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(No. 1165, page 297.) 


(No. 440, page 229.) 



In works of this kind the preface, 
though placed at the beginning and 
meant as an introduction, is under- 
stood to be the last word of the 
authors or compilers. As both my 
dear friends and colleagues in this 
work have died long before the com- 
pletion of the volume, it devolves upon 
me, as editor and surviving member 
of the trio of compilers, to prepare 
this introductory word. It is not to 
be supposed that all who use this vol- 
ume will read the preface, but I am 
sure that I speak the wish of my 
colleagues when I appeal to their 
kinsfolk of the name and blood to receive this word, and in their 
names (the names of Gardner Asaph Churchill, son of Asaph 
[No. 702], and Nathaniel Wiley Churchill [Ko. 440]) I send the 
greeting which they would have sent had they lived to this time- 



The work, the completion of which now results in this volume, 
entitled "The Churchill family in America," was begun, in the 
Plymouth branch, in 1852, by Charles M. S. Churchill, of Milton, 
Mass. [No. 704], who collected much information in relation to the 
Plymouth branch, which otherwise would have been lost. This was 
preserved in manuscript, but was not published until after many 
years later, when his nephew, Gardner A. Churchill, received the 
material and began to utilize and add to it, with the purpose of pub- 
lishing a genealogy of the Plymouth branch of the family. The 
present writer's first acquaintance with this work was soon after 
this, about 1882, when Gardner A. Churchill, then a parishioner 
and intimate friend of the writer, came to advise with me as to the 
form and matter of a genealogical circula' of inquiry to be sent out 
to the Churchill kindred in America. Mr. Churchill published 



and sent out several thousands of these blanks, to Churchills all over 
the country, and received answers from about one-third of those 
who received them. About one-half of the answers received gave 
the desired information, and many had to be appealed to again 
and again before satisfactory accounts could be obtained. Yet small 
as the returns were, the blanks then received have been, later, of 
great service. Mr. CUiurchill in the following years put a great 
amount of time, personal research, and money into the work of 
gathering material. His research was mainly by correspondence? 
searching of published historical works and records available in 
Boston and vicinity. Soon after 1882 Mr. N. W. Churchill became 
actively associated with him, and the work received in his person a 
great impulse, because he was deeply interested in the pursuit, had 
a remarkable memory and a marvellous capacity for gathering and 
recording facts and statistics, and then his business for many years 
was that of a travelling salesman, and as such he visited nearly all 
the cities in the northern States. I have at hand some forty of 
his business memorandum-books, which show that he filled in the 
first part of each book with orders for goods, while the opposite 
end was filled up with genealogical notes made at personal visits at 
the homes of Churchills or allied families, or records copied at town, 
church, and county offices. At the saine time N. W. corresponded 
with many whom he had visited and aroused to interest, who, later, 
sent him the results of their personal inquiries. This friendly 
partnership and cooperation of G. A. and IST. W. went on for 
many years, even until the death of G. A. in 1806 ; N. W passing 
over all the material he gathered to G. A., who recorded the same, 
and, wherever possible, arranged it in order, but kept a copy of all 
and returned the original notes and correspondence to N. W., and at 
the same time submitted to him his own collections, so that each 
had all the material, while G. A. had his mostly digested, arranged, 
and indexed for use, and N. W. had his undigested, but partially 
arranged in bundles of letters and note-books, numbered and labelled 
so that he could refer at once to any family of either branch. For 
many years the plan of the work had contemplated only the Plymouth 
branch, while it was found that a vast amount of matter was collect- 
ing relating to the Connecticut branch. So it was decided to place 
that in order so far as it could be readily collected, and publish it in 
connection with the other. Some time before his death G. A. made 
a statement of the progress and condition of the work, which he 
intended as an outline of a preface to the volume, and which fur- 
nishes in part the material of this present sketch. That shows that 
it was not intended to follow the female lines beyond the mention of 


their names and marriages ; and also that it was then thought that 
the Manhattan branch was an offshoot of one of the other branches, 
or of the Virginia family. "In 1887 G. A. had compiled and pub- 
lished in pamphlet form a brief account of his own line of the 
Plymouth branch, for private distribution, and some time before his 
decease he had decided to publish the material already in hand and 
had arranged it in order for that purpose. Eor two years after his 
death the work ceased, except that the correspondence was kept up 
by IST. W. with the families already interested. 

In November the writer, having returned to the vicinity of Boston, 
at the wish of the family of G. A. Churchill, became actively engaged 
in the work as editor and assistant compiler, associated with Mr. Asaph 
Churchill, son of G. A., who became the business head of the enterprise 
representing his father's family, and with N. W. Churchill as col- 
league. Thus we joined in the design to arrange and publish the 
six generations of the Plymouth, and all the material in hand of the 
Connecticut branches ; but after a brief survey of the field and 
the material, it was found that nearly all the living Churchill kin- 
dred belonged in the seventh to the tenth generations, and that, in 
order to make the book at all satisfactory, it would be necessary to 
add as much as possible of these generations. So the plan of the 
work was changed in extent, and it was also found to be desirable 
to add the families of the daughters as well as the sons of 
Churchills, as these allied families have been found in most cases 
more interested in their Churchill ancestry than many bearing the 
name. These changes vastly increased the work and of course 
extended the time and added immensely to the cost of the volume, 
the price of which, however, remains the same as for original sub- 
scribers. A prospectus of the volume was issued, with subscription- 
application attached, and subscriptions were soon received sufficient 
to warrant the issuing of the work, which it was supposed might be 
completed within a year, or two years, at least. But it was found 
necessary for IST. W. to go all over his vast mass of letters and notes in 
order to bring the work to conformity with the new plans. He had 
to do all this personally, as no one understood his notes or corres- 
pondence except himself, and when the writer issued a new set of 
inquiry blanks and these were sent out to all of the name who 
could be reached, an enormous additional correspondence was at 
once imposed upon both IST. W. and the editor. Mr. Churchill was 
conducting an exacting business in Boston, and could devote little 
time during the day, but worked late into the nights often, and far 
beyond his strength. This work went on thus until the summer 
of 1901, when Mr. Churchill's health broke down and he was 


obliged to abandon the work entirely, and the completion of the 
volume thus devolved upon the writer, with the irreparable loss 
to all of the vast amount of valuable personal information w hich 
Mr. Churchill held in his memory about the men and women, 
their places of residence, business, characters, etc., which 
he intended to give the writer, after the outline of the plan 
should be completed. He never prepared anything of biography, 
but gave the names and dates of birth, marriage, and death, in his 
manuscript, while many times in his conversations about the people 
he would give vivid and interesting descriptions of their homes, oc- 
cupation, habits, and personal appearance. Thus the writer has 
been obliged to depend upon information derived from correspond- 
ence with later members of the families for sketches of the head of 
each family, which in many cases have not been obtainable. 

The great mass of Mr. N. W. Churchill's notes and correspondence 
was turned over to me in the fall of 1901, and I was obliged to go 
over every note and letter, and arrange the same in indexed files, in 
order to make proper comparison, and to make additions and cor- 
rections. This proved to be a prodigious task and, together with 
the increasing correspondence and final preparation of the matter 
for printing, greatly delayed the work. For this delay also the 
members of the family, many of them, who have failed to respond 
to our earnest and repeated appeals for the simplest information 
about their own immediate families, are largely responsible. Our 
correspondence with the kindred in all the branches has been mainly 
pleasant, and both my colleagues greatly prized the cordial approval 
and ready help received from their kinsfolk. From some lines it has 
been learned that among them a profound indifference and ignorance 
as to their ancestry had prevailed till their interest had been excited 
by news of this enterprise. Some have, for a time, misled our com- 
pilers by returning as authentic information what afterwards was 
found to be only hearsay, and without any foundation in fact. 
G. A. Churchill speaks of the notion that he found prevailing in 
some directions, as to the descent of the emigrant Churchills, John 
of Plymouth, and Josiah of Connecticut, from the Duke of Marl- 
borough, and points out the absurdity of the claims from the simple 
fact that the duke was not born until 1650, many years after the 
emigrants were settled and married in this country. After a very 
exhaustive search with the best heraldic authority in England and 
America he was satisfied that American Churchills, with the excep- 
tion of the Virginia family, descendants of William, have no claims 
whatever to a coat-of-arms, even if it were possible for an American 
to receive an English coat-of-arms. Coats-of-arms do not descend 


by inheritance, except to the heirs of the person to whom such coats 
have been granted by the king. It is to be regretted that our senior 
compiler was misled by an English correspondent, W. H. Churchill, 
who sent him a book-plate copy of a coat-of-arms of a Churchill line, 
which copy was photographed and sent out to many of the family. 
Mr. Churchill sent it, he said, as a sample of what one of the 
English connection had worn, and a reference to the committee on 
heraldry very quickly showed it to be of recent granting, and of no 
particular interest to American Churchills. Indeed, the photograph 
shows it to be a composite, made up for some Churchill who had 
married into a name having a coat-of-arms of more importance than 
his own. Mr. G. A. Churchill, in the remarks on the family above 
alluded to, says : 

Those who shall, from family interest or general curiosity, peruse the follow- 
ing pages will find little that is marvellous, brilliant, or grand, in the history of 
those whose names are recorded. They will find rather, illustrated, the virtues 
of the honest artisan, the peaceful tiller of the soil, the hardy seaman. They 
were mostly Christian men and women, self-reliant, courageous, and determined. 
In three wars our ancestors have borne an honorable part, and in the late Civil 
War many of the name or kindred have served with credit on land and sea. For 
myself, I am abundantly satisfied that the character of our ancestors in America 
needs no lustre borrowed from any foreign patent or title of nobility. 

In addition to what our compilers have done in the Plymouth 
branch, it may be stated here that in the Connecticut branch Amos 
Churchill of Hubbardton, Vt. [see page 386, No. 105, Conn.], col- 
lected much material concerning his own line, from his grandfather 
down to his own generation, and published a series of articles in 
the "A^ermont Historical Gazetteer'' in 1851, containing much 
valuable information about that line, though his traditions of the 
ancestry back of his grandfather were entirely erroneous, showing 
that he never consulted the records in Connecticut or elsewhere, and 
depended solely upon his own memory of the traditions in his 
father's family. 

In the Manhattan or New York branch nothing has been pub- 
lished and no research had been made until N. W. Churchill dis- 
covered, about 1897 or '98, that this was a distinct branch ; and as 
the old records of that colony are very meagre and irregular, the 
results of our investigations are rather unsatisfactory. At the time 
of the death of N. W. he had made but little progress in the 
compilation of this branch, and among his last words to me was 
the charge " do the best you can with the papers, for there are 
many excellent families whose records we have not yet filled." I 
have tried loyally to fulfil that injunction, with what result may be 


The movements of the generations of the Churchill family are 
illustrative of the migrations of the New England families in 
general. Three generations remained comparatively near the coast, 
while the fishing, lumbering, and ship-biiilding interests afforded 
occupation sufficient for the rapidly increasing families of sons and 
daughters, and while the farming lands were yet plenty, near at 
hand ; but when the old settlements were all taken up and it 
became necessary for the younger generations to purchase land, 
they began to reach out for free homesteads. Western Massachu- 
setts became a goal for both the Plymouth and Connecticut branches, 
and later, when the lands of Vermont were opened up, we find both 
branches represented there; and then, a generation later, when 
Northern New York and a little later the rich lands of the " Hol- 
land Purchase'' were offered, we find families from many lines of 
each branch among the settlers, and thence to the middle West 
went many sturdy settlers of the Churchill blood, after the War of 
1812, in which they bore an honorable part. When the eastern 
timber lands of Maine and the cheap homesteads of Nova Scotia 
and New Brunswick were offered, many from the Plymouth branch 
removed thither and settled, as will be seen. Now descendants of 
all lines of the three great branches are scattered far over the 
continent, from ocean to ocean, and from Upper Canada to Mexico. 


The system adopted for this volume is that of the New England 
Historic Genealogical Society, in its regular publication, the " Reg- 
ister," slightly modified in the numbering to suit the needs of this 
more extensive work. 

The emigrant ancestor in each branch is numbered 1, and his 
sons, 2, 3, and 4. The small figure at the right, and above these 
names, as in John,^ William,- etc., indicates the generation of 
each. The names enclosed in parentheses, following the name of 
each head of a family, show his line of ancestry. The Roman 
numerals opposite the names of the children show the order of 
birth, while the Arabic nuiubers opposite some of these names show 
the possible heads of Churchill families, and, wheii so found to be, 
are carried forward with the names, to the proper place in the next 
generation. In some cases names have been found to represent 
families, after the general enumeration was completed, so that it 
was necessary to designate their place by adding the letters, a, b, c, 
etc., as, for instance, 260, 260a, 260b, etc. In a few cases, for the 
same reason, such numbers have been assigned to daughters, when 



their families have been found too late to be placed in the regular 
order. In general, as will be noted, the families of the daughters 
are carried one generation under the family of their fathers. In the 
exceptional cases above mentioned, they are assigned numbers and 
carried forward, like the sons, to the next generation. The index 
will rectify these irregularities. A very few abbreviations have 
been used, as b. for boru, hpt. for baptized, m. for married, d. for 
died, dau. for daughter, etc. The effort has been to make the 
record the plainest possible, and the index has been prepared with 
the utmost care so as to involve the least confusion and trouble in 
the use of the book. The Connecticut and Manhattan branches 
have been marked along with the running title, to facilitate the 
work of tracings families. 


Among the many whose courtesy and kindly help have greatly 
aided the making up of this volume, I make mention here of a few 
in behalf of my colleagues and the family of Mr. G. A. Churchill, 
who undertook the publication in respect to his memory and his 
known wishes, and express their gratitude to their kindred and 
friends throughout the country. I will say that many of those 
who may have assisted, by personal interviews, are now unknown 
to me, as no list was written down, but many were held by both the 
compilers in grateful memory. I have only the letters and notes to 
show the names of those most helpful up to the time of my 
association in the work. Some of these I will mention. 

Norman Churchill, of Galesburg, 111. [No. 148, page 418], and 
later his son-in-law. Professor Comstock ; Mr. Isaac Bradford Church- 
ill, Glen Ellyn, 111. [No. 616, page 277] ; Hon. John C. Churchill, 
of Oswego, N.Y. [475, page 239] ; Mrs. Angeline J, (Churchill) 
Johnson, of Holden, Vt. [daughter of No. 607, page 268], and her 
brothers, Charles H, and Columbus C. ; Mr. George D. Seymour 
[see under No. 140, page 410, and 360a, page 511] ; Robert H. 
Churchill, Marinette, Wis. [No. 532, page 484] ; Charles S. Churchill, 
Roanoke, Va. [No. 670, page 541] ; Mrs. Almira (Churchill) Ross, 
Binghamton, N.Y., and her sister, Mrs. Lucy M. (Churchill) 
Hull, of Monroeton, Pa. [see No. 437, page 542] ; Mr. Frank Farns- 
worth Starr, of Middletown, Conn., the well-known genealogist ; 
Rev. Frank Churchill Scoville, Greenwich, N.Y. [see page 196, No. 
377] ; Mrs. Susannah Badger (French) Tenney, of Newmarket, 
N.H., great granddaughter of Thomas Churchill [No. 25, page 20] 
and wife of Perley W. Tenney; both of her grandmothers were 


Churchills, viz., Lydia (Churchill) French, and Susannah (Churchill) 
Badger, her parents, Reuben French and Sally True Badger, being 
cousins. She was greatly interested in this volume and gave much 
valuable assistance. Mr. M. V. Tillson, South Hanson, Mass. ; Miss 
Josephine Hill Churchill, daughter of N. W. Churchill, our senior 
compiler, who, since his death, has given much time and assistance 
to the work ; Mr. James Wells Hull of Pittsfield, Mass., grandson 
of Rev. Jesse Churchill [No. 46, see page 360] ; Mrs. Alice (Carter) 
Stephenson [page 110, under No. 181], of Portland, Me. ; and Mrs. 
Mabel (Churchill) Jones [page 224, under No. 429], also of Port- 
land ; Mr. George W. Boyer, Hartland, N.B. [see No. 406b, page 
212] ; Mr. Calvin Churchill, Lakeville, N.B. [see No. 173, page 
102] ; William P. Churchill, Brooklyn, N.S. [page 253, under No. 
526] ; Rev. Anson Titus, Medford, Mass. ; Mr. Alfred Cole, Buck- 
field, Me. ; Marlborough Churchill, Sing Sing, N.Y. [No. 463, page 
235] ; Miss Agnes Fetters Churchill of Amesbury, Mass. [daughter 
of No. 202, page 121]. Many others deserve mention, and some 
have received notice in the body of the work, and the names of 
others were held only in the memory of my colleagues. 


While the compilers of this genealogy of the Churchill Family 
in America wish to avoid the appearance of intention to claim near 
kinship with the lines of Churchills in England which have received 
and transmitted the titles and perquisites of nobility, they deem it 
proper, and indeed expedient, to embody the facts of the early 
history of the name, at least, which is an inalienable inheritance, in 
Anglo-Saxon usage. Both my colleagues devoted much time and 
careful study to this matter, and both were in substantial agreement 
in the accounts which each personally prepared. G. A. Churchill 
adopted entire the account by Lediard, the biographer of John 
Churchill, Duke of Marlborough ; while N. W. carried the line a 
little farther back in the details of the earliest traditions, according 
to the English writers on heraldry, from whom Lediard made up 
his accounts, viz. : Guillim, Anderson, and Collins. Many critical 
works have been produced in later times, bringing the fallacies of 
early heraldic writers under the clear light of modern investigation, 
but I give the account practically as my colleagues prepared it. We 
have numerous letters from members of the Churchill kindred who 
seem to have exceedingly vague ideas of heraldry and the relations 
of American families to " coats-of-arms," and of what constitutes the 
proper right or claim of those whose ancestors, bearing a name 
which has been known in English heraldry, have yet no positive 


evidence of descent from any family to which " arms " have been 
granted. To such, who have not the opportunity to consult standard 
works on heraldry, I would suggest a careful reading of the article 
on this subject in the Encyclopedia Brittaunica, and also the many 
references to John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough, under the latter 
title, " Domes-day Book," which contains the records of surveys 
in England up to 1086 A.D., showing the grants of " William the 
Conqueror " to his followers, with conditions of said lands, etc., con- 
tains the name of Roger de Courcil, who is said to have been the 
ancestor of the English and American Churchills. Armorial bearings 
or coats-of-arms were first known about 1120 A.D. 

The name Churchill is found in English records as Courcelle, 
Courcil, Curichill, Chercile, Churchil, Churchall, Churchell, and 
Churchill, the last being the accepted form for many generations. 


Sable. A Lyon rampant, Argent, debralsed with a hendlet Gules. 

I have not been able to find just when or to whom this coat-of- 
arins was granted, but in " Collins' Peerage," Vol. I., page 365 (foot- 
note), it is said to have been claimed by Sir John Churchill, son of 
Jasper, of Bradford, No. 16. The records of Herald's College, 
England, confirm this claim. He may have inherited it from ances- 
tors generations back, for all evidence I have found, possibly from 
Bartholomew (No. 5), who was knighted under King Stephen. 




A township in France called Courcil, now Courcelles, in Lorraine, 
was given as a manor to Waudril De Leon, son of Gitto De Leon, 
of a noble family, and himself a famous soldier, as early as 1055 
A.D. He had two sons, Richard and Waudril. The first became 


the feudal lord of Montalban ; married Yoland, Countess of Luxem- 
burg, and from them descended the noble house of De Leon in 
France, at the p^-esent day. 

1. Wandbil Dk Leon took the name of his manor, and became 
Lord of Courcil ; married Isabella De Tuya, and had two sons, 
Roger and Rouland de Courcil, and thus became the founder of the 
Courcil (Churchill) family. 

2. Roger de Courcil followed William, Duke of Normandy, 
known as " William the Conqueror," into England in 1066 A.D., 
and when William became king, received for his services lands in 
the counties of Dorsetshire, Somersetshire, Wiltshire, and Shrop- 
shire. In "■ Domes-day Book," in the survey for Wiltshire, we read : 

" Roger De Courcelle holds Fisertone of the King. Bondi held it in the time 
of Kinir Edward and it paid 10 hides. The land is 10 Carucates. Of this there 
is in Demesnes 5^ hides, and there are 3 Carucates ; and there are 16 Villans 
and 12 Bordars and 14 Cottars with 7 Carucates. There is also a Mill paying 
20 shillings, and 12 aCres of meadow and 10 acres of wood. The pasture is half 
a mile long and as much broad. It was and is worth £25." 

The meaning of the old words is somewhat obscure. Cariicate 
means, in a general way, as much land as one plow would cultivate, 
varying with situation, soil, etc., from sixty to one hundred acres ; 
" hide " had about the same meaning, but without reference to the 
plow, meaning, perhaps, " a holding." " Demesnes," the feudal 
lord's own reservation, not held by his tenants ; Villans, Bordars, 
and Cottars were the tenants or serfs, of different classes, rated, I 
think, in the order of mention. 

Roger de Courcil married Gertrude, daughter of Sir Guy de 
Torbay, and took up his residence in Somersetshire. He had three 
sons, John, Hugh-Fitz-Roger, and Roger- Fitz-Roger. These younger 
sons married into landed families and assumed the names of the 
lands or failiily-titles to which they succeeded, dropping the name 

4. John de Courcil, eldest son of Roger, married Joan de 
Kilrington, by whom he had a son, 

5. Bartholomew, who was knighted under King Stephen [1135- 
1154] as Sir Bartholomew de Cherchile, and who was made 
Master of the Castle at Bristol, holding it for the king. He married 
Agnes, daughter of Ralph Fitz Ralph of Tiverton, and had son, 

6. Pagan de Cherchile, who married ( ) and had a son, 

7. Roger de Cherchile, who married ( ) and had a son, 

8. Elias de Chirchil, who married the daughter of the ancient 
house of Columbers, and by her had three sons, Jolm and Giles, 
neither of whom left male issue, and 


9. AViLLiAM Churchill, the third son, who assumed that form 

of the name, resided at Eockbear in Devonshire, married ( ) 

and had a son, 

10. Giles Churchill, who married ( ) and had a son, 

11. Charles Churchill, who married Margaret, only daughter 
and heiress of Sir William Widville, who brought him considerable 
estate. They had a son, 

12. Thomas Churchill, who married Grace, daughter of Thomas 
Tylle, of Tylle House in Cornwall, and by her had a son, 

13. William Churchill, who married Mary, eldest daughter 
of Richard Creuse of Wicroft Castle in Devonshire. They had three 
sons : llofjer, who settled in Catherston, William in Corton, both in 
the County of Dorsetshire, and John, who settled in Muston in the 
same county. 

14. Roger Churchill, married Jane, widow of Nicholas 
INIeggs, and daughter of Sir William Reverell, of Bradford, (Jounty 
of Yorkshire, by whom he had issue. 

15. Matthew Churchill, who married Alice Gould, daughter 
of Jaujes Gould of Dorchester, County of Dorsetshire, by whom he 
had issue. 

16. Jasper Churchill, of Bradford, married Elizarkth Chap- 
let, daughter of John, of Harrington, in Dorsetshire, and had two 
sons, John and Jasper (the latter married and had four 

17. John Churchill, eldest son of Jasper, became a celebrated 
lawyer, a member of the Middle Temple, and by an extensive prac- 
tice considerably augmented his estate. His residence was at Min- 
tern in Dorsetshire. He married Sarah Winston, daughter of Sir 
Henry Winston of Standon, in Lincolnshire, and his wife, Dionese 
Bond, daughter of Sir Thomas Bond. They had two sons, William 
and Winston. The latter succeeded to the title and estate. 

18. Sir Winston Churchill, born in 1620, had his residence 
at Wooten Basset, in Wiltshire, and married Elizabeth Drake, 
daughter of Sir John Drake, of Ashe, in Devonshire, and had seven 
sons and four daughters, as follows: (1) Winston, b. 1646; d. in 
infancy. (2) Arabella, b. March 16, 1648 ; d. Feb. 23, 1714. (3) 
John, b. May 24, 1650 ; d. June 16, 1722. (4) George, b. Feb. 29, 
1653 ; d. May 8, 1710, unmarried. He was Lord High Admiral of 
the British Navy. (5) Charles, b. Feb. 2, 1656 ; d. Dec. 29, 1714, 
married, but had no children. He was a general in the British 
Army, and was at the taking of Quebec, under Major-General Hill. 
(6) Montjoy, d. in infancy. (7) Jasjjer, d. in infancy. (8) Theo- 
bald, became a clergyman of the English Church, and died unmar- 


ried Dec. 3, 1684. (9) Dorothy. (10) Mfirij. (11) Barbara. All 
three of these youngest children died in infancy. 

19. John Churchill, second sou of Sir Winston, was born 
May 24, 1650. at Ashe in Devonshire, and died near Windsor, June 
16, 1722. He was the famous English general and statesman. 
He was educated in part at St. Paul's school. At the age of fifteen 
he was appointed a page in the household of the Duke of York, 
afterwards James II. of England. (His sister Arabella was maid 
of honor to the Duchess of York, where she became a court beauty 
of renown, and a favorite of King James II.) 

By the favoritism of James, the influence of his sister, and his 
own ability, John Churchill was advanced to places of command in 
the army, by successive steps, until he became commander-in-chief, 
and one of the most renowned of British military generals, as well 
as an adroit and successful statesman. He received the highest 
rank in the peerage in 1702 as Duke of Marlborough. He married 
in 1678 Sarah Jennin-gs, daughter of Richard Jennings of San- 
dridge, in Hertfordshire, the favorite attendant of Princess Anne, 
a lady of beauty and grace, and of energy and ambition equal to 
his own. They had children : (1) Henrietta, b. July 19, 1681 ; 
m. Francis, only son of Lord Sydney Godolphin ; (2) Anne, b. 
1683 ; m. Charles Spencer only son of Robert Spencer, Earl of 
Sunderland ; (3) John, b. 1685, d. Feb. 20, 1703, aged eighteen years ; 

(4) Elizabeth, b. 1683 ; m. Scroop Egerton, Earl of Bridgewater ; 

(5) Mary, b. 1688 ; m. Viscount Mountheimer, son of Ralph, Earl 
of Montague ; (6) Charles, b. 1690, d. in infancy. 

The duchess outlived her husband twenty-two years, in the enjoy- 
ment of the vast wealth which was left her by the duke. She was 
a person of power and great influence in the politics of England. 
Neither of the duke's sons lived to have children, so that the title 
would have passed to the son of the oldest daughter, Henrietta, wife 
of Lord Godolphin, had he lived, but he died before the duke's 
death, and so the title passed to the famil}' of Anne, second 
daughter of the duke, and wife of Charles Spencer, the third earl 
of Sunderland. Robert, the first son of Anne, having died, the 
second son, Charles, succeeded to the title and became second Duke 
of Marlborough, in 1733. 

The title was now held in the Spencer family name and the suc- 
cession simply is given here. 

George Spencer, third duke, born Jan. 26, 1739. 

George Spencer Churchill, fourth duke, born March 6, 1766. He 
was allowed in 1807, upon petition to the crown, to assume the 
name Churchill. 


George Spencer Churchill, fifth duke, born Dec. 23, 1793. 

John Winston Spencer Churcldll, sixth duke, born June 2, 1822, 
and succeeded to the dukedom July 1, 1857. 

George Charles Spencer Churchill, seventh duke, born May 13,1844. 

Charles Richard John, eighth duke, born Nov. 13, 1871. He 
married Consuelo Vanderbilt, daughter of William K., of New York, 
granddaughter of Cornelius, the founder of the Vanderbilt family 
of Kew York in its present station of power and wealth. 

Sir Randolph Henry Churchill, the third son of, the seventh 
duke, was born Feb 13, 1849, became a leader in English politics of 
considerable note. He married Jennie Jerome, daughter of Mr. 
Leonard Jerome, of New York, April 15, 1874. Their son, Winston 
Churchill, achieved considerable notoriety in the lioer war, and was 
in 1902 a member of Parliament. 


Referring to William Churchill, No. 13, it is found that he made 
his will March 12, 1599, making his youngest son, John, his sole 
executor, though, of course, the estate and title passed to the eldest 
son. John Churchill, the youngest son, born, it is thought, between 
1540 and 1550, married Elenor Meller, daughter of John Meller, 
of Kyme, in Dorsetshire, and settled at Muston in the same county, 
and was there a gentleman of respectable estate and position. They 
had nine sons and four daughters, viz. : (1) George; (2) Richard; 
(3) Johy, died soon ; (4) John ; (5) Robert ; (6) Maximilian ; (7) 
Thomas ; (8) Jasper ; (9) Matthew ; (10) Edith ; (11) Sarah ; (12) 
Jane ; (13) a child, died unnamed. The conjecture is that one of 
these nine sons was the father or grandfather of Joseph Churchill 
of London, who, in 1628, was a merchant in Fleet Lane, and was 
supplying Governor Endicott of Massachusetts Bay Colony with 
arms and other articles of outfit. 

/ It is possible that this Joseph was the father of John of Ply- 
mouth, or Josiah of Connecticut, perhaps of both. Both these 
emigrant settlers named their oldest son Joseph, according to the 
old custom. There is no evidence of any relationship of Joseph 
of London to John of Muston, or of any connection between the 
emigrant settlers and the said Joseph, or of any kinship between 
the said settlers, one with the other. 



JOHX CHURCHILL, the emigrant ancestor of the Plymouth 
branch of the family in America, was born in England and first 
appeared at Plymonth in Massachusetts, in 1G43, and died there 
Jan. 1, 16G2/3. 

It is a matter of regret that up to the completion of this volume 
nothing has been found to give even a clue to the birthplace, par- 
entage, previous residence, or occupation of this emigrant ancestor 
of such a large posterity. He was not in the tax-lists of Plymouth 
in 1632, but appears in 1643 in the list of the male inhabitants 
between sixteen and sixty years old, who are " able to bear arms." 
Diligent research through many ways and for many years has failed 
to add any authentic information to the bare fact that he was at 
Plymouth in 1643. In addition we have the following items : He 
married Hannah Pontus, Dec. 18, 1644 ; bought a farm of Richard 
Higgins, Aug. IS, 1645; was propounded freeman, June 4, 1650, 
and admitted June 5, 1651. He bought, Oct. 20, 1652, of Xathaniel 
INIasterson, then of Manchester, in INIassachusetts, ten acres of up- 
land lying at Wellingsley, in the township of Plymouth. In this 
deed Mr. Churchill is called " Planter." Mr. William T. Davis, 
in " Ancient Landmarks of Plymouth," page 331, has the following 
pertinent reference, which we quote verbatim : 

John Churchill, the progenitor of the Churchill family, who appeared 
in Plymouth in IGilJ, settled at Hobshale. His land was on the easterly 
side of the street, and extended from the southerly line of tlie field oppo- 
site to " Jabez Corner " to a point thirty feet distant from the souther^ 
line of the estate of Branch Blackmer. Here he lived and died, ^~\t ■■■ 
tradition exists concerning' the precise spot on which his house . ... situ- 
ated. There are some indications, however, in the records, that the old 
house owned by Thomas B. Sears and Amos Leshure, which was built by 
Elkanah Churchill, the grandson of John, occupies the site of the ancient 
dweUing. After the death of Mr. Churchill, the estate fell into the 
hands of his son Eleazer. 

In Mr. Churchill's will, given below, we note that he had acquired, 
by grant or purchase, quite a large land property. At his death, his 


eldest son, Joseph, was about sixteen years old. The widow, with 
her six children, lived, evidently, in the " new honse," which he 
mentions as designed for Joseph, after the mother's death, while if 
Joseph marries before that event he is to have " the old dwelling- 
house." The widow was left the use of his whole property during 
her life. It is proper here to give some account of this wife and 

Hannah (Pontus) Churchill was the daughter of William 
Pontus, who was at Plymouth as early as 1633, and was born in 
Holland or England in 1623. Very little appears in the records of 
Plymouth concerning William Pontus, although he was a land- 
owner and a citizen of some prominence and influence in the colony, 
and a member of the Court 1636-1638 inclusive. It is therefore 
gratifying to the editor of this volume to be able to add something 
to the sum of our knowledge of the parents of Hannah Pontus, the 
ancestress of the numerous lines of this Plymouth branch of the 

In the notes of Mr. Charles B. Eichardson, gathered in his 
researches, in the Records at Leyden, and published in the " Historical 
Magazine," London and New York, December, 1859, Vol. III., page 
358 — lists of the names and occupations of some of the company of 
the Pilgrims who did not embark in the " Mayflower " are found. 
Among these are John Robinson, minister, from England ; William 
Pautes (Pontus), fustian- worker, from Dover. On page 263 of 
same volume William Brewster is mentioned a witness on behalf 
of " William Pautes, fustian-worker, from near Dover on his 
marriage with Wybra Hanson, maid, on the 4 December, 1610." 
Now Mary Pontus, the sister of Hannah, married, Oct. 31, 1645, 
James Glass, and in the Plymouth Colony Records, Vol. VIII. , page 
7, is found the birth of Wybra Glass, daughter of James and Mary, 
born Aug. 9, 1649. This name Wybra, so uncommon, would seem 
to indicate a close relation between Wybra (Hanson) Pautes (Pontus), 
of Leyden, and this granddaughter of William Pontus. The wife 
of Mr. Pontus was living in 1633, but she is mentioned as " Good- 
wife Pontus.'^ See " Mayflower Descendants," Vol. I., page 160. They 
lived, probably, near the southwestern limits of the " Mile and a 
half tract," as by maps of 1701. He died Feb. 9, 1653, leaving 
his small estate by will of 1650 to his two daughters. Mrs. 
Hannah (Pontus) Churchill married, June 25, 1669, Mr. Giles 
Rickard, as his third wife, and survived him six years. She died at 
Hobb's Hole, Dec. 22, 1690, " in her sixty-seventh year." 


The Original Churchill Homestead. 
From " Old Colony Memorial Deeds "Vol. VIII. , p. 111. 

Memorandum the 18"^ of August \CAb. That Richard Iliggins doth acknowl- 
edge, that tor and in consideration of the sum of twelve pounds, to be payd in 
manner and forme following by John Churchwell, That is to say, five jiounds 
the first of March next, fourfj' shillings that tyme twelve months, and fourty 
shillings the first of March 1647, and the remayning three pounds the first of 
March in the year of our Lord, 16-1:8, all which payments are to be made in 
corne or cattell or other current payment of the country as they will then passe 
from man to man at the said time of payment, — Hath freely and absolutely 
bargained and sold unto the said John Churchwell, all that his dwelling-house, 
out-houses and buildings, with the garden and orchard situate neere Browne's 
Rock, together with the uplands thereunto adjoining, and all his lands at Woe- 
berry together with his meddow at South Ponds and at Colebrook ineddowes 
towards Agawam, and all the fencing in and about any part of the x'remises, 
and all his Right title and Interest of and into the said premises with tlieir ap- 
purtenances and every part and parcell thereof, — To have and to hold, etc., 
etc. . . . 

Provided that it shall be lawful for the said Richard Higgins to take away 
the borus that lyne the inward roome, and the bedstead and boards overhead, 
and some fruit trees in the said orchard, so that he leave the said John thirty 
good fruit trees in the said orchard, and the forsaid payments to be made at 

October 2!), 16-19. 

Received by me, Richard Higgins full satisfaction from John Churchwell 
upon all accounts from the beginning to the present. 

Richard Higgins. 

The Will of John Churchill. 

The Will nuncupative of John Churchill Sen'^., late deceased, exhibited before 
the Court held at Plymouth the Z<^ of March 1662 attested upon oath as fol- 
low eth. 

Abigail Clarke, aged twenty three years, or thereabouts, being deposed saith 
that on Tuesday 2-l"i of December last past before the date hereof, her kins- 
man, viz. John Churchill Senf, being ill at . . . but of perfect memory, 
did express himself in manner as folio weth, that his mind and will was that his 
son Joseph Churchill and his son Eliezer Churchill shall have and enjoy all his 
lands both uplands and meadows within the township of Plymouth excepting 
only fifty acres of land granted to him by the Towne, lying at Mannonnett ponds, 
which he gave them unto John Churchill his son, moreover that his will was 
that his son William shall have his purchase land at Punckatusett, viz. his share 
towne's land therfe ; further that he did express himself that his son Joseph shall 
have his new house at his wife's death and for the use of all the lands aforesaid 
that they shall bee for the use and improvement of his wife as long as she lives 
and that he also said that in case Joseph should marry or bee for himself, that 
then he should have the use of the old dwelling house and some land to make 
use of. And as for his estate remaining he said that he knew not whether there 
would be anything left when his children were brought up or not, but if his 
wife could spare it, then that Joseph should have a yoake of oxen, and Eliezer a 
yoake of oxen, and Hannah a cow if not two; and in case anything should be 
left at his wife's decease, that then such of his children as have nothing in 
particular as above given them should have what is left, in equable proportion, 
to equallize what is given them forenaraed as far as it will goe. 

The oath of Abigail Clarke taken in the Court held at Plymouth the third day 
of March 1662 

Attested p'' me Nathaniel Morton 

Att the Court of his Maj'''^, held at Plymouth in New England on the 2°<i day 
of March anno Domini 1668, Joseph Churchill came before the said Court and 
allowed approved Rattifyed & confirmed the Will of his father John Churchill 


deceased, above expressed in all and every the particulars; the said Will and 
Testament to stand and remain and continue unalterable and inviolable forever, 
Plymouth Ss., Oct. 20. 1652, a true copy from the Plymouth Colony Record 
Book of Wills, Vol. 2<i Part second Page 82 

Attest W>". S. Eussell, Keeper of Said Records. 

An Inventory of the goods and chattels of John Churchill, late de- 

£. S. d. 

Imps 4 oxen 16 00 00 

Item, 2 cowes 05 00 00 

" 2 heifers supposed to be witli calf . . . . . 05 00 00 

"■ 2 steers of 2 yrs. old and one heifer of 2 yrs old . . 07 00 00 

" a Yearling steer . . 01 00 00 

" 2 steer calves 01 10 00 

2 Sows & three Piggs 01 10 00 

2 feather bed tickes not full 03 10 00 

4 Blankets 01 10 00 

3 Pair of Sheets 02 00 00 

2 pillows and 4 pillow beers . . . . . , . . 01 00 00 

5 napkins and a Tablecloth 00 06 00 

his wearing clothes . . . . . . . . . 06 00 00 

Stokens and shoes & an home made coat . . . . . 01 00 00 

a hatt . . . 00 08 00 

3 Shirts 00 12 00 

Bands and handkerchiefs 00 08 00 

a great brass Kettle 01 00 00 

a Bellmettle skillett 00 02 00 

2 great iron Potts 01 10 00 

an old Kettle and an iron skillett 00 05 00 

Pothooks and pot hangers and an old iron ladle . • . , . 00 04 00 

1 plough share and Coultre 00 08 00 

3 Scythes & 3 Sickles 00 10 00 

a pair of tongs and a fire shovel . . . . . . . 00 02 00 

4 pewter planters 00 12 00 

2 pewter basons & drinking pot and seven alcomy (Alchymy) simoons 00 05 00 

on Earthen Ware " . . . 00 08 00 

2 Trays, 7 trenchers & some other Wooden vessels . . . 00 04 00 

2 hogsheads, 4 Barrells . . 00 10 00 

2 Beer Barrells & a churn & a Washing tubb 00 08 00 

a trundle bedstead, 2 chairs & 2 old tables 00 10 00 

2 axes, a morticing axe & 2 hatchetts . . . . . . 00 08 00 

2 pickaxes, 3 hoes 00 06 00 

2 Augurs and some other small iron tools . . . . . 00 03 00 

5 Wedges and a beetle-ring . . . . . . . . 00 05 00 

2 guns 05 10 00 

a sword and sliot pouch, 2 lbs powder 4 lbs shot . . . . 00 12 00 

2 spring wheels and 3 pair of cards . . . . . . 00 10 00 

Meale baggs & sacks & a sifting trough 00 10 00 

1 fan, 2 corn sieves, & 2 meal sieves . . . . . . 00 10 00 

2 cow bells 00 01 00 

a cart & wheels 01 00 00 

2 chains, a bolt and shackle 00 08 00 

1 Wainhead yoke, the ring & staple 2 Ring yokes with hooks and 

staples 00 10 00 

in Books 00. 06. 00 in old Lumber 00. 05. 00 . . . . 00 11 00 

74 14. OS 


Debts due from the Estate 

£ s. d. 

Item, to Robert Finney 6. 00. 00 

'' in other small debts 1. 00. 00. 

Plymouth Ss. Oct. 20, 1G52. 

A true copy from the Book of Wills 2°^. Part Volume 2^, page 83 

Attest Wm. E. RUSSELL 
Keeper- of the P. Colony Record. 

John- Churchill married at Plymouth, Dec. 18, 1644, Hannah 
PoNTus, the daughter of Mr. William Pontus, of Plymouth. She 
survived her husband and married a second husband, Giles Richard 
(or Reccord), June 25, 16G9. 

Children of John and Hannah Churchill. 

2 I. Joseph,' b. 1<!47; m. Sarah Hicks, June 3, 1672. 

II. Hannah,^ b. Nov. 12, 1649; m. John Drew, , 1672. 

He was the son of William Drew, and was born in England in 1642. 
His grandfatlier was Sir Edward Drevr, who was knighted by Queen 
Elizabeth. He appeared in Plymouth first in 1660. They lived in 

Children of John and Hannah (Churchill) Drew. 

1. Elizabeth Drew, b. Feb. 5, 1673. 

2. John Drew, b. Aug. 29, 1676; m. Sarah Delano. 

3. Samuel Drew, b. Feb. 1, 1678; m. 1st, Lydia ( ); m. 2d, Ruth 


4. Thomas Drew, b. May 1, 1681. 

5. Nicholas Drew, b. Oct. 16, 1684; m. Rebecca Morton, April 19, 


6. Lemuel Drew, b. Aug. 1, 1687; m. Hannah Barnes, Dec. 22, 1715. 

8 III. Eliezer,^ b. April 20, 1652 ; m. 1st, Mary ( ) ; m. 2d, Mary Doty, 

Feb. 8, 1685. 
IV. Mary, 2 b. Aug. 1, 1654; m. Thomas Doty, FebrS,-i6&&. • 

They lived in Truro. He was a sea-faring man. Mary, the wife, 

died, and he married, 2d, Mary ( ), and he died Dec. 4, 1678. 

His will was proved March 8, 1679. 

Children by First Wife. 

1. Martlia Doty, b. 1672. 

2. Hannah Doty, b. December, 1675. 

By Second Wife. 

3. Thomas Doty, b. July 22, 1679. 

4- V. William, 2 b. 1656; m. Lydia Bryant, Jan. 17, 1683. 
5 VI. John,*' b. 1657; m. Rebecca Delano, Dec. 28, 1686. 



JOSEPH 2 CHUKCHILL (John ^). Born in Plymouth, 1647. 
He lived on the farm first owned by his father. Some time before 
1700 he built the house which is still standing on the easterly side 
of the curve in the road opposite the " Sandy Gutter Road." 
Little is preserved of his life. 

The following extract from Davis's " Landmarks of Plymouth," 
page 346, will throw some light upon his outward conditions : 

It will be remembered that the southerly line of the mile-and-a-half tract 
was bounded by the farm of Joseph Churchill, lying on the southerly side of 
Wellingsley. This farm extended from Oberry or Woeberry, as it was some- 
times called in the early records, across the Chiltonville road near Sandy Gutter, 
to the harbor, and was owned first by John Churchill, the progenitor of the 
Churchill family, and afterward by his son Joseph. The house, built by Joseph 
Churchill before 1700, is still standing, on the easterly side of the curve in the 
road opposite the Sandy Gutter road. The house, with the land immediately 
surrounding it, was sold, in 1715, by Joseph Churchill to his son Barnabas. 
Lemuel Churchill, son of Barnabas, sold a part of the estate to Thomas Faunce, 
who sold it, in 1767, to Jonathan Churchill, by whom it was sold in the" same 
year to John Faunce. In 1773 Charles Churchill and his wife Sarah, who had 
acquired an interest in the estate through her first husband, Isaac Churcliill, son 
of Barnabas, sold the other part to John Faunce, making him the owner of the 

Passing through several hands, in 1822 the house was bought by 
Freeman Morton, and Mr. Davis continues. 

At the time of its purchase by Mr. Morton the shape and character of the 
house were ancient. Its roof was afterwards raised by him, the chimney 
reconstructed, and the modern expression given to its exterior which it now 
wears. Its interior, however, still bears the marks of extreme age, and is worthy 
of a visit by the antiquarian. It is now (188;:!) owned by Alvin G. Morton, son 
of Freeman, who remembers the Dutch oven it once had, with its opening in the 
yard, covered by a small shed-like structure protecting it from exposure. 

Joseph - Churchill married at Plymouth, June 3, 1672, Sarah 
Hicks, daughter of Samuel and Lydia (Doane) Hicks, and grand- 
daughter of Robert Hicks, the first settler of the name. 

Children horn in Plymouth. 
6 I. John, ^b. July 3, 1678; m. Desirk Holmes, Nov. 19, 17(iO. ' 
II. Margaret,^ b. Oct., 1684; m. Samdel Bates. 

Children horn in Plymouth. 

1. Thomas Bates, b. March 2, 1709; m. Lydia Savory. 

2. Samuel Bates, b. April 16, 1713. 

3. John Bates, b. Nov. 24, 1716. 



4. Barnabas Bates, b. Jan. 15. 1719. 

5. Job Bates, b. Oct. 14, 1721. 

7 III. Barnab.4S,3 b. July 3, 1686; m. Lydia Harlow, Feb. 5, 1711. 
IV. Mercy, 3 1). 1681); d. soon. 

8 V. Joseph,^ b. Jan. 1692; m. Abiah Blackwell, of Sandwich, 1716. 


ELIEZER - CHURCHILL (John '). Bora in Plymouth, April 
20, 1652. Admitted freeman at Plymouth, 1683. He lived at 
Hobshole, upon a part of the original estate of his father, having 
come into possession of the first house built by him. 

According to the provisions of his father's will, and later 
arrangements with the mother and other heirs, Eliezer Churchill 
came into possession of that part of the original Churchill home- 
stead which contained the " old house.'' To this land was added a 
strip thirty feet wide lying next to Branch Blackmer, by grant of 
town, 1709. He died about 1716. In "Landmarks of Plymouth" 
Mr. Davis says : Eliezer Churchill 

probably built and occupied as a residence the building, taken down within a 
few 3'ears, which for many years was occupied as a shop by Ichabod and Edwin 
Morton. The grant was made for Eliezer " to erect a warehouse upon." This 
warehouse, if ever built, occupied a part of the site of the house of the late 
Edwin Morton. 

Eliezer- married 1st, Maky -; 2d, Feb. 8, 1688, Mary 

Doty, daughter of Edward and Faith (C'larke) Doty. She died 
Dec. 11, 1715, aged 60 years. 

Children of First Wife. 

I. Hannah,^ b. Aug. 23, 1676; living unmarried in 1715. 
II. Joanna,^ b. Nov. 25, 1678; living unmarried in 1715. 
III. Abigail, 3 b. 1680; m. 1st, Francis Billington, May 17, 1703; 2d, 
Natiil. Howland, as his second wife, 1725. 

Children born in Plymouth. 

1. Sarah Billington, b. Dec. 11, 1702. 

2. Sukey Billington, b. Jan. 1, 1704. 

?.. Francis Billington, b. Feb. 16. 1708. 

4. Jemima Billington, b. June 10, 1710; m. Joseph Bent, Oct. 17, 


5. Constant Billington, b. Feb. 2, 1713; m. Francis Merrifield. 

6. Abigail Billington, b. Oct 21. 1716. 

7. Joseph Billington, b. Jan. 11, 1719. 

9 IV. Eliezer,, Jr.,'' b. Feb. 23, 1682; m. Hannah Bartlett, dau. Robert. 
10 V. Stephen,'' b. Feb. 16, 1685; m. Experience Ellis. 

VI. Jedidah,^ b. Feb. 27, 1687; m. Dec. 1, 1709, Thomas Harlow, 
sou of William. 

Children of Jedidah and Thomas Harlow. 

1. Thomas Harlow, b. July 25, 1712; m. Patience Tilson, of 


2. Elizabeth Harlow, b. March 14, 1715; d. 1718. 


3. Jonathan Harlow, b. March 22, 1718; m. Sarah Holmes. 

4. Lydia Harlow, b. June 4, 1721. 

.5. Eleazer Harlow, b. Dec. 13, 1723. 

6. Jedidah Harlow, b. Oct. 3. 1726; m. Abner Sylvester. 

7. Nathaniel Harlow, b. July 22, 1729. 

Children of Second Wife. 
VII. Mart,3 b.l688; m. Edward Stevens, Dec. 23, 1708. 

Children born in Plymouth. 

1. Mary Stevens, b. June 21, 1710; m. Joseph Cole. 

2 Hannah Stevens, b. A[)ril 11, 1712; m. Benjamin Bartlett. 

3. Sarah Stevens, b. May 25, 1715. 

4. Lemuel Stevens, b. Dec. 25, 1716. 

5. Elizabeth Stevens, b. April 30, 1719; m. Benjamin Harlow. 

6. Edward Stevens, b. Sept. 19, 1721 ; m. Phebe Harlow. 

7. Eliezer Stevens, b. Dec. 10, 1723; m. 1st, Sarah Sylvester; m. 

2d, Mrs. Susannah (Cobb) Sylvester. 

11 VIII. Elkanah,^ b. March 1, 1691; m. Susannah Manchester, Dec. 24, 

IX. Nathaniel,^ b. April 16, 1693; d. March 24, 1714. 
X. JosiAH,3 b. 1694. 

12 XI. JoHN,3 b. Sept. 12, 1698 ; m. 1st, Mary Jackson, of Portsmouth, 

N.H. ; m. 2d, Mrs. Elizabeth Cotton. 


WILLIAM 2 CHURCHILL (John 1). Born in Plymouth in 1656 ; 
lived in Plynipton and died there Oct. 5, 1722. He inherited lands 
in Punkatussett, now Plympton, and was among the first settlers in 
that jDart of old Plymouth, and was the progenitor of the Plympton 
branch of the family. Mr. Churchill and his wife were members of 
the church in Plymouth. 

From manuscript notes of Mr. Lewis Bradford, town clerk of 
Plympton for mauy years, we have the following extract : 

I made Mr. Isaac Churchill, Senior, a visit, who is grandson of the first 
William, of Plympton. and, in 1826, is 85 years of age, to obtain information 
of him about the first generation in Plympton, but did not obtain so much as I 
had hoped, although hi.'^ memory appears to be good for a person of his age. He 
said that the father of the first William Churchill lived at Hobb's Hole, in 
Plymouth, but did not recollect hi.^ given name. William lived in a house which 
stood where the house of Mr. Isaac Churchill, Senior, now (1826) stands, as the 
said Isaac says, and which appears very highly probable from an agreement 
recorded in Book I., p. 40, Town Records. 

Married in Plymouth, Jan. 17, 1683, Lydia Bryant, daughter of 
Stephen and Abigail (Shaw) Bryant. She died Feb. 6, 1736, in the 
74th year of her age. 

Children born in Plympton. 

13 I. William,^ b. Aug. 2, 1685; m. Ruth Bryant, dau. of John. 

14 II. Samuel, ■■' b. April 15, 1688; m. 1st, Joanna Bryant; 2d, Mrs. 

Merci: Ellis, widow. 


HI. James, ^ b. Sept. 21, 1G90; m. Mary McFarlin, Dec. 27, 1716. 

They had no children. He died in Plympton, Dec. 25, 1754, and 
his widow died there June 9, 1770, in her 81st year. He left his 
property to his nephew David Clmrchill. They lived where Caleb 
Stetson lived in 1827, below the nail factory, by the road west side 
of the naeadows. He was one of those who used to pray at noon at 
tiie meeting-house during the ministry of Rev. Jonathan Parker. 

15 IV. Isaac, ^ b. Sept. 16, 16',)3; m. Susannah Leach. 

16 V. Benjamin, 3 b. 1695; ni. Mary Shaw, Dec. 5, 1717. 

VI. Lydia,3 b. April 16, 1699; m. John Lovell, Nov. 8, 1727. 

17 VII. J()siAH,3 b. Aug. 21, 1702; m. Jemima Hamblen, May 16, 1723. 
VIII. Mehitable,^ m. Elkanah Shaw, Plymouth, Jan. 11, 1726. 


