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Full text of "Christs personall reigne on earth, one thousand yeares with his saints, containing a reply to A ..."

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*O^AftAftAA ft ftpftA AAA& 



eigne on is.. 

Earth, One Thpufand Yeares 

SI witk his SAINTS. 

21 The Manner, Beginningi^ and Con-|g 

2g tinuation of his Reignc clearly proved, bjr gj^ 

t0any plain Texts of Scripture,and the chiefe . sO^ 

Objcftions ftgainftit fully anfwcrcd. &^ 

Explaining tlie 20 of the %ffveLitionSy and all other 

Scripture-Prophcfics that treat of \u 


ty Robert JAsLton, Preacher of the Word* 


• m 



ContaifiiDg a full reply to Mr. JkKanier ^^ 

^etrie a 5r(tf^& Mlnifter, who wrote agfcinft 


Divided into twoParts. The fitftcoiiccrnes the fe^es^^ 

Coayetfion to the Eaith^d Rcftoration into a vifibic King4oiit BO* 
ia Jiiifi/^^ ; a&d the fecond^ our Saviours vifible Reigae. 
over themjand all odier Nations at his next 

appeariog. . 

Joel tbe f^4&3f «/ f^h$fikafhat,&c^pomting out tie very place, 

Ifa. •• xd. 7V#i^ L^sand t$ the Tefiimoftyy if they ff cake not 

according to this w^rdjit is heaufe there k no light in them. 

hONVOViv ^^ _ 

Rinjcd and art to be fold by John Jffdne^ckjn Pefes^^ - ^®* 

Head-tAUey. % 651.^ ^^ 


Is Al AH 4JI.V. I3.8(C. 

SlngvGHewCTvandbejoyfulI, Oearth, andbreike 
forth into fingiogj 6 jnouwjines : lot God hath 
conirorted:hij people , ^nd willlisye iBerCjT upon his 

ButSidri faid, Tlie LotdTiath fprfaken mee, and ray 
Lofd'hathforgot|c»mc.. ; . ' '. ,,■. 

■ Can a. woman, forget her. TuqVihg ch(ltl , that' 
(he flronld not hive .fompifliah^on the Sonne of 
herwomBe? jKathey^pjayforget, yetwillnot I for- 
getthee. ; ,, / , ,' . 

Behold, I have graven thee upon the" palines of my 
bands ; thy vrallsare continually before me. 

Thy children (hall make hafte, thy deftroyers and 
they that made thee wafte, (hall goe forth of thee. 

Lift up thine eyes round about , and behold: all 
«iie(e^i»her-tliem£U3£S^oget;ber and come to thee •- 
as Uivc faith the Lord, thou (halt furely'cTbth thee 
with them all, as with an ornament, and bind them 
onthee sa aBridedotir. 

For chy wade and thy defolate places, and the Land 
of thy deftru^ion (hall even now be too narrow by 
Tcafon of the Inhabitants, and they that (wallowed - 
tfcae up (hall be farre away. 

The children which thou (halt have after thou haft 
loft the other, (hall fay againe in thine eares, The place 
is tooftraighcfor mee: give place to me that I may 
' " ' *j. " The»i 

Then fliakthon £iy in thine heart , Who bafh be- 
gotten me thcfe, leeing I have loft my (Mclfen , and 
apdefol^te, a captive and removing to and fro f and 
^ko Ija^i^broiKbt up thefe ? Behol<E I fras left alone, 
thefc where had they bf en ? Sur. 

' * ' • - » 

Kok. li. V£R.29.&a 

• • • 

Asconoening the Goi^h they are racfiiies lot 
your Gkei but as tcmctiingtheeledioo, thef are be-* 
loved for the Fathers fake. Fbrtbegtfts aodcaUiBg 
Qf God are w:ithout repentance.. 

For as ye in times pad have not believed God , yet 
bave hovv^ obtained mercy through their urixliefe : 

Even 4b have thefe. aHb now* not beliewd , that 
through your fluercy they alfo may obtatoe mercy • 

For God hath concluded them all in ivibeliele^ that 
be mighjchave Bjiercy upon all. 


- V • 


• » 

• • 

* * 



> 4 

4 > 



Ccorteoui Reader, 

» Here 0t tvo r^tim tSfiafiet nhicb de» 
igrrt wen /rom tht affrebeAfio» of 
^ods tfird : tie one, a jtrange ian- 
i jJJWIg' i "*!&* <itf>efi ^fi'^'^e interpret g- 
tjoa, 7be frfi it prtfer to Papifis • 
.the other it common to Prate^ Ann tnd 
r»fts^}Bii*^a^ unkMtfaetoM^e dotboneij hide the trutk 
frpm tiie. unUarntd y and fowAj fime»bat eafity be avoy-. 
^edi But afalfe interpretttiow dotb equtlly deprive hoth 
the wife And the fimpie of it : ttsdfi cAufetS the hlind ti 
leade the. htinde. For whatever text of s<rrftittt is tx- 
~ fomthfd Any othtrwife tbea ^oef meant ly it^ ittt ittor- 
dimg to its inte'pretAtiaity- the ipord of m4n , and kot ^ 
Goa , 4nd tonftquently in adherip^ tv.fiiib ioterprttAti- 
0/») jptMievenottrhat God ffiifh^^at jih^'iThtyi doth mAte 
bim (aj, Vj>» of Seriptures that are niifuHder^iody fome 
ttrtfodif^mtt ,: that it it mtfo^ibk tagivttt pTeti^t'orj 
iittirfntAtio»of tbtfj ofifhicb.foH are fame faJjA^is m. 
~»C ■"" ^ " ' DioieL, 

To the Reader. 

Dauie}) in rjbe Revelation, dndbere and there in other 
f^rts if the Scripture) ahd in tbefe ive jho»ld either can^ 
feffe our ignorance^or deliver our thoughts as evidences oii^ 
ijofourdefire to at t sine to the ferfeM knowledge of^ods 
ij^ordn others againearejp ftaine^y ths ^^yjjomrno^ ^gH 
ordinary under^anding y if left to it Jelfe^ cannot ^hoofe 
iut take them in their true-^^nfe ; and not in that t^ich if 
thruli uponthem 6j afatfe ghfffe. ufndof tbefe fethe hate 
teen a long time conti^nferted ^ nnd others havo[d^ long 
pafi unjuffeBed^ amin^ which are the many Prophecies 
which Godhath feveaf a touching tlje future refiauraiionof 
the Tewcs , and the perjona/l reigne of our Lord Jefus 
Chrtfi on earth. Andfkrely whatsoever wm the ground of 
^ the fnifintefpretation ofthefe^rofbeciesatthefirfi^ (wifOr 
theran hatred of the Jevees | Mam alone in their jirop^^ 
fenfe they doe concerned or ^ome finijjler and ftlfe-refpeBs^ 
wbatfoevery Ifay^ was the ground of tt at tbefirfi^ ^tbe con-- 
tinuance of it bath heen occafioned by the imonfideranch 
ofth^ ungrounded application of the worlds [ Jew and f A 
raclite ] indiferently to the Jcvres ^nd Gentiles : and 
ofth^ words f Ifrael, Sion , and^Jerafalem J fo tha 
Cburtb of rl&e Gentiles , vphen as there it mi one toxt id 
all the Scripture^ vpbereina Getttilc if «r</ 4 Tew, oran^ 
Ifraelite % or wherein the ^urchof the Gentiles ifcal'd^ 
liirael, Sion, or Jerafaleni. Tbofe textSyl^om. t. ver. 
s8. and t^^ and chstp. o. i^^r. i^. and'^. are both ty 
Pifcatot and Parens ^nderflood of'the Jcwes only. And 
tbefe words CkL 6. veu i6. [ upon the Ifracl ot God! 
srobotb by the ordinary and intertineary ghffes underwood 
likewife rf the Jtwcs onely •: fo that it if , as if 'the oApo^ 
file badfdid^ And as matoy as waike according to this 
fule, peace be on thofe Gentiles and^ mercy , and: 
peace and meircy on thqfe Jevrest And furety if 

'^ - ■>--.... :■-... * ■■ •» ^ ^ 

To the Reader. 

. that text be not thus di^inS/j underftood 9f the fuithfitU 
Jcwes4«/if Gentiles j twr^wiU either 'he a tautoiogie in 
'4he merds t w tife the Ufi words mufi he underwood of the 
KracI *iQ blindnefle , to whom the jifofHe doth here alfo 
wijb mercy^ ^cording to thut which he Jazik ofthem^ Rocir» 
ic.ver. I. That his heans dcfire.and prayer to God 
for Ifraiel was, that they 'might befii\ed.' And that the 
TrJ^es offbeihildren o/IfraeHRev. 7, ver.^ 4. are proper- 
ly tt he'underftodd^ Ribera and others acknowledge j and Pz- 
tens though he encfvfes to an allegorical interpretation of 
tbfminhu commentaries on the Revelation , yet in his 
exftication of the i8« J^ht of the 1 1 • chap, to the Roni. 
ife tkm refiflutety detetrHinet againft it. Quod draculum 
ad literam de conver/ione Jtida^rum plan^ intelli- 
ge^dum videtur y qaoniam Ifraelifra; figqati in fron- 
cibus^ JfoidifertVdifcerouatur aCfignatis) gcntibus^ 
populis, S^Jinguis reliqiuS) yier. 9. ^hich^rophe^ie^^ 
Jaitk. he^ ^otb phineiyfeeme to he underftood of the conver-^ 
fiomefthej^wts according to the Jet ten lecaufethefealect 
lewttj art expre^efy diflingui^t from the (fealed) Na- 
tUnSy people^ and tongms^ \Qt.f. Towhtch^vemay adde^ 
andiuaufe the fealing of thefe Jevres aO at once^ before 
the exe/eOeowef the effing plagues y ctot^ imply that they 
jbewid be aO living ufken the piques begin y and white the 
pUgues continue y as we find them at the founding of the 
fift Trumpet^ chap. f. vcr. 4« Andbecawfe alfo the plaguet 
are mt erdinas^ plagues , but extraordinary : not fuch 
plagues in which the fealed perfons are to be anyway fh a- 
rers whb the unfialed ^ Hut fuch pldguis at wer^ brought 
on Pharaoh and hispe^le^ iben Ifrael was wholly exempt 
UdfremibenK Ciforeover St ^ Paul, GaL 4. vcr. 25. 
&ۥ is fofarre from making ^QtvtMttn that woe then (Je^ 
tuiakili in ker Jegall and MofaicaU efiate, ) atyfe'^ 
.• "^ '.-"■' ^ A 1 Heaxen^. 


•—•■•' t • ' I I 1 1 ' il l I I L 

X^ti^9 Reader. 

tKg merprttm MknowUdgi^th^ this ffeelemfarenT 
"^Zl^^l^'f */- lenifakm «&/.^ is /^Uf ^ 
Heave^^Utf^a Icrufilcm ^n ,Arthr,c4N UrW 
ICHi wljich K above, tn rt^ea of its ^igiiMS snd (Jri. 

■ if^,tbey s^knoMge thus much, thfy mi At, in dTc^ 
teu, bj^e£een,af.v^til, that itaouldiot i und^i^^ 

diUcnJrcmtht [ frc^ Ieru|akip J r^AiW her thZ 
falem diat oQwr is, ] uhithargmtb that, «** (T free fcS 

«ftbeCknjl,Ma«rthtke«.aifoij,^eixg:. p^»dt^ 
th Pr^buie ^ki,b^hej/edg,th , vcrf a7,^^S» 

fakm, t»bicb}haU-6ere£u.iUafuii»ha^tediyChri3bimi' 
MtAthiscmmingfrmlfuvtii i^ithaUthtSMitu P^ 
• m,thtsk^rr,n And d^okt, Jcrufakai^ .jf i^p^^-rf^^ ^ 
Gentile U»/w«, ver. 3. a?i&04»'e w^yi/V i* /^ ifi^ i»»/ 

«, /«^6.^/ ty^l>uwii, ly:tke Jewrcs, i <>tbtr7fZt 

lerufalcm, verj tf,^ «<r*i5^,attrifeof3?o«h. wh^ 
Tasrcfefcd: a»df4idtokf^fakcM,kit for, z^i 

mi^nt / 

ii . ■ ■ ■ '^ 


■n •-r 

^ I » 

merit in refpeBoftffe tDtrU^i^^ snid initiiSivahh kind- 
neQemih vh'ick ^t^4Uhe.nieivtii^ wkich cannot pof ■ 
Jfiiy he meani of ffft GtnRleii tVt^m ^6$ tw(t»^ ndt 
mkrrUd , MiAiem U hoktnUf^Mfespkt tUtU 
mftofjouth JMt^reMed andMak^h, AnH kectuje fhe - 
vt^spo be d long, tifne hfren And defokte after herdelltit. 
moiu hi tfje Roinansi ,' therefiref m-A^'ogti He5.' i j. 
vet. 14. 0thofhiry ?or her£ vve6 , have no doirtliiii- 
ing City, but wee iboke fot bttid c6me , which Ci. 
tj to come, is theCiti (he ^Prophet here fieaies of.Mfe- 
mrried, ^d more frititfttB. aft it het harren and def^Ute v 
tfiate, then 'before.'. apJ u^tch tBef Apm catli ,' f Jertf- 
falem which i$ above ] and the f fr^ Jetuialem, ) and 
0f which alio he faith , Hdb. la.. Vet.; 22. But ye arc. 
come unto Moun^Sion ,^ti<J unto the *■ City of tht •jfaM'^.r.^ 


rable company. * of Abc^is ,. to the * gcn^Jall Af- ifi.<fo.v.i^ 

fcmbly an4 Chuf<?h of nhCfirft-bdriie, which are e«M'MS 

written In Heaven,&c: which deu^tleffi^may weilStd^ ^ 

. phed to the Church trtmpharitontaftft u»d6r Chrijthe'r aThefl'.i.v.? 

mid • wiifiwhmthe ^"^^^'^^M^^ ^^""^ •t;hV.*?v 

tbejjbaUvi^iiyahenddt.hiS next appearing: but m to n.?/,;^. 

*6e Church jtfW militant on-earthy as Pifcator and Pa- Rer. to. v. 7 

reus- appfy. this.ap.., M^his^ HHf'fi^H^'''^ ^'^' '" '" 
lapis, ] atatdti^^m tofbewhqiP, uh^dvtfedk the, ipords 

t Jew, Ifrael, Slon, and'JerulMem] are .fgarauvely 
expounded ^ of the faithfuU in generatt, %And tndied 
fteing the lew?s before the hcarnation ,of; Chrift' did 
Mver call the Converls.ofmKictitik's:, ^We^, b»t.aU^ 
ivayes ProfelytiS i ii « not iiiefy', that th 'Apbpes if>oi4ld 
the» begin to calltheml&Nt^i when the believing levves 
themfehes were (i» rtfpeB of their Faith) to. be' called 
ChriHians , and not lewes. l^either ti'is likely , that 


-^ — |-^— * 1< i^i la II t.i 

X^ti^9 Reader. 

children Qf Jerufakm whlh isabavc,^fr.Ti%2^ 

t^g imtrf^ttfs atkmwUdgi^thAt this freelerufalem! 
*s»ot viM un^erpmd ^s UvxhkrHwbhh is h,,Ft 

eniwljicfajsab^e, i»r0^ea<fits orig^^a^^Zl 
tuall e^dormem frm^ thmt,.^ Pareatf %(itmti : t^L 
I f^,.tbey ^^krnMge thus much, thiymi/kt.inlcoi 
rett, ha^efeemafj^til, that itaauldnai 1 i«W2«rf^ 
th ^bun^^^h.pc^vl^,tk. Christian ^kZtZfd. 

if^}^m^ UdJ>u» ^n2^U ^Wuk tk, ^Z f^ the f f5c^ lerHial^W] c^Ui^CnlZ ■ 
falem that OQw IS, 2 n^ichargHttbtbat,%hS[ixci fc«i! 

th Pr^bute tfbubh^udgttk, ycr%;f. m^i^ 
cD;ip. 54. vcr. i. * Ikjoycto thou baricfuhat JMsaeeft 

fafem, wftic^ fhalFiereButtt-oftdiiibiaHtedh Chrifi bim. 

• phtbzsi^rrtn And d^oiat, Jcrufakm, 4g ^n^^t^ tH- 
Centile X-t/ww, ver. 3. who are mtfmd $4 LberiitJ 
^«muUpt9ph X M taJe iftbcriledby IierfceA <*«. 

cm doe 4h»dAi,.tlitep§e,.Jndfici,mliy , thii}^,^, 
Jcrufalem, verj tf, ^ « calkd, a wife of 5?o«b. wb^ 
Ac irasrcfttfed: andfuidtc hf^fahn,}^^t 

II 11 III Ti II - » !■ . ■ ' . ■ > ' 

To thfi' RtJicfer. 

niertt in refpeB of lUt eDtrUfm^ m4 inimvAhh ktnd- 
fteffemik vh'icb ^e^iUbe.nitivtd^ t^ich eaitnot pof 
ply U mtAni of >1te Ginfile^i iit-t^mW tioref^aji m 
married , 'anivhom U bbkiiiitp^Mfespkf iiS tH 
mfi of youth mU^ refused anHfor[*Hh^ AnHbecsufe fhe - 
vniUt h a long ii^t barren iad defokte after herde]}ritr 
^/W hy tf}e. Rcnriansi ,' 'tbmfdre[ the A^'filK Heb.- 1 ^. 
vet. 14. faith of hir^ ?or her£ Wee , have no doirtiiiii- 
ing City, but wee looke fot 666 W come , vbich Ci. 
tytocmcy is thCitf the 'Prof bet here f^eaUs of^M fe- 
mrriedy ofid more fruitfttll after her i>4rre>t afid ^efo£itc v 
tfidte, thejt'Befofe.: av<d nfitch)Be' Jifoffi caHi, [Jertf- 
falem which i$ above ] ahdtBf tte Jeti^alem, j and 
of vbieh aljo he faith , Hdb. la.. Vet; 42. But ye arc. 
come unto Mount-SionUti<*u^fO ^^^^* City Of the '^faM^.r.- 

table compaoy. * of Abc^is ,, to tne, * gen^fall Af- ifi,<fo.v.i^ 
fcmbly an4 Chutch of ^hC.firft-bcirjie , which are E«M>r^J 
written In Heaven,&c. i^ichdome^e^may milStipr ,,**"•''''=' 
. pljtd to the jChitrcb Jtriumph*»t¥ earth mdir Chrifthe'r axhefl'.i.v.? 
%,id ■ m]^h<>mthe 4»^it$: !^^^^^^ Mk if'-;;l'^ 

they fbaUv^biy attend dthts next appearing :'hf m to „.tj;i4. 
tBe Church now militant on-earthy as PifcatOr and Pa- Rcr. v>. v. 7 
reus- afpty this.a^^ ^/;#« ^*4>;JW^ ^X ,Mius ^'^' ''''-'' 

la pis, 1 « * tfltff 15-jf a«<f ^i3b^» M. »»#«W 
I Jew , trrael , Sion , and Jeru(^em| areJguraUvely 
axfounded^oftbefaithfuUtngenerall. %And tndeed 
ftein^ the lewes hfxtre the hc^rnation ,of, Chrifiy did 
never cad the Converts. of jh's X^entitesa .^^'^^y h^ ^^\ '< 

ivayes Profeljtis :■ it is not iikefy', t}d( th 'Ap^opes rt>ould ■ 

then begin to cailtbemlewcs ; rvhen the Mievim levves 
themfehes were (in rtjpeB of their Faith)- to .he called 
Cbrifiians , and not lewes. i^either ts'ii likely , that 


To tiie Reacler^r 

$he mrds [Ifracl , ludaB i^on , Jerusalem , iRc: 1 
fhouU^AVt betnft ofttHte'd in thProphtts, without a- 
»j intimatiqp 9f)kJg«rativ**[eHfe,-^jea mtb fuc6 evi- 

._di^tc^rcur»ftf^n^£ian4(({nt$nttlh*m the contrary^ if 
tbeybad be^flfnyjlicaUy intended : tbis'dlfo IJaj^ is no- 

tbing likely^ feeing i» the Kevehtion the mype»U fenfe 

of Sodom ind i^gypt,. %. o/Keffoken ofi 4»dtf Baby- 

'IpU) tut ^U<fme,mis^tioned ^ is ftainely intimated unta 

min tbf tu and jjr.' cliap. And for my tanfepart lam 

' frfrf»adedf tjm. the m)fiicaU interpretation of the flajne 
Prophecies, which coi^cerne the lewes future reftmrait^ 
[ontn^'ett^owneXAn^yAndouriavipurs, and' the Saints 
^vffikle rpgae 'OVer]them and all other Nations hat^ 
bteri the occafon 'nf fhe varioui and unjatisfaBory' inter" 
^fveiapions of,m6fi part of '.the Rfcvjelalidn , ■andoffome 
'firtof Pi3hvd%. vififins-i arid thai piviites mltneithei 

' concurr'e. in^u^fmeht , nttrcome ^earg t^e tfuth iumucb 

. of thefe oBfcuire 'Phphefiei^ tilt thefdgre* upon the proper 
expfifition of the foreftiS pUine Pro^eciff 5 as Mr, 

f Mede that refipmntdjiuthor eal/sthem^ iutbe tfi^ and 
l9^'P*i" */ ^f^ Commenty on. the Apocalyps , wbfre hi 

• cmmenfls tffif to thit cpnjideraition ^ them that jtre lear- 
ned ^ and akk to j^dgeof the myfieries of Divinity^ to 
vit , Wfeethef it be uot the oieft and eafieft way of 

dealing with,t|ie.rewe$i'. nbttowreft themoftdiearc 
Prophecies, touching tHe affafres ot Chrifts fecond 
and glorious comming , to^iis firft : but toperfwade 
them-, that tbey are to expe<a no other Meflias , to ac- 
coinptift) all -thofe things,, then that lefu^ of Naza>-__ 
ietb vorbooi fhci^ fore-fathejrs crucifyed— FcJr white 
we thus wrcft thoic moft cteare Prophecies , faith be^ 
the lewes deride us, and are the roorebardned iij, 
iheir UObe liefe* And. doubtkjje this , and the Idolatry S 

• ^9f 

T& the Readen 

9ff0f$fis Mr$ the frineifalm$t$vis^ifb kitf u$ atfmcb 4 
diftance in n^eSion^ that tbi wdtMrj meoBiS if fdhMi^ 
M, thefreAchingdftbego^^l^ispeithtr $xerei[edfyui 
amongfl tbem^ nor {ought unt$ ^ them dmongjl w. JButyet 
tbefepumUing blocks JbaU neitbtr binder^ mot delay the ex^ 
trsordinary meanes of their fatvation , at tbeir generall 
(onverfioH. For the ^Itime isfet^in wbiebtht Spirit jhall *lfii.?a. m- 
be poured on them from on high : a»dini»bicb tbeitfo '5» ^ '^' 
fkntiJuUy and jo flainely foretoMdeliverar^cofbail be fitl* 
ij accowpiijhed at the af fearing of our Lord jfefu§ Cb^ifii 
jind therefore , beloved Reader , feeing thou knowejl theft 
things before^ iewart that thou be not ft ill ted away with the 
trrour of an unwarrantable ( and indeed ferniciom \ 
intepretation , by reafon wberetftbe way of truth 4s evift 
fpkenofi but grow injpracii and in the knowledge of our 
L^rdandSavtour Jefus Cbrifty to whom be ghry both nvf 
end for over, uimen. Farawolt. 

Thine in the icrvice ^ 


Robert MatOn; 




» i .- h4^i 

n\ . i 

i^i^^'v ^ 

i '\. 

^t .• 

* « 

*J*J .' 1 . 

'.\ , 

'i 4 

« * » 

» - ♦ « 

.■ V 

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PETRI ES Prefacei 


• t 

P/cfacc. • . , 

Zr^, S(fme Tmhtcits ^eakf, flalnlj ofChrifi^ and 
' camtQi be tmdeffiood of another i E(a- 9^ d. Viti^ 
C01B a child is borne 3 unt6 us a (bnne is gl* 
' vcni liiis name (hall be called Wonder fall, &c. 
5(w«fe <!« tjpkall 5 ^r delivered mth covers of 
thimijimfying Cbrifi^ bk offices and benefit f. 
i^ffrfV thefefom are ^okpi of the type^^ or thing 
fiffAffing^ andcdn be tiriderfiood otfelyof the 
thbtgpgnified'^ and fome^antrm both ^of the type and of Chfift^ either 
infhefdme^orinfa d^erent nn^nfuty tbati^ finie are trae of both in a 
prefer fmfe 5 fame are true of both in a tropicaO or figwativejenfi 5 a?^ 
fiimaretrueofibeonepr&ptrljy at^ of the other figuratively. ^Mthek 

x«n««ot:;'»^ »Kfr xx/r» wwry i^^^m j A vviji ICC up cny leeaarrer 
thee, whidi-fcall pmcecdout of thy bowells, and I will eftablifh 
hh KingdtJme- this, v^at tme intheperfoh ^f^lomanyand of Chrifi 
^wpraperh/t v. ij. He (hall bmfd ;l>i houfe for n>y naoie. l!bk W 
'#iwrfl/ Solomon in thepropet occtpiftiMt of the rvard \J>mfe ] andfi- 
g»ativefy ofChnfiy wbofddy Macth* 1^. 18. Upon chis rock will I 
'^ - ■ - . B build 



An Anfwer to Ui^r* Petrie's Preface. 

— — — i—il— 1^1 I iiliiMi 

build my Charch. It foUowes^ I will cftablifh the throne of his 
Hin^dottof for cVec. . T^i/ i»as not /r»e^/ Solomon in njb^ ^ bU^ 
jyfihfyjt ke died ) natber of hit fo^mU ^ front tphm Hdci) hoi 
J^iol4 thattkSmtefpoilddeparit^ ^i coming of $^0^^ ^^^^ 
\S.* but of Chn^ n i4tru^:fbrham0neisepblijhe4fore^ and 
ever. Hcb. 1.8. v. 1 4. 1 will be jris^^ather, and he ftiall be my fon. 
T^his if true <?/ Solomon in r^^eS of adoftion^ and. of Cbrijl in re§e& 
tf eternallgenmtion.^r Fift^^iit iffaid^my^^t coiApiic iniquity 3. 
I will chaucjf mm jykh th^ <b^ of i^p ■ U jp ut jjfiy^mcrcy (hall 
not depart from himj-i*/ 1 took^ it from Saul. TJhkis tmiofSolomoa^. 
and not of Chrifi ( who n^at frei%fpnne^ imkjfe we underjland hif 
members^ er tk^rfinnes ^mpHt^d juntg^hijjii^' y. l6-Thy>ojifc and 
thyKip@fe9i^Ml aecft|blifte4fg>'fcv4' bi«)i^ihee:\jhy Jhronc 
(hall be eftabliflbed for ever. Tthis cannot be underfliod of Diivid or- 
Solomons hottji or Kingdorm ('as eocperience proves mr» for the Jpaee 
of itJoo, jejr/3 andmor^ bUfdfVhrip houfe aridi(iffgddM ^^r^Mch^ 
fhall never faik. Bj this one pajjcm it is manifefi y Firjlybow mifirabk 
Wtorance i$isy toe9;pone aU Ph^frophfcifs after on^ and tbtfamemm^ 
nai^orin:cip:l^rfeiife onelp 'S^efionJlj^tlMlthe E^rfflge/i/J/ andjpofi/^s 
ex^onin^thtfePVo^ecies i^ /ar ^vitHallfn^^g^^ doeno$m%^ 

themy^en albeit the jeh^b^nr/Htflle^ffffte^ tieforit, ; bttt accordi^ 
ilp the intendnkn't oj the Spirit th^br^ , Ufioifijk, 

■■''■ • - ' • ^A '-f. f ^ajijiver.. • < y^^^ .' " -■. ■ " \ 

l]i yhcPtoyihefn 

i;ahG^5 ai^d (H|c Savioura^r^^^ 

jtp^ly^agaii^rti^lrv fioweyir ^ i^firft^tO* R?a^er,fn?y -^ 

wlijch (^eak. plaiiilyj 01 the Jewes^ cinnbc be u^erftcKMl of ^(W 
dtljers J ,at\yehayeto(>ereevev);W the ^xophj^ea «^i)(h iffH^ 
plainly of Ghriil: cannot be onderin^ood o( a;i9Cl^r.:tji^iiC^ 
^iiendy tfejf you doe veify,i!;jTonef^ 

v^hen y^ ufiderftand ^y them ^ the aonyerfi^n. of ^^. Gentilev 
And 'feqbndlys heinay ,6b(^:vesth«(C navinf^dt^d ^ ^^ 1.24^)1 
4hy dc^erbefkfpieiy iindtho»lbalt jfeejrmth'tbp Fathciy^ I mil ^ 
»tf tfyfi^d after thee^^'n^hich^lprqeeed ot^oftt^ bnpks '^ and Itvttt 





' ■ ■ H " 




« ,'1 

T O 

M' PETRI E'S Preface; 


Pitfacc. • . 

Trji^ Sdme Prophecies fieaki pl^lj ofChrifi^ and 
camQt be unaerfiood of another \ E(a- 9^6. Un- 
to us a child is borne 9 unt6 us a (bnne is g!* 
' veusllis name (hall be called Wonder full, &c; 
Some are typkaU^ or delivered mth covers of 
tlnms fipttfying Cbrifi^ hU offices and benefit f, 
Andof tbefefomB are ^chfn of. the type^ or thing 
fiffAffing^ and cdn be wfderfiood onetj'of the 
tbhtgfign^red*, andfome'areirmbothofihetjpeand ofChfifl'^ either 
inHfefame^or'itfa d^erent nuMur^ thatU^ pmit are trtie of both in 4 
yroftrfrnfe ^firtte are true af both in atropicaUor figwative0nfe 5 and 
fomaretrueofiheoneprcffttly^ at^ of th other figuratively. 'AU theft 
fifes are mai^fiin fkndtyfrophecies : herel touch one fox all^ 2. Sam! 
7, 12. When thy dayes bc'fulfilleJ, and thou (halt flecp with th^ 
Fathers (fd^ ibi Lord unto David) IvAW fctup thy fed after 
thee, whtdi'fbal] proceed out of thy bowells, and I will eftabllfh 
hh Kingdbme. This- wm true intheperfon }Bf'S6lomon^andof Cbrifl . 
^wfrope^hfi V. i j; He fliall build in hdufe for my naiiie. 'ibk W 
true of Solomon in the proper accept at ion of the tpord £ }>vufe ] andfi- 
fftrativejjf ofChnfi^ who /aid:, Macth* )^« 18. Upon this rock will i 
'- *• ' ' ' - . B ' build 

«Mfa**^— r^M fr.i-TnnTK 

(lesOf ChriftB fiingdotne) oxihtjems deihr^ranb?ki apit^^fetift 
cmely: bac rather manifeft inKoknoe in yoa to fay (b, and to af- 
firm^ whiiall) [chat the Evangelifts and Apoftt^ expound them m 
ja^Tpirltuall and figurative ienie^] when you can bring no pktnc 
text to demonftrate wbac you lay: v ' . 

,1 «... I . > .. ... 

Secondly^ 'So the promises of ddtverance from BjheU had theW' 
owne aecoRipliibnient in the dfty^ of £^^ and Nebemiab : but that 
was not all the meantitg of tbeie prophecies^ which were iii ano-^ 
iher manner and more folly performed by Chrift: for this caiifir 
kisfaid) Col 1. 12. Ghing tbank^s miid the Father^ who bath maH 
Hu me^t to be fartakfrs of the inberitaneeof tbe Saints tntigBi^ tpbo 
boA^iHvereans from tbe fonder of dark^nffi J andbatb tfimjlatedufh^, 
to tbe Kingdome of bis deareSomte^ inwhokt tPe bave redemption tbrougff 
bis Uotul', AndRemL^.^, Ifbou baft redeaned tts unto God hj tby 
bloud^ om of every k^red^ andfeopk^ and nation. There is our, Re* 
deemer'more gloiiods then 'Ezra or any other : there, is our Inhe-* ' 
fitance and iCitigdome better then jimfaUm^ and there is a u^ 
demption from all nations* Now when the(e prophecies are fwP 
led onice in rtffpeftof chetype^ and againe in ahiore tranfcendent 
manner by Cbrift^if wedeny what God hath done^we are falfe and 
tingrate:andifweexpeftthefti to be fulfilled yet againe in the type^ 
k were a worie returning then th^t oi^tGatatiansy cbaf. 4.. g, 
^tut waswto the types of bis Piieftly^ and this unto the types of 
kU Kingly office) atid Chrift is Become it^none e&8i qnito fucb. , 

• - jfnfiper. ' 

At we doe not doubt but that the prophecies of the Jepies d^ive^ 
^aniciBL^vom Babjlon^ had their accomplifhment in thedajres of £;sr 
ra^niHibemiah : So wecannot grant that the prophecies which we ' 
hbtiB alfodged fbr the Jewa future deliverance from their captivity^ 
4oeatallcoiicernetheirdeIiveranceftomB.9^/0». Nor that thoie 
wincb conceni^sheir S^ly^i/ft'deliverance, were types of the Gen^ 
tUea Gonver&> it. And you haveneither quoted any one of the pro^ 
phedes) which fpeakeofthdrddiverance from B^Ami^ nor fhew* 
cdoot of the Evangelifts or Apofilesany one text, where the ap-' 
piicatioQ ef thefe prophcdcs totht converfkm of thc<7e»ij/f/^ it 


MabMBMaaMHa«M«^WpM^i^*MM«HMM«MM«a**— >i«Mi«Mta 

An Anfturto MT^ Pctrie*s Prefact. 


intimated. And theicibre thoi^b it be eruC) tbattHe Father hath 
made 09 meet to be partakers of the inheritance of the Saints in 
li^t ; and delivered us from the pbwct of darfanefle^ and trartflji» 
ted us into the Ktngdome of his deareSomie^n whom we have re^^ 
dempctbn throughhis bloody evehtheibrgi^e^ df fibsj andthat 
Chrift hath-riidcemcd us untc^KSod by his bloody* out oiFeVery kinf-' 
dred^and people^ & nation ; yet it is not truejthae this was pr^gu^ 
red by the jfeirejr deliverance from BatQhm^ but by thefacdfices and 
l^ail Ceremonief) which did forefhew both the death ^ and the 
efficacie of Chrifts d^th ^ 'in Whom alone "we^ have redemption 
from the power of 'finne and the gtave. Neither is it triie chat the 
Kingdome of Ohrlft of which' we ard now onKsF^f^made meet to be 
partakers » is yttin tetng ; or^hat it (ball be, till^ Chri^s appea- 
ring with the Slims in lights ( as we (hew in our JU^i^):and there- 
fore you mud: make bettc^r proofe of-the(e Premi(es«| t6 wit^ tha^ 
fuch prophcdcs as arc properly (idffliM in the type, maybe 
figuratively fulfilled in the aniicype : ^nd that the Pr6pheeies 
which we have quoted forthe Jems fomre deliveranis^ doe five- 
(hew their deliverance from Babjtvi* And that tho(e which fbre^ 
(liew that deliverance^ were tyj^all Prophedes. You muft make* 
better pttiofe, I fay, of all this;, before yotf cian concldde, [ That- 
we deny what God hath done $ Or that yR^fmptBi that isio tmnt 
which is already pa(^. ] Yea it is very abfurd t o thlnke, . that jthe 
Prophecies which cbncerne the J^nms deliverance from l^abylon^ 
were cypica^il propheciiS •, Firft, bccaufc they are plaiVie Prophe- 
cies) which you cofife(}e'carinot be un^erliood ofany^heii) boi!' 
of them of whom they fpeak. And fecondty , becaiiife thc^ type 
would not be of equal iadtddeli^ith the ehVng' typiiied^the redemp- 
don of thejeire/) with* the redemption ofthemieives, and all other 
Nati^s. And befiid^lt isi^anife(l:ythat the Prophec'^es which w» 
havealledg'd out of Zec/^jiy touching the Jewes fuctire detiverance^ 
(and which agree (b well with the refi in other Prophets^ Weit re-«' 
veaPd &ftf rthe accompliniment of the Juves returne from Bahyfmi^ 
and tberdbrecanriSt jpoffibly be ufiderftood of chat) bMO of a deli- 
verance not yet accomplifhedj and confeipiencly too canliot be ty* 
picall prophcciet) becauf^ ftiey have not'been falfillMin ihe type« 


■^^••^••■■^^■••••■■■■■■■r^iwwiM^rtBttsssasrs^iiu -.UL.--'*. _,. '■ ■ " -' . l."?'_' "■" 

An^-%4fi(irtrt9 iSi^- P^rie'f ^r^ACj^ 



Pre^ice. t 


the Fropbetjg4a/0 wum^e^moChri^^x^ tlMrpugh \A$ N^mc^ wb^ . 
%^el^?d^t^as J^fowgbthf «j<59c^|^^ Lord Jefusphrift t^©y> 

Ep^. 4, 5. .5^ tb^Api^h declares pf$t fi^thp/the €jcamflei'of,.t:hf an^ 

tbgi mt;e.^artHre^i^^rf^ouldnGt acapi Mliuffoncefo/^ their t^mmUf- 

Ij h/ipe /m;tff^beliei^^dth^rf/iemftimof their Joukjkftbf .^kfiai^ 
Pf4f ^.^^^ rhat h? b^ , vinwivled% fh^ tr^fj^^f^M^ 

pi^^lira^tpDeMpQIllJkn^^ thaiijbejweretpii^ heak4^y Wl 
ftrip^s* £^ •. 53 f $3 44i/^ ^flW^^ 9»a^futg/<n' *thq can^ldiim 4^ Jfiimigt 
wb^n hefw ^im^ bkffid Q^^j (fn^jcdd^ ijprdi now Ifil rt>y ftryaot 
d^ft in Be^ce,*~fc9Ciay5eycp l!i#W^€R% f^lyation;. Luk. a*aj^^| 

It iifiiri^jnfiijevgeif, HfijfM&^'^i^ y^ifii^^Sartk^iht^i^if^ qoptmf\ 
tpd^p^nlf0^vfgjfiin tlnJ^^HfiH tf G^^ tbtUg^ ^f the OfixvAe^y 

Mdghy fQ^mi ^ .., ., \ ,. , ,1 •-,/•- . ^ , . ' * 

i)fi4ii?^<i(M|b£le(Iedid,4lUI|^Qoec)48ft J^^^ choo^i l^lti 

havinglif^ei{no¥i4edg^pft;b)e tcult n)^n€« of tji^k i^lv^idond d«L 
many c^tbtm iemxinfdys th^iigh ooc &viiTgly,cmbraicc kf Aivi 
i^hac thoii^ the eUft jm^c/ did believe ib^reiHiffioii^ cb4i>^fr 
^d cbe.redampciop Qf their 4^ules»by Cbrift;; £indtba( hewftsco 
I^^WPwd<?d ior tb(^ tranfgr^ aini bnftfed fpr th^ f m(pi* 
XM»^&e. anddyedio^tbisFaitb) arid«oa!d noci^efprc't U>£^. 
(ake it by any torments ^ Did they cberefore beHeve no mof e rliefi 
this} Did they therefone nor bdlieVe t;Mt C^^\& /houtd if^e. 
with them^ M jveli as ftil^^ Ibfithem ^ nbr that they ihwM ra^ 
with bim^ as well as foffcTiwithhif^ ^ ^]94t\ /(ball we.thinfc that 
they were not to reigne on Earth , becau(e*tis (aid in the(e texts;' 
that they beleeyed the remiffion of their (innes^ and the (alvation 



•\Jmjitifmmit9 Mt^^tm"'^ 'Pjrtf^fe, 


thtfeffifkfMlony i^k^ tl^ jSmte of mm pf all fit tm th^ Ihr^fti^' bU„ 

judgimg^bH^t^tfib^^fljf^tL Ami cifQiiiiififXfhek psigne^Gii^ 
tol^^foft, in the i^g^n^mtioni) that \%i in tbetinic^ whenthc fimies 
of the J^is^kVL be blcutd ioift : tit) tdie tloicfibbci^ rChtift (b»Il 
coin^ttiid iuP^'atPajmg:f'dii^^fi^miy«c(ikfSLs!^%£aml WjitG89JW« 
1 ! . 9eK ^5. ahd (^ddtidly, ^ich i8'c^6incld0nt iBf iih tbif ^ whtn ^hi 
SoMeifm^^aDfit an the^thtm cfku j^oij* Thiita^^bcirGhilft 
hlfi^eife (hdU bbmtXo Higt^X \th«itat ^elaft Tmoijpet^the Kii^ 
dome$ ^tf'tl^ tilforld Jbaltbdcom^ die KxngdDmet ofrodrxLorici) 
and <^ bis^ i^rit). '>Thl^4 the Miftttis Vaytq tcJnd! liie vo)icel9f his 
fef vift ts k like Unto It* i/'tPe^^et^imfpaSinlfo mgn€>mth hif^^dHh 
St. Fmd^^t ^hn'^ a. i/^'ir^. and<cha^s 44 oen 8. Hxwstfkrth Aen^ 
Isfikpfi^nma GrMm tif)rigbno^^f»hkh'$he LtM thtsnglfieom 

ihat4avei^dpl>earing.i Af^R^i'^^iikr^^Oj^^kmhaff in^de uf,wt^ 
io tmr Oad&Mgf tmdFpkpy'a^We'fl^M H^m^A Thtktki. iai^h St. 
Jobrk Moiv t^ &rft of theii tdR^>(wtv«ft , that the ^vsna fli^lbe 
KiRg»>, th^ftficmd, l;yb6n they (halt be IQ)igs> to mc ^ at Chrifts 
ap{^H^g, Wbe^'th^y (h»tl <^«iv6 ^h^r'GiJ^wms. Abd.;tbfi tkhd 
f b€fidc3 tfi'rt ^ ftVew^^ ^h^rethey (ball hfk KiBg%'^ w'^i^von-Eiiid). 
I lay facfides thw, fi6fr l€ ffi^tiF^ tfXf«^{J&fy ali(i?V>tbat they ifbillcfc 
¥Xn%%idLiiA\\i(i\\ih^^^^^ \ (mngtc is 

^Ai^imdftt^pjMmffthm^^^ Which pfopbeBcail wi>rds<ioe fig^ 
tijfie tihtfttis, St te?gf7 ^bd( <th^^ SaiiM^i^ Qiod d ^enby^ ^da &:i»ti2> .ami : 
riot a t*?g^i^t1ih;!rtth^ ^^ct ^hen ^joyjafid 'cowfe^ntly-> " i: rfigtie 
tofoH6wfhrfH rcfiiiYcftioii^andiftoc co i^de. bebre h* .Aitd^^hen 
the Afo^'feiM^. li'.'W f'4., *5.i4S; dodv alied^ <dils a^a ceafto,, 
coftj^th^t tttej^^^cfjdrchi'didy*^^ t® wit,, 

bee^afe tl^y d^ hocrecunTft tci^theiCouhcr^y/ fooai whancetihcy . 
cama:QiiCi v^hich they might .baye^^we. if xJbey .woul^i 5 whax 
Coifntrey tS'irhis Iko^Ij Conmirt^i^ \^\y.xo^:^ as the .Land of 
GmaAn4fh:^ ih^ didiacf^d: c<>p0fti&^ w^iientfa^yaadtt flioukU 
be refioi'd to an heavenly condition ^ for ddiib^kfid 'had^isaMin It 


» i 

%/f»fiitertc.At(' ^cttU'sFrtfkee, 

Mk been meant by dm beavmfy Cotmrgy Urbicb the ApofUe here 

-i^ks of 9 they inight as well hare obuin^4 the joyes of Hcaveo 

in their owne Councrey ( where their prec^cefleri had obtjun^d 

chim) lEthey had ^ctomiecl dmher 5 a& they coujd iiji that j. ^heie 

dbcyllved^atfPilgiimi. 6itti«ngGhiift wa3i»otnifedtobe thdr 

^6ed, and theLand of Canaan to them and theif ieitd for a peculiar 

fofftffion J they could^ot; leave that Land i and murne to their 

Countrcy, wh^ any confidence to be made partakers of the bleP 

-fiogft Which God had prmulbd to beftpw on them, ^od cfeir ieed 

^ItiHankm onily ^caijd fOr the expcftation of the accomplift- 

tnent of which promlfe , he had c^Id them oqtof their owne 

Councrey ) .to- Jive ai; ftrangere^ in chAt^ I fay^they cottld net 

-r^urne to tjlicir countrcy , ./i/zU /^e, with a firnic and ftcd- 

,fa<ft 4ich i»tbe jprdnii&4t ^ n)ade£5 and to be fuljgil^ unto them 

ill the land^ii^lUtber <?od bad. UH them ; although otberwife 

they had opportunity tbJiawdonetc : although they had np out- 

«ward and woeldly hioderaoce^.and iHCoav^snience 19 kee|3^ them 

from retm:nfng. So that the ^PP^'^^P^h herefet.<Qrtbuntousthe 

^ith of all tbc jP^ triarchi^ as b^ didi^ofe^ the faith of Abraham 

•oiiely, v«rfc S'^jl. ja to witj in phis^bcc^aiiife thrpqgh the hppe t^ey 

h^dj that tb^ (hcKild after receive that place fer an ipii^ritancc^ 

Aey chofe rather to live as ftr4i|ger$ in itattb^t tinier when they 

were liable to the injuries and hoftiliQ^ ojiihtCoKiaa^us^ then to 

rmirne to their owne Couatreyj wW^ivltb tbeir kindred and ac- 

qtiaintunce, they, might biaye lived in more outward fectirity, and 

conterjtment. And it isobferveable) that the Apoftlecallg not this 

tlidr defire^ [an earthly hopejasyoutenne the Saints hope; to 

Taigne on earthy but an Heavenly faQpe^a xieiire qf ^ Heavenly eawt- 

tny. And wjell might hecall thatland 4P Hfsavenly countreyiwjiich 

as Ezekf^l foreftews chap; 36. verie«r35.(hall]/^e<:afiie/ii^;ibe£«^^ 

H?/ Eden^ and in which the glorified Saints and Chrift himidf (on 

. whom the Angels (ball wiibly aicend and defqend)' (halbe inbabi* 

^ • tants. And well might he call Jetpfalem alfo^ in rplation to the time 

cchrc tobT" "* "^^"^^^ *^ '• ^® ^ reftored under Chri(\5 a*^/;jr rpbofi knilder 

'^^'^ meaning of thefe Words, alcboughin my nctt, page 47* 1 h^^e referred tc to the tiew 
ycm^ ehcQcy not made with hands* For I fee roc why Akrabam (bjouniiag ia the 
f Profflift , (houtd be a more fbreiUe Ar^men;} of his lookusgfor t^ven^dicn 
IremitacdinhisowpeCounirey, * . 


An AHfmrH Mr^ Petrie*i frefscn 

mi mik$9 ii Oady veiie. to. becaaft u ic (hklbe rebalit by Cbrift^ 
(bit inalbe biiUc iccordtng to the figure and plAforme, wbkh God 
imnfeif hath de&ribed by £eeil^</. And chit may fi^ce here ta 
(hew how perverfly you call this hope of the Saints [an tartly bopi\ 
and how hivoloufly youfeeke to deftrOT this hope, by fuch texts 
asinendon their beuiifoF the fofgiYencmofthririins, and of okir 
Sanoors (uftiing for fin : and their defire to depart out of diis 
worU : and didr dying in tlie faith ^ as if this were all the happ^ 
nefle of the Safaits that is revealed unto us in die Scriptures; where- 
as this is CO precede their refi]rreAion,and their reibrreftion to pre- 
cede their raigne, and thdr raigne to pitcede their higheft gIory> 
in the new Jerulalem. And l)efides tfus^you ^ve the Raderftotice^ 
how apt you are to wreft tfie Scriptures^ by the ]^^oe con verfion) 
which you have madeof the text. Ads. 1 5 • veHc 1 1 • for ydu apply 
it to tte Jewes under tlie Law, faying, they bdeeved that thiou^ 
the grace of our lord JefosChrift, tbcy (hould ht lai»d,even as we, 
when as S^ fet€t fiitb, Wte bekevty that tbrmgbtbe graceofMr Lnrd 
J^ GbHf^vH^Jbifsutd^iifm as tbey^ and fi> (hews the Jewes un- 
der the G6rpdt)thac they flioulda^ wdl be (aved by fiuth in Chrift^ 
whlRXit the deremonies of the Law $ ai dietr Fathers had been by 
diis faith under thie ceremoniei of tfa^ Law: and the text, Vfal. ^4. 
▼erie 21. which you apply tothe redemption of the faithiuU from 
ettemall tcmnenls by the death of tlie Meffiar*^ is meant of Gpds 
delivering of ttiem, out o( temporal calamities and afiUQions, aa 
the forgoing verfis doe dainay (hew. And laMy your aigumimt 
couchihg old Suneon, [that bt craved no longtr liftyto rahm mtk 
Cbrifi an tartb'] doth maite asmuchiagdnftiHsbeliereof Chrifts 
(jpirituall, asiiis perlbnall ra^e, aiidagainft hisbeliefiiof Cluift^ 
fi&ringi as againft dther bithde : and (ilrdy though he. prayed 
to dqpa'rt5becau(e it was revealed unto him, ti&rt: be (hould not (ec 
death before he had Soon the Lord Chrift ; yet the teftimony he 
gave of Chrift, that bejbtnld be tbe ghfy of bis peaple ^ast^ (^which 
doth as ivtil intimate ttie generall eonverfion of the Jew^. and 
Glirifls talgning amongik them, as his i>efing a ligj^ to H^un the 
Gomkij^ofk imply theconverfion of the Gentiles), this teftfanony^ 
I (ay, doth fiiew, that SmcAii did hope to Rveagidne, to raigne 
with Chrtii \ althod^gh he cUd then defire to depart,* having teea 
idm. And so this^hope of die Saints, as wdl a4.tothe bftpc of t|)€ 

C ^ory 

AH >A!hty0f uxMt' ^tritm ^Hf§d». 


I •, . - " 

My^/qf«k htm^Mdfm lyfyiAyE^m. p.|9. md»hBft^l(^wfm 
th fftMja ktifk m bodily gtwtijh teftiftieM^ai ithh i»trttt m 
emthtj 'Mimimfy it lav^^dem. Jti^ H^ir 

hismHrldijihafirKffi^'.audtmig liri/mMtii tbtSrkraimh tbg<(ad4m% 
fit tAsfpidtmd^timMdbfmptf. Afitftbtkmfer^hk ma^it^m 
gd($m4edffng^ynj Chifi$o*ef1^fHmfidM^ 


)lliad ^S'j^fi hm^nmifinmheigm iir femfakm ^fb^wfiniytWNSi, wd 

^t»knm9*iiM^c^^^lMmd^tP9MbJlK MideQhnfk u¥ini^^JA.6. 



jti^MdmfitttirMi'. Flftrie'^ #>^/^* 


M^Aom^minrntiei UMeXt he ^e fbrtlraftwpcrfi) becatUft 
theJenmdktfidOktfftA'f^ shearing of bfiKingcfont; 

by that parable, I fay, he dtd'as good as tell them, that chey did 
lightly coDcdye of the nature of bis Kingdom, but not of the time 
when it (hould appeare : tiia$ thef cruely thpc^ht^e (hguld r^ne 
HM^ o«erd^)eif edfilh^ f hooj^ they vtr^ hi istp^Sn^ 

iiK4Mumii^yiiimn%' €4i^ firft coming, f of what Wa^ 

tiie.KiiigdcMofGodtfhfehthe}e«e9e^ ftdd hnmedfatel^F 

9ffe^ > WhIi itte ^off Aat 'ftxlJ^feHbwth^ Judgment of tb^ 
(ftndl>4fe|ifeiifcf&th^ thoi4;hr nor that d^')ud|gq^ 
AiMld iHMiidii^ enfiie. Or waf ft Ant iAtane» of &mrtR)!i chili 
thiy l<M4cvfbr^4oliMkflet!hen:Cl^ bad long kk^ 

isjM^ «^ etM $» rhftsr pmAar. The idhYgdom of Giod thenj^^ 
KAieti itity? l^^meMf and 4b ^ne cxpeAnf, m,uft neeci^ be ch'it 
KiM8<#eKii^l^M^ ^at Cfiitft flioiiitf gotern pei^ 

jfendibf «^^«^cti5«liet» he ftoold tie (et ii^ htm <k) theThrbiie di 
hfoBjMlier I^bM Fof kit^fetif ChrUf cati bring wf(h hint no othei^ 
Kiii§4«>fir for MaiC#, (tkntht^xso mher Khigdoth eo govern asi 
|mr iWr, fiwo ehae fate co!fntrey,wttithcr hefr gone to rt-* 
feir MmfMa KkigdbRi, atttf to renirqe. And^ ihet^bri tWas 
ilMdM»lMMM{«AfMg£> tbBJrf^achr ^a^ yog'^Vale thie^pitipp«t 
ffilijio^foii it^iiif'eiy^axidc:^^ that made them to cfeny^ that Jdil) 
waflf'ibt Cbrift,fadM^ f^her fftifiiblhig at hilr meane c^ndhfoii ondy, 

J^^K^i^astKe jfa)e^i)if^ of nnisbeHeie^ latopltlng 

fep tbeli^d^eraivee iVoni cafitlt|ty<^ and for oahSaviourr{^^lon- 
aV m^ne ftmoi*igfl them : fbcdot^»chrfl& the proper zcasption cf 
Ae pn»fAfede»cton0ernhig octr Sahrlodr^ rai^oe, did no more occa • 
Am ILiim 9initCt^tim ^o Kri itftatftfe htsnattfrfe^ atid (^ny hi^ dM- 
nity ^ Am cbe proper accepdoils of the pibpheclcs cdncremfpg ^fir 
incarnadon & fufi^ring did : and therefore fedng it' fs notf^MlRl!^ 
that the true uaderftandkig of one part of the Scripture,, (hould 
thrud as into the mtfappi^en^Ottof ^o^ier part thereof vW^ 
nny wdi chinise, difie k was itfe want of 2 ^ conn4i^atbn of 
^fii tetci^ wht(<h^do^ domcMfl^ate iehe.di^e n^tdre oi ^bdftf 
ami mtc^Aiefy they hx^d tandtifng hiar raigne , that dreiir cftenr' 
. ^ ' Si i- '-''■'' ■ itftCf 

jtM^nfmerUMr* Pctrk's 'r^JMi 

iiitp,c[iii«iionForiiis 4thtfctMtii^tl»waiieof ae«idalli«^ 
cbiD^ into the Scrworet i or by tewm of (ohm SeUktwA by-tt-s 
ibei^oncLy^tiut aU crron haTebc^ 
itM Cbucch of God* 

• » 

, J^^tj^^ this ocsafion thiApt^k John wroH the Q^ktoMb^^nd 
mHlarg(^$hmsf^ other of tHTSmnfjJifts^id^ 
kk ti^onaofuBtPorkti^ bk Kmgjkm^npin^ion^andkk c^mitg^ 
gfim^ tffiai^ ^h4t tht Saamrfmmifmmghr^d, ^Inpn 13. 31. 
ib^^ be bath avmome ^morliy cbap. i6. 33. tbM Ue Kmgd$mmme» 
rftbk tPorldj 0edifbk KmgJempweeftbk world Jfk Jeevmn mmid 
fgfft^bat be fimtdd^tM bedeliveredtmto the Jeme^^hUfmr ie bk i^4RK- 
dom mtfram beaee^ cbaf. i8« 36. And ofihe eomdhiom efbkSwb^fs^ 
ffeJahb^Remmhr the tPordtbatlfaUtmtojou^befermmiutmgresUr 
then the Lerd^ iftbg baveferj^emed m^ tbef mB alfoferjiemefm^ d^. 
25. ^o. verilj If^guntojouy jee fbaU m^ and lammt^ and Aewertd 
foaU rejofce^ andfoufh^pmmfaB^ymrf^^ ^mI be tmrteedmiht 
jof ; tb(^ thkeff have Ifiokgn mntoyoUp that in mepe ndgbtbrnnfeaee^ 
in the world jfom fioB batte tribulation: bnt be rfff^ etStre^ ehf. 1 6. 
fj^y^^Aodofbiscemin^againebefaitb^Inn^fatberibotifi memanf 
manfions'^^tfl gee and Prepare aflaeefaryon^ I pptU emna egiMne^ and 
receive yontmte mjfelf^ watwberel amy tberejee auf be al^y ebaf. 14. 
%No»jpttbaveforrow^bmlmOJeejon againeyondyonrbeart f^oBrt* 
Jtjcey andjomr jefmman taifftbpomyondfap* t6 aa. Allwbkbuwdf 
were written fatfy agakep tbeerrcmrj of Cermtbuiy and teiadk m dfa$ 
Cbrifii Kingdom knot an earthly JSHngdom^ mr dtL^feft me or twa 
loop. ^ems I bne new khkhgegdomy nowbebatbavereome the w&rldy 
bk fakjeSs are not td livron earth witbantferftcmion andfirroWy and 
when be comes agmte^ he wiUreeave them, witb bun hue bk Fathers 
manfiensy and their Jmow jbalt be tmnedhto yoj that JbaB never be 
tabpefiom them. 

Tbat you haiw made a falie ixf)orc of tbe oGcafion of ^ 
«ritiiigofbttGo(pcU^and0)iifegi]md^ of tbeend and ioope d 
tbe texts here allcdged^ the words of our Englifii Ditmc^ whoaie 
^ Authors of the AmiotaiioiisifHm all tw bookes c^ the old 


, 11 f iw^— A. m ■ mAmmmm^'^m 

Jh^^nfimr.t^ Mr. Petric^ PrefM4. 

^Ilgmnii of tlie(3o^ acoordipg to Saisc him cbey^y. Ttut io« 
Tfmiiftum^iam lif[fr9Abaii]|M ^m> iht Ifle Pithitt08» mltere he 
mmm. che Reveboppi afw iHrhich ooder Ntim^ ht was r<bcftl\Ui»|: 
^p^^(l»iigaged a^beoc py.yams^whicb iMcche ioo.yeasfpt 
QOcLorcQwbcrebefprrocehif Gofpd} £miiay»attheintvfftt;of 
dit ChniUantf ofAfia^tor thereracadon Q$I^m^ O^inilnuy and . 
odiea» who NaTpMMy <I«ued che Deity qf Ghiift. This Is 
cIm^ seftiofbnTidf^^giroDi^ 7«ibifi wtjiliig hb Gb^l « ' 

vh«Witlie|f ttU QsiKi&asyoadoes chacicvaa bioioft of€«mrt 
^Iw^aiid odiersdpinioi^«f Ghri^ loop yecraa s^gntin Te- • 
rafaLfii; B^tthat k «as> akbiftofy nporcss bteauft of his anao- 
thcn deny iiuu||e Deity o^ 

of ihe firft ^liMilfat Son of oimil now ^of tficd^ was Ipokffi I9 
our Sawoifr^ w|^ JuJUf^^y bim4a«l?4cii)l i^ 
nifie iht glomwhicll wap cfacn fiidcnli^fiO'fonow both Itf hftdeadii 
and after bis death, asfij^srnocesiaadi^hiseomiidoea 
or his it^gDiog after w$ oomming^iiii|^bt^biiibcbint(ey^ 
ccoaindy po : but will niaiitfeft unco the wbcxewc^U, the gloi^ 
which he hath iwd^^ For be (ballcoifieinilieeiory ofcbe F^t 
tber^ as he i^^^M^. 16. verie# ey. AndpaBfii m ^bt ^cmofkii 
gUfyjaixak be is cxMne^fu he (aitbj^i^. 1 9.ver&«2&wMdi Thronej 
tile comparing of thisiexc wldi th# a8, and 99 vtffo of the ^%. 
chap, of Ss led^sdoth (hew tobe meant of i6e Throne ^fhis 
Kingdom* The next wordsj that he b^ ovureOtae the woijd, he 
ipake tocomfbrthttDifclpIesagaiciltlbe'tilb^a^ which the^ 
floouldlui^m the world: and they doe ^nilie, that as in himfelfe 
he had and could overcome the temptations of the world, fo hee 
Dfouldinthem coo,^byftrengthmngtliemto'endufecotbedn4for 
his £ike,.what be had voluntarily re&Ited tpendurefoe fh^i^fake^ 
And how is tliui hisovfrcommingof the world fa^ pati«)Ei^^ In the 
dmeofhistemptation^anyletor binderancc to hisofercomminU 
of it by power, to bia rdgning over ir, at bis.nexc appearing i. The 
third %fxiy That his KingdoiD is not of cliis wQtld &c. w^ his an^ 
Iwer to Pi/^e, when be askt hiai,i9Fhec||er h^iAiS the Xivg ^fiH 
Jemj.hvA it doth (hew opelyathat 1^ w^ not to rsceiye htt aittbo^ rergncpf men^but of Ood(asI dbS^yftv^mg reply^)TbU j» 
jour firft fileoi proofei-, tbefeco^d^diconfift of fiicb texts, aA 



Am:44Jifmirm Mrr ^ctnets^ Pfe^a^ 


rii^&of ttaf Sftliii«)«Hhai riit tribula^oht of jt dtifl ceafei YoEtf f^^ 
tile isS proobi il bfcfoghd ctr fhm, firat *irbetT GhrMl cotnes^iff<r 

our! S^Vtol«Wriigi*f^MMeliriili'^> eirMrtly nMy !)&fbe.cVei^i|;llAr 

S34>«filcr|i)i^iir]^m'9 for t<^ tlM tMi^ the neri^JmifM^in <irtfi^ 

6cm^iialbfi)Wc^fih and cfeM^h^ 

ftMld Ati^iNkig oi» ^orih <kpff¥e tftem oftheir }of fkw yet the 

Iflit €h«p^ r^ iterfe fti. i# bf Pifca^ rtferr^w the ^ t|hat the 

^^ tlMti brcMtw^ oh theM • an^ «o( co* tll^^pf HfViin chtrf jg^ 

pftkiMe ac iMr<>wiie reft]r«#8loil^fa<n Ctnift ebniQsf agaihe. An4 
fhtt^k aqt»p(Bai!c% tikat y€»Bitekt avtniff baiw-feiistAatal^ 
TeftkmerTt was «rt4lcenagMim Chrlfb'^fbhif^gtite'^ at 

tbauMdG«rfprfbf»^jf*fcwwi?. . ' 

' 5Jwf$F^ i4r^ef Cerinehoi iMri«4itf ^f i/Papia^ c/^&m Euleh; 1^^ 
rir. Ckif.J9. rPfi9esfh§0f^ he rff9tterj^angepaf^abter qf oiir'Savtour^ 
mixed nfkb-fdkHflms' d$Qnm^^f^9m he ehttmethjthat the ICmgdtm tf 
Ohrifi JbaS eovfapaO;f here ^ emk lafi ihtjpace 'of m lood y^aris^ 
0ft9r mfffm^f^\lbt deait i^rifkh^efffrh(aslfi^ bpreo^ 

i»^aib$fec^ffMmt ri^fy^ffHtt^n^tcdmeaning ^t^eAfdJ^ks^ 

jkf bewoi a mm iiffrntllfni^mnfj at hj hit hol^sfbinfy apfearii:- 
y%t<bmhh€ gammuib dkferf Seekftapkaiferfmi occa^m rfettbr;r»ha^ 

MffuSw b^ m^ifikf^ fn tm ^m ^ f o ifenxns mi ethers^ ^ihmlbe ar^ 

f*md m^Mod^lSnH Mkj^ Chap. 20^^ iipht mii^ (rfUkfOM, 
CM9dm^ andifithifs. in Eg^pc imfaSeimiibMf error J?9t$t ib$jtjm^ 

hf 4&$mmfttttiw$i and ddkim if^h(J^,6atiptime^ ^dUrtieLmmsbim 
fif^m tb^ mMt: %bmihft^Ml(f'W$riffhi^ apimau aske^mnxomrsy 

)M^).fW mot^mat tmif^fJif gUfoemd^^ tkat lfi~«i(a« air ]^ A » SL 
mdAvigfMsmdQ^ viikdsJkwtk^jmrke cff^Mfsd^mmul^mHy 

§fM'i^Jm$^idHi$^^ miHdk$A^r^tkai£9mf'm0^ 

gpimlsk ^ to»f9«# efwvmdmgaMrfngiimfi ^ffmausM flkio^ 
mt^^iMtehr^ iHmAmt^ dm^ag^trntlu^thm^idpLotifiii^^ 'moff^ 


fiijt ercJnus^ffifHmffuk'j^MattftmiS : ltd,mnifimfhr mUHaann^rmJurd^urum > poftcafut^^ 

fimAi9^fe^Qmp^tm!f6^ IfPs^hgiii'JifimHSiiit^Mdi. Sed cum 

0s%t{Uk tMm.rifiiff(MK¥4tit4^Qm,mmdfr4fiiM^ «v quAuscibus 


he ba(tbo$^Jbia?4is^^ 

t^l/p^tjkinttitlto^ttf^Ulkwwdk^ fukmkdimof^ifd49nfknimtlt}mtjAf&.^^ nmin^ Hkrufa^ 
kmpcrmMjune f^t : fiuMtqudm fibijttd^i mmtftM^ygimn^M^aifi^iirMfilem refiitucndgfi 
f^eni > rifirftifq'y vW'imas ctfatrifi^Ui ct cimJMiidfa/Markm.^ e; rrg-nian in t err is J^ommSaha^ 
tiris : #v<e ticii 10^ fdiuamur^ damtate tfimen non po£ytuis ^ qrt^i m^}fi virort^m Ecclefiafti 
tmmaHfo^iyrMmfiAdix^knf^iiriUc.m,, Hforva 


wtong&liy) asMr. AUde affirmes CofDmcnt. Apoeal. pag« 285) 
ikichlofit: which cbkigschoughweimbraGetior^yecwe cannot 
condtnihc^ beca^ many fakhfuU perlbni^ and Martyrs of the 
Church havefidd cheiii* Hok^evor^it waa^as e^^for £pi(^^mror fttijf^. 
ocho-j' CO condemne P^t^jtf/foranian of finals ^gibenr, at it'it^ 
for .you^ to iayi [that omr afgrnnenif are fofilfy audndimlms^ fi^*; 

tbegremiJsi but evenomoftbemjdothgaiher f^tffmni aifptfmms^ 
•fj&e>4;mrr47}ciirasaseafie, r%3 for i&;/Siy«r t^ Wfiie ti^ if^l^ 
•«ords^a»it is for youco write chefi?) albek the RcademBayiplstiiity 
ier, that you doe but CUnder oararguments haitin.vF0r bmdel^lhe 
plaint tqKt and cprophtcies in the ntw Teftamentj^ chere tfi« far. 
more prophkiesb tWbldsto ihewoi^ Ssviours 0e^|x>ral^rdfflie 
on earths thepthere are taffiew ^is birth md ^kath, Md a»^ar^ 
ly ddivered to the underftanding. Butbe Xtm&fAim (aith^fthat 
fupioi was a. man of final jud^ent]yetthathe (hewed it not in 
being of this opinion^notondy theSoiptareSybut ttie judgment 
of ZreiM«fyand other EcikfiaiHcaii 

Moeatteft :of whomwecamkit imertaioeibdi anunluftiMlife^ 

asjKO thinke^ that thejr wodd prize (1*^ dmdquiqr and autliority 01 

^i^f^ word) idbdve iheautiunity and antiquity of the woidof 

God it (el& But that thb truth plight beuQiverfally abhorred^ 

' and ivjefted 4.1^9 error after the jao^yeare of oui^JU>rd) wt eafily 

^ bdieeve^For itisui»|uefiiooable>tbatmaoyatftith and error did 

cbansc deles e^ch witli other ^ as popi(hignonuiO^-fuperftitioa 

and M<^ry grew m rtqueftjand needs thdi miift t hk truthjwhich 

aicnbes the acpompliQiaient of the prediftbns of Chri^s Ifiogly 

Office to their right owner, foone vanilh out ofmens mind^ and 

lade its Ii^relind repute ; whenas that Man of fin was(bordy to 

appeare, who to exalt his power above all that is called God) 

ibould as blaiphemouify) as decdtfolly) apply theft prophcdes 

to hiinftUe. And laftly, that we agree not in all ditumftanoes a- 

bout this opinion) doth no more derogate from the truth and 

'worth of iti then^the difierences that are amongft other Chrtfti-* 

ans doe derogate from the . truth and mceffityt)f any WifA 

wherdo thqr doedi&gree. r 

jam} Cfi^indkeintti^^iUig^^ti^^ Av^ 

^iQ^aj(m$fi3^w(S(VX^& W^fl Qiall Vingagaine 

_ » 


An ^kftrtr f MrfVetm't ^W/Wht. 


GentilfS) can be no patierne t0Wpcicindtli0(e which ipeake psoti- 

fticbfv^hant prophiecWfor t^ v^orifijgbf&cftttea; «rhy mb^ 
wc notbclee^ thinliro ^ wflat^fardkf Mil arlie fitxKfiidi a be- 
ficfe^ ccftf^ndy xibe^uk^watwdUufya^^tch^ait tl03D^u^fkl;l^« 
fiilt^but k*nkltif«fb11d9^to^ 

fill! a^nc): :iiiilcie<wiciwteti^prc^ (haffObcf caiMor i^aiije 
cdmmandy what hedidfomdbiidsibrbidvtr^ll^t he c^not m- 
jdyite the life of a'chki^atievet^H times^fo^ ftveratt-ends : or that 
God hath in ihift woid ^>i1)id the afe of fhefi^ Mnp'itptAj tinie 
hereaftuytD wit,^iMfdH a(terlthe'cmiiAfeg0f GhM, ii^befbnrit: 
neithcc of Which I^mikM tm^tai^be 4a^¥^^^ Anda^fbr 
chat pvofhitey^Ex^ i6. vefji 53. tee. which'O yotir oth^r nxui^ 
l^ar to fupport the ^raov^d fenfe of all the • prophecies in cdii- 
troverfie : and to bear«^owtioikr proper 4lldi^ti^ 
en <^tli^m : icMh indeed tKsictthe (ubflHiiiid^t'lfcif^f^ 
-^^ument onely» and' malKk nmcb agiinft ybil^ bCic nbughi ^- 
g^inft us. For firft^it (hews thedi to^ be in an error who affittne^ 
that thecapiivity G^5jfMr&i,of the t^nTiibiesis already reti^ 
And (econdly5irif mpre>fic»Gibie cb^ifbravis^jhejeWes itioiitit 
froni'B^i^ (agamftwhiifiklib itlaay^aMtti^<kl\^ 
prove theii#ture retumc from^t coontifey8.1^or ^he' 60. and 6 r» 
verfi.Nev€iibeleJJi^ImBie9^^ the ddes 

rf jbfjmtb^ mil mU^ efksbUjjb mf thee in\fsvhh^g Cor/manK 
neff\ thoH fhidt rammbettfym^^ifidi^ '^^hmedy fphek thoupakiir 
teive ihj fifhrs^ tiimeUkr, iaajk i^fo^g^i and imU ffie^wem unto 
tbeejhr dm^ersj^tmi bf tbjCcverum. Theft words doe 4hew that 
this.capdidcy. <^ Jerofiikni (faoiridirctiirne ^aine^ and atherre- 
tuume recdve her fifters'.^ai^ and SmuviaizxiA, therefore thfe 
words, t^je 5 2 • ^mbm IfiaBbfiff§\igi4'ft4beir eaftM^^ tbi ta^tm* 
ty ^ Sodom aMbeti0ti^mfsjkc*%yt (hew onely^ihat this prophede 
. idoth ipeake oi thebapdnty and de(bladon of JeruGddn and liuev 
adjacent ddes & viUi^ges by the limngm ; frcon which they ffaoal^ 
no more be reftor^d^^dl Samma and her adjacent ddes & villages 
flxwUl be reftored) and inhahitid by the Ifradites, by the ten Tri- 
bcsswhofe future reavne is witncfledby fi> tnany evidenc prophe- 
cies : »d untiU the fribcewhaw ^adbm md her ddes fi^ 
^gWIB hjSQBOMaMMl^^ aQdfi^ofanhabiuntSjiiiiche)5^ 

^^■ILli, -i^^..,.^ , ■ . ■ » ' I iw u ■ ' t i * ' ■ 

AHidftfim^\A^'. Pettier fHfkcg^v 

rfiSSHKa^m III ■ I MJ— — 

nmft ^ dochfnlknkttuScr that diirproph&:y irapitvalenc udthchae 

^) brku^^ft^iilfmMjtbe kmifa^joyii^^hejoyous City : beemfi tbe 
f4miifitMlffi^li^^^ tbtforttatul 

$U tkeSfint.4ff\pmr^i^ffmm*fimn^(mh^ 

fBcatdfigaC tiwmMd {^ewr] h«Kikrth#veanaafm coihc 
ICtt Jim$0^. i^ 'mfi-Ohihi ^gmvflfiail kfaStni fife fimUmjmrt 

jthac pboe chfc Itfe&qttmdty of timc^as thk affirgudve adTcribeC/or 
n«r3doth mclttfjiliairUsalong, butnocaiunfiniist^ the - 
ioioHig • bfijkatioo . o^ ir^ VtM tbi SfmtPbtpddmd ttfm mfim m - 
bigj^^koi^ jiibUfi>Iy^ckm AiAJitbas|ti|tvi^ bdththe 
t^^lpbeeyjp^iSk^iijp.ti 6,:vcr)e 53i&Ckand:the jpinophecy cfAnm 
4ji}ap. 5 « Mf^ 2>dor ibew ondy (wbat our Sa'ddiara prophecy jdotb, , 
i4ij^ 21. xicrj^ 24.)that Jeru&lemftoiddliedeicdace along cime^ . 
Imt:fi0talv^et;* tbaitis) until thecoh^flomt^ejwcs by ant 
€Mmi[^£xi^^ dbfen lOiGoctSsjSpim qpoii^h^3 aadhbiongii^ 
M.jIrelaUb ibreflMi^ xbap»%ivtifc%%. Sec. ind cp^feqii^odyi thirt 
^jik^yoAdeeme^itihvihcitrfel^iY, it£dieh oHcic^ ) 

fell dodl%d^rei>th«t) 'jefumii expounding of the hou(es mend- 1 
cned lf4% 6iJverfe abef VJatuea^^is a wiliAciousexpo6don. Ft)!eaf i < 
ttvB tk^i^i^is^ndd^ibe mimMima$ rfi(hd.Qfmm^Siby'th€ii"fThmL 
4Hi09$^ 4dmi. 15. ^agr^6.{6 dpe you m^ike cbe.woi^ of God to he - 
necbtpg9.byifi]di<fiiichle0e ImerpretattDn^sl {ay^falthlefle^becaufe? 
th^ iqa^ineu toUeftrdyi:heyeiy:ob)eftGi'fatth ( the plaine hi- 
ftocy Q(Gkki'8i?(^ocd)bytafnii^itint6a meere poeticall €fii6n». 
and conicqumdy icird^«eadyu^y5 comakeinen have Icfle faith; 
tixtn the t)ie^t hate rtobdngtbcm to chat pafle^^chanthey (balbe 
wiOiogly ignoxanc^. ths^c^ fy the word ofihd tbelkaveni vn&te ^f oU^ 
and th^ eatib fiaaHing^imx tflbe)»aier^\attd infbpfpiuerj ivbetbf tbe, 
warfd^i then mm b^gjtg mftr^ftmed mtb p^s^yperijMf : W that 
hfjh^fimif ii^kd^biffuni^f^i^pi^ agcimfl ibeJ>af. 

of^/g^imnti imA4^.^im<^^mg^mvt. 2i»S^Fet. faith, ft £fi/^^ 
<^^ ^f^verfe 5, 6, 7. it is. thefeady way>I fay^to makemm vni*- 
lin^ ignorant ofall thia ^and thien wfaat can follow^ but that- 
th^y &o&*ac theexpedtodon of Clmftaoott)Mng^£iying» tpbere k 

D 2 tbe 


•• S'j O' z< 

\. \. 1 V' 


jiif^i^^jVkf^^M^t P^'aH^hllffS^fA^ 

j«i ffm;^ &f Aba ^ihMt^immifi limaui lwi i c^ndAm^Hmtmm^fitt^ 

tHiuS3iiMMP»tmQn«rabfeiipte Qbd pine} iQei'teBRnb IbdsiiMlM^ 
whiciv KrIiaA pitpiiiddi ^ tlMn^is Mcdi^mrdiMft)^ Alt 

cally for dbe fki/^ytAfgamtofAtdmA 

Church now iifMbotlii9i>ffll»^Se4Bte{liallliW^^ 

on eaitb, it is ^fDurMlviiri^* ^4. 39. >ilicli]gbAaidiip finflA nbv ci«rti|)iiMi^ 

mdaiic$ fee. |,|ni^ idac^flKidd fiiii'liMilnfkv^ 

?alch rSII Ffiicd>aiidif chf^ftnttihlwfai^ 

ceAUQawher- fioo»Glty'ean'«iefiine;^aiib^ cteo ite fiiipfikk C%^ i^^ 

^, the do- whC^>Widliffiiilii^jiBi» omJkgfMtzifX^Xi /rtdPiM jfawrra^rtjOfcjlNil 

the phce af^ ^ '^ prmntdgy^^f^ipBimftbil^rfl^pm^: Mil OriM 
ter alleged) fliDrfAmovg ot PI tafechb^wfewdflna ftm ittit^ gnyrftlk^&wf 

to enfue , zxAdM^%. 1)^%%^ i^htii^emw^iMAikdQ^^^^ fy 

wichVisnoc tiiie Gh^^tf ch«ie^mr# m flUrtUiigi ? Ukutt I flutt iv^^ itji^m 
yecin hcing. Gbd hmot wheit iia Aictflieis^? orchttt cbefe dim§»sfrtf>M«?<iiKti^ 
^sS.P€ter in ji, htfftltft tfle74^e^cbulldeflicD^doe«dnrI?1l»^ a»Vati€MifiaMi» 
3 ck' ^^'9 pMfinnfKiom Atidh con^neiidy^ the ptoftar CTpd firti# of fflOt^ 
U^ plain- piaiMproplmiM^ilehedneiy/iiiitnde^ 

iMBinbof-^erdicft Fwa0impdi|iigi€^tMs 0XpDfiri0ii^ cidirSbiiljn 

m sffo^'^ whferda» lAdbad hemollfMWolit lli^^MNk aMvt^MtllF 
of an obcdimc heartrco j^iMmfrbutana (bt>iie4bQiidtt(Cii>n^^ an^l 



U%#0rtt^JMV: 9mixf^ Pif^fkc^, 

ffmkA^Umiaias^i»A aiAd glotifibdiKidtei which die Sihit^ (hdl 
nKcm' cf Godbatthctemianr^oii) Md nocof vertucs* Yex j<m 
iiii()br hove (affile arufc^ 

ttHt^^Mib^ mg/bio$rbmle \ i»tbiif to be underftocktjillhMijlb/t nc^ 
mi^t^byaiirii^iksvmmi. And tsh^t Mrbens VM reade of oinr Savibttr/ 

N^ k is4»W vadtpftoddL that he weMintethe vensMej of onet)f 
tfasohkbPiMiFifiiii- ibidJfiibisbtfnorcOffiahethe^ordofGcd^ 
Ul\dLWa0E%aishte| cap»tde;0f any (baffe ani^ hnprvflTion^ what 

caB$f^flmi:0Sfu^ feeing ikgtMfirfirom bim infmdy 

liirHiiedmlUtt t¥%mviiiMyifit^b»ir$k. t anjlpef jtmwly anf btrtti^ 
(pk did ever renew an old htre^iniM tbkfartiadai^s 9 mdTfeverthekfi 
it ir tml) called the fame hereji : amtweeaUihemfo^ mtnore then theji he 
feek,:wKL'mimmfif^ abmanrr^dnr be^ 

^t ilvibakfligttfatrtiimof^y to bearct^rname of hhn frrwRon; 
ttw^odtohevt idnidcoiiartkipaM of theligbrof clirgtoiiotirGoP 
p44fi Chrj%i£ haling fo(di« a founchtibti of qor feitha a^tlir 
^ikm\mKAdi^^ h^e fl ioi A i W aity whitr<#lmaid at ehcNktnea 
^Oeremimim^ f^**^ ^My»<ire(h?rM|p^i^^ eernfjt«,thac 
CM heffiSukigixm M Dt iten/kt^ftt^tte 2^i/N^ /*»f ft £e j^/* iE^^f 
HAt^^and Aeferimt athi$ij(mi^ifii^kjvr ad^d^tbrA£^of 
tht bMfiFE^daebedf^hw wmS ntmpjttby 0a*thm'(fhie htnjhdld> 

ting«aw dirldgftof oK%«Mf>^ M thhitft. andP wftpftnever 
OttllraiiiMr for 4bm m' floMtt* ttfe^ tt>^ cdnfe(1b '€lMfl^ ^ndm 
vmcMaibwilMi^of Mm iiil»ChriA^bn(bRiiar:Sr hkit wiT He d^«^ 
ny^(ttk»€BMMhm M#0im|^br]fsft ih^tmFatherr,^ an^ df tfee" 

tfaM^-oKsnj^oikar^ubgtf 4^WtnMift^ dteifimf ittakras conegfisiifiF 

hem mfimmd mtt^m^iftkadSatrhanmim. Bm'thii reproachffall 
liagi iy liallnmiliif f lift iM^fyaiBB*e wyoor e«tf(6^^nrfi^^ 




A^ AnfwtfffjuM^^V^me^^ 

4nd infalitJe argument^ Mwe ha^e aUedgeid fpr.ttie :%ii]6raiaCH 
^n .X)f thi$ truth' y ^n. :y« gW out, {that ifhatb m athrfa$hers 
mor a hmmt^bHt berp^qm^^ Spc^ly w^ Juvemunia^ied befdivy aild^ 

Ufitaus 5 and tberfor€,<^i»ffaK/ w<i»tio more theFaibccxif €hii.b^ 
pinion, then jutwasthe Autbour o(d:\c:RmlatioM^ wbichr.foine 
^ have aOErmnd^becaQfeic doth phtnelf f evilala ^he Amfikd 
yearesreigne ^Chrift, which Ceri;2^i&ii/ held^ Neither were tlM^- 
abettoHrs ^tbis opinion aU ber^iqtter^ For as our Saviour and the ^ 
Apdi^les taught it, fo thtf,prin»tiv^Chi:l.flS4mbeIeev%i 1t^and;:^fter 
Uwm Tome of the Fatbera^ i^nd fiQc^mao^Worthjr ZJ^^^iv, wlior^ 
were I dare; &y, j» fr^^ fF0Qi^ia6:k]tb,:aDdi^v^iie^^^^^ 
the ages wherein they iiv«d:.. and doul>t]d9ieJi^^ 3allb(tb&pd^. 

of the true meaning of th« Scriptures. n :. ■ r. iV* /^^ 

.• ^ . . Pn^ach ,.i. .-. . ' •■ 'v.Vi-. , 

Ninthly^ Bj tint bifforical narration^ t^hoei wtbe Imd^ym : mf 
' fee that this doSrine is nonexv lights reveakd in tbk Ufl x^^^at^yom 
hsve beard fime teach ) bnt an 0/4 J^Wtih f^ng and Cerinthian/^ie: 
ol^ errors are /% aid v^bcref^ tbat ify ibt mmttoMMfomd. Wh'ml 
b^t done bere isforyonr good :far havtbeard tbk ffrof^pnaebedj 
inftidd oftbe Vo&tim ofCbrifi^ (jtlbtit it wdsfirfk freacbed bj tbe^ mt* 
nm ofCbAA\ hji:f&m oftbe Jmb^s oftbe Ap6lc^eikal*aar- 
raj^on fir Independency^ Mjo bid in tb^rCtrnp^mor^ ^ okely 
]V(illenarier, bt^groffe An^baptifts^viiid jl&tlwiifjfR'iiSUre maai^fify < 
declares^ what, ibey wr^t oBfinrely inxtha$ NarrattD^pag. 1 3i fgingi . 
we tooke meaiiire of i^p mans bolui€i(£ bf hi» >Q][>ifUOR^> wbedicr ; 
adverCe unto us.8^c« 7'i^efr Dinah it^^iy of fiaif/^pi0rj^^ir:grdnd \ 
amHnmtkm k.Anmbiew no dijciplinfi^dtndit&^ik^k bandage to-^bei 
tft^in tb$fakh.%Thtbooki^fjifMtXotk mllUl(iNiih[KtdeSpA6a^ 
bath been oft fi$tintQyombai$4t^andHp,Qm fevtraUoo&^ons ef^^dem 
daring the truth in this foht^$u have i^m imreatHlto^pMt tbatJnok^ 
iofa tfty kmd^vhii^ej^areym have nefdefanAnddPteuPrntJalf^J^am 
i^Ht^wn of;it(}pfher,bjf^kep^»fiaSiie/h^ 
iiojl Chrifl fr mmeatitk0tf^ifiaib,Htev^dafikt£ 
^nneoftnan (1^41 give unto joo^ Jol^ (kty^mdmaiAeKinid^ 
rfHod comes mmtb ehftrvalien [or i»efrldly t^feSt and m^ndame'] 
£.. V ^ ^ b0t 

:4h v*n[wer l« Af' PeCrk's ttefset* 

l.auumttmmatmammmimmmam^,t rf t 

^m^^^i tawt0t bmfibafk rflong Mnm$iuyfromjmfi 9mifm€m$ 
of corriipidQ; inta the glorious liberty 6f the c^illd^ea of G^ 

/md^chifr^^tntffe^asitiifecbms tht baref^fffgreat'falvafim^ and 
five all . di! igence to mike font cal I ing aiid elfftion (are : for Co 
tn emraoce flulbe miniftred anco you aboandantly > mf im m 
mtblf Mmf^refy^ hnt tbt tvetUfiing Kmgd0m ^f^nr Lord^ndS^ 
w$fr J^fuiCbfifi^ ' . 


Belovtcl la the JLord, yoa are told here by Mr. Fetiy [that tbir 

l&ikQacal Nm'ation of the original, of the Adilknarian Tenet ^ and 

bin r^^^Atmnfm] bo^^ are for jmr good jytiriAh^d it been fo in«- 

deed)! had noi now an(wered the one 6r repli'd unto the other^yedi I 

had rather Isud oiy hand upon my mouth; or empoly^d it about the 

publkfue retraftation of mine own opinion. Biitl find not in either^ 

Ought of that fincbre and itpdght cSealing, as is pretended in thefe 

W(»ds. That which I fiode is this^ that Mr. TetrUy \$ too much of 

the nufidetof the Lawyers in the Gofpel^ of whom our Saviour iaid^ 

lad^ il.verfi ^. that tbgbadtakfnaip^tbel^ of kmtpledgey that 

ibg entted not in tbemfihesj and tbem that pnre entrmg in^ tbgi }nn» 

dred. And^ that asthe Fbarifee/ beft projeft to difcountenance oifr 

Saviours miracles, wat tofay^thathedidc^^^n^ Devils tbrougb 

BeelzkbtA tbe Prince ^tbe Devils : asid their moft prevalent motive 

to cUi^race hU doorine, was to (ay, that he was a glmion^ and a 

wine'bibben^ friend of publicans andfnners: So Mr. Ttttif^s chiefeft 

fldght to<liipara^e the truth we hold, is to (ay, \tbat it batb m o^ 

tber Fatber^ nor abetimrsybuf /ftere/iMe/;thatitispreachtby £]ch 

as have in theirX3ongregation^groUe;^j^i^^ij}/) and are friends 

to whatsoever Novei&rA And that it teacheth the voluptuous 8c caiv 

nail livii^ of the rai(ed Saints, and their ;dyingagaine after they 

are rai(ed*] And doubdefle, bgloved,ifyou(hould bea^ ready to. 

receive thete tares into your hearts, as Mr. Petrie is to fow them 

there $ your eares would be (hi&d with pre)adice,and your hearts 

choakt up with indignation againft U8:but as we wi(h Ixtter tldngt 

unto you, (b w& hope better things of you, even fucb tbif^s as 4e-^ 

^mpaaffahiatitnu We faopr, I &y^ that yqii are ^t wife^ the&rs- 


I 1 • ~ - •' 


f one awl8nMffirm^Tiiat^m,ihc:pm 

drinke after their rcfurrcftion. As it is faidj A/iir. «6. t^j^'ij^/toiia 
I^KJ^ 22. ver^ 1 6. i8. And that yQa^mil affirme too^ that we truly 
tholdi tbsct^the^IQngdeiQ of God istrot yet rcomes^khougiv obr&- 
N^iour ljii^*ay^ ^^ '20. iOifaKred'the Pj&9i«ijSej^ 
^f^bcnttliefiixigdcfmoFGod fiioidd come^/ibtf^'iibt Kingdm^^GvH 
mi/ whbinjU'amtmgfi'thmS'tmthit t«faidi<ofirSs?teir<th«ii»>3aUd 
^theKingdom^f Gc^sis nQtiBeai|tofth^ttigdoni)it>lelfe(of'^bi(A 
.thei^<»r:^ inquircdp iiutoEche 'omtmnit^ that 

Kiflgdotn bdbtain?d^.As bis Jl:£it« 21^ w^J2' 43% amd (hits aUb R^wi. 
. ^^4erfi lyiri^mmfaeffe atidfeaezandjcyin ibe "Shfy Gkofi^rffCaklA 
.theKingdcKn <of GodyJbecau&dtefefihings-deeintsflem^to that 
tKingdom, md manifeftuntaoihelv^^imthey dtt bdbn^uncait: 
•neither of ^i^dticfa tbe^Uennng, ornnrdbfenfitig of 'tftftraioeiA 
itecats and xfaicfa ^oan ttoe. Ai2^ tfaei ^Cr. 4.'mi]^<zo.^it it teAA^ 

iadte Kingdmi pfGod^iBimcherobtiiAedynoraettffkd^^i^ 
-xfifeourfing) pMashbg) and^fn'ofeiltngilftl^'thithonely^faiit by 
icm^ cttitCuli and eonfcionabl^ 

^wce 4ue coBiiiiatnded. And therefore^beloved^ tb^t yeu may not 
(imftjrfff^mcaBcsatidevidisiicMOt God^Kingdofn^forfbcfQng- 
j^otn it (elfi!;i)ut ina^ by^ inpytmnund ^ftual tife df'thw^ 
IwaiSiBcd in your ielves, and mafee biowne untootheirS) tbatiyM 
are beires of that *^xiMym bai^aninfaericanoein dieiOngdom 
t of C3inft, and cfGodywe^h^eeih t^ Fatheriffmr Lord^ifnrCbr^s 
ihtn ihtmorJrf Cbnflmtrf A»dBinymfii^lyina^^ 
jOQt ImA JefinCbrifHiimielfe, andGodefen^nr Faditr,uWdi 
.:hathJoi«di]93and liadigiyeh us eveflaftu^ confobidon^anS^goofl 
-hope tkroo^graeesBiaycoaiibityoiirliaurtisaid 

-•my^goodwordymdjiodM^ • 



Mm-JtltfimnJIi^^ JftlMilk ^MuSMrv 


^^ tmgotih^ $(;ri{M;iiie, ioierted pag iS.^. i •. 

the ^peut^ ^ as t{t<! pT(i£icewa$ cb peir. 
iwadc him that (be ki ipcuNt is Micitke 

partly bccaqicvl ^oqld' notiisjoyne my 

,iSvt>t!9y^^^tafpr«j(l^ «u^ dice iii &$ 

W^itk f^t d«^M (Mveddite dibiftflrOtt tkivte^df bflMfcAr. 

Khtdm, tktm #f tjkii Miti^ iferttQkm and Ifion .* /<« wtrj htetJ^ 

b« the propef iaheritanceof Cbtlft;& dwSkine^dttitiraeitf Mi 
nMdom.An! tte^otiokttthift^ t»Mdt aMfip6b«kdf>ii^Slfai 



great King, as u foretold FfaL 48. v. 2. tOft |s of Chrtft|iri thr 
•'teineorni|jp(^rohaIli>atgn«bver-^=w(icSk.'«arth.'}itiicf theretbre 

dm^tbifn ofthdi tttttbhf leratalem and Sionjjej tvw Won cam tbef be 

'iliey are'to be under (iocxl ov lib oche^ j^Iace, or 0iirig ^ but that. 

19 n^eretbe Ki^is 9fbis Kinghp^ce : umitfHrefort atdbk Km£S were 

pt 0n tbt Ttmme ^David, & mt D/^einKbadnezzar m^any other Jbe^ 
■f^ffi^^ 4f<%4«^ vp(trexmp4^l^f^^ $fhbliped 

Throne </David, bmt tbat tvJkbA^^s^^ :/o jil^t.i.beif c^Ued 

*♦•";-;♦■ ^'* * * • * ■ > V '" '^^ - rt '^' • - i w "^ '^Vi '"•■ -'•* •••"*** '• 
The anointing of Kin^, Priefts^i aocl jPrppiHfSa w^^^ l^ypeof 

Chrift's anoinck^, and not dfhii t(dii(g called V^ioAd. Which name 

Pamd^ to whom he wa^ propiifi^* And le ,is bi|cw(i;\l^ 13 the 

3pptie of 2>^i(and qptpf I^^^^^^M^Kj^^ 4ny other Kieathen 

. P/ince) that heis tofitonP^rt^/ Jbrone* Aodtha^Jb^y hiiiittiDa 

""""^^•^ * ■ . ■ . ' . ^ ^^ ^ ^ , 

t§m -tAt^imf 'Ml', -^ettiift *nfiife. 

••m ■» ■! ■^■j^irln^— *— Wi»ii<>»^*** 

pff^) ^y^ ^^ mifitim i;fj|tldaK. jMikerfinit if agrtat mfiskmg 
"VBirttiiM iMrnUng Ottlcilei iifcr trm JewcB (ariiNft jG» f% ^m mM 

.fttiArer. \ 

VvKivict'DetWjCtxiit wiieving jfii^ laid wtub: jra y^ wt xMMK 

ieiMrifbihg liftatl^ <3tlim4i 

«f MieCblrJIIb; tiotr. 9ibr that ^92^*:^ and Jfib^ 

iMilllei idle JaMf aretlieant. "Ahd iNfecloe,iidttttit!n-»i^iM p^- 

#iKiVlfi)J| jiw& hdft^ tirtl!t>|>it9VliHra| jbuk'dit^cktMfilg 'iMilj^s 

iednga« all the beIce^t)|.jWei iiti^ O^hdfei^ ttait aJt^^l^^Mtadk 

m (hdl depart beforeChrifi'f txmtr/ki^yfhiM be brought with hinit 

•d fo^m^fvomifeiiiade amo JV^^htkif^foi^^^i^ 

lie ^vdtMtf^agahlft «hatt}fife rand beth^n aekab^M^'byodl 

i^. in .iM^^fk fund ikHifkfktiAy^^fMlAa^^ yi*Hi^^*9%^ 
ilMHfS a* (^i«h#ewes fhe^i^rcj^^^^ 
lifttftliiiig ifo lliefiipo&.Miii^ likhidfeed^hdy a())^l$Ml by 
)f0ii^^b($hit«hig 6d«<<^/. i^fcdotfin<i)i)mepiW 
^^^0b»r%tobea jK^^then thatwhifiti^M mSM^J^. UWfk 
i|,, 'tfbktitwte atiiif4Hileevin^3Mi^tobea^a#ifevti^fckih}« OlM^ 
att cttftMiaikp igiitift AeJ^t/fbi^hdir jgt«at4iA^ 
iManj^ diMijit3< At teat mMi«.'ai^ iBvltomly{lti^tkat<hM< 
jbir iiiraf.Mrta j^Mb^Umd of Gcxtx^riiiift irai^ one' ou^^^ 

'^"•'^ aanr 

tii»p bibadvttbt afplteattm ofthepromfii, . X^ '<miitkse fi,^. Mlur 
al ferformanee of thenit attd tke aeeompiijbntmt o/thmii ia JeveraS 

Jntmtd^tb*Mrt«iid4gi : t»trtvrataitgTft,ifftfmnufist,ib«^^^^ 

> All «be|>rpphefe»yo«May,ea|in« beHiideri^cK?4pftiJ|eJChiircfc 
w «irdi pnftiy, jm^rhci; f>i tl^ Cburcfa ia Ho^wa oH^lf,-' -f iii« 

iMjOo^. ^*^»nppw)pbe&j»bieh fpeakeioltlM.bapptt 
i)^,«irhich tlK^inu (hall in|oy cp caT?MMt ^tab^iMdierAfiod 

t^riMjiqid ««er yt^ <«|urM homeQas |be|)ropbit^ |n99Hr If rwQie 

if^^t k (han be4()0OtDdifl«d w^«ccbe^ fii<mt 'f^ffjclif 2^ 
tmu of the <nM«6;r Oulbeafletabkd Main A tLMii^it^ pj,^ f^m^ 


.jAii(d.a&.tbe %MrfiAQi\k 9ogm their lempdnl cMivcf a^io» from their 
oumrard ^\^o^\f eoemieiac chac cime i fb die 13. virjlr^emi 
ih4r rpiriciiaL4eUveratice froii^chekvfimwfW poUud ud 

(hiq^r temporal ^d fpirKUjil^firjerancx^ibrticf)^^ tfe 

conipUfiied at the (ame tinie^the comparing of the i u mrfk mrhii 
.^e;^doth cpnfirme) for whei^8itii(ai4^nKj[f 8« Waiietipw 
ine, vmit^l thc^ay th«|t I wGmJP CQit^i? pr4y*Qril'i< fiwd JfaiHifei 
J^ IJ^lin that Piff^fi^fha^h ^fi^am^d^jlkf^mM 
'jbmbafi4ra^fgni{^ ^gahifim^ &c« In th^t Day > in n^ti^^yif 
not ^ the day. before ipoken of, t^ji^8} which d^ indeed .is 
calPd.lif ^rijpturpy the Piyqf jacjifimmt) bqtyttJtiptiot0f fi> 
^((»oft;f c^tiniraiu^ at you take it t9 b«^; fdr k conlwi^ the iOM> 
^eajcesjand little feafcu|^mentioMd2i«K^.Nap, all wMchttime* ii ip 
follow oiir $|iv purs appearing^andcoifor^oe jcHeliUl^^ of his 
n%Qfe tjhf )i|dgenient of the defd auhe 1^ rqCurn^Stion. And 
cqpjfei^ienriy tfif accornpliflimtiv of ^be i(:onte|itfJf1}the 19* P^ 
g^'pot H^t tb^ pa,yof judgement in yc|V:4nfe(«h4t} j«5>t, tbc 
m(|gime9^o^ ttit; dead ^c th^ft refurre^tioQ J 4lii thecl^ft ofiSbf 
.&me verfi^ and the' preceding and fiiblequent m;/S/ .do^ itedare^^ 
^rhouig]^ it 0ulbeii(xheDay of judgemo^tiathe Scripcu'relCei^ 
Cthif iiji^ t|be tfnijf o^Chrift*^ ' ooo.year^ reigne op uviu) bit t ' ] 

; ^ : V '-^ ^.'s -^ \ ^*^^^«^^^^- ^ ■:-■ •\a.>':\..;;4 

j^/^^ ^r £091/^^ ofmanvfr{>0ranj^tbmgfrixiafoi$^.ib4U k^l^ngft^fif^ 
iking togoMineffe^ 0r JijJoHont fromtU fiofe ajf^the te^t^'oj^ (^^ 
uma other de^me texts pf the fimtt^xheftwardf ftmft be fXpwedfignrum 
tivelj^ 4Mda f^gttrati^efinfit f$ibi literal tHrr^marH/M^^ ftnfe 
iftbefi WfrJs. And contraril]/. unte tbU rule thiL JcwtCS a^ ot^bers 
exfmte the d^crjftkfff andpr'^fmfiet ofjfbe gtrj and fmet afC bri^ 
and bit (^hittfcl^ 4ftir0n eartbfyma^f^i^fftr^^ rfe*/^ 

theaning,tbeftr^mferm^is^^^^^^ into ^n,0a^!f ofd 

tempoTi^ :, wiiffc 4s k ii wiipdljifo it u ref^gnani ttnsc Jfq^tpttnre^^ 
i^?$^^^'*»fi^$f*.f^h»G vii{h\iiland not if 

$bi^ W9rt(fj,and^herfife ^h^(^V(tmpttrif((fU that are t^kfft from effthlf 

I . • H ■! HI 

'jt^-m^fifim P^- ^/^ ?it«kf» '^ifkct, 




UtttMr ismr* i^kdt^ kMiUt4,lt1^JihmlttMkt Mtg fihinj»t^ 
'U IMibt taper 49 tiefttm dgihifniHii}tlttf€btiff$ Khiffidm\'iMi 

tiiiMtiS\MtHaAi Whkb I tifevt t^en'thein,^ feith (tie LoMtby 

'SH'{i/tfmm*i ikiff kt>otflhiati6<lft odf of my fight*taieh dibtt fttft 
Mt ivkKtf^ Pr%&tik^hj»eibt/amfi'Mi^fhfti^ipd*^'m 

f laM}MfM' iakinm0h»dkt mfmdefiktt emh,fi ftmtitiusk k 
mt fit tktffmti^ ni lob t4. t«tf* 2 1. The land bf (tirl^telfe, «iMi 

kfli Itftdbiteevciitdfei tb«g6o<IiMfleofcI^t)Mdiiirm liai 
Itf the Xyi^.dtd^fpithffytlatyndintif)^ ifibt tUkfdm if 
€bf^(»* t$irfM^tl^0mlt,)ttadtfibtliritiiiatfiiiiikewfl^ 

■hftrt tmdiffttrtbe eotiOMrii'iifCvi^fofugiirtftr^ mr4brmA9 

W.kf^itfitttiiif^ . 

\iA iVm itlk thM C^fth ti a ^^tiif ¥f («#y^ll toW Iii<l 

VioWhe^by oAein fot fihe Hght tntb-^t^efog isf theSti^pitJIreO de- 
tStfii die jbitttet hi c&^titHtet^ ^tmkt tis. Ktid ^(te tust iay,tet 

^Skvbtitft [Md the ftdiiil^ VffiNiih^ ttn eii^iklietofiii^i^ 
IfeimMrtiai, i\id ^ftaUUhhleAtbftbe j^^/lnthehr 6*M lart'd: 
Ue dcfthiaidti dfcMfl- dppofirti ind ftiblilAi<^ df«II i^Ht Ma* 

"titftd ontt) chem :'1n'at^rd,ii»hidi cetdite dVtoQithe l^lQdSft 
vVentaltnd ^dsehnioAy cfairBHfl «bit« to ,](tafi OiMk^ wlKik 


^4i^^»jM^tfi,Mt, ^A^^ ^r^ff* 


ivpi:)4i 1^ tte.wpridit ^fc^Upfflp ii^4f jdpcli .^ch d 

dcjaw Mct3.' |Wf^g8,mjfolo^.a^qdnot bclpqet^g fo^odlhwttB** 
Far fiu-#if<wproj3prj;3jPQftfip^ 

,Gp^ ;.f*it if |t,dojh|Cji^ Siqflg|i^p(;hifeyqqyopr,(il|fearft?iro^^ 
^ CO 1^ .^OQOpocea hut ^ pfMr|iaI preacher of cbe Qofpel $4 
, piT»jc|i5rbMtQf,»p»rtof$heC^ 

artUjlepf falt^i, orpIajMt^,pfScnptiffic,,cv,^^ dutyifi 5^7 
ftrq^d 9r.,<}ippfj5ijf9l>ljyfRe W|rfcpf^^^SavU)u^«cQnll|s 11^ 
cbe $aj|||tatci£^)|gpe pojeanli : pt pf the Je;»e/ co^yer^oQ^jind ;i;f:; 
tpsfPfi: or o£tl^<aUipg9f4iN^ti9iut'ot^ 
^ kooipl^^ pf Ood. And tel us tpG^ whether the j^nowled^of 
ti|e(e isfUngs bea (cprploo/i juid qnqecei^i^ kiiowledgcior a^<nr- 
I^p(^()^Wg!Qg nnjpo £^nci}e. Qertaiifly {vecaruiot cpiiMVf 
how tife piir&n4^u;ne o (bpuldany.wifty &^ 

brMfle.^»fflljk9i h|i ipbcitiial powpr^pr ^breyiateh^e KiqgdoiD 1 

tl^ world tfoto jt> tbeaic jiath^n ^ee he departed out .^f ^tbc 
world) or canbe^ af lom^ as he is abftnt from it. And Wie fuvow 
that by our prpper^pobdpq of thefe prpphedc^ vedoe; n^e a 
;uft diftribiidpQ of the word ofGod : that wc^giye.^nto the jWj 
vtutfo^er bfibi^iuitoth 

bdongs untp the 6^i/e; wh^efisypabyyparprppcr luterpeeu* 
ponoftbeprppf)ed/BSwK9:Iicpp ywr^^^ 


keepe your a^nt tih'mgl to yopr felfci and make the xqeranpfepsf^ . 
ltd icMTotlie^ to l>e common merms: yeato be as muchj orinpne. 
yours then tl^drs. And as^you hereby impoie a %uraiive fmfe up* 
on t^e^ijdiitual part pf the prpmifts made i^tp (be Ja^ h -^lypii 
impoie a do^ble^gu^^tivefi»(e|lpon the teifH[^ral part c^theprdr. 
mites iKiade unco them. For iSrft you interpret thofe putw^rd and 
eai:thly promiies (as youqallthein^ of fpirttual bleffingei tpo^aiid 
beifi(gjro.intcrprcted,Y^ «4 

or jritber then ofidic jjen^e/. iy^pdrf^J* SPH 9??ft? feff^tiv^ fpecdilPft 
wtcrc you find^upne j, a^ utajt linked gs caSlyjnpakeA %Bmtii» 
(peecb pfany j^wch,,as thua vVfrpreyp t|ielcprqp)l\SQies^BiK^ it 

F doch 

^ An Anpfptr to-tM^' Pctrics Prrface, 

fletfi n]aketheptbpbecytocari7a%;Qratnre . 

poral ind -ipiricual pr6mi(e» Qiay be %iradvdy and^ metaphbri-' 
*caBy-ex{»reft) but yet they are^noctb be figuradvdy imderftood^ 
fch«t 18^ prophecie^of temporal thipgs^however expreft^are noe 
wPfti Biklerftood^of fpiriijialWeffmgr: hwther ,zt^ proigfit^ of 
fl^itiittal or tcnipoful chlil^ (whether %i^^iiv<!bf or properly ex^ 
^reft^:tob2'OTdcrftood:ofany'btefidci Able br whonr they aire 
plainly ^prbphecied* In a Wbrd, pit>phcclcr(howcvcr expfeft) are 
cobeunderftood, of what they (p^ake, wt^ei^ they fpeake of tem- 
poral • tbf ngf :^t1t€^ are to be nndeiflibodoiiely of temporal thm^ : 
and Where they fpbikeoCipirittiklJ^Ii^ aretobe Imderftood 
onely of i(piritual.thing8w And 0rwnorn they (peake, where they 
fp^ plainly of Chrift^ they ar^ to be unfderftood of Chrift bnely: 
and'whfere they fptal^e plainly ofthej^ew/, they areto be under- 
«bbd' 6f the ^es phcIy^ahd where they fpc^ke plaihly of the 
SerHH^^' they are to be uhderftood brthe Gentiles ondV ; and 
where they fpeake generally and indtSrendy of botfa^ i^ff are to 
ht Onderftbod of both. And in like mmners where they fpeake 
plainly <^ C^j<inrj and JemfakmyOV Sionythty are to be under, 
ftdod bf thWbncly; * ^ 

"TbdsP mitoh for-yoor ralej/which whofocver fiiall embrace3 .be 
Will dbiibtlefl^ be no better friend to the truth we hbld, then you 
3Four ielfe %re^that which follows Is your explication of thele 
words ifyiA^/ 9 .perfi t ^ . tfkfjhaM§ mnre iepuHed ttp oHtofibS landy 
t^i(h fbave given ih^hijfaitbil^'I^^ Which pafllage you 

«i(wl!r 5^ Fir(^by th^t t^c fef. 4. wrj5 iif;whcre yoqfay, tpe bavei 
the f^ prmift^ bm^ expnffidmtbacdk^tion.i^ovr V the fame 
pfomife? certainly the prbriife in^er. wasmadt to i)fP^/, before 
file; wenft into captivity, before that^odgement was (pome upon her 
for her abonMnatioiiSt l^t theprbmiftin Arhos is mpide to Ifrael 
after fte (Hottld cbnie out ofcaptttity, after the wrath of God a- 
g^n(( her (bodtd ceaie. And whereas you fay further, [riEij^ it U 
mJkaSrin the Scriptmts^ that eartblj fn'omifes an exprejjed fimetime 
wkk # cmditimy and fmetime vntbmt itj hit are almnei underfhpd 
eon^^thnallj^ Itis to be noted, that here you cofifeile the promife 
:i4i»xr : ^. ^jg* |j|9 i5.tobejLnearthily oroutw^^ promlie^and 
condidonally underftood ; wfaich^. 8. yo& inter{|fet cf[^mtKal 
kmfes and Mmftw] as you doe alfo that text Jfa. 65^ verji 2 



An ti^^fllw to Mfy Pettiels Fr^4ee, 


jtiat ul oiKW9rdan4 eaurthi; pixjaufi^^icf Qpd(j(ki«n|il-pr!(>(Q.>r«» s 
for cbofe wlUcb are mhi^ n^ ({nritiul j)rq|pj(ef (i^ In ;7<n'* 3 ?» 
jvafi 37JSc&andin£eeJ$;.3^.zw^24.S(c.andmn!)any'otber gro- 
phedeij or time doc Q)Dteoi^ra|x wi^lit^ich outyr#-d ^i|,4 bodjil}!, 
- promiies, as aire niix«^ mtti|^r)cu4 promiiet, «ff. 1:14s qC.A^^ 
doth i thofc earthly p^iff8,|fjiy, lUij^pt beoE^dpp^pipqH' 
fis, Mogtbe w|HCiial.j)rQn>i(e8 wlch^whiph, t% .contemporaci^ 
aff^proanUes ofthe (»p4|ittpn H JHfib ^ndthei^ethe prophqi^ 
of ;-*w{»<^^< i?? «l«"/fi V-tf . I^ an ajb^imeJpr(3!ph«Gj|j %p#OE^ew 
|ar«aft?rtote;WIfild,p^,ifce^/»i^V^»^^ y'»9'»«( Ws/«?: 
Jawfi«m da^fgf>,^ViuJf0^2,veiJ^ I5.8|ffc Aij4cnft|jl.cqR<^tb 
ondl PWbeQfi a,p5opbfp3^fc»ED^ly«w;^ldf9rjw^l»5jficWr. 

diwrenc acceptidn of cne word yandy which you (ay, as it 19 not 
almda ^efawided of the earthy jo fimetimes itisfHtfor the grave^ and 
fat Hemm.'] Bat th^ inftances by which you would prove this, doe 
£iik you very much ; for (bdSdes chat mens graves are in the 
earth} it is not the word {land\ of it feUis, but tlus phraie of fpeech 
ftbe land 0/iijr^]/e]thacisputforthe grave Joh^ \o*verjfe 2i« 
wjd{thelahd of the living] that h vdPdfJal. 2'/.verfi 13. which doth 
not %nlfyHeaven,as the AuthoursottEe Englifli annotations on 
.the whole Bibk printed 1 645 . doe bb&rve, but the fiirface of the 
eartbj on which the living are : ^s[the landof darh^ffe^ doth a 
place under (he foperfides ^f the earth ^ where the foodies 
of the dead remaine. And happily D^iipake here of the land of 
Canaan^ in relation tp the time, in which Cbrift bimielfe and all 
the Saints that are toconie vinith himsfihoold have their al^bde in 
it : in vlfaich reipefk, as it may properly, (b it may very fitly too be 
cald [the land of the lmng\ of the living that (ball die nomore. But 
if this phraiedid f^ify Heaven, as you fay, yet it will no more fol- 
low from thefe words^ {that the land of Canaan was a type ofHta^ 
ven'] then it will fi^ow from tho&ln the io« afjoby that it was a 
type of the grave. And&re we are that></if9/ prop^ec^ is to hz 
foitfild i%tH& land, whither the text faith tbat^&e IfraeUtes fhaS 
retttrhefrom their oMiuiij^ and where they (hallbtnld themfihe/ houjesy 
0id fUnt wtg^tas^ftom which thgfhMngimM be earned captives^ 

F 2 ' - ^ 


.11 ■ T • — r- , ^ — -»*; 

ftSrioHainhtfmiitlfm ifih^flMii \^tM wilEH that J>s^ 
s. ve^^^jkat tbdr Khgdeitt fi^i^tiot lkkftt& Mhtt fe^ Aed 
berealfoitUco benotd,tli«H9ii#paitdfil^ MAi^r^ft^ ' 
the former pirt. For Aert fotiw^, Hmt MtprofkUef ^j^m 
^waf-a C9itStiMdfMi^,'}^3Li^'&xkk acMbfiGfti^lbr iMtit: of 
Obdfieikoe ia litt jFtWtf v «k1 t^ ^^ T^ wjT^ [cft^r tl^ .fMt 
krdMt ilg4S^ hie tbt» ia>H ini tb»fif^wtHnaffiatdm«f Mf. 
haJilmt nH pUatHd in tbtir mkla^ ithmi* tbtjJMhd mm btM^ 
kdom: 3 fo that htti ywuiak thde ^mU it)^ «b'H^i«ii| Whkh 
Mbit yon did tfciitkftdbijnifr toBd&,ibt^kiot fUfilllbg tlietidftdl^ 
don n^ilM ofthetoj aU ilidftfirjfi^ Mtft too«r ^idtf oNM 
lUlnde betminiiiKtofbD^theSalptiii^ and %iikc!nK3M IS^ 
idficaady, and tnily, tlwn yoa doe intUtioferenoe > befoce -J^. 
€niA4fN(e^itti^iffnotfi4d»ii^jM^ . 

I .1 '. - .^ » * . » . ■ •' J • •.' 

*'» * 


« I /. .-1 \< * 

\ i t • . , I . J, .. ..,_«*"^^^ ^^.\w ... 

• • ' ■ • -. . 



• . r 

<> « w M 

:{ i:*.) rri.ii'.; c ^ ^^ 

' '■"'*•. '^♦'■i 

« » • # A • 

I'Bf • • • •••'?•;♦• 

• « 

i i» . I . ^ .^ 

V . 


.-■ t 

* « 

P • 



X • ■«.• » 

vi \i • 

, « «•. 


* w 

. »^ 

1 < . ^ 

> -v' .^ 




■ r ■ . • 


r'- V 

A * •X\ ^' 


. ' t 


\ .'. ^ 

V '^, 

I ■ . t • ■ > ' V 

/ , 

To my booke acciifed* 

Wetcomemj hoke^ mare wtlceme unto mu 
fFithftrifes andwomndSytheh tobavejcdftd fr^u 
Tbdt fnofl would deem thee wle^ and of no worth. 
For 'tis the iot of truth (M^tis of thofa 
That godlj live) to hsvethemoft her foes. ^ 
%/fnafureswhere wrefied SWrpture doth withhold 
The beamos of truths and give us droJ:^e for ;gold: ,. 
There nought 4 truth more doubtful can cokclude^ 
Then doth the favour of the multitudev 
which hadsi thou purch^^^ rjbouldthenhavo feard, 
I had ^fcm^dy what now I hofe I ^ve chard ^ 
And^dljby ge^s afiiftanee^ ftillmakegoody 
i/igaii^ atibawUngs rfthe carping brood. 



^JM|^M ^^^^l^y 4i^BJ|^> ""' — —«»».- — ^^^ka O-^H 



Thcfirft part. 

*' . I I ■ I tmmmm^^mwmttmmmi^imitm'mi^^m^m 

Jfrads Redemption.' • ^ 

HatChriftiiah-eady »xoiBe;tbatasaPro* r 

pheth^ hadb^caldus to repents|niDe, and ai * M^ci.v.ia. 
apijcftbadkbeena * ^ * " 

the wbokmfld) having by * once onsnng i7.Luk.4.iy! 

himfelf^rfe£bd forever them that are (an* &c. < s Ioh.i- 

aifkdjis Wfaith of Chriftian^ and the in- Hcb, ».i 7. 

iaclityofthc>ire/:BUtthatheQuIlcoiiie J^^^J*/,' 

as aKmg to raigne on ea«h, and rcftoreagainc the Monarchy of ijj.i^'.i4^ ' 

jgrje;,M the faith ofth^yew/ and the infidcliiy of Chriftians. And Mar.i.jr. 

I thinkc it a liiaijterequaily d^fficqlt tot pcjriiwadfc ^ho* jiart to the loh. i o. i ^- 

wiwul ejjjibraccnuQf of each others^Wif^ R«v.y.f^ 

What vm SP^^ V ^^^ •"* ^hf^k^ be fiickperfans Jmzi or Cbrifii^ ,^4 . 
^/^? t^ey, oppofe tbemfdves^ um 4^ Jewel andChrifiians. ^Mhdiet 
dqe ii,ef Wider ji and tkedifferfineemm Jems and Cbrijhani .'Mut^Mf 
never jet beard^ tbat the Ju»es d e hektve^ tbat Cbfifi Jefks path dine 
as a King : theffaid^AtPay mtb bim 5 wee mllml bavekim ta raigm a- 
\xr^. , 7bejf /i^j, tbat tbfMejfias fhall com^ kft^tbejjptakf not of bis 
Qomming mk^ar ibrice ; Igok^ all tbe lewiffl^ lobbies, and dsie iUkm * 
f^l?o are alive Ifbg will fy but once : tbUconciit. of Cbrifis commng 
t0xmm9nemb i«r neither Chrifiian mrJmifi^feeii^Ckrifiiatub^ 


' "' ' " ^ p"^*"^*^— — *—» -' m m— —tiww— P i^ n 


» i 

) . 

Ifraels Redemption Redeemed ^ oy 

■IU<_- .? 

c t ^ i f Reply. : - 

nm TSftmHWur certainly that cannot be n#iir iifii«vk». T l 

tawejjour |^«. tfeeidbit concdve thai ^l^feT;;^ 

Jorj foIik«Mfc«CI«iffian may oppofe both 7«ir</ aS^^ 

VAnraan, that Chrtft is coinen th*-flgflif ^nd henbv iJire «» 

•a odi«r.Cbnftlan^te«onfcffiDgwieh thefe W, thatffift 

^*«r «w«lw WJbut the tniar^^^^^^ bcpadfiacMjl 

wwifclUi^iOft«A okbet:. Aad-ftoqidwedbeotheri^wc 



I * I 11 ^ 

Part I • Xhri^t, PerfonaU . %ffgne on JEartb^ 


(hould obey. tp^ .rather thca Qqd^ and *hcf|i«r w i&ould dac 
well in that> judge you. i 

Having caft usout ofche Church of the ChriftUn8^nd'5j^i»i*< 2. 
gcgitfe of the^ jlW/, I msane haying endeavored co rbdng .iis/mtcr> 
cootemj^t/wich /^oth>in celling jthem^ thajt. A^e oppo(e thecnboch.j • ' 
Yorfr next Qudrie. % \J0^^ dae tbyuadfxStand kht^ ii^mnoes . 
tmxt Jems and Cbr^ianr'^f'jT^o doubt Sir bye. all of them have 
underftanding as well a^youjand thacfome|||t||fni are not in* : 
ferknrr unto you, how naeanefocver yoii efteeme thm) sfeit yet 
there is no need that we. rehearie here any qior^djilerefitss^then 
that which yoiii jfiave already hefird ; and doe now labour all yoa 
can tq rriake the reader belee ve, to Ba none at all* par [it was never} 
jet beardy you .(ay, that the Jerves doe bekeve^ that Chnft JefitsfifaH^ 
come as a King^ And have you heard To from us> ^^ (ay JncCscdi' 
cfaac the Jewes beleeve^ that Chii (I (hall come as a King f which no 
writer etcher yew»f/&or^ChriftianIfath^ bjrheito denied) but we 
(ay not that they bcleeve, th^t Chrift Jcfijs feallconie^asa Kin^ 
For then^hey (hould beleeve Jefus to be theChrin: as well a^ we,; 
which as yet they doe not, and by this we may (ee, that ifyp^-bii^t 
not quite altered our tiieaningby adding the word Qe&s] (w^ 6» ' 
-confoundccj and obfturM, what wee have clearly and di/iinftly . 
delivered) ycki could have faid nothing to what we (ay, iFor you , 
would have been a(faani'd I (iippofe, to have uttered your aflertion . 
jthus,^ \It irw/ never yet heard^ that thijewes doe beleeve^ that Chrifi 
(haB come at a jKi«|]which"yet is all that we affirme.But haying fh^s 
made your ielfe worke^y ou goe on and tcl 1 \it\Jhey£cd4yAwa^ with 
hitn^ we rpiBnot have him to reigne over ui^ True, but tbis (h^ws onely^ 
that the Jerves then denied Jefijs to be the Chril^^Sc that the Jewu 
now continuing in the (ame blindnes, are guUty of the fame tranf- 
gre{non\;but]|: (he wes nor, that either the andeotjenpej did tior, 
or that the modern doe not beleeve that .Chrift fliall come as a 
Kliig.You goe oh \T^hey fay that the Adeffiajjhall come^bm theyfpeahe 
not of his camming twice or thrice 5 look^ alltheltwijb B^abbits^and ajk^ 
them who are alive : they wiU fay ^ but once!\\jzt them that deny tc <:aike. 
this paines 5 but what though ihey (ay, thf A<iiffias is to come but ^ 
Once? what will follow from hence ?furely this will follow, th.:t 
as long as they continue to beleeve fb, ihey c^iaot beleeve that 
Je(u8 ibaU corneas aKtng,b€caufe they know chat he is already 

G * come- 

T ." " 

ii ■■>inii* fiKif ■ ma'iimttmimttmmti^ 


Ifraek "Rjitmftfon rtdimei^ $f . *• Plrt i , 

come. Bat k wil not foUo# from htnce^thatthey doe noc now be- 
tttve that their il/^J^^ (ball come as a King. Andthm notwkh* 
flaniBng your Magifieriall Queric) yoitf foSlled afl&ition, and 
di^ht dfe that jou have fakl^ itk very evident, that the cmrni # «/ 
Cfrfi^j cmming t<>rf%Me> bbothChriftiaaiind J^Kht Chdfti- 
aB) becactfe cSrUlUm beleevf it| fafS plainly tvfttVA in Gods 
vpord) althcHighjg^ accotmcd;no{Kiit6fa Chridians belicfe ^ 
and j^ifh, bedlipiche JeiKsbtleeYe, chat Chrift (hall (b coaie^. 
aUboQ^ thc^ bcfceve ^ot, that he ifialreiEidy come. And therefore 
it isMttW afbliorredofali Chrt fl1ans> nor of ^ny Je«rea,fo far 
affe they both from rejedinglr*. Yea fb welt do^ th^ agree in the 
truth of this parttcuIar^'IlBit Ghrift (hall come as a King : althodgh 
7» yet they diiagree abotit hb peribn : and confeqiiently in all th^t 
tbe Gii^ reveaWto be already done by him. 

