE (A. F.) Baron de. 

Notice biographique sur M. Dupont (P. S.). 

8vo., 1818. 
DUPORT (James). Musae subsecivae, seu 
poetica stromata. Autore J. D. Canta- 
brigiensi {i.e., J. Duport]. 

8vo., Cantabrigits, 1676. 

DU PRAT (Antoine) Cardinal. See DU 

PRAT (A. T.) Marquis. Essai sur la vie 

d'A. Du Prat. 8vo.. 1854. 

DU PRAT (Antoine Theodore) Marquis. 

Essai sur la vie d'Antoine Du Prat. 

8vo., Versailles, 1854. 

Morante copy. 

DUPRli ( ) An Ecclesiastic of Lyons. 

Lc moinc secularise [attributed to Dupri-], 

etc. SfcMOINE. umo., 1678. 

DU PRliAU (Gabriel). Dc vitis, scclis, ct 

dogmatibus omnium lixrcticorum...clenchus 

alphabeticus...lVr G. I'ratcolum. etc. 

4to., Colonia, 1581. 
DUPUY (Henki). See PUTEANUS (E.). 

DUI'UYHERBAULr (GAniUEL). G. Puthcrboi 
...thcolimus, sive de tollcndis it expuugetlis 
lualis libris, iis pr.ecipui^, quos vix mcolumi 
fide ac pictate plerique legere qucant, hbri 
tres, etc. 
8vo., Parisiis : apud Joannem Roigny, 1 549. 


DU RADIER (Jean Francois). See DREUX 

DUR.EUS (Johannes). See DURY (J.). 

DURAND (Armand). Catalogue des livres 
composant la bibliothdque de feu M. A. 
Durand, e<c. 8vo., Pans, (1895.) 

Sale catalogue. 

DURAND (David). La vie et les sentimens de 
L. Vanini. [By D. Durand.] 

8vo., Rotterdam, 1717. 
Barbier, IV., 1016. 

See BARBIER (A. A.). Notice sur la ] 

vie et les ouviages de D. Durand. 

8vo., (1803.) 

DURAND DE LAUR (H.). Erasme, precur- 
seur et initiateur de I'esprit nioderne. 2 torn. 

8vo., Paris, 1872. 

DURANDUS (GULIELMUS) Bishop of Mende. 

[i.e., GuiLLAUME Durand.] Begin. [Fol.L, 





FELICITER.I 4 lib. [in 2 vols.] ©. X. 

fol., {coloplwti :'] in celebri Argetinoi^ urbe: fac- 

torib'> leorio lohdne Bekenhuh, 1473. 

There is a blank leaf between books III. and IV. 

Hain, '6506. Proctor, 346. 

DU REFUGE (Eustache). A treatise of the 
court. Digested into two bookes. Written De Refuges. Done into English 
by J. Reynolds. 2 pts. [in i vol.] 

8vo., London : printed by A. Matthewes 
for W. Lee, 1622. 

With a second, engraved, titlepage. 
DU REVEST ( ) Abbe. Histoire de Mr. 

[P.] Bayle et de ses ouvrages. Par Mr. de La 
Monnoye [pseud., i.e., the abbe Du Revest]. 
Nouveile edition augmentee des pieces sui- 
vantes : I. Exacte revue de I'histoire de Mr. 
Bayle, etc. [By J. Masson.] ... II. Disserta- 
tion, oil Ton decouvre le veritable auteur de 
I'Avis aux refugiez, etc. par Mr. de la Bastide. 
III. Trois lettres critiques sur les editions, 
faites a Rotterdam, du Commentaire philoso- 
phique, et des Lettres de Mr. Bayle. ..IV. 
Factum des amis de Mr. Bayle, contre la 
nouveile edition de son Dictionnaire, qui se 
fait a Rotterdam. i2mo., Amsterdam, 1716. 
Querard, II., 635. 

nard). Dissertation sur les bibliotheques, 
avec une table alphabetique, tant des ouv- 
rages publies sous le titre de bibliotheques, que 
des catalogues imprimes de plusieurs cabinets 
de France & des pays etrangers. [By J. B. 
Durey de Noinville.] i2mo., Paris, 1758. 

Barbier, I., 1081. Cayrol copy. 

Table alphabetique des dictionnaires en 

toutes sortes de langues & sur toutes sortes 
de sciences & d'arts. [By J. B. Durey de 
Noinville.] i2mo., Paris, 1758. 

Barbier, IV., 623. Cayrol copy. 

D'URFfi (H0NOR6). See URF£. 

DURHAM, Bishops of. 

John. [1660-72.] See COSIN (J.). 

Joseph. [1750-52.] See BUTLER (J.). 

Richard. [1333-45-] S«e BURY (R. de). 
DU RONDEL (Jacques). De vita et moribus 

Epicuri. Auctore J. Rondello. 

i2mo., Amstelodami, 1693. 

Dissertation sur le Chenix de Pythagore. 

12 mo., Amsterdam, 1690. 

Reflexions sur un chapitre de Theo- 

phraste. \2ra0., Amsterdam, \6?>6. 

DU ROZOIR (Charles). Discours prononce... 
aux funerailles de M. [J. N. M.] de Guerle. 

8vo., Paris, 1824. 
Fattison copy. 

Notice sur M. P. R. A. G. Gueroult. 

[Signed Ch. Du Rozoir.] 

8vo.,(Pam,)[i826 ?] 

Pftttison copy. 
DURY (John). De mediis ad scopum evan- 
gelicae unionis obtinendum requisitis. 

4tO., 5.H. 

Without titlepage, the title being taken froni the 

caption. The running heading reads : " De 

mediis ecclesiaaticaj pacis." With the BUthor*e 

autograph at the end. 

De modo procedendi, quo inter Evan- 

gelicos unio obtineri poterit. 4to., s.n. 

Without titlepage, the title being taken from the 
caption. With the author's autograph at the end, 

Descriptio scopi quern in Irenico studio 

sectatur, J. Duraeus. 4to., s.L, 1654. 

Without titlepage, the title being taken from 
the caption. The running heading reads : " De 
scopo ecclesiasticae pacis." With the author's 
autograph at the end of the preface. 

The effect of Master Dury's negotiation 

for the uniting of Protestants in a Gospell 
Interest in brief, etc. 4to., s.n. 

Without titlepage, the title being taken from the 

Epistolica dissertatio, quam J. Duraeus, 

Evangelicae concordije procurandae Ergodioc- 
tes misit authoribus Calvinismi (ut vocatur) 
Irreconciliabihs D. D. J. 
non D. P. Rhebindero, etc. 

4to., [London ?] 1641. 

See HULDRICUS (J. J.). Begin. Cum 

vir admodum reverendus & clarissimus D. J. 
Duraeus, theologus Anglus celeberrimus ad 
nos venisset, etc. 8vo., 1655. 

DUTEMPL^US (Stephanus). Tabulae sex 
in sex Galeni libros de morbis et symptomatis. 
6 sh. fol., Lugduni : S. Gryphius Germanus 

e.xcudebat, 1530. 
DUTENS (Louis). Bibliotheque complette et 
choisie, dans toutes les classes, et dans la 
plupart des langues... Troisieme edition. 

8vo., Londres, 1812. 
DU THEIL (FRAN901S Jean Gabriel de La 

DU TILLET (Jean) Bishop of Meaux. See 

DU VACHET (Petrus Josephus). Petri J. 
Du Vachet...poemata. 

8vo., Salmurii, 1664. 
Hatfield copy. 


DUVAL-ARNOULD (Louis), t. Dolet, un 
pretendu martyr de i'atheisme au i6' siecle. 

8vo., Paris, 1898. 
From " La Quinzaine," Ann. 4, No. 91. 

DU VERDIER (Antoine) Seigneur de Vau- 
privaz. La bibliotheque d'Antoine Du Ver- 
dier...Contenant le catalogue de tous ceux 
qui ont escrit, ou traduict en franfois, & 
autres dialectes de ce royaume, ensemble 
leurs oeuvres imprimees & non imprimees... 
Aussi y sont contenus les livres dont les 
autheurs sont incertains...Et k la fin un 
supplement de I'epitome de la bibliotheque 
de Gesner. fol., Lyon, 1585. 

The colophon is dated 1584. The supplement has 
a separate pagination and titlepage, the latter 
misdated " CiD.IO.IOXXCV." 

—— Bibliotheque fran9oise de Du Verdier. — 
Supplementum epitomes bibliotheca? Ges- 
nerianae, A. Verderio...collectore, etc. See 
LA CROIX DU MAINE (F. Grude de). 
Les bibliotheques fran9oises de La Croix du 

Maine cl do Du \'erdier...nouvclle edition. 
etc. Tom. III. -VI. 4to., \-y2-y^. 

La prosopographie, ou description dcs 

personnes insignes, enrichie de plusieurs 
efl6gies, & reduite en quatre livres, etc. 

4to., Lyon : A. Gryphius, 1573. 
Brown morocco by Hardy-Mennil. B^hague 
DYER (Thomas Henry). The life of J. Calvin. 
Compiled from authentic sources, and par- 
ticularly from his correspondence. 

8vo., London, 1850. 
DYMES (Thomas Jamieson). The trade of 
the United Kingdom with the world, etc. 

8vo., London, i88q. 
DYMPHNA, Saint and Martyr. See AFRA, 
Saint and Martyr. Conversio et passio SS. 
Martyrum Afrae, Hilariae, Dignje, etc. 

4to., 1 591. 

DYNELEY, Family of. Dyneley, of Bram- 

hope. [Pedigree.] See YORKSHIRE. [33 

pedigrees, etc.'\ fol., s.a. 

EADWIG, King of England. See EDWY. 

EARWAKER (John Parsons). An account 
of the charters, deeds, and other documents, 
now preserved at Agecroft Hall, Co. Lan- 
caster. 8vo., Manchester, 1887. 
From the "Trans. Lanes. & Chesh. .'\ntiq. Soc," 
Vol. IV. 

The ancient charters and deeds at High 

Legh, Cheshire, etc. 

8vo., (Manchester.) 1888. 
From the " Journ. Chester Archa.'ol. & HiKt. Soc," 
New ser.. Vol. I. 

- The history of the ancient parish of 
Sandbach, co. Chester, including the two 
chapelrics of Holmes Chapel and Goostrey. 

4to., (London, printed,) 1890. 
For private circulation. 

An index to the wills and inventories now 

preserved... at Chester... Edited by J. P. Ear- 
waker. [Vols. I.-VIL] See CHESTER.— 
Court of Probate. 8vo., 1879-92. 

Lancashire and Cheshire wills and inven- 
tories 1572 to i6g6, now preserved at Chester. 
With an appendix of Lancashire and Cheshire 
wills and mvcntories proved at York or 
Richmond, 1542 to 1649. Edited by J. P. 
Earwaker. 4I0., (Manchester,) 1893. 

(Chetham Society. Homains, etc. Now Series, 
Vol. 28.) One of three copies printed on large 

A Lancashire pedigree case : or a history 

of the various trials for the recovery of the 
Harrison estates, from 1873 to 1886. ..with a 
[x-digrcc of the Harrison family. 

8vo.. Warrington, 1887. 

A list of the freeholders in Lancashire in 

the year i^kx). Edited bv ]. 1'. Earwaker. 
Sec LANCASMIKI':. Miscellanies, relating 
to Lancashire and Cheshire. Vol. I. 

8vo.. 1881;. 

Notes on some early deeds, pedigree rolls, 

etc., relating to Cheshire and Lancashire. 

8vo., Manchester, 1883. 
From the " Mancliester Quarterly," No. 6. 

Obligatory knighthood temp. Charles I. 

Lists of the esquires and gentlemen in 
Cheshire and Lancashire, who refused the 
order of knighthood at the coronation of 
Charles I. Drawn up in the years 1631 and 
1632. Edited by J. P. Earwaker. See 
LANCASHIRE. Miscellanies, relating to 
Lancashire and Cheshire. Vol.1. 8vo., 1885. 

Three Lancashire subsidy rolls. ..Edited by 

J. P. Earwaker. See LANCASHIRE. Mis- 
cellanies, relating to Lancashire and Cheshire. 
Vol.1. 8vo., 1885. 

The will of Warden Huntingdon, 1458. 

8vo., Manchester, 1886. 
From the " Trans. Lanes, k Chesh. .^ntitj. Soc," 
Vol. III. 

EBERMANNUS (Vitus), [i.e., Veit Eber- 
MANN.] V. Erbermanni [iJc]...interrogationes 
apologeticae ad H. Conringium : in quibus 
imaginaria ejus Concussio fundanicntorum 
fidei Pontificiffi excutitur et rctorquotur, 
etc. See CONRINGIUS (H.). H. Conringii 
examen libelli, etc. 4to., 1654. 

EBERT (Frieurich Adolf). A general biblio- 
graphical dictionarv, from the German of 
F. A. Ebert. 4 vols. fi\ci., Oxford, 1S37. 

The pagination is continuous throughout. 

ECHART (Henricus). Compendium thco- 
logia; Patrum, c.k sclectioribus cruditie anti- 
quitatis testimoniis certft niethodo in duobus 
libris congestum. etc. 8vo., Jenrr. 160(1. 

ECHO. Echo sur la venue du Roy [Henri IV.], 
i la Couronne. (Responses de la nimphc 
Echo sur la paix et reiinion dcs Francois.) 
2 pts. [in I vol.] " - . - 

8vo., Paris, [r. 1590.] 


ECK (JoHANN VON). See JOHANN, vo>i Ech. 

ECKHARD (JoHANN Friedrich). J. F. Eck- 
hardi...exercitatio critica de editione librorum 
apud veteres. 4to., Isenaci, 1777. 

Pattison copy. 

EDINBURGH.— University. See DALZEL 
(A.). History of the University of Edin- 
turgh, etc. 2 vols. 8vo., 1862. 

( W. A. ). On the authorship of the first hundred 
numbers of the " Edinburgh Review." 

8vo., (1895.) 

EDMOND {John Philip) & DICKSON 
(Robert). Annals of Scottish printing, etc. 
See DICKSON (R.) & EDMOND (J. P.). 

4to., 1890. 

EDMONDS (Charles). A Lamport garland, 
etc. [Edited by C. Edmonds.] See LAM- 
PORT GARLAND. 4to., 1 881. 

EDWARD IV., King of England. Historic of 

the arrivall of Edward IV. in England and 

the finall recouerye of his kingdomes from 

Henry VI. a.d. 1471. Edited by J. Bruce. 

4to., London, 1838. 

(Camden Society Publications, Vol. I.) 

EDWARD v.. King of England. Grants, etc. 
from the Crown during the reign of Edward 
the Fifth... and two speeches for opening 
Parliament, by J. Russell, Bishop of Lincoln 
...With an historical introduction by J. G. 
Nichols. 4to., [London,^ 1854. 

(Camden Society Publications, Vol. 60.) 

EDWARD VI., King of England. Literary 
remains of King Edward the Sixth. Edited 
...with historical notes, and a biographical 
memoir, by J. G. Nichols. 2 vols. 

4to., London, 1857. 

(Roxburghe Club Publications, No. 75.) 

See BALDWIN (W.). The funeralles of 

King Edward the Sbct. 4to. , 1 8 1 7 . 

EDWARDS (Edward). Libraries and founders 
of libraries. ?,\o., London, 1864. 

Memoirs of libraries : including a hand- 
book of library economy. 2 vols., illust. 

8vo., London, 1859. 

EDWARDS (Roger). Castra Regia, a treatise 

on the succession to the Crown of England... 

1568. See BLISS (P.) & 3ANDINEL (B.). 

Historical papers, part I. 4to., 1846. 

] DWARDS (Thomas). Ccphalus and Procris. 

Narcissus... Edited by...W. E. Buckley... 

With an appendix, etc. 4to., London, 1882. 

(Roxbm-ghe Club Publications, No. 105. ) Buckley 


EDWY, King of England. See ALLEN (J.). 
Inquiry into... the royal prerogative of Eng- 
land... To which is added an inquiry into the 
life and character of King Eadwig. 

8vo., [1849.] 

EGERTON (Bridget) Lady. A forme of con- 
fession grounded upon the ancient Catholique 
and Apostolique Faith... 1636, etc. [Edited 
by Sir P. de M. G. Egerton.] See CHETHAM 
MISCELLANIES. Vol. IV. 4to., 1872. 

EGERTON PAPERS. The Egerton papers. 
A collection of public and private documents 

chiefly illustrative of the times of Elizabeth 
and James I. ...Edited by J. P. CoUier. 

4to., London, 1840. 

(Camden Society Publications, Vol. 12.) 

EGGS (Georgius Josephus ab). [i.e., Georg 
Joseph von Eggs.] Purpura docta, seu 
vitae...cardinalium...Desumpta ex A. Cia- 
conio, A. Victorello, A. Oldoino, aliiscjue... 
historiae scriptoribus...In sex libros, cum 
uberrimis notis...digesta, et in luceni edita 
per Georgium J. Eggs. 3 vols. 

fol., Monachii, 1 714. 

Supplementum novum Purpurae doc- 

tse, etc. fol., Augusta Vindelicorum, 1729. 

Pontificium doctum, seu vitae...Pontificum 

Romanorum...desumtum ex variis. . .historiae 
scriptoribus...In unum volumen cum uber- 
rimis notis...digestum ac in lucem editum 
per Georgium J. ab Eggs, fol.. Colonics, 1718. 

Richly tooled calf, with the Albani Arms on the 
sides. Tills copy may have belonged either to 
Pope Clement XI. (to whom the book is dedi- 
cated) or to Cardinal Albani, Librarian of the 
Vatican, who died in 1779. 
EGIDIUS, Romanus, Archbishop of Bourges. 
[Egidio Colonna.] Expositio Egidii Romani 
supra libros elenchorum Aristotelis [with the 
text], etc. See ARISTOTELES. [Organon : 
Elenchi.] fol., 1500. 

EGLAMOURE, Sir. The romance of Sir 
Eglamour of Artois [in verse]. See THORN- 
TON (R.). The Thornton romances, etc. 

4to., 1844. 
EGLINTON (Alexander Montgomerie) 6th 
Earl of, formerly known as Sir Alexander 
Seton. Decreet of Parlement. Alexander, 
Earle of Eglintoun, etc. against William, Earle 
of Glencame. 9"" March, 1649. 

fol., London, [1851 ?] 

Printed for use in the hearing of the Montrose 
dukedom case. 

See GLENCAIRN (W. Cunningham) gth 

Earl of. Decreet of precedency, William 
Earl of Glencairn, etc., against Alexander, 
Earl of Eglinton, etc. fol., [185 1 ?] 

EGLINUS ICONIUS (Raphael). [i.e., Ra- 
phael Eglin.] R. Eglini Iconii...vindiciae 
ciris CatuUianae adversus...Josephum Scali- 
gerum. See CATULLUS (C. V.). C. V. 
CatuUi casta carmina, etc. l2mo., 1606. 

EGNATIUS (Joannes Baptista) pseud, [i.e., 
Giov.\nni Battista Cipelli.] J. B. Egnatii exemplis illustrium virorum Venetg 
civitatis, atque aliarum gentium, etc. [Edited 
by M. Molinus.] i6mo., Parisiis : apud B. 

Turisanum [sic], sub Aldina bibliotheca, 1554. 
The colophon reads: " Excudebat...M. Menier." 
Renouard, p. 295. 

[J. B. Egnatii. A. Spartianum, Lam- 

pridium, et caeteros, annotationes.] See 
hoc volumine haec continentur. J. B. Egnatii Caesaribus libri III., etc. 8vo., 1516. 

[Another edition.] fol., 1518. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., 1519. 

[Another edition.] Tom. I. 

i6mo., iSSi. 


EGNATTUS (Joannes Bapti&ta) .— (cantd.) 

J. B. C. Suetonium Tran- 

quillum annotationes. etc. See SUETO- 
C^SARUM.] C. Suetonii Tranquilli duodecim 
caesares, e/c. [Pt. II.] 8vo., 1543. 

J. B. Egnatii...Romanorum principum 

liber primus (-tertius). See SCRIPTORES 
HISTORIvE AUGUSTS. In hoc volumine 
haec continentur. J. B. Caesari- 
bus libri III., elc. 

[Another edition.] 
[Another edition.] 

8vo., 1 516. 

fol., 1 5 18. 

8vo., 1 5 19. 

[Another edition.] See SUETONIUS 

TRANQUILLUS (C). [Vit/e XII. C^sa- 
RUM.] C. Suetonii Tranquilli XII. Caesares, 
etc. 8vo., 1532. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., 1534. 

[Another edition.] Svc, 1537. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., 1539. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., 1541. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., 1544. 

[Another edition.] i6mo., 1548. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., 1551. 

EHINGER (Elias). Themistoclis epistolae... 
ebibliotheca Ehingeriana. [By E. Ehinger ?] 
See THEMISTOCLES. ' 8vo., 1629. 

EHRENCRON (Fridericus Adolphus Han- 

EHRNBERG (Nicolaus). Ad carmina quae- 
dam Q. Horatii Flacci annotationes criticae, 
etc. 8vo., LundcB, 1856. 

EICHSTADIUS (Henricus Carolus Abra- 
ham). \i.e., Heinrich Carl A. Eichstaedt.] 
H. C. A. Eichstadii...censura novissimarum 
observationum in Horatii epistolam ad 
Pisones. See ERNESTI (J. H. M.). Pa- 
rerga Horatiana, etc. 8vo., 1818. 

[Another copy.] 



Oratio Heliogabali 

EISERMANN (Johann). 
(J.) Montanns. 

NiNUs) Emperor of Rome. 

...habita in concione ad merctrices, quam k 
L. Aretino compositam plcrique credunt. See 
In hoc volumine haec continentur. J. B. Cssaribus libri III., etc. 

8vo., 1 5 16. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., 1519. 

ELDON (John Scott) ist Earl of. Speech of 
Lord Chancellor Eldon upon the Chandos 
claim of pcc-agc...i8o3. See CHANDOS, 
Barony of. fol.. s.a. 

ELEANOR [of Castile], Queen Consort of 
Edward /., King of England. Liberationes 
facts per executorcs domina; Alianorae con- 

sortis Edwardi regis Angliae primi. (Ac- 
counts of the executors of Eleanor, Quacn 
Consort of Edward I. a.d. 1291.) See 
ENGLAND. Manners and household ex- 
penses of England in the thirteenth and fif- 
teenth centuries, etc. 4to., 1841. 

ELEANOR [of England], Countess of Leicester, 
formerly Countess of Pembroke. Rotulus 
hospitii comitissse Leicestriae. a.d. 1265. 
(Household roll of Eleanor, Countess of 
Leicester, etc.) See ENGLAND. Manners 
and household expenses of England in the 
thirteenth and fifteenth centuries, etc. 

4to., 1841. 

ELEUTHEROSTOMUS (Germanus) pseud. 
De perfidia Romani Pontificis epistola... 
authore G. Eleutherostomo. [In verse.] 

8vo., s.n. [1528.] 
8 ff., without pagination ; sig. A^. 

ELIA (Bartolommeo). See RUFINUS (J.). 

J. Rufini carmen de obitu B. Eliae, etc. 

4to., 1553. 
ELIZABETH, Queen of England. Household 

expenses of the Princess Elizabeth during her 

residence at Hatfield, Oct. i, 1551, to Sept. 

30, 1552. Edited by Viscount Strangford. 


miscellany. Vol. II. 4to., 1853. 
Letters of Queen Elizabeth and King 

James VI. of Scotland... Edited by J. Bruce. 
4to., [London,^ 1849. 

(Camden Society Publications, Vol. 46.) 

See PARKER (J.). Did Queen Elizabeth 

take " other order " in the " Advertise- 
ments " of 1566 ? etc. 8vo., 1878. 


ELLINGER (Johann). AUmodischer Kleyder 
Teuffel, etc. 1629. See FACETI^. Face- 
tiae facetiarum, etc. 4to., 1627. 

ELLIS (George James Welbore Agar-) ist 
Baron Dover. See DOVER. 

ELLIS (Sir Henry). Original letters of emi- 
nent literary men of the sixteenth, seven- 
teenth, and eighteenth centuries. With notes Sir H. Ellis. 4to., London, 1843. 

(Canideu Society Publications, Vol. 23. ) 

ELLIS (Robinson). On the elegies of Maxi- 
mianus. [Signed R. Ellis.] 

8vo., [Baltimore, 1884.] 
From tlie '* American Journal of Pliilology," 
Vol. V. 

ELSEVIER, Family of. See ELZEVIR. 

ELTON (Charles Isaac) & (Mary Augusta). 
A catalogue of a portion of the library of C. 
I. Elton and M. A. Elton. 

Svo., London, 1891. 

With illustrations of bindingx. 

ELTON (Oliver). An introduction to Michael 
Drayton. 4to., (Manchester,) 1895. 

(SpopHcr Society. ) 
ELY, Bishops of. 

Benjamin. [1667-75.] See LANEY (B.). 
Lancelot. [160Q-19.] See ANDREWES (L.) 
Bishop of Winchester. 


ELZEVIR, Family oj. See b£RARD (A. S. 
L.). Essai bibliographique sur les editions 
des Elzevirs les plus precieuses et les plus 
recherchees, etc. 8vo., 1822. 

See BERGHMAN (G.). fitudes sur la 

bibliographic Elzevirienne, e<c. 8vo., 1885. 

See BERGHMAN (G.). Nouvelles etudes 

sur la bibliographic Elzeviricnne, etc. 

8vo., 1897. 

See CHRISTIE (R. €.). Elzevier biblio- 
graphy, etc. 8vo., 1888. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another edition.] See CHRISTIE 

(R. C). Selected essays, etc., pp. 297-308. 

8vo., 1902. 

See LANG (A.). Elzevirs. 4to.,[i884.] 

See MONTARAN (E. H. J. Michau) 

Baron de. Catalogue d'une collection d'Elze- 
virs, etc. i2mo., 1849. 

See MOTTELEY (C). Aper^u sur les 

erreurs de la bibliographie speciale des 
Elzevirs, e<c. i2mo., 1847. 

See PIETERS (C). Analyse des mate- 

riaux les plus utiles, pour de futures annales 
de rimprimerie des Elsevier. 8vo., 1845. 

See PIETERS (C). Annales de rim- 
primerie des Elsevier... Seconde edition, etc. 

8vo., i858[-6ol. 

See WILLEMS (A.). Les Elzevier, his- 

toire et annales typographiques. 8vo., 1880. 

ELZEVIR (D.\niel). Catalogus librorum qui 
in bibliopolio D. Elsexarii venales extant. 
4 pts. [in I vol.] i2mo., Amstelodami, 1674. 

EMERSON (James) afterwards TENNENT 
(Sir James Emerson) \st Bart. See TEN- 

EMLYN, Mayd. Here is the boke of mayd 
Emlyn, etc. See MAID. The new notborune 
mayd, etc. 4^0., 1820. 

ENCHIRIDION. Enchiridion titulorum juris, 
quibus universum pene jus summatim con- 
tinetur. De verborum obligationibus. De 
verborum signiiicatione. De diversis regulis 
juris antiqui. Rubrics juris. Omnia secu- 
dum editionem Florentinam, etc. 

8vo., Lovanii, 1554. 

ENCOMIA. Admiranda rerum admirabilium 
encomia, etc. See SCRIPTORES. Disser- 
tationum ludicrarum et amoenitatum, scrip- 
tores varii, (?fc. 1 2 mo., 1666. 

[Another copy.] 

ENCYCLOPfiDIE. Encyclopedia des sciences 
medicales ; ou traite general, methodique et 
complet des diverses branches de I'art do 
guerir...M. [A. L. J.] Bayle, redacteur en 
chef. Sixieme division. 'Biographic medi- 
cale. 2 tom. 8vo., Prt>-K, 1840-41. 

ENGEL (Samuel). Bibliotheca selectissima, 
sive catalogus librorum... rarissimorum. Quos 
...collegit...S. Engel, etc. (Der auserlesenen 
Bibliothec von seltenen Buchern, zweyter 
Theil, etc. — Spicilegium librorum rariorum... 

in catologo [sic] a S. Engel... nuper evulgato, 
omissorum, etc.) 3 pts. [in i vol.] 

8vo., BerneB, i743(-44). 

ENGELIUS (Mauritius Adolphus) Press. De 
castrationis librorum causis. librisque his- 
toricis mutilatis. Commentatio quam...con- 
sulibus, senatoribus civitatis non...M. A. Engelio... 
patronis...offert...A. W. Deutschlaender. 

4to., Lipsiae, 1765. 

ENGELMANN (Wilhelm). Bibliotheca scrip- 
torum classicorum et Graecorum et Latino- 
rum. Alphabetisches Verzeichniss der Aus- 
gaben...der griechischen und lateinischen 
Schriftsteller des Alterthums, welche vom 
Jahre 1700 bis... 185 8 besonders in Deutsch- 
land gedruckt worden sind...Siebente... 
Auflage. 8vo., Leipzig, 1858. 

Famhara copy. 

ENGLAND. The annals of England... from 
cotemporary writers, etc. 3 vols., illust. 

8vo., Oxford. 1855-57. 

A complete histor>' of England : with the 

lives of all the kings and queens thereof... 
to the death of.. .William III., etc. [Vols. 
I.-IL, by various authors, collected and 
edited by J. Hughes : vol. III., by W. 
Kennett.] 3 vols., jV/ms*. io\., London, 1706. 

Manners and household expenses of Eng- 
land in the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries, 
illustrated by original records. 

4to., London, 1841. 

(Roxburghe Club Publications, No. 57.) Con- 
tents : — I. Household roll of Eleanor, Countess 
of Leicester, a.d. 1265. — II. Accounts of the 
executors of Eleanor, Queen Consort of Ed- 
ward I. A.D. 1291. — III. Accounts and memo- 
randa of Sir John Howard, first Duke of 
Norfolk, A.D. 1462.10 A.D. 1471. Gosford copy. 

A relation, or rather a true account, of 

the island of England ; with sundry par- 
ticulars of the customs of these people, and 
of the royal revenues under King Henry the 
Seventh, about the year 1500. Translated 
from the Italian, with notes, by C. A. Sneyd. 

4to., London, 1847. 

(Camden Society Publications, Vol. 37.) 

ENGLAND, Chtirch of. See CHURCH OF 

ENGLISH. Pretensions des Anglois a la 
couronne de France. See SCOTLAND. La 
vraie cronicque d'Escoce, etc. 4to., 1847. 

ASSOCIATION. Canon law. Reply of the 
Council of the Church Association to the 
"rejoinder" of the E.C.U. 8vo.,[i892.] 

ENNIUS (Quintus). Q. Ennii...quae super- 
sunt fragmenta ab H. Columna conquisita, 
disposita et explicata, etc. 

4to., Neapoli, 1590. 
Calf by Kalthoeber. Wodhull copy. 

See ESTIENNE (H.) 2nd of the Name. 

Fragmenta poetarum vetenim Latinorum... 
Ennii, Accii, etc. 8vo., 1564. 

ENS (Caspar). Apparatus convivialis, jucun- 
dis narrationibus. salubribus monitis, ad- 
mirandis historiis...instructus. 

i2mo.. Colonics A grippincv, 1615. 


EOBANUS (Helius) Hessus. Epistola Eobani 
Hessi. See HUTTEN (U. von). Epistoiae 
U. Hutteni, etc. 4to., 1842. 

See AYRMANN (C. P.). De H. Eobani 

Hessi ortu et nomine disserit...C. F. Ayr- 
mannus. (Dissertatio altera, etc.) 2 pts. 

4to., 1739-40. 

See CAMERARIUS (J.) the Elder. J. 

Camerarii narratio de H. Eobano Hesso, etc. 

8vo., 1843. 

£ON DE BEAUMONT (Charles Genevieve 

Louis Auguste Andr^ Timothee d'). A 

catalogue of the valuable library of the 

chevaliSre D'fion, lotted as they are to be 

sold, etc. 8vo., [London,] 1792. 

With the inscription " Catalogue pour moi " In 

Eon de Beaumont's handwriting. 

[Another copy.] 

Premier (-troisidme) catalogue. Manu- 

scrits...a. vendre, en la possession de la 
chevalidre D'fion, etc. 3 pts. 

8vo., [London, 1792.] 

Considerations historiques & politiques 

sur les imp6ts des Egyptiens, des Baby- 
loniens, des Perses, des Grecs, des Romains... 
ou memoires pour ser\'ir a I'histoire generale 
des finances... Troisieme edition. 2 torn. 

8vo., Londres, 1764. 
T. Wttlpole's copy. 

An epistle [in verse] from Mademoiselle 

D'Eon to...L--d M d [i.e.. Lord Mans- 
field]... on his determination in regard to her 
sex. 4to., London, 1778. 

Les esperances d'un bon patriote [i.e., C. 

G. L. A. A. T. d'Jion de Beaumont]. 

8vo., Amsterdam, 1759. 
From the " Ann^e litt^raire," toinH VI. 

— — Lettres, memoires & negociations, par- 
ticuliSres du chevalier d'fion, etc. 3 pts. 
[in I vol.] fol., Londres, 1764. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Londres, 1765. 

An historical account of the facts, motives, 

and reasons, which lay Mademoiselle la 
chevali^re D'lion under the necessity of 
making... a public sale of all she possesses, etc. 
Eng. &■ Fr. 8vo., s.l. (1791.) 

Les loisirs du chev. d'lion en Anglcterre, 

sur divers sujets importans de taclique, poli- 
tique, critique, etc. Tom. I.-II. [in i vol.] 

8vo., Londres, [1770.] 
Bathurat copy. 

Pieces autcntiques pour scrvir au procds 

crimincl intcnte au tribunal du roi d'Angle- 1 
tcrre par le chevalier d'fion de Beaumont... 
contre C. L. F. Regnicr, comtc dc Gucrchy, I 
etc. 4I0., Berlin. 1765. 

Pieces relatives [51c] aux demeles entre j 

Mademoiselle d'lion de Beaumont ... et le ' 
Sieur Caron dit dc Beaumarchais, etc. 

8vo., [Amsterdam ?J 1778. 

Pieces relatives aux lettres, memoires, et 

negotiations particuliSrcs du chevalier D'£on, 
etc. 4 pts. [in i vol.] 8vo., Londres, 1765. 

A short sketch of some remarkable occur- I 

rences during the residence of the late 
Chevalier D'fion in England... With a like- 

ness from a cast, etc. 

Christie (R. C), 

bibliophile, latiniste 
pp. 319-329- 


la chevaliere D'fion, etc. 

4to., London, 18 10. 

Le chevalier d'fion, 

et theologien. See 

Selected essays, etc., 

8vo., 1902. 

Memoires sur 

8vo., [1866.] 


D'ifion de Beaumont, his life and times, etc. 

8vo., 1911. 

See LA FORTELLE (— de) Lieutenant 

du Roi. La Demoiselle C. G. L. A. 
A. T. fion ou D'fion de Beaumont. 

8vo., 1779. 

See PAINE (J.). A catalogue of the... 

library of J. Paine.. .To which is added, the 
remaining part of the library. ..of. Che- 
valiere D'fion, etc. 8vo., 1793. 

See TELFER (J. B.). The strange career 

of the Chevalier D'^on de Beaumont, etc. 

8vo., 1885. 

Thoms (W. J.). Queen Charlotte and 

the Chevalier d'fion. See THOMS (W. J.). 
Hannah Lightfoot, (?/c. 8vo., 1867. 

EPHRUSSI (Charles), fitude sur le songe 

de Poliphile, Venise, 1499 et 1545 — Paris, 

1546, 1883, e<c. 4to., Pans, 1888. 

Only 100 copies reprinted from tlie " Bulletin du 


EPICTETUS. [Arriani de Epicteti disser- 
tationibus libri III., nunc primum in lucem 
editi, J. Schegkio interprete. Accessit Epic- 
teti enchiridion, A. Politiano interprete. 
Graeca etiam Latinis adjunximus.] 

4to., [colophon :] Basilea, 1554. 

Imperfect; wanting the titlepnge and all but 

the Greek text. 

— — Epicteti Stoici enchiridion [translated 

from the Greek by A. Politianus]. Lat. See 

CENSORINUS. Index hbrorum : qui in 

hoc volumine contincntur. Ccnsorinus de die 

na.ta.\i, etc. fol., 1407. 

[Enchiridion.] Begin. [Fol. i, recto :] 

2v/i7iXimov iirjyr/ai'; elg to rov ' EmxrrjTov 
iyxetotdiov. [SVith the text.] Ed. Pr. 

4to., [colophon :] Veneiiis : per Joan. 

Antonium &• Fralres de Sabio, 1528. 

Without titlopnco, as issued. Sergeant. Malta 

Protestant College, and Crawford (Lakelands) 


[Another copy.] 

SuHsox copy. 

' Emxrtjxov iyxeigidiov. Idem Latin^, A. 

Politiano interprete. 

8vo., Basilea: : apud A. Cratandrum, 1531. 
Wanting the Latin version. Chonnsido copy. 

'EyXciQidtov 'EnixrriTov. Mille in locis 

castigatum. Gr. 

4to., Parisiis : per C. Neobarium, 1540. 

Epicteti... encliiridion. E gra^co intcrprc- 

tatuni ab A. Politiano. Lat. 

4to., Parisiis : per C. Neobarium, 1540. 

'Eyx€ioi6iov ' EnixTi^Tov. Multis in locis 

k J. Tusano... castigatum. Gr. 

4to., Parisiis, 1552. 
Susses copy. 


EPICURO, Napolitano, pseud, [i.e., Antonio 
Caracciolo, called Epicuro.] See CARAC- 
CIOLO (A.). 

EPICURUS. 'Ori ovde l^ijv iariv rjdeio; xcn' 

' EmxovQov. Tleoi rwv vno tov deiov PQadewg, 

Ttftojgov^evcov. 8vo., [colophon .] Veneiiis : 

apud Joannemantonium, csy Peirum fralres de 

Nicolinis de Sabio, 1541. 

Yemeniz copy, 

See DU RONDEL (J.). De vita et 

moribus Epicuri. i2mo., 1693. 

EPIGRAMMATA. Epigrammata et poematia 
Vetera. Quorum pleraque nunc primum... 
eduntur [by P. Pithou], etc. 

8vo., Geneves, 161 9. 
Barbier, IV., 1248. Red morocco by Roger 
Payne. Syston Park copy. 

' EntyQafifiara 'EX?.r]vixa zwv :iaXai(ov Tiotr]- 

Ttov, xat innacpia fiena xiov iTziyga/iaTMr [sic] 
'lojaxe^'ov KafteQagiov xm 'laxiofiov rov MixvX- 
}.ov. Epigrammata veterum poetarum, etc. 
Gr. 8vo., [colophon .] Basileae : apud J. 

Hervagiiim et J. E. Frobenium, 1538. 
Red morocco by Roger Payne. Gennadius copy. 

[Another copy.] 

Epigrammatum Graecorum libri VII. an- 

notationibus J. Brodaei ... illustrati, etc. 
[Edited by S. Gelenius.] Gr. 

fol.' [colophon :] Basilea : apud H. Fro- 
benium et N. Episcopium , 1549. 