JOHN- CHURCHILL (John '). Bom in Plymouth 1657 

and lived there. By his father's Avill he inherited land at " Man- 
nonnett Ponds." He was admitted freeman in 1G89 ; was chosen 
constable in 3686. 

Died June 13, 1723, in 06th year of his age. 

Married 1st, Dec. 28, 1686, Rebecca Delano, daughter of Philip. 
She d. April 6, 1709, aged 52 years; 2d, jNIarch 4, 1715, Mrs. 
Hannah Baktlett, who d. April 29, 1723, aged 61. 

Children of First Wife, horn in Plymouth. 

I. Elizabeth,^ b. Oct. 7, I6S7; m. Joel Ellis, of Plympton, April 6, 

Children horn in riympton. 

1. Joel Ellis, b. Feb. 12, 1712. 

2. John Ellis, b. Sept. 18, 17U; m. Elizabeth Coomer. 

3. Matthew Ellis. 

4. Samuel Ellis. 

5. Elizabeth Ellis, m. Gideon Southwick. 

6. Rebecca Ellis, m. Samuel 

7. Charles Ellis, m. Bathsheba Fuller. 

8. Thomas Eliis, b. in Middleboro, July 1, 1729; m. Ruth Thomas. 

II. Rebecca, 3 b. Aug. 29, 1689; m. Geokge Morton, Feb. 4, 1713/4. 

Children horn in Plymouth. 

1. Zephaniah Morton, b. Aug. 31, 1715. 

2. William Morton, b. Oct. 2, 1717. 

3. George Morton, b. Feb. 6, 1719/20. 

4. Rebecca Morton, b. April 7, 1724; d. Sept. 23, 1759. 

18 III. JoHN,^ b. Dec. 20, 1691; in. Bethiah Spooner, dau. of Ebenezer, 
Feb. 16, 1720. 
IV. Sarah, ^ b. P'eb. 10, 1695; m. Jonathan Smith, both of Middleboro, 
June 8, 1725, as his second wife. She died July 5, 1744. 
V. Hannah,^ b. April 27, 1697; m. Samuel Baktlett, 


1. Samuel Bartlett, m. Bet- i 2. William Bartlett. 
sey Moore, in No. Car- 3. John Bartlett. 
olina. ' 4. Judah Bartlett. 



JOHN'^ CHURCHILL (Joseph,- Johj^^). Bom at Plymouth, 
July 3, 1678. Married, Nov. 19, 1700, Desike Holmes. 

Children born in Plymouth. 
I. Priscilla,'' b. Nov. 27, 1701; m. Thomas Rogers, son of Eleazer, 



about 1721. 

Children horn at Plymouth. 

6. Thomas Rogers, b. 1730. 

7. Hannah Rogers, b. 1734. 

8. Eleazer Rogers, b. 1736. 

9. Priscilla Rogers, b. 1739. 
10. John Rogers, b. 1740. 

1. Ruth Rogers, b. 1722; 

m. Samuel Morton. 

2. Priscilla Rogers, b. 1723. 

3. Desire Rogers, b. 1725. 

4. Willi.s Rogers, b. 1727. 

5. Samuel Rogers, b. 1728. 

Samuel," b. March 8, 1703/4; m. Hannah Curtis, 1732. 
Sarah,'' b. April 25, 1706; m. Elkanah Totman, 1727. 


3. Elkanah Totman, b. 1732. 

1. Priscilla Totman, b. 1728. 

2. Joshua Totman, b. 1730. | 

IV. Phebe,'' b. Oct. 8, 1708; m. 1726, Joseph Holmes, son of Joseph. 


1. Jonathan Holmes, b. 


2. Phebe Holmes, b. 1727; 

m. William- Benedick 

3. Desire Holmes, b. 1731 ; 

m. John Swift. 

4. Samuel Holmes, b. 1733. 
Rebecca, b. Dec. 11, 1713; m. 1st, 1731, Elnathan Holmes, son of 

1st, Elisha; m. 2d, Azariah Whiting. 

Children by First Husband. 

5. Hannah Holmes, b. 1735 

6. Mariah Holmes, b. 1737. 

7. Jane Holmes, b. 1738. 

8. Joseph Holmes, b. 1741. 

9. Micah Holmes, b. 1743. 

10. Elkanah Holmes, b. 1745. 

11. Susannah Holmes, b. 1747. 

1. Sarah Holmes, b. 1732. 

2. Rebecca Holmes, b. 


Elnathan Holmes, b. 1735; m. 
' 1761, Bathsheba Holmes, daugh- 
ter of Abner. 


BAENABAS' CHUECHILL (Joseph,* John'). Born in Ply- 
mouth, July 3, 1686, aiid lived there. Married, Feb. 5, 1711, 
Ltdia Harlow, daughter of William Harlow and Lydia, daughter 
of Eev. Thomas Cushman, born 1688. 



















Children horn in Plymouth. 

BATtNABAs/ b. Oct. 19, 1714; m. Ltdia Holmes, dau. of El- 

eazer, Nov. 13, 1744. 
William,^ b. Dec. 2.5, 1716; m. Susannah Clark, Nov. 13, 1740. 
Ichabod,'' b. Jan. 12, 1718/K; d. Oct. 1. 1745; unnianied. 
JosKPH,* b. May 19, 1721; ni. Mariah Rydkr, Sept. 23, 1745. 
Lemuel, ■• b. July 12, 1723; m. 1st, Lvdia Sylvester, Oct. 13, 

1747; m. 2d, Abigail Ryder, Nov. 4, 1752. 
Isaac,'' b. May 3, 1726; m. Sarah Cobb, Oct. 2, 1756. 
Thomas,^ b. April 30, 1730; m. Mary Ewer, May 5, 1758. 
Ebenezer,'' b. Nov. 9, 1732; m. Jean Fisher, May 19, 1755. 
Lydia,^ b. March 9, 1734/5; m. 1st, June 1, 1754, Nathaniel 

Holmes; m. 2d, Sept. 16, 1762, Seth Ewer, as second wife. 

Children by First Husband. 

1. Nathaniel Holmes, b. 1754; d. in infancy. 

Children by Second Husband. 

2. Isaac Ewer, baptized 1763. 

3. Lydia Ewer. b. Oct. 6, 1765. 

4. Sylvanus Ewer, b. Oct. 4, 1768 (at Osterville) ; m. as second 

wife, Margaret Folger, 1798. 

5. Mary Ewer, b. Aug. 17, 1774. 

27 X. John," !>. May 9, 1739; m. .Molly Bradford, of Plympton, April 

4, 1771. 


JOSEPH 3 CHUECHILL (Josepk,^ John i). Born in Ply- 
mouth, January, 1692 ; lived in Sandwich ; married Abiah Black- 
well, of Sandwich, Dec. 13, 1716. 

Children born in Sandwich. 

I. Abiah," b. Oct. 9, 1717; ni. James Cornish. (lie was the son of 

Samuel and Susanna.) 
II. Margaret," b. Jan. 18, 1718/9; ra. Ezekiel Rider, son of Samuel, 

Children horn in Plymouth. 

1. Keziah Rider, b. Dec. 12, 1737. 

2. Joseph Rider, b. March 22, 1739 ; m. Abigail Atwood, dau. of 


3. Deborah Rider, b. July 20, 1740. 

4. Samuel Rider, b. Oct. 18, 1741 ; m. Jane Swift, about 1765. 

5. Lenmel Rider, b. July 24, 1743; d. Aug. 4, 1.743. 

6. Patience Rider, b. Jvily 7, 1744. 

7. Lemuel Rider, b. July 7, 1745. 

8. Ezekiel Rider, b. Dec. 21, 1746; d. Jan. 24, 1746/7. 

9. Margaret Rider, b. March 15, 1749. 

10. Ezekiel Rider, b. Jan. 14, 1751. 

11. Sarah Rider, b. Nov. 14, 1752. 

12. Joshua Rider, b. June 22, 1755. 

13. Ezra Rider, b. March 6, 1757; m. Hannah Howland. 

28 III. Joseph." b. July 14, 1722; m. Agnes Fetters, in Boston. 
2^ IV. Samuel," b. June 24, 1724; m. Hannah Fllis, in Boston. 

V. Joshua," b. July 4, 1726. No further record. 
VI. Sarah," b. July 2, 1728; m. Seth Blossom, Jan. 8, 1747. 



ChurchilP Blossom, b. Oct. 15, 1749. 

Mrs. Sarah (Chnrcbill) Blossora died, and Seth Blossom married 
Abigail Crocker and bad four children by her; viz.: (1) David, 
b. Jan. 12, 175.5; (2) Peter, b. Dec. 4, 1756; (3) Hannah, b. Aug. 
15, 1766; (4) Lini, b. April 15, 1772. 

VII. Mercy, ^ b. July 27, 1733; d. in infancy. 
VIII. Mekcy,^ b. March 28, 1736, 


ELIEZERs CHURCHILL (Eliezer,- John^). Born in Ply- 
mouth in 1682, and lived there, a farmer. Died Sept. 21, 1754, aged 
72. From Mr. Davis's '• Landmarks of Plymouth " we learn that 

after the death of Eliezer the second, in 1754, the remainder of the 
original land was divided between his sons Jonathan and Eleazer. Jon- 
athan taking what is now the Ichabod Morton estate and Eleazer what is 
now the Edwin Morton estate. 

He married Hannah Bartlett, daughter of Robert, who was born 
1691, and died Sept. 19, 1757. 

Children born in Plymouth. 

I. Anson," b. May 12, 1712; d. July 21, 1712. 

30 II. Eliezer," b. Feb. 26, 1714; m. Sarah Harlow, Oct. 19, 1738. 

31 III. JosiAH," b. July 20, 1716; m. Patience Harlow, Dec. 1, 1741. 

32 IV. Jonathan," b. Oct. 19, 1720; m. Hannah Worcester, Aug. 27, 1742. 


STEPHEN 3 CHURCHILL (Eliezer = John^). Born at Ply- 
mouth, February, 1684. Died 1750. Married 1708, ExrERiENCE 
Ellis, daughter of Matthias, of Sandwich. 

Children horn in Plymouth. 

33 I. Ephraim," b. Oct. 15, 1709; m., March 27, 1730, Priscilla Man- 


34 II. Nathaniel," b. Dec. 19, 1712; m., Jan. 2. 1733, Mary Curtis. 
III. Mary," b. April 29, 1716; d. Dec. 13, 1716. 

35 IV. Stephen," b. Aug. 24, 1717; m., July 4, 1738, Hannah Barnes, dau. 

of Jonathan. 
V. Zacheus," b. Oct. 30, 1719; d. Nov. 18, 1732. 
3(> VI. Benjamin," b. Aug. 19, 1725; m., Nov. 3, 1746, Ecth Delano. 

ELKANAH'' CHURCHILL (Eliezer,^ John^). Born 1690. 
After his death, in 1764, the half of the original Churchill estate, 
which belonged to him, was divided between his sons Amaziah * and 
Elkanah,'* the first taking the southerly half, the other the northerly. 
Died 1764, Married, Dec. 24, 1720, Susannah Manchester. 


Children born in 

37 I. Amaziah," b. Nov. 29, 1721; m., Oct. 31, 1745, Elizabeth Syl- 

II. Mariah,'' b. Nov. 29, 1721; m. Jabez Mendall, of Plynipton. 

One Child. 
1. Samuel Mendall, b. 1747. 

38 III. Elkanah,'* b. April 10, 172G; m., March 8, 1747/8, Scsannaii Bart- 


JOHN' CHURCHILL (Eliezer,- Joiix'). Born in Plymouth, 
Sept. 12, 1698, but removed iu youth to Portsmouth, N.H., and 
there spent his life, and died Oct. 7, 1769, aged 71 years 14 
days. The inventory of his estate, taken Oct. 28, 1769, was 
£129.18.9. His widow, Elizabeth, sold her dower for £15, in 
1770. A very interesting and precious letter, from his own hand, 
written some time in the year 1764, is still preserved in the hands 
of his descendants. It is the source of nearly all we know of his 
own family, and we regret that he did not tell more about himself. 
This letter was copied from a copy made from the original, by her 
grandfather Joseph, by Mrs. Mary W. (Churchill) Bailey, of Dysart, 
Iowa, in 1886. 

Letter written by Johx ^ Churchill of Portsmouth, N.H., 1764. 

When my son John was born, I wanted four days of being twenty-one years 
.old. I was born the 12tli day of Sept. 1(J98. My son John was born the Sth d;iy of 
Sept. Tuesday morn, 1719. Daniel was born Thursday Oct. 12, 1721. IMary, 
Born Wednesday March 4, 1724. Ebenczer Born Sabbath June 6, 1726. Arthur 
Born Monday Nov. 25, 1728. William born Tuesday March 14, 1732. Sanford, 
born Sabbath day May 20, 1733, Tobias born Sabbath, January 26, 17.':5. 
Martha born Satur<]ay Oct. 15, 1737. Elizabeth born Tuesday April 10, 1740. 
Benjamin, born Tuesday Oct. 13, 1741. Joseph born Monday March 25, 1744. 

Mary died Sept. 21, 1743, aged 19 years 6 months 17 days. My wife died 
27 of Dec. 1745. My son Daniel died in 1745. He sailed out of Boston, Master 
of a large ship in Nov. before bound for Loudon, and the hands perished for 
the ship foundered. He was married in Boston and had one child that is dead 
also. Arthur left me the 26th of March 1744, and went to sea, he left me the 
next day after Joseph was born and I have not seen him for more than six 
years and God knows whenever I shall. My son John was married in New 
York to his second wife and sent for his son John that lived with me and I sent 
him to his father. My Sons John and Ebeuezer both died sometime in 1751 with 
Small Pox at one time. As for John's children I know nothing about, Eb- 
enczer never married. I pray the Lord to t^anctify their death to me their 
father for the good of my soul, knowing that in a short time I shall go to them 
for they cannot return to me. My son Arthur after he first left me had the 
opportunity to come to Boston tvvice, and then sailed to England two voyages. 
The second voyage he was taken sick. I received a letter from him dated 
3 of Oct. 17.">2, from London, then he wrote me word that he designed to go to the 
West Indies and from there to Piscataway to see me if God gave him oppor- 
tunity but being led away by bad company he was tripanned by some means [ 
can't give account of, that he was obliged to go to the East Indies as a soldier 
for two years, when I first heard of it I was greatly troubled to think one v.^ith 
so good sense and learning as he had and as good a sailor as need cross the sea, 
should take no more care of himself, but be led away in so unhappy condition. 


It has been a great trouble to me and ever will be, for day nor night never passes 
but that I think of him. for I am out of all hope of ever seeing him again. I 
hope God will be with him and help him and give him a heart of grace to return 
from all his evil ways. My son Arthur left me the day after Joseph was born, 
and I have heard from one Brewster, that he had got mate of an Indiaman, and 
in the year 1763 he enquired after him and heard that he was dead. 

Tobias died the 3 of August 1756 aged '21 years 3 mos and 17 days, and was 
buried in Tiiomas Cotton's orchard, his bearers were Samuel Hale, Benjamin 
Luce, Samuel Jackson, Joseph Jackson, Jonathan Long, and Edmund Loud, he 
was the first of my sons that died at home. My son William Sailed out of New- 
bury in the year 1755. I have heard one time aliout two years after that he was 
in lihode Island and I have not heard whether he is living or not, he has been 
gone nine years. Sanford died July 3, 1733, aged 6 weeks 2 days. 

Mrs. Bailey writes tliat the above John Churchill left valuable 
family records in the hands of his youngest son Joseph, her grand- 
father. These records she states went back to the time " our fore- 
father left England," but her grandmother told her, about 1861, that 
the records had been taken from the old chest where they were 
kept, and were destroyed or lost. John Churchill, of Portsmouth, 
appears in many property transactions, and is then designated " cord- 
wainer." His three sons, John, Benjamin, and Joseph only, of all 
his children, survived him, and evidently inherited his estate, as we 
find deeds from them disposing of their third parts of his property. 

John'' Churchill, of Portsmouth, married 1st, in Portsmouth, 
Mary Jackson, daughter of Daniel. She died Dec. 27, 1745, 
and he married 2d, Mrs. Elizabeth Cotton, widow of Thomas. 

Children of the First Wife, ho7'n in Portsmouth. 

39 I. John,'' b. Sept. 8, 1719; m. Mary Noble, of Portsmouth, 1741. 
II. Daniel,'' b. Oct. 21, 1721; m. Sarah Rogers, Boston, April 2, 

1744, by Rev. James Sewall. 

He died in 1745, leaving widow and one child who died young. 

III. Mary,'' b. March 4, 1724; d. Sept. 21, 1743, aged 19 years 6 months 

17 days. 

IV. Ebenezer,^ b. June 6, 1726; d. unmarried, 1751. 

"V. Arthur,'' b. Nov. 25, 1728; never married; d. abroad, probably at 

VI. William,* b. March 14, 1732; never married. 
Vn. Sanford,'' b. May 20, 1733; d. July 3, 1733. 
VIII. Tobias," b. Jan. 26, 1735; d. Aug. 3, 1756, unmarried. 
IX. Martha," b. Oct. 15, 1737. 

X. Elizabeth," b. April 10, 1740; d. Dec. 5, 1740, aged 7 months 20 

40 XI. Benjamin," b. Oct. 13, 1741; m. 1st, Abigail Deverson, dau.- of 

Thomas; m. 2d, Elizabeth Clark, dau. of Thomas. 

41 XII. Joseph," b. March 25, 1744; m. Elizabeth Cotton. 


WILLIAM '^ CHURCHILL (William,-^ John ^). BorninPlymp. 
ton, Aug. 2, 1685. Lived in Plympton at a place called " Rocky 
Gutter." Both himself and wife were members of the church in 


Plyrapton. He was a man of character and influence, and several 
times a representative to the General Court. He died in Plympton, 
Feb. 3, 1760. Married, Jan. 4, 1704, Ruth Bryant, daughter of 
John. She died in Plympton, May 17, 1757, aged 72. 

Children born in Plympton. 

42 '^RENEZER,'' b. Oct. 18, 1705; m. Leah ( ). 

II. Haxnah,'* b. Oct. 23, 1707; m. Hopestill Bisbee, Nov. 25, 1731. 

He was the son of .Tohn and Joanna (^Brooks) Bisbee, of Marsh- 
field. They lived at Plympton. 

Children born in Plympton. 

1. Abner Bisbee, b. June 16, 1739 ; m. Batbsheba Palmer, of Halifax. 

2. Hopestill Bisbee, b. May 28, 1741; m. Abigail Churchill, dau. 

of Nathaniel Churchill, of Plympton, Sept. 4, 1766, and had 
children, born in Plympton. (1) Abiijail Bisbee, b. Oct. 21, 
1768; (2) Hopestill Bisbee, b. Oct. 11, 1769. They removed 
to Rochester, Mass., and had there (3) Sylvanus Bisbee; (4) 
Josiah Bisbee; (5) Ansel Bisbee, who settled in Buckfield, 
Me., no children; (6) Levi Bisbee; (7) Susannah Bisbee; (8) 
Hannah Bisbee. 

3. Issachar Bisbee, b. April 3, 1744; m. Mary Harlow, dau. of 

Thomas, April 28, 1768. 

4. Sarah Bisbee, b. March 7, 1747. 

5. Hannah Bisbee, b. Feb. 20, 1752. 

43 III. David,^ b. Nov. 4, 1709; m. Mart Magoon. 

IV. liEBECCA,'* b. Jan. 8, 1712; m. Amos Ford, at Plympton, Nov. 25, 


1. Noah Ford, b. Aug. 29, 1732. 

2. Ruth Ford, b. Oct. 4, 1734. 

V. William,* b. Dec. 15, 1714; d. unmarried, March 7, 1739. 
VI. KuTH,^ b. Sept. 14, 1716; m. Ebenezer Cole, 1733, in Plympton. 

They lived in Plympton for a while, but he died in Chesterfield, 
Mass., about 1790. They bad one child born in Plympton. 

1. Joanna* Cole, m. Nathl. Bryant of Plympton. 

44 VII. Nathaniel,* b. May 11, 1718; m. Susannah McFarland, June 4, 

VIII. Abigail,* b. July 11, 1720; m. John Bryant, of Plympton, Feb. 10, 
1740. She died in 1820. 

45 IX. IcHABOD," b. Sept. 24, 1722; m. 1st, Rebecca Curtis; m. 2d, 

Susanna Gibbs. 
X. Sarah,* b. Feb. 7, 1725; m. Josiah Marshall, Nov. 16, 1749. 
XI. Joanna,* b. May 22, 1727; d. April 16, 1728. 


SAMUEL 3 CHURCHILL (William,- John '). Born in Plymp- 
ton, April 15, 1688, and lived there in a house a few rods east of 
the house in which Micah Bryant lived in 1826. He was deacon of 
the church in Plympton. Was a farmer. Married 1st, Joanna 
Bryant, daughter of John. She died in Plympton, April 15, 1746 ; 
and he married 2d, Mrs. Marcy Ellis (widow). 


Children of First Wife. 

I. Marct," b. March 1, 1714. 
II. Mpdhitabel,'* b. Nov. 5, 1717; m. James Morton, of Plymouth, 1736. 

He was the son of John Morton. 

III. Alice, * b. Jan. 18, 1719 ; ra. Jupe Leach, 1738. 


ISAAC CHURCHILL (William,^ John'). Born in Plympton, 
Oct. 4, 1693. Lived there, on the side of the brook, east of his 
father's honse. He and his wife were members of the church in 
Plympton. He died in Plympton, April 8, 1778, aged 84 years 6 
months 4 days. Married, Dec. 29, 1720, Susannah Leach. She 
died in Plympton, Jan. 11, 1790, in her 89th year. 

Children born in Plympton. 

I. Isaac, ^ b. Oct. 1, 1722; d., aged 3 days. 

II. AvERiCK,'' b. Sept. 15, 1723; m. by Thos. Croade, J.P., Ebenezer 
Standish, Jr., a son of Zachariah, Dec. 27, 1739. 


1. Mary Standish, b. 1740. 

2. Ebenezer Standish, b. 1741. 

3. Avericli Standish, b. 1744 ; m. Ziulock Thomas. 

4. Shadrach Standish, b. 1746; m. Mary Churchill, dau. of David. 

III. Susannah,^ b. Dec. 3, 1726; m. David Weston. 


1. Rebeckah Weston, b. June 7, 1746. 

2. Mary Weston, b. Nov. 28, 1748. 

3. Rufus Weston, b. April 25, 1751. 

4. David Weston, b. Feb. 15, 1754. 

5. Abner Weston, b. Dec. 10, 1756. 

6. Jabez Weston, b. Feb. 26, 1759. 

IV. Isaac," b. April 4, 1730; d. Dec. 11. 1734. 
V. Mary," b. 1733; d. Aug. 31, 1738. 

VI. Elizabeth," b. June 4, 1737; m. Luke Perkins (son of Josiahj, 
May 27, 1757. 


1. Daniel Perkins. 

2. John Perkins. 

46 VII. Isaac," b. July 16, 174! ; m. Eunice Ripley, Jan. 21, 1764. 


BENJAMIN'^ CHURCHILL (William,- JohnI). Born in 
Plympton, 1695, and according to the gravestone in the burying- 
gronnd at Carver, died Dec. 6, 1771, in the 67th year of his age. 
While residing in Plympton, Benjamin and wife Mary occupied the 
house in which John Bonney lived in 1849, in the north part of 
the town. It is said that Benjamin removed from Plympton into 


the border of Middleboro, near to " Pope's Point Eurnace," in 
Carver. A letter from Mr. Bradford, town clerk of Plympton, says 
that the family lived much nearer to the meeting-house in Carver 
than to that in Plympton, and attended church in the former place. 
Married, Dec. 15, 1717, Mary Shaw. 


I. Mary,^ b. April 17, 1720; m. James Drew (it is said). 
47 II. Perez,'' b. Middleboro, Oct. 15, 1722; m. Deborah Thayer. 

III. Elizabeth,'' b. April 15, 1725; m. Dea. Benjamin Thomas of Mid- 
dleboro, Mass. She died Dec. 2fi, 1804. They had five children. 
4r8 IV. James, ^ b. Dec. 30, 1726; in. 1st, June 8, 1848, Martha Blackwell; 
m. 2d, Mercy Cobb; 3d, Widow Mary Gorham. 

49 v. Benjamin,'' b. Jan. 31, 1728; m. Thankful Wood. 
VI. Susannah,'' b. April 2, 1733, 


JOSIAH 3 CHURCHILL (William,- Johx ^). Born in Plymp- 
ton, Aug. 21, 1702. Lived in Plympton in the house in which his 
father had lived. Afterwards his brother Isaac bought the home 
place, and lie|removed. with his family to Easton, on the west of 
Bridgewater, and was -engaged in the work of the foundry there. 
Married, May 16, 1723, Jemima Hamblin. 

Four Children horn in Plympton, the Rest in Easton. 

50 I. Jabez,* b. Jan. 21, 1724; m. Alice Briggs. 

II. Gershom,'' b. 1725. No further record, perhaps d. young. 

51 III. Israel,'' b. 1727; m. Hannah ( ). 

52 IV. JosiAH,"* b. March 6, 1730; m. Bathsheba Curtis. Settled in 

Stockbridge. No issue. 
63 V. William,'' b. 1733; in. Meribah Gibbs, Nov. 9, 1757. 

54 VI. Samuel,'' b. 1735. Enlisted in the army in 1757, in the expedition 

for the relief of Fort William Henry. No further record. 
VII. Jemima,'' b. 1738; m. Joseph Daggett, of Attleboro; m. Jan. 26, 

o5 VIII. Joseph,'' b. Oct. 2, 1741; m. Anne Daggett, of Attleboro. 

56 IX. Jacob, ^ b. Nov. 3, 1744; m. Lillis Read. 


in Plymouth, Nov. 29, 1691, and lived there. He died Feb. 25, 
1730, aged 39 years. Married, Feb. 16, 1720, Bethiah Spooner, 
daughter of Ebenezer. (After her first husband's death, in 1730, 
she married, in 1732, Josiah Carver, son of the third John, and as 
his second wife.) 

Children horn in Plymouth. 

57 I. Ebenezer,^ b. Nov. 6, 1721 ; in. Mercy Branch, dau. of Thomas, of 

II. John," b. Oct. 24, 1723; d. Sept. 28, 1725. 
68 III. John," b. April 15, 1727; m. Sarah Cole, 1750. 



SAMUEL* CHURCHILL (John,^ Joseph,^ John'). Born in 
Plymouth, March 8, 1703. Settled in Stockbridge. With his wife 
he joined the church in Stockbridge, June 5, 1763. Married, 1732, 
Hannah Curtis, who was born Sept. 15, 1710. 

Childi-en horn in Stockbridge. 

69 I. Samuel, Jr.,* b. 1733; m. Elizabeth Curtis, dau. of Elnathan 

and Rose (Weller). ^ 

II. Sarah,* b. 1735 ; m. John Gaines, and had a son, 

1. Daniel Gaines, killed while serving in the Revolutionary army 
in 1777, while on picket duty at Fort Edward. 

60 III. Daniel,* b. 1738. He was unmarried and lived with his mother at 
Stockbridge until October 1780, when he enlisted in the army and 
was killed at the battle in the Mohawk Valley. 
IV. William,* b. 1740; unmarried. Killed at the battle in the Mohawk 


BARNABAS* CHURCHILL (Barnabas,^ Joseph,^ JohnI). 
Born in Plymouth, Oct. 19, 1714, and lived there. Married, Nov. 
13, 1744, Lydia Holmes, daughter of Eleazer. She was born in 

Children horn in Plymouth. 

I. Elizabeth,* b. Jan. 16, 1746; m. Robert Davis, Nov. 13, 1766, 
eon of 1st Thomas. 


4. Elizabeth Davis, m. Josiah Carver. 

5. Lydia Davis, b. 1775; m. Ezra 


1. Samuel Davis, b. 1766 

2. Robert Davis, b. 1768 

3. Ichabod Davis, b. 1771 

61 II. Barnabas,* b. Nov. 25, 1747; m. Sarah Faunce, dau. of Thomas, 

Oct. 11, 1780. 
III. Job,* b. Jan. 15, 1751; d. Jan. 14, 1753. 

62 IV. Samuel,* b. Jan. 9, 1753; m. 1st, Sarah , who died, 1791; m. 

2d, Elizabeth , who died, 1839. No further record. 

63 V. Seth,* b. Oct. 1, 1754; m. Elizabeth Sylvester, July 6, 1783. 

64 VI. Job,* b. Aug. 17, 1756; m. Hannah Harlow, Dec. 21, 1808. 
VII. Lydia,* b. Dec. 16, 1758; m. William Rider, 1780. 



WILLIAM * CHURCHILL (Bar.n-abas,^ JosEPn,^ John ^). Born 

Dec. 25, 1716, in Plymouth. Married, Nov. 13, 1746, Susannah 



I. Rebecca,* b. Oct. 31, 1747: m. Stlvanus Holmes, Dec. 23, 1784. 

II. MoRDECAi,* b. April 24, 1749. 

III. William.* b. Jan. 24, 1751. 

IV. Susannah,* 


^j'^^^™"'^} twins, b. April 23, 1753. 


JOSEPH^ CHURCHILL (Barnabas,^ Joseph,- John'). Born 
in Plymouth, May 14, 1721. Married, Sept. 23, 1745, Mariah 
Rider, daughter of Samuel, of Plymouth. After the death of 
Joseph, the widow married Archippus Puller, and removed with her 
children to Woodstock, Vt. 


65 I. Ichabod.* b. Aug:. 9, 1746; m. Sarah Tinkham, Nov. 7, 1771. 

66 II. Joseph,* b. July 14, 1748; m. Sarah Cobb, of Middleboro', dau. 

of Gershoni. March 21, 1771. 
III. Lucy,* b. Aug. 22, 1750; unmarried. 


LEMUEL ^ CHURCHILL (Barnabas,^ Joseph,^ John i). Born 
in Plymouth, July 12, 1723, and lived there until 1764, when he 
removed to Chebeague, Nova Scotia. Married, 1st, Oct. 13, 1747, 
Lydia Sylvester, daughter of Solomon. She was born 1726, and 
died Sept. 20, 1751 ; married 2d, Nov. 4, 1752, Abigail Ridek, 
daughter of Joseph and Abig^ail- (Warteu). Rider, born 1726. 

v^^inT ;■■- ■ \-- 

Children of First Wife, lorn in Plymouth. 

67 I. Nathaniel,* b. March 29, 1749; m. 1st, Elizabeth Riber, Dec. 

24, 1770; m. 2d, Elinor Metcalf, Nov. 20, 1800; m. 3d, Eliza- 
beth Geeen, Jan. 6, 1814. 

Children of Second Wife. 

II. Lemuel,* b. June 9, 1754; drowned near Causo, June 20, 1773, un- 
married, aged 21. 
III. Abigail.* b. Feb. 5, 1756; m. 1st, Abijah Crosby, Dec. 13, 1775; 
m. 2d, Marcus Ring, Aug. 31, 1781. 

68 IV. Ezra,* b. Oct. 11, 1758 ;m. Mart Roberts, of Argvle, Nova Scotia, 

May 6, 1779. 
V. Lydia.* b June 14, 1760; m. George Ring, 2d, Dec. 16, and d. 
April 11, 1847. 


ISAAC* CHURCHILL (Barnabas,^ Joseph,^ John i). Born 
May 3, 1726. Followed the sea and became captain of a vessel. He 


removed to Boston in 1757, and died in 1761. Married in Plymouth, 
Oct. 14, 1756, Sarah Cobb, daughter of Seth and Sarah (Nelson) 
Cobb, born May 17, 1739. After her husband, Isaac's, death she 
married Charles Churchill, son of Ephraim, q. v. 

Children of Isaac* and Sarah Churchill, horn in Boston. 

I. Mart Beekman,^ b. 1757, d. Aug. 1, 1765. 

69 II. Isaac* b. July 19, 1758; m. Sarah Morton. 

70 III. Seth,* b. June 4, 1760; m. Elizabeth Sylvester. No further 



THOMAS* CHUECHILL (Barnabas,^ Joseph,^ John ^). 
Born April 30, 1730, and lived in Plymouth until after 1759, when 
he removed to Newmarket Plains, N.H. He settled upon a farm, 
and raised a large family of sons and daughters, worthy and re- 
spected in their day. Married, May 5, 1758, Mary Ewer, daugh- 
ter of Nathaniel and Mary (Stewart) Ewer, born Aug. 7, 1737, at 

Children, the first born in Plymouth, the rest in Newmarket, N.H. 
I. Gamaliel,* b. Aug. 30, 1759 ; d. unmarried, aged about 50. 
II. Polly,* b. Aug. 23, 1760; m. Wiggin Doe; lived in Newmarket. 

Children of Wiggin and Polly {Churchill) Doe. 

1. Mary Doe, b. Feb. 20, 1783. 

2. John Doe, b. Aug. 22, 1784. 

3. Thomas Doe, b. July 29, 1786. 

4. Andrew Doe, b. May, 1789; d. aged one year. 

5. Andrew Doe, b. April, 1791. 

6. Desire Doe, b. April 15, 1793. 

7. Joseph R. Doe, b. Dec. 7, 1794. 

8. Deborah Doe, b. Oct. 2G, 1796. 

9. Lydia Doe, b. Jan. 16, 1799. 
10. Zebulon Doe, b. May 26, 1801. 

71 III. Thomas,* b. 1762; m. Alice Creighton, dau. James. 

72 IV. Ichabod,* b. June 24, 1764; m. 1st, Elizabeth Doe; m. 2d, Leah 

V. Lydia,* b. Jan. 10, 1766; m. Reuben French. 

Children of Reuben and Lydia (Churchill) French. 

1. Thomas French, b. July 17, 1786; m. Betsey Foss, and d. in 


2. Lucy French, b. June 22, 1788; m. Ezekiel James, and d. 1866. 

3. Mary French, b. Feb. 13, 1790; m. Timothy Joy, and d. 1869. 

4. Lydia French. 

5. Reuben French, b. June 3, 1792; m. Sally Badger. 

6. Lydia French, b. Aug. 13, 1794; m. Ezra Shepard, and d. 1869. 

7. Olive Wyman French, b. 1797; m. Eben Huckins, and d. 1868. 

8. Sally French, ~1 b. Feb. 27, 1800; m. Jonathan Langmaid, and 

I d. 1862. 

9. Betsey French, | b. Feb. 27, 1800 ; m. Daniel Murray, and d. 

J 1825. 


10. William French, b. April, 1802; d. 1834. 

11. Edmund French, b. Sept. 20, 1805; m. Martha Brackett. 

12. Bradstreet French, b. July 22, 1807; m. 1st, Olive Gilman ; m. 

2d, Mary J. Baker. 

73 VI. Joseph,* b. May 7, 1768; m. Sally Tash, in Newmarket. 

VII. Susanna,* b. Aug. 18, 1770; m. Samuel Badger; lived in Deer- 
field, N.H. 


1. Samuel Badger, b. Sept. 18, 1794; m. Alphia Fernald. 

2. Mary Ewer Badger, b. 1796; m. David Marston. 

3. Sally True Badger, b. 1797; m. Reuben French, her cousin. 

4. Thomas Badger, b. 1799; m. Mary Goss. 

5. Susan Churchill Badger, b. 1801; m. Ist, Simeon Goss; m. 2d, 

Michael Libby. 

6. William Badger, b. 1804; m. Mary Joy. 

- 7. Elizabeth Rice Badger, b. 1806; m. Abner Burbank. 

8. Emily Badger, b. 1812; m. 1st, Rev. Mark Shepard; m. 2d, 
Rev. Mark Fernald; m. 3d, Robert Crosby. 

74 VIII. Nathaniel,* b. March 31, 1772; m. 1st, Patience Tash; m. 2d, 

Polly Jackson. 
IX. John,* b. 1774; d. soon. 

75 X. John,* b. May 11, 1776; m. Sally True. 

XI. Desire,* b. March 27, 1778; m. John Stevens. 


1. Ann Stevens, b. Feb. 14, 1800; m. Moses Butler. 

2. Mary Stevens, b. Sept. 4, 1801; m. Hiram Jones. 

3. Joan Stevens, b. Jan. 29, 1S03; m. Hiram Jones. 

4. Hubbard Stevens, b. July 25, 1805; m. Harriet Brackett. 

5. Thomas Stevens, b. Nov. 1, 1810; d. July 28, 1812. 

6. John Stevens, b. May 13, 1812; d. June 8, 1812. 


EBENEZEE^ CHURCHILL (Barnabas,' Joseph,- John^). 
Born Nov. 9, 1732. Lived in Plymonth nntil about 1775, when he 
removed to Plymptou, and thence about 1779 to Pittsiield, where he 
died. Married, May 5, 1755, Jean Fisher, daughter of Archibald 
and Betsey (Bacon) Fisher. 

Children born in Plymouth. 

I. Ebenezer,* b. Oct. 5, 1755; served in Revolution from Plympton, 
and died as prisoner, on British man-of-war, of small-pox. 
II. Timothy,* b. Jan. 21, 1757; d. in New York of yellow fever con- 
tracted in the war of the Revolution. 

III. John,* b. Feb. 4, 1759; d. Aug. 3, 1760. 

IV. Jean,* b. Jan. 6, 1761; m. John Snow, of Pittsfield, and died 

Jan. 8, 1849. 

They lived in Pittsfield. He was a blacksmith. A daughter, 
Betsey Bacon Snow, married Dr. N. B. Mead in 1815. 

76 V. John,* b. June 23, 1763; m. Mehitable Hubbard, of Pittsfield, 

VI. Martha,* b. Jan. 10, 1767; m. Alcott Chapman, and d. Nov. 12, 


JOHN * CHURCHILL (Barnabas,^ Joseph,^ John '). Born in 
Plymouth, May 9, 1739, and lived there until about 1779, when he 


removed to Pittsfielcl, Mass. Married, in Plympton, Marcli 9, 1771, 
Molly Bradford, daughter of John, born 1746. 

Children horn in Plymouth and Pittsfield. 

I. Sarah,* b. Oct. 19, 1771 ; m. 1st Trcstrum Leferons, no cbiklren; 
m. 2d, Amos Squire; ("hildren by second husband, (1) Henry- 
Squire, (2) Asabel Squire, (3) Frank Squire, (4) Almeda Squire, 
(5) Polly Squire, (6) Addie Squire. 

77 II. Lemuel,* b. Feb. 9, 177.3; m. Mindwell Tillotson, 1802. 

III. Molly,* b. June 17, 1775; m. Elijah Bagg, and had the following 

children: (1) Truman Bagg, (2) Elijah Bagg, (8) WiUiam Bagg, 
(4) John Bagg, (5) Polly Bagg, (6) Sarah Bagg, (7) Pauline 
Bagg, (8) Betsey Bagg. 

IV. Lydia,* b. Jan. 11, 1777; m. Henry Burhans, son of Harry and 

Zerviah (Hall) Burhans, b. June 22, 1766; m. 1797. She died 
March 2, 1847. He died Sept. 18, 1848. 


1. Liertius Burhans, b. April 13, 1799 ; m. Eliza Ann Westcott, 

May 19, 1825; d. Sept. 14, 1875. 

2. Maria Burhans, b. Oct. 6, 1800; m. Zopher "Wicks, April 7, 

1727; d. Dec. 5, 1859. 

3. Minerva Burhans, b. Sept. 11, 1802; m. Levant Sloan, Feb. 

27, 1822; d. July 21, 1855. 

4. Henry Burhans, b. April 22, 1804; d. unmarried July 12, 1828. 

5. Melancthon Burhans, b. Feb. 20, 1806; m. Patty Saxton; d. 

June 1, 1863. 

6. Abigail Burhans, b. Dec. 29, 1807; m. Eli D. Halbert; d. Sept. 

11, 1887. 

7. Lydia Burhans, b. July 14, 1809 ; m. Lucian Woodford, Sept. 

10, 1833; d. April 28, 1882. 

8. Tryphena Burhans, b. April 12, 1811; m. Asel Ingraham, Nov. 

19, 1829; d. about 1888. 

9. Spencer Churchill Burhans, b. July 11, 1813; m. Ruth Tibbetts, 

Jan. 4, 1838; d. Feb. 7, 1849. 

10. Daniel Burhans, b. Nov. 29, 1815; m. Nancy Carpenter, June 

7, 1838; d. June 22, 1887. 

11. Mary Burhans, b. Feb. 7, 1818; m. E. Tibbetts, M.D. 

V. Elizabeth,* b. Dec. 8, 1778; m. Dr. John Kennedy. 

78 VI. John,* b. in Pittsfield, Mass., March 27, 1780; m. Hulda Brown, in 

Pittsfield, 1815. 

Vir. Olive,* b. in Pittsfield, Mass., Dec. 16, 1781 ; m. Bentley. 

Vni. Cynthia,* b. Aug. 22. 1784; d. unmarried. 

79 IX. Bradford,* b. Sept 13, 1786; m. Selinda Robbins, of Pittsfield. 

80 X. Spencer,* b. June 10, 1789; m. Clarissa Murphy, Nov. 11, 1740. 

JOSEPH ^ CHURCHILL (Joseph,^ Joseph,^ John ^). Born in 
Plymouth, July 14, 1722. He lived in Boston and Salem. Died in 
Boston, April 27, 1780, aged 58 years. Married, in Boston, Agnes 
Fetters, who was born in Holland in 1722, and died in Boston, 
Oct. 9, 1798, aged 76 years. 

81 I. Joseph,* b. in Boston, Sept. 19, 1745; m. Anne Northy, dau. of 

David, 1768/9. 

82 II. John,* b. in Salem, 1748; m. Sarah Stagey, of Salem, 1773. 


III. Dorothy,* b. in Salem, 1751 ; d. unmarried. 

There seems to be something of a romance connected with this 
Dorotliy. In the town records of Salem, under " Intentions of 
Marriage," appears the following, under date of March 16, 1771 : 

" Samuel Chipman and Dorothy Churchill, both of Salem, intend 

This marriage did not take place, and thirty years later Samue 
Chipman, still a bachelor, married, January, 1803, Elizabeth Obear, 
of Beverly, who died in 1807, and he married, as second wife, Feb. 
7, 1809, Elizabeth Fowler, of Beverly, who died Aug. 29, 1852, leav- 
ing two children. This last from records at Essex Institute. 

From the " Salem Gazette," at the Institute, is taken the following 
item : 

" Whereas, there has been some disputes between Joseph Chip- 
man and Dorothy Churchill, both of Salem, as to a marriage con- 
tract, made between them. And those disputes being amicably 
settled. Therefore, that the said Dorothy may not be in the least 
injured by any suspicions, mistakes, or rumors concerning the said 
disputes and settlement, I, the said Joseph Chipman do now sin- 
cerely and voluntarily declare that neither tiiose disputes, nor the 
said settlement, nor any of my conduct in this matter, have been 
owing to any objections which I have or had to her moral character, 
and that I think that there hath not been any just foundation for any 
such objections by any one." 

Dated Sept. 11, 1771, Signed, Joseph Chipman. 
A true Copy of the Original. 

IV. Deborah,' b. in Salem, Sept. 13, 1754; d. July 29, 1782, un- 



SAMUEL ' CHURCHILL (Joseph," Joskph,- Johx '). Born in 
Boston, June 24, 1724. Died Sept. 28, 1759. Married, in Boston, 
Hannah Ellis, daughter of Samnel. After the death of Samuel 
she married Thomas Grant, of Lancaster, Eeb. 7, 1760. 

Children of Samuel Churchill, horn in Lancaster. 
83 I. Samuel,* b. Oct. 31, 1749; m. Rubecca Wilder, of Sterling, 

March G, 1781. 
II. Abiaii,* b. Aug. 31, 1759; m. Amaziah Currier. 

1. Samuel Churchill Currier, b. Jan. 1, 1791; m. Submittance 
Said to have had five sons and five daughters. 


ELIEZER* CHURCHILL (Eliezer,^ Eliezer,^ John i). Born 
Feb. 26, 1713/14, in Plymouth, and lived there. He sold his share 
of estate, inherited from his father, in 1777, to Solomon Sylvester, 
whose heirs sold it, in 1786, to George Watson, and the old house 
was afterwards converted into the shop, subsequently used by L. 
and E. Morton. 

Married, Oct. 19, 1738, Sarah Harlow, daughter of "William 
and Mercy, born 1715. 


Children horn in Plymouth. 

I. Hannah,* b. July 14, 1739; d. Aug. 13, 1739. 

II. Hannah,* b. June 5, 1740; m. Jeremiah ( ). 

III. Sarah,* b. Dec. 1, 1741; probably d. young. 

IV. Marcy,* b. April 27, 1743; m. Robert Hosea. 

84 V. Eliezer,* b. Oct. 31, 1744; ni. 1st, Jane Rider, Sept. 27, 1764; m. 

2d, Abigail Bartlett. 

85 VI. James,* b. Jan. 9, 1747; m. 1st, Ltdia Nichols, April 9, 1774; m. 

2d, Ltdia Snow, Nov. 8, 1778, in Bridgewater. No record. 
VII. Asa,* b. Dec. 20, 1748. 
VIII. Sylvanus,* b. July 6, 1750; d. Jan. 29, 1754. 

IX. Sarah,* b. March 29, 1755; m. George Bartlett, Jan. 16, 1776. 

86 X. Josiah,* b. July 3, 1757; m. Sarah Rogers, of Bridgewater, Feb. 1, 

1781. No further record. 
XI. Phebe,* b. June 9, 1759; m. 1st, William Hunt, Aug. 20, 1798; m. 
2d, Arnold Hunt. 


JOSIAH^ CHURCHILL (Eliezer,^ Eliezer,^ John i). Born 
July 20, 1716 ; d. in N.S. abt. 1800. He lived in Plymoiith until 
about the time of the Revolution, when having lost his property he 
removed to Nova Scotia and lived at " Ragged Islands," now Lock- 
port. His wife did not go to Nova Scotia with him. Married, 
1741, Patience Harlow, daughter of Eleazer and Hannah (Pratt) 
Harlow, of Plympton. 

Children horn in Plymouth. 

I. Josiah,* b. Oct. 23, 1742; d. Oct. 25, 1742. 

II. Josiah,* b. Nov. 28, 1743; d. young. 

87 III. THADDEus,*b. Nov. 29, 1745; m. Asenath Delano, Dec. 3, 1774. 
IV. Patience,* b. Nov. 23, 1747; m. Ellis Churchill, son of Ephraim, 

V. Eliphaz,* b. Feb. 10, 1750. 
VI. Alpheus,* b. .June 30, 1753. 

88 VII. Samuel,* b. July 10, 1754; m. Elizabeth Churchill, dau. of Ama- 

ziah, 1776. 

89 VIII. Enos,* b. March 10, 1759; m. Mart Paine, R.I., 1780. 

90 IX. Sylvanus,* b. Jan. 23, 1766; m. Lydia Churchill, dau. of 

Wilson, 1798. 


JONATHAN * CHURCHILL (Eliezer,^ ELrEZER,^ John ^). Born 
Oct. 19, 1720. He lived for some years in Hingham, on Ship Street. 
Married, Aug. 27, 1742, Hannah Foster, daughter of Joseph and 
Rachel (Bassett) Foster, of Sandwich, born June 17, 1718. 


91 I. Jonathan,* b. May 18, 1744-5; m. Lydia Gilbert in Hingham, 

Nov. 26, 1767. 

92 II. Jesse,* b. Oct. 30, 1746; m. Abigail Worcestbr in Newburyport. 
III. Samuel,* b. Jan. 15, 1750; d. May 20, 1754. 

IV. Josiah,* b. March 18, 1753, in Hingliam; d. June 8, 1754. 
V. Samuel,* b. March 9, 1755; d. May 25, 1755. 
VI. Hannah,* b. Jan. 3, 1760; d. June 1, 1760. 


93 VII. Francis,^ b. June 1, 1761; m. Phebe Leathers, of Charlestown, 

June 17, 178(>. 
VIII. Hannah,^ b. March 8, 1763; d. young. A beautiful girl. 

94 IX. Redbbn,^ b. Aug. 1, 1765; ru. Hannah Sampson, Aug. 11, 1787. 

They lived in Hingham. No further record. 


EPHRAIM ^ CHURCHILL (Stephex,^ Eliezer,^ John '). Born 
in Plymouth, Oct. 3, 1709 ; died Dec. 14, 1749. Married, March 27, 
1730, Priscilla Manchester. She died Dec. 17, 1749. 

Children horn in Plymouth: 
I. Mary,* b. Aug. 14, 1730; m. James Drem', 1750. 

1. Hannah Drew, b. 1751. 

2. James Drew, b. 1754. 

3. William Drew, b. 1755. 

4. Mary Drew, b. 1757. 

5. William Drew, b. 1760. 

6. Sarah Drew, b. 1762. 

7. Priscilla Drew, b. 1765. 

8. Lvdia Drew, b. 1767; m. Matthew Gushing. 

9. Betsey Drew, b. 1769. 

95 II. Charles,* b. April 25, 17;^3; m. Sarah (Cobb), widow of Isaac 
Churchill, son of 1st Barnabas, 1765. 

Zaccheus,* b. Feb. 20, 1735; m. Mart Trask, Sept. 16, 1754. 
Ephraim,* b. July 2, 1738; m. Jemima Bryant, Nov. 28, 1751. 
Priscilla,* b. Jan. 8, 1740; ui. John Rider, April 25, 1758. 
Ellis,* b. Nov. 25, 1742; m. Patience Churchill, dau. of Josiah,* 

Ansel,* b. March 29. 1745; m. Bethia Holmes. July 17, 1765. 
John,* b. July 16, 1748; m. 1st, Olive Cobb ; m. 2d, Mrs. LucT 

Pratt, Bridgewater, Dec. 27, 1776. No further record. 


NATHANIEL 4 CHURCHILL (Stephen,^ Eliezek,^ John^). 
Born in Plymouth, Dec. 19, 1712. Married, Jan. 2, 1734, Mart 
Curtis, born 1714. 

I. Experience,* b. Aug. 27, 1735; m. Jabez Harlow. 

Children born in Plymouth. 

1. Jabez Harlow, b. Feb. 9, 1754. 

2. Experience Harlow, b. April 3, 1756. 

3. Nathaniel Harlow, b. Jan. 27, 1758; m. Mary Shaw. 

4. Rebecca Harlow, b. Jan. 17, 1760; d. April 10, 1766. 

5. John Harlow, b. April 14, 1762. 

101 II. Eliezee.* b. July 31, 1737. No further record. 
III. Mart,* b. July 17, 1740. 

102 IV. Nathaniel,* b. Dec. 13, 174-. No further record. 


STEPHEN * CHURCHILL (Stephen,^ Eliezer,^ John '). Born 
in Plymouth, Aug. 24, 1717; died Sept. 5, 1751. Married, July 4, 
1738, Hannah Barnes, daughter of Jonathan and his wife. Widow 










100 VIII 


Mercy (Doten) Barnes. She was born 1718, and after the death 
of Stephen married Jeremiah Howes, and died 1793, 

Children horn in Plymouth. 
I. Sarah,* b. July 18, 1739; m. Nathaniel Carvek, 1764. 

Children horn in Plymouth. 

1. Nathaniel Carver, b. 1766. 

2. John Carver. 

3. Josiah Carver. 

4. Mercy Carver, b. 1770; m. William Barnes. 

5. Lucy Carver, m. Rufus Sherman. 

6. Sally Carver, m. Barnabas Faunce. 

7. Betsey Carver, b. 1774; m. Barnabas Faunce. 

8. Polly Carver, m. David Bartlett. 

II. Mercy,' b. July 18, 1739. 
III. Stephen,* b. July 17, 1741; d. Sept. 14, 1742. 

103 IV. Stephen,* b. June 7, 1743; m. Lucy Burbank, dau. of Timothy, 

V. Hannah,* b. Feb. 14, 1745; m. John Otis, of Barnstable, b. 1743. 

Children born in Plymouth. 