• I 

Ifrael's Redemption. 
t« And yet(whih fobmiffion to imparrial ludgements^be it ipoken) 
1 findc not in the Scriptures more voices for fhc one, thin tbr the 
<* Rom^t-^}. .^iiep : and therefore doc verily beteeve that neither Tenet apart», 
V. Eph! V. but both together doe make tip the fell and « compleat my ftcry of 
V. i4»ch4!T. our Redemption :whk:hby Gdd^ gracibus afliftance, I (halUo his 
SO* owne ^ory and our chriftian comfort^ dearely prove ill the exa^ 
v-7. Bdnationofthewordinowreaduotoyou* 

M' fettiesAnJiver. 
y !• Wh9 arethejiimpartianjttdgments^ott the one fide art Cbrifiianfy 

4md (ftitbe other are Jewes :jtmaj be befi$bmtu unto Tt$rkf^ ; but the 
iurki beleeve that Cbtifi is come^ and mil not fafjhat be will came a» 
gaint, tbefi mtpartiall judgements then mufi be Heathens. 2. If the 
Millenaries findn$t more voices fir the me^ then for, the other^ it if .na 
m:$rvel v any vrbo bath the jaundies finds tvtry tbingyeUoip. And wha^ 
have an a^e^ findeter^ meate^drinke bitter ; not that everf thing 
i$ fnch^ but their f^f^ are diflemf^ered : another who bath not difleuf^ 
pered fenfis^ finds in tBefitme thing a diverfitj ofcolout and relifb •;» 
Wn^ dmjbt they here whether there be more voices fat the am then for the 
otber^ filing afterwards it isfaid^ p. 50, as oB the Trofhetsfpeakf of no^ 
thing mm^fi tbej have notbinff^ which eanbeappliedi to our SamuFs< 
ficmd comming.of j comfortable ejfe&: (fi g^raiy forefin;wm) but 


- Reply- 

J L1.J. »i * 

Reply* ^ - 

I. If the heathers be a OkOre in parnaliudgcment thcnjeire/or 

Chridians are ^ the greater is our (hAme> the more their comipen^ 

dajtion. But as I have not hitherto, fol trufi I never fhall ihew 

fuch irreverence and uncbaritabli;e£le towards the Church of 

Gcd^as to thtnk9 nr>uch lefle to£ay,thai there are no impartial men 

.in h- And therefore I need not goe out of the Church tofecke 6x 

(bch CO fubmlt to. But although there are many impartial yoAgfh 

menfis aoiongft Chridians: yet it behoves the reader toc^ke notice , 

here, that you, confeflb you are none of the (bciftyj and ithereibrip 

to be the more fii/pitlous of the fincerity of your dealings a caft« 

where of we had in your former anrwer. Andit isobierveabl^toc^ 

chat you nuke a difference betwixt TMl and h^thensg; as if Siiri^ 

were net heafhens^ 

^ 2. That ^1 tigiAAnrniiBmarUsfn^ not many voices for thacwc 
plead for, nor indeed any at allj we need not marveJl;foryou 
have told us, they have no impartial judgments. And therefore I 
might returne your compariCons on your (elves \ but I leave r hem 
to the judicious reader, to heftow them^ where be fees moft 

3* Surely thefe-words \Ijinik not more voica for the one then for iheo* 
/kr], have no doubtfull Ibtind. Neither have they relation onely 
to a part^but to the whole word of God.. Not to one Teftamoit 
ondy) but to both* And therefore th< iPropiiets^bein(||a0t the ade- 
quate fi]b)«d: ofthff fearcb, you have vaiiily transterr'd hither> 
what dfwhere I have fpoken as from the Propheu onely. Yea . 
and very imperdnently too/or the prophecies ^oken of, there doe 
conccrne the reftoring of the Jewes onely 9 but the vdces fpoken 
of hereare fiich as do concerne thecommingof CbrUl onely* Anil . 
chat firft in the f<)nneof a Cervantato teach and (offer on earth; 
and next in Kingly glory, to relgne and ruleon earth* And grant 
there (houM be more Scriptures to (hew one cl theft commings 
then the other ^ye^ feeing there is {ilaine Scripture f^r tfiem both » 
we h&vegood reafbn tobekeve both' . < ' 

jffiiael's RedcmptknH 
p gt'^fb^ asked rfUm^ftgingi LordMk thm p this timreftore 

agjdne fbtKingdm fo Jfr^f 

"''^^^ — - - ■ ■■■■■. . . ... ,1 i -,■■.•■■ ^ 

n * litztlt Redemfthn nJeetntd^' w Pan i, 

Any who is' not dlfiemperedwhis br dints m.rffet the gmtniof tbit 

Mtnarcbj verj unfnrt^ to mt a metre ^enV, A3s 1.6. TU difciples 

afked binii Lord vrt^ltthooat tbis rime rettorc the Kingdom of -IC- 

rae! ? a querie neither affirmetfriiordenieth :;andmverthek^e how great 

^ . a Kingdom U 'bmtt on it ? Thbey canfinde a fimr ground^ tpby mil they 

not thoofeh for theirtext Abetter they havenotj^andtherefore they nmfi 

he doing iHtbihU. •" ' Reply. - • 

* Nogo(wa"Dhrifl:hiiwtlIb3chherk(feam*d,Qraff^^ to fuffeif 

fcrthcr*triiA*$*iibc. And therefore vve had much rather be dc- 

"(dnfd^ revrPd a and (if God hath fb appointed it) WQjrfe handled 

4)y ypjy or any others, then (nclammte conifcientii ) againft our 

bwnt knowledge ycdd to be dchided by you^ this anfwer bein^ 

in very deed cqnpounded of pought but falfthood and deceit. For 

feff^the grooad of this Monarchy is not Qnfure although a Qtjerfeji 

. it being groun^ed^ not at} w.hat the Apoftlcs knew not and would 

have knownfj (owit, the rime when the Kingdom (hould be re- 

ftorM 5 but ori^^hatthey knewi and doubted not of, to .wit, that 

the Kingdom fhould be rcftor^d. Which had they not knowne (or 

at lead not thought^ they could not have asked, when it (hould 

^ tSe reftor*d. And had they but thought ir, they would (for their 

*<Jjcr!csf a» ^^^^ aflurance) fie ft have a5l^t[wKether,] before they would 

Khctoricians have askr, whenk(houldberc(fered. NcithA'oaifr i3i^cgrAnt this 

pic Q'icrics, tb, that by this meanes Kemlght the more readily bsleeve al! you 
arc I'uch a« fay agatniV US 5 and ifyou doe, you are very much miftak^n; as all 
are pfcpofcd y^Q^ rhetoricians will (hew yoUj who reckon up many fotts of 
onnndknow Qlie"c8,anidng.vfrh1eh^ there 18 one fooppofitc to your words^ 

Icdge-bkcy an:! aj^e^Mtlier ffaccrjy (uD^t^y.when.^ere is no n^oic in ihcip but what is doubted 

', when there is i\6 more in tkcra 
for thee to eate thefajjeover ? Mai 

, ..„«.. .J . ^ — A1bjed.1t fcUc whether the paffe 

9 i/rr fiioulil be f^reparM \ bat'to«cb.\ng a circuMiincft bcIongUig to ^e'rubj«a;> toucbliif^ the 
place where it (hould be pi-c^arM : and fucb a qucric is thia of th^ ADpftles,cb^(u.bjea^ the 
^^f^oring eyT ^;^ jj^ngdom, fs not doubted of, nor the pcrfon that fliould rcftoic It^batme cir- 
nftanccof tina?oncly,whcn it fliold be rcftored.Andthcfequeries,thoug|htheydont?tex- 


Pittii X:bti^sP0rf(maU Reigkim Earth, y 

that it moreoeruinly and vehemently affirme^^ or denks^ then a 
bare aifirmatioYi or negadon can doe j and fucbaooeia that in 
S'. Mai. cbaf.j* vtrje i6jyotjtim gather grafts ef tlmms^ ^ j^gjf ' ■ 

vftbijiksf which is a farre more forcible denlati, then St.lMkes^ 
Ofthmus mm- doe notgatberfigs^norofabrambhimfi^ gather thy , 
pafesy Aap. 6^ verfi^^. To on the contraryi Is there no bahm 
inGileady is there mPhjfitian^here fjef.% verje aa^oth more mo- 
vingly a$f mcs then the ba rinfBcmation doth. And of this fort of 
mterro^tory a(&verations and negations the Scriptures i^}ve very 
many : elpecially God's anfwer to Job^ a^d the prophecy of 
Me^. find therefore untiil you can bring better proofe to Qacw 
this ground anfiire, we need not (eeke for another text to b^Ud ' 

fi fffa% 41 Mmofchj trn^ although wc tnog many other to ftrenj^ 
(heii>beautify^ and finifl) the building. i ' i 

\ , Ifrael's Redemption. V 

The (ee are a Quei le. And fuch prqpofitioyns im^Iy^ 
three tbing9>Ftrft9 a perdbp^ orper(bns proponngit. Sscohdly^a 
matter or lU>)efic proiofed* Thirdly^a perfptii or. perfons to 
H^hom it is propofed. The perfons here^are the difciples asking / 
the qiaeftion) and our Saviour angering tbem$ as the context de-r 
clares ; the matter enquired of is the reftauradon of t hci captivated 
Soveraignty of the Jemsy^^t text ic^lfe doth ipformeiis. The(e 
are ;tbe pacts^ yep.bec^^ it would be impertinent, in this bufinefle> 
to ^ake any thing of (Lhe.perfons^bucooely as ttieir.jfiyDt aur 
tfaority may ^idpfomewhat to juftifie the truth of this propofill ; 
I (haUComittif^thisdtviiion ) pnely glance at the;m, in the enfii» 
ing confirmation of the fub)eft. Which comprehends in it the£^* 
two aflerdoos. F^icft, That the Kingdom of the Jm^er (halt againe 
b^ reftored unto:^h^rnf«,SecondIy9 That bur SavL^iir at his com^ 
roingftallreftoreii:. . ;. 

',^ Jldr. Petriis Anfrver* 
. 25&e ^srk conlj^rebendi n^ithf ofthttwo^ becjHfe,(asIpui) h 
a^mf mthb!^. And th ojkgd matter comprehends them mt^ Not the 
firjiy b^amfi uil (^tbeKiftgdomoJ Ifraelyondfiot cfthejerves : and as 
all art not Ifraielifesvphaartofifiad^ B-G«i« 9'. 6*fo neithenarer f%>^ 
Ifrdejites^ or tbfi^il4rm,(fGod^yiho areoflfrael according. to^thf , 
ne(h> bMt the ^Idreo of die promile are counted ipr (he.ieedi "^ 
fi^^i^k ^rgdfmrf^J^ thf 

I 11 » » «. . ■ . -■ .ti, ^ , ^. 

i »i 'I . I ■'^r^wr^iww— 1 Lwj ■ I ^»—*^——*^'^''™*—— ^— «■***" 


-•~^*— —■ ■ ' '.'■ ■' ' ■" ■ ■■* — ^ -*• r--,..— . ,,.■■■>,■—.■- ■ -^ .,- |, n ,| ^ 

Kingdom of t he Jtv^u. Hn^ber is the 9ibtfr afj^dm etmfribmd$d in 
the quefiiin^ kteaufe it aii(s ttetdfhiijiespid ^r third tmmngj bm of 
im^:wyiihonm»nfiot€thei^gJmf ^ \ 

The Q^fk eoffij^i^bendbt both, bec^vtC^ b&th aid {ndiMtetf in 
Ae Querfc, and doe ftdceffadly follow from the Q^lerii;. And 
you have hot fbds^ed m abyC^rte, that aflirim fiottfibg $ nor in 
#bat ftrife ttnis QUepiddoih mtt&t fl^tkki^. In the Mra RMitter^ 
tbM H ihe Kinf^o^ te be )tftofed j and from h^ncd pf^K^eds tbe 
firft aflertioD. Arid th^ perfbn ihat (tlould reftore kf and ftwB 
hence proceeds the fecond afle^on. But the firft fsnotkerecom* 
prtfcendcd you (kf^ {beeanft the^tiirieifffffhe Kingdom ^f^hul^ 

^ md fUbti^fthe Jemts']aM If the Kii^dom of Ijf^i^yiKid the Kingdioni 
of the Jewes were not to be)^der(tood of the iame ipe&flk. No^ 
lay you. ' For [all are mi IJraelius n^ba areoflfrael^ Kcm. 9.6.^^ 
tV6f thy i«afon : for It is as if you (houtd fay s by the Kifi^oiii of 
Ifrael> carmoc be meant the Kingdom of th« j€weij ^caiife all 
that are Itcaelhesby birth, ^renot^Icft ifraelitet) l&atlkes aoror* 
ding to'the fle(h3 and acieordlng to faith alia Fortltlsofi% it 
the taeaning of the ttx!c eked by yeu ^m.^, &afid (bprowsnot^ 

.that the Kingdoiifi In the tiexcbelangs totinybchef fwopie, laor 
gUage Of nadon^but the J(rn^ej(df ivhomalohe interpretisiviiqe on- 
derftatid k.) And t1ier«fo!Pe]^'(k)ukihavie^kenoQt)a^ tolA 
Qs phdiiiy, whkt the other iwihgdom you fpie^e of was. For we 
know of BO more but two, bcf^et this in Qoeftlon betwixt us. 
And thefe are commonly dd*d the Kihgthmofgiraceibf whidi VB 

. meant, the faints or Church on earth befe^ ChriflK appearing. 
And the Kingdom of gioty, by which is meaht the S^lms or 
Church in Heaven. And that ndtKerofttefeXiligildms it meant 
in the text, I prove thus. Not the Kingdom of graces for ac thac 
time the Jetf^es themfelves alone were this Kingdom^ and that 
could not bereAoredttntbchemr^whtcbatyetthey l^^dilot loft; 
and iiotihe Kingdom ofgloiy, for ihat^ikcy?^co«Slfel hot be »- 
ftor'd which i; jet they had not. And none e^niHii^KiMhat tbe 
i^ftles Querie isthi9tobepaTaphmftd. LdMn^ikihm^ this 
#me«d% a fhefaiibfidiupnitb thmMoHe^ti^^Ahd^Mhn 
^fllg itcodd not be meant of dtker of ^fe Ifingdoite $fc iMift 

•be meant of the KMon of tiie Jbm >on eaktba (BrDf tKmo. 


Part!.' Cbrifis firfbnatt IttigHt OH Earth, p 


Whidb is our firft a£leition« -hxA the other Is comprebended here 
too : For adthoc^ the QBeiie[as}ce» not of hte (econd commtogs 
bye oC now;} yet ftdiig Chrift was to reftore itj and did ft not 
vAeU he «m ^ eardt, it neceflat % follotvs^that he Ihall doe it at 
hit d^fiMdmg agirtne to the e^rthvWfalch Is our ftcond a0ertiont 
aad thus bdth are feond hi \\\t text. An4 beHdlss^ if you take the 
WOfd s [fl^^aBatffMtJfiteJ^ mho ore^fJ^aeQix^ the Apoftks mean'^ 

In^u e. aUaiism)tfekhfu!I JfradlteSjthat are descended of IfracI:^ 
tlmn k is an ap^^rent tabtology to add^ [Jo neither are they all. 
l^atlhesy ortho children ofGod^\jbarare of IfrMl according to thefiifli] 
and if you4oe not take the Apoftfcs words in this &n(c ; th«i it js 
noSorioufly folfe to fayjtha t all ait not Ifi* aelitcs, to wlr, by na tiorii 
who are of Ifratl by birth. And Is it not a pretty iDfereiiGe: Alt 
Ifradites arc not KraelkeSjftherrfore the Kingdom of Ifracl thei^! 
may be another then the Kiogdom of the Jcwcs ? Surely you4FBigbt 
as weU have faSd, therefore the Pope fiiall be S«, Faers fucceflbur. 
For this conclofion hath as much dependence on the anteeeden 


C H A p. I. 

eftbt rt^dring 4 ftrMf^^ltm^ andth* ftwesmurMv .': 

K Nd fii ft. of^the firft 5 That the Klagobin of ch« %ms fta» 

f3?vl" L "^'T^ »wtoth«m. For th«3r **«! of Mm,fiy1rig, 
i««» »»« tbmattbu tme nftm sgahttbe Ki^dm w mael ? So 
trtdetidyaoe thcfewordi expfefl^art ewdily-KineddmC I mearte 
ondy » Wom|obebddoRea«h)«liae*oexpofnor "which I 
have met with doth <fcny Jt; wd therefow: feeing diey coald not 
bocimbrtice the ienfc,rne chinke tliqr flioukl«ot fo »(|lyfi«K re- 
reaedtheeonfequencc. And that for tfide R!«<b6& 

: ' ' that ' 

h**.....^ . :;: : : ■ — • 

1^ Jfra^Js Redemption re^eemedy or Part i« 


j^ii^ theApafiJes meamdas Simeon- ^ii^ l^'2-y>3^tyyi.'iT ds the 
relenting thief Jid^tukc 2;j*^2.oratChnfidi4i^rCe/:^i}.:£ertawfy 
ibef^ did not nuane of an earthly Monarchy : neither is there mf word in 
ibil tes^tjheming that thej nteahed otherwifi. Thlrdlj ^ albeit no eocpofi^ 
torn tponlddenjt^ that the Apofiks did under fiand an tarthfy Kingdom^ 
jet^ itfoUoTPse n&t^ thy thought fi^ tberefors itfhaBbefi^ No more theff 
it fiHorpfpthe ApoJiUf did nn(foratime)beleeve theealiitjig -of the 
Gentiles^ ' Aft. 1 1..3* therefore the Gentiles are not called. Bftt the cqfi^ 
feaptence hath reafons hefaith^ whereof the jirfi two are tfipicalJand bj 
way of probabilities pag. ^ When the Anthour faith y the reafons are 
probable^ and I majfay childijh : will arvf Chrifiian change bis faith for 
them ^ cerfaine faith fhould have furs gronndsi lefithe windoftentaiion 
Slow it away : and therefore Imigbtdeape theje probabilities^ at not wor* 
thy tifri^ading or anfwer : nevertbelejfe confider them. . 

Reply. . /: ; 

I • Me chinks you might as wel have (hewed the nOn-Cenfi^^s faid 
h was hor-lerife. But {[many expditours, you fay, expone-the& 
words otherwi(e] This (hews not tha^t I have (boken nqn-fenfej 
in layings that I have met with nofiicb. But 1 doubt -It (hem) 
that you fpeake an untruth,^ which Is worie then non**(en(e. For 
you might as ea(iiy have nam'd fbme of chem^ a'srhave faid it, and 
bid me looke chem out. Andiiad there been any^ Iprefiime you 
would too, feeing it is not likely, that they would have brought 
an expoiicion difierent from that which was commonly received 
by others , and have given ho reafon for it, or one no better 
then { a why may we not think fi ? ] 2 . If you thinke that the(c 
places here quoted be diverfly interpreted, (as your 4ls}i|iifthre 
Conjun£don[&7(] intirnateS)and yet Caj:[why may not this King^m 
be takffi^ as the fhi^e meant ^ or as Chrifi tntant^ or as Simeon meantf] 
any one may percdve, that you are altogether unrefblved ,what 
(enie to take it in : l>uc had rather take ft in any fen^^ then that wc 
. take it^im. And if you thinke that all thefe places have* but one 
meaning, fas the laft words of this part of your anfwer imply) 
you (hoald^iave (hewed wwhac it had been. For in oiir Savloui^s 
and Simeolfs words, the word [[King^cmQ is not found. And the 
words which you take, to l^equivalent with it, are diverily ex* 
poonded. Faradije^iti our Saviour's words, is Jnjterpreted to be 
Heaven« And |(aivation «and Glory , |n ^i/»eo^^Tongdoe Ji^nifyi 

^ Saint it 

Partly Ofrifts *^tK/k»4U'Kftg»e «»MMrtt>, . w 


of faiyatipfi } to lyit^ Cbf^i|l bimfelfe. Sa that u the Kingdom U^ 
the Appftleg Qu^rieb^ (^pqqiidcdeitliKro^the&twoWfiies^lcii 

Ifritd f or* I^rrf »^i(^ i^.f /, mi fkmt^fim.^h fi^ ^ ifi^^k f An^ji 
as for ^ Klbpctaoi tl(c ui^w ipakc 9J^ we (haiikfl you for DoflDti* 
cming pTk. J\n^ ^^ willii^l^y grant, mat the ApoftW unflerftooBl 
it as he cfiid. Biit bow W^' VX9X 'i rarely 4s all otbc^ jWer did, dF 
a Kingcjom on eart^^ ^ npt in (^vf n. For hk worde ^i ihe 
f:i^i\2^t^%fn0^ thyJkmedoiiJf 

f tM Iseiln thy K|o^y dqw^ as it ii 4^^t . 1 1$. ^ki^ 27, %%.^ foi 
by thole wprdsj tb^ thjeife cpplfl not me^qe his afc^fion into 
HcaTcn (at it if cpiy^Only jci^ppMppled) r^iogbe was wholly igncH 
lant pf (t Aji4 tbjerejfore ^( muH im4< f^ow, liiiti: be underftood 
it of ^n earthly Kinjgdqm^whiisl;! all Jtms usqpedied ;. aqd (aa k 
feemes by {he Apqftlf slC^rjie)^!! belee^ing.jF^ir^/ thppght fiiould 
foddenly a]X)eare;ifterb^r^iiri:e^oq. Bujcbecaialeitvaanot ta 
be (bl therefore it waf, tbat our Silvioi)rpi;Qiitt(^ the tbeife the 
prefoit ha[^{^ne(Ie {^bfs (gqjie if^ jH^^ ; where it ibould remaine 
in luspcefeilnpe,jigtil ^t Usqoma^u^ (of virhi^b he 

bad fip6kej^3 nip Ibould Vin^. if v^ hm^s^QbereaQitedjta his 
glori&d bpdy :ahai0j accordmg^obis requeftheifaould in his 
whole manhood ^be made pvpiker of his Mallei's glorious rdgne 
on earth. 

3 Y,oun9uftgiyeupI^v^tothbfcfB)tbatnoc3i;ppfio^ 
it, un^ either wecan6nd^oryou,orothersQiew us lucha onci^ 
But it follows not, you lay, ^i&e^/tt?j{/e/^i^|y#^,i)&^re itjboB' 
he fd. Bitt this follows, therefore we muft beleeve |he Apoftless 
before Mr. Feme, qr^apy Qthef&^^bo ttuQ^eitJ^U nocbefo. 
Yea ^nd this follo«^j^ M^ ,^^#'V ^^¥^l»^ i^a? and ciijr Satfear^ 
(whp kp<|W i;hcir q^eaRlpf ^ n»j;cb ibegi imSm vMaodei^\ 

ftanding it.;.t^eref6ii j)t jiball be^» j/V?d jKb^^eaiypu Uy^ tliaC! 
the Appftk* \f^^ tijne\he{femin9t .^^caBfig^^b^ Qfmihji and; 
referrc i^ft wMs {fyr(t ^^%J ta|j|P quie ^/(^pjif ^ayjoiiiiiaicibd-^ 
fion 5* ^noilp- f^Hpi^^^f^ ,y^j{.$i|jtB^id.wUeb i»aL 

Savioiir Kajid uic«ot^^cpl9 Q^Sjei^^Nati^^^ A^t. afi- Jl9.*hey» 
did ]i4^tftUlt\^ thgf^ 

ftould have been calc) f^^ ^tje) ^p^^f ,j;j^ WffSlll Jof *'• Ji««y» 

II Acts 

* i 


14 IfcMl» ttjdltiii^hnrtdimidiW Pan i. 


A ftoMd Mifen)Wliich«alMaaieiftft«ft fSat OBBbrt litre cift 
oi^oir A|K>lttei3 it bectufeeiir S»Aoiii^ «ii(w«r b lilfed^^ ts 
at> ' fbfSdtokit jgrQOnd ^k I'vHnwai H^»(ft*aipp«W«*i»Qa^ c^itaife 
Jidige)lMr5 Chit bjrJih iftiAitr thd A]^b8lc» d(felMili\M.dH]i9ll 
%AalAtflied,>Mtiiirtr wrio^liMp^^ wh^er 

he anfwered^ It is n$tforj<m to kjim^ht^Mfts mi ^Ufttfrnf^iaphkh 
the Father bsthfutin h'tsowmMi^ir. As if helfaould have iaid^^ 
4t in -dmijigh feryoutokikMffr^mu fidi a thing fi»l be !do6e^ ^nd 
^y Irildil \ t)QC asfor the :tiaie when k (haft be done,, thb the 
f^^eliir liach fiftfn his owne povver, and Hhertfere ought not to 
%e efiqiditd otby you, norto^be revealVi bjr me. Thttis the vMk 
4Manifig Hof theireidy^'aiidiiovrgtveyoQfOQr verdift, ivd^Mier 
-ydu £nde the Apeftte hendby condemned <br heading of >m on- 
^tkvfh ^or rathftr for M G9ver4(»1bU8i)tffeAloii \o acqe^ftt xhem- 
(elves with the verv day, in which they (hoiddbehold the prions 
'aceompltfl)mentoribgre«itaUeffit)g« ' - 


:$ftefy t^txeth the Spf^s ^^liAr^micfif} \ mvi^hm^ the farapbrtfi 

')"• it\A% eabfe ii Db^miftakiog, iec^ike Qgcftion mtfft neelh be 
ygi^ntdl ;and chaceveniMeaafeChrift's'Wdrdehave ntfrfbSng c9i« 
'pi«ftly of tkkC point ^ wite& yoo^llbe-fiHrrevertntias oo tUnk, 
(|bat C4nift who reprehended>them ondy fera conoiieidefire to 
-k^ow #ben «hit tbin|$%0dd be s^f^orfdnot^nini^ niiher fem 
4itfpi«iieddMl tbcm,-for ntfftndei#aftdtnedft^^ k^fiSfe, if 
H: ftoidd nothave been. V^adedNlelieiifcflKMdd notliawbteB> 
^c&dA li^^Oi^UU^ fkne^iimd lift 

^afmt. Sedag chait ^ctAdcfatjEhall wW bi^ cenbate nio time nor 
ifiuifon. AiKldra8iW1^9dift^4nt'rti«CMftclM 
*^Midil!y, la fiokiog to iduiw iIm time when Kad^lhodld i)rm^ 
tloi^ ^and yctd0^,diiM:4ie^id thettiB grantfihid^flki^ld be 
«Bftoed$ yoia «aice>Um%^«batt9iereftoddbea'tiffie4br th«t 
wfaidb (hoidd nciiertit4ad4b4a^ftA^{uctfiefyti^ So 

> much 

> > 

^t n m n 

ParCi. Cbrijisftrfiif4ftR4igiHjui:Martb. ,^ 

111 — ^ -'■•'• - --^— --^ 

much have you over-fbot your ielfe in denying) that the CvhjeSt 
in Afi tj^(HoQ is granted, btcaiift our Saviour :dodi ; f Xf refly 
t;lay tnoAing df it And fccfidci, if the (^flkni iki jaoNiiiiiiittfa^ 
^asid'fb nodofng meant %^ it ^ ifften^vfaat dock oar S^wOtir^aanAKr 
mteafie ) doth that meftne;nothing Jiiuwilfe ) ' yottnviU oqc (^ir^ 
for yoqi tell as^ that it twed th«Ar earic^^ and cberdfoft imdf 
1c meant l()ni^diing : for an andrer chat meaoes nothing don 
taxe notMng. And therfore a!(b the Apoftles meant Ibmeibitig 
Aat was true ; for that knowledge k not curious^ ^Mfh tluifa 
it fakows fometbirig. When it knows nothings or whidi knQWi 
the trudi ;{>ut that which would know more then it ought CO 
know touching ibme truths. And thus it appears diat the para* 
^hra&fn tins reafon^ which you have cunnfai^y cobceal'd from 
the readers i^t, is notiralne^ but vatkl. \ 

Hrael's Redemption. 
^ Another reafbn whidi makes for our ApoflleSyis the an(mr g. 
our Saviour gave ttie Tonnes of Zebedee , when- tiiey belbught 
fiicD) that /me m^t fit mhkri^tband^ and $be other on bfskft in Mac 10.21 
VaKiftgdoikXpv as^aint :il^i^ paraj^raftthit^i/x bit gkfty)yt kp(^ 22. ch.10.37.. 
mf, fAdi\i^fPbatj^eat^ : this r^ipofe vou will grants goes wet^ 
'%o the qCiidke theA thatjbeforetifed to tne Apoftles ^aod yet if you 
r^arke what Yollow^^ you (Ittl find, that4ie in^ter of thdir p^* 
t|pn is allowed c^ ?md otidy the racttive^ thefieof coodcoic^ to 
Flt^'^^t'ambitldn in ft^ldi^ the Mgheft rapme ^ and vth^i];i|^ad^ 
viftdiiedSin luppdfin^^ diat Chr{ft<?o||]dDHengive iohat to iSfiy, 
which inOt^cbiild^ have bqt theyy&fW*»u f^dsfrim^aU iterm^ji w^ 
prepared ofbkFatber. Andtherferc<Wngthisi^all,ltetthi|(ctw<> ^^' 

were rdbdc^c for by (iidhii (harpereply^liow^an wee miftiiift '(hai 
im¥rC^j^mtMsWpdd1)einck^ /, ; 

*^'\^ ; Wr, retries Jinfl^in^ 

1. Khefi^ tm^dhi iffMfs Kngihm «f bitigbn imi tAerjf&rf 
tpe ^^,J9^lj tbif^kjfp ti>ak tbey weaned ofbis.gtateji ^y^^ fS k^ 
TiM^iom.ofll^atJjs^ pf tm eartblj Kingglim.2* If^rifi^ 

in m$ ahfipef'b^fidk^fdn iartblfKj^domi bemtr^it n^ ^9^^^ 
ftfTper^to^qofe bis Primes in ih^ Ringdim fandfieUig4ha/g>miO^ 
tioceJt'^for tbeir ambiiion pmd unadi^^dm^ comexmtg the ghrk^ 
K^ng^ ofCbHfl^aMtbiAipafiks were taxed fir 
cemm^ tbe farfictdar time off bat Kingdem^hm jMf ^< w^t^ 
tbattbqtmmfioodatg'inberJOm^mt . Reply ^^ 

— f - - 

16 . Ifcaeit Xddtif^tiqn ttdniwd^ w Part i. 


' Reply. 

li Not thb reafpn) nor any other was brought to (hew what 

Klogdoai the Apoftlaljmeaots which ^cerpretcrsgratiTto be an* 

earthly ^iflgdainrfautto (hew they did not thioke amifle b 

cioo^ng Air- fifth a Kiogdoni) which is j;hat that interprefers doe 

^accuie them ol^andjchatbeoaule our Saviour gave theint jtuch an 

• antwer tfrom which aniwer^ my forgoing reafon doth (hcWj 

* that 410 fudt barfli concIu6on doth arife \ feeing the ApoftW are 

^^ifot exoeptedagsiittftbycur Saviours for not righdy uoderftand- 

'ing that at>out which they ask t: but onely for (ecking to iptiow 

4norein it then is fitting chey (hould know* And this reaiba is al- 

kdg'd for the fame purpofe. For whereas cur Savicur gave a fiiar- 

per anfwer here to the fbnnes of Zi? Wreathen'^be did to the Apoftles^ 

and yf t granted withall, that the tiling ihey fpake for (hould be 

given to (bme^ it is altogether unUkeiyxhat if here heuicd a niilder 

teproofc) he did therby de^y, that, the tiling wiiich was ast(t 

(hould at any time Sedonef especially feeing in both anfwerSj^.ic 

was for the motives of their asking onely^ and not for the matter, 

that they were reprehended. And therefore you havicig noc 

anfwered ought to the ;force of this rea(bn5^t)ut onelv cau^t at 

that which was not intended \ I might well pafle by aU that you 

have thus imperdnently fpoken sbucyetlwill fay fomewhat to 

it, though not much* Firfl^ then I grant that thefe fbnhes t>f 

ZAtdz^ \Jf»^ ofChrtJts glariont Kingdom^ and thM the Apgfikg^$tn^ 

derfiocd the fame Kivgdan^ but I conclude not from heb(^ (as you 

doe) that tins Kingdom (hall not be on earth (which exjpo^toura 

fay, as well thefe^ as the Apoftles did meane) and that becaufc 

Chrift (hall come in glory, andretgnem glory^ as you may fee 

Adat^ 1 6. verfi 275 28* 2 Thejf I. vtrfi 7,8, 9, 1 0. flfe*- ^* verfe 6. 

Jude^ 14, 15. vtr. Rev. 1 1. wfi 15. ^i-^. 15. verfe ^.Tfil. jt. Tfal. 

102. verfi il.i^.Ifa.2.v&fe2^^y^.2^ iSficBm 

I thus conclude fiom hencd- aj^ainll your^anforer to my fbrmer 

reafon: that fedng the Apoftlesme^t^ the fame IQngiionis that 

thefe two did ; therefore they meant a Kt^om' which fbouUL b^ 

andnocaKuigdom whzchfbouldnorbe.: ' . . \^ 

2. But) if Chrifl In his anfwer had fpoken of an earthly' King- 
doms boW) iay you, was it not in his power to choofe hte 
princesmthatKinMom^Aildhowdothitappearet^^ fpake 

>. , jrathcr 

^■^— ^— ^I^B^^^I**^— ^«^^ — ^ Mi W ■ M^^i^^^— ^M— p ■ ■ ■ ~^ — ■ ■ — ■ — — 

P aitl. Cbrifis PtrfimaU 'RjigM m Eitrtb» 1 7 



ratbcr of ah carcbly Kiogdoniithen of onein Heavm^ if we fay 
lie had chi3power ?forwby heihoald havethis power on eard^ 
nubcr cIkii in Heaven^ yoa cannot conod^e* And fekig yon 
would luve the reader cake thbfor acurranc ai^goment from you ^ 
to ftewthatChdft in faisanfiiMr.tochefeZebed 
df an earthly Kingdom : c6 mc^au&he ieemed to deny that he 
had poirar to choofe Us princes therein % mpiU you your ftlfe take 
it for a G^irant aigumentirom 0I3 to (bew that Ghrlft did fpeake 
of ^ earthly Kangdoni> if he hadpower to ghdofe his princds 
thierein ^ if you will nor, then yoo would have the reader to 
efte^ betser of your atgdment thcti-ydii yourfetfe doe. And if ' 
you win, you muft needs grant, thac you have herein argued a- 
gaioft your ftlfe. For whereas our Saviour £iid, itUn^mm to v 

£R;e^be meant not that he had nottung to doe in the giving of it ' 
Kit this he meanty tiiat it wav not his to give kidif&rendy to any 
that fiiQidd jsdbe it, (u the words, which you have omitted in 
this realon, doe (hew) for he could ^veic to none but thofe «& 
whom the. Father rhad eternally appointed it tobegiven \ and to 
them he, could, aiid ibould giveit» For the Father giveth it by 
the Sonne in thetemporal accomplifli.nent of it : and the Sonne 
^vcth it from the Father aocorcfihgtotheeternall appointment 
of it ;as the text it (elfe in the ori^nai clearly (hews. For it is 
in Inr Hc)f Jim, ^m' li§ Minxm M vff 4r«1|^//« ; It iv mt mine 
^ -i : /. .Krael's Redemption. 

; Thus %rre wee have argued topically, & by way of prdbabilTty.. . p^ 
But that which ieemes to me clearly to quit our ApoftleS from 
error, chough not from oblivion : from error^ I (ay, in the fu^jeft^ 
though not in cercumitance ; inehe thing aemahaded,\tKpagh 
not in the (ea(bn of itfs' performance ;is,btcaurelfindemy text 
to lie a USoh read to them by our Sa^ourbeforffhis paflion.. For 
Ijpeaking of the deftroftion of the Jipfts $ thy jhallfsB^ fsidbe^ bf 
Uh edge rffhefipor49andfiallbeleaa»^ cmiot into aV-Nationfy 
^nd^ HiemfakmJbaB be trodden dm^ne of the Gmtiks^ ttntHl the ilmet 
ef the Gentiles befkHfild^Lube^ 2i. at the ,24. ver/S,alid at cheaS*. nra.^.tf. 
verfi (having befott fbcwne what (ighes (hould immediately fore* **• 3« * V' 
goe Ids appearing) he left them this Cordial! : t^ben tbeji tbings be* 
fjln f$ come to fa^e^ then Icok^ upland lift upyonr beads^ for jow re^ 

. ' demptioa. 

i< LJi ^ m ' i«jM >» itt ii<iii*< m< i 

l^ \ ,.Mr9!S\s%jidmpti(»redeemd,jr Puft i; 


ofQod'ipiopWfQT't tiOM^ifi^ tliiid«jrv«dfi«kiina 

Ms fdsA^im %ga|aeiDrr^wb*lKhich(fa41 ^ certainly coowwi 
{^, plaiidyl^M^tt^4« TiM^IVodiaipdQB, 1%, BocondjrofttMir 
%ikh ftott ch^boMlagfi af&ui0)«»thefiivQr of God, by chewa* 
^&ayBi of the Qg^^ : bm.cotii^fsait^ of their bodiis cod^ oom 
lllinf' ^ci^l cipdvicir \ teilidrtpoffiffifigof their oondnf^, by 
a;tiiir«odoiiB ddtiTenifiCe* For ^ no oiore fiiodd be 4BeMit by 
fbe word [|U4e«f^J^JJbuttbeiiieerecoDYerfionofthe^/) m 
tMe {da^eft wbei^ tMW they live ^ it pmnot be copcdiped^ jgvhy 
th*m omon (bould beaqsoippaiHedwieh iiich WJonderfiiH' eoleens 
and perplexliy df^l other jiadon% » le here mendoned : unleflo 
we dyl|^addiit oo ip^oeofamei betwiaot this coiweriion, and chat 
ififtant In which bur Savioiir (biM ^^ ftneetico onthe d^adi 
which I fiippdftf^w or none will yedklto«> And if yoo fe*io0Qy 
confidkr the e#ieiii9e of the profdiett, I am^Ottfidenr y oa wifl eoa« 
fioflfe. That a oa^ft righteous, tad flourilhipgtftaie of the j^^ in 
thdc owne land, msSk of ncoeffity c^ingraOi die time of their 
oiling, and the worlds diflbhltiQn at thelaftjodgement^ 

iPib hwig rkbtu^bk^^wk ^Wfi^kanik ffomwmd^ 2Uijbij^peftji< 
tli^t »l^ Jewe$ (hdB'bMe af$. eatMj KMt^mmar aMnatUms I Quit 
SannoHf is not^eal^gtben0fiff9^sr$bfy.iif^damynaroftbe eomfer^ 
fim (ifd!fe]tw$^lmtd$h$taksaftd9cf(m^ 
ye that the Kiagdooiof God isnigh at hand '^and tlnsu a rnoMr 
(fffreaier tneaitragimmt tbm^ earthfy Kingdmjumbe umo^irku^ 
minded Jfffifu : W tberrf<n'e pbm tbif mr^ agabdi ik trnder^ 
fiandwg of the Jewes mairfiwuL tbtfe words^ theyfigbt^^m^ thm9 
omK faoHa^'Ncm if tbg camot finde cltarer tejM in tbemm.fkfia^ 
tmm fkt ibis eartby M^nmhj , et^ imdtrftm^biifAmjMl n^ 
je8 thfdfi^fl^g(fibefropbetf^fking-ever^gfqt§^ nvea^ 

m mm ekarfy in the netp teftamem^ ibe»in4be OU^* HvenMefi 
ktmbti^^fmimlarfrorfei. '. 


Fait I. ' cMftsPirfo$fMSReifmt9$S4rtb. ig^ 

WSo that cn)oyes the benefit ofunderft^ndlng , will not 
6tKl how jgrofly you abaffe the Author, and diflemble with ike 
Reader^ when purpofely OTerpafling the main ground here al« 
ledged for the earthly kingdom ef the Jews-, yoii make as 
though there were no other light for it but in this one word 
[fie£tnptim] which hath in it felf none but a borrowed light*' 
CO wic, as it hath reference to the wotds in the 2 1. verfe, which 
are thefe : TheffkaUfatt by the edge oftbifmnrd^ andfiaUbe Itdatpaf 
. cMfiive into aBNathnj^ and JemfakmfiaB be troden dofpn efthi (/en* 
tites^UHtiUibe time of the Gtntiks be fidfi^d* Untill then, but no 
longer. And becaufe he would not tell thetn the precife time 
ofthe continuance of thefe times of the Gentiles; and yet 
would have them know too, when they were neer their expira- 
tion: in the verfes following, he acquaints them with the 
fignes immediately foregoing his own appearing, their Re- 
derm>tion>and the fetting up of the kingdom of God. And do 
the ume iignes betoken all this ? and yet can you fay [ that our 
Savioftrfieaks not here of an earthlj kingdom^ nor of the Jews ^onvcr^ 
fionf] Doubtlcfie in that they fore(hew , the Jexi^s Redemptions 
they betdten not oiiely their conterfion, but their deliverance 
but of captivity too : and conftquently their earthly king- 
dom, even that kiagdom of which the Apoftle enquired . And 
in that they forefliew, ottr Saviour*! ^ffearing^thtj (hew him to 
be the Author of this deliverance, according as the Apoftles 
fpakeofhim. Lord nilt thbu^icc. And in that they forefliew, 
t!he Kingdom of God to be nigh at hand , they (hew this kingdom 
to be no other, but the kingdom of Ifrael $ fo call'd, partly be- 
caufethe power of God (hall mightily, and wonderfully ap- 
pear to the whole world at the erefting of it : the fearfalneUe 
whereof the very(igne$ forefliewing onely its neer approach 
may ferve to evidence $ for great and unufuall fignes f. ftiew 
great and unufuall alterations. And partly becaute God (hall 
be more generalfy, more conftantly, and more purely worflupc 
in the time of this kingdom, then ever be .was iince the crea- 
tion of the world. And therefore there is no caufe why any 
fptricadll minded man (hould be difcouraged at the thought 
of fuch an earthly kingdom. Neither thcrctorc have we wreft- 

li led 

•m 'I ' ' ' 

194 i^^-Mk Itedmfikiire^mtdiW Part 

■^ —— « 

led againft our own fancics^in concluding not onely the con- 
v«jrfion> Iwt thcf t^^^wnioA pf the Jcwyalfo fr^m the UttfMy 
\j^en^ti6n\ feeing . It 18 agparent to all. that will not mra'. 
away t^j^ireye^^ that thej^ ma^y notiee it^ that a&this prophe-^ 
fie was fpoken oncly to JewSjfoboth the iiiifcry at & ii^nd the 
. rticrcy a^ laft was Igpljett Qrtf ly of the Jews. We have no need 
tlwh tpjSndcl^^ef t€¥tsi« the New Tertaipcnt foVthis earthr 
lyMonarcb^bibr ffc^fxhatany underftandingC^'rittian will 
mjcfik What tbt Prophets have delivered (b agreeable thereuo- 
%o. But both we and they have good reafon to fnfpefi:, that 
you care not what you lay^npr how you tamper with the 
Word £>£Qod, if tbcr^y you caft procure bclief%^ And to.this^ 
cndyon-cryoucaj^iafttheclearrncffc <>f the text, wlienask 
Ihathno^darktKflebutwbatyou putuponit: and fpeak any 
thing, of yoarTelf^^s at) undoubted a3(ioiiie. For you ie]i us^ 
^hii^ f*veiij^.0Hnd9ffd^UT^;&^,^kdnm^ clearly in theH&n^'^tjtsr 
mcvUilHn^t «^(]x/rKich is iud^ nocorioufly falfe. ( for wfitre 
is the Crtation dcrcribfd^tlie moral Law delivered ^ and our 
SaYtour protnifed to be born in Bethleem, of a Virgin, of tbef 
(fedafPa^id.^ &c.) A-nd admit it werctrUepf all fuch things, 
as our. Saviour was to fulfill at his firii comingi y^h could not 
be tf Ufe of ill itich things at are referved. to t^<loiie by him at 
bi^ jTecohd, coni^» Amongft whicti) the reft<^ing of the ]ew89. 
and .bis reigniftg on ea ct h hate place. 

,. . . ftraePs Redemption- 

xo And with what teftimonies can we better bi^m^ tbm with 

foch as ane <>f neereftiaffi^ity with out Saviours prophecy? 

7h^pidi finite (faith Jkficiiby in his 5. Cfc. aftd;[. ver.) the Jpdgt 

tf Ifrael'mth arod upsn fhe cbee^ And at the third ver. 7herefore 

mU he give them of miiiiiBe tiffwtbat p§ v^btcb travaileth hath 

a Cap. e jufd. brat^btjktb : then the 9 un^am (j feftf hreihftn jhaS refmn ^mto tht 

y. 7>s. Mdren ofifratL. ^A^hat, J pray, 16 niea^it. here by fmiting the 

Ifa. I. 9- Judge of ffrael^but the *craci%ing c^f Chrift ? \9hom^nhen 

Mati'^ M ". ^^^J^^^^^^^^fi^^^^^^i tbtyfirckieonthefaceyaitdatkedbimyfafifigj 

Rom n.>>8. ^^^fbefie^nbo k it tb4tfmBte thee f Luk. 22, ^t the 64, ver. An>l 

* Totbiftinicrprcfatief] oftheprofhccy (fuiring fo well wtthoiir Saviour's rttffrirgs)tlie 

very nexcvcrfcwUcbforcihiwit.'cplacciihtre Cbnfl the Rqjcrc^ Ifrsel ibotiM bcbDrif> 
iQth to my tblnkiog dircfiiy lead us, . 


Part . I . CJptifts ftrf^naS. Reigm M Sdr^^ tp^ 

what by 3 ^tali the time tbaffie rvhich traviiletb bath brsughffHb^ _ * 
buttKi whole time of the mrrQjjatcd Gentiles vocanon ? For 
hiindffeffs if in f^rt happened tif IfraelytintlV the^fiitnejje ffftbe Ge^ * Wlicthcr by 
tiler ^^eeome in^ Rom. 1 1, y. 25. From whence it n sccffk rily fol- U^^lneffi] wc 
low^ that this prophecy, and our Saviours oiuft be underftood ""/^^^fft*"** «lac 
of oneand the fame time.For the diff^erfion foretold by Chrift, Sr Tf thofc" 
was to happen after his paffiottt and fowaS this, diZ their fmiting Gcnti'cs 
the Judge 0fl rael declares 5 which is allcdged as the main caufe which wcr« 

\\itX.^:sil^ihereilwa^HofhUbrethk^ tbe children ^ verfion of the 

I/Tiic/.'Whichxsaplairt inrcrpretation of that which our S^- Icwiroidfc 
vidUr dothfomewhat coyertly cjcprcflc by the word i fiedent'^ ihefull, uni- 

.. . . vcrUII,and 

/"^'^. . , , ' - . A ^ cMtcmpora- 

imgcoBv^r^ti of aD uftbcleevln| Gcnules whatfbcvcr, «c, 4(id t'irouj;h that extraordinary 

YeftaitlritieAi 6f t1iilcw< (yfhtt Tvibcs \rc wholfycomprchended by thif Word in the i i-r. 

«f che fame Ch ) Whciber., r»fay,<he Rtk or hft of^ mtc^<tit'niii* doih pallc for cut* 

ram with us (and one of chcm tnuft needs paiTe) yet it coms^ all to one reckoning , it doth 

11^ .^k^preludlCe^hecaufe> fur vvbich our ApoiUcVfaying u'h^t alled^d (which is to {hew 

ihrr thegivmg'Upof'i^hckws'muft laft* until! the time^ wliichi? appointed for- the caiiing 

ofthcrubA^tut^i '6 tfltdcs, be fully ended > for if^^^ Ifraely untill the 

'coviiffgmiiftbyfidneJfthftbeSmt'iles*^^^^^ of them indifferently) 

^illcditset^ifix- hen itjmuft of nec«ffici£ continue, ^/^ftr^/fi^fftfflwag m^fthe GentUes , m 

xh^Ukfki^tik 6h t tSjof the fubCkiiiited ppft of tbcoi^ be qui^c, and clean ^qiihcd: feeing the 

jcocaUc^nveriton cannot* before ^heparctall^ ires way un:o ir. . , 

* "Though by the word Qwwx^ ttedominion knd power of ihc G entiles over the lews and 

Tlirlrp ft^ffion rff the Holy Land, be it\ this plvce elpecrattv aymcd at ryet becaufe thc'time 

•of f he ^«w-febielJiiohTOi«nd captivity 'a«»oli^ Oenctlei in genetdi, is toheof cquail 

lttitiide.aii#tfii:tvn^^;(h;thi i|lme of th: tiibftjoicedlGifiittlrf cailrnj^ chii t^g alfo ^ nece^ 

■ ' ' ' ' ; Mi^'fetnesAnper. ;; ' : 

^to'^t tb}^kl^^ i^anjyHdicioUs Keadef the words of the' fame: Verfe t 
taaylekd uiiinto anoibtr' interpretation ifir he i^j^eakfng there tut jjf 
the doings, ofthejem^btit of their enemies^ whom he cdSetb daughter 
X?f troup5 ) opdhefheTps mbat ihefi ehemiejpaU do^ they jk'all gaxher 
tntemfeJve^ ih txoup^^and lay fiegc i^gztsil\\is'Q faith ike Trapbep) 
tfutiiyibe ][eys5 a^: they fhalT fmice ihejudgeof lirael upon 
the cheek : f»hich'ii spro'uerbiaS pbrajfe^ai Kal. ^ 8. andfignifisth ta 
i ^/treatpamef^V/, Nojv feeing the frophet '^eaki ^^^^ ^/ ^^^ enemiti 

li 2 f^ji^g 

'■ ■ ■ ' ■ ■ '■ ■ I N ■ 

19^ ifr^elsRidmftitnrideemd^or Parti. 

n&t be unJefioodofthefimiing ofChnp^albHt it be true ibai tbt Jems 
did fmite him. m tbefeceud vtr* be eon^u the Jews againf ti>efear 
^ftbas calamity pwith a fremifi of a more ptm^erfull Ruler. Then by her 
that travailetby vet. 3. the fame Tj^opbet gives us to underfiand another 
thing then the calling of the Gentiles-^ Ch: 4. i o. Be in pain>.aiid la* 
hour CO bring forth, O daughter of Zion^ like a woniab in tra-* 
vail, jirtd vpho may not thin\p that the fame Vfofhet repeating the 
fame werds in the fame Prof hecj nnderj^Andetb the fame ferfms? that is^ 
theJenps^mdnottbeGentiles^unle^evpe underjfand the dauber of 
Zim ^iritualfy. And therefore this ExpofUion not agreeing mtb the 
tepcts ail that follows upon it both no ground in the text. It it faid v. ^ 
Then the remnant of his brethren (ball return unto the chit 
dren of Ifrael : here the children oflfrael are difiinguified from bU 
brethren^' and the brethren are faid to retum:which it a plain interpreta^ 
tion^ that the Prophet fieaks not there of the Jemjb Mmarchy^ but that 
the Gentiles pall adjoyn themfelves unto the Church of God ^ as they be 
ealUd the brethren ofChrifinHtbr.x, II yt2^ . 

Didyou not fay hutnovrpitlfat every ground of faith it reveaFf' 
more clearly, in the Netp 7efiament then in the Old? J and d id you not 
fpeak it (o make the Reader bele^ve, that there can be ho evi« 
dent Scripture in the Prophet^^ to prove the Jewiih Mbnarchyi 
becaufeas you fay (and would have him conceive) there is no 
clear teact for it In the writings of the Apoftles f And why then 
did you onely name the verfes of this prophecy , as if you had 
been afraid toutter the text it felf ? Certainly it wasnoothecv 
wife. For you took the word [therefore'} in the 3. vcr. to be like 
the bad berbe In the Prophets pottage^ whkh fpoiled the tafte 
of all the reft : and Co omitted the rdieaiiing of ttie text, part* 
ly that the Reader might take no notice of your tettina of it 
' flip in your Comment) the independency whereof this\^tbere^ 
fiffre} would have dlfcovered : and partly that he migl^t not fee 
the coherence of mine. But let's compare our paraphrafcs to- 
gether. Jiow gather thy felf together^ and mak^ thy befi reji fiance^ O 
pffpfdent Nation :for the Lord mil certainly bring apege againfi tbee^ 
hecaufi of thy contumelious behaviour towards the Jndge of Ifrael^ tven 
die great Knler that tetbJ^em Epbratab fiall bring forth mtg thee^ 




Part f » Cbrifff PirfonaB Heigni en Emh. tfj 

n^mfbjfcbilf^mfisUfmitif and dilher$tffM0 deaf b mdfir$hi$ 
0ffmi trill tin tvrdpvt tbm ff b^b to caftivity and tnfdflUj^iHt 
fbe Church (ffthJiwnHt^, which dnHng the tim of thy hlindmfi 
fiall bt tat^fft into thy roomey hath brwght firth all her childr$n : and 
then again fh all the remaining Ifratlites rttnm hth unto the faiths and 
inheritanee of the ancient Jfratlite/. Thus I^ and You a$ follow^- 
cth. Gather yottrfelviJ tsgetbcr^ye numerow enemies of the Jews^ and 
'^ S^&^ ^^^fi thenh and fmite and ahufe their %Hkhy hut yet^ Ojt 
J^My be of good comfkty andregardnot thU calamity which it coming 
cnyoff^foryou (ball have a more popfierfkll Ruler then ever you hadj bom 
in Bithleem Epbrata :and thereforeyou (hall he given into the enemies 
hand^ and carried arvcpf captives into Babylon^ there to remain^ untill 
the daughter of Zioit^ whofiallbeinpain and labour to bring forth like 
s woman in travail^ (ball be delivered there of them ^ whom the Lord 
P^all redeem fi'om the band of their enemies^ and bring into their own 
land. And then fball the Gentiles adjoyn themjilvps to the jews » and 
both fi all become one Church. And now^good Kczdcr y(utrumborHm 
« cavity aceipey^ither follow me in a {Inooch and plain way^ 
wherein no truth here foretold, and fince a'ccoiDpliuit) or to be 
accomplifiit^is croft)Or conceal'd. Or elfe follow Mv.Fetrifj 
who leads thee athwart fo many rubs and (himbling blocks. 
For firft he gives thee a [therefore'] without a [ wherfore'] a punilh- 
ment without the intimation of any tranlgrefGon^And (econd- 
ly^hemakes the Jews^ that were to be given up; and She that 
travaileth in the time of their giving up 9 to be one people: 
which is Co unlikely^ that his comparing of thi^ phrafe ^ with 
that which is fpoken in the 7. Ch: v. lo. will not prove it. For 
although they be the words of the fame Prophet^ yet they are 
not in the fame particular prof^ecy^ and therefore not fit tp 
interpret each other ^ unlefle there were wichalI)fome other 
circumftance to confirm it. Neither is ic likely^that the tr^- 
Tailing where it is faid of the daughter of Zion exprefly^ be la 
pain and labour to' bring forth like a woman in travail ^ is 
meant of fuch a travailing^ as that is meant of^ where no fuch 
pains are fpoken of. Atid thirdiy^ he affirms againft the plain 
hiftoi7 of Gods Word, that upon the coming ba,ck of this 
}ewstrom Babylouathe Gentiles were called ta the faich of 
Cbrift s for ^f them he ubderHands [the remnant of bis brethren.'] 


■I1l»i fj 11 I* I— **^J » fcl I 

^g'g ipTAth tiid^mftiimrtiitirjiA^tr |>at i. 


^Vhofeffitum waslm^diately to ^tt^^\iht timt of her ihjt 
>p;4std trdvaiPl^hlcbi Heaj^plycstoZiartstravailhTglij Babylon. 
AridlalUyjby inttrpretrng the [ ntn^^t of his hethiin ] of the 
.convcrtcdGcndles,fhews his willinsrieileta cake away all fu- 
ture hope of theNatiotialcoftvcrlion of the Jews. Whereas {ihi 
xemham^fliiih'eihren] here^ being tliefame with£tJE»e remmr^ of 
Jacobs ift tlie 5 . andS. ver.] and m^Xthe nmn^nt oflpaeV^ Ch:i. 
V. 1 2.]'is niekht o»ely of the eleft Ifraclites that; lliould be con- 
'verted to the Chriftlati fakh, after the con veriJon of the furro- 
gated Gentiksj as Chrliitiimfclf, Mmh. 24. v.2.2. andSt. P^, 
'%om. $• V. ^7. and Ch. 1 1. v.iS. do^xpOuitd tt.^Dd confequent* 
ly byhec that travailethhfei^, cannot be ineaht^ ihe daughter 
. of ^ions t ra vailbgin Babylon, to which the ]dCf 6 returhirooi 
; that captivity did put an end. Neither v^iil it follour^ as Mr. 
Tttnt wrould have it, that by the [. nmnm of bif brethren J here 
; are%\catit thdO^^ntile?, becaffft they are diflinpull!hed froai 
iiicl^Wifdre^ rf^aeJ'Jf or how are they diilingtiiihed ^ Surely 
' fiot iA refpc6rc^ thfiir ftock and natural! tlefcentC which wouM 
indtedhavefltew'dth'dmco.havcb'een adifferent people » had 
Ihey be^ft thus diftlngui&ed) bat onely in refpeft of the dilUnft 
• itithe^ of thdf tfallihg ; the [childre?t()ftfra^f\ here croitiprchend- 
'ingatituch ffraelices as wereithen departed 5 or fhould aftcr- 
*^ Wards depart itr the true faith of Chrift, before the calling otF 
oftotNatiortCbdfort the giving of it up to a generall capti- 
' vity aiidthfidelicy) atid the rectividgofthe Geticiks in, their 
'f}itM;:zrid\^tbirmjniant of bii bnthenTlcompc^A^tidin^'^li the 
f atthfull Ifr^teHreSjWiiOft convcrfiora isprefentlyto follow the 
accoAipJtthtcOnvfcrfiaiicrf'tiife^fQbftituted Gentilesi And be- 
fideSjfedngtheiBabylOnlfli captivity, wtichor tht jfcw^ were 
carried aw^y captives for their idolatry, is forfecold ih tlie 2j.. 
"Ch: at the 9. and lo. Ver. whjr (hould we .think,dt:ic hfere a^aia 
the fa«ne captivity is threattied , and not rather (fas Yoitie'Ex- 
pdfitors fay) their captivity by tiic Rom ins for crucifying 
their S a. lour. With the ttory of whole vile lifage anion^il 
*theti,t!i words of thfe Prophet do To pafifti illy agree? For 
;t'he / l\iXllpnite fbe JnUge Qftjraeli»uh % v^^^ i^nt^^e dhi\^ faith 
Mirahi"^. I. Arid when thiy bad blind foldid i^m, they ^^ok^ljim on , 
theface^ andmk^d him,pjin^^ proph^Jii i»b^ is h tbaifi^jt^ /ibe^?iaich 


hiikfT'^^K^*^^ whichwordsyguha.v«crafi%ccajccai'fi: and 
the words of St. PWallbj K(9w«.i 1. v. 25. alledgcd toftcw that 
by {Shepvti^b'irMsiltib'] i^ mc ati t the calling o£ the (iibftJtuicd 
Gentiles. And yet for all thi$j as if all were plain on your fide; 
and nothing fo on our S5 you can boldly -conclude, [th&^fire tbk 
ExPejitkn^not agreeing witf^ the texty all that foUei^s ufan it^ hath n» 
fftmndinthe t4Xt''\ Of which,nowihematter hachbcen plead* 
«d on by botb^Ia the Indiffcrentjudgc. 

Ifrael's Redemption. 
And this the next verfc doth conbrraj which rcls us^ that at j j 
llictimcof this return j He (that is, the Judge of Ifrael before 
rpoken of, that Ije, I fay, ')fi^allfiarrd^a?7clfeid(^ or rule^iw ^th 
firengih ofiht Lord^ tfi the M$jefte of the I^atne of the Lord his Pod^ 
Wiffejfthatis, thcJews)jI'^i7^*/Ve,y9r K^jvfthat is5 at thiti* 
coming of cut Saviour) hepaffhe (ngt a s when he took our n^» 
tur^ i\i^on'him) of no forvi ^:f mrcemlwejfey a fHaade^i^^^ ^c/rg^ ^l'"^5'5«*>3« 
(hal be 1> great mtoihe ends'oftbe etfr/A,iha t i^qyer all the WtH'Id, p^^f^ 3^' f ^ ^ ^ 
until! he and hid (ball at thelaft Judgement, exchange thp '♦ 
earthly Jerufaleln (the Throne e of his Kingdom) which JS 19 Ch.i4.»x. 
be <J built again bymcn,ft)r thatecmpireall Jcrufal^n^ |lp| ^Tcr.j'.S^* 
tna<k with' hands, tterriall in the heavens. - .' * cRcv.iU 

• ^fr- Tetrie^s Jitifi»er. . ! » ': 

I • 'RtyUtice.rHleroflfraiil^memicned^^r. 7.a0d ^^'ifc: Judge 
ntentionedyV. i. 2, Ihty^ are nQUheJ&ws^hnt mh&] fhe.krttkm cf 
f»hoft,r£tuTri}>e §Ah^ in ike 've.or^ iwned^^tdy: fr^iedilfg" |> l^jw; 
^gnifietk not the tmtj^ ChriSi^s fec$vd iffiitm^yl^it ihifMim^of -tit 
abiding^ or of the Chripans €cr,fimtprfe^ierijfg in fbefigiih. A^din 
this Jen fe is mr Savicw:g>^at over^^Utht i»9rlddfimg fiHtk Centiiu 
■praiji him^^^nd^BfefipIeJ^lfawdhim^^a 

Bntat hi^ fecondcQi^ijjgynmj!JaU;nf4.iHildki ihromto him^bnt hejhatl 
)Hdgetheiiuh]^dndihedisd.2Tm\.J^.\^' ••*' v 

' R*^ ply. ♦ • • ' 

I. He,i$ both, the Ruler menrion'd in the 2.vcrf. and the 
Jwi^y mcHCjon*d in the i. vcr. and ikcrtfore call'd the Judge 
of Ilracl, and not of Judah, or Jeri^falenij becaufc Ijriut com- 
prehends all the Tribes ; wfajch in the time of our Saviour's 

f^ili !■ i.» ^i^— I— — WW«-i ■■ « i » m H i r ifew^*-— — — *^—*r— 

I r""«»»*«w«rwi 

^oo ip^aels Ridemytiwredcfmed^cr Parti.* 

rcigtii are again to be reunited. As Ifaiah^ Jeremiah ^ and E^ze^ 
kteldothv^^ ' } -' 

%* Thejf$ are the Jews> and fo are^^e remnam ef bU hreibfin^ 
whoferecurn is mentioned in t/he words immediately forego- 
ing. For the beleeving Gentiles can neither be faid ^ to return 
tothefaithf which the Nations of whom they came nevei^ 
had. Nor inrefpeft of their faiths to the Ifraelites^ to whom 
they had befpre no relation. And their abiding^ is meant of the 
place where they (hould dwelU from whetice they (bould be no 
Qiore remoy'd) as in former times: and not of the perfeverance 
of faidi in any \ from which no true beleever hath ever beea re* 
mov'd. • 

J. Ni^ir^isapply'dheretothetime in which Chrift /Z^^fl It 
^eat mto the ends of the earthy that iS) both known^ feared > and 
they'd over all the earth: and (b figni&th the time after his 
fecond coming) and not the time that now is j in which he b 
acknowledged but of a few Nations ^ and amongft them too, 
feared and obey'd by a very fmall company. And yet you can 
r.ell us without bluihing) that he is already \^ffeat over aB the 
VPffrldpfiehig aBthe Gentile f fraije bim^ and aifeofle do lat(d bim.'] 
What ^Turks^Arabians^Chinois^ and heathens of America? 
I pray apply the Scriptures more pertinently. For St. Foul did 
not alledge thofe prophecies. touching the Gentiles> Ch. 15. v. 
10, 1 !• to (hew that all Gentiles did praifeGod when he wrote 
that Epiflle,or that they (hould do fo at any tiide before Chrift 
(hould come to reign over both Jews and Gentiles too : but to 
IheW) thatGod h^d as well appointed Chri(l to be a Saviour to 
the Gentiles, as tothe Jews, that To he might move them both 
to agr^e the better together, and to bear with the iofirm^ties 
of each other ; and to receive one another^ as Chrift had rccd- 
ved them to the glory of God : in fufiering for both , and in 
icndingtheGofpel to bepreacht indifferently ta both. And 
whereas you fay, [that at Ghriiis fecond coming men fi^all net bnild 
a throne to him^hnt he ]hall judge the quicksand the deadJ] I fay 
that as well the iirft as the laft muft be done. And for the build- 
ing of Jcrufalem, fee Jer. 3 1 • v. 3 8.&c. and Ezel^^^. v. 1 5 .30.&C. 
and Zscb» 1 4.v. I o, 1 1. and then hear alfo what Jer. hath (aid, 
Ch, 3. Y. 1 7. ^t that time thy^all call Jerufalem the throne of the 

-" ' ■— ■— — — -■■ ■■ -• ■ ■'"'-• 

.Parti. Chr«(lsPer(MsllRugmmE4rA, 19 

- "" ■ ■ ^ ■■ ■ ■ .11, ^ ■ ^ . 

Lord^ mda^^ ^Mknr^Mht gtAertdtmmiy^fk^Iiam of the . 
l*9rd^ 4oJerHfahm : mitbt^ fball i^e/nM/i^ afg^ tnwe after the imtgi- 
natim of. thijhr fvil btart^ 8cc. and tberefoce (uF^y more mult be 
done by* Chrift at hi^fecond comming ; then you^ meane b/^ the { 

jttdgmg(fibe^ci;iattdtbec^ad. . . ; „. :-,^ /. 

t i 

liracl^s RcdcropiiDn. . • 
Another. pROfAccy much like unto th^^fe that of jimsin hi* 
•9. eh^. utthcS.ver^ ^^boUtheeyeioftheLordGaJareUfontl^Jin- 
fufl Kingdonty ^^Ti^iUdeftrajf itfirotncff.tUfaoeQ 
tbatJmB mt uherfydefircf thehotife ofjacdb^faifh tbeLord, F^ loet 
I t»ill ciftmnand^ mtdlwittfifi the hm^edflfraelafnong aU Nathmf^ 
la^ai ewTte isfifiedmth a^fiwe^ytt OtaU not the teaJljirainef^U ttpon 
the earth: And at the 1 1. verfe^ tn that day willlraifif^ thetabMr^ 
nach ofOavUthst k fallen^ andclq0 Hp^thebreadHs thereof^ and IwiU 
raije up W ndms asmthed^iofokL,tkatthef mof pojfeffe the rem-^ 
ofUdomyond^ " " 

the Lordfhat Sth tbU. JrplUbrmgagatne the (^apthityofriff people 
Tfnael, and thejf {hall hnld the tpafiecitw^andinb^itthm^aftdthej 



fiall plant vpteyard^yonddrinki^t^^^ tkeHof^<tlf€jifliUlldf9^ mk?'^ 
garden/ J and eate the fruit of them : and I will plant them upon their 
land^ and they (hall no mmbejmHedttfom 0f their land^ tvhich I haife 
pven thmyfaith the l«/i€W. No\ralchbcigb thfeprophecy toofc^no 

who aKb brouglit iip (U^nge Nationf , and placed them in thtir f' 'J:^" ^ 
ftttds which people wcfti ttom Samaria^ theancicnt metropolis 5,^^.24 a! 
o£tWProwncc,calfod r&i«Mri^ 18. yg. 

that icwat^iifiUcd ipathc othfit two^ (for not the houfc dfjifepk^ ' loh. 4. f . 
noc rfic Houfc of Jw/tife onely, batther hoofe of'fiteoh wholly^ib 
here ^km of.* And why e^i^ the Tabernacfe of Vkvid. iiftcr- 
wafds. exprcftj. as atpriBie s^ent in the reftauratJon, if it were not 
hefomririiSkklcd^ a«Japiu^ of IJriielP) 

who tbBii,I%#Mhhriiohiai^cMn«^(fhwtWsf iK^ waslblfifPd ' 

00 Jmdah and Benjamin^ mull thdr^o^rtebw By the RomM 
Enaperour Veffafitmi ever fincc whlich tfme thd^ratft) remaine for- 
Ciken^ fi»i^ttid,»i*<Jefpl(edcaptivai>ycart^ dkrcsarffirme iti 
wfaoi God bach (aid, that at their returnc from this univerfal 


ao UTixls/ltjJ»tnpticnreiUmedf»r Pan i. 


•The uftial c^V^imtf^ ^ mHfi floHt them in their taad^ that cbcy ftall no 
anfwcr of ii ^ iDore bc palled up out of k I which yec (houM not betroe^ if k 

condicionaU ^had been (poken of any ddiveraacc before oor Saviours comfniDg 
promifc^wilj ,^£^g^ 
cake no hold ^ 

oo this or the like places of Scripture. For as God hath here paft his word) chat he wiU iKr 
aoore pull chcaiupoucoftheirlandrrointheit.rl^p.ofier^^tche^^- v<r« and^o. chtf. 
ac chc 2.o.t/er. inthe ^6,ot E%(f^.nAc%7»var/mAtS7'Cb^iM^z^.ver. inchc jy.. 
(bap. ac the 7^9cr.' void^ln fixe i. chap. pfZepb.ztiht 13. t/^r. ('all which prophccka doe ia 
che fines of their fuWUing,concurrewichchis) he hath Ukcwife promifedt To give them 
one way^and one hearty th at cheyiB^yfe^re him for ever. Never to turne away fromchcia 
ro doe chetn jgcod^ bui to put his teare Into thdr hearts, ihst they (hall not depart from hiniir 
Thac the iniqiihy ^ liraelihaUbefeiiditfor> and there fliaUbenone> and the finnes of 
luddt^ and they mnli not l^e found. That he will puc his fpfrit within diem, and caufe riicm 
to waike in hb ftatuces> and to keepe his judgements and doe them. Thactfaqp ihaU defile 
ihemfdres no more, with tbeii idoles , nor with their deccflable china^, nor with any of 
thdr cran%refBons. That he will malce his holy Na me known in the midft of his people Ifrael^ 
and Witt not ler them pollute his holy Natee any more. And diat cbe remnant 6i ifrael 
ihall not doe iniquity^ nor Ipeakelies ; neither flialla deceicfuU tongue be found in &eir 
mouth. And ^refere God having thus equally ingaged himfelie, as well tokeepc die 
lewes from fin, ast6 Free them from bondage, if isasimpoifible tmit the acc^mplUnmenc 
of chis pcopheey (hould be fruftrated.and thefhiitionofthefebicffing^ ferfieiied for warn 
of obedience) \as that God (hould either forget, or norrcgard, or be unable to fulfill hii 

word) a(n4 coiifeqtiemly,the appoiotedtJmeforcbefiaiflilngoffuchprophecies> is ye( to 


^ MuTetri^sAnfwer.- 

I h if s- like grmmdfor fi$A a Kingdom: i. HW eon ir be denied 

' that fbeh'oufe of][jdah wm ie^wfd^ »hen their Xangs andpeefk wen 
earied out ajtb^UmJif zJbmdtntbfT^abernackofDaidd he eaUed 

' a fritm ^'tnt in the refiawation f iriefddyL mM rdfenp the %aimnsr 
cle of Vu^idi and not^ the tabernacle &fDMdfhaU raifit^iit ie a 
fatient^ and not an agent. And none denietb that it is incUtded in the 

. S^effion ofTfiael : and therefore that part oftheftafbecj woe fidfitled^ 
even before the 4WMhrowb) theKoxmn^ExtxpttOQit^aridfo before that 
enferthruw mas refieredageune^andaftemarii alfitpere tbgi feattered^ 
But that prondfe of r^amration is not of the bonfe of JudaJb^ bm if 
thefeofleoflfraeU verfe 1^4. and who tbefibetnehaveafi^wtet pa* 
terfreter^ Aft. 15. i6. prbere the AfofUe lames expanu thefewmdt 
eftbe enlarging Cbrips Hingdom by the calling of tbeGenrSleSf 
Wphicb ram beffin at that timt by the freaehingofthe Apoftie:^ andBjo^ 
Scefdianos xo bit notes on tUe text of bsnM fdpb^ AimtfiaBtbeHf 

1 1 III i^*»ii**— ■ 

brews dotconfsnt^ tb^i Ms is mzant tfthe tirmofyLtXSi^ 0f9d ej^c- 
dalhoftbe c^ingoftbe Gcacile8 : and by -badilj bmjii and ben^U 
the rraphet mdcrfiands ^ituaB : and tbefe wbt> an begottm UMo tbu 
livelj hope are kfpt wiojt fMj tbrorngb faith fmofdvaum^ I Pec !•$« 
{6 chat th<(£ates of Hell (ball notprevaile agalnft theoidMat.i^aSt 
Whereas it, is as kfd^ fi^ho dares affirme it i Zacharm hath mt [pared ta 
s^rme ity Xtsif^e i* 6S. fffingy Ble&d be tbcl«ord God of Ifiuel 
for be bachvlfitcdandredeoiied hispeople^ and bach railed up 
an borne of (alvadon in cbe boule of David bis iervantjas be Cpakt 
by tbe moutb of b|s lioly prqpbers&(f. Vare ii^MUeoarian xm- 
tradiB this UfiimoTg f Reply. 

iTlus prophecy of Amos fpeakes of a deliverance of tbe Jeir/jout 
of a capdvicy, alter wbicbtm^^nA/ m more beftdkd jipmt oftheit^ 
land. And'tl^ereforecannoCMmeantofthereCQrneof Jai^ftnd 
Bp^anun from Babfhn^ 0nce wbicb tbey bave fiiUen into a 
greater capdyity then that svas^bujc of their reciime from the cap- 
tivity diey are now in. This]rOtti(aw to be (be nece0ary confi- 
quence of tbe proper ienie of the prophecy^ and cherefore you 
wred that jparc of ic which concernes the deliverance of the Jerpes 
to another meaning*. But 6rft youi ca^l^ and aske [i&ca^ it cmbe 
ioAed^ thai the Utrnfeoj JudcAtvas iefiroied when their Kings and 
peafk tpere tarriedottt of weir ImdV)^ Surely that they were in a £id " 
condidon it cannot be denied, tiut chat they weredeftroyed^ic 
may; for how clie could they hayeretornM>yet this thing too 
Haman foiigbt tabriogto pafle on the Jearu in bis time, and you 
know, how well be and his adherents (ped in the- device. But 
what of all this ? who denies that they were carried captives into « 
"Batyhfft ^ I (ay onely that this prophecy was not fulfill U in Jndaifs 
captivity there $ but in thdr captivity under the* KMk»i/S and 
thatbeoiule the deliverance after which they are no more to be 
carried captives/mufl needs be yet to come. 

2* Butyou have found a great miftakein me^Forlbave (aid 
tiiat the Tabernacle c^D^^fhall besi prime agent hi the reflaib 
rattbu) W[bereas^od Odthy I miUrMJet^ the iahernacle ofVavidf 
and (o9[i^ is 1 9 be a patiently on lay, and not an agent .J A very Icar- 
iied exception, for is there not aninftrumentall agent^as wdt af 
a pvindpall agent) and amongft inftrumentall agents , dob not 
ibofeexMlpditft' (u anongft P^cf/ wordiieS|fi>me were h* 

K 2 ^ perior 

«« r » III BMi 1 <»■ - 

^ \ 

p6iio^io fliii'i«n)a1thoQgh then God ftmll (hev hl^ povsiisr in' 
i*ai£lng che<7li^;fj^/eof2>J9^^^^a8theiirftandchM^ecau^^^^ what] 
ItindcrS buc 'that chis alio may ufe^lts pirne endeavor to rai(e it' 
ftUc^iis a feC(yrK!kH'; and fe^ prindpall caufef ? fiirely if God (haU fo . 
raiieiti thaekiHAtl doe nottihg for ic telfe^ it may rather be laid,. 
CO be a ^^peft^i^tor of its deiiverince^ Aeh either an agent, or a pati- 
' erm 1[oaC9y;iQtthtev{tbat^neJenkPbi^ 
cfIpaet\iitfttfM % vl^chaH^th^it rh^7emT difperiMiand se- 
ftaiKacf onWe ^>ok*n of \vfcf e fe«h (aXfiXMhefore ihiir ap&rtbrow ly 
tl^' Bafrkm^i wh(cfa'the clbte <^thii |[>rbphecy^ fhewing that after 
their reftauracion>hei1^'foretoId>they(houldhom6it bedi4>eri^^ 
doth dcoy^Ahd th6(ewordfalfointhe (i.Ver. 1 i»ltt biiiid U as in 
ihe dates iffatd^ doe ibew the contrary* For if you jT^llfej tht dates of 
^ (>Wf forthetitoclhtoediatcryttwcg their B^^fojii/fecaptivrty^r 
^ ihen* t (ay^'thktfbftiorta cmiecannot becal^enfdr th'e J^jgesofoU\ 
feeinjg' <^t^as but f^^emyyeareSs from that time j ati^ ton&cjuently 
ic muft iinply a^eftkarslcion afttr acaptbity of £1 longer date. And 
if you tafkeit^<^i^i^c daierofP^^andi9(r/<2/innv;»then)^&^ that 
it wa's not foreftor'dalkr^^'t captivity, fipr in the dates of thefe 
Ktng»5 all the Tribes We Wbj^ one Kingdcm :.and they wcrf not 
cributaric* t^ btfejr l^ngsibuc others to chelrlCiDgsj and con- 
jfequentlyit^ luyet-thuf tobe reftor'd. Bat that you niay be (are 
eo.avoide alhhatc^ be brought'out of thii prophecy fbr the fa- 
tore reftvwra^ion of the yeri>e/5*you will ilOtt^\^^ ii.z^tobe 
mearrt of the !%ftawradcmbfj^i&;biKdfthel)^tf^^^^ 14* 

vef^^tccA thefe jF/rjeff/^i mult not hetiken For the J^tpes^ how 
•plaine foey^r the text befor it,'but for the 6e«^i&/ ;f6r [jiyou 
UylS^. lames exftfundi/hem^ASs 15. z/cr/? 16.} Surely the Apoftle 
repcates-the H . and- 12. vfr, of this chapter fomewhat diSereittly 
from the Prophlete clicpreffionjbut yet Ipieakes not of Tlracl chere 
at all. Neither doth he expound tne bmUing ojlhanJts Tabemacky 
' of the caBingef the Getitihsy ztyon prettn^ ButfliewesQBelyiQthe 
Terie follovi^g, thac wh^n it (bail be built againe^ the re^ue 
of the Gtntiksy that are yet Uncaid^ (hall then be aiXd ; laiKl to- 
gether witli xht'Gemihs $^m jt^bom Gods Nam k alreadj ealdyfeki 
ajfier the Lord. -And therefore you have not learned of^James^to 
take tbe Jahernack of jydvid^ for the bekeving Ctntiks. Nor, canl 

beleicTe thM the Hebreiiir Dofioun doe feltittpm i albeit they 


Parti* Chrdfis PerfrndU %siff^^ ^^ Earth. Al 

— *f. ' • ■♦-*—">''— 

may grants that the calling of the Gmtiks in cbe dme of the JMt^ 
fias^ as they expe^hi(iiyet\tocome,isijpokenofin the I2. vp'm 
And doubtlefie wholo^vcr fliall looke into the 14. zkt. of diii pro** 
phecy3 he will (ky^ that the a^ona here rehearft may very well 
agree with .men newJycomepacofcapdvieyibutnoc that they 
doe any way indxnate the calling of men to the Chrtftianfait^ 
For whaCrelatioo hs^ththciuimngoftpofte citus tomb Ait ibem^^ 
the planting of vineyards to drinh the wine tbm$f^ and ihe making tf 
Moms to eate tbtfinit cfibzm^ tpthis t dqubtlefle/ponea^ alK For 
^ppoie that one (hould eel you of a Jtw that had lately built him a 
faire houfe \ 8c of an other that had plained an Orchard of choice 
fruit, wouldyou ^mke thereby ^that, thi^ were becomeCiuriftiaQ^ 
pay wouldy ou notlaugh at hkn, if he flxxdd have na other oaea-* 
ning? And yet. i!2;itbouc any ground forit^ but your owne bsiqf 
ashath be^n UJeived^yQU conclude Q&ii^ bj bodilj hntfis^and b&tefit^j 
the frepbet imde^Jiands fpiritHaIl.JTo which you ad|oyne Sciiptutie 
to provey that the cleft cannot fall away ^ which is not queftioned* 
And thus^ good reader^ thouliatl (eene the firft part ot one and 
the (ame prophecy hiftorically and properly underftood s ^tid the 
latcer' part all^oricalk and Bguratively expoondeid ^ an4 that £c^ 
no othc^r reafon but becauCe the deliverance of the J ewes, out of* 
their captivity here foretold hach not been as yet properly anti 
Uterally fulfilPd^ as their carrying inco capcivjty hath been. And 
"Mr. Petfie will opt take Gods word for n^ tha,tjt (hali be thus ful- 
61d. And tber^fpre whereas I have askr^Wlv^dariesaffirme that 
the captivity of Jndjh here foretold^is meant of any other but 
their captivky. by the Romans : iecinig God ha^h Ctid lieie^ 'that 
after ,cheir returnefrom this captivity they (ball no more be pulled 
up oiit of their land ? he tells thee that iacbarias hath not fpared 
coaffirme it, lad^ i wfi |^S. &c* Bi^t is knot the iame Godj^ that 
Ypake by the mouth of both thefe Prophets? a Qod that is not as , 
msTn.^ (Imc he (hould lic^ or forget himfelfe. Andhaving then foi-e* 
told In Amos (uch a deliwrance after which the Jeti^s ihoald nc^ 
more be e^ven up into captivity-, doth he^ifihinkft thkoliyby Zacbaiy 
affirme that this^as &ilfiil'd before thei^€aptivity by the RomMf^ 
yet thus M'Petr^ dares to <hakc God cOntradiA himfelfe : and 
thatbecadfeZtic^^jf)! (^ai^lii^^tejfed be tbe LordGodofJfraet^forbebaih 
vifiuA andredeemedbfffeojfleyond hatkrdjidi^mbf^ ^fhaiiam 

-K 3 * . M 


' I T r tm ' '" '" ..-»-■. 

%^ KritlsVjdempnonredeemdj 9r Part i 


fir US in the hmji rfbisjervsnt Vjvidy m he^ak^bythe mouth 0/ aU 
hif bofy Fropbetj &c* and what is n^ant by all this but that the 
Redecsmer was thai to be bomty as the Prophets had'Cud^and th. t 
_ therefore their redcmprion (houB as itireiy be fulfiii'd^ as if k had 
been done already > For it is ufual with the prophets , when 
they would (hew the certaine accbrnplKknient of a things to fpeake 
as if it were then e&£bd. But why hath Mr. Peirie left out [Jof 
m]ai theie words oiZaeharyi was it not becaufe they (heWathat this 
prophecy doth belong to the Jmtsjk not to the XSemiks t and this 
' he likes not toheare<^himfttie, neither would he have thoe to 
calce notice of it. Andbefides^f Z jciEr^ypr (hould (peake of a (pirituaU 
deliverance onely^ as this Author affirms, how doth he (hew, 
that this prophecy of^i9f5^/ was then fulfild, which Casts before 
prqived, and as any one tnay indeed of himfaUe perceive) doth 
ibretel bnely an immoveable deliverance of the J^a from cfaeir 
^ bodily captivity amongft, and fubjeAton to other Nations \ 

t Ifrael'sRedemptiom 

The next prophecy (ball l>e that of foei^ who mentions the very 

fignes^whlch our Saviour (aid (bould be the immediate (bro-runnei s 

ot the jFenre/ Redetsption. And itfbaBcBme tpfajfe afterwards ((aith 

he in his 2. chap, at the 28 1^^ ) tha$l mil fotvre out nyffkrit up- 

§n alljlefh^ and yotu'fanms and your d^btersjhall prophecy jaur old 

men fiall dreame dreames^ and your young mm fi?allfie vifions : and 

ai^ upon tbejirvants^ and upon the banHUnaids in tbofi dayes wUfl 

c tr potim out my Jphit^ and I mUjbewtPonders in the Heavens^ and in 

%uUm.%'^ #4i emh bloody and ^re^ and pillars ojfmAmhe^ Sun p^all be turned 

V. ^p . Rev. 6. Ptto darkgneffe^ and the Moam into blood before the "^ grea^ and terribk 

V. 12. *V^ of the lard come* And it fh4t come to pdp ebat wbofoevet fihtll 

* Great not ^l pn the IJame of the Lordfhall be delivered :fof in Mount Zian^ and 

^ de^At ** •H«**y^'^^ fi^^i^ i^ deliverance^ as the Lord bath faid^ and in the 

ftr^^cneflc ^^^^^^^ ^^^ the Lordflfoll call. And in thej. dbap. at the i. ver. 

and dreadful- l^Aold in tbafe ddct^ and in tbatthne^whml^all bring againe the 

nes of events, caphAp^ oftudab and Hicndalem^I trill alfo gather nil IJations^and 

of things ^n fpiH^bring them dom% imo the vall^ ofjehojaphat Cwhich in the t^^ 

paffi;, but g;:eat al& in reg^d of the kmg eomlnusnce an^trtft of timei vrbieb Cod in his 
^htioni tetetfter to m fulfildi doth by the word fDiy^ ss well widiout this ejrfdiec as 
\frequaicly import. *lMk.3f«S,MfL4>5>wie|^.Rev.i<^«i4* 

"' " verfi 

•••■^ ■ — ■ — ■ — —— — — ^ 

Part I* Chrifis ftrf^mll Riigm m Edrth. i5 

verji is called the valley of deciiion)<}»i' mil plead i^iibtbem then 
far w^ people^ and for mj heritage Ifiaelve^bom they b/xve fcatttred among 
tbt Njiions^ and^ parted m^ iMd. And at the 15. verfi^ againe. Tbe «ini. t. tf. 
Sun and the Aftme jhaB he darkened^ and tbeftarres (haU mtbdram *«• E«k.3«. 
their finningy the Lord alfiJhaH roare autjofZion^and utter big veja |^**^"**' 
from Jerttfalem^dtbe * Heaven/^andtbe earth jhdljhafy^ hit thehnd ^^Ikct.i €i 
prill bo the hojpt ofbispeifple^and tbiftrengib of the children of IfraeU ii« di, 4.1 %• 

Air. fetrh^s Anfi^er, 1 4* 

Z]k Apofle Peter not ^nely makfsufiof tbeje words ^ hot expones 
them^ and Jbewer the acconadifhment^of them inpme degree \ (asit io 
/aidmtbe Jixth nde before) fiwhOL 2.1 Slfefaitbi This is chat 
which was (poken by the Prophet loe^ And it (hall come to pafle 
in the laft cuies ice. And verfi^ 22, Ye men of lirael heare theie 
wocdSf Je(i]8 of Nazareth a man approved of God among you by 
cinrades^. wonders and fignes^ which God did by him in the midft 
of jfooy asye your iHvis know* 


The Apoftle repeats^ bat expounds not the Prophets Wonl% 
and consequently (hewes not theaccomplifhrnent of ought that 
the Prophet affirms (hall be done. All that he Ibewes is this> That 
the thing which then happened to theApo{lles> was the worke of 
the fame ipirit which Joel (pake of: but he (aith nor,: that it Wai^ 
the lame worke. The (aftie (pirit mdeed was then powred out^. 
but itwas notthefamepowringoutofchefpirit. And for w^t 
of diftmguiOnng betwixt the efFufion of the fame fpirit^and the 
£inie efiufion of the (pirit ; you affirme^.that thofe things which, 
the Prophet laies the (pirit (hall doe not long before the Lord^s 
iecond coniming, were then done at his (ii (I comming. And the 
ceaibn you bring from Sc. Teters v9ords^A£i.%.verfi '42. to (bew^ 
that the prophecy of J^^e/was then fiilfiid in partsisavery (Irange 
one- For. the Prophet (hewes what others (hall doe through the . 
extraordinary inf|^ration of the Spirit, before the Day of the 
Lord comes $and the words you have aUed^d doe (hew, what 
works Chriftliimielfedtd, when he was come. 

. ^ IfraePs Redemption. 

I am not ignorant, that the darkening of the Sun and Mooue, '4 *' 
is ibmetimes taken allegoricaily and by way ofallu^on, but that* 
therefore i'c (houldbeibunderftoodbercitdocb no^i: follow: for 


'r 1ir>> ri.MiiiB 

25 IJhi^h liedemptiM r^detmiuf^ or Pait i. 




, - - . - 

where his figuracively applyed^iefignifies the lodgement icfelf« 
which 18 CO befall tho^epeppfc ufwhom it is fpoken : but where 
ft 19 licerafl^ u(ed) it ispue onely far a figneof an eminent de- 
ftru£iion, \^hich fkallftadenly follow it : as the greatand terrible 
Diy of the Lord (hail do* at the accomplifhtocat of this, pro* 
ptecy. ^ •" . 

Mr. Pttri^s Anfwer. . -^ 

fPhere tf?e 4^h(ne^oftbzStm(attdfir itm^he miei^opd oftbt 
^Maoite} if tt^d pro^erlj^ it is not put mthf fir afigne of off wdneni 
hid imfHinefsitikftru3iari^ it is manifefi Luke 2 3 . ^f.^ 1 iphich t^M a 
Tejfimony frmrt Heaven tfChrift^t irmo^encyfor convi^hn of the mur* 
ih&rers : and chap. 2 r. 25^, tbefignes in the Snn andJtdwnt andtn th 
fiarresy oTtdthe difireffe ofNationr upon the earth mth perpl&dtj^ mi 
the rctaringofthefeaandvsava^are aBtoUunderfioddfrr^er^arfignet 
hfare the great and terribkV^of the Lord. Sorriiat ispromfed 
in thelS*and29.wtrft$ ofthe JicondcM^pi of JotV iPOf tnitly{alkif 
net altogether) fulfiUedin thedmsofVtwc (even how-ikitlhe words 
of the ^o. and 31 rcrk% be properly nnderfiood) andnotwhoBjffulfild 
iU the time immeSately preceding the lafi comming ojCbrijK 
' ■ ' Reply. 

• That the darkning of the Sun, orof the Mbone properly taken 
(^(pecialiy if fupernaturall^ as this here) is a iighe of an eminent 
and imntinent defiruftion ypa confefle : but th^t it is onely. Co, 
you (leny. And were this true, I have not fpolren tuuch o«* of 
ch^ v^ay. But the inftance you bring of the darkning of the Sun 
at the firae of our Saviours paffion^makes nothinglbf you. For 
whereas ybu lay [it wM atefiimohj from Heaven of ChriJ^s inuoeeruy 
fir emviiiion ((ftherimrthererj']i\\ehi0iovit of theGplpel tcTs you 
no fuch ' thing, gnd interpreters are againft you. Stent enhn I>em 
tenebritinvolvebat UrratH Mgyptumyficetiamtiunc totamjud^m^ in 
Jrgmtm irati Pei, et future pCEn^gy faith F^ran/ on the '2j: cbap^oi 
Mat. at the 45. verfe^ that 19, As God did once bring darkneifeon, 
the land of^gypt^ fo likewife dfd he now on th^ land df jW^^ as* 
a figne of his wrath and th^ir eniuing pun^ment. So Cbfjfo^om 
too. It v^as annndoubttd figneof Gods anger ^ for that t»bieb they did 
aiAinfthim. And Origen^^ It tvas apref^geef the future darkjneffi tthich 
jhould over- ffrgad the n>hole jMtjb Nation. To which D^. Ma)'er 
con(ents,and mth Origen concludes frpm th6 time of thedafknefle 

. contbiiaiice, 

' * ■ • ' ' ' ■ ' 11^' ■■■■■■■-■ ;^ - _ --■ ■■.■•;■■ /■■.>,. 

'^■^''^■'^'■'^'■■^^iMw '^i«M^M«a^«s«aai'*""*"**aita^^^h«iff 

... N«g cb w boofeh chaf <ti^r ^tMf^ Nidoil ftobM) 
be ia 4<u]kncft, cUl ^bow ik^^yoding /^ihs. ticirki Aldioiighi 
then Chriil^t iny^o^epCT «ifty wdlbt gaihcted £1001 kt y«^ m? 

oufshtl can .^P^ywSQf iiloQeio^ll^^Uf; itiat.t ite(&a«tbi 
darkncfle* And Fijfeaier lefelvcs the matter thus perempcorily a* 
gainft yba^fr^itf-m^im^ifififi^ htmimi ttmbrM^ ftut toum 

j/j^.iii w^ch w<Mb»lto4oifafm€oefyffliy/^^^ ihtidaivkim 
t#fo^th9t (h^J««Ml t!4«mMeJlfi OmI Sofll^^ 

of ibj^io^* fi|Ui«Oc«ftch«jMftyyoQii|dK^ 

^Bm^^^^ M be (q e;6i1i4»cdUMf3rrt|itC chey fli^ bciM 
Mca Ineo^greac (leiplesiiityandfMit ofthe^^ (hd 

^ew to J^Ht)oi|imiA 00 theeflcnht Xoi wHercte yioiriiay £ ifal 
D^i&j^ n fifwdfid in tbik,^%.49dj^iimJ^tlH 2*Aaf. a/Joc.^ wm 

Aqs be (faMrcdv^ To vttdr^ faeaaofeche ^potoita^ oat cf the Sjsifk 

QkJwi of bvjFodlib to jp^pc^ 

ning of cM ^ iiiod Mome^iuid both ^ pretede th^ gn^ ahrf 

i^fiU^^ PfiyofYhftL'9i4^«i^tid^ tfik 

and dither (rf'€hvm>dkl|irie^ For iheSkk 

wae daiiGen€d)\v^rihe wasftbOiit co^^ fife ahd the 

world oigedHSiV ^IUkI iht^j^te wfti iloc^ipiiM^ our^ til lifter Hii 
aftw6c»« And dMn Oi«Qdcl dke tliefeiMii not tlieaatty unikiHatt 

- 1' <t <: 





s8 .Jjr*9ltr>J^itkf^^Uk9*d(et»idt^\vA:, Viutiu 

aba'iHl«Bilfsfiicv»cba iptiMfatA of- )i«itrlMe^{)H(^^. «":', '- " .- 

MfitfccRI «kii9L\U^di?«pMn|<^nlr'Moai(big^ fM Theft ibtA 'af^ 

Hhahnm'synu'g^fimi^^iiiitwn up of a ^nti^iky \ritf6ihd ■mfmSe^ 


yoffrii Ch9^if.mf0mfi^'Aiig9ttsk^arPb:i\^ %^ 

. ^. %}^r%\it I>rc$3ibct Ipoati^ noei>f an]^ iifhim[7th0'S]drto 

ic veiy pretinentlyj in that hefliewes by itytaH niitUKclfl^ (^^ 
not thus ouif of drunkeiuicfl^afe^J^Sneisb^Ced them^ (and confe- 


pcli^(s Ipt)? j^n'!erri« wUbJimjftMtnL^diccy ^li^ teir^ 
J wQuld if tjjejitC tjicc^r^ad^^mtakenotioe) tbacP^id^ Al'^i^ii'i? 
h;|Lt(^ Jic^e t>j; pp|biltg^tqlil;^ hcr.coiimK}rily.obrelik«l)tft t^ro tlhe< 

2/ This part of your anfwer^ is as much to the matted %)i4l 
former< For whereas I fpeaKettfibeitifi^tDngues, as the moft 
^ei9^rii<;^(i^If: ^efi^djAj^ tbfiSpi|drdni^.i\poft]e^ s>y c^|[pcibe(>Mhe 
fnanrijpi; of tl^e Spirf us^it^^idingupoQ Aeh)) a»th^ 
?^liB,w9i;lu5 p|;tb^,§pv^ ^cidoeyotihiiiAv |rfiWj^^%4wil»» 

tj^ paiiie t;,h«(^M^di>f<a;liyght7^inclc^^i&c 
tofllguei^ wl^c^w^pyfouDely^^iRwafd iije^efcof^^ 

t h'i^J^^,f|t|ijat ^ar^y, Kij<4ft:b^^ 

^e^yc,' it wjisihe^ ^gsft>p/pflt44g- whrtDtfaJr hnlgat«,fJ#MWr 

mad^ cheLMuIcit;i^q(^)e;tOgeitjni2aiK^ Wece fi^'tf^ 


. ' * T. 4 firrlna. 


}0 lltMh\'Rjei9ftknr»tkpHitLpr p^t I. 


Wd late ppon «cH oT thtou F«r i|iit win pft : ^^ S« ?«r(r 
r})QalM not of ,ky twc flitww aMii> ibu dwir feeakfne thus fn 

^Laj.tM*. i^ *^^^ w '«^i>«Sr^ w««v*mfS Sill' 

g«*)*»»Dtt ofcifce Si.iiJ«. «aft 1l««^bero an tnittidinrofhh 
<jfplirwrf,-«*Mhhadtrioat«lDg,(withaday» fer«iAttSJh 

i '. 

JW« anje MigaiiMr and ww^eonfounded W tnmbkd^n mhide 
bjWfijtliai.Awy^anlmTd them inhl«o#iwlahgoage,andchw 

Parti* Cbrtfs ftrflifMlt Xiigki kM £srtb, ^ 


I. Now ydQ tefl tti \tbdt Joitfiithmi^ ibdt thtfmring afitm 
SpkHfi^iM be filAk^sf ofidtifiible Dsjf ^ibi L^dcmt.^ Nd^ 
Cher tuve We fai^ he<iocK ^ for h^d he laf dib, the ^Mt could not 
at diat dme have been (roixrrcxf on ctie Apofttb. f^iytt JM £Ad\ 
that diat particular jpourrlbg Oilt'of the %)irftt)f ni^hteft Ite ij^s 
u to biea %iieof tM iteeiv apt^^oa^h onhat terrt^d Day^atid * 
theitfb^e cannbt tirth^tdmebeaceckmpliihr. Aldijbc^hr ttieirn^ 
tbinke tm^^uJliStitMr^tVfh^^ 

m ibe fim pnp9^ ii^iiiknintt aftlm \ }y(t nt^ ifiit4^; thoLc thejr 
fta}tbe aH^ accotiipfiffit In a irery (Uort dnfe.' But to % thinf otae ttt 
c&eii thirf^ ftiall beaccompIKhcin OMajg^^atidaiiodieHn theneju^ 
or ibme libddl^s ofyieairesifcer^and (o of thereft, ir t6 ttak^ tUfe 
word of God ofnonee^ea. For T^errf^tekesbf^theft thitigias 
iinmedDately to ehrtiej^ !f not to contemporate with each other : and 
fpeakf bat of one poW^ft^otftdfthe ^rit^ aodtbat^alib to be 
a forerimnerof th«D4y btChrift'lfe^^ anddieitfore 

it can be but onde fiilffllcd^ and^haf onely faiitrproper ftblcln. ' 

2. But you wilTniake* good' all that you havefafd by aQid by. 
For Ae Day of odr Savloa.'s firft cotftfl^lijig [Wi/ ^eW-Iiffe, yrio fiyi 
And that jbecauSe, ir ii ^f^w >^SF. r. 5. ihefMHftntie cariKiifgtthin' . 
^^ il^^c cdhfoiindcdy Inioufe every man heOrd^thjeHt fpeakgin bk eMit 
langu^e^ and they wete Ml ofHazed and pMrMied^ oHdi/etfi i2:^m*ik 
approved am^ngSjoH bf rmracks^ tPondeffy ahSflffiii,^ -Af/d did thfi 
make him tehrlble > what then coutd ni^e hini toWibrtafelfe'>lf Vdl 
fa vt fiiiners , to da ft out Devils, to raiie the dead, to operr theieyef 
of the bUnde^. the eares of thedeafe^to looi^the'tdhgties of tHc 
dumbe^ the feet of the lame&to ht^aie fhie luiiaticfre^ anathem^ thkt 
had paldes ,m a woof) to dire all dileafeis, did rerfUy' ihe Jte^s 
what: could he (Joe to mak^^iii ptcfcncc de/Rghtfdff dnte thwii? 
wb^t. a terrible riieiidge the A^^efcame witb^wlmii faeCddi 
Ithold^ 1 bring jdH tydingj ofgr^i pjy rpbkb fbai bk t<f all pftftf^ Lnka.i- 
fir wifo jm k b&rne ibh dayhftbi CUj of 1>^H^a Slt^f^i ^^^ ^ 

i * . 


14 .^' . Xk^di'Atfltmf^imrvfem^'yr P<*I-it.I 

vcr. XI 14. *«« w** t^^gP^^ vpiUiowardsnm \ Q wha(; icff iblc doipgs, chew 
.web ^*«» V^JW^^^ a^^UGAlik^y if^bin^Vi^ $befr JSyvfa^og/ns] 

Mtr. 4* 1 J* andpr^achhig the Gojpel Of the Kingdom^ and ^^^^i^^^gll^mmwr of 
fichmsy and all manner ofdtfiafir ^ompg the people ! O what aterrible 

ralJ G 


j^q^idfrtuUy plealapt uiuO. u^j^ what was t^I^e pfJrfo^-p4ncq|p, f^^ 
as faw iJj^rn, andthe Ijcpefi? pF thc.ipir^icFce tol^ as ft It tHc ir^^cus 

Aat met Kingp^z/i^in liiisVj? wfric zfUvAhfiloms confoiracy ; and 
noiiecdrai f U^tq ^^Ujpr thein^u/)tains ty hide (heni frotx^ h^ prc- 
^fice. ;Bi^yx)u wiu iipt h4ve*chjjt(|ay.^cfQunt(Ki terrible in.' f^ard 
^f ji penerall deftrudion tp be brought on ttic Nadons^ S>r opj^o- 
ling thc!'7«'^'^3 but for t^cif not ackngwledginj? G^,, and not 
o|)^g the^^p^^pej of our tord Jcfus pjirm,a8lris iq^t arfc^i , 
Sand^ad pUr(5o4iifWed.'tftjf^.by^^ flKjuId 

hot at that •timeopppfct'&eyeai^ \ you had .laid cHe wf^ote^truth.: 
^i, 5 but^feeing yoji liavcnQ|^^ncrjq4e^co«Id not doc this (Tor the 
prophecies fol.^ovi^ng doe (hew the i^ontrary^ '^dufiave afffrm'd 
one Wfe.of^ltn^ .4#here- 



"I ox. .Jii* " 

jgU^l^i^, \f 1 T*^ . - ••' . • ii Tltr- •■ TT i - ' f fci 

Partt.i ^^priiffbfHiU'KS*g»9 6»E0irth, ^^ 


— IW».«i 

faf«7P«i^illft.-gPfP^ in j€»iK>iot ontly. to imagiiie^ boi nbeiee^ 
thaC tUe fQre(ald4$^dkkMtauilbetorbodk Mbat i;h6(2> I fii^^i^ 
which OuU t\im.9p^o^thei^m^fy (ball be di&^rery iaoie which the\ 
Apoi^ik bc^ Cpcakes ofondbr anochec narion^ and in other i»n|ic8.. 
For.«^OMgti.,Gh')yfl^^iL qaay not, y^t faith we know ihjlUhco ^bek 
fery^ri^^faqpsjpltb^i^ hatblaidipf tbdiif. 

dieiidg tbcdoa I^Qg^frJto abattell^aQd xonieqpidotly \»of a iac^e(\ . 
mem* oa^ tbc livip(ib*diKi on the dead : to puichis out of dutibcyi^ 

ftytfbc.PcQpbet flvikctit to^ci cwcomkaat ofchi ^^emj^j^mnp^ 

pE^a||(a|J^, Siphitpb M k would b6 Irukkil^ £o doubtlefle cb^ 
(hail HT^tbcff jhave'tioic^ powiBF^ on wiUco oi^k^^'iwli^ . they ar^ 

fo<i/:!^ <WW« lp^«f)^lv^ rtJte((fbi«\jtrcat;^Asai9^ .binae 

rpiriMMi^ 11^9' Whti$h,$^ j^iki:&«i^eofne,ouc ofih&nidiBdi of the 


t5 ^0irr€ jtf^on them mine indig^mon^ even ^limfj^b ^O^f^i^^Wf t6 xc^ 
earth pjl h diwur^d-wit^if^)}^ ^f^9^^^ willltHme »»-^h. 34.». 

-34: IttztUll^tktaptioifytdefmdiif Part i, 


Zeflfr^la his is ^Imj^ act he ). ««f/l4 Jb ir<i jt DwfWUl t mikffih^Jlthm 

a hmdrnfiimt fern fvr all fe^k t M tbdt ImMhi thmjehef Mtb UjM\ 
bt tti^hifkcts^tbim^Mithiffiifk ilffb^tifrihhi^^ 
. tfM^iiv Ifi thai d^ myUfitdit tvcff h^Jewiib afhhifbme^^ afii 

ami. mil finite evayMatfe 0f4hife<fk i^ik ^BmeJfA hi fbM fe^ tM 
K>bad tf 1^ J^^etbe GaventoursoJ Jttdjb Rkg abtatAb rfpresiAfftif^ ihe i^6(di 
i7*i9Af.»o! ^ ^h * tanbrf^ninaf!feaf€:tiUtbefPSigomtf€aU the fecfk 
ai' \, fmndJ^(m^9kiJbenf^bMdMi9niib€k^l^ 

mhabitid agdne in bermmfepUiky^Mtih jMif^ Tie l^-dp 1 
fifsU fiivf tbe imtisfjmijh fiffi^ttf^i ibegklyef^i hm^if V*Mi 
md tbeghfyaftbimbabitjfns (f^rifi^lhtntdmillg^ tbi^tott 
mifi JwdA.Jn tba$ VayfidUtbe JbM iifiMi ibe uAMmu ^ 
femfJgm^ std ht Am itfMk mm^ tbM M ibdiVaf^pMU h at 
Vmi : dndibe b9»fi hjDa^fHdlb^ai Oodsa^ibeA^tiT^i^i 
b^ tbim.KwA in tte 14. tbafi^^tik^ nliM^.tbUpttthAi 
fbffK ifbenmA tk Uird fbMfniH ibt fupk Am bii^m^f agiii^ 
Jmfjkm : AwfeAfbdilcmlfmta$^(^^ ibOf^t 

Jmd tbif fftffiiMg(n^km m^m Adf bdu ^ md Atbr iitigm jbi/l 
€m^tm ad^ m tbtrit mkmb : iUhpdli9fm$ fhjk H AM d^ thd 
nfjftM mmdijhmfb€LMIbsdlbiM9ii^4be^yM^ t^hdi 

trntf 9mmtb€ band iff bufiikbb^&ii^bkbthistfb^ ^Jf^^i^f^ 

2t.liig^sj. M«i $be*^w$shbiffMA€Heirtb^r0mtd Am pailit gMbv^ fogf 
iMdl.f.j^. Aift ffUi^P^t ^^ aff^l*ipiMtinmd&^ (indfk]bdk 
iftttjpi^tfi tftbe birfii^AefmAyifAetMikl^Mnii^Aia^^ 
M Ai b^sfinbdtfhaU btmA^fit^i^ ihtifhgm. And hi ifte 
ifi. ^rA\9^Aaf. of isr%^ fiime Army ik forecbMyriuideK' the 

■'''■■'- y 

' . Cht^s cMMMlfig, it i*iy ht hanittl by ibefHraUtU tUtt fht^ h hfdAi 
And for my ov^ne piirt laiii perfvraded'that'tluc ptix AVmy liefe 
koA of,tB theiF«»'£unediacfta)lbegltbircdtoiedier tottK 
;tfe (rf'tbegrtat Dsy ofObd Alit^hty iqT the^'thrtNi ufideane 
fpirits i&e ffogs i wMcti Si:. Afci^&w cdme oUcttPiSietiibachof 
the DftBoii, and oMef theHidiididftliefidft Prbjpheri Rev; i^- 

"*— ^~"-^"^ -^-^ ■• .; . ^' -.^ 

Part 1 . ^In^f "ferf^slt "XjtgM 0$ Earth. 3 5 

nor immeSatelj at bk ctmmhigyfkf thai batik kit the tirm vftbe 
fixt «fj/, ^^mwbitbfolhmi snother vial and tim aftruMe mtntiwtd 
mtbi refiaftbii^^n.(i/tbeKefd. 

2. Wemaj beperfradidtbattkigatberingoftbeKaiiani Joel ^ 
2. is not t^ be Underftoad ^fabatth ^ter the cmtming or at fix eomminr 
efCbrift^ifweeenfiderthefa^erdsofthefirfiscrie. for heboid in tb^ 
da^ cmdintbat im»8ta fie i^ifi^Mi&t^Jir chap* with the preceding^ 
and fheJfHftbt tmtents of both to be at the fame time : whiA is not org 
fartimUr jeareor n^e^ kstt eotfi^rdfends the tphole deliver siae ^/lirael 
or peopte afG&dy ti^hiSi»»bepm^ifiben the ca/nive Jews fpere brdngbt 
from Baby tOH) and con f inner til Cbrifts ficond'connmng, as if the Fr§^ 
fbef badfMd^ If^htntheLoNlfhaBdeliverbispopkritjhaB not he afhort 
and smmentanj^ deliv^anct^ btU thk proteiJionflf^eontinm til be have 
avenged Uni tf all the enemies efbii Chkrcb^ As far the Name of the 
vafgf ii/ J^hoOiaphaC) fifrerr is no meejfky to wedirftand thtrebj the 
tatkj^ of U^fing^ 1 Chro. 20* t6. jking thai vaOef mm bath ^bir 
name bt the Sertptttre : n^tb&is itpeffihte that aB4be Nations of the 
n^ortd tan eottvem tnibaffloHi htt the nanemiy rather be tal^ap^ 
jnMativefyfirtbe^aBepdfGo^sjttdgemeHt^ at the Hebretv msrdi/tepons^ 
and the words fiBomng aUnditberemiioititberefy the Tropbet tedcheeb 
Mi to eonfidtr the etjmohgieeftbe Home : and mvmbdefi be vrotdd 
have MStoeonfidertMgraAmsde&verofiee ofJei^oOHptat^^atbei^ 
Of certahdf deBver bit people m aBages^as be 4&^ Jchoftaphat* And 
tbk U a mare ghrwus irofhee^tben ^anj one Nation m^nk^ a thom^ 
fandjeates tn woftdyprofftrtty* s 

I. Mjr won!) doe Siew>ehat this prophecy ofjoel^ cannociye 
meant df the time of ChrM'a Jud^i^tiie dead (w\kn chey fiiall 
be all called out of their graves) as ft is coiiiihbnty expounded f 
and that becauie it ^akes of the gathering together of a ^at 
Army t^dbft the Jews y but not after Chrift^ comtiifng f which 
opinion ^ro^1al(ely attributeto nie}^althoi:^againft hiscommii^ 
as chie piraflel prophedyHez;* x6. acthe la^ t^^i^>ver.4oth (bew5 
for that Army is to bs gathered inioArmiagtddon in the time 06 
the iixth vialytnd to be deftroy*dat ttiepowring out of the (evcnch. 
zdaly by our Saviour apd his Heavenly Uoft, as the i <;• ver. of the 
fame ebap.zvd the latter part of the ^9. cJ^^f^.ofthe Rev. from ver. 
che2K.^,doei^bhd]rdeehiit« m a.1]hM 

^ lfnt\% Redemption teifeimid^ et Part i^ 

2. That which jK)u heec hifi^ irtth WM thf) ground pf'tbe 
former part of your antWcr^ but on what ground I know nbt^ 
for I deny that this prophecy doih ipcake of a battle after Chrift's 
comming, albeit I doe affirme^tkatour Saviour's commine ihall 
\>t when this great Army is gathered together a^ainii the Jtm as 
Teady to deftroy them. And your (hewing the coherence of this 

, . chapter with .the precedent) doch make more againft you tiieu you 
are aiwa re of,foF it is remarkeable^ that you rightly conclude from 
hence, \that iht. Vrophet p^mstht cQntmn which I have urged out 
of both (beingin theHebrew allin wieehafftr) to he atthejamti um*'} 
And yet you iay pnkntlf.sSteT[jhatnmJmttiipeifj^ g^ fat* 
tiadar yean or agfybut eomfrd^ends all the time from thfi Jews fetume 
from Babylon to theficond camfuiffg^^fChrifi'\}Kfbic}x iaa$ ifypu had 
faid. This particular time> is not » particular timey but many p^- 
ticuUr times; yea th<kirands of paiiicular times. Tbi|i (^e dmei 
is not the iame dme^ but more then the.ii^cpe time :yeaas much 
more thsn the fame dme^arts firom the Jems retttmefrom Babfhnxo 
this fame dme. For the text in the or^nall points emphatically 
coone particular time, as thciepi^a^ iJ^ropounes (Kin ^Ad nan) 
iub)oyn'd to their li^ftaotiveipwith the p«;^ 21 doefliew« So 
that it is adf rhePfPphet hadi^5(f»'^i&«!/e^//epM 
that vefjtime^inmhichifhallbmgagaimthec^iid^^yudahaud 
Jarufakmi Ifoitl alfo gather aU Nations^ &c. Ax\d befides, ,howI 
pray can the' £igP|c% Ui^t ;ar^ to be (l^W^d inpr^ often then any 
man knov^s : or in any paiit of fo; large aMU^^^ y9^^^^ ^^ 
(all which yourexpofitiongFants)fpi:ediew the neerneue of the 
terrible Day of the Lord ) w^ich yet is'the bnely end of the won- 
derS) that Joel faith (hall be (hewed, in the Heavens and in tbef ei^tb 
atjlktttime. For qui: Saviour A/^^<24^L»KaI«fpeaksojF the fame 
darkening ^f the ;Sun «nd Moone that the Prophet dotli ;. and 
if his word may betaken, thefe (ignes jball as infallibly (h^ the 
neere approach ofhis(econdcomming,as the (hooting forth of 
the leaves of the %gtFee doth (hew that the'fummeris nigh at 
hand. And. thus the emphafisofthe H^^esptext^aod our Savi- 
our's intimadon of the true extentofthe rime betwixt thele figncs 
and his appealing (the accomplifliment of which 6g^)es yoa con-* 
ft& to be at the dme of the ddiverance which the rrophet fore* 

, tels) doth both diicover how notoriou% £al& your e^^pofidon of 
iiic{^^iiiife}is. Andchercfyre th^fqife wfa^b^youbj^ tt^s 9WU^ 

PtfCI* Ci&ri^/ PerfQHAU lijigM o» £arlh. ^j 

^^— ^M^*^"**^^— ^'^'^T""'^^"***^^*^*^""'^"^' ' ' ' ' . ■ ' " ' II' I I ■ I II will M H " ' 

woald tbnift upon the prophet miiflaeeds btyoicownt like- 
m(e^ and noc tte Prophet^s. For the Prophet fpeakes here but of 
one Army> and the parallel prophecy Kev. 1 5. (peakes but of one 
Army, and £«ei^ who jfbreuiewes the lame batde^ fpeakes but of 
one Army, and they all fay that the lems onely are to be oppofed 
by thb Army, and that afudden deftruAion (hall come on this 
Amy h and con&quently the deliverance here (poken of, is to be 
{bore and Giddent wd the people to be delivered by it, are the 
Teir>: And fo here is nothi(i^at all touching God^s (pedal prote- 
mom of his Church in all ages, or of many deliverances, bucher^ 
is ao extraordinary Judgement forefhewing the dreadfiiU over- 
throw and dctt^nefall of all the enemies of the Jars^ and the 
thep fakhfiill Chriftians. And as concerning the place where this 
Ar:{iy is to begajtheil9d together, this bchietely to be uken notice 
of, that the proph^y fpeaking but or one Ar^y, it can be meanc 
but of one place, and that to be in the land of jrWej, whither the 
Nadons (luli pome up againft the Jem (hoxtly upon their returne^ 
as the talley of Jebop^hat here doth intimate, and Es^k^ doth 
phixdy declare. Neither is the doubt you bring, about the pofljbi* 
lity of fo many Nadons meetinj; together in one place, of any cod^ 
{cquence^For itisnot ufualtfor a people wholly to leave their 
owne countrey when they invade their enemies land f for that 
were the ready way • to . Io(e thdr owne land and to ftarve them- 
ielve?) but to findrprth fuch a ftrengch, as they may well railc 
and m^lnuin^, aqd the Prophet here calls for their men of war^ 
* and tbor m^hty men ; but not for all the men of diele Nations, 
mucb tcfie for all the people of the(e Nations : and who. knows 
not, that many hundred thouGinds may againft the tipie of'a 
battk l>e ciUawne together within thefpace ofafe\y niit^s land 
at once to overthrow fo migbty an Army as tbeProptjets fpea^c 
of, and tliereupon to make all that are left of the Nation?* willing- 
ly tofubmit themftlves as tributaries to the Jerr/jand to (^cue 
not onely pnc Nation, but ^he whole world in a godly peace an4 ^ 
proiperity forathoufand yeapes s^tcr^ will doubtJefle,(ct forth 
the Tuftioe, mercy, and power of G«d in a more glorious and woO- 
derhill manner, then all the viftorjcs of Chrinians or Protcftants 
put together, can doe. Yea it will even abojiilh the metnory of all 
the mh»<niloii8 vidories and benefits, which God bath wroug}it 

' M2 for 


)8 Ifraels ^ejin^thn redemidy (nr Part i. 

for the Jtwj theiifelves^ (ince the tiioe^ chat they gretv op Into a 
* Nicion. And yet you feare not to &75 that this geneirall add eX' 
traordinary deliverance, and exempdon from nitore calamities^ 
will not (o much dedareGods glory^ as their pardcidar itelivr 
ranees in fbi mer ages doe. 

Ifiaeh KiJempfiott. 
l8« Now how can wee forfafcethe literal interpretation df theie 

prophecies, if we doe bat corifider that the Jen^/ are here difHn- 
gaifhcU from aU other Nations, of which wie Gmtiks who ate 
now conveited ^ were then a patt ; and are by this name 2n the 
writings of the Evangelijfr and Apoftles ftill diftbgufiied from 
tiieml; If we consider wliat grofle ab(ardlcies would follow from 
the tropical coaftruftion of th^fe o/ the like propbedcaS re?ela« 
dons, whereih the event^thhigs, is fi> plainly and diffih^3ya^ 
tiibuted tothejem/) whoIamture,didnevet (kice die jprophett 
dayes returne h*om any captivity, with (udh an high hand, and 
"Wth Cvch a wonderfiiil vidory over their enemies as is here fore- 
cold. And as for the Charch that now is, let the lamentable ex- 
perience of all ages witnefle, whether (he h:ith not been more often 
crown'd with Martyrdom, then viftonf : whether the Uood* 
chirfty Mabmmtan hath not gotten macn groand npon hen Yea 
whether He who claimes to be her Head, hath not and doth not, 
moft of all wafte and devoure hen According as it is written of 
him in the i y of thfc R«^. at thp i i . ^;e^ And therefore thefe pro- 
phecies can have no reladon to the dmes of the Gmtilttx nor fo 
'much to the dme of the MaceahztSy as Comeluus k Laptie endea- 
Tpurs to make the(e of Zecbari^^to have for neittier were their 
' .enemies ftnitten with Cazh plagues, nor brought into (iich fab* 
jeiKon, as is here foretold, : neither Was the houleoYl>iz/ii then 
(6 highly exal ted,as Is here promifed i and Judat and his brethren, 
who did then beare the chiehift iway, were not of the Tribe of ^ 
daby but of levi; neither was the wealth of all the Heathen round 
• 2ecli9 14. 1 . j^boQf ^iici gathered together : neither did the Lord then « defcettd 
andaHtbe Saints with him. Unlefle we wiU &y (as our' Commen- 
catour doth^ that this was fbtfilled, when the five comely men up- 
on horles appeared unto the enemies from Heaven, as 'tis in the 
« 0. of the Maccah. the i o.ebap. at the 29. and 3 o. ver. Whidh ap- 

jpflindon doth as well expound thele words, at he doth that other 


Faitu Cbrifis pfrfM4U jUi^MW Earthy ^ %9 

Miiw^tagT****'*iiy****'— ^'— ^"^T^"^"— ^"^— **'** ' ■ '■' ' ■ I "■ I i^M **^ 

^ pirophccgF xiiZtfbam^J^^h^ which he would Jb^irc us to underftancl^ 
Cod'i calling thtGemiUs co. nepenunce'by the preaching of the 
Gospel) when as the text £iith plainly^ that GocPs detiwunasion k 
t9g4/i^rtbe,Naikaj^4»dt» ajfin^h tbi Kif^gdomf^tbajf be m^fowre ^ Lam. 4. 1 r. 

M* Petrie'« Anfwcr. 
l« V^tjwfahf not, tkg literal tnterpretation oftbefe fr9fbecies : for 
Mia$ u tbi IhersBpU^rfntation^ which if frincifaUy imended^ vphetbff 
h btfnf^ ^ffflfomc; bn^mfwfake tbat^ retin3ed interfretapkn^ 
m iii^iwfaw gi ijg tip^pimfotaB Monarcfy of the Jew^* 

2, 7jh^ Jtwz Mtnat to be Wid0rfiood (in tUt^promfij) in wm (f 
^fdfiHonu itiSNatimsi for then jJl^Qther $mn vPttboiH exception jb^ 
be emfiimd im the M%4f Jeboibaph^t : bitt the Jews md Ifrael m 
^to beif$ftm4p/tbe eleQf^le ^(^odytccor4ifiji to tbefifi jpi&t meati^md 
ii^m^^aitd the Gentile ^re aUthe enemes ofx^eP^wrcb., And jilt 
faitbfidl are esUed Jews not onelj tjpical^^bHt tikftipiji Jorthe Jpeci0t 
eomjoff ^ ^e Je WS9 beemfi they- rpere hated of all Katians every n^berei 
wrbieb tMkfbaw hten tmto them oecafion ofdt:j^aire: and therefore, fbe 
Imd Mb^umo them to^it fifrfofe^ Ham mam orgeat fomt yow C^^t 
te^uJhttlbieyJmllJHd^the^ And fir^ the feme are thji^w^cf^^^ 
medim tbepromijej of the netp Tefiament^ to [beW their partiadof tntereft 
iff ibe KirkgofCbrifi^ Teotmthfianding their untpmhrnfi and cpm^ 
itmft ef the Go^el ambefirjf preaching thereof. iJom if the prjopbeciei 
be itepomd tbis mfy'(M they tm^ bej ^bektoerj pbether Jewa or Geo^ 
. tiki %4nd their emniies^batfoiver^ tb^ etmmesoftbef^th in f^4^y 
nmt ofthfi abfifrditief fifallfolh» /nrbich are, rehear fed heri asjn a 

t0tal^fm. . c. ...'.; :.;••. , .? 

.s* Yoit doe QOc onely for&ke the lit^ralieAie^wi^i^:^ ^^it,ja "^ 
oppoCbd. toa figurafiiKs is alwayes miei^t of a proper fcntp] (jkt^ 
Is by 2>JtAfc/commonly ufed for <his^ wl|ere no other (enle is a)ea- 
doned)hiit in (orOkit^ this^ Tenfe, you foriake aUb the fenle prio- 
d{^ly:inseiKled in the(e prophecks: And thatitis m>ia[r(^^^ 
inttrpmatian} which ynderftands prophcciAf oqely of wtiatyand 
of whom tiiey ipeake : hut that is a lopie and Utent^oos iiu^ pre*^ 
tation;^ wiiicb underftands them of w^at^ 40A of vt^pm they fpcake 

a. TbeoMly mSbn i\M you hringtp prpv^ Itbacja thdie pro-> 
• " phedes 

frgitr 1 1 «'it — iffiwi 

Iphecies Aejiiipf zte not tobe cak^ by vo^ajr of.dppoftfdfi tJb all 
other Nationl^ is, {beeaufe then fptthout ts^ceptiM aU 9ther nHnfb&Mt 
he conjkni'd in the vaVtjaf Jdhjhaphaty'] Bift chough God Cdth in 
the prbphecy, 1 m^ill gatheP dUNattmi&'c • fet he (atth not^Iiyfff 
]^ather aU of all NatimSy and ^onCquehtly It Is to be oild(nrt(<k)d 
onely of fi>ine of every oneofthele MattODS^and not of all the 
men of all .thde Nations^ as the words lii th^ 9. verit^'Ae^ (abie 
ihif. and the parallell profhecy of £sfi^ cb^.:i^%. doe (iMr. Andl 
feme few bfthe(e alio are to e(cape, as we may fee Jfa^SSkvef. 
19, Id. And Co we h^Ve no need to fedke difti%irati«e'iei^ 
to {olve this argument, although It be voUrchle^drUi: to mab 
lis d6^it..And therefore had rather take presto obfeire^ iKrfaat 
is plainly tleliyere(j[) then to open what is doubtfully ipok^s i» by 
' fbtijr wdr^s ioXtosf&a^ w« may pertelve. F^ \ffth1ef^0flhi6ci^ 
rou, be acpoAn^d H^Ueverf^ whefb)ef Jtna^s i^r GentiUi^ )ri&e# nMft if 
ihefi ahjkrSiies JhaiifoU^i^ tphUb are bereyebearjf] and tb you take 
them in ttris figurative (en(e without any other warrantfot'it) but 
yoiit (J^v9/9>or)roitmuftbiB : for teftimony froitt Sed^ 
can bring ncme* And the reafoh you alledgeto (heW^wliy the 
laithftill are tailed 'Jews^ isav^ry. ftrange one. For {t^ahifi 
ealkdy you iay^ for tbefiedall contort of the J&»Sy beem^thef tpm 
i^d of all Nations eifeiytpbereyipbich nAgbt ban h^nnto ib^m an 
loeeafion of dej^areA but vAi^t likcly-hodltis there that the 
Apoftlts (Hihotrfd all wayes atnd' meanesto mbne the <S^fer 
bnto^ ahd to cohfirmedtem in the faith) would ekll theHlii>y that 
Name whi(^ 5 you lay i was Co odious unto ihem i and what coof' 
fort eould^itbe to the Jeir/, (yea what rea(fier way conAdL thltct 
be to tn^c themdiftruft the truth of the Golpel, then) to con- 
trive that their Nameyanid the prof4iecicsdefiV£rec^tn th^KAie^ 
did belong to otfaerS) and not to their Owlie Nadion^iyec liiat 
which you add freCsiitlyjikerithatibeLordfaiibmntotb 
)kaigf or great fo tiVeryour enendes pall be^ I will judge tbtm\ waf in* 
deed an efik&iali remedy to keepe them from delpairing of <God^« 
^hiercy^ and their future deliverance ^ and conlc^aebtly too from 
ad^nowled^ngtbe^figurativelenleofthele prophecus^ior of the 
words {J^s^ Jfrael &c; ] And wheresA you lay further^ [And for 
the fame are the feju^s oft namtd in tbepromifef of the mt» Yefiaments 
fofbem tbek fartimlar piferefi in i/beOmrcb rfChrifi&cJ] you berr 


Pare I. Cbrifis PtrfansU Rei^m oh Earth. 41 

ia coDtradift what you £17 bc^re^ tbac che Jmsaxkd Jfiaif are /# 
be €xpomd of$be'ikSfHfk(^6oiL Forifcheyace thus %o bcob? 
poned 9 they are not cobeuken properly for che jfaps ashei^ 
you affirme (and in whicivfxoepdon ondy they doe mew (he Jems 
.particular intereftintheCharchofGod.) Andtfthde words aJip 
,ukd both properly and improperly in the new Teftatiient> I pray 
tell OS how we thall knows when and where, they are to be taken 
properly9 aoii literally, and when» and where improperly, and 
^uradu^* But 'ib time torleavethis wavering diicourie, and 

CO Cui^vey your anfiiRritotbcobjeftipQsyou aUfdgeoiK.ofiny 
fimiet.woras. j ^. 

The Jews did never fiujce the Prophiettdayesreturoe from mf 
oaptiyity with fiidi an high hand, and mth (iicha wonderfuU 
jriOQ^ over theircne^es, ^ is heit prophecjpd* 
^, . , ./ M'Petri^Anfiver. ' 

Ueitber everjbalt they, retmue imfitcb antjaner^ifjetrnJerfiofuLs 
»0tldlj snd ami fmfs :fat tbe^ fromifes cannot he mnderfiooJ (mJ' 
T9^ejdid).sf carfent eo^lau^norofofff/^^ 'ihefronnps of God »ct. 

Bttt^ tl^ie prophecies, as I have proVd, may and cnoft be pror 
perly iinm^ may and i^uftrbeaccomplifbtanone age,, 

and ml^t^ep oi>e.4gctQo. And doubtleflle tbe& Prophets [fe^ 
u 6rm>rjs w^fkt^t^ DwJ J^^^'*^^• ^^. ^k^i^ cprpwVes 

of God bf? thei^]^ P^J^^f momglo#fi?,rfonbf»ngiuli^ £> 
ihorta tune* iFor is ^ not more, glory for a King to fubdud hr$ ene- 
nues^piKdUythfUito^beabngdme^boiK . 

Aarbr the Choreic^ (Hv^^ hcBusiqy(^ 

all agps w^toe^, wlsiPW^ (he b^t^notbeeamore.oUeq cxp^R^. 

