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Tkffo hundred and fifty copies printed cm paper 
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The deconcioni were especially drawn for this volume 
by Edward Stratton HoUoway and Emlen McConnell 




]M<nteD (bt isiilnte ClnuUHon 




























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|HrS CHRONICLE had its inception in 1848, when the 
late Mr. John Keith Yerkes, of Fox Chase, Philadelphia, 
I conceived the idea of compiling a genealogy of the Yerkes 
I family of Pennsylvania. From that time until his death 
he gave many of his leisure hours to collecting family 
I records, which, after his death, passed into the possession 
of Judge Harman Yerkes, of Bucks County, who made material additions 
thereto. Early in 1903, Judge Yerkes placed the cc«nbined collections in the 
hands of the writer, who immediately entered upon the work of completing 
the family history, and bringing it into its present form. 

The reader of the Chronicle will find that the Yerkes family, as a 
whole, has been strongly attached to rural life. Dtuing the Eighteenth Century 
but two of the name abandoned the country for the city, and one of these 
eventually retired to his rural seat, and there passed his declining years. It 
is also worthy of note that the business activities of the family have been 
chiefly exerted in the line of agriculture, which has justly been placed at the 
head of the sciences, and which, as Washington wrote, " is the most health- 
ful, most useful, and most noble employment of man." For more than one 
hundred and twenty-five years, the men of the family, with few exceptions, 
engaged in farming, and each was the owner of the plantation he cultivated, 
which was usually one of large dimensions. 

The plantations of the early Yerkeses were located among the fertile 
hills of the Manor of Moreland and along that beautiful stream, the Penny- 
pack, and amidst these surroundings there was bred a race of sturdy yeo- 


men, who gave strength to the State and added substantially to its solid 

The Yerkes family, as the reader will discover, has been notedly a reli- 
gious one. The earlier generations were almost universally of the B^^st faith, 
whidi affiliation was clearly the outgrowth of the marriage of the emigrant 
ancestor, Anthony Yerkes, with the widow of the Reverend John Watts, 
Pastor of the Pennepdc Baptist Church, and of that of his son, Herman Yerkes, 
with a daughter of this esteemed divine. In the later generations, while this 
^th has predominated, the family has embraced within its folds many repre- 
sentatives in the leading bodies of the Christian Church. 

J. G. L. 

Phiuublphia, Mardi, 1904. 


The Yerkes Family 

First Generation i 

Second Generation 9 

Third Generation 13 

Fourth Generation 27 

Fifth Generation 51 

Sixth Generation 97 

Seventh Generation 169 

Notes on the Leech Family 205 

Notes on the Rutter Family 225 

Index of Names 233 


Itauah Gakish of Chables Tyson Yeikes FronHtpitet, 

Sm OP THE HOME OF Anthomy Yebkes 4 

Rismutat OF Anthony Yeskes lo 

The Pennypack Cuie (View No. i) 14 


^avestone or Eliab Yeskes* 24 


AnNGioN pRESBYnxiAN Churcb 34 

Reiiiiemcz of Habuan Yeiess* 40 

Residehce OP Daniel Yeikes 4a 

GiAVESTOMi OF Titus Yebkes 48 

AxiNGTON (Fbiends) Mutimg-Housb 54 

REsmENOt OP Silas Yeikes* (son of Haihon) SS 

FosTKAiT OF Silas Yekkes* (son of Silas) €0 

PoKTSArr of Mrs. Haiy (Leich) Yeskes 60 

PoiTBAiT OP Revebbnd Stephen Yeskes 66 

SiLHOunrs of Retirend Thoiias B. Hontanyk 70 


RxsisENCi OF Titus Yeskes* 94 

The Pennypack Cbeek {View Na 3) 104 

FoitsAiT OP John Keith Yerkss 114 

PoBTSAiT OP Chasles Tyson Yeskss' lao 

CntnpicATS OF Buth and Baptish of Geosgb Link 123 

PoKimAiT OF RsAK-AmiiRAL McNah ia6 

Poktkait OP Honosasls John Watson Yeskes 130 

Postbait of Db. Haiuan Yeskes 132 



PokiEAn or Homokabu Hauian Yekkis 134 

RmiMNGC or Hoin»Aau Haiman Ynum 134 

PonsAir or Rcnmro Datid Jobh Yuku, D.D. 136 

PnosAiT or HoKtMABu WnuAif Hakham Yuku 13B 

PanxAm or Chaius, Obxcm, Hauiwr, Silas Aluit, Josiph Diirinx, Wuxux 

Puimr, AKD RoBiKT Ynuas 148 

RMnmci et Robot Ynxn 150 

POBnAiT or CoLOKEL KuwsoN YnKBS 170 


PORiKATi or Chaxlzs Tyson Yixkxs, or New Youc igo 

RuiDiNCE or Chablbs Tysom Yebkbs 19a 

Entbanci hau. or BBsmsHat or Chabus Tyson Yducxs 194 

View or pobhok or Abi Galuxy or Cbables Tysoit Ydkbs 194 

Faush Chubch at Cheltenhah, Ehgland 904 

Gbavbstonx or Toby and Esthbb Lzbcb 9o8 

Residbncx or Toby Lxech au 

TBonry Chobch, Oxfobo, Fhoaiiilphia bi8 

Samtub or Maby Lesch, wm or Silas Yibkes aao 

y.w ng» CsBTincATB or Silas Yebkbs ahd Maby Libch aaa 

Clock or Silas and Maby (Lbech) Yebkbs, with FoxnoNS or tbeib tba-sbb?ici ... 234 
Chabi or THE Ancesiby or Cbables Tyson Yebkbs, or New Yobx aja 







»""» ■ ■ ? 



I NTHONY YERKES', the founder of 
I the Yerkes family in Pennsylvania, came 
I to that Province about 1700, or possibly a 
1 few years prior to that date. The earliest 
I record of him in the Province is under 
I date of 1 1 September, 1702, on which day 
I he served as a juryman in a cause heard 
before the Court of Record at Germantown, Philadelphia. 
Is it likely that he would have been selected for this service 
had he not been a resident there for at least a few years? 

The place of nativity of Anthony Yerkes remains a 
matter of conjecture. It has been assumed by others that 
he was a German, but the writer has found no evidence to 
establish such assumption. It is possible, however, that he 
came to Pennsylvania from Germany, and was a resident of 
the latter country at the time of his emigration. But, where- 
soever the place of his birth, there are some items of circum- 
stantial evidence which tend to indicate that he was of Hol- 
land descent. This evidence is found in the facts that 
he became a member of the Low Dutch Reformed Church 
organized in 1710 in Whitemarsh Township, Philadel- 
phia (now Montgomery) County; that most of his fellow 


church-members * were of Dutch birth or of Dutdi descent ; and that another 
of his surname^ undoubtedly a Hollander^ earlier emigrated to New York, and 
was a member of the Dutch Church in that city. 

Conjectural as may be the place of birth of Anthony Yerkes and the 
nationality of his immediate ancestors, the author is strongly of the opinion 
that the family is of Norman extraction, and that it acquired its surname from 
the town of Jurquez, in France, which town is mentioned in the Norman Rolls 
as early as a.d. 141 7. f 

The varying orthography of the name affords an interesting etymological 
study. In Pennsylvania the variations have been : Gerkes, Gerckes, Jerghes, 
Jerghjes, Yercas, Yerkhas,Yerkas, Yerkiss, Yerkus, and Yerkes. The Yerkeses 
themselves, however, have almost universally written it Yerkes, the variance 
from this form being chiefly in old records and doctunents written by others 
than the family. In New York the spelling has been : Jurcx, Jurckes, Jurck- 
sen, Jurckzen, Yerks, Yercks, and Yerkes, the latter being the form of spelling 
now in general use there. In Holland the name would appear to have been 
Yerscke, and the family there located in the province of Zealand, where it bore 
for arms Party per fess in chief gu. a fess w(wy org. in hose ermine. 

Upon coming to America, Anthony Yerkes settled at Germantown, the 
fair name of which place had no doubt come to his attention before he departed 
from his home in the old world to establish one in the new. On his arrival 
he probably found some old acquaintances, and possibly some kinsfolk. Among 
the early settlers of the town was one David Scherkes, the sheriff of the muni- 
cipality in 1692. It has been suggested that ** Scherkes'' was another of the 
variations in the spelling of the surname Yerkes, and that David Scherkes was 
a kinsman of Anthony. 

When Anthony Yerkes settled in Germantown, the inhabitants of that 
place were enjoying the privileges of a borough government, organized in 
1691, under the title and name of '^ the Bailiffe, Burgesses, and Commonalty 
of Germantown," by virtue of the charter granted in 1689 by William Penn. 
This charter gave the corporation large powers, but only those named in it, 
together with those who were from time to time admitted into membership 
by the General Court, were entitled to participate in the affairs of government. 
The first General Court held was presided over by the eminent Francis Daniel 
Pastorius, the first Bailiff, and at its early sittings the incorporators enacted 
numerous laws and ordinances for the regulation of the civil affairs of the 
corporation, among which was the following : 

" Each and every one who shall hereafter wish to buy or rent land in 

* Our Ancestors, i. 41. 

t Rotuli Normannbe, i. 343. (London, 1855.) 


the township of Germantown, or settle within it, shall first procure from the 
General Court of his fellow-citizens the right or privilege of living there, and 
without such permission no one shall participate in our privil^es/' 

Anthony Yerkes was an applicant for such right and privileges, and his 
application met with favor at the hands of the court. In 1702 he was selected, 
as before mentioned, to serve as a juror in the Court of Record of the borough, 
and in January, 1702-03, he was chosen by the General Court one of die 
burgesses, in the place of one who was elected in the previous month but 
had been excused from serving. At the succeeding annual election, i Decem- 
ber, 1703, he was re-elected Burgess, and duly qualified for the office on the 
28th of the same month, as appears from the following abstract of the minutes 
of the General Court under that date : 

"Arents Klinker, Bailiff, Hans Heinrich Meels, Peter Schumaker, Jr., 
and Anthony Gerkes, three eldest burgesses, Simon Andrews recorder and 
William De Wees constable, were all attested to serve in their respective 
places." * 

The bailiffs and burgesses were the chief public functionaries of the 
municipality, and selections to fill these offices were made from among the 
leading men in the corporation. These officials acted as justices of the peace, 
and they constituted the Court of Record provided for in the charter, and their 
presence was necessary to compose a legal meeting of the General Court of the 
borough, in which various capacities Mr. Yerkes rendered service during the 
two terms in which he held a burgess-ship. 

Mr. Yerkes was a farmer, and engaged in this pursuit upon his settle- 
ment at Germantown. The acreage of the town was so limited that it pre- 
cluded extensive land-holdings by a single individual, and Mr. Yerkes, after 
carrying on farming there for a few years, concluded to extend his agri- 
cultural operations by establishing himself on a larger plantation than could 
be had in that place, and to this end he purchased, in 1709, a tract of three 
hundred acres in the Manor of Moreland, to which he removed with his family. 
As this is the earliest recorded purchase of real estate by the founder of the 
Yerkes family, it is believed that the deed of conveyance for the same cannot 
fail to be of interest to his descendants, so a copy of the same is here inserted : 

''To ALL Christiak fboflx to whom these Presents Shall G>me greeting know ye 
that I John Holme of Dublin Township, G>unty of Philadelphia and Province of Pennsyl- 
vania Yeoman for and in consideration of the Sum of Seventy five Pounds Current Silver 

* Klinker, the bailiff, is said to have come to Philadelphia with William Penn, and to have built 
the first two-story house in Germantown, Penn attending the "raising dinner.'' (Watson's Annals, 
U. so.) Schumaker and Meels, the associates of Yerkes in the burgess-ship, figured prominently in the 
early history of Germantown. The former, with Klinker, was appointed in 1701 on a committee to 
collect subscriptions for a school and arrange with a teacher. 



Money of tlie Province aforesaid to me in hand payed before the Kny^aling hereof by 
Anthony Yercas of the Same place Yeoman the receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge 
and Myself therewith fully Satisfied and G>ntented and thereof and of every part thereof 
do Exonerate and discharge the Sd Anthony Yercas his heirs» Executors and Adminis- 
trators for ever by these presents Have given, granted. Bargained, Sold, Alienated, G>n- 
veyed and G>nfirmed And by these presents do freely, fully and absolutely give, grant. 
Bargain, Sell, Alien, Convey and G>nfirm unto the Sd Anthony Yercas his heirs and assigns 
forever one certain Quantity of Land Situate Lying and being upon the Manor of More- 
land Beginning at a Black Oak Marked for a comer thence Northwest by Thomas Woods 
Land to a White Oak Saplin Marked for a comer one hundred and Thirty seven perches, 
thence Southwest three hundred fifty two perches and one half perch to a Hickory along 
l^ other Land of the Sd Manor, thence South East one hundred and Thirty seven perches 
to a post for another comer, thence North East three hundred fifty two perches and one 
half perch along by the Lands of the Sd Manor and Thomas Perrys Land to the place of 
Beginning. Containing three hundred acres of Land the sd Tract of Land and premises 
was located in Two Tracts and Seased upon for Certain Just debts due from Nicholas 
Moore deceased unto Benjamin Chambers President of the free Society of Pennsylvania 
l^ two Writs of Venditioni Exponas and by virtue of the High Sheriff his Office for the 
Gty and County of Philadelphia did seize the sd Tract of Land according to the Laws of 
this Province And the Sd High Sheriff, Benjamin Wright, did make sale of the sd Tract 
of Land unto the sd John Holme by Virtue of a Deed of Conveyance from the sd Benjamin 
Wright unto the sd John Holme bearing date the Twenty Sixth day of November in the 
fourth year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lady Queen Ann over England Anoq Dom 
one thousand Seven hundred and five and the same being acknowledged in Open Court 
held at Philadelphia the Sixth day of December ano One Thousand Seven hundred and 
five relation being thereunto had May More at Large appear To have and To hold the 
sd Granted and Bargained premises with all the appurtenances privileges and Com ... to the 
the same belonging or in any wise appertaining to him the Sd Anthony Yercas his heirs amd 
assigns forever To the only proper use, benefit and behoof forever And I the sd John Holme 
for me my heirs, Executors, Administrators do Covenant, promise and grant To and with 
the sd Anthony Yercas his heirs amd assigns that before the Ensealing hereof I am the 
True amd Sole and Lawful Owner of the above Bargained premises and am Lawfully 
Seized and possessed of the same in Mine own proper right as a good, perfect and absolute 
Estate of Inheritance and have in Myself good right full power and Lawful Authority to 
grant. Bargain, Sell, Convey and Confirm the Sd Bargained Premises in Manner as above 
said And that the sd Anthony Yercas his heirs amd assigns shall and may from time to 
time and at times forever hereafter l^ Virtue of these Presents Lawfully, peaceably ft 
quietly have, hold, use, occupy, possess and Enjoy the sd Demised and bargained Premises 
with all the appurtenances and privileges with the ways. Waters, Woods, Trees, Meadows 
and Marshes with all the Mines, Minerals, Quarries, Hawking, hunting, fishing, fowling, 
fully and clearly acquited Exonerated and discharged of and from all and Maner of former 
Gifts, Grants, Bargains, Sales, Leases, Mortgages, Wills, Intails, dowers. Judgements, Exe- 
cutions, Incumbrances and Troubles Whatsoever Save only the Quit Rents thereof accmeing 
to the Proprietary of the sd Province from the date of these Presents Exquivolent to the 
rest of the Sd Manor Land to be payed l^ the sd Anthony Yercas or his heirs. Executors, 
administrators or assigns but the sd John Holme or his heirs. Executors or administrators 
shall pay all the Quit Rents, Taxes, County or Provincial by gone to the date hereof for 
the above sd Tract and Premises. And I the sd John Holme do further Covenant and 
bind Myself My heirs, Executors and administrators firmly by these presents to Warrant 
and defend the sd Anthony Yercas his heirs and assigns in quiet and peaceable possession 
of all and Singular the granted premises against any Just & Lawful claim of any person 
or persons whatsoever but shall ft will waurrant and forever defend by these presents And 


: s 



that the said John Holme his heirs and assigns shall and will at any time within the space 
of Seven Years next ensudng ye date hereof at the request. Costs and Charges of the sd 
Anthony Yercas his heirs and Assigns make do and Execute all such other Conveyances 
and assurances in the Law Needfull for the further assuring and Conveying of die Sd 
Three hundred acres of Land and premises as by him or them or t^ his or their Conncell 
Learned in the Law Shall be required and So as the Persons thus requested be not Com- 
pelled to Travel from the place of their abode above an Ordinary days Journey for ye doing 
thereof and so as the Same Contain no other Covenant or Warranty than is above mentioned. 
" In witness whereof I the sd John Holme have heretmto set my hand and Seal the 
first day of November Anoq Dom One Thousand Seven hundred and Nine and in the 
Eighth year of the Reign of our dread Sovereign Lady Queen Ann over England, Scotland 
and France and Ireland defender of the faith. 

''John Houcb [sial] 
" Sealed & Delivered in the 

presence of us 

"Alexander Arbuthnot 

"Joshua Lawrence" 

The Manor of Moreland, in which the plantation above conveyed was 
located, has been the birthplace of numerous descendants of Anthony Ycrkes, 
and from the time he settled there, down to the present day, it has been the 
home of some of his progeny. The Manor was composed of a tract of ten 
thousand acres, and was created, m 1682, by a grant from William Penn to 
Dr. Nicholas More, who became the first president of the Free Society of 
Traders, the first speaker of the Provincial Assembly, and the first chief justice 
of the Province. The chief part of the Manor was in the county of Phila- 
delphia, but since the organization of Montgomery County it has formed 
Moreland Township in that county. In the early records it is variously de- 
scribed as the Manor of Moreland, Moreland Township, and Moreland, and 
when these names are given in this work they are to be taken as synonymous. 

Anthony Yerkes appears to have been so comfortable in his financial cir- 
cumstances that he was able to retire from active business a few years after he 
occupied his plantation in Moreland, and to hand over the plantation to his 
sons. He gave two htmdred acres of the same to his eldest son, Herman, 
and one hundred acres to his youngest son, Adolphus, and he subsequently 
executed deeds of conveyance for their respective portions. In a deed dated 
II June, 1719,* he is styled "of Dublin Township," to which point he is 
believed to have removed upon his retirement from business. His second 
wife's relatives, the Wattses, resided in the latter township, and the motive 
prompting his removal there may have been a desire to gratify her wish to 
be near her family. 

The date of Mr. Yerkes's death has not been ascertained. He was living 
20 August, 1723, when he executed a deed to his son Herman, but died prior 

• Philadelphia Deeds, F, L 392. 


to I Marchy 1744, when Herman made a deed for a portion of the land 
conveyed to him by his father, in which the father is mentioned as being 
deceased. He married twice. His first wife, Margaret, emigrated with him 
to Pennsylvania, and died before 17 November, 1705, on which day, as is 
learned from the Raster of Christ Church, Philadelphia, he married Sarah 
Watts, the widow of Reverend John Watts,* the eminent pastor of the Lower 

* Rbtkkbnd John Watts, the first husband of Sarah Eaton, and the father of Elisabeth Watts, 
wife of Herman Yerkes, the eldest son of Anthony Yerkes, was bom at Leeds, co. Kent, England, 3 
NoTember, i66x, and died in Lower Dublin Township, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, 97 August, 
1703. He was a son of Henry Watts by his wife Ellinor Duck, and grandson of Gregory and Margaret 
Watts, of Leeds. 

John Watts came to Pennsylrania about the year x686, and in the following jrear was baptised 
in the Baptist faith, and connected himself with the Lower Dublin Baptist Church,— popularly known 
as the Pennepek Baptist Church,— the first congregation of this denomination organized in Philadel- 
phia County. In x688 Mr. Watts entered the ministry, and two years later became the pastor of this 
church, and held such chaige until his death. 

The Pennepek Church was for many ]rears the centre of Baptist influence in the Middle Colonies, 
and it occupies an historic position as the oldest oiganization in Pennsylrania of the second largest 
Protestant denomination in America. Mr. Watts's labors were not confined to his own parish. He 
visited the scattered companies of Baptists in New Jersey, to preach and baptize, and he was for some 
years virtually the minister of the small congregation at Philadelphia which later became the First 
Baptist Churdi in that city. 

Morgan Edwards, in his noted "History of the Baptists," pronounced Bir. Watts a "sound 
divine." That he was a man of scholarly attainments is evidenced in his writings. He was the author 
of a Baptist Catechism, printed in 1700, one of the earliest publications in the Province. He also wrote 
a work entitled *' Davis Disabled," a reply to "Jesus the Crucified Man, the Eternal Son of God," 
written by William Davis. The main doctrine set forth in Davis's book was " that the divine nature 
and human were so blended in the person of Christ that he was not properly God nor properly man, 
but a compound of both." Davis had been a preacher among the Friends, but left this Society in the 
separation of 1690^ with George Keith, and was one of the forty-eight who signed the reasons and 
causes of such separation. In 1697 he embraced the princ^les of the Baptists and joined the Pennepek 
Church, where he began to inculcate the above-named doctrine with great assiduity. Mr. Watts and 
his congregation deemed such teaching heresy, and on 17 February, 1698, expelled Mr. Davis from 
their church. 

Mr. Watts was buried in the graveyard of his church, where his tombstone bears the following 
acrostical inscription, now almost undecipherable : 

" I nterred here I be, 

O that you could now see , 

H ow unto Jesus for to flee, 
N ot hi shi still to be. 

W aming in time pray take 
A nd peace by Jesus make. 
T hen at the last when you awake, 
^ S ure at his right hand jrou'll partake. 

August y« 

77, 17W." 

Mr. Watts married, 93 February, X687-S8, Sarah Eaton, bom in Wales, x April, X655 ; died in the 
Manor of Moreland, Pennsylvania, 97 June, 1793 ; daughter of John Eaton. 

A fuller sketch than is here given of Mr. Watts, as well as an account of some of his descendants, 

will be found in the author's work, " Memorials of the Reading, Howell, Yerkes, Watts, Latham, and 

EUdns Families," printed hi X898. 





Dublin or " Pennq)ek" Baptist Church, and the sister of George and John 
Eaton, who were among the early Wel^ colonists of Pennsylvania. She 
died 27 June, 1723, and was survived by her husband. Mr. Yerkes'a children 
were by his first wife, Margaret, whose maiden name is not known. 
Children of Anthony" and Margaret Yerkes : 

3. HiuiAK Yessxs*, bom circa 1689; died circa 1750-51; nMrried Elizmbcth Watt& 

3. AsoLPHUS YniCEs', livinK 5 October, 1744; 

; married Ann - 

Genn«n Town*Pft d 


2. HERMAN YERKES* (Antliony') was bom ctrca 
1689. He emigrated to Pennsylvania with his parents, and 
no doubt resided with them, at Germantown, until 1709, when 
his father purchased a plantation of three hundred acres in 
the Manor of Moreland, to which estate tlie family doubtless 
removed about that time. Subsequently — probably at the 
time of the marriage of Herman Yerkes — the father set apart 
to his son two hundred acres of the above named plantation, 
and formally conveyed to him such portion by deed dated 
20 August, 1723.* 

Herman Yerkes was a farmer and miller, and he con- 
ducted his business affairs with such energy, prudence, and 
success, that he came to possess considerable wealth, in the 
accumulation of which he was materially assisted by the 
strong hands of his eight sturdy sons. He added largely 
to his landed estate, acquiring in all about eight hundred 
acres of the best farm land in the Manor of Moreland. In 
1744 he formed a co-partnership with Walter Moore in the 
milling business, and, as partners, they built a water grist- 
mill on the bank of the Pennypack Creek, upon a portion of 
* Pblltulelphia Deeds, H, viil. 4ij-4i7- 


the plantation of Mr. Yerkes, who set apart nineteen acres of the same for 
milling purposes. Mr. Yerkes devised his interest in the mill property to his 
four youngest sons, — Silas, Stephen, Elias, and Titus, — and the three last 
named released their interests to their brother Silas, who, 4 July, 1757, con- 
veyed all of his rights to Walter Moore, the former partner of his father. At 
a later period this property was acquired by one Shelmire, and was long known 
as " Shehnire's Mills.'' 

Mr. Yerkes died on his plantation in Mordand, between 2 May, 1750, the 
date of his will, and 4 March, the following year, the time it was proved 
at Philadelphia. The following is a copy of the principal provisions of 
the will: 

" In the name of God ambn, the Second Day of May One Thousand Seven hundred 
and fifty I, HniiAN Yerkes of the Manor of Moreland County of Philadelphia and 
Province of Pennsylv* Yeoman being well in Health of Body and of perfect Mind and 
Memory Thanks be given unto God yet calling to mind the mortality of my Body and 
knowing that it is appointed for all men once to dye do make and Ordain this ay Last 
Will ft Testament That is to say Principally and first I give and recommend my Soul into 
the Hands of God that gave it ft my Body I recommend to the Earth to be Buried in Decent 
Christian Buriel at the Discretion of my Executors Nothing Doubting but at the General 
Resurrection I shall receive the same again by the mighty Power of God and as Touching 
sttch Worldly Estate wherewith it hath Pleased God to bless me with in this Life I give 
Demise ft Dispose of the same in the following manner ft form ffirst that all my Lawful! 
Debts be paid, if there be any. Imprimis. I give and Bequeath to Elizabeth my Dearly 
beloved wife the sum of Twelve Pounds Current and Lawfull money of Pennsylvania 
Yearly to be Leved out of my Estate as Long as She lives to her own proper use ft Behoof. 
Together with her Bed ft Bedding ft what Cow she pleases with her own Mare and the 
Sorrel Colt to be kept on the place for her use and also which room she thinks most proper 
for her self in the House and Likewise Sarah Griffied to attend her till she becomes free. 
I also give and Bequeath to my four Eldest Sons Anthony, John, Josiah, ft Herman Yerkes 
Together with what they have already had, the sum of One Pound each to them and their 
Heirs for ever it is also my Will that if Josiah my son thinks proper to keep the Thirty 
acres that is over and above the fifty acres that I gave him he may keep it he Paying my 
two Daughters Sarah and Elizabeth the Sum of Sixty Pounds (viz) Thirty Pounds each 
Current Money of Pennsylvania to them or their Husbands and to their Heirs for Ever 
at the Expiration of One Year after my Decease* otherways it shall be joyned again to my 
own Plantation and the Sixty Pounds for my two Daughters as above shall be Leved out 
of my Estate and given to them or their Husbands and their Heirs for ever. I also give 
ft Bequeath to my four Youngest Sons (viz) Silas, Stephen, Elias ft Titus Yerkes all the 
Plantation whereon I now live with my Part of the mill and all Privileges Belonging or 
appertaining Thereto with all & Singular my CkxmIs, Chattels, and Moveables thereto 
belonging Excepting what is above Expressed to be payd out of my Estate to them and their 
Heirs for Ever to be Equally divided amongst them at my Death (viz) to Silas Yerkes 
ft Stephen Yerkes, Elias Yerkes ft Titus Yerkes ft to their Heirs for ever they paying their 
mother ft Brethren ft sisters as before mentioned if Josiah will not keep the Thirty acres 
at above and Likewise I allow all my Debts to be paid out of this my Estate. I Likewise 
Constitute and ordain Elizabeth my well beloved Wife and Silas Yerkes my Son Sole 
Executors of this my Last will ft Testament'' 




Mr. Yerkes married,* 8 February, 171 1, Elizabeth Watts, bom in Phila- 
delphia County, 15 April, 1689; died 11 October, 1756; daughter of the 
noted Baptist minister. Reverend John Watts, by his wife Sarah Eaton.f 

Children of Herman* and Elizabeth (Watts) Yerkes; bom in the Manor of 
Moreland, Philadelphia, (now Montgomery) County, Pennsyl- 

4. Anthony Yerkes', born 28 November, 1712; died 9 March, 1791; married 

Jane , 

5. John Yerkes', bom 21 February, 1714; died in 1790; married Alice McVaugfa. 

6. Sarah Yerkes', born 15 July, 1716; married Jacob Hufty. 

7. JosiAH Yerkes', bom 28 November, 1718; died in September, 1793; married 

Mary . 

8. Harm AN Yerkes', bom 18 January, 1720; died 29 November, 1804; married (x) 

Mary Stroud; (2) Mrs. Mary Clayton; (3) Mrs. Elizabeth Tompkins. 

9. Sn^s Yerkes', bom 15 February, 1723; died 25 September, 1795; married Hannah 


10. Elizabeth Yerkes', bom 29 January, 1725; died 11 March, 1793; married John 

Howell, Esqr. 

11. Stephen Yerkes', bom 3 August, 1727; died in December, 181 1; married Rebecca 


12. Elias Yerkes', bom 7 February, 1729; died 16 January, 1799; married Rebecca 


13. Trrus Yerkes', bom in 1731; died in 1762; married Margaret Paul. 

3. ADOLPHUS YERKES* (Anthony^) is supposed to have emigrated 
to America with his parents. The earliest record of his presence in Pennsyl- 
vania is under date of 10 Jtme, 17199 when he joined his father in conveying 
to John Simcock one htmdred acres of land, with the buildings thereon, located 
in the Manor of Moreland, being a portion of the plantation of three hundred 
acres which the father had bought from John Holme, 5 November, 1709, and 
which one hundred acres the father had previously given, but not conveyed, to 
the son. The consideration money expressed in the deed is £137 6s. 8rf., and 
the son is styled therein as " of Moreland, yeoman." ^ At that date he was 
doubtless residing on the estate so sold. 

The day following such conveyance Adolphus Yerkes purchased from 
Simcock all his right, title, and interest of, in, and to the share which he, 
Simcock held in the stock of the Society of Free Traders, together with the 
rights to liberty lands and city lots in Philadelphia, which attached to the 
ownership of the stock, paying therefor the sum of £100. § A few days later 
Adolphus Yerkes assigned imto his brother, Herman Yerkes, three fourth 
parts of the estate so acquired from Simcock. || 

* Records of Christ Church, Philadelphia. 

t See note, page 6. 

t Philadelphia Deed Book P, No i, page 99s. i Ibid., 38S. | Ibid., 390. 



But little further is known of AdoI[dius Yerices. He had a wife, Ann, 
and three children.* Ann Yerkes was a Baptist, and received a letter of dis- 
mission from the Pennepdc Baptist Church, in 1724, to j<»n the Mtmtgomery 
Baptist Church, and in 1727 recdved a similar letter from the latter to the 
former church, from which it would appear that about this time the iamily 
removed to the locality of the Pennepek Church in Lower Dublin Township, 
Philadelphia County. Both Mr. and Mrs. Yerkes were living 5 October, 1744, 
on which day they renounced their right to administer upon the estate of 
their deceased son, Anthony, but whether or not they were in Pennsylvania at 
that time is not known. There is a tradititm in the family that one of the 
sons of Anthony Yerkes, the emigrant, removed to Virginia, but no record 
has been discovered to support such tradition. 
Children of Adolphus* and Ann Yerkes : 

14. AirrROHT Yazi^, died in I744f probably tmnuuried and without iunc On 5 

October of that rear letters of adnunistration on his estate were granted at 
Philadelphia onto two of his creditors, John Harrison and James Eaton. 
The inventorr filed in his estate indades: "Bible, Yonng Man's Companion, 
Sermon Boole & journal of Mr. Whitefield, 2 Hymn Books A a Psalm Book." 

15. Hannah YntKis*, marricd,t la December, 1735, Richard Paine. 

i& Saudb. Ybkis*, married^ IS May, 1743, Eliiabeth, daughter of James and Marr 
Rue, of Bensalem Township, Bucks County. The time and place of his death 
or that of his wife are unknown, but his wife was doubtless living 20 Septem- 
ber, 1768; as the is named in her mother's will of that date. 

* Since the text was written the writer has concluded that Adolphua Yerkes had four children, 
and that the fooith child was the Sarah Yerkes who married, 6 March, i747, Daniel Evans, 
t Records of First Presbyterian Church, Ptiiladelphla. 


4. ANTHONY YERKES" (Herman', Anthony>), 
the eldest son of Herman Yerkes by his wife Elizabeth 
Watts, was born in the Manor of Moreland, Montgomery 
(formerly Philadelphia) County, Pennsylvania, 28 November, 
1712, and died there, g March, 1791. He was a farmer, and 
resided in said Manor, on a tract of land which he purchased 
from his father. This tract contained one hundred acres, and 

I lay on the east side of the road leading from Philadelphia 
to Southampton, Bucks County, and near the "old mill." 
He also owned a tract of over eighty acres, which he pur- 

I chased from his brother, Elias Yerkes, and which was located 
1 the west side of this road, opposite the first-named tract 
He was a member of the Southampton Baptist Church, Bucks 
County, and in 1772 was one of the committee for the build- 
ing of a new meeting-house. The Pennsylvania Gazette of 
2 July, 1767, contains the following: 


*' Stolen, last night, out of the Pasture of the Subscriber, living in 

I the Manor of Moreland, Philadelphia County, a black Horse, about 15 

hands high, well set, a Star in his forehead, a thick curly mane, hangins 

n the right side, a white spot on one of his left feet, hath been used 

3 Gears, Paces, Trots, and Gallops. Whoever takes up said Horse, and 



brings him to the Subscriber, or to William Whitehead's Tavern, in Second Street, Phila- 
delphia, and secures the Thief, so that he may be brought to Justice, shall have the above 
Reward, and for the Horse only Three pounds, with reasonable charges paid by 

"Anthony Ybuos. 
" N.B.— The Horse is about eight years old." 

No record of the marriage of Anthony Yerkes has been found. The 
Christian name of his wife was Jane, and she died 12 May, 1783, in the 
seventy-third year of her age. The names of their children, as given below, 
are from his will,'*' dated 22 February, 1790; proved 26 April, the following 

Children of Anthony* and Jane Yerkes ; all bom, no doubt, in Moreland : 

17. Obadiah Yirxis\ who is believed to have died unmarried and without issue. 
z8. Jacob Yerkes\ bom cwca 1744; died 26 March, 1819; married (i) Elizabeth 
Gaunt; (3) Sarah Fleming. 

19. Anthony Yerkes\ bom ctrca 1745; died 6irca 1804; married Mary Harper. 

20. Joseph Yirkss\ bom rtrca 1746; died 24 December, 1807; married Hannah 


31. EuzABETB Ykikbs\ married Fulton; is named in her father's will, at the 

making of whidi she was living in Virginia. She may have had issue. 

22. David Yirxis\ bora 12 August, 1752; died 24 January, 1818; married Mrs. Eliza- 

beth Thomas, nit Wilmerton. 

23. Sarah YIRKXS^ married (license dated 11 January, 1775) Robert Grant, a farmer, 

of Morelandf 

5. JOHN YERKES* (Herman*, Anthony^), second son of Herman 
Yerkes by his wife Elizabeth Watts, was bom in the Manor of Moreland, 
Montgomery (formerly Philadelphia) County, Pennsylvania, 21 February, 
1 714, and died there in 1790. He was a farmer, and probably resided through- 
out his life in said Manor, where he owned a plantation of ninety-five acres, 
upon which he and his wife Alice executed a mortgage to Joseph Spangen- 
burg, 2 Sq>tember, 17474 It is, however, possible that he may have resided 
for a few years upon a plantation of two hundred acres in Plymouth Township, 
same cotmty, which he purchased on 24 May, i873,§ one htmdred and thirty- 
seven and one-half acres of which he sold to his brother, Herman Yerkes, 
18 May, 1747, the latter paying therefor £297. 

He married, circa 1741, Alice McVaugh, bom 5 April, 171 7; daughter 
of John McVaugh, of the said Manor, and granddaughter of Edmond 

* Montgomery County Wills, i. 248. 

t They are known to have had at least three children, who were baptised at the Abington Pres- 
byterian Church, as follows: Anthony Grant, xo Blarch, 1776; Jane Grant, 37 July, 1777; Robert 
Grant, 7 May, 1780. 

\ Philadelphia Deeds, G, vii. 509. 

i Ibid., H, XX. 


McVaugh,* of Lower Dublin Township, Philadelphia County, by his wife 
Alice Dickinson. 

Children of John' and Alice (McVaugh) Yerkes; bom in the Manor of More- 

24. Rachel Yerkes*, born i February, 1742. 

25. John Yerkes*, bom 6 October, 1743; died in 1803 or 1806; married Ann Coffing. 

26. Catharine Yerkes*, bom 15 April, 1746. 

27. Elizabeth Yerkes*, born i September, 1748. 

28. Harman Yerkes*, bora 22 November, 1750 ; died 16 June, 1821 ; married liiargaret 


29. Silas Yerkes*, bora 20 December, 1752; died in 1779; married Hannah Craft 

30. Sarah Yerkes*, bora 26 May, 1755 ; married John Watson. 

31. Benjamin Yerkes*, bora 28 April, 1758; died 11 August, 1841; married Margaret 


32. AucE Yerkes*, bom 18 January, 1763; married, 10 April, 1798, Demas Worrell, 

and is said to have had issue, but no record of her family has been obtained. 

6. SARAH YERKES* (Herman*, Anthony*), eldest daughter and third 
child of Herman Yerkes by his wife Elizabeth Watts, was bom in the Manor 
of Moreland, Montgomery (formerly Philadelphia) County, Pennsylvania, 15 
July, 1 716, married f Jacob Hufty, of Abington. He died in the latter part 
of 1750, or in January, 1750-51, as on the 30th of that month letters of admin- 
istration on his estate were granted at Philadelphia unto his widow, Sarah 
Hufty, " during the minority of the minor children," her brother, Anthony 
Yerkes, being one of the sureties on the bond filed. She was living 30 April, 

* Edmond McVaugh (sometimes spelled McVeaugh or McVeagh), came to Pennsylvania In 
1682, in the employ of Captain Thomas Holme, the first Surveyor-General of that Province, and a mem- 
ber of the Provincial Council. McVaugh settled in Lower Dublin Township, Philadelphia County, 
where, in 1702, he possessed three hundred and one acres of land. On 19 October of that year he 
appeared before the Commissioners of Property,* and requested a re-survey of his land made up of three 
tracts adjoining each other. One tract consisted of two hundred and fifty acres, purchased of Peter 
Baynton, and two tracts contained together one hundred and one acres, purchased from Silas Crispin, 
aon-in-law of Captain Holme ; all of which lands were within the large tract in Lower Dublin Township, 
which Captain Holme purchased from William Penn, and through the centre of which Holme laid out 
a road called Susquehanna Road.t 

Edmond McVaugh died in 1739, his will being proved 3 November of that year. He is known 
to have had sons Edmond, Jeremiah, and John, and daughter Sarah, wife of Walter Moore, and, as 
his son Edmond is not named in his will, it is possible that he had other children than those named 
therein. He married Alice Dickinson, who came to Pennsylvania in 1683, with the family of James Har- 
rison. The latter was appointed Chief Justice of Pennsylvania in 1685, but declined the office. Mrs. 
McVaugh was living 29 March, 1737, when she joined her husband in a deed.} Among the descend- 
ants of Edmond McVaugh was Colonel Benjamin McVeaugh, who commanded a battalion of the 
Philadelphia County militia in the Revolution. 

t In compiling the " Memorials of the Readhig, Howell, Yerkes, Watts, Latham, and Elkins 
Families" (Philadelphia, 1898), I supposed that Sarah Yerkes above was the one of that name who 
married, 6 March, 1747, Daniel Evans, as sUted in that work (page 199). Later information shows 
that I was then in error. 

* Pamsylvania Archlvw, ad itr., six. 390. f Ibid., 303. 

t PhUaddphia Deeds, H, iv.449. 



175^9 when she joined with some of her brothers and a sister in conveying to 
their brother, Josiah Yerkes, land of which their father had died possessed, 
and she is styled in the conveyance '^ of Mordand, widow/' On the back of 
the administration bond the names of the children appear as follows : 

53. Elizabeth Huyty*. 

34. Mary Hufty^. 

35. John Hu?ty*. 

36. Jacob Hufty*. 

7. JOSIAH YERKES* (Herman*, Anthony*), fourth child and third 
son of Herman Yerkes by his wife Elizabeth Watts, was bom in the Manor 
of Moreland, Montgomery (formerly Philadelphia) County, Pennsylvania, 
28 November, 1718; died there, in September, 1793. He was a farmer, and 
resided on a farm given to him by his father, in Moreland, on the Pennypack 
Creek, above the mills of his brother Silas. On 22 July, 1747, he mortgaged * 
his land, consisting of eighty-four acres, to Joseph Spangenburg. His wife 
Mary joined him in this mortgage; also in a mortgage f of the same land, 
given to George Sharswood, of Philadelphia, 16 April, 1765, to secure the 
pajrment of £200; and in a deed,:]: dated 11 February, 1755, by which he con- 
veyed certain lands to his brother, Stephen Yerkes. The date of his marriage 
or the maiden name of his wife is not certainly known, although it is probable 
that the name was Walton, as Nathaniel Walton, of Moreland, in his will, 
dated 6 February, 1777, names " my sister Mary Yerkes." § Mr. Yerkes no 
doubt survived his wife, as she is not named in his will.|| This instrument, 
dated 2 December, 1791, proved i October, 1793, describes him as '' of the 
Manor of Moreland,'' and names son Joshua, son Josiah, daughter Rebecca 
Wood, granddaughter Sarah Boore, daughter Margary, daughter Mary, and 
son Nathaniel, the latter being named as executor, and the devisee of his 
plantation, which at that time consisted of one hundred acres. 

Children of Josiah* and Mary Yerkes ; bom in the Manor of Moreland : 

37. Joshua Ynjas\ 

38. Josiah Ytaxxs\ married Rachel Edwards, nie Brooks. 

39. Rebecca Ywbxes^ living at the date of her father's will; married, 30 Jantiary, 1765, 

Thomas Wood. 
4a Sarah Ytuats\ married, in May, 1774, Thomas Bower, of Moreland. The mar- 
riage was performed by the Reverend John Blackwell, as appears from the 
records of the Southampton Baptist Church. In the marriage license, dated 
90 April, 1774, and printed in Pennsylvania Archives, second series, ii. 322, 
the name is spelled "Bower," while Josiah Yerkes, in his will, named his 

• PhUadelphia Mortgages, G, xiii. soT* t Ibid., X, x. 86. 

t Montgomery County Deeds, xiii. 396. { Philadelphia Wills, S, 497. 

I Mbotgomery County Wills, i. 355. 



" granddaughter Sarah Boore," probably a misspelling of Bower. Such grand- 
daughter is thought to have been the only issue of Sarah Yerkes. 

41. Mabgkry Yerkes\ died circa 1835; married Peter Saurman. 

42. Mary YIRxxs^ 

43. Nathaniel Yebxes\ bom 9 August, 1763; died 5 June, 1831; married Sarah 


& HARMAN YERKES* (Herman*, Anthony^), fourth son and fifth 
child of Herman Yerkes by his wife Elizabeth Watts, was bom in the Manor 
of Mordand, Montgomery (formerly Philadelphia) County, Pennsylvania, 
18 January, 1720; died there, 29 November, 1804. He began his business 
career as a farmer and miller. From 1752 until 1755, he engaged in mercan- 
tile pursuits at Plymouth, but returned to farming the latter year, and con- 
tinued therein until 1788. He was a large land-owner. His first real estate 
purchase was made when he was but twenty-six years old, and consisted of 
a tract of one htmdred and thirty-seven acres, located in Plymouth Township, 
Montgomery County, which he bought, 18 May, 1747, from his brother John, 
paying him therefore two hundred and ninety-seven potmds. It is believed 
that he removed to the land so purchased at about the time he acquired the 
sam^ and that he continued there until about 1762, when he is supposed to 
have become a resident of Warminster, Bucks County, where, in 1765, he was 
an overseer of the poor, and where, in 1772, he purchased a plantation of one 
hundred and eighty-one acres from Joseph Noble. This tract was situated on 
the Street Road at what is now Johnsville Station on the Northeast Pennsyl- 
vania Railroad, and on this tract Harman Yerkes established the first home- 
stead of the Yerkeses in Bucks Cotmty, and there some of his descendants 
have ever since resided. He returned to the Manor of Moreland in 1788, 
which continued to be his place of residence the remainder of his life. 

Mr. Yerkes was an active supporter of the War of Independence, and in 
1775 he and his son Edward, who was but eighteen years of age, enrolled 
themselves in the Warminster Company of Associators. On 31 July, 1777, 
he was recommended to the Executive Council by Judge Henry W)mkoop to 
look after billeting the poor. It is probable that his military service was with 
the militia only. On more than one occasion the British troopers from Phila- 
delphia were his unwelcome visitors, and his family was subjected to the 
actual terrors and trials of grim war. In this connection Judge Harman 
Yerkes, of Bucks County, has contributed the following item : 

"His wife, Mary Clayton, proved herself worthy of the duty of taking charge of a 
young family in such times, as is shown by the following incident, which the writer heard 
related from the lips of one (Stephen Beans, then a small boy) who was present 

"The house then occupied by the family stood where the smaller end of the present 
homestead now stands. It contained a sitting-room and kitchen on the first floor, with an 
3 17 


out attachment used as quarters for the slaves. The second floor was divided into convenient 
rooms by plain board partitions. 

" The battle of ' Crooked Billet,' fought in 177S, began less than two miles away, and 
the retreat, or rather rout, of the Americans drifted directly over the adjacent lands. 
Some of the most harrowing scenes of that dreadful butchery occurred within sight of the 
Yerkes homestead. 

"The narrator of the story lived at the next place north, on the Street Road, and, 
the men of the neighborhood being away at the scene of strife, or in concealing the horses 
and cattle, he [Beans] accompanied his mother to the Yerkes place at the first alarm. 
While the two women and children were in the sitting room, an American soldier hastily 
ran into the houses coming from the south side, and took refuge under a bed which stood 
in the northeast comer of the room. He stated that he was being pursued by the enemy, 
and in much alarm asked that his place of hiding be concealed. Mrs. Yerkes told him he 
would not be safe there, but that by going out of the back door he could put the house 
between him and his pursuers, and might reach the next place, where there was a large pile 
of buckwheat straw, in which he could hide himself. He obeyed her directions, and in a 
very short time four British soldiers came in the opposite door and inquired for him. The 
ladies protested that he was not there. The soldiers then looked under the bed, searched the 
ttp-stairs rooms, and, after maliciously sticking their bayonets through the bed-clothing, 
continued the pursuit 

"The American afterwards returned and thanked the ladies for his deliverance, and 
stilted that the British had trampled over the straw and thrust their bayonets far into it, but 
fortunately without touching him. They spoke of setting fire to it, but owing to some alarm, 
abandoned the idea and departed.'' 

The religious affiliations of Harman Yerkes are matters of some interest 
to his descendants. His earliest church connection was, probably, either with 
the Low Dutch Church, in which faith his father was no doubt bom, or with 
the Baptists, the faith of his mother, but on the eve of his first marriage he 
identified himself with the Society of Friends, his first wife being of that per- 
suasion. After this, his speech and manners are said to have conformed to the 
custom of the Friends; nevertheless, his second and third marriages were 
performed by Baptist clergymen, and he seems to have become a member 
of the Southampton Baptist Church, Bucks County, as he was one of the com- 
mittee of that church, in 1772, for the building of a new meeting-house, and 
was buried in the graveyard of the same. These latter facts suggest the strong 
probability that shortiy before his second marriage he attached himself to the 
faith of his mother, and of his distingtiished grandfather, the Reverend John 

His death is thus recorded in the American Daily Advertiser, under date 
of 7 December, 1804: 

"Dud^ in Moreland Township, Montgomery County, on the 29th of November, Mr. 
Haiman Yerkes, in the 85th year of his age, and on the 2d inst his remains were interred 
in the Baptist burial-ground, at Southampton, followed by a numerous train of relatives 
and friends. In him was united the tender husband, the affectionate father, and the steady 


" Yes, he must die 1 the nearest friend most part ; 
The Victor Death, excepts not of a claim ; 
And though the stroke may crush a kindred heart 
He heeds it not, — to supplicate is vain ! 

"He has gone, his spirit has flown to regions of everlasting bliss; but long will he 
exist in the hearts of those whom he hath left behind, — ^yea, until time with them shall be 
no longer, until they like him shall be no more." 

He married (i), at Plymouth Mecting-Housc, 22 March, 1750-51, Mary, 
daughter of Edward Stroud, of Whitemarsh. She died circa 1771, and he 
married (2), 30 September, 1773, Mrs. Mary (Houghton) Clayton, widow 
of Richard Qayton. She died in 1785, and bequeathed a sum of money to 
the Southampton Baptist Church for building a wall around its graveyard, 
with which church she was actively identified, and by whose pastor. Reverend 
Jonathan Blackwood, she was married to Mr. Yerkes. He married (3), 
28 March, 1788, Mrs. Elizabeth (Ball) Tompkins, widow of John Tompkins. 
She died in 1819. After this marriage Mr. Yerkes removed to his wife's 
home, on the Old York Road, in Moreland, where the " widow" Tompkins 
kept an inn and store, the management of which now fell to Mr. Yerkes. 

Children of Harman' and Mary (Stroud) Yerkes: 

44. William Yerkss\ bom 10 February, 1751-52; died in infancy. 

45. Elizabeth Yerkxs\ bom 5 September, 1753; married, 14 April, 1770, John Hufty. 

46. Cathasins YIRXxs^ bom 19 June, 1755; died prior to 50 June, 1821; married 

Major Reading Howell. 

47. Edward Yerkbs\ bom 19 April, 1757; was a soldier in the Revolution and later 

a sea-captain; died at sea. 

48. Sarah Yerkes\ bom in July, 1759; died in infancy. 

49. Stephen Yerkes\ bom 20 October, 1762; died in 1823; married Alice Watson. 

50. Mary Yerkes\ bom 5 January, 1765; died unmarried. 

51. Harman YERKSS^ bom 25 July, 1767; died 12 February, 1837; married Margaret 


52. William Yebxes\ bom 23 June, 1769; died in 1823; married Letitia Esther Long. 

9. SILAS YERKES* (Herman*, Anthony^), sixth child and fifth son 
of Herman Yerkes by his wife Elizabeth Watts, was bom in the Manor of 
Moreland, Montgomery (formerly Philadelphia) County, 15 February, 1723; 
died there, 25 September, 1795, and was buried in the graveyard of the 
Southampton Baptist Church. He was a large land-owner and a prosperous 
miller and farmer. Under the will of his father, Silas Yerkes became entitled 
to a one-fourth interest in the property in Moreland that had been the home- 
stead of the father and grandfather, and by deed of 10 February, 1755, the 
remaining interests in the property, which consisted of two hundred acres, 
were conveyed to him by his mother and his brothers Stephen, Elias, and Titus. 
At this time Silas Yerkes was residing in Warwick Township, Bucks Cotmty, 




where he would seem to have been engaged in the milling business, as he is 
described as " miller" in the conveyance here mentioned, and he continued to 
reside there until after the birth of his daughter Elizabeth, when he removed 
to the homestead estate in Moreland, and there continued the milling business, 
as well as carried on farming. The mill property later came into possession 
of the Shelmire family, and was long known as ** Shelmire's Mills." The mills 
were destroyed by fire some years ago. The spot where they stood is one of 
the most picturesque localities in Montgomery County. In 1780 the tax list 
of Mordand contained over four hundred names, the third highest assessment 
being that of Silas Yerkes. 

Mr. Yerkes was a man of much intelligence and a devout Christian. In 
1755 he united with others in founding the Union Library Company of 
Hatboro, one of the earliest library organizations in Pennsylvania, and he was 
an active member of the Baptist Church, the principles and doctrines of which 
he imbibed from his mother and inherited from his grandfather, the Reverend 
John Watts. A formal profession of religious faith was, however, not made 
until I June, 1742, when he was baptized in the Pennypack Creek, and became 
a member of the Southampton Baptist Church, Bucks County, retaining mem- 
bership until his death. Mr. Yerkes no doubt received his Christian name 
in honor of his tmcle, Silas Watts. 

Silas Yerkes was married by the Reverend Joshua Potts, pastor of the 
Southampton Baptist Church, 14 June, 1750, to Hannah Dungan; bom in 
Bucks County, 24 September, 1725; died at the seat of her husband, 22 
August, 1792 ; daughter of Thomas and Esther Dungan, and granddaughter of 
the Reverend Thomas Dungan * by his wife Elizabeth Weaver. Silas Yerkes's 
will,t dated 21 March, 1795, was proved 22 October, same year, and names the 

* Rkvbrbnd Thomas Dungan was a son of William Dungan, a merchant of London, England, 
by his wife Prances Latham, and was bom in that dty about 1^2. His mother was a daughter of 
Lewis Latham, Sergeant-Falconer to Charles I. Upon the death of William Dungan, his widow mar- 
ried Captain Jeremiah Clarke, with whom, accompanied by her children, she emigrated to New Eng- 
land, and settled at Newport, Rhode Island, where Captain Clarke rose to prominence. Captain 
Clarke dying, his widow married, for third husband. Reverend William Vaughan, a Baptist detgy- 
man, of Newport. Thomas Dungan imbibed the Baptist faith, and became a Baptist dergsrman, 
having received his instruction in theology, it is thought, from his step-father. Reverend William 
Vaughan. He was one of the patentees of East Greenwich, Rhode Island ; was a representative of 
that town in the Assembly of that Colony in 1678 and 1681, and served as sergeant in the Newport 
militia. In 1682 he sold his estates at East Greenwich and Newport, and shortly afterwards removed 
to Pennsylvania, settling at Cold Spring, Bucks County, where he founded a Baptist Church, the first 
in that Province, and the first ^iglish congregation there outside of the Friends. Mr. Dungan 
became the pastor of the church, and continued his ministrations as such until his death in 1688. He 
married, at Newport, Elisabeth, daughter of Sergeant Qement Weaver by his wife Mary Freeborn. 
Seigeant Weaver was a member of the Rhode Island Assembly in 1678, and William Freeborn, his 
wife's father, was a member in 1657. (See " Memorials of the Reading, Howell, Yerkes, Watts, Latham, 
and Elkins Families" for fuller mention of Reverend Thomas Dungan, and some account of his family 

t Montgomery County Wills, i. 471. 



children given below, with the exception of Thomas and John, both of whom 
are supposed to have died before the will was made. His five eldest children 
were bom in Warwick Township, Bucks County, and the others at the home- 
stead in Moreland. 

Children of Silas^ and Hannah (Dungan) Yerkes: 

53. EuAS Yerkes*, born 7 December, 1751 ; died 15 January, 1828; married . 

54. Deborah Yerkes*, bom 3 September, 1753; died 11 February, 1826; married 

Samuel Ayres. 

55. Esther Yerkes*, bom 13 February, 1755; married Charles Ayres (a brother of 

William Ayres, who married her sister Deborah), and had one child: (56) 
Mary Ayres*, who married Jonathan Yerkes (No. 265). 

57. Thomas Yerkes*, bom 24 September, 1756; died in 1781. 

58. EuzABETH Yerkes*, bom 26 March, 1758; died 2 September, 1826; married Daniel 


59. John Yerkes*, bom 26 September, 1760; probably died young. 

60. Sn.AS Yerkes*, bom circa 1762; died 15 January, 1837, unmarried and without 

issue. His death is thus noted in the records of the Southampton Baptist 
Church : " Silas Yerkes, beloved disciple, fell asleep in Jesus, we think, on 
Sunday, about noon, the 15th of January, 1837, and was buried at South- 

61. Hannah Yerkes*, bom circa 1764; married John Wright, by whom she had: 

(62) Esther Wright", who never married. 

63. Daniel Yerkes*, born 23 July, 1767; died 30 September, 1824; married (i) Mar- 

tha Collom; (2) Esther Lykens. 

64. Benjamin Yerkes*, bom 22 February, 1768; died 25 June, 1847; married Rachel 


10. ELIZABETH YERKES' (Herman*, Anthony*), second daughter 
and seventh child of Herman Yerkes by his wife Elizabeth Watts, was bom 
in the Manor of Moreland, 29 January, 1725; died, probably at Chestnut 
Hill, Philadelphia, 11 March, 1793; married John Howell, Esq«*, bosn in 
Amwell Township, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, 8 August, 1721 ; died at 
Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, 27 July, 1808; son of Captain Daniel Howell,* 
of Hunterdon County, New Jersey, by his wife Elsie Reading, daughter of 
Colonel John Reading, of the same place, and sister of Honorable John Reading, 
the first native-bom governor of New Jersey. 

Mr. Howell received under the will of his father one-half interest in a 
grist-mill and in a plantation of sixty acres, located in Hunterdon County, on 
the banks of the Delaware. How long he resided at Amwell is not known. 
His tmcle, Benjamin Howell, resided in Philadelphia, at what is now Chestnut 
Hill. He was childless, and it is conjectured that upon the decease of his 
brother Daniel he became interested in the latter's son John, and induced him 

* Some account of his ancestry, and a record of his descendants will be found in " Memorials ol 
the Reading, Howell, Yerkes, Watts, Latham, and Elkins Families," published in 1898, by the anthor 
of the present work. 



to settle at Chestnut Hill. The tincle died in 1774^ and evidenced his esteem 
for his nephew by naming him executor of his will and residuary l^;atee and 
devisee thereunder."^ John Howell engaged in the business of a saddler and 
harness-maker. He came to be highly regarded by his fellow-citizens^ as is 
abundantly shown in his election as justice of the peace, to which he was duly 
commissioned, 7 June, 1780, by the Supreme Executive Council of Pennsyl- 
vania. He maintained the dignities and performed the duties of a ** cotmtry 
squire'' tmtil 11 January, 1785, when he tendered his resignation to the 
Council, as shown by his letter published in the records of that body. Both 
Mr. Howell and his wife were members of the First Baptist Church, Phila- 
delphia, and, later, of the Ridge Avenue Baptist Church at Roxborough, 
Philadelphia, in the burying-grotmd of which they were doubtless buried. 

Children of John and Elizabeth* (Yerkes) Howell; all bom probably at or 
near Chestnut Hill : 

({5. Maxy HowILL^ married Thomas Norton. 

66. Hannah HowILL^ bora 30 December, 1752; died a8 October, x8ao; married, 8 

January, 1778^ Major John Levering, an officer in the Revolutionary service. 

67. Dandcl HowiLt*, bora about 1753; died in February, 1850; married Elizabeth 

Yerkes (No. 58). 

68. Sarah HowILL^ bora circa 1761 ; married, about 1784, Anthony Levering. 
6s^ Eltzamth HowILL^ married — Schuler. 

7a Reading HowILL^ married, 3 June, 1792, Mary Busby. 

II. STEPHEN YERKES* (Herman*, Anthony*), sixth son and eighth 
child of Herman Yerkes by his wife Elizabeth Watts, was bom in the Manor 
of Moreland, Montgomery (formerly Philadelphia) Cotmty, 3 August, 1727, 
and died there, probably shortly before 23 December, 181 1, the date of the 
probate of his will. He was a farmer and land-owner^ and resided in More- 
land throughout his life. His father devised to him a one-fourth share in 
the two htmdred acre plantation which he, the father, had received from 
his father, Anthony Yeiices, which share Stephen Yerkes sold to his brother 

Stephen Yerkes married Rebecca Whiteside, who was living 28 July, 
181 1, and is named in her husband's will of that date. The others named 
tiierein are: sons Samuel and Joseph, daughters Rebecca and Rachel, and 
grandchildren Mary, Emma, and Thomas, the children of his deceased daugh- 
ter Elizabeth, " late the wife of Eli Morgan." His son Samuel Yerkes and 
George Shdmire were appointed executors. Mr. Yerkes was a member of 
the Union Library C(»npany of Hatboro, and he and his wife were members 
of the Southampton Baptist Church. 

• PhiladelphU Wills, U. 44. 


Children of Stephen* and Rebecca (Whiteside) Yerkes; bom in the Manor 
of Mordand : 

71. James Ykbkes*, born 24 December, 1756; died in infancy. 

72. Stephen Yerkes*, born 4 June, 1759; died at about fifty years of age, unmarried. 

73. James Yerkes*, bom 2 October, 1761 ; died at Ovid, New York, in June, 1804; 

married, 23 December, 1783, Rachel Shaw. He removed with his family to 
Ovid, New York, after 22 September, 1800, on which day he conveyed land in 
Moreland, which his father had conveyed to him 6 May, 1797, and the son is 
described in the former conveyance as " of Moreland." He is said to have had 
ten children, "all of whom died young." His will,* dated Ovid, ix June, 
1804, proved 28th of same month, names wife Rachel, and mentions "sons" 
and "daughters," but only one child by name, — Stephen. He directs that his 
estate should be sold, debts paid, and that his family should remove to Penn- 
sylvania, "among my relations, and there remain until my youngest child be 
twenty-one years of age." As none of the family are mentioned in his father's 
will, it is believed that all had died before the date thereof. 

74. Elizabeth Yerkes*, bom 18 Febraary, 1764; died before 28 July, 181 1; married, 

by the Reverend William Van Home, Pastor of the Southampton Baptist 
Church, 17 Febmary, 1782, to Eli Morgan, by whom she had, according to 
the will of her father: (75) Mary Morgan*. (76) Emma Morgan*. (77) 
Thomas Morgan*. 

78. Rebecca Yerkes*, bom 2 October, 1766; married Levi Watson, son of Joseph 

Watson t by his wife Rachel Croasdale, and had issue. Mr. and Mrs. Wat- 
son removed to Wayne County, New York, but the writer has failed to 
obtain their family record. It is said that Mr. and Mrs. Watson had two sons 
and one daughter, and it is known that their daughter, Sarah Watson, married, 
in 1817, Samuel Smith, a prominent school-teacher, of whom see "Scharfs 
History of Delaware," 742. 

79. Joseph Yerkes*, bom 5 July, 1769; died 10 January, 1850; married Mary Purdy. 

80. Rachel Yerkes*, bom 4 November, 1772; married James Rogers. 

81. Samuel Yerkes*, bom 24 September, 1775 ; died 19 March, 1861 ; married Eliza- 

beth Rutherton. 

12. ELIAS YERKES* (Herman^ Anthony*), ninth child and seventh 
son of Herman Yerkes by his wife Elizabeth Watts, was bom in the Manor 
of Moreland, Montgomery (formerly Philadelphia) Coimty, Pennsylvania, 
7 February, 1729; died there, 16 January, 1799. He was a farmer, and 
resided throughout his life in the Manor of Moreland. The Pennsylvania 
Gazette of 23 August, 1770, contained this advertisement: 

" Supposed to be Stolen, on Tuesday night, the 14th of this instant August, from the 
plantation of Euas Yirkis, liying in the Manor of Moreland, Philadelphia County, a dark 
hay mare, 9 years old between 14 ft 15 hands high, a large star on her forehead, behind feet 
white, shod before^ she can pace and trot, but is more inclined to pace. Whoever takes her 
up and secures said Mare, so as the owner may have her again shall have Ten shillings, and 

* Seneca County, New York, Wills, A, 7. 

t J06BPH Watson was a son of Mark Watson, Esq', of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, who was, 
for many years, a member of the Provincial Assembly, and one of the justices of the courts of Bucks 


I *,. 


if stolen Twenty shillings, for the Mare, and three pounds for the mare and thief, and 
reasonable charges paid by me. 

** EuAs Ynm." 

Mr. Yerkes married, i8 March, 1756, Rebecca Foster, who died 30 
November, 1820, in the eighty-fifth year of her age. Her will, dated 16 
February, 1807, was proved in Montgomery County, 23 November, 1821, 
and names sons Isaac, David, Elias, and Arthur, and daughters Mary, Rebecca, 
Sarah, and Susanna. Both Mr. and Mrs. Yerkes were baptized according to 
the Baptist faith, 10 October, 1773, and were received into membership in 
the Southampton Baptist Church, the religious home of many of the Yerkes 
family. They were buried in the graveyard of that church, where a stone marks 
their grave, as is shown in the accompan3dng illustration. 

Children of Elias* and Rebecca (Foster) Yerkes; bom in the Manor of More- 

82. Elias YERKXS^ bom 16 January, 1757; died ai June, 1844; married . 

85. GiosGB Yerkss\ bom 18 September, 1758; died 25 December, 1859; married 

Rebecca . 

84. Elizabeth YEaKEs\ bom 3 October, 1760; married, by the Reverend David Jones, 
pastor of the Southampton Baptist Church, 9 April, 1789, to Nathan Marple. 
It would appear from the will of her sister Mary that she had by this marriage 
a daughter: (85) Elizabeth Masfle^. 

86. Susanna Yerxes\ born 27 September, 1762. 

87. Isaac YERKSS^ bom 17 March, 1765 ; died unmarried and without issue. His will, 

dated 7 September, 1823, proved in Montgomery County, 26 May, 1827, names 
brother David, and Elias, " son of my brother Arthur," and gives the remainder 
of his estate to Horatio G^tes Yerkes, another son of his brother Arthur. 

88. Mary YERKES^ bom 15 November, 1766; died, unmarried, circa 1852. Her will, 

dated 12 April, 1848, proved 14 September, 1852, names sisters Sarah Michener 
and Rebecca Yerkes, nephew Horatio Gates Yerkes, and Lydia Lukens, " daugh- 
ter of my brother Elias," and Elizabeth Edwards, "daughter of my deceased 
sister" Elizabeth Marple. 

89. Rebecca YERXES^ bom 15 November, 1766; died 18 August, 1850. 

90. Akthue Yerkes\ born 11 February, 1769; died 23 October, 1840; married Eliza- 

beth Hart 

91. Sabah YERKES^ bom II June, 1772; died 17 May, 1856; married Thomas Mich- 

ener, Jr. 

92. David S. YEBKES^ died unmarried ; will, proved 21 May, 1849, names David S. Y. 

Lukens, " son of my niece Lydia." 

13. TITUS YERKES* (Herman*, Anthony*), eighth son and tenth 
and youngest child of Herman Yerkes by his wife Elizabeth Watts, was bom 
in the Manor of Mordand, Montgomery (formerly Philadelphia) County, 
Pennsylvania, circa 1731; died there in 1762, and letters of administration 
on his estate were granted, 13 October of that year, unto his widow, Margaret 
Yerkes. He was a farmer and miller, and owned a farm of seventy acres. 


since known as the " Factory Farm," located in what is now Terwood, in 
Moreland Township. Two streams met upon the farm, the united water- 
power of which was utilized by Titus Yerkes to turn his saw-mill. He 
married, about 1757, Margaret Paul, who was no doubt a descendant of 
Joseph Paul, the founder of the well-known Paul family of Philadelphia. 
After the death of Mr. Yerkes she married, as second husband (license issued 
4 January, 1764), John Nesmith, a miller of Moreland, and she died 16. 
January, 1823, in the ei^ty-eighth year of her age. On 17 September, 1764, 
a few months after her second marriage, as the administratrix of Mr. Yerkes's 
estate, she presented a petition to the Orphans' Court of Philadelphia County 
for leave to sell the plantation and saw-mill of her late husband. Mr. Yeikes 
was a member of the Union Library Company of Hatboro. 
Children of Titus' and Mat^aret (Paul) Yerkes; bom in Moreland: 

93. Jonathan Yirxes*, bora 6 December, 1759: died a? March, 1835; married Eliia- 

Jieth Jarrett. 

94. Titus Yebkes*, bom 15 November, 176a; died 15 June, 1S46; married iitrj 


l8, JACOB YERKES* (Anthony", Herman", An- 
thony'), son of Anthony Yerkes by his wife Jane, was bom 
in the Manor of Moreland, about 1744, and died there, 28 
March, i8ig. in the seventy-fifth year of his age. He was 
a farmer, and received under his father's will two large plan- 
tations in the Manor of Moreland, one of which consisted 
of one hundred acres, located on the east side of the public 
road leading from Philadelphia to Southampton, and the 
other of over eighty-three acres, on the west side of that 
road, and opposite the first-named tract He was earnestly 
loyal to the cause of American Independence, and during the 
Revolution was first lieutenant of the Second Company, First 
Battalion, Philadelphia County militia, Lieutenant-Colonel 
George Smith commanding. He was a prominent member 
of the Southampton Baptist Church, and at one time one of 
the trustees of that organization, and is buried in its grave- 
yard. He married ( i ) Elizabeth Gaunt, daughter of Thomas 
Gaunt by his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Peter Gardiner, Sen'', 
of Philadelphia, and sister of John Gardiner, a merchant of 
that city. She died before May, 1795, at which time he 
married (2) Sarah Fleming, the marriage ceremony being 


performed by the Reverend Thomas Memminger, pastor of the Southampton 
Baptist Church. She died before 17 November, 1840, on which day letters 
of administration upon her estate were granted by the Raster of Wills of 
Montgomery County. 

Child by first wife, Elizabeth Gaunt : 

95. William G. Yerkbs', married, and is said to have had two daughters, one of whom 
married John Stockdale, and the other Jacob Stockdale. 

Children by second wife, Sarah Fleming : 

g6. Cassandra T. Yerkes', died in 1871 ; married her cousin, Joseph Yerkes (No. loi). 
97. Janb Yerkes*, bom 6 January, 1798; died 11 November, 1867; married (i) John 
Wynkoop Hogeland; (2) John Martindale. 

19. ANTHONY YERKES* (Anthony*, Herman*, Anthony*), son of 
Anthony Yerkes by his wife Jane, was bom in the Manor of Mordand, 
Montgomery (formerly Philadelphia) County, Peimsylvania, circa 1745; 
died tiiere, circa October, 1804, letters of administration on his estate being 
granted on the 19th of that month. He loved the soil, as had his ancestors, 
and spent his tmeventful life engaged in farming in the locality in which he 
was bom. He served in the Pennsylvania militia in the Revolution. He 
married (license issued 7 March, 1772) Mary, daughter of Robert and Sarah 

Children of Anthony* and Mary (Haiper) Yerkes: 

98. Jake or Jkan Yirkss', bom 16 February, 1773. 

99. RouDtT Yerkxs', bom 15 October, 1774; died 19 April, 1849; married Mary 

xoa Jacob Yirkss', bom 19 January, 1776; died 28 February, 1846; married Mary 

loi. Joseph Yerkes', bora 11 October, 1777; married his cousin, Cassandra T. Yerkes 

(No. 96). 

102. Jonathan Yerkes', bom 3 September, 1782; died 23 September, 1846; married 

Maria Watkins. 

103. Sarah Yerkes'. 

104. Mary Harper Yerkes', married Giles McDowell. 

20. JOSEPH YERKES* (Anthony*, Herman*, Anthony*), son of An- 
thony Yerkes by his wife Jane, was bom in the Manor of Moreland, Mont- 
gomery (formerly Philadelphia) County, Pennsylvania, circa 1746, and died 
there, 24 December, 1807. He removed to Philadelphia prior to 1768, where 
he established a private school, which he conducted until 1800, when he retired 
to his estate in Moreland. The columns of the Pennsylvania Gazette of 22 
September, 1768, contain the following: 




" Philadelphia, September 22, 1768. 
" On Monday, the Third October, the Subscribers propose to open Evening Schools at 
their respective School Houses in this City, where will be taught, Writing, Arithmetic, Book- 
Keeping, &c. Likewise the most useful Branches of the Mathematics, at the usual Prices, 
by David Ellison, William Oliphant, Todd and Dickinson, Moles Patterson, John Willson, 
James Cannon, Alexander Power, Andrew Porter, Patrick Lanagan, and Joseph Yerkcs." 

Those named were no doubt the chief school-masters in Philadelphia of 
that day, and it is an item of some interest to know that Joseph Yerkes is the 
only one who was of Dutch or German descent, and that most of the others 
were either of Scotch-Irish birth or lineage. William Oliphant and Alexander 
Power were tutors at the College of Philadelphia, now the University of 
Pennsylvania. James Cannon was Professor of Mathematics at the same 
institution, and Andrew Porter became a distinguished officer in the Revolu- 
tion, and was the ancestor of many noted Pennsylvanians.* 

When Samuel Hazzard came to write his " Annals of Philadelphia and 
Pennsylvania in the Olden Time," he recalled a few of the old school-teachers 
of Philadelphia, among them Joseph Yerkes. In his article on " Education," 
Hazzard writes : 


Common education, to become general, should be low in price, and the places be 
occupied by patient, unambitious men, of peculiar minds — such as most like retirement and 
freedom from business excitements, and who, for that cause, are well satisfied to content 
themselves with small things. There are such men — ^and there were such men. The good 
Anthony Benezet taught his scholars at ten shillings a quarter; and we can remember the 
long and quiet lives of such school-masters as Lyttle, Todd, Trip, Clark, Rankin, Yerkes, 
Gartly, and others, at the same terms. They acquired a little home in a long life, were 
quite content, and only aimed at most to qualify their children for more aspiring situations. 
They never thought of vacations and indulgences, wherein the pupils lost half as much by 
absence as they had acquired. They conceived, and conceived truly, that their business was 
to make their scholars good writers, good arithmeticians, good readers, and intelligent gram- 
marians; and then they justly inferred that they were qualified, by their own separate exer- 
tions, to improve themselves at home, if they would, in all manner of intellectual attainments, 
such as history, philosophy, belles-lettres, etc." 

* Andrew Porter was appointed by Congress, 19 June, 1776, captain in the marine service, 
and was afterwards transferred to Lamb's Artillery, Continental Line. On 19 April, 1781, he was 
promoted major in the Pennsylvania Artillery Regiment, Continental Line, and on 34 December, 1782, 
lieutenant-colonel, to rank as such from i January, 1782, and he commanded that regiment from 
October, 1781, until the close of the war. Immediately after the war he was tendered the chair ol 
Mathematics in the University of Pennsylvania, but declined the same, saying that " as long as he had 
commanded men he would not return to flogging bosrs." He subsequently became a major-general in 
the Pennsylvania militia, and at his death was Surveyor-General of the State. He was the father of 
David Rittenhouse Porter, governor of Pennsylvania, 1832-1845 ; George Bryan Porter, governor of 
Michigan, 1832-1834 ; and of James Madison Porter, a distinguished jurist ; the grandfather of Hon- 
orable William A. Porter, a judge of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, and of General Horace 
Porter, the present Ambassador of the United States to France ; and the great-grandfather of Colonel 
John Biddle Porter, U.S.A., Colonel William Brooke Rawle, and other prominent Philadelphiana. 



Mr. Yerices was a member of the Society of Friends. At the time of his 
removal from Philadelphia he resided and had his school at the northwest 
comer of Third and Branch Streets, which property he owned. From his 
will,* dated 22 ii mo. (November), 1807, proved 21 January, 1808, we learn 
that he owned several tracts of land in Moreland. Two of these he purchased 
from his brother Jacob, two from his brother Anthony, and one from his 
uncle Silas. 

He married Hannah Ashton. She did not stu^ive her husband. 

Children of Joseph* and Hannah (Ashton) Yerkes; bom in Philadelphia: 

105. Hannah Yerkbs', married — ^ Tompkins, by whom she had: (106) Joseph 
Yerkbs Tompkins*. (107) Elizabeth Tompkins*, married Ltikens. 

108. Anthony Yerkes', bom circa 1776; died 28 February, 1836; married Susanna 

22. DAVID YERKES* (Anthony*, Herman*, Anthony^), son of An- 
thony Yerkes by his wife Jane, was bom in the Manor of Moreland, Mont- 
gomery (formerly Philadelphia) County, Pennsylvania, 12 August, 1752; 
died at Baltimore, Maryland, 24 January, 1818. He was an officer in the 
Revolutionary army, serving as first lieutenant of Captain Josiah Hart's com- 
pany,! in the Fourth Battalion of Philadelphia County militia. He held 
positions of public trust in Baltimore, and was a member of the Ancient and 
Honorable Mechanical G)mpany of Baltimore, the oldest organization in that 
city. He married,:): i November, 1787, Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas, nie Wilmer- 
ton, bom 15 March, 1750; died at Baltimore, 22 September, 1828; daughter 
of John and Mary Wilmerton; and at about the time of his marriage he 
removed to Baltimore, where he remained until his death. The following 
obituary appears in the American Daily Advertiser, of Philadelphia, under date 
of 31 January, 1818: 

" Dud— at Baltimore, on Saturday evening last, of an apoplectic fit, Mr. David Ybkkiss, 
in the 65th jrear of his age, for many years a respectable inhabitant of that City. Mr. Yerkiss 
was a native of Pennsylvania, and was bred in the Gilvinistic faith, but was among the first 
in this City to receive the heavenly doctrines of the New Jerusalem, promulgated in the 
theological writings of Emanuel Swedenborg, and has through life verified his faith by a 
deportment the most amiable and inoffensive. If to die without leaving a solitary enemy 
behind be evidence of worth, such may literally and truly, we believe, be said of Mr. Yerkiss, 
and his friends were as numerous as his acquaintances. He left an amiable wife and party 
to bemoan his loss and bathe with tears of anguish the fondly cherished memory of an 
affectionate husband, and indulgent parent" 

* Montgomery County Wills, iii. i. 

t Pennsylvania Archives, 3d sen, xiii. 591, 605. 

t Records of Abington Presbjrterian Church. 



Children of David* and Elizabeth (Wilmerton) Yerkes; bom in Baltimore: 

log. Eliza Wilmebton Yerkes', born 12 March, 1788. 

no. Jane Yerkes", bom 27 February, 1790; died 11 March, 1790. 

111. Anthony Yerkes*, bom 6 November, 1793; died 2 August, 1821; married Sarah 


25. JOHN YERKES* (John», Herman^ Anthony*), eldest son and 
second child of John Yerkes by his wife Alice McVaugh, was bom in the 
Manor of Moreland, Montgomery (formerly Philadelphia) County, Pennsyl- 
vania, 6 October, 1743; died in Whitemarsh Township, same county, in 1803 
or 1806. The date marked on the inventory filed in his estate is 4 February, 
1803, and the administration bond is dated 4 February, 1806. One of these 
is no doubt an error. He was a farmer, and resided in Whitemarsh Town- 
ship. He married (license dated 20 August, 1769) Ann Coffing, daughter of 
Abraham and Margaret Coffing.* She was a member of Abington Meeting at 
the time of her marriage, but married " out of meeting," — ^that is, not accord- 
ing to the custom of the Society of Friends, — and in consequence of such 
" out going" she was deprived of her membership in that society.f 

Children of John* and Ann (Coffing) Yerkes: 

112. Abraham Yerkes", born 29 May, 1770; died 23 or 28 October, 1827; married 

Mary Jones. 

113. EuzABETH Yerkes", bom 9 February, 1772; married Isaac Jones. 

114. Harman Yerkes", born 21 May, 1774; died 15 March, 1845; married Elizabeth 


115. WnxiAM Yerkes", bom 16 July, 1776; married Deborah Streper. 

116. John Yerkes", bom 20 October, 1778; died 16 May, 1848; married (i) Ami 

Spies; (2) Elizabeth Stump. 

117. Jonathan Yerkes", bom 30 August, 1780; married Elizabeth Stump. 

118. Sarah Yerkes", bom 13 December, 1783. 

28. HARMAN YERKES* (John*, Herman^ Anthony*), second son 
and fifth child of John Yerkes by his wife Alice McVaugh, was bom in the 
Manor of Moreland, Montgomery (formerly Philadelphia) County, Penn- 

* Abraham Copping, in his will, dated 33 October, 1766, and proved at Philadelphia, aS No- 
vember, same year, names wife Margaret, and children Jacob, Ann, Margaret, Grace, and Martha. 
He was a member of Abington Meeting of Friends, from the records of which society it appeara that 
his daughtera Ann, Grace, and Martha married into the Yerkes family. Ann's marriage is given in 
the text. The Meeting records, under date of 19 September, 1769, note that " Grace Yerkes, late 
Coffin, is gone out in her marriage and don't incline to make satisfaction," and under date of 30 
November, 1773, the same fact is noted as to *' Martha Yerkes, late Coffin." ** Going out" in marriage 
was manying " out of Meeting," but while the fact of the marriages of Grace and Martha Coffing is not 
in doubt, the Christian names of their Yerkes husbands are unknown. Abraham Coffing was a son of 
Jacob Coffing, Sen', who was in Pennsylvania as early as 1690, and died in Northampton Township, 
Bucks County, in 1739. The will of the latter, dated 96 August, and proved 9 October, 173a, names 
sons Jacob, William, and Abraham. In some records the name is spelled Coffin. 

t Records of Abington Meeting under date of 35 December, 1769.^ 




<^fjl»^k/m tki« life 
';/^«m 16*1821. :<; 



sylvania, 22 November, 1750; died there 16 June, 1821 ; married, 12 Novem- 
ber, 1776, Margaret Scott, bom 13 October, 1759; died 18 February, 1825; 
daughter of George and Esther Scott, of Moreland.* After his marriage, Mr. 
Yerkes went to reside with his father-in-law, and became the manager of his 
farm. Upon the death of the latter he continued to reside at the farm, engaging 
in farming until his death. He and his wife are buried in the graveyard of the 
Abington Presb)rterian Church, of which he became a member in 1783. 

Children of Harman^ and Margaret (Scott) Yerkes, bom in Moreland: 

119. Elizabeth Yerkes', bom 16 February, 178a; 
married Matthew Marshall, who died soon 
after marriage. Issue: (120) Harman 
Yerkes Marshall', born in January, 1818; 
died in May, 1891; married (i) Jane Wil- 
lard, by whom he had several children who 
died in infancy; (2) Christiana, daughter 
of Philip Lauer, Esq'; died 26 March, 
1891. No issue by second marriage. 

121. Snj^s Yerkes', bom 7 August, 1784; died 50 
January, 1863; married Elizabeth Mann. 

122. Susanna Yerkes', bom 19 October, 1786; 
married Josiah Stockton Mann. 

123. Esther Yerkes', bom 3 June, 1789; died, 
unmarried, 30 July, 1841. 

124. Margaret Yerkes', bom 20 January, 1792; 
married John Webster Wright 

125. George Sgott Yerkes', bom 4 August, 1794; 

died 5 April, 1842; married Ann ^ 

bom 6 November, 1786; died 13 April, 
1859. No issue. 

126. Mary Yerkes', bom 25 September, 1797 ; died 
in 1891, unmarried. 

127. John Yerkes', bom 16 April, 1802; died 20 
April, 1870; married Margaret Benner. 

29. SILAS YERKES* (John«, Herman*, Anthony^), third son and 
sixth child of John Yerkes by his wife Alice McVaugh, was bom in Moreland, 
Montgomery (formerly Philadelphia) County, Pennsylvania, 20 December, 
1752; died in Abington Township, same county, in 1779; married, circa 
1778, Hannah Craft, bom circa 1758; diedf 12 September, 1830, in the 

* Gborgb Scott was a native of Scotland, and on emigrating to Pennsylvania, he settled on a 
farm located partly in the Manor of Moreland and partly in Abington Township. He was a member 
of Abington Presbyterian Church, and a notedly worthy Christian gentleman. At his death about 
eighty acres of his farm came into the possession of his son-in-law, Harman Yerkes. Mrs. Scott was 
a daughter of Thomas Darragh, of Bedminster Township, Bucks County, and is named in his will, 
dated 16 March, 1750. She died 7 March, 1799, aged seventy-seven years. Mr. Scott died 11 March, 
1793, in the eighty-ninth year of his age, and his funeral sermon was preached by his personal friend 
and pastor, Reverend William Tennant. 

t Record of Abington Monthly Meeting. 



seventy-second year of her age; daughter of Bamet Craft by his wife Ann 
Leedom. Administration on Mr. Yerkes's estate was granted to his widow 
9 October, 1779, the sureties on the bond being Jacob Paul and John Craft. 
The latter was a brother of Mrs. Yerkes, and married, 3 May, 1781, Sarah, 
daughter of John and Sydney Paul, of Philadelphia. Mrs. Yerkes settled her 
administration account 20 December, 1780, and charged herself with an estate 
of £2223 19s. 6d. She married, as second husband, Levi Tyson, by whom she 
had issue.* The only issue by her first husband was her son Silas, who was 
bom some weeks after his father's death. 

Child of Silas* and Hannah (Craft) Yerkes: 

128. Silas Yerkes*, born 11 December, 1779; died 31 January, 1868; married Mary 


30. SARAH YERKES* (John*, Herman^ Anthony^), fourth daughter 
and seventh child of John Yerkes by his wife Alice McVaugh, was bom in the 
Manor of Moreland, Montgomery (formerly Philadelphia) County, Penn- 
sylvania, 26 May, 1755; married John Watson. The record of this family 
is incomplete. 

Children of Sarah* Yerkes by her husband John Watson : 

129. Benjamin Watson*, said to have died unmarried and without issue. 

130. Alice Watson*, married her second cousin, Stephen Yerkes (No. 49). 

31. BENJAMIN YERKES* (John», Herman^ Anthony*), fourth and 
youngest son and eighth child of John Yerkes by his wife Alice McVaugh, 
was bom in the Manor of Moreland, Montgomery (formerly Philadelphia) 
County, Pennsylvania, 28 April, 1758; died there, 11 August, 1841; married 
Margaret Jones, bom 23 August, 1768; died 18 September, 1850; daughter 
of Joshua and Hannah Jones. Mr. Yerkes was a farmer, and he and his wife 
and several of their children are buried in the grounds of the Pennepek Bap- 
tist church. 

Children of Benjamin* and Margaret (Jones) Yerkes: 

131. Hannah Yerkxs', bom 21 March, 1788; died 21 December, 1823; married Isaac 

Dirling, by whom she had a daughter, who married Richard Simons and had 

* Issue of Levi Tyson by his wife Hannah (Craft) Yerkes : 
Barnbt Tyson, bom 30 June, and died 8 August, 1785. 
Gborgb Tyson, bom 13 August, 1786. 
Danibl Tyson, bom x8 March, 17SS ; died 27 October, 1817. 
Ann Tyson, bora so September, 1789. 

Robinson Tyson, bom 18 February, 1791 ; died 3 November, 1797* 
Hannah Tyson, bom xo April, 1796. 
Charlbs Tyson, bom 27 October, 1798. 
Lydia Tyson, bora 19 August, x8oi ; died 17 August, 1800. 

5 33 



132. Thomas Yerk£s', born 18 October, 1790; died 19 January, 1856; married Martha 


133. Bknjamin Yerkes', bom 17 February, 1792; died 24 May, 1851; married Sarah 


134. Masgaret Yerkes', bom 22 March, 1794; died, unmarried, 3 May, 1875. 

135* Joshua Yerkes', bora 16 September, 1796; died 31 May, 1847, unmarried and 
without issue. 

136. Moses Yerkes", bora 24 May, 1799; died 9 August, 1823, unmarried and without 


137. Elizabeth Yerkes', bora 7 October, 1801; died 10 May, 1845, unmarried and 

without issue. 

138. Amos Yerkes', bora 6 August, 1804; died 26 September, 1887; married Ann 


139. Isaac Yerkes', bora 17 September, 1806; died 2 April, 1854; married Githarine 

14a Jones Yerkes', bora 3 March, 1810; died 29 May, 1887; married Sarah Mor- 

141. Sarah Yerkes', bora 3 October, 1813; died 28 July, 1853; married Samuel P. 


38. JOSIAH YERKES* (Josiah«, Herman^ Anthony^, was a son 
of Josiah and Mary Yerkes, and was, doubtless, bom in the Manor of More- 
land, but the date of his birth or death has not been ascertained. He was a 
Revolutionary soldier, and he married, 23 December, 1783, Mrs. Rachel 
Edwards, whose maiden name was Brooks. Of this marriage only one child 
is known, and the fact that he had such child is obtained from ** The Hogeland 
Family in America," page 226, where it is noted that " Elizabeth Yerkes, 
daughter of Josiah and Rachel (Brooks) Yerkes," married Jeshua Hogeland. 
Mr. Yerkes is said to have died when the daughter Elizabeth was '* only a few 
years old." It is possible that he went to reside with his daughter, and died 
at her home. 

Child of Josiah* and Rachel (Brooks) Yerkes: 

142. Elizabeth Yerkes', married Joshua Hogeland. 

41. MARGERY YERKES* (Josiah*, Herman^, Anthony*), daughter 
of Josiah and Mary Yerkes, is said to have died in 1835. She married (date 
unknown) Peter Saurman, who is said to have died in the West in 1830. 
He was a son of Peter Saurman, who emigrated from Germany with his 
family, circa 1743. Dr. Joseph C. Martindale, in his " History of Byberry 
and Moreland," pages 326-328, gives the following account of Peter Saurman, 
the son: 

" Peier Saurman was born in Germany, and at the time of immigration to America 
was about three years old. He learned the trade of shoemaking from his father, but, having 
a taste for military life, he entered the British army during the latter part of the French 




and Indian War, and served therein about one year. He then returned to Philaddphia, 
where he followed hid occupation ontil the Revolutionary War, when he entered the amqr 
under Washington. He remained with it until it was dist>anded in 1783, and although he 
was in all the battles fought by it, yet he was never wounded or taken prisoner, and never 
sick during the whole time. On the evening preceding the battle of the Billet he obtained 
leave of absence to visit the young lady afterwards his wife, who was then residing at 
Thomas Wood's house, near Hatboro. He remained here all night, and early the following 
morning he saw an English soldier, armed with a musket, coming up the lane. He immedi- 
ately secreted himself behind a large cherry-tree, and waited until the soldier walked pasl^ 
when he stepped out and ordered him to surrender, at the same time presenting a pistoL 
The summons was obeyed, and the English soldier became a prisoner. Upon examining the 
captive's gun, it was found to be filled with mud and water. Upon the principle that ' to the 
victors belong the spoils,' Peter cleaned the gun and loaded it with three buckshot and a 
bullet, after which he started towards Hart's (William Hallowell's) Mill, where he saw ^:ft 
English soldiers along the roadside dividing their booty. He attempted to shoot them» hot 
the gun missed fire, and he was forced to run for his life. As he leaped over a fence the 
British fired at him, one ball passing through his coat pocket and two others striking the 
fence near him, but he escaped unhurt. After serving his country faithfully during the war, 
he returned to his trade, and located on the Pennypack, near what is now John Shdmire^a 
Mill, in Moreland, Montgomery County. In 1788 he moved to Hatboro, and in 1795 to Bndcs 
County, where he commenced farming. In 1804 he purchased a farm of ninety-four ac3^ 
near the Sorrel Horse, for $46.52 per acre, where he remained until 1813, when he sold out 
and went to the West He died there in 1830, aged about ninety years. He married Mar- 
gery, daughter of Josiah Yerkes, of Moreland. She died in 1835." 

Children of Peter and Margery* (Yerkes) Saurman: ♦ 

143. Ann Saurman*, died in 1845; married James Vansant, of Somerton, Philadel- 

phia, and had issue. 

144. Josiah Saurman*, married and had issue. He removed to West Virginia and 

later to Sandusky County, Ohio. 

145. Mary Saurman*, died unmarried. 

146. Rebecca Saurman*, died unmarried in 1859, ^^S^ seventy-five years. 

147. Jacob Saurman*, bom 14 April, 1789; died at Philadelphia, 27 July, 1865; mar- 

ried, 12 September, 1819, Sarah M., daughter of Daniel Hallowdl, and had 

148. Yerkes Saurman*, bom 20 January, 1791 ; was a copper-plate printer in Phila- 

delphia; married Mrs. Martha Brown, and had issue. 

149. Jonathan Saurman*, died at Philadelphia in 1850; married Sarah McShaoc^ 

and had issue. 

43. NATHANIEL YERKES* (Josiah*, Herman*, Anthony*), son of 
Josiah and Mary Yerkes, was bom in the Manor of Moreland, Mcmtgomery 
(formerly Philadelj^ia) G>unty, Pennsylvania, 9 August, 1763; died at 
Romulus, New Yoiic, 5 June, 183 1. He received under the will of his &ther 
an estate of one hundred acres in Moreland, and was made executor of fhe 
will. By deedf of 19 August, 1799, he and his wife Sarah convcjred to 
George Shelmire certain water rights on the Pemiypadc Credc, attached to the 

* For a farther aceount of Uiia funliy , aee '* HMory of Byberrj and Uan^tobd/* pl^'SSfx 
t Montgomery Goonty De eds, iriii. i^. 



above tract, and, on i April, 1818, they conveyed unto Joel K. Mann the said 
tract, then described as consisting of one hundred and five acres. Mr. Yerkes 
is styled in this conveyance as '' of Mpreland," and it is believed that at about 
the time of the conveyance he removed with his family to Seneca County, 
New York, and settled there, in the town of Romulus. He married, in Penn- 
sylvania, Sarah Johnson, bom 20 September, 1765; died at Romulus, New 
York, 20 April, 1835; daughter of Philip* and Sarah Johnson. Of the 
children of Nathaniel Yerkes, the only one the writer has been able to trace is 
his son Josiah. One of the latter's descendants writes that other members of the 
family " removed West." 

Children of Nathaniel^ and Sarah (Johnson) Yerkes; all probably bom in 
Moreland : 

150. EuzABBTH Yerkes', born 30 August, 1787. 

151. Philip Yerkes', born 20 November, 1789. He was in senrice in the Pennsylvania 

militia in the war of 1812. 
15a. Nancy Yerkes', bom 13 March, 1793. 

153. liiARY Yerkes', bom 27 July, 1796. 

154. William Yerkes', bora 24 January, 1798; died in 1859. 

155. JosiAH Yerkes', bora 3 August, 1800; died 7 October, 1866; married (i) Mrs. 

Margaret Blain, nie Knight; (2) Rodah Baraum Church. 

156. Sarah Yerkes', bom 5 October, 1802; died at Minneapolis, Minnesota, 13 April, 

1887; married, at Romulus, John C Frost, and had issue, but the writer has 
not been able to find any of such issue. The family removed West, and are 
supposed to have resided at Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

45. ELIZABETH YERKES* (Harman«, Herman^, Anthony^), eldest 
daughter and second child of Harman Yerkes by his wife Mary Stroud, was 
bom (probably in the Manor of Moreland) s'September, 1753; married, 14 
April, 1770, John Hufty, who is thought to have been her cousin, and son of 
Jacob Hufty by his wife Sarah Yerkes. (See No. 35.) The marriage is 
recorded on the books of the First Baptist Church, Philadelphia, and on the 
printed list of marriages of that church the name is erroneously given as 
" Huffdale." John Hufty lived upon lands of his wife's father, and afterwards 
occupied and farmed the plantation of her brother-in-law. Major Reading 
Howell, on the Street Road in Warminster Township, Bucks County, later 
removing with his family to Greene County, Pennsylvania, where he is said 
to have died. They are said to have had two daughters, — Phebe, given below, 
and one whose Christian name is tmknown. 

* Philip Johnson was a farmer of Bensalem Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and a 
descendant of an ancient family of that county. His will, dated 7 January, 1796, and proved 8 Feb- 
ruary, 1797, names wife Sarah, children Richard, Sarah, George, William, Henry, Mary Sevems, Sarah 
Yerkes, and Elizabeth Hill, and grandchildren Elizabeth and Jesse Johnson. 


Children of John and Elizabeth* (Yerkes) Hufty: 

157. Phebe Hufty*, married Daniel Dance, and had issue. The family are said to hare 

removed to the West. Their son, Jacob Dance', married Harriet Love, and 
had daughter, Ann^, who married Rezin Beall Johnson, and had son, Hubert 
Rex Johnson", who was of Narberth, Pennsylvania, in 1898. 

158. Hufty*, married Webster. 

46. CATHARINE YERKES* (Harman», Herman^, Anthony^), 
daughter of Harman Yerkes by his wife Mary Stroud, was bom (probably in 
the Manor of Moreland) 19 June, 1755; died prior to 30 June, 1821; 
married, 28 March, 1782, Major Reading Howell, bom in Amwell Township, 
Hunterdon County, New Jersey, in 1743; died in Warminster, Bucks Owmty, 
Pennsylvania, 26 November, 1827; son of Daniel Howell by his wife Julianna 
Holcombe.* Major Howell was an eminent civil engineer, the profession of 
civil engineering having been the occupation of his grand-uncle, Governor 
John Reading. In the early part of the Revolution he served as quarter- 
master of the Second Regiment, Hunterdon County militia.f During the war 
he removed to Pennsylvania, and, 5 April, 1780, was commissioned deputy 
quartermaster-general of the Continental army, and stationed for duty in 
Chester County, Pennsylvania.:!: In 1789, the Assembly of that State adopted 
measures for improving the navigation of rivers and for the construction and 
improvement of public roads, and the Supreme Executive Council appointed 
commissioners to carry out these objects. On 2 October, 1789, Major Howell 
was appointed a commissioner to explore, survey, and make necessary drafts 
of the rivers Delaware and Lehigh, his co-commissioners being Colonel Tim- 
othy Matlack and Colonel William Dean.§ The work was immediately begun 
and promptly executed, as shown by a message sent by Governor Mifflin to the 
Assembly, 9 February, 1790, reporting that "the commissioners to view the 
river Delaware have completed the task assigned to them."|| The brief time 
in which the work was accomplished was no doubt largely due to the knowledge 
Major Howell possessed of the subject-matter of the investigation from 
having been engaged in making extensive surveys in the State and in pre- 
paring a map of the same. In the following year Major Howell received a 
similar appointment, when, under a resolution of the Assembly of 31 March, 
1790, he, with Colonel Frederick Antes and Colonel William Dean, were 
named by the Council as commissioners to explore the country near the head- 
waters of the Delaware River and east branch of the Susquehanna, and of 

* For a fuller accoant of Major Howell's ancestry, as well as of his descendants, see " Memo- 
rials of the Reading, Howell, Yerkes, Watts, Latham, and Elkins Families" (Philadelphia, 1898). 
t Jerseymen in the Revolutionary War, 543. 
t Pennsylvania Colonial Records, xii. 906. 
il Ibid., xvi. 178, 378* I Ibid., 274. 



the Lehigh and Schuylkill Rivers.'*' This was b^^ 23 May, and finished 
31 August, same year. 

Major Howell's most important achievement, and that for which he is 
best known, is his Map of Pennsylvania. The earliest knowledge of the 
preparation of this map is gained from the message of the President and 
Supreme Executive Council to the General Assembly, imder date of 9 February, 
1790. The Assembly received the project with favor, and subsequently appro- 
priated three hundred potmds to enable Major Howell to proceed with his 
undertaking. The map was completed, and published in 1792. 

Major Howell was appointed Surveyor of Philadelphia in 1804, and held 
the office until his decease, when he was succeeded by Enoch Lewis, Esqi*. 
He was the engineer of Thomas Leiper in the construction of a railway in 
Delaware Coimty to connect Leiper's quarries with the waters of Ridley 
Creek. The railway was built in 1809, the second, if not the first, in the 
United States.f 

Children of Major Reading and Catharine* (Yerkes) Howell: 

159. Clabissa Juliana Howell", died at Philadelphia, 1874, unmarried. 

160. Hassiet Ann Howell", bom at Philadelphia, 8 February, 1842 ; married, a8 May, 

181 1, Joseph Montgomery. 