1. Temperance Otis, b. 1766. 

2. Hannah A. Otis, b. 1768; m. Thomas Nicholson. 

3. Abigail Otis. 

4. Grace Hayman Otis, m. John Goddard. 
6. John Otis, b. 1774; d. in Plymouth, 1822. 

104 VI. Zadock,* b. July 16, 1747; m. Bathsheba Rider, dau. Joseph, Oct. 

7, 1773. 
VII. Peleg,* b. July 9, 1749; d. Sept. 5, 1750. 


BEN"JAMm* CHURCHILL (Stephen,^ Eliezer,^ John '). Born 
in Plymouth, Aug. 19, 1725. Married, jSTov. 3, 1746, Ruth Delano. 
She died Aug. 22, 1798, aged 73. Lived in Plymouth. 


105 I. Wilson,* b. April 23, 1747; m. Lydia Darling, dau. of Jonathan, 

Dec. 12, 1772. 

106 II. Benjamin,* b. Nov. 17, 1748; m. Phebe Tinkham Randall, Jan. 13, 

III. Abner,* b. April 8, 1750 ; said to have gone to New York. No further 

.IV. Abigail,* b. 1752; m. Samuel Rogers (b. 1752), Feb. 8, 1776. 

Children horn in Plymoutlfi. 

1. Betsey Rogers, m. Eleazer Holmes. 

2. Samuel Rogers, m. Betsey Babb. 

3. Ruth Rogers, m. Simmons. 

4. Stephen Rogers. 

5. Abigail Rogers, m. John Chase. 

V. Stephen,* d. in West Indies. 
VI. Nathan,* d. in West Indies. 
VII. Bathsheba,* m., Nov. 17, 1785, Benjamin Washburn, b. in 1761. 


1. Joanna Washburn, m. Benjamin Weston. 
VIII. Joanna,* m. Nathaniel Carver, Oct. 4, 1789. 


1. Stephen Carver. 

2. Nathaniel Carver, b. 1791 ; m. Betsey Woodward, 1812. 

3. Sally Carver, m. Seth F. Nye, of Sandwich. 

4. Nancy Carver. 

5. Mary Carver. 

IX. Ruth,* b. 1760; m. Thomas Bartlett. 


AMAZIAH ' CHURCHILL (Elkanah/ Eliezer,^ John ^). Born 
Nov. 29, 1721. Married, Oct. 31, 1745, Elizabeth Sylvester, 
daughter of Solomon. 


107 I. Caleb,* b. May 15, 1747; m. Mrs. Patience Nelson, March 4, 1775. 

No further record. 
II. Elizabeth,* b. Feb. 1, 1749; d. March 31, 1749. 

108 III. Amaziah,* b. April 12, 1750; m. Betty Bartlett, dau. of Samuel 

and Betsey (Moore) Bartlett, March IG, 177<'). 
IV. Faith,* b. March 13, 1753; m. Ezickiel Morton, Jr., Dec. 16, 1776. 

Children horn in Plymouth. 

1. Freeman Morton, m. Rebecca Harlow, 1806. 

2. Caleb Morton, ni. Hannah Leonard. 

3. Mary Morton, ni. Aniasa Clark. 

4. Lucy Morton, m. Elkanah Finney. 

5. Hannah Morton, ni. Ephraitu Bradford. 

V. Elizabeth,* b. March 21, 1755; m. Samuel* Churchill, son of 
VI. Lucy,* b. Jan. 3, 1757; in. Lewis Weston, Dec. 1, 1782. 


1. Benjamin Weston. 

2. Hannah Weston. 

3. Lewis Weston, m. Martha Bartlett Drew, dau. of Benjamin and 

Sophia, 1818. 

4. Lucy Weston, b. 1785. 

VII. Mary,* b. Oct. 3; 1758; m. William Weston, 1778. 


1. Lewis Weston, b. 1778; m. Betsey Lanman, 1798. 

2. Harvey Weston, m. 1st, Lucy Harlow, 1816; 2d, Sarah Church- 

ill, dau. of Daniel. 

3. Alinira Weston, m. 1st, Judson W. Rice; 2d, N. C. Lanman. 

4. Polly Weston, m. Lazarus Syinmes. 

5. Betsey Weston, m. Lewis Finney. 

6. William Weston. 

7. George Weston, b. 1790; m. Polly Holmes, dau. of Joseph, 1813. 

VIII. Mendall,* b. July 27, 176?l; unmarried. Served in the Revolution 
in Capt. Wm. Weston's Co., from July 1, 1776, to Nov. 19, 1776. 
Company stationed at the Gurnet, for the defence of Plymouth 

109 IX. Solomon,* b. July 27, 1762 ; m. Betsey Bartlett, dau. of Thomas, 

Nov. 28, 1783. 


X. Sarah,* b. Feb. 1, 1766; ra. *Ichabod Morton, a fisherman and 
trader, Oct. 13, 1787. 


1. Sarah Morton, b. 1788; m. Lemuel Stephens. 

2. *Ichabod Morton, Jr., b. 1790; m. Ist, Patty "Weston; m. 2d, 

Betsey Ilolbrook. 

3. Hannah Morton, b. 1792. 

4. Mary Morton, b. 1794; m. Elkanah Bartlett. 

5. Abigail Morton, b. 1796; d. 1847. 

6. Betsey Morton, b. 1802; m. 1st, Joseph Whiting; m. 2d, William 


7. Edwin Morton, b. 1804; m. Betsey Towey Harlow. 

8. Maria Morton, b, abt. 1806; m. William Churchill, No. 253. 

ELKANAH* CHURCHILL (Elkaintah," Elieze^ John^). 
Born, in Plymouth, April 10, 1726. Lived upon that part of the 
original Churchill estate which he inherited from his father, includ- 
ing the old house. After his death his son Jabez ^ received the 
estate. He was drowned with his son Elkanah Sept. 6, 1775. 
Married at Plymouth, March 8, 1748, Susannah Bartlett. 

Children born in Plymouth. 
I. Susanna,* b. June 16, 1749; m. Nicholas Smith, March 8, 1770. 

Child horn at Plymouth. 

1. Nicholas Smith, m. Rebecca Sears. 

II. Mariah,* b. Oct. 17, 1751; m. William Holmes. 
III. Elkanah,* b. Aug. 8, 1754; never married. Was drowned with his 
father in 1775. 

110 IV. Jabez,* b. Oct. 2, 1756 ; m. Merct (Sylvester) Bartlett, widow 

of Judah. 
V. Andrew,* b. Jan. 20, 1758; died young. 

VI. Abigail,* b. July 14, 1760; m. Charles Bartlett, Dec 4, 1785. 
VII. Andrew,* b. Jan. 7, 1763. Lost at sea; unmarried. 

111 VIII. Nathaniel,* b. 1768; m. Susanna Harlow, Feb. 3, 1798. 


JOHN* CHURCHILL (John," Eliezer,'' John ^). Born in 
Portsmouth, Sept. 8, 1719. Settled first in Portsmouth, N.H., but 
removed soon to Boston, and thence, in company with his kinsman, 
Samuel Doty, to New York. He died in New York of small-pox, 
1751. Married, 1st, Mary Noble, of Portsmouth, 1741 ; 2d, at New 
York ( ). 

Child of First Wife. 

112 I. John,* b. 1743; m. Hannah Smith. 

* Ichabod Morton, Jr., b. in 1790; was a shipbuilder by trade, and was a 
sturdy Abolitionist and temperance reformer. By liis first wife he had Abi- 
gail, who married a Diaz, our well-known Abby Morton Diaz. 



BENJAMIN ^ CHURCHILL (John,^ Eliezek,^ John '). Born 
in Portsmouth, Oct. 13, 1741. JMarried, 1st, Abigail Deverson, 
daughter of Thomas, who died October, 1795 ; and he married, 2d, 
Elizabeth Clark, daughter of Thomas. 

Childreji . 
I. Betty, ^ bapt. Jan. 8, 1709; d. in infancy. 
113 II. Samdel Clark, ^ b. Feb. 17, 1770; m. Susannah Cowen. 


JOSEPH* CHURCHILL (John,^ Eliezer,^ John i). Born in 
Portsmouth, March 25, 1744. He is called " Mariner " in a mort- 
gage in which he gives one-third part of a lot of land on Pickering's 
Neck, " late belonging to John Churchill deceased on which his house 
now stands," etc. Date is Jan. 3, 1770, and Joseph is then of Ports- 
mouth. Married Elizabeth Cotton, of Portsmouth. 


Mart,* m. Moses Thompson. 

JoHN,^ b. May 26, 1770; m. Mercy Hutchins. 

William,* b. July 9, 1776; m. Mary Hutchins, March, 1799. 

Daniel,* ni. Lucy Fletcher. 

Tobias,* b. June 12, 1780; m. Jane Everett, who was b. March 
12, 1786. 

Benjamin,* b. 1782; m. Cynthia Parker, of New Portland, Me. 

Betsey,* m. James McFadden. 

Martha,* b. Oct. 19, 1788; m., April 1, 1809, Benjamin York, 
b. April 1, 1785, son of Robert. 

They first settled in New Portland, Me. In the spring of 1812, 
in company with his parents, bis three brothers, and some fifteen 
other families, with his wife and one child, he migrated to New 
York State, and settled in Wayne County, that part which they 
occupied at that time being almost a wilderness, in what is now 
Huron, on the west side of Sodus Bay, Lake Ontario. After years 
of frugal fare and severe toil, they became a prosperous commun- 
ity, and the locality is known to this day as the " York Settle- 
ment." Benjamin died May 20, 1850, and his wife Martha died 

Jan. 14, 1878. 

Children born, the first at New Portland, Me., the rest in N. Y. 

1. John York, b. Aug. 23, 1810, in New Portland, Me.; m. 
Sarah Butler, March 1.3, 1832. 
They lived in " York Settlement" and had five children : (1) 

Martha York, (2) Mary York, (3) Samuel York, (4) John 
York, (5) Warren. 

2. Irena York, b. June 2, 1812, in N.Y. State; m. 1st, Asa 
Wilder; m. 2d, Henry Marquatt. 
Children: (1) Elizabeth Wilder; (2) Cyrus Marquatt. 

3. Lovilla York, b. Jan. 25, 1814; m., July 7, 1842, Warren 
Churchill, son of Daniel,* q. v. 

i. Lovina York, b. May 3, 1818; m. Aaron Wingate. 

Three children: (1) Benjamin Wingate, who became a 
Methodist minister of distinction, and Secretary of the Board 
of Foreign Missions, in Chicago; (2) Achsa Wingate; (3) 
Lovilla Wingate. These sisters lived (1901) at "York Settle- 
ment," Alton P.O. 















6. Benjamin York, b. Nov. 23, 1825; m. Minerva Miller, Feb. 
7, 1850. 

They lived (1901) in Alton, Wayne Co., N.Y., and have had 
four children : (1) Imoijene York, m. Robert Kelley ; (2) Eliza 
York, m. "Wm. A. Mitchell, 1894; (3) Josephine York; (4) 
Christiana York. 
6. Emmeline York, b. June 6, 1829; m. Myron P. Lyndall, 
Sept. 1, 1851. 
They lived (1901) at Walcott, N.Y. 


1. Caroline Lyndall, b. July 21, 1852; m. George C. Mitchell. 

They live in Wolcott, N.Y., and have one son, Charles 
H. Mitchell. 

2. Eev. Henry M. Lyndall, b. July 21, 1855; m. Phebe A. 

Mitchell, Jan. 31, 1877. He became a minister of the 
Presbyterian fellowship, and served at Iron Mountain, 
Mich., five years, and tlaen in 18'J2 became associate pastor 
in the Brown Street Tabernacle, N.Y. City, to inaugurate 
the missionary work known as the " People's Tabernacle 
in N.Y. City, in which work he is still (1901) engaged. 

Children of Rev. Henry M. Lyndall. 

(1) Mabel E. Lyndall, b. Sept. 29, 1878; (2) 
(;;arlton H. Lyndall, b. March 28, 1880; (3) Paul H. 
Lyndall, b. Aug. 10, 1887, d. June 18, 1888; (4) Ruth 
M. Lyndall, b. Aug. 16, 1890. 

3. Rev. Charles H. Lyndall, b. July 31, 1857; m. Jessie Van 

Auken, 1885. He is a Presbyterian minister, served at Esca- 
naba, Mich., '85-'89 ; pastor of the Browne Street Taber- 
nacle, N.Y. City, '89-95, and since 1897 pastor of the 
Reformed Church at Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 

His children are: (1) Gertrude Lyndall, b. 1888; (2) 
Helen Lyndall, b. 1892; (3) Dorothy Lyndall, b. 1895. 


EBENEZER* CHURCHILL (William,'^ William,^ John^). 
Born in Plymouth, Oct. 18, 1705 ; lived in Plympton. Married 
Leah ; she d. April 13, 1771. He died May 7, 1751. 

Children born in Plympton. 

I. Joanna.* b. April 28, 1730; d. May 14, 1730. 

118 II. John,* b. Nov. 14, 1731 ; m. Joanna Bisbee, of Bridgewater, Feb. 

12, 1756. 
III. Ebenezer,* b. April 26, 1734; d. April 10, 1738. 

119 IV. Isaac,* b. Feb. 11, 1735; m. Meletiah Bradford, of Plympton, 

Aug. 1, 1765. 
V. Rebecca,* b. April 20, 1738; m. Sylvanus Holmes. 
VI. Leah,* b. April 17, 1740; m, Ebenezer Atwood, Nov. 25, 1762. 

120 VII. Joshua,* b. Feb. 23, 1742; m. Elizabeth Bonnet, Feb. 4, 1768. 
VIII. Ruth,* b. Feb. 12, 1744; m. Jonathan Whitman, of Bridgewater, 

Sept. 21, 1775. 

He was born 1751, and died in 1777. Child, (1) Leah Whitman, 
b. 1778 ; m. Sylvester Briggs. 

IX. Hannah,* b. May 17, 1747. 



DAVID- CHURCHILL (William,'^ William,- John ^). Bom 
in Plympton, Nov. 4, 1709. He is said to have built the house in 
Plympton where, in 1827, William Bradford lived. He died Sept. 
27, 1785. They lived in Plympton. Married, 1729, Mary Magoon. 
She died May 18, 1785. 

Children born in PlymjJton. 

121 I. David,^ b. Aug. 9, 1729; m. Jane Ellis, Feb. 20, 1750. 
II. Hannah," b. June 17, 17:^3; d. March 17, 174-1. 

122 III. William,* b. Nov. 28, 1739; m. Sarah Rider, Nov. 29, 1759. 
IV. Elias,* b. Aug. 7, 1742; d. June 3, 1751. 

123 V. James,* b. May 29, 1746; in. Triscilla Soule, Oct. 31, 1765. 


NATHANIEL^ CHURCHILL (William,^ William,- John^). 
Born in Plympton, May 11, 1718. He served in the Revolution, 
in Capt. Thos. Loring's Company, Alarm of April 19, 1775, 
<' Marched to Marshfield, 1. day." Married, 1st, June 4, 1741, 
Susanna McFarland, who died June' 22, 1785 ; 2d, Mrs. Lydia 
(Bryant) Sampson, widow of Thomas. 

Children by First Wife, born in Plympton. 
I. Abigail,* b. May 10, 1744; m. Hopestill Bisbee, Jr., Sept. 4, 
They settled first in Plympton, but in 1771 removed to Rochester. 

Children, the first two born in Plymvton, the others in Rochester. 

1. Abigail Bisbee, b. Oct. 21, 1768; m. Jonathan Hall. 

2. Hopestill Bisbee, b. Oct. 11, 1769; removed to Middleboro. 

3. Sylvanus Bisbee. 

4. Josiah Bisbee, never married. 

5. Ansel Bisbee, removed to Buckfield, Me.; no children. 

6. Levi Bisbee. 

7. Susanna Bisbee. 

8. Hannah Bisbee. 

124 II. Nathaniel,* b. May 10, 1746; m. Debor.'»h Wright, Dec. 27, 


III. Lydia,* b. March 17, 1748; m., 1st, Ammittai Barlow, of Roches- 

ter, Juhe 6, 1781; m., 2d, Noah Hammond, of Rochester, Nov. 9, 

Children by Second Husband. ' 

1. Noah Hammond, b. July 4, 1787; m. Martha Mayhew Dexter. 

2. Ammittai Hammond, b. Aug. 30, 1789; m. Lucinda White, July 

15, 1823. 

3. Israel Hammond, b. Feb. 13, 1792; m. Joanna Burgess, July, 


IV. Samuel,* bapt. May 12, 1751 ; d. young. 
V. Stephen,* b. June 27, 1752; d. unmarried. 

VI. Sylvanus,* b. May 10, 1755; d. unmarried. 
VII. Susanna,* b. June 18, 1757 ; m. Thomas Haklow. 



ICHABOD^ CHUECHILL (William/ William,^ John ^). Born 
Sept. 24, 1722. Died Aug. 24, 1808. Lived in Plympton. Married, 
1st, Eebecca Curtis. She died Dec. 19, 1753. 2d, Susanna 
GiBBS, Feb. 6, 1755. 

Children by First Wife. 

125 I. Ebenezer,^ b. March 1, 1744; m. Lucy Palmer, July 17, 1764; d. 

in. 1824. 
II. Joanna,^ b. Jan. 27, 1747; m. Silas Tillton, Not. 28, 1765. 
III. Deborah,* b. Jan. 7, 1749; m. Ichabod Phinnet, of Plympton. 

126 IV. Ichabod,* b. Sept. 7, 1751; m. Abigail Doten, Oct. 12, 1775. 

V. Kebecca,* b. Dec. 9, 1753; m. Ebenezer Cushman, Apri 14, 1771. 

Children of Rebecca. 

1. Hannah Cushman; d. unmarried. 

2. Lydia Cushman, b. 1773; m., Oct. 20, 1797, Reuben Bisbee. 

3. Zenas Cushman, d. at Demarara, Sept. 22, 1799. 

4. Levi Cushman, d. unmarried. 

5. Ebenezer Cushman, b. 1779; d. February, 1793. 

6. Daniel Cushman, b. July 4, 1780; m. Priscilla Bassett, May 5, 


7. Rebecca Cushman, b. Sept. 2, 1781. 

8. Peleg Cushmiin, d. unmarried. 

9. Valetta Brewster Cushman, b. May 27, 1786; d. 1842. 

Children by Second Wife, Susanna. 

127 VI. Thomas,* b. March 7, 1756; m. Mart Holmes, dau. of Zacheus, 

VII. Sarah,* b. March 9, 17.^8; d. July 27, 1848. 
127a VIII. William,* b. Feb. 18, 1761; m. Catharine Tilton, of Easton, (?) 
n N.Y.; he d. Dec. 18, 1818. 

IX. Eunice,* b. Jan. 20,. 1765; m. Joseph Churchill (No. 214), q. v. 


ISAAC CHURCHILL, Jr. (Isaac,^ William,- John i). Born 

July 16, 1741. Died Oct. 23, 1826. Lived in Plympton, and was a 

large landholder and accounted rich. Soldier in Revolution, private, 

Capt. Thos. Loring's Company, at Lexington Alarm, April 19. 

Married, Jan. 21, 1764, Eunice Ripley, daughter Timothy and 

Eunice (Coomer) Ripley. She died April 6, 1821, aged 81 years 10 


Children born in Plympton. 

I. Timotht,* b. Dec. 3, 1764; d. Sept. 19, 1794, af Martinique. 
II. JosiAH.* b. July 23, 1766 ; d. Sept. 4, 1766. 

128 III. Daniel,* b. Aug. 4, 1767 ; m. Luct Churchill, dau. of Ebenezer. 

129 IV. JosiAH,* b. Jan. 19, 1770; ra. Deborah Phinnet. 

V. Simeon,* b. Feb. 2, 1772; d. Sept. 22, 1777. 
VI. Susanna,* b. Oct. 1, 1774; d. May 4, 1785. 

130 VII. Seth,* b. Sept. 29, 1777; m. Rebecca Phinnet. 

131 VIII. Isaac, Jr.,* b. April 26, 1782 ; m. Mart Grozier, in Province- 

town, 1806. 



CAPT. PEREZ ^ CHURCHILL (BenjamiXj^Villiam,- John i). 
Born in Middleboro', Oct. 15, 1722, died Oct. 2, 1797. He lived at 
Pope's Point Furnace, in Middleboro'. He served in the war of the 
Revolution, first as corporal in Capt. James Keith's Company, Col. 
Paul Dudley Sargent's Regiment. Enlisted July 12, 1775. Service, 
twenty days. Commissioned captain of 9th Company of Fourth 
Plymouth County Regiment, May 9, 1776. Also captain in Col. 
Ebenezer Sprout's Regiment. Served three days. May 6 to May 9, 
1778, on an alarm at Dartmouth. Also in Colonel Daggett's Regi- 
ment, Aug. 25 to Sept. 2, 1778, at Rhode Island. Again in C^ol. 
Ebenezer White's Regiment, marched to Rhode Island on the alarm of 
Aug. 1, 1780, and served nine days. He is buried in the Lakenham 
burial-ground, with his two wives. His gravestone was standing in 
1857. Married 1st, in Middleboro', 1741, Dekokah Thayer, of 
Carver. She died April 27, 1788, aged 64 years. He married 2d, 
Persis Record, daughter of James Harlow, and widow, first of Isaac 
Shaw, and second of Lemuel Record. No issue by this marriage 
with second wife, who died Aug. 28, 1802. 

Children of Perez '^ and Deborah, born in Middleboro' . 

I. Deliverance,* b. Dec. 29, 1742 ; m. as 2cl wife, Ebenezer Wright, 
of Plympton, Feb. .1, 1776. 
13"2 II. Zebedee,* b. Aug. 19, 1745; m. Sarah Cushman, dau. of Caleb, 
Maj 24. 1764. 
III. Deborah,* b. Dec. 29, 1747 ; ra. Timothy Cobb, of Carver, April 
16, 1765. 


1. Deliverance Cobb,b. 1766. 

2. Timothy Cobb, b. 1769; ni. Rebecca Fuller. 

3. ZabdielCobb, b. 1771. 

4. Deborah Cobb, b. 1774. 

5. Elizabeth Cobb, b. 1776. 

6. Mary Cobb, b. 1778. 

7. Nathaniel Cobb, b. 1780. 

8. Thomas Cobb, b. 1782. 

9. Elizabeth Cobb, b. 1785. 
10. Alvan Cobb, b. 1787. 

133 IV. Perez,* b. April 26, 1753; m. Patience Wood, Oct. 1, 1778. 
V. LvDiA,* b. June 20, 1756; m. Heman Crocker, Oct. 13, 1774. 

Heman died at sea, Sept. 5, 1801 ; Lydia, the mother, died in 
Carver, Oct. 22, 1843. 


1. Daniel Crocker, m. Mercy Pratt. 

2. Perez Crocker, b. 1779; m. Freelove Thompson. 

3. Eliezer Crocker, m. Lucy Nelson. 

4. Heman Crocker, m. Rebecca Pratt. 

5. Ebenezer Crocker, m. Abigail Edson. 

6. Elizabeth Crocker, m. Israel Dunham. 

7. Deborah Crocker, m. Icliabod Hovvland. 

8. Lydia Crocker, m. Levi Sherman. 

9. Rebecca Crocker. 


134 VI. Isaac, ° b. Nov. 2S, 1758; m. Betsey Raymond, dau. of James. 

135 VII. Joseph,* b. April 23, 1761; m. Alice Drake, in Middleboro', 

March 8, 1785. 

LIEUT. JAMES * CHURCHILL (Benjamin,^ William,- John '). 
Born Dec. 30, 1726, in Middleboro'. Removed to Barnstable. 
Mentioned as lieutenant in Capt. Josiali Dunbar's Company, 1762 
(Mass. Arch., Vol. 99, p. 217). Married 1st, 1748, Martha Black- 
well, of Sandwich, daughter of Samuel. Married 2d, Jan. 10, 1751, 
Mabcy (Baker) Cobb. She died Sept. 30, 1756. No issue. 
Married 3d, Feb. 30, 1757, Mrs. Mary (Cobb) Gorham, widow of 
Capt. Isaac, of Barnstable. Mrs. Mary Churchill, the third wife, was 
born June 14, 1721, and died at the age of 92 years in Yarmouth, 
where she was living with her daughter, Mrs. Thacher. 

Child by First Wife. 
I. Sarah,-^ b. Sept. 23, 1749. 

CJiildren by Third Wife. 
II. Mary,-'' b. Jan. 8, 1758; m. Col. Thomas Thacher. 


1. Armen Lewis Thacher, b. Dec. 3, 1788; d. unmarried. 

2. Mary Thacher, b. April 28, 1791 ; d. unmarried. 

3. Thomas Thacher, b. Dec. 29, 1793; d. young. 

4. Thomas Thacher, b. July 25, 1795; d. March 3, 1863. 

5. George Churchill Thacher, b. Dec. 30, 1796; d. in Dorchester, 

Oct. 21, 1856. 

6. Sarah Thacher, b. May 13, 1800; d. young. 

III. Edward,^ b. Oct. 25, 1761. 

IV. James,^ b. July 13, 1766. 


BEKJAMIN^^ CHURCHILL (Benjamin,' William,- John^). 
Born Jan. 3, 1728. Lived in Middleboro' until 1801, when he moved 
to the town of Hartford, Me. He settled there with his son Jabez. 
Married Thankful W^ood. 

Children horn in Middleboro' . 

136 I. Jabez, ^ m. Louisa Lucas. 

II. James, ^ d. unmarried in Livermore, Me., aged 80. 

137 III. William,* m. Lydia Maxim, of Wayne, Me. 

138 IV. Joseph,* m. Williams, of Scituate, E.I. 

139 V. Nelson, 5 m. Eunice Shaw, Jan. 12, 1786. 
VI. Dinah. 5 


JABEZ* CHURCHILL (Josiah,' William,- JohnI). Born 
Jan. 21, 1723/4. Lived in North Bridgewater and died there in 1882. 
After his death, the widow, with her family, moved to Hebron, Me. 
Married, in North Bridgewater, Alice Briggs. 


Mrs. Murch, a granddaughter, says that in the spring of 1784 or 
1785, the widow, Alice, sold her only remaining cow, and with the 
proceeds paid the passage of herself and family on a schooner to 
Yarmouth, Me., and thence made her way to the home of her eldest 
daughter, who had settled in Hebron some years before. She 
brought six children along with her. She died three years later 
and is buried on Greenwood Hill. 

Children born in North Bridgewater. 

139a* I. Alice,* b. Feb. 23, 1753; m. Elias Monk, of Bridsrewater, Feb. 

10, 1772. 
189b II. Rachel,* b. Oct. 7, 1754; m. Thaddeus Pratt, of Bridgewater, 

July 23, 1772. Removed to Hebron, Me. 

140 III. Jabez,* b. 1759 ; m. Maria Benson. 
140a IV. Susan,* b. 1760; m. Philip Mason. 

141 V. JosiAH,* b. 17ti2 ; m. Lydia Orr. 

142 VI. Benjamin,* b. 1765; m. Sally Benson. 
142a VII. Charlotte,* b. 176'J; ni. Ephraim Barrows. 

142b VIII. Celestia,* b. 1772; m. 1st, Benson: m. 2d, Besse. 

IX. Rebecca,* b. April 20, 1774; m. Daniel Faunce. 


1. Sally Faunce, m. .loseph Swift. 

2. Olive Faunce, m. Richard Hathaway. 

3. Daniel Faunce, m. Hannah Graves. 

4. Rebecca Faunce, m. Edmund Dean. 

5. Ira Faunce, m. Sally Holmes. 
. 6. Eliza Faunce, ra. John Lewis. 

7. Hannah Faunce, m. Joseph Murch. 

8. Alden Faunce, m. Olive Atkins. 

9. Polly Faunce, b. May 29, 1815; m. Benjamin Murch. Aug. 

24, 1834. 

X. Polly,* b. 1776; m. John Bird. 


1. John Bird. I 3. Lyman Bird. 

2. Benjamin Bird. | 4. Asaph Bird. 

143 XI. Asaph,* b. 1775; m. 1st, Betsey Dean; m. 2d, Polly Merrill. 


ISRAEL ' CHURCHILL (Josiah,^ William,- John '). Born in 
Plympton, 1727. He settled at Tribes Hill, in the Mohawk Valley, 
IST.Y, (Tribes Hill was in Township.) In his old age 
he removed to Canada with his sons and daughters, and died there. 
It has seemed impossible to gain any more than this meagre infor- 
mation about this family. Married, at Tribes Hill, N.Y., Hannah 

( )■ 

*■ The families of the first five daughters carried forward to numbers 139a, etc. 












Children, all horn in the Mohawk Valley. 

I. Mark,^ never married. 
II. Patience,^ id. George Bates. 

III. Dolly, ^ ai. ( ) O'Regan. 

IV. Thankful,* m. ( ) Gillet. 

JoHN,^ m. Anna Hewitt. 
Joseph,* m. Abigail Hawley. 
Solomon,* m. Mrs. Rachel Bitts. 

Elinor,* m. ( ) Lillie. 

Elizabeth,* in. {- ) Hubbard. 

Cornelius,* b. June 27, 1789; m. Charlotte Barry, April 29, 

XI. Ezra * married, it is said, but we have no record. 


JOSEPH * CHURCHILL (Josiah,^ William,- John '). Born in 

Easton, Oct. 2, 1741. Married, in Attleboro, 1762, Anne Daggett, 

of Attleboro', daughter of Nathaniel and Lydia (Tiffany) Daggett, 

born Jan. 14, 1744. 


148. I. Jacob,* b. 1763; m. Abigail Turner, in Gloucester, li. I. 

II. Samuel,* b. 1764; d. unmarried in 1850. 

III. Nathaniel,* b. 1769; d. at Comstock's Landing, Fort Anne, 18-10. 

149 IV. Benjamin,* b. 1778; m. Temperance Perry, Putney, Vt., Oct. 

6, 1799. 


JACOB 4 CHURCHILL (Jostah,^ William,^' John '). Born in 
Easton, Nov. 3, 1744. Settled in Stockbridge. Married Lyllis 
Reed, who joined the church in Stockbridge in 1783. 

Children born in Stockbridge, exact order of birth not found. 

I. Phebe,* ra. 1st, Miles Curtis, son of Jonathan, of Lenox, June 
17, 1793. He died, and she married 2d, Elias Hubbard, of 
Pompey, N.Y. By the first marriage she had two children. 

1. Miles Curtis. | 2. Nancy Curtis. 

By second marriage. 
3. Elias Gilbert Hubbard. 

150 II. Alva,* m. Ist, Arvilla Andros; m. 2d, Anne Mott. 

III. Sybil,* m. 1st, Comfort Hart; ni. 2d, Isaac Ball. 

IV. AiJNis,* b. Sept. 20, 1782; m. 1st, Alanson Dewey, Nov. 29, 

1802; m. 2d, ( ) Warner. Settled in Newark Valley, 

Tioga County, N.Y. 

V. Nancy,* b. Oct. 11, 1783; m. Samuel Dresser, Dec. 14, 1809. 

He was born July 11, 1781. and died at Waterford, Ohio, Sept. 
25, 1857. She died June 13, 1855. They lived at Stockbridge, 
and had nine children. 

1. Julia Dresser, b. March 23, 1811. 

2. Edwin J. Dresser, b. Dec. 12, 1813. 

3. Marshall Dresser, b. April 9, 1816. 

4. Samantha P. Dresser, b. Sept. 19, 1820. 

5. Emily A. Dresser, b. June 9, 1822. 

6. Sarah Dresser, b. June 7, 1824. 


7. Jane Dresser, b. March 9, 1826; d. June, 182G. 

8. Nancy Lovina Dresser, b. April 6, 1828. 
t). Samuel Dresser, b. June 23, 1830. 

VI. Olive,* m. Isaac Perry Bali.. 

I. Emnieline Ball. | 2. Lucy Ball. | 3. George Ball. 

151 VII. Seymore,= m. Rebecca Palmer, Jan. 4, 1810. 

152 VIII. Daniel, = m. Experience Stafford. 

IX. Amanda,* m. Aaron Brown. 

Two Children. 
1. Gilbert Brown. | 2. Henry Brown. 

153 X. Jacob Miles,* b. May 10, 1799; m. Lucinda Thompson. 


EBENEZER^ CHURCHILL (Joim,^ John,- John'). Bom in 
Plymouth, Nov. 6, 1721. Married 1st, Nov. 23, 1747, Mercy 
Branch, daughter of Thomas. Married 2d, Feb. 13, 1775, Patience 

Children of First Wife. 

I. Ebenezer,* b. June 20, 1749; m. Jane Bartlett, Sept. 10, 1772. 
She m. 2il, Wji. Doty, 1784. No furtlier record. 

154 II. Branch,* b. Dec. 17, 1751; m. Mary Churchill, Sept. 28, 1778. 

He served in the Revolution in Capt. Jesse Harlow's Company, 
Minute-men, April, 1775 ; also in Captain Mayhew's Company 
three months eight davs. No record of children. 

III. Bethiah,* b. Sept. 13, 1753; d. Dec. 28, 1753. 

IV. Bethiah,* b. Nov. 24, 1754; m. Zephaniah Holmes, April 4, 1796. 

One child, John Calderwood Holmes, b. 1797. ' 

V. Rebecca,* b. Nov. 1, 1756; d. Aug. 12, 1760. 
VI. Mercy,* b. April 19, 1759; d Sept. 9, 1760. 

155 VII. George,* b. April 18, 1761 ; m. Elizabeth Harlow, April 2, 1786. 
VIII. Mary,* b. Nov. 10, 1763; m. John Washburn, Nov. 25, 1784. 


JOHN ' CHURCHILL (John,^ John,'- John ^). Born at Plym- 
outh, April 15, 1727, died, 1759, aged 32. Married, at Plymouth, 
1749, Sarah Cole. 

Child born in Plymouth. 
I. Sarah,* b. June 11, 1750; m. William LeBaron. 

Children . 

1. William LeBaron, b. 1775. 

2. Sarah LeBaron, b. 1776; m. Thomas Jackson. 

3. Mary LeBaron, "tb. 1778. 

4. Lucy LeBaron, j b. 1778 ; m. Thomas Mayo. 

■ 5. Priscilla LeBaron, b. 1781; m. Gideon S. Alden, of New Bed- 

6. Eliza LeBaron, b. 1785. 

7. William LeBaron, b. 1787. 



SAMUEL 5 CHUECHILL, JR. (Samuel/ John/ Joseph/ 
John ^). Born in Stockbridge, 1733. With his wife he joined 
the church in Stockbridge, by profession, May 22, 1763. Married, 
at New Preston, Conn., 1761, Elizabeth Curtis, his cousin, 
daughter of Ehiathan and Rose (Weller) Curtis, who was born March 
23, 1738, at Woodbury, Conn., and died at Owego, N.Y., Aug. 17, 

I. LccY,« bapt. May 22, 1763; m. Henry Moore, Nov. 12, 1782. He 

was born Nov. 2, 1762. 
II. Olive, ^ bapt. April 8, 1764; in. 1st, Asa Leonard; m. 2cl, Perry 
Ball, Nov. 28, 1799. 

1. Chester Leonard. 

III. KosANNA,** bapt. Aug. 17, 1766; m. Abraham Parker, Feb. 24, 
1785. He was born July 13, 1766. 

156 IV. Asahel,<^ bapt. Aug. 6, 1769; m. Polly Hart, Feb. 4, 1785. 

157 V. Samuel,*^ bapt. Jan. 19, 1772; m. Phebb Seward, Feb. 25, 1796. 
VI. Elizabeth,^ bapt. Oct. 23, 1774; m. Ebenezer Cook, April 3, 

1793. He was born Sept. 18, 1774. 
VII. Solomon,* bapt. Nov. 17, 1776; d. in infancy. 

158 VIII. Daniel,^ bapt. June 7, 1778 ; m. Jerusha Willard, May 25, 

1795. She was born Jan. 31, 1778. 


BARNABAS ^ CHURCHILL (Baknabas,^ Barnabas,^ Joseph,- 
JoHN ^). Born in Plymouth, Nov. 25, 1747. Lived in Plymouth, 
and died Aug. 29, 1821. Married 1st, Oct. 8, 1780, Sarah Faunce, 
daughter of Thomas. She died Nov. 9, 1801, aged 48 ; 2d, 1803, 
Lydia Cole, widow of Samuel H. She died Jan. 19, 1825. 

Children born in Plymouth. 
I. Barnabas,^ b. Oct. 19, 1784; d. Sept. 14, 1785, aged 10 months. 

159 II. JoB,« b. March 2, 1787; m. Hannah T. Harlow, Dec. 18, 1808. 
III. Barnabas," b. Feb. 5, 1789; d. Sept. 8, 1789, aged 7 months. 


SETH 5 CHURCHILL (Barxabas," Barnabas,^ Joseph," John '). 
Born in Plymouth, Oct. 1, 1754, and died Jan. 15, 1798. Married, 
July 6, 1783, Elizabeth Sylvester; she was born 1762, and died 
Sept. 5, 1814. 



I. LuCT,« b. July 2, 1789; d. September, 1791. 
II. David,« b. December, 1790; d. Sept. 30, 1791. 
III. Seth,« b. May, 1794 ; d. Sept. 24, 1795. 


ICHABOD° CHURCHILL (Joseph/ Baknabas,^ Joseph," 
JoHN^). Born in Middleboro', Aug. 9, 1746, and lived there till 
near the close of the Revolution. Removed from Middleboro' to 
Woodstock, Vt., about 1779/80, where he resided on what was known 
as " the road to Rutland." He served in the Revolutionary war as 
sergeant in Capt. Amos Wade's Third ^Middleboro' Company of 
Minutemen, on Alarm of April 19, 1775; marched to Marshfield, 
three days* service. Later same year, same company, served three 
months. Married, Nov. 7, 1771, Sarah Tinkham, of Halifax, Mass. ; 
married by Rev. Ephraim Briggs. 

Children boi-n in Middleboro'. 

160 I. IcHABOD,^ b. July 21, 1772; m. Priscilla Meacham, of Bridg- 

water, Vt. 

161 II. NoAH,^ b. May 29, 1774; m. Folly Marshall, of Waterbury, Vt., 

May 29, 1798. 

162 III. William,^ b. Nov. 12, 1776; m. Eunice Badger, of Bridgwater, 

Vt., June 1, 1802. 

163 IV. Joseph,'' b. Dec. 25. 1777; ra. Dorothy Marshall, of Waterbury, 

Vt., Dec. 25, 1803. 
V. Eunice,^ b. Oct. 10, 1779; m. Nathan Kelsey, of Stowe, Vt. 

They lived in Stowe. She died Aug. 26, 1827. He died Aug. 1, 

Children horn in Stowe, Vt. 

1. Mary Kelsey, m. John A. Upham. 

2. Benjamin F. Kelsey, m. ( ) Kimball, of Woodstock, Ohio. 

3. Roxanna Kelsey, m. Luke Atwood, of Stowe, and moved to 


4. Harrison Kelsey, m. ( ) lived in Minonk, III., in 1870. 

5. Elias Kelsey, m. (- ) Spaulding, of Morristown. 

6. Hiram Kelsey, m. ( ) Town, of Cady's Falls, Morristown. 

VI. Sarah,'' b. Aug. 10, 1781; m. ( ) Doubleday, of Pomfret, 

VII. Ruth,'' b. March 24, 1783; m. Ebenezer Barrows, of Stowe, Vt. 


1. Ebenezer Barrows, m. (^ ) Russell. 

2. Ruth Barrows, m. Edwin Thomas, of Stowe, Vt. 

3. Hannah Barrows, m. Adrian Thomas, of Stowe, Vt. 

4. Thomas A. Barrows, d. unmarried. Lived in California. 

5. Dr. Albert Barrows, m. ( ) Daniels, of Woodstock, Vt. 

VIII. Mary," b. Dec. 1, 1784; m. Elijah Royce, of Woodstock, Vt. 

1. Almira Royce, m. ( ) Royce (a cousin), of Woodstock. 

IX. Ellen," b. Dec. 19, 1786; d. Jan. 17, 1787. 
X. Salome," b. March 28, 1788; m. Bartlett Elms, of Stowe, Vt. 
They lived in Stowe, Vt., till about 1S40, when they removed and 
settled on the old Churchill homestead, in Woodstock. 


Children born in Siowc. 

1. Osro J. Elms, b. 1820; ra, ( ) Tracy, of Stowe, Vt. 

2. Salome Elms. 

XI. AsA,^ b. Marcb 14, 1790; m. Betsey Davenport, Oct. 26, 1815. 
They lived in Dublin, N.Y. He was in the war of 1812. No 

164 XII. Jesse,^ b. May 8, 1792; m. Mary Washbcrx, of Woodstock, at 

Plymouth, Vt., March 1, 1819. 
XIII. Nathan T.,« b. May 17, 1795 ; ra. Elizabeth Raymond, of Bridg- 
water, Vt., April 4, 1823. 

He was a man of large influence, and held many high offices. 
He left no children. 


JOSEPH^ CHURCHILL (Joseph,^ Baexabas,^ Joseph/ 
JoHJ< ^). He was born in Plymouth, July 14, 1748. After the 
death of his father, and his mother's marriage to Archippus 
Fuller, and removal to Woodstock, Vt., he was brought up by 
Mr. Daggett, of Middleboro', and lived with him until he was 
twenty-one years of age. He served in the war of the Revolution, 
in Capt. Isaac Wood's Company, Minute-men ; was then a corporal, 
afterwards sergeant. He marched to Marshfield, April 19, 1775. 
He served in other companies in 1777-1779, mostly in Rhode Island. 
He lived in Middleboro' till the close of the war when he removed 
to Woodstock, Vt., and settled there, on the north branch of the 
Queechey River, two and a half miles west of "The Green." Married, 
March 21, 1771, in Middleboro', Sarah Cobb, daughter of Gershom. 
She was born Sept. 20, 1747, and died in Stowe, Vt., in 1836. 


165 I. Levi,^ b. in Middleboro', April 24, 1772; ra. 1st, Priscilla Sim- 

mons, at Woodstock, Vt., 1798; m. 2d, Keziah Fletchek, 
March 24, 1800. 
II. Miriam, b. in Middleboro', Aug. 16, 1774; ra. 1st, Benjamin 
DiMMOCK. He d. in 1797; m. 2d, E.xperience Raymond, 1806. 

Child of First Husband. 

1. Benjamin Churchill Diramock ; d. unmarried. 

Children of Second Husband. 

2. Joseph Churchill Raymond. 

3. Sarah Raymond. 

III. Sarah,^ b. in Middleboro', April 13, 1777: m. Dea. Asa Raymond, 

of Stowe, Vt. No children; d. Dec. 13, 1859. 

IV. LucY,^ b. at Woodstock, Vt., March 24, 1779; m. Capt. Daniel 

LoTHROP, of Stowe, Vt. ; d. at Williston, Vt., Feb. 5, 1853. 


1. Nancy Hyde Lothrop, b. Dec. 11, 1793; m. Ellet Perkins, 

Nov. 10, 1816. 

2. Priscilla Lothrop, m. 1st, Daniel Robinson; m. 2d, Isaac Alger. 


3. Sarali Lotlirop, v,\. Noah Kaymoml. 

4. Armenia Lothrop, m. Curtis (or Cliarie^?) Col)l). 

5. Daniel Lothrop, ra. Philena l^ow. 

1(>() V. Joseph,'' b. in Woodstock, July 7, 1781; ni. Mrs. Clara Eddy 

Mkecham, of Woodstock, February, 1818. 
107 VI. Sylvester,^ b. Aug. 2, 1783; ni. at Windsor, Lucy Hunter, Aug. 

30, 1812. 
168 VII. Isaac," h. Feb. 18, 1788; m. Julia Arnold, Oct. 18, 1824. 

VIII. SU.SAN W., b. July 19, 1793; m. Harper 1). Sears, of Stowe, Vt. 
They lived in Stowe, Vt., and had children. She died Aug. 2, 

Children . 

1. Lucy H. Sears, b. Jan. 1."., 1824; m. Wni. Morrison, Dec. 20, 


2. Elizabeth R. Sears, b. June 16, 182.5. 

3. Nathan R. Scars, b. April 1, 1827. 

4. Sylvester C. Sears, b. Feb. 5, 1829. 
o. Julia C. Sears, b. Aiig. 27, 1830. 

6. Harper D. Sears, b. Feb. 20, 1832; d. July 3, 1834. 

7. Fred M. Sears, b. Oct. 4, 1836. in Morristown, Vt. 

8. Stephen D. Sears, b. May 3, 1838, in Morristown, Vt. 

NATHANIEL ' CHURCHILL (Lemuel/ Barnabas,^' Joseph,-' 
JoHK ). Born iu Yarmouth, N.S., April 9, 1748. Lived iu Yar- 
moutli, N.S. Married 1st, Dec. 24, 1770, Betsey Ryder. She 
died Jan. 7, 1794 ; 2d, Nov. 20, 1800, ELmoR Metcalf (" Mid- 
kiff"); no children by second wife, who died July 25, 1813; 3d, 
Jan. 6, 1814, Elizabeth Green. The father of this large family 
died Dec. 8, 1820. 

Children by First Wife horn in Yarmouth, X.S. 
Betsey," b. Nov. 1, 1771. 

Nathaniel," b. Nov. 22, 1773; ni. Eunice Kinney, 1797. 
Lemuel," b. March 22, 1776. No further record. 
Lydia," b. Sept. 7, 1778. 

Bartlett," b. Jan. 7, 1781. No further record received. 
Hannah," b. Feb. 14, 1783. 

Stephen," b. Dec. 22, 178.5. No further record. 
Jekusha," b. April 23, 1787. 

Ben.tamin," b. Feb. 4, 1790: in. Elizabeth Everett, July 15, 
X. Mary," b. May 25, 1793. 

Children of the Tliird Wife. 

XI. Matilda," b. Dec. 17, 1814; m. ( ) Estey. 

XII. Fanny," b. May 3, 1816; m. ( ) Kitchen. 

XIII. John MuLBURY,"b. Jan. 3, 1818; d. in infancy. 

XIV. William," b. July 4, 1819; d. in infancy. 

The above record is copied from the old family Bible of Nathaniel ^ 
Churchill, now owned by his descendant, Charles W. Whitfield, 
of Langford, South Dakota. 

EZRA ^ CHURCHILL (Lemuel," Barnabas," Joseph,-' John '). 
Born in Plymouth, Mass., Oct. 11, 1758; died Nov. 24, 1843. 
Lived in Yarmouth, N.S. Married, May 6, 1779, Mary Roberts, 
of Argyle, N.S. 
















Children horn in Yartaouth, X.S. 
I. :Mauy,^ b. Aug. 21, 1780; m. Jonathan Crosby, son of Ebenezer. 


5. Neheniiah Crosby. 

6. Abiel Crosby. 

7. Melinda Crosby. 

1. Eben Crosby. 

2. John Crosby. 

3. Margaret Crosby. 

4. Mary Crosby. 

II. Lemuel,® b. July 10, 1781 ; d. young. 

174 III. Ezra,® b. May 17, 1782; m. Elizabeth Trefry. 

175 IV. Nehemiah,® b. 1786; m. Elizabeth Cann. 

176 V. Benjamin,^ b. 1788; m. 1st, Lucy Ring; m. 2d, Mrs. Lydia (But- 

ler) Moses. 

177 VI. Lemuel,® b. Aug. 7, 1790; in. Lydia Gardner. 
VII. Abigail,® b. Aug. 28, 1792. 

178 VIII. John,® b. Sept. 4, 1797; m. Abigail Rogers, 1818. 

IX. Lydia,® b. Oct, 26, 1799; m. William Cokfran, son of William. 

Children of Lydia and William Coffran. 

1. Maria Coffran, m. William McKay, of Newburyport, Mass. 

2. Lucy Coffran, m. John Parfitt. 

3. Mary Coffran, m. Robert Weston. 

4. Martha Coffran, m. Thomas Avery. 

5. Whitman Coffran, m. 1st, Rosanna Hersey, Nov. 10, 1861 ; m. 

2d, Mrs. Mary Crosby, widow. 

6. Ezra Coffran, lost at sea. 

7. Emily Coffran, in. James Riley. 

8. Lydia A. Coffran, m. Zenas Eldridge, July 23, 1863. 

X. Nancy,® b. June 4, 1806; m. 1st, Samuel Hibbard; 2d, "Watson 
Baker; 3d, Patrick Roach, Sept 30, 1842; 4th, John Craw- 
LET,-March 19, 1859. 

Children of Nancy {Churchill) and Second Husband, Watson Baker. 

1. Ezra Baker, d. young. 

2. Elmira Baker, m. Eben Scott. 

3. Frederick Baker, ni. Lucy Ann Weston. Feb. 14, 1856. 

4. Ann Baker, m. Stephen Butler, Nov. 25, 1852. 
6. Watson Baker, lost at sea; unmarried. 

Children hy Third Ilushand, Patrick Roach. 

6. Ezra C. Roach, m. Mary A. Churchill, Jan. 16, 1868. 

7. Matthew Roach, m. Phebe Whitman, Oct. 13, 1874. 

8. Benjamin Roach, died unmarried. 

XL Elizabeth,® m. Nathaniel Currier.; no issue, 


ISAAC 5 CHURCHILL (Isaac/ Barnabas,'' Joseph,- John '). 
Born July 19, 1758, in Boston. He was a sea-faring man and was 
lost at sea with his son Isaac, aged 16 years. Married Sarah 
Morton. She was born in 1757, and was descended from 
John ^ Churchill and Desire Holmes, through Priscilla,* who married 
Thomas Rogers, and had daughter Ruth, who married Samuel 
Morton, and had this Sarah. 


Children horn at Plyrnouth. 

I. Isaac," b. 1781. Lost at sea with his father at the age of 10. 
II. Sarah,^ b. Feb. 11, 1783; m. Jacob Curtis, of Duxburv, Oct. 15, 
1805, and d. Oct. 13, 1837. 

Children of Jacob and Sarah Churchill Curtis. 

1. Sarah M. Curtis, b. Oct. 19, 1806; m. Perez (or Percy) 

Cliurchill, of E. Pembroke. 

2. Rebecca Churchill Curtis, b. in Duxburv, March 20, 1808; m. 

James Ford, of Marshfield, and d. 1868. 

3. Nancy Elizabeth Curtis, b. in Pembroke, July 27, 1809; in. 

Natl. Morse, of Duxbury, Feb. 12, 1835. He died in 1884, 
and she died in 1883. 

4. Isaac C. Curtis, b. in Penibrok?, May 28, 1811; m. Henrietta 

Churchill, Nov. 11, 1834. 

5. William S. Curtis, b. in Pembroke, Jan. 31, 1813; m. Nancy S. 

Hunt, March 2, 1834, and d. 1872. 

6. Jacob Curtis, b. in Duxbury, Dec. 23, 1814. Lost at sea, 1833. 

7. James Bird Curtis, b. March 25, 1817; m. 1st, Eliza T. White; 

m. 2d, Eveline T. Whiting, of Pembroke. James died in 
J^ew Orleans, 1803. 

8. Geo. R. Curtis, d. in infancy. 

9. Meriiiali K. Curtis, b. in Duxbury, February, 1820; m. John T. 

Hunt, of Duxbury, November, 1838. 

10. Hannah Curtis, b. Feb. 23, 1822; m. Briggs Paulding, of Dux- 

bury, 1843. 

11. Elizabeth R. Curtis, b. April 11, 1825; m. Daniel Delano, Aug. 

31, 1847. 

179 III. Timothy,^ b. 1785; m. Olive Curtis, of Marshfield; married in 

Duxbury, 1807. 
IV Rebecca,^ b. Oct. 17, 1787. Lived in Plymouth; d. unmarried, in 
Sandwich, Sept. 2, 1872. 

180 V. Seth,« b. 1790; m. Sarah S. Johnson, and d. 1816. 

VI. Nancy. ^ b. July 19, 1792; m. Samuel Chipman, of Barnstable, 
April 25, 1815. They were married in Plymoutli and lived in 
Barnstable. She d. April 4, 1883. 

Children born in Barnstable. 

1. Nancy Chipman. d. in infancy. 

2. Elizabeth Chipman, b Oct. 10, 1817; m. Lemuel Nye, of 

Sandwich, Dec. 6, 1838 : no issue. 

3. Nancy Chipman, b. April 16, 1820; m. John S. Fiske, of Sand- 

wich, Oct. 10, 1844. 