... J .. M' ^^tatf$ Attfwer% 

S«37« In an xhciethkigp weare more then conquero^i:;^^; Afimud 

zdSorjf confifii mtb k^difyfi^mng. Vext^ attint^imtChmlBi Pf'ereoftmr - 
^mrid mib vfmijfdm tben vUioey^jei^fivendlj^Ihe ^sfh beenj 

" * • irml^ndl 


,M^— ^M^^IW^— — i»— III I • III! - ■— — — Milll » \ I I — M— T • > I I f aiii w >i»^— ^— ^^^ 

tron^d whb'gldrhnH vi&drj^ ahdberJUl gimfitation if -a bommingy 
and her eaemeibave bun andfhallbefinriien^ andbfcugbt inUffiS^ 
jeSim landtbebiujerfiyzvidifexaltedm the ferfin ^ Cbrift^ and 
bk manbtrs^ and all the tveahb eft be Nations batb hen emfhfd or 
^fftdt bt im^ufd for tbt tife oftbefaitbfkH (^albiit Hot in anj fdtfiadar 
yeart*vragt) and the Lordflfall deftend'and ibeSaimsfbM be 'ipitb 
'him. ' ^ ' '' ' • 

, To thb ob)ed!on> which Cdth that the Churdh of die Gtn)!iU$ 

Irilth ndt'beeh thcis'vi&trrfoas^: and by cdnftqatocei^nbtipoken 

of in the(e prophecies, you atiijvcr, \tbai Chrift tnfkjfktihg M 

triumph. And martjrdamif^TiSlofy \ and licxr^ that albeit the CburA 

were ufther jsrtnpffd triib martyrdtmt then viffory^jet fie batb been 

crtnprid t^ith ^anaus viSarj/^'] Sathat at before by the Jetts and 

Ijfr^e/ you underftoodtht<?e»;r^/^ to avojd the forcer 6f*that rea- 

ion; (o here for the like entT^'yduWiIcltviiiingty^^^ figpirapve 

"CcnCe too opon the vi^rjr mditiitmed in the prophedc8:iN]tifi 

may riot be i for chefe prophecies doe nor foremew the death and 

afflraion of God's people by th^ir enemies (as ft iiiii pcrfeeudon 

and martyrdom^ but their gr^at. deliverance, kiidtbdr etiemfes 

wonderful! dpftru£Honr Yea fiieh a d^lrutton as never yet hap- 

ytrstd to the enemies of God^is Cluirch) either Jetrifh or Oififtfan. 

And tlierefere a^ your fpirima! conqueriif is irery iniMrdiiendy 

' inferred, (b no glorious outward 8t bodily viAoty that tWc^inrch 

of the Gintikf hath had, uvUl marthidth ^ tbkt the prophets 

' ipeake of, nor inde^dill that (he hath had/ To inj next roibos 

%hieh (hew that thefe prophecies cfZedka. were hoc;fiiH31ed in the 

times of the Maceabeej^ as CcrneMour aLdfide estjpotmcis them, 

you lay nothing : but huddlii them up tc^ether ivfth that whidi 

yod halVe'!iid tot^higth^Obtin^hofthem For ^ibebw^ 

^ eff>ittild^ ^bufay,'^ extihedmihferfat^C^^ andbb tneteAers-, 

and all the weM aftbeNati(fW-baw be^^^kyed'^vrfiM be tn^lcjed 

ferthenfi^(fthefaifhfUl(JbeHnotin'anjf f^mimlof^je^re or age} and 

. ^ tbe'hfrdlidn def^ani ptlkS^UyamrPifb'bhn.'] ,Bcit by 

'thehoufiofP^zrffsteJmtthefihalec^ ptprfvi- 

ty(isby it* Beir^ rippdftd toth? tcnjs df I^M itl^ manifcft z) and 

as the ,faithfti^l GentiUs ait hotof the linage of Z>^^) To though 

Cnfift he de&edded of Z>^ as touching hie Immane h ttare ; 

.u .> 


PaiC 1. C^ijis *Perf9Mfl Itjigiit on Earth, 43 

Z:Z^^ — r^— -^— "^~— ~~~^^riT-— -- c * " ——~. 

yet hi is nor in eapdvUy) but in Hbaven ; thereto abidc^ til the 
time of this drii^rance of his brethren tccording ro the flefh. 
And Co ypar- txpofition pf the [^himfe of David'] wholly failes j 
for thoii^h thtfaichfulting^neratlarelcjil^d ill. Scripture the feed 
of Ahraham^'y€CMk\VttGimiks:novJemiikvt^^ this reipeA caPd 
the haufe orfeede ifl>sidd* And wlut madef you cake the wealth of 
the Nadofir in a proper ^fife, who) as you take all that is (poken of 
in (he pi^phedesbeiidesthiS)inaiiguradve(en(e?dc>iA>clcflle bad 
It been the wealcli of the jF^ivi^ybu would have (b , expounded it 
as well as youdtdcheirhoufes^Vim^ards^and gardens in the 9. 
o{ A/mi at. the i^.v&. 'But (though' you doe not Co expound ic^ 
yet you uoderftaiid thetckc offuch heathen onely upon whom ' 
Gods Nameis not cal'drafidby your words too, you (ieeme to 
concdw ihit y)ou biaveaJbmeriitleta their wealth then they 
thcmfehttiy whfcbwocfldb4ah^di|utt6ribry^^^ to prove. And 
that you may nbt thli^ you have any intercft in it by reafon of 
this prwheqr^ you muft know that the gathering together of tlie 
wealth fpcktnpf m Inch, is againft the time when tht Lordfhall 
defiaul^ and aStJk Saints mitb'^. AVhkh. being at tlie time x>f the 
viAory theit foretold yftiewS^ybiir application of d)is. prophecy 
to the fpirltisall and corporal vi£bries of ctic%iithfi]llC7e»ti&/) ta 

be «i meere wrefting of the Scriptures- 

Iftael's Redemption. 

And if this be not to cvf^ P^aeg^ feaee y wbm tber£ it napea^., I£ ' ^' 
this • be not, U call evilgffodyondgpod "evil^ to put darkatiffif^r light ^ 
smd tight f§r ffart^nefjiy hiittf fiffm»t^ and ftpettfhr bitter % .What 
is? ♦ . - ■ 

M« Petrie's Anfwcr. 

Hhii is apUffidlioedamatim^ifittiHri tms^but . txdamttions Are ' 
nH aliPaits viBorimr^ ff^heti nk Hack itfhMh wklt unto the chitdreA 
0f Godj Mtd there is^m peace unto thtp^di^: and fet your hearts on 
things abave^ and n^it on ijnngs»,an earth ^hthittocry peace, itfhen 
there i&no peace, or to call good eidl "i or is it not raAer to put darkt* 
Ties farii^^wben^iritttaUproim^areT^aimedsaafempka^^ 
rky ofa.carmdpetfk ? and raben^God teacheth ffd^hy ^fh ^hat 
hoeas^ ngi oannot tmderftand beavenlj things til be infim$a$efhhn into 
attf affeSions by pHapttg and kpomne things j fhosdd S9t tlnnkf i^at 
God%a$bmkibtrJmfiin$befifro^ JBtbi earth bihngeth wut 

N ' " T . Cbrifi^ 

44 Ifrad* Rtiknfthn nd$imd^ or Pauc i 

Ckfifly and:intlHimi^0fSqf^hi^fin»iav^titfdh^:ffnl^^ tnem' 
b^pifj thinmjof h0ve dwm Jwi^u^Xbipfimnfiffbmare^mt tied 
]iidsAhu$ hekf^w^^ aH tb$mwh^ar^ mmwudjoh* li. 51* be 
p^c^hjoded) tfait Jefiis (bdold die for chat Nadoa^ and not lor 
cbat Nation onely, but; that alio befiioald gadiar tp^chan lA^oe 
chechildrmof God dis^wcye&atctrcdalteoad^ cbac ^tbfxmgh 
the worlds as tht (amcApoilbcxiKKics^bim&Ue^ Bm 

it m0f ht^ tkat tbk wdmnatim fa0:.madei agamfi the cmjtSmrtof 
Gomdioaai ^pide 5 tbmhJbeHld^ingm^itbepirfau* 

Having ^ntyour ftore and your ftomack (b vainly 5, chat any^ 
one may peroetye yourwiliiiUmiftaiGey.yoa arelonfcinttbecloi^ 
tx>ltu& Jcio£F with thU¥)iditiUiexcii(e : [^hait tnof be that tbk ex^ 
cl^aasthnj^aim^eagaif^ the ^ttpStrnifr CarneBD|iLapidc;iikfli 
hi^jbkild difA^fffifif tbepeKfSmA HMk^ it fflaf be.? aodrkififixikl r 
diilii^Mifii die perfon»} Sur^.tbertia/aootbec GannieDCiacoiir 
CpekcnoU andalmoftawbokpageisfipenctoibn^^ chat h» id. 
oucialus«xpofidonQf.thePix>phiapm oS:2kd^.whkhI havesiv- 

hcarii) and Co oontrary to. the.toi&nieaningUiCthcPxophearr 
f7hi<^IifiiveaHedg'd out voE.Ze^ that h^ interprets 9 tbe^poti- 
ii^ig^out oCGoda £flco&angeron chet Nations : o£iiis gceat ta^acy^ in . 
lending the Gofpd to be preacbk unto tbem : upon inhteb^tniid*^ 
leflle expofidon^ IhaveiinbrrVltheworda;.yeuareib much of&n-* 
dedwitb^ Andit may. beyoii hadl olOD&rcafiifir tDi>e .fa s^tben 
yotiWiiifx^icnanmeof^ hpivcvte.(ihile^of coiifirnw)0[t 
poiidbn^ wtdcbperbagi youmay too^iucb &voiirv) yon cal^ 
cafion to tell us how confeionably you difpence the word of God« ' 
Andmaywebelieyeyou? what, made yon then(b icomfuUy to 
call tha^rsianant of tbe:7vii«r 9 w^ie tMap£MUpro^>erity die 
Brophets have (o fixqbeimy focetold > [ acamall peopkf 3 'When- 
as God hini£elfeiraitb.o£,'thiai:. I wUlbfing^ jc health VaadeuoBy 
and I wittcurethem y and ]ifi^i««eale«nco them ahuodftnceaCt 
jpeaceandtrutk: andagalm^lwiUputmyfcaieintOitheirheactt^. 
tbatth^ (fadliiotdepartfi^ me^aiiidtbetemaantof.^ 
not. dqelnlqinqr 5^^nor ^peakelies, <^« Yea^ thp cegsnefadon o£> 
their perfom^ isalmoft as often foiMold'^ as>cba reftaoraalQiiMof;- 
thartaa^ tUrdeUteifanosfromxapimt^^^ oivtfaianIu6fid|tflii|it'. 
m^, edip^ J>faionsM Aid wh^i»vyqii»aihh|B^Tiii^ 


t)^ J J ^ _ . - ~ ' "' '" " ' ^^ — r..-.-i^!^ u.^^-<L^ 

Par|I« 0n^$r,irfitiAU^iffU^oaEiartb^ 45 

God to ofc calls i^iritaali, ye^ » Qnri^u^H in a iarre greac^c mea- 
iiiretheajye Geniiki are ^ doejmnotpi^mllfar,jMfd^ darkpeffe for^ 
lighif and bitter ffrfipeet f Aod to what purpoTe doe you tell us 
[^ ihii^/omekave filled more bappifyh the mUfl of Scyt^^ then manj 
baveJ^nefnJuded^ Doth tbjs prove il^Ctbefe Prophecies QiaU 
not bcthii^orically WfilM 'i or that when they are fulfill'd> the 
jFeire/ fball not live io. happily in Judea^ as the Nations (hall in o- 
ther Countries? Andit is to as much purpole,that you tell us out 
pf tj^ lifC&.of Jpfeatthc ihver.tUAtCafj^0.\'xofhcckd^ that 
Chrit^ihojLiJdvOic for (he J^ves^ and pot: for them oaely , t)iJt 
that hpihauTd gather tc^ekhsr jn one the children of God 3 (hat 
were (gittered abroad through the,worId 5ibr doth any one dt^ 
Avthis^^ W doth this . prove ^9 1 ha tahe Prophecies touchj;)g the 
^^C^9 ai«;fiot to be underftiood of the Jet^ef ? doubtfefle 11 
dpthrita^hfrprove^ that they cao be nb otherwise anderftood^iee*^ 
iDgj^hQ^^re/. cannot be mad^ partakers of the benefits of Chrifts 
death 9 tiU they be calPd oqt of thedarkntife^of unbetiefe ( In 
which they havp liv'd fo many hundred yeares ) into the lighc of 
die glorious Gqfpel of ChriiV) by the e&ftuall working of Gods 
Spirit in them) as the Prophetsiiave (aid. 

ICrneVs IRedetf^tioH. 
But pqough of the perjJexitv. which (hall happen to other Na<* 
ttons when ^ojetpes retume* £^ow againe of their rcturne ^ and 
of. tke prcjfperity whjch ihaU then happen to themielves. And 
itjbaUcoim fapaj^ in that daji (faith Ifa* chap/ 1 1. ver. 1 1 • Sec. ) 
that the L(ffiymlj9t bk bapd aidn€ the ficond time ^ to recover the 
remnant of bit feiipk^tpbicbpaBbe left^from Aflyria) and from E^pr, 
and frmn^9^Q^9 and from .Cu(b> md from Elam 9 and fmn Shi*- 
nar 9 andfrom Hamaths and from tbd^andi of the Sea : ,and be^jb^U 
Jet tfi.aff %iiigneJo/ the Nations y and (baB ajfepthk the omt^cafis of 
I&ati p jmd^ gather together the dtj^erjidrcfjvdah from the fonrefnE^ 4^. vcr. 
earneriofibe^trtb: theenzjfofEphmm fhdldtpattp and the (S^" ivi5*ch«so* 
verfarieroj Xij^Bii fkaU he c^t i?^: Ephraim fh^il not envy judab,"^**-^^*'^* 
tf^Judah j^iitf n^tvexe Ephraim : and the Lordjhall utterly Jefiroy ^^^;f ^t?""* 
the to^pgft^oftbeJ^ggftianSeq^md^^v^^^ hejhaklEz^k. 10. vert 

hk baud.omri thriven yjuklfhaUj^ise it in jheje^m 3 ^^12/sh^^ 

makimm goe overjiyrft^dyond there ^$11 be^ hi^-i»^foribe ren.^&c- 

If «i: ^^..>«^ieV «Ai^ /rt*i A%ria«i/Ag ^,«'fS.^'^* 



45 UrzchT^ifdimptiM redeemed^ ^ Part i 


VPos iclfrael) inthedaj thai bteamt up out of the land 0/Egypt. 

You fee here chat the Prophet fpeakes fdainly ofa miracalout 

rec^ovcry of Gods people : of the recovery , I fay, of Indab , not 

>» jcr. I ^. Ter. frotnBjbjlm^ but fronn thefoure. ** cbrn^ of the Earth: and 

i4f IT. together tvith Efhraim ^ with the ten Tribes from AJUfria ^ 

chap. »5.vcr. which as ^ yet never came back ^ and therefore this is not yet fiit- 

fjoh. 7. Tcr. ' ^ MrPctrie^sAnfwer. 

1.' T[berzu mmMimofmuTmnghtre^bHt ofncm^ 
nanl of biS feopU. 2. fHiPobethe/i bis people f tooke the tenth vcrfe, 
> In that day there (hall be a roote of Me, which (hall fiand for an 
Eniigne of the people: to it (hall the Gentiki fieke, and hisrett 
(hall be glorious : And behold bom the Apofiles exponei thefi wwds^ 
Kom. 1 $• 12. Efnat (aith, there (hall be a root of Jeffe , anH be 
that (ha)l rife to reigne over the Gentiksy in him (hall the Gen^iJb 
truft. Hotp whereas the Apofile eocpones hit people to be the Gen- ' 
tileS) may they not be afhamed , tt^ho mD mnderfland onelj the Jewel ? 
fo that there it nuaned^he recovery of Gods people^ or the Gena\e$ fim 
Affy ria, Egypt, ot wherefoever they be* 

Repfy. * 

I. There is mendon of recovering the remnant of his people from 
AfS^a^ ^gypU f^hrojy Cufb^ ElamyShinar^Hamath^ and the Illands 
/of the Sea, and offiniting the Kiver , that mm mvf goe (net irj* 
fhody and of a high-vpaj , for the remnant of Im people thai fiaH k 
left ^from Aflyria, Hk^ofJt was ^olfrael in the day that he came uf 
out of the LifidofEfiypt. And how much doth this recovering dih 
^ fcr from a i^tiirning ? ' ^ 

2. Who the people be that are meant in tUs Prophede, the 
. words Ifrael^ Jttdahy and Ephraim doe (he«^ , arid not the tenth 
verfe where the Entiles arc^ mentioned. Foi* why-flbloiiW thofe 
things which conotrne the Jeirer here, be underftoodof the Gen' 
tiles , which are onely mentioned by the bv as it were $ rather 
then that which is (aid ofthe Gentiles^ be undrerftood of the JetmSi 
of whom (b much is fpoken In this Chapter > And where have 
you learned to take Jtedah^ and Epbraim^or Ifrail for the Gentila i 
Surely the Apo(Ue expounds noi the Jmes by the Gtntiks y nor 
^ xhtGentihs by the jWer, but rehearfeth the 10. ver. of this chap- 
ter, ix> (hew that Chrift was toMngfidvadcmto^ the G^irsfa/ , as 


■ ■Hi! 

Part I • Cbrifit ferfoMil JSLtignt on Edrtk. 47 

■ I ■ ' , p ' , • ■ , I • I . .. »- 

well as unto the jFcire/ (and this Prophectciof the Gemiks bring 
inixt vinch that which concerned the Redempcion of ihtjenpes^ b 
more IHcely to be meant of the coming in of the bAntOt of the ' 
Gtmiks at Chrifttnext appeaiing^thenof thecommlngmoftbe 
fiibfttoted part of the Gmtiks^ in the time of che Jttuns blinds 
mjj^^ And therefore ieeing God hath made mendon of the Gm* 
tHa byname^m tbofe Prophecies which conceme them $ and of 
the JevM by name indiofe which coneerne them : it behovei us 
to give to the J^m^ the Prophecies that beare the Image and iiiper- 
iirripdon of the Jemn : and to the Gmttk ,thoie which beare the 
Image and fiipericriprion of thtGmpks : and not fo needlefSelys 
(b irrationally) . and (buniuftly to give unto the GmtUts^ all that 
i)elong^unto the Jeti^s. Whereaa then the Apodle quotes this 
Prophecie out of Ifaim^ onely as a teftimony to prove^ that Chrift 
camea^wellforthegc^of the(%»^i/e:rasthe jtmes : ifyouhad 
any regard of whsit you (ky^ you would never have cai'd It an ex- 
pofition : nor ha^e publiflf t it to the world as a rule to interpret 
the Prophecies^ which concernethejfenie^ of the 6e»»/f/. The 
di^£Hdfis which you have aJledj^ agaiaft your (elfe out of the 
fordaid Prophecie^ are theie. 

It if (aid, HeJbaU offiffAk the out-cap oflCe^el; and the diffier- 
Jii/(?/ Judah. 

M' PetriA Anlwer^* ^ . 

TbiGoj^el (^i»bicb i§ Chrifis Standard^ bath been preached Hni0 
them 9 Jam. i. i.andfi their ajfemblmg if into the. hfotm of the 

And foyou feptMrate theft words froin the'reilof the iProphe* 
de, and a(^ly them to the callingof the JeiMi at the firft preaich-* 
mg of ^hc GofpeI> of purpofe to delude ttjie Reader v for the 
Prophede ^alus of thdr relume into tlieir owne CountreV) and 
not ac« all of the preadung of die Gofpd unto them in other 
Godnltries, asanyonemaypercdve. Andyet although the Gof* 
pd was in the firft dayer thereof preaclft to the Js^npei.icattesed 
abroad^ what tSA bidit aiiongft them i. fiiidy St* FohI A3. 1 3. 
i«r«450 4^ audiodie » tb^iZ^ vtr. »4» i<5> 1 4ipdpth teftitiip^that 
^ fucht 

** ■ ■*■ ' 


ljjtanils'f4devfHM>yre4em^9i9r , ^^ttt.^ 

Midbrat th& j||alJse.^4ioft tha Abo^Iw £»r prenciiiag. of it* 
cb^t tb^ l«boiiwl;«ll thqrjcouW, to raUejip leiwti^ ^g^^^nft 
tb0nl,ther«b]iitQhifiderftliegi!Qinhof cIm Go^, hoc onclya- 
mtoi^ft tbelrowBC Nation, ^ amoi^fttbe (3cari^/ a|fo: fo 
tl»t*y«ai»th»«ffcafc,.4^^and jW«&, the twelve Tribe»»«w)t 
jwriflraibled. An^tcjli oblervaUe how palpaMy y;Qii here '(^. 
tfadiayoufibfmer word*, fprliere you «aspound/jJ;ie/aiid >- 
i(*fenroperly rf tbe i«tm oaely, ajyour /jaotiogof the 6pft 0iw. 
andfirBw.of theSpiftle of St. .>«« doth Owts iiMLyecin die 
:|kondfiirt of yourAnftwr yon tell ijs , .that h^ ^. Pfopbec 
<4DdStuF4i(/dQecR(>DiiQd [ *»;/)b#3 to J* «*»« Geattlet,. 

Jbefictnd obfeSlitif. 

Mr.;E!ettie*< Anfivcf. 

I. ^OatTmumigU^ mbmat tbmbad htm ctntmUoiu twixt tiji 
%riksme sgdnfiMitiKr, *odhotbagmfitbeGaiiS9S»miQfO' 
dies at^^embotb: mtder Chrifi,jb^ ht m tad tf ihta '^Jitt. 

4. Imtbidtiatimff tbh fr(fbeiU the 14. fer. it.omtt^ ,^'H4i^ 
thg comet fit, bow it eon be verified «f #*e; /««e^ Kin^lmiwbi^ 
tbejim^itte: butfeemgihemtdt'.p^tet^g andtbe tmdt foUomng 
ftm$^oHesmltbefii$ue.Froi>bt(y, tfiM-tJb^ mtordr vi tbetmdMe,part 
eaanotbeef^oned »f tbat Mmarebj , it it evident 3 that mtmt^ 
tbUVrofbecie em be undvfiotd'f tpatMrnardy, hit the mearHm ii 
flame, iftbej/be earned pf the Cbrtfiiaie Cbfirfh, tbut, fke Jhofiks 
fee, tbat if 3 qiAckly preach tmto other NatiotPi andbroi^ht^lM vta 

fimt^acetiatttbedbedieiieeofCbrifi: not^gbtp-oopet^i^'rto- 
vifKe to Trmnee, hut at the lam time tbejf mm onebymu i^'fherd 
"Nations. _ ' 

yflbitiKr' brngmitted^tbet^. yitt*.is^iid^andmiiofU 
ibgdlKimagheithat dt w^ fifaUbemaie fat «be |e#es'ibram& t^ 
Sea,Md4llfioods<fbaOhedfiedMfk^nthtm^ Bmt if th^emidt 
fball beettpoaedff^fy, n>batMml^,Mrathfi>idliibM ^f fM 
'«Mewes «*(> ttn^attmdht* aUtbeponkeoMf tkiEattki. iutmndtj 
— igetbron^b evttfrmrl mdibtEmtfMaH^BMd^fiaiie Mhi^ f 
t ifmitatber biaf^ititmH ^a^tkatbeLontmeremvfaU^ 
wtnttt^fbiAmM hinder tbetmrfkofithae^: oMb^hMk^iif 

vpiff im ikm »^fsim^ats^fiii^firmmikkm$iififfqtatii in 

•". « ■ 

AdaiD) andfiirimsU I^haraoh ii Jtnwmdy^ wd^ajei in the Bjtd- 
ftacrbimdjiJkaibofCbnft*^ ^ndlyamghj^ v^wd of preaching ^ the 
Lfirdbaib mad^ hU fevper h^Mmnt tvtry wbert^ tvm ofptfiblj^ as n^ben 

i« In this firft fmt of your aolWer ^ yon ^ , [ fi^^ whereas 
there bad hem cmientimu^ tmxt the Tribu om agmft another ^ and 
both ag/riafi the Gencilcs> and the Gendks againjlt them both , tmdiP 
Cbrifi flMtt be M end if that mslic€»] Allwhkh is very true, and 
hei« the lUader may fee you at once confeSe,' all that we afiirme : 
for you take £pi&rtfxifi and Jndahpcoptrlyi and affirme-j that tbejr 
are a^^dne to oe united under Cfaiiit ; and not onely one. with 
another, but with the Geiuiks too 3 all matice^ betng . laid afide« 
And is not this to (ky with w, diat it is noc yet kiSStd ? for can 
ywipcoerchaeth^cwdve Tribes aieab-eadycobvencdj and'^uni^ 
ted?, or/that all malice it .at an end tma Jhiw and Oentiks^' 
cercal^Yrypff cannot a and what need we then any further wlfc^i 
ncfle? m(^babemm€mifitmHmr.emn^ youro^^n&t^aaimth 
demoed yoa>iand quitted us^* 

a« This part ofyouranfwer bath no relation to the obJeflEiony 
but is a quarrdl ag4nft uf for ondtdng-die 1 4. ver, in the ctution 
of thiaProphed^^ wfaicli wedtd you &y [ beeoHfi pre fam iba$ it 
could noibfi vw^edoftbk peaceable Kingdme nrbieb wee imagmeJ\ ; 
But chisiKlligdome it^f4ainly.held out unto all In theword of God^ 
aBdisootthefrultofotrimagiQation, whiehis nothing worth 
but as it Is esJigb tned from faenca. And thou^ the i^ver* vnR 
not confift with the peace of this Ktngdonw , yet it will very well 
confiftwith the returne of the Jiiiivr More this -Kingdk)^ who 
b their pafllage to their bind may have many particular viftories 
3iver tlMT&iemieSb as wdU in this reourne, asin that out of ^^g^ 
>nely ; andi^isis^all^altthe. 14. ven d6tW'ihJ&^i ^b Wiuch^ 
^e veiici precedii^ and iblfelnng (jseafttiig oi^y of %heii^ 1^ - 
f anddUcdgdtoffaewjtheirwfwiie^ do^-i»feMP«a^epe'then 

th the Aipoftl^ prcsichii?giQ&tbe J(Bafyil to- CmtMS^'HkAc^ 
eof there^isnotuword %dienSn«ttiJipveF(e, 1^ iiiUiiy<)thi^^ 
IhaveallsSgkii aud^fcdiiisyMMeimerpi^ 

ialheiil9w:«ir^ of\dK Jm«/ j» ogp»fiuM|^«e^ <%^ 
^ sMUumdjifieiiftyi]^ ^^ § ^ b ^M i i |ps rf 6a»»re * 

50. Ifraek Vjd^mpiM redameil^ ^ Part i. 

meant of thcApoftles? orunflerftandbjf they* fpoyling chem of 
the Eaft, the preaching of the Gofpcl V 
. '3* That the tongue of the Egyptian (ea (hall be mterly de- 
ftroy ed, and the river give a paflTage to the lemes { aA lorddn. did in 
timepaft^ is theexprefle word;of Godin this chapter, and is 
the hand of £he Lyrd ffaotrned^ thinkejoa 5 that he canrbt doe 
foch Miracles now^ as hedid heretofore ) or is his mind changed^ 
that he will not doe what he hath faid? or bath be tbrgotten 
tvh^t he fpake by the Hrof^hets fo long agoe ? I know you dare 
Qot. affirms ought of^this , and yet (ii rely (bme fud^imjpiow 
Ehought doth ieeroe to^be the beft ground that you have 9 for the 
grange metamorpho(i< t ha t you make of this Prophecte^ by your 
inyfiicall application of it: For* \^what kp^d of Miracle f^jou^ 
pa/Ithatbe? fi?^theJetpesrfho^e featured into aU cornen dj'ihe 
Earthy hai^p yt drj pajfage through every river f and the Egf^ian or 
^ jRed-^a he dtyed iff? j But you fbi^et your felfe, for the te^t faith , 
[ Kiver ] not {Bivers ] and the [ ^e IRiver ] is in the Scripture by 
waj of excellency put for Sn^hrates^^ and yet admit it were in the 
Text) as you fay s it were but the rdteratioff of the iame Miracle, 
and canbbt God as wiell make all rivers yield them a drir paffage 
asany one river ? bathhe*powerCodoei^once, and hath he not 
power to doe it againe ? yea aroft as he plea(eth ? or can he not 
' doe greater Miracles then any here fbretokl } or then any that he 
hath hitherto done? Why thenAouIdyoar Faith ftraiff^ thusat 
agnat^at the drying up Ota river^ or tlusdeftroylng of the tongue 
OlTthe Egyptian Sea ; wh^n as itx:aii (beaiily (wallow a Camel, in 
deflxoying theplainehiftory of Gods word 3 by incredible aII^ 
gories^and incongruous interpreutiofis^ 

/ .. ' JfraePs TitdempmfC . :' . ^ i 

21. ; S^ anothet^ Prophecie is that of J&sei^ in hil^ 37. Sap. at (he 
I p. ver.. thus faith the Lord G^d^ I wiOtaiif thefliel^ of Jofeph, 
tubich is in tb0 handof Ephraim> and the 7ribei of limd hisftUoms^ 
and nrifffnt them mthhim^ even n^ith the ftiel^efijodgih ^ imi mh 
thm (mefiicl(»ngf> h^d^ and at the 2i}«ver; -Mfpld^ I tifSi^ake^bc 
Mdren if iCr.ieifi'opi flnmng Ae thathtt tvhitber she/ he gi^', W 
miB gather fbem ^» everjjide 9 0ttd mU bring -them into tkeir omt 
Land: andlwUlmat^ them one NoHon in.tbe iMdufmtbe^JUbim' 

tmmof lirid^ ^mtKingJhMbf Xing $0 ^bm vitf } '^d dtf 

"' ' ' ■ I I 

iaimic^ mo(f<^M^j ptmtf^^)S^thy^ik^e't'h9m}elim m^ .mare 9M^ 
ibeif^ JMf^^ ^Ktw^Tfikhf tMf'^hefi^Me^ tlfir^^n'cfir mihanp^f their. ^a»fi 

be-iimir G^Sa Alidy S\ Ho^ki^jf^JWift* M* let-iite nmnJkr tftitMh^ikem 
oflfrad f»jJlMaiihji$nd'^4^€fiif^i^^ meafmrid mr lituk^ > 

bmty>^ if "^MB^arm iiof/^Vhut im^ipiact^ ^lA^ it^ mm fituh wu»^ 

com ui^mt.^fi-tbkxljm)i^ijm iffJ^fJ ''^-^tCT. •/** 

which Prophecies die Lord bach fbDbmiieci) that the JttPj (hall a« 
efmm\tik wulti^pTOlitngxiiitlysC^A thl^^iTftfaHffdim- 
ficMK <iftkb Tribefe) a^iddiiA ki ihtt0<owoil >UfKitflO| < vhtchr Eijih! * 
noi boeitjlKferfbiffiie^ ahd ther e^miihoviiib^cif ^hi£k 'ProphM«i<' 
iryettctoeaiei.. •< : - -V i. ; ' m < •- V.-'* "* \ - ■ - \ 

u^Jlbe i^Fr^en^'d;p^fof9tfmd^ ifatt/m jSustlvr eJ^tNrj»^'#^ 

atn dle^ood Shepherd muil]axmMif6Aept^ 

{hM h^sQ^ fiiyiviNde^vanirii^ftfiuH be bnarjR)kl« ambc»i]eSh)$|[4KrlL' 
WbmyoH^iJii.iJ^Cbr^wbe SbkfUr^f^abdi^ic^j^iptaci tb^H^ 

to0,$pih^thtfPpSlimiJeiftattdtibt'irj^^itri ofmeki ^fiafiitfddifemSi 
fetfam) a^tixif^k^infef^bamAvrilgwelh'^ 
the Jews^^ of am$btfj^hi^ i9bamChrijt^brm^\intotbi fMi^fiiiti^^ 
tlhU H^hoiatbefdmCJmftb* ^* l^ajatmviivrdrjpiaking ofChtifi'aMdx 

fiifitkMl' Um tartUf Jnj^ rtamt^ th^ hnd tKatf ' hslYe ^en ciiico^ 

be 'fiiAtP'mccbn eVGP i fir that igadpm ndtffufdnwntojjicdb^iftd^y^ 
thir doe tbeM\ileMii»^fytbutibe^.JtW8M If^^' 

Cdeni^ ha, fir a icho 'yiares^'- andtbao€mps lChtgd$m'pktA*€ei^ 
IRm hBfomtbatoHti90fA[^h^t£\}t^^ 

smi all tbt<ahettmds gpeciArentif^tim totbeend ofiibe chap, of t0^f 
fei'tb^^j^ifib ^mf$ tbi^'W^ oftk^GoAayimmr^ ^ part'of'tb^0\ 
n\ ^ " . feofU. 

i u,Lu . , . 1 . ... ■■■Ill ■ I ■ ' ■ ' " I ■ • ■ "nw ii 


5^ » ifricU U^Mftm:rUem9d^)fir Part u 

^f«^. 2 Cor. 6. 1 6. tbmfiein^^taiiitlj CkHfiii the Krurg andS^^ 
herd ^ and thf fetffU an the Jemtt and Gtmikfi iwb m^ f^^tngft^ 
diinded^lmi mta an otu^ Cbnrcb fy faith m Chfift 5 fhenfar^ 'the fko^ 
pk^ IXnA'MifiE^TZLWk (wbo^^&tHdmfimi^iPP^^d^MivLla^ 
pnfury W9 PH^ he iTeffjmdtjpicaijfef tbeGtmik^^ lAtdfishe mmen 
itaafify undgffiood , mhkh od^ermifi verf bwdly mr jcareefy'catit he eoned^ 
ved^ f^ing now tisrmtgb martf ofts Ephrabtnta ate net hpqmnk m anj 
fats eftti eanL As fat th^t ttnt afSx&^^u kexfemdof tbeGe»» 

; ) HI^?uyln'*'<9*^^•t^6.Miihenf^retheff^^ 

/ "ima ^t76ctid>y ihk tSiiheftedofGod\fiff^pmgthaiibe Umk 9tbettin 
the Lord ^fhaligdthet hie fied at thefahk^uU in all Ifanamiftem the bm* 
^Sge^tht VievikyfpM he veiy great and wondetfulta ^thepterldm ' 

'^■. Sorely jkxiri'fukhef clearings it tio> ot&er'thifi » Arrdba 
ckkiding^as^f ymty^re^idSsigpf thii prophe^^fai^d cbatTwhidioix. 
Saviour bath £udy Jdf.toJuttiJf ai^ 1 d. ^ of ic ialiv rdfideoc CO 
diftovcr. For Ezek^ (peaks of uniting the Jews cogecher UQ(kr one 
King in their owne laud, andour&kvloikrrpeaks of uniuns the 
JemfymAGemnkM^mikixit Ch«it;h^ 4ft«rii ckct^xit^tiikrxkiet^^Ad^ 
Qenliks (h6uUrbeic4l4 Oilb* jfSbt^iaitb^ ite mt of 

tbkf(dd% (thai ^ otberdeOf fiimncf which are riot 6f ihia Nattoa) 
$h^ alfi Imafi, Mag^tindthm flmlLHe' am fM amhme Shepherd. 
Viihact It is Co i>e>iioted by ch« Words {ehemaijalmnjt htmg] that 

Jmi'ahd Ger^iler OiauM make. t3tir{faeepfi);ld,tmd. not aftlbr th^ 
#ei^one(hcepfo]d[. For when they arcaUbraughty'thenttis^that. 
there fiiall be one (heepfold, and not wh|Ie they .ai«> bringing* No^ 
4)ie words of ourSiviour Mat. 2i« at the 4J. vet. will liot adnitc of 
filch a meMlngy ten llHKingd0mrfG))d4C^ 
j^ amtgiven to a Haeim bringing farth fjje^rmt thereof. Whereby it 
iae^denc, that the [Othet fi^epe^he (peaksof fai the 10 chiq[vof St» 
20lb«,(hoQld bebroilgbt ^ theUkh^ i;i^en tlie Nation of die lewes 
ftoidd he depriiicd of the meanesof (alTatton: and eon^qtMiidy 
whenk edtdd not p(>ffiblybe orie Chttfch*. And thereforein £iyjng 
that the lewes and Gentiles are at this time one (hecpfold^yod con' . 
ctadift our Saviour, and affiane that the leWes ace now (kved with**^. 
out the ordinary meanesoffalTstion: For this they have hot» bits 
Aall have it wluto the cinie comes^ in w^ch^cbe j&fv^ and Gp^iUs^ 



^^li»i<W I I I 

ParCl* CPtiifif^PtrfiMH l^fj^ aaJS^h, ^| 

«P»W*B^*i***»««i»««i^"«^i"-"— — *^W»WiP 

Dull bif QiwINepipIcl* AQd;thpn:aJ^f:idii^J^ 
doni agaoe ia their omneiand^i^ndrchrift jball rcigne over bbcii 
jFen^x ^ndGcnnits cog^cW., Ai)4 thus our Sayiour't words doe nth 
ther expqiind,£t^. pifoph^ apr(b<W tbac tbe7em/ and Gmtikt 
arc£p«if pn^ &Q0}^old.^^MC;ra(her point out th^cimejw^^^ £9^ 
prophecj'd^al be fulfiilcds^o^ic^waep the ^«px and GentiUs fbiii) j^e 
<me Ibid under one Shephjeard.: Spplpctitfaveyouii^iityQUritiiQe 
Inalled^ing thefe prQphet|c«Jl words 9fChn^^ 

2. The word«,/>^vW, ly n^a^d Sl\^^ inptt{>rQKe 

that the temp0r4l^prophcdc3<'or teinpqrjilpiJrtQ^ 
in which cb^y a^r e .u(ed, are to be fpiritually ahd figuraavelyjindeiv 
iftoodU the» Gods words toJ>avidf. VpVfS^^i^h§4^i^(ifk^I^iz 
Sam. 5. ,z«r- 2. will prove, that Davtitj i^ingdom w^ npt a tem- 
poral l^mgdi^HJ t npt he a temporal JKmg.. rQr iheii David^s .Qwn» 
tyords of his jpeople, 'But tbefe ^pwbM h/ve tbfji^m?^ will pcolFp 
that tKe whole IQngdom ofche Jms were all faithfiill peribus. , 

^. Being cphfctouss that all which you h^gf 4^d before) fo make 
xxien take thefe propi^ies in ^ myfticall (enle will nought avdl^ 
you^tf the wbrd{ia.nd3in the prophecies (hpuld bpprpperiy opdei?- 
Uood, of the land of Cahsani yoq now endeavor to perfivade thepi 
to take this- figuratively alfo^ and your firftieaibn to Induce them 
to ic,!) (like to that by which Jtnboam difluaded the Jfraelit^from 
going up to Jert^akmi). btcMfi\itm^ bemoretafify t^derfio^J^yoif 
UYyJk'ihefpmtuaf tbm an earthly fenjt\ But^Mjf that fpirjm^ 
(en(e which may (boaiily beunderftood^^andyet was fp hard to.f!^ ' 
defcribed) that you could not tell us what it was.- fiut iure I aoi) 
that'God hathtoldus by the Prophet what land he minds to Jpyiijp 
the Tribes togecherin ^ even in tMr omneland^ ver. 21, mtbi tp^ 
$0on the mOH^taines of Tfiaei^ver^ %%. mtbiJand thai be gave, nntp 
Jacch biijervanf^ver 25. which circumftances doe infallibly iftaTiif^ftj 
that, it can be meant o^no other j^nd or place but Jndea^ An4 
therefore tHisfecondrea(on Noubringto(hew9thatitb beiUotak^ 
the word papd3(piritU2dly>,|s both filte and impious* Fpr [that 
lanJffouk Uy^^i^ ^^ given if Jac^.'l .No>!<^d npt. jGod % tff 
JacS in a dreame i i:he land tpber^m, tbotLtiefi to tbuwilllgive if^ 
andtotbfJe€d&e.Oen. 28. I3« and hatKhenotfaidheiviatluspi'Q* 
phecy, tie land thai Igavemtojaeobmi^jervamfno maryel th n 
that von ^ib fil^tly re)cftaUtlle£UillP(a^of Scij^re th^ 


-il^x&e4draHliwhMMfdudm^¥liuB moAt vbd^hhnfdft, and 
iiQcHlhtm to bift'fece^ tbat lie did not '^kie that w1xf(ih.|je G&hhc 
-4UldDc*!Ncith«ilwlBHgheword« [/krwer^fn (fa^; text any wbk 

f^ijacdf^ ^ dftK^ith tie (kith-, iri^ f%. W i£»^& dbilff ei^ ^ ir^ 
:$b^'cbiidiftfi^(Jhiidr€^jkoM 'dt^tmiifft eyer. And yet thcvciV 
/fitfKtW0fd8-[ii^fe«rrf»>i*''ytfi;Wr/- ^jve ^e^]} doe put it out oi 

doubt) that it Is meant of jEMdf^ , and confifq^jencly , ibedepepfig 
-A^i^dtMlAfm ibitdm tnit'fof em^ h robe utnderftood 6f (htix 
(iin^ltegioltJfoccifi^ely J ted%htiw^M|jr^ft/«'J is to .f^e'uken 

-finicely 9 for« lon^ time } to wit^ ai^longas men (hall lucceed each 

<)thet>oh jclie€af IhAislt^i 1/i manybthef pla<!;e;s bf '&i1ptuiej and 
not^ilfiMitely) fir time witAoiiteiid. hn& whcreas^ypu fi^ ^ that 

<;f ]-4t i^not fo, fora^thc woVdsVhi^h '9t. f ^iflmaWtifejof^ait 
'-^adict taken ootirf Ihe^^ iS* ©ftwfc'icrfr, %t thi i j- "ij^r. wH^rc Sicy 
^vemore^iiliy d*4ii^k^. ihdi put of t,hit^r0plicfe ': fofthj^^ are 
not alledgMiby tbe^Aipoftietb^aKethe t?(ir/«f/^4(yi , thinke a th^ 
they Wcrc^art o( the^pcople^ffJokenoFirl thofe pUdcs^. vAim an^ 
eJF (hewoKis, thattfae Apoflle^jaote^, areus'd^rv^hicti is jsindently 
felfe^buc tovlheW ftit ifhc FaiihfijH ( fs^h^ther Jemj ot Gentiles^ 
%adcall che^fanie fpi i4cui^l^(^k^y^ with ©bd^i & Acttfore fiioul<i 
ihfffeBicllke<:are^(toildSfe their bbd!ei'r>^hi^^h ar; tl^e'^eny- 
^efbf G<Dd,;^#(itke'ianifiati^}wbi^ , of iWKich 

(he^ives a paniceWinffanceTo'tbe ^mnthi^ns\ touching the 

^ , IJraelhel ^itt)l>^) ^ 

Katiofts s^ibfarreweffe other Nitons froQi be|n]^ included^ ifi^ {he 
f^rophedeas arpart of chena*^And therefore this pcqofe k t;66 lye^k 
alfoto'fiipportyoefr contlp^p Ysipat^ih^Jetpes drid G^tiUsla^h 
Wert'frt^^j ^wid^i drt, koi» (ifethmti^faUb'in Cffif^yi^ 
cloi4)tld(leiiiey^ere>nefer dird^d With gi:eaterl;a\ci?d ope^aeiiinft 
the CPtbf r , ^cn they li^yc' heca (ince the Preaching of ^he J^^Jr 
fel) andottr$2(viourhathtdldu8,, d^at me t^ieai^^s bfTalVl^iQii 

faftJi Chrip ftrfiwtliltri^^<H^ Mm^fk; -^y 


^^P^iH^^th^ifmktPnA IdQg cimefibe Giuirib of .G«di)tQigtt 
^ Jas^bf, ic a WoreHi^ be .gmntp them agame^ ^lid -^ 
Tadjtp ihis%ii«f^jm^ \k&^ \iaifixa]fe^ IJ^^^Mtelb nrcoMif^^ 

Pcopbroics^bichconfCfiFjQ^ihevn) beat cbc.fibiettine (dh^^ time 
oftMrimbeiie^s.aiidof Gock^^cathagaioft chem) fulfiUtd in 
^em) tb^ffzr^Vfi&comradiS&omx aiid^cis noc the convejrfii" 
ono^afew Jv^^ imniuiyagesjorofall^ha* have hicberco^bimi 
cal'4 ky th^ Q^rpeU thke nrtll (bl«e eb« dpiibt , for the Pi^ihejs 
ipea^ oJF^^ NacionaU converfion and del(?crance. And hmdm 
ycMi your^dirdoe tell m [fW tb$au^ man) agi^ 'Sfhtuimius '^ak 
not k^KWJtehajfjf part qf tke M^rih ]| apd how chen ca^ tfacy bdp 
make one Church mch the^^mii/r/ (as,you(ay ) if there aiw now 
na^hpeopIeQn Kbeeartb} :iam'thei«beaiitttte>n bctovrntiToniOi' 
thiqg, a|id fOQiii^pfyi But thi^ Ami wm JoroQ^c An ,a« .a tesCm 
wherefore, tie ptopktf l^htlamiSphnaimfbaMbe'' eKpmoded ti^d* 
cafy^ctr tifz Gmi^^ h^ df there twere no ^£ire/lefi: ; ^iiKrtqf 
(hould chff6PiX>phrflktbe.tbe rttfasr cxpooaded 0i ikcP^tii^i^k 
that? werejc not better^id^Ciy^ifcatdiey were conditfonall Pro* 
pbecie«>ait4ib€Hildjbi4iQbrenf^^ Jzmu \^^fi iD&lbdi* 

MttaGodswocct) illeQtV^ehcucany'necel&tktd'iti^tfibttit t^^ 
pi the GmUts ifAnrnw^ ^ And- yeb we db6 npc^ grant ^ ithat ^#iie 
jkttxiotfpbiMifmte^fnmf^ akheughnoBeaiitCAl^io^ /or none ^^ 
the 7<2]»^i^aj^^bw aaI'^.«fteff]Che)naiiie6 ofi^drpiiriiciflir Tviii^r^ 
acl<|^ 6el9Hi^/ ^ 4ndawfafyili«dd>tbk*^'3^i^i^ 
the F^ft ? oTclvhyiflKx^ iliiB prowthae^Ti^tO beconfoF^d^ ni^ 
tber then the reft ? doubtlefle k's (uffioitncto pPovetheov^reni^sCifi^ 
ing^f the twelve Tribe&areienifaiBtfig;^nd they were femainingin 
tte i^|M>ftM4i)ieMa>St«)bwtr^(^i W. hJl^^^fml,A&. ftj^zn^ldoe 
.mtO!Bflp9?9d*StfvjU^ lUt'.y.fMkoqi^ iiieii»tipas remainihgWeett^t^ 
fS^Ofm (^AioAr^h^^em^^ astlwnxgl\i't6t4»e^^:^<i8jr<MT^ 

meiidoned> yet Jofipb ^^wnicti is all one> an4^r* M^tsk^»^\tili 
he is caPd by this name as unw<yt(ilfy to be called by his own name^ 
i^,^i9%«a«Ai4«giieHQwfm t^i.^M^Tder 

to Xdo)#tijqe; ,a«i(i{)ertia|te aU<MiQWth«TnlE>^S'fitoiild^gftirie4)€^ 
com^MW i^ing4ope ^ liin nwie was ophcesd'd ^ for thiR: tie hMd 
foroffKi^ ^ej^ilj^SQ^AJ^iif ^ of ^Ae Tribetinto tn^ 

. ^ Kifl^domest, 

<« « 

.|f ifrgek RitUmftitd.ruleemult^ > Part f. 

jfiuiiidames, andkov ooald yoo ttll ushtniej that through inj^ 
^es SfhrMmtu sn mi i^umm in anj;pm gftbetarfb^ when as you 
lay but a Bcdel^cfoit^ page i8. that all mdlict bemixt the Tribe f^ 
Mdbimbii thm$mJtk QentiksfioMh at an end nndtr Cbrifif 
SotiidiU bralrcadie itiSiVd ( asyou^each) what (houldcbnfame 
AtBfbraimiu^a^^]l malice betwiitc f hem and all others was 
departed ^ and if it be not yet (iilfil/d ( as indeed it is not ) you 
oiift ekher recall what you before affirme (houkt fee done'tmdtf 
4Chcift.|i ordft ooQ&ft 9 that the SfbraiaAer muft needs rethaine 
^to dxt accdoipliCbaient of it. Now as for the Pkophecie of Hnjeai 
it is to be uqderftooi of the Jerre/ y as well 2iS' this of Essek^ and 
, " Ijhc word JtZjrteL which figni&s the feed of God , will' Kef p yoa 
nothing* For (hall we think that Ood will makeliis power known 
afcer a wondcrfuU manner in the redeeming of an unbelieiung Na- 
don? nay 9 but bccauie the Jevw (hall then l>e «ven the whole 
Church 00 earth : becaufe I iay^ they (haU be bdi^vers when al* 
ntoftall Qthen are fallen into unbeliefe $ therefore great (ball be 
ihedof 0fjezreet^ of the ddiveranceof this (eed of GkkI. 
. . IGrad^ KedemftioH* # 

Xz ^ For 'though this of Vbfeaht underftood by ibme Expoficoart 
^ the vocadon of the 6effii/ei, chat is , of the Chriftian Church 
J^didlcoiir dayes.;. yet doubclefle^ they are much thiftaken in this 
^exppiition 9 for imog this and the former Pmphecie concerne 
pO€ add the iaone thii^ to wit, the uniting o^ al t the Tribes un- 
1^ one King) therefore they moft'neede receive their aocomplillh 
saent at one and cbeianie time*: and fothis omft b^ referred to 
4^^pe/9 as wdl as the others 
jr- Mn.Petrie^s Anfwer* 

a 'Jlfkka^HarreBag0nfiikeApojtk:andmmktant^woirldJH^^^ 
$(^hetber bear the MiSenarks being cmtrofj.fbaBbejfl^Saved'y e^eiallj 
fieing nm we havefaand^ that am Savimr expamng the fahmt Tre' 
fhaiia9f¥xk\t\yandtheApi^keKfaitt$^ tbk W^ Frofbeeie efHoCu^ 
^jO^pOfjihamaniatf/fy: ? 

'- ' .• • ^^^ ■ '• 

: Tbat we neither quarrell widi the ApoAIe y nOV with iiiy imn 

alfe^msybefeenebyourwordsifbrof theApoMewe fpeake nor, 

Hidche w6rft that we (ay of others, is, that they aremiftaken : 

^ whether cbis be la wonby to be caMa^<]iiarrdI i as your cal- 

mmk' I'll' u 

Pa Hi I • Cbr$^s FirfmAU Reigne onturth. 

ling kaouarrellagftinft the Apoftlcj is co be card an' cgre^otfe 
QDtrarb^ {] iel ^ i^ w&rtdy^e^ ] and let it fudge ir coo ^ whether 
oor Saviours wordain tbe lO- chap. 6f St. JAn^ doe expound the 
formec pKiphede of £«d^^ of Which be ipeafcea not a word. 
And choogb the Apoftle alledgech Tome of the words of this Pro^ 
phecie^ yet it is not to flie w chat the Prophecie is to be underftood 
of the Gnuiks^ bat to (hew that God did re)ed fome and choofe 
others of the J^^^if j^ as he i^Ieaied. 

And be&ieS), how can that belong to the ^^tiks 9 which was ^^^ 
propheded onely of the Jemtj j as is declared by the Profrfiets wife . ** 
of whorcxlpmeS) and children of whoiedoniles , which hetopke 
of purpoie to upbraid the Idol* worihip » and fpiritaall whore* ' 
domes of the Ifraelhis^ ver. 2 >4od therefore when (he conceived^ 
and bare hlmtheiecoodronne^Ciii^&srir^^w^iaid'Gtid, Loammi't 
fir jt Mtt mt mjp€opk^andlmUlnoth}owG$d*j the Ifratlitts ihttt 
they yrcre^ to.whom this Prophet* was. (ent» and of whon^ Xt wat "■ 
(aid> Te i^emtmfpeopfei^. 

, M'. PctricVAiifwer. 

p mar mt profbickdrf the Jews omly.ifonit is ^taint^ tBat R6(ea - 
fpeak^s of the IfraeliteS) a^ vhU p^ of the Jews : andgtnerath the AbofHe- 
j^eak£ Rom. 10. 1 a .there is no di£^el'ence^between the jew ana the" ' 
Greeke : for the fame Lard over all isnch unto all that call upon . t.^ S 
him.. So that albeh the Vtopbtt 9P4fiff^pfrf»n4tfy'Hnto4he ICratMitts 
j€t kk Boards v^nakjfetrmaftdm^a^oftheGenti]^^^^ i»ho ihtn^^ 
tPtre mt tbeptspkxifG td^hitt f^jmhfmjiff'Ch^i^ A^is ^i peopleofGodK 
for whoibever (ball call upon the None of God (hall be faved^ ' > 

I have here caM the jten Tribes Ji^inf in>oppo(kion co the Gm^ 
tiksy and you (ay that \tbii ttti» mt prafhtcitdof tbt Jews (fnefyi for- 
it U plaifk that Hofiafp^aksoftbtlpMlitef^ oiwM^f of the Jews'] A 
wild eaccepdon^ (or are uoc the(e I^mtim^ Jems f ceruhity Ijraelites • 
and Jeii^/^ are thepropernafliesiif that Nadon. And though af* 
cer the! divjfipii of the Tfibe% Ifraekmdjudjhvttrc often uied to^ ' 
diftiaguKb. thetwo Tribes 60m the ten, and ihe ten from the two^ *' 
yet the wotd[Jemj]wn never thu€u{^d« For by this Name alt rlia ' 
Tribes arecal'd in theHiftory ofHtfitr^ and in many other places^ 
auulintlutioftaiMdiai^ottbriag.wto£thcl4w^c^^ iflu . 

^ — ^^gggaegs^wx^— '^"-^■^■w — ip»^^^ -f ' jii— n— ^ 

. pirpyes ch&t)a|oiE|&(]7^}tobeindi^ wfaeiyfer a Jet^'bv si'Geti^ 

ceipfaiil^ co'che«LQmia8tbe^bele€ving(Jen»;^to Ao- 

tfa^g inthQij^Isi v\j»bich can liiaveG 

raim^'t^teniOptbe^^^fVe^as^tfaefbl^ wonis dobffirjrne: but 

they [liew nocthacGodtakesafwirfblLj^fi^fora'feitt^ 

. nor a faithful! Greece fcmASak^i&l^&mj AndchereforeyQilo^* 

mtipv^wk fr^tk hciricei^ tbstt albdfc:* iHe pt>d{yb^rur3^ren^ ^rio- 

' ^ " nsiiy muo (h^«J^f4a/i^,.yet hii^words werejkiltf&cVue andtticarncci 

ci ihe,^Gmtiifi^'J[Qr? tbdogb tltrcogk^hrtft-all b^vets^areche 

peppUh of Go^^yetr through Chrlfti bdetr^r of oneiNation^ islioc 

ni.4d^ a ^1^^. of anotbwNatfeAit K rfiotteh'^^wy tiic Hla t(coi)ff- 

dfn(ly)c4.V fif^il^nan0^ftb$tMfl^bef^ ytttiery dh^thit 

G^sonibiP^iifi)eof tbel^rd (faaUnortlieltebyiiea^ a ^etr^. And 

h^W/Cacf ypu«iika Jjhirfiier ftfr ^ennJAtf) Who areofd2fiir«nt|9acr' 

ons from them; and yet will not takeljraelitei for^^^'WHidii^ 

Name belonging equally to^tlieTribiBbM^t you herein con- 

d^me S^ F^/»rWJi<l ibntedtimcalbliiintiAfr ^ ^^3 and *(5metWs 

jaxiljfroilm st^diiwldiiefac^.bpiib^tf the(e I^mes dt>enoc equ«i!ty 

belQ|BgtMh^«)etNiHaq».^ ..' v * 

^* ^4fl^:4h« pbceiSvfaaBe ibfir ware cok^ib V^ tf^^i^ot^ Und , 

^odt^thetibralnthat'placei^ihall^a^^ an 

tbt.finna of the living God^ver^ lo. , And this TiJcatorgrgLnt$ to be 

the mfeamng; c^itherie in die Prophet : but Withallhe hold^^nhat 

it is applyed in the p. of the ft^iii;€Otheconveriionofthe Qentiksj 

becgilie iheJfioiUt'u bring that rejeAedf of God, wet^^ become like 

onto the C^«^i&/»s«hoimtifcfa«^daiMngoithe G6^^ were not 

hif^^eopk: bU^not«»iihftaiidihgtfcf9'r^feh5niet1^|nkes;iri$ tei7 

unlikely >. that the Af£>ftieflidald'bo»0w a prophecy from the 

Joy/, t<y pifove Gods mcroy catvanfo «be OMtikii Whitb ikin fiin- 

J dr^: plajecs,o( the ScopuiiCi fo propdSy atid diftihSly foiiefhcwnC) 

« %*^i " **^?<» tpay (eeby theamthositler witfdh areui^ed tokBis pirpofe in 

II, i». * tlir^io.and?* i5.clr4rj^ofdbe(aroeEpJftl,c/ ^ 

M^ PetrWfi^ Anfwer* 
« i @%en^ kSi.faiJkverjgO,'in tk^Kf^iiJ^ n^iffnddeitn tUhHargm^ 

I . . I 

i .... -^ '-_v \« .. If W»« 

i. ^6rtpPirf»»4H^^itdmtartb. 5^ 

iMH^ski^^B^ d^ 

mfiegd.tftbat h tvai Jaid&e. and tber^ire tba*i»ord pnvunotbit$g. 

2. Jtiifto kffitrHe^tkt tbtGeavXti art ibt^pa^k of Godevpi in 
the fame Imds where tbeftUd mt fink God, 3. Ihis it m -affixing fy 
war of fimilittidei bat aeceimMiatf>igCi*Wc»torg>eah) toatmher 
partieulat, ikat ai thelCnstitabfldtlatrie became li^i$nto the Gen- 
ule« > fi tbe C5enttle« reeehiag the Go^elare Jews jiir thefeefk if. Gad. 
.Andtbiteitp»fi*ionit not anely lUtelyJmt very etrtame^fiehgtbeApofik 
expmf tbefi p-tph^ies.efGo^j 'mr0 temards the GentiUs, asjoie m0 
fit by tht'Oinbon^iet^bkb art$irgaito this pnrpe^ iii tbe. 10. .imd 1%. 
(htOiuftbeE^fiietethe'Rxim- andelfetrbertk 

Reflym > 

u4tias ^ott^nu/ rqjdcw che origioal (Et &itiMpKajfm) with*' 
out any fuch marj^inall note atilU And the ^^pmapm. mdi ^ 
( iudhu*f rf T^rt^ •») .an<ii4c (ball come io pafle , that in the 
place whi«,<*«' Aiid this expreffionagrecsbeft with the (cope of 
the Prcwhcde, which foretelJs thdr retunie againe to their ow« 
Lais*} la whichit bad been (aU uflto thim, fee are mu^nst piopk^ 
yea,theAp»ftletooalledgeehthe(cwOrds9 agreeable to.the tran- 
flitioo in the tm • and in the latter piit of thefentence rdaia «a 
them with an f iiul mjbrmiv) mevoeabmittir y that they ml 
bfcalPd, &e. AodiherefoK this proves fi> much j that of force 
y^u^ut); ^Ao{ tbwccotapli&went of %he Propheck b its proper 

fcn(e. , . ; _ i, ,• .' 

2. And what though C the QintlkJ are the peojtk of God even tn 
tbefam Hands Oheri. tbef did nqt firvtGodf^ ftwll not xMrefiare 
the Jewes be cafPd againe , tbi feoph^Go'^i ta the fame Um 
when once t%forfQobGod??, <>r |^«U #f EVephe4iB:b«f;lh«te>r 
lbr«lnderftood of eh?m ,;tp f»bQ9J\lh!erl>rppl»6.Wi».riot^wA 
Uy,M\itmKQii\tifrae»tet,^ft^f . — ^■^'^i 

3. Ithtnkepot«hatth?Af»pftledidapplf,thi^Pfopb«ci«bjj 

way^of (imUiwde- «« tht Cle^/i/e/ , aodi^wh J#9 *»« m did, 
»ccommoda«ilt*ft«^ s-Vi to;<bftfe:6^Hrt»9BliifeW« !«*»«. by; 

of the GeittUes undct tbenar«»:ofcheIJr^<ii«*.j,W*m.«!ll«\r<wtt 
name. And furely Ifit caanotbe proyd,that rf^ ApotlleeitpoOhdft 
thefe Prophkies of GtHl^iflercy. tcM^aifd* ^^m^**^ tg w^^"- 

dioridcsalledg'd inthe 10. ari4 '5- ^^-^f^ <f *Jf%^**^JSl 
K»iif. doe' a»w k, U WUI flwrer be pKj<d« iw tHote. *^«^|J 

-~m^m.>- ■ I ■< ' ■ 

Hi f .iii. 4, - i. ■■■ ii ii m ^w \ min i w i.< i * * w 

4fo lfiael$«rf*fewjrN>»rwfc^W'^r Parti 


fyeJstoadyoS ^ot^'GtHtiki^ ahdhowtken do«r ekey cx|X)Qnd in 
any Atfftt che Prppluctes c^ the hma in £;^ if^jin^ or any other 
Project? / 

And thertfore I (houtd rathtc take it t» be brofighi in by St. 
^oh)^ 9% a teftimony cftaUi&irig (he fit^eneft of Obcb eleffioh^ 
,i)0[b^ itthe DoArtilehe chtnsiQiiiiitalfieMfid dochiii theft words 
\(ashetKd before itv the cKMi^f of Jt»»j> dtild £j^ > gfye aif iCh 
. (taikeoC it^ouching tfie ifiMlUeii i;rhMi 0od had loi' a ii>fig time 
ECjeC^ed^md would yet again rccd^m ; and^ibat becadi^asthel^it- 
ter hath power over the clay to mafce of the (atne lamp 9 one veir 
£1 to (loqanr^ and. aAOther to difliMOilr^ f&>iJefei^l^^«j^ ^n 

a > :. ^••' > 

AiiiW^p. ^« K 

1,^ 7hii fiebterfugetPiUMi fepu^ fatktfmbintbt freeedbtg f^^ 
tf^at tht Pro^JbrcJa^Hofea I* U tmanf of^tbe]tlW» ^ and ifth/it be trm 
( tifhicb^<tJTiM frmi to h f^tjk^ HMiM wuM e/iJire Ifraelitee* 

tbeJefMond^ bmatfiif^d^QtaSiM^ and bifbertQin»0tb $b»i fe- 

; 3. 0/fi»eG€ndIes iciA i^ tfaq^oioe tbefarmtifKmmks tnatHirttMfi^ 
wbtft bi b m^at^gaf ikX^ij M',tf'$b^fimi^ ^b^if^ ^ a* 
Cor. 6. 16. 

f I. In cheprcoDllngpage I haydiaid ^ thatthe PiophcA^Hofi. 

3^l/arifi[l)fl)^iiHN[^9'^«i:]^^ ibrt^lf 

itbemeant of the^oneltiMft^Md^benti^int blftht other .-fbrtliqr 
«4 both thenarbeiof thefimd-pe^Ie^lm^^ 
byboihiAlhc^$^ic64^of'theX.di9f» t^.4!. aitti 2'4v Yea*^ tlJi?y are 
MiifiM^/^i^ttW'fbi*d^e other tr/thcteft'^artrbPyoat'fehntr 

tKteH 'fiihf'f^^^^ &etk\k9rieA9ikgfb€Go^^li anJ^^tB^JlSo 
indfaajre^atocenfi^thMfiMran erroor ihano^ whieb yoQ 
dfowforatimh^^ when^dterfb^VQQrfafi^. • 

ibfMrif ia 4ie«4.t^jE^ bi^ftji^noc^e (tbat bhkrf&ba^B tbt 

^aVk j!. ^t^f-i^f "^i^fbfuttt t^gHe of^ Earth, sZ 

"^ ' " * ■ "» Aktft }s MiF . 

a p^sH- of thm) ' 

)iviei,Ul^,l^)i^ofmC^iimti- For';thii^,ioj rij li.i'^ 
and 24> i/tr/S/ airfclirbught fri by Way of dfghffioiij- to iatisfie liicS 
atnii^bt'frorntlie^fcoarreof chelreene^ bfOodi tsleafcn), b« 
readk to difpute againft his Jaftfce.:. and at the 2^< v:hs mtitii«fijf 
ag^< to . confiran^ this QoAriiiti^^^artJy by other Scriptacei iti 
Bo^j, »idpifri,-t(«icfi%e<*''C3oaset'ern>B iferi^fe.'ttpaffidg 
by feme j 4n4 Tectfvi^fe Stbei^ bF t!ie ?frjr%/ .• Wnd btrtlyilj 
Ooch te^yin# thi <?(^d/ej- ^vep !h the tfi^^ bf HU yimi Vj 2M 

1r% pJHeitijifhpkj ^H* tifefcOl tidt of B^^i^iif.. 37, r«r. 27. aih[4[ 
ait cVy iiu'trcikda i?^ &fi^^i'^ 'i bike what h it that you .v»iH ~ 
ndtfay, JtbVtM^^iHhiWdf aq(^^^, iifad topb2:^e the uhFesit^ 
ri^ Reiltei-* teVtha^Apdff^ WH^'trfcnaoU^fcei^ W Mk 
aniiti9'nioftfi{ce!ythat'hetbdkr{li6fe#brdi$but<ifth« 2^. tV^- 
"of l-eHk' itihe <a- ilft-. ^ 48 1 havr'^d ) and he niak<8 no jjfr.A- 
afi of them » butto H^ th^t i^e f^hftlll €fffihfhijtts xfkh in*- 
'cdme Obdi tJ^Ht^tb' ; )irtd iViittfo^ ffiijdid YfO'tbrfgei' ^dI6i. tht;M- 
drves wkktt^eMiiisdrBe^i^'either iH the obfef^nce df^'t^^ 
Idolatrolis Peaft's and pai^imbs , tot ih sisy extraor^iit^ fktmlt^- 

y^l here, ifthe AOoftlfe Ut^clerilp\;>d:nbt:;cbe former Prophedc of 


^^r. Pcttic^s'AnHwcr. 

ilkj^Tariik 'kjnheib the, uftSnmiei ^ and pei^er tKat ,iV^ nk^ 
Ui^%widerfd9d9fiiejipeapUy Vier. 24, fhififjet mkcl^mi "hj 

T— ^"^f .1 ' ' ' \ » ^ 

6% " ■ tffaels SietUmgtim ttittmti^ tr Part hi 

■^ m 

mt dfur rigbftoMfiKJji have attained to righteoufkeffk^ bHtlCrkd tvbo 

JQJkmd ^fier the Liw of rigjmmpujfi kstb ttop atjtaUud. . t4>eri it is, 

m^iififi^ tbaf be ^alf£ of the, Gmules attfsimng io rigbiiQuJhe^i . dnd 

of Ifraet not atfaimagU : ^md m^thekfi the ofpofifiote p^ not fim^ 

ifyef ^ /iff f^P^^'^x ^^ y ^* f^^^^ J^^'f^ n^heci^ijef^ tt9o ^mtrarj 
waw^tO'tPit^pjIi Faiti>^afjidbj tpork^fojtbe Laxp. And norp je fee it 
^citmijckcldi^i^fh^t tbefi Profbeciet d^ not h^gunto the Jem$ 

! Tiic^puUiUtlinuMiht^^ andtbeweilhdCchete? 

!iunQili<;8 6t Bofea mcift be underftood df the Ifratlites y as welt ai 
ttie te(lim9Qifis of Jfziab^ aod if the(e are aot properly to be uo* 
derftood> vAxfi^^^tk^fA^Jfdjh^dlfo^ 
j^dn^xaffiec.6pfKermi;igl1ie^^^^^ or th£ Hacionft ^ 'Aqdthis 
i^bAX'fdf^ivtAhytht^o.^ where Vti^ Pmtile^ zvA 

ifratl are plainly opposed ^ and that that pa£|aka . is infer r'd upbo 
the fdnner Prophecies of tjofi^ zxvijfai^y theie words in the ja 
iHffe initnediatqly following^ t|iei»i Wbat.jkaffw fijf then,? doc 
c;learety Qiew3..and tfaerefoce tiho^ Pirophec^esinuAfieeds be ua- 
derftood of the 7^^4 onely* And if thisbe|k>tenoughi cohiider 
aj^Q what the Apoftle (aith in the j.^apd 4. ji^ft^t of the fame c^^p; 
$er^ l$<mld tinffo (aitbhe) ibat n^djfp, tfiertAccuffid. from fbripfor 
fKf Brethren^ ttgij^^n^accordin^ to thjlefh yi^bo ure IfraeUtii^ where 
^ h^ (h^wes his great heawne& for thf ra^ .bec9ul^ they w:ere cift 
oiF^ £0 in the fgllo^ing difpiite about the freen.e0e of jGbdsr ele- 
dion^ he alledgeth thb& Scriptures which doe forefhew their 
paffingby, andreeeivin^againe) andtbefefore if we know who 

\wc hpcd wt^Qiibt wb?t Jfradiw tfofi^ and tf^ (peake oC 

2^* Tbereis yetmcbe ^^ cB^o^HoJia^ at the ^»p:» ooecmore raateri* 

^ \^11 AiigumcnV/orthej^ipwd^liveranQe. TtBeSiUb^noflfraeJ^ faith 

, ht^a{tAid^fn0ny^dajeiw^^ i^rmcej^with^ 

out afaerificey andnritbout animagey ahdmthont an ipbod^andtpith' 

Ml Ter^im: aftertpords fhaUtbe children of Jfrael return^MdJiel^ tbt 




■II • II - i<W 


be as yet fulfilfd , fo> ifit be mean t x>nefy of the ten Tribcf >. «• 

mdhgft wkom H(j/?j prbpbecied ^ it it *^<?onfcft that they did nc- ^Hkr.z^reK 

Terytt retumc,andifof fhe other two^'it inuft bemeaiu: of their ^«^«w,i?/»f. 

they could not be without a Prihfee^ or Govemours of that Xribc^ 
allhoi^thdy w^re long before tributaries to other^^ Marions. And 
this'aI(o is indtna ted by thofe i^ords ( the tatter dajej ) Which are 
no where piit for tbetime before thethcfai'natioff of 6hcift J^ . 
"'-;■" ^ • ' MffFetrie^s-AwA^er:; ^'-^'''-V ''\'-: 

1« 'ttii afgttfnd^iarim fdiieth in bothp^ts^ huf jiirjl rHark^ fhft ^ 
tbefi rpordf canmt herm$^fr(^p(^l]i : far the mrd David .cannot h 
u^grftoadof Si\qm\>ni Paihefp bmtaf. Cbrifi ihefmne of David^ vt 
typ^edbjUiiMv' andlhirif(rrc tfofbich eoUd n0tbefiiipk4i 
iithbetTkirnjtwnofCmpy ahdtbenh tni^ht bifu^fdi ^' ^ ; 

^i Aidconfequifttlj theje^ardf^ tbehtterdsjfefy tbmgb^ tbef be m 
YvberepHtfof thedj^er bzfouthi iacamitUn , ytf tbey are oftmbHtfdr 
tbtJj^eroffbeO'rj^f^ifeeiyjZintbeUft'd^if Gjd'bitk'Jpj^rt^iito w 
by biiSoHnLU^ Hlfz jir^m of tUM 
Trapbxie b^ mini: of the ten ^rih^fy $i tbeyabodk m iny itjti Wmm^a 


I Pee. fi I. Vm Wk^fHb:%fnl^^^^ 

tri^ehk7ti9^yfedHeiredaln'oadyJ-i(n^ r. tJpho can ^dtdibeh^afi^e^lhk 
ihetbiidrtrtif^lSrJte^didneiyeriitfih^e^andfeel^^ Stdihe othir 

p^ri if fi9 leffz^9dijf: fhr^Cb^ifl^cainrmt titt^ the S^'tpttr w^^departtd 
fhm^\%iiii:r'mdib^i^oMr'^^ dre^nor^^bk referted 

nnpitbe/^A&C^j (asiftbe lCrMite!sJhmldi!nde-0^^y^'dije 
aKing^ ^df^jUemtbeljttierdrfei^ and. then retnrne Ybi^t ttnto 
ihefifi veil ih the-endi^hoftheyare;^ ,andfi irtib^latfernafet tbiy 

vkwds of [f6(^a3s ate mon^agiunjl the temporaJli Monarchj thenfiir if. 

s^ l^batby P<iff»/heteChr2ft isnieapt^ ir not tobt ^(Sbouh^Si^ 

&4 Ji&^tij^Mf^oht^eiU^ hr ' __'P^ti. 

■*i^ '» ■! ■ -r- »■ ■ — ■ T ■■■■■■■- — , , T' , ■ w ■ 


rUll^ anil parcty ipirimalC at^rbphcci^ takes its 

.^^oijiination^fcQOitmp^ceji perioii^ or people of.wbifh |tU 

'YK>.>!wf.iV' doe^fJQfpj^rAepOjtl^e w^ Got- 

pelf th^ tia?5 i r^3» Irpoi Car jft f firAioaiming to his ^ond : but 


^by UJbUld be to9ianf pf <0i« Wjff5j f^ttti^liadaefefafanit hap- 

%rt&e1^raelha..^^fai^ tjaetJx^in ii^^^^^djcfci of the 

I idull fi^e^tVIjOWsf 9 SPe WffWJPfoC. t^Q<?CB?U 5*at Jy not 

1 . 1<M)« before G^4flj^ agpesmi«. . Ajjd bi^B^a^ :ff^^^(Se&x\i» word 

i- ;©{ God umt .jn^ongft jhe i^4e/«?> ^ ^$n K 4»e-44y«^ »H «tMch 

i- . Uwas''pteacn'c untotheoi', we have formerly (hewed ooc' of the 

.^.ebif. c^^ ^^Y a( the^^. tindf^. vt*^ Qtd;^ Iff ^e t 
^%|ej|^2.acdie l'5. an(l^i^.t^i to which wee m^v adde the '' 

fr->>'> . .. ■• •'> - ■■'■'•."''^- 

Part I ♦ . Cbr^^ pKfiHAii A€igww £drtt^. 

ApoRlcB-ff^th^zvUitCk^ni oontiqu^It (Qrrow for th^tn9 ^^^ $^r 

in whMi placet he fyith^ mt $kuf ^finrnffki a^ ih fiui^^ngfionn 
(that is^ atChriiVpi'^aclUQatothem^f^^Ui^}^ li&ewj* 

fdwuntg th, right eeufheffi $/ Gj^ fh^ 1^ mremffimf ta tbi Gof^^l^ 
(mdtlia% GQdba4'gmriihfn^ i^kiki^^ tf^thM'^kyfimli: 

mtfie^ aadeayertbat thejpoMf^^ b^mj*wd chmforef^e^^e qo( 
but la affirme tba^ Jfiaei(Mnof'^mi>tctQViic (hus. cb^ Lord 9 
CO wi^ by Tepcnoince and eorix^acoBicot of ihe Qofpel* For the - 
Proghetlpe^kea oai of iho rcjuno^.of i^qicpaiticular Fimiile^v 
or c^ ibuMi paf ticular ptrfi)|>rof divi^rstFMiiitai s^ J^-^pf^^I .t^c 
chU<ii^a of 2]fr^/, that w««eiQc|bc (b ^cnigi^itbouta Kipg^ that i%, 
of the whole Ixpdy of thd tm Trihe»ait Jkaft. Ami of ili§' vO^hohs 
^<ic/of God U IS (.that u^ of all (be Tribeib tJKHigk not of all of 
every Tribe) that title, AfMWfjl^f^ (he (biferaict Xt9»r0f 
Scripture > and hem thm c^ix^it be' Gad of aiiy of ^ tkt W^^ ib^ 
they havens jntib^ttbe tofi} and if noo^ipf ctt^^Tfi^etia^^ 
convtitedi whefei8thettni0nyottboaftofbetwl9tt:they4i^^/a|i4 
Gemiktl Ho\i^ ace ehi^ ^otie Ch^U^im; Char^h y^wh6{;l a« ao^ 
on4 of f be Tribes^ hath^ben bkbertp yo^std to tfiir Qbur^ ? Ai)^ 
fiifiheriba<igh:kbe,ftoefittdeHiHiedUy h^^^ thui; th^ qb|I<keor pt 
JO^j^ fb#reiiimointotbeirl^d, jttocM j^aUd Pjtopbeci^' 
doe0]«^ thac the word ( rftttrm.) dbth Irnply this: af^ io doe 
{bmt of i^eooMcDtt of thie Propttecife For wheroas it ift faic| 
( /%jIE><?<^^W«»^tiife/>ri^*«i^ itiift to bcljjftdeuftop^ii 

tb^tal(m<br e^ oftheGi dayeei. tb^ ihdU 4geite ba^e^a King ; to 
wk^ ^«^i?^^^ over' then in a tempoeaU Moinlrch^y as be&i« 
iheyha4rwi3m2>innkk^ for foc^a ^i^i^ 

ischattbi^rDpbet)(4kh» l%Jl<f^^mj#^#«^ya^d:he f^<h oot^i 
tbatfhivAalilJbr^ii^t^ ^tiM^^^^ijfiiyandihfre^* 

fotn^fm t\^ ei^klug <^ chei»<&ye9^ cbi^y fllall ag««ae eQJojriqGfa^ 
a King r ^ridoowTeqimcfyeheyrfliaU a^ifvt>eeolnb.»^ Kingdoms 
Ofi£atidi«H>> Adifertbeiothflr^cpf t\^^ikmm$^ yoiibadha^ 
thk^mMm&ff»rit » and tberefbre you iight witK yoUP o^ne 
fandctfipivIvVA^ft losing C 1^44 O^rii^ <;<«w 99^/f/l th(t Scepur 

mairitaiii'ci I tia^c neither affirmed/i^or denyed 3 buc onely urg'd 
thrProphccic of JaGob^ to (hew thattbc Sceptcfr could not depart 
from Jid(th tUl Ghrift^"^ ct>Ynihf(Ag (for ^(lerherh Dtras to depart 
Itnmidfatclylicfoiej oprfiioitty after v *f feHbt inactriali in th?s 
Argument) and CQft(J'9uently,'t^trf tb?s I^6phecic wrc to be 
Qtidcjrftood of the^cwo Tdbel^ the punifhmeac in -Jbidutg mmj 
da^esifitbinit a King^ andmtbomt ^f^n'ifi^^^ &c. could not be fbl- 
iilPd t)p therti, *ftlchdrdig?d^itfe^f^drtbe^ ai the de- 

ftiafiBondfxhe'tfCtiy^r^'fcoiit Whence alfoit wilt follow, that 
their retbrhe here'foretoldilAift ^tds be as yet co coiile. And (c- 
eondly^in fay :ng^tbat lfaelatterdaye«-arerfot to bcrcfer'd unto the 
i^.v. C^sif ibclfiaefa^sOXcvid abide mi^ny dajfes without a BSng 
add fmi&k M the htt»r^ayc?#>and tkitti nrtUrne^but ihi tot he 5. v. 
in th^^diwhfereof they ^te.^ <f^of^ I never thought thk t the (flatter 
dtge/ySAi comprehend the ^ nuwy dajes) fpbken oif in the 4. iu but I 
know that th^ doe (hew what a long continuance and fpace of 
tinietbe (mottyJayei) doeimply^forlisjno^f^^rebutafterward, 
that iff 4c the end of the ( wi*«y dij^iy thaf the jf htterd^e/) doc 
bifcginv in which the coiirentfl of the fatter ][$ait ofthci^/ophedc 
are to be fulfili'd^ as the a)ntents of tkit firft pirt of the Pro- 
ph^kare in the ( mwtjf i^er.) And aft I hiYealreidy prbv d," thefe 
f^latierd^es) not to be begun; ibybuyoopfelftleeme toconfeflTc 
frt imidi5 ftyihgj C^^iyS x» the latterdafef thejr jflndl fttWH^ j and 
feehih Lord their God i ^Gbrijl their Kikg, dstbif didy Afts ^ 
•41. iiiit/chap. 4* 4«|s3 bdc 'whereas you adde^ [ ^^iivjberj/lf ages] 
iurdy the converfion of thefeti^ei did even wholly weare away in 
avery (horptiroe aftentbe preaching rftheOofpcl, 'F6t they were. 
St.P4«/and Btfw^ir'^that told therti t li ti^ssnmffi^j ^ui^fbk wwi 
if-Ged fhauldjiTfi'iaTk beeiijpskg^imttf jdUybm'ftefngjie^}$ii It from 
joH , andJM^tyf^ fekfesumi^ifHhj (feverlafiin^ t^ybe^' mi^rnc to 
d^eGemiksyAB. 1-3. vet, 46rand that (heir^ehi^ioiif wA the 
fani€ towanlsthe^O^^fUefc i^OtteeV place^y ai^vt^H ^ikt\MmuKh 
in PifidiH^ yc«»ay (^irithet Tfc^ cA^ ittjife t4i *f^5, and 
iS.verfe/.' And therefore thfeir^6nVerBati'1i4ld^fl^ bh# a^, (o 
fliort was the cbn tinus^dtf of th^ j^eMi^: joy^sij^ '^ 
In the ChrilHan Faith, ^yea tooftiortand too ttnaU topfovfe^^that 
Reuniting of theiJhfies^^GirttUis tntoikittihkrdi^ ^^^Iready 
accomDll^'tand fo thetruth of i)oth pares of^chis'ArgKHnen^ doth 

thm mnre firme.. bv vmir indircA anA (Ifokr anfuiM*. J/1 

.JPart t. ^1/C^45^ ftrfin^U %pgi>f fffMmh^ g^ 

' ■ m m * 


tlGtl.'-,-. •■'•••'-■•'41^ 
Ch.a,p. I If 

t)/ tBe.'p»es fiotK Hfd profperatu efidti sfttr tki$r ff* 


eftate sfcer their returne. Read then what Jertmahh^mvfoi^ 

no f^^n^ hJS^mi^ntithtr fi>iU ihej belac^gi fmh $bt ^^rQ^i.^t 2^ 
An4 in hia 31. c%.. at the 40^ it,iM3i 14- «7*^8'5 «> B^^ Jl-az-sMj-Pfa! 
34r?»?/^* Anciinhi$3?u<AjiJ!t*at!thc57,38,39.40,4i,42. »«3^8^.3i,?»,g7j^ 
And in hift 3^^ i^iS^^cthiedi 7^$^ ^•J»er« Atidtn 1^54^. isi^I at tbe'lii4 > Pi*aL94 i 
273'.^?^' «^^ af»d iQ^d9^^tv^'i t.9i!^Q. twniRcadi'^alfoi whati'^» *** 
X^ baihwdfcfb^ In his a84dE>4>kratthca5jad, verj^ ,/bid mt^^^^ 
hiij^. c&4!p» at the 1^, ijt i4>:iM6»^5y*^>^7**8, ii^.fidjll^^ 
, And in bis .^6^tbaf,^t%h^%i%\t/iWi'i^ihMi^%^ ^^"^"iAi. 
^6x^7i^%^hiOi^*9ii)t3^3ii3^*^^I^* Apdiuhirg?. cfe^/i 4, i y . Rom * 
at the ^5^ i<S>a7^ 9|):a9i9tr/e/.>:Ac^ laftlyiooi^ what to.&id yi- tt • ^ x- 
thcio,clr^.,C)f&cifr.aclhc65 7,8j^.iferi;. !3 . * ■ •! ^ ri !:.r^* I appcale 

t9aSiSenec9 e^Mhen that{!iaUreid'chcft,ortKelike|ko(!beci^s!ttihe,i^^ whe& 

Acr diey eaoichiJikeirpbfiblef chatiheriiiaea^ by^Ooi'fbr the'tdifi^n&tjonof fiich 
cxttaordifif ry bUfl^gt, ftiqiddbe^yefy (Wilnwhi^h tti4 iKertd^ ^adfcfpedal^y chc 
Chrifiian|iflirc ofkwM cogsoane fiidcr^he cbminuej. pbguci» vtrlcfen Ifi rjke 7(cvciationt 
which yei wcmuftncKdsgrantiobcfofif wccc(iooih^{cihicrpcctati(>w,l^ all fuch 

jMro^et^es'afe onefy, or cblcrcly.appdicdtdtbc anBcipateJ cooTcrfioii of i^bftinitcd Qe^* 

. » ^ '^ ' M<Pctrirt Anfwcr. * ~ ' 

, : t ^M ibBJiffofbtcks an faiblfmeffOrp^Ji , and tbtrefireh rifii 
tbm alL Bm nmhu^fmdiHh not in tbU cdfe. z.Nonefjitb^ that w^c 

(knjtbaithffhffttif^nttontinned^ feev^ the tbrifiian^ bMt'^t^el^ 

. . 1 i . • » « 


^ lCiiith%Sfif>*>pfi^^*^**"^ *^ PafCI. 


^»^i1fciii t " i "" • I ■ Mil ^mm^mm^tmm 

• • ? 


0pni iwki rfj(ffy os^hUoj rfmmrning^ Md ibe w^itmmu eba$bed 
wi^ ^^ Swn^ hot^hufAt alhitp&iedffift befiftididjl^int^tbepnl^ 
Jerm^ : ^ ihtrejfon both the aPpeaU a$ the Ingjnmng^dtbififpepti'- 
jif m tbi^Ufnrt of Ms marg^Jmn^ if a vatm braggf. Why poMvnt 
.fffiaii in. this manntr io fbe canfciences rfsU^ i^''% <*^^W/ fiom the 
bief^nnwg eftbe€brifiianChtrcb (exMt dfiw A^eiiarie^) itUtkis 
time have expofiid theft tixts not oftht Jems mefy^ im oftht Cbriftiam 
Uflmr amp^ttui zmtd ikri^i if thift k Jtu^^his mifhoUr M 

. f .Hkd. not tkeft prpphecfobtei co4ieiitm porpoikyoii ofi^ 
#cH hkvis thooghis chat I bidb;»cl ak Hctk regira jvMc lct£ I 
WfeR«d the SctipiumtOja§youycur4Uehftve« Aim) fteh)g ihey 
aire all to the fame purpofe, yen had the leffi PoAm to qaaiMl at 
the number of thiem • Butic wast gittt ij^e^ibareiuico fod^ to fie 
Ibch, and foinany witneflfes (^qBtther^all fluahitainliig (he fttth we 
htJd^andyoa c^pofr. Andbeainr^yOuiroaM wsc rc^y Anto tbeko^ 
hf any ci^tblemteiTitutioiiSayoQralf^aritalway ttde 

fronH them, withiu) more^nor Wdghiler wordi then theTe {bm 
nimdur fttv/dktb noi ht tUt t^fi^ Sm (l|j^ it b« poore ca<^ Sht 
yoii^ «rbQ have kbourtd a!l tliii while to perftfede^tbe Header that 
I can hrhig Up plakm prbpjis for^vhat lat (ay 3 fiioidd now be 
Itaad to. lcch?m heafc iiphatij|odhatii^Clid|br in^ ivhat yoo 
isxNild anfwer for your ftHc. $ck ypi> iawipeiy welH that «e& 
]propheci€i were too. cleare to baobfciired vritb the wiile of a figptoa- 
dve (cxXt : and* Cooemkicnt to be put on the ^kA of oonditianal 
j^ophticki r becairte ttiany of thcfll doe aa W^ coniaille ^iiitttl 
MdEngi, as t^mpoi^l blmhgi : ;i^d ^hett^an be no ddcAft 6f tl^ 
d6bi| God's wfil^ to WhoAi that Sp1rh;,^d l^ofecraceaare frqaii* 
i&d) by which alone men are inabled to doe it. And Ibr a tafte ^ 
what I haVe (aid^ takethf prc^heqfxif Jbem^it c^iip. 3a. at the 97. 
i|irr; BAoU hriigatbiftbmcttiifMtmurktti^^h^ 
ibm in tium sngtr^ and in nijfttt)'^ Undinff^oi mraib^ andlianB bring 
ibem agJtine unto tbiffhet^ mtdlmUlcanfitbfm H dmttjtftJIf. Heee 
Is ati outward and tempoiaf promift. A^ihtjfbnti^ mf ptflh 
snd I mi bi tbiit Cod^andlmB^veibfmmthUtt^nnd.mi mtgf^ 
ibM tbfji tniy/Mfinrnftrtver^J^rthgoodrftbem^md^th^^ tbMnn 

fiHk, " ':iM*:^^*?j^'|>^!S^^«8^. .. . ^i» 

— -■ » ■< ■ III II I ,1,1 

"^ik fM i^ ^hftHk ibkih ib doe ibemgood^ hm t will put nt) fearj 

ikio Weirksris^iydtMi^fijUfiot d^jrifrgm fkel^ Htrc is ah ipwijti 

' ^Miiad ^Kkkitk s ^fttt which ic follow^^ >(<i J hill reja^c^ ivo' 

\y U iM ^g/ndf and 1 tfiiSpUHi ihtm in i&i$ land aGundly^wiii 

c^ 3'^: iJ^j^,6f JFe^itthc■i{.^)fer'.&c.ahdfrt the3(5.'c%-orjfe4e^ 
at the :^4. t^^. ^. ^nd in c^J^. d^jf. at thi^ 2 5 . vev. Sec. And in the 
3$. c&«^. at the 8. t«K chhpibphec^* ^^ Mouht^mb 6]F 

tfidA. Ojee fMmtaUesif^aifyj^jbdSjbooi^^ hranchii^ an^ 

ynUj^fiiiiiti mfieff^tintttiA^fdr thej an di hand io come zfor ht^ 
yoldl dfn for ^oU^ aha ttkiifiirhtimibjoi^ dridyefl^dU h tiBed and jojpf 
tn,andl MUmuittfUf^ni^mjp^^ at the hottfi ofjfiaeieven ajUf ?/, 
arid the Cities fiamtHhakud.dhdibe O^dfiei^aVktbmldedyand. t 

joM^ fSe^tjt^Be^nmng.^ ^ , , -^ ,. 

pjjzjjtth^x and ibdHJhali be their tnh^tance, andti^m^^l m m^^ 
biru^ofih hreave tEeni ^^e» 8cc. Now as hone olthe ^bii^i* prtf" 
pheciet wiH'beare che tlttjp pf conditional prophecii^ jK) neitl^df 
wiH diis"; for chelarid ft filte coutd hdth^ doe any th!dg^ for w^^ 
God Ibbt^ifniake liicti a promift linto it) nor f ()r. whicK )if ;^ouI^ ^ 
TtfaCetibMSR onto ft, what he bach promifed*. And I am ^r;* 
fwaded^ thit lie who will dehy^ that thefe^ prophecies are! tCLb^ 
und^ftoodl of the prcrf^ity and happine0e of ^the ^ewt ontij^ 
that- wtA deny I fiy^that th(^ are properly aad. hiltdripttly to 09 
taken .; brdiacthqf ac<iuyei^toheTuIfiIIed>wffla^^ to uni 

any tiling. . . .,; 

2. If d^e^ai^in«e>diat theie pA>ph^e8 were partly, though not 
ontiy accomplttm fai the Qme of the plagues; that^ruiy^ their smh 
^cpmpmmnent did commiie asweu themaaat ou»r times ^ j(hej; 
affiraw that, w^^^ the u'ninteps 

ni'pted profperity otthele propKecic^ which meW| t^a^ no^^^ of 
the' people ,of whom they are mokeh, (hall Be Jeft^in il^mvicy .a-' 
mohg me matKo), or be a prey any more to the Heaciien 5 but that 

•> ii !■ i^i -— — »»«H>fcM«Mi*-i«ii m ■! I ^w^M— ^M , •^im^mm'^^ 

-*■ ■ ■ ■ ■■ ■ ■ ' ' ' ^ - - ■ ■ ■ ■-^— ^— " ' " 

cy, Qiall dwell &fdy Jir^tWr cwde Ian(|> wkbo«i«i5trc |nd ,^di- 

nd ^ qth€r fruici qf iljp c^r A, t^ i^^ (ba^O^c np J^.Q**! Jffpne 
thera.. And whp feeth lipt by this diitlAd&jfHtjpKk can- 


ibt .flagwei w>hg$ of tn,ib% Ae^. ^ifejQ pe amtu^a fiMtM.j^yoa 
ihdi^d then hav^ (l^wed tiHivic intemns.c^JQy the Cwrcl^^^^^ 
liad from the thnerhatth^ Pri^oiii began to pecikut^ th^ ^mm 
lophiih bfougbi farihthtmm ckUJ. And tpmt to m^ iparri wUb tbe 
Mmnmi of her feed. JU«;« ja. I3».;i7. F^or .doubdeile [jecfiaidba 
Ihi^ittf bin a c^^ jat^dj^ii^pn tlie il^iiip'ts^Q^ 
lirH^preaching of the Gofpelf Ji^ true indee^ ^tjat the Goipel at the 
ftrftmadea greatconqqeft on the Gentiles ; but liowWasudpne? 
£lx^y not by ihecoDtenuQu; h(^arts^&UocKly luM^ <^^ 
lei,dd' t^eir iucceflburs^ but by a cpnftant lifting up of their hearq 
'ancHi^ndsin prayer^ andby ^nundahted pfierihgupof their Uves 
In perlecuUdn. And itis hard toiay when all CnnAiari Chiitxrtjes 
.t6g^]tter have hacl rc^ fron^ ppen^perfecudon. But grant Wat there 
hadbIA hofucH perfecutionac allin any Chriftian Kingdome unto 
this tiiMj yecdoiibdefK that maxime of St* Taul in the 2 ITim. at 
thclsvver.Xe^ andalltbejtbatmlt Uve^afy w Chriji TyaifhaUfHf' 
firferfecuinon^h^d ftoofl firmc) and ' paH^d jffill for 4n undoubted 
|i^lv For the ierv4nts of Godrntght heverchekilfe have bin niockt> 
te^te^^hated^^ndoppreil^, albeit they had not bin haled to pfifons, 
Iprtutips^and death it (elf^and yet let that Hell on earthj^thedevillifli 
&qtd^on witnei&swhecher t^^^ ^(9 nikhtnot have bin efllefted, in 
k intM^ (ruell & barbarous mann^fhai^^ atiopen per- 

fi^qiftlonlTqu fay ne:i:t that [ aliinii^pititerjjfrdm the 

}Chr^afrCbmiA(emtffa'fep^ Milkhaf ies^ tHUhistwIe'^ have hfomd 
tbefi ims^not of tbe Jem onfj^^f oft he Cbrifiian Qbinec^Q which 19 as 
2f ybq Had £i]d> that all interpreters doe write for ydu^ beddei thoCe 
thajt Wi4tei|gain^'yod. And doe ypti not remember what you (aid 
befoi^C even dff he fcriptures themiyyes)^!^^/ nn^ii^fteyinlab^ t 
jfrhy theb doe Vou ur^tls^now with the greiuer number of inter-^ 
preterm ? I aJa fore you will not "be coment ^ that the triall of the 
iru|;1i ft^b^]^ lomoft^^^ 

-^— ■^— ■ - • ■ ■ ' ■ ■« ■ ■ ■ ^^ 

not, whv ivQU^ you have u lo ncweut were. tw Rf^Rw '^^^f ^* 

not be, for tWfe1rave^c4irnedfro8i the I^ialogqe bet vvix> !J>i/^^, itt^ 
y«Jli**^yi^tlwtthcn nd bt^^ 

doxe^ but tbofe of che Millenarian f^ich^Sc tltei«efbrc it hiay eafily be 
conceived hovif^^ePropfiets were txpCundedin tho(e d^ys^nd that 
they thtfrt1)igantb Kiterpi'et the {fcriptufcs my ftically, wben erro?ic 
had Gkin holditklt bneiy t>n the nloft) Bu^the^mQU powerful] pji^ 
tron» in rill Ct^^h a1ib:cAi%ch Who byt heU' place and auchpricy^ 
could fc^ree the truth either wholly torliideu felfe^or robe ^ownf 
no othc^lfctbert by thb ignominious bacpeOf an herelie : which 
was ndt uH ^rnV^gesifter the Apoftles^dayei^as you your felf con-; 
feflcinyou^ PrefacA-'Bat yoii fty thit \ibifetnutpriitrs tave tvrU--^ 
ten a(X0fdlngtp ih^fiajijvkn(xjJ]k^ totd the'Difci- 

plesj that th'eyflioiildbepatouc of the Syriagoguci,,y«a that ^hcy^ 
fhould'bekild, by Nuchas (bould thinke that they did Obdl^vice^ 
Job.i d.2. andStr^w^s mov\l byhiV 'confclencc td r aift a yeiiy;. 
tyranntHH perfedidon againft th^ Sairrt^aVhejconfefHth AS/ 26.9.! 
IverUffbd^b^withhtfjSfe^ faith hej ihjftffHgbt So doe man} ibingf\ 
contrS^'Umlii»i^(fJrfusoft^ thing alfo fdid^^ciind 

fo a1 thbc^h he went not againft hir cbntcience, ^et he went again ii ' 
thetitH^sfoirlihconfcietK^ w^r a blind ahdigaotant coafcience| 
as he falA in tUe'i 5&». tAfMtfokt4nedmrcj;kcJ^^ 
noranthf in unbeleefe. And iiich cpntcf einc^Ss hb^pt^tji^ Were the ,€€»« 
fcicncei of many (' if not of an^bft'ficfe Inbcprcters in rclattbn\o,. 
the truth In controverfie^ who had they^firfl made diligent fearcK 
after tlai trtidi ofthc5^e«pe/gonerkIIcanverfion and retui^rje 5 'anj|. 
ofourSa^oHrtpeife^all reighe oiic^lf ; iHivWout^^never^Tpt^- ' 
fame^fcavef^t ^cirtttteihd pai^s in:& 
thcfe Imcriwteefi arirdead for the moff ]jaf;r JbSg)igo<f^ a ncf t Kef e * 
ii fcarcely bnre of (hem faaw linq|s>ndiycappea]e nol tothe dcdfi^ 
burtothefivIng,*whdareormay'bei^|ini^^ what isTaicr 

on bath fidet )'and thc^efbceeanhptpafie lent;edce againfi usxnit of * 
ignorance, alcfaongb dieyteiy bu^of prejudfccjj^ andfo hot accbr-'. 
ding to cotiiciehce. And who ever be^rd'tlH'dQW^th«lt'i(iis; a.[^ji^ ; 
bragge'] c6 $q^alet6 ihehs conicienpeii^ln^vmg theU*)u(lgem ^ 

bout a truth V certafaiely he that feares to appeale unto mi Judge^s ^ 
dothfiB»retftetorigfatn«Srofl)i»OwnG^c^(e ^ fbr whatfait^* Saint 

7* {{heh "XjAMpiiohfided^ed^ or ^ Pzn i. 

hit C0^xbdp.^vtr.i. it^e bam wmmecdthe luiitm iHriM of 
Mj^h^Mt^a}^ mirb4ndlbi^tbeH^ard^(Md>' 

n»fm^^ bih bf Manimaiion ^i^ irmfi /mmndh ^om feh^ioipiiji 
Imsn/eofifdeMoei^tkfigbtofC^ . , «' 

Ifrdef/ Kedfempdoiii 
^ Wbich Prophedc^ as'they doeeoncabe aiaiijr orik&o^tafiiimfh 
Kwerable ^i^ciihenu for ^iutore reftauratioQ ^4^a4\ I niesuie 
a reftaiiratipri yettocome^ & cdcy have ^uck coirdpoadkli^ wkh 
'tilaicof I/^'jiftbhis 59.d&«a^ the 2a i^. and with cfaacol^tflivir/ in 
\Ai9 ci. at the I r • z/er. (both which Prophecies are alledgc4 hy the 
< ^.1 ( li€. ^pbfiles %t.Jams ^ and Sc» tad^ for the cooyelfioii of ^ j^E^ver af- 
^ Xii«^i T .17. (^ the (ulneflebf thp ^mf ifearb ccwtieui^ that ie»a6or all ^ofeof the 
^^* <j€nfiUs^ which atre a^ppolnted co he .cai'd beTore^iidv e^cnaiing 

aj^ine, be converged ; or rathery jpernca^ when tbf fohnfle of the 
"O^fi/e/ (hall come in, that is, when the dme (hallcQU^^iii^^ch 
ifiOt a part as now, but) afl |be Gmiiks that arc Mb^a^ thtx>ugh 
tte WbnderfuU defiverance oftliw j^M^ tether fvilb ^Jieoi- ferve 
the Lord J that (eeing the(e are not jctmmM^ neid^ caa* afiy of 
tiBb other : betwixt which and that oiAmor^ there is ^ ^ay mate- 
TUlIdiiierence sand no other betwixtthdn^Kl that of J^^^wfr^then 
there is betwixt a Comment and the Text>becwixta biidk iiitima-> 
dDnaand U^ explicadori of onemnd the (amc chinai 

' fPr griOT^ liftiH i^fi1?r(^fiej emfame evuUnt arfftmmi^jbr afittnre 
Tijtavfatidn d/Ifrael, jfjm vrill seknofmhdgf tbat tpBkb if b^nt ckart- 
P proved fy the ttfiimoi^ ifibt 4p^jHei^ md tj txfenmty ^tiSy that 
tb^ aft beg^ iJreadj in pmi spe ffani ^%:thm ibgikave fifth cor> 
^^ondencie ivitb' ihef^p(MJ of. lS£^y snd Araos aud^a^ nmtoo : km 
\ff€ dmfi i. td^maoner^ofrtfiMra^on^ W m bold aM iht ^mituull 
ft^amdtim if mm gbofii^ fi^' tbe.bonmr of God MJiMi/i^Ifrael. 
, hLWedirytbattheAfope^^^ 

i^amerponofthe Jewess j'&rfcj(^j%jr e9^ryij^4fvifilif^fbiChadl€$i 


he expmes the, mrdf ef Amoij, Jnf^ the other Frofheii ; hi ^0ki ^t 

mely (fkixibi^^ thisagrue the tPordsifibtTw 

^6iU. \. We def^ that the Apo&U Paxi^ed^etb tbefr^^^^f^j^ tn 

i^tfftHnikdfurpofeifor bejdtb mty offd it^ 0U w^fnfyf^fimh 

vm^ jmdfi oBl&mlfiiB be fgoedybe fbems m lardtrtrnd difisncum 



Parti*. €br^sf*rfimHA*fgM0.oite4f>tk, ^^ 



time^ km makfs 4 tamtufim mtfjb^ finmr words y v^btn be fntb^ 
BUmtmeffe in fart k ba/med to IC^^tl^umiS thu fybufft rjf the G<;r\tile| 
[baIl€0He im : and tSen be bifennb^ Jtndfo aB Knd IbaBIfe faved : and 
thertfire fbe condnfm mufi be taf/med aecgrSng to tie freeeding word/^ 
tbaiii^ ^ Ifrael are fbe tJled i/Ifradl and ofwt GfSKiIes; tbm v adim 
finSiam itpixt ICrady and off Ifrad \ and ^ litM^ it mm then Kr^el^ 
^dn^ U mekdii Ukffoife tbofdtbfnBQtnaieo : andintUtfignficatwi 
ih€fm^ef$1Umwg m Aodied4efimmf mn^mtefofify be Mnderflood^ 
andnoOof'^theJtmtB ofiertbefnUcalUng^tbe GouHcs;. 
dndfarkj^ eftbit calling wbiebCbefutbJjballferb^s be (not in part, 
but) ofdi $bt GmtiU%tbatJbaU be left. Tea tbtfe eanjeBwit defira/ ono^ 
anotbofi for ^^fe cal&i^ of$be JtWt^ttnifUbe^tatdteJnbieJfedftbe 
cal&tg ofsbi Geodles, tbenralttbe^ Gentues tbai are t^ cannot be caI-»^ 
kdtbruffpftemottderfiUldiliveraneeeftbeJcmci. Andtbit lafi aon^l 
jtBute £ftfojetb a dtHne tetmtoftbe JMiUenarits^wbofiy^bat the Jewe» 
fjballndoonef ali Nationf^ and bold tbm inJubjeSion tiUtbe ond of tie. 
looo^ares^andtbentbeJefrofbanel^ionsJhaUrifeag^m iaammor- 
fjttbejemt^ Hmrfidng betmxijbtftabafve namedt trafbecks q/^ 
.23. 4BK^iJcc. and ship two of E(ay md Aa)0% tbere is not 4^ 
eriaOdifferenee^andJOoosber difptunu tben beiti^ixt a brkfe intima^ 
iion and large explication nf the fane tbing: andfieing tbefi Fxcfh^cJkr 
9fl££xj,and Amot are to beunderfiood oftbe Cbr^ian Cbmcband efiaea 
thereof from tbeb^inningtiBtbeendi ottbe Apofilei ]^we$ a>td PoxA 
txponetbem^tbrn coacb^on pBowos^ l^befe^abancMamdtropbecifjgivf^ 
no ground for tbi eartbfy Monarchy oftbe Jesvet . Andfn mneh the ratbit 
may eveiy one embrace tbk conch^on, that vpc fnd the greattjl part ^"^ 
ibefe frofbtdosfo exponedin otberpafagej oftbe New %flament^ar that 
of]er*yi^ 2 Ooit.$*\%.andyt.^i*^t. eiU })^ piHeb» &^ 8« ami 
ch« lo. t6^tj.'and Jer. ^* contatnts tie fame wards w^bkh^k^ JA. 
fo doth shot of^:y^%. andto tbefameptorpofeie tbat rfdi.^Q. 20. an/if 
that q/Ezek- 3 4* concerning tbi gaiberit^ andjeeding tbo fhape eXponed 
by our ^jmir^«i x.%6.andtbat tf/ch.^* is correfiondent witb 
the Frophecie^yoAi wimrebfme ^ahg^i^ore z andtbat a/Zacb. ipJe 
one with ]er.2^\6.%* a^otier thas are bandied befau» It k tflic.mar^ 
k^dthatintbe teftimotff}cr.^^af4mdtudtcr.i2y%^ai4jiere if Troflxded^ 
chat inall the cities ofthebndft^U boon baiiiuviotiof Sbcph^acdiii 
cauiiog chtfir^ocfcstoJiedowoe tbere,t9Ci» in tfap cktcfpCdiie xompr 
tainci^thc dikftcf the vaU^Sj^the^aet^i;^^ %^w^o^ 

^Cmjf^'w'homi^ ipiH fratJt gathered bf his'ffMtmS Pijiofs every 
t^ieref i^ fe^'^j^^wwib'iif, Ezek.^^i^^^ flocif$ 6f tnf pallare arc 
if^cn^indiamyoUrGodaT^iith AcLtord. Ld^^mftthif Author pf- 
tfeib M«r vcr.i^Vand 12.' p^bere pefp^itdty af^^ct^cur arid^LMies if 
fromipdlisj>lavilj^af ib'zfhrom (?f pavia;^aU fc thd Waafc^the 
fjjcaWlfifelffni^^ntJ biiwt offinngFiand ttve^ouft of Icyi be rcfto- 
r«d 1 5F f fc wR, tbif iPli mtfy if. lefi fhij cohttadiS tbipo&tl^ which • 

nuduioiihe^ople^ i J^^c/:^.^^ Yealfearli^Iyfe^^ 

bciilt ap^a iwntGalMfettfe^ an hoIy'Pricftliocdi to o^cr i^ fpiri- 
fuall.iafrfifices to God bf]crusChn(kAnda^mfrm oftk 
Trkfthood ar^ fi^filfed ^rHuaSy^ and not \ in a jfr^erfatji | fi m rnHJl 
ibink^ of the frmii^ cohcennng the Kin^mejetbig thg^ bofb an con- 
j^ned andmiikdafw fbf famepfdni or we have ibemibere^ierhy^ i ?. 
and* Thus (ai&ijie Lord, David (hal^heYcrwaataman 
to'iit upon the throne pftnchoalc 6f Ijfr^^/, ncicherftiafl th^Pneftsy 
theLevites want amanbeibreineco ofieirburnt^bfierin^ andta 
kindle nieate-ofl&ring$, and to doe llacrifices cohtindiHy, Stc. But 
Wtbh evidence eafhMtfathfefilJi-'COttceif/:^ 

'^ ' Y6ugwht^irft{/fe^tie]fertrJ&i/ft dot emfaihe' evident or* 

jjlinienisfor afUtme H^infanoii ofW^fS{\ whereby if you meanc ro 
mdrethen a future reftadratidiHn celatidn'to ihi thhi Iti which it 
was foTetold, you grant onelyiwhat ytni co^^ not poiflibly deny, 
tedng Prophecieaipeak nbt dfthings already done, bat to be done: 
a^ UFyou nieahe a fiJrtuHe reR^ura tioh tii relation to the titne that 
jndw 181 you contridifl: your ft Ifin faying pnefendy after [ that it u 
^already begmi ifif4ri] feeing that whliA it as yet to begin, cannot be 
already be^ s and that Which is already begun, bnnot be as yet 
fo^egm : andlf yoUiti^ihe by afuture reftaufatipn,*^(i]^ rcftau- 
jCadoh Mi waito btf^ arthe lirft pfHradnng of ttie Gpfpd, and cc 
continue to thecbttanilr^of Chrift; be0de9 that it: is (bmewhat an 
<har(ht)cpre(non, itU^itoVtfUit^hMjm bavilkfofeckarefy proved tH' 
tfibtt^iMMAitofAe^Apk^iydndy e^i^nce^ for'yoti have no: 

l^tnight ^ 9ft^%^' t^d6t# teilllin)t\iiair^ temmdniea otit of th^ 

'g— » 

-_.' i.-ia^ J i_ i i < » «a— «»»t»»w Uj > ij . v g^i 

Apoftksncojptptc (liAtchll^aiirMdi^ Whicl^ the ProphMi (fcAt 
of is to be svrca^^hi; fiu^^ively) sind hy degnrs^ in,iiiafiy ^e8 ; or 
that U It meant only of a (pi/ioiall reAauratioi^ pr^ibat by the ^#» 
tUtef^^nj of the Gmtiks ai;e (o be uoderitood : nekher canea^n- 
ence (hew you ai^y pne Tiibp conTerted tb the Chrifttao fattfa» but 
that all the Tr ibet are of a different Rel^n from ui» You grant 
alfo \fhM theft ffffhtcki dot ^le in their contents w^tb the Pnfm 
fbeeks cjf Amos and I(aiah aSka^d h the Afoflks^ bnt ^oh dt/ff^ 
I. Om' manner ef rejtamation^ fwjonoold(jm (ay) that thefiiritm^ 
iff refiamrationifmore glorious for the hmmr ofG$d^md t»ealeofIfiaeL'] 
And t£dyou coofider what you (aid in all this ? doe W^ fpeake of a 
corfX>raltre{V^tiration cmely^ and not of a (pirkuall to<> ? certainly 
that We hold not ordy a bodily refiaurationof thejnrer from diujr 
ca|)tliityi is very weU knowne linto you, by oQr words yoirhftrei ao- 
fwer h and your very next wo^ dpe confinyie it» where you deqy 
\jhat the Afofite James tdledgeti the Ffgfhede q/ Amos for the genera^ 
€onverpon rfthe Jewes^] 4nd what is k to pontend for their conver- 
GoOf bat ID hold their ^kituall ceftaiiradon > Cq that although 
you hdd onely a fpiriiuali reiWradon to becrieant iadie Pro- 
phedeSji yn hold both to be loeant in chem. Andis^iinioft.^ritheir 
[j»eak2th\M)keyi»i^tQh& reftare4 fromthe boixlage of their bodies 
^nd&utes both^ or from the bondage of thefeibules onely ? and is 
.the Peompliihoient of onepr of bot^ thef^ C tnofi glm^mfor the ho^ 
nokrojGedf'] But |t h^dimn afigne4!if&ri;enK>re£l^redont apidff 
Come, CMfttan modpily in you^ if yptf had onely. fprborne to teach 
(3od To ofeen^at coUr(e he (bouM rake to make him(cJfe ai^>eare 
the more gioiious s for doubtleiOEe k is moft for Gods ^ory to ao* 
compliflivf hat be bath pcomifcd co d^e^ and we cannot iiaajpne) 
but th^t he hath promUed to doe what Ihould make n;oft £pr Ifi' 


a« You deny that the Apoftle JNime/ aliedgeth the Prophecy of 

Amos for &ich a con ver^on c^ the Jewet : for tie fpeakes exprc(^ 

(you (ay) of vifiting the Gm^s^ 4ii*c.. The ApG^ftle Jm^ byyonr 

oisne con£e(tlon^ aliedgeth two Pro{^Ui^ oxiie, (^ ydu % after 

f^ez'j.) (^xAd SimeonyASf i5<at the.i4»v0]frand the other of A* 

mof^ vet.xpAy^ where there it e^piefle niention of building the Ta^^ 

bernacle oiVavid (as in the former thf re is^ of vifiting thf Gentiks) 

and ycty w wqi#h«T« . thil laft l^/^^^^fi^ (o kentf f&>re then an 

n, ' * ExpofitiQD 

. ■ - ■■■■■I ■ 1 . » ■ ■ . ' • > ■■ , ... 


,4 II ■ III— ^*«l>«»r*M*^« 

' filfc)f and were- k' tiol^ to exj^otmd t^iuntpr i^a$in^'y to waktf the 

"^Cbmnicht mbifetbfcure then the Ttxr, to fay th^t1jy\^iheiHilding 

^ rffhTjh'Macte'ofPznid]fa^^^ [t;5j?/n7gyVfc'&p2//7f/] 

before i^oftch 6t?^ Thus then wh'itfot ^^ talRe ycu ni^'e 6fme pcc- 
fcnt eonVcrfion, artd^tmion trfthc Jims mih the dburch of the 
Gentikj^ y^ when ydutom^ ccappIy'theSicrlpturc^^'yoo 'debarrc 

• theraofallintereftirrthp'(ePfophecfeyaOrt6atpartofa Prophecy 
^whioh concifrjkiifciiiV iibtiby^ miic^i dtsc ybd fkvcuf rfiefr convcr- 

. &)ny.6r fefteehjcthcir conif)atiy/ Biit as yon hold the wordi in the 
14. verftohd^t reference to Sttmoks Prophccyjlb yoq muft remem- 
ber, i\!i^xSiinfonCz\x\\ of Chrift^ that ht p^omldlkaKght hlighen tbe 
C^riP/ vbiforehefelthofhimjthac he (houfd be theglary of his 
fecop!eJ5^i«^;' ^nd what doth this iirtiply, but that a* fobftitutedjpart 

' of the<5wfi/e/, wcr^t6-bccothtth|; Church of Chrifti htfckc the 
Nation of rfee fstrh (hould deceive the Go(pel J for being indued 

^wRh the (^irft ot Propfitcy, tie could fiQt ^pe^kc iat randomc; and 
therifbre the rery order of thefifi^ ords is obfcrveablfe intfth which 

C ft • - ' -•-—-.--.-.- - -._ ... — 

\t James 

I !«m r__, _ J ^ D —- " n 

'better} have beene alledg'd according to the Proph( 

fc:[^prcfiiow3 had this P/ophccy bccnetio nioit 'btit a Ijirger c'ijrfana* 

. tfonj'andftfrthtr confirmatlonof the Gw/fifei cailmg. Atid nycu 

*!trotcinto^hc httcrpart of Arhbs .Pfoptocjr recdracdiJy Stjameiy 

•you-'nny^ fee, that at the building agafnc of 2? j?;/rf/ Tabernacle, 

irhereis not onely mention cf^thk refidfte of mctf] that {hculd ihcn 

tfekeaftct-'GodjbutpftheGc^n/e/ too, upon wh^^^ God's Name 

4^8 caB^p before that iCfor why dfefiiouM ihey*be thus diftinguifhcd 

fix)dfothcr Gemikj'^ihzt are then to^e4keth^ Lord as well as they?) 

. And vyhat will follow from hence upon your expounding £/ite bm^ 

dikg Sftht tabemackMjIhndyyf tbefii>ft calling of the Gentiltsh^c 

^nely this will follow, that tjnf firft calling ofthe GentikfyVi^i not 

the feft calling of the<^;i&/jfeingt;ir*e/*(y/^^ iipon tftfomOoefsnm 

z\ljit/iU'd]\s al waycs^ieailt of ^people that doth w6rfliip the trtic 

' God.hnd confcquently friobi the word»[i//er this ImBnttimf^nil 

'biAld agdn tbe tabimaJe of Da^d] inferi'd upon the* i&i^fafd [vi- 

fiiing of tbe Gentiles'] ]ntbci4.z«f4md from the words|)£^ tberefi" 


Patfr u \3 ^feij^f Tterj^^ %sig»^ o^ ^srth, 77 


Ummitea^d^ie^f^ti^ tlxp tio»%wh*^(;*|n<^tpbe built, it 


^er^A aiHj tjiq^ a)i y^i^f what(bf vf r^h^t.vverf fhcn left both of 
^c*U!4 an4 «?rt4kj!ip^^^^^^^ jW^FX)ii^ Chtjj\li . with the Jetr^/, 
W^twi^^lj^ifefe^^ thans/upbn xhe 

c/^fayiia^wiSi\4^\^ Qt tKe Je?rff, in their own Jandj^ 

tccor4itf|gj^tbcicif^^ Ar^ wHerea$,yoij 

ftttMftto. iftep;jy^ ..tjbjw:, ,^btt^ .^(^rI^Y vijas taken , out of Amos onely 
i^c^iifhe^j4l^fiUJpe^f.^^^^ tff thif 

^gt€eifk(ii»ffP,4tfiff^ Psffh^sil So^.imf g W weakcncfl^ in ^ylot 
(b«^^ that jijc,isan4i[riMul, manner or/peaking,^' tb put thep^nrall 
iHiin|^r:foFthe|^^4l>and |he ^gular for the plurall^^ he mi^^ht 
y^rynffnW (ay^tOjthid^jrpf ib^ipgrcU ofthePropft^isy^bccJiuCeoiht? 
Pf oi*ettM(qifer^^<^^ AUhpugh; he brought an in- 

^wve.OjR^ly wtpfj^.^puhim i, fpii J aj^i uirc thattKis ptpphecy 
^i^holly ill 4^t^/^wich a little difference froiii this tranftitioh accor- 
ding tp chf 4)r|^[n2(l|^but pone according to tfie Septuagin t^ as Do"- 
&or M^iPi affiigf^f^ ; Aad,wl|y ^^ypu fjiy beforeXl^^e/ aVedgetb 
^A«^^%#4ff43^^ tt)c progKf cy oj^ 

Am9j 1 2^ If ypu kuiew tha| bu,t a part of i^. was &Uy w^V aid yoii 
XiotSk^V vfi^t yiQX^% ^yepe.yjqki?^ !^|^^? t^^ whjit words by fome*" 

^•^•Ky^^/fs Jn4ec4« il U^ th(e ;«rords of 

Amiin^, bool{;eJpf^je'Pj^^^^ the wi?;i^r ^9^ Yi'if^r I^r^ 

ph^U» were ^\l iftoneyjQ\ume»cal|ecf Lh%babke of ttie Pr^fietsVanif, 
ihec ejFore-when ^^.teftimpi^y i8bc(Wht put of any of thcip,1t is rnoff 
^^iByg^Qpjy.ay^^^ ^oleipokc, and. not 'from tb a? 



78 Ifeteb Jt^*fi^'»^ Wbp <^ <r ^alt t 

/. * • I •■ ' 

read,[i</ 1/ is t^itAiinlthi Mn% of ilk Tf&^¥^ Ms 7^ 4t«} iiH 
Atad oi^' i$ u written bfAmtmihlht^tf the 9^ hadABf 
t ^. 40. [which if fi(^ (if in #&r Priffof A^that b, bgr HMakigl{m 
tbebaokfvftkcPfopetf. AddinaUtUVlYiopelbafef^ 
thU great 4odb^^c)te tAentfOniogwfkriea^odta^ 
de Iiuight ID Dlvliii(^^fydu\x^rehorabWu>fidfifie]^ 
in: or ]K>uf gitaH de^t to fvtang^e, l^ydierkneir ibframhrar 
tolt. ••..'•• 

J. XondeAf thai tffeJp^kf ant atkJet^tyfjir^^ 
fiew tht giiufali toitvetRoh ifibi J^et^ trfkr tBitmpetfim cf$bep^ 
pitutidOenHles: f^rMfiMimiy fyoQ (ay) and^AenM^oilpMU 
fit>eJ. Imt^ andfo aB IfiaelfiaU befatfeiLBat thoNgti heiafth notfjmi 
tben^ytiFarstm cdsyou^ that this, and mdfi tben ijbfe if imltr: 
fibod : for he Gith thciv iiran [£^^3 of^^^tMeecient s a dffeft 
or leavbgout of fomethfaig that (bodM ^afebee^^^oMntliefemSa 
that the hdl rehearfing of the Apoftleii ndftdt liereth hnid'beenlliii8« 
For I twmUnQt brethren^ ihatj<mp^ldUimor»itof^bkfifffitrf: fb^ 
Uiiukm£e it in fart hafffened ta Jjrael^Vritm thtfiAftgetftbeGmUm 
fifoBjeom in •* and then wtm tbefitkttpiifH^Gentikjfi^eomt^ 
bUndmJfejballeeafi^ andfo attlfraeffhaliUfavtd.'' AnddocibtldBe dlis 
is the true meaning of what the Apbftle hath rabre brvefely onend. 
And yet we doe notgcanl^ \fha$ tbtApf^kifbmm m order ^Mjft'- 
rmciintimep2\itcmic he (u^nocland tienj hdilihdp.^¥wtbff 
diftanca of tifiie betwixt Jfram^Mitf^iff^ andcatfihgag^ne, ta 
cstpreft by the words [VntiU thefidacjji ofihtXknfiUi fbalt'eme im:] 
without which or tlie like words in the ptmnff^ the word Ci^«4 
In the oonclufion had bcene of Uttle force-: aathAnranl ^ ""^ ' " 

6deraUe ^ for fedng ttie Appftle "faith, bHndnejjk it f^fm'L bapntd 1^ 
ffrofty tmtiU ibefitmjfe of the dentin (boBcome nr^ aMaddf prdentfy 
tftera andfo aU Ifiaell pfoU be fat/fd i lind' ooinS^ 
Prophecy which concemes tii^.pkrdpil(ii^g and punl^tf^ of the 
ffipu omlfi who that gdll hif^wltk about hloi^ can bel<ii^ tfcat'the 
Apoftlc tneaot neverthetel^> thai: blindfiefle ftouM never* depart 
from that Nation^ which doome your expoundmgof [^^^e/] of 
nxm but oftbt talhd oflfiael and of t be Qemiks^ dot^ neceflarily^ pot 
^ it; Fpi: bv tfie words \and fo aB Ifiad'AaUhfSv^jtn doe 

nderhanda further balfo)g of any^bicm^ of 



mT 0-I1T- Tl ^I'l • II m^mmmmmmmm 

Parity Cbnift$P9iifukUfX*ig^o»E^ii^,' ff 


tht' whole aonbcr of ckie bebe^ng ^kim and GtnAhs ibmierly 

oU'draiKl tbovfoic tkc bttftAiedet^^ 

n^^^bB GmiiksjfgiaU com i^ and tben (actording co your odui« 

ifM in.]i|Oiirfeifi^ tbtre it 10 be no other ttid of Ifrath blindhefle^ 
dMiiflietiiiiii^ condenanadonand perditionf of ^tnoft that wtiofe 
Kadofu \l^^ generall converfion, many of the Fatfaers, afnd thn 
9K^ aid mpA laarneii men amdn|[ft Pfoceffants and P^pids doe 
jiefctfdVilfldge lobebodt plain^ ferecoM here b^ St. P^ i&id a- 
hecied^ldlM^ Pi»phcGjr alted^d otM otlfdnah^ which you grant co 
be the fittaeln ftnfi wtb the Prwheciee before rcdced, and yet the 
wot of tUa pobmi>aFtkk[fiMJ lAdlfiMy the ftales on youfiide^ 
ag^inft fiMnmy/radenc aaiHor MeeH»f God and n^an. And feeing 
ypufoteyottrixiikcdt ii>bighly,yoir might very well haVe afibrdcd .^ 

twa paeaphnde of ibe 25 • ai^ 26» ««r/ef of thir Cb^ter ^ cha t fo ^t ^: 

m^^ huMtfemnrseyoar meanh^ fully, and fiene how you cduld *" 

make sSl^taats Wmrfac^eiilitl^ with dtat myftical! ftnfe which: 
Y0MiASj^aidku But to<ay no more dfa Ttxt^ which h one of thi^ 
tsaimpiUtMcf die Tenet you 6> much condemne, then £tbere-' 
fin tkt t9ndt^9n nmfi bt i^tfotrnkd aecarding to th fr^eedh^ 
iMrdiyjthsKtUy All Ifradi an tbecalkd of Ifract, andfftht OendIeK : 1 
ktohringtbeReadierinto a wood, ortabyrhith rather^amd there* 
tfi leem ntni, 10 fieke hie^ way oue Imnfelfe. For the preceding' 
woids SkttifbmiJm$btefiio mfartbafrudto Ifraef^mri// tbefkbiepof 
ik GentUes fioMtomt in \ and the meanltig of them (youiay^ is, ^ 
AUlkaAan tbeMOut^flGr^ti amJoftbrOstitiltt ; and the conclu* 
60B iB^0ul^fr^VhiApaltl^finfed: and the meaniogof t^lsaKb 
(fG^ft^^kyAaiCrj^dare the eMtftCtsid ofdtf 4t Genttfes. For 
the.cOflcla&MB, you (ay, mufi bt expm&l axor^Ung to the preceding; 
am6, ebatt h> All Ifrael are the ealkd o/Ifrael and of ibe Gentile^ 
AmUmmadn^^rifim eeneatk amci ? is ^his to helpe or hinder the 
ReadeciatheunderftandHig of the Apo(H^ And yetforall thie 
fliri^^d)MoL4tfIfrai9ll kit not your diftin^ I&aetand. 