EPIPHANIUS, Saint. Bishop of Constantia in 
Cyprus. Prophetarum v-ita & 
interitu comentarius grascus, una cum inter- 
pretatione e regione Latina, A. Torino inter- 
prete. Sophronii...libellus de vita Evan- 
gelistarum...Parabolae & miracula, quae a 
singulis Evangelistis narratur, grfcis versibus 
a Gregorio Nazianzeno conscripta...D. Hie- 
ronymi scriptorum ecclesiasticorum vitae... 
Gennadii illustrium virorum catalogus, ob 
historise cognitionem lectu non indignus. 
Gt. &■ Lat. 

4to., Basileae : apud A. Cratandrum, 1529. 

Tov dyiov ' Eniq>aviov . . .xaxa aigeaemv oydoij- 

xovra TO EjnxhjOev IJaragiOV, shovv Kipwriov, 
elg fiiP).ov<; /lev y', TOfiovq de ijira dttjgijftErov. 
Tov avTov dyiov ' Eniqiaviov loyog dyxvgojTog, 
naaav rijv negi rrjg Oetag niaTEioc. diSacxa/.iav 
EV lavT(o diMa/i^avoiv. Tov avTov T(ur tov 
Ilavagiov djiaitov dvaxe(pa).aio)aiq. Tov avxov 
negi ^lErgojv xai azadnwv. D. Epiphanii... 
contra octoginta haereses opus eximium, etc. 
Gr. Ed. Pr. 

fol., [colophon: Basel : J. Herwagen, 1544.] 

EPISTOL^. 'Enicno).ai dta(poga>v (piXoao<piov. 
gijTO- 1 ecyr. aorpiariav. £| Tigog Toig slxoai. \ uji> za 
ovoftaza iv zr] | i^tjg EvnijaEig \ asXidi. | Epistoke 
diuersorum philosophorum ora- 1 toruni. Rlie- 
torum sex & uiginti. | Quorum nomina in se | 
quenti inuenies | Pagina. | [Pt. II.] {'Etti- 
azoXai I BaaiXeiov zov fteyaXov. | Ai^aviov zov 
ao<piazov.' \ Xioyvog zov nkazwvixov. | Alaxn'ov 
xai I 'laoxgazovQ ziov grizogiov. \ 0aXagi6oi zov 
zvgavvou | Bgovzov gw/iaMV. | 'A:io?Muftov zov 

zvavEiog. I 'lovXiavov zov rranafiazov. \ etc.) Gr- 
2 pts. [in I vol.] 

4to., [colophon :] Venetiis : apud Aldum, 1499. 
In this copy pt. II. is placed first. Renouard, 
p. 18. 

[Another copy of Pt. II.] 

Epistolffi Graecae elegantissimae, e.x di- 

versis autoribus diligenter selectae. Luciani 
saturnalia, etc. Gr. 4to., [colophon .•] 

Lovanii : apud T. Martinum, 1520. 

Iseghem, p. 313. 

'ExXoyrj xai olov oTiavOia/ia diaqiogcov int- 

azokcov 'EXXrivixiov... Delects quaedam Graeca; 
epistolae, etc. [Edited by J . Camerarius.] 
Gr. &■ Lat. 

8vo., In academia Tubingensi : s.t.n., 1540. 

Epistolae clarorum virorum selectae de 

quamplurimis optimae, ad indicandam nos- 
trorum temporum eloquentiam. 

8vo., Venetiis : apud P. Manutium, 1556. 
Renouard. p. 169. Red morocco by Storr. 
Syston Park copy. 

[Another edition.] 

i6mo., Parisiis : apud B. Turrisanum. in 
.4ldina bibliotheca, 1556. 
Renouard, p. 296. Blue morocco by Dillon. 

Epistolae obscurorum virorum. [By O. 

Gratius.] See GRATIUS (O.). 


EPITHALAMIA. Epithalamia [by members 
of Oxford University]. Sive lusus Palatini 
in nuptias...Friderici comitis Palatini ad 
Rhenum, &c. et...Elisabethee Jacobi...Britan- 
niae regis filiae primogenitae. 

4to., Oxonia, 1613. 
Imperfect ; wanting sig. F3. 

EOUES, Polonus. pseud, [i.e., Samuel Przyp- 
KowsKi.] See PRZYPKOWSKI (S.). 

ERASMUS (Desiderius). [Opera.] Quae 
toto volumine continentur. Pacis querela. 
(Isocrates) De regno administrando. Insti- 
tutio principis Christiani. Panegyricus ad 
Philippum & carmen. Item ex Plutarcho. 
De discrimine adulatoris & amici. De utili- 
tate capienda ex inimicis. De doctrina 
principum. Principi cum philosopho semper 
esse disputandum. Item, declamatio (D. 
Erasmi) super mortuo puero. 

S\o., [colophon .] Venetiis : in aedibus Aldi, 

et .4 ndreae soceri, 1 5 1 8. 

Renouard, p. 82. Werdenstein and Sussex copy. 

Enchiridion mUitis Christiani... Cui ac- 

cessit, de prEparatione ad mortem, libellus. 
Epistola exhortatoria ad capessendam vir- 
tutem. Concio de puero Jesu. Expostu- 
latio Jesu. Ode de casa natalitia pueri Jesu. 
2 vols, [in I.] 

8vo.. Lugdiini : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1 541. 
The " De prseparatione ad mortem " has a sepa* 
rate titlepage and pagination. 

— — [Adagia.] Erasmi... adagiorum chiliades 
tres, ac centuriae fere totidem, etc. fol., 

[colophon ;] Venetiis : in aedibus A Idi, 1 508. 
Renouard, p. 5 > Original pigskin, with cle.sps. 


ERASMUS (Desiderius).— (could.) 

[Ajjagia.] Erasmi...adagioruin chiliades 

quatuor, centuriaeque totidem. Quibus etiam 
quinta additur imperfecta. 

fol., [colophon ;] Venetiis : in aedibus Aldi, 
et Andreae soceri, 1520. 
Uenouard. p. 8g. Du Ble, Sunderland, and Man- 
zoni copy. 

Adagiorum opus D. Erasmi, etc. 

fol., Liigduni : apud Seb. Gryphiiim, 1529. 
Printed in double columns. 

[Another edition.] 

fol., Lugdtmi : Seb. Gryphius excndebat, 1 541. 

[Another edition.] 

fol., Lugdtmi : apud Seb. Gryphiiim, 1550. 
Imperfect ; wanting the last leaf. 

Adagiorum D. Erasmi ... epitome. Ex 

novissima Chiliadum recognitione excerpta. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1550. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphiiim, 1553. 
Legge copy. 

Adagiorum opus D. Erasmi, etc. 

fol., Lugduni : apud S. Gryphium, 1556. 
Another edition of that of 152^. Brown morocco 
covered with gilt tooling i\ peilta fers. An illus- 
tration of the binding is given in " Le Bibliophile 
Fran9ais,*' Tome V'll., p. 206. Morante copy. 

Adagia quaecumque ad hanc diem exierunt 

[i.e., the collection made by Erasmus], P. 
Manutii studio... ab omnibus mendis vindi- 
cata, quae pium...lectorem poterant oifendere 
...Nunc vero...iterum impressa, incredibiliqj 
labore emendata a F. Angelo Rocch., etc. 

4to., Venetiis, 1578. 

Renouard, p. 225. Butler and Sussex copy. 

[Antibarbarorum Liber.] Antibar- 

barorum... liber unus. 

8vo., [colophon .] Basileae : per H. Frobenium 
ac N. Episcopium, 1535. 

[Apophthegmata.] Apophthegmatum, sive 

scite dictorum libri sex, ex optimis quibusqj 
utriusqs linguae autoribus...excerptorum, cum 
brevi commodaq'j explicationc.per D. Eras- 
mum, etc. 
8vo., Lugduni : apud [Seb.] Gryphium, 1531. 

Apophthegmatum opus cum primis frugi- 

ferum, vigilanter ab ipso recognitum autore, 
e Graeco codice correctis aliquot locis, in 
quibus interpres D. Laertii fefcUcrat : locu- 
pletatum insuper quum variis per totum 
accessionibus, turn duobus libris in fine 
adjectis, per D. Erasmum. 

«vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1534. 
The name of Krasmus has been burnt out of the 
titlepage, and the " Epistola nuncupatoria *' is 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1544. 

[Another edition.] 

i6mo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1547. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Luteti(V : ex ofjicina R. Stephani, 1547. 
Sunderland copy. 

Apophthegmatum ex optimis utriusq. 

linguae scriptoribus per D. Erjismum... 
collectorum libri octo. 

8vo , Lugdunt : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1548. 

[Another edition.] 

i6mo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1550. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1551. 

[Another edition.] 

i6mo., Lugduni: apud Seb. Gryphium, 1552. 
Imperfect ; wanting the last 10 pp. of the index. 

[Another edition.] 

Svo., Lugduni: apud Seb. Gryphium, 1556. 

- See BEBELIUS (H.). Facctia;...Acces- 
;icrunt ... apophthegmata, ex ... Erasmo col- 
lecta, etc. 8vo., 1540. 

[Catalogi Operum Erasmi.] Catalogi 

duo operum D. Erasmi... ab ipso conscript! & 
digest! : cum prsefatione D. B. Amerbachii... 
Accessit in fine epitaphiorum ac tumulorum 
libellus, etc. 4to., Basilees : per H. Fro- 

benium et N. Episcopium, 1537. 

The colophon is dated 1536. 

[Christiani Matrimonii Institutio.] 

Christian! matrimonii institutio, etc. 

fol., BasilecB : apud J. Frobenium 1526. 

[CicF.RONiANUS.] D. Erasmi. . .dialogus, 

cui titulus Ciceronianus, sive, de optimo 
dicendi genere. See below, De recta Latin! 
Graecique sermonis pronuntiatione, etc. 

8vo., 1528. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., 1531. 

[Another edition.] See SCALIGER 

I J. C). J. C. Scaligeri ad versus D. Erasmum 
orationes duae, efc. Pt. I. 4to., 1621. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another copy.] 

[.Vnother edition. ]...Accedunt Eras- 
mi & aliorum epistolae de eodem argumento. 
l2mo., Oxoniis, 1693. 
G. F. Nott's copy. 

Sec DOLET (fi.). S. Doleti dialogus, de 

imitatione Ciceroniana, advcrsus D. Eras- 
mum, etc. 4to., 1535. 

[Another copy.] 

[CoLLOQUiA.] Familiarium coUoquiorum 

opus, etc. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1538. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1539. 

CoUoquiorum iamiliarium opus, etc. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1542. 

Belmontus copy, 

[Another edition.] 

l6mo., Lugduni, 1550. 

Given by t'crdinand 111. to the Klorontino 

Library, from which it was sold as a duplicate. 

D. Erasmi... colloquia nunc cmcndatiora. 

1 2 mo., Amstelodami, 1679. 

Twenty two select colloquies out of Eras- 
mus... By Sir R. L'Estrange. To which are 
added, seven more dialogues, with the life of 
the author, by T. Brown. 

8vo., London, 1725. 

D. Erasmi. ..colloquia, ex doctorum viro- 

rum emendatione, cum notis selectis. 

i6mo., Amstelmdami, 1754. 
1 he titlepage is engraved. 


ERASMUS (Desiderius).— (coH^rf.) 

[CoLLOQUiA.] Pilgrimages to Saint Mary 

of Walsingham and Saint Thomas of Canter- 
bury. ..Newly translated, with the colloquy 
on rash vows... and illustrated with notes, by 
J. G. Nichols. 8vo., Westminster, 1849. 

Napier copy. 

The colloquies... Translated by N. Bailey. 

Edited. . .by. ..E. Johnson. 2 vols. 

8vo., London, 1878. 

See LANDO (O.). [In Erasmi Funus.] 

In D. Erasmi... funus, dialogus, etc. 

8vo., 1540. 

[De Civilitate Morum Puerilium.] La 

civilite puerile... Traduction nouvelle, texte 
latin en regard. Precedee d'une notice sur 
les livres de civilite depuis le i6"= siecle, par 
A. Bonneau. i2mo., Par/s, 1877. 

[De Conscribendis Epistolis.] Con- 

scribendarum epistolarum ratio, etc. 

8vo., Lugdnni : apud Seb. Gryphinm, 1534. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphhim, 1536. 

De conscribendis epistolis opus, etc. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphinm, 1556. 

[De Copia Verborum.] D. Erasmi... de 

duplici copia verboR ac rerum, commentarii 
duo... His accesserunt scholia... & epitome, etc. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud [Se6.] Gryphium, 1531. 
The " Epitome " has a separate titlcpage and 
register, and is without pagination. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1539. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Lugduni : apud S. Doletum, 1540. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1550. 

Meier (G.). In Erasmi librum de copia 

tabulae. See MOSELLANUS (P.). Tabulae, 
de schematibus et tropis P. Mosellani, etc. 

8vo., 1530. 
Secunda editio. 8vo., 1535. 

[De Laudibus BritannI/E.] Erasmi... de 

laudibus Britanniae, regis4; Henrici Septimi, 
etc. See EURIPIDES. [Hecuba.] Hecuba, 
& Iphigenia in Aulide, etc. 8vo., 1507. 

[De Libero Arbitric] De libero arbi- 

trio diaTQi^r], sive coUatio. 

8vo., Basilea : apud J. Frobenium, 1524. 

Hyperaspistes diatribae adversus Servum 

arbitrium M. Lutheri...ab autore recognitus. 
2 pts. [in I vol.] Svo., [colophon .] Basileae : 

apud J. Frobenium, 1526-27. 

[De Metris.] D. Erasmus... de metris. 

See MICYLLUS (J.) pseud. Ratio e.xaminan- 
dorum versuum, etc. 8vo., (1539.) 

[Another edition.] See TEREN- 

TIUS (P.) Afer. P. Terentii...comcediae, etc. 

fol., 1552. 

[Another edition.] fol., 1553. 

[Another edition.] fol., 1558. 

[Another edition.] See TEREN- 

TIUS (P.) Afer. Terentius, etc. [Vol. II.] 

8vo., 1560. 
[Another copy.] 

[Another edition.] Sec TEREN- 
TIUS (P.) Afer. P. Terentii...comcediae, etc. 

fol., 1 561. 

[De Morte Declamatic] De morte 

declamatio D. Erasmi... in genere consola- 
torio. Ej usdem epistola elegantiss. de eadem. 

8vo., Lugd[um] : Seb. Gryphius Germ, excttd., 


[De Pr.«paratione ad Mortem.] De 

praeparatione ad mortem, liber, etc. Se^ above 
[Opera.]. Enchiridion militis Christiani, etc. 

8vo., 1 541. 

[Another edition.] See below, 

Enchiridion militis Christiani, etc. 

i2mo., 1685. 

[De Ratione Studii.] D. Erasmi... de 

ratione studii tractatus. See GROTIUS (H.). 
H. Grotii et aliorum dissertationes, etc. 

i2mo., 1645. 

[De Recta Latiki Gr^cique Sermonis 

Pronuntiatione.] De recta Latini Graeci- 
que sermonis pronuntiatione, D. Erasmi... 
dialogus. Ej usdem dialogus cui titulus, 
Ciceronianus, sive, de optimo genere dicendi. 
Cum aliis nonnullis, quorum nihil non est 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1528. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Lugduni: Seb. Gryphius excud., 1531. 

D. Erasmi... de recta Latini Graecique 

sermonis pronunciatione dialogus. See 
HAVERKAMP (S.). Sylloge altera scrip- 
torum, etc. 8vo., 1740. 

[De Senectutis Incommodis.] Erasmi 

... de senectutis incommodis, etc. See 
EURIPIDES. [Hecuba.] Hecuba, & 
Iphigenia in Aulide, etc. 8vo., 1507. 

- [Declamatio contra Tyrannicidam.] 
(Declamatio Erasmi contra tyrannicidam.) 
See LUCIANUS, Samosatensis. [Opera.] 
Luciani opuscula, etc. 8vo., 15 16. 

[Enchiridion Militis Christiani.] En- 
chiridion militis Christiani, etc. See above 
[Opera.]. 8vo., 1541. 

Le Chevalier Chrestien...traduict en iran- 

coys [by L. de Berquin]. 

i6mo., Lyon : chSs E. Dolet, 1542. 
La Vallifire, Coste, and Didot copy. 

- Enchiridion militis Christiani... autore D. 
Erasmo...Ejusdem de praeparatione ad mor- 
tem, liber, etc. i2mo., Cantabrigics, 1685. 

Wise copy. 

- [EPIST0L.E.] Erasmi... epistola consola- 
toria in adversis. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1528. 

Epistolarum D. Erasmi... libri XXXI., et 

P. Melanchthonis libri IV. Quibus adjiciun- 
tur T. Mori & L. Vivis epistolae, etc. 2 pts. 
[in I vol.] fol., Londini, 1642. 

[Another copy of Pt. II., containing 

the letters of Melanchthon, More, and Vives.] 

- Epistolae Erasmi. See HUTTEN (U. 
von). Epistolae U. Hutteni, etc. 4to., 1842. 


ERASMUS (Desiderius). — (contd.) 

[Epistol.-e.] The lives of J. V'itrier...and 

J. Colet.. .Translated. J. H. Lupton. 

8vo., London, 1883. 
Napier copy. 

See MALLARIUS (N. H.). Mallarii epi- 

stola niusarum Graecarum apologetica ad 
Erasmum. Erasmi, ad Mallarium epist. 

8vo., 1530. 

[Epitaphium Zasii.] Epitaphium D. U. 

Zasii. See ZASIUS (U.). Dn. U. Zasii... in 
tit. institutionum de actionibus enarratio, etc. 

fol., 1537. 

[Epitome in Elegantias L. Vall^.] 

Paraphrasis D. Erasmi... in elegantiarum 
libros L. Valise. Cui ultra priorem editionem 
plurimarum cum dictionum, tum locutionu 
expositio gallica accessit...Addita est et 
Farrago sordidorum verborum, sive Augiae 
stabulum repurgatum, per C. Crocum. 
Secunda editio. 8vo., [colophon :] Tipis 

Antonii Bonnemere [Paris], 1 530. 

- [Another edition.] 

8vo., Lugduni : apnd Seb. Gryphiu»i, 1533. 

[Lingua.] Lingua per D. Erasmum... 

Opus novum , & hisce temporibus aptissimum. 
Plutarchi. Utrum graviores sint animi morbi 
^ corporis. Eras, interpr. 8vo., Lugd[uni] : 

Seb. Gryphius Germ, excudebat, [1529 ?] 

D. Erasmi... lingua, sive de linguae usu, 

atque abusu, liber unus. 

l2mo., Lugduni Batavorum. 1624. 

[Modus Orandi Deum.] Modus orandi 

Deum, etc. 8vo., Lugd\uni] : Seb. Gryphitis 

Germ, excud., 1529. 

[MoRi.5 Encomium.] Erasmi... opuscu- 

lum, cui titulus est Moria, id est stultitia, 
quae pro concione loquitur. 

8vo., [colophon .■] Venetiis : in aedibus Aldi, 

et A ndreae soceri, 1 5 1 5 . 

Renouard, p. 73. Askew, Wodhull and Baring 


— — Moriae encomium, hoc est, stulticiae laus, 

etc. 8vo., Lugd[uni] : Seb. Gryphius Germ. 

excudebat, [1528 ?] 

- La moria... nuovamente in volgare tra- 
dotta [by A. Pellegrini]. 

8vo., Venetia, 1545. 

R. S. Turner's copy. 

— — Encomium moriae, sivc.declamatio, in 

laudem stulticiae. J. Lipsii satyra Menippea. 

Somnium...P. Cunjei Sardi venales, satyra 

Menippaea, etc. 2 pts. [in i vol.] 

i2mo., Lugduni Batavorum, 1617. 
-^— D. Erasmi... moriae encomium, cum G. 
Listrii commentariis. Epistolae aliquot in 
fine additx. 

i2mo., Lugduni Batavorum, 1648. 

Moriae encomium : or, the praise of folly. 

Made English. ..By W. Kennett...The fourth 
edition. 8vo., London, 1724. 

— — [Paraclesis.] Paraclesis, id est, adhor- 
tatio ad sanctissimum ac salubcrrimum 
Christianae philosophiae studium, etc. 

8vo., [colophon :] Basilets : apud J. Fro- 
benium, 1519. 
[Another copy.] 

[Paraphrases in Novum Testamentum.] 

Paraphrasis D. Erasmi. . .in Acta Apostolorum. 
See BIBLE. — New Testament. [Acts. — 
Latin.] 8vo., 1544. 

D. Erasmi... in epistolas apostolicas para- 
phrasis. See BIBLE. — New Testament. 
[Epistles. — Latin.] 8vo., 1544. 

Paraphrasis D. Erasmi... in Evangelium 

Joannis. See BIBLE. — New Testament. 
[John, Gospel of . — Latin.] 8vo., 1542. 

Paraphrasis D. Erasmi... in Evangelium 

Lucae. See BIBLE. — New Testament. 
[Luke. — Latin.] 8vo., 1542. 

Paraphrasis D. Erasmi... in Evangelium 

Marci. See BIBLE. — New Testament. 
[Mark. — Latin.] 8vo., 1544. 

In Evangelium Matthaei D. Erasmi... 

paraphrasis. See BIBLE. — New Testament. 
[Matthew. — Latin.] 8vo., 1542. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., 1544. 

[Peregrinatio Apostolorum Petri et 

Pauli.] Peregrinatio Apostolorum Petri et 
Pauli, cum ratione temporum, etc. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1542. 

[Precationes.] Precationcs aliquot 

Erasmi... Quibus accessit, simplex modus 

i6mo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1546. 


Erasmi. ..purgatio adversus epistolam non 
sobriam M. Luteri [sic]. 

8vo., Colonics : ex esdibus E. Cervicorni, 1534. 
Royal Society duplicate. 

SeeAMSDORFF(N. VON). Epistote 

... N. Amsdorfii et D. Martini Lutheri, de 
Erasmo Roterodamo. 8vo., 1534. 

[Ratio \-erje Theologi.^.] Ratio seu 

compendium verae theologiae. 

8vo., [colophon :] Basileee : apud J. Fro- 
benium, 1519. 

[Spongia.] Spongia Erasmi adversus 

aspergines Hutteni. 8vo., [colophon :] 

Venetiis: per Gregoriu de Gregoriis, 1525. 

[Syntaxis.] De octo orationis partium 

constructione libellus, etc. See MANUTIUS 
(A. P.). A. P. Manutii institutionum gram- 
maticarum libri quatuor, f ^e. 410., 1523. 

De octo partium orationis constructione 

libellus... Cum J. Rabirii commentariis. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1555. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1558. 
Published by the heirs of S. Uryphius. 

Libellus de octo orationis patrium [sic] 

constructione, etc. Sec DONATUS {/£.). 
Donati de octo partibus orationis libellus, etc. 

8vo., 1835. 

[Supposititious Works.] Epistola D. 

Erasmi... quid de obscuris scntiat, etc. See 
GRATIUS (O.). Epistolae obscurorum viro- 
rum, efc. [Vol. III.] i2mo.. 1680. 

[Appendix.] See BUTLER (C). The 

life of Erasmus, etc. 8vo., 1825. 


ERASMUS (Desiderius). — (co«Crf.) 

[Appendix.] Sec CURSIUS (P.). P. 

Cursii ... defensio pro Italia ad Erasmum 
Roterodamum. 4to., 1535. 

See DRUMMOND (R. B.). Erasmus, his 

life and character, elc. 2 vols. 8vo., 1873. 

See DURAND DE LAUR (H.). &asme, 

precurseur et initiateur de I'esprit modeme. 
2 torn. 8vo., 1872. 

See FROUDE (J. A.). Life and letters 

of Erasmus, e/c. 8vo., 1894. 

See GAYE (J.). Disquisitionis de vita 

D. Erasmi specimen, etc. 8vo., 1829. 

See GHENT. — Universite. Bibliotheca 

Erasmiana, etc. Ser. I.-II. 4to., 1893. 

See GHENT. — Universite. Bibliotheca 

Erasmiana. Bibliographic des ceuvres 
d'firasme. Pts. I.-III. 8vo., 1897-1901. 

See HOFFMANN (F. L.). Essai d'une 

liste d'ouvrages et dissertations concemant 
la vie et les ecrits d'firasme, 1 518-1866. 

8vo., 1867. 

See JORTIN (J.). The works of.. .J. 

Jortin. Vols. 4-6. The life of Erasmus. 

8vo., 1810. 


Vie d'Erasme, efc. 2 torn. 8vo., 1757. 

See NISARD (J. M. N. D.). £tudes sur 

la Renaissance... lirasme, e<c. 8vo., 1855. 

See NOLHAC (P. de). firasme en Italic, 


See PfiRICAUD (M. A.). 

sea rapports avec Lyon. 

See RAM (P. F. X. de). 

sur le sejour d'£rasme, a Bale, 

8vo., 1888. 
firasme dans 

8vo., 1843. 

8vo., 1842. 

See ROTTIER (E.). La vie et les travaux 

d'foasme, consideres dans leurs rapports avec 
la Belgique, etc. 8vo., [1855.] 

See SCALIGER (J. C). J. C. Scaligeri 

adversus D. Erasmum orationes duee, etc. 
[Pt. I.] 4to., 1 62 1. 

[Another copy.] 

— [Another copy.] 

See SCALIGER (J. C). J. C. Scaligeri 

oratio pro M. T. Cicerone contra D. Erasmum, 
etc. 8vo., (1531.) 

[Another copy.] 

See SEEBOHM (F.). The Oxford Re- 
formers. J. Colet, Erasmus, and T. More... 
The second edition, etc. 8vo., 1869. 

See VISCHER (W.). Erasmiana, etc. 

4to., 1876. 

ERBER (Antonius). [i.e., Anton Erber.] 

Metamorphosis poesis elegiacae in eclogam, 

heroicam, satyricam, et comico-tragicam, etc. 

8vo., VienncB, 1731. 


ERIZZO (Sebastiano). Discorso de i govemi 
civili. See CONTARINI (G.) Cardinal, 
Bishop of Delhi no. Delia republica et magis- 
trati di Venetia libri V., etc. 8vo., 1 591. 

' ERNESTI (JoiiANN August). Catalogus li- 
I brorum D. J. A. Collegio Rubro 
1 divendendorum. Svo. , Lipsiae, iy&2. 

With prices in MS. Gai.sford copy. 

I ERNESTI (JoHANN Heinrich Gottfried). 

^ Die wol-eingerichtete Buchdruckerey, mit... 

; teutsch- lateinisch- griechisch- uiid hebrai- 
schen Schrifften...bestellet, und...nebst einer 
summarischen Nachricht von den Buch- 

1 druckern in Niimberg, ausgezieret. [By J. 
H. G. Emesti.] Am Ende ist das gebr:>uch- 
liche Depositions-Biichlein (von J. Rist) 
angefiiget. oh\. 4to., Niimberg, ij2i. 

ERNESTI (JoHANN Heinrich JNIartin). J. 
H. M. Emesti... elands Horatiana, sive indices 
rerum et verborum philologico-critici in opera 
Horatii, praemissis ad lectionem usumque 
poetae necessariis. 3 vols. 

8vo. . Derolini, 1802-3. 
Printed in double column.^. The pagination is 

I consecutive throughout. 

I J. H. M. Ernesti...clavis Horatiana in 

j usum scholarum. Separatim accessit ono- 
masticon Horatii illustratum. 2 pts. [in 

; I vol.] i\o., Halis Saxonum, i&l?,. 

! The " Clavis " has a second titlepage reading ; 

! "J. H. M. Emesti... clavis Horatiana minor." 

I The " Onomasticon " has a separate titlepagr 

and pagination. 

I Parerga Horatiana, quibus continentur 

vita Horatii. ..(H. C. A. Eichstadii) ccnsura 
i novissimarum observationum in Horatii epis- 

tolam ad Pisones...prolusiones [by J. G. 

Purmann] de Lngenio poetarum Romanorum 

inprimis poetae Venusini. 

8vo., Halis Saxonutn. 181 8. 

[Another copy.] 

EROTOP^GNION. Erotopaegnion, sive Pria- 
peia veterum et recentiorum, etc. See 
PRIAPEIA. 8vo., 1798. 

1 ERSKINE (John) of Carnock, Advocate. An 
! institute of the law of Scotland, in four 
i books, in the order of Sir G. Mackenzie's 
institutions of that law... A new edition, with 
I additional notes. By J. Ivon,-. 2 vols. 
1 fol., Edinburgh, 1824-28. 

The pagination is consecutive. Presentation 
j copy from the author to Alexander Christie. 

ERYTHR^US (Valentinus). ^xrjuaTianoi, 
[ hoc est, tabulae quaedam partitionum ora- 
; toriarum M. T. Ciceronis, et quatuor dialo- 
! gorum in easdem J. Sturmii, confectae per 
! V. Ery thraeum . . . Item : ejusdem oratio de 

ratione dicendi, etc. 
i iol.,Argenlorati: in officina Cratomyltana,! ^^y. 
I Schmidt, p. 326. 

Zxi)fiaTia^ioi, diaXexTixoi. Tabulae duorum 

; librorum partitionum dialecticarum J. Stur- 
I mil, etc. iol., Argentinae, 1551. 

I Schmidt, p. 326. 

ESCHAVANNES (Jouffroy d'). See JOUF- 

i ESCRIVAIN (Pierre). See CRESPIN (J.). 
Des cinq escoliers (M. .\!ba. P. Escrivain, etc.) 
sortis de Lausanne, bruslez a Lyon. 

I fol., 1878. 


ESCURIAI,, Library of. Regi» bibliothecae S. 
Laurentii Escurialis descriptio. See CLE- 
MENS (C). Musci...cxtructio, etc. 

4to., 1635. 
Catalogue of the library' at Esh ton-Hall, etc. 

4to., 1820. 

ESPAGNAC (Marc Rene Marie Sahuguet 

ESPINASSE (Francis). Life and times of F. 
M. Arouet, calling himself Voltaire. Vol. I. 
8vo., London, 1866. 

No more published. 

Life of Voltaire. (Bibliography. By J. 

P. Anderson.) 8vo., London, 1892. 

(Great Writers. ) 

ESPINOSA (Pedro) Poet. See AXON (W. E. 
A.). Bibliographical note on Espinosa's 
" Flores." 8vo., 1892. 

ESSAI. Essai sur I'amour. [By J. F. Dreux 
du Radier.] See DREUX DU RADIER 
(J. F.). i2mo., 1783. 

ESSAY. An essay on the different stiles of 
poetry. [In verse, by T. Pamell.] See PAR- 
NELL (T.) Archdeacon of Clogher. 

8vo., 1713. 

(T. J. AB). T. J. ab Almeloveen de vitis 
Stephanorum...dissertatio, etc. 8vo., 1683. 

See BERNARD (A. J.). Les Estienne et 

les types grecs de Francois I", etc. 

8vo., 1856. 

See DIDOT (A. F.). Les Estienne, etc. 

8vo., [1856.] 

See GRESWELL (W. P.). A view of the 

early Parisian Greek press ; including the 
lives of the Stephani, etc. 2 vols. 8vo., 1833. 

See MAITTAIRE (M.). Stephanorum 

historia, eto. 2 torn. 8vo., 1709. 

See RENOUARD (.\. A.). Annales de 

I'imprinierie des Estienne... DeuxiSme edition. 

8vo., 1843. 

ESTIENNE (Charles). De re hortesi libellus, 

vulgaria herbarum, florum, ac fruticum, qui 

in hortis conseri solcnt nomina Latinis vocibus 

efferre docens ex probatis authoribus, etc. 

8vo., Parisiis : ex ofpcina R. Stephani, 1535. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., Lugduni : 

apiid haredes S. Vincentii, 1536. 
The colophon reoda : " Excudel>ant...M. et G. 
Trechsol fratres.'* 

— — [Another edition.] 

8vo., Lugdtini : aptid Seb. Gryphium, 1539. 
Kerrich copy. 

La maniere d'exerccr les enfans a decliner 

les noms, & les verbes, etc. [By C. Estienne ?] 
SecMANl£RE. 8vo., 1559. 

Rudim6nta Latinogallica, cum acccntibus. 

[By C. Estienne ?] See RUDIMENTA. 

8vo., 1555. 

See LANDO (O.). [Paradossi.] Paia- 

doxes, cc sent propos contrc la commune 













opinion : debatus, etc. [Translated by C. 
Estienne from the Italian of O. I^ando.] 

8vo., 1553. 

[Another edition.] 

[Another edition.] 

[Another edition.] 

[Another edition.] 

[Another edition.] 

ESTIENNE (FRAN901S) \st of the Name. 
BERNARD (A. J.). Les Estienne et les 
types grecs de Fran9ois I", etc. 8vo., 1856. 

ESTIENNE (FRAN901S) 2Hd of the Name. 

Principia, sive prima lingua Latinae elementa, 

pueris facile instituendis commodissima. [By 

F. Estienne.] 8vo., Parisiis, 1557- 

Yemeniz copy. 

Principes & premiers elemens de la langue 

latine, par lesquels tous jeunes enfans seront 
facilement introduicts a la congnoissance 
d'icelle. [By F. Estienne.] 

8vo., Paris, 1559. 
The first edition was published by Colinaeus in 
1543. Yemeniz copy. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Paris, 1585. 
Veinant and Renard copy. 
ESTIENNE (Henri) 2nd of the Name. H. 
Stephani ad J. Cratonem a Craftheim epi- 
stolac.edidit F. Passow. 

4to., Vratislaviae, 1830. 

Program dissertation of the University of Breslau, 

Ad Senccae lectionem proodopooia. In 

qua & nonnulli ejus loci emendanlur. Autore 
H. Stephano. Epistola; ejusdem, partim 
diorthotikae quorudam Seneca? locorum... 
partim ctiam in quosdam exctastika. 2 pts. 
[in I vol.] 8vo., [Pam ?] 1586. 

Ked morocco by Roger Payne. K. S. Turner's 
and Buckley copy. 

Apologie pour H6rodote. See below, 

L'introduction au traite, etc. 

Artis typographicae querimonia, de illitera- 

tis quibusdam typographis, propter quos in 
contemplum venit. (Henrici Stephani epi- suae typographiae statu, etc.) See 
ALMELOVEEN (T. J. An). T. J. ab Almelo- 
veen de vitis Stephanorum... dissertatio, etc. 

8vo., 1683. 

H. Stephani carmen de senatulo fcemi- 

narum, magnum senatui virorum levamentuni 
atquc adjumentum allaturo. Ipso ctiam 
Justiniano disquisitionis hujus ansam prs- 
bente. ^io., .4rgentorati, \sc)6. 

(Carmina.) See MOSCHUS. Moschi, 

Bionis, Theocriti...idyllia aliquot, etc. 

4to., 1555. 

Ciceronianum lexicon Graecolatinum. Id 

est, lexicon ex variis Gra;corum scriptorum 
locis a Cicerone intcrpretatis collectum ab 
H. Stephano. L<Ki Grsecorum authorum 
cum Ciccronis interprctationibus. 2 pts. [in 
I vol.] 

Svo., \Ocneva .] Ex officina H. Stephani, 1557, 



ESTIENNE (Heuri). —(conid.) 

Condones sive orationes ex Gra?cis Latinis- 

que historicis excerpte. Quae ex Graecis 
excerptae sunt, interpretationem Latinam 
adjunctam habent, etc. [Edited by H. 
Estienne.] Gr. &• Lat. 2 pts. [in i vol.] 

fol., [Geneva :] ExcudebatH. Stephanus, 1 570. 
Hastings copy. 

[Another copy.] 2 pts. [in i vol.] 

In this copy the Greek portion is placed before 
the Latin, the two being separated by several 
blank leaves and a manuscript of Hermeias. 

— — Da abusu linguae Graec^, in quibusdam 
vocibus quas Latina usurpat, admonitio H. 
8vo., [Geneva .] Excudehat H. Stephanus, 1573. 

Ashbrook copy. 

— ^— De Latinitate falso suspecta, expostulatio 
H. Stephani... Ejusdem de Plauti Latinitate 
dissertatio, & ad lectionem illius progym- 

8vo., [Geneva :] Excudebat H. Stephanus, 1576. 
Ashbrook copy. 

— [Another copy.] 

—— Deux dialogues du nouveau langage fran- 
9ois italianize et autrement desguize...Reim- 
prime sur I'edition originale et unique de 
I'auteur, 1578. 2 torn. 8vo., Paris, 1883. 

H. Stephani suae tjrpo- 

graphiae statu, nominatimque de suo thesauro 
linguae Graecae... Index librorum qui ex 
ofi&cina ejusdem H. Stephani hactenus pro- 
dierunt. 2 pts. [in i vol.] 

8vo., [Geneva .] Excudebat H. Stephanus, 1569. 
At the end of the " Index Librorum " is an 
" Appendix ad catalogum librorum offieinie 
H. Stephani." 
•^■^ Epistolia, dialogi breves, oratiuncula, 
poematia, ex variis utriusque linguae scrip- 
toribus. Inter poematia autem est satyra 
elegantissima, quae inscribitur Lis [by M. de 
L'Hospital], non prius edita. [Edited by H. 
Estienne.] Gr. &■ Lat. 2 pts. [in i vol.] 
8vo., [Geneva :] ExcudebatH. Stephanus, IS77- 
Red morocco by Roger PajTie. Syston Park, Mit- 
ford. R. S. Turner's and Gennadius copy. 

- [Another copy.] 

Oi rrjg ■^gcoixrjQ noirjaeoi; ngwrevovreg 

Tioitjxai, xai dAAoi Tiveg. '0/ir]oog, 'Haiodoi;, 
'Oggtevg, KaXXi/iayog, 'AQarog, NtxavSgog, &eo- 
xgiroi;, Mocxog, Biwv, [i7(/</Jtag,] AiowaioQ, 
Ko?.ovdog, Tgvq)iod(i>QOg, Movaaiog, &£oyviQ, 
0(oxv?.i6t]g, Ilvdayogov ;for(7a eTtrj. Poet» 
Grasci principes heroici carminis, & alii non- 
nulli. [Edited by H. Estienne.] Gr. 2 pts. 
[in I vol.] 

fol., [Geneva .] Excudebat H. Stephanus, 1566. 
—^ Fragmenta poetarum veterum Latinorum, 
quorum opera non extant : Ennii, Accii, 
Lucilii, Laberii, Pacuvii, Afranii, Naevii, 
Caecilii, [of M. T. Varro,] aliorumque mul- 
torum : undique a R. Stephano...congesta : 
nunc autem ab H. Stephano...digesta, etc. 
8vo., [Geneva :] Excudebat H. Stephanus, 1564. 

Francofordiense emporium, sive Franco- 

fordienses nundinae, etc. 

8vo., [Geneva :] Excudebat H. Stephanus, 1574. 
Red morocco by Roger Payne. R. S. Turner's and 
Buckley copy. 

La foire de Francfort...Traduit...par I. 

Liseux, etc. Lat. &■ Fr. 

8vo., Paris, 1875. 

L'introduction au traite de la conformity 

des merveilles anciennes avec les modemes. 
Ou, trait6 pr6paratif a I'Apologie pour 
Herodote, etc. 8vo., [Geneva,] 1566. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Lyon, 1592. 
[Another edition.] Apologie pour 
Herodote. Ou, traite de la conformite des 
merveilles anciennes avec les modemes... Nou- remarques: par 
M. Le Duchat, etc. 2 tom. [in 3 vols.] 

Svo., La Haye, 1735. 
Tome I. is in two parts, with continuous pagina- 
tion. Eliock copy. 