161. Henrietta Maria Howell", died at Philadelphia, 26 May, 1858; married, 27 

August, 1807, John James Wheeler. 

162. Courtland Daniel Howell", married, 27 July, 1815, Eliza McEuen. 

163. John Fisher Howell", died, unmarried, 11 September, 1821. He was a ser- 

geant in Captain G>ndy Raguet's company in the war of 1812, and was in the 
United States navy at the time of his death, and was buried in St Paul's 
churchyard, at Norfolk, Virginia. 

164. Edward Yerxss Howell", died at Philadelphia, 13 March, 1850, unmarried. He 

was graduated at Princeton in 1813, studied medicine, and in 1822 was gradu- 
ated M.D. at the University of Pennsylvania. 

165.. Rebecca Howell", died at Philadelphia, September, 1881, unmarried. 

166. Catharine Augusta Howell", bom in 1800; died at Philadelphia, 21 November, 
1900, in the one hundred and first year of her age. She married General 
Thomas Floumey, of Augusta, Georgia. 

49. STEPHEN YERKES* (Harman», He^nan^ Anthony^), third son 
and sixth child of Harman Yerkes by his wife Mary Stroud, was bom (prob- 
ably in Warminster Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania) 20 October, 
1762; died there in 1823, his will being proved on 4 July of that year. He 
was a farmer, and, on 27 May, 1793, he purchased from his father a farm of 
over seventy acres, and on 9 May, 1800, he purchased of the heirs of Joseph 
Hough a farm of over one htmdred and sixteen acres. The mansion house 

* Pennsylvania Colonial Records, 319. 
t Martin's History of Chester, 243. 


which he erected on one of these tracts stood for nearly one hundred years, 
when it was torn down, its site being within a few yards of the Northeast 
Pennsylvania Railroad. It is said to have been the first smooth-dressed stone 
house in the county, and was built of large square blocks of sandstone, closely 
fitted together. He parted with some of his landed possessions during his 
lifetime, but at his death he owned the plantation mentioned in his will, which 
was on the west side of the York Road, and extended down to the coimty line. 
He was a member of the military organization of the State, and as early as 
1803 became major of one of the Bucks County regiments of militia. He 
was also a subscriber to the Democratic Press, and among his papers is the 
following receipt: 

>7 0^^ ofikt Dewu^eratte Pros* 

^xjj^/^ ^ ^i^Z^a/. To Jbfcn Biiiiw, JDr. 

Ta sobscriptioa fi^the Weekly Democratic Pressi 

from ihe 2/ f^^y^<z^^ 1^^ ^%/0^ 

to the ^y^^/^^^^^^^i^^^ ^^f^jJ^ 

Received paymeni w^'^^^^^JfL ^^^— 18lJ^' 

For JoJuir BHiM^ 


Cmmtry Fkom jf <■• da, do* do, 

MM^Viwtdw, d«w do. dflu 

He married his cousin, Alice Watson, bom 17 November, 1787; died 
on her seventy-second birthday, 17 November, 1859; daughter of John Watson 
by his wife Sarah, daughter of John Yerkes. (See No. 130.) This was prob- 
ably his second marriage, as Alice Watson was not the mother of his eldest 
son, Edward. 

Child of Stephen Yerkes*, mother tmknown : 

167. Edward Yeekxs", who died without issue in 1825. When the Centre Regiment of 
Bucks County Volunteers was organized during the war of 1813, William 


I ; 

• t 




Long was made colonel, and Samuel D. Ingham (who afterwards became 
Secretary of the Treasury under President Jackson) and Edward Yerkes 
were chosen majors. He married Maria Shdmire, who, after the death of 
Major Yerkes, married Moore Stephens. 

Children of Stephen* and Alice (Watson) Yerkes: 

i68. John Watson Yerkes", bom 22 December, 181 1 ; died 24 January, 1884; married 

his cousin, Caroline Yerkes. 
169. Maky Yerkes", bom 27 September, 1813; died 13 July, 1896; married Honorable 

John McNair. 
17a Stephen Yerkes", bom 27 June, 1817; died 28 March, 1896; married (i) Mrs. 

Amanda L. Tyson; (2) Mrs. Amelia R. Anderson. 

SI. HARM AN YERKES* (Harman*, Herman^, Anthony^), fourth son 
and eighth child of Harman Yerkes by his wife Mary Stroud, was bom in 
Warminster Township, Bucks County, 25 July, 1767; died there, 12 February, 
1837. He was a farmer, as had been his father, grandfather, and great- 
grandfather, and as were all of his brothers, and, like all these, he was also 
a land-owner. On 24 May, 1793, he purchased from his father the homestead 
tract of one hundred acres and ninety perches, lying partly on the Street Road, 
although the principal portion lay back of the tract of his brother, Stephen 
Yerkes, and was heavily wooded. In 1799 he built upon this tract the large 
stone bam still standing, and in 181 2 he erected the large stone mansion house, 
which still stands as perfect as the day it was built. 

In 1800 he purchased from his brother Stephen the balance of the one 
hundred and eighty-one acres that had belonged to the father. He later 
bought the " Job Noble tract," lying upon both sides of the York Road and 
along the County Line Road, and called the '^ Moland property," and also the 
farm lately owned by his grandson, Harman Yerkes Montanye. Mr. Yerkes 
was successful in the development of his real estate, and so prospered in all his 
worldly affairs that he came to be rated as a man of considerable wealth. 
He is said to have been the first farmer in his neighborhood to sell hay in the 
Philadelphia market. He died a large landed proprietor, and left to each of 
his children (except Edwin, who received the store at Centreville) a farm 
or its equivalent. 

He married, in 1790, Margaret Long, bom 8 January, 1771 ; died 4 
March, 1849; daughter of Captain Andrew Long* by his wife Mary Carr. 

* Captain Long was a son of Andrew and Mary Long, and was born about 1750, and died in 
Warrington Townsliip, Bucks County, 4 November, i8ia. On 6 April, 1776 he was commissioned a 
captain of a company in the Pennsylvania Rifle regiment, commanded by Colonel Samuel Miles, which 
position he resigned on account of ill health, 14 October, same year. In 1779 he was appointed a jus- 
tice of the peace and of the Courts of Common Pleas of Bucks, which office he held many years. 



Children of Harman* and Margaret (Long) Yerkes; bom in Warminster 

Township, Bucks County: 

171. Mary Yerkes", born in 1791 ; died, unmarried, 9 January, 1816. 

172. WnxiAM Yerkes', bom 8 July, 1792; died 28 July, 1826; married Penelope 


173. Andrew Long Yerkes*, bom 25 August, 1794; died 14 July, 1862. He was a 

soldier in the war of 1812. He married Eliza Everhart 

174. Edward Yerkes*, bom 11 February, 1797; died 5 September, 1799. 

175. Elizabeth Yerkes*, born 26 May, 1800; died 24 May, 1875; married John C. 


176. Clarissa Yerkes*, bom 12 October, 1802; died 12 December, 1873; married 

Samuel £. Montanye. 

177. Edwin H. Yerkes*, born 28 November, 1804; died 22 June, 1864; married Cath- 

arine R. Williamson. 

178. Harm AN Yerkes*, born 9 March, 1807; ^^^^ in 1889; married Rebecca Valentine. 

179. Stephen Yerkes*, bom 19 May, 1809; died 25 July, 1865; married Amy Hart 


180. Margaret Yerkes*, born 8 October, 181 5; died 29 December, 181 5. 

52. WILLIAM YERKES* (Harrnan', Herman^, Anthony*), youngest 
son and child of Harman Yerkes by his wife Mary Stroud, was bom in War- 
minster Township, Bucks County, 23 June, 1769; died in 1823; married, 
22 January, 1795, L^titia Esther Long, a sister of Margaret, the wife of 
his brother Harman, and daughter of Captain Andrew Long. 

Children of William* and Letitia Esther (Long) Yerkes: 

181. Harman Yerkes*, born circa 1795; died in i860. 

182. Joseph Ball Yerkes*, born 29 April, 1797; died 11 July, 1876; married (i) 

Maria Rapp; (2) Hannah John. 

183. Mary Yerkes*, bom in 1802; died 22 May, 1882; married Theodore Thornton. 

184. Andrew Long Yerkes*, bora 2 September, 1804; died 11 February, 1889; mar- 

ried Susan Austin Jarrett. 

185. EuzABETH Yerkes*, died young. 

53. ELI AS YERKES* (Silas», Herman^ Anthony*), eldest child of 
Silas Yerkes by his wife Hannah Dungan, was born in Warminster Township, 
Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 7 December, 1 75 1 ; died in Moreland Town- 
ship, Montgomery County, 15 January, 1828. He was a farmer, and resided 
in Moreland. The name of his wife has not been ascertained. She is not 
named in her husband's will, and doubtless died before the making thereof. 

Children of Elias* Yerkes : 

186. Hannah Ymxis', died 12 February, 1844; married John Morrison. 

187. Deborah Yerkes*, married Jacob Van Buskirk. Issue: (188) Elias Van Bus- 

kirk, who married and had issue. (189) Joseph Van Buskirk. (190) 
Silas Yerkbs Van Buskirk. (191) Masgasxt Van Buskirk. (192) Jkssk 
Van Buskirk, who had issue. 
193. Ann Yirxks*, married Philip Lauer, and died without issue. 

« 41 


54. DEBORAH YERKES* (Silas*, He^nan^ Anthony*), second child 
and eldest daughter of Silas Yerkes by his wife Hannah Dungan, was bora in 
Warminster Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 3 September, 1753; died 
II February, 1826; married, 12 December, 1772, Samuel Ayres, bora 28 
March, 1749; died 26 October, 1804; son of William Ayres by his wife Mary 
Kean. They resided at what is now Bethayres, Montgomery County, Penn- 
sylvania, and both were members of Abington Presbjrterian Church, in the 
graveyard of which they were buried. 

Children of Samuel and Deborah* (Yerkes) Ayres: 

194. Silas Aykis", bom 15 June, 1774; died 13 November, 1795. 

195. William Ayus", bom 13 December, 1776; died 14 December, 1854; married, 

22 January, 1801, Mary Shelmire, bom 24 February, 1776; died 30 August, 
1846; daughter of George Shelmire. Issue: (196) Chaslbs Aykis*, bora 
24 December, 1801; died in 1887. (197) Deborah Ayres*, bora 21 March, 
1803; died 10 July, 1854; married David Shepp. (198) Samuel Ayres\ 
bora 20 September, 1805; died 24 June, 1866; married, 15 June, 1829^ Emily 
W. Sheets. (199) Rachel Ayres*, bora 8 November, 1816; married William 
H. Hart 
200. Esther Ayres", bora 15 September, 1781; died 15 March, 1855; married John 
Carr, bora 31 August, 1775; died 15 March, 1845. Issue: (201) William 
Carr*, bora 10 August^ 1801; died 17 January, 1859. (202) Courtland 
Carr*, bora 25 November, 1802; died 10 August, 1806. (203) Samuel 
Carr*, bora 26 August, 1804; died 20 August, 1806. (204) Euza Carr*» 
bora 4 September, 1806; died 21 May, 1877; married John Shelmire, born 
21 September, 1806; died 25 December, 1846. (205) Courtlandt Carr*, 
bora 14 Febraary, 1808; died 24 October, 1876; married Anna Elizabeth 
Long. (206) Samuel A. Carr*, bora 8 July, 1809; died 14 April, 1868; 
married Frances Bowen. (207) Mary A. Carr*, bora 17 March, 1812; died 
29 April, 1888; married Garrett Wynkoop. (208) Hiram A. Carr*, born 

8 January, 1814; died i February, 1888; married Rebecca Sager. (209) 
Jane Murdock Carr*, bora 12 January, 1819 ; died 12 March, 1893 ; married 
Isaac Mann Yerkes (No. 395). (210) John Carr*, bora 15 September, 1820; 
died 13 November, 1865; married Susan Featherman. (211) Joseph Carr*» 
bora 5 September, 1820; died 11 October, 1822. (212) Charles Carr*, bora 

9 September, 1822; died 7 April, 1877; married Caroline W. Blake. 

213. Elizabeth Ayres", bora 25 Febraary, 1791 ; died at Beaver Farm, Chester County, 

Pennsylvania, 25 August, 1863; married James Comly, Esq'. 

214. Hiram Ayres", bora 13 August, 1795; died 17 October, 1870; married (i) Mary 

Ralston; (2) Elizabeth Neville. 

S8. ELIZABETH YERKES* (Silas*, Herman*, Anthony*), daughter 
of SUas Yerkes by his wife Hannah Dungan, was bom in Warwick Township, 
Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 26 March, 1758; died in Mordand Township, 
Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, 2 September, 1826; married, circa 1773, 
her cousin, Daniel Howell (No. 67), bom at Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, 
circa 1753; died in Moreland Township, Febmary, 1830; son of John Howell, 
Esq*", by his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Herman Yerkes. 




Children of Daniel and Elizabeth* (Yerkes) Howell; bom in Moreland Town- 

215. Hannah Howell*, born 30 July, 1774. 

216. Sarah Howell*, bom 15 July, 1776. 

217. EuzABETH Howell*, bom 19 February, 1779. 

218. Esther Howell*, bom 15 December, 1780; died 2 July, i860; married Jacob 


219. John Howell*, born 15 November, 1782; died 15 August, 1849; married Mary 


220. Deborah Howell*, bom 2 November, 1784; died in 1848; married Uriah Wilson. 

221. Mary Howell*, bom 16 August, 1787; died 20 August, 1871; married Aaron 


222. Rebecca Howell*, bom 22 March, 1790; died 16 December, 1859; married William 


223. Martha Howell*, bom 26 August, 1792. 

224. Susanna Howell*, bom 5 December, 1794; died 12 August, 1867; married George 

Elkins. They were the parents of the late Colonel William L. EUdns, the 
noted capitalist of Philadelphia. 

225. Silas Howell*, born 20 March, 1797; died 2 August, 1880; married Mary J. 


63. DANIEL YERKES* (Silas', Herman^ Anthony*), fifth son and 
ninth child of Silas Yerkes by his wife Hannah Dungan, was born in the 
Manor of Moreland, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, 23 July, 1767; died 
there, 30 September, 1824; married (i), 13 December, 1787, Martha Collom, 
who died 3 February, 1 789, aged twenty-three years and three months ; daugh- 
ter of John Collom. He married (2), 5 October, 1792, Esther Lykens, bom 
12 April, 1772; died i October, 1869; daughter of Jonathan Lykens. Mr. 
Yerkes was a farmer, and resided at Yerkesville, now Terwood, in Moreland, 
where his children were bom. 

Children of Daniel* and Esther (Lykens) Yerkes: 

226. Silas Yerkes", bom 20 September, 1793; died 20 April, 1876; married Margaret 


227. Jonathan Yerkes", bom 3 February, 1795; died 17 May, 1866; married Juliana 

226. Charles Yerkes", bom 5 January, 1797; married Rachel Jones. 

229. Martha Yerkes", bom 4 May, 1800; married Amos Knowles. 

230. Jane Yerkes", bom in 1802 or 1803; died 9 December, 1884; married Simeon 


231. Sarah Yerkes", bom in 1805 ; married John Wynkoop. 

232. Hiram Yerkes", bom 11 February, 1810; died 19 November, 1893; married Anna 


233. Harrison Yerkes', bom 13 October, 1813; died 7 April, 1890; married Mary 

Elizabeth Lesher. 

64. BENJAMIN YERKES* (Silas*, Herman*, Anthony*), sixth son 
and tenth child of Silas Yerkes by his wife Hannah Dungan, was bom in the 



Manor of Moreland, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, 22 February, 1768; 
died at Rochester, New York, 25 June, 1847, ^^^ is buried there in the " Old 
Rapids Cemetery/' He was a cooper. In 1820 he removed, with his wife 
and some of his yoimgest children, to Rochester, and was one of the pioneers 
in establishing a cooperage business in that city, in the conduct of which 
he was most successful. He married, at New Hope, Bucks County, Pennsyl- 
vania, 10 May, 1 79 1, Rachel Buzart (or Bozart), of Kingwood, Hunterdon 
Coimty, New Jersey, bom 10 May, 1772; died at Rochester, 20 June, 1853. 

Children of Benjamin^ and Rachel (Buzart) Yerkes: 

934. Saicuil YntKES*. 
a35. William Yiekbs'. 
256. Benjamin F^nklin Ybrxss*. 

a37* Jacob Buzakt Ymxis', bom 10 March, 1798; died 18 November, 1864; married 
Maria Tsrson. 

238. Silas Aysss Ymxis', bom i November, 1799; died i August, 1878; married 

Susamiah Sarah Hill. 

239. Almira Yerkes", bom in 1801; died in January, 1863; married Peter Spring- 


240. Hannah Yerkes", married Eben Hoopes. 

241. Mary Jane Yerkes". 

242. Thomas Yerkes". 

243. Elizabeth Yerkes", married Israel Remolds, of Rochester, New York. No issue. 

79. JOSEPH YERKES* (Stephen*, Herman*, Anthony*), fourth son 
and sixth child of Stephen Yerkes by his wife Rebecca Whiteside, was bom 
in the Manor of Mordand, Montgomery (formerly Philadelphia) County, 
Pennsylvania, 5 July, 1769; died at Plymouth, Michigan, 10 January, 1850. 
He was bred a farmer, and followed such occupation throughout his life. 
About 1797 he removed with his family to Romulus, Seneca County, New 
York, and there continued imtil 1826, when he removed to Plymouth town- 
ship, Wayne County, Michigan, where he settled upon section two of township 
one south, range eight east, taking up the land from the government. " With 
axe and firebrand he soon made a clearing in the wilderness of forest, and 
planted his family hearthstone within the four walls of a settler's cabin. 
Though well advanced in years, and the father of a numerous family, he 
wrought with a strong arm, which soon transformed a dense forest into a 
beautiful and productive farm. . . . His life history, which possessed nothing 
that could be called thrilling or miraculous, has, nevertheless, an interest to all 
admirers of Michigan's pioneers, as well as those contemporary with his life 
and labors." ♦ 

* Extract from a paper by Eliai S. Woodman, Esq., published in the Collections of the Michigan 
Pioneer and Historical Society, xiii. 385-588. 



He married,* in Pennsylvania, 21 November, 1793, Mary Piirdy, who 
died at Ovid, New York, in June, 1821. She was a daughter of Robert Purdy, 
Esqr, by his wife Mary Roney. 

Children of Joseph* and Mary (Purdy) Yerkes; the eldest bom in Mordand, 

Pennsylvania, and the others, at Romulus, New York : 

244. William Yerkes*, born 11 September, 1794; died 5 January, 1884; married Hes- 

ter Dennis. 

245. John Yerkes*, bom 29 August, 1799; died 14 February, 1877; married Sarah 


246. Mary Yerkes", bom 30 March, 1802 ; died, unmarried, 20 September, 1879. 

247. Sarah Yerkes*, bom 26 July, 1805; died in December, 1878; married Ephraim 

H. Utley. 

248. EuzABETH Yerkes", bom 20 July, 1809; married James Wilkinson.t 

249. Hannah Yerkes', bom 15 December, 1812; died 2 April, 1859; married Clark 

Augustus Griswold. 

250. Joseph Yerkes*, bom 3 June, 1815; died 6 September, 1890; married (i) Almira 

Whitaker; (2) Miriam Morehouse. 

80. RACHEL YERKES* (Stephen^, Herman^, Anthony^), seventh 
child and third and youngest daughter of Stephen Yerkes by his wife Rebecca 
Whiteside, was bom in the Manor of Moreland, 4 November, 1772; died at 
Romulus, New York, date unknown. She married James Rogers, bom (pos- 
sibly in Ireland) in 1769; died at Novi, Michigan, 2 August, 1833. He was 
a farmer, and removed from Pennsylvania to the State of New York, and 
later to Michigan. 

Children of James and Rachel* (Yerkes) Rogers: 

251. Samuel Rogers', died at the age of six months. 

252. Stephen Yerkes Rogers', born 15 June, 1798; died at Farmington, Michigan, 

15 August, 18 — ; married Nancy Madden. 

253. John Rogers', died at the age of twenty-one years. 

254. George Rogers', born 22 September, 1800; died at Novi, 19 January, 1874; mar- 

ried Jane Swartout, bom 4 May, 1810; died at Novi, 18 March, 1875. 

255. Samuel Rogers', bom in 1806; died at Novi, 17 April, 1875; married Jane Sayre^ 

bom 13 September, 1813; died at Novi, 21 May, 1858. 

256. William Rogers', married Mary Odell. 

257. Levi Watson Rogers', bom 22 March, 1810; died at Novi, 29 October, 1879; 

married Elizabeth Sayre; bom 24 August, 181 7. 

* Records of Presbjrterian Church at Abington, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. 

t Since the text was in t]rpe the following record of the family of Elisabeth Yerkes has been 
received. Her husband, James Wilkinson, was bom at Mayfield, New York, 24 February, 1800, and 
died at Novi, Michigan, 3 February, 187a. Their children were : Harman Wilkinson*, bora 24 Feb- 
ruary, i930 ; died 10 February, 1849. Albert Hamilton Wilkinson*, bom 19 November, 1834 ; mar- 
I'ied, 4 July, 1859, Elvira Maria Allen, bora 98 February, 1834 ; daughter of Henry Allen by his wife 
Catharine Bassett. Mart Jans Wilkinson*. Jamxs Milton Wilkinson*, bora 9 November, 1838 ; 
died 24 January, 1898. Melissa Wilkinson*, bora 18 October, 1841 ; died 11 May, 1896. William 
Lewis Wilkinson*, bora in 1845 ; died 18 September, 1873. Charles Melvin Wilkinson*, bora 
23 September, 1848. 



258. Elizabkth p. Rogers', born in 1813; died at Plymouth, Michigan, 6 March, 1889. 

259. Rebecca Rogers', bom in 1815 ; died at Novi, i October, 1876 ; married Perley C. 

Shaw; bom 12 April, 1817; died at Novi, 8 May, 1895. 

81. SAMUEL YERKES* (Stephen*, Herman^, Anthony^), fifth son 
and youngest child of Stephen Yerkes by his wife Rebecca Whiteside, was 
bora in the Manor of Moreland, 24 September, 1775; died at Farmington, 
Ontario County, New York, 19 March, 1861. He was bred a fanner on his 
father's estate in Moreland. He was one of the executors of his father's will, 
and resided on the homestead farm in Moreland until 1825, when he sold the 
same to Isaac Roberts, and removed to what was then known as the '' Genesee 
Country," in New York, and settled in the town of Farmington, where he 
engaged in farming until his death. 

He married Elizabeth Rutherton, bora 14 February, 1783 ; died at Farm- 
ington, 2 October, 1852; daughter of John Rutherton. Mr. and Mrs. Yerkes 
were Baptists. 

Children of Samuel* and Elizabeth (Rutherton) Yerkes; bora in Pennsyl- 

260. Mary Yerkes', bom a8 November, 1803 ; died 28 October, 1841 ; married Alex- 

ander Grant 

261. Joseph Yerkes', bom 21 June, 1805; died 23 August, 1884; married Rosalinda 


262. Rebecca Watson Yerkes', bom 16 July, 1816; died at County Line, Otsego 

County, New York, 9 January, 1894; married Silas Gage, who died 8 Febm- 
ary, 1864, aged forty-nine years and three months. No issue. 

82. ELIAS YERKES* (Elias», Herman*, Anthony*), eldest son and 
child of Elias Yerkes by his wife Rebecca Foster, was bora in the Manor of 
Moreland, 16 January, 1757; died there, 21 June, 1844. Administration 
on his estate was granted in Montgomery County, 20 August, the same year. 
On 24 May, 1799, his brother and sister conveyed unto him all their right, 
title, and interest in the homestead farm in Moreland, and here Mr. Yerkes 
carried on farming, the occupation of his ancestors for some generations. He 
served as a private in the Pennsylvania militia during the Revolution.* He 
was baptized in the Baptist faith, 10 August, 1783, when he united with the 
Southampton Baptist Church, of which he became a prominent member. He 
is buried in the graveyard of that church, and his tombstone bears the following 
inscription : 

" In Memory of | Elias Yerkes | who was a worthy member | of the Baptist church 
of I Southampton, Bucks County, Pa | ahnost 61 years: | wz6 Baptized August loth 1783 | 

* Pennsylvania Archives, ad series, ziii. 248. 



appointed Deacon of said church | December nth 1794 | and was Senior Deacon near 
50 years | He departed this life June 21st | 1844 I Aged 87 years 5 months & 5 days." | 

'' Remember friends as you pass by 
'* That all mankind are bom to die, 
" Then let your cares on Christ be cast 
" That you may dwell with him at last" 

He was a farmer, and married, but the name of his wife is unknown. 
Children of Elias* Yerkes : 

263. Lydia Yerkes", born 14 October, 1816; married Samuel Lukens. 

264. EuzABETH Yerkes', died without issue; married Baker Lukens. 

83. GEORGE YERKES* (Elias«, Herman^ Anthony*), second son and 
child of Elias Yerkes by his wife Rebecca Foster, was bom in the Manor of 
Moreland, 18 September, 1758; died there, 25 December, 1839. His will, 
dated 2 July, 1835, with codicil dated 5 July, 1837, was proved 9 January, 
1840,* and named sons Jonathan and David, daughter Susanna Edwards, and 
granddaughter Susannah Walton, late Edwards. The date of his marriage, 
or the maiden name of his wife Rebecca, has not been secured. She joined 
him in a deed, 24 May, 1799; and died 13 May, 1835. Both are buried in the 
graveyard of the Southampton Baptist Church. 

Children of George* Yerkes, presumably by wife Rebecca : 

265. Jonathan Yerkes*, born 2 May, 1784; died 28 June, 1854; married Mary Ayres. 

266. David Yerkes*, married Charity Bennett. 

267. George YERKES^ died unmarried and without issue. 

268. Susanna YERKES^ married Jesse Edwards. 

90. ARTHUR YERKES* (Elias^, Herman^ Anthony*), fourth son 
and eighth child of Elias Yerkes by his wife Rebecca Foster, was bom in the 
Manor of Moreland, 11 February, 1769; died there, 23 October, 1840. He, 
too, was a farmer. He married, 30 March, 1797, Elizabeth Hart, bom 13 
December, 1779; died 23 October, 1834; daughter of Colonel Josiah Hart 
by his wife Ann Watts. Mr. and Mrs. Yerkes are buried in the ground of 
the Southampton Baptist Church. Mrs. Yerkes's father. Colonel Hart, was 
a son of Colonel Joseph Hart, a prominent officer in the Revolution. Her 
mother was a great-granddaughter of the Reverend John Watts, Pastor of 
the Pennepek Baptist Church, and her sister, Amy Hart, became the wife of 
Major-General John Davis, of Bucks Coimty, and the mother of General 
William Watts Hart Davis, a veteran of the Mexican and Civil Wars, and 
the publisher and editor of the Doylestown Democrat since i858.f 

* Montgomery County Will Book, ziii. 58. 

t History of the Hart Family, published by General W. W. H. Davis, in 1867. 



Children of Arthur* and Elizabeth (Hart) Yerkes: 

269. Ann Ymxis', born 27 July, 1798 ; married, 26 December^ 1820, William Michener. 

270. EuAS Yerkes", bom 20 Jmie, 1800; died 2 July, 1875; married Harriet Krewson. 

271. Horatio Gates Yerkes", bom 22 June; 1802; died 4 February, 1861; married 

Eliza Ann Addis. 

272. Rebecca Yerkes", bom 14 March, 1805; died 12 April, 1846; married Chris- 

topher Krewson; bom 16 January, 1799; died 3 February, 1864. Issue: 

(273) EuzABETH Jane Krewson", bom i February, and died 18 August, 1824. 

(274) Rebecca Krewson", bom 12 April, 1846. 

275. William Ferkes", bom 23 September, 1807; died 9 February, 1888; married his 

cousin, Eliza B. Yerkes. 

276. Isaac Yerkes", bom 9 September, 1809 ; died 25 April, 1878 ; married, 12 January, 

1847, Ellen M., daughter of Thomas McKinstry. She died in April, 1887. 
No issue. 

277. Arthur Watts Yerkes", bom 3 October, 1813; died 11 November, 1856; married 

Charlotte Knight 

278. Elizabeth Yerkes", bom 14 March, 1816; married Isaac Qarkson Addis. 

93. JONATHAN YERKES* (Titus', Herman^ Anthony^), eldest son 
and child of Titus Yerkes by his wife Margaret Paul, was bom in the Manor 
of Moreland, 5 December, 1759; died at Damascus, Wayne County, Penn- 
sylvania, 27 March, 1835. He was a farmer and miller, and acquired his 
early knowledge of these occupations on the farm and in the mill of his step- 
father, John Nesmith, formerly the property of his father, who died when the 
son Jonathan was but three years of age. In 1789 Jonathan and his only 
brother Titus determined to form a copartnership and enter upon the milling 
business on their own accotmt, and on 18 June, of that year, they purchased 
two tracts of land in Germantown Township, one consisting of forty-seven 
acres, and the other, an adjoining tract, of twenty-two and one-quarter acres,* 
to which estate they removed, and there engaged in the milling business, 
pursuing the same imtil about 5 May, 1802,* on which date Jonathan Yerkes 
released and conveyed his half-interest in the land so purchased, and the mills 
on the same, tmto his brother Titus. 

At the time of this conveyance Jonathan Yerkes had, it is assumed, con- 
cluded to remove his family to and settle in Wayne County, Pennsylvania, 
as such removal was effected late the same year, or early in 1803. He pur- 
chased four hundred acres of land in Damascus Township, in the latter county, 
of Thomas Shields. The land was located on Calkins Creek, not far distant 
from the Delaware River, into which the creek emptied. Here he constructed 
a saw-mill, and later a grist-mill, and continued farming and milling until 
his death. 

Mr. Yerkes and his wife were Baptists, and, before moving to Wayne 

• PhiladelphU Deeds, E, F, viU. 581. 



Covoity, were members of the Montgomery or Hilltown Baptist Qiurdi in 
Montgomery County, and they were among the organizers of the Baptist 
church at Damascus, of which Mr. Yerkes was for a time the clerk. 

He married, circa 1789, Elizabeth Jarrett, who was bom (probably in 
Moreland) 16 August, 1770; died at Damascus, 3 March, 1833. His six 
eldest children are believed to have been bom at Germantown, and the others 
were bom at Damascus. 

Qiildren of Jonathan* and Elizabeth (Jarrett) Yerkes : 

279. Joseph Waln Yerkes', born 11 September, 1790; died 20 January, 1854; married 

Elizabeth Burcher. 

280. Tnus Yerkes', bom 25 December, 1791; died 10 August, 1869; married Helen 


281. Jacob Paul Yerkes', bom 9 February, 1794; died 15 December, i8j6; married 

Huldah Lord Skinner. 

282. Jonathan Yerkes', born 15 June, 1796; died 6 March, 1797. 

283. Mary Ann Yerkes', bom 24 January, 1798 ; died 3 January, 1864 ; married Elijah 

Bailey Clark. 

284. Nathan Livingstone Yerkes', born 16 July, 1800; died 13 March, 1883; mar- 

ried (i) Margaret Stoutenburgh ; (2) Margaret Young. 

285. Margaret Yerkes', bom 28 December, 1802 ; died 4 August, 1857. 

286. Sebastian Jarrett Yerkes', born 11 June, 1805; died 9 iSeptember, 1889; mar- 

ried Mary Burr Sherwood. 

287. David Shields Yerkes', born 23 April, 1807; died i January, 1894; married Caro- 

line Calkins. 

288. Hannah S. Yerkes', born 30 April, 1810; married Ira Sherwood. 

94. TITUS YERKES* (Titus', Herman*, Anthony*), second son and 
child of Titus Yerkes by his wife Margaret Paul, was bom in the Manor of 
Moreland, 15 November, 1762, a few weeks after the death of his father; 
died there, 15 June, 1846, and was buried in the graveyard of the Abington 
Presbyterian Church. He was bred a farmer and miller under the tutelage 
of his step-father, John Nesmith. In 1789 he formed a copartnership with 
his brother Jonathan, and joined with him in the purchase of an estate in 
Germantown, where they engaged in the milling business. In 1802 he pur- 
chased his brother's interest in this property, at which time, as it appears from 
the deed conveying such interest, he was residing in Lower Merion town- 
ship, Montgomery Coimty. Some years later he erected a mill for the manu- 
facture of cotton yams on land that had belonged to his father, at what was 
Yerkesville, and is now Terwood, in Moreland, and there pursued such manu- 
facture to the end of his life. He was for several years the proprietor of 
the Red Lion Inn, afterwards the States Union Hotel, Market Street, Phila- 

He married, 18 June, 1801, Mary Streper, bom 28 October, 1770; died 

f 49 


at Philaddphia, 14 April, 1855 ; daughter of Abraham Streper * by his wife 

Hannah Roberts.t 

Children of Titus* and Mary (Streper) Yerkes: 

aBg. Rosm Axsur Ynucn*, born » Angiut, 1804; died 21 Uij, 1859; muried 

Rcgini Htuband. 
ago, RjCHAiD Eckboyd Yun', born 17 March, 1809; died 33 March, 1877; nurried 

Mrs. Ljrdta Wahon, nit Hoaband. 
391. Mait Paul Ybki^, bora la Jane, 1S14; died 4 December, i8go; married Joel 

* Abraham Stuipxk was born 4 Norember, 1747, and wa* a son o( William Streper, o( Gennan 
town, crandaoa of Leonard Streper, great-srandaon ol Leonard Streper, the elder, who was a iod of 
Wnbm Streper, one al the toonden o( Gennantown, and a larxe land-owner there. 

t Hankah RoBBxra waa a daiiKhter al Phlneai Roberta bj hla wile Anne Wjmne, xraod- 
datl^iter of Thomaa Wynne, Jan', by hla wife Mary Warner, and great-sranddatiKhter of Jonathan 
Wynne, the son of Dr. Thomas Wynne, who waa an Intimate friend <d WlUlam Penn and one ol the 
moat prominent of the early aettlen hi Pennaylvania.* 

i( Dr. Thooai WyDitc, by Colood TInomi AUbi Gteim, win be fond bi " Ucrioo te Uw 


97. JANE YERKES" (Jacob*, Anthony*, Herman', 
Anthony'), daughter of Jacob Yerkes by his second wife 
Sarah Fleming, was born in Montgomery County, Pennsyl- 
vania, 6 January, 1 798; died II November, 1867; married 
(i) John Wynkoop Hogeland,* bom 6 October, 1791; died 
7 October, 1824. She married (2), as second wife, John 
Martindale.f son of Jonathan Martindale by his wife Rachel 
Child by first husband : 

2g3. Henbv Hogeland', married and had issue. 
Children by second husband : 

293. Mary Ann Mastindale'. 

294. Jonathan Maktindalb'. 

295. Rachel Mastindale'. 
396. Jacob Mabtinoale'. 
297. John Maktindale'. 

99. ROBERT YERKES" (Anthony*, Aothony", Her- 
man", Anthony*), eldest son and second child of Anthony 
Yerkes by his wife Mary Harper, was bom in the Manor of 

* See " Hoaglaiul Famll]' in Americai" 47. 
See " History of Bybeny and Horeland," 333. 


Mordand, 15 October, 1774; died at same place, 19 April, 1849; married 
Mary, daughter of Josq>h Wright She died 2 March, 1847. He was a 
farmer and miller, and resided on the Welsh Road in Moreland, and both he 
and his wife were members of the Lower Dublin Baptist Church, in the 
graveyard of which they are buried. 

Children of Robert^ and Mary (Wright) Yerkes: 

agS. John Ywmmms*, born 7 July, 1799; died 27 January, 1886; married Diana Krewson. 
agg. Mary Ann Yirkbs*, bom 12 November, 1803; married Benjamin Margerum. 

300. Hannah Yirkes*, bom 6 June, 1806 ; died, unmarried, 30 January, 1878. 

301. Sarah Yerkes", bom i February, 1809; died 13 January, 1836; married John 

Ashton. They had issue: (301*) Mary Elizabeth Abhton^ who married* 
and had a number of children. 

302. Joseph Yerkes*, bom 17 October, 181 1; died 28 January, i8g6; married Mary 

Ann Neff. 

303. Rebecca Yerkes*, bom 2 September^ 1815; married Alfred Robinaoo. 

304. Catharine Ann Yerkes*, bora 25 November, 1819; died 27 January, 1888; mar- 

ried Charles W. Rich. 

100. JACOB YERKES* (Anthony*, Anthony*, Herman*, Anthony*), 
second son and third child of Anthony Yerkes by his wife Mary Harper, was 
bom in the Manor of Moreland, 19 January, 1776; died at Bustleton, Phila- 
delphia, 28 February, 1846; married Mary Beans, bom 4 March, 1774; died 
13 November, 1848. Mr. Yerkes was a millwright 

Children of Jacob* and Mary (Beans) Yerkes: 

305. Nathan Hakfer Yirkbs*, bom in 1798; died, unmarried, in August, 1878. 

306. Jani Yerkes", bom 13 December, 1800; married Daniel Starkey. 

307. EuzABETH Yerkes*, married George Danenhower. 

308. AooLPHUS Yerkes*, bom 19 October, 1808; died 7 April, 1895; married Harriet 


309. Mary Yerkes*, bom circa 1812; died in July, 1844; married Edward JolmsoOy 

who is deceased, and by whom she had issue: (310) Sarak C. JoMiriOii'y 
bom la September, 1835 ; since deceased. 

loi. JOSEPH YERKES' (Anthony*, Anthony*, Herman*, Anthony*), 
third son and fourth child of Anthony Yerkes by his wife Mary Harper, was 
bom II October, 1777; married his cousin, Cassandra T. Yerkes (No. 96), 
bom 20 January, 1800; daughter of Jacob Yerkes by his wife Sarah Fleming. 

Children of Joseph* and Cassandra T.* (Yerkes) Yerkes: 

311. Jacob Yerkes*, died unmarried. 

31a. Epheaim Yerkes*, married Mary Jolly, and died without issue. 

313. Jake Yerkes*, married Charles Wilson, of Dover, Delaware, and had two daugh- 

ters, one of whom was Rachel Wilson ; bom 15 July, 1845 ; married, at Phila- 
delphia, 9 September, 1868, Thomas S. Home, as is leamed from the " Geneal- 
ogy of the Smedley Family,** 332. 

314. Sarah Yerkes*. 



I02. JONATHAN YERKES* (Anthony*, Anthony*, Herman*, An- 
thony*), fourth son and fifth child of Anthony Yerkes by his wife Mary 
Harper, was bom in the Manor of Moreland, 3 September, 1782; died at 
Vernon, Michigan, 23 September, 1846. Mr. Yerkes was a farmer, and 
resided in Pennsylvania until about 1823, when he removed with his family 
to Romulus, Seneca County, New York, where he continued farming for 
some years, later removing to Vernon Township, Shiawassee G)unty, Michi- 
gan, where he died. He was a Baptist, as were, also, his family. He mar- 
ried, in Pennsylvania, Maria Watkins, who died at Romulus, New York, 
in 1838. 

Children of Jonathan*^ and Maria (Watkins) Yerkes ; all bom in Pennsylvania, 

except the two youngest, who were bom in New York: 

315. Anthony Yerkes*, born 17 December, 1808; died 19 March, 1886; married Esther ^ 


316. Saeah Ann Yerkes*, died in 1844; married Daniel Gould. 

317. Jacob Yerkes*, bom 2 October, 1812; died 28 July, 1885; married Sarah Olivia j 


318. Mary Yerkes*, born i March, 1815; died 30 November, 1894; married Hughes 



319. Charles Reeves Yerkes*, born 22 February, 1819; died 28 April, 1901; married 

Margaret Young. 

320. Jonathan Watkins Yerkes*, bom 5 May, 1824; died 20 May, 1848. 

321. Joseph Watkins Yerkes*, twin of Jonathan, bom 5 May, 1824; died 30 November, 

1899; married Sarah Emeline Sawtelle. 

322. Margaret Yerkes*, died in January, 1871 ; married Banister Wingct 

104. MARY HARPER YERKES* (Anthony*, Anthony*, Herman*, 
Anthony* ) , seventh and youngest child and third daughter of Anthony Yerkes 
by his wife Mary Harper; married Giles McDowell. 

Child of Giles and Mary Harper* (Yerkes) McDowell: 

323. WiLUAM L. McDowell*. 

108. ANTHONY YERKES» (Joseph*, Anthony*, Herman*, An- 
thony*), only son of Joseph Yerkes by his wife Hannah Ashton, was bom 
in Philadelphia, in 1776; died in Moreland, Montgomery Coimty, 28 Febru- 
ary, 1836. He was noted for his excellence in penmanship, and is known in 
the family as Anthony Yerkes, " the Penman." He acquired land in More- 
land, under the will of his father. He was a Quaker, as had been his father, 
and a member of Abington Meeting, where, on 19 March, 1807, he married 
Susanna Canby, daughter of Benjamin and Susanna Canby, of Wilmington, 



Children of Anthony^ and Susanna (Canby) Yerkes: 

324. Hannah Littijce Yirkbs*» born 13 June, 1808; died 10 July, 1884; married Jacob 

£. Gayton. 

325. Joseph Yebxes\ bom i April, 181 1 ; died 25 August, 1844. 

326. Cathakinx YntKES*, bom 10 April, 1815; died in 1891; married Ezra Croasdale 


327. Ashton YotKXS*, bom 5 April, 1818; died 12 August, 1840. 

3^ Chaxlbs Cansy Ykrkxs*, bora 2 April, 1820; died 30 March, 1837. 

111. ANTHONY YERKES' (David*, Anthony*, Herman*, An- 
thony^ ) , only son and third child of David Yerkes by his wife Elizabeth Wil- 
merton, was bom at Baltimore, Maryland, 6 November, 1793; died there, 
2 August, 1821 ; married, 29 March, 1816, Sarah Richards. 

Children of Anthony* and Sarah (Richards) Yerkes; all bom at Baltimore: 

329. David Anthony Yirkes', bora 25 August, 1817; died 5 September, 1888; mar- 
ried (i) Elizabeth Hobbs; (2) Elizabeth Young. 
33a GiOBGB Stujcs Yerkes*, bora 9 November, 1819; married Susan Cuyler. 

331. Elizabeth Yerkes*, bora 8 July, 1821 ; married Irenius D. P. Forman, by whom 

she had issue. 

112. ABRAHAM YERKES* (John*, John», Herman*, Anthony^), 
eldest child of John Yerkes by his wife Ann Coifing, was bom in Montgomery 
G)unty, Pennsylvania, 29 May, 1770; died 23 or 28 October, 1827, and was 
buried in the grounds of Plymouth Meeting. He was a farmer, and resided 
in Whitemarsh Township, Montgomery County. He was a member of the 
Society of Friends. He married, about 1793, Mary Jones, bom 3 September, 
1774; died 5 November, 1863; daughter of Jonathan and Susanna Jones. 

Children of Abraham' and Mary (Jones) Yerkes: 

332. Ann Yerkes*, bora 26 October, 1794; died 23 May, 1820. 

333. Hannah Yerkes*, bora 12 September, 1796; died 2 April, 1886; married Silas 


334. Harman Yerkes*, bora 20 August, 1798; died 17 January, 1862; married Rebecca 


335. Isaac Yerkes*, bora 18 November, 1800; died 26 December, 1888; married Isabella 


336. John Yerkes*, bora 12 October, 1802; died 11 February, 1886; married Jane 


337. Jones Yerkes*, bora 28 November, 1804; died 25 August, 1830; married Jane 


338. Aaron Yerkes*, bora 3 December, 1807; died 19 April, 1882; married Mary Ann 


339. Mary Yerkes*, bora 15 March, 1810; died 14 Febraary, 1892; married, 28 Sep- 

tember, 1837, Levi P. Coats, bora in Upper Merion, Montgomery County, 11 
June, 1808; died at Frankford, Philadelphia, 9 October, 1874; son of Matthias 
and Sophia Coats. Issue: (340) Aaron Yerkes CoATS^ bora 18 December, 
1838; married, 28 September, 1864, Margaret, daughter of John Sheard, bom 




■ ■ K-.-.% , '■" : .i * 

' t.ANBY \lJtkF 


\ ttkcs: 

• ttcd ID July, 1884; married Jacob 

.tr»*t. 1R44. 
•• in '^i; marrird Ezra Croasdale 

-■ ■ \>i\lit 1840. 

••<*«1 30 March, 1837. 

II '. NiHONV ^^:;:: . ,:*, .\inhony», Herman*, An- 

thofi)' . rily son and thir^ : ».\ ' > rrkes l»y his wife Elizabeth Wil- 

meri - At-. lK)m at B"': : r ""i vvltnl. h N'ovenilxr. i-g.?: died there, 
2 Auft'..-t \f<2i; marr:t. . .w March, i8i^>, Sarah Richards. 

QiiMrv:; .1 ^ ■•♦li'i- v-" ' Surah iKMcliards) Yerke^: all lyirr- Ualtimore: 

<- - -utKhfi*. 1 ij*-: 2r Aug i-il, 1817 ; died 5 S<.i.•lC'lVib^^. 1888; tnSLi- 

'.^\h }[■ h\ :>: . *' ' tJliz:ihe*h Young. ^ 

I' .'ri<*, i» iM u N v.-tnt-.;! i^V): married Su<.^n Cj:>!cr. 2 

\ T ^ I';'v -y I ; " ri'-! Ircnius D. P F'ii':ian, by whola 


'uhn'-, Herman^, Anthony^ |, 

•' ;:. \v-i iH>rn in Montgomery 

r ' "i .lxT, 1827, and w^ 

tanner, and residd^ 

^.is a member of tl^ 

, born 3 Septembei^ 

:;i Susanna Tones. 

t *. 

\ .M'I-~. . 

}> -A AC Ve». 

y' J^ii:. ^ : r 

/ J{>.srN ^r^KES^ born - 

t.o: .'-.iTt. 
.■\a-..>n erkes*, bori*. .i l')c-' \'^c' i". 

.Is-.,. r<. I' •. I ^.>'«. ' ■:.'. 

. April, i^fi; man led Silas 

.. 'A''*:; married Rebecca 

•.'^-.'^ . married Isabella 

fN><6; married Jane 

i-".io; mairicd Jane 

. :<"'-': marrle*! ^^"lry Ann 

. Fci^ru.'ry. iS';j: marii*.'!, 2S ;>cp 

. , .. < ^•.■^o^'■^ :: *: . -r^ ••1" Mai'.Iva> 
VhRKKs CoAi'v' V'.!T» iS Def'M-riber, 
■tt, -l.iiigh: ■ I ■ /hn S!'c;i:- ■►o**n 




a May, 1838. (341) Matthias CoATS^ born 4 July, 1840; married, 19 March, 
1866, Mary, daughter of John McMullin, bom 4 October, 1838. (342) Susav 
Ykrkis Coats', bom 4 June, 1844; married, 21 September, x865» Charles 
Castor, of Frankford, bom 8 September, 184a 

343. Susan Yerkes", bom 4 September, 1814 ; died 3 September, 1899. 

344. Abraham Yerkes", bom 21 June, 1819 ; died, without issue, 18 May, 1901 ; married, 

25 November, 1847, Julia Walton, bom 17 September, 1829; daughter of Daniel 

113. ELIZABETH YERKES' (John*, John», Herman*, Anthony^), 
eldest daughter and second child of John Yerkes by his wife Ann CofHng, was 
bom 9 February, 1772; married Isaac Jones, bom 30 May, 1772; died 12 
Jtme, 1868; son of Jonathan and Susanna Jones. Isaac Jones resided in 
Whitemarsh Township, Montgomery County, and his family were members 
of the Society of Friends, and attended Pl3rmouth Meeting. 

Children of Isaac and Elizabeth' (Yerkes) Jones: 

345. John Jones', born 18 December, 1795 ; married Martha , and had issue.* 

346. WnxiAM Jones', bom 17 August, 1798; died 5 October, 1857. 

347. Jonathan Jones', bom 24 March, 1800. 

348. Isaac Jones', bora 6 May, 1802 ; married, 3 November, 1826, Ann, daughter of Ezra 

and Margaret Comfort, and had issue.t 

349. Ann Jones', bom 18 June, 1804 ; died, unmarried, 3 July, 1885. 

350. Susan Jones', bom 10 January, 1806; died 2 August, i^; married Thomas 

Hopkins, of Norristown, Montgomery County, bom 10 February, 1809; died 
21 July, 1871. They had issue-t 

351. EuzABETH Jones', born 15 April, 1809; died 8 March, 1891; married Charles 

Sheppard, bom 4 November, 1810 ; died 8 October, 1873. Th^r had issue. 

352. Charles Jones', bom 2 Febraary, 1813. 

114. HARMAN YERKES* (John*, John», Herman*, Anthony^), 
second son and third child of John Yerkes by his wife Ann CoSing, was bom 
in the Manor of Moreland, 21 May, 1774; died at " Yerkes Comer," White- 
marsh Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, 15 March, 1845. He 
was a merchant and farmer. Auge, in his " History of Montgomery County, 
p2tge 63, gives the following account of Mr. Yerkes's life : 


" His father, John Yerkes, was a farmer, who, finding his son, Harman, a delicate boy, 
hardly strong enough for his own calling, placed him at an early age with Samuel Livezey, 
of Plymouth, as a store help, where he remained a number of years. Having saved of his 
earnings fifty pounds, he concluded, under the advice of his patron friend Livezey, to start 
a store for himself at Spring Mill. The manner of his going into business is given in his 
own words, as related to the writer many years ago : ' Samuel said I served him faithfully, 
and he would assist me. He went with me to town and introduced me to the merchants, 
and said to them, " Harman is poor, but he is honest If he wants a little credit, trust him; 
but don't trust him too much, for much trust ain't good for a young man."' He soon, 

* See " Plymouth Meeting," by Elwood RoberU, 158. 
t n>id., 171. t Ibid., I49k 150. 



however, had little need of trust from anybody, for till his death he was known in Phila- 
delphia as the 'money-down' buyer. After continuing several years at Spring Mill, he 
removed to the store and farm so long known by the name of ' Yerkes Corner/ now Harman- 
ville, at the intersection of the Ridge turnpike road and the Spring Mill road, where he died, 
universally respected, on March 15, 1845, at the ripe old age of seventy-one years. 

" Harman Yerkes was eminently a merchant of the olden time, disposing of everything 
at exact and uniform prices, and at very small advances. He would as soon have thought 
of selling with a short yardstick or false bushel as to retail goods on the modem sensational 
style,— one article at less than cost, and another, not so well known to the buyer, at three- 
fold profits. If goods would not bring their price, they remained on the shelves as mementos 
or as caution not to buy more. This, perhaps, was not best, but it was his way. Conse- 
quently, when his stock was finally closed out, very many things, well kept, were sold to 
buyers as curiosities of a former age. He was scrupulously honest to the half-penny. If a 
half -cent was due a customer on an account, or in change, he would, if no half -cent were at 
hand, give a half row of pins, or the like, to make precise settlement. With equal exactitude 
and conscientiousness he expected it if due him. In his later years he became wealthy, and 
loaned considerable money on bonds and mortgages, and, as may be supposed, knew or 
cared nothing for ' bonuses' in placing loans. Though living with Friends nearly all his life, 
and attending their meetings with tolerable regularity, he was never a member of the 

Harman Yerkes married, atx>ut 1803, Elizabeth Weaver, bom 29 Sep- 
tember, 1 781; died 28 April, 1877; daughter of John Weaver, of German- 
town, by his wife Susanna Keyser, a daughter of John Keyser.* 

Children of Harman* and Elizabeth (Weaver) Yerkes; bom in Whitemarsh 

Township : 

353. MntiAic Yerkes", bom 31 July, 1804; died, unmarried, 29 December, 1852. 

354. Joseph Weaver Yerkes", bom 15 Febmary, i8o6; died 11 February, 1847; married 

(i) Hannah Davis; (2) Mary F. Harry; (3) Elizabeth Marple. 

355. Susan Weaver Yerkes", bom 14 January, 1808 ; died, unmarried, 28 April, i8g2. 

356. Reuben Yerkes", bom 26 November, 1899 ; died, without issue, 29 January, 1871 ; 

married (i) Mary Shoemaker; (2), 15 November, 1856, Hannah Shoemaker, 
sister of his first wife. 

357. Mary Weaver Yerkes", bom 9 December, 181 1; died i February, 1895; married 

Daniel H. Dager. 

358. Martha Yerkes", bom i October, 1813. 

359. HntAic Yerkes", bora 13 December, 1815 ; died 26 July, 1836. 

360. Nathaniel Weaver Yerkes", bom 13 April, 1818; died 6 August, 1869; married 

Sarah Jones Leedom. 

361. Anna Yerkes", bom 16 December, 1823. 

115. WILLIAM YERKES* (John*, John», Herman*, Anthony^), third 
son and fourth child of John Yerkes by his wife Ann Coding, was bom 16 
July, 1776. The date of his death has not been ascertained. In a deed dated 
5 March, 181 2, he is styled of Gcrmantown Township, Philadelphia County, 

* A descendant of Dirck Keyser, one of the early settlers of Germantown. (See " The Kejrser 
Family," 123.) 



and by the same he conveyed six acres of land to John Kitler. He married 
Deborah Streper, bom 30 December, 1779; died in New Garden Township, 
Chester Coimty, Pennsylvania, 24 August, 1844; daughter of Leonard and 
Margaret Streper, and a descendant of William Streper, one of the founders 
of Germantown. 

Children of William*^ and Deborah (Streper) Yerkes: 

362. John Yerkes*, born 5 March, 1802; died 17 July, 1880; married (i) Catharine 

Dull ; (2) Elizabeth Lloyd. 

363. Geokge Yerkes*, bom 24 September, 1804. 

364. William Yerkes", bom 10 March, 1806; died 21 March, 1870; married Sarah 


365. Jacob Streper Yerkes", bom 18 May, 1809 ; died 18 November, 1866 ; married Ann 

S. Shoemaker. 

366. Jonathan Yerkes", born 15 December, 181 1; died 12 January, 1896; married 

Elizabeth Mitchener. 

367. Leonard Yerkes", bora 16 August, 1814 ; died young. 

368. Margaret Yerkes", bom 16 August, 1814; died young. 

369. Samuel Streper Yerkes", born 2 August, 1816; died April, 1886; married Anne 

Maria Bodine. 

370. Isaac Jones Yerkes", bom 26 July, 1819. 

116. JOHN YERKES* (John*, John», Herman*, Anthony*), fourth 
son and fifth child of John Yerkes by his wife Ann Coffing, was bom in Mont- 
gomery County, Pennsylvania, 20 October, 1778; died at Easttown, Qiestcr 
County, Pennsylvania, 16 May, 1848. He was a tanner, and resided at East- 
town, where he conducted a prosperous tannery. He married (i), 31 March, 
1803, Ann Spies,* who probably died without issue; (2) Elizabeth Stump, 
who died at Easttown, 6 Jime, 1864. She was, it would appear, the mother 
of the following children, as she refers to them as such in her will, by which 
she bequeathed a large personal estate to her family. 

Children of John* and Elizabeth (Stump) Yerkes: 

371. Mary Yerkes", died 11 December, 1883, in her sixty-ninth year. 

372. Job Roberts Yerkes", born 30 September, 1817; died 7 July, 1888; married Eliza- 

beth Pierce. 

373. Morris or Maurice Yerkes", born in April, 182 1; died 11 April, 1857; married 

Hannah Mendenhall Pierce. 

374. John Yerkes", died, unmarried, 21 August, i8qo. 

375. Euzabeth Yerkes", died at Kennett Square, Chester County, 22 September, 1892; 

married, 18 November, 1869, Peter Supplee. 

376. Hannah Yerkes", bom in 1826; died 8 August, 1893; married James P. Calvert 

377. Jonathan Philips Yerkes", bom 16 January, 1833; died 15 February, 1900; mar- 

ried Margaret Matilda Barr. 

378. Martha Eioly Yerxbs*» unmarried. 

* Records of German Reformed Church of Germantown. 
* 57 


117. JONATHAN YERKES* (John*, John*, He^^an^ Anthony*), 
fifth son and sixth child of John Yerkes by his wife Ann Coffing, was bom 
30 August, 1780; married Elizabeth Stump. It has been difficult to obtain 
any accoimt of this family. 

Children of Jonathan' and Elizabeth (Stump) Yerkes: 

379. Ann Yerkes*. 

380. Makgaskt Yerkes*, married Justus P. Jones. 

381. Elizabeth Yerkes*, died 11 January, 1S92. 

382. Lewis Yerkes*, bom 25 January, 1808; married Esther Fielding Jones. 

383. Charles Yerkes*, died in Philadelphia, 17 September, 1878; married Hannah 

Coulter, who died 21 December, i8g8» and had issue: (384) Robert H. 
YERKES^ (385) Seymour Yerkes\ (386) Matilda Yerkes\ 

387. Alloway Yerkes*, married, and had issue. 

388. Humphrey Yerkes*, bom 20 October, 1814; died 30 September, 1896; married, 

19 December, 1843, Ann Elizabeth McCormick. Their daughter, (388*) 
Carrie E. YERK£S^ bom 14 October, 1852, married, 3 October, 1880, John W. 
Dunlap, of Hulmeville, Pennsylvania, and by him had issue. 

121. SILAS YERKES* (Harman*, John*, Herman*, Anthony^), eldest 
son and second child of Harman Yerkes by his wife Margaret Scott, was bom 
7 August, 1784; died in Abington, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, 30 
January, 1863, and was buried in the graveyard of the Abington Presbyterian 
Church. He was a farmer, and resided on his estate in Abington, consisting 
of over one himdred acres of land, sixty acres of which was a portion of his 
father's homestead. The farm is said to have been in the continuous occu- 
pation of the Yerkes family for over one himdred and twenty-five years. Silas 
Yerkes was a man of more than usual local prominence, and remained in 
active business life until 1859, when ** he retired with a competence." He was 
prompt and precisely honest in business, and, because of his irreproachable 
character, held several positions of trust and confidence. He was Ruling Elder 
of the Abington Presbyterian Church for many years. He was a commissioner 
of Montgomery County for three years, and held other public positions. 

He married, 10 January, 181 1, Elizabeth Mann; bom 15 February, 
1788; died II April, 1849; daughter of Samuel Mann, Esqr. 

Children of Silas* and Elizabeth (Mann) Yerkes: 

589. Harhan YnuKEs*, born 6 March, 1812 ; died in childhood. 

59a Sahuil Mann Yerkes*, bom 2 June, 1813; died 6 May, 1892; married (i) Chris- 
tiana McNair; (2) Mrs. Emeline (Mather) Rumsey. 

391. Mabgaket Yerkes*, bom 30 September, 1814; died 22 March, 1897; married Bryce 
Allen. Issue : (392) Margaret Anna Allen\ died 22 May, 1847, aged three 

393. Susanna Sgott Yerkes*, bom 5 December, 1815 ; died 27 July, 1892. 

394. John Keith Yerkes*, bom 10 October, 1817; died 19 January, 1894; married 

Henrietta Lesher. 



395. Isaac Mann Yerkes*, born 13 January, 1819; died 22 March, 1899; married Jane 

Murdock Carr. 

396. RosANNA Keith Yerkes*, bom 3 May, 1820; died 30 December, 1896; married 

Isaac Newbum Leech. 

397. Silas Darrah Yerkes*, bom 10 May, 1822; died i May, 1876; married Rachel 


398. William Ten n ant Yerkes*, bom 21 October, 1824; died 25 April, 1890; married 

Maria Blaker. 

399. George Scott Yerkes*, bom 18 September, 1826; died 20 May, 1898; married 

Jane Moore. 

400. Charles Huxham Yerkes*, born 15 July, 1829; died 7 March, 1872; married 

Rebecca Holme. 

401. Joseph Sanford Yerkes*, bom 13 January, 1832; died in infancy. 

122. SUSANNA YERKES' (Harman*, John*, Herman^ Anthony^), 
second daughter and third child of Harman Yerkes by his wife Margaret 
Scott, was bom in Moreland, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, 19 October, 
1786; died at Philadelphia, 23 April, 1874; married, 10 December, 181 1, 
Josiah Stockton Mann, bom in Horsham Township, same county, 2 September, 
1789; died in Moreland, 18 February, 1863. Mr. Mann was a brother of 
Elizabeth, wife of Silas Yerkes. 

Children of Josiah Stockton and Susanna' (Yerkes) Mann: 

402. Samuel Keith Mann*, t>om 9 June, 1813; died 29 April, 1894; married, 24 Sep- 

tember, 1861, Julia Roberts, born 17 July, 1828. Issue: (4/oa^) Masgasr 
MANN^ bom 20 April, 1864. (402t>) Mary Y. Mann\ bom 8 January, 1869. 

403. George Yerkes Mann*, born 26 July, 1815 ; died in 1901 ; married, 23 April* 1844, 

Isabella Shoemaker. 

404. Charles Stockton Mann*, bora 6 September, 1817; died 15 September, 1870; 

married (i), 3 March, 1842, Eliza Brady; (2), 10 Febmary, 1848, Lucy 
Boucher, died 30 January, 1896. Issue: (404^) Mary Matilda Mann\ 
bom 4 September, 1849. (404*>) Susanna Mann\ bom 3 June, 1858. (404c) 
Emma B. Mann^ born 16 June, 1861. 

405. Margaret Mathjia Mann*, bora 13 July, 1820. 

406. William S. Mann*, born 28 September, 1823; died 5 January, 1898; married, 

5 March, 1850, Rachel Clausen. Issue: (406^) Howard MANN^ bom 31 
July, 1856; married Amanda Neeman, and had issue. 

407. Aaron Mann*, born 3 March, 1830; died 16 May, 1879. 

127. JOHN YERKES' (Harman*, John*, Herman^ Anthony^), third 
son and eighth and youngest child of Harman Yerkes by his wife Margaret 
Scott, was bom in Abington Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, 
16 April, 1802; died 20 April, 1870. He married Margaret Benner, bom 
14 December, 1800; died 9 Febmary, 1859; daughter of Jacob Benner. Mr. 
and Mrs. Yerkes are buried in the graveyard of the Abington Presbyterian 



Children of John' and Margaret (Benner) Yerkes: 

408. Hakman Yerkes*, born 17 August, 1827; married Sarah Cauffman, who died at 

Fargo, Dakota, 24 November, 1893, without issue. Mr. Yerkes resides at 
Bordentown, New Jersey. He is possessed of considerable wealth, and is a 
large land-owner. 

409. Catharine Yerkes*, bom 5 February, 1829; died unmarried. 

410. Mary Yerkes*, bom 17 January, 183 1 ; married John Anderson. 

411. Andrew Jackson Yerkes*, bora 30 September, 1834; married Susan P. Kelsey. 

412. Samuel Mann Yerkes*, bora 11 November, 1836. 

413. Jacob Benner Yerkes*, bom 25 April, 1839; died in childhood. 

414. Rachel Yerkes*, bom 25 August, 1842; died in childhood. 

128. SILAS YERKES' (Silas*, John*, Herman^ Anthony*), only 
child of Silas Yerkes by his wife Hannah Craft, was bom at what is now 
Ogontz, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, 11 December, 1779, a few weeks 
after his father's death, and died at Philadelphia, 31 January, 1868. His 
widowed mother married, as second husband, Levi Tyson, of the well-known 
Tyson family of Philadelphia and vicinity. Silas grew up in the Quaker faith, 
his mothef and step-father being members, in excellent standing, of Abington 
Meeting. He was carefully educated and prepared for a mercantile life, and 
finally determined to enlarge his sphere of activity by abandoning the country 
and establishing himself in business in Philadelphia, whence he removed 
about 1808, and where he engaged as a flour and feed merchant, in which he 
prospered. After acquiring a handsome fortune he retired from business. 

At the time of his removal to Philadelphia he was a member of the Abing- 
ton Monthly Meeting of Friends, and upon his removal he attached himself to 
the Monthly Meeting of Friends of Philadelphia for the Northern District. 
He was a man of positive views, and was firm in maintaining them. As to his 
character in these respects, we obtain a shade of light in the following extract 
from the minutes of the Meeting last mentioned : 

"Silas Yerkes, who had a right of membership with us, the religious Society of 
Friends, has transgressed our Discipline by persisting with others in holding a Meeting 
Styled the Monthly Meeting of Friends held at Green Street, Philadelphia, after that 
Meeting had been dissolved by the Quarterly Meeting and the members thereof attached to 
the Monthly Meeting of Friends of Philadelphia for the Northern District : Also by attend- 
ing other Meetings held in violation of our established Order. — On these accounts it became 
our concern to treat with him in order to convince him of his errors, but he denied the 
authority of the Monthly Meeting, and refused to see the committee appointed to confer 
with him. Having thus separated himself from the religious Society of Friends, we testify 
we no longer consider him a member among us — ^nevertheless desire that through the renewed 
visitations of Divine Grace he may be favoured to see and condenm his errors and prepared 
to unite with us in christian fellowship." 

He married, 13 March, 1806, Mary Leech; bom in Cheltenham town- 
ship, Montgomery County, 26 Jtme, 1786; died at Philadelphia, 25 July, 1858; 


r . 


daughter of Isaac Leech by his wife Sarah Holcombe. (See Notes on the 
Leech Family.) Their two eldest children were bom in Cheltenham Town- 
ship and the others were bom at Philadelphia. 

Children of Silas' and Mary (Leech) Yerkes: 

415. Sarah Leech Yerkes*, born 22 May, 1807 ; died 29 April, 1835 ; married Samuel 

Parry Shoemaker. 

416. Charles Tyson Yerkes*, born 28 August, 1808; died 14 March, 1883; married 

(i) Elizabeth Link Broom; (2) Margaret Patterson. 

417. George Yerkes*, bom 28 March, 1810; died at Philadelphia, 8 March, 1895; mar- 

ried Margaret Austin, by whom he had a daughter, who died in infancy. Mr. 
Yerkes was a successful brush manufacturer, and amassed considerable wealth. 

418. Hannah Tyson Yerkes*, born 22 September, 181 1; died 3 February, 1888. 

419. Elizabeth Yerkes*, born 14 December, 1814; died 26 April, 1898. 

420. Mary Leech Yerkes*, born i October, 1816; died 16 April, 1821. 

421. Isaac Leech Yerkes*, born 14 February, 1819; died 2 September, 1837. 

422. Mary Leech Yerkes*, bom 28 February, 1822 ; died 29 January, 1824. 

423. Sn.AS Yerkes, Jr.*, bom i October, 1824 ; died 27 October, 1891 ; married Susan 

6. Morris, daughter of Morris Morris. He was a wealthy iron merchant, and 
left an estate of $300,000. 

424. Richard Yerkes*, bom 13 October, 1826 ; died 25 June, 1828. 

132. THOMAS YERKES' (Benjamin*, John*, He^man^ Anthony^), 
eldest son and second child of Benjamin Yerkes by his wife Margaret Jones, 
was bom in Moreland Township, 18 October, 1790; died at Fox Chase, Phila- 
delphia, 19 January, 1856. He was a blacksmith, and carried on a smithery 
at the latter place until failing health compelled him to retire from active busi- 
ness. He sold his estate there, to James C. Davis. He married Martha Wright, 
daughter of Joseph Wright. 

Child of Thomas' and Martha (Wright) Yerkes: 

425. Phebe Yerkes*, married, in November, 1834, Anthony Livezey, Jr., son of Anthony 

Livezey by his wife Esther Bailey. Issue: (426) Jane Livezey*, married 
Samuel Livezey. (427) Ann B. Livezey\ married (i) Robert Blake; (2) 
William LaRue. (428) Thomas B. Livezey^ married Lavinia Blake. (429) 
Martha LIVEZEY^ married, 4 October, 1866, Morris Wood. (4J0) Esther 
Livezey\ married, 29 December, 1874, Alonzo Dallas Eisenhower. (431) 
Sarah Livezey\ died young. (432) Anthony Livezey^ died young. 
(433) Samuel Livezey^ married Margaret Kulp. 

133. BENJAMIN YERKES' (Benjamin*, John«, Herman^ An- 
thony^), second son and third child of Benjamin Yerkes by his wife Margaret 
Jones, was bom in Moreland Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, 
17 February, 1792; died there, 24 May, 1851; married Sarah Addis, bom 
15 April, 1790; died 9 December, 1864; daughter of Isaac and Jane Addis. 
Mr. Yerkes was a wheelwright, and resided on his estate on the Pennypack 
Creek, about one mile north of Bethayres, in Moreland. He and his wife and 



several of their children are buried in the graveyard of the Lower Dublin Bap- 
tist Church. 

Children of Benjamin^ and Sarah (Addis) Yerkes: 

434. Huston Yirkes*, born 9 April, 1816; married Catharine Ann Lesher. 

435. Ann Ykrkes*, bom and died 2 September, 1817. 

436. Mary Jans Yirkes*, bom 3 November, 1819; died 26 November, 1901; married 

Charles Boucher. 

437. Samuel Jones Yerkes*, bom 2 November, 1821 ; died 28 December, 1841. 

438. Margaret Yerkes*, bom 8 November, 1823 ; died 24 January, 1842. 

439. Moses Yerkes*, bom 26 January, 1826; died 8 November, 1878; married Eleanor 

Morrison Yerkes. 
44a Isaac Addis Yerkes*, bom 6 April, 1826; died 7 December, 1841. 

441. Benjamin Yerkes*, bom 6 April, 1828; married Adela H. Roe. 

442. Hannah Addis Yerkes*, bom 11 July, 1830; married Christian Snyder. 

443. Thomas Jones Yerkes*, bom 15 June, 1834 ; married Rachel Scott 

138. AMOS YERKES' (Benjamin*, John*, He^nan^ Anthony^), 
fifth son and eighth child of Benjamin Yerkes by his wife Margaret Jones, 
was bom at Huntingdon Valley, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, 6 August, 
1804; died there, 26 September, 1887; married Ann Wjmkoop, bom 31 July, 
1807; died 20 September, 1892; daughter of Philip Wynkoop by his wife 
Catharine Vanhom. Mr. Yerkes was a farmer, and he and his wife were 

Children of Amos' and Ann (Wynkoop) Yerkes; bom at Huntingdon Valley : 

444. Albert J. Yerkes*, bom 11 December, 1836. 

445. Catharine Yerkes*, bom 17 May, 1839; married, 24 November, i860, James 

Bdl Lesher, bom 17 Febraary, 1836; son of Benjamm Lesher by his wife 
Mary Maag. Mr. Lesher is a farmer, and resides at Huntingdon Valley. 
Issue: (446) Ella A. Lesher\ bora i October, 1863; married, 24 Novem- 
ber, 1885, George Heaton. (446^) Ahos Yerkes Lesher\ bora 19 June, 
1877; married, 9 April, 1903, Flora Quail. 

447. Eliza Jane Yerkes*, bom 5 June, 1845 ; died i February, 185a 

139. ISAAC YERKES* (Benjamin*, John*, Herman*, Anthony^), 
sixth son and ninth child of Benjamin Yerkes by his wife Margaret Jones, 
was born at Huntingdon Valley, Montgomery County, 17 September, 1806; 
died there, 2 April, 1854; married, 18 January, 1838, Catharine Wynkoop, 
bom near Huntingdon Valley, 25 July, 181 1 ; died 10 December, 1883 ; daugh- 
ter of Philip Wynkoop by his wife Catharine Vanhom. Mr. Yerkes was a 
farmer, and resided at Himtingdon Valley. He and his wife were Baptists. 

Children of Isaac* and Catharine (Wynkoop) Yerkes; bom at Huntingdon 
Valley : 

448. Ehha FltANCBNA Yerkes*, bom 22 October, 1858; married Charles W. Hetton. 

449. Caroline Yerkes*, bora 24 July, 1840; died 22 September, 1859. 



450. Samuel Jones Yerkes*, born 9 August, 1842; married, 9 February, 1876, Ellen 

Jane Snyder (No. 1198). He is a farmer, and resides at Huntingdon Valley. 
Issue: (450A) Horace 6. Yerkes\ bom 29 July, 1877; died 25 February, 
1884. (45ot>) Walter Christlan Yerkes\ born 13 September, 1879; died 
27 November, 1901. 

451. Mary Eliza Yerkes*, bom 21 November, 1844; died 13 April, 1845. 

452. Margaret Wynkoop Yerkes*, born 7 July, 1846. 

453. Sarah Ann Yerkes*, bom 26 November, 1848. 

140. JONES YERKES^ (Benjamin*, John*, He^man^ Anthony^), 
seventh son and tenth child of Benjamin Yerkes by his wife Margaret Jones, 
was bom at Huntingdon Valley, 3 March, 1810; died 29 May, 1887; married 
Sarah Morrison (No. 605), born 30 May, 181 8; died 11 October, 1884; 
daughter of John Morrison by his wife Hannah Yerkes. Mr. Yerkes was a 

Children of Jones*^ and Sarah ( Morrison ) Yerkes ; bom in Moreland : 

454. Joseph Jones Yerkes*, bom 15 August, 1842; married Alice Louisa ComelL 

455. Benjamin Franklin Yerkes*, born 9 August, 1845 ; married Jane E. V. Blaker. 

456. Joshua Taylor Yerkes*, bom 22 March, 1847 ; married Rebecca Ann Hare. 

141. SARAH YERKES* (Benjamin*, John', Herman*, Anthony^), 
youngest daughter and eleventh child of Benjamin Yerkes by his wife Mar- 
garet Jones, was bom 3 October, 1813 ; died 28 July, 1853 ; married Samuel P. 
Robinson, who died 5 November, 1863, in the fifty-third year of his age. They 
had a nimiber of children, but those given below are all that are known to 
the writer. Mr. and Mrs. Robinson are buried in the graveyard of the Lower 
Dublin Baptist Church. 

Children of Samuel P. and Sarah* (Yerkes) Robinson: 

457. Joseph Robinson*. 

458. Samuel Robinson*. 

459. Frank Robin soi^*. 

460. Margaket Robinson*, died 10 September, 1854, in the sixteenth year of her age. 

461. Benjamin Robinson*, died 19 August, 1853, in the eleventh year of his age. 

142. ELIZABETH YERKES' (JosiahS Josiah*, Herman*, Anthony^), 
the only known child of Josiah Yerkes by his wife Rachel Brooks, was bom in 
1784; married, in 1800, Joshua Hogeland, bom at Kingwood, Hunterdon 
County, New Jersey, 24 November, 1781 ; died in the State of New York, 
3 September, 1828; son of John Hogeland by his wife Francina Opdyke. 
The record of their children as given below is from the " Hoagland Family 
in America," page 226, in which work the ancestry of Joshua Hogeland is 



Children of Joshua and Elizabeth^ (Yerkes) Hogeland: 

462. Fanny Hogeland*, born 4 July, 1801 ; married William Warwick, of New 


463. Sarah Hogeland*, bom 19 December, 1802, married Barzillai Bailey, of New 


464. Chailbs Edwards Hogeland*, bom 24 October, 1805; married Jane Hilliker, of 

Union Springs, New York. 

465. Agnes Hogeland*, bom 2 November, 1807; married Samuel Tripp, of Union 

Springs, New York. 

466. Susan Hogeland*, bom 6 March, 1809; married Coryden Phelps, of Union 

Springs, New York. 

467. Mary Ann Hogeland*, bom 29 February, 1812; married Philip Yawger, of 

Union Springs, New York. 

468. Eliza Hogeland*, bom 18 March, 1813; married Nelson Peabody, of Ohio. 

469. John R. Hogeland*, bom 24 October, 1815 ; married Adelia M. Sleght, of Union 

Springs, New York. 

470. Catharine Hogeland*, bom 3 April, 1817; married Porter B. Bristol, of Union 

Springs, New York. 

471. Jonathan B. Hogeland*, bom 25 September, 1820; .married Mary Ann Dean, 

of G)vert, New York. 

472. Henrietta Hogeland*, bom 5 June, 1823; married (i) Charles U. Haviland, 

of Union Springs; (2) Porter B. Bristol. 

473. JosiAH Yerkes Hogeland*, bom 13 August, 1825; married Anna B. Greenfield. 

155. JOSIAH YERKES' (Nathaniel*, Josiah«, He^man^ Anthony^), 
third son and sixth child of Nathaniel Yerkes by his wife Sarah Johnson, was 
bom in Moreland, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, 3 August, 1800; died 
at Romulus, New York, 7 October, 1866. He removed with his father to 
Romtilus about 1818. His boyhood life was spent on his father's farm, and 
some time after his marriage he engaged in farming on his own accoimt, con- 
tinuing in this occupation until his death. He took a deep interest in the 
public affairs of Romulus, and held a commission for eight years as Justice 
of the Peace, and served two years as Supervisor. He was a Presbyterian. 

He married (i), 26 December, 1826, Mrs. Margaret Blain, widow of 
Thomas Blain and daughter of James McKnight; bom 10 May, 1792; died 
at Romulus, 25 June, i860. He married (2), 5 March, 1862, Roddi Bamum 
Chtu-ch, bom at New Fairfield, Gwmecticut, 19 February, 1822; died at 
Romulus in April, 1887; daughter of Abijah B. Church by his wife Lucena 
J. Lacy. 

Children of Josiah Yerkes* by his first wife ; bom at Romulus : 

474. John McKnight Ykrkis*, bom 6 December, 1827; died 29 April, 1901; married 

Lucy Church. 

475. Eliza Ann Yerkes*, bom 12 March, 1829; married Thomas Mami. 

476. Jesse Yerkes*, bom 8 January, 1831 ; married, i October, 1856, Elizabeth 

Mom-oe, bom 17 November, 1826; died 15 November, 1901; daughter of 


Stephen Monroe by his wife Mary Depue. He is a fanner and an Epis- 
copalian, and resides at Romulus. No issue. 

477. Margaket Yekkes*, bom 7 January, 1837; died 28 April, 1841. 

Child by second wife : 

478. Schuyler Barclay Yerkes', born 7 February, 1864; married Hattie Pearl 


168. JOHN WATSON YERKES^ (Stephen*, Harman*, Herman^ 
Anthony* ) , second son and child of Stephen Yerkes by his wife Alice Watson, 
was born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 22 December, 181 1; died at Hat- 
boro, Montgomery County, 24 January, 1884. The occupation of his early 
business life was that of miller, which he followed at Hatboro for many years. 
In 187- he was elected Prothonotary of Montgomery County, and held that 
office three years, during which time he resided at Norristown. Returning 
to Hatboro, he engaged in business there as a retail merchant. He married, 
20 February, 1838, his cousin, Caroline Yerkes (No. 552), bom 19 October, 
1 821; died 31 August, 1862; daughter of Joseph Ball Yerkes by his wife 
Maria Rapp. 

Children of John Watson*^ and Caroline® (Yerkes) Yerkes; bom at Hatboro: 

479. Joseph Ball Yerkes*, born 6 July, 1839; married Rebecca Valentine Yerkes. 

480. Auce Watson Yerkes*, bom 22 May, 1841 ; died 13 January, 1876. 

481. Stephen Yerkes*, bom 10 March, 1843; <licd 13 August, 1848, his death being 

caused by accidentally falling from a tree. 

482. Elizabeth Yerkes*, born 17 March, 1845; died at St Louis, Missouri, 12 April 

1895, without issue ; married, 28 January, 1875, John F. Jester. 

483. Mary Yerkes*, bora 15 November, 1846; married Edward McVaugh. They 

removed West, and she is said to have died, leaving three children. 

484. Stephen Decatur Yerkes*, bora 25 December, 1849; married Anna Mary Rad- 


485. Anna Watson Yerkes*, bora 18 May, 1852; died 7 December, 1853. 

486. John Watson Yerkes*, born 29 October, 1855 ; married Mary Flora Griffith. 

169. MARY YERKES' (Stephen*, Harman', Herman^ Anthony^), 
eldest daughter and third child of Stephen Yerkes by his wife Alice Watson, 
was bom at Hatboro, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, 27 September, 1813; 
died at Brooklyn, New York, 13 July, 1896; married, i October, 1832, Hon- 
orable John McNair, bom in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 8 June, 1800; died 
near Acquia Creek, Virginia, 12 August, 1861; son of John McNair, Esq'; 
grandson of Samuel McNair, Esqr, by his wife Mary Mann, and great-grand- 
son of Samuel McNair by his wife Ann Murdock. 

Mr. McNair received an academical education, and in early life engaged 
in teaching. In 1825 he became principal of LoUer Academy, at Hatboro, 
and later established a boarding and day-school for boys in Abington Village. 
9 65 



He took a deep interest in public affairs, and was active in the Democratic 
party. In 1845 ^^ was elected Qerk of the Courts of Montgomery County, 
and held that office until 1848, and three years later he was chosen a member 
of the Thirty-second Congress, from the district composed of Montgomery 
and Delaware Counties, receiving 5925 votes against 5199 votes cast for the 
Whig candidate. Two years later he was elected by a vote of 7108, his Whig 
opponent receiving 6336 votes. On this occasion his district was composed 
of Montgomery County and a part of Philadelphia County. His service in 
Congress was from i December, 1851, imtil 3 March, 1855. Shortly after 
retiring from that body he removed to Virginia, and settled on a plantation 
in the vicinity of the Bull Run battle-groimd. 

Children of Honorable John and Mary* (Yerkes) McNair: 

487. Clara McNair*, born 13 October, 1833; married, 6 May, 1852, Alexander T. 

Levine, by whom she had issue. 

488. Stephen Yeexss McNais*, bom 16 June, 1836; died at Qeveland, Ohio, ao 

March, 1898; married, 8 April, 1854, Mattie Eleanor Knowles, by whom she 
had issue. 

489. Frederick Vallette McNair*, bom 13 January, 1839; died 28 November, 1900; 

married Gara Warren. 

490. Henry McNair*, bora 11 September, 1841; died at Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in 

1884; married Rebecca Herbert, of Norfolk, Virginia, by whom he had issue. 

491. AucE £. McNair*, bora 9 September, 1844; died in October, 1846. 

492. Robert Steele McNair*, bora 27 August, 1847; married, 22 April, 1874, Birdie 


493. John Watson McNair*, bora 8 January, 1851 ; died in December, 1854. 

494. Anthony Aoolphus McNair*, bora 3 June, 1854; married, 19 April, 1881, Ella 


I 170. REVEREND STEPHEN YERKES, D.D.» (Stephen*, Harman*, 

\ Herman*, Anthon)r^), youngest son and fourth child of Stephen Yerkes by 

his wife Alice Watson, was bom in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 27 June, 

1 81 7; died at Danville, Kentucky, 28 March, 1896. His father dying during 

i his childhood, he was placed under the guardianship of his uncle, Harman 

I Yerkes, by whom he was carefully educated. Having received all that could 

be obtained in the way of education at home and at the country schools, he 
/ was sent to a classical academy near Philadelphia. There he remained for 

three years; and in 1833, ^^ ^^^ ^S^ of sixteen, entered the freshman class at 
Yale College, from which he was graduated in 1837. Among his classmates 
were Chief Justice Waite, Honorable William M. Evarts, Professor Edwar'd 
Silliman, and Honorable Edwards Pierpont. A few months after graduation 
Hr. Yerkes went to Baltimore, Maryland, where he engfaged in teaching, a 
work which, along varied lines and steadily ascending planes, he was so faith- 
fully to prosecute for nearly sixty years. He connected himself with the church 


of which Reverend Robert J. Breckenridge, D.D., was pastor, under whose 
direction he studied theology. In 1840 he was licensed to preach, and was 
ordained to the ministry in 1843. He became pastor of the Chestnut Grove 
church, and afterwards of the Bethel church, in the Presbytery of Baltimore, 
and was for some years at the head of a classical academy which he established 
in Baltimore G^unty. In 1851, in response to an urgent call from the Tran- 
sylvania University, in Lexington, Kentucky, he became Professor of Greek 
in that institution, which position he retained until 1857, when, by a unani- 
mous vote of the Presbyterian General Assembly, which met that year in Lex- 
ington, he was elected to the chair of Hebrew and Oriental Languages, in the 
new theological seminary located at Danville in that State, which position he 
filled with distinction for nearly forty years. W. C. Young, of Danville, Ken- 
tucky, thus writes of Mr. Yerkes in the Presbyterian of 15 April, 1896: 

"The professor's chair was Dr. Yerkes's throne. The subject-matter of the depart- 
ment over which he was placed, Hebrew, is, as is well known to the average theological 
student, difficult and dry, but ever3rthing which an accomplished and gifted instructor could 
do to render its study profitable and interesting was done by Dr. Yerkes. An accurate and 
detailed knowledge of the subject brought a comprehensive and intelligent view of its rela- 
tion and surroundings. Great patience, never-failing courtesy and kindness, a real, deep, 
personal interest in each one of his students, — these qualities were possessed by him in an 
eminent degree. They made him a model professor, and secured for him the respect, 
attention, and affection of all of his students. Nothing could be more beautiful, nor more 
characteristic of the man, than the relations he sustained with his old pupils, — with many 
of them, as an adviser and friend, he maintained a constant correspondence. And none 
ever returned to Danville without calling at his hospitable home, and receiving from him 
a warm and affectionate welcome. 

" While the Seminary was Dr. Yerkes's chief field of labor, yet he was deeply interested 
in, and rendered valuable service to, the literary institution so closely connected with it, 
Centre College. Long before, and during the whole of my official relations with the college. 
Dr. Yerkes belonged to its governing board; for at least one year he taught a number of 
its classes, and in numberless ways showed that its interests came next to his heart to those 
of his own special institution, regarding the college as the natural feeder for the seminary, 
as, indeed, it has always been. 

" The intercourse of Dr. Yerkes, with the place he occupies in the hearts of the faculty 
and students of the seminary, his friends and the citizens of the town during these latter 
years, no words of mine can adequately express. How gentle and considerate of others, 
how wise in counsel, how affable and courteous in manner, how tender and sympathetic, 
how liberal and open-handed in beneficence! How we loved and reverenced him! He was 
our representative Christian gentleman. When he was taken from us, all felt that Danville 
had lost one of her best possessions and each one of us had lost a friend. 

** During the funeral services, conducted by his colleagues, all the business houses and 
banks of the town were dosed, and the solemnity of every countenance evidenced the sorrow 
that was in every heart' 


Mr. Yerkes married (i), 22 December, 1840, Mrs. Amanda (Lovdl) 
Tyson, daughter of William and Henrietta Lovell, of Baltimore, Maryland 



She was bom 6 May, 1816; died 22 May, 1872. He married (2), 13 May, 
187s, Mrs. Amelia Owsley (Rodes) Anderson, widow of Honorable William 
C Anderson, who was member of Congress from Kentucky at the outbreak 
of the Civil War. 

Children of Reverend Stephen* and Amanda (Lovdl) Yerkes: 

495. Alice Ykrkes*, died in infancy. 

496. Mary Aucb Ykrkes*, bom 19 August, 1843; married John Milton Van Meter. 

497. HiNRY McEldbrly Yirkes*, bom 14 May, 1845; died a8 January, 1889; married, 

in January, 1871, Jane Smith. 

498. William Lovell Yerkes*, born 50 June, 1847; married (i) Emma Rumsey 

Wing; (2) Maria Archer Woodford. 

499. Elizabeth Yerkes*, bora 15 April, 1851 ; married, 27 August; 1872, John S. Van 

Meter, bom 13 September, 1845; son of Solomon Van Meter by his wife 
Elizabeth Mason Stonestreet Mr. Van Meter is a clergyman, and resides at 
Paris, Kentucky. Issue: (500) Stephen Yerkes Van METER^ bom 10 
July, 1876. 

501. John Watson Yerkes*, bom i April, 1854; married Elizabeth Owsley Anderson. 

172. WILLIAM YERKES* (Harman*, Harman», Herman*, An- 
thony^), eldest son and second child of Harman Yerkes by his wife Margaret 
Long, was bom in Warminster Township, Bucks County, 8 July, 1792, and 
died at Hatboro, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, 28 July, 1826; married 
Penelope, daughter of Giles McDowell. She was baptized at the Abington 
Presbyterian Church, 27 October, 1807. 

Children of William* and Penelope (McDowell) Yerkes: 

502. Mary Yerkes*, bom i January, 1816; died 19 August, 1895; married William 

H. Force, of Flemington, New Jersey. Issue: (503) Wiluam H. FoRCB^ 
married Hannah Palmer. (504) Harman Yerkes Force\ (505) Stephen 
Yerkes FoRCE^ died in his youth. (506) Isaiah Foblce\ Had also three 
daughters whose names are not known to the writer. 

173. ANDREW LONG YERKES' (Harman*, Harman', Herman*, 
Anthony^), second son and third child of Harman Yerkes by his wife Margaret 
Long, was bom in Warminster Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 25 
August, 1794; died there, 14 July, 1862. He received from his father the 
choicest of his farms (a part of the Moland tract), situated at the junction 
of the York and County Line Roads, where he engaged in farming and resided 
tmtil his death. At one time he was also extensively interested in mail con- 
tracts and stage lines. He was a soldier in the war of 181 2 in Captain William 
Purdy's company of volunteers. He married, 26 November, 1818, Eliza 
Everhart, bom 5 February, 1800; died at Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, 4 March, 
1873; daughter of John Everhart by his wife Sarah Shubert. 



Children of Andrew Long* and Eliza (Everhart) Yerkes; all bom in War- 
minster Township : 

507. Harm AN Yerkes*, born 4 September, 1820; died 10 December, 1888; married Eliza 

Ami Ivester. 

508. Sarah £. Yerkes*, born 13 November, 1821 ; died 13 February, 1902 ; married 

Reverend Andrew Jackson Hay, a Baptist minister, who died 14 April, 1902. 
Issue: (So8a) Annie Levering Hay'. 

509. John Yerkes*, bom 10 September, 1823; died 13 October, 1842. 

510. Elwood Yerkes*, bom 27 July, 1825 ; married Amanda Bonsall Owen. 

511. Andrew J. Yerkes*, bora 9 October, 1828; died 2 September, 1868; married 

Margaret Meredith. 

512. Margaret Long Yerkes*, bora 7 December, 1832; married Dr. Isaac 2^k Coff- 


513. George Hutchinson P. Yerkes*, bora i Febraary, 1841; married, 6 September, 

1866, Elizabeth Yerkes Dager (No. 1019), bora 21 August, 1843; daughter of 
Daniel Hitner Dager, of Norristown, Pennsylvania, by his wife Mary Weaver 
Yerkes. Dr. Yerkes has been a dental surgeon since 1861, and is practising 
his profession at Doylestown. He is a member of the State Dental Society 
of Pennsylvania, the National Dental Association, and the Academy of Stoma- 
tology. Dr. and Mrs. Yerkes are Episcopalians. They have no issue living, 
but had two children who died in early infancy. 

175. ELIZABETH YERKES» (Harman*, Harman', Herman", An- 
thony^ ) , second daughter and fifth child of Harman Yerkes by his wife Mar- 
garet Long, was bom in Warminster Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 
26 May, 1800; died at Hartsville, same county, 24 May, 1875; married, 5 
January, 1826, John Craven Beans, bom in Warminster Township, 9 August, 
1802; died at Hartsville, 25 April, 1874; son of Thomas Beans by his wife 
Christiana Craven. Mr. Beans was a farmer, and he and his wife were Pres- 

Children of John Craven and Elizabeth' (Yerkes) Beans; all bora in War- 
minster Township : 

514. Thomas J. Beans*, bom 8 October, 1826; married, 28 February, 1854, Mary 

£. Shoemaker, and has issue. She was bom 9 September, 1850, and was a 
daughter of Elisha Shoemaker.* 

515. Margaset Long Beans*, born 8 March, 1828; married, 15 March, 1849, Ezra P. 

Carrell, by whom she has issue. 

516. Anna C Beans*, bom 3 Febmary, 1830. 

517. Harman Yerkes Beans*, bom 26 November, 1831 ; died at Baltimore, Maryland, 

12 June, 1864, from wounds received in battle, a8 May, 1864, while serving in 
the Union army as Sergeant of Captain Shelmire's Company, First New 
Jersey Cavalry. 

518. Catharine Jane Beans*, bora 8 June, 1834. 

519. John Johnson Beans*, bora 15 October, 1836; married, 5 October, i860, Jane 

Hart Baird, and has issue. He was for several years a justice of the peace, 
and in 1890 was elected sheriff of Bucks County. 

* See " The Shoemaker Family of Cheltenham,'' 230. 



5aa Benjamin Frankun Beans*, born 29 August, 1839; married (i) Mary 

(2) Emily Aldridge. He resides at Elk Grove, California, and has issue. 

521. Stacy Bsown Beans*, bom 22 March, 1843; married Lizzie Marlin, and has 


522. Albert Wilson Beans*, bom 10 May, 1846; died 27 July, 1877. 

176. CLARISSA YERKES' (Harman*, Harman», Herman", An- 
thony^), third daughter and sixth child of Harman Yerkes by his wife Mar- 
garet Long, was bom in Warminster Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 
12 October, 1802; died there, 12 December, 1873; married Samuel E. Mon- 
tanye, bom in 1798; died in 1856; son of Reverend Thomas B. Montanye 
by his wife Ann Edmunds. 

Children of Samuel E. and Qarissa' ^Yerkes) Montanye: 

523. Edwabd Yerkes Montanye^, bom 7 September, 1823; married (i) Rachel Terry, 

by whom he had seven children. He resides at Olney, Philadelphia. 

524. Amy Yerkes Montanye^, bora 8 December, 1824; married Bennett Carrell. 

Issue: (525) Margaret CasxeuJ, married Thomas Harper. 

526. Mary Yerkes Montanye*, bora 12 Febraary, 1827; married I. Rush Kirk, by 

whom she had three children. 

527. Thomas B. Montanye*, bom 6 September, 1828; died at Johnsville, Pennsyl- 

vania, 13 December, 1901; married Sydney Carrell, by whom she had four 

528. Harman Yerkes Montanye^, bora 6 Febraary, 1831; died 20 February, 1901; 

married Hettie Matthews. No issue. He was Register of Wills for Bucks 
County from 1887 until 1890. 
52^ Margaret L. Montanye^, bom 7 December, 1839; <lied 10 August, i86a 

177. EDWIN H. YERKES» (Harman*, Harman', Herman*, An- 
thony^ ) , fourth son and seventh child of Harman Yerkes by his wife Margaret 
Long, was bom in Warminster Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 28. 
November, 1804; died at Philadelphia, 22 Jtme, 1864; married, 21 March, 
1832, Catharine R. Williamson, of Hunterdon County, New Jersey, bom 
24 July, 1810; died at Boston, Massachusetts, 21 August, 1866. Mr. Yerkes 
was a merchant in Philadelphia. 

Child of Edwin H.* and Catharine R. (Williamson) Yerkes: 

530. Augustus Yerkes*, died 12 February, 1840, aged four years and six months. 

178. HARMAN YERKES' (Harman*, Harman', Herman*, An- 
thony^), fifth son and eighth child of Harman Yerkes by his wife Margaret 
Long, was bom in Warminster Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 9 
March, 1807; died in 1889; married, in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, 
28 September, 1833, Rebecca Valentine. Mr. Yerkes was Treasurer of Bucks 
County in 1856. 



Children of Harman^ and Rebecca (Valentine) Yerkes: 

531. John D. Yirkis*, married Mrs. Mary James; both died yotmg; and without issue. 

He studied medicine, and practised his profession in Bucks County. 
533. Masgauet Ykrkss*, married Henry M. Stewart, of Abington, and had issue. 

533. Chasles Yerkes*, died without issue; married (i) Sarah, daughter of Jacob 

Sackett; (2) Julia, daughter of Josiah Markley. 

534. Hasman Yerkes*, died in childhood. 

535. Mary Yerkes*, married Buskirk. 

536. Rebecca VALENnNE Yerkes*, married Joseph B. Yerkes (No. 479). 

537. Joseph B. Yerkes*, married Mary Boucher. 

538. Edward Yerkes*. 

539. Annie Yerkes*, married John Brady. 

54a Clara Yerkes*, married Wood 

541. Louis Yerkes*, married Heller. 


179. STEPHEN YERKES' (HarmanS Harman», Herman*, An- 
thony^ ), sixth son and ninth child of Harman Yerkes by his wife Margaret 
Long, was bom in Warminster Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 19 
May, 1809; died there, 25 July, 1865. He commenced farming on an estate 
owned by his father, situated on the west side of York Road, and adjoinii^ 
the county line. He continued there until the death of his father in 1837, 
when he removed to the Warminster homestead, which was devised to him 
by his father. He added to this estate by purchases from his brother Harman, 
and died possessed of the two farms occupied by his sons Stephen and Alfred. 
He and his wife are buried in the ground of the Southampton Baptist Church. 

He married, 13 January, 1831, Amy Hart Montanye, bom 23 October, 
181 1 ; died 22 March, 1866; daughter of Reverend Thomas B. Montanye* 
by his wife Ann Edmunds. Her tombstone gives her age at death as ''48 
years 5 months and 3 days." 

* Rbvbrbnd Thomas B. Montanyb was bom in New York Chy, sg Jsmisry, 1769, snd died at 
Sottthsmpton, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 37 September, 18S9. He was ordained to the mialitfy of 
the Baptist Church in 1788, and was for twelve years the pastor of the church at Warwick, OiaoBS 
County, New York. In 1801 he removed to Pennsylvania and became the pastor of the SootiiamplQia 
Baptist Church, and remained such until his death, serving that ancient congregation with ability and 
with great usefulness. During the war of x8is he was chaplain of the Bucks County Brigade of mllilia, 
commanded by General Samuel Smith. He married Ann Edmunds, bom 37 January, 1771 ; died % 
June, i860 ; daughter of Samuel Edmunds, of New York, by his wife Ifary Hendricks, and ooBrfn of 
Honorable John W. Edmunds, who was a Judge, and a member of Congress from New York. Mr. 
Montanye was fifth in descent from 

HONORABLB Jban db La Momtaonb, a French Huguenot, who was graduated in mecfidDe at 
the Univeisity of Leyden in 1615, and in \^ emigrated to New Nelheflanda (New Yofk), wliara h* 
became prominent in public affairs. He was highly eateemed by both Governor William Kieft and 
Governor Peter Stuyveaant, and served in the conncU off the former from 1638 until i6|S^ and in that of 
the latter from 1647 until 1696^ la i6|i he was appointed by Governor Klcft to cnmaw i nd a mffltaiy 
force scat against tiie Bni^lsli at Fort Good Hope. In 1641 ha was appointed fOMral to r*-*TrfiTl a 
force against liia Indlaaaon Staten Island, and liia fottowing year he headed a military «ipedltlon 
against the Indlanaop Long MandtWhars one Imn dra d and twenty aavagea were killed. In 1615 he 
accompanied Governor Klellonlito Ant voyage to Fort Oraafs^ to sacwa ttm frlaadridlpef thsMo- 


Children of Stephen' and Amy Hart (Montanye) Ycrkcs: 

542. Thomas Montanye Yerkes*, bom 14 November, 1831. 

543. Harman Yerkes*. bom 8 February, 1833; died 24 August, 1840. 

544. Stephen Yerkes*, bora 11 April, 1835; married Elizabeth Jamison. 

545. AooLPHUS Yerkes*, born 31 January, died 2 February, 1837. 

546. Anna Margaret Yerkes*, bora 17 January, 1841 ; died at Germantown, 13 March, 

1903; married Captain George H. Buker, who commanded a company in a 
Maine regiment during the Civil War. No issue. 