M Ificad^that can {k-9«e che wcud \JP'mQ to'be thyfticalty taken*^ 
For bi£dea that^^thew itan apparent oppoiGt|[>n betu/Ixt the Jf»^ 
and.thi Gamil^ ebroughoui thtsClr^^er : and that the Ijfrjf/ wHicH 
it caheiamd, hath relation i^nely to lYit'lfratl that Is bejfor<^ (aid to 
llNDiohlitid^&(and/mittothew«»dr,im Gen* 

■ X I m — 

^ . _ _ . . - , — — ~.~^— — 

tiles fhaH cmrn, in^ which are added co ftevr ihtx diftaii€eiof time ht^" 
twixctheblindiogandiavuigof ifrje/^bei^^ ietsfibcge^ 

ficrally true, ^z,^\aJllpMf\ is more ^hen [Zjl^iie/j^feeing the word' 
ij^4ie/ialone9 is qioreo^cea uled fovldiewhdeNadm^llienL^ 
\}itatV\ is. Neither is it true that \aUJfmiy(Mti^did^^ 
both jtwu and Gmtiks ^.for he uietb the Qnrverfallnocef^tffD in the 
laft place^ and not m the firil ^b^cau&all^ npne excejpted/ were^ to 
beconverted) although all) ncmefexcepted weeenatcobe Ut«i#ddr 
And Uftly^ <c itiioc tnif^ tbiat \M Jfi'ael'} bcceismor^ thkfk ^^Hetj 
hUtc^fotifraeUo whomblindaefle^ihapBed in pavr^ eorfff^Nliend^ 
both thebelcevingand whdteyingif'jMUte^^ jtrnd cdfifcauently all 
tfiaelitBs j^nd although ^aU 2)^^] peitodre then liieiilipded^br not 
blinded part of j^^l^tb^t i^tbefi J^je/;divi^]l^ »fcf*H yecjt i§ hot 
more then ijfrje/indlvifively^akonach^n Jfiaelkox^lKJmQk}^^ 
hapne4 inp^irt^and in part not h^pnr4;fotthusiIj9ae/iii the9S5.t/ri9* 
[^all IfiaellcoOy becaufe it cQntains all bdeevers Scunbeleei^re bf the 
Jeir/ together 3 althoughit be not [W/ Jj|f'4e/[}a« it ris4ippdf<i tci (he * 
beleeying.or unbeleeying j^o^/ ^eyerallyyaiiakiipait^ahdlilierfoie in 
fayihg^th^t^ii// J/r^e/l!s more theri[Jfrael towb^imMtndfm «^ hMf^U 
in faft\ you do (ay ithai[ii// ^^/] j* eiort thenalilfraek 8t though 
itbe more^then thebeleeyif )g or unb^Ieeyiog pare of Ijfadi yet to 
aigue.thus from henc^9^//2/^<:ie/9 is more then the blinded part of 
ijf?^/, chebfore it,Q3cqprebc^ 

(uch:an argu.mencas'thisi ^\\England isfiftOiris dkir)alm6i^ ^fi '-ing* 
land^ therefore it ji^^ngland and ^^('WWtoo^or^allyoiirwitis 
more then thp,gi^at;efl: part of youir wit^ tbelefbceltri-yourwit 

you doe hereby. cTolely encieavQuctpipjutithe likeimyn^calLibeamng 
upon the worcfs [Sion and ^m:^}^ iq ^i«A/ Prophefcie: ^boc ^tis not 
the delivering of your meanlcig ;(b d^rlcely) . northe prdfiog oFi'r 
upQn the Reader^ beleefe With fuph ^n irr.s4$iQiPiaIl jieoeitity^tbac.^^^^ 
ought avaafeyburFqr£%j734^h.%«>^^ thiajitefc^lche^fceiib 
oFthe 7c»?^/j of whQpJ^tlre DJlycrer, thatjsj. Chriibodr 3«wouf 
was ^o be borne -^ and^JC(j^^ is n^yqc ufed liutjfiOT 1^ perfon 
of *jazob^ pr the pofterity of Jacob : which Ii<ft accepiidti ia'die mea- 
ning of it in this PropHecier; a^d how. then ^(ball the luiniBg away 
^ ungodlinefe from Jacob bc.undejrftoodx but-Of (avinfe [<i//ij^jei] 

^ ' ' .■ the 

Pittjti ' Chrj^sj€rfijt4Ji{J^f^gjii«ofi.£arth. ^1, 


the ivbole pofterhy oija^obpy calling then^i €^t<>f tke ji^ijE^^neiflem 
tirbicb they are/ And confiitjueiitly this I^rophecy alfodoth. fficw 
the National] converHpn of ihtjivrts after the fulnefli of the^b^ 
^iidteA Gentikt isxomein 5 or wh?n the timecorocsin which tho- 
roi^h the wbnderfolidcliy€r4nce.p/the Jevres^ (not a part^ as noW) 
biit^ all that vrereleft of the Cenfjief (halltoget her with thcmierve 
the I:Drd. But \jhefi Qonjeffures ( you fay J di^roy, om another^ for if 
the caBing of the htpjjhatl beefier tin fnlnes oft he calling oftheGentiles^ 
then all theGentlUs that pal h left cannot be called through th/^ xf^j^der- 
full deliverance if the Jeiaps. 3 Thus no dtybt you would have ft^ al^ 
though you cannot thus apprehend it^ for I have before ina 'margi- 
nal! note^whicbyou wou'd take no notice oF^ (nor of fonreother^ 
which' would have given good light to the reader in the totall SXC- 
cov^y of this truth^I have tbere^I £iy ,as if/^el as he here diftii^u'lh^ 
ed betwixt thib fu^l number of the ele£l that were iiicccffively to be 
caMoDC of the Nations of the fubftitutcdGe»rf/e/ before the con- 
version of the yea^/z^nd th<ffull calling of all unbeleevlng GentiUi^ 
whatfoever at and through the extraordinary reftauradon and de- 
liverance of the Jetpts^ovi to (af tha.t the Jevfs (hall be cohvertecl 
after,oi»at the fUttng ujp o^the fdl niimber of the ^eft of the &bfti^^ 
rated C?e»;i/e/^that are appointed tojbe called beforehand at thejfeilv^ 
;enerall cotiverfiohC& before our Savioiirs cpmming^ which (hall 
)Z at the deliverance of the jmes^ not long after their callings and 
cveri fudilenly after their VetuhiJ& that the Jem (hall be con wted 
before thecalliDg and comming in of all unbaeeving Gentiles wnat- 
(beveratbat^fetobe (ionvcrted throiigh their wondeifull dehve- 
ranee at our Saviout^s deicendinj^ ^ is noit tq aflirme^^that all Gentiles 
(ball be qdl'd to the ChrilUan Faith before the Jeives conver(ion, 
and yet mii^y^of tbcpi fefttote called fhropgh the Je^e/ delive- 
rance ; asartjr.pncj th^t is not more willing to' have the truth ml- 
ftakcn, then to fatisfie hloifelfe or others- thcreinj may eaiily per- 
ceive: Fbr that the Chri(|ian Nations have beene the people of 
Grod in the jtivis ft^a^^j, eVc^ flnce the Apoffles ^urned^rpm 
thfe Gentfk's^% feri.own^Jicj afl <pbri(tUns that endeavour tafoiow 
anything j a|id that thqHe 'ire firre ^drc Nations then theie, that ^ 
yet embrace not the ChrlftiaAi Faith experience at th|s day witne^- 
icth* Thecdnlmingin 6f all which Nationi both calm and uncalled 
to makcOn^iJhurch whh the J^9?^/;j, the Proghecles oilfaiab6& 

g'^ Ifiraets Rtdtmftim ttdeemid^ or P$:A t« 

atitff- 19* &c.Md of 2Sec^i«ib^ the t^.t^md^.doeclearet| 
prove ti;> be chrou^ the w^derfidl dqlhreratice of the %riW| 
froAi the deftiuftion which thefe Nations ftui! endeavour toi>jiog 
Uj^n theni) and God (hall in a molft terrible and aaaryellQUa man^ 
nerturne upon their owneh^ds: and that the Natiolds which ait 
yet aliens from the Chdflian fi!tll> fliall not till that time beoooK 
Cbriftians (befides the great probability thcrrt)f>the ferefaidPro* 
phecle of Jims doth manlfeft it. For by \itbe hdldmg of the Tabems- 
ek ojfDjvid] is meant the reftoring or thejemjr 5 by Ithe Gend^ 
on wham Gods name U ealtd} are meant the Chriftians ; and by [tk 
. repdm efmnYzTt meant the Nations which (hall not till then be 
called to theCnrifttan faith : and of this comming In of all G&nik 
Nations together upon the fbrefaid deliverance otthe Jttpesy I doc 
indeed take Ithefulnijfe of the Gentiles] which St.PW focafard^ to 
fee underftood. So that nntiB thefiJnep of the Gentilei fiaB come ini 
IS3 untiU the time in which God hath appointed thus to bring m aU 
Gentik Nations together^be neere at nandj beftioidy to b^n: 
^hen (hall the Jexi^ej beronvertejj, that this may becflFefted ; aad 
thus the ApofJIe doth propb(ede of the geherall conVerfion of the 
^etves wfxdGentiks too; and that Mr. Afede ( whom you yoi|r fife 
commend for a renowned Author jdid thus underfiand the Apoftk 
you may fcepjge 5 4. of his Commentaries on the Afocalypsi when 
affirming, that from the time of tte Jewes i^jcfikion, the Church of 
t\itGentiks hath beene taken into J5^^// roqniej.he Cith, Biqueloe$ 
ajmi Veum tanti^er hahmda^ dttm veierifotnti(iJmJ^$ mzfiricordijm 
co»feciuoyfknUttd» gmtiism introkriii arid incterde the Apoftles own 
words in the 1 2. and i J, wr. of the tmi^Chafter doc confinue thiij 
for there he ihewesg^ that a$ the fall and caftiqgaway of the /em/, 
was an occafiori of this doovertioh of the fubftituted jiart of the 
Gentiles \^Q tbeirfahefft^their receiving jg^iie^fiiduld be'an occafiod 
of the cocnming in 01 all other (S^o/ile Nations whacCbever. And 
thoqgh you (zf[thM thk lap^fonjeSstte ( to wit^ touching the com- 
mingof all Oentiks whatKMKver throi^h die deliveraoce of the 
jkwes)dotbdePrcjia momTenet <?/ #i&e Millenaries, tvlk)/j|F<&«t thi 
je wes fbaU ruk over dB the Nations and hold them in fabje3ion tiB tk 
(Hiofthethottfahdjearef^^dthen ibefe ftqfham HaMnsfiaBr^ agdn 
inames ag<dn^ the Jew^l k is ondy fpc^en not prav*df:aml though 

you will noc bclMVc Ooid ip all this ^yet ifyoiiinllbcleevi 

^ « 

^^— «»«i»*»<^i»*t*»*^— >— — ■ I ■■■I II u ■■ ■ I , I 

tong €xpcri(mce.b^cpy^nt»fli(|Qthei^you thia 

' alfo. For why niay>i)ot thb Jtvps rtileoyer tBem^that fliall imbrace 

the ia'me Uwi^ apd .worfibip the fame God with them : wbenat one 

[Guwii'/c NanoA .doth thu? lule over j|thei! Gentile Nations of tlic 

facpc. bfefi^e .? aJBfl why alfc^ may iiptfnfcfe Nations fall away, and 

ji^ in armta agaipftiih^ Jeir^ at the end of the 1000: ycarcs, at 

tbe Tooting againc pfSatan^whonasitishoconely Ofcuhary for 

one I^atH^n .to die in armes againft another of the fame Siith^ knd 

,man^ ti^es againft fuch as lieare fway over them : bol chey .wh6 

rejeft ouc lUq« doe hold tpo";, that the Chriftian Chorch fil^ll bi 

farre niorc cDlargcd^and more flpurifhingjtheri ever i( was fiinbe tUe 

.preaching* of .?he Gofpel, and 'yet before Chrift*s commiiig eviJn 

j^holly fall away againe ? and therefipre you have onely (hndered 

what by^reafon ot the evidence of Gfodsword^ and of commoA 

"c?qperience. yoif goiild not^poflibly diCpro? c. And Vet you have tick 

idone) torithc greatepj^ of thk^ofheiui (yf^^ Jet^s 

brofperity after their mi^rhe]) arie^Hedrf ibe^ Cbrffiihn Cbitrhh 

j^ypo) lay inotb&pjffages of the wcy Tejftiwe^f .3Siirely if there be*n6 

ch^ 10. 1 6^i7.and Jer.^ 2 .cotii taines the iame words with c/E^.^ 1 .^ i «^ 
doth ^hatof cfoip. 3^. d.and to the fame jparpoie !s that bhW. ^tiy 

the l^^^x ^ f^f9^^, h[ ^^^ Sainmr Jphn 1 o r i . 1 'i^a ff^at'ofchhp '' 
39. IS co'mfpondent n;itb tbeprek^ 

and thaiofZecb. 10. is one ivitblira^ A^axMdtberih^atare'hM^lff 
hefore.'] And What other were they V cert^lriely ^ouhayc not' 
' dnfwcred one cl'all Jthefe prophecies thjrt are aH^lgcd t(J (bcw tlie' 
^en?/ "peactttbic and profpcrous cpnditiblji i^iiir thdr r etUrhe. ; An3 ' 
the an(Wers ttiat you have made to them whi(fhn:>nce^ 
tume, doe leave the reader asdoubiKiU ^nd unfkisni^y ar youf^ 
fliuffling tc^ether of ,the(e^p^ophectes here doth, . For the nrfi^ 
*0rds-Whtcii'4^iUvc ilWged^ at the io. vet.' 

anati6t at th<;£^i!t/e»-.biu:th{st^^ mi^t fit- 

ydutlSible in the 2 Cor.cbaf. 6 4ttbc t9. ier. ^ <noii^ 

to inak^' you £ty^^ that tneiiifholcc^^. efjermi^kmant of tit 

\ ■ } 

84 in-aell RhMpiUf^ riOkirMl^ er Pirt i.^ 


jfall, f as thatGod ffio^ Fatlicr aitid tbctr Gdd i aiid thqr 

]^I8 ^yplf} ^cmpes and 4aughters3 ah(l ch'e ITkeVbb ap|)Iled'a8 well 
,'cp the Gfiwl/e/ as (;6thc Jfe»?/3 ic wfll hdt Ifbftow ikkH hdAob^ that 
wWw Odd fa|th hewaibeaGodt6thiB/fi>^//atid^^^^^^ bfe 
liis PcorIc, he ineanes iii that place the Gentile f^ arid hot the JetPS', 
or thejl^nvandl 6e»/zi<gi both^ And miich lefle w!H itfcdiow.thac 
}my xlni^ l^hich li prop^tcied as pl-oper to the jfeApi,fii piitiiiQlar^. 
or as opppfed to btiiecNa^^^ yet beundetftbM df other 

Nadonit* Faf,io\ihtlme^ii Hich [iro'phedes betongl^ot td the Jbr/ 
onehT) no prqmiCk can be ib properly 9 di^inffly^ sted plaiiiTy 
macie to any Natloja^ which can aUure that lotion that^ they be- 
tong toitjan^t^xnobthi^'. X^P^y tiadtibdt the pr<ilptbecy ler. jr. 
^ toe ji. verfifiexfoniiinm itiJ 

|v!Kiny repe^tedp. butekppm^^t^ i^ not, unl^ile the fam)b prophe- 
cy doth expotoditfet^ why(^ is tomalceitboth the texltanid the 
conimcnt : ^ch poore Aifts are yoq put t^ywhUOt ybu had rather 

ifn^ofit^ble ^that bcreb^he urugbi at ^^^^ cf 

4l^e beleeving jfemf.^andi if'u ^ad been poffiWe, Wve nibv^^ the 
Vfjlole Nadpn at that tin^ j^iqrobraoe tlie CoVenarit^bf^thc Goipelj 


ea^piAind itfelfe(ana isihd^ (a ^^^ 
chat it needsnpexpo6don/toitd6thnbm^ theb'ther 

{Irophedes^^CwhipK ypju Jky, ^re tlkJ^mffiA it)jL% It Ip-r^peatcd 
by the AppftfeiiDl^Ditdoch^as^iiis^^ Uiet'tophet. And 

piev being all eorbeaccon]puibt.tothe%R'/atche iamertiine« at 
the reftoruig jpr,fhar rangdc^^^ ^^V^ 

.dfdbytbe others, iutW o>j^ 

pgh-l. "^^ifr'»^*^ St^« 4»5£4r**. ^ 8 1 

at ihte taof^* fpkiiaaill bfiocfict oiidjr,a»*>. ?•: ^Ithesj- 
i«r, ate; (*#. 3«.<tthe64wa'.8c6'*n4«&fl»rS^-«t toe 19.^ wr. Sjc. 
doe cctottSwB foirinMM aiui «aippr3ibli»6is{iPiib.;for liny fo«- 
ftiewthe ?ww*''**l^ tlMr««ttii«e oi*o,,arKl,pK%«tJ «i cbcir 

n* 1281c* txfomi ki mrSavkm, Mi. iOv»er. 11. i6.] TiH& 

^« ?fo0hM ef OHittogtho KwgdoMof >/-* and Ifi^el, wbidt 
I)U rfftd t*<Jplv«K> -Of* KlHgfloirl ag«iiie.inib«U! ^wne lao*. 

^ b«s«fe «» Ssmouraiid'thePfopft«tdoe«fethelamc Met4- 

T^*iE/5>1tf,l<atwl the-fubftiiu«dl <$mnkti, amfStm^msit 
rSfeer'f&ijtelwd fcil Nations t€ig«Jkria«»tt«d.mth« 

KinidbinelvW aUthe woWd^Miubr o.e Sag,*oiwt, Ghr^Jeftw 

-«S»t <»f 1^«*, »i eiirifttoMjAidalkiiker NaodM, yoa o»y 

•fea^foittfi toloor *o%, A»t oar Satiotrf*. •rords Jaf,thei«. 

d« expoaftdit. Aiid. [rft** bff>baf. .39. «r camiM«»^C70« <»?) 

Se/ a^e-nef tobe<i!i«kd!tiUhe€«Miaiid.ternWeD»y of our Safl- 
Onrs comml(.g,f«»^t,th«mt*e2^at^iieMM^^^ 
that D*v:'Awl<h9t1« th« 3'«^ partly wJ«**a«ly ««>«*» <»* 
mrtl7 atthev«fytlmefef<:*i«^AtodiBeW't^ 
• tifmk^ tte* fc ^fainly d«lat^heK«iifaie*fthe iwh<»Ie .N«t««R 
of th«^/rt>>«^tO^*«*r «ibe'fendj toJwftxdepicd vthat ?«« couM 
neither prwe it to >beateetay&)fitt«d-,i»6rd«tty th*cat (baUfee 
foffilfed v^atrfe O0d,w*ip*»tb promifcdfo to powe «ut h<.« 
Sj)irtt lijfen *tiiwm/«h«t heiaayiwteowiudioMi fcce rfrom iHem, 

— ^••••■••••w 


^4 ^ . »' . -iCucU^^^^niptioit^ n^^mfdi) tr Part t 

bach therdti pron^sd both thdr cxmvorfiori frpm fin^ and conUnu- 

anceln obedienoe. And C ^bat of Zedb. the 6 -y.&c* H^C^jm 

' fey) i^kh Jtr.i^ ai ibiSMiif.lj^tbduid liawefitfd at tJw s-S^ 4.,z/, 

'Bi^cddthk|>rove9 tbartb^ aretheidbnBiUlfiU'd alre^^ be- 

"caiife they have one meaning ? hccait&tbry weieto be^iiilfill'd to 

' thfc fame people at the £mie time I then you may iay tbo> that the 

Prophecks^nrtiich coneerhe oor Saviotir'f^ comnung^. or the day 

of Jtldg«men«i i^rt^i9Adj^mccompi\lh9ip 

lame thing. A^diiiii^ it appheareabythe three Ph>phe{|c$, which 

tyoutiaieWdty r^feft'dtq^t^pM^^f^ 

wheredF the firA is miftaken 5 cfae recondche ^fe-iame Prp(Jbed< 

that U rtferfbd. and .the tUrdndche'r rpofecoof in the teu ip 

Which it is rikr^dj nor of any affinity tmbl^in thf: (^ntencs 

thfkt^h 1>ytHiairay^it:24J}ut»^chatbei^ 

' fid^ble anfwer to any bf cbofe Prophede%. yon iuudno other 

way to bold up yoor credie^ amorigft yoar friend^ boi by a iiib- 

de pretending [ thartht grtateflfan $f tb^fnfffhteks are a^md 

^40 ibeiP iamU mtbt mitkfgsof thi.4j^liO } b« wbatfoewith^ 

raft may doa^ I preiSim^iiie l^araisd or yoivt bpfailon>l»iIl be ^Qia- 

llisdof ihafeWandnieJHieinftanoefi whssb^Ouhave bro«ig$t,to 

make good your aflertidta : for doubtlefle by (iich referencef , with 

which y oil have/an Avered thefe Prophecies > y6u Aiay fluifi the 

r force of ahy Aignmenc^.ainddcpQimdany tejcc.of,§ci^ as 

-youHft. Nbw in tii^ laft placeyoo taxe mtfox[,ofmttmgibe 12. 

^ inrifi ibi i%*and ti; ver.. J But not ooe ^of thefe verier v/sa in that 

part of t he chapter, v^ich^Iiviw tictDd ;!atid therefore ihey were 

/neither oiNbrflipt , noo^ipoftly omitted $ ^as yon have purpofely 

OmhtedJrithe i2;^jS;thdc wordsj [,l4g0in€i'iH tbk^fUct ^wbidfjn 

defjlait^ witbom mm and tviihmt beafi ; Jand in th< i^ • verfi the(e, 

[^aniin tbtflaeu abotu Jer^akm-^-^^fif^Otbtflo^.paffii agaim wfr 

dn ibi bands nf him tbit uBetb than } titit (b yop might make way 

' foryoor myifiieaH interpretaiiooy in the entrancf. whereof you doe 

|fi>)awdIyik)QCcatthe^ry of ChriAiKingdome, %ing [if^M*^ 

isfbii tbeglmy ofX^ifls King^ame^ thatfifiepfioBliein bu, Citiaf^ 

certainly the ehiefeft glory of Cbrifts Kingdome is^< that merq^ 

and truth (hall meet together ; md peace and rightcoufneiSc kiue 

whodier: botyetthepromiiedftrtilicy and pleafiinmefle ot the 

* Land 


Parti • " . . ^^i$^ frfinfU ^Wt^fit M4rtk, , 87 

Land of Canaan^ an(I the eocrea^ and proi^icy orman Vndb^flr — - 
opofijt, ftall hielp fee ibrch the glory thereof alfo , feeing the glo- 
ry of aKin^domeonearthdothasw&Uconlift in the kbiuidance « 
of oatward and QEimporall bleiTingf^ whereby the eyills that woiild 
cotaie throu^ vfiiSi knd povert a/'e prevented *; as in the lahun- 
dance of inward and fpirituall bleflingf » Wh reby the evUkthac 
would ^Uow xxpcfli Hcbes and plenty are avoided : yea it Jf more 
glory for the iervant of Gpd to keep hi mietfe holy and righrepus 
in the midlftpF^prorpeHty and delight \ '• then when there h a fear* 
dty of the ci^aitures which conduce tp the pleafare and welfare pf 
In^body. And Wliereas yoa &y further^ f that the hordmnJerfiands 
here flit ^iritnuB j^ ofCbrffi^&s. at be exfeuttdith ii,E2ek.34. V.3i. 
• It fleck ofmfpajtiire anmen^& 1 amyoifit GodJ^loa doe herein appa- 
rently t>ely Goc^; for although Cod dot^ in that chapter of Ezel^ 
'^ call the Jeu^s his fiieep3and:hts fiock ; yet it doth not therefore fo!- 
I0W3 that' by [,fiod(s ] in thi* cbaf* of Jer. he onderftands men alfo, 
5ea the words, which you have omitted doe cleerly (hew, that this 
word IS here to be t^n properly , for why doth God (ay in the! 
IS. veijei Agdne mthk place wbich is defolate mtbont man did 
w^ifboHt htafi ^ anditt dlltve Ckies tbereef fhaO be^ an bab^tatimhf 
fi>efbeatd^ ednfing their fiockf to fie dmnz 5 bqt to (hew, that there" > 
(boakf beagaine an ihcreaft of men and of (>eifts tn that land land 
what doth God meane when he faith^ in the 13. vet: thai m the 
Landof Ben|arnin, /^iW l« the places ^ont Jerufalem^ and in the Ci- 
fief nf %dah flfaB tbtfiod^ pafe againe tthder the brndt ' of him tlntt - 
ielletbihem? Doth lie meane that Minifters (hodld tell their Con*- 
gregations , as Shepherds tell their flocks ? or rather that there- 
ftould be againe both fk)cks and men to looke to them, and to tell ' 
them as formerly they had done .^ and fo the concealing of theie 
words doth plainly witnefleagakift you, that y6u made the foce- 
iaid impious fldurifhagainft your owne Confclence. And as you 
could not be ignorant , that by[^i^i] here cattell aremeant, 
and not men ; fo you had no grotjnd in the Tex^ , wherefore- you 
(hould conceit th^ fheep fhall lieln the Cities3*a8 theinfert^ng of the: 
words [^there even^^J] into the Text doth declare :: fot the Lord 
lalth^ Jnthiipla€0''-^andinaB the C^tief thereof fhapbtt an habitant 
en (^ Sbtpherds caujimg their fiodq ta lie dbtmit. .Whereby it is ma- 
nifeft) that Shephercb (ball dwell Iq the Gities, kit not; that their 

•■•■•t''^* S^ii 

flpcbifiaA have tEeir fcldi thcr«,bi|t by the Citiei'where Vhcir fee- 
ding flbaU be \ apdihthaciherelballtheQ be Shepli^rds a^ well in 
the (U^cs as iQ other placWt (hewes what a gr^at iocreafe of cat* 
tie (hall then be. ; aQa beHdes who kno wes nQt th^ ni^ be 

'driven into Cuiea to be fold there Tbrfbr fome other occa&iDJ 
and lb may jpa^ linder tlu hanils of him chat celleth. thciy^ in the 
citicj thcmlelv^ ? Butfuppofc thatcbeie words in ^/wure my- 
ilic^y ^beaaderftoodj whatwouldyoqgainebyit^ whc^asic 
is expr^Iy iaida that for the Shepherds oifthefefloclu^ (ball be an 
liabicadon £ m this place j that i$,in the Land o( Jitdea I and afbr* 
Wi^rds more particulady mibtGtm of tU iiamtwiesjinthiCi* 
jhs of the P'aJt^ andm the Cities of th^ Souib^ Mdin th^ Lmzd^qfim" 
jafltn^ andin thtfli^eT ^outTw^akmy and in the Ci^et of Judab : 
doth not this prove J that tbek faithfiill Congregations C If the 
Prophede^were to bfi; myftical/y taken) muftneedrb^^ InfaEabitaott 
ok Jwka^ and hot of other Cpiintries ? And yet y'ou can (hew bo 
reaibn) wher^ore we (hould take fpiriiiiall promiks ]|i tfairfe Pkh 

faith) I mUfirengtien the bmfi of J/dd^ imdmBfave tbgboifjicf 

^ Jofiph, and I^iU bring t hem /igaine to flacetbem^ and tb^ jfM fee 

4r tbongb I had not cafl them (^i And I vpti eaufejou to d^tU in ik 

Cutties ^ andthe^rPa^eifiallKbiiii^ folate JMdJbaliy 

tiUeJi rphereasit ^ajd^olate in the fight of ^llt^^ pa^fy^rndthfj 

jfhaUfay9 this land that t»as defoldte^ is become lihi tbegar^mof Edmi 

and the v^ajle and defilate and ruined Citief. ^t bextnifenaedandinkit 

inted. And I tpill cauje thejhowrf to ^mnedowne inhis fiafon^ tim 

fhall btfhoiTra of blej^ngj md the tree of the field; fif all jieU her fifit^ 

. and the Earth pall jield her increafe^ and tbej fhdlie foQin }heir lasl 

. and ^all ^tp^ that lam the Lord wbmlbave hfoiffi we hands effhth 

^okf ) and delivered them out of the hands of thofi tbatfetued then^l^a 

ofthemiandtbgLjhallnomore be afrej to the Heathen i fmtb&9^ 

, the beafisof the Landdevonre them , km th^fballj^ltf^ffisfy^intdm: 

ipaUmaki tbemafiaid. Maftwe^hmkesir^^thacinilii^ 

. like pcoifiUes God hath the £|me meaning as he bacfa ^ frhere b: 

laith> Itt^l cleanje them from their ini^uitie i^refy tb^^havefim^ 

againftme:' andl prill p/trdan all their irnqnities wherefytbej hMiefiff 

ned agamfl tHe^ andtpbcreby thy have tranfgreffed dgainfk me. And 

•' ^r>— ^-^^ iia.iiT .^»»-^:^r 

Pan I . Cki^f PttpMBH tie^lH utt Ehrth, 8^ 


tb^ -iW ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^^ ^S^f^ rfVr^ fhdl befiugbtfoT^ Urd 
there fhM he mm 9 and i^finmi ^ Jadab^ 4»f^ th^fiaU not befnmdy 
forlwiUfardm them wbaip Ir^etvt ^ T'lffMi $ririk^ tie one water ufh 
onj9Hj mdjeJhaUbeckamfirm aUym^phbimj^ ^ af^ fr(fm alljdUr 
tdoU vrillletem^JoMy Oi^ItriH pntri^ f^rh mthinjm^ and cauje' 
ymtotpjli^mtity SiMtHtr^ -omfydHpallk^pemj jtidgefhents and die 
ibem ? Hath Qod ki t^hofi firft prooiifek thi hine me^ii^ng th^c his 
habh ial^efe laft ^ dien fltew itt how tfee fiiali know^ tfheh God 
doth mAt a moaponSi prdknife^ and wtidi ndc ; if the former {^ro-> 
nd&sbenocco^beimdei^loodof ^titwa[rdiind tMp6raII bfleffihgs, 
as well^cbe bft of bvv^rd 4nd ^ritHa^ bfeffings : for furieit is 
not the maimer of thrHoly Ohoft to obfcure What S^ ^laintty de- 

ztA 2^- vetjk of the 55. cfei^ of Jer. C #i5e perpettiHjiff facr^ees arid 
Leuhes ( yoa fajjf ^ is prottiifid Ar flOnijf^w ihe fhi'Me f?/IXiVid, 
wbere^otiQ yed defna^d^^) ^PitHirfibeUjidi^j fbt matjfmiigs^ HnH 
hitntii^wgh ahdthehot^^fUifiierifibr'd^&'c?'} tmthin^ecd 
jout.falmanttmarpiiillen^M^ jot^t ittiAnt fatty ^Odr priddpajR fir^ 
g«B»t; byiwhichdoiibdcfle you fi]pp(^, th^lt ybtx htikfttpt 
ouriQM(hc*ibrefEer9 and^ven the Mille^rtan T^nec ^ niorcafi 
blow » m ktfXQhteribh woahd. Bat vihit thihVe yon t If Jtdam 
ludlBOtfidly^ami Cbfinne had not ehtr^diiitb the Worlds (hootd 
there odt have been catii^ and drtnlclr^ Ifcr^g s^nd felling) Judge* 
mffHt iCnd .|i^ice^ nmrrying and ^nringih mirriaj^e ^ you will not 
<^]^.-^andnHgiMrtherenota2ro ha^e been 6i[ftHng9and facriikes 
madeiifito^Gpds aftofikUMfe^ in t^ih cf God^ hearing aqd|>e*- 
ii]gd^|^«dvristlitt«rpray«'8: ^dof ^6 beft 6f their fruity 
and c£ didv cattdi) in token t4 tiithi f>ri!1^rig ot , and tbanksgi- 
^^^QtftoG^bt the utmi& dF ih^> ddnbtl^ the^e might. 
AndJi^Hit hitidirk thkiv^ that In tht Khi^domb of the (econd 
^jn%tly^feifa(mIdnmbeibcHik For^s it is 

not theuTebuc the^ofe of the feAi&Si aSibiiiri) ^hat Mkts sL^itig" 
dotaetobtaiicotlnstiiBdi^orleabi^rhiill afrd v^^ : tonei- 

n^M 5 but thif %eraitea» irivantion of JMah , th4 riiakes the 
weiAip^ God^a; diniartt Md ftifiiil woflhlp ; a^d the caretdle 
aiid d(HAf<ifdaniK:^df'apre&il)ed WoMiipV ^^ makes men 
aiM^lVid£9fiiil7ff«ftip^^^ tbenia- 



-f •• 


Ifra^ls. %^^nmkHdnmti^ mt- Pirt i« 

ai&es a^lifiied W the dtsth of Ohrift ? hkth n6r the ffibftanoe 
Yyndlowcd u|^ the (nad^wes ^ tni^ diq^ ane oeaft in regard ^ that 
l^'io which iheywfere foniKrly lu'd : they can no longer (hew, 
t,hac Chiift fluU<;oaie tp^fufl^er ^ine, f and therefore the |>Iace 
where alone (bey co^ld be ofier^d) and fhe'pe0f)le by^wlribm alone 
^ey could be ofiei'dsare both foriaken, the* Temple U deftroy'd^ 
jiQathefpeoplelcattiei'd) but reeitig the Prophets have fitcuentlj 
dedar'd, chat at our Saviours appearuig^ theGity and .Temple 
(hall be rebuilt 9 and the people and Prjefthood^ roftor'd; why 
fbould.weenot thinke, that as faccifiocs of pmyfe amlttankf^ 
ifng cnay againe be requiredsfo other £iciificef may aUb ^biit how ^ 
l^dy not as in dme paft, to (hew what Chrift (hould doe for fin- 
neb j but to witmfleto the generatiQas then to eopie, what lie 
bath done for finoers j orperhaps to baa te(lhnony of die pnUick 
acknowIedgeincBtof ^ and repeouneefor (inne* Fbr #hercaiB it 
is i^<\yTith. \Q. at the ^vrf^i^im whtn nm^u^famu i^tbtre is 
m mart afftrrngfirfiaae: it b to be underftood in relation to Chrifls 
Citisfaftion for fmnc^ whoby one ofiering hath^ perfeAed for erer 
them that ace ian£tified : and (hall appeare iqgaine the iM>nd tioie, 
unto them that looke for ham^ without finne untoialvation ^bit », 
without finne any more tobe imptutod unto bim,wh6r4yy hefkmldi 
l>e conftrained to ha downe his life againe for tinoert ; fo^bat itis 
as if the Apoftle haci iui, where renoffioB of finneis Already pro- 
cured through the death of the Mediator»therD is poinore ofiering 
for .finne by way of latisfciQion> or as j cpre fenii i q; imyiadsfaftion 
' againe to be qude : but yet tl^ may beoffirmg for finne by way 
of ^gnificationsand manifeftadon of an atoncoMit fotaiedj midc, 
or at lead of publike confeffion of) and repentance for finnc* And 
why then Thould the reftortng of tbjslbing iisonf^ft the Mt^ givt 
diftafte to any^andf opon a groundleflE; mifbfceof i^c^ rdtorcd as 
types of a MeAator to (iiffqr for fiwe^ which weit moSknkkA ao 
cordiqg to thelawj become an oocafioQ of re|eAing fir niiaDy other 
things yet to be folflled : asnamdy) the calfing and rcAorhig of the 
femesjdic rcbuildmg of their City ^idTcpipl^ the makfMg of thek 
Land more fruUftiU thcp ever, thai delcenifiBgof .Ohitft ta debier 
them from theu encones anc^toirimeoveriiKm, andthccom* 
nnng m of al t Nadons to woriUp Ood.widb dwm ) all li^ich are 
ibplaniclyaadr lb often Ibmddiihit for iByoim{^ 



Part I • Cbrifts Pirf$Ml/ Reignt oh Sartb. 

give m J GAk (much kfle aaocher^ no Gidsfaftimi mthiiparcicular 
about (acrifioes oMly : I (hould yet thinke it (bould be dbne^ bccaoie 
God bach (aid it^ tnoagh I knew not to what end and purpoft^ra* 
ther then thinke that im things before mendQned9 (hould not be 
properly fiilBUed, which ai they are fi equently forecold^ and tliac 
as wcUdiftinAly and by dieni&lvet, altogether with (his ; (b alio 
they are (b cleaRely foretold^ that it is hot poiTible any (inng (hould 
t>e moreplaioely fpofcen. And thus I: have given my Judgement in 
itiis matter^ which I fiibmit to tlie whole Church of God, ho* 
iungiiottol>eceofiired for that) which the importunrty of an ad- 
ver&ry hath put me to, who pre(iiming that die Prophecies touch* 
ing the reftofingof (acrifice»i are altogether uncapaUe of a proper 
Interpretadon, doth ( txcau(e they are con}oyned tad mmed with 
the others after the (ame.ftrabe, as he faith) hereupon take occaiidn 
to wreft all other Propliedes to a my ftkall meaning. 

Thip ^forHis in the i $. drafter ciih€ ASs^tAt 14. vri*. upon 
vihich the prophecy cfJlmos is inferred^ oh id^ fyJ)t Aiofit^ to bt 
nuaru (f $ht fmg t^ MSkmm^ inifM of $be firmer ^fttch rf Simom 
Petcf. ; 

L there not adifereacetwri:aSixisiGmdndSkiticm ^Janles ttametk 
Simeon^ and not Simon : wherefore mtmithom reason it may he 
thtrngbt^ that he imantoUSkneonjt^eeudfy feeing Lukeir the nriter 
of both bookg^i and if the words q/*Sioieon doe hereunto agree more then 
the fpatds ofVu^^^iiidifoJhottlddoitbeihatJdXtmj^^ofhimf »bere^ 
fore confifkr the words ofoldSimeon* Lukea.}0.J^ is faidofhhny 
not onelj #6<s/kfr^,ajuftmanand devout, voting for the confo« 
laiion of Ifrael, and the Holy Ghoft was upon liim, but likfPsife^ 
It was revealed unto.him by the Holy Ghoft, tliat he (hould not 
iee death befpre tie liad leen the Lord Chrift, and be came by the 
Spirit into the Temple. A9t»bichfartiB$darsfirvevesyntncb tofHr-^ 
cbaji credit unto hk tefiimonj^ v^bo faith : Mine eyes have<(eehe thy fid- 
vation, wliich thou haft prepared before the face of alLpeople, a 
light to lighten the Gentiles y and the glory of thy people I^aet Wu 
nsjg yu that be declares there tbefit^Uing (at that time jef the p'ophe^ 
g i7/lfa« 4if9^6. And he Cdd, It is a light thing, tliat thou (houldft 
be my fcrvwt jtt) nuft qp tbB Tribes oljacob^nd to reftote the pre- 

T ierved 



^2 Ifiaels a^^j^^titf^^Awi^^ or Patti. 

M l ., ■' - . ' .^ - • ' - ' '■ " ^ * .ni l .*. 

diouih^tlJte my £tlvatton unto ttie^nd^dFthemrth: andeha. 52. 
-9; B£^eibith.into ^oy, fiog together ye n^fte piaoes of Jmiftlm: 
ixhehotd k»(h<mftieha9e his holy aimein cheeyes of all ihe Nati- 

ons> «hc di^is of:t|ie eaith (bdU4€e tiie fidvation trfo^r God. 

tivee \fi€ ibef^n^hfnU are biddmf€Jtfe€ \ai theiMmndhgofGbrift ^andfo 
*did SimeODJ f^htn iftfaxp him i^Qfrifiii ealltdikefduari^ affbi lardy 
^tmd Sim^OB #if«^wg wuq Gad^fakhcfChrifi^mj eyei have fccnc 
thy (alTation \tbe ^^ffidf kcaBed^ ligfn unto the GentSes into al 
the ewls.'jqf^h eMth^Md Skamm faith ^ which choH hafr prepared 
before^ the facrof adlpeople, aJIghctalighten the Gmtiks: Chrifi 
ificall^^imglaiflj^n and ^extsMmti^'r^dSitntonfiiith^Chn^ b 
the glory oli thy. people Ifrael. ATulfibjthetefiimmof old Simeon 
(which U ayptfjf^jiianff^d bj ihe Sfim ofQo(i),mfi and the /% 
propheciej pouli not .b&yf^n^^^^tmtB tbefemdeofitming^lmtrpert in 
pmji^d Bt^imfii^tmH^%(f^ iB that 

^mej^-M\ th&kk^ff^^tdmk€ii affh/ffkik^^aHrjiyaftifem hf 
iiewuninAmniHmjmtiimtbe tmsximp/^ efG^^ htt^ket th JeWes ar^ 
other Nations in the /^wiei 5. chapter of the Aft«3 vpbere the Jewc9 
a»d^ Gentiles conveene in tb^ijpKtrall'Sjfi&ck^ bowbeit the oddt corh»m\rbsdftmMt^ib9Sf. Je#esiMlf Getl^Ui^ 'en fbe "tme part^ 
atkdkt'bt fied (if A\»dkkfMir belmlim dn the 

HhrKpart^b§tbittthir^mmj0tdp^a3i^'^ duties. ' 

. -WJiether S^ j^i «Ba;n^BMl^^vor (M Bimdn^ I left It afS doubt- 
ivM i ^od yoiir liiaineTei^bn toiiefafag the [^i^^reif (se 'Hn4^ Simon 
aniiMman^'\% oiinoiori^ Peter 15 

0n. hii2i £^ip. ifcic^d^.at the %. yep.') according to divers reading? 
if) the origiii^i^ cAM both Simm^s^ud Simim ) as you may fee in 
the ie4iii'cn^o£.iilfltNewTe(krnient With iSie/^i^ ScaUger'i and 

C^f/!^&ti»wi^Hiio|)0S) printed ''£^^ 1621^. And Cafanhmy who was 
a»Gdnfiden^ ithatheApoftS^meantP^/dr^asyouare^thathe meant 
o\d Siitmotti feared not tojb^ urhisnoteon the 14. wr. of this 
chap. o( tS^ jlUftl^tx yoqr ctfJinioR in this matter, is an andenc 
eriaor ^(founded* oti ^be diver&y o^f wmingthiv Name. Hrs Words 
are,. SsnuoU'^ Me slso^ (Mt^ ^i Mtibi Simon i^titur^ Ottdr. dherfitas 
7f^ /^'. Hi ntdgpa m^ ^^dfiiniarini /jmdam fimeribnf^ nm 

* " Tetrnm 

• — ^J— ^-^^ — ■ -. ■ ■■,.-.,„.— ^^.^ — .. _ 

vait 1. Ck^^*'^*ffatui^^igne)>» Earth, 5^2 


mtiuf efty qukmm lotfgi refii^atiaaeofnis bakau And doubctefle tf 

the Apofik had i^eanc old £^»iM»^ be would not hay^^^M) ^^'^'^ 
on bath declared boof God at firfididjifiptbiGmtiler. JBut that God 
would firfi vifit tbe Gentiles* Foe Simeon ifaevved oncly^ chat they 
( cal'd^ and not chat they were caPd^ and cherefore che 
Apoftl^S word^ {ba}» God at firjl did vifiitbe Gmtiles^ ha^ng i^ 
lauoa onely tO:€he aftuall peitbnnance of it by Teur^ who had 
told in whiit manncc Ood hadby biiBb*gunco?i(ic them, muft 
needs be* anderflood .of Peter^ and not oiSimion^ who onely pro- 
phecied) thacii: (houM bedone. Andyerif it bad been meant pf 
old Simecny it would have made the more with me : (eeuig the 
word £^''i^3 ^'^ compared with the order of iSi^cm/ words, j[j 
iight to lighten tbi^mtiles^andtbeglovj of tbjpeopkJfraef]hkdpla\n'^ 
ly (hewed, chat a iubdicuted pal^of the^e;i^i/e/ (houid be cai'd, 
before the NacioEiallconverOonofche/iSRv/. From this you pro- 
ceed CO (hew, chac Simeon (pake by the inipiracion of the Holy , 
Ghoft, which noChriftiancan doubtof; and then repeacing che 
prophecy, ycwi fey. [. Wie^may fie that be dedans then tbe^ftdfilHng 
J^at that time } ofthefrciphecy^ Ifa- 49. vet. 6. and tbap^ 5 2. vet. 9. and 
ehaf. 60. zvr.x. 3* I9.andin&j^.62«ver.i, 2. ii.j How? at that 
time? certainly amongfl prophedea couching the fame thing, one 
may^ more pUlnljT delivered then another, and fo may give (bme 
iighcfor che true underftaoding of the other. But to fay chat one 
prophecy doth (hew the fulfillittgof another, li/ a ridiculous un« 
truch: feeing it is not the prophecying of the fame thing, but the 
aftuall performance of ic,that fliews the fulfflling thereof. Aod 
therefore ^MtK^ whopropheciedofchecal]ing(^che<?e»d&/, and "^ 
reftoring of che Je^f^Sy as well as Ifd^A^ could not herein declare 
the fulfilling (attt hat diDe)'of^f2rEib^/'prophecfes ^unlefleyou can 
prove, chat cof^recel whac(houldbddone,i8CO declare whac was 
done. And chus Simeofis words which you have alledged co prove 
thac Ifatah's prophecies were then fidfilled, doe indeed moft evident^ 
ly (hew9 that they were not fulfilled. And tbe reafons which you 
bring co confirme your doStnnit^ are as meahe, as che doftrlne is 
maimed. For [tbefaithfidl(QLy you) are bidden to rejayce ^t fbz cefiff^ 
ming of Cbriji ^ and fo did Simeon p^ben he faw bim-'} No doubt but 
the faidbfiilU that iawChrift wb0ihevaa€ooie,did rejojc; that 

T a he 


94 . . Jfrdtis RtdtmftMit ftdumid i pr Part: U 

\^ wascomf)aiKl(bdidcbe&klilUUoobtforeChrifi*g oomming, 
and before Ifa. prcipbecied, re)oyoe that h« Oiould come : for Aha- 
ham^ (aich our Savioui*|/4iP mj daj mi njajced. Yea this was a thlnff 
tvec performed by the Saints from the beginning of the world. But 
yet ic is not expreft in the text, that Simeon reioyced; neither dorh 
the Pit>phet in any of tbefe texts which you have eked bid the faith* 
bill rejoyce at the comming of Cbri'^» hut chap, 52. at the 9. ver. 
he ca}i.s to t&^^aftejdaoesof )K(m/S^ 

the Lords iaicK ht^batbcomfartedbkpeofk^be hath fidee^Jenrfalem^ 
Where the Prophet uietfa the like forme of (peech^ ai Zacbariof doth 
in his prophecy ) L^kf. i. ver. 6$. &c. And therefore Zkbarm (pa* 
king in the preter ptikOi tenfe. Bk£id he the Lord Godof IfiaeLfar be 
Ij^atb vifited snd redetmed birpeaplfy doth no more prove that Ifiael 
was then redeeined (for which purpoft you have before aUedged it 
fjlV* 8.) then this prophecy of ijfjiiii&doth^ that it was redeemed 
when IftiJf propheded. And inconfeffings that this propheqf-of 
yaiJf (which agrees fo well both in matter and forme with the (irf^ 
words of Zjcbarioi) wasnot fulfflled before Chrifl^s firft commingj 
you doe as good as confe0e5 that tt Is not to be /ulfilled tH his nexc 
csomming. ror fteing the Prophet cats to the wafte places of Tentfa* 
f^ltm to re Joyce, and fpeakes of God's redeeming Jemfakm^ as well 
as of comfortinghis people; it ismanifeft, that this prophecy^can- 
not be fulfilleif, til the city it (elfe b: againe Kftortd, as is implyed 
in our Saviour's prophecy, ttdn^u ver. 2^ and txpi^ft^Jer. 3 1. wr. 
^. and Ip. dfip% 60. and ^2. and in many other places. This it 
your firft paratlell, for which you had no ground tn the text. The 
r^ft are theie. [Chri^ U eaUed the fjlvMiM of the Lords ^^ Simeon 
fjttby Aif e)€S bavefeent thj ftlvatim. The Meffiab U c tVed a tight urf 
to the Gentiles: and Simeon puth^ a light ta lighten the Gmtiles \ Cbri^ 
it cJtBedthtgkiyofSi0n^mtdJer^alm\and Simeon fdth^ the glorj of 
tbjfenfle Ipaek'] And will it follow from this, that Ifsialft prophe- 
cies were at that time fulfilled ?furel/ no more then it wiH, that 
they were fuliilied when IfdA (pake the lame words, but this will 
follow, that theie texts of IfaiJt and Simeof^i prophecy are one in 
their contents ; and that thefore Simeotfs words doe no more (beW| 
(hat Ifdab^i prophecies were fulfilled at Chrift's fir A comming^ 
then Iftlilfs doe, that Simeotiff prpphecv was tfien fulfilled. Which 
doe hdced OiewthacChriiftiscobe[/itegi^4/iPif /e^ at 


^art I. Chtifs PtrfinM 'Xjigui 9it Edrtb, ^ 

his next appearing, and not before. For firing co be the glory gf 
bk feopte^ implks a greater happincs to belong Co. the&ir/ ofwkoai 
the Roleenier casie 9 then co ^tbe Gemikr^ to whom he is faid to be 
a light ; is tc likely tliac this (hould be fulfilled, when now and rhen 
a ^w fiiould feeke Oodamongft thtGentiltSyOr rather wheii the 
Gentikf in generall (hould fekeGod amidil the whole Nation oi 
tht Jewel ? or rather I (ay when fas lpi(r^ fpeakes) the bribes of 
lacob (ball he rayfednf^midthefrefitvedof IfracI refimd\ when they. 
JhJL erne from the Norths andfrom the J^e/f , and from the land af Sinim. 
Wbm the wafie and defolate places^ and the Ijnd of their defirmBion 
fiaU be even mwioanarrcwhyreajanoftheinhabitantf^andthey that 
fwaUcmd themttf fkaUbefar away^. When the Lord fbaUfred them that 
offreffe them mtb tbdrotpnefiefiy and they (hall be drunkpt with their 
owne bloody m mthfiveetwiney and all jkfif pall know^ that the L$rd ^ ^ >. 
ihdr S^oAmty and their Redrimer^ the mighty one of J<icob. Wh&i the 
gloty of the Lardierijen lepon Stony and the Gent ilesfhaU come to their 
light y and Kings to thebrightnes ofberrifing. When the ahtmdance of 
tbejiafifalibe converted tmto her \and4he forces oftbeGenvle^ fi>all 
conuwtto her* When the multitude of Camels fi^iUcoverhery the Dro 
medaries i/Mi dian and Ephali, and all they from Sheba fi?all oomey and 
fhall htbig gifld andbtcenjlty andfbewjorth the praije of the Lnrd. Whe^. 
aB tbefiockf ofKedar fhatlbegitheredtogetheruntohery and the Rams 
ofNAakkhfialltmniperOnto hetjwim they fi>all come ttpwitb acxcsp-^ 
tance on Gottt ahofy and God fbdl glorify thehottje ofhh ghry. Wtkn 
the glory o/Lebanon jbillcome unto her.jbefirre tree^ the pine tree^ and 
the boxe tree togetherytoheautify the plaee of Gods SsnEfuary '^andwhefi 
God frail msl^e the place afhtefketghrioat. When the Nm n and Kin^ 
dotnfhM will not javeSionjballperifhyyetfbsll Be utterly wafied. When 
mdence fifilltto more be heard in her land^wafling nor deflf-uS ion tt^ith" 
in her hordersy but fiejhidl call her wjtlh falvationy and her gates praifi. 
When the Gentiles Ibalt fie her righteoufhesy and all Kings her g'ajy 
wbenpe fhallbecalkdii^ph'T/h^h^andherlandhciAdh* in a word, 
when the Jetves (hall beczM^The holy people^Jhe redeemed of the Lord: 
and Son (hall be called) Sought out^ a City not ft^i^kfn^ Wheff i he 
time comes wherein all thij, and mvchmi>re (which is revealed in 
Che chapters oflfaiah citfkl by you) (hall come to pafT^ ihmi and ncc 
cil then (hall our Saviour decUrehlmCAfe^tobetheglHtyof bif people . 
J^fraeiy u Simeon hath foretold. And (o by the. cefiimotiy of chefe 



fP ,ifiaclr^2^e4rm^/(ifii)ris^ Part t. 

"^ropfaedes^ chat part of S^meon^rprophtcj^ wbtch concemoB the 

glocy of the^^etpei^ittoberckneAiVfboUf to pur Satiour's. ftcond 

-Commng \ v^heti as vveh [^tbt r^fidm t^mta 3 che Gmtiks^ tbac zst 

yet uncal'd> as the 6e/i/ iks \pn ivhtm God^jNatke is afriadj catd] fliall 

all goe up to worihfp the Lord at lentfakm. : (halt ail (eeke ialvauon 

amoDgft che I<wzjy and not the Jeive/ atnongft the Gentiles: And 

therefore vihon xhc lewes ^ndGentiks (hall beib united) as theie 

shdmatiy other piiophecies^ioefercfhew ; therein to be nodifagrce- 

flient at all betwixt the fm^^/, or betwixc them andany other natidti 

in the pra^fe of religious duties. Which thing too this maiglnall 

note doth to dearcly prove out of the prophecy of yf»w/ alledged 

by Sr« lams^ that yc^cduM make no better reply toit, then to call 

it a long railed note, and a frivol<^8 diicourfe. And whereas, you 

' fay \ihat there v^as anunanithom confint in the irm worfhip rfGod^ 

tmixt the Jetpes and other KMtons^ t^hen they did €o/^enm<the gene' 

raBSjmde AB. 15. 3 Surely there was not one whole City, and 

much kfle was there any one Nation of che C?</?«7w, at that time 

converted^ And if a few itt^ (bquid become Chriftians, you migix 

as well infer from thisathat there were an unanimous ciDnfent in the 

worfhip of God betwixt Chriftians andtheTurkiib Nations: as 

you can conclude from that medtingor from all that were then 

, ^onver^ed, that the Jewes and f any, much leffeall^ other Nations 

were uriit»d in the true worftHp of Go * And indeed the unidng 

.of lS)e J&ppes and Gentiles into one Church^io o&en and^To plainly 

Ibretold by the Prophers, and confirmed by our Saviour loh. la 

ver. 1 6. is not of (bme fewes and Gentiles onely, as it was in the firft 

dayes of th« Go(pel ; nor of fome Nations of the GmtUcs.^rA a (cw 

fen^esysa it ha^ been fince the converiion ofthefubftituted Nacronf 

ofthe Gentiles. ; nor of all the Jnrejr and (bme Gemiles^ as l( was un* 

deir the Law ; nor of all the Temex^and a part of the GetHik Na» 

dons : but of all theTribes ofthe Jems^ and all the Naiions efthe 

Gentiks. - ■' 

Themar^mall Ngte. 
But itf9tatfefsmfnmch^tphich0fthetmfit herejpo^^of'yforfeeiiii 
the Frophetdotb plainly jhem afitmrerefimng of the Jewes \ andyet tk 
intent ofthe Apofik wm onelj to prove^ that God had then cdfd the Gcn- 
dles • It taonot otbem^e he, but that the words {after thii\ in thepr> 
fbefj^ bting apfy^d to the forefaid vifiting ofthe Gentiles by tk 
r' ■• preaching 

P«fcr* ChrifiSfirfBHaUMeigMM Earth. gy 

freacbH^of th^ G^^d mkfi mtds ^omlwd^s that tbe&ftraortHmnf re^ 

Ung of the Oeatiki^ thmbtfftn b) tbe-Afofilau '\- 

•V . Mr, Pecrie'8 Anfwer. 

ihe Prophet hmo$ in that cbap.i^e/arever. iLj^e^i^i not of the 
odling oftb^GmtUtn^imdtheApofik^hfJthefamenfordrof.yev. li.- 
for the eallmg6ftbeGmA\9$: mitJferbatkjbeProplfetjhefiwords^ after 
this J hm^ 'irrthefedajfitf land hombtif the Jifi^k.t^^^ this' 

muji btuuderfioodofthe order ofthingjtmentim^d by the Prophet ^ which 
is a reftattratim after the defimSimoflfrieJ^andmt a Monanhy of 
the Jffnezafttribe calling of tb!^Gmv\s$.: Whereby sit.ismanlftfi^ that 
m ibi^^mtt ii.atmfotd^rf'9r^p»eiftfe^ik^the\iv»dsip the prpphecy^ 
which arenati^it ^anoihr in mifinterptuingthe xpords^of the Apofik. 

Beply. . . 
The*Propbec^ii^/do(^h'muh6rbeFQrj^n6ratthe ix. ver. fpealte 
of chi( calling^of the^eriAfjitr^bu^ where diey arcr txr 

preft^: And it bajkbaoti (heussd^b^f^^lfy that the ApQftle. ekes not 
the II. t/er. fatdacalliufjoffhcQtmtktibm .for thd cbaverfion 
and dftthrerance of cbe J^es after the calfing of thr (Uiftituiedv 
.Gentikf. ' For the /^po^le haying &id) Simeon hath declared hm Gdd^ 
at firfl did vifit the Gentiks^otci^ itm of tbem^ people fiH' bis. Nante, r 
confiitnes 3c4y thu^opbecy of^Awi/j.whicbtiin'ch^ i^t.v&^iktwnr 
tbar'diareibould b^feme Nations c^ibf^^r/i^i/^rj t^n tvjoom Gods 
Namjhould becafd^ or Who (bould be caM by Gods Name, . winlft 
Vauitts Tabernacle lay inaftes whilflr the Jevpofvf^tt to continue 
in blindnefle. And furely Ceding there are fo many proobecies wh :eh^ 
(bew |bc generaU eomierOon'of the GenHUJi ^c the xetloringpf the 
Jetiper^ t be Apoftle m p j^mg bf them ^ and aikdging . this *pr^pbeqy 
CO (heW9^i:bat God woidd at that time take but a part of the-Gefitilkt 
to be a peopk for his Name ^ doth to my thinking, ther<eby plainly 
{htWi thfit A^ Jeives were then tobe^v^T upland to be no more 
Gods people^ antil chat day iAwMeh he hath appointed to biald 
againe the Tabea»cIeof2>i3i/iV: aitv^hkh tlni^^ tberepdne of mm 
alfb jbM fiekg the Lord^ Well as the ^entiks qn vphem Gv^j Hame is 
^Ivfiiycafid^ You. telLui nt%t[ihMt the Prophet k^h not thefe vpords 
[^ier tUf\ bkty ittti&e/ei/4^/«j But though ihePri^phet bath not 
thc& wordt) yet the prO|;hecy hath as the Apoftle ck<8 it ; who 
iutbyfo^^m offu fbn mtds^iie f^copk^ff^ i# mmen^After this 6\:^ 


98 UtzoSsJ^ulemptionredetmed^cr Partx 

And the prophets wovds are not [t» thfi dofjti] biu [ki thst Day] 
ki that Day9Mr*i^«3(4iaf , in that great Dayot Chriftt Kihglom. 
Neicher is ic iikely that the ApoftleCttcd the words [afier tUf'] in 
reference to what the Prophet had (aid f which was not qiiefii- 
oned,) but rather to what he himielfe had faid. And if wee ftould 
rererre thefe words to thefpregoetng deftrtiftion c^ Ifrael> how 
doth this prove that their'reftaurtdon (ball not follow the calling 
ofth^ (ubftitatedCrdfi#ile/,wlienaskiseiddeiit, that their threat- 
ned dirperdon and fifting among all Nadons^ after wliich cbey 
(bcdid be agalne reftored, was more to be fulfilliid upon them in the 
rime of tlie fubftitnted Otnnks calling, then iMafore^ and (ecinf; 
you confeife) that the preceding deftiiifHon wasdenouncedagainft 
chej^e/ onely, how could you bjleevejtliatl^ (liber jt^gir/^^ 
takemack ofDavid^ that itfoBeny andbmldmg of it ds in the dojfu of 
oUf] b meAit theballingoftheGeiiriZ^/fand not the reftoring ci 
the Kingdom and people of P<i^3 whom the foreiaid judgemeat 
(hoold ruine I And yoc ycu (eeme to be (b coofident of the car- 
rantnefleof this expoikion, that you thus perauptorily conchidc 
[Irir mamfejl that in ifni noH is a ttPiifMemmr^ 9m injirting the wards 
Pi the pr^poeej^ which wt not inu \ another in finfim&pftiing At 
'Apofll^s irtfr^3 Certabely it is very manifeft what (ptrit was 
predominant^ in you, when 3^^ penned tbe&holdflind lowd uiv- 
truths. For did I in^rt the words {after iiw]'into the prophecy ? 
or did tlie iame S(»rit who revealed the prophecy by Am^s^ le- 
hear(e it thus bytheApoftle)(earchand fte* Nay doie ycu not 

(ay before [atidbewheit the Apcfik cite t hem fof] whom then doe 
/you her^ accufe ^iferrpFsme^orlnm? And asfbr milmttrpmiog 
the words of the ApotUe, it is already (hewen^ that you would 
•falne tatlier yourmifinterprctinf; of it on the Apoftle. To which 
this may be added) That the Prophet do(h mske a platne diftin^ 
. on bitinxi ttie people meant by [the Tabernacle of V avid] and the 
pe')ple meant by J[^tbe remnant oftidom^ and all the heathen which an 
tailed hyGodsName'} For lie (aith that tho(e meant by the Taberna- 
cle ofVavid (hall poflL'fle thefe. What / can theiame people be the 
poifeflburs and the poflefled? Hirely (bit muft be acoHiding to your 

iirerpretlng of the [baUding of Vapids Taberttack'] of the calling 
^f the Gentiles : fedng in the 1 2 • ver, not onely thtf rem^ata ofEdom^ 
: the heathen that wot CO be called in the J^nre/ ftecda«e plainly 




iciviU be chug.' ^fi^ ibis ImUmmnem^cMa^umthe Omttksjhak' 
th refidite ofmn,(th^t ia^tb^ GeiitU^ whfch ^eno^ yet to be cmcd} 
m^fiekf 4f^Jj!fdi ^ aUtbtGentiles'^^fi ppbm ntf NamisJ^tiQVf to bej 

ifCalrea4fy)ca^dj>An4 whajticnieis then^aeutjer.oftheieinierpreta^ 
UQiift one of which fa^Jafi n^js follow upon your interpreting q|F 

tfe.ApQai^si. f^ljg^tlic Wl^vjir^^ of 5l\e mWfMM.^K^ M^^^f 

GgniiksjfatAiYt iyy^.£thiftfid^efif4im.^^ hmdingift&i^ 

'Xabitnadf^fDimUaiintb^jLgfj (/o/^^l^lotJiJnfaljiibly Ihew there-' 
fioring o£^ pec^Je/Cof hat e(|a!te^con^^^ 
farhicli ta^HiQC ^'iatd of ch« ^tlkf^^^ were pey'jr 'b^orel Gpcl^i 

jAidc^fifmntljf^tbat tbejtw^ mdfouu^ to bmapr^tlnffiwiboftli 
Gi^e/(j,Thiefl^;ui4; i^ J»jf afttrepi^fiiftbecmotffionMftbk Gen^ 

tpbom 0o4bad^firnier^^ ibit 

timebefdd^t^ reiwni]fmt(k tbe Gmvlegi^m be bad hi ^eninctit/d 
n^^n^ti^ the JpWSjVI^^ hebaitben(afiinof til th^ti^ ^^^^/^t^^% 

€j^to bi affpii^k onfy to tbe jt:n$^owb<m i/Jone^od h 
made bui^elfe l^mm: fl^jft that the Jews tver^ fhwttf. after the caHmg q^ 
tbe G9ri^iei^i4^ef$rfak^jtfefim^ their great hafpiner 

herffmt(fi^batb not Ueitj^ i^^ bHtJbalpe^ ppbfin, tbefHlneptfihe^ . 
ftiecedane^\<^t^ts jht4ivberefireS,(^jbe^pofife^ * 

the Fropbeis [i^tbat daj willlrdfenp'\ {nto X/ifl^ fhU'mll Iriturne ^ 
andbiStd f ']ppbereforeyIf^^didbeyxnrtatbfrtbeHilj:G in bm^' 
ma^fb^j(xj^tbisparapbrafein'fl0(^f^^ ofpirpofeto:rmki 

tba^idfkb bath hen fju^ytbe^m^p^^ mt^jtbat tfi 

daj.o^thf]QVt%tdtiim(fi^ atPOfUJ^ accimplifknterito^^ 

ted Gcnuk$vocutiort. f'ortboiigbtbiseonpihtorj^^^ 
the or^r of tb(ihiitgs treated totbetropbet ibaib ^^^^^ imlj to .a 
foregamgjm^emmt den(^ it *f not therefoh 

V' . mfinfkmi^ 


formerlf Aey tiD)6yM vAhd fit ir Very reniaiftabte hdr^ bow wa- 
vering Vbir arc bbt\iln f oBr tetefpre^ariofi ind sipplication of 
Gotff iJU^iii^««g'}-n*»dof^*a ^ Ae^Apoftlc: * fifft you un- 
derftandittif Gods returning to the «S^r£(^/)^iilii^Hin^^^^t 
(he preaching of theGoipel) i^fMl^refeidy after you* underftand 
h of hisft€iirn)n||fOthe Jtvw^'m leijdidg Cl^ft Mlobg'clicni -, 
^f wboiniievmhelefle9<ya^hai«httbi»tad^ this Pro* 

]^hede dbchi fpeat^iiBtH^tliavtiaid'thtfl tht^Ai^irwdfe^^A^mfefir* 

^r.WJi) HMb^G^'^jMfaf:Uf pt»^ And yet 

th^'fattie ApoMi in^He 4ktn6 <ib* ac^he 1 5 < t;^. (ait 6, If*^ ^^ing 
krpajff^f thtm he ibi recofteiting'ef, ihi mrU i . wBoi fiaBfhi ne^Oiru 

hoii'tbcf^HadlMr jd^Hl^p-^iim etrifoki eali ojf ^ wtieri^I tl^ Tiibn 
wf re thiis co^dudiKl y do^ 

'ftiil (iondniied the peo{>le f)£ 60H undor the GoJf^l, asWefli^tm*- 
denh^La^^ if^:^ti ^^^q^mi^Medtgratht^ Afti^e Na- 
^tf if xsdttA^fck^^ ttl^^^ flacToVfoHakef)^ 

htat^mcQUtfefiMbencx'^^^ ks fome 'parttecdar^ GemHot 

yMt riot ftctudedT befdii G&ri(b comming. Add lihm ba^ng faiade 
'aibift'ttf ^pa^chrough klm(^4iaIfei:BilP note ^ yc^leayt Ae^ Rea*- 
tiukv th^hartV ii^^c^r«)Uhrf^^ 41k tck>^^^dugb^fo« v<mic 

gO» ' Andyei ther* waftf itot tottiei Who^by the woiiiii [ AO IJroil ] in 
the if^ pf the R^^!a(;^;^Ui«(ll»ftlrid^4y the Chtirdb of tb^ Gen^ 
'" 5^ftHrfftih<fen««jf tW 58^1 ft^te te ^ftit^j but if'tbcob- 

wltf«hidSE) bf^ii intqrfH?^ man that is 

))agi > bridgftttftbti 0<^ti«r^'wUIi^ tttoidanciCidsfidtorr. For 
ft-*'**^ ApoftlfrdbtW«fta«fW»7diftliigiiifl|..tte.>w/ fiotft the 
bytliewwrdt^iTfwIiwihBfilA, chat MteitejEiv w 

^ ' therefore 

thei^fofie I miicb^oUbr, yt^hecber hf; would in the v^iy next Ifai^ 
by tbeiame word indifierefitly comprehend both j^ii^e/ «nd Gen^ 
tiks ^ cTpecUIly l^ingth'e Ifraj^l t^^th to be (aVd tnnft needs have 
rdadofi CO thei^^^ < {hat WavWore faid to bejMriindneflKr And 
thentoo , wbatis becocneof the myfteiy here Q^ken^f^ifthe 
wonfa, 'Aftdfi all IJraeLpallb^javid^ (hoi^d not l^nifie fiich^a con«- 
verfion'of chejWe/, afitiuftfoHowtb^vocationof theX?exi/ifi^i/ 
for thil: ibme particuTar J^i^ were at that tide cofee gathered to 
the Churcbf) mey knew before', (cdng m<uiy'fi]ch wene thoo ar 
mcnigft them^fom^ df which d'uLBrft convdgh the Gofpel to theilk 
Andjherefore in my judgemenr^ thole DiiAneftdeate'moft fibce;:eiy 
widi the text 9 who acknowledging the fii^rall ienft thereof ^ dbe 
lend 08 CO that ojf JfdiAui\M66^^tif'a]^.ttthitS* ver. asltok plaint 
proofeol^this opinion. ¥%(r f £iitb he<^ h^tb besf^fmb ikihmgf 
ffTfohatk fiwifiiAtbmgj? p^ the earth hnu^ irtif wZcdi^a.v-*, 

one dof ^ w foiaUa NatUri be borne at once? for at fiomai .SimLttar 
veiled pebroMgjl?tfir$hbtrckildrenk^ . ^ 
heaid of donyerfion of a whole Nation atonce ( (iich rae never h^pr 
ned to ^oy Nation^ of the Oe/mktiy together with . the fscprtfl^ ^ 
Bienfion of Sion^ and the evidence of the following' ve^fes^: (bcHdd^ 

me thinkt) be.tnotive enough to make any impar dall R<ader\UQr 
derfbuidthip Prophede of the femes ^ which yet impliei nw-fo 
mucli a jreiurBe of tlie whold Nation to their Gogmtie ;as;CQ< jfib^ 
God^and cbeftforetould notbe£ilfilI*d b^ thdreturHe^of 4i par^of 
themirom Bjift|riM4 at which tioieto^* the Kingdome of Gfod,. 
C cluriS) the trpe woHbtp of Cod^ the meanei by wlikh th^t Ktogr 
dofoe hdbtaih'd) was aoiongft thetnoBely^lmt hath fince (iipcoi^ 
ding coour ^^ourf" I^phecie in the 2x.:c^^. of Mattb* a( ti|e 
43;.t«r.) been takWi fixMtt dieili : and^^ 
tUiv be iuddenty and excraordinarllyfeftor'd onto them*' asj^/ 
alCb b^rejniimated j by the'pIennfuU diilributioii of Godi Spi^ 

*Mr. 'P«trie?e^ Anfiv^r. . .^^ ;r;,:,r 

AB this SeSioh fights ag^nft vame imsgmanms : for (^at h kftid), 
fy attlihitlmHnder^dmi the Gentiles onelj^ but t^ped if the * 
Tromfi^ that is^tbefjitbfaU Jewes^ and others in aU Nsttons. As for 
that Propbeeiiti E(k. 66. 8. iv# it not ftdfiWd trult ( albeit mtfttUj > 
wbmthtbdkdngChwch travelled^ and brottgbt/ortbfi ff^atmdli^ 


1^4 Ilhtd* «L<fife«^^«i^ib*ww<^ny-, Paffi. 

wri^din ^njhff* Aft» 2« 4i.^ii(^^ ^andi}^feopkwpitkmKm4Qrd^i9t) 

"ftt J^ptfb^ ^ gseiA feivofelktQ them alt>^ atxl the oai^eof tbi^ Lotd 
Jeiisivms fpag^ol^ ' and imany faslkmi^ ^ yetvi 2pe iib'Aii^iijt 

^t^jdmrn^fif-iadi^i^^ e(tm^nm)nfhmffm 

^mdepfiimdtb)gt^J?t^bBc^^ Mdfi.mM:b wSnuier \tib»^ 

j^rne'tfsk^iphUiiatiMto tbthtJiMkjt^ itisioSibnr<Swi:i)uu lah 

mim tQ thhthe, 4bat aU tie famariars (jf^hJiJRn^igi^jhmMilk fid* 


tf ttfHer andUk ashfdimto iJirMje ^^bMibatlh'ofJ^amxafifQdmh 

* K^'the Mc&i^fi^mtni of mtSmimn SrafbtcU^ l^foiiliw ^ 1^49';. ^m 
-^^mdefthd^meeifl^ tkshi imwdit ff'^Qd^ iMLm^'^t^ 

'^prM l^vt^domtlfih^ ^Mes^ bm)ofihi^ogklifniigAe tutkA itnk 

^Affffim ibdnakiodf'^ ^ndtbefiU^fittPii^iiajmt'^be'am^t^rf 
s»f umftorallKingdfm: neither were tbefi Roi»H9^i^^jiN^ei£ fs' 
rdlidtm^mm devMte^ilbw 

' As'ehej^paitof ttaenote, foi^^ 
IJbd'ftroiigror yctit pdfet) andthsitforeit warbij^tiitie ibr^od. 


t iii« ^iliJiarili^fa^ 

BMtku r€^^^^fihdttRHgHi4i^' Earth. i»5 

ftemkum coiconf^^: that .a gviicriill eOnTeition of the j^/ it' 
herefbroicM bpdia Apofflle3 and fo deny j. thaiiiD more but a 
,paB*d^ alid Acbsffiye; conniBrfioii of ihein :whh the Gmtiki^ 
\ cfarodgbdot th^ i»holtum^0( thtf GmHkjt (i^btg ^ h here mtaoi) 
asyioii mkildliaidtbe Apdft}rundferft^ Iwmid ^^ Brv^ 

tbrin that^je fhtfUhs ifftop^jmtf^bk'm^ &c. faith St^.f^l^. 
trhaci'^afli^it a i9j!^iri3^y tli^tiionae Jnp^ wtra thci^ joykifcl witb 
the A;iMfe/ hi. the€>hti^ch'a£ Oiiift ^ pr fiiatl we thinki^ tfaa£ the 
Apo^Giwdludliai^dofjH^ tfam oor'to bejgdoeaiie.df that vphfiii 
they'coiikiuioohirigdorailil oil tii^Diilr^ that^xne Jiwei" at Well a» 
ihe GSinHkri were thentobeccKiveited ; Ko dbt^tlefl^s biht to be 
miacKiHQiii.thac^whicii befog^a mj^erie tfa«/t;veiie ^gnorancof^ 
untill^teiiiiiQMr tevcat'ct.k ui!k(K)theiB; .tDisit»thc<;oo«iG6Qn of 
AtUflaitsi dkA^ vholeNatiQjr . H/hen tH< fidaeOe ot ^ih^ Gemiks 

perly.tdlbrtaken^ &rdafe%^ yo^caniiot alle^ ai^ t^sw 
<3^lr Soripttir;, thati^in jdK^ifieibemyA^ it, if kbb * 

tiiro^gMf f^^dt' jKttd iwlienBat yoiiiiay •£ tAOistbe^rgfieck^^'Spt. 
fiiSL) Tim 1iv^\mfi9ifdj^ki\tTntly'(^ aikeit nqf ^^)) vp/iim im Miwi^: 

attd ^ap.%: vwr th kiHt^bap4 Xf, vaik i Of 17^ 18 . 2;o^ 7^^^ befide^. 0^ 

Uift(9kif^j£^e^mify ^I^bj^KKmspq^ muoh.^ fop 

gnM^rPi«MP%cijpeaU«^ 6%» vriioh NWdon y ik)r 

ofhidie^ Mitum ^ l^nd mmh is^<li (on fnaUva^ iSirtiUsriy ds vfoi^ 
(. CO pmacaine yotiF qxaCe} ^9Quld pfrfifiriujett9 tAa tsAsi fot a? Nati^ 
opu\ Sbcbnfelfy^iie i^»aks biU dfoni (Ikil9ni'( tqiii^ibiSi^lbc^ 
tfio ^Mei) ai^tnofii^/the j^^i^and (3$oii&i^ihQtbvatym.m tbeA^-^ 
inftanbes do^interpit^ hiih. Tbirdiy^he tpesSsMKi^Simf tsaiveHing^ ^ 
w&en flie Qioidd returne ftoiinrhet'pnbelieta'C as:!tU8 a^rftenvporaf* 
tinglVuph^tds in the firnis chapcerdMihtw ^andrtiot before fbd 
felltntQ itflfteHefe'; aedMcon^rfion of the^Mi) vf Idiah^otnnfni 
tion^wag. Atd f oiirchty^ theconvorficmhe fareflMsvoK^iB to^t» ; 
fodiine, diKafiitft (aid tb be pecfbmied [ at tmre 3 whkhcDnnoobe 
affirmedcjf a'converiion ef any ordui^riecondqaanceV and. Yiofi 



I - - . - - ■• ■ . .^ . . ■ ^....1.^ — . — _ . _ . ^ ^^^ 

..JL* ' ' tu- JlJHJ»-- g i" 


'a9 y^cruRcferftariditof) in applyhig 1c tQ^e ^hol^ Jdme wider 

libc Gofpel ? For fiippofe that a great fuitime^ bf nioiiy vrare to be 

psiid to you [: j» 0i»ce J would you give tlie c( o&our leviie to make 

^th|8 conflrruAion of It, th^tt it was to be paid 6y him laiid l&hdn^ 

^you and yottr helres ^'undll it were all paid iidoobdfA ycu 

. would noc't zM yet as if ^U the dmlp Jxtwixt Clulfts irft and fe- 

cond coxnifiiRg, were not tkiie enough to be undcrftoodby [one 

viof^ and at ona 3 you tell us too L '^ ^ cerfoim ^ hi vm infirt fut- 

sfill'd of tbdr returning from ^^hd^fdt thentbef reared itfthcil' tpalls^ 

tbey flaniid Vineyardf^ &c.^ Wlio evei* hcardidf ibdf a lalfge [j/ 

>mtt / 3 . of an [ at bike 3 to bcgm at the delivrraficeojr ibe^Jom 

iroai'Babjl^ ^ and to continue to the next appmiiig ijf Ghrift^ 

what rcould the Prophet faavemadje the fpeedie fxecudon of that 

he fpeakto^ zntmer ef (b great admiration^ if it fhoold ban been 

any longiime in fulfilling ^ or ftallvw(ay^bat"wfi/j)f^theEtiaite, 

ivho lift up4ii8 Speare agmnft tight hmiiti^ vfhomhijkwm oat 

rime, did it at fo many feverall tiqies as there were meniUne by 

htm? a^i»if.23.i«r«S. or that when Abraham. (^ y Let' not the 

Latd%K^ angry y anditviU'^eaktjtihut tbkmiee^en, i8« vet.^2* it 

:|8'tobe und^rilood that be fpake more then ihatonbe^ hx that 

when the Lord faid umo Jvftmoy Tefhaligoe abottt tbeCitj rmeeyjefb. 

$. ver. 3. it W4S to be done many dmes together f ( for in all die(e 

texcs there are cbe (ame. words4n the originirf i , %s are liere in the 

* Prophet^ were not this moflrwi^Uy to oontradiQthe text^ and 
yet yoii can very roodeftly, reverently, and riglfteoufly afErme that 
{.JtifcertdneAisl^^on^ri watinfartfitlfittdat iie.}vmt ntmwk^ 
from BabeL3 But where are thettafons that, prove tlus certainty) 
feeing there is neither in tUsvtrfo, norin the whole chapter, any 
mention of Bjfbytgty or of vTidls and Vineyards ^ andlf (here h^d 
been mention of rearing up their walls and Vineyards 2 how couM 
you under ftand it properly here5 who cake it fi^auvely, vtmoj 9. 
t«r. 14. ? ib that allthis bdng laid together , to wit , that this 

• Prophfdedochlpeakeof/theronverlioii of a whole Nation, of 
but one Madotr, of a Nation fbrnieijy given up to unbeimle, and ai 
once againe to return to the a utfa 4 it (kould me thinlcs, be motive 
enough to make any paitiall orimpaitiall Reader ^ to und^ftand 
the accompKftmentof it panicolarly of the Nationall oonverfi- 
On of the /eirr/ onely^i^ the plenlifull efiufion of Cods S^im up- 
-. en 

w^^mi^mitmm I I '* Ni*«— **■ 

•Partt* ^ €hri^PefjMsURiign$0mEsrtb. 

V0D tbin beferecbi gi«9jr and cerriWe Day dfcl^e fiDrds appearing 
as'Jot/'h^^ P^^V^^^* AndasforcbktwhidifoHowci^ anyone 
chat tiadi t)uc tuMean eye may peicdvc how wdl your eye- iighc 
fisniPdyoU) whenyoa conoeivid» chat the Piophcde Ais»nh4^i. 
vtr. 4^. was altedgedhy me:JK) (Hroveihe temporalllQnsifeaie of 
the ^Ireri gdioharSalled^ it onely atf aTes^aco-fteW) that 
4hink9phede of i](«M& coidd not belUfiffd attbe recuniing of 
^UttJmHs trooi Bdykn^ bccaolethc meaiiet oCialvation/tbe Kta|^ 
doiDOQf Cod^aaOQeSafioorx^afe it)«at(faen amoo^themoiib 
ly^'^of^hkh'^cheyvwretabedeffiiace beCbhe the aocomplifiiaient 
^ dmPit>phcde5Mriiieh(IiM]^ againe. And 

hemay perodve coo how you uke\mn€a9tfifr9€ami > how iojoi* 
rioufly yon impute onto me theailedging of the aoqompliflmenc 
a£ our Saviours Pnijiheofe^ to (hew that Joett Prophede was not 
liiifillfds wUchwas iiidciA befott pixi«\^ fiichcesibns as yon 
€ould not aoC^er. 


■ iiiiwi 

Ghap* III. 

Vf'^efitrviving Gentiles futjeBion unu^MdcmmuHt* 
wn dMfiiwfhlf Xfitb tbt JeWes ) in iU invmUtige mA 
rfbipofgod. ^ 


YOaliave Utheito heard of chedelhetanoeandhappinefleof the 5 <^ 
/<a^ Qile|y 4 I Audi' now acquaint you irich their partaken > 
srtii^hibaU he &cb ss an? left of the NiidonS) that are then to her 
del^rvy'd) as y« ii may (ee m the 66. ichiapeer cS IftUb at 1 5. and 
1 9 • verfes. BibM^ $be Lordwillcome with pn^ amd mith bk Chma$ji 
VJ^Awbirkrwinde^ tormdirhk Mtffvntbfwj^ sndbk r^td^e witb 
fitms9J fre^fyrh ^f^\andbf bitfmmd mill tbt LnrdfkU mthall* Baefef ?9. r. 
Jt/fc,; andtbe^MneoftbeLordfoaBbemMj. Andlwitlfet afigm ^♦j*' ^' *Si 
mmg ihemy and Imb find i bofi tbai tjcape of ibtm^ mao tbe VuionSy pf*i.^ J^^ * f ' 
bT4*(faifh,P^,WLi]d,tMdr4ir tbtbow^to Tubal Mi' JdVaD^iTbeflT i,t1 
utbt IJks afaim ^^^ tba^ baV9 not beard mf jam p ncftbcr bave Jeem 7 9 8, Sec * 

« k 

' L ' U ' '' 1 -»1"W*— iM^— ^ 1 II l_ 1 Li» 

m^h^hf^m m^jiuik tkskiml^'fo ^tMjtm fiadmdj^om mmm »• 
I, t. 4. ^^^'^ iE'^t'C tranfgrejfed agtan^ me \far their marmefiMme^ i^ mSmt 

A^^^^fi^l'^ fhe 49* Aaf. the: 

< ihi. 5 f • v.r. ciFj^. the ^ X, <i 2. < ;• '«^^ and in the V(^^* the ^2, 3^ 14. ver/e/. 
Zj:cb. 2. V.9* The famePropbedealflyoDm%^Kikleinaie 

• «{ 

I rfm^t. v.i Mr.Petric^j Atifwcr. 

rj>riU«4F.v.9. ' nif{nmtmlfift\^b9tdi^fmnamidB$ifkeks^ 

^ofc^^^r'^^-y.p^^^^f,ikj^m^s^ fte Gift* 

medlejf^ Mndmv&tbeUfiJkfiBe^ jfgamik frefbmet u fUt 

L . • .^ . • - « ! ^ • • 1 • si >^ 


anj* wt 4eni|!9 and yet both agree that thefii Prophecies dqe fore- 
fl)ew theb muhkg^ Amt^hat thm^ doe thq^^ fky of U;,^ oertainfy 


'.^U^Aik '9 . . -.^ " II. U MHVW^iMWW 

== -^ lar 

fiaiPf <9flflM^ wcm CtilM ^iiHo . it i ^it Mai bpfore . ChrHlt xoai^ 
tmrnx^Mki^^ sbff.ait^ifimd \t%t0 oar Chui^ 

j&mM^mattiii.^l it li«th b^ iihke Chriib;, Gomiaiag t Ml 
^MiH«^iiDM|r ytfaM ftt fihttfiinoiitngi^ ^ihe i«^1q Nadbn bC/tbd 

i1t^ii(^ lallO^wqiV&riiM WMidflniltimkt but ^ifc Gborch aod 

iarfifi)isgh<fQflMii^))luitm aUtDfidi^<iifqm&3^d<xibtet»u^ 

4ff^^lt«itolu BuiilB^LthiB imiwrBitf iUadkr i^^ 
^b.<^3e^to^iKime95 aaiii StuAoffmB fstr ApbftancQ^ weuiifift pi^i. 
Mfi} idoiBjqioeyQbrAQriaws* An4Arftyontd^ 

phecie« (peakq not onely of tlie proQ)eriqr c^ ihe Jen^e/, bedoifir 
"the profperUie of tho&cbqim bofonguibdco the yifn^x onely ? be* 
ttirf#i%^ thsici^riipbeciei heredoe ftcw chat the Ooifijitf. (ball 
tvB; f^iifeifceili Mdi them ib^fte fcace^ pieqr y su«ftpkaiit^ o£'4»t 
iJine ^ who lees not this nmfiqnUnf « theiodependencie of tbisl|i»^ 
fenence ? Thefe lad Pra{4udief ibsHV that the proiperons eftace of 
thftC^afaf flieUbetM>mltK«t(^ ^«ataf]F fifariffidn lo^ 

«oif iiQifMi4«kft c^e j^Mtf ^-^ th eU B fo wihofc foreiiiniied Prppbei^ 
touching the JeiMv ct^wrnd^moa^ and 'prof^ewkintfa 
ILand) are not of the pro(f)eride.oi^ihe Jeirf/ onely; fuch bald 
uoirtithMrid VoifiAfaeailhs^^ 

wod^e <tf']K)Wi i aalhelp viiyjiiuch to gpiiib dboftnfde.^ and to 
hold up^th^ confidence of the pseijaifii^ateGihiiftiao. Yoh; goe^m^ ^ 

Jew^tt'} Pamvierki ^vl|air^of'diet»ppiiie& 
pli(hineftc of the Proj^liederliere jtlkdf^^ was tabriiig ibith im^ 
tQcbtm? Y6ut»dftfirflpeo^vtbaittbe& Pn^l^tQl^afefi^^ 
be|p»aiji««iiaaifinie^ tm 4:^ dM commpo^* 

■'X- * X a rating 


11© . ^00ltR*deffiftintrtAff>i^tV Ra* »• 




j^ttdes^yoBdoebiKcqm^^ in faying) ([ ti^jriST Oosdftt ^# 

j^/M<^%/iritirilie Jewels} An^yctjKMQQnclddd^^Ct/S^YA^tth^jM^ 

IrMiuuu tbkfmrp^ VodkU&Mi k fpokeoio^ j^iiipDft td 
banlechc Rsadcs fin^m^ fbioiucoafidtttttkmiif^^ 
i|ieie Pro^cdeS'fipeidGeo^'^wUcb i|^fi>obrioi»5 dM^cviry m^ 
M17 i^>jpiDelKilfiofviiiM^^^^ kielft pJiriMhe^ dittiriMotf«ea«obliH 
pliftcd s »d iU»yoB &iaRr ovcty iiMIl> and dierefent hiiw nor lb 
mochooiocjed ii^ Ch^^'^^mboikm wbectdMfePtoplMkt 
iraxfvnriL, Waaootdwafteff^jjPonbraniigy'M^ 
Eor if diis poimnvaa ntedlcfi^ yoarmigbtibiBadi the jtaditr luiYe 
affi>rdcd the SLeadec a figh tofy be 9M kaift auincftkia notothe^Pm-^ 
locoes ibiicQileffiiy alkdgBdrlfliiiig yeiitCoald nm hatevrifttfer, 
>gceateradiraDtageagaiitftiBei But wbmfyoopiBr over dbaifin^ 
itecf £Q|dio3ei uncouditi and kftep chdb^irhbMyoiicof fig^t,«Ao 
vriU not conclude from hence 1 thatTOd cdiild not po&lf dif-^ 
Piope^ thtwofw^mdi luftoricall aooonifiUflMBent df dUMf and' 
ccRift(^enii]|L^ diat the^time of didr ^acdprnpUAment'^ boot; yeo 
KXkasi ■ » • - 

. Ifrael s lUdsmptiMi 
ja^ Iknow diai niQft of thc& Prophecies arechiefly tinbrpMjed ^ of 

die foyiung tc^dier of die jEovfxand <^ 

Mr. Pttiic^f Anfwer. : ^ v 

'{f^ tbtykebUfyy ottdr^tlj interpreied fi ^ ppfyfitmUtpe n^t* ai^ > 
fHkfiit^ fi>Mrpego€ abtrntoimrpm tbem mmnmlf ?' that wen iB 
frntmamtfu^ mid decfkte mrfihu md^tim^ . 

At ilayjdiatfaieepreiera^dkeri^ic^ affirmed theft Pio* 

phedes doe conceme die joymiig together 6f die ^tms tcnA Gm- 
tiki into one Chorch : fo lUay aUbthat they doe wrongiidly' ap*^ 
ply th^ acoompliflmieatof dmi Ptophecks-to^thedme aS tht fim- 
fticuted Gtniiksi aS&o^y And therefor by yom* £dIadoa» dividing 
of thelc wordi froa that which fdlowet, you dbe wilfiitty put 
out ybiif owne eyes % that (a yon may the better b^ule odien of 
die toiidi. Tot firft the unioii fi|nSiB«iedi9 theft PcophedMS h 

^. -^ - not 

oorLord |^CMft» asth«foiie(4'4^rophfdeof jf/ii^^ 

Kor.: afechfr «i»M^ik$> I4i ^S« ^ ^^ pbialjrxlotiarfr j^indtft^ . 

Okw^ K»^wWch l»«ii»aif;«*ck*f P*qph!ipft9»^tl|e l^iMsoi^ 

fintbeUr^. TO^Q^^^he Loriof Htpt>», tntbofi itfttiiflffttt.eamr^ 

LardofHoAt^ Mdtokgfi 

And tbiidiy*:>t t^^^socm^uhma^ <^ ttua anfon^. the Jopu fhajili^,Bnip,.«lv.^«»«*^*, kitt^Gw^ ineenerall anp thr* 
7oref«iieIy,forin(lrufiian inthewayes of Ood} a$ JfAA Gathf. 
dfef. 2 vrr. 2. and 5. and -Mej^. «l)<ip- 4<i*';. i* and 2. lijbalt 
ctme i^pitfi bri^ ^ i^K/a <&ot tbenmitiat^ eftbe-Lord* hmje jMl 
be efi4b^dmiJ^t<fpftbemmt^i,)md^Mbeexalnd abcvetbc^ 
inUty-trnd ifl NoAm/^uBfimwHoUi>tj>feofk{h/Ut goe opeT 
fofy Coin^jieyaadUt mgnupto the AdjttntMne opbeLordt to the kattji. 
if the G^(ifj»icxkh0uibe iriBteap^m. htfipe^SiMidpfeefmU wa^. 
in bitP4tb^fi>o>t*rf^i<>'^fb^goejofth'th^'fjf^f^ 
Lardfrmi$]tmOiiKa> And fourchlyjac the accu(n{^(famenc of this, 
inion Caod ibxoa^Mut. th e wbole tioieof iu continuancc,.whkh 
s. rtfpreft tlffif, jdbe 20. aer. 2,:^.Jirthe^^iSf |p bj^ w amnttrhipteC 

i p 


gq^g vip tolmirJQew'td^rorihl^^ aI^1t61^nfftfllaKi'in dit mtm 
dfehel^rfli And »lto|te^^tfai 'e tfr> ^ 

4fr. ifa 5) 6i% ' Ani^ diusVgodd i-eaderitnod ImiftiW'tniii-i^d and 

I^ iOSeainWf {Aigeg l^nd dLbttUacl^lf WairNft^ikck)6ilr for 
Um to&y<b,fieingth(^pi;rll|>V^txl8feli<f«tf^ 

.^j; _■ • ^ •• ■ ■■•"/;• ■- ' ■' "•"' - ' 

And CO take great p^lner to b^^t^ cat fthiev -and other* o£tli« 
ciotb.'it b,I&y,topatoticoai'pwh<;9]K8i)'fiidt«d <}cfaieto1bHQMP 
. « ; fo? S« ? Vin the t the'i^wi. telfs as I^irityithat At'J^»u 
srehrtlj/^effrem the^Vtivetree:m^ thaim art gr^0iddtfi¥ifiem : 
tiliac they are eaf mtif'. that l^ty3urebar/ktttd:'i^dtGodll^ ent- 
ebtded' mmaBm tmbelkfe : attdtba^ tbtoi^ thehj^^^^thatd/n it vtm 

'^'" tim^ i^thnvlorekcantiM-ptifi- 



fim §ki ifib€^W9fJ^^0iikk^%dnuMpj^^ 1^ 

cofkjS^pAneiy rifrem0bffki$ h^com0fy%$ tl^VGffi^^aiJk if S^tmi 

coifed thf^dircirad^ 

theblobd i^^fOhfMP : ibr ^ i§ our poce^ wboi»d<aaa£kbocix miiy 

1^^^ ^^ ^^ Gentiles ^ imnAtn ofthefmmAo^msk Cbm^'ihfh 
vgrfM^ tpbtre9fAbrAsMi Jiii^ 

Vthist !b9'A))6fi!eatf&tnf»^dc»^^ it(r^ 

not that evet7^faiii% amoogftrtfavjFcmtfj aiid€vei<jr j^:o£ e«6||r 
femHyd w^s ca flfatrayj Wm JbrdksB oficiiom khcirObv«^ B nc^whtA- 
as the Apo^ &itfeb ^iyif^ffftiihi^iberkhJiifi^mif^ »lf. 

/ ' ^ aod«: 

t H II • ' " IIIIIB II '*■! M 

ie4f^ti t» ¥9dt9ni^d^ tr .PmI t' 


wee ui dcrftand with the ApulUeto be «neanc of all the Tritxi!^ 
though not ofaIlofe¥eryXjib4i Jf^y i^Jtb the Apoftk^fiir io 

^ifiltl ^5 «k»f tbffMJf htfmd. ^w J heart ^m'fff^frdrd^i^ h^ 
<$sQi^of^ddihmmiMit^^ And^irt ih^^^M^ }^ 

^^effif of tbk ciMf^iiciiacfa ^tfkmuiAi^^ pbmi. .^^vj^m^io^^^ mhe 

fkf^ mkliiiiglhj^fymifitm^ here aiiji 

Ithcre ibin^^ Xv^^^'^^^ "^>^ ;4moogft\tti« 

^riB^ Ai^ :^dur ttyiAgrfi^ the/omier traoflatidii^ V^ chf^jt, W« 

^c# a refi^tt a^ftthfev%nciPid)e kft t^aftM^H ff^'Si 9>9li 
Iftffe ypiir iiirn^ ; feftig^tite ««ir4)iJil Jlhfr.Qrj|^Uxf^« f^vAivMi ^ 
^^4iicb aM more fully ami mdit'iclyirendj^ by:[#Mi<^}thcn 1^ 

itf^ond;. Aiklcbe[li&eifitf//]tQtbe3Z.Kr.^ii(i(Med^ have r^ 
acion to the Jfireroheiy expreftin iht cbird perfoa by £<4M^tibf j^ 
uni; i^jj in the 30. ahd^i^ z«^^/^ And not to tbe.Gf «M^ flipreft 
in- the kcondperlbn« hy^je^MA^jfamrJ] Afidch(»iMS>n yoy bring 
OCo prove) Aar the 32. ver.muft be extend^ to Jnver and GmtiUt 
f|>oth9, towit^l^xcdi&tht Apoflkin€he.30»aind^i>w^it ^k- 
Ing c^ both)] it of no force at all) fteing hd ^peak^pf tbe Gmnks 
asbdeewr^ and of<be J&tm at mbckmcnt Ai^ xbepflfbre^might 
wdl % of the Tribes who w^e thmk^ In unbelief F>Mr5«d 
hath cMcbukd ihmaBmml€ti€fi^tb4th^fi^9bav0mefc^ mpm alL 
But of the Gemiki viho had then Obtained mercy ftbrough the 
,Jemi unbetlefiB) he coold not aiffimu; tbisi, l^ctther .will tht text 
which you have alledgiedoiit o(Gali 3« 2a< fasptf ^dl to chit in 
tii« former tranfl^on^^any thing avails you* ^ur there is a vaft 
diftrenoe betwixt thete propolidons. Tbe Scripture batb condttJed 
W mdarfin. And^ Cot bath emMkdaUm pnbeliefe. THe firft is 
oniveHally) and a£biaUy^ifie;fetngallQien!iatf€liiifi^ at well 
hdeevers^asunbeleevers. But thelaftisnotuniverially^and a£bal- 
"fy trQe;i6etng all'nieaarenot onbeieevere) Bor ever weiv finer <he 
. frft promiie of a Sawmir* Yea the Apo(lle laich GaL J* ibat she 
S^iftun batb emtdmkd aB.mtderfinHejfuic this very cauft^ to wit) 
'^ai tbe fr&itAfi bj faith of le fits Cbrifi mgbt be given teibm tbd idbroe* 

•That ii^ to tbim that are not concluded in unbdiefc^ alb^ chcy 

Pate I. Chrtfis PerfoMU Reignt m E*rtb, ''ttf 

aTCGondi&Iedubderfui. Ami therforekniiift needs begranttMJ, that 

the ^2.ver^M.i i. it applyecLbf the Apoftletoioine meaoneiyja** 
not to all; to witjtotheunbeleevin^jFevix in oppofidon to. •«.*»« 
beleeving ^f i^A And cion&qiiently moftof nec^ty too beni«!ant 
of all th« Tribes, none excepted j becatiicit cannot be meant ot a»l 
^exvetf none excepted. And U this be not evidence tnough to raaKe 
yoo uaderfland t'le 32. ver.ofthejevfoneiy} wee have tiodeouble 
exp<Q)^ce toh«lpe.cIeAAyoiireye>%ht : For tell us, what are the 
many numerous niKlcitudes of the uiibeleeving j'eirer ditperft ^C 
this day amot^ft the Nations of i he Gentiles t are they the Natkiu> 
of the JeoHJ, or are they not ? if they are, thea were alUhe Tribes' 
concluded in ui^liefet .if they are not, then tell us what Tribe, or 
Tribes^re wanting, t^at fell nor, or continued not in uObeldfe. 
with \the itft.vFor fur^y in the opinion of great Divines the Holy ' 
Ghoft hath reckcMied up by St. ^obn Rfv.- 7. kll the Tribes as le- • 
matning, fmd to be converted, not long before the deftruftioh of 
the Beaa and falfe Prophet. And therefore it is fonewhat hard to 
concMv^^how a man offiidiunderftandingasyouconceiteyour i^fe ' 
CO J^veji(»i^ notvnthftandingib much evidence of Scripture and 
experieBCe condemne tins ohkIq&ni. Therefoie it cannot poifi- 
bly be mdntamed, that the Jewa and Geniiks are as yet one (heep- 
fold. And .as for the fallacy ofconfiquenoe, let the i«ader iudeew 
whether it be on our part,who fay,chat the fewet and Ge»/f^ 
ftwJl not beunit^ lotoone ChurchjiintSthe wholi Nation of the 
J^tves ,be converted, and the foceiaid prophecies accomplifljed : or 
oi>..y9Mr% who granting, that thftfeyitphedes doe foreflfew their 
unitingj doe affirmf that they are already thus united, althouefr 
not one of thefc prophecies be fulfiUed, norany one Tribe conver- 
ted.. But|xve tlm the Jmermd Qentiktzrt united into one 
ChMrc^^you aHedgpfE^. a. w, n. ^i Smembirthat ne beimt ' 
^^T" t^^ "^^ *" *kejklb-^at at that timejee mre mtlo^ ' 
Cbr^fi—h»tr^^maiknfbphbh6dofCbHfi^t,bohatb mlSc^ 
both one, ar^bro^Acm,, the mkb^all of partition bit«>eem ut^d ' 

Z-^f'>V/''^,^^^^1^^'''^'^'^'^^ contrary to 
hin^fe?«r&a?^^4ttehavevwi&hiniftlfeaoc^^ > 


gWJgWPL, _ -J— ^.y,r fir»M v^ng rigf9t$m 

I w— ■iiniil I r 1 " ^^ ^ ' m^^^i^mmm^^tm^^mmmim^mmmm^i^mmm^m^^ 

eht^ i«iF. 3* or £w»f/# itftif «b^ ^J^ mm mf t9kev$d ^ mf$ tl^M^ 
jommiriytbyalfomafokimmmfrei^ chap» il.^. 31. fvocdd he 
have QAd ail tMs><»f the jbrei ( ami much moreio cMrpispolc) 
ifthe Jmarand (^^niffef bad thai ccpialljr cinbracfr the GofpeU 
}fthttTribB»hadfaeciiaireadieonebocfie| orlheQ ^cly fo becocne 
ent bedie wkh thi bclfieviog Gmriks / doiMcffe he vpottU not. 
And therefore 9 RrftImay%^dlaldM^d^«old^ baifh made 

hfibwe^ ara to be referr'd to the meriting canfeor pcmhafi of 
thdr union adreadie wrought on Chrift'kptrr, by the fteddingof 
hb Uood fortham ; and not to the afioaU aooompliftidg of tUi 
purchafcd union in thenar which was to be performed in chetlme 
foie*appointed by Cod forit» For as hi the 6* v&. of this eb^er^ 
wtiere the Apoftle £uch likewise in the pfetotenfe. And bsib rai/ed 
mtftofftber ^ and madam fi$ tagubv m baaamfy ^aau m Cbrifi 
^fus. The wordscottld not benHai«ib/tffi#, o£ the itbM po(^ 
leflifvg of thefe heavenly placssl^y the Safots then onealth : but dt 
jnn^ of their right uncoihem by FaitbinChrift^ in Ifte manner 
he might fay, that Chrtft hid made ttieT^"^ ^^ Gemiks t am} 
aung their union^. by fojiog thef^f ce of thehr rtcoddb- 
h Gody andamongft them&hres , altbongh It were not 
itrd by an a AuaU di&cn(atiQn of fc nnco t£»i^ undH die 
fidncfle both of the 7avsi aM» Gtmitn flmiM Mmein, ask isiUm. 
II. tw« 12.25. OtfeiixiaA\f^l€M3fQky(m'^ 
mine of die union betwixt diesiwapsoplein your mMsc to my 
ne^t words) that theumoaifaif Afroftlrhcn^*''^^^) itnot to 
beunderftoodof ana&Hdlunioa bec«diti|ie Jumttzr^Gmtiki 
then living : but of an a^biall union bet«^ the Chtmrh of the 
G»fn7#/ then b€gununderthi^,NeW'Tti{anient« and the Church 
ofthej&irciforniedy|[atber«(un(iBrtht ^dTeftaAient, ( both 
wluch we^to makeoneiiew^manr chit is» that one ^ri&d* Af- 
iembty and myfticaU bodie of Sainta which ftaH come with Chtift 
thdr bead at his nexi^ appearing* Whefeas thetifiion which wee 
treat of, and.whidiu fore-^ihsw'd bgrtfarpveeecBngFrophecieiy is 
tobe of all Masons. oneonb ip one mfibh^Chttrch.- Undt titfrcfiy 
as^ iay Aot^^hat jJI tfaejMffrvhofti^ ibrTtibeeiMr eondbdid 
inonbeliefei ibXdenienqttbaaildir^^ onddr 

the€d|pe!are]oynedi]ntotheChttrcif of the Gmtiks^y biitldc- 


■ ■ .i> .r .i.a ■ ' rf.n ■ fi - - f ,..%.-.,:. :,. ., ._ r nm^-i 

P»lt iu Omjlh Ttrjfwsii %si^i$i pn Earth. i j 7 


nie that this » fiish an uniting oftbe Jm^ and Oemiki as the pre** 
ceding Prophflks do^revcalei) or that it isanjr num aauoldng 
of them into Wt Cborch, tliai tbc calling of the believing Gm* 
Hies before Cbrifts commings was an uniting of the Jopei and Gen • 
tiks into one Churcbj and tiierefbre JL thus retort your following 
Argumencagainft!|i0ur(elfe«. Who will denie^ that the believing - 
Geniikr living arooi^ft the jkn^ei before Chrifts comming (/ yea 
before the forefaid Prophets dayes) were memters of the ianie 
bofliieand Church uaiverfitU, whmic^jAbrabam^Jaeob^'Dmd^uad 
otIierS) were members al(b ? tlien diaefore ( by this Atgiunient ) 
even then the Jea^ei and C3e»ii/e/ were one fuld% 

ijraeh Redtn^oni^ ' 

And. as for tho& which were converted at the 6rft preaching of 34 
theOofpeli and at other times fipce, they areiiut Ac firft fruits^ 
and tooce( as Imay (ay)of the branchesiaad lump ^ whicb (ball 
foUowaftertbambyagencrallaiiiverfoB : and thertfore thecal- 
liag of the&can no mqf$ l)e accouiited a convcirfion of the Iw«/» 
then the caj^isg of tboie Gmtik$ wluch were gath^td to the 
Cliarcb before Chrifis nativide can be caiten for the con verfion of 
the Gimilu % who wei-ie ( 2M1 tiine hath(he«me us^ but the f mfi- 
4f^ ^ the fo»ninners andpledge as Itwere of lAl thoft Naitoois 
wbidi were a long dme after SommnA^ by d)« miniftry of tba 
Apaftles and (beirlacdsflburi. 

Mr. Pesrii^s Aafwtr. 

nig h eslkd tbe^rfifirmu tf $bi Gif^ei fr^M fimt tU imatMum 
rfCbrifi^ jet t^ycdmwbecMlilMfirfi fmiUyibe fheeffold^ fi^^ 
hg ihefapfiatAs an the toou and wtmAvs iff the jam Mie of Cbrifts 
aiibij aretffnffeh oa^dy {loos. Il»l6« iS% eof^emdmtb ver« 2I. 
Thsy arebeloved for the Fai&eii 6kc Ne$cf$ tbm ikavafi d^erma 
t^rim th caKfig'of thi GentUci mnder iU Olltt^ammt jondtbe cd- 
Img »/ tbi Jewes nndefibe Nm : f^t mryfiti0 GemUes ti^m^mverted^ 
w^mlnn^ w»^ifm ,rffh immiU Jewes § and alidt mt^JQ 
IM9 iCH^o. Imv M»c«»s^ 

ftdim»t0fikm^t9mttbi4wdp0B^ ti^Uobwi^ in tke imim 
^ibiCh^ck under Mh i?ki md Vm t^mmm^ m/malM$ mw a 



■ ■ ■ ^ ■* ■■ ■ « ^ 

1 1 8 Ifr4eh Rtdemption redamidy w Part it 

In the firft words of this anfwer^ you (ay withAs that the Jeirer 
which were converted at the preaching of the Goipel^ may becaPd 
thefird fruits of the Gofpel : but whereas vou adde [^jet they earf 
not becjU'd the fir jf finits of the Jheepfold: {} V^u fpeake of .your 
owne; howbeitin liich a manner^ as if I had affirmed 3 that they 
were tbi^ fir ft fruits both of the Gofpel , and Shcepfold ; ( which 
had been ameere contradidion/) You (ay next , [ that there if a 
va^ difference betmixt the eating of the Gentiles nnder the t)l4 tefia^ 
menf^ and the calling of the Jewes under the nem : becauje the Gentiles 
then converted^ ti^ere very fetp^ evennothingincomparifonofthe convert 
ted ]tWe$ fiate the GofpeL^ And fuppofe the Jewej weremore ^ yet 
feeii^no one Tribe of the Jetpei hath been converted (ince the in- 
carnation of Chrift, as no one Nation of the Gentiles was before 
the incarnations why (hould ihefe firft fruits of the Jore/f though 
more) be taken for theconveriion of the Jewei^ rather then thc^e 
firft (niits of the Gi?i«ife/( though fewer J be taken for the con- 
verSon of the Gentiles? Buc yet it » but (uppos*d by me , and but 
(aid by you, that the feppes converted under the Gofpel^ am more 
' then the Gentiles converted under the l^w were. For moft of the 
'^Efii^e/ converted under the Gofpet are mentioned in the i4£f/, and 
befid^ the many Gentiles^ that became Profelyces in the flduri(b- 
ing and power full eftate of the Jewes^ wee read Hefter thie 8. ver. 
17. that in the very time of their captivitiei many ofthefeopk of 
the Land did Jnd^nze ( ^$ the or'mf\iitl hath ic) that iS) didturneto 
the Je$ws Religion : and thefe [ m^^ muft needs be a great mtd- 
titude, feeing the Land lyhfch Ahafitertif reigned over, was eHyidai 
.Into an hundred and (even ^nd twenty Provinces , in ^all which 
the fen^s inhabited ^ as the Letters (ent into thefe ProWnces^ by 
Uamanfor their d:;ftruftip.i , and by Mdrdeeai for their delive- 
rance doe witnefle : and it is not unlikely, that as in ali the(e Pro- 
vinces the feare of the jftow fell lipon them, (b in all theie Pro- 
vinces (oifie were converted unto them. And in the very laft dayes 
of thejewi(h Church, the mnltunde xMcb came together to heare 
the Apoftks^ak^ with other tongtes^ Werepartly fenw, and part-* 
ly Profifytesy ABs 2. i o« And tberefove doubcleffe the number of 
' f Reconverted Qmtiks before Chrifts comming doth not comir fo 
much ^ort of the nwnber of the Jtms converted fince Chrifta 


Part !• Cbr^s Perfonall %sign$ m E4rt6. 

comowgaf you pretend : yea for ovtgkt that you or any maneliq 
cantdld theydoenotonely Qduall bucexctoi the* number of tbefe 
Ja^es- And laftly>in faying [ '*-«^ thewmn eftbetWQpeopk^ of tin 
Wes and GeodleS) cmpfs in the union of thtCbuHb under the Old 
gndNm lefiament {] You doe herein grants firfi^ that the Church 
under the New Teftament^ h the Church of the Gentiles -y and (b 
not of the Jwes mdGentiles boch^ as it (hpuld be 5 if it did pro? 
portioaably confift of the Jenw and Geifti/e/. Andiecondly^ you 
doe herein grant, that t^ Apoftles words 3 Ephef2.ur. n. &c. 
arc meant of this union : for you cannot conceive » [ that the mi'- 
en betwixt the tm people xonjifts in the union of the Cbiteh ttnd&r the 
Old and New Tefiamtnt : 3 unlefle you doe conceive withall 9 (hat 
the places which fpeake of their union are be underftood. 
And thirdly^ you doe herein contradift che preceding prophecte$ 
( wluch you grant tp forefliew the (ame uniting of the two people) 
for th^e Prophecies doe plainely declare the unitinj^ of the whole 
Kadon of the Jemt. with all the Nations of tlie Gentiles on the 
earth: and not the uniting ofGemiles under the Gofpel with 
Jems under the Law 5 not the uniiipg I (ay, of one part of Chrifts 
imyfticall bodie the Church then in heaven > with another part 
thereof newly cal'd to the Faith on earth. 

IfraePs Hi^demption^ 
Andbeiidcs, Ik)W thebringjngof the Jetpes out of all Nations 3 5 
Mon borfesy and in Litters ^ and inCbarretSy amdupon mules ^ and 
JLn mens fismlders^ can bcare ^^ly other but a literall fenfi 5 or hcJw 
the vdk that n ^readover all Nations , can now be faid to be de* 
ftroy'49 when as fo many x>f them runne a whoring after thdc ^ 
owne inwidoiis, I cannot conceive- Yea, Evmunto tbia d^^ faith 
St. fold dl the^eiw/ in his time , when Mofes if read^ the voile i$ 
upon tbeir heart. Nemtbeleffe'^ tphenitJbaSreturne unto the Lordy the 
vdlefbaBhetakinatpaji. tCor.^.ver. 15, and 16. But we fee not 
yet Ifrael returned ( yea ^^ fte it frllen into mare groflc ignorance 
and fuperftition ) and therefore thetaile is not yet takenaway^ * 
andconfiquendy is notyet dk/?iv)fe^,/Jw« jtf Njrfiw. 

Mr. Pctrie^AnTwer. 
iFhttber be cannot ormUnot conceive itmof be doubted: rmnf 1000. 
have conceived both thefe : be gwes no reafin of bis ikttbting, in the for- 
m€r\ audtiecm^f bit dot^p^in the other isnaugbt I for albeit the 



-^ . ' ' ' - • - — •-^'- 

urn Ifraeb <%e4twfikB fm b imt d^ <r Part x. 

m ^0nhi$ dlh^gjts a mhct timfanji ) jn uttmnlj U ik $akm ^mpn^fnm 
tbt^lewtnimdMtfhKi^ to wh^fi many tftbimj m tmrm to 
tbe%»r^y Pfhkh an f^manj M tht Starw in beavtny that is^ immmtrmm 
bktomm. Forthef^racebf God that britigf ialvadon l^th appu* 
red unto all men) uc< 9. ii. AndGodv/hohadioemtnandedthe 
lightcoftineoucof darknefie, hath ifaifi^d in oarheart?^ to givQ 
tht light diiYit knowledge of the i^ory of God in the face of Jc« 
f» Ghrift : ji writts a]tV9^mto the Gentiks^ ^ Cor, 4. 4* 

The reafon of tny doubting in the former paffige^ Is bocaofi 
neltherypii) nor any otfier can give a reafon fuffident to prove^ 
thatthehridgingof the Jems iat an oftriagtmto the Lord out 
of allNatiouii tfpmborfesy oftdinlAM^s^ mdhiCbarHU^ md 1^ 
§nmks^ andwpanjkflft h^afis^ &c. to Mf tmrntaine at Jmifd€m^h 
not to betaken in a proper fenieibr the b^iwifenyoucan Ifaeir, 
IsCasit fiemee J that m^ fbrnfands bavi oMiHud fbeje w&tds mi 
Motbeffenfi , which is as gbod a naiibn to prove 4bac otho* fidb 
tobetbetrueienftoftheoisasitiitoiay; th^xrMdf^mt wat no 
feUe Prophet $ becaufe many millions have and <ioe erroMOBf^ 
concave hfan to be a true Proplleti Add why did you not afford 
tisal^tof ehatotber ftnfe) irtddi fo many ttoo. ham tiken 
<AtA words In ; and of tlie importam ttslfoM^ thit xmiM ihaa 
ibcodoe? iedngyouQonfiflefigeso. diat ilieSeiipinriispio- 
pedytobetaken,unltlR the proper Cmft be diflbiiam fnm the 
leopetiftheteit^orcoiAi^rytdthe Miilo^ of Faith, whan^ttf 
of manners : ndther ef wUeb hath bm prov^ldfYke fvqpcr 
Ifenfeof theft words} nor of any of the Pfophedhe opott vsUeh 
youftrtvefomuchtoimpoiea ^irative ftnft« And m yoo have 
not brought a reafon to ramove Wf doUbtingln thii fonnar pat 
iage4 fo you have not proves the naibn of my doiditf ng in thi 
othtr,tobe naught forin&jbig^ltbdfdkhtbgvaihlS.matta' 
iMiawajffromaHfbk^]f!we$9 atidfiimaifaBibiliatkttffimwinA 
ptfiit fhaUmwrU takf^ m^of ^ &c.) jH nrtidnfy itit td^ amcf 
fr5mth]t\i9th mifiman^atim^H'ififffimat^^ ^ utm 

tcfbilfrd^&o.'] In^iogthusi yoafiynocMiigto ^pmrp^ft: 
lor WMlciiottMii when mPro|4^ wat i» 

■ ' ifal 


Partt* Cbrifts firfimUHiiiffU •» Ei^» l^t 

"" - ■ . 

the vaile then cakenanray frooMi maorv of the Jenw^ and of other 
NaCMMiS) as were then turned untotheLord ? And when St« Tatd 
iaid) £wniMi#(?ilw££f5 irlm Moies k rtsd^ At vdk i$ mpom that 
bean ^ nevtrtbel^ wbm UfoaU rehtmewtto $h L^dy ibe vMkfiali 
beiakfmamaf: Were there not ^en mort JetPes converted to the 
Chrifiian Faith, then have been everfince? and yet the Apoftle 
filthy that the vaUe ivat then upon their hearts 3 and (j^esks of the 
removing of it froth them, as of a thing to be done 5 and not thai 
done; although thole were then converted whkh God had ap^ 
pointed tobe then converted* And therefore the Apoftles words 
are to be ufiderftood of the remo^g of tlie vaile from all the 
jFeo^/, and not from (bmeondy. And the Prophet (aith likewise, 
$bat God mil deftrq^ Ai Omring cafi weraU pwpk^md the vaile 
that k^adnfef' all Naiiemi^ wldchcinnotbe fulfiirdwhenonely 
a partof die vaile is deftroy^dj as you underftand it ; hm (hail be, 
wh^ the whole vaiie is deftroyed* Andtliat it ftiall be wholly d^ 
firo^cd^ tlie Pfophcdeof Ifd^cbaf* 2.p4^y^, vfbkh (bewes^ilM 
MNsiiMf fif^llgife 9^40 the fmumdmtf the h^ tm$gbt 

he Im tpof^f I and the fame Prophets words, cb. 11. ik 9. for tbt earth 
JbaUbefiill rf tbe kjeciv^kdge oftbe Lord^ae ibe paters cover tbeSea* And 
the Prophecies which (hew that all Nations (hal goe up to Jerufakm 
tiMlpaiibip»< dor with dieprsoediagPrd|ihecie)oyodjf teftifie : and 
Aevefore this &ft cfaMile oiyont paraithefis doth flatly deni^ 
whrftt^Cpd dosh fee^juteifi^ aramse. AodtheScripture which you 
haveaSedg^d) is us^d onely asatiasiog gl^ to daasde the eyes cf 
theheedk&oilmleaiaied Reader, for tfaaci of j6^«ikif. sut^r.^ lU 
hadk rdattoaeo tlie ievecall ages^ Scile% aiid*Gdndiiions of meti^ at 
tile pieceditlg verfisdoe ftew: fe thiitJiosU^mm'\t\miiyh&6 
moreihentaallfiMBof mcQ^ ypiing, and old , inale^rid fensale, 
MafterandfirvaDU Add yetlt might be tl-ue too^ tba$, tbe grace of 
God tba^brmfflbfdwMiony bad tben appeared umo dl Natioaf^ m re*- 
ffod of tlierapbrtand pidb&fiung of it anKmgft cbefli i a$ Sc* Pad 
£iith,2«w. io.M% iS. although not in regard ofanye&Auall par* 
tidpationof it by them# Aodas for thsit text, in the % Cor, chapj^ 
ft«r. ^ whafedoihitilMai but that GodhadrcvealMuDr 
fileandhilAffiAAilt^whac ib^,preachH: umooA^ 



/ ■> 

,^p,jaA»>h*>*fcll n i " ' i n w 

lai •^ l(tzt\t Redemftion redeemeU^ or 

Krael's 'R&iemption. 
35. Againc^llHiownlorearon, why wc fliould give marc credit to 

't\it metaphorical! interpretation oCthefe Prophccjcg, then to the 

* figurative €Xpi)fitlon which feme prcffiime 10 put upon ihofc words 
^ Joh. II. '" ^^^ ' ^' ^^ Zec*^ritf*5 at the i o, z/er. although St. j^*« in his 19. 
T.j^. chap, at the 37. t'^*- hath alledg'd them as the oncly ^caufe that 

dur Saviours fide was pierced : of which fad doubdefle there had 

beennoneceflity,ifthePiQpheciewerenottohe underftood in a 

literalKcnfc ; and to fay with others, that it was thus fulfilly in the 

Di(cipl«s, who beheld our Saviours (u&ringSjisnoconely to rob 

the Propheciebf its right end, batalfo to make the DKcipIes goil- 

ty of their Mailers death: for the text faith exprcfiely , They fi>all 

^ Pfal.2 1. /^A? «/^» «WJ whom ihej have ^pierce J. Whert al Co it fpf iowes , vfej 

V. 16. &c ifegi j&j//m r^etirmforhim^ as one that mmrnetb for hkmefy Smne^ and 

"»Mat, 24. .pallhmhuternejfefor him^ at one that iiin liiitemejji for Bk firji 

^\^ • h&rhe. InibatdayJballth^ribeagreatmjiermngmJerQt^lem^ or the 

mottming of Hadadrhmton^ in the valkj of Megidden^ But who can 

at the fame time eameftly bewaile that mans death, whofe ptmiQi- 

^mtot thisy themfelves doe not onely procure , but fcoffe at ? as all 

that murdered Chrift, did at hit. v , v. 

Mr, Petrie's Anfwer* 
1 . He ufttb here ihetmeall termer^ but certdnlj it cannot be tmcn-^ 
vedhjhis wards ^ wbetber be tak(s tbem properlj^ or mfrcperfy : bmwe 
givem other int/rpretatim of the- Profhicia then be UteraU^ thai i$ 
tbiefiyintendedafhe^confeffetb^fage^'7^ ' ; . r, . 

• ^ 2. ^he Eva^elifi fbewes that ?tofh&:ie of Zecbariah ie be^^vberU 
fit^U^din tbkt parti that ibe fides of our Saviour were pierced i €^n9 
Interpreter faith , tb^ the refi of that fropbeeie tporfitl^lkd at that he- 
jiamt 5 but rve mofj^lj tbiltke^ that mof^ oftbem wbaemfotMd unto 
hi§ death did mournefor that ihirfauh'^ fi^ng our Samaurprafed mrt- 
tobU Father^ to forgive them^ Luke 23. ^^. and the fame By^gelifl 
haretb mtmffey that they who bad crucified binty nfere at thepreaebiL 
rf Peter pricked in their hearts , Afts 2 . 23. ^7. tpb&^ehy we eoneeivt 
that that ft^detvas not fiilfill^d in tbel)ifeipkSi neither in reff^eS of 
the^cing hit fides , nor of hokfug to bim at that time^ ( f&r^ tkej aU 
fed^maf^eutept \^f^\butintbe]emti^vtbo indted h nA^Lji .i^^^f 

» did4rueifiebim^audM(^uponbitu^ andaftemard/dSd teoome for 


T i"*" IP" " ""TTTn— 11 r "iiBi— i ; — -..-^--■^— . . -. ^ 


ni«igw^.gr«aC5j*fc«zi.30QO. mKnt^etber pdcHedin tHelrTieam; ^ \ 
N(fp^ f(mfi(kt tfhether this expofition be mone confinant unto thefi words 
of the fraph^ftr fht^t otbeff n^berehj is is alUdgtd , that all tbt Jcw€3 
9vhadijimijei h^m pierced ^ fhall after f^ manj hmdradjeiires monimefhf 
their Father j.irfteil and tfuligiwf^ cmtrivanc^: . the jormtt U fn^ltdiH 
the fufitpctfons mthi/i the jpace pffeven or eight weehf \ and the ' othet 
is not of^ the fame f&rfifis^ neii^ within the ^ ace of i ^oo. jearts ^ if at 

t, Tlwaif the. fe^ond Mpic that you cavillat my udng of tfie^ 
word litcrail^for pfop<u:3 althoMgKi b^^r^in (pcake buc as Divines^ 
commoiJyfpeake^ one ot vithon|.it were eafie to fill up many pages • * 
with iflftadces for the confirmarion of this ftnfe of the word. V{>t ' 

lo Scriptiti^J^^ lif^r^li^porf^mtem mjpg0^figtiriZfo& parabolicofia^ ' 
bilitviUfim,? . diu$ it; is propo^'d by Stagmannus : and by Broch^ 
mmaii thil^ An dufjnata fiddi efciojsap literali^ nm autem fnjjiic'a pa- [ 
bilirt commodff atqi tH:p puffim i and in the abridgcaien t of the |ub"- ' 
Itancc of iLel^>ii it% fol4^ ^ 4mmdi^ ^ planus^ page 1 27. con-? - 
corning tj^icad Oraol^s , aw thfik jiFw4?* ^^ r"^^? "^^ ^^^^ are they 
vHiicfa aroAinderftood^jOt' ba4^ of thero^ that is , the type and the,^ 
fobftaocetpgethar^ ead ire lobetabsaproperly;^^ 
^ake» IkcraUy^ 9a1S^ t%^\%^Je^41'P(^^^^^ a horn of it J And 
now who halhibnir«d bimt^lfetbiim^vice^ bavel, in. folio wing 
Divines In the ti& «f tiMi w^kJ ? , or j^QW in carping at lii- for Itl •' ' J • ^ 
Andwhcreasyoa&oaft ttt<^'*jw#igKj<ir(?a/fe#r interpretation of the 

PrajJn&Uj thmM cbififii i»tend^d%X it Wfrc w^ll if you did not ; \m%: 
fiirdy you cannot proveyour royliacaU feaic to b« the ienfc chiefly 
inteflukd: nehherdoe Cfa^y tjis^tit is^ ii( tdlin^you ^ that Intei> 
prosit doe chkfly cstpound thcppfceding prophecies of the )oy-^ 
Dingiii^cherof the Jefvcxand^aii^^inp one Church : for as 
I graat thxuhqr dec rightly Ooncrive of the fohjeS of thefc j^r o- 
phecist) inaiBranng/thac th<y CQnceroe the uniting of the two peo*^ 
pie 5 (0 1 allow not of the application of this union to the*tioie 6jf| 
the fubllituted Gentilaci&}jP^^ t>ych^ myfticall interpretations^ 
of tneia. r i ^ '.- • ./.,,. . ,• ? ;. _^ 

as Thaufce E^wjwIiftaWcdgp^i thiiProj^ as tf^^a 

'ii6 Jfradts Redemption ridemed^ or 'Parti. 