Nouvelle edition... augmentee de re- 
marques par P. Ristelhuber, etc. 2 tom. 

8vo., Paris, 1879. 

Nizoliodidascalus, sive monitor Ciceroni- 

atnorum Nizolianorum, dialogus H. Stephani. 
8vo., [Geneva :] Excudebat H. Stephanus, 1578. 

Ansse de Villoison copy. 

Parodiae morales H. Stephani, in poetarum 

vet. sententias celebriores, totide versibus 
Gr. ab eo redditas. . .Centonum veterum & 
parodiarum utriusque linguae exempla. 2 
pts. [in I vol.] 

8vo., [Geneva .] Excudebat H. Stephanus, 1575. 
Pt. 2 is printed on the verso only of each leaf. 
North, Wodhull, and A. Goatling's copy. 

La precellence du langage fran9ois... 

Nouvelle edition, accompagnee d'une etude 
sur H. Estienne et de notes. ..par L. Feugere. 

8vo., Paris, 1850. 

H. Stephani schediasmatum variorum, 

id est, observationum, emedationu, exposi- 
tionum, disquisitionum, libri tres, etc. 3 pts. 
[in I vol.] 

8vo., [Geneva :} Excudebat H. Stephanus, 1578. 
Citron morocco by Derome. Renouard and R, S. 
Turner's copy. 

Traicte de la conformite du language 

franfois avec le grec, etc. 

8vo., [Geneva, 1565.] 
First edition. Bnmet, II., 1075. Perrot copy. 

See DIDOT (F.). Poesies de F. Didot, 

suivies d 'observations... sur R. et H. Estienne. 

8vo., 1834. 

See FEUGfeRE (L. J.). Essai sur la vie 

et les ouvrages de H. Estienne, etc. 

8vo., 1853. 

See LI VET (C. L.). La grammaire fran- 

9aise et les grammairiens du 16= sificle... 
Dubois (Sylvius)... R. et H. Estienne, etc. 

8vo., 1859. 

Renou.^rd (A. A.). Aide I'ancien. . .et 

Henri Estienne, etc. See RENOUARD (A. 
A.). Annales de I'imprimerie des Aides... 
Troisieme edition. 4to., i834[-38]. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., (1838.) 

ESTIENNE (J. A.), fitude morale et litte- 
raire sur les Ipitres d 'Horace. 

8vo., Paris, 1851. 

1 63 

ESTIENNE (Robert) ist of the Name. Ad 
censuras theologorum Parisiensium, q\iibus 
Biblia a R. Stephano...excusa calumniose 
notarunt, ejusdem R. Stephani responsio. 

8vo., [Geneva :] Oliva R. Stephani, 1552. 
M. Pinelli's and Wodhull copy. 

— — Dictionarium, seu Latinae linguae thesau- 
rus, non singulas modo dictiones continens, 
sed integras quoque Latine & loquendi, & 
scribendi formulas ex Catone, Varrone, etc. 
[Second edition.] 2 pts. 

fol., Parisiis : ex officina R. Stephani, 1536. 
The pagination ia consecutive. The first edition 
appeared in 1531. 

Dictionarium Latinogallicum, thesauro 

nostro ita ex adverso respondens, ut extra 
pauca quaedam aut obsoleta, aut minus in 
usu necessaria hoc eadem sint 
omnia, eodem ordine, sermone patrio expli- 
cata. [Second edition.] 

fol., Parisiis : ex officina R. Stephani, 1543. 
The first edition appeared in 1538. .Tongho copy. 

Dictionarium proprioru nominum virorum, 

mulierum, populoru...qua5 passim in libris 
prophanis legutur, etc. [By R. Estienne.] 

4to., Parisiis : ex officina R. Stephani, 1541. 

Elucidarius pocticus, sive dictionarium 

nominum propriorum virorum, etc. 

8vo., Antverpice : ex officina J. Loei, 1545. 

La maniere de tourner en langue fran(;oise 

les verbes actifs, passifs, gcrondifs, supins, & 
participes : aussi les verbes impersonels, avec 
le vcrbe substantif nomme sum, & le verbe 
liabeo. Reveue & corrigee en grande dili- 
gence. [By R. Estienne.] 8vo., Pai-Zs, 1587. 

First published in 1526. Barbier, III., 30. lied 
morocco by Duru. Veinant and Renard copy. 

See CRAPELET (G. A.). R. Estienne, 

imprimeur royal, et le roi Fran9ois I'"', etc. 

8vo., 1839. 

See DIDOT (P.). Po6sies de F. Didot, 

suivics d'observations...sur R. et H. Estienne. 

8vo., 1834. 

See GESNER (J. M.). Novus linguae et 

eruditionis Romanac thesaurus post R. 
Stephani et aliorum ... curas digcstus, etc. 
4 tom. fol., 1749. 

See LI VET (C. L.). La grammaire fran- 

faise et les grammairiens du 16" sificle... 
Dubois (Sylvius). ..R. et H. Estienne, etc. 

8vo., 1859. 
ESTOR (JoHANN Georg) PriBS. Juris publici 
Hassiaci specimen L de statu et origine land- 
graviatus Hassiae monumentis incditis illus- 
tratum. Modcratore D. J. Georgio Estor... 
disceptationi cruditorum publicae submittit 
J. P. Strccker. 4to., Giessa; in Cattis, 1729. 

ESTR£ (J. G. P.). Horatiana prosopographeia. 
8vo., Amstelodami, 1846. 

£TAT. fitat de I'homme dans Ic pechc 
origincl...Septi6me Edition, etc. [Based on 
Bevcrland's " De peccato original!."] See 
BEVERLANDUS (A.). i2mo., 1774. 


redo :] Magxov /lovaovnov rov XQijxog. > [Sig. 

Ap, recto :] 'ETYMOAOriKON MEPA 

MON :- 1 

fol., [colophon : Venice : Z. Kallierges, 1499.] 

Hain and Copinger, *669i. Proctor, 5644. 

Proctor^, p. 119. Legrand, I., 55. Luard copy. 

Meya irvfioXoyixov. Magnum etymolo- 

gicum Graecas linguae, nunc recens summa 
adhibita diligentia excusum, & innumera- 
bilibus pene dictionibus locupletatum, etc. Gr. 

fol., Venetiis : apud F. Turrisaniim, 1549. 
Printed in double columns. Reiiouard. p. 145. 
L'Oisel copy. 

EUCLIDES. EvxXeiSov aror/euov §ifiX. le, ix 
riov &eojvos ai>vovaw>v. Eli; rov aixov to 
TtQcorov, iirjyijfiarwv IIqoxXov piflX. 8'. Ad- 
jecta praefatiuncula in qua de disciplinis 
mathematicis nonnihil. [Edited by S. Gry- 
nseus.] Gr. Ed. Pr. 2 pts. [in i vol.] 

fol., Basilea : apud J. Hervagium, 1533. 
With autograph and notes of Justus Jonas, the 

Evx)xidov (rcoixEidiV fiifiXia te'. Euclidis 

elementorum libri XV. [Edited by A. 
Cajani.] Gr. 8vo., [colophon :] Roma : 

apud A. Bladuni, 1545. 

J. Lee'a, Sullivan, and Gennadius copy. 

I quindici libri degli elementi di Euclide... 

tradotti in lingua thoscana [by A. Cajani]. 

8vo., [colophon:] Roma : per A. Blado, 1545. 
J. Lee's, Sullivan, and Gennadius copy. 

Euclides. [Edited by P. Ramus.] Lat. 

8vo., Parisiis : apud T. Richardum, 1549. 

Evx^idov elaaycoyt] aQfiovixi], etc. Gr. &' 

Lat. See MEIBOMIUS (M.). Antiquae 
musicae auctores septem, etc. Vol. L 

4to., 1652. 

See JONES (J.). On the unsuitablcncss 

of Euclid as a text-book of geometry. 

8vo., 1870. 
■ See RYFF (P.). Qu;csliones gcometricas, 

in Euclidis & P. Rami aroixncKytr, etc. 

4to., 1600. 

EUD^MON-JOANNES (Andkr.^s) Cydoniits. 

R. P. A. actionem 

proditoriam E. Coqui, apologia pro H. Gar- 

neto, etc. 8vo., Coloniae Agrippinae, 1610. 

R. P. A. Eudaemon-Joannis...castigatio 

apocalypsis apocalypseos T. Brightmanni. 

8vo., Coloniw .4grippina-, 161 1. 

Confutatio Anticotoni, qua respondctur 

calumniis, ex occasionc csdis Christianissimi 
regis I'ranciae, & sententiae Marianac, ab 
anonymo quodam in P. Cottonem & socios 
ejus congest is. Svo., Moguntia-, 161 1. 

R. P. A. Eudaemon-Joannis... responsio 

ad cpistolam I. Casauboni. 

8vo., Coloniae Agrippinae, 161 2. 

l*ftttiHon copy. 

EUDEMUS, Rhetor. See SUID.\S. Begin. 
Aca?.oyo; aterfavou, etc. [.Sig. aj, redo :] 
To /iev TiaQov pUihov, I'ovida. Olde avvxaia- 
//evot TOWTo, dvOgei ao<poi. EMi]/io;...'EkAa- 
Stoc:, etc. fol., 1499. 

[.Vnothi'r edition.] 

fol., 15 1 4. 


EUGENIUS, of Augustopolis. See SUIDAS. 
Begin. Aiakoyog arecpavov, etc. [Sig. 03, 
recto ;] To ftev Tiagov ^i^Xwv, Zovida. Olds 
awra^a/jevoi tovto, drSgeg aoqioi. Evdtjuoc... 
Evytvtog, etc. fol., 1499. 

[Another edition.] 

fol., 1514. 


(A.) Eugnbinus. 
EUNAPIUS. Evvcmiov...pioi. (piXoao<p(ov xai 

aoipiaxwv, etc. Gr. Ed. Pb. 

8vo., Antverpia:, 1568. 

Imperfect ; wanting the second part, containing 
a Latin version by H. .Junius. Red morocco 
by Roger Payne. 

EUNOMIA, Martyr. See AFRA, Saint and 
Martyr. Conversio et passio SS. Martyrum 
Afras, HilariaB...Eunoniiae, etc. 4to., 1591. 

EUPHORMIO, Lustninus, pseud, [i.e., John 
Barclay.] See BARCLAY (J.) Poet. 

EUPHRADA (Themistius). See THEMIS- 
TIUS, Euphrada. 

EURIPIDES. [Ov^RK. — Greek.] Begin. 

[_Sig. Ai, verso, after Greek alphabet:] 'Yno- 

6eaig Mrjdeta^ EvQimdov. \ [Sig. A2, verso :] 

Evoinidov MijSeta. I End. [Sig. M2, verso :] 

TeXoi; EvQi I ntdov \ 'Av I doofia I Z I *? 1 C I • I 

Ed. Pr. 4to., [Florence : Lorenzo, 

di Francesco, di Alopa, 1495 ?] 

This volume contains the Medea, Hippolytus, 

Alcestis and Andromache. Imperfect ; wanting 

ff. Ar, A8, Mi, M2, which are reproduced in 

facsimile. Hain and Copinger, *6697. Proctor 2, 

pp. 79-80. Red morocco by F. Bedford. 

Crawford (Lakelands) and Gennadius copy. 

Evginidov rgaywdiai imaxaidexa [or rather 

eighteen]. lUv eviai fier' ii7]yr}(7£0)v. elat Se 
avrat. 'Eyafiij, 'OQtaxrjQ, 0oiviaaat, Mrjdeia, 
'InnoXvTOs, AXxrjarig, 'Avdgofiaxt], 'IxeriSeg, 
'Iq>iyeveia iv AvhSt, '/(piyeveta ev Tavgoig, 
'Prjaog, Tgo)aSeg, Baxxai, Kvx}.coy>, ' HgaxXetdai, 
'EXevt], 'loiv. {' Hgaxhjc; fiaivo/nevo:;.) Euri- 
pidis tragcedise septendecim, ex quib. quaedam 
habent commentaria, & sunt hae : Hecuba, 
Orestes, Phocnissas, etc. 2 vols. 

8vo., [colophon ;] Venetiis : apud Aldum, 


The first collected edition of Euripides. The 
"Commentaria" mentioned on the titlepage 
were not published with this edition. Renouard, 
p. 43. B. Heath's and Drury copy. 

EvgiTiidov rgaycoSiai 6xro)xaidexa...E,un- 

pidis tragcediae octodecim, etc. 2 pts. [in 
I vol.] 

8vo., Basilecs : apud J. Hervagium, 1537. 

[Evgimdov rgaycodiai dxToxaidexa. . ."Euri- 

pidis tragcediae octodecim... His accessit ejus- 
dem Electra...nuper demum in lucem edita.] 

8vo., [Frankfort, 1558 ?] 
Imperfect ; wanting the titlepage and all before 
p. 607. The " Electra " is without pagination, 
and has a separate register. 

—— [Electra.] Evgimdov 'HXexxga. Euripidis 
Electra. Nunc primum in lucem edita [by 
P. Victorias]. Gr. Ed. Pr. 

8vo., Ronus : [A. Bladus,] 1545. 

Brunei, II., 1103. Askew, WodhuU, and Luard 

[Hecuba.] {Evginidov 'Exapij.) 

4to., s.n. 
48 pp., sigs. A-F*. Wanting the titlepage. Title 
taken from the running heading. Sig. Ai con- 
tains the " OoiMct Tov Ma7tcrTpoi' vTTodiais." 

Hecuba, & Iphigenia in Aulide Euripidis 

tragcediae in latinum tralatae [sic] Erasmo... 
interprete. Ejusdeni ode de laudibus Britan- 
niae, regisq; Henrici Septimi ac regioruni 
liberorum ejus. Ejusdem ode de senectutis 
incommodis. 8vo., [colophon :] Venetiis : 

in aedihus Aldi, ISO?- 
Renouard, p. 51. Olive morocco by Roger de 

Eigmidov rgaymStai 6vo 'Exaprj xai 'I(pi- 

yeveia iv AvXidi. Euripidis tragoediae duae, 
Hecuba & Iphigenia in Aulide, Latinao factae, 
D. Erasmo... interprete. Gr. <&• Lat. 

8vo., [colophon :] Basilecs : apud J. Frobenium, 

Calf by Baumgarten. Askew and Wodhull copy. 

Euripidis... Hecuba, & Iphigenia in Aulide. 

Latinae factae, Erasmo... interprete. Lat. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1540. 

[Appendix.] See ARSENIUS, Arch- 
bishop of Monembasia. i7;foAia tcov naw 
doxi/ioiv el; ima rgayaidtas tov Evgmidov, etc. 

8vo., 1534. 

Beck (C. D.). Index... verborum formu- 

larumque omnium in Euripidis tragcediis... 
occurrentium. See INDEX. Index in tragi- 
cos Graecos. Vol.11. 8vo., 1830. 

EUROP^US (Lucius Cornelius) pseud, [i.e., 
Julius Clemens Scotus.] See SCOTUS (J. 

EUROPE. Congres politique, ou entretiens 
libres des Puissances de I'Europe ; sur le 
bal general prochain. 4to., Londres, 1772. 

EUSEBIUS, Pamphili, Bishop of Cessarea in 
Palestine. Evae^tov...di>Ti^grjttxoQ :igog to 
' legoxXeovi, 'AnoXXioviov tov Tvavea tw £(j)X)]gi 
.XgtaTO) naga^akXovToq. See PHILOSTRA- 
TUS. 0tf.oaTgaTov elg tov 'AtioX^wviov tov 
TvavewQ fiiov fiifiha oxxm, etc. 

fol., 1 50 1, 02, 04. 

Eusebii de acrostichide SibylUna judicium. 

Atque item aegloga VergiUi quarta, ab eodem 
Graece reddita. Gr. &■ Lat. See ORACULA 
SIBYLLINA. XifivXhaxoiv xQV^fov Xoyoi 
dxTO}, etc. 8vo., 1555. 

Begin. [Fol. 2, recto, after one blank 

leaf:] EVSEBIVM Pamphili de euangelica 
praepatione | latinu ex graeco beatissime 
pater iussu tuo effeci. | etc. fol., [colophon : 

Venice :] Leonhardus Aurl, 1473. 
Hain and Copinger, *67oo. Proctor, 4220. 

Begin. [Fol. i , verso .-] ILLVSTRISSIMO 

& Inuictissimo Mantuanorum Principi | Fre- 
derico Gonzage lohannes Schallus Herosfel- 
densis physicus | obsequentissimus. | [Fol. 10, 
recto .] Incipit liber primus hystorie ecclesias- 
tice.] io\., [colophon : Mantua :] Schallus 

loannes, 1479. 
Hain and Copinger, *67ii. Proctor, 6908. 

' ExxXtjaiaarix7jQ iarogiaQ Eiae^tov...^i^ha 

I. Tov avTov elg tov jiiov xov ^laxagiov Kcov- 
aravTivov BaaiXewg Xoyoi e'. Zwxgarovg axoXaa- 
Tiy.ov pipha t,' . @eodQ>giTov...pipha e'. 


EUSEBIUS, PamphiU.—(contd.) 

'ExXoyayv ano Tt]g ixx?.riaiaiJTixt]i; iaTOQia(; 
&eodcoQov dvayvcoarov ^tjiha /3'. 'Egfieiov 
Xai^ofievov SaXa^iviov fitjiXia 0'. Evaygiov 
axoXaazixov ixxXrjaiaarixr]g laTogiag ^i§ha s'. 
Ecclesiasticae historise Eusebii Pamphili lib. 
X., etc. Gr. Ed. Pr. 2 pts. [in i vol.] 

fol., LuteticB Parisiorum : ex officina R. 
Stephani, 1544. 

EUSEBIUS, Romanus, pseud, [i.e., Philippus 
Priorius.] See PRIORIUS (P.). 

EUSTATHIUS, Archbishop of Thessalonica. 
'Ex Toiv EvaraOiov. . .ixXoyai, etc. See MANU- 
TIUS (A. P.). 0>]aavQoq. Kega; dftaXdeiag, 
etc. fol., 1496. 

elg rrjv 'O^irjQov 


fol., 1542. 


•Ihada. [With the text.] 
[Ilias. — Greek.} 

Evaradiov tieoi rmv naga 'Oftrjgo) SiaXexrcov. 

See MANUTIUS (A. P.). Grjaavgo?. Kegag 
dfia^eiag, etc. fol., 1496. 

[Another edition.] Gf. &■ Lai. See 

I.ASCARIS (C. ). In hoc hbro haec habentur. 
C. octo partibus ofonis lib. I., 
etc. 4to., 1 5 12. 

[Another edition.] Gr. See CRAS- 

TONUS ( J.) Placentinus. Dictionarium Grae- 
cum, etc. [Pt. II.] fol., 1524. 

[Another copy.] 

E\JST:KTHI\3S, Macrembolites. Gli amorid'Is- 
menio...tradotti per L. Carani. 

8vo., Venetia, 1560. 

Blue morocco by Padeloup. Beekford copy. 
•^■^ EvaraOiov xaO' 'Yafunav xai 'Yanivrjv 
Sga^ia. Eustathii de Ismenias et Ismenes 
amoribus, libri XI. G. Gaulminus...Graece 
edidit, & Latine vertit. Gr. cS- Lai. 

8vo., LuteticB Parisiorum, 161 7. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., LuteticB Parisiorum, 161 8. 

At the end of this edition there are 45 pp. of notes 
by G. Gauhninus, separately paged. 

EUSTRATIUS, Archbishop of Nice. Evoxga- 
riov inoftvTjfia el; to devregov, twv devxegoiv 
dvaXvTixtov Tov 'AgiaroTekovg. See ARIS- 
TOTELES. [Organon : Posteriora Ana- 
LYTICA.3 'Iwavvov rov yqa/t/iaTixov, eli; xa 
vaxega dvaXvxixa Aotaxoxe/.ovg, v:ioftvrjfia, etc. 
[Pt. II.] ~ fol., 1534- 

Eiaxgaxiov. . .inoftvrj^taxa etg ra dexa xmv 

xov 'Agiaxoxekovi; ffiixwv Ntxo/taxetcuv fii^Xia 
fiexa xov inoxei/ievov, etc. See ARISTOTE- 
LES. [Ethica.] fol., 1536. 

EUTOCIUS, Ascalonita. Evxoxiov...slg xa 
'Agxi/fjSovg negi a^aigug xai xvXivdgov...vno- 
tirnnaxa. Gr. &■ Lat. See ARCHIMEDES. 
'Agx'/iiSovg . . .xa /iexgt vvv aojl^ojieva, dnavxa, 
etc. [Pts. III.-IV.] fol., 1544. Archimedis circuli dimcnsio- 

ncm comraentarius. See ARCHIMEDES. 
Archimedis opera non nulla, etc. [Pt. II.] 

fol., 1558. 

EUTROPIA, Martyr. See AFRA, Saint and 
Martyr. Conversio et passio SS. Martyrum 
Afrae, Hilariae...Eutropiae, «fe. 4to., 1591. 

EUTROPIUS (Flavius). Eutropii uiri claris- 
simi romanae historiae liber primus (-<lecim')). 
Begin. Bonus Accursius Pisanus Salutem 
dicit plurima, etc. fol., 1475. 

[Another edition.] 5ee SUETONIUS 

TRANQUILLUS (C). [Vix.?- XII. Cje- 
sarum.] In hoc volumine haec continentur. 
C. Suetonii Tranquilli XII. Csesares, etc. 

8vo., 1516. 

[Another edition.] See SCRIP- 
cognitione D. Erasmi...C. Suetonius Tran- 
quillus, etc. fol., 15 18. 

[Another edition.] S«« SUETONIUS 

sarum.] In hoc volumine haec continentur. 
C. Suetonii Tranquilli XII. Caesares, etc. 

8vo., IS2I. 

EVAGRIUS, Scholasticus. Evaygiov... ixxXrjai- 
aaxtxTjQ laxogiag xopioi '>'. See EUSEBIUS, 
Pamphili, Bishop of CcBsarea in Palestine. 
' ExxXriaiaartxtjg iarogiag EvoePiov...BipXia i', 
etc. [Pt II.] fol., 1544. 

EVANGELUS, Cosniopolitanus. pseud. Evan- 
geli Cosmopolitani notae ad J. B. Menckenii 
de charlataneria eruditorum declamationes. 
See BEYER (A.). M. A. Beyeri memoriae... 
librorum rariorum, etc. 8vo., 1734. 

EVANS (Edward) Printseller. Catalogue of a 
collection of engraved portraits... comprising 
nearly twenty thousand portraits of persons 
connected with the history and literature of 
this country, etc. (Catalogue of engraved 
British portraits, etc.) 2 vols. 

8vo., London, [1836-53.] 
Sale catalogue. 

EXETER, Bishops of. 

Joseph. [1627-41.] See HALL (J.) Bishop 
of Norwich. 

EX LIBRIS SOCIETY. Journal... Edited by 

W. H. K. Wright... Assisted by A. J. Jewers. 

Vols. I.-X. 4to., London, 1892-1900. 

Vols. III.-X. are edited by \V. H. K. Wriglit alone. 

EXPOSITIO. Expositio hymnoijcu notabili | 
comcnto qd semp implicat historias cum 
optimis allega- 1 tionibus sacrc scripture illoii 
sanctov vel sanctara de qui | bus t.ilcs hymni 
decantant ex quibus possuut facilitcr de | 
eisdcm s.anctis colligi sermonos poptimi sub- 
iunctis quo-|rundam vocabulorum exposi- 
tionibus. | ©. X. 4*0.. [colophon .] 

Rcuttlingn : per .Michadcm t;reyff, 1496. 
Unin. •"787. I'roclor, 2745. 

KYSLlilN (Joannes Gottfkious) Rcsp. Exer- 
citatio historico-critica dc cruditi.s singularis 
cujusdam libri amatnribus. etc. See SOM- 
MERLATTIUS (J. E.) Pra-s. -tto., 1710. 

1 66 

F., W. D. See FUHRMANN (W. D.). 

FABER (GuiDO) Pibraccius. See DU FAUR 

FABER (Jacobus) Stapidensis. [i.e.. Jacques 
Le FtvRE.] See MASSEBIEAU (L.). Une 
acquisition de la bibliothdque du Musee 
Pedagogique : Dialogus J. phisi- 
cam introductionem...fitude bibliographique 
et pedagogique. 8vo., (1885.) 

FABER (Joannes) Bambergensis. J. Fabri... 
de nardo et epithymo adversus J. Scaligerum 
disputatio...Qua plantarum istarum vera 
descriptio continetur, etc. See SCIOPPIUS 
(G.). G. Scioppii Scaliger Hyperbolimaeus. 
etc. 4to., 1607. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another copy.] 

FABER (Johannes Albertus). See FABRI- 
CIUS (J. A.). 

FABER (Reginald Stanley). The buried 
book, or the Bible of Henri de Dibon. 
[Dedication by R. S. Faber.] 

4to., London, 1885. 
Only 35 copies privately printed. 

FABER (Tanaquillus). [i.e., Tannegui Le 

Fevre, the Elder.] T. Fabri epistolse, quarum 

pleraeque ad emendationem scriptorum vete- 

rum pertinent. 4to., Salnmrii, 1659. 

Isham Library copy. 

FABLES. Nouvelles fables... Par I'auteur 
d'Abbassai [i.e., M. A. de Fauques], etc. See 
FAUQUES (M. A. de). 8vo., 1772. 

FABRE (Augustin). A. Arena, notice his- 
torique et litteraire. 8vo., Marseille, i860. 

FABRICIUS (Franciscus) Marcoduranus. [i.e., 
Franz Fabricius.] M. T. Ciceronis historia, 
per consules descripta, & in annos LXIV. 
distincta. 5ee CICERO (M. T.). [Opera.— 
Latin.] M. T. Cicero Mannucciorum com- 
mentariis illustratus, e<c. Tom. I. fol., 1582. 

FABRICIUS (Georgius) Chemnicensis. [_i.e., 
Georg Fabricius.] G. re poe- 
tica libri VII. 

8vo., [colophon :] Ltpsiae, 1580. 
Heber copy. 

See SCHREBER (J. D.). Vitd...C;. 

Fabricii, etc. Svo., 1717. 

FABRICIUS (Joannes) Montanus. Differen- 
tiae animaliiim quadrupedum secundum locos 
communes, opus ad animalium cognitionem 
apprime conducibile, etc. 8vo., Tigttri, 1555. 

FABRICIUS (Johannes Albertus). [i.e.. 
Johann Albert Fabricius.] J. A. Fabricii 
...bibliotheca Latina mediae et infims aetatis, 
cum supplemento C. Schoettgenii. Editio 
prima Italica a P. J. D. Mansi...aucta, etc. 
6 torn, [in 3 vols.] 4to., Patavii, 1754. 

The supplement of C. Schoettgen comprises 
tom. VI. 

J. A. Fabricii bibliotheca Latina nunc 

meUus delecta rectius digesta et aucta dili- 
gentia J. A. Ernesti. 3 tom. 

8vo., Ltpsiae, 1773-74. 

[Another copy.] 

C-entifolium Lutheranum, sive notitia 

litteraria scriptorum omnis generis de B. D. 
Luthero ejusque vita, scriptis, et reformatione 
Ecclesia», in lucem ab amicis et inimicis 
editorum, etc. 2 pts. [in i vol.] 

8vo., Hamburgi, 1728-30. 
The pagination is continuous. 

J. A. Fabri, decas decadum, sive plagia- 

riorum & pseudonymorum centuria, accessit 
exercitatio de lexicis graecis, eodem auctore. 

4to., Lipsics, 1689. 

FABRICIUS (Rudolphus Antonius) PrcBS. 
Dissertatio historico-litteraria de transposi- 
tione bibliothecarum memorabili quam... 
praeses R. A. Fabricius et respondens F. G. 
Appun... publico eruditorum examini sub- 
jicient, etc. 4to., Helmstadii, 1724. 

FABRI DE PEIRESC (Nicolas Claude.) See 

FABROTUS (Carolus Annibal). [i.e., 
Charles A. Fabrot.] C. A. Fabroti J. C. 
praelectio in titulum decretaUum Greg. IX. 
de vita et honestate clericorum. See STRUVE 
(B. G.). B. G. Struvii bibliotheca librorum 
rariorum, etc. Pt. II. 4to., 1719. 

FACCIO (Domenico). Notizie storico-critico- 
tipografico-bibliografiche di Gutenberg, Fust 
e Schoeffer, primi inventori della stampa. 

8vo., Padova, 1844. 
Forma torn. I., fasc. i of the author's " Notizie 
tipografico-bibliografiohe dal XV al XIX 

FACCIOLATUS (Jacobus). [i.e., Jacopo 
Facciolati.] J. Facciolati de Gymnasio 
Patavino syntagmata XII. ex ejusdem Gym- 
nasii fastis excerpta. 8vo., Patavii, 1752. 

Fasti Gymnasii Patavini J. Facciolati 

opera coUecti ab anno 1517, quo restitutas 
scholas sunt ad 1756. 4to., Patavii, 1757. 

FACETIiE. Facetiae facetiarum, hoc est, joco- 
-seriorum fasciculus, exhibens varia variorum 
auctorum scripta, etc. 

121110., Francofiirti ad Moenum, 161 5. 
Contents : — M. Delio de arte joeandi libri IV. — 
N. Frischlini in ebrietatem elegia. — Discursus 
methodieus de peditu, ejusque speciebus in 
theses digestus [quas praesidc.B. Stevarzio... 
defendere couabitui' B. SclopetariusJ. — Dis- 
putatio inauguralis. jure potandi [quara... 
prsesidente D. Baccho. ..exponet B. Multibi- 
bus]. — Delineatio sunimorum capituni lusti- 
tudinis studenticje in nonnullis academiis 
usitata(e). — Disputatio feudalis de cucurbita- 
tione [quam. ..sub pracsidio Henrici C. k Griess* 
heim...defendet V. Rabe]. — Bonus mulier, sive 
centuria juridica practica qua^stionum illustrium 
de niulieribus \el uxoribus [quam pra'sidente... 
C. Trentacinquio.. .defendere conabitur J. E, ab 



Hannow]. — Jucunda de osculis dissertatio his- 
torica. philologica (auctore G.... Rittershusio). 
— DLsputatio physiologistica, de jiire & natura 
pennalium [quam prjesidente O. Palffiotto... 
excutiendam proponit Dn. L. de Penna], — 
V. ObsopCBUs de arte bibendi. — Theses in- 
augurales de virpinibus [quas...eub...pr8esidio 
...J. Parthenophili...proponet...C. Florida], — 
Floia, cortum versicale de flois swart ibus... 
autore G. Knickknackio. 

[Another edition.] Facetiie face- 

tiarum, hoc est, jocoseriorum fasciculus novus, 
etc. 21 pts. [in I vol.] 4to., s./., 1627 (1625-29). 
Each pt. has a separate titlepage and pagination. 
In this edition " M. Delio de arte jocandi 
libri IV.,** *' N, Frisclilini in ebrietatem elegia " 
and "V. Obsopceus de art« bibendi" are 
omitted, and the following pieces are added : — barba et coma A. Hotomanni 
dialogue. — Nobile scabiei encomium... .scriptum 
A M. M. Czanakio. — J. Quistorpii...oratione3 
duae, una, in qua schoristae, altera, in qua 
nationalia collegia. ..delineantur, etc. — Materia 
merd iiiagistralis multisciorum studiosorum 
magistrorumque multivas miserias...memoran8 
& magnificans. PraE'sidente...M. Ogravitto... 
respondente Dn. D. Chiplico, etc. — Themata 
niedica de beanorum, comu- 
torum quorumcunque affectibus et curatione. 
Ad qufie prsesidente. ..C Cerasto Comano... 
respondebit C. T. Cnifenas. — Theses de hasione 
et hasibili qualitat«, de quibus sub prsesidio F. 
Stengleri...responente L. Capitonc.disputa- 
bitur, etc. — Theses de cochleatione ejusque 
venenosa contftgione...quas sub pra'side H. 
Leflero...defendet V. Lepida, etc. — Dissertatio materia, quam priesidente 
...J. Cornigero... proponit... B. Alecthrochoras, 
etc. — Disputatio de Curnelio et ejusdem natura 
ac proprietate, cujus positiones sub presidio. ..V. 
Curidemi... proponit Z. Pertinax, etc. — Consilium 
nuptiale, von der Frag : was vor ein Weib ein 
rochtschaffenor studiosus nehmen und freyen 
soil ? Durch G. Scribonium. — Hans Pumbsack, 
das ist : ein Gesprach zwischen. ..Philomusum 
und Hansen Pumbsack, etc. — Allmodischer 
Kleyder Teuffel...Verfasset durch J. EUinger. 

[Another copy.] 

Wanting all but " Theses de coclJeatione *' and 
" barba et coma A. Hotomanni 

[Another edition.] 

i2mo., Puthopoli, 1647. 
With an engraved titlepage dated 1645. Tliis 
edition contains the same as that of 1627, with 
tlie exception that " De ca.sei laudibus," by 
M. Cocaius, is added, an<l the following pieces 
are omitted: — " barba et coma 
A. Hotomanni dialogus*'; "J. Quistorpii... 
orationes dua; *' ; "Consilium nuptiale**; and 
" Allmodischer Kleyder Teuffel.*' 

[Another edition.] 

i2mo., Pathopoli, 1657. 
With a second, engraved, titlepage. The contents 
are the same as in tlie edition of 1647. Strang- 
ford copy. 

[Another edition, entitled :] M. Delio 

de arte jocandi libri quatuor, etc. 

i2ino., Amstcla-dami , \7i7. 
The contents are the same as in the edition of 1615. 

[Another edition, entitled :] V. Ob- 

sopocus de arte bibendi... Kditio sccunda. 

i2mo., Lugduni Batavorum, 1754. 

The contents arc the same us in the edition of 

1615. An uncut copy. Brunet, II., 1157. Blue 

morocco by Thouvenin. I.n B6doydreaiicl K, S, 

Turner's copy. 

— — Facetiae. Musarum deliciae...By S^ J. 
M[ennis] and Ja. S[niith]. etc. 2 vols. See 
MENNIS {Sir J.) & SMITH (J.) Archdeacon 
of Barnstaple. Svo., s.a. 

FACETUS. Liber faceti. 0. X. 8vo., s.n. 

14 S., without pagination ; sigs. A', B*. 41 to 43 
lines to a full page. Wanting sig. Ai. The 
title is taken from the running heading, 

FAGIUS (Paulus). [i.e., Paul Buechlein.] 
Sententiae vere elegantes, piae, mireque, cum 
ad linguam discendam, turn animum pietate 
excolendum utiles, veterum sapientum He- Latinum versae, scholiisq'^ illus- 
tratas, etc. 

4to., Isntsin Algavia : [P.Fagius,] 1541. 

Son do Beaumont copy. 

FAIL (Noel du). See DU FAIL. 

FALCANDUS (Hugo). Historia ... de rebus 

gestis in Siciliae regno... Hue accessitin librum 

prjefatio...perG. Tomacaeum. 4to., Parisiis : 

apud Mathurinum Dupuys, 1550. 

The colophon reads ; " Excudebat G. Morelius." 

Carmichael copy. 

FALCONIA PROBA (Valeria). Prob» Fal- 
coniae ceto ex Vergilio de novo & veteri testa- 
Prudentii... opera, efc. [Vol. II.] 4to., 1501. 

[Another copy.] 

See TERTULLIANUS (Q. S. F. ). Q. S. F. 

TertuUiani, Probae Falconis. 
opera. " 8vo., 1825, 

FALLETTI (Girol.^mo) Conte di Trignano. 
H. Faleti de bello Sicambrico libri IIII. et 
ejusdem alia poemata, libri VIII, [With a 
prefatory epistle from P. Manutius to the 
4to., Venetiis : Aldus [P. Manutius], 1557. 

Renouard, p. 172. 

Oratione...della nativity di Christo. See 

ATHENAGORAS. Athenagora. . .della risur- 
rettione de' morti, etc. 4to., 1556. 

FANTOZZI (Federigo). Notizie biografiche 
original! di B. Cennini...primo promotorc 
della tipografia in Firenze, etc. 

8vo., Firenze, 1839. 

FANTUZZI (Giovanni). Memorie della vita 
di U. Aldrovandi...con alcune lettere scelte 
d'uomini eruditi a lui scritte, e coll' indice 
delle sue opere MSS., etc. 

8vo., Bologna, 1774. 

FAQUES (Richard). See DUFF (E. G.) S- 
others. Hand-lists of English printers, ii;oi- 
1556. Pt. I. Wynkyn de Wordc.R. & W. 
Faques, efc. 8vo., 1895. 

FAQUES (William). See DUFF (E. G.) S- 
others. Hand-lists of English printers, 1501- 
1556. Pt. I. Wynkyn de Wordc.R. & W. 
Faques, etc. 8vo., 1895. 

FARDELLA (Andrea Perruccio e). See 

FAREL (Guillaume). Du vray usage de la 
Croix dc J6sus-Christ, par G. Farel, suivi de 
divers dcrits du mOme auteur. 

8vo., Genive, 1865. 


FARINGTON (William). The Derby house- 
hold books ; comprising an account of the 
household regulations and expenses of 
Edward and Henry, third and fourth Earls 
of Derby. W. ffarington.. .Edited by... 
F. R. Raines. See STANLEY PAPERS. 
The Stanley papers. Pt. II. 4to., 1853. 

The shrievalty of W. ffarington Esq. in 

Farington papers, etc. 4to., 1856. 

papers ... Selected ... and edited by S. M. 
ffarington. 4to., {Manchester,) 1856. 

(Chetham Society. Remains, e(c. Vol. XXXIX.) 
Contents : — The shrievalty of W. ffarington 
Esq. in 1636. — Documents relating to the Civil 
War from... 1638 to. ..1649. — Appendix. Letters 
...■written between. ..1547 and 1688. 

FARMER (Richard) D.D. The Dr. Farmer 
Chetham MS. Being a commonplace-book 
in the Chetham Library, Manchester. Temp. 
Elizabeth, James I. and Charles I. Con- 
sisting of verse and prose ... Edited , with intro- 
duction and notes, by. ..A. B. Grosart. 2 pts. 
4to., (Manchester.) 1873. 
(Chetham Society. Remains, etc. Vols. LXXXIX. 
and XC. ) The pagination is consecutive. 

FARNABY (Thomas). Index rhetoricus, scho- 
lis & institutioni tenerioris aetatis accommo- 
datus. [Preface signed T. Famaby.] 

8vo., Londini : a F. Kyngstonio, 1625. 

FARNESE (Alessandro). See PAULUS III., 

FARRER (William). Final concords of the 
county of Lancaster... Transcribed... by W. 
Farrer. Pt. I. See LANCASHIRE. 

8vo., 1899. 

FASCICULUS. Fasciculus. [By J. H. Mars- 
den.] See MARSDEN (J. H.). 4*0., 1869. 

FAUG£RE (Armand Prosper). £loge de J. 
Gerson, etc. 8vo., Paris, 1838. 

Pattison copy. 

FAULTRIER (Joachim). Catalogus librorum 
bibliothecae Domini J. Faultrier...Digestus a 
Prospero Marchand. 8vo., Parisiis, 1709. 