547. Harman Yerkes*, bora 8 October, 1843 '* married Emma Buckman. 

548. Alfred Earle Yerkes*, born 7 June, 1846 ; married Mary Ann Haslett 

549. Edwin Augustus Yerkes*, bora 24 October, 1849; died 21 May, 1900. 

182. JOSEPH BALL YERKES» (William*, Harman*, Herman", An- 
thony^), second son and child of William Yerkes by his wife Letitia Esther 
Long, was bom in Warminster Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 29 
April, 1797; died near Hatboro, Montgomery County, 11 July, 1876. He 
was a carpenter and builder, and in such capacity he superintended the erection 
of the house of the Union Library at Hatboro. He also conducted a hotel at 
Hatboro for a number of years, and engaged in the milling business there. 
In 1 83 1 he leased the farm of Edward Yerkes Howell, in Warminster, to 
which he removed and there farmed. He was an earnest temperance advocate, 
was active in the affairs of his neighborhood, and was recognized as a man of 
unusual mental vigor. 

He married (i) Maria, daughter of Jacob Rapp; (2), 16 March, 1824, 
Hannah John, bom 11 November, 1799; died 13 August, 1893; daughter of 
David John. 

hawks, on which occasion he conducted an analysis of the war paint of the natives, and discovered 
gold therein, to the great comfort of Governor Kieft. In 1647 he was retained in the council by Gover- 
nor Stuyvesant ; in 1648 he was despatched to the Delaware River to secure the Dutch acquisitions 
there, which was successfully done. In x^ he was in the enjoyment of an income of nearly four 
hundred dollars a month from his public offices. On 38 September, 1656, he was commissioned by 
Governor Stuyvesant Vice-Director-Gcneral of Fort Orange (Albany), and performed his first official 
act in this capacity on 12 October, same year. He served with distinction in the directorship until 
1664, when he surrendered Fort Orange to the English, and swore allegiance to the new dynasty. His 
estate {** bouwery") in New York was east of Eighth Avenue, and extended from Ninety-third Street 
north to Harlem River, containing about two hundred acres, which was called " Vredendael" (peaceful 
vale). He is mentioned in official documents (" Documentary History of the Colony of New York," 
I. 341) as " a very learned man." He married, for first wife, at the Walloon Church at Leyden, 12 De- 
cember, 1696, Rachel de Forrest, daughter of Isaac de Forrest by his wife Marie Clouz. His eldest son, 
JBAN (or Jan) db La Montagnb, Junr, was a prominent citizen of Harlem, New York, and 
deacon of the Dutch Church there. He married (i ), 14 March, 1655, Petemella, daughter of Jan Pikes, 
of Amsterdam, Holland, and had by her : 

ViNCBNT Montagnb, who married Ariantje Faub, and by her had : 

Thomas Montagnb, who married, 25 November, 1718, Rebecca Bryant, and by her had sixteen 
children, the fifteenth child being 

Bbn/amim Montagnb, who was baptised in the New York Dutch Church, x6 January, 1745, and 
marrfed ComeliA Cooper, by whom he had five children, the eldest being 
Rbvkrk9€S^ Thomas B. Montanyb, first above mentioned. 



Children of Joseph Ball' and Maria (Rapp) Yerkes: 

550. Elizabeth Yerkes*, died in infancy. 

551. Harriet Yerkes*, born 2 April, 1820; married Henry H. Wilson, of Philadelphia, 

by whom she had eight children. 

552. Caroune Yerkes*, bom 19 October, 1821; died 31 August, 1862; married John 

Watson Yerkes (No. 168). 

Children by Joseph Ball* and Hannah (John) Yerkes : 

553. David John Yerkes*, born 27 January, 1825 ; married Sarah K Taylor. 

554. Mary Yerkes*, died young. 

555. Elizabeth Yerkes*, died young. 

556. Eliza Yerkes*, died young. 

557. JosEPHENE Yerkes*, bom 25 October, 1831. 

558. William Harman Yerkes*, born 27 July, 1835; died 10 October, 1885; married 

Wilhelmine Elizabeth Hurst. 

183. MARY YERKES*^ (William*, Harman*, Herman', Anthony^), 
eldest daughter and third child of William Yerkes by his wife Letitia Esther 
Long, was bom in Warminster Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, in 
1802; died at Canton, Illinois, 22 May, 1882; married, 8 March, 1831, Theo- 
dore Thornton, who died at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 11 May, 1838, in 
the thirty-fifth year of his age. 

Children of Theodore and Mary*^ (Yerkes) Thornton; bom at Philadelphia: 

559. Stephen Yerkes Thornton*, bom 13 December, 1831. He learned the printing 

business in the office of the Doylestown Democrat, and in 1854 removed to 
Canton, Illinois, where, in 1856, he became interested in the publication of 
the Fulton County Ledger, of which he is still the publisher. He served two 
terms as Superintendent of Public Schools of Fulton County; was chosen 
a member of the Legislature of Illinois in 1872 and 1874 ; was the Democratic 
candidate for Secretary of State in 1876, and was a member of the Demo- 
cratic State Committee of Illinois from 1890 until 1894. He married, 14 Feb- 
ruary, 1858, Ann Adelaide Baudouine, of Canton. Issue: (560) Thbooosb 
Robert TH0RNT0N^ born 17 Febmary, 1859; died 10 May, 1862. (561) 
Mary Louisa Thornton^ bom 13 February, i860; died 28 April, 1862. 
(562) Ella Irene Thornton^ bom 30 September, i86i ; married, 21 October, 
1884, Charles Whiting. (563) Caroline THORNT0N^ bom 22 March, 1863; 
married, 21 November, 1895, Charles L Bolich. (564) William E. T. 
Thornton^ bora 9 July, 1868. 

565. LomsA E. Thornton*, bom 21 October, 1833. 

566. Robert Thornton*, bom 25 October, 1835; was accidentally drowned in the 

Schuylkill River at Norristown, 5 September, 1854. 

567. Thiodori W. Thornton*, bom 14 December, 1837; died at Coalvale, Kansas, 22 

December, 1885; was a dry-goods merchant at Canton, Illinois; married, 4 
November, 1875, Mary E. Bell Issue: (568) Thbodou A. TH0ftNT0N^ bora 3 
September, 1876. 

184. ANDREW LONG YERKES* (William*, Harman*, Herman*, 
Anthony^ ) , third son and fourth child of William Yerkes by his wife Letitia 

» 73 


Esther Long, was bom in Warminster Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 
2 September, 1804; died at Lombard, Cecil County, Maryland, 11 February, 
1889; married 7 January, 1830, Susan Austin Jarrett, bom at Jarrettown, 
Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, 17 January, 1810; died at Lombard, 
Maryland, i April, 1885 ; daughter of Levi Jarrett by his wife Mary Tomp^ 
kins. Mr. Yerkes was a wagon-builder. He resided for some years in Mont- 
gomery County, Pennsylvania. In 1842 he removed to Chester County, where 
he purchased an estate. Two years later he removed to Cecil County, Mary- 
land, and continued to reside there until his death. He was a Baptist, and his 
wife a Friend. 

Children of Andrew Long* and Susan Austin (Jarrett) Yerkes: 

569. Jacob T. Yerkes*, bom 22 October, 1831 ; died 25 August, 1832. 

570. Mary Jassett Yerkes*, born 13 January, 1833 ; married John Blackburn. 

571. Edward Yerkes*, bom 17 August, 1834; died 22 April, 1885; married Lucy 


572. Lbtitia Esther Yerkes*, bora 16 November, 1837; died 11 April, 1885; married 

William Sidwell. 

573. Lydia W. Yerkes*, bora 2 November, 1839; married Robert Mackey. 

574. Joseph B. Yerkes*, bora 5 October, 1844; married Mary Irwin. 

186. HANNAH YERKES* (Elias*, Silas», Herman*, Anthony^), 
daughter of Elias Yerkes, was bom circa July, 1772; died 12 February, 1844; 
married, as first wife, John Morrison, of Moreland, Montgomery County. 
He died 17 March, 1858, in the ninety-first year of his age, as appears from 
his tombstone in the graveyard of the Southampton Baptist Church, where 
he and his wife Hannah, and second wife Elizabeth, are buried. He was a 
farmer and resided in Moreland. 

Children of John and Hannah' (Yerkes) Morrison: 

575* Joseph Morrison*, bom 18 October, 1794; died 30 July, 1880; resided in North- 
ampton Township, Bucks County; was active in the militia organization, 
and held, at different times, all commissions from captain to a brigadier- 
general; also held the offices of Commissioner, County Treasurer, and Re- 
corder of Deeds, and served as Associate Judge of Bucks County from 1863 
until 1878. General Morrison married Eleanor Addis, bom 11 December, 
1802; died 8 January, 1870; daughter of Colonel Amos Addis. Issue: 
(576) Amos Addis MoRRISON^ bom 27 May, 1823; married Mary Coxhead, 
and had issue. (577) John MoRRISON^ bom 13 March, 1825; was a soldier 
in the Union army, and died in service in 1864. (578) Johnson Morrison\ 
bom 16 November, 1827; married May Hobensack, and had issue. (579) 
Ruth Ann MoRRISON^ bom 30 July, 1830; married J. K. Comell, and had 
issue. (580) Charles B. MoRRISON^ bom 31 March, 1832; married Mary 
Feaster, and had issue. (581) Eliza Ann MoRRISON^ bom 9 September, 
1835. (582) Mary Ellxn MoRRISON^ bom 2 October, 1839; married Joseph 
F. Whitel, and had issue. (583) Hannah Rebecca MoRRI80N^ bora 7 May, 



1841; died 9 March, 1842. (583^) Andrew Jackson Morrison', bom 14 
February, 1844; married Julia H. Jones, and had issue. 

584. Hannah Morrison*, bom 10 February, 1796; married, as first wife, Joseph Irwin, 

by whom she had six children. 

585. Benjamin Morrison*, bom 7 February, 1798; died in infancy. 

586. Mary Morrison*, born 5 February, 1799; married Benjamin Longstreth. 

587. Martha Morrison*, born s February, 1799 (twin of Mary) ; died 15 May, 1882. 

588. EuzA Morrison*, born 19 March, 1802; married Charles Blaker, and had 

issue: (589) Edward Blak£r\ who served in the Union army, and died 
in battle. (590) Charles Blak£r\ died 14 March, 1868, in his twenty-fourth 

year. (591) Harry Blaker^ married Qayton. (592) Jane E. V. 

BLAKER^ married Benjamin Franklin Yerkes (No. 455). (593) Hannah 
Blaker\ (594) Matilda Blaker^ married William Boucher. (595) Maria 
BLAKER^ married William Tennant Yerkes (No. 398). (596) Mary BLAKER^ 
married Dr. William Hallowell, of Horsham. (597) Martha Blaker^ mar- 
ried Charles H. McKinstry. 

598. David Morrison*, bom 18 April, 1805. 

599. Benjamin Morrison*, bom 18 April, 1805 (twin of David). 
60a John Morrison*, bom 24 October, 1807. 

601. Esther Morrison*, born 10 Febmary, 1809; died unmarried. 

602. Matilda Morrison*, born 5 November, 1810; died 20 January, 1869; married, 

after the death of her sister Hannah, Joseph Irwin, by whom she had eleven 

603. Rebecca Ann Morrison*, bom 19 March, 1813 ; married John Campbell. No issue. 

604. Jonathan J. Morrison*, born 4 March, 1815; died 14 March, 1890; married Jane 

Rapp, and had issue. 

605. Sarah Morrison*, bom 30 May, 1818; married Jones Yerkes (No. 140). 

226. SILAS YERKES« (Daniel*, Silas«, Herman^, Anthony^), eldest 
child of Daniel Yerkes by his wife Esther Lykens, was bom in Moreland, 
Montgomery County, 20 September, 1793; died near Newtown, Bucks County, 
Pennsylvania, 20 April, 1876; married Margaret Fetter, bom 8 February, 
1805; died 20 February, 1847; daughter of Casper Fetter, who died 8 Feb- 
ruary, 1829, aged sixty-eight years, four months, and twenty-six days, as 
appears from the inscription on his tombstone in the graveyard of the South- 
ampton Baptist Church. Mr. Yerkes was a farmer, and he and his wife were 

Children of Silas** and Margaret (Fetter) Yerkes; born near Richboro, Bucks 


606. Mary Yerkes*, married John Gilkinson, of Northampton, Bucks County. 

607. Theodore Yerkes*, died at Hartsvillc, Bucks County, 17 April, 1867; married 

Martha Ellen Corson, by whom he had issue: (608) I. Newton Evans 

YERKES^ died in March, 1888. (609) Emma Yerkes\ married Forsyth, 

of Bristol, Pennsylvania. 

610. Harrison Yerkes*, bom i June, 1835; died 26 May, 1902; married Mary Alice 

Van Arsdalen. 

611. Sarah Ann Yerkes*, bom 7 April, 1833; died 23 April, 1865. 

612. Sn^s Ymmlkes\ bom 22 August, 1843 ; married Elizabeth McNair Rubinkam. 



227. JONATHAN YERKES* (Daniel*, Silas', Herman*, Anthony^), 
second son and second child of Daniel Yerkes by his wife Esther Lykens, 
was bom in Moreland, Montgomery County, 3 February, 1795; died at 
Richboro, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 17 May, 1866; married, i December, 
1 82 1, Juliana CoUaday, bom 14 December, 1789; died 23 July, 1878; daugh- 
ter of William CoUaday by his wife Hannah Pastorius, the latter being a de- 
scendant of the eminent Francis Daniel Pastorius, the founder of Germantown. 
Mr. Yerkes was a farmer, and resided in Moreland, where his children were 
bom. He and his wife were Baptists, and both are buried in the graveyard 
of the Southampton Baptist Church. 

Children of Jonathan' and Juliana (CoUaday) Yerkes: 

613. WnxiAM CoLLADAY Yerkes*, born 6 October, 1823 ; married Hannah Maag Lesher. 

614. Daniel Yerkes*, bom 13 December, i8a8; married Emily Heaton. 

615. Anna Colladay Yerkes*, bom 17 April, 1831 ; died i Jwie, 1884. 

228. CHARLES YERKES' (Danid*, Silas*, Herman*, Anthony^), 
third son and third child of Daniel Yerkes by his wife Esther Lykens, was 
bom in Moreland, Montgomery County, 5 January, 1797; married Rachel, 
daughter of David Jones by his wife Elizabeth Leedom, daughter of Richard 

Children of Charles' and Rachel (Jones) Yerkes : 

616. Daniel Yerkes*. 

617. David Jones Yerkes*, married Mary Elizabeth Marpoe, and had daughter : (618) 

Bessie Shibb YERKES^ bom in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2 June, 1878; 
married William Zelotes Barrett, and resides at Newark, New Jersey. 

619. GwENN YiRKES*, married Alexander Biddle, and had issue. 

230. JANE YERKES* (Daniel*, Silas*, Herman*, Anthony^), second 
daughter and fifth child of Daniel Yerkes by his wife Esther Lykens, was 
bom in Moreland, Montgomery County, in 1803; died at Churchville, Bucks 
County, 9 December, 1884; married Simeon Fenton, bom 17 October, 179Q; 
died there, 9 October, 1866; son of Thomas Fenton by his wife Elizabeth 
Vanartsdalen. Mr. Fenton was a blacksmith and farmer, and was connected 
with the Dutch Reformed Chiu"ch at Churchville. His four eldest children 
were bom in Moreland and the others at Southampton, Bucks County. 

Children of Simeon and Jane* (Yerkes) Fenton: 

620. Esther Y. Fenton*, born 3 March, i8a6; died 26 November, 1890; married Jesse 


621. EuzABETH L. Fenton*, bom 22 July, 1828; died i September, 1869. 

622. John T. Fenton*, bom 27 March, 1831 ; married, 2X December, 1854, Amanda 

Roads, and resides at Churchville. 



623. Sarah Y. Fenton*, bom 3 January, 1833; married Richard R. Fetter, and resides 

at Southampton. 

624. Mary Ann Fbnton*, bom in 1839; died 6 September, 1872; married Jos^h 


625. Rachel C. Fenton*. 

626. Lynford Fenton*, married Hannah Rabb. 

627. Regina Fenton*, married J. Wesley Evans. 

232. HIRAM YERKES« (Daniel*, Silas«, Herman^, Anthony^), fourth 
son and seventh child of Daniel Yerkes by his wife Esther Lykens, was bom 
in Moreland, Montgomery County, 11 February, 1810; died at Philadelphia, 
19 November, 1893; married, 29 October, 1735, Anna Lewis, died at Phila- 
delphia, 2 October, 1897; daughter of Robert Lewis by his wife Sarah Fish. 
Mr. Yerkes was a farmer. 

Children of Hiram' and Anna (Lewis) Yerkes: 

628. Robert Lewis Yerkes*, born 12 September, 1836; married Mary Hudnet 

629. Sarah Esther Yerkes*, born 29 September, 1838; married George W. Moore. 

630. Martin Van Buren Yerkes*, bom 11 September, 1840; married Mary Jane 

Du Bree. 

631. David Lewis Yerkes*, bom 21 February, 1842; married Maria Raab. 

632. Simeon Fenton Yerkes*, born 8 February, 1844; married, 25 November, 1875, 

Anna Rebecca Mann; bom 26 November, 1844; daughter of Isaac Mann by 
his wife Ann Eliza Tomlinson. Mr. Yerkes is a harness manufacturer, and 
resides at Mt. Airy, Philadelphia. 

633. Daniel Hiram Yerkes*, born 21 July, 1846 ; married Emma Jane Townsend. 

634. Phebe Ann Yerkes*, bora 24 February, 1850. 

635. El WOOD Craven Yerkes*, born 4 June, 1852 ; died 14 June, 1899 ; married Abigail 

Lippincott Hepburn. 

233. HARRISON YERKES*^ (Daniel*, Silas*, Herman*, Anthony*), 
fifth son and eighth child of Daniel Yerkes by his wife Esther Lykens, was 
bom in Moreland, Montgomery County, 13 October, 181 3; died at Hatboro, 
same county, 7 April, 1890; married, 12 March, 1840, Mary Elizabeth Leshcr, 
bom 25 December, 1821; died at Philadelphia, 19 April, 1896; daughter 
of Benjamin Lesher by his wife Mary Maag. Mr. Yerkes resided at Hat- 
boro, where he engaged in farming, also as a merchant. His full name was 
William Henry Harrison Yerkes, but he wrote his name Harrison Yerkes and 
was known as such. 

Children of Harrison* and Mary Elizabeth (Lesher) Yerkes: 

636. Mary Etta Lbshxr Yerkes*, bom 25 December, 1840; married Charles C 


637. Esther Lykens Yerkes*, bom 6 April, 1834 ; married Benjamin Propert 

638. Samuel J. Creswell Yerkes*, bom 3 November, 1853; died 25 September, 1896; 

married Elizabeth B. Trimmer. 

639. WnxiAM Harrison Yerkes*, bom 3 December, 1857 ; married Emily Irene Hughes. 

640. Gbcagb C Yerkes*, bora 22 April, 1859. 



237. JACOB BUZART YERKES' (BenjaminS Silas«, Herman*, 
Anthony^), son of Benjamin Yerkes by his wife Rachel Buzart, was bom in 
Moreland, Montgomery County, 10 March, 1798; died at Columbia, Penn- 
sylvania, 18 November, 1864; married, 5 August, 1827, Maria Tyson, bom 
5 March, 1801; died 6 August, 1869; daughter of Comelius Tyson by his 
wife Susanna Stucker. 

Children of Jacob Buzart* and Maria (Tyson) Yerkes: 

641. Benjamin Frankun Yerkes*, bom 8 December, iSap; married Elizabeth Smith. 

642. Isaac Brenizen Yerkes*, born 19 February, 1832 ; died 24 January, 1892 ; married 

Catharine Dunbar. 

643. Elizabeth Yerkes*, bom 15 February, 1834; married, 19 February, 1868, Finney 

Skeen, bom at Downingtown, Pennsylvania, 8 August, 1820; died at Bain- 
bridge, Pennsylvania, 18 April, 1896; son of Benjamin Skeen by his wife Sarah 
Finney. Issue : (644) Jacob Buzart Skeen\ bom at G>lumbia, Pennsylvania, 
5 January, 1870; married, 18 April, 1900, Mary Leonard. 

645. Charlotte Yerkes*, bom 27 November, 1835 ; died 6 July, 1879 ; married Come- 

lius Shell. 

238. SILAS AYERS YERKES' (Benjamin*, Silas», Herman*, An- 
thony^), son of Benjamin Yerkes by his wife Rachel Buzart, was bom in 
Moreland, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, i November, 1799; died at 
Rochester, New York, i August, 1878. At the age of twenty-two he went 
to Rochester with his parents. For a number of years he was justice of the 
peace of the town of Gates, now a part of Rochester. In 1854 he was tendered 
a nomination to the Legislature, but declined the honor, as he intended moving 
to Lima, New York, in order that his children might have the educational 
benefits of the Genesee Wesley an- Seminary, which later became Syracuse 
University. While in Lima he engaged in business as a hardware merchant 
In 1870, he returned to Rochester, where he resided until his death. He was 
a member of the Plymouth Church in that city. He married, 25 December, 
1826, Susannah Sarah Hill, bom at Hopeton, Oneida Coimty, New York, 
25 January, 1805; died at Rochester, 8 Jime, 1872; daughter of James Hill 
by his wife Catharine le Tellier Bruff. 

Children of Silas Ayers' and Susannah Sarah (Hill) Yerkes; all bom at 

Rochester : 

646. Catharine Rachel Yerkes*, born 13 October, 1827; died 12 September, 1838. 

647. Mary Louisa Yerkes*, bom 21 September, 1831 ; died 12 March, 1832. 

648. James Hill Yerkes*, born i April, 1836; married Mary Bristol. 

649. Jane Elizabeth Yerkes*, bom 21 October, 1840; married Honorable Charles 

Simeon Baker. 

650. Charles Ayres Yerkes*, bom 17 Jwie, and died 26 July, 1847. 

651. William Henry Yerkes*, bom 11 Jwie, 1850; died 11 August, 1903; married, 

I March, 1877, Mary, daughter of Newal A. Stone. She died 10 August, 1878. 
He was a broker, and resided at Bdtsville, Maryland. 



239. ALMIRA YERKES^ (Benjamin*, Silas», Herman*, Anthony^), 
daughter of Benjamin Yerkes by his wife Rachel Buzart, was bom in More- 
land, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, in 1801 ; died at Rochester, New 
York, in January, 1863; married, 3 August, 1836, Peter Springsted, who 
died at Rochester in January, i860. 

Children of Peter and Almira^ (Yerkes) Springsted: 

652. Mary Jane Springsted*, born 2 February, 1843; married 3 December, 1861, 

William A. Coggswell, of Rochester. 

653. Theodore Springsted*, bom in 1848; has been married three times, but has no 


244. WILLIAM YERKES*^ (Joseph*, Stephen*, Herman^ Anthony*), 
eldest child of Joseph Yerkes by his wife Mary Purdy, was bom in Moreland, 
Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, 11 September, 1794; died at Novi, Mich- 
igan, 5 January, 1884. In his early childhood he accompanied his parents, 
upon their removal from Pennsylvania, to Romulus, New York, and remained 
at the latter place until his removal to, and settlement in, Michigan. In 1819 
he was commissioned ensign in the One Hundred and Twenty-eighth Regiment 
of New York militia. Of his life in Michigan, Elias S. Woodman, Esqr, in 
his paper printed in the " Proceedings of the Pioneer Society of Michigan," 
thus writes : 

"William Yerkes, in company with his cousin, Thomas Pinkerton, early in the ]rear 
1825, journeyed on foot from Ovid, New York, through Canada, by way of Chatham, Hamil- 
ton, and Detroit, to the township of Farmington, Michigan, in search of farming lands. . . . 
Mr. Yerkes selected sections 35 and 36 in this township, while others of his party chose tracts 
near by. This done, they returned by the s^me route on foot to New York, where they 
remained till March, 1826, when they again set out on foot through Canada for their chosen 
home in the West. Their families came on late in company with Joseph Yerkes, the venerable 
father of William, and arrived May 14. . . . William Yerkes was soon appointed territorial 
justice of the peace by General Cass, which he held through many terms. He held many 
offices of honor and trust in the township and county. In 1838 he was a member of the State 
Legislature, and again in 1857 and 1858, voting for the five million dollar loan negotiated in 
1838 and 1839. My acquaintance with William Yerkes dates from May, 1837, to the time 
of his death, January 5, 1884, then in the ninetieth year of his age. Through all these years 
have I been a witness of his unswerving rectitude and inborn integrity. A man whose counsel 
was sought for, whose judgment was just and timely, and whose sympathies and help were 
a comfort in those troublous times. He can be said to be one of Michigan's pioneers in the 
broadest sense of the term. I have heard him relate how he was accustomed to go on foot 
from his home in Novi to Detroit, while a member of the Legislature, taking perhaps in his 
hand a change of clothing, and a slice of com bread and venison in his pocket, and at the 
close of the session to return home in the same way, and think it no hardship." 

Mr. Yerkes was a member of the Oakland Cotmty Pioneer Society. He 
married, 5 November, 181 7, Hester Dennis, bom in New Jersey, 21 March, 



1799; died at Novi, Michigan, 11 September, 1881; daughter of Joseph 
Dennis by his wife Sarah Miller. At the " Golden Wedding^' of Mr. and 
Mrs. Yerkes, their son, Robert Yerkes, Esq^, read the following poem, com- 
posed by him: 



** We meet, my friends, on this November day, 
Recalling time full fifty years away; 
Time when these fading locks proclaim their age 
First ventured on the matrimonial stage ; 
And waiving each their separate hopes and fears, 
Joined hand and heart, for all their future years. 

** And as we gather round this roof-tree old. 
Let us the story of their passing life unfold ; 
Even as the far landscape, the wide prairies through, 
Lifts no deep chasm or rugged mountain into view ; 
And as the traveller's feet glide o'er the many miles. 
At first the plain is bright, with springtide's joyous smiles ; 
But soon a deep ravine has cleft his road in twain; 
And then an ascent, up which the toil seems vain. 
And briery untried paths go all the region through. 
And cutting winds, where fancy's softest zeph3rrs blew. 

" 'Tis so in life ; and he who in its morning forward peers 
Sees nought but green old age undimmed by falling tears. 
And when he backward glances as strength gives place to age. 
Sees the whole voyage writ on sorrow's sombre page. 

" The words that made ' These Twain' one flesh as long as life shall last 
Are mingled with things that make the far-off past ; 
But memory, flying back, has gathered one by one. 
Their trials past, their little victories won. 
And holds them on her fleeting wings to-day. 
That we may weave them in our unpretending lay. 

** When once they faced the scenes of active life, 
They waged with poverty relentless strife. 
Hard labor as their lot, they could but deem ; 
Which way they looked, there came no answering gleam 
That bade them on life's ocean idly drift, 
To wait for fortune without work or thrift 

" To earn a livelihood, the wife her shuttle plied. 
The husband pushed his boat upon the Mohawk's tide, 
And next a small wild farm they try to tame, 
A farm so small, it scarce deserved the name ; 
This sold, with small accretions, served a larger farm to buy 
Qose where Cayuga's sparkling waters lie; 



On this, although enough for present wants they gain, 
They ne'er could hope a rising family to maintain; 
Their little children from their native hearth must roam. 
Or they must seek in Western wilds a more productive home. 

" Not then as now ; the curtain of the wilderness was down. 
And all the West lay deeply shaded in its frown; 
None ventured there, save hunter free and wild. 
Or yeoman strong with hope of future home beguiled; 
But stem necessity in nature knows no law. 
And often serves on those who grieve a happier fate to draw. 

"To build a woodland home the husband goes before. 
And soon the wife comes after with her children four; 
Upon Lake Erie's wave ten days her strength was tried, 
Her sickened children tossed from side to side, 
With ceaseless cry, naught but a mother's love could bide. 

" And when they landed on that strange wild shore. 
Although their friends were there, their trials were not o'er; 
The rutted road, unlike the smooth-laid rail. 
The woodland road, soon ending in an Indian trail, 
Was the highway through which their future home they found, 
Where densest forests stretched and lowered around. 

" And now against the mighty woodland foe. 
Whose close-drawn lines, outstretching row on row, 
Held the broad acres with his ruthless ban. 
The tug of stem, relentless war began. 
A hopeless war it seemed, and hard to brook 
For those who on that stately forest look. 

" Just where we meet beneath this sheltering roof 
High up the oak-trees threw their web and woof; 
Where yonder golden-fmited orchard stands 
The wildwood held in thickly plaited bands ; 
Out on yon fields, now of their verdure bare. 
The gray wolf made his ambuscade and lair. 

"But lo! the woodman's axe, with steady peal. 
Makes the dense ranks in wild confusion reel ; 
The cumbrous trunks are thrown in many angled aisles. 
The brush is tossed in huge fantastic piles; 
The blazing fire, like sea of molten brass. 
Next turns to ashes the rough chaotic mass ; 
While round the stumpy field the zigzag fences rise. 
And springing grain quick greets the fanner's eyes. 

" Thus year by year, when for the furrow space they lack, . 
With skilful hands they push the forest back, 
Until the fraction left is saved for future use. 
When to the silvan war they bid a lasting tnsce. 




" Think not this drudgery fast binds the pioneer, 
For country pastimes oft served his lot to cheer; 
The bee lined straight from where his robber instinct led. 
That larger thieves might share his winter's bread. 

" The hunter's stealthy step along the bushy swale, 
The noiseless deer, back gazing on his trail; 
The fevered thrill, defjring doctors' laws; 
The rifle's crack, the instant breathless pause, 
The disappointed scowl if he bounds unhurt away. 
Or exultant cry if staggering marks the bullet's prey. 

"The sturdy neighbors gathered far and near. 
The log house raising and the housewife's cheer. 
The husking-bee drawn late into the night, 
The hearty laugh, the healthy, happy faces bright. 

"These and kindred pastimes, mingled with their toil. 
Kept guard against despondency's recoil; 
In some or most of these they had their share. 
Whose guests to-day we freely welcome are; 
Perhaps they had their share of sorrow too, 
Although to right their hearts were leal and true. 
For up the long course through which their lives have spun 
Full many a day of anxious care has run. 
And deep affliction drove its furrow through. 
Hiding three children from their earthly view. 

"But thanks to Him we give whose Spirit's power 
Upheld them in the pain of trial's gloomy hour ; 
Thankful stem poverty led not their feet astray. 
Or affluence lured them in the worldling's gilded way; 
Thankful not o'er much sorrow turned them to despair. 
Or joy made them oblivious of others' need and care. 
And thankful to Him who year by year has held disease at bay, 
Till now we greet them on their Golden Wedding Day. 

"in mxmobiam. 

" September ag^ 1794, Father. 1884—5 January. 

" March 21, 1799. Mother. 1881— 11 September. 

"In him were brain and brawn in high degree; 
In her were mother love and matchless industry." 

Children of William' and Hester (Dennis) Yerkes: 

654. Joseph Dknnis Yerkks*, bom 8 October, 1818; died 29 May, 1899; married 

Mary Dunlap. 

655. WnxiAM PuBDY YntKBS*, bom 23 October, 1820; died at Nortiiville, Michigan, 

21 November, 1902. His early education was obtained in the "log^ school- 
house of his neighborhood, supplemented later by several terms in a select 
school in Northville. In 1843 he entered the law-oflkes of George and Moses 
Wisner, at Pontiac, Michigan ; was admitted to the bar in 1841^ and engaged 



in the practice of the law at Northville. Four years later he removed to 
Detroit, and continued in practice there, attaining advanced rank in his 
profession. In i860 he was elected Probate Judge of Wayne County, and 
served in that office with ability for a term of four years. In 1865 he 
returned to Northville, where he spent the remainder of his life in easy 
retirement, giving his attention mostly to his farm and village properties. 
He married, 16 December, 1851, Sarah Cady, bom 13 May, 1833; died 22 
December, 1896; daughter of Daniel L. Cady, Esq^ of Northville, \j his 
wife Eliza Ellsworth. 

656. Geokge Yerkes*, bom 13 July, 1822 ; died 18 July, 1829. 

657. Mary Yerkes*, bom 26 July, 1823 ; died 6 March, 1851 ; married John C Emery. 

658. John Yerkes*, born 12 September, 1825; died 28 July, 1851, without issue; 

married Elizabeth Wing. 

659. Silas Allen Yerkes*, bom 8 November, 1827; married Eleanor Andrews 


660. Robert Yerkes*, bom 26 September, 1829; married Sarah Holmes. 

661. Theodore Yerkes*, bom 5 and died 18 September, 1831. 

662. Charles Yerkes*, bom 19 April, 1833 ; married Evelina Wells. 

663. Stephen Yerkes*, born 20 May, 1835; died at Novi, Michigan, 9 January, 1881, 

without issue; married Nellie Dunham. 

664. George Yerkes*, bom 19 April, 1838 ; married, 28 November, 1866, Jane Entrican, 

bora 4 January, 1845 ; died 30 November, 1891 ; daughter of David Entrican 
by his wife Celia Law. Issue: (665) Jessie May Yerkes^ born 11 July, 
and died 22 October, 1872. 

666. Harrison Yerkes*, bom 4 April, 1841; died, without issue, 31 July, 1899^ at 

Northville; married, 19 July, 1865, Katherine Palmer; born 12 Sq^tember, 
1841 ; daughter of James B. Palmer by his wife, Rebecca Ann Clark. 

245. JOHN YERKES*^ (Joseph^ Stephen^, Herman*, Anthony*), 
second son and child of Joseph Yerkes by his wife Mary Purdy, was bom at 
Romulus, New York, 29 August, 1799; died at Northville, Michigan, 14 
February, 1877. He was a farmer, and removed from New York and set- 
tled at Northville, about 1826. He married, 21 August, 1828, Sarah Thorn- 
ton, bom at Meredith, Delaware County, New York, 24 July, 1809; died at 
Northville, 15 March, 1896; daughter of Ira Thomton by his wife Sarah 

Children of John^ and Sarah (Thomton) Yerkes, all bom at Northville: 

667. JuuA Ann Yerkes*, bom 20 January, 1832 ; died 3 April, 1901 ; married SdMing 


668. Fannie M. Yerkes*, bom 25 September, 1833; married, 14 September, iSfj6, 

Dexter White, who died at Northville, 30 January, 1903. 

669. William Yerkes*, bom 20 December, 1835; resides at Northville; married (i), 

26 August, 1869, Rebecca, daughter of Stephen Rogers. She died 3 August, 
1^77, and he married (2), 5 February, 1879, Alice, daughter of William 
Dunlap t^ his wife Sarah Nevins. No issue t^ either marriage. 

67a Lthah a. Yerkes*, bom 9 December, 1838; married Maria Antoinette Gardner. 

671. Elizabeth Yerkes*, bora 14 February, 1840; married Isaac Newton Blackwood. 

(^ John Harmon Yerkes*, bora 29 Atigust, 1842; died 25 November, 1856. 



247. SARAH YERKES*^ (Joseph*, Stephen*, Herman*, Anthony^), 
fourth child and second daughter of Joseph Yerkes by his wife Mary Purdy, 
was bom at Romulus, New York, 26 July, 1805 ; died at Cassanova, Michi- 
gan, in 1878; married, in 1829, Ephraim H. Utley, bom in Vermont, 20 June, 
1801 ; died at Big Prairie, Michigan, 11 Jtine, 1859. 

Children of Ephraim H. and Sarah* (Yerkes) Utley: 

673. GiOKGB Utley*, born in 1830; died in December, 1888. 

674. Jankt Utley*, born 1832; died in 1894. 

675. Charles P. Utley*, born in 1837. 

676. Epheaim Utley*, bom in 1844. 

677. Saeah Utley*, bom in 1846; died in 1864. 

249. HANNAH YERKES*^ (Joseph*, Stephen', Herman^, Anthony^), 
sixth child and fourth daughter of Joseph Yerkes by his wife Mary Purdy, 
was bom at Romulus, New York, 15 December, 181 2; died at Plymouth, 
Michigan, 2 April, 1839; married, 22 September, 1829, Clark Augustus Gris- 
wold, bom at Wilmington, Vermont, 6 November, 1806; died at Northville, 
Michigan, 6 October, 1890; son of Jared Griswold. 

Children of Qaric Augustus and Hannah*^ (Yerkes) Griswold, bom at North- 

678. Saxah Euzabbth Gbiswold*, born 8 July, 1832; died 9 October, 1892; married, 

4 June, 1856^ John C. McFarlin, bom at Washington Hollow, New York, 
24 November, 1827; died at Northville, Michigan, 19 June, 1885; son of 
Levi McFarlin by his wife Betsy G>mwell. Issue: (678^) Mary Yerkss 
McFablin\ bom 20 May, 1857; married, i Febmary, 1887, James B. Hoar. 
(679) Euzabbth McFARLIN^ bom 20 January, i860; died 2 Febmary, 
1891. (680) Hakmon Clask McFarlin^ bom 22 September, 1861; died 26 
March, 1890. (681) John Pliny McFARLIN^ bom 6 December, 1865; mar- 
ried, 9 July, 1890, Minnie De Bree. (682) James B. McFarun^ bom 11 -May, 
1868; married, 6 September, 1896, Jennie Smith. (683) Madison McFarun^ 
bora 21 February, 1872. 

684.- Pliny O. Griswold*, bom 8 July, 1835 ; died 13 January, 1836. 

685. Masib Antoinbttb Griswold*, bom 18 July, 1837 ; died 13 October, 1839. 

250. JOSEPH YERKES, JuNi^ (Joseph*, Stephen*, Herman^, An- 
thony^), third son and seventh and youngest child of Joseph Yerkes by his 
wife Mary Purdy, was bom at Romulus, New York, 3 June, 181 5; died at 
South Lyon, Michigan, 6 September, 1890. He accompanied his father at 
the time the latter removed to Michigan, and he there became a farmer. He 
resided at Northville for many years, but at his death was a resident of South 
Lyon. He was a Presbyterian. He married (i), 3 January, 1837, Almira 
Whitakerj bom 3 December, 181 5; died 16 April, 1856; daughter of Henry 
Whitaker. He married (2), 8 October, 1856, Miriam Morehouse, bom at 



Barry, Orleans County, New York; daughter of Lyman Morehouse by his 
wife Eunice Sawyer. His children were bom at Northville. 

Children of Joseph Yerkes, Jun^*, by his first wife : 

686. Helen J. Yerkes*, born 26 October, 1837; died 25 April, 1865; married, i Janu- 

ary, 1867, W. Copland. 

687. Mary L. Yerkes*, born 20 July, 1841 ; died 6 March, 1851. 

688. Leander W. Yerkes*, bom 15 January, 1844; died 6 February, 1863, at Bowling 

Green, Kentucky. 

689. AucE £. Yerkes*, died 26 August, 1848. 

Child of Joseph Yerkes, Jun^*^, by his second wife : 

690. Harman Morehouse Yerkes*, bom 22 August, i860; married Lottie Dove. 

260. MARY YERKES' (Samuel*, Stephen^, Herman*, Anthony^), 
eldest child of Samuel Yerkes by his wife Elizabeth Rutherton, was bom in 
Moreland, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, 28 November, 1803; died at 
Farmington, New York, 28 October, 1841 ; married, 2 Jime, 1824, Alex- 
ander Grant, born at Ovid, New York, 22 October, 1801 ; died at Manchester, 
New York, 22 August, 1863 ; son of Abram Grant. Mr. Grant was a farmer, 
and both he and his wife were Baptists. His two eldest children were bom at 
Romulus, the next at Canandaigua, and the others at Farmington, New 

Children of Alexander and Mary* (Yerkes) Grant: 

691. Abram Grant*, bom 27 August, 1826; died 8 February, 1845. 

692. Joseph Watson Grant*, born 11 Febmary, 1832; married, 7 September, 1851, 

Mary Porter, and resides at Millers, Orleans County, New York. 

693. Elizabeth Grant*, born 11 February, 1832; died 31 December, 1861. 

694. Caroune H. Grant*, bom 26 July, 1835; married, 22 February, 1866, as second 

wife, Norman H. Baker, who had previously married her sister Mary. 

695. Yerkes Grant*, bom 24 June, 1837; died in August, 1840. 

696. Mary Grant*, bom 29 July, 1841 ; died 18 August, 1863 ; married, 5 December, 

1861, Norman H. Baker. 

261. JOSEPH YERKES*^ (Samuel*, Stephen*, Herman*, Anthony^), 
second child and only son of Samuel Yerkes by his wife Elizabeth Rutherton, 
was bom in Moreland, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, 21 Jime, 1805; 
died at Gaines, Michigan, 23 August, 1884. He was a farmer, and engaged 
in that occupation at Farmington, New York, imtil 1864, when he removed 
to Gaines, Michigan, where he purchased a farm of one htmdred and seventy 
acres, upon which he settled and made his home tmtil his death. He married 
Rosalinda, daughter of Hiram Brown. She died 13 June, 1863, aged fifty- 
six years, seven months, and thirteen days, as is learned from her tombstone 
in the cemetery at Manchester, New Yoric. 



Qiildren of Josq)h' and Rosalinda (Brown) Yerkes: 

697. Maky Ykrkes*, died 28 March, 1855, aged twenty-four years and six months. 

698. Saxah L. YntKBS*, married (i) ; (2) Israel White. 

699. Samukl Ykrkes*, died at Gaines, Michigan, 21 August, 1870. 

700. Chakles H. Ykrkes*, bom i May, 1858; died at Gaines, 6 September, 1896; 

married, 15 April, 1874, Addie S. Brown, bom 24 October, 1847; daus^ter of 
William H. Brown by his wife Hannah White. He removed with his father 
to Michigan, and there engaged in farming. No issue. 

701. Elizabeth Ykrkes*, married Charles £. Ryno. 

263. LYDIA YERKES' (Elias*, Elias», Herman^, Anthony*), eldest 
child of EHas Yerkes, Jun^", was bom in Moreland, Montgomery County, 
14 October, 181 6; married, 14 December, 1831, Samuel Lukens. Both are 

Children of Samuel and Lydia' (Yerkes) Lukens: 

702. William Alexander Lukens*, bom 15 Sq^tember, 1832. 

703. Samuel Lukens*, bom 3 October, 1834. 

704. David S. Y. Lukens*, bom 3 September, 1836. 

705. Sakah M. Lukens*, bom 8 February, 1840. 

265. JONATHAN YERKES' (George*, EHas», Herman*, Anthony^), 
probably the eldest child of George and Rebecca Yerkes, was bom in More- 
land, Montgomery Coimty, 2 May, 1784; died there, 28 June, 1854, and 
was buried in the Independent Baptist graveyard at Southampton, Bucks 
County. He married, circa 1804, his cousin, Mary Ayres (No. 56), only 
child of Charles Ayres by his wife Esther Yerkes. She survived her hus- 
band, and, declining administration on his estate, the same was granted, 
22 July, 1854, imto his eldest son, Edward Yerkes. His personal estate was 
appraised at fourteen thousand dollars. He was a farmer, and resided on a 
large farm on the Byberry and Hatboro Road, west of the " Sorrel Horse 
Inn." Mr. Yerkes was a man of large physical proportions, weighing three 
hundred pounds. 

Children of Jonathan* and Mary (Ayres) Yerkes : 

706. Eliza Bowsn Yerkes*, bora 3 August, 1805; died 25 December, 1864; married her 

cousin, William Yerkes (No. 275). 

707. Edwasd Yerkes*, married Sarah Ami Dungan. 

708. Israel Hallowell Yerkes*, bora in 1813 ; died in October, 1885 ; married Mar- 

garet Clayton. 

709. George L. Yerkes*, married Susan Baraes. 

268. SUSANNA YERKES^ (George*, Elias», Herman", Anthony^), 
probably the youngest daughter of George and Rebecca Yerkes, was bom in 
Moreland, Montgomery County, circa 1791; died 13 August, 1877; mar- 



ried Jesse Edwards, who died 26 July, 1838, in the forty-ninth year of his 
age. Both are buried in the graveyard of the Southampton Baptist Church. 
Besides the children named below, they are said to have had two sons, Alfred 
and George. 

Children of Jesse and Susanna*^ (Yerkes) Edwards: 

710. Susanna Edwakds*, married Charles Walton. They were the parents of F. Theo- 

dore Walton, Esq', who was for some years Recorder of Deeds of the County 
of Philadelphia, and a prominent hotel proprietor. 

711. Habkiet Edwasds*, died 2 September, 1867, aged fifty-four years, eight months, and 

six days; married Charles Hall. 

712. Eliza B. Edwasds*, died 25 September, 1835, aged nine years and one month. 

269. ANN YERKES*^ (Arthur*, EHas», Herman*, Anthony^), eldest 
child of Arthur Yerkes by his wife Elizabeth Hart, was bom in Moreland, 
Montgomery County, 27 July, 1798; married, 26 December, 1820, William 
Michener, bom 30 August, 1800; son of Thomas and Ann Michener. They 
resided near Morgan's Mills, in Moreland. 

Children of William and Ann** (Yerkes) Michener: 

713. Charles Michener*, bom 17 November, 1821; died circa 1890; married, 3 De- 

cember, 1846, Catharine Spotts. No issue. 

714. Elizabeth Yerkes Michener*, born 22 March, 1823 ; married, in September, i8mA 

John Murray, bom 28 December, 1819. They had issue. 

715. Arthur Watts Michener*, bom 23 September, 1832. 

270. ELI AS YERKES** (Arthur*, Elias», Herman*, Anthony^), eldest 
son and second child of Arthur Yerkes by his wife Elizabeth Hart, was bom 
in Moreland, Montgomery County, 20 June, 1800; died at Southampton, 
Bucks County, 2 July, 1875. He was a farmer, and a member of the South- 
ampton Baptist Church, in the graveyard of which both he and his wife are 
buried. He married, 30 December, 1824, Harriet Krewson, bom 25 Sep- 
tember, 1806; died 28 November, 1880. 

Children of Elias* and Harriet (Krewson) Yerkes; bom at Davisville, Bucks 


716. Eliza Ann Ykrkes*, bora 6 December, 1825; died 30 March, 1902; married Henry 


717. Hannah Shay Yerkes*, bora 3 January, 1828; married Stephen De G>ur8cy. 

718. Amanda Wh^helmina Yerkes', bora 5 August, 1830; died 14 August, 1844. 

7ig. WnxiAM Watts Davis Yerkes*, bora i November, 1832; married Mary Ann 

720, Rebecca Jane Yerkes*, bora 5 Sq^tember, 1835. 

721. Amy Hart Terkes*, bora 14 November, 1837; married Isaac Qarkson Addis. 
723. Harriet Ellen Yerkes*, bora 16 June, 1840; died a6 Janoary, 1873; married* 12 

March, i973» George Propert, a ship-builder, of Camden, New Jersey; bora at 




Philadelphia, 6 February, 1840; son of Jacob Propert by his wife Sarah £. 
Crosscup. Issue: (723) Josiah Kerper Propekt', born 11 January, 1Q73. 

724. Sarah Emma Yerkes', bom 13 June, 1843; died 12 April, 1891, witiiout issue; 

married, 13 January, 1886, Joseph P. Deal. 

725. Laura Augusta Yerkes', bom 3 June, 1848. 

271. HORATIO GATES YERKES' (Arthur*, Ellas', Herman^, 
Anthony^ ) , second son and third child of Arthur Yerkes by his wife Elizabeth 
Hart, was bom in Moreland, Montgomery County, 22 June, 1802; died at 
Davisville, Bucks County, 4 February, 1861; married, 8 November, 1827, 
Eliza Ann Addis, bom 18 September, 1805; died 14 August, 1902; daughter 
of Colonel Amos Addis by his wife Ruth Green. Mr. and Mrs. Yerkes, and 
also their parents, are buried in the graveyard of the Southampton Baptist 
Church. Mr. Yerkes was a farmer and a prominent citizen, and resided on 
his farm in Bucks County, on the road leading from the Southampton Baptist 
Church to Davisville. 

Children of Horatio Gates** and Eliza Ann (Addis) Yerkes; bom at Davis- 

726. JuuA Ann Yerkes', bom 25 August, i^; died 28 October, 1844. 

727. Elizabeth Jane Yerkes', bom 20 December, 1829; married, 8 June, 1853, Bezaliel 

Croasdale, bom 29 March, 1829 ; son of Ezra and Elizabeth Croasdale. Issue : 
(728) James Madison Croasdale^ bom 26 February, 1854. (729) Flora 
Ou)ASDALB^ bom 25 May, 1857. (730) Charles W. Croasdale^ bom 20 Janu- 
ary, 1864. 

731. Eleanor Morrison Yerkes*, bom 27 October, 1831 ; died 12 May, 1875 ; married 

Moses Yerkes (No. 439). 

732. Sarah Michener Yerkes*, bom 5 May, 1833; married, 4 March, 1858^ David 

Cherry, bom 25 November, 1825; son of George and Esther Cherry. Issue: 

(733) Mary Ann Cherry^ bom 7 December, 1859; died i January, 1862. 

(734) William Cherry\ bom 10 August, i860. (735) Ella Cherry', twin of 
William. (736) George Cherry^ bom 28 Febmary, 1864. 

737. Amos Addis Yerkes*, bom 2 January, 1836 ; married Rebecca Slack. 

738. Ruth Addis Yirkbs*, bora 6 June, 1837; married, 24 December, 1863, Charles 

Addis. No issue. 

739. Amy Rebecca Yerkes*, bom 26 April, 1839; married. Charles Wynkoop; bom 19 

October, 1839; son of Garret and Mary Wynkoop. Issue: (740) Rebecca 
741. Mary Louisa Yerkes*, bom 4 May, 1841; married, 11 February, 1866, James 
Thompson, bom at Northampton, 30 November, 1838; son of Hugh Thomp- 
son by his wife Ellen Johnson. Mr. Thompson is a farmer, and resides at 
Hatboro, Pennsylvania. Issue: (742) Harvey D. Thompson^ bom 20 Janu- 
ary, 18^; married, 17 November, 1897, Anna J. Stackhouse. (743) James 
Byron TH0MPS0N^ bom 27 August, 1869. (744) Anna E. TH0MPS0N^ bom 
18 January, 1871. (745) Eleanor Mary Thompson*, bom 5 June, 1875. 

746. Arthur Watts Yerkes*, bom 26 March, 1843 ; married Margaret H. Hallowell. 

747. Joseph Morrison Yerkes*, bom 30 December, 1845 ; married Hannah Ann Walker. 

748. Emma Luetta Yerkes*, bom 8 April, 1849; died 29 December, 1891 ; married, 5 

January, 1881, Lloyd Walker, bora at Horsham, Montgomery County, 25 


February, 1845; son of Samuel Walker by his wife Louisa Rebecca Wells. 
Mr. Walker is a farmer, and resides at Johnsville, Bucks County. Issue : (749) 
Samuel Chasles Walkir, Junb\ (750) Ada Quint Walker\ (751) Hn- 
intT Walker^ 

275. WILLIAM YERKES' (Arthur^, Elias», Herman*, Anthony^), 
third son and fifth child of Arthur Yerkes by his wife Elizabeth Hart, was 
bom in Moreland, Montgomery County, 23 September, 1807; died at Frank- 
ford, Philadelphia, 9 February, 1888. In some of the family records he is 
called William Hart Yerkes, but on his tombstone no middle name is given. 
He married, 10 August, 1829, his cousin, Eliza Bowen Yerkes (No. 706), 
bom in Moreland, 3 August, 1805; died 25 December, 1864; daughter of 
Jonathan Yerkes by his wife Mary Ayres. Mr. and Mrs. Yerkes are buried 
in the graveyard of the Southampton Baptist Church, where the tombstone of 
Mrs. Yerices bears this inscription : " Eliza B. Yerkes, wife of William Yerkes, 
who died in the triumph of the faith of God's Elect, December 25, 1864, aged 
59 years 4 months and 22 days." 

Children of William*^ and Eliza Bowen* (Yerkes) Yerkes; all bom in More- 
land, excepting the three yoimgest, who were bom in Kent County, 
Delaware : 

752. Jonathan Yerkes', bom 2 April, 1830; died 24 May, 1897; married Miranda 


753. Elizabeth Yerkes*, bom i May, 183 1 ; married, 24 November, 1853, Harrison B. 

Puff, son of Jacob and Ann Puff. He died 8 March, 1854, without issue. 

754. Arthur Yerkes*, bora 28 August, 1832 ; died 15 August, 1833. 

755. Mary Yerkes*, bora 17 January, 1835. 

756. Harriet Yerkes*, bora 5 May, 1836; died 11 May, 1858; married, 12 March, i857» 

William Keas. Issue: (757) Benton Hart Keas\ bora 21 April and died 17 

August, 1858. 
758. Christopher K. Yerkes*, bora 17 April, 1838; married Maria Yerkes. 
759- AucE V. Yerkes*, bora 24 November, 1839; married her cousin, Frank Yerkes 

(No. 1466). 
76a Jane S. Yerkes*, twin of Alice, bora 24 November, 1839; married Josiah G. 


761. Rebecca K. Yerkes', bora 10 October, 1841. 

762. Edward A. Yerkes*, bora 14 March, 1843; died 21 July, 1900; married Anne 


763. Margaret A. Yerkes', bora 28 October, 1846; married >^liam J. Kenderdine. 

277. ARTHUR WATTS YERKES' (Arthur*, Elias», Herman^, 
Anthony*), fifth son and seventh child of Arthur Yerkes by his wife Eliza- 
beth Hart, was bom in Moreland, Montgomery G>unty, 3 October, '1813; 
died at Davisville, Bucks Q>unty, 11 November, 1856; married, 9 February, 
1843, Charlotte Knight, bom, according to family records, 12 March, 1819; 
or, according to age given on her tombstone, 12 November, 1819; died 6 
» 99 


April, 1868. She was a daughter of Deacon Jonathan and Elizabeth Knight. 
Mr. Yerkes was a carpenter and builder. He was a Baptist, and both himself 
and his wife were buried in the graveyard of the Southampton Baptist Church. 

Children of Arthur Watts* and Charlotte (Knight) Yerkes : 

764. WnxiAM Hast Yerkes*, born $0 October, 1843 ; married Hannah Ann Matthews. 

765. Amy Davis Yerkes*, bom 19 June, 1845; died 23 April, 1862. 

766. JoHK Knight Yerkes*, bom $0 June, 1848. He is cashier of the American Ice 

Company, at Washington, D. C^ and married there, 15 May, 1877, Mary L. 

767. Isaac Yerkes*, bom $0 December, 1850; died 8 October, 1851. 

278. ELIZABETH YERKES* (Arthur*, Elias», Hermarf, Anthony^), 
the eighth and youngest child of Arthur Yerkes by his wife Elizabeth Hart, 
was bom in Mordand, Montgomery G>unty, 14 March, 181 6, and is deceased. 
She married, 29 January, 1846, Isaac Qarkson Addis, bom 30 September, 
1819; died in November, 1898; son of Amos and Amy Addis. Mr. Clarkson 
was a farmer, and resided for some years in Warminster, Bucks Qmnty, but 
removed to Southampton, same county, where he resided at his death. 

Children of Isaac Clarkson and Elizabeth* (Yerkes) Addis : 

768. C heis tophee Kbewson Addis*, bom 2 December, 1846; died 4 August, 1847. 

769. Amy Addis*, bom 25 May, 1849^ and is deceased. 
77D. Ahha Addis*, bora 21 April, 1852, and is deceased. 

771. HowAXD Addis*, bom 10 April, 1856. 

279. JOSEPH WALN YERKES^ (Jonathan*, Titus', Herman', An- 
thony^), ddest child of Jonathan Yerkes by his wife Elizabeth Jarrett, was 
bom at or near Germantown, Philadelphia, 11 September, 1790; died at 
Damascus, Wayne G>unty, Pennsylvania, 20 January, 1854. He accom- 
panied his parents upon their removal from Gomantown to Damascus, and 
continued at the latter place until the end of his life. He was a farmer and 
lumberman, and a member of the Baptist Chiu-ch at Damascus. He married, 
4 January, 1816, Elizabeth Burcher, bom at Westminster, England, 13 Sep- 
tember, 1792; died at Damascus, 4 May, 1874; daughter of William Burcher 
by his wife Elizabeth Passmore. 

Children of Joseph Wahi' and Elizabeth (Burcher) Yerkes; all bom at 


772. Caboliki Elizabeth Ynms*, bom 25 Janaary, 1817; died at Honesdale, Penn- 

sylvania, 28 September, 1848; married, in 1837, Oren Bentley, bom in Orange 
Cotmty, New York, 15 August, 1815; died at Gainesville, Georgia, in 1890. 
Issue: (773) Julia V. Bentlky', bom 3 March, 1838; married Volney Skin- 
ner, bom 7 July, 1831, and by him bad issue. (774) William Clakk Bbitilby', 
bom 3 May, i&^i ; died in June, 1863. (775) Kathaumb Elxzabbth Bbitilby', 




born 7 August, 1844; died 3 May, 1894; married, in October, 1874, Thomas 

776. WnxiAM BuRCHER Yerkes*, bom i April, 1820; died 24 June, 1866, unmarried. 
^^^, Jonathan Yerkes*, bom 14 October, 1823 ; died 13 January, 1894 ; married Phd)e 

T. Burcher. 

778. Jarrett Passmore Yerkes*, bom 3 July, 1826; died 24 November, 1879; voaX" 

ried Katharine Tennant. 

779. Warren Dim mock Yerkes*, bom 28 February, 1829; married Margaret Hannah 


780. RoxANNA Yerkes*, bom 22 December, 1831 ; died 26 July, 1844. 

280. TITUS YERKES* (Jonathan*, Titus', Herman*, Anthony^), 
second son and second child of Jonathan Yerkes by his wife Elizabeth Jarrett, 
was bom at or near Germantown, Philadelphia, 25 December, 1791 ; died at 
Corunna, Michigan, 10 August, 1869; married, in 1817, Helen Burcher, bom 
near London, England, 17 January, 1800; daughter of William Burcher by 
his wife Elizabeth Passmore. Mr. Yerkes was a farmer, and sold his farm in 
Damascus about 1832 and removed to Corunna, Oakland County, Michigan, 
where he purchased an estate, and continued farming until his death. His 
four eldest children were bom at Damascus, and the others at Comnna. He 
was a Baptist. 

Children of Titus® and Helen (Burcher) Yerkes: 

781. Akianna Yerkes*, born 6 June, 1818; died at Vernon, Michigan, 13 November, 

1885; married, 11 November, 1841, Henry Ward, bom 8 October, 1814; died JO 
December, 1884. Issue: (78i») Lucien Wakd^ bom 25 February, 1847; died 
21 February, 1850. (78i*>) Julia M. Wakd^ bora 16 April, 1852; married Dr. 
W. H. Barr. 

782. G)nstantine Yerkes*, born 28 September, 1821 ; died at Vemon, Michigtn, 2 

February, 1875; married Eliza Martin. 

783. EuzABETH Yerkes*, born 20 August, 1824; married Silas Dunlap. 

784. Adelaide Yerkes*, bora 22 January, 183 1 ; married Jerome Sprague. 

785. Margaret Yerkes*, born 16 June, 1834; married (i) Almond Gilbert; (2) John 


786. Sarah Yerkes*, bora 5 March, 1838; married Eli Martin. 

787. Harriet Yerkes*, born 14 April, 1845; married, 18 June, 1874, Richard Hannm, 

bom in Jefferson County, Pennsylvania, 21 January, 1847 ; son of Isaac Drake 
Hanna by his wife Csmthia M. Kingsley. Mr. Hanna is a farmer, and resides 
at Corunna, Michigan. Issue : (788) Henry Hanna', bom 12 September, 1876. 

281. JACOB PAUL YERKES* (Jonathan*, Titus', Herman*, An- 
thony^ ) , third son and third child of Jonathan Yerkes by his wife Elizabeth 
Jarrett, was bom at or near Germantown, Philadelphia, 9 February, 1794; 
died at Evansville, Indiana, 15 December, 1836; married, at Damascus, Wayne 
County, Pennsylvania, 27 November, 181 5, Huldah Lord Skinner, bom 30 
September, 1798; died in Scott Township, Vanderburg Cotmty, Indiana, 11 
March, 1869. From the time of the removal of his parents to Damascus until 



1836 Mr. Yerkes resided at the latter place, and there engaged in forming. 
In that year he removed, with his family, to Indiana, and settled at Evans- 
ville. Soon after his arrival there he was stricken with the fever then so 
prevalent in that section, and remained an invalid until his death, the next 
year. To Mrs. Yerkes fell the responsibility and task of rearing and main-* 
taining their ten minor children. She was a woman of remarkable energy 
and intelligence, and met the responsibility thus cast upon her with the 
courage of a Spartan mother. One correspondent, in writing of her in this 
connection, says, ''Mrs. Yerkes reared her family in such a way that, in 
whatever community they have cast their lot, they have left a mark for up- 
rightness, temperance, and morality. Some of them have reached positions of 
prominence above their fellow-men. . . . She was far-seeing and wise above 
her generation. She w^ the good angel in the community wherever she lived. 
Men of letters, physicians, and ministers sought her advice and counsel." 

Children of Jacob Paul^ and Huldah Lord (Skinner) Yerkes; all, except the 

youngest, bom at Damascus : 

789. Ahxua Lydia Yntxss*, born 10 October, 1816; died 13 December, 1893; married 

George B. McCutchan. 

790. Jonathan Paul Yerkes*, bom 19 April, z8i8; died 2 January, 1876; married 

Eliza Ellen Hunter. 
79Z. Reuben Skinner Yerkes*, bom a8 January, 1820; died 9 June, 1890; married 

Harriet Agnes Martin. 
79a. Haxriet Clarissa Yerkes*, bom 21 September, 1821 ; married John W. Graham, 

and by him had issue. 

793. Margaret Ann Yerkes*, bom i May, 1823; died 4 February, 1888; married, 25 

October, 1846^ Joseph F. Sharpe. No issue. 

794. David Oliver Yerkes*, bom 23 April, 1825; died 22 June, 1825. 

795. Charlotte Nancy Yerkes*, bom 29 July, 1826; di^ at Mt Vemon, Indiana, 7 

July, 1851 ; married, 13 December, 1848, Jay Wilson. No issue. 

796. Annie Mollie Yerkes*, bom 12 September, 1826; died 19 May, 1878; married (i) 

William C Hensley; (2) Samuel K. Casey. Issue by both marriages, but 
names of same not obtained. 

797. JuuA CuLPURNiA Yerkes*, bom 17 January, 1831 ; married David Rollin Malone. 

798. Elizabeth Jarrett Yerkes*, bom 8 April, 1833 ; married Calvin R. Howe. 

799. HoNORA Hannah Yerkes*, bom 20 August, 1835 ; married Linfred H. Hauss. 

283. MARY ANN YERKES* (Jonathan*, Titus^, Herman*, An- 
thony^ ) , ddest daughter and fifth child of Jonathan Yerkes by his wife Eliza- 
beth Jarrett, was bom at or near Germantown, Philadelphia, 24 January, 1798; 
died at Orion, Michigan, 3 January, 1864; married, 6 March, 1816, Elijah 
Bailey Clark, bom at East Lsrme, G>nnecticut, 23 November, 1792; died at 
Orion, 10 July, 1884; son of Josiah Qark by his wife Elizabeth Bailey. He 
was a farmer and miller, and followed such occupations at Damascus, Wayne 
County, Pennsylvania, for some years prior to 1834, when he removed with 



his family to Oakland County, Michigan, and made a settlement upon a farm 
in the town of Orion, where he maintained his home until his death. His 
six eldest children were bom at Damascus, and the others at Orion. 

Children of Elijah Bailey and Mary Ann*^ (Yerkes) Qark: 

800. Elizabeth Dorinda Clask*, born 17 August, 1817; married, in 1835, Charles C. 


801. LoRETTA Margaret Clark*, born 27 December, 1819; died at Orion, 23 April, 1863; 

married John Howarth. 

802. Catharine Clark*, bom 5 March, 1822 ; died i October, 1896 ; married Washing- 

ton Bowlby. 

803. Tacy Ann Clark*, bom 20 September, 1824 ; married Charles Bowlby, and resides 

at Pontiac, Michigan. 

804. Ron AiNE Clark*, bom 20 August, 1826 ; married Emily Youdan, by whom he has 

issue. He resides at Orion. 

805. Leonidas Clark*, bom 2 March, 1829; died i May, 1B30. 

806. JosiAH Clark*, bom 22 June, 1833; died 6 January, 1902; married Jane £. 


807. Adoniram Judson Clark*, bora 29 December, 1835 ; married Ellen Green. 

808. WiLUAM Chauncey Clark*, bom 22 May, 1838; married Helen Robertson. 

809. Sylvanus Smith Clark*, born 15 May, 1840; married Almeda Buckbee, and 

resides at Fenton, Michigan. 

286. SEBASTIAN JARRETT YERKES' (Jonathans Titus', Her- 
man', Anthony*), sixth son and eighth child of Jonathan Yerkes by his wife 
Elizabeth Jarrett, was bom at Damascus, Wayne Coiuity, Pennsylvania, 11 
June, 1805; died there, 9 September, 1889; niarried, 18 July, 1841, Mary 
Burr Sherwood, bom in Connecticut, 18 May, 1823; died 28 February, 1900; 
daughter of Albert S. and Polly B. Sherwood. Mr. Yerkes was a fanner, 
and resided at Damascus. He and his wife were Baptists. 

Children of Sebastian Jarrett* and Mary Burr (Sherwood) Yerkes; bora at 

Damascus : 

810. Mary Euzabbth Yerkes*, born 21 February, 1843; married Hiram Goodman 


811. Helen Burr Yerkes*, bom 4 March, 1849; died 30 October, 1885; married Henry 

D. Wilsey. 

287. DAVID SHIELDS YERKES* (Jonathans Titus', Herman*, 
Anthony^ ) , seventh son and ninth child of Jonathan Yerkes by his wife Eliza- 
beth Jarrett, was bom at Damascus, Pennsylvania, 23 April, 1807; died in 
Washington G>unty, Wisconsin, i January, 1894; married, at Damascus, 
circa 1826, Caroline Calkins, bom 30 March, 1810; died 9 June, 1870. Mr. 
Yerkes was a lumberman and miller. After carrying on business for some 
years at Damascus, he removed to Wisconsin, where at various points he con- 
ducted lumber-mills. 



Children of David Shields^ and Caroline (Calkins) Yerkes : 

812. Marion Yntxss*, born 21 December, 1827; died in 1900; married Franklin Philips. 

813. Ouvn Yerkes*, bom 24 May, 1830; married, 28 July, 1857, Catharine Wicker; 

bom 26 September, 1838; daughter of James Dyer Wicker. He is a former, 
and resides at Colby, Wisconsin. 

814. Hannah £. Yerkes*, bom 22 December, 1835 ; died 3 August, 1845. 

815. Marilla a. Yerkes*, bom 22 December, 1835; died 14 May, 1899; married 

Jerome Nelson. 

816. Lydia Luollia Yerkes*, bom 8 December, 1838; married (i) Daniel Getchell; 

(2) F. O. Thorp, £sq>^, a lawyer, who died in Washington; (3) Olin Baker. 

By her first marriage she had : (817) Alice Getchell', married Teed. 

(818) Walter Getchell^ 

819. George Washincton Yerkes*, bom in Michigan, 8 November, 1840; married, 

I December, 1867, Martha Baker, bom in England, 8 July, 1843 ; daughter of 
Joseph Baker by his wife Martha Bodington. He leamed the milling trade, 
and for twen|y-three years followed that business in Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, 
and Michigan. For some years he owned a farm near Atkinson, Iowa, and 
devoted himself to agriculture. In 1884 he came to Eagle, Wisconsin, and 
in partnership with H, R Salsich, purchased the lumber-yard of Qemons & 
Hall, the new firm becoming George W. Yerkes & Co. He is now engaged at 
Milton Junction, Wisconsin, as a lumber, furniture, and coal dealer. He is a 
member of the Masonic Fraternity, and has been Treasurer, Junior Warden, 
and Senior Warden of his lodge. 

820. Sarah E. Yerkes*, bom at La Salle, Michigan, 29 April, 1843 ; married, 25 De- 

cember, 1870, Eli Hanks, bom 16 August, 1835 ; son of Amos Hanks, Jun>^, of 
Granville, New York, by his wife, Abbie Elvira Brown. Issue: (821) Almah 
Elizabeth HANKS^ bom 25 October, 1874. 

289. ROBERT ANSLEY YERKES* (Titus*, Titus', Herman*, An- 
thony^), eldest child of Titus Yerkes by his wife Mary Streper, was bom in 
Lower Merion Township, Montgomery G>unty, Pennsylvania, 20 August, 
1804; died in Illinois, 21 May, 1859; married Regina Husband. 

Children of Robert Ansley* and Regina (Husband) Yerkes: 

822. Titus Yerkes*, became a physician, and settled in the practice of medicine in 

823* RoBEST Ansley Yerkes*, became a baptist clergyman, and settled in the West 

290. RICHARD ECKROYD YERKES* (Titus*, Titus', Herman', 
Anthony^), second son and second child of Titus Yerkes by his wife Mary 
Streper, was bom in Lower Merion Township, Montgomery County, 17 March, 
1809; died at Georgetown, Colorado, 23 March, 1877; married, in 1833, Mrs. 
Lydia Walton, nie Husband, a sister of the wife of his brother Robert Ansley 
Yerkes. He succeeded his father in the manufacture of cotton yams, at 
Yerkesville (now Terwood), Montgomery County, but discontinued the same 
upon the destmction of his factory by fire. He was a Presb)rterian, and is 
buried in the graveyard of the Abington Presb)rterian Church. 


Children of Richard Eckroyd® and Lydia (Husband) Yerkes: 

824. Robert Ansley Yerkes*, died 17 October, 1838, aged three years and three months. 

825. Richard Yerkes*, bom 21 August, 1837; married (i) Ella Cartwright; (2) 

Margaret Powers. 

826. Joseph Paul Yerkes*, born 26 July, 1839 ; died 25 June, 1903 ; married Elizabeth 


827. Mary Yerkes*, married William Tyson. Issue : (827*) Frank Tyson*. (827t>) 

Joseph Tyson'. (827c) Richard Tyson\ (827^) Mary V. Tyson'. (827*) 
William H. TYSON^ (827') Howard Tyson'. 

828. Josephine Yerkes*. 

829. Caroline Yerkes*, married (i) Winder Knight; (2) William Cona^ and had 

issue by both husbands. 

830. Angelina Yerkes*. 

291. MARY PAUL YERKES' (Titus*, Titus», Herman*, Anthony*), 
only daughter and third child of Titus Yerkes by his wife Mary Strepcr, was 
bom 12 June, 181 4; died at Philadelphia, 4 December, 1890; married, 22 
July, 1834, Joel Cook, Esqr, bom in Burlington County, New Jersey, circa 
1796; died at Philadelphia, 9 October, 1873; son of Joel Cook, Sen*", by his 
wife Keturah Miers, and a descendant of Captain Thomas Cook, who came 
to America in 1635, landing at Boston, and subsequently settled at Ports- 
mouth, Rhode Island, where he died in June, 1677. Joel Cook, the younger, 
settled in Philadelphia about 1808, and some years later purchased premises 
No. 189 (old number) Chestnut Street, almost directly opposite the entrance 
to Independence Hall. He was frequently elected Alderman of Chestnut Ward, 
of the old city of Philadelphia, and served in this capacity many years, and 
frequently, in the absence of the mayor, he acted in the latter capacity. He 
was present during the Native American riots, and actively participated in the 
work of directing the police force in enforcing order at the time St Augus- 
tine's Church was burned, on which occasion he was wotmded in the thigfa 
by a spent bullet from the pistol of one of the mob. 

Upon the consolidation of Philadelphia Mr. Cook declined further re-elec- 
tion to the aldermanship, and retired to private life. He was always prominent 
in Whig politics, and was the associate of Morton McMichael, William B. 
Reed, George W. South, Thaddeus Stevens, and other leaders of that party 
in Pennsylvania. 

Children of Joel and Mary Paul* (Yerkes) Cook; bom at Philadelphia: 

831. GusTAVUS Benson Cook*, bom 19 July, 1838; died 6 January, 1867. 
833. Joel Cook*, bom 20 March, 1842; married Mary Jane Edmunds. 

833. RicHABo Ykrkes Cook*, bom 25 February, 1845 ; married Lavinia Borden. 

834. William Cook*, bom 18 July, 1848; died z6 May, 1893; married, 24 March, 1873, 

Mary Earle. Issue: (835) Giobgb Eailk CooK^ 



298. JOHN YERKES' (Robert", Anthony*, An- 
thony^, Herman^, Anthony'), eldest child of Robert Yerkes 
by his wife Mary Wright, was born 7 July, 1799; died 27 
January, 1886; married, about 1823, Diana Krewson, bom 
17 January, 1805; died 27 January, 1884; daughter of Isaac 
Krewson by his wife Lydia Egbert. Mr, Yerkes resided 
during the greater portion of his life in the neighborhood of 
Davisville, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and successfully 
carried on carpentering, and was, for many years, an under- 
taker. His wife, through her kindly attentions to the sick, 
was much esteemed and beloved in the community in which 
she lived. 
Oiildren of John" and Diana (Krewson) Yerkes: 

836. Ann S. Ykskcs', born 13 September, 1834; died 21 Januarr, 
i8g6; married, 21 March, 1850, Charles B. Ridge, bom aa 
November, 1829; died 16 October, 1890. Issue: (837) 
Sylvesteb Ridge*, bom 31 January, and died 30 July, 1852. 
(838) Kbewson Yeskes Riuce", bom 24 November, 1863; 
married, it August, 1886, Anna A. Clark, by whom he has 
a daughter: (839) Miuam*, bom 28 August, 1893. 
840. Louisa Kbewson Yebkks', bom 1 September, 1827; married 
Christian W. Sbuman. 


841. Thomas YIuas^ born 11 September, 1829; died 18 July, 1861; married Tacy A. 


842. Lyma Ann Yirxbs\ bom 13 March, 1833; married Morris Headier. 

843. RoBBBT Yerkb8\ bom 8 February, 1835; died 4 March, 1836. 

844. Kbbwson Yerxss', bom 19 July, 1837 ; married Lydia S. Leigfaton. 

845. Mast Janb Yeuos^ bom 20 August, 1839; married, 4 October, 1866^ Jc^ Arnold, 

bom 29 September, 1837; died at Johnsville, Bucks County, 12 April, 1887; 
son of Thomas and Hannah Amold. Issue: (846) Chablbs Ruks Aurou)^, 
bom 20 May, 1867. (847) Isabella Conabd*, bom 27 Fdmiary, and died 26 
August, 1871. (848) Nbwidn Evans Abnold^, bom 14 September, 1Q73. 
849. Sabah Ellen Ybbxbs', bom 15 May, 1842; married Hubert Hammond. Issue: 
(850) Hbnby Hammond*. (851) William Hammond*. 

852. Emily D. Yebkbs^ bom 3 October, 1846; died 28 May, 1852. 

299. MARY ANN YERKES* (Robert^, Anthony*, Anthony*, Her- 
man', Anthony^), eldest daughter and second child of Robert Yerkes by his 
wife Mary Wright, was bom near Holmesburg, Philadelphia, 12 November, 
1803; married Benjamin Margertmi. Both are deceased. 

Children of Benjamin and Mary Ann* (Yerkes) Margerum: 

853. Gbobgb Mabgbbum\ 

854. John Mabgebum^ married Ann Ransom. 



857. Amanda Mabgebum', married William Potts. 

858. Mabtha Jane Mabgebum^ married Edmund or Edward Burke. 

859. Hannah MABGEBUM^ married Jacob Johnson. 

302. JOSEPH YERKES* (Robert^, Anthony*, Anthony*, Herman*, 
Anthony*), second son and fifth child of Robert Yerkes by his wife Mary 
Wright, was bom near Holmesburg, Philadelphia, 17 October, 181 1; died 
at Camden, New Jersey, 28 January, 1896; married, 17 March, 1836, Mary 
Ann Neff, bom at Philadelphia, 10 March, 1814; died at Delanco, New 
Jersey, 11 June, 1875; daughter of Jacob Neflf by his wife Mary Jones. 

Children of Joseph* and Mary Ann (Neff) Yerkes: 

860. Geobgb Swope YEBKES^ bom 20 February, 1859; married Rachel Ann Wilmerton. 

861. Ann Cobnelia Yebkes', bom 12 October, 1840; died 14 December, 1842. 

862. Hannah Stokes Yebxes', bom 22 November, 1842; married, 19 October, 1865, 

Israel Putnam Heisler Wilmerton, of Philadelphia, bom at Beverly, New 
Jersey, 16 August, 1839; son of Richard Fennimore Wilmerton by his wife 
Elizabeth Heisler. Issue : (863) William Nycb Wilmebton*, bora 13 January, 
1869; married, 26 July, 1898, Frances McClellan. (864) Gbacb Hannah 
WiLMEBTON*, bom 13 January, 1873. (864*) Maby Viola Wilmbkxon*, bora 
3 January, 1875. 

865. Sabah Ashton Ywajas\ bora 11 March, 1844; died in January, 1896; married 

Wesley Dobbins. 

866. Maby Rachel Elizabeth Ann YEBKBS^ bora 24 June, 1848; died in early child- 




303. REBECCA YERKES* (Robert*, Anthony*, Anthony^, Herman*, 
Anthony^), fourth daughter and sixth child of Robert Yerkes by his wife 
Mary Wright, was bom at Holmesburg, Philadelphia, 2 September, 181 5; 
died there, 2 November, 1901 ; married, 21 November, 1839, Alfred Robinson, 
bom at Holmesburg, in August, 181 2; died there, 19 July, 1875; son of 
John Robinson by his wife Elizabeth Maybery. 

Children of Alfred and Rebecca* (Yerkes) Robinson; all bom in Holmesburg: 

867. John Robinson^ bom 11 September, 1840; died 6 July, 1856^ being accidentally 

drowned in the Pennypack Creek. 

868. Robert Robinson^ bom 28 October, 1842; died 6 July, 1856, being acddentally 

drowned in the Pennypack Creek. 

869. Hetty RoBINSON^ bom 25 May, 1846. 

870. Oliver Brownell Robinson^ bom 11 December, 1847; married, 23 November, 

1876, Sophia Jacoby. 

871. Kate Cecilia Robinson', born 10 June, 1852. 

872. Emma Evans RoBINSON^ born 29 October, 1854. 

873. Irene RoBINSON^ bom 5 December, 1859; <lic<l 23 October, 1875. 

304, CATHARINE ANN YERKES* (Robert^ Anthony*, Anthony*, 
Herman^, Anthony* ) , seventh and youngest child of Robert Yerkes by his wife 
Mary Wright, was bom 25 November, 1819; died in Montgomery County, 
Maryland, 27 January, 1888; married, at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 16 
March, 1843, Charles W. Rich, bom in Bucks County, that State, 22 Decem- 
ber, 1 8 19; died near Laurel, Maryland, 15 November, 1896; son of John D. 
Rich by his wife Catharine Woodington. He was a farmer, and the religious 
connections of his family were with the Society of Friends. 

Children of Charles W. and Catharine Ann* (Yerkes) Rich: 

874. WiLUAM RiCH^ born 22 December, 1844; married, 24 December, 1870, Belinda A. 

Croasdale, and resides at Burtonsville, Maryland. 

875. Ann R. Rich^ born 22 May, 1846; married, 31 January, 1867, Barton S. Robj, 

who died 27 January, 1903. Mrs. Roby resides at Laurel, Maryland. 

876. Sarah £. Rich^ bom 22 May, 1856; married, in December, 1877, William S. 

Duvall, and resides at Fairland, Maryland. 

306. JANE YERKES* (Jacob*, Anthony*, Anthony*, Herman*, An- 
thony^ ) , eldest daughter and second child of Jacob Yerkes by his wife Mary 
Beans, was bom in Montgomery G>unty, 13 December, 1800; married Daniel 
Starkey, who died in June, 1891. The record of this family, as here given, 
was furnished, in 1891, to Judge Harman Yerkes, of Bucks G>unty, by 
Adolphus Yerkes (No. 308). 

Children of Daniel and Jane^ (Yerkes) Staiicey: 

977, EuzABBTH STAixxy*, married Oiarles Wrig^ 
^ William H. Stauoey', married Ellen Conily. 



879. Thomas Starkey^ died young.' 

880. Casolike Staxkey^ married William Bowen, and was deceased in 1891. 

881. John F. Starkey', married (i) Margaret Ellis; (2) Sarah Stackhonse. 

882. Samuel C. Starkey*, married Emma J. Dtmgan. 

883. AcHSAH Starkey', married Jesse Rennard. 

884. Mary Starkey', died young. 

885. Mary J. Starkey', married Peter Otto. 

886. Daniel Starkey*, married Louisa Headley. 

887. Ann J. Starkey*, married Joseph Rennard. 

307. ELIZABETH YERKES* (Jacob*, Anthony*, Anthony*, Herman*, 
Anthony^), second daughter and third child of Jacob Yerkes by his wife 
Mary Beans, married George Danenhower. The record of this family, as 
here given, was also furnished by Adolphus Yerkes, to Judge Yerkes, in 189 1. 
and was " made up from memory," as he wrote to Judge Yerkes. 

Children of George and Elizabeth* (Yerkes) Danenhower: 

888. John Danenhower\ married (i) Susana Kirk; (2) Martha Campbell. 

889. Jacob Danenhower', married (i) Mary Gifford; (2) Louisa Campbell. 

890. Catharine Danenhower', died young. 

891. George Danenhower', married Malinda Willetts. 

892. Rachel Danenhower', married James Woodward. 

893. Charles Danenhower', married (i) Mary Campbell; (2) Mrs. Simpson. 

894. Isaac Danenhower', died during the Civil War. 

308. ADOLPHUS YERKES* (Jacob*, Anthony*, Anthony*, Herman*, 
Anthony^), second son and fourth child of Jacob Yerkes by his wife Mary 
Beans, was bom 19 October, 1808; died at Langhome, Bucks County, Penn- 
sylvania, 7 April, 1895 ; married, in March, 1832, Harriet Remsen, who died 
24 October, 1894, in the ninety-first year of her age. Mr. Yerkes was a 
merchant, and resided for a number of years at Bustleton, Philadelphia, and 
later removed to Andalusia, Bucks County, where he was postmaster. He 
was highly esteemed by those who knew him. He is buried in the grounds 
of the Protestant Episcopal Church at Bristol, Pennsylvania. 

Children of Adolphus* and Harriet (Remsen) Yerkes: 

895. Maky Elizabeth Yekkbs^, bom 2 June, 1833 ; died 27 July, 1834. 

896. Edward Eyks YIuas^ bom 11 November, 1834; married Louisa GilL 

S(d7, Alfred Yerkes^ bom 11 September, 1856; died ap Augnst, 1903; married Mary 
A. North. 

898. Harriet A. YBRKSS^ bom 28 September, 1838. 

899. Catharine Yerkes^ bom 7 May, 1841 ; married William H. Remsen. 

900. S. Elizabeth Yerkes\ bom 26 August, 1843; married Elwood Wildman, who 

has since deceased. No issue. 

901. Caroune YERXE8^ bom 2 November, 1845 ; married Charles Wildman. No issue. 

902. Augustus Adolphus Yerkes', bom 2 April, 1849; married (i) Elizabeth S. 

Saunders; (2) Ella Ehret 

- . : : 100 



315. ANTHONY YERKES* (Jonathan', Anthony*, Anthony*, Her- 
man*, Anthony*), eldest child of Jonathan Yerkes by his wife Maria Watkins, 
was bom in Moreland, Montgomery Cotinty, 17 December, 1808; died at 
Vergennes, Kent Cq^nty, Michigan, 19 March, 1886; married, 2 December, 
1833, Esther Allen, bom at Romulus, New York, 3 May, 1811; died at 
Vergennes, Michigan, 25 February, 1897; daughter of Deacon Silas Allen* 
by his wife Esther Gardner. Mr. Yerkes removed from New York to Michi- 
gan about the time of his marriage, and settled at Lowell, in the latter State, 
where he engaged in farming. He was a member and a lay preacher of the 
Methodist Episcopal Church. 

Children of Anthony* and Esther (Allen) Yerkes; all bom in Michigan: 

903. Silas Allen Yerkes\ bom 14 October, 1834; died 26 October, 1865. 

904. Maria Yerkes^ bom 23 May, 1836. 

905. Caroune Yerk£s\ bom 5 May, 1838 ; died 9 April, 1845. 

906. Mary Elizabeth Yerkes^ bom 28 March, 1842; married, 27 October, 1869^ 

Edward L. Bennett, bom at Marcellus, New York, 12 March, 1840; son of 
Qark L. Bennett by his wife Rebecca Woodbury, a descendant of the ancient 
Woodbury family of Essex County, Massachusetts. Issue: (907) Allen S. 
Bennett', bom 31 August, 1878; married, 11 June, 1902, Jessie M. Wright, 
and resides at Lowell, Michigan. 

316. SARAH ANN YERKES* (Jonathan', Anthony*, Anthony*, Her- 
man*, Anthony^ ) , second daughter and child of Jonathan Yerkes by his wife 
Maria Watkins, died in Oakland County, Michigan, circa 1844; married 
Daniel Gould, who was a farmer in that county. 

Children of Daniel and Sarah Ann* (Yerkes) Gould: 

908. Ann Maria GouLD^ married Joseph Bowers, and resides at Fowlerville, Michigan. 

909. Mary Eliza Gould^ born 12 March, 1833; married (i) Warren Currier Rubert; 

(2) James Gilmore Baily, and resides at Ridgway, Michigan. 

910. Betsey Louisa GouLO^ twin of her sister, Mary Eliza; married Wallace Adams, 

and resides in Lenawee G>unty, Michigan. 

911. Charles Henry Goulo^ married Laura Ann Lewis, and resides at Fowlerville, 


912. Cyrus Gould\ 

317. JACOB YERKES* (Jonathan', Anthony*, Anthony*, Herman*, 
Anthony^ ) , second son and third child of Jonathan Yerkes by his wife Maria 
Watkins, was bom in Moreland, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, 2 Octo- 
ber, 1812; died at Canandaigua, New York, 28 July, 1885; married, at 
Pittsford, New York, about November, 1853, Sarah Olivia Roberts, bom at 
Canandaigua, 8 September, 1830; died there, 26 June, 1896; daughter of 

* Silas Allbn was a deacon of the Presbjrterian Churcfa at Morristown, New Jeney. For men- 
tion of himself and family, see " An Accoant of Gilbert Allen, of Morristown, New Jersey, and Some 
of his Descendants," publkhed in 1883. 



Oliver Roberts by his wife Stisan Post. Oliver Roberts is said to have been 
bom in Ireland, 27 May, 1796. Mr. Yerkes was a farmer, and both himself 
and his wife were highly esteemed in the community in which they lived. 

Children of Jacob* and Sarah Olivia (Roberts) Yerkes; all bom at Canan- 


9x3. Lyi£an FkANCts YojEdff born 26 Fd>n]ary, z955; resides at Canandaigua; is a 
former and carpfnter, and something of an inyentor. 

914. Elun Melvina Yntxss', bom 4 September, 1856; married, 26 January, z888^ 
William Henry Palmer, bom at Reed's Comers, New York, 4 February, 1857; 
son of Edwin Palmer by his wife Maria Snyder. 'He is a carpenter, and 
resides at Buffalo^ New York. Issue: (9I5)'Chables Henry PALicnf, bom 
17 September, 189a (916) Edwin Roy Palmer*, bom zz July, Z893. (917) 
Maud Auce Palmer*, bom 15 July, 1896. 

918. Charles Marion YERXE8^ bom 15 July, 1859; married Olive Elizabeth PowelL 

919. William Anthonx Yerkes', bom a8 February, .1862; married Loie Lovida 


920. GiOBcat Abner YERKES^ bom 13 May, 1864; married Minnie Griffin. 

921. EftEDERiCK Albert Yerkes', bom 22 March, 1866; married Ida Madora Stiggins. 

922. Edward Milton Yerkes', bom 11 December, 1868; married Rose Lillie McGuire. 
9:13. Benjamin Jaoob Yerkes', bom 15 April, 1871 ; nliarried, 24 February, 1898, Qara 

Bell Pritchard, bom at Farmington, New York, 21 September, i860; daughter 
of J^mies Pritchard by his wife Ann Eliza Gardner. 

318. MARY YERKES* (Jonathan', Anthony*, Anthony*, Herman*, 
Anthony^ ) , second daughter and fourth child of Jonathan Yerkes by his wife 
Maria Watldns, was bom in Pennsylvania, i March, 181 5; died at Canan- 
daigua, New York, 30 November, 1894; married, at Canandaigua, 27 May, 
1838, Hughes Supplee,* bom in Pennsylvania, 8 September, 1810; died at 
Canandaigua, 26 April, 1873. ^^ ^'^^^ ^ wagon-maker, and he and his wife 
were Baptists, Mr. Supplee being for some years a deacon of the First Baptist 
Church of Canandaigua. Their children, Elizabeth and Abner, were bom in 
Pennsylvania, and the others at Canandaigua. 

Children of Hughes and Mary* (Yerkes) Supplee: 

924. Chablbs Yerkes Supple^, bom 21 July, 1839; married, 25 December, z866, 

Catharine Rahrer, by whom he has issue. He enlisted in the army in 1861, and 
served throughout the Gvil War. In 1868 he established himself in the hat 
and furnishing goods business at Canandaigua, and continued in the same for 
twenty years. He is now residing at Chicago, Illinois. 

925. Elizabeth Supplee^ bom 4 May, 1841; died 26 June, 1843. 

926. Abner Supple^, bora 29 December, 1843; died 15 February, 1864. In 1862 he 

enlisted as a musician in Company G, Eighteenth Regiment, New York Volun- 
teers, and served nineteen months. 

* HuoRBS SuppLBB was a descendant of Andries Souplis (Supplee), a French Huguenot, who 
first came to New York, and later became one of the founders of Germantown, Philadelphia, and in 
1691 the first sheriff of that municipality. 


927. George Murray Supples^ bom 2 February, 1846; died i March, 1864. He 
"* ^ enlisted in 1863, in the Fiftieth Regiment, New York Volunteers. 

928. Leonard Fletcher Supples^ bom i August, 1849; married, 16 May, 1876^ Eliza 

Rahrer, and resides at Canandaigua. They have issue. 

929. Hani^ah Marl/^ SuppLEE^ bom 4 August, 1853 ; died 23 January, 1864. 

319. CHARLES REEVES YERKES* (Jonathan*, Anthony*, An- 
thony^, Herman^, Anthony^), third son and fifth child of Jonathan Ycrkcs 
by his wife^aria WJttkins, was bom in Pennsylvania, 22 February, 1819; 
died at Vernon, -S h e rman County, Michigan, 28 April, 1901 ; married, 2 
November, 1845, Margaret Young, bom at Cambria, Niagara County, New 
York, 27 July, 1827; daughter of Uri Young by his wife Phebe Gr^fory. 
Mr. Yerkes removed to Michigan with his father. He was a farmer, and 
resided for some years in Gaines Township, Genesee Cotmty, Michigan, later 
removing to Vernon, where he spent the latter part of his life in farming. 
He was a Baptist. 

Children of Charles Reeves* and Margaret (Young) Yerkes: 

930. Phebe Emeune Yerkes^ born 11 May, 1847. 

931. Cyrus David Yerkes^ born 21 September, 1849; married, 25 December, 1875, 

Frances May Angel, and resides at Estey, Michigan. I 

932. AucE Maria Yerkes\ bom 22 July, 185 1; died 21 December, 1898; married, 4 

March, 1872, Henry A. Sayer. ^S^i^jer 

933. Mary Eliza YERKES^ bom 13 February, 1B54 ; married Miles Emory Wilkinson. 

934. Laura Jane YERKES^ bom 25 April, 1856 ; married Jerome Bert Perry. 

935. Charles Edwin YERKES^ bom 31 May, i860; married Minnie Laura Hill. 

936. William J. Yerkes\ bora 7 December, 1862; married (i) Emma J. Perry; (a) 

Sarah Wiggins. 

937. Ella May YERKES^ born i December, 1866; died 27 May, 1886; married, ap 

December, 1885, Martin L. Matthews. 

938. Esther Caroline Yerkes\ bora i September, 1870; died 4 Febmary, 1894; mar- 

ried, I June, 1892, Charles H. Clark, bom 24 January, 1871, who resides at 

321. JOSEPH WATKINS YERKES* (Jonathan', Anthony*, An- 
thony^, Herman^, Anthony^), fifth son and seventii child of Jonathan Yerkes 
by his wife Maria Watkins, was bom at Romulus, New York, 5 May, 1824; 
died at Vernon, Michigan, 30 November, 1899; married, 14 March, 1848, 
Sarah Emeline Sawtelle, bom at Chenango, Broome County, New .York, 22 
October, 1826; daughter of Neely Sawtelle by his wife Abigail Allison. Mr. 
Yerkes removed to Michigan, in 1838, with his father, and resided at Gaines 
until 1864, when he removed to Vernon. 

Children of Joseph Watkins^ and Sarah Emeline (Sawtelle) Yerkes: 

939. EiciLT Agnis YIRXBS^ bora at Gaines, 4 May, 1851; married, 4 March, x86B^ 

Leonard J. Qark, bora at Neifburg, Midugan, 17 July, 1846; son of Ninon 
Gark by his wife Nancy WilUams. Issue: (940) Wiluam Hiney CLaik*, 



born 19 January, 1869. (941) Wyub Rak Clark", born 21 July, 1871. (942) 
Emma Maud Clark*, bom 24 March, 1873. (943) Blanchk Lxtlu Clark*, 
bom 20 July, 1888. (944) Leonard J. Clark, Jun*", bora 22 September, 1891. 
The family reside at Chicago, Illinois. 

945. Jonathan Albert YERKES^ bora 5 April, 1853 ; married 

946. Joseph Alfred Yerkes^ bora i August, 1867; resides at Lorain, Ohio; married, 

25 March, i888» Fanny Lilly Boswell, bora in Canada, 15 June, 1869; daughter 
of Nathaniel Boswell by his wife Mary Ann Green. They had a child, born 
and died 4 May, 1889. 

324. HANNAH LITTLER YERKES® ( Anthony*, Joseph*, Anthony*, 
Herman*, Anthony*), eldest child of Anthony Yerkes by his wife Susanna 
Canby, was bom at Philadelphia, 13 June, 1808; died 10 July, 1884; niar- 
ried Jacob E. Qayton. 

Children of Jacob E. and Hannah Littler* (Yerkes) Clayton: 

947. Susanna Clayton^ married Joseph Askew, and had issue. 

948. Elizabeth Clayton^ died young. 

949. Mary B. Clayton^ married Samuel Conard, who became a member of the well- 

known firm of Cooper & Conard, who carried on an extensive dry-goods busi- 
ness at Ninth and Market Streets, Philadelphia, for many years. 

950. Katharine Clayton^ 

951. Sallie Clayton^ died young. 

952. Maria L. CLAYT0N^ married Robert K. Phillips, and had issue. 

953. Hannah Clayton\ 

326. CATHARINE YERKES® (Anthony*, Joseph*, Anthony*, Her- 
man', Anthony^), second daughter and third child of Anthony Yerkes by his 
wife Susanna Canby, was bom 10 April, 181 5; died in 1891; married Ezra 
Croasdale Knight, bom 5 Jime, 181 7; son of Abraham Knight, of Moreland, 
by his wife Sarah Winder, and a descendant of Giles Knight, who came to 
Pennsylvania, in the " Welcome" with William Penn.* 

Children of Ezra Croasdale and Catharine® (Yerkes) Knight: 

954. Sarah KNIGHT^ born 7 July, 1840; died 22 April, 1869; married George Stout 

955. Chancellor KNIGHT^ bom in 1844; died in 1851. 

956. Susan Knight', bom i December, 1847; married, 22 September, 1870, H. M. 

Steif, and had issue. 

957. Gborgb C. KNIGHT^ bom 2 May, 1850; died in 1852. 

958. Abraham Knight\ 

959. Laura KNIGHT^ bom 17 Febraary, 1858; married, 12 March, 1878, Anthony W. 

Twining, and had issue. 

329. DAVID ANTHONY YERKES® (Anthony*, David*, Anthony*, 
Herman*, Anthony^), eldest child of Anthony Yerkes by his wife Sarah 
Richards, was bom at Baltimore, Maryland, 25 August, 181 7; died there, 

* Martindale's History of Byberry and Moreland, 313. 



5 September, 1888; married (i), 12 May, 1842, Elizabeth Hobbs, bom 13 
September, 181 9; died 11 March, 1854; (2) Elizabeth Young. 

Children of David Anthony* and Elizabeth (Hobbs) Yerkes; bom at Balti- 

96a William Henry Yerkes^ born 20 February, 1843 ; died 9 December, 1883 ; married 

Eliza Booth. 
961. Sasah Leonora Yzrkes\ bom 28 June, 1844; married, 31 March, 1862, Samuel 

R. Glenn. Issue: (962) Sarah Frances Glenn*, married Frederick Freedy. 

(963) Joseph W. Glenn", married Anne Wasman. (964) Samuel Hassisoii 

Glenn*, married Mary Kimeline. 
965. Eliza Virginia Yerkes\ bom 3 April, 1846; married Alfred Ross. Issue: (966) 

William H. Ross", married Amanda Stevens. (967) Emma Blanch Ro88^ 

married Frederick Kisner. 

968. Charles Anthony Yerkes^ bom 12 July, 1848 ; died 7 October, 1850. 

969. David Wilmerton Yerkes' , bom 23 January, 1850 ; married, 3 March, 1872, Mary 

A. Williams. 

970. Charles R. Yerkes\ bom 13 December, 1851. 

971. Mary Frances Yerkes\ bom 9 May, 1853. 

330. GEORGE STILES YERKES« (Anthony*, David*, Anthony", 
Herman*, Anthony^), second son and child of Anthony Yerkes by his wife 
Sarah Richards, was born at Baltimore, Maryland, 9 November, 1819; died 
there; married, 17 March, 1842, Susan Cuyler. 