VBifi^mourne apaYt after iheirreturnirj'g — '-( aufMsthh dre%'cfycrc4lhle 
* are no( mttteni) And therefore Orn the co;itrary /(|ghave tvritcen 

[; J;5r€wh'4t is not credible. For isle credible that tliRiQurning of 


credible that xny of thcic Jerrej who refbrted unto JeruCikm out of 

£b many Count fies as ate cchearft , v*?/ t, t^er* 9/10^ i iv were of 

\ tlie Families of P^zi^nd'Njffrj» 5 wbeias the'Tribe of Jndjh 

wat not then carrycd into captivitic by the ^mans f And if they 

raoarned after their returnc into theicfeverafl Countriea^ into M- 

, ffotamia^ CappadQcia^ Tontm^^inAAfia^ &c. this was out of the 

tand, whereas the mourning the Prophet forefhcwes is lo be ful- 

'"jR)Pd onely in lirufaiem^ ahdincfaelafid of Zv^j^Janditii to be 

. obiSerifed by men and thdr wlVies apirt, and what circamftancc is 

there in the 2.cbaiK<>f the J0s ftotnwhtch yoti can gAHer 5 that 

^..4ny of the 3000.7011 fpeake of, i^crc women ?' yea Ic h Co be ob- 

fcrv'd by all the Families of the Jfere/ that rcn^aineV that is , that 

/ar^ living at the accbmplifhniie^t of this P'rophede*, and j^crcfore 

' ^e repentance of tbele 3 eJbp, C09M not p'ombly t>t i^e mourning 

here fpoken of by thcn*pphi!f. You fay next j^/fri/ ibk Pr6ph>u 

doth cqnarne the jejvcSx aua cbiejfyth^ferjofu thftt crHC^d th^ir Sa- 

' viowy but not ondy^ ^femg even :th OintSfe^ iSr^. And (Jfd y<Hi not 

^,teIl^8 t|v<n now:i t^%i*^ g^*^^ ^^f^^^fp^\^pit)iti^^cfth fro- 

l^hfcieifhenif'^Jn^intended^J HoW.therlc^n ybcr'fti^ hert'i that 

* this ^ropiiecie is chiefly nwint bf 'the JetArth k'pVtiptfr ftrifti and 

yet meant alfo of the Gentiles in a jguratlve fertfe ? Ji^ Ittbt ilih to 

jpivcaaotherfcntebeGdesth^^twl^lch it chiefly intendecj? imi4 doc 

vou fhinke tha?boththe|e fcnfcsarbJntfeficJed VWfhy^t^vi ftali we 

l^ow gertainly wtiich ts tU^j hitcna^d t Sirciy ttj^a^i^c' diat 

, the Holy GboK doth iiitend a dotibfc fcnfc ih thefe ftopbcdet i is 

nofmBll crrour ; feeing it 'makes God to have, ar hrWeit a heart 

and a heart ^ to be I ^y, as3 double dealer, wfco foqilq-s one thing 

and o^eaqes anochec r and ftiall we tonc^Bc thiirof Cod f^Ood kk- 

b\d^ T^a^Ut GodhtrUe andeverymank^ari'it trptH ^en is tmt 

one, Co doubtlefle there can be but one trfie fipfi Xifmlj .^ace in 

tfap Scripture, but one fenfe Intended hj God ; and ttiefbre to maSe 

the Scripture JamU'tSksi to bob tw^\Myet,iif fiK)iD man and not 

» ,*, 

- il i M i ' .. ■■■ - I - . m^ i) -»irr i>,i . . , ' 

Parti* Christ '^irfui4lL^i^:'»nBarpB, tty 


fram G jljiai it is the readieft way that I know to (om^dt divifi* 
on atnohgftmen- Buf thjre fc jrct thcrhfayipft charge bchinde^ for 
[^itis great m^t^^e^ yoa fayj f^aprme that pst\. "chap. 14. ver. 
^. and 9* fdtb ChtifiJ^all Mcmiunto tht]em^to reftore their Kin-- 
damii fir there is not one tpora if i'^oringor of /for . Jewes Kingdome 
in tbefetiifo verfisJX Aad yefe hi< ck&en^ihg and rdignmg Xmv all 
the earth is exprefly foretold in theie twa verlesi, and (^all he come. 
toht Kmgover all the earthy and yet n6t reftore the Kingdome of 
the lewejl what City thepibal^ be the royaU Citie of |:t|is great ' ^ . 
Kings "^if not Jerw/j/ewfi, whole ' cxt raordinarie reflaqratioa' js Ato- ' ' 
mifeci in the yerfe's imniecf lately following^ and to which m the 
Nations (ball goe up to worlbip^ as cbe.htter part, of. the chapter 
doth forcfliew t Ajidwhaf people Qiall be the chqyi^ft iubji?as. qJF 
V thii great King i if «ot the Sfiats ttiat^ (hall borne ^with Tiirnl and 
the*15a!^/ (hi$brethren.^qCording^tOktnie fleQiJ^iyTioj^hefhaui^^^ 
delffer^fi'Oai their /^nernie9>as the jqcfgement rcveiPd m tlie Va, 15^ 
^ 49.aD4 * $• '^^p^' dotiMec%el Ccr^aialy yoi^ muft rieeda gtar^t. 
that the 

j^uwiflV _ ^^ _ . , . . . . p--,^ 

bnearchasm^i)^ andhowc^pi^^^ when as the Prophet 

laitb plainayj thf ? ourSavifiuc Ujay l?5 King over all the earth af- 
ter:ht$ 4«icc|iding to tl^e earth ^ md not vmle he Is in Heaveti ^ 
* ThjMttJSen thc^reatiiri>pud^ 
butf the jKaC^e(K^^mprq^^ 

this pjie ^rppff^cie wHfiti firft ftewdJ'cjqr^^^vfpurA 6bniM!h| with 
all the faints ^ ^nd tbejpi'iii$Jreipnir^ pvec alll th^ earthl doth in*- 
falUbly prove aU your ah(wers to thebtlier'part of thetreatift ^tcy 
be C as the^anfwera^to thjj^^|;iQi^$ ifatfo^ and evAfions. '^ '' 

'} t 

,'. ^ • ' 

# - 


\«» .'J ^T ',-,1 x '». 

• . • ', ' I ' % 

I ■ ' "■ . 

\ ' . » : ' V ." rU\ ■ - * ■/:.' , •<■» - .^ 1 . f- 

'\ > 

■ ' "11 < M III ■ *.»MM— — 1— ^iMfi»— <■— — w 

Ifraels 'j^dtrnptionreJeimuly tr Port i 

■^■— •<•• 

I » t 

' i 

T/J-^^^/jf Redemption.^* 
Ch a f. nil. 

Of the r^^ring ^ the wholi Creation t% its 

3 S« A Nd thus much ofthe fcllcicy of that remnant ofthe Njtioni 
Jf\^which (hall outlive the reft at the Jemu returoe. Now a woid 
or two of the alteration ofthe fenfitire and (cnfeleflle creatoccs at 
chat (^« Vitwilfeytiithjfd^inhhii.ebi^.utiie 6.ver. fkaU 
4!Mljpiib the Lamhe^md the Leaf ardJiiBlhibmne vntb the Kid: 
[and the calft^ and tlfejaung Lj9n dndthe failing togetbir^ and a lii'tU 
MUBf^U kadt htm. And the CgtP and the teare fallfked^ ibmjimng 
j^wMlndmni together •^ and i^^^ tbt Oxe. 

•Oea. t.)o. AndAtfiaAing ehiUfiaUpl^ on the bale afibe a^i^ andtU tPtaaad 

di« ^.a>9gsi. ^i/^ fhaUpmt%kbandonAeCocl{aificeden. Tbej^fhaUnotbm'tnor di* 

fifoj mattnn bofy mamtdne ifqribe tafib (ball be ffnll ofthe hffot^kdff 

f^A.u 14 .^ tbtLorJ^oi tbiv^at&j cover fbefia. Andinthe65.c.&4/r.atcbeft5. 

\er.Tlfe wolfe and the Lanihe fijU feed together^ and the Ijon (ball eate 

% Gen.;. 14, firat» lih tbt btdMf iand% Aiftfialt betbefirpenu mu»e^ tbq 
' fball not hurt^ nor iafry m att m^boij mamtaimyfdtb tbt Lard. 

) ^ Wh^r^ wee may pUcrreagainft £idi aiimderftand by thefe expref- 

fioni^ the S^O^ of preachUtgoo the hearts ofcroiei miodcd men } 
that they are a pare ofthdleprophedes, which coiioerne the jFeirr/ 
deKyeranoe, and therefore can have no relation to die calling of 


MTtrtrft^/Anfwer. • 
Js WH have nothing at yet of tbt ftUcky of the Nations ai thai imap- 
ntd tim \fo thefi infidng fropbedes mak nothing to that pmrfofe^ far in 
I(a. 1 T. to* iuumdiatth after tbt fnteit^ words it iffind^ In tkae di) 
^ ^' dfirtJbaUbtarootttfuEk^n^nebfbaUftandnpfor^a^ 

/^ : 10 ii j)^i0 lik Gentiles jSf^r^ C^. Marfce t vie j&iirfr^ 
fi hi ca^jjpmsh tbt preceding rndfoUomngtbings kototbe fame thma. a 
i5%it.3« m tfHmfiipt^J^ytx^uhe^tJh^ cm mniiig ,. 


Part I • Chrifb fw^mil kngnt •« S^ni^. i ^ j^ 

^— — ^i ' I ■ ! ■■ I .— . I ^ ». r. ■ I I.I ": ■ I 

tffCbrifi^ A rod (hall come forth out oFtbe ftemme of Ie0e, and a 
branch (baHgrowoatofhisroocef. 4« Imtbtwitris follcmmg that 
tefihmtff^ bt^taktsoftbe calling of tbt ]e9it%amt Gentiles t&getber^ 
m wm ex^ned before. And tberefin thit frofbtcf cmarnith not tbt 
JewUh Mmarehfg and tbeji words may M better etcprnkd alltgorifiallj 
then friaper)jk 

As it li very untrue that you have had nothiiig frpqi us qf fhe" 
felicity of the Naciohs in the day of the Jew^s deliverance, for wee 
have brought you many unaccompiifbed prophecies. out of Gods 
word to confrme it ^(b it is very true, that the reader bath had uo- 
thing from you of this felicity, ieeingyou have wholly couoeal^d 
from him ihofi prophedes in which it is reveal- d« And the(f enr 
filing prophecies doe fpeake of the reftauratipn of the creatures 
botil wnn>Ie and inienfiUeat that time, for which purpde they 
were alledgsd, and not tofliew the felicity of the Nations v which 
yet Otty wdl be gathered from the large mercy which God keqpe^ 
to fiorceven forthedimibeandinfrnfihlecreatureiin that Dayj 
in dtar day, I fay, fbfrecpicntly f3fietoId by God, and not faliieljr 
imagined by us* ISvk to prove that theft prophedes doe not con- 
ceme the reftoiingofthe&nfible creatures €odidp|^aiidveinnc^ 
cency at the redemption of th^ letver^ you bfkig .foure raw and 
triflif^ realbns. For redting the i o. verji^ 1^ tbat d^ tbere fiall Be 
a raate oflejjiy tpbicb (baB fioM for an enfigne oftbtpeofde^ to bim fbalt 
the Gentiles j^^ You bid us, [Mgrkffitffif tbat^btfaitb in tbat . d^^ 
fa be em^na tbeptce^g andfiilht^g tbmgt to tbepim^ thm^, And 
wee % that the reftoting of theft creatures to theirongifiaU per- 
fettoo ; the comming in of thefidncfleof the Gmtiles j ami the * 
redeoqpdon of tlie lems are all to beperformed in that day. [Second^ 
fy (you £iy) tbat bef^eak^ eodfreffeh pftbe calling oftbeG^iles^ a$ it 
H Ated Km. 15. 11.3^ And wee 4y, that as lome Nations of the 
Gentile/ weie forlongagoecal*dt6the knowledge and obedience 
of die Go^l $ (b at our Saviour's next appearing, all other Nadons 
of die Gmtiks (hall be cal'd unto it. {Thirdlji you%, ihat in tbe 
l» 9fr. bej^alifs aftbefirfi eommhtg tfCbrift^ A wtjball t^mefortt ottt 
^ibe fientm ifJeJi^ and akrambfimll grow ottt rfbk roout**] And 
^m woe txf too,aiidyet wee&y withall^thatas the fbu^e verfte ' 
imiMcfiat^ foBowing may as wdl^if not radier, be onderftood 

• of 

— — «r-^'« . ? *■ 

t)^ Ws ^ftio** avhit fcoood comrnioga ihcn^i; htl frft ^^Tthat 
fbfj3 W fii thef »i7J 85 9y 1 Ot 12, 1 3. «;^. 8cc be ftilfilici oocly 
ajc hift fecjond conimii^, which theiirft pMtofche ic, «;er. f(^ke8 
of. x\nd foamay not chinlcek firangey that both the 6r^ and 
' tkbfkl^omWiihgof oiirSaviourarerevead lb^filin^.<i^4f .ivhefl- 
as wee (inde them elfwhere revealed within the compa(&oi^ two. or 
three verfes^^s Ifa. 9. 6^ j. and <Aaf'. 5 2. 1 3^ 1 4*1 1 5 /and in other prc- 
pheoies. 'Yc^ yon dic^eieeiDeixi me to acknowledge H,i9 ^2u:you 
forfakc ttw lo. i^^^e (cotofwhiqhycu gather j^ur two former 
V)bfervatibrtJj and^ la which ithc roo» vije^ ia expitflely nieoii- 
otrcdi, irid-fall backe tmhe fifft vp>;/e> at the oo^ly pl^ji^ ia tfeia cA^;. 
^bar fccivfs tft^firftcomniiiig of our SaMioor. And [foqrthly^ ytu 
fay* '. thai in fh vfordifMmhtg tbs$ uft'M^f^ p^^^f^t^ #A« oUlvig 
(ftkeJevifeB 3mlGeati\H:tffg^th£ry.^j»0.0xfomil fe/wj And wee 
ha\;e W6ri (hewed this ejqpofidpa tQJbe<nQtaf ioa%ijdr6 ; md th j^ 
fronfthfe i'l.yirJtii^tbeiehdoftiat/Aiif^noij^H 
^redeinl^o^^the j^MiisJbretDldfc )Aa^i»8 youba^Aotyei dif 
proved the pi'opar^fen&j(>f tfa«(e(tfophcacs>&doiibiMfeyQH 
not fit them with atvalt^^kall paraphcalc^ ExnU^ym htHto afSe 
" many ftvtriAVk%i9dk]oi^e^s msmlon'^ fo /od timti Au^rwc i^ 
yniany^ feireralUd^4e9/erdiip«sfidQAs of mte tq etpatmi diem by* 
And;ftcdn%9 feeif^ io an aiUgoricail ftilicty&.propbccM ate 
applyVi to the CDiiverficMi of i»en)yQtt<nnRift;tdl^>ds^wb]^ dfi^r. thdi 
tonvtrfioft fome arecal'ri^ W^^Ak^j i^*^^5J^«»i>&i«5^wl jQici^- 
irfce>y and othew, han^s, KkiifcglwfbLxkipPi^./J %p :aiite£)tiit!c 
'ccmy^jEtfidty for thtfe Jfittn^ ibej" flrn&diilifigiufhed fagi,. .when, they 
are ifaiid, io tii dimpmtf^^ imt. 

* And thirdly^ yen muft g^«e w the meaoiBgoftheie i»hxafit^ Ti^f 
^i^iwg eWde^MfUj^n ththoUoftbt^^ ^bimi^maldmU .fini 

" '-'And di^Jhdlibi'the SgrpeAti nn^^ Afldfdurthfyi AcB^/hcreis 

mendoiT) not Mely of irratbnaU creamre$^but o£ radonaU. mlib ; 

of mankinds af wdl as of be^iftes^you muft l^ osfidl wfaacOonyects 

.are aRoded uritotmdertkieinameBQfchcfib ibreraJl fiMtrof facafte?, 

'and ^ftrliiit GohveiM »re«^ mmt bytheiii^ft <aEB^4 tfte^/M^ xlu<^. 

ai« nqc to be taken propniy for tfar btafes ibemfrlve% wIisim5 
the thiogi fi«reiTlieaFftdMfowetUjp*cewiiti(faifli9»«i c^ 




Part- !• C^rijls PerfmstlReigBew Earth. ( I3i> 

plainely diftinguifbed from mankind coo* And unlefle you can g^ve 
us reafonable fadsfa&ion in all tht«, yoq doe but vainely (ay^l^thMt 
tbeJerpordsm^bebettne9f<medalkgon€aBj^ fbm prcperlj.'} Ycfche 
propq: ibiiie of chele Prophecies is-further confirmed by the food 
which God created for every beafi of the earth , and everj fmk of 
the aire , andeverj thing that crttpethm tbeeart^ CO live by^ to wit^ 
the green hcrb^ Gen. i.ver; 30. and by ctfti:ainc of the wilde beaftt 
and fqwleS) both from cheir raimous diQ)o&don and feedings the 
whplecitneof their being in the Aike; for 6eingN(?4itDra8 to pro- 
vide foodefpr them as w^tlaa for himfelie and hit Familyj Gm. 6. 
2^. 1 1, it muft needs^be granted, thac as theiP2i^ the Lantbjond 
^Le(fardi the ccm^theLjon and theBeare &c. did then, lie dmne 
Hfftheri fi) they did fieed together too: and that the Lffin did eoH 
firamJ^oThajf)^^the Oxe : tUfi Ifair, ^uft needs be gninted, 
unle& we can ima^ne that Noah did take in fl^ into the Arke for 

the ravenous creatures to live by at that time. 

• , ♦ ^ . * 

JfiaePi Redempdoih 

Aadbefide% isihettnoburtnordeftniftioiiiiialltlie Chrifti- 

an world, ihatwefiiould thos flatter our ielvet with iiidi vame 

£u)des) orratherwhenwattberenone^ orwhereis, theNadon 

(haUI(ay,prtheQtie,yeathe!dllageamongft us, where cruelty 

h not praftUed, where fiich mUcUefs ace not to be fowd$ as can 

icaroely be paiallelled in the ComBion-.wealth8 of the moft bar* 

barpus heathen t And as for thole words ^ferHte Earth jbaB hfnH 

(^ the htatfikdge 0f the Lml^ which ieeme to have been the occaiio^ 

of the former inteipretadon^ inmyconcdt, they imply buttbii, 

that tber^re God witlreftore to tbefe creatures their primitive 

obedience^ andcaulethemtobe no more oilcnfive to hispeopIe( 

btcauie he hath determined to make! him&lfe at that time (b well 

knowne overall the earth , thai lus people (ball no more o&nd 

him, and (bthe fisareof God fliall at CHice be pat ^^gaine into the , 

hearts of men i and thefeareof men into the hearts of the crea^- 

turea : for the enmicy of the creaturesj is but the iflue of mans finne^ 

and thecefore when God (hall pardon the hou(e of Jaeeb , and 

cleai^ them £rom aU thdr inknudes (asJiath been (aki; the finnes 

ofmcn whidi are the can(c^ and the curie, of the cftatiices , whkh 

h tbcefleft,(haM depart togedien i 


An ■* 

>■ H ■■■ ! ■ M i m— ■■WMU J 4. " ^ -t '• 

,_ ,_ , man 1 TT I I - •• *'•*''• ^Mf- 

^ Mr.l^ecrie^s Anfwtr. 

I., AHnh tim Amhr mUnai ivvt glory unto Gpi mfidfith^ his 

' ffffmifeJ^ yei fopee fee ^ that others sre mt fi ingrate : asAdt.'"^. 51. 

Then had the Chwchcj^rcft ritroughoutall Judea^ and GalHii and 

S^amaria:, and m o^btf tinusm^^nde ^ that the Cbrifiianr' Bad their 

hiUymUn dajes imxt fbefi fen great ferficutions ^ and afiera^ardi in 

* the tlajesrfGhrifiianEn^efmsrTandgffd^ King}. " 

2, Neither doe the^tfY^phetfifrB^elanonJpeid^^ifib^ th^fia^^ 

'X^T^j^^^^^^^'^^^^^^^^^^^ ^"^^ ^fi^y one'attoihfr7 but 
*fa^he^tbeftGfefthnftht'Chw^inthkw(rAdUt&^ and m- 

^vfrthk^f^olmsandlyms'fir^ their crtsehitin^e perfinhfm^my 

convert fy andiberefbte 4brfe hjberbqUeaU corj^ainis mi^w^ him 


I 5. 6 d^tb ptizszkibt Asth^iihat lEfiij fntbysM^.ii i ^jWov Ac 
♦ciwfcfta11befifflofthcknow!edgec4thcL6rdi mti therefore fi^ 
eietb a private conceit for exforAngthefeif^ords^df v^KA heghesm rea- 
fin .\ b'ntvre have given fMficientxeafinifir4i;i aJkgoricall mterpretati* 
6ny which is confirmediy tbefe tvordfy totphy that the^dntndanceoftbe 
-\nmleig(L'9f the±(0dU4becmfiy rft^mckdniinkapethih^^^ 
'^mjfk^sindadyiB^e^9entfeUKimU4^^ as eitr Savimtr 

ffaithyUtAtA*My.t€: ^I^I fend yc)a'a«(he€paiti<lng Wolves. Of 
whrnn^imainlymasyieus^fbeep'ofC^ a<imri prefer 

^eS cfJmtifkdgiy tbmibi changing ef^f^apaj^iffn^ 
... - 'Kepw^,^ ' •'• • - '**"' " - '•^'' 

s. ^WctMnl;e«hac<j0^h^beftfIi^^ 
^fied by Wy D«hen ^6€CHife& the trulh ^ :a4fetit agkinft our/ felv^ : 
and thereforea$ wee a^ieiiot (bingratetodenle) ihat-God bath ^« 
^>ven particular Churches reft ^ not ooely from 4pra{gne enemiea 
lyut^otnebred alio ^f not onet/< from ^leathenUh^ perfeaitofs y bat 
from hereticall too ; fo we are not fo ungodly: to deme our ownc 
unrighceoufii^) atid^idthank^fndSe (towards Qod notwithftan- 
dingiiich mensy codfenrediipon os^Foreven yihtn thefe Ghtircfacs 
liavehad(uch reft 9 -then' have they provok't God afrefh, bymore 
then heathMHKimpieties^nd op^mioMv Co that reft firom per 
Icouden bathbeenthe very i^-uaK^inwIs^ the taitsoCdQ 
cdeand in}aftioe) of all manner of inkgpvemniene and nAbdiefe 
have been fow'd aftvOi-amongft as; and tiitlCprifig-t^ey 10 wUdi 

that curled imd nummw brood of cheAfii^wUch St«'7WxcckoDs 

Ifcl — 

Part i. ^(h-ijit "Ptrfhmtt %i^ M Earth. ( 1 3.3) 

ijp3 tfe/. 5; ief. ij. Sec. hdt^ hm manifejl in us : as ads^h&/y], fdr^ 
nicstion^'WickanmJfi^ iafiizmufi^JJe^ Idolatries mtchcrafi ^ hatred y 
variance^ enmlaiionsy firife^frditions^ Herejres^ efrvjings ^ mttrthtrsy 
drtmkffim^e^ revilingSy covetmfnejfe^ and fitch li^ ■: For it waB in the 
ticiieof J^^e/V reftj that ihe faithfidl Citie became an hdrtot^ and. 
fiiV of mntdereT^ a that bet Vrinces grew rebelliouf^ and compaAioAs of 
tbeeveSythdt every one of them loved ^fts^ and followed /ifter rer^afdr :^ 
4bat they judged not tbe.fatherl^e ^ nor the ca$^ of the mdoxp : tbM 
theyjojned^oHje to bonfe^ andpeld to fields till there wdf no place rihat 
Codlbokfdforjtidgementg Tfut behold bpprejfioh^ andforrightedufiiep^ 
But behold a cry : that the tiarfe^ and the Viol ^ and the Habret afid 
¥ipe^ anihnne were in their F eaf s s but they regar-dednot the work^ of 
the hordy mr the operation of bis kandsy EU; the i • .and 5 . chaptei s. 
Andliave Xyhriftians made j^ny better ufe of their pcft from perfc- 
ctition and deftruftion ? fiiijely no* . F*or \t was in the very in-] 
fancie oC clie Church , that r,pheft*f was threatned JFor leaving her 
firil love.; Vergamoi for the Doftrinc'of Balaam^ and the DoSttiot 
of t^htNlcholattans : Tbyatira for {ufieriiig Jezabel to (educe A\e 
i&ryahtsof God to commit fornication, and to e^te things dfiered 
totdoh : Sa/ais for that her rporl^j were not fomdperfe^ befoul 
<3ody tnat IS) to proceed from a fincere heart and an upright affcr 
Cklpn; and LWice J forfaerlukewarmene(I^inR.engion5 '^ 
a. and th^ 3. chapter* And (eetng it was thus in the iirft^nd bed 
age. of the Chriftiao-Churcb^ how bad, thinke you, hath ft beeii 
fince^'furelythe^rQeApoftlewill tell you 5 ci jf^. 9..wr.20, 21. 
uifvi the r^of the men that irere not hilled by theje plafftesy yet rtpen-^^ . 
tid tufioftbe workej of their bandfp that they Jhould not worpip Vevillsy 
and Id^ls ofgoldy andfilvery and brap^ andpone^ and woodywbicb nei- 
ther canfee^ mr beare^ nor^Mg : neither repented they cf their nmrders^ 
nor ff. their forcerie/^ nor of their fornication^ nor of their thefts . And 
''as this great wickedndO^ of Chri(iims diemfelves., 'ds their en- 
vying at , their conteodon with > and their defrauding of each 
other ^ Ms. the mifcbiefe tbey dkvi& agatnft , and the huft they 
dailydoeionetoanother, thati hwj^okenrof^ and HQt ;6f the 
hurt tbfy receive from others 4 not- pf (uffering b^ their ,beathe t 
nUhndghbouf^ before the wiioIeEmpirebecame Chriftian , -orb^. 
hcathipqiih Maciims fincetbat ^f j« and xher^ore' in this, part oE 
ycNiranrwer'yQa have quite mittooke the marke^ isind' brought 'a 

» - - . • / » ^— ■ ■■ 

('34) Utztls VjdemptioArediemidyar P^r 


record of fooie particular Cburchcs/eft from SifEsangy inftead of 
tbdr reft j&on^uhdog. 

Zk In the next yoiigW e bat a (Mt 6rc 5 for wc are dUcaor&g 
of what doth inevicably^foUow from thefe Propjiecies accerdinff 
to the allqgoricall interpcecadon of them :*and ttieitfore tf the 
£et/» or the Prophets doeijpeakeotbermie of t^titne»> to which 
youreferrethcfe Prophedes 9 tl^en thefeProphecierfRoe ; ft is an 
qDdeiiiabki«vk[enceagainft.yoa$ that dther the aUegoricall ienfi 
U not the true (enfe ortheo) ^. or that chefe Prophedes are not to 
be accompIUht in the dme to which you apply chem :. as indeed 
fbqf are not : >r thg^JkJl not bun nor defirym altmp bofy mom^ 
tameifaUb the LorJy^ which words doe fn£iUibIy ftew , that the 
ioi]iOcenckof thecr»tuitswhonithisis(poken(^, (halt be (udi 
astannot polfibly <;onfift with the many mUchlevous ( that ffiy 
hot annaturall ) adions of Chriftians amongft themftlves: but 
may very well be fiilfiU'd inrthegenerall: agreement and- gentl^effi 
of the dumb creatures at the appearing of our LonJ Jefus ;at which 
dmeitiss that thefe Prophedes which reveale the J^^es pro&eri- 
tk in thdr owne Jand, and thofi which revcde the joynt-embracer 
inent of the truth by all Jme/^iut Sentikr^ and cheten^ch re- 
feale the reducement (tf the dumbe andlnfeniibk creatures to their 
pri^nallperietton^ are all to be accompliihed ; and therdforeat- 
though«it betheproperde of the Church to be militant in this 
worlds that is, untill the appearing of Chrift ; ytet in that new 
world (he (hall be triumphant; (he Ml be rid* of all heradv^Ha- 
lies ^ of all her diftuf bers, as is plendfully declared by the Pro- 
fhets, and implied In the lirft part ofthe 20. fibi^. of the Jkv. But 
whereasyouhavealkdg'dihefewordsi asa nafbn to prove ^ that 
tbeit (hall heatwaves hurt done by Chriftians in this world /'for 
tfae(e you iay are the beafts of whom theft Prophedes areto be un- 
ddrftoodjlcertainlyyou are much miftaken in this argument ; for 
itwittnotfbUow^that Chriftians muftneedsbe faurtfiill to them- 
&m^bKa^^clUis$btfrapertf rfthCburcb to bt nnlitmt m tbk 
«0r4^3'thatis,,tillourSavioiirscommingtorecrive hurt from o- 
thers. Andyetthoqgh we denie your A^ment, wee denie not 
what you would infer from it, to wit^that Gittiftians ait Imrtfiin 
%» -i^K other syca we iay (and that without an hyperboIe)dNitthcf? 
tfiiUy tbaicra&rtliisvaxG^ 

' aos 


Part i^ ChrifksPerfon4U%eigtuonEitrth^ (itK^i 


DOC beunderftood of chem.For wee dare not wit|l^ ou fkft to ir a^e 
them oontradiA other Scripture by wrefting of them ta a falle 
(en(e,aiid then to uphold our erroor by a flat denyal| of that which 
G^ bach fpbken in them rby affirming t{ay,that chefe wordi^ii^ 
jhaUmtimrttwriUfir(ffinallmjim$mtaim are'thurto be under- 
wood, tbefpsB^MtsmtJi^ojm <Jlmf bohf mmntdne. Yea, wee 
hold it much fafer to denie tbr aUegoricall fenfe of them , and (o^ 
thdr prefent accomplUbmenc wlchall f ridther of which any other 
Scripture^ or any drcumftance in thele Prophecies doth enforce X 
then Co denie what Godhath (o pldndy reveal'd in themt 

3. And yet you goe on like a Gonquerour, at^dbeare the Rieader 
in hand [ thai the w$rJb in tbt <^. ver. fof the earth- (hall befnB of the 
kp9t^4ge sf the Lord^ daefusasJe the Author ^ and that therefore bee 
fottdetb a private cenceitefore^oundingtbefeti^rdfj ofwhicbhegiver 
no reafon.^ But (urely it doth not pU2z!e the Author fe much^ as to 
majce him con tradid My thing that God doth (kj % as you have 
doneto)uftifiethe all^oiicaU inteipretadon of theft Prophecies; 
and tlierefore ieis evident, that your expofition htht private con^ 
cei/, leeingitcrofleth the text , and not mine, which though you^ 
accufe, yottcould not (hew to be contrary unto the text. Yea, the 
reafon which t have given for it ( for you wHfolly belie me^in fay« 
ing, Ibaveghminam) is not onety very agreeable unto the proper 
fi»i&ofcheielProphecies, but to reafon it felfe: for what could 
moi« illaftrate tlie wiftdome, Juftice, and mercy of God in the re- 
ftauradonof theft creatures, th^^ to ordatne, thatman, the crea<4^ 
tUKwhoftcfifobediencehadbeentheccGafioiiof fubjeQIiig all 6V 
therinftriour creatures unto vanitle, (hould againe by his obiedi'^ 
ence (Tp'ui^^g from-the abundant knowledge of his msdB6r)be^ 
come the occafion of delivering theui from this bondage bf cor-* 
lupdon ^ andtherefore tboa^ it be true , that the favhig know* 
ledge of the Goi^I hath made and doth ftiU make wicked men to , 
leave their wickedoefle; yeciiifnottrue that the calling of men 
out of tlie ftate of nature into tiie ftate of grace is foretokt in theft 
Prophedes, and the words of oar Saviour, J/en^dH'^/l^^ ammgfk- 
Jf^ohei^ Matth.tO', ven i^.areflatagainftyou,fortti^yare meant 
ofthemoftobftinateeneniie$ofthe Gofpelrthey are meant', I 
iay,nocof fuch as (hould become flieep , but of fuch as {hdlilai:itt ' 
the^eq[>,Mdiift!^ekaimofteodeav^tokeepalloc^ of 



I 'T* 

(138) tirsitls Redemption redeemed; cr Part i« 

[hill this be fulfiird >. fiuU itbe after the general! jiK^tnenc of the 

dead mencion'd, Vev, 20.ver; w, t{wr.T fiirelynO) for then^is 

earth oi|c of which thefe ereatureM^re made ^ (hall pafle away, 

and be no mote found, B^mL 20. ver. 1 1. then this earth akd the 

vwkf? (the creatures ) that ^ire therein fhall be htmtujf^ 2 Pet. 3. tvr. 

I a And we read not of any Starres in the new heaven^ or of any 

beads on the mp earth ; yeajbefidcs men and Angels, we i«ade of 

no idore creatures dienot a tree of life, and of a rhrer of life in that 

]b9ly Jetufakm tphichfiail defienJfrom God wito the nepif e0rtb\ the 

earth withwhich there (hall be no Sea creajted ;* and con£qiiencly 

th^ creatures ddiverance is to be fulfilPd at the reftoring of Jetdea 

and Jertifakm^ raN hereby Ifaiah, the bolj mmntaine , and ci^^« u 

th4 motmtaim of the lards hmfe^ and the mmmme of the Lord. And 

tkis by confo'ring theie twoProphedes of Ifuah and St. Trnd^ icis 

maniKft, ^hzttktUctt^fXWiddivirMcefrgmtbebo^ 

' tionii^ touching wtuchyoufayooely [^thattbe^JIkk ^eah^tigaf 

ihe finall delherance «f the creature jtom 4be bandage of eamtfum : 

^wHab XT mtekaredbf that edfMtaim of beaftj^ emkffe wet trill be 

content mtb a finail portion rf ddiver ante for- the genefoU ddheranee of 

tbe.ereaiuH.'} So that you grants thatthec^abitadonoCthebeafti 

Is thdr deliverance from the t^jondage 6f corruption ( and cenlie- 

quently^ that the fore&id Prophecies in which it Is iwcsd^d^ are 

properly to be underftood , which before you fo ftoinly denied) 

'but you &y wtthall, that it is £ j finallfortion of the creatmes delm^' 

ranees'] thatitisaddSverancebutof apart of the ereatiires.* and^ 

furely we dloc not (ay , that the ddiverance of the ienfidve croi- 

furesis the ddiverance of all the creatures $ but we &y that all die 

inftnfitive creatures too (hall be reftor'd ffbthehr Primidve perfe- 

fi^on (and foddivered from the bopdage of corruption ) when 

thefe^are, as other Prophecies doe foftrf^wof them. And ftdng 

yoci acknowledge the Renovation of the creature tabe its ddtve- 

prance, we marveitwbat you meane in laying that £ the Aftjtk i$ 

j^eM^ng there iftbeifmall deliverance of the creatnrei] For ifyoa* 

ttteane t)y [ the finall delherance'] a forther renovadon of it $ &rely 

we knowixit or one renovadcm of the creature that the Scnptmes 

^akeof, and that is to be a perfeft renovadon of it : t>ut if yoa 

ini»neaniuIiiladonanddi$>iix!onof it; you hold oDcmond^ 

fivenmoe of tbecreature then any other XXviwdodi^ to wk^ ade- 


Part I # ' Clhr^s ferfii$4U Soigne w Earfh. 

*-* -j> 

i n II 1^— lip I j i 

Jivenui(De1»y renovatfoo) aiidaclelivan9D€eby abolition 3 bucwee 
denk chat the Apdftle Cipoakiei there of the (wbhition of the crea* 
cure ; andthatthtstecafda deliyeranoe 6f the creature froinithe 
bondage of comiption m mfj^UupS the ScriptQre : Yea^ vree 
fie not now the creatures ddiferaace JFrom the bondage of corrupt 
tiooj (bouldbe a deiiverbg of it bto a greater corruption ; nor 
how di9 creature (hocdd Utter etrneftlyexpeft filch a deitveran^e 
from the bondhge of .cornqpdon 5 by which all tjie kinds of it ihaXL 
be deiif^fed % then defirei:6continue(vb)e^ to thii bondag<^ un- 
der whidi 41 the kinds are prefervcd^ And (eeing 4mi creature! 
bondj^of corruption, UcheiratiirietowhicliU was^ made Tub- 
jdSttyy reatbn of nuns finne^ after ksxuMtton $ and (o cannot >be 
nieant of ehatcornipuble Gdi)didon of the creature in which ic 
wasireated fubieft tQdeathfMddifiplutloiu it rauft heeds f^ 
low 9 at weeoonodve, that4ie creatures diilqlution cannot be ita 
ddvnxmfx* For fiich aa tbebondage is^ fuchtnuft the deliverance 
t>e: bait the bondage 'was the alceradon which befell it through 
mans finne : after its creation ( which was advenddous to it) and 
notltt oc^nipdbilitie^which was psade natural! to it by creatio^it 
and confequently thedeliveranoe muft be a reftauradop of it $ this . 
d^vttance bf tl^ ienfidve cceatium a reft duration from their buri- 
fiill and untamed dilppfidon to a mild andharihele(le» .and of the 
tnfenfidi^e,oftlieStarres and Heavens from a malignant influence 
toafiavouraidi^ and from a dimmer to. axlearerbrighcnefle^ &c. 
And wbereasyou iay>.[ thai the Ambor eoBeSeib nothing fartiatlar^ 
fyfiomtbat text^ Tfaigb 6^.v€r. 25.3Surely lie coUeAs asmuch front 
that Propliecicj as from the other $ and to this end bach alledged 
bech tpgethert becaufe both doe reveale the (ame things but If 
yoowantapardcidaroUervadon from this texc, you may take 
notfeetbatheiaicbj^n^^ili^j&if/^ bt the 'Serfmts msat ^ whereby^ 
hettiewes^ thztwhtnxht I^mfislUatejhraip Kkf ibe bntio^^ when ' 
all otl^r beafts and.cteeping things of tbe^ardi^'ind fbwies of (he ' 
Mtep (hall live by that food, which was jippointed for them at the 
cieadon^ ^^^ i*wr. 3^0. the Serpent cn^^y (ball feed ftillon the 
nooriOmienc of lus tuim^ Gm. 2.ver^ 14. as a mcmonall of his be* 
ing the bftnioKnt of mm &U9 and^ of iobjeding UsM6w-» ' 
CKatominto vanity therdby. - Andlbow could you fay [tbat thm 
^^ ^ i!^^ ef m Jn^ Mmatiibji in^ TropbtcU i ] when- 


.Ji3^Mte—^i— — »■ iitm^tmttkak^mmmm^mmt 

(140)'' «'Iftti«Ijf^rfr^i*»**?fcw«iit«» * PartTi. 


a^ theft ar€ the ver(e«l imnibdiately Alrfegrnqg f ^ifd lyHU.rtjofce 

frttfr^ heard iJ^i^^np^thevofce^fci^ thertfbMheno fhan fhere 
ah-iTifm bfdayky ^ ^nof-diH^dMim^ tbM kaftifrnfilkakhir daj^.ti.fir 
tBerchildihall dje ah' h>iriir^^yeanl did : ^M thV ]|f <re» i>Birtg dii^bwt- 
dhdyeares oldfhalf he accifrjeik lJ>^fidlbbmUdbm^ tmdmhabitihtm^ 

€^oy)hir^ofl^oftWit hamh yih^patfpmldmrin^Mini^ nmhtng 
forth for irmbie : far^ey are th feed ff the bkffidcfih^ Lord^ andtkir 
oj^-jpringn^ith'fhm': 'ondif/hM^me fopaffi^^ tha^ before th^. call I 
, jjJK/ ahfiper : 0fd^tHfiU thy are yet ^eal^gy I will heare^ Tbt' Wglfa 
imk'thi- Larhbp^aUfi^d'ip^ihi^^ii^^ • WhalitMnfifeyou of:^ldiii> 
- d?>th1t hxk p!ainl jr^fliiW thiHUflh^ift^^^ ahd^w^ericji dk, 

iMt Jew/ ia*their oie^jfic ynd ^^al tflfefetiWr J)»fc*^£ tHoii;^ chap. 
d6t1i thefr returne to it ? atidiMncHth^dUcnbcwaciit'es asfAam- 
lj[ diftlngufrtit here from the Jeni'^V »» in thfe'^i. cfct/^ from cbe 
M^h and Gtntiks ? what thtnftafl Wefay ofXr^Ui Who have fo Bt- 
tle care 6f yolir credit^ ^xiA^^gtv^ bV'yom G(^fi:ienc« ,: as to dc- 
nie, ;[ t^atVerwar^ n^ord'offVe Jimjt^MmdPehy f- flir^ly ^oatave 
need of ftich Readers as win-^klldw all you (ay ^cb^rl ifiriplicfae 
^ faith : for if they take tht courfe of ^ Ae n«bte Befe<m ^ and uiirch 
whwhcr it be alf jm fay om6t, ybu t*iM «Rcrf be fftuftd a traitoor 
to the mahiifeft trutVof Gb^^ dtFhirdMlAil^ dF tlO tow ranker 
alinrieofno lightdye. ' ' ' ^: ^^ ^ « f — 

Ifraeh 'Re^&w/?fW: • 
^ Another Prophecie touching the renettred cftate of the crca» 

tqre$^ is to b^ feen in the ^o. chap, of Iff. at the 2^. v, 'fbenfbaU be 
give ihiraln ofthy^ed^th'dtthoU^altfm^jtgrdknd mthalhandbread 
of the increaje of the earth , and ^ itfhaWbe fat and pknteom c In that 
day fball thy cattle feed in large pafbtres. the Gxen li^tPife y a$tdtbe 
j&ung A]^ that eare the grot^^jkaU eate dearie provender^ rpbkh hath 
beennnmoivedmthfhoTklfakdtphhthefanm^ and then fbaU be MW 

«Mal,j. rer. 

^^htoffevendafefymth^J)i9ib4tf^^ if 

P^tf. '-filmi^:fifJk9f^{M%»^ 9» ^4rtk, . Ci+.i) 

P ^ >!, ~ - "' -- * - J> ^ 1 -^ ■ i Ji. — ■ 

pf (lie light ofi:tlle.SuqiMMKl Mpctic ker« fpoken of^ if in the 5o. 
c2r^. ^ tjw 1 9« ^«n i^Iaioely gaioc^yecl) the fvords giro thde. tht 
tSumep^l UftfijmfA tlff^it. fyAv^- ^Mhit f^t l>n^oi^fft fhall ihe 
tJiiaon give iigbi iMi^tke^kf^ tbeil4>f4JMi h$.unUhthee a^ ^tffrlafiinig 
iigb^ ^^?^^<^<!^/^g%^ Whefpifit-b^dbcQrtfaid, thai tbeStfn 
JhoMld ffOfnaKe b^rm tfSm by daj^ nor tbe Mourn by H^$^ 21s it i« in the 
1 21. ffH. ^tfimjLt tb^4, aiHaa In ttie'49. cbaf, of JE/i; ac the ic. 

. iame PiVPphei: at ^^^\v9f::'3^1»^J^t^,fi$iil9i:iat^ nf»n tvpiySTfHiJmg 
flace QfMfttm Siofky snd upm ierjijimbfuj a dloud ^d:fm9h iff 4^^ 
jmd ihfi^hg^ aflanrnigfireAjt^ nigbt^fa^^ ^fi^il^In^^orj/ p^ie 

ftomih JpW4 ^d fin:apUK^,of^9fiig^/$t^j^A(n^A ftm fiorm a$id 

hfiojf ^ th«(e places wflll>ebed:crrecbnddcc|^. if we acknowledge^ 
thatin«tie 6o* chaf. tliereisa mixt i4he«i*I^Pof thpic bUCings, 
Mfkv^ a«e proper cfcidy to. the ticaveoly . Jerufalefii ( which asic is, 
vR^:2i.»it4^*23« zniditifl^zii* 9ku^h^^n9fmd9fibtSH9n^ymi^ 
tkir^tkuMQomtefi^memif) widb cliofe which the j&iir^/ffluU 
reoelwat the reftauradon of their earjBhly Jeru&lem 3 for fiich a 
mature of things^ which (hall in thdr^xecucion be many genei^a- 
tionej^^ts if v^afiiaU In the. Prophets* .^ : ^ > 

iienbejbaPU7i9Arp»iientfar ihufmftffBJMkJffVu abk^orrfcmd^ 
liagsbe 25^ vtr. milibdiap. £0. i^ .^iit aUtbk trifaxU mgbt bsve 
beenfamd^ ifbBimd€0f9fisbiBedy thaljikmchik^* ^O* bathap:^tkm 
larw^nmgfof tbe']ewi$ Uiifk m^mihm^ bi^iokfSfM th&r^cof.ottf 
retumingwfihe feq^'* bminib^ kffiifiinff 6e fm(rMb)ibmfor fbeir 
cm^idekee m fR^^t^Mi'fir ibtirconthnpt rfdie Irardymd intbe midfi 
btfarzt^efbtbt mekititf G^d m ibwi^ and lafilj ajpinth tbem. cf the 
defiruSion cf theif^enemies the Aflydans bf name: aHtphid>were ao* 
conipUfbed irt'bk iwhe ^tkiuy m mnityjindt to<5bap/^^ * nud fipr tbeff 
caHfesn&thihgihthat^^)^ chap^eMmbf far Hu rifiai^atior^ cf $b$ 
creatnrefatthdimagifkdM^cbjf^^ ' • ' •^ 

HoW^yoaikyj Ipifbwesno Argmftenffifr bi^ pmpfe^ bttt gives <i 
1^ teeindilift^ ihiii6^ Ver. with ebaf, 66i ffer» I ^^ And doc you 

.■ ^ ^ — ' ■"■ ~ — ' ^^^^^^^^^ 

- -^t^. 


fpeake this to good earned^? IpraydMDMlifk ivhen thefi^^ 0/ 
ifte MwtefhaBbiaifbe light of the Smme: mm vfhm the Ugbt ef 
the Suftne (hM btfiven foU^ mtbt light ^ffivm daju % if k ftiaU; not 
be fulfilled at the thnebf car Saidoura rdgne on*eafth%^ For m ytc 
it hath not been tbu^'^ and.afte^cliekift refdrre£tbn it cannot be, 
bccaule then the day and night (ball <rome to an end$ as it is Jib. 2 &. 
ver, 10. becaufetheii thele Heavens in wfaidi the Sbmte ^ Moone, 
atid Starres att (et (hatl piflfc away, (hall be no Iii6re found , as it 
^ Hev. 20. vef* ii. ^ndjok tit^.vm^iz* And there^ne it muft 
nee<tibt thul at the r^orimg oftbi Kingdom to Ifiaol^ or as die 
PVo{^et here exprtfleth ic, in the J>gf thit the Lord Undethnf the 
kfiaeh of biifeopky mdht^b thefM$ of ihnt woimi^ and fo here 
b not onely [ a husu } but fuon ai^ argument too for our par- 
poie , as you knew better how to avof de ^ then anfwer , tow to 
: eoncsealestfayen to reoprtctte wkkyoiir opinicm : ( and yet tf yoo like 
not the buseypu fpeake of, I can ^ve youanother hjont , tor per^ 
lups that text iif the 8a. oh. may be thus nnderftood, to wit, that 
Ae etmd which chaf. 4. the liOrd hath promiled to onatt nfoH tvnj 
imlUng place of momt Sirni^ {hall both defend it fiom the bit of 
l&e Sonne, and be it ftHe alight onto it by Aivy and disH: tlft jbi- 
mng of ihefjnung jSre, which he will create (hall bein (ieadof die 
hrightnefle of the Moone unto It by night) But \fBmf travell im the 
nooneilingof the 26. verfeof thtfAafttr^wiA the ij^w vtr. of the 5o. 
ob^. mghthave beenfiiar^dy yodfiiy, if I had omfidend^ Aao Jfg^ 
ehaf^^o. hadaforti^datilMrmngfortbe'Jeweiinh^ 
and (0 repeating the iarerall. heads of the ci^^.you conclude 9 vB 
which Wife aceomfUfbt in the Prtfbets olMitime ^ at VH mof finde in 
^f^*37*3 And what doe weelindethetei doe 9rt finde t(ut the 
threathing^againftt|iej%iiw, i6^3ix for thrir confidence upon 
i^;^, and their contempt of Godstrard,ilras fol^M ^ Semu^ 
obtnbs chreatning tocove up agatoft ifijas^^fc ^ nO| but theoon- 
-«ary, that ^e/m jsfccraj was dl(appointed of hisparpcrfe hfHew 
^ths prayer unto the Lord. Doe w^ finde then chat die deftrufti* 
on of. thetxf^Mwhiidi is foretold in the 90. d^^ was fiilfilPd 
kithatilaughcer jpf an hundred. aod^fooriooce and five thouGmd 
of Sennadomifs Army inendon^d dtap. 37? no , for that fiac^licer 
was an extraordmary Judgement of God by an Ai^ &nt la the 
Bight eg deftroy; tb^ : buCitbe deftrattkv.^MDken^of in the i^ 

I • - ^ . 

Pan* t. C^ifts *PerfoiuUl lijigfu m EartB, ( 143) 


ci^4f» vras ix> be ill more then one phce, and to be pedbrmcd m^ 
labmMsndHmfis: andinbattki of fiakfng^ althe 32^ Mr)8dodl 
declare* Doe tim finde then that the mercies of God foretdd in 
the midft c^ the 30^ cb^.^^for tbt people fhall dmUat Sion in Jem* 
yS/eifi) tbtmfhalt weepe no more. — Anil ib'erefiaU be ftpm, every hi^ 
mmntame^ andean eve^y high biB rivers^ dndfireames of ii^atet'-'^ 
Aloreaver the light of the Mwnefiall be m the light of the Swi^^. Doe 
we finde it recorded in the 37. cb. that theie filings Were f uliill'd in 
the Prophets dayes ^ no ,. wee finde not a flrord there touching 
oiight of all tius Prophecie $ and therefore the 37. chap, is ondy a 
Chronide of that which pafled betwixt HezeklaJk and Sennacherib y 
and no Regifter of the accompliihinenC of wliat Is foretold in the 
30» S^. and confiqiiendy Mr. fetrie in affirming this^ of pur-*^ 
poft to Qiifc off tile ihvincflble evidence of that wliich wee have air- 
Icdgcd out of the 30^ dfap. for the rcftaaradon of the creaturess^ 
hathftewedhini(elfca teacher fit for none 9. but inch as the Pro- 
phet mentions^ cftapt 30. ver. 10. who fdd umo the Prophets^ Fropb^ 
eie not nnto m tiffff tbhgf 5 ^akf tmfo mt fimotb things^ f!^^^^. ^^ 

^ ^ Ifiaefs Redemption* 
And it is die morefikdf to be fo here (not onely becai^e the ^^ 
words immediatdy foUomng in both Prwhedes 9 are in fenk all 
bae|fartliey(faewtlie (ame reafon wherefore the Sun and Moone 
(bould no more eve l^ht unto thtm, but alio) becaufe the haj^ 
ndftwliidithejinrf/ (ball then be made hdresof, flull never a- 
gaine be idiemipted b; any mifiry* For the ranfimedofthe LardJhaW 
retnme9andedmetoSian$»Ubfingsandeverlajtif]^jiyt^onibarbeadf^ . 
%g fhdU tktaimjej and gladnejfe andfirromand fighingfiall fiee 
atp^. Efytbe^^i aetbeio.vep. And left one (faooldcQncdt that 
the Jiadg^nent of thedead ( plaindy deicrib^d in ther 2 o; d^ap^ dt 
tliefisv* attlie 1I9I2, 8Ec.Ji(hall either fu(pend or (fifturi> this joy^ 
Saint tatU m the i. Eplff • to ttiei^er. the 6; chap, the 2. and' 3. ver.- 
hadi told us , thai the Sdms fhaUp/dge the world% that is 3 the ^Thefi Sett 
wkked men ttiat have been thdr opprcflburs 5 sund jndge the Ait* ^^^^? 1^ 

refacVtUb cothe ckneof tlre93in»rtjg(ic oneavch:. finricitthelrprivilcdse accbeir ciu 
trance into dltirKfngdcMiie^ aridthrougM^c tbe whotefpace of their reJgne, to judge the 
W9rl(l| Aac !s,att NKioot of the Gentifer with the ftidgeiiiencokGovernaieiic aiulKefdrtfiaci- 
on: widi the Giertift of a Giviir^ndtCDperall power over them .* asia the IProfheciei oik- 



icGentUes iM^^'m^J^}? *C3.« may phindy be fecdc. And it is thrtr4>pyi 
ift rcfurrcaion; to jiidgc the world, and the Dev|lU chat Ii, all evill as well AngclsTas Sjfca, 
y a joynt appr6bitioa^ot th^ic fin^il andiperied condemnation > of th^ fon ae^bnpliflimentl 
ly, of ihcir ctoMairrcprobacion. ..'%.,. 

ggl/a'^ that is^^ thcevill fpirks ^ that have {nrcn th^i: tcwf gtcw j. and 
therefore lb ail notbethruil downe oo thebarre ^mongft them5 but 
a3v4nced to the bencK againft thetn^ an addicion 4oubflcfl^^ 
their former happineOe, andno abatement of It. 

•' &ome ivord oflfyiah 35. 10. mnfi he takm ig motb^ then them' 

ferfignijication : for if the tpord Sion he not iakfnfor the Cbripian 

Chmh ^ hmjfot that hill mtbin^emdUm 9 and the xpord Rettame bt 

nieaned of bodily reiurning of the jcwes^ the rpor^ everlffiing jof^ (be* 

ing tati^nfor xforldlj, w) contradtSs the $emt '^fihe thfl^mdy^ei 

Monarch^ tfhich (hall.endwiith an infiffreQim of the Geotiks agoing 

the Jewefl : bnt, if the redeemed of tbt Lordie iPcpomdfar t^e faSoi^dl^ 

tvhomjdhrifi*gf(r Lor^ b^th r^eemed mth his bloudy Md their nttirmag 

and cgmmlng to Sitm^ be, their u^nting andjofping to the ffcUtj of the 

SAnfs^ then the everlafiing joy is chore bj the xpords ofmt Savionr^ 

John 16. 22. Ye now baveforrov, ^I ^ill feeyouagaine^ and 

^^ ypur heart (ball rejoyce, and your ipydiall no man tak^ 
• ^* yinim ^hejudgetpmt isjmf^pienahk^ fiitifjufily dotAtpd^ vpht^ 
ihertheJtptofik maneth theJ^weB^t Cor. 2«.3« ftefng^<3tfr S^viwr 
jiithi Matth. 19.* 28t Ye wjlji9 hww fqUojyeijnie j^t^if}qg|qiKS(aar 
OQ) whqn t^ Sof^ of man ^{fa^l fir />n the T^4^hf o£ Us filorys 
4wl utJLipqia tvidvfi Throned judging the tw^ye Tribps; pf Ip^* 
el ; jvbextihe tmhxeHribes are not Judges hutj^dgfd^ 1!m 'i:^4ai99fy be 
n^^mthnot of their ptdgingin the 'temp9rall '44iP0^h/j'fiti^g tb^ yte'r 
gffjjb^il mt btjitdffd before the; univerfdl Jifdgfmrt% >* - Ami> ^e 4pP* 
fikf^ib^ hpiaurMm mfre things cf^taining $^^ \ ^is iift f ifpterebf 
it afpemresy that in the fir fi^ fart of the ver^b^ tfJtdpfiands a. Jttdg^ 
ment not in this life. And in both re^eBs tbefe tPofdf of the Apofik are 
\,. sdindmttiondoiAtieJJiyi^tothatimagUud.Moaarebf* . * . * 

! '^ * Without doubt if the Reader will ^ak^ all to be true (hat yea 

/ ! . iay^ he (hall hever fiade yoq in an errour : Biit if you have no bet- 
ter reaibn to prove j that the words [ Sim and 'Ritmne 3 muft be 
taken in another then a proper Unification : but becaafir yocr col^ 

ccit^ that the words [^everlaftingjaj ] cantiot conSOi: mth the wj&fi- ' 
reBionbf the Natio'm at the e^imtion of the ihoAJand jeares 5 yoa 
dpe but ' dec^dve your fclfe with this, reafbn. F6r t&oqgh tfi^ 
thousand yeares peaceful! reigncfliairbe termlnateH^^by ikkGenlU^s, 
irifiirrc&ion aUneloQCngag^ineofl^itati J yetthc^ 
( here rcvcal'd} U "not limited by it. For we r^id indeed of thcTur- 
roundihg of the Saihfs by the Nations, |fe% 20. "v&r, 9; but we read 
notdiere 6^ any fearein (hen), or hurt ddne unto them : yea'vt^ei^' 


imagine that the^y promifed by ,God to, Ae converted J.ek>6^i 
( whojii he calls his eleft, ' sind whom others^, he i^ith , JhaScallthe' 
bolj'peMeJa^dtlkJie^ the Lord hat bile (Jed XtHould rathcf'l«'* 

aworldlyfoythenfqdiapjry asou^ promiied his-PI(ci^ 

pies, Jebn i6i ver4 ^2. Isit't^caute tlie Jemf are to be Inhabitants 
on the earth, after they receive this eyerlafting )py ? and we^fe no| ^ 

could takelroih them? This rea^theQ cannot prove' your Epi?' 
thicc to Bqlong rather to the joytpt the jerpej , then to the joy? of 
the Apofijes ; and yet unl^fle this be the reafon of your calling it 

^, 1 a^d infepara&Ie asthVi^bfi^^ And' although . ^ 

ongueftiona1>le^fr6m the pa0age gl^St F^^> m t^^ 1 Cor. chap. jS^ 
z;er.3/thatthe JUdgem^tofall.evUIas well At}^ a«tnen ,is, at 
the laft refurreSion to be paflcd on them by .'this jpy hC'^approbatl-,' 
On pf the whole number of the ele^.v yet feeingiftjl not unlikely,. 
thatby[/J&en?arW] 2;«r. 2v theApoffle meapes rather the NadpnV 
of the C7«^///e^ In the time of .Chrifis reigne on earth, then the; 
numberof the ,roprobate at the|;cn^aU Judgement, of the deajl;^ 
it may |ttiUy be doubted ,, .wh^her by tW ^oti.^Sa^hu'^t^^^ 
place alfo, the Ka^P^ 9f mcj^rfu l^j^|if^ycpn\(^ ^ 

faithfull which' our Saviour fbalt bngi^Wit^ liia^{;^svwe^ t^<ei 
20. chap, of the 2tev, where i(;is %#OTC(L{.i|f^^ 
thefoure quarters of the earth ihatl De "gathered tog^^ agaihlt 


theSainttac the end of the tbouland yeares. And tbe wbitb oF 
oorSavioar to his DiicipleS) Mattk19.ver.2i. Te wbobavefidbmid 
^mtin tbe regeneration y mhen the Sonne ofmanJhaBfiion tbelktm 
rf' t^thO^ pMptefon tmlvelbrMei judging tlfe tmehefrihes of 
ifrael^ doe help toconfirpie ^ and not to confute the Government 
of the Ceniffei by the Jewes. For as the Apoftles Cbal| be made the 
(uprente Qovemours pf thai: owne Nation under our Saviour; 
fo doubtle^e (hall other glorified Saints both of the Jems and 
Gentiles be chiefe Oovernours under pur Saviour over other Na- 
dpnsi accprcUng as it is iatd^ 'Rev.K.ver. 10. ind chaff. 20. ver.\, 
andas theparable^ I4r%thei9. or the Noble-mans diftribucii^ 
of ten Cides to one (ervant^ and five to another doth Imply : for 
Who is that Noble-mans which is gone into a farrc Countrey to 
i^ve for himfelfe a Kingdome , and to retqrne 3 jbat Pur Savi- 
our I whom the Heavens niaft rective untillthe thnes ofrijHmm 
.dfeiliiAng^ &c. AS. } . ver. 2 1 « who alio fpake^that Pafabki, ber 
caufe .he was nigh nnto Jert^alem^ and bccau(e the Jewe/ e^rQn^ 
daC^ thought thatthe Kingdome of God (hpuld Immediately ap- 
peare ^(bouuidbe iet up then at bis (urft comctring. And as the giori- 
Bisd taints fh^l be chiefe Jod^s uiider Cfarift , ^ Wee may wcQ 
chinke, that many of the unnotified SainCiPf the jfbo^ Nation 
flsall be in^loyed by (hem in the adminiftridon of thdr Govern- 
liiencs {cdngljdah chap. 14. ver. 2. (aith |^in%^ that tUf ffd 
tf^ fhem captives whofi captives tbg wet^ mdjhM Hsk'oikf ddr tf- 
^r^fmrs. And fuppofethat none of ^4 M^orifiied femes (bom 
tie imployed m this j^veipment ^ jttlt^en our SaidouFhimfelfe 
(hall be jSing over aEnJie:ai3A^ and ^tter Saints that come win 
htm, Princeifuhda*hbn; When theNaiiPn of the Japes (ball be 
Ilis naturall Subje^, and all other Nidons tributaries and fer^ 
/vantsuntothem^ when they (hall be comprehended by the name 
of Sadnts, vrith tho(e undefitld ones that Chrid (hall bring with 
him : when alt this (hall be , what Narion (ball the Gentiles U 
&idtobegovemedi>y, butly^ that which dieyfiire infiibjeffioQ 
amtO) and of whom thdr King came, and amoi^ whom he (ball 
idgnc ) And thus much touching your firft pretence , that tbe 
iBetMesJhaanatbejns^fytbe Jewess hecm^ tbe Jcwes m <»k 



^™^— ** ' " ' ■• • T il " I - ^ nm 

Part I . €brffis ffrfonait Rtigne 4fd E^m. Ui9} 


^ Other Nations chat are in (ubjeftion unto it* rYour next pretence is ' 
[ thai ntt Sjviottrs tPwrJj art mt me Ant' of the jlfofiks- jiulging in a 
teffi^aB AStnofchfy feeing ibe Angels fbaH not be judged before the mni^ 
vetfaB Judgement J^ Bu| triiere doe youfindey chat our Savioura 
promile to the Apoftlef 9 is not to be ful6Ii'd, before the judj^g 
of iFc Angels 1 And what (hall we under ftaad bj {^tbe tmelvt 
Ifibes of lfpa€l/] according to ^our opinion^? fliaU weeuke them 
for theteft ^ the glorified Saints ^ no no, theycannot) for tbqr 
fhallbt idr^ik^ttaf cheuAi?eriall Jo^ a» wdl as die Apo^ 

. ftles* Shill we uke them then for the reprobate of the JewUb 
Nauon r Surely wee finde no (jich f^ification of thefi words, in 
aH the Scripture^ ndtherdoeweefindicuughtby any, that the 
rqMobafieof one NatiQii > (ball be )iici^ by fime of the &ilnts 
ooely^, afiid the reprobate of another Natio^ y by ochera of the 
Sainis •* but thacaD the Saints (hall joyndy )tdge aU the repro- 
bate both Angds and men , dnely by affindng to the Judgtmcnc 
that oar Sa^ow himfilfe (hall jgive Mainft them ; andtfa&i 4iiay 
be gathered frC^m Chei^HiUej who fiiith not thus 5 Know ^ee not 
that the Apa|^l«Sbr Prophets : bu^ %iMij«e.«si ^iat m fbUdtwdgr. 
. ^^ag^ /he^fitafimof all^andtot^ 
then Ihe twelve Tt^d of Jy?»ef 3^^^ the 

uniferiatt JudgenieBt , can nuthdr bi uken for the' reft of tb^ 
gbrifltd &i(it%dM forttliefi^robate j!^^ limftTikdrfollow^: 
Timi of Jfiaely moBt be taKeh S^t the Nauon of thtJeiPet ^. o^rer 
wkfch the A)poftles fiiall (it as Judgft in. the dtiie of oitc Saviours 
reigne oil earth. AhdfaowelfifhouUthispromiicor.curSaviQtif: 
itiplie a bdi^edgeto the Apoftles above the veff of the glortHe^ 
SaiACS 9 ibr tbdrfoBommg bimm the thnt^vf^kH^ ienftntion y if is 
did notconftitute them alone to be fifuciiie Judges binder hhn 0^ 
ver that Nation which fluU be neareft and deareft unto bun in . hi$> 
IQngdome^ fot ledng all other Saintii (hall joyne with them in 
|«d^ig of the reprob^e Angela muchm6re(batttheyisi)ud^i^ 
the reprobate^iraw 9 which cannot be (b nudihonouruoto the 
DilcifMes » as the jud^ng of the reprobate Angels : and fo the 
great prfvikd^ which our Ski^pur promiled the Difciples (hall ac« 
cording to your opinioa9 b^&rreinferiour to that which St Vmtl 
affinodto becooiiiiQD taaUl the Sahici* And whereas you (ay^ 




fizttidi ajudgiotql^ xfp^i^ ^is ^*] Wee gc^ai yoiir C(;^id^oa3 for 
we know iiiuc the Ao^$iirefe ngcto bf juog^ byi^ £iidifit4 
CorMi'i^ni^ and the ceft of the Smxh bpfpre (heir AefAxtiaxt oot 
of diis Uie ^ or before the redmpc'f on pf their! bociiei acour Sa* 
viodrs A^xpeariog, but that th^ iball be }udgfid by th^n after their 
ijdgpuig ^ioi^ Cbctft I after their |tt(|^og of the m^ld a tboM^ 
fiii^ ytttts.. And & the ^ory of tb: KingjcKne of |$r^ if im yet 
dhnl^Ibal^ lay aay of your feeble faodes , and indigcifted fanagi- 
nations.. ' ; 

43 • r AndtUaiii I ncqd (ay ^ thQUghiOOt sbovaluUe li^i 
the PrQfihtti%) coacerning the Kiogdodte^lofitWtdtfu ^I «4U 
i^beE^iB (but up all >Qudi t|ia£ Cblem^^ proteKaMOQ of Cod » in 
\}aft^l.chaf.Gi Jtr* atthe a^^tfcr. th^Jmtk $ke l^^ wAiibff* 
ViubthtSmmforaligfetbfdifp mnitk^dm^tu^ofilt^AfHm^ 
oj the ^tdn&^fot mMghti^ n^ i f9bi^}dkufk$h$tmSfPi9 wkmtki. 

a/er. 5 ]. Ter. " dtfartfromh^^ ^ > f^^ ^ L&trd^ tlftnfkA^fcfii ^^^ ^ 
\o. af. iff iiafifiomb^ kM^km kfm m^fit ism ^^Btm^ib khf Xm^ 
Jfhzavm ubwe am bttmafiti^ ^d ih fmd^w (f iAi umh 
fiarAtdcm, beneoA^iImBalfp, eaS ^Jf th§fe^ nfJfr^^fi^t, A 
tha4fbsyi bave dm»^\fd$h tbi l^td. A&i' vith* f hae Jbqmhk ^Q«f 
" - plaincdF Jfi^ whom^Godia chcT. 'dt Mkik%^%:^Z4;im^ makci 

.cqprophedkthusQf berfidfe. Se^;^e nop ag^fiUf^iKQ mim, tm^ 
mf^ wbe^JfaUj IfifoMrifi.isvbeBlfithdmki^fff^ tbiiml^JmUik 
J %&tiwyl9«iee. L mil bean dv vidigndtm.rfibtfaUiy^m^ I 
haue^fmui agaiai^ Irim^ . timSlbepkadn^. c0^ , ' a^td mi^qin^ l^dgf^ 

r UTt 4hmfii^ bitbiA:tbm w^f^fs W(JMl| »% Alto Wiij^iglii 
intbenh n^edbSiU miqftbmfiir,^aqft(^$biip^^ ; 

if yoa will adcnowladgech^a Ijpdtin thik OMgi; finft^ «ni 
iboftacknowiedge them wbefcui^ouopurpcifti; fM\t^w^m$c^ 
knowlidgc, that tfic Nation « tie Jagxin^ iKkU^aom fin k 

' ' I 

Pate I # Cbfffit futfin^U Rngm m Smth. <i 4^) 


dtflmeA 5 Wttich now beate/ibe h»i^hti(m iftbiLmli bmmtfijh 
hMhfiftmd agMf^iam% (hall agaiM b^ broogte y2«^ #^ tik UgPk 
fy him : at Me^d^ (kith here. Ami the foivfiM pro«6ftadon of 
<3ddby Jit. c^^. ^1. toofthkig the f^dentog of the Jmifli Nt^ 
tioei «^1 foMe]^t!oa«lc^fOK;^t(^youre^ io» wktttt 

Aftd iai (^ (Voin tfhe thing to be it^ftoi^d^ whMi il die King* 44, 
d^riMTof Jpdet : tb the P^rf^h by ^bom U U I0 beififtor'd) whfeh 
faGhtiftthcflKi^ sfthUntfstcadpeaiiiig^ F^t fhg^ ^hd if bk^^ 
f^gs Ufd^ li^ thorn m #Mr ttmrejtm aifim lift JQagdbM f« 

ITik VMfwdi¥^§d(m ofih Jiwm ^Mtdbi dniwf^mdam ef\ 

tbtfM^^ thfh^ «i»| s fifM'. M&CM tbbtk^ffi^ Cbf^ jbOl 

jkfiifkdii^ ^mtMmibe^ki^bimfiMi$b^Mi0f^J^ Mtip^, 

' • -'^ . '■ ••■ •''-' / H*^. • - ' - 

tSbdHfii^klby (iieh 6ticiem SeirlfHtii^ and mmfuntMe htge^ 
KmiSkmtitfMs^ 5 M f^Q duHlildt to tmtolkie y and k U novr 
^^i«ftdb»6<^^M§^tidhMM liUd i^^n^ > d^¥Bi«d aUb ' 
frtftfkhit dtt^ii^ im^ pbt^MMltK^ 

^atcfi^i^lcetiiHKl oonteMpt) #hid(yoi] ftdve romuthi^ bring to 
aOMigft - - - - - 

byil^Mch'ii^MveiptoV^^ thatour SanloAT) #h4)^(ha!Ifefto^ 
ddtKibgdOttti?) 9MI alfbiidghe ofer k oti <^ttli. A^ thrft thair 
&ii Riettdct may ftotln^ diiftaflft atM befbf^ tttli^are 0^ # y6tt idl 
Mttiheitt Hktrib^jHlfJimnmt^igfH^^ fr 

. . Li-UL-I - I J .. _, •. -^ - .-^ ■ ■- ■ ■ I I II ■■ I II 

^^^.jgl^jlllUg^—aiaiH,— — ^H^W^^—^^ fiM m ■ II ■■ ■iw iti., .> . u 

AiitKiag ::f9t 3/r. Macon i^fti^i^ ^M Cbti^ fhall mtinm wfihk 
Kpsf^rftUf'Kd^gdBm^ and Mr. hrci^rthmt^ibMCbrijllbatlnf- 
fm tht. Kingflomi mto Jke J^es^ ami ntume mto the Heavens*'] 
Hcfeih in4eed wee ngite noc^ andasi hcanily iK^ifli^ that all Chri* 
AkM dol fo^rigbily tmderftand the word of God^chac thtn might 
Ix nodifiitrccice aiall amongftthem r Q> f^iog. offences muft 
nucds come^ and that there muft be hereHes add divifionS'aaKXigft 
u«9 that thej tvhich are afprau^d mi^ bemademanifefi^ iCor. it. ver. 
\ f. 1*8) 1 9« ) I had racbti diSer from any man in orJmooi^ then for 
aiiyiby**re^)e£bto depart from §ne jot or dde of th^ truths which 
jh,utliu'^l^aindy.revdii'dib the Sci ipturcsor mayibe^thered from 
«t by infidHbbecoB&qiience. And fwt I j^m^ cha£ as vi^ee Gad irftea 
mention of our Savicurscomming againe 3 (b jFc^^ tells us^riftiJlpiiiy, 
ver, 25. that i&«f 'Redeemer fhaUfiand at thf tatter day ufen the earthy 
towii'^tatfheda.tor his next af^p^ring^nd. the Saints nefUtrefti* 
OQ,'at th(i(f wofds.iHaajttli^el^ following doe dccUre , And 
linmgb afMn^sl^mjam^ 

Gody&citiixA Sr.l4K%|cft.i«v.3J.r^pords9tlM the LsrdJkaUgivemfi^ 
Irim ibe thorn if bit Father Vat^: andjer.eb^f.i^^ver.^^ib^be 
ftaU reigH.aftdfro^ , ondJhalleMeitte Jttdgmmnt wtdfMaeim At 
for this rea^^efpedallyi tisMjttika\a cal'd the hand efhmttanttd^ 
2j(^itf&&vcr.80 and live reademK of his depanxire from dKear||& 
againe^ until! the earth it Cclfe (ball pafle away jtt the laft jtefiirre* 
dion< Yea 3 unlefle our Saidoiir (hoold as well reigne over the 
Jwes as ^ftore thdr Kl^dome tp them 9 jvee cannot oonodve, 
why he (bould defiend before the univer(all judgement 9 iedng he 
t»n as wellreftore the Kingdome of the/mv/ In IiNiven.9 where 
hrlS) as if he fhould de&end unto the earth to doe it.> But yet jrour 
scoUe^on firom thisxUfierences towit ^ Q Aat till theft two gae" 
fifottt be decided^ jotitftoffi^fiA^ isavery dangerous. Dodrkie. 
f^orthoi^h IfiiPerfidej be z vcryfinewerd^yetasyounfelSj it 
bstha very ibule coQ^quence^ foryou would have the Reader 
fond^yri dut there it no truth in the (ubjeft wee !b»ii of 3 be- 
^nuife there is (bmedifierence betwixt u; In the ftatlng ofic s when- 
ir^isdeed aU truth is made the more firme and maniftft by dift- 
Yeace: dfewhat (hall wee £iyofottr Reli^on there bdog Cbaroe 
wiy one head or Anidc in IXwior 9 ^bout which (ban hath not 


Part. I . Cbrifit *Ptrf9tuUl 'kjigtii m E»t6, 


beens or it not now (bme difierence or other amoMft CI)iiftiaiit : 
if then weenxift (iiperfide from, if weemuft kc paue , if vttt^taatt 
have nothing to doe with thofe thingt in ^ich there is not a fell 
agreement aroongft us ; we muft omit the oft of the Lords Sup* 
per ^becauie Pafdfts difier from Jjttberanr , and Caltnmfts from 
both alxwc the prefcnce of Chrift in the Sacrament. Wee muft 
not Ixlefve oar deffion or Juftificatlon, becaufi Dii^es doe difier 
about the materiall and formall canlesof the one 9 and the 
moving and meridngcaufes of the other: andbecanle there is a 
di&rence betwixt you and us about the manner and place of our 
Saviours Ktngdome , we muft not believe that be hath any Kii^- 
domC) yca^ we muft quice caft off the worihip of Go4i becaufe we 
cannot agree about the forme ot it, (bme being for a let forme and 
other sagainft it ; fome againe for premeditated^ and others fof 
extemporary prayers. And thus to mak:e one troth odious, you 
ftidknottomakeaChipwrackofthefiuth: evenatoncetodeftroy 
cur whole Chriftian praAtfe and bdkSc : fb contraqr is your ad* 
vicetottiatoftlieApoftleintheL7]^||C tfi^«5.ver. 21. PrtweM 
ibh^s^ hold f aft tha$ wbkb i$ good. Nowfor conclufion of this 6rft 
part, I will adde Mr. Brif^mani words touching the 7. and 8. vr. 
cf the 66»df op. of {^Mi^and tiie 3. ver* c^the Ho. tfaL JMaaj 
fkhflaeu of Strhlun^ (aith he^ mgbtbohrooiAttotbHfmfofii 
( licnieane.tli to mew the generall convtrfion ot the Jam ) and 
pahMUweMbe trofitMofoMngthomyM haft far ibk tftd^ thai 
ottrfrriters might loavt oecapm-ttsi^Ay ffvm them^ to eonfider more 
diligjmify of thefi flaeei^ from ibe right intorfmatiut^ vpbenof^ Ifiart 
nmtb^vptwmdn^ wbm as wtm^tbomto^ea^f of things that be 
faft^ vpbmas tbtf dotfcn^teU of things jet to come In his Revel* 1/ 
i£f Apoc chap. 19. on the 8, and 9. verlespa^pi.and his worda 
on the i I. ver.ofthe 6. chap, of the^mi^. Tme^ laidi he, mlt 
teadkmanftbir^stobeintheFropbets^ V^lnebme commonlji interfret m 
tbongffthgvHrefaftyuibofinfentuyttto come: and epciallj (aeif 
fUmm to mee) in the eaUin^ of ribe Jewes ; tphicb verify little cm* 
fidmiofostrs^ bash imbjnd (Xmiltmif^ perverttd) the froper (snd 
naimrdlmeamng of the FrofbeH in manjflaeeSn 




/ >l • 


\4 :♦. 4> 

Irs « 



•• * • 

'C \' 

• " */ 


•i ' 

. ■ • , • 

. J ". . . . # 

. « '. » 

? > 

•^, * * 

. t • 

• J 

i ' 

\1 \ 

* » t 

. t / 

•• 4 


-.! ^ ^L I . « ^ • 1 * > •.♦ .\ *3 .». 

/ : I # . . • . .' • < * . • . 


- i ) . 

■ 1> 

^ • • • « » » 

•- V • 

: • > 

^ • 

.1*" '. 


'I ;♦. 

cf(lf^totl}e »or/i^ya^£i to ^»^i/s,a»d Co'^l^^ ;;^ . ," ^ 
'.'ife,4rtfocles for Chip fail, mf }!( f'^^iflillff^^^ 
ije i(re vitfhjmtyi' arejtnn^ :' je are hifmf^l^, «(f j^d 
Vi-^'lii[f^. ' , -" 7 : '" ! 

tknd Uboar^ ' working tritb cur owitt h'tnds': ' viii^ ru' 
vikil,wu ilejfii tiiiigferficmed, mfuferit: 

Biint defmud, mintreate: xtjirt mule at tit filti tf 
ttemrul, tniitt tht ^.fcturingif tl ^fngsnitu Ait 

fih^tvM,tjii>7-^ ^' ^ '" ■■ ^'"^ ■-!" • -■■■■ 

» T I M. 1. V. IJ. 


Aadh:^ mtdt m uiao tmr gtd Kiitgnmitri^ , *»i 
mefhiillreigxtta tarti. 

Da n. 

•"",'§', . ^^ 


* ^ *• J • s * » 

* *M>^«v. ktg'^i ft te tQ the eini$ftb(Bfi t^tijulm I 
m)!fHdtbear'i&t,^'f ♦* •* • • ; '^^ '* '• - . ••' 

Therefore, fe is the end ^ the wenders , tdten at tbefe 
things fhnU he fuMed^ tkttjstefn^ nhen the refnrreBi- 
0nfhaB6e,tbegurj«/ thi Sdinis ffuiJl ^ine,^ the gUrj if 

minence ever 4UI | wi^/Vo »l&/i»J$ ^^>(^ "iMff pidge to it 
mesnt'^ the ihterhiRjCikgdome 'akiadj eftktne^ he dt» 
firoieth the Pmheq, jm^i^ ^(beciiUhiitnverfakt^infore- 
uliing thingi mm fk/f'iS)^emfl^/iet^f refer 
hctrtMiie}tMigfkniliide\{Mdnfit mkeeeit^onf dB: 
whereof v^at o$fervatio»^erfr^liBiM,er admiration cm 
tbfreh,at isoffiffifethin^fiebtna^^ 

: T^tifi&ul Biiightaufi Ht hs 

sre ealled ,, ,_^ ... ^.^. , . 

Siefo/itioni^ thib^aniihefJ^uh^m 'ef Djow 'Pro- 

rt*''V^-.«4^?f !**;^.^'^^f*^,!»• chart"; .'■.■ 



• ♦ . 

• • • • ' • 

7 . c .v :-! 

• V 



■ »■»«» 


II 111 — ■*« 



« 77 

r • " K i 




' \ - r " ^ ■ 

I*... * .1 !■<■ 

^ ■ 

The Second Part. 

Ifrads Redemption. 

. ' ' C H A P. '!• 

That chrifi fhall uignt ferfovally $n Earthy frWd 
neceJjAry CQnfequcnce. 

Hat oar Medittour hach oodtigone the 
CHficct of a Prieft and Prophe^the Gofpcl 
is our witocffe : but conbdeung that the 
Jiwis arc yet to receive a Kiugdome, .« 

- Kiogdometo wbicb they ^JtUiold tbemifid.i4,ver. 

[ which peace and right^oq(hefire (ball 
flouiiihoH the eartb:cb[|fidcnQgthia9 1 
fiiy,weinav }ufuy13oubt>wbectier our Sairiour hath as yet exe- 
cuted the office i^t a King; andfq mo^K|b^fatbf?r>becaufehe 
tooke our uitjure upon (\im, a,$ well toperforroehii Kingly of- 
fice therein atnc^ngu ds/as eicher bi^ iPrMly br ProphecicaU| 
the g^lory x>i thi$ being indeed the . reward of that coatetapt 
and torment which he Offered in the ocKerSt^and tbou gh ic caii- 
n6tbe4iij)^«d, 1ba$hebatbakjiadji ^j^MTrj^palitio andf^sv^^ cal.%. if. is 

p^^^^— ffik 1^ ■ ■ ^■—iM ■!— % \JL nil 'mum I I ii >ii 

1 7 8!i I Craels X edemption redeemed^ cr P^ », 

■^>»<— wp^rw— w y 11 r-'— ^■■-^p^i'^i^wwt^Hwp—i 

er/ j ( chat is, the c viil fpiriCs) and hath made afikrv cftkem ofmly 
^ Efhef, 4. ^, trimitflmg 09/$r ithinr ij$ I^MCr^fer: 9^4 thai he it ^ifennUi 4f $n 
higjh^ ampafh Udcaftivh} cafiitfey ^nighengifit mto nfi^. iVor 
^, tba/kjfycofpe^ih^<'^ddofaUtrinch 

< Hek V ..^*^*SAi4r#ai* ho% Irtg^ls) 0nd irffwt dcmm Ut4im rigtt bafid^f 
chap. S.^i.^i *^^ Throne of God: To tha t hz if « Me even iofmbdne all things mtto Yet thtc he (fotUnOt liow'^ei^eHii that Kingdome, 
chdp. 12. 9* 2. whidijhe (haU^ovf rn Minanjuid confeqawdy ip ij^at ofrwhkb 

^/(7;{ atthe^xme ami tvMitifth^t^feipc ^legrdy i)rovie» T^ 
I;iff9 i/^tft^ <^e7t(7fif£ra, ff tht)e, ir^/ J granktoyit w8h mee m mj 
Throne ; e^m as I Jtlfo oVerctfnel and tim yel Mnte ipfth mypasber 
fmh.i.v. 8« inh^ T^j^tfgg^' -F f o m - wh ciic c ic followcSy that the Thrc^ewbich^ 
^^^- 1^.^.^ 2, here h J calls hi^^mje^afli ^^cijrf^a^ijolycfert^ived, muft 
^^ ' needibejorig untp nim as man, becauic the place wbef^ hcttow 

fits, is the Fathers Throne, a Throne in which h^ |;iath no pro- 
per intereft but ?^€^ jAgm^^^&Uot^^ tUve^eing he is 
now in his Fathers ThrAne, tncreforc neither isthisthetimei. 
nor chac the place, in whiIhh)i(T);rqfe'|h robe erefted; Not 
'the place, for In one Kingdoma, there can ba^ but ope Throne : 
and nor tfie rime, for Ihten he (Iibufd Be iq his owlie Throne, 
which now he doth not doe, • ; 

SJ i ' 



' a Throne 

if the i^o^Vii?; 'm^viiAidn'i it ^iyie^i^antid : fir i^^t^^pn^ 
^fm^ n J shi^ylfdonMlfiiHto 'dlt^efs^itndprdeedii helw&tjf, m 
t^iMhnto'fii o^thelJ^ { AnkneiiertMeJ^e^dhtifi 

Jk^^ ih fmi^Md mii 'n\%ePks -dad^^Jf^dn or'^ediatAtr;; 'snd 

Wtotrrtlitcmiiy dPcintruth'and cofttra,^iftion fe 
niredhdt theti emjolit what fpirit had the guidamreof jfoiir pen* 

[ ■* ■ ^^>«^^»l > 1 « 

-^ •' ■ ■■'*• * ' •- 1. 


Part 2. . C^ffi^sf.erfw$U:^g^m Earth. ~. t79 

PsW ' • f«i^ t^2 Wft MO V^Aiit^^ a,«r». sr, : And Saint Atmfhetp^ 
, «ndiSain(:^j[4^ b^v^gMvaiM his;n}gaU'gQsiealogy,^aver^gfftrfci 
Sl^WWiWte tfatti'iia was $ Ktegpamcho- 

! jritm/^ a^WioM^wm^r/ri^ of 

^^fi^i9gii^mifi«4t^]^ heb4ibaifH€X€t$fHd 

hji^e qf (he ^fetCQce ^vl« aije hdw cnir ii^ x;pdfi ; <pf )Ndtt ftojd 
th^epi^r Sw'JkHW wigaitigas dieSomtdf A^vti^ii^ttfti^ fulfil- 
Iql whUfi :h^«Et heaM«n^ <«hitrekdd wii^nriieWi noc'!bl*elliore 

. F<cat«qgt w^naQ^^bef&beis.|dmftoc«4fie Kin^^^ ^i* 

el ': f amis ()i^ ](s f>mii£aifffetmtac^ 'ancl^K^ dot agreement, iis 

•iy^".fSB^'^T^dfodng:yoh*Sfm«r^^ iw tir^f exebnffd bis 

' lipw; <;sMvy4>UA:fw:«i(«c^,.thnii9dckh4tbv^ f ^^ #htnFa!i iliic 
v^hich^al£^4y dcney cwnoC|K>l&M7^beai yet kidding, dffo 
doing. Itir<^0ie};bythiBCh6efore thicy^ufidtherVightff 'u^- 
<)cf Uaiid wi)%( we, .nor «rfaatyoarowiie fide dot boldofx>nr Sa- 

. vioui&'ICiagdQiQt': and yjoi is 11. t^e k, you irt^ ttft it\^h]\f^t 
.uttered 5bif> ftlfe'Coocritcd^ucry, [WntNf^iE?*!* dfe'rhey unierpiU 

."^^r ^ifferwcfi ^^mxt fm»t jpdCbrifiians ? p^g- 1;3 *Tliis is bcfc 
utiiiiruth^Co wit^ QT^Mi I l^sut grmtedythtt Chn^i?aihex^mtedbts 

/aid.d^ejVi(orcb;;lor Dbusltbavfe rakl;;[fi&^ the pact rpheri % 

to whif;i^^ve mty Aidt^^yoxxt afiamiftg khat-itfiaiK ifor be^h 'pro';* 
TCd, th<i.t Ft^e^Bropbets Isiw ^cjfao of aKBigdome on earth s 

G g2 wben 

j5o kirA\:,H lie4Un.ft$0BYtd€t9mdjsr Pattx^ 


ftUdlged' forte 
plaine^that you IdEt iheiiVM cme^iraid cob^K>ldttieti CYiocnce. 
Now yoar^oDcrididionf fbUowtfer bftvlng iTofaUetv affirond 
that this PiopofitUiny[CiSprj/^)ii/ maTb¥om inlintiml atmj^^ 
tsonethH»g<iboa( which wedifiigrcey* you ^Mdcfcant oniu 

iosknft ^jiibtf/r 0W »tL'] Ti asfanSe ]^dl ^t&rmt that ^ccoc^g 
tOf bi? JLoglcall^ acceputioii,' Chrtft fic^ima Unoifi w heaten^ 
M oiu ;. M yet yoiiiub]oyiie prefeDily {^ hmEmi 4jprc«ri[ mnp j» 

t0yaU m^ $€tff mjhc fhrmiifAiajefyJ] ^httehy yopdeny^ 
th^taaopQidtoglQ the Logkall acireiitactoiis^ClMrift fitso&a ihrone 
inheavcA as mar; It (olQWc$y[_smJ mvet^ibfUft 0>r^ fit^a^ 
the, right kandof the V^hr as GaA^'Mso^ ar iffrilinTMr^ Here 

like Wrtfe, you affirmsf tiiat Chrift ficstona Tlirotie in heaven aa 
laap^i diough t|QC^«^;a8 CBAJi, bucas Qod too: and yet y( n ihi* 

1 1?^ Gbr |{|iSr9 on a Thfone in hia vcn as man) m U/kmus Ms Ass^ 
th3f tfkfsjt^ 9at &rcly ihla Aiic1k» h^b not i^cn the irord^, 
and yet be wi-i not deny.diacClirift doth lie ihefeai msia^ Lfr 
he&ouldioiy whatCl^fUthiii^^ 

' nejcber vyill he affirina that Qitift fit&theyean^ dikcrwHe then 

. as God-nqn^of Media tcor^ aldi< ugh IJaficting d&th pre petly 

below an^ him as man Qnr(y« ftuc y<Xi):w^fkid^[thaiCbrif 

J^hjts^ and fits HPt theTfJn a log$eaM jti^im^ and ikM befits tbttt 


. . . . ^. . Cbrip 

J^tytii Mcaistceftatton ifjbm^ irisoocoricdl^ faHes fog 
the words («r HIM] in thia(fD<edoe ii7*frfv>loinewliateflh)tiaiIy 
bckoginginitp man which c^npot be affirncdofGhrfftsfitdug 
en a Throne in beavcD) to Wft, tb^ tit daib effeotially belongmv 
to bis humane nature ; for then it (bould initiMratefy belb^ ud* 
ID htafv^and toall other meobcfides } tbia then yoin fliOQldbave 
deny "dj^ apdaliripiM onely tbaji be fits tbere^ is foch a man aa Me- 
diatour/l!ut you^W of yelirg)teatskill InLog iq[ae» fin vMuh 
|(mwill allow me noio%hc) baYcfiiftaffinwdbotb-meiidiers 



Paftsi Clmftt*9$irl9HiaKtigi»9m E4»tb, f9i 

iin I 11^— jaaBtfMi 

4ify our diftiDAioi^ md (Mfeotljr deny^^both : fbch t fiddle or 

father fimple diicoarft ntvc yoo JxtraftedoQt of your logicaU 

pfkiciple» AikI that the Reader mtyfitt how uitHMc^ 

uareatooabley oa have alledged this Philofophicall rule^ as well 

M tb^Propfaedcail and Apoftoltcall wriciogt and reydactona^ 

be ONift know ; thatxhis maxiine, ^r^bsi agmth umip mj mm d 

Wf^^hetmgeibimM atmemf'^h generally tnieonely of meere man 

itt opfioficion co other crearores ; afidaotofoiir Saviour, who is 

bptb God and mmy md foai well diftthguMhtby bislliiman^ 

pr9peitiet fromhhdiviiienacare^andby hneflentiall attrijbucift 

ttromod^ercraacuret, as by his niediacory offices from other 

WCB. Wbcrcf<ure ft followesnot, that what belongs unto Cbrift 

as omnt belongs unto all men t becaa(e we u&alty fiy^ that all 

that bf iqngs loChrifl^iB mm^ whkh belongs Hot to liioi as God ; 

yvychaj^eroiiiieseD hishafnane, and not onto hi s dtviitf na^* 

lUfe^ Whether it be. pioper to him as man, iti oppofition to other 

eretcures, a9 tolaagh, and'to be borne of a wdman, orcom« 

moti sl^b to otherxreatttre?, asto behongry, and thirfty, toeate 

fttddrloke, to walker (Oweepe^ logroaiteyflcc. Or proper to 

btai 49 filch a inah, ts-Medt <t5iit',m oppofittoA to ot^er^men: As 

t^ll^lx^iie^ofaVirgineyroilyefbfonrfinnes, tori(e agaitiefbr 

our jallificattoo, to iit on a Throne in hf avei^, and to reigne ^i^ 

fibif oatirih arerar N<tioif#. Theleandf»ch Ifke wefav^d^ie 

pot h prrphstyp^rpeech, belong um6 Cbrift a^God^ baUf'aii 

an^'.bcetute: they vre th;; pr^ pcnies of His hnrA^he nariire. Ab 

dnthecoiHrary, icbclung^msi^h'masGod^andnotasnimi to 

l^cqiiiillwttbthe Father, CO be iefiitte^omn^otfQr^omn^ifck^^ 

9iz. Andthusmiichforyror anfM^rJngroffei wt^ieH U tiid€^4 

«^crj gKofll^iinrwer* Ybu goc on sucattbat paitkutars^ whk^i 

}^ou thaaallrdgc^ , 

The W Piirtfcaffcr. 
. Thai^ the Jewnt mey€tt§ reisive <b Kmgdme^ in tMd^bif^jbsB 
tifM tbmBc»f^wu,wbnfBCjf$€vts$beyJtf^ .. i 

$tifiX$fmib, Tfkhof§ ff^theftbejit^i. Andnontbiyfaj^ ib^itte. 
Vb^Ttefbttisfftal^ngbyjimmoffbi Aflfyrians, t^fi M$nmchy A. 
mm iifir$nfd^ mdm Itti^fiy^trsjjhi^ aimmflifim^vftb^ 

Gg J '^^^cr„ 


jO^ . ,. Utg^^<^f*4m^i^^^^«¥^^^ Ri#i'.>. 

^g^lv;t^iv«i»|Aq»whiGb t^e fftQfbccf ■toatOaewet luahctM 
If^yifWliftP^^PfftfolJ^^**^*** noCicb§rcatTditfBfBiici 'm OA 

p'%«#(^f IfraBi^J 4G* ft*«wi VxMktl hji 5»oiicaffpro»e, 

b9flHi{t^i4^,^mA ^tMrerrukd tbefepiWirtlteiricippHdfetir/, <»*«| 

<^iByUB4<c whoflijhe jNfT'^ ftiflfUiiqaiMfie-capciyesJ iimaediMbl/ 

^fore their 4elive$aQC;i;.t^tiec«a&9otcc<taU«nrflitw the aoi 
$9lif9i(bai9nt:of)tUs1>(09be^<{lQi«qb{sig the :^ t^H n« 

iIkic lniiet.^mfv doeftiew th«afc«ai^Kbinet?6dfth«^ropheey 
toudiing the .^fiin, acthe ctide^thischapbers^indcfiMt'that 
llrophecy fpeokes i|ot>ofthet« , wb^^c$^W9sibcj€w>e\tiow 
tr^^Mo? Doe nopiS oi the ^am *hw coBcmoe oqiti ves in >^0i 
w;^. iurelyiiM wportsSwd.MK'wipgs^f Tli%ydieinari}Tntf tk« 
ers in thofe parts doe tcftifie the contrary. Anc^vhiKlhd^fc the 
Etnperiall power h^tbb^D tMcflati^from one Nation to and- 
til«r,6l)«.tlwjf«»!Wi*etecaW»ed captives bythe i(^irM«? yet 
may we trudy affirrae (htt .the>3^^rreipJ^iAgin<fbarGonn- 
trey, arc now th(Mi5"»«,hfccaufe bj| the Afijrum in 
ibePfeph^^r ias^aiK^^hftlitfMlMCimtttf v^^ow^^whjtlfti' the 
Jf<iiwWere\ntft|e«rNed captims) bf whwa the iiordhajh ^\iL 
mikr^d^tke-AfyrimmJliI^ LMdiMHdniptamf mamkiinef $reaa 

1 ,' 'c :. ' off 


of the JewesTani'J^iHrden^om offtJm^ i^^m- Aqd^l^4T« 

Intcrprccers Ihc vrs4 the acponiplUMent Qfttiis ^ccordiiistotiif .* 
Propbecs keening 7 Me chinkes then ypa i^quld ppc have ), 
ftom \x% y for t|je ftory i.s.\yorth tl^e betringg^ .wblch ^anft^ew , 
when the ^^^P ^^J* ii X*^ck o wne L^^ wS>|ly fer frue AtJrt^, 
ttiebpnd^fe which the A^r^n fir|KhrPHg![\t thfa»iRt«| ai^^*, 
the ^i^^M^ hlnifclfe inj^de TaGjei^ co ehcai. Aad whatthou^. 
no^ef were rjow captives in ^ri4f\ what; yrerc this tpsCb«( \ 
• aforcfaid PrpgHf qx touchiijg the Jewes, redep^piim , which . 
fpeakes indefinitely of ttiefr deliverance from their bpprf^Qurf t, 
and of their taking them captives^ whole capcivea they were, and 
nor particularly of the Ajj^rUf^ or of aay.other Nation 'i It fol- 
vw.»^« r^^uu^^u^^inm ^^ %..^-/^^,#.*);,iir 41^*. ^re^jteing they live or free 

^ul^fjoMtthatqipd calls. 

MK.itiv«^i.4Tfca> «HAMiu^^* >*^v«»4u^ i«iM.:ji9geCQtlOtrey8j^CA{h^ 
tivity > this th^n would have madfeyou ac€oai;it th(fi^,qip4v:^a , 
too^ ifyou had bad but a graioe pf^thafdixinc reyer^pfre f QWa»d8> 
^oda.wprdt oi which ]^ou would maJw 6ih$ts hel^ev^ thacf o^i 
IiVf. jjw fma^l -mea/ujrc/ Aiid what was it tbac'BjidetJie Jf^^f, 
ca^tive^ at firft> wa^ it iifit the loiTe of tljqr CJpi^ntpeyi a^^dfpheAiji 
liyitigmidcr the dommion'of another people i and dot^ nor thiiiF* 
ftUI fon(iuue;upoD themV whereiii then are tbffy. now hSb, 
gaptty?a thisn thcjtjVjerc /heretofore? what ffiyii^dgi^i hayc^ 
Jie^ now^wBch tKcycij/pycd-notunSj^ ^^%<^^*^^^^S (?)kTt 
rus^Pmm, ArtajK<rxis^Ahpftf^s^^^oKh^v»^ J,^ ^'cn?Mthc»^ 
thatyoj^rai^ them not forpaptivca^ ^rtieff? they Aff uld be gut* 
un3ergcatilayery,un<;ler ao ^/^iiM^ha^d^ge-Tfiis iijdcci wvk 
tp|in^e;^h¥ir captivity mor^* eri^PVi§ a£d W*;MofH<iB itQi^ 
t^m ;^bjit captivF^ they ar^f ivitlut^q this |^d God ^iigly lf»aw» 
ho.w '(ojpfleaifot^ie pivill ppwr updcf wtuch they ^Vif if^y .bfk 
turned agiinft tfiw. :. t 

, The a. Particular* . ; .^ - ^ 


184 lftKlsJiultmptie»redeemd,w Part 2 • 

theSmhif '^f&oi^ and ChriJlUvtsin mc : hkt tbsitke^oty of an ' 
eirihfy^*Kih^dimnif^ rfWjrdqfhif contempt and torment^ wt cMUufi 
ibhfh^jgeingfMch aglirr is noi anlncrableto bisfrfftrings^ whoheing 
f^dkiPuh G^d^ msdebiififdfp «/ n$ ftfutati&n^ and humUeibimJi^e ^ 
tmto ibe dtaib of ^eCrif^. ^H^ htsrmurd it not 'deferrtd fi \ 


that waf/et ' 

'^fthimtnJfiredtbt GroJlfe, and is fit dowm at the '^^gbt hand ofth$ 

TbfmeofG^d^ Hcb;t »• i. tpbic'o is a greater bokonr th^n of an 

ed^bfyihim^:' - ' ' ' ^- ' . " . . 

!'-^ -^ V- •• -v ; - Reply. ■ . • * 

Itid maiiitell) (bat thefaichfuU before CWiftuocarnation ^ 
could (ay Ifu as weH as wc, Tie Uftwblcb we nowltvc^xpe Uvebj 
faiik in the Sonne of God, andChriftliVes in mi. Fdr ih^y were &i^ 
tited rnito Mofes m ihe c^d^ and in the fid ; and did eate the' fame 
jfiritnaff mente^ and drinks the fame fpiriinoB dria^e r»bich we doe^ 
(fofibej drank^oftbeffiritHatt reeie that foQowedthcm^ and that 
Tockf it^jy Cbriji) i Cor. chjfu lO^ vcr. 2^ 3^4. So that if vot 
will call the adoption^ rapdificatioti/regeneratioD,and)iiwfi^ 
caiionofthc^Sain:8[<2 reiini^gyl which the Apoftle calls [aR- 
ving^^ Chrift doth no ocherwi^ rcigoe over them now, then he 
did from the bcginniDg of the world, to wit, hy his holy Spidir* 
Butthereigneiaqu ftion^ is his reigning vlfibly inhishomine 
nature on earth; In which (enfe itis^Cand fol which end it 
was) that he was borne a King, an beire apparant tb the Throne 
of Vavid. tor unldTe he had been to reigpe as man one^thj and 
as the Sonne of Daind over 1/rael^ there had been no more necef- 
fky of his being borne of that Tribe and Family of the Jewes^ 
Wh&cb had fole inter^ft, aind titletothcCrowneof //rtfc/^ to 
^ualiiit him for the execution of his^ Kingly office inyour fpi- 
rituall fenfe (for the difirihuting of bis ${>irtt tinto, and the gui- 
ding of the C htirch therewith) then xhei e was of his bf inpboro 
of $e Tribe pflJtvi, to^fit him f br the execution of his mftly 
cfib/in laying doVmhis Itfcfbrouf fiios^and making intcrceffi* 
on for us now unto the Ftther. And as Hereds deftroying^'oftk 
Infants of purpofc to deftroy our Saviour^ that he might theie* 
bj^cranllare tnc Kingdome' of //^4r/ from the Hbufepf^D^vi^ 
andfaflenktdhlmRlfe and hiiPofteirityi hid been a plot 11 

i*M— fc^a^n ■ffi'^ , .'..It- ,k,i' "< Brfift 



t^f ^(|{t49)^aKyi«0isftf dj«4i2t iCingi^hrift ifafluld &e*^ lirtt^ 
aafelMdt Wifcwifthi Aiiioi^ttt aticidpt»>36 vkftawwirStTidte 

Charchis rfii;^ Uwwii m pe te ibic i ^d^jwigh riot equrfl whit («4i> 
fcrings: thtt,Ifay,U9<tlnUiviiy tigTiceoufly appointed, cbac 
oi]|r^jWW^0M4hibj|t4baiPeaeh ofcbe^aicperlbntbcitKre 
iXrormipped aod obeyed, where by^i:heir Brcdcceflouii.jiftfall 
been (b fcornefuHy &/ifi)^htliiAlj^hMJled; and chat at the end 
^s^m'^K^*^^^^^ ^^^ ^ccfoHaMKb.wh^) liad 

^'V^l3(A4l^<%*^t^^ And thefcrtpcuresvwfMcli^yom 

^y$ I?MHg^;i|ifMi^ fortbacHci'.iits.ttadi 


«^te«M[teMA:4*telU|av in c^D^^iiis^iifgK 

'! c'/ti-^ s%/,^%c.'A^J^ V -cTiWiBuitfattiular. '. .v v- , x- .^^. ^m -.^ . 

^jWiyTitnMMhQGilSi llaiL^<M*inc\thare¥(€iid4Tt^mdiaiid| 

:8«jL^, v«| j^aiiy«mi)efiAH 
^^ .q^> <\yf^t?.OlllALU^SaW0ltflMve«fl1^ 
veiialpi^^ bis 

Fathers Throne ; and when t^li) (Kali he (it in thaP.^ihei&ThJiotui 

C^r^iofly .y^a^^fiQOt'telLw; $oopiiir>y6«:oiitQfxldil^t):beni 
tbwthe l^craeci/itfiMbQir .SA4ri«tirh«rji cSf lrr[^^ "Bnmlb « 

i,^ r' Hh iTiUft 

l(tz&\%tt€di$nfthnrttt€tmii^fnr Part 2* 

tHeSdwfif '^f6oi^ and Chrifi^ts in mee ; Wl thdttkc.^fj cf an * 
eiribfy^'Kii^ldimnU^ rfWjrdqfhlf contempt andiorment^ wt CMnn$t 
ithrh, feeing ffich agfiny i naf anltfirabltto kis offerings ^ who being 
e^dkmth G^d^ msdebimfeifp «/ n$ ftfutati&n^ and kumbkdbimf^e^ 
tihff'to ibi dtaih ffiibeCfbjf^. therefore HiUPf^iirdiinbrdeferrtd f$ 

b^iffthimtnJnred nheGroj^e, and it fit dowm at the right hand cftk4 
TbftkeofG^J^ Hcb;t »• i*. wbico ii 4 grejter boHonr then of apt 

:"•- ^ ;■ *• '^- ■■ - Reply,- - . * • * 

Itid m^Tiifell) that thefaichfuU before CWift\iocarnacion ^ 
could fay j1!u as weH as wc, Tie lift wblcb wz nowlivc^ ire lyut bj 
faiih in tht Sonnt of God, andChriftliVes in tu. Fdr ih^y were b^ 
ti&edmto Mofis thiht'c^df and in the fid : Oftd did eate the fame 
jfiritaaff meatt^ Mnddrin^e the fame fpiriiHoB dria^ev^bich we doe^ 
(feribgi dranl^ofibeffiritHatt rpeie tbat fodowed thcm^ and that 
recks yi^Js Cbriji) i Cor, chjfu lO* vcr. 2, 3^4. So that if VOH 
will call the adoption^ lapdificaj^ion^ reger)eratioD,aiid)tiffifi- 
tfaiioiiofthe^Sain:s[4« reiini^g^l which the Apoftle calb [nfi- 
vingt^ Chrift doth no otherwi^ rcigoe over them now, then he 
did from the beginning of the worl d, to wit, by his holy Spidt« 
But the reigne la qu^ ftion^ is his reigning vifibly in his homane 
nature on earth: In which (enfe it is, (and fol which end it 
was) that he was borne a King, an hcire apparant tb the Throne 
of Vavid. tor unldTfc he had been to reigpe as man onetfthj and 
as tht Sonne of Z>42^ over Ifrael^ thert had been no moreneced 
iity of his Ibeing borne of that Tribe and Family of tbejen^es^ 
#hicb had fole into:^, atid title to the Cro wne of Ifraet ; 10 
^ualiiie him for the execution of his^ Kingly office in your ipi- 
rituall fenfe (for the difiributing of bis ${>irtt nn to, and the gni* 
ding of the C hurch i:here with J then thei e was of his bf ing born 
of the Tribe o^/^i, to^fit him "fbr the execution of hia Prieftly 
cfid^ 'in laying doWnhis Itfcfor ouf fins^and making ihtcrctffir 
on for us dow unto the Ftthq:. And as Her^ds dcftroyin^ oftb^ 
Infants of purppfe to diftroy our Saviour^ that h^ migbt theie- 
l^]^rrannare-ttke Kingdome of //^4r/ from the Houfepf^ir^i^Ji/^ 
and faflcn it tb hImKlfe and hiiPoftetrity 1 had been a ploe as 

^ fottUhi 

.. * 

MM jMlfer ^^ ^f t dkf <wcte«t yom het^vlMdKcirfitrM, #h} 

KmW fotiMiialmaAt ■■ tomt /[p^ iHcs fet irtrt itpbi^ 

«^the WKlilbf^ im faw wi nu «te tfit(iU«ffad6i»itfikl e^- 
tl)avo€.(^a>a)# be. 9o-<bM ^ fMbfe* ineiMng 9r^^t 

fi^im^imrek^ Im fM>A/)< wiMi^i If fit Mh'ik- 
itcdjioicni|tm«)iitlar.irflD« (^M)^ iMft^lMr. ^iiii^f^ 

fift3tifX.?tofSM^ after' li& 

lyiy., iwi<»hawwt a >etlica< M iUied^t<»Wit,ftai^ itleaAa^l 
labjfiftW«fpl^€toaftrinMi»l*ii4 v^ 

"Jp ~ ' ) .Sti»Ky»^^f^f«'^t'^^'^^^*^i^ -^af t 



'■ >. £.; ■ ., t' 

nthe otijfxjc^t,^. |0.«i«. j«,<4);Hiti(ltdi^ Bkfihm^i^ 
ten hh^t^dfntJit^^^^^ 

Sfo^n ^^jf» \tt*iif^%%iit.\\i9. ounciB>iAi(fi1ti»eiietnit8 {hall 
be Cabdt(cduo|4.hin< M che«i.:'»r.!of.«Iieii ib. f/'<#,-'.d6clf oba- 

lb«.n6f;.ru$dfat' Win4lFB£j1iai><tef«fle}tbhtt^^ chevies vifbicli 


* ■ '■ 

' ^ I " - 1 | " | • ' -^ ■ '■ ■■ I ■ |j__|^fcM||i_|_|__^i__l__iTi_ III 


f»f^ Unu] N))ft iIk wordtafl^ ■Mmmm-- mfitnti pt Mtlfb^ 
tit Htri*"} 4Uim$,iaaA^amthtf Of lo «t >yir ;jitf^ett 

m «M f i am / k i^ klmJf:MA'jiil'(b¥ywK itjiitt) th^y area i 

(>rd«icPno^l«f9wr,fZMi<U/Wa»rf^ after) t^ 

f#wr..An<i«riMfdMiiiM»tlRirfUiUed^td^Wic;ftDV^ tlie^Ml 

»riirjCW0lrt%rftirif*i!Wi8t<rf<Billi^<K, wfifttbat wtUdi 

-. .•« 


.,il w r ■ ' ' I ^^— «._— ^— — , ^ . . i. . p 1-.^ — .: p. f^^- 

lCI1cli,<tateftrt» ycK (•'!giii<:>lK«d.«o.(«4nrJii§i^ci»;«lMl 

-a|Pk(ulke awft-bft Ib thftaidiejiif Ch rifat ci g i i ^ >iik«ea«m<iy 
«se»'«i 40^81:16,3911^1 ebaft Jahis^mois itaanbets^ iaci^ It 

'jgcIsChiwfts^Mtdlciwiiiiet sure n«* UMIm Ak^itBtMSbf him» 
'{■rt^t»Kb«tt apfaift iC&i^aodsto^j»ikr.palcttda»sgafaft 
;tiw6 dMCara ChtMb) . m thi^fliiHb^ llm aou in (l)b<iiMr«f 
ckI^wmU^ ImckidlttciluifakliCliriftiMud^aCiferiilMlly m 

ftitNrife^. . 

tim^tmtlmtht^im, A mIM ti»Tlmmmii 4efMfiW: Wit* 
'ttitm tfw Aiifciani^^iiiiMMiTltoBif^AftiMMi ftiViii 

^; ^ • -* , i, 

4 « 

A^. fsptit'ji Jhflmr. 

ii m > B i i^i>wiw^|p 

'i< ' 

ffcf'/ tkrtft it «M WM # | t w ii fc3 Ana thltt^iK ui)r<-«%i- yfMIM 
dipt &piiv>lN ?n,««» irv4oSlKoiijJi»r,'frhsirtirJ«p4^^ 

OffQC llSittoiK, wbkh ftB iCbdftHnTvlU^^. for |(j«lri|| 
I iBayuylai,ttMLaagJl)e«f.G04H'9/M>9d£edl$av 
inut; MiKeiadK Sonne o^A<mfti F«f.tMi|i|e4sfi9M0tii||l^i<N^ 
And inoppoitloato dtts Throataoieircll'it ^ihit^et^llKh^ 

lirmcic»ar««4aafoccc i)o^eaif dMrnf^fW tmicb gf « dooMb 
TMiie nm^nws^ ^. ) . ».i . The- 


• wMr mmm-nf G0d^£phef.4,. 1 1.]4». 1F«* itibl»tliftChr||i«i 
inwirli,<tatoftrt» wot w-lgjiiriv^ml. «> .l«4ttrngi^ci»; «Mi 

.mOm,. 9. if,* diuf..^fm^^, M ^ pexhe Oiidftiu»«f 

dbiBA DoabdcfftSauaaniqcteiwId infiii}dSBon;to faelifaiiHd 
-ofkCayJle muft-bs lB-th|tthdcjtfCfc rifa w» g i » e) aikMgaBiiciif 
-«se»*«i 4o<Mi6,a9aiiii^ Gbai iaihi»faoi8 ktatiabeisi. fsKiqi |t 

rmAoflkyovcrxiia -wiiakeaRbiv) AadtfiHKCoeciat coaMM^ 
■fiiUii ttw. aumm^ triftiagidalk(f!hr^ Wx^io^habptaikm- 
iAf,itStM you lM£Meftil%: dMscd^ Q» «■»' <^^ *ii(ie!t(in< Ato- 
•y IfChrifttyMtdltiwiBiet sat oam kdUlMi&blaEkkNebyiliiBi, 

•lapt^aMebaU ag>taftiCftit^aiii}:t(K«ikt.pafiaadiMKsgflM 
;tiw6 thaear* ChtMfc) . aa ttKyiflMBb^ hitm aou in (i)i»eiair«f 
(sfaawMU^ biKiia4ilaiiMtfi»€bf ifrflwMignftpe^^ 

totww «a di ri rf afo BiftuM K IfAtfybg«»w»liaM 

flSltarift^. . 

1. ■ > • -« 

AtfiaMwf*0aMMaHC"«9*v*R*«v^*""*-«iV>vc^^HfMi^pi»i iiijii i^n 

IVuf,»^ C>ri§sfvJim^^t$fB$mE*rtk. i^ 


Air,fjtpiiit*sJbifimt, . 
igkfMafrtt^ mui At Simt^^Mt, t.i. TO^tkrtmitfiftHf 

Oe^x ikrtft it 4m ««ffiimiO, Aa^ «li<<?ifole, O*,:*^ jmm 

ml^ idiqe Qtlwn^ wlMjrc ^AHf^ftmrftBuBfim^lHrn, 
And in oppoitloa to tbts Thro«e«Ri«irclplt i|. ikpt^ ^lfk«lK 




bucunlefle you had propo^,a-|im'c1nllel^e;VM^> 
more for your credit to have 'ht itklone. For is kqo( ftvAQKe. 

T6f«ne^ of ^bii#Siihf m» mm, gUt^.'^.!: ^tiHTM ^•w, 

h»rthA»hvnfffth<«l^wM'<i&l , , , 

ile*i »*;«»1i&*«r'^iK5*r^.' Th«i>-w«rt feade Jo 

rer tli^ittt mtf vfabte (BboM the Saints'deparced 
,-- s^KrncoVA-'<AHe«i tat on ekrA ? ard 


«M4rtg'*<Jft Wftii«iH)''a^TiJ^j,-V«y,^^ Ilk rime* of fah iodb. 

^^ bf 1»»^ M a<)pl'ob«idnT'Beclnfe'this ft Anr^i^iarkpriv*. 
•teagekJh«ly;j» hiilvoiai;^*** 5. *».«7:and'tlieiihg!e tfirortl, 
,*?«'. 2o.'i'i; dbfe'a<<cUrt;'r^h(f'indetdifi8p(rftof;tliat (be 

"*^'— — ^ .^— .— — ___^_^^,^^..,^^.^^^^,. .. .^.. . ^ ^ n --11 


Saints who are hvcd^MI/Mif otir ^Wtbttrs rigbteouChefle, (hall 
prdirioiincrgC^y to^theiiifiives, t|ld peirdicioh unto ochcrsj The 
cime^tfacfeioreiDiirftididBr Savi&urs Hirbni (halt betccompi- 

ieafeii«itbe&lfe.ftilmig4n(bVi'«ai^^ mud 

IpllcHMiir be Is Kt© fit riouc* 6Br thtf>h1i:e Throng fpokcn of 
Xm/i^^odi. ta%im Artit^nte'ionchecks^d, aH (caking che full 
aitefoi!^tiC^reIeftcwlitf4ilii]^tet6 fh« ^^f^rutatef^T to (it %- 

wbicb(b<^ chac oin Saviour (h^JIliaviea^T^ ; and 

lWifeqiiCnSy:,that1ie haftb another TTh^ttcibofi«Attet^ 
lieao^Wfiic^ Ai|dtc|)aafakT)l4(^e bb'eirtb^ils acthVbUe given un- 
it^ l^Un^ ^it^tmkdtyoe^ AiftMH^i'&^^^'^l^i^^^ i;%i^ wit- 

you by your wily^^tiCnctvaeh^r nfretke a tigtring^ Vt) aid jperfwiide 
us CO chinke^ that Cbrift ^'uri^l have another T'^^'K gl^^n 
bHrivbectpft tshesTh^w whWc^y bd#fii4r, is' a gif err Throne. 
WMich is juftias criit a ^reafdiing as th» ^ King J^)»€/ was firft - 
crowti^dKing atSiiiland^ therefore he could' Aof^fC^rward be 

. :A;id the rcafon of ic, ifis I* AtitifcJitfedi in^ thfe fi^ft vvdrds^ 4^. 
ia .fat!e<;au(e the ciofie in i^bicfi all tMft flball ovcrcoine, ' are 
-tp;be called^fonotyet acati end; and this alfo the anfWer which 
W^t made fiDi theibui^r iit^der> the Alt<ir, (W h6 crfed for venge- 
ancejigaiiift tbeiJperfl^dtdti*?;) doA fiiJIJIcdnArnie. ^ t^^^^ was 
laid unto themj that thty ftiouM hfi^)etpr a finlift^i^^ umVl 
tbHrfiifprv^Srvantx atfi^, ' avi Avir brnhrisn^ that fhiild be kfji^d as 

ik^mrf>/koffUt^fytfiikJ^Kcy'€h6At^ atid when this i done, 
|jibcn<^Hi*wMtMhte&i^H-Ttii:on^^ s/^et^. it.^^ 

hr9ksn $0fifiverf, Ja^tnssIrtcnveArfmy Fatbir, Rev, araf » 

' r .:. li Mr. 

ip^ ; ,Iiracl^ -ift^* 

I ^ 

[ W^««*M>'»^ , <Part 


Lor J and his Chrjfi L. ifM W bfenjkid^ ^^nrhfrAiod CkiW^ ^j 

^^^rfhffni$fy^€4fn u^imdit imagi- 

ned t> ie on 041^ th :. ti^ffjf4f ti 

' I .«' • ?• 

' , 1 . Doub^Oe yo^f^^fbiiB^ jU^r %wtf. WttC3P eoaipa^iftfi $: 

iu^cbe truth Is^ ^ii a verj^ ^tt^N^nlcoiM; Sar tbefofce oft^ 

reaiopi^npc ai$ y($^j^zkent^jfj^*k»t Cbri^fbaUvotlmatfingiill 

allhs Snbjeltj be called, inUin^eomi^^^^lit^ttv&^T^ CMft 

&all not receive bhl^t^^f^lji^aliytlcbofe Subjeds, thofe gIo« 

;rifiedSaKit« which fj^^Ui^ft^'^wiih^hi^ io hislUiigdi^nie, trc 

taTIed^andWeoy^oqi^ SotlMtftfae^rtaeit8lifae.tfil5, 1'e}'- 

ititftiM ffi i] Inoc be Smperoqi^ cj H' all diofie Sabfefts j tfiofe 14^ 

bits tbar (bdlKvaUe/ni liiiiqjtf Jids^Q^ififitiati^be boiitt, »d^A^ 

epattcQiibiixL hadfitdm^hAnf^^ niofttllKiog^Btolfeac- 

^ompaniedibyjnprtaii ai(6QddiiCs 4 buconr Sairloorbdog mim- 

mortallKing, ia tobe a Accunpiided' with imniortalUctendamj 

with all th(& beleevert wKkb bave alreiriy, orik«n bereafttr 

Overcome the Miipca^ani, nod affliftiOMS ^f riiiawerid|^bridfe 

bia appearing^ and his 84i%i9iM d.i«bicbSaiht9i)tiiigbttC a^ 

(though the choileft pai«> of omtStvioufs Sobl^fts, jafetodeei 

itdiculoufly cQaqpiV»ed b^^M io^^PiixSmmdiS9t^f93t$:bc^ 

andnDb^mic;, . 

a., TboBgn 

fbr tlfe word of (Sod, be fulfi^ued i W€ know that ic is gpc to be 
9cec;\it;cd ull QtirStvioMrscoiyiming- I^nd in what maiQiieic ic U 
%h cip to be dbn c by h cp, t hie 1 4. ^J5^^^. of the Rev^ frgv^ jhc i ^ ' 
z5fr,totHecpdj^doch declare*' And tbe lyjthaff^ al(p4t ij^vcir. 

great God I to gatj thefltjh of Kinofyandtbefi/fiefCa^awes, and 
fhefliifiofmi^tjmen^ 4ndtb^,pJk'0fhorft^y 4ndoftbemthat^t on 
ihem^and^^ [kxifaU both hjra4ndfrce^botb/9n4ll ^dffesi. And 

iSaire^^ tmf j[ adgcmenc 91:1 tbc Saimi coen^iesi is co (^ a tempa* 

jrall J4idgct^<^nr oq earth : a.( put $avipurs cocriimngvirith t^e 

Saims to r^LC jive Jus Kingdpqpp, as t^e 1 1 • aod 1 4. %,fr/ei of thif 

Prophecy dofibcw, cad not an eteinal| jud^enienc on t|^ 

bodies and fou Jes in h^ U « V'bich U m^ to (cia;e on ihem^ till cli9 

giving JL1 p of Chrtffi Kjngdome at (bf Ju(jgme|xt of the dt ad^ till 

above a loop yea? es af cer this ovatprow^r Qp VfUdk the fowlea 

are to feaft o|it^eir cgtk>ire8,)a?i|i^^^^ >oe&^.of the^ the 

ji <'«»^^ac.ieisj;'ftvpa|€d, ^ 

;,. |r that text Rfv.^ii. ?5. L^M^e/ w/^y«^ Ay> e/'^W^ ^«*«!g^ 

^/wpie •/C/&ri^, M of the Kingdom ofow Xfiti^bis Chi/:] An4 

by *?? wkpnipg'Qur Savioqr hai|;i no proper Jtingdoqj? at ^U^ 

and €on,(e<|mnrfy i^ i\pt properly f Kng : for wbac Jiiq^dq^ii; 

belqngatQ Qh^ift, wbic^ maynpt af w4l bcq^llcd tbeKiogp 

doi?i ot p^r |.Qi;^i;he KlQgiqm 9! bif Qhiift^tiut fiprtaiply i^^ 

KingdojEU wltl<^ ^ t^t Mich flyill become t hchKingdonief of 

Chrtft»arf the l^Qgdopiies of this world: and chfr^foxe King* . 

domes on ear^h^ Wf3 proper Kingdomc^, bot;h which ypu deny^ 

And they vjb tp tj^^e CJhrirta^ Kjpgdomjea f tthe fcw,n4ing pf 

the ^venth Xr^mpe^/iod fjot^befbrf ,th?t is* at the time of hi$ 

4ppcarf«g9gajiiif : apd t^usrefbre they afe tq be his to gorernp 

asnelsmari y smd (q by ypi^r owae^coofemon, to be properly j 

hi*; AlftoqghtJti^ Wiegtan?, that tJiifft^wotis^ltbe JfCbtgdomes 

^dtmh^offfT^er,'^ ^ifbif^ is jnojtc.tbfln ?^^ Jir^ti^ (wha 
eiicljl^es to 9 aiftm^oQ of naturea^ and onity of perfonS)) yer 
if wiUaot b^cMirfroml^^iiigft that il^ 
nrii li * which 

ic6 Ibzeh ItHelemptfdnredtemedi §r PitVi2. 

tioiTdfioh; V^ he b mii\ (h'lll ttoc benfs bf6pcriKingdbmes« F^r. 
they *rc h\Ato hcprne ib^Kingioma %f oHr Vfrd^ nof becaufe 

ever he did. A»id Tccbndly, becaufe they jTi ill thea i^c hia 
i^iccr a more ipedafU manner, then they are now bis ;' bccauft t 
j[ay,he (ball rhcubeWbrfhipp^d and obeyed in cheiti/illj sicgbr« 
'dm^t6 thcrighteous^tute'of bisowri^^^ And yet they arc 

fiim:dfeecbnic;thcKtngdome5 6f^^ inu^l^of the 

adrniiiifttation, af the Immcdiace governmenc of theai.For Cbrill 
'alone (hall then be vifible King over'tb^m, as no\v others are : 
tnd.therefofc (haltbeJii properly a King oh earth, *^ any of thcro 
Whonovir Ware rale ifl^^hefi Kirigdoraes.And^^^^ the next 
words of the taxrdoccoDfiTnie, whiehifiy not, and thij^hxt ani 
he, (that i^ Chrift alom)fbjU reigne fonvir andever^ And there-, 
fore that text it^w. 2^ atf* is very pefcinentfy cited^ for proofe of 
that thing which (hall l)er on earth, 'and is ffot now Jo heaven. 
Foriour JSavio|irf though then in bcjiven)dld'ri6ti(ay; that ^e had 
kivchihe Saints in beiycrijOrSaiiis 'on earth j, |?dwer oVcr the 
Nations on earth,but that he would give them poWer 9vcr them. 
And furcly We cannot thinke^ that the Martyrs^ Mfv. 6.i o. would 
call (fjfiGoi t9 hafteJ) the tixut for the 'asrengiricoPjttftir bk ud,ori 
fbcni That' dwelt 6n the cartfi ^iftHey coijid ^qW ,46 ^ thtiiifclves, 
if they coutdiipwmWth^NAnoni.Wtth >M^^^^ 
ta/biversy as k FottcrrT/ifeil. ' Yea^ why' have^the Siintson cartb 
been fo long time perfecuted^^ffiiftcd, tormented^;^^^^^ ftill afe^ if 
the Saitit sin he^v eft have p^owir to,del!\^er fh^^^ 
thciir encmici > An* wh;^ arc 'there ^tirfe^riatiy Urge heathen 
Kiogd mfe, not yttftbidtredw tbcfaithi'^r j^HVernment of (he 
faithfuU, if the Saints in heavcW can rtrl? th^ 'as they plca(c ? 
Ccrtainely if you can mtkc this good, that odrSavioiii*haih al- 
ready gl7<^tQ the Sf intrinbetvert, t|pat pjAw^it;b^er ilji Matk(ns. 
whicl^he here ip^caices^olJ^tQ wit,'a cott^Uief ^ and tomn^ucUng 
jJowcr, a po wcfr t6 tmc "them* wftfi i f^o/of'^ait ; .you W jl? *|clf{e 
the P4[/i}?/{o a better ground for their fapplicatldntiBto ^^inti. 
mwascTcr yet thought of Irjrtheihfelvfcs.Fof' dbubtirak it 


part .!• 0>i^sfts PerfonallJleigHltm Earths ^^ 

mrarldi rh«y mitft nievdes be ac^sitiredi^itii aiispalRifpni^^of iak« 
port^ime in it, a^JQ^gs and tbtir Agents «re with thet&irfaj^ 
Snte in the Kiiiftiomes cnrer whith diey rate : and Co may wcli b« 
Ibngfat to, if noc: ior (piritually yet tor outwardand cempotaU 
ad^^, fbccouF^ and d^ence; / • > ;. f^ .^ i i 

»' Ifii&l's Rtdemptir:}!!. ^ \ ... . /:.s,^ 

. TbeiilceencotaragementhegaveaUocahis Difcjpleibeib^ 47« 
•^ispafCon. Te^etbey(Mdhc)ii^tiAbMecm^inMedivuhmtin^0^ ^Mattb.i^, 

eob appointed ttmo9ke^ ibaij^ m^ ^ wa^^lmddriifks ^1 ^J ^Mi i^ i9j^ . Y*^^^-i4 ' ^ 
i' Kingdami^ and fit m ^/cJtes^jmdgm^ fk mekf^^rihs ^fifra^i, JJ; ^* Jf j! 

•; . '. MuPeirifi An/har. -' .*• ^ v^^'? ^^«»#a,44. 