FAUQUES (Marianne Agnes de). Nouvelles 
fables, avec une traduction de quelques son- 
nets choisis de Petrarque et une romance... 
Par I'auteur d'Abbassa'i [i.e.. M. A. de 
Fauques], etc. 8vo., Londres, 1772. 

" Nouv. Biog. G6n.," XVII., 177. 

FAUR (Gui du) Seigneur de Pibrac. See DU 

FAURE (Charles). See CRESPIN (J.). Des 
cinq escoliers (M. Alba...C. Faure, etc.) sortis 
de Lausanne, brnslez a Lyon. fol., 1878. 

[i.e.. Faustino Terdocci.] P. Faiistini Tra- 
docii de honesto appetitu. Faustinus Ter- 
doceo de triumpho stultitiae. 
8vo., [colophon .•] Venetiis : per J. F. &• J. A. 

Rusconibus, 1524. 
The titlepage has tlie imprint " Arimini typis H. 
Soucini...excussa." Brunet, II., 1196. 

FAUSTUS (L. Victor.) V. Fausti...orationes 
quinque, ejus amicorum cura quam fieri potuit 

diligenter impressae. [Edited by P. Rham- 
nusius.] 4to., [colophon .•] Venetiis : apud 

Aldi filios[P. Manutijis], 1559. 
Renouard, p. 178. Sunderland copy. 


Practica medicinalis L. Faventini de Vic- 
toriis, cum scholiis J. Kufneri. De eegritu- 
dinibus infantium, eodem authore, tractatus. 
Item, appendix ad eundem per G. Kufnerum 
juniorem. 2 pts. [in i vol.] 
i6m.o., Lugduni : apud J. Frellonium, 1547- 


FAWKES, Family of. Fawkes, of Famley, 
nearOtley. [Pedigree.] See YORKSHIRE. 
[33 pedigrees, etc.] fol., s.a. 

FAYUS ( Antonius). [i.e. . Antoine La Faye.] 
De vita et obitu...T. 'Bezx...vnofn'Tj/taTtov. 

8vo., Geneves, 1606. 

FEDERICI (Federico). Lettera...scritta al 
Sig. G. Scioppio, etc. 8vo., Milano, 1634. 

FELDBAUSCH (Felix Sebastian). De Q. 
Horatio Flacco non adulatore. 

8vo.. Heidelbergae, 1839. 

Horatiana, etc. [Critical remarks on 

several passages of Horace.] 

8vo., Leipzig, 1864. 

FELICIANUS, Dominican Friar. Begin. [Sig. 
az, recto .] Incipit Tractatus fratris Feliciani 
ordinis | Predicatoi; doctoris eximij de diuina 
prede | stinatione intitulatus. 1 (3. %. 

4to., [colophon :] Memingen : p Alberta 
Kune, s.a. [i486 ?] 
Hain, *6952. Proctor, 2782. Braun, II., 133. 

FELIPE II. , King of Spain. Discours veritable 
de ce qui est advenu en la ville de Bruges 
I'an 1 582 par ceque le roy Philippe d'Espaigne 
a derechef pratique nouveaux traistres & 
meurtriers, pour oster la vie au due de Bra- 
bant, Gueldre, Anjou, Alen^on, &c... ensemble 
au prince d 'Orange... par poison ou quelque 
autre sorte de meurtre. 8vo., s.L, 1582. 

FELIX (Marcus Minucius). See MINUCIUS 

FELIX (Minutius) pseud, [i.e., George Har- 
dinge.] See HARDINGE (G.). 

FELTRE (Vittorino da), [i.e., Vittorino de' 
Rambaldoni.] See ROSMINI (C. de'). Idea 
deir ottimo precettore nella vita e disciplina 
di V. da Feltre, etc. Svo., 1801. 

FfiNELON (FRAN90IS DE Salignac de la 
Mothe). See THOMAS (A. L.). Lettre... 
Pour servir a la defense de Fenelon [sic'] contre 
Milord Chesterfield. 8vo., 1777. 

FENTON, Fatnilv of. Fenton, of Leeds. 
[Pedigree.] See YORKSHIRE. [33 pedi- 
grees, etc.] fol., s.a. 

FERGUSSON (David). A select collection of 
Scots poems. ..To which is added a collection 
of Scots proverbs. i2mo., Edinburgh, 1785. 

FERRARI (Antonio de'). See GALATEUS 


FERRARI (Giovanni Francesco). Le rime 
burlesche. sopra varii, et piacevoli soggetti, 
etc. [Edited by B. Borgarucci.] 

8vo., Venetia, 1570. 



FERRARIUS (Hieronymus). [i.e., Gikolamo 
Ferrari.] H. Ferrarii ad P. Manutium 
emendationes in Pliilippicas Ciceronis. 

8vo., [colophon :] Venetiis : apud Aldi 

filios, 1 542. 
Renouard, p. 125. Syston Park copy. 

— ^ [Another copy.] 

[Another edition.]. ..His adjecimus 

RI. T. Ciceronis defensiones contra C. Cal- 
cagnini disquisitiones in ejus officia : per J. 
8vo., Lugdnni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1552. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another copy.] 

FERRARIUS (Joannes) Montanus. [i.e., 

Johann Eisermann.] J. Ferrarii. titu- 

lum Pandectarum de Reg. Juris commen- 

tarius integer. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1546. 

J. Ferrarii... adnotationes in IIII. institu- 

tionum Justiniani libios. 

Svo., Lugduni : api<d[Seh.]Gryphium, 1532- 

— — [Another edition.] 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1542. 

J. Ferrarii... commentarius, omnibus qui 

in jure, foroq; judiciario versantur, oppido 
utilis, & rerum quotidianarum plenus. De 
appellationibus, & earum vera ratione, etc. 

8vo. , Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1542. 

J. Ferrarii. usus fcudorum collectanea 

quodammodo methodica, tyronibus in juris 
disciplina versantibus noninutilia...Ejusdcm, 
in titulum codicis Justiniani, de jure emphy- 
teutico. . .enarratio. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, ISS5- 
FERRARIUS (Octavianus). [i.e., Ottaviano 
Ferrari.] O. Ferrarii. scrmonibus exo- 
tericis liber, etc. L. P. 

4io., Vetietiii : apud Aldum[the Younger^i^j^. 
Ronouard, p. 218. RuHsia by Thouvenin. Syston 
Park copy. 

FERRERI (Zacharias). Sec FERRERIUS. 

FERRERIUS (Augerius). [i.e., Auger 

Ferrier.] a. Ferrcrii ... liber de somniis. 

Hippocratis de insomniis liber. Galeni liber 

de insomniis. Syncsii liber de somniis. 

i6mo., Lugduni : apud J. Torncrsium, l$4g. 

Rod morocco by Trautz-Bauzonnet, 

FERRERIUS (Zachauias). [i.e., Z. Ferreri.] 
De reformationc ecclesiae, etc. 

Svo. , Venetiis, 1552. 
FERRETTUP (^.milius). [i.e., Emilio Fer- 
RETTi.] In C. Taciti annalium libros JE. 
Ferretti. . .annotatiunculae. 

8vo.. Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium. 1541. 
Gancia copy. 

FERRI (LuiGi). La Psicologia di P. Pompo- 
nazzi secondo un manoscritto inedito dell' 
Angelica de Roma del Prof. Ferri. 

4to., Roma, 1876. 
From the " Atti della R. Accaderaia dei Lincoi," 
ser. 2, tomo III. For a critique on this work, 
see Mr. R. C. Christie's " A sceptic of the Renais- 
sance " (1893). 

FERRIAR (John). An essay towards a theory 
of apparitions. 8vo., London, 1813. 

Illustrations of Sterne : with other essays 

and verses... Second edition. 2 vols, [in i.] 
8vo., London, 181 2. 


FERRIER (James Frederick). See AXON 
(W. E. A.). De Quincev and J. F. Ferrier. 

8vo., 1898. 

FERRONUS (Arnoldus). [i.e., Arnoul Le 

Ferron.] X. rebus gestis Gal- 

lorum libri IX. Ad historiam P. jEmilii 

additi, etc. 

8vo., Parisiis : apud Vascosanum, 1550. 

—^ [Another edition.] 

fol., Lutetiae : apud Vascosanum, 1550. 

Sunderland copy. 

Tertia editio.. 

.aucta, etc. 

8vo., Lutetia;, 1555. 

[Another edition.] See ^MILIUS 
(P.). Historias jam denuo emendatae P. 
.\ rebus gestis Francorum... libri 
X.. etc. [Pt. IL] fol., 1569. 

A. consuetudines Burdiga- 

Icnsium commentariorum libri duo. 

fol., Lugduni : apud A. Gryphium, 1565. 

Sunderland copy. 

FERTI.\ULT (Francois). Los amoureu.x du 
livre : sonnets d'un bibliophile, fantaisies, 
commandements du bibliophile, bibliophi- 
liana, notes et anecdotes, etc. 

8vo.. Paris, 1877. 
FESTUS (Sic.xTUs Pompeius). [De verborum 
significatione.] See NONIUS MARCELLUS. 
Nonivs Marcclivs Festvs Pompeivs Varro. 

fol., 1496. 

S. P. Festi librorum undeviginti frag- 

menta. See PEROTTUS (N.) Archbishop of 
Siponto. In hoc volumine habentur hacc. 
Cornucopiac, etc. fol., 15 13. 

[Another edition.] fol., 1517, 13. 

FEUCH£RES (Sophia Dawes) Baronne de. 
See BELLEVILLE (A. de). Les secrets de 
Saint- Leu. Notice curicuse sur cc chateau... 
Suivio d'une biographic complete sur la 
baronne dc Fcuchdres, etc. 8vo., 1831. 

FEUG£RE (Li5on Jacques). .'V. d'Aubign6. 

8vo., [Paris, ^ 1853. 
From the " Revuo Contemporaino," Tomo X. 

Caractdrcs et portraits littcraircs du i6'- 

si6cle...Nouvellc 6dition. 2 tom. 

8vo., Paris. 1859. 

Essai sur la vie ct Ics ouvrages dc H. 

Estiennc, suivi d'unc 6tudc sur Sc6vole dc 
Saintc-Marthc. 8vo., Paris, 1S53. 

fitude sur les oeuvres d' A. d'Aubignc. 

8vo., Paris, 1855. 


FEUGfeRE (LioN J acqves). — {con fd.) femmes poetes au i6 siecle. Etude 

suivie de Mademoiselle de Goumay — Honore 
d'Urfe — Le marcchal de Montluc — G. Bude — 
P. Ramus. 8vo., Paris, i860. 

The articles on H. d'Urf6, G.Bud6, and P. Ramus 
conBist of critiques on works by N. A. Bonafous, 
D. Rebitt^, and C. Waddington respectively. 

FfeVRE. See LE F£VRE. 


FIAN, Dr., Sorcerer. Newes from Scotland, 
declaring' the damnable life of Doctor Fian, 
a notable sorcerer, who was burned at Eden- 
brough in Januarie last. 1591. 

4to., London, 18 16. 
(Roxburghe Club Publications, No. 7.) 
The first Paris press. An account of the 
books printed for G. Fichet... 1470-72. 

4to., 1898. 

FICINUS (Marsilius). [i.e., Marsiglio 
FiciNC] II comento di M. Ficino sopra il 
Convito di Platone, eU. [With the text.] 
See PLATO. [Symposium.] 8vo., 1544- 

MARSILII Ficini Florentini de Chrij 

stiana religione | ad Laurentiu | Medicem 1 opus 
au 1 reum. | 4to., [colophon :] Venetiis : irn- 
pressit Ottinns Papiensis, 1500. 
Hain, *707O. Proctor, 5612. 

M. Ficini... liber primus de \-ita sana, etc. 

— M. Ficini... hber de vita longa. — M. Ficini... 
liber de vita coelitus comparanda, etc. See 
lAMBLICHUS, Chalcidensis. Index eorum, 
qua; hoc in libro habentur. lamblichus de 
mysteriis j5igyptiorum, etc. fol., 1516. 

M. Ficini. vita libri tres...His ac- 

cessit epidemiarum antidotus, etc. 

8vo., Venetiis : ad signum spei, 1548. 

M. Ficini... Liber de uoluptate, etc. See 

lAMBLICHUS, Chalcidensis. Index eorum, 
quse hoc in libro habentur. lamblichus de 
mysteriis Aegyptiorum, etc. fol., 1497- 

[Another edition.] fol 

FIGEAC (Jean Jacques Champollion-) 

FIGRELIUS (Edmundus). De statuis illus- 
trium. . .virorum in vetenmi bibliothecis. See 
MADERUS (J. J.). De bibliothecis ... viro- 
rum clarissimorum libelli, e<c. 4to., 1702. 


FILESACUS (Joannes), [i.e., Jean Filesac] 
J. Filesaci...Varro seu de multiplici scnpto- 
rum genere. 8vo., Parisiis, (1625.) 

FILHEUL ( ). Catalogue des livres 

rares et singuliers du cabinet de M. Filheul, 
precede de quelques eclaircissemens sur les 
articles importans ou peu connus, etc. 

8vo., Paris, 1779. 
Sale catalogue, with prices in MS. Barbier copy. 
FINCHAM (Henry Walter) & BROWN 
(James Roberts). A bibliography of book- 
plates, ex-libris. 8vo., (Plymouth.) 1892. 
100 copies reprinted from the " Ex Libris Journal " 
for private distribution, this being No. 61. 

I 5 16. 

FIORENTINO (Francesco). P. Pomponazzi ; 

studi storici su la scuola bolognese e pado- 

vano del secolo XVI. Con molti documenti 

inediti. 8vo., Fireme, 1868. 

For a critique on this work, see Mr. R. C. Christie's 

" A sceptic of the Renaissance " (1893). 

FIRENZUOLA (Agnolo). Commento del 
Grappa [i.e., F. Beccuti, called II Coppetta] 
sopra la canzone in lode della salsiccia [by 
A. Firenzuola. With the text. Edited by 
C.Alderighi.] 8vo., Bologna, 1881. 

Le plaisant et facetieux discours des 

animaux [by A. Firenzuola]... Nouvellement 
traduict de tuscan, en fran9ois. 

i6mo., Lyon, 1556. 

Green morocco by Duru. Coislin copy. 

Consigli de gli animali, cioe ragionamenti 

civili ... Aggiuntovi un discorso di F. J. 
Capugnano...ove prova, che gli anirnali 
ragionano insiemc.Et di piii undeci orationi 
in lode di varii animali, etc. 3 pts. [in i vol.] 

8vo., Venetia, 1622. 
Citron morocco by Derome. Huzard, Yemeniz 
and R. S. Turner's copy. 

FIRMIANUS (Lucius Ccelius Lactantius). 

FIRMICUS MATERNUS (Julius). lulii 
Firmici Astronomicorum libri octo integri, 
& emen| dati, ex Scvthicis oris ad nos nuper 
allati. I Marci Manilii astronomicorum libri 
quinque. | Arati Phaenomena Germanico 
Caesare interprete cum com- 1 mentariis & 
imaginibus. | Arati eiusdem phaenomenon 
fragmentum Marco. T. C. interprete. | Arati 
eiusdem Phaenomena Rufio Festo Auienio 
paraphraste. | Arati eiusdem Phaenomena 
graece | Theonis commentaria copiosissima in 
Arati Phaeno | mena graece. Procli Diadochi 
Sphaera graece | Procli eiusdem Sphaera, Thoma 
Linacro Britanno interprete. | [Edited by A. P. 
Manutius.] Ed. Pr. 2 pts. [in i vol.] 

fol., [colophon .] Venetiis : cura, (S- dili- 
gentia Aldi Ro., 1499. 
Hain and Copinger, *I4S59. Proctor, 5570, 
Renouard. p. 20. 

FIRMIN-DIDOT (Ambroise). See DIDOT. 

FISHER (John) Cardinal. De veritate cor- 
poris et sanguinis Christi in Eucharistia. per 
...D. Johannem [Fisher] Roffensem Epis- 
copum, adversus J. Oecolampadium...Aeditio 
prima. fol., [colophon .•] Colonics : per 

Pefrtan Quentel, 1527. 

Sacri sacerdotii defensio cotra LutherQ 

per...Joannem [Fisher] Roffen. Episcopu... 
jamprimum...evulgata, etc. 

4to., Colonics: in officina... Petri Quentell, 1525. 

See HALL (R.). The life and death of 

...John Fisher, etc. 8vo., 1655. 

See LUTHER (M.). Assertionis Luthera- 

nae confutatio ... per Joannem Roffensem 
Episcopum. ^ditio ultima, c/c. fol., 1526. 

FISHER (Payne). A synopsis of heraldry, or, 
the most...easie way for the perfect attaining 
of that art, containing all necessary direc- 
tions, etc. [By P. Fisher.] 

8vo., London, 1682. 
Halkett and Laing, III., 2532. 


FISHER (Robert Alexander). The Ecclesi- 
astical Dilapidations Act of 1871, and other 
ecclesiastical statutes, with practical notes. 
Forming a supplement to the fifth edition of 
Cripps' treatise on " The law of the Church 
and clerg\'." 8vo., London, 1872. 

FISHWICK (Caroline). A calendar of Lan- 
cashire and Cheshire exchequer depositions 
by commission. From 1558 to 1702. Edited 
by C. Fishwick. 8vo., (Manchester.) 1885. 

(Record Society Publications, Vol. XI.) One of 
four copies printed oa large paper. 

FISHWICK (Henry). The bibliography of 
Rochdale, as illustrated by the books in the 
local Free Public Library. 

8vo., Manchester, 1880. 
From the " Papers of the Manchester Literary 
Club," Vol. VI. 

The history of the parish of Bispham, in 

the county of Lancaster. 

4to., (Manchester,) 1887. 
(Chetham Society. Remains, etc. New Series, 
Vol. 10.) One of three copies printed on large 

The history of the parish of Garstangin 

the county of Lancaster. 2 pts. 

4to., (Manchester,) 1878-79. 
(Chetham Society. Remains, etc. Vols. CIV. and 
CV. ) The pagination ia consecutive. 

— — The history of the parish of Kirkham, 
in the county of Lancaster. 

4to., (Manchester,) 1874. 
(Chetham Society. Remains, etc. Vol. XCII. ) 

The history of the parish of Poulton-le- 

Fylde, in the county of Lancaster. 

4to., (Manchester.) 1885. 
(Chetham Society. Remains, etc. New Series. 
Vol. 8.) One of three copies printed on large 
— — The history of the parish of St. Michaels- 
on-Wyrc, in the county of Lancaster. With 
an appendix containing a transcript of the 
regi.sters of the chapelry of Woodplumpton 
for 1604 to 1613. 4to., (Manchester,) 1891. 
(Chetham Society. Remains, etc. Now series. 
Vol. 25.) One of three copies printed on large 
—^ Lancashire and Cheshire church surveys. 
1649-1655. ..Edited by H. Fishwick. 

8vo., [Manchester,] 1879. 
(Record Society Publications, Vol. I.) One of 
four copies printed on large paper. 

The Lancashire demoniacs. 

8vo., Liverpool. 1885. 
From the "Trans. Hist. Soc. Lanes, and Chesh.," 
Vol. XXXV. 

A list of the Lancashire wills proved 

within the Archdeaconry of Richmond. ..from 
A.D. 1457 (to 1792. Also a list of the wills 
proved in the peculiar of Halton, from a.d. 
161 5 to 1792.). ..Edited by H. Fishwick. 3 
vols. 8vo., (Manchester,) 1884-QI. 

(Record Society Publications, Vols. X., XIII., 
and XXIII.) Quo of foiu" copies printed on 
largo paper. 

Pleadings and depositions in the Duchy 

Court of Lancaster... Edited by H. Fishwick. 
3 vols. See LANCASTER, Duchy of. 

8vo., 1896-99. 

FITZGERALD (Gerald Augustus Robert) 

A version of ^Eneid IV. and other translations. 

8vo., London, 1894. 

FITZROY (Augustus Henry) ^rd Duke of 
Grafton. See GRAFTON. 

FITZROY (Henry) ist Duke of Richmond- 


FLACCUS (Caius Valerius). See VALERIUS 

FLACCUS (QuiNTUs Horatius). See HORA- 

FLAMINIUS (Marcus Antonius). M. A. 
Flaminii carminum libri duo. Ejusdem 
paraphrasis in triginta Psalmos, versibus 

8vo., Lii^duni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1548. 
Barillon de MorangLs copy. 

— — [Another copy.] 

M. A. Flaminii carminum libri IIII. ... 

Ejusdem liber quintus...nunc primum editus. 
Ejusdem paraphrasis in triginta Psalmos... 
Ejusdem sacrorum carminum libellus, etc. 
See CARMINA. Carmina quinque illustrium 
poetarum, efc. 8vo., 1552. 

M. A. Flaminii de rebus divinis carmina. 

8vo., 1564. 
Memoirs of 

4to., LuteticB : ex ofjicina R. Siephani, 1550. 

M. A. Flaminii in librum Psalmorum 

brevis explanatio [with the te.xt], etc. See 
BIBLE. — Old Testament. [Psalms. — 


A. Politianus...M. A. Flaminius...The second 
edition, etc. 8vo., 1805. 

FLAMMARION (Camille). L'inconnu. The 
unknown. Eng. 8v'0., London, 1900. 

FLEETWOOD (George) Baron. Letter from 
G. Fleetwood to his father, giving an account 
of the Battle of Lutzen and the death of 
Gustavus Adolphus. Edited by Sir P. de 
M. G. Egerton, Bart. See CAMDEN MIS- 
CELLANY. The Camden miscellany. Vol. I. 

4to., 1847. 

FLEISCHER (Guillaume). Dictionnaire de 
bibliographic frangaise. [By G. Fleischer.] 
Tom. I.-II. [A — Bh.] 8vo., Paris. 1812. 
All published. Barbior, I., 959. 

FLETCHER (John) Dramatist. See AXON 
(W. E. A.). Milton's " Comus " and 
Fletcher's " Faithful shepherdess " compared. 

8vo., 1882. 
FLEURIAU (Bertrand Gabriel). Diction- 
naire alphabetiquc dc tous les noms proprcs 
qui se trouvent dans Horace, divise en trois 
tables, etc. [By B. G. Flcuriau.] 

i2mo., Paris, 1756. 

Barbier, I., 955. 

FLEURY (Jean). Rabelais et ses ocuvres. 

2tom. 8vo., Paris. 1877. 

FLEURY (Jules). Histoirc dc la caricature 

sous la Republiquc, I'Empirc ct la Restaura- 

tion, par Champfleury [i.e., J. Flcuryj. 

1 2 mo., Paris, [1874.] 
Quirard-, col. 16. 


FLINT (Weston ). Statistics of public libraries 
in the United States and Canada. 

8vo., Washington, 1893. 
(U.S. Bureau of Education. Circular of Informa- 
tion, 1893. No. 7.) 

FI.OQUET (Pierre Amable). £loge de Bos- 
suel, £veque de Meaux. Hvo., Paris, 1827. 
Pattison copy. 

FLOREBELLUS (Antonius) Bishop of 
Lavello. [i.e., Antonio Florebelli.") A. 
Florebelli...epistolEe. See SADOLETUS (J.) 
Cardinal. J. Sadoleti...epistolaB Leonis X. 
dementis VII. Pauli III. nomine scriptae, etc. 

8vo., 1759. 

A. Florebelli... liber de autoritate ecclesiae, 


4to., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1546. 

Memoire sur la vie de J. Sadolet. See 

SADOLETUS (J.) Cardinal. Traite d' 
education, etc. 8vo., 1855. 

FLORENCE. — Nova Acidemia Florentina. 

Novae Academiae Florentinae opuscula. 

Adversus Avicennam, & medicos neotericos. 

qui Galeni disciplina neglecta, barbaros 

colunt, etc. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1534, 

Contents : — Barbaromastix, sive Medicus, dia 

logus olegantiss. — P. F. Pauli... adversus Avi 

cennani de vense sectione tractatus. — L. 

Giachini...libellus (adversus Mesuem, k vul 

gares medicos omnes), etc. De Thou copy. 

timus). See CHRESTIEN (F.). 
FLORIAN (Jean Pierre Claris de). See 
LACRETELLE (J. C. D. de). Eloge de 
Florian, etc. 8vo., 181 2. 

FLORIANT. Floriant and Florete. A 
metrical romance of the fourteenth century. 
Edited ... by Francisque-iNIichel. 

4to., London, 1873. 
(Roxburghe Club Publications, No. 97.) Gaisford 
FLORIDA (Catharina) Paphiensis, pseud., 
Resp. [For editions of the " Theses inaugu- 
rates de virginibus."] See PARTHENO- 
PHILUS (J.) Virginensis. pseud., Press. 
FLORIDUS (Franciscus) Sabinus. F. Floridi 
... adversus S. Doleti ... calumnias liber. 
Ejusdem ad J. Spiegelium...epistola. 
4to. , [colophon .•] Rome:; : apud A . Bladuni, i 54 1 . 
Sunderland copy. 

. [Another copy.] 

Joyo and Wodhull copy. 

F. Floridi. ..apologia in M. A. Plauti, 

aliorumq^ poetarum, & linguae Latinae 
calumniatores. Ejusdem libellus de legum 

4to., Lugduni: apud Seb. Gryphium, 1537. 

[Another copy.] 

F. Floridi... in M. A. Plauti aliorumquc 

Latinae linguae scriptorum calumniatores 
apologia, nunc primum ab autore aucta 
atque recognita. Ejusdem de juris civil is 
interpretibus liber, itidem auctus atque re- 
cognitus. Ejusdem de C. Julii Caesaris 
prsstantia libri III. ... Ejusdem lectionum 
succisivarum libri III., etc. (KaXhuaxov 

KvQipaiov elg rrjv 'Aore,iiiv viivoq. Gr. &- La!.) 
2 pts. [in I vol.] 

fol., apud tnclytam Basilaeam : s.t.n., 1540. 

See DOLET (£.). S. Doleti... liber. De 

imitatione Ciceroniana adversus Floridum 
Sabinum. 4to., 1540. 

FLORILEGIUM. Florilegium diversorum epi- 
grammatum, etc. Gr. See ANTHOLOGIA 

FLORUS (Lucius Ann^us). L. Flori rerum 
ab urbe condita liber primus (-quartus). See 
LIVIUS (T.) Patavinus. [Historia.] Ex 
XIIII. T. Livii decadibus prima, tertia, 
quarta, etc. [Pt. III.] fol., 1520. 

[Another edition.] [Vol. IV.] 

8vo., 1521. 

L. Flori de gestis Romanorum libri 

quatuor...cum adnotationibus J. Camertis... 
Ad haec, S. historia Ro. epitome... 
Item, Messalae progenie Augusti 
Caesaris libellus, nunc primum excusus, etc. 
8vo., Colonies : J. Gymnicus excudebat, 1540. 

Sunderland copy. 

L. A. Florus. CI. Salmasius, addidit L. 

Ampelium, e cod. MS. nunquam antehac 
editum. i2mo., L%igd[uni'\Batav[orum'\, 1657. 

Includes both the " De gestis Romanorum " and 
the " Livii epitome " of Florus. 

L. A. Flori epitome rerum Romanarum 

ex recensione J. G. Graevii, cum ejusdem 
annotationibus...In fine additus est L. Am- 
pelius ex bibliotheca C. Salmasii. 2 torn, 
[in I vol.] 8vo., Anistelesdanti, 1702. 

With additional engraved titlepages dated 1703. 
Tom. II. includes the epitome of Livius and the 
Ampelius, the latter having a separate pagina- 

L. A. Flori epitome rerum Romanarum. 

Latin.] C. Crispus Sallustius et L. A. Florus. 

8vo., 1774. 

T. Livii. ..decadum XIIII. epitome. L. 

Florus. See I-IYIVS {T.) Patavinus. [His- 
toria.] Ex XIIII. T. Livii decadibus 
prima, tertia, quarta, etc. [Pt. III.] fol., 1520. 

[Another edition.] [Vol. IV.] 

8vo., 1521. 

[Another edition.] See LIVIUS. 

(T.) Patavinus. [Epitome.] 8vo., 1542. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another edition.] i6mo., 1548. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another edition.] i6mo., 1554. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., 1554. 

[Another edition.] See above, L. 

.\. Florus, C. Salmasius, e^c. i2mo., 1657. 

[Another edition.] See above, L. A. 

Flori epitome rerum Romanarum, etc. Tom. 
II. 8vo., 1702. 

FLOWER (William) Norroy King of Arms. 

The visitation of the county palatine of 

Lancaster, made in. ..1567. ..Edited by...F. R. 

Raines. 4to., (Manchester,) 1870. 

(Chetham Society. Remains, e(c. Vol. LXXXL) 


FOARD (James Thomas). Life of Mr. Justice , 
Story, etc. 8vo., [Liverpool, 1880.] ! 

Viora "Trans. Liverpool Lit. and Phil. See" 1 
Vol. 34- ! 

FOCANUS (Jacobus), [i.e., Jakob Fokkens.] 
J. Focani de ratione studiorum dissertatio, etc. 
See GROTIUS (W.). H. Grotii et alioruin 
dissertationes, etc. i2mo., 1645. 


FOERSTERUS (Joannes Conradus) Resp. 
Dissertatio liistorica de singularibus quorun- 
dam theologoruni fatis, etc. See BLEICH 
(J. T.) Prres. 4to., 1704. 

FOESIUS (Anutius). [i.e.. Anuce Fofes.] 
See PERCY (P. F.) Baron. :6loge historique 
d'A. Fo^s, etc. 8vo., 181 2. 

FOKKENS (Jakob). See FOCANUS (J.). 

FOLENGO (Teofilo). See COCAIUS (M.) 

FOLKARD (Henry Tennyson). Lancashire 
books, etc. See WIGAN. — Free Public 
Library. 8vo., 1898. 

Wigan : an historical sketch, with a note 

on its Free Public Library, etc. 

8vo., (Wigan, 1898.) 
FONSECA (Jeronimo Osorio da). See 

FONTAINE (Charles). La contreamie de 
court. [In verse.] See GUEVARA (A. de) 
Bishop of Mondoiiedo. Le mespris de la 
court, etc. i6mo., 1544. 

Quintil...sur la defense, et illustration de 

la langue fran^oise [by J. Du Bellay], etc. 
See SIBILET (T. ). Art poetique fran?ois, etc. 

i6mo., 1576. 

FONTAINE (Jean de la). See LA FON- 

FONTANINI (GlusTO) Archbishop of Ancyra. 
Biblioteca dell' eloquenza italiana...con le 
annotazioni del Signor A. Zeno...Accresciuta 
di nuove aggiunte. 2 torn. 

4to., Parma, 1803-4. 

FONTENAYO (Guioo de). Guidonis de Fon- 
tenayo...magnu coUectoriu historicu ex multi 
pharia diversoru authoru cditione coforma- 
tum, & in nioduni fasciculi... recongestfi, no\as 
etiam & utilibus fragmentis illustrate abun- 
datissimo. 4to., [colophon:] In inclita par- 
rhysioruin Lutetia : cura J. Goiirmovtii, 1521. 
Heber copy. 

FOOTE (Samuel). The dramatic works of S. 
Foote Esq; to which is prefixed a life of the 
author. 4 vols. 8vo., London, 1788. 


FORCATULUS (Stephanos), [i.e., ^tienne 
FoRCADEL.] Necyomantia jurisperiti. Mira 
niagia; descriptio, per quam cvocati juris- 
consulti, innumcros juris civilis locos discrtis- 
sim6 declarant, etc. 

4 to.. Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1544. 

Sunderland copy. 

FORERUS (Laurentius). [i.e. Lorenz 
F"qerer.] Anatomia anatomiac Socictatis 

Jcsu, sivc Antanatomia. Qua infamis ill 
liber, qui sub titulo Anatomia> Societati 
Jesu [by G. Scioppius], lucem 
protrusus est, nunc in ."iuas veras ac nativas 
partes secatur...a L, Forero. 

4to., Oeniponte, 1634. 
Nicoron, XXXV., 214. 


Jesu Daedalus... Accessit auctarium animad- 
versionum in G. Scioppii ecclesiasticam 
astrologiam. (Appendix ad Grammaticum 
Proteum, etc.) pp. 506. 

8vo., Ingolstadii, 1636. 

Appendix ad Grammaticum Proteum, qua 

breviter ostenditur, quid de relatione Alphonsi 

de Vargas [i.e., G. Scioppius] ad reges et 

principes Christianos sit sentiendura. pp. 84. 

8vo., Ingolstadii, 1636. 

A separate issue, with independent pagination. 

Niceron, XXXV., 230. 

FOREST (Ange Augustin Thomas Pihan de 

FORESTUS (Hector). H. ethica 
.'Vristotelis...domestica3 pralectiones. 

8vo., Ltigduni : apud Seb. Gryphi-um, 1550 

[Another copy.] 

Incomplete ; wanting all after page 288. 

H. quintum ethicorum Aris- 

totelis domesticas praslectiones. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1550. 
Giphaniuis copy. 
[Another copy.] 

H. oeconomica Aristotelis... 

domesticae prEelectiones. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1550. 
FORGES DE PARNY (fiv.\RiSTE Desire de) 
Vicomte. See PARNY. 

FORGUES (Paul ^mile Daurand). £loge 
d'Henrion de Pansey. (Prononc6...par [P.J 
!fi. D. Forgues.) 8vo., [Pam, 1837.] 

Pattison copy. 

FORMA. Forma subventionis pauperum, que 
apud Hyperas Flandrorum urbem viget, etc. 
See YPRES. 8vo., 1 531. 

FORME. La forme et maniere de la punctua- 
tion, & accents de la langue francoise, etc. 
[By t. Dolet.] See DOLET (fi.). 

i6mo., 1560. 

FORMEY (Jean Henri Samuel). La vie de 
Mr. J. P. Baratier. 8vo., Utrecht, 1741. 

FORREST (William). The history of Grisild 
the Second : a narrative, in verse, of the 
divorce of Queen Katharine of Arragon... 
edited... by... W. D. Macray. 

4to., London, 1875. 
(Roxburghe Club Pulilioationx, No. loi.) 

FORTAIR (Savaljite de). Discours sur la 
vie et les oeuvres de J. M. Morel, etc. 

8vo., Paris, 1813. 
Pattison copy. 

FORTELLE ( de la) Lieutenant du Rot. 




FORTUNATIANUS (Chirius). Consulti C. 
Fortunatiani artis rhetoricae scholicae liber 
primus (-tertius). Ed.Pr. SeeGEORGIUS, 
Trapezuntius. Continentur hoc volumine. 
Georgii Trapezuntii rhetoricorum libri V., etc. 

fol., 1523. 

FORTUNIO (Giovanni Francesco). Regole 

grammaticali della volgar lingua ... nuova- 

mente reviste, etc. 8vo., [colophon .] 

Vinegia : in casa de' figlivoli di Aldo, 1541. 

Renouard, p. 122. 

[Another edition.] Svo., [colophon :] 

Vinegia : nelle case de' figlivoli di Aldo, 1545. 
Renouard, p. 131. 

[Another edition.] Svo., [colophon:] 

Vinegia : nelle case de' figlivoli di Aldo, 1552. 
Renouard, p. 153. Sussex copy. 

FOSCOLO (NiccoLo Ugo). Ultime lettere di 

J. Ortis [/.e., N. U. Foscolo]. Nuovaedizione. 

8vo., Londra, 1818. 

FOSS (Edward). Biographia juridica. A bio- 
graphical dictionary of the judges of England 
from the Conquest to the present time. 
1066-1870. 8vo., London, 1870. 

FOSTER (Joseph). Men-at-the-Bar : a bio- 
graphical hand-list of the members of the 
various Inns of Court, including her Maiest\''s 
judges, etc. 4to., London, 1885. 


Henriade travestie. [A burlesque of the 
Henriade of Voltaire by M. Fougeret de 
Moubron.] See POT-POURRI. Le pot- 
pourri, etc. i2mo., 1809. 

FOULON (GuiLLAUME LE). See Fullonius 

new foundling hospital for wit. Being a col- 
lection of fugitive pieces, in prose and verse... 
A new edition, etc. 6 vols. 

8vo., London, 1786. 
Chalmers copy. 
FOUR (Jean du). See DU FOUR. 
FOURMONT (Claude Louis). Description 
historique et geographique des plaines d' 
Heliopolis et de Memphis. [Dedication signed 
Fourmont.] i2mo., Paris, 1755. 

FOURMONT (Michel). See CHRISTIE (R.C.). 
The forgeries of the Abbe Fourmont. 

8vo., 1885. 

[Another edition.] See CHRISTIE 

(R. C). Selected essays, etc., pp. 58-91. 

8vo., 1902. 
FOURNEL (Francois Victor). La litterature 
independante et les ecrivains oubhes. Essais 
de critique et d'erudition sur le 17" siecle. 
(2« edition.) 8vo., Paris, 1862. 

FOURNIER (^DOUARD). L'art de la reliure 
en France aux demiers siecles. 

Svo., Paris, 1864. 
300 copies printed, this being No. 168. 

FOURNIER (Francois Ignace). Nouveau 
dictionnaire portatif de bibliographie...suivi 
du catalogue... des editions imprimces par les 
Aides... Seconde Mition, etc. 2 pts. [in i vol.] 

8vo., Paris, 1809. 

FOVARGUE (Henry West) & OGLE (John 
Joseph). Liljrary legislation. 5«^ LIBRARY 
ASSOCIATION. Public library manual, etc. 
(Pt. I.) ' 8vo., 1892. 

FOX (John) Martyrologist. See HADDONUS 
(G.). Contra H. Osorium, ejusq; odiosas 
insectationes pro Evangelicse veritatis neces- 
saria defensione, responsio apologetica. Per 
...G. Haddonum inchoata : deinde suscepta 
& continuata per J. Foxum. 4to., 1577. 

See NICHOLS (J. G.). Narratives of the 

days of the Reformation, chiefly from the 
manuscripts of J. Foxe, etc. 4to., 1859. 

FOXIUS MORZILLUS (Sebastianus). [i.e., 
Seeastiano Fox morzillo.] S. Foxii Mor- historiae institutione, dialogus. 

8vo., Antverpiae, 1557. 

S. Foxii Morsilu de philosophici studii 

ratione epistola, etc. See GROTIUS (H.). 
H. Grotii et aliorum dissertationes, etc. 

i2mo., 1645. 

FRACASTORIUS (Hieronymus). [i.e.. Giro- 

lamo Fracastoro.] See CHIOCCUS (A.). 

A. Chiocchi... apologia pro divina H. Fra- 

castorii V. C. syphilide, etc. 4to., 1598. 

See GRESWELL (W. P.). Memoirs of 

A. Politianus...H. Fracastorius...The second 
edition, etc. 8vo., 1805. 

Sfif LETTERE. Lettered! XIIL huomini 

illustri...con moltc.del Fracastoro, etc. 

8vo., 1560. 

FRACHiEUS (Jacobus). Latina & recens 
comoedia, nostri temporis imaginem ad vivum 
exprimens, eleganti carmine descripta. 

8vo., Liigduni : apud Seb. Gryphiiim, 1550. 

FRAGUIER (Claude Francois) Abbe. The 
gallery of Verres, etc. See TURNBULL (G.). 
Three dissertations, etc. 4to., 1740. 

FRANCE, Royal House of. See ASHBURTON 
(R. B. Dunning) 2nd Baron. Genealogical 
memoirs of the Royal House of France, etc. 

fol., 1825. 