Children of George Stiles* and Susan (Cuyler) Yerkes; bom at Baltimore: 

972. George Yerkes^, bom 7 February, 1843. He enlisted in a Maryland regiment 

in 1861, and served in the Union army until the close of the war. He 
was wounded in battle at Chancellorsville, and lost a leg at Pine Grove, 
on the last march to Petersburg, Virginia. He has always resided at Bal- 
timore. Of his nine children, all died young but Frank L., who is now a 
student Mr. Yerkes married, in December, 1874, Emma E. Steele. Issue: 
(972«) Emma Yerkes*. (972i>) George Yerkes*. (972^) Wiluam Ybrxis*. 
(972^) Eva Yerkes*. (972^) Charles Yerkes*. (972^) Elizabeth Yirxbs'. 
(972g) Daniel Yerkes'. (972^) James Yerkes*. (972*) Frank L. Ybrxis', 
born 30 September, 1886. 

973. WnxiAM Yerkes^ 

974. Elizabeth Yerkes\ married Richard Martin. 

333. HANNAH YERKES® (Abraham^, John*, John', Herman*, An- 
thony*), second daughter and child of Abraham Yerkes by his wife Mary 
Jones, was bom at Spring Mill, Montgomery County, 12 September, 1796; 
died at Norristown, same coimty, 2 April, 1886; married, at Plymouth 
Meeting, 24 May, 1824, Silas Shoemaker, bom in Upper Dublin Township, 
same coimty, 27 August, 1795; died at his home. Spring Valley, in same 
township, II July, 1871 ; son of Daniel Shoemaker by his wife Phebe Walton. 
Mr. Shoemaker was a famaer, and he and his family were members of the 
Society of Friends. 

H xos 


Children of Silas and Hannah® (Yerkes) Shoemaker; all bom at the family 

seat in Upper Dublin Township : 

975. Daniel SHOEMAKER^ bom 30 June, 1825; died 22 February, 1900; married, m 
December, 1866, Elizabeth- Saybold. Issue: (976) Silas Shoemaker', bom 13 
December, 1867; married, 12 January, 1899, Anna Currie, bom 23 December, 
1868, by whom he has one child. (977) John Shoemaker', bom i July, 1869; 
married Emma Yothers, and has two children. (978) Mary Shoemaker', bom 
9 August, 1871 ; died 22 July, 1872. (979) Thomas Shoemaker', bom i 
January, 1873; married Hannah Matilda Davis, and has no issue. 

98a Mary Yerkes Shoemaker^ bom 2 June, 1828; died 5 November, 1896; married 
Henry Jones. 

981. Phebe W. Shoemaker^ bom 8 August, 1834; married, 22 May, 1855, Thomas S. 

Foulke. She resides at Redlands, California. 

982. Susan Yerkes SHOEMAKER^ bom 21 December, 1835; married (i), 22 May, 1856, 

Lea Michener, who was killed on the railroad, 2 June, i860; (2), 18 July, 1867, 
David Foulke, who died 17 November, 1896. His widow resides at Norristown. 

334. HARMAN YERKES® (Abraham*, John*, John*, Herman^ An- 
thony^), eldest son and third child of Abraham Yerkes by his wife Mary 
Jones, was bom at Spring Mill, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, 20 August, 
1798; died at Philadelphia, 17 January, 1862; married, at Plymouth Meeting, 
17 May, 1 82 1, Rebecca Jeans, who died 17 August, 1870, and was a daughter 
of Joseph and Mary Jeans. 

Mr. Yerkes made his home in Philadelphia for many years, where he 
was active in public life. From 1838 until 1842 he was the agent, at Phila- 
delphia, of the Washington Packet Line, forwarders of merchandise to Pitts- 
burg and the West. In 1843 he was High Constable of Philadelphia; was at 
one time sergeant-at-arms of the State Senate, and in 1850, 1851, and 1852 
he was Master Warden of the Port of Philadelphia. 

Children of Harman® and Rebecca (Jeans) Yerkes : 

983. Ellwood Yerkes\ died young. 

984. Isaac Yerkes\ removed to the West, and doubtless died there. 

985. JosKPH Yerkes^ 

335. ISAAC YERKES® (Abraham', John*, John*, Herman*, An- 
thony^), second son and fourth child of Abraham Yerkes by his wife Mary 
Jones, was bom in Montgomery County, 18 November, 1800; died at Perkio- 
menville, same county, 26 December, 1888; married, at Philadelphia, 29 
December, 1838, Isabella Fries, who died 20 January, 1884, and was a daugh- 
ter of Daniel Fries by his wife Christiana Gilbert Mr. Yerkes was a Friend, 
and his wife a Lutheran. Their two eldest children were bom at Spring 
Mill, the four next at Plymouth, and the remaining three at Yerkes, Mont- 
gomery County. 




Qiildren of Isaac* and Isabella (Fries) Yerkes: 

986. Mary Ann Ykslkes\ born 30 September, 1839; married, 3 May, 1864, Emanuel 
Buckwalter. They reside at Yerkes, in the Yerkes homestead. Issue: (gBy) 
Ella Buckwalter*, born 23 January, 1869 ; married, 18 October, 1890, Jesse L. 
Cassel, who died 2 October, 1902. 

988. Daniel Fries Yerkes\ born 3 September, 1841. 

989. Ellen Fries Yzrkes\ born 13 January, 1844 ; died 3 August, 1846. 

99a Silas Shoemaker Yerkes^ bom 6 December, 1846; married, 30 April, 1872, 
Josephine Miller, born at Elwood, Camden County, New Jersey, 20 December, 
185 1 ; daughter of Daniel G. Miller by his wife Mary Van Kirk. Issue: 
(990*) Anna Bell Yerkes*, bom 31 December, 1876; married, 26 June, 1901, 
Alexander M. Gillespie. 

991. Amanda France Yerkes', born 3 July, 1849 ; died 4 September, 1873. 

992. Penrose Wanner Yerkes^ bom 8 February, 1852 ; died 23 August, 1869. 

993. Matilda Baker Yerkzs\ bom 18 July, 1854. 

994. Hannah Shoemaker Yerkes^ born 18 Febmary, 1857 ; died 5 November, 1861. 

995. Levi Coats Yerkes\ bom 27 October, 1859; died i July, 1887; married, 11 

February, 1885, Emeline Hendricks Reiner, bom at Nor ri ton, Montgomery 
County, 10 November, i860; daughter of David Reiner by his wife Elizabeth 
Hendricks. Issue: (996) Lizzie Reiner Yerkes*, bom 13 February, 1886. 

336. JOHN YERKES« (Abraham*, John^John^ Herman^ Anthony 0, 
third son and fifth child of Abraham Yerkes by his wife Mary Jones, was 
bom at Spring Mill, Montgomery County, 12 October, 1802; died there, 11 
February, 1886; married Jane Fowler, bom at Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, 
in 1801; died at Spring Mill, 21 January, 1862. Mr. Yerkes was a farmer. 

Children of John* and Jane (Fowler) Yerkes: 

997. Elizabeth Fowler Yerkzs\ bom 2 January, 1827; died 15 May, 1887; married 

(i) Benjamin Wood; (2) William Shallcross. 

998. Abraham Ykslkes\ bom 9 April, 1829; died 24 September, 1900. 

999. Amelia Jacobs Yerkes\ bom 27 January, 1831 ; died 5 June, 1836. 
1000. William Fowler Yerkzs\ born 14 December, 1833 ; died 14 June, 1836. 

looi. Mary Jane Yerkes\ bom i October, 1837; died 6 September, 1900; married 
Michael Harkness Gallagher. 

337. JONES YERKES® (Abraham^, John*, John", Herman*, An- 
thony^), fourth son and sixth child of Abraham Yerkes by his wife Mary 
Jones, was bom 28 November, 1804; died in Whitemarsh Township, Mont- 
gomery County, 25 August, 1830; married, at Plymouth Meeting, 9 March, 
1826, Jane Comfort, bom 29 August, 1805 ; died at Moorestown, New Jersey, 
17 March, 1873; daughter of Ezra Comfort by his wife Margaret, daughter 
of David Shoemaker.* Ezra Comfort was an eminent minister of the Society 
of Friends. Mrs. Yerkes married, for second husband, Charles Lippincott 

* The Shoemaker Family of Cheltenham, 84. 



Children of Jones® and Jane (Comfort) Yerkes : 

1002. Alicb YERKEa\ born 14 April, 1827; died 27 October, 1828. 

X003. Jones Yekkms\ bom 26 August, 1830; married Letitia Thomas Jarrett 

338. AARON YERKES® (Abraham^, John*, John*, Herman*, An- 
thony^), fifth son and seventh child of Abraham Yerkes by his wife Mary 
Jones, was bom in Spring Mill, Montgomery County, 3 December, 1807; died 
at Frankford, Philadelphia, 19 April, 1882; married, 24 September, 1836, 
Mary Ann Glenn, bom at Frankford, 5 April, 1812; died 24 February, 1896; 
daughter of David and Sarah Glenn. 

Children of Aaron® and Mary Ann (Glenn) Yerkes; bom at Frankford: 

1004. Sarah Glbnn Y■RXBS^ bom 15 July, 1837; died 21 October, 1854. 

X005. Levi C. Yirxbs\ bora 12 August, 1839; died 23 March, 1841. 

1006. Elwood Glenn Yerkes^, bom 15 October, 1844; died 18 July, 1886; married* 
10 June, 1873 ; Elizabeth Guckes, bom at Philadelphia, 10 June, 1850. Issue, 
bora at Frankford: (1007) Euzabeth Yerkes', bom 2 November, 1875; died 
21 Febraary, 1876. (1008) Grace Morris Yerkes', bom 29 April, 1885. 

1009. David Abraham Yerkes\ bora 15 July, 1846. 

354. JOSEPH WEAVER YERKES® (Harman^, John*, John*, Her- 
man', Anthony* ) , eldest son and second child of Harman Yerkes by his wife 
Elizabeth Weaver, was bom in Whitemarsh Township, Montgomery County, 
15 February, 1806; died in Plymouth Township, same county, 11 February, 
1847. He married three times, and had issue by each marriage, all of whom 
were bom at his home in Plymouth Township. He married ( i ) , 4 December, 
1828, Hannah Davis, bom in Plymouth Township, 10 April, 1808; died there, 
19 February, 1835 J daughter of John Davis by his wife Ann CoUey Peter- 
man; (2), circa 1837, Mary F. Harry, bom at Conshohocken, same county, 
22 March, 1815; died 19 January, 1842; daughter of David Harry by his 
wife Ann Davis; (3), circa 1843, Elizabeth Marple, of Philadelphia, bom 4 
December, 1816; died 20 March, 1891; daughter of Joseph Marple by his 
wife Phebe Lukens. 

Children by first marriage : 

xoia Elizabeth YERKES^ bora 20 October, 1831 ; married John Haldeman Cooper, 
loii. Hettib Yerkes*, bora 3 December, 1833; married Caleb R. Hallowell. 

Children by second marriage : 

1012. Anna Harry YERKE8^ bora 17 May, 1839; married William Wilson. 

X013. Mary Harry YERKES^ bora 10 October, 1841 ; married, 24 October, x86i. Honor- 
able Alan Wood, Jun', bora 6 July, 1834; died 31 October, 1902. Mr. Wood 
was a wealthy and eminent iron and steel manufacturer, and resided at Con- 
shohocken. From 6 December, 1875, until 3 March, 1877, he was a member 
of Congress from the Seventh District of Pennsylvania, composed of the 



counties of Montgomery and Bucks. He declined a re-election. He was 
president of the First National Bank of Conshohocken, and a member of the 
Union League of Philadelphia and of other organizations. 

1014. David Harry Yerkes^ born 21 April, 1837; was a soldier in the Union Army, 

and met his death in the battle of the Wilderness, Virginia, 6 May, 1864. 

Children by third marriage : 

1015. Evan Marfle Yebkes', born 10 September, 1844; married (i) Lizzie Carlin Von 

Neida; (2) Mary Laubach. 

1016. Hiram Yerkes\ bom 5 September, 1846 ; married Kate Miles Rodgers. 

357. MARY V^EAVER YERKES« (Harman*, John*, John*, Her- 
man*, Anthony*), third daughter and fifth child of Harman Yerkes by his 
wife Elizabeth Weaver, was bom in Whitemarsh, Montgomery Coimty, 9 
December, 1811; died at Norristown, same county, i February, 1895; mar- 
ried, 21 March, 1836, Daniel Hitner Dager, bom 19 November, 181 1; died 
I October, 1848; son of Peter Dager by his wife Mary Hitner. Mr. Dager 
owned and operated extensive marble quarries near Norristown, and was for 
some years a justice of the peace for Whitemarsh. 

Qiildren of Daniel Hitner and Mary Weaver® (Yerkes) Dager: 

1017. Mary Hitner Dager^ born 20 November, 1837; died at Norristown, 7 Jtincb 

1895; married, 6 September, i860, Morgan R. Wills, bom 21 October, 1831; 
son of Andrew Wills by his wife Elizabeth Keyser Wood. Mr. Wills is the 
editor of the Norristown Herald, and the president of the corporation which 
publishes that Journal. Issue : (1017^) Mary Dagkr Wills', bom 8 January, 
1864 ; married Harrington Fitzgerald, publisher of the Philadelphia City Item. 
(ioi7'>) Helen Dager Wills', born 24 July, 1867; married J. Leedom Jones. 

1018. Robert Potts DAGER^ bom 21 March, 1840; married, 2 June, 1870, Mary D., 

daughter of Henry S. Hitner. 

1019. Elizabeth Yerkes Dager^ bom 21 August, 1843 ; married Dr. George Hutchinson 

P. Yerkes (No. 513). 

360. NATHANIEL WEAVER YERKES« ( Harman', John*, John% 
Herman*, Anthony^), fourth son and eighth child of Harman Yerkes by his 
wife Elizabeth Weaver, was bom in Plymouth Township, Montgomery Coimty, 
13 April, 181 8; died there, 6 August, 1869; married, 10 January, 1853, Sarah 
Jones Leedom, bom at Philadelphia, 14 August, 1830; daughter of Erwin J. 
Leedom by his wife Mary Ann Harley. 

Children of Nathaniel Weaver* and Sarah Jones (Leedom) Yerkes: 

1020. James Cresson Y■RXBS^ bom 18 January, 1854; married Hannah HallowelL 

1021. Susan Weaver YERXES^ bom 26 Novemba-, 1861; married, 3 March, 1883* 

Henry Lawrence Nelms, bom at Camden, New Jersey, 13 November, 1847; 
son of Henry Lawrence Nelms by his wife Emma Louisa Chadwick, both of 
whom were bora in England. Issue: (1032) Emma Chadwick Nelms*, bom 
14 August, 1885. Mr. Nehns resides at Norristown, Pennsylvania. 



1023. William Sharpless YERKES^ born 26 September, 1865 ; married, 8 March, 1894, 
Mary Dengler, bom at Philadelphia, i December, 1872; daughter of Charles 
S. Dengler by his wife Emma Chaine. He is the Secretary of the Bill- 
Posting and Sign Company of Philadelphia. Issue: (1024) Chablis Wil- 
UAM Yerkes', bom 20 March, 1899. 

362. JOHN YERKES« (William^ John*, John», Herman*, Anthony^), 
eldest child of William Yerkes by his wife Deborah Streper, was bom in 
Montgomery Coimty, 5 March, 1802; died in New Garden Township, Chester 
County, 17 July, 1880; married (i), in 1827, Catharine Dull, bom in Mont- 
gomery Coimty, 27 April, 1802; died in New Garden Township, 5 August, 
1838; daughter of Frederick Dull by his wife Sarah Scheetz; (2) Elizabeth 
Lloyd, bom in Chester County, 23 July, 1823; daughter of Charles Lloyd by 
his wife Ann Harvey. Mr. Yerkes was a prosperous farmer, and resided for 
many years in Chester County, where all of his children were bom. 

Children by first marriage : 

1025. Deborah Ann Ysiikss\ bom 25 April, 1831 ; married Samuel Pennock. 

1026. John Dull Yerkes\ bofn 28 October, 1833 ; died 16 March, 1895 ; married Eliza- 

beth Walter. 

1027. Sarah Catharine Yerkes\ bom 9 May, 1837 ; died 16 August, 1898. 

Children by second marriage: 

1028. Charles L. YERKES^ bom 24 December, 1845. 

1029. Annie Yerkes^ bom 9 May, 1847. 

1030. M. Ellen Yerkes^ bom 5 September, 1848. 

1031. Lydia J. Yerkes\ bom 5 October, 1850. 

1032. William J. YERKES^ bom 7 April, 1852 ; died 23 September, 1897. 

1033. Hettie YERKES^ bom 27 October, i860. 

364, WILLIAM YERKES« (William^, John*, John*, Herman*, An- 
thony*), third son and third child of William Yerkes by his wife Deborah 
Streper, was bom in Montgomery County, 10 March, 1806; died at Norriton, 
same county, 21 March, 1870; married, 8 June, 1832, Sarah Shannon, bom 
at Norriton, 30 December, 1807; died at Norristown, 7 February, 1897; 
daughter of Samuel Shannon by his wife Ann Conrad. He was a farmer, and 
resided at Norriton. 

Children of William* and Sarah (Shannon) Yerkes: 

1034. Deborah Yerkes\ bom 5 November, 1835; married, 3 August, 1865, Charles 

Pastoritts Reiff; bom 24 April, 1825; died 3 December, 1881; son of John 
Reiff by his wife Mary Pastorius. Mr. Reiff was a farmer, and resided in 
Whitemarsh Township. Issue: (1035) Sarah Yerbxs Rezf?*, bom 9 Novem- 
ber, 1866; married George Learer, and resides at Los Angeles, California. 
(1036) Mary Rezf?*, bom 7 Mardh, 1868. (1037) John Fastobivs Run*, 
bom 27 June, 1872 ; married May Rosalie Schmauss. 



1038. Annie C. Yerkes', born 27 May, 1838; died at Norristown, 4 February, 1902; 
married, 14 February, 1867, Edwin Conrad, bom in Whitpain Township, 5 
May, 1840; son of Nathan Conrad by his wife Martha L. Meredith. They 
reside at Norristown. Issue: (1039) Martha Conrad", bom 29 September, 
1868; married, 9 October, 1900, Eldridge McFarland, of Norristown. (1040) 
William Y. Conrad*, bora 4 June, 1871 ; married, 16 October, 1900, and 
resides at Norristown. (1041) Hugh F. Conrad*, born 19 November, 1873; 
died 21 August, 1874. 

1042. EuzABETH S. Yerkes', born 12 April, 1840; married, 5 October, 1875, John C. 

Scheetz, born at Philadelphia, 23 January, 1813 ; died at Penn Yan, New York, 
18 June, 1896. 

1043. Harry C. Yerkes^ born 3 February, 1843; married, 22 January, 1874, Ella 


1044. Samuel Shannon Yerkes\ born 4 February, 1845; married, 7 January, 1873, 

Amelia J. Hopkins, bom 16 June, 1842 ; daughter of Thomas Hopkins by his 
wife Susan Jones. Mr. Yerkes resides in Philadelphia, and is a produce 
dealer. Issue: (1045) Martha Yerkes*, bom 28 August, 1876. (1045*) 
Euzabeth H. Yerkes*, born 19 November, 1878. 

1046. Martha Yerkes', born 18 September, 1848. 

365. JACOB STREPER YERKES« (William^, John^ John*, Her- 
man^, Anthony* ) , fourth son and fourth child of WilHam Yerkes by his wife 
Deborah Streper, was born in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, 18 May, 
1809; died at Covington, Indiana, 18 November, 1866; married Ann S. Shoe- 
maker, a native of Norristown, Montgomery County, and who died in March, 
1883, at Covington. He was a wheelwright and farmer, and removed from 
Pennsylvania to Franklin, Warren County, Ohio, and later, to Covington, 
Kentucky. His eldest child was born at Norristown, the two next at Franklin, 
and the remainder at Covington. 

Children of Jacob Streper® and Ann S. (Shoemaker) Yerkes: 

1047. Cynthia Yerkes', born in 1833 ; died at Covington, in 1845. 

1048. Franklin YERKES^ born 19 December, 1835 ; married Mary Francenia Cochran. 

1049. Hiram Yerkes*, born 7 May, 1839; married (i) Hester Emeline Prevo; (2) 

Mary Olive Noble. 

1050. Barclay Yerkes^ bom 10 April, 1841 ; married Martha Marlatt. 

1051. Allen Yerkes', bom 23 February, 1844; married Serena M. Alexander. 

1052. Jacob Yerkes', born in 1845 ; died in 1861. 

1053. Samuel S. Yerkes', died at Covington. 

1054. John Yerkes', died at Covington. 

1055. Elias Yerkes', died at Covington. 

366. JONATHAN YERKES* (WilHam», John*, John', Herman*, An- 
thony^ ) , fifth son and child of William Yerkes by his wife Deborah Streper, 
was bom in Montgomery Coimty, Pennsylvania, 15 December, 181 1; died at 
Fairhill, Cecil County, Maryland, 12 January, 1896; married, in February, 
1845, Elizabeth Mitchener, bom in Chester County, Pennsylvania, 18 Dccem- 



ber, 1818; died at Fairhill, 8 February, 1897; daughter of Benjamin Mitch- 
ener by his wife Ann Brown. Mr. Yerkes was a farmer, and resided at Fairhill. 

Children of Jonathan* and Elizabeth (Mitchener) Yerkes: 

X056. Deborah Ann Yerkss\ born i January, 1846; married, 3 May, 1872, James A. 
Mackey, bom in Cecil County, 5 March, i8j8; died there, 11 November, 1900; 
son of William Mackey by his wife Rachel Sherer. Issue: (1056*) Samuxl 
Stseper Mackey*, bom 27 July, 1874; married, 8 April, 1903, Martha Wat- 
son, iiosff^) John Yerkxs Mackey*, bom 4 January, 1877. (1056^) Rachel 
EuzABETH Mackey*, bom 9 March, 1879. (1056^) Henry Howard Mackey*, 
bora 15 October, i88a (10560) Albert Constable Mackey*, bom 17 Feb- 
ruary, 1888. 

1057. Benjamin Yerkes\ bom 30 July, and died 8 August, 1847. 

X058. WnxLAH Yerkes' (twin of Benjamin), bora 30 July, and died 11 Augtist, 1847. 

1059. John M. Yerkes^ bora 21 April, 1849; <lied 25 September, 1853. 

1060. Catharine Ida Yerkes^ bora 13 May, 1852; married, 3 February, 1881, William 

K. (Emmons, bora at Lewisville, Pennsylvania, 30 May, 1856; died at New 
London, same State, 12 January, 1896. 

1061. Jonathan M. YERKES^ bora 15 February, 1854; married Mary Louisa Ewing. 
206a. Jacob Edwin Yerkes\ bora 31 July, 1856; married, 27 December, 1882, Mary 

Marsh, bora at Jacksonville, Vermont, 15 March, 1862; daughter of Levi 
Marsh by his wife Martha A. Easton. Mr. Yerkes followed the milling 
business for twenty years, but for the last eight years he has been a merchant 
Mr. and Mrs. Yerkes are Presbyterians, and reside at Delta, York 0>unty, 
Pennsylvania. Issue: (1062*) Edwin Yerkes*, bora 11 April, 1899. 
1063. Henry C. Yerkes\ bora 12 July, 1859; married Eva Ewing. 

369. SAMUEL STREPER YERKES* (William', John*, John*, Her- 
man', Anthony*), seventh son and eighth child of William Yerkes by his wife 
Deborah Streper, was bom in Pennsylvania, 2 August, 1816; died at Coal 
Creek, Indiana, in April, 1886; married Anne Maria Bodine, bom 2 August, 
1827; died at Cx>al Creek, 22 August, 1873; daughter of William Bodine. 
He was a farmer. 

Child of Samuel Streper* and Anne Maria (Bodine) Yerkes; bom at Coal 


X064. Rolen Yerkes^ bora 13 February, 1864; resides at Covington, Indiana; married 
(i), April, 1885, Irene Bartl^, who died in December, 1892; (2), 7 February, 
1895, Arta Myrtie Bogart, bora at Coal Creek, 21 October, 1874; daughter of 
Nelson Bogart by his wife Maria Coleman. Issue by first marriage: (1065) 
Tom Cqrwin Yerkes', bom 12 January, 1886. Issue by second marriage: 

(1066) Joseph Yerkes', bom 9 September, 1895; died 27 September, 1898. 

(1067) DooA Marie Yerkes', bom 21 June, 1897. (1068) Louisa Ellen 
Yerkes', bom 13 December, 1899. (1069) Anna Maria Yerkes', bom 2 
January, 1902. 

372. JOB ROBERTS YERKES« ( John^ John*, John', Herman*, An- 
thony^), eldest son and second child of John Yerkes by his wife Elizabeth 



Stump, was born in East Bradford, Chester County, Pennsylvania, 30 Sep- 
tember, 1817; died there, 7 July, 1888; married, 28 December, 1843, Eliza- 
beth Pierce, bom at Concord, Delaware County, same State, 22 July, 18 18; 
daughter of Worrell Pierce by his wife Margaret Mendenhall. Mr. Yerkes 
was a farmer. His three eldest children were bom at Easttown, and the others 
at New Garden, Chester County. 

Children of Job Roberts® and Elizabeth (Pierce) Yerkes: 

1070. John Worrell Yerkes^ born 2 January, 1846; died 4 April, 1876; married Mary 

Kate Barr. 

1071. WiLUAM Ell WOOD YERKES^ bom 15 February, 1848. 

1072. Benjamin Franklin Yerkes\ bom 30 November, 1849. 

1073. Lewis Morris Yerkes\ born 2 April, 1852; married Adaline Myres. 

1074. Harry Mendenhall Yerkes^ bom 27 August, 1854; married Ella Henry 


1075. Walter Howard Yerkes', bom 10 January, 1857; married Grace Heysham. 

1076. Margaret Yerkes\ born 22 July, 1859; married, 28 December, 1887, ElUworth 

Darlington, bom 24 December, i860; son of Alfred Darlington by his wife 
Margaret Simmons. Issue: (1077) Alfred Yerkes Darlington*, bom 6 Jtily, 
1888. (1078) C Norman Darlington*, bom 6 February, 1891. 
1079. Mary Yerkes', bom 7 December, 1861 ; married, 27 July, 1887, William W. Hill, 
bom at Concord, Delaware County, i November, 1864. Issue, bom at Con- 
cord: (1080) Roy Linden Hill', bom 12 Febmary, 1888. (1081) William 
W. Hill, Jun»*, born 18 January, 1891. (1082) Helen Euzabith Hill', bom 
7 Febmary, 1899. 

373. MORRIS OR MAURICE YERKES« ( John^ John*, John*, Her- 
man*, Anthony^ ), second son and third child of John Yerkes by his wife Eliza- 
beth Stump, was bom at Easttown, Chester County, Pennsylvania, in April, 
1 821; died there, 11 April, 1857; married, 5 February, 1846, Hannah Men- 
denhall Pierce, bom in Delaware County, same State, 30 January, 1820; 
daughter of Worrell Pierce by his wife Margaret Mendenhall. Mr. Yerkes 
was a farmer, and resided at Easttown, where his children were bom. 

Children of Morris or Maurice* and Hannah Mendenhall (Pierce) Yerkes: 

1083. Benjamin Franklin Yerkes\ bom 7 January, 1847 ; died 13 September, 18I48. 

1084. Makgaket L. YERKES^ boHi 1 5 October, and died 30 October, 1848. 

1085. Masgaket Pierce Yerkes^ bom 14 December, 1849 ; married Jonathan C. Ball. 

1086. William Henry Yerkes\ bora 16 December, 1851 ; married, 14 February, 1903, 

Margaret Coates. They reside at Limaville, Ohio. 

1087. Welungton Yerkis^ bora 23 April, 1854 ; died 8 June, 1857. 

1088. Mary Elizabeth Yerkes^, bora 16 April, 1856; married William Luther liCaUory. 

376. HANNAH YERKES« (John», John*, John*, Herman*, An- 

thony* ) , third daughter and sixth child of John Yerkes by his wife Elizabeth 

Stump, was bom at Easttown, Chester County, in 1828; died at Newtown, 

Delaware County, 18 August, 1893; married, at Philadelphia, 18 May, 1859, 

«5 213 


James P. Calvert, bom at Newtown, 6 March, 1822; died there, 8 May, 1899; 
son of Reece Garrett Calvert by his wife Deborah Pyott Mr. Calvert was a 
farmer and resided at Newtown, where his children were bom. 

Children of James P. and Hannah* (Yerkes) Calvert: 

loSg. John Ynxis Calvert', born 23 February, i860; married, 6 December, 2888^ 
Eliza M. Brooke. Resides at Wyola, Delaware G>unt7. 

1090. Hasry Abram Calvert', bom 12 December, 1863 ; died in July, 1865. 

1091. Lydia Calvert', bom 26 February, 1865 ; died 20 November, 1884. 

1092. James Pyott Calvert', bom 9 May, 1868; married, 11 October, 2893, Sarah B. 

Serrill. Resides at Wyola. 

377. JONATHAN PHILIPS YERKES* (John», John*, John*, Her- 
man*, Anthony*), fourth son and seventh child of John Yerkes by his wife 
Elizabeth Stump, was bom at Easttown, Chester County, 16 January, 1833; 
died there, 15 February, 1900; married, 5 February, 1863, Margaret Matilda 
Barr, bom in Radnor, Delaware County, 21 May, 1842; daughter of Charles 
Barr by his wife Mary Ann Fulton. He was educated in the public schools of 
Easttown, and at an academical school at Norristown. He owned a farm of 
two himdred and fifty acres in Easttown, and was one of the leading farmers 
of that place. He was a Republican, took a deep interest in educational mat- 
ters, and served for a quarter of a century in the school board of his township. 
He was a member of the Society of Friends. 

Children of Jonathan Philips* and Margaret Matilda (Barr) Yerkes; bom at 


1093. Elizabeth Stump Yerkes\ born 30 December, 1863 ; died 16 December, 1881. 

1094. Chables Rush Yerbxs\ bom 2 September, and died 8 December, 187a 

1095. John Yerkes\ bom 18 January, 1872; died 15 May, 1884. 
iog6. Edna Ywbxes^, bom 26 August, and died 4 November, 1881. 
X097. Martha Ehh^y Yerkes\ bom 28 September, 1884. 

382. LEWIS YERKES« (Jonathan^ John*, John*, Heraian*, An- 
thony^), son of Jonathan Yerkes by his wife Elizabeth Stiunp, was bom 25 
January, 1808; died at Philadelphia, and was buried in Friends' Ground at 
Lower Merion; married Esther Fielding Jones, bom 11 April, 18 10; died in 
Lower Merion, 20 April, 1843. 

Children of Lewis* and Esther Fielding (Jones) Yerkes: 

1098. Frances Jones YBRKXS^ bora 14 November, 1854; married, 18 December, 1861, 
Mark J. Coraell, bora 11 December, 1832; died at New York, 21 October, 
1875. Issue, all bom at Baltimore, Maryland: (1099) Makion J. Cornell', 
bom 7 October, 1862; married, 22 November, 18S&, Edward E. Shields, 
(iioo) Harry J. Cornell', bom 13 July, 1865. (loii) Wiluam J. Coknell', 
bora 20 July, 1874; married, 26 March, 1900^ Etta M. Quay. 




1 102. George S. Yebxes^, died in December, 1868; married Elizabeth Demiy. 

1 103. Theodore Yerk£s\ born jo April, 1840; married Mary G. Ketcham. 

1 104. Albert Jones YERK£S^ bom in September, 1841 ; died 22 October, 1899; married 

Sarah Thomas. Issue: (1105) Anna Thomas YerkesV 

390. SAMUEL MANN YERKES* (Silas^ Harman*, John*, Herman*, 
Anthony^ ) , second son and second child of Silas Yerkes by his wife Elizabeth 
Mann, was bom in Abington Township, Montgomery County, 2 June, 1813; 
died at Howell, Michigan, 6 May, 1892; married (i), 26 November, 1840, 
Christiana McNair, bom 8 January, 1816; died at Howell, 19 August, 1862; 
daughter of James Homer McNair by his wife Mary MulhoUen; (2) Mrs. 
Emeline (Mather) Rumsey, bom in New York, 14 July, 1823 ; died 28 March, 
1894 ; widow of Dr. Rimisey, and daughter of John Mather by his wife Belinda 
Tinker. Mr. Yerkes was a farmer, and removed from Abington, Pennsylvania, 
to Howell, Michigan, where he held the office of Justice of the Peace, and 
where his children were bom. He was a Presbyterian. 

Child by first marriage : 

1 106. Mary Elizabeth Yeslkes\ bom 2 September, 1849; married B. M. Dusenbury. 

Children by second marriage: 

1 107. Ella Amelia YERKES^ bom 11 September, 1864; married Frank Rajrmond 


1 108. Samuel Mather YERKES^ born 4 December, 1869; married Rosa A. P. Sowle. 

394. JOHN KEITH YERKES« (Silas«, HarmanS John*, Herman*, 
Anthony^), third son and fifth child of Silas Yerkes by his wife Elizabeth 
Mann, was bom in Abington Township, Montgomery County, 10 October, 
1817; died at Fox Chase, Philadelphia, 19 January, 1894; married, 16 March, 
1843, Henrietta Lesher, bom at Philadelphia, 24 August, 1823; died at Fox 
Chase, 28 September, 1900; daughter of Benjamin Lesher by his wife Mary 

John Keith Yerkes was the first to conceive the idea of collecting and 
publishing a history of the Yerkes family, and for more than forty-five years 
prior to his death he assiduously devoted the greater part of his leisure hours 
in the gathering of materials for such a work. It was the favorite scheme of 
his life, and but for his hearty devotion to the name Yerkes, and his timely 
energy, many of the names and facts which find a place in this publication 
would now be unobtainable. The work he accomplished is so highly valued 
by the present writer that he finds great pleasure in noting that the memory 
of Mr. Yerkes deserves a kindly place in the hearts of all of his kinsmen. 

Mr. Yerkes resided at Fox Chase, where he was engaged in the manu- 



facture of rcx)t-hame and brush-block. He was actively identified with the 
First Presb)rterian Church of Fr^kford, and was one of its elders at the time 
of his death. 

Qiildren of John Keith* and Henrietta (Lesher) Yerkes: 

1 109. Elizabeth Mann YERKES^ born 5 June, 18144; died in July, 1847. 

1 1 10. Benjamin Lesher Yerkes\ born 16 July, 1846; died in June, 1853. 

11 1 1. Mariehma Yerkes\ bom 27 December, 1848; married, 27 March, 1872, William 

Rodgers, bom at Bustleton, Philadelphia, 4 October, 1848; died at Philadel- 
phia, 24 December, 1873; son of Matthew Rodgers by his wife Isabella 
Shaffer. He was a carpenter and builder. Issue: (1112) Lillian M. 
Rodgers', bora 27 December, 1872 ; died 24 February, 1881. 

1 1 13. Silas Sanford Yerkes^ bora 23 June, 1851 ; died in June, 1853. 

1114. Samuel Linford Yerkes\ bora 13 Febmary, 1854; married Mary Anna Walton. 

1 1 15. William Austin Yerkes\ bora 16 August, 1856; married Emily Tacy Lippin- 

cott, bora at Philadelphia, 22 August, 1853; daughter of George Middifield 
Lippincott by his wife Mary A. Bell. Mr. Yerkes resides at Fox Chase. He 
is a partner of his brother Samuel Linford Yerkes, in the milling business. 

1 1 16. Esmond Harper Yerk£s\ bora 5 June, 1857. 

1 1 17. Annabella Yerkes\ bora 19 December, 1858. 

1 1 18. Norman Keith Yerkes\ bora 23 May, 1864; died in March, 1865. 

1 1 19. Helen Keith Yerkes\ bora 4 December, 1867. She is a teacher in the public 

schools of Philadelphia. 

395. ISAAC MANN YERKES* (Silas», Harman*, John', Herman*, 
Anthony*), fourth son and sixth child of Silas Yerkes by his wife Elizabeth 
Mann, was bom in Abington Township, Montgomery County, 13 January, 
18 19; died at Ivy land, Bucks County, 22 March, 1899; married, 23 November, 
1842, Jane Murdock Carr, bom 12 January, 1819; died 12 March, 1893; 
daughter of John Carr by his wife Esther Ayers. Mr. Yerkes was a farmer, 
and owned a farm near Hartsville, Warwick Township, Bucks County. A 
few years before his death he retired from active business, and made his resi- 
dence at Ivyland. He was a prominent member of the Hartsville Presbyterian 
Church, and one of its elders. His four eldest children were bom in Abington, 
the fifth in Horsham, and the remaining three near Hartsville. 

Children of Isaac Mann* and Jane Murdock (Carr) Yerkes : 

iiao. Esther Carr Yerkes\ bom 3 September, 1844; married, 19 May, 1869^ Robert 
Meams, bom at Hartsville, Bucks G>unty, 16 March, 1846; died there, 20 
June, 1874; son of Hugh Meams by his wife Ann Craven. Issue: (1121) 
Hugh Bogart Mearns*, bom 24 September, 1872; married, 22 February, 
1893, Anna Thompson Long. 

1 122. Silas Marshall Yerkes\ bora 28 August, 1846; married Sue Addis Carrell. 

1 123. Elizabeth Anna Yerkes^ bom 15 December, 1847; died in 1857. 

1 124. Courtland Carr Yerkes^ bom 16 March, 1850; married Mary Matilda Atkinson. 

1 125. WiLUAM Augustus Yerkes\ bora 5 September, 1853; married, 3 February, 1874, 

Mary E. Addis, bom 8 August, 1852; daughter of John Addis by his wife 
Mary Ann Gill. 



1 126. Chakles Shoemaker Yerkes\ born 15 July, 1857; married Sarah E. Kniblor. 

1 127. Jennie Yerkes\ bom 17 September, 1859; married Ashbel Welch Watson. 

1 128. Anna Mearns Yerkzs\ bom 11 September, 1863; married, 15 August, 1888, 

John Beatty, born at Doylestown, Pennsylvania, 30 January, 1863; son of 
Reading Beatty by his wife Harriet Ann Moorhead. They reside at Chicago, 
Illinois. Issue: (1129) John Reading Beatty*, born at Chicago, 2 October, 


396. ROSANNA KEITH YERKES« (Silas», Harman*, John*, Her- 
man*, Anthony^), third daughter and seventh child of Silas Yerkcs by his 
wife Elizabeth Mann, was bom at Abington, Montgomery County, 3 May, 
1820; died at Lambertville, New Jersey, 30 December, 1896; married, 28 
January, 1846, Isaac Newbum Leech, bom at Cheltenham, Pennsylvania, 31 
October, 1818; died at Lambertville, 12 December, 1899; son of Isaac Leech 
by his wife Susanna Newbum. Mr. Leech was a farmer, and a descendant of 
Toby Leech, of Cheltenham. 

Children of Isaac Newbum and Rosanna Keith* (Yerkes) Leech; bom at 

Cheltenham : 

1 130. Susanna Newburn Leech^ born 18 November, 1846; died at Lambertville, 23 

January, 1866. 

1 131. Mary Yerkes LEECH^ bom 13 October, 1849; married, 19 March, 1883, Philip 

Gulick, born in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, 12 April, 1823; died there, 
2 October, 1901 ; son of Peter Gulick by his wife Elizabeth Sutton. Issue : 
(1132) Charles Leech Gulick", born 17 April, 1884. (1133) Annie Keith 
GuucK*, bom 19 June, 1887 ; died 28 Febmary, 1893. 

1134. Anna Margaret Leech^ born 10 November, 1855; married, 5 May, 1891, Levi 

Brown, and resides at Lambertville, New Jersey. 

397. SILAS DARRAH YERKES« (Silas*, Harman*, John*, Herman*, 
Anthony^), fifth son and eighth child of Silas Yerkes by his wife Elizabeth 
Mann, was born at Abington, Montgomery County, 10 May, 1822; died at 
Philadelphia, i May, 1876; married, 10 March, 1852, Rachel Shelmire, bom 
in Montgomery County, 20 May, 1823; died at Downingtown, Pennsylvania, 
14 May, 1868, a few days after the birth of her youngest child. She was a 
daughter of Jacob Shelmire by his wife Sarah Homer. Mr. Yerkes was a coal 
and lumber merchant, and a member of the Presb)rterian Church, and for some 
years an elder of the Presbyterian Church at Downingtown. 

Children of Silas Darrah* and Rachel (Shelmire) Yerkes: 

1 135. Sabah Shklmirb Yerkxs\ bom 23 December, 1852. 

1 136. Eugene Yerkxs\ bom 27 June, 1854; married, 16 October, 1876^ Theresa May 


1 137. Elizabeth Mann Yerkss\ bom 10 January, 1857; died 12 March, 1868. 

1 138. Silas Horner Yerkss\ bora 12 April, 1858; married Maude Wri^t 
II39- Jacob Shelmire Yerkes\ bora 19 April, 1861 ; died 16 March, 1868. 
1140. Mary Kirk Yerbxs\ bora 2 May, and died 14 August, 1868. 



398. WILLIAM TENNANT YERKES* (Silas», Harman*, John', 
Herman*, Anthony*), sixth son and ninth child of Silas Yerkes by his wife 
Elizabeth Mann, was born at Abington, Montgomery County, 21 October, 
1824; died at Ambler, same county, 25 April, 1890; married, 27 November, 
1857, his kinswoman, Maria Blaker (No. 595), bom 15 January, 1838; died 
30 January, 1901 ; daughter of Charles Blaker by his wife Eliza Morrison. 
He was a farmer, and was for some years an elder of the Abington Presby- 
terian Church, as had been his father. 

Children of William Tennant^ and Maria (Blaker) Yerkes: 

1 141. Chaslbs Blakxe YBM□ES^ born 13 Angnst, 1859; married Beatrice Irene Wil- 

liams. He resides at Bozeman, Montana. 

1 142. Albert Rowland Ybuoes^ bom 9 June, 1861; married Ada Berry Buckman. 

1 143. Elizabeth Mann YBM□ES^ bom 17 October, 1867. 

1 144. Miriam Bell YERKES^ bom 17 January, 1872; married, 26 June, 1901, Dr. 

Samuel Williams Clover, of Philadelphia, who graduated, 12 May, i8g8^ at 
the Hahnemann Medical College ; son of Richard D. Qover by his wife Julia 
K Williams. Issue: (1145) Rich aid Samuel Clover', bora 9 May, 1903. 

1 146. Horace Bellows YERBXS^ bora 8 October, 1874. 

1 147. Elmira Wemmer YERXES^ bora 17 December, 1877. 

1 148. William Mortimer YERKEs^ bora 12 May, 1879. 

399. GEORGE SCOTT YERKES* (Silas»,Harman*,John», Herman*, 
Anthony^), seventh son and tenth child of Silas Yerkes by his wife Elizabeth 
Mann, was bom at Abington, Montgomery County, 18 Sq)tember, 1826; died 
at Philadelphia, 20 May, 1898; married, 26 November, 1856, Jane Moore, 
bom at Willow Grove, Montgomery County, 25 February, 1833 5 daughter of 
James Jordan Moore by his wife Mary Sentman. Mr. Yerkes removed from 
Abington to Philadelphia in 188 1. 

Children of George Scott* and Jane (Moore) Yerkes; bom at Abington: 

1149. Mary Mookb Ynxis^ bora 18 September, 1857. 

215a H0WAK9 SooTT YntKKs\ bora 31 August, 1861 ; nuuried, 7 May, 1889, Katlimrine 
Worman Heany, bora in Plumstead Township, Bucks County, 7 April, 1865 ; 
daughter of Abram Worman Heany by his wife Mima Dyer Johnson. 

2151. Walter Withxow Yxrki8\ bora 27 August, 1866; married, at Baltimore, Mary- 
land, 20 March, 1901, Anna Mae Fifer, bora at Baltimore, 25 January, 1873 ; 
daughter of George Frederick Fifer by his wife Mary Edmona Burnett 
Issue, bora at Baltimore: (1152) Ruby Withxow Ybrkbs', bora 4 March, 

1153. William Lshman YxRKI8^ bora ao October, 1867. He is a member of the 
firm of Mariner & Yerkes, tea and coffee merchants, at Philadelphia. 

400. CHARLES HUXHAM YERKES* (Silas*, Harman*, John*, 
Herman*, Anthony*), eighth son and eleventh child of Silas Yerkes by his wife 
Elizabeth Mann, was bom at Abington, Montgomery Cotinty, Pennsylvania, 



15 July, 1829; died in Jersey County, Illinois, 7 March, 1872; married at 

Eureka, Illinois, 29 November, 1859, Rebecca Holme, bom at Bustleton, Phila- 

; delphia, Pennsylvania, i December, 1829; daughter of Morgan Holme by 

I his wife Hannah Jones. He taught school in early life, and subsequently 

engaged in the coopering business at Grafton, Illinois, where he remained until 
about 1866, when he exchanged his property in Grafton for a farm about five 
miles from that town, to which he removed, and there prosecuted fanning 
tmtil the end of his life. He was a Presb3rterian, and a member of the Masonic 

Children of Charles Huxham* and Rebecca (Holme) Yerkes: 

1 1 54. Edwin Holme Yerkes\ born 5 October, i860; married Emma Legate. 

1 1 55. LiLUAN Christian YERKES^ bom 24 January, 1863; married Oliver Jemiingt. 

1 156. Charles Wrenn YERKEs^ bom 19 February, 1865; married Mary Van Tine. 
^ 1 1 57. Albert Everest Yerk£s\ born 14 January, 1868; married Julia Van Tine. 

411. ANDREW JACKSON YERKES« (John», Harman*, John*, Her- 
man*, Anthony^), second son and fourth child of John Yerkes by his wife 
Margaret Benner, was bom at Abington, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, 
30 September, 1834; died at Bordentown, New Jersey, 12 January, 1864; 
married Susan P. Kelsey, bom at Fallsington, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 
10 September, 1830; died at Red Lodge, Montana, 25 August, 1898; daughter 
of William Kelsey by his wife Ann Wright. Mr. Yerkes resided for some years 
at Bordentown, New Jersey. 

Children of Andrew Jackson* and Susan (Kelsey) Yerkes: 

1 158. Abel Kelsey Yeblkes\ bom 15 September, 1858; married Mary Dilworth. 

1159. Mary Emma Yerkes^, died 17 March, 1861, aged seven months. 

1 160. B. Frank Yerkes*, bom 19 May, 1862. Resides at Red Lodge, Montana, where 
he publishes and edits the Carbon County Chronicle. 

1 161. LnjAN YERK£S^ bora at Hatboro, Pennsylvania, in 1864. She is unmarried, and 
is a stenographer and type-writer. In 1888 she served as a clerk in the Dakota 
Legislature, and in 1889 she occupied a similar position in the Montana Legis- 

415. SARAH LEECH YERKES* (Silas^ Silas*, John*, Herman*, 
Anthony^ ) , eldest child of Silas Yerkes by his wife Mary Leech, was bom at 
Cheltenham, Montgomery County, 22 May, 1807; died at Philadelphia, 29 
April, 1835; niarried, 17 August, 1826, Samuel Parry Shoemaker, bom at 
Philadelphia, 6 October, 1802; died there, 5 March, 1858; son of Thomas 
and Ann Shoemaker. 

Children of Samuel Parry and Sarah Leech* (Yerkes) Shoemaker: 

116a. Chabus M. SHOBMAKEK^ bom 16 June, 1827; married, 15 S^ember, 1852; 
Susan Paul, daughter of Isaac Thomas by his wife Tacy Lakens. They 
reside at Ambler, PemisjlTania, and hare issue. 



1 163. Mary Shoemaker^ bom 5 May, i8jo; died jo March, 1832. 

1 164. Hannah Ann Shobmaker\ born 20 July, 1832; died 27 February, 1833. 

1 165. Gbosgb Y. Shobmakee^ bom 31 December, 1834; died 12 June, 1889; married 

Harriet Van Zant, and had (1165*) C. Hasey Shoemaker', and (1165b) 
Bessie Shoemaker', wife of W. Orrison Underwood, of Boston, Massa- 

416. CHARLES TYSON YERKES« (Silas», Silas*, John*, Herman*, 
Anthony^ ) , eldest son and second child of Silas Yerkes by his wife Mary Leech, 
was bom in Cheltenham Township, Montgomery County, 28 August, 1808; 
died at Philadelphia, 14 March, 1883; married (i) Elizabeth Link Broom, 
bom at Philadelphia, 12 May, 1810; died at her residence, in Cherry Street, 
Philadelphia, 8 December, 1842, aged thirty-three years. She was a daughter 
of Christopher Broom, a merchant of Philadelphia, by his wife Elizabeth 
Link.* He married (2) Margaret Patterson, bom 16 October, 1816; died 28 
May, 1882; daughter of Josq)h Patterson. Mr. Yerkes was reared in the 
Society of Friends and carefully educated in its schools. Finishing his educa- 
tion, he received a business training in the store of his father, after whicfi he 
became receiving teller of the Kensington Bank, afterwards the Kensington 
National Bank, in which position he served several years, when he was chosen 
cashier of the baiik, and later, its president. He was also for some time the 
treasurer of the Continental Passenger Railway Company of Philadelphia, 
and was one of the early members of the Union League of that City. Mr. 
Yerkes was a man of gentle manners, possessed a kindly and amiable disposi- 
tion, and may be said to have been of the type of the " gentleman of the old 
school." He was widely known, and highly respected by all his acquaintances. 

Children of Charles Tyson* and Elizabeth Link (Broom) Yerkes: 

1 166. Samuel Bioom Yerxss\ born 27 November, 1834; died 25 March, 1895. He was 

the saperintendent of the Seventeenth and Nineteenth Street Passenger Rail- 
way Company for some years, but retired to a farm in Backs County. He 
married Catharine Abbott, bom i July, 1833; daughter of William Strong 
Abbott by his wife Susan Bird. They had issue, four sons and one daughter. 

1 167. Chailes Tyson Yerxes\ bom 25 June, 1837; married (i) Susanna Guttridge 

Gamble; (2) Mary Adelaide Moore. 

Children of Charles T3rson^ and Margaret (Patterson) Yerkes: 

1 168. Joseph Patterson Yerxss\ bom 27 February, 1846; died 31 October, 1899; mar- 

ried Elizabeth Kilgore, daughter of John Kilgore. Mr. Yerkes was at one 
time the senior member of the stock-brokerage firm of J. P.*& H. E. Yerkes, 

* Elizabbth Link was a daughter of George Link, who was a Revolutionary soldier, and re- 
sided in the Northern Liberties of Philadelphia. He was a native of Germany, and, as shown by 
the certificate {/ac-similt herewith inserted) issued x8 March, 1796, by Phillip Gerlach, pastor of the 
church at Grassenbinbau, Germany, he was bom at the great hereditary estate Hollenbach, in Gras- 
senbinbau, 16 May, 1753, and was a son of Johann Conrad Link by his wife Catharina Elixabetha 
Stirr. He was baptised Johann George, and his sponsors were Johann George Beilstein, court officer 
and dtisen of Leutzelbadi, and Johann Jest Beilstein, citisen and mill proprietor of Billings. 


■ .11 ;. .<</ » 

IF •• ' 'HE 




. :«. ■■ \' ' 

:.'• ' .- '.'!■■ ■ 
■ . '■■* \' K 0?i* ■ 

... :. .i 'i' 'li'"".- 
■. 'I.'*; ''1."' ' 

r. • :■ : ■ . ■ 

». r 


but retired from that business, and engaged in mercantile pursuit! at BrooklTii, 
New York. They had issue. 
1169. Hemkv Estsll Yerkes', bom 3 September, 1S49; died 16 August, iBga. He was 
a member of the stock-brokerage firm of J. P. ft H. R Yerkes. He married, 
IS February, 1882, Helena Allen, bom 20 December, i860; daughter of 
William Gale Allen, a grain merchant of Philadelphia, by hit wife Eleuior 
White. They had issue, three sons. 

434. HUSTON YERKES* (Benjamin', Benjamin*, John*, Herman*, 
Anthony*), eldest child of Benjamin Yerkes by his wife Sarah Addis, was 
bom at Bustleton, Philadelphia, 9 April, 1816; married, 26 March, 1846, 
Catharine Ann Lesher, bom at Moreland, Montgomery County, 11 March, 
1828; died at Vineland, New Jersey, r March, 1887; daughter of Benjamin 
Lesher by his wife Mary Maag. At seventeen years of age he was appren- 
ticed to the milling business, and engaged in that occupation until his marriage, 
when he became a farmer. In 1865 he removed from Bucks Cbimty, Penn- 
sylvania, where he was then residing, to Vineland, which place has since 
been his home. He is a Baptist, as was his wife. Mr. Yerkes writes : " When 
about forty-five years of age I came to think that stimulants were injurious to 
the nervous system, and I discarded them all, including tea and ooflee. Now 
I am past eighty-seven, and my hand is as steady as when I was twenty." 
Children of Huston' and Catharine Ann (I-esher) Yerites: 

1170. Sabah LoVENiA Yebkes', bon 17 E>ecember, 1846; married Dr. Frederidc W. 

iiyi. Benjamin Howasd YEiKts', bom 24 April, 1849; died ta August, 1883; married, 
5 September, i8;6, Louie Webb. No issue. 

1172- Mary Louisa Yekkes', bom 3 July, 1851; died 3 July, 1872. 

1 173. WiLUER Habsison Yexkes', bora 16 October, 1853; married Florence N. Smart. 

1 174. Jaues Huston Yehkes', bom 13 August, 1856; married, 13 September, 1883, 

Emma Alice Choate, bom at Alexandria, Virginia, 3 April, 1854; dan^ter 
of Darius Choate by his wife Phebe Adaline Brewster. Mr. Yerkes reaides at 
Los Angeles, California. Issue: (1175) Clauds Lafayktii Yeuce^, bom 
II June, 1884. (117s') MoNCKiiis Reed Yerkes', bora 3 April, 1887. 

1176. WnxiAu Frankun Yebkes', bom 10 June, 1861 ; married FIor& Maria Mat. 

1177. Walti« Lowkib Yebkes', bora 7 October, 1863; married I August, 1888, 

Addie M. Grant, bora at Bar Harbor, Maine, 3 October, 1S66; died at Vine- 
land, New Jersey, 26 April, 1892; daughter of James M and Mary Grant 
Mr. Yerkes has no issue. He 11 a dental surgeon, and is engaged in the 
practice of his profession at Tuckahoe, New Jersey. 

1178. Claba Jane Yebkes', bora 20 April, 1866; married, 14 March, 18S7, George Myron 

Ellis, bom at Vineland, 14 March, 1865; son of Stephen Thomu Ellis by Irii 
wife Elizabeth Naomi Cobura. Issue: (1179) Aimt Mnoir Eiu^, bom 
25 Febnuuy, 1888. (1180} Ray Elwyn Eujs*, bora 4 Mqr, 1889. 

436- MARY JANE YERKES* (Benjamin', Benjamin*, John", Her- 
man*, Anthony^), second daughter and third child of Benjamin Yerkes by his 


wife Sarah Addis, was bom at Htintingdon Valley, Montgomery County, 3 
November, 1819; died at Bustleton, Philadelphia, 26 November, 1901; mar- 
ried, 3 December, 1846, Qiarles Boucher, bom 17 January, 181 3; died at 
Huntingdon Valley, 12 April, 1881 ; son of Elisha Boucher by his wife Mary 

Children of Charles and Mary Jane^ (Yerkes) Boucher; bora at Huntingdon 

Valley : 

1 181. Benjamin Franklin BoucHSR^ bora i October, 1848; died 33 November, 1870. 

1 182. Anna Maky BoucHn^ bora 2 February, 1852; married, 14 February, 1877, Jami- 

son Lott, Junr, of Bustleton, by whom she has three children. 

1183. John Wynkoop Boucher\ bora 15 May, 1854; married, 9 April, 1879^ Anna 

Margaret Lott, of Bustleton. 

439. MOSES YERKES* (Benjamin^ Benjamin*, John', Herman*, 
Anthony^), third son and sixth child of Benjamin Yerkes by his wife Sarah 
Addis, was bom at Htmtingdon Valley, Montgomery Q>imty, 26 January, 
1826; died at Quakertown, Bucks County, 8 November, 1878; married his 
kinswoman, Eleanor Morrison Yerkes (No. 731), bom 27 October, 1831; 
died 12 May, 1875 ; daughter of Horatio Gates Yerkes by his wife Eliza Ann 
Addis. He was a wheelwright by trade. For some years he was in the flour 
and feed business, at Bensalem, Bucks G)tmty, but removed to Philadelphia^ 
and engaged there for a number of years as a retail flotu* and feed merchant, 
subsequently returning to Bucks G)unty, where he became a farmer. 

Children of Moses^ and Eleanor Morrison* (Yerkes) Yerices: 

1 184. Benjamin Yerkbs^ born 5 December, and died 8 December, 1854. 

1 185. Amos Addis Yerxss^ bom 5 December, 1854 (twin of Benjamin) ; married Anna 


1 186. Augustus Gates Yerxss^ bom 3 August, 1857; married Clara Nippes. 

1 187. Gbosgb Washington Yerxss\ bom 33 February, i860; married, a6 March, 1901, 

Emma R. Miller, bom at Lebanon, Pennsylvania, 9 May, 1875. 

1 188. Sarah Emma Yerxes\ bom 33 December, i^i ; died 13 January, 1863. 

1 189. Chasles Boucher Yerkes^ bom 33 March, 1864; died 11 April, 1865. 
iiQCK Joseph Norris Yerkes\ bom 36 June, 1868. 

1 191. Ada Bell Yerkes^ bom 34 October, 1870. 

441. BENJAMIN YERKES« (Benjamin', Benjamin*, John», Herman*, 
Anthony^ ) , fifth son and eighth child of Benjamin Yerkes by his wife Sarah 
Addis, was bom at Huntingdon Valley, Montgomery County, 6 April, 1828; 
married, i January, 1868, Adela H. Roe, bom in New York, 5 October, 1847; 
daughter of Alexander L. Roe by his wife Joanna W. Coon. He is a wheel- 
wright, and resides at Jamison, Bucks Cotmty. He and his wife are Baptists. 

Children of Benjamin* and Adela H. (Roe) Yerkes: 

iig3. Chakles B. Yeekes\ bom 10 July, and died 13 August, 1869. 




1 193. Etta Viola Yeskes\ bom 9 March, 1872; married, i January, 1896, Benjamin 


1 194. Benjamin Ross Yerkes\ bom 20 April, 1874; married, 24 June, 1903, Sarah C 


1 195. Samuel Walton YERKES^ bom 18 May, 1877; married, 27 June, 1903, Virginia 

R. Jamison. 

1 196. DiLLWYN Claude Yerkes^ bom 6 October, 1879. 

1 197. Horace Bertram YERK£S^ bom 22 February, 1887. 

442. HANNAH ADDIS YERKES* (Benjamin^ Benjamin*, John*, 
Herman*, Anthony*), fourth daughter and ninth child of Benjamin Yerkes by 
his wife Sarah Addis, was bom at Huntingdon Valley, Montgomery Coimty, 
II July, 1830; died there, 13 March, 1893; married, 21 January, 1854, Chris- 
tian Snyder, bom at same place, 11 March, 1822; died there, 18 November, 
1898; son of Simon Snyder by his wife Mary Thomas. 

1 198. Ellen Jane Snyder^ bom 2 February, 1856; married Samuel Jones Yerkes 

(No. 450). 

1 199. Sarah C. Snyder^ bom 30 August, 1858. 

1200. Mary C. SNYDER^ bom 11 October, 1862. 

443. THOMAS JONES YERKES* (Benjamin^ Benjamin*, John*, 
Herman*, Anthony^), sixth son and tenth child of Benjamin Yerkes by his 
wife Sarah Addis, was bom at Huntingdon Valley, Montgomery County, 15 
June, 1834; married, 25 February, 1864, Rachel Scott, bom at Trevose, Bucks 
G)imty, 20 May, 1837; daughter of Hazel Scott by his wife Sarah Randall. 
Mr. Yerkes resides at Feasterville, Bucks Cotmty, where he is engaged in farm- 
ing. He and his wife are Methodists. 

Child of Thomas Jones* and Rachel (Scott) Yerkes. 

1201. Sarah Janb YERKES^ bom in Middletown Township, Bucks County, 24 August, 

1874; married, 4 October, 1894, Leonard C. Vansant, bora at ChurdnriUe, 
Bucks G>unty, 20 December, 1870 ; son of Jacob Willard Vansant by his wife 
Esther Ann Buckman. Mr. Vansant is a farmer, and resides at Feasterville. 
Issue: (1202) William Braofield Vansant^, bora 30 March, 1896. 

448. EMMA FRANCENA YERKES* (Isaac», Benjamin*, John', Her- 
man*, Anthony^ ) , eldest child of Isaac Yerkes by his wife Catharine Wynkoop, 
was bom at Huntingdon Valley, Montgomery G)unty, 22 October, 1838; 
married Charles W. Heaton, 

Children of Charles W. and Emma Francena* (Yerkes) Heaton : 

1203. Samuel Jones Yerkes Heaton\ bora 30 December, 187a 

1204. Isaac Yerkes Heaton\ bora 20 March, 1872. 

1205. Norman L. Heaton^ bora 3 November, 1873. 

1206. Rebecca M. Heaton\ bora 15 January, 1875. 

1207. Walter D. Heaton\ bora 21 October, 1876. 

1208. Carrie F. Hsaton\ bom 9 February, 1Q791 



454. JOSEPH JONES YERKES* (Jones*, Benjamin*, John*, Her- 
man', Anthony^), eldest son and child of Jones Yerkes by his wife Sarah 
Morrison, was bom in Mordand, Montgomery G)unty, 15 August, 1842; 
married, 16 January, 1868, Alice Louisa G)mell, bom at Qiurchville, Bucks 
County, 5 Jtme, 1842; daughter of Jacob Krewson Cornell by his wife Eliza- 
beth Finney. Mr. Yerkes is a farmer, and resides at Richboro, Bucks County. 

Child of Joseph Jones* and Alice Louisa (Comell) Yerkes : 

laog. Jacob Kxxwson YnKES^ bora 26 January, 1875; married, 16 March, 1898, 
Jennie Clayton Waraer. Issue: (1210) Joseph Earl Yerkes', bora 11 
December, 1898. (1211) George Hogeland Yerkes', bora 12 October, 190a 
(1212) Mary Auce Yerkes', bora 13 April, 1902. 

455. BENJAMIN FRAKLIN YERKES* (Jones^ Benjamin*, John', 
Herman*, Anthony^ ) , second son and child of Jones Yerkes by his wife Sarah 
Morrison, was bom in Moreland, 9 August, 1845; married, 26 February, 
1874, Jane E. V. Blakcr (No. 592), bom at Bethayres, Montgomery County, 
10 February, 1842; daughter of Charles Blaker by his wife Eliza Morrison. 
Mr. Yerkes is a farmer and merchant, and resides at Terwood (formerly 
Yerkesville) . 

Children of Benjamin Franklin* and Jane E. V. (Blaker) Yerkes: 

1213. Mary Russell Yerkes^ bora 10 December, 1874. Miss Yerkes is the post- 

mistress at Terwood, having held the position since 1901. 

1214. Florence Eleanor Yerkes^ bora 27 April, 1882. 

456. JOSHUA TAYLOR YERKES« (Jones*, Benjamin*, John', 
Herman*, Anthony^), youngest son and third child of Jones Yerkes by his 
wife Sarah Morrison, was bom in Moreland, Montgomery County, 22 March, 
1847; married, 8 February, 1876, Rebecca Ann Hare, bom at Philadelphia, 
17 October, 1847; daughter of George W. Hare by his wife Mary Raab. 
Mr. Yerkes is a farmer, and resides at Churchville, Bucks Cotmty. 

Children of Joshua Taylor* and Rebecca Ann (Hare) Yerkes; bom at Ter- 

1215. Helen Morrison Yerxes\ bora 7 October, 1882. 

1216. Jackson Harold Yerkes\ bora 18 October, 1885. 

474. JOHN Mcknight yerkes* (Josiah^ Nathaniel*, Josiah', 
Herman*, Anthony^), eldest child of Josiah Yerkes by his first wife, Mrs. 
Margaret (McKnight) Blain, was bom at Romulus, New York, 6 December, 
1827; died there, 29 April, 1901 ; married, 17 November, 1850, Lucy Church, 
bom at New Fairfield, Connecticut, 3 August, 1826; died at Romulus, 5 



August, 1890; sister of his father's second wife, and daughter of Abijah B. 
Church by his wife Lucena J. Lacy. Mr. Yerkes was a fanner and a promi- 
nent citizen of Romulus. He held the office of Justice of the Peace for eight 
years, and that of Supervisor two years. His children were all bom at 

Children of John McKnight® and Lucy (Church) Yerkes: 

1217. JosiAH Yerkes^ bom 18 April, 1853; married Alice Kuney. 

1218. Barnum YERKES^ bom 27 June, 1854; married Caroline Elizabeth Hoffman. 

1219. Clermont YERKES^ born 30 August, 1856; married, 14 September, 1882, Julia 

Martha Hunt, bom at Nichols, New York, 31 January, 1855; daughter of 
Benjamin Brown Hunt by his wife Sarah Ann White. He is a farmer and 
a Presbyterian, and resides at Menomonie, Dunn County, Wisconsin. No 

1220. John McKnight Yerkes^ bom 4 March, 1868; married, i January, 1900, Jnlia 

Marie Somers ; bom at Seneca Falls, New York, 23 December, 1878 ; daui^- 
ter of Ralph Somers by his wife Ellen Janet Henderson. Mr. Yerkes is a 
farmer and tile manufacturer, and resides at Romulus. Issue: (1221) 
Ellen Elizabeth Yerkes*, born 26 August, 1902. 

1222. Jesse Yerkes, JuN»^ born 18 May, 1870; married, 7 February, 1895, Jennie 

Elizabeth Schneck, bom 9 February, 1871 ; daughter of Peter Schneck by 
his wife Elizabeth Ann Bachman. He is a farmer, and resides at Fayette, 
New York. No issue. 

475. ELIZA ANN YERKES* (Josiah', Nathaniel*, Josiah', Herman*, 
Anthony* ), eldest daughter and second child of Josiah Yerkes by his first wife, 
Mrs. Margaret (McKnight) Blain, was bom at Romulus, New York, 12 
March, 1829; married, 29 March, 1854, Thomas Mann, bom at Hayt's Cor- 
ners, New York, 12 August, 1829; son of Matthias T. Mann by his wife 
Sarah Pruden. Mr. Mann is a farmer, and resides at Romulus. He and 
his wife are Presbyterians. 

Children of Thomas and Eliza Ann* (Yerkes) Mann; all bom at Romulus: 

1223. Fletcher Mann\ bom 3 March, 1855; married, 9 July, 1889, Julia Hall; re- 

sides at Iroquois, South Dakota. 

1224. Sidney Mann\ bom 16 March, 1857; married, 17 June, 1891, Vera Gemer; 

resides at Osceola, South Dakota. 

1225. Mabgaret Ann Mann\ bora 18 November, 1858; married, i May, 1889, Frank 

Williams; resides at Centreville, South Dakota. 

1226. Lydia Louisa Mann\ bom 22 November, i860. 

1227. Thomas Mann^ bom 30 October, 1862; died at Iroquois, South Dakota, 11 

October, 1893. 
1226. FJJ.EN MANN^ bora 25 October, 1865. 

1229. Eliza Ann Mann^ bora i June, 1869; married, 11 April, 1888^ Hamlin T. 

Covert; resides at Hajrt's G>raer8, New York. 

1230. Gbokgb Mann\ bora 27 May, 1872. 

1231. Minnie Jane Mann\ bora 10 May, 1875; married, 25 Aupist, 1897, George 

Bogardtts, and resides at Romulus. 



478. SCHUYLER BARCLAY YERKES« (Josiah^ Nathanid*, 
Josiah', Herman*, Anthony*), only child of Josiah Yerkes by his second 
wife, Rhodah Bamum Church, was born at Romulus, New York, 7 February, 
1864; married, 8 June, 1887, Hattie Pearl Kuney, bom at Varick, New York, 
3 February, 1863 ; daughter of Daniel Kimey by his wife Deborah Tuniscm. 
Mr. Yerkes is a farmer, and resides at Romulus. He and his wife are Epis- 

Children of Schuyler Barclay* and Hattie Pearl (Kuney) Yerkes; bom at 

Romulus : 

1232. Rhoda Erminix YatKBs\ born 5 June, 1888. 
1253. Max Ruth Yerxss\ born 4 November, 1891. 

479. JOSEPH BALL YERKES* (John Watson', Stephen*, Harman», 
Herman*, Anthony* ), eldest son and child of John Watson Yerkes by his wife 
Caroline Yerkes, was bom at Hatboro, Pennsylvania, 6 July, 1839; married, 
3 June, 1869, Rebecca Valentine Yerkes (No. 536), bom at Warminster, 
Bucks County, 3 October, 1843; daughter of Harman Yerkes by his wife 
Rebecca Valentine. He enjoyed the advantage of a good education, and was 
for fifteen years a school-teacher, and for some years a school director of 
Mordand Township. In 1873, ^875, and 1876 he was a representative of 
Montgomery County in the Pennsylvania Legislature, and since 1895 he has 
held the office of Justice of the Peace at Hatboro, where he resides, and where 
he is now engaged in farming. 

Children of Joseph Ball* and Rebecca Valentine* (Yerkes) Yerkes: 

ia34. John Watson YatKBs\ bom 5 May, 1870; died a6 June, 1871. 

1^35. Walter Watson Yerxss\ bom 22 February, 1872; married, 7 April, 1890^ 
Emeline Van Sant, bom 11 February, 1869; daughter of Charles Van 
Sant by his wife Hester Wakefield. Issue: (1256) Blanch W. Ybrkks', 
bom II February, 1891. (1236^) Walter Lion Ybrkks', bom ao April, 

1237. Paul Whitakkr Yerxss\ bom 19 June, 1873. 

1238. Harman YIRKES^ bom 4 March, 1875; married, in November, 1901, Mabel 

Bunty, daughter of Charles and Mary Bunty. Issue: (1238*) Joseph Har- 
man Yerkes', bom 12 July, 1902. (i2381>) Charles Carroll Yerkes', bom 
2 July, 1903. 

1239. Claudius Shade Yerkes^ bom 20 December, 1876. 

124a AucE Watson Yerkes\ bom 16 January, 1879; married, 5 August, 1903, 
Herbert D. Engle, son of James Engle. 

1241. Caroune Dodge Yerkes\ bom 31 March, 1882. 

1242. William Henry Yerkes\ bom 16 January, 1886. 

1243. Stephen Douglas Yerke8\ bom 15 May, 1888. 

484. STEPHEN DECATUR YERKES* (John Watson', Stephen*, 
Harman', Herman*, Anthony^), third son and sixth child of John Watson 




Yerkes by his wife Caroline Yerkes, was bom at Hatboro, 25 December, 1849; 
married, 5 January, 1882, Anna Mary Radcliffe, bom at Johnsvillc, Bucks 
County, 20 Febmary, 1J863 ; daughter of John Randolph Radcliffe by his wife 
Rebecca Hallowell. Mr. Yerkes took an active part in politics in Montgomery 
Cotmty, and as a Democrat he was elected a member of the Pennsylvania L^s* 
lature in 1882 and 1884, serving four years. He now resides at Philadelphia^ 
and is a special officer in the employ of the Philadelphia and Reading Rail- 
road Company. His four eldest children were bom at Hatboro (where he 
was living at the time of their births), while his three youngest children were 
bom at Philadelphia. 

Children of Stephen Decatur® and Anna Mary (Radcliffe) Yerkes: 

1244. Justus R. Yerkbs\ born 4 December, 1882; died 33 December, 1883. 

1245. Pauunb R. Yerkes', born 13 July, and died 16 August, 1883. 

1246. Ada C. Yerkes', bom i August, 1884. 

1247. Elsie D. Yerkes^, bom i August, 1885. 

1248. Joseph Ball Yerkes^, bom 12 July, i888w 

1249. Anna May Yerkes\ bom 2 December, 189a 

1250. Lester M. Yerkes\ born 29 January, 1897. 

486. JOHN WATSON YERKES® (John Watson*, Stephen*, Har- 
man*, Herman*, Anthony^), fourth son and eighth child of John Watson 
Yerkes by his wife Caroline Yerkes, was bom in Moreland, Montgomery 
County, 29 October, 1855 ; married, 26 August, 1880, Mary Flora Griffith, 
bom 23 Febmary, 1859; daughter of Rush Griffith by his wife Amanda 
Hurstman. He is by trade a blacksmith, and he and his wife arc Baptists. 
He resided at Hatboro, Pennsylvania, until 1889, when he removed to Phila- 
delphia, his four eldest children being bom at the former, and the three 
youngest at the latter place. Mr. Yerkes is a coiner in the United States Mint 
at Philadelphia. 

Children of John Watson® and Mary Flora (Griffith) Yerkes : 

125 1. Stephen Decatur YERKES^ bom 10 July, 1881. 

1252. NoRRis J. Yerkes', bom 8 July, 1883. 

1253. Lizzie A. Yerkes', bora 2 July, 1885. 

1254. John W. Yerkes', born 13 March, 1887. 

1255. Charles R. Yerkes', bora 21 July, 189a 

1256. Edward Z. Yerkes', bora 23 April, 1892. 

1257. Helen K. Yerkes', bora 19 June, 1893. 

(Mary*, Stephen*, Harman', Herman*, Anthony^), was bom at Abington, 
Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, 13 January, 1839. He entered the United 
States navy as acting midshipman, 21 September, 1853, ^^^ ^^^ graduated 
midshipman at the Naval Academy, 10 June, 1857; became passed midship- 


man, 25 June, i860; master, 24 October, i860; lieutenant-commander, 26 
April, 1864; commander, 29 June, 1872; captain, 30 October, 1833; commo- 
dore, 10 May, 189s; rear-admiral, 15 July, 1898, and was the ranking rear- 
admiral of the navy at the time of his death, and next in command to Admiral 
Dewey. The record of his service since graduation, as shown by the records of 
the Navy Department, is as follows : 

" U. S. frigate ' Minnesota,' June, i857> till May, 1859, China and East India Station ; 
U. S. Coast Survey schooner 'Varina,' summer of 1859; U. S. ship 'Iroquois,' November, 
1859, till October, i860; Mediterranean squadron. West Indies, in pursuit of steamer 
'Sumter;' Mississippi River under Admiral Farragut; engagements and passage of Forts 
Jackson and St Philip, Chalmette batteries, and capture of New Orleans, April, 1863; 
landed at Baton Rouge and Natchez to demand surrender. May, 1862; engagements Grand 
Gulf, Vicksburg, ram 'Arkansas,' and passed Vicksburg batteries both ways, June, July, 
and August, 1862; U. S. ship 'Juniata,' October, 1862, till February, 1863, coast of United 
States ; U. S. ship ' Seminole,' February i8» till August, 1863, coast of United States ; U. S. 
ship 'Pensacola,' August, 1863, till April, 1864, Mississippi River; executive officer U. S. 
ship 'Juniata,' May, 1864, till June, 1866, North Atlantic squadron; engagements and sur- 
render of Fort Fisher, December 24 and 25, 1864, and January 13, 14, and 15, 1865; Brazil 
station, 1865, till June, 1866; executive officer U. S. flag-ship 'Brooklyn,' June, 1866, till 
September, 1867, Brazil station; instructor Naval Academy, September, 1867, till November, 
1868; executive officer practice ship 'Macedonian,' summer of 1868; executive officer U. S. 
flag-ship 'Franklin,' November, 1868, till September, 1870, European station; equipment 
officer Philadelphia Navy- Yard, October, 1870, till July, 1871; head of department of sea- 
manship, etc.. Naval Academy, July, 1871, till February, 1875; commanding U. S. ship 
'Yantic,' April, 1875, till July, 1875, Asiatic station; commanding U. S. ship 'Kearsarge,' 
July, 1875, till January, 1878, Asiatic station; commanding U. S. ship 'Portsmouth,' Feb- 
ruary, 18;^ till August, 1878, £tux>pean station; commandant of cadets, Naval Academy, 
September, 1878, till September, 1882; commanding U. S. practice ship 'Constellation,' 
summer of 1879, coast of North America; commanding U. S. practice ship 'Constellation,' 
summer of 1881, coast of United States; navy departpient, October, 1882, till October, 1883; 
court of inquiry on loss of U. S. ship 'Jeanette,' and board of examiners of officers, etc.. 
Mare Island Navy- Yard, November, 1883, till September, 1886, captain of the yard; com- 
manding U. S. flag-ship ' Omaha,' May, 1897, till March, 189a Asiatic station; superintendent 
of Naval Observatory, June, 1890, till November, 1894; retiring and examinin g boards, 
November, 1894, till November, 1895; commanding U. S. naval force on Asiatic station, 
December, 1895, till January, 1898, U. S. flag-ship ' Olympia ;' president retiring and examining 
boards, February, 1898; March, 1898, chairman light-house board, and superintendent of 
Naval Academy, July, 1898, till relieved by Commander Richard Wainwright" 

Although the name of Rear-Admiral McNair is not associated in the 
minds of the general public with any great naval achievements during the 
Spanish-American war, it was he who, for three years prior to being relieved 
by Admiral Dewey, commanded the American naval forces on the Asiatic 
station, and to him belongs much of the credit for the victories in Manila Bay. 
It was by his persistent drilling and careful instruction that the gunners of 
the Asiatic squadron had been brought to so high a grade of proficiency, a 
prime factor, as Admiral Dewey has himself declared, in the satisfactory result 



of the first and greatest contest of the war. To Admiral McNair must also 
be given much of the credit for the excellent condition of the vessels that 
Admiral Dewey was called to command. 

If fate, that plays such a great part in the creation of battle heroes, denied 
to Admiral McNair his opportunity in our last war, he had as varied an expe- 
rience and left as brilliant a record as any American naval officer of the present 
day. He held stations in almost every part of the world, and was an eye- 
witness and student of several European contests. He was with Garibaldi in 
Italy, and his mind was well stored with the scientific principles of war. He 
was in active service throughout the Civil War, and during those bloody years 
won glory enough for one life. His death created a vacancy at the top of the 
list of active rear-admirals in the American navy. 

He died at Washington, D. C, 28 November, 1900; married, 9 October, 
1862, Qara, daughter of James William Warren by his wife Mary Sellars 
Hobson, bom at Philadelphia, 22 May, 1841. 
Children of Commodore Frederick Vallette' and Qara (Warren) McNair: 

1258. Warkem Lzihau McNair', born ai November, 1863; died 2 September, 1865. 

1259. Fkedesick Vallettk McNair', born 13 March, 1828; graduated «t the NkvxI 

Academy, in 1903, and is attached to the flagship of the European SqiudrtML 

496. MARY ALICE YERKES' (Reverend Stqihen", Stephen*, Har- 
man', Herman", Anthony*), second daughter and eldest child of the Reverend 
Stephen Yerkes, D.D., by his wife Amanda Lovell, was bom at Sweetair, 
Baltimore County, Maryland, 19 August, 1843; married, at Danville, Ken- 
tucky, 29 March, 1866, John Milton Van Meter, bora in Qarit County, 
Kentucky, 21 June, 1842 ; son of Isaac Van Meter by his wife Rdiecca Cun- 
ningham. Mr. and Mrs. Van Meter reside at Danville. Both are members of 
the Presbyterian Church. 

Children of John Milton and Mary Alice" (Yerkes) Van Meter; all bom in 
Kentucky : 

1260. Amanda Yebkes Van Metcr', born 31 December, 1866. 

1261. Susan Allan Van Mtm', bom 11 April, 1868. 

126a. Adeunk Loveu, Van Metex', born 12 April, 1870; died 19 Januarr, j^i. 

1263. John Milton Van Mms, Jun>', born 8 July, and died 23 July, 1^3. 

1264. Elizabeth Stonsstubt Van Meux', bom 23 October, 1875; married, 24 Octo- 

ber, 1900, John Woodford 
1365. Alicx Ybkes Van Mstei', bom 12 January, 1881 ; died 8 October, igo3. 

497. HENRY McELDERLY YERKES' <Reverend Stephen', 
Stephen*, Harman», Herman*, Anthony* ) , eldest son and third child of Rever- 
end Stq)hen Yerkes, D.D., by his wife Amanda Lovell, was bom in Baltimore 
County, Maryland, 14 May, 1845 ; died near Ointon, Tennessee, 28 January, 


1889; married, in January, 1871, Jane Smith. Mr. Yerkes's widow and family 
reside at Robertsville, Tennessee. 

Children of Henry McElderly* and Jane (Smith) Yerkes: 
1266. Alicb Van Mrm Yirkbs^ 


ia68. Stxphkn YtMXMs\ 

1269. William Lovill Yxrkbs, Jun>\ 

127a Caswzll Yerkbs\ 

1371. Sarah YtMXMs\ 

1372. FkANCBS YntKis*. 

498. WILLIAM LOVELL YERKES* (Reverend Stephen', Stephen*, 
Harman*, Herman*, Anthony^), second son and fourth child of Reverend 
Stephen Yerkes, D.D., by his wife Amanda Lovell, was bom in Baltimore 
County, Maryland, 30 June, 1847; married (i) Emma Rumsey Wing; died 
at Paris, Kentucky, 10 July, 1876; married (2), 26 April, 1883, Maria Archer 
Woodford, bom 12 October, 1858; daughter of John Thomton Woodford by 
his wife Elizabeth Hawes Buckner. Mr. Yerkes received a collegiate education, 
then studied law, and is engaged in the practice of law, at Paris, Kentucky. 

Children of William Lovell® and Maria Archer (Woodford) Yerkes; all bom 

at Paris, Kentucky : 

1273. John Woodfokd Yekkxs\ bom 31 January, 1884. 

1274. Amanda Lovell Yerkes\ born 11 December, 1885. 

1275. Elizabeth McKnight Yerkes\ bom 5 November, 1893. 

Stephen', Stephen*, Harman', Herman*, Anthony^), third son and sixth child 
of Reverend Stephen Yerkes, D.D., by his wife Amanda Lovell, was bom at 
Lexington, Kentucky, i April, 1854. He was graduated at Centre College, 
Kentucky, in 1873, when he received the d^jee of A.B., and in 1876 
that of A.M. After leaving college he entered upon the study of the law 
at the Law Department of the University of Michigan, and was graduated 
therefrom in 1877, receiving the d^jee of LL.B. Immediately thereafter he 
engaged in the practice of his profession at Danville, Kentucky, and was ap- 
pointed Raster in Bankraptcy. Since 1880 he has been prominently identified 
with the legal, educational, commercial, and industrial interests of his town 
and State. In addition to being officially connected with various banking 
and commercial institutions, Mr. Yerkes. is a member of the faculty of the 
Law Department of Centre College, and was president of the State Com- 
mercial and Industrial Convention held at Louisville, Kentucky, and a com- 
missioner to the Columbian and Atlanta Expositions. He served as master 




in chancery from 1888 tintil 1902, and in 1897 was appointed Collector of 
Internal Revenue for the Eighth District of Kentucky, by President McKinley, 
who, in December, 1900, appointed him Commissioner of Internal Revenue at 
Washington, D. C, which position he now holds under President Roosevelt. 

Mr. Yerkes is a Republican both by inheritance and choice. He was 
chairman of the Republican State Committee of Kentucky from 1891 until 
1896, and occupied that position when the State elected its first Republican 
governor, secured control of the Legislature, and increased its representation in 
Congress and on the State Court of Appeals bench. Since 1896 he has been a 
member of the Republican National Committee from Kentucky. In 1900 
Mr. Yerkes was unanimously nominated for governor by the largest State 
convention ever held by his party in Kentucky, and although it was a Presi- 
dential year, and therefore brought out the entire Democratic vote, he was 
defeated by only three thousand five hundred votes, leading the Republican 
electoral ticket by three thousand, and receiving nearly forty thousand more 
votes than any Republican nominee for governor of Kentucky ever received. 

Central University, the largest and oldest collie of Kentucky, has con- 
ferred upon Mr. Yerkes the degree of LL.D., and in Jime, 1903, he was 
elected a member of the Board of Trustees of that institution. He is a director 
of the Farmers' National Bank of Danville, the Danville Gaslight Company, 
and the Wholesale Grocery Company, and while practising law he was attorney 
for the Cincinnati, New Orleans and Texas Pacific Railroad Company, and 
other corporations. Since 1900 he has resided at Washington. 

He married at Danville, 10 October, 1879, Elizabeth Owsley Anderson, 
bom at Danville, 4 March, 1854; daughter of Honorable William C. Ander- 
son by his wife Amelia Owsley Rodes. 

Children of Honorable John Watson® and Elizabeth Owsley (Anderson) 

Yerkes ; bom at Danville : 

1276. Stephen Lovell Yerkes', born 10 October, 1880. 

1277. Amelia Rodes Yerkes^, born 10 October, 1880. 

507. HARM AN YERKES, M.D.« (Andrew Long», Harman\ Har- 
man*, Herman*, Anthony^ ) , eldest child of Andrew Long Yerkes by his wife 
Eliza Everhart, was bom at Warminster, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 4 Sep- 
tember, 1820; died at Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, 10 December, 1888; mar- 
ried, I April, 1849, Eliza Ann Ivester, bom at Phoenixville, same State, 14 
October 1829; died at Phoenixville, 10 March, 1890; daughter of William 
Ivester by his wife Anna Maria Renshaw. 

The following notice of Dr. Yerkes appeared in the Phoenixville Mes- 
senger, the day after his death : 




".This community was very much startled, indeed, to learn, on Tuesday morning, 
of the sudden death of Doctor Harman Yerkes, one of the old residents of the town, and 
known to everybody. At first the story was, he was found dead in bed that morning; but 
that was not true, as his death took place Monday nifl^t shortly after the mid-hour, and in 
the presence of his family. That day he had been attending to his patients as usual, and 
went to bed complaining of excessive pains in the breast This was caused by heart hilure^ 
and in an hour or so he had joined the silent multitude. 

" Dr. Yerkes was bom on the 4th of September, 1820, near Hatboro, and when at the 
proper age went to the Hatboro Academy. When eighteen years old he went to Philadelphiat 
and engaged with W. P. Anspach & Son, dry-goods merchants, on North Third Street 
Tiring of that business, he returned to Hatboro, studied medicine with Dr. Hill, attended 
lectures at the Jefferson Medical G>llege, graduated in March, 1847, and moved to Phoenix- 
ville^ July of the same year, and here he has been in continuous practice ever since. Of the 
personality of the deceased and of his character as a citizen, we are not called to speak, 
as the one and the other are so well known as to render anything additional seem unneces- 
sary. If he had an enemy, we never heard of it, and that he was a good, kind man to 
those whose circumstances were limited is a well-known unwritten page of the history of 
this town. His memory will be cherished as a gentleman and a Christian. Dr. Yerkes stood 
well with his fellow-dtizens, as may be realized from the fact that he served three terms in 
the school board, of which he was secretary many years, and one term as Burgess. He was 
a candidate for this position as a Republican in 1863, against Levi Oberholtzer, Democrat, 
when the contest, for special reasons well known, was very bitter. The town was Demo- 
cratic, and the vote stood two hundred and fifteen for Oberholtzer and two hundred and 
one for Yerkes. Physically the deceased was a fine specimen of manhood until within 
the past ten years, when evidences of decadence were marked." 

The year in which Dr. Yerkes was elected Burgess was the year after he 
had been defeated by Dr. Oberholtzer, and his victory when elected was an 
overwhelming one. 

Giild of Dr. Harman* and Eliza Ann (Ivester) Yerkes; bom at Phoenixville : 

1278. Anna Makia Ykrkes^ bom 19 January, 1850; married Andrew Robeno Whitaker. 

SIC. DR. ELWOOD YERKES* (Andrew Long*, Harman*, Harman*, 
Herman*, Anthony^ ) , third son and fourth child of Andrew Long Yerkes by 
I his wife Eliza Everhart, was bom at Warminster, Bucks County, 27 July, 1825 ; 

{ married, 28 July, 1853, Amanda Bonsall Owen, bom at Upper Darby, Dela- 

I ware County, 18 Febraary, 1828; daughter of Abraham Owen by his wife 

I Margaret Shearer. Mr. Yerkes became a dentist in 1854, and removed to 

! Phoenixville, where he practised his profession, and also carried on farming. 

' At a later date he removed to Philadelphia, where he continued practice in 


Children of Dr. Elwood* and Amanda Bonsall (Owen) Yerkes; all bom at 
' Phoenixville : 

1279. Eliza Mary Yerkbs^, bom 12 June, 1855. 

128a Eliza Yerk£s\ bom 30 April, 1857 ; was graduated from the Philadelphia Dental 
) G>llege in 1889. 

♦ 132 



1281. Laura Cora Yerkes^, born 22 February, 1859 ; married, 24 September, 1895, Ran- 
8011 Rush Lewis, bom at Frederick, Maryland, 15 July, 1864; son of Jacob 
Lewis by his wife Elizabeth Winger. Issue: (1282) Ranson Rush Lewis, 
JuN**, bom 22 July, 1896. (1283) Laura Elizabeth Lewis', bom 31 July, 

1284. Harman Yerkes\ bom 20 September, 1862. He was graduated from the Phila- 
delphia Dental College, and is engaged in the practice of his profession at 
Philadelphia. Dr. Yerkes married, 12 March, 1891, Mary F. Dottcrer, bom 
at Philadelphia, 17 May, 1872; daughter of Amos Dotterer by his wife Mary 
McAvoy. Issue: (1285) Marion Dotterer Yerkes', bom 4 January, 1892. 
(1286) Harman Yerkes, Jun»', bom 8 June, 1893. 

SIX. DR. ANDREW J. YERKES« (Andrew Long*, Harman*, Har- 
man*, Herman^, Anthony^ ) , fourth son and fifth child of Andrew Long Yerkes 
by his wife Eliza Everhart, was bom in Warminster, Bucks Coimty, 9 October, 
1828; died at Doylestown, 2 September, 1868; married, 28 May, 1856, 
Margaret Meredith, born in Buckingham Township, 4 October, 1832; died 
at Doylestown, 30 October, 1883; daughter of Simon Meredith by his wife 
Sarah Worthington. Dr. Yerkes studied dentistry, and settled at Doylestown, 
where he became successful in the practice of his profession. 

Children of Andrew J.® and Margaret (Meredith) Yerkes, bom at Doyles- 
town : 

1287. Salue V. Yerkes', bora 31 March, 1857; died 16 May, 1859. 

1288. Edwin Meredith Yerkes^, bom 2 November, i860. He is deputy sheriff of 

Bucks County. 

1289. Carrie Meredith Yerkes', bora 16 December, 1863; died 4 March, 1900; mar- 

ried Martin Voorhees. Issue: (1290) Edwin Meredith Voorbexs*, bom 5 
July, 1889. (1291) Margaret Alden Voorhees", bom 30 May, 1894. 

512. MARGARET LONG YERKES« (Andrew Long*, Harman*, 
Harman', Herman*, Anthony* ) , second daughter and sixth child of Andrew 
Long Yerkes by his wife Eliza Everhart, was bom in Warminster, Bucks 
County, 7 December, 1832; married, 8 June, 1852, Dr. Isaac Zook Coffman, 
bom near Paoli, Chester Coimty, i January, 1805; died at Phoenixville, 24 
May, 1 89 1. Dr. Coflfman was graduated from the Medical Department of the 
University of Pennsylvania, and practised his profession at Phoenixville. His 
widow resides at Philadelphia. 

Children of Dr. Isaac Zook and Margaret Long* (Yerkes) Coflfman: 

1292. EowABD Livingston Coffman\ bom 15 November, 1854; married, 6 June^ 1888; 

Laura A. Banks, died in December, 1891. 

1293. Ada Augusta Cotfuav^, bom 33 November, 1856. 

1294. Andkbw Ykrkes Coffman^ bom 14 July, 1858; married Annie £. Lacey. They 

reside at Phoenixville. Issue: (1295) Hzun Makgarkt Coffman*. (1296) 
Andrew Lacey Coffman*. 
1297. Eliza Yxrkes Coffman\ bom in June^ i860. 



ijg8. William Everhakt C6ffman\ born 15 July, 1862 ; died in May, 1864. 

1299. Annie Yerkes C6ffman\ born 13 October, 1864; married Charles Shimer Reed, 

of Easton, Pennsylvania. They reside at Newark, New Jersey. 

542. THOMAS MONTANYE YERKES« (Stephen^ Harman*, Har- 
man', Herman*, Anthony^), the eldest child of Stephen Yerkes by his wife 
Amy Hart Montanye, was bom in Warminster Township, Bucks County, 14 
November, 1831. At the age of nineteen years he emigrated to California, 
working his way there, and enduring many hardships. He drove a team across 
the plains for the famous Kit Carson, and worked a number of years for the 
Mormons at Salt Lake City. In 1856, being then in California, he accompanied 
a party, imder the leadership of Colonel Charles W. Stone, upon a secret mis- 
sion from the United States to Mexico. He resided for some time in Mexico, 
and from thence he went to Arizona, where, during the Civil War, he was 
Government Superintendent to the Mowry Silver-Mines. After the war he 
became extensively engaged in mining and milling ventures in Arizona and 
Mexico. He has had several narrow escapes in Indian fights, and altogether 
has led an adventurous life. He is unmarried. 

544. STEPHEN YERKES® (Stephen^ Harman*, Harman», Herman*, 
Anthony^), third son and child of Stephen Yerkes by his wife Amy Hart 
Montanye, was bom in Warminster Township, Bucks County, 11 April, 1835. 
He is a farmer and resides on the old homestead farm in that township. He 
married Elizabeth Jamison, bom in Warwick Township, same county, 25 
December, 1839; daughter of George Jamison by his wife Louisa Stuckert. 

Children of Stephen® and Elizabeth (Jamison) Yerkes; bom at the home- 

1300. Louisa Amy Yerkes*. 

ijoi. EuzABETH Jamison Yerkes\ 

547. HONORABLE HARM AN YERKES® (Stephen^ Harman*, 
Harman*, Herman*, Anthony*), fifth son and sixth child of Stephen Yerkes 
by his wife Amy Hart Montanye, was bom in Warminster Township, Bucks 
County, 8 October, 1843. ^^' Yerkes enjoyed the advantages of a liberal 
education, and after graduating at a school at East Hampton, Massachusetts, 
in 1862, he taught school for a short time, and then entered upon the study 
of law in the office of Judge Ross at Doylestown. He was admitted to the 
bar in Bucks Coimty, 3 November, 1865, and at once began a successful pro- 
fessional career. In 1868 he was elected District Attorney, and served in that 
office with marked ability. In 1873 he was nominated for the State Senate by 
the Democrats of the Bucks-Northampton District, and was elected by an over- 




whelming majority, and was re-elected from Bucks County in 1876, run- 
ning far ahead of his ticket in each instance. He soon became prominent 
among the distinguished Democratic leaders who made the Senate of that 
period a notable one. He served upon the Judiciary, Federal Relations, 
Finance, and Centennial Affairs committees, and was chosen by his col- 
leagues a member of the State Board of Managers of the Centennial Ex- 
position, in the advancement of which he took an active and prominent 
part. In 1877 he presided over the Democratic legislative caucus to 
nominate a candidate for United States Senator, which nominaton was 
proffered him, but declined in favor of his friend. Honorable Andrew H. 
Dill. He was also unanimously selected by his party colleagues for Presi- 
dent of the Senate. He was the draughtsman of the laws regulating the 
separate Orphans' Courts, the Civil and Criminal Courts of the State and 
of the city of Philadelphia, in compliance with the Constitution of 1874, and 
which, after a trial of twenty-eight years, remain substantially as they were 
first enacted. Probably the most notable and important service rendered by 
Judge Yerkes during his term in the State Senate was the introduction and 
persistent advocacy of the law creating the Hospital for the Insane at Nor- 
ristown, the largest charitable institution in the State, if not in the country, 
and which owes much of its success to the efforts of Judge Yerkes. He was 
one of the first trustees selected for its government, and, being a member of 
the Committee on By-Laws, contributed greatly to bringing about the organi- 
zation which, for the first time in this country, completely separated the male 
and female departments, an experiment which has proved eminently successful. 
Judge Yerkes frequently represented his county in Democratic State Conven- 
tions, and for several years was a member of the Democratic State Committee. 
In 1872 he was one of the youngest delegates upon the floor of the Democratic 
National Convention at Baltimore, and was among the twenty-one del^;ates 
who persistently voted against the nomination of Horace Greeley, and in favor 
of that great apostle of Democratic principles. Judge Jeremiah S. Black, for 
President. In 1880 he was again a delegate to the National Convention at 
Cincinnati, where, although a warm friend of Samuel J. Tilden, he was a 
conspicuous supporter of General Winfield Scott Hancock for President, to 
whom he felt he owed allegiance, because of the general's birth and residence 
in the same Congressional District, in Montgomery County. He presided over 
the judiciary committees, organizing the Democratic Judicial Conventions for 
the counties of Bucks and Montgomery, comprising the Seventh District, in 
the years of 1869, 1871, and 1873, and was a del^;ate in each. In 1883, 
having declined a re-election to the Senate, Judge Yerkes was elected President 
Judge of the Courts of the Seventh Judicial District, leading his ticket nearly a 



thousand votes. In 1893 he was re-elected by an equally flattering vote, 
having received the unanimous endorsement of the Bucks G)unty bar, and 
the declaration of the regular Republican Judicial Convention, that it was 
inexpedient to nominate a candidate against him. In 1895 he was one of the 
six Democratic nominees for the judges of the Superior Court, leading all his 
competitors in the convention at Williamsport, and upon the first ballot re- 
ceiving the votes of three hundred and forty-nine delegates out of a total of 
four hundred and fifty-four. At the election Judge Yerkes polled the second 
highest vote among the Democratic candidates, and ran ahead in the majority 
of the counties of the State, without any prejudice to his colleagues. Judge 
Yerkes's name was prominently mentioned in connection with the Democratic 
nomination for governor in 1882, and again in 1898, but he declined to become 
a candidate before the conventions. In 1901 he was unanimously nominated 
for Judge of the Supreme Court by the Democratic State Convention, and 
also received a unanimous nomination from the State Committee of the Union 
Republican Party, an independent Republican organization. Judge Yerkes 
came within forty thousand votes of an election. The previous year the 
Democratic ticket was defeated by a majority of 288,000. In Philadel- 
phia alone Judge Yerkes received 103,000 votes, 10,000 in excess of any 
previous vote of his party, and nearly 50,000 above the vote of his party ticket 
in the previous election for President. In 1903 he received from his party 
the unanimous nomination for a third term in the judgeship of Bucks County. 
By this time the county had become overwhelmingly Republican, and Judge 
Yerkes failed of re-election, although he ran several hundred votes ahead of 
his ticket, as he had done in all former instances in which he had been a candi- 
date for office. 