, It might bV fitorlfw' MspMTptfrtehwecont^deAthUt^p^tphuif ^^^ 7-i4*27. 
jii^i^j m 12 Ti-ii*/ 9f Ifri^lihe pirfmfmdpd:X!r/»ll ike ftqch, quoted ^^} ^'^^' 
mibemargUf^ke of thi Kingdtam ofG^d^^tteepttkat'aflj^p^^i MmbX^% 
'^;^;,ivh^eumeathnofmKingd0me^ Intt efjg^ting anddrin^tng 
^er.Chrifii refurrtQion : and if that beith^ Kingdo^e^wh^t^foMf 
'iitbimr^eakp^ih^%%.i^iibjtKmgdomt^ugomi,(^ .\ 

*.' '- •' t- • 'i* Ji": ' \ /Reply.' . ;; ^ :y ;/. •, 

1 f might travz kennmefhrmjp^ofii^yiiix fty, tdM*V0t^.fmih\i 
tbmtexi^ And why? becati&you have nothing CQfaivt(Mc,QA>if 
it mal^s.ihtttpek/etrihes of I/raehkeptrfoni^iitdged? '] What? doc 
yoii fbiiiki& tHcnthk jki!6ur.Sav.ibiif9 Knsgdbnic,; in the jceftoresl 
Kkri^pimnof i/^: W, tberlt Ok i hbe(no ^lovernna^iii:;! At vtHa tcic jp 
a t^^ikcn of c:):tt unrtghteottfheCeof a Kii^ bi^e g&vfirjiiQUn ^ 

Init ^ CcrcatBely nnrighce^w jtidges\if ear My roea()(s co maj^ 
aKingd«me unrighteous: to/m^ricechiricyiM^axe cold^ and ehy^ 
and <x)iate9donti^ffOfirhc^#^/9tt<^ ciprigbc Tudge$,ane«$^fi^£tuil^j^ 
mcands to ^td(crve rt^l;ite6afJieflb ip ai;Iiing(doaQe^ lo ^t^ecifl^iUMJt 
fettt^ then krveafldiQi'it]^): bAdti^cN 

fiiK jon 9'and how rrghceons tl^en tfaafl iha c Kingclonie \^i whcyr^ 
our Satibor Ittnifelfe^^n be Ktug ; and t^^^Dkcipt^ ^nd <^btf 
SattQlcf}(^er]iotti:t!undef him > 'And!u.ilGdy^(ieeiflg t!|^/t>^4v^ 
Tribniof //rr// cannot Be t?kdp for the nff^ 
Sttntpalrcady depsarhadjOBiiA'td dcpanr,- oc Mtov^tccfmc be^{| 
lOor^^wigQm api^ciiig j^for (beta muft i$ Jiidg^s^<^iI^^U ae ^ tl^c 

IftaeU Rtdtmpthu rtdamed, <r Part %• 

•» -» 


< .« vv 

ibm 99f0t€mKtJ9^ JffmtkfafitmiS me immj Iknn^^^kis^ « 
hnn ^^wtfr mtf )N4Ufms^ iuisu Rev. a. 2tf^ 17. miurtigfu 9b 
iMTtb^ as it is R:v. \^c^} Sscingi I (iiy , tbe tflrcl^ Ti ih^oflfrs^ 
€/<»^ be taken for nLKhcr ort Hit^b i t hejr mtlft ae^det be talce« 
forihcK'ngdomo of Ifrael^ whidh i:iagainet9iff:nft(;nidoB 
eartb, where onciy thefgibafi^d Saints caa fie aa^ Ju^es oVer o- 
Ihctd. Fo« i4fi cHe new Jt^ihifaUm Acy arcfU to be partake ts of 
iiie<raitieglory3(thcu|h*iiotofthe(aiiie iiM(areof glory^l tb^ 
arra^lcoiiav^^ cqayjiifictt'aft in Aetf»of bfeyaodriveaof jtfi^ 
tfiid ibopi^re clie#e< ffaiitoeirher beoccd/)4ef«iilging, nor any 
. *ieH>{k>tfti^r^^R^^i*^'<^4'<^M^(<o^ Forthefita^ 

vens and the earth that novi^ arc,ai)d all theaeatures im tbee#fd^ 
(being to laft no longer ihMiKe ftr ft death (hall laft) (ball be then 
. rildifibtved. Ai>d'«hc^encweiicsnioniioned,ikeVki2i«^^V.^il)ac 
new be^^^i^^s I fay^floa:v>wfakfa, andtbac neir earth:coJwfaicb the 
, new jF^Bttf^^/eififtHiHdwrveo^ Voa^tdttm 

pdt^\jbat oL'tb^tK^u qmuAwtbtmargine (fe^6fA$'KiffffbKi^ 
tfG^d^eX€fpithat0f^uks'r4 4M^ ^htte-is nmtU^n ifmKkf 
dome^ tut ifM$ing 4md4M^gap\r €hri0^ a^meSfia^^r* £ul 
doe not the ether texts fpeabc idfoof fomethingtobedone iQ 
, the KimgdMie of God, as wall as ofthrKiiigdoifiedFObd) 
Surely our Savicur faith Mattb, 26.29. If ay mioym, tks$ IwA 
nut drinks Bencefirtb 0/ tbefrmit^ftbt Vrme^ umMHhat JUj^ v^tm I 
JkdR drinkf it mtp mkkjmw mf FadernKmgdmi^^ (as iris Afitrl^ 
I4.a:5.i>ffe JKiv^^i«ea/(;(^:,).and£it^aa.i5« heiaisfai Ibint 
fofmpfy defifidto eatetbii^AffeBtfer wkbyombifrreffltjgfir^f^ 
nmi^yen^ Himcffor^ IrvriU not esxt (fit Mf nore^ mntiMitibe/Ufi/d 
^theKin^ihmofO^d. ^tdbe$Q0kgib€:etif^mt4gmteA»ml^^ai$d 
Ud^ ialig tbidttddividi tt ^wgymilftr tf^ tmtojm^ Imrili nm 
dthh rftbe frmte^$bi Vm] mntilt ^be KMtgiman rfGni h$mm. 
toe^iiere is mention ofeaiinf and chrinkinc coo : atkl fkii dk our 
Saviours eadn^ the* Paflbover^ and^ chnnking wine mgMfle 
WiA his DiicipleB, bm mot ttrnwl tb^ Kmgjdnm tf^ GM it 
€9m% AndthmreCoretmlefle you will deny, that sheKspgdone 
(^GodflballcoiMj ynae<innocdeiiy^ thu oar SavionMOid Us 
Dilciples (ball again eace and drinbe togechsr 1 borconfiqnettt- 
ly that Che KiogA^mfpf 004)18 iBCtKofporSairit^ 


Patt z. JObrij^s Terjonall Rtignt on Earth. tsr9 


• ' > 

j» '; 

onearthi orcbuKmgdome, of which hefaidco bti Difciples, 

£ifk,€%2. ifi^Tii dH tbtfwbiA baw cmtbmtdwi^mt hfm ttmf^ 
tatkm^ tbiftfm 1 afpoint wUojoh a Klmg^me^aiwff F^iiber hstbdp^ 
fMiUMBM^silfm^jft m$j ttiftsmddrink^ m 119 Hifk in mj Kmgd 
A$m^^. For «r here is a Uttbe ^ «be Paftovw^ whtM 
growesffccyine, bat on earth? aod "wlien toald cbe Diftiplta 
eact thcP^flboVtf » arid drinke wine agaiot) with oiir Saviour at 
\a%vBAst^t aft^r4iefcditfr(£Hoi!iofthQtf bodka) And tihatiMct 
ijfkt%^ 4X 49;^Mm qiioctdonely td {hew ttm^loHiicd btidfea 
caa oMe, aiidic6ii6f}t]entty > that die dcnyall t>r £ia can be of ^ 
fcMeagaiMt the (icoper finle ofoQr Savioars words: wliofe 
fiogU aQrmatioo olbiseadiiganddrittkitg wichhls&llo^es, 
ajftei: Jhiineisc.affpetii«g« oegttto be ofittorsKc^iiiit whb 1% 
iiRltii»*9aiMmo^^ then aft other miebsMgatf 0(1 

d^it. Afid^iiili^ti^fam^t^ngdome (^burSayiODiroiieirthjis 
fometka3e€xalled|ri#ICiii^^a»ri/i£0 FWiftir|be6iu(eit Uappotn- 
i;04«»to{hiint>]r'«he EadM « ^nd^ om ect m e s Chriftf Kiiig4oiiiO| 
kecaaft as«iaff lieiStofefgM^Jfibly bi it : 4lid fofbedines thl9 . 
iCtogtii«rof<3ba;1>ectofc^od»^|>ow^ ' ^ 

WOtid^fotl ftiannerac the ftKiog ofjt i^p> aodbecatife note but 
God$ ttwes fliafl be obfervedia it : and (ome^asiiv iKkf^^MMt 
ofbitnmy becaufttbe cbiefe.governoarsofir (hiM come from 
heavca»aiidbecaare it (hati beofan heavenly condition, in rejprdi 
oFcbeliolineflein^righteoufrtctfe thefepf; for asour.Savioar 
«nd the gtorlBed'SaittC^ Olall chen as perre&fy due Gods wlltdik) 
eirdi> as K is now done by them id heaven V 10 (hall their rigV 
t(toos ftidgeaient occ^n a inore righteous dealing among|l atti 
others over the whpk earcht then was^ever yet obicr v ed ^in any, 
f articular Ktngdont^ 

rkndw cheft words aretakcn by Inferorecefs, fdra metapho- 
fioallexpreflfibnofthorejbyes.whicfa'we fnarl ri?ceirein ^eavenj^^fo heaven^ 
bat ic is a jcorr^nt: ^mom'xxx. our Schoolcs,(iV('v ej^ aJittrs^fiufrB' where the ho^ 
fnd^ipmafgn^eationenctdif^m^mifitvidmt atiqHsneeeplat ly/<r*/2i/e»ii 
€0ggii&^f&ipmr4i Veritas hipfatiiersperictitarividet^fj that we ^""r^^,^ 
niftnot fbrfake the liter all, and proper Tenle of tt^ iicripturfj^cOMhigu^ 
mtefle an cvidcsi t necdSity doth requirelr, or the truth thereof (hed to £^^ 

WtfiMbee w diiigered by it : . imdi tmliure, bere is no fiuh catife ^hap.^. ver. %. 


ver.i,2,3A, fo', whfi<^ w? Aould Uive the; n«uraU iipcrpret^ion ^ ifce 
|.<^,7. rwhichjjU^, yea we arc .b)^inwiy octcrpafl<igC5 in tljc fcripmrc^faihct 

ferenc€S. Firi^^ai}fe th&buikfer. andj^iikor of the nac^ fs Qod (ij^. ui.y Jfcuc ^ other 
nienihallbuUd4(frr5ii'6|*/\'ifc-4P-8.^Secopdl^^^ thcnuxcrUilhoilcru/aiemwhkh is^c, 
areaU eold and precious ftohes, (/?it/.2 i.i8,ip^2o,2 lO but the mat'erialfc of tfiat other /««fr 
fewihaD not be ftich(i^4^t:4o.i6,i7,2^,&t.) Tliirdly, in this city, rheVe is no Tetnple' for Ac 
Lord God AlnJiglJi^^ ahd die^mbe -aretfce Temple- bf if (Jt«fir.2 t.kil) bat- that -Aty M 
have a Tenipk*^ Wf4Q4'r»kc.>/winlil3r, m thij city, thciri^r. rf Hswer (a£ lif^picM&i 

of hfe, thouglvendu d with nealtjifull and nourilhinj; qualities, became qf the place wtence 
they are to proceed, £:<ffe4:7..$t.'<2.JfhalJiiruefron? under the threfhold of the Teoiple: for 
the forefront of the iiotife-fhall (land towards the Eaft,''and the water? fhai cbmc dwnc Iroii 
under the r!ghc'fiddofihe5liidesaithc&>atfa-£de of ^^^ l^t in 

thh city, the t^ee ©CWe onfefffWir^ii^q^ f^e of t}ieii^ryefjy:ai^d bea««* twch^raapiterf 
fruits monethfr, (Reva^,^^J)utpY, ^cnver,thadhalli)iui^putof thc|anauary ofthacKiiy 
lhallgrowallrrefcfoi*iiieafe*(£^rij;/^2.i2.J Sixthly^ In tHfecity there is no nigKt,. they ncd 
no candle, nof light of the Sun,* tor -the Lord God giveth them lights and the Lanibe is the 
light thercof,(/trti.2T4?;2^. ch.22*$)) bucjn tfaat<ctty there ftiall be nlght^)wfi dielkkof the 
SunfhaUt}ien:be/eyen&>ldCi/«^9ffl^.<h.d9ji|0 §^^ fliaU ik&end to dit 

Jiew earth, wiiiwbkh-the^^^ to teater^^ch/W 

come from tnkt .city* Ir^" '"^ inrn fn^w»a-anH.h^«fr& Krv^llrt>l^*Y^l-f•h Zif^fJ^ i1,Jl'r_i"*A_' _-_.-'„ 

Jhali be healc4'(E^4 47 
the firft earth ^h which 

MryPetri/tAnftptr.' /•, T!' 

'fjr-mhai heeMetb ottj fchooUs^Jmn^ ht p aiu/etk rbeforif^^l ifrnus, 
^ Cs^,^. l^^^^^ M^^ f^r' proper jeri'fn ; met aphmcai /^nj"^ emir d^dijt'm^ 
^uified to figurative fmli;)0tfd^Q^eino {p^ic^U canon f inhUargu^ 
m^jTtnd I thinke^ He did never yamefuA inter fr^tat,iin offcripttirt in 
any approved fchaole. Asfartlisruk^hmayfi^fartfy^j tiatisfaid^ 
andjhaHfet more hereafter ^that thcfu^wordj cannot be underftood of an 
emhlj Kingdome ; neither doe tbefefore- cited copffieH »/, (jit be hlJIf 
^ faith) te ficl^ unto the fart hlj/enfe of tbis^text, io hand. 

It may well be doubted, whcther.pridc arcliolcr did moft o- 

verfway your Judgement in this anfvirc^ For^tboagh I ualliugly 

conf cflc my felfc to be a man not>orc,hy to bVnucnfared amongft 

^ thalcarnid: ycrunleflrelftioulJmakeasIitcIcconfcicncc oflyw 

ingfof inadvanug^ asyotidocj ygu cannot chuft bur know 


":: ^.-.^■g<*— — — M— ^■■■■1 imiiii i->^^S^mitmm^ 

^aijt a. Qhri^iPiKf(»kkU%jigne,MSa^th. ip9 

vrbftc Cclipolislvrasbred ia.-if)rdi((tiU«i^p)H|e^ 
Ijpi ic tp .^hp wo4(l« Ai)d doqhdeCe tb^£(^XQbDolesJltvfeever. ycd* 
ded m^nas.^pQinent for ja^^geai^ot^as ijjghteous in their iife^and. 
as z.^l^uiibc tpe triult>^t tboi^atCtyoM: have becn-bnadin^ov sf • 
ny other ffbooles ia CJv.i^dQiii^bj^ficler. Boti tfaki whtcb yoor 

UfiifaB fififf fer proper fiufi^^^ Aad I pcay^wliatD^JLyinMlothtiot as' 
ofc^n^ or otcpf^r, ufe^ ljiu|]:aii^.icn& f<9^ proper Icme,^ then for xhe 
true fenijej,;i;|ffhef ^C{)SQp<r o? figuvactf c ? «id wbaic^s themea^r. 
ning . pC Iicer4i4i /epiCp^ iq (btf tpprored awmt^^ butia propof 4 
(jcn^ ^ : For doubdeflie there is itoirisccflitiy tbac canxoaipiA t >i$t|(!> ; 
Ijp^vctha truM^^e oCthe (ccipmiQ^ attbongh itnay, to Uavc die 
pro^r&oii^ Aod^y^ d»e. ,Mifim, mnfies ifans: * ^<» iiN(/t mtfrs^ . 

faks-i^ ^^^fr ff^f^Jf^^^^* whidbrbsiog iSB4r«d(ac«or^i 
dioj^tq y,aar^QC4pt«t(pA pf the .mird/J^^MIJbtfae tme47r|}tb|f^i 
fcnle, what feii& wUltheica be- toitbcr(«pc2f i»e ^' Yout: ne]tc;cefifi»Qi 
is, [[Tib^ / bjv€ContT4*diliing^^4i^t4fb^i€(iUfenfi to figurative 
finfiX But ic bad bcenbpncyft dealikig tohaveihc^ed thebladb, 
Of tm «QC t;o fafive Aid fo i fpf aniiQCulackm without proore dMihr* 
br^dy ^c^faipt;he'plai^ti^a |[«^iier% You tfairdt:ortiph}w w 
[XkaUl^iefeMQLoffcaBcamHS M4i9gmi9gJ} ]fSb9nitistiMSdt%^ 
rery oac^ to 49Cjhif^;, kifforj^b as>j<m are^ for fiich aaare 
fchoiaiis} fqcbmen wiUpb^eave a canoDicall cnethod in ^gu* 
ing : and mak^ asexceUecta&oilogkaMKtndximes, aayou have 
donst pag. ^. piyi^h maximrp [f^^t hjpt^^ntff any mm ai^'mmt^ 
belmgftb umo HlLn^fh] Theladceafureia^ ^a$^ I nwvtt k^neS 
fiicbi»terpjrw$a$imof/crift0re, ima^tf apfr§vedfcb0dl9.'\ Surely die 
iorerprecationof i^iRrptur^ i$tabe learned from Sod, and not 
from man r for tba( mterpr^tasioiiMiaidoAtroe^ andai^llible| 
when the cbherei^ce^^f the t€3(]t>doth fpint otuthe Qnfe^ dr w&en 
one (cripture (Wth expound afioohbr oi tb« Cia^ nacni^. And; 
yetlgpe npt alpne, bucam^ aCGoiupaniiDd with many approved 
AuthQrs>bred in approved fchooles^ who have allconftned the 
iame truth that I (peakefolr, ^sdrftHeketo that proper interpre- 
tation of thele fctipturas^ irhljchLioilow, rForn^Jtlo 4^^ffeaf 
theprimkiveCbviftui>9^ «-of«3Kany oft he Fathefs after thefft,} 
thel>e have been n^ny-appnoved^ minfor leariiiAg'la theie ja tt€*r 
ftoissi thai hav^been wtaefl!N.Qf this trutbi ^mongfk whom, are 

■•- . • 

JQ0 ItrzcisRedemfth^redeemed^or, Part 


Brightntan^ Alfltdiw'^ff^ndeliimj^znd Afede^ whom you your (elfe 
p4ig«i4.coiiimcndtor arenowmd Amhor^lchoughyou fiiakecC 
hiichoirtftpfroofes^aseafilyasi'jm/^)09ffhookeoffthe Pbilifiins 
cordi I and breakc thfoia gh hit^ftf ongeft argaments j at bfcibly 
18 Samffon^did througbrbe gates of Azzah^ which he carried a« 
way in a triumphing maniier : fuch ponders dbeybu worke by 
your canoriicalls (oc Tather^sarelefle^ arguiog. And yec for atf 
tbis,yoa0ittftv¥;i^s me leave tamake to bold wiih ybuagaine. 
a« tptelfy oil ; That as the platfienefl^ of this text in hand, and of' 
tbeforcr cited fcriptares, doth^ompe!! us to? ckmifwl(^ge the 
pfopcrJrenfeoftbem^ (b rtroft both the love ofthe troth/the 
featcof God, and a defire to keepe a^good confeienee, ivitt eYtr 
conftraine u8,(o ftxke to ic. Forgpt is mahifeft^ by your taunting 
tettn^a, that you cquldfinde neither fcr]rpturel0ontnldfftin|, nor 
ncccfficy forbidding the proper fcnGt of burSavir jars wbrcb ; for 
tbeconnrniatlony0'heteof, (bis ruteit here a)lcdged. . 

, . Krael's Redemptlott ' 

For befid^s; diat there is i ttc ie analogy and relemUance bet wixe 
^^\ . a perpetqaU^praifiiigaiid iMrfiii^pin^of Gpd,ai)d the bufmffi' 
^* *^ '' ol a pc^ickc gbvernmeni here (pok^oof : btfidei this, I lay, we 
are tlready informed, khat though bur Saviour be now in hea- 
ven, yet he fits not there in his owne Throne,' and confequ^ntly,. 
ia not yet m the Kingdome which ^fifre F^fherhaikapfpinted him. 

Jdr. JPet$^i^s Anfiper. * ' 

W^bs$ im^dtnct is hen I Doth not David fxj^ PlaU i6ii .In tbf 

\fftfenete istptfrlniffe ofjoj^ttty right hand are ffeafttref far evermore.^ 

WPfaL 17.1 J- / IhaM bijatijjied whenltpakfynthihylikfmjfe, 

and Pfil.^6.%'7hfihjUJ?e abundmly fatisfedwith thefalttefecftfy 

honft^ and ib^M Jbah tm^h them drinkjt of the river iftfy fkafitref. 

. Tbefe and many mo^-i artffok^n 0/ the foyes in keaven by rtfemblana 

with ear $Uy Kingdomes:: and vehave already fifewed thstt be hath 

been mifinfirnted (or^mifinfofmeth) of another 'throne aad attoiber^ 


Here y oip ftar tie the Reader wicll a very fbu le exda mation,. 

but anevill longue, as it doth not become you, fo it will nothing 

beaefityou. Yea it deepefyftaines your innocency before God, 

very much impaires youc reptita'tbn amongft meQ| (^e^jpeciaily 

. uprighc 

" '• " • " II - < b ■ ■ li I « I I ii« I II I t ■■ , ,■■. , - .1 ..- ^ , 

P^rt 3 . Chrijh Perfo»^S Sieigne on Earths * 201 

V J ' ■■ -■ ■* . ;; . > • i». 

nfrtigtic oi^d} and^csapyouf wofindcd fionfciencc a^ an irre< 
concileibk Judge agakllt youv Lookt: iaco che Epiftit; of Saint 
James, cba^. 5 , i^r. 6. and jfiou aiay ice i>oth the abominable 
off- Spring and oHgiruU of it. So is the coQg'Jc, (aicb he, am^ngfi 

vf^iiHte, atid it is jt^ onfiit efb^r^kH AcKfoncit tn^ynot 
battH hereafter in thofe flames, froin wbf nee it is now too much 
Inflamedt thinke (eriouflyonftiia pafl^gej and. from henceforth 
give better language tootbtra,[lLbot^ghyourenepiie$j cben yaa 
bave dqm to me for teilioi^ you th^tf uth. .Now f^ for your, an^ 
(wtTi nRifcflTeihefecexta tobe Diifuidf wordsi induhat there ate 
foniQ metaphoricall phrajTcs in thei|l. But I that they ^haye 
any refbmbhnce with the civill affiires of:an^anhly Kingdomci 
pr th/t there is any eompariton to be m^de betwixt them ai^dpur 
Savioura faying., l^kfzui^^ fo^hac ttie'imftt.knceyou^^j(|teake 
of may well recoik on your<(elfe* iFor th^ text ffuL 16.1 1 . (hews 
oncfy, thai the fuln^flTe of aUjoY ft6d(felighT^i^ilnthccnjoynlient 
ofthe-iightofGcVd, %tui to bc\^at the rigiftb^nd of God] doth bc- 
cokcn the hlghtft t^i^c^eof hon<:,iir and g(ory in heaven, which is 
propfirtoourSa^ficur/yvhoisfaid to fit at^h^rigbth^ndofG^dj 
in alJunon to a cuttome amongftmen^ who j^re y/ont to (et tho(e 
^homjthey will moft hone ur^whom they mpft delight in;^ at their 
right hands. And that T^xt Pf4. 1 7.8: (hew* tb* t David AiQx the 
rdun^diaO) when he fliall have a gioriied bbdy> aaCbrift now 
hath, (hailbe perftAly happy»(hall be aa her wo|ild t^c. For^jthefe 
words [to aspakg a/ur tbji Hkeneffe^'] are all one with thofe of Saint 
Paul in I Cor. i;*^ 42,4^,44. Tariff tmpicorrHfiionJnglarft in 
pQtPer^t$ rife WHba/firituallbpdj. F^ ifv^t bjvt beeuplanteJ to* 
getberm the likef^ejfe of Chnfts (ka$h^ wc /ball bedf^m tb^UlgmjIfi 
cfbis refitrreSi^n, faith the lime ApoftlCj^ R^t», 6^$ . and becaufif 
we are laid into our graves as one that lies do wnc in his bed to 
fletpe, and (ball be ralied out of them, as one cbatTifeth cutx)f his 
btd from fleepe, therefor<it i^s, that the Prophet u(ct]^X^wakf\ 
in fiead of[arifi\ And the t?xt f/ii. 36,8^ is referred by Afufitt* 
/Kf to Gods bounuf uU provifio^tntlkislife for ^11 m^nindilGfe. 
rently ^ and by Cahim better, as well to the outward and tem- 
porall^ as to this fpirituail and eternall benefits of God towards 
the faitlifull^ hia words are. J^pi»ere)lr4Joe 11.^0 A^Vi^4f^r^^^ 



atGvds hcmfits^^at pertsbie ^ wdf to fbe^ft^ ^f this pre fern lifty -at u 
the Mmdi & he4venlj 4Uffedinfffe vAijd rfoTcftrsiUs wcH to Jdyks 
oo.eftnh| Mco )by^ ii^hc^^en. « Afld^happilj ikthg tbC:l^<)|>het 
m^k^ mdntionhheVc ti^^ehoftfe €)#God^, ic^s^beft^mid^f ftood of 
tte'gwai coRifoFt wWdt> men fei It recifvc dirobgh Gode ioVhig 
kkvdt^etfc coi^ards tbem, ^ntthetimeoFoarSavionrsiKingdoiiit 
dn€at^tii;Wheti Jt^faleM »*ditheTemiAr of tbeLbrd Ihall tgiin 
be rebuilt >anH^aH>^t{6n<sfl)ai!lflw^aiit€>it| S3 ic it, J^^ 2.2> or 

Xkfj^ fh€ Lotifidf mp'j md^t^^k^e'iUftiifi^^fTaiim 
I fty, itt the ni^HHtaike'^ 01^4^ L^fdi hmfi^ ih^e rdtored Jtrmfk 
km, the L9rdifmflfJb^i^k^4inU altfttifU m ftdfi iff fat fhmgs^ 
t^sw^llrifinied-^ j4i0d^flL^ d9fi)^ihiface^ 
feopU^ ' kAdthcvMii ^at U'fjftehd 'evir M N^kns, tfia. 25 .6.&e. 
And befides, every undttmndSng Diankho wes^ thst \fo drinke #/ 
ihriverifthyphk/ftfe/^ It a ftietipb0rieall«ixpre(rion, feeing pki- 
iire^ arenoiSriiencWfifHtticm ttf cfce'body^ind'fo'propcriy^-JDd 
corpotally dranke l^f ^tdi^M^^fig totbeiroult, to^ich they 
* are as comfbrtable^'as^f^teteafM^i^^oltfoWe^w^ to a thirfty 
body. Vfit teJrm^ iPheytoedttib^iT^^ecv^y t^este'anddrhiie it 
ouf SafnHtn ^Mt^ t0 Me - tf^Sd inxbe^ih^^dme ofGod^iofit m 
ftSfts^M&ftdgt t1kfnfel4eTribes^f Iftad, areall ptop^t cxpreC 
£o&XM^ro^(^ite diff^fcbc from ItKbthift' And a^H^iriniall 
pl^alhrei apperta'he to theSaimsVn earfb^ as'WelUrt^fbe Saitatt 
in hcavtn •, fo do* eating and drinking igrfcdiis wctlw^ glori- 
fied, as ungk)rified1>odfcs;a«^ef)l wHh thcft^te (^ 
i^ t!Vkh theftareof hi<iirea1iQr. JPor^our^avion^did eace bncarft, 
(iiflilsbffoipres tiMei>iftier«^ ; and h<niitft,that 

riic'f lorified Salms -fhall eate-ahd drinke wilhhimatjris tabl^ 
jifter their reforrcSftion. And fureher be fiiitb, tharafjter the^ 
ffttdgenkeiitythcrclsinthe'ntfvr 7*^^ theffiiit offee^rccdf 
We^tote^atc 6f ; a*d tWavrtc^ 6F?he river bf life tb.beA^ki 
t)f^ ' his wordi are, 'Tohi^tbitivet^r(niKfhn>il/l^he fb^'^ateilfltU 
ti^t6flifeintbeMdftoffhifw^mftofGhd;Re%^.z^^^ andagaine; 
*w, a a. T 4, 1 5 • huffed art they fJiatdoelfprVomfftaHdenitnUi tbut 

^ftftrnt) hdinr^mth ttyt Vf^. AndHlfiffiivtf MB$ MiHii'fkkf 

of the fpaur oflifcfreelj^Anditid^^d Ct^img God creates nothing in 
; (v»iac5.k wpr^i.vaine to thioke> that the trecof life (houldJiearc 
'4i«clyC'awnner>offruit«e monthly ,4 unlcffe -^j-hicy w^cc^^p.twvl^d 
i^n .: or that thesriy^ of the water of life (bpuld mnne throteglr 
Atbcmldft ^of the^ftrcdte tn the boly JepuJaf0M^ if ic were not as 
well 10 be d^finke ofby the Saints m glory> as to nourifli the tree 
of lifeonthc fides of tt» And therefore unlefie you.can bring Jkt« 
.tcrproofesco flieir dx^t lam mifinfocmedror jjoi^niiiiofarniej 
then thefc text! Qfth«Py4/«#/f,i or any you have, cit^d hi titer to, 
you yoi^r^lfc wiili>e found ao over^iafty mifiaforoier ^againft 
thecrnch. > . . 

And«ft iris evi Jent from his^ownewords^ that the Throne of 5 o» 
hiaKiogdomek not<now in heaven : fo it jisplaine from Saint 
PoHli/tn X C^r. 15. 12. thatit {balliiotbe tliereul&er ;be jiiidge- 
ment of cke<iead^hiS'Words.areihd(e^ {t/fs in^^amiail^fyty m$H 
'fa in.ChrifiJ&jlki^hinadei^ive : Butt^erj maniiihis owiu trdet^ 
ChftiftibefkfiffHites^iiftfrvPardt'^ tbg tktt are Chrifiuit buxom- 
«f/i5gy(iapdther^renot:ihe^aMartyrcs^oncly.J T^hen comtmtb ns z^i,^ ,^ j,, 
jf fee«^(what,prefently after hi86omauiig?iiQ,tbnt;^ i rhef..^. n. 

idt/ivereJfHptbe Kingdome toiGod^ even thetFathr.y f and when ihall ^^^/^.t'^r. » 4, 
ihdXhtf)x^fibm^lKfitdlhe^ ^r^lr 

^powiT. For he mmfl retffte iilLMe^ (tlkatis, thcFarher,^ W* fmt aU *^/^ ^^' ^* ^ ^* 
.bi^enewMunier kif^feiits w|tich wiH<befttU]Aaccon^i0)ed, tvhep ^ They that 
^^be^Mtstoemy ^ti As \iefir(kyedy^whiches'\4i^j ¥tfsiwhiM ail things are Chrif^s at 
/fe^fe^ll6wif/il4^ ^i« cQmmJng. 

igbryy^hariieight of vhappdhoffc, <whft«e^ the).Smne^lfo Umfdfe ^^^^ J^b^ribmc 
-fifMU\ji^hkliumaim,tbat'iiid^ alkthrngs^ander him, thaf jiftance of 

.-Ga^mifitevUmall^ *• ^t ; - 'v *• ■ r .■ ' 4 «. . i time betwixt 

'- 1* • .\ . '^ ^*^- ^ *./<.'.»■?•-> ^ the rcfurrc- 

"Aion of th^e^ wid'Qtber men, it had been ^s,ea%^f£>r the Ajx)ftle to-bave faid,. they 
thar are dead,' or, all that areiin the grave. And if there fhallbeapi'^tdencieofcinie, 
]tfien no doubt* but^ it flialjf be litcK a'pr^cMdncy , as Aiay bring fonie advantage and 
tlK^nonr-rmto^Sietg^nts^. iiiYherefore-hot^^rfitiy ferf^ fe^hoiiresortl^^jbiitofajiiore 
•BDiobtetxoafiduincnyflbd-deigih^of ^t^ie^foftinai^i^iw flooM defcend 

5 foi:tV0«fb^,ilpilBQ<e,bi^43l ^ hi4?am®^*'^^'*^^'^^^^ w^^Age need of none, 

/ibtWe:'ccdd^9hs«dlb'e,aijyiKno;,iQf pftinie b djil«igu?rti cnsir i emcf efiion v beraofcin 

^lut ^; bK:)th good and ba(d niiift be kffenftbled befor^'MRii at the f^me time ': ' and the wicked 

'doubtl(*feflwtildthttl^beraifcHasfboh^^ a»itf^)ii(V,Wiiiecteandaccom-. 


204 iltzthXedempumredeemedy&r Part a. 

- — - — ■'— * ' ■ — —■ — — — ■'■■-■ ■ ' '■ ... ■' ' ' 

' Mr.PeirUs AnfimK: ' * ^ 

I . fVbether the i/fpefite might have (4idf6^ orfi : Can anj man 
gather naceftrilj out ofth^fe wwdsfo gre^^ a Jiftance &fiimt, ktnnxt 
tbe^re/ttrrehicn of the godly ^ani, of$be ungodly f titre tie Afofilt 
namah the godly ^ andnot the uagodly^ not importing any $$ot^/»diJ^intce 
of time ; in r biCaufe he hadfaid^ ^er. 2 2 . Jii C hrift all fliail bt made 
- alivCj vflmhffwds cannot be properly fndnnivic illy meanti of the 
ungodly^ n hofe rifing fiall be for the aeeom^iflf^ini of thefecond 
deal h -: therefore here i/er. 2 3 . hnynfily imits the mention of the Htt^od" 
ijr, andfpeaks* of the godly, as aljo ydotfo, i Thcf. 4. ip, 1 y^whert 
vte find exfrejfely an order smong thegodly\ftyingy The dead ill Chriil 
- Aiajl rile firft> and then we who .are<alive and remaioc, (hall be 
caught up together with ihcoi in th^ clouds ^ to meetc the Lord 
in the aire. The Apofilt in both texts fpea^^ of the fame comming 
ofChrij}^ {as this Author aekrfovpledgeth and applyeth the words U 
. the fame ptorfofiy pag, 50. ) As none mllfay^ that there fball be jny m- 
, table priority in time kitttfi^ the one and the other fort meeting Clrifi : 
^ fo^andfarrehfedoe ihefevoords fpeakingonely-oftbem that are m 

Chrifiy import two refstrredions^ different the one from the otber^ the 
; fpice of a 1000 yesres. Xea^andthe Apoflle fa^ing^ That wc (hall 
^ be'caughtup^andmettethcLordin theaite,andfo(haUbeever 
with him : How dn 4ny imagine thai we (hall come doxtme agake 
from the aire to abide fo long afface upon the earth t cmd tBerefSre ht 
,fpeal(es there of the generallrefterreRiett^ when they toboofemCbrift^ 
jhaU be ever with him^ net in a temporally bmt overlaJliHg giery. jlnd 
.^^ feeing the Apofile]^al^s both here snd tbererof thifiome refitrreOioMy 
wertainely be (peakfs not here ofareftirreQicn.4efere the time of the 
generall jttdgement. !♦ p^g,^^. After tbefeyn^ordftfPmly at hit 
cormmingt J^^^Maton inferteth^ and not the\Martyrs' miely. tfbf 
\ in/erteth he tbefi words f doth any (who denytth this earthly 'Tifeiutrehf) 
' yi;, that the Martyrs and no inoreJhaUeome with Cbrifi f ne^ httfomt 
Millenaries fi^fo^ And here hexebnld mar kf a word agaisifithem, 
Beitfo. i. Hewrtfletb4beweTdf thuf^Ubsn compieth theefld, 
(wbatprefently after bis oomming f 77(7^ but) whett he hadi deliver- 
^ eduptheKingddmttoGod)evencheFather}4»^^)i^i&eA)>^ 
, bef when hefliattJ^v^ putdowqe all rule, and authorityi and 
-fGWCrfSccribreinfieadttf explication is a very oentradiOion of tbt 
text ky infertittg a negative, and eonfUe^bing it flofe^ with a qtttry : 

Part 2 • Cbrifis ^erfonaU ReigM bh Earth. 205 

Thtpsrticlelih^nbMtbrelatimtoihe words frtcfding^ mdibt word 
Comes, it not $1 tht erigmaO^ at yee may fee ty the divers charM&ers 
m the tratifimony and h may as ystf hi rendredy Then, or ac char 
dmeh the end, whenhcibatl have dehvettd up, dr«. So that the 
verj time when be (halt deliver the I(ingdome, v when they who 
areChrift$(hUlari(eac hh commmgi And therefore there fbatt be 
no notable difiance of time betwixt the refimeOion and the generatl 
jndgemeni^ and eonftqnenily thefi words ofPznl doe elcarely frove^ 
tbattbereigneofChri^ asGed^man doth not beginm after biS next 
cetntningy nor can (withottt eontradi&ion nnto the ^yfpoftU) any notom 
b/e/fJce of time be betwixt bit next ^omming^ and ihe Ufifitbshing 
ofsU things, the a y verfe frov^ththe" fame : fer when it isfaid^ For 
hemuftreigAe till he hath put all his enemies under hisfeetc^ 
t hereby is tfiad)ed (more eleare^ in the mginalllangmge) that stow be 
reiffteiby andeontinnes reigning^ and eonfequently^ he it not to begin 
bnre^h€y(even as it it f aid ^Hcb.t^i. Thou hafipttt all things nn* 
der his (eece,} and when they who are in Chrift Jiatt b^ madi aleve^ 
death the lafi enemy /hjBbe defirojed^ and then it the end ofadminifirom^ 

T, The realbn which you alledge agaifift thedifttnce of time 
betwixt the reiurrcftion of the godly and ungodly, to wit [tiwit 
theUftdaufeoftheaaz^rr/e, So in Chrift fiallaUbe made alive ^ 
is mi froferfy and nnrvocaUj meant of the ungfM^y whofe rifingfhdll 
te to tboaccosnfli(hment ofjheirpc^ death; ] this rea Ton is a meere 
niftake^or rather a groundleflie untruth. For a^ in Van. 1 2. a» 
the words, [f/e^^^^W ^wakf^'] arcindifFerently applyed'tdrh^ 
death and refurredion of the juft and ur juft; a^ in^thi^ chap. v^K 
20. the word J^Sleepe'] is indiiferently app-yed to all that are 
dead; and ver. i a, 1 3 . 1 5 Ti 6. 2 1 • a^. \jthe detd^ aro«>ppofed to* 
the living in genemll^ to all that live anaturallUfe on earthy 
andfo ate meant of alt that are departed out of this Ik, both c- 
left andnot eleA. In 1 ike manner the word [^Sb it be mide alive^\ 
tser. Ira, is oppofed on^ly to vbe firft and fiatura4 Idcach of the bo-- 
dy,totbe corruptible ftaie^of itintbegravc: and nor to the 
iptrituall death of the foul, or tothc(econdand»fupertiacurall 
death ofibebody ; and'confd'^uently dorh equally comprehend 
the refarrefijonofthc good and bad: as t\ytx\vcrfe cbthfiir*- 




^ fi 2 - 

I.. . ' . '' ' ' '^"' ' ' " " ' " ■' 

ther.^iififaie, F ar.fiuoehy^man came f/wJib/^tgall^^botji gppdand 
fcjad^r by man cami ^, the^ ujt^rr^liion of ^th^Jkad ( q^ 9!i\^o^ 
goo4 and bad,.) iSoth^ the'Ap^oJljediicourfijD^^^ proper. 

a«d bodily re(43frea;ip9,rfpcakc^ onely pJ fuifh aide^h^ af is cooh; 
mon tQ ally.(ii^lch46^{i^o^;Iy dea^di J and Tuobjiir^ur^aiQiitss 
i^ compipn to ali ^ Cwbi^B jif a bodily rcfiwrcfti0n.)iAiiclihatiag. 
proved thct refiirreftjion, anrd (bcviHed alfa in .wImk ordijiv ici AmII 
be f ulfi 11&4 : t¥)Warri& the ,ei»d of the.^fc4/>|««?^ h^^^teUs the^54iDtt\ 
■with whac bodieiithey iheAAlv^i i(h#r:irU^i^^Q\vrk,*3«itbviiicot. 
mp.tiWe, ^ifcb^ifi^di wkhfpiri^u^Jlbad.i^^ Amt.^.fiarthe. 
tcxtiin I mA4 j4, 1 7i ii^dotlj (b«woadyt.<bi«; tbeSaiittawBi<di: 
a€eJivitig,atow^vwi3r«CQBUQk)g^ih!^^ beesmghftup ui' 
me^t^ Chr ift^ b«lbr< iliaf? thatarc diea4. For wheo tha SaiDcs. 
imtiafMrediead^ (ha^l betatfedout.oF their^gra^^s^ (hea* tfae:Saim» 
tbat temaJne^iv^fta^Lto^^ltiei wicb thein b^dugbcttp inu^^r 

clouds tttmeef^-cbe Lord* Sofhlitthis^idery^a^yaacaUitjisi 
s^ ocdft hecsdx^ thttiSaint^ Ffiiinaiiijn 

miiigt^ndche Saiotsdcceafed before his cominiiig :. andiiDr an 
order toucbing the diliinft rifing of all r hofe that are dead, wbieh. 
is chat which Saint TahI affiraca in the i Cor. i y . aj . &c. And 
whereas you^ woiid make it a matter iiKredibIe» th^rour Sari- 
Okip and theSaidts (bail . comq . dawne agaior^^ff om the ake, t9 
abide & long fpace on earthy pncty becaufeit is ralc^[7'i&ia thij 
fhaSfmtMb^ LordMhi'aire, m4^lb^*llfV(^tbemih the Jjfp^'] Yoa 
doe (hew your ielfc to be ^^r very foj^etfulliofiilibac yoo have> 
mdki.GodsWQrd^ or that you tookc butlictlc noticedfit^ 
Vhfflr yon did read it i For doth noiZcfci5. 14.5, tell us, Thar 
th^iJLwd fhaUe9me anidUthe SainrfmtkbimiM^mg thin the 
Saints flsalXmeete the Lord in the aif e, a a Saint Baul faicbc: and 
ieeing alfq»wben they ai^ei a^^ xhc Lbrd /balL-come, and alt ibe 
Saints wichinniyas the Prophet faiih^ whithsr fliail they come, 
but from the aire totboeaircbV Surely what(bever you or any 
other ehMugh your perfwa&w may inia^ne 6f it, Jvb majres do 
doubt of it. Forc^^' 191 tfcr. 2t^ ,z6iZy, he faicb^ ll^owjikit mf 
ReJeimtr livetb^ mdibath^fhsHfioHdntiktlAneTdafiifMriihi eanh 
akd thrngb afur my s hfrntyti^ormes d&fttej this hUy^ytt in mypfjh 
flfdU Ifee Gid: xphom 1 jbaUfoifoi^y fdfey and mint tj^s/halLbt* 
brid^mdno^ ^^^fb^r^ tbrngb my femes h ccf^medmObinwe^ And 


Part » . Chr^f PtrfmS Rtigue q» e 

wmsiSTmt'. . , . _. _! ^ » -^«-II 

cbmming ^icfijifs heavenly hci|ft,^Ii cake the Bead aq^ ^allc 
Pr5phec al^cin bactfUi ficj mfike a feaft of c:h|c<r Arnd^s for (h<* 
fd^ltt jailJwuv<fi, f 5? it :W Jtcyttlied m the i j ^f^^pf t^i^ j^»</. 
apd c|r«iiii;ch!^iQ ifec t MHneprcUp^of ^lis wrf»%, qiiat/fc blop^ 
fii^li come ^flm^ntfi'ibthpf/t^fn'idfu^iy^ r^J^^^ ^^^loooiw^ 
6oofitrlmgt, at kH foreroM 2lrt^/. 14, Shall he d^/ccodj 
to cbe (earth to dqf tbis^^hinke yp^ ojt ihall he not I And why 
^IbM^ n9C tM Saims>>wh€|i ch^ have nice the Lord^ ks ffufllb^ 
tvc^mtibMJinvtb^!^^ vithth^m toxit^i^ oq 

eartt^ Al if h^ t^hmVi gfift imi|icdweiy backe with.tlhe|n iqcq 

. a. ypu jOiifhc wtU ha^re fp^rea thi$ l>afl(agc, unlcflc.ybu 
4p«u)d hjiifeihi€W^i,rf|it I hi4^rkt.a(>y .thing ag^pflt the tr^thV^ 
BuHTideltl^ A0pt|k|>i9ye}t^f la otiely to he in an errpur,. who 

at hit Cfotmmg > Swdy be imikcis a wori^^^^i^ft thoTe too, wIki 
l]old^(baeali the'dca4(hali rife « Cbrift coiiuning;for-rev(^ mm^ 

4f94f^0 Cimifi^ f^bu €^mmi^r Lgeiitre. the order pf the Sajots 
that dye. before Chrifts app^aring^is. tobethenexc cbatdiall 
xiCc after Chrift hsmfelfe^ And w^n tneti fa thfe order oFthe rtft 
of the dead; biir^ when the time of^Chriftt^iooo ycaresreigne oh 
^arihy is fini(hf d ? w;h€n the ;la$ ^peo^. is de|b:oy ed^ which is 
death ^ which^aU not Ik ui^erly d;ftfbyed till thelaft refufrep 
diei^. iiU aU ^men be raifiiMsl fro^i the dead* ^ot (eelhg the A poft le 
without any iclacion t»ch^fe¥miU efi^tet of the J4^ft and un juft^ 
after their rafivt^ftioiiirpeajces hereonely of the riiing of their 
iK)dic»i w{iiah<qaa)iy aad uciiypf^aliy belpngs to them all ; wh^ 
A0^d wethiirkei^that^ Vi^Qiild qotaa well have nientibQqd the 
tdbrhftim^f th^ini)u|l to<HitCbr4fts6Qaimiqg, as hedot\i the 
veforreftioti of tbefqft^tf they were to rife at the ianie time with 

.. _jfe^riyo»d^^ (toeii0iiimj(il4te a priori^ of timchecw Ix^t 
^h^gbilfig^mg^iyy :|l :w4l'fa they doebipiwixtChrift^i^d 

3t If you ir«ie as ahl«^tOi)uftifteyo)a| aicenGicions^ as you afe 

• X 1 /ferwa.d 


I H P >«» "f 


^•0 __ .. _ if r a ie ts J KtamfttM udttnUd^ . 

ihall be Wt. -fiapiKfcs-rm ths grar«: ar,HetbeSfiot9tbiif(Ml 
b« (btSKl^re M diriKb comaupg tcxcinpced ftDip his j!Sn^ 
.4pine? for if. he ^lUd rrigQs tiU.tb<cn,»vithen.^Teap:& 
.Kmg$foine to hwiMafli^ ihe| am cx«fn9»jccd v but ifUiwr Ana. 
Jte .l|i^«o«i bbi>r«^e b^w AQttUl hit fipn 

/' < 

rticfaD4ttc«ecbeitia(}«{i»rytfccr$ offii^rjMiftjm.Ki 
Aire4bH| Difciplca may well be«:co9pl|0icd la « l&CitU fisrc; 
irtmfn(SiMk t ftmMftttikU(9i ^H^Mi ftfitgfif Ifibbuirt ihtmcfft 

Ccrttindy experience doth jdyne nothing togecbcr,. bur dc« 
cUresonely tout whit Gbdrhtcb «bn)oyiied^ and doubdeflc 
#ha&G€d4ftiih cmp^t^^ Chrifll ircMild'noiiepancb : and yet 
iiJK^aa. a8% faeOifb^ Tf^ ,^pf$hy whick b^VtfoMfftt^n^^mm/ 
Umfitffi^hfi th0t^ iMf^, m^^ym a^vigdmiy 0$ Pi^Katbcr 
k^^in$id$fat^me^rf!Mjm m^ Me 4tt44rmkf.ai0f^uAiemmj 
k^mgimmyandpamfisi0iJmlgbgtkei%ir^ Which 

wofda^ ai dicy doe pjalpely dtftiMtti(ki}icrimeof ChkMteiBp* 
udonsyfiKmrbe'ilmeq^ ihey;do»(hm cmj 

/ lltac d^ Apo^ea Kii^dofnr wat ilMii on^Iy ^ppoiiited QBtD 
thcmjiy^r SafiwriiaoilnjQ(ti;htt9*ciii9^^^ theni^. And yoa 
CaoDot deny vic^^nkifleyoa wiU niy» cbaccbe Difclpl^ did ihea 
fii CM (eatca^ Judging the twelve Tribes of iyr4ie/: ortbatChrift 

hiiAi^%didthenr^|^$i« his oiplmeEiogdoai^ which 


^jMjv.. ■'\^fo3^;V(ft/»*4if^»jw^ii4rri&. 


^ here api^omn u0t6 tbem J Neither Will the CMcMralchr-yte 
" Ua.«je cited^' prove ' that fbe fime af out^ S«vi6ijr«^ iii4 ^^be ^ Sidrits 
h^^^utionaod iffiifHc^ (tocti cotnem^rice wkb xhetinife. pf 

^'^^riavj^/, ddtb i[he«v ^htify j that Ikr fiiatl r^ijgtl^alRcWgil'iliafe who 
'Jpiajt declare chernfclveBeiae^^^^ to himandhh^ Mib bifor^d 
wheahecooicsWri^gneVan ftitlluhive 

'*' ianyjpd Wdr to qiol^ft * (mach Icigr to' tytfS pterfcmtioii agdtift) 
'. tifmlffllia^s whenll^ddch reigd^: '^tM I'f^^ <>ocMiiihifeft 
' diai t!i^(eenef9ies arced bfe te:ide fii« fobiftoole M bi| wevy ^ck- 
trance into his K^ngdotne { at bis conifhkigf frOdi'tbt «&hc biM > 
of Cod; at which rime Ic'isvchar&cisto^^re^Mtttfififcihori^iaBd 
not before. And that text J!^. 8f^7, doth (hc^ om^^ ichait 
. through Cods (ptciali love cbwards Usi we are enabled to con<> 
' 'qu€ralltribulatl<^;<K0rc(fe^6cri^^^ (or '^rhatfi^VSercIfe^ that: 
canbebroughtdhusfof pur faith in ChrM[:' ati^^co)i(^qiieiifl|y>/ 
l^at wedoei^iii^eo^tend for a Kinged but not thjtc .we doc 
\ ndW rei^ticj'for.who will iay^th^t wh«fwo'ftffrr» ifoffiWfma- 
^erjr, dtfaer of thenk is tonquerotir^ fitf'tHi^te«tf««|ui)l^iii£k)r 
th«^ when two Princes cpntoid for aiab|;dc»ffei\«itjh^4Sirh^ 
^ reianeover the other, till dne be quite fubdued^umo the other? 
jaiiafuch tiert aineiy is our condition in ibis f ift, indf Do^bthtf . For 
n4f»][ft:c^efult^ now,jtt Oti tiA^ /re hiiht 'rii^iSd'ifi Kkiff itiiBhtt' 
^.im^ahdlmuktfo OUjeiMJtiUff^^ that i»f^omMtii^^ 
:jriji,'taith^Sarnt?^/, i.Ci>r.4*8: wheri ht^o^^^fit^Mbrnkg 
ihslf^cdbfUbfetfmhuftbt ApoftUstdf^ its\ itiii^ettfmii^Aed 
to ^f^^^firweuf'f tf$(uk4ff0Badtnma^theif(frid^^t9^^ , 

, idmitomm^<^cl >yhatl wonld th? A!pe^Iieteii«:thuaid^^^{l' 
; t^aihedidreigne, onf!^ Secadfe h)in^ tHt«9«iiim 
^^ bitn^^lftherdgne of the Saints in^ their ffifferingVi^^ 
' ftenti DoubttfiTc he w6ulHn6t: and ttHerefeire f^K^^b dhfey 
d^piart o\2t of this lUe,'ai CdnqOerdUArOver alltenipttcioiSy 
tfairdugh the grace of God that is iti ^fhr/yeetlieylive nothere * 
islUngs.b'ut as'cooihataQts : nciither dee tHa^finUH. their con.^ 
; Inua^ till the appoUiteil tiixK! bftfaeir fiie^befitiKbedi AodwlMi 
ftoutd theybi^lhngs, but when tney receive liieiff oroilpBes ; ; 
Vhi^blaiiot while they fight> nor ptefcncly alter tbsyJnife-o- 


AfB f %dt«4M4ar-a>4::JuUt>iiqmrpc>rin^ irHi:)i Ifi^li^ 

,fiMkif4Mt'l9fir~-mt * WWK ^*H^"l^^S'> ^^"^h the Lotj/ sit 
tt^g^ham. JmitffhMfftft «e df ifiatj^, ^ not la me ont)y, ^: « 

.««ii«iM*r»fcii«fiu'.flff("'«* Anlio Ae > 'f"'/ of thtftmc E- 

,iofi*e«in* ««igwn«/>IRpWHi»e*f, their fuffcriig. liii , 

't4nm.dfia>tifii^,imfA^''i'rt^.mibii!im. Here Mr. Penie 
ifolhraKnUlgUS&lffllfWtiKulia jn ihe pircnihcQsol Itiy 

,ii; . , , , T!isi.Eat(.fl)I(ir- 

!lj|liWMMiWi«fA'*Wr ; .1 : '. -j , 

a^Ufattfoatoi&iai. For u you (bould have d;nyed,tliaci;ne 
bilMtttttofcfacSailltsiTmflmgReaiwdUschdr (ouIes.yQU could 
^ r fta wK— wafoafor it. AndifypuAiouIdtiavegrantt;dic,.ypiifud 
v-jHiflfB4myed your ownc wit, tbat^hc Saints do nqw 
, iiiig^ijliii mrii iifliil'thr] are in this lif£,they fuffct in tixnr bo- 
~nAck«ttdnan«cr ofdinrelTc, they are hungry ,thlrlly,njIa4fcouF- 
tjgtif btSKcdt bani{hcd} tormented : and when thcir^ulea^e> 
rfafUlltof this [tie, their bodies atelcftbehiad to moijl^eruito 
.Eahfti>Sothat neither whilctheyare in thf.boJv, not when £ey 

Hofchebodyjarethcifbodies in a condition agrecj^'- '- 

" 1«(eitotS(qili(!!,fis«^Pllt»bIe^5jf^ril' 

"^y*^— ^***^^'^— ^"^"^ ■ — — i— ■ ■ . ' Ui. J J I I Hi III 

is ri««r4)0l thtif. bcdriy affliftiom cftiely^ thattbevtrehett ol 
all mc9 moft iBiiqrabk: and the iiphjcuaft tor^d^ft of ctieir louls/ 
iMfideed th^mtocifall occafion of mens tyradniaing^ over their 
liodlcs^Marthcir cooqueriag and deftroyiog^ the Jifc thereof, 
^ : . ; ., The a PmicuJ^rv 

mtdfi^mlAKm^dmm? fMrifkfi^ andilrengivi 

' sIibhiiKingi^ii4bw^4indgoverntthaRhibaaTiyM^ 0ttd, 

^nht IMem^tkp wkofiMh€fimiialiv4^ /M/ he tdnght mt^u 
meetebim. Afdbeeam/i the dtaring^ffthmpmt^ ^^Jirveferefea:^ 
rmg the ii4f(fU m itur^ l^idJMbyi^sj/rfes^Unafim. As thifmneefr 
jAldftfB iMtctmfmifiid^'iinfi Godtbe Fstber, & bU rev&ttirif or afo^ 
Jk4fit\vm 4 iimhffHv^i^f^be P^berfKwjdpme.fitkbrwigpBg p/ttii 
j^imjISilib^ oft bat Kingdo^ne,, J^itnme^ 

Am^^mw^$sg^fithiS$ant^anjiH)fj5pi^^ bni the rvdrlff ef 
^ibei€riStitmghhig'tie49orl^0fthtfjib.frin i^g^clalt manner, t^^itj^, 
imnmtidmftbe CreedeJ Wej^n^fj^^Sflh^eOfyag^inftt^efirfi^ 
^0km M^bempbidkn^ewju nee^wttKthe futth€rfi^'i^ihti9f,etx\^ti4i 
Msjetfkke en tbe ifinderj^ as ba £d ^onthiAng^ls.^ Nett m xifjmt k, 
ifm^fmeartbh ^gd'aieertbtfie$hitg$wfi iheKingdlrtStjy^ii^, 
^dmBlfTfigi^$ft^sSpmt$^as Mfrkt^^^nHeirefUrFatberrCrtfi^tte': 
iriieSennem^'mnddPtjkfter^JMe'ihi rebel unto bis fatker^ anjitke, 
J^^A^nHljlbtmfllflf^fid te a^mmt/jinto bis Sonne tbat farlofipe 
^Me^<tok$eferfh^ifftU mtbfi^Bfojear^ tpb^b tht Spmt amftr^a^j 
ff^fftHk, imdfneiiaiJks femerfijb// fii^^^ alheii^tke ar^trairo^ 
gm^fiamlin maliec4o tbe hemstr pftbe Kinjf and his Smm^jet t»a^ 
hmefikeinbe!^i reeenciUd.witb th Kv% msohy this manes rtgjh^. 
.-nmueiJIipsf^l^ s^oabe^ome^ffG^d bmb ttndirtTkl^^^ fo mmf 
.^sk^fkafcdik^^befi^ebeibjne^ rieoncfted viitb tkeKin^ of 
- kat^^$drtlf^jbni^g tk^eiebaibeffef^jl ihepdtbetrv^M^ and 
^ikaih$mir'$oreeehemAa,amteeecl¥^ from f be ttinadomfofbef^ve^ » 
^mbkbcfemet^btb^^brceiA^ and bepewesibatthereyle. 

^iimedeNrmmitdftrMceivift^^ dgabtei So that if tbat 

^Umi*fh0Mii^ht^ihenH^f0enk'^ffc4€e io%JhepedMmo anjiSitm m^ 
^^fi^^libii}^ ^ndifbenfertmeptb 

" ' " ^ f 



ttrm[neJL nm fmef^ thtfi who hai/c been i^whiieiinto'mtfejs^ pn^ 
Jtntedumo Gddlh&Faihefy aHias^^tbeyhdnei r^tlked^ i^ncimk 
iktm^tuJ^tf ^Jng^t'J tpiikfk'SvnfkjjUh^ H^eaml^ m^d theft 


let them have the Kingdeme prepared for them ; Tbe'Faifgt^Uinpe 
fij^tkft€m0rdiemtm,hf4fven,b»t orreitrtht tbetefm let them gee 
fgAtne to tie[eafiji^,and vibcHt glii^ iberjiifer a k oed)>eJfttft»* » 2iriilr<- 
cems ibem inti )beMheritanCi retried fir ih^ Itt Ifte besti^m^\ .*. ; 

:; ' .; :" Reply./ ';■••• .' \ .•..•.'.^. .. 

tbis anf wcr is as much bdi3es che qaeftkM as the ochor : for 
jtb€argQa»enti3» Thacif Chiiftdpthnow rcigne, Mctftattrctale 
OQcLy till hi$ f omtiiitmt ^^tt tho(i Sainrt Which flial} be^ibiii^aV 
live at his cqminjhjg tK^U b« t ttmpted fipotn-h^^^ 
n6% rejgDe with bim^as t6e Si/tirs departed- did- reigne uritb Jiim. 
To which yqa (ay no more but M%^^dt fbeyffjHbt ^nghtwf u 
meaebimt^ Andbefidest ^^i^^^tirSavicui' is fKyt^to-cive op 
his Kingdooic to bis Fstl^^ tilf^fhr hi^ next ipp^ting^lilri ihat 
' the time of bis reign is €9^ be bin; a^ iObo^dires;ic iiittft tieiRck f(4« 
low, (accOfding cd'your ppiiiiorijl thiit tibt onUy aii ti|c Saioss 
before his inctmatiori^ butthat the A^oA les theoslelrestoo, and 

alltfaereftofttie Saints that have bera converted visliin tbe firft 
4^ handt^ed y ea rei andupwardslinicehis^incarlrationj mtift \k ex* 
. eluded from hjs.Kingdon^ei And yet dbilibtlefle t)eshii»Bf SriJits 

before Chrifts'firft coif rtiibg^and the Saiiits tinder thefirftaf^es^ 

.the poipell^ have all reigned fpitimaNy^ as weli^as tbe Saints 

. fiiiQs that tj^c. T|iey have bf en tonqoeronrs 1 0^) w^ fin, aid 

' overiujieriogs for: obed\ejn<i!eumQ C^i^ift^fn SMttfliiien^atiier^ 

as any SaintsGnfehave been) f !f kotThbftfe^infmly^^ akin the 
.11 rJbj/« to tbip tM^ the Aib of the ApofHtsj and the Boclefia- 
^fticall hidorics dpeteftifle; And: ^ettf ore' that reigne dTdie 

Saints r^v^le<il in the^2b/l?tfjrA>f tiie Af6t)%% vH^r n> was, 
. and tc^e^bni of^a iQop i^eares bdiitinfaantii. niibft^iiMfebMMsnt 
. of ipp^lQJfiier reien^ : ^tid toMe^uently oiFa'prbper Md>p^iMtk 
•^ret^be od cMth^ftt the rt'de&j^btedf their bodiet. ^pCleaahe 


Part 2. Cbrifis ferfMMlTjigHei onMmb . ^ » 1 5 

reader (hott.dc^ke notice that you have nothingtotay to-fhefe 
s'^gumenti'i) you annexe unco your indirt fi anfwer, a long-dit^ -' 
courfe^ whereof that of theAppftlCjRtfin^f.ip. Ashjommams 
difobidtmu m4nj wfrimidefinneri^ Jo fytbf okeStMce of wt fiall 
mjny be modi rigbttous ; is the u;holc fiimme. And in tbisdifcpuric 
wh ch you call [a eUarmg of tbt-whoU maiitr.y There arc thcfc 
notable paflages.For (irft you tell mSthaf Adams revoking tpoia 
dimhmion of the Futberi KingfUme^ wnct^> indeed it naade way 
for the iaWationof tbo(e whom Godbad predeftiuted anto the 
4idq>tion of children by JefusChrtfty of which number not one 
waadiminiflhed by ^^ Jn»/ apofkafie ; for as many as God had 
purpofed to fare before mans fall^ fomany atid no more will be 
makehdres with Chrift) will he make partakers of the Kingr 
4ome prepared for them from the beginning of the world. Str 
condly, y oa tel 1 us^ [That the bringing oftbefaithfnUinto tbc obom 
Jienct oft he Fstber^ is the tendring of the Kingddme unto him*'] And 
Coytia make Chrilts reigne, and the rendring of his Kingdome 
to the Father^ to be all one^ and to contemporate; whereas the 
giving ap of his Kingdome, muft needes fucceede the time of hig 
«reigne : for to ceafefrom governing a Kingdome, muft iieedea 
pr^uppofe a preecdtog gbvernmenc of it. Yea and you you^ 
felfe fay afterwards, ^Ikis^in the deterwnsiUtimtcoms^ thefe tpb 
b^^t b^eneree^ivodinfoftkrejf, MreprifiniedmstoGodtbeF/itber'^ 
when the Sonne ftittj Here I am^ and thefe whom 1 bnve brongbt inte 
the acknowledgment of their offences^ I have fatisfiedjnJUce for tbem^ 
Tbon fdtber bnft thine ovme SnbjeSs, and let them have the Kwg-- 
dame frefnred for tbemJ] Wherein you plainely acknowledge, 
that the rendring up erf the Kingdome to the Father, Is it> oe 
when the number oftheeleft is fulfilled, when ihife win have be* 
fere been received into merejy are attprefented ttnto God the Father^ 
with ^tleflfe and incorruptible bodies and (bules* Which is a 
fl^cootradifting of your former words, to wit. That tbereceU 
vinjg (ft he fjtthfnB into mercy, thit the bringing oftbem inte the F4- 
tbersifbedience et their convtrji&n^ ie the rendring of Chrijts Kingdome. ^ 
Thirdly, you tell us, fTA^/ Adams revolting was a fimteditePlj 
againfi the Father.'] Whereas the workea of power being chiefl y 
attributed unto the Father, the workes ofwiftdome unto the 
Sonne, and of love unto the Holy Ghoftj The finnes of infirmity, 

Mm ^ and 


^1$ ^ Ifymh finlmptiMr$tb€m^iW -^att j- 



«i<!bWMlaniefl€«r€ mcA dlreft i^liift cbefirft f^rfoii i the fiiMes 
of%(lo»t0ceandtli!4^i6dntCe m<:AdifeA«garnfttbe fetond 
pcribfi: tflld^beJR^c»ofw{tfb)IlM€^n^ma}icc9 moftdtreft«« 
giinftthe third fetfon. Andtlid itfdb^faltoatof weaiceiKflre^ 
When C^s^d Divides a^ee^ he bad ibility toiUnd? or oat of 
t^ttorance^ when beicnew tmt he did vrhat he was forbid to doe > 
M'fatber oiipc of wilfulfit1!e> ivben r otwithftanding his power co 
ftnte^ JcM^Gd temp^tkmt^ andhiai^kn^wltcdlee ot the untawfol- 
mfy of fbt ^i£h he yet ytielded cchdoe wint w fiiouIdjiotJi ^re 
€one? 'Fotiithly 9 whi^ttas the rebelKoftvof ms^kinde agaiDft 
GodisgeHeraU : you CDtnpaf^iEOD^ty with thefebellionof a 
part Of an earthly Ki(igs'SG^)eft&. fifthly, from dsisdefeftive 
cxyfftpattjfoD^yeutiiafce Glirfft co retgnebu t over a part offaia Et- 
thtrsKiftgdome^ wlieteashek to deliver npxiirtioIcKiiigd^ 
TDtbeFatiier^andiiot a pm^j6f iiKingdome ondy ^ anddoobt- 
Utk he fmfftmigntmril that be ddtverstip. Yea ahhough yoa^ 
'l«re oildce ClirifltO'reign onty over i part olF hta FathersfUr^ 
*^^^9nie, aid f 4y alfe, \lTbat 'tbi ur^^oftmr gdn'-pmdf * m mabce 

^ctivingfintt^ md'tmxingvthirs Q yet yon fay Wg. 7. tIm Gbnflk 
^gfeai9^ dl Ae»rvafld,fee»ig^Ai Gtnf^ wefMffirhm^mdJB^ 
ftofUlttHdiUm^ ^tAf9g,^%. Yimt bebi^madetX^sngthmes &f 
tbitfii^ldwfydfmUJgeik aifboi^p, aM futiikmte ^v^ntrmy 
yow&mdaHikrhy^rN. Arfdpig. yft. ^*>r>iw ts-naKinj^^mt 
tin f^r Lords andhit X^lffs. AndfMg.'Jfo* y^st Sis piemiesart 
y^adifkhjcR tolfim, evenifkgrnttr/t tftemies.'Sotaamry are yon 

^tkef^ttby'4i7TdifAerit^9fyfir a tooopmres.'] And doubrl^ffe be 
^ill not. For when oor Savioarfhall giire up his Kingdome to 
rHkt Father, bisoivneKtngdotne on earth 1ka\\ be (olfilled. 'And 
wefty,thatldslK0gdotneistclbe^ne at his appearing, lahen 
tenebut theSafnts thendepartedfliall rift^ and not at the laft 
'judgeoiehc, when all others ihall ri&, as yoatodelude the reader 
c^e piirpofely oolfunderftamf ns. And fo your pretended expli- 
caiiooof thcM^hdlc ttuittcr,isindcedcnootbcr,bot«iintenocd 
' iff j^c^iipttiof ^ ph% irmha 


1^4rt ^. ^ Christ Pwffn^tU Rei^n^ m £4rfb\ ^17 

Pf4utMng4otno4rQQ>C«kcaSaii|tFfi^rJq Re^ 52 

fmpth^xifm^<md UcomKr^^ that jfour fin ws m^ji Ibcilott^i out^ 

af$d.^MM^n4s%fns.Chr^fi% wbidi rv4^ befira fre^fchf ^nfoj^u^^ vLu^tx^ n, 

tpUrfi God y^b fyoksn i/ th mntb of aU hi^ bolj. q propheul^^^'^'^^'^' 
Jinc^ fb^morld. b^^p : wbfcc if by .Ff^. f^'wif •/ tejrffilng^^^ 
and timu ^f r^iiHijpu rf ail tUng^sj nothing clfc caii h^ 
maamy bdt cbe^ ji^r^ Uthabitioe a^nac of d) eii owne la^td^ainl 
che b(ii)gif\f^pi^il QchcfNarton). inpa ^b j^ftioii <o.f biuxi,^ C wttb' 
mrbiciia blcle^ W i ^^OKidccfollcl^aQge otthc cr^^uurc^ MI CQfi* 
curre X t^M^^l' ^i^t; that wbo) C;h««at ebitrtim&j 
h/e dull ac<;aowliAi tbi^thingto fjr4^t$ and confequcoUy rfpeive 
his appoim($4^ix^Pinc : d^c tftac t^c woitif can l^^rc no oy 
th^q^apiQgy/iTmaJtlii/q^ in^ 

forme you : who as they ipeakoof ffothiag moire, lo thvy bav^ 
nobbing whidv can be4m|plyi^4 tQ oar S^rjopii iccpod oofnm^g, 
as a^a;^9itabk effe^^ gaper41y fbit&ewn^^ 

imM^ (b^tkf/i J^ardfwthmfelwJj 



^b^tbi Pr^tih^^iam^^€0ii9£^f9^ bifem bTallmtfrfr^h 
tm^andpikfy^bf ihax Hjf^idbwh 3. /rir wtu^dery if aMp]€m 
wUl pff^tiMt^trofhrn J^€^ tfmtbing nwe-^fory^bis tmauu<g 
bt^ Tlifffe4kgmfmore0fg^oib^^ibij^ |l is qwfiiQnah'e^ f'^im 
tkrthmmfbBiQk^ifGmUprJitifit ; 9Ht ifbcdoi m£9ni^( at it fcimes} 
4ha$ $hg^/fiiH!^no$ df^ omr thing thtU can bi 4ppl)cd Hnu> am S-4^ 
W0trsUmming^ J wiffcit t on^ Prophet for 4M^J>mi 2.1 ^u H^o^a 
it immiottkof^ ffeat.!Prii/ieti i^ff^troi^k^vin ra the titt$e nfdM* 

cjMfivpby tie Pnfkt^mi^f^ ^^cb tf/ Jf ruftUni^ ^ - . - ^^ .^5^, 
'donkuh 9^9red^ww^tbj»f4b^gfdfyMm«^ ffth itfifuBim^ftb^ 

Mm a Kingdoms 

1 ! 8 ] fraels Redemptidn redeemed^ «r Part a . 

Kingdome^iU greatly feart^ that thai C0mm9n^W9Mt fi^mtdffiVfr 
be rifiaredy yi^herein Chifi cm Saviotir wat tahUmte^ mifirfarmt 
the trtfri^ of redemption : we may j^fi'j thint^^ that theirfear^bspos n§t 
fo much the vpmt ffbodilj libtrfyy as tke not comming of our. S^i$ttr : 
dndtberfore the Prophet f in^fl tnttcb updn that point fwr the cefmfart of 
tbi godly ^ that howfoever thiit Kirrgdome fh^/lhruinedi yet itfiM be 
reftaredy anddllNatiom fbaibj tbepr^ad)ing ofjtviM come imtp the 
•bedUnee ofChrifi^ andfo receive Lnfesfrom we Jcvi^eS) as being eapm-. 
ttvef imto themy whofe captives they tmgh hefetrf time. But to ima* 
gini that tbefaithfnlldid expelf^ a^d the Frfphets Mid/pea^ of no ether 
thing but this earthly MorK&chy^ \utoSgroffey and 'dvemy eentfodi^ 
Sing the t^pdJUef bearing another reJUtnenyoftbem^ if. 
Tbeycfc(ireabetcei'councrcy,th3cis^caverT/^W x F^ct.i.p^ 
10. Receiviiiethctndofyonrfaitb, even ijhe fal^ati(^ of your 
Cniles : Of* which falvattotr tHc ProjpAeis' hare cHqaired and 
fearched djligenrly, who propfcecicd of ):ht grace ebac (faould 
came unto you,. <j^/ . ' 'Reply.* *' 
' i; If tbcfc words in.tfiemfclves in)p6ir not, that our Sariour 
ihall r^^igne among the Jems as a Monarch on earth : yet com- 
pared with the prophecies towhkh ^hey* doc dired; us for as 
ea^planationof [the times of tefh^fishtgy ihtd tinier cffirf/fitutien of ai 
things y'] ihey doe certainety import a« much. And!cbts forme. If 
by the times efrefrejhing^andtimes afreJUentien, &e. the Jemtt^ 
ftoringto^and pro/perity in chetr land, muft heedes b^meant, 
tb.^nic is evident, th:ic when he tomes at thefip times, be fliall 
accompiilh this unco J/r^/^sttot to prove (idempttidem^) the 
ftmc thine by the fame thing, as you unt'ruely aflSrme. Put this 
forme, If by the times ofrefefiing ^e. the Jems rtftOLinp to, 
and profperiiy in their iand be meant, then by the timer of reflnjb^ 
wSgjC^^-the lems rcRoring to, and pro(|ierfty ih*he&1and is 
meant. And your filence touching die meaning o(thet19nef oftf 
fiefhin^t andjhe times ofrefiitHtionofntlthirfgs doth mmikfk, that 
you did thus traduce the forme of this argumlmr, on^Iy bccauic 
youcotild not gainfay the evidence fir. 

a. You/ay pag. a 3. T tc a interpreters (except afkw MUk^ 
naries) have expounded theprophcci^ s touching the Jems fntore 
profperity in their owne land, of the Jiwes onely . A nd y ott lay 

% [That all (mxhxm. exoeption)Mve faid^ that tl/e^Prophetr 

^ ^.^ , - , - . • ^ 

Part t. Cbrifti PfrfifutURugmm Earths 210 

_ *«**. m ■ *_• — -- ^_ . ^^^ - ^ . _— . ^^ 

ariil &■«> 

tcQptetcn catmbc prov< what tttey Cay^ Yea fefng it is «ir^Bt 
by Sttoti^rerx«wor4s here. That our S^vtour (hall oot come a«- 
gdne^ri) Ith^Hmu 9fHfrejhmg% &^» and that it is aseyideae by t^e 
^t)^ Of^ Rrpphets, f cowbich the Apbftle dircft« us^for ao 
-ilKfrt>r<t^M^of^e/e^ii»#^} .cbpc 9ot))t{!|[ ^ppliible tppwSir 
' vomraiecood cot-nminlg, (as a caraforcal4c v ffl'a) is fbreflae Watji 
by^hieiitall^bcficleathe piousand prolperoQs efbblifhmefic of the 
J#?rri'jlii tbeiroMraeknd : Ic mccfiaiiiy folio wes^ fir ft^Tb^c this 
is.m^^aiK \kyjif^tim!H '^nh^g% ^ Ajid fccondly^ That the 
Iprtfpbc^itPtvcbioe^HU ii^jt^f lara^properly^aiid hiftoricaUy to 
be uflderf^odd« I Uf hiftorically, far vybac is^aprophecy, Ixu c an 
hi&oryoiAf^tp.^wc^zi*9^ChonkkU^ p(thingfi pafl^ 

AWHr^apaflicy, their yq^ aire^ And as . I havjc bid it oofe^ io ^ 
diu^ iiqi iftjie%irie;.Tbac ast^ Prophets fpcake not mare of^Jijr 
onf thteiChen^thcy do^ioifthe redaqiptionandrtfia^facipn.QiF'cJ^ 
jFe»#l.i^jt)dttght whi$hc4n be applied to our $avJQur^ fecipqd 
coiljdilrg.a^a comfortable effc;&, is foreibewed by them all, bi^ 
Ak.. Wj^lift worda you purpoillyjpufipprcheh^^ tfjatyo^ 
4nj§bc a4if!(s ^oa^wbat cpfay., For/wbefea*. |,fuYC ^aidondy^ 
Tha^tbereJa DQCoiQfortable€i&dbelo9^tngtoChi'3ls fecot^ 
€ommlDg> ivl^ch all the Prophets have forc(hevvec^ but this. You 
49ake mc fay > thkt none of the PropHecs have fpokt n of any other 
.|bi9g>.<hat<D^beapplie4 toocir Savioi^rscohiming. but this. 
:Aq€I thm yp^V*ng;ap iflftanc^oot qiDanlj ii. i^?ir [^%'^f ypp^ 
fiy^ iimtnti»n4ff$h^gtiai Prince^ ^ff^^ trof^bX^iej^em to' the time if 
deliiM^itnteiAnijAtnatifahtng offomt^ i^^f^ ^ff,^f^ oftime^ ^«/) ta 
iverlafiing life^aniff others^ ( at tbefapi^iitmj.Hpiofiameandtiver*' 
l*tfmi^^^^^ But/tti^ly as the matter^ J^Ohc fir^ ParcnJ-hfr- 

.fis is-not affirmfti W ^\f^9 tii.^co9tcrti«b£rfiif.'lg4 ^V, ^HH '^^^ 
g^ofle. P >r t' ough the Proplr.t fiiih, TCoat jf^anjilfjbgipti^t * 
ft^epe iptbe dkfiofibe eJrihJhsUswsl^^ fom^toeverlafih^ fife^ awct 
fomt tajbdme and evirhjlkig eonternft\ yet he iaich rtoc, that all 
theft (ball (ifear.thc;farii^particalaxtiaie.^ And the (yft verfi^ 
y^htch Oiewv'A that the-erou Prince flbaltfiaticl for the children Qt 
Danitdf peoples afidihacthey (lull at chacjticnebe <Jo ivenjrd/ (e* 
veiy oac^ttlat (hall be found written, in. tj^^ bq^^kci, tfiat fe,^ .That 

Mfn 3 ' " God 


— ^"-^'" ^.^.aJ^MlA:-.i.....^_^ ^^^.,^^. ■....,■■ .. .. ■ ■ - ^■- 

tf oh9(i& ^ two laft^ w;/^^ of tKe prccedln^^fm' cDfi^ietf 
wkt(K/^:)0.i(2,i'3^4,!'vvi(b the 7 ri^^.flrfr dfit preplMef^ 
ahdochcri^ropbedetwi^ pH-ntifiiUy dettUrt*^ and ooaftjy ifl ad y 
xaUBfohrctdl^ tiittt Which wMffir^ 
-0frefrefih^,'] to in^t^ the deliverance bf the Jpn^t^ j^if »mkh 
/0^,)b6chfromthel^((^^ Fbtiyl^ 

eUe is t^ dcHvcraocc o^f^UejF^mi dnelf f{x)JMi<«ti «vbo bo^ ^ 
Itmg'bcen^aiMi ftilf irecafcMra both to imbdier^ asd to ofhar 
NatM? ltranj^errtdChffift,aD^mtft€if^c#»«40iiDt««y}' And 
irhereas ycti tell ite^ [fi&ft/ rfe refi9pifrg of the KinffUm #/• ly^jrii^ 

HJhmfc (fUtr Savk»rS'C9m9fHng^tkmt0ifm^fo$l^tim 

the(lbttB}k;iili(eh for theothifif) fttltlg 0lej^ didrmftteaKb oi». 
rtiy particat^ ^ophtdc^i totithlng oUp ^^idiim iridMlMlieo | 
tnitdi rardratfom did mpte direftty coiifirtmvhctrJMfeit of 
ChrUls cottiai{n& tficn tboit toadring tbedeUv^iMcar of chfr 
!tK)ftetit]r9 aud tnereftorihg of thdr fCingdotiie totiimi. coviti. 
AttdfeelAgyottcbiffM&harc. ^hJttkfpr^f^i^tMid^iit^e^ 

^pii«iitW admk of that proper W^ 
youhftYepefotttfbmacht>ppG^d. ¥of thed^ftiriiftlcifiofamijL 
rbortll KiH^dosfecahirmWiep^^ 

fireedome, and <X)flimand iitiUidb kf^ ci^yed. And yet 

yoQ preftmly recall difs j ibr having fakl^ [Tftitr^hrai^Wtw thtf^ 
Khiiimmfiaitt^naneil^ ytf^tt p^ailbertfimJ,'] yon aMeinAvne- 

imo tSeo^Jitmie tf CJ5ri^, andfi renr/tw tstawfr^s^ibt Jif9niy ms 
^mg CsfUvtf Mntb tbm^r»boftcdffherfbejmi%ht bifmrafimeS\ 
So ttiat you fvttke forward and batkward, til itit breath, and 
a:reasoiieiiichcmidftofa bog. who knowe9iiot i r h o eirf xc 
tefoote tor fifftycia grant, that tlfe'Kin^dotoe of 1^^ 
^attrition the Ptopbers write fo jnadi, Was the tem^oraO Vkg^ 
iqmc of the Jt^ffs ; and by ztA by 700 make tlbreftoriog of 
li tdnporfttt Kftigdoaie, to betfie coa^itrclAgef die^eii#«(irby 
* the 

Parf^^. Ckrifii^»(ttt0iil.Rtfgf9fi M Earth, i^i 


ijieMMfUi)gofdieGo%dl> t«0hii:h iiaMey ridHeuftms impo(l 
fibitiqri And as this fom }Rconfta;D€y, ib ^ow expreflioR is ^rii- 

of, to be already paft> ycc you deliver ic in the fu:uce cence,' aad 
M hereafter to be faiftUpd; AiidfiKxxidly5youray, [Tb4tib^ 
Naiimi (bdl. iy the paiwdmg ^fth^ Jir90i^'-4^wH eaftivu Mm9 
ltw».3 SutCufiflytwihyte^graceiaviery^iinfitlyterf^ 
tivJcy^^wk)|;tDbsiBg&wttiiktbe gf6au^ft«freedotiie^*theifrc«d0Bi 
MbS^coakumo^* ^•rmk§fe9lu Spirit aftht^Lfirdu^'thn^ 
fiddi the Apoftle, %. C0f. i • 17^ And if dbe calMsg4if mfii to • fjie * 
fiiith of Cbriftt (houli tnake cbem captives \ I pray, what wilt 
.becoflQC^She fptritutU reigoe of clie S^nes, ^whteh is ail the 
n^'go^ th»c <you dlow thtm umkrCbrift ? And Jsc^deSf cbe 
itopheaaiWQrdsy tJui^ibe Jemspftf^e$he ^fihsiMibtUmi ^ 
4!fi4be Ltrdfff^fii^vsftis^ snifn^hmdmMdes^tb^atkifP9tillukf4lhm - 
4t^ifmhiiiiKA€fe^M^kHriMnj Wire^ dmd fkMmh^&VfrikHr 0ffr^ 
fmrt ; doe platnely ibew diac the Gen^i/^/ (hall be captives co the 
Jm§9s^ in the like tnoMcr as the Jems ^mre to die GemUtr^-^ to ; 
jvJtpbjr ttbddUytfigbjtfftiiMyiQdca^iieicjf canrioC'bewkle 

jbe jwRT'SdiOBilch^s^peiMiiie eap^^ imderttie G#oii/i^. And 
ahnsibaDne doexruelylitiagiiie, ^uiteke ftichfall didexpeft^ - 

Smghmi Uit^refimUd^Jidlfpial^pfH iMofutf^omi^mh. HAth^r 
/bam tfaisimagihaeiim coitiiuitft ^ny tifttm 
foiichiiig-die»ip0&a€fon oli^ieftiiiMii}! bsfore Ghrifts '^^^ 
ti«n:rorwtio^iii^i £iy cb»t thU afkeo^At of<S«iRjii/,He^.i i .14,; 
x«5,]iifi;The BafriaHfaef df^^^tfi^ //Smt, -aiid /a:«^, ^ia^ 10 ^tr 
confu^ble eoqdkfoR,»AheB elieylkedas ftf Migers^hdpilgfiiiiess 
antiKicardi, iddfite afaeeif f coimr«y^<ei^il3aflilClvelliy (lortb 
cto ApotieiMsesprecs himietf,andiioc<is you4oe) wtii b^aMlhis ^ 
coBleqocace ; Therefocc when cbey (ball Pife In^Acorruf ct ;^rt,^ 
theyflieUooCrdgneon-eaftihajoooyearcS'? Orthattbis pro*^ 
poficion of Saint Pe/ar, I M^ifl* ebofj.viPj^.jkc. The4)o^l€€viiig v 
Jiwes didhy faithiiiCnrift reccWe thefalvation of their ioules ; 
(of wbichiaWatiofi, when it' (honld be pardiafed hytheiui&*. 
liiigiefGiiiiftj^d when^cooferftd^ipen^ewhoIeNatioQ of 
«|ie'^inafyJ:ihaP«oplieta ^hiChpropi^ H^f the #raee that 


2%t liTxh%tdimptie»ndget»9d:^or I^rts. 



will isifent fifds concioiions Thercfeite at the redcmpcHH) of 
. their bodies^ at the perfefijting of their ftlration diro6gh the re* 
. vtlatton 0f Je{iis Chdft, tbe}:4faaU iiot reigna with Ch^fl on 

Andfiere ve may call to mitide too^ our Saviouri words to 

Jmns and ii> iw, when they rc.qucfted that am might fit on bit right 

i^ndi 0nd4h otkt m hiil^tin bis Kbtgddtau TerfitMmyrigkt 

,kmdiaM4'§n^^h^hvihtyis notmimt9giv$y hitif:J^tdl)be givm 

,0 tiim^firvhom it it prepared pfmjF^tber. 

M(.Vetri/t dnfiptr. 

Wtm^y callt9 mndtc^his words ^ ye know not what yqp aske^ 
Match, lo. 2 2. ^tbt words eftbt Evai^elifi^ ver. % 4. When the 
\ ten heardir, they were tnotred with indignation agunft i be bre- 
ihreo* f^bich w^ds Jbivsthdthowbtr Cbrifibad/ptil^ofbi Kim^ 
d^m^Jit siibat tim^lMm^dnd {ohn wir^kth igmoirmt andamlsim 
ti§m. ' Reply., 

YouteH ushere^ thatwc may call to mind too our Saviours 
reprehenfive \notd%^M4ttb. 20.2 2. and the Bvangelifls wotds, 
viT. 24. touching the indignation bOhe ten againft the brediceik 
But (iirely it is heft to call to mind the trntb^ which as it it plainly 
taught in our Saviours diieft a^wer> var, a 3^ fi> it is neceflarily 
implyed in the qther difdiples indignation t who donbtleflie 
would rather have marveU^ at the ftrat^eneflfe of their fiiite, 
then have been any whit offended With Siem for it, bad they 
Ibagbt that which no man (hould at any time enjojf. And there* 
fore although you nny charge the two bretbreo with ambition, 
for (eeking to be preferred above the other diksples^. and with 
an erroneous concdt touching our Saviourt unlitnited dioMe of 
theperfi>ns, that flipuld fit at his right and left hand ; yet you 
cannot charge them with ignorance touching the fubieftand 
matteir of {beh: requeft, to wit, that there were iuch places to 
behad, which they aimed at. 

Ifraers RedemptiGVu 

Which (aying, as it doth (hew that pur Saviour had before 
acquainted the Apoftles of his Kingdome: fo it intimates^ that 
his Kingdome is to be held on earth, where one}y thi; may be fvir 
filled: for in heaven it cannot bedqoe^unle&wcwiu'granti 


' ' *.-.~~>^ ^ - J -- • " ■" J • ' — 

Part i'i Chrijls "rfrfanaH RtigMod Edrtb. 



tKac ti^i^mdi HMtl4>t ^i^M^hty ex^ed chbte") t% our Saviottf it } 
id wit, ^td^he tight hif«*df God/ ^ ' ,?,/ vt Ao, ! 

give* 2. Matth.lp.aS; fcjf^Cirit^/ti^^^ 
rj,(tri>icb mnft hein'tM^eff^/king4ftffi^sJ^sabfolmel^^ 
andbUgU^f u ^mif in heaven ^ then ^itnbeon an ear fhtj Tyrone.) 
Ahdhe faith tinithii i>iJiiple^/'ff^H he/iattp^ntb^ Ihr^kt^ .ye 

<#hb hax^RJlIbwcd riPicln^HcVe jeneration,(h^McUpo«lwetv^ 
thl'oncs. And mkfnhfdiimt^tfjefe iirthkibe ^rMtr'f^t h^i^ ^»A 
fame on bis left hand i 1 enef^Ht^n-mm^ wh/iP^ theft thonts viaj be^ 
bntiberey^ fee mnkif tide ofthrditef in^lory^as Kings tntheiiSiaH 
mnbm^^'^brmeSigtHbeh-^gr^f^fi'fimr.y' *', - i / ^ > ':\ 

feft : there can be nothing in out Saviours anfwer to prove this ^ 
Hfombfci'iprtire doth teach, tfhat chat (hall be done, wbi<^bis ne- 
ver to be 3bne.'Brit'hbw ftfatt ir^knb^ 'whahcf iiity ftiil 1 fit i^t 
•Bsri^htbaHandatislcici birt from feipf ure? ^Andif ihe ftrfp- 
curt is t9 be fble fudge iirttiis cafe/as indeed it ts,^our Saviours 
M^rer fe an WiOTieftforiableevidcnceto provethis.For he ftith^ 
not onely (as J^ou anfWer for him J It is Htft mine to give j but tve 
faith) ft is mi ttinb ib^ivibtn to themf6rv^h>m ftisfrettired ofm 
father, ^hat ! were the plaCes-on Ksrl^t hand and on hisief^ 
tfieil prepares of his Fa ther, to be given byBmtd&fhc; an£l, 
yet can yoii fey, that neihranefialifiton Ins right hand, net his hfti 
and^ihat nothing in tbefe words if frrihispnrf$fi> Alas, tba't of all 
Gtnnles, a cWifthin : of all - ChtfflSaiiSi a fcholjit : oFill fcbo-. 
lars, iI)ivine{holi|(JrowllFuHy arfj prdtiinptooiifly bearcfallc 

VitncffeagainftChrm^inifclFe. ' ^' : 

t a. .Tis true, chat Olfatth. ip^iS. ourSaviourfpeaHeisof fit- 
fibgonttie.Thronedf htegl6<y i arfd'thar.heftid unto his DUci- 

' jdeypifheiiht fcould fit o^ th^t;rhroBt3 tfe?y alfoihoulcf fit (^pot 
onmdlaiiideofThroiics,but)ontv^lveTlik)nes3 juHging the 

' ty^^Wt Tribes otlfraei. And therefore chat Throne of his glo- 

' ryis not to bcibiheareD; (asyouAy;) but on carib,(as wc fay,) 

"^ Nn feeing 


»a8 ^ l{xz€[%'\edempuonre4eemed^ot Partis 

ia«vhich ic is faid, 4n tbedajes oftheff Kings fiuU the Godofhed^ 

Vtn f€t mp a K$ngdoi9fe^ wln€h(hallnevkT be delitujed : and the King^ 

^»te/lmllrtothifft$^9tber jfeopk, hut it fiUi breaks in petce^^ and 

-cmfitmA^hhefe KingdQtnUy (^tbe iron^ the b' Mjfe^ thecLj^ thepver^ 

and thtgotii^) andft fhafljiandprever. - Ce<tai pjy yoii could not 

^•have Urged a plainer t^Kt co prove the contrary. For firftfeeing 

the Prophet faith, tbatche Kingdome here fpoken oif, is to bey#/ 

0ip in thtdayef ofthefif Kingfy that is, after tt^c iron %o9mam Empire 

^fliouldt^c divided, (as the preceding vcrfcs dcclarc^J the iettifig 

^il 1^, caotlot pioffibiy Jbe m^ant of a Kingdooiie to be let u p at 

:i3iir-SavioursfirUc0ainiirg {.and confequcncly not of tKe prea. 

^hingof thftG©fpe|l by the Apoftles. For this was done wJuIc 

atbf? Enquire was entire, atd inits height : it being in the re«giie 

ofv^M^itrjitfi Cie[^ that Ch^ift was born^ zr\d o\"Iibernu that h$ 

.wascmcified And thereforetheKingduinethatviras(;pbe ^t 
43ip after this Eoipiie (bould be divided into feyerall Kingdoms} 
and yet not presently after, tut intht dayes af tb^e ^Ungd^ms^ 
that 11^ after they (bouldbeofiome rcmarke^ikble con^ippanc^ 
mud needs cbe ubd^ftctod (rfoiir Saviours v^jblf^reVgne on eartb^ 
tdwhoieJ^ogdome^ the(e Kingdome^ (hall give place, as the 
former Kingdoiqes did fucccflive ly to each other. And ftcoodiy^ 
feeing the Prophet fai^hi T^bat tbe KingdomeJb^U f^t be Ufi u ^^ 
fetfle: It neceflarily foUowcs,th4t When the Cod offieayea 
da^ll fet upthis Kingdomej Come ope people flialMiav^tlie (Vay 
t^ver all other peoplc^from whom the dominio/i f|uU iipc b^^ia. 
ken away, as it was from the iiicceffively prevailing Nations of 
the fourefeverali Empires. And what people (hould this be, fin 
whoie haods the rule (hall continue fofirme and ftedfaftj{)ac 
the jFewr/, the people of whom ChriftYthc peffon,pr^ngufed 
by the ftone cut out without hands* that (hould (mifj! the image) 
mtstobe borne? And to whom (at the expiration of thetiine 
allotted to the four Kingdomes, revealed in another vi{ioa,ciup« 
7«) Tte Ki^^dome^ avd dominion^ /md tbe grtdtnefft tftbe.IQaffltmi 
mder the whok heaven^ fh 4 SMe given, pet. ,^5? y.^'fini- l^vcddj^ fep. 
iflgthe Prophet fa tt hi) Thatiiis Kmgdeme /ball breaks mpeeces^ 9md 
MMfiimte aU other Kingdomr^ to v/h^the ircnjbej^ap^ijbe flmy, thrfil^ 
V0r,4nd the gdd it Is marifcft,thatit if by it felf alone to fucceed, 

^ follow i&araUthcfe; for how Ml »Q|bde hthfj^in 


Part t . Ofrip. PerfmatfReigne $n Earth. "^ 2 2 p 

fee<f/by it, if this be not to fucceed Aem in theplacc where it 
brcakcs them in pceces ? Andhbw (hall all thefe be ioconfurmd 
by it, that n§ place jhallbe f^md pt them 5 if cither of them ftialt 
continue with it > And fourthly, ieeiiig it is unqutftibnablc th^t 
the Kingdomes which the image reprefentcd/and whieh this 
Kingdotncfhouldhreakeinpccccs, were all Eemporall andvifi^ 
ble Kingdomes : It muft needes be granted, that this Kingdome ' 
by which theft temporall Kingdomes were to be dcftroycd, and 
iiicceedcd in their place, (for the ftonchayitfgfmpte the image 
filled the whole ctrthjj muft itfelfe be a vifihlc, and-ffo^ thi 
place and manner of government) a tcmpcrallKingdoiriealfo. 
£ecau(e no temporall and political! Kingdom can be overt Hrown*, 
and fiiccceded in its place, but by a^nother of the like nature over- 
mafteringic. You goe on and wy, {jtJ^aUbreAk$m^teces'tke]th 
v&r 4ndgoldj then itJhzU be before the hraffe andiron : And dfrpkdt - 
JCiwg, fay you, can that te nnderftoodl but cfChrifi, Who faithi J/di. 
I oi I a . I Will pftnifk the fiottt heart of tie Kingcf Ajijrh • ^ and 
d)4f. 37. ver. 29. "Beeaufeofthj rageagain^ nte^ Jmllpttt myhoo^e 

' infhjnofe^ «f»r.]H*reare a few words, but fall of very groflc and 
coiitradiftory' untruths. Tor firft, having immediately' beforte 
recited out of jhe Prophet, It p^jUbrea^ inpzices tbeSronjbe 
hrjjfe. th elay^ thefilvtr^ and tbegold-^ Yc u prefently affirmc, \It 
fhidl vreeiki, thefilver andthegotd^ then it /hall be before the brajfe and 
thfiirmj] And fti^ll we beleeve you v^hen you fpcake againft the 
prophet, or jarhcn you fpeakc with the Prophet > When you fey 
pf your fclfc, It /haTlhreake in peeces,and faccecd but tvro^of the 
four Empires 5 or wjjen you fay, as the Prophet doth, th^tit 

. i&all f occecd and'brcake in pccces the whole image,aH four Em- 
pires, -and t Jie K ingdbmes of the Uti diy rdejl Enl|>if e > , ?S ecorid- 

:ly^|ftfeying that the done (the type pf^cur'Savioutsniahhoed) 
was to be before the braffc and the ironi" you niakc^ili^Hl: ^d' be 
borne bcfprc tht Grefl^n Empire was in being 5, whereas it'is e- 
viidcptb^'jthehiftpry of the Gp^cH, that he>a« born^ln the 
^ )day]9^ of ibe iConiane Empire, iri wlj|c|i thc-^Fwei^vrfcrc thc^'tf i- 
butarics. "Thirdly, by the hiftances ^^hiih/OT bring- oat of J5^i^ 
lOaa.andci&j^.gy.ver.a^.&c.itoconHtmcyourarigume^^f. Yiau 
firft ma|cr the flonc to be Chrift m his God-head, (to whom you 
attcibmc tbis thrcacnlng.) aad not io bis manhood, of which 

a 50 _lfracis ZedeifHftio%f^deAntii^W ftart »• 


•lone his totcundetftood f For the ftoriccut but wirfadathiMb, 
is Chriit borne of a Virgin c and the cnounulne ouc 6f Whkhliie 
^^ cur^ 13 c|)e ^wifif Nation, thclnbjtblfantsof MoQnc Si^ the 
j4acc which God had chofen to put his Njfnc thfere.) IfaiA fc* 
cpndKy , ycu hereby make the accbmplilbmchc of thfe vHk^ , 
(which (h^wed things then to come) to be bcfdlra thet^elstiMi 

if ic. For the Uireatning againft Smacherib iras fulfilled b^fote 
jF|ft/^V4aptivuy. : ajidthis vifioji W4S in the tifnc of ifccir tafp- 
xiVfCyandcriVcAWWff<i£i;r, w{ip was the head of gold in -ftc 
image. And thirdly, you inate the deftVaftion of the A^jttjm 
^oipife to he by an ext raordinary meaner by ah Angel (^ncfrbra 
tjod V whereas it wa^ by ^ ordinary rheanes, by the atmy oTCy 
jrns Prince of the Mtdes and Per^sns: And what could yon ha v* 
iaidmotec6Dtrarytothedr^ame, andthie intcrt^ret^ttbn tbtre^ 
f)^ then all this ? \. . 

.2. YotiWe l)othiijg to fay a.gaiiifttheevidence.oft^vr.^5* 

which file Wes that t1ie Kitigdomc of Chrifi: was tbttitceed^tbc 

four Empires in tiin^ahd place, as they had fucceeded each dher^ 

(f CO wit} oy force of ariqes,) but ihisj^^Wv^r. ^i. hna$ e^nrary 

joycx^^^ A^4^qubtkfleJt is qpt,nor v&^ 44* to (u^b a iettilig 

up of our Saviours Kjngdome, aif we hold, tbr wHerearsyou 

lay > %it this Kingiom9 Jball be fet up in the dd^es ifthffe Kings^ 

andmajter-them.j Itisasifyoa had told us» That aKftigean- 

vfipt ovjercQine^ and (uccced, other Kings 111 tfOAt jcUfagdoine^, 

. while tbcyrcigpe,jhut after their ft ^nfe^^ V^fenis fiide^cl chey 

.(OwnotJofetheir.Ktfig^pnies^ but While tUey h^vetheltn : ha in 

tls^ dsjif of their ^ rtigne, and not after them* ' Andio you telve aot 

^t fliewe4il$:any i^^i£n,jwhy this phraf&« [^ItpallireM^^ inf4e^ 

( "^ef^-niiid rff/mmt thef^jS^m^mei^ ^ftiotald'^Jtot as i^efl'bctaktn 

\ piopeiflyiiviTienit is attributed to the fettingiip oFourSa^iblks 

. Kingdoojic^af whcrn u is accributcd u> the feitlhg up off he ether 

Sjngdoipes. And theieifofvcwe hive ftill good retion (o bdeete, 
.i^iK tiie l9rqble\^anc) dcftfOying fait bftheftone uponthef i- 
;::u|age,dQ(fa betok^rftQlj^flct^pn ^ coii^ueft. atldihcc^ffidfrty 

S^rccofarmei. .. '^ • f *'. "' *' • -* 

Otoaeh Redemption J ' ^' 

And IB the fidling of the ^one upon the feete ofthe hnage, tap- 

on the laft, and divided KtRgdbtaes of the ironlEi/qpire'^6th 

picbabiy imply. Mr. 


il>> • •! ■ M ill -f i " '^^•■• i -• u ^ ii. 



Patt 2. Cbfifis 9yrfd«tftf ite>^«« m JE4ri6. 2 ; r 


Thti^tmikimplfHbnathhgemtrgrjfo tbe exp0jk$9fi :i and there* 
forf kmfif^ittAtfyki thM au cmttrarfle etrtaimies. 

' Reply. • 

BoubcleSTc the^eitte im^yedi nod^g contrary to the tt* 
pofition^lmt both dictmetMCxpofidoD doe poi^^ Sa«* 

oursMifonaUreigiiecmeifch. For the tonfirfiittion and iiUMii«< 
feftati^n of which trsth, we bting not probabilities pnely, ba\ 
<;en£ntiC8 too;^ yte ftich cert^nties, as aUyodr wit and witi«^ 
neflfe are not able to anlwer, or obfcure ; aii<ithereforeniechfn|c» 
yon have nacaiift to^offencfed withfac^tvurk^ofteftima*^ 
ntcs. And had I faid atfo, that tMs^ which I called oneiy a pix>ba^ ' 
bflity, bad been more then a probability, I hadnot overfaiQit; For 
f^e)pg God b)r this iniageipre(hewed iV^2»»fi&4d^#xs%iirwhar 
iyngdotm(hoiiIdfucceednisuntothefecondcomming<^(^ ^ ^ 

fall wtiich tihic the jtwa flioutd remaine capcivesr, smd ti^ai» 
ries.) AihI that thefalling of the ftbne on the feete of the image^ ' 
^idiiitimateboth the(econd appearing of Chrift^ ffortbenfft 
wias wheq he w^s borne of a Vii^ine, wnen he was eut cut With-* 
out hands: J and the expiration of the tinie allotted to the%ing« 
domes r^r^fentcd by the ifflaget It neceflfaiily followes^ thar 
when the^nefliottld fiiit on theimage^ (wber the Kingdoiw 
of God (hduld big fet np, as*it Is e^poundcd^) the Kingdokt pre* 
figqred by theimage^lhouldbeno longer^ (houtd altbefubdiied t 
and chat the noouncaine ({Ilibg the \raole earth, tfie^vifiUe ani^ 
MonardiicaU KJngdome of chriil on earthy (hbaid fiicteed aione*^ 

Krael^ Redempribn. 

For if the Kingdorae of God there fi)oken of, were to be un- j*, 
dcrftoodofa ^ngdome^ whllch jfhqatd fo^elet up^inthe dayea -^ 

of dicfe Kings i mzt their relgne flioaldnotwithftiit^g^coiiti'- 
niie together with it, (as not onely the(e^buc ail formed King^ 
dooMs alfp have done wi^h the Church mttitant, with the Kingwk 
dome of grace: ivhich therefbre cannot be theKingdometliere 
fore(hewne^) then doubdeflle it {^louldhf^ebeliii reprefemed b]^ 
fpme pai t of the image it (clfe, (as the contemporating Kiing^ 
doiaes of the divldeg Empire are^ by the mixture of iron and 
day^) and tfot by t thing ib different froni ic, and ad^rerfe ontd 
!(<% aftoncl^afowooderfiillforitsbeeinn^ngyoperalf^ 

"^ Co • .and 


j^ tfcttls^tdgmpiMndeimedisr ^art 2» 



tbcir difimnt qnalidet, the^ hadl^cen to condnite togeiher^/u 
yoa fiiy J they might notwithftandii^ this diffi:rencc of qimi^ 
tieihaye beea tep^finced together tlfo : (as well at the coooefOK 

Spratit)g Kingdom^s of the divided Empire ai^ by themixcnre 
firdn and day Jbtftthe rea(on was^ because the j(etcing)ip of 
this Kingdoine Oiould be the begioiiing ot anew woiM; of a 
world in Which alt the Kingdomes on earth fliouM mal^ bur 
pneKingdome Under Chrtft^ when once the time compreheiided 
by th6 image^ fhould be at an end^ a^ it is Ciid» ver. 3 f. Then wmt 
hi iron^tbe cUj^ tbitrajfe^ ilHjtlver^ andtbe^ff^ld^ trpi^mfiieuiO' 
gft bifp and but awn likg tba cbafft oft be SMmmtrs thre/bing'^fi^ra^ amt 
the wlndecatmd tbtm awaj^ tfpat no place TMffomdfor them i Ami 
il»fio9tetlka$fm6te tbe ima^e^ became 4 great mo/miaiMfMflfiled tba 
n^fkeartib. Andagaine t'er,4|., Mntit JhaUreal^einfetccs^ ami 
mfumi ^tbefe!Kingd9ms^ W U (not k withany ot^r/ bar \i, 
i^pneyjhaUJiafid for ever. Add that textf^^ibiS^^^ Jl^,£iig» 
Opmfi is pot oftbis xforld^ doth heipe alio to confirine this : for it 
either poilgits but unto us the time ol our Savidun r^yga^Qr 
^he authority by wblch be is to reigne. . Aod (bit as if bekuf ^'- 
ther faid thuit ^ Kingdome 1^ i»9i (to be no w> in thf tiiM^) of 
l^if vporldi in the time-before my oext appearing 1 bat bcreafs» 
ii^thetimeofr)!'^#n70^A//(?c0«e3lpoIten %l PfaL 8. that is, at the 
time of my appearing againe^ : when all creaturfa (haUbeafta* 
ally put in fubj[^ft|on Unto me* Or (bos, MfKi^down ^bar is, 
the anthorlty by which I ihUft reiigoe,) k not (fix^ heQC^^is Qot 
to be given unto mej of tbe worldy (that 10, of men/}, but I aa 
to have it from God ; I am to fetch it from bio^i and to come a« 
«ine^ ^s it is in the parabl(^ Ii^f i^* 1 1. d^ and in chia ieofe 
tbe eiprelfion agrees vei^ weUwith f|ia)tQ^tie9^isfrit4lii*a5. 
Tl^J^f^ij/mofJobnwUftcewasU^from heavea^m'tfatm f And 
beCdcs all thjs^ the IQncdome of grace^t of whio ypu nadciftaid 
th^1S^i<)gdome which tneOodofpeavenflionld fituiv 1^*44. 
W9S (fit up at tbe fii &promijfe of Cbrifti ^ y^^ cofft^ Hg^9* 
And K))i7asin the World (tven frcm the bffiinniw ; laheicat that 
^ongdoine ver. 44. was then to come, when xms vifion was re* 
yts&dio jffebuchadmzzar. Andifyoafay^ that ti)tKi^0i|Mii^ 

ver,44.didrepteftnttbeKlQgd(Hneoffrac<,^i(«faitob« ftc 
9g,motfjlk,^e0milaf^ztakf^e^^ to them 


••"'■* '" - ,. ■ , -—--' ■' 'jf 

Rutft"^ €br^St9fmd& Rtignta».Eanb. 235 

li ■I— ■ ^ 

afcmiatSafdoiin tictiifiM iSxwAfjum^ fifcup thus $1(6 b^ 

fore the divifionofthef^iMl^ Empk^, Md therefore U cannot 

tnUifiBfeiietbeKifigdanie meant in v^^ 44. which wt$ tobe 

Itta^ifertke dhifion of the Empire : Md when ioaie of the 

iKbgdMietiMoiw^^ xtitfti dhrkM ihoNld h^ ChriAiaii^or 

<rMherP»oe€Atnt Kinjgd^tsts,* ts thefe wdr di v#r« 43. doe Sntii. 

iBtte» Ami liberals $hmfum^ ^mmxed irtih miy €iaj^4kejf9aU 

rnkj^fbiw^Uvisn^H^ tic feed 9fimm tm thejfijtinw^ thave §m 

uJmlhf^ tfkn as iron iivkt mixid wifb r%« jM m^hdajnif 

dtfi Kifp (to wK^ dftbefe atndogft wtiom fimie thse^a re Cbri* 

ilsndrPiotefbntPriaccf, ihiUii^^fr t6^^ 

iM»,flialI joynethemfilves in ntrr iage wicfaunbeieevh^ or mii^ 

bekering PrinceSj^ (hall the (Bod tfb$avimfitmfk Kimpbm 

tM^JiMwvvhdefiroytd. And at the (ectingup of this King- 

AoMOelt is^that^he^tdbterff^tf P)S«Jff.9.andoll)Mii 
tfteaftdofT/Sif; 149. i.'b^^.'{'whi€fiMgr^&<iv*tIlwltb4!be bras.. 
Idngof the!migefo|)eect9,)ffiall beatioo^ 
¥^ry expt^on dotfi not fumciently deifai^y^ehi^tfaejr aM»KH 
Mrljrto'be adderiteod; yet certatnefyatithepropiiecieivAicb 
fereftew the SMHtt '^t^^^Oio&'to thej^e^ dot reMcr it %exm 
qOeftiooableJ Ifiid^Redeflipdon* 

And«hatnoiighteliet!fmi^iitbytiE'eyi^#r£^###^iM^ 0^ 

hordik^Kffigdonieirfbar Sivlotir, \tU etidene by the aiiri»ri^ 
tfaeref kll^gedoot of PjW. 8i DrUcb projphecy is therefore made 
ttfeofbythe Apoftl^> a; apliine prbojfe^ that C3faHfti mai]AK)od 
isexftl^^iboVe the chiefeft' df Me Ai^a : bkcnftltffi 
fli^HricIi to Cbriftat nan, andtiotib aAy of«beA»gdlt thar 
God hath patio (hbfeftion the world ttf eocBe« > 


V Reply.- ''''('-' ^ .^' ''!/ • 

iTiiofledienieth, t!iiet)ieKiiigdQmeofonft$iVto«li[t»lif Ifl^ 
ilietimeol ifftwtfHdtomnt^ why dpe ydit<b^ditich v^ndeoiiie 
u9ibrb£leeVing thit tra{h> andtiliy M<6doo>)U4lGBrine^ fl^t 
agminftthiitnmj^thttitisnowinittifis^i^^ / 

Hrad'a Redemption. * 

AfidfftherebeyetawoddwUaist6bepilthifab)eCtikint6 ^^^i 

Chtift ta itaamtimi kinaft nciedes be atSaiflift wortd,&ontfaM 


.:, J.« "I •■• tm^mtmm^^'^^^mtmiatrmmmm^i^i^t^/^ 

2 ^ ^ . Ifraels '\tdemftion rtdumtd^ w ^ttt s. 

^ ■ — 

the KinffUm (^hiriwh'i^ i^^€m4 h^hefi tff»rfis^{j^^^ 
SPbi^blniV/f7xl0imt A tb$ v^er^^fte^eding^ yci[i 5 .r If Vfenc^Ie^^to 
. |(r€at falvatioil : ^b^t ht 'Of^poneib tbf Ev^^caU pmfiifermiu 

ibiifficaUpromifit i^hiftipas an ^arihlj Cflxaw^ imdibii is hem- 
pen; Ckrjftatth^fimvfn^rififtgjk^ mpf{pj^^4^i0^ 
mi the AfOifik didik^mbop^fifrAe^ k^fippi fuade »i^ bf^d^ jg^n. 
ndUA iht^b(i<fptnf^ % Gor;.5. ix tyi4d thjir^oriithdt Wfr^ hims 

itf^Kmgdomeivibif^kty , ;^ 

. :: .TfaltUhCL Af oft be fpetk!^ of 91 y«€Hr|4 toc^mCras iirell io re^ieft 
«£<avift^'»of biwfclfci jt»cvidcnrj,_firft from f^LZ. 4*;^^^ 
which fhewe^t th^tthf w<)rMi which 4ie A|^flIecaUa \tbfmrld 

in«& for* ofaufccp hi^Me dotnji^^fHiqYQr : U (^^flM^Idyafey^ ja 

ofthc fca doe inhabit,; An4^<5PJJjl^ir tf j? cicarc f r(Hnibf9^ori^ 
x)«U woid; hy. which it i$.€3i|)Kft : ..^bicfa is not {yt^W] the 
^criour wfiffR th^tb*id haiyeii, <afy pu take i t,) ba^X^H 
tlieiD&riqarwprld^tb.eurr€ftrifll£^o^^^ th&4iv«I1qg plf^ o| 

9iid -4Sf.si7s<Fif t.: An!^«^??FP«^c;4!P JKia^^ 
fadle,lbat it^ Cbrtfts pQAj^flipiipf t^aven^ f nd his ri^ignii^ oirer 
the Saints departed^ xanpot polli^y be inum .by it } Ibut the 
Kingdom ^fhavin in our frqfe> that is, ^ heavenly Kingdomc 
' which Chrift fliall here vifibly reigncover in ^WJ^'to^ame/^In 
fi\td^y9ithegtc^tdzy')m whicbGtdbatb^fcinud tijmdgi, [tjt 
tixi4»6wQ ibf W»ld in rigfHfsoufie^t by bfm>. If s it .WAU^^jy.-fu 
^tUitocxi^ifateji^dffmentandjmft^^ ^th^ PfOpbec 

jFw/i^uWprj^flctb ir>/i^, f3et/sr* 5 J. 5p tbat:tbe|Api>^If8 

p(AiUedtbisinfm§mwdfl(ty(Qi yrhii;h^\f5 |>ake bclore cbap, i. 
miMufku upfkd 5 faying^ »^^r ji mm ibattbm, art mhuM 

Bait a* O^i^s PerfmailReigne^nEattb. ^57 

■^^ww^ H " ii | ' - ' L ^TT^ 

9fhim^9^ibtpmit0fmam^ihatiHtivifitifihimf Jhommadtfibim 
ajhtk la»ir ihftn the '^ngeJf^ %bm cr^wnedft kimmthglifrjandbo^ 
ifM^, ^nd^ftfet hm (fvertln n^m^J^r 0ftfyAa9df^&c. ^jDd thus it is 
maoifeftirbaf yourfeFplriijg of ilic w^d«,[»A«^<!f i»^^^?4;f jtQ 
sMT.), ittata pri^mel fwcic croffiog ilN AppftlescxpUcacioa 
of[fhifp^kltocpme^, by the prophecy otDavid^ ffaU %.^&^ 
AndJtnpofing iiich a Bgnificationi.ojn ifac word [oixtfAim] as 
is not cobe foiuidinallclie Scripcuifr. And -therefore weftill 
CoOtlYide^ tkat th^ wotU yshicM tbc'ApoftU tpcalt^of, ij^^o^ ji 
dlftbft;i«|tarld in titne,, feoln^tbis W)e m>vt iiv^ in ^ and both in 
tioie and pl4ce>f lodfi t^t in which out Saviour (badl eive up his 
Kingdome to the F ather. Aiid as for ihofCi who b> \jke n^irldt» 
r^im,] doe underftand the tioie of ihe Gofpell betwixt Chrifis 
fiift and (econd Cyoiipi^ : ' they doe h<4?eby t»|^etlie Apoftle 
$lrheF.<o<all the ctme inwhict^ be hiaifi^(te li>rfd,T'^/f f^^^ ^ 
fMR^»3 otto diftingui(h the ckgebetwiKt Chrifts fiitt and (ccond 
comming into two worlds a c the lcdft> Whereas the fcrip^urc 
doth divide the whole dhme appointed to the heavens and earth 
cfaitnow are^ i>tlK idto three wprlds^ ;9pr par tfof tim^ thc( 7^ r ft 
whereoiKcosttaiaes the time from the cteacioh to the floifd^ and 
is ine oU world of which.Saiiit Putr fpeakea. t Bpifi.cb^pi 2. vir^^ • 
the world long (ince pad. *Tbe fecond contalnes the time from 
.tbeft[)Qd toOnr SaviOQTS next app^aripgi and k the world {that 
nbiWiisfk !Bi<8,»ta?nes the whple dayp| jpdg,enje«t^<be 
.l^OQoyeareS) indJittlel^aibn men^oiiedji^^^^ ^hi^pis to 
b^nns atour Saviours next appearjiig, and toe;)i .with the -^n^ 
uiprldit fclfe at the laft rcAncredion 5 and thisi^ ^beyttorldi9 

^fidfiM'3 ^^^b^^ll ^^^^ ApoiUe hqre fpeids^s. / , 

! : \ , IftaelV Redemption. >. 
. or thatvyhWhfscobe^vefvup^isalreadyipaft..' ^^ 

.'. Jtit.Petrit^AHfmr. 

l^bUhwhid}' fhaU ie given up isnnpafi MSjei: neiihtrfjdlithe 

Udg€y^attbz,ntd'ofth^ir,:kooayiares^ ; * 

•^ • Reply^ 'T : , 

TbMt tphicBfiall be given up is not f4ifi ^/ jf^*,you Gy ; true^ and 
that which (t^U beginne, isnotcomeas yen Butrare1y,U is falfb 

to (ay that wc a€kJiowUdgeChrifbI^H:^dosx^(h4U givien 



bfr alcogeSter : that weackjiowledige I ft^^'^tbtr Chrift ts man^ 
^s the Sonde otn^wU^ (Ml not ebeii ccsfe co retgne, whco' Ite 
IfeneratloMoftf^jeiFcriiwhtclilieiwftfeigiic^te Afid' 

this tfatth Oft ^hkh tie iboftretgfiey Sudl paffle aw^iy, InaiMi^ 
to edhmallgfory and delight^ and tariie tfacfewDbace ft^otUtt 
imo^«!idI^ horrour andconcempt* For we now thitili& A>- 
poftle,in 1 C^. i^ 14« t^^ tcttciietlv othcrwifif) fiyin^ Tbm 

then JbMthj Some df9 himfi^ beftdjeS 9mio Urn ibntpni ^UfUit^ 
imd€thtm,ihat6odm^b9^HinalU « 

liraeri Rcdemfitidft. 
Ahditbtio^tfeftid) tbat the n««r ^^if/Sifotfj tbeOcyc^ 
eteraiil glory^ (ball be fi<b|eA:ed to Chrift as a creatine: but that 
C^irift as a eitatore {hall f after the jfudgeoKfic of cho ddd) ba 
thcte febjeft to the Faihtri - - 

JFf^tf/ (7tf^i»4»iy4iitli^ Matth* at. To me iigiveaarll poi^ 
heaven and on earth. AnAikmMtht einjefUfWiffirfMiti^th 

That the [,l^9k'\ the ^powerour SaVlc^&cakeabfilibfi*. 
iSii^.was given to him as hian^andnotltaCbd/illw beliadfc 
. frooi all cccrhicyj interpreters agree. And sHiat fbdn^ iJl 
power in heaven and cm earthwMUleii given to Chrift aa iMii> 
WUt doth this make agiinft my words^Uch affirmethat XUiiift 
as man (ball after the )iidgemeiit of the dead, sjfter all things are 
fubdued unto him, (hrrender againe this power, /as havii^ no 
further u(e of it,) and in the neV jFem/ifem, (not rdgne ^snan^ 
bat) be himfeKe €ub]t6t to the Father ? Or what (km it aiake a- 
^aiilrftChrifls loooyearesreigne onemb, that he tedthtn all 
poWer in heaven and on earth ^iven unto fatal ^ niileflkltwXl 
follow from hence, that if be htd1}een to f eigne vifiMy on'osth, 
he itiigh^ and would Jiave done it at that rime. But ceruinel v 
. tUs will not follow, for though our Saviour had then au 
powerglven himp ytt he was to exerci(e*it» to doc all that was to 
Sedtm by kj in that)0^ 


■ •• 

P«rf 7»/J Gki^ivsSM'Vt^'fifi§»f>M £mb, ^19 

-rrzz — 3" 

<ieaiV9n, vrhichiocb€hc;£ifimpg9fc|is world^ befiifofall put 
iflW^^^Wd^ex^ifoifc 1 , 4> wc acknp wkdgc likcwi<c, chat Cb^j^ 

JKingd<^0iwsvpfihi9v^«rl^<.uq(o himi^fc. Tbus Wc ^nde^hac 4^ 
:fe^ l<^V^o k^ f^m^-.toi^ lif^,\mJL fow^ \p tal^it agzint^ before 
\^J^.%\Kh^f^^ tbv ^U iudg,aKW,..cvcn the 

Jui^%W»!kOf^<iarsAr!^»K5 ?¥#*ccHnf»i|C€4i|^ohi,q3athy g.ft 
<;QiH^ii/^',J«^^ S5,?^ A>MA.«:l»Wit..appc;ar5S,^thaf ;| 1 jjow an- 
.iV^rf^ th^cpnl^/Jt^^nccs. by. wbi<;b we have proved uur S%^i» 

, i.S R.A.&M .. A^ D ^ M»^ X^ I p ,N. ?. 

•• , v'. •'• '** ■ .1 »• "■ ^"O'li'^ fi^i^« " "■ '^'' ■'• ' • "•»<* 

ourthinWatt<;rVc1grt^X)ri«»th. You (fell f^^ 


c.-w-«w^^JicflcfoftKcfi{ftX(!am ahJfiis-poftcrtty, |wtiiod«iW*4c 

- loft n<it dh^V W Vi#i«'*oheArai, l)uc>«hp happy^fta^^ too, wbidb aft i^inoteot life would for 
,.;^lo^lg^«mi^b*c*c«|^^cd.cp^l%f^l^dh^^ And *crcfucc ibai inter^urfe and 

ncxi^aMarlng. ^d ikm (^ia|«efdl|fcaroif it Mre'da«i i}imi^^t^t^m\^i^,\fHffm^ 
vidur»Wf6*majg«y; whak MrcafiNtabjcoffie were ic ittu^ aniilonw «^ »^»»^^^»5f>«j^ 
liceralUccompliChmenc of thcfe, and all ocbcr ficred revelatiofla whidi fo fuUy ddalni 

ud^^ ttrclvcoofinnek? Pd i^ti 

m» >, 

if^^ .'tfta^»«iillp(i|>*iU»M^(^ ^#t:i; 

T»Hcj» ana vr.iaivcwrociurciic^irornniininiefrniis-r ■ "• 

for neither did^hrHVV hftfirft CvJoitArng , St oh 'D40«6' 

H? p/tfH thf fight b iwi oftU Throne if<J^^jtfkj in h^Ht^ ffrf; 
%:i.\wbich ^'as^jf^^M iy tlSk Throne ^ i>ai/iit ' 1 ' ' ' 

Reply-. . . r'-l 

thciThronc of Wisf^attief l>\i^?i* BTore h^ t:(5tt« tx^ 

altcd to the righthaijdoftHfcTh'ron^ pfMa/efty onhrgh. Be- 

Wkrramabtb coHceu i and wc kh(iw4hat thefe prophtcics f pcakc 
tacly 6f Hh tclgningon th^ Throne ortiisFathci tfivid^ and n )t 
©fhlsTeigr.i eon thtf Throne of God- And iFby the Throne of 
0!<t/i2f^K!Clii5 Btoini(<di«^hrift, is meant thcTHrbne ofGod; 
y\^ fficH fe meant By theThronc ot ifhe H^«/i *f //r^f/^wfeichis 
fyronii^cd to him, jFe^}5. 17^ Ivhot thh all one with the Throne 
^©iv/W^if itbcjthen by me Throne of jPivideahnot be^ meant 
fftlf'EKronc o Ooi : onfcflfe you will lay, tM% the Throne 
Wtfml, thr of OtW is mcimta^ft). Afid' if the Thr one 
of Ifrd^'^ydl tniahr of thi Throheof ^4vi<i,thcnrcll'usivhai 
itls ; and vrhy you take it 10 beaf) oncwirh tKeTbrone^(Z>»- 
^>P% ^« where yo^alledgetfalaC^it^f^jf<rbll»f^^ tbfticw 

^ 'i ^ that 


FtrtitCl • ebt^^if^^f9>^dtt^Re^f|^^\Mm'^i. 



Ufi t)u&par&wKkb fpe^kes ofiiis beinglbi).^^ of i^eie^dcoF a>^ 
vitii^ thtfone being vcveakdc u0tQi29 iof 4jb pJaioe ccfoiifs a»cbf* 

j^itir.m^ karHf..'lH^1mdfkTcfiid*k^^ dn^y^^iil 

1tr»For0told< ^rft, ttut Chrift (hatild be borflc^pf ^e feie£^ qP 

lietihould rtime,: AkJ: dKmg fkalf iifi§p^,4ft^4B^^li^*' Thirdl|u 
hdw4ieihouljd TC^ne^ to wit,xb'iny^tet>^rrR^g whicli^s 
iet forth, firii 9 by the €^itf of his tdoiini^triu Jii^^ A^^pjijilix^ 
iMue judgemmt'andzjtifim^'Secondif'^ by the pl^jcc vfr^pfcne 
(hould d(Hr it, C?w tbeeirth Thirdly^tby the {x^ople amongft- 
whoo), the y^rwe/, theTTibes of ^i»</4 ^d ffi'oel. And foutchly, 
bT^he^ime whenii tgfw|t,iivh«-thc.5^fw*/Ti^ould be r^deefned' 
oat of cap tiv i ty and Tt ^jsi {nthiAt land : ifPien Judahjh^Ubi f^r 
"Vfd^ Md IjtselHiBdwdlfaf'df, No^tofiiU tliefe pa>.ticu lars^thtire 
ttbueo^kC already fl^ccofHplidit»vv|Hoh ia.t^^ 
oars ihcacr.atioiv<: a'nddie j^A^rcAialflc tobe fulfiled n hisncxt- 
Jippearin;- Anioogfl: wl|icb^ Uh^ve ^*Ie iged onely the kfi; >p 
ffrqve that our S& vioorsf e ignSis bere. fo^c&c Wf d^ wa^npt fal $(-; 1 
• • - ' I^P 3; ^ * l<^di 

^44 Itraidt ^^mpth^ redtimd^wr - . fftrt %^ 


Ui aehisfidl ippcAfing^ towit, Ucttfe //hit* w« luc dloi di 
the hnAwiAil0*ib^V^y(A%kh f^v^dNtnotidmMfyfttbfu tiiH^ 
[Tbreir neither Jew ii0rGfttke^ipe#AiriMd(Mr>M^ii«rm^Mr 
/S^y^r/e, hmtwemrtsU^minCb^iJtJ^: andifmhtCbrifir, $bm 
arcp^e Abrahjtn^ ptdj mdheiipts according ia tkefrmttifi.'}, AlM( 
vrfilac etien > dcylh tbit siafi^e tke piiopbecies o' God of iioie>e& 
i^ft> m;iy the rcidk' coiscludk from henor. Theiefere hd^k 
md ^r^iWftail not ilweU &fely in the iMd CDgeiher> not Chijft 
in; fttit (6 rdgueoVer them on the TbnoosofVavH > , Surely he 
may as well conclade, Theretorc amongft Chriftianf^ then arc 
notnciij nor women: no maAcrs, nor itivznt^t Oo/etre/^Qor 
Gentiks. Bm theApoftIca wotds wiUcotmieiiaMe nu 6iA<im^ 
tradtftoryinfe.encesfi lor his meaning ts^ That grace doch cob- 
)oyne and aQmulate thole whom oaturtll tod drill feTjpeAs doe 
difference and dlv de. For chcy that havepocooCbrift^are qqc 
i^Qgimht in him, (he QdA) as they are in (he worldjby wtkns 
^c^aridcofidtcion^butcbey^reiUonc. They treoneiiideno- 
jtmnatfon and title, being all Chvifliam ; they are onein^ lanJce 
end rocicty;being all ofooe^yfticall body $ they are one fM-* 

?Ie|^bctng zWAirdkamf fted^aod they have one inheHtance^ b^ 
)g fenb w^'heires eccording^ (o tha promift. hwi what thoi|j^ 
Thebeleevlng Genrik be one inChnft wieb the beleeving 
was he tiotio before ChriOsincamatton^ as well asfibce? ,,_ 
henot AbfJhams feed before as well as fioce \ wujit not heke 
according to the promift before as well as fiace } What hiodect 
4lhen but that the Jtwet may (not widiftandkig this /pimnill imir 
on 4nd feHowlh'p with liie belee^uig 6^f»iife/^^ 
fb^ ^t cheit general! coN^rfion againe aivanced aboire all other 
Nation $ by many not onely outward fairours and ptiwilec^ea hot 
by a greater meafore of ioward gifts and abilities %lCo i 

Ifr«iel'8 Ileden){>ti(. n. 