FRANCIS I., King of France. See FRANQOIS 1. 

FRANCIS [Bernardoni], Assisiatis, Saint. 
See BARTHOLOM.EUS [Albizzi], Pisanus. 
[L'Alcoran des Cordeliers. ..recuilh...du liure 
des conformitez de ce beau saint Francois, etc.] 
2 tom. 8vo., [1560.] 

Dauphin of France. 

FRANCISCUS (Joannes) Ripensis. J. Fran- 
cisci...carminum liber. ..His S. Gryphii tumu- 
lus, & alia quaedam diversorum authorum 
accesserunt. i6mo., Lugduni : apud 

hcared. Seb. Gryphii, 1561. 



FRANCK (Adolphe). Reformateurs et pub- 
licistes de I'Europe. Moyen age — Renais- 
sance. 8vo., Paris, 1864. 

See FRANCUS (G.). 


FRANCKE (August Hermann). Christus 
SacrsB Scripturae nucleus : or, Christ the 
sum and substance of all the Holy Scriptures 
... render 'd into English, etc. 

8vo., London, 1732. 

FRANCO (N1CCOL6). Dialogi piacevoli, etc. 

8vo., Vcnetiis : apud J. Giolitum, 1539. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., In Venetia : 

per Gabriel lolilo de Ferrarii, 1541. 

Libri copy. 

— — II Petrarchista, dialogc.nel quale si 

scuoprono nuovi secreti sopra il Petrarca, etc. 

8vo., Venetiis : apud J. Giolitum, 1539. 

FRANQOIS, Dauphin of France, Son of 
Fratifois I. Diversa epigrammata in obitum 
Francisci Valesii Francorum regis designati. 

8vo., Parisiis : ex adibus Falcharii, 1537. 

The titlepage bears the mark of Pierre Roffet. 

See DOLET (£.). Recueil de vers... 

composes sur le trespas de feu Monsieur le 
Daulphin. 8vo., 1536. 

FRANgOIS, Due d'Anjou. See FELIPE II., 
King of Spain. Discours veritable de ce qui 
est advenu en la ville de Bruges I'an i 582 par 
ce que le roy Philippe d'Espaigne a derechef 
pratique... meurtriers, pour oster la vie au 
due de Brabant. ..Anjou, etc. 8vo., 1582. 

FRANQOIS I., King of France. See DOLET 
(fi.). Francisci Valesii Gallorum regis fata, 
etc. 4to., 1539. 

•^^ [Another copy.] 

— ^ See DOLET (l£.). Les gestes de Francoys 
de Valois roy de France, e/c. 4to., 1540. 

—^ [Another edition.] 8vo., 1543. 

SeeDUCHATEL (P.) Bishop of Orleans. 

Le trespas, obseques, et enterrement de... 
Fracois...roy de Frace.. .premier de ce 
nam, etc. 8vo., [1547.] 

[Another edition.] See GALLAN- 

DIUS (P.). P. Castellani...vita, etc. 

8vo., 1674. 

-See TAEGIUS (F.). F. Tae§ ob- 

sidione urbis captivitate Fran- 
cisci I. ... liber, etc. 4to., 1736. 


Louis) Comte. itloge du due do Nivernois, 

etc. 8vo., [Paris,] 1807. 

From " Le Monlteur," Nos. 244 and 265. Patti- 

eon copy. 

See LAMOUREUX (J. B. J.). Notice... 

sur la vie et les ecrits du comte Fran9ois de 
Neufchateau. 8vo., 1843. 

See SILVESTRE (A. F.) Baron de. 

Notice biographique sur M. le comte N. 
Francois de Neufchateau. efc. 8vo., 1828. 

FRANCUS (Georgius). [i.e., Georg Franck 
VON Franckenau.] PrcEs. Disputatio 
medica qua lupanaria s.v. Huren-Hauser e.x 
principiis mcdicis qq. improbantur...praesidc 
G. Franco... respondente vero Georgio 

VVickcn, etc. 

4to., Heidelbergtt, 1674. 

FRANKFORT. Collectio in unum corpus, 
omnium librorum Hebrasorum, Graecorum, 
Latinorum necnon Germanice, Italice, Gallicd, 
& Hispanic^ scriptorum, qui in nundinis 
Francoiurtensibus ab anno 1564 usque ad 
nundinas autumnales anni i592...venales 
extiterunt, etc. Tom I. 

4to., Francofurti, 1592. 
Wanting torn. II. -III. containing tlie German, 
Italian, French and Spanish books. 

FRANKLIN (Alfred). La Bibhoth&jue Im- 
periale, son organisation, son catalogue, par 
un bibliophile [i.e., A. Franklin]. 

l6mo., Paris, 186 1. 
Barbier, I., 418. 

Dictionnaire des noms, sumoms et pseudo- 

nymes latins de Thistoire litteraire du nioyen 
kge, 1 100 a 1530. 8vo., Paris, 1875. 

Histoire de la bibliothSque de I'Abbaye de 

Saint-Victor k Paris, d'apres des documents 
inedits. 8vo., Paris, 1865. 

Histoire de la BibliothSque Mazarine 

depuis sa fondation jusqu' a nos jours. 

8vo., Paris, i860. 

Precis de I'histoire de la Bibliothdque du 

Roi, aujourd'hui Bibhoth&jue Nationale... 
Deuxidme edition, etc. 8vo., Paris, 1875. 

Recherches sur la bibliothSque de la 

Faculte de Medecine de Paris d'apres des 
documents entidrement inedits, suivies d'une 
notice sur les manuscrits qui y sont con- 
serves. 8vo., Paris, 1864. 

Recherches sur la bibliothdque publique 

de rfiglise Notre-Dame de Paris au 13'-' sidcle 
d'aprds des documents inedits. 

8vo., Paris, 1863. 

—— La Sorbonne, ses origines, sa bibliothdque, 
les debuts de I'imprimerie k Paris et la suc- 
cession de Richelieu, d'aprds des documents 
inedits... Deuxidme edition, etc. 

8vo., Paris, 1875. 

(A. Tennyson) ist Baron. Versus Tenny- 
sonianos Franklini cenotaphio inscriptos, 
Graece, Latine aliter reddendos, redditosque, 
curavit A. Wright. 8vo., 1882. 

FRANQUEVILLE ( Latour de) 


ERASER (James) Bishop of Manchester. 
Charge dehvered at his primary visitation, 
at the Cathedral, Manchester, and St. Mary's, 
Lancaster, Dec. 3rd and 4th, 1872. 

8vo., Manchester, [1872.] 

Charge delivered at his second visitation 

...Nov. 9th and loth, 1876. 

8vo., Manchester, [1876.] 

A charge delivered at the fourtli visita- 
tion. ..on the sth, 6th and 7th Nov., 1884. 

8vo., Manchester, 1884. 

See HUNTINGTON (G.). Two Bishops 

of Manchester (James Prince Lee and James 
Eraser). 8vo.. 1888. 

FREDERICK I., called Barbarossa, Emperor 
of Germany. St'e FRIEDRICII I. 


FREE (John). Poems on several occasions... 
The second edition, elc. 

8vo., London, 1757. 

Containiug, intt'r alia, imitations of Horace, 
book IV., ode 5. and hook III., ode 6, together 
with the original t«xt. 

FREEMAN (Edward Augustus). Disestab- 
lishment and disendowment, what are they ? 
8vo., London, 1874. 
FREGOSIUS (FoeDERicus) Cardinal, [i.e., 
Federigo Fregoso.] See SADOLETUS (J.) 
Cardinal. J. obitu...Cardinalis, 
F. Fregosii, homiha. 4to., 1541. 

FREHERUS (Paulus). [i.e., Paul Freher.] 
D. P. Freheri...theatrum virorum eruditione 
clarorum. In quo vitae & scripta theolo- j 
gorum, jureconsultorum, medicorum & philo- 
sophorum, tam in Germania...quam in aliis 
Europas regionibus...a seculis aliquot, ad } 
haec usque tempora, florentium...repraESen- • 
tantur, etc. 2 tom. [in i vol.] 

fol., Noribergcs, 1688. 
With a second, engraved, titlepage. The pagina- 
tion i3 continuous tliroughout. 

FREIGIUS (Joannes Thomas), [i.e., Johann 
T. Freigius.] J. T. Freigii orationes VIII. 
See SCALIGER (J. €.). J. C. Scaligeri epi- 
stolae et orationes, ete. i2mo., 161 2. 

[Another copy.] 

P. Rami vita. elc. See MILTON (J.). 

J. Miltoni...artis logicae plenior institutio, etc. 

i2mo., 1672. 
FREITAG (Friedrich Gotthilf) the Younger. 

See FREYTAG (F. G.). 

FRENCH. La rotta de Francciosi a Terroana 
novamente facta. La rotta de Scocesi [at 
Flodden Field]. 4to., Londo-n, 1825. 

(Roxbnrghe CUih Piiblicfttions, No. 41.) 

FRENCH (Gilbert J.). Bibliographical notices 

of the chmch libraries at Turton and Gorton, 

bequeathed by H. Chetham. (Edited by 

G.J.French.) 4to., (Manchester,) 1855. 

(Chetham Society. Remains, c(c. Vol. XXXVIII.) 

FRERE (John Hookham). The works of J. H. 

Frere in verse and prose, now first collected. 

with a prefatory memoir b5'...\V. E. and Sir 

B. Frere. 2 vols. 8vo., London, 1872. 

FRESNOY (Nicolas Lenglet du). See 


FRESQUET (Raymond de). Traite elemen- 
taire de dioit romain, etc. 2 tom. 

8vo., Paris, [1854.] 

FREUND (Wilhelm). A... Latin-English lexi- 
con, founded on the larger Latin-German 
lexicon of W. Freund ; with additions and 
corrections from the lexicons of Gesner, 
Facciolati, Scheller, Georges, etc. By E. A. 
Andrews. New edition. 8vo., London, 1852. 

FREUX (Andre des). See FRUSIUS (A.). 

FRfiVILLE (Ernest de). See FR^VILLE 

FRfiVILLE DE LORME (Charles Ernest de). 
De la police des livres au 16'' sidcle. Livres et 
chansons mis a I'lndex par I'inquisiteur de la 

pro\'ince ecclesiastiquc de Toulouse, 1 548- 

1549. Par E. de Fre\'ille. 8vo., Pni-ji, 1853. 

From the " Bulletin de la Soci(5t6 de I'Histoire du 

Protestant isme fran<;ais," Tome I. Only 100 

copies printed. Morante copy. 

FREY (Janus Cscilius). Floia, cortum versi- 
cale de flois swartibus...Autore G. Knick- 
knakio [sic'\ ex Floilandia [i.e., J. C. Frey]. 
See FACETIAE. Facetije facetiarum, etc. 

i2mo., 161 5. 
[Another edition.] 

[Another edition.] 

NUG^F;. Nugae venales, elc. 


[Pt. 18.] 
4 to., 

[Pt. 5.] 
i2mo., [i6]32. 

i2mo., 1642. 

i2mo., 1644. 


1 2 mo., 1647. 

See NUG^. 

1 2 mo., 1648. 


l2mo., 1657. 

See NUG^. 

i2mo., [1662.] 

i2mo., 1663. 

[Another edition. ] 
[Another edition. ] 

[Another edition.] 

Facetife facetiarum, etc. 
[Another edition.] 

Nugae venales, etc. 
[Another edition.] 

Facetiae facetiarum, etc. 
[Another edition.] 

Nugae venales, etc. 

[Another edition.] 

[Another copy.] 

[Another edition.] i2rao., 1681. 

[Another edition.] 12 mo., 1689. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., 1703. 

[Another edition.] See TRAC- 

TATUS. Tractatus varii de pulicibus, etc. 

l2mo., [1710 ?] 
[Anotlier edition.] See NUG^. 
i2mo., 1720. 
i2mo., 1737. 
See NUG^. 
i2mo., 1741. 
i2mo., 1754. 

Svo., S.I., 1800. 

Nugae venales, etc. 
[Another edition.] 

Facetiae facetiarum, etc. 
—— [Another edition.] 

Nug« venales. etc. 
[Another edition.] 

Facetiae facetiarum, etc. 

[Another edition.] 

With a coloured plate. 

FREYTAG (Fridericus Gotthilfus). [i.e., 
Friedrich Gotthilf Freitag, the Younger.] 
Adparatus Utterarius ubi libri partim antiqui 
paitim rari recensentur, collectus a F. G. 


8vo., LipsicB, 1752-55. 
have a consecutive pagination. 


Tom. I. and II. 
Dibdin copy. 

Analecta litteraria de libris rarioribus. 

8vo., Lipsiae, 1750. 

Hoffmann copy. 

FRIEDRICH I., called Barbarossa, Emperor 

of Germany. See BURCHARDUS, Bibera- 

censis. Begin. Hysteria Friderici impera- 

toris magni huis nomis primi, etc. fol., [1474 ?] 

FRIEDRICH I., King of Bohemia. Altera 

secretissima instructio Gallo-Britanno- 

Batava. Friderico V. data. Ex Belgica in 

Latinam linguam versa, etc. 

4to., Hages Comilis, 1626. 
Charron copy. 



FRIEDRICH II., King of Prussia. See 
CARLyLE(T.). Histor>' of Friedrich II.. etc. 
lovols. 8vo., (1888.) 

FRISCHLINUS (Nicodemus). [i.e., ' N. 
Frischlin.] N. Frischlini cum in Q. Horatii 
Flacci...epistolaruin libros duos : turn A. 
Persii Flacci...satyras sex. ..paraphrases, etc. 
See HORATIUS FLACCUS (Q.). [Episto- 
tlB. — Latin.'] 8vo., 1596. 

— — N. Frischlini... facetiae selectiores : quibus 
ob argumenti similitudinem accesserunt. 
H. Bebelii P. L. facetiarum libri tres. Sales 
item, seu facetise ex Poggii...libro selectse. 
Nee non Alphonsi regis Arragonum, & 
Adelphi facetia; ut & prognostica J. Henrich- 
manni. l2mo., Anistalodaiiii, 1651. 

With a second, engraved, titlepage reading ; " N. 
FrisclUini et alionim facetiae." 

— — N. Frischlini in ebrietatem elegia. See 

FACETIJE. Facetias facetiarum, etc. 

l2mo., 1615. 

[Another edition.] See OPSOPCEUS 

(V.). V. Obsopoeus de arte bibendi lib. 
quatuor.eto. [Pt. i.] i2mo., 1648. 

[Another edition.] See FACETI^. 

Facetiae facetiarum, etc. i2mo., 1737. 

—— [Another edition. j i2mo., 1754. 

FRITH (I.). Life of G. Bruno... Revised by 

M. Carriere. 8vo., London, 1887. 

(English and Foreign Philosophical Librarj', 

Vol. 31.) For a critique on thir^ work, see Mr. 

R. C. Christie's "Selected essays,** pp. 330-336. 

FRITZE (LEoroLDUs Andreas) Resp. De 
eruditione noxia dissertatio philosophica, etc. 
5eeSCHUMANNUS (J. F.) Pras. 4to., 1720. 

FROEREISEN (Johann Leonhard). J. L. charlataneria theologorum, 
oratio, etc. 4to., Jeiice, 1737. 

FROMMENT (Antoine). Les actcs ct gestcs 
merv'eilleux dc la cite de Geneve nouuellcmont 
conucrtic a I'Euangille faictz du temps de leur 
Reformation et comment ils I'ont reccue, 
redigez par escript en fourmc de chroniques 
annales ou hystoyres commen^ant I'an 
MDXXXII....Misen lumidre par G. Rcvilliod. 
8vo., Genive, 1854. 

FRONTEAU (Jean). See FRONTO (J.). 

FRONTINUS (Se.xtus Julius). S. J. Frontini aqueductibus urbis Romae. See 
VITRUVIUS POLLIO (M.). M. Vitruvii de 
architectura libri decern, etc. 8vo., 1523. 

J. Frontini stratagema. See VEGETIUS 

RENATUS(F.). F. Vegetius...deremilitari, 
"'c- 8vo., 1523. 

FRONTO (Joannes), [i.e., Jean Fronteau.] 
SeeLAUNOY (J. de). Dissertatio continens 
judicium de auctorc librorum dc imitat. 
Christi...Editiotertia...quasimul rcspondetur 
lis, quae J. refutatione adver- 
sariorum Thoma? Kempensis adduxit. 

8vo., 1650. 

.^wQUATREMAIRES(J.R.). J. Gersen 

...librorum de imitatione Christi, contra 
Thomam a Kcmpis vindicatum J. Frontaei... 
author assertus. 8vo., 1649. 

S«(;QUATREMAIRES(J.R.). J. Gersen 

...auctor libb. de imit. Christi iterum assertus 
...contra refutationem J. Fronteau. 

8vo., 1650. 

FROUDE (James Anthony). Life and letters 
of Erasmus, Lectures, «ic. ?>\-o., London, iZg^. 

FRUSIUS (Andre.\s). [i.e.. Andre Des 
Freux.] a. Frusii...epigrammata in hsere- 
ticos. i6mo., Rothomagi. 1609. 

Imperfect ; wanting pp. 7-8. Morante copy. 

FUCHSIUS (Leonardus). [i.e.. Leonhard 
FucHS.] De historia stirpium commentarii 
insignes, etc. 8vo., Lugduni, 1551. 

Kerrich copy. 

Tabula prima ( — sexta) lib. Galeni de 

diSerentiis morborum ( — de symptomatum 
causis). 6 sh. 

fol., s.l. et t.n. [Basel? : J. Bebel ?] 1537. 

[Table of diseases of the eyes.] i sh. 

fol., S.L et t.n. [Basel ? : J. Bebel ?] 1538. 

Universae medicinae compendium, primum 

quidem a...D. L. Fuchsio medico conscriptum, 
ac nunc demum per qucndam ejusdem artis 
studiosum in hasce tabulas collectu, & ab 
ipso deniq3 autore postremo diLigentissime 
recognitum". 5 sh. 

fol., Basilece : s.l.n. [J. Bebel?] 1537. 
Printed on one side only. 

FUENTE (Vicente de la). Biografia de L. 
de Castro. See MORANTE (J. Gomez de la 
Cortina) Marques de. Catalogus librorum, 
etc. Tom. VII., pp. 685-768. 8vo., i860. 

FUERWITZHAUSEN (Gaudiosus V0N)pseud 
Antidoti melancholiae secunda pajs, vel : 
schola curiositatis...aperta a...Dn. Gaudioso 
von Furwitzhausen. See ANTIDOTUM. 
Antidotum melancholia; joco serium, etc. 
Pt, II. 1 2 mo., 1670. 

[Another edition.] i2mo., s.a. 

FUHRMANN (Wilhelm David). Leben und 
Schicksale, Geist, Character und Meynungen 
des L. Vanini...ncbst ciner Untersuchung 
iiber die Frage : war derselbe ein Atheist 
Oder nicht ? Von W. D. F. [i.e.. W. D. 
Fuhrmann.] 8vo., Leipzig, 1800. 

" AJlgoin, Deut. Biog.," VIII., 190. 

FULGENTIUS, Saint, Bishop o/Ruspa. Opera 

B. FulRenlii...Item opera Maxentii Johannis. 
etc. [Edited by B. Pirckheymer and J. 
Cochlaeus.] 2 pts. [in i vol.] 

8vo., [colophon .] apud Cotoniam .'tgrip- 

pinam : in irdibus //. .llopecii, 1526. 

FULGENTIUS (Fahius Pi.anciades). Ful- 

gentius I'laciadcs in mythologiis. Hoc in 

volumine infra scripta conlincntur. Fabii 

fulgentii placiadis lipiscoiii, mvthologiaruni 

libri tres... Scholia paraphrastica a Philomuso 

addita sunt, etc. fol., [colophon :] August; 

Vindelicoruni : in officina Sigismundi 

Gryffi atqT, Marci Vuirsung, 1521. 

Fulgentii. ..mythologiarum... liber primus 

( — III.). F. Fulgentii. ..vocum antiquariJ 

interpretatio, <te. See HVGINUS (C. J.). 

C. J. Hygini.,.fabularuni liber, etc. 

fol., 1535 


FULIN (RiNALDO). Docunienti per servire alia 
storia della tipografia Veneziana. 

8vo., Vetiezta, 1882. 
From the " Archivio Veneto," torn. XXIII., pt. i. 

FULLER (Thomas). The collected sermons 

of T. Fuller, D.D., 1631-1659. Edited by... 

J. E. Bailey. Completed by W. E. A. Axon. 

2 vols. 8vo., London, 1891. 

400 copies printed, this being No. 4. 

The history of the Holy War. 

8vo., London, 1840. 

See BAILEY (J. E.). The life of T. 

Fuller, efc. 8vo., 1874. 

FULLONIUS (GuLiELMUs). [i.e., Guillaume 
Le Foulon.] Comoedia Acolasti titulo in- 
scripta, de filio prodigo, authore G. Gnapheo 
[i.e., G. Fullonius], etc. 

8vo., Parisiis : ex officina P. Calvarini, 1550. 
Brunet, II., 1629. OHve morocco by Birdsall. 

Gnapheus Acolastus. Herausgegeben von 

J. Bolte. 8vo., Berlin. 1891. 

(Lateinische Litteraturdenkmaler des XV. imd 
XVI. Jahrhunderts. Heft i.) 

FULVIUS (Andreas), [i.e., Andrea Fulvic] 
lUustrium imagines. [End.'\ Imperatorum : 
et illustrium virorum ac mulierum vultus ex 
antiquis nomismatibus expressi : emendatu 
correptumq; opus per A. Fulvium, etc. 

8vo., [colophon .] Romce : apud J. Mazo- 

chium, 1 517. 

FUMUS (BARTHOLOM.EUS). B. Fumi...summa: 

quae aurea armilia [sic] inscribitur, continens 

.. quascunque in jure canonico, & apud theo- 

logos circa animarum curam...tractantur. 

8vo., Venetiis : Aldus [P. Manutius], 1554. 

Renouard, p. 159. Green morocco by C. Smith. 

Ashburnham copy. 

FURNESS ABBEY. The coucher book of 

Furncss Abbey... Edited by J. C. Atkinson. 

3 pts. 4to., {Manchester,) 1886-88. 

(Chetliam Society. Remains, etc. New series. 

Vols. 9,11 and 14. ) The pagination is continuous 

tliroughout. One of three copies printed on 

large paper. 

FUST (JoHANN) Printer. See FACCIO (D.). 

Notizie...di Gutenberg, Fust e Schoeffer, e/c. 

8vo., 1844. 

G., J. S««GENTIL(J.). 

GABBEMA (Simon Abbes). Epistolarum ab 
illustribus & claris viris scriptarum centuriae 
tres. Quas...collegit ac edidit S, A. Gab- 
bema. 8vo., HarlingcB Frisionim, 1664. 

— — F.ditio altera... aucta. 

8vo.. Harlinga Frisiornm. 1669. 
Calf by Boyet. Hoyni copy. 

GABUCINIUS (HiERONYMUs). H. Gabucinii comitiali morbo libri III. 

4to., Venetiis : Aldus [P. Manutius], 1561. 
Renouard, p. 182. 

VIII., Pope. 

GAFFARELLUS (Jacobus), [i.e., Jacques 

Gaffarel.] Abdita divinae cabalae mysteria, 

contra sophistarum logomachiam defensa, 

etc. 4to., Parisiis, 1625. 

GAGE. Le gage touche : histoires galantes et 

comiques. [By E. Lenoble.] 2 torn. See 

LENOBLE (E. ) Baron de Saint-Georges et de 

Teneliire. lamo., 1713. 

GAGUINUS (Robertus). [i.e., Robert 

Gaguin.] ROberti Gaguini ordinis san | cte 

trinitatis ministri genera | lis de origine & 

gestis francoru perq:,vtile compediu. | ©. %. 

fol., [colophon :] Parisij : Andree bocard, 


Hain and Copinger, 7411. Imperfect; wanting 

sig. n ( = fol. 105) and sig. r6 (probably blank). 

GAIGNAT (Louis Jean). Supplement a la 

Bibliographic instructive, ou catalogue des 

livres du cabinet de...L. J. Gaignat... Dispose 

& mis en ordre par G. F. de Bure le jeune, etc. 

2 torn. 8vo., Paris. 1769. 

Sale catalogue, with prices in MS. Forms torn. 

Vlil. and IX. of G. F. de Bure'a " Bibliographie 


GAILLARD (Gabriel Henri), filoge de P. 
Comeille, etc. 4to., Rouen, 1768. 

Pattison copy. 

GAILLARDET (FRfiofiRic). Memoires sur la 
chevali^re D']ion...La verite sur les mystfires 
de sa vie, etc. 8vo., Paris, [1866.] 

GAISFORD (Thomas). Catalogue of a portion 
of the important library of T. Gaisford... 
which will be sold by auction, etc. 

8vo., London, 1890. 

GALANTERIES. Les galanteries des rois de 
France. [By Vanel.] 2 tom. See VANEL 
( ). 8vo., 1752. 

GALATEUS (Antonius). [i.e., Antonio de' 
Ferrari.] A. Galatei... liber de situ Japygiae, 
etc. 8vo., Basilece, 1558. 

Vossins and Manzoni copy. 

GALE (Thomas). Historiae poetica; scriptores 
antiqui. Apollodorus Atheniensis. Conon 
Grammaticus. Ptolemaeus Hephaest. f. 
Parthenius Nicaensis. Antoninus Liberalis. . . 
Accessere breves notae & indices necessarii, 
[Edited by T. Gale.] Gr. & Lat. 

8vo., Parisiis, 1675. 
The index and the notes have each a separate 
pagination and register. 

GALENUS (Claudius). [Opera.] Fakt^vov a' 
( — e). Galeni librorum pars prima (-quinta), 
etc. [Edited by A. Asulanus and J. B. Opizo.] 
Gr. L. P. 5 pts. 

fol., [colophon .•] Venetiis : in aedibus 
Aldi, et Andreae Asulani soceri, 1525. 
Renouard, p. loi. Sunderland copy. 

[Ars Medica.] Liber tegni Gal. See 

JOANNITIUS. Liber Hysagoge Joannici, 
etc. Svo., 1502. 

Galeni zexvr) iaTeixi;,idest,arsmedicinalis, 

interprete Nicolao, Leoniceno. Lat. See 


GALENUS (Claudius).— (con/i.) 

HIPPOCRATES. [Opera.] Hippocratis ac 
Galeni libri aliquot, ffc. i6mo., 1532. 

^— [Another edition.] i6mo., 1543. 

—^ [De Alimentorum Facultatibus.] C. alimentorum facultatibus libri 
tres, jam recens multis in locis recogniti. 
Ejusdem de attenuante victus ratione, 
libellus : M. Gregorio interprete. 

i6mo., Lugduni : apiid G. Rovilluim, 1547. 

— — [De Curandi Ratione per Ven^^ Sec- 
TiONEM.] De la raison de curer par evacua- 
tion de sang. Autheur Galien. See Paulus, 
Mgineta. La chirurgie de Paulus jEgineta, 
etc. 8vo., 1540. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., 1541. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Lyon ; dies E. Dole/, 1542. 
Red morocco by G. Winstanley. 

[De Elementis.] FaXrjvov negi toji' xaB' 

' IjiTxoxoaTtjv arof/ew)v (iifiXia Svo. Tou avrov 
negi dgiazijg xaToanEvij^ tou aoj/taro? rj^iov. 
Tov avTov TiSQi eveiiai. Galeni de elementis 
secundum Hippocratem libri duo, clc. Gr. 

8vo., Partsiis : [colophoji:] excudebat G. 
Morrhius, 1530. 
Chonnsido copy. 

[De Euchymia et Cacochymia.] FaXrjvov 

TitQi evyy/itag xat xaxoxv/itag. See below 
[Supposititious Works.]. rahjvov tieoi 
ovQOjv PijiXtov, etc. 8vo., [1530 ?] 

[DeHirudinibus.] FaXrivov ncQi fideXXatv, 

etc. See below [Supposititious Works.]. 
raXrjvov neoi ovqcuv ^ipXtov, etc. 8vo., [1530 ?] 

[De In^quali Intemperie. See below, 

De Temperamentis.] 

[De Insomniis.] Galeni de insomniis 

liber, G. Andernaco interprete. See FER- 
RERIUS (A.). A. Ferrerii... liber de somniis, 
etc. i6mo., 1549. 

[De Morbis et Symptomatibus.] See 

DUTEMPL^US (S.). Tabula: sex in sex 
Galeni libros de morbis et symptomatis. 

fol., 1530. 

See FUCHSIUS (L.). Tabula prima 

( — sexta) lib. Galeni de differcntiis morbo- 
rum ( — de symptomatum causis). 6 sh. 

fol., 1537. 

[De Ossibus.]] L'anatomie des os du 

corps humain...Nouvellemcnt traduictc.en 
francoys, par. ..J. Canapf)e. 

8vo., Lyon : cliis E. Dolct, 1541. 
Bod morocco by Q. Winstanloy. 

[De Remediis Facile Parabilibus.] 

FaXtp/ov Jtegi ei'mogiaroiv flijiXtov. Galeni de 
facilibus paratu remediis liber. Gr. 

8vo., [Paris : S. de Coiines, 1530.] 

[De Simplicium Medicamentorum 

Facultatibus.] Deux livres des simples 
de Galien. C'est asscavoir, le cinquiesme et 
le ncufviesme. NouvcUemcnt traduicts... 
en francoys par... J. Canappe. 

8vo., Lyon: chis E. Dolet, 1542. 
Co8t« and Renard copy. 

[.\notlicr copy.] 

Yemoniz copy. 

Synopsis eorum quae quinque prioribus 

libris Galeni de facultatibus simplicium 
medicamentorum continentur, per M. 
Akakiam. 8vo., Partsiis, 1555. 

[De Temperamentis.] Galeni... de tem- 
peramentis, et de inaequali intemperie libri 
tres, T. L-inacro . . . interprete . . . Impressum 
apud praeclaram Cantabrigiam per Joannem 
Siberch, anno 1521. Reproduced in e.xact 
facsimile, with an introduction by J. F, 
Payne, etc. 4to., Cambridge, 1881. 

[De TumoribusPr.?iterNaturam.] Des 

tumeurs contre nature. Autheur Galien. 
See PAULUS, Mgineta. La chirurgie de 
Paulus jEgineta, etc. 8vo., 1540. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., 1541. 

Des tumeurs oultre le coustumier de 

nature. Opuscule nouvellement traduict. . .en 
francoys (par maistre P. Tolet). 

8vo., Lyon : chis E. Dolet, 1542. 
Yeraeniz and Renard copy. 

[In Hippocratis Aphorismos.] Galeni 

in aphorismos Hippocratis, liber primus 
( — Septimus), interprete Nicolao Leoniceno. 
Gr. &■ Lai. See HIPPOCRATES . [Apho- 
rismi.] Aphorismi Hippocratis, etc. 

Svo., 1542. 

[In Hippocratis de Victus Ratione in 

Morbis Acutis Librum.] Galeni in librfi 
Hippocratis de victus ratione in morbis 
acutis commentarius primus ( — quartus). J. 
VassKO... interprete. See HIPPOCRATES. 
[De Victus Ratione in Morbis Acutis.] 
' InnoxQaxovg...xo negi dtairtjg o^cwv voatj/ia- 
xmv, etc. 8vo., 1543. 

[Methodus Medendi.] Le quatorziesmc 

livre de la methode thcrapeutique de C. 
Galien. 8vo., Paris: C. Chevallon, [c. 1537.] 

24 ff., without pagination ; sig3. A-C*. 

[Tegni. See above, Ars Medica.] 

[Supposititious Works.] FaXijvov .-regi 

ovgoiv pipXiov. Galeni de urinis liber. ( FaX>ivov 
negi EVxv/ntaQ xai xaxoxviiia^. — FaXrivov negi 
fideXXcov, etc.) Gr. 

8vo., [Paris : S. de Coiines, 1530 ?] 

[Appendi.x.] See GUINTERIUS (J.) 

Andernacus. Anatomicarum institutionum, 
ex Galeni scntcntia, libri IIII., etc. 

8vo., 1 541. 

See ORIBASIUS. Ta Ta)!- 'Ogifinaiov 

laTQixcDV atn'ayo)yo>v ex tmv FuXrjvoo, nvnTo/iixa, 
etc. 8vo., 1556. 

GALEOMYOMACHIA. [For editions of this 
work, by Theodorus Prodromus. ] See 
TIIEODORIIS, Prodromus. 

GALEOTTUS (Martius). [i.e.. .Marzio 
Gat.eotti.] Galeoltus ^ doctrina 
promiscua. i6nio., Lugduni, 1552. 

GALERON (Jean pRfinfiRic). See TRAVERS 
(J.). Notice biographiquc siir F. Galcron. 

8vo., 1840. 



GALFRIDUS. Anglicus. Promptorium parvu- 
lorum sive clericorum, lexicon Anglo-Latinum 
princeps...Nunc...commentaxiolis subjectis... 
recensuit A. Way. Tom. I.-II. 

4to., London, 1843-53. 
(Camden Society Publications, Vols. 25 and 54. ) 
Wanting torn. III. 


GALILEI (Galileo). 5eeCAiMPANELLA(T.). 
F. T. Campanellae... apologia pro Galileo, etc. 

4to , 1622. 
[Another copy.] 

[Another copy.] 

See GEBLER (K. von). GaUleo Galilei 

and the Roman Curia, etc. 8vo., 1879. 

GALINDUS (FoRTUNius) pseitd. [i.e., Gas- 
PARUS Scioppius.] See SCIOPPIUS (G,). 

GALLANDIUS (Petrus). \_i.e.. Pierre Gal- 
land.] P. Castellani...vita...S. Baluzius... 
edidit...Accedunt P. Castellani orationes duae 
habitae in funere Francisci Prinii regis 
Francorum. etc. (Le trespas, obseques, at 
enterrement de...Fran9ois...roy de France, 
etc.) 8vo., Parisiis, 1674. 

P. schola Parisiensi contra 

novam academiam P. Rami oratio, etc. 

8vo., LuteticB, 1551. 

[Another copy.] 

GALLICANUS (Vulcatius). Avidius (Cassius) 
V. Gallicani. V.C. See SCRIPTORES HIS- 
TORIC AUGUSTS. In hoc volumine haec 
continentur. J. B. Caesaribus 
libri III., etc. Svo., 15 16. 

fol., 1 51 8. 

8vo., 1 519. 

Tom. I. 



[Another edition.] 
[Another edition.] 
[Another edition.] 

GALLUS (Caius Aquilius). 

(JE.). M. Perroti ... ad Galli formulam ... 
glossa. 4to., 1533. 

GALLUS (Caius Cornelius). [For editions of 
the elegies upon old age by Maximianus 
Etruscus, and wTongly attributed to C. C. 
Callus.] See MAXIMIANUS, Etruscus. 

— — filegie et fragments. Lai. &• Fr. See 
French.] CEuvres completes d'Horace, etc. 

8vo., 1845. 
GALLUTIUS (Tarquinius). [i.e., Tarquinio 
Galluzzi.] T. Gallutii...carminum libri tres, 
altera editione plurimum aucti. 

i2mo., Romcs, 1616. 
The titlepage is engraved. Heber copy. 

GAMBA (Bartolommeo). Biografia dell' il- 
lustre tipografo G. Bodoni. 

8vo., Venezia, 1835. 
From Vol. II. of E. de Tipaldo'a " Biografia 
degl' Italiani illustri del Becolo XVIII." 

— Serie dei testi di lingua italiana e di altri 
escmplari del bene scrivere, opera nuova- 
mente rifatta, etc. 4to., Venetia, 1828. 

GAMBARA (Laurentius). L. Gambarae... 
poematum libri tres. See ZANCHIUS (B.). 
B. Zanchii... poematum libri VIII., etc. 

8vo., 1555. 


GAMON (John). The Consistory Court of 
Chester, its practice, fees, etc., with some 
remarks on ecclesiastical courts, etc. 

8vo., Chester, 1877. 
GANAY (Charles Alexandre de) Marquis. 
Catalogue d'un choix de livres rarcs et pre- 
cieux, manuscrits et imprimes, composant 
le cabinet de feu M. le marquis de Ganay. 
(Table alphabetique des noms d'auteurs et 
des ouvrages anonymes...suivie de la liste 
des prix d'adjudication.) 2 pts. [in i vol.] 

8vo., Paris, 1881 . 
Sale catalogue. 
GANCIA (G.). Catalogue de la bibliotheque de 
M. G. Gancia. composee en partie de livres 
de la premiere bibliotheque du cardinal 
Mazarin et d 'ouvrages precieux provenant 
des principaux cabinets disperses pendant 
les vingt demiSres armees. 

8vo., Paris. 1868. 
Sale catalogue, partly priced in MS. 


GANIVETL^S (Joannes). Amicus medicorum 
...J. Ganiveti, cum opusculo, quod inscribitur, 
Caeli enarrant : & cum abbreviatione Abrahje 
Aveneezrje de luminaribus, & diebus 
criticis. Quibus adjecimus astrologiam 
Hippocratis, etc. 

i6mo., Lugduni : apud G. Rovillium, 1550. 
Windhag copy. 

GANTHOIS (Arnoldus de). Oratio funebris 
in laudem R. P. Amoldi de Ganthois. See 
STAPLETON (T.). 8vo., 15S8. 

GARASSE (FRAN901S). Memoires de Garasse 
...publies pour la premiere fois...avec une 
notice et des notes par C. Nisard. 

8vo., Paris, i860. 

Le Rabelais reformfe des ministres, et 

nommement de P. du Moulin... pour response 
de ses bouffonneries, en son livre de la 
vocation des pasteurs. [By F. Garasse.] 

8vo., S.I., 1620. 
Barbier, IV., i. 

GARAT (Dominique Joseph) Comte. filoge 
historique de C. de Sainte-Maure, due de 
Montauzier, etc. [By D. J. Garat.] 

8vo.. Li^ge, 1 78 1. 
" Nouv. Biog. G6n.," XIX., 440. Barbier (II., 82) 
attributes this work to the Baron Des Lyons. 
Pattison copy. 

GARDE (Antoinette du Ligier de la) 
Madame Deshouiieres. See DESHOU- 

GARLANDIA (Joannes). Johannis de Gar- 

landia de triumphis ecclesias libri octo. A 

Latin poem of the thirteenth century. 

Edited. T. Wright. 4to., Lotidon, 1856. 

(Roxburghe Club Publications, No. 73.) 

GARMANNUS (Christianus Fridericus). 
[i.e.. Christian Friedrich Garmann.] L. C. 
F. miraculis mortuorum libr 


GARMANNUS (C. F.).---{contd.) 

tres, quibus pr^missa dissertatio de cadavere 
& miraculis in genere. Opus...editum k 
L. I. H. Garmanno, etc. 4to., Dresdcs, 1709. 

Ferriar and Crossley copy. 

GARNERIUS (Joannes), [i.e., JeanGarnier.] 
Systema bibliothecae Collegii Parisiensis 
Societatis Jesu. [By J. Gamerius.] 

4to., ParisilS, 1678. 
Barbier, IV., 1388. Sussex copy. 

GARNET (Henry). See EUD^MON- 
JOANNES (A.) Cydonius. R. P. A. actionem proditoriam 
E. Coqui, apologia pro H. Garneto, etc. 

8vo., 1610. 
GARNETT (Richard) C.B. Photography in 
pubHc libraries. A paper, etc. 