4. William Churchill Chipman, b. Feb. 27, 1822; m. Love E. Nye, 

Jan. 4. 1849. 

5. Samuel Chipman, b. Dec. 22, 1823; unmarried. 

6. Isaac Kimball Chipman, b. March 9, 1826; ni. MelindaN. Fiske, 

of Sandwich, Nov. 29, 1849. 

7. James Chipman, b. Jan. 2. 1828; d. in Sandwich, April 20, 


VII. William," b. 1794; d. unmarried about 1816. 


THOMAS 5 CHURCHILL (Thomas,* Barxabas/ Joseph,- 
John ^). Born at Newmarket Plains, N.H., 1762, and lived there. 
He served in tlie war of the Revolution in the Company of Capt. 
Jacob Webster, Colonel Reynolds' Regiment of N.H. militia. He 


is credited with service in 1778 and again from Sept. 25 to Nov. 25, 
1781. Por the first term of service, he in common with other 
soldiers received from the New Hampshire authorities " twenty-five 
bushels of corn per month in full for three months' service." He 
died in 1807. Married, at Stratham, N.H., 1786, Alice Ceeigh- 
Tox, daughter of James, born Oct. 13, 1767, and died April 10, 

Children born in Newmarket. 

181 I. James Creighton,^ b. April 24, 1787; m. Eliza Walker Os- 

II. Thomas,® b. April 4, 1791 ; d. unmarried in early manhood. 
III. Elizabeth H.,® b. Sept. 2, 1799 ; m. Solomon Pendergast, 
Nov. 1, 1821. 
He was of Newmarket and they lived there. 

Their Children born at Neivmarket. 

1. Nathaniel Pendergast, died, leaving no family. 

2. Roswell H. Pendergast, b. Jan. 10, 1832; m. Helen L. Parker, 

April 16, 1858. 

They removed to the West, and settled at Newton, Iowa. 

Children, (1), Alice E. Pendergast, b. Feb. 10, 1860; d. 
Sept, 21. 18G3; (2) Allan E. Pendergast, b. Jan. 3, 1862; d. 
Sept. 27, 1862; (3) Nettie M., b. April 6, 1863, d. Aug. 23, 
1863; (4) Frederick N. Pendergast, b. July 8, 1864; (5) Charles 
Riley Pendergast, b. Sept. 4, 1865, d. Sept. 21, 1865; (6) Nellie 
B. Pendergast, b. Dec. 21, 1866; (7j Charles L. Pendergast, 
b. May 12,^1873, d. Aug. 2, 1873; (8) Herbert L. Pendergast, 
b. April 11, 1878, d. Aug. 14, 1878; (9) Roy H. Pendergast, 
b. Feb. 10, 1880, d. Aug. 5, 1880. 

ICHABOD^ CHURCHILL (Thomas/ Baknabas,^ Joseph,^ 
JoHjf^). Born at Newmarket Plains, N.H., June 24,1764. He 
lived at Parsonsfield, Me., a farmer and shoemaker. " The Oxford 
County Record," published at Kezar Falls, Me., in the issue of Dec. 
26, 1885, has a sketch of •' Father Churchill," from which account 
it appears that he settled at Parsonsfield as early as 1798, and 
cleared and cultivated the farm, which his grandson Nathaniel 
Churchill owned and occupied in 1885. He is described as a push- 
ing, prosperous man, kind and benevolent, but withal somewhat 
eccentric. He was quite notable for his peculiar religious ideas and 
practices. He believed that he was under the special guidance of 
the Holy Spirit and, it is said, obeyed every impulse promptly, with- 
out consulting his reason. The sketch contains several amusing 
anecdotes illustrative of his peculiar traits. He died Sept. 15, 
1855. First wife died Nov. 23, 1809. Second wife died Sept. 3, 
1858. Married 1st, Elizabeth Doe, born 1769, and 2d, Leah 
Allen, Oct. 2, 1810. No children by last. 


Children of the First Wife. 
I. Nicholas,^ b. June 3, 1790; d. unmarried, Aug. 10, 18-45. 
II. Betsey,'* b. March 27, 1793; d. unmarried, Murch 30, 1877. 
III. John," b. Sept. 22, 1795; d. unmarried, Oct. 5, 1873. 

182 IV. Thomas,« b. Jan. 20, 1798; m. Mary Banks, March 14, 1830; d. 

Oct. 16, 1878. 
V. Mary,'' b. Jan. 24, 1801; m. Robinson Blaisdell, of Eaton, N.II., 
Dec. 29, 1830. Mary d. May 4, 1865. He d. Feb. 27, 1867. 

They had three Children. 

1. Nicholas Blaisdell, b. March 29, 1,S3-'; ni. Martha C. Hood, of 

Somerville, Feb. 21, 1867. 

2. Elizabeth Ann Blaisdell, b. Sept. 5, 1834. Lives in Boston, 


3. Mary Melvina Bhiisdell, b. Sept. 11, 1^39; d. unmarried, Dec. 

4, 1863. 

VI. Nancy. ^ b. Oct. 9, 1803: m. Greexleaf Smith, of Cornish, Me. 
They lived at Cornish. lie was a tanner. He d. 1867; she d. 

Children horn in Cornish. 

1. Thomas Churchill Smith, b. Aug 14, 1825; m. Mary Louisa 

Trafton, May 30. 1847. 

2. John Franklin "Smith. b. July 26, 1828; m. Mary Barker Chad- 

bourne, March 4, 1852. 

3. Henry Hyde Smith, b. Feb. 2, 1832; m. Mary Sherborn Dana, 

Dec. 24, 1861. 

4. Roscop Greenough Smith, b. .April 4, 1836; m. Sarah Pingree 

Robinson, July 6, 1861. 

5. Annie Clark Smith, b. Dec. 28, 1841 ; d July 19, 1846. 


JOSEPH 5 CHURCHILL (Thomas/ Barxaba.s,^ Joseph,- 
JoHJ^^). Born ill Newmarket, N.H., May 7, 1768 ; died in Brook- 
field, N.H., March 4, 1824. He was a farmer in Newmarket and 
Brookfield, N.H. Married, in Newmarket, 1794, Sally Tash, of 
Lee, N.H. 

Children, the first three born in Newmarket, the rest in Brookfield., N.H. 

183 I. John Tash,® b. Aug. 6, 1796; m. Mehitable Gilman Willey, 

March 5, 1817. 

184 II. Joseph Tash," b. April 18, 1798; m. Martha M. Wiggin, Sept. 

1, 1824. 

185 III. Thomas Tash,'' b. Aug. 26, 1800; m. 1st, Ann Wentworth ; m.2d, 

Eunice King. 

186 IV. Ebenezek Chapman,'' b. Nov. 11, 1802; m. Ann E. Gove, of 

V. Sarah Tash," b. March 4, 1805; m. Rev. Samuel Nutt. 

187 VI. Nathaniel," b. April 2, 1807; m. Sophia K. King. 
VII. Mary A.," b. March 26, 1809; unmarried. 

188 VIII. Daniel," b. Dec. 3, 1811 : m. Eleanor Longley, of Lee, N.H. 

189 IX. Charles." b. April 3, 1814; m. Irene Purington. 

X. Betsett Tash," b. May 14, 1816; m. Cyrus C. Pickering, New- 
market, N.H. 

They lived at Manchester, N.H., and had Child. 
1. James W. Churchill Pickering, b. Sept. 1, 1844; m. 1st, Julia 
T. Dow, at Woburn, Mass., and had children (1) Herbert 
Dow Pickering, b. April 23, 1870; (2) Josephine Belle Pick- 


ering, b. June 24, 1872; (3) Harry Edward Pickering, b. 
Nov. 18, 1874; (4) Nellie Gertrude Pickering, b. March 28, 
1876; Co) James William Churchill Pickering, Jr., b. May 
21, 1878; d. Dec. 16, 1880. Mr. Pickering, Sr., m. 2d, Mary 
E. Bacon, of Waltham, but had no children by this marriage. 

190 XI. James Monroe,^ b. Jan. 3, 1819; m. Elizabeth Perkins, of 

Exeter, N.H. 

191 XII. William," b. Aug. 8, 1821; m. Elizabeth Kittredge, of Lowell, 



NATHANIEL ' CHURCHILL (Thomas/ Barxabas,' Joseph,- 
JoHN '). Born March 31, 1772. He lived in Brookfield and Eaton, 
N.H. He was a farmer and a deacon of ,the church. Married 1st, 
Patience Tash (sister of Sally, his brother Joseph's wife) ; Pa- 
tience died May 13, 1803 ; 2d, Polly Jackson. 

Children of First Wife. 

I. HoLLis," b. Aug. 20, 1801 ; m. Mary J. Lathers ; no children. 
II. Polly,** b. Feb. 24, 1803 ; d. in infancy, buried with her mother, in 

Children of Second Wife. 

III. James, E.", b. Nov. 16, 1805; m. Caroline March, 1829; both d. 
October, 1831. 
One daughter, Mary Emmeline, was reared by her grandparents. 

192 IV. Thomas C^b. Feb. 26, 1807; m. Emmeline S. Bailey, Bridg- 

" ton, March 20, 1834. 
V. Sally," b. Oct. 9, 1809; m. 1st, J. Langdon March; m. 2d, Amos 


1. John L. March, b. June 12, 1831. 

2. Abby March, d. young. 

3. Edwin March, d. young. 

4. Mary Ann March, d. young. 

By the Second Husband. 

5. Elizabeth Towle. | 6. Sarah Towle. 

193 VI. John," b. June 17, 1811; m. Melissa Colby or Crosby. 

194 VII. Nathaniel," b. July 1, 1818; m. Elizabeth Goldthwait, Nov. 4, 


195 VIII. Ichabod D.," b. Sept. 29, 1845; m. 1st, Clara Quint ; m. 2d, Sarah 

D. Lord. 

JOHN ^ CHURCHILL (Thomas,* Barnabas,=^ Joseph,- John ' ). 
Born May 11, 1776. They lived in Deerfield, N.H. Married, Nov. 
14, 1799, Sally Tkue. 


196 I. William Graves," b. July 29. 1809 ; m. Sally Mead Page. 

II. John T. B.," b. Sept. 23, 1816; d. unmarried in Washington, D.C., 

He died from the effects of a wound received in the war of the 



JOHNS CHURCHILL (Ebenezer/ Baknabas/ Joseph,- 
JoHis" '). Born in Plymouth, June 23, 1763. His boyhood was 
passed at Plymouth, where he was engaged with his elders in fish- 
ing in the season. The year he was aged ten he earned $36.67 as 
his share of the catch of codfish. He was industrious and frugal, 
making the most of his chances of work and education. xVt fifteen 
years he went to Pittsfield and there worked on a farm by the 
month for three years, and then bought a farm of forty acres of Mr. 
James. He was strenuous, honest, and of good judgment, and these 
qualities made him a man of property and influence in the commu- 
nity, and he represented his town many times in the General Court 
of Boston. He died in Pittsfield, June 8, 1849. Married, 1788, 
in Pittsfield, Mehitable Hubbard, of that town, born Dec. 17, 
1767, and died Aug. 29, 1843. 

Their Children born in Pittsfield. 

I. Martha.® b. Aug. 20, 1789; m. Capt. Daniel Merriman, of Pitts- 
field, Dec. 4, 182(). Captain Merriman was born in Dalton, 
Mass., June 23, 1777, and died in Pittsfield, June 3, 1850. They 
lived in Hinsdale for some years and their children were born 
there, viz. : 

1. John Churchill Merriman, b. May 2, 1828; d. Dec. 21, 1849. 

2. Clark Spencer Merriman, b. Sept. 26, 1829; ni. Harriet Maria 

Mullen, of Binghamton, N.Y., b. March 22, 1832, and had, 
(1) Fannie Myra Merriman, b. at Osborn Hollow, N.Y., 
April 6, 1854; m. Lyman Chester Beebe, of Union, N.Y., 
May G, 1873, and had two children born in Alton, Iowa: 
Clark Talmadge Beebe, b. Sept. 24, 1874, and Frank Chester 
Beebe, b. April 3, 1879. 

3. Daniel Watson Merriman, b. Feb. 18, 1831; d. in Pittsfield, 

Nov. 4, 1849. 

4. Wheelock Seymour Merriman, b. May 20, 1833; m. Mary E. 

Smith, of Pennsylvania, 1866. 

II. John,® b. July 5, 1791 ; d. Aug. 2, 1791. 

III. Sophia," b. July 25, 1792; m. Linus Parker, Oct. 12, 1815. Mr. 
Parker was born in Lenox, Oct. 30, 1790. They lived in Pitts- 
field where he was a farmer and proprietor of a sawmill. He d. 
April 7, 1872, and Sophia d. March 14, 1872. Their children, 
born in Pittsfield, were : 

1. Adelia Mehitable Parker, b. June 16, 1817; m. Buel B. Bull, of 

Kent, Conn., Sept. 14, 1833, and had at Pittsfield, (1) James 
Bull, b. May 10, 1838; (2) Mary Ellen Bull, b. March 28., 
1842; d. in Lenox, Aug. 30, 1878; (3) Ulyssa Sophia Bull, b. 
April 22, 1850; m. Anthony Stewart, and had Wayne B. 
Stewart, Florence A., and Francis T. Stewart; (4) Jane Adelia 
Bull, b. July 19, 1853; m. Martin Sears, of Lenox, March 8, 
1864, and had Frederick DeWitt Sears, Albert Eugene Sears, 
Robert L. Sears James Buel Sears, and Clarence Luther 
Sears, all born between 1863 and 1874, in Lenox. 

2. John Churchill Parker, m. 1st. Sarah Fulton, of Milan, N.Y., 

Sept. 4, 1848. She d. in Milan, Aug. 3, 1855, leaving three 
children, viz. : John Dwight Parker, b. April 9, 1850; Fulton 
Churchill Parker b. AugT 31 , 1851 ; and Sarah Fulton Parker, 


b. June 2G, 1855, who died nine days after the mother, Aug. 
12, 1855. Mr. Parker ni. 2d wife, Lydia Goodrich, of Pitts- 
field, Dec. 8, 1856, and liad one child, Carrie Goodrich 
Parker, b. March 13, 1861. 

3. Jane Elizabeth Parker b. May 26, 1823; m. Nathl. B. Williams, 

of Lebanon, Conn., May 1, 1845, and had children born in 
Lebanon, Conn., viz. : (1) Ellen Cornelia Williams, b. May 
12, 1846, and (2) Mary Sophia, b. May 3. 1854. 

4. Mary Sophia Parker, b. Sept 30, 18:.'4; m. Dr. John Manning, 

of Lebanon, Conn., May 2, 1844. Their children were (1) 
John Henry Manning, b. in Ellington. Conn., July 23, 1846; 
m. Grace LeBaron Washburn, of Lenox, Mass., June 1, 1870, 
and had Love LeBaron Manning, b. in Lenox, Nov. 11, 1871; 
Franklin Washburn Manning, b in Pittsfield, July 28, 1874; 
Anna Parker Manning, b in Pittsfield, Nov. 25, 1875, and 
John Parker Manning, b. in Pittsfield, March 23, 1879; (2) 
Mary Ellen Manning, b. in Ellingrton, Conn,, July 30, 1848; 
(3) Emily King Manning, b. in Pittsfield. Sept. !), 1856; (4) 
Jennie Augusta Manning, b. April 18, 1858. 

5. Edwin Linus Parker, b. July 24, 1827: m. Jane Eliza Green, of 

Pittsfield, Oct. 14, 1855. Lived in Pittsfield, and had chil- 
dren born there, viz. : (1) George Dwight Parker, b. June 11, 
1857; (2) Lemuel Green Parker; and (3) Linus Eoot Parker, 
twins, b. June 3, 1858 (the latter d. Sept. 27, 1858) ; (4) 
Jf^nnie Sophia Parker, b. Aug. 14, 1859; d. Sept. 27, 1859 ; 

(5) Fannie Jane Parker, b. April 2, 1861 ; (6) Ella Gertrude 
Parker, b. June, 1867; (7) Sarah Churchill Parker, b. July 
15, 1873. 

6. James Dwight Parker, b. Aug. 31, 1829; d. Dee. 30, 1837. 

7. Marilla Frances Parker, b. May 15, 1831; m. Henry Chapman, 

of Pittsfield. Jan. 31, 1850. They had born in PittsSeld, (1) 
Henry Temple Chapman, b. Jan. 21, 1852; m. Lucy Lapham, 
of Adams, August, 1871. , She d. in 1875, and he m. 2d, Mary 
Overhalster, of Peach Grove, Tenn., in 1877. 

8. Frederick Sereno Parker, b. May 29, 1833; m. Cynthia Bourne, 

of Lenox, Jan. 1, 1856, and had children born in Pittsfield, 
viz. : (1) Frederick Bourne Parker, b. May 10, 1860; d. Aug. 
9, 1860; (2) Susan Cutting Parker, b. Oct. 3, 1861; (3) 
Minnie Adelle Parker, b. April 19, 1864; (4) Frederick 
Bourne Parker, b. June 24, 1865; d. Aug. 15, 1865; (5) 
Dwight Bourne Parker, b. May 20, 1870; d. Aug. 2, 1871; 

(6) Alice Bell Parker, b. March 20, 1873. 

9. Ella Maria Paiker, b. April 23, 1836; d. Dec. 31, 1837. 

15)7 IV. Charles,^ b. Feb. 25, 1796 ; m. Ch.velotte M. Francis, Dec. 4, 
V. Laura,® b. July 5, 1797; m. Wells FoWler, of Fowlersville, 
N.y., 1839. No further record found. 
VI. LucT," b. June 12, 1799; m. Almeron D. Francis, of Pittsfield, 
April 29, 1829. They lived in Pittsfield and had children born 

1. Lucy Maria Francis, b. June 12, 1830; d. Jan. 29, 1838. 

2. Henry Martin Francis, b. Aug. 3, 1835; d. June 20, 1845. 

3. James Dwight Francis, b. Dec. 23, 1837; m. 1st, Martha J. 

Tower, June 5, 1859 ; m. 2d, Annie M.Fabricius, Sept. 29, 1886. 
They lived in Pittsfield and had children born there, viz. : (1) 
Henry Almeron Francis, b. Oct. 6, 1861; (2) George Dwight 
Francis, b. Jan. 22, 1866; d. March 27, 1886; (3) Frederick 
Tower Francis, b. Nov. 21, 1869; (4) Clifford Francis, b. 
March 3, 1872 ; (4) Robert Talcott Francis, b. Dec. 7, 1873. 
VII. Jane," b. Nov. 8, 1800; d. unmarried Sept. 22, 1822. 
VIII. Frederick,^ b. Aug. 15, 1802; d. September, 1802. 

IX. Sarah Fowler," b. Jan. 27, 1809 ; m. James Francis, of Pitts- 
field, June 14, 1832. 
They lived in Pittsfield and their children were born there, viz. : 


1. Edward Stillman Francis, b. Dec. 20, 1835; m. 1st, Elinor H. 

Tucker, Jan. 13, 1857 ; m. 2d, Mrs. Delia Buell, of Utica, N.Y. 
Children, (1) Edward Norman Francis, b. in Shelburne Falls, 
Dec. 24, 1857; (2) Nellie Agnes Francis, b. in Shelburne 
Falls, April U, 18G1. 

2. James Henry Francis, b. May 5, 183!) ; m. Francis Porter, of 

Coventry, Conn., May 8, 1873. They lived in Pittsfield and 
had (1) Thomas Porter, b. June 8, 1875; d. Aug. 14, 1875 
(2) John Ernest Porter, b. Dec. 18, 1877. 

3. Charles Churchill Francis, b. Dec. 11, 1841; m. Hattie A 

Wood, of New York, March 11, 1868. They lived in Syra 
cuse, N.Y., and had one daughter, fl) Daisy Wood Francis 
b. Dec. 3, 1878. 

19S X. Samuel Adams," b. Sept. 28, 1810; m. Esther Brooks, of Lenox, 

Sept. 23, 1870. 

LEMUEL 5 CHURCHILL (John/ Barxabas,^ Joseph,- John '). 
Born in Pittsfield, Mass., Feb. 9, 1773. Removed in 1803 to Trux- 
ton, N.Y. They moved in an ox-cart, when Sally, the first child, 
was about six months old, and located on a farm of one hundred 
acres about three miles north of what is now Truxton Village. He 
died March 3, 1813. Married, 1802, Mindwell TiLlotson, of 
Lanesboro', born 1773. She died March 6, 1828. 

Children., all bid first born in Truxton., N. Y.; first bora in jVassachusetts. 
I. Sally," b. Sept. 9, 1803; d. unmarried, Sept. 27, 1850. 
II. John," b. Aug. :i6, 1805 ; d. Oct. 18, 1822. 
III. Eliza," b. Sept. 16, 1807; m. Erastus Holley, Oct. 27, 1831. 

Childre?} horn in Truxton., N. Y. 

1. Curtis D. Holley, b. Sept. 25, 1832. 

2. Arminda E. Holley, b. Feb. 24, 1836; m. Jason W. Crandall, 

of Truxton, Oct. 22, 1862. Lived in Homer, N.Y. 

3. Frances E. Holley, b. May 8, 1840; d. May 2, 1851. 

4. Marietta Holley, b. June"'22, 1846; m. Michael Wiegand, Feb. 

8, 1870. They lived at Truxton, N.Y. He was a farmer, 
son of Charles T. and Clara (Herbert) Wiegand. 

Children born in Truxton. 

1. Hattie Arminda Wiegand, b. Dec. 19, 1870; d. Feb. 25, 


2. Charles Erastus Wiegand, b. Jan. 24, 1872; m. Grace Jones, 

April 20, 1898. 

3. Minnie Eliza Wiegand, b. July 8, 1874. 

4. Alena Mav Wiegand, b. Dec. 8, 1879; d. March 31, 


5. Elmer Jason Wiegand, b. Oct. 11, 1881. 

199 IV. Orrin," b. Feb. 16, 1809; m. 1st, Emmeline Pope, Feb. 1, 1832; 
m. 2d, Jane L. Porter, Nov. 2, 1843. She died Nov. 16, 1854; 
m. 3d, Frances E. Richardson, at Buciianan, Mich., Nov. 3, 
V. Anna," b. Sept. 4, 1811 ; d. unmarried in December, 1856. 


JOHN^ CHURCHILL (John," Barnabas,^ Joseph,' John^). 
Born in Pittsfield, Mass., March 27, 1780, and lived there. Married, 
1815, in Pittsfield, Hulda Brown. 


children born in Pittsjield. 

200 I. Lemuel B.,'' b. Nov. 24, 1816; m. Lydia Bradford, of Conway, 

II. Thomas P.,« b. Feb. 18, 1818; unmarried, living in Pittsfield. 

III. John B.,® b. March 2, 1819; unmfirried, living in Pittsfield. 

IV. Sarah A.,® b. May .5, 1820; m. Elisha Jenks ; no children. 
V. Mary," b. June 11, 1821 ; d. Jan. 19, 1835. 

VI. HuLDA,6 b. Aug. 29, 1822; d. October, 1879; m. 1st, Obadiah 
Kelley, of Pittsfield; m. 2d, Rufus Richmond, of Adams, 

Child by First Husband. 

1. Huldah Kelley, died in a few hours. 

Children by Second Husband. 

2. Mary J. Richmond, b. 1877. 

3. Clara K. Richmond, b. Oct. 25, 1879. 

VII. Clarissa,® b. May 2, 1825; m. Alonzo Goodrich. No children. 


BRADFOED^ CHURCHILL (John/ Baknabas," Joseph,- 
JoHN ^). Born in Pittsfield, Sept. 13, 1786. Removed to Truxton, 
N.Y., in 1804. Was a carpenter, and built the Baptist church in 
Truxton, from the steeple of which he fell and was killed. Married 
Selinda Robbins, of Pittsfield. 


201 I. Alanson,^ b. Sept. -t, 1S12; m. Eliza Burlingame, of Lanesboro'. 
II. Almira,'' m. Caleb Warren, of Dalton. 

1. Ciileb Warren, Jr. 
III. Lemuel,^ unmarried. 


SPENCERS CHURCHILL (Joh< Barnabas,^ Josep< 
JoHN^). Born in Pittsfield, Mass., June 10, 1789. Married, Nov. 
11, 1820, Clarissa Murphy, of Pittsfield. 

I. Harriet,^ b. Feb. 9, 1822; m. Eli V. Beals, Nov. 2, 1841. 

1. Robert S. Beals, b. Aug. 12, 1842; d. Aug. 31, 1843. 

. L-rbraB^atl'^-^^^^-^'^^^^- 


JOSEPPI ' CHURCHILL (Joseph,^ Joseph,^ Joseph,^ John '). 

Born in Boston, Sept. 19, 1745 ; died in Boston, Dec. 21, 1807. 

They settled first in Salem, about 1768, but before 1774 removed to 

Wells, Me. At Wells he raised a company, at his own expense. 


and joined Benedict Arnold in the expedition to Canada, but having 
some trouble with Arnold, he withdrew his company. He after- 
wards served as lieutenant in Capt. James Hubbard's Company, Col. 
Ephraim Doolittle's Regiment. Company's return dated at camp 
on Winter Hill, Oct. 10, 1775. In 1783 he removed to Boston, and 
kept a public house on Exchange street. He was a Freemason, and 
Master, for a time, of CJolumbia Lodge, of Boston. He married 
Anne Northy, daughter of David, of Marblehead. She was born 
1745, and died in Bristol, R.L, July, 1822. 


I. Joseph, ** b. in Salem, 1771/2. Went to sea and never returned. 
II. Nehemiaii, b. in Salem; died young. 

202 III. Benjamin King, b. in Wells, Me., July 13, 177-1 ; m. 1st. Clarissa 

Eaton; m. 2d, Elizabeth Holman. 
IV. David Northy, b. in Boston. Probably lost at sea. 


JOHN 5 CHURCHILL (Joseph,'' Joseph,-' Joseph,' John i). 
Born in 1748, in Salem, and lived there until 1775/6. Then settled 
in New Salem. Is said to have served in the war of the Revolution. 
Perhaps he was in Lieut. James Hubbard's Company, Aug. 17 to 
Aug. 23, 1777. In 1796 he removed to Benson, Vt., where he died 
Aug. 23, 1798. Married, 1773, Sarah Stacy, of Salem. She 
was born in 1752, and after the death of her husband moved from 
Benson, Vt., to Mooers, N.Y., with her family, and there died. 
May 29, 1830. 

Children horn, the first in Salem, the rest in New Salem. 

203 I. John,^ b. March 27, 1774 ; m. Hannah Schriver, dau. of Frederick, 

of Hemingford. Can. 

204 II. Joseph,^ b. Jan. 18, 177G; m. Susannah Bailey, in Chazy, N.Y. 

III. Mary,^ b. Dec. 21. 1777; m. Daniel SouTinvicic, of Benson, Vt., 

Oct. 5, 1797. 

They removed to Mooers, N.Y., in 1802. She died there March 

31, 1831. Mr. Southwick was born June 11, 1773, and died 

Jan. 15, 1839. 

Children born at Mooers, N. Y. 

1. Philetus E. Southwick, b. Nov. 7, 1S02 ; m. Eliza Stacey, of 

Benson, Vt., 1827, and d. 1864. 

2. Maria M. Southwick, b. Aug. G, 1804; m. Abel Knapp, of 

Mooers, N.Y.. Aug. 13, 1820; d. Aug. 25, 1874. 

3. Almeda Southwick, b. July 4, 1810 ; m. Solon Knapp, 1838, 

and moved to Ottawa, 111. 

4. Royal Southwick, b. Fel). 7, 1813; m. Lydia R. Child, of Som- 

erset, N.Y.. June 13, 1841. 

IV. Sarah, ^ b. May 17, 1780; m. Joshua C. Bosworth, in Mooers, 

N.Y., 1800. "she died in Mooers, March 3, 1853. He was born 
June 25, 1775, and died Feb. 14, 1860. 


Children born at Mooers, N. Y. 

1. Franklin C. Bosworth, b. 1809. 

2. Chester Bosworth, b. Dec. 24, 1819. 

Two daugliters died in infancy. 

205 V. Samuel,^ b. Aug. 8, 1782; m. Martha L. Bosworth, Feb. 8, 

1814; d. Feb. 23, 1865. 
200 VI. Jeremiah,^ b. 1785; m. Mary Frost. 

VII. Elizabeth, ** b. 1787; ra. ( ) Ptnchon. 

She died leaving one daughter, but the father removed to the 
West with her, and all trace is lost in her mother's family. 

VIII. Agnes,6 b. April 21, 1789; m. Isaac Fitch, 1806. She died 
April 3, 1868. He was born Aug. 2, 1786, and died Oct. 1, 1851. 

Children horn at Mooers, N. Y. 

1. James Fitch, b. 1807; m. Harriet Perry, of Chaniplain. 

Marcellus, Emmett, Elmer, Katharine, Wilmer, Francis. 

2. Jabez Fitch, b. Aug. 18, 1809; m. and settled in Ottawa, 111. ; 

d. 1851. 

3. Jeremiah Fitch, b. July 7, 1811 ; d. 1811. 

4. Julius Fitch, b. Aug. 21, 1812; settled in llockford, 111. ; d. 


5. Joel Fitch, b. May 7, 1815; settled in Clinton, la. 

6. Matilda C. Fitch, b. Aug. 20, 1817; m. Rev. Hiram Dunn. 

7. Isaac Fitch, b. Jan. 20,^1820; d. February, 1843. 

8. Maria Fitch, b. Jan. 21, 1822; ni. ( ) Brewster; lived in 

Ottawa, 111. ; d. 1890. 

9. Pliny Fitch, b. Jan. 22, 1824; d. February, 1850. 

10. Aurelia Fitch, b. April 9, 1826; d. June 9, 1832. 

11. Alvah Fitch, b. Feb. 15, 1828; settled in Franklin Grove, 111. 

12. Susannah Fitch, b. Nov. 13, 1830; m. Dr. Joel Chandler; d. in 

1875, and left ten children. 

IX. Deborah,^ b. Nov. 11, 1794; m. Jonas Parker, Sept. 1, 1810; 
she d. Feb. 2, 1879. 

Children born in Mooers, X. Y. 

1. Sophia Parker, b. Dec. 11, 1812; m. John Henry, Feb. 15, 

1838. Lives in Keene, N.Y. 

2. Eliza Parker, b. Feb. 7, 1815; m. Joseph Dumont, Sept. 10, 


3. Chauncy Parker, b. April 30, 1817 ; m. Melissa Eaton, 1840. 

4. Isaac F. Parker, b. Nov. 4, 1818; m. Julia A. Tracy, Dec. 13, 


5. Edgar Alonzo Parker, b. Oct. 4, 1820; m. Mary E. Brewster, 

Oct. 5, 1845. 

6. Jeremiah Churchill Parker, b. Aug. 4, 1823; d. unmarried, Nov. 

6, 1849. 
7 Paschal Pevlah Parker, b. March 10, 1826; m. 1st, Miriam Mc- 
Ewer, Nov. 19, 1850; m. 2d, Martha McEwer, Jan. 7, 1852. 

SAMUEL 5 CHURCHILL (Samuel/ Joseph,^ Joseph,- John ^). 
Born in Lancaster, Oct. 130, 1749. He served in the Revolution, in 
the Lancaster Company, Capt. Samuel Sawyer, Col. John Whit- 
comb's Regiment Minute-men, 1775. Corporal also under same 


captain, marched to New York in Col. Jonathan Smith's Regi- 
ment, July to December, 1776. Married, March 6, 1781, Rebecca 
Wilder, of Sterling. 

Children . 

207 I. John," b. July 7, 1782; m. Dolly Mears, of Sterling, Dec. 12, 

II. Rebecca, * b. June 2, 178(i; m. Levi Wellington, of Worcester, 
Aug. 16, 1819. 

1. Samuel Torrey Wellington. 

III. Samuel, Jr.,'' b. Oct. 24, 1788; d. unmarried, Jan. 31, 1827. 

IV. Sally," \). Oct. 31, 1791 ; m. John Burgess, of Groton, Jan. 1, 

1833. She died Jan. 12, 1862, leaving no issue. 

ELIEZER^ CHURCHILL (Eliezek,* Eliezek,^ Eliezek,^ 
John ^). Born in Plymouth, Oct. 31, 1744. Lived in Bridgewater 
and Abingtou; was a shoemaker. Married 1st, Sept. 27, 1764, Mrs. 
Jane (Sylvester) Rider ; married 2d, Feb. 12, 1776, Abigail 

Children by First Wife. 

208 I. Eliezer," b. 176G; m. Lucy Otis, of Scituate, Jan. 27, 1788. 
II. Charles,® m. Jedidah Hawes, May 24, 1794. No record. 

III. Deborah," m. Eliezer Alden, Jan. 1, 1797. 


1. Lewis Alden. I 8. Rebecca Alden. 

2. Isaac Alden. | 

Child by Second Wife. 

IV. Jane," b. 1777; m. 1st, Eusha Lincoln, Nov. 13, 1803; m. 2d, 

( ) Haskell; lived in South Bridgewater. 


THADDEUS^ CHURCHILL (ELmzER,^ Eliezer,^ Eliezer,^ 
JoHN^). Born Nov. 29, 1745. Lived in Plymouth, probably in 
the south part of the town. In 1803 he owned a half of old house 
known as the '' Chandler House."' Married, Dec. 3, 1774, Asenath 

Childreti born in Plymouth. 

20}> I. Thaddeus," b. March 23, 1776; m. Mercy Fuller, Nov. 11, 1798. 

II. Patience," m. Solomon Finney, Nov. 9, 1797. Moved to Chilli- 

cothe, O. 
III. William," m. Mrs. Martha (Albertson) Harlow, May 24, 1807. 
She was the dan. of Jacob Albertson and the widow of Amaziah 
210 IV. Joseph," b. 1782; m. 1st, Mercy LeBaron Goodwin, July 28, 
1804; m. 2d, Lydia LeBaron Goodwin, Oct. 19, 1823. 
V. Asenath," m. Capt. John Paty, March 25, 1802. 


SAMUEL ' CHURCHILL, (Josiah/ Eliezee,^ Eliezer;' Johx '). 
Born in Plymouth, July 10, 1754. Served in the war of the Revo- 
lution, probably in Capt. Jesse Harlow's Company of Minute-men 
on Alarm of April 19, 1775. Perhaps the pensioner of 1831. 
Married, Dec. 14, 1776, Elizabeth Churchill, daughter of Ama- 
ziah (No. 37). 


211 I. Samuel,*^ b. May 3, 1779; m. Nancy Covington, Nor. 8, 1801. 

212 II. Caleb, •* b. March 25. 1782; m. Lydia Greenold. 

III. Mendall,'' b. April 13, 1786; m. Mary ( ). Lost at sea. 

IV. Lucy," b. June 24, 1788; m. Zechariah Rhodes, Nov. 6, 1804. 

They removed to and resided in Maryland. 

;'■' Child. 

1. Lucy Rea Rhodes, b. Oct. 28, 1822, at Joppa Mills, Md.; m. 
Wm. S. Thompson, M.D., at Catonville, Md. 

V. Henry," b. July 29, 1790; d. young; unmarried. 
VI. Deborah," b. Aug. 12, 1793; m. Joseph Vose, of Stoughton, 
Nov. 30, 1815. 


1. Henry Clay Vose, b. Oct. 6, 1816; m. Rachel Wild Faxon, of 

Braintree, Nov. 6, 1839. 

Children of Henry C. and Raxhel Vose. 

1. Francis Henry Vose, b. at Taunton, Aug. 9, 1840; d. Sept. 

27, 1840. 

2. Clifton Henry Vose, b. at Rochester, April 1, 1842; d. in 

Rebel Prison, SC, Oct. 27, 1864. 

3. George Mendell Vose, b. Watertown, May 22, 1847; d. 

April 1, 1849. 

4. Thomas French Vose. b. Watertown, Jan. 24, 1849; d, 

Feb. 13, 1850. 

5. Edwin Faxon Vose, b. Watertown, Oct. 17, 1850. 

6. Albert Churchill Vose, b. Clinton, N.Y.. April 26, 18.53. 

7. Frederick Parkhurst Vose, b Marion, Mass., Jan 13, 1855; 

d. Feb. 23, 1880. 

8. Agnes Allen Vose, b. Marion, Mass., Jan. 13, 1855; d. 

Feb. 23, 1880. 

2. Almira Churchill Vose, b. May 5, 1818 ; m. Stephen A. Cornish, 

of Taunton. 


1. Henry A. Cornish. 

2. Oscar W. Cornish. 

3. Emma Cornish. 

4. Ellen Cornish. 

5. Esther A. Cornish. 

3. Elizabeth Churchill Vose, b. Aug. 6, 1820; m. Samuel Bennett, 
of New Bedford. 


1. Elizabeth Churchill Bennett. 

2. Carrie Morton Bennett. 


4. Jeremiah Mendall Vose, b. Oct. 9, 1822; m. Eliza Frances 

Calder, of Providence, Aug. 5, 1856. They lived in Provi- 
dence. He died in Providence, Nov. 6, 1896, and she died 
there April 21, 1895. 


1. Annie Hill Vose, b. March 5, 1857; d. June 27, 1857. 

2. "William Calder Vose, b. June 5, 1858 ; d. Jan. 22, 1865. 

3. Joseph Mendall Vose, b. Oct. 5, 1860. 

4. Alice Cliurchill Vose, b. Sept. 5, 1863; m. Frank Smith, 

Jan. 25, 1899. 

5. Eliza Spencer Vose, b. Nov. 18, 1865. 

6. Eleanor Calder Vose, b. June 8, 1871; d. July 29, 1871. 

5. Esther Collins Vose, b. Nov. 24, 1824; m. Albert Johnson, of 


One child only, who died in infancy. 

6. Lydia Vose, d. young. 

7. Lydia Churchilf Vose, b. Feb. 4, 1829; m. Putnam D. Nichols, 

of Taunton, and had Edwin Vose Nichols and Louisa Putnam 

8. Seth Morton Vose, 'b. Aug. 5, 1831; m. Mary Branch, of Provi- 

dence, Feb. 2, 1854. They lived in Seekonk, Providence, 
and South Attleboro' and had 


1. Mary Lee Vose, b. in Seekonk, May 9, 1855; ni. Wilmot L. 

Warren, of Springfield. 

2. Lizzie Churchill Vose, b. in Providence, June 24, 1857 ; d. 

June 20, 1863. 

3. Carrie Morton Vose, b. in Providence, April 26, 1859: d. 
I ', June 30, 1863. 

. 4T^]Y[attie Edwards Vose, b. in Providence, July 6, 1864; m. 
Horace Churchill Thompson, of Plicenix, Md., June 8, 

5. Robert Churchill Vose, b. South Attleboro', Sept. 12, 1873. 

6. Nathaniel Morton Vose, b. South Attleboro',' May 5, 1879, 

9. Joseph Alonzo Vose, b. M;iy 13, 1833; m. Maria Allen, of 



1. Isabella Morton Vose. 

2. Frederick Churchill Vose. 

3. Philip Mendelsohn Vose. 

4. Clifton Henry Vose. 

5. Grace Vose. 

VII. Esther,* b. March 17, 1795; m. Samuel Aveey Collins, Oct. 7, 
1816. They lived in Easton, Randolph, and Taunton, Mass. 


1. George Thacher Collins, b. in Easton, Jan. 13, 1819; m. Soph- 

ronia Tougce, of Warwick, R.I. 

2. Lucy Rhodes Collins, b. in (Randolph, Feb. 20, 1821 ; m. John 

Tilton Carter, April 26, 1843. 


1. Melinda Eliot Carter, b. May 18, 1845; d. March 11, 1847. 

2. John Avery Carter, b. June 18, 1847 ; m. Elizabeth Frye Kil- 

born ; no children. 

3. Annie .Weston Carter, b. Dec. 14, 1852; m. James Edgar 

Cook, May 28, 1879 

4. George Tilton Carter, b. Feb. 13, 1855; m. Elizabeth Bertha 

Matthews, Dec. 19, 1884. 


3. Adelia Collins, b. April 15, 1823; d. young. 

4. Samuel Avery Collins, b. Aug 18, 1826; m. Mary Covington, 

of Middleboro'. He was a minister, and (May 16, 1877) lived 
in Cincinnati. 
6. Adelia Relief Collins, b. July 22, 1829; m. James Powers Ship- 
ley, of Taunton, July 22, 1852. 

6. Caleb Collins, b. March 13, 1831 ; ni. Laura Augusta Walker, 

of Dighton, Dec. 5, 1855. 

7. Mary Elizabeth Collins, b. in Taunton, Oct. 2, 1834; m. John 

S. Pinkerton, of Central Falls, K.I., May 29, 1860, and had 


1. Henry William Pinkerton. 

2. Elizabeth Esther Pinkerton. 

8. Henry Erastus Collins, b. March 1, 1837; m.Mary Perry, July, 



1. Clara Collins. I 3. E.lward Collins. 

2. Marion Collins. | 


EN0S5 CHURCHILL (Josiah/ Eliezek,^ Eliezer,^ John'). 
Born at Plymouth, Mass., March 10, 1759. Died 1834. Married, 
March 13, 1792, Mary Paine, at Ragged Islands, Nova Scotia. 
She died in 1857. 


213 I. ENOs/b. at Ragged Islands, April 9, 1797; m. Abigail Locke, of 

Ragged Islands. 
II. Elizabeth.* 

III. Mart.6 

IV. Patience.* 


SYLVANUS^ CHURCHILL (Josiah,^ Eliezer,^ Eliezer,- 
JoHN 1). Born in Plymouth, Jan. 23, 1766. Died April 25, 1847. 
Married, Sept. 22, 1797, Lydia Churchill, daughter of Wilson 
(Ko. 105). She died Aug. 13, 1854. 

I. SiLVANUs,* b. Jan, 23, 1802; d. in infancy, Sept. 25, 1802. 

214 II. SiLVANUs,* b. Sept. 25, 1805; m. 1st, Lydia Russell, of New 

Bedford, 1836 ; m. 2d, Eliza W. Gifford, of New Bedford, 1843. 

III. IIiEAM,* b. Oct. 10, 1807; m. Elizabeth Ashley, of New Bedford, 

no issue. 

IV. Thomas Gilman," b. Dec. 30, 1809; m. Ist, Mercy J. Wells, of 

Wells, Me. ; ra. 2d, Margaret Greenwood; no issue. 
V. Benjamin,* b. April 23, 1812; unmarried. 
VL JosiAH W.,« b. March 23, 1815; d. unmarried, Jan. 18, 1885. 

215 VII. John D.,* b. Nov. 8, 1817; m. 1st, Maria J. Holmes, dau. of 

Thomas, April 1840; m. 2d, Julia A. Hawley, December, 1883. 


JONATHAN 5 CHURCHILL (Jonathax," Eliezer,' Eliezer,- 
JoHN ^). Born May 18, 1744, in Plymouth. He served in the Revolu- 
tion in Captain Wadsworth's Company, May 2, 1775, to Aug. 1, 1775, 


three montlis, and again in Capt. Nathaniel Goudwin's Company, 
1777 ; both companies in Colonel Cotton's Plymouth Ilegiment. In 
the United States pension files he is reported as having received a 
pension of .^96 a year from April 16, 1818, to Dec. V>, 1830, when he 
died, aged 87 years. Married, Nov. 26, 1767, in Hingham, Mass., 
LvDiA Gilbert, and their home was in or near Hingham until 
after the war, when they removed to West Fairlee, Vt., where he 
spent the rest of his days. 

Children born at or near Ifingham . 
I. Olive, '^ b. Oct. 2G, 1768. 
II. Mercy,« b. July 22, 1770. 

III. Gilbert.^ 

He lived in later years at Burlington, Vt., unmarried, and is 
reported by an aged person of that town who knew him as having 
been a remarkable man. 

IV. Hannah, m. Jonathan Woods. 
V. John, died unmarried. 

No furtlier account of this family lias been obtained. — Editor. 


JESSE 5 CHUECHILL (Jonathan," ELiEZEii,^ Eliezeii,^ John '). 
Born in Plymouth, Oct. 30, 1746. He was a " master mariner.' He 
served in the Revolution in Company of Capt. Nathaniel Goodwin, 
Colonel Cotton's Plymouth Regiment, Sept. 25, 1777, to Oct. 31, 
1777. Service, one month six days, on a secret expedition to Newport, 
R.I. He lived at Plymouth till quite late in life, when he removed 
to Ohio, and there died, probably near Cincinnati, Dec. 16, 1831. 
Married, in Newburyport, Oct. 5, 1770, Abigail Wokcestek, born 
July 12, 1750, and died Aug. 27, 1826. 

Children born in Plymouth. 

I. Jesse,6 b. Nov. 10, 1772; d. Nov. 12, 1772. 
II. Jesse, ^ b. Nov. ^0, 1773; unmarried; a cabinet-maker. 
21(> III. Lemuel,*^ b. Dec. 5, 1775; m. Sarah Sumner, of Roxbury, Mass., 
March 21, 1803. 
IV. Abigail Worcester. « b. June 25, 1778; d. Sept. rt, 1778. 
V. Joseph,'' b. Oct. 10, 1770. Said to have settled in New Orleans, 
La. No further record. 
VI. Abigail,^ b. March 23, 1782; d. July 24, 1783. 
VII. David,« b. July 30, 1784; d. Jan, 1, 1788. 

217 VIII. Simeon,** b. June 25, 1786; m. Caroline Hunt, of Baltimore. 

IX. Hannah," b. March 24, 1789; died unmarried, Nov. 6, 1811. 

218 X. David,** b. July 1(5, 1705; ra. Frances Ann Clifton McKin, Feb. 

22, 1825. 


FRANCIS ° CHURCHILL (Jonathan,* Eliezek,^ Eliezer,- 
JoHN '). Born in Plymouth, June 11, 1761. He served in Capt. Jesse 
Harlow's Company, coast guards, at Plymouth, as fifer, seven months 
in 1776. Settled in Charlestown, and was there a large landholder, but 


disposed of his property tliere before 1790, and removed to West 
Fairlee, Vt., wliere he lived thereafter. Died Oct. 27, 1841. He was a 
carpenter and painter by trade. Was captain of a militia company 
in Fairlee. Married, Sept. 24, 1786, Phebe Leathers, daughter of 
William, of Somerville. She was born Feb. 11, 1769, and died 
May 8, 1852, at Nashua, N.H. at John E. Churchill's ; buried at 
Fairlee, Vt. 

Childo-en born, the two oldest in Charlestoivn, the rest in W. Fairlee, Vt. 

219 I. William Leathers,^ b. March 22, 1787; m. Eliza Lampiiire, of 

W. Fairlee. 

220 II. Francis Worcester,^ b. Feb. 9, 1789; ni. Millicent Whit- 


221 III. David Carroll,'' b. Dec. 16, 1790; m. Polly Franklin, of Lynn. 
IV. Robert Wallace,* b. Nov. 2C, 1792; m. ( ) Stretton ; d. 

without issue, in 1834, in Franconia, N.H. 

222 V. Simeon Richardson,** b. Dec. 9, 1794; m. Mary Ann Doane ; d. 

in Syracuse, N.Y. 

223 VI. Samuel Stillman,'' b. May 2G, 179(3; m. Sally Coburn, of Post 

Mills, Vt. 

224 VII. Joseph Warren,« b. Feb. 2, 1798; ra. Sarah N. Doane, Feb. 2, 

1825; d. Jan. 12, 1875. 

225 VIII. Reuben Edward,** b. Oct. 26, 1799. Lived in Paw Paw, Mich., and 

died there. 

226 IX. Thomas Worcester,*' b. Sept. 20, 1802; in. Polly Brown, of 

Lowell, Mass. 
X. Phebe Leathers,® b. June 19, 1804; ra. Nathan Haskell, of 

Clielsea; no issue; d. April 21, 1863. 
XI. Mary Frothingham,® b. Feb. 14, 1808; m. Wm. F. Lawrence, 
in Chelsea, and lived in Nashua, N.H., in 1832; she died Dec. 
3, 1858 ; he died March 22, 1856. 


1. Morgianna Lawrence, b. Nov. 1, 1833; d. Dec. 23, 1834. 

2. Georgianna Lawrence, b. Feb. 5, 1835. 

3. Mary L. Lawrence, b. April 7, 1836; m. Spencer C. Vose, Sept. 

4, 1862; lived in Providence, R.I. 

4. Sarah L. Lawrence, b. April 1, 1838; m. George E. Jaques, of 

Boston, in 1862. 

227 XII. John Emery,« b. July 20, 1811; m. Eliza Ann Coburn; lived in 

Nashua, N.H. 

228 XIII. George Washington,^ b. Nov. 4, 1813; in. 1st, Elizabeth Mil- 

liken, in Troy, N.Y. ; m. 2d, ( ), in Port Mills, Vt. ; m. 

3d, Mrs. Lydia Ann (Wharff) Shaw. 


CHARLES 5 CHURCHILL (Ephraim,^ Stephen," Eliezer,- 
JoHisr ^). Born in Plymouth, April 2o, 1733, ■ and lived there. 
Served in the war of the Revolution in Capt. Nathaniel Goodwin's 
Company, Col. Theophilus Cotton's Regiment, service Sept. 25, 1777, 
to Oct. 31, 1777, one month and six days, on a secret expedition 
against Newport, R.I. He died Oct. 10, 1797. Married Mks. Sarah 
(Cobb) Churchill, widow of Isaac (No. 24), q. v. She died Feb. 
17, 1803. 


Children of Charles and Sarah. 

229 I. Charles,® b. Oct. 8, 1767; m. Hannah Nye, ofWareham. 

II. Joseph,® h. Nov. 15, 1701); d. at sea, August, 1803, aged 33 

230 III. RuFUS,® b. April 12, 1772; m. Eunice Covington, March 10, 

1797; (1. April 20, 1820. 

231 IV. Samuel,® b. Sept. 23, 1771; m. Bathsheba Collins, Nov. 11, 

V. Elkanah,® 1>. March 10, 1777; m. Eunice Finney, Sept. 5, 1801. 
He d. at sea, Oct. 7, 1804. No further record. 
VI. Sarah,® b. Nov. 12, 1779; ra. Seth Finney, Nov. 15, 1798. 
They lived at Plymouth, and had 


1. Seth Finney, m. Betsey D. Whitinij, 1821. 

2. Elkanah Churchill Finney, m. Hannah Ilowiand, 1829. 

3. Hannah Finney, ra. Ephraini Howard. 

4. Mary Otis Finney, m. .Vugustus Burgess. 

232 VII. Ephraim,® b. May IG, 1782; m. Sally Finney, March 2, 180-t. 


ZACCHEUS^ CHURCHILL (Ephraim/ Stephe^ Eliezer,' 
JoHX ^). Born in Plymouth, Feb. 20, 1735. ^Married, in Plymouth, 
Sept. 6, 1754, Mary Trask, daughter of Elias and ^lary (Bolter) 


I. Elizabeth,® b. Jan. 24, 1755/0; m. Paul Doten, Nov. 0, 1774. 
II. Zaccheus,® b. Dec. 1, 1757. 
III. Mary,® b. Nov. 24, 1758 ; m. William Hceston (or Huston), Aug. 

8, 1777. 


1. William Hueston. 

2. Hannah Hueston, m. Henry McCartey. 

3. Nathaniel Hueston, b. 1786. 

4. Elizabeth Hueston, m. Thomas Covington. 

5. Priscilla Hueston, m. Edward Morton, 1810. 

233 IV. Ephraim,® b. September, 1759 ; m. Asenath Hibbard, in Yarmouth, 

Nova Scotia. 

234 V. Thomas,® m. Mary Kief, of Boston, May 23, 1777. 

235 VI. RuFus.® No further record. 

236 VII. Nathaniel.® No further record. 
VIII. Priscilla.® No further record. 


EPHRAIM 5 CHURCHILL (Ephraim," Stephen,^ Eliezer,- 
JoHN^). Born in Plymouth, July 2, 1738. They lived in Bridge- 
water, Mass. Perhaps he served in the Revolution in Captain 
Dean's Company, Bridgewater, instead of his son Ephraim, or per- 
haps both served in same company, April 19, 1775. Married, in 
Halifax, Mass., Nov. 28, 1752, Jemima Bryant, of Halifax. Died 
Dec. 13, 1817. 