Mdiher wastbe Temple then deftroyed, bucaft^rwirds : and 

^' therefore die things here fpoken of, are a!l to be accomplKbedtc 

bis fecond comming : and thai not jin heaven bn on earth. Qa 

^. earth I fay, and in ^^y^rsy&feiii, where ^Dwi* Throne wan F$t 

h^Jl'vtr\ hUfteufbM Randin tAji d^, (towtr, when hecotnes^(or if God 

^y>l*9^^o. hlmrelfebehere by an [«Vjpraov«fiM] figuratively deferibcd^ 

Tjai.i^i r whea he brings hinO Co NC^ve his appointed Kiiigdome») ea 

^tt '%. 0yifs ftffmitt^t*igm^s^¥^. 045 

hi€b Af^$M Mr 9Mhm ^/teiMf} MOUttU M $m i ^ikf^ Jh^ 

tpMttb€^l^Mb\^hkffk i^i^ U^^ilk]l$mlh Ami ytfkdlfLf 
tht 't^^lfyiifibe mMtfainei : fft nhr v^ ^tU WHmmmtmr fiJi 
ach mfjto Ku\ J jeay^ JiMHe^ lHjt axyt fkdfrom htfitre tie Strfb^ 
^jkf^inthd^srfVt^hkjngbf]\iitth^ And tU L9rd my fit^ 
^alUdnti^ andsH /he S Sainu wkh ibet : AnditfiizUcwm fepafie in %Ude ver.i4 
fM iiM^ thai ihe UgbJI^attfM Itckan n^ dark^^ btit k Ml^t &9H'^' i(^^i9* 
ai^^wbkhfiifih€\^^tPn€UfbeL()^d, mtdajMrmgbi^ tmthpall^^^^^'^S^U 
ffffe io pap^ Hfat attvtnmitim it fhiAht tight, AM bfksMbt m ^''^^' 
fjid^,ftat^litfing»aters (kdl fpt mt frtm ]tvaSk]aA : b4fttf^Tfal. 40.4. 
wmtovpiritkeftnmrftAy ahdha^ofikem Hmard tbeJttvdtr.fia :B\eA7^u&t^ 
u Sikmrnet tnA hwiMer fiM ithe: md theLmd^keK4ng^<S'^^ 
uer Mtbt'tititK l^ihatdaf fhaUfbtrebe am L^d^^mdhuName 
le. Al tht Landf>aM ht p&ned n/ ^ fhtnefrtm Gebi to RiiBinoil^ 
*9uth oflemhltm ;, and iffiall ht Ufitdtt^^^Md ifdmbikdim her 
ro}» Btnf^tttttis '^t Mio tbtfGct^fthefrfi^Mtt^ 9$n$9 the cn^inr 
jnt^diffdfraifttheTeretr cfiiMmU^taHe tht Khigswi/H^ph^pj^:. 
n : bm lemfilett pMU k/ej^f Makittd^Z^. 1^4^ C^c.. 

Chrifipid^ %>eftrof cMs Temple, andlia ttvecdbyet I wilt mile, 
rupagailie. T[^enftidt>^tmkf, Vpittf TmA^TUt ybaiMs was tWsi 
Temple hibuiUik^, and ^Wt thoa ifemt icapai^ftiM iiitbieej 
layes \ l)ut hef|>ake oi the Templc^Nbbody^/Uiir^itv JSi»^^« 
|/>9 lohn 1. 19^. So thetrm TtmpU k ChrifisMj^ ttfhieh tkt [ewe9< 
^tftrtytd^^jdbttsijfid t.i tift '^g4nt : mAiimHritfivft the Pifisipks. 
H btltem tht Seriprmrtt after, ikt fefktrtEHifti t^ Chrifi^ ven,. 2^%.^ 
4tidf before fht thingt ^kfn inttA^ Scrip etrti am e^ontfAjbtd at 
^frptamm/fg^ f^tvnefyin ht(m^^ btUiui iiarth, Mctrdinf^ §^ the 
HfertHtfnrtienf thtttof: Ija iMtum, mtea^trth^ i;fmf^ ^ttdift twue. 
wiikm,ditd0%ihe ttm 'ThnemefiyMni : fer Hffi^fl^Aim 
k^ d'ly^J^to rei^ wri)ttrhiwfttfit4ffwei»ttkfittkr^^^ 
is KinjNhmt^im tht HHP^urtt^OlifHtt^ wbid> u^ if. l(tXi;tUitt^mt4tt 
^.\pem t^idb Aft kt M^ktnded,'] snd iktUmn erOliwihatk^ * 
^ptijkp^ite^ f^i^ nilfi44tfmiifr4tk.%it§t^^ Hfjk 

^ Afri^»mmbif^^*ilM^i^0(tnnieii^vi^. f^fa. 


ter. JJ.»r> 

U, 17- Vavid reigned fadnfe IW itaif 'Tl>f»«r»f P A6^4tidTi<f6th<r.''Rii. 

• " ' : [ ■ .'^ I Ifraer* RcaAn-ptioli.- • • = -^ ' ' " ' '^ 
for neither did^hi-HVV hitfirfteomtilthg , fit ok 'Dav/Jf 

i.t*ipUcb ^of^j^jftpM iy tlik Throne nf Davitn' ' 1 ' 

Reply* -y^ ': ^ 

tbeT^brone of M^jifiy in beaven^^ vphicb wJf tffffid^^jfthi^TfMnr bf 

alted to the right hand of iHfeThVon^ pfMa/efty on high. Be 
triftith6ipdr«fi;WfarteypicaH^ faHftfte^despr eedt 

tR^pofTcffidftof vKcH^^ This^4ei«b;^istn urn 

^i^iirramabtb coHceii :* and wc kft(l at thefe prophecies f peake 
, tet-ty 6f hh tc^ning on th^ rhfohe oAiis F'aihci tf^vid, and n )t 
©fhJsTejgr.i ;e on ihtf Throne of God» And iFby the Throne of 
0'^vi?i;irft!Cliis ijtoiniTGfdW^hr jft, is mcint thcTHrone ofGodj 
»»Ht ^ ?r m/ani By theThronc of if he Biufi ofifrjtli^ich\i 
pTonit(cd to Him, jFer. 55. ij? I^'^hot this all one with the Tiironc 
^©iv/W>if itbe,thcn by the ThroiKof jPividcannot be meant 
Wif 'EKronc o Goi : onfcflfe you will lay, tnb% the Throne 
Wl/Ttte/, thw- Thro )e of Gdd Is metnta^fo. Ahd' if the Throne 
of fffdi^Scydt tni^Vir of thi Throhepf ^4vi<i, then rclliircvhat 
itla ; and irhy you take it to bcafl one- with tHeThrooebf !)». 
9uiy pag 24f^ where yoi^ alledge Ais Kbit ^f^Jer^idhl to (hew 
' ' ^ '^i ^ that 

Ptrta*'' Cbr4JlsPerfo»gU7(jigfU9»E4rtb, 347 

old Trfamttit, Cir Woh ww then all the fcdpwre J tftken jbuRy 
«h«r ftnfe, 4ieo fQr <hft hon/e «t Gqi»w»r(hip.?»-/flr«/'*At». 

-^ for ife boilAwg of tli^f T«oipI«.Yei»794Hf kUtmi>f\»f 4 

tfidlfvtrfi* iuiinrciiatdy following, .«f)d kis iiwyifeftioiMN«, 

tbittbefiincwMd* »re there caken ibc i^ Tempfe<o£t6d{.afd 

ttilmfdm. And beEde*, feeing the Prophett (bw fo irfiwrfjr, 

tHat«u^ Saviour fliallreigne orer the /iwcf, mitti»ir qvm ileiMl. 

,„dtM^eri»/ifciwflMttag»loebebuilti ,Wl»y*ool<t>iB«>cte- 

ieeve.thac boththebuiWingofihe Temple of the Lord>.«a<lfatt 

relenidgoDthcThroneofhi«FatberZ?-«*Hfli»Hpe «>pro|NtiIf 

fuliJle<Ji*i ChriftCtbe aatUype,) a ihcy were, iw J»Aww* (the 

type?) W.Terem then you fay fiii;ther,C71&«l i m Air /Ja^ifcfDI^ 

patj, what ftrlptarej? thit prophecy? Sucdy iciifaHci tittc 
^eytUd any where dte thwpropheqr to prove oar Savik>Qn «e- 
ferreSonfromthedead. And the-wsofds of the Evaneelift «fe 
plame, »'fewrfN«/»r» beWMt^mf^imthde^ (faith /<K>M 

he had Aid to the Jt»*f, Vtjtnfi^ TemfU» &c.\«f bfk^iH^ 
the Seripmt, (that M, the fcVipttiie wWch fbrcOiewec oofSMi- 
ourtr«torr«:aioi|,af^M«^«MBe<ll>ySah«i'«#«r, '" - — 

^v. tpd .Py<»t 4. 7» *lledBed by Saint f-i*^, AS fit 
Andtkt ifwdmhii^ I^M^MfifUs (Tebat ij, a«<i chey t^OMMi 
iMo ^M^^lngf^bastoiiuiltmts, vvm mam of cheWw^ 
rcalpoo^hii bo4y : aadaot(«i jcnAy they did,) dncJcmH 
mimt€taretiWinoiZfeb0riatAi piQi^y^ which fitr^emeftia- 
lecd tfie building qf th« templeof cbeLord,i)ot •otl^defttiqt. 
]gof i^ bytM^bma ifor thebtdldiog ofitindirc«(iiiral»iB9> 
or ctte JMtding oftc matUltbe mm iri>«)2 h»m m the Mr^^^itU 
t amdrmit ml^fTkrme* Neither did ow Sa^ioar faf plaMelj^ 
eftroy^ the T<fn|^ of the Lord« (ai ^ ifalfe «ru«ieC'$ acdpfw 
a»,^ nor abjbtotely, dtfiraj tbetmfU: IxKdjflfCly^.aiDdfbM- 
:ioei to hktwmtbo^^fdi^vdATmftt: pfhttmondsffoiteb- 
e the raifin^of jjc in thre* dayesdoe intimate, /»nd the fiya«$^ 
bdocfaiifcervards expfM|>4 IC'^ AM hefaidalto, if0lirmf*4tt 
± not^iiriUbtnU^t wWdi fhewx-s the making ofa,T«©!<l«, 
icrc iKMiwiMt bttforci ^aod' tbcici^TC onnot JM^i^ji^d «> 

^V ■■ »m. «'*' <. '" I ' ■ !ii '*'!' ■■ ■ '■ « ■ 




^ ' I i^ofe ift^«&»^ 


I* »■ 

X rtMiiiaiclMaiiig of Oir Stfrkwrs body, a tefliiile diefi hieing, 
.>«MVfm^be.coiTaptdlia^atb. Atid as for yosr <:<$nfoftd es« . 

t M^yQ«tlk»*«lii bilEtt>r^af6li ic feTfe. Ftft^f ft^ (t^biehU Hit 
* l^nfr ^stHpmth,) yea afi^^ibe %he'accdit){fliaifieitt i^FtHik pto- 
1 Ifhi^yUaDiirSairitoiinafttiKlii^ to the Sa^inb in beaten, UM to 
aWriilleratcccfdlliS^tiiS'afGcbritonl ivhertfAs It isTiMllTfefttFf the 
'WMiPfn tlieiRitflf pffyi}(Mrh\eh 5^^ have coocmM) iAmdAt 
^ j^Mh$f^il^lkiii'i^iiit^m\i^^t^ that jtlscoke 

?*<ttiMed at^isBeften^g'Wkh tte 'Saints from beaHFtn, and in 
1 the timerarttcding bis ddtenfion. Am} fecoAdiy, (whkh h not 
'4lo0ly«^H ft th4( ttu€h,'biit«|pifaift rettfon aUo)ybu 't&rmt\pf^ 
^(hf^vikg 9fibe Ai/oitnfrfOtivet tmairis the 'Ettfiyimdt9m0rii 
. tlf^Wfffi\\» meant, iiijh^l^ tfHlihe ft^rtdm tWfftaHAtptftbe 
'th^iU.'] And {7hat »; (btltmsf^gto tk z4dt^rftht iimn»ib i u ^ 
-i» aaeint,<^lMir M^jvj^^ ^^lfr< 06f^^<^^ Whiek is as if ycNvfiad 
4)M<^rhat tliefitrry dk)«iMii4tiibri»ft tfit^C^ 
iAr6fli4t)| 'ortbat^t}e jftn^iv'tn fityiilgHwmihtl6«(MI.&f^ 
'C3^(peU. fw^%-}dk\timptfttHWk0i^ 
^fhtmi which tbe'JdM#>iPer)etoft^,)>(^'f tile prtacihii^of tiiciOo- 
4pA\^\ fo you i^rtner^rat t^^rkltky df4k^ m&mtamt$^ (icowhkh 
ilmie0tt-wfxtioii^ti) dft|kAtRtk]for*^A»Kl^hoifeiit\^ hf 
4bi^ and by yobr taf|p6uhdtogH>f th#l^n(l ^vtr/^t iOf^P^m^ 
\mttt^rrfih4 GoffM,-] and tl9e 8^^€st«^fi^iMrfM^#^^ 

atac^otibeGorpell ! tbit'by flichallbmy ofinterpfietiiig, my 
•beittiiyflaake tbetrfsio ft^itfii^orethat^sVt^^yWtr ^% he 
«^h fM^ fblo<t>atr<Embe ^Qd defend ihiy dstteatooaoflinioiia. 
•MRftehe trudi clcaretyreTeakdin it. The rracfi dfierefofe of this 
"i^rol^iecy^lirio^tber then that ipvhich(^ht Prophet binfCHcliatii 
rflaiKly t«ld IIS :* t6 #it, "tfaattkc Mount ofOiives ftitlbeeleft 
fin* the wiAik by^ an eirch<)iuke at the coo^tng^of oat Sai^Mv 
^iftffrtl till tb^'Siinis : and tbstthe J^ire/ whiih^aregvtherefltogt- 
tb«rneeiiefifitcrir,4hatlthen^flye fbrfeare of thia ^Htli^pike, as 
-ibcy^td forfeart froin before the earthotiake ih ibt dayca of 
.Vx$shbliineofytdab. And thcsffeft of tbiaearthfukessde- 
ieribed, vrr. io» wherelcisiSiid, ^nd othkeiMi^'ik^tmmd 

- — ■ - --'-• •* •• .i^-^,^^— J^>—.-^..l*l->.«-.-^*-Ma^->>IL. ^.^^.^^.^fL- 

P^rlK. . Chrifts 1?Jr/«iM^ Jle^«e 0« Eai^b, %^f 

—u, m» 

R^^i 4mtpifmiHa4 U^ k»f^ i fi^^ 'B^mma gate Mnip tU ^ 

mnHiM$ 9hjk Kingf vm^-freffei. And mnfiaU drnfllin it, m 
(Mlh «# fmr^uthrdtfimtliinjkmt Urufskmfb/Al hfiftfy iAbabkedi' 
And as tht s part, fo all ifact i«ft d (bti prophecy is to be under*- 
ft^rifce will, i«€er4ii|>ic> t^^ 

Ufot Qb^iQOii itM'it iim4^t m tnjEdrprtttfiotii MdtbVi<gto 
tfciRfeQf lUOiioirbttli ^reobfcure^^tbcriby fiicha glefleaf youiiftve 
pofupoiitt. Afidtllmii^b^ingcinileQitble^thatt^^ 
2^dQ(^ kvf^Vi OHViSivioufft fircoiidGc^fniiiiiig^bis c^ommfD^i 
vi(^«J[Lcb«$^s» aad (Wliiri§^ttontd^$ft^ff<orfn^'by 
icriffffi&fU^CQlioMrfti IWiie&arllwmr,. not fmely^MMiqafser 
4Wt>>fif^ft W ^% u £b^ii4Hrteaj,oa of tb« Saioti, tHtc Ib^Kh 
n|e;(pillfailstehHi;^4q^<fQO^ aqd then: wi^oUy^M^ 

cb^rcWicAis^n oyfta}! «c Ihm^ whfifi hefiiall pi(!e t^r leotmce # 
(Uv^i^a^xv dMi«t«A»-«i99 .0p<kauMicf oil on tbcnrpoobue^. ^biit> 
• in the interim, ia tbe fpace betwixt this fi rft.aml%ofidtfefiim» 
fiiontf bt KtBg aver all tht earths ^tj^is Pr<|^het faith, ver. p. t§ 

afirinevii C^^- i5«M* Md[(o«iSct^ttp.iJMr£i^ 

whicblif (kAtllM fa^mtetriaodiurjf deftftoyifif^qkhefihMH^ 

*s it^/^titlkKmi^ tfH iatApfimj^i$ as Ztd^ bci^ and iMQJjiLi^ii^ 
ther.B^pbmbcG4cs/(£«cbclire. .> '<{ 

> Ifij^T^iiledtaipuaQ* » . »• A 

Yiotf iM hece.tlutt qiir S ^vlour comea not ooel)! ca con^e^ i ^ g ^ 
d#j|th#i( whM jitbc lafti eiMmr tbat htrihall deftrayi^ aod theradi 
forcrnoiidbQUir tobtcb^o^zd a^^ (h^ldfttefitftsAiait^^Mt^afiii 
io m.«akf ihe K&ig4cliiiti ^tttiit world imtoAtkofelfe^ to pt^s 
doymii(^i^9m% P^has^fiicl) ^ll dieducborJtf ttid po^en oft 


■i^fiE^ Zteitii|^(ts iMC0iin9«(propMdM4^»p^ 

9^9 \[xzt\% RahpiptUnrtdtimBd^ ^ Port 2. 

' ' y<f9€be4wendperi^*md the Angth of G^d afctnUng amd difitHJm^ 
9^tbe^fomeifman. ^ 

i: Tb^t ibefi words jb4LlnfHtfifid; or km bm^fmfilhi^itUnmft 
^ff^n€ V dndkisMcmai^ ibMtbtj^piMaev^igfktfiBtd m tie 
pf^peiraccepuihrnfftBe words^fttmg the H^tfy ofCkrifi Unofjo tiM^ 

Jlfalmf iifiaireafb ft<m htBvento^inrAifrrthii camj€fomti( mOj': 
TUr^9iihupfMCi^k\ivi4XpinedMtoJimup$n}9$ ihU/eHfi^i^^fhi Best^ 
whA i^9hp€m^^<thi j^mgds^dl<9me' d&mU. 'mdaftendMrntomySir-^ 
ti^ ^S^doA Chryfoltomc ^^fytbrfe murds m ih^Angris navH/hh^ 
i(lf$t<iChifi Uitime of bitpafim, a^drofkiYiQim. Other:i. tbmi^ it U 
imm>i9$pofi ten of tbif vifim ifincokh Gen. ^%. wlhtdj v^figmifi* 
^^ tkfUsCkfifi: is. the Mtidksfom makptd imkj tkttPh^b^^m smst 

t.^ .0 • •- •* • '■^''' 'Reply/ • •'• ' ' 
fM$iom^ bfjotiTjiTfk worils; thk'ym aircf ddMbcfttUc^ the mo- 
. ** A9a9lH3imenc of this* profihecy^'fbf \}hat hfkst hefmlfOed^Y 
lkikt,smipilfilitdfii itt nihft tsrf^tts^yytyo Qf. faid ybdmtext alP 

se^dri] dojtb apparenclyVocHr^dtft^ ihti w Win ft>l|oWbs : fer by 
aa4 jby aftct^ you tetl w^ [^thm CytiH^b ^c^^ii^ sifibi bea^ 
vpM wen ofen^tbt A %els fi iltcsmse devpne^ snd jfcind ukfomy J^r-* 
vim^Vmd thn Chnf^fiome do^hdMijU nrth^^igil mknfiri^giMo^ 
Cbgi^^tU^inKafhupaJfionandrifur^^^^ An^isrcyrtMirii pro- 

perexpoficion of the prophecy ? then (hew ttsontmoie proper. 
And dbubtlefle ic is to be underftodd^ asCy^^i/uoderftandf^ it, of 
y \' tile 'A^gdtirinl ft ring teotirS^vtoiir.^Bat y^Vebeleevmbr,. 
dMcictvitiulfilit^d, whihin his a|fMy there ^ippt&tv.'dan Angel 
iiMbD:faiiii>ftrengt hcnir^ hm; />% 2 sr; 49.' and itittcii lefle wl^^ar 
after his reifatreftionan Angel tppearedit hU tepolcNb^ ilAMlr. 
at tv For ic is evkit nr^ that vihtti ihk frv^ ty flkitt be^ fulfil.. 
rs -.^;,c)v^t^ftatare1HQiirSa^iMrapr«iiei^^ a^^ldaelvtice 

afimden andthi Ang^t^aftciffl^ hm^ ^ntM^^iiAfgrnhUoj 
*«4ey(halireeea€hotliaii« asptaJnel^^Ifa^^a^'SOaMfe^^^^ 

art t* Orrijlt f^f^»*U it*lg»eod tsri$, fcs 

m^andtlm Smtm of wianptAig 4n tbi tight iMidofG^d^ ABi 7.* 
3 5<. And as Saint jf^iEffii Bapcift (aw tbt biaum/ pfmitd mt$9 
m^\ and $b$ Sfhk ^.Goddefctnding tilht m dovty md tigkbi^ ttfm. 
Um^ Manh. 3. 1 6. And Saint ?«^/i^fltares tti, HA. ¥« 6. TJkas 
em Gedagaimeirmgeihjktbifrfi lkg^fhmintorbtvmli^ktfiif$^^^^^ 
dktaUthtAnffbcfVoi trotffi^bim. Arid^to Whattiioe thtir* 
1 our SavioarstMere^j^rf^] can ihit vifible acceitdapte of the' 
igds oil htm befoi g,^ ' but to the ttme of his myct ap^ioiriiigy^dr, 
cominiag atgarine into thcworldhbctitkiej ittdplacetsf which 
4harhfai4 that all fht\yrngm0f6^ifiMd^e''b§nmgtm»0 . 
9. And befides, it is more tiicn>XwaMe^'thgi^ list Hl^iftgriifr ' 
»uld as well hwe recorded the iccompIiQumnt, as the predi<* 
3nbfthiscbii^,1f behad toowMeolthe^fillin^oflK ^t 
acute reafen of your denying the^ptoper fenfe of the^propht*^ 
isyetbehiode^ aikd'may WeR itaiaine^td foftd-it^^^asthc^ 
ncKTof your wprke, and "the tiionifttiinc' of yourwft s fefie 
iAngdi^ youhy^ Jhdlhtofdjitfidanddkfit^ 
ft, fieiag mMjofCbfifi iin§VfltM^at^dtJlfiidl tlMk^fnm 
vtnutarth^ l>pubtlew 4 very taR prod^ r andyer kcooies^ 
re of the iriarke ycm aime at.* Pof for^Ijf #e|^rap^a«c^a«^ 
] of the prophecy, as it dtfpcnds lio2 ttb, iS> kis iKSrprof td^* 
infidliblydffprdtrdd) ^y the proper atcteptatiob oft he wotd' 
m r] whichifrepofirion hsvit^relatioti <bttidly to tHe partlti^^ 
[defiimU9^ the tuR expreffioo h^ biecH thns; dffeffihgfr&hi,* 
'defimdbgmp&H^ (Va9if»,} \i^hi€hrismiiaBthy{a^/i»}^fif^iS' 
:e. Add which theongifull^ord (^l^^j^llofhaftweUfig^H' 
is[«S0fi,3 and oii^c have beAihere'(oe!^pi^c^, aswellaslts 
Lu^flO. d. and dl^af. 1 y. v&. 5» f aitd in'other plices,) had 
e been any tikelihood of a moditftChtiMails mifimderftjn^ 
! of this propriety, by restion of the Word|[#j^>) HbweVi^r 
teamed^hadnted bewa'e/ that in tranffating the fSfiripluresi < 
f follow not the com.nonRberty of (peech,^ in the fmakflr 
4; when a(s^ih«^ilfttlVife>(brMti0i^^^^ 
entiiig their yain&tohcicij^. o : - . j-.-. tivw- . •'c^..'; io 
: ^ • • tead%RcfcltW^t»n& « ^--^ ^ 5sV .f.K> 
af 'that tbis'Tflhay be fblfiiled. It l«i rleqaifiie^ tlhat itatc on 
b^wbithcr theft ittfftb^ may disfeedd^ancol^ t^dfrni 

Qjl $ whefkcc^ 


^ '^ ' y<f9€be4nf€n open ^ 'and tbg Angth of God afcending and ^fimdmg 
d^poMiibo^fimeofman. '' 

C Th$t ikefi words fiitfi»d; orkU'^ bmfUpl^^iri^fmfi 
^,i0/ng ^ dndk:is\Mi,cmah^ ibMtbtyfuMOevkr^flttfiBedim tie 
pStpetitecepuiii m pftik vfordg^fiting the toJ^ ofCkrifi U mi Jo tM, 
ifalmi oifi^Mnufh from htMvoH iao^hfrrtbii cattfifimt, (m Cy^ 
i^pnrtkuplmci^kJV€txp§nod0iitoJoii^up4H'h$ iiUfmft^iif^ibi fluo^ 
vtnA ip^t iopimifhe Jf^gflspf^lcom^ dawnL mdajtend umo$fiy Str^ 
vm ^jS^doA dhryfoltomc ^^fytbofi mutds i» i^^gdinmifipmg 
f(lf$$(iChiJhiH:riouofbitpafim9a^drefim^iQi Otbiri, tbmJ^itU 
imat$>i9fpoJl ion of thn vifion i^bpob» Gen. I'S. wher4y mm 

cifg tlm^Ckrip: is. the Mudl^tom makpBg miy IkimM bei^tn smJt 

wmhitber Smjkkres.u * i" • V.r/'' 3 .-: ^■. • i *V ■ 
o .0 ' - '* ■^^'' 'Reply/ ••/•'•■ 

^ AMi^l^hmenc of chis^ prophecy^ 'fbf {that 'nfkst hefmlfikd^yt 
timki,omifiilplledfit uniofi corfdlrtojiyytaio Off. faid ybdmtem aif-^ 
tecton^ [thttt it jbMttever hofttiSIkdiih ih^pi^HmMeepMimof ^ 
wgi^^ dajcb apparently toair^dtft'^i wMcr ft>l|owes : ff ^r by 
aMiyafter^yoatetl as^, [^thm Cytil *4ib oti^omJfii^ miftbebea^ 
vpMWonofen^ tht A^s^ebfibilteomed^wne^snitjjfbmd mto tmy^'^ 
^m^i^sond ihj$ ehrjjofiom do^km^jfii Wtk^yAifjs^il mlhifiri^gtMo^ 
Cb^i^^ximthmcfhupafionandrtfm^^^^ AndisrcyrtMira pro- 

perexpoficion of the prophecy ? thendiewtis^oneniofeprbper. 
And dbubtleflc ic is to be underftodd^ asCyW/uoderftandft it,, of 
y\ tlleA^gclt n;in> ftring te oor S i vtour. ^"Bm y€i vebeleevc nor,, 
due ktwatiulfilit^d, wb^nin hi» a^My tf^re ^ipptbrc^an Anget 
uHlDJhmi^ftrength^tn^ him^ />Af ^^- 494^ aAdtt)ttc>i tcffe wl^r 
after his reifafrefKonan Angel appcaredw hU tepolcbbr^ ilAMb. 
itu av For it Is evidmr ^ that vihtti cliis )pro t>b t y flkitt be) futfiL ' 

-.^c)v^t^ftatarekiQurSa^iMi«pr^ a^|Miifi^Wtice 

bMr^n op^ \j^ 'P*'^ (^^g4i*T^e Vftmy HWwii^nit'^fft 
afimder^andthi Angdav^ftcidl^ n^ai^ iiMhtefcldidl^tollliB, 
-•ftfatyfliaUreeeach othaii t aaptajnely^;! fa^n itiUimi^r 


r^ tffi^ litt J^ne 0/ mbmfij9§dUg 4n tbi tight lh*ndofG^d^ ABi f.* 
$6. And as S^inthhu Bapcift (aw liv Iwuk^oi/ i^eiMi/ imii» 
-i/} i amd $b$ Sfhk ^.God dfctnding hh m dove^ md lighbi^ Mp» 
im^ Matth. 3.1 6* And Saint Faml itmces tti, Heb. ^\ 6. TAff 
« G^agaimekrmgeihhibiffirfi ttg^$fkMintvtign^aiild^lit/ntii* 
iktaUthtAnffbofVdi mftfiipUm. Afid'tb whaktfine thtir' 
our SavjoarsT Mereii^rr^ can ihit Vifibte acceitdanwofche' 
gels oil him beloi g,^ ^ but to (he time of his miet ^p^ieai^, it. 
cdminUigatgJrineiiito thcworldHhetukie, aDdplaoetsf whkk 
Iharfi (aid^ that alt itbtiyftig^s^f G^ifiMd^'bimgi^um^/ 
. Andbefides, itismorethcn>ri4yaMe^thgi«4!be1ll^ttgri^ 
aid as well hwc recorded the accoaipliChment, as the predi* 
n of this thing, ' if be had knowtit oi the^fillin^ oflK ^t 

acute mfen of yoiif denying the^perfenfe of the^pMpht^ 
Isyetbehiode^ aikd'niay ^eR itaiatne* td f oftei-ity;>iis th^i 
iderof yoar worke^ and ^hetiiont^ 

Angdi^ you lay, fhdlhtof afitfid and dkj^^ 
r, fieiag tlkbtd)ofCbnfi d^n§tpfM, stfbdt HJiMt rtdd^fhm^ 
fent^tarib.'] I>pubtlew amy taRprod^r andyetkcbiner 
t of the nterke ycm aime at.* Pbf farAj #e^rap^a«c^ai 
I of tbe prbpbecy, as it dtfpnds liof tfb, JTo k is li(5t (irottd^i 
infirfliblydifprored) ^y tlie proper ak<)eptatioD of the wotd' 
m r] whichifrepofition hiPvingrelatioti <bttidly to the parttti^^ 
difitudrng^ the tuR exprtffioo hsil biecH thur; dftit^llngfrWi^ 
dffitndbgmp&H^ (^unto^} ^i^hicb^hmiiaiilthyfa^iiOfif^ir 
e. Add which theorrgifull word {y^^ <llofh as well figili- 
;s [«^t3 and oii^c have bete here fo iitfi^^ aa well as it^ 
Lukf 10. 4. and tbaf. 1 ^ ver. 5» f aitd itt'other plices>) had 
s biren any likelihood of a modirftChtiMans miliinderftjii^ . 
! of this prop^itcy, by;resi4bn of the word|[«^.>) However 
eamedhadotedbewa «/ that iiitranlliting the fcriplureSi • 

follow not the cominpnfiberty of (peech,^ in the fmakfr 
ri ; when a^s 'tbe^ilfuir Wibreadf toiUUkelllE ab o 

»itkg their' Tiidfeftoriocij^. •^-' ' ' ' '"''- '^^^^ '' "'^v.^ \y ' ' 

^ • tesd%Hciiete'^ti*irt^ '^^ ^ ^ 5o7 ,f,K:> 

w'thlttbis''flhay'bc fblfiiled, ttl«irieqaifise^tlhat<(i^ 
Vwbither fheft oWfltbg^ may disfeeiid^antolliidH w^AitMi^ 

Qj% } whence^ 

}fyf^% &edemfi^i«»re^efme/,m \ ^ Part^ 

'j -- 

{' ^ - 

■^'^ A ^' P«fWil%W whoRi, C^ DP* 50 Whpn|,khe Aft. 

of Jaiti for oret : and that of tiis^qg^oBWtbcn Ifaatf Zeal 

f »' "' of 

^ ■ - l l l f i • 

I I I I • ■ ■ " 1 ' ^ 

Fihe SiiiM^ iriiich CUift m he isjiin^ &^l«6wtni«^HM^i/#^5ai. 
me on emfcyfliillitftsr rhe jfftdgemem of«he idaad^ (TitWhin ^ 
ne (Us inraveiuBdl tenhflbaUipiAaiwii;} fae^cfivfmd up ft o 
Me^lmv(iiefiaikKi^itttlictte#|FMl;Mn^ ever 

tsukAei, lttidiifhci«e God (ball beail in «U : y^t forlMCkiift 
X) as man flitll IHli recaine the dignity zni pidUilSlClMe of t 
kkg^ a Ptit(k, a Pj^cV^ tHo^h htfball have no ncfd to make 
&o£«iifakr«ftoe* ^AndtlmiaiaceaiKl IjeanKd^ADirtii^ours ^.j^r^ ^^^^ 
bihiecomifi^heiiomis^imribpf Sain ^^ ^^^ ^ 

rkb chat of Stint i\ai^ in i Cor. ^^, i$^. aS. ,mf anit ^^^iNr, ^iTSti^ikjMg. 
iithhe,^WiAe Itta^^AMt^ t$7.of his 

HflUsjMifirfbfn fso wll^ s&erthe.j»igemoMoi«he;deatt,J ^^^ ^^^' 

freuir^M being ly the ^^^hU^^Smimji4Hljmtjimd^^md\f€^ 

frJing $0 cw$nam kjlowedHtfoifbim hj bis Tatb^^ And further* 

HMpe it mafi)e ohtowl^tW/tht w«Mhi ^Mwigf^HBmmMn^ \ ^^ 

od£%«ehjlbXylMfiPch^^ pSZis^' 

vSiheft anil 4!^Uife%i09,Tib/it^^, tr^M^,^^^ 2^^:37/ ' 

leroferecan^condtid^ nomtoce butsbis ; TbattGhtiftrM^ie ^{''•^^• 
imaii/flMkoatini]^,<fs^oiig«tiiiida^Ar«mi^ t^lH^^ ^ 

lehoaier 6nrdiefcarth: nr as kn^ aathiaibSi^aDdxmkaiaii ^^*^^*'^' 
ift; tlAt«^<ktiMiibiitiiM twhic^ 

be jodyincnt of tte drtd. iWtoit^eii>f«w>^ ^»i;w irj « a w ^/y^^ ^o^ ^,^ 
ojfiamfyimAMmlfe^ umdsk^ilmma^/tatt wtdiMnihftrmBktJma^ : Cb.2ii. 
it tmtif a^i^amtske t^f^tr tka$ mikMmpiJl^bimttipi.% ha. 
,10. An^totiiispaJrp<)fe>lw4im4ie 9ir^^ 

eaddespfe(enrlfb)Fifirwdf4npofition^ ^i/iM ' 

^bkbfidmihe dffiwsjftd. And in another plaee oinr^ifilaiMts 

fhen^^iy >. that (JbfjftiOMll K|gne ft« fl^rr^^) fnditisil^ihU Min^^ 

m> aa^lf theyihad 4old us ofaely> That nekfaarOhsiA 'tioriua 
iioedmne (hall havie uny ioccbffoun £ that. «» ioMe Wmati 
ball foiMcd him in his Tbroaie:: diat no hnmanrrtfiWloitc 
hsU befttiipfaitlisflace ofhttiiic^doiae^^a^^ beineltf 


.± ' ^ L - ■ -- -iJ, - ^* 


154 • •'^ MtAch %gdimftimt reieimwi^sr . Pirfc k. 

- f. . ♦ yl 

-,.«lke«if the«»*r« lf!piwchl»i bDctbaUntpigbtafalloppofti. 
ii^mfaot^QtaMtoddeviils* hi dt^miiiiaB fhail«Q^afei oawtfie 

. . Mr .fwiii Anjwir» ■-. 
• ■< tk^xtHMumtf,* tbcfiffiifioitMM ^dK)m9tdsimlim^1r^ flu^mid 
yfi famt-atiW muA^fat ibeii^fitfp«fit *aid m mart : -hit nhmAqflmU 

Tlr «M, wemay mgTtufomhetxftfithaitfikwtnk, {fot everi and 
flMtl beiio<»{l:3 MdtHltbtt t^S^tmite, Itmit fmrtberwfmiytf 
ttm^ imss^etmkavefeaie mithtt'metprjcm^iifikeiiii^t^ 

ltp^\gmi«idriptrnSimfisUemMm» ^ 

HcK is tbc ttta&doB, fantwbereitchc «>i(kii«e to confirtte 
ic^: doiibtkfley<^roag|tt|Mriowly,but«oaUMci^ laA 
dicivioic dieteadecnttjr fiift take notks, baw for wane of fiMft 
agafa^ ut, yoocooftfieyoar ftlfe. For [f^ tMduugt tMJkmfU 
#j«MB«fi*fir«r(i/iyoofay,»*«<%i*'*A*8.] Am a licrie alL 
m,[MAttU/ittiitt;i^mitfitrtbtrti$^irf«ftbev^mltQ iHmfY 
fittdbenebqahy ^ ^d yut thai eo<iiui» of ditoli if ytou IM 
. where aic yooriiajbitttoihew tlMttveba^cbaftgedttefi^ 
ficatknof chewordtl if yondiid tlccenqui<«, or enqairdd li 
vaMKNV cao voa cell that wc havechaag^i theirfignifioaiibrt 
.& wdjDldyoanythavirehavc^ when youconU ■o(esiIhfcaymi 
yoaknow tre have nor dooeit. For we oav« qootied dntheiQaiw 
ginenolefle dico ftvim tcKts to Oiew thrdie wiMdt (]^r«i«r, W 
«mr/^Mg, CK] ate ia the ftriptuce taken aawellia'^HoKcet^ 
as in ananinitcdfe«ft,« they aiath«fe PfaL yt. i^ffMS^-sS, 
S9UUidacdiKt'n\3tf»37.rMH5>i I^^^**<4>x5''aa<i tfd^fo; 
fjBot 97* a5. inldl whi& places, the . foreUid worifs aj^ taken 
onelytora longtime* And (hall the reader bek«ve, tbatyoiij 
(whodoe fi>fireq(MDt1y oichat the ihsrgniaUqilOCadonrm odier 
pfaccst^ iA HOC Tee thsfe hetc^ doabtlede yoa finr tfacts, and 
dm ioin»ehiiithcBi*«h«»tyoucoiirdfay494iiig!ipttoto. iAlfil 
,. ■"- • * ' befidei, 

*» ■■ i w ^ L " ***^*^W>1 

•Part^. . X^^s'^tf'jaMtt^eigt^^^ Sdrth. '25$ 

^cfidw/^dfe^P^^V^ ypte fafcalibt*? tJftfefc fimt figmffoition of 
ihcfciiroids, \vhcrvas jrou'tc}! us, [iS^iJ Chrifi m AledUtoUrfi^^ 
ctdjiUnifftty^fhHlllktivtr^th^ aiininifirationdf the Kingdoms H 
iw^arber^'j^Hgy T^mOVafker hhfi t^ni '&mie "S^VjtEH^ and iu 

whiA'!S^dimcd\ilf{,^w ilriaSy 'jJift. ;An\l Vhiicis you tay, 
^knm n^ ix^zJn the exp^Jiimrfihe whrds^far ever^ ^c. yphm 
: itvknhtyovtd^jbriflyfe^ thatthetm^thtjfjerufakm^aihctbt^^^ 

ofChrifis Tbr0iz:\ Hath not thU 'bfccn ift)/ic morfethcfi ance>' tficti 

ftejwruswhat.fcripcure^^irSk^s'mbr^ things then 

^er. ^ji . 3(i, jt^j 40* ^^ Ze(;&; i 4; 10^, i i . {loe oFtTie t^ildin^^and 

parti^dfciHy ot his rcigrttng over ch^^w^x, an3 fooieoF bit 

rcigmngoyer theGenrrfe/, and Tome ofhii reigning ov:eri)dtIl. 

Suitly you c ^n^cw no text, in which any truthj; r^orc clearj^ly 

delivered, then all this is inrhe j;ex:a ivhkh we havefcrpiigfit, 

andean bring for k. ;Andcherefo1^}\haye> andean p^ove 

by ftriptil^e, even exprejie fcripthrc; tfcit tbc reftore^ J.;rii/i- 

km ihall he the f lace of Ghf iffsThronc : afthougK it be beyond 

burpbwer to make you tdciibwledge, that virccan andhavc prp* 
ved|r ------ --^— «^^^^ -- --'^ .. .Ill ^,. 


tuoudy refiftj and.fb lightly efteeme, 


I S R A lE L S 'R fe «>?E.M P 1?JI^«N!! 

C HA». III. 

V •» 

That tff0,J^i^gd$mt of Ihzetjaad thltbmjkndfjfares 

ANd thbevcn one f ^bphecy ot'teih. dowdi ^ica>ely Ufoid, 
all chat-wc averrc toucly ng our prcfent faDjy<*, to jwit, TPhat 
)ur SaviblirthaU rcigneon e^rtti^^ndl in Jerufilim. For as it tels 
S3,,tbM tbtLirgJI^aUbiJQmt (nitrrit the 9mh\ th4$ m that day ^ 



t%6 KutU Reden^ftiinreAemedy «r . Pacta. 

tbirt^lPhe §m Lfifd^ md bit nam9 one. Soicfiiith tod, that Jt 
the veryinftanc of our Saviours ddcending^ AUtbilAmd /Ut 
(bj 0$eanb^ma^g ) be tnrnidsu a flamifr$m Gebs t$T(fm$na9i^ fuak 
^Jtruftikm I ^itjb^U kt Vfuduf^ Wmlinbabhid in hrflaet ^figm 
Benjamins gsii^nnu the plaee oftbefiiJtgMti^nie ibe €mfergate^ 
fr0m tbe tewer ^fHmmud mmo the Kings mtt€^freffts jt^Mof^xy- 
ver another notable c^tenc of this pfophecy is, That when oar 
Saviaor comes to reigne over all the earth, he comes hoc alooe^ 
but brings all the Saints with hfm. 

•Mr.Fetne^s dnfipif., 
WU fee natber that be JbaU eome t$ reigne^ (rf^^ that msnmr) tftftf 
Mtbeutfth: nmbtr tlu^ be findl bring aSUs Saints mUbbim^ aad 
far tbir lafi point he, Medges no text ^eripfmt, bnt vriBhepe isteh 
esksn on his • bare w,prd: whieh we refnfe to doe^ We teade shoe when 
befijll eanae tojudge^ bejhJlbring aBtba bolj Angels nriib Ms^ 
fAit^.Z'i.^uandaU J(a$ionsJbi^ be gathered brforitUm^^ 
JbaUfatd bis Angels ^ gather tbe tUBfram tbefonre vrinds e bnetbet 
tl^jfbtil €omi with htm into an eartbti Monarebftltta finda nawben, 
^ndnevtrthtkfft ns ifitwereltta^ntjfionable be^addetb. 


Unlefle you had msule a covenant with your tOMgae to4eny 

every thing that we prove, you could not have faid,[^ rtatwtiJL 

kdge no text offeriptHre, wbicbfiewes. tbaii Cbrifi Jbai^ brinr 0II tbt 

,ifmntswitbbim,']VoTyeb^t is the meanbig oftbefiwords>Zeci. 

' I^ 5» And tbe liTrdmf GodfbsUajomt^ smdatlthe Smsss with tkoi. 

^ Or what fneanes Saint P^si/,. when he (aitb yiCor. 15.23. Afttr- 

ward tbty that are Cbrifit at his commit^ f doth he not meane tbic 

all the Siints departed (bsll then rife > and can they rift in their 

bodieaat Chrifts coaming;^ and yet nof come then from heaven 

to be reunited to theirlKKUes? Thefe texts wehavealledged ia 

exprefle termcs : and dolyou take them for canonical!, or apocr;- 

pba2 if for oinonicaH, thenfurelv your forefaid report crf^as is 

apocrypha. And yet this is not a 1 1 that we have t o fiiy toachiag 

tfib point, for as you ictkdMmk^ 2^, 91 i^ tbas CheiffiaBkrutg 

attbeboly \y1ngeU with him ; (b vou may read too in 1 Thef^ri 3 . 

thj^ words, Jit the eomming ofonr Lordjefitswitb dUthe SjSntt, 

And ebap.^. 14^ T*bem alfo that feepemJefttswiH God brif^witb 

Ijay, And Jnde ver. 14.. out of the prophecy ofl^r^d^, B^U,tbt 

■ ' ' '•' ' ' ' *^ Lord 


>art a . Cbrifis Perfonalt 'Ejigne an E^tb. 257 

^dcommtb withtmtbottfMii ofint SmMs, Aodtherefow chat 
'hriftflitU briiK. all the Saints with him, is not oar bare wort. 
« the Plaine word of «od. And fo it i«oo, that they &aU 
CMne to rdgne with him on earth, as wc haveaLready proved, 
od the teS followiiis doe ftiriM decljjrc. A«I bcjdw, how 
an vou choofc batbeleeve, that Chrift fl»alU>nii&ali the Sfttti 
fithhim.thoag^thetcwew iwCTpreffefcripe^ 
oabeleeve,tl»taU thcdsadlhtll nteattberametime? fiirfr. 
» vou maft either de»y thb, or gtan^th^t. 
' ' Ifrael's Redemption. • -, 

Which words as they doe eftaWUh the Uterall fenfe ofthe. 7»* , 
firil riOirreaion. mentiowrd in the xocbap. qiRef, Sothey i^jj;*; 
lake the Kingdome of //we/, and the looo yearea reigoe of the j^^.,,.^. 
aiars there fpoken of, to fynchroidzc, and mecte together: 44,^4. 
vwhv fliiUthcSainttCome witbhim, hot bectufe tiicy hare a rbu^.ti. 
barefihi*Ktiigdpme,andaretobeWsainaanttink,aahetold i,^*'/^^!; 

^M rtfitrfeRimcfhodkt mfMf afietad repmeaim : Md 
I titbtr tbef* »*» riftfislfdjedgaiae, mdrife agam mthefetond rt- 
urrSum: •^ % »hfijllr^t0t4ktfirfiJtaUBot4jeataB,aiidt* 
hert ft^ wi« Hi"^ ^ *^ fieaadnfkmBim, Jhit tAtubmt mjl^ 
t no wb«rt maom, vhuh •/ tbefe *»o be Mdttb, mdMr, Archer 
0ldeththtftrlt6f)mmt : but ntUbtr of thtm both 49 wmrm fiom 
:eripmtUnd the tefUtmrnt OtA an eU^dUrem tbe mtrpm^^ 

nlre ao «<. The? who (hill be accomted worthy loobtainc 
liat world, and the rcfarreftion from the dead, neither marry, 
or ate gireh 10 marriage, neither can Aey dye any more ji<?t 
liev areeqoall unto the Angels, b«ii« Ae chiMnen of the reform 

eaioD. V*^ o*» ^ «» "^'i **''** *?*** *"" *" '^V«''> ***» 
ha AtBiutrihat afecmdrefkrrtiiion^ utiiborjbaBtbef live an oartb^ 

, fefe. wWei/i» tbe beji dtgre, kinfirimrmto '*««^ •/"»*« •^««fe. 
bhntf.«9.TlM»MtheFat1icrtwiU. thatofaHt»^|thehathgi#, 
en me, 1 (hould lofe noAing, hot (honld niie it np tt the hft 
lavt «irfvej:.44. Noraancaacomeuntoine,exeeptweFatlier 
rho hath fiiit me, draw him, and I wUl railc him at thelaft day. 

^ ' K m 


fr4ftnfini$e; ^h'A^'iAmiiokli^Ade^ Ej^'heC-5. 14! W<5oI. 3,1. 
Incites ^/^Phih g; ii^. If byaft^meJriits Imi^ht artriff&tmto 
the refurreftion of the dtatf/^^/e ^ordsname rhidead^entrdfy^ 
andmal^e nojhing ffr /f'^ftyani ftdond f^efinreOipn, : brnfiutT' 20.1$ 

*r wc loc^ftrthfeSaviduf; vthb Ih^TFcti^ngeout yilfe bodVi tMani 
ittay l>e4ibc umo Ijij glorious bod^\ Ifthefr^edaim\P OLl^ 

b*ftofothci;botfit53 nor of the fame bodies. And Id4tc:ftf,ihJt 
tJfecoii^dte toutMtt^ tft'e a>iihgagiine dfthem thi»i nre;;ro'|i> 
tfik (Jcdiidt%ie'5%.^<rar proper fnficy! , ^ure T arOjtt iif t"^^* 
*i*oiiffy unfk\ittdte Mf:^>rW; who Wdi inrfetd; iha: tht! raU 
ftd SaJnt^ffliltBf'iiiade.goytriloiiw.oveT''puf SaViou^^ Kirg- 
idoin in hft abftucf; bnf net that tb'ey ft^afl* jrgain i)e (bWcft 
^iicodeattt A^tJ'Vhrulfiyllert,,!*}'^* ihMc S;imt^ft»f-ivea 



ireihGhci88fHi(ig^e5,ii!4 bebUii^ftanc^mir. .M^ir^ 

lU ncwhivean end': ye4 whdof you yoQr fcKc aonkftt^, tipd^C 
I teftimboicifionrch^ n«rgi4e ^o^pipiFp .tN qcwrAryi fJqf J 
Id theiff Vijr^rtgf itie;, fthinkc Fc(u» ou doc | qoc ? Oorjcaiiif 1 j^ 
8 we krtowBocrfo whu^d, ibe Sai|itsih<>ukt^iie;;ijfchey weff 
dy cagainc} ^)^i9 kno wi,. tbac cbf bodjes<^che^ead» thougfi 
ey be K^wltaitijcermptk^'fhatl^beiiiUt^dtiiii iiH;p^a|^ (ej 
nxthrbodierdf^ cbe gieM^ft finneca, Whovcoald sow oxherfri(j| 
H:in€tofiialtffiiMBj|C|;^aEM^ thertf€i^re:ic;:ia;^ th^^ yOM 

vc herolaidaaterianr of yaw ov«/|ne;devi6og,«b9 aoocher mans 
arge, partly chac-^a might dot feeme^Q iakfi fi^Hnuch patM$ 
d coDlim oDthiTif : andpalrcly tc^dt%rMQ cbe cciiiji Witb^^M 
ju:hiii^Thct>nte of tfaeititi^re&ioi), roeas ic |# (fiWa^^^ t^fi 
adfiiJ^cHebbtancq^ foicis (nie;aV<^^,fi|iatth«y;(bsUl njie sir« 
at dnoa'{ And ibis thfiptophew ids ^Seinc Jobm lUv. 20, 4*. firi?^ 
d Samt Ptfw^ ifl t G«r. J ^ a^^a ^124. doe j^pUkiely. rovioaJk 91 
at vcietnty w^U'W0t!4eP);why ^in^Jea€nj9d|0i»rB|ef«fi^ 
oaldratleritartve^QT'tJitiDgwiai tbeie gr^Vger Uglit$,f:|[miJM 
r brigfeoft^irfdidB' tiotlMeovtBtheti^ mAMing^ no( Qn<ljit 
fa€hteM9 Ja^eenoerne the rducrtdion ^ bur* of tteJTe'^ijb cti^, 
nc^netHepreffogariv^ Mkdpiivile^ge^ whtcbt^ey wh^haur^ 
re in^thtiirft nimctiM6'9y avd^ enjiciy <uj^iB(art)ir AndndW; /eiit 
ke how y«ni tbrftte wiifl) thdt^)likoiithepvirgj^e; ^f \^hich: 
e firft'H:%»y{)» aUMge^.(thDi^h not chi^.i$ quoce4} i9» 

tt^-»Mit^ ortdH^i^fwrti^ui fi^thoBi 4t^' '•tK^f •^^Mi^'j'd '^f'^ ^''^x 

'rv^K^/ Thtsi^t(wte)cc^andytMiri«fftM^ 
f Tid «0i^ 4«idfo eqmdUmtto the Angtls^bemtj§^li^wiHf€ ^rf-i 
0n4^^r0Shni]\nii\f9ho£Ath t;hat:itbdjr::fliaU^»ei4f^ ^^fi^k^t.^ 
H M^i»^t% f«5^^ jNy«53'Artdibiaf twey iffhy tifViC»irthly lifc^' : 
lu meaiid a fr vf\]rHli'£:^bra;nmiriaH lifof) bdf ISyi(^"^f^^oni)f)', 
at the/ (hall m)t:li«:oneartrW:'w«Mfl^ny^)i5o4fCq^ for 
ir Sa^^tot!rUv^<l^*eaIth before Kk'dAtshi and ych h. lived not. 
Li^arthly, thatia, a finfall life. And he li»te<J nwiw dayea oq 
rth; ^fi^ tiimdm^dli(^^\m^9*^ apcnl|r 

%6o l{tzt\%T\idemftionredemiily§r Parts. 

to hb.pifciptey, who did eac and drioke with him after \ft rofe 
firoikithedcad,^£f/ io«42« Asd yet bis glory was not dimtniflb- 
cd^byit> nor iie made lower then rhe Ai%els» or the more liable 
unco tiforcality for it. Neither (hall ISie^ai^d Saiutt be I^ ^ 
quail unco the Angel% in their immunity from copulation, in 
their holinelle of conver ftitlonjor in the Immortality of their bo- 
dies» while they abide on earth, then when they are carried 
incotheprefeneeofGodhimfeUe. ^d(eeing otirSmoirlaith 
Iieret Bm tkej thM ^M bt ac^atmed worthy t$^tame \yi iOm 
Min] chatjtge>or that time of the woirtd^^i ifc rffkrrtaipnfrm 
the dnidt dochhe noc plainely point out unto ttt,a tinefai wiiidi 
none of the dead (hall be raifed, but fueb as (hall be ac€mtttHfw§u 
ify of (broe peculiar happinefle^ which is kept in Aorefer them 
agaiRft that time) Certainly Ifwe compare tbefe words of our 
Saviour,withthe i4aid 1 5 verfit^oftiiQ i4Aof 2>i^,W€attmoe 
ihiiik otherwii^. For what is the re(urreftioo,whic& none bm 
$b€jtbaiareMCcmmeJp^mbjfi?att0biMn^, bMi$ber^(krriQim$ftbi 

j^fif fpoken of cbaf.i^viT. 1^4 ^ (which yon paffe over infi- 
TeBce) and what did our Sariour meane, wlwn he faid not oadf 
ilMtfialt be reconfefifed a$tb0ri{krriliiatt^but^tnibfrgfMmQim 
ff^jmftf Did he not meane chat he(boulareedveaieo>mpence 
ac diat time, when all the juft then dead, and none but the juft 
Aould be raUfd > And what is thc[7fJ98Hi uSm] here, [That 
age^ or chat time of .the worlds] but the time of the Kiagdome 
of God feokenof,€ij^. I4.ver, 15 > And what ia this X;xig^hpw 
#/(7#i^,ofwhichitis(aid, fkstbikbUffedtMcbfbsBtatehuiim 
j/jbttt the KiDgdoniewhichGod(haU&ap under Chrift as ow, 
wheoliebriDgs him againe into the world? F6r whereas icia 
recorded, duif. 14. that when one that Ac at meace with our &• 
riour beard him tell the Pfaariiee, who bad him to eate bread at 
hisliouie, that if ha made a feaft, he (hould not call his riob kin* 
died, friends, and neighbours, but die maimsdj theblind^ and 

them that could not recompence him, and that he (faoold be re- 
compenced atthereforreCtion ofthcjuftt whereas. Ifty, it is 
written, tbatwfaen one heard thefethiogs, heiaklutto'oar Sa* 
Tionr, BkfftdulH ibgifiaiut^knad mtk Khgdmm ^G^dt 
What correfpondence could there be hetwbct thtfewords,^ 
wrSavloiitS€0|Klri^ at the 

"^ " ffSntdoKM 


art «. C^ffi i PerfomtUneigM m E»ti. a tf i 

wSioSd contempome with the refiincaioiiof the }a& ? 
kS the iuft, I fiy, (hould rife to receive their recompence, 

h^tlTKSgdoiii of God (h.U b*gin««2, An^it^g e^- 
nrfiSmthct«U.thatthbKi«gdomcofC^. It tobe »Kb^ 

"roiSnihtehthete fhall be catingof brea^tM M, ^^^^ 
"STfficationofthi* phrafcintheGofpell,) (rf&ch cret- 
Xa«Godh*thordained for mans food on earth : thw Ki«g- 

Xuwdy^thefecompeiicc our Saviour foakc of, htobegi- 
? ^S and thc^rreftion of the Sainti to enioy this 
SaSS^atoT^dc^^riaogof aUother.,which^ not 

&tta.eoVSSKingdoi«rbefaUy expiry fecond 

'A- ^TsvSVafc 6 ad 4d 44 14.of which theI-ftver.Udu», 

2^r'ir£.«*%/.iJ^-r AodthefeUft w«^a«thecIofc 
f hSvtf«Jff<»;whence yoaMffxtihn.^W^b'JfJ^, 


?«Sii«of trath? ceruinely it lavowi iiof of y<«f g«w"kil 
S^SS ffiwiertheetftnordieJaftt^furreate^ 
l^^dajrjSryetbothfhaUbeinthelaftday^ the 

,ftd^£5SgtaJwi*thefirftrcibrw«^ with 

.iaft£tv«Seh«reeoodreafontobdeeyethatour Sayionr 


^X!E2 rSviSnienE the^ that (hoald be wotthytdrta- 

:,?^s5S;»lroffi^^^ ^.is^^s 

Si Y^ ll;e « bSS^Smenta^to iupport the toritoatt 
Heretore yw ""'l"^ «_v...,^«- ifk« thenthif. 


i% d&&t^^tet&c<m€t (ii4iichabiegiitiii A4mhimid{e ; .a{id,Hira« 
« that time thc<tl%eflfeft of ^hs preaching roftbcGofb^lP 
THe thifd ttxt i^ th«of Siirtt Vamlin i*fci/.|. lu Iffyofty niw^ 

Where hcrlafch, Si^^tfo^iitbe Ptfmtdim 

ccmftkh^ hisraijkdCtine$j^mftkn:, itisfirmtindiP^dHimu it is 

raiftdinghrj :'ie iffiiWm h$ ireai^^, d$h raiptHi»fimer : jt^is 

fiwnirk natu^MUolsfyi it }iiff bifida pSmuaUhedj^ Andcifiefl^yibe- 
fides tfcei6ftti(%*i»fgi<>^;i«/«im^^ > ^^^40 

yoo chiiike^ ttfac h Wa9ii€edefQlI^for3askit:9iar/ CQiife JW)iitaio(l 
care and aid^vbufy thk be miglitjatcainc tort(e 'attlw tii!ic« 
' Vi^bcn rh^^li^Uft fliould rife )^Tb^rei(»rv^Qnfh(Breroffe •wfettch 
*tli€hApt)ftlt l^lrotc^ib much ^tovdteame. ^nco^ '^m ia^thfir ifafm 
the/tfarrcftl^'d^the^adin Cbrift; theh the fitftrefiif regi- 
on 3 of whkh it iS'faidftk0tibe^h0lmfh4.fart in it^ibe jii^ifi^tk 
bart> m f^wer ovftiim. As oh tbecontrjirm allthftt dye tefare 
tbisrefurreiflionrandtrenotraifediD it, (ball petifhevcrlafijctg- 
ly. Butl>ecaufeytHi^adnoinof^toi^ytoth4*lxtirJjiii 
' Quoted : you allcdgciheaot^^r.ol^hc^miBf^if^ <)i«cof.wbi!ih 
;ypuraife thefe argumeiftft. If tke(PoKttiimjO t^ffreedomt^tbi 
: ^^^fy ^^ i^ heavenl ihm fhejf ^eH nn a Ofikm^by w taitfB^ >4nd 
tfibeirhdiespall^^kkf^a Cbfipigbfmm h.(i^ifffe^fimli>mflhfe 
an earihlyjffe, nordjea^eiy^^ tB^wt/s&loiWif^ofin lifturgu- 

flicnt, (for weVaoW'Mt wlioioijijaffirine^^^ 4^^^it, 

'that tHe Stints (hall after liieir te&iredion bc^eii^Qf mdrtall ^r 
^nitefuUj) fo in your fi?ft argiunent, vit 6t&<d^iiy ymxe «^nfla- 
tion of the word ^iwaItiuk*] iidiich yiott ? make fllie^<«ipd of 
\your aifgumttit. I^ritfignfiftasnbtibdref a jftfe<teti«,^«Wtfi. 
iec^e,] burn maimft of by the A^aftie^ ^^fiffi irfhis 
' ownfeconYerfationitqtlie ccmverfatian OffbtneeaQiallJiiindkd 
' Mitiiflerft of llieOolrpell^ irtaapparoM $ <wd titMiKfore it ii mh- 
irfrcdty PiJ^i<«^,«ropdfcrwofdjfor4idbaiwllKfe<4^^ 
'.^^in heaven ; tl^U^^hnii^ptr^p^sAnfi^f^vij^ui^^^^in 
r theprefencecf GodMdthelroly An^. AbdiecdiuUy^ai^adeiiy 
the argument itfelfc. For ihough we fuppoftjrtjtt cbcr«odIy 
We now no omwtifl fi?ceeda«ai>etftbi (for ^wriiiwH^ 

. ipiritaall 

'—* ""~^*— "'-*■-''■ '■^'"•f'-- — ^ ■■^■- Mil' I 

P^t 2> Chri^s^ekpiimAU%figme^nEiir$h. 2^3 

piricu^l.fset^domc ;oo;inuft nccjes granc them,t^ifig he thiit 
s called in the Lor^ i^ the Lords irco^inaQfas it is Oiid» 1 >C0r«7« 
^ 2. and alltheroyaji.drgnlty which you allow the Sdintt, con*i» 
ids in x^\$) ;hppg{]i (i^^O wj^ faf pofc, I G^t that they have hovr 
10 outward (f(%4c^A Cior cfais alfothey hive, as appearissifit 
[^(/r.ya i. andfi&4ifi.9« vir. i f^ yiet it will lioc fpllow {tLvn bcnctf} 
hat thisy '^x^dSi nona c^ car.ih hcnieaftef , vrfatn^ Gfarift /faaH 
:hange. their vijbe (t94i^^ (hat (bey may be like imco bis gloria 
pu^ t^Qcfy.. The tjw:o ne^ctf^ixta arc oo^tOf A Thef.^^t^. tadtfa^ 
3thcccjfr^.4, «^. iC4^ 1 5>a^ii 7^ fii|)0(h whirfi the Apoftte^aka 
)f the 4:iliog of 110^3 at Chrift^ c^miiung^ bat of tbildeadiii 
Ch^ft« ^lid ieeing^che i^mftion of f heir bodies doth cqaaliy 
^eloDg to iihegod 'y ao4 theuogodly^whv Qiould we not tbioJEC^^ 
;hat he would :^ well ha?a ^pukep.of the refiirrcdl^ir'OftHda 
iUQ)as9(c|ie9rher: ^4|hfy tetdbcwn^iarift attbfeianeltiass 
^U^ the other ,^ Doiibdf^ycmcpuldOiew norea(bti» wfayrlvk 
\poftIe {houldrpeakelo«iucb,(t^ fooftenjofthem&irnifti^ 
M of the gpdiy atChrifti ooointingt andn<jthtngof die i^fiirre^ 
^ODof;tfaei;iiigo4l^» }f tfaey. hid bwiitti rift ftlltogechtfr* Aui 
:ber<fojre yio^i^h^ie alfeftmglrd ooely vifch yonrovtm 
fancy i^ldbifddine ftcangj^ tbia deforcnediffbeof' 
^our flanderous imputarion ; ca wit^ [that. fhrdfedSmmsfiaU 
ije agaw^ ofidrifi agatngA For tkiaopinion sr indeed dcogetfait 

3r the railed Saiaca widbChrifta too«i!>yeaacf,befi>retlielaflrreu 
furraftiooi ,hxid iipgofc any oDebadvmted tfak erroixry yet it li 
in argument of your malice to prolecute the confutatioin of ja 
in yooranfwer onto mej Ay dfui; t0 proftcnte it^as if it were the 
roqimpn^opdmoaof us all. ^as y^ I kaowncHBttlier ofic 1)8- 
U^ yourielfe^milipflt it betbttwlwofliika^^ii/lto^fii^^ ft 
into you. And therefore the reader had n^de beware hovi^tci 
:ake your words upon truft : f or doubtlefle if he heaiicen to yoar . 
bare wordi he ffaaUhever beleeve what God hath foretold^ nor 
know what we hpldL The lafttexe ia E^si^/r v ifion oftbefdry 
l)ones,sb^.97. Andif itbeookens Aejeirt^retame from their 
captivity, at wr. ii.dochfieme toititarprctit, where it is Aid, 
TUfihnamtlhtfhokhmfioflfrael. TetitiaobfoveaUe, firft» 

(hn theddinjE^nce liQ»f6i«^ 

> ». 

^i,. ^ .» ' " « ^»^"»1— Dti^^^iW— ^W 1 1 111 umtm^mmm-^m^ 

2 &/L ' llrattls lUdemftionrndtimtd^ or Paft t. 

whole hooieof IfrM. S: (fondly^ th«e it ii to Waftrr fucK a long 
a^d tedinui capcivir^,as(boutd nuke chcfn even deipjirc of a 
AsUvwrance, z%vtr, ii. doth dccK^rc^, Ar:dchitd[y, cliac act{ie 
tiiUdofchteirdciivcrif ce, they (hillbeco:«e ao exceeding grc^t 
Aroi^') 4» tc is laid, «#r. lo, which iA>(€lrvitfons lloerafartibly 
pianitett) thai this prophtcjMiath not^beerr yetaccorfipKfhed^and 
iunfeajenrly, chie wticn you lay, rhi^vjnoii[y(^i!^/i^#/&eir tb^rer 

yiirc«urd(»l| but n»al{4etiftiit4t^tl« ac^om 
phfecy^' For when were thd* jFt W'dellvei^dotK of ^tijjtivicy o( 
(a^h^l long continuance as' tfieft very dry 
t^RDieis^aoJbycherailiosof fbtih out of^ their graves? orwheft 
dki all ibe JribeT^ the wMo houfe^i^f ffhiel remrhe to tfaeirland? 
fw when did any of ikem (that 1% W>e all, that f ff^eakenot b^ 
fiijgrcfataii Armyas is here foretold ^)^«E>ike t^eir way ijito their 
*4iim coQntrey by force of artny^^; fince their foj ty yeares ibarch 
towyjuaeabm ofEgyfi^ ]^nd^berefore asatl the other texts 
bsK/e reUtioD totbe tirft teiai^e^tldftoneiy ; fahai^rthis lift to 
tbP^furaneRjtdcmpiiai.<*'th|? Jw^ r tt^fieic 

ftfcnrne againe ibco their oWifelbiid/^^dfnft thcthxyex)Fthtirre« 
dciaptioEioftbeSaimi bodkd out of cbeir graves, atoqFSivi* 
wrs appearing. And tihat wl^&irfoiloiVe^ Inxht^sftcr doih as 
p!«intly tevea !c the unitiii^ of al1|cb(! Tfttfe^in their pwrie \inA 
UKcfcr one King \ and par^vlourPpcrfonall I'ei gniritj aver 
fetlemthexe^ as Ac vidociKif the drjhb^nes doth th^lrTe^i^rne to 
Cbelriand.. •• » -> '....r;.'!. .•- ■ '• ^ 

Ifrael^sRedemptibri '' 

7 J . ~.dfVod« the Elders kiMevef^s •^o. fitd iH IHe hearing of Sktot 
tRom. 5.1 7. 7tf fei^ tnwir Jb f /I «Mfe jyjr iMl# <ii»r 6<^; KiwP Mi^rtefis. 'nai tfe 
ch4.i5. ^^linigniPm^emb, ' ,. i -^'^' - •' -' ^' '- 

2 Ti/w 2»\2xK^,t,\'Pct.^j^.^S^nSlorumJuper terram regia SgnUdf &autb9rkasmboc/mti$di 
JhtM ntilla cf:ftdtxilm & perpetuje cahtmtatts acperfeuiior^cs^^^ k^tyrtMs m^udi bujus re* 
g bmpAtiimtMr Vejittrd igHitfmmdifii^H hoc^un^iiMimJ^fwdpverefaptr t&ram,hgHdbunt 

tft godcm videtur fffrifiitf rc/pcxilfeyM^h s .S.Bft Or Jf^^bfertwfdum^^i^dfatii^^akm, rw* 
nab mus^on^regnamit^. ^Hd dipmnfmtnduT^t -Ad alter urn feculMnK^*mm>pmHi:qiii4fim, in ub^ 
mfiiiuti^jitm rcfftant fupet'tnram : quid tarn parmiui adhuc cxpeSfM (Aerati§nim fratrum 
qum aecekrari^9nttfuJir.^t^ t .Th^ are the worfstrf Mori PrkUf^iOmt. fcba. 



ar^of fh^^ 4t«||7>f b»*ir4rrf»»»/flw;l<tWij|«i34ap-4^ n#f ^ *h< defcnfc of an acciden- 
tall c^ai^c^QfrfT^wgirlJ^amft die c&adalabolkmofiCibo^ as I (|^i,^j^ 

very tnie, if referr'cl to tbe:r proper fcafonSjif (fhunning both the- iRi|ir<jsa^nt confoundfna 
awdpernkiOB5wrcftin3of^ripturtf)weaff5rmear»iarveIk)us renovation of this Heaven and 
Earthat the b^iifntiS^ ofbuf Saviours Ringdome, and a creation oF new. ^ c Ihe end thereof 
d»c is, 2it theim judgcnicatrMlienf toh is in the ^JO^i^efH^v /.and fhe^4 i.t/.r, rbu heavea 
aHd^HbihQU^ax^^fiif4,»^yaulK.fo9nd iffcmi a^iAtftb^yiftMlUto/i place no more 
then furely they can We fceeing no longer,for place is an inf|Cp^al)Ic'alfeiJich of their beingv 
atid conrequajcly this Scripture proves an abfolute^ aanihilatjon of the tM world vhicli 
.tftipfore5noAianvil!iltny tfhedodiobfervewhenfhispafTmgof the firft (Jeaven aiid earth 
|s^b<j«qconi^Mii\ H^trtfii adM»ve^ rhl^iillMid ycsir^^er the rencWing of them, for they are 

to^e r^^ic -^ — ''^- ^'^-^ ^ — * — ^' ir— > — . L^^-.!. — ^ _ . . 

. the giving 
thcfe w6rc 

o^ffef lindbhiaDic rcuiiiionicj. muc ui uie •a»i«: Apgiiic, in rnc next coaf> at the V verf. .,„^ . 
fant^iuth he) a ncv^ hcavik andanet^ earth, fir the firfl heaij^ Mffdthefirft canh wt^t Pafed 
jptep';andth^t ^t^n»,m''K/vJN}i\A\ laft ^byfe cwprdly attrming an nti^r Abolition of the 
fea, dpth pUujely aufojrmea^ that Jjy tlieayin&an^paffiag^iwajibof theJiiftisBtth (which with 
the fVa makes but one globe) is m^Qtafubftantiallperifhingofit. Anotheftofif#^inthe 
8 . cb4g.oi GtH^ at the 2 X-v^l- ivhUc the earth rcma net h, fie d time andb t>vefiya»d loid and b a'^ 
^md^mmef^ndw^iHer^andday*andnightJ!5aHn9tceafti and therefore when (eeJ<mie and 
haryeft, an4 fiinaoier and winter, aid Ssof and night ftiall ceafCj^s ft is moft ierfalne they fhall 
4t the 14 Ju4geRiCtit, theean*'* fefe mi^ft-of R^cefllcy tliQi c^jiTe al(b. -A-thlrd oijab in hia 
26.^chaf.. at the iQ. varf He hath comfaffedtbe waters jvUb bounds, untili tf^ day and mzbt 
torn i$ an end, (l>€f$t,i \,verf,z i.jwhich words being compared wir|i the precedent teftiroonv 
whcremdaytodnightareftiewnetobeofcquall duration with feed tin:e and harveft : aiid 
with that of the 22. of the /(eve^i where it is faid cff the new lerufa'cm and the inhabitants 
the; eof j there fbaU be no night ther^ and they neede no candle, neither ligfct of the Sonne • 
n^iuft needs be taken for a plaine and pofiuve propfe, tha t the day s^nd nigfac/hall come to an 
end, and confc^jjaently, that the ftarrcs, and fo the fubhmary creatures too, .w^ofe generation 
«ndccmtiiiuance3oe more or leife depend dport celeftiall influences (being all made onciv 
for the ifeofman, while he i&tx>hanre his refidency and abode on this earth) fliafl (at man- 
kinds removaU from,h3f2ce)cogetber with dus earth with which they were civated be bcougiic 
againe to nothing. .-^ * ^ 


Th^ iiifi words Rcv. f. 1 o^fiffiifie theh^mnr a^iprvvikdgts 4JJ \ 
iheg^dy 0n earthy it ir out of doubt. i^t the qnepkn isy wbtlher John 
/aw ihefe Sldtrs in h<avm^ and whether they fbiU come from the heavem \ 

totbeesrthdgmnei or whether John J^gf^ifi^th bj them the godly on 
earth? Iftbe/i v^erds mak^ fftj thing for thi'spHrpofo, tbefeEiderx 
were in boaven : hm sB the^merfreterj^(evonthe Ambomr ofCom-- 
mentat Ap ;calypc. p^. g.) ixix^no{tbom to $e the godly ott^/i^^ 
The wards Rotn, 4.4 j. are. The pcomife that he;6^oul<l be the 
heire of the worldi was potto Abrabagif and to hjs (ccdcfarpii^ 

Sf ^ %kf 


1(6 Ibinh X^den^imrtAoMtl, «f Pan i. 

th»kw,butdirougbtbeTigltttaBfBettof frith. CHrimmfyMfU 
tin Lsnd ofOttMn was frermftd i$ Atorfiaoi; ofid kUJhd^ jet kt 

mortfrof^fy cawiatbi btiret afamidMiifi. Tit. }• 7. And hcicet of 

. tb|C Kingdomc wbiob he hath proiBUed Qmotbem ihacloirc 

liiiii.Iam.2.5. And hmrc6ofGbd> and joykiCi'hdres with Chrift, 

Rom. 8.17. PfUcb Kingdom t^ai tjpjfied hj Ctnaan ; and oftj^ 

,^ fn^i/ewJiboMf d0mbi^€4kejP$xiliber€. 7h tnrds^f take if. ij^ 

. . mo$ sr§Hm0tta$hf^. Tbif$t€Xis fhrnprv tmil^gfrr ihisMonatc^. 
On the mMrgint is clud aHfg a ufUmmj of Wtodelinr^iri wo rtg^d 
no$ ike ufUmmj of parties in fteir ewa omfe^ (andfji lefft doe ir#te* 
/ * gatdtbiconCtqmemesofthitultmvnf^kerfT^khi^ 

and mkb tktt fnofiiemofth offinoiilor 4iecidcmaU^hsfl^ rf ^ke gle^ 
flMir/, ) feting for one we mttf Mngfve ibonfsnd teptmonies he this 
«rp^f. ' Reply. 

3lte qmpian u^ you/a jr, wbetber Saint Jebnfavo tbefa Elders in 
^ beaven/ AndcbaEbedtdchetezcitfelfedothwiiQefle. For tbac 
. theie Etdera were thelMiei^th the fildert in chnf. 4. the coiri- 
fiuation of the vifion doth infallibly evince. And chat Saiot Un 
fiw thofe Elders in heaven^ the 1 v#r. of (he 4 ohap. doefa clearly 
' f)rove» where U is (aid» ^^f tor Ms I M^^awdbekMa daore was 
afesiedin beoven^ nnd thefirfi ^yea whUh fieatd^ was as it wore of a 
tmm^. Polking tritbmee, wbkhfaidfiomettfbHberiand/wiBJkw 
f bee tbings which mnfi h hereafter. Now what heaven was it in 
' . D^htch Saint fubn (aw a doofe opened^ but the ftarry iMa ven, Ac 
lame heaven^ which Saint ft^fan law opmed,y#CF# 7 And 

what heaven wat it, from whence he heard a vo!ce talking wkh 
luai, but the third heaven) in the third heaven it was then 
f wMdier Siint P^^iPas once canght up,) that Saitit taAas heard 
andiaw Ach wondtrfoll vtfions, and revelations, as &>de «s he 
wis in the fpirit, that jt^ ists foone as bee was carried op by 
the %irit, whither he was^befere called by thehroice. And con- 
feqnedtly, be Aw tfaefe Bohrs in beaven : aM this alfo the 6 
and^ver/^/oftfie^c^^.doe.tonfirme, which Acw that tliefe 
Elders were there; vinefeodr Saviour (repreftnted by ibe Ijimbe 
diachad been flatncl was, When the boolx of Revelarion was^ 
venuntoUttu And at So^Joimbw theft Eldcra in heaven. 


$fiF^mt$i 9nk»f^ott4bo(tW0 fibrts of ifimpift!if«». who by 
thoTe SUfcrs 4o9 aMfrftand Sakiti in beavea. Qae^ wM^ f akcg 
ihemforioQreand cweoty aiid no more, for twelve P«trt4icb€i^ 
§Mfi tWve 'Apaftl«s« Another* wiiiek lakes fbeoi^frir^Utiie 
S«i9€i dieiiirt ImVeA, co whictpbtnterpretaiten beiilmfctfie/en^ 
clipt9» And PipfSfor Qoderftaiidi^By thoia atltbe fatihftill uflder 
knh Teftamenca, undir the taw^Mdpnckf tlieQo^ll ; and fb 
««ill»lih«6 a^Ekkrr to reprefene poc onely theSaktt then de- 
{iat«^ hue all«:lke» tl^o whicb il^oiild dep%rt IMiare Gfrrifta ^ 
|i|2petAriiig.' And ii6w l^ing the tes^t ftc^wa ihas^SUint jMv fait 
ihrA Elders in heaven; and iHterpreMPt^ fay, that theyrepre^ 
f^cedthe Sihtta departed^ how san jkmt Wonb^ nmjhoMpmffte 
pn mrik^ be iinckrftood:angr olih^rw ife then of their feigning liH 
wrAttfteiiifre&ioft) Yea l«t them hetakM^Mr the^iaas oh 
earthy and yrd:their words cannot bo otberwiieuoderiocML For 
ikhey Adrepr<(eii( die Smnt» mUiiaiit on earcb» thevi did Dbaii 

reigne fpirioially when they ipafceaheie words. Andth^^i^ 
iiD^g flocimdiiftanding their feliRaall teigo^ f hey laid ttdt^. n>0 
dw, hkt^WfJMl rwigMt 09$tari^^ it ia evkmti th»t their weeda 
eMOot be meant of a reigne whkh they (hotlld ef^oy on earah^^ 
whitethey. werein their bodies before tl%dr deatK»f whicbfay your 
(iW'aeooitteiSofl canhanooiher bm a ^itoalt rrigne) but of a 
f eign^ whieh they (hocild eiqoy onetfth^ when til^ aaea^dmf 
rcuniced to their bodies a^r tbdr de^lt» A^id wheMas^tfie 

words in T($m. 4. 1 %i t^r iheff0mife tbat^ k^fiouli hb^ jofibg 
MrM^flv/arebyyoutbnstoierpFetei^ [7W# heff$Mhhm0(f 
. tumUl life^ tit. 8 7} When yon caa prove shae [nfi^turlthe 
▼ifible world doth ^gnifle,ai<ri|#tf/^; wefliattapffoirtfofrhis 
aspofttioD. In the maane while^ wc jhalt i^nder&nidit of the 
}oynt-go>r«rtiiiient ot the worlds by Abr^am and the seA bf tt^ 
raked Safaits, in die time of Chrifts reigda* on eir th. At wUcb 
dmt eUb^they may well be fiid to be heirca of etemalUife^ ai^ 
coheircs with Chrift^ feeing they (hall nik the werid with btoQ 
andcandyenomc^ire. The other wosds Imki 19. 17. 19. [^area^ 
fori wf^fH^Me^atHtevfryfamfa^fat'iMe if mk^oMimmiUnnny^oXi, 

dy^ltmet that pare whkh arofleth feme trudk p&iely delHiwtf 

in tteferiptore>bu^ that whiehtgreesh widimrplafaie ftripttkaa 

as shii dodiwidi diepaopkeeiee ttet^g ow SaviiMife al3d^abe 

t ^f 3 Sainta 


•V • - ^^..^ ■■ I ■■ m^^ mmmm ■■ ■! I " '■■>! ■ Il> 1 || - - - . , ,,..., M— -M T TI illl W 11 

^ai0irr«fgrt*il?^on tihh;^ iirgCrrocm^iivc. IB^lef >ii^y fo iriUi^ 

. • '<chJit our S^iouf ^ughc them in parables $f pa^abf«f ^ coiuftiae 

BO oettaifie cruth > And what h theico^eof4his|)aMbIe, butro 

.^e^fhatChtiftwaS itbCtoi-GJgtidover ^^'ji^Mr/theti attiis^rft 

conitt>ifig'jrirti«nrrh« J^ir^x fti^ e^hivebitn ifaigM^«^ 

vcw:hcm,Uiyiog,W*c have ndRtng bw C^^^Vil bUAoiDmiiig 

againc from beavM with po^iFCDani gr^ft'^iofry^> atwhich tini« 

he would malce chole cbatbad jn their I tf« time smpro^red^lifi 

' l^rtfi}all<U)€ke^'governoi]r8 uridtir hin^. Andiaiiy ydil» (liigtiiii 

ing oifVendiliAuf tefttdn^y^^ as a party : ^nit fiolf ttHs. Maf gimali 

>. Roce, as too tAeane for yourlneditariony is a fine fleightb>\ xCBfe 

yoQf not anfwering of thenf.To which dctlbtles yoa ha d boching 

to fay 3 for el ft we may well thinke^ that yduwoid€i4\»^.ibeaa 

tiiblingat t1iisn)arginall:noce too, a^Vellftsyjontir^aPtwti^i) 

and that among fo many thouUnd oppofire reftimphieS'/^yba 

woald havcpickt out an anfwcr to this (ingle tefttciiany of 

Wittdi&nns. Ifrad's Redemption. 

74« AndthiswiUappearetoadilipnteye, even out oftheconi 

trover(ed place in lUt>. io« fbr befide^^ that the oppofitido be^ 
twixt thefirft and lad re(urr€dionj doth tmpofe the fame fcnft 
t>nt)otb ; befides this^ I(ay^ the vi(ion reprefineed-nortmtoSt, 
jf<ifc;i,perfeftmen, (at thefirft,)thatt9, men that fliould foe be« 
headed for thewirneCT^ of Jefus^ faqtlbatefbnely, andtb^t ao( 
men already !befieadid V ti(4)tch moftniOTf^^ flitwefthat 
the refarreiftion after mentioned , did fotlow their dcatb^ 
and not goe before it* And therefore, may rot bcrtakenipiriHi- 
aily^ for their regeiieratioa> for the renewing of iheSr iTiindei, 
which is to precede their periecution, {and may more probably 
be referred to the iealiiig of thefervantsof God in their foit- 
heads, fpoken of in ebap.y*) But materially and properly, for 
the quickning of their bodies^ when once the numl^er of the per* 
fectttcd is ful tilled : whole confiinmiacion and glorious exaltati- 
tion. this vifion did re^refent. 

Jfiff. Fttrn s t^nfmr. 

Thi$f$rm$ ofdifim^ngjhtwts mntiftfily^ ibsi the Amtbmr it a 

firmtgi wrangler s fori. Then is nomwt offcftim^ mr agreement 

betmxtfkefirft an^ficmd refifrreOwn^ then istttmixitbefiffi sni 

femd dealb: b$if UfumwiUfiff^ tbst tbefirfi onifitQnddtatbiarthid 

' liki 

•pirn ^w , ■ I ■ n iii' » MP— lai »i I lip- ^ III 1^ » |M « — 

Part.iir Ckftfi^i^erfi^KRHgnf^oM Earth. i69 



/tttndrt^tifi^iniht'/imffipfi* i- fVbiftp,.fJfW(>^jf:Bfif.Ujf 

ll^Uth$H9dttfiMdtibt^'m»^$4n ^mtiiiswktjimvrlt mt4e.pvfy 
tbehdM,crafitr^hyentr»ii,iHMfb*koi^* htJm-.tktklrmfbtfMimi ' 

. .■[.,-■'. ■ , r! t ' •; fteplyC :^ . - ! -« :V ) .-' ,; .'•.: . 

li,, itlwely he ka wrawB^i: f Mwi. ii«\Qlli«r )^yi*)o.ei«»I »ipfi«tb 
WQrJs'wittejBt Jcnow4eilj|C:j#wi ?8tinft«n.*S^«^f5«tf 7ii^«»*)l 

toucJbingitbD opjpofifiod b^^«X cb« it^A0kc0ad,te^ti&kf99 
to witittjtt U doth Scnpof? the &nje f^Jift ort bp^^^hare U th}« 
loglcail rule, ^jfod w» «««» ItgUiiita^finkmimy mmira ittttr^ 

)n, thei]iie<nbtrs«ie«ppiofe4ii»ief fh* 0i|w.(jcnO8 a : |t»t 1^ 49ft 
livid^the fifte <h^, viifW^ »feCQf<iing dp yOUf eKpctaqtJing'iIv?, 
:rftfc{i«-f€aioi>i,;ola bodily rettwrcdUort, H«f<?.AeKj ^pr we. 
lake t*e r€furr«ia»t)B 0fth«4*»cl,or» bodW.yrf^fiKsaaio;!, to be 
icgdwMlK iftingai»ide3. .Aadthifi^yliMl <pc^ J^wre^- 

efe words ki v<r. 5/'B*# <)!»« «jl .•/»k^(K!/>.!f tjiatls,- quhcmi 
hofc bodii»wierem thcrg^Ve )A'»e4i»»»'>fl/*< HWJ^iWf * ?"?«* • 
//»<?«/, 4pe :«QRfi<»ie> Sfie|agr:th<:y jdoen«»ccflAj^ily imply, that 
Tieofthofe tlMttiai been in the grave, were theq r^Kft : ^.j 
> pirckvireitMonote^ [/mi^dhe rej^i-^h ihtw, c|^f)ej[ who 
•n ri£eo^ yvene {Mfoire thcit rdfaireai«n.h«14«a the Qv^ ,(m'j^ 
ion, iHtwijkfcihtftothef Wertleft.lhi^5.j^ '#Qder,thip power,, 
! fcond«gf»f ^bodWi^ ddttKi 4»r:w€ll .»Mhfly. Fi|o»!F«^hi^li. 
ith t'i« feo het «iio wsfeWhtet xktw ere.i m tjijl^ftrgfutifefti-; 
nf bbditej-dtfarib*tHt«r.^Tfii;l|j(!^«JN^y$»j;f ?5Rp<Jt^;9S«he-, 
t refarreatofaitifAl^i uatUfefotreAwii t^ thefecon^-of »•. 

■<**ft«*A**»^<— *»»— ' I '■' '■ IWI ^H II " !! M ill, l»«.WM^<i»Ol 

^70 IfraeU ^eefimftiM ytdeefk$d^ dy* Part ^i. 

p* *m 

qa}vKiltntexprelBoii§/>f ii fpirttotld mdwhodilyfeforre^on^cbat 
i^che firft rcliif ^6b6(i to b^nH encwif h afp^ritmll YclbrreAieD: 
ifidfltftevKccond refnt^rftitmlf^beall onrwich aboditj^vrtfoneJ 

g)tttid<^ inthfe filme ftn&vf or [tiite i/m mk^ m^fitiwiiMi^^t^^ 

Ilfti6'ge^ua>aitii6tthe fiyft & i^l(Som^d^»ll^^9irt)il(xKly^^t^^ 
doUbti^flb dwiicond death 'i»tim^t)p{><>ft4'io cbei^inicoalt^iifi 
of the loule^ ^ which is a death tn'(]niiej)4yarca tkm RafuriUikKb 
of ihe bbdy,(which is the fir ft^^tlth of it for fin, ) and this chefe 
W&riji i^;9. ' OnfiUkthfk&nM tU^tb iati n&pMer^ do confime • 
t<^ dbe^dbepftaSM^ iiidniate^thtflliht JirfMeach oithe body^^i 
kturall d Jaih Aef eofhad had^^Mrcro vcr ahem j aa Wtil aa^av 
Qitfier^; iichough^tfc'ftcdhddea^dfiiiaiboi}^^!^ 
death thereof; (Which is^kk^eftimtioiito eternaU tcrtabM) 
flidtUdfiav*' lib ponrer over thettf '■• / 

ftf^(6f wit i* tny^;rd¥d^' tben^lKri la iaiyaa^.Fot fiiiety I 
ilMkt t^ cbmlpaf ifi« 4)dt wi^ 4ie<{)l^i€ualf^ ptrlaftkn c^mcb 
tllrho (hallbebehco^d/atidtbd fdlites 6fdia»thac«refae^ 
(b\it faetwixttheiP nacdf aft t)erfeftloii) ^br all tiiarl fay, b ctHs ; 
l%ac jft^ftwiffc>t atftM^^im^ ^atJa^ men cbat^cMhl 

bel^^e^Hfor thC^feicficf&ciH^s; btrt thefoules^ofiiiattoti. 
ly :^ and^hatiis b^mth^ready beheaded* And- virbac ^effeAfon 
of ^t9 it, toiiiiagii]e» t!hat a pattx:^a Wan fiheibiile^fn^^ j;, 

amorep^rfeft effencethj^n the Wb^iemaD.^ (ttettdiribule a&d 
bddyboth?)' *' '/'/• '"'• -•:h:-n.i-; /. -, 
' i. Iq Aepi^etdikl^ wiofds; ydtt Mhei r^Mai«tf«3|iayM^«>tf 

ilkfiuks §f thm ihn^^k^ Ubeddid^.AxA io fxi doirpaffiiflayoa 

Sane, ibac Idee taketliefiMiteft Whiab $Mia Ikibritir^ rfor ^ 
tifetofmetibehe30de^. And^ctmc fwrmue yoarrfilfe «. 
AoraoC oftbe feifete wfwht tlhodiefn. Fnryoliiy [|^ lliry^ 

ft^hnmfJ Mmi^^ ar 

> a ... ^ . •»«• _ •« .-.T». . . .^ 


PaK 2 • Chifis Tirjimall ReigMon Earth. 

afterihsji^mrtdintotheiMlies l^fir^ thetrritgenirMtitnJ] fiaclhrelj 
I undeiflfiind aeither of thefe i^ tbim^ buc the rottlcide{iarte4l 
from chdr bodies^ astlictexc (aith they were : (and asaoymtn 
may perceive by my wordsj ^Alld whttperfe&ionofwic were 
ic^by fouleiof\ely totmdemand foulesencrcdintcybediest Or 
Vbit are both^eieparc8QfyMr anfwer,bQcavafne;Hrrieftnig of 
the wordes ^f^cH m€n\\ which (x» av'olde theaiiftxreritig qi my 
argument) ycu parpofeiv miAake, fof regenerate men : for men 
perteft in grace. Whereas \}^fi i»eff ,3<>ppored to the Ibules of,<inn!(lnted8 (tgnifieyincti perteift ineffences^nen con* 
fifiiog^ both of bodies and fotdcS. And therefore that Pbe 
feftder may (cehow pobrely yon hafire (hifc^d off the force of my 
X90td»^ I wili lay it before him in this Syllogifme.' If Saint 7a^ 
men chat ihotard be beheided^ then bytheword)f>l«j^/m«/33is 
jneaflt the IhJng againe ofthem that had been bchcraded, f ther 1» 
lingbf men after their deaitbiXandnbt the rtteneracing of them 
that (houldbebeheadrdi (the riSngof men before iheir>death.) 
ButSiint JobnUw onelythe (bales of them chat were beheade(( 
and not mep chatJhonId be beheaded^ Therefore by the vrord{r% 
/iz'e^/^] is meant thellving olthem tfaac^h^beea beheaded^ (^the 
1 King of men after their death,) and not the regenerating of them 
chat ftoii] d be beheaded^ (di e rifii^ of men kfore their death.) 
For the word «(Vara^l fi^ej Imd^ muft needes be oppoled to the 
deatbof theboi^,cothedeath of the M^iifei^ the death hef emen^ 
tioncdi and not tatfaedeatfaof the ibde^ the death of raeafoefoie 
they are regenerated! a death not here mentioned. 

4. This argamem is a meere petitie frincifii^ a begging of the 
point in qncuion, for it (iippofeth, t\M the lirft refurreOioa is 
tobeuiiderftoodfpiritoally, which isihe very (t]b|eft ofthe coiv* 
troveific. Atidthefeforeicisjuftasifyoahadfaidj If thefirft 
refarrcQUoa betl&at wMchwefay ids, then it goes before the; 
Siints death^as wcfty it dodi/defarely if incerpreterado expound 
the firftreforreAioti ofthe Saints^ \Jftbefirfakyig^Ani^Ubrifti 
mroms^ nftbtk n&i W0rlt^ping of$ht B^aft, nvr nctMng hi matkf^^ • 
and 0fthiir eanftani frrffffwi^ &c {] then they doe undlerftand Ic 
of the effefts and confeqaents oftbefpirituallrernrreftion, and 
jM>t eftbe ijplrituallrefQfreftion it felfe; For the regeneration of 

Tc" the 


TB^^edmfHM^dumd^or Past ^^ 

f hetSatatt^M rtlechftogeitttdfa^idngof their feidcdby the fnfo. 
ifiaaiH[&n^ifyiQgaad(aviii0gtt€esoffhdr^^^ Am} 

A«y doe bcfiet^ putitctu tolpgy upon thcr.t« t^ Which according 
«oclH8iftefevp«mtion OMftbc thus par^phrtfed, ^M Ifim-ibt 
j^0 0f$hm^thttn»^i^kelmJidfir.tkwm^ mdftft the 


hmisimiihfy^livU^ that isj ipditbc^y worflnpp^ nqccheBc^^ 
iiorlikifflMe^nof fC€ci?QdJ^imike,&c.^'A^ if for die word' 

w^»fge8tttci8d§iwi^echc;mgenera(ed!igain,afo^ mrgie- 
knidtd^ f^cU after.ifaeyrb^ ID their life tiiBCwfiiied to worflrip 
lbe£caftr&c > For «ll dus^wti revealed, as paftnviilicii St. J^kn 
^wrthcirfouleif wdyetjt waaoftec be ikw tbetr fbutes, that 
thjHved^andrHgffedw^bC^ifiaiQoqys^^ Thus then is the 
teu by y^ti t inierprmdoiii tfCfMsived b0«h;jof truth and^f^ 
wliiirbtalrtn in ks priiper .(igiiificatioii, doth of ic^felfefpeake in 
thSBrOMmnertoevt^ry uRdtri^odijPg. Md X^^xp the fuf$kt ^fftbm 

^4$ wtrt bebi0ded f^ibe tnlMff^^fJefm^-and (th/oulis eftbem) 

^ ^ mUcb badrrm ( in tbeir Jiff iJniie) W^rjhippud the tBtafi^ natter bu 

wHga^t^^mdthijfmi^H i$y end they (tfcat were ebus fodi^aded) 

Bred agaisem their ^diesj ithey toit from the dead, andteign^ 

tdwkk ebrifi J jooo juarts^ S/i» tbereft dftbt digd lived not tilliki 
io€i>oi^0reiwereji9iflhd. That i$> till tb^ t^fv^tfid^kxk of the dead 
defer ibed, ver^z, i p. :i^ei< MA t^^ who hatb ^wed bitnltUe 
(he [^^^<i*T4agfori3:batb ib»a Amhour, of Mr* Petri f . 
•^ ^ JffpiVsR d^mption, - 

jj. It hQi^i^\fo^.^ttbtjiiUftid^xtie9id with qbrift a u)oo 

yearrs* Bm. hpwt^l k be that they (hoald r^igneifniMdiately 
sftar tbdr rcferrffdion h of >bagf unc their rd^ne all at once : or 
eMtimieit biittthotiiM yc»Hrcs» (which tbiiigfttltele v^^ 
f Iy«}if by tfaeir rtfurrtHion^' ijioiild be inulerftood cheirfVfaiMu 
r^^<:aiid bytbeirr«^iwii theirbeing inbeavenfOt if by die 
ytmdL^^sbfflhiedy'] fliofild b^ meantMelyf i% went ^enenedi 
howcanthey re igne Co lotig^ e thoufand^fearesjieemg thep^ace 
of tbclr t^^gnt muftbe^ofi e^rtb ? for if th^ iboiild beany wfam 
dii^ how can dey be cQcoaipaft againe with waire^ when, tbe 
ihpttfaiidyeaKf ire ^xpircdt ^ ^^* Jli dedareacbQ^ (ball ? 


P^t 3* CbrijhPerfifnaU%^g»$ofkE^tb. ' j'j j 

hf^i hriMrfivermUagUyXevmar 9h ^MtB^mu^m doe, hmaginm, sha 
the Sdim in that con^eiitd M^mtrcfy frsUmtttiveaiat 999e^bt^,ig 
itnir fiver oliagH d^agirimy and ftcceed M#^f kkanmberfirtJm 
^ateofa tobo jeafes\) attdf$ ibefr^m k^iemerf^offeilmifiglmtfgUi 
looojtaref^ mdfa img^it^ Iktvefime tv^voffifed ikejmamt oJ%k 
Mejf ; and thy feigning m aaffb ktv# hun memf^ nrisk mtrrtat 


.Reply. . 

This tflC^irer 99 a hWuj oi the iatneftiaiit witb the hmth 
p«rc ofttie forftier Mf wet« Sothacarlih fignificgunto u^;, utho^ 
ThatifydafiyihttrtitH^thenybiifiyth^iiioth. And feeing yoit 
affirme that by the SaiMs [IMmg mi nfmtreBim^'] it neanuf^kir 
c^nftmt fr^fiffim^ and by tlnnxr^gikigAtbihr fntfaiBmg (Wm bem 
rtfies^J Tpny telitts, ifrhetMr a^Mgft Cbriftutt cbtra weca to 
beconftancprofeflourt, and prevailcraovcr beriefies^aiie ^ceof 
a I ooo. yea)reso^ly,ai}d no notc^tf tbera nvere tohe tech longer^ 
then this cannot be the nioanai| of the Saum. ikmg mdr^igmmi 
withChrifi a i oojp yeares. And if these trere tobe fiich no longer, 
then when did the loooyeares bcgiai in which chcfif confhmt 
Prpfeflbrs (hould be ? tiF^. they hcigtb in the timeol the Apoaicv^ 
thenthereare'no Gonfttnt proftiflftiors and prevailera over l^re-^ 
fies now; nor have been in foms hundreds oty cares before this. II 
they began not «t that time, then you viM exc;Iade the Apoftles 
theitifelves out ofthenamberofoonftantpfofiDflburt, anilpi««> 
vaikrsoverhaife(res; lutfeflTe you will divJd^itkeioooyGaies;, 
and (ay, that it is not meant thatth^fived and reigned t looo 
yeares together, but atiewfailtimes't and yet thus alfd you 
•nrnft ercludeibme age$ ff cm hav'iiigw^ eenftant pro^^urs in 
thehi, which is^qnite contrary to ^die^td of Oodi widish flie ws^ 
chat when Satan (hould nioft preveHe, fbolildfpre m^poifFer to 
deceive, there (hoiridte fome elefir whom he flbOiddw>t deceive. 
And whefe» youiay^ \f%at tk^emfftrntp^f^fim^raiMm^ m 

emi^'^^it^ r^^iellupjsHhiQ 

^-.^.^-. ..„ . -*- j^. ^ '*'ebiy 


■ ■> <. ■< » ■ . 

j-^ f .({Vael^«iMfci»p««»r«few»e<4r P art 2. 

thej^ weielniettipted (rem k the Ipacc of t thouftnd yearcs \ 
^ iplrcn they have becae oody acdoipaOL witb it > Sorely 
fbey have knowD$ but little f)eace, aadliaVe tiotbeen ooely eth 
tcompHl^bttC Qfcesdeftroycd^ tt^ m^ away » by the fmy of tfae^ 
^vcrTaries, whereat ia the timcof che Saints lemo yeares reigne 
on earth wiih Chrift, they are to eojoy peace (b long, and when 
after tbeie yeares they (kA\ be encompaft by thek enemies^ not 
oneoC rheoi <hali pertfb, bat cheir eqemies Ihall wholly be dc- 
flroyed hffktfr^m G9dauf^fb€a9en^ws Rev^ %o. 7^8,9. doemani^ 
feft« jknd cpnicquendy all that you hive iaid, or can lay, touch- 
' iogtheprcCsm accompliflioient of this propbeey, tondiing the 
folHlUng of ^before our SavioiKS appearing, neither bach, oor 
can have any truth in i^t Andlaftlyy as for the concents of your 
ptf ei^hefisy cestiineiy we doe not ima^e that the raifid Saint^^ 
^e Siincs which the Lord (hall being with him, (whooi alone 
2ev« 20. 4* doth ebncenie3):(haU not live tbroughduc tlie whole 
ipaceofa iooq yeares reigne: for we know that they can dye 
no more after their refutrdEtion. Bttt w:e beleeve^ thst the con- 
verted Jeimj^ and stl the.(?iw^^ that ace left^ (to wit, after tbc 
extraotdmary deftiliAioi^.wUch»for tb^generattoppofingthe 
Jmis, (bell light on tlitnissiti our Saviours tppearing,), we be- 
leeve, I fay/ tbatthefe, and their pofterity (hall live in the like 
nortall condition as we doe now; thoj]gh nheyOiaill live much 
Ingertlienwedoenow. . *• * 

, . , : Bmits RedemptiptK 

4. ^ And U(Uy; The ragne of Cjirift* doth not bi^iime tiR Anti- 
ohrift isdeftroyed, fb tnfat a metaphoricill interpretation of the 
firfl returreAion^ woflid make good tbit CQUclqfion : Thatmoft 
of thte Saints (hall riie many hundred yeares before their reigne : 
there being no lefle difhince of time betwixrrbe houreof dieir 
calling, and Aittidiriits confufiom 

* Afr. Betrie*s Anfrer. 
I have before msitkckme^ thai Cbrifi^ Khgrbim it drea^beffm: 
far he Hign§th m the midft of hie enemies^ mt- enely ifj hufnptr over* 
ruling^difaffemtheg and tur$iifg all their flpts Hpmthdr e/ppne patei^ 
but alfoin comforting the heart f of the godl}, fi that they area ttrroter U 
ihe wbak earthy even toibeir enemies (veboaremattf timeimate^raik 
aifkfrajere^ftffogadlf^tbeteat i6e[a0mmeofothfrenei!tiej,) ani 
ftebJlHt ike fbmu ofm mi^^ afdimie Khaia etahes aroMtrthen 

' l l » 1 

' Fart 4. CkrifisPtrfvtaS Rfigne$» Earth, z75 

km : And thinfore that attkrfion falktb^ TAe ttigm •fChrifi b^gm^ 
nah n0t tii Anncbrift be Ju^ft^d l andtbst abjHrditJ foll»m?ipbat 
ifftTtkn^ isfalfelj imfattd t0 ibm interftetation. 

Ybuhavebeforeallcdged^P/^r/. tio.soffiewthatChriftUoili 
now reigne in the midfiof his enemies ;.and we hive (hewed) thac 
that prophecy is not to beklfiUcd^.umill becomes from the 
right hand of his Father rand therefore you have onely UisL and 
Aotproved that Chrifts Kiogdpme is already beg|ia« And^tbat 
be 3Stb now bj bit divine fOT^ir^ ^ver^rmle, and aifpo/i of the a&kniof 
mwt and bjbij Spirit comfffTi tbebearuoftbegodlj^2 i9iK)tbmg to ^ ' 
the queftion in hand. For thus he governed the whole woridj 
and bis Church ia the worldj as much before his incarnation^ aa 
fae hach done iince« Bat ihepfophecies whkh fore£hewourSa-> 
TioursKiflgdome on earthy doe cfearely manlfeflv that he is te 
reigne over the world in the fame manner aa temporall Kings* 
doe over their Subjefts^ to wii^ viiibly and civilly r that in the 
time of his Ktngdome, Kay. the ads of his gov«oment are to* 
he the immedkteaft^ of bis manhood ooely, faf though rhey prd«* 
eeede originally froa^his Godhead. Ji And furely this Klh^omv 
isnotyecDegun, nor fliall beginne till Anrichrifl: be deftroyed^ 
and cdnfequently,. the forefaid abfurdity touching the great div- 
fiance becvrixtthe rlfin^ and reigning of the Saints> doth inevsca* 
biy follow upon the fpiritnall interpretation of the 6r ft refiirre* 
dion. And whereas you layi \Tba^tbetmmier9ftbtgodfyarem€^ 
Iff times more ttfraidit oftbeirfrajirSy then at the cannms of ether ene^ 
miet^'] you herein contfadift experience it /elfe I for what doe 
the OlfdbomMaw^ OF any Pagan Nations^ regard the prayers of 
Chtifiians, whofc very faith they account foolifimefTc? or what 
doe persecuting Chriftians therafelves regard the prayers of 
the periecuted, whom they thinkc co be wonhily puniQiedby 
them? dotibtlefletheyareno more afraide of thett)> thenSaiiK 
M anl wis^when through a noiftaken zealr^be wasfoexceedingly 
Riadde againft thensi that he ponilfaed them in every Synagogue, 
and compelled them toJblafphet^e^ & per (ecuted them toftranga 
cities. And therefore chough the prayers of the righteous may 
prevaile very much with God; (or then* ewne, and their enemies 
good :. or for tfaet diiappointiog oi their enemies device s. and 
' -^ ^ " ^ T t J, V actertiptftfc 

ty6 Kr^URedeniptio^ritdt'emed^ <t^ Part* a\ 

itc«tnms; yet eeKtliitely their' en^tnt^ CAori^erfte^ norr^ 
^yd this, u»l«c God open theii'cyftrf, ^ajj hi did^tint J^iwi:^,) 
to behold the pcrvcrfrieflfe of ihSit own i^ayeg, aUdftHe inbb- 
cency tt^d uprlghtnefle of thchi.Whoai they fo much def piQ:; 
" \ IfracPj Redemption. 

77, The atfamptlon isfifrodtfrfed oft RH^'. ti. x f . wfafch (htwc$, 

ifiat an the tim* of the fevcnih JI*rom]f>fee, (with iht beginning 
* The King- i(/Utct>fthi ltd viall dblh £Ottturfc>) 7T6e pngddmes of^ ib% 
dofoci of this jf^jfi^ Ji,^ nPt kbome the t^fdmudf^kr L^L anil^hisChii:. 
worW. It IS - ^ -w J 

nocfaid, Th& Yjny^m ofhc^Hftn^ to wit, of the third heayen ( the mcprmptible h^iiatiao'of 
Saints and Angds) or of mother -^orU^ I fay o( another in fubftarcc. Buttbi K^ngdomet of 
this worlds that is,this world whldi is noHifii (hall till then be divided into manjr Kingdomes 
Ihall wholly becoditChri{t$3 dnd be made h^ hitn <^ heif tnly Kingdeme, t Kingdame, In 
which men ]9iatflfl($ Mt^ flfttbtsifeidy eftate and cdfiditiomaKingdomiin wHicb Gods WEI 
&all be done49ii tvsA^ It is iQheavcfi. For (eeJng ihatcannot poffib^ beoome any nans 
pofleiSon, which doth utterly ceafetobe; what other confiritdion canbegiTeaot ilieie 
wordti but thls) t^at the goTcrnment oi; all the Kingdomes of die world, is hereafter to be 
taken into Chrids owiie bands as he is rtiln > ^li^ imicdde how elft (hotild^they then become 
h]s> after fach a mantier as th^y are not notr hh, M nbtby a fabiedioR cohis manhood ? ftr 
as he is God^^bey weiae alwayes hJs, and all will f^ant tben: this Scrlpiu>e^d6ttl f^inely fdtt^ 
ihew^ a depofin|> of all the Kings of the earth at the apeomplIihaMnt thereof, h depofing of 
chem^ I fay^ in fuch a way, that their Kinadcmes may become ^e King^dcme'sof our Lot4> 
and qi his CliHil^Which cannot be by aboIlQiing anddiflToIviagthe earth, on which they muft 
xeigne ; but mdy ahd ihiill be by fitbduing and conquering thelb^ and the Kingdomes over 
which they mnft relfne. 

- . tMr. Pario*! tAlhfkef. 

The ngkfHfthm^ J^ko wmidfay^ sprtionj hoi kis marked hf^fg 
the Jtftthor is no Logkian^^grnovdtd on Rev. 1 1. 1 5.1 Ae wnrdt gttt, 
Tb:.' Kingdomes ot this world, are become the Kifigdomesdf oar 
LordyaffidofhiaChrift. Hettiiisnmfitid.OHrLmlnndhueirih 
Jhall not fdgne tiU this nm ^ hu this is all tknt the n^jrds import^ 
XoH^ is m Kingdoms hmt^mt Lrtis and bisCbrifts ^Avd if it be ab* 
jdfhd. It is n&tioherrfaidji afCbrifiss^gnt ttUtbis time if the /i- 
mfitb tmmpet: andtber^fn it eanmt ketme^ that otot Lord and bis 
Chflftd^er^ffH till then. Imnfwer^fobaue keafdkfore^ tbatinthe 
midfi ofihife Kjnffkmot daihOsriftnlp^^avtnssston^ thorn, mdtfpet 
tb^no, fiut alltbei^ Kingdocnes fliall be neteriy deftroyed, and 
his Kiftgdome (hall be for ever and r^rdl^, /Ur 6 Joho, cW i^m. 

fire not for dtbonfandyiaresomfy* Nm^tfmiaftogifbarwijtisfaid 
^f^AeneiB roiffithm^isndtbkjnifsi^^mfi^^^ 

> ■ 1 1 1 ■ I I I ■ 

Itis n^tfiM^ the Kifgihme of heaitni irmk^ aftbeibirdbesvm^ 
^f fffdmtb^ psrld^ ffiy^ofm^ir in^ fiance^ hi ^be X^Mgd^nas 
pfibis wwUy tb^t //, phifih k nm ,md fiMl till then be iivUidimo 
ffUUff Ki^gdomes^allwhlfy btc^^f Ch^^,*mfd bt tiuuUbjbim oing 
be0VCMfyKitfgdffme^0'c* fgrifivermimbw.ntbjais/aii^tBith^r^ 
lobp /peakis of the fCingdoftte ofomL^iand ^bis Cbnfi : befiesJ^ 
M ofm ^ngd^me Bf we Icircs on t^rib : fieing be makes a d^m^ 

pirn of ^wofftfim^ qf$f hmd% And ins {Ckr^tr ^*?' »A ^* ^^'*?^j 
]fm^th Sonne^ ^ind tl^lJUingdomi is fir emrnmd evit. * • 

As Jkde Loj^cke ai^ the Audioathiicb left, be cm tettjhat 
[''^l^tii^lB not t Ipgiqilly^bttt .ihecbriealLterqie. Aodjiexlodi , 
r^ember alio, that in x^e jchooles irbcre he. was bred, diey 
were wojit XoxAiibt^Xm the [Affiirnfiioni] z%ht 

hath doae here) ind (;an,ii||i^^ it evident hy this lyllt^iooe* If 
the rcigne of dbrift n iptn, dQtbiu>t;b;:gioDe cllt Anticiuift'is 
deftroyed,theti(he([>iriruftll ipterpret^ticm ofthefi^rcfari-ii. 
ftion dixh make moft of cb^Saincs tarife many himdredyear^ 
before their reigse., ppt f;bentilgi3e ctf't^rift «is man doth not be^ 
ginne till Ancichrift is deftroyed. Therefore Set. NowAirbat 
will yott Call this nmorfrpfofition t wil 1 yo^ call it an Aflertion^ 
or an Aflumppipn > if an Aflfertton, you call it as no X(^c»» 
calls it: if an.AflvQitptioiij then why may iiotlca'lirforoo, 
without aay offence to the learned in Loglcke? Yoar'anfiv^r 
'fbIlo)ves> in jvhicb you fay, [/r if notfindhere^ our Lordnndbir 
Gbrijl/b^Ufioi r^igne tittfbmme. JBnt thu it attthe words imtofi^ mv^ 
is no Kmgdome but omr Lords snd his Cbrijtt.'] Ahdfurely cbts. 
comiqencisa great dealeD^9i%obficaiethdo.thctcxr.Tor if yoti 
meane .o«ely, that at the accQmpliflimeht of this prophecy^ mere 
fiiall be n3 Kingdome over which the Lord and his Chriti: (Hilt 
notrdgne; tbisisnomorethcQwhatydiraffirmetobedqnet^y 
our Lord and his Chrift already : for you &yi \tbatai ibisfrt'^ 
fl^timeCbrifireiffittb^ in thl midfi oftbefoKsngdomefi^oveA Miot^ 
tbenij^ and over them y] BiK you muft li^cdes adstotirldtge a difBs^ 
redce betwixt his reigning over tbemtidw,ind hisreignlngo^er 
ahemtheii; orel& yoii make this propb^ tbbem^f^rophj^cy^. 
to fore(Eew nothii^at all And ir beeein CMn dus i:Siac€ifys Boiif 



^78 . litz^is Redemftionredtemdyinr^ P4rt a, 

_/ _ - - — — I f i^ 

It^bMinliis Feigning over ctiefeKiiTgdomes hereafter in hisliu- 
' aianciiamre,whicl}he^och now over ruleonlyby bisdivin^pro- 
' vidcnce^for \i by y^*r forefaid words youflion Id mean, tha t at die 
^accompliflimeoc of f hit prophecy, rhcre fliali be no Kingdom but 
3 ffHf itvall KingdoAe, (which ta all the Kingdomes you will al- 
jew Chrift;) this is not oiiely contriary to the light of the text^ 
butofreafonitftlfe^ For there can be no ipintuallKingdome 
on earthy unlefle there he witfaall a temporal!, aclvitlKingdonie, 
in which it may befttup. And the text (^kes not of (jpirituall 
Kingdomes, bat of temporatfi ibr k faitli) 'fbe Kingdomes oftbb 
^ 9mld^ that is^ the temporall and civill Kingdomes which the 
Kings of this world doe reigne ovcf, T^hefi Kingdomes^ itfiidu 
/be uiey the Kingdomes of Chridianj or of heat hen Princesjit Jt 
hmm the Kingdomes pfomr Lurd^ and^fhis C^ifly that is, Ihall by 
the Lord be pat under the government of his Chrift, as he ii 
man. And therefore the Kingdomes themielves fiiall not be then 
utterly defir0jed,\$ youf«y,bat b^made one Kingdome under 
Cfarift» as we (vy. And indeedc ifwedoebutcall comindethe 
ttmewhenthis prophecy fe to be fhl filled, which is acthe&oa- 
^gofthelaft trampet,when Chrifl himfelfe (bail de/cendtrom 
heaven ; "we cannot imagine^ that the Kiirgdomes of this world 
(hoald then become the Kingdomes of Chrift^any otfacrwife then 
.4>y afubjedlion onto his manhood : then by fisbgiittiog them- 
jT^lves to che miesof tbatBcolcfiafticall and civill policy, which 
lie their.King ihall then cbinniaDd to b^obterved by them. And 
now if the reader confider this, and remembiers alfo what clearc 
prophecies there are ior the reftoring of the K^ngdome of the 
Jetfify he will plainely perceive, that the time whtn the King* 
domesof this world4faaIl become the Kingdome of Chrift, is to 
be Ac very (ame. In which heihalli^ftoreagaine tbeKimgiotd 
Qfifraeh And ypurprecious (bhtilty touching [a diflinfiion of 
two perfons^ oorlxxrd and his Chrift, that is, the Father MdUs 
S<mM^ doth make noihingagainft this fypchronifme. For they 
tre fiid to be the Kingdomes of die Lord ; pardy » becaufe he flball 
dsen make it more manifeft> then ever be did, that they are his to 
di^feof; and partly, bccaule no other Lawesbut the Lords 
^ fiiall b^obfervcd in them. And of his Chrift, becaufe no man bat 
he fliall be fiipreame Head and t^overnonr over them; Aodfure- 

'"I ' l*^*"*"^^*— — i— ■»»*—i— >— liA* ] ^mm,^A^mlk*ftmmtmm^ 

Part 2m Qbri^s PerfivaU^. ,279 

ly the Kingdonics f fS lic^n] of rhi« world, cMinot be the 
Kingdomes of the Fatbcr and the Sonne for evers if you cake this 
word in an unlimicectfenrc, fcciiig neither this world in which 
they are, northecivillfocietiesoFineft of which cheydot confift^ 
(hall be bf an infinite duration* A«d I thinke coo, chat you will 
f|oc ifay, that by the Kingdomes of this worlds that Kingdonie of 
etcrnall glory ismeant, in which the Sonne aifohirarelfe,fhall 
4ifter che judgement of the dead, be (ob/e A unto the Facher % 
unto him that before put )d) things under hiny. 

liraers Redemption. 
And this alfo is intimated, by the binding np of ^ Sacfin a thou- ^ g. 
fiindyeares^ (with which the reignof che Saints contemporates,} t,^, 

. Mr. Pttrus Ai$ftPer. i*&Cn 

W/4Ubefor0f 7huclMpuruc4utr0verud(to mt^bfibeAdUkna* 
riis on the onef^rt^ and ali CbrijUam on the ^betj) and nojpbefaitb^ 
This his eon ait is intimated in the binding up of Satan : which is at 
if be bad /aid. It is altttndettbtednehat he fait h^ bnd aUUfatfi that 
ail Ckrifiians fof ^ whereas Chrifiians bofife given better warrants of 
ibtbr ex fofitien^ theft AdiUenaries are aUetedoitm 

I fay not that the whole cha jpter is cdntroyerted , for doubN 
Ie0e no Cbriftian will deny, that the latter pare thereof doth 
f peake of the judgement of the dead at che laft rcfutreftion. But . 
I fpeake of a cbntroveited place in chiaa o chapter^ which is tba^ 
touching the fir ft refurrefiion. And yet (uppofe die whole cbapm 
ter had been concfoverted, I might neverthekfle fay, that tbif. 
Of thattruth is not onely intimated, bncplainelyexpreflinic, as 
tht fir ft bodily reiiirreftion isplaincly expreft in ver.^^ $. not- 
wicbftandtng thedifagreementof expoficours about it. And as 
the deliverance of the Jewesy the reftoring of their Kingdome^ 
anci our Saviours perfonall reigneon eath,are all (b plainely tx^ 
preft in the propheticall firripcurcs, as that nothing<:an be more 
plainely ijpokcn ; altboi^b theproper imcrpretacion of them be 
cal led in qneftion by oioft expoutouff . Yea ff we (bould fty^ chat 
no more is plainely delivered in the ftriptures, but that which is 
not controverted by any, what a fmall pittance of icripture 
/hould we acknowledge for pl^ne (cripture ) Anddoubtlsfle . 
yoa yoinr ftlft will (ay, that moft of the texts controverted bo- 

Va ttyixt 


J 80 liritW^edemftioHredfemdyOr Piart J. 

twixc Prou^ftanrsandPapilfc, aridbettvixt'orehodoxcand hcrc- 
ticall Protett ntsi arc phinc texts j fcr difS^rence in opinion^ 
(fottheniv/ftpirtj proceedcs noc (amiidi from the obfcnricy 
of the text, as from tl e obftintcy of futh^ who euber out of pre- 
judice, or fclfc-conceit, or for fel^cnds, wreft it from the fcope 
andpiirpofcof the Holy Ghoft to countenance their private and 
pervcrfe fancies. And wbcrea« you fay, \That Chripans have 
gitfen bitter r^arranis of their exfofiti09$f^ then Millenariet art atle 
tipd^e.'] Ttc reader n^ay well gueffe at thefoundneffc of theft 
words, by thcftatcof your charity^. For as without any warrant 
you exclude all Millenaries from the communion of Ghriftians ; 
^ the truch is, that we juftific our expofitions, either l^ other 
fcfiptutes,.orbythcc6hcrence of the precedent andfubfcqa-m 
ver/es^or by the plainncfrc of the texts ihciii(lirfves,fwhich are un- 
doubtedly the beftwarram?,) whereas you without any neceffi«y 
enforcing tbcrcto,do (Iraine the words of the text from their pro- 
per mean ng: and fi) docimpofe upon them a fenie not minded' 
by the Spirit ofGpd->. not warranted by other ftripturcs;, and 
whereof they are fcarcelyj yea In many places not atall capabier 
as youc anfwcrs doc fufficicntly teftifieagainfi you* 

Ifrael*s Redemption, 

Which vifron, as itistheJi.xtfotbatofthebattcIl, wherein 

the Beriftand falfc Prophet are taken : fo doubdje it ftiall noe 

till then receive its accomplifhment ; for feeing Arftichrifl Is but 

tfic dcvills inftrument, we cannot imagine, that hispowcr (hall 

out-Iaftthe devills liberty ; efpecialiy it we confider, that vrhile 

Satanisinholdj there ftall be a general Ipeace^o vet ihc world, 

*^ ifd. 2»4. as the « Pi ophcts fay cxprefT-ly : and as is here implyed, in that 

l^ich/^.3. ag^fooric as he is Ipofed againe, * prefently he ftall 'gather all 

Kcii.%o.j,S, ^j^ j.^jj ^f jjj^ world ro fight agaiiift rfie Saints. But their'malicl- 

ous attempt fliall filide no better fucceflfe,then that oftbe Beaft, 

the fal le Prophet, an* the Kifigsx>f the earth, ( their predecefl 

fours )bad done at'the beginning of the toooyeerg. Ponfr^JkfB 

^"*' ^ come <fo rvnefrom God of& ofbeaven^ and devoefte^bem. 


Tbif vijhn if next to^st iatteB in md^ r of writing : bm itfitgvrs 

^ot;jbat iefijUnot hegmne to be aecomftifhed^ till tbefwttur vifion bt 

Sj sec^mplified : for albeit Antid^iftbothedoivHU infirttment^ i$ 

ff bo under ftood^{4t hiftorksdooverijii,) th0t bii fotpor ma; be m 

' "" *" ■ ' — •■ I !■ ■ .Ilia, 

Part a . Cbrifis PtrfonM Ttjigne m Earth. 281 

the time ofSatms imfrifi$tmentytbat is, ^iUe Safam is Mtptrmitud 
4/hr4fge andperfecute^fifdjfy or be did in tbe djyes efihebeatbeniji £i»* 
ftrmrs, in the mesne time tAntiebrifi may fit in tie Church of God^ 
and deceive the world with lief, andfninedmiraeles ; /e that even when 
feaee is in the wmidftom wattes, there he not peecefrem the children 
msbsny (as Bctnard eompiniaes in Us time in Cancic. fer. 53.) and 
when be hoA deceived the greaiifi fart efthewerld, {except fame few 
ftffinsin cemparifon cfthem whs aredeeeived,) then Satan majfiirrt 
§tf Amichr^ to wage wane againfi thg dijclefofs of bis deceits, as be 
didagainfitbiA\biigenle%aiid Tdofiini ahont they eareii to. <md 
4tgainjl the Bobetntam ahont thejeate r 42 o. in tbedayej eftbe £/ni« 
ptrours Sigi(inuhd> Albert, and others : endfo the malicieus attempt 
of Satan may have tbe fame fticcejfe with that eftbe Beafi ^ J fay no$ 
the iil^,4fut, tbefkme both ht ptace^ time, and ntmbct. 

That the binding up of Sitftn,<3nd the thoufand ycares rcigne^ 
of the Saints were to contcmporate, you doe not deny ; but tfaaf 
thebindingupof Satan is to fucceed the deftruftion of the beaft 
and fal fe prophet ^s well in the execution thereof^ as it doth in 
the order of its revelation [/Vifoffc »pr/aff<^]yott(ayi and yet you 
bring no reafon againft it, whereat we have theft unanfwcrable 
evidences in tbe Text for it, Firfti that upon the binding apof 
Satan a thou fa nd yeares peace is to follow in the world : and 
ftcondiy, that 'throughout this time, Satan is to be withheld 
from deceiving the Nations ; neither of which was ever yet ac- 
compHQied: Foir when was there aiDongft mciifiich a time of 
reft from warre as this \ or any time at alt of immunity ftom Sa« 
tans temptations ^ Whereas therefore you iinderftand by Satans 
imprifonment, no more then his rcflratnt from [r^gwf snd perjt^ 
wfi'igtf'/>e»/7,]itisflitagainfttbeTcxt,which(aith, that when 
Satan is (hutii p, bejhafl not deceive tbe ^ti&nt : and nnt tha( he 
flial I not ftirre them up to open perfeeution : whidi is bat a par* 
ticular eflFcft ofhts deceiving of them. And betides m^y not a fe- 
cret perfccution be farre worfe then an 6pen ? And is not a pow- 
er to deceive Chr\^itm[by lies^ and fained miracles,'] ihoreob* 
noxious to the Church of God, then both thefe > What ccm* 
fort then cou^d this prophecy affordthe faithful!, if/notwitb- 
ilanding Sacansimprifiximcnt, Anti<htift(hould&ill prevnile ib. 