8vo., London, 1886. 
Read at the Seventh Annual Meeting of the 
Library Association. Presentation copy from 
the autlior. 

See BRITISH MUSEUM. Three hundred 

notable books added to the library of the 
British Museum under the keepership of 
Richard Gamett, 1 890-1 899. 8vo., 1899. 

GARNIER (GiLLEs). Arrest memorable de la 
Cour de Parlement de Dole, contre G. Gamier, 
Lyonnois. pour avoir en forme de loup-garou 
dcvore plusieurs enfans, & commis autres 
crimes : cnrichy d'aucuns poincts recueilliz 
de divers autheurs pour esclaircir la matiere 
de telles transformations. 8vo. , A ngers, 1 598. 

GARNIER (Jean) Grammarian. See LIVET 
(C. L.). La grammaire franfaisc et les 
grammairiens du i6^' sidcle... Dubois (Sylvius) 
...J. Garnier, etc. 8vo., 1859. 


GARRAULT (FRAN901S) Sieur des Gorges. 
Les recherches des monnoyes, poix, et maniere 
de nombrer, des premieres & plus renomees 
nations du monde...Reduictes & rapportees 
aux monnoyes, poix, & maniere de nombrer 
des Francois, etc. (G. Postel...en faveur 
des recherches des monnoyes. ..du sieur 
Garrault. [In verse.]) 8vo., Paris, 1576. 
Des Billons, p. 156. 

GARTER, Order oj the. Knights of the Order 
of the Garter, elected since April 184J. [List 
drawn up by Sir C. G. Young.] 3 pp. 

8vo., s.l. et a. 
Ends with 1865. 

Order of the Garter. Foreign Knights 

between 1764 and 1865. [List drawn up by 
Sir C. G. Young.] 3 pp. 8vo., s.l. et a. 

GARZONIUS (Joannes), [i.e., Giovanni 
Garzoni.] Clarissimi...Doctoris...J. Gar- 
zonisde laudibus Icgum oratio, etc. 4to., s.n. 
3 ff., without pagination ; sig. a^ 

— C;ross Street Chapel. Commemoralion 
of the fifty years' ministry of the Rev. W. 
Gaskell, etc. ' 8vo., [1879.] 

GASSENDCS (Petrus). [i.e., Pierre Gas- 
send.] T. Braliei...vita...Accessit N. Coper- 

nici, G. Peurbachii, & Joannis Regiomontani, 
astronomorum celebrium, vita. (De vita, 
et morte Dn. T. Brahei, &c. oratio D. J. 
Jessenii.) Editio secunda auctior, etc. 

4to., Hages-Comitum, 1655. 

P. Gassendi elegans dc septo cordis pervio 

observatio. See PIN^US (S.). I S. Pinsi integritatis...virginum notis. ..opuscula, 
etc. i2mo., 1641. 

-^^ Viri illustris N. C. Fabricii de Peiresc... 
vita. 4to., Paris, 1641. 

Spanheira copy. 

GASTIUS (Joannes). [j>., JeanGast.] Con- 

vivalium sermonum liber, meris jocis, ac 

salibus no impudicis, neq; lascivis, sed 

utilibus et seriis refertus... omnia ex variis 

...monumentis decerpta, per J. Peregrinum 

[i.e., J. Gastius], etc. (Forcianae quaestioncs, 

in quibus varia Italorum ingenia explicantur 

...Autore Philalethe Polytopiesi Give [i.e., 

O. Lando].) 8vo., [colophon :] Basilecp : 

apitd B. Westhemerum, 1541. 

" Nouv. Biog. G6n.," XIX., 598, Bongl, xxxiii. 

Calf by Sollot. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., [colophon :\ 

BasilecB : aptid B. Westhemerum, 1 542, 

Bongi, xxxiii. 

GASTRELL (Francis) Bishop of Chester. 
Notitia Cestriensis, or historical notices of 
the diocese of Chester. ..Now first printed... 
with illustrative and explanatory' notes, by 
...F. R. Raines. 3 vols, [in 4.] 

4to., {Manchester,) 1845-50. 

(Chetitam Society. Remains, etc. Vols. VIII., 
XIX., XXI. and XXII.) Vol. II. is in tliree 
parts, with consecutive pagination. 

GAUDENTIUS, Philosophus. PavdEvriov... 
ciQ/iovixi] Eiaayciyij, etc. Gr. &• Lat. See 
MEIBOMIUS (M.). Antique musica; auc- 
tores septem, etc. Vol. I. 4to., 1652. 

GAUDIUS(Vincentius). V.Gaudii...dissertatic 
ad Q. Horatium Flaccum : in qua vexatis-.inii 
loci ex arte poetica vs. 128-130. nova 
traditur interpretatio, &. jura illustrantur. 

8vo., Lauhaci in Wetteravia, 1760. 
Parr copy. 

[Another copy.] 

Wanting tlio two leaves of index at tlio end. 

GAUFRfiS (J.). C. Baduel et la reforme des 
etudes au le"" siScle, etc. 8vo., Paris, 1S80. 

GAULLIEUR (Ernest). Histoire du College 
[sic] de Guyenne, d'aprSs un grand nonibre 
de documents inedits. 8vo., Paris, 1874. 


GAURICUS (PoMPONius). [i.e., Pomponio 
Gauric] p. Gaurici...ecIogae. Sec BENE- 
DICTUS, Philologus. Erlogae. Vergilii, etc. 

8\o., I 504. 

1 '. Gauricus super arte poetica Horatii, etc. 

[With the text.] Sec HORATIUS FLACCUS 
(O.). [EPISTOL.E : Ars Poetica. — Latin.] 

4to.. 1 54 1. 

[Another copy.] 


GAY (Jules). Bibliographie des principaux 
ouvrages relatifs a I'amour, aux femmes, au 
manage, indiquantlesauteursdecesouvrages, 
leurs editions, leur valeur...ParM. leC. d'l*** 
[i.e., J. Gay]. 8vo., Paris, 1861. 

Querard, II., 322-323. 

Seconde edition, etc. 

8vo., Paris, 1864. 

3""^ edition, entierement refondue et 

considerablement augmentee, etc, 6 torn. 

8vo., Turin, 1871-73. 

GAYE (Joannes). Disquisitionis de vita D. 

Erasmi specimen ab ann. nat. usque ad 

annum 1517, etc. 8vo., Kiliae, 1829. 

GAYTON (Edmund). Festivous notes on the 
history and adventures of.. .Don Quixote... 
Revised, etc. 8vo., London, 1768. 

Mitford copy. 

GAZA (Theodorus). In hoc uolumine haec 
insunt. | Theodori [Gaza] Introductiuae gra- 
matices hbri quatuor. | Eiusdem de Mensibus 
opusculum sanequa pulchtu [ii'c]. | Apollonii 
gramatici de constructione libri quatuor. | 
Herodianus de numcris. | [Edited by A. P. 
Manutius.] Gr. 2 pts. [in i vol.] 

fol., [colophon .] Venetiis : in adibus Aldi 

Romani, 1495. 
Renouard, p. 4. Hain and Copinger, *7SOO. 
Proctor, 5548. Proctor^, p. 99. 

[Another copj'.] 

In tliis copy the *' De mensibus " has been bound 
before the " Introductio grammaticie." Butler 

To reraorov tov PaCi], nsoi avvTa^coj;. See 

CHRYSOLORAS (E.). 'Eoonijfmra rov 
XqvaoXoiQa, etc. 8vo., 1512. 

Qeo&u}QOV ygafjfiaTix)]; elaaycoyrj; t(ov eJ? 

Teaaaga, ro reragTov [jiegi awra^eaig). See 
BONINUS (E.). 'Ey/eigt6iov ygafi^iarixtjg 
eiaayioyrjz, etc. 8vo., [1514.] 

Theodori grammaticae introductivae 

liber quartus. Gr. 

4to., [colophon : Paris : G. de Gourmonl, 1 516.] 
Gennadius copy, with MS. notes. 

To reraoTov tov ra^t), neoi avvra^ecog. See 

CHRYSOLORAS (E.). ' EgojTrjtiara rov 
Xgvao?.(oga, etc. 8vo., 1517. 

Theodori introductivae grammatices libri 

quatuor. Gr. 

4to., [Paris :] apnd E. Gormontiimi, [1520 ?] 
Imperfect ; containing the first book only. 
Heber copy. 

&eo6cogov yga/tfiarixtjg flif}?.ia. d'. Ilegi 

/iijviov ix ro)v rov avrov. Pemgyiov rov 
Aexam^vov negi avvra^ewg grjfmrcov. 'E/t/ia- 
vovrjX MoayoTtovXov ncgi rrjQ rcov ovo/iariov, 
xai gi]/naTC)V avvraieo);. Tov avrov Jiegi 
Ttgoaioduov. Theodori [Gazac] grammatices 
libri. IIII. De mensibus liber ejusdem. 
Georgii Lecapeni de constructione verborii. 
Emmanuelis moschopuli do costructione 
nominum, & verborum. Ejusdem de ac- 
centibus. [Edited by F. Asulanus.] Gr. 

8vo., [colophon .-] Venetiis : in aedihus 
Aldi, et Andreae Astilani soceri, 1525. 
Renouard, p. 100. Contemporary Venetian 
morocco. Floridus copy. 

0EnSo)Qov ygaftftarixr]!; eiaayioytjg reop et^ 

reaaaga, ro reragrov (negt airvraiecog). Gr. 
See CHRYSOLORAS (E.). 'EgMrtj/iara rov 
Xgvao}.<i)Qa, etc. 8vo., 1545. 

Libellus elegantissimus de ratione mensium 

apud Graecos. Gr. 8vo., Parisiis : ex 

officina G. Morrhii Campensis, 1530. 
Chermside copy. 

GEBHART (Smile). Rabelais : la Renais- 
sance et la Reforme, etc. 8vo., Paris, 1877. 

Renaissance. 8vo., Paris, 1882. 

From F. Buisson's " Dictionnaire de p^dagogie," 

Li\T. 159. 

GEBLER (Karl von). Galileo Galilei and the 
Roman Curia... Translated... by Mrs. G. 
Sturge. 8vo., London, 1879. 

GEDICCUS (Simon), [i.e., Simon Gedik.] 
Defensio sexus muliebris, opposita futilissimas 
disputationi [by V. Acidalius] recens editae, 
qua...contenditur, mulieres homines non esse. 
See ACIDALIUS (V.). Disputatio perju- 
cunda, f<c. 8vo., 1638. 

GEE, Family of. See BAILEY (J. E.). Mr. 
Beamont's history of Winwick : Charles Herle 
and the Gee family. 8vo., 1878. 

GEILFR (Johann). Navicula sive speculij 
fatuoru. . . Joannis Geyler. . .a J.Othero coUecta. 
Compendiosa vitae ejusdem descriptio, per 
B. Rhenanum, etc. 

4to., [colopho7i :] Argen., 1510. 
From the Bibliotheoa S. Salvatoris, Polling. 

[Another copy.] 

GEISLERUS (Fridericus). [i.e.. Friedrich 
Geissler.] nominum muta- 
tione et anonymis scriptoribus, etc. See 
PLACCIUS (V.). V. Placcii...theatrum 
anonymorum et pseudonymorum, etc. [Pt. 
III., Appendix.] fol., 1708. 

GELAIS (Mellin de Saint-). See SAINT- 

GELENIUS (SiGisMUNDUS). [i.e., Sigmund 
Gelen.] Epigrammatum Graecorum libri 
VII. annotationibus J. Broda2i...illustrati, 
etc. [Edited by S. Gelenius.] Gr. See 
EPIGRAJVIMATA. fol., 1549. 

(Beatus). In T. Livium annotationes, etc. 

8vo., 1542. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., 1555. 

GELLIUS (AuLUs). [Noctes Atticae.] Begin. 
[FoL I, recto:'] [CJLarissimum inter Latinos 
autores esse. Au. Gelium... | etc. [Fol. 6, 
recto .] [PJLutarchus in libro que ojioai] yivxaiv 
xai I awpiarcDV avOgiojtoii; ntgi elipviav xai \ 
dgerijv 6ia<poga... \ etc. Ed. Pr. fol., 

[colophon .■] In domo Petri de Maximis [Rome : 
C. Sweynheym and A. Pannartz], 1469. 

With illuminated capitals. Ff. 1-3 are damaged 
and the last leaf (blank) is wanting. Hain and 
Copinger, 7517. ReichUng, V., 125. Proctor, 

1 83 

OELLIUS {AvLVs}.-- (contd.) 

A. Gellii...noctium Atticarum libri XX. 

summa accuratione J. re- 
cognitionem Beroaldinam repositi, etc. 

8vo., [colophon : Lyons :] impests Bartho- 
loniei Trot, 1512. 
A counterfeit Aldine. Renouard, p. 312. Dog- 
mersfield Library copy. 

■ A. Gellii noctes redditae nuper omni dis- 
cussa caligine micantissimae. [Edited by 
C. Aldobrandus.] 8vo., [colophon .•] Flor- 

enticB : sumptibus Philippi de Giunta, 1513. 

Renouard. p. xxxvii. 

A. Gellii noctium Atticarum libri unde- 

viginti. [Edited by J. B. Egpnatius.] 

8vo., [colophcni :] Venetiis : in aedibus 

Aldi, et Andreae soceri, 151 5. 

Renouard, p. 73. This copy has " duemiorem " 

for " duernionem " on the last leaf. Calf by 

Riviere. Twysden and Mann copy. 

A. Gellii. ..noctes Atticae. 8vo., [colo- 
phon .•] Ltigdtmi : apud[Seb.]Gryphium, 1532. 

Imperfect ; wanting the titlepage. 
' [.\nother edition.] 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1534. 
[Another edition.] 

Svc, Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1537. 
[Another edition.] 

Xvo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium. 1539. 

Aulus GcUius. A. Gellii noctium Atti- 
carum opus... Cum gemino indice, etc. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud haeredes S. Vin- 

centii. 1539. 
Chermaide copy. 

■ A. Gellii... noctes Atticae. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1542. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 154''. 
Contemporary stamped calf binding. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Lxigduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, i;o. 

— — [Another edition.] 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1555. 

[Another edition.] 8vo., Lugduni: 

apud haered. Seb. Gryphii, 1 560. 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., Venetiis : apud J. Gryphium, 1573. 
I'izzo copy. 

See MOSELLANUS (P.). P. Mosellani A. Gellii noctes Atticas, annotationcs. 

8vo., 1542. 
GEMINUS (Papyrius). P. Gemini... Hcr- 
mathena, seu de eloquentia; victoria. ..E.x 
praeclara Cantabrigia [1522]. ..Reproduced in 
exact facsimile... with an appendix taken 
from Mr. [H.] Bradshaw's notes, etc. 

4to., Cambridge, i886. 
Only 150 copies piinlid, tliis being No. 28. 

GEMISTUS (Georgius) called Pletho. 
reojQyiov yefuarov tow x(u nbfliovo^, en rov 
/iiodwQov, y.iit IlXovTHQyov, ncQi ran' /itra 
TTjv ev /lavTiviuf nayjiv, h' xe^akainiq dtahjtpic,. 
' IlQo>fit(ivoii Tijg /<fTu MdQxov Pamhiac: ioTOQiutv 
fiijiha uxxd). £xo?ua TtaXaia, xat, ^uvoTiTixa 
it; 6X0V Tov &ovxvdtd)jv, i'jv x^^C? oix evl-i'veToi; 
6 ^vyyQaipevg. G. <".emisti, qui iS: Pletho 
dicitui. ex Diodori, & Plutarchi historiis dc 

iis, qure post pugnam ad Mantineam gesta 
sunt, per capita tractatio. Herodiani a 
Marci principatu historiaE libri octo...Enar- totum Thucydidcm, etc. Gr. 
fol., [colophon .•] Venetiis : in Aldi 
Neacademia, 1503 [1527]. 
A part of the 1503 edition of Xenophon's " His- 
toria Grseca," issued, with a new titlopage, in 
1527. Sigs. 7;-0, without pagination. Re- 
nouard, p. 41. Syston Park copy. 

[Another copy.] See XENOPHON. 

[HiSTORiA Graeca. — Greek.} Sevoqxovrog 
naqaXuTcouBva, utieq xai iXP.ijvixa exakeap., etc. 

fol., 1503. 

nhjQo!)vog...}ieQi Tft);i ev ncXorcovvrjam 

nqayiiaxtov. Tov avrov av/i(iovktvrixo<;...7reQi 
rrj; U eXonovvrjaov . . .G . Gemisti Plethonis de 
rebus Peloponnesiacis orationes duae, etc. 
(nXrjdo)vo; tisqi doerwv.) Gr. cS- Lat. See 
STOB.EUS (J.). ^J. Stobaei eclogarum libri 
duo, etc. fol., 1575. 

FeojQyiov re/icarov...7ieQi o>v 'AotcnoTeXtj:; 

ngog nXaxoiva diatpeQexai. 

i2mo., [colophon : Paris : E. Tousan, 1540.] 
GENCE (Jean Baptiste Modeste). Con- 
siderations sur la question relative k I'auteur 
de limitation, etc. See B.ARBIER (A. A.). 
Dissertation sur soixante traductions fran- 
9aises de I'lmitation de Jesus-Christ, etc. 

8vo., 1 81 2. 
GENEALOGISTS. Popular genealogists, or 
the art of pedigree-making. [By G. Burnett.] 
5ee BURNETT (G.). 8vo., 1865. 

GENERIDES. A royal historic of the ex- 
cellent knight Generides. Edited. F. J. 
Furnivall. 4to., Hertford, 1865. 

(Roxburghe Club Publications, No. 83.) Craw- 
ford (Lakelands) copy. 

GENEV.\. — Universite. Le livre du Rec- 
tcur. Catalogue des etudiants de I'Aca- 
demic de Gendve de 1559 a 1859. 

8vo., Genhe, i860. 

GENNADIUS, Massiliensis Presbyter. Gen- 
nadii illustrium virorum catalogus. See 
EPIPHANIUS, Saint, Bishop of Constantia 
in Cyprus. Prophetarum 
vita, etc. 4to., 1529. 

GENNADIUS (John). Catalogue of the... 
library of manuscripts and printed books of 
...J. Gcnnadius... Which will be sold by 
auction, etc. 8vo., London, 1895. 

With prices in MS. 

GENTIL (Jacques). Sec CI.AUDIN (A.). 
Un typographe rouennais oubU6. Maltrc 
J. G. [i.e., J. Gentil], etc. 8vo., 1896. 

GENTILIS (Joannes Valentinus). V. Gen- 
tilis teterrimi hairetici impietalum ac triplicis 
pcrfidia; it pcrjurii, brcvis cxj)licatio. ex actis 
publicis Senutus Gencvcnsis optima fide 
dcscripta. Earundcm rcfutationes ;1 doc- 
tissimis x'tatis nostra; Ihcologis scriptae... 
cjusdem Gcntilis c.xtremx pcrlidi;c, & justi 
sujiplicii de eo sumpti, histona [by B- Arctius] 
scorsim est cxcusa. 2 ]its. [in i vol.] 

4I0., Gcncvic, I 567. 
•Sunderland copy. 

See ARKTIUS (R.). A short history of 

V. Gcntilis, etc. 8vo., 1696. 

1 84 

GEOPONICA. reunoviy.a. De re rustica 
selectorum libri XX. Graeci, Constantino 
quidem Caesari nuncupati...J. A. Brassicani 
opera in lucem editi...Item, Aristotelis de 
plantis libri duo, etc. Gr. Ed. Pr. 

8vo., [colophon : Basel : R. Winter, 1539.] 

Manzoni copy. 

Constantini Caesaris selectarum praecep- 

tionum de agricultura libri viginti. J. 
Cornario...interprete. [Attributed in the 
preface to Constantinus IV.] Lai. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1541. 

GEORGE, of Pisidia. See GEORGIUS, Pisida. 

GEORGE, 0/ Trebizond. See GEORGIUS, 

(&.). Notice sur feu M. I'abbe Georgel, etc. 

8vo., 1817. 

GEORGIUS, Alexandrinus. See MERULA 

GEORGIUS, Peurbachius. Sec PEUR- 

GEORGIUS, Pisida.' EiarjfisQov ?} roi, xoa/iovgyta, 
reojQyiov Tov IJtaiSov. . . Tov avTov lafifieia elg tov 
ftuTaiov fitov. Opus sex dierum, seu, mundi 
opificium : Georgii Pisidae...poema. Ejus- 
dem senarii de vanitate vitae. Omnia nunc 
primum Graeci in lucem edita, & Latinis 
versibus...expressa, per F. Morellum, eic. 
Cr. &' Lat. 4to., Ltttetia, 1585. 

The colophon is dated 1584. Baluze copy. 

- [Another copy.] 

Borghese copy. 

GEORGIUS, Trapeziintius. Continentur hoc 
volumine. Georgii Trapezuntii rhetoricorum 
libri V. Consulti C. Fortunatiani libri III. 
Aqiiite Romani de figuris sententiarum, & 
elocutionis liber. P. Rutilii lupi earundem 
figurarum e Gorgia liber. Aristotelis rheto- 
ricorum ad Theodecten Georgio Trapezuntio 
interprete libri III. Ejusdem rhetorices ad 
Alexandrum a F. Philelpho in latinum versae 
liber. Paraphrasis rlietoricse Herniogenis ex 
Hilarioni...traductione. Priscianus de rheto- 
ricae prffiexercitamentis ex Hermogene. 
Aphthonii declamatoris rhetorica progymnas- 
mata J. M. Catanso tralatore. [Edited by 
J. Taurellus.] 

fol., [colophon .•] Venetiis : in aedibus 
Aldi, et Andreae Asutani soceri, 1523. 
Renouard, p. 97. Foscarini copy. 

Georgii Trabezvntii de artificio Cicero- 

nianae orationis. pro Qvinto Ligario...prae- 
[Commentaries on the orations of M. T. 
Cicero. Pt. II.] fol., (1477.) 

Georgii Trapezuntii expositio in orationem 

M. T. Ciceronis pro Q. Ligario, etc. See 
Paediani expositio in IIII. orationes M. TuUii 
Cic. contra C. Verrem, eic. 8vo., 1522. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another copy.] 

Georgii Trapezuntii rhetoricorum libri 

quinque, etc. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1547. 

See BESSARION (J.) Cardinal. Quae 

hoc in volumine tractantur. Bessarionis... 
de natura & arte adversus...Trapezuntiu 
tractatus, etc. fol., 1503. 

GEORGIUS (Bernardus). [i.e., Bernardo 

GiORGi.] Epitome princip. Venet. [Inverse.] 

4to., Venetiis: Aldtts [P. Manuiius], 1547. 

Renouard, p. 142. Sjston Park copy. 

GERALDINUS (Antonius). [i.e., Antonio 
Ger.\ldini.] a. Geraldini...bucolica,antehac 
paucis visa. See GIR ALDI CINTHIO (G. B. ). 
Cynthii J. B. Gyraldi...poematia, etc. 

8vo., 1544. 

MACHUS, Gerasinus. 

GERDES (Daniel). Florilegium historico- 
-criticum librorum rariorum cui multa simul 
scitu jucunda adsperguntur historiam omnem 
litterariam, & cumprimis Reformationis 
ecclesiasticam illustrantia. Editio III. ... 
superioribus auctior longe atque emendatior. 
[Dedication signed D. Gerdes.] 

8vo., Groninga, 1763. 

GERET (Samuel Luther von) Press. See 
UNGERUS (C. T.). De A. P. Manutii... 
vita, etc. 4to.. 1753. 

[Another issue.] 

4to., 1753- 
Histoire et de- 

GERG£RES (Jean Baptiste) 

scription de la Bibliothdque Publique de la 
ville de Bordeaux, et apergu des principaux 
ouvrages, soit imprimes, soit manuscrits, 
qu'elle renferme. 8vo., Paris, 1864. 

From the " Congr^s Scientifique de France," 28* 
session. Tome V. 

GERMANUS II., Patriarch of Constantinople. 
Tov iv dyiotg jiargog fi^uov FeQi^iavov 'Aoxieni- 
ay.onov KuxnavTivovnoXeioQ laioQia ixxXrjaia- 
OTix)] fivaTtxT] OeoQia. See LITURGIES. 
At detai ^EiTOvgyEiat, etc. 4to., 1526. 

GERSEN (Joannes) Vercellensis. See 
QUATREMAIRES (J. R.). J. Gersen... 
librorum de imitatione Christi.. .author as- 
sertus. 8vo., 1649. 

See QUATREMAIRES (J. R.). J. Ger- 
sen... auctor libb. de imit. Christi iterum 
assertus, etc. 8vo., 1650. 

GERSON (Jean Charlier de). See BONNE- 
CHOSE (F. P. fi. B. DE). Reformateurs 
avant la Reforme, 15'' siecle. Gerson, Jean 
Hus...Nouvelle edition. 2 tom. 8vo., 1853. 

See FAUGfeRE (A. P.). filoge de J. 

Gerson, etc. 8vo., 1838. 

GESNER (Conrad). Bibliotheca instituta et 
collecta primum a C. Gesnero, deinde in 
epitomen redacta & novorum libroru ac- 
cessione locupletata, jam vero postrerao 
recognita, &...aucta, per J. Simlerum, etc. 

fol., Tiguri, 1574. 
Kerrich copy. 

[Another edition.]... Jam verb pos- 

tremo aliquot mille, cum priorum turn 


GESNER (Conrad).- [contd.) 
novorum authorum opusculis...amplificafa, 
per J. J. Frisium, etc. fol., Tiguri, 1583. 

Printed in double columns. This volume was 
given by Sir William Paddy to St. John's 
College, Oxford, in 1602. It afterwards passed 
into the possession of Archbishop W. Juxon 
(President of St. John's, 1621-33), whose auto- 
graph has been cut out of the titlepage. 

Bibliotheca universalis, sive catalogus 

omnium scriptorum locupletissimus, in tribus 
Unguis, Latina, Grasca, & Hebraica : ex- 
tantium & non extantiu, veterum & recen- 
tiorum in hunc usqi diem...publicatorum & 
in bibliothecis latentiuni, etc. 

fol., Tiguri : apiid C. Froschoverum, 1545. 
Contemporarj' vellum with metal corners, and 

"I. B. 1570" impressed on the binding. 

Kerrich copy. 

Pandectarum sive partitionum uni- 

versalium...libri XXI. [or rather, XX.]... 

Secundus...bibliothecae...tomus, etc. 2 pts. 

[in I vol.] fol., Tiguri : excudebat C. 

Froschoverus , 1 548-49. 

Lib. XX. has a separate titlepage, pagination and 

register, and is dated 1549. 

Appendix bibliothecae C. Gesneri. 

fol., Tiguri, 1555. 
Buonau and Mitford oopy. 

De piscibus et aquatilibus omnibus 

libelli III. novi...I. Scholia & emendationes 
in lialicuticon P. Ovidii Nasonis [with the 
text], II. Aquatilium animantium enumeratio 
juxta Plinium emendata ... III. Eorundem 
nomenclator Germanicus, etc. 

Svc, Tiguri, [1556.] 

Kerrich copy. 

C. Gesneri... de raris et admirandis herbis, 

quas sive quod noctu luceant, sive alias ob 
causas, Lunaria; nominantur, commentariolus 
...Ejusdem descriptio Montis Fracti, sive 
Montis Pilati, juxta Lucemam in Helvetia, etc. 

4to., Tiguri, (1555.) 

Elenchus scriptorum omnium. ..qui ab 

cxordio mundi usq, ad nostra tcmpora in 
diversis linguis ... claruerunt ... ante annos 
aliquot 4...C. Gesncro...editus [under the 
title of " Bibliotheca universalis "J, niic ver6 compendium rcdactus, &... 
auctus : per C. Lycosthenem. 

4to., [colophon .■] Basilece, 1551. 

Printed in double columns. Huenau copy. 

Epitome bibliotheca; C. Gesneri, conscripta 

primum k C. Lycosthcne...nunc dcnuo re- 
cognita &...locupletnta : per J. Simlerum, etc. 

fol., Tiguri, 1 555. 
Korricli copy. 

Supplementum epitomes bibliotheca; 

Gcsncriana-. Quo longe plurimi libri con- 
tincntur ciui C. Gcsncrum, J. Simlerum & 
J. J. Frisium. ..latuerunt, vol post eoruni 
cditioncs tvpis mandati sunt A. Verdcrio... 
collccloro, etc. See DU VEKDIER (A.), 
la bibliolhcqup d'Antoinc Du Vcrdier, etc. 
Supplement. fol., 1585. 

[Another edition.] See LA 

CROIX DU MAINE (F. Grude de). Les 
bibliothtques \sic] franyoises do [.a Croix du 
Maine et de Du \'<r(licr...nouvelle edition, 
etc. Tome VI. 4to., 1773. 

Sanitatis tuendae prjecepta ... Contra 

luxum conviviorum. Contra notas astro- 
logicas ephemeridum de secandis venis. [By 
C. Gesner.] 8vo., Tiguri, (1556.) 

Kerrich copy. 

GESNER (JOHANN Matthias). Novus linguae 
et eruditionis Romanae thesaurus post R. 
Stephani et aliorum nuper etiam in Anglia 
eruditissimorum hominum curas digestus, 
locupletatus, emendatus, etc. (Dissertatio 
de praecipuis lexicis Latinis eorumque 
auctoribus, etc. — Latinitatis index etymo- 
logicus.) 4 tom. [in 2 vols.] 

fol., Lipsiae, 1749. 
versions of the Gesta Romanorum ; edited... 
with an introduction and notes, by Sir F. 
Madden. 4to., London, 1838. 

(Roxburghe Club Publications, No. 55.) Bliss 
GHENT. — Universite. Bibliographic des 
martyrologes Protestants neerlandais. 2 vols. 
8vo., La Haye, 1890. 
From the " Bibliotheca Belgica." 200 copies 

Bibliotheca Erasmiana. Bibliographie des 

ceuvres d'firasme. Pts. I.-III. 

8vo., Gand, 1897-1901. 
From the *' Bibliotheca Belgica.'* Only 200 
copies printed. Contains tlie bibliography of 
the following: — Pt. I. Adagia. Pt. II. ".^d- 
monitio adversus mendaeium. — Annotationes. 
— Antibarbari. — Antwort. — Apologia ad J. 
Fabrum Stapulensem. — Apologia adv. debao- 
chationom P. Sutoris. — Apologia adv. raonachoa 
quosdam Hispanos. — Apologia adv. rhapsodiai 
Albert! Pii. Pt. III. Apophthegmata. 

Bibliotheca Erasmiana. Repertoire des 

ceuvres d'firasme. i"''^ s6rie : liste...des 
diverses editions de ses ocuvres. (2" serie : 
auteurs publies. traduits ou annotes par 
Erasme.) Ser. I.-II. 4to., {Gand,) 1893. 

Wanting s6r. III. 

GHERUS (Ranutus) pseud. [i.e., Janus 

Gruterus.] 5eeGRUTERUS(J.). 
GHESQUIfiRE (Joseph) Jesuit. Disserta- 
tion sur I'auteur du livre intitule : De Tiini- 
tation de Jesus-Christ. [By J. Ghesqui^re.] 
l2mo., Verceil, 1775. 
Barbior, I., 1065. Barker copy. 

GIIILINI (Girolamo). Teatro d'huoniini let- 
tcrati, etc. Vol i. 8vo., Milano, [1684.] 

All published. The titlepage is engraved. 

GIACHINUS (Leonardus). [i.e., Leonardo 
GiAcniNi.] L. Giachini...libellus (adversus 
Mcsucm, et vulgarcs medicos onincs), etc. 
See FLORENCE. — Nova Acade.mia Fi.oren- 
TINA. Novae Academiae Florentinac opus- 
cula, etc. 8vo., 1534. 

GIAMBULLARI (Pier Fkancksco). Apparato 
et teste nelle nozc dcllo ilhistrissinio Signor 
Duca di Fircnze [Cosmo 1. 1, A dclla Duchcssa 
sua Consortc [by 1'. F. Giainbullari], con le 
sue stanzc. madriali. comedia [11 commodo 
by A. LandiJ. & intenncdii. in quelle recitati. 
8vo. , [colophon .J Fiorenza : per U. Giunta, 

Konousrd, p. Iiv. 


GIANNOTTI (DoNATO). Delia republica et 

magisrtati [sic] di Venetia, etc. See CON- 
TARINI (G.) Cardinal. Bishop of Belhino. 
Delia republica et magistrati di Venetia 
libri v., etc. 8vo., 1591. 

GIBBON (Edward). The autobiographies of 
E. Gibbon... Edited by J. Murray. 

8vo., London, 1896. 

The history of the decline and fall of the 

Roman Empire... With notes by...H. H. 
Milman. Second edition. 6 vols. 

8vo., Londott, 1846. 

Private letters of E. Gibbon, 1 753-1 794... 

Edited by R. E. Prothero. 2 vols. 

8vo., London, 1896. 

GIBBS (Henry Hucks) ist Baron Aldenham. 

GIBSON (Edmund) Bishop of London. Codex 
juris ecclesiastici Anglicani : or, the statutes, 
constitutions, canons, rubricks and articles, 
of the Church of England, etc. 2 vols. 

fol., London, 171 3. 

The pagination is continuous throughout the two 

volumes with the exception of the appendix, 

which is separately paged. Tlie page numbers 

665-712 occur t>nce. Fraser copy. 



GIFFORD (William). The Baviad and 
Maeviad....\ new edition, revised. 

8vo., London, 1797. 

Swanwick copy. 

GIGAS (Jo.^NNES). [i.e., Joh.\nnes Heune.] 
]. Gigantis...sylvarum libri IIII. 

8vo., [colophon ;] Viteberga : per Geor- 
giiim Rhau, 1 540. 

GILBERTUS, Bremensis. Emmanuel Thau- 
maturgus Augustae Vindelicorum, hoc est, 
relatio de miraculoso corporis Christi Sacra- 
mento (scripta k Gilberto Bremensi)...Ac- 
cessit Thaumatologia, id est, nova et accurata 
de miraculis disputatio G. Scioppii. 

4to. , Augusta Vindelicorum, 161 2. 
Niceron, XXXV., 198. Scioppius, Morante and 
Crossley copy. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another copy.] 

GILLES (Pierre). See GYLLIUS (P.). 

GILLRAY (James). [A collection of reproduc- 
tions of caricatures designed and engraved 
by J. Gillray.] fol., London. 1770-1805. 

The genuine works of J. Gillray, engraved 

by himself. 2 vols. fol., London, 1830. 

Illustrative description of the genuine 

works of Mr. J. Gilkay. 4to.. London, 1830. 

GIL POLO (Caspar). C. Barthii erotodidas- 
calus, sive nemoralium libri V. ad Hispanicum 
G. Gilli, Poli. 8vo., Hanoviw, 1625. 

Latin translation of " La Diana Enamorada." 

GINGUENE (Pierre Louis). Histoire litte- 
raire d'Italie...Seconde edition, revue. 
augmentee d'une notice historiquc par M. 

Daunou. (Tome X. continuee par F. Salfi.) 
Tom. I.-VI. & VIII.-X. 

8vo., Paris, 1824. 23. 

Wanting Tom. VII. and XI.-XIV. Tome X. is 
of the 1st edition. Rogers copy. 

GINSBURG (Christian David). The Kab- 
balah ; its doctrines, development, and 
literature. An essay, etc. 

8vo., London, 1865. 
—— The Massorah...A review, etc. 

8vo., London. [1884 ?] 
Reprinted from " The Times," December 27, 
GIORGI (Bernardo). See GEORGIUS (B.). 
GIOVANNINI (Girolamo) da Capugnano. 
Discorso sopra tutti li parlari, che si fanno in 
cielo dal grandissimo Iddio, da gli Spiriti 
beati, e da' Santi. etc. See FIRENZUOLA 
(A.). Consigli de gli animali, etc. [Pt. II.] 

8vo., 1622. 
GIOVIO (Paolo) Bishop of Nocera. See 

GIPHANIUS (Obertus). [i.e., Hubrechtvan 
Giffen.] O. Gifani observationes singulares 
in linguam Latinam, etc. See KETELIUS 
(R.). De elegantiori Latinitate comparanda 
scriptores selecti, etc. 4to., 1713. 

GIRALDI CINTHIO (Giovanni Battista). 
Cynthii J. B. G}'raldi...poematia...Item A. 
Geraldini...bucolica, etc. 2 pts. [in i vol.] 
8vo., Basileae : per Robertum Winter, 1544. 
The " Bucolica " of Geraldinus has a separate 
titlepage and pagination. 
GIRALDUS (Bernardinus) pseud. [i.e., 
Gasparus Scioppius.] See SCIOPPIUS (G.). 
GIRARD (Charles). See GIRARDUS (C). 
GIRARDI (Antonio). Discorso intorno alle 
cose della guerra [translated, from the 
German, by P. Fiamengo], con una oratione 
(del Cardinal Polo) della pace. [Both edited 
by A. Girardi.] 2 pts. [in i vol.] 
4to., [Venice :]neir Academia Venetiana.i^^S. 
Renouard, p. 273. Melzi, I., 310. 

logue des livres du cabinet de Mr G...D...P... 
[i.e., P. Girardot de Prefond]. Par G. F. de 
Bure, le jeune. 8vo., Paris, 1757. 

Sale catalogue, with prices in MS. Brunet, VI., 
31469. Sobolevtky copy. 

GIRARDUS (Cardlus). [i.e.. Charles 
GiRARD.] C. juris voluminibus 

4to., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1534. 
Svmderland copy. 

Grfficarum institutionum libelli undecim. 

4to., [Paris /] apud S. Colinaum. 1541. 
GIRARDUS (N.). Meditationes in librum 
primum Iliados Homeri. [With the text.] 
See HOMERUS. [Ilias.— Greek.] 

4to., 1566. 

[Another copy.] 

Eusebe) & TAILLANDIER (Alphonse 
Honore). Notices sur la vie et les ouvrages 
de M. [J. A.] Dulaure. See TAILLANDIER 
(P. A. E.). 8vo., s.a. 



GISBICE (Paulus a). Paulli a Gisbice... 
schediasmatum farrago nova, etc. 

8vo., Lugdtini Batavorum, 1602. 
The date in indicated in a chronogram. 

GIULIARI (Giovanni Battista Carlo) Conte. 
Delia tipografia Veronese, saggio storico- 
-letterario. 4to., Verona, 187 1. 

GIUNTA, Family of. See BANDINI (A. M.). 
De Florentina Juntarum typographia ejusque 
censoribus, etc. 2 pts. Svo., 1791. 

See BOHN (J.). A list of some of the 

choicer productions of the Aldine press. ..To 
which is added a list of Giunta editions, etc. 

4to., 1836. 

Renouard (A. A.). Notice sur les Junte, 

et liste sommaire de leurs Editions jusqu'en 
1550. See RENOUARD (A. A.). Annates de 
I'imprimerie des Aide ... Seconde edition. 
Tome III. 8vo., 1825. 

[Another copy.] 

Troisidme edition. (Supplement, 

etc.) 8vo., i834[-38]. 

[Another copy.] 

4to., i834[-38]. 

See TOOVEY (J.). A catalogue of an 

extensive... assemblage of the productions of 
the Aldine press... together with. ..the Giunta, etc. 8vo., 1880. 