Children born in Bridgewaier. 
I. Ephraim,^ b. Jan. 7, 1753; m. Silence French, dau. of Depend- 
ence, of Stoughton, 1787; no children. Probably served in the 
Revolution in Capt. Josiali Hayden's Company, May 1, 1775, to 
Aug. 1, 1775. 
II. Hannah,"^ b. Feb. 5, 1755; m. Calvin Snow, 1784. 

III. Dorcas," b. May 21, 1759; m. Eliab Snow, 1787. 

Ohildren . 

1. Anson Snow, m. Sally Trask. 

2. Olive Snow, m. Apollo Dodge. 

3. Lydia Snow, m. Dennis Libbj' 

4. Churchill Snow, b. Aug. 11, 1794; m. Eunice Bolton, Sept. 9, 


IV. Jemima,® b. Oct. 14, 1761; m. James Packard, 1778. 

V. James," b. Aug. 17, 1764; m. 1st, Ltdia Snow, 1788. She died 
April 4, 1790; no issue; m. 2d, Mart Gurnet, dau. of Zech- 
ariah, 1794. He died Jan. 12, 1846; no children. 
VI. Sarah," b. June 13, 1767; d. unmarried, April 12, 1801. 
VII. Susanna," b. Aug. 7, 1770; m. Elijah Drake, 2d, 1800. 

1. Jabez Drake. 

2. Hannah Drake. 

3. Eniilv Drake. 


4. Charles Drake. 

5. Jonathan Drake, b. Nov. 9, 1814. 

6. James Drake. 

ELLIS 5 CHURCHILL (Ephraim," Stephen,^ Eliezer,- John^). 
Born at Plymouth, Nov. 25, 1742. Served in the Revolution several 
terms. First in Sergt. Enos Dean's Guards over the British prison- 
ers in Taunton jail, December, 1776, nineteen days. Also enlisted in 
regular army First Company, Third Regiment, for three years, March 
21, 1781. Description at this latter date : " Age, 39 years ; resi- 
dence, Taunton ; stature, 5 feet 6 inches ; complexion, dark ; hair, 
brown ; eyes, gray ; occupation, cordwainer." Another term, July 
27 to Oct. 31, 1780, may have been his or that of his son Ellis. 
Married 1st, Oct. 18, 1764, Patience Churchill, daughter of 
Josiah '* (No. 31). She died Sept. 11, 1772 ; married 2d, Sarah 

I. Ellis," b. June 24, 176.i ; d. unmarried. 

Probably in the Revolution, private. Captain Gifford's Company, 
July 12 to Nov. 27, 1781. Service at R.I. 

237 II. Lewis," m. Nanct Mitchell, March 24, 1792. 

238 III. Charles," m. Jedidah Hawes, May 24, 1794. 

No further record. 

By Second Wife. 

239 IV. William," b. Dec. 12, 1780; m. Sallt Rounds, 1805. 


ANSEL 5 CHURCHILL (Ephraim," Stephen,^ Eliezer,- 
John ^). Born in Plymouth, March 29, 1745. Married, July 17, 
1765, Bethia Holmes. 


(Under No. 103, page 61.) 


I. Ansel. ^ Removed to Rhode Island ; no further record. 
II. Priscilla,^ m. Benjamin SAMPSoNTAug. 29, 17S6. 
III. Patience,^ m. John Calderwood. Oct. 4, 1792 

240 IV. JoHN,^ b. 1775; ni. Nancy Jackson, dau. of Isaac, June 6, 1801. 

V. Bethia,^ m. Zephaniah Holmes, April 4, 1796. 


STEPHEN^ CHUPvCHILL (Stephe.x/ Stepiien,=^ Eliezer,- 
JoHN^). Born in Plymouth, June 7, 1743, and lived there. Served 
in Revolution. Lieutenant in command of Plymouth Company at 
Lexington Alarm ; first lieutenant Fifth Company, First Plymouth 
Eegiment, June 6, 1776 ; captain of Seacoast Company, April 8, 
1778, stationed at " the Gurnet " ; captain in Colonel Cotton's regi- 
ment, Newport, R.L, March, 1781. ^Married, July 10, 1766, Lucy 
BuKBANK, daughter of Timothy, born 1745. 

I. Lucy,'* b. Jan. 12, 1767; m. Samuel Bradford, Nov. 24, 1785. 


1. Samuel Bradford, m. Lucy Gibbs. 

2. Stephen Bradford, m. Hannah Wadsworth. 

3. Hannah Bradford, m. Stephen Mason Burbank. 

4. Lucy Bradford, m. Bartlett Bradford. 

5. Ellen Bradford, ni. Charles Brewster. 

G. Harvey Bradford, m. Wealthy Hathaway, of Rochester. 

241 n. Stephen.*^ b. May 7, 1768 ; m. 1st, Elizabeth Gray, June 4, 1791 ; 

m. 2d, Nancy (Jackson) Churchill, widow of John (No. 240;. 

242 III. Peleg,6 b. Aug. 11, 1769; m. 1st, ( ) Bradford; m. 2d, 

Hannah Hosea, April 14, 1791. 
24.'> IV. Heman,** b. March JO, 1771; m. Jane Churchill, Jan. 1, 1795. 
244 V. Daniel,« b. Feb. 5, 1773; m. !st, Sallt Collins, Nov. 12, 1797; 

m. 2d, Mrs. Nancy Brewster, widow, Oct. 8, 1837. 
VI. Otis,® b. Sept. 6, 1774; d. unmarried. 
VII. Hannah," b. June 30, 1776; m. Lewis Harlow, April 15, 1796. 


1. Levels Harlow, m. Betsey Holmes, 1821, dau. Barnabas. 

2. Lucy C. Harlow, m. Isaac Barnes. 

3. Hannah Harlow, m. Charles Goodwin. 

4. Betsey Harlow, ra. Jabez Harlow. 

5. John Harlow, m. Jane C. Bradford. 

VIII. Mariah." b. March 20, 1778 ; m. Southworth Shaw, Oct. 14, 1798. 


1. Betsey Shaw, b. 1799. 

2. Southworth Shaw, b. 1801; m. Abby Atwood Slmrtleff, of 

Boston, dau. of Benjamin, 1826. 

3. Ichabod Shaw, b. ISn:!. 

4. Betsey Shaw, b. 1805; m. William Bramhall. 

5. Samuel Shaw, b. 1808; ra. Mary Gibbs Dike, dau. of Simeon. 

6. Maria Shaw, b. 1811. 

7. George Atwood Shaw, b. 1813. 

8. George Atwood Shaw, b. 1816. 

9. James R. Shaw, b. 1820; m. Susan Einney, dau. Ephraim. 

IX. Nancy,6 b. July 10, 1780; m. John Atwood, Nov. 3, 1799. 


Children horn in Plymouth. 

1. John Atwood, m. Hannah Wiswall, 1828. 

2. William Atwood. 

3. Maria Shaw Atwood, m. Ignatius Tierce. 

4. Mary Ann Atwood, m. Ephraim Holmes. 

5. Nancy Atwood. 

X. Sally,« b. May 8, 1782; m. David Drew, 1803. 

Children born in Plymouth. 

1. Ellis Drew, m. Sarah Dickson. 

2. David Drew, m. Ann D. Burgess. 

3. Lucinda Drew, m. William T. Drew. 

4. Sarah Drew, m. Lewis Perry. 

XI. Elkanah,*' b. May 23, 1783; d. young. 
XII. PoLLT,« b. Jan. 21, 1786; ra. Samuel Dickson, 1803. 


1. Samuel Dickson. 

2. David Dickson. 

3. Mary Dickson, m. Benjamin Bullard. 

4. James Dickson. 

XIII. Elizabeth, ** b. May 5, 1788; m. Jesse Robbins, 1804. 

Children born in Plymouth. 

1. Heman C. Robbins, m. Mary Ann Spear, 1832. 

2. Betsey Otis Robbins, m. James Burgess. 

3. Augustus Robbins, m. Mary C. Turner, dau. of Ezekiel C. 

ZADOCK^ CHURCHILL (Stephen/ Stephen,^ Eliezer,- 
JoHN^). Born in Plymouth, July 16, 1747. He served in the 
war of the Revolution as sergeant in Capt. Jesse Harlow's Com- 
pany upon Alarm of April 19, 1775; service, seven clays. He is 
credited with several later terms of service in 1777 and 1778. 
Married, Oct. 7, 1773, Bathsheba Rider, daughter of Joseph. 


I. Bathsheba,*^ b. March 26, 1776; m., March 21, 1795, Thomas 
Long, the son of Miles Long and Thankful (Clark) Long, his 
wife. Bathsheba Churcliill is said to have been beautiful both 
in mind and person. Her parents both died when she Avas a 

Children born in Middlebord' , Mass. 

1. Betsey Long, b. Aug. 31, 1796; m. Isaac Ellis. 

2. Thomas Long, b. July 25, 1798; m. Mary Ann Dunham, of 

Plymouth, 1822. 
*3. Zadock R. Long, b. July 28, 1800; in. Aug. 31, 1824, at New 
Gloucester, Me., Julia Temple Davis, b. at Falmouth, Me., 
Feb. 17, 1807. 

*Tliis couple lived in Buckfield, Me., and there, Oct. 27, 1838, the youngest of their four 
children, John Davis Long, the eminent scholar, jurist, and statesman was born. As member 
of Congress, governor of Maspachusetta, and Secretary of the Navj- in the cabinet of President 
McKinley, in the trying period of the Spanish and Philippine Wars, he has won and will ever 
hold a place of high honor among the most illustrious sons of the American Republic. — Editor. 


4. Sally Long, b. April 7, 180-'; tit. Lucius Lorins. 

5. Miles Long, b. June 8, 1804; m. Ann Bridghani. 

6. Harriet Long, \ b. in Buckfield, Me., April ti, 1811 ;d. young. 

7. Washington Long, j b. in Buckfield, Me., April 6. 1811. 

8. Bathsheba Churchill Long, b. Jan. 21, 1813; m. Isaac Bearse. 

9. Thankful Clark Long, b. Sept. 15, 1818; m. William Bacon. 


WILSON 5 CHURCHILL (Benjamin,* Stephen ,3 Eliezeb,^' 
John '). Born in Plymouth, April 23, 1747. Served in Revolution 
in Lieut. Stephen Churchill's Company, April 19, 1775. Marched 
to Marshfield April 20. Service seven days. Also in regular array, 
Aug. 9, 1780. Age, 34 ; height, 5 feet 8 inches ; complexion, ruddy ; 
residence, Plymouth. Marched from Springfield under Captain Lunt. 
Also other service in 1777, with Captain Goodwin. Married, Dec. 
12, 1772, Lydia Darling. She was the daughter of Jonathan 
and Martha (Bramhall) Darling, and born 1750. 

I. Lydia, ^ b. Aug 6, 1775; ra. Sylvants Churchill (No. 90), Sept. 
•>•>. 1797. q.v. 

245 II. Wilson, « b. 1778; m. 1st, Ruth Hinckley, Dec. 9, 1804; m. 2d, 

Susan Lucas, May 25, 1816. 
III. Hannah,*^ b. Dec. 2, 1780; ni. James Howard, 1800. He was 
born Oct. 14, 1777. 


1. Hannah Howard, b. April 22, 1805; m. William D. Winsor, of 


2. James H. Howard, b. Nov. 9, 1807. 

3. Cordelia Howard, b. Oct. 10, 1809; m. Thomas May. 

4. Ellen Howard, b. Dec. 11, 1812; m. William Congdon. 

5. John Wilson Howard, b. March 20, 1815; d- in two weeks. 

6. Curtis Cushman Howard, b. April 16, 1816; m. Iloxanna 



BENJAMIN = CHURCHILL (Benjamin,* Stephen,^ Eliezek,- 
JoHN ^). Born in Plymouth, Nov. 17, 1748. Served in the Revo- 
lution, Captain Goodwin's Company, September and October, 1777, 
one month six days ; on secret expedition against Newport, R.I. ^lar- 
ried, Jan. 13, 1782, Mrs. Phebe (Tinkham) Randall, widow of 
Enoch and daughter of Ebenezer Tinkham. 


246 I. Nathan,** ") b. Dec. 16, 1785; m. Elizabeth Sylvester, Aug. 

V 29, 1804. 
II. Benjamin,^ J b. Dec. 16, 1785. Lost at sea, unmarried. 


AMAZIAH^ CHURCHILL (Amaziah,* Elkanah,'' Eliezer,- 
John ^). Born in Plymouth, April 12, 1750. Served in the Revo- 
lution, as a private in Lieut. Stephen Churchill's Company, Minute- 


men, April 19, 1777. Marched to Marshfield, April 20, seven days. 
Married, March 16, 1776, Betty Bartlett, daughter of Samuel and 
Betsey (Moore) Barlett. 


247 I. AMAZiAH,^m. 1st, Martha Doten, June 26, 17!i9; m. 2d, Mar- 

garet Wallace, of Newbern, N.C.; m. 3d, Mart Harlow, 
April 8, 1805. 

248 II. Edmond,6 m. Mary Houston, Oct. 10, 1801. 

III. Betsey,« ni. 1st, George H Robbins, Sept. 12, 1806; m. 2d, 

Henry Robbins (as his 2d wife), 1831. 

Children by First Husband. 

1. George Edwin Robbius, b. 1809; d. young. 

2. Elizabeth Robbins, b. 1812; m. Isaac L. Wood, 1838. 

3. Harriet N. Robbins, b. 1814; m. Levi Robbins. 

4. Thomas Robbins. 

5. Samuel B. Franklin Robbins, b. 1818. 

6. George Edwin Robbins, b. 1820; m. Sarah Byron, of Taunton. 

7. Amasa Robbins, b. 1822; m. Susan Bates, of Braintree. 

IV. Harriet,^ m. George Bradford, Oct. 27, 1807. 

Children . 

1. George Bradford. I 3. Lemuel Bradford. 

2. Edmond Bradford. | 4. Harriet Bradford. 

V. Ellen, ^ unmarried. 


SOLOMON^ CHURCHILL (Amaziah,* Elkanah,^ Eliezeb,^ 
John ^). Born in Plymouth, July 27, 1762, and lived there. He 
received a pension in 1831 of ^40 per year for services as a private 
in the war of the Revolution. This is recorded in the U. S. Senate 
Documents for 1835, and a pension certificate is still presei*ved by 
one of his descendants. His name does not appear on the printed 
Rolls of Massachusetts soldiers and sailors. On one old document, 
an annuity bond of 1835 from his son William, he is described as 
" formerly mariner," and this may indicate that his service was at sea. 
He died April 10, 1835, at Perry Township, Ohio, while on a visit 
to his son Solomon and his family. Married, at Plymouth, Nov. 28, 
1783, Elizabeth Bartlett, born Nov. 3, 1766, and died Oct. 26, 

Children born in Plymouth. 

249 I. Solomon,** b. Aug. 26, 1788; m. Mary Pritchard, March 16, 

II. Mendall,** b. Nov. 8, 1789. No record of any marriage. 

He served in the war of 1812. Probably on the sea. Died in 
New York Jan. 22, 1832. 

III. Elizabeth, « b. July 4, 1792; died in 1793. 

IV. Sylvanus,** b. Aug. 30, 1795; died in 1796. 

V. William,^ b. July 13, 1798 ; m. Mary Myrick, of Nantucket. 
VI. Elizabeth,^ b. March 10, 1800; d. 1802. 
VIL Mariah,6 b. Oct. 26, 1801 ; d. 1802. 



JABEZ^ CHURCHILL (Elkanah,^ Elkanah,^ Eliezer,^ 
John ^). Born in Plymouth, Oct. 2, 1756. He inherited from his 
father that part of the original Churchill homestead upon which the 
first house stood. Here he lived, and his shop standing on the lot 
gave the name " Jabez Corner '' to the location. He died in 1843- 
His grandson Jabez, Jr., sold the site to the town in 1S71 for the 
present schoolhohse. Married, April 23, 1803, Mercy (Sylvester) 
Baktlett, widow of Judah. 

I. Mercy, ** m. William Sears, son of Eleazcr. 

Children born in Plymouth. 

1. William Henry Sears, b. 1833. 

2. Andrew Churchill Sears, b. 1836. 

3. Everett II. Sears, ni. Angelina R. Tripp. 

4. Herbert Sears, b. 1841. 

251 II- Jabez, Jr.,*' b. June 30, 1806; m. Charlotte W. Keene, Sept. 

25, 1832. 
III. Lydia,^ m. Gilbert Hay'nes, of Lowell, 1831. 

NATHANIEL 5 CHURCHILL (Elkanah," Elkanah,^ Elie- 
ZER,- JoHx'). Born at Plymouth, 1767. Lived and died there. 
He died August, 1834. Married, Feb. 3, 1798, Susanxah Harlow, 
of Plymouth. 

Children born in Plymouth. 
I. Susannah,^ b. 1800; m. Ichabod W. Thompson, of Plympton. 

252 II. Nathaniel,^ m. 1st, Lucy Morton; m. 2d, Almira Bartlett, of 


III. Rebecca,'' d. unmarried, aged 22 years, 

IV. Abigail W.," b. Jan. 28, 1808; m. Simeon Thompson, Sept. 27, 

1833. She died in Abington, Aug. 31, 1853. He died in Abing- 
ton ]\Iay 1, 1858, aged 51 years. 

Children . 

1. William Austin Thompson, b. in Plympton, July 13, 1834. 

2. Abby Washburn Tliompson, b. in Plympton, June 24, 1835. 

3. Sarah Burgess Thompson, b. in Abington, Nov. 21, 1849. 

253 V. William,^ m. Maria Morton, June 30, 1833. 

VI. Sarah,'' b. Dec. 5, 1813; m Capt, Lewis Burgess, Aug. 9, 1838. 

Children born in Plymouth. 

1. Lewis Warren Burgess, b. May 17, 1841; d. in Plvmpton, Aug. 

16. 1841. 

2. Susan Harlow Burgess, b. Oct. 8, 1842. 

3. Charles Lewis Burgess, b. Jan. 20, 1845 ; d. at sea, April 29, 

1871. He became captain of a ship, and died on his first 
voyage as captain, aged 26 years. 

VII. Simeon,'' b. 1815. Went to Alabama in 1837, and died there, un- 
married, soon after. 



JOHK^ CHURCHILL (JoH^V Johx,^ Eliezer,- Johx '). Bom 
in Portsmouth, 1743. After his mother's death he lived in the 
family of his grandfather Churchill until his father married a 
second wife, in New York, and there sent for him. Of his subse- 
quent history we know nothing save the record below. He lived in 
New Hackensack, N.Y. He was killed by falling from a barn- 
frame. Married Haknah Smith, born July 22, 1745. 

Children born in New Ilackensacli, N. Y. 

254 I. JoHN,'^ b. May 26, 1769; ni. Anna Letster. 

255 II. Benjamin,^ b. Dec. 4, 1770; m. Mart Bloom. 

III. Mary,<^ b. Sept. 28, 1772; m. Thomas Wood. 

1. John Wood, b. July 3, 1794. 

IV. Samuel,® b. Sept. 9, 1774: il, in infancy. 

V. Elizabeth,® b. Oct. 17, 1776; ni. Levi Simmon.s, of Seneca 
County, N.Y. 

256 VI. William,® b. Sept. 20, 1779; m. Cornelia Van Nostrand, Nov. 

19, 1790. 
VII. Rebecca,® b. Aug. 18, 1781. 
VIII. Amelia,® b. May 10, 1783; ni. Dr. Isaac Ward. 


1. John Churchill Ward, b. Oct. 2, 1804; m. Hannah Shuguland, 



1. Aaron S. Ward,b. Jan. 13, 182G; m. 1st, Maria Shufelt ; m. 

2d, Kebecca Shufelt; and d. August, 1855. 

2. Amelia Ward, b. Jan. 18, 1829; d. April 24. 1849. 

3. John Ward, b. Dec. 24, 1830; m. Harriet Pearse. 

4. Rachel Ward, b. Sept. 22, 1832; d. Sept. 12, 1832. 

5. Hannah M. Ward, b. March 5, 1834; m. Marshall William- 

son; d. March 27, 1873. 
■ . 6. Gerrett D. Ward, b. Nov. 4, 1837; d. in infancy. 

2. Mary Ward, b. December, 1805; m. John Shutter, and d. 

April, 1891. 

3. Hannah Ward, b. Feb. 2, 1810; ra. Jacob Baidaux; d. 1863. 

4. Sarah Ward, b. April 11, 1818; m. Jacob Van Duza. 

5. Isaac Ward, b. May 22, 1820; d. unmarried, May 22, 1845. 

6. Amelia Ward, b. Nov. 14, 1825; m. W. N. McHench. 

257 IX. Samuel,® b. May 10, 1785; m. Sallie ( ), of New Hacken- 

X. Hannah,® b. May 7, 1787; m. William Pollock. 

Children . 

1. John Pollock. 

2. Joseph Pollock, 

3. Phebe Pollock. 

4. Isaac Pollock. 

5. Benjamin Pollock. 

6. James Pollock. 

7. Anne Pollock. 

8. Jane Pollock. 

XI. Joseph,® m. Rebecca ( ). 



SAMUEL CLARK ^ CHURCHILL (Bexjamin/ John,^ Eliezee,-^ 
Joiiisr^). Born in Portsmouth, N.H., Feb. 17, 1770. They lived in 
Augusta, Me. Married, October, 1795, Susannah Cowen, born Oct. 
20, 1772. 

Children born in Augusta, Me. 
I. Abisha,^ b. April 10, 1707. 
25S II. Samuel Clark," b. Feb. U, 1790; m. Lucy Savage, May 8, 1823. 

259 III. Alfred Delura,^ b. June 23, 1801; m. Jane Chamhers, Dec. 28, 

'2GS) IV. Edgar M.,« b. Feb. 10, 1804; m. ( ), and had William, wlio 

changed his name from Churchill to Lewis. No furtlier record. 
V. Paulina," b. July 0, 180G; m. Jeremiah Bean, Oct. 25, 1832. 

Children . 

1. Homer S. Bean, b. ] 3. Orland Bean. 

Dec. 2, 1833. ! 4. Eunice Bean. 

2. George M. Bean. 


JOHNS CHURCHILL (Joseph,^ Jokx,^ Eliezkr,- John'). 
Born in Portsmouth, N.H., May 26, 1774. He settled in New Port- 
land, Me. A farmer. Married Mercy Hutciiins, who Avas born 
July 9, 1774. 

Children horn in New Portland, Me. 

261 I. JoHN,'^ b. June 10, 1703; m. Mart Dennis, May, 1818, in Sodus, 


262 II. Joseph," b. June, 1705; m. Hannah B. Sisson. 

III. Polly," b. May 18, 1707; m. Daniel Fling, August, 1818. 


1. Daniel Fling, b. May 11, 1810. 

2. Lydia Fling, b. May 13, 1821. 

26?> IV". James," b. July 4, 1700; m. Clarissa Thompson. 
264 V. Sanford," b. July, 1801; m. Thankful Eames. 

VI. Lavinia," b. April 30, 1803; m. Joseph L. Boynton, April 13, 

CJiildren . 

1. George R. Boynton, b. Jan. 17. 1840; m. 1st, Eliza A. Goodwin. 

She died w'ithout children, July 21, 1872; m. 2d, Abbie R. 
Lansing, of Lewiston, Me. 

Children of Second Wife. 

1. Cora Boynton, d. 3. Walter A. Boynton. 

soon. 4. John L. Boynton. 

2. Herbert C. Boynton. 

2. Amanda M. Boynton, b. March 21, 1841. 

3. Lydia F. Boynton, b. Oct. 0, 184 2. 

4. Sarah L. Boynton, b. July 16, 1843; m. Amos Norton. 

Delmont Norton, m. Florence Berry, of Lexington, Me. 
VII. Olive," b. September, 1806; m. Nathaniel Page. 



1. Cyrus Page. 

2. Llewellyn Page. 

3. Sewall Page. 

4. Charles Page. 

5. Sylvia Page. 

6. Olive F. Pa^t. 

VIII. Elvira,^ b. Jan. 4, 1809; m. John Knapp, May 6, 1835. 


1. James Knapp, b. April 3, 1836. 

2. Owen Knapp, b. July 4, 1837. 

3. John Knapp, b. Dec. <!, 1838. 

265 IX. Emery,® b. Oct. 12, 1812; ni. Lydia K. (Carlton) Ekazer, widow 

of John S. No issue. 

He died Jan. 4, 1872. No further record. 

266 X. Samuel,*^ b. March 19. 1816; m. Lydia Small. 

XI. Mercy,® b. August, 1818; m. Thomas Hutchins, March 11, 1838 


1. Harriet B. L. Hutchins, b. April 8, 1839. 

2. Frances H. Hutchins, b. April 15, 1841. \ 

3. Augustus Mellen Hutchins, b. Sept. 7, 1842. 

4. Cornelia A. Hutchins, b. Sept. 3, 1844. 

5. Frederick W. Hutchins, b. June 9, 1846. 

6. Frank D. Hutchins, b. Feb. ?9, 1848. 

7. George A. Hutchins, b. June 28, 1850. 

XII. Cyrus,® b. 1820; drowned in 1832. 


WILLIAM 5 CHURCHILL (Joseph/ Johx,^ Eliezer/ John '). 
Born in Portsmouth, N.H., July 9, 177G. Lived in New Portland, 
Me. Married, March, 1799, Mary Hutchixs, who was born July 
11, 1779, and died April 19, 1869. 

Children horn in New Portland., Me. 

I. Elizabeth.® b. March 1, 1800; m. Levi Andrews. No children. 
II. Lucy,® b. Feb. 2, 1801; ra. Josiah Everett. 


1. Orra Everett, b. 1822; m. Hosea Pease, 1842. 

2. Josiah Everett, Jr., b. 18-5; m. Arvilla Carlton. 

3. Andrew Everett, b. 1828; m. Sarah Peck. 

4. Franklin Everett, b. 1831; m. Clara Spencer. 

5. Lucy J. Everett, b. 1834; m. C. W. Harvey, 1855. 

6. Benaiah W. Everett, b. 1836; m. Eliza Grout. 

7. Seth Everett, b. 1840; ra. Patty Denison, 1SG8. 

267 III. William,® b. Feb. 13, 1803; m. Nancy Walker. 

IV. Martha,® b. ,Ian. 9, 1805; m. Seth Soule. She died May 1, 1881. 

V. Samuel,® b. March 27, 1807; d. April, 1815. 

268 VI. Tilson,® b. Jan. 29, 1810; m. Sally Elliott. 
VII. Eben,® b. Feb. 23, 1812; d. unmarried, April, 1868. 

VIII. Lydia,® b. Feb. 16, 1815; m. E. Lovejoy. 
IX. Sarah,® b. .lune 22, 1817; d. Oct. 1, 1843. 

X. Mary W.,® b. Dec. 10, 1819; m. 1st, B. T. Wethern, June 28, 
1840. He died April 22, 1844; in. 2d, William Bailey, Janu- 
ary, 1847. 


Children of First Husband. 

1. Micah Deltuont Wethern, b. May 14, 1841 ; d. May 28, 1877. 

2. William Corydon Wethern, b. Nov. 28, 1842. 

Children of Second, Husband. 

8. Sarah R. C. Bailey, h. Oct. 25, 1847; m. Samuel Hansel!. 

4. IMelburn C. Bailey, b. Sept. 25, 1849; d. Sept. 13, 1868. 

5. Clement Perham Bailey, b. March 10, 1853; d. March 21, 1853. 

•279 XI. Samuel," b. March 28, 1822; m. Elizaketh Yeaton. He died 
Feb. 5, 1845. No further record. 


DANIEL^ CHURCHILL (Joseph," John,-' Eliezer/ John'). 
Born in Portsmouth, N.H. Settled in Maine ; lived in Litchfield, 
Bingham, and Madison, Me. Married Lucy Fletchek. 

Children . 

269 I. Daniel,« b. April 20, 1800; m. Caroline Baker, b. Oct. 18, 


270 II. Asa,^ b. 1802; m. Mary Holden, of Moose River, Me. 
III. Dorcas, ** m. Shurtleff Smith (no children). 

271 IV. Amos," b. March 27, 1805; m. Ellen Chase. 

272 V. Eli," m. Rachel Steward. 
VI. Belinda." 

273 VII. Warren," ra. Lovilla York, July 7, 1842. 

274 VIII. William Fletcher," b. Feb. 1, 1814; m. 1st, Sarah Chase, of 

Bingham, Me.; m. 2d. Ecnice York, of Brighton, Me.; m. 3il, 
Emma Boise, of Skowhegan, Me. 

IX. LuciNDA," b. Oct. 30, 1818:" m. Lovell Felkeb, April 17, 1842. 

They lived in Omro, Wis., where she died May 14, 1895. No 

X. Hannah," m. David McIntire. 

Children . 

1. Danville McIntire. 

2. Byron McIntire. 

3. Lucy McIntire, m. Isaac Curtis. 

4. Alfreda D. McIntire. 

5. Maynard McIntire, m. Etta Bates. 
0. Cora E. McIntire. 


TOBIAS 5 CHURCHILL (Joseph," John,^ Eliezer,^ John'). 
Born probably in Portsmouth, June 12, 1780. Removed to Somer- 
set County, Me., and settled at New Portland. Married, 1806, 
Jane Everett, who was born JMarch 12, 1786. 

Children born at New Portland, Me. 

275 I. Tobias." b. Jan. 23, 1807; m. Irene Walton. 
II. MiNDWELL," b. July 13, 1808; m. John Walton. 

III. John," b.' March 25, 1810; d. in infancy. 

IV. Climena," b. Feb. 23, 1811; m. Samuel Vv^alton. 
V. Jane," b. April 27, 1813; m. Alexander Hilman. 

VI. Mary," b. March IG. 1815; m. Hiram Knowlton. 


VII. Caroline,'^ b. June 17, 1817; ni. John Knowlton. 
VIII. Emily,^ b. May 6, 1819; m. William Sawyer. 
IX. Joanna,^ b. July 22, 1821 ; m. Isaac Webber. 
X. Lucy,'' b. Oct. 6, 1823; m. 1st, Tristram Norton Daggett, June 
9, 1846; m. 2d, Phineas Houghton. 
They lived at New Vineyard, Me. 

Children born at Neiv Vineyard, Me. 

1. Oraville Daggett, \ b. June 19, 1847; d. Aug. 8, 1863. 

2. Orrington Daijgett, ( b. June 19, 1847; d. July 1, 1863. 

3. Isaac V, Daggett, b. Jan. 2, 1851. 

4. Sarah E. Dagt^^ett, b. Feb. 28, 1853; d. June 16, 1863. 

5. Eussell E. Daggett, b. Sept. 28, 1855; d. July 12. 1863. 

6. Warren Tristram Daggett, b. July 21, 1858; d. June 25, 1863. 

7. Lucy Anna Daggett, b. Aug. 11, 1860; d. Sept. 4, 1863. 

XI. Warren,6 b. Sept. 28, 1826; d. in infancy. 
XIL Elizabeth,^ b. March 28, 1828 ; d. in infancy. 


BENJAMIX° CHURCHILL (Joseph,* John,^ Eliezer,- John^). 
Born, 1782 ; married Cynthia Pakker, of New Portland, Me. 


276 I. JosiAH,*^ b. 1807; m. Lydia Walker. rf^ 

277 II. jESSE,*5b. 1809; m. Clymena AValton. 
III. Cynthia,^ b. 1811; m. Daniel G. Metcalf. 

278 IV. Benjamin,*' b. 1813 ; ra. Rachel ]Mitchell. 


JOHN 5 CHURCHILL (Ebexezer,* William,^ William,^ 
John ^). Born in Plympton, Nov. 14, 1731. They lived in Plynip- 
ton until about 1785, when they removed to Chittenden, Vt. He 
was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, Capt. Thomas Loring's 
Company. Marched on Alarm of April 19 to Marshfield, and in 
Capt. Thomas Lamson's Company at Bristol, R.I., December, 1776. 
He died in Chittenden, Feb. 24, 1826. Married, Feb. 12, 1756, 
Joanna Bisbee, of Bridgewater. 

Children born in Plympion. 

2S0 I. Caleb,® b. Am-il 4, 1757; m. Sarah Hawley, Nov. 14, 1788. 

II. MiRiAM,6 b. Sept. 20, 1759; d. July 21, 1825. 

III. Joanna, ** b. 1762; m. ( ) Holmes. 

Said to have had a family, but no further record has been found 
even after a diligent search. 

IV. Abigail,*^ b. Aug. 28, 1765; m. Nathan Hawley, of Pittsford, Vt. 

They lived in Pittsford. She died at Brandon, Vt., April 23, 
1851, and he died at Pittsford, Vt., June 7, 1849. 

Children born in PiUsford. 

1, Joanna Hawley, m. Jacob Sheldon, of Pittsford. 

2. Sarah Hawley, b. May 28, 1794 ; m. Anson Manley, of Brandon, 

Vt., Sept. 25, 1849. She died in Brandon, Nov. 29, 1852, 
and he died there Jan. 30, 1854. 


3. John Hawley. Said to have followed the sea for many years, 
and then to have settled near Philadelphia, where he died 

V. Leah,'^ b. Jan. 18, 17(>8; m. Zenas Smith, in Middleboro', and 
lived there until May, 1809, when they moved to Pittsford, Vt. , 
and settled on a farm, where they spent the remainder of their 
lives. She died July 15, 1835, and he died Aug. 15, 1833. 

Children born, four in Middleboro', Mass., and one in Pittsford, Vt. 

1. Sarah Smith, b. Middleboro', May 5, 1803; m. Lebbeus Good- 

rich, of Brandon, Vt. They removed to Rome, Mich., where 
she died March 7, 1885, and he died Sept. 13, li)01. 

2. George Smith, b. probably at Middleboro', Dec. 3, 1805 ; m. 

Sylvia Churchill, dau. of Caleb. 

3. Lydia Smith, m. Elijah Heeler, of Brandon Vt. 

4. Joseph Smith, d. at Pittsford, Vt., Sept. 20, 1817, aged 13 years. 

5. James Smith, d. Nov. 24, 1829, aged 22 years. 


ISAACS CHUKCHILL (Ebenezer,-' William,^ William,^ 
John'). Born iu Plympton, Feb. 22, 173G. He lived thereuntil 
1 785, when he removed with his family to Chittenden, Vt. He was 
called " Isaac, the Good," to distinguish him from another of the 
same name. I find no reference to Kevolutionary service in the 
quite full information received from his descendants, while the pub- 
lished rolls, having several Isaac Churchills, do not sufficiently 
identify him to justify a claim of such service. He died in Chit- 
tenden, Feb. 25, 1826. Married, Aug. 1, 1765, Mklatiah Brad- 
ford, of Plympton, daughter of Joshua and Hannah (Bradford) 
Bradford. It is said that her parents were killed by Indians, and 
herself, struck by a tomahawk, bore the scar through life. She died 
in Chittenden, Aug. 15, 1826, aged 82 years. 

Children born in riympion, except two last. 

281 I. MicuAKL,6 b. Jan. 26, 1766; m. Lucy Dodge, of Brandon, Vt. 
II. Zekuiah,*^ b. March 16, 1767; m. John Bullex. 

III. Rachel,'' b. Jan. 4, 1769 ; m. Freeman Eggleston. 

282 IV. WiNSLOw,'' b. Dec. 30, 1770; m. Mercy Dodge, November 

(Thanksgiving Day), 1796. 

283 V. Seth,6 b. June 28, 1773; m. Eunice Durkee, Feb. 14, 1793. 
VI. Israel,'' b. May 5, 1775; died young. 

VII. Hannah,^ b. March 28, 1777; m. Freeman Eggleston. 
VIII. Israel,'' b. Oct. 30, 1779; m. Widow (Haskins) Blakesley. 

He settled in Lyons, N.Y., where he owned a small place and 
lived alone unmarried many years and worked at the carpenter's 
trade. In 1854 he moved to Rose, N.Y., where he married as 
above. He was then about 75 years old. His wife had a daughter then 
about 12 years old who afterwards married Walter Winchell. Mr. 
Churchill died in 1884, and is buried iit Rose. After his death, 
his widow, with her daughter and Mr. Winchell, removed to Deer- 
field, Mich. 

284 IX. Elisha," b. Aug. IG, 1781; m. Lydia Lackey. 

X. Drusilla,® b. Aug. 16, 1783; m. Jacob Atwood. 
XI. Christiana,^ b. Sept. 14, 1789: m. Asa Hutchinson. 



JOSHUA 5 CHURCHILL (Eisenezer,^ William,'^ William,^' 
John '). Born Feb. 23, 1742, and died Oct. 17, 1831. Served in 
Capt. Thomas Loring's Company, Alarm of April 19, 1775, to 
Marshfield. Also Capt. John Bradford's Company. Enlisted May 
3, 1775. Served three months six days. Also Capt. Thomas 
Turner's Company, Col. Gamaliel Bradford's Regiment. Enlisted 
May, 1778. Service eight months. Also enlisted for town of 
Plympton in Capt. James Harlow's Company, Colonel Gates' Regi- 
ment. Service nine months to Jan. 1, 1779. Lived in Plympton 
till 1800, when he moved his family to Hartford, Me. He drew a 
pension from 1818. Married, Feb. 4, 1768, Elizabeth Bonxey, in 
Plympton. She was born April 21, 1746, and died July 18, 1820. 

Children bo7~n in Plympton. 

285 I. Joshua,*' ) b. Feb. 1, 1769 ; m. Sylvia Churchill, dau. of David, 

\ Jr. (No. 121), q. v., and Jennie (Ellis) Cimrchill. 
II. Elizabeth,"] b. Feb. 1, 1769; m. Lemuel Keene, Jan. 16, 1800. 
III. Alexander," b. Nov. 22, 1770; d. j'oung; unmarried. 

286 IV. Andrew," b. Nov. 18, 1772; m. Polly Oldham. 

V. Olive," b. Feb. 22, 1774/5; ni. Samuel Churchill. 
VI. Phebe," b. Jan. 18, 1779; m. Oliver Cummings. 


1. Betsey Bailey Cummings, b. Dec. 3, 1804; d. at the age of 12. 

2. Lamed Cummings, b. Aug. 13, 1806; m. Nancy White, May 27, 



1. Julia Ann Cummings, b. July 4, 1838, m. Caleb Thomas. 

2. Whitney Cummings, b. Feb. 14, 1841; d. at the age of 14 


3. Marilla J. Cummings, b. May 16, 1849; never married. 

4. James Lamond Cummings, b. June 1, 1854; m. Clara 


3. Whitney Cummings, b. Dec. 18, 1808; m. Mary Hart Prentiss, 

March 27, 1833. 


1. Isabella Cummings, b. April 15, 1834; m. Joseph S. Ingra- 

ham, Nov. 10, 1852. 

2. Prentiss Cummings, b. Sept. 10, 1840; ra. Anna I). Snow, 

Feb. 25, 1880. 

3. Mellen Cummings, b. Sept. 27, 1847; d. March 23, 1855. 

287 VII. Ezra," b. Sept. 25, 1780; m. Bethia Mehurin, b. in. Jay, Me., 

May 25, 1783. 
VIII. Polly," b. Sept. 30, 1784; m. Oliver Cummings, Jr. 
IX. Bethany," b. Jan. 1, 1789; never married. 
X. Lucinda," b. July 31, 1793; m. Calvin Harding. 

Children . 

1. Luther Harding, b. April 4, 1816; d. March 6, 1844. 

2. Calvin Harding, b. Feb. 24, 1818; m. 1st, Lydia 0. Keene; m. 

2d, Ruby White. 

3. Lizzie, b. Aug. 29, 1820; m. Washington Bates. 

4. Mary, b. Jan. 1, 1823; d. May 24, 1847. 

5. Lvdia, m. Samuel Crockett, 



DAVID 5 CHURCHILL, Jr. (David/ William/ William/ 
JoHisr'). Born in Plympton, Aug. 4, 1729. Lived in Plympton, 
and late in life in Hingham. He served in the Revolution, Capt. 
Thomas Loring's Company, Alarm of April 19, 1775, marched to 
Marshfield. Married 1st, Feb. 20, 1750, Jane Ellis. She died 
Aug. 21, 1775. Married 2d, Lurana McFarland. He died Feb. 
23, 1812, aged 82 years. 

Cliildren horn in riyniptoii . 

I. Hannah.'^ b. June 14, J752; m. Elkanaii Ccshmax, May 17, 1770. 
She died at Kingston, Feb. 4, li2'). He died at Plympton, 1787. 


1. Ezra Cushman, b. July 29, 1771 ; drowned at Kingston, July 24, 
1797; unmarried. 

II. Molly,® b. July 21, 1754; m. Siiadrach Standish, of Plympton. 

Children born in Phjwpton. 

1. Averick Standish, b. 1772; m. John Averv Parker, of Xew 


2. Ellis Standish, b. 1774 ; m. Pollv Bradford, settled in Sumner, 


3. Jane Standish, b. 1777. 

4. Shadrach Standish, lb. 1779; m. Mehitable Clark. 

5. Levi Standish, ) b. 1779 ; ni. Lucy Kandall. 
(!. Abigail Standish, b. 1781. 

7. Marv Standish, b. 1783. 
s. Sarah Standish, b. 1788. 

III. Jane,® b. Aug. 30, 1756; ra. Daniel Pipley. 

288 IV. Elias,® b. Jan. 26, 1759; m. Hannah 

V. Levi,® h. July 4, 1761 ; d. Aug. 18, 1775. 
VI. Patte,® b. March 12, 1764; d. Sept. 25, 1775. 
VII. Sylvia,® b. Feb. 21, 1767; m. Joshua Churchill (No. 285), 7. v. 
VIII. David,® b. May 18, 1771 ; d. Sept. 18, 1775. 

Children of Second Wife, Lurana McFarland. 

289 IX. David,® b, June 11, 1778; m. Mary Herskv, of Boston. 

290 X. Levi,® b. Feb. 20, 1780; m. Cynthia Packard, of East Bridge- 

XI. Thaddeus,® b, Marcli 18, 1782. He was a seaman, lived in Hing- 

291 XII. Jesse.® b. Aug. 28, 1784; 111. Anna Barrell, of Scituate. 
XIII. AsABA,® b. Feb. 19, 1787. 

292 XIV. KuFus,® b. Oct. 10, 1789; m. Eunice Lewis, of Hingham, Jan. 4, 


XV. Lydia,® m. ( ) MoTT, of Hinghanj. 

XVI. Otis,® d. young. No record. 

WILLIAM-^ CHURCHILL (David,^ William,' William,^ 
John '). Born in Plympton, Xov. 25, 1739, and lived there. He 
probably served in the war of the' Revolution, from Plympton. 
Several of the names are on the published rolls, either one of proper 


age, and no document or information to identify them. Died 
March 7, 1824. Married, Isoy. 29, 1750, Sarah Eider. She died 
June 16, 1826. 

Children born in Plympton. 

293 I. Samuel, '■ b. June 29, 1760; m. Deborah Wright. 

25)4 II. Joseph, b. Oct. 24:, 1761; m. Eunice Churchill, dau. of Ichabod'' 

(No. 45), q V. 

III. Elizabeth,^ b. ^larnh 24, 1763; d. Deo. 4, 1785, unmarried. 

IV. Sakah,*^ b. Feb. 15, 1765; d. Oct. 2;», 1785, unmarried. 

205 V. William, 8 b. March 8, 17G7 ; m. Margaret Tilton, of Easton, 


VI. Marcy,^ b. Feb. 2, 1769; m. Jonathan Holmes. 

1. Caleb Holmes. 

2. Eliezer Holmes. 

3. Mercy Holmes. 
4-. Sally Holmes. 

5. Jonathan Holmes. 

6. Gamaliel Holmes. 


7. Esther Holmes. 

8. Lydia Holmes. 

9. Zenas Holmes. 

10. William Holmes. 

11. Harriet Holmes. 

VII. Zenas,*' b. May 28, 1771; ra. Abigail Washburn, dau. of Seth, 

of Kingston, said to liave been lost at sea. No further record. 
VIII. Hannah, b. Sept. 8, 1773; m. Isaac Cushing, 1795. 
IX. Molly," b. July 20, 1777; m. Barnabas Phinney, 1797. 


CAPT. JAMES 5 CHURCHILL (David,* William,'' William,^ 
John'). Born May 29, 1746. Lived in Plympton. He served in 
the Revolutionary War as sergeant in Capt. Thomas Loring's Com- 
pany, April 19, 1775, also ensign and lieutenant in Capt. Jesse 
Harlow's Company. Commissioned as lieutenant Jan. 16, 1776. 
Service at Plymouth, seacoast defence, Feb. 29, to May 31, 1776. 
Died March 12, 1803. Married 1st, Oct. 31, 1765, Priscilla Soule, 
daughter of Benjamin, b. April 1, 1745 ; died in Plympton, Oct. 9, 
1837, aged 92 years 5 months 27 days. Her grandfather, Benja- 
min Soule, married Sarah, the daughter of Alexander, son of Capt. 
Miles Standish. George Soule, the Pilgrim, was also her ancestor. 
He married 2d, Rebecca Crocker. 

Children of First Wife born in Plympton. 

29G I. Oliver,« b. April 21, 1766; m. Saba Soule, 1793. 

II. Priscilla,® b. April 30, 1768; m. Lieut. Joseph Wright, son of 
Jacob, of Plympton. She died Nov. 7, 1863. 
Said to have had five children ; names not found. 
297 III. James,*^ b. Feb. 26, 1771 ; m. S.\rah Soule, dau. Ebenezer, Feb. 
16, 1794. He d. Nov. 1, 1803. 
IV. Isaiah, s b. Oct. 5, 1773: d. in Demerara, Sept. 23, 1799. 
V. Jane.*^ b. March 21, 1776; m. Francis Woods, Sept. 22, 1799. 
VI. Christiana,® b. Sept. 10, 1788. 

VII. Clara,® b. June 15, 1782; ni. 1st, Joel Ellis, April, 1802; m. 2d, 
Peleg Chandler, of Duxbury, April 28, 1817. 


VIII. Harriet,* b. March 25, 1785; died young. 
IX. Sophia,^ b. Nov. 3, 17S7; m. Marwick Ellis, of Plympton, 1807. 
X. Harriet,* b. June 18, 1791; m. Prince Bradford, b. Dec. li), 
1783, a direct descendant of Governor William Bradford in the 
seventh generation. 


1. Gershom Bradford, b. 1816. 

2. Perez Bradford, b. 1818. 

3. Harriet Bradford, b. 1821. 

4. Otis Bradford, b. 1823. 

5. Hannah Bradford, b. 1825. 

6. Lydia Bradford, b. 1827. 

7. Susan Bradford, b. 1832. 

Children of James Churchill and Second Wife. 

XI. Edwin.® 
XII. Alice,* m. Luther W. Savery. 


NATHANIEL 5 CHURCHILL (Nathaniel,^ William,^ Will- 
iam,- JoH^r '). Born in Plympton, ^lay 10, 1746. Served in the 
Revolution. On the alarm of April 19, 1775, marched to ^farsh- 
tield, and again, July 25, 1776, was drafted into the service, on the 
day on which his son Levi was born. He lived in Plympton, and 
died Nov. 18, 1784. Married, Dec. 27, 1770, Deborah Wright, 
daughter of Joseph and Sarah (Brewster) Wright. 

Children born in Plymj^ton. 

298 I. Lewis,* b. Dec. 12, 1771 ; m. 1st, Desire Barker Brewster, in 

Corinth, N.H. ; m. 2d, Patty Thurston; m. 3d, Ruth Quimbt, 

299 II. Hosea,* b. Feb. 21, 1774. No further record. 

300 III. Levi,* b. July 25, 1776; ni. Lydia Ripley, Nov. 3, 1799. 

301 IV. Stephen,* b. April 19, 1779. He is said to have married and lived 

in Taunton, and to have had four children. The name of one 
of the children only has come to us, and this information is from 
jVIrs. Deborah (Churchill) Hyde, of Glenmore, N.Y., aged 95 in 
1901, a daughter of Joseph *. The name was Deborah. 

302 v. Joseph,* b. Dec. 13, 1781 ; ni. Hannah Woodward, of Thompson, 


303 VI. Nathaniel,* b. Mav 13, 1784, married and lived in Grantham, 



EBENEZER5 CHURCHILL (Ichabod,^ William,^ William," 
JoHX '). Born in Plympton, March 1, 1744. Lived in Plympton. 
Served in the Revolution from Plympton in Capt. Thomas Loring's 
Company, April 19, 1775. Marched to Marshfield. Also several 
other longer terms of enlistment in other commands during 1775 to 
1777. Died in 1824. Married, July 17, 1764, Lucy Palmer. 


Children born in Plyrnpton. 

304 I. Prince,^ b. Aug. 23, 17G5; m. Mus. { ) Randall, wiilow. 

No further record. 

305 II. Jacob,'^ b. Dec. 21, 1766; m. 1st, Eunice Sturtkvant; ni. 2d, 

Joanna Sturtevant. 
30() III. Ebenezer,® b. July i*, 1768. No furtlier record. 
IV. Samuel,® b. Aug. 2!», I77U. No further record. 

307 V. Alford," b. Feb. 19, 1773; m. Lyuia Cushman. 

VI. LucY,*^ b. Feb. 20, 1776; m. Daniel Churchill (No. 128), q. v. 
VII. Rebecca,® b. September, 1778. 

308 VIII. Cornelius,® b. Nov. 4, 1780; m. Desire Litchfield. 

IX. Bathsheba,® b. Aug. 29, 1784; m. Elmah Vickery. 

309 X. Ansel,® b. Aug. 22, 1787; ni. Lois Caswell, of New Bedfonl. 


ICHABOD^ CHURCHILL (Ichabod,* William,^ William,' 
John '). Born Sept. 7, 1751. He lived at Plymptou until after 
1784, when he removed to Middleboro', and thence to Poinfret, Yt., 
where he died May 7, 1813. He was a farmer. He served in the 
Revolution as private in Capt. James Harlow's Company, Colonel 
Cary's Regiment, January, 1776. Also Capt. Nathaniel Goodwin's 
Company in September and October, 1777. Died May 7, 181.3. 
Married, Oct. 12, 1775, Abigail Doteist, daughter of Edward and 
Joanna (Whiting), b. Plyrnpton, Jan. 28, 1755, O.S. She married 
2d, JosiAH Babcock, who died soon after. She died in Woodstock, 

Children, first three horn in Flymiiton. 

I. Edward.® b. Sept. 1, 1770. No further record. 
II. Joanna,® b. Oct. 20, 1779; m. Josiah Crocker, Jan. 11, 1798. 
Moved to Canada. 

1. Heman Crocker, and perhaps others. 

III. Serviah,® b. Sept. 20, 1781; m. 1st. Samuel Colwell, Dec. 10, 
1801; m. 2d, Simeon Dunham, Sept. 7, 1814. Shed. Jan. 25, 

Children of Serviah by First Husband. 

1. Seth Colwell I 3. Harriet Colwell. 

2. Mary Colwell. | 

By Second Husband. 

4. Pattie Dunham. I 6. Horace Dunham. 

5. Simeon Dunham. | 

310 IV. Zebedee,® b. May 15, 1784; m. Sarah B. Colwell, about 1809; 
d. 1827. 
V. Abigail,® b. about 1790 ; m. Abel Sanders; no children. 
3il VI. Seth Washburn,® b. 1797; m. riiEBE Darling, of Woodstock, 


THOMAS^ CHURCHILL (Ichabod/ William/ William,- 
Joiin'). P)Orn in Plymouth, March 7, 17o(i ; died Feb. 26,1826. 
Lived in Plynipton and Plymouth. Served in the Revolution, Capt. 
Seth Stower's Company, July 1, 1777, six months at Rhode 
Island. Married Mary Holmes, daugliter of Zaccheus. She died 
July 12, 1835. 

Children, ike four oldest born in Flympion, the rest in Plijniouth. 