As a lawyer. Judge Yerkes hdd prominent rank at the bar, and as a judge, 
he enjoyed a deservedly high reputation throughout the State. On several 
occasions the bar of his county, by unanimous action, bore testimony to his 
ability, impartiality, int^prity, and independent judicial character, and his 
reputation as an exemplary judge became so widespread that he was frequently 
called upon to assist in trials in the courts of the State outside of his own 
district On one of these occasions he assisted in disposing of accumulated 
business in the Philadelphia courts, and at the close of such service he was 
highly commended for his work by the newspapers of that city. The Press, 
the leading Republican journal, said of him, " Judge Harman Yerkes, of Bucks 
County, has left a most admirable impression with all who have had any 
relations with the court. With high character and pronounced ability, he 
enjoys a quick perception, which enables him to measure promptly the im- 
portance of every question presented to him, and to facilitate business without 









^^mmmr »■ J » 

Kh.VtKK.M.- :'.\V11' ,'tl,,N .KKKKs, D.i 

' N'- Sv-5 ■ 


the least sacrifice of the dignity of the proceedings, so common in haste." 
Judge Yerkes, after twenty years service on the bench, returned to the practice 
of the law in January last, and will doubtless soon again occupy a prominent 
position at the bar of his native State. He is possessed of strong physique 
and a vigorous constitution, and continues in perfect health. He is a member 
of the State Bar Association, the Historical and Colonial societies of Pennsyl- 
vania, the Bucks County Historical Society, the Pennsylvania Scotch-Irish 
and German societies, the Art Club of Philadelphia, and the Acorn Club of 
Doylestown, and is Rector's Warden of St. Paul's Episcopal Church at Doyles- 

Judge Yerkes married, 24 June, 1869, Emma Buckman, bom at Castle 
Valley, near Doylestown, 3 1 August, 1 842 ; daughter of Monroe Buckman by 
his wife Mary Shaw Jamison, and granddaughter of Thomas Buckman, of 
Newtown, Bucks County. 

548. ALFRED EARLE YERKES* (Stephen^, Harman*, Harman», 
Herman*, Anthony^ ) , sixth son and seventh child of Stephen Yerkes by his 
wife Amy Hart Montanye, was bom in Warminster, Bucks County, 7 June, 
1846, and still resides there. He married, 27 December, 1865, Mary Ann 
Haslett, born in Hatboro, Montgomery County, 28 Febmary, 1847; daughter 
of Samuel Murray Haslett by his wife Cornelia Van Arsdalen. He is a farmer, 
his farm composing a part of the " Noble Tract," and being one of those 
his father owned at the time of his death. He and his wife are Baptists. 

Children of Alfred Earle® and Mary Ann (Haslett) Yerkes; all bom in War- 
minster : 

1302. George Haslett Yerkes\ born 6 October, 1866; married Sarah Sperry. 

1303. Frank Edgar YERKES^ born 9 January, 1870 ; married Sue May Carpenter. 

1304. Thomas Alfred Yerkes\ bom 24 June, 1871 ; died 15 January, 1875. 

1305. G)RA May Yerkbs\ bom i Febmary, 1874 ; died 3 May, 1889. 

1306. Florence Marguerite YERKES^ bom 4 July, 1876; married, 7 June, 1898, Leigli- 

ton Banks Seiner. 

1307. Adeleine B. Yerkes\ bora 26 October, 1877. 

1308. Amy B. Yerkes', bora 29 March, 1883. 

William*, Harman', Herman*, Anthony*), eldest child of Joseph Ball Yerkes 
by his second wife, Hannah John, was bom at Hatboro, Montgomery County, 
Pennsylvania, 27 January, 1825. He was prepared for college, and entered 
Columbian University, Washington, D. C, from which he was graduated in 
1848, and from which he later received the degree of D.D. After graduating 
he studied theology in Philadelphia, and ento^ the ministry of tiie Baptist 
It 137 




Church. He has served as pastor of the Baptist Church of HoUidaysburg, 
Pennsylvania, the First Baptist Church of Pittsburg, the First Bap- 
tist Church of Brooklyn, New York, and the First Baptist Church of Plain- 
field, New Jersey, of which latter church he has been pastor since 1863. 
During his pastorate at Plainfield, the membership of his church has grown 
from two hundred and fifty to eight hundred and eighty-three, and the 
church is now recognized as one of the strongest in the denomination. In 
1874 Dr. Yerkes made a tour of Palestine and Europe, being absent eight 
months, and such was the kindness of his congr^;ation that they not only paid 
all the expenses of the trip, but continued his salary and supplied the pulpit 
during his absence. In June, 1902, after nearly forty years of service with the 
church, he was made Pastor Emeritus. 

Dr. Yerkes has ever exerted a wide influence for good, and he is still in 
vigorous mental activity. He is the oldest pastor in Plainfield, and is recog- 
nized in his denomination throughout the country as an able theologian. 

He married, 14 March, 1850, Sarah E. Taylor, bom at Charlton, Saratc^ 
County, New York, 30 November, 1826; daughter of Edward Taylor (who 
was bom at Charlton, 27 February, 1781) by his wife Eunice Curtis (who 
was bom at Danbury, Connecticut, 20 December, 1885). 

Their four eldest children were bom at HoUidaysburg, the next two at 
Pittsburg, the seventh at Brooklyn, and the remaining four at Plainfield. 

Children of Reverend David John* and Sarah E. (Taylor) Yerkes: 

1309. Clara Taylor Yerk£s\ bom 12 August, 185 1 ; married Charles Hagar Smith. 

1310. Ida Catharine Yerkes^ bom 22 August, 1853. 

131 1. Sarah Elizabeth Yerkes\ bom 16 December, 1854; died 17 March, 1855. 

1312. Joseph Ball Yerkes\ bom 14 December, 1855; married Arnia Scott Burgess. 

13 13. Mary Hannah Yerkes^ bom 8 October, 1857; died 6 December, i860. 

1314. Susan Eunice YERKES^ bom 11 October, 1859; died 16 March, i86a 

131 5. Mary Alice Yerkes^ bom 13 May, 1861 ; married Walter Miller McGee. 

1316. Hannah John Yerkes^ bom 26 October, 1863; married William Newell 


131 7. Grace Stelle Yislkes\ bom 10 March, 1865. 

1318. Sarah Thompson Yerkes^, bom 21 July, 1866 ; died 25 October, 1866. 

1319. David Vaughan Yerkes\ bom 25 December, 1869; died 26 July, 1870. 

Ball*^, William*, Harman*, Herman*, Anthony*), second son and sixth child 
of Joseph Ball Yerkes by his wife Hannah John, was bom at Hatboro, Penn- 
sylvania, 27 July, 183s; died at his country seat, at that place, 10 October, 
1885. He was graduated at Lewisburg College (now Bucknell University), 
and after graduation studied law, and in 1859 was admitted to the bar of 
Montgomery County. Upon the outbreak of the Civil War he responded to 




the first call "to arms," was commissioned Quartermaster of the Fourth 
Pennsylvania Volunteers, commanded by Colonel John F. Hartranft, and 
served with his regiment until its term of enlistment (three months) expired. 
He again entered the service, and this time as major of the One Hundred and 
Seventy-ninth Pennsylvania Volunteers, to which position he was commissioned 
30 December, 1862, serving as such until 27 July, 1863, when his regiment 
was mustered out. Shortly afterwards he was appointed Provost Marshal of 
Montgomery County. At the close of the war he became a resident of Phila- 
delphia, and was admitted to the bar in that city. He subsequently became 
Assistant City Solicitor, and Solicitor to the Fairmount Park Commission, in 
which latter capacity he was serving when, on i July, 1876, by the appoint- 
ment of Governor Hartranft, his old military commander, he took his scat 
as Associate Judge of the Court of Common Pleas No. 3, of Philadelphia 
County, to fill the vacancy in that court caused by the death of Judge Lynd, 
and a few weeks later he was made the nominee of the Republican party for 
the same position. This nomination was ratified at the polls at the following 
November election, and in January, 1 877, Judge Yerkes entered upon the new 
term of office to which he had been elected, and continued his judicial career 
until his death. " He was a patient, learned, and laborious judge. The conten- 
tions of the court-room and the pains of impaired health never rufiled the 
serenity of his manner, and in his demise the community lost an able magistrate, 
and the bar an ever affable and sympathetic friend." * He was a member of 
the Pennsylvania Commandery of the Military Order of the Loyal L^on of 
the United States and the Union League of Philadelphia. 

Judge Yerkes married, 24 November, 1868, Wilhelmine Elizabeth Hurst, 
bom at Philadelphia, 13 August, 1842; daughter of Alfred Hurst by his wife 
Wilhelmine Elizabeth Smith. Mrs. Yerkes is a descendant of Francis Rawle, 
Esqr, the founder of the Rawle Family of Philadelphia, and is also a descendant 
of Robert Turner, Esqr, who was one of the most eminent of the leading men 
of Philadelphia during its early history. 

Children of Honorable William Harman® and Wilhelmine Elizabeth (Hurst) 

Yerkes ; all bom at Philadelphia : 

1320. William Harman Yerkes\ bom 5 January, 1870. 

1321. John Vaughan Yerkes^, bom 20 March, 1872. 

1322. Nina Rekd Yerjles\ bora 15 January, 1875; married Jerry Yellct Rust, and 

resides at San Angelo, Texas. 

S70. MARY JARRETT YERKES* (Andrew Long*, WiUiam*, Har- 
man*, Herman*, Anthony^ ), ddest daughter and second child of Andrew Long 
Yerkes by his wife Susan Austin Jarrctt, was bom at Jarrettown, Montgomery 

* Legal Intelligencer, 16 October, 1895. 



County, 13 January, 1833; married, 14 August, 1855, John A. Blackburn, 
bom at Glenroy, Chester County, 8 January, 1832; son of Ephraim Blackburn 
by his wife Barbara House. Mr. Blackburn resides at Pottsboro, Texas. A 
few years after his marriage he removed from Chester County, Pennsylvania, 
to Ohio, and later, to Texas. 

Children of John A. and Mary Jarrett* (Yerkes) Blackburn: 

1323. Stephen Bxj^ckbukn^ bom 20 May, 1856 ; married, 2 January, iBgg, Mary Ellis ; 

resides at Davis, Indian Territory. 

1324. Walter D. Blackburn\ bom 26 January, 1858. 

1325. MpKRis H. Bxj^ckburn\ bora 7 April, 1861; married Eva Grissom: resides at 

Silo, Indian Territory. 

1326. Laura E. Blackburn\ bom 18 March, 1866; married, in 1881, Albert Grissom; 

resides at Woodville, Indian Territory. 

1327. £. Brinton Blackburn^ married in February, 1890^ Mary Miller, and resides at 

Pottsboro, Texas. 

1328. Harris A. Blackburn\ married Sallie Angel. 

1329. Emmstt Yerkes BLACKBURN^ bora 26 August, 1875; married Letitia White. 

571. EDWARD YERKES* (Andrew Long*, William*, Harman*, Her- 
man', Anthony^ ) , second son and third child of Andrew Long Yerkes by his 
wife Susan Austin Jarrett, was bom at Jarrettown, Montgomery County, 17 
August, 1834; died at Lombard, Maryland, 22 April, 1885; married, 6 March, 
1856, Lucy Algard, bom 10 September, 1832; daughter of John Algard by 
his wife Elizabeth Hagar, both of whom were bom in Bucks Cotmty. Mr. 
Yerkes removed with his parents from Montgomery Q)unty, Pennsylvania, 
to Lombard, Cecil County, Maryland, where he engaged in business as farmer 
and blacksmith. 

Children of Edward* and Lucy (Algard) Yerkes; bom at Lombard: 

1330. Maky Euzabbth Yerkes^ bom 29 October, 1856; died 5 August, 185& 

1331. CXiNTON Jabsett Ysuces\ bom 5 August, 1858; married Virginia Taylor. 

1332. Annie Laura YERKES^ bora 18 December, i860. 

I3J3- James Wiixett Yerkes\ bora i January, 1862; married Margaret Cameron. 
1334. Susan Hagar YERKES^ bora 22 Febraary, 1864; married Qiarles B. Wilson. 

572. LETITIA ESTHER YERKES* (Andrew Long*, William*, Har- 
man'y Herman*, Anthony*), second daughter and fourth child of Andrew 
Long Yerkes by his wife Susan Austin Jarrett, was bom in Jarrettown, Mont- 
gomery Q)unty, 16 November, 1837; died at Lombard, Maryland, 16 April, 
1885; married, i February, 1855, William Sidwell, bom in Chester County, 
21 May, 183 1 ; son of Richard Sidwell by his wife Mary Griffith, both of 
Chester County. William Sidwell is a farmer, and now resides at Lombard, 
having previously resided in Chester County, where most of his children were 





Children of William and Letitia Esther* (Yerkes) Sidwell: 

IJ35* Joseph Richard Sidwell^ bom 5 December, 1855; died 11 March, 1861. 

1336. Charles Whiteman Sidwell^ bom 11 February, 1858; married Sadie Flahart, 

and resides at Delta, York County, Pennsylvania. 
IJ37. Son\ unnamed, born and died 27 June, i860. 

1338. Ella Dora Sidwell^ bom 8 June, 186 1 ; died i July, 1903 ; married Pyle» 

who resides at Macton, Harford County, Maryland. 

1339. Mary Eva S^)WELL^ born 21 January, 1864; married, 11 January, 1891, Gran- 

ville Hoopes, and resides at Wilmington, Delaware. 

1340. Anna Ruth SIDWELL^ born 27 May, 1866; married, 10 May, i888» Samuel John 

Reed, and resides at Wilmington, Delaware. 

1341. Aniaew Franklin S^)WELL^ bom 21 October, 1869. 

1342. Arthur Austin SIDWELL^ born 9 February, 1872; married, 24 February, 1897, 

Bella Whann, and resides at Wilmington, Delaware. 

1343. Bertha Sidwell^ bora 27 March, 1876 ; died in 1879. 

1344. Clara Letitia Sidwell^ bom 27 November, 1879; died 25 July, 1902. 

1345. Owen G. SIDWELL^ bom 27 January, 1882. 

573. LYDIA W. YERKES« (Andrew Long*, WilliamS Harman*, Her- 
man*, Anthony^ ) , third daughter and fifth child of Andrew Long Yerkes by 
his wife Susan Austin Jarrett, was born at Jarrettown, Montgomery County, 
2 November, 1839; married, 29 December, 1859, Robert Mackey, bom at 
Pleasant Hill, Delaware, 15 March, 1837; son of David Mackey by his wife 
Catharine Holland. Mr. Mackey is a wagon manufacturer, and resides at 
Fairhill, Cecil County, Maryland. He has filled the office of High Sheriff of 
Cecil County. 

Children of Robert and Lydia W.® (Yerkes) Mackey: 

1346. Andrew Jarrett MACKEY^ born 6 October, i860; married, 18 December, 1885, 

Lottie Perry, and resides at Blake, Cecil County. 

1347. Susan J. MACKEY^ bora 7 January, 1865. 

1348. Harvey H. Mackey\ bora 11 September, 1868; married, 12 November, i8g6^ 

Margaret Biles, and resides at Elkton, Maryland. 

1349. David C. Mackey^ bora 27 December, 1878. 

610. HARRISON YERKES* (Silas^ Daniel*, Silas*, Herman*, An- 
thony*), second son and third child of Silas Yerkes by his wife Margaret 
Fetter, was bom in Northampton Township, Bucks County, i June, 1835; 
died at Doylestown, 26 May, 1902; married, 5 January, i860, Mary Alice Van 
Arsdalen, bom 9 December, 1832; daughter of John and Anna Eliza Van 

Children of Harrison* and Mary Alice (Van Arsdalen) Yerices: 

135a LnfTOKD YERKES^ bom 12 September, i860; died in i86a 
135 1. Almeda B. Yerkes\ bom 14 April, 1863; married, 4 February, 1886^ George M. 
Lewis, son of Elijah Lewis, of Doylestown. Issue: (1352) Fkakk Cleve- 
land Lewis', bom 23 February, 1887. (1353) Habky Newton Lswis', bora 



I January, 1889; died 10 July, 1889. (1354) Mabel Lewis', born 5 Sep- 
tember, 1892; died 2 August, 1893. (1355) Elmer Raymond Lewis', bom 
29 August, 1894; died 9 March, 1898. (1356) Edna May Lewis', bom 29 
October, 1896; died 16 August, 1897. 

1357. George R. Yerkbs\ bora 13 May, 1869; died aged one year, two months, and nine 


612. SILAS YERKES* (Silas«^, Daniel*, Silas*, Herman*, Anthony*), 
third son and fifth child of Silas Yerkcs by his wife Margaret Fetter, was 
bom near Richboro, Bucks County, 22 August, 1843; married (i), 26 Feb- 
ruary, 1868, Elizabeth McNair Rubinkam, bom at Philadelphia, 21 July, 
1847; died at Plainfield, New Jersey, 10 September, 1897; daughter of Na- 
thaniel Irwin Rubinkam by his wife Anna Maria Wynkoop, both of Bucks 
Covmty; (2), 18 October, 1899, Mrs. Rebecca Johnson Meredith, widow of 
Howard M. Meredith ; bom at Philadelphia, 24 February, 1848. He is a dry- 
goods commission merchant in New York, and resides in that dty. His 
eldest child was bom at Doylestown, Pennsylvania, and the others at Phila- 

Children of Silas^ and Elizabeth McNair (Rubinkam) Yerkes: 

1358. Anna Rubinkam Yerkes^ bom 27 April, 1870; married, 2 June, 1892, Gilbert 

Theobald Rhoads, bom at Reading, Pennsylvania; son of Samuel Gilbert 
Rhoads by his wife Mary Ann Lehr. Mr. and Mrs. Rhoads are Episco- 
palians, and they reside at Plainfield, New Jersey. Issue: (1359) Gilbot 
NcntMAN Rhoads', bom at Plainfield, 23 April, i8;h. 
136a Masgabkt Fkrm YBRK£S^ bora 20 June, 1873. 

1361. Nathaniel Irwin Ysrkxs^ bora 29 January, 1884. 

613. WILLIAM COLLADAY YERKES* (Jonathan*, Danid*, Silas*, 
Herman*, Anthony*), eldest child of Jonathan Yerkes by his wife Juliana 
Colladay, was bom in Mordand, Montgomery G)unty, 6 October, 1823 ; mar- 
ried, II March, 1847, Hannah Maag Lesher, bom at Philadelphia, 16 Decem- 
ber, 1825; died at Nottingham, Chester Q)unty, 2 September, 1896; daughter 
of Benjamin Lesher by his wife Mary Maag. Mr. Yerkes was a farmer, but 
retired from business some years ago. He is a Presbyterian, and resides at 

Children of William Colladay* and Hannah Maag (Lesher) Yerkes; bom in 

Mordand : 

1362. Jonathan Howard Yerkis\ bora 15 April, 1849; married Anna £. Coraell. 
IJ63. Benjamin Yerxm3\ bora 15 October, 1851; married Janette R. Fetter, and 

resides at Buck, Lancaster County. 

614- DANIEL YERKES* (Jonathan*, Danid*, Silas*, Herman*, An- 
thony^ ) , second son and second child of Jonathan Yerkes by his wife Juliana 

. X4a 


CoUaday, was born at Northampton, Bucks County, 13 December, 1828; 
married, at Philadelphia, 3 January, 1856, Emily Heaton, bom in Moreland, 
Montgomery County, 3 November, 1831 ; died at Southampton, Bucks County, 
29 December, 1899; daughter of William Heaton by his wife Elizabeth Stock- 
dale. Mr. Yerkes resides on his farm at Southampton, where he has for many 
years successfully engaged in farming. He is a Baptist. 

Children of Daniel® and Emily (Heaton) Yerkes: 

1364. Albert Yerkes', tx)rn 6 April, and died 25 August, 1857. 

1365. William Heaton Yerkes^ born 17 May, 1859; married Caroline Hogeland. 

1366. JuuA Yerkes^ bom 14 February, 1861. 

1367. Walter Creswell YERKES^ bom i November, 1864; married Emily Hoben- 


1368. Ella R. Yerkes\ bom 14 November, 1867; died 7 March, 1883. 

628. ROBERT LEWIS YERKES« (Hiram», Daniel*, Silas*, Herman*, 
Anthony* ) , eldest child of Hiram Yerkes by his wife Anna Lewis, was bom 
12 September, 1836; died at Cheltenham, Montgomery County, 25 August, 
1 891; married, circa 1868, Mary Hudnet, born in Bucks County, 23 June, 
1835; daughter of Charles Hudnet by his wife Elizabeth Johnson. Mrs. 
Yerkes resides at Philadelphia. 

Children of Robert Lewis® and Mary (Hudnet) Yerkes: 

1369. Ada H. Yerkes^ bom 12 July, i860. 

1370. Stanley Lewis Yerkes\ bom 28 November, 1874; married, in March, 1898; 

Catharine Costello, bom at Cortlandt, New York, 19 May, 1877; daughter 
of Thomas Costello by his wife Alice Gleason. 

629. SARAH ESTHER YERKES* (Hiram», Daniel*, Silas*, Her- 
man*, Anthony*), eldest daughter and second child of Hiram Yerkes by his 
wife Anna Lewis, was bom in Southampton Township, Bucks Cotmty, 29 
September, 1838; married, 9 April, 1862, George W. Moore, bom in More- 
land, Montgomery Q)unty, 13 January, 1838; son of James Jordan Moore 
by his wife Mary Sentman, or Sandman. Mr. Moore is a carriage-builder, 
and resides in Hatboro. He and his wife are Methodists. 

Children of George W. and Sarah Esther* (Yerkes) Moore: 

1371. Ella Moork\ bom 25 July, 1864. 

1373. Annib Lewis Mookk\ bom 10 September, 1865. 

1373. Jambs Newton Moore\ bora 28 June, 1S76 ; died 30 March, 1886. 

630. MARTIN VAN BUREN YERKES* ( Hiram', Daniel*, Silas*, 
Herman*, Anthony*), second son and third child of Hiram Yerkes by his wife 
Anna Lewis, was bom at Jamison's G>mers, Bucks G>unty, 11 September, 
1840; married, 31 January, 1872, Mary Jane Du Bree, bom at Abington, 



Montgomery Q)unty, 9 February, 1840; died at Berwyn, Pennsylvania, 28 
February, 1897; daughter of Charles Du Bree by his wife Mary Kern Mr. 
Yerkes is a harness-maker, and in religious faith a Presbyterian. He resides 
at Berwyn. 

Children of Martin Van Buren* and Mary Jane (Du Bree) Yerkes: 

1374. Chasles Hiram Yerkes^ bom 7 February, 1873; died 24 April, 1875. 

1375. William Tompkins Yerkes\ bom 18 January, 1875. 

1376. Carroll Harvey Yerk£s\ bora 18 August, 1876. 

1377. Archibald Murphy Yerkes^, bora 22 April, 1878; died a8 August, 1900. 

1378. Dawson MARnN YERK£S^ bora 9 January, 1882. 

631. DAVID LEWIS YERKES* (Hiram», Daniel*, Silas«, Herman*, 
Anthony*), third son and fourth child of Hiram Yerkes by his wife Anna 
Lewis, was bom in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 21 February, 1842; married, 
in December, 1870, Maria Raab, bom at Colimibus, Burlington County, New 
Jersey, in October, 1846; daughter of Morris P. Raab by his wife Sarah R. 
Picker. Mr. Yerkes resides at Bryn Mawr, where he engaged in farming 
until 1892, since which time he has been in business as a merchant. Mr. and 
Mrs. Yerkes are Baptists. 

Children of David Lewis* and Maria (Raab) Yerkes: 

1379. Milton Raab Yerkes^ born 3 September, 1871; married, i December, 1897, 

Maude Snyder, bom 19 January, 1876; daughter of Eugene Snyder by his 
wife Mary Schultz. Mr. Yerkes resides at Bryn Mawr, where he is engaged 
in business as a civil engineer. Issue: (1380) Ruth Yerkes', bom 19 
Febmary, 1899. (1581) Marian Yerkes', bom 6 September, 1901. 
1382. Harry Vasey Yerkes', bom 6 March, 1873 ; married, 10 September, 1902, Mabel 
Rohrman. Mr. Yerkes resides at Bryn Mawr. 

633. DANIEL HIRAM YERKES* ( Hiram', Daniel*, Silas», Her- 
man', Anthony*), fifth son and sixth child of Hiram Yerkes by his wife 
Anna Lewis, was bom at Richboro, Bucks County, 21 July, 1846; married, 
24 February, 1881, Emma Jane Townsend, bom in Lancaster G>unty, 26 
February, i860; daughter of John Townsend by his wife Eliza J. Lowers, 
both of whom were bom in Chester County. Mr. Yerkes is a carriage and 
wagon-builder. His three eldest children were bom at Ashbourne, and the 
others at Philadelphia, where he has resided since 1885. He is a Presbyterian. • 

Children of Daniel Hiram* and Emma Jane (Townsend) Yerkes: 

1583. Ella Townsend Yerkes\ bom i December, 1881. 
1384. Newton Townsend Yerxes\ bom 15 March, 1884. 
1585. Edith Lowers Yerkes\ bora 20 August, 1886. 

1386. Simeon Malcolm Yerkes^, bom 6 November, 1889. 

1387. Gbokge Moore Yerxms\ bora ai August, 1894. 

1388. Sarah Esther Yerkes\ bora 20 May, i8g8. 



icl*, Silas*, Herman*, Anthony*), sixth son and eighth and youngest child of 
Hiram Yerkes by his wife Anna Lewis, was bom at Yerkesville (now Tcr- 
wood), Montgomery G>unty, 4 June, 1852; died at Philadelphia, 14 June^ 
1899; married, 19 November, 1873, Abigail Lippincott Hepburn, bom at 
Penn Valley, Bucks County, 12 May, 1852; daughter of Stacy Tantom Hep- 
bum by his wife Sarah Ann Vansant. Mr. Yerkes was educated in the public 
schools of his native county and the State Normal School at Millersville. In 
the sixteenth year of his age he became a member of the Methodist Episcopal 
Church at Hatboro. A few years later, after having taught one year in a 
public school, and preaching one year under Presiding Elder William Cooper, 
on Attleboro Circuit, Bucks County, he entered the Philaddj^ia Methodist 
Episcopal Conference, and was a faithful and beloved pastor of the following 
chtu'ches: Evansburg, Kennett Square, Upland, Jenkintown and Jarrettown, 
Georgetown and Gap, Millersburg, Belmont, in West Philadelphia, Coatcs- 
ville. Pen Argyl, St. Paul's, in Lancaster, and Catasauqua, and the last three 
months of his life at Messiah, Philadelphia. 

Children of Reverend Elwood Craven* and Abigail Lippincott (Hq>bum) 

Yerkes : 

1389. Carrie Hepburn Yerkes\ born 5 May, 1875. 

1390. Anna Mary Ybrkes\ born 9 October, 1877. 

636. MARY ETTA LESHER YERKES* (Harrison', Daniel*, Silas*, 
Herman*, Anthony*), eldest child of Harrison Yerkes by his wife Mary 
Elizabeth Lesher, was bom in Moreland, Montgomery County, 25 December, 
1840; married, 15 August, 1865, Charles C. McNair, bom at Churchvillc, 
Bucks County, 2 January, 1836; son of Samuel McNair by his wife Ann 
Long. Mr. McNair is a merchant, and resides at Hatboro, and he and his wife 
are Baptists. 

Children of Charles C. and Mary Etta Lesher* (Yerkes) McNair; bom at 

Hatboro : 

1391. Charles J. McNair^ bom 9 February, 1869. 

1392. Mary L. McNair', bom a8 April, 1870. 

1393. Charlis Edwin McNair', bom 35 Jtinc^ 1873. 

63a SAMUEL J. CRESWELL YERKES* ( Harrison', Danid*, 
Silas*, Herman*, Anthony^), eldest son and third child of Harrison Yerkes 
by his wife Mary Elizabeth Lesher, was bom in Mordand, Montgomery 
County, 3 November, 1853; died at New York City, 25 September, 1898; 
married, 2 September, 1874, Elizabeth Bedcwell Trimmer, bom in War- 
19 X4S 


minster, Bucks County, 15 January, 1854; daughter of Charles Trimmer by 

his wife Jane P. Phair. Mrs. Yerkes married, as second husband, 

Chaney, and resides at Qoverly, Maryland. 

Children of Samuel J. Creswell* and Elizabeth Beckwell (Trimmer) Yerkes: 

1394. Pauline Yerkes^ born at Hatboro, Pennsylvania, 16 June, 1875; married, 15 
June, 1899, Charles Truman Wilber, bom at Washington, D. C, i February, 
1872; son of Emery A. Wilber by his wife Oceana A. Walker. Mr. Wilber 
is the agent of the New York Life Insurance Company at Washington. 
Issue: (1395) IvA Mae Wilber', bom 13 August, 190a. 

1396. HusLBERT Agnew Yerkes\ bom 27 April, 1878. 

1397. Jere Trimmer Yerkes^ bom 27 March, 1880. 

639. WILLIAM HARRISON YERKES* (Harrison', Daniel*, Silas», 
Herman*, Anthony* ) , second son and fourth child of Harrison Yerkes by his 
wife Mary Elizabeth Lesher, was bom at Hatboro, Montgomery County, 3 
December, 1857; married, 26 September, 1884, Emily Irene Hughes, bom at 
Bridgeport; daughter of Nathan Rambo Hughes by his wife Amanda E. 
Stacker. Mr. Yerkes resides at Norristown, where his children were bom. 
Mrs. Yerkes is a great-granddaughter of Colonel Isaac Hughes, of Penn- 
sylvania, who was an officer in the Revolution and a son of John Hughes, 
Esqr, of Philadelphia, the noted " Stamp-Master." 

Children of William Harrison* and Emily Irene (Hughes) Yerkes: 

1398. Beatuce Hughes Yerkes^, bom 10 November, 1891 ; died 27 August, 1892. 

1399. Frances Mildred Yerkes\ bom 6 September, 1893. 

641. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN YERKES* (Jacob Buzart^, Ben- 
jamin*, Silas*, Herman*, Anthony*), eldest child of Jacob Buzart Yerkes by 
his wife Maria Tyson, was bom at Adamstown, Lancaster County, 8 Decem- 
ber, 1829; married, at Philadelphia, 12 June, 1859, Elizabeth Smith, bom 
at Philadelphia, 6 Febmary, 1826; died there, 18 May, 1875; daughter of 
Charles Smith by his wife Katharine ZoUers. 

Children of Benjamin Franklin* and Elizabeth (Smith) Yerkes; all bora at 

Philadelphia : 

140a Kate SicrrH YERKES^ bom 19 January, and died 16 July, 1861. 

1401. Fannie Yerkes^ bom 21 July, 1862; died 4 August, 1864. 

1402. Henry Clay Yerkes^ bom 13 June, 1865 ; died 24 August, 1866. 

1403. Walter Lincoln YERKES^ bora 5 November, 1867; married, 22 October, 1890, 

G>ra Linn Tod, bora at Philadelphia, 14 September, 1864; daughter of 
William Tod by his wife Rachel Jane Forman. Mr. Yerkes resides at 
Philadelphia. He is a prominent member of the Masonic Fraternity, and is 
the Eminent G>mmander of Kensington Commandery, No. 54. 

1404. Benjamin Frankun Yerkes^ bora 9 November, 1871 ; died 8 August, 1872. 

1405. Burton Yerkes\ bora 16 Febraary, and died 18 May, 1875. 



642. ISAAC BRENIZEN YERKES* (Jacob Buzarf , Benjamin*, 
Silas*, Herman*, Anthony*), second son and child of Jacob Buzart Yerkes 
by his wife Maria Tyson, was bom at Sinking Spring, Berks County, 19 
February, 1832; died at Bainbridge, Lancaster County, 24 January, 1892; 
married, 26 March, 1861, Catharine Dunbar, bom at Columbia, same county, 
13 November, 1835; died at Bainbridge, 18 August, 1892; daughter of 
Thomas Dunbar by his wife Mary Hen^e. Mr. Yerkes was a blacksmith. 

Children of Isaac Brenizen* and Catharine (Dunbar) Yerkes; all bom at 

Mt. Joy, Lancaster County: 

1406. Maria Elizabeth YERKES^ tx)rn 12 February, 1862; married, 15 October, 1890^ 
John W. Arnold, bom in Chanceford Township, York County, 10 August, 
1864; son of George Arnold by his wife Catharine Snyder. Issue: (1407) 
Catharine Arnold*, bom at Cambridge, 28 May, 1892. They reside at 
Oberlin, Pennsylvania. 

1408. Emma Yerkes^ born 22 August, 1863; married, 24 December, 1884, Harry R. 

Hoover, of Bainbridge. 

1409. Lottie Yerkes', bom 7 November, 1865; married, 6 March, 1891, D. B. Kati£F- 

man, of Bainbridge. 

1410. Silas Grant Yerkes^ bom 25 May, 1867 ; married, 31 December, 1891, Elizabeth 

ShaefFer, born 20 June, 1870; daughter of William Shaeffer by his wife 
Mary Shearer. They had a child, (1411) unnamed, bom 15, and died 35 April, 
1898. He is a farmer, and resides at Bainbridge. 

645. CHARLOTTE YERKES* (Jacob Buzart, Benjamin*, Silas*, 
Herman*, Anthony*), second daughter and fourth child of Jacob Buzart 
Yerkes by his wife Maria Tyson, was bom at Plough Village, Pennsylvania, 
27 November, 1835; ^^^d at Columbia, 6 July, 1879; married, at Harrisburg, 
18 May, 1854, Cornelius Shell, Esqr, bom at Harrisburg, 29 November, 
1825; died there, 16 February, 1864; son of John Jacob Shell, of that city. 
Mr. Shell was a member of the Lancaster County bar, and practised law at 
Harrisburg, where all of his children were born. 

Children of Cornelius and Charlotte* (Yerkes) Shell : 

1412. Cathakine Maria SkeuJ, bom 20 March, 1855; died 18 March, 1888; mar- 

ried, 12 October, 1873, David Welsh. 

1413. Maky Elizabeth Shell\ bom 24 July, and died 15 August, 1856. 

1414. AucE Cec^ia Shell\ bom 30 October, 1857; married, 12 September, 1876^ 

Samuel Welsh, and resides at Philadelphia. 

1415. Sarah Pauune Shell\ bora 9 November, 1859; died 28 August, 1861. 

1416. Fannib Kinzer Shell^ bom 15 March, 1S62; married, 7 July, 1880, Hany 

Stephens, and resides at Philadelphia. 

648. JAMES HILL YERKES* (Silas Ayres», Benjamin*, Silas*, Her- 
man', Anthony^), eldest son and third child of Silas Ayres Yerkes by his 



wife Susannah Sarah Hill, was bom at Rochester, New York, i April, 1836; 
married, 31 August, 1858, Mary Bristol. 

Children of James Hill* and Mary (Bristol) Yerkes: 

1417. WnxiAM Ybrkes^ died yoiing. 

1418. Mahy HiLiN Yerxes*. 

1419. Susan Hnx Yirkx8\ 

649. JANE ELIZABETH YERKES* (Silas Ayres», Benjamin*, Silas*, 
Herman*, Anthony* ) , third daughter and fourth child of Silas Ayres Yerkes 
by his wife Susannah Sarah Hill, was bom at Rochester, New York, 21 
October, 1840, and was educated at the Genesee Wesleyan Seminary. She 
married, at Lima, New York, 22 June, 1861, Honorable Charles Simeon 
Baker, bom at Churchville, New York, 18 February, 1839; died at Wash- 
ington, D. C, 21 April, 1902; son of James Baker (bom in Suffolk County, 
England, 23 March, 1802) by his wife Catharine Gaul. Charles Simeon 
Baker studied law, and was admitted to the bar in i860. He volunteered at 
the first call for troops in 1861, and was commissioned first lieutenant in 
Company E, Twenty-Seventh New York Volunteer Infantry. Disabled at 
the first battle of Bull Run, he was discharged from the service on account of 
disabilities in 1862, and, returning to Rochester, he restmied the practice 
of law. He served three terms as a member of the Monroe County Board 
of Supervisors, and two years on the Board of Education. In 1878 he was 
elected a member of the Legislature of New York, and served three years in 
the Assembly and two in the Senate. From 1885 until 1 891 he represented 
his district in the National Congress. He was a member of the Committee on 
Territories, and, with the late Samuel S. Cox, had charge of the l^slation 
which resulted in the admission into the Union of the States of North and 
South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington, and Wyoming. In the Fifty- 
first Congress, as chairman of the Committee on Commerce, he was author of 
a bill creating the Interstate Commerce Commission, and strongly advocated 
the recently formed Department of Commerce. Mr. Baker was a 32^ Mason, 
and he and his wife were Presbyterians. 

Children of Honorable Charles Simeon and Jane Elizabeth* (Yerkes) Baker; 

all bom at Rochester: 

142a Chaslis Aybis Baker^ bom 6 March, 1863; married, 24 December, 1885, 
Emma Brooks Knapp, bom 16 March, 1866; daughter of Royal Charles 
Knapp by his wife Orinda Ellen De Cue. He is a stock-broker and banker 
at Washington, D. C. Issue: (1421) Jkanbttb Elkanok Baker", bom 5 
November, 1886. (1422) Chaslis Silas Baker', bom 12 April, 1888. (1423) 
Royal Knapp Baker", bora 25 May, 1890. (1424) Warrbn Lowe Baker", 
bora 9 May, 1892. 


° i:_E 


' 5 


1425. Mamy Louise Baker^ bom 24 May, 1866; died 14 January, 1867. 

1426. Leigh Yerkes Baker^ bom 18 June, 1868; married, 22 June, 1893, Lucie May 

Wilkie, bora 25 September, 1867; daughter of Charles Melville Wilkie by 
his wife Sophia Jeannette Beardsley. He is a physician, and is practising 
medicine at Washington, D. C. 

1427. Cornelius Bruff Baker\ bora 21 July, 1871 ; married, 11 October, 1893, Susan 

Barnett Merrill. He resides at Hiawatha, Kansas. 

1428. WnxLAM James Baker^ born 9 October, 1875; married, 11 April, 1898, Marian 

Olive Bradley, bora 9 Febraary, 1877 ; daughter of Charles Schenck Bradley 
by his wife Emma Orcutt Brackett. He is a lawyer, and is engaged in the 
practice of his profession at Rochester. 

1429. Harold Hill Baker\ bora 11 July, 1881. 

654. JOSEPH DENNIS YERKES« (William', Joseph*, Stephen*, 
Herman*, Anthon)r*), eldest child of William Yerkes by his wife Hester 
Dennis, was bom at Romulus, New York, 8 October, 181 8; died at Novi, 
Michigan, 29 May, 1899; married, 7 October, 1840, Mary Dunlap, bom at 
Ovid, New York, 18 August, 1823; daughter of William Dunlap by his 
wife Sarah Nevins. Mr. Yerkes removed from New York, to Michigan, 
and there became a prosperous farmer. His eldest and the three youngest 
children were bom at Novi, and the others at Plymouth, Michigan. 

Children of Joseph Dennis* and Mary (Dunlap) Yerkes: 

1430. Maria Yerkes', tx)ra 17 November, 1842; died 16 December, 1890; married 

William Oscar Lee. 

1431. Ella Yerkes^ bora 8 August, 1844; married Mead. 

1432. Gertrude Yerkes^, bora 17 April, 1846; died 28 June, 1899; married John 

Wilford Fitzgerald. 

1433. Henry Clay Yerkes', bora 9 March, 1848; died 31 May, 1893. 

1434. Anna Yerkes\ born 19 April, 1850; died 2 December, 1855. 

1435. Edward Payson Yerkes^, born 4 January, 1852 ; died 24 October, 1864. 

1436. Andrew Dunlap Yerkes^ bora 14 July, 1855 ; died 3 October, 1890. 

1437. Mary Janette Yerkes^ bora 23 August, 1857; <J>ed 22 September, 1898. 

1438. Clement Charles Yerkes^ bora 11 May, 1863; was admitted to the bar in Jtme, 

1885; practised law at Sault St. Marie, Michigan, from 1887 until 1892; 
was treasurer of that city in 1899 ^^^ 1900; removed to Northville, Michi- 
gan, where he has continued in the practice of his profession since 1890^ 
and has held the office of Village Attorney for the past five years. 

657. MARY YERKES* (William*, Joseph*, Stephen*, Herman*, 
Anthony^), eldest daughter and fourth child of William Yerkes by his wife 
Hester Dennis, was bom at Romulus, New York, 26 July, 1823; died at 
Novi, Michigan, 6 March, 1851 ; married, 8 October, 1840, John C Emery, 
bom at South Wales, Eric County, New York ; died at Northville, Michigan, 
in December, 1884; son of Josiah Emery by his wife Susannah Little. 




Children of John C and Mary* (Yerkes) Emery; the two eldest bom at 

Lyons, Michigan, and the youngest at Novi : 

1439. Ellen Yerkes Euebly', bom 4 March, 1843; married, 19 July, 1865, Henry W. 


1440. JosLAH Emery\ bom in December, 1844; married, in 1867, Cordelia Bradley. 

1441. Zachaky Taylor Emkry^ bom 22 February, 1&47; married, in 1885, Georgia 


659. SILAS ALLEN YERKES* (William^, Joseph*, Stephen*, Her- 
man*, Anthony*), fifth son and sixth child of William Yerkes by his wife 
Hester Dennis, was bom at Novi, Michigan, 8 November, 1827; married, 
18 August, 1849, Eleanor Andrews McCarty, bom at Westfield, Medina 
County, Ohio, 8 April, 1829; daughter of Abraham Francis McCarty by 
his wife Eliza Andrews, both of whom were natives of New York. Mr. 
Yerkes was the first of his father's children bom in Michigan. About the 
time of his marriage he purchased a large tract of uncleared land, at what 
is now Bennington, Michigan, upon which he settled and has since resided, 
carrying on farming. His wife writes: "He began life in the woods, 
and cleared over two hundred acres of our land." 

Children of Silas Allen* and Eleanor Andrews (McCarty) Yerkes; bora 

at Bennington: 

1442. William Franos Yerkes^ bom 20 April, 1850; died 22 February, 1858. 

1443. Hettie Euza YERKES^ bom 22 March, 1854; married, 5 September, 1883, 

Thomas Jay Perkins, a dry-goods merchant, at Northville, Michigan, bom 
at Virgil, New York, 29 January, 1847. 

660. ROBERT YERKES* (William*, Joseph*, Stephen*, Herman*, 
Anthony^), sixth son and seventh child of William Yerkes by his wife Hester 
Dennis, was bom at Novi, Oakland County, Michigan, 26 September, 1829; 
married, 7 October, 1856, Sarah Holmes, bora at Royalton, New York, 25 
August, 1827; daughter of Rosekrans Holmes by his wife Salome Wake- 
man. Mr. Yerkes is a representative citizen of Novi, and is well and widely 
known in his locality for his active interest in public enterprises, especially 
the cause of education. He was bred a farmer, and passed the early years 
of his life on his father's farm. He is a large landed proprietor. His first 
purchase of land was a farm of one hundred and fifty acres, in Section 26, 
Novi Township, for which he paid twenty-five dollars an acre, selling the 
same, fourteen years later, for sixty dollars an acre, and at the same time 
purchasing what is now his home farm at Northville. He owns four hun- 
dred and forty acres of land, divided into several farms, which are worked 
by tenants under his supervision. He has always taken an active interest 
in political affairs, his affiliations being with the Republican party. In 1862 



he was elected treasurer of Oakland County; served as justice of the peace 
for twelve years, and has been a director in the Northville school board. Mr. 
and Mrs. Yerkes are members of the Presbyterian Church at Northville. 
Mr. Yerkes has been an elder of the church for twenty-five years, and has 
also been one of its trustees and the superintendent of its Sunday-school. 
Mrs. Yerkes is a woman of much culture, and was a teacher for ten years 
during her early life. 

Children of Robert® and Sarah (Holmes) Yerkes: 

1444. John Gaylord Yerkes^, tx)rn 15 August, 1857; <lic<l 21 June, i860. 

1445. WnxiAM Holmes Yerkes', tx)rn 7 September, i860; married, 20 February, 1883, 

Helen Antoinette Blackwood, born 7 April, i860; daughter of Isaac Newton 
and Elizabeth Y. Blackwood. He resides at Northville. 

1446. George Bassett Yerkes^ born 16 November, 1864 ; married Jennie G. Butterfield. 

1447. Donald Purdy Yerkes^ born 22 October, 1866; married Nellie McRobert 

1448. Robert Claire Yerkes\ bom 28 February, 1868; married, 11 November, 1891, 

Mary Simmons, born 6 October, 1869; daughter of Lawrence W. Simmons 
by his wife Frances A. Rice. Mr. Yerkes resides at Northville, and is the 
general manager of the Globe Furniture Company, Limited, manufacturers 
of sanitary wood-work. 

662. CHARLES YERKES* (William^, Joseph*, Stephen', Herman*, 
Anthony*), eighth son and ninth child of William Yerkes by his wife Hester 
Dennis, was bom at Novi, Michigan, 19 April, 1833; married, 6 October, 
1858, Evelina Wells, bom at Plymouth, Michigan, 17 October, 1838; daugh- 
ter of William J. Wells by his wife Esther P. Marsh. Mr. Yerkes is a 
farmer, and resides at Northville, Michigan. 

Children of Charles® and Evelina (Wells) Yerkes; all bom at Novi: 

1449. William G. Yerkes', bom 23 October, 1865; married, 20 February, i88ft 

Georgia B. Simmons, bom at Farmington, that State, 20 January, 1868; 
daughter of Lawrence Willington Simmons by his wife Frances A. Rice. He 
is a miller, and resides at Pontiac, Michigan. Issue : ( 1450) A son, un- 
named, bom I September, and died 23 September, 1892. (1451) Frances K 
Yerkes', bom 21 August, 1895. 

1452. Carl A. Yerk£s\ bom 18 August, 1877. 

1453. Grace Evelyn Yerkes^ bom 30 March, 1881. 

667. JULIA ANN YERKES* (John», Joseph*, Stephen*, Herman*, 
Anthony^), eldest child of John Yerkes by his wife Sarah Thornton, was 
bom near Northville, Michigan, 20 January, 1832; died there, 3 April, 1901; 
married, 11 September, 1867, Sebring Voorhees, bom at Fayette, New 
York, 7 January, 1815; died at White Lake, Michigan, 8 February, 1852; 
son of Peter Voorhees by his wife Catharine Sebring. Mr. Voorhees was a 
farmer in Michigan, where he resided throughout his married life, having 
gone there from New York when he was twenty-one years of age. He was 




a Republican in politics; was for a number of years Supervisor of White 
Clay Township, and was a member of the Michigan L^slature in 1862. 
He was elder of the White Lake Presbyterian Church at the time of his 

Child of Sebring and Julia Ann* (Yerkes) VooAees; bom at White Lake: 

1454. Carl Skbring Vocolbmes^, born 29 March, 1873; married, 29 June, 1897, Millie 

A. Teeples ; resides at Davisburg, Michigan, on the farm that had belonged 
to his father. 

670. LYMAN A. YERKES* (John», Joseph*, Stephen', Herman*, An- 
thony^ ), second son and fourth child of Jdm Yerkes by his wife Sarah 
Thornton, was bom at Northville, Michigan, 9 December, 1838; married, 7 
December, 1859, Maria Antoinette Gardner, daughter of Captain Solomon 
Gardner, a wealthy and prominent citizen of Detroit, Michigan. 

Children of Lyman A.* and Maria Antoinette (Gardner) Yerkes: 

1455. Habuxt Loreno Ywuas\ bom 20 October, 1862; married, 18 October, 1893, Dr. 

John Mackenzie, of Fall River, Massachusetts, who died 11 July, 1896. Issue: 
(1456) Mariak Mackenzh^, bom 2 December, 1894. 
1457. Solomon Gasdnir Yimkxb\ bom 24 July, 1867; married, 26 April, 1894, Helen 
Bainbridge, of Portland, Oregon. They had one child, who died in infancy. 
The following mention of Mr. Yerkes is from a newspaper of 8 February, 
1903 : ** S. Gardner Yerkes, son of Captain Lyman A. Yerkes, of NortimUcb 
has been transferred from Seattle, Wadiington, to St Paul, Minnesota, where 
he will be connected with the passenger department of the Great Northern 
Railway system, working directly under General Passenger Agent F. L Whit- 
ney. Mr. Yerkes is one of the best known railroad men on the Pacific coast 
He was bom in Detroit, Michigan. About the time he became of age, he 
went to the coast and took to steamboating and railroading. His first posi- 
tion was with the Pacific Navigation Company, with which company he 
remained until 189a He resigned to take a position with the Puget Sound 
and Alaska Steamship Company, in charge of the north traffic of that com- 
pany. Then he was appointed agent of the Northem Pacific at Port Town- 
send, and remained there for three years. In 1894 he became agent and 
assistant superintendent of the Puget Sound division of the Northem Pacific. 
He resigned to become general manager of the water lines and wharves of 
Lilly, Bogardus & Co. He resigned that position after serving two years, and 
became city passenger and ticket agent of the Great Northem in Seattle. Mr. 
VHiitney says of his new assistant that he is a man who nrakes good wherever 
he is placed. He is regarded as a hi|^-grade passenger man, besides being a 
general utility man. While in the general office, he will relieve General 
Passenger Agent Whitney and Assistant General Passenger Agent Stone of 
a part of their work. Mr. Yerkes will spend part of the time out akmg the 
line, and incidentally he will look after some of the Great Northern's adver- 

671. ELIZABETH YERKES« (John', Joseph*, Stephen*, Herman*, 
Anthony^ )y third daughter and fifth child of John Yerkes by his wife Sarak 



Thornton, was bom at NorthvUle, Michigan, 14 February, 1840; married, 13 
October, 1858, Isaac Newton Blackwood, bom near Ovid, New York, 17 Sep- 
tember, 1832; died at Northville, 2 March, 1895; ^^ ^^ Josq)h Blackwood 
The son was a farmer, and owned a farm near Northville. 

Children of Isaac Newton and Elizabeth* (Yerkes) Blackwood: 

1458. Helen Antoinette BLACKW00D^ bom 7 April, i860; married William Holmes 

Yerkes (No. 1445). 

1459. Grace Elvira Blackwood^ born in December, 1865 ; died 25 May, 1897 ; married, 

in January, 1888, Edwin T. Allen. Issue: (1460) Elsa Allen", who died, 
aged five months. 

1461. John Yerkes Black wood\ bom 2 June, 1871; graduated at the University of 

Michigan in 1893, as a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, and 
resides at Qeveland, Ohio, where he is engaged in business as a mechanical 

690. HARMAN MOREHOUSE YERKES* (Joseph, Juni*, Joseph*, 
Stephen*, Herman*, Anthony*), only child of Joseph Yerkes, Jun^, by his 
second wife, Miriam Morehouse, was bom at South Lyon, Michigan, 22 
August, i860; married, 12 November, 1887, Lottie Dove, bom at Ray, 
Michigan, 17 November, 1864; daughter of Henry O. Dove by his wife Maria 

Children of Harman Morehouse* and Lottie (Dove) Yerkes: 

1462. Joseph Albert Yerkes\ tx)m 17 August, 1890. 

1463. Osmond Dove Yerk£s\ bom 13 June, 1892. 

1464. Leon Vine Yblkes\ bom 7 January, 1894. 

1465. AucE Miriam Yerkes\ bora 15 December, 1896. 

707. EDWARD YERKES* (Jonathan', George*, Elias«, Herman^, 
Anthony^), probably the eldest son and second child of Jonathan Yerkes by 
his wife Mary Ayres. The date of his birth, death, or marriage have not been 
obtained. He married Sarah Ann Dungan. He bought a portion of his 
father's homestead farm, upon which he is said to have lived and died. These 
facts, together with the following list of his children, are from the manuscript 
of the late John Keith Yerkes. 

Children of Edward* and Sarah Ann (Dungan) Yerkes: 

1466. FkANK Yerkes*, died without issue; married Alice V. Yerkes (No. 759). 

1467. Chasles K Yerkes*. 

1468. Maiia Yekkes*, bom 17 December, 1842; married Christopher K. Yericet (No. 


1469. Eliza Ybubs*. 
14701 Emma Yeekes*. 
1471. May Yerkes*. 
1473. Jennie Ybubs*. 

• 153 


708. ISRAEL HALLOWELL YERKES* (Jonathan', George*, Elias», 
Herman', Anthony^), probably third child of Jonathan Yerkes by his wife 
Mary Ay res, was bom in 181 3; died in Horsham Township, Montgomery 
County, in October, 1885; married Margaret Clayton, bom in January, 181 3; 
died in 1865. 

Children of Israel Hallowell* and Margaret (Qajrton) Yerkes: 

1473. Mary Yerkes^ 

1474. Charles Ayres Yerxes\ married a Miss Van Horn. 
1475- Jonathan Yerkes^ 

1476. Snjis R. YERKES^ bom 24 September, 1848; married, 14 October, 1874, Mary 

Ella Price, bom 28 September, 1851. Issue: (i476») Maud Yerkes*. ii47^) 
Ann G. Yerkes*. (1476c) Wnxis M. Yerkes*. (1476**) Sn^s B. Yerkes*. 
(i476«) Elizabeth S. Yerkes*. (1476^) Ethel M. Yerkes*. 

1477. Hannah YERKES^ 

709. GEORGE L. YERKES* (Jonathan*, George*, Elias», Herman*, 
Anthony^), probably the youngest son and child of Jonathan Yerkes by his 
wife Mary Ajrres, married Susan Barnes, daughter of Jacob Barnes. 

Children of George L.* and Susan (Barnes) Yerkes: 

1478. WiNFiELp Scott Yerkes\ 

1479. Howard K. Yerkes\ 

1480. Lxewelen Yerkes\ 

1481. Harriet Yerkes^ 

716. ELIZA ANN YERKES* (Elias», Arthur*, Elias*, Herman*, An- 
thony^ ) , eldest child of Elias Yerkes by his wife Harriet Krewson, was bom 
at Davisville, Bucks County, 6 December, 1825; died at Philadelphia, 30 
March, 1902; married, 22 December, 1849, Henry Hagerman, bom at Church- 
ville, Bucks County, 20 June, 1825 ; died at Huntingdon Valley, Montgomery 
County, 6 August, 1883; son of Henry Hagerman by his wife Jane Dean. 
Mr. Hagerman was a miller. 

Children of Henry and Eliza Ann* (Yerkes) Hagerman: 

1482. WnxLAM Edmund Hagerman^ born i August, 1851 ; married, 22 February, 1877, 

Elizabeth Fischler. 

1483. Harriet Jans Hagerman^ bom 23 November, 1853; married, 2 June, 1877, 

Edward B. Walton. 

1484. Elias Yerkes Hagerman^ bom 14 September, 1855 ; married, 5 July, 1875, Caro- 

line Fulmer. 

1485. Oliver Hart Hagerman\ bora 28 April, i860 ; married, in September, 1880, Sallie 

E. Ridge. 
i486. Henry George Hagerman\ bora 26 January, 1862; married, i September, 1883, 

Hannah B. Walton. 
1487. Amy Rebecca HAGERMAN^ bora 27 June, 1866; married, 23 April, 1884, William 

H. Barnsley. 



717. HANNAH SHAY YERKES* (Elias«, Arthur*, Elias», Herman*, 
Anthony^), second daughter and child of Elias Yerkes by his wife Harriet 
Krewson, was bom at Davisville, Bucks County, 3 January, 1828; married, 
4 March, 1852, Stephen De Coursey, bom 4 December, 1819; died 25 April, 
1887; son of William De Coursey by his wife Mary Flack. 

Children of Stephen and Hannah Shay* (Yerkes) De Coursey: 

1488. Walter Colton De Coursey^ born 15 December, 1853; married Amanda Krier. 
Issue : ( 1489) Joseph Barnsley De Coursey*. 

1490. Holmes Sells De CouRSEY^ bom 15 October, 1856; is a farmer, and resides at 
Hartsville, Pennsylvania. He married, 9 January, 1883, Ella Hogeland, daugh- 
ter of Morris Hogeland by his wife Mary Jane Willard. Issue: (1491) Etta 
Long De Coursey*. (1492) Morris Hogeland De Coursey*. 

1493. Frank Eugene De Coursey^ bom 11 March, 1862; married Annie Galley. 
Issue: (1494) Stephen De Coursey*. (1495) Margaret Db Coursey*. 
( 1496) Emily De Coursey*. 

1497. Forrest Chick De Coursey\ bora 5 September, 1867 ; married Elmina Carnahan. 
Issue: (1498) Roy De Coursey*. 

1499. Stephen Philips De Coursey', bora 7 May, 1871 ; died 9 November, 1890. 

719. WILLIAM WATTS DAVIS YERKES* (Ellas', Arthur*, Elias*. 
Herman*, Anthony^), eldest son and fourth child of Elias Yerkes by his wife 
Harriet Krewson, was bom at Davisville, Bucks County, i November, 1832; 
married, i November, 1858, Mary Ann Lugar, bom in same county, 10 De- 
cember, 1840; died at Ogontz, 4 March, 1901; daughter of Jacob Lugar by 
his wife Sarah Winner. Mr. Yerkes resides at Ogontz, and has been post- 
master of that place since 8 October, 1888. He is usually known as Davis 
Yerkes. He is a Baptist. 

Children of William Watts Davis* and Mary Ann (Lugar) Yerkes: 

1500. Harriet Ann YERKEs^ born 22 August, 1859 ; died 19 January, 1885. 

1501. Harman Anderson YERKES^ bom 22 January, 1861 ; resides at Spokane, Wash- 


1502. Clara YERKES^ bom 10 October, 1863 ; married, 20 June, 1S88, Harry Moore. 

1503. El WOOD Yerkes', bom 14 June, 1865 ; died 27 August, 1866. 

1504. Mary Yerkes\ born 26 January, 1867; died 30 December, 1871. 

1505. Rebecca Laura Yerkes\ born 15 October, 1868. 

737. AMOS ADDIS YERKES* (Horatio Gates'^, Arthur*, Elias', Her- 
man*, Anthony^), eldest son and fifth child of Horatio Gates Yerkes by his 
wife Eliza Ann Addis, was bom at Davisville, Bucks County, 2 January, 
1836; married, 15 November, i860, Rebecca Slack, bom 8 July, 1842; daugh- 
ter of John and Mary Slack. 

Children of Amos Addis* and Rebecca (Slack) Yerkes: 

1506. Anna Mary Yerkes^ bora 11 May, 1862; died 21 March, 1864. 

1507. Horatio Gates Yerkes*, bora 11 January, 1864. 



746. ARTHUR WATTS YERKES* (Horatio Gates^, Arthur*, Elias«, 
Herman', Anthony^), second son and ninth child of Horatio Gates Yerkes 
by his wife Eliza Ann Addis, was bom at Davisville, Bucks County, 26 March, 
1843; married Margaret H. Hallowdl, daughter of Garrett S. Hallowell 
by his wife Matilda Lukens Homer. 

Children of Arthur Watts* and Margaret H. (Hallowdl) Yerkes: 

1508. Emma Lurta Yerxis\ 

1509. Nelson Hallowxll Yerkes^ 
151a Arnold Phipps Yerkes\ 

1511. Gbokge Hallowell Yerkes^ 

747. JOSEPH MORRISON YERKES« (Horatio Gates", Arthur*, 
Elias*, Herman', Anthony^), third son and tenth diild of Horatio Gates 
Yerkes by his wife Eliza Ann Addis, was bom at Davisville, Budcs County, 
30 December, 1845 J niarried, 30 December, 1875, Hannah Ann Walker, bom 
at Hatboro, Montgomery Cotmty, 30 January, 1851; daughter of Samuel 
Carey Walker by his wife Louisa Rebecca Wells. He is a farmer, and resides 
at Davisville, where his children were bom. 

Children of Joseph Morrison* and Hannah Ann (Walker) Yerkes: 

1512. Joseph Lloyd YERKES^ born 4 November, 1876. 

1513. Samuel Walker YERXES^ bom 21 April, 1878. 

1514. Horatio Gates YERKES^ bom 26 June, 1884. 

752. JONATHAN YERKES* (Wmiam», Arthur*, Elias«, Herman*, 
Anthony*), eldest child of William Yerkes by his wife Eliza Bowen Yerkes, 
was bom in Moreland, Montgomery County, 2 April, 1830; died at Green 
Cove Springs, Florida, 24 May, 1897; married, 16 November, 1859, Miranda 
Watson, bom in said cx)unty, 17 November, 1828; daughter of James and 
Miranda Watson. When a young man, Mr. Yerkes engaged in business as 
a manufacturer of tools, in Moreland, and afterwards removed his business to 
Frankford, Philadelphia, where he became the senior member of the firm of 
Yerkes & Plumb, his partner being the late Fayette R. Plumb. The house of 
Yerkes & Plumb became one of the largest edged tool manufacturing firms in 
the country. Having acquired a handsome fortune, Mr. Yerices disposed of 
his interest in the tool-works to his brother Edward A. Yerkes, and removed 
to Jacksonville, Florida, where he became president of the Drew Hardware 
Company, located in that city. 

Children of Jonathan* and Miranda (Watson) Yerkes: 

1515. JuDSON B. Yerkes\ bom 19 September, i860; married Lizzie M. Storer. He is 

a hardware manufacturer at Jacksonville, Florida. 




1 516. Anna Ingham YERK£S^ born 2 June, 1864; married Samuel H. Kirkpatrick, a 

member of the Philadelphia bar. 

1517. FkEDERicK Gerker YERKES^ boHi 26 September, 1870; and is a hardware mer- 

chant at Jacksonville, Florida. 

758. CHRISTOPHER K. YERKES* (William^, Arthur*, Elias», Her- 
man^, Anthony^), third son and sixth child of William Ycrkes by his wife 
Eliza Bowen Yerkes, was bom in Moreland, Montgomery County, 17 April, 
1838. He is by trade a blacksmith, and resides at Frankford, Philaddphia. 
He married, 19 January, 1869, Maria Yerkes (No. 1468), bom in Moreland, 
17 December, 1842; daughter of Edward Yerkes. His youngest child was 
bom in Southampton, Bucks County, and the others at Frankford. 

Children of Christopher K.® and Maria^ (Yerkes) Yerkes : 

1 5 18. Edward Yerkes^ bom 10 May, 1872; resides at Frankford, Philadelphia; mar- 

ried, at New York, 4 September, 1901, Emma Hart, bom 18 April, 1875; 
daughter of George Hart by his wife Martha Hartley. Issue: (1519) Ikica 
H. Yerkes", bom 30 March, 1902. 

1520. William Yerkes\ bom 10 May, 1872 ; twin of Edward. 

1521. Bayard Yerkes^ bom 9 May, 1877. 

1522. Harold Leigh Yerkes^ bom 24 December, 1878. 

1523. Rowland Yerkes^, bom 18 March, 1881. 

760. JANE S. YERKES* (William', Arthur*, Elias«, Herman', An- 
thony^ ) , fifth daughter and eighth child of William Yerkes by his wife Eliza 
Bowen Ycrkes, was bom in Moreland, Montgomery County, 24 November, 
1839; married Josiah G. Albertson, bom at Haddonfidd, New Jersey, in 1832; 
died at Frankford, Philadelphia, 30 September, 1887. 

Children of Josiah G. and Jane S.* (Yerkes) Albertson: 

1524. EuzA Albertson\ bom 16 December, 1867; married, 15 September, 1898^ Fare- 

well White. 

1525. William Yerkes Albertson^ bom 16 October, 1869; married Mary Castor. 

1526. Thomas ALBERTS0N^ bom 4 March, 1874 ; married Eleanor Strickler. 

762. EDWARD A. YERKES« (William^, Arthur*, Elias«, Herman*, 
Anthon)r*), fourth son and tenth child of William Yerkes by his wife Eliza 
Bowen Yerkes, was bom in Moreland, Montgomery County, 14 March, 1843; 
died at Crafton, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, 21 July, 1900; married 
Anne Davis. Mr. Ycrkes engaged with his brother, Jonathan Yerkes, in the 
manufacture of edged tools, and when the brother retired from the firm of 
Yerkes & Plumb, he took his place in the firm, having acquired his interest 

Children of Edward A.* and Anne (Davis) Yerkes, bom at Frankford : 

1527. Blanch Yerkes\ bora 21 December, 1873; <iied at Elizabeth, New Jersey, 30 

August, 1902; married, June, 1895, Ellison Conger. 

1528. JuDSON J. YatKEs\ bora 20 February, 1882. 




763. MARGARET A. YERKES* (WiUiam', Arthur*, Ellas', Her- 
man*, Anthony^), seventh daughter and eleventh child of William Yerkcs by 
his wife Eliza Bowen Yerkes, was bom in Kent County, Delaware, 28 CXrto- 
ber, 1846; married, 22 October, 1867, William J. Kenderdine, bom at White 
Marsh, Montgomery Coimty, 29 May, 1843; son of George Kenderdine by 
his wife Maria McKinney. They reside at Fox Chase, Philadelphia. 

Children of William J. and Margaret A.* (Yerkes) Kenderdine: 

1529. (koRGB Kbndkbdine\ born 9 October, 1868; married, 16 August, 1897, Blanch 

153a Edna KxNixEBDnfi^, bom 28 January, 1870; married, 2 July, 1891, Joseph P. 


1531. William Benton Kenderdine^ bom 27 November, 1871; married, 22 October, 

1902, Iva P. Quigley. 

1532. Leigh KENDERDINE^ bom 4 November, 1873. 

1533. FAYxm KENDBKDINE^ bom 28 October, 1875; married, 17 January, 1900^ liar- 

garet P. Spohn. 

1534. Rebecca Yerkes Kenderdine^ (twin of Fayette), bom 28 October, 1875, nuu- 

ried, 6 May, 1896, Lewis D. Castor. 

1535. Anna KENDERDINE^ bom 6 June, 1884. 

764. WILLIAM HART YERKES* (Arthur Watts", Arthur*, Ellas', 
Herman*, Anthony^ ) , eldest child of Arthur Watts Yerkes by his wife Char- 
lotte Knight, was bom at Davisville, Bucks Coimty, 30 October, 1843 > "lar- 
ried, in 1867, Hannah Ann Matthews, bom at Mechanicsville, said county, 
I September, 1848; daughter of Isaac Matthews by his wife Sarah Fell. Mr. 
Yerkes was a soldier in the Civil War. He entered the army i August, 1862, 
and served in Company C, One Hundred and Twenty-eighth R^;iment Penn- 
sylvania Volunteers. At the Battle of Antietam, 17 September, 1862, he lost 
his right foot In 1864 he obtained employment in the Quartermaster's De- 
partment at Washington, D. C, and from 1872 until 1899 he was superin- 
tendent of the Independent Ice Company at Washington, and since the latter 
year he has been superintendent of the American Ice Company. He resides 
in Washington, where his children were bom. 

Children of William Hart* and Hannah Ann (Matthews) Yerkes: 

1536. Annbtta Lootse YatKES^ bom 23 October, 1868; married, i January, 1894, Albert 

Tobias Walker, of Washington. 

1537. Sarah Matthews Yerkxs\ bom i July, 1870; married, 18 September, 1895, Harry 

Frederick Booyer, of Washington. 

1538. John Arthur YERKES^ bom 8 February, 1873 ; died 13 April, 1875. 

1539. WnjJAM Hart Yesxes\ bom 25 July, 1875. 

1540. Amy Davis Yerkes^, bom 4 December, 1878. 

1541. Mary Auce YERKES^ bom 25 January, i88a 

1542. Arthur Watts YERKES^ bom i July, 1882. 

1543. Elizabeth Conrao YERKES^ bom 3 February, 1885; died 10 April, 1897. 



1544. Emma Deal YERXES^ born 10 June, 1888. 

1545. Miriam YERKES^ bom 5 December, 1890. 

1546. Joseph Deal Yerxes\ born 4 February, 1893. 

777. JONATHAN YERKES« (Joseph Waln», Jonathan*, Titus', Her- 
man^, Anthony^ ) , second son and third child of Joseph Wain Yerkes by his 
wife Elizabeth Burcher, was bom at Milanville, Wayne County, Pennsyl- 
vania, 14 October, 1822; died at Calkins, same county, 13 January, 1894; 
married, 16 October, 1858, Phebe T. Burcher, bom at Milanville, 27 Sep- 
tember, 1823 ; daughter of John Burcher by his wife Maximilla Land. 

Children of Jonathan^ and Phebe T. (Burcher) Yerkes; born at Calkins: 

1547. Caroline £. YERK£S^ bom 10 April, i860. 

1548. Maximilla R. Yekkes^ born 5 April, 1863 ; died 30 October, 1865. 

1549. Titus B. YERKES^ born 23 May, 1867; died 23 February, 1869. 

1550. John B. Yerkes^ bom 17 Febmary, 1871 ; married, 8 August, 1894, Hattie E^ 

daughter of Christopher T. Tegeler by his wife Fannie A. Noble. Iftsue: 
(1550*) Irene C. Yerkes*, bom 24 December, 1896. (i550*>) Carl J. Yerkes', 
bom 23 October, 1901. 

778. JARRETT PASSMORE YERKES* (Joseph Waln^, Jonathan*, 
Titus', Herman*, Anthony^), third son and fourth child of Joseph Wain 
Yerkes by his wife Elizabeth Burcher, was born at Damascus, Wayne County, 
3 July, 1826; died at Damascus, 24 November, 1879; married, 2 May, i860, 
Katharine Tennant, born at New York City, New York, 9 July, 1841 ; daugh- 
ter of Joseph Tennant by his wife Mary Louise Pitt 

Children of Jarrett Passmore* and Katharine (Tennant) Yerkes; bom at 

Damascus : 

1551. EuzABETH YERKES^ bom 4 August, 1862 ; married, 20 January, 1881, Frank Gries, 

bom at Jeff ersonville. New York, 2 June, 1857 ; son of John Gries by his wife 
Catharine Heis. Issue: (1551*) Frank J. Gries*, bom 20 December^ 1882. 
(i55it>) Daisy A. Gries", born 9 August, 1885; died 18 March, 1900. (1551^) 
LnjJE Gries', bom 24 September, 1887. (i55i<i) P. Gries', bora 21 March, 


1552. Joseph William YERKES^ bom 25 June, 1866; married, 24 June, 1897, Edith 


1553. Jarrett YERKES^ bora 4 January, 1869; died 9 January, 1869. 

779. WARREN DIMMOCK YERKES* (Joseph Waln», Jonathan*, 
Titus', Herman*, Anthony^), fourth son and fifth child of Josq)h Wain 
Yerkes by his wife Elizabeth Burcher, was bom at Damascus, Wayne County, 
28 February, 1829; married, at Damascus, 28 March, 1866, Margaret Hannah 
Mitchell, bom at Damascus, 26 August, 1846; daughter of Stephen Mitchell 
by his wife Margaret Nessmith Lukin. Mr. Yerkes is a farmer and lumber* 
man, and resides at Damascus. He and his wife are Baptists. 




Children of Warren Dimmock^ and Margaret Hannah (Mitchell) Yerkes; all 

bom at Damascus: 

1554. Eva Mabgasetts Yerxbs\ bom 7 March, 1867. 

1555. William Bybon Yebxbs\ born 12 August, 18^; married, 11 October, 18^ Irene 

Noble, bom at Damascus, i December, 1873; daughter of Sexton Noble by 
his wife Lavina Fish. Issue: (1555*) Euzabbth Hslsn Yerkbs", bom 31 
August, 1895. (1555^) Waikbn Nobis Ybrkks', bom 25 September, 190a 

1556. Edmund Lukin YatKBs\ bom 14 August, 1872; died 29 September, 1878. 

1557. Wabrbn Judson Yerkes\ bom 14 October, 1875. He is a cleric in the Wayne 

County Savings Bank at Honesdale, Pennsylvania. 

1558. Hasold Caklos YBRKKS^ bom 22 February, 1880. He is a partner in a glaaa- 

cutting works at Honesdale. 

783. ELIZABETH YERKES* (Titus', Jonathan*, Titus*, Herman^ 
Anthony^ ) , second daughter and third child of Titus Yerkes by his wife Helen 
Btircher, was bom at Damascus, Pennsylvania, 20 August, 1824; died at 
Fort Atkinson, Iowa, i October, 1887; married, 27 April, 1843, Silas Dunlap, 
bom at Ithaca, or Ovid, New York, i September, 181 1 ; died at Fort Atkinson, 
II Sq>tember, 1888. 

Children of Silas and Elizabeth* (Yerkes) Dunlap: 

1559. Mary H. Dunlap\ bom 18 November, 1845 ; died 24 Fd)ruary, 185a 

156a Sarah £. Dunlap^, bom 22 July, 1856; died 31 March, 1889; married, 9 April, 
1874, Henry Felker. 

1561. Ida L. Dunlap^, bom 22 December, 1867; married, 13 Fdntiary, 1890^ George 


1562. Ross Dunlap^, bom 24 April, 1971 ; died 6 June, 1883. 

784. ADELAIDE YERKES* (Titus', Jonathan*, Titus*, Herman*, An- 
thony^), third daughter and fourth child of Titus Yerkes by his wife Helen 
Burcher, was bom at Damascus, Pennsylvania, 22 January, 183 1; married, 
15 June, 1849, Jerome Sprague, bom in Seneca County, New York, 19 Octo- 
ber, 1821 ; died at Gaines, Michigan, 20 April, 1879; s<^ ^^ Eliphalet Sprague 
by his wife Rhoda Case. Mr. Sprague was a farmer, and he and his wife 
were Baptists. 

Children of Jerome and Adelaide^ (Yerkes) Sprague : 

1563. JosiPHiNB SFBAGUK^ bom 21 March, 1850; married, 9 December, 1879^ J. H. John- 

ston, and resides at G>runna, Michigan. 

1564. Maishall Sfkagub*, bom 17 November, 1851; died at Weavenrille, California, 

17 June, 1879; married, in 1872, Mary Beatty. 

1565. Hoicnt Sfkaguk^ bom 6 January, 1853 ; died 27 January, 1853. 

1566. EuPHALXT Spkacui^, bom 8 June, 1855 ; died in 1878. 

1567. Mary A. SFRAGUX^ bom 24 October, 1859; married T. H. Wolcott, and resides at 

Marshfield, Missouri. 

1568. Helkn SFSAGUI;^ bom 31 October, 1872. 



785. MARGARET YERKES* (Titus', Jonathan*, Titus', Herman*, 
Anthony* ) , fourth daughter and fifth child of Titus Yerkes by his wife Hden 
Burcher, was born at Corunna, Oakland Q)unty, Michigan, 16 June, 1834; 
died at Caledonia, Michigan, 20 March, 1880; married (i) Almond Gilbert; 
(2), 4 January, 1866, as second wife, John Harrison, bom in Lincolnshire, 
England, 16 January, 1820; son of Thomas Harrison by his wife Susanna 
Sharmon. Mr. Harrison resides at Pontiac, Michigan. By her first husband, 
Gilbert, she had three children, who died early, and whose names have not been 

Children of John and Margaret* (Yerkes) Harrison; bom at Pontiac: 

1569. FftANK Yerkes HAitRisoN\ born 8 January, 1867 ; married, 27 April, 1892, Hattie 

157a Anna May Harrison^ bom 22 May, 1868; married, 26 April, 1893, Charles L. 
Rockwell, of Pontiac, Michigan, bom i February, 1862; son of James M. 
Rockwell by his wife Zadie Ann Adams. Issue: (1570^) Juua Mat Rock- 
well", bom 25 March, 1895. 

1 571. Grace Harrison^ born 20 July, 1873; died 20 January, 1874. 

1572. Fred Almond Harrison\ bora 18 April, 1875; married, 17 March, 1898^ Mabel 


786. SARAH YERKES* (Titus^, Jonathan*, Titus', Herman*, An- 
thony^), fifth daughter and sixth child of Titus Yerkes by his wife Helen 
Burcher, was bom in Oakland County, Michigan, 5 March, 1838; married, 
25 March, 1857, Eli Martin, bom in St. Lawrence County, New York, 9 May, 
183s; son of Samuel S. Martin by his wife Maria Lytle. They reside at 
Corunna, Michigan, where their children were born. 

Children of Eli and Sarah* (Yerkes) Martin: 

1573- Titus S. MAR^N^ born 13 April, 1861 ; married, 19 October, 1881, Stella Church, 

and resides at Morrice, Michigan. 
1574* John Yerkes MARnN^ bom 8 June, 1863; married, 24 April, i8go^ Lillian M. 

Holley. He is clerk of Oakland County, Michigan. 
1575. F. Augusta MARTIN^ bom 5 October, 1868; married, 5 October, 1898^ Edward 

T. Adams, and resides at Detroit, Michigan. 

789. AMELIA LYDIA YERKES* (Jacob PauP, Jonathan*, Titus', 
Herman*, Anthony^), eldest child of Jacob Paul Yerkes by his wife Huldah 
Lord Skinner, was bom at Damascus, Pennsylvania, 10 October, 1816; died 
in Indiana, 13 December, 1893; married, 7 J^^c, 1833, George B. McCutchan, 
bom in Orange Coimty, New York, 4 February, 181 2; died at Inglefidd, 
Indiana, 2 January, 1884; son of William McCutchan by his wife Mary 
Bond, both of whom were of Irish birth. Mr. McCutchan was a fanner, and 
resided in Inglefidd, where he served in office as township trustee, assessor, 
and justice of the peace. 

« 161 


Children of George B. and Amelia Lydia* (Yerkes) McCutchan; the eldest 

bom in New York, and the others at Inglefield : 

1576. Arad McCuTCHAN^ born 18 January, 1834; married, 28 July, 1867, Jane P. 

Hillyard. Mr. McCutchan resides at Inglefield. 

1577. Arphaxan McCutchan^ bom 25 December, 1835 ; died 25 December, 1858. 

1578. RsuBEN P. McCuTCHAN^ bom 8 August, i8j8; married, 22 September, 1858^ 

Amanda C Johnson. Mr. McCutchan was a captain in the Union army during 
the Civil War, and received a wound which made him a cripple for life. He 
resides at Grand Island, Nebraska. 

1579^ Aniwew J. McCutchan^ bom 7 July, 1840; married (i), in August, i868» Eliza- 
beth Ham ; (2), in June, 1882, Mary £. Dmm. Mr. McCutchan was a captain 
in the Union army during the Civil War. He afterwards studied law, and 
was admitted to the bar, having held, for two terms, the office of Prosecuting 
Attorney for Vanderburgh County, Indiana. He resides at Evansville, same 

158a Mary H. McCuTCHAN^ bom 26 April, 1844; died at Evansville, Indiana, 7 
October, 1881 ; married, i May, 1872, John Colton, and has issue. 

1 581. Joseph W. McCutchan^ bom 9 July, 1842; died at Inglefield, 8 October, 1851. 

1582. Margaret A. McCutchan^ bom 16 July, 1846; died at Inglefield, 27 January, 


1583. George A. McCutchan^ bom 20 September, 1848; married, 23 February, 1869^ 

Martha Harrison, and has isssue. Mr. McCutchan studied law and was 
admitted to the bar, and is engaged in the practice of his profession at O'Neil, 

1584. Charlotte D. McCuTCHAN^ bom 2 December, 1850; married, 28 March, i86q^ 

William Hillyard, and has issue. Mr. and Mrs. Hillyard reside at Inglefield. 

1585. FftANKUN P. McCutchan^ bom 4 November, 1852 ; married Delia Leon, or Lion. 

Mr. McCutchan is a lawyer, and is engaged in the practice of his profession 
at Seattle, Washington. 

1586. Jonathan A. McCutchan^ bom 14 May, 1855; died 6 May, 1897; married, 3 

November, 1880, Frederica Zah, and has issue. 

1587. Lydia a. McCutchan\ bom i February, 1859; married, 27 November, 187ft 

William A. Mossman, and has issue. Mr. and Mrs. Mossman reside at Prince- 
ton, Indiana. 

1588. Sarah E. McCutchan^ bora 16 November, 1861 ; died April, 1862. 

791. REUBEN SKINNER YERKES* (Jacob Paul*, Jonathan*, 
Titus*, Herman*, Anthony^), second son and third child of Jacob Paul Yerkes 
by his wife Huldah Lord Skinner, was bom at Damascus, Pennsylvania, 28 
January, 1820; died at Los Angeles, California, 9 June, 1890; married, at 
Covington, Kentucky, 10 October, 1848, Harriet Agnes Martin, bom in 
Hamilton County, Ohio, i July, 1828; died at Portland, Kentucky, 28 July, 


Children of Reuben Skinner* and Harriet Agnes (Martin) Yerkes: 

1589. Charles Sherman YERKES^ bom 13 July, 1850; married Mary Greenlees. 

1590. Emma J. Yerkes', born 19 July, 1854; married, 22 November, 1881, James R. 

Martin, bom in Kentucky, 26 Febraary, 1845; son of Oliver W. Martin by 
his wife Julia Ann Bames. 



1591. EuAS Conway Yerkes\ born 20 October, 1856; married, 22 March, 1878, G>ra 

Justine Porter. 

1592. Harry Clifford Yerkes\ bom 23 October, 1859; married, 2 June, 1891, Lulu 


1593. Anna Laura Yerkes\ bom 6 August, i860; died 16 June, 1867. 
1594- John Taylor Yerkes', born 10 December, 1864. 

1595. Ruby Cora Yerkes\ born 12 March, 1868; married, 20 March, 1898, Dr. J. Omar 

Moore, of Verona, Missouri, born 17 January, 1874; ^on of John Higdon 
Moore by his wife Volley Emeline Mellon. Issue: (1595^) Robert Frank 
Moore", born 30 November, 1898. 

1596. Hallie Gulmare Yerkes\ bom 10 February, 1873 ; died 2 June, 1873. 

797. JULIA CULPURNIA YERKES* (Jacob PauP, Jonathan*, 
Titus*, Herman^, Anthony*), sixth daughter and ninth child of Jacob Paul 
Ycrkes by his wife Huldah Lord Skinner, was bom at Damascus, Pennsyl- 
vania, 17 January, 1831; married, 16 August, 1849, David Rollin Malone, 
bom at Owensville, Indiana, 25 November, 1828; died at Edinburgh, In- 
diana, 26 October, 1883; son of John Malone by his wife Elizabeth Hunter. 

Children of David Rollin and Julia Culpumia* (Yerkes) Malone: 

1597- Philip Melancthon Malone^ born 28 August, 1850 ; died 28 September, 1851. 

1598. Alice Gertrude Malone^ bom 16 October, 1852; died 25 June, 1890; married, 

12 September, 1876, William W. Morrison. 

1599. Emma Dora Malone\ bom 18 May, 1854; married, 2 August, 1882, Robert Hugh 


1600. Mary Elizabeth Malone^ born 10 April, 1856; married, 21 August, 1878^ George 

W. Crum. 

1601. Louis Agassiz Malone^ bora 14 May, 1858; married, 3 January, 1888, Charlotte 

Osborne Martin. 

1602. Clara Rosette Malone , bom 19 January, 1862 ; died 4 August, 1884. 

799. HONORA HANNAH YERKES« (Jacob Paul^ Jonathan*, 
Titus', Herman*, Anthony*), eighth daughter and eleventh child of Jacob 
Paul Yerkes by his wife Huldah Lord Skinner, was bom in Chenango County, 
New York, 20 August, 1835; married, 6 May, 1857, Linfred H. Hauss, bom 
at Spring Mills, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, 6 July, 1837; son of 
Benjamin Weaver Hauss by his wife Elizabeth Leister, both of whom were 
bom in the latter county. 

Children of Linfred H. and Honora Hannah* (Yerkes) Hauss: 

1603. Luther A. Hauss\ bom 20 September, 1858; died 10 October, 1861. 

1604. Marshall W. Hauss\ bom 24 January, i860; married (i), i October, 1883, Julia 

Bradford; (2), 11 October, 1897, Kate Ferring. Resides at Cedar Rapids, 

1605. Margaret A. HAUSS^ bom 18 December, 1862; married, 23 October, 1884, John 

O. Lacy, and resides at Woodlawn. 
16061 Bertha Hauss\ bora 14 October, 1863; married, 9 November, 1887, Edwin L. 
Hayes, and resides at Okarche, Oklahoma. 



1607. EuzABETH HuLDAH Hauss\ born 9 November, 1865 ; married, 23 October, 1887, 

Joseph L. Bogan, and resides at Mt Vernon, Illinois. ^ 

1608. Blanche HAUSS^ bom 6 August, 1867; married, 27 December, 1892, Joseph L. 

Johnson, and resides at Okarche, Oklahoma. 

1609. Benjamin Yerkes HAUss^ bom 28 August, 1869; married, 12 September, 1891, 

Etta Smetters, and resides at Decatur. 
i6ia Lucy HAUSS^ bora 10 December, 1871 ; married, 14 October, 1897, Benjamin F. 
Lillybeck, and resides at Decatur, Illinois. 

161 1. HoNORA Hannah HAUSS^ bom 20 April, 1874; married, 25 December, 1902, 

Oscar A. Goodman, and resides at St Louis, Missouri. 

1612. LiNTiED H. HAUSS^ bom 29 March, 1876; died 18 January, 1881. 

810. MARY ELIZABETH YERKES« (Sebastian Jarretf, Jonathan*, 
Titus', Herman*, Anthony^), eldest child of Sebastian Jarrett Yerkes by his 
wife Mary Burr Sherwood, was bom at Damascus, Pennsylvania, 21 Feb- 
ruary, 1843 ' niarried, 20 April, 1859, Hiram Goodman Major, bom at Damas- 
cus, 14 January, 1838; son of William Sherlock Major by his wife Keturah 
Brown. Mr. Major is a farmer, and resides at Tyler Hill, Wayne County, 
and he and his wife are Baptists. 

Children of Hiram Goodman and Mary Elizabeth* (Yerkes) Major; bom at 

Tyler Hill : 

1613. Saiah Kxturah Major\ bom 20 April, i860; married, 20 April, 1878^ George 

Burnside, and resides at Denver, Colorado. 

1614. Nicholas Overfield MAJOR^ bom ap January, 1862; married, 25 September, 

1889, Anna Rheinhart, and resides at Scranton, Pennsylvania. 

1615. Ina Viola MAJOR^ bom 6 August, 1864 ; married, i January, 1883, Ellery Brown, 

and resides at Tyler Hill. 

1616. WnuAM Sebastian MAJOR^ bom 4 July, 1867; died at Binghamton, New 

York, 27 March, 1903; married, 26 May, 1891, Minnie A. Hartwell. 

1617. Gertkudk Helen MAJOR^ bom 28 November, 1876 ; married, 22 May, 1890^ Jacob 

Walters, and resides at Binghamton. 

1618. Gborgb HntAM MAJoa^ bom 33 September, 1878; married, 7 February, 1899^ 

Margaret Morse. 

1619. Louisa Vaughan Major\ bom 23 September, i88a 

811. HELEN BURR YERKES* (Sebastian Jarrett*, Jonathan*, Titus*, 
Herman*, Anthony^), second child of Sebastian Jarrett Yerkes by his wife 
Mary Burr Sherwood, was bom at Damascus, Pennsylvania, 4 March, 1849; 
died there, 30 October, 1885; married, 19 October, 1865, Henry D. Wilsey, 
bom at Damascus, 3 December, 1840; died there, 10 July, 1897. He was a 
farmer and resided at Damascus ; he and his wife were Baptists. 

Children of Henry D. and Helen Burr* (Yerkes) Wilsey: 

162a OiLO D. Wilsey^ bom 18 September, 1872. 

1621. Selena L. WILSBY^ bora 22 Jmie, 1877. 

1622. Masy a. Wilsey*, bom 19 September, 1879; married, 24 October, 1900^ Thomas 

F. Jackson. 



825. RICHARD YERKES* (Richard Eckroyd«, Titus*, Titus', Her- 
man', Anthony*), second son and child of Richard Eckroyd Yerkes by his 
wife Lydia Husband, was bom in Montgomery County, 21 August, 1837; 
married (i) Ella Cartwright, died in March, 1864; (2) Margaret Powers. 

Children of Richard* and Ella (Cartwright) Yerkes: 

1623. WnxiAM Yerkes^ born 12 May, i860; married, 30 October, 1889, Sophia Louisa 

Vogt, born at Philadelphia, 9 July, 1862 ; daughter of Christian Vogt by his 
wife Barbara Fitler. Issue: (1623A) Mabel Wardrop Yerkes', bom 22 
February, 1891. 

1624. Ansley Yerkes^ bom and died in 1864. 

826. JOSEPH PAUL YERKES« (Richard Eckroyd', Titus*, Titus', 
Herman*, Anthony^ ) , third son and child of Richard Eckroyd Yerkes by his 
wife Lydia Husband, was born 26 July, 1839; died at Philadelphia, 25 June, 
1903; married, 20 September, 1862, Elizabeth Oldfield, bom at Philadelphia, 
20 May, 1845; daughter of Peter Oldfield by his wife Rosetta McCarthy. 
He was a carpenter and builder, and served in the Union army during the 
Civil War. He was a member of Colonel James Ashworth Post, Grand Army 
of the Republic. 

Child of Joseph Paul* and Elizabeth (Oldfield) Yerkes; bom in Montgomery 

County : 

1625. Harvey YERXES^ born 14 November, 1863. 

832. JOEL COOK* (Mary PauF, Titus*, Titus', Herman*, Anthony^ )y 
second son and child of Joel Cook by his wife Mary Paul Yerkes, was bom 
at Philadelphia, 20 March, 1842; married, 19 September, 1865, Mary Jane 
Edmunds, bom at Philadelphia, 19 April, 1843; daughter of Franklin Daven- 
port Edmunds by his wife Ann Marshall Stanger. 

Mr. Cook was educated at the private school of James Goodfellow, the 
Zane Street Grammar School, and the Central High School of Philadelphia, 
graduating from the latter in 1859. At his entrance to the High School, he 
was under the prescribed age of thirteen years, and was admitted by special 
resolution of the Board of School Controllers. Upon his graduation he 
studied law, and was admitted to the Philadelphia Bar. While at the High 
School, and later in connection with his brother, Richard Y. Cook, he pub- 
lished the school newspapers, the Union and, afterwards, the Times. 

In 1862 Mr. Cook entered active journalism, and became army corre- 
spondent of the Philadelphia Press, in McQdlan's campaign against Richmond, 
and at the close of this campaign he became the correspondent of that paper 
at Washington, and later, army correspondent again. When George W. 
Childs purchased the Public Ledger, he invited Mr. Cook to become a member 



of his editorial staff. Mr. Cook accq)ted the offer, and since the spring of 
1865 he has continuously served in one editorial capacity or another, filling 
the position of financial editor since 1882. In 1865 he became the American 
correspondent of the London Times, and after thirty-five years of continuous 
active service as such, he was placed on the retired list of foreign correspondents 
of that journal. Mr. Cook has occupied prominent positions in the com- 
mercial and educational life of Philadelphia. He is president of the Board 
of Trade and of the Board of Port Wardens, member of the Board of Public 
Education, and chairman of the committee on the Central High School; a 
member of the Board of Harbor Commissioners ; vice-president of the United 
Security, Life Insurance and Trust Company; and was vice-president of the 
City National Bank at the time of its merger with the Philadelphia National 
Bank. He is also a member of the Union League, the Historical Society of 
Pennsylvania, and the American Philosophical Society, and is a manager of 
the Spring Garden Institute, and of the Apprentices' Library. 

He is the author of " Siege of Richmond," 1862; " A Holiday Tour in 
Europe," 1878; "Summer Rambles," 1881; "England Picturesque and De- 
scriptive," 1882, reprinted in enlarged form in 1890; " A Visit to the States," 
1887, written for the London Times, and, after appearing in that newspaper, 
reprinted by the Times in book form ; " America Picturesque and Descriptive," 
1891 ; and " An Eastern Tour at Home," 1893 > ^^^ ^^ edited " The Chronicle 
of the Union League of Philadelphia," 1901, and " The History of the Phila- 
delphia National Bank," 1903. 

Children of Joel* and Mary Jane (Edmunds) Cook: 

1626. Anne Edmunds Cook\ born 14 October, 1866. 

1627. George W. CooK^ bom 21 April, 1868; married, 14 November, 1902, Mary 


1628. Mary Paul Cook^ bom 16 Febmary, 1872; married, in October, 18^ Dr. 

Edmund Harris Kase. 

833. RICHARD YERKES COOK« (Mary Paul', Titus*, Titus*, Her- 
man*, Anthony^), third son and child of Joel Cook by his wife Mary Paul 
Ycrkes, was bom at Philadelphia, 25 February, 1845; married, 10 March, 
1868, Lavinia Borden, a lineal descendant of Richard Borden, of Portsmouth, 
Rhode Island, the first of the surname of Borden in America. 

Mr. Cook was graduated from the Central High School in 1862, and 
almost immediately began a mercantile career, associating himself with an 
elder brother in the importing business in Philadelphia. The development of 
Uiis business, which assumed large proportions, occupied his attention until 
1887. He then became interested in the management of financial institutions, 
and in 1887 was elected president of the Pennsylvania Warehousing and Safe 



Dq)osit Company. The business of this company grew so rapidly that its 
stock advanced from five dollars to one hundred and twenty dollars per share. 
In 1890, having then been for a short time a member of the board of directors 
of the Guarantee Trust and Safe Deposit Company, he was elected to the 
position of president of that institution. He resigned the presidency of the 
Pennsylvania Warehousing and Safe Deposit Company, his friend, kinsman, 
and business associate, George H. Earle, Jun*", taking that position, and Mr. 
Cook filling the position of vice-president. He is still president of the Ciuaran- 
tee Trust and Safe Deposit Company, and also (1903) fills the positions of 
chairman of the finance committees of the Market Street National Bank, the 
Tradesmen's National Bank, and the Finance Company of Pennsylvania ; vice- 
president of the Pennsylvania Warehousing and Safe Deposit Company, and 
secretary of the Board of Trustees of the George W. South Memorial Church 
of the Advocate. 

In 1885, as chairman of the building committee of the board of trustees 
of said church, and also as the secretary and treasurer of the board, Mr. Cook 
largely contributed to the successful prosecution of the work embraced in the 
erection of the noble group of buildings which stands at the northwest comer 
of Eighteenth and Diamond Streets. The expenditures in connection with 
this work amounted to about one million dollars, which money was furnished 
by the widow and the only daughter of the late George W. South, whose 
executor Mr. Cook had been. Competent judges pronounce these buildings the 
finest specimens of Gothic architecture in North America. They will compare 
favorably with similar buildings anywhere. 

Child of Richard Yerkes® and Lavinia (Borden) Cook: 

1629. GusTAvus Wynne Cooke', born 12 December, 1868; married, in June, 1896^ 
Nancy Munford Bright. He is the manager of the South Chester Tube- 
Works, and a director of the Pennsylvania Warehousing and Safe Deposit 
Company and of the Guarantee Trust and Safe Deposit Company. 




ert", Anthony*, Anthony", Herman', Anthony' ) , second 
daughter and child of John Yerkes by his wife Diana 
Krewson, was born in Southampton Township, Bucks County, 
I September, 1827; married, at Philadelphia, 25 August, 
1852, Christian W. Shuman, born in Lancaster County, 13 
February, 1829; died at Doylestown, i September, 1893; 
son of Jacob and Margaret Shuman. 

Children of Christian W. and Louisa Krewson^ (Yerkes) 
Shuman : 
1630. EuCENE S. Shuman*, born 18 July, 1854; married, 17 No- 
vember, 1883, Kale Penrose. 
i6ji, Anna Yerkes Sruuan*, bom 31 October, 1856; died it Maj, 

1632. Charles Fkedebick Shuman", bom 4 September, 1859; ni»r- 

ried Mary Pope. 

1633. GEOkGE McDowell Sbuuak', bora 37 Januarj, 1861; mar* 

ried Mary Bloomficld. 

1634. John Yeikks Shuman*, bora ag April, 1866; married Laura 

841. THOMAS YERKES^ (John", Robert", Anthony*. 
Anthony", Herman*, Anthony' ), eldest son and third child of 

« ■ 




John Yerkes by his wife Diana Krewson, was bom at Johnsville, Bucks 
County, II Sq)tember, 1829; died at Ogontz, 18 July, 1861; married, 6 
November, 1853, Tacy A. Duffield, born at Tacony, Philadelphia, 24 August, 
1833; daughter of Jesse Duffield by his wife Sarah Toy. Mr. Yerkes was a 
carpenter, and a member of the Baptist Church, his wife being an Episcopalian. 

Children of Thomas^ and Tacy A. (Dtiffield) Yerkes: 

1635. Eicn^Y Yekkes', bom 11 September, 1854; died 6 August, 1855. 

1636. Ella Jane Yerkes', bom 16 May, 1856; married, 9 March, 1896^ Elwood 


1637. Edward Davis Yerkes', bora 26 September, 1858; died at Ogontz, 10 February, 

1893 ; married, 28 July, 1880, Susan Kieraan. 

1638. Clara Yerkes', bora 13 March, 1861; died at Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, 6 

August, 1900; married William C. Woodington. 

842. LYDIA ANN YERKES^ (John«, Robert^, Anthony*, Anthony*, 
Herman*, Anthony*), third daughter and fourth child of John Yerkes by 
his wife Diana Krewson, was bom in Warminster Township, Bucks County, 
13 March, 1833; married, 23 March, 1854, Morris Headley, bom in Middle- 
town Township, same county, 7 March, 1828; son of Joshua Headley by his 
wife Rebecca Kitchen Pownall. Mr. Headley resides at Holland, Bucks 
County. He is a farmer, and he and his wife are members of the Society of 

Children of Morris and Lydia Ann^ (Yerkes) Headley: 

i6jg. John Yekkes Hkabley*, born 4 November, 1854; married, 4 March, 1880^ Tade 
A. Barnes. 

1640. Anna Rxbbcca Headley*, bom 22 February, 1856; married, 25 June, 1896, 

Frederick Johnson. 

1641. William Headley*, bom 18 February, 1857; married, 4 March, 1880; Edith 

M. Long. 

1642. Emma H. Headley*, bora 27 December, 1859; married, 24 December, 1879^ 

David S. Krier. 

1643. Mary J. Headley*, bora 31 October, 1863. 

1644. Joshua Headley*, bora 8 December, 1865; married, 27 March, 1902, Lottie V. 


1645. Lizzie E. Headley*, bora 27 November, 1867; married, 12 November, 1885, 

George T. White. 

1646. Louisa S. Headley*, bora 6 January, 1868; married, 15 February, 1894, John W. 


1647. Frank Headley*, bora i June, 1870. 

1648. Sadie Headley*, bora 22 June, 1874 ; died 22 February, 1878. 

844. COLONEL KREWSON YERKES^ (John«, Robert", Anthony*, 
Anthony*, Herman*, Anthony^), third son and sixth child of John Yerkes 
by his wife Diana Krewson, was bom at Southampton, Bucks 0>unty, 19 
July, 1837; married, at Philadelphia, 20 March, 1864, Lydia S. Leighton, 




born at Howellville, Chester County, 13 April, 1838; daughter of David 
Leighton by his wife Lydia Evans. 