GIUSTINIANO (Agostino) Bishop of Nebbio. 

GLADSTONE (William Ewart) & LYTTEL- 
TON (George William Lvttelton) 4th 
Baron. Translations by Lord Lyttelton and 
...W. E. Gladstone. Second edition. See 
LYTTELTON (G. W. Lyttelton) 4th Baron 
<S. GLADSTONE (W. E.). 4to., 1863. 

GLAFEINUS (Adamus Fridericus). [i.e., 
Adam Friedrich Glafey.] Resp. Dis- 
sertatio practica de eo, quod justum est 
circa nov^tates, etc. See LEHMANN (J. J.). 
J. J. Lehmanni...commentatio practica de 
mutatione studioruin...Editio tertia, etc. 

4to., 1715- 

GLANVILLA (Bartholom/EUS de). [i.e., 
Bartholomew Glanville.] Begin. [Fol. 
I, recto .] Incipiut tituli | libro.ijet capituloru 
vencrabilis | Bartholomei anglici de pro- 
pri I etatibus reru^. | ©.X. 

fol., [colophon : Niirnberg :] per indus- 
triosum virU Anthoniii koburger, 1483. 
Hain, '2505. Proctor, 2036. Rubricated. 

GLANVILLA (Ranulphus de). [i.e., Ranulf 

DE Glanville.] Tractatus de legibus & con- 

suetudinibus regni Angliae, etc. [Edited by 

F. Hargravc.] 8vo., [London :] in adibus 

ThomcB Wight, 1604. 

(H.) Gtareanus. 

GLASGOW. — Stirling's and Glasgow Public 
Library. Report of the proceedings at the 
centenary meeting... 1891. 

8vo., Glasgow, 1892. 

GLASGOW. — University. See DICKSON 
(W. P.). The Glasgow University library : 
notes on its history, c<c. 8vo., 1888. 

GLENCAIRN (William Cunningham) qth 

Earl of. Decreet of Parliament, annulling 

patent of the earldom of Glencairn, 2nd March 

1649. fol., London, [1851 ?] 

Printed for use in the hearing of the Montrose 

dukedom case. 

— — Decreet of precedency, William Earl of 

Glencairn, etc., against Alexander, Earl of 

Eglinton, etc. fol., [London, 1851 ?] 

Printed for use in the hearing of the Montrose 

dukedom case. 

See EGLINTON (A. Montgomerie) 6tk 

Earl of. Decreet of Parlement. Alexander, 
Earleof Eglintoun, etc. against William, Earl 
of Glencame, etc. fol., [1851?] 

William. [1861-62.] See THOMSON (W.) 
Archbishop of York. 
GLOVER (Robert). The visitation of York- 
shire, made in. ..1584-5. ..To which is added 
the subsequent visitation made in 161 2, by 
R. St. George... with several additional pedi- 
grees... Edited by J. Foster. 

8vo., London, 1875. 

Privately printed. 

GLOVER (Stephen). The history, gazetteer, 
and directory of the county of Derby... con- 
taining... geological, mineralogical, commer- 
cial and statistical information... Edited by 
T. Noble. Vol. I., pt. i ; Vol. II.. pt. i. 

8vo., Derby, 1829. 
All published. 

GLYNNE (Sir Stephen Richard) Bart. 
Notes on the churches of Cheshire. ..Edited 
by J. A. Atkinson. 4to., [Manchester,) 1894. 

(Chetham Society. Remains, etc. New series. 
Vol. 32.) One of three copies printed on large 

Notes on the churches of Lancashire... 

Edited by J. A. Atkinson. 

4to., {Manchester,) 1893. 

(Chetliam Society. Remains, etc. New series, 

Vol. 27.) One of three copies printed on lorgo 


GMELIN (Georgius Ludovicus) Resp. De 

J. Boehmio judicium H. Mori, etc. See 

JAEGER (J. W.) Press. 4to., 1708. 

GNAPHEUS (Gulielmus) pseud. [i.e.. 



GNOMAI. 'Av6q(ov ijitarj/Mov yvwfiat. See 

SCRIPTORES. Scriptores aliquot gnomici, 

etc. 8vo., [152 1.] 

Fvoiiiai ix 6ia(poQ(ov notrjxwv tpiXoaoqxDV re 

xai ^rjxoQdJV avXXeyetaui, etc. See CALLI- 
MACHUS. KaXhfiaxov...i5nvoi, etc. 

4to., 1532. 
OToixmov ix SiacpOQ">v noii]xmv. See THEO- 
CRITUS. Tade iveaxi iv T//(fe rj] jiifSXto. 
Qeoxqvxov el6vM.ia, etc. [Pt. ir.| 

fol., 1495. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another edition.] Sc« HESIODUS. 

'IlatoSoi 6 'AaxQuioi. 8vo., 1515. 
[Anotlicr edition.) See SCRIP- 
TORES. Scriptores aliquot gnomici. etc. 

8vo., [1521.] 

1 88 

GNOMAI MO^OSriCHOl. —{contd.) 
^-^ Pvuifiai ftovooTixoi xaia aroixeiov ex 
dta(pogojv TioirjTOjv. Sententiffi singulis ver- 
sibus contentae, juxta ordinem literarum, ex 
diversis poetis, etc. Gr. &■ Lot. 

8vo., Parisiis, 1566. 

[Another edition.] See CRESPIN 

(J.). Ta aoj^ofiEva ziov naXaiorarcav noirjTcov 
■yewgyixa, etc. [Pt. IV.] i6mo., 1569. 

[Another edition.] See CRESPIN 

(J.). Ta aio^o/iieva riov naXaioraTOJV noii]TO)v 
yetogytxa, etc. [Pt. III.] i6mo., 1639. 

GNOMOLOGIAI. rvcofioXoyiai naXaiorarmv 
7ioii]raiv. QsoynSoQ, 0o}xi'hSov, UvOayoosiov 
rtvoQ, ZoXiovoQ, TvQTatov. . .2t/ta>viSov. 

4to., Parisiis, 1553. 
In four parts, each with a separate pagination 
and register. 

GOCLENIUS (RuDOLPHUs) the Elder. See 
HOFMANN (D.). D. Hofmanni D. de usu 
...notionum logicarum ad res theologicas... 
adversus R. Goclenium admonitio, etc. 

8vo., 1596. 

GODD^US (CoNRADUS). I.aus ululae ad con- 
scriptos ululantium patres & patronos. 
Authore Curtio Jaele [i.e., C. Goddaeus], See 
SCRIPTORES. Dissertationum ludicrarum 
...scriptores varii. Editio nova, etc. 

i2mo., 1666. 

[Another copy.] 

GODEFROY (Jacques). See GOTHO- 


GODFRAY (Thomas). 
(S- others. Hand-Usts 
1 501-15 56. Pt. II. 
fray, etc. 

GODOFREDUS (Petrus). [i.e., Pierre Gode- 
FROY.] P. Godofredi ... de amoribus, libri 
tres. i2mo., Lndgnni Batavonon, 1648. 

GOETTLING (Carl Wilhelm). Commentatio 
de Horatii od. I., 28. 4to., Jenae, 1854. 

GOETZIUS (Fridericus Leberecht) Resp. 
Qusestionem magisterialem... quanta Adanii 
statura fuerit, etc. See GROSS ( J. P. ) Pr(BS. 

4to., 1727. 

GOETZIUS (Georgius Henricus). [i.e., 
Georg Heinrich Goetze.] G. H. Goetzii... 
x7i7io(piXog, seu de eruditis hortorum cultori- 
bus, von Gelehrten Giirtnem. Recusa. 

4to., LubeccB, 1726. 

GOLDASTUS (Melchior). {i.e., JM. Goldast.] 
Philologicarum epistolarum centuria una 
diversorum a renatis Uteris doctissimorum 
virorum...insuper Richardi de Buri...philo- 
biblion.. .omnia quondam edita ex bibUothcca 
M. Haiminsfeldii Goldasti, etc. 

8vo., Lipsia, 1674. 

GOLDINGHAM (Henry). The garden plot. 

an allegorical poem... To which are added, 

some account of the author ; and a reprint 

of his masque, etc. 4to., Londoyi, 1825. 

(Boxburghe Club Publications, No. 40. ) 

See DUFF (E. G.) 

of English printers, 

R. Pynson...T. God- 

8vo., 1895. 

GOLIUS (Theophilus). Epitome doctrinae 
moralis, ex decern libris ethicorum...collecta 
...per T. Golium, etc. See ARISTOTELES. 
[Ethica.] 8vo., 1621. 

GOMEZ DE LA CORTINA (Joachim) Marquis 
de Morante. See MORANTE. 

cisco). L'esprit de mensonge devenu sincere. 
Po^me comique, critique et moral. Par Mr. 
P. Dumenil. [Adapted from " El Alguacil 
alguacilado " in " Los Suenos " of Gomez de 
Quevedo Villegas.] 8vo., Paris, 1739. 

GONZAGA, Family of. See AFFO (I.). Me- 
morie di tre celebri principesse della famiglia 
Gonzaga, etc. 4to., 1787. 

Conte. Stanze pastoral! del Conte B. Castig- 
lione, et del Signer C. Gonzaga, etc. 

8vo., 1553. 

GONZAGA (Lucretia) Marchesana di. 
Lettere della... S"^ Donna Lucretia Gonzaga, 
etc. [By O. Lando.] See LANDO (O.). 
[Lettere.] 8vo.. 1552. 

Lando (O.). Panegirico in lode della S. 

D. Lucretia Marchesana di Gonzaga, etc. See 
LANDO (O.). [Panegirici.] Due pane- 
girici, etc. 8vo., 1552. 

GOODALL (Charles). Poems and transla- 
tions, written upon several occas'ons, and to 
several persons. By a late scholar of Eaton 
[i.e., C. Goodall]. 8vo., London, 1689. 

Halkett and Laing, III., 1946. 

GOODEVE (Thomas Minchin) & SHELLEY 
(Charles Percy Bvsshe). The Whitworth 
measuring machine. Including descriptions 
of the surface plates, gauges and other 
measuring instruments made by Sir J. Whit- 
worth, Bart. 8vo., London, 1S77. 
With the autograph of Sir Joseph Whitworth. 

GORADDIVUS (Regius) pseud. [i.e., 

Georgius Dr.\udiu.s.] 5e«DRAUDIUS(G.). 


GORDON DE PERCEL, M. le C. , pseud, [i.e.. 
Nicolas Lenglet du Fresnoy.] See LENG- 
GORDONUS (Jacobus), [i.e., James Gordon, 
D.D.] De Catholica veritate diatriba. Pro 
epithalamio, etc. i2mo.. Burdigalce, 1623. 

GORGES (Francois Garrault) Sieur des. 

GORGIAS, Leontinus. roQyiov...'EXevriQ iyxcD- 
^aov. See iESCHINES. Aoyoi rovrwvi tcov 
Qi/roQcov. Aiaxn'ov...roQytov, etc. [Pt. III.] 


fol., 1513. 
See ISO- 
nuper ac- 

fol., 1534. 

[Another edition.] 

CRATES. [Opera.] Isocrates 

curate recognitus, etc. 
[Another copy.] 

Fogyiov, ^tieq Uaka/j^dovg OTioXoyia. See 

/ESCHINES. Aoyoi tovtcovi tcov qijtoqwi'. 
Ala-/tyov...roQyiov, etc. [Pt. II.] fol., 1513. 

GORRIS (Chapel) pseud. [i.e., Jean Fran- 
cois Nicolas Loumyer.] See LOUMYER 
(J. F. N.). 


GORSAS (Antoine Joseph). L'ane prome- 
neur, ou Crites promene par son ane ; chef- 
d'oeuvre pour servir d'apologie au godt, aux 
mor.urs, a I'esprit, et aux dccouvertes du 
sificle. Premiere edition, etc. [By A. J. 
Gorsas.] 8vo., Pampehtne, Paris, 1786. 

Barbier, I., 178. 

GOTH (Bertrand de). See CLEMENS V., 

GOTHOFREDUS (Jacobus), [i.e., Jacques 
Godefroy.] J. Gothofredi nianuale juris 
seu par\'a juris niysteria...Octava editio, 
auctior, etc. i2mo., Geneva, 1672. 

GOUGH (Richard). British topography. Or, 
an historical account of what lias been done 
for illustrating the topographical antiquities 
of Great Britain and Ireland. [By R. 
Gough.] 2 vols., illitst. 4to., London, 1780. 

Another edition of the author's ** Anecdote*^ 

of British topograpliy," published in 1768. 

GOUJET (Claude Pierre). Bibliothdque 

fran^oise, ou histoire de la litterature fran- 

?oise, fte. 18 torn. i2mo., Paris, 1741-56. 

Wanting tome III. Tom. V. and VI. are of tlie 

second edition. 

— ^— M6moires pour servir 4 1 'histoire des 

homnies illuslres. etc. [By J. P. Niceron, 

C P. Goujct, e/c] 43 torn. See NICERON 

(J. P.) &- others. 8vo., 1728-45. 

GOURDAULT (Jules). Sully et son temps 

...Troisidme edition. Svo., Tours, 1876. 

GOURNAY (Marie de Jars de). See FEU- 

g£RE (I-. J.). Les femmes poetes au 16" 

sidcle. fitude suivie de Mademoiselle de 

Goumay, etc. 8vo., i860. 

GOUSSE (Jean Theodore Laurent-). See 

GOVEANUS (Antonius). [i.e., Antonio de 
GouvEA.] A. Goveani epigrammata. Ejus- 
dem epistolae quatuor. 

8vo. , Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1 540. 
Coate and Morante copy. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another copy.] 

A. Goveani pro Aristotele respOsio, ad- 

versus P. Rami calunias, etc. 

8vo., Parisiis : apud S. Coltnesum, 1543. 

GOWER (John). Poema quod dicitur Vox 

clamantis, necnon chronica tripartita. ..edidit 

H. O. Coxe. 4to., London, 1850. 

(Koxburghe Club Fublicationn, No. 6g. ) 

GOWRIE (John Ruthven) ^rd Earl of. Duff 

(A.). The traditional account in the town of 

Perth, concerning the death of John, Earl of 

Gowrie, etc. See PERTH. Memorabilia of 

the city of Perth, etc. 8vo.. 1806. 

GOZZI (N1CCOL6 ViTO Di). Dello stato dellc 

republiche sccondo la mente di Aristotele 

con essempi modcrni. Giornate otto... Con 

ccxxii. avcrtimenti civili dell' istesso...Et 

nel fine una apologia dell' honor civile, etc. 

4to., Venetia : presso .'ildo [Aldus Manu- 

lius, the Younger], 1 591. 

Renouard, p. 246. 

GRAESSE ( JOHANN Georg Theodor). Notice 
sur les ecrivains erotiques du quinzidme 

siecle et dii commencement du seiziSme. Ex- 
trait de I'ouvrage... Histoire universelle de la 
litterature. Traduit et annote par un biblio- 
phile fran^ais [i.e.. P. G. Brunet]. 

i2mo., Bnixelles, 1865. 

GR^VIUS (Joannes Georgius). [i.e., 
JOHANN Georg Graeve.] J. G. Graevii, 
Arcerii, Cunaei, aliorumque epistolae, nun- 
quam antehac editae, quibus accedit Atra- 
mentum, sive fabula de monachis Antonianis, 
ex Italico Latinis versibus reddita ab A. 
Menagio. [Edited by M. Verhoorn.] 

8vo., Rotterodami, 17 10. 
,Jalin copy. 

J. G. Graevii scholia ad Horatii odarum 

libros duo priores. Ex autographo scriptoris 
primum edidit F. H. Bothe. 

8vo., HeidelbergcB, (1819.) 
Tlio dat« on the titlepage is given as " JIDIIIXX." 

GRAFTON (Augustus Henrv Fitzroy) yd 
Duke of. A catalogue of a most elegant col- 
lection of books. ..constituting. ..part of the 
extensive library of a nobleman [the 3rd 
Duke of Grafton], which will be sold by 
auction, etc. 4to., (London,) 1815. 

Witli prices in MS. Hardy copy. 

GRAHAM formerly xMACAULAY (Catherine). 
See MACAULAY afterwards GRAHAM (C). 

GRAHAM (James) 4th Duke of Montrose. See 

GRAMMAIRE. Gramere. [By P. Ramus.] 
See RAMUS (P.). [Grammaire Fran^aise.] 

8vo., 1562. 
GRAMMATICA GR^CA. Breves totiusgram- 
maticae Grascae tabute. His adjunctae sunt 
quaedam nominum, pronominum, & ver- 
borum accessiones cum verbis anomalis, e.x 
N. Clenardo & aliis grammaticis optimis 
quibusque. 4to., Parisiis, 1559. 

Cavellat copy. 
matices epitome. 
8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1544. 
Nouvellet copy. 
GRAMMONT (Alexandre de Prepetit de). 

GRANCHI (Bartholom^us) Pisanus. See 
BARTHOLOM^US [Granchi]. 

GRANDMAISON (Aubin Louis Millin de). 
5«eMILLIN (A. L.). 



GRAPALDUS (Franciscus Marius). 

Francisco Mario Gkapaldi.] F. M. partibus acdiu...opus...novissime 

recognitu : cunctisq:; erroribus cxpurgatuni. 

4to., [colophon .•] Venetiis : per Alexan- 

drum de Bindonis, 1517. 

Tomitano copy. 

[Another edition, entitled :] Lexicon 

de partibus acdium F. iM. Griipaldi, etc. 8vo., 
Lugduni: apud hcsredes S. Vincentii, 1535. 
The ooloptton reads ; " Kxcudobant Lugduni M, 
et O. 'Irochfiol fratros." 

[Another copy. ] 

de). See 



GRAPPA, pseud. \i.e.. Francesco Beccuti.] 
See BECCUTI (F.) called // Coppetta. 

GRATIANUS, the Canonist. Begin. [Sig. az, 
recto ;] In nomine sancte & indiuidue tri | 
nitatis. Incipit concordia discor- | dantiu 
canonu... ( etc. [By Gratianus, with the 
commentary of Bartholomeus Brixiensis 
surrounding the text. Followed by a sum- 
mary by Joannes, Diaconus Hispanus.] (5. X. 
fol., [colophon ;] Nureberge : impensis 
anihonij koburger, 1483. 
Wanting the first leaf (blank). 416 ff., without 
pagination ; siga a-ri», s>2, t-zW, &'», A-D'", E«, 
F8, Gi», H8, I-M"', N8, 0'», PS, Q-Sio, and 6 ff. 
Hain and Copinger, '/Sgg. Proctor, 2030. 
The first incunabulum purchased by Mr. 
GRATIUS, Faliscus. Hoc volumine conti- 
nentur. Poets tres egregii nunc primum in 
lucem editi. venatione lib. I. 
P. Ovidii Nasonis halieuticon liber acephalus. 
M. A. O. Nemesiani cynegeticon lib. I. 
Ejusdem carmen bucolicuni. T. Calphurnii 
...bucolica. Per...G. Logum. 

8vo.. Augusta Vindeliconim : in o/jicina 
Henrici Steyner, 1534. 

[Another edition, including " Adriani 

Cardinalis venatio."] 8vo., [colophon :] 

Venetiis : in adibus hceredum Aldi 
Manutii, &■ Andrea soceri, 1534. 
Renouard, p. 113. 

[Another edition, entitled :] Gratii venatione liber I., etc. 
8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1537. 
A reprint of tlie Aldine edition of 1534. 

—— Gratii cynegeticon. C. Barthius recen- 

suit, et animadversionum librum adjecit. 

See BARTHIUS (C). Venatici et bucolici 

poetae Latini, etc, 8vo., 161 3. 

GRATIUS (Ortwinus). Epistole obscurorum 

virorii ad...Ortuinum Gratiu...variis et locis 

et temporibus misse ac demum in volumen 

coacte. Cum multis aliis epistolis in fine 

annexis q in prima impressura non habentur. 

4to., [colophon :] Venetia : in impressoria 

Aldi Minutii, [Mainz ? 1516 ?] 

A counterfeit Aldine. Renouard, p. 319. Brown 

morocco by Roger de Coverly. 

^^— Ex obscurorum virorum salibus cribratus quo introducuntur Colonienses 

theologi tres, Ortuinus, Gingolphus, Lupoldus, 

etc. [By M. Borsius.] See BORSIUS (M.). 

4to., [1519-] 

Epistolae obscurorum virorum, ad O. 

Gratium, Attico lepore refertae, denuo ex- 
cusae, & a mendis repurgatas, pristino45 nitore 
restitutJe. Quibus ob stili et argument! 
similitudinem adjecimus in calce dialogum 
mire festivum, eruditis salibus refertum. 

8vo., S.I., 1556. 
— — Duo volumina epistolarum obscurorum 
virorum, etc. z vols, [in i.] 

i2mo., [colophon .■] Roma, 1557. 
Without pagination, but with a consecutive 

Epistolae obscurorum virorum... Nova & 

accurata editio, etc. 

l2mo., Francofurti ad Manum [sic], 1643. 

Epistolae obscurorum virorum tertio volu- 
mine (Lamentationes obscurorum virorum. 
Epistola D.Erasmi...quid de obscuris sentiat, 
etc.) auctae. 3 vols, [in i.] 

i2mo., Londini, (1689.) 
The "Lamentationes" has a separate titlepage 
and pagination. 

Epistolarum obscurorum virorum... volu- 
mina II. ...Accesserunt huic edition! epistola 
...B. Passavantii [i.e., T. Beza] ad D. P. 
Lysetum. Et la complainte de Messire P. 
Liset sur le trepas de son feu nez. 

i2mo., Londini, 1742. 

Epistolarum obscurorum virorum ... 

volumina omnia ... Accesserunt huic editioni 
tractatus rarissimi. 2 tom., illust. 

8vo., Francofurti, 1757. 

Epistolae obscurorum virorum aliaque 

aevi decimi sexti monimenta rarissima. Die 
Briefe der Finsterlinge an ... Ortuinus von 
Deventer . . . Herausgegeben und erlautert 
durch E. Miinch. 8vo., Leipzig, 1827. 

Lettres des hommes obscurs to O. 

Gratius]. Traduites du latin par V. Develay. 
Ser. I. -III. 3 vols. 24mo., Paris, 1870. 

Epistolae obscurorum virorum. [Re- 
marks on this work.] See OBSERVA- 
TIONES. Observationum selectarum... 
tomus IV. Obs. 12. 8vo., 1701. 

Lamentationes obscurorum virorum, etc. 

See above, Epistolae obscurorum virorum, etc. 
[Vol. III.] i2mo., 1689. 

GRAVES (Ch.'Vrles Larcom). The Hawarden 
[Carmina, etc. : Imitations. — Efiglish.] 

8vo., 1894. 

GRAVIUS (Joannes). See GREAVES (J.). 

GRAY (George John). Bibliography of 
the works of Sir Isaac Newton : together 
with a list of books illustrating his life and 
works. 8vo., Cambridge, 1888. 

120 copies printed for subscribers, this being No. 6. 

GREAT BRITAIN.— Parliament. Literae 
pseudo-Senatus AngUcani, Cromwellii, reli- 
quorumque perduellium nomine ac jussu con- 
scriptae a J. Miltono. [1649-59.] 

i2mo., [London,] 1676. 

Parliamentary debates in 161Q. Edited S. R. Gardiner. 4to., [London,] 1862. 

(Camden Society Publications, Vol. 81.) 

Acts. The Clergy Discipline Act, 1892, 

and rules, and the Church Discipline Act, 
1 840. With notes by F. H. L. Errington. 

8vo., London, 1892. 

The people's edition of the Public Worship 

Regulation Act, 1874... With a preface and 
notes. 8vo., London, [1874.] 

House of Lords. The article on the ad- 
justment of the House of Peers. From the 
Westminster Review, No. XXXI. for January 
1832. Republished, etc. 

8vo., London. 1832. 
A critique on "A letter to Earl Grey on. ..the 
adjustment of the House of Peers." 




GREAT BRITAIN.— Parliament.— (con/i.) 

Report from the Lords' Committees ap- 
pointed to search the Journals of the House, 
Rolls of Parliament, and other records and 
documents, for all matters touching the 
dignity of a Peer of the Realm, &c. &c. 
(Ordered to be printed May 1820.) [A critique 
taken from the Edinburgh Review, March, 
1821.I 8vo., Edinburgh, 1821. 

Public Record Office. Calendar of 

State Papers, domestic series, of the reigns 
of Edward VI., Mary. Elizabeth, 1547-1580 
...Edited by R. Lemon. 8vo., London, 1856. 

Record Commission. Comparison be- 
tween certain statements contained in the 
evidence given by Messrs. Stevenson, Hardy 
and Cole, before the Select Committee upon 
the Record Commission, and various docu- 
ments illustrative of the matters referred to 
in such evidence. 8vo., London, 1837. 

General report to the King in Council from 

the honourable board of Commissioners on 
the Public Records. Svo., [London,] 1837. 

Observations, letters and opinions of the 

Commissioners on the constitution and duties 
of the Record Commission. 

8vo., [London,) 1836. 

Observations upon the report from the 

Select Committee of the House of Commons 
appointed " To inquire into the management 
and affairs of the Record Commission, and 
the present state of the records of the United 
Kingdom," etc. 8vo., [London.] 1837. 

GREAVES (John). Claris.simi...viri, J. Gravii 
...vita : in qua de illius studiis, itineribus 
et libris...dipseritur. See SMITH (T.) 
Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford. Vita 
quorundam...virorum, etc. 4to., 1707. 

GREEN (Henry). Andrea Alciati and his 
book of emblems : a biographical and biblio- 
graphical study. 8vo., London, 1872. 
250 copies printed. 

GREEN (Samuel Swett). Library aids... 
Revised and enlarged edition, etc. 

i2mo.. New York, 1883. 

GREENHOUGH (William H.). On the 

ventilation, heating and lighting of free 

public libraries. 8vo., Reading, 1890. 

From "The Library," Vol. II. 

GREG (Walter Wilson). A list of EnglLsh 
plays written before 1643 and printed before 
'70O- 8vo., London, 1900. 

Printed for tlie Bibliograpliical Society. 

GRliGOIRE (Henri) Comte, Constitutional 
Bishop ofBlois. Rapport sur la bibliographie, 
prcscntc i la Convention Nationale le 22 
germinal an II. (1794.) [A reprint.] 

l2mo., Paris, 1873. 

GREGORIUS, Nazanzenus. Saint, Patriarch of 
Constantinople. Gregorii episcopi Nazanzeni 
carmina ad bene, beat6 q^ vivendum utilis- 
sima, eU. Gr. &- Lat. See PRUDENTIUS 
CLEMENS (A.). Prudentii... opera, etc. 
[Vol. III.] 5^to., 1S04. 

Gregorii Nazanzeni... orationes lectissimae 

XVI. [Edited by M. Musurus.] Gr. 

8vo., [colophon :] Venetiis : in aedibiis 
Aldi, et Andreae soceri, 1516. 
Renouard, p. 75. 

Gregorii Nazanzeni... orationes novem ele- 
gant! ssimae. Gregorii Nysseni liber de 
homine, quae omnia nunc primum, emenda- 
tissima, in lucem prodeunt. Gr. 2 pts. [in 
I vol.] 8vo., [colophon .•] Venetiis : in 

aedibus haeredum A Idi, et A ndreae A sulani 

soceri, 1536. 
Renouard, p. n6. 

Due orationi di Gregorio Nazanzcno theo- 

logo, in una de le quali, si tratta quel che sia 
Vescovado, et quali debbiano cssere i Vescovi. 
Ne I'altra, de I'amor verso i poveri. Et il 
jjrimo sermone di S. Cecilio Cipriano sopra 
I'elemosina. Fatte in lingua toscana dal 
Comniendatorc A. Caro. 4to., Venetia : 

appresso Aldo Manutio [the Younger], 1569. 
Renouard, p. 206. 

' Al naqafioXai xai ra Oavjtaxa dncQ xoyv 

Evayyekarojv 6 exaaroQ SnjyeiTai, naqa rov 
rQtjyoQiov To« Na^ re xai 
awomixmQ Svyygaipofieva [sic]. Gr. &■ Lai 
See EPIPHANIUS, Saint, Bishop of Con- 
slantia in Cyprus. Propheta- 
rum vita. etc. 4to., 1529. 

Ton dyiov PQtjyoQiov NaCavZtjvov. . .XQayqidia, 

XotaroQ naax<ov. Sancti Gregorii Nazanzeni 
...tragoedia Christus patiens. [Edited by 
A. Bladus.] Gr. [Wrongly attributed to 
St. Gregory.] 8vo., [colophon :] Romes : 

per A. Bladnm, 1542. 
Brunet, II., 1729. Luard copy. 

GREGORIUS, Nyssenus, Saint. Tov ayiov 
PQTjyoQiov imoxonov Nvaarji (iifiXoQ, negt 
avOQionov. See GREGORIUS, Nazanzenus, 
Saint, Patriarch of Constantinople. Gregorii 
Nazanzeni... orationes novem, etc. [Pt. II.] 

8vo., 1536. 

Gregorii Nyseni liber de virginitate, a 

P. Galcsinio conversus. 

4to., Romae : apud P. Manutium, 1562. 
Renouard, p. 186. Bro\vn morocco by Cliambolle- 
Duru. Seillicre and Oennadius copy. 

GREGORIUS I., Magnus, Saint. Pope. Begin. 
Incipit comentij bti gregorij papc sup Ciitica 
caticorum, etc. [With the text] See 
BIBLE. — Old Testament. [Song of 
Solomon. — Latin.] fol., [1470.] 

GREGORIUS XV., Pope, [i.e., Alessandro 
LuDOvisio.] Pii IV. et Gregorii XV. bullae 
de conclavi ejusque ccremoniis. See PIUS 
IV., Pope. 4to., [162!?] 

GREGORIUS (PuBLlus) Tifernas. Tipherni 
dcprecatoria ad Virgincm elcgia. See 
...opera, etc. [Vol. 11.] 4to., 1501. 

[.\nother copy.] 

5eeTERTULLIANUS(Q. S.F.). Q. S. F. I'roba; Falconia;, 
opera. 8vo., 1825. 


GREGORY (John). A comparative view of 
the state and faculties of man, with those of 
the animal world. [By J. Gregory.] 

8vo., London. 1765. 

Halkett and Laing, I., 446. Calf by Clarke and 

Bedford. Gray copy. 

GRESSET( J E AN Baptiste Louis). Le caresme 

in-promptu, et le lutrin vivant. Poemes. 

Par I'auteur de Vert-Vert [i.e., J. B. L. 

Gresset]. i2mo., au Ltitri)? Vivant, 1735. 

Barbier, I., 501. 

La Chartreuse, epitrc.par I'auteur de 

Ver-Vert [i.e., J. B. L. Gresset]... Deuxieme 
[sic] edition, etc. 

i2mo., (7 la Chartreuse, 1736. 

Barbier, I., 572. 

Les ombres, suite de la Chartreuse. 

£pitre . . . par I'auteur de Ver-Vert [i.e.,]. B. L. 
Gresset]... Deuxieme [sic] edition, etc. 

i2mo., aux Ombres, 1736. 
Barbier, III., 710. 

Ver-Vert, ou les voyages du Perroquet de 

Nevers. Poeme heroique. [By J. B. L. 
Gresset.] Sixidme edition. 

i2mo., all Perroquet, 1736. 

Barbier, IV., 949. 

GRESWELL (William Parr). Annals of 

Parisian typography, containing an account 

of the earUest typographical establishments 

of Paris, etc. 8vo., London, 181 8. 

Memoirs of A. Politianus, J. Picus of 

Mirandula, A. S. Sannazarius, P. Bembus, 
H. Fracastorius, M. A. Flaminius, and the 
Amalthei : translations from their poetical 
works : and notes and observations concern 
ing other literary characters of the fifteenth 
and sixteenth centuries. The second edition, 
etc. 8vo., Manchester, 1805. 

The monastery of Saint Werburgh : a 

poem, with illustrative notes. [By W. P. 
Greswell.] 8vo., (Manchester,) 1823. 

Halkett and Laing, II., 1650. 

A view of the early Parisian Greek press ; 

including the lives of the Stephani ; notices 
of other contemporary Greek printers of 
Paris, etc. [Preface signed W. P. Greswell.] 
2 vols. 8vo., Oxford, 1833. 

GRETSERUS( Jacobus), [i.e., Jacob Gretser.] 

J. Gretseri...libri duo de benedictionibus, 

et tertius de maledictionibus, etc. 

4to., Ingolstadii, 161 5. 
Morante and Crossley copy. 
GREVENBROICH (Wilhelm von). See 

GREY (Arthur) 14W1 Baron Grey of Wilton. 

GREY (Lady Jane). The chronicle of Queen 

Jane, and of two years of Queen Mary, and 

especially of the rebellion of Sir T. Wyat. 

Written by a resident in the Tower of London. 

Edited... by J. G. Nichols. 

4to., [London,] 1850. 

(Camden Society Publications, Vol. 48.) 
GREY (Reginald de) z^d Baron Grey of 

Ruthyn. See GREY OF RUTHYN. 
GREY (William) i i,th Baron Grey of Wilton. 



GREY OF RUTHYN (Reginald de Grey) 
^rd Baron. Controversy between Reginald 
Lord Grey of Ruthyn and Sir Edward Hast- 
ings in 1389. fol., London, s.a. 

(Proceedings in the celebrated contest 

bet^veen Reginald Lord Grey de Ruthyn and 
Sir Edward Hastings, respecting the right 
to bear the Arms of Hastings.) 

fol., [London,] 1841. 
GREY OF WILTON (Arthur Grey) 14//) 
Baron. A commentary of the ser\'ices and 
charges of William Lord Grey of Wilton... 
With a memoir of the author, and illustrative 
documents. Edited by Sir P. de M. G. 
Egerton. 4to., London, 1847. 

(Camden .Society Publications, Vol. 40.) 

GREY OF WILTON (William Grev) 13th 
Baron. See GREY OF WILTON (A. Grey) 
14th Baron. A commentary of the services 
...of William Lord Grey of Wilton, etc. 

4to., 1847. 
GRIBALDUS (Matth.3-us) called Mopha. 
[i.e., Matteo Gribaldi.] M. 
methodo ac ratione studendi libri tres. 

8vo., Liigduni : apiid A. Vincentium, 1541. 

[Another edition.] ... Adjecimus 

pra-ter alias impressiones, ejusdem Gribaldi 
capita trcsdecim novorum intellectuum & 
declarationum, etc. Svo., Venetiis, 1558. 

[Another edition of that of 1 541.] 

i6mo., Lugdnni, 1574. 
Sunderland copy. 

[Another edition of that of 1 558, entitled :] 

Methodus ac de ratione studendi in jure ; libri 
tres, etc. 8vo., Venetiis, 1587. 

GRIESSHEIM (Heinricus Christophorus a) 
PrcBs. Disputatio feudalis de cucurbita- 
tione. See FACETIAE. Facetiae facetiarum, 
etc. i2mo., 1615. 

[Another edition.] 1625. 

4to., 1627. 

i2mo., 1647. 

i2mo., 1657. 

i2mo., 1737. 

i2mo., 1754. 

T. Ciceronis de- 

fensiones contra C. Calcagnini disquisitiones 

in ejus oiScia, per J. Grifolum. 8vo., 

[colophon .] Venetiis : apud Aldi filios, 1546. 

Renouard, p. 137. Syston Park copy. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another edition.] See FERRA- 

RIUS (H.). H. Ferrarii ad P. Manutium 
emendationes in Philippicas Ciceronis, etc. 

8vo., 1552. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another copy.] 

— Rhetoricos libros ad Herennium scriptos 
ad M. T. Ciceronem nihil omnino pertinerc. 

[Another edition.] 
[.Another edition.] 
[Anotlier edition.] 

[Another edition.] 

GRIFOLUS (Jacobus). M. 


GRIFOLUS (Jacobus).- (coii/d.) 

per J. Gri{olum..,declaratur. 5«eHORATIUS 
FLACCUS (Q.). [Ei'isTOLiE : Ars Poetic a. 
— Latiti.] Q. Horatii Flacci liber de arte 
poetica, etc. 4to., 1550. 

[Another edition.] Svo., 1562, 

GRIMALDI (Stagey). Origines genealogica? ; 
or, the sources whence English genealogies 
may be traced from the Conquest to the 
present time : accompanied by specimens of 
antient records, etc. 4to., London, 1828. 

GRIMAREST (Jean L^onor Le Gallois de). 
La vie de M' de Moliere...R6impression de 
I'edition originale, Paris 1705, et des pieces 
annexes ; avec une notice par A. P. Malassis. 
i2mo., Paris, 1877. 
GRODDECK (Gabriel) Resp. iriya Dis- 
putationem theologicam de lingua Beatorum 
in altera vita. . .offert G. Groddeck...Denuo 
recusa. See SCHTS-hWlG {S.) Press. 

4to., 1700. 
GRODDECK (Gottfried Ernst). Initia his- 
toriae Graecorum litterariae. Secundum 
edidit G. E. Groddeck. 2 pts. 

8vo., Vilnae, 1821-23. 
Mason copy. 
New York. Jean Grolier. 8vo., s.a. 

GROLIER CLUB, New York. Catalogue of 
early printed books relating to America. 
Exhibited at the Grolier Club... December i 3, 
toDecember22,i888. 8vo., New York, 1888. 

— - Early printed books. Exhibition at the 

roomsof the Grolier Club... March 14-19, 1887. 

8vo., New York, 1887. 

Jean Grolier. [An appreciation of Grolier 

as a bibliophile, signed C. A.] 

8vo., \_New York,'] s.a. 

[Publications.] See DE VINNE (T. L.). 

Historic printing types, etc. 4to., 1886. 

Transactions, etc. Pt. I. 

4to., New York, 1885. 

GRONOVIUS (Abrahamus). Pars major 
bibliothecae Gronovianae, sivc catalogus li- 
brorum...bibliothecae...A. Gronovii... quorum 
publica fiet auctio, etc. (Bibliothecae Grono- 
vianae pars rcliqua, etc.) 2 pts. [in i vol.] 

8vo., Luf^diini Batavorum, 1776-85. 
I*t. I. in priced in MS. Oainford copy. 

GROOT (Hugo de). See GROTIUS (H.). 

GROS DE BOZE (Claude). See BOZE. 

GROSIPPUS (Pascasius) pseud, [i.e., Gas- 
parus Scioppius.] See SCIOPPIUS (G.). 

GROSS (Joannes Philippus) Pras. Quaestio- 
nem magisterialem... quanta Adami statura 
fuerit ... ad illustrandum Jos. XIV., 15. 
ventilat simulquc ... Dno. J. P. Gross ... 
lauream magisterialem. ..ex mcrito collatam 
gratulatur I'". L. Goetzius. 

4to., Lipsits, 1727. 

GROTE (George). A history of Greece... A 
new edition, etc. 8 vols., illust. 

8vo., London, i86j. 

GROTIUS (Hugo), [i.e.. Hugo de Groot.] 
H. Grotii sacra in quibus Adamus exul, 
tragoedia aliorumque ejusdeni generis car- 
minum cumulus, etc. 2 pts. [in i vol.] 

4to., Hagis Comitatensi, 1601. 
Hare copy. 

H. Grotii de jure belli ac pacis libri tres, 

in quibus jus natura & gentium, item juris 
publici praecipua explicantur. Editio nova, 
etc. 8vo., Amsteladami, 1670. 