312 I. Zacchecs,* b. 1779; m. Alice Duxckler, of Dnnvers. 
II. Na>-cy.® b. 1781; m. John Atwood, 17y'.i. 


1. John Atwood, in. Hannah Wiswall, 1828. 

2. William Atwood, m. Lydia (^Holmes) Savary, dau. George 


3. Maria Shaw Atwood, m. Iij;natius Pierce. 

4. Mary Ann Atwood, ni. Ephraim Holmes. 

5. Nancy Atwood. 

III. Temperance,'' b. June 30, 1783; m. William Atwood, 1804. 


1. William Atwood. 

2. Nancy Atwood, m. 1st, Branch Johnson; m. 2d, Anthony 


3. Thomas C. Atwood. 

4. Henry Atwood. 

5. Isaac Atwood, m. Ann Brown. 

6. Eunice Atwood, m. Charles Raymond. 

IV. PoLLY,6 b. Dec. IS, 178G. 

313 V. Charles,'' b. Sept. 10, 1792; m. Abigail Russell, 

VI. Thomas,'' b. Aug. 4, 179G. Drowned at sea, June 8, ISKJ. 

DANIEL 5 CHURCHILL (Lsaac,^ William,^ William,^ Jomx i). 
Born Aug. 4, 1767, in Plympton, and lived there. Died June 7, 
1858. Married Lucy Churchill, daughter of Ebenezer ° (No. 125). 
She died Decembei-, 1858. 

Children born in Plympton. 

I. Eunice," b. April 1, 1798; d. March 7, 1799. 

314 II. Daniel," b. June 19, 1800; m. Rerecca W. Soule. 

315 III. Harvey," b. April II, 1805; ra. Eliza Vose, June, 1843. 


JOSIAH^ CHURCHILL (Isaac,* Isaac,^ William,^ JoH>f^). 
liorn in Plympton, Jan. 19, 1770, and lived there. Died Dec. 14, 
1844. Married Deborah Piiinney (daughter of Ichabod, of 
Plympton, and his wife Deborah Churchill, daughter of Ichabod), 
b. Sept. 21, 1776. She died March 5, 1853. 


Children born in Plympion. 
I. SosANNA,^ b. Aug. 20, 1795; m. 1st, Joseph Nte; rn. 2l1, John 
Delano. She'd. March 31, 1861. 

316 II. TiMOTHT,*^ b. Aug. 7, 1797; m. Ruth Soule, of Plympton. 

317 III. Pelham,^ b. March 14, 1800; m. Eunice T. Simmons, of Ply- 


318 IV. Simeon,'' b. May 25, 1802; m. Mrs. Sally (Bisbee) Cdshman, 

March, 1830. 
V. Svlvanus,^ b. Dec. 15, 1804; m. Abbie Billings, of Vermont. 
, JSTo children. 

319 VI. Alexander,^ b. April 3, 1807; m. Lydia Bosworth, of Halifax, 

VII. Joanna,*' b. May 27, 1812; unmarried. 

320 VIII. Albert Smith,*' b. April 19, 1815; m. Priscilla S. Simmons, at 

Plymouth, 1841. 


SETH^ CHURCHILL (Isaac,* Isaac,^ William,- Johx'). 
Bom Sept. 29, 1777, in Plympton. Died June 4, 1849. Married 
Rebecca Phinney, daughter of Ichabod. Slie died Sept. 16, 1854. 


I. Eunice,^ b. March 22, 1808. 

II. Deborah.*' b. Feb. 3, 1810; m. ( ) Sturtevant. 

III. Sally,*' b. Eeb. 13, 1813. 

IV. Rebecca.*' b. Nov. 23, 181C.; d. July 22, 1S20. 


ISAAC ^ CHURCHILL (Isaac,* Isaac," William,- Johk^). 
Born in Plympton, April 26, 1782. Lived in Plympton and Abing- 
ton, to which latter place he removed about 1820. Died in Abing- 
ton, Aug. 7, 1842. IMarried, in Provincetown, 1806, IMary 

Children horn in Plympton and Ahington. 
I. IsAAC,^ b. Oct. 14, 1807. 

II. Mary Grozier,'' b. June 9, 1809; m. Hector Foster, Nov. 30, 
1828. She was living in So. Ahington in 1896. 

Children born in Abington. 

1. Mary M. Foster, b. Oct. 25, 1829 ; m. 1st, B. Frank Hutchinson, 

March 2, 1848; m. 2d, James A. Bates, Nov. 20, 18G5. 

2. Rolinda Holmes Foster, b. Oct. 31, 1831 ; d. April 2, 1834. 

8. Thomas Foster, b. June 9, 1333; m. Mary Hutchinson, May 27, 
1853, and d. Jan. 12, 1860. 

4. Samuel Foster, b. July 22, 1835; m. Abigail P. Porter, Oct. 15. 


5. Rolinda Holmes Foster, b. March 14, 1837; m. Henry West, 

July 17, 1853. 

6. Sophia Wade Foster, b. Dec. 30. 1839 ; d. Jan. 8, 1844. 

7. John Albert Foster, b. Sept. 13, 1845 ; d. as soldier in First Regi- 

ment Artillery, Mass. Vols., May 19, 1864. 

8. Arthur Waldo Foster, b. May 12, 1850; d. Sept. 14, 1801. 

III. Sophia.*' b. April 29, 1810; m. Orkin Wade, at Plympton, Aug. 
24, 1834. 



1. Allen Wade, b. June 14, 1835; m. Sarah Smith, Nov. 22, 1862. 

2. Isaac E. Wade, b. Aug. 12, 1839; m. Martha A. Hunt, Nov. 26, 

IV. William Grozier,^ b. Nov. 17, 1811. 

321 V. IIeuben,6 b. May 30. 1813; ra. Maria Crockett, Oct. 27, 1847. 

322 VI. FREE.MAN Grozier,*^ b. Jan. 2, 1815; m. Elizabeth Winslow, 

June 2, 1836. 
VII. Jane,** b. Julv 6, 1816; m. Thomas Drayton, of Brid^ewater, 
May 3, 1840. - ^ . 

Children born at Bridgeivater. 

1. Charles Drayton, b. July 2, 1843; m. 1st, Georgianna Osgood, 

Nov. 21, 1866; m. 2d, Mary Jane Latuck, June 3, 1882. 

2. Frank Otis Dravton, b. Dec. 29, 1846; m. Jane E. Taggart, Mav 

22, 1878. 
VIII. Emily,s b. Aug. 10, 1818; m. Jared Vining. of Weymouth, 
Dec. 8, 1837. 

Children horn in Weymouth. 

1. Jefferson Vining, b. Aug. 29, 1839; m. a Brazilian woman 

in 1867. 

2. Geo. Henry Vining, b. March 16, 1847; m. a Texan woman. 

3. James Vining, b. June 19, 1850; m. Jennie Vogel, in 1850. 

4. Emma C. Vining, b. April 3, 1854; m. Reuben I). Burrell in 

1870; d. 1877. 

5. Laura Vining, b. July 19, 1856; m. Edward Paine, May, 1876. 
IX. Ruth Dyer,^ b. Mav 12, 1820, at Abington; m. Spexcer Gloyd, 

May 22, 1844. She d. April 3, 1862. 

Children horn in Abington. 

1. Sophia Wade Gloyd, b. Oct. 13, 1845; m. Sihis Warren Hall. 

Nov. 28, 1867. 

2. Henry Glovd, b. Oct. 25, 1846; m. Ruth A. Orcutt, July 20, 

1871 ; d.'Feb. 4, 1872. 

3. Geo. Spencer Gloyd, b. Sept. 30, 1848. 

4. Andrew Gloyd, b. Aug. 31, 1850. 

5. Betsey Jane'Glovd, b. Nov. 30, 1852. 

6. Ruth Alice Gloyd, b. Jan. 14, 1854. 
X. Ezra,« b. May 21, 1821; d. Jan. 17, 1827. 

XL Eunice RiplJey," b. April 15, 1823; d. June 11, 1823. 
XII. Almira,*^ b. Feb. 21, 1825: m. William Belcher, of Randolph, 
June 21, 1840. 

Children born in Randolph. 

1. Almira Jane Belcher, b. Nov. 27, 1842; d. Dec. 1, 1842. 

2. Jane Belcher, b. Oct. 29, 1843; m. Jonathan Hopkins, March 

24, 1862. 

3. AVilliam B. Relcher, b. Oct. 1, 1847; m. Laura E. Blanchard, 

Nov. 13, 1867. 

4. Allen W. Belcher, b. Nov. 27, 1849 ; d. March 4, 1850. 

5. Caroline Belcher, b. Oct. 31, 1852; m. Calvin Orcutt, May 13, 


6. Almira Anna Belcher, b. A[)ril 10, 1855; m. Roscoe Childs, 

May 17, 1872. 

7. Laura Etta Belcher, b. March 11, 1857: d. March 26, 1857. 

8. Lillian Belcher, b. Dec. 24, 1859; m. C. U. Turner. Dec. 24, 


9. Emily Louisa Belcher, b. Nov. 25, 1861 ; ra. N. H. Small, Julv 

16, 1879. 
10. Irene Estella Belcher, b. Aug. 27, 1866; d. March 23, 1869. 


323 XIII. EzRA,s b. Jan. 18, 1827; m. xMyea Jane Bosavorth, of Belling- 

ham. Oct. 20, 1856. 

324 XIV. Otis," b. Oct. 6, 1828; m. Mary A. Temple, of Marlboro'. 


ZEBEDEE^ CHUECHILL (Perez,* Bexjamix,^ William,- 
JoHN^). Born Aug. 19, 1745, in Middleboro'. Lived in Middle- 
boro', probably at Pope's Point Furnace. Married at the age of 
19, he died at 22, Dec. 13, 1767. Married, May 24, 1764, Sakah 
CusHMAx, daughter of Caleb. She was born Nov. 12, 1743, and 
after the death of her first husband, Zebedee, she married Samuel 
Cobb, of Middleboro', Sept. 24, 1772. She was then of Ware- 
ham. She died in -Middleboro', March 14, 1834, aged about 91 

Children bo7-n in MidcUeloro' . 

325 I. Asaph,* b. May 5, 17G5; m. Mary Gardner, dau. of Edward. 

II. Zebedee,® d. young. 


PEEEZ^ CHUECHILL (Pep.ez,* Benjamin,^ William," 
JoHN '). Born April 26, 1753. Lived in Middleboro'. Served in 
Eevolution, in his father's company. Colonel Sprout's Eegiment, 
first as private and later as a sergeant, in 1778 and 1780. Married, 
Oct. 1, 1778, Patience Wood. 

Childre7i born in Middleboro'. 

326 I. Asaph," b. March 7, 1789; m. Khoda J. Atwood, 1819. 
II. Lydia,® m. ( ) Tubes. 

III. Patience,® m. ( ) Jackson. 

IV. Deborah," m. ( ) Markham. 

V. Benjamin," d. unmarried; drowned at sea. 
VI. Edmund," d. unmarried. 


ISAACS CHUECHILL (Perez,* Benjamin,^ William,- 
JoHN '). Born in Middleboro', Nov. 23, 1758. Lived in Middle- 
boro' until about 1795-8, when they removed to Pomfret, Vt. He 
probably served in the Eevolution, but I cannot identify him in the 
rolls. Perhaps in Capt. John Gibb's Company, 1778. He died in 
Pomfret, Jan. 5, 1803. Married, Jan. 21, 1777, Betsey Eaymond, 
daughter of James, of Middleboro'. 

Children lorn in Middleboro'. 

327 I. Joseph," b. June 6, 1778; m. Margaret Gardner, Nov. 6, 1817. 

328 II. Zebedee," b. Feb. 19, 1779; m. Azubah Cheedle, Nov. 4, 1809. 

III. Martha," b. Feb. 9, 1782; m. Zebulon Thomas, Marcli, ISOi. 

Lived in Montgomery, Vt. , in 1857. 


IV. Betsey,^ b. Dec. 2fi, 1784; m. John Thompson, of Bridgewater, 

Vt., Dec. 21, 1803. 
329 V. Isaac, ^ b. June 30, 178f! : m. Lydia Rogers, December, 1804, and 

lived in Urbana, 111., 1859. 
VI. RnTH,6 b. March 8, 1789; m. Elisha Watkins, July, 1818. 

Childreii born in Pomfret, Vt. 

5. Harriet Watkins. 

6. Henry Watkins. 

7. Jane Watkins. 

8. Betsey Watkins. 

1. Charles C. Watkins. 

2. Frank W. Watkins. 

3. Cliauiicy Watkins. 

4. Mary Watkins, m. Boy n- 


330 VII. Phineas.6 b. April 28, 1793; ra. Akvilla Grow, 1815. 

331 VIII. Jacob," b. April 5, 1795; m. Betsey Howard, April 4, 1821. 


JOSEPH ' CHURCHILL (Pekez," Benjamin," William,^ John ^). 
Born April 23, 1761. Lived first in Middleboro'. Moved later to 
Hebron, Me., but soon after to Paris, Me., and settled in the Swift 
neighborhood. Joseph, about 1809, went on a visit to Dunstable, 
Mass., and died there. The mother, Alice, died in Paris, Me. Mar- 
ried, March 8, 1785, Alice Drake, in Middleboro'. 


332 I. Spragde,^ b. April 28, 1787; ra. Harriet Holmes. 

II. Polly," b. April 3, 1790; m. Daniel Dudley, June 9, 1835. She 
was his second wife. 

333 III. William," b. May 21, 1792; m. 1st, Polly Bird; m. 2d, Rebecca 

Churchill, of Buckfleld, Me., dau. of No. 142. 
IV. Sally," b. 1795; m. Shadrach Keen, of Suumer, Me. 

334 V. Sullivan," b. 1798; m. Martha Smith. 

VI. Sophia," b. April 12, 1801 ; m. Nathaniel Libby, Dec. 2, 1819. 

Children born in Greenwood, Me. 

1. Alice Jane Libby, b. Feb. 15, 1823; m. Albert Winslow, July 

3, 1841. 

2. Joseph Lamoine Libby, b. April 30, 1827; m. Evelyn J. Stuart, 

Harrison,- Me., Nov. 4, 1857. Live in So. Paris, Me. 

3. Sarah Sophia Libby, b. Sept. 20, 1832 ; m. Stetson L. Gordon, 

Sept. 2, 1853. 

4. Nathaniel William Libby, b. June 24, 1834; m. Effie A. Nelson, 

of Cynthiana, Ky. 
VII. Burudel," b. April 17, 1805; m. Jason Hammond. 
VIII. MiLLicENT," b. April 25, 1808; m. 1st, Levi Frank; m. 2d, Ben- 
jamin Bacon. 


JABEZ^ CHURCHILL (Benjamin,* Benjamin,'^ William,- 
JoHN '). Born in Middleboro', 1754, Served in the Revolutionary 
War, in Capt. Perez Churchill's Company, Colonel Sproutt's Regi- 
ment. Credited as company clerk. Company marched to Dart- 
mouth on two different alarms. His youngest daughter, Lucinda, 
was living in Augusta, ^le., in 1889, and our senior compiler, Mr. 
N. W. Churchill, visited her. She was nearly ninety years old, but 


still clear and bright of mind and memory. Several letters from 
her are before me. In one she says that her father served in the 
wsiT four years, and while the records do not substantiate the state- 
ment, it is probable that she had good foundation for it. She says 
in the same letter that her parents " were married in Mass. before 
the Dark Day," and their children were born in Middleboro', Mass. 
Her father was paid off for his services in the war in " bad money." 
He removed, in 1801, to Hartford, Me., bringing his father and mother 
along with him. He died Dec. 20, 1840. Married, before May 19, 
1780, Louisa Lucas. 

Children born in Middleboro' . 

I. Mary,^ b. February, 1782; d. aged 2 years. 
336 II. JoAB." b. March 2. 1784; m. Philena Hayford, Feb. 26. 1789. 

III. Louisa,^ b. Feb. 20, 178fi; m. James Keene. One of their chil- 

dren was Zilpah Keene, who married Nathan ® Churchill (No. 

IV. KizpAH,* b. Jan. 20, 1789 ; m. Reuben Bartlett. Had seven 

V. Hannah,^ b. March 13, 1792; d. unmarried. 
VI. Zilpah.^ b. May 2, 1794; d. aged 16 years. 
VII. Polly, ^ b. 1796; m. James Keene. 

336 VIII. Jabez,« b. March 14, 1797; m. Phebe Hazleton. 

IX. Ldcinda,^ b. April 25, 1800; m. John Savage; no children. They 
lived at Augusta, Me. She died there in 1889, aged 89 years 10 


WILLIAMS CHUECHILL (Benjamin," Benjamin,^ William,- 
JoHN ^). Born in Middleboro* in 1755, and lived there until after 
the war of the Eevolution, in which he served, in the Company 
of Capt. Calvin Partridge, Lieut.-Col. Samuel Pierce's Eegiment. 
Marched May 21, 1779, and was stationed at Little Compton, E.I. 
Some time before 1784 he settled in Buckfield, Me. About 1796 
or 1797 he removed to Wayne, Me. He drew a pension for his 
service in the Eevolution, according to the account of one of his 
grandsons. Married, in Middleboro', Mass., Ltdia Maxim. 

Children, four born in Buckfield, two in Wayne, Me. 

I. Lydia," b. Dec. 13, 1784; ra. Samuel Dinsmore ; both of Wayne. 
Intentions, July 15, 1809. 
They removed to Ohio. 
II. Mary,^ b. June 1, 1788; m. James Decker, of Temple, Me. 


1. Benjamin Decker. 1 3. Lucy Decker. 

2. Rosella Decker. | 4. Hannah Decker. 

III. Benjamin,* b. July 22, 1791 ; d. unmarried in the " Florida War." 

337 IV. William,^ b. Aug. 5, 1796; m. Phebe Maxim, both of Wayne. 

Intentions May 24, 1817. 
V. Hepsirah,* d. unmarried. 

338 VI. Nathan,^ b. March 23, 1807; m. Zilpah Keene, Oct. 19, 1834. 




JOSEPH 5 CHURCHILL (Benjamin/ Benjamin/' William/ 
John ^). Born in Middleboro'. He served in the war of the Revo- 
lution, three brief terms of enlistment in the year 1779, viz., March 
14, for thirty days, under Captain Wilmarth at Howland's Eerry ; 
from May 20 to July 1, at Tiverton, R.I., and from Aug. 13 to 
Sept. 13, 1779. It is supposed that after the war he settled in 
Rhode Island at either Gloucester or Scituate. In 1792 he had a 
deed of land from Jabez Williams, of Gloucester, and was himself of 
Gloucester. One of his grandsons, writing of him in 1900, says he 
was a poor man and did not keep his family together. So it seems 
that they scattered early, and settled later, in different localities. 
Three of the sons removed to Pennsylvania, as will be seen, while 
the daughters, it is said, married and lived in central Massachusetts. 

He married in Rhode Island ( ) Williams, a descendant of 





No record 


Abraham,* m. and settled in Rhode Island, it is said. 

Pardon,* b. about 1793; ni. Abigail Williams. 
Williams,* b. March 21, 1795; m. Batiisheba Williams. 
IV. Cyril,* m. and settled at Susquehanna, Pa. Lived and died there. 

V. Asa.* No further record found. 
VI. AsHA,* b. July 11, 1799; m. William Jepherson. He was a 
farmer and lived near Webster, and had a family. 


1. Abel Jepherson, b. Oct. 1, 1819; ra. Eunice Bown. 

2. Elizabeth Jepherson, b. Aug. 3, 1821 ; m. Amos Morse. 

3. George Jepherson, b. Aug. 30, 182- ; m. Mary D. Scarborough. 

4. Willis Jepherson, died at the age of 15 years. 

5. Amos Jepherson, died at the age of 17 years. 

6. William Jepherson, died at the age of 2 weeks. 

7. William Jepherson, ra. Sarah ( ). 

8. Esther Jepherson, died at the age of 6 years. 

9. A daughter died in infancy. 

10. Sabia Jepherson, died at 17 years. 

11. Melvin Jepherson, died at 17 years. 
VII. Phebe,* b. 1802; m. Simon Fairfield. 


Bathsheba Fairfield. 
James Marshall Fair- 
field, b. Nov. IG, 1823. 
Charles Fairfield. 
Enos W. Fairfield. 

5. John Nelson Fairfield. 

6. Clark Fairfield. 

7. Albert Fairfield. 

8. Asa Churchill Fairfield. 

9. Maria Fairfield, died in infancy. 


NELSON 5 CHURCHILL (Benjamin/ Benjamin/ William,- 
JoHN^). Lived in Middleboro' and Carvei', until 1802, when they 
removed to Colerain, Mass. Settled on a farm on " Catamount 


Hill." He was a farmer and a fine scholar. In his youth he was 
a molcler. He died in Rowe, Mass. Married, Jan. 12, 1786, 
Eunice Shaw. 

Children horn in Middleboro' . 

343 I. Artemas.** b. July 5, 1786; m. Ruth Maxim, March 6, 1812. 

344 II. Nelson,*' b. March 2, 1788; m. 1st, Nancy Lake; m. 2d, Lucy 

Willis Maxim, of Charlemont. 

III. Ruth,*' b. Nov. 29, 1790; m. James Bell, of Colerain. 


1. Thomas Bell. I 3. Emily Bell. 

2. Edward Bell. | 

IV. Lovina,^ b. May 12, 1797; m. Alden Willis. 

346 V. Alvin,^ b. September, 1799 ; m. Emily Willis, of Charlemont, 

Dec. 2, 1825. 


ALICES (CHURCHILL) MONK (Jabez,^ Josiah,^ William,^ 
JoHN^). Born in North Bridgewater, Feb. 23, 1753. Married 
Elias Monk, of Bridgewater, Feb. 10, 1772. Mr. Monk served in 
the Revolution, first on the Lexington Alarm, April 19, 1775, in 
Capt. Peter Talbot's Company, Col. Lemuel Robinson's Regiment, 
seven days ; and in various enlistments under different officers, cov- 
ering almost the entire period of the war. He is said to have been 
of Stoughton. They removed, about 1781 or 1782, to Hebron, Me., 
and settled on a farm. Mrs. Alice Monk died Aug. 15, 1806, and 
Elias Monk died Dec. 17, 1842. 

Children, the first born in Bridgewater, the rest in Hebron. 

I. Lewis ^ Monk, b. Sept. 14, 1779. 

II. James ^ Monk, b. Dec. 12, 1782; m. Polly Jordan, of Hebron, 
May 9, 1802. 

III. Martha® Monk, b. Aug. 24, 1784; m. James Farris, Jr., 

of Hebron, Aug. 2, 1806. 

IV. Alfred'' Monk, b. Sept. 8, 1786; m. Relief Irish. 

V. Rebeckah® Monk, b. Sept. 7, 1788; m. Moses TwiTCHELL. Lived 

in Paris, Me. 
VI. Betty® Monk, b. April 4, 1791. 
VII. LoviNA® BisBEE Monk, b. Oct. 17, 1792; m. Joseph Penley. 
VIII. Melatiah" Monk, b. Oct. 28, 1794. 


RACHEL^ (CHURCHILL) PRATT (Jabez,^ Josiah,^ Will- 
iam,^ John ^). Born in North Bridgewater, Oct. 17, 1754. Mar- 
ried there, July 23, 1777, Thaddeus Pratt, son of Barnabas and 
Isabella (Downey) Pratt, of Bridgewater, born in 1755. Mr. Pratt 
served in the Revolution, first on the Lexington Alarm, April 19, 
1775 ; marched from Bridgewater ; served twelve days in the com- 
pany of Capt. Josiah Hayden, Colonel Bailey's Regiment of Minute- 


men. He was in other companies in various service later, and in a 
" Descriptive list of the men raised in Plymouth County to serve in 
the Continental Army " he is described as, " Age, 24 years ; stature? 
5 feet 7 inches ; complexion, dark ; residence, Bridgewater ; delivered 
to Capt. L. Bailey." This last enlistment \yas on July 23, 1779, for 
nine months, and he was discharged April 23, 1780. He removed 
to Hebron, Me., in 1782, where he is said to have been the tenth 
settler of the new town. 

Children of Thaddeus and Rachel (CJiurchill) Pratt. 

I. WiLi-iAM ® Pratt, b. March 12, 1779; m. Martha Gurnet, July 1, 
II. Josiah'^ Pratt, b. May 3, 1783; m. Sibyl GnRNEr, 1807. 

III. Barnabas « Pratt, b. July 13, 1785; d. March 12, 1790. 

IV. Rachel^ Pratt, b. Feb. 9, 1788; ni. Eliphalet Sturtevant, 

March, 1807. She died March 11, 1817, at Hebron. 
V. Barnabas^ Pratt, b. March IS, 1790. Never married. 
VI. Susanna ^ Pratt, b. June 1, 1793. 

VII. Polly ^ Pratt, b. July 5, 1795; m. Eliphalet Sturtevant, April 
23, 1818. She died Nov. in, 1833. 
VIII. Cyprian^ Pratt, b. Aug. 8, 1797; m. Betsey Dunham, June 24, 
IX. RubyS Pratt, b. Feb. 14, 1801. 


JABEZ 5 CHURCHILL (Jabez,* Josiah,' William,^ Johx '). 
Born in Bridgewater, Mass., 1759. He enlisted in the Revolution- 
ary service, as private in Capt. Henry Prentiss's Company, Col. 
Thomas Marshall's Regiment, June 8, 1876 ; discharged Dec. 1, 
1776. Service five months twenty -four days. Again enlisted March 
27, 1777, in Capt. John Porter's Company, Col. Michael Jackson's 
Regiment ; age, 18 years ; residence, Bridgewater ; term of enlistment 
three years. One of his descendants claims that he served four 
years and nine days. About 1782 he went to Hebron, Me., and 
resided there afterwards. Married, 1785, Maria Benson. 

Children born in Hebron^ Me. 

346 I. Shepard,6 I b. 1786/7; m. Polly Dudley, Oct. 6, 1808. She was 

V of Hebron. 

347 11. JosiAH," j b. 1786/7; m. Rachel Curtis, of Woodstock, Me. 

348 III. Bela," m. Sarah Dudley. 

349 IV. Matthew," b. March 20, 1792; m. Dorothy Hall, of Falmouth. 

V. Ruhamah,^ b. Feb. 1, 1794; ra. Amos Winslow, Sept. 11, 1813. 

She d. in Buckfield, Dec. 10, 1877. He d. in Buckfield, Jan. 6, 

Children born in Buckfield. 

1. Amos Winslow, d. young. 

• 2. Hannah Winslow, d. young. 

3. Solomon Winslow, b. Aug. 21, 1820. 

4. Hiram Winslow, b. March 12, 1822. 

5. Stephen Winslow, b. Feb. 19, 1824. 


6. Maria Winslow, b. Dec. 22, 1826. 

7. Miranda Winslow, b. Aug. 17, 1829. 

8. George Clinton Winslow, b. July 12, 1832. 

9. Amos Kendall Winslow, b. July 28, 1834. 

350 VI. Jabez,^ m. TiRZAH Dudley. 
VII. Maecena,^ m. John Bicknell. 


JOSIAH ' CHURCHILL (Jabez/ Josiah,'^ William/ Johx '). 
Born, 1762, in Bridgewater, Mass. It is probable that he served in 
the Revolution in 1779 among the nine months' men. It is a tradi- 
tion in the family that he went to Hebron before the others, but 
after a few years removed to Yarmouth or Falmouth, Me. Mar- 
ried Lydia Orr. She died April 11, 1790, aged 25 years. 


351 I. JosiAH.^ No record. 


BENJAMIN^ CHURCHILL (Jabez,^ Josiah,-^ William,^ 
John ^). Born in Bridgewater about 1765, and removed with his 
mother and her family to Hebron in the spring of 1783 or '84 ; 
married 1st, Sally Benson. 

* Children born in Hebron, some, perhaps, elsewhere. 
I. Sally,® tn. Nathan Dudley. 

They lived at Oxford, Me., and had children. 

1. Benjamin Dudley. 

2. Caleb Dudley. 

3. Nathan Dudley. 

4. Samuel Dudley. 

5. Simon Dudley. 

6. William Dudley, d. in 1854. 

II. RuTH,^ m. Ebenezer Dudley, May 18, 1824, of Hebron, Me., in 


1. SethB. Dudley, b. 1825. 

2. Sarah Dudley, b. 1829. 

3. Jane Dudley, b. 1831. 

4. Daniel Dudley, b. 1834. 

5. Harrison Dudley. 

III. Celia,® m. Benjamin Witt, of Norway. 


1. Daniel Witt. | 3. Cyrus Witt, m. Angle Bird. 

2. George Witt. | 4. Betsey Witt. 

IV. PoLLY,*^ m. ( ) BiGELOW, of Worcester. 

One child. 
1. Harriet Bigelow. 
V. Rebecca,® m. William® Churchill (No. 333), g. v. 
VI. Miranda,® b. 1813; d. 1886, aged 73; m. John Witt, of Norway. 
VII. Olive,® m. RufusBriggs, of Norway. 

* Note — I am not sure that the above is the proper order of births. — Editor. 



1. Sarah Briggs, m. Albert Moss. 

2. Emmeline Briggs, unmarried. 

3. Ellen Briggs, m. Hiram Moore. 

4. Charles Briggs, lives in Indianapolis. 

5. Ada Briggs, married in Dallas, Texas. 


siAH,^ William,'- John^). Born in North Bridgewater, Mass., 
Nov. 1, 1767. Married Ephbaim Barrows, of Hebron, born 
Aug. 14, 1762. Served in the Revolution, from Plympton, Mass., 
June, 1778 ; age, 16. Died May 2, 1838. 


I. Jabez ^ Barrows, b. Jan. 16, 1786; d. in Foxcroft, Me. 
II. Abigail^ Barrows, b. July 15, 1787; m. Reuben Chandler. 
III. Ephraim '^ Barrows, Jr., b. Nov. ;j, 1789; d. in Bangor, Me. 
IV Benjamin^ Barrows, b. Sept. 2, 1792; d. in Norway, Me. 
V. Mary*^ Barrows, b. June 25, 1794. 
VI. JoEL*^ Barrows, b. May 17, 1796; d. in Sumner, Me. 
VII. Charlotte^ Barrows, b. Oct. 2, 1798; never married. 
VIII. IvEziAH ^ Barrows, b. April 27, 1801 ; never married. 
IX. LuciNDA^ Barrows, b. Sept. 25, 1803; m. Richard Houghton. 

X. Hiram ^ Barrows, b. May 7, 1805; d. in Otisfield, Me. 
XI. Miranda'' Barrows, b. Dec. 8, 1808; d. April 26, 1815. 


William,- John^).. Born in North Bridgewater, Mass., in 1772. 
Moved to Hebron, Me., with her mother in 1784-5. Married 1st, 
Jepthah Benson, who was born Sept. 4, 1763. Married 2d, 
John Bessey, as his second wife. We have found no record of 
children of first husband, but by riccond husband she had three 
children born in Paris, Me. 

Children hy Second Husband. 

I. Joshua® Bessey, b. May, 1802. 

II. Charity'^ Bessey, b. M irch, 1804; ru. John Thurlow, of Wood- 
III. Mahala ® Bessey, b. May, 1806; m. Sumner Stearns, of Bethel. 


ASAPH s CHURCHILL (Jabkz," Josiah,- William,- John'). 
Born in 1775 in Bridgewater, and lived in Hebron and Paris, Me. 
Married 1st, Betsey Dean : married 2d, 1806, Polly Merrill. 

* The name referred to this number was given incorrectly Celestia, and 
printed so before the error was discovered. One informant wrote the name in 
that way. No record of the family of Susan (140a) has been found. — Editor. 


Child of First Wife, born in Buckfield. 

352 I. Asaph,'' b. July 31, 1803; m. 1st, Sally Peterson, 1825; m. 2d, 

LoviNA Moody, 1842. 

Children of Second Wife, horn in Buckfield. 

353 II. HiRAM,^ b. Aug. 20, 1808; m. 1st, Margaret Tarbox; m. 2d, 

Melinda S. Rockwell. 
854 III. Nathaniel,^ b. May 28, 1810; m. Abby W. Stevens, of Shap- 

leigb, Me. 
355 IV. Elbridge,*' b. Jan. 28, 1812; m. 1st, Mary Peterson; m. 2d, 
Abbie Cole. 
V. Betsey,^ b. Jan. 22, 1814; m. Martin Chcrchill.(No. 732), q.v. 
3oG VI. Albert,'' b. May 21, 1816; m. Mercy Freeman. 

VII. Polly,^ b. May 26, 1818; m. Hanson Ham, of Saco. She had two 
children who died in infancy. She died at the age of 48 years. 

Children born, probably, in Paris, Me. 
VIII. LucY,6 b. March 4, 1822; m. 1st, ( ) ( ); m. 2d, Isaac 


1. Child by first husband died in infancy. 

children by Second Husband. 

, 2. Lizzie P. Scamman, b. in Portland, Sept. 14, 1852; m. Fred C. 


3. Mary E. Scamman, b. in Porthind, Sept. 2, 1854; m. John T". 


4. Charles L. Scamman, b. in Presque Isle, June 28, 1858 ; m. Vira 


5. Helen Amanda Scamman, b. in Presque Isle, March 12, 1860; 

d. Dec. 18, 1860. 

IX. Nancy,« b. Feb. 8, 1824 ; m. John F. Emery, Dec. 10, 18-^ 


1. Lyman C. Emery, b. April 6, 1846, in Alfred, Me.; d. Sept. 2, 

1847, in Portlani\ Me. 

2. Infant son, b. July 10, 1848, in Portland, Me; d. July 18, 1848. 

3. John C, b. Sept. 16, 1850, in Saco, Me.; d. Oct. 17, 1851. 

4. Howard, b. Oct. 3, 1^53; m. Elizabeth A. Sanborn, June 15, 


5. Herbert, b. Oct. 10, 1856, in Saco, Me.; d. Dec. 17, 1863. 


JOHNS CHURCHILL (Israel/ Josiah,^ William/ John i). 
Born (probably) at Tribes' Hill, in the Mohawk Valley, and settled 
at Yonge, Leeds County, Ont. Married Anna Hewitt. 

Children born in Yonge, Ont. 

I. Nancy, ^ b. 1802 ; m. James Nicholson. 

II. Jane,® b. 1805; m. John Chapman. 

357 III. David Russell,* b. 1808; m. Jane McVeigh. 

IV. Mary Ann,^ b. 1810; m. John Bdi.nes. 

V. William,^ b. 1812; never married. 

VI. RuHAMA,® b. 1814; m. John Cowan. 


358 VII. JoHN,6b.]81G; m. 1st, ( )( ); m. 2d, Sophia Tompkins. 

"VIII. Edward Sydney,^ b. 1818; never married. 

IX. Elizabeth,^ b. 1820; never married. 

X. Eleanor,® b. Sept. 15, 1822; m. Peter Kellet. 

XI. Maria.® b. 1824:; m. Omar Cook. 

359 XII. Jones,® b. 1829; m. Elizabeth Forrester. 
XIII. Charles Stuart,® never married. 


JOSEPH 5 CHURCHILL (Israel," Josiah/ William/ John '). 
Born at Tribes Hill, probably. Settled at Yonge near Farmers- 
ville, Out. Married Abigail Hanley. 

Children born at Yonge. 

I. EzRA,®b. 1800. No further record. 

II. Hannah.® 

III. EzEKiEL.® No further record. 

360 IV. Jehiel,6 b. Feb. 9, 1807; m. Sarah Shanard. No record. 

V. Lucy Ann,® m. ( ) Beebe. 

VI. Lewis.® No further record. 

VII. Albert.® No further record. 

VIII. Dorcas,® m. ( ) Beebe. 


"William,- John '). Born in the JNIohawk Valley, June 27, 1789. 
Settled at Pickering, Canada. Married, April 29, 1810, Charlotte 
Barry. He died at Pickering, Ontario County. When married 
they were both of the Township of Yonge, County Leeds, District 
of Joh Jstown, Canada West. 

Children born in Yonge. 

861 I. Levius,® b. Jan. 29, 1812; m. Delilah Betts, Nov. fi, 1836. 

II. Almira,® b. Nov. 12, 1814; m. David Hogle. April 21, 1842. 

III. Eleanor,® b Dec. 23, 1818; m. William Marr, of Pickering, 

Nov. 3], 1839. 

IV. Harriet,® b. Feb. 20, 1826; m. Thomas Hubbert, Oct. 21, 1843. 

362 V. Charles,® b. Oct. 8, 1828; m. Jane Major, May 10, 1848. 


JACOBS CHURCHILL (Joseph,* Josiah,^ William,^ John^). 
Born in Gloucester or Scituate, R.I. Lived in Gloucester till after 
1790, then near Providence, and thence moved to Williamstown, Vt. 
He was a nail maker. He died in Sterling, N.Y., in 1847. Mar- 
ried, 1788, at or near Bellows Falls, Vt., Abigail Turner, of 
Gloucester, R.I. Abigail died in Vermont about 1830. 


363 I. William T.,® b. June 21, 1790; m. Isabel Gilbert. 
II. Susan,® b. 1794; m. Timothy Claflin. 


1. Maria Claflin, m. Van Allen. 

364 III. Aktemas,^ b. Aug. 4, 1797; m. Annie Mattison, Dec. 31, 1820. 
IV. Lydia,^ unmarried. 

V. Olive, ^ b. 1799; m. Eli Boctelle. 
VI. Gardner,* never married. 

365 VII. Palmer,'' b. 1805 ; m. Susan Henry. 

3<>6 VIII. Otis,« b. Oct. 10, 1808 ; m. Maria Vaughn. 
367 IX. Jacob,« b. July 13, 1810; m. Clarissa Vaughn, 1830. 
X. Abigail,® m. David Fish. 
XI. Sophia,® m. George Vanderwater. 


BENJAMIN^ CHUECHILL (Joseph,* Josiah/ William,^ 
John ^). Born in Bristol County, Mass., 1778. Settled with his 
brothers, Samuel, Nathaniel, and William, in Westminster, Vt., 
some time before October, 1799. Lived for a time at Putney, and 
then in Westminster. He may have removed to Washington 
County, N.Y., where his oldest brother Jacob lived at Fort Edward, 
and Nathaniel at Fort Ann. Married, at Putney, Oct. 6, 1799, 
Temperance Perky, of Putney, Vt., by Asa Washburn, Justice of 
the Peace. 

Children born in Putney, Vt. 

368 I. Sylvester,® b. March 6, 1801 ; ni. Fanny Davenport. 
II. Temperance.® 

' III. Araminta.® 

369 IV. Erastus,® b. Dec. 13, 1809; m. Almira Churchill. 

370 V. Charles Perry,® b. March ^9. 1812; ni. 1st, Amelia Ann Daven- 

port, March 20, 1834; m. 2d, Elizabeth Van Sheick, Sept. 
12, 1856. 
VI. Irena.® 

371 VII. James,® m. 1st, Charlotte ( ); m. 2d, ( ). 


ALVA 5 CHUECHILL (Jacob,* Josiah,^ William,- John^). 
Born in Stockbridge. Joined the church there in 1803. Settled at 
first in Stockbridge, but after the first wife's death removed to 
Lenox, thence to ISTew Marlborough, and lived there till 1817, when 
the family removed to Pennsylvania. Married 1st, Arvilla 
Andrus, daughter of Elisha, of Great Barrington ; 2d, Ann Mott. 

Children of First Wife, first three horn in Stockbridge. 
I. Achsah,® m. Dunham Ross. He died during the Civil War. 

She died in 1852, leaving a family of six children, viz. : (1) 
Dunham Ross, (2) Develon Ross, (3) Dennis Ross, (4) Lillis 
Ross, (5) Phebe Ross, (6) Amanda Ross. 

372 II. Calvin W.,® b. July 23, 1809; m. 1st, Luna Holcomb, Nov. 8, 

1832 ; m. 2d, Mehitable Gee. 


III. Amanda,^ m. Hakry Bailey. Five cliiklren, viz. : (I) Festus 
Bailey, (2) Sybil Bailey, (o) Persons Bailey, (4) Lution Bailey, 
(5) Arvilla Bailey. 

373 IV. La Fayette, « b. June 22, 1828; m. Susanna Vrooman, Dec. 21, 



SEYMOURS CHURCHILL (Jacob/ Josiah,^ William,^ 
John ^). Born in Stockbridge, and lived and died there. Married 
Rebecca Palmer. 

Children horn in Stockbridge. 

374 I. RoswELL Palmer,® b. Sept. 14, 1818; m. Maria Knapp. 
II. William Pitt, ^ d. young; unmarried. 

III. Charles Seymour,® d. at the age of 18. 


DANIEL 5 CHURCHILL (Jacob/ Josiah/ William,- John '). 
Born in Stockbridge. Lived at Newark Valley, N.Y. We have not 
been able to find anything further about this family. Married 
Experience Stafford. 

I. Mary.® 
II. Seymour.® 

Said to have been a physician in Oswego, N.Y. 


JACOBS MILES CHURCHILL (Jacob,^ Josiah,^ William,- 

JoHN '). Born in Stockbridge, May 10, 1799. Lived in Delhi, 

N.Y. He died Jan. 14, 1876. Married Lucinda Thompson, at 

Stockbridge, Mass., where she was born May 30, 1800. She died 

Oct. 5, 1880. 


I. Pamelia,® b. Feb. 18, 1826; m. 1st, Alfred Fitch, at Delhi, May 
22, 1849. Mr. Fitch died Sept. 23, 1854; m. 2d, Joseph II. 
FooTE, May 21, 1856. He was a physician, at Franklin, N.Y. 

Child by First Husband. 

1. Helen B. Fitch, h. April 3, 1850; d. Nov. 8, 1865. 

Children by Second Husband. 

2. Julia Foote, b. April 8, 1858; d. April 26, 1858. 

3. Stella Foote, b. July 1, 1850. 

375 II. Charles F.,® b. in Delhi, N.Y., May 20, 1837; ra. Harriet F. 

Armstrong, June 14, 1876. 
III. Helen,® b. Oct. 1, 1844; d. May 15, 1845. 



GEORGE 5 CHURCHILL (Ebenezer,^ Joh^ John/ JohnI). 
Boru in Plymouth, April 18, 1761. Served in Revolution in Capt. 
Ebenezer Washburn's Company, Col. Eleazer Brook's Regiment. 
Enlisted Nov. 7, 1777 ; served to Feb. 3, 1778 ; in regular army, 
1779. Descriptive list says 18 years old, stature, five feet eleven 
inches ; complexion, dark ; residence, Plymouth. He died at 
Martha's Vineyard, Sept. 14, 1796. Married, April 2, 1786, Eliza- 
beth Haklow. 


376 I. Ebenezer,^ b. March 19, 1787; m. Elizabeth Peabodt. 

II. Elizabeth,^ b. July 25, 1789. 

III. Branch, 6 b. Aug. 23, 1792. 

IV. Sarah Warren," b. July 15, 1795. 



ASAHEL « CHURCHILL (Samuel/ Samuel/ John/ Joseph/ 
JoHN^). Born in Stockbridge, jVIass., Jnly 3, 1769; baptized Aug. 
6, 1769. After marriage removed to New York State and settled on 
the Susquehanna River, about nine miles above Oswego, now Apa- 
lachin. The family removed from that place about 1809, came 
down the river into Pennsylvania, across the country to the Ohio 
River, and then down that stream to Cincinnati, at that time a 
small village. The party consisted of Asahel's family, including 
his daughter Sarah and her husband, Mary, Daniel, Olive, and 
Samuel. From Cincinnati they went into Indiana and settled at 
Brookville in Franklin County, then scarcely more than a wilder- 
ness. The Indians were not friendly, and the families, for security, 
gathered into block-houses at night. About two years after the 
settlement there, Asahel, the father, died, leaving the family in 
destitute circumstances. The mother lived to be 95 years old, and 
died in 1864. Married, Feb. 4, 1785, Polly Hart, who was born 
July 3, 1769. 

' Children. 
I. Sarah,' m. George Giltner. 


1. Asahel Giltner, b. July 

16, 1809. 

2. Milton Giltner, . , . 
o A 1 n-ii. V twins. 

3. Amanda Giltner 


4. Pamelia Giltner. 

5. Hamilton Giltner. 

6. William Giltner. 

7. John Giltner. 

II. Mart,' ra. ( ) Mount. 

III. Olive.' 

IV. Asahel ' Jr., d., aged 9 years. 

377 V. William,' b. 1795; m. Hannah Freeland. 

377a VI. Samuel,' m. 1st, ( ) Abernath ; m. 2d, Mrs. Snowdon. 

378 VH. Daniel,' b. 1800; m. 1st, Nancy Street; m. 2d, Julia Street. 


SAMUEL « CHURCHILL (Samuel/ Samuel,"* John/ Joseph/ 
JoHN^). Born in Stockbridge, Jan. 9, 1772. Married, Feb. 25, 
1796, Phebe Seward, who was born Dec. 10, 1771. 



Children . 

I. Frederick Seward,' b. Sept. 9, 1797; d. at 20 years. 

379 II. Lyman,' b. Sept. 17, 1799; m. Charlotte Dewey, Sept. 20, 1826. 

III. Phebe,' b. Jan. 14, 1803; m. Henry Curtis, Dec. 14, 1824. 

IV. Caroline,' b. April 30, 1805; m. Federal Whittlesey, Dec. 15, 

V. Jerdsha,' b. Jan. 3, 1808; m. Albert Broavn, Oct. 10, 1827. 

Children born in Stockhridge, Mass., and Schenectady, N.Y. 

1. Theodore Backus Brown, b. July 20, 1828; m. Julia E. Strong. 

2. Emily Brown, b. May 30, 1830; d. in infancy. 

3. Henrietta Brown, b. July 17, 1832; d. young. 

4. Clinton C. Brown, b. Jan. 16, 1835; m. Anna Eamsay, Oct. 20, 


5. Emily W. Brown, b. Nov. 22, 1836. 

6. Mary G. Brown, b. Nov. 30, 1841 ; m. Clark Brooks. 

7. Alice Seward Brown, b. April 7, 1844. 

380 VI. Henry,' b. July 7, 1812; m. Sarah Dewey, May 20, 1835. 


BANIEL« CHURCHILL (Samuel/ Samuel,* John,^ Joseph,^ 
John ^). Born in Stockbridge, June 7, 1778, and lived there or 
in the vicinity. Married, May 25, 1799, Jerusha Willard, who 
was born Jan. 31, 1778. 

Children horn in Stockbridge or Vicinity. 

I. Mary,' b. 1800. 
II. Abbie,' b. 1803; m. ( ) Cooper. 

381 III. William C.,' b. July 7, 1810; m. 1st, Eliza S. Ariel; m. 2d, 

Jane W. Leonard ; m. 3d, Caroline Sherrill. 

382 IV. Samuel,' b. 1811 ; m. Mary Taylor, of Lee, Mass., Oct. 14, 18.35. 


JOB« CHURCHILL (Barnabas,^ Barnabas," Barnabas,^ 
Joseph,- John ^). Born at Plymouth, March 2, 1787, and lived 
there. Married, Dec. 18, 1808, Hannah T. Harlow, daughter of 
Jesse, of Plymouth. 

Children horn in Plymouth. 

383 I. Barnabas,' b. Sept. 30, 1809 ; m. Eliza Eddy, March 10, 1833. 
II. Job,' b. Jan. 17, 1812; ra. 1st, Jane D. Reed, Oct. 27, 1833; m 

2d, Widow Susan Rogers, September, 1853; m. 3d, Widow 
Nancy J. Stetson, Oct. 10, 1863; no children. 

384 III. Sylvanus H.,' b. Feb. 23, 1815; m. Lucretia Ann Bacon, Oct. 

10, 1837, dau. of Captain George. 
IV. Hannah Faunce,' b. Jan. 1, 1817; m. Allen Holmes, March 17, 
1840. She d. Feb. 12, 1884. 

Children horn at Plymouth. 

1. Susan Augusta Holmes, b. May 16, 1841 

2. Allen Turner Holmes, b. Dec. 18, 1844. 

3. Frank Holmes, b. September, 1846. 

4. Esther Holmes, died in infancy. 


V. Sally,'' b. Dec. 14, 1819; d. Feb. Ifi, 1821. 
VI. Sally,'' b. Nov. 23, 1821 ; d. April 20, 1823. 
385 VII. Cornelius Bradford,' b. March 26, 1824; m. 1st, Sarah F. 
Gushing, Nov. 15, 184G ; m. 2d, Carrie R. Taylor, of Natchez, 
La., Dec. 6, 1856. He d. at New Orleans, Nov. 6, 1879. 


ICHABOD« CHURCHILL (Iohabod/ Joseph,^ Babnabas,^ 
Joseph,- John^). Born in Middleboro', Mass., Jnly 21, 1772. 
Lived in Bridge water, Vt., was a farmer, and died in Stowe, Vt., 
1834. Married Prisctlla Meacham. She was born April 30, 
17S0, and died in Stowe about 1840. 

Children born in Bridgeivaier, Vt. 

I. Salome,' b. April 3, 1807; m. Jonathan Barrows, of Stowe, Vt. 
38(} II. Joseph,' b. Aug. 26, 1811; m. Eliza Ann Russell, of Stowe, Vt., 

Feb. 28, 1833. 
III. Abigail.' 


NOAH 6 CHURCHILL (Ichabod,^ Joseph,* Barnabas,^ 
Joseph,- John ^). He was born in Middleboro', Mass., May 29, 1774. 
but went to Woodstock, Vt., in his father's family, at an early age. 
He lived in Stowe, and was one of the leading men of that town, first 
selectman of the town, and representative to the Legislature. He 
was the first man married in town, — the "Intentions of Marriage " 
being published by the town-clerk, Josiah Hurlburt, at the " rais- 
ing " of James Town's barn. " The clerk stood on one of the plates 
of the frame and cried aloud, ' Hear ye ! Hear ye ! marriage is in- 
tended between Noah Churchill and Polly Marshall,' " giving the 
date and adding the usual ascription, " God save the people ! " He 
died Nov. 4, 1843. Married, May 29, 1798, Polly Marshall, of 
Waterbury, Vt. She was born in Dudley, Mass., August, 1782, and 
died in Stowe, Jan. 5, 1849. She was the daughter of Amasa and 
Tamar Marshall. 

Children horn in Stowe., Vt. 

I. Hiram,' b. June 4, 1799; d. Sept. 4, 1803. 

II. Sarah,' b. March 23, 1801 ; d. Sept. 30, 1803. 

III. Minerva,' b. Oct. 23, 1802; d. June 1, 1815. 

IV. Almira,' b. Feb. 7, 1805 ; m. Kendrick Jenney, Dec. 4, 1830. 

She d. 1843. 

Children . 

1. Harriet Jenney. 3. Ann Jenney. 

2. Edwin C. Jenney, d. 4. Lucia Jenney. 

at 20 years. 5. George Jenney. 

V. Noah,' b. June 8, 1806; d. May 23, 1809. 
VI. Hiram Noah,' b. Aug. 27, 1807; d. Aug. 11, 1810. 
VIL Milan,' b. Jan, 5, 1811; d. Sept. 26, 1811. 


387 VIII. Stillman,' b. Sept 13, 1812; ni. Roxa Ann Marsh, of Mont- 
pelia, Vt., May 20,»l.s41. 

388 IX. Edwin,' b. Jan. 4, 1815; m. Mary M. Robinson, of Stowe, March 

5, 1837. 

389 X. Heman Allen,' b. July 27, 1816; m. Mariette L. Benson, 

of Stowe, May 1, 1844. 
XI. Harriet E.,' b. March 30, 1823; d. Sept. 4, 1824. 


WILLIAM « CHURCHILL (Ichabod/ Joseph,^ Barnabas,^ 

Joseph,- Johx '). Born in Middleboro', Mass., Nov. 12, 1776. He 

lived in Stowe, Vt., a farmer, and died about 1830. Married 1st, 

Jan. 1, 1802, Eunice Badger, of Bridgewater, Vt. ; married 2d, 

Orinda Badger. 

Children born in Stowe, Vt. 

31)0 I. John,' b. Oct. 2, 1802; m. Experience Hale. 

II. Lyman,' b. Feb. 12, 1804; died young. 

391 III. William,' b. Aug. 16, 1805; m. Adaline H. Darling, of Water- 

bury, Vt., Aug. 15, 1830. 
IV. Lucy,"' b. Sept. 3, 1807; m. William Small, of Morristown, Vt. 

392 V. Norman,' b. Jan. 15, 1811; ra. Eliza Spaulding. 
VI. Jefferson,' b. Sept. 12, 1815. 

Children of Second Wife. 