Vu %- much 

«•♦ - 

82 UT^\&Rfd^tk»r^^4emid^ Parti. 

Dnto Stint jUEwi^if no more bat iliiilu4 been neinc^by th^lix^ 
<}ingupofSacftn) But indeeil wfaeBfiiitn fliaUbecaftintothe 
f)ottomlcffe.pie| andaieale ficttpanhiift, htfhtllbe fkUrred, 
not ontly from tempting^ boc from walking op tndxlowoe «» 
knongft men ) tod chereiore it is no better tbcii BKere-i)08.f^Kae 
to (ay^that when SinnislKiiMid up^ and withheld from decei- 
titTgmen> he may yec ha?e tn inftrikn6nt[)Srii«»gi9iitf!C6iw^ 
ifGvi^diUMivmgthmorUy^J] For can wy amtt be anioftni* 
ment to Satan^ IvhM Satan hiinicire fliall neicherfcavc power to 
deceivehlns iior liberty t p come neare himTThiia <hen yoqr coih 
ceit of Ancidiriftse)elftcnce,aiid eosdaua^rt ia the Church after 
Satans hnpiifonmenr^iod reftraii«c»jloch plainely ctofle not onely 
the Older of this Revelatipn^but chearidesceof the Ttict. And 
your hiftoricali narratioR holdanocorrefpoadcnce with this pro» 
phctieaflfciftory of Saint >4w; , • 

«"1W»"^"' — » I 

15 R A 3 t s. Redemption*' 

CiiAP* IV. 

The cbirfe dii^ts t/dnfmr$di^ . 

Sob I^T^^ tg^ilaft this which bath been (aid touchtM cor Savi* 
IN ours Kiag^oma, hia owne words lai the 1 8 of Saint 7aib» 
vtr. 3 6 • nay be oblefted^ For tlure.he (aith plainely, Idf King'^ 
d^meisfMoftbuw^rld^iaA in lidMh.2%.^Vyh^(7^^^^ FFbmtk 
Swm of mm fi^ eom^ in hkgfpryi and all the hofy Angels mtb huih 
tbm fidUhe fit i^fon tke Tbmie cfbisgiorf ; %And before him jbaB h 
ga$btred ail T^athai-^ amdhefliaUfeparaU them mtefr^m anoihtr^ as 
afi^beard dhidhb the fireepe from tbegoaies. With which agreeth 
that of Saint Fefer^in^his a TE^if^. ch.j. t^er^y^Asi the heavens and 
e^artb whiab are mw^ly4he fame nfordarekfpt infiol^e^ r^rvtd unta 
fke^ affdn^fktbe day ^jtedgiment^ audperditieif oftn^dly men. And 
eaany other places there arc oftbe like nature. Bat to die fir ft, I 

anfwer, diat thofe words of pur Saviour ^oe onely diftiognifii 

.... _ ^^ 


Pait2« . Cbrifts ^irfMaS RedgM m Earth. 283 


the dmetiiHfaondkiDn^bi^KiBgdMie^ frooi chetioie and con- 
dition of the Kingdotiies of cbii world : at the (etiiogup of whofe 
ISngdmne^ theit £baU be fioh an ^a^Iteration over the w%oIe 
Iramc of^naBMre, md Cock a cban^ of goiKeramcot 011 the x^7>/^.4^. 
earth j diittfitsciiiie (hall then as well be accoanted the timeof /M2.r2«i^ 
another world^aa the time before tht: floud^s now taken for the ^l' 
oldworid by im^ and w«« long ago; fo ftfled by Saint Peter, in 'Tl^'^'^': 
hU%Ejnfi^cbsf^%vef.^. And theri^re notwithfianding this ch^Visl^l 
proofeytlie placeof hisKia§dome&allbe tbe earth that novr ihchss.13. 
tboiigh^tbisbejiotiiieiiinej norany humane policy the pattenie £^43^*1^^ 
ofhUrdgne. . tLtb.,^^,. 

30. J!fdr«i5.24)%f. I»i«^i*25'>s<^« lUv,6,i2^s.&c. chA4,it.%9,&c, * Nee enlm dui 
biu0,quininax1nmYenifn]iaturaIiun3&humanarum mucatio regal hujusjufpidafitance-' 
eeffiink Andcfariftus eninKuiB toti (tii Synagogi abolcblrurj excinguetur hominum pars 
maxiouu^iemiiibtts nonoifipaucii celiftts^'ljqiiian pofte'iis (ttis, aon extra, led intra regnum 
Ikoeinure aook fupererum^ uc piophecia; fapra memoratJs, cum alik in Scripcurii paHtai oc- 
currencibus," abunde teftantur s fub decurfum yerd mille ana^rum OHfUoiia modttm auAi^ & 
a Sacana e carcere ilio faluco iterum fedufti, SaD^oruaa caftra oppugnabujn^ fed incalTiiin.] 
Ncc dttbhim eft^quinrerum quoi)ti€naturaUutn,qu:£ regnihulus Incolli mlniftrabunt, longi 
alia ficfucuntiaciesj quant fanprirfbmiaruaieft: Ifquidem beatiffitnamSctranquillifsIroum 
eritr«g^ ifttut fecutuVyOianisafttfftfft qua^i^ mcurloiodddeetimc, esperi.Ji^.Fri^. 

Mr. Fefrit*f Anfiptr. 
(Sm Savimn\ difimpaflfts mt ieiwixtiie fhnt dftif andbiber' 
Xsugdomer: fir^/aitb in the fame verfe^ My Kingdome i^iKft 
^omhen^9 iMir^ MyKmgdomeisathand^ ashefaid$mtobis 
P^/fe/, Matth. f 6f a t. Veitly I fay untayoii, there he fpmc 
ftanding faere^ who (hall not taft of death tilltbey have feene the 
Sonne of man come in bis Kingdome, that is, reignhgptmtrfHUj 
fythefftaMng dftbtGofieB: WMatth.24* 14. ThisGofpell' ^ 
of the Kingdodie (kail be preachedin allthe world for a^itnefle 
unt<; all Nations^ and then (Hall the end come* *tbire it Us King*^ 
dmm btfrre the ind ^fiUs world: md npw is the time of bis reij^ne ; / ^ 
aSfeitmobumsnepoligbethepatftrnetbertofi ti Ifbebddfaidtotbat 
f^trfofif, (as the Mtlenariesffs/^ )tbdt in time of bis Kingdome j;fpe^ 
mgfimgb ) tbeKifigdeme of tbeJibmtties fiould be no King^me^ 
Hfejf mi^bad mere pretext eflai^ fer^ condemmng him i triieOfere be 
d^ingaifletb tbe eonditien of the Kingd^eneSj and not the time of 
tbem: fi that Cdfarnright been Emperenr, andCkifi a mighty King^ 

•»• i1 HI 

284 l[neis Redemptionrednmed^ ^ . Part a. 

hotbsi9n€i. NoD€ripitfiiorralia,qiiircgt»<kco(cleftia. 


I. TbatoDrSaviowiKtiigdonieiseobcadiftinAKingdoine, 
i>ptbindmeaixlconditioam>m cheKingdomcs c^thisworJd, 
is a truth apparantly delivered in theicriptttrcs. And for oh^ 
you have (aid co checoncrary^ we may fttll ttunke^ thacthele 
. wordsofChrifl:doeinciaiaceasaiuch« For though you firft de- 
ny > \tb4t, tbeje w^rds dnJifiinpiifr Aeimixt tbg Hmi.iflMKmg* 
dome and other KiMgAfmei^'] yet you prefeocly give this ftnfe to 
them your felfe. when you fay* [Afj^ Kingdme i mt frnnhencf^ 
ibst ii^ Mj Kingdame is at bamd.'] And therefore it was not then 
in the world ; and if not then, (iire I am^ it hath not been yet: 
and lo it is diftinft in time too firom other Kingdomes, as well as 
in condition* I (ay it hath not been 3ret, for what Kingdome of 
Chrift hath been (er up in the world (incc he fpalte thefc^otds, 
which was not in the world when he (pake thefe words > Cer- 
tainely his fpbituall Kingdcmie was as much in the world at that 
time, though not fpread fo much over the world^ as ic hath been 
iince. That Kingdpme therefore, which you fay was nortfaeiir^ 
but ir4/^flrMi,.is not yet come; as the teftimonles which you 
havealledged to prove diac it was then at hand, doeteftifie a. 
gainft you alio. For that ttsit Mdtrif. i6s t%. doth fpeake of a 
Kjngdomefo beginne at Cbrifts appearing, and n9t before it : of 
a Kingdome, I fay, when the Sonne ofmanflxalhcome, asitis 
in the fame verfi ; and when the Sonne of man (ball come in the 
glory offthe Father with his Ange}S| as it is in the preceding. 
vafe. And therefore doub tlefle thef e words of our Saviour, Fr*> 
refy Ifitf imtojOHythere ke fmteflandmg here, vphkb fimll mt iajl ef 
Jeatb^ till tbeyfte the Sonne ef man eomtiting in Us Kingdottte^ doc 
reveale afirange and extraordinary prciervation offbme cben 
preicnt, till Cbrifts next appears]^ For what^oth the [mat- 
misig ef tbe Sonnt of man'X fignifie^ but Cbrifti deicendii^ from 
heaven^ and why did be lubjoyne thefe words to bis(peech, 
touching his eomming ist tbegjlary of tbe Father mitbbii Amds, 
butbecaufetheyare meant of the fame commuig? Andbendes 

the Gofpell bad been before preacbt, by the Bapttft, by _ 
liim(eIfe,andbytheDifciples; andnotfome, but all theDi£i- 
pies lived to fee it preacht among the Gemiks al(b 5 and therefore 


Part*. C^ifts PerfoMliReignetn Earth, xS^ 

thciceingof ihiscouldnotbc thcmcaBing of our Saviours wordsr 
Thus then this firft text dotbfliew, that the Kingdome of our 
Saviour is not yet come. And the other text Afattii 24. 14. doth 
Blew onely. That thcGofpell of thcKiiigdomc, (that is, which 
makes report of the Kingdome^ or by which men are made par- 
takers of the Kingdome of Chrift^ fiiould be preached in all the 
world before the tndfiould come : that is> the endand deftrufti^ 
on of Jemfakm, as the fubfequent v^/i/ doe declare; and not 
theend of the worlds as yoaatfirme^ For would Chrift, thinke 
you, have advifcd them to flye out ofjudea into the mountainesy 
from his prcfence at the end of the world ? Or how (hould it be 
worfe for women with child, and for them that give fucke at bis 
commingthen forothers> And now as for your expofit ion of 
thefe words, l^fy Kingdomt is not from b^na^ that it ^ MyKing^ 
dome is ^t hand'] I pray what inrerprcters doe you follow in it I 
or what c olour have you for it ? What! arc \Jrom bmce^ and 
{at bimd'] all one? or is [|r7fud»»] an adverbe of time, or of 
pUce > Doubtlcffc tbefe words, Mj Kingdome is not from hence ^ 
arc to be uoderftoodjas if Chriflhad fwd, Mj Kingdome is me from 
- beneath^bmfrom above. I ani not to b.' made a Kmg by the power 
of niortaU men, but by the power of the fm^nortallGod onely •^ 
So that h his former words, . Mj Kingdome is not t^f this vforld y 
the "prepofiuon [ Ix] <>/, doth not indeed intimate any difference 
in time or condition bctwixtour Saviours Kingdome and other. 
Kingdomcs, liutinthccaiifcandautbourofthcm ; which fcnft' 
it carries in pur Saviours word, Jl<(attf\2i.2^* T'he haptifmo 
John vbenc^trasit^from heaven^ or of men ? and ia the (aying of 
S,int John l.Epifi.cbap. 2. ver. \6 For all that is in ibervarld, the 
luft of the p/b, tbeiufi of the ejfe/, and the pride eftife^ itnot of the. 
Father Jbuty of the worldl And thus^Al^' Kingdifm if not of this tporld'^ 
is nomore but nrf. Kingdome is not of men^ ifmf King^me wer^ of 
men^ then would my Servants>pght,that IJBofild'not be delivered t^ the 
JexpsjDUt now umotmjf Kingdom from bence^rom the men of this wortd.- 
1 Toil tell us n^tty\That if Chrift badfaid^ that in the time ofJm 
Kingdome f the Kingdome oftbeTt^mMesfhouldheno Kingdome, they -, 
might bseve had, more pretext fir condemning him. '] But (urely 
Chrift had no need to anfwer to that which was not askt : 
neither did the K^manei^hut the. Trire/d^ii re his^ death; And 


,S8 '" Mix^fJ>t^^V.U«^f4x^^ fcilitl. 

'f^'^cei|^iaQiS;t«ac hellull^zqcutiB^«ien&>rcUB«t;t«mp(K 

'ialI)u3getnenc'on all th'eangodly, that (hj^toppofe bim -at :lfaQ 

.t.^.l^O ^jntpanceMdcudsfWsicigri?, .>j^d,a»etttn}lJ,/a(%em«ltiipoii 

tljKtnirilalLothcr uogodIy|inne««#t.eJl(;^flt<^Mefii<M.»» 

"dead. Al't«tlii8b)»agcm™'< !?!? fe<ipiieB4^<wOwi» tobcta 

theUftdtyjand not the Iaftpfth^fl^ij(...Ao(li l^erQ(ore;«iK 

.c y>. Siviourscomiwng Ihallnotif at*ht#pf tll(^fota^at1t^>^>i^9^ 

Arid whereas you lUedg; Pfgl, ;i-|i.9.jlp(tjeSiith>tChtjft4^H(<)» 

fpme til) tjK Ifft, judge(n?tii;;i iJ5,4|itjjfc,t!int thn, f/fl^^JeA 

tsach u! any /u:h4'°S, ■ ■ fw,!' %Wf" w'lr ^bat, ?hri« ml( 

not come till thatdjy ,ui whifbtSoq^tt^appoiqte^ tptwak^to- 

enemic; bis fooiHoole ^ ctj$Jii(;,,tlie,Iaft)M(^(»i)gH-iai)vc 

th^lall aa. And itis fat > ^\fO;^ tlyit (^Hfifis fitljiqg ^(tb^iiphc 

Bie unie uiSw?" ?ll=MWJil« {; a^e his fojt^jobhPti, lai i }< 
thai^i,jjiir(itthG(AnM(ll?ri<«#iinrttotj^gnsp<efith^ Ant 

that which foll^y^d, m tJbi^Tiiimi:, doihjhfw wbatil lofaU 
low Chtids.ounpiing /rpiii t%,F{6&t-^»i4 p^<^c|]4'Uid-itot 
J(ti'atis,t4jii05lif9tyti^sjs,14u!wfd^tf9fc. .,;Ui/D ; ■' 

ifofltej-a.Tlni.a. ly. tmitbereaia'iliftht^ijiiiftbtmiifiiyiaxah 

*■ ^ amr,ll>iIrlfel'Jv.yof£vlrJatiaa,ti^homaJjmeijMagt/^/'4thbt^ 

"*t 5'' .And we fay tj^at thg ^ii^ioe.orGhriftti tbbf bciTcnlyiia 

JSjnditipii, a«d.og 5^eaitpilj;bi(j|»f ljo|, j^^thcn. 

- . rrr - -r . mrT- ^ ■ - -• _: — r~,— -- - - --. _ 

ik«d ttthedmb of JteiBomnkg,andfi)meia the'thne 6f hi^^dfe 
on asAfic (bme at the clc^oF bis Kingdcttn; Aad't^ cdttiiteiaints: 

p»hHittiii,»^i>*fl»*Ml^ii^1ii*1^gbln, i Cor. i ^.i^, i^. ^ * 

£ac that Text (bcwcsonely, that tI^eS4ints Ml tife at Cti^iftbSoA , 
comnii^ « ftiRt noi' that the«dd ftatHht tbHi. {'or bifaidr, 72>j/ 

fm ^IbktiuMtieHMdif-mfiiHt \' ylfhiftvtimt f til^ aecbiiiplldit 
wbea d«ach tb* b^ WH^h ^y <i«fti:oye<l kt Ac lafl! irtfaneai- 
<»: as w«ha^ flw#rf Mpiti' •' "^ 

ScisORdiy you fay, 31&4f Ikifi^phUmu itt ir tiaae n^ ntnhgy'iit 0Sj$8a. 

' BHCtheteisaoftiemibd^theriffiigorthej^bdiyanda «rt 

tdgetfaer : but of tfw Sk^ttetia^ itSit Natfoiisfeefb^ir <:htmm 
ftwlifaratitig of ttiem 'Intidt fewoeompaipdj Wf^et^f one ceifi. 
f jfij^, llieeleA,(IiaH' Brfk^^eH inter HR^tMiMf ', ^ ti^6 dtftdt 
«d4>it)y>^ere^n^ie^,fli:a|berette'aWyl0a)^aIi{HBJ m^. 
ftUhnftiiryvirhkh ftpii^Idti T^e^iftsril BeOiadcacthcdofe 


ttfi^tiirSiviowsrefgne, at the laft;rtftirre^pti^ When h'dfst^ 

her ta c&Fjich^t. Pdr We feid A/irtA. 14, 

giy^Ufr bisKiftgdqmer 

not foMtf^ frorHlieiice, A«^1iefliail hot irignc jtftcr liis t61i|i 
miag. Aod the p«rAJc of tTie ten ^irgife dothfl^eWonely; 
Tha# ttk^U whikh ttf d«fr ISfa-vlodri tothmlhgirethoii^fi'c tHi 
faithfeill Cbriftiang,.^iid Iwrdtncfccd bjit (^f^bttftes, (lian Ao^ be' 
j«inAiriofMrRihbdOrtd %poctircfbtl^ 
ddiottfeW6lirL6Ma»dh«C6r|ff. ^ '^ ' .r> ^ 

' ^AtwIfottfter^.TOfth^f^dlbtfWii^^^ 4. 


;S5q*4. J»o^vi»- "wMw .^W«f» **/^P««^2f ^»"Wj|. 

J ?^L.. .-J ^i^u MMlJamimuM. and evtn^.mmu tknt u njmed. 


^ ^#»j»»f «>«^*B»* W,^?'??"i "MM. ft»«'Pra«i«>U fei^c, b; 

thoHiib hB^l ki« Wibl«#3»4 w^r an ^fi^ito the fclu., 
hath for<a>ld, ebaf,6.yvr. i<3y ; . . /l-lsu (j^Ji -, ' - . 

fc,i A.4^i/#fe/^f4^f-^£fift. 7 W ^f{P^*^f « Cor. f 5j 

5^, . Aodi)irWtthe»>wmy«wc9P0?a«fcpnihetKC,^^^^ 

fere ihefc5Mn» fluJlnoc live wiihChrJft ooea^T po, you 
twiot} fordioaghAeyMi««**cieO«djtt#Mi:e,y«^ 


.|h|li o^lhtr (by with bioi ^erey nor atcead with him ^o ftiea- 
MR from thence^ b«c come with him/«8 Zub^i^iSim^Sy f^j^. 
l^^.vi$r.i^^^4bi JJrd fiffGodJiaU^fiie,a9daMtkS^uwkb 

XW Jc^ mtMtk SdhfUr ^^0^.4^. £vmfi tbtm^lf^i^lMlh 
J^M Jil^w^iOodMM mthbim., ficMig.wiii^Mm? wtjciir: 
bat when they with the wing in Chrift hire met him militk 
bodks^ And whither ? but to tbeeyth whence chey were caught 
^i|pmMthiid|^.whaip;fce Wii appgiiice<l;i2if»io vj^ 

jmmAun$£mmihth€j€WU in <4fr$blf fhi^tfw^ it is nwi^^fii' * * ' 
^1f^$^alliif€. - 

4BdUi8i8Cfr¥^etb4tyoiiare Oiiptfnmt\»ifxfS^m§f^ 
fWffioya^f AOIioa^^yiQttf^fi^D^ to be skMApm^¥^:Pih 

i,TiAopt»|Oi9 UWng,(thii40»e^ oot with the holy aii4r^E;hMow 
^^lerfunept of Chrift aiid tbciSaiiitSj) mi cMchl€^i4de-iifte 
al^^ that ^ gl<|rjfied SfOyti (haUbe defiiif d wiih.6ich dfi^» , 
^ t^at 4h9 4&all jRFf: agftiof Tuchi » life :a« c;tm di4 b4fe» 

ftnii^dv^^^M^^S^w ii^flemof impiitatioi).) And tkcffffblfr 
It^oii^vilUmeJii^My thttig aga^^^ you muft prfrvi^ ahaC' 

'tb^gloFi£kd$^9tfftial} tio^livecMiatthanymote,Ji6rej^ ' 
dtiokejny mote, ^^w\^ things we !affitiii&> And o^tfaat - 
AnyO^M dve DOynior^ or minry nom^fc, or fitti^Dck^fiio^all : 
wbUb w^4my a9tw^4aypM« : . i 

Nmtbiy,.yaul#y, Ntiik^i^Mf^iibjfCyiJfi^istlMCi^^ OJjtS.f<p. 

. ThisuaUoneaaifyouhad;(aid,thattt)efiii^a^^ 
«99{Q)i(ig»citffDt ftMd Uriih the faith of i^ ic€Qiid.coiiiflUii§.4. 
1^ you bring two ^oo£b$ toconfinfle your Words. : ^ 

Sjffi«gj9CCb faii, the Setpur fball iM dir^^aai Judah# t^ 
' ^h«9m#i.^iff9il^a bim fidl the g^tbmpg, ef rinf^fli^bi^wlbi^^ 

J 1, 

< • 

■iecomP0!meat tfibifrojh^ :ilmt kohjfmnt tb^Stfptirh Jep^tV^, 
ite4ceoinfti^mtnt thert^ f 'iindy&tb^'ighi^fefcitiim^li^fft^ld, im- 

that the Scepter (hould lio niorp bej^ftorcd cp the ^ftw/'ilfrtir 
"OiiriBs ^othming >: «f doth-i^fbf b&i^' oheljl^ tftiKirflioiidt not 
.^^rttiUGhriftiredAttilnlg) ce^tiltmiy it fbre{h6Vre» this Mft 
-AingK^rtcty: Arid fh«*fdrfc -ehe jfccbttpIlfhlDdii ilf^Jiioi» ^ 
«])li<»7hath no »ffinik]r wtthydu^ argtHneiit;' Jknd :f inf3[^ j«^ it^ 

It fliould notdcfittfi-mjMMm Smhtam: AndWti^p^ 
'^plbceyftewes/thitilwas^ot'todtepart^m' t&^ik, foidthorr do 
<fti«W> thie it vas to' rccafne «gattiftvk»thicbP^(ft[fr>4V;.f»'J^'cli 
^^fliewcsthat the ^aeUie/ ^oaiUbidi'ia^dijk^B&U^om' 
^WV/^yj Wlehotir a £}ng;iirid w1thWt% t^diMfc?: «i«§#itlMiSt^ 
^orifice) &c. A«d all the plrbpheeies'whieh leirilh^ (fie ^iy«/ 
ddiverant^ theurtiSng oftheTMbes Wndef bt« Ring, JWoifr 
:Savidbrsreieiiing^veT<hetn,Jd<ye'-Wttiiefie tWrdBi^ng<6( ^ 

3tt«K doth (hew tvhen theSSceplerii tiihe f^iiteAjtbmtjtPtSitJtk 

iflMeffk oftbeGtntUif p<ai com mi ¥or tlfti» he faith, Aimfrati 

•:fiitll^f*ved,4t ithiitPifM,T6enfMlebtke'-imt9fSm$ dthR- 

'Jkftr^f^ Md P^U tmtr^av^yTmgtMmffe .^vM jMrofr/nnd fif be 

j>lainely declares, that the accomf^KhindtiC of ttiv (A-^phicy 

a ^libeat Chtifts laft conuning.ath'n'coinaMng, I fty, after the 

the-igatherkig -of^hc (at^iCQted -Gmtikt^ {#ho were Unfee 

jFnre/ ftead to becdme iGdds people in the TacSdcy of the ^p- 

. >R!r,) and at the^ifaering^oiall other €e»tiie/, who are to tsecorae 

-Goids people idth the jFeiM/, ire the reftorinec^theSi^pter. 

.And :^reeable to this are iSainc Fe'rer/' words to die J<»es, ABt 

4. 31. -WimbittbGod ekalted with bit right band, ii b*'4 7nwee aitd 

Savkm^far V»^t repeaumte mt« JJftel, andfirgjittat0*»ffmut. 


— — — ,^ -n- J-. I 


ffieake's fo pucK,'acdfp ma^ifcftly ; ihew wg^ tbat,iis there nMgi 

dfthis^ri&^/^ferj. which you alledg? to |bew.ipaj:^^C:£oisc(ai4fi 
words in ;f Tibe^ a;'ar.? not tp be ^nderftoqd of A(p^ricuil].wmb^ 
dbejnd^ed rather confirmCs^thcn confute thi^jExp^tioii. §-cirg.j 

•C»'i .w - c ^ 

Ar|d.hi8 \y<yd9 co thenit in hit i Efifi.fibip^u Vfr\ s^, JVbv^myt 

ij^acf^tiaiu u be brongbf iH^eyw^ at iht t^wlmM^Jtfm Chrifi.. 

l''- .\ ' : %^.t€tPV^%^tPiH^iPftbf49>p9^^ . - i 
y^'.lfb^ ^^opefMjlbjf I TiHt.ia^r .Wracti ]8coiiieM|W3iitb^jfowto 
to the utteriHoft'. this is mtmnderjlood rf0%l$hUl vtatb^ fmng ^ 
jft^fke Lordl^h m$9^ i^ntbem^ as' the Jfofik mtmj^k^, HlOm. 
a ]^. l.aS. it^dtbfrej^tUm^biHnderA^ sni 

Ven[hqHe^tj /tt^^for^ Kingdom fi^ ^ 

^ . Did xou cpii|idcy whts yqu ffiid, whf « yop dim ^xpauadcd 
theJ^po Cercainely theApofile fpeakcBOft wuMJI 

WhwSwprbttic q^ ^jnbckeving J«ii^^/,, whp Rff ftcjBK4 
%irbc[^8cvin2JtM^^ of il^ratjiwhic^ wjli G^W^fd^ 

countrcy.^paj^ jdid cowemc as vfell 

as it 4id chepthctxiVn^^v And ther$f9rei dQubdef^ the wmkff 
tp be wndfl^ t^« ftftbql^yipg 

Jfn^es, (^of whooralonc the hpoS^Uif^^^h^^m^ .««%*5prf>! 
of a fpirituali wrath efpPf i|^Uy>: ^ o^^^ ^evnporall wrach no o- 
therwUe then aiic i|i,an jt^tepafablc: d^^ aojdcQqn^mlfpiMLof - ^ 
the fpirituali wrv^iYh/c^^ii cco^ upqp ihcm. , iV^4 t^opgfc^ hi« 
exfs-cipon of th? Afjome^^otli impjy tba^.^^g^W JpraiivJM)^* 
\)«rratTi6flbi^fpi\;iniito^ yctltdyjU.Wft : 

fiitwth^t % i^^at^^ichwaibcfajl^ them, flioi}lfl^4(f fp4^ 
fbffe wraih,,&/\d therefore yvl^tiloevfr rf^ejcindepf itbg^ 
no ibbre fonQ3;mGpii thJt^ paflageof t^ic; i^po{^le,iqac the tj9f){)^ 

1 «: 

?..- V, * ^" 

I ■ - 

»P4 Ibi^Ridmpfiif^f^^^dfimed^^ • ^kit %. 

*■ ' ■ — - — ■■*■ ■ — -- — '■ — '- ' — 

«a&iii^ VV4I9 beooaetlie«i«mit»of the Gb(pef F ofClq^ift : and 

conteqocniiy. «oc of fiicb 0»DvbDin God had nicrcj^, or Would 

> Ilin^eiEiiiiBy^my otbdrwift thm fn^Bafchig c^hcrn inftrbft)enti 

for thefiii£lliftg<^bi»ptontife otMidettnto theFathers^ Ipnciung 

tfaatfteft iieflMiamof^bdr poftei^j^/ iif hom^he j^tjp^oitd to cau 

Stfhto. ^d ^«*'y wc fay notj that dhrlft (halji rcigne on earchl)cfore 

lie coined to dbe this *, but when he comes to doe tHU. Afld t)ib:c- 

> fete aJfo his KingdotnC) (for ft> he calls It^v^.^.) fiiallnotbca 

{Kiligdoflieoffiiohcarnalldelfghfytsyoattoivilifie thevQA^a- 

tftfibemto^ It being the dncly fco[i^dft(f!s ()aMt!er» ind juior 

. Yoiir lift words tte, AUthtftdndftkblii^faffagit^J^ 
.pic^mllingJj pa^tovir. But lec the reader )i]age» wjhedieryoO 
kaVe not mori caufc^ tx> be aihttned of liifcb i^ijunlkeiitSj i^hen wp 
ha%^ «Q be afraid toMfwer them. ' r^-:.:^ v 

•' ' . ^Iffad-sHcdcmptfoti. - • ' « 

tiamte as much; f6r having before 'u<W the wbrdf^^j}. he 
. wirbes tberfk not tobe ignorant of this one tltitit^ Tl&r ^me iUj 

A^ifhfehad told them, tfhkt thrday hefpkbo^ vA'^ Indeed a 
dioafitaid y^ares, the Holy Ghoffriw^ay^s^ufingiti* this i^n 
wten if is ehipbtdcally applied to bur Savioon coitiming, or die 
7i!iN^/ redentptfbiY. (Which as iris already prove^^&a^bappfii 
ittthc fame time J Atidtbottgh God, as he is ttdrnalf^ ciifiibtbci 
flafcifurtdbytime: aodasheis Inimutablet fedes no alteration 
in dmei a thbufand, ,fyea ten thotifand times ten tboufandj 
^ares,^ and one day^ (botufe or minace of a day,^ being in this. 
refpeftallotletohiitiV ^ec this Aifc caniiocvoidtbi^ex|>ofitaoii 
already ^iVeo i (eelng theaffjparent dependance of (|ieft words. 
OO' the for mer, dodi clearely provci that SaiQC Fe^ iflltet)ded not 
id(hew, wJitt a thou&ad yeares^ atid one d^y were to God in 
regard of his aature>(wbich it is nice they imewbeforObQC on- 
ly what is.nfiiilly meant by to: day in the word mCfeodL And 

■ * ■ — 


IwoSwJbefidcitbel^rgcft definite «^ b«i«d «c«pt.«i «f 
X^, ^roJoot heloBg K) iliy a*bc «»«»bf ? «>» «» «««,<*«»6 

MMther mrnf* tbert ; >• vet. 4- A^'*«««* 'ffi"f'*' J'^m^ '«/>»'*■ 

b!^id»lhe d*itf P^^t 4ndpm4iiim*fung0dlymn,f,rtbat 

tZT^.Md rim b* Jbeme, *be ^t^Godd^etk 

Repty. . 

%99 ^^ntls '^tdempticH rieleemd,9r 

Cte Army in e^r/wrff r*4fo», is to be «t our Satfouw defcendififf > 
•asKiBpUiiidy revcaied R«.I9. aftdallddcd antori^. ,4. A' 
.ip,to. aod that there ftcrtl be then iUo a defttuaion bf all ot 
ftinateand rebeililHw finnm ? ••it is foretold in s r^/:i -go 
10. itidRcv. 16 20, II. arid intimated in the parable of 4e 
tare8,andthenetcaftintpthefe..^4.^.,3. .ndScwenotS 
.l.k«mw..hatwl.enthcnew«,fu,r«ak>n o* the Nations fl,^ be 
« the end of the loooyeare. pe«cefolI nif,Qc, fire fia/U^ 

jrenoc hoId*at all tbi. Aall be before the laftaft of the grS 
dayof the Lambetwrath, In which the feotcnce oMamiS SJ 
ftall bepronouncigiigaiiift al| unbeleevin^finners at the laft ^ 
fomaion? ■ All thk Chen hc^%^.ilhif^^'An^J^^ 
•in y«ur fotcfaKl wc.rd,. Andas in tw.?,<f. the Ap^ftIe'fl,ew«Se 
faitbfott why tbe^^icked (hoald make a fcoffe arthe p^^^ 
Chrift. comming. and in v^. 9. gives them the mC rf 
Gods putting oflFof his comining fo lone • foin «^ sT h^ 

? i^ T, *"^/ j*^ ^ay of judgement, fpoken of in T^. 
iwhitbtwoveift, docfeem* to b< brought in byVav of Pirm' 
f*^?l-i Pr«10"8'»«»<'0oyc«re.. whiffffeemJI^S.^^S^'^- 
.Hs,bebutiJ»rttJme with the Lord, r« you % ; ) v!t JEo^ 
, Jeflethat which fe^me^ilhof t timet? us, So? be a WS™^ 
*o the Lonl. Andtherefore albeit the Iaipattof&incS?S 
fiCl '*-ii^"?^'V'5'/*''°°' JK>urinterprttatioiii yet the 

^T^ C^^^^/'^u" ? '5°"^'"** yeare, with the Lord r^J 
though thefoaceof a^thoufand yeaie, with us, maybe botat\«e 
day wuh the Lord. And confrquently the fiiAZl X 
0.«-^-^,]w^*r,7. .nuft neede, b^mearft ofairJjhSSf dlt 
oft. day confifting of yeares, (of fo many yeaw, atfcft « Ae a 
joWefaerefpedce.o6.a«dnot of a na&lSrof a SJcoifi" 
Jingofhojim; fo;howeirefl,ouId<«rrf«br4btteLLr??: 
» thoufand jrcaiM w tegardof continuane. nfrfm- > a j ?» ** 


; tvrlxt thcfe prdpofitions ) cerraindy the {adyerbc \ii^ mj,'] doth 
not alwayes intlaiate a coiDpariion, but bath divers acceptiooi 
amongft whi^h Tafor rcckdns its dectoting of the truth, and cer* 
cainty of a thing,forone. And wbcn ItisiiCdcoinparatlvdyf 

It d jth include an cxpoficion al(b, as it were eafie to prove by 
many infiances ; and we need looke no lurcher then the lo verfi 

of rtiis chafter for an ihftancc. Bwt. the day of the l/ftd mB come 
^(aiih the Apoftle) 4i athiifi iri the fii^ : . here the comparing of 
it to thecothmmg of a tbiefe doth flicw, that as it is unknown^ to 
^11, (o it is uncxpeded/too of the ungodly, on whom itfliafl 
come as a thiefe in the night, that i^, alcogethei unlookc for; 
and CO whom alfp ulballbe, as tbecomming of a thiefe ill th^ 
tiigbr, that is^fearefiill, unavoidable^ and fullipborrour anda« 
ma zemenr. And thus ic is evident, chat our expofitibn of ver* 7. 
Ss the onely adequare and fuUexpoficion of the Apoftles wordsj 
and that yours is but a defeftive andpartiall expoiition of it. 

Ifrael's Redemption. 
This then being fb^ I fee not» but chat Gods fore«a ppolntment 

ground of tbtt prop _ 

word [Vaj;] wherein it was afterwards delivered, by thcinftUi- ^?^ "J^?; 
bic P^n.mc1i 9f holy writ. . ' T^puJm^ 

libus annorom nutiidi, fepdmus fntUciisritts,aaiilenaritts rcmiflionis 9ft. H^I^tma. f^id, c$m. 


Tbe eertdnp of all the afpoinfmtms^fGodweatkjumkdgu Md 

the infsBUfiliiy ofhisfen^mtn : bmwktrt is it reveulid, that Godh^th 

afpahheda tbettfmdjesrscimtinuaneeto tbewnrldfor eachfiverafi ddj 

oftbefirfi mekf fOn tbe micrgtne bteitetb Ra6. Kttina. comment. 

A poca . par. 2. p. a$7« tphere are fome iefiimenhs in the Rabbihes 

to ibis furfbfe. Ltt Jewes foliote JemO[ifablii^ to us Chrifiians batk 

<pfod/pokm in tbebfl dyes h tis ^Smne^fU}. i.a. VPbomhebatb' 


Rcplyv . ., . / * 

I do not (ay ic is revealed in Scripture, thac God hath appoin- 
x^ untothewoHdafhoufand yeares continuance for each iev^- 
r »l^t|pr of its firfl wecke 1 but that Gods J^^^ e-appoin(mc pt of io 

Yy f ''~ ^maiiy 




many thoiifiin<fii df yetrei CDnritmatice uoc6 the world, migi^^ 
happily be, the grotrod of chit pibpbccicilf fcnfeof the word 
flKyr,] in the fcriprartt. Which fpace oftitei it doth compre- 
hend whcirfbc^rlthfindbaticalfvapplycdtoihcd^ bf oat 
Savtoors appttrfiig^or the Twejr tedbrrptron^as //2ri, 1 1 , 1 1 .cfcaj; 
i7,t»,ij/aiidi*ww/j.ii.ind al^ and a Tiiw. 4.8. 
doe teflifie. And chefe rexes in which it hath the epithet Qre^f] 
aoaekt torst^jo^tt. ^t.Jiisl. 4. ^.Jndever.6. T(^. 6. ly^eb^. 
*1 ^. 1 4* And the learned doe fo underftind the word [pa/] too, 
in Godis ihreatning to ^d4m^ G^$$. 2. 1 7. hecaufe that ihreatitiDg 
ifiuft tt^des be meant of apDnifhnrent thatihould come 00 ii- 
f/iif»for his diCbbedi^ce^ and confcquemly of a bcdily^eatfa^ 
whkh yt(he (tsAxdnot tiil n^ere nine hundred and thirty yeers 
after. Aftd thus it is manifeft, that we take this word innoo- 
tfaet fenft thcB the Propbeti dce^ to whom Gcd ^Vc by hb 
Spirit in time ^Jk\ or tlnM the Apoftles doc, to whom God 
(bake by his Sonne &r%^ and by* his Spkir itflerwards \ ot ilie» 
Coddtd{as many FeamedDfvinesacknovvredgeJ inthefbtCF 
inM^^S^ffito Atam, AndthcreforeweborroivtcnotfrcKittlx 
Jmifiri%hk%i although we will not rcjefl any truth ih*t the 
jfnrr/ho!d, forfeairc of bemg upiftraidtd with their fatlcs^ oa 
with the rame of ^f jTf/. Bat what f fo much oar of charity 
with the Jev^a now > Is not this tbt Name w^hofe myfticall in«- 
lairp^iCiationhathSoodyoei in ftchfteadiirth^Mvrefting of ^ 
prophecies which conccroetbeinbyrNaaie, and none elie) and 
did you not6y,;>4g.itf. that [thejAitbfHil a^^calkdjrmu^ntt 
9indj: tyjfttiilfyy hut t^wfif^tbeg^mall comf$rt v/^ArJbrc/,] 
Wo^N did ycttd^te then fo boldly tQ^abuTe tbatNtaic^y wMcb 
(ytn fty) the fiithfiill are fo frequently fliUd in Soii^Qice^ 
And what comfort canJt be to the Jeme/^ that you lay clajme to 
this Natne 1V1 the fcrrpiurea^ where Jt belongs not co yen : tlttt 
you feeme to take deCgbt In it there> and yet in your writSngs 
dnd con)n}<>n difc^Qrlej u(e h as a by-word^ and tcrme of re« 
proach> orllowcanwethinke, that yon apply the prophecies 
couching the 7oiv/, to the Chriftians, for any other rcaton^ l:ui 
becaufeyon thinkeivch great and glorioaamercicfrcaogood for 
ahe Jtrpts : bow, I fay, can vft thinke Qcher wiie, what a^^ (ee 
the!yare4oiod]pttsbntDy;oa^that in meerekorne and diti£on 


Parr 2 -. Christ ^erjonttU R^igKt m Earth. 259 

gCtbeonitl ire hold, ycnoli us Jtvnt by way ofoppofitios^o* 
Chriftuns 7 1 pay remember what our Saviour is as man, is fce 
not %Jm» f me chiilkes tlien, f rf nought el (e could^ yet) chcns 
f^tenocyeti owe to hini, ihoBfd have wuh held yoa itota wh 
asunfctTXl lifagt of AisName. 

• IfraeTs Redemption 
* To this al(b itity fceaddcd chat in JUdtih, 34. 3 1 . which (kk^vftt 
riiat when the Some of mm dcfcends^ He /kail find hd Angttf '4* 
iri$bagrtsffHtnd0fdTrmi$p0i, 4ndihfj fh4Sggb&' together ti £" 
hSff$mtbef9Hrci»ittdeJy from one tiiaufthelk^tventaibeothir: a^ 
wblcb cttfiCi tt^^fhtUbe in tb^fie/d^ the ont JhaU he tal^n and the e^ 
$hr left ; twf wrmettfijll he grinding at ibe MiB^ the em jhaOU ta^ 
l^n and tke ether Irft: and as Saint Ad^rl^rccord^ tn^ men IhM , 
h^yeen^hed^theenefhsUhetakenandtht ether left. But ifo»r SaW-. ''^'^^•^^^ 
o«r H fais coimtitug (bil I preicncly ghre fet^tence on all (bat are 
noewrfeecnin tbcBpokeof fife : if he (h\\\ mak:no (lay on earch 
bekHPeheoificrtiifccthisbtrimcfli, thin why Ai ill the elc^onely 
be gatftstcd together, and trie rcfl left behin Je ? feeing thAi great 
A^i^tobehvldchlefly forcheoondcmnatioiiFofut^odly trxm 

Mr.Teirie^s Anfwtr. 
1, HeH iitmbing toftdvefh^ Mmatdtj eftheju^s. t.Tbe 
tvm E^jmffMfis ^eJIg there ef the gaiberlngef the S^&^ and t^kpgl^ 
. tki^ «f I f ** ^ ^ Cor. t y . ajO J^' ^h^ipeakg not exclnf^veljy ai ^ 
^ tU^fy ^NtHmthii'JMdgfid^ner mi/id ^ htttthe^Jpeal^Qfjffiar^iqnf. 
0edtSmiyifi4^ the eU&hfefhe aire, andhesi^s^t iph^re^s tj^^ 
wkl^ii^M nvt he fsk^ up^ huf left en the earthy andh elondtmyd^^ 
amifim » M, M^cth. ly^Oy^i. and UfoUweihy vof.^}. Tni;% 
.finlttlierigfiMouirfbineforth, &c, Thefrirtkk (Iien/&fm^/.ttff 
themch^J^dl^e tefi into thefuataeeoffire, asja^ne (ift^etfaei^Ji 
srtbe^figfitemefhaSfihiemthiKi%'i^meof^^ 3. fftla 

rig^om jhdPhe tahn nf\ and the mgedlj left en theeantr, thapit^ 
fbrmetnk^awyjrom the earthy and the wicked left on thtenrtHf^' 
tbenihe ^dfyjhsll net have earihfydonriaim. ^IfChrffiathkeem^r 
emeglhrnibeU that great affifecbiejljfereendemnmen of th^tpicl^. 
ed'i hnm then^JbtS'the godfy he ^uid^ed, and the vtkl^d b^ left in ihiir 
grafue$ after, them fer tfnfpme efa 1 000 jeares ? Iheji thin^i aamtett 

f« HtnbWHi^»g,(fotk^{i}j^ ibc Monarchy ofcher. 

500 Kraels Rtekmftto»rede$med^ ar V,in 2. 

I I I * ■ — ^^-^^■^^^»»— ^^-^ l 111! . . Ill - I I 

Jexpts. But here is fometbiog, wc {ay^ for the confiraiadon of 

our^Sax^ ours reighe on circh, which is til one. ^ 

• i. TheEvangelifts fpcAc here onely of the ga|hcritig. of cbe. 

elc^tocnceteChrittachisconiintng, and ooc atalI:oUbe rai-r 

flng atld judging of the ungodly^ bccaufe chat is not to be done at 

the beginning, but at the end oihUreigne^. And theuitis that 

the whole number of the ekft, and of the rqpfobatc, (hJlbefc. 

^aratpd^one company on his right hand, and the other on hi? 

left: itnd noc one {art canght up to the tirCj and the other left 

on ch0 earth. And w4i confeife tbit the cafling of the wicked la* 

to hfeU mentioncdin that parable, Atatth.i^.^i, (ball be at the 

cricrance of the time in wh'ch th righteous JisUfbiaefarth as tbt 

^an. i t th^ Kingdome oftbeir Father. But we deny that this cafting 

^of the wicked into hell, is meant of their cafting in after their 

refurreftion, when they (hall all at once receive theientence of 

d mnatioB trom Chrift mmlelfe. For h&, it is hot faid here, that 

they {ball be gathered together before Chrift^ as it h (aid Matib. 

aV 52. C^r. But that the Anjifli fiaU gather tbtm em efCbrifii 
JdngJomfy and cMJlfhem into afUrnacepffirgs that if, (halldeftroy 
them in every place over the world where they then are, and 
ca(t their foulcs into hell, as is intimated by ^bi binding rftba iartt 
in bnnMs to bmrne tbem. That [is, as ihey finde tbem here and 
dicre in the field. And fecondly, itia fiud^ that they A''/ &e g4^ 
tiered m df Chrip Kifgdeme, and cafi into bellj^ that b, (hall be 
tsikettawiiyffom the jplace where, andfrom among the men o« 
v^ ^fioxn Chrift (hall thtfi reigne. And therefore this gathering 
of the wicked is to be at the beginning pT Qhrtfts Kii^oa% 
sihd before theiriift judgement ; and not at the end' otChriAt 
^tl^^me, when they (ball befe^hcoiit of hell againe tore* 
wfite their tafijodgement. And that the forefaid Tudgementit 
ift^ant of > teroporall deftruftion on all obftinate finners, tbae 
^e^Hving atChrifb cdmming, and not oftheerernalldeftru^ 
ori of (heir bodies and foules together at tbelaftrerurredioix, jc . 
If evident al(b from R^v. so. 9- «^hereit is revealed, thatall the 
4itifeodIy that are to oppofe the Saints attheend of|hetboufaiKl 
yeares rcjgne, (hall bc devoured by fire from heavai, befcye 

tbelaSretorrcftion^ fotfitt thqre (bill he none of them living 
cQ the Mrj(b| wh^n (bey irs to begnhere4 b^fim Cbrift %% the 
laft (ddgrmeiit i and cosfcqiminxi chat g^thcrjag of thifn 

Parti. CbriftsPerfonaUJ(jigneefnB4rtb. jol 

cannot be the ft me with ttiis gathering of them^ whin rheyihall 
beontheearch, Af4itf&. 13. And fbbv tke KImgdcim ofthirFu^ 
tber^vatntiotitdver./^^. muft needes be iheant^ the KUgd^mi rf 
Cbrifl, ipokenof Vc^r. 41. which Iscalled, tbe KingJkum 9fikeit 
Tather^ bcctufe Chrift with whom thefe Saints (hall reigne; Iliall 
receive it of God, who is bptfa his and their Father. 1 

J. The righteous flfSillbecaaght up to meete Chrift, and to' 
come ^long With him to the earth. And not co ftay withhimJn 
the aire,or to be carried np to heaven from thence ; as h<th been . 
ftewed already more then once. And therefore chit 11 but a cri- ' 
fling ar gnotent. 

4. This argument is a fiippofition of that which we deny. For 
it is oar argument agaiciR you^ That feeing the eleft onely fhall - 
be railed aqd gathered together ac Chrifls comhiing, and the un«b • 
godly i^hich are left ift their graves, (and that chemifchievout' 
ua^odly which are liv^ingt fhiilbe leftalfotoperiibextraordi^- 
narilf > as it is Af<t'/ib. ijf 4is4>. andtherefltobeeye-wtcnefler 
of Sods wonders at that ttose, and to become converts by it^ at 
his IfilSs.ifito. Jo0h.$2.Zeck 14. i6.']{ev. lu i^, zuditoi- 
other places.) Therefore the laft judgemetit, the grett AffiAV 
(which is to be held chiefly for the condemnation of ungodly 
Bnat^) atmot bciac, or prefently after Chrifts cpmming, but fhair ' 
be at the end ofhts reigne. And fo this part of your anfwer is a ' 
meere perverting of my wordsi which agree fo well in chetn- 
(elvee* and with the word of God, that yoii had nought to fiy 
againftthat which they prov^e, ahd diertfdre you fiiUadoufly \[ ^ ., . 
iaakechem togrant, whactbey doe indeed difprove. 

IfraeVs Redemption* 
Wbodoobtlefle are not to be left, that die evlllAngels may'* -^If,, 
fetch them* for they (hall be partakers with them of chat judge- 
ments and therefore will be a^ unwilling coappetre before that - ^ 
barre>as dieyt Neither is ic likely, that dicy (haltbelefc, became ^ 
the gdodAngek cannot at once aflemble them to tbcplace of 
jtidgemeDt9 and the elefii to mtec tbe Lord in theatre^ if thefe - 
things were to be done at the fame particular time. And there. 
fore as I fhppofe, they fhali be left, either to perifh in th jc gene- 
ral! deflmftioni which fhall come upon all Nations ihatfi^t a- 
gainft the ye)r#/, whom our Saviour (ball then redteme 5 or tobe * 

•■•■v^ — — — 

in tb,^^tge^i^r4Ii4f:fif^lim i^tbtttRjnfti^tbiir emdam«t*f9fft«J$fif- 

Reply, . . . 

We kmw cbai peuber the §ao4 'm. i?«4 Ans^ ciq d<w 
any t^)pg without (Jbf Lords Aiichprifyt hotwhfc Uch«i (q fyf 
force of my wor<ls» which confifts in this j that feeiffg f;|i^ gcio^ 

})(4gfWJMi«i4 thi(«l^ CO tncec th« l/x^ ioth?9ft«. flijill xc 
g»tfaiqr t)«elfi9;Q^l¥.iin(ilc«>¥th^r«fth«h»a4^ \ ^qf^^i^ 
tU|Pg»«l«nottok4o|if at 1^9 {»cnetiqip. Aq<1 {^oQiqaeQiJjjr, 

1^t;^J44B1H9eatQf th<:4«ad i/iaqf tQt«si: tb« tii|^^(;:lKi^ 

«fcf«dio§..»ick»^c)efir«tbcvirKkfi!lflKi>il4af wdl hf §»- 

* th«redtQth«pl(ifeci(th«Ma&|udg«tnfi9t^stb#jpU£t0vilft«Ma( 

thf Lord Iq t^« atirf^ A94 K if 6«( ^inft die espreDo-iiraKci^C 

fay, diaj(«Ut^9 wi(il^e4i^^iiliiMsa3«i^^i^isof <? 4s>w««« • 
d^lCidie <Jme-qf<VM SgvioHrs.d^l'cefdp^ fll^^iAi i|iil4 
dj^l{^9jp|^t^«|:M^l4«|ni^0lWoncKef4f^ . • 

i»^, p^ FQrth«thyC*fi(|frivdiiiig*sq«kjh»»»4thfdb»<iiiwitio- 

S:i49:^. thefei«coceofdwiM*wfti thftbyhJsiniigiQgibrqwdv^I&yt 
r^ja^r. cannotacallbs meant thMlftip4c(»«iifieft, hilt rather a former 
e&i.<sir,i:^, »iid^hoM»ind&t9«9t«fi)ngfEi4ly «ie9, if ftppMreii mi (4l%9v. 
t«.<»v. *p..w^>«itkAMni% tifeiiifcieSiiqtffaeaBea Oull t>e«tt iUiw 
b^Q^^li^ ceiwrn^jpa, Atid Miie wmat fay, thac liMA wbidi 

c«9re nhM a#g Md AC^i ii M bie deilrojtfid At tfaeotdcl ont Sft* 
vipifrKeime, tliat ji^ kondiieeigr M»r< th« laft vefuifeAtw : 
wMeti^ie OmU be #ttr«, tt ihe tUiie«f cfaac geiiwaU diAraOe, 
which ihaUligbtOQ the vorld, Jtt;ldieiici»(».ti)K» %Maii|»M. 
red mgiam,. n tU gacberfogttigttibcr of ch» dcd, wfaa are 

t9 rai£f« w«h UfLdMfa decbtt. 

l' '-'■ ) II I I '"-- ■■"^ " -■ •• '■' i ■ ».<.- ■ '■—' A .L. 

part t» Cbrifis PtrfM4lii^ffiP$9i»B4rtb, 30 j 

Hm(^ i^frrA)arifir^^im^^ifi9f. i . That tW i Ti4i.4.f « 

MHk% if/ipon/ 9 mkl^^tj itfoH^^s ^^4hst Chifi fiaJl jitJgi tki 
gtimf 3. iT^iUfsj m 9mr9ofthmfi$io ^mmnitg theft fbatfi^lt 

g^ U^^ftme wUbibeAmv fumtimudm KisvcL i6. f^ 4s Napdr 
fr^Mtbs Prop/ 3 »« AfkdMt, U^tonfr^v^tb m Ms tfeatife^f Gtg 

^ mmi^aidi^^fi^^ i i . K^yi^i)! 4asftbefamjg^itbikifii>cp frmif 
fa ,: jv<9 494CUvi9 ApDCuly p* 19 jp;iru i. fyjchro* 7. ism^^ > ii to 
M9¥t^ne0Ubikdefirt05iimf$ftb€ It^iof^ BahyioHi wkkbMbt 
hi^thMm¥^^fbe ]tnt^f4tHnA0k»meibfild: mdfbtr^ 
fm fvf^ ^m^fr^r.UMt^nM amaroffiSQ.bimftlfii andt9 CUyb 
jA^poori* 41 mil /a mm Cbtifiimr^ wbadk^ Aaf^M<jmtd^ >/ f j^ 

rmfi b^f^^ȣ9 ^^ km^nded ijAifeiwfif$if isfbiib btbaibloxhi. 
Jt^^tfjpSn^1% tb$iffi^ b/itHMfi$BSefimgbtpotpi^er; bnt kef^t 

. TfK^tl:iitb-is nonr, Imc t^ fixh tts laake ithemCbl vet 
^iwge foiCi Afumah $9^h ^.fitiarfa^h ^fflrmgtgods, Aid the 
.JubfitimffifSMk FiHdsfteitibkigMiAo them Jeius and rhe.r&- 
jgiCTc&kttl, d&^pii^ rWbm 9k^isdi96^ timt @^» wett ^ht 
jftiMige<7^f ,. atidi|QCnliis.Gidd s (befiiMii'^rrqpi'^ ^jmi i|ot he. 
Aitd^etrt how^A«gefo6««r ooiiloei^ 
4kes(W9W€hiT€&6wcdchattfaeyjureiiGt^a&^ Atni 

^ ' ': "^ Z% ' not 


* '" ■ '^ --■■ -- — - --^ -. r . . . ■■ MM ^ . '." Y^ — V :> ' ' r— — ' — -i .. * ■» 

not the fault of the Awhoiir j buithe 6Vrbur of thcPrincer. and 
•6e oire'i^baftifArflTe of theSt^fioaef ; i^ho feh¥ ^is bbokes ibkead 
before he had received a.cbpie of all the fablte: whereof the 
Vrords here omitted ^tK thegreatcft^and are to be correftcd, as 
they are now fct doWrifli ro ^itjthti«i X^^^ ^^ h' C^fi^ ji^A' 

fol ir^aibif a farmer and imhi^kf^0dgtme^:^jfun^dlj men y it «^. 

k aBjlsh^y kefdH iheMaf^ ^^4k«^n&iin.y^\m it ihtf irtitJ -ftWin^ of 
my' words and invthia foifipne ihey doetfholiyViSfanuUtthe two 
Hrft pkrtsofyoutanfvi^et; forthede^royin^ ofrhdArmy .Mi\^^^ 
f^r^j^e^iiif atChttfi»eommk}g9'i?et;. i{^^ ^lidof theNations thit 
Ihallagftilfe be gathered agafwIl^iKn andhh/ k ^e<^ ofhis 
ttigae, lUfivio. «retcto|»rall judlgcrneii^ott the«mg6aiy ^ and 
before thtirla(t/adgemttiti the jadgcmenc after their rAfarreftir 
oh, Andtherefore ChrifipfAllno^ kpffean^ trkce ftjndge tbi^niti^ 
^ndthdead^ but ihall tWilcejud^^ttiefe^O^gbdiy laftei^ >ap^ 

^iheitwmparaUieftf uSaorti (iii thelt Ar l^deatft r^Hirttf a^nehy 
afinall and compleate /adgert'ent m their ^t<^naU deftruAioit, 
fin their feeond death.) And as for theifcitd'pitrrbf your in- 
lwer,itisbuc ai flandeiioita itrforfnaCtcmagainftMa^: P^'Vidj 
•northatth« tJi^^^ahdiylifogip^ menapii^^ tbe iRkm 

'Widn the Ai^y^iBjfenttonied R^ 1)1X4^'^^^^^ Gog 

and Migogh the &me whrhr that Army) air the reafpns which I 
^lledge^4g. 94, 9^ '. doe {hew^% AtidJ <ay that t^ &(^md ^Aiom 
gog in Rwi^t^ts a different G/'^^a^d Magi^fto^^tx^itb^ as 

■ thefc words, tjp^g. 128 doe witmfTe. [And this. Gog and Magog 
in Rev. to. iiio^bt the multiptfisd^f^imy offboft ^ibit nrkiirfjt of the 

. Nationj^atibe beginning ofthetboHfandyear9;tj:.iiBen'st^ 
ibr'Beaft andfalfi Prophet ^ aniofibo. Kings dftbe edrfb^^ and afibe 
whokworU^XtisbouuthefatidkM/bemes ^dtdGdg^tdki JkUgi^f^^ 
told by izeiffl )fiMllJb€d£ftroj€d\m^^ ag^ioe 

fag. 129. 1 fay, \Thatihe Ndtiom rpbteb^fiiHopfofe dejetpts at 
thtirexfeUtdrcturno^ ate to bt the GogandMagvgferetoid bj Eza^ 
kjel : and that the fofietUj. ofdfofeirifkb/iaUbi ItftaUvt eftb^ iVj^. 


' f aft i. fhtifis Perfina^Rel^ie m£a>ih. ^ 39 5 

.■ > I I n II I ^ 1 HW t ■ I J ■■■ .1 ■ I I ■ j ii I I I _ i . I i^ ■ 1 „. ^^ If ' ' ■■ ■ 

tionfi{whn,^G»g^and Magpg is defirojed^jball he tbeG^gand 
Magog foretold in \R^p. 2 o • to ar^e when tb'e tbmfdHdjwrts peac^nU ^ * 
mgne irfmfbedi]^ Whereby h48manU«fl^, ths t agalnft your owa« 
Jkno vdedjgCi you have: miftepot'ted the ^ v idknce of my rcafohii 
and charged me witb a. concradidlion 'of yoar/owAe devifing^ 
Andasitisveryfalfey thaci am intbit{>omt contrary to. my 
i^lfcy foicis asfalfe; chat I ambercin contrary to Chvis ApocMl. 
For the fourth (yockr^onifmc of tJie a part doth iaft^^ibly prove 
ihgtihc Armyof ilie Nftlohi9>mentioned JZetieil a^vistobea d^^ 
ftiiift^ Army from chit in Rev. i tfJ whofe deftruftion is reveale'dt 
doap. 1 9. The word! inferred upon the fecond argoment of ttui 
fynjCbronUroCy^^^.ad^arethcfe. tMarJ^Aere reader, the chronim 
^cbdraSferi fy wbk^tkif Utimaud, that tins wb^ifiievti h is eofe^ 
ctming Satan, being tal^n 4ml condefimid'ifier biefico^d k^finglik 
fuccaedethtbe vifion of tte fornfet* chapter concerning theBeafi and 
.falfeTropbet,4fHngvlinqHiJbedyUktn,mdther.e^ /^kg 

btn-niffg with pre andimmftane^ bj bisn rebidh fate npen the whiie 
h^fe^a^nerderefnd^r^Mtion^fialfointbei'tmeioftb^ For ^ 

eAftrwifi itjiettldmtbave b&n/eul^ tbatBa^fdnwrnfrndnther^ tvbe^ 
boib the Beaft andfa/feProphin iwr, except both ib'eBe^fi a^dfit^ 
frsipbetbitdbemfentthUberfirfi. fieither em ditjman ofjudgenfeta^ 
fay bjpaj ofevs^on^ tbdtthit warre (i/chap. ao.) after a tboufand 
ff^^i P^ W ^ff^eni fromshak ^)tbefarnkr chapter; ^ep. as n»% 
frntpbi ^ar after akeisdj broi^f^ ba$t alfo AicirkHm^rfcgr on both 
fides ar^ npitfft^nt ; tbt^poffi^, the, hatteU^ .and tbe mp^mpr offb^ 
JlaHgb$^,iihere vpitb thefword^hert^witb fre}, yea and the event of 
either tparre mfik^f 4i anon tbetnatter being demonfiratedj fiallbe^ 
madtfUmt $bfrf ^bo l»tidmg of Satan enelj far aiimey bmt here a 
cMtdimnatl^, to etemni fire ^ iS^, And C^* yipeo0l . irt par^ f ;, 
iyncbro. j^ dothfpcake nothiiig of the Gog and Magog in Revadi 
but oftbeikter defllruftioo of the Bcaft and Bntykn at the effa«v 
iioftofthelaftviall. i . ^ . .> 

• '-:> - Ifta&l'5Rcdcm!^tion»..i; . * : : 

, A|i4jco-tbisconje&iW, Ifai.t^^i ^.doihfcffiaaitiyconfirmei ^ °7% 
For the great found of theTriimpet before fpoken of in Saino . 
UHattbetp^' a3 a waiDingof the gatherlngti^iherirftbcelea,. 
is there Ciid to be a warning alfo of the Jems teturne : the words 
W<hc% itMl9ometof0ff€inthjtJ>aj,iba^ tbi.LordlfidHbeato ^ 

, : / Iz 2 of 

90^ Iftiids1^«4eMip<ia»r«<i/ir««ii</,«^ Part H* 

•ffromtbi ekmnBrftbe thnr mm th^fipwm tfl^gjft^ ^mdj^jMl 

ucb.pM* ntfbick werfuadj to fmpintkt Lmtd ifASjm^ ^tb^mctt^rim 
tbi Land ^/Egypc^ dmififMwvrJiifibeLnrdUthi bpfyUHmm 
Mr Jerufiietn. Mr^Petm*i Jditfoptr^ . 

Jftbif be d conj^ClMHi btrm k U fMfficiertsfyctmfoimd ty the pre^t 
ff if'ii befmffiv$0Mtlf can firmed^ wif is ii caBed^^ wi^Mn l A eetu 
jeSnreh u^ atidhath lii ^mrantfremtbe Fhfbmjwilu Firc^et sni 
JBvmgilift Bftmifheakingafth^fumfurfoje: fbi trapbituj^ 
l^kj^pm^iittdarif^rfmjtwudeihersncgomc^^ 40d 

rftbe Ufimpe$ thai dUuennddt $be freebtmaienofCytmfer tbimft^ 
ntrnwi -mtAcb itmgfsfi Ufore tht dayet pftbe Etwge/r/t Anin^v^* 
tkeh^ifm AmbmhcmlMdi$kiriMmp^m^^ ' 

Andwbymaytiotftcoiifeftufe beasWdlconfiraiedbylctip* 
Wti a« ^rcUDckd od (criptiirie \ yea Wbenee can fach a c6r^« 
fttire have ^kftcttMifirniaitofl th^ £r0iti>fi:ri^l« > Atidtbtt 
Ait coDfeSnre, (to wie, Thax finm of ttem virfao are kft^ ivAeo 
Utit cleft ib^H bt gatbored together at Chrifta connnnig, 
fiiali be left to |>eri(h in tbe |;teat deftraftbti whjdh ftall then 
iigbc on all Nataona that fight aga^ift thfiJmet^Mt othm of 
them to be eyewviciitflea pf Qodi w^nm^a M ti^t HtfiCi ) that 
iSiis GonfeiSure^ Ifa^y^i^ Warra^Dbl h^x\»9tofhitf^ijf^^ 
Caching rfie feims return*, tb^f^^j. w. u^t^n k}ae^ldtnt> 
firtt; from the identity of the figne^^ivbitb^ "to pitlDede' ^ «o^ 
cooiplifiiment of this Propbety, a^ that of oqr Svribnt il^tef^« 
* 4. 3 i.f qr^baris rfc4mi*yi«iii*»/ji^^^ mebcifMled by the 

£iraiigelift, but the bhmftgmfthepe^t4i^mfvf ibrtt 6id {ta ffiihd^f 
And fecondly^ Ttia evident from nhe leontoita 0^ t:he prbfl^edf 
ilyMchfpcaicrfiotof the li^tiimeofthe twoTribei, dfther^ttxtie 
> of thf captivicy of fttddb and ^Benjamin firotn ^i^fhrn ^ 
bat of the recurnrt>f Ac teif Tribes^ of the returne of the 
cii{nirltyiifUicj^dtcnofij|?'4dfrpmi^r^ i/^h^ as Ditnea 
confefle, did never yet remme. And admit it had been fj^ken 
of 'theretomeof thctwoTribe^y yetltcouid not be alresrdy ac- 
eosipli(faed> l^ecaufekfotdlhevfes thetvtnrjie t^Vhe ^er cot 
^4^}baam wkkjh 


' . I. II I . , • 

CBQQot beti&med of the J^ffirx* tba|: retaroed cq J^akm ihk 
on cbe {itodaimtiafi oiCpfM/^ by whom ehcy w^c lo much Uf 
yaasatL Aadbf iifho&concnaiid the J^i^re/ that wmwd, were 
fo nmcli eorkht wiAfibm^mig(dd^ P^Uhg^Us^ <»4^iibhsfls, 
&e, as it is written, £^^1.4. And although it becrue^ that 
Qriy/ oude a Proclamauda chroogliodc all bis Kingdoms for 
the rctOfffringof the. jFeve/^ yet w« reade not of the foundiiig of 
aof Dronpet at the pioclamafiofi. And if it had bceo a cu^me 
todbf jb»ootoiie» one oiaoy trumpeti doubtkjle had been (buo)- 
dedic the poblifliiog of that pfcdamatiODswhich waihy arany 
meflfeogers fent iieo fUthe Provinces of Qifml^k^omitg^io 
whom God badgireo 9MibeKm^domt9 0ft(Hi4fth^ £^41. a. 
And laftiy this Profdiecy doth intiinate a gatfaeri{^j add brings 
i«gofthei^isdi/</coief»/W9au by Uie extraordjanry power ctf 
God. A fiatihetjng of thesa. I fiiy^noe by the hdpe and affifiaace^ 
but igainft the will aairefiftance«f earthly Piinoci» as Isplaioa^ 
ly fbceflold Z^d^* f • 1 a^ 1 1 .14^ i $, itf« and in many other Pro* 
pbecka. And feeing iK hare allei^d io many clear epro^tocsca 
fbr the Yindicatioii of the truth we hoId» why may ]iife not fty^ 
aatheApuftledbtfiHaf»as*x.faftertha£ he haih by dW ers n* 
ftiiices fet Cbith the force and efficacy of a juftirytng iwh^) ao . 
wit, thji VK are Cfmfafi ^pm whh a ffta$ elokd rfwi^effiff : of 
which ibrdy evK»y^DgIeproph<u:y, (aa itiaof » &ik liificifiQe^ 
(bit) ought; to^re fatistoftion to^a OhxiftlJn ^ who h » weil 
bdand to manifeArhia ohedieiice cowards God^ by the neadindflfe . 
ofhisbelkiit/asi^tbeMgfaceoafaeAeofinslife. ^y brs eoafiding 
on theaccomplEfluneoe of <jods prophec&es, as by his ^onfort' 
oiingtotbeprafitiiftfif G^s precepts, tek is iaid, ij»bn^a4^ 

tfrari's RedcAiptiort. l ^ 

And thuabong throughly fiitisfied byfibisdondH>rwitriefl[es» gg^ 
the doable Jtrry ofProj^s and Apoftlf s, with whteb^&ul f Ha 
doArineirfiDytext to be eiicoinpaft, Iheregivtover tbepur'<> 
loit of thefe maditatioan^, and .c can in end ioi» ea^^^wafti mf^l 
sothenifdYefiandtoJS^is^thefeinftruidiam . r 

^ymie-dbrmghlyfasisfiady wif bmeym faofii^fidii^v^n/idf rf 


faftntfe, wbiA is > e jmir e^, s Per, 3 . 1 7. -rf/ >• ^bai domUejmry^ U 
mayevidentlj appion that both FrppheU mdApoftkn mt ۤntrarj to 
fiichfdHciiS. Itmafbt^thePfesofthiidaOfim Mnnnhmdhd^l^^jii 
ifm^ngpttlttiffei tiffppptrfitB 10 ftfjwadi. 'JUnwrtbtUffk hmr^. 

• -^ Reply.' ' ^ 

We brbg not ondy probable, biu demonftrativ^ zndmccdk* 
ry arguments alfo to juftifie the troth of our tenet Andtofides 
all thU^ we atled^e lor it a large Oit«Iogoe of deans andia^ji), 

cibte prophecies V ^^^ which ai wtfasdvefall &tisft6[idn 
oar khhi (b (i\\it we might (hunne the guilt of keeping* i^acl^ 
Mjf^pj^tiff'thecmnfill&fGoJ^AQs^o^ij^) we hold them 6utto 
cfther s toO) that as nnany as God faath appointed by our Minifte- 
ry tocaUtothe kndWj^dgeof this truth; maybeparmkersbf the 
like fatfsfa6:ion with as. And what though I have in (bme pla- 
ces ufcd the word {prtfbi^le,} andoncc, the word [cmjeSMrt^'^ 
and lomtimcs Qidimmj conceit ?]<hall Att therefore of which 
I f o iptake be fufpcfted for an untfUtb I I pra^ tell me why my 
coticwtftiay not b^ a^^gr^eable to thecruth, as any others i or 
why withput any diftdvintagcjtotbe xrutb, I may . not ufe /ucb 
exrpreffions, a^ilhe pen-men of holy writ liavlc donc^ How much 
Wa^ Saint Pf/erbehde the trptb, when in an(weptooar Saviours 
ldenaand> touching the two creditonrs, Lul^j^^r,^^. teUm^ 
wbieh^of them mllJove him wpjl ? heiaid^ I tc^ppofe, heco whom 
be foiga^ moft ? Certainely nochi;ig at aU^cferCbfift reply cd, 

Thou f aft rightly JHi^ed. Or what was Saint i'iiiyi/ counfctl the 
WOtCeiot frying,, i/upp^fe^thit this if good for t^^ 

i.Cor.j.26f Or will you fay, that ic was (doubcfiiU whether 
Saincyw/hnd rieceived ihe Hcdy Ohbfl^bectofc vir^zo; hefiiicb) 
jind I tbink^ dfo that i havt the Spirit ofGied ? Or'can you imagine 
7 i ihat the Apoftles tooke not the beft cdurfe fir the pacify ibg of 
the differencd that was tifen iA the Church oFi^wmt^, betwixt 
the Gentilii and feme beleeving /eve/ ab^#at drcumcifion, jt3s 
)^i bdtenfechey viftWciktiihiormk^'Jt/e^mtbg^o ver. 

35 . aridagatae vtr. a8. 7/ ft^tihg^od ntHoiba HolyGhoft amd tp 
tttf Ifyou dare not (ay^pt* once imagiile'; that thefe words dot 
'argue ftnftedfajinepor uneertaine kpowkdgt in thefe^ then how An 
that be truci which you fay here, tb^ words equiv^iienc with 
thcfc, [/meHnpt offa$isfaSion ?] And if thelc'wordt argue uo- 



P»rt n^ ChrsfisPirfinaH7(jigM0MlE4rtb. go^ 

te^ulne knowledge aMo'nftedfaftncflcltiuSj then.\vbtcdotfoy 
airgae iil you^ who even in the fecondand (hird pages, bavey our 
[m^ h :• me tbifik^ : whj my we not thinke tbm^ or tbns 5 u it tikefy^ 
it ismt nnlil^fy^ Cercainely as'to cavlll at words, and phra&sj 
firewcs th& wcakctieflS of yourc^ufe § fi> to blamt;anotbcriar that 
iilt^hkh y«^ your felf niiry aa well be blanke^^doth fktw tbe.rnalk^ 
of yoar mind^. • 
J r V Ifrael^i Redemption, i 

tirft,* torpraifc God for his abundant mercy^ who through the %^. 
fiUorth^Ztf#^>/hatb i^irdughcfalvtttioa uutO'UsG^I»ri/r/: tbajt 
togetherwl^ tt)'en1^^f^erillghe{>art:Utc of cheroote^^qd fameflf 
of their Olive ttee.' ^^ -■ - > f - \ ; ^ \ 

•' i V ., K . <• A4r.P9tTu*ft/^fifper» .' . \ , 

? fJ^thif^ i^'ii ff^re t^^thepTMipfof Gods mercy isndbfHntifulhtjfe^ 
ibmttnigidlj jhall edmMgaiH^ fr»m she hedvens to abide fo hng ontbf 
fiar$ki^*0*tir^bUei^ihdtgJoryAf heaven cerMHr 

l}- ff^&p of the greater and uninterrupted glorf diferVsith the greater 
praife: andvohiie they were o»ear%hy tbgf frefijful themjelvef;te^ he 
firangerifrem home^ andpilgrimes ontheirjourvej towards their hom^% 
Hc;b;ii.'i3. andflfathhejicoiHe'ajfilgAmesafftijoi? 
:.>'■■ -^ . '■ . . ;• ;Reply.- f : ♦ " " .,., ;.\ "" '' 

Ddubtlefle Godis -not tx> be taught by us^ [wbatreward is^mo(t 
totbepraifeofhisjnercy and bountifiilneffe towards the godljJ] But 
we are to account tha^ reward'oioft to the praife of his bounti- 
•fitltxefii a^d morcy towardsrthfethi: which we fi]ndin hif wor<:( to 
be appoint^ uA to them^ And w^d^doe conceive, that dbe filpry 
cfthe Saints after their reunion tdtheir bodies, will be greatef: 
(^i)ecaure moteperft^) though they live on earth r then*the^ gla<* 
ry^bf their ibules ia now without the fcUofr (hip of thc.lrt glprifir 
ed bodies. .^Andf w'e knbw not wh»t niotilditi{:<rrf tipt their glory 
oh earth) when aj Chrift himfelfe^ Con wh6m the Angels flstaft 
visibly a4€end3)(hallbeorijcaYthwid]i them: and God;b\a)reI(^ 
^Ifomay.bere manifefl: his glory unto thein, in'wh«^t : m^aTui^ 
hte: pleafetk Ahd'thoo^b Mraham j^A {ofR^'fffhcv, 9/ it^ 
Patriarches, {j:o whom God had promtied tti^opoCTfi^ian'^o/.thi^ 
Land of Canaan^) did in tHeiificoblii^tible cftatc Vicrc uyc 
as Aran gers and pilgr imea in clut laid $ yitt th<^^ ibattnot affC^ 
their refurre Aioa ;pofl^0e it as ftrsogei«%and BJlgrifil^^ but at ' "^ 
■ '**•■'' ' - - - "hcifes 

* * I ■ ■ ■ ■ ^j — -J — I ' 

h6ir«aiid€(rfiekre89vithClirift. M^ whewaf y0Uikff^{W^k 

it agr^aar pfi rfC^d, that tbi gidij {hmU Jfidi in tbaf^ghty §f 
jn^mfiit^evir atdftf^r^ tbmu €»im sgakftfnm ibehffv^s t0 sijbids 
^ tmb;;] Youlcctm to me toimd/g^m^ that icjbc godiy 9i«Ufi«* 
jf v«r w^&xt come frooi die|)ce, (ai yoat doiyiM^Uo, #«.^4 
Iliac Chriftiballiaicg aUthe&iiitti mch 
/ youO which conceit is contrary to all the fcriptupes nb^t iffirm^ 

the refurreaioin, and tlie SaiOtt «PP<»riiig with Cbrift. And I 
pray, where doe y wi fiode to icnptare, th|t ^ daitm^M ^r 
tfieir refurreftion live anaplicie (epacat^ g-cpi ;M^£h ^ £iciv 
taiattsly4^.are aicBiitlie laO;|i^gwieot,|o be ixvfimi\Vi%o^\ 
new JtrHfaitmi and that City is then ted^ifoefid to tt^.new 
earthy as^wcrcad,^. iloedUftly^ what affinity hatb 
tt%h!t that you iiafe&idiiefe, with sfae lUc you^ofwer I vfaat 1 
ihall sR^not i;ff^i6C3odior l^f iiier€;y ittimdU^ 
dieiathefleof'^ j^eniej Ofiv« tree, while weaielictfc^ altljooeh 

ItweK^gt^eMerbappiiiefleforustobeeYerinlieavcai afoeroiir 
dtpArtiire, theo'Cocome againe to the e«th 'i 

i&iei'>a Redempti^o* 
p . Secondly^ to bemmtefmMi^ : which was Aecapfe thu the 
feire/ were brokelfofffrom their Olive. And if God fparednot 
Che natiirallbrMchei^ mudi^dSe will he fpai e n$, if by laith we 
tfontiniieiioc iti bisgoodnefle« 

Mr. fttm*i jttf/hpiK' \ 
^Ifi tbefimckf iff mm ^ at^bk Mmitrefy it proved 49 hMi 

, Reply. 
Tis trte> thdt itisgfimermabeiijfe to 4^fif0 tberemtUedirtttb 
. ifGifd^ihentode/pifitbefimeiesvfmm. Andiciaastruey that it is 
aTinoie but licdelnferioflar tothac ftgainft the DoIy^Ghoft^ tril- 
fhlly r6 call a revealedcniob^aQ humairie fande ; chat it may be 
drawne intoifcorne and coHieinpt tiader this noiioa. AaJ fuidy 
feeiK itisagr6atuiriMlefetodldt»&tbe revealed rmtholGod^ 
therefore we have ^cttt^m^d t^i>ewtre of fdcbutdteli^ ; m 

itisfaSdintheBfe. ^ Ji^. '' ■ 

p Ik '~ Thkdly^ nbtto coHreaMMiRre^ile riie Jtffi$s^ a faiilttooiOQin* 
Inoti in the Chr}ftiaa W«rddr mad -that pardy, becaafi^ we aic 
' Qiunjindfiill 

.? •?• 


k-0infti ^€rfmttU%p^Mtm£Jirth, 

cfUarinco ii^ilrff Wtf ifS ^iSMl, wlKtfo rdoe btarcfftttj «nd 
Aoi wetlMTOO^ MnI P*M:^« beciaft we tti&pi^y the tHf«ltibfe 

ofonyawl fii «^]^4C6l«f<!tf,ClMt h« WMI l%itni gr*ff$ ttMffi fit. Fir 

ing^ amniyu tamri mhttped V0M mii bttp tthtd) m^e fiji 


tUttnrkd: 9t ttttUri^, tkiftbf Jew«v /»idr mxT Ji« «hn>»ndi liff 

ioici»«ot»fd(fdaft aittf#epd»<af diW T«s#iv F«): (ttft it Uttker 

('•slfltty focaUic,>tyt)K<rt(edtiteHiatt<»ftMhti^ A« eMVAlioii 
of chem, I fay^dieirfinlt fttrittl|#ich youjtnd th.e generallaad 

TlMi0ii6tttIttrttp,agiiA{lyi6ti. OHdy«r<6y,tftftttlft|^aU4MI 
^axxHStntAttHH^m. tn;k toutmbu in (bM6 t^ftkiHif l)«h- 
ioMMft fiiilifl!C»,hatfffftic8^A|>b(lles ikfenlittitk^^m^ eMnDt 
and tare. SMtt4fy»y9ttfiMiei»totIiibfee,ebicthe^M#r(hill 
lidfbecDin<e):ee(i i!iUCtiHft«Mie», wt)«ii a« We hdd, thac thfjr 

A«ttte«ottT«tted bitfbtefah c6iiHfiitigi,a»d be Whdlly freed finsttfe 
the opppfition of the ^tutdu^ at and by bis commingi at the 
|u<leeifieHI lAfWch Audi light oathe wdfi Id When, he ddtedds jb 
dsfh^y f he ^snny hi Amttgtiim* Andit^dly, ydotnabeiis td 
^itfbe, thatificit fliaifi be ild tjpftf (ttill oAioh betwhrt rh6 j'ti^e/ 
and Geniib* m the thneof t^e ^uliuid yeaces rdgae, whereiU 
lliffeUnott«beafiitta!Ddp«i(led:«iiioabet«rixcthciii} iathi^ 
•ekaovriedJKcdienfc afttf trothip of the ttua Cod ttH then, andfii 
itat tiHift, As ottr SaYionrt propfietf f*kn t6^i6, and Z«tf J^i 1 4' 

. (btll be much moris bippy in thU rubic^ia% wherein .tbejr/daU 

, ^;tve C^ill fortheir KiDg,c«n4 cb«g1ff ifitd Saioielbr tbe^chkfr 

^govi^rqours inider him, then tum chey -te^se Sft (heinfonnerli*' 

^berty; wbtcb(br(beiqdftp«rc C:be7;f<^.iDachahufed^O€heproi> 

wvocatioo of Gods ev^rlafting wirath tgainft tUfim* Even, asilow 

70U account tkf^tjm which is become the'Lordifre^attn, 

which (avingly cmbracech the trach of the GofpelU ^iQucb aiofe 

happy in bis capcivicy ttnder,^»nd i^bie^ion to the GentUesi 

chci^if hcwcre l.drd of the wMc eartb^ and Widiall a: fttaoger 

lro;n\he covepants of promiiCt havii^ nQi)C>pfcandi)eing witb* 

Q^t God in the world. Thefe are yoar mifreporca, and as for 

^yoixr Query it fidfe» it is/aHe to iaKigiQe$ th^tiltf koMded^eaf 

the coAv^rfion of a few Jma^ caQ nov^,uato a greater iovoto- 

wards them, thea.tbe knowledge of the converfion of the^wbole 

Nation can. And what love Cqever you may grant to be due to 

• . them^ in yoar difpfite of it : wemay well thiakej thatyoo maike 

•^(hewofIittte|oWaj:dathem:insypuri|^i9nff af ithe4e;Mr^ds fM^ 

tfS,[Lei j.mesMon^J^mfhJ^Hfsi&eA^ In which 

there BCiUierappearesaiiy fymptome ofyoar defireof di^r ooih 

vexfioo^ oor ot yo^r love towards then^ pr us. • • - 

Ifrael'sRedemplQa ^ / 

^z. n Apdlaftly;.wnc%(i9be^i:h(3o4» ilHtJb? 

{put inqocxeoutipn the^anesi whichibf hftthrapppUited toctheir 
eoDveriioni thachcwoukt cyen in tfiefo fufidajnea bnog this 
my ft^ talighty by po wrkig on his people the ^rk fl/j^rwe W 
yb^jp/iV^iitfii/^ whereby 4^ey m^beleevewdfrep^ir. For their 
:r.rh Ti Tft. bappineflTe will borh jncreafc apd coijjijnmate oufsj fi> alio 
^rf the iaUof*^ Apoftlc. -^tftUfaUcftbimU^herkbuPjt^^ 

thein,&c. Oblervehere^wh&t/fn^ff arefsidtoMrcafioAtherlcbesofcheGM^i/er* Notchofe 
ihsc beleeved when the Apoftie wrocethts,althoughiiiany of them were the firft infttumcncs 
of the QmtUeicioasti&on ;. and mudi lefle th^ chat hate belee^red fipce tha.ctime : for tbefe, 
as they ccmbc farre^ihorr of the others both In number and qpalificatipns^ ^fo they {nay be b!A 
railier cohave c^en^of tis,then gWenuato us t to hare inherited the riches of the Cofbd with 
us> but not inaeafed them. Notthe firft bejeevtn thereof* nor fuch whiih hitherto nare (b 
ilowly, and thhily followed them , but the lliffe»necked and fhibboriie lemtSy who llew 
' *% manyred and perlecutcd hit Dilciples ;They faid, to be the recQocHiii| 
and the ricfaes of die Gtmiltu And fbacbecaufe their fall aiid cailtia} ma j mc^ 


/ * % * ^ , , _ ■ _ _ i j i , _ ^ - ■ i - ■ 

ved God b fbcme to vi(it us with die tidings of {alvarion. And their ftilncfle, the reccirin^ 
ofthem, ic muft be, that ftiall pcrfc A «s. The receiving of them, I fay, which were then caft 
Isiw^tbuthowf nfdtinthetroWtieper^bftfi) Cforlci^^impoffible chat the lame men ihould 
^ iMiifaP^iaUy (bc^d be m& a^ay and noc becaft AwayO* bucki cheii^ poA^ricy : and that 
no(]np^i:,«]^> but 'wholly,., and at o^ce. For c^c Ap^ftle^qral^svi^ot ofpartlcular 
kneoand families^ but of all thtf Tribes of the whole Nation. And indeed what but a genemll 
converfion oftf^ Jetpcsy can bring fuch felicity to the G£9ifi/fi, a^^allnot onely parallel, 
but exceed the bleffings which we have already received by their unbeliefe^' 

numpnmg of them the riches t^fthe Get$tiks^ hew nmch more their fuU 

nejjef iuidagaiiM(« If^htcafiing^sf oftbem'bttbevecimcilit^of 

the Mrld^tpKitfiall the receiving oftbembt^ butlifefrqm thedeadi 

JLetn. 1 1. i2,i 5« Now to our Lord Jefus Ghrift> who \%both (bf 

lishtof the Gentiksy and the glory qi his people Jfioil ^ who is 

.chcfaicbfull wirncift, tn4 the fiipft begotten ot the deai^ and %\k^ 

l^ince of tbc Kipgs of thaearcli ; Unto biin t^at loved us, apd 

waflied lis frocQour finnes in bU ownc^loud; and made us 

Kin^ and Pricfts UBtoG6d> and his.F.ather, coLhim be g^lory and 

dominion for ever and eYe'rji.'-/fwe«5 -^»^ 

^,, . • M^^pirie*syinfwer^.^ ;. , .. ; ^ 

tfbetffere^H tkfe mef4 eien^de»ily hfeeql^ (jodfor the convex fi^n of 

/iSrr'Jcwes, v^ho thinks^ that the JtW^ maydxilj becomverted-j or 

tbe/ewbothinke^ that thgfhaUnot be- converted till thtcemmhg of 

Chriftf the fern^er f&rt mctf becanfidentjobe beard ddifyy vihicb 

ihefe ethers canrnt. Afidmoreevet tbefertmer fortfeethj^.(as thcFa^ 

therfdidfie^ Hcb.i1.13.) tverUfiing^inry prefently athand}, an^ 

thereupon ihg doeminde mdfeeke heievenlj thingt^ as thcj are com^ 

mandedy Col. 3. i^ 2. andtbe other Jort areout ofhopecfglorj inbea^ 

ven, (at kajlf^jet far tbe^ace ofatboHfandjeares^ and th^yfet ihiit 

affeOions on things on earth. Tea and itgii^s (ncouragemeot unto 

tbewiektdy that theffiallnot bejudged^ nor their bodies tormented 

tbefitbonfandyearestdeomeyet'^ and on the other Jide tbefeareofim* 

minent judgement andfunifimeniis a^more fowerfmS motive to depart 

from iniquity. For tpifich caufe the LordwouUnot give unto men the 

IjiivpUdge of that time^ but mil have its to be alwajes preparing ^^4 

waitivjfcr that commingto judgement. fVberefm we pray unto our 

Lord jefus^ who evennow is Kingof Kings ^ 4tnd reigneth in tbemidfi 

efhis enemies rand is offended at tbefoolijh eoneeites ofunjtjhJe hearts^ 

T bat he would make his pepper manifeft by conforming tbem vphom 

hebitb called and gifted iHtb the kgowledge of hie eternMl Gojfcll^ and 

m m ' ' ■■ ■ ■ — ■■»! > ■ 


314 i{t»\s tteOtt^tiinftiniki ^ T^^J^ 

^ bu Hs^^ (#i m nMma n^^t Mh n6i^ sAA 'tfftf%^t. 

Com Lordjejfkt, iMtbangt^mrvnilodui^ ihatth^may htlih 
HHpB tb/^HUsh^ acc0i^dingto tin W^rkjnfy whm^ t%m art ami 
^ven topttdmt alltimgs mm 9 t^Jklfe. * . 

Sorely the]^ fbat^^y tHe e^iefifletatyefftatt tfftfae J^te/, 
iayoa AoeiCitttiotprti ttillM^h tbfa^k&bti. But ttity that 
Ul^tvtiiy may codfidAitly befeech^dc) for it 1 itidbeebiifi- 
dent t6o^ that tfa^ ane deli^tfhliy b^aM bf hliti id it. For is ire 
^&gKta]#aytstotyravfbrttekttiiit^^ yfitkodiJ^m 

tiicitt: df atty furatebkf&igs tovmt ttitei of b&iM, yet Weare 
daily betf dm tittftr ^fedngby i&(ih ^ iflanifeftkcf oti 6t6tif obedi- 
ence towards God^vfh^mpj^txiittpHf fotth&A j iaSof6t!k 
faith and bopit in Ids protimA^ wMdi f eVeale diem 3 and o/oof 
diarky ttWatdn an th«! sttd tdftift j^ariakers d^ them ; W^^y 
ittifitorveGad^miifcyrdwaidfiiahere, and oaf ownewdghtol 
^Ibry with Mm hefe^lfcef . Add irhercfaa yoti /ee^e to lay daime 
f dfadavcn for yotir Mk and otfurrt df jour ihiode dnetjr \iSHd fo 
ftrit ti$ 6titofK^ beciaafSicecrfding to theteBoii/ofGo^ ptidQe 
ftYdationS) we ^flimi^, Thit Aa tai^ Satocs <fe td be^ne 
the eternity ofthdr iatmdftalf and ^hti^d cft^tt^ in areg^II 
eonditioii her« on earth with C%rift 2 whier£ HSe ted tb^ have 
been formerly (b much tWitedL ai^ ib vilely handled : wMreai 
lily, yon WonM for tfd^eitcmdetia ^ron^ Wing any portion 
ofthe)byes6f!ie^en withyoa^ tin the idoo ye^reirqgne be 
fiiti(bt; Be it bnowne vmto you. That we hope through Gods 
free mercy totrardausrinChrift jfeiit$^ tobereceived Into the 
foc&tyofthe$i£nti» in heaven; eved as others 3 if Godhadiap- 
^ofai«ed that our earthfy Motile of t6is Tabernacle fiialt be dii^ 
(ahredj before the appeafrfeg of otor tord Tefus j if not, we hope 
together with the whole numher of the eleft, to be macfe Itdiabi* 
cantsofthetf^/^'^A'^iii^th^teime in irbkb (Sod &ath par* 
poftdtobrlngnsdtidier, tridnot before. And we caniot coo» 
cehre, that we doe ftr oiir affie^ons m f^^i m tartb, O^n the 

, V 

C^r^ Ferfoht^n^jiUJRm. 

* r ^»>« 

hbmh m^, tint. %, i.} mihm ^ m^ m^t 

tl^ icfcdiUt4{iB&^ht ^c^etnromlftls mmd til m GSm; H 

ihey ixi iii W^fc lo be fdlfiiua bh m kii^: Mi bi^ ths ivifi li h 
wbtCtt di^ Riestciers oblStV^aitidb,' Tbn to confinhe [jturfeeMi:. 
vehtihm gimPremii »i hiUldt'] 7^0 ^^ Hi^.* ^i^ h 
Jifeii mj^MdikdihM*h noiiihMhhiveithcfrimifit.Bm 
hdvmpnaaai 4t<*fkifff;&*. WMftl ioicHMmaiiim i 
UtUb% m bifi, wm . tfii fil^iiig of glorf prdt^tl^ «t Hi Jldf 
^ucybttgoeo^jindtdta^, ^ic biir Te/rdcrgit^e7«w«*nig:iMli» 
HiieivUks^thatmjfballHoii^itigid. ^tbiiffiiiih lohheiiteM- 
ti>etimdfjHdjti&iihemtjti.']Wxi'miii cotifiifbcr ^tjdf c6r- 
mtx tipoxi «f otir \^6rd$i t>c^ ihoiigh \^e %, TBai th^ U^ 
liiag^aient bf i$i6 iVicketft tt^<i Itidgetiietic of thtir biOxkim 
fodUstbgeiht^ Oiatlflotbtf tift tM Mo(thi^9iiSkiiy%im 
^igoeoR'^att^} tetf Citdiy ^£ beleert eV^A iis ottftri. tfi^ 
^iri&kiJ^ ar6dilln(e6fieri,iiiitiiedUte(ya(r^^r tlf^rdi^^f^: 
diit c^ttte)^ !^es. Ahd doiibtf £in^. ifth^y Will ft6t fD/fal^ 
their^viilcdti^fttf foi^ffe^^ bf ^kcMtrii&rtcdik^flirtidiofih^it 
foufetf ; fbt fiaxi of ttiU' p^ftMl tfhd jhdvMti litSk^m A 
their (katli,(v^tJacb(fotHinfalU^fy bln^itli^i^oVef toilWit^. 
JialldAhnafibIt bftbtili^ bodUs tftidfeiitfi tof&tbe^, ^c' (he& i^ 

it the Ibnger for their koowled^ of th^taf ^6 fpiit^ 6f tfnii thie 
is yet to precede tbdr general.I judgement. For whatcqinrorc 
can it be to them, ikii 'ti tfiatt. be ye t /o bfig b'^fbr £ their bodies , • 

be torturedin hellj wb^n a^tfidr fbiile^ihay fviddenly be ad/ud^ 
gedtofacb tormeots as are a^reeatrffc Co ^natrib^ a^cf nature 
of their (iones : whicli tbenfore dtidgreaflpiljey are,, che more 
and greater wilt tf* punilh"ii'eftt of thdr Todid be too at ihe . 
USa Arid therefor^ rf yditliiM faid tbetruA', yoa ^bxUAmc 
acknowledged, that our Tenet doth warne allchoie tl^t fliill 
live in the time of the Jeaes coDverfion and deliverance, not to 
oppofe them, left to the aagmencation of thcrr endicff^ woe, 
tlM^y therby peil(h(rom the earth by a fear^rfall death. And i :dotb 
perfwade men Iikewi(e,to take off their affi;£fcions/rom things 
oiMarth, ieeingit pats them in minde,thatif tb^ now waike 

Aaa 3, not. 

9i6 \Qi^xWm7tl9nf¥deimai'C!^<' — "l^rr*. 

4 . ^ " '' ^ ' : — ' — —•. — -"•— 

af^er the flcQi) buic afcer tte fpjfric ) 'if ijbey ItQitoii not rtKth- 

feWcs to tbtf prefent world* they {baU togemcr wUh tbeUrSan** 
bur,, be,>ie!rc$, and- inb'crltoura of iihcjparthj ^.h^« 'cKc w^^ole^ 
creation Aum tic ddivcr^ fifpmiijf&ad^gcoircdwttptioji ; and 
wltenby thCyTOwne^orchu tfelr govcramenc oxkitxjuigt^ 

And thus the impartial!; reader ma^^Iainely fee^ wh^t little al- 
liaace. tber eis bee wix't the'tiU Q bfybur aj|)rwcr;^ah4 choconceiics of 
itj For you^KtWjitoreiclibim out bMarlimflfeir\c6.tI^e light; 
but doc indeed Ickd him but of the light ioto d^'rke«e(je. And ai 
.the SjfiMs ayes were held by God^ tbac they (hould not know 
the Pro jphcc, though they heard,ind f6Ubwed'h|m; io it hath 
been your utmoft epdpavour all alo)igi to corrupt and da^lejtbc 
readcn jttdgemenr, \hat he piight iiQt know cne truth of the 
Prophecies that Is! f^c hciTore hi$ cy^s, and publilht in his eares. 
Now the Father of our Lord Tefus C^rft^ who commanded the 
light to Qune out o^darkenefle, ifaiiie inourbeart^^ that a} of 
fincerity, asofSod, we may|[ive the light of the kndwkdge 
of the, glory of Gqd in the face^f je(u,s,Chi:ift. Thar^Jlfiy, 
without handling of che word of Gbd deceitfully, we may bv 
manifeftatlonbf the truth corodiend burfelvcs to cvcrj mans 
conlcicnce^in the fight of God ; that God in all things ntay be 
glori$ed through JefusChrift, to whom be praae and domini- 
on for cv^K and ever, irf»ef7. , 

♦ ■ ♦ . • 


Let God bcglorified, . truth taught, piety praftifcd^ 
'jgKigbteourncffe reftorcd^ 

T^cdeandx, rennet fiex, iregatLeXm 

^ h^t peKe returne^ the King reigne, the Law rule« 




Pir t a • cHrtSs P^foHalt %iigHe on Earths 

\. > 


. ■ . ■••7- i: 

» 1. 

J ' . . • . 

\ Oi;. ) 

. To my Booke excusd. 

Tftjf pounds Are hedF^y Mdnow thoa nkfi akkg^ 
to tell thy torturers tbej didthvnnrongli 
That thou wa^np deceiver^ ^lf^9^^^^^y 
pU^rAi^e%h^mits^ t^hiiktky truth 49^ 5.x. 
t^fa^fii^J^u^xCf^dythsfiftf^ / : • ^f$lm 11.48 

Iidvit4te»t»onMcbheedbftbeupr4^bt^ ;*^ . : 

]Af no* G^zlitl fboulde'reremtne. *^afx f.34. 

rtUihis totliiffi'AndAf^^^^^ ' 

jfvbo^nze tbetrjuthy more then thesrfnvatiijMs^.. 

'.X t 

• . » J ; • I . . < f . * , 


• /.*. 'v r. '\ ' ' ■ • * ' \ 

I :i i ' ■ f 




'— ■ -■^■' ■ --■ ' 

— ' ■■■■■( ■ ■ I . ^ ~" ' "' 

Cmrttmt 'Rjud»f * 

T Here was of late inAisKingdonw one lAx.Medt, z gt'xft 
and learned Divine of the Ht^irttSxy oi Camtridgt, who in 
hb Treaties on the ReveltuiM, (mhidi he pabliflic to tiie world 
fome yeaics before his deatb>) doth plaindy profefle, chat he 
lieldnotonely the 7«irc/ general! converfioa. bnt their retonie 
totheitcouitreytoo, and the tiiouiapd yeares lekqe of Cfarit 
and the SaMauiii!e^:'(irvfl^ef|^ lil¥^ldi I panicobr 
Traft, fo inchefoardi fynchroaifnie of tBb fecondoatt of hit 
ClMit Ar- '^^" '-- '^- — "■- ^-'-""^•- *^ - "" 

to (uccet 

and to contem^d^iti ttf A thi 166tT f air& 
Tiiat icis,I fiy, to &^ di ^mt b^^ixSr tftddbitt^di 
tyro Armies t^VMMtlM 1i(f^ ft^. «di' l^ll!eh>iie'i!Wl^i. 
. provcstobe vtr6 ilMii^ilEinlM;^' A^pi^-,^^ 

be Hired noman movellfaia^icAi rith^lBh; ihcat waah^fc tS 
and oimort^}^ fftftf |f\44«f it|,$«. W bfcj|««wrt«-f ««* 
IS an omall courie with tbceneQiiea of the tjQijtfaJi aa tbiiy lu^e 
been mtiiy, whoha« voieiasaSjlrBioi 'w|tKput aniweriwi aw 

Mr.^tfrieuoiie,whoiii/<««anfwerto Ifiatlt 
Redemption, dothaflTay the confutacioa of two of Ut.Attdu 
iynchconifines. The firft is the fcventh fynchronifmecf (he &ft 
part of CU^is Jftesfyftha, which he thus enconmers. 


jM htniy tbe»4f ift otfervt tbttt the rtMmiti Atahom */CIa» 
yihtiipoa\y^\cxUmftakminbUfamtbfy$wln<mafm, whertimbt 
fttrit^ that the pmrmg fmk oftbtfiven vUU it fmoMararimkh 
^md»f*htBt4ft4ndBabjlm. ~i j 


He Mth indeed that they contemporate with the ending that 
la, witli the decliniog eftate, with the total! dcftruftion of the 
Beaft andBd^fet^ which the vials Oiall by thdr feverall plaeocs 
gradaaliy bring to paflTe j Biit not that they doe all contempoMte 
^ with the very end, with the laft moment of theBeaE and ^«fa. 
*«, which is proper o«ely to the powringout of the laft viaU 
F9rtbmJbaggrtatB»hl»^ f^ itrtmuOrmukfbrtGtd, ttgiJ^ 

"•*• - ^"^ •_ . 1 1 «*-•--'- .^.^-—i-.^*^.^.^ ■)>■«■. • — -^ 

Pait^«« e^Hj^^mtfrntHMigut-mBtiB. 4xi» 

■ tJ i" !J J. J ■ - "^.- U- ■■^w— t^^— '^— ■!! W i m i 

•)''..njrt ,'.-.jT ,,. ?.i, i^^P^td^ -• i" ••'.' '■ •■• v .T-).' :• i,{ 

M.JRniiMtMhi* fmi$x3iSupk i$v »;'irAMKi%(«bWgiiini Aid. 

V '^SonlyJic ibObw* as «ISiH^«hte tWt Beaft ilUiV^ddhrojidrf 

asi&iioch^Mi'JMraM&iiMl li(lsiH«rfliiN»ni«ftio;e^iwile*k imI 
upiSidieUkc tiatt&mi uA tfiltlHRne} tbe dfeira6M«fcafiih^ 
Beaft muft as neceflaril y preoddii dwlfecoad no^nc of it, at the 
dUttiiaimtjf tbv %MM^4i(L ftftfiiia^ ^ iftts-cte birth 
iMMVw&ichiMl' be«ia«i^ mdlfeft* imothe ««rM it dM te« 

wMph^tkingcMmttiOinei^ m^ ^«>U|e Sacad iihci(U«nv«^.«| 
At'NMiDm i^atUbctty, mm tliele# and ftdfe^phte, Ut 
iaffnHBnivai ifel^MiKii^* 


Btm iiftht:1^afk\ ^itii^^Smat%ahit»^.(mittm tmkist^) 

«iri01 >t$i»lUl«frae| «he time 6f the^clkMidHon^ ih^ BciA ^< 


- — — ^v — - V - ■ — — — ^^ ^ ^r 

l(hieb'l^«<<lnijp>r»rnAMMn^«^ Ban t» 


ivef^lWftltNtift^iat iAiblt.«iiktlMody} .flii>oid«efUfhn 

Beaft then begin to be deftrorady viM (he nras rnoft infenfible 

jijctftr their far ticitUrvi£ioiy iver »>eB*afi^ ji«t**%Ka^^\jtt 
doabtle^ they (ball not fing Mtfe/Cong of tftank^iviog, fbr 
\rii« ocbl-ov^ttturoiR^ ai (!».]}««& .Ibdbre cbei^&aftzbe attcrly 
gkee&t0me.ii^ai^t^m»%\i1iH>ims,yl9^^ at 

§gMtk^tim^:YOt»»baiiiikim^f^t^w^adat thejr were 
fiddetdy tofiic^eedre^QiAei^X.ib likewjfib Icbey wete all qr- 
pdidOBdiCo^&NiteAipdme Widcthelafttimeoftdie Beaftooefy. 

tnmipttwhb tkeftwid vm%i Hv tbkdtmnifftwitk the tkkiw0B% 
tUftmk tnia^mththt^th^tMlt^ ^'pet trumftt wiibtie 
fiktvijt^ mi'tbefi^kiiA'Aimiiitft^mi^ibtftvm^iMt. Jinf ftt- 

m-ee^imutMlontbe/htMthfinehr'wifmtefibi^ftfm.tprgTmt^. . 

/ ;l£tMr«tie£Mfatt^fW9«4^ ^vr(JFt> tb«^9u«ipeA.aaiil vitb, 
aft^pkeiad:9lthe «nitl1^<^<>#iAb fto^V^ coMftiAporatt 
tr|)thdM wliote.tiiiiA.«l tiifi.^Vt, tsyoulKiild ; i^ii^ the viab 
C9iic«kMdieM;pIagu«9 tJ^t aremhelvU die Beaft, wUch coold 
B«C^egiBaetoi)C,p(K^4.aiti< wbUACbeBeaOi vmxor^ulie in 
lMt4iieaght^aild«H«sIile|(;k could clMtytitgiDn; tip \»igtommd oot 
«|fi|onc is*<lbe BtnA baglii' Whffiieevtr therefore die cram- 
pets were to beginne, fore that there is not that agreaneot 
betwixt thetrumpeta tod vials, as^ouina^oe. For u the cA 
£Bft»oCdK firftand iifctifiiaipets vfiid vials agreenot; fojiddier 
doetbec^^^of •bfrtbM.^^ait^f/pd &xt. FpT »t the Awdkig 
ofiAe third tcompei^ ^ilA^dfart, <f At r^tMmif ma Ut m* if 
matm thtAttomcpUMtr^^tmp^^ttftbm bteat^ttk^tinmm 

I M il m 

Part 1 . 0^' fWfbnslH^ti^ m £*rth. qxi 

Utttr, WherfeirftttelwiWrittg^ouc of «he MxA^UU<tberiumf 

Zuhiirt, fb\that hf »e«fe» Qftbatff^ bm, tbgffMtfir.^ 

nhJeOrot tb* third fart tfmeoi whereas ar the t)awMi^g ioti«f 
the («t viaU. *6m «»«• if dried»K *^ '*« w«7 "M *^^' ^ '^ 

'frotbetl Which AiWy tl4etffa^by cBe pI»|oei»£tli8:fiwdmfa 
vWI andStft fn thetfeie flf the ffiwviaU. Arid thirefow cfaeM.% 
• no ^c\xH^feciaeniif>>tbeffi^he»^ 

'^iroMndedmt6iJ^^a>tb0ochrMift>Uif4befirfif0^iSrt^wtmgf. .. .\ 
if ■;.•'- ;;.••: r • . •"Mr-Petrie. • •- 

^MpiinAiiixMPfl^^'i^fi^*' t*emi>fM*^aftaupil'\ . ■ ' 

"-'lV'mfiyyf'^t«<»fe' and prophecies <whid»we allcdgeoatof 
thcProphtti, t-heEv»ogeUfts,the AftsjwdtheEpiftks, as well 
as but of the^Rwctati«Bs,J(foe j*iaBaaK^r«fti€c, wh« movied 
us toeittbraci{tfii*otAol^ EVeb irfMrfJ«e«uihaitity which md- 
'Wdihi's reBp«n«l Aqtbouf sprembnoBi^ittdcotake fiamacfa 
painesfArxhiBOonfinn^tlondHe. - -i"; ;!: ....'. ; • 

'. .-.-.^j^ tHSM;' jHril ;« ,0 I .'■•-. !>J!rrr'Pa\ «'^-" 'Ksi •- «« »'• ■ ^ 

Irhbefaitb, Z>«e >ifft!«/i!^A?«'^:Qi»^l«ftiam noaadorave- 

■«•>— ■'W^MVi^H 

9«a .*ia«eU^«fl^)«ii««i^*«f»ft^^ Y^i* 

• A- .41' •..-•:- . -MeiP«ttk'»Aifw(Br^ ,. ■. ;, . 

- . >t . OdrfitiiKrm$nJlifitmti* imre^mfynmt m*9.tkt ^btetit^ v|«^ 

tbfiGiaKftrpiifcaat^ifi ibW.iO/ fflcCMdMt^ Ki^Aoaac of H>e 
dioaftr. k wilt &lhjMr jMwdOt ftolt {be 6tA irw^F«^ik F«r 

^''^}. Y«tic M«cttrte, thtt the chiUJiien of God 4r€ (oVec^ve 
their reward for not worfluppti^ the beaft at the fame time, in 
wNkH ^bif 4a.hotwbtS^.vic heift. . A(i44it'r«f(pf e%jiq(;clii> 
V ifioa did cqiine^iitiiaw^t. jF«^ ilMbrewmj of^llf ^^ 
ivoi^ipping the beaft, ic raaftnacdes fiicceed the time !■ wbidi 
tiiebea^mdpowcrtdtorinntthem fo;noifc«at(1^9lllgofl^ 
a. Tbatrevard wbkh tfae (bn}«$ of thMt> wbo worfliip^jqt 
the beafty aic xfiidta^vhik tkir bbfiiec «fe ia ^K^^oa* isin 
4waven. B9tchrrewiM!«lichkt>tnem(ftd;ib)i9Mr^j:e(vr- 
reftioa oCkheic lMi£^xe«iii.^av jotva a|>|)*aHag* M-.l^^ 
bitn on this earth for the fpace ofii i ooO:yearflt 9p4 ofHyPf i^j aa 
Aeconteits of Revel, ao. doe (hew. 

/iMg M t£» 4(/Ir«S>m efBabj^otijdiftp. ip. tf. BalleliiiaK,)^ ik 

dkimmmmf* I BiV . ii —— ^■<hM^»ilirt»»»t>*W 

Part 2^. Chr^tm^fmillt%figl^ewEdrth» .j^j 

:t '' ^ •' ^ ^ • • Kepfy/ 

■ Modotibt iMtht'B^tfimianflMdpe^t ttdcm tottfoyttt and 
to praife<3oti, iii^hen they fay the Armies oftbcir coeinies flye at 
AelottndoF2ri/ir«lbVdmmme, Biit yet as I cannot thiokc, (bat 
^eti Bogemianf wcr|srejpre(enteclbythegMCnDUitiide vAlth 
Sttirt3F»«^h<ar^fit«thchyroiie,it#».-f^.»i7. ortbatvchey ||SI 
fheafflig this hytnncV fdifctuS^, th^ this ftytaneof {vatO^ls 
Mtrcftrred by the Holy Ghuft] as yourefefrclt,tacmy |>trti*- 

ealar vtAory over thtfapi/i Armies ; biK onely to cheriAoiy 
4dim«dlaielyTecordedinthe fai^oie chapter: whkhis the riStorf 
-^IdfCfitiil Mtnftl^ftall tavc over thebekil mA ftlft |)fot*6t, 
When 'ithU ddccri^ing from heaven to cmc r his Kfirgdoitic dii 
\^artb/h€ilia!l c«rft them alive into Ae lalwoffirc. Antichd*- 
-foreytiuirapplffeitibttofthe ffc^y of Zifcah^i^Tnmmex&Mfzifi' 
fguifknt, ira V^ety fidicnilottt antWcr. » ' . • 

-V- ••"'' '• '' ^' " '.TTietWrdargtiniciit. . ' "; '" •'' '* 

• jfrirt^<{^#/jfl Wi^jrc^fcchap^. II. ver. 15,^6. i*^^^ ^W^Teii^/fe 
.fimHhftbtfkvmthjfmnifaytbt JMjestftiewttneJpj^ and the mtMtbis 

0f.tbi Bt^ a9yi J^imf being ot$t*rmnne^ tpo^ip-tat vokes^itf 

' hioff^^^ /ip^3 The Kingdprbcs of thii world are become Ac 

-KSll0d#Kt bfttle Lord; Ice. ^thif is ihe cohfHmmatim oftki ntjfit^ 

" '^'v. ' Mr. Petrie> Aflf^cr. 

• ifiir Inditid is the eefifumpiat ioK jrf^tBe fremifif fireteld' by t^ 

"f^fhHSmd Apcilesj dndihereflre if» not tohtunierfidodofanf 
i'ai^Mfi^^dirMefang th fii' awmfifimtm vftheftvph^'et h npi 
on earth. %!^nd fo this fynchronifme being fal/i, all thtltk^'-fiUcbrg*^ 
mfmet^ andatteocfefitions foOowhg ttfm tbem mnjifaiU mih it. 

This argument (hcwcs> that the Kingdoms efthie mrtd are to 
heom the Kingdoms efeur tMdattd of bis Cbrik, at the founding 
cftfbefeveiithtrumpcti and not before. Thatis, at the time (^ 
ocnr Sivioars delcenaing fromheaven^atw|fich time the reigncof 
die baiftflial cad* And confequently it provs firft^that this leigne 
of Cb^ OMift ttccdcs Mlow thereigoeofthebeaff^ feeing it 


.^Ifc»>»« '" ■ " >■ i»i- M ..g... ^t ^.,l >ti ■■ I Kj ■ __ .. 

^^4 . l{xzehMeih^ptfi>»r^€^n9ful^ mr Pattb. 

tegittic^MCcUlilisabpearin^,; by wMchidieBeaftauUbe vsc^ 

ieHyckaMycd. AndkcoiuUy icptov9t,*di|M:diufdgQe muft 

fieedes be on earthy fecfaig tb« Kiogiomc^Vhichfliill ch«f)4)«. 

comehis, are the Kingdomes of ^ts world. And'chirdly, ic 

i$«pv^ (l|4t ihn time m which* kheJc.lQln§dptnes fl^s^l fac^me 

iCbxiftSsaiipof (po(Sbly bfrtbejime in which he (h^II deliver ap 

rhjbKiflgdotneca lltfe Father, feeing tbcx fl^aHcb^n cjy^c to 

^K^hi?. And forthiB tjmcpf durSavipursrcigncovcr thcm^^^ 

3iW|^jbft,tb«>»'f«f«>rf* ^M Ijccwixc Che rctgnc ci^be gcaift, 

c>^»gdoqic to tbc Father. To (fade 

^ODfequen^youhad^Qchiiigtofay; andjtkjsrefore you c^tch 

ai chc|e words which follow (heargumeDiiy'to wit^ [This u the 

^Qft^f»m0iionof$bt myft^ of God foretold by the ^r$fh%ts^ which 

yoa Itbuf Perverts QT^to ipdeid is tht anf^ummaHou rfaUs^ifrmm^ 

fifforetdM^yphf Fr^tfiff^ md Apofiks i : and tiwrefan it itnott^bt 

9$Merfio$d of MVfii^klj KmgdoimI\ Bucfurely ^^mjtttrjtf 

fipdf0'e$oldif4be'PrfffietSy and recorded c6f^. i o« vtr. 7. js meant 

onely of Chrifts relgne on eartfi ath|s °cxt^appfving, lyhea 

theKingdomes of this wprldaretobecoaie hi^ £>ybUcaa/Jbcw 

OS no pEomifeeidier iq the waitings of t(^ Ptpphet$, 9r ApcAle$» 

which after the refurreftion of mens bodies, is to be eiijoyed by 

them in heaven, in yourfenfe: thatis^jna^ace ofgiqryfepa- 

mc from the earth. For ar. the raifed Saints tlTaj; are t^ogme 

. with Chrift (haUbcon diiseafthall^etini^of(nVi;qi^ ^ac 

the delivering up of his Kingdonic t^ 1^ I^i^bl^t f b|S7bolc 

■usiber of the eleft (hall be with hioi in the new J^mfiUem^ 

(which is the Paradife of (Sbd^ J on the new earth whither Itibail 

then defcend* And (b this fynchromfm^ being Cracj alit^jife 

iyndiroQifoaeSi and all expQiitionsfoUowingqp/pnj^{|^ m^^ 

betmealTo. ' ^ 

.J . 

* ■ 

I 't 


*,.t T 'iv '<..*« :V .'/,! '' -. r,\\ 

1 •' 


.11. • ! . ;, . .» 

' • t r 

liiili t I ■ I ■ n 

Pait t* 

l^i^ ^Jtffthors Judgement of the 

Cbiitcnts of the Trumpets and Vial^ j which 

be coramcDds to the ferious confideracion of 

tiveiy htiieUigenc REAPER. 

T' I Hat the plagues of the viaU (howld be literally aa J pro^ %w/. tS. 
. perly i<>cef preted, and not%oratirely and oiyftieally : 
tbe(e reafonadoe in my conceit require. 
. / ; .. X « iecaufe there U up nece0^y ojf iQterpreU% ^m 
.XV ' othecwi^* . ' \ if ' ' t 

a« BecauTe God hath already (hewed many fiich woiidery at 

, 3. Bcanfeaielaftpkgu«i8RrpperIytobeu<i4erftood|;a«d.^ 

^ , may nottafcc[Q9e pfa^ptpperly, ^nd thf raj^in^optrly^ 

; 4. B^c^mfc^thepcufrringout of al)tb^i[ialU MIinqiiaI?e:Up 

fo m&d^ficM^ ^stbe myfticall fenfe of chem docb allow^ id 

thcpqwfing^^iitofoiieofthenu For > 

I 1 i V^c fioclB Aatpn the fameperlpiiSfKi wbirfi thcfirft 

;,j , .. i, .,fafne:;b<fift;vii4lrAp9W4«)i ^Qrvfraqg^tiAik^^ 

the God of heaven bftmft of their faw^ and tmrfire*.^ 
. . AndattMpowri]^pqtofthefourifariaIl'gHa,«f^^ 

it is faid, tAndmen were fcerehzd with great b^t^ and 

, ' Jkhjfkei^dibe NsmefGod, tPiAcbk^tbportimr oper tkefo 

;»/»g«<.%dr;. (not oirer tl^ plagoe J wheceby it is Id* 

tiaiared, Tbactbe men who were to feele rbe fourth 

plaguf^weie to&elemore of the plagpe&beg^esthar. 

, . And it is vf ^ likely, that the fame perfoiK may )ive 

^ to b? the obfeAs 0f all thefe plagues. ,por 

^. The yiaU are not to be po wred oat til! i^ter the fences 

converfion 9 wbofe refivoe . to their countrey ts 

/' ' ' apparently^ 

\ - 

-.,—,.,..*,— ——^ .<81 ■■ " ■ ■ " ■ " »> ' *" * ^ ' 

3^6 ' Ihztls Redemption redeemed^ or P?«;^«. 

jppiicotly lacpreft at the powring out of the fijcc ^- 

alU (they Iwiig the Jgiingf of$bt ^ tb/U^Mofiufe 

, , iry^jW wer t»fbr4ies^ t« the OHE^illg o^ l a 

. wy8 with ^ Utt9t pttc of the J l«ti^plfr «^ J^iitf 

"^ doth prove,) And wbofe full ^eliv^rtnce fro^^Q. 

':. ' \ ' : the|t eoqfier » feptitaefy rfywNdilif ^e f xQ«»(i- 

nary deilruftioh of the Armks iV '^''m4tg6^/^(^«L^ethe 
poomrtog out of the laft vhH ; the fhhe bfooVi^vi. 

f»j^tdtCce»ibk^,Uihc^9tA:fUrihAtt^^ For 

what aiethk Ariiifiet.o£rfielh^ fiNi^ 

cjrrib againft which oar Saviour is there (aid to de^' ^ 

>: : fcendjrh^^theArmietOf^ihe «eii/f'Wi9^^^ 

. f^etffi^y'whitb here are teid to heged^redintovrr. 

^ Ali(tJ^ltdwhocane6kifeeiflflit6ikl/w^(li«v^ 
fgmi ^ tponders at the deliverance of hla^eeipte out <Af,gjpK 

dtrt as thofCijea zsgrtai as any che vials o^truiti^ti ifae coa« 
ndne I at th^ redenipcioH If rem their c^piirltyili ocmnefs i 
And'itofotthtiplagnee of the TMi«pet!|/f( i#ii)aiflfieft Inmi 
^Aff^. 7.9,9' ,fhcte»t/ T*af th^ wafetiiMf tobep^witd<«^ 

So^ of the gcMrali tonveifion of tht j^ir^Ya) )miiy Idtrsed 
Bxpefitdnrs midiiAaiidit) ft is deare, Hitfr the thlhg^contahi- 
ed In th^'TVutnpeti'arenot jrethegvmtief kl^ctedri&qQeiitly, 
shat thi^ite iisenny'to ht td|«iai(brN^2 tfttet the [is 
rf»H tfifi^f^ there 3*«re e6%e pMpetfo fimkribod, theft 
leai^idoeevtete. ^^^ 

!• Beeaufi th^ ts no oeeeflfitf to ititerpr^ them other- 
'= ^'^ wHe.' " ' V. ' "' . ' ^^ "-' >^^^'^"' ' "',- 
3. Betactfi^O&r I t^rife/ f^ffi^ti^i c^Mioe jiil^i^ine place be 
cdkcn beCh properly ftlmproperfy.^t^ri^^^^ 
' are tobt finred of ell tbtTrfhooflpao/^ andiiiiprbperly, for 

them ihitaraiobe faved>>fal! other ^btlMi• 
- a. Beeatrfkithnot^obable^ cbaXfyOMrNatioBi by[ifcia 

r^flgiyef ibould be^oeint; Cfr that ssinc j^W uieir ooc 
what SiltttiwtfCPie>»bY ftC||4^^ M^ ftrfi^t ^f 


.? v.. ,. 

^. £*iv5^w •. ^ 

■ ,.. '' - ■ ^ . JI' l .^ 

{> aft » . €hr^ fwftmtB. R^i 


tb^ tfihf af^^ti^ alcboagh he knew not whit SaincB tbe 
great nmlrimdi^0f4$t Naiiamf^ mdkpidndi^ md,f^k. and 

not of the 4440^0 df#tl*eTri*«r^/>4r/. : . 

4. Becadethidbwords^ \tl^ i^Trihzs0flfr^']zx!^^\^iyc% 
to be taken FeriHe J^uhm. And nmchfacher. ire $kt Tribit 

^ ^ftisfilyiMiittbredyfotobeaikcn. 

5 . BeOHife tbe letled of^be *trii^^ «4 tbegreiA nmbkmU ^ aB 
Natimij0ind Ifindrtds^ and f^fk^ aiid tongues^ are revealed as 
two diftiuft cooiMniei : whereof one [ikfialtd triber^^ it ^ 
fhiIte,i44OC03aiid die c^H^tbegre^ md$iimh ofdW^HUm} 

* Infijiit^ awndtkndawbi^ n# mm »uld mtmbir^ 
tf/Becanfe theApo(i3e bod; htatd cfae nbmber oFifoyi^fr^ 
yemrlti(^t1kt&W4tfkra^ardfiitff'emmtd^ aS)/Miottt^ 
OHdkpiM^^ md people^ 0^ fmguit, jlmtdmg brfort ikt7irm^ 
fslmei 1» llhth bands. WherefMe IrfiThr^ ate sMUittb: 
Saint&iiiijloiyy, fastBe A«gel MivntfiA^nf.j.^r.ti^.i^. 

i «H;)tbwhom^(itditobeswereappotooi 

opcBingofthe fife fiale^ (the ftafe whidi<Aii4>rehcnd8iitiP 
derk^oiefize firft.tnmipef»)aadiiot the unglorified Saints : 
end coofiqu^hr t^y ate tioe the fiuM ptrfdoa widf thtjuk^ 

• kdpf f be 12 tribes $fl^. 

' % BKat^ie Itbi 12 fribtstflf^Ml^'] cm Aeichn- be j^tly, 

rtor fisvtr^nyokctifoi thebeteevtogGn^f^/. Not-)oynt* 

fyjbecattfe iicrpartvsolar Ti'lbe doth expre&aoy pkrticulac 

Chor^h of the GenHks : aa Jnd^b mth not.figoifie the . 

Chnrchoffif{/4»<i/ norRenben^theChnrdio(Ffancey&c. 

For every particufatf Trite hadi ^iniach relation to the be* 

leeviBg <9e^^/ of one Nation, attotbb bele^ing GentUes 

of another Natiosy and in may by itfette a« well be uoder- 

fioodtofall beleeving 6e»i;i/e/3,as of any belceving G^^;>i<i7e/» 

And iiot /ever ally, iieca die no particular Tribe doth ffgnifie 

alTthe particular Cbarchos of the (jentitis. And if one (h ou f d,' 

tbeaailfliauld, freeing there is the fame number of (ealed 

pefibna ottt of every iTribeO andconfeqaently^ th^ belee« 

^m^GemU^t^ woxxldlntbefialiniofth^ itTrihf, bctw^elve 


Ccc 8 Btcaofe; 

^ -» ... '■^ 

P"« I ■ ' ■' 

—" "^^-^^■"•'^"•~- 

II I ' - ■ ' " 

8.: Btcaufeic it very unlikely, tbat cbis propbeigr. wbidi 
coptaifKs the- moft rcma,rfceablc, events i^at Wfr^^^o fall 
,outmftiaipirtcf.ihc world, iwWch >hc .^a^pw/.^n pof. 
fcffed J and the chtcfc alccrtttoOi ift ^e. Cbqrcfa of God, 
r feonrthciimea wa» reVeakd, till theappeatingofGhrift, 
&oriA no where iirtimaie tte^^filljCPIiv^^ 
Jems*, a doftrine fopkntiftilly.and plainplXfWught, by che 

; .9. BecauTefome of the plagues undefrthe Tram 

as^ were wrought atthe Jnre/ifeliyerwce out of £^^« And 
though Pthcrs. of them .arcimore w.9ndej|foil thei; aoiy W- 

^ ^hetbAew«d::yfctthayar«^ocirapp<riM^ 

can a« well gife ootq /#r/if^ca ftrange flijpc, an^> ftrangc 
power, as he can foddcnly ^re^itc ihem. ,Ai?qatt(c twenty 

^ ttKiufiasdtmies tea ^hou&nd of his uf»^.ik tlieappea- 
; ranceof hocfe-tticBonaiftraflge ^^dc. of hpi/fesi /(> {illtbi 

: : sude ofhrfes swl^^etf'fiffif;fto^2^K !io ElffidsiawMt 

. -; • ■ - -v ' f , ■-••■■■■': . : • *• , 

- 10. Andlaftty, Bec«ifcfroi»iihc3c;fi:riptibns oFibe-pUgiiet; 
juft exceptions inay be made .agjaiRU any 4lfegqif|ili ^jpo 

. ^fi«ott thathath b^eni; f orcan be)given3 eifKer^ftbe catt- 
tents of the TrumpetSi or of the Vials : as neither itiidng 
with the ftraiigencffc^ nor with the diverfity of the plagqcs, 
or of their events* . ; ;> - , . . : 


md the Kings rf the tartkJoeJ^rirfg'rtkhglm'ymdl^m in%o, iu 

By[fi&« N4thns ofibem ilbat are/aved^iie tae^f^^ ifiippofe, 

thole that (hall be Tayed of th^ Nations in the tjiae of Chrifts 

tboufaiid yearcs reigne, mcntioped in the former cb^er. And 

by Ube Kings of the eartb^'] are meant, I fuppofe, the Saitits which 

fiiall governe the Nations with Chrift in his thoufand yeares 

ireigne oii earth. So that it is, as if it had becltCaidi that tbe 



Part 2^. Chrifis PirfonaOReigM OH Earth. 22 a/ 

: . . ■ ; , ^ 

wb^bnamter^tbi^US^AztUMalhhe Sdms wbkbfl^mgnewUh 
Cbr^^ xfblAfiM be made rulerf mnder bimy wbrn be e^mes to reigne^ 
and all that ar^ u be Jivgd in tbe time of bit reigne^ JiaB (at the 
eUthoring uf of Us Kiogdome to tbe Father^) be madefattakgirs of 
tbeghrjy $ba^ is to fallow m lajl refitrro^iom in tbe nm Jerttfalem^ 
^thero there fiallbe no mm dtt^^b, noffmrom^ nor erjing^ *^^ ^ ^ 
mj more faone^ytu 4^9 






^9t ._ .'— * 

..-v-v . ^ •-.-•.,-<.*. .._ . *•»;-. .:.-.. .-v^r^ 

^ • 

• J • 


I , 


-m. jA' 



1 /^m 



^^^fc^ ..i^^H