With a yeeoiid, engraved, titlepage. 

H. Grotius de veritate religionis Chris- 
tianas. Editio novissima, etc. 

i2mo., Amstelodami, 1663. 

Editio adcuratior, quam secundum 

recensuit...J. Clericus ; cujus accessit de 
eligenda inter Christianos dissentientes sen 
tentia, liber unicus. Svo., Amstelesdami, 1718. 

H. Grotii et aliorum dissertationes de 

studiis instituendis. 

i2ino., AmT.terodami, 1645. 
Tliy litlepago is engraved. Contents :- Eplstola 
H. Grotii ad B. Mauroiiuin. — G. Naudoei... 
bibUographia politica, etc.. — O. Naud.-ei... syn- 
tagma do studio liberali, etc. — -A. Clapmarii... 
nobilis adolescentis trieuniuni, etc. — C. Coleri de 
ordinando studio politico opistola, elc. — J. 
Focani do ratione studiorurn dissoi'tatio, elc. — 
J. F. rationo stiidii liber, etc. 
— D. Erasn» ratione studii tractutus. — C. 
Barlici mothodus studiofuin, ((c— U. Barl;ui 
mothodus nioruni, etc. — T. Cainpanella; de libris 
]>ropriis & recta ratione studendi, syntagma, 
elc. — L. Aretinus de studiis & Uteris. — C. .Scioiii)ii 
...consuUationes de schoiarxini & studioruni 
ratione, deijue prudentia: & eloquontise parandie 
inodis. — I.,. Crocii D. instructio.iie ratione studii 
theologici. — J. Loccenii de studio juris disser- 
tatiuncula epistolica, etc. — J. 11. iirnii de studio 
modicinie bene instituondo, ilisseiHatio. — M. 
Hortonsii dissertatio do studio matliomatico 
recto instituondo, etc. — S. Fo.xii Morsilii do 
ptiUosophici studii ratione epistola, etc. — P. 
Angolii...quo ordine scriptoruin historite Ro- 
mana) monumenta sint legenda, libellus. etc. — 
J. Casolii... opistola, do studio libcnUis dootrinu), 
deoente e<iueslri loco natos : aliqua de pero- 
grinatione nobili : nonnulla de oratione civili 
porspicua. — C. Scioppii...diatriba, de compen- 
diosa & facili linguam Hebra;ani & Chaldioani 
condiBcendi ratione. — J. A. Bannii dissertatio 
epistolica do musictc natura, etc. 

Epistote. 5«i; HUTTEN(U. von). Epi- 

stolae U. Hutteni, etc. 4to., 1842. 

H. Grotii in consultationcm G. Cassandri 

annotata. Cum neccssariis animadversioni- 
bus A. Riveti. Accessit tractatus de Chris- 
tianae pacificationis & Ecclcsiae reformandac 
vera ratione, etc. 2 tom. [in i vol.] 

8vo., Lugd{uni\ Liatavor[um], 1642. 

Ordinum HoUandiae ac Westfrisia; pietas 

ab. . .calumniis. . . vindicata. 

4to., Lugduni Batavorum, 161 3. 

See LAURENTIUS (J.). H. Grotius 

Papizans. Hoc est notse ad quffidam loca 
in H. Grotii appendice de Antichristo, etc. 

8vo., 1642. 
GRUBINIUS (Oporinus) pseud. [i.e., Gas- 
PARUs Sciopi'ius.] See SCIOPPIUS (G.). 

cois). See LA CROIX DU MAINE. 


GRUEN (Alphonse). La vie publique de U. 
Montaigne. Ittude biographique. 

8vo., Paris, 1855. 

GRUEN (Hans). See BALDUNG (H.). 

GRUTERUS (Janus), [i.e.. Jan Gruter.] 
Delitia c. poetarum Gallorum, hujus supeno- 
risque aevi illustrium...collectore R. Ghero 
[i.e., J. Grutenis]. 3 pts. 

i2mo., [Frankfort,] 1609. 

— Lampas, sive fax artium liberalium, hoc 

est, thesaurus criticus. in quo infinitis locis 

theologorum, jurisconsultorum. . .grammati- 

corum scripta supplentur, corriguntur, il- 

lustrantur, notantur, etc. 7 torn, [in 1 7 vols.] 

8vo., Francoftirti, 1602-34. 

The last three leaves of the supplement to torn. V. 

are supplied in manuscript. Morante copy. 

[Another edition.] 4 torn. 

fol., Florentio', etc., 1 737-51- 
Bed morocco by Binet. Morante copy. 
GRYLL GRANGE. GrvH Grange. [By T. L. 
Peacock.] See PEACOCK (T. L.). 

8vo.. 1861. 

GRYPHIUS (Christian). Vitae selectse quorun- 

dam eruditissimorum ac illustrium \arorum unum volumen redacta; [by C. Gr>'phius]. 

8vo., VratislavicE, 171 1. 

Pattison copy. 

GRYPHIUS (Franciscus). [i.e., Francois 
Gryphe.] Lexicon Graecolatinumj am recens 
in lucem editum. [By F. Gryphius, \vith the 
assistance of C. Oeconomus and others.] 

4to., Parisiis : apud F. Gryphium, 1540. 

GRYPHIUS (Sebastianus). [i.e., S^bastien 
Gryphe.1 Tumulus D. S. Grj-phii diver- 
sorum au'torum carminibus conscriptus. See 
FRANCISCUS (J.) Ripensis. J. Francisci 
...carminum liber, efc. i6mo., 1561. 

GUALDUS (Paulus). Vita J. V. PineUi...In 
qua studiosis bonarum artium, proponitur 
typus viri probi & eruditi. 

4to., Augusta Vindelicorum, 1607. 

Biu-mannus the Younger's copy. 

Pierre Gaultier-Chabot.] P. Gualterii 
Chabotii...expositio analytica & brevis in 
universum Q. Horatii Flacci poema, etc. 
[With the text.] See HORATIUS FLACCUS 
(Q.). [Opera. — Latin.] 8vo., 1582. 

Editio secunda, etc. 8vo., 1589. 

p. Gualterii Chabotii...praelectionum in 

O Horatii Flacci poemata, tomus primus 
(— tertius), etc. [With the text.] 3 torn. 
—Latin.] fol., 1594. 9i- 

GUARIMBERTUS (MAXTHiEUs). M. Guarim- radiis & aspectibus planetarum. 
Lat. See PTOLEM^US (C). [Quadri- 
PARTiTUM.] Hoc in libro nunqua ante. 
lucem edita haec insunt, etc. [Pt. II.] 

4to., 1535- 

GUARINUS, Veronensis. Erotemata Guarini 
[abridged from Chrj'soloras] cum multis 
additamentis, et cum commentariis Latinis. 
Gr. SeeCHRYSOLORAS (E.). Erotemata 
Guarini, etc. 8vo., 1509- 

' EgcorrjfiaTa tou FovaQivov. See CHRY- 

SOLORAS (E.). 'EqajTrjuaxa tou XQvaoXoiQa, 
etc. 8vo., 1517. 

See ROSMINI (C. de'). Vita e disciplina 

di Guarino Veronese, etc. 3 vols. 

4to., 1805-6. 

GUARNA (Andreas). Grammaticale bellum, 
nominis & verbi regum, de principalitate 
orationis inter se contendentium, nuper 
editum k Andrea Salemitano, etc. See 
SCRIPTORES. Dissertationum ludicrarum 
...scriptores varii. Editio nova, etc. 

i2mo., 1644. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another edition.] 12 mo., 1666. 

[Another copy.] 

GUAZZO (Marco). Historic di M. Guazzo di 

tutti i fatti degni di memoria nel mondo suc- 

cessi dell' anno 1 524 sino a questo presente... 

novamente...ristampate. 8vo., Vtnegta : 

appresso G. Giolito de Ferrari, 1 546. 

Olive morocco by Derorae. De Thou, Hanrott 

and Becktord copy. 

GUDE (Marquard). See GUDIUS (M.). 

(P. S.). Notice sur M. Gudin. 8vo., 1812. 

GUDIUS (Marquardus). [i.e., Marquard 
GUDE.] M. Gudii et doctorum virorum ad 
eum epistolae. Quibus accedunt ex biblio- 
theca Gudiana clarissimorum... virorum, qui 
superiore & nostro saeculo floruerunt ; et 
C. Sarravii...epistolse...Curante P. Burmanno. 
[Pt. I.] 4to., Ultrajecti, 1697. 

Wanting pt. II. 

Editio ultima prioribus correctior. 

2 pts. 4to., Haga-Comitum, 1714- 

GUEDES (DuARTE HuET DE Bacellar Pinto). 


GUERLE (Jean Nicolas Marie de). See DU 

ROZOIR (C). Discours prononce...aux 

funeraillesdeM.deGuerle. 8vo., 1824. 


(G.). G. Gueroult et ses chansons spirituelles, 

g^_ l2mo. , 1880. 

GUEROULT (Pierre Remi Antoine Guil- 

laume). See DU ROZOIR (C). Notice sur 

M. P. R. A. G. Gueroult. Svo., [1826 ?] 

GUERRIER DE DUMAST (Auguste Prosper 

Francois). Notice sur S. Pellico, etc. 

8vo., Paris, 1838. 
From the " Dictionnaire de la conversation et de 
la lecture." Pattison copy. 

GUERROIS (Charles des). See DES 


GUEVARA (Antonio de) Bishop of Mondo- 
iiedo. De vitae rusticae privata?qi laudibus, & 
contra de aulicae vitae molestiis, liber ele- 
gantissimus. See HERDESIANUS (H. P.). 
Aulica vita, e<c. [Pt. II.] 8vo., 1578. 

Vitas rusticae encomium, etc. See MYLE 

{M. VAN DER). Oblectatio vitse rusticae. 

i2mo., 1633. 

- Du mespris de la court : & de la louange 
de la vie rusticque. Nouvellement traduict 
...en Francoys [by A. Alaigre]. 

8vo., Lyon : chls E. Dolet, 1542. 
Brunei. II., 1798. 

[Another edition.] 

i6mo., Lyott : J. de Tournes, 1543. 

Le mespris de la court, avec la vie rustic- 
que... Lamye de court (par le Seigneur de 
Borderie ). La parfaicte amy e ( par A. Heroet). 
Le contreamye (par C. Fontaine). Lan- 
drozyne de Platon. Le.xperience de lamye 
de court, contre le contreamye (de...P. 
Angier). i6mo., Paris : Galiot du pre, 1544. 

Brunei, II., 1798. 

GUEZ DE BALZAC (Jean Louis). See 

GUIBAL (Georges). De J. Boyssonnei vita, 
seu de litterarum in Gallia meridiana resti- 
tutione. Thcsim proponebat...G. Guibal. 

8vo., Toulouse, 1863. 

J. de Boysson, ou la Renaissance a Tou- 
louse. 8vo., [Toulouse. 1864.] 

From the " Revue de Toulouse et du Midi de la 

GUIDI (Ulisse). Descrizione di due libri 
stampati da Aldo. [Signed U. Guidi, but 
originally published under the name of C. 
Ramazzotti.] See RAMAZZOTTI (C). 

8vo., (1853.) 

Notizia bibliografica [of G. F. Mugnaini's 

" Delia proporzione tra i talenti dell' uomo 
cd i loro usi " and of a dissertation by J. 
Belgrado. Signed U. Guidi]. 

8vo., {Bologna, 1853.) 

GUIDO, de Cauliaco. Prologue, & chapitre 
singulier de... Guidon de Cauliac. Le tout 
nouvellement traduict, & illustre de com- 
mcntaires par... J. Canappe. 

8vo. , Lyon : ches E. Dolet, 1542. 
C'08t« and Ronard copy. Tliia is tlio actual copy 
described by Brunet (I., 1688-89). 

[Another copy.] 

Red morocco by G. Winstanlcy. 

GUIENNE.— College. Schola Aquitanica. 

Programme d'dtudes du Colldge de Guycnne 

au 1 6'' si6cle...r6imprimi^-.,.avcc une preface 

...par L. Masscbieau. 8vo., Paris, 1886. 

(M6moircs ot Documents Scolairos publics par In 

MusAo PAdagogiquo. Faso. 7.) 

See GAULLIEUR (E.). Histoirc du 

College [s«c]de Guyenne, etc. Svc, 1874. 

GUIFFREY (Georges), fiducateurs fran9ais 
et etrangers. E. Dolet [A review of the 

French translation of Mr. Christie's " fitionne 
Dolet."] 8vo., Paris, 1887. 

From the " Revue p^dagogique," Nouv. sir.. 
Tome X., No. i. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another copy.] 

GUIGARD (JoANNis). Armorial du biblio- 
phile, etc. 2 torn, [in i vol.], illust. 

8vo., Paris, 1870-73. 

Bibliotheque heraldique de la France. 

(Appendice. Histoire nobiliaire et ordres de 
chevalerie des pays etrangers.) 

8vo., Paris, 1861. 

Nouvel armorial du bibliophile, guide de 

I'amateur des livres armories. 2 torn., illust. 

8vo., Paris, 1890. 
Charles). See PIXfiRfiCOURT. 

(Guillaume Emmanuel Joseph) Baron de 
Sainte-Croix. See SAINTE-CROIX. 

Prince of Orange, etc. 

GUILLET (Antoine Leblanc de). See LE- 

GUILLET (Pernette du). See DU GUIL- 

GUILLIAUDUS (Claudius). Collatio in omncs 
divi Pauli apostoli epistolas, juxta eruditorum 
sententiam facta, per...C. Guilliaudum, etc. 
4to., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphiuni, 1544. 

IncanonicasApostolorum septem epistolas 

collatio, juxta eruditorum sententiam facta, 
per...C. Guilliaudum, etc. 

4to., Lugduni: apud Seb. Gryphiuin, 1544. 

GUILLIM (John). A display of heraldry... 
The sixth edition, etc. (Observations upon 
the laws and customs of nations, as to pre- 
cedency. By Sir G. Mackenzie.) 

fol., London, 1724. 
Cottle copy. 

GUILLONIUS (Ren.\tus). [i.e.. Rene Guil- 
LON.] Annotaliones R. Guillonii in grani- 
maticam Graecam Clenardi. See CLEN- 
ARDUS (N.). Institutiones absolutissima: 
in Graecam linguam, etc. 

[Another edition.] 

[Another edition.] 

8vo., 1543. 
8vo., 1548. 
8vo., 1352. 

GUINTERIUS (Joannes) Andernacus. [i.e., 
Johann Winter.] Anatomicaruni institu- 
tionum, ex Galeni sententia, libri 1 1 II. iicr 
J. Guintcrium...His acccsscrunt Thcophili 
Protospatarii, de corporis humani fabrica, 
libri V. Item Hippocratis Coi de mcdica- 
mentis purgatoriis libcllus nunquam ante 
nostra tcmpora in luccm cditus. J. P. 

8vo., Lugduni : apud Seb. Gryphium, 1541. 

GUIRANDUS (Petrus). P. Guirandi.. .Mar- 
garita, etc. — Ejusdem Guirandi lusus. [In 
verse.] See ARNAUDUS (A.). Joci, etc. 

12 mo., 1600. 


GUISCARDO. Guystarde and Sygj'smonde... 
newly traslated out of laten into engysshe 
[sic] by W. Walter, etc. See URSULA, Saint. 
The life of St. Ursula, etc. 4to., 1818. 

GUIZOT (Francois Pierre Guillaume). The 
history of civilization, from the fall of the 
Roman Empire to the French Revolution... 
Translated by W. Hazlitt. 3 vols. 

8vo., London, 1851, 46. 
Vol. I. is a reprint. 

^^— History of the English Revolution of 
1640 : from the accession of Charles I. to 
his death... Translated by W. HazUtt. 

8vo., London, 1854. 

GULIELMUS, de Occam. Disputatio inter 

clericum et militem, super po testate praelatis 

Ecclesig atq3 principibus terrarum commissa, 

sub forma dialogi. [By Gulielmus de Occam.] 

8vo., Londini : in <edibus T. Bertheleti, s.a. 

GURLITT (JoHANN Gottfried). Oratio de 
usu librorum sacrorum ad hunianitatem et 
omnem doctrinam liberalem excolendam 
vario et multiplici, etc. 4to., Hamburgi, 1 803. 

GUSTAVUS, Crown Prince of Sweden, Son oj 
King Erik XIV. See LUNDBLAD (J.) 
Pras. Dissertatio historica de Gustavo 
Erici XIV. filio, etc. 4to., 1799. 

Fleetwood (G.) Baron. Letter... giving an 
account of the... death of Gustavus Adolphus. 
Camden miscellany. Vol. I. 4to., 1847. 

GUTENBERG (Johann). Cenni sulla in- 
venzione della stampa e iuaugurazione dalle 
statue di Guttemberg in Magonza e Stras- 
burgo, con note aggiunte (da S. Casali). 

8vo., Forli, 1841. 

See FACCIO (D.). Notizic.di Guten- 
berg, Fust e Schoeffer, etc. 8vo., 1844. 

See HESSELS (J. H.). Gutenberg : was 

he the inventor of printing ? etc. Svo., 1882. 

GUTHERIUS (Jacobus). [i.e., Jacques 
Guthierres.] J. Gutherii Tiresias, seu 
caecitatis encomium. See SCRIPTORES. 
Dissertationum ludicrarum...scriptores varii. 
Editio nova, eic. i2mo., 1644. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another edition.] i2mo., 1666. 

[Another copy.] 

GUTHRIE (Malcolm). On Mr. Spencer's uni- 
fication of knowledge. 8vo., London, 1882. 



GUYLFORDE {Sir Richard). The pylgrym- 
age of Sir R. Guylforde to the Holy Land, 
a.d. 1 506. ..Edited by Sir H. Ellis. 

4to., [London,] 185 1. 

(Camden Society Publications, Vol. 51.) 

GUYOT (Thomas). See BARBIER (A. A.). 
Notice sur la vie et les ouvTages de T. Guyot, 
etc. 8vo., 1813. 

GYLLIUS (Petrus). [i.e., Pierre Gilles.] 
P. Gyllii liber summarius de GalUcis et 
Latinis nominibus piscium Massihensium. 
See iELIANUS (C.) Presnestinus. Ex Aeliani 
historia, per P. GylUum Latini facti...Ubri 
XVI. de vi & natura animalium, etc. 

4to., 1533- 

[Another copy.] 

[Another edition.] 4to., 1535. 



I.-II., III., Nos. 1-4. 

8vo., Edinburgh, 1888-92. 

GYRALDUS (Cynthius Joannes Baptista). 


H., Ar. D. V. A. D. L. See BEAUMARCHAIS 

(A. DE LA B. DE). 

H.. G. See HERBERT (G.). 

HAAG (EuGfeNE) & (Smile). La France pro- 
testante...Deuxieme edition, publiee...sous 
la direction de H. Bordier. Tom. I.-VI. 

8vo., Paris, 1877-88. 
Comprises letters A.-Ga. All published. 

HACKERT (Jacob Philipp). Carte generate 
de la partie de la Sabine oii 6toit situee la 
maison de campagne d'Horacc, suivie de dix 
viies des sites de cette campagne et de ses 
environs, nommes dans les oeuvres d'Horace, 
etc. fol., Rome, s.a. 

Sussex copy. 

HACKET (John) Bishop of Lichfield and 
Coventry. Scrinia reserata : a memorial 
ofler'd to the great deservings of J. Williams, 
D.D....Ld. Archbishop of York. Containing 
a series of the most remarkable occurrences 

and transactions of his life, etc. 2 pts. [in i 

vol.] fol., {London,) 1693. 

HADDONUS (Gualterus). [i.e., Walter 

Haddon.] Contra H. Osorium, ejusq; 

odiosas insectationes pro Evangelicae veri- 

tatis necessaria defensione, responsio apolo- 

getica. Per...G. Haddonum inchoata : 

deinde suscepta & continuata per J. Foxum. 

4to., Londini : ex ofjicinaj. Daii, 1577. 

Calf by R. Hall. Bodleian Library duplicate. 

Buckley copj'. 

G. Haddoni...lucubrationes passim col- 

lectae. & editae. Studio & labore T. Hatcheri. 
(D. G. Haddoni...poemata, studio & labore 
T. Hatcheri... collecta, & edita.) L.P. 2 pts. 
[in I vol.] 

4to., Londini : apud G. Seresium, 1567. 

Citron morocco by Mackenzie. Hanrott and 
Sullivan copy. 

[Another copy of the " Lucubra- 


Stamped calf. Straiigford copy. 


HAEBLER (Konrad). The early printers of 
Spain and Portugal. 4to., London, 1897. 

(Bit)liograpliicol Society. Illustrated Monographs. 
No. IV.) 

HAEDUS (Petrus). [De amoris generibus.] 
4to., [colophon .•] Tarvisii : per Gerardum 
de Ftandria, 1492. 
Hain and Copinger, 'S343. Proctor, 6507. Ira- 
perfect : wanting the first 6 unnumbered leaves 
and the concluding leaf (blank). Sussex copy. 

H^DUUS (Joannes Quintinus). See QUIN- 

TINUS (J.) HcBdutts. 

a Kempis. 
H AGEN (Friedrich Caspar). Memoriae philo- 
sophorum, oratorum, poetarum, histori- 
corum at philologorum, nostrae setatis clarissi- 
morum renovatae. 2 pts. [in i vol.] 

8vo., Francojurti, 1710. 
Tlie pagination and register are consecutive 


HAGER (Johann Georg). De J. Boccatio 
veritatis Evangelicae teste disserit...J. G. 
Hager. 4to., Chemnicii, 1765. 

IJAGHEN (Godfried van der). See BRAD- 
SHAW (H.) Librarian of the University of 
Cambridge. Godfried van der Haghen. C. H.. 
the publisher of Tindale's own last edition of 
the New Testament in 1534-35. 8vo., 1886. 

HAGTHORPE (John). Hagthorpe revived ; 
or, select specimens of a forgotten poet. 
(Edited by Sir S. E. Brydges.) 

4to., Lee Priory Private Press, 1817. 
(Roxburgho Club Publications, No. 9.) 

CHEN (GoTTLOB August). Specimen bi- 
bliothecae eruditorum longaevorum, etc. See 

4to., 1730. 

HAIMINSFELDIUS (Melchior Goldastus). 
See GOLDAST (M.). 

HAIN (Ludwig). Repertorium bibliographi- 
cum, in quo libri omnes ab arte typographica 
inventa usque ad annum 1500 typis ex- 
press! ordine alphabetico vel simpliciter 
enumerantur vel adcuratius rccensentur. 
2 vols, [in 4.] 8vo., Stuttgartiae, 1826-38. 

Indices uberrimi opera Conradi 

Burger. 8vo., Lipsiae, 1891. 

Supplement to Main's repertorium biblio- 

graphicum, or collections towards a new 
edition of that work. W. A. Copinger. 
Pt. I. 8vo., London, 1895. 

Wanting pt. II. 

HAINIiS (Charles Reginald). Christianity 
and Islam in Spain, a.d. 756-1031. 

8vo., London, 1889. 

HALE (Sir Matthew). De succcssionibus 
apud Anglos. The law of hereditary de- 
scents. Shewing the rise, progress and suc- 
cessive alterations thereof : also the law of 
descents a.s now in use. [Edited by Sir 
B. Shower.] 8vo., London, 1700. 

MacclcKficId copy. 

HALIFAX (George Savile) 15/ Marquis of. 
See SAVILE (H.). Savile correspondence. 
Letters to and from H. Savile... including 
letters from his brother George Marquess of 
Halifax, etc. 4to., 1858. 

HALKETT (Samuel) & LAING (John). A 
dictionary of the anonymous and pseudo- 
nymous literature of Great Britain. Includ- 
ing the works of foreigners written in, or 
translated into, the English language. 
[Edited bv C. Laing.] 4 vols. 

8vo., Edinburgh. 1882-88. 

HALL (Edward). Hall's chronicle ; contain- 
ing the history of England, during the reign 
of Henry the Fourth, and the succeeding 
monarchs, to the end of the reign of Henry 
the Eighth, etc. 4to., London. 1809. 

There is a second titlepage, a copy of that of 1548, 
reading: *'The union of the ... famelies of 
Lancastre & Yorke," etc. 

HALL (James). The Book of the Abbot of 
Combermere, 1289 to 1529. ..Edited by J. 
Hall. See LANCASHIRE. Miscellanies, re- 
lating to Lancashire and Cheshire. VoL II. 

8vo., 1896. 

HALL (Joseph) Bishop of Norwich. The 
king's prophecie : or, weeping joy. Ex- 
pressed in a poem, to the honor of England's 
too great solemnities. [Edited by W. E. 
Buckley.] 4to., London, 1882. 

(Roxburghe Club Publications, No. no.) 

HALL (Richard). The life and death of... 
John Fisher, Bishop of Rochester : com- 
prising the... transactions of Church and 
State in the reign of King Henry the 8th... 
Carefully selected from severall ancient 
records, by T. Baily [or rather, R. Hall]. 

8vo., London, 1655. 
Wood, *'Athenae Oxonienses," II,, 528. 

HALLAM (Henry). The constitutional his- 
tory of England from the accession of Henry 
VII. to the death of George II. . . .Sixth edition. 
2 vols. 8vo., London. 1850. 

Introduction to the literature of Europe, 

in the fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth 
centuries... Third edition. 3 vols. 

8vo., London, 1847. 

View of the state of Europe during the 

Middle Ages. ..Tenth edition, etc. 3 vols. 

8vo , London, 1853. 

HALL-STEVENSON (John). The works of 
J. Hall-Stevenson. ..corrected and enlarged, 
etc. 3 vols. 8vo., London, 1795. 

HAMEL (Joseph von). England and Russia; 
comprising the voyages of J. Tradescant the 
elder, Sir H. Willoughby, R. Chancellor, 
Nelson, and others, to the Wliite Sea. ..Trans- 
lated by J. S. Leigh. 8vo., London, 1854. 

HAMILTON (Nicholas Esterhazv Stephen 
j Armytage). An inquiry into the genuine- 
i ncss of the manuscript corrections in Mr. J. 
i P. Collier's annotated Shakspcre, Folio, 1632 ; 
and of certain Shaksperian documents like- 
wise published by Mr. Collier. 

4to., London, i860. 


HAMILTON (William) Poet, oj Bangour. The 
eighteenth epistle of the second book of 
Horace, to LoUius, imitated [by W. 
Hamilton]. See HORATIUS FLACCUS (Q. ). 
[EpisTOLiE : Imitations.] 8vo.. 1737. 

HAMILTON (William Alexander Louis 
Stephen Douglas Hamilton) i2ih Duke oj. 
Catalogue of ninety-one manuscripts on 
vellum, illuminated by English. ..Byzantine, 
French... Italian and Spanish artists, of the 
Vllth to the XVIIth century, chiefly from 
the famous Hamilton collection... Which will 
be sold by auction, etc. 8vo., London, 1889. 

The Hamilton Palace libraries. Cata- 
logue of the Hamilton librarj'. Which will 
be sold by auction, etc. 

8vo., London, 1884. 
Large paper copy, with prices and purchasers' 

[Another copy, printed on small 


HAMILTON (William Douglas). Original 
papers illustrative of the life and writings of 
John Milton, including sixteen letters of 
State written by him... With an appendix of 
documents relating to his connection with 
the Powell family. Collected and edited... 
by W. D. Hamilton. 

4to., [London,] 1859. 
(Camden Society Publications, Vol. 75.) 

oJ Fonthill Abbey. The Hamilton Palace 
libraries. Catalogue ... of the Beckford 
library, f/c. 4pts. 8vo., 1882-83. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another copy of Pt. I.] 

See BECKFORD (W.) of Fonthill Abbey. 

The Hamilton Palace libraries. Catalogue 
of valuable books returned from the sales of 
the Beckford and Hamilton Ubraries, having 
been found to be imperfect, etc. 8vo., 1884. 

See HAMILTON (W. A. L. S. D. Hamil- 
ton) i2th Duke of. The Hamilton Palace 
libraries. Catalogue of the Hamilton 
library, etc. 8vo., 1884. 

[Another copy.] 

HAMMERSTEIN (Christophorus). Qua-s- 
tiones Horatianae criticae. Dissertatio philo- 
logica, etc. 8vo., Coloniae, 1846. 

HAMST (Olphar) pseud. [i.e., Ralph 
Thomas.] See THOMAS (R.). 

HANNAY (James). Satire and satirists. Six 
lectures. 8vo., London, 1854. 

HANNO, Carthaginian Navigator. 'Avvwvoi;... 
nsQinXovQ, rwv vnsQ rag fiQaxXeov:; arrjXag 
XiPvxcov, etc. See ARRI ANUS (F.). 'A^Qiavov 
TiEQinXovg Ev^Eivov Ilovrov, etc. 4to., [1533.] 

HANNOW (JoACHiMus Eberartus ab) Resp. 
[For editions of the " Bonus mulier."] See 
TRENTACINQUIUS (C.) pseud.. Press. 

HANROTT (Philip Augustus). Catalogue of 
the... library of P. A. Hanrott... Which will be 
sold by auction, etc. 5 pts. [in i vol.] 

4to., (London,) 1833-34. 
With prices in MS. 

Adolphus). Viri illustris F. A. Hansen ab 
Ehrencron...bibhotheca, continens apparatum 
egregium librorum...quos public^ distrahet 
A. de Hondt, etc. 

8vo., Hagce Comitum, 1718. 

Sale catalogue, with prices in MS. 

HANSES (Henricus Augustus) Resp. 
Schediasma de commentariis historicis, quos 
GaUi memoires vocant...Denuo recusa. See 
MENCKENIUS (J. B.) Prces. 4to., 171 1. 

HANSON (Sir Levett). An accurate historical 

account of all the Orders of Knighthood at 

present existing in Europe, etc. [By Sir L. 

Hanson, and edited by Sir C. Young ?] 2 vols. 

8vo., London, [1802.] 

Halkett and Laing, I., 29. 

HANTHALER (Chrysostomus). P. Chrysos- 

tomi Hanthaler...exercitationes faciles de 

numis veterum pro tyronibus...Exercitatio 

prooemialis de numis aliquot Graecis, etc. 

(P. Chrysostomi Hanthaler...exercitationes 

faciles... Pars I., etc.) 2 pts. [in i vol.] 

4to., Norimberga, 1735-36. 
The " Exercitatio prooemialis " forms pt. i of this 
volume ; pts. 2-5 of the " Exercitationes 
faciles " are wanting. 

HARANGUES. Harangues facetieuses...sur 
la mort de divers animaux, etc. [By O. 
Lando.] See LANDO (O.). [Sermoni 
Funebri.] i2mo., 161 8. 

HARAUCOURT (Edmond). L'effort. La 

Madone. — L' Antechrist. — L'immortalite. — 

La fin du monde. 4to., Paris, 1894. 

160 copies privately jirinted for the Soci6t^ des 

Bibliophiles Contemporains, tliis being No. 31. 

HARDERUS (Henricus). [i.e., Heinrich 
Harder.] Canum cum catis certamen, car- 
mine compositum currente calamo C. Catulli 
Caninii. Auctor est H. Harderus. See 
NUGiE. Nugae venales, eic. ismo., 1720. 

[Another edition.] 

i2mo., 1741. 

HARDEVUYST (Alovsius). Paraphrases 
odarum viginti quatuor e Q. Horatii Flacci 
libro primo. See HORATIUS FLACCUS 
(Q-)- [Carmina, etc. : Imitations. — Latin.] 

8vo.. 171 1. 

HARDINGE (George). The essence of Malone, 
or the "beauties " of that fascinating writer, 
extracted from his immortal work... entitled, 
" Some account of the life and writings of 
John Drj'den ! ! " Second edition, enlarged. 
[Dedication signed Minutius Felix, i.e., G. 
Hardinge.] 8vo., London, i8co. 

Halkett and Laing, I., 830. 

HARDIVILLIER (Pierre d') Archbishop of 
Bourges. P. Hardivilerii... actio pro Aca- 
demia adversus presbyteros & scholasticos 
CoUegii Claromontani, habita in Senatu 
Parisiensi, a.d. 161 i die 22 Decembris. 

8vo., Parisiis, 161 2. 

HARDT (Hermann von der). Memorabilia 
Rudolpheas Novae Helmstadiensis Biblio- 
thecae, etc. See MADERUS (J. J.). De 
bibliothecis nova accessio coUectioni Made- 
rianae adjuncta, etc. 4to., 1703. 


HARDUINUS (Joannes), [i.e., Jean Har- 
DOUiN.] J. censurain scrip- 
torum veterum prolegomena, elc. 

8vo., Lmidini, 1766. 

— — Doutes proposes sur I'age du Dante... Avec 
notes par C. L. [i.e., Charles Lyell.] 

8vo., Paris, 1847. 
Reprinted from " M6moires pour THistoire dea 
Sciences et des Beaux-^Vrts," Tr^voux, aoiit 

J. Harduini... opera selecta, turn quae jam 

pridem Parisiis edita nunc emendatiora et 
multo auctiora prodeunt, turn quje nunc 
primum edita. fol., Anistelodami , 1709. 

Missy and .\berraan copy. 

HARDY (5jV Thomas DuFFUS). 5e«LENEVE 
(J.). Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae... Corrected 
and continued... by T. D. Hardy. 3 vols. 

8vo., 1854. 

HARENTALS (Petrus de). See PETRUS, de 

HAREWOOD, Lords of. Pedigree of the Lords 
of Harewood. See YORKSHIRE. [33 
pedigrees, elc] fol., s.a. 

HARINGTON {Sir John). A tract on the 

succession to the Crown, a.d. 1602... edited, 

with notes and an introduction, by C. R. 

Markham. 4to., London, 18S0. 

(Roxbur^he Club Publications, No. 106.) With 

portrait of Sir John Harington, which forms 

No. 107 of the Roxburghe Club Publications. 

HARLAND (John). Collectanea relating to 
Manchester and its neighbourhood, at various 
periods. Compiled, arranged, and edited by 
J. Harland. 2 vols. 

4to., (Manchester.) 1866-67. 
(Chetham Society. Remains, e<c. Vole. LXVIII. 
and LXXII.) 

The Lancashire lieutenancy under the 

Tudors and Stuarts. The civil and military 
government of the county, as illustrated by 
a series of royal and other letters. ..Edited by 
J. Harland. 2 pts. 

4to., (Manchester,) 1859. 

(Chothnm Society. Remains, etc. Vols. XLIX. 
and L. ) The pagination is continuous. 

Mamecestre : being chapters from the 

early recorded history of the barony : the 
lordship or manor ; the vill, borough, or 
town, of Manchester. Edited by J. Harland. 
3 vols. 4to., (Manchester,) 1861-62. 

(Chetham Society. Remains, elc. Vols. LIU.. 
LVI., ond LVIII.) 

The names of eight hundred inhabitants 

of Manchester who took the oath of allegiance 
to Charles IL in April 1679. See CHETHAM 
MISCELLANIES. Vol. III. 4to., 1862. 

Three Lancashire documents of the four- 
teenth and fifteenth centuries, comprising 
I. — The great De Lacy inquisition... 1 31 1. 
II. — The survey of 1 320-1 346. III. — Custom 
roll and rental of the manor of Ashton- 
under-Lyne...i422. Edited by J. Harland. 

4to., (Manchester.) 1868. 
(Chetham Society. Remains, r/r. Vol. LXXIV.) 



(Nicolas). See 
[i.e., James 

Miller.] See MILLER (J.). 

HARLEY (Lady Brilliana). Letters... With 
introduction and notes by T. T. Lewis. 

4to., London, 1854. 
(Camden Society Publications, Vol. 58.) 

HARMENOPOULOS (Constantine). ngoxei- 
Qov vo/uojv, TO ^eyo/isvov ij ' E^a^iji^o^, avva- 
dgoiadev navrodev kut' ixXoyrjv nai xax' 
eKiro/itijv, ovrco avitedev, naQa...KiovmavTivov 
Toy Mo/ievoJiovAou... Epitome juris civilis quje 
legum prochiron et Hexabiblos inscribitur... 
jam primum in luce aedita cura & studio T. 
Adamjei. Gr. 

4to., Parisiis : apud C. Wechelum, 1540. 

HARPOCRATION (Valerius). 'Agnoxea- 
ricovog, Xt^ixov twv dexa QrjxoQwv. See 
ULPIANUS, Rhetor. OiXmavov QrjxoQog, 
nooXeyoneva sIq re tovq dXvvdiaxovg, xai 
(piXinmxovz Srjfioadevovi; Xoyovg, etc. fol., 1503. 

[Another edition.] fol., 1527. 

'AQTioxgartcovOi;. . .Tceoi tcvmv na^ 'laoxoazei 

Xe^eov. See ISOCRATES. [Opera.] 'Iso- 
crates nuper accurate recognitus, etc. 

fol., 1534. 

[Anotlier copy.] 

HARRIS (George). Principia prima legum ; 
or, an enunciation and analysis of the ele- 
mentary principles of law, etc. Part I. 

8vo., London, [1865.] 

All published. 

HARRIS (James). Hermes, or a philosophical 
inquiry concerning universal grammar... The 
sixth edition. 8vo., London, 1806. 

(J. P.). A Lancashire pedigree case. ..with 
a pedigree of the Harrison family. 8vo., 1887. 

HART (William Henry). Index cxpurga- 
torius Anglicanus ; or a descriptive catalogue 
of the principal books printed or published 
in England, which have been suppressed, etc. 
Pts. 1-5. 8vo., London, i872[-781. 

Comprises pp. 3-290, covering the years 1524- 
168 1. AH published. 

HARTE (Walter). An essay [in verse] on 
satire, particularly on the Dunciad [of Pope] 
...To which is added, a discourse on satires... 
By M. Boileau. 8vo., London, 1730. 

HARTLIB (Samuel). See ALTHAUS (F.). 
S. Hartlib. Ein deutsch-englisches Charak- 
tcrbild. 8vo.,[i885.] 

HARTLIEB (Jacob). De fide meretricum, in 
suos amatores. Appendix ex orationibus J. 
Charistaoi [i.e., J. Hartlicb]. See OPSO- 
PCEUS (V.). V. Obsopreus de arte bibcndi 
lib. quatuor, etc. [Pt. III.] l2mo., 1648. 

HARTUNG (Ernst Bruno). Grundlinien 
cincr Ethik bei G. Bruno, bcsondcrs nach 
dcsscn Schrift " La spaccio de la bestia 
trionfante," elc. [Dissertation.] 

8vo., Leipzig, 1878. 

HARTU^"GUS (Joannes), [i.e.. Johann Har- 
TUNG.] Bibliotheca, sive antiquitates urbis 
Constantinopolitanae. (Codicum Graecorum 
catalogus.) [By J. Hartungus.] See LA 
CROIX DU MAINE (F. Grud£ de). Les 
bibliotheques franfoises de La Croix du Maine 
et de Du Verdier...nouvelle edition, etc. 
Tome VI. 4to., 1773. 

Chilias Homericorum locorum, qui a 

diversis. . .intetpretibus. . .usurpantur, etc. 

8vo., Basilecs, 1568. 

De Thou copy. 

■ Locorum quorundam memorabilium, ex 

optimis quibusq; authoribus ciim Grjecis 

turn Latinis excerptorum, decuriae II. [or 

rather, IV.], etc. 4 pt