Colonel Yerkes was educated in the public schools, and learned the trade 
of a carpenter. In i860 he went to Centreville, Indiana, and later in the same 
year to Cincinnati, Ohio, where he engaged in his trade until the outbreak of 
the Civil War. He was one of the first to respond to the call of his country 
in that struggle, in which he served with gallantry from the beginning until 
its close. On 20 April, 1 861, he entered the army as second sergeant of Com- 
pany D, Fifth Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and was mustered out with 
his regiment, 18 June, same year, on which day he re-enlisted to serve three 
years in Company D, Fifth Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and was appointed first 
sergeant of his company. On 11 March, 1862, he was commissioned second 
lieutenant, and on 17 September, same year, he received a gunshot wound 
through the right side, at the battle of Antietam. He was promoted first 
lieutenant, 3 October, same year, and assigned to Company E, sam^ rtgiment, 
and, 24 May, 1863, was promoted captain. On 20 July, 1864, he was 
wounded in action at Peach-Tree Creek, in front of Atlanta, Georgia, just 
before that city was taken by General Sherman, receiving a gunshot wound 
in the right arm. On 26 February, 1865, he was promoted major, receiving 
his commission as such while on the march of Sherman's army from Savannah, 
Georgia, to Goldsborough, North Carolina. On 20 July, same year, he was 
commissioned lieutenant-colonel, and was mustered out with his regiment six 
days later, having been in service four years and four months. After quitting 
the army. Colonel Yerkes returned to Philadelphia, where he has since engaged 
in business as a carpenter and builder. He is a member of the Pennsylvania 
Commandery of the Loyal Legion; E. D. Baker Post, G. A. R.; and St 
Paul's Lodge, No. 481, F. and A. M. He and his wife are Baptists. 

Children of Colonel Krewson^ and Lydia S. (Leighton) Yerkes; bom at 

Philadelphia : 

1649. Wasren R. Yerkes', born 20 August, 1865; married, 23 October, 1889^ Sue 

Bagley, bom at Philadelphia, 15 July, 1869; daughter of John Baglej by his 
wife Sue Fetters. 

1650. Anna E. Yerkes*. bom 21 November, 1868; died 26 February, 187a 

860. GEORGE SWOPE YERKES^ (Joseph*, Robert*, Anthony*, 
Anthony*, Herman*, Anthony^), eldest child of Joseph Yerkes by his wife 
Mary Ann NeflF, was bom at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 20 February, 1839; 
married, 6 December, 1865, Rachel Ann Wilmerton, bom at Beverly, New 
Jersey, 17 November, 1841; daughter of Richard Fennimore Wilmerton by 
his wife Elizabeth Heisler. Mr. Yerkes served in the Union Army during 






the Civil War. He enlisted, 7 August, 1862, in Company H, Fifteenth Penn- 
sylvania Cavalry (One Hundred and Sixtieth Regiment Pennsylvania Volun- 
teers) ; was made corporal, i March, 1863; sergeant, 11 April, 1863; first 
sergeant, 25 August, 1863; and second lieutenant, 29 May, 1865. Five weeks 
after his enlistment he was in action at the battle of Antietam. His next 
engagements were at Stone River and Murfreesboro, Tennessee. He was 
with his command at Chickamauga and Missionary Ridge, and throughout 
the campaign for the capture of Atlanta, Georgia, which began 6 May, 1864, 
and ended with the capture of the city, 31 August, same year, during which 
time he was in action in seven engagements. He participated in the capture 
of Hood's pontoon train, 31 December, 1864, and of his wagon-train, the fol- 
lowing day. He was in several engagements in January, 1865, one of which 
was Mount Hope, in which General Lyon and command were captured. In 
March and April he participated in numerous engagements ; in the destruction 
of the bridge and depot at Deep River; the pursuit of Jefferson Davis, and 
capture of a part of his train and a large amount of money belonging to 
Macon banks. Since the war Mr. Yerkes has been actively engaged in the 
lumber business, and is now a wholesale lumber merchant He resides at 
Camden, New Jersey. 

Children of George Swope^ and Rachel Ann (Wilmerton) Yerkes; the two 

eldest bom at Philadelphia, and the others at Conshohocken, 
Pennsylvania : 

1651. RiCHASD WiLiCEKTON Yerkes', boiTi I October, 1866; died 18 June, 1887. 
1653. JosIP^ RoBEKT Yerkes', bom 4 January, and died 22 March, 1868. 

1653. Elxzabbth Yerkes', bom 24, and died 26 June, i86g. 

1654. Anna May Yerkes', bora 29 May, and died 9 November, 1871. 

1655. Laura Yerkes', bora 10 October, 1873 ; married, 13 September, 1899, Guy Bryant 

Gaskill, bora at Pemberton, New Jersey, 24 October, i860; son of Abraham 

Gaskill by his wife Georgiana Eckert Issue, bora at Camden, New Jersey: 

( 1656) Albert Guy Gaskill', born 16 June, 1900. ( 1657) Bryant Earling 

Gaskill*, bora 15 March, and died 30 June, 1902. (1658) Elmer Yerkes Gas- 

1659. Mary Viola Yerkes', bora 20 July, 1877. 

1660. George Stiles Yerkes', bora 20 November, 1878; married, 8 December, 1900^ 

Hannah Roberts Lowden, born at Moorestown, New Jersey, 2 September, 
1879; died at Camden, New Jersey, 10 October, 1903; daughter of David 
Francis Lowden by his wife Hannah Mitchell Roberts. Issue, bora at 
Camden: (1661) George FkANas Yerkes', bora 26 November, 1901. 
1662. Albert Yerkes', bom 12 November, 1882. 

896. EDWARD EYRE YERKES^ (AdoIphus«, Jacob', Anthony*, 
Anthony*, Herman*, Anthony^), eldest son and second child of Adolphus 
Yerkes by his wife Harriet Remsen, was bom at Bustleton, Philadelphia, 




II November, 1834; died at Chicago, Illinois, in January, 1899; married 
Louisa Gill, who died at Philadelphia, 5 December, 1900. 

Children of Edward Eyre^ and Louisa (Gill) Yerkes: 

1663. Mary H. Yerkes', born 2 April, 1856; died in May, 1903; married Harry B. 


1664. Edward Franklin Yerkes', bom 19 September, 1857. 

1665. HiNRT Adolphus Yerkes', bom 19 April, 1861; married, 21 August, 1895, 

Hannah T. Ferris. Issue: (1666) Marie Louise Yerkes', bom 20 July, 

897. ALFRED YERKES^ (Adolphus*, Jacob', Anthony*, Anthony*, 
Herman*, Anthony^), second son and third child of Adolphus Yerkes by his 
wife Harriet Remsen, was bom 11 September, 1836; died at Phoenixville, 
Pennsylvania, 29 August, 1903; married Mary A. North. He was a hard- 
ware merchant at Philadelphia for several years, being the junior partner in 
the firm of Stoddart, Jones & Yerkes. He later removed to Phoenixville, and 
engaged there in the hardware business. 

Children of Alfred^ and Mary A. (North) Yerkes: 

1667. Josephine N. Yerkes', bora 27 December, 1861 ; died 23 March, 1865. 

1668. WnxiAM A. Yerkes', bom 3 January, and died 10 September, 1864. 

1669. Mart Yerkes', bom in January, 1865. 

1670. Ella M. Yerkes', bom 2 October, 1868. 

1671. Alfred R. Yerkes', bom 19 June, 1873; died 10 June, 189a 

902. AUGUSTUS ADOLPHUS YERKES^ (Adolphus*, Jacob*, An- 
thony*, Anthony*, Herman*, Anthony^), third son and youngest child of 
Adolphus Yerkes by his wife Harriet Remsen, was bom at Bustleton, Phila- 
delphia, 2 April, 1849; niarried (i) Elizabeth S. Saunders, who is deceased, 
and by whom he had two daughters, both of whom are deceased, and names 
unknown. He married (2) Ella Ehret. 

Children by his second marriage: 

1672. Leonard A. Yerkes', bom 11 September, i88a 

1673. Gladys Ellen Yerkes', bom 24 December, 1889; died 23 January, 1892. 

918. CHARLES MARION YERKES^ (Jacob*, Jonathan*, Anthony*, 
Anthony*, Herman*, Anthony*), second son and third child of Jacob Yerkes 
by his wife Sarah Olivia Roberts, was bom at Canandaigua, New York, 15 
July, 1859; married, 2 April, 1890, Olive Elizabeth Powell, bom at Canan- 
daigua, 7 January, 1859; daughter of Augustus Norton Powell by his wife 
Ellen Roberts. Mr. Yerkes is a farmer, and resides at Canandaigua. He and 
his wife are Baptists. 



Children of Charles Marion^ and Olive Elizabeth (Powell) Yerkes; bom at 


1674. Arthur Marion Yerkes', born 8 August, 1891. 

1675. Milton Albert Yerkes', born 15 March, 1893. 

919. WILLIAM ANTHONY YERKES^ (Jacob*, Jonathan*, An- 
thony*, Anthony*, Herman*, Anthony^ ),'^third son and fourth child of Jacob 
Yerkes by his wife Sarah Olivia Roberts, was bom at Canandaigua, New 
York, 28 February, 1862; married, 26 August, 1897, Loie Lovicia Lincoln, 
bom at Canandaigua, 6 December, 1869; daughter of Ira Wood Lincoln by 
his wife Qementine Warfield. He resides with his family at Canandaigua, 
and his wife and he are Baptists. 

Children of William Anthony^ and Loie Lovicia (Lincoln) Yerkes; bom at 

Canandaigua : 

1676. FkANQS La Yerkes', bom 16 July, 1898. 

1677. Ray Anthony Yerkes', bom 28 March, 190a 

920. GEORGE ABNER YERKES^ (Jacob*, Jonathan*, Anthony^, 
Anthony*, Herman*, Anthony^), fourth son and fifth child of Jacob Yerkes 
by his wife Sarah Olivia Roberts, was bom at Canandaigua, New York, 13 
May, 1864; married Minnie Griffin, bom at Lyons, New York, 12 May, 1870; 
daughter of John Griffin by his wife Marie Rosfow. Mr. Yerkes resides at 
Rochester, New York, where his three youngest children were bom, the eldest 
being bom at Canandaigua. He is a Presb3rterian. 

Children of George Abner^ and Minnie (Griffin) Yerkes: 

1678. Edward Roy Yerkes*, bom 12 December, 1886. 
i^. Cora Emma Yerkes', bom 21 January, 1888. 
16B0. John Seymour Yerkes', bom 20 June, 1889. 

1681. George Henry Yerkes', bom 11 November, 1890. 

921. FREDERICK ALBERT YERKES^ (Jacob*, Jonathan*, An- 
thony*, Anthony*, Herman*, Anthony^), fifth son and sixth child of Jacob 
Yerkes by his wife Sarah Olivia Roberts, was bom at Canandaigua, New 
York, 22 March, 1866; married, 8 May, 1900, Ida Madora Stiggins, bom 
at Walworth, New York, 23 December, 1871 ; daughter of John Henry Stig- 
gins by his wife Hannah Mary Chandler. Mr. Yerkes is a farmer, and 
resides on the homestead of his father. 

Child of Frederick Albert^ and Ida Madora (Stiggins) Yerkes; bom at 

Canandaigua : 

1682. Albert Henry Yerkes*, bom 7 January, 1901. 



922. EDWARD MILTON YERKES^ (Jacob*, Jonathan', Anthony*, 
Anthony*, Herman*, Anthony*), sixth son and seventh child of Jacob Yerkcs 
by his wife Sarah Olivia Roberts, was born at Canandaigua, New York, 11 
December, 1868; married, 16 November, 1893, Rose Lillie McGuire, bom in 
Ireland, 16 September, 1869; daughter of Thomas McGuire by his wife 
Bridget Donahue. Mr. Yerkes resides at Chicago. He is an electrician, and 
in religious persuasion a Baptist. 

Children of Edward Milton*^ and Rose Lillie (McGuire) Yerkes; bom at 


1683. Ethel Yerkes', born 16 June, 1894. 

1684. Eva Grace Yerkes', bom 10 January, 1896. 

1685. Arthur Frederick Yerkes', born 31 March, 1898. 

933. MARY ELIZA YERKES^ (Charles Reeves*, Jonathan*, An- 
thony*, Anthony*, Herman*, Anthony*), third daughter and fourth child of 
Charles Reeves Yerkes by his wife Margaret Young, was bom at Gaines, 
Michigan, 13 February, 1854; married, 25 September, 1873, Miles Emory 
Wilkinson, born at Clinton, Michigan, 28 April, 1853; daughter of George W. 
Wilkinson by his wife Miranda Richardson. Mr. Wilkinson is a farmer, and 
resides at Vernon, Michigan. His wife is a Baptist. 

Children of Miles Emory and Mary Eliza^ (Yerkes) Wilkinson; bom at 

Vernon : 

1686. Jennie May Wilkinson', bom September, 1874; married, 8 June, 1892, Edgar 

A.jJohejXpf Vernon. ^ J.»r » «-r ;.•••'• ' F>if-!^ 
;sEuM7uRT WiLKiNsoir, bom 27 April, 1877; i 

1687. RussEuM^URT Wilkinson*, bom 27 April, 1877; married Cora £. Gavit 

1688. Maud Rose Wilkinson', born 29 October, 1888. 

1689. Guy S. Wilkinson', bom 20 February, 1889; died 20 January, 1890. 

1690. Flora Mae Wilkinson', bom 13 July, 1893. 

934. LAURA JANE YERKES^ (Charles Reeves', Jonathan*, An- 
thony*, Anthony*, Herman*, Anthony^), fourth daughter and fifth child of 
Charles Reeves Yerkes by his wife Margaret Young, was bom at Gaines, 
Michigan, 25 April, 1856; married, 12 January, 1875, Jerome Bert Perry, 
bom at Vernon, Michigan, 25 August, 1853; son of Oscar F. Perry by his 
wife Mahala Smith. Mr. Perry is a farmer, and resides at Durand, Michigan. 

Children of Jerome Bert and Laura Jane^ (Yerkes) Perry; bom at Vernon: 

1691. Clakkncb Ray Pkrry*, bora 5 November, 1877. 

169a. FUD Oscar Perry*, bora 12 October, 1879; married, a3 March, 1898, Minnie May 

1693. Edith Lylk Perry*, bom 11 May, 1883; died 11 Jtme, 1886. 

1694. Ella Bessib Perry*, bora 24 March, 1889. 

1695. Blanch Vera Perry*, bora 8 February, 1891. 
i(^. Ln> Irwin Perry*, bora 4 April, 1898. 



935, CHARLES EDWIN YERKES^ (Charles Reeves«, Jonathan', 
Anthony*, Anthony*, Herman*, Anthony*), second son and sixth child of 
Charles Reeves Yerkes by his wife Margaret Young, was bom at Gaines, 
Michigan, 31 May, i860; married, 23 May, 1884, Minnie Laura Hill, bom 
in Huron County, Michigan, 27 March, 18 — ; daughter of Royal Hill by his 
wife Mary Ann Schagel. He resides at Kalispdl, Montana, where he is 
engaged as an engineer, and where his youngest child was bom, the others 
being bom in Michigan. 

Children of Charles Edwin^ and Minnie Laura (Hill) Yerkes: 

1697. FkANK Yesxss*, born 2 September, 1886. 

1698. William Yerkes', bom 5 January, 1888. 
16991 Chables Yerkes', bom 12 May, 1891. 

1700. Nora Yerkes*, bom 50 August, 1894. 

1701. Esther Yerkes', bom 10 Novembo-, 1896. 

1702. Fannie Yerkes', bora 8 September, i8s^ 

1703. Ella Yerkes'. 

936. WILLIAM J. YERKES^ (Charles Reeves*, Jonathan*, Anthony*, 

Anthony*, Herman*, Anthony^ ) , third son and seventh child of Charles Reeves 

Yerkes by his wife Margaret Young, was bom at Gaines, Michigan, 7 Decern* 

bcr, 1862; married (i), 25 December, 1895, Emipa J. Perry, bom at Gaines, 

29 December, 1870; died at Vernon, Michigan, in Jtme, 1899; daughter of 

Scth B. Perry by his wife Marian A. Young. (2), i January, 1902, Sarah 

Wiggins, bom at Holland, Michigan, 4 April, 1874; daughter of John 

Wiggins by his wife M. C. Bottume He is an engineer, and resides at Vemon, 

Michigan, where his children were born^"-«>. c l a 1 11 '^ ^ , ^ 
^ ^orah A/^e /era- ^arft^^nc 

Child by first wife: f/^/;^ ^J, f-h.c h 

1704. Marian A. Yirkis*. 

Child by second wife: 

1705. Lola Bell Yerkes', born 16 November, 1902. 

960. WILLIAM HENRY YERKES^ (David Anthony*, Anthony*, 
David*, Anthony*, Herman*, Anthony^), eldest child of David Anthony 
Yerkes, by his wife Elizabeth Hobbs, was bom at Baltimore, Maryland, 20 
February, 1843; ^^^ there, 9 December, 1883; married Eliza Booth. 

Children of William Henry^ and Eliza (Booth) Yerkes; bom at Baltimore: 

1706. Eliza Wilmertdn Yerkes*, married Charles Pead. 

1707. Selena Yerkes*, married Samuel Rolanson. 

1708. Grace Yerkes*. 

1709. William H. Yerkes*. 

1710. Ella Yerkes*, deceased. 


• t 


997. ELIZABETH FOWLER YERKES^ (John«, Abraham', John*, 
John', Herman^, Anthony^), eldest child of John Yerkes by his wife Jane 
Fowler, was born at Spring Mill, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, 2 Jan- 
uary, 1827; died 15 May, 1887; married (i) Benjamin Wood, son of Thomas 
Wood; (2) William Shallcross. 

Children by first husband : 

171 1. John Yerkes Wood", born 28 June, 1848; married Louisa HoflFman. 

1712. Richard Matlack Wood*, bom 15 September, 1850; married Catharine Moore, 

who has since deceased. 

1713. Amelia Jacobs Wood*, born i December, 1854 ; married, 29 July, 1899, Ccrvantcz 

Smith, of Philadelphia. 

Child by second husband : 

1714. Harvey Quicksall Shallcross*, bom 5 May, 1864. 

1003. JONES YERKES*^ (Jones', Abraham', JohnS John^, Herman*, 
Anthony*), only son and second child of Jones Yerkes by his wife Jane 
Comfort, was born at Honey Valley, near Spring Mill, Montgomery County, 
28 August, 1830; married, 15 October, 1856, Letitia Thomas Jarrett, bom 
at Horsham, Pennsylvania, 13 January, 1832; died at Moorestown, New 
Jersey, 7 August, 1892; daughter of Charles Jarrett by his wife Hannah 
Maulsby. Mr. Yerkes was educated at the Westtown Boarding School, 
Chester County, and upon leaving school he became a clerk in a store at West 
Chester. In 1850 he went to Philadelphia, where he took a clerkship in the 
house of Jenkins & Co., tea merchants, and ten years later he became the 
junior partner of the house of Charles E. Hill & Co., tea importers, and 
inspected all tea purchased by that firm. His knowledge of the quality of 
teas was so great that his partners desirecf to establish a purchasing house in 
China, and to send Mr. Yerkes there to conduct its business. They offered 
to deposit one hundred thousand dollars with a London banking firm for the 
use of the house in China, but Mr. Yerkes declined the proposition, thinking 
that he was too young a man to assume so great a responsibility, and because 
he was unwilling to go and reside in a land that seemed to him uncivilized. 
The business of his firm was later removed to New York, and Mr. Yerkes 
withdrew as a partner, and became engaged in the canning of fruits and 
vegetables at Moorestown, New Jersey, where he conducted that business for 
the house of H. K. Thurber & Co., of New York. He retired from that busi- 
ness in 1892, and has resided since that time at Moorestown. 

Children of Jones^ and Letitia Thomas (Jarrett) Yerkes : 

1715. Chablis Jasutt YntKXs', bom 7 August, 1857; died 3 January, 1883; was 

graduated at the Law Department of the University of Pennsylvania in 1879^ 
and was admitted to the Philadelphia bar. 
«3 177 


1716. Hannah Jarkett Yerkes', born 22 February, 1862; married, in 1885, Edward 
Forsythe, bom at Chadds Ford, Chester County, in 1856; son of John For- 
sythe by his wife Mary P. Smith. Issue: (1717) Grace LxrmA FouYTHRf, 
born 24 August, 1892. (1718) F. Hamiltdn Garland Forsythi!, bom 31 
July, 1896. 

1719. Jane Lippincott Yerkes', bom 16 June, 1868. 

1720. Samuel Jarrett Yerkes', bom 12 June, 1872; died 6 December, 1892. 

loio. ELIZABETH YERKES^ (Joseph Weavci^, Harman», John*, 
John*, Herman^, Anthony^), ddest child of Joseph Weaver Yerkes by his 
first wife, Hannah Davis, was bom in Pl)rmouth Township, Montgomery 
Gninty, 20 October, 1831; married, 19 December, 1859, John Haldeman 
Cooper, bom at Columbia, Pennsylvania, 24 Febraary, 1828; died 9 May, 
1897; son of John Cooper, of Colimibia, by his wife Mary Ann Peart. Mr. 
Cooper was a mechanical engineer. Mrs. Cooper is a Friend. 

Children of John Haldeman and Elizabeth^ (Yerkes) Cooper; bom at Phila- 
delphia : 

1721. Hnry Yerkes Cooper', bom 19 July, 1861 ; died 7 July, 1877. 

1722. Allan Wood Cooper*, bom 23 November, 1864; died 2 January, 1867. 

ion. HETTIE YERKES^ (Joseph Weaver*, Harman», John*, John*, 
Herman*, Anthony^), second child and daughter of Joseph Weaver Yerkes 
by his first wife, Hannah Davis, was bom in Plymouth Township, Mont- 
gomery Coimty, 3 December, 1833; married, 3 May, 1853, Caleb R. Hallowell, 
bom 9 July, 1830; son of William and Jane Hallowell. Mr. Hallowell is a 
farmer, and resides at Norristown. He and his wife are members of the 
.Society of Friends. 

Children of Caldb R. and Hettie^ (Yerkes) Hallowell: 

1723. EuGENB Yekkes Hallowzll*, bom 18 June, 1856; married, 26 July, 1887, Jose- 

phene £. Marlin, by whom he has issue. 

1724. Lausa Hallowell*, bom 15 September, 1859; married, 25 April, 1883, John C 

Martin, by whom she has issue. 

1725. Anna Yerkes Hallowell', bom 14 November, 1861. 

1726. Lizzie Cooper Hallowell*, bom 23 January, 1863; married, 4 June, 1890, Joseph 

Taggert, by whom she has issue. 

IOI2. ANNA HARRY YERKES^ (Joseph Weaver*, Hannan», John*, 
John', Herman*, Anthony^), eldest child of Joseph Weaver Yerkes by his 
second wife, Mary F. Harry, was bom in Plymouth Township, Montgomery 
Gnrnty, 17 May, 1839; married, 29 April, 1858, William Wilson, of Consho- 



Children of William and Anna Harry^ (Yerkes) Wilson: 

1727. Laura H. Wilson', bom 15 September, 1859; married, 29 January, 1884, George 

Washington Wood, of Conshocken, by whom she has issue. 

1728. Mary W. Wilson*, bom 17 July, 1865; married, i January, 1887, Dr. George 

W. Highly, of Conshohockcn, by whom she has issue. 

1729. Carrie L. Wilson', born 20 December, 1868; died 28 January, 1872. 

1015. EVAN MARPLE YERKES^ (Joseph Weaver«, Harman', John*, 
John', Herman^, Anthony^), eldest child of Joseph Weaver Yerkes by his 
third wife, Elizabeth Marple, was born in Plymouth Township, Montgomery 
County, 10 September, 1844; married (i), 4 January, 1866; Lizzie Carlin 
Von Neida, bom at Philadelphia, 10 October, 1846; died there^ 24 May, 1877; 
daughter of George Von Neida; (2), 25 July, 1890, Mary Laubach, bom in 
Warren County, New Jersey, 9 June, 1851; daughter of Isaac Laubach by 
his wife Susanna Keifer. Mr. Yerkes resides at Philadelphia, and is a sales- 

Children of Evan Marple^ and Lizzie Carlin (Von Neida) Yerkes; bom at 

Philadelphia : 

1730. Florence May Yerkes', bom 23 March, 1867; married George Williams. 

1 73 1. George Von Neioa Yerkes', bom 30 September, 1869. He is married, but has 

failed to furnish his family record to the writer. 

1732. Samuel Yerkes", bom 12 February, 1872; died 15 May, 1874. 

1733. LiLLiE Yerkes', born 29 March, 1875 ; died 2 May, 1901. 

1016. HIRAM YERKES^ (Joseph Weaver^, Harman', John*, John*, 
Herman*, Anthony^ ) , second son and child of Joseph Weaver Yerkes by his 
third wife, Elizabeth Marple, was bom in Plymouth Township, Montgomery 
County, 5 September, 1846; married, 25 December, 1867, Kate Miles Rodgers, 
bom 7 December, 1848 ; daughter of Robert Rodgers by his wife Maria Cham- 
bers. Mr. Yerkes resides at Philadelphia, and is engaged in the upholstering 

Children of Hiram*^ and Kate Miles (Rodgers) Yerkes; bom at Philadelphia: 

1734. Maud Esung Yerkes', bom 12 December, 1868. 

1735- Walter Yerkes', born 24 September, 1870; married, 11 December, 1893, Caroline 
Benz, bom at Philadelphia, 29 September, 1875 ; daughter of Charles Benz by 
his wife Elizabeth Zimmer. Issue: (1736) Walter Hiram Yerkes', bom 16 
November, 1894. (1737) John Graham Yerkes*, bom 4 January, 1896. 

1738. Enoch Marple Yerkes*, bora i July, 1872. 

1020. JAMES CRESSON YERKES^ (Nathaniel Weavei^, Harman', 
John*, John*, Herman*, Anthon3r^ ) , eldest child of Nathaniel Weaver Yerkes 
by his wife Sarah Jones Leedom, was bom in Plymouth Township, Mont- 
gomery County, 18 June, 1854; married, 14 June, 1877, Hannah Hallowell, 



bom at Conshohocken, 6 March, 1853; daughter of William Hallowell by his 
wife Matilda Preston. Mr. Yerkes resides at Reading, Pennsylvania. 

Children of James Cresson^ and Hannah (Hallowell) Yerkes: 

I7jg. Clarence Yerkes', born 23 February, and died 4 March, 1878. 

1740. CXiFFORD Hallowell Yerkes', bom 20 June, 1880. 

1741. Anna Leedom Yerkes', bom 31 May, 1882. 

1742. Helen Hay Yerkes', bom 8 December, 1884. 

1743. WnxiAM Sharpless Yerkes', bom 21 July, 1887. 

1744. Charles Weaver Yerkes', bom 5 September, 189a 

1025. DEBORAH ANN YERKES^ (John«, William', John*, John», 
Herman*, Anthony*), eldest child of John Yerkes by his wife Catharine Dull, 
was bom in New Garden Township, Chester County, 25 April, 1831; mar- 
ried, 18 September, 1853, Samuel Pennock, bom in Kennett Township, same 
county, 8 February, 181 6; son of Moses Pennock by his wife Mary Lam- 
bom, and a descendant of Christopher Pennock, one of the early settlers of 
Chester County. Mr. and Mrs. Pennock reside at Kennett Square, where 
their children were bom. 

Children of Samuel and Deborah Ann^ (Yerkes) Pennock: 

1745. Frederick Moses Pennock', born 5 July, 1855; married, 25 December, 1880, 

Cora Webster, by whom he has issue. 

1746. Charles John Pennock', bom 18 November, 1858; married (i), 31 March, 

1882, Eleanor M. Phillips, who died at Thomasville, Georgia, 26 January, 
1889; (2), 10 June, 1891, Mary M. Scarlett. Has issue by both marriages. 

1747. Theodore Pennock*, bom 3 March, i860; married, 16 October, 1883, M. Louise 

Sharp, by whom he has issue. 

1026. MAJOR JOHN DULL YERKES^ (John«, William', JohnS 
John*, Herman*, Anthony^), eldest son and second child of John Yerkes by 
his first wife, Catharine Dull, was born in New Garden Township, Chester 
County, 28 October, 1833; died at Philadelphia, 16 March, 1895. Major 
Yerkes spent his early life on his father's farm, where he was residing, with 
his young wife and infant child, when the firing on Fort Sumter inaugurated 
the conflict of the Civil War. The patriotic ardor of young Yerkes was so 
stirred by the firing upon the flag of his country that when the first call to 
arms was made he was prepared to engage in the struggle. A company of 
riflemen was recruited in Chester County, and John Dull Yerkes enlisted in the 
same, becoming the orderly or first sergeant. This command shortly after- 
wards formed Company H of the Forty-second Regiment, Pennsylvania Vol- 
unteers, under Colonel Thomas Leiper Kane, one of the famous Bucktail 
regiments. Yerkes was made captain of the company, and continued in com- 
mand until mustered out of service with his regiment, 11 July, 1864. He 



participated in many battles during his more than three years of active service, 
and was wounded in action, 2 July, 1863, in the great conflict at Gettysburg. 
On 13 May, 1865, in recognition of his distinguished service during the war, 
he was brevet ted major in the United States army. 

Major Yerkes married, 15 October, 1857, Elizabeth Walter, bom in 
Kennett Square, Chester County, 2 June, 1838; daughter of James Walter 
by his wife Rebecca Taylor. 

Children of Major John DulF and Elizabeth (Walter) Yerkes; bom at Ken- 
nett Square: 

1748. Mary Yerkes*, born 30 July, 1859. 

1749. James Walter Yerkes", born 7 September, 1861 ; married, 2 July, 1891, Mrs. 

Annie Ester Shubert, born at Welsh Run, Pennsylvania, 16 July, 1853; 
daughter of James Gorman by his wife Susanna Feltberger. Mr. Yerkes 
resides at Philadelphia, and is a member of the firm of J. Walter Yerkes & 
Co., house, sign, and fresco painters. 

1750. Catharine R. Yerkes*, born 10 November, 1865. 

1751. Richard W. Yerkes*, born 23 June, 1868; married, 29 April, 1896, Philena L. 

Salter, born at Philadelphia, 10 September, 1870; daughter of Heliacal A. 
Salter by his wife Philena Kinsey. He resides at Philadelphia. 

1752. Sarah Taylor Yerkes*, born 22 September, 1870; married, 5 December, 1894, 

Howard Rankin Yearsley, born at Coatesville, Pennsylvania, 27 June, 1869; 
son of Isaac Yearsley, Sen"", by his wife Ann Elizabeth Rankin. Mr. Yearsley 
is a stenographer, and resides at Logan, Philadelphia. Issue: (i753) EuzA- 
beth Rankin Yearsley*, born 5 October, 1897. (1754) James Waltik 
Yearsley*, born 5 August, 1900. 

1755. Ella M. Yerkes*, born 26 September, 1873. 

1048. FRANKLIN YERKES^ (Jacob Streper«, William', John*, 
John', Herman^, Anthony*), eldest son and second child of Jacob Strepcr 
Yerkes by his wife Ann S. Shoemaker, was born at Franklin, Warren County, 
Ohio, 19 December, 1835; married, 30 January, 1872, Mary Francenia Gxh- 
ran, born at Chambersburg, Indiana, 3 August, 1851; daughter of William 
Logan Douglas Cochran by his wife Sarah Jane Walker. Mr. Yerkes resides 
at Veedersburg, Indiana, where he is in business as a dealer and shipper of 

Children of Franklin^ and Mary Francenia (Cochran) Yerkes: 

1756. Logan Yerkes', bom 24 March, 1873. 

1757. Owen Yerkes', bom 17 October, 1874. 

1049. HIRAM YERKES^ (Jacob Streper«, William*, John*, John*, 
Herman*, Anthony^ ) , second son and third child of Jacob Strepcr Yerkes by 
his wife Ann S. Shoemaker, was bom at Franklin, Ohio, 7 May, 1839; 
married (i), 21 September, 1865, Hester Emeline Prevo, bom Octob«-, 
1838; died at Fairmount, Illinois, 6 September, 1877; daughter of Marcus 




Prcvo by his wife Sarah Beers. He married (2), 10 January, 1878, Mary 
Olive Noble, bom at Princeton, Indiana, 6 February, i860; daughter of 
James Henry Noble. Mr. Yerkes is a fanner, and resides at Fairmount, 
Illinois, where his children were bom. He is a Methodist. 

Children by first wife: 

1758. Spencer Grant Yerkes', born 8 August, 1866. 

1759. AucE Maud Yerkes', born 50 March, 1868 ; married Charles Milton Price. 

1760. Ella May Yerkes', bom 20 October, 1869 ; married Qement Horatio Steams. 

1761. Anna Leah Yerkes', bom 21 May, 1871 ; married Ira Milton Busby. 

1762. Susie Yerkes', bom 23 September, 1873. 

1763. Hattie Yerkes', bom 12 August, 1875; married, 26 September, i8g7, Oscar 

Stallings, bom at Fairmount, 25 August, 1874. 

Children by second wife : 

1764. Pearl Yerkes', bom 24 September, 1879; died 7 January, 1880. 

1765. HntAM Noble Yerkes', bom 15* Febmary, 1881. 

1766. Lola Grace Yerkes', bom 26 November, 1885. 

1767. Winnie Margaret Yerkes', bom 15 October, 1888. 

1050. BARCLAY YERKES^ (Jacob Streper«, William', John*, John», 
Herman', Anthony^ ) , third son and fourth child of Jacob Streper Yerkes by 
his wife Ann S. Shoemaker, was bom at Covington, Indiana, 10 April, 1841 ; 
married, 18 April, 1867, Martha Marlatt, bom in Wabash Township, Indiana, 
18 December, 1844; daughter of Jacob Marlatt by his wife Cjmthia Schnorf. 
Mr. Yerkes is a farmer, and resides at Covington, where his children were 

Children of Barclay^ and Martha (Marlatt) Yerkes: 

1768. Emma Yerkes', bom ao August, 1868. 

1769. Jacob Yerkes', bom 29 April, 1871. 

177a Charles T. Yerkes', bom 29 January, 1876. 

1771. Sherman Yerkes', tx>m 22 May, 1879. 

1772. Ruby Deborah Yerkes', bom 25 Febmary, 1882. 

• . 

105 1. ALLEN YERKES^ (Jacob Streper«, William^, John*, John», 
Herman*, Anthony*), fourth son and fifth child of Jacob Streper Yerkes by 
his wife Ann S. Shoemaker, was bom at Covington, Indiana, 23 February, 
1844; married, 10 October, 1866, Serena M. Alexander, bom at Bdvidere, 
Illinois, 22 December, 1845 5 daughter of James Alexander by his wife Sarah 
Mitchell. He is a farmer, and resides at Covington, where his children were 

Children of Allen^ and Serena M. (Alexander) Yerkes: 

1773. James Lovell Yerkes', bom 29 December, 1868; married, 7 December, 1892, 

Mabel Dell Graham, bom at Covington, 24 March, 1872; daughter of Albert 


W. Graham by his wife Serelda Carwhile. He is a fanner, and resides at 
Covington. Issue : ( 1774) Vibgie Allen Yerkes*, bom 20 June, 1895. 
177S' Jones Irwin Yerkes', bom 19 November, 1870 ; married, 19 January, 1898 , Grace 

Hendrix, bom at Covington, 7 October, 1875; daughter of Arbanus Nixon ^ 

HendrtX. He is a farmer, and resides at Covington. 

1061. JONATHAN M. YERKES^ (Jonathan*, William', John*, John*, 
Herman*, Anthony^), fourth son and sixth child of Jonathan Yerkes by his 
wife Elizabeth Mitchener, was bom in Chester County, Pennsylvania, 15 
February, 1854; married, 12 January, 1882, Mary Louisa Ewing, bom in 
Cecil County, Maryland, 26 April, 1853 ; daughter of Elisha R. Ewing, Scn^, 
by his wife Louisa Ford. Mr. Yerkes is a farmer, and resides at Oxford, 
Chester County. Both he and his wife are Presbyterians. 

Children of Jonathan M.'' and Mary Louisa (Ewing) Yerkes; all bom in 

Chester County: 

1776. Anna May Yerkes*, born 6 May, 1883; married, 12 March, 1900, Frank Gilbert 

1777. Elizabeth Yerkes", born 25 September, 1885 ; died 23 August, 1899. 

1778. Roland Yerkes*, bom i January, 1888. 

1779. Mary Louisa Yerkes*, bom 24 December, 1889. 

1780. GiFFORD M. Yerkes*, bom 6 January, 1892. 

1781. Jonathan Yerkes*, born 4 March, 1894. 

1782. HoBART Yerkes*, born 24 September, 1896. 

. 1063. HENRY C. YERKES^ (Jonathan*, William', John*, John», Her- 
man*, Anthony^), sixth son and eighth child of Jonathan Yerkes by his wife 
Elizabeth Mitchener, was born in Cecil County, Maryland, 12 July, 1859; 
married, 4 November, 1883, Eva Ewing, bom in Cecil County, 5 July, 1863; 
sister of his brother Jonathan M.'s wife. Mr. and Mrs. Yerkes reside at 
Lewisville, Chester County, Pennsylvania. 

Children of Henry CJ and Eva (Ewing) Yerkes: 

1783. Flossie M. Yerkes*, born 20 July, 1884. 

1784. Bennie Forrest Yerkes", born 17 November, 1885. 

1785. Harry Harlen Yerkes*, bom 21 September, 1887. 

1786. Bayard Roy Yirkes*, bom 10 September, 1889. 

1787. Myrtle Louisa Yerkes*, bom 21 November, 1891. 

1788. Freida Eva Yerkes', bom 26 April, 1898. 

1789. Austin Norval Yerkes*, bom 6 February, 1902. 

1070. JOHN WORRELL YERKES^ (Job Roberts*, John», John*, 
John', Herman^, Anthony^), eldest child of Job Roberts Yerkes by his wife 
Elizabeth Pierce, was bom in East Bradford, Chester County, 2 January, 
1846; died there, 4 April, 1876; married, 26 February, 1873, Mary Kate 
Barr, bom in Delaware County, 26 March, 1850; died at Chester, 25 Novem- 
ber, 1877; daughter of Charles Barr by his wife Mary Ann Fulton. 



Child of John Worrell^ and Mary Kate (Barr) Yerkes : 

1790. Lauketta James Yerkes', born 23 December, 1873; married, 11 August, 1894, 
Samuel- Newlin Hill, Jun>^, bom at Markham, Delaware County, 8 June, 1871 ; 
son of Samuel Newlin Hill by his wife Isabelle Hudson. They reside at 
Markham. Issue: (1791) Miriam Euzabeth Hill*, bom 3 November, 1895. 
( 1792) John Hill*, bom 26 October, 1898. 

1073. LEWIS MORRIS YERKES^ (Job Roberts*, John', John*, 
John*, Herman*, Anthony*), fourth child and son of Job Roberts Yerkes 
by his wife Elizabeth Pierce, was bom at New Garden, Chester County, 2 
April, 1852; married, 28 December, 1881, Adaline Myres, bom at Thorn- 
burg, same county, 28 May, 1852; daughter of James Myres by his wife 
Amanda Hunter. Mr. Yerkes resides at Philadelphia. 

Children of Lewis Morris^ and Adaline (Myres) Yerkes: 

1793. Horace Maxwell Yerkes', bora 7 March, 1883 ; died 18 May, 1892. 

1794. Bessie Amanda Yerkes', bom 2 May, 1885. 

1074. HARRY MENDENHALL YERKES^ (Job Roberts*, John', 
John*, John', Herman*, Anthony*), fifth child and son of Job Roberts Yerkes 
by his wife Elizabeth Pierce, was born at New Garden, Chester County, 27 
August, 1854; married, 28 January, 1885, Ella Henry Smedley, bom in Dela- 
ware County, 16 July, 1857; daughter of Jesse F. Smedley by his wife Ellen 
G. Ormsby, and a descendant of George Smedley.* Mr. Yerkes is a farmer, 
and resides near West Chester, Pennsylvania. 

Children of Harry MendenhalH and Ella Henry (Smedley) Yerkes: 

1795. Harry Wardle Yerkes', bora 13 May, 1886. 

1796. Norman B. Yerkes*, bora 6 October, 1888; died 26 July, 1889. 

1797. Maud Wilhelmina Yerkes*, bora 19 August, 1892 ; died 26 May, 1895. 

1075. WALTER HOWARD YERKES^ (Job Roberts', John', John*, 
John', Herman*, Anthony* ) , sixth child and son of Job Roberts Yerkes by his 
wife Elizabeth Pierce, was bom in New Garden, Chester County, 10 January, 
1857; married, 22 March, 1888, Grace Heysham, born at Newtown Square, 
Delaware County, 16 September, 1863; daughter of Dr. Charles Stewart Hey- 
sham by his wife Fanny Phipps Rushton. Mr. Yerkes resides at West 
Chester, Pennsylvania. 

Children of Walter Howard^ and Grace (Heysham) Yerkes: 

1798. Fannie Elizabeth Yerkes', bora 20 January, 1889. 

1799. Earl Pierce Yerkes', bora 28 May, 1892. 

1800. Lydia Eyre Yerkes', bora 16 November, 1898. 

• See " Genealogy of the Smedley Family," by Gilbert Cope. 



1088. MARY ELIZABETH YERKES^ (Morris or Maurice*, John', 
John*, John', Herman*, Anthony^), third daughter and sixth child of Morris 
Yerkes by his wife Hannah Mendenhall Pierce, was bom in Chester County, 
Pennsylvania, 16 April, 1856; married, 16 April, 1881, William Luther 
Mallory, bom in New York, 4 January, 1857; son of Augustus Mallory by his 
wife Mary Jane Burrows. They reside at Heppner, Oregon. 

Children of William Luther and Mary Elizabeth'' (Yerkes) Mallory; all bom 

at Heppner, Oregon: 

1801. Edna Frances Mallory*, born 21 November, 1884. 

1802. Augustus Maurice Mallory*, bom 6 October, 1884. 

1803. WiLUAM Lester Mallory*, bom 22 December, 1886. 

1804. Harry Yerkes Mallory*, bom 28 October, 1888. 

1805. Cassius Chester Mallory*, bom 18 October, 1890. 

1806. Margaret Mallory*, born 16 July, 1897. 

1 102. GEORGE S. YERKES^ (Lewis*, Jonathan', John*, John', Her- 
man^, Anthony*), eldest son and second child of Lewis Yerkes by his wife 
Esther Fielding Jones, died at Philadelphia, in December, 1868; married 
Elizabeth, daughter of William Denny. 

Children of George S.'' and Elizabeth (Denny) Yerkes; bom at Philadelphia: 

1807. Lewis Albert Yerkes*, born 9 May, 1861 ; married, 13 October, 1886, Anna Ntell 

Foster, born 15 July, 1862 ; daughter of Isaac M. Foster by his wife Margaret 
Niell. Mr. Yerkes resides at Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, and is a master 
painter. Issue : ( 1808) Lewis Patterson Yerkes*, bom 2 August, 1887. 
(1809) Adolph Andrews Yerkes*, born 25 February, 1890. (1810) Jennh 
Haines Yerkes*, bom 4 July, 1894. (1811) Margaret Niell Yerkes*, bora 
28 September, 1896. 
1812. EuzABETH Fielding Yerkes', bom 13 May, 1867; married, 7 November, 1894, 
Henry W. Gruber, born 27 November, 1868; son of Henry Gruber. Issue: 

(1813) Helen M. Gruber*, bom 2 September, 1897; died 27 July, 1898W 

(1814) Henry T. Gruber*, bom 12 March, 1902. 

1 103. THEODORE YERKES^ (Lewis*, Jonathan', John*, John*, 
Herman*, Anthony*), second son and third child of Lewis Yerkes by his 
wife Esther Fielding Jones, was bom in Philadelphia, 30 April, 1840; married 
Mary G. Ketcham, daughter of John Ketcham by his wife Anna Mein. Mr. 
Yerkes is a salesman, and was for many years a member of the dry-goods firm 
of Williams, Yerkes & Company. 

Children of Theodore'' and Mary G. (Ketcham) Yerkes: 

1815. Emily Robekts Yerkes*. 

1816. William Lippikcott Yerkes*. 

1817. Eleanor Lippikcott Yerkes*. 

1818. Albert Jones Yerkes*. 

1819. Mary Yerkes*. 

H X85 




1 107. ELLA AMELIA YERKES^ (Samuel Mann«, Silas', Harman*, 
John', Herman', Anthon)r*), eldest chUd of Samuel Mann Yerkes by his 
second wife, Mrs. Emeline (Mather) Rumsey, was bom at Howell, Michigan, 
II September, 1864; married, 15 April, 1890, Frank R. Crandal, bom at 
Northfield, Michigan, 15 November, 1862; son of David Freeman Crandal 
by his wife Caroline M. Simmons. Mr. Crandal resides at Howell, Michigan, 

J where his children were bom. 

f Children of Frank R. and Ella Amelia^ (Yerkes) Crandal: 

1820. Cauis L. Crandal', born 3 January, 1891. 

1821. Merle S. Crandal', bom 19 December, 1893. 
, 1822. L. Harold Crandal', bom 10 October, 1894. 

1823. Rial Y. Crandal', bora 24 December, 18961 
^ 1824. Flora A. Crandal', bom 8 March, 1899. 

18115. FkANK M. Crandal', bom 5 February, 1901. 


1 108. SAMUEL MATHER YERKES^ (Samuel Mann«, Silas', Har- 
man^, John*, Herman*, Anthony^), eldest son and second child of Samuel 
Mann Yerkes by his second wife, Mrs. Emeline (Mather) Rumsey, was bom 
at Howell, Michigan, 4 December, 1869; married, 10 May, 1893, Rosa A. P. 
Sowle, bom at Howell, Michigan, 29 July, 1867; daughter of Enos Sowle by 
his wife Justina Curtis. Mr. Yerkes resides at Howell, where his children 
were bom. 

Children of Samuel Mather^ and Rosa A. P. (Sowle) Yerkes: 

1826. Ralph Walter YERKES^ bom 26 January, 1897. 

1827. Esther Sowlb Yerkes', bom 12 October, 1899. 




f 1 1 14. SAMUEL LINFORD YERKES^ (John Keith«, Silas', Har- 

man*, John', Herman^, Anthony^), third son and fifth child of John Keith 
Yerkes by his wife Henrietta Lesher, was bom at Huntingdon Valley, More- 
land Township, Montgomery County, 13 February, 1854, and resides at Fox 
Chase, Philadelphia, where he and his brother, William Austin Yerkes, arc 
engaged in the flour and feed milling business, under the firm name of Yerkes 
Brothers. He married, i January, 1880, Mary Anna Walton, bom at Frank- 
ford, Philadelphia, 2 August, 1852; daughter of Salem Walton by his wife 
Ann Eliza Stroup. 

Children of Samuel Linford^ and Mary Anna (Walton) Yerkes: 

1828. RoYDEN Keith Yerkes', bom 22 June, 1881. He graduated, in 1899, ^t the Phila- 

delphia High School, with honors, and in the same year he entered the Uni- 
versity of Pennsylvania, from which he was graduated in 1903. He is now 
studying for the ministry at the Boston School of Theology. 

1829. Mabel Janvier Yerkes', bom 22 May, 1886. 



1 1 22. SILAS MARSHALL YERKES^ (Isaac Mann«, Silas*, Har- 
man*, John', Herman^, Anthony* ) , eldest son and second child of Isaac Mann 
Yerkes by his wife Jane Murdock Carr, was bom at Abington, Montgomery 
County, 28 August, 1846; married, 21 October, 1874, Sue Addis Carrdl, 
born near Hartsville, 24 April, 1854; daughter of Hugh Jamison Carrell by 
his wife Abigail Dubois Addis. He resides at Doylestown. 

Children of Silas Marshall and Sue Addis (Carrell) Yerkes; all bom near 

Hartsville : 

1830. Robert Mearns Yerkes*, born 26 May, 1876. He is a student at Harvard Uni- 

1 83 1. Mabel Yerkes", born 9 November, 1880; died 26 March, 1883. 

1832. Miles Carrell Yerkes*, born 27 November, 1884. 

1833. Willlam Augustus Yerkes", bom 24 March, 1886. 

1834. Carrie McCluskey Yerkes", bom 26 October, 1887; died 22 March, 1894. 

1 1 24. COURTLAND CARR YERKES^ (Isaac Mann«, Silas", Har- 
man*, John', Herman*, Anthony^), second son and fourth chUd of Isaac 
Mann Yerkes by his wife Jane Murdock Carr, was bom at Abington, Mont- 
gomery County, 16 March, 1850; married, 15 January, 1878, Mary Matilda 
Atkinson, born at Davisville, Bucks County, 11 December, 1857; daughter 
of Mahlon R. Atkinson by his wife Mary A. Wood. He resides at Hatboro, 

Children of Courtland Carr'' and Mary Matilda (Atkinson) Yerkes: 

1835. Charles M. Yerkes", bom 25 March, 1879; died 31 January, i88a 

1836. Jane Carr Yerkes", bom 3 September, 1881 ; married John WalUce HofF, and 
resides at Trenton, New Jersey. 

1837. Mary Atkinson Yerkes", bom 2 April, 1894. 

1 126. CHARLES SHOEMAKER YERKES^ (Isaac Mann«, Silas*, 
- Harman*, John', Herman*, Anthony^), fourth son and sixth child of Isaac 
^ ^ Mann Yerkes by his wife Jane Murdock Carr, was bom at Hartsville, Pcnn- 

sylvania, 15 July, 1857; "tarried, 10 September, 1886, Sarah Elizabeth 
Kniblor, bom at Portage, New York, 28 September, i860; daughter of Wdls 
Ebenezer Kniblor by his wife Hila Weller Hill. Mr. Yerkes resides at Sala- 
manca, New York, where he is engaged in business as an express messenger 
for the Wells Fargo Express Company. 

Child of Charles Shoemaker^ and Sarah Elizabeth (Kniblor) Yerkes: 

i8j8. Mabel Kniblor Yerkes', bom 16 September, 1889. 

1 127. JENNIE YERKES^ (Isaac Mann«, Silas*, Harman*, John*. 
Herman*, Anthony^ ) , third daughter and seventh child of Isaac Mann Yeiices 
by his wife Jane Murdock Carr, was bora at Hartsville, Pennsylvania, 17 



September, 1859; married, 3 March, 1880, Ashbel Welch Watson, bom near 
Newtown, 13 April, 1848; son of David Lee Watson by his wife Martha 
Thompson. Mr. Watson resides at Newtown, Bucks County, where he is 
engaged in the Itmiber business, being the senior member of the firm of A. W. 
& W. M. Watson. 

Children of Ashbel Welch and Jennie'' (Yerkes) Watson; all bom at New- 

1839. Samukl Buckman Watson*, born a8 April, 1881 ; died 22 June, 1883. 

1840. EsTHDt MsAKNS Watson*, bom 3 September, 1883. 

1841. Habold Lib Watson*, bom 22 June, 1886. 

1842. Carl Buckman Watson*, bom 26 September, 189a 

1 136. EUGENE YERKES^ (Silas Darrah«, Silas', Harman*, John», 
Herman*, Anthony*), eldest son and second child of Silas Darrah Yerkes 
by his wife Rachel Shdmire, was bom at Abington, Montgomery County, 
27 June, 1854; married, 16 October, 1876, Theresa May Oechsle, bom at 
Philadelphia, 12 January, 1857; daughter of Joseph Oechsle by his wife 
Francisca Metzinger. Mr. Yerkes is in the employ of the Philadelphia 
Rapid Transit Company as car despatcher. 

Children of Eugene^ and Theresa May (Oechsle) Yerkes: 

1843. EuG£NB John Yerkes', bom 21 February, 1878; died 9 April, 1886. 

1844. Mary Franosca Yerkes*, bom 6 September, 1881 ; died 22 May, 1883. 

1845. Rachel May Yerkes*, bom 13 July, 1886. 

1846. Joseph Hawker Yerkes*, bom 12 February, 189a 

1 138. SILAS HORNER YERKES^ (Silas Darrah«, Silas', Harman*, 
John*, Herman*, Anthony*), second son and fourth child of Silas Darrah 
Yerkes by his wife Rachel Shelmire, was bom at Downingtown, Pennsyl- 
vania, 12 April, 1858; married, 9 March, 1887, Maude Wright, bom at Lock 
Haven, Qinton County, 17 December, 1863; daughter of James Wright by 
his wife Margaret Heinlein. Mr. Yerkes is engaged in business as a coal 
dealer, and resides at Wissahickon, Philadelphia. 

Children of Silas Horner^ and Maude (Wright) Yerkes: 

1847. Silas James Yerkes*, bom 27 August, 1889. 

1848. Nancy Yerkes*, bom 14 June, 1895. 

1 142. ALBERT ROWLAND YERKES^ (William Tennant*, Silas", 
Harman^, John', Herman^, Anthony^), second child and son of William 
Tennant Yerkes by his wife Maria Blaker, was bom at Abington, Montgomery 
County, 9 June, 1861; married, 18 February, 1885, Ada Berry Buckman, 



bom at Richboro, Bucks County, 20 October, 1861; daughter of Amos J. 
and Catharine D. Buckman. Mr. Yerkes resides at Logan, Philadelphia* 

Children of Albert Rowland^ and Ada Berry (Buckman) Yerkes; all bom 

at Logan : 

1849. Albert Rowland Yerkes", born 19 July, 1886. 

1850. Amos Russell Yerkes* (twin of Albert Rowland), bom 19 July, 1886. 

1851. William Tennant Yerkes*, born 3 January, 1890; died 30 November, 1893. 

1852. Clifford Yerkes*, born 5 June, 1893 ; died 8 January, 1896. 

1853. Horace B. Yerkes*, bom 21 July, 1896. 

1 1 54. EDWIN HOLME YERKES^ (Charles Huxham«, Silas», Har- 
man*, John^, Herman*, Anthony^), eldest child of Charles Huxham Yerkes 
by his wife Rebecca Holme, was born at Grafton, Illinois, 5 October, i860; 
married, 3 September, 1885, Emma Legate, born at Alamode, Missouri, 31 
October, 1862; daughter of Henry Leander Legate by his wife Mary A. 
Skidmore. He was educated in the public schools, and at Eureka Colltgep 
Illinois. From 1883 until 1890 he engaged in teaching, and in the latter 
year he took up the calling of telegraphy. He is now the agent and telegraph 
operator of the Burlington and Missouri Railroad at Phillips, Nebraska. 

Children of Edwin Holme^ and Emma (Legate) Yerkes; born in Illinois: 

1854. Howard Leland Yerkes*, bom 21 July, 1886. 

1855. Anna Mildred Yerkes*, born 25 May, 1888. 

1856. Charles Mason Yerkes*, bom i January, 1898. 

1 156. CHARLES WRENN YERKES^ (Charles Huxham«, Silas», 
Harman*, John^, Herman*, Anthony^), second son and third child of Charles 
Huxham Yerkes by his wife Rebecca Holme, was born in Grafton, Jersey 
County, Illinois, 19 February, 1865; married, 10 September, 1889, Mary 
Van Tine, born at Sandusky, Ohio, 7 November, 1867; daughter of Alfred 
C. Van Tine by his wife Emma Almira Durkee. Mr. Yerkes is a school- 
teacher, and resides at Bunkerhill, Macoupin County, Illinois. He is a 
member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. 

Children of Charles Wrenn^ and Mary (Van Tine) Yerkes: 

1857. Luciu Yerkes', bora 8 September, 1890. 

1858. Robert Dalb Yerkes*, bora 17 August, 1892. 

1859. Neena Yirkes', bora 18 June, 1894. 
i86a Alta Yerkbs*, bora 18 March, 1896. 

1861. Lola Yerkbs*, bora 24 April, 1898. 

1862. Warren Albro Ybrkbs*, bora 4 December, 1899. 

1863. Byron Foster Ybrkbs*, bora 9 July, 1901. 

1 1 57. ALBERT EVEREST YERKES^ (Charles Huxham*, Silas*, 
Harman*, John', Herman^, Anthony^), third son and fourth child of Charles 



Huxham Yerkes by his wife Rebecca Holme, was bom in Grafton, Jersey 
County, Illinois, 14 January, 1868; married, 30 August, 1894, Julia Van 
Tine, bom at Sandusky, Ohio, 6 May, 1869; daughter of Alfred C. Van 
Tine by his wife Almira Mary Wheeler. In early life Mr. Yerkes was a 
school-teacher, but later he became extensively engaged in the restaurant 
business in Chicago, Illinois, and is now a member of the firm of Faddis & 

Children of Albert Everest^ and Julia (Van Tine) Yerkes: 

1864. Raymond Alfred Yerkes', born 28 September, 1895. 

1865. Walter Holme Yerkes', tx>m 25 October, i8g6. 

1866. Ralph Vincent Yerkes', bom 2 February, 1896^ 

1867. Helen Yerkes*, bom 28 June, 1899. 

1158. ABEL KELSEY YERKES^ (Andrew Jackson*, John', Har- 
man*, John', Herman*, Anthony^ ) , eldest child of Andrew Jackson Yerkes by 
his wife Susan Kelscy, was bom at Bordentown, New Jersey, 15 September, 
1858; married, 18 September, 1883, Mary Dilworth, bom at Leavenworth, 
Kansas, 8 January, 1863; daughter of James Ronaldson Dilworth by his wife 
Alice Elizabeth Macauley. 

Mr. Yerkes, upon the death of his father, was apprenticed to a farmer in 
Warminster, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, in 1868. Like all " bound boys" 
at that time, he received only such an education as three months at a country 
school afforded. When fourteen years of age he ran away from the farm, 
and after a varied and fruitful experience of several weeks as a newsboy, pro- 
cured a position in a large cotton-mill. The panic of 1873 compelled him 
to leave that work and seek other employment, which he found in the Public 
Spirit office at Hatboro, Pennsylvania. In the spring of 1876, with just 
enough money to purchase a ticket to Glencoe, Minnesota, he landed at that 
place, almost penniless and without a friend, and failing to find employment 
in the printing-office there, he went to work on a farm, but finally obtained a 
situation at type-setting. In September he was offered a similar situation at 
Alexandria, Minnesota, to which place he went in a stage-coach, on money 
borrowed from the publisher he worked for. This man had money to lend him, 
at a good rate of interest, but utterly refused to pay the wages that were due. 

In 1878, soon after the Custer Massacre, young Yerkes went to Fort 
Standing Rock, Dakota, with a herd of cattle for the Sioux Indians. The 
trip was a hazardous one of two months, during which an attack from In- 
dians was daily expected. It was made without loss of life, and created a 
desire on the part of the subject of this sketch to see Westem life on the frontier. 
So, in 1879, he went to Miles City, then the outpost of civilization. This town 




existed upon the earnings of buffalo-hunters, who were then killing buffalo 
by the thousands for their hides alone, and it was probably at that time the 
" roughest" town in the United States. In 1882 he established the Post, a 
small weekly paper at Coulson (now Billings), Montana, and conducted the 
same for six months, when he sold it and removed to Bozeman, where he 
aided in starting the Bozeman Weekly Chronicle. In 1884 he purchased this 
paper, and edited and conducted it several years, " in the interest of himself 
and the Democratic party." He now resides at Seattle, Washington, where 
he is engaged in the printing and publishing business, under the name of 
Yerkes Printing Company. 

Children of Abel Kelsey'' and Mary (Dilworth) Yerkes; bom at Bozeman, 

Montana : 

1868. James Dilworth Yerkes*, born 10 July, 1884; died 20 January, 1890. 

1869. Beulah Yerkes", born 10 August, 1885. 

1870. Paul Kelsey Yerkes*, born 7 June, 1887. 

1871. WnxiAM Dilworth Yerkes*, born 26 January, 1897. 

1872. Margaret Yerkes*, bom i January, 1898. 

1 167. CHARLES TYSON YERKES^ (Charles Tyson*, Silas', Silas*, 
John', Herman*, Anthony^), second son and second child of Charles Tyson 
Yerkes by his wife Elizabeth Link Broom, was born at Philadelphia, 25 June, 
1837. He was educated at the Friends' School and the Central High School 
of his native city, and began his business life as a clerk in the flour and grain 
commission and forwarding house of James P. Perot & Brother. He worked 
at first without salary, as in those days it was esteemed a great privil^;e to 
enter a first-class house, but on account of close attention to business, he was 
presented by his employers with fifty dollars at the end of the first year. 

In 1859 h^ Z^^^ up ^^ clerkship, and made his first independent business 
venture, opening a stock-broker's office. Three years later he purchased a 
banking house at No. 20 South Third Street, making as a specialty the 
negotiation of first-class bonds. During the Civil War he dealt heavily in 
government. State, and city bonds. In the latter part of this period the city 
of Philadelphia found itself in stress for moneys to meet obligations growing 
out of its large requirements to raise and equip its troops for the war, and to 
pay for its extensive land purchases in connection with the enlargement of its 
park. To meet this emergency, the city found it necessary to issue a large 
amount of bonds, but when issued, it was discovered that they could not be 
sold at their par value. The law did not allow of sales at less than par, so 
the raising of money by this means was brought to a stand-still. At this 
critical juncture Mr. Yerkes conceived a plan to raise the price of the bonds 



from eighty-five per cent, (the amount then bid for the same) to par, which 
plan was accepted by the City Treasurer, and proved successful, to the great 
relief of the city's financial straits. The close alliance then formed with the 
city proved, however, ultimately disastrous to Mr. Yerkes. The financial 
panic of 1871, caused by the Chicago fire, caught him carrying a large quan- 
tity of securities, and heavily in debt to the city for bonds sold on its account 
It had been the custom to make settlement with the city at the end of each 
month, but the authorities, in their fright over the possible effects of the 
panic, demanded from Mr. Yerkes immediate settlement He firmly refused 
to comply with this demand, as by so doing he would give the city preference 
over his other creditors, and this he was unwilling to do. The city still in- 
sisting on immediate payment, he made an assignment for the benefit of all 
of his creditors, and thus was lost the accumulation of years. 

Some months later, however, encouraged by prominent bankers and other 
financial men (who continued their faith in his honor and integrity as a 
business man), Mr. Yerkes resimied the banking business, and from the start 
began to recuperate his losses, but particularly so in 1873, at the time of the 
Jay Cooke failure. Appreciating at once that this failure meant a serious 
decline in all securities, Mr. Yerkes sold stocks heavily, and later bought them 
back at much lower prices than those for which he had sold them. This en- 
abled him to realize immense profits. 

After Mr. Yerkes resumed business. City Cotmcils, recognizing the great 
service that he had rendered the municipality financially, in the past, and the 
injury done him when the authorities forced him into insolvency, passed an 
ordinance absolving him from all indebtedness to the city. So soon as Mr. 
Yerkes had retrieved his fortune sufficiently to justify the step, he called his 
old creditors together and paid them in full. 

Very early in his business career he identified himself with street passen- 
ger railways. When he was only twenty-two years old, he, with others, 
bought a controlling interest in the Seventeenth and Nineteenth Streets Pas- 
senger Railway Company, of Philadelphia. He took a deep interest in the 
management of the road, and contributed largely to its success as a carrier 
of passengers, as well as to its permanent prosperity. From time to time 
he increased his holdings of the capital stock, and at about the time of his 
failure he was the largest individual stockholder in the company, which in- 
terest was sacrificed through his suspension. In 1875 he acquired a large 
interest in the Continental Passenger Railway Company, of the same city, 
with the result that the stock afterwards rose from fifteen to over one hun- 
dred dollars per share. Such connections were but the initial steps which 
led him later to engage himself with similar interests, so extensively and 



successfully as to gain for him great prominence in the financial world, and 
almost world-wide fame. 

In 1880 Mr. Yerkes made a tour through the Northwest, during which 
he made his first visit to Chicago. At that time, although gold was coming 
from Europe by almost every steamer to New York, money was not plentiful 
in the metropolis, and inquiry proved that it was going West, principally to 
Chicago. On his tour he stopped at Fargo, North Dakota, and, becoming in- 
terested in the rapid growth of that country, he joined an improvement syndi- 
cate there, of which he later became sole owner. He bought heavily of land 
and built business blocks, and was successful in organizing the first fair held 
in North Dakota. He subsequently sold most of his Dakota interests. 

In the Autumn of 1881 he went to Chicago, and established a banking 
house at the comer of La Salle and Madison Streets. In 1886 he opened 
negotiations for the control of the Chicago street railways, and, in associa- 
tion with some Chicago capitalists and a few of his old friends in the East, 
soon obtained control of the North Chicago City Railway Company. The 
company was completely reorganized, with Mr. Yerkes as president, and 
cables were adopted as motive power. He also succeeded in using the old 
La Salle Street tunnel, which at that time had been unused for many years, 
thereby overcoming the disadvantage of the swing bridges so long an in- 
convenience to the people of the north side. Two years later he closed nego- 
tiations for a controHing interest in the Chicago West Division Railway 
Company, which was reorganized and improved, Mr. Yerkes becoming presi- 
dent. In both undertakings the confidence of his associates was such that they 
left him to act entirely as his judgment should dictate. Mr. Yerkes became a 
factor in the Chicago elevated railroad systems, as leader in the reorganiza- 
tion of the Lake Street Company, whose managers had appealed to him for 
assistance in their financial straits. Later he undertook to build an elevated 
railroad on the north side of the city, and in 1897 formed the Union Loop 
Company, to provide terminal facilities for all the roads in the heart of the 
city. This project was carried to a successful issue after a long and stubborn 
contention with the property owners. One result of extending the various 
lines outside the city limits was an increased demand for land in the suburban 
districts, and, in order to facilitate the growth of the enterprise, Mr. Yerkes 
conceived a plan of a system of suburban roads, connected with the main 
surface lines and extending to the heart of the city. Accordingly eight dif- 
ferent companies were chartered, and about two hundred and fifty miles of 
track laid. All these corporations were finally united into the Chicago Con- 
solidated Traction Company, whose lines literally gridiron the western and 
northwestern parts of the city. 

«5 153 


In 1899 he parted with his interests in the North Chicago and West 
Chicago Street Railway companies to a syndicate formed of a ntmiber of 
capitalists, and in 1900 he sold the balance of his Chicago railroad holdings 
to another syndicate. He then made London his basis of operation, with the 
intention of giving to London railroad facilities of a modem character, and 
completely revolutionizing the then prevailing methods. It is expected that 
during the present year (1904) some of his railroads will be in operation. It 
is a strange fact that prior to Mr. Yerkes taking an interest in London, that 
great city, the largest in the world, was the least provided with intramural 
transportation of any large city. 

Mr. Yerkes was among the first to become interested in the Coltmibian 
Exposition, was foremost in the struggle for its location in Chicago, and from 
the start was generous in contributing to its support. He was made a mem- 
ber of the board of directors, which position he held throughout the entire 
fair period. In this responsible capacity, his force of character and wisdom 
of counsel made themselves most evident During a trip to Europe he ac- 
complished much in the way of attracting the attention of the would-be 
exhibitors, and in inspiring confidence among foreign nations. As a member 
of the committee on fine arts, his labors were particularly effective, and to his 
influence was largely due the elaborateness and great success of the exhibit 
in that department. He inaugurated a thorough search in the art centres 
of the world for their best and rarest examples, while from his own private 
gallery, one of the finest in the United States, the loan was both valuable and 

In 1897 he presented to the University of Chicago the largest telescope 
in the most perfectly equipped observatory in the world. In 1893 he pur- 
chased a lot on Fifth Avenue, at the comer of Sixty-eighth Street, New York, 
and built for himself a house, which he occupied in January, 1896, and in 
which he still resides. 

Mr. Yerkes is a keen observer and a quick thinker, and his large business 
achievements themselves evidence his untiring energy and indomitable will, 
as well as his clear foresight and sagacity. In the social world he is most 
genial, cordial, and gracious. He is a devoted lover of the beautiful, and in 
his pictures, of which he possesses a large and rich collection, and in his con- 
servatory, which is one of the most unique in America, he finds his especial 

He married (i), 22 December, 1859, Susanna Guttridge Gamble, daugh- 
ter of George Newton Gamble, a native of Leicestershire, England, by his 
wife Susanna Guttridge. He married (2), 23 September, 1881, Mary Adelaide 
Moore, daughter of Thomas Moore, Esq., of Philadelphia. 







i Children of Charles Tyson Yerkes^ by his first marriage : 

1873. Josephine Yerkes", bom and died ag January, 1861. 

1874. Geokge Gamble Yerkes", born 29 May, and died 13 August, 1862. 

. 1875. Charles Edward Yerkes", bom 25 August, 1863 ; married, 26 April, iBigS, Mabel 

T Theresa Guerin; daughter of Byram Chedister Guerin by his wife Leonora 

Dixon. Mr. Yerkes resides at Chicago, and is engaged there in the banking 

business, being a member of the firm of Dewar & Yerkes. He is a director 

of the Pennsylvania Iron-Works Company, and the North Shore Street Rail- 

, way, also a member of the Racquet and Tennis Gub of New York, the Ger- 

mantown Cricket and Racquet Clubs, of Philadelphia, the Glen View dnb, 
the Evanston Country Club, and the Edgewater Golf Gub, of Chicago. 
1876. EuzABETH Laura Yerkes*, bom 3 November, 1866; married, 18 June, i895» 
Lino Francesco Rondinella; son of Pasqualle Rondinella by his wife Eliza- 
beth Esler. Mr. Rondinella is a mechanical engineer, and graduated from the 
University of Pennsylvania in 1885. Issue: (1877) Edith Rondinilla^ born 
28 March, 1896. 

1878. Robert Kenderdine Yerkes", bom 14 Febmary, and died 18 April, 1868. 

1879. Emma Yerkes' (twin of Robert Kenderdine), born 14 Febniary, and died 15 

February, 1868. 

1 1 70. SARAH LOVENIA YERKES^ (Huston«, Benjamin', Ben- 
jamin*, John", Herman*, Anthony*), eldest child of Huston Yerkes by his 
wife Catharine Ann Lesher, was bom in Moreland, Pennsylvania, 17 Decem- 
ber, 1846; married, 19 August, 1872, Dr. Frederick W. Welch, a dental sur- 
geon; bom at Gouverneur, New York, 29 April, 1849; d^^ ^i* Trenton, New 
Jersey, 20 July, 1898; son of Thomas Bromwell Welch by his wife Lucy 
Maria Hult. 

Children of Frederick W. and Sarah Lovenia^ (Yerkes) Welch; all bom 

at Scranton, Pennsylvania: 

1880. Edna May Welch*, bom 3 July, 1873 ; died 6 September, 1892. 

188 1. Ray Walter Welch*, bom 2 July, 1875. 

1882. Fred Louise Welch", bom 11 November, 1877; died 4 March, 1879. 

1883. Freda Lovenia Welch", bom 20 April, 1880; married, 6 September, i9^ Jowtglk 

Bemiett Kronenberg. 

1 1 73. WILMER HARRISON YERKES^ (Huston*, Benjamin', Ben- 
jamin*, John', Herman*, Anthony^), second son and fourth child of Huston 
Yerkes by his wife Catharine Ann Lesher, was bom in Bucks County, Penn- 
sylvania, 16 October, 1853; married, i August, 1880, Florence N. Smart, 
bom at Pittsburg, 7 Febraary, 1858. Mr. Yerices resides at All^heny City. 

Children of Wilmer Harrison^ and Florence N. (Smart) Yerkes: 

1884. Clara Maud Yerkis*, bora 18 May, 1882; died in 1893. 

1885. Rachel E. Yirkes*, bora 17 Febniary, 18^ 

1886. FuMEHCK L. Ywajoa^, bora 24 May, 18B9. 



1 1 76. WILLIAM FRANKLIN YERKES^ (Huston*, Benjamin^ 
Benjamin*, John", Herman*, Anthony^), fourth son and sixth child of Hus- 
ton Yerkes by his wife Catharine Ann Lesher, was bom in Bucks G)unty, 
Pennsylvania, 10 June, 1861 ; married, 26 November, 1884, Flora Maria 
Ivins, bom in Kirtland, Ohio, 25 October, 1859; daughter of Garret Conover 
Ivins by his wife Mary Jane Holmes. Mr. Yerkes is in the Itmiber business, 
and resides at Olympia, Washington. 

Children of William Franklin^ and Flora Maria (Ivins) Yerkes: 

1887. Horace Leon Yerkes*, born 9 September, 1885. 

1888. Evelyn Auce Yerkes", born 4 September, 189a 
18S9. WnxARD Everett Yerkes*, born 15 March, 1898. 
189a Leland Yerkes*, bom 4 August, 1899. 

1185. AMOS ADDIS YERKES^ (Moses*, Benjamin^ Benjamin*, 
John', Herman*, Anthony*), second son and child of Moses Yerkes by his 
wife Eleanor Morrison Yerkes, was bom in Huntingdon Valley, Montgomery 
G)unty, 5 December, 1854; married, 2 October, 1877, Anna Riley, bom in 
Philadelphia, 9 November, 1855; daughter of William Riley by his wife 
Mary Jane Gray. Mr. Yerkes has been connected with the dry-goods house 
of Folwell Brothers & Co., of Philadelphia, since 1872; first as book-keeper 
and cashier, and since 1900, when the firm was incorporated, as assistant 
secretary and treasurer. 

Children of Amos Addis^ and Anna (Riley) Yerkes: 

1891. WnxiAM Folwell Yerkes", bom 9 September, 1879. 

1892. Samuel Jackson Yerkes*, born 15 July, 1890. 

1 186. AUGUSTUS GATES YERKES^ (Moses*, Benjamin^ Ben- 
jamin*, John", Herman*, Anthony*), third son and child of Moses Yerkes 
by his wife Eleanor Morrison Yerkes, was bom at Edge Hill, Montgomery 
G)unty, 3 August, 1857; married, 25 January, 1876, Clara Nippes, bom at 
Philadelphia, 27 July, i860; daughter of Samuel and Lucretia Nippes. Mr. 
Yerkes is book-keeper for the firm of Charles J. Webb & Co., of Philadel- 
phia, wool merchants. 

Children of Augustus Gates^ and Qara (Nippes) Yerkes: 

1893. Samuel Augustus Yerkes", born 24 May, 1877. 

1894. David Martin Yerkes*, born 19 October, 1885 ; died in May, 1886. 

1895. LuLA Yerkes*, born 22 June, 1887. 

1896. Helen Yerkes*, bom 19 November, 1888. 

1897. Augustus Gates Yerkes, Jun»*, bom 7 June, 1896. 

1217. JOSIAH YERKES^ (John McKnight*, Josiah^ NathanielS 
Josiah', Herman*, Anthony*), eldest child of John McKnight Yerkes by his 



wife Lucy Church, was born at Romulus, New York, i8 April, 1853; mar- 
ried, 12 March, 1878, Alice Kuney, bom at Varick, New York, 12 Decem- 
ber, 1856; daughter of Daniel Kuney by his wife Deborah Tunison. Mr. 
Yerkes is a farmer and a prominent citizen of Romulus. On i January, 1877, 
he was commissioned a justice of the peace, and served in this capacity until 
I January, 1893. From 1892 until 1898 he held the office of Justice of 
Sessions for Seneca County. He was a member of the Board of Supervisors 
of Seneca County for five years, and since 10 November, 1902, has been the 
clerk of that Board. 

Children of Josiah^ and Alice (Kuney) Yerkes; all born at Romulus: 

1898. Claribel Yerkes", born 12 July, 1879. 

1899. Florence Yerkes*, born 25 July, 1883. 

1900. Hattie Pearl Yerkes*, born 22 June, 1886. 

1901. Leona Yerkes*, born 9 April, 1890. 

1902. Charles Tyson Yerkes*, born i January, 1898. 

1218. BARNUM YERKES^ (John McKnight*, Josiah», Nathaniel*, 
Josiah', Herman*, Anthony*), second son and child of John McKnight 
Yerkes by his wife Lucy Church, was born at Romulus, New York, 27 June, 
1854; married, 11 December, 1877, Caroline Elizabeth Hoffman, bom at 
Fayette, New York, 20 June, 1858; died at Romulus, 6 June, 1890; daughter 
of Charles Hoffman by his wife Catharine Frantz. Mr. Yerkes is a farmer, 
and resides at Romulus. 

Children of Barnum^ and Caroline Elizabeth (Hoffman) Yerkes; all bom at 

Romulus : 

1903. Inez Lucy Yerkes*, bom 11 August, 1879; married, 9 October, 1902, DeUzon 


1904. Blanch Catharine Yerkes", born 16 January, 1885. 

1278. ANNA MARIA YERKES^ (Dr. Harman«, Andrew Long", 
Harman*, Harman', Herman*, Anthony^ ) , only child of Dr. Harman Yerkes 
by his wife Eliza Ann Ivester, was bom at Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, 19 
January, 1850; married, 18 September, 1872, Andrew Robeno Whitafcer, 
bom 5 August, 1845; son of Samuel Adams Whitaker by his wife Sarah 
Ann Robeno. Mr. Whitaker was for some years a civil engineer of the 
Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Company, and a stock-broker at Phila- 
delphia. He was at one time secretary of the Saucon Iron Company, and a 
member of the Borough Council of Phoenixville, and is now a member of the 
Pennsylvania Fish Commission. He retired from business some years ago, 
and resides at Phoenixville. He is a first cousin of Govemor Pennypacker. 



Children of Andrew Robeno and Anna Maria^ (Yerkes) Whitaker; bom at 

Phoenixville : 

1905. Fj.tda Robbno Whitaker*, born 6 July, 1873. 

1906. Samuel Adams Whitaker", born 15 Febniary, 1876. He was graduated from 

the collegiate department of the University of Pennsylvania in 1896, and 
from the law department in 1899, in which year he entered upon practice in 
the law at Philadelphia. He is a member of the school board of Phoenixville, 
having entered the same just fifty years after his grandfather Yerkes retired 
from the board. In August, 1899, he was conunissioned second lieutenant in 
the Sixth Regiment, National Guard of Pennsylvania, and 14 March, 1902, 
was promoted captain. 

1303. FRANK EDGAR YERKES, M.D.^ (Alfred Earle*, Stephen^ 
Hannan^, Hannan', Herman*, Anthony*), second son and child of Alfred 
Earle Yerkes by his wife Mary Ann Haslett, was bom in Warminster, Bucks 
G)unty, 9 January, 1870; married, 4 September, 1901, Sue May Carpenter, 
bom at Mauch Chunk, 9 January, 1880; daughter of Samuel Carpenter by 
his wife Alice Cordelia Wilhelm. Dr. Yerkes graduated at the Hatboro 
High School in 1887, and at the State Normal School, at West Chester, in 
1890, after which he taught school for one year, and then matriculated at the 
Hahnemann Medical Coll^^e, Philadelphia. Upon his graduation at the latter 
institution, in May, 1894, he settled at Ambler, Pennsylvania, in the practice 
of his profession. 

Child of Dr. Frank Edgar^ and Sue May (Carpenter) Yerkes; bom af 


1907. Harman Alfsed Yerkes*, bom 20 October, 1902, 

1309. CLARA TAYLOR YERKES^ (Reverend David John*, Joseph 
BalP, William*, Harman', Herman*, Anthony*), eldest child of Reverend 
David John Yerkes by his wife Sarah E. Taylor, was bom at Hollidays- 
burg, Pennsylvania, 12 August, 1851; married, 7 October, 1879, Charles 
Hagar Smith, bom at Brooklyn, New York, i August, 1855; son of Henry 
Smith by his wife Mary Ann Hagar. Mr. Smith resides at Plainfield, New 
Jersey. He is an architect, and he and his wife are Baptists. 

Children of Charles Hagar and Qara Taylor^ (Yerkes) Smith; all bom at 

Plainfield : 

1908. Edna Vaughan Smith*, bom and died 22 February, 1881. 

1909. Edna Meserole Smith*, bom 30 May, 1882 ; died 8 May, 189a 

1910. DoRRANCE Yerkes Smith* bora 26 September, 1891. 

191 1. Carleton Lefferts Smith*, bora 17 February, 1893. 

1312. JOSEPH BALL YERKES^ (Reverend David John*, Joseph 
BalP, William*, Harman', Herman*, Anthony*), ddest son and fourth child 




of Reverend David John Yerkes by his wife Sarah E. Taylor, was bom 
at Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, 14 December, 1855; married, 19 October, 
1886, Anna Scott Burgess, bom at Jersey City, New Jersey, 21 Jime, 1858; 
daughter of George Hewson Burgess by his wife Anna Scott. He is a 
Baptist, and a clerk in the employ of the Standard Oil Company, and re- 
sides at Plainfield, New Jersey. 

Children of Joseph BalF and Anna Scott (Burgess) Yerkes; bom at Plain- 

191 2. George Burgess Yerkes", born 23 February, 1888. 

1913. Anna Scott Yerkes', bom 29 January, 1894. 

13 1 5. MARY ALICE YERKES^ (Reverend David John*, Joseph 
Ball*, William*, Harman", Herman*, Anthony^), sixth daughter and seventh 
child of Reverend David John Yerkes by fiis wife Sarah E. Taylor, was bom 
at Brooklyn, New York, 13 May, 1861; married, 11 October, 1883, Walter 
Miller McGee, born at Brooklyn, 27 January, i860; son of James McGee by 
his wife Elizabeth Ann Merklee. Mr. McGee is in the employ of the Standard 
Oil Company, and resides at Plainfield, New Jersey. 

Children of Walter Miller and Mary Alice'' (Yerkes) McGee; bom at Plain- 

1914. Walter Vaughan McGee*, bom 23 July, 1884. 

1915. Alice Elizabeth McGee*, bom 14 February, 1891. 

1316. HANNAH JOHN YERKES^ (Reverend David John«, Joseph 
Ball*^, William*, Harman', Herman*, Anthony^), seventh daughter and 
eighth child of Reverend David John Yerkes by his wife Sarah E. Taylor, 
was bom at Plainfield, New Jersey, 28 October, 1863; married, 13 November, 
1884, William Newell Flanders, bom at Brooklyn, New York, 6 June, 1863; 
son of William Flanders by his wife Nancy Hubbard Biglow. Mr. and Mrs. 
Flanders reside at Plainfield, New Jersey. They are Baptists. 

Children of William Newell and Hannah John^ (Yerkes) Flanders: 

1916. EuzABSTH Yerkes Flanders*, bom 21 May, 1886. 

19 17. William David FLanders", bom 21 September, 1888. 

1918. Charles Biglow Flanders*, bora 4 November, 1892; died 11 March, 1898. 

1331. CLINTON JARRETT YERKES^ (Edward*, Andrew Long*, 
William*, Harman', Herman*, Anthony*), eldest son and second child of 
Edward Yerkes by his wife Lucy Algard, was bom at Lombard, Maryland, 
5 August, 1858; married, 23 February, 1887, Virginia Taylor, bom at 
Hickory Hill, Pennsylvania, 25 February, 1864; daughter of Eaton Taytor 


by his wife Rachel A. Crowl. Mr. Yerkes is a farmer, and resides at Blue 
Ball, Cecil County, Maryland. 

Children of Qinton Jarrett^ and Virginia (Taylor) Yerkes, bom at Blue 


iqiql Edwasd Eaton Yirkes*, born i6 July, 1888. 

1920. Horace Taylor Yerkes", born 23 September, 1893. 

1921. Jordan Harman Yerkes*, bom 5 October, 1901. 

1333. JAMES WILLETT YERKES^ (Edward*, Andrew Long*, 
William*, Harman', Herman*, Anthony^), second son and fourth child of 
Edward Yerkes by his wife Lucy Algard, was bom at Lombard, Maryland, 
I January, 1862; married, 28 December, 1887, Margaret Cameron, bom at 
Nottingham, Chester County, Pennsylvania, i July, 1862; daughter of Robert 
J. Cameron by his wife Margaretta Hilaman. Mr. Yerkes is a farmer, and 
resides at Calvert, Cecil County, Maryland. 

Children of James Willett'' and Margaret (Cameron) Yerkes: 

1922. WnxETT Cameron Yerkes*, bom 4 November, 1888. 

1923. Lucy Margaretta Yerkes*, bora 7 February, 1891. 

1924. James Alfred Yerkes*, bora 4 May, 1894. 

1925. Robert Norville Yerkes*, bora 22 November, 1896. 

1334. SUSAN HAGAR YERKES^ (Edward*, Andrew Long«, Wil- 
liam*, Harman', Herman*, Anthony^), third daughter and fifth child of 
Edward Yerkes by his wife Lucy Algard, was bom at Lombard, Maryland, 
22 Febmary, 1864; married, 17 November, 1886, Charles B. Wilson, bom 
at Blue Ball, Cecil Coimty, Maryland, i May, 1865; son of John P. and 
Louisa B. Wilson. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson reside at Washington, D. C. 

Children of Charles B. and Susan Hagar'' (Yerkes) Wilson: 

1926. Yerkes Wilson*, bora 10 November, 1887. 

1927. John P. Wilson*, bom 23 December, 1889. 

1928. loLA E. Wilson*, bora 14 November, 1891. 

1929. H. Vernon Wilson*, bora 12 February, 1895. 

1930. Anna Louisa Wilson*, bora 17 Febmary, 1897. 

1 93 1. Lionel F. Wilson*, bora 7 November, 1899. 

1362. JONATHAN HOWARD YERKES^ (William Colladay*, 
Jonathan**, Daniel*, Silas', Herman*, Anthony*), eldest child of William 
Colladay Yerkes by his wife Hannah Maag Lesher, was bom in Mordand, 
Montgomery Coimty, 15 April, 1849; married, 2 January, 1873, Anna 
Elizabeth Cornell, bom at Feasterville, Bucks County, 18 Septemb«", 1850; 
died at Churchville, same county, 21 July, 1895; daughter of Jesse Comell 



by his wife Esther Yerkes Fenton. Mr. Yerkes is a farmer, and resides at 
Nottingham, Chester County. 

Children of Jonathan Howard^ and Anna Elizabeth (Cornell) Yerkes; bom 

at Churchville: 

1932. William Cornell Yerkes", born 18 April, 1878; died 9 January, 1882. 

1933. Lillian May Yerkes", bom 14 May, 1882. 

1365. WILLIAM HEATON YERKES^ (Daniel*, Jonathan^ Daniel*, 
Silas*, Herman*, Anthony^), second son and child of Daniel Yerkes by his 
wife Emily Heaton, was bom in Grenoble, Bucks County, 17 May, 1859; 
married, 25 October, 1882, Caroline Hogeland, bom in Southampton, same 
county, 29 January, 1861 ; daughter of Elias Hogeland "^ by his wife Eliza- 
beth Van Artsdalen. Mr. Yerkes is a farmer, and resides at Southampton. 

Children of William Heaton^ and Caroline (Hogeland) Yerkes: 

1934. Ella R. Yerkes*, born 20 July, 1883. 

1935. Gertrude Yerkes*, bom i November, 1885. 

1936. Helen T. Yerkes*, born 2 October, 1887. 

1937. Clifford Yerkes", bom 12 October, 1889. 

1938. Ethel Yerkes*, bora 4 March, 1891. 

1939. Hilda Yerkes*, bom 12 May, 1893. 
194a Morris Yerkes*, bom 16 October, 1895. 

1941. Elizabeth Yerkes*, bom 16 April, 1898. 

1942. Thelma Yerkes*, bom 27 April, 1900. 

1367. WALTER CRESWELL YERKES^ (Daniel*, Jonathan', Dan- 
iel*, Silas*, Herman*, Anthony*), third son and fourth child of Daniel Yericcs 
by his wife Emily Heaton, was bom in Warwick, Bucks County, i November, 
1864; married, 4 January, 1893, Emily Hobensack, bom at Davisville, same 
county, 18 July, 1869; daughter of Isaac Comell Hobensack by his wife 
Joanna Hogeland. f Mr. Yerkes is a farmer, and resides at Southampton, 
Bucks Coimty. He and his wife are Baptists. 

Children of Walter Creswell^ and Emily (Hobensack) Yerkes: 

1943. Harold C. Yerkes*, bora 17 December, 1893. 

1944. Agnes M. Yerkes*, bora 25 May, 1895. 

1945- Walter Leroy Yerkes*, bom 17 September, 1899. 
1946. Albert Hobensack Yerkes*, bora 14 January, 1903. 

1430. MARIA YERKES^ (Joseph Dennis, William*, Joseph*, 
Stq>hen*, Herman*, Anthony^), eldest child of Joseph Dennis Yerkes by his 
wife Mary Dunlap, was bom at Novi, Michigan, 17 November, 1842; died 
at Detroit, Michigan, 16 December, 1890; married, 17 November, 1868, Wil- 

*See Hoiceland Geoealoinr. 

** aoi 


liam Oscar Lee, bom at Arbela, Tuscola County, Michigan, 17 November, 
1844; son of Silas S. Lee by his wife Sarah McLean. Mr. Lee is a manu- 
facturer of brass steam specialties, and is the president of the Lee Injector 
Manufacturing Company, of South Park, Port Huron, Michigan, where he 

Children of William Oscar and Maria^ (Yerkes) Lee: 

ig47. Nora A. LEif, born 10 September, 1869; died 19 August, 187a 

1948. BntDiE D. LEif, bom 23 December, 1873; married, 15 March, 1894, Charles H. 


1949. Elmzr £. IJEif, bom 30 January, 1877; died 26 April, 1893. 

1432. GERTRUDE YERKES^ (Joseph Dennis*, William', Joseph*, 
Stephen', Herman^, Anthony^), third daughter and child of Joseph Dennis 
Yerkes by his wife Mary Dunlap, was bom at Plymouth, Michigan, 17 April, 
1846; died at St. John's, same State, 28 June, 1899; married, 7 October, 
1868, John Wilford Fitzgerald, bom at Coburg, Ontario, 16 March, 1845; 
son of Michael Fitzgerald by his wife Margaret McMahan. Mr. Fitzgerald 
is a banker, and resides at St. Johns. 

Children of John Wilford and Gertrude^ (Yerkes) Fitzgerald; all bom at 


195a Maude Irene Fitzgerald*, bom 6 August, 1869; married, i June, 1897, Charles P. 

1951. Howard Harold Fitzgerald^, bom 16 August, 1871; married, 26 June, 1895, 

Rulpha Shaver. 

1952. Harry Yerkes Fitzgerald*, bom i May, 1884. 

1953. Roy Campbell Fitzgerald*, bom 16 March, 1886. 

1446. GEORGE BASSETT YERKES^ (Robert*, William*', Joseph*, 
Stephen', Herman*, Anthony^), third son and child of Robert Yerkes by his 
wife Sarah Hohnes, was bom at Novi, Oakland County, Michigan, 16 
November, 1864; married, 16 June, 1891, Jennie G. Butterfidd, bom at 
Goshen, Indiana, 24 July, 1863; daughter of Charles F. Butterfield by his 
wife Rebecca J. Godfrey. Mr. Yerkes is a lawyer, and is practising his 
profession at Detroit, Michigan, being a member of the law firm of Haug & 

Children of George Bassett^ and Jennie G. (Butterfield) Yerkes; all bom at 

Detroit : 

1954. Fanny Buttekfield Yerkis*, bom 26 March, 1893 ; died 20 January, 1899. 

1955. RoBKKT Gborgb Ybrxis*, bom 16 July, 1897. 

1447. DONALD PURDY YERKES^ (Robert*, William', Joseph*, 
Stephen', Herman*, Anthony^), fourth son and child of Robert Yerkes by 


his wife Sarah Holmes, was bom at Novi, Oakland County, Michigan, 22 
October, 1866; married, 28 May, 1890, Nellie McRobert, bom at Pl3rmouth, 
Michigan, 24 January, 1868; daughter of Lyman Edwin McRobert by his 
wife Laura Purdy. Mr. Yerkes was educated at the Michigan Agricultural 
Q)ll^e, and was prominent in the athletic sports of that institution, being 
champion in several events. On leaving college, he engaged in the milling 
business, and is the owner of flour-mills at Northville, and is also the partner 
of his brother Robert in flour-mills at Milford and a grain elevator at Wixom. 
He resides at Milford ; has held the office of councilman, and is a member of 
the school board. He is a Presbyterian, and a tmstee and elder of the church 
of which he is a member. 

Children of Donald Purdy'' and Nellie (McRobert) Yerkes: 

1956. Donna Lucile Yerkes\ born 13 March, 1893 ; died 20 December, 1897. 

1957. Mabgaket Allida Yerkes', born 29 September, 1894. 

1958. Donald Pubdy Yerkes, Jun*", born 26 September, 1897. 

1959. Nellie Aletha Yerkes*, born 15 December, 1899. 

1589. CHARLES SHERMAN YERKES^ (Reuben Skinner*, Jacob 
Paul', Jonathan*, Titus', Herman*, Anthony^), eldest child of Reuben 
Skinner Yerkes by his wife Harriet Agnes Martin, was bom at GDvington, 
Kentucky, 13 July, 1850; married, 7 February, 1878, Mary Greenlees, bom 
at Cincinnati, Ohio, 14 Febmary, 1852; daughter of Archibald Greenlees by 
his wife Margaret McGechin. Mr. Yerkes resides at Oak Park, Illinois. 

Children of Charles Sherman'' and Mary (Greenlees) Yerkes: 

i960. Reuben Archibald Yerkes*, bom 11 January, 1880. 

1961. AucE Agnew Yerkes', bom 28 November, 1883 ; died 5 May, 1886. 

1962. Mary Agnes Yerkes*, bom 9 August, 1886. 

1963. Charles Greenlees Yerkes*, bom 6 December, 1888. 

1591. ELIAS CONWAY YERKES^ (Reuben Skinner*, Jacob PauP, 
Jonathan*, Titus', Herman*, Anthony*), second son and third child of Reuben 
Skinner Yerkes by his wife Harriet Agnes Martin, was bom at Little Rock, 
Arkansas, 20 October, 1856; married, 22 March, 1878, Cora Justine Porter, 
bom in Johnson County, Arkansas, 22 March, 1855; daughter of William 
Porter by his wife Nancy Elizabeth Utley. Mr. and Mrs. Yerkes are Pres- 
byterians, and reside at St. Louis, Missouri. 

Children of Elias Conway^ and Cora Justine (Porter) Yerkes: 

1964. Harry Clifford Yerkes*, bora 11 February, and died 26 August, 1879. 

1965. Beulah William Yerkes*, bora 3 March, 1881. 

1966. Walter Elias Yerkes*, bora 20 June, 18&3. 

1967. Horace Reuben Yerkes*, bora 8 October, 1884. 

19^ George Yerkes*, bora 16 November, and died 21 November, 1886. 




1592. HARRY CLIFFORD YERKES' (Reuben Skinner", Jacob 
Paul', Jonathan*, Titu^, Herman', Anthony*), third son and fourth difld 
of Reuben Skinner Yerkes by his wife Harriet Agnes Martin, was bom. at 
Little Rock, Arkansas, 23 October, 1859; married, 2 June, 1891, Lulu Adams, 
bom in Johnson County, Arkansas, 30 October, 1867; daughter of William 
Henry Adams by his wife Ann Elizabeth Porter. Both Mr. and Mrs. Yerkes 
are Presbyterians, and reside at Memphis, Tennessee, where Mr. Yerkes is 
engaged in business as a boot and shoe merchant 
Children of Harry Qifford' and Lulu (Adams) Yerkes: 

1969. Lawumci AnAHa YntKEs*, bora 27 June, 1894. 

1970. Clakz YtMMMs', born sd September, iS;?. 







OBY or TOBIAS LEECH, the first of 
the surname Leech to come to Pennsyl- 
vania, was a son of Toby Leech, of Chel- 
tenham, Gloucestershire, England, and 
was baptized in the Parish Church there, 
I January, 1652. The Clerk of the 
Parish has made a tracing of the bap- 
tismal record, a facsimile of which appears on the next 

The Leech family in England is an ancient one, and 
many of its branches bore for arms: Ermine, on chief in- 
dented gules, three crowns or. Crest, — Out of a ducal 
coronet, on an arm erect ppr., grasping a snake, environed 
around the arm, vert. Burke in his ''Encyclopaedia of 
Heraldry," in mentioning these arms, notes that it is re- 
corded in an old pedigree that " One of this auncient family 
living in Barkshire, near Windsor, in ye time of King Edward 
the Third, entertained and feasted three Kings in his house, 
one ye King of England, ye King of France, and ye King 
of Scots, which two kings were at that time prisoners to 
King Edward, which, King Edward, to requite his good 
entertainment and other favours, gave him three crowns on 



his chief indented gu. ye field ermme; which coat is borne by the name and 
family, dispersed into many other countays." 

But little is known of the life of Toby Leech in England. He seems to 
have been brought up in the tanning business, and was probably engaged 
in that occupation before his emigration to America. He came to Pennsyl- 
vania in 1682, bringing with him a wife and child, and being accompanied 
by his mother-in-law, Mrs. Mary Ashmead, and her family. Tradition has 
placed him among those who came with William Penn, in the " Welcome,'* 
but the list of passengers who came in that ship has not been preserved, so 
the claim that he was of the ntmtiber cannot be verified. If not one of them. 

d^tUAjo^y I 

his arrival in Pennsylvania must have been close to that of Penn, as he is 
known to have been there within three weeks after Penn arrived, and to 
have purchased of the latter a large plantation, located in what became Chel- 
tenham Township, Philadelphia County,* now a part of Montgomery County. 
He settled upon this plantation, while the Ashmeads established themselves 
upon an adjoining tract, the locality of their homes receiving the name Chel- 
tenham, in honor of the English home of the Leeches and Ashmeads. 

Toby Leech was one of the substantial men among the early colonists, 
and a man of much worth, and he came to be one of the largest landed proprie- 
tors in the Province. Upon his home plantation he erected a com and 
fulling mill, — ^the first to be established in that part of the Province, — and 
also built a tannery, and he conducted the milling and tanning businesses, 
in connection with large agricultural operations, for many years. 

His mansion house, with its contents, was destroyed by fire in 1700, 
and upon its site he erected the house which is still standing, and which is one 
of the oldest houses in Pennsylvania. The fact of the destruction of his 
first home, together with his title-deeds and family papers, is established 
by the minutes of the Commissioners of Property, which contain this entry 
under date of the 4th of the 12th month (February), 1701 : 

"Toby Leech, Rich'd Wall, Jno. Ashmead and Everard Bolton purchas'd in this 
Province 1,000 Acres together by the Prop'ry of which the said Toby's share was 500 Acres 
for which he has now nothing to Shew but the G>py of a Return out of the office for 

* Yeates's Reports, i. 104. 


the said Quantity, in which return he is termed renter, by some Mistake, for he had a 
Pat't for the said 300 Acres at the G>mmon Rent of purchased Lands and produced it to 
the Proprietary and the Secretary about 18 Mo'ths ago when he paid his Quitrent for the 
same, he also produces several Witnesses who have seen a Receipt under the Propr's hand 
for the Purchase Money and therefore requests a new Patent (his old one and all his 
writings being burnt the last year with his House) and in order to it a Resurvey. 