VII. Eunice,' m. William Jenkins. 
VIII. Orinda.' 


JOSEPH 6 CHURCHILL (Ichabod,^ Joseph," Barnabas,^ 
Joseph,- John '). Born in Middleboro', Mass., Dec. 25, 1777. 
Was taken with his father's family to Woodstock, Vt., in 1780, and 
there grew to manhood, working on the farm and attending the 
public school. He was five feet ten inches in stature, light com- 
plexion, gray eyes, dark hair. He was a farmer and lived in 
Stowe, Vt., until after 1830, when he removed to the West and 
settled for a time in Illinois. He died in Benton City, Iowa, March 
21, 1857. Married 1st, in Stowe, Vt., Dec. 25, 1803, Dorothy 
Marshall. She died in Stowe, Vt., May 2, 1829. Married 2d, in 
Champaign, 111., May 2, 1832, Betsey Parker. 

Children horn in Stowe, Vt. 

I. Emily,' b. June 18, 1805; d. March 12, 1820. 

393 II. Almond M.,' b. April 24, 18U8 ; m. Anna Lovejoy, March 24, 


III. Adaline,' b. July 27, 1812; m. John W. Sessions, in Stowe, Jan. 

22, 1832. 

Mr. Sessions was a cabinet-maker, but they removed to Wood- 
stock, Ohio, and he was there settled as a minister. After his death 
she lived in North Lewisburg, Ohio, and died there in 1897-8. 

IV. Sophronia,' b. Jan. 27, 1817; d. Aug. 22, 1817, in Stowe, Vt. 
V. Sdsan,' b. Jan. 16, 1823; d. March 6, 1823, in Stowe, Vt. 



JESSE" CHURCHILL (Ichabod,^ Joseph,^ Barnabas/^ 
Josii:PH,- JoHN^). Born in Woodstock, Vt., May 8, 1792, and was 
brought up there on his father's farm, attended the district school, 
and learned the trade of wheelwright. He served in the war of 1812. 
He lived in Woodstock, Vt., where he was a farmer as well as a 
wheelwright. Married, at Plymouth, Vt., March 1, 1819, Mary 
Washburn, of Woodstock. She died March 14, 1859. 

Children horn in Woodstock. 

394 I. Alden p./ b. July 8, 1822; m. Euzabeth M. Oilman. 

395 II. Horace M.,' li- Auij. 8, 1824; ni. Maky Ann Flynn, in Fitchburg, 

Mass., Nov. 1, 18(!0. 

Enlisted in the 53(1 Ucgiment Massachusetts Volunteers in Civil 
War. Served v^'ith the army in Louisiana, and died in the service 
from exposure. No record of children. 

30(> III. Jesse F.,^ b. Dec. 16, 1826; nv Saiuia Cakter, at Bellows Falls, 
Vt., Aug. 2, 1854. 

LEVI" CHURCHILL (Joskph,^ Joseiii,' Barnabas," Joseph,- 
JoHN '). ])orn in Middleboro', Mass., April 24, 1772. Lived in 
Woodstock, Vt., and died there. May 4, 1845. He was a farmer. 
Married 1st, at Woodstock, Vt., 1798, Pimscilla Simmons. She 
died 17'.**.), without issue; 2d, 180- Keziah Fletcher; she died 
June 4, 184*). 

Children of Second Wife, horji at Woodstock, Vt. 

I. Priscilla E.,' b. 1807; d. unmarried in 187G. 
II. Oramel W.,' b. 1809; d. unmarried in 1878. 
397 III. EoMDND Fletcher,^ b. 1811; m. Maria Marble, at Ilartland, 

Vt., Sept. 25, 1844. 
39S IV. Levi,- b. Sept. 16, ISlo; m. Elizabeth M. Proctor, Oct. 2, 
V. Harriet,' b. 1S1.">; m. George Merrifield. No children. 


JOSEPH" CHURCHILL (Joseph,^ Joseph,^ Barnabas,'- 

Joseph,- John'). Born in Woodstock, Vt., July 7, 1781. Lived in 
Woodstock, Vt. ; was a painter by trade, and died Aug. 25, 187.3. 
Married, Eeb. 24, 1813, Mrs. Clara (Meecham) Eddy, widow of 
Stafford Eddy. She died in 1870. 

Children horn at Woodstock, Vt. 

I. Laura Meecham,' b. Oct. 18, 1814; d. unmarried, Oct. 27, 1885. 
II. Mary Eddy,' b Jan. 18, 1816. Living unmarried in Elizabeth- 
town, N.Y , 1896. 


III. Elizabeth Palmer,' b. March 17, 1818 ; m. Stafford Eddy Hale, 

Sept. 23, 1843. She d. March 8, 1871. 


1. Frederick Churchill Hale, b. June 24, 1844; m. Mary Louise 

Kenicutt, June, 1878, at Wlieeling, 111. 

2. Clara Lucinda Hale, b. Jan. 12, 1851. Lives at Elizabethtown, 


3. Joseph Churchill Hale, b. Sept. 6, 1855. Lives at Leadville, 


IV. Frederick Meecham,' b. 1820; d. at Woodstock, Oct. 3, 1835. 
V. Sarah,' b. Jan. 20, 1822. Liveil at Elizabethtown, N.Y. 

VI. Joseph,' b. June, 1828; d. unmarried at Woodstock, Oct. 15, 1882, 


GEN. SYLVESTER « CHURCHILL ( Jo.seph,^ Joseph/ Bar- 
nabas," Joseph,- John '). Born at Woodstock, Vt., Aug. 2, 1783. 
He was reared in that town and received his education in the public 
schools there. He early showed somewhat of the fibre and calibre 
of his mind and ambition. He found time and means of training 
for leadership of men. At the age of twenty-five we find him pub- 
lishing a weekly newspaper at Windsor, Vt., called the "Vermont 
Republican," which he continued until 1812, during which time 
he was largely instrumental in changing the politics of his 
State from Federal to Democratic. He was active in military 
affairs, and upon the outbreak of the War of 1812 he was appointed 
captain of infantry, but declined, and, having recruited a company 
of light artillery, received a commission as first lieutenant of artil- 
lery in the army. Under General Dearborn, and later, he rendered 
distinguished service with this company, which under his drill became 
very efficient. It was his company which constructed the battery 
at Burlington, Vt., under whose protecting guns Commodore 
McDonough's storm-crippled and weakened fleet took shelter from 
the furious attacks of the British, till the necessary repairs were 
made. He was promoted to captain and served in the Chateaugay 
campaign under General Wade Hampton, and soon after was ap- 
pointed inspector general with rank of major, Avhich position he 
held till the close of the war, serving on the staffs of General Wil- 
kinson, General Izard, and General McComb, successively. He still 
retained his office as inspector-general, and was stationed at differ- 
ent points on the Northern frontier and Atlantic coast. He was 
called to active service in the Creek Indian war of 1836, where he 
won distinguished honor by his administration, and was promoted 
to a colonelcy, to succeed General Wool, promoted in 1841. In 
1845, by President Polk's clumsy attempt to reduce the army roster, 
Colonel Churchill was retired with honor, but upon the reassembling 


of Congress lie was at once restored to his rank and position. In 
1846, by General Wool's special request, Colonel Churchill went 
with him to Mexico, and, as most of the forces were raw recruits, 
his work of directing the training and drilling, and rigidly holding 
officers and men up to a proper military standard of efficiency, was 
very arduous, and at first made him unpopular, but soon afterwards 
resulted in his becoming one of the most honored and beloved officers 
in the army. At the battle of Buena Vista his heroism and wise post- 
ing of troops in the temporary absence of the general officers un- 
doubtedly saved the whole army from disaster, and resulted in a 
victory. His horse was shot under him, but he escaped without 
wounds. For his gallant services in this battle he was promoted 
to brigadier-general by brevet. After the Mexican war he retained 
his position, being engaged for many months mustering out the 
returning troops. Then up to 1856 he was engaged in the duty of 
inspecting the army posts, travelling at least 10,000 miles a year to 
all the frontier outposts. In 1856 a long-continued and confirmed 
lameness demanded his release from his arduous duties, and he was 
retired with high honor from his post. He died in Washington, 
D.C., Dec. 7, 1862, in his 80th year. General Churchill married, at 
Windsor, Vt., Aug. 30, 1812, Lucy Hunter, daughter of William 
and Mary (Newell) Hunter, born at Windsor, Vt., July 17, 1786, 
and died at Carlisle, Pa., Sept. 6, 1862. 


I. Helen Susan,' b. at Governor's Island, N.Y., May 29, 1817; d. 
Sept. 27, 1818. 
399 II. William Hunter,' b. at Fort Wood, Bedloe's Island, July 8, 1819 ; 

m. Elizabeth M. Cuyler, of Savannah, Ga., 1844. 

III. Mary Helen,' b. at Windsor, Vt., Aug. 30, 1821 ; ra. Spencer F. 

Baird, at Carlisle, Pa., Aug. 8, 1846. He was born Feb. 3, 
1823, and died at Wood's Holl, Mass., Aug. 19, 1887. Mrs. M. 
H. Baird died at Washington, D.C., Dec. 22, 1891. 


1. Lucy Hunter Baird, b. at Carlisle, Pa., Feb. 8, 1848. Resides 
in Philadelphia, Pa. 

IV. FitANKLiN Hunter,' b. at Fort Hamilton, April 22, 1823; d. un- 

married at Newport, R.I., May 24, 1889. He was educated as a 
lawyer and practised for years in Brooklyn, N.Y. He prepared 
and published a sketch of his father's life in the later years of 
his own life. 
V. Capt. Charles Courcelle,' b. at Allegheny Arsenal, Pittsburgh, 
Pa., July 18, 182.^. He received a thorough military education, 
and was appointed captain of Third Artillery, U.S.A. ; m. at Port- 
land, Me., April 22, 1868, Alice Dow, dau. of William H. and 
Delia L. He resides, in 1903, at Newport R.I. 




ISAAC « CHURCHILL (Joseph,^ Joseph/ Barnabas,' Joseph, 
JoHN-i). Born in Woodstock, Vi, Feb. 19,1787. Lived there, a 
merchant, and died Dec. 7, 1870, in the 84th year of his age. 
Married, at Woodstock, Oct. 18, 1824, Julia Arnold, daughter of 
Isaac and Sarah (Howe) Arnold, born in Manslield, Conn , Nov. 12, 
1797, and died at Woodstock, Vt., Sept. 18, 1879. 

Children of Isaac and Julia Churchill, horn at Woodstock. 
I. Maria Frances,' b. Sept. 21, 1825; m. Edward Johnson, son of 
Eliakim and Mary (Hall) Johnson, b. Sept. 18, 1823, at Walling- 
ford, Vt., and died at Port au Prince, Hayti, Sept. 15, 1864. 

Children of Edward and Maria F. {Churchill) Johnson. 

' 1. Julia Churchill Johnson, b. at Woodstock, Jan. 19, 1855, m. 
Edwin A. Vaughan. They settled at Princeton, 111., and had 
one child, Marjorie Vaughan, b. Sept. 25, 1885. 

2. Frederick Churchill Johnson, b. at Montgomery, Ala., Nov. 3, 

1858, and died there April 10, 1860. 

3. Philip Edward Johnson, b. at Woodstock, June 7, 1861. 

II. Delia Arnold,' b. Sept. 4, 1833; m. Ward A. Thompson, who 
was born at Bridgewater, Vt., April 24, 1835, son of Ovid and 
Waitstill (Shurtleff) Thompson. 

Children of Ward A. and Delia A. {ChurcMll) Thompson. 

1. Arthur Churchill Thompson, b. at Woodstock, July 8, 1864, 

and died there Sept. 30, 1883. 

2. Mary Thompson, b. at Woodstock, May 8, 1866. 


NATHANIEL" CHURCHILL (Nathaniel,'' Lemuel,^ Bar- 
nabas,'' Joseph, - John ^). Born in Yarmouth, N.S., Nov. 22, 1773, 
and lived there until 1831. They, with most of their sons and 
daughters, in 1831 removed to Ontario and settled in the vicinity 
of what is now Bealton. He died at Townsend, Ont., 1850 
Married, at Mangersville, 1797, Eunice Kinney, born April 19, 
1782 ; married by Parson Basley. She died in Buford, Out., in 

409 I. Nathaniel,'' b. May 0, 1799; m. Jerusha Freeman, July 30, 


401 II. Jesse,'' b. Jan. 7, 1801; m. 1st, Phebe Barlow; m. 2(1, Mary 


402 III. Charles,' b. Jan. 1, 1803; m. Mary J. Dumphy. 
IV. Eliza,' b. M;irch 19, 1805; m. Daniel Kinney. 


1. Daniel Kinney. I 5. Jesse Kinney. 

2. Rhoda Kinney. | (5. Stephen Kinney. 

3. Cyrus Kinney. 7. Israel Kinney. 

4. Eunice Kinney. | 8. Susan Kinney. 

Said to have been three nice children, names not received. 


403 V. Isaiah,' b. Feb. 6, 1807; m. Mary Freel. 

VI. Rhoda,' b. Dec. 22, 1809; m. John Schneider. 


1. Jolin Schneider, Jr. I 3. Rhoda Schneider. 

2. Winslow Schneider. | 4. Nathaniel Schneider. 

VII. Susannah,^ b. Dec. 23, 1811 ; in. Frederick John Vv'hitfield, 
Dec. 24, 1828. He wa.s born in Woolwich, England, May 9, 
1800; m., as above, in Wakefield, N.B. They lived in varions 
towns of Canada, as the birtlis of the children show. Died in 
Paris, C.W., Oct. 21, 1865. She died in Keen, Mich., July 21, 
1862. This family moved from New Brunswick to Ontario in 


1. Mariah Whitfield, b. Wakefield, N.B., March 19, 1830; d. in 

Upper Canada, Oct. 13, 1831. 

2. Dr. George Frederick Whitfield, b. in Hamilton, C.W., Nov. 

30, 1832; m. Phebe Brant. 

Dr. Whitfield was a prominent physician in Grand Rapids, 
Mich., and furnished valuable help upon this line of the 

3. John Isaiah Whitfield, b. in Selfleet, C.W., Fob. 23, 1835; m. 

Kate Knapp. 

4. Charles Watts Whitfield, b. in Selfleet, C.W., April 17, 1837; 

m. 1st, Orphia White; m. 2d, Phebe Fletcher. 

5. Thomas Nice Wliitfield, b. in Burford, C.W., Oct. 29, 1830; 

d., Baltimore, Md., Dec. 6, 1863, in Marine Hospital. 

6. Nathaniel Churchill Whitfield, b. in Norwich, C.W., May 7, 

1843; m. 1st, Julia Wooil ; m. 2d, Amelia M. Atkins, 

7. Henry Allen AVhitfield, b. in Burford, C.W., May 14, 1845; m. 

Minnie Wead. 

8. Rebecca Carr Whitfield, b. in Burford, C.W., July 23, 1847; 

m. Orrin T. Fuller. 

9. James Carr Whitfield, b. in Burford, C.W., June 11, 1849; d. 

June 25, 1849. 
10. Zenas FUiot Bliss Whitfield, b. July 1, 1854. 
Israel,' b. March 13, 1813; m. Eliza Dumphy. 
Elias Winslow,' b. Jan. 26, 1817. No further record. 
Eunice,' b. Sept. 26, 1818. 
Maria,' b. July 20, 1823; m. Thomas Gardner. 


1. Eliza J. Gardner, b. Norwich, Can., Feb. 17, 1843. 

2. John W. Gardner, b. Brantford, Oct. 19, 1844. 

3. Martha M. Gardner, b. Brantford, Oct. 26, 1846. 

4. Ethelyn Gardner, b. Keen, Mich., Oct. 18, 1848. 

5. Julia Gardner, b. Keen, Mich., Feb. 6, 1851. 

6. Wellington Gardner, b. Keen, Mich., May 1, 1853. 

7. Annie May Gardner, b. Keen, Mich., Feb. 25, 1856. 

8. Charles Gardner, b. Keen, Mich., Aug. 17, 1858. 

9. Thomas W. Gardner, b. Keen, Mich., Dec. 3, 1860. 
10. Neadora Gardner, b. Keen, Mich., Dec. 16, 1862. 

406 XII. Richard Watts,' b. July 19, 1826; m. 1st, Mary C. Taylor; m. 
2d, Mahala Beal. 


LEMUEL « CHURCHILL (Nathaniel/ Lemuel,'* Barnabas," 
Joseph,- John '). Bom in Yarmouth, N.S., Eeb. 20, 1777. The 
information relating to this family is meagre and very late in com- 








ing, so that in the first mention we had to report '' no further record," 
but since that have received the few items below. He lived in New 
Brunswick, Carlton County, removed to Niagara Township, Upper 
Canada. My informant, Mr. George W. Boyer, of Hartland, K.B., 
is able to give but little account of his after life. He died Dec. 14, 
1859. Married 1st, Lois Foster, who was born April 21, 1783 ; 
married 2d, Mary Brown. 

Children by First Wife, born in New Brunswick. 

406a I. James C.,' b. Feb. 18, 1805. He had three wives, as will appear. 

40(>b II. Amos,' m. Eleanor Sinclair. 

III. Stephen.' Drowned while crossing St. John's river. 

40Gc IV. Chloe Ann,' m. George K. Boyer. 

Children by Second Wife, horn in New Brunswick. 

406(1 V. Daniel.' 

406e VI. Edward ' 

406f VII. Rebecca,' m. David Phillips, of Ontario, 1836. 

406g VIII. Betsey.' 


BENJAMIN « CHURCHILL (Nathan iel,^ Lemuel,* Barna- 
bas,'' Joseph,- John ^). Born at Kingston, N.S., Feb. 4, 1790, and 
died Dec. 29, 1871. The record of births of this family is from 
Mr. Calvin Churchill, of Lakeville, N.B., and he furnishes mostly the 
other items. No returns have been received from the families of 
the daughters. Married, July 15, 1813, Elizabeth Everett, who 
was born Feb. 16, 1793, and died Aug. 2, 1879. 

I. Hannah,' b. May 28, 1814; m. W. B. Estey, b. Nov. 10, 1804. 


1. William E. Estey, b. July 30, 1833. 

2. Joseph E. Estey, b. Dec. 11, 1835; died. 

3. Charles L. Estev, b. Oct. 17, 1837. 

4. Benjamin F. Es'tey, b. Oct. 19, 1839. 

5. Hannah E. Estey, b. Aug. 4, 1841. 

6. George H. Estey, b. Sept. 12, 1843. 

7. Mary H. Estey, b. Dec. 22, 1845. 

8. Aaron S. Estey, b. Dec. 28, 1847. 

9. Henrietta A. Estey, b. March 1, 1850. 

10. Frederick M. Estey, b. March 28, 1852. 

11. Alice M. Estey, b. Sept. 9, 1854. 

12. Jane H. Estey, b. Nov. 10, 1857. 

II Mary Ann,' b. Oct. 15, 1815, at Wakefield, N.B.; m. Michael 

Campbell, Oct. 24, 1833. 

They lived at Wakefield, N.B., until 1895, when they removed 
to Washburn, Me., to live with their son Benjamin, and she died 
there Sept. 3, 1895. He was born at Queensbury, N.B., Aug. 28, 
1808, and died at Washburn, Me., Nov. 15, 1901. 


Children born in Wahefitld, N.B. 

1. Benjamin Campbell, b. Dec. 15, 1834; m. Frances Jane Estev, 

Feb. 7, 1857. 

2. George Campbell, b. July 10, 1837; m. Sophronia Tracy, Aug. 

28, 1858. 

3. Elizabeth Campbell, b. Nov. 6, 1838; m. Hiram Smith, Aug. 

23, 1859. 

4. Thomas Campbell, b. March 26, 1840; m. Sarah Beardsley, 

March 15, 1862. 

5. Mary Hester Campbell, b. July 14, 1843; d. April 23, 1846. 

6. William Harrison Campbell, b. March 12, 1845; d. Jan. 25, 


7. Sarah J. Campbell, b. March 18, 1848; m. Charles W.Plummer, 

March 5, 1873. 

8. Hannah Ann Campbell, b. May 8, 1850; m. J. H. Seely, Nov. 

3, 1867. 

9. James Todd Campbell, b. May 3, 1852; m. Mary H. Corson, 

April 11, 1878. 

10. John Calvin Campbell, b. March 3, 1856; m. Adelia A. Little. 

11. Jarvis Campbell, b. July 10, 1858; d. same day. 

407 111. John Russell,' b. Aug. 22, 1817; m. Margaret B. McIntosh. 
IV. (Jeorge Lathrop,' b. Oct. 25, 1819; m. Mary Watson. 

They had no children. They lived in Portland. He died there 
Jan. 2, 1889. 
V. Elizabeth,' b. Dec. 19, 1821 ; m. Alexander Sharp. 

They had three children, viz.: (1) Joel Sharp; (2) Alonzo 
Sharp; (3) Melissa Sharp. The mother died many years ago. 
VI. Calvin,' b. Jan. 3, 1824; m. 1st, Ann Loomer, September, 1846, 
and she d. April 22, 1854; ra. 2d, Elizabeth A. Corbette, Oct. 
2, 1856. 

408 VII. Benjamin,' b. Jan. 11, 1826; m. Rachel Howard, "in the 

States." He died in Ohio, leaving one daughter, Ella. No further 
VIII. Thomas,' b. April 26, 1828; m. 1st, Nancy Watson, who died 
■without children. He removed to Texas and m. 2d, name un- 
known, and had several children. No more heard from the 

409 IX. William,' b. March 21, 1830; m. Jane Good. He died before 


In 1889 his family lived in Jacksontown, N.B., his son George 
Churchill being one. 
X Jarvis,' b. Oct. 5, 1832. Went to California and died there un- 
XI Sarah Estey,' b. March 11, 1835; m. Leonard Watson. 

They lived in Jacksontown, Carlton County, N.B., and had 
children, of whom George Watson, a son, was living there in 1889. 


EZRA « CHURCHILL (Ezka,^ Lemuel," Barnabas,^ Joseph,^ 
John '). Born at Yarmouth, N.S., May 17, 1784. He was a sailor, 
and was lost on the brig " Hibernia," wrecked on the " Mud Islands," 
on a voyage from New York to Yarmouth, Oct. 16, 1807. Married, 
1802, Elizabeth Trefry, of Hantsport, N.S., daughter of Joshua 
P. After the death of Mr. Churchill the widow removed to Hants- 
port, and married Mr. Eaulkner, 



410 I. Ezra,'' b. Nov. 1, 1804; m. 1st, Anne Davidson, of Falmouth, 

N.S.; m. 2c1, Rachell Burgess, of Billtown, N.S.; d. April 14, 
II. Elizabeth,' b. July 2, 180(!; m. Benjamin Davidson, Sept. 21, 

Their home wa« in Halifax. He died at " "West River," Neb., 
1870, and she died at Halifax, June 8, 1874. 

Children horn in Halifax, N.S. 

1. Edgar Davidson, b. July 13, 1826; d., at Halifax, Nov. 8, 1846. 

2. Churchill Davidson, b. Sept. 18, 1827; m. Martha M. Gruber, 

June 24, 1852. 

3. Cyrena Davidson, b. May 22, 1829; m. Joshua E. Hall, of 

Cleveland, Ohio, June 17, 1851. Live in Australia. 

4. Leander Davidson, b. Aug. 16, 1831; d. Aug. 26, 1873; m. 

Tibbie Burton, of Ilantsport, Nov. 16, 1858. Moved to 

5. Learchus Davidson, b. Dec. 24, 1833; d. June 30, 1886; m. 

Sophia A. Mcllrcath, Halifax, Oct. 11, 1858. 

6. Ezra Davidson, b. Sept. 4, 1836; m. Mary F. McPherson, June 

6, 1867. Lives at Halifax. 

7. Almira Davidson, b. Nov. 21, 1838; m. Francis A. Beamish, 

of Halifax, Nov. 20, 1861. 

8. Louisa Davidson, b. April 10, 1841; d. March 16, 1880; m. 

George A. Tupper, of Halifax, June 25, 1872 

9. Andrew Davidson, b. Aug. 3 1842; m. Abbie Murphy, Dec. 22, 

10. Lewis Davidson, b. Sept. 11, 1845; unmarried, lived in Cali- 
fornia. Lost at sea. 


NEHEMIAH" CHURCHILL (Ezra/' Lemuel/ Barnabas/ 
Joseph/ John ^). Born in Yarmouth, IST.S., 1786, and lived there. 
Married Elizabeth Canx, daughter of Hugh. 

I. Mart,' m. 1st, Edmund R. Wyman; m. 2d, Thomas O'Brien. 

Children . 

1. Nehemiah C. Wyman, lost at sea, 1855. 

2. William Jesse Wyman, m. Elizabeth Crosby. 

3. Hannah Alice Wyman, m. James W. Shaw, Dec. 30, 1862. 

4. Elizabeth Wyman, d. unmarried, Oct. 8, 1895. 

5. Edmund R. Wyman, m. 1st, Drusilla Shaw, Dec. 30, 1862; m. 

2d, Harriet Strickland. 

6. George Wyman, m. Letitia Mayer, of St. John's, N.B. 

7. Jacob Wyman, d. unmarried, aged 20 years. 

8. James Wyman, settled in the United States. 

II. Elizabeth,' b. 1813; m. Levi Eldridge. 


1. Nathaniel Eldridge, m. Victoria Crosby . 

2. Harvey Eldridge; b. 1842; d. March 22, 1854, aged 12 years. 

3. Wallace N. Eldridge, m. Thankful Crosby, July 10, 1875. 

4. Levi Eldridge, m. in England. 


5. Laura Ann Elizabeth Eldridge, b. March, 1855; d. Jan. 1, 1856, 
aged 10 months. 

III. Cynthia,' b. 1815; m. William Doane. 


1. Augustus Doane, d. unmarried. 

2. William Doane. Lost at sea, April 21, 1856 ; unmarried. 

3. James Doane. 

4. Harvey Doane, m. Elizabeth Crowell, dau. of Enoch. 

5. Elizabeth Doane, ra. 1st, Samuel Winter, Nov. 20, 1859; m. 

2d, Simeon Ryerson. 

6. Sabra Doane, m. Edward Fletcher, Nov. 7, 1866. 

7. Martha Doane, m. 1st, Thomas Crowell; m. 2d, James Killam. 

8. Mary Doane, m. Isaiah Crosby, son of John. 

9. Ellen Doane, m. George Buclianan, of Boston. 

411 IV. James,' m. Elizabeth Byrne, Jan. 31, 1839. He d. Dec. 28, 

V. Edith,' m. 1st, Capt. James Durkee, son of Amasa, Sept. 12, 
1842; m. 2d, Joseph Hurlburt, Jan. 21, 1856. 


1. Anna Durkee, m. ( ) Ray, of Weymouth. 

2. Maria Durkee, unmarried. Lives in Boston. 

VI. SoPHRONiA,' m. 1st, Cyrus Moses, Nov. 5, 1844; in. 2d, George 


1. Cyrus Moses, m. Adelaide Landers. 
VII. Jane,' m. Richard Tedford, March 9, 1847. 

1. Henry Ashlon Tedford, b. November, 1854; d. April 25, 1855, 

aged 5 months. 
•>. Richard B., b. May, 1856; d. Sept. 19, 1856, aged 4 months. 

VIII. Ann.' 

412 IX. Nehemiah,' m. 1st, Sarah II. Kinney; m. 2d, Amanda Kinney. 

413 X. William,' m. Matilda Allen. 
XI. Asenath.' 


BENJAMIN « CHURCHILL (Ezra/^ Lemuel,' Barnabas,^ 
Joseph,- John'). Bom in Yarmouth, July 2(), 178S, and died 
Dec. 18, 1849. Married 1st, Lucy Ring, who was born Dec. 18, 
1788, and died Sept. 25, 1825; married 2d, Mrs. Lydia Ann 
(Butler) Moses. 

Children by First Wife. 

I. Coleman,' b. Aug. 5, 1812; d. at sea, unmarried. May 16, 1840. 
II. Emily,' b. Sept. 2(!, 1814; m. William Fletcher. 

Children . 

1. George Fletcher, b. 1840; lost at sea, March 2, 1867. 

2. Edward Fletcher, m. Sabra Doane, Nov. 7, 1866. 

3. Coleman Fletclier, m. Mary Titman, dau. of Nelson. 


4. Emily Fletcher, m. Ebenezer Clark, March 8, 18fi7. 

5. Elizabeth Fletcher, m. Amniiel R. Brownson, son of Cliarles. 

6. Lalia Fletcher, m. William Lamont. 

7. Rachel Fletcher, m. John Gowdy. 

8. Mary Fletcher, unmarried. 

III. George,' b. Aug. 3, 1816; d. single, Nov. 6, 1842. 

414 IV. EzRA,'b. Dec. 30, 1817; m. Mary Crosby, Feb. 1, 1842. 

415 V. Benjamin,' b. July 7, 1819; m. Abby Dunham. 

VI. LucT,' b. May 29, 1821 ; m. Elias Crosman, Jan. 8, 1846. 


1. George N. Crosman. 

2. Sarah J. Crosman, b. Jan. 5, 1854; m. Isaiah Crosby, Feb. 2, 

1879; she d. Sept. 2, 1881. 

VII. Lydia,' b. Jan. 2, 1823; m. John Winter, April 17, 1850. 


1. ( ) Winter, m. James Clements. 

VIII. Mary,' b. Feb. 26, 1824; m. James Cleland. 


1. James Cleland, m. 1st, Emmeline Saunders; m. 2d, Margery L. 


2. Jane Cleland, m. Henry W. Crowell. 

3. Jacob Cleland. 

4. Margaret Cleland, m. Cliiford Locke, of Lockport. 

5. George Cleland, m. Margaret A. Moses. 

6. William Cleland, m. Alice L. Moses. 

416 IX. Edson,' b. July 29, 1825; m. Sarah Jane Carver. 

Children by Second Wife. 

417 X. John,' b. Aug. 21, 1833; m. Eliza Redding, dau. of Joseph. 

418 XI. Lewis,' b. March 16, 1835; ra. Sarah Durkee. 

XII. Nathaniel,' b. Nov. 1, 1837; m. Wealthy Porter. No children. 

LEMUEL « CHURCHILL (Ezra,^ Lemuel,^ Barnabas,-' 
Joseph,'-' John '). Born in Yarmouth, N.S., Aug. 7,1790, and lived 
there. Married, Dec. 25, 1809, Lydia Gardner, who was born 
August, 1788. 

I. Abigail,' b. Jan. 27, 1811; m. Charles Brown, Jan. 10, 1828. 


1. Mary Brown, b. Nov. 28, 1828 ; m. Gabriel Trefry, Dec. 8, 1846. 

2. Agnes Brown, b. July 7, 1833; m. Nathaniel Ward, Dec. 16, 


3. William Brown, b. July 7, 1833; m. 1st, Sarah Murray, Aug. 2, 

1856; m. 2d, Emma Wyman, April 3, 1865. 

4. Ammiel R. Brown, b. Oct. 1, 1849; m. Elizabeth Fletcher. 

5. Lydia C. Brown, b. June 25, 1851; m. James T. Currier. 

II. Mary,' b. Aug. 7, 1812; m. Thomas Nickerson. 



1. Maria Nickerson, m. Edward R. Perry, son of Capt. Joseph. 

2. Lemuel C. Nickerson, m. Elbertine ( ). 

3. diaries Nickerson, unmarried ; lost at sea. 

4. Rufus S. Nickerson, m. Mary Whitman, dau. of Rev. Jacob ; 

lost at sea. 

5. Theodore Nickerson. 

«). 'J'homas Nickerson, m. Lydia Perry, dau. of Capt. Joseph. 
7. Stephen Nickerson, m. ( ) Goodnow. 

419 III. Theodore,^ b. Aug. 14, 1814; m. Martha Jeffrey, dau. of 

Matthew, 2d. 
IV. Elizabeth,^ b. June 1, ISlfi; m. Heman Rogers. 

V. Lemuel,' b. May 'J, 1819; d. July 18, 1831. 
VI. Lydia Ann,' b. Feb. 19, 1823; m. Thomas C. Trefrey. 
VII. Bethiah,' b. Dec. 20, 1826; m. Benjamin Richards. 


1. Margaret A. Richards, b. March 30, 184G; m. Thomas B. 

Crosby, Sept. 6, 1864. 

2. Ammiel Rogers Richards, b. 1847; d. May 16, 1848. 

3. Thomas Barnard Richards, b. 1849 ; m. Jessie Brown Kirby. 

4. Edson Churchill Richards, b. 1852; d. May 3, 1854. 

5. Benjamin Franklin Richards, b. 1857; d. Sept. 13, 1866. 

6. Martha Ellen Churchill Richards, b. 1863; d. April 8, 1863. 


JOHN'' CHURCHILL (Ezra,^ Lemuel/ Barnabas,'^ Joseph,- 
JoHN '). Born in Yarmouth, Sept. 4, 1797. They lived in Yarmouth, 
N.S. Married, 1817, Abigail Rogers, daughter of John. 

I. Dorcas,' b. Marcli 19, 1818; m. Nathan Weston, son of Zadoc. 

Children born in Yarmouth. 

1. Matilda Weston, m. 1st, William F. Brown ; m. 2d, W. T. Lent. 

2. Frederick Weston, ni. Martha Jenkins. 

3. Robert Weston. 

4. Elinor Weston, b. February, 1841 ; d. Sept. 13, 1841. 

5. Lydia E. Weston, b. 1844; m. Josiah Ross. 

6. Jacob Weston, m. ( ) Eldredge. 

7. Lemuel Weston, m. Elizabeth Hatfield. 

8. Norman J. Weston, m. Sophie Jenkins, dau. of George. 

9. George Weston, m. Leoni Kelley. 

II. Almira,' b. June 19, 1819; m. Andrew McGray, April 5, 1838. 


1. Fanny McGray, m. William Morrill, of Westport. 

2. Mary McGray, m. Joseph Durkee. 

3. Albert McGray, lost at sea. 

4. Andrew McGray, Jr., m. Julia Perry. 

5. Benjamin McGray. 

6 Frederick McGray, ni. Elvira Devilla. 

7. Almira McGray, m. Nathan Tlmrber, of Westport. 

420 III. John,' b. March 6, 1821 ; m. Marv A. Taylor, Dec. 29, 1844. 
IV. Chloe,' b. Feb. 16, 1823. 

421 V. Joseph,' b. Sept. 15, 1824; m. Caroline Archer, Nov. 15, 1843. 


422 VI. Freeman,' b. April 4, 1826; m. Martha Purdy. 

423 VII. Jacob,' b. Jan. 29, 1828; m. 1st, Martha Pitman; m. 2d, Ada 


424 VIII. Samuel,' b. Jan. 27, 1831 ; ra. Hannah Churchill, July 8, 1858. 

425 IX. Lemuel,' b. September, 1832; m. Adahne Hemeon, Oct. 28, 1861. 

X. Eliza,' b. Jan. 29, 1835; m. Thomas Perry. 


1. Martha Perry, m. T. R. Hogan. 

2. Ida May Perry, m. Wellington W. Perry. 

3. George Perry, m. Alice Cook. 

4. William E. Perry, unmarried. 

5. Ellen H. Perry, m. Henry R. Moody. 

6. Alvin Perry, unmarried. 

XI. Israel,' b. Feb. 12, 1837; unmarried. 


TIMOTHYS CHURCHILL (Lsaac,^ Isaac/ Barnabas/ 
Joseph,- John^). Born at Plymouth in 1785. Married in Dux- 
bury, 1804, Olive Curtis, of Marshfield. 


I. Nancy,' b. in Plymouth; d. in infancy. 
II. Henrietta,' b.May 2, 1812; m. Isaac Curtis, of Pembroke, 

Nov. 11, 18o4. 

One Child horn in Pembroke. 

1. Albert W. Curtis, b. Nov. 9, 1840; m. Hannah M. Taylor, of 
Duxbury, March 18, 1864. 
III. Hannah W.,' b. in Duxbury, April 26, 1816; m. Warren T. 
Whiting, Nov. 5, 1834. She died 1862. He died in 1882. 

Children born in Pemhroke, Mass. 

1. Sarah M. Whiting, b. November, 1835; m Hiram Delano, of 

Pembroke, May, 1859; d. 1867. 

2. Olive F; Whiting, b. December, 1837; m. Peleg B. Ford, 

of Pembroke, 1868. 

3. George W. Wliiting, b. January, 1840; m. Louisa Glover, 

of Duxbury, April, 1864. 

4. Franklin T. Whiting, b. March, 1842; m. Ida Sprague, of 

Marshfield, June, 1866. 

5. William H. Whiting, b. October, 1843; m. Martha Pratt, of 

Weymouth, 1865. 

6. Ida J. Whiting, b. August, 1847; d. November, 1862. 

7. Rosilla E. Whiting, b. November, 1849; d. 1865. 


SETH« CHURCHILL (Isaac,'^ Isaac,^ Barnabas,^^ Joseph,^ 
John'). Born in Plymouth, 1790. He was a seaman, a privateer, 
in the War of 1812, and died in 1816. Married Sarah S. Johnson. 


I. Eliza,' b. in Plymouth, 1812; m. Alfred Chubbuck, of Valley 
Falls, R.I., where she died Sept. 4, 1889. 


(No. 181, page 109.) 


1. William Chubbuck, lived in Valley Falls in 1890. 

426 11. Benjamin,' b. Jan. 6, 1814; m. Betsey Bumpcs, Nov. 12, 1835. 

427 III. James W.,' m Sarah Ann Carr. 

Said to have lived in Atlanta, Ga., and to have died there, leav- 
ing one son, Augustus R. Cliurchill, who was living in Atlanta in 


Barnabas/ Joseph,- John '). Born in Newmarket, N.H., April 
24, 1787. Died in Portland, Me., Nov. 20, 1865. His early life was 
passed in his native town where he received the usual common- 
school edncation of that day. He evidently had experience also on 
ship-board, as he was in command of a vessel in his early manhood. 
He learned the trade of ship-carpenter and later engaged in ship- 
building at Portland, Me. In the War of 1812 he served as a ser- 
geant, in the 34th U.S. Infantry, Capt. David Sherman's Company. 
Was later appointed quartermaster, serving two enlistments con- 
secutively, from May 13, 1814, to June 15, 1815, when he was 
honorably discharged at Portland, Me. After engaging in ship-build- 
ing for a few years he became interested in the trade with the West 
Indies, then just beginning to attract the attention of ISTorthern mer- 
chants. After a few voyages of investigation he combined with several 
associates and bought some sugar plantations near Cardenas, Cuba, 
which was soon made a port of entry, and established there the 
beginning of the large and prosperous business which later made 
Portland one of the most important seaports on the coast. He was 
thus a pioneer and leading spirit among the notable old-time Port- 
land merchants. He was public-spirited and influential in many 
directions. In 1828 he was elected one of the presidential electors, in 
the bitter contest waged between the parties, and he was known 
long after as " the star of the East," because of his solitary persis- 
tent vote for Andrew Jackson. In the political upheaval of 1834 
he was Whig candidate for Congress, but the party was in the 
minority and he failed of election. In 1844 he was elected mayor 
of Portland, and is remembered as one of the ablest and most popu- 
lar of the city's old-time rvilers. He was a natural organizer of 
commercial enterprises, and in the agitation of the plan to connect 
Portland and Montreal by a railroad he was chief actor, and be- 
came treasurer of the old " Portland Company," organized for the 
manufacture of locomotives, cars, and railroad machinery, furnish- 
ing much of the rolling stock and running material of the old " At- 
lantic and St. Lawrence Railroad," now a part of the " Grand 


Trunk " system. He held the position of treasurer of the railroad 
till a short time before his death. He was also chiefly instrumental 
in organizing the " Casco Iron Works/' of which he was treasurer, 
while for many years he conducted an extensive insurance business, 
and to his last days attended promptly and faithfully to all his 
official duties. He was a prominent Mason, a member of <' Ancient 
Landmark Lodge No. 17, of Free and Accepted Masons." Was a 
Past Grand High Priest of the Grand Chapter of Maine. He is 
remembered in all his public relations and in his personal life as 
one of Portland's most useful and honored citizens. His funeral 
service was held in the Pearl Street Universalist Church, of which 
society he was an honored member, and was attended by a great 
concourse of his fellow-citizens. Masonic brethren, and members of 
city. State, and national governments. Three of his personal friends, 
and prominent clergymen, officiated at the service : Revs. Dr. Bolles, 
George W. Quimby, and I. M. Atwood. He married, in Portsmouth, 
at her father's house, Jan. 8, 1809, Eliza Walker Osborne, 
daughter of Rev. John Osborne, a P>aptist minister, who officiated 
at the marriage ceremony. They lived for some time after mar- 
riage at Lee, and New Market, N.H., where their eldest child was 
born, and, after 1815. at Portland, Me. 

Children of James Creighton and Eliza W. Churchill. 

I. Jane Alice,' b. March 30, 1810; m. Caleb S. Carter, of Portland, 
Aug. 23, 1805. 

They lived in Portland, where he died Dec. 18, 1855, and she 
died Aug. 20, 1865. 

They had Children horn in Portland. 

1. Alice Eliza Carter, b. April 19, 1831; m. William Henry Ste- 

phenson, May 3, 1853. He was born Jan. 12, 1824, and died 
Aug. 21, 1882. Mrs. Stephenson was greatly interested in 
the compilation of this volume of Churchill history and has 
been a ready and able helper in this Portland line. She died 
March 3, 1903, at Portland. Children: (1) William Stephen- 
son, b. March 3, 1855. He served as brigade-surgeon, with 
rank of major, in the Spanish war, on the staif of Gen. Fred. 
D. Grant; (2) Marian Stephenson, b. Jan. 15, 1857; (3) 
Marion Alice Maud Stephenson, b. May 4, 1858; (4) Henry 
Stephenson, b. March 30, 1865; (5) Mabel Stephenson, b. 
May 17, 1868; d. in Portland, Dec. 5, 1897. 

2. James E. Carter, b. June 14, 1833, unmarried. 

3. Mary Georgianna Carter, b. Aug. 18, 1834; m. William O. Fox, 

Portland, June 12, 1862. She d. March 25, 1895. He d. 
June 4, 1899. They had children : (1) James Fox, b. April 1, 
1864; (2) Selden Connor Fox, b. Feb. 16, 1866; (3) William 
L. Fox, b. April 27, 1867; d. Dec. 3, 1887; (4) Arthur 
Churchill Fox, Sept. 29, 1868; d. Feb. 2, 1869; (5) Sidney 
Fox, b. July 10, 1870; d. July 4, 1887. 


4. Jane Adelaide Carter, b. Aug. 9, 1836; ni. Henry Evans, Nov. 

24, 1859. She d. Oct. C, 1875. They had children: (1) 
Mildred Evans, b. Dec. 18, 1860; (2) Jane Evans, b. Aug. 13, 
1862; (3) George Evans, b. February, 1864; d. young; (4) 
Edwin, d. young; (5) Adelaide May Evans, b. May 2, 1868; 
m. Dr. Joseph L. Goodale, Aug. 30, 1893, and has three 

5. Caleb Thomas Carter, b. May 7, 1841 ; d. June 20, 1842. 

6. Ada Celestine Carter, b. Sept. 13, 1842; d. Oct. 7, 1876. 

7. Caleb Stoddart Carter, b. Feb. 23, 1844; d. Jan. 1, 1846. 

8. Plenry Theophilus Carter, b. June 4, 1845; ni Hannah J. True, 

of Portland, Dec. 17, 1868. He d. Jan. 14, 1878. They had 
children: (I) Clara C. Carter, b. Dec. 13, 1869; d. Dec. 11, 
1875; (2) Philip Greenleaf Carter, b. Oct. 29, 1871. 

428 II. Edwin,'' b. March 15, 1812; m. 1st, Mary P. Carter, Sept. 29, 

1834; m. 2d, Anna IIoole, June, 1865. 

III. Thomas,' b. Oct. 2, 1814; m. Ecnick Dyer. They had no chil- 

dren. He died at sea, June 15, 1838, and she died in Portland, 
Nov. 17, 1838. 

429 IV. JAME.S Morrill,' b. in Portlnnd, June 11, 1816; m. Harriet E. 

HooLE, Dec. 30, 1838. 
V. John Osborne,' b. April 26, 1818; d. in infancy. 

430 VI. George Albert,' b. Dec. 25, 1820; m. Sarah Allen Lunt, Aug. 

26, 1856. 
VII. Henry Hill Boouy', b. June 15, 1823; died unmarried. 
VIII. Eliza Clara,' b. July 15, 1826; m. Marshall P. Wilder, Jr., of 
Boston. No children. 
IX. William Creighton,' died young. 

431 X. Frederick Augustus,' b. May 5, 1834; m. Annie L. Levering, 

of St. Louis, June 20, 1860. 


THOMAS 6 CHURCHILL (Ichabou,- Thomas,^ Barnabas, 
Joseph,- John'). Born in Parsonstield, Me., Jan. 20, 1798, and 
lived there. A farmer. Married IsL, at Parsonsfield, Me., March 
14, 1830, Mary Banks, born Jnly 9, 180G ; married by Rev. 
John Buzzell. Married 2d, Mrs. Olive B. Roberts, of Whites- 
town, N.Y. 

Children horn in Parson fjieh/. 

432 I. Thomas S.,' b. May 6, 1831; m. Mary A. Dixon, Jan. 1, 1855. 

She was born Oct. 2, 1833. 

433 II. Otis B.,' b. Nov. 5, 1832; m. Susan E. Ferrin, Jan. 2, 1861; b. 

Jan. 14, 1839. 

434 III. John C.,'b. Dec. 11, 1834; m. Annie Burk, Oct 18, 1869. 

IV. Mary Reliance,' b. Feb. 12, 1837; m. Nehemiah T. Libby, Feb. 

23, 1860. 


1. Emma A. Libby, b. Nov. 2, 1862. 

2. Walter D. Libby, b. Nov. 8, 1864. 

V. Nathaniel,' b. May 8, 1839; unmarried. 
VI. Elizabeth A.,' b. March 15, 1841 ; d. March 17, 1844. 
VII. Joseph,' b. 1843; d. Oct. 18, 1844. 
VIII. Lydia F.,' b. March 15, 1851; m. John Colcdrd, of Cornish, 
Me., May 5, 1880. 


1. Lura M. Colcord, b. Aug. 31, 1882. 



COL. JOHN TASH« CHURCHILL (Joseph,-^ Thomas/ Bak- 
NABAs/ Joseph/ John'). Bom in Newmarket, N.H., Aug. 6, 
1796, and lived there and at Brookfield. He was a farmer, drover, 
merchant, and hotel keeper. He was colonel of a regiment of New 
Hampshire militia. He died at Brookfield, N.H., Dec. 6, 1873. 
Married, March 5, 1817, Mkhitable Gilman Willey, of Brook- 
field, N.H. She was born Dec. 15, 1795, and died July 15, 1869. 

Children lorn at Newmarket. 

435 I. John,' b. May 19, 1818; m. Eliza Lang. 

486 II. Gkoiuse Harris,' b. Nov. 7, 1819; ni. Maky Emily Daniels, of 

Durham, May 10, 1849. 

437 III. Thomas Lindsay,' b. April 16, 1822; ni. 1st, Sarah Stackpole, 

March 2, 1847; m. 2d, Nancy Seward. 

438 IV. Alfred,' b. Nov. 24, 1823; m. Louisa W. Giles'. 

439 V. Joseph,' b. Sept. 10, 1825; m. Mercy Anne Bailey. 

440 VI. Nathaniel Wiley,' b. Oct. 12, 1827; m. Martha J. Wiggin, 

March 10, 1852. 
VII. Henry,' b. Nov. 21, 1829; d. Jan. 21, 1831. 
VIII. Harriet Em.meline,' b. March 25, 1831 ; m. W. K. Lindsay. 
IX. Henry,' b. June 26, 1834; m. Annie E. Noyes. No children. 

He was a lieutenant in the Thirteenth New Hampshire Regiment, 
in the War of the Rebellion. 
X. Charles Edwin,' b. .Tune 30, 1836; d. April 1, 1837. 


JOSEPH TASH6 CHURCHILL (Joseph,^ Thomas,^ Barna- 
bas,'^ Joseph,- John^). Born April 18, 1798; died Oct. 17, 1875. 
Born in Newmarket ; lived in ( 'ornish. Me., a farmer and drover, a 
man of influence, selectman, and representative to Legislature. 
Married, Sept. 1, 1824, Martha M. Wiggin. She was born May 
7, 1803, and died Feb. 44j^l881^- 

Children born at Brookfield, N. II. 

I. Noah Wiggin,' b. March 26, 1826; d. Jan. 27, 1852. 
II. Luther,' b. April 1, 1828; d. Sept. 16, 1833. ■ 

III. Alexander,' b. Aug. 15, 1830; d. Sept. 15, 1833. 

IV. Susan,' b. July 16, 1832; d. Sept. 16, 1833. 
V. Susan A.,' b. July 5, 1834; d. Aug. 23, 1839. 

VI. Mary A.,' b. April 3, 1837; d. Aug. 16, 1839. 
VII. Martha,' b. Sept. 16, 1840; m. Henky H. Oilman, June 3, 1877. 
VIII. Joseph,' b. June 30, 1843; unmarried; living. 
IX. Charles,' b. Dec. 30, 1845; unmarried; living. 
X. George A.,' b. April 13, 1852; unmarried; living. 


THOMAS TASH« CHURCHILL (Joseph,^ Thomas,^ Bar- 
nabas,'^ Joseph,-' John '). Born in Newmarket, N.H., Aug. 6, 
1800. Married 1st, Ann Wentworth, daughter of Thomas, of 
Wakefield, N.H. ; m. 2d, Mrs. Eunice (King) Hoyt, widow. 


Cliildren of First Wife. 

1. Julia Ann,' b. March 29, 1823; d. unmarried. 
II. Sarah,' b. March 27, 1824; m. John H. Chapman, May 13, 1846. 


1. George Elbridge Chapman, b. July 1, 1847. 

2. Nellie Ann Chapman, b. July 27, 1851. 

3. Frank Dudley Chapman, b. July 4, 1853. 

4. Susan Maria Chapman, b. April 4, 1859. 

5. Henry Jay Chapman, b. March 10, 1863. 

III. Thomas Charles,' b. 1827; d. in infancy. 

IV. Abby Stone,' b. 1829; d. in infancy. 

V. Susan Maria,' b. 1832; m. George Robinson, of Newmarket. 

No issue. 
VI. Jay,' b. 1834; d. unmarried, 1861. 

Children of Second Wife. 

VII. Eunice Ellen,' b. Oct. 25, 1843; m. Willis K. Plummer, b. in 
Mason, N.H., July 5, 1838. 
They lived at Newmarket, N.H. 


1. Frederick C. Plummer, b. in South Lawrence, Mass., Feb. 6, 


2. Harry Churchill Plummer, b. in South Lawrence, Mass., Jan. 

29, 1883. 
VIII. Arabella,' b. June 15, 1846; m. Alfred S. Horne, of Lowell. 

Children horn in Lowell. 

1. Edward Alfred Horne, b. Aug. 7, 1872; d. June 20, 1890. 

2. Samuel Churchill Horne, b. Aug 17, 1878; m. Grace Varnum, 

June 28, 1900. 
IX. LuELLA Frances,' b. Oct. 2, 1848 ; m. Edgar L. Lowell. 

1. George Elbridge Lowell: drowned. 


Barnabas,-' Joseph,- John '). Born in Brookfield, N.H., Nov. 11, 
1802. Married, 1827, Ann Langdon Gove, of Portsmouth, N.H. 