"Ordered that a War't be accordingly granted, and upon the Return a Patent, he 
paying for the Overplus if any be found. 

"John Ashmead, Son and Heir of John Ashmead above mentioned. Purchaser with 
Toby Leech of 250 Acres, Producing a Return of Survey from the office dates loth smo., 
'84, for the said 250 Acres Surveyed 30th 9 mo., 1682, by Vertue of the Propr's War't 
dates loth gmo., '82, but has nothing More to Shew for it, his Papers having been likewise 
burnt, Requests a Resurvey in order to a Patent.' 


For thirty years Mr. Leech devoted his attention to his business affairs, 
which were continuously prosperous, without manifesting during that time 
any marked interest in public affairs. In 171 3, however, he became a can- 
didate for membership in the Provincial Assembly, and was elected to that 
position from the county of Philadelphia, taking his seat in the Assembly, 
which met in Philadelphia, 10 October, that year, and becoming one of the 
prominent members of that body. He was re-elected in 1714 and 171 5, and 
again chosen in 1717 and 1719. 

Mr. Leech added extensively to his first purchase of land, and he pos- 
sessed at his death a large estate. His will disposed of two thousand seven 
hundred acres of land, six hundred of which composed his home plantation* 
Besides two other plantations of five hundred acres each in Philadelphia 
County, he owned one of five hundred acres in Chester County, Pennsylvania, 
and one of six hundred acres in New Castle County, Delaware. He is said 
to have kept up the hospitality and style of an English country gentleman. 
" His hunting grounds were famous, and continued to be kept up by his son 
and grandson for many years, and this gave the name to the village of Fox 
Chase." * He was one of the largest slave-owners of his time in Pennsyl- 
vania, and eight of his slaves are mentioned by name in his will. He also 
had, no doubt, many indentured servants, at one of whom a glance is obtained 
in the following advertisement in the Weekly Mercury of July 13, 1721. 

" Philadklphia, July 13, 1721. 
"Run away from Tobias Leech of Philadelphia G>unty, a Servant Man named 
William Williams, about Thirty years old, strong and well set, short black hair, having 
on a Kersey Wastcoat, Linnen Breeches, and Wollen blade and white Stockings. Whoever 
takes up the said Servant, secures him, and gives notice, so that his liiaster may have 
him again, shall have Forty shillings Reward, besides reasonable Charges. 

''TouAS LncH." 

* The Shoemaker Family of Cheltenham, is. (Philadelphia, 19P3.) 



Although Mr. Leech was baptized in the Church of England, he would 
seem to have departed for a time from its faith, as he married into a Quaker 
family, and the marriage took place at Friends' Meeting. Such departure, 
however, is believed to have continued but for a brief period, as he did not 
attach himself to the Society of Friends in Pennsylvania, but joined there, 
with others, in establishing Trinity (Episcopal) Church, Oxford, Philaddphia, 
with which some of his family for several generations were identified. 

Mr. Leech died at his seat, in Cheltenham, 13 November, 1726, and was 
buried in the ground of Trinity Church, within a few yards of the church 
building. His grave is marked by an ancient stone, as shown in the accom- 
panying illustration. His last will and testament is one of the lengthiest 
recorded in Pennsylvania up to his death, and here follows : 

" In the Name of God Amen, I, Toby L^k:b, of the Township of Cheltenham, in the 
County of PbiUdelpbia, Gent-num, being siclc of body, bttt of Sound ft disposing Mind, 
Memory ft Judgmt Do make this my Last Will ft Testamt in mann'' ft forme following, 
Revoaldng ft Absolutely Annulling by these p^sents. All ft Every Testamt ft Testamts, 
Will & Wills heretofore by me made & declared with by word or by writing Notwith- 
standing any Promise to the Contrary or Qause derogatory in the Same, and this to be 
taken only for my Last Will ft Tcstam^ & none other a touching such Temporal Estate as 
God Abnighty has bestowed upon me, I do Order, Give, Grant, devise, bequeath ft dispose 
the Same in maun' & forme following. That is to say iupbimis. I Give, Grant, Devise, and 
Bequeath unto my Hdest Son Toby Leech ye plantation Late of Thomas Graves, deceased, 
TO HAVE & TO H(»j> the Same with all its Appurtenances to him, the s' Toby Leech my 
Son, His Heirs ft Assigns to his ft their own proper nse. Benefit & Behoofe for Ever. 
Item I give ft bequeath unto my s^ Son Toby Leech the morgagc that I have upon the 
plantation of Daniell Street whereon he now dwells 10 havi ft to bold the Same wth all 
its Appurtenances to him the s^ Toby Leech my Son His Heirs & assigns to his & their 
own proper use, Benefit & Behoofe for Ever. Item I give ft Bequeath unto my Son John 
Leech y* Brick house wherein be now dwdls w*^ its proposion of Kitchen and Lot to hati 
ft TO BOLD the same w^ all its Appurtenances to him the s^ John Leech my Son, His 
Heirs & Assigns to his ft their own proper use, Benefit ft behoofe for Ever. Irsii I give 
& bequeath unto my Son Thomas Leech the house & Lot bought of Thomas Sisom, to havk 
ft to hold the Same wtb all its Appurtenances to him the s^ Thomas Leech my Son, His 
Heirs & Assigns to his & their own proper use. Benefit & Behoofe for Ever. Item I give 
ft bequeath unto my Son Thomas Leech the Water Lot I bought of Joseph Pidgon to hate 
ft TO HOLD the same w^ all its Appurtenances to him the s' Thomas Leech my Son, His 
Heirs ft assigns to his & their own proper use. Benefit ft Behoofe for Ever. Itxm I give 
ft bequeath to my Son Thomas Leech all y* right, Title ft interest of a morgage of Samtiel 
Robinson, to hati & to hold the Same to him the sd Thomas Leech my Son, His Heirs 
ft Assigns. Item I give & Bequeath unto my Son Isaac Leech the house wherein I now 
dwell, w^ three hundred and sixty six acres of Land be it more or less, beginning at a 
post by y* Side of y* Race, South West twenty perches to a great Stone thence South East 
fifty perches to a Creek at John Ashmeads Line, From the sd Creek South West two 
hundred and Seventy-eight perches by John Ashmeads Lands to a Comer stone, thence 
North West by the Line of the Township one hundred and Kghty one perches to a comer 
post. North East by Abraham Shoomakers Land three hundred & fifty five perches to a 
white Oack tree, thence East by 66 D^rees, South fifty six perches to a Chnsnat Tree, 


North Sixty Eight Degrees, East 17 perches to a red Oak, thence down the Severall G>rses 
of y^ Race to the Place of beginning Eighty four perches, to have & to hold the Same 
wtb all its Appurtenances to him the s^ Isaac Leech my Son, His Heirs & Assigns to his & 
their own proper Use, Benefit & Behoofe for Ever. Item I give & Bequeath unto my son 
Jacob Leech the remaining part of Six hundred Acres of Land whereon I now dwell wth 
three fourth parts of the Com Mill & fulling, to have & to hold the Same w^ all its 
appurtenances to him the s^ Jacob Leech my Son, His Heirs & Assigns to his & their own 
proper Use, Benefit & Behoofe for Ever. Item I give & Bequeath to my son Isaac Leech 
the Remaining fourth part of y^ Com Mill & fulling, to have & to hold the Same w^ all its 
Appurtenances to him the s^ Isaac Leech my Son, His Heirs & Assigns to his & their own 
proper use. Benefit & Behoofe for Ever. Item I give and bequeath to my four Sons John 
Leech, Thomas Leech, Isaac Leech & Jacob Leech the severall tracks of Land hereafter 
mentioned. That is to say, five hundred Acres of Land in y^ County of Chester, viz: Six 
hundred Acres of Land Scituate lying & being on White Clay Creek in the County of New 
Castle on Delaware viz: five hundred Acres of Land Scituate lying & being in y^ County 
of Philad* in y^ Province of Pensilvania viz: five hundred acres of Land bought of Meg 
Farland, I do by these Presents Order, Devise & bequeath these four tracks of land to be 
Equaly divided and Distributed between my four Sons John, Thomas, Isaac & Jacob, 
TO HAVE & TO HOLD The Same in Even & Equall Parts to the s^ John, Thomas, Isaac, & 
Jacob Leech, their Heirs & Assigns to their proper Use & behoofe for Ever. Item I give 
& bequeath unto Toby Leech, Son of Toby Leech Jun. y^ Lease which I have upon y* 
plantation where Samuell Honneybrook now dwells with all my right, title & Interest, 
to have & TO HOLD the Same vi^^ all its Appurtenances to him the s<i Toby Leech, Son of 
Toby Leech, Jun, His Heirs & Assigns to his and their own proper Use, benefit & behoofe 
for Ever. Item I give & bequeath to Thomas Leech, Son of John Leech, the Lodge House 
adjoining to y^ house wherein y« s^ John Leech now Dwells, to have & to hold the Same 
w^ all its Appurtenances to him the s^ Thomas Leech son of John Leech, His Heirs & 
Assigns to his & their own proper Use, Benefit & behoofe for Ever. Item I give and 
Bequeath to my Son Toby Leech my Negro Ben to have and to hold y^ s^ Negroe Ben to 
him His Heirs & Assigns for Ever. Item I Give & bequeath to my Son John Leech my 
Negroe Coffey to him his Heirs & assigns for Ever. Item I give & bequeath to my Son 
Thomas Leech my Negro Girle Bety to him his Heirs & Assigns for Ever. Item I Give & 
bequeath to my Son Isaac Leech my two Negros Cuggo & Cate, to him his Heirs & Assigns 
for Ever. Item I Give & bequeath to my son Jacob Leech my two Negros Busso & Fillis, 
to him his Heirs & assigns for Ever. Item I Give & bequeath to my two sons Isaac Leech 
& Jacob Leech as follows. Viz. that is to say all my Horses, Mares, & Colts & Cows & Calfs 
& Sheep & Lambs & Carts, plough, Harrow and Harness & Utensills, and all my household 
goods. I do by these p^sents Order, Devise & bequeath Unto my two Sons Isaac & Jacob 
Leech to be Equally Divided to have & to hold the Same in Even & Equall parts to y* s^ 
Isaac & Jacob Leech their Heirs & Assigns for Ever, provided Nevertheless what household 
goods my dear wife have a mind to furnish her room She shall have Dureing her life & then 
to be Equally divided between my two Sons Isaac Leech & Jacob Leech. Item I give 
and Bequeath to my dear wife Hester Leech my Negro Girle Cate for her own proper 
Use to Dispose of as she thinks fit Item I give & Bequeath to my Dear wife y^ Sum of 
Eight pounds a year to be paid by my Son Toby Leech his Heirs & Assigns Dureing her 
pure widowhood. Item I give & Bequeath to my Dear wife y^ Sum of Eight pounds a year 
to be paid by my Son John Leech his Heirs & Assigns Dureing her pure widowhood. Item 
I give & bequeath to my dear wife y^ Sum of Eight pounds a year to be paid by my son 
Thomas Leech his Heirs & Assigns Dureing her pure widowhood. Item I give & bequeath 
to my Dear Wife y« Sum of Eight pounds a year to be paid by my Son Isaac Leech his 
heirs & Assigns Dureing her pure widowhood. Item I give & bequeath to my Dear Wife y* 
Sum of Eight Pounds a year to be paid by my Son Jacob Leech his Heirs & Assigns 
•7 209 


Dureing her pure widowhood But in case she should marry againe, I do will that Each of 
my five Sons Shall pay her but four pounds a year Dureing her life. Item I do will that 
all my bonds, bills, books, debts shall be divided into Six Equall Parts. Item I do give & 
bequeath to my Son Toby Leech one six part of y^ above mentioned bonds, bills, books, 
debts, to him His Heirs & Assigns for Ever. Item I do give & bequeath to my Son John 
Leech One six part of y^ above mentioned bonds, tnlls, books, debts, to him his Heirs & 
Assigns for Ever. Item I do give & bequeath to my Son Thomas Leech One Six part of 
the above mentioned bonds, bills, books, debts, to him His Heirs & assigns for Ever. Item 
I do give & bequeath to my Son Isaac Leech one Six Part of y* above mentioned bonds, bills, 
books, debts to him his heirs & Assigns for Ever. Item I do give & bequeath to my Son 
Jacob Leech One Six part of y^ above mentioned bonds, bills, books, debts to him, his 
Heirs & assigns for Ever. Item I do give & bequeath the Other Six part between my 
four grandchildren Dorothy Penrose, Sarah Penrose, Bartholomew Penrose & Thomas 
Penrose to be Equally divided amoungst them. Item I do give & bequeath to my Dear 
Wife all my Cash & Silver tanker & Spoons to her own proper Use. Item I do give & 
bequeath to my two Sons Isaac Leech & Jacob Leech my two fifths of y^ Stock in 
G>mpany to be Equally divided between them for their own proper use & Benefit Item 
I do give & bequeath to my two Sons my negro Jack to their own proper Use & Benefit of 
Isaac Leech & Jacob Leech. I do will & appoint my Son Thomas Leech & Isaac Leech to 
be my Exrsts of this my last Will & Testamt. 

" In witness Whereof I the sd Toby Leech to this my Last Will & Testamt Contained 
in three sheets of paper whereunto I have set my hand & Seal this Seventh day of Aprill 
Anno Dom One thousand Seven hundred & twenty foure. 

Toby Leech [seal] 
Signed, Sealed Published & 
Delivered in the presence 

John Dooson 

David Puce 

John Henderson 

Edwabd Bourk" 

Toby Leech married at Gloucester Monthly Meeting,* in England, 26 
10 mcmth, December, 1679, Esther f Ashmead, daughter of [John?] and 
Mary Ashmead, of Cheltenham, England. She survived her husband but a 
short time, and died at his seat, 11 August, 1726, and was buried by his 
side. Her mother, Mrs. Mary Ashmead, died in 1690, when letters of 
administration on her estate were granted at Philadelphia, unto ''Tobias'' 
Leech, who, the record states, was the husband of her daughter Esther. 
From the tombstone of their son, Jacob Leech, it appears that they had eight 
children. The inscription on the son's stone styles him " of eight bom last 
save one." Only six children are named in the father's will, so it is assumed 
that two died young. Toby, Jun^, was born in England, and it is possible 
that his sister Esther was also bom there, but the others were no doubt bom 
in Pennsylvania. 

* Friends Records at Somerset House, London. 

t Usually called Hester in family papers and other records. 



Children of Toby* and Esther (Ashmead) Leech: 

i. Toby Lee^h', born circa 1680; died 23 March, 1726-27 (O.S.) ; married Han- 
nah . 

ii. Esther Leech', born circa 1682; died in 1713; married (i) Captain Bartholomew 

Penrose; (2) Nathaniel Poole. 
iiL John Leech', bom circa 1683; died in 1745; married Mary Harrison, 
iv. Thomas Leech', bom circa 1685; died 31 March, 1762; married (i) Mrs. Ann 

Moore, a daughter of John Stacy; (2) Mary Rivers. 
V. Cnnj)", name unknown; probably died young. 

vL Isaac Leech', bom in 1692, died 10 December, 1744; married Rebecca Hall, 
vii. Jacob Leech', bora in 1693; died 28 January, 1750; married (i) Isabella Fisher; 

(2) Eleanor Robeson, 
viii. CHnj)", name unknown; probably died young. 

TOBY LEECH, JuN»^ eldest child of Toby Leech^ by his wife Esther 
Ashmead, was bom at Cheltenham, England, in 1680; died in Cheltenham 
Township, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, in March, 1727. He was a 
farmer, and resided in Cheltenham Township, on a plantation of two hundred 
acres, possessing, besides this one, another plantation of the same dimensions. 
He was a vestryman of Trinity Church, Oxford. He had a wife, Hannah, 
whose maiden name is unknown. She is mentioned in her husband's will, 
dated 23 March, 1726-27, and doubtless survived him. The will names the 
children given below, all of whom were under age at the making thereof. 

Children of Toby* and Hannah Leech ; bom in Cheltenham township : 

i. Toby Leech*, married (i) Mary Keen; (2) Hannah . 

ii. Abraham Leech*, born in 1715; died in 1787; married Margaret Paul. 

iii. Isaac Leech*, married (i), in 1734, Mary Richardson; (2), before 1750, Eliza- 
beth . 

iv. Jacob Leech*. 

V. Rebecca Leech*, married (i) Samuel Miles, of Cheltenham, who died in 1731; 
(2) Joseph Paul, who joins his wife in deeds executed in 1742 and 1750. 

vi. Dorothy Leech*, married, before 8 March, 1754, Willard, by whom she had 

a daughter, Dorothy, who married David Hufty. 
vii. Hester Leech*, who died before 8 March, 1746. She married Jacob Hall, who 
joined his wife in a deed, 11 February, 1741-42.* He died in 1746, and his 
will, dated 8 March, and proved 24 June, same year, names daughters Esther 
and Eleanor, 
viii. Sarah Leech*. Either she, or her cousin, Sarah, daughter of John Leech, married 
Reverend .£neas Ross, son of Reverend George Ross, and brother of Honor- 
able George Ross, of Delaware, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. 

ix. Hannah Leech*, married, 15 May, 1742, Jacob Duffield. She survived her hus- 
band, and was the executrix of his will, dated 29 September, and proved a 
November, 1774, smd in which these children are named: Jacob, Richard, 
Esther, Joseph, Hannah (wife of Thomas Groom), Thomas, Abraham, and 
Edward. Mr. Duffield resided in Lower Dublin Township, and served as 
ensign in the French and Indian War. 

X. Mary Liech*, married, 26 April, 1743, John Wilmerton. 

• PhiladelphU Deeds, H, xzL 590. 



ESTHER LEECH*, ddest daughter and second child of Toby LeecW 
by his wife Esther Ashmead, was bom circa 1682, and probably shortly 
before her parents removed from Cheltenham, England, to Pennsylvania, but 
possibly shortly after their arrival in that Province. She married (i), circa 
1703, Captain Bartholomew Penrose, who was bom in England, and came 
to Philadelphia about 1700. He died at Philadelphia, and was buried in the 
groimds of Christ Church, 17 November, 171 1. He was a sea-captain and 
ship-builder, and the founder of the well-known Penrose family of Phila- 
delphia.'^ Shortly after his death his widow married, for second husband, 
Nathaniel Poole, also a ship-builder, at Philadelphia. This union continued 
but for a short time. She was buried in Christ Church grounds, i April, 


Children of Captain Bartholomew and Esther* (Leech) Penrose; all bora 

at Philadelphia: 

i. Dorothy PENSOSif, born circa 1703; died 11 August, 1764; married Isaac Shoe- 

ii. Sarah Pknros^, bom circa 1705; died 26 April, 1777; married Richard Mather, 
and had issue. 

Hi. Bartholombw Penrosi, Jun**, bom circa 1708; died i Febraary, 1758; married 
Mary Kirll. They are the ancestors of Honorable Boies Penrose, United 
States Senator from Pennsylvania, and their daughter Mary became the wife 
of Major-General Anthony Wayne, the eminent Revolutionary soldier. 

iv. Thomas PKNsosif, bom circa 1710; died 17 November, 1757; married Sarah 
Coats, and had issue. 

JOHN LEECIP, second son of Toby Leech* by his wife Esther Ash- 
mead, was bom in Cheltenham Township, circa 1683; ^^^ ^^ Philadelphia, 
in December, 1745, or January, 1746. He resided in that city, and was 
a merchant there. For many years he was the Vendue Master of the city, 
and conducted his public sales " in one of the comers under the Court 
House." He was a member of Christ Church, where most of his children 
were baptized, and in the graveyard of which he was buried. He married 
Mary Harrison, daughter of John and Mary Harrison. Her father was one 
of the leading carpenters and builders of Philadelphia, and her niece became 
the wife of the eminent Dr. William Shippen, the elder. Upon the death 
of Mr. Leech, his widow continued the business in which her husband had 
engaged, and in her will, dated 22 June, 1751, proved 17 June, 1784, she 
is styled " shop-keeper." 

* A History of the Penrose Family, by the present writer, was published in 1903. 
t For a record of the descendants of Isaac Shoemaker and Dorothy Penrose, see " The Shoe- 
maker Family of Cheltenham," published in 1903. 



Children of John* and Mary (Harrison) Leech: 

i. John Leech', died in 1760, probably unmarried 

ii. Hester Leech*, bom 2 September, 1720; married (Trinity Church, Oxford) 
Bryan Wilkinson,* and had issue. 

iii. Mary Leech*, baptized 27 February, 1722-23; married, 9 August, 1740^ Jacob 
Kollock, Juni^, son of G>lonel Jacob Kollock, an eminent citizen of Sussex 
County, Delaware. The son, also, was prominent in that county, and served 
there as lieutenant in the militia, high sheriff, clerk of the courts, justice of 
the peace and of the courts, and collector of the port of Lewes. His daughter, 
Mary Kollock, married John Swift, Esq^, who was for many years collector 
of the port of Philadelphia. 

iv. Sarah Leech*. 

V. Rebecca Leech*, bom in 1726; died 14 December, 1803; married, 25 March, 1749, 
Captain Henry Ash, who died at Philadelphia, and was buried in the grave- 
yard of Christ Church, 22 January, 1761. He was native of Ireland, and 
became a sea-captain, and settled in Philadelphia before his marriage. He was 
a contributor to the Pennsylvania Hospital. His eldest child by Rebecca 
Leech was Colonel James Ash.f 

vi. Joseph Leech*, baptized 27 June, 1729, "seven weeks and five days old." In 
1756 he served as lieutenant in the Philadelphia Regiment of Associators. 

vii. Thomas Leech*, named in his father's will, 
viii. Benjamin Leech*, baptized 9 May, 1736; died young. 

ix. Benjamin Leech*, baptized 2 August, 1737; is named in his father's will. 

HONORABLE THOMAS LEECff , third son of Toby LeechS by 
his wife Esther Ashmead, was born in Cheltenham Township, circa 1685, 
and died at Philadelphia, 31 March, 1762. In his early manhood he removed 
tp the latter city, establishing himself there as a merchant, and attaining 
prominence in the public life of both the city and Province. From 1723 until 
1727 he was clerk to the Provincial Assembly. In 1730 he was elected a 
member of that body, and was annually re-elected until 1749. In 1756 he 
was again chosen a member, and annually re-elected until his death, serving, 
in all, twenty-six years. He was twice chosen Speaker of the Assembly, — in 
1758 and 1759. When first chosen, 2 January, 1758, the Assembly waited 

* Mr. Wilkinson was a son of Anthony Wilkinson, and grandson of Samuel Wilkinson, and 
resided in Oxford Township. His will, dated 8 September, 1791, proved 15 October, 1794, names 
daughter Rebecca Holme ; daughter Hester Wilkinson ; son John Wilkinson ; grandchildren Esther 
and Margaret, the children of his deceased daughter Elisabeth Craig; grandchildren Elisabeth, 
Bryan, and Mary, the children of his deceased son Anthony Wilkinson, and son-in-law James Craig. 
The latter was a master mariner, who married (i) Elisabeth Wilkinson, and (2) her cousin, Mary Ash. 
Captain Craig died 29 September, 1800, aged sixty-nine jrears, and was buried in Christ Church 

t CoLONBL Jambs Ash was bom at Philadelphia, 9 December, 1749 ; died there, 99 January, 
1830. He was a member of the Provincial Convention and the Committee of Correspondence in 1775, 
and in 1776 he was one of those chosen by Congress to sign the $4,000,000 issue of bills of credit 
ordered at that time. In 1777 he served as lieutenant in General John Cadwalader's brigade of militia. 
After the Revolution he became colonel in the militia. From 1788 until 1791 he was high sheriff of 
Philadelphia, and from 1796 until 1799 an alderman of the city. He married three times, and left 



upon the governor, as was its usual custom on such occasions, and presented 
the newly elected Speaker. The governor announced that he "very much 
approved the action of the House." 

In 1749 Mr. Leech became a member of the first Board of Trustees of 
the Collie of Philadelphia, now the University of Pennsylvania, remaining 
a member until his death. In 1751 he was appointed by the Assembly one 
of the commissioners to examine the Schuylkill River, ascertain a place 
for bridging it, and estimate the cost of such project, and in 1757, 1758, 
and 1759 he was Treasurer of the County of Philadelphia. He was a mem- 
ber of the committee which procured the now famous " Independence Bell," 
and was one of the trustees in whom the title to the State-House and other 
public buildings was vested by Act of Assembly passed 17 February, 1762, 
within six wedcs of his death. 

Mr. Leech was a devout Episcopalian, and a prominent member of Christ 
Church, serving as a Vestryman thirty-two years, and Church Warden five 
years. In 1727 he was a member of the committee to supervise the building 
of the church edifice, and in 1751 he was appointed to a similar capacity in 
supervising the work of constructing the steeple. Shortly before his death 
he took an active part in founding St. Paul's Church, under the aisle of 
which he was buried. His death is thus noted in the Pennsylvania Gazette 
of 8 April, 1762: 

"On the 31st ult, in the evening, departed this Life Thomas Leech, Esq., in the 
77th year of his Age, and in the afternoon of the Sunday following was interred in St 
Paul's Church, in this City, where a sermon, suitable to the occasion, was preached by the 
Reverend Mr. William McQenachan, A.M., and Minister of that Church, to a crowded and 
weeping congregation. He was a citizen, not more distinguished for the Honour conferred 
on him, in several offices of public trust (which he discharged for a long series of years, 
with the approbation of his country), than for his amiable and familiar virtues in the mild 
majesty of private life, where he shone as a practical Philosopher, and a sincere christian, 
abounding with unaffected goodness and exemplary piety, and a most rare pattern of that 
ancient simplicity which so beautifully characterized the first Fathers of our Metropolis, so 
that the words of the Poet may with the greatest propriety, be applied to him : 

" ' Bom to no Pride, inheriting no strife. 
But led by virtue thro' the Paths of life ; 
Stranger to Discord and to Civil Rage, 
The good man walk'd innoxious thro' his Age. 
No Courts he saw, no suits would ever try. 
Nor dar'd an Oath, nor hazarded a Lye. 
Well tho' he knew the schoolman's subtle art, 
Yet more he loved the language of the heart. 
By nature honest, by experience wise, 
Healthy by temp'rance, and by exercise. 
His life tho' long, to sickness past unknown. 
His death was patient, and without a groan.' " 



He married (i), 31 July, 1722, Mrs. Ann Moore, widow of Moore, 

and daughter of John Stacy.* She was buried 26 February, 1726-27, and 
he married (2), 2 September, 1728, Mary Rivers. Both marriages arc 
recorded in the register of Christ Church, and all of his children were bap- 
tized there, 6 January, 1736-37. 

Children by first wife : 

i. Hestek Leech*, born 28 Aprils 1723; married (i), 23 January, 1746, Philips Kol- 
lock, who died before 17 November, ,1762, when she married (2) Robert San- 
derson, who died in 1770. 

ii. John Leech', born 3 June, 1725, and probably died before his father, as he is not 
named in the will of the latter. 

iii. Thomas Leech*, bom 18 February, 1726-27; died i August, 1778; married (i) 
Mary Coatam; (2) Margaret Coatam. 

Child by second wife : 

iv. WnxiAM Leech', bom 24 June, 1729; died in 1764; married, 4 September, 1751, 
Elizabeth, daughter of Walter Moore, and had issue: Walter Moorx Leech* 
and Sarah Leech\ 

ISAAC LEECH, Esq**, fourth son of Toby Leech* by his wife Esther 
Ashmead, was bom at Cheltenham Township, in 1692; died there, 10 
December, 1744, and was buried in the grounds of Trinity Church, Oxford, 
where the stone marking his grave is still standing, and with which church 
his family was identified. He was a wealthy farmer and tanner, and pos- 
sessed a large landed estate. Under the will of his father he received the 
mansion house of the latter, together with three hundred and sixty-six acres 
of the home plantation, and a one-fourth interest in all of the other planta- 
tions which the father owned at his death. His father also bequeathed unto 
him two of his slaves, Cuggo and Cate. He also acquired by purchase 
other large and valuable landed interests. As early as 1727 he had attained 
to sudi standing among his fellow-citizens that in that year he was one 
of the two chosen High Sheriff of Philadelphia County. It was the custom 
during the colonial period to choose at the annual election two persons as 
sheriff, and to return the names of both to the governor, who selected and 
commissioned one of them. On the occasion named, the governor's choice 
fell to Owen Owen, Esq"", the other name returned. Owen had held the 
office the previous year. At his death Mr. Leech was serving as one of the 
justices of the peace and of the courts of Philadelphia County, having been 
commissioned to that position, 10 April, 1741, by Governor Thomas. 

Upon the filling of the inventory of his personal estate, the same was 
appraised at £1505 i&f. 4d., and the items contained in that document indi- 

* John Stacy was the only son' of Robert Stacy, who was prominent hi the settlement of West 
New Jersey, and served m the Assembly and Coondl 0^ that Provfaice. 



cate a commodious, well-appointed, and wdl-fumished mansion. One of 
the rooms is described as the " Blue Room," and another as the " White 
Room,'' and among the furnishings of the parlor a " comer cupboard with 
China and Delph Ware" are mentioned. Another item named is a "silver 
tankard," which, if preserved, will probably be found to have engraved upon 
it the armorial bearings of the family. 

Mr. Leech married Rebecca Hall, daughter of Joseph Hall by his wife 
Rebecca Rutter, and granddaughter of Jacob Hall, Esq*".* Her sister, 
Susanna Hall, married John Rush, and became the mother of the eminent 
Dr. Benjamin Rush, a signer of the Declaration of Independence; and another 
sister, Sarah Hall, was the wife of Reverend Samuel Finley, President of 
Princeton College, 1 761-1766, and the great-grandmother of Dr. Samuel 
Finley Breese Morse, the inventor of the electro-magnetic telegraph. 

Upon the death of Mr. Leech, his widow married, as second wife, 
Reverend Richard Treat, D.D., Minister of the Abington Presbyterian 
Church. She died at the seat of her son-in-law, Samuel Erwin, Esq"", i July, 
1785, in her seventy-sixth year. The Pennsylvania Gazette of 20 July, that 
year, thus notes her death : 

** On the first instant, died, at the house of Mr. Samuel Erwin, in the Manor of More- 
land, Mrs. RsBECCA Tbeat, widow of Rev. Dr. Treat, late of Abington. She was a woman 
of strong and decisive mind, and remarkable for a quick and penetrating discernment She 
was engaged in the early part of her life in active and busy scenes, and was distinguished for 
the firmness and prudence of her conduct. But this is her lowest praise. She was a good 
woman and pious christian, exemplary in the discharge of all the private and relative duties, 
beloved by her friends, and respected by all who knew her. She bore her last illness with 
christian resignation, and when exhausting nature after a few struggles gave up the contest, 
she calmly sank away and expired in the 76^ year of her age. She was interred in the 
grave where the venerable remains of her former husband were deposited, and a funeral 
sermon well adapted to the occasion was preached by the Rev. Mr. Tenant i G>r. 15-54-" 

Mr. Treat was graduated at Yale College in 1725, and in 1731 was 
ordained pastor of the Abington Presbyterian Church, and remained such 
until his death, in 1777. His will refers to his wife Rebecca, as "widow 
of Isaac Leech." The latter's will, dated 14 October, 1744; proved 7 
February, 1745 ; names the children given below : 

Children of Isaac* and Rebecca ( Hall ) Leech : 

i. Isaac Leech*, died 20 February, 1763; married Martha Thomas, 
ii. Thomas Leech*, died in 1804, without issue. He married, 31 March, I774f Mrs. 

Hannah Tyson, "widow." 
iii. Samuel Leech", bom 6 January, 1736; died 27 May, 1822; married Anne Stewart 
iv. Rebecca Leech", married Samuel Erwin, Esq', who died at Philadelphia, 26 July, 

1798, in the seventy-fourth year of his age. His widow was living in 1804, 

• See mention of Jacob Wall, E8q^ on page 330. 



Y. Joseph Leech', died in Lower Dublin Township, 23 March, 1805, without issue; 
married, 11 June, 1755, Ann Thomas, sister of his brother Isaac's wife. She 
died 5 July, 1812. 

vi. Jesse Leech*, bom 4 April, 1741. 

vii. Mary Leech", bom 4 May, 1743; married, as second wife, 11 March, 1777, Archi- 
bald McLean, Esq^, by whom she had a daughter, Esther McLean. Mr. 
McLean was for many years one of the leading men in York G>unty, Pennsyl- 
vania. He was a noted surveyor, and assisted in the survey of " Mason and 
Dixon's Line." He was a member of the York G>unty G>mmittee of Observa- 
tion in 1774, and the prothonotary of the county and clerk of the courts from 
1777 until his death in 1786. 

CAPTAIN JACOB LEECH*, youngest son of Toby Leech^ by his 
wife Esther Ashmead, was bom in Cheltenham Township, in 1693, and died 
there, 28 January, 1750. He was a farmer and miller, and resided on a por- 
tion of the homestead plantation. This portion, consisting of two htmdred 
and thirty-four acres, he received under the will of his father. The father also 
devised to him three fourth parts of the com and fulling mill, and a one- 
fourth interest in all of his other plantations. In 1727 Jacob Leech was one 
of the two elected by the people, coroner of the county of Philadelphia, but 
Govemor Gordon gave the commission for the position to Joshua Finchcr, 
the other candidate voted for. In 1747 several regiments were organized in 
the Province for service in what is known as the French and Indian War, and 
Mr. Leech was commissioned Lieutenant in Captain Thomas Yorke's com- 
pany in the Philadelphia County Regiment commanded by Colonel Edward 
Jones. The following year Captain Yorke retired from service, and was 
succeeded in the captaincy by Mr. Leech. 

Captain Leech was an Episcopalian, and a vestryman of Trinity Church, 
Oxford, in the grounds of which he was buried. He married (i), 25 July, 
1728, Isabella Fisher, daughter of Joseph Fisher, Esq*", who died in Dublin 
Township, Philadelphia County, in 171 7, possessed of three thousand acres 
of land in that county. Mr. Fisher was commissioned a justice of the peace 
for Philadelphia County, in 1715, and his father, Joseph Fisher, Esq"", was a 
member of the Assembly in 1689. Captain Leech married (2), 4 April, 1733, 
Eleanor Robeson, daughter of Andrew Robeson,* Esq"", of Roxborough, 

Children of Captain Jacob* and Eleanor (Robeson) Leech: 

i. Mary Leech*, born 25 February, 1733-34; died young, 
ii. Jacob Leech', born 18 August, 1735 ; married, in March, 1766, Elizabeth Swift 

* Andrbw Robkson removed from Gloacester County, New JerBey, in 17M, and settled near 
Rozboroogh, on a large plantaUoo which he purchaied about that time. Prior to his removal he had 
served for some years as one of the judges of the courts of Gloucester County, and had been a mem- 
ber of the West New Jersey Assembly, and of the Governor's Council in that Province. He died at 
his seat near Roxborough, in February, 17B0, leaving a large estate and a number of children. 

>• 317 


iii. Hakakt Loni*, bom 9 Ti hii, 1737; mam^ M J 

. EtTHO Lttcm', hoTB II October, 1741 ; died Ttnog. 
. Elsanw Lbich', born 38 October, 1744; nusisd (Ik 
t of Ac M«d R 

TOBY LEECH, 3d>, the eldest mo of Tobjr Leech, Jtm^, ms bon b 
Cheltenham Township, date of birth not Icnoini. and died tfaoe in 1751. 
Letters of administration on his estate were granted to his widow Hannah 
I.eech, 16 April, 1751, the latter afterwards man^'tng Thomu Kentoo. of 
Fbilndelphia County. Mr. Leech resided in Oxford Township, and BBtried 
( I ) Mary Keen, daughter of J<4ui Keen * by his wife Soawnh Sleehan; 

(3) Hannah . 

Children of Toby Leech, 3d', by his wife Mary Keen: 

I. SuiANMAU Lncu*, born in 1738; died 6 July, 1814; muried, 39 DhoAO', 176^ 
Ucnjamia Cettnun, who wu for fort j -i c » ca fmn dtuMlil/ ■ mbJMB ^ 
warden of Trtnitr Church, Oxford. Tlxr bad iMoe. 
ii. ToBtAi LucH*, bom in 1741 : described, in 1766^ " of Oxford TowuUh cov" 
iii. lltNjAwiN LncH*, born in 1743; deicribed, in 1766^ 'of Gennntowm nmn. 
Iv. llAMRAn LncH*. bom in 1744; nurricd Tbomu Wigitai^ of FUbd^M- 

AHRAHAM LEECH', second son of Toby Leech, Jun^, wif tan k 
Cheltenham Township, in 1715, and died near Frankford. Philadel(*ia, in 
17H7. lie ninrried Margaret, daughter of Henry Paul t by his wife Ann J 

I'hildreii of Ahrnham' and Margaret (Paul) Leech: 

i. Saiaii I-uch', married Yo»t Yonker, bj whom she had thirteen ehil*m 
il. IIkrhy Lucu*. 
Hi. Ahaham Lncu*. 

iv. MAWiAiBT Lbk-ii'. married Richard Whiiehead, Esq', and died without iw« 
V. Ohaiiiaii Ijciu'M*, married Sarah Frobaaco, and bad issae. 
vl. Amok'ii*, died unmarried, 
vli JtwRi'ii I.XKrH*, died unmarried. 
viiL Marv Ijoth*. 
ia KiaaivA I.kki-ii\ married Thomas McDcweli. and had issue. 

CAPTAIN THOMAS LEECH', second son of Honorable - 
l«^-h' by his wife Ann Stocy, was bom at PhiUddphia. 18 r 
ir-'d .•;:* tlinl there, 1 August, 1778. He was a nuster mariner.j- 

• S«- ■■ lV«-*n.l«i«« «l Jntan Kyn." PenniirlTania M.gaiiM ol »^^*^ 
t llKnav l-AVt. WM a Mn (4 Jowph Panl, an nrlj P«iin«Tl«W|'" '^_^^ 

iiM. Smwf-nwwhlrr, Knittand. and waa • member of Iha PenniyhwiM 

nwnri. NHil tlw fouiHlcr nl th« promfnenl faianrfll Ifcwrnaw '" 

In tUhmX Townritlp. 1,1 June. i<Mi died In 17751 " " ""' 



at Philadelphia. As early as 1753 he was in command of vessels sailing from 
Philadelphia. During the following year, while on a passage from the Island 
of Jamaica, his ship was captured by a French man-of-war, and he was car- 
ried to Port au Prince and imprisoned there. On 8 June, 1757, he was 
commissioned second-lieutenant of the Province man-of-war " Pennsylvania," 
commanded by Captain John Sibbald. This ship was employed in the service 
of the Province for the defence and protection of the trade and navigation 
thereof. Captain Sibbald resigned his commission two years later, when he 
was succeeded by Captain Leech, who was recommended for the position, to 
the Governor and Council, by Captain Sibbald, in the following certificate : 

"I, John Sibbald, do hereby certify that Thomas Leech, Juil, was my Second Lsm- 
tenant on board the Pennsylvania Frigate, during her cruizes. That he behaved hiaitelf 
in that Station with great care and assiduity, and performed every part of his duty to my 
aatisfaction, and I am of the opinion that he is capable, and of sufficient Sldll, Courage and 
Capacity to conunand and take charge of the present Ship of War designed for the Protec- 
tion of the Trade of this Province. 

" Given under my hand this Twenty-eighth day of May, 1759. 

Jno. Sibbaui.' 


About the time the War of Independence was b^^n, Captain Leech 
retired from active service at sea. In 1776 he was one of those chosen by 
Congress to sign the issue of four millions in bills of credit, then ordered 
by that body, and in December of that year he was appointed by the Council 
of Safety " to take charge of the sick soldiers in and near the City/' Cap- 
tain Leech was an Episcopalian, and was one of the founders of St Paul's 
Church, Philadelphia, of which he was a vestryman. He married ( i ) Mary, 
daughter of Thomas Coatam by his wife Mary Preston. She died circQ 
1759, and he married (2) Margaret Coatam, sister of his first wife. She 
died 16 December, 1822, aged eighty years, and was buried in St. Paul's 

Child by first marriage : 

i. Mary Leecb*, bom 2 September, 1758 ; died 17 July, 1857 ; married John Jenldns, 
and had issue. 

Children by second marriage : 

ii. Ann Lmmcb*, born 5 October, 1761 ; died 25 March, 1834 ; married, as second 
wife, Honorable Nathaniel B. Boileau,* whose former wife was her sister. 

* HoNOEABLB NATHANIEL B. BoiLBAU was of Modtgomery Coantyp Pennsylvania, and dkd 
there, 16 March, 1990, aged eightj^eight years. He was gradnated at Princeton College in 1789, and 
became prominent in public life. Augc, in " Lhres of Eminent Dead of Montgomery Connty," wmy 
that Mr. Boileau *' was in many re a pec ts the greatest man Montgomer y County ever produced." He 
was many years a member of the Pennsylvania Assembly, and Speaker of that body, and was Secre- 
tary of the Commonwealth throughout the war of iSia. His son, Thomas Leech BoUeau, became a 
member of the Philadelphia bar. 










iii. Hester Leech^ born 19 August, 1762; died i August, 1763. 
iv. Hester Leech\ born 2 November, 1764; died 12 September, 1797; married, at 
I first wife, 3 June, 1795, Honorable Nathaniel B. Boileau. 

\ k Y. Thomas T.efxth*, bom 31 October, 1767 ; died 2 September, 1769. 

vi. Charlotte Leech\ bom 15 March, 1770; died 3 May, 1792. 
yii. Thomas Leech\ bora 2 April, 1772. 

viii. John Leech*, bora 11 December, 1773; died 19 December, 1799. 
ix. Harriet Leech\ bora 2 October, 1775 ; died 17 May, 1847. 
^ X. Margaret Leech\ bora October, 1777 ; died 29 August, 1778. 

ISAAC LEECH, Jun*^, son of Isaac Leech, Esq^, by his wife Rebecca 
i Hall, was bom in Cheltenham Township, probably prior to 1730, and died at 

the family seat there, 20 February, 1763. The father desired the son to 
become a tanner, and to this end he devised him the homestead place, together 
with the plantation, gardens, tan-yard, bams, stables, etc., appurtenant thereto, 
and directed that he should assist his mother in carrying on the tanning 
business until he attained his majority, at which time he was to take the 
business, and the mother was then to supply him with one hundred pounds 
in money to assist him in his tanning operations. The father also gave him 
his one-third interest in the " Frankford Mills." The son complied with the 
father's wishes, and became a successful and pro^rous tanner, and died 
possessed of a valuable estate. 

He married,* 25 January, 1753, Martha Thomas, daughter of Evan 
and Rachel Thomas,t of Lower Dublin Township, Philadelphia County. She 
married, for second husband, Richard Martin, son of Richard Martin, Esq^ 
On 31 October, 1765, William Ashbridge and John Vandevering were ap- 
pointed guardians of Isaac, Rachel, Rebecca, and Martha Leech, ** children of 
Isaac Leech, of Cheltenham, tanner, deceased.'' j: 

Children of Isaac* and Martha (Thomas) Leech: 

i. Isaac Leech*, bom 12 March, 1754; <iic<i ^ June, 1834; married Sarah Holcombe. 

iL Rachil Lebch\ married, at Abington Meeting, i July, 1779, Thomas Mather, son 
of Bartholomew Mather, and had issue. 

iii. Rebbcca Leech\ married Benjamin Austin. 

lY. Mabtha Liech\ bom 8 October, 1760; died 23 December, 1849; married, in 1781, 
Robert Shoemaker, bom in deltenham, 29 December, 1754; <ii^ ^^ Philadel- 
phia, 8 October, 1796; son of Benjamin and Mary (Comly) Shoemaker. Th^ 
had issue.§ 

* Records of Trinity Church, Oxford. 

t Evan Thomas resided in Lower Dublin Township, and was a Quaker. He married, at 
Abington Meeting, 50 December, 1717, Rachel, daughter of Jonathan and Rachel Livexey. He was 
possessed of a goodly estate, and died in 1746, and names in his will, dated 18 July, same year, chil- 
dren Martha, Ann, Mary, Jonathan, Evan, David, and Elixabeth (daughter of Thomas Townsend), 
and brother Robert. His widow, Rachel, married, as second husband, James Arfouckle, of Philadel- 

t Orphans' Court Records, Philadelphia. 

) See " The Shoemaker Family of Cheltenham," 70, 71. 


CAPTAIN SAMUEL LEECIP, third son of Isaac Leech* by his wife 
Rebecca Hall, was born in Cheltenham Township, 6 January, 1736; died 
there, 2^ May, 1822. He married, 18 February, 1768, Anne Stewart, who 
is named in her husband's will, dated 12 June, 181 7. He was a farmer, and 
a prominent citizen of Cheltenham Township, where he resided on an estate 
which was devised to him by his father. He was a member of the Committee 
of Correspondence for Philadelphia County in 1775, and was in service in 
the Revolution as captain of a company in the Third Regiment, Philadelphia 
County Militia, commanded by Colonel Benjamin McVaugh. His death is 
thus mentioned in the Advertiser of 29 May, 1822 : 

" Departed this life, on the morning of the 27th inst, Mr. Samuel Leech, of Chelten- 
ham, Township, Montgomery G>unty, in the 87th year of his age. The deceased was a 
man much esteemed by all who knew him, and his remains were followed to the grave \tf 
a numerous and respectable concourse of his fellow citizens." 

Captain Leech was the first of his family in Pennsylvania to depart from 
the faith of the Episcopal Church. He became a member of the Abington 
Presbyterian Church, where his children were baptized, and in the graveyard 
of which he and his wife are buried. His change of religious faith was 
probably due to his step-father. Reverend Richard Treat. 

Children of Captain Samuel^ and Anne (Stewart) Leech: 

i. RsBECCA LlzCH^ baptized 11 June, 1769; became the second wife of Reverend 
Joseph Patterson,* a Presbyterian clergyman. 

ii. Mabgauet Leech\ baptized 13 June, 1771 ; died in 1798. 

iii. James Leech\ baptized 25 July, 1773 ; died in 1794. 

iv. Richard Tbeat I^ech\ bom 3 October, 1775; died at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, a6 
August, 1856; married Miss Steinman. 

V. Samuel Erwin LEECH^ bom 21 June, 1781 ; died 23 April, 1849. He was a promi« 
nent man in Montgomery County; was County Commissioner in 1833; mem- 
ber of the Assembly in 1836-1838; a justice of the peace in 1838, and treasurer 
of the county in 1839. He married, and had issue. 

ISAAC LEECH, 30*, only son of Isaac Leech, Jun^*, by his wife Martha 
Thomas, was born at the family seat in Cheltenham Township, 12 March, 1754; 
died there, 26 Jtme, 1834. After his father's death he was sent to school 
at Germantown, and the account filed in the settlement of the father's estate, 
in 1768, names payments made on account of the son's " keeping, clothing, 
and schooling when boarded at Germantown." He learned the tanning busi- 
ness, and engaged in the same, as had his paternal ancestors for three genera- 
tions, and like them, he became a land-owner. In 1777 he was enrolled in 
the militia, as a member of the company commanded by his cousin, Captain 

* See sketdi of Reyerend Joseph Patteraoo in " Old Redstone ; or, Historical Sketches of Western 
Presbyterianism," 586-411 ; slso in Sprssue's Annals. 


Jacob Leech, and later, by his cousin Captain Samud Leech, but he does not 
appear to have gone into active service in the Revolution. On 20 October, 
1779, he took the oath of allegiance, and was then styled ^'of Chdtenham, 
tanner." * He married, in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, 8 February, 1781, 
Sarah Holcombe, who died 23 November, 1825. She was a daughter of 
Richard Holcombe by his wife Mary Harvey, and granddaughter of John 

Issue of Isaac^ and Sarah (Holcombe) Leech: 

L Isaac Leich', born 18 March, 1782. 

iL RiCHAU) H. Leich', born 25 March, 1764; married and removed with his hnSty 
to Kentucky. In a letter to his sister, Mary Yerkes, dated at New Philadel- 
phia, Harden County, Kentucky, 22 May, 18120^ he stated that his home was 
" Doe Run," and that he had three sons and three daughters. 
ilL Mary Leich', bom 26 June, 1786; died 25 July, 1858; married Silas Yerkes. 

(See their family record on pages 60 and 61.) 
iv. Mastba Leech", bom 8 August, 1789; married Aquilla Newbura. 
V. Joseph Leech", bom 26 November, 1792. Richard H., in a letter to hjs sist^, 
Mary Yerkes, in 1819, states that his brother Joseph had gone to New Orleaot. 
He was living at his father's death, and had issue. 
vL Rachel Leech", bora 20 October, 1795 ; married Henry Rorer, and had istae. 
vii. Robert Leech", bom 14 July, 1802; died 27 May, same year. 
viii. Sakah Leech", bom 26 February, 1804; married Joseph McCarter. 

Leech* by his wife Anne Stewart, was bom in Cheltenham Township, 3 

* His will, dated lo July, 1831, names son Isaac ; daughter Mary, wife of Silas Yerkes ; daughter 
Martha Newhwn ; daughter Rachel Rorer ; daughter Sarah McCarter ; soa Joseph, and son Richard's 

t John Holcombs, a land-owner in Amwell Township, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, as early 
as 1707, became, in 1714, one of the first justices of the courts of that county. He was active in town- 
ship aiSairs, and held the offices of chosen freeholder, tax collector, overseer of the poor, and surveyor 
of highwajTS. He married, st Abington Meeting, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, 98 April, 1707, 
Elizabeth Woolwich. His will, dated xx sixth month (July), 1743, and proved 51 August, same year, 
names wife Elixabeth ; daughters Margaret and Julianna ; son Richard ; grandsons John and Jacob 
(sons of son Samuel) ; granddaughter Elizabeth Colvin, and brother Jacob Holcombe. It is believed 
that John Holcombe was a son of Richard Holcombe by his wife Sarah, daughter of Captain Thomas 
Holme, the first Surveyor-General of Pennsylvania. Captain Holme, in his will, gives a legacy to the 
"children" of his daughter Sarah, "wife of Richard Hokombe." Jacob Holcombe, the brother of 
John, was for many years a Minister in the Society of Friends. He resided in Bucks County, Penn- 
4^1vania, where he died 50 August, 1748. His eldest son, Thomas, was probably named after his 
grandfather, Captain Holme, while his eldest daughter, Sarah, was probably named after his (Jacob's) 
mother. Jacob Holcombe mentions in his will spoons marked " R. H.," which initials, it is thought, 
were those of his father. It will also be observed that John Holcombe named one of his sons Richard. 

Richard Holcombe, of the text, resided in Amwell Township, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, 
where he was a large land-owner. He married (i) Mary, daughter of Thomas Harvey, Sen', of 
Makefield Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania ; (a) Hannah [Ann] Emley, of Hunterdon Cotinty. 
His will, dated 96 December, 1783, and proved 13 January, 1784, names wife Ann ; only son John ; 
sister Mary, wife of Samuel Furman ; daughter Sarah, wife of Isaac Leech ; and daughter Mary, wife 
of Thomas Holcombe (a son of his brother Samuel). His son-in-law, Isaac Leech, was one of the 
executors of the will. 



October, 1775; died at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, 26 August, 1856. He was 
a commissioner of Montgomery County in 1802 ; a member of the L^;i8lature 
of Pennsylvania in 1809 and 1810; and from 7 December, 1813, until 13 
February, 1818, he held the office of Surveyor-General of Pennsylvania. 
During the war of 1812 Mr. Leech, with every clerk in the Surv^or-General's 
office, except one, joined the army. The regiment to which they were attached 
remained at York for some weeks, and although his company marched to 
Baltimore, it was never called into action. At the expiration of his service 
as Surveyor-General, he removed to Pittsburg, where he engaged in mercantile 
pursuits, but returned to the State capital in 1821. In 1825 he was chosen 
an elder in the First Presbyterian Church at Harrisburg, and continued sucli 
until 1837, when he again removed to Pittsburg. He was a man of fine abili- 
ties, of very firm, decided character. In political connections he was identified 
with what was then known as the Federal party, and gave it strong support 
In his official relations he was greatly esteemed. " The course of public events 
was ever watched by him with deep and zealous interest ; and every violation 
of true principle in the conduct of national events caused him pain as if an 
injury had been done to a dear friend. He was a thorough Christian 
patriot." * He married Miss Steinman, of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 

' Egl«'s Notes uid On^rks (fourth series), 1. 413. 




HOMAS RUTTER, Esq"', a native of 
England, where the name R utter had 
been an honorable one for many genera- 
tions, was one of the early Pennsylvania 
colonists. He was a man of marked in- 
telligence and energy ; was prominent 
among the enterprising and pubUc spirited 
men of his time, and rendered valuable service in the upbuild- 
ing of the material interests of Pennsylvania. He had ac- 
quired in his native country the useful art of blacksmithing, 
and it is possible that he came to Pennsylvania in the employ 
of William Penn, to engage for him as a worker in iron, the 
suggestion of which possibility is found in the facts that he 
was married at Penn's Manor House, and received from 
Penn a grant of two hundred acres of land as compensation 
for " smith's service." 

William Penn had great faith in the mineral wealth of 
his Province, and early entertained the hope that he would 
gain large advantages therefrom, and from the outstart he 
sought to stimulate the colonists to develop this wealth. 
Thomas Rutter was one of the first to respond to such 
stimulation, and he made his interest in the subject mani- 


fest, as was natural in view of his technical knowledge of iron, in the direction 
of mining for iron ore. He began prospecting for ore, and, at the same time, 
enlisted others to join with him in such enterprise. 

Under date of January, 1702, the land records of the G)mmissioners of 
Property make mention of seven hundred and sixty-two acres of land as then 
in the possession of " Thomas Rutter's and Company," and James Logan, 
Penn's secretary, in a letter to Penn in the same year, writes : " I have 
spoken to the chief of those concerned in the iron mines, but they seem care- 
less, never had a meeting since thy departure. Their answer is that they 
have not yet fotmd any considerable vein." " Those concerned" were, no 
doubt, the members of the company styled " Thomas nutter's and Company" 
by the Commissioners of Property. 

Rutter was not discouraged by his early unsuccessful mining efforts, but 
continued prospecting until he found ore in paying quantities. This point 
reached, he built a smelting-fumace, and began the manufacture of iron, thus 
securing for himself the high honor of being the first in Pennsylvania to 
manufacture iron from ore. His achievement is thus mentioned in a letter 
written in 1717 by Jonathan Dickinson: "The last summer, one Thomas 
Rutter, a smith, who lived not far from Germantown, hath removed farther 
up the country, and of his own strength has set up making iron. Such it 
proves to be, as it is highly esteemed by all the smith's here, who say that 
the best Sweed's iron doth not exceed it." 

The section of territory to which Rutter removed was known as the 
" Manatawny," deriving its name from the Manatawny Creek, which flowed 
through that part of the country. It then formed a part of Philadelphia 
County, but fell in Berks when that coimty was organized. The reason 
which prompted the removal was no doubt a desire on his part to be in close 
touch with his iron operations, which were located near by the Iron Stone Creek, 
an important branch of the Manatawny. His furnace was on the former 
stream. A few years after he erected the furnace he leased the same to a 
company of capitalists, who operated it many years, under the name of the 
Colebrookdale Furnace. He also built a forge, known as Pool Forge, and 
organized a company to conduct it, Rutter himself owning interests in the 
company. In the will of his son John the forge is called " Rutter's Forge." 

Mr. Rutter's iron enterprises were recognized by the public authorities as 
a valuable factor in conserving the material welfare of the Province, which 
recognition was clearly manifested in 1723, when a public road was opened, 
leading from his mines to the " great road" which led from that region to 

* Montgomery's History of Bucks County, 964. 



In the tax-list of Philadelphia G)unty, in 1693, Mr. Rutter is assessed 
in both Bristol and Germantown townships. At this time he was probably 
residing on his plantation in Bristol Township, but later removed to within 
the corporate limits of the borough of Germantown, where, in 1706, he wa3 
chosen bailiff, — ^the chief executive officer of the borough, — in which capacity 
he presided, 1 1 January, 1 707, at the last sitting of the Court of Record held 
under the borough charter.* 

In 171 3, 1714, 1727, and 1728 Mr. Rutter was chosen a member of 
the Provincial Assembly, and during the latter year he participated in a 
noted Conference, held in the " Great Meeting House" at Philadelphia by 
a number of Indian chiefs with the governor of the Province and his Council. 
Rutter was well known to and highly esteemed by the Indians, and when 
the famous Delaware chief, Sassoman, came to make his address, he recog- 
nized the presence of Rutter, and asked the latter to take a seat beside 


Thomas Rutter's early religious affiliations were with the Society of 
Friends. He was a member of the Philadelphia Meeting at the time of his 
marriage, but soon after attached himself to Abington Meeting, on the records 
of which the births of his three eldest children are entered. He later became 
a Baptist, his change of faith occurring during the schism which arose, in 
1 69 1, among the Friends. He took a prominent part in that movement as 
one of the followers of the noted George Keith, and was baptized after the 
order of the Baptists. He had been a Minister among the Friends, but now 
became one among the Baptists, and for a time he was the Pastor of the small 
congregation of that sect in Philadelphia. He baptized a number of persons 
who, later, were prominent in the Baptist denomination. Among such was 
the Reverend Evan Morgan, the third pastor of the Pennepek Baptist Church. 
One of the incidents of the movement to which allusion has been made was 
the writing of a pamphlet by Francis Daniel Pastorius, published in 1697, 
and entitled " Henry Bernard Koster, William Davis, Thomas Rutter, and 
Thomas Bowyer, four Boasting disputers of this World, Rebuked and 
answered according to their Folly, which they themselves have manifested in 
a late pamphlet, entitled Advice for all Professors and Writers." 

Thomas Rutter died at Philadelphia, in March, 1730, and his death is 
thus mentioned in the Pennsylvania Gazette of that month : 

" March 15— On Sunday night last died here, Thomas Rutth, S^ after a short ilkiess. 
He was the first that erected an Iron Work in Pennsylvania.** 

* Watson's Annals, il. 301. 

t Pennsylvania Colonial Records, iiL 318, 319. 



He married (Friends' ceremony), lo January, 1685, Rd[>ttca Staples.* 
She was living at the date of her husband's will, and probably survived him. 
The principal provisions of his will, dated 27 November, 1728-29, and proved 
at Philadelphia, here follow : 

" I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Anna Nutt y^ Sume of five pounds Cifrrant 
mony of Pensilvania, And to her Sons Thomas Savage and Samuell Savage, all mj right, 
title and Interest in and to ye rocks and Quarries of Stone, in y^ German Township, in the 
Land whereon Daniel Howels mill standeth or appertaineth to^ To hold to them their Heirs 
and Assigns forever to be equally divided between them. Item: I give and bequeath unto 
my Daughter Rebecca Hall, Sixty pounds Currant mony of Pennsylvania: Item: I give 
and bequeath unto my Son Thomas Rutter one third part of ye one hundred acres of Land 
Leased to y^ Furnace Company with y^ one third part of y^ said furnace. Iron ore^ or 
other appurtenances to y« s^ one hundred acres of Land. Item: I give unto my Daui^ter 
Mary Rice, five Shillings. Item: I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Martha Doughty, 
y« Sume of Forty pounds Currant mony of Pennsilvania. Item: I give and bequeath unto 
my Son John Rutter, y^ Sume of five Shillings. Item: I give unto my Daughter Hester 
Hawkley, y^ Sume of Sixty pounds Currant mony of Pennsylvania. Item: I give and 
bequeath unto my Son Joseph Rutter, the one third part of the furnace. Iron oare, and other 
its appurtenances with the one third part of y^ one hundred acres of Land leased to y* 
furnace Company, And allso Two third of my other land adjoining to y^ furnace land. 
To him his heirs and assigns forever, allso Two third parts of y^ forge and of y^ hundred 
acres of land whereon y^ forge Standeth and of y^ Utensils and appurtenances thereunto 
belonging. Item : I give unto my Son Tho* Rutter, over and above what is above Mentioned, 
all that my plantation and tract of Land in Bristol Township, with y^ appurtenances. To 
him his heirs and assigns forever, provided that he pay all my Legasies herein mentioned, 
being one hundred and Seventy-five pounds & Ten shillings. Item: I give unto Samuel 
Nutt, y^ Sume of Ten pounds Currant mony of Pennsylvania. Item: I give unto Joseph 
Hall, Sen^, y^ Sume of Ten pounds Currant mony of Pennsylvania. Item: I give my 
burying 3rard in the Bristall Township To all my Children & Grand Children and their 
posterity for y^ use of a burying ground forever. The quantity to be one half acre in a 
Square. All which y« above Legasies Shall be paid unto them to whome the Same is 
bequeathed, or to their Heirs or Assigns after y^ Decease of my Executrix, and not before, by 
my Son Thomas Rutter as is before mentioned. Item : I give my Executrix full power and 
authority To all or any part of my Lands, Sdtuate at Mahanatony, not herein before 
bequeathed, To sell toward paying my Just debts by and with y^ Consent and advice of 
my two Sons in Law Samuel Nutt and Joseph Hall. Item: I give and bequeath all y^ 
residue of my Estate,* Goods, Chattels, rents, Leases, and all other my Estate, which is 
hereinbefore bequeathed, unto my beloved wife Rebecca for and during her Natural Life, 
Provided She remaine a widdow, but in ease She Marry, She shall have her Dowry as y^ 
Law Directs, and I do hereby appoint my beloved wife Rebecca whole and Sole Executrix 
of this my last will and testament, and I do hereby appoint my two Sons in Law Samuel 
Nutt and Joseph Hall, Trustees, to see this my Testament performed, and to assist my 

Children of Thomas* and Rebecca (Staples) Rutter: 

L Anne Rutter', bom 25 October, 1686; died in August, 1760; married (i) Samuel 

Savage; (2) Samuel Nutt. 
iL Rebecca Rutter', bom 9 November, 1688; married Joseph Hall. 

* It is possible that the name was Stapler, not Staples. 



iiL Thomas Rutteb^, born 26 October, 1690; buried 3 July, 1734; married (i) 
Sarah —^; (2) Mary Catharine Gheslin. 

IT. John Rurm', bom in 1693 ; died 17 November, 1735 ; married Mary 

Y. Masy Rutter', married Edward Rees. 

vL Maktha Rutter*, married Doughty. 

viL Hester Rutter', married Henry Hockley. 
' viiL Joseph Rutter*, died in 1732. His will, dated 14 February, 1731-32, styles him of 
Amity Township, and names wife Mary and son Thomas. 

ANNE RUTTER*, eldest child of Thomas Rutter* by his wife Rebecca 
Staples, was born in Philadelphia County, 25 Ckrtober, 1686; died in August, 
1760, possessed of large wealth. She married (i) Samuel Savage, who died 
in 1720; (2) Samuel Nutt, who died in 1737. Both husbands were iron- 
masters. Savage was admitted a freeman of Philadelphia, in 1708, and 
became actively identified with Thomas Rutter in the iron business. Nutt 
came to Pennsylvania, in 17 14, from Coventry, Warwickshire, England; 
purchased a large tract of land in Chester County, and engaged extensively 
in the manufacture of iron. He founded the Coventry Iron- Works, the first 
iron-woiics set up in Chester County, and gave to the plant its name, in honor 
of the place of his nativity. He also established the Warwick Furnace, 
naming it after the county in which he was bom. 

Children of Anne Rutter* by her first marriage : 

L Thomas Savagi^, died mimarried in 1739. 

iL Samuel Savagi^, died in 1742; married, in 1731, Ann, daughter of Isaac and 
Martha Taylor. Issue: Samuel Savage*, who died without issue; Anna 

SavagS*, who married Walker; Maktha SavagS*, who married Thomas 

Hockley; Ruth Savage*, who married James Hockley; and Maey SavagH*, 
who married William Crooks. 

iiL Joseph Savagi^. 

iv. John Savagi^, died young. 

y. Ruth Savagi^, died 7 January, 1786; married, 11 April, 1734, John Potts, who 
became a prominent iron-master, and the founder of Pottstown, Pennsyl- 

vL Rebecca Savage", died in 1800; married (i)» 17 May, 1733, Samuel Nutt, Jun'; (3) 
Robert Grace. The latter marriage is thus mentioned in the Pennsylvania 
Gasette of ap May, 1740: " We hear from French Creek, Chester County, that 
on Monday last Mr. Robert Grace, of this city, was married to Mrs. Rebecca 
Nutt, an agreeable young Lady, with a fortune of Ten thousand Pounds." 

REBECCA RUTTER*, second daughter of Thomas Rutter* by his wife 
Rdbecca Staples, was born in Philadelphia County, 9 November, 1688, and 
probably died before her husband, as she is not named in his will, dated 8 

* For an account of his ancestry and descendants, see Potts Memorial, published in 1874. 



February, 1727-28. She married Joseph Hall, son of Jacob Hall, Esqr.* 
Joseph Hall resided on his plantation in Oxford Township, Philadelphia 
County. He was a brewer and a large land-owner, and a vestryman of 
Trinity Church, Oxford. He died in 1731. 

Children of Joseph and Rebecca* (Rutter) Hall: 

i. Thomas Hall*. 

ii. John Hall*, who resided in Byberry, and was a captain in the Provincial service. 
iiL Joseph Hall', who was a tanner, and married, 18 January, 1753, Mary, daughter 

of Joseph Fisher, Esq', 
iv. Theodorus Hall*, who married, ap April, 1729, Gertrude Goodwin, and removed 

to Kingwood, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, where he died circa 1759^ 

leaving issue. 
V. Jacob Hall*, who was a captain in the Provincial service in 1748, and was several 

times commissioned a justice of the peace and of the courts of Philadelphia 

vL Rebicca Hall*, bom in 1709; died i July, 1785; married (i) Isaac Leech, Esq' 

(see page 215) ; (3) Reverend Richard Treat 

* Jacob Hall, Esq', emigrated to Pennsylvania, from Macclesfield, Chester County, England, 
in 1684, having, about the time of his emigration, purchased of William Penn a tract of five hundred 
acres in his Province. He was, no doubt, a passenger on the ship ** Friendship.'' John Worthington, 
who sailed in the same ship, died on the voyage, 17 January, x684t having, on the previous day, made 
his will, naming Jacob Hall one of the executors.* Hall administered, and is styled in the probate 
record, "of Bucks County," where he is assumed to have settled immediately after his arrival. 
In a deed of 6 January, 1691-92,1 he is styled "of Bucks County, but formerly of Macclesfield, co. 
Chester, Old England," and he doubtless removed about that time to Philadelphia County, as in a 
power of attorney made two months later,} he is styled of that county. He established his residence 
at Tacony, in the latter county, and continued there until his death in xToa On 6 May, 1693, he was 
commissioned by Governor Fletcher a justice of the peace and of the courts of Philadelphia County. 
Among the others commissioned at the same time were Anthony Morris and Francis Rawle, founders 
of the well-known Philadelphia families bearing their respective surnames. His will, dated 99 Sep- 
tember, 1699, proved at Philadelphia, 98 September, 1700, styles him, "of Taconi, Gent.," and names 
sons Jacob, Joseph, and Solomon ; daughter Sarah Taylor, and Sarah Charlesworth, " aunt of my 
children." It is believed that the maiden name of his wife was Charlesworth, and that she was a sister 
of Sarah Charlesworth. The latter married Henry Mallows, of Oxford Township, and, as his widow, 
died there in 1723, disposing by will of almost her entire estate to either the children or grandchildren 
of Jacob Hall, naming them individually as " cousins." She also bequeathed a sum of money for the 
purchase " of a settlement for a minister of Oxford Church." 

Jacob Hall, the eldest son of Jacob Hall, Esq', was bom 8 February, 1679. He died in Oxford 
Township, in 17x2, leaving, to survive him, a widow, Ellen, and children Jacob, Mary, and Elisabeth. 
On 20 December, 1707, he sold three tracts of land in Philadelphia County to Edward Shippen, and 
shortly before that date he purchased a tract in Oxford Township. 

Joseph Hall, second son of Jacob Hall, Esq', resided in Oxford Township, where he died in 
173X. He married Rebecca Rutter, as stated in the text. 

Solomon Hall, the third son named in the will of Jacob Hall, Esq', was a freeholder, and a 
member of Trinity Church, Oxford. He died in September, 1731, leaving a wife Elizabeth, (who 
married, as second husband, 4 January, 1733, William West), and children John, Solomon, Sarah (who 
married David Davis), and Mary, all of whom were living 30 August, 1750.} 

Sarah Hall, apparently the only daughter of Jacob Hall, Esq', married Peter Taylor, and 
surviving him, died in 1741, leaving a will in which she names a number of children.) 

* PublicatioiM ol Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania, i. 906. f Bucks County Deeds, i. 357. 

X Ibid., 359. i Philadelphia Deeds, H, L sax. 

I Philadelphia Wills, F. 291. 



vii. Susanna Hall*, who married (i) Joseph Harvey; (2) John Rush, of Bybeiry, 
by whom she became the mother of the eminent Dr. Benjamin Rush, a signer 
of the Declaration of Independence; and also the mother of Honorable 
Jacob Rush, a justice of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, and many years 
President Judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia, 
viii. Sarah Hall*, who married, 26 September, 1744, Reverend Samuel Finley, D.D^ 
president of Princeton College. 

ix. Hannah Hall*. 
X. Ruth Hall*, who married Elisha Hall, Esq^, of Cecil County, Maryland. 

xi. Maky Hall*. 

xii. Chablesworth Hall.* 

THOMAS RUTTER, JuN«^ eldest son of Thomas Rutter* by his 
wife Rebecca Staples, was bom in Philadelphia County, 26 October, 1690, 
and was buried in the graveyard of Christ Church, at Philadelphia, 3 July, 
1734. He was an iron-master, and was associated with his father in the iron 
business. He received, under his father's will, a plantation in Bristol Town- 
ship; also one-third interest in the iron furnace, together with certain iron- 
ore interests, and other property. In 1729 he was elected a member of the 

Provincial Assembly. He married ( i ) Sarah . She joined her husband 

in a deed, 14 August, 1724, but died before 10 August, 1728, on which day 
he married (2) Mary Catharine Gheslin, daughter of Caesar Gheslin.* She 
married for second husband, 24 July, 1735, William Pyewell, and had issue 
by both marriages. 

Children of Thomas Rutter, Jun^*, by first marriage : 

i. Rebecca Rutter', born in 1721 ; baptized at Christ Church, 17 November, 1734. 
iL Sarah Rutter", bom in 1724; baptized at Christ Church, 17 November, 1734. 

Children by second marriage : 

iii. Catharine Rutter', baptized 4 January, 1729-30, aged three weeks; buried 16 

March, same year, 
iv. Thomas Rutter', baptized 30 January, 1732, aged two weeks; became a prominent 

iron-master, and was for many years one of the justices of the peace and of the 

courts of Berks County. 
V. Mary Rutter', baptized 2 December, 1733, aged two weeks; buried s February, 


JOHN RUTTER*, second son of Thomas Rutter* by his wife Rebecca 
Staples, was bom in Philadelphia County, in 1693; ^^^^ there, 17 November, 
^735 f 2tnd was buried in the graveyard of Christ Church, Philadelphia, in 
which city he resided. He was baptized by the Rector of that church a few 
days before his death. He had a wife Mary, who joined with her son, Thomas, 
17 September, 1748, in conveying property. 

* Cmsak Ghbslin was a Huguenot, and removed from France to London, England, before 
9 September, 1698, on which day he was naturalized in that city. Emigrating to Philadelphia, be 
established himself there as a silversmith. He was buried in Christ Church, 13 February, 1733-34. 




Children of John* and Mary Rutter : 

L Thomas Rurm', who became a tnerdiant at Philadelphia, 
ii. Rebecca Rutteb^. 

MARY RUTTER*, third daughter of Thomas Rutter* by his wife 
Rebecca Staples, married Edward Rees, whose will, dated at Amity Town- 
ship,* Philadelphia County, 28 January, 1738-39, and proved 13 April, 1739, 
names wife Mary and the children named below. 

Children of Edward and Mary* (Rutter) Rees: 

L Thomas Rees*. 
ii. Joseph Rees*. 
iiL Peter Rees*. 
iv. Edward Rees*. 
V. Rebecca Rees*. 
vL Ruth Rees*. 
vii. Mary Rees*. 

HESTER RUTTER*, probably the youngest daughter of Thomas Rut- 
ter* by his wife Rebecca Staples, was living in Chester County, Pennsylvania, 
as late as 2 January, 1762. She married Henry Hockley, of that county, who 
received a patent for two hundred acres of land there, 17 December, 1735, 
and one for one hundred and twenty acres, 28 Ckrtober, 1748. In 1749, 1750^ 
and 1 75 1 he was a representative of that county in the Provincial Assembly. 
His will, dated 2 January, and proved 12 February, 1762, names wife Hester, 
and children James, Thomas, Abigail (wife of John Patrick), and Ruth, and 
granddiildren Ruth, Henry, and Nancy Teaf. 

Children of Henry and Hester* (Rutter) Hockley: 

L Thomas Hockley*, died in Chester County in 1780; was an iron-master; was com- 
missioned a justice of the peace for Chester County, 23 May, 1770^ and was 
active in the struggle for Independence, serving as colonel of one of the militia 
regiments of his county, and as a member of the Committee of Observation. 
He married his cousin, Martha Savage (see page aap). 

ii. Jambs Hockley*, a miller, who, in 1773, was elected a member of the Assembly, 
and in 1784 was appointed one of the Commissioners for making the Schuylkill 
River navigable and preserving the fish there. He married his cousin, Ruth 
Savage (see page aap). 

iii. Abigah. Hockley*, married 15 O:tober, 1755, John Patrick, an iron-master. 

iv. Ruth Hockley*, probably married Teaf. 

* Now in Berks County. 


*hoinas Livezey 

r, igland, and one 

in Penn. Ptob- 

Otain Markbaniy 

iT nn; served on 

leUfty II January, 

t =Achel Taylor. 

Thomas = Racnel Liverey, 




Joseph Hf 
d. in England ; • 
at Oxford, Phil 
delphia, in 1731 
vestryman of Trii 
ity Church, O: 
ford ; brewer ar 

Septem- j 
Friend, ^ 
ibington ^ 
d estate. «• 

d. 15 May, 

a fre 



istopher Broom = Elizabeth Link. 

Imerchant in the 

im Liberties, 

elphia^ and </. 

25 March, 



Abbott, Williatn Strong, 120. 

Anderson, Amelia Owsley 

Ayres, Rachel, 42. 

Adams, Edward T., 161. 

Mrs.), 68. 

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Sarah, 212. 

Canby, Benjamin, 53. 

Church, Abijah B., 64, 125. 

Sophia, 54. 

Susanna, 30, 53. 

Lucy, 64, 124. 

Susan Yerkes, 55. 

Cannon, James, 29. 

Rodah Bamum, 64. 

Cobum, Elizabeth Naomi, 

Camahan, Elmina, 155. 

Stella, 161. 


Carpenter, Samuel, 198. 

Clark, Adoniram Judson, 93. 

Cochran, Mary Francenia, 

Sue May, 137, 198. 

Anna A-, 97. 

III, 181. 

Carr, Charles, 42. 

Blanche Lulu, 104. 

William Logan Douglass, 

Courtland, 42. 

Catharine, 93. 


Eliza, 42. 

Charles H., 103. 

Co&ng, Abraham, 31. 

Hiram A., 42. 

Elijah Baily, 49, 92. 

Ann, 15, 31. 

Jane Murdock, 42, 59^ 

Elizabeth Dormida, 93. 

Grace, 31. 


Emma Maud, 104. 

Jacob, 31. 



Coffing, Margaret, 31. 

Coon, Joanna W., 122. 

Crum, George W., 163. 

Margaret (Mrs.)> 3i* 

Cooper, Alan Wood, 178. 

Cunningham, Rebecca, 129. 

Martha, 31. 

Cornelia, 72. 

Currie, Anna, 106. 

William, 31. 

Hetty Yerkes, 178. 

Curtis, Eunice, 138. 

Coffman, Ada Augusta, 133. 

John, 178. 

Jusdna, 186. 

Andrew Lacy, 133. 

John Haldeman, 108, 178. 

Cuyler, Susan, 105. 

Andrew Yerkes, 133, 

Cx>pe, Gilbert, 189. 

Annie Yerkes, 134. 

Copland, W., 85. 

Dager, Daniel H., 56. 

Edward Livingston, 133. 

Cornell, Alice Louisa, 63, 124. 

Daniel Hitner, 69^ 109. 

Eliza Yerkes, 133. 

Anna Elizabeth, 142, 200. 

Elizabeth Yerkes, 69^ 

Helen Margaret, 133. 

Harry J., 114. 


Isaac Zook (Dr.), 133. 

Jacob Krewson, 74, 124. 

Mary Hitner, 109. 

William Everhart, 134. 

Jesse, 76, 200. 

Peter, 109. 

Coggswell, William A^ 79. 

Marion J., 114. 

Robert Potts, 109. 

Coleman, Maria, 112. 

Mark J., 114. 

Dance, Ann, 37. 

Colladay, Jtdiana, 43, 76. 

William J., 114. 

Daniel, 37- 

William. 76. 

Corson, Martha EUen, 75. 

Jacob, 37. 

CoUom, John, 43. 

Costello, Catharine, 143. 

Danenhower, Cathanne, loa 

Martha, 21, 43. 

Thomas, 143. 

Charles, loa 

Colton, John, 162. 

Cottman, Benjamin, 218. 

George, 52. 

Colville, Georgia, 15a 

Coulter, Hannah, 58. 

George\ loa 

Colvin, Elizabeth, 222. 

Cx>vert Hamlin T., 125. 

Isaac, loa 

Comfort, Ann, 55. 

Coxhead, Mary, 74. 

Jacob, 100. 

Ezra, 55, 107. 

Craft, Bamet, 33. 

John, loa 

Jane, 54, 107. 

Hannah, 15, 32. 

Rachel, 100. 

Margaret (Mrs.), 55. 

John, 33. 

Darlington, Alfred, 113. 

Comly, Ellen, 99. 

Craig, Elizabeth (Mrs.), 213. 

Alfred Yerkes, 113. 

James, 42. 

Esther, 213. 

C Norman, 113. 

Mary, 22a 

James (Captain), 213. 

Ellsworth, 113. 

C>>mmons, William iC, 112. 

Margaret, 213. 

Darragh, Esther, 32. 

Conard, Samuel, 104. 

Crandal, Carrie L., 186. 

Thomas, 32. 

Conger, Ellison, 157. 

David Freeeman, 186. 

Davis, Ann, 10& 

Conley, Delazon, 197. 

Flora A., 186. 

Anne, 89, 157- 

Conn, William, 95. 

Frank M., 186. 

David, 23a 

Conrad, Ann, no. 

Frank R., 115, 186. 

Hannah, 56, 108. 

Edwin, III. 

L. Harold, 186. 

Hannah Matilda, 106. 

Hugh F., III. 

Merle S., 186. 

James C, 61. 

Martha, in. 

Rial Y., 186. 

John, 108. 

Nathan, in. 

Craven, Ann, 116. 

John (Ckneral), 47- 

William Y., in. 

Christiana, 69. 

William, 6» 227. 

Cook, Anne Edmunds, 166. 

Crispin, Silas, 15. 

William WatU Hart^ 

Gleorge Earle, 95. 

Croasdale, Belinda A., 99. 

(Ckneral), 47. 

(George W., 166. 

Bezaliel, 88. 

Deal, Joseph P., 88. 

Gustavus Benson, 95. 

Charles W., 88. 

Dean, Jane, 154. 

Gustavus Wynne, 167. 

Elizabeth (Mrs.), 88. 

Mary Ann, 64. 

Joel*, 50, 95. 

Ezra, 88. 

William (Cx>lonel), 37- 

Joel', 95, 165. 

Flora, 8a 

De Bree, Minnie, 84. 

Mary Paul, 166. 

James Madison, 88. 

De Coursey, Emily, 155. 

Richard Yerkes, 95, 165, 

Rachel, 23. 

Etta Long, 155. 


Crooks, William, 229. 

Forrest Chick, 155. 

Thomas (Captain), 95. 

Crosscup, Sarah E., 88. 

Frank Eugene, 155. 

William, 95. 

Crowl, Rachel A., 20a 

Holmes Sells, 155. 



De Coursey, Joseph Barasley, 

Margaret, 155. 

Morris Hogeland, 155. 

Roy, 155. 

Stephen, 87, 155. 

Stephen Philip, 155. 

William, 155. 

Walter Colton, 155. 
De Cue, Orinda Ellen, 148. 
de Forrest, Isaac, 73. 

Rachel, 72. 
de la Montagne. (See Mon- 

Dengler, Charles S., no. 

Mary, no. 
Dennis Hester, 45, 791 

Joseph, 80. 
Denny, Elizabeth, 115, 185. 

William, 185. 
Depue, Mary, 65. 
DcWees, William, 3. 
Dickinson, Alice, 15. 
Dilworth, James Ronaldson, 

Mary, 119, 190. 
Dirling, Isaac, 33. 
Dixon Leonora, 195. 
Dobbins, Wesley, 98. 
Dodson, John, 210. 
Donahue, Bridget, 175. 
Dotterer, Amos, 133. 

Mary F., 133. 
Doughty, Martha (Mrs.), 


Dove, Henry O., 1$^ 

Lottie, 85, 153. 
Drum, Mary E., 162. 
Du Bree, Charles, 144. 

Mary Jane, 77, 143- 
Duck, Ellinor, 6. 

Elizabeth, 6. 
Duffield, Abraham, 211. 

Edward, 211. 

Esther, 211. 

Hannah, 211. 

Jacob, 211. 

Jesse, 17a 

Joseph, 211. 

Richard, 211. 

Tacy A., 98^ 17a 

Thomas, 21 x. 

Dull, Catharine, 57, no, 180. 

Frederick, no. 
Dunbar, Catharine, 78, 147. 

Thomas, 147. 
Dungan, Emma J., 100. 

Esther (Mrs.), 20. 

Hannah, 11, 20. 

Sarah Ann, 86, 153. 

Thomas (Reverend), 20. 

Thomas, 20. 

William, 20. 
Dunham, Nellie, 83. 
Dunlap, Alice, 83. 

Ida L., 160. 

John W., 58. 

Mary, 82, 149. 

Mary H., 160. 

Rose, 160. 

Silas, 91, 160. 

Sarah E., 160. 

William, 83, 149. 
Dusenbury, B. M., 115. 

Earle, CJeorgc H., Jun', 167. 

Mary, 95. 
Easton, Martha A., 112. 
Eaton, George, 7. 

James, 12. 

John, 6, 7. 

Sarah, 6. 
Eckert, Georgiana, 172. 
Edmunds, Ann, 70, 71. 

Franklin Davenport, 165. 

John W. (Honorable, 

Mary Jane, 95, 165. 

Samuel, 71. 
Edwards, Alfred, 87. 

Eliza B., 87. 

George, 87. 

Harriet, 87. 

Jesse, 47, 87. 

Morgan (Reverend), 6. 

Rachel (Mrs.), 34. 

Susanna, 47, 87. 
Egbert, Lydia, 97. 
Ehret, Ella, 100, 173. 
Eisenhower, Alonzo Dallas, 

Elldns, George, 43. 

William L^ 43. 
Ellis, Arden Myron, I2X. 


Ellis, Greorge Myron, 121. 

Margaret, 100. 

Mary, 140. 

Ray Elwyn, 121. 

Stephen Thomas, 121. 
Ellison, David, 29. 
Ellsworth, Eliza, 83. 
Emery, Ellen Yerkes, 150. 

John C, 83, 149. 

Josiah, 149, 15a 

Zachary Taylor, 150. 
Emley, Hannah or Ann, 222. 
Engle, Herbert D., 126. 

James, 126. 
Entrican, David, 83. 

Jane, 83. 
Erwin, Samuel, 216. 
Esler, Elizabeth, 195. 
Evans, Daniel, 12. 

Lydia, 171. 
Evarts, William M. (Honor- 
able), 66. 
Everhart, Eliza, 41, 68. 

John, 68. 
Ewing, Elisha R., 183. 

Eva, 112, 183. 

Mary Louisa, 112, 183. 

Faub, Ariantje, 72. 
Feaster, Mary, 74. 
Featherman, Susan, 42. 
Felker, Henry, i6a 
Fell, Sarah, isis. 
Feltberger, Susanna, 181. 
Fenton, Elizabeth L., 76. 

Esther Y., 76. 

John T., 76. 

Lynford, 77. 

Mary Ann, 77, 

Rachel C, 77. 

Regina, 77, 

Sarah Y., 77. 

Simeon, 43, 76. 

Thomas, 76. 
Ferguson, George, 160. 
Ferring, Kate, 163. 
Ferris, Hannah T., 173. 
Fetter, Casper, 45. 

Janette R., 142. 

Margaret, 43, 75. 

Richard R., 77. 

Sne, 171. 



Fifer, Anna Mae, ii8. 

Freedy, Frederick, 105. 

Glenn, Joseph W., 105. 

George Frederick, ii8. 

Fries, Daniel, 106. 

Mary Ann, 54, 108. 

Fincher, Joshua, 217. 

Isabella, 54, 106. 

Samuel Harison, 105. 

Finley, Samuel (Reverend), 

Frost, John C, 36. 

Samuel R., 105. 


Fulmer, Caroline, 154. 

Sarah Frances, 105. 

Finney, Elizabeth, 124. 

Elwood, 170. 

Thomas Allen (Colonel), 

Sarah, 78. 

Fulton, , 14. 


Fish, Lavma, 160. 

Mary Ann, 114, 183. 

Godfrey, Rebecca J., 202. 

Sarah, 77. 

Furman, Mary (Mrs.), 222. 

(joodfellow, James, 165. 

Fisher, Isabella, 211, 217. 

Samuel, 222. 

Goodfleck, Laura, 169. 

Joseph, 217, 230. 

Goodman, Oscar A., 164. 

Mary, 230. 

Gage, Silas, 46. 

Goodwin, Gertrude, 23a 

Fitler, Barbara, 165. 

Gallagher, Michael Harkness, 

Gordon, Jacob, 43. 

Fitzgerald, Harrington, 109. 


Patrick (Governor), 217. 

Harry Yerkes, 202. 

Galley, Annie, 155. 

(jorman, Anna Ester, 181. 

Howard Harold, 202. 

Gamble, (jeorge Newton, 194. 

James, 181. 

John Wilford, 149, 202. 

Susanna Guttridge, 120, 

Gould, Ann Maria, loi. 

Maude Irene, 202. 


Betsey Louisa, loi. 

Michael, 202. 

Gardiner, Elizabeth, 27. 

Charles Henry, loi. 

Roy Campbell, 202. 

John, 27. 

Cyrus, loi. 

Flack, Mary, 155. 

Peter, Sen^, 27. 

Daniel, loi. 

Flahart, Sadie, 141. 

(Gardner, Ann Eliza, 102. 

Mary Eliza, loi. 

Flanders, Charles Biglow, 

Esther, loi. 

Grace, Robert, 229. 


Maria Antoinette, 83. 

Graham, Albert W., 182, 183. 

Elizabeth Yerkes, 199- 

Solomon (Captain), 152. 

John W., 92. 

William, 199. 

Gaskill, Abraham, 172. 

Mabel Dell, 182. 

William David, 199. 

Albert Guy, 172. 

Grant, Abram*, 85. 

William Newell. 138, 199. 

Bryant Earling, 172. 

Abram*, 85. 

Fleming, Sarah, 14, 27. 

Elmer Yerkes, 172. 

Addie M., 121. 

Floumey, Thomas (General), 

Guy Bryant, 172. 

Alexander, 46, 85. 


Gaul, Catharine, 148. 

Anthony, 14. 

Force, Harman Yerkes, 68. 

Gaunt, Elizabeth, 14, 27. 

Caroline H., 85. 

Isaiah, 68. 

Thomas, 27. 

Elizabeth, 85. 

Stephen Yerkes, 68. 

Geib, Harry B., 173. 

Jane, 14. 

William H., 68. 

Gemer, Vera, 125. 

Joseph Watson, 85. 

Ford, Louisa, 183. 

(ktchell, Alice, 94. 

Mary, 85. 

Forman, Rachel Jane, 146. 

Daniel, 94. 

Robert, 14. 

Foster, Anna Neill, 185. 

Walter, 94. 

Yerkes, 85. 

Isaac M., 185. 

Gheslin, Caesar, 231. 

Graves, Thomas, 208. 

Rebecca, 11, 24. 

Mary Catharine, 229, 231. 

Gray, Mary Jane, 196. 

Forsyth, , 75. 

Gifford, Mary, 100. 

Green, Ellen, 93. 

Forsythe, Edward, 178. 

Gilbert, Almond, 91, 161. 

Mary Ann, 104. 

F. Hamilton Garland, 

Frank, 183. 

Ruth, 88. 


Gilkinson, John, 75. 

Greenfield, Anna B., 64. 

Grace Letitia, 178. 

Gill, Louisa, 100, 173. 

Greenlees, Archibald, 203. 

John, 178. 

Mary Ann, 116. 

Mary, 162, 203. 

Foulke, David, 106. 

Gillespie, Alexander M., 107. 

Gregory, Phebe, 103. 

Thomas S., 106. 

Gillingham, Ann, 218. 

Gries, Daisy A., 159. 

Fowler, Jane, 54, 107. 

Yeamans, 218. 

Frank, 159. 

Frankland, Mary L., 90. 

Gleason, Alice, 143. 

Frank J., 159. 

Frantz, Catharine, 197. 

Thomas, 91. 

John, 159. 

Freeborn, Mary, 20. 

Glenn, David, 108. 

Lillie, 159. 



Gries, P., 159. 

Hall, Ruth, 231. 

Hart, Emma, 157. 

Griffin, John, 174. 

Sarah (d. Jacob), 230. 

George, 157. 

Minnie, 102, 174. 

Sarah (d. Joseph), 216, 

Joseph (Colonel), 47. 

Griffith, Mary, 140. 


Josiah (Captain), 30. 

Mary Flora, 65, 127. 

Solomon, 230. 

Josiah (Colonel), 47. 

Rush, 127. 

Susanna, 216, 231. 

William H., 42. 

Grissom, Albert, 140. 

Theodorus, 230. 

Hartley, Martha, 157. 

Eva, 140. 

Thomas, 230. 

Hartranft, John F. (Gen- 

Griswold, Clark Augustus, 

Hallowell, Anna Yerkes, 178. 

eral), 139. 

45, 84. 

Caleb R., 108, 178. 

Hartwell, Minnie A., 164. 

Jared, 84. 

Daniel, 35. 

Harvey, Ann, no. 

Marie Antoinette, 84. 

Eunice Yerkes, 178. 

Joseph, 231. 

Pliny 0., 84. 

Garrett S., 156. 

Mary, 222. 

Sarah Elizabeth, 84. 

Hannah, 109, 179. 

Thomas, 222. 

Groom, Thomas, 211. 

Jane (Mrs.), 178. 

Honora Hanna, 164. 

Gruber, Helen M., 185. 

Laura, 178. 

Haslett, Mary Ann, 72, 137. 

Henry, 185. 

Lizzie Cooper, 178. 

Samuel Murray, 137. 

Henry T., 185. 

Margaret H., 88, 156. 

Hauss, Benjamin Weaver, 

Henry W., 185. 

Rebecca, 127. 


Guckes, Elizabeth, 108. 

Sarah M., 35. 

Benjamin Yerkes, 164. 

Guerin, Byram Chedister, 195. 

William, 35, 178, 180. 

Bertha, 163. 

Isabelle Theresa, 195. 

William (Dr.), 75- 

Blanche, 164. 

Gulick, Anna Keith, 117. 

Ham, Elizabeth, 162. 

Elizabeth Huldah, 164. 

Charles Leech, 117. 

Hammond, Henry, 98. 

Honora Hanna, 164. 

Peter, 117. 

Hubert, 98. 

Linfred H., 92, 163, 164. 

Philip, 117. 

William, 98. 

Lucy, 164. 

Guttridge, Susanna, 194. 

Hanks, Almah Elizabeth, 94. 

Luther A., 163. 

Amos, Junr, 94. 

Margaret A., 163. 

Hagar, Elizabeth, 140. 

Eli. 94. 

Marshall W., 163. 

Mary Ann, 198. 

Hanna, Henry, 91. 

Haviland, Charles W., 64. 

Hagerman, Amy Rebecca, 

Isaac Drake, 91. 

Hay, Andrew Jackson (Rev- 


Richard, 91. 

erend), 69. 

Elias Yerkes, 154. 

Hare, George W., 124. 

Annie Levering, 69. 

Harriet Jane, 154. 

Rebecca Ann, 63, 124. 

Hayes, Edwin L., 163. 

Henry, 87, 154- 

Harper, Mary, 14, 28. 

Hazzard, Samuel, 29. 

Henry George, 154. 

Robert, 28. 

Headley, Anna Rebecca, 17a 

Oliver Hart, 154. 

Sarah (Mrs.), 28. 

Emma H., 170. 

William Edmund, 154. 

Thomas, 70. 

Frank, 17a 

Hall, Charles, 87. 

Harrison, Anna May, 161. 

John Yerkes, 170. 

Charles worth, 231. 

Frank Yerkes, 161. 

Joshua, 170. 

Eleanor, 211. 

Fred Almond, 161. 

Lizzie E., 170. 

Elisha, 231. 

Grace, 161. 

Louisa, 100. 

Esther, 211. 

James, 15. 

Louisa S., 170. 

Hannah, 231. 

John, 12, 91, 161, 212. 

Mary J., 170. 

Jacob, 211. 

Martha, 162. 

Morris, 98, 170. 

Jacob (Esqr), 2i6» 23a 

Mary (Mrs.), 212. 

Sadie, 170. 

Jacob, Jun', 230. 

Mary, 211, 212. 

William, 17a 

John, 230. 

Thomas, 161. 

Heany, Abram Worman, 118. 

Joseph, 216, 228, 230. 

Harry, David, 108. 

Katherine Worman, 118. 

Julia, 125. 

Mary F., 56, 108. 

Heaton, Carrie F., 123. 

Mary, 230, 231. 

Hart, Amy, 47. 

Charles W., 62, 123. 

Rebecca, 211, 216^ 230. 

Elizabeth, 47, 124. 

Emily, 76, 143. 



Heaton, George, 62. 

Hobbs, Elizabeth, 54, 105. 

Holme, Thomas (Captain), 

Isaac Yerkes, 123. 

Hobensack, Emily, 143, 201. 

15. 222. 

Norman L., 123. 

Isaac Cornell, 201. 

Holmes, Mary Jane, 196. 

Rebecca M., 123. 

May, 74. 

Rosekrans, 150. 

Samuel Jones Yerkes, 

Hockley, Abigail, 232. 

Sarah, 83, 150. 


Henry, 229, 232. 

Sarah J., 202. 

Walter D., 123. 

James, 229, 232. 

Honeybrook, Samuel, 209. 

William, 143. 

Ruth, 232. 

Hoopes, Eben, 44. 

Heinlein, Margaret, 188. 

Thomas (Colonel), 229^ 

Granville, 141. 

Hds, Catharine, 159. 


Hoover, Harry R., 147. 

Heisler, Elizabeth, 98, 171. 

Hoff, John Wallace, 187. 

Hopkins, Amelia J., iii. 

Heller, , 71. 

Hoffman, Caroline Elizabeth, 

Thomas, 55, iii. 

Henderson, Ellen Janet, 125. 

125, 197. 

Home, Thomas S., 52. 

John, 210. 

Charles, 197. 

Homer, Sarah, 117. 

Mary J., 43. 

Louisa, 177. 

Hough, Joseph, 38. 

Hendricks, Elizabeth, 107. 

Hogeland, Agnes, 64. 

Hought6n, Mary, 19. 

Mary, 71. 

Caroline, 143, 201. 

House, Barbara, 140. 

Hendrix, Arbanus Nixon, 

Catharine, 64. 

Houston, Ella, 66. 


Charles Edwards, 64. 

Howarth, John, 93. 

Grace, 183. 

Elias, 64. 

Howe, Calvin R., 92. 

Henege, Mary, 147. 

Eliza, 64. 

Howell, Benjamin, 21. 

Hensley, William C, 92. 

Ella, 155. 

Catharine Augusta, 38. 


Hepburn, Abigail Lippincott, 

77, 145. 
Stacy Tantom, 145. 

Herbert, Rebecca, 66. 

Horsham, Grace, 113. 

Highley, George W. (Dr.), 

Hilamon, Margaretta, 20a 

Hill, Charles E., 177. 

Elizabeth (Mrs.), 36. 

Helen Elizabeth, 113. 

Hila Weller, 187. 

James, 78. 

John, 184. 

Minnie Laura, 103, 176. 

Miriam Elizabeth, 184. 

Royal, 176. 

Roy Linden, 113. 

Samuel Newlin, 184. 

Susanna Sarah, 44, 78. 

Wlliam W., Jun', 113- 

Wniiam W., Sen', 113. 
Hilliker, Jane, 64. 
Hillyard, Jane P., 162. 

William, 162. 
Rise, Aaron, 43. 
Hitner, Henry S., 109. 

Mary, 109. 

Mary D., 109. 
Hoar, James B., 84. 

Fanny, 64. 

Henrietta, 64. 

Henry, 51. 

Joanna, 201. 

John, 63. 

John R., 64. 

John Wjrnkoop, 51. 

Jonathan B., 64. 

Joshua, 34, 63. 

Josiah Yerkes, 64. 

Mary Ann, 64. 

Morris, 155. 

Sarah, 64. 

Susan, 64. 
Holcomb, Henry W., 150. 
Holcombe, Jacob, 222. 

John, 222. 

Julianna, 37, 222. 

Margaret, 222. 

Mary, 222. 

Richard, 222. 

Sarah, 61, 220, 222. 

Thomas, 222. 
Holland, Catharine, 141. 
Holley, Lillian M., 161. 
Holme, John, 3, 4, 5, 11. 

Morgan, 119. 

Rebecca, 59, 119. 

Rebecca (Mrs.), 213. 

Sarah, 222. 


Qarissa Juliana, 38. 

Courtland Danid, 38. 

Daniel, 228. 

Daniel (Captain), 21. 

Daniel (s. Captain Dan- 
id), 37. 

Daniel (s. John), 22, 42. 

Edward Yerkes, 38^ 72. 

Elizabeth, 22, 43. 

Esther, 43. 

Hazmah, 22,43. 

Harriet Ann, 38. 

Henrietta Maria, 38. 

John, II, 21, 22, 42. 

John (s. Daniel), 43. 

John Fisher, 38. 

Martha, 43. 

Mary, 22, 43. 

Reading, 22. 

Reading (Major), 19^ 36, 

Rebecca, 38, 43. 

Sarah, 22, 43. 

Silas, 43. 

Susanna, 43. 
Hudnet, (Charles, 143. 

Mary, 77, 143. 
Hudson, Isabelle, 184. 
Hufty, David, 211. 

Jacob, II, IS, 36. 



Hufty, John, 19, 36. 

Phcbc, 37. 
Hughes, Emily Irene, 77, 146. 

Isaac (Colonel), 146. 

John, 146. 

Nathan Rambo, 146. 
Hult, Lucy Maria, 195. 
Hunt, Benjamin Brown, 125. 

Julia Martha, 125. 
Hunter, Amanda, 184. 

Elizabeth, 163. 

Eliza Ellen, 92. 
Hurst, Alfred, 139. 

Wilhelmine Elizabeth, 73, 

Hurstman, Amanda, 127. 

Husband, Lydia, 50, 94. 

Regina, 50, 94. 

Ingham, Samuel D. (Honor- 
able), 40. 
Irwin, Joseph, 75. 
Ivester, Eliza Ann, 69, 131. 

William, 131. 
Ivins, Flora Maria, 121, 196. 

Garret Conover, 196. 

Jackson, Thomas F., 164. 
Jacoby, Sophia, 99. 
Jamison, Elizabeth, 72, 134. 

George, 134. 

Mary Shaw, 137. 

Virginia R., 123. 
Jarrett, Charles, 177. 

Elizabeth, 25, 49. 

Letitia Thomas, 177. 

Levi, 74. 

Susan Austin, 41, 74. 
Jeans, Joseph, 106. 

Rebecca, 54, 106. 
Jenkins, John, 219. 
Jennings, Oliver, 119. 
Jester, John F., 65. 
John, David, 72. 

Hannah, 41, 72. 
Johnson, Amanda C, 162. 

Edward, 52. 

Elizabeth, 36. 

Ellen, 88. 

Frederick, 170. 

George, 36. 

Henry, 36. 


Johnson, Hubert Rex, 37. 
Jacob, 98. 
Jesse, 36. 
Joseph L., 164. 
Maria Johnson, 153. 
Mary, 36. 
Mima Dyer, 118. 
Philip, 36. 
Rezin Beall, 37. 
Richard, 36. 

Sarah (Mrs.), 36. 

Sarah, 17, 36. 

Sarah C, 52. 

William, 36. 
Johnston, J. H., 160. 
Jones, Ann, 55. 

Charles, 55. 

David, 76. 

Edgar A., 175. 

Edward (Colonel), 217. 

Elizabeth, 55. 

Esther Fielding, 114. 

Hannah, 119. 

Henry, 106. 

Isaac, 55. 

J. Leedom, 109. 

John, 55. 

Jonathan, 54. 

Jonathan*, 55. 

Jonathan*, 55. 

Joshua, 33. 

Margaret, 15, 33. 

Martha (Mrs.), 55- 

Mary (Mrs.), 71. 

Mary, 54, 98. 

Rachel, 43, 76. 

Susan, 55, III. 

Susanna, 54, 55. 

William, 55. 

Kane, Thomas Leiper (Gen- 
eral), 180. 
Kase, Edmund Harris (Dr.), 

Kauffman, D. B., 147. 
Kean, Mary, 42. 
Keas, Benton Hart, 89. 

William, 89. 
Keen or Kjm, John, 218. 

Joran, 218. 

Mary, 211, 218. 
Kdfer, Susanna, 179. 


Kelsey, Susan, 60^ ii9- 

William, 119. 
Kenderdine, Anna, 158. 

Edna, 158. 

Fayette, 158. 

GtOTgt, 158. 

Leigh, 158. 

Rebecca Yerkes, 158. 

William Benton, 158. 

William J., 89, 158. 
Kenton, Thomas, 218. 
Kerr, Mary, 144. 
Ketcham, John, 185. 

Mary G., 115, 185. 
Keyser, Dirck, 56. 

John, 56. 

Susanna, 56. 
Kieman, Susan, 170. 
Kilgore, Elizabeth, 120. 

John, 120. 
Kimeline, Mary, 105. 
Kingsley, Cynthia M., 91. 
Kinsey, Philena, 181. 
Kirk, J. Rush, 7a 

Susanna, 100. 
Kirkpatrick, Samuel H^ 157. 
Kirll, Mary, 212. 
Kisner, Frederick, 105. 
Klinker, Arents, 3. 
Knap, Emma Brooks, 148. 

Royal Charles, 148. 
Kniblor, Sarah E., 117, 187. 

Wells Ebenezer, 187. 
Knight, Abraham, 104. 

Chancellor, 104. 

Charlotte, 48, 89. 

Elizabeth (Mrs.), 19a 

Ezra Croasdale, 54, X04. 

George C, 104. 

Giles, 104. 

Jonathan, 90. 

Laura, 104. 

Sarah, 104. 

Susan, 104. 

Winder, 95. 
Knowles, Amot, 43. 

Mattie Eleanor, 66. 
Kollock, Jacob (Colonel), 

Jacob, Jon', 213. 

Mary, 213. 

Philips, 215. 


Koster, Henry Bernard, 227. 

Leech, Hannah*, 211. 

Leech, Rebecca* (d. Isaac), 

Krewson, Christopher, 48. 

Hannah*, 218. 


Diana, 52, 97. 

Harriet, 220. 

Rebecca* (d. John), 213. 

Elizabeth Jane, 48. 

Henry, 218. 

Rebecca* (d. Toby, Jun'), 

Harriet, 48, 87. 

Hester* (d. John), 213. 


Isaac, 97. 

Hester,* (d. Toby, Jun'), 

Rebecca* (d. Abraham), 

Rebecca, 48. 



Krier, Amanda, 155. 

Hester* (d. Thomas), 

Rebecca* (d. Isaac), 22a 

David S., 17a 


Richard H., 222. 

Kronenberg, Joseph Bennett, 

Hester*, 220. 

Richard Treat (Honora- 


Isaac, 117. 

able), 221, 222. 

Kulp, Margaret, 61. 

Isaac*, 208, 209, 211, 215, 

Robert, 222. 

Kuney, Alice, 125, 197. 

216, 230. 

Samuel (Captain), 216^ 

Daniel, 126, 197. 

Isaac* (s. Isaac), 216, 


Hattie Pearl, 65, ia6. 


Samuel Erwin, 221. 

Isaac* (s. Toby, Jun'), 

Sarah* (d. Tol^, Jun'), 

Lacy, Annie E., 133. 



Emma J^ 125. 

Isaac*, 61, 220, 221. 

Sarah* (d. John), 211, 

John 0., 163. 

Isaac*, 222. 


Lucena J., 64. 

Isaac Newbum, 59, 117. 

Sarah*(d. Abraham), 218. 

Lambom, Mary, 180. 

Jacob*, 209, 211, 217. 

Sarah* (d. William), 215. 

Lanagan, Patrick, 29. 

Jacob* (s. Jacob), 217. 

Sarah*, 222. 

Land, Maximilla, 159. 

Jacob* (s. Tol^, Jun'), 

Susannah, 218. 

La Rue, William, 61. 


Susanna Newbum, 117. 

Latham, Frances, 20. 

James, 221. 

Thomas* ((Captain), 215, 

Lewis, 20. 

Jesse, 217. 

218, 219. 

Laubach, Isaac, 179. 

John*, 208, 209, 211, 212. 

Thomas* (Honorable), 

Mary, 109, 179- 

John* (s. John), 213. 

• 208, 209, 211, 213, 214. 

Lauer, Christiana, 32. 

John* (s. Thomas), 215. 

Thomas* (s. Isaac), 216. 

Philip, 32, 41. 

John*, 220. 

Thomas* (s. John), 213. 

Law, Celia, 83. 

Joseph*, 213, 217. 

Thomas*, 220. 

Lawrence, Joshua, 5. 

Joseph*, 218. 

Tobias*, 21a 

Learer, George, iia 

Joseph*, 222. 

Toby or Tobias, 117, 205, 

Lee, Birdie D., 202. 

Margaret*, 218. 

206, 207, 208. 

Elmer E., 202. 

Margaret* (d. Abraham), 

Toby, Junf, 208, 211. 

Nora A., 202. 


Toby, 3d, 211, 218. 

Silas S., 202. 

Margaret* (d. Samuel), 

Walter Moore, 215. 

William Oscar, 149, 202. 


William, 215. 

Leech, Abraham', 211, 218. 

Margaret* (d. Captain 

Leedom, Elizabeth, 76. 

Abraham^ 218. 

Thomas), 220. 

Erwin J., 109. 

Amos, 218. 

Martha*, 220. 

Richard, 76. 

Ann, 219. 

Martha*, 222. 

Sarah Jones, 56, 109. 

Anna Margaret, 117. 

Mary* (d. Isaac), 60, 217. 

Legate, Emma, 119, 189. 

Benjamin (s. John)» 213. 

Mary* (d. Jacob), 217. 

Henry Leander, 189. 

Benjamin (s. Toby), 218. 

Mary* (d. John), 213. 

Lehr, Mary Ann, 142. 

Charlotte, 220. 

Mary* (d. Toby, Jun'), 

Leighton, David, 171. 

Dorothy, 211. 


Lydia S., 98* ITO. 

Eleanor, 218. 

Mary*, 218. 

Leiper, Thomas, 38. 

Elizabeth (Mrs.), 211. 

Mary*, 33, 117, 222. 

Leister, Elizabeth, 163. 

Esther*, 211, 212. 

Obadiah, 218. 

Leon, Delia, 162. 

Esther*, 218. 

Rachel*, 220. 

Leonard, Mary, 78. 

Hannah (Mrs.)»2ii, 218. 

Rachel*, 222. 

Lesher, Amos Yerkes, 62. 



Lesher, Benjamin, 62, ^T^ 

Long, Andrew, Sen^, 40. 

McCutchan, George B., 92, 

115, 121, 142. 

Ann, 145. 


Catharine Ann, 62, 121. 

Anna Elizabeth, 42. 

Jonathan A., 162. 

Ella A., 62. 

Anna Thompson, 116. 

Joseph W., 162. 

Hannah Maag, 76, 142. 

Lctitia Esther, 19, 41. 

Lydia A., 162. 

Henrietta, 58, 115. 

Margaret, 19, 40. 

Margaret A., 162. 

James Bell, 62. 

Mary (Mrs.), 40. 

Mary H., 162. 

Mary Elizabeth, 43, 7T. 

William (Colonel), 39, 

Reuben P., 162. 

Levering, Anthony, 22. 


Sarah £., 162. 

John (Major), 22. 

Longstreth, Benjamin, 75. 

William, 161. 

Levine, Alexander T., 66. 

Lott, Anna Margaret, 122. 

McDowell, Giles, 28, 53, 

Lewis, Anna, 43, yT, 

Jamison, Jun', 122. 


Edna May, 142. 

Love, Harriet, 37. 

Penelope, 41, 68. 

Elijah, 141. 

Lovell, Amanda, 67. 

Thomas, 218. 

Elmer Raymond, 142. 

Henrietta (Mrs.), (yj. 

William L., 53. 

Enoch, 58. 

William, 67. 

McEuen, Eliza, 38. 

Frank Qeveland, 141. 

Lowden, David Francis, 172. 

McFarland, Elbridge, in. 

George M., 141. 

Hannah Roberts, 172. 

McFarlin, Elizabeth, 84. 

Harry Newton, 141. 

Lowers, Eliza J., 144. 

Harman Clark, 84. 

Jacob, 133. 

Lugar, Jacob, 155. 

James B., 84. 

Laura Ann, loi. 

Mary Ann, 87, 155. 

John C, 84. 

Laura Elizabeth, 133. 

Lukens, Baker, 47. 

John Pliny, 84. 

Mabel, 142. 

David S. Y., 24, 86. 

Levi, 84. 

Ransom Rush, 133. 

Phebe, 108. 

Madison, 84. 

Ranson Rush, Jun^, 133. 

Samuel, 47, 86. 

Mary Yerkes, 84. 

Robert, TJ- 

Sarah M., 86. 

McGechin, Margaret, 203. 

Lillybeck, Benjamin F., 164. 

Tacy, 119. 

McGce, Alice Elizabeth, 199. 

Lincoln, Ira Wood, 174. 

William, 43. 

Walter Miller, 138, 199. 

Loie Lovida, 102, 174. 

William Alexander, 86. 

Walter Vaughan, 199. 

Link, Elizabeth, 120. 

Lukin, Margaret Nessmith, 

McGuire, Rose Lillie, 102, 

George, 120. 



Johann Conrad, 12a 

Lykens, Esther, 21, 43. 

Thomas, 175. 

Lippincott, Charles, 107. 

Jonathan, 43. 

McKinney, Maria, 158. 

Emily Tacy, 116. 

Lytle, Maria, 161. 

McKinstry, Charles H., 75. 

George Middlefield, 116. 

Ellen M., 48. 

Little, Susannah, 149. 

McAvoy, Mary, 133. 

Thomas, 48. 

Livezey, Ann B., 61. 

McCarter, Joseph, 222. 

McKnight, James, 64. 

Anthony, Jun', 61. 

McCarthy, Rosetta, 165. 

Margaret, 64. 

Anthony, Senr, 61. 

McCarty, Eleanor Andrews, 

McLean, Archibald, 217. 

Esther, 61. 


Esther, 217. 

Jane, 61. 

McQellan, Frances, 98. 

Sarah, 202. 

Jonathan, 220. 

McClenachan, William (Rev- 

McMahan, Margaret, 202. 

Martha, 61. 

erend), 214. 

McMichael, Morton, 95. 

Rachel, 220. 

McCormick, Ann Elizabeth, 

McMullin, John, 55. 

Rachel (Mrs.), 220. 


Mary, 55- 

Samuel, 55, 61. 

McCurdy, Robert Hugh, 163. 

McNair, Alice E^ 66. 

Sarah, 61. 

McCutchan, Andrew J., 162. 

Anthony Adolphus, 66. 

Thomas B., 61. 

Arad, 162. 

Charles Q, 71% I45« 

Lloyd, Charles, no. 

Arphaxan, 162. 

Charles Edwin, 145. 

Elizabeth, 57, no. 

Charlotte D., 162. 

Charles J., 145. 

Long, Andrew ((Captain), 40, 

Franklin P., 162. 

Christiana, 58, 1x5. 


George A., 162. 

Qara, 66. 



McNair, Frederick Vallette 

Major, Louisa Vaughan, 164. 

Margerum, Benjamin, 52, 98. 

(Rear- Admiral), 66, 

Nicholas Overfield, 164. 

Bernard, 98. 

127, 128, 129. 

Sarah Keturah, 164. 


Frederick Vallette, Junr, 

William Sebastian, 164. 

Hannah, 98. 


William Sherlock, 164. 

John, 98. 

Henry, 66. 

Mallory, Augustus, 185. 

Joseph, 7J' 

James Homer, 115. 

Augustus Maurice, 185. 

Martha Jane, 98. 

John (Honorable), 40^ 

(3assius Chester, 185. 

Richard, 98. 


Edna Frances, 185. 

Markley, Josiah, 71. 

John Watson, 65. 

Harry Yerkes, 185. 

Julia, 71. 

Mary L., 145. 

Margaret, 185. 

Marlatt, Jacob, 182. 

Robert Steele, 66. 

William Lester, 185. 

Martha, iii, 182. 

Samuel, 65, 145. 

William Luther, 113, 185. 

Marlin, Josephine E., 178. 

Stephen Yerkes, 66. 

Mallows, Henry, 230. 

Lizzie, 70. 

Warren Leinau, 129. 

Malone, Alice GJertrude, 163. 

Marple, Elizabeth, 24, 56^ 108. 

McRobert, Lyman Edwin, 

Qara Rosette, 163. 

Joseph, 108. 


David Rollin, 92, 163. 

Nathan, 24. 

Nellie, 151, 203. 

Emma Dora, 163. 

Marpoe, Mary Elizabeth, 76. 

McShane, Sarah, 35. 

John, 163. 

Marsh, Esther P., 151. 

McVaugh or McVeaugh, 

Louis Agassiz, 163. 

Levi, 112. 

Alice, II, 14. 

Mary Elizabeth, 163. 

Mary, 112.^ 

Benjamin (Cx>lonel), 15, 

Philip Melancthon, 163. 

Marshall, Harman Yerkes, 


Mann, Aaron, 59. 


Edmond, 14, 15. 

Anna Rebecca, 77. 

Matthew, 32. 

Edward, 65. 

Charles Stockton, 59. 

Martin, Charlotte Osbom^ 

Jeremiah, 15. 

Eliza Ann, 125. 


John, 14, 15. 

Elizabeth, 32, 58, 59- 

Eli, 91, 161. 

Sarah, 15. 

Ellen, 125. 

Eliza, 91. 

Maag, Mary, 62, 7ft "5, wi. 

Emma B., 59. 

F. Augusta, 161. 


Fletcher, 125. 

Harriet Agnes, 92, 162. 

Macauley, Alice Elizabeth, 

(xeorge, 125. 

James R., 162. 


George Yerkes, 59. 

John C, 178. 

Mackenzie, John (Dr.), 152. 

Howard, 59. 

John Yerkes, 161. 

Marian, 152. 

Isaac, 7T, 

Oliver W., 162. 

Mackey, Albert Cx>nstable, 

Joel K., 36. 

Richard, 105, 22a 


Josiah Stockton, 32, 59. 

Samuel S., 161. 

Andrew Jarrett, 141. 

Lydia Louisa, 125. 

Titus S., 161. 

David, 141. 

Margaret, 59. 

Martindale, Jacob, 51. 

David C, 141. 

Margaret Ann, 125. 

John, 51. 

Harvey H., 141. 

Margaret Matilda, 59. 

Jonathan, 51. 

Henry Howard, 112. 

Mary, 65. 

Joseph C (Dr.), 34- 

James A., 112. 

Mary Matilda, 59. 

Mary Ann, 51. 

John Yerkes, 112. 

Mary Y., 59. 

Rachel, 51. 

Rachel Elizabeth, 112. 

Matthias T., 125. 

Mather, Bartholomew, 22a 

Robert, 74, 141. 

Minnie Jane, 125. 

Emeline, 58, 1x5. 

Samuel Streper, 112. 

Samuel, 58. 

• John, 1x5. 

Susan J., 141. 

Samuel Keith, 59. 

Richard, 212. 

Madden, Nancy, 45. 

Sidney, 125. 

Thomas, 220. 

Major, George Hiram, 164. 

Thomas*, 64, 125. 

Matlack, Timothy (Colonel), 

(krtrude Helen, 164. 

Thomas\ 125. 


Hiram Goodman, 164. 

William S., 59. 

Matthews, Hannah Ann, 90^ 

Ina Viola, 164. 

Margerum, Amanda, 98. 




Matthews, Hettie, 70, 

Isaac, 158. 

Martin L., 163. 
Maulsby, Hannah, 177. 
Mayberry, Elizabeth, 99. 
Meams, Hugh, 116. 

Hugh Bogart, 116. 

Robert, 116. 
Meels, Hans Heinrich, 3. 
Mein, Anna, 185. 
Mellon, Volley Emeline, 163. 
Menuninger, Thomas (Rev- 
erend), 28. 
Mendenhall, Margaret, 113. 
Meredith, Howard M., 142. 

Margaret, 69, 133. 

Martha L., iii. 

Rebecca Johnson (Mrs.)f 

Simon, 133. 
Merkle, Elizabeth Ann, 199. 
Merrill, Susan Bamett, 149. 
Metzinger, Francisca, 188. 
Michener, Ann (Mrs.)> 87. 

Arthur Watts, 87. 

Charles, 87. 

Elizabeth Yerkes, 87. 

Lea, 106. 

Thomas, 87. 

Thomas, Jun>^, 24. 

William, 48, 87. 
Miers, Keturah, 95. 
Mifflin, Thomas (Governor), 


Miles, Samuel (Colonel), 40. 

Samuel, 211. 
Miller, Daniel G., 107. 

Emma R., 122. 

Josephine, 107. 

Mary, 140. 

Sarah, 80. 
Mitchell, Margaret Hannah, 

91, 159. 
Sarah, 182. 

Stephen, 159. 
Mitchener, Benjamin, 112. 

Elizabeth, 57, iii. 
Monroe, Elizabeth, 64. 

Stephen, 65. 
Montagne or Montanye, Amy 
Hart, 41, 71. 

Amy Yerkes, 7a 

Montagne or Montanye, Ben- 
jamin, 72. 

Edward Yerkes, 70. 

Harman Yerkes, 40, 70. 

Jan or Jean, de la (Hon- 
orable), 71. 

Jan or Jean de la, Jun', 

Margaret L., 70. 
Mary Yerkes, 70. 
Samuel E., 41, 70. 
Thomas, 72. 
Thomas B. (Reverend), 

70, 71, 72. 

Vincent, 72. 
Montgomery, Joseph, 38. 
Moore, Ann (Mrs.), 211, 215. 

Annie Lewis, 143. 

Catharine, 177. 

Elizabeth, 215. 

Ella, 143. 

George W., 77, 143. 

Harry, 155. 

James Jordan, 118, 143. 

James Newton, 143. 

Jane, 59, 118. 

John Higdon, 163. 

J. Omar (Dr.), 163. 

Mary Adelaide, 120. 

Nicholas, 4, 5. 

Robert Frank, 163. 

Walter, 9, 10, 15, 215. 
Moorhead, Harriet Ann, 117. 
Morehouse, Lyman, 85. 

Miriam, 45, 84. 
Morgan, Eli, 22, 23. 

Emma, 23. 

Evan (Reverend), 227. 

Mary, 23. 

Rachel, 51. 

Thomas, 23. 
Morris, Anthony, 23a 

Morris, 61. 

Susan B., 61. 
Morrison, Amos Addis, 74. 

Andrew Jackson, 75. 

Benjamin, 75. 

Charles B^ 74. 

David, 75. 

Eliza, 75, 118, 124. 

Eliza Ann, 74. 

Esther, 75. 

Morrison, Hannah, 75. 
Hannah Rebecca, 74. 

John, 41, 63, 74, 75. 

Johnson, 74. 

Jonathan J., 75. 

Joseph, 74. 

Martha, 75. 

Mary, 75- 

Mary Ellen, 74. 

Matilda, 75. 

Rebecca Ann, 75. 

Ruth Ann, 74. 

Sarah, 34, 63, 75, 124. 

William H., 163. 
Morse, Margaret, 164. 

Samuel Finley Breese 
(Dr.), 216. 
Mossman, William A., 162. 
Mulhollen, Mary, 115. 
Murdock, Ann, 65. 
Murray, John, 87. 
Myres, Adaline, 113, 184. 

James, 184. 

Neeman, Amanda, 59. 
NeflF, Jacob, 98. 

Mary Ann, 52, 98. 
Neill, Margaret, 185. 
Nelms, Emma Chadwick, 109^ 

Henry Lawrence, 109. 
Nelson, Jerome, 94. 
Nesmith, John, 48, 49. 
Neville, Elizabeth, 42. 
Nevins, Sarah, 83, 149. 
Newbum, Aquilla, 222. 
Nippes, Qara, 122, 196. 

Samuel, 196. 
Noble, Fannie A., 159. 

Irene, 160. 

James Henry, 182. 

Joseph, 17. 

Mary Olive, iii, 182. 

Sexton, i6a 
North, Mary A^ 100^ 173. 
Norton, Thomas, 22. 
Nutt, Samuel, Sen', 228, 229. 

Samuel, Jun', 229. 

Oberholtzer, Levi, 132. 
Odell, Mary, 45. 
Oechsle, Joseph, z88. 

Theresa May» 117, x88. 


Oldfield, Elizabeth, 95, 165. 

Penrose, Thomas, 210, 212. 

Post, Susan, 102. 

Peter, 165. 

Perkins, Thomas Jay, 150. 

Potts, John, 229. 

Oliphant, Williain, 29. 

Perot, James P., 191. 

Joshua (Reverend), 20. 

Opdyke, Mabel, 161. 

Perry, Blanch Vera, 175. 

William, 98. 

Otto, Peter, 100. 

Clarence Ray, 175. 

Powell, Augustus Norton, 

Owen, Abraham, 132. 

Edith Lyle, 175. 


Amanda Bonsall, 69, 132. 

Ella Bessie, 175. 

Olive Elizabeth, 102, 173. 

Charles C, 93- 

Emma J., 103, 176. 

Power, Alexander, 29. 

Owen, 215. 

Fred Oscar, 175. 

Powers, Margaret, 95, 165. 

Jerome Bert, 103, 175. 

Pownall, Rebecca Kitchen, 

Paine, Richard, 12. 

Leo Irwin, 175. 


Palmer, Charles Henry, 102. 

Lottie, 141. 

Preston, Mary, 219. 

Edwin, 102. 

Oscar F., 175. 

Matilda, 180. 

Edwin Roy, 102. 

Setli B., 176. 

Prevo, Hester Emeline, in, 

Hannah, 68. 

Thomas, 4. 


James B., 83. 

Peterman, Ann CoUey, 108. 

Marius, 181. 

Katherine, 83. 

Phair, Jane P., 146. 

Price, Charles Milton, 182. 

Maud Alice, 102. 

Phelps, Coryden, 64. 

David, 210. 

William Henry, 102. 

Philips, Franklin, 94. 

Mary Ella, 154. 

Passmore, Elizabeth, 90, 91. 

Phillips, Eleanor M., 180. 

Pritchard, Qara Bell, 102. 

Pastorius, Abraham, 218. 

Robert K., 104. 

James, 102. 

Francis Daniel, 2,76,218, 

Picker, Sarah R., 144. 

Probasco, Sarah, 218. 


Pidgon, Joseph, 208. 

Propert, Benjamin, 77. 

Hannah, 76. 

Pierce, Elizabeth, 57, 113. 

(korge, 87. 

Mary, no. 

Hannah Mendenhall, 57, 

Jacob, 88. 

Patrick, John, 232. 


Josiah Kerper, 88. 

Patterson, Joseph, 120, 221. 

Worrell, 113. 

Pruden, Sarah, 125. 

Margaret, 61, 12a 

Pierpont, Edwards (Honor- 

PuflF, Ann (Mrs.), 89. 

Moles, 29. 

able), 66. 

Harrison B., 89. 

Paul, Henry, 218. 

Pikes, Jan, 72. 

Jacob, 89. 

Jacob, 33. 

Peternella, 72. 

Purdy, Laura, 203. 

John, 33. 

Pinkerton, Thomas, 79. 

Mary, 23, 45. 

Joseph, 25, 211, 218. 

Pitt, Mary Louise, 159. 

Robert, 45. 

Margaret, 11, 25, 211, 218. 

Plumb, Fayette R., 156. 

William (CapUin), 68. 

Peabody, Nelson, 64. . 

Poole, Nathaniel, 211, 212. 

Pyewell, William, 231. 

Pead, Charles, 176. 

Pope, Mary, 169. 

Pyott, Deborah, 114. 

Peart, Mary, 43. 

Porter, Andrew (General), 

Pyle, , 141. 

Mary Ann, 178. 


Penn, William, 2, 206, 230. 

Ann Elizabeth, 204. 

Quail, Flora, 62. 

Pennock, Charles John, 180. 

Cora Justin, 163. 

Quay, Etta M., 114. 

Christopher, 180. 

David Rittenhouse (Giov- 

Quigley, Iva P., 158. 

Frederick Moses, 180. 

emor), 29. 

Samuel, no, 180. 

(jeorge Bryan ((gov- 

Raab, Maria, 77, 144. 

Theodore, 180. 

ernor), 29. 

Mary, 124. 

Penrose, Bartholomew (Cap- 

Horace (Creneral), 29. 

Morris P., 144. 

tain), 210, 211, 212. 

James Madison (Honor- 

Rabb, Hannah, 77. 

Bartholomew, Jun^, 212. 

able), 29. 

Radcliffe, Anna Mary, 65, 

Boies (Honorable), 212. 

John Biddle (Colonel), 


Dorothy, 210, 212. 


John Randolph, 127. 

Kate, 169. 

Mary, 85. 

Raguet, Cx)ndy, 38. 

Mary, 212. 

William A. (Honorable), 

Rahrer, Eliza, 103. 

Sarah, 210, 212. 


Ralston, Mary, 42. 



Randall, Sarah, 123. 

Ridge, Sallie E., 154. 

Rogers, Rebecca, 46, 83. 

Rankin, Ann Elizabeth, 181. 

Sylvester, 97. 

Stephen, 83. 

Ransom, Ann, 98. 

Riley, Anna, 122, 196. 

Stephen Yerkes, 45. 

Rapp, Jacob, 72. 

William, 196. 

Samuel, 45. 

Jane, 75- 

Ritchie, John W., 170. 

William, 45. 

Maria, 41, 65, 72. 

Rivers, Mary, 211, 215. 

Rohrman, Mabel, 144. 

Rawle, Francis, 230. 

Roads, Amanda, 76. 

Rolanson, Samuel, 176. 

William Brooke (Colo- 

Robeno, Sarah Ann, 197. 

Rondinella, Edith, 195. 

nel), 29. 

Roberts, Ellen, 113. 

Lino Francesco, 195. 

Reading, Elsie, 21. 

Hannah, 50. 

Pasqualle, 195. 

John (G>lonel), 21. 

Isaac, 46. 

Roney, Mary, 45. 

John (Honorable), 21. 

Julia, 59. 

Rorer, Henry, 222. 

Reed, Charles Shimer, 134. 

Oliver, 102. 

Rosfow, Marie, 174. 

Samuel John, 141. 

Phineas, 50. 

Ross, ^neas (Reverend), 

WiUiam B., 95. 

Sarah Olivia, 53, loi. 


Rees, Edward, 229, 232. 

Robertson, Helen, 93. 

Alfred, 105. 

Edward, Jr., 232. 

Robeson, Andrew, 217. 

Emma Blanch, 105. 

Joseph, 232. 

Eleanor, 211, 217. 

George (Reverend), 211. 

Mary, 232. 

Robinson, Alfred, 52, 99. 

George (Honorable), 211. 

Peter, 232. 

Benjamin, 63. 

William H., 105. 

Rebecca, 232. 

Emma Evans, 99. 

Rubert, Warren Currier, loi. 

Ruth, 232. 

Frank, 63. 

Rubinkam, Elizabeth McNair, 

Thomas, 232. 

Hetty, 99. 

75, 142. 

Reiff, Charles Pastorius, no. 

Irene, 99. 

Nathaniel Irwin, 142. 

John, no. 

John, 99. 

Rue, Elizabeth, 12. 

John Pastorius, no. 

Joseph, 63. 

James, 12. 

Mary, no. 

Kate Cecelia, 99. 

Mary (Mrs.), 12. 

Sarah Yerkes, no. 

Margaret, 63. 

Rumsey, Dr., 115. 

Reiner, David, 107. 

Mary, 166. 

Mrs. Emeline Mather, 58* 

Emeline Hendricks, 107. 

Oliver Brownell, 99. 


Remsen, Harriet, 52, 100. 

Robert, 99. 

Runnels, Edith, 159. 

William H., 100. 

Samuel, 63, 208. 

Rush, Benjamin (Dr.), 216^ 

Rennard, Jesse, 100. 

Samuel P., 34, 63. 


Joseph, loa 

Roby, Barton S., 99. 

Jacob (Judge), 231. 

Renshaw, Anna Maria, 131. 

Rockwell, Charles L., 161. 

John, 216, 231. 

Remolds, Israel, 44. 

James M., 161. 

Rust, Jerry Ellet, 139. 

Rheinhart, Anna, 164. 

Julia May, 161. 

Rutherton, Elizabeth, 23, 46. 

Rhoads, Gilbert Norman, 142. 

Rodes, Amelia Owsley, 68, 

John, 46. 

Gilbert Theobald, 142. 


Rutter, Anne, 228, 229. 

Samuel Gilbert, 142. 

Rodgers, Kate Miles, 109, 

Catharine, 231. 

Rice, Frances A., 151. 


Hester, 229, 232. 

Rich, Ann R., 99. 

Lilian M., 116. 

John, 229, 231. 

Charles W., 52, 99. 

Matthew, 116. 

Joseph, 228, 229. 

John D., 99. 

Robert, 179. 

Martha, 229. 

Sarah E., 99. 

William, 116. 

Mary (Mrs.), 229, 231. 

William, 99. 

Roe, Adelia H., 62, 122. 

Mary (d. Thomas^), 228, 

Richards, Sarah, 31, 54. 

Alexander L., 122. 


Richardson, Mary, 211. 

Rogers, Elizabeth P., 46. 

Mary (d. Thomas'), 231. 

Miranda, 175. 

George, 45. 

Rebecca, 216, 228, 229. 

Ridge, Charles B., 97. 

James, 23, 45- 

Rebecca (d. Thomas'), 

Krewson Yerkes, 97. 

John, 45. 


Miriam, 97. 

Levi Watson, 45. 

Sarah (Mrs.), 229^ 231. 



Rtttter, Sarah, 231. 

Schuler, , 22. 

Sherwood, Polly B. (Mrs.), 

Thomas\ 225, 226^ 227, 

Schultz, Mary, 144. 



Schumaker, Peter, Jun', 3. 

Shields, Thomas, 48. 

Thomas*, 228, 231. 

Scott, Anna, 199. 

Shippen, William (Dr.), 212. 

Thomas' (s. John), 231, 

George, 32. 

Shoemaker, Abraham, 208. 


Hazel, 123. 

Ann (Mrs.), 119. 

Thomas' (s. Thomas), 

Margaret, 15, 32. 

Ann S., 57, in. 


Rachel, 62, 123. 

Benjamin, 220. 

Thomas* (s. Joseph, 229. 

Sebring, Catharine, 151. 

Bessie, 120. 

Ryno, Charles £., 86. 

Seiner, Leighton Banks, 137. 

C Harry, 120. 



Sentman, Mary, 118. 

Carles M., 119. 

Sackett, JacoK 71. 

Serrill, Sarah B., 114. 

Daniel, 105, 106. 

Sarah, 71. 

Sevems, Mary (Mrs.), 36. 

David, 107. 

Sager, Rebecca, 42. 

Shaeffer, Elizabeth, 147. 

Elisha, 69. 

Salsich, H. £., 94. 

William, 147. 

(Jeorge Y., 120. 

Salter, Heliacal A., z8i. 

Shaffer, Ella, in. 

Hannah, 56. 

Philena M., 181. 

Isabella, 116. 

Hannah Ann, 120. 

Sanderson, Robert, 215. 

Shallcross, Harry Quicksall, 

Isaac, 212. 

Saunders, Elizabeth S., 100^ 


Margaret, 107. 


William, 107, 177. 

Mary, 56, 106, 120. 

Saurman, Ann, 35. 

Shannon, Samuel, iia 

Mary E., 69. 

Jacob, 35. 

Sarah, 57, no. 

Mary Yerkes, 106. 

Jonathan, 35. 

Sharman, Susanna, 161. 

Phebe W., 106. 

Josiah, 35. 

Sharp, M. Louise, 180. 

Robert, 220. 

Mary, 35. 

Shaipe, Joseph F., 92. 

Silas, 54, 105, 106. 

Peter, 17, 34, 35. 

Sharswood, George, 16. 

Susan Yerkes, 106. 

Rebecca, 35. 

Shaver, Rulpha, 202. 

Thomas, 106, 119. 

Yerkes, 35. 

Shaw, Perley C, 46. 

Samuel Parry, 61, 119. 

Savage; Anna, 229. 

Rachel, 23. 

Shubert, Sarah, 68. 

John, 229. 

Sheard, John, 54. 

Shuman, Anna Yerkes, 169. 

Joseph, 229. 

Margaret, 54. 

CTharles Frederick, 169. 

Martha, 229. 

Shearer, Margaret, 132. 

Christian W., 97. 

Mary, 229. 

Mary, 147. 

Eugene S., 169. 

Ruth, 229, 232. 

Sheets, Emily W., 42. 

(jeorge McDowell, 169. 

Samuel, 208, 229. 

Shell, Alice Cecelia, 147. 

Jacob, 169. 

Thomas, 228, 229. 

Catharine Maria, 147. 

John Yerkes, 169. 

Sawtelle, Neely, 103. 

Cornelius, 78, 147. 

Margaret (Mrs.), 169. 

Sarah Emeline, 53, 103. 

Fannie K., 147. 

Sibbald, John, 219. 

Sawyer, Eunice, 85. 

John Jacob, 147. 

Sidwell, Andrew Franklin, 

Saybold, Elizabeth, 106. 

Mary Elizabeth, 147. 


Sayre, Elizabeth, 45. 

Sarah Pauline, 147. 

Anna Ruth, 141. 

Henry A., 103. 

Shelmire, George, 22, 35, 42. 

Arthur Austin, 141. 

Jane, 45. 

Jacob, 117. 

Bertha, 141. 

Scarlett, Mary M., i8a 

Maria, 40. 

Charles Whiteman, 141. 

Schagel, Mary Ann, 176. 

Mary, 42. 

Clara Letida, 141. 

Scheetz, John C, iii. 

Rachel, 59, 117. 

Ella Dora, 141. 

Sarah, no. 

Shepp, David, 42. 

Joseph Richard, 141. 

Schenck, Jennie Elizabeth, 

Sheppard, Charles, 55. 

Mary Eva, 141. 


Sherer, Rachel, 112. 

Owen G., 141. 

Peter, 125. 

Sherwood, Albert S., 93. 

Richard, 140. 

Schmauss, Mary Rosalie, no. 

Ira, 49. 

William, 74, 140. 

Schnorf, Cynthia, 182. 

Mary Burr, 49, 93. 

Silliman, Edward, 66. 



Simcock, John, ii. 
Simmons, Caroline M., i86. 

Georgia B., 151. 

Lawrence W., 151. 

Margaret, 113. ' 

Mary, 151. 
Simons, Richard, 33. 
Sisom, Thomas, 208. 
Skeen, Benjamin, 78. 

Finney, 78. 

Jacob Buzart, 78. 
Skidmore, Mary A., 189. 
Skinner, Hnldah Lord, 49, 91. 

Volney, 90. 
Slack, John, 155. 

Mary (Mrs.), 155. 

Rebecca, 88, 155. 
Sleght, Adelia M., 64. 
Smart, Florence N., 121, 195. 
Smedley, Ella Henry, 113. 
Smith, Carleton Lefferts, 198. 

Cervantez, 177. 

Charles, 146. 

Charles Hagar, 138, 198. 

Dorrance Yerkes, 198. 

Edna Meserole, 198. 

Edna Vaughan, 198. 

Elizabeth, 78, 146. 

Henry, 198. 

Jane, 68, 130. 

Mahala, 175. 

Mary P., 178. 

Samuel (General), 71. 

Samuel, 23. 

Wilhelmine Elizabeth, 

Snyder, Catharine, 147. 

Christian, 62, 123. 

Ellen Jane, 63, 123. 

Eugene, 144. 

Maria, 102. 

Mary C, 123. 

Maude, 144. 

Sarah C, 123. 

Simon, 123. 
Somers, Julia Marie, 125. 

Ralph, 125. 
South, George W., 95, 167. 
Sowle, Enos, 186. 

Rosa A. P., 115, 186. 
Spangenburg, Josqph, 14, 16. 
Sperry, Sarah, 137. 

Spies, Ann, 31, 57. 
Spohn, Margaret P., 158. 
Spotts, Catharine, 87. 
Sprague, Eliphalet, 160. 

Helen, 160. 

Homer, 160. 

Jerome, 91, 160. 

Josephine, 160. 

Marshall, 160. 

Mary A., 160. 
Springsted, Mary Jane, 79. 

Peter, 44, 79. 

Theodore, 79. 
Stacker, Amanda £., 146. 
Stackhouse, Ann J., 88. 

Sarah, 100. 
Stacy, Ann, 215. 

John, 211, 215. 

Robert, 215. 
Stallings, Oscar, 182. 
Stanger, Ann Marshall, 165. 
Staples or Stapler, Rebecca, 

Star key, Achsah, 100. 

Ann J., 100. 

(Caroline, 100. 

Daniel, 52, 99. 

Daniel, Jun', 100. 

Elizabeth, 99. 

John F., 100. 

Mary, 100. 

Mary, J., 100 

Thomas, 100. 

Samuel C, 100. 

William H., 99. 
Steams, Clement Horatio, 

Steele, Emma E., 105 
Steelman, Susanna, 218. 
Steif, H. M., 104. 
Steinman, Miss, 221, 223. 
Stephens, Harry, 147. 

Moore, 40. 
Stevens, Amanda, 105. 
Stewart, Anne, 216, 221. 

Henry M., 71. 
Stiggins, Ida Madera, IQ8, 

John Henry, 174. 

Stirr, (3atharina Elizabetha, 

Stockdale, Elizabeth, 143. 


Stockdale, Jacob, 28. 

John, 28. 
Stone, Mary, 78. 

Newal A., 78. 
Stonestreet, Elizabeth Mason, 

Storer, Lizzie M., 156. 
Stout, (jeorge, 104. 
Stoutenburg, Margaret, 49. 
Street, Daniel, 208. 
Streper, Abraham, 50. 

Deborah, 31, 57. 

Leonard, 50, 57. 

Margaret, 57. 

Mary, 25, 49- 

William, 50, 57. 
Stroud, Edward, 19. 

Mary, 11, 19. 
Stroup, Ann Eliza, 186. 
Stucker, Susanna, 78. 
Stuckert, Louisa, 134. 

Sarah C, 123. 
Stump, Elizabeth, 31, 57, 58. 
Stuyvesant, Peter ((Gover- 
nor), 71, 72. 
Supplee, Abner, 102. 

Andreas, 102. 

Charles Yerkes, 102. 

Elizabeth, 102. 

George Murray, 103. 

Hannah Maria, 103. 

Hughes, 53, 102. 

Leonard Fletcher, 103. 

Peter, 57. 
Sutton, Elizabeth, 117. 
Swartout, Jane, 45. 
Swift, Elizabeth, 217. 

John, 213. 

Taggert, Joseph, 178. 
Taylor, Ann, 229. 

Eaton, 199. 

Edward, 138. 

Isaac, 229. 

Peter, 230. 

Rebecca, 181. 

Sarah E., 73, 138. 

Virginia, 140, 199. 

Teaf, , 232. 

Teed, , 94. 

Teeples, Millie A., 152. 
Tegeler, Christopher T, 159. 


Tegeler, Hattie E., isg. 

Townsend, Emma Jane, yy. 

Van Buskirk, Elias, 41. 

Tennant, Joseph, 159. 


Jacob, 41. 

Katharine, 91, 159. 

John, 144. 

Jesse, 41. 

William (Reverend), 32, 

Thomas, 220. 

Joseph, 41. 


Toy, Sarah, 17a 

Margaret, 41. 

Terry, Rachel, 70. 

Treat, Rebecca (Mrs.), 216. 

Silas Yerkes, 41. 

Thomas, Ann, 217, 2aa 

Richard (Reverend), 216, 

Vandevering, John, 220. 

David, 22a 

221, 23a 

Vanhom, Catharine, 62. 

Elirabeth, 220. 

Trimmer, Charles, 146. 

Van Home, William, (Rev- 

Elizabeth (Mrs.), 14, 30. 

Elizabeth Beckwell, 77, 

erend), 23. 

Evan, 220. 


Van Kirk, Mary, 107. 

George (Governor), 215. 

Tripp, Samuel, 64. 

Van Meter, Adaline Lovell, 

Isaac, 119. 

Tunison, Deborah, 126, 197. 


Jonathan, 220. 

Turner, Robert, 139. 

Alice Yerkes, 129. 

Martha, 216, 220. 

Twining, Anthony W., 104. 

Amanda Yerkes, 129. 

Mary, 123, 220. 

Tyson, Amanda (Mrs.), 67. 

Elizabeth Stonestreet, 

Rachel (Mrs.)» 22a 

Amanda L. (Mrs.), 40. 


Richard, 218. 

Ann, 33. 

Isaac, 129. 

Robert, 220. 

Bamet, 33. 

John Milton, Jun', 68, 

Sarah, 115. 

(diaries, 33. 


Susan Paul, 119. 

Cx>melius, 78. 

John Milton, Sen', 129. 

Thompson, Anna E., 8&. 

Daniel, 33. 

John S., 68. 

Eleanor Mary, S8. 

Frank, 95. 

Solomon, 68. 

Harvey D., 88. 

George, 33. 

Stephen Yerkes, 68. 

Hugh, 88. 

Hannah, 33. 

Susan Allan, 129. 

James, 88. 

Hannah (Mrs.), 216. 

Vansant, Charles, 126. 

James Byron, 88. 

Howard, 95. 

Emeline, 126. 

Martha, 188. 

Joseph, 95. 

Jacob Willard, 123. 

Thornton, (Caroline, 73. 

Levi, 33, 6a 

James, 35- 

Ella Irene, JZ- 

Lydia, 33. 

Leonard C, 123. 

Ira, 83. 

Maria, 44, 78. 

Sarah Ann, 145. 

Louisa, E., yZ' 

Mary V., 95- 

William Bradfield, 123. 

Mary Louisa, yz* 

Richard, 95. 

Van Tine, Alfred C, 189, 190. 

Robert, yy 

Robinson, 33. 

Julia, 119, 190. 

Sarah, 45, 83. 

William, 95. 

Mary, 119, 189. 

Stephen Yerkes, 73. 

William H., 95- 

Van Zant, Harriet, 12a 

Theodore, 41, 73. 

Vaughan, William (Rever- 

Theodore Robert, 73. 

Underwood, W. Orrison, Z20. 

end), 20. 

Theodore W., 73. 

Utley, Charles P., 84. 

Vogt, Christian, 165. 

William E. T., yZ- 

Ephraim, 84. 

Sophia Louisa, 165. 

"Thorp, F. 0., 94. 

Ephraim H., 45, 84. 

Von Neida, CJeorge, 179. 

Thurber, H. K-, 177. 

George, 84. 

Lizzie Carhn, 109, 179. 

Tinker, Belinda, 115. 

Janet, 84. 

Voorhees, C^irl Sebring, 152. 

Tod, Cx>ra Linn, 146. 

Sarah, 84. 

Edwin Meredith, 133. 

William, 146. 

Margaret Alden, 133. 

Todd, , 29. 

Valentine, Rebecca, 41, 70. 

Martin, 133. 

Tomlinson, Ann Eliza, yy. 

Van Arsdalen, Anna Eliza 

Peter, 151. 

Tompkins, Elizabeth, 30. 

(Mrs.), 141. 

Sebring, 83, 151. 

Elizabeth (Mrs.), 11, 19. 

Cornelia, 137. 

John, 19. 

Elizabeth, 76, 201. 

Wagstaff, Thomas, 218. 

Joseph Yerkes, 3a 

Mary Alice, 75, 141. 

Wakefield, Hester, 126. 

Mary, 74. 

John, 141. 

Wakeman, Salome 150. 



Walker, Albert Tobias, 158. 

Hannah Ann, 88, 156. 

Herbert, 89. 

Lloyd, 88. 

Oceana A., 146 

Quint, 89. 

Samuel, 89. 

Samuel Carey, 156. 

Samuel Charles, Juni', 89. 

Sarah Jane, 181. 
Wall, Richard, 206. 
Walter, Elizabeth, no, 181. 

James, 181. 
Walters, Jacob, 164. 
Walton, Charles, 87. 

Edward B., 154. 

F. Theodore, 87. 

Hannah B., 154. 

Lydia (Mrs.)f 94- 
Mary Anna, 116, 186. 
Nathaniel, 16. 
Phebe, 105. 
Salem, 186. 

Susanna (Mrs.)> 47* 
Ward, Henry, 91. 

Julia M., 91. 

Lucien, 91. 
Warfield, Qementine, 174. 
Warren, Qara, 66, 129. 

James William, 129. 
Warwick, William, 64. 
Wasman, Anne, 105. 
Watkins, Maria, 53. 
Watson, Alice, 19, 33, 39- 

Ashbel Welch, 117, 188. 

Benjamin, 33. 

Carl Buckman, 188. 

David Lee, 188. 

Esther Meams, 188. 

Harold Lee, 188. 

James, 156. 

John, 15, 33, 39. 

Joseph, 23. 

Levi, 23. 

Mark, 23. 

Martha, 112. 

Miranda, 89, 156. 

Samuel Buckman, 188. 

Sarah, 23. 
Watts, Ann, 47. 

Elizabeth, 7, 11. 

Gregory, 6. 

Watts, Henry, 6. 

John (Reverend), 6^ li, 
20, 47. 

Sarah, 6. 
Wayne, Anthony (Major- 

General), 212. 
Weaver, Clement, 20. 

Elizabeth, 20, 31, 56. 

John, 56. 
Webb, Louie, 121. 
Webster, , 37. 

Cora, 180. 
Welch, Edna May, 195. 

Fred Louise, 195. 

Freda Lovenia, 195. 

Frederick W. (Dr.), 121, 

Ray Walter, 195. 

Thomas Bromwell, 195. 
Wells, Evelina, 83, 151. 

Louise Rebecca, 89, 156. 

William J., 151. 
Welsh, David, 147. 

Samuel, 141. 
West, William, 230. 
Whann, Bella, 141. 
Wheeler, Almira Mary, 190. 

John James, 38. 
Whitaker, Almira, 45, 84. 

Andrew Robeno, 132, 197. 

Elida Robeno, 198. 

Henry, 84. 

Samuel Adams, Jun', 

Samuel Adams, Sen>^, 

Whital, Joseph F., 74. 

White, Blanch, 158. 

Dexter, 83. 

Eleanor, 121. 

Farewell, 157. 

(jeorge T., 170. 

Hannah, 86. 

Israel, 86. 

Letitia, 140. 

Sarah Ann, 125. 
Whitehead, Richard, 21a 

William, 14. 
Whitesell, Hattie, 161. 
Whiteside, Rebecca, 11, 22. 
Whiting, Charles, 73. 
Whitlock, Sarah, 83. 


Whitney, F. I., 152. 
Wicker, Catharine, 94. 

James Dyer, 94. 
Wiggins, John, 176. 

Minnie May, 175. 

Sarah, 103, 176. 
Wilber, Charles Truman, 146. 

Emery A., 146. 

Iva Mae, 146. 
Wildman, Charles, 100. 

Elwood, 100. 
Wilhelm, Alice Cordelia, 198. 
Wilkie, C::harles Melville, 149. 

Lucie May, 149. 
Wilkinson, Albert Hamilton, 

Anthony, 213. 

Bryan, 213. 

Charles Melvin, 45. 

Elizabeth, 213. 

Flora May, 175. 

George W., 175. 

Guy S., 175. 

Harman, 45. 

Hester, 213. 

James, 45. 

James Milton, 45. 

Jennie May, 175. 

John, 213. 

Mary, 213. 

Mary Jane, 45. 

Maud Rose, 175. 

Melissa, 45. 

Miles Emory, 103, 175. 

Rebecca, 213. 

Russell Burt, 175. 

Samuel, 213. 

William Lewis, 45. 
Willard, Dorothy, 211. 

Jane, 32. 

Mary Jane, 155. 
Willetts, Malinda, 100. 
Williams, Beatrice Irene, 118. 

Frank, 125. 

George, 179. 

Julia K., 118. 

Mary A., 105. 

Nancy, 103. 
Williamson, Catharine R., 41, 

Wills, Andrew, 109. 

Helen Dager, 109. 


Wills, Mary Dager, 109. 

Wood, Morris, 61. 

Yerkes, Albert", 172. 

Morg^an R., 109. 

Richard Mathudc, 177. 

Albert Everest, 119^ 189. 

Willson, John, 29. 

Thomas, 16, 35, 177. 

Albert Henry, 174. 

Wilmerton, Elizabeth, 14, ja 

Woodbury, Rebecca, loi. 

Albert Hobensack, 201. 

Grace Hannah, 98. 

Woodford, John, 129. 

Albert J., 62, 

Israel Putnam Hdsler, 

John Thornton, 130. 

Albert Jones*, 115. 


Maria Archer, 68^ 13a 

Albert Jones', 185. 

John, JO, 211. 

Woodington, Catharine, 99. 

Albert Rowland*, 118^ 

Mary (Mrs.), 30. 

William C, 170. 


Mary Viola, 98. 

Woodman, Elias S., 79. 

Albert Rowland", 189. 

Rachel Ann, 98, 171. 

Woods, Thomas, 4. 

Alfred, 100, 173. 

Richard Fennimore, 98^ 

Woodward, James, 100. 

Alfred Earle, 72, 137. 


Woolwich, Elizabeth, 222. 

Alfred R., 173. 

William Nyce, 98. 

Worrell, Demas, 15. 

Alice*, 15. 

Wilscy, Henry D., 93, 164. 

Worthington, Benjanun, 123. 

Alice", 68. 

Mary A, 164 

John, 230. 

Alice*, 108. 

Orlo D., 164. 

Sarah, 133. 

Alice Agnew, 203. 

Selena L., 164. 

Wright, Ann, 119. 

Alice E., 85. 

Wilson, Anna Louisa, 200. 

Benjamin, 4. 

Alice Maria, 103. 

Carrie L., 179. 

Charles, 99. 

Alice Maud, 182. 

Charles, 52. 

Esther, 21. 

Alice Miriam, 153. 

Charles B., 140^ 20a 

James, 188. 

Alice v., 89, 153. 

Henry H., 73. 

Jessie M., loi. 

Alice Van Meter, 13a 

H. Vernon, 20a 

John, 21. 

Alice Watson, 65, 126. 

lola £., 200. 

John Webster, 32. 

Allen, III, i&i. 

Jay, 92. 

Joseph, 52, 61. 

Alloway, 58. 

John P., Junf, 20a 

Martha, 34, 61. 

Almeda B., 141. 

John P., Sen', 200. 

Mary, 28, 52. 

Almira, 44, 79- 

Laura H., 179. 

Maude, 117, 188. 

Alta, 189. 

Lionel F., 200. 

Amanda France, 107. 

Mary W., 179- 

Yawger, Philip, 64. 

Amanda Lovell, 130. 

Rachel, 52. 

Yearsley, Elizabeth Rankin, 

Amanda Wilhelmina, 87. 

Uriah, 43. 


Amelia Jacobs, 107. 

William, 108, 178. 

Howard Rankin, 181. 

Amelia Lydia, 92, 161. 

Yerkes, 200. 

Isaac, 181. 

Amelia Rodes, 131. 

Winder, Sarah, 104. 

James Walter, 181. 

Amos, 34, 62, 

Windham, Birdie, 66. 

Yerkes, Aaron, 54, 108. 

Amos Addis", 88, 155. 

Wing, Elizabeth, 83. 

Abraham*, 31, 54. 

Amos Addis*, 122, 196. 

. Emma Rumsey, 68, 130. 

Abraham^ 107. 

Amos Russell, 189. 

Winger, Elizabeth, 133. 

Abel Kelsey, 119, 190. 

Amy B., 137. 

Winner, Sarah, 155. 

Ada Bell, 122. 

Amy Davis", 90. 

Wisner, George, 83. 

Ada C, 127. 

Amy Davis*, 158. 

Moses, 83. 

Ada H., 143. 

Amy Hart, 87. 

Wolcott, T. H., i6a 

Adelaide, 91, 160. 

Amy Rebecca, 88. 

Wood, Alan, Junr, 108. 

Adeleine B., 137. 

Andrew Dunlap, 149. 

Amelia Jacobs, 177. 

Adolph Andrews, 185. 

Andrew J. (Dr.), 69, 

Benjamin, 107, 177. 

Adolphus*, 5, 7, II, 12. 


Elizabeth Keyser, 109. 

Adolphus* (s. Jacob), 52. 

Andrew Jackson, 60, 119. 

George Washington, 179. 

Adolphus* (s. Stephen), 

Andrew Long" (s. Har- 

John Yerkes, 177. 


man), 41, 68. 

Lottie v., 170. 

Agnes M., 201. 

Andrew Long" (s. Wil- 

Mary A., 187. 

Albert*, 143. 

liam), 41, 73. 



Ycrkes, Angelina, 95. 

Ycrkes, Anthony* (s. Jona- 

Yerkcs, Bessie Shibe, 76. 

Ann (d. Elias), 41. 

than), 53, lOI. 

Beulah, 191. 

Ann', 48, 87. 

Archibald Murphy, 144. 

Beulah William, 203. 

Ann* (d. Abraham), 54, 

Arianna, 91. 

Blanch, 157. 

Ann* (d. Benjamin), 62. 

Arnold Phipps, 156. 

Blanch Catharine, 197. 

Ann* (d. Jonathan), 58. 

Arthur*, 24, 47. 

Blanch W., 126. 

Ann Cornelia, 98. 

Arthur*, 89. 

Burton, 146. 

Ann G., 154. 

Arthur Frederick, 175. 

Byron Foster, 189. 

Ann S., 97. 

Arthur Marion, 174. 

Carl A., 151. 

Anna*, 56. 

Arthur Watts*, 48, 89. 

Carl J., 159. 

Anna', 149. 

Arthur Watts*, 88, 156. 

Caroline* (d. Isaac), 62, 

Anna Bell, 107. 

Arthur Watts', 158. 

Carolme* (d. Joseph 

Anna Colladay, 76. 

Ashton, 54. 

Ball), 65, n. 

Anna Harry, 108, 178. 

Augustus, 70. 

Caroline* (d. Richard 

Anna Laura, 163. 

Augustus Adolphus, 100, 

Eckroyd), 95. 

Anna Leah, 182. 


Caroline' (d. Adolphus), 

Anna Leedom, i8a 

Augustus Gates', 122, 


Anna Margaret, ^2, 


Caroline' (d. Anthony), 

Anna Maria\ 132, 197. 

Augustus Gates*, 196. 


Anna Maria*, 112. 

Austin Nerval, 183. 

Caroline Dodge, 126. 

Anna Mary (d. Amos 

Barclay, iii, 182. 

Caroline E., 159. 

Addis), 155. 

Bamum, 125, 197. 

Caroline Elizabeth, 90. 

Anna Mary (d. Elwood 

Bayard, 157. 

Carrie E., 58. 

Craven), 145. 

Bayard Roy, 183. 

Carrie Hepburn, 145. 

Anna Ma/, 127. 

Beatrice Hughes, 146. 

Carrie McCluskey, 187. 

Anna May (d. George 

Benjamin* (s. John), 15, 

Carrie Meredith, 133. 

Swope), 172. 


Carroll Harvey, 144. 

Anna May (d. Jonathan 

Benjamin* (s. Silas), 21, 

Cassandra T., 28, 52. 

M.), 183. 


Caswell, 130. 

Anna Mildred, 189. 

Benjamin*, 34, 61. 

Catharine* (d. Harman), 

Anna Rubinkam, 142. 

Benjamin*, 62, 122. 

19, Z7' 

Anna Scott, 199. 

Benjamin' (s. Jonathan), 

Catharine* (d. John), 15, 

Anna Thomas, 115. 



Anna Watson, 65. 

Benjamin' (s. William 

Catharine* (d. Amos), 

Annabelle, 116. 

Colladay), 142. 


Annetta Louise, 158. 

B. Frank, 119. 

Catharine* (d. Anthony), 

Annie*, 71. 

Benjamin Franklin* (s. 

54, 104. 

Annie^ no. 

Jacob Buzart), 78, 146. 

Catharine', loa 

Annie C, in. 

Benjamin Franklin* (s. 

Catharine Ann, 52, 99. 

Annie Laura, 140. 

Jones), 63, 75, 124. 

Catharine Ida, 112. 

Annie Mollie, 92. 

Benjamin Franklin' (s. 

Catharine R., 181. 

Ansley, 165. 

Benjamin Franklin), 

Catharine Rachel, 78. 

Anthony*, 1-7. 


Charles* (s. Daniel), 43, 

Anthony* (s. Adolphus), 

Benjamin Franklin^ (s. 



Job Roberts), 113. 

Charles* (s. Harman), 

Anthony* ( s. Herman ) , 

Benjamin Franklin^ (s. 


10, II, 13, 14. 

Morris), 113. 

Charles* (s. Jonathan), 

Anthony*, 14, 28. 

Benjamin Howard, 121. 


Anthony* (s. Davis, 31, 

Benjamin Jacob, 102. 

Charles* (s. William), 


Benjamin Lesher, 116. 

83, 151. 

Anthony* ( s. Joseph ) , 

Benjamin Ross, 123. 

Charles*, 105. 

30, 53. 

Bennie Forrest, 183. 

Charles Anthony, 105. 



Yerkes, Charles Ayres'. 78. 

Verkes, Claude Lafayette, 

Yerkes. Edna, 114. 

Charles Ayres', 154. 


Edward*, 19. 

Charles B., 123. 

Claudius Shade, ia6. 

Edward (Major), 39- 

Charles Blaker, 118. 

Clement Charles, 149. 

Edward', 41, 

Charles Boucher, 12a. 

Clermont, 125. 

Edward" (». Andrew 

Charles Canby, 54. 

Clifford, 201. 

Long), 74, 140. 

Charles Carroll, 126. 

ClifFord Hallowell, 180. 

Edward* (3. Hannan), 

Charles E., J 53. 

Clinton Jan-ett, 140. 199. 


Charles Edward, 195. 

Constantine, 91- 

Edward' (s. Jonathan), 

Charles Edwin, 103, 176. 

Cora Emma, 174. 

as, 153. 157- 

Charles Green lees, 203. 

Cora May, 137. 

Edward', 157. 

Charles H., 86. 

Courtland Carr, 116, 187. 

Edward A., 89, 156. 157. 

Charles Hiram, 144. 

Cynthia, III. 

Edward Davis, 170. 

Charles Huxham, 59, u8. 

Cyrus David, 103. 

Edward Eaton, aoo. 

Charles Jarrett, 177. 

Daniel, 21, 43. 

Edward Eyre, 100, 172. 

Charles L„ 110. 

Daniel" (s. Charles), 76. 

Edward Franklin, 173. 

Charles M., 187. 

Daniel' (s. Jonathan), 

Edward Milton, loa, 175. 

Charles Marion, 102. 173. 

76. 142. 

Edward Payson, 149. 

Charles Mason, 189. 

Daniel*, 105. 

Edward Roy, 174. 

Charles R." (a. David 

Daniel Fries, 107. 

Edward Z., 137. 

Anthony), 105. 

Daniel Hiram, 77, 144- 

Edwin Augustus, 72. 

Charles R.' (s, John 

David", 14, 30. 

Edwin H., 41, 70. 

Watson), 127. 

David", 47- 

Edwin Holme, 1)9, i8g. 

Charles Reeves, 53, 103. 

David Abraham, 108. 

Edwin Leslie, 112. 

Charles Rush, 114. 

David Anthony, 54, 104. 

Edwin Meredith, 133, 

Charles Sherman, 162, 

David Harry, 109. 

Eleanor Andrews, 150. 


David John (Reverend), 

Eleanor Lippincott, 185. 

Charles Shoemaker, 117, 

73. 137- 

Eleanor Morrison, 63, 88, 


David Jones, 76. 


Charles T., 182. 

David Lewis, 77, 144. 

Elias" (». Herman), 10, 

Charles Tyson', 61, 120, 

David Martin, 196. 

II, 23, 24. 

Charles Tyson'. 120, igt. 

David Olivet, 92, 

Elias* (s. Elias), 24, 46. 

Charles Tyson", 197. 

David S., 24. 

Elias' (s. Silas), 21, 41. 

Charles Weaver, 180. 

David Shields, 49, 93. 

Elias*, 48. 87. 

Charles William, no. 

David Vaughan, 138. 

Elias', III. 

Charles Wren, 119, i8g. 

David Wilmenon, lOS- 

Elias Conway, 163. 203. 

Charlotte, 78, 147. 

Dawson Martin, 144. 

Eli*a*, 73- 

Charlotte Nancy, ga. 

Deborah', 21, 4a. 

Eliza' (d. Dr. Elwood), 

Christopher K., 89, 153, 

Deborah", 41. 



Deborah', 1 10. 

Elira' (d. Edward), 153- 

Gara", 71. 

Deborah Ann (d. John), 

Eliza Ann* (d. Josiati), 

Oara' {d. Thomas), 170. 

no. 180. 


Clara' (d. William Watts 

Deborah Ann (d. Jona- 

Eliza Ann*[d. Elias), 87, 

Davis), 155- 

than), 112. 


Clara Jane, 121. 

Dillwyn Claude, 123. 

Eliu Bowen, 48, 86, 89. 

Clara Maud, 195. 

Docia Marie, 112. 

Eliia Jane, 62. 

Clara Taylor, 138, 198. 

Donald Purdy'. 151. 202. 

Eliza Mary. 132. 

Oarence. iBo. 

Donald Purd/, 203. 

Eliia Virginia, J05. 

Claribel, 197. 

Donna Ludle, 203. 

Elira Wilmerton, 31, 176. 

Clariss.i' (d. Harman), 

Earl Pierce, 184. 

Elizabeth', 11, 21, 22. 

41. 70- 

Edith Lowers, 144. 

Elizabeth* (d. Anthony), 

Clark, 204. 

Edmund Lukin, 160. 

14- . 


Ycrkcs, Elizabeth* (d. Elias), 

Yerkes, Elizabeth^ (d. Jar- 

Yerkes, Elwood Glenn, 108. 


rett Passmore), 159. 

Emily, 170. 

Elizabeth* (d. Harman), 

Elizabeth^ (d. Joseph 

Emily Agnes, 103. 

19, 36. 

Weaver), 108, 178. 

Emily D., 98. 

Elizabeth* (d. John), 15. 

Elizabeth' (d. El wood 

Emily Roberts, 185. 

Elizabeth* (d. Silas), 42. 

Glenn), 108. 

Emma' (d. Edward), 153. 

Elizabeth*, 32. 

Elizabeth* (d. George), 

Emma' (d. Isaac Breni- 

Elizabeth* (d. Arthur), 


zen), 147. 

48, 90. 

Elizabeth* (d. Jonathan 

Emma' (d. Theodore), 

Elizabeth* (d. Benja- 

M.), 183. 


min), 44. 

Elizabeth* (d. William 

Emma* (d. Barclay), 182. 

Elizabeth* (d. Elias), 47- 

Heaton), 201. 

Emma* (d. Charles Ty- 

Elizabeth* (d. Harman), 

Elizabeth Ann, 64, 125. 

son), 195. 

41, 69. 

Elizabeth Anna, 116. 

Emma* (d. George), X05. 

Elizabeth* (d. John), 31. 

Elizabeth G)nrad, 158. 

Emma Deal, 159. 


Elizabeth Fielding, 185. 

Emma Francena, 62, 123. 

Elizabeth* (d. Joseph), 

Elizabeth Fowler, 107, 

Emma J., 162. 



Emma Luetta, 88, 156. 

Elizabeth* (d. Josiah), 

Elizabeth H., iii. 

Enoch Marple, 179, 

34. 63. 

Elizabeth Helen, 160. 

Ephraim, 52. 

Elizabeth* (d. Nathaniel), 

Elizabeth Jamison, 134. 

Esmond Harper, 116. 


Elizabeth Jane, 88. 

Esther*, 21, 86. 

Elizabeth* (d. William), 

Elizabeth Jarrett, 92. 

Esther*, 32. 


Elizabeth I^ura, 195. 

Esther*, 176. 

Elizabeth* (d. Anthony), 

Elizabeth Mann (d. John 

Esther Caroline, 103. 


Keith), 116. 

Esther Carr, 116. 

Elizabeth* (d. Jacob), 52, 

Elizabeth Mann (d. Silas 

Esther Lykens, 77, 


Darrah), 117. 

Esther Sowle, 186. 

Elizabeth* (d. Jacob), 

Elizabeth Mann (d. Wil- 

Ethel* (d. Edward Mil- 


liam Tcnnant), 118. 

ton), 175. 

Elizabeth* (d. Jacob Bu- 

Elizabeth McKnight, 130. 

Ethel* (d. William Hea- 

zart), 78. 

Elizabeth S.', in. 

ton), 201. 

Elizabeth* (d. John), 83, 

Elizabeth S.*, 154. 

Ethel M., 154. 


Elizabeth Stump, 114. 

Etta Viola, 123. 

Elizabeth* (d. John), 57. 

Ella', 149. 

Eugene, 117, 1S8. 

Elizabeth* (d. John Wat- 

Ella*, 176. 

Eugene John, 188. 

son), 65. 

Ella Amelia, 115, 186. 

Eva, 105. 

Elizabeth* (d. Jonathan), 

Ella Jane, 170. 

Eva Grace, 175. 


Ella M., 173, 181. 

Eva Margaret, 160. 

Elizabeth* (d. Joseph), 

Ella May\ 103. 

Evan Marple, 109, 179. 


Ella Ma/, 182. 

Evelyn Alice, 196. 

Elizabeth* (d. Joseph 

Ella R.^ 143. 

Fannie', 146. 

Ball), 73^ 

Ella R.*, 201. 

Fannie*, 176. 

Elizabeth* (d. Silas), 61. 

Ella Townsend, 144. 

Fannie Elizabeth, 184. 

Elizabeth* (d. Reverend 

Ellen Elizabeth, 125. 

Fannie M., 83. 

Stephen), 68. 

Ellen Fries, 107. 

Fanny Butterfield, 202. 

Elizabeth* (d. Titus), 9X» 

Ellen Melvina, 102. 

Florence, 197. 


Elmira Wemmer, 118. 

Florence Eleanor, 124. 

Elizabeth* (d. William), 

Elwood (Dr.), 69, 132. 

Florence L., 195. 


Elwood*, 106, 155. 

Florence May, 179. 

Elizabeth' (d. George 

Elwood Craven (Rever- 

Flossie M., 183. 

Stiles), 105. 

end), 77» 145. 

Frances, 130. 



Yerkes, Frances £., 151. 

Yerkes, Gwenn, 76. 

Yerkes, Harman Andersoiit 

Frances Jones, 114. 

Hallie Gulmare, 163. 


Frances Mildred, 146. 

Hannah*, 12. 

Harman Morehouse, 85, 

Francis Lee, 174. 

Hannah*, 21. 


Frank\ 89, I53- 

Hannah* (d. Benjamin), 

Harold C, 201. 

Frank*, 176. 


Harold Garlos, i6a 

Frank Edgar (Dr.), 137, 

Hannah* (d. Elias), 41, 

Harold Leigh, 157. 



Harriet* (d. Joseph BaU), 

Frank L., 105. 

Hannah* (d. Joseph), 30, 


Franklin, iii, 181. 

45, 84. 

Harriet* (d. Titus), 91. 

Frederick Albert, 102, 

Hannah* (d. Abraham), 

Harriet* (d. WUliam), 


54, 105. 


Frederick Gerker, 157. 

Hannah* (d. John), 57, 

Harriet', 154. 

Freida Eva, 183. 


Harriet A., 100. 

George*, 24, 47. 

Hannah* (d. Robert), 52. 

Harriet Ann, 155. 

George', 47. 

Hannah Addis, 62, 123. 

Harriet Clarissa, 92. 

George* (s. Silas), 61. 

Hannah E., 94. 

Harriet Ellen, 87. 

George* (s. William), 57, 

Hannah Jarrett, 178. 

Harriet Loreno, 152. 


Hannah John, 138, 199. 

Harrison*, 43, 77. 

George^ 105. 

Hannah Littler, 54, 104. 

Harrison* (s. Silas), 75, 

George*, 105, 203. 

Hannah S., 49. 


George Abner, 102, 174. 

Hannah Shay, 87, I55- 

Harrison* (s. William), 

George Bassett, 151, 202. 

Hannah Shoemaker, 107. 


George Burgess, igg. 

Hannah Stokes, 98. 

Harry C, iii. 

George C, JT, 

Hannah Tyson, 61. 

Harry QifiFord', 163, 204. 

George Francis, 172. 

Harman*, 10, 11, 17, 18, 

Harry ClifiFord*, 203. 

George Gamble, 195. 


Harry Mendenhall, 113, 

George Hallowell, 156. 

Harman* (s. Harman), 19. 


George Haslett, 137. 

Harman* (s. John), 15, 

Harry Vasey, 144. 

George Henry, 174. 

31, 32. - 

Harry Wardle, 183. 

George Hogeland, 124. 

Harman* ( s. Harman ) , 

Harvey, 165. 

George Hutchinson P. 

40, 41, 70. 

Hattie, 182. 

(Dr.), 69, 109. 

Harman* (s. John), 31, 

Hattie Pearl, 197. 

George L., 86, I54- 


Helen* (d. Albert Ever- 

George Moore, 144. 

Harman* (s. William), 

est), 190. 

Ckorge R., 142. 


Helen* (d. Augustus 

CJeorge S., 115, 185. 

Harman* (s. Abraham), 

Gates), 196. 

CJeorge Scott, 32, 59, "8. 

54, 106. 

Helen Burr, 93, 164. 

(jeorge Stiles, 54, 105, 

Harman* (Dr.) (s. An- 

Helen Hay, 180. 


drew Long), 69, 131. 

Helen J., 85. 

(Jeorge Swope, 98, 171. 

Harman* (s. Harman), 

Helen K., 127. 

(Jeorge Von Neida, 179. 


Helen Keith, 116. 

CJeorge Washington, 94, 

Harman* (s. John), 60. 

Helen Morrison, 124. 


Harman* (s. Silas), 58. 

Helen T., 201. 

Gertrude^ 149, 202. 

Harman* ( Honorable) , 

Henry Adolphus, 173. 

Gertrude*, 201. 

1^. 134. 

Henry C, 112, 183. 

GifiFord M., 183. 

Harman' (s. Dr. El- 

Henry Qay' (s. Benja- 

Gladys Ellen, 173. 

wood), 133. 

min Franklin), 146. 

Grace, 176. 

Harman' (s. Joseph 

Henry Cla/ (s. Joseph 

Grace Evelyn, 151. 

Ball), 126. 

Dennis, 149. 

Grace Morris, 108. 

Harman*, 133. 

Henry Estell, 121. 

Grace Stelle, 138. 

Harman Alfred, 198. 

Henry McElderly,68,i29. 



Yerkes. Herman, Sent, 5, 6, 

Yerkes, Isaac Mann, 59, 116. 

Yerkes. John* (s. Silas), 21. 

7. ft to, 11. 

Israel Hallowdl, 86, 154. 

John* (s. John), 31, 57. 

Hettie' (d. John), no. 

Jackson Harold, 124. 

John* (s. Harman), 32, 

Hettie' (d. Joseph Wea- 

Jacob', 14. 27, 28. 


ver), 108, 17a 

Jacob', 28, 52. 

John' (s. Joseph), 45. 83. 

Hettie Eliza, 150. 

Jacob' (s. Joseph), 52. 

John* (s. Abraham), 54. 

Hilda, 201. 

Jacob* <E. Jonathan), 53, 


Hiram', 43, 77- 


John* (s. Andrew Long), 

Hiram", 56. 

Jacob', 182. 


Hiram' (s. Jacob Stre- 

Jacob Benner, 60, 

John' (s. John), 57. 

per). III, 181. 

Jacob Bu/arl, 44. 78. 

John' {s. Robert), 5a, 

Hiram' (». Joseph Wea- 

Jacob Edwin. 112. 


ver), loft 179. 

Jacob Krewson, 124. 

John' (s. William). 57. 

Hiram Noble, 182. 

Jacob Paul, 49, 91. 


Hobart, 183. 

Jacob Shelmire, 117. 

John' (s. Jacob Streper), 

Honora Hannah, ga, 163. 

Jacob Streper, 57, iii. 


Horace B.. 63, i8g. 

Jacob T., 74. 

John' (s. Jonathan Phil- 

Horace Bellows, n8. 

James*, 23- 

ips), 114. 

Horace Bertram, 123. 

Jamcs*, lOS. 

John Arthur, 158. 

Horace l-eon, 196. 

James Alfred, 200. 

John B., 159. 

Horace Maxwell, i&t- 

James Cresson, 109, 179. 

John D„ 71. 

Horace Reuben, 203. 

James Dilworih, 191. 

John Dull (Major), IIO, 

Horace Taylor, 200. 

James Hill, 78, 147- 


Horatio Gales*, 48, 88. 

James Huston, 121. 

John Gaylord, 151. 

Horatio Gates' (s. Amos 

James Lovell. 182. 

John Graham, 179. 

Addia), I55. 

James Walter, 181. 

John Harmon, 83, 

Horatio Gates' (s. Joseph 

James Willett, 140, 200. 

John Keith, 58, 115. 

Morrison), 15& 

Jane (Mrs.), 14. 

John Knight, 90, 

Howard K, 154. 

Jane" (d. Anthony), a8. 

John M.. 112. 

Howard Leland, 189. 

Jane' (d. Daniel), 43, 76. 

John McKnighi, 64, 124. 

Howard Scott, 118. 

Jane' (d. David), 31. 

John McKnight. Jun', 

Hulbert Agnew, 146, 

Jane' (d. Jacob). 28, 5I- 


Humphrey, 58. 

Jane* (d. Jacob), 52, 99. 

John Seymour, 174. 

Huston. 62, 121. 

Jane* (d. Joseph), 52. 

John Taylor, 163. 

Ida Catharine, 138. 

Jane Carr. 187. 

John Vaughan, 139. 

I. Newton Evans, 75- 

Jane Elizabeth. 78. 14S. 

John W., 127. 

Inez Lucy, 197. 

Jane Lippincott, 178. 

John Watson*, 40, 6s- 

Irene C, ISft 

• Jane S.. 89. 157. 

John Watson* (s, John 

Irma H., 157. 

Jarrett, 159. 

Watson), 65, 127. 

Isaac', 24. 

Jarrett Passmore, 91, 159. 

John Watson' (s. Rever- 

Isaac" (s. Arthur). 48. 

Jennie. 117, 187. 

end Stephen), 68, 13O. 

Isaac- (s. Benjamin), 34, 

Jennie', IS3- 

John Watson'. 126. 


Jennie Haines, 185. 

John Woodford, 130. 

Isaac* (s. Abraham), 54, 

Jere Trimmer, 146. 

John Worrell. 113, 183. 


Jesse. 64- 

Jonathan* (s. Anthony), 

Isaac" (Arthur Watts), 

Jesse, Junr 125, 



Jessie May, 83. 

Jonathan* (s. Titua), 35, 

Isaac'. 106. 

Job Roberts, 57. 112. 


Isaac Addis, 62. 

John, 83. 

Jonathan' (s. Daniel), 43, 

Isaac Brenizen. 78, 147. 

John", II, 14, IS- 


Isaac Jones, 57. 

John' (s. John), 15, 31, 

Jonathan* (s. George), 

Isaac Leech, 61, 


21, 47. 86. 89. 


Yerkes, Jonathan* (s. John), 

Yerkes, Joseph Earl, 124. 

Yerkes, Lewis, 58, 114. 

31, 58. 

Joseph Harman, 126. 

Lewis Albert, 185. 

Jonathan' (s. Jonathan), 

Joseph Hawker, 188. 

Lewis Morris, 113, 184. 


Joseph Jones, 63, 124. 

Lewis Patterson, 185. 

Jonathan* (s. Joseph 

Joseph Lloyd, 156. 

Lilian, 119. 

Wain), 91, 159. 

Joseph Morrison, 88; 156. 

Lillian Christian, 119. 

Jonathan* (s. William), 

Joseph Norris, 122. 

Lillian May, 201. 

57, III. 

Joseph Patterson, 120. 

Lillie, 179. 

Jonathan* (s. William), 

Joseph Paul, 95, 165. 

Linford, 141. 

89. 156, 157. 

Joseph Robert, 172. 

Lizzie A., 127. 

Jonathan^ 154. 

Joseph Sanford, 59. 

Lizzie Riener, 107. 

Jonathan*, 183. 

Joseph Wain, 49^ 9a 

Llewelen, 154. 

Jonathan Albert, 104. 

Joseph Watkins, 53, IQ3. 

Logan, 181. 

Jonathan Howard, 142, 

Joseph Weaver, 56, 108. 

Lola, 189. 


Joseph William, 159. 

Lola Bell, 176. 

Jonathan M., 112, 183. 

Josephene, 73. 

Lola Grace, 182. 

Jonathan Paul, 92. 

Josephine*, 95. 

Lottie, 147. 

Jonathan Philips, 57, 114. 

Josephine*, 195. 

Louis, 71. 

Jonathan Watkins, 53. 

Josephine N., 173. 

Louisa Amy, 134. 

Jones*, 34, 63, 75. 

Joshua*, 16. 

Louisa Ellen, 112. 

Jones* 54, 107. 

Joshua*, 34. 

Louisa Krewson, 97, 169. 

Jones^ 108, 177. 

Joshua Taylor, 63, 124. 

Lucile, 189. 

Jones Irwin, 183. 

Josiah*, la 

Lucy Margaretta, 20a 

Jordan Harman, 20a 

Josiah*, 16, 34. 

Lula, 196. 

Joseph* (s. Anthony), 14, 

Josiah*, 36, 64. 

Lydia, 47, 86. 

28, 29, 30. 

Josiah^ 125, 196. 

Lydia Ann, 98, 17a 

Joseph* (s. Stephen), 23, 

Judson B., 156. 

Lydia Eyre, 184. 

44*45, 79. 

Judson J., 157. 

Lydia J., iia 

Joseph* (s. Anthony), 28, 

Julia, 143. 

Lydia Ludllia, 94. 


Julia Ann*, 83, 151. 

Lydia W., 74» 141. 

Joseph* (s. Joseph), 45, 

Julia Ann*, 88. 

Lyman A., 83, 152. 


Julia Culpumia, 92, 163. 

Lyman Francis, 102. 

Joseph* (s. Samuel), 46, 

Justus R., 127. 

M. Ellen, iia 


Kate Smith, 146. 

Mabel, 187. 

Joseph* (s. Anthony), 54. 

Krewson (Colonel), 98, 

Mabel Janvier, 186. 

Joseph* (s. Robert), 5a, 98. 


Mabel Kniblor, 187. 

Joseph^ 106. 

Laura, 172. 

Mabel Wardrop, 165. 

Joseph*, 112. 

Laura Augusta, 88. 

Mae Ruth, 126. 

Joseph Albert, 153. 

Laura Cora, 133. 

Margaret (Mrs.), 6. 

Joseph Alfred, 104. 

Laura Jane, 103, 175. 

Margaret* (d. Benjamin), 

Joseph B.* (s. Andrew 

Lauretta James, 184. 


Long), 74. 

Lawrence Adams, 204. 

Margaret* (d. Harman), 

Joseph B.* (s. Harman), 

Leander W., 85. 

32, 41. 


Leland, 196. 

Margaret* (d. Jonathan), 

Joseph Ball*, 65. 

Leon Vine, 153. 


Joseph Ball* (s. Wil- 

Leona, 197. 

Margaret* (d. Benjamin), 

liam), 41, 72. 

Leonard, 57. 


Joseph Ball*, 65, 126. 

Leonard A., 173. 

Margaret* (d. Harman), 

Joseph Bair, 127. 

Lester M., 127. 


Joseph Bair, 138* 198. 

Letitia Esther, 74, 140. 

Margaret* (d. Jonathan), 

Joseph Deal, 159. 

Levi C, 108. 

53, 58. 

Joseph Dennis, 82, 149. 

Levi Coats, 107. 

Margaret* (d. Josiah), 65. 




Yerkes, Margaret* (d. Si- 
las), 58. 
Margaret* (d. Titus), 91, 

Margaret* (d. William), 

Margaret\ 113. 

Margaret* (d. Abel Kel- 

sey), 191. 
Margaret* (d Harman), 


Margaret A., 89, 158. 
Margaret Allida, 203. 
Margaret Ann, 92. 
Margaret L., 113. 
Margaret Long, 69, 133. 
Margaret Neill, 185. 
Margaret Pierce, 113. 
Margaret Wynkoop, 6^. 
Margery, 17, 34, 35- 
Maria* (d Edward), 89. 

153, 157. 

Maria* (d Joseph Den- 
nis), 149^ 201. 

Maria Elizabeth, 147. 

Marian, 144. 

Marian A., 176. 

Marie Louise, 173. 

Mariemma, 116. 

Marilla A., 94. 

Marion, 94. 

Marion Dotterer, 133. 

Martha*, 43. 

Martha*, 56. 

Martha*, iii. 

Martha*, iii. 

Martha Emily, 57, 114. 

Martin Van Buren, 77, 

Mary (Mrs.)> 16, 222. 
Mary* (d Elias), 24. 
Mary* (d. Josiah), 17. 
Mary* (d Harman), 41. 
Mary* (d Joseph), 45. 
Mary* (d Nathaniel), 36. 
Mary* (d Samuel), 46, 

Mary* (d. Stephen), 40^ 

Mary* (d William), 41, 

Mary* (d Abraham), 54. 

Yerkes, Mary* (d. Jacob), 52. 
Mary* (d John), 57, 60. 
Mary* (d. John Watson), 

Mary* (d. Jonathan), 53, 


Mary* (d Joseph), 86. 

Mary* (d. Joseph Ball), 

Mary* (d. Harman), 71. 

Mary* (d. Richard Eck- 
royd), 95. 

Mary* (d Silas), 75. 

Mary* (d. William), 68, 
83, 89, 149. 

Mary* (d. Israel Hallo- 
well), 154. 

Mary* (d Job Roberts), 


Mary* (d William Watts 
Davis), 155. 

Mary* (d. Alfred), 173. 

Mary* (d. Major John 
Dull), 181. 

Mar/ (d Theodore), 

Mary Agnes, 203. 

Mary Alice*, 68, 129. 

Mary Alice* (d Reverend 
David John), 138, 199. 

Mary Alice' (d William 
Hart), 158. 

Mary Alice*, 124. 

Mary Ann*, 49, 92. 

Mary Ann*, 52, 98. 

Mary Ann*, 107. 

Mary Atkinson, 187. 

Mary Eliza, 63, 103, 175. 

Mary Elizabeth*, 93, 164. 

Mary Elizabeth* (d Adol- 
phus), 100. 

Mary Elizabeth* (d An- 
thony), lOI. 

Mary Elizabeth* (d Ed- 
ward), 140. 

Mary Elizabeth* (d Mor- 
ris), 113, 185. 

Mary Elizabeth* (d Sam- 
uel Mann), 115. 

Mary Emma, 119. 

Mary Etta Lesher, 77, 


Yerkes, Mary Frances, 105. 
Mary Francisca, 188. 
Mary H., 173. 
Mary Hannah, 138. 
Mary Harper, 28, 53. 
Mary Harry, 108. 
Mary Helen, 148. 
Mary Jane*, 44. 
Mary Jane*, 62, 121. 
Mary Jane*, 98, 107. 
Mary Janette, 149. 
Mary Jarrett, 74, 139. 
Mary Kirk, 117. 
Mary L., 85. 
Mary Leech, 61. 
Mary Louisa* (d. Horatio 

Gates), 88. 
Mary Louisa* (d. Silas 

Ayres), 78. 
Mary Louisa*, 121. 
Mary Louisa*, 183. 
Mary Moore, 118. 
Mary Paul, 50, 95. 
Mary Rachel Elizabeth 

Ann, 98. 
Mary Russell, 124. 
Mary Viola, 172. 
Mary Weaver, 56, 109. 
Matilda, 58. 
Matilda Baker, 107. 
Maud, 154. 
Maud Elsling, 179. 
Maud Wilhelmina, 184. 
Maurice, 57, 113. 
Maximilla R., 159. 
May, 153. 
Miles Carrell, 187. 
Miriam*, 56. 
Miriam*, 159. 
Miriam Bell, 118. 
Moncellis Reed, 121. 
Morris, 201. 
Moses*, 34. 
Moses*, 62, 122. 
Myrtle Louisa, 183. 
Nancy*, 36. 
NanQT*, 188. 
Nathan Harper, 52. 
Nathan Livingston, 49. 
Nathaniel, 17, 35, 36. 
Nathaniel Irwin, 142. 
Nathaniel Weaver, 56^ icgi 


Yerkes, Neena, 189. 

Yerkes, Richard* (s. Richard 

Yerkes, Samuel S., iii. 

Nellie Aletha, 203. 

Eckroyd), 95, 165. 

Samuel Shannon, iii. 

Nelson, Hallowell, 156. 

Richard* (s. Silas), 61. 

Samuel Streper, 57, 112. 

Newton Townsend, 144. 

Richard Eckroyd, 50, 94. 

Samuel Walker, 156. 

Nina Reed, ijg. 

Richard W., 181. 

Samuel Walton, 123. 

Nora, 176. 

Richard Wilmerton, 172. 

Sallie v., 133. 

Norman B., 184. 

Robert*, 28, 51. 

Sarah*, 11, 15, 16. 

Norman Keith, 116. 

Robert* (s. William), 80^ 

Sarah* (d. Anthony), 14. 

Norris J., 127. 

83, 150. 

Sarah* (d. Elias), 24. 

Obadiah, 14. 

Robert*, 98. 

Sarah* (d. Harmon), 19. 

Oliver, 94. 

Robert Ansley*, 50, 94. 

Sarah* (d. John), 15, 33. 

Osmond Dove, 153. 

Robert Ansl^ (s. Rob- 

Sarah* (d. Josiah), 16. 

Owen, 181. 

ert Ansley), 94. 

Sarah* (d. Anthony), 26. 

Paul Kelsey, 191. 

Robert Ansley* (s. Rich- 

Sarah*(d Benjamin), 34, 

Paul Whitaker, 126. 

ard Eckroyd), 95. 


Pauline, 146. 

Robert Qaire, 151. 

Sarah* (d. Daniel), 43. 

Pauline R., 127. 

Robert Dale, 189. 

Sarah* (d. John), 31. 

Pearl, 182. 

Robert George, 202. 

Sarah* (d. Joseph), 45, 

Penrose Warner, 107. 

Robert H., 58. 


Phd>e, 61. 

Robert Kenderdine, 195. 

Sarah* (d. Nathaniel), 

Phebe Ann, TJ* 

Robert Lewis, T!% 143- 


Phebe Emeline, 103. 

Robert Meams, 187. 

Sarah* (d. Joseph), 52. 

Philip, 36. 

Robert Norville, 20a 

Sarah* (d. Robert), 52. 

Rachel* (d. John), 15. 

Roland, 183. 

Sarah* (d Titus), 91, 

Rachel* (d. Stephen), 23, 

Rolen, 112. 



Rosanna Keith, 59, 117. 

Sarah^ 13a 

Rachel*, 6a 

Rowland, 157. 

Sarah Ann, 53, 63, 75. 

Rachel E., 195. 

Roxanna, 91. 


Rachel May, 188. 

Royden Keith, 186. 

Sarah Ashton, 98. 

Ralph Vincent, 190. 

Ruby Deborah, 182. 

Sarah Catharine, iia 

Ralph Waller, 186. 

Ruby Withrow, 118. 

Sarah E.* (d. Andrew 

Ray Anthony, 174. 

Ruth, 144. 

Long), 69. 

Raymond Alfred, 19a 

Ruth Addis, 88. 

Sarah E.* (d David 

Rebecca* (d. Elias), 24. 

S. Elizabeth, loa 

Shields), 94. 

Rebecca* (d. Josiah), 16. 

Samuel*, 12. 

Sarah Ellen, 98. 

* Rebecca* (d. Stephen), 

Samuel*, 23, 46. 

Sarah Elizabeth, 138. 


Samuel*, 44. 

Sarah Emma*, 88. 

Rebecca*, 48. 

Samuel*, 86. 

Sarah Emma^ 122. 

Rebecca* (d. Harman), 

Samuel*, 179. 

Sarah Esther*, T!% I43. 

71, 126. 

Samuel Augustus, 196. 

Sarah Esther^ 144. 

Rebecca* (d. Robert), 52, 

Samuel Broom, 120. 

Sarah Glenn, 108. 


Samuel Jackson, 196. 

Sarah Jane, 123. 

Rebecca (Mrs.)f 48. 

Samuel Jarrett, 178. 

Sarah L., 86. 

Rebecca K., 89. 

Samuel J. Creswell, T!* 

Sarah Leech, 61, 119. 

Rebecca Laura, 155. 


Sarah Leonora, 105. 

Rebecca Valentine, 65, 

Samuel Jones, 62, 63. 

Sarah Lovenia, 121, 195. 


Samuel Linford, 116, 186. 

Sarah Matthews, 158. 

Rebecca Watson, 46. 

Samuel Mann (s. John), 

Sarah Michener, 88. 

Reuben, 56. 


Sarah Shelmire, 117. 

Reuben Archibald, 203. 

Samuel Mann (s. Silas), 

Sarah Taylor, 181. 

Reuben Skinner, 92, 162. 

58, 115. 

Sarah Thompson, 138. 

Rhoda Ermine, 126. 

Samuel Mather, 115, 186. 

Schuyler Barclay, 65, 126. 




Yerkes, Sebastian Jarrett, 49, 

Yerkes, Stephen Decatur^ 

Yerkes, Warren Judson, i6a 



Warren Noble, i6a 

Selena, 176. 

Stephen Douglas, 126. 

Warren R., 171. 

Seymour, 58. 

Stephen Lovell, 131. 

Wellington, 113. 

Sherman, 182. 

Susan Eunice, 138. 

Willett Cameron, 200. 

Silas", 10, 11, 19, 20, 21. 

Susan Hagar, 140, 200. 

William*, 19, 41. 

Silas* (s. John), 15, 32, 

Susan Hill, 148. 

William* (s. Arthur), 48, 


Susan Weaver, 56, 109. 

86, 89. 

Silas* (s. Silas), 21. 

Susanna*, 24. 

William* (s. Benjamin), 

Silas' (s. Daniel), 43, 75. 

Susanna* (d. George), 


Silas* (s. Harman), 32, 

47, 86. 

William* (s. Harmon), 


Susanna* (d. Harman), 

41, 68. 

Silas' (s. Silas), 33, 60, 

32, 59. 

William* (s. John), 31, 


Susanna Scott, 58. 


Silas* (s. Silas), 61. 

Susie, 182. 

William* (s. Joseph), 45, 

Silas* (s. Silas ; g.s. Dan- 

Sylvanus Smith, 93. 


iel), 75, 142. 

Thelma, 201. 

William* (s. Nathaniel), 

Silas Allen, 83, loi, 150. 

Theodore* (s. Silas), 75- 


Silas Ayres, 44, 78. 

Theodore* (s. William), 

William* (s. John), 83. 

Silas B., 154. 


William* (s. William), 

Silas Darrah, 59, 117. 

Theodore\ 115, 185. 

57, no. 

Silas Grant, 147. 

Thomas*, 21. 

William^ (s. Christopher 

Silas Homer, 117, 188. 

Thomas* (s. Benjamin), 

K.), 157. 

Silas James, 188. 

34, 44, 61. 

William* (s. George 

Silas Marshall, 116, 187. 

Thomas^ 97, 169. 

Stiles), 105. 

Silas R., 154. 

Thomas Alfred, 137. 

William' (s. James Hill), 

Silas Sanford, 116. 

Thomas Jones, 62, 123. 


Silas Shoemaker, 107. 

Thomas Montanye, 72, 

William' (s. Jonathan), 

Simeon Fenton, 'JT, 



Simeon Malcolm, 144. 

Titus*, 10, II, 24, 25. 

William' (s. Richard), 

Solomon Gardner, 152. 

Titus*, 25, 49. 


Sophie Cross, 130. 

Titus*, 49, 91. 

William* (s. Charles Ed- 

Spencer Grant, 182. 

Titus*, 94. 

win), 176. 

Stanley Lewis, 143. 

Titus B., 159. 

William* (s. George), 

Stephen", 10, 11, 22. 

Tom Corwin, 112. 


Stephen* (s. Harman), 

Virgie Allen, 183. 

William A., 173. 

19, 33, 38, 39. 

Walter, 179. 

William Augustus, 116, 

Stephen* (s. Stephen), 

Walter Christian, 63. 



Walter Creswell, 143,201. 

William Anthony, 102, 

Stephen* (s. Harman), 

Walter Elias, 203. 


41, 71. 

Walter Hiram, 179. 

William Austin, 116. 

Stephen* (s. James), 23. 

Walter Holme, 190. 

William Burcher, 91. 

Stephen* (Reverend), 40, 

Walter Howard, 113, 184. 

William Byron, 160. 


Walter Leon, 126. 

William Colladay, 76, 

Stephen* (s. John Wat- 

Walter Leroy, 201. 


son), 65. 

Walter Lincoln, 146. 

William Cornell, aoi. 

Stephen* (s. Stephen), 

Walter Lowry, 121. 

William Dilworth, 191. 

72, 134. 

Walter Watson, 126. 

William £11 wood, 113. 

Stephen* (s. WUliam), 

Walter Withrow, 118. 

William Everett, 196. 


Warren Albro, 189. 

William Folwell, 196. 

Stephen\ 130. 

Warren Dimmock, 91, 

William Fowler, 107. 

Stephen Decatur*, 65, 126. 


William Francis, 150. 




Yerkes, William Franklin, 

Ycrkcs, William J/ (s. 

Yerkes, Wilmer Harrison, 

121, 196. 

Charles Reeves), 103, 

121, 195. 

William G.*, 28. 


Winfield Scott, 154. 

William G.\ 151. 

William J.' (s. John), 

Winnie Margaret, 182. 

William Harman* (Hon- 


Yonker, Yost, 218. 

orable), 73, 138. 

William Lehman, 118. 

Yorke, Thomas (Captain), 

William Harman^ 139. 

William Lippincott, 185. 


WiUiam Harrison. 77, 

William Loveir, 68, 130. 

Yothers, Emma, 106. 


William Lovelf, 130. 

Youdan, Emily, 93. 

William Heaton, 143, 201. 

William Mortimer, 118. 

Jane E., 93- 

William Henry, 78. 

William Purdy, 82. 

Young, Elizabeth, 54. 

WUliam Hcnry^ (s. Jo- 

William Sharpless, iio^ 

Margaret, 49. 53, 103, 

seph Ball), 126. 



William Hcnry^ (s. Da- 

William Tennant*, 59, 

Marian A., 176. 

vid Anthony), 105, 

75, "8. 

Uri, 103. 


William Tennant*, 189. 

W. C, 67. 

William Henry Harrison, 

William Tompkins, 144. 


William Watts Davis, 87, 

Zah, Frederica, 162. 

William Holmes, 151, 


Zimmer, Elizabeth, 179. 


Willis M., 154. 

Zollers, Katharine, 146. 



Page 6. The name Ellinor Duck, wife of Henry Watts, should be Elizabeth Dude 
Page 19. The name Reverend Jonathan Blackwood should be Reverend John BlackwelL 
Page 190. The name Almira Mary Wheeler should be Emma Almira Durkee. 










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