I. Hannah Langdon,' b. Sept. 30, 1828; m. Isaac Townsend Clark, 
of Wakefield, N.H., March 4, 1850. 


1. Mayhew Clark, b. Jan. 3, 1853. 

2. Ellen I. Clark, b. Nov. 25, 1855. 

441 II. Albert,' b. April 13, 1830; m. 1st, Belinda Colbath, 1863; m. 

2d, Hannah J. Bailey, of Plymouth, N.H., 1870. 
III. Mary Jane,' b. May 15, 1832; m. William Colbath, Nov. 19, 



1. Charles William Colbath, b. Aug. 13, 1857. 

2. Emily Jane Colbath, b. July 13, 1859; d. Oct. 13, 1859. 

3. Edwin Churchill Colbath, b. Oct. 8, 1862. 

4. Annie Laura Colbath, b. March 21, 1864. 

5. George Colbath, b. May 1, 1869. 

6. Albert Fayson Colbath, b. Nov. 26, 1874. 

7. Irving Colbath, b. Jan. 16, 1877. 

442 IV. Eben,^ b. March 2, 1834; ra. Emma Bowen, dau. of William. 

V. LvDiA Ann,' b. Jan. 2, 1836; m. Charles Brewster. No chil- 
VI. Sarah Elizabeth,' b. Sept. 7, 1837; m. William Sims. 

1. Frank Sims. | 2. William Sims. 

VII. Helen,'! b. March 23, 1839; d. in infancy. 
VIII. Ellen,' / b. March 23, 1839; d. in infancy. 

IX. RoENA A.,' b. Nov. 8, 1840; d. unmarried, aged about eighteen 
years. A lovely girl both in person and character. 

443 X. Joseph Edward,' b. Aug. 1, 1842; ni. Anna Harmus, Sept. 20, 

XI. Rockwell Plummer,' b. May 14, 1844; m. Lucy Jenness, of 
Wolfborough, March 7, 1872. No children. 

444 XII. Woodbury Langdon,' b. Aug. 9, 1847; m. Mary A. Nason. No 



NATHANIEL 6 CHURCHILL (Joseph,^ Thomas," Barnabas,^ 
Joseph,- John'). Bom in Brookfield, N.H., April 7, 1807. Lived 
in Exeter. Married, May 20, 1830, Sophia King. She was born 
Jan. 6, 1808 ; died Aug. 18, 1885. 

Children born in Exeter. 

445 I. Addison,' b. May 27, 1831; m. Jennie Isabella Green. 
II. RosiNA,' b. Oct. 6, 1832; d. Aug. 18, 1834. 

446 III. Almander,' b. July 14, 1834; m. 1st, Clara F. Taylor; m. 2d, 

Catharine C. Parkhurst. 

447 IV. Nathaniel,' b. Aug. 17, 1836; m. Elizabeth A. James, Dec. 21, 

V. Jasper Hazen,' b. Sept. 17, 1838; d. June 12, 1841. 
VI. Sylvester Edwin,' b. March 25, 1841; d. Sept. 6, 1846. 
VII. Sophia Helen,' b. Aug. 14, 1842; d. Aug. 14, 1843. 

448 VIII. Jasper Hazen,' ) b. Nov. 25, 1844; m. Ella A. Porter, May 31, 

\ 1877, at Exeter, N.H.; d. Oct. 6, 1879. 
IX. Sophia Helen,'] b. Nov. 25, 1844; d. July 1, 1845. 
X. Sylvester Edwin,' b. March 19, 1847; d. unmarried. May 15, 


DANIEL « CHURCHILL (Joseph,^ Thomas," Barnabas,''' 
Joseph,- John'). Born in Brookfield, N.H., Dec. 3, 1811; died 
March 23, 1884. Married, May 5, 1834, Eleanor Longley, who 
died Eeb. 18, 1880. 



449 I. Sheldon W.,' b. Feb. 14, 1835; m. 1st, Olive A. Wiggin, May 

14 1861; m. 2d, Clara B. Douglas. 
II. Orissa Jane,' b. Jan. 29, 1838; m. Orrin Murray, of New- 
market, N.H., Feb. 25, 1862. 


1. Fred H. Murray, b. July 15, 1864. 

2. Frank C. Murray, b. April 11, 1868. 

3. Harry E. Murray, b. March 12, 1870. 

III. Sarepta,' b. July 7, 1840; ui. Charles E. Wiggin, Nov. 25, 1870. 

Children . 

1. Kissa May, b. March 16, 1872. 

2. Alice C, b. April 7, 1874. 

IV. Mart A.,' b. Dec. 16, 1850; m. Charles Jay, Nov. 15, 1883. 


CHARLES « CHURCHILL (Joseph,' Thomas," Baknabas,- 

Joseph,- John '). Bom iu Brookfield, N.H., April 3, 1814, died 

Nov. 2, 18G6. Married, July 6, 1837, Hykona Folsom Purinton, 

born June 26, 1816. 


I. Almena Augusta,' b. March 17, 1839; m. James Dana Hart- 
well, May 5, 1857. 


1. Emma Belinda Ilartwell, b. March 14, 1859; m. James B. Rud- 

dick, June 21, 1880. 

2. Charles Churchill Ilartwell, b. Sept. 18, 1860; m. Rosa A. 

Ryder, Sept. 21, 1884. 

3. George Washington Hartwell, b. June 29, 1862 ; m. Ida Lennox 

Harriman, June 29, 18S7. 

4. Jennie Louise Ilartwell, b. Aug. 7, 1864; d. Feb. 7, 1887. 
II. Irena,' b. Sept. 17, 1841; d. Sept. 19, 1841. 

III. Jennie Adelaide,' b. March 10, 1844; m. Solomon Augustus 

Lenfest, Dec. 7, 1865. 

IV. Ella Frances,' b. Nov. 5, 1848; m. William Pitt Canning, Feb. 

8, 1871. 


1. Edith Almena Canning, b. May 24, 1875. 

2. Alice Churchill Canning, b. Feb. 13, 1878. 

3. Edward Weeks Canning, b. Sept, 30, 1880. 

V. Emma Irene,' b. Oct. 3, 1850; d. unmarried, Sept. 22, 1873. 


JAMES MONROE « CHURCHILL (Joseph,^ Thomas,^ Barna- 
bas,^ Joseph,- John^). Born in Brookfield, N.H., Jan. 3, 1819. 
Married, March 3, 1852, Elizabeth Perkins, of Exeter. 

I. Elizabeth,' b. Sept. 30, 1865; unmarried. 



WILLIAM « CHURCHILL (Joseph,^ Thomas," Barnabas,^ 
Joseph/ John ^). Born Aug. 8, 1821. Married Elizabeth Kit- 
TREDGE, of Lowell, Mass. 

I. Herbert,'' b. June 10, 1849; d. unmarried, April 10, 1870. 
II. Ernest,' b. May 11, 1855; m. Ada Upham ; no issue. 
III. Frank,' d. in infancy. 


THOMAS C.« CHURCHILL (Nathaniel,^ Thomas," Barna- 
bas,=' Joseph,- John^). Born Feb. 26, 1807, at Eaton, N.H. He 
was living, in 1895, at Murphy, Calaveras County, California. Mar- 
ried, March 20, 1834, Emmeline Stevens Bailey, daughter of 
Richard G. and Emma Bailey, of North Bridgton, Me. She died 
at North Bridgton, Dec. 20, 1873. 

I. Ellen Maria,' b. at Waterford, Me., March 19, 1835; d. at San- 
bornton Bridge, N.H., Sept. 3, 1819. 

450 II. Algernon Howe,' b. at Wilton, Me., June IG, 1837; m. Martha 

Helen Stinchfield Nov. 9, 1861, at Lewiston, Me. 

III. Margaret Ann,' b. Sept. 13, 1839, in Wilton, Me., and died there 

June 27, 1841. 

IV. Estelle Maria,' b. at Sanbornton Bridge, N.H. , Dec. 23, 1851; 

d. at No. Bridgton, Aug. 16, 1872. 
V. Frances Ilsley,' b. at No. Bridgton, Aug. G, 185G; d. there Aug. 
12, 1858. 


JOHN« CHURCHILL (Nathaniel,^ Thomas," Barnabas," 
Joseph,- John '). Born June 17, 1811. Married, October, 1834, 
Melissa Colby. She was born June 27, 1813. 

I. Mary Ann,' b. Jan. 20, 1837; d. Oct. 13, 1864. 
II. Nancy C.,' b. March 31, 1839; d. Nov. 30, 1852. 

451 III. John Henry,' b. July 1, 1844; m. Irene Gertrude Canfield. 
IV. Charles Frederick,' b. April 22, 1847; d. Dec. 2, 1852. 


NATHANIEL « CHURCHILL (Nathaniel,^ Thomas," Bar- 
nabas," Joseph,'- John '). Born July 1, 1818. Lived in Madison, 
N.H. Married, Nov. 4, 1841, Elizabeth Goldthwait. 


452 I. Nahum B.,' b. Jan. 8, 1843; m. Lydia A. Moore, June 8, 1867. 
II. Sarah E.,' b. May 24, 1847; unmarried. 

III. Edwin N.,' b. April 6, 1848; deceased. 

IV. Mary Ellen,' b. July 6, 1852; unmarried. 



ICHABOD D.« CHURCHILL (Nathaniel/ Thomas," Bar- 
nabas,^ Joseph,- John '). Born Sept. 29, 1845. Lived in Madi- 
son, N.H. Married 1st, Dec. 30, 1847, Clara Quint. She died 
March 24, 1865. Married 2d, Sept. 8, 1866, Mrs. Sarah D. Lord. 

Children by First Wife. 
I. Miranda C.,^ b. May 21, 1851; m. Freeman Johnson, March 3, 

II. Sarah A.,' b. April 14, 1856; m. Frank Wentworth, June, 1878, 
and died 1883. 
463 III. Nathaniel I.,' b. Dec. 28, 1857; ni. Carrie Loud, Dec. 7, 1880. 
No further record. 

IV. IcHABOD F.,'' b. Aug. 6, 1859; d. March, 1865. 
V. Ltdia,'' b. Dec. 23, 1863. 

By Second Wife. 

454 VI. Herbert C.,^ b. May 12, 1878. No further record. 


nabas,^ Joseph,- John ^). Born July 29, 1809. Married, June 
20, 1831, Sally Mead Page. She was born May 12, 1809, and 
died 6, 1868. 

Children . 

455 I. William Alvah,' b. June 4, 1832; m. Martha Folsom Robin- 

son, of Greenland, b. Jan. 30, 1831. 
II. Mary Mead,' b. Aug. 28, 1834. 


CHARLES « CHURCHILL (John,* Ebenezer," Barnabas,"' 
Joseph,- John'). Born in Pittsfield Feb. 25, 1796. Lived in 
Pittsfield; representative in Legislature, 1855. Died Dec. 23, 
1881. Married, Dec. 4, 1826, Charlotte M. Francis, of Pittsfield. 

Children horn in Pittsfield. 
I. Jane Charlotte,' b. Jan. 7, 1828; m. William Watt, May 27, 


Their Children horn in Pittsfield. 

1. Charles Adams Watt, b. May 28, 1858; m. MoUie O'Donald, 

June 3, 1885. 

2. William Edward Watt, b. July 8, 1859. 

3. Clara Maria Watt, b. March 5, 1861. 

4. Mary Kate Watt, b. Oct. 7, 1863; m. George E. Ferguson, Oct. 

6, 1880. Had John C, b. 1882. 
II. Frederick Augustus,' b. Oct. 20, 1829; d. June 30, 1830. 

456 III. Frederick Augustus,' b. Sept. 6, 1831 ; m. Clara P. Butler, 

Sept. 11, 1861. Lives in Pittsfield. 

457 IV. Edward Payson,' b. Aug. 6, 1834; m. Dora Kettell, of Pitts- 

field, Jan. 3, 1870. Died Sept. 28, 1874. 

V. Maria Francis,' b. April 28, 1840; d. Aug. 3, 1863. 



SAMUEL ADAMS « CHURCHILL (John/ Ebenezer/ Bar- 
nabas,^ Joseph,^ John ^). Born in Pittsfield, Sept. 28, 1810. 
Lived in Pittsfield. Married, Sept. 22, 1840, Esther Brook, of 
Lenox, Mass. 

Children born in Pittsfield. 

I. Jane C.,' b. Feb. 18, 1842; m. William Henry Thompson, Nov. 
13, 1867, of Chatham, N.Y. 


1. Mary Churchill Thompson, b. in Greenbush, N.Y., Jan. 19, 


2. Emily Churchill Thompson, b. in Chicago, Sept. 4, 1875. 

458 ir. John B.,' b. Dec. 12, 1844; m. Mart Belden, April 8, 1868, of 



ORRIN « CHURCHILL (Lemuel,^ John," Barnabas,^ Joseph,^ 
John '). Born in Truxton, N.Y., Feb. 16, 1809. In 1833 he went 
to Buffalo by the Erie canal, thence by boat to Detroit, and walked 
across Michigan to Berrien County, where he took up a government 
grant of land in the heavily wooded section, where deer, wol^s, and 
bears were very abundant. Making such improvements for occu- 
pancy as he was able, he returned in the fall to his home in New 
York, and the following spring, taking his family and effects in an 
ox-cart, he made the journey to his new home, opening up a large 
farm, but later settled in what is now Buchanan, Mich., in the hard- 
ware business, the farm being in the same town, but some distance 
from his store. He died Sept. 13, 1881, at Buchanan, Mich. 
Married 1st, in Truxton, N.Y., Feb. 1, 1832, Emmeline Pope, 
who died in 1842 ; married 2d, in Buchanan, Mich., Nov. 2, 1843, 
Jane L. Porter, died Nov. 16, 1854 ; married 3d, in Buchanan, 
Mich., Nov. 3, 1855, Frances E. Richardson. 

Children of First Wife, born in Truxton, N. Y. 

I. Lemuel,' b. Oct. 27, 1832; d. Oct. 14, 1842. 

459 II. George,' b. April 12, 1834 ; m. Elizabeth Halsted, July 15, 1856 ; 

d. 1900. 
III. Caroline,' b. March 24, 1837; d. Dec. 6, 1855. 

460 IV. Owen,' b. April 24, 1840; m. Elora Adams, Dec. 20, 1869. 

Children of Second Wife, born at Buchanan, on the farm. 

461 V. John Porter,' b. Dec. 2, 1846; m. Harriet Moore, Oct. 12, 

VI. Almira Louisa,' b. Feb. 12, 1848; m. 1st, David Cassler, April 
29, 1866 (divorced) ; m. 2d, Michael Harner. 


(No. 202, page 119.) 


(Page 119.) 


Child by First Husband. 

1. George B. Gassier, b. Feb. 4, 1867. 

Children by Second Husband. 

2. Willard A. Harner, b. 1878. 

3. Orrin C. Harner, b. 1879. 

4. Murray P. Harner, b. 1880. 

5. Alfred L. Harner, b. 1882. 

6. Orne C. Harner, b. 1884. 

7. Alma Bessie Harner, b. 1885. 

8. Roy Harner, b. 1886. 

VII. Lenora,' b. Aug. 18, 1850; m. Frank Munson, Dec. 25, 1867; 

d. June 10, 1868. 
VIII. Orrin L ,' h. Dec. 10, 1852; unmarried. 

He is a merchant, firm of Churchill, Webster &Bolinger, James- 
town, North Dakota. 


LEMUEL « CHURCHILL (John/ John," Barnabas/ Joseph/ 
John '). Born in Pittsfield, Nov. 24, 1816, and lived there. Mar- 
ried Lydia Bkadford, of Conway, Mass. 


I. Susan Anne,' b. June 7, 1855; unmarried, in Pittsfield. 
II. John B.,'' b. Aug. 11, 1858; unmarried, in Pittsfield. 


ALANSON« CHURCHILL (Bradford,"' John,' Barnabas/ 
Joseph/ John'). Born in Truxton, N.Y., Sept. 4, 1812. Married 
Eliza Burlingame, of Lanesboro', N.Y. 


I. Harriet,' b. Oct. 18, 1835; m. George Murdock. 

II. Marietta,' b. March 4, 1837. 

III. Ellen,' b. Jan. 25, 1839. 

IV. Bradford,' b. Feb. 1, 1840; never married. 
V. Helen.' 

VI. Robert,' d. young. 
462 VII. George Clinton,' b. Dec. 27, 1847; m. Eunice Follansbee. 


Joseph/ Joseph/ John '). Born July 13, 1774, in Wells (or 
Kennebunk), Me. He went to sea young, and, it is related, was 
captured by an English press-gang, and made to serve for two years 
. on a British man-of-war. With another sailor, while the ship was 
near the coast of Cuba, he jumped overboard and swam to the 


shore. From Cuba he returned in an American ship to his home, 
resumed his sea-faring life, and became captain of a ship as early as 
1800. He commanded the privateer"" Yankee Lass," in the War of 

1812, and was second in command of the privateer " Yankee," which 
took five valuable prizes. Captain Churchill's share of the prize-money 
was quite large. In one of the battles at sea he was wounded and 
lost a leg. He settled in Boston at the time of his marriage, then 
lived at Salem a while, but removed to Bristol, R.I., as early as 

1813. He is mentioned as living in the " Capt. Jonathan Mason 
House" in Salem, on the road from North Street to near ''Mack's 
Hill." (Coll. Essex Inst., Vol. 31, p. 122.) He died in 1858. 
Married 1st, Clarissa Eaton, of Boston; married 2d, March, 1822, 
Mrs. Eliza (Holman) Norris, widow of Capt. H. L. 

Children horn in Boston. 

I. Ann Northy/ b. June 28, 1798; m. Rev. Alexander Jones, of 
Providence, R.I., Nov. 3, 1819. 

Children horn in Providence, R.I. 

1. Clara Churchill Jones, b. May 31, 1821; m. Alexander P. 

Crittenden, April 24, 1838. 

2. Alexander Jones, b. Aug. 5, 1822; m. Mary Lee. 

3. Benjamin Churchill Jones, b. Aug. 23, 1824; m. Josephine 


4. Mary Farquhar Jones, b. July 26, 1826; m. Amos Joliffe, 

Nov. 16, 1848. 

5. George Wardwell Jones, ] b. June 11, 1828; m. 1st, Louisa 

I Adams Carrington ; m. 2d, 
. ( )( V 

6. Joseph Jones, | b. June 11, 1828; m. Courtney 

J Bowdoin. 

7. Charles Christian Jones, b. Jan. 23, 1830; d. unmarried. 

8. William Marlborough Jones, b. Jan. 28, 1832; m. Mary Lam- 

bert McMurdo. 

9. Rebecca Churchill Jones, b. Dec. 11, 1833; m. Col. William 

P. Craighill. 

10. Anne Northy Jones, b. Sept. 26, 1835; m. Dr. Johnson Price, 

of Kentucky, 

11. Larran Farquhar Jones, b. Nov. 9, 1837; m. Matilda Fontain 


12. Henry Holman Jones, b. Feb. 26, 1839; d. aged 20 years. 

13. Margaretta Brown Jones, b. Dec. 22, 1840; d. Jan. 10, 1841. 
II. Rebecca Jenks,' b. November, 1800; m. George Wardwell, of 

Providence, April, 1819. 


1. Caroline Churchill Wardwell, b. June 23, 1824; m. Samuel D. 

Wyeth, Sept. 11, 1844. 

2. Edward Wilkinson Wardwell, b. 1826 ; d. in infancy. 

3. Annie Jones Wardwell, b. Jan. 28, 1828; d. April, 1851. 

4. George Marlborough Wardwell, b. 1832; d. in infancy. 

III. Harriet,' b. 1802; d. unmarried. 

IV. Benjamin King, Jr.,' b. Nov. 14, 1805; d. unmarried in 1832. 

V. Clara Eaton,' b. 1808; m. George W. Little, of Charlestown, 
Va., Oct. 11, 1831. 



1. Ann Churchill Little, b. Julv 31, 1832; d. unmarried. 

2. Jane Craighill Little, b. April 25, 1834; d. Oct. 15, 1885. 

Children born in Bristol , R. I. 

VI. Sarah King,'' b. 1813; m. Capt. H. L. Norris, Nov. 2, 1837. 
She d. Oct. 9, 1840, leaving no children. 

463 VIL Marlborough,' b. February, 1816 ; m. Elizabkth Louise Voris, 

VIIL William Ezra,' b. 1818; d. unmarried. 
IX. Caroline Electra,' b. 1820; d. in infancy. 

Children hy Second Wife. 

X. Agnes Fetters,'' b. Dec. 25, 1822. Living, unmarried, in 1805. 

464 XI. Samuel Holman,' b. July 13, 1826; ni. Adelaide M. Norris, 

Sept. 17, 1858. He d. in 1856. No further record. 


JOHN« CHURCHILL (Joseph/ Joseph/ Joseph,^' Joseph,^ 
JoHN^). Born in Salem, March 27, 1774, and died in Mooers, 
N.Y., May 2, 1858. Removed to the west side of Lake Champlain, 
where the Southwick Brothers, of Benson, Vt., had purchased a 
large tract of land, and settled what was then Champlain, but in 
1804 became the town of Mooers. All of his brothers and sisters 
settled, lived, and are buried there. JVEarried Hannah Schkiver, 
daughter of Frederick, Esq., of Hemmingford, Can. She was sister 
of Col. John Schriver, M.P. 

Children born in Mooers, N. Y. 

I. Clarissa,' b. March 19, 1803; m. Albert Belden, and d. 1837. 
No children. 

465 II. Warner,' b. July 16, 1808; m. Almira Schriver, Feb. 13, 1835. 

466 III. Gilbert,' b. May 18, 1810; m Elizabeth ( ). 

IV. Julia Ann,' b. Aug. 20, 1811; m. 1st, Jabin Fitch; m. 2d, Alex- 
ander Ferry, of Albaugh, Vt 

Children of First Husband. 

1. Susan Fitch, d. early. 

2. Harlow Fitch, d. early. 

3. George Fitch, d. early. 

4. Harrison Fitch, m. Addie Twombly, of Chazy, N.Y. 

5. Martha Fitch, m. Daniel McLaughlin, of Anoka, Minn. 

6. Henderson Fitch, d. young. 

-- V. Polly,' b. Oct. 10, 1813; d. at Mooers, in 1814. 

VI. Harriet,' b. June 26, 1815; m. Alonzo Stacy, Sept. 7, 1836, at 


1. Hiram Stacy, d. April 30, 1840. 

2. Mary Stacy, m. George Dixon, .luly 9, 1859. 

3. Eleanor Stacy. 

4. Frederic Stacy. 
_ 5. Emily Stacy. 

VII. Violetta,' b. July 9, 1817; d. March, 1833. 


467 VIII. John,' b. Jan. 30, 1820; m. Harriet ( ). Said to have had 

a family and to have lived in Greenville, Mich., but we have no 

468 IX. Theodore,' b. May 25, 1822; m. Lucy Frost. 

X. Sarah,' b. July 25, 1824; m. David Waterman. Live in Bath, 


5. Nellie Waterman. 

6. Stella Waterman. 

7. George Waterman. 

1. Frederic Waterman. 

2. Julia Waterman. 

3. Emma Waterman. 

4. Charles Waterman. 
XI. Frederick,' b. Aug. 30, 1826; d. Sept. 2, 1850. 

XII. Hannah M.,' b. Feb. 16, 1829; d. January, 1837 


JOSEPH « CHURCHILL (Johx/ Joseph,* Joseph^ Joseph,- 
JoHN^). Born in New Salem, Mass., Jan. 18, 1776, and died in 
Mooers, N.Y., Jan. 25, 1848. He also settled in Mooers, and lived 
there near his brothers and sisters, whose farms, it is said, extended 
in an almost unbroken line, for five miles, through the centre of the 
town, from the Canada border. Married Susanna Bailey, in 
Chazy, N.Y. She was born in Windsor, Vt., Nov. 1, 1792, and died 
in Morrison, III, Nov. 25, 1884. 

Children horn in Mooers, N. Y. 

I. Eliza,' b. Oct. 24, 1810; d. Oct. 29, 1829. 

II. Caiista,' b. Sept. 28, 1812; d. Nov. 8, 1833. 

III. Joshua B.,' b. Nov. 1), 1814; d. March 5, 1815. 

469 IV. Benjamin Levery,' b. Feb. 7, 1816; m. Maria Fassett, Dec. 7, 

1844; d. in army, March 14, 1865. 
V. Jekemiah,' b. May 4, 1818; m. Eliza Vasburgh, Nov. 23, 1840. 
They were drowned in Lake Michigan, April 1, 184'.). 

470 VI. Joseph B.,' b. June 23, 1820; m. Eliza Tdrnbull, Dec. 11, 1841. 

471 VII. George ,W.,' b. April 10, 1825; m. 1st, Abigail Hitchcock, Sept. 

26, 1852; m. 2d, Ellen F. Strong. 

472 VIII. Sylvester S.,' b. Nov. 6, 1827; m. Jane R. Ransom, Oct. 19, 

IX Susanna E.,' b. Oct. 9, 1830; m. M. S. Heaton, Feb. 27, 1861. 
They live in Morrison, 111., and have one child. 

1. Nellie Churchill Heaton, b. Sept. 6, 1868. 

473 X. Charles C.,' b. June 15, 1836; m. Harriet A. McKibben, April 

7, 1866. 


SAMUEL" CHURCHILL (John,^ Joseph," Joseph,^ Joseph,'^ 
JoHN^). Born in New Salem, Aug. 8, 1782. Settled in Mooers, 
N.Y., in 1806. He was there prominent and respected, and always 
active in all matters of public interest and welfare for more than 
a half century. His wife was a woman of rare intelligence and of 
lovely character. He died Feb. 23, 1865. Married, Feb. 8, 1814, 


Martha Louisa Bosworth, daughter of John, Esq., of Sandisfield, 
Mass., where she was born Jan. 25, 1796. She died May 15, 1844. 

Children horn at Mooers, N. Y. 
I. Louisa Hannah,' b. May 10, 1815; m. Rev. Stephen House 
Williams, Aug. 6, 1844. 


1. John Charles Williams, b. May 15, 1845. 

2. Sidney Phoenix Williams, b. Aug. 16, 1847. 
o. Mary Louisa Williams, b. Feb. 26, 1850. 

4. Samuel Harvey Williams, b. July 28, 1851. 

5. James E. Williams, b. Feb. 10, 1856. 

11. Emmeline Amelia,' b. Feb. 20, 1817; m. John Shedden, 1860. 
Live in Mooers ; no children. 

474 III. Samuel Harvey,' h. Jan. 24, 1819; m. Emeline H. Knapp, of 

Berlin, Vt., Feb. 19, 1851. 

475 IV. John Charles,' b. Jan. 17, 1821; m. Katharine T. Sprague, 

Sept. 11, 1849. 
V. Mary Eliott,' b. Oct. 16, 1822; lives unmarried in Mooers, N.Y. 

476 VI. James Guilford,' b. Jan. 4, 1825: d. at Alma, Parke County, 

Colo., Sept. 18, 1879. No further record. 
VII. Pliny Fisk,' b. April 15, 1830; d. unmarried, Oct. 1, 1857. 
VIII. Caroline Martha,' b. Dec. 10, 1833; ra. Hon. Samuel C. Win- 
GARD. Live at Walla Walla, Wash. 


JEREMIAH •"' CHURCHILL (John,« Joseph," Joseph,^ Joseph,- 
JoHN '). Born in New Salem, 1785. Settled in Mooers, N.Y., 
1802. He was a lieutenant in the War of 1812. He died Aug. 8, 
1817, in Mooers, N.Y. ; married Mary Frost. 


I. Sarah Sophronia,' b. Nov. 11, 1815; m. Charles R. Rood, of 
Mooers, Oct. 27, 1842. Thev live at Gardner Plain, Whiteside 
County, 111. He was born July 20, 1813. 

Their Children. 

1. Almira A. Rood, b. Aug. 12, 1845. 

2. Albert Lawrence Rood, b. Oct. 11. 1847; d. Jan. 3, 1848. 

3. Helen Electa Rood, b. Nov. 12, 1848. 

4. Julia Elva Rood, b. March 11, 1856. 


JOHN« CHURCHILL (Samuel,^ Samuel," Joseph,^ Joseph,^ 
John '). Born in Sterling, July 7, 1782. Lived in Boston, and later 
in Chelmsford, Mass. Died in Chelmsford early in 1825, and his 
estate there Avas administered upon July 13, 1825. Married, in 
Sterling, Dec. 12, 1813, Dolly Mears. She was born Jan. 14, 
1777, and died in Clinton, Aug. 30, 1864. 


Child born in Boston. 

I. Jane,' b. Nov. 20, 1815; m. Horace Jewett, in Lowell, Dec. 17, 
1832. Mr. Jewett was born April 10, 1809. 


1. Mary Jane Jewett, b. in Lowell, Sept. 28, 1834; m. William 


2. George Horace Jewett, b. in Sterling, May 1, 1837; m. Eliza 

J. Taylor, 
.S. John Stewart .Jewett, b. in Lancaster, Sept. 12, 1839; single. 

4. Sarah Churchill Jewett, b. in Lancaster, Sept. 25, 1842; m. 

William Mirick. 

5. Emily Louisa Jewett, b. in Lancaster, Dec. 11, 1844; m. 

Palmer Fitts. 

6. Erastus Jewett, b. in Lancaster, Jan. 26, 1847; m. Annette 


7. Ella Josephine Jewett, b. in Sterling, Feb. 14, 1850; m. 

George Hall. 

8. Annie Maria Jewett, b. in Sterling, April 26, 1852 ; m. Levi 

H. Wiggin. 

9. Wilfred Emery Jewett, b. in Sterling, Nov. 13, 1854; single. 

10. Eugenia Olive Rebecca Jewett, b. in Sterling, Dec. 27, 1856; 

m. Edward S. Crocker. 

11. Flora Mabel Jewett, b. in Clinton, March 28, 1865; d. Jan. 20, 


ELIEZER" CHURCHILL (Eltezer,^ Eliezek," Eltezek/ Eli- 
EZER,^ JoHN^). Born in 1765. They lived in West Bridgewater. 
Died suddenly in 1818. Married, Jan. 27, 1788, Lucy Otis, of 
Scituate, born Jan. 27, 1769. 

Children born in West Bridgewater. 

I. Sophia,'' b. July 1, 1789; m. Bethdel Pennyman, of Abington, 
Feb. 16, 1814. He was born May 8, 1787. 


1. Sophia Pennyman, b. Aug. 18, 1810. 

2. Lucy Ann Pennyman, b. March 2, 1813. 

3. Mary Pennyman, b. Dec. 11, 1814. 

4. Eliza Pennyman, b. Jan. 9, 1817. 

5. Bethuel Pennyman, Jr., b. Feb. 11, 1819. 

6. William Pennyman, b. March 5, 1822. 

7. Addison Pennyman, b. April 29, 1827. 

8. Samuel Pennyman, b. Sept. 27, 1829. 

477 II. Charles,' b. Aug. 17, 1791; m. Dorcas Pratt Hawes, July 28, 

III. Mary Otis,' b. March 26, 1794 ; m. James Nash, of Abington, Oct. 
29, 1812. 
She died Oct 27, 1864, and he died March 18, 1858. 


1. James Otis Nash, b. Feb. 2, 1814; d. Dec. 27, 1880. 

2. Merit Nash, b. Oct. 10, 1815. 

3. Mary Ann Nash, b. Nov. 4, 1817; d June 18, 1864. 

4. Sylvanus Nash, b. Sept. 14, 1819; d. Feb. 5, 1882. 

5. Eleazer Dexter Nash, b. Jan. 23, 1821. 


IV. Deborah,' b. May 2G, 1796; d. in infancy. 
V. Lucy,' b. May 21, 1798; m. David Jenkins, Aug. 31, 1817; he 
was born Jan. 15, 1790. She died Oct. 13, 1834. He died Jan. 
7, 1881. 


1. Spooner Jenkins, b. in Southbridge, Sept. 11, 1819. 

2. David Jenkins, Jr., b. in Southbridge, June 5, 1822; d. June 

17, 1848. 

3. Lucy Otis Jenkins, b. in New Bedford, July 22, 1829. 
VL Joshua,' b. 1800; d. in infancy. 

VII. Harriet,' b. Sept. 18, 1802; m. John Reed, Jr., Jan. 28, 1819. 
VIII. Deborah,' b. June 29, 180i; m. Comfort Whiting, of New 
IX. Hannah Otis,' b. May 15, 1806; ni. George Douglas. 
X. Rhoda,' b. July 16, 1808; m. Samuel Keene, of East Bridge- 
XI. Jane,' b. Sept. 11, 1811; m Valentine Erskine, of Abington. 


THADDEUS « CHURCHILL (Thaddeus,^ Eliezer," Eliezer,^ 
Eliezer,- John '). Born March 23, 1776, in Plymoutli, and died 
Sept. 10, 1832. Married, Oct. 11, 1798, Mercy Fuller, daughter 
of Captain John, of Kingston. She was born Oct. 16, 1776, and 
died April 8, 1861. 


I. William,' b. July 22, 1799; d. Sept. 22, 1799. 

478 II. AViLLiAM,' b. Nov. 25, 1800; m. 1st, Mary C. Fuller, Sept. 27, 

1828. Shed. June 22, 1829; m. 2d, Beulah Orton, Aug. 28, 
1830. She d. Dec. 18, 1851; m. 3d, Jane R. Squires, Aug. 28, 

479 III. Henry,' b. Nov. 18, 1802; m. Maria B. Swift, Aug. 2, 1832. 
IV. AsenathD.,' b. Aug. 5, 1805; m. James Fuller, May 11, 1830. 


1. Mary Fuller, ni. George Collingwood. 

2. James A. Fuller, unmarried. 

3. William H. Fuller, m. Clarissa Burns. Lives in Cambridgeport. 

4. Lucia C. Fuller, m. John Brown. Lives in Haverhill. 

5. Arabella J. Fuller, m. Horace Page. Lives in Haverhill. 

6. Chester H. Fuller, unmarried. Lives in Kingston. 

V. Maria,' b. Oct. 14, 1807; m. Edwin Powers, December, 1839. 
Lived in Kingston. 


1. Maria E. Powers, m. Asa U. Bray. 

2. Charles T. Powers, unmarried. 

VI. Elizabeth F.,' b. Mav 12, 1811; ra. Dr. Frakcis Barker, August, 
1839. She d. August, 1883. 

Immediately after marriage they went as missionaries to the 
Shoshone Indians for thirteen years, when they settled in Lawrence, 
Kansas, and spent the remainder of life there. 


1. William Barker, m. in Kansas. 

2. Sophronia Barker, m. in Kansas. 

3. Mary F. Barker, m. William H. Miles, of So. Hanson. 


VII. Marcia,' b. Dec. 1, 1813; m., Jan. Ifi, 1868, Dea. Thomas 
Potter, of New London, Conn. No children. 
VIII. Lucia R.,' b. Aug. 2«, 1816; d. Jan. 3, 1835. 
IX. Lewis,'' b, Feb. 18, 1819; d. Sept. 21, 1835. 


JOSEPH « CHURCHILL (Thaddeus,^ Eliezer," Eliezer,^ 
Eliezer,- John ^). Born about 1782. He sailed out from Boston 
in 1836, aged fifty-four years, and was never heard from afterwards. 
Married 1st, July 28, 1804, Mercy LeBaron Goodwin, daughter 
of Thomas. She died Oct. 2, 1822. Married 2d, Lydia LeBaron 
Goodwin, sister of Mercy. 

Children horn in Plymouth. 

480 I. Joseph Lewis,' b. Aug. 21, 1805; m. Abigail Merrill Goodwin, 

of Falmouth, May 27, 1830. 
He died at sea, August, 1842. 
II. Amelia,' b. Feb. 7, 1807; d. Sept. 12, 1807. 

III. Edward,' b. Dec. 13, 1808; d. Jan. 3, 1809. 

IV. George,' b. Aug-. 2, 1811; d. Oct. 2. 1811. 

V. GusTAVOS,' b. Dec. 27, 1814; unmarried; lost at sea between 
Boston and Bangor. 
VI. Marcia,' b. June 15, 1817; d. unmarried in 1839. 
VII. Charles Thomas,' b. April 21, 1820; d. Feb. 13, 1825. 


SAMUEL 6 CHURCHILL (Samuel,^ Josiah,^ Eliezer,'^ 
Eliezer,- John '). Born in Plymouth, May 3, 1779, and lived there. 
Married, Nov. 8, 1801, Nancy Covington. After the death of 
Samuel, the widow married Benjamin Dillard, as his third wife. 

Children born in Plymouth. 

481 I. Samuel,' b. Aug. 31, 1802; m. Rachel Capen, Jan. 1, 1827. 

482 II. Ezra,' h. March 10, 1805; m. Mehitable Porter, June 29, 1830. 

III. Francis,' died at sea. » 

IV. Pollt,' m. William Raymond, of No. Bridgewater. 

V. Nancy,' b. Feb. 6, 1814; m. Avery Capen, of Stoughton. 

Children horn in Stoughto7i. 

1. Arabella Capen, b. Dec. 22, 1836; d. Dec. 20, 1841. 

2. Nancy Arabella Capen, b. May 11, 1843; m. Charles Tucker, 
' June 29, 1865; d. Sept. 18, 1867. 

3. Avery Augustus Capen, b. May 9, 1844; killed at Fredericks- 

burg, Dec. 13, 1862. 

4. Elizabeth Churchill Capen, b. Aug. 15, 1853; m. William E. 

Hayward, of Oxbridge. 

483 VI. Jacob,' m. Maria Mosier, of New Bedford. 

484 VII. John E.,' m. Eleanor Shuman. 


CALEB <= CHURCHILL (Samuel,^ Josiah,^ Eliezer,=* Eliezer,' 
John '). Born in Plymouth, March 25, 1782. Married, Nqv. 21, 
1801, Lydia Greenold. 


One Child. 
I. Eliza, ^ m. John Briggs, of Berkeley, Mass. 


1. John C. Briggs. 

2. Eliza Ann Briggs, ni. Reuben Richmond, of Taunton. 

3. Lydia Southworth Briggs, tn. 1st, Dr. ( •) Larkin, of 

Wrentham; m. 2d, Rev. ( ) Sheff, of Wrentham. 


ENOS « CHURCHILL (Enos,^ Josiah," Eliezer,^ Eliezer,= 
John'). Born at Ragged Island, Nova Scotia, April 9, 1797. Mar- 
ried, Dec. 19, 1822, Abigail Locke. 

Children . 

485 I. Lewis P.,'' b. Nov. 8, 182(;; ra. Ann Locke. 
II. Elizabeth.' m. John Locke. 

III. Trtphenia,' 111. Andrew C. Congdon. 

IV. Priscilla.' 
V. Louisa.' 

VI. Emily,' in. Henry Studley, M.D. 
VII Cecilia.' 
VIII. Augusta.' 


SILVANUS« CHURCHILL (Silvanus,^ JosiaV Eliezer,^' 
Eliezer,- John '). Born Sept. 25, 1805. He died July 26, 1879. 
Married 1st, 1836, Lydia Russell, of New Bedford ; 2d, 1843, 
Eliza W. Gifford, of New Bedford. 

One Child by Second Wife. 

486 I. Robert, b. in New Bedford, Dec. 13, 1848. No further record. 


JOHN DARLING" CHURCHILL (Silvanus,' Josiah,''Eliezer,3 
Eliezer,- John '). Born in Plymouth, Nov. 8, 1817, and lived 
there. Married 1st, April 11, 1840, Marcia J. Holmes. She died 
May 22, 1882. 2d, Dec. 30, 1883, Julia A. Hawley. 


487 I. John Franklin,' b. Jan. 11, 1841; ni. Clara Finney, Dec. 30, 


Born in Plymouth and lived there till the close of his school- 
days, when he received the appointment of cadet at the Annapolis 
Naval Academy, by the suggestion of Congressman Robert B. Hall. 
Upon graduation he entered the merchant service until the opening 
of the Civil War, when he was appointed ensign in the navy, and 
served on the U.S. man-of-war " Yautic." He was attached to 
Admiral Porter's floet with Dewey and Schley, and was engaged 
in both battles at Fort Fisher. At the close of the war he 
returned to Plymouth and entered the store of his uncle, and con- 
tinued in the business until he became secretary of the " Mixter 


Saw Gummer Company," of whose Eastern interests he had charge 
until his death, March 29, 1903, at his honoe in Plymouth. He was 
a member of the Masonic order. No children. 

488 II. Feed Lee," b. Feb. 8, 1846; m. Mary N. Dimon, June 7, 1874. 

48y III. JosiAH Darling,' b. Oct. 24, 1853; m. Martha Tillson, Oct. 6, 


LEMUEL 6 CHURCHILL (Jesse/ Jonathan/ Eliezer/ 
Eliezer," John^). Born Dec. 5, 1775. He settled, after marriage, 
at Richmond, Va. Married, March 21, 1803, Sarah Sumner, of 
Roxbury, daughter of Deacon Samuel. 

Children horn, some at Roxbury and the younger at Richmond, Va. 

I. Elizabeth,' b. 1804; d. unmarried. 
II. Eliphalet Porter,' d. unmarried. 
III. Hannah,' d. in infancy. 

490 IV. GusTAvus Vasa,' b. 1809; m. Sophia Prescott. Had one son 

Harry ; d. in infancy. No further record. 
V. Abigail,' d. young. 
VI. Mart Ann,' b. 1813; m. Jonathan Bdffinton. 

491 VII. William Worcester,' m. 1st, Caroline Gore Woodman; m. 2d, 

Mrs. Hurll. 


SIMEON *= CHURCHILL (Jesse,' Johnathan,^ Eliezer,'' 
Eliezer,- John^). Born June 25,1786. Lived in Cincinnati, a 
cabinet-maker. Married Caroline Hunt, of Baltimore. 


492 I. Frederick Augustus,' b. in'Baltimore, Aug. 13, 1811 ; m. ( ) 

( )• 

They had four children, viz. : 

1, William ; 2, Frederick A. ; 3, Elizabeth; 4, Caroline. 
All of these died without issue, and we have no record. 
II. Hannah Hunt,' b. in Cincinnati, Jan. 29, 1813. 

III. Alonzo Wooster,' b. in Cincinnati, Jan. 9, 1816; m. Ellen 

Sand; no children. 

IV. Laura Spencer,' b. in Cincinnati, March 23, 1819, d. in infancy. 


DAVID '^ CHURCHILL (Jesse,^ Jonathan,^ Eliezer,^ Eliezer,- 
JoHN ^). Born July 16, 1795. He lived in Cincinnati ; was a cabi- 
net-maker. He was a very large man, six feet two inches in height, 
and weighed three hundred pounds. Died May 17, 1853. Married, 
Feb. 22, 1825, Frances Ann Clifton McKin. 

Children horn in Cincinnati. 

I. Abigail Wooster,' b. 1826; unmarried. 
II. George Washington,' b. 1828; never married. 
III. Franklin,' b. 1880: never married. 






49 li 




than/ Eliezer/ Eliezer,- John ^). Born March 22, 1787. Lived 
at West Eairlee, Vt. Held a captaiu's commission in War of 1812. 
Married Eliza Lamphire, of West Eairlee, Vt. 

Children born in West Fairlee. 

493 I. William Leathers, Jr. J b. Sept. 5, 1811 ; m. Minerva Nichols, 

of Corinth. Vt. . 

Austin Finlet,' b. Oct. 6, 1813; d. unmarried Jan. 26, 1823. 

Chaunct Carroll,' b. Sept. 2fi, 1815; m. Pamelia Sarin, of 
Amesbury, jMass. 

Eliza Jane,' b. June, 1818; m. Asa Southworth, of West Fair- 
lee. She d. in Boston. 

Benjamin Pixley,' b. Sept. 2, 1822; m. Susan Thompson. He 
d. in Fairlee, Aug. 14, ISfi-l. 
VI. Francis Vennell,' b. Dec. 6, 1827; m. Marinda E. Munn, Jan. 
31, 1854. 


Jonathan,^ Eliezer,^ Eliezer,- John ^). Born Feb. 9, 1789. 
Lived in East Fairlee, Vt. He was a carpenter and architect, and 
was captain of a cavalry company in the War of 1812. Married 
Millicent Whitcomb. 


I. Launcelot,' no record. 

497 II. James Monroe,' b. April 3, 1813; m. Kuth E.Tilden, of Thetford, 

Vt., 1844. No further record. 

III. Orlanzo,' d. at 10 years. 

IV. Sarah Adeline,' b. July 29, 1815; m. Moody Coffin, of Haver- 

hill, Mass. 
V. Caroline Houghton,' b. Julv 29, 1817; m. Phineas E. Davis, 
Sept. 3, 1839. 
VI. Mary Marion.' 
VII. Helen Mar,' b. in Lowell about 1830; d. in East Fairlee, Vt. 


DAVID CARROLL 6 CHURCHILL (Francis,^ Jonathan,^ 
Eliezer,' Eliezer,"- John^). Born in East Fairlee, Vt., Dec. 16, 
1790. Lived in Fairlee, Vt. ; a man of ability and influence. He was 
for years sheriff of Grafton County, N.H. He was judge of the 
county, and several times representative from his town to the Legis- 
lature. Married, Jan. 3, 1816, Polly Franklin, of Lyme, N.H, 


L Maria,' b. April 11, 1817; d. May 29, 1838. 
II. Jonathan Franklin,' b. Feb. 8, 181H ; d. Sept. 28, 1827. 

498 III. David Carroll, Jr..' b. April 12, 1821; m. Lydia Ann Perry, 

Oct. 20, 1847. 


499 IV. Charles Henry,' b. Aug. 21, 1824; m. 1st, Mart Jane Turner, 

of Oberlin, O., Nov. 28, 1846; m. 2d, Henrietta Vance, of 

Lima, Ind., Oct. 10, 1859. 
600 V. Lewis Franklin,' b. June 1, 1826; m. Harriet Augusta Drew, 

Dec. 31, 1849. 
VI. Lucretia,' b. Aug. 9, 1828; m. Thomas L. Nelson, of Elyria, O. 

She d. in childbirth. 

1. Lucretia Nelson, m. Rev. ( ") Butler, of Sunderland, Mass. 

501 VII. Jonathan Franklin,' b. June 26, 1833; m. Laura A. Chandler, 

of Oxford, N.H. 
VIII. Mart,' b. July 3, 1839; m. A. W. Dimmick, of Watertown, Mass. 
One child, which, with the mother, died at the birth. 


than,^ Eliezer/ Eliezer,- John ^). Born in East Eairlee, Vt., 
Dec. 9, 1794. Died in Syracuse, N.Y. Married, 1821, Mart 
Ann Doane, of Troy, N.Y. 


I. Mart Ann,' d. in infancy. 
II. Charles,' b. March 11, 1823; d. unmarried. 

III. Cleopatra,' b. April 17, 1825; d. young. 

IV. Mart Ann,' b May 1, 1827; m. Edward Seabury, of Troy. 

502 V. Francis,' b. March 20, 1829; m. 1st Charlotte StIats ; m. 2d, 

Mart Kibbe, March 16, 1854. Lived in Batavia, N.Y. 
VI. Cleopatra,' b. April 3, 1831; m. John M. Kirk, April 16, 1851. 
Lived in Rochester, N.Y. 

Children born in Rochester, N. Y. 

1. Lilian Kirk, b. Feb. 11, 1852. 

2. Ida M. Kirk, b. Nov. 30, 1853. 

3. Charles LeGrande Kirk, b. Aug. 1, 1856. 

4. Ella Kirk, b. Nov. 6, 1858. 

5. Henry Richardson Kirk, b. Aug. 31, 1860. 

6. Gertrude Kirk, b. April 26, 1868; d. in infancy. 

VII. LoviNA,' b. Aug. 10, 1833; m. Amos Gould, Sept. 4, 1850. Lived 
in Buffalo. 


1. Cynthia Gould, b. July 9, 1858. 

2. Grace Gould, b. Jan. 22, 1871 ; d. at the age of 4 years 10 months. 

3. George C. Gould, b. Oct. 27, 1875. 

4. Mortimer Gould, b. Feb. 29, 1879. 

VIII. Elizabeth,' b. June 26, 1836; m. James Girard. Lived in 
Michigan. No children. 
IX. Ctnthia,' b. May 24, 1841 ; m. Henrt H. Warner, Jan. 12, 
1860. Lived at Rochester, N.Y. 


1. Jennie Elizabeth Warner, b. Jan. 10, 1861. 

2. Charles Shattuck Warner, b. May 18, 1863. 

3. Henry Plato Warner, b. Aug. 24, 1864. 

4. William Thomas Warner, b. Aug. 14, 1876. 

X. Sarah,' b. May, 1844; m. Washington Perkins. 


1. Arthur Perkins. 

2. Maude Perkins. 

3. Carl Perkins. 


4. Blanche Perkins. 

5. Harry Simeon Perkins. 


Eliezeb," Eliezer,- John ^). Born at East Fairlee, Vt., May 26, 
1796. Lived in Tlietford, Vt., Lowell, Mass., and Eairlee, Vt. 
Married Sarah C. Coburn, of Fairlee, Vt. Born Aug. 3, 1797. 

I. Rodney,' b. in Thetford, Vt., Sept. 20, 1820. 

503 II. Stillman,' b. in Lowell, Mass., July 28, 1823; m. Lucinda 

Hathorn, Oct. 13, 1848. 
III. Josephine,'' b. in Thetford, Vt., Aug. 22, 1825. 

504 IV. Samuel,' b. June 19, 1829, in Lowell, Mass. No further record 


505 V. Henry,' b. Sept. 15, 1831, in Lowell, Mass. No further record 

VI. Robert Wallace,' b. Jan. 7, 1834, in Fairlee, Vt. No further 
record obtained. 

506 VII. George Webster,' b. June 5, 183C, in Fairlee, Vt. No further 

record obtained. 

507 VIII. Mary Lawrence,' b. July 20, 1840, in Fairlee, Vt. No further 

record obtained. 


JOSEPH WARREN « CHURCHILL (Francis,' Jonathan,^ 
Eliezer,'' Eliezer,- John ^). Born at Fairlee, Vt., Feb. 2, 1798. 
He was a merchant and lived in Troy from the age of twenty-one 
years to his death. He died Jan. 12, 1S75. Married, Feb. 2, 1825, 
Sarah N. Doane. 

Children horn in Troy. 
I. Jane,' b. Dec. 23, 1825 ; m. Nelson Penfield, Jan. 18, 1842. 

508 II. George,' b. Aug. 18, 1827; m. Anna L. Sullivan, Feb. 14, 1859. 

Said to have had one child, but no record found. 
III. Watts,' b. Feb. 13, 1831 ; d. Aug. 8, 1831. 

509 IV. Lee,' b. April 20, 1836; m. Ella Higgins, Sept. 20, 1871. 

510 V. DeWitt,' b. .Tune 10, 1838. No further record. 
VI. Jay,' b. May 20, 1840; d. June 20, 1842. 


REUBEN EDWARD « CHURCHILL (Francis,' Jonathan,^ 
Eliezer,'' Eliezer,- John ^). Born at Fairlee, Vt., Oct. 26, 1799. 
Settled in Paw Paw, Mich. He died Dec. 29, 1856. Married, Dec. 
1, 1823, Mary Goodin, born April 6, 1803 ; died Dec. 4, 1884. 

I. Lorenzo Goodin,' b. Aug. 29, 1824; d. Oct. 16, 1868. No further 
II. Alonzo Perry,' b. March 1, 1826; d. Feb. 18, 1847. No further 


III. Mart Melissa,' b. Aug. 19, 1828 ; d. Sept. 10, 1830. No further 


IV. Sally Melissa,' b. Nov. 28, 1832; d. Jan. 20, 1880. No further 

V. Mary Lodisa,' b. May 1, 1887; d. Jan. 5, 1874. 
VI. George Washington,' b. Nov. 9, 1840; d. in Andersonville prison, 
September, 1864. 
VII. Hannah Malinda,' b. Sept. 15, 1844; ra. James Frederick Bul- 
LARD, June 30, 1866. 


1. Edwin Lerov Bullard, b. July 14, 1868. 

2. Frederick Irwing Bullard, b. Feb. 14, 1881 ; d. June 20, 1881. 


than,^ Eliezer," Eliezer/ John^). Born in East Fairlee, Vt., 
Sept. 20, 1802. Lived in Utica, N.Y. Married, in Exeter, N.H., 
Sept. 8, 1827, Polly Brown, of Lowell, Mass. 

Childo-en horn in Utica. 
611 I. Franklin Green,' m. 1st, Amelia Layman; m. 2d, Ida Hall. 

We have the name of one child. 

1. Frank Albert, b. in Dundee, N.Y. No further record. 
II. Sarah E.,' m. Joseph W. Gushing, March 8, 1843. 


JOHN EMERY" CHURCHILL (Francis,' Jonathan," 
Eliezer,^ Eliezer,- John ^). Born in East Fairlee, Vt., July 20, 
1811. Lived in Nashua, jST.H. Married Eliza Ann Coburn. 

Children horn in Nashua, N.H. 

512 I. John Wesley,' b. May 26, 1839 ; m. Mary J. Donald, of Fairlee, 

II. Eliza Jane,' b. June 14, 1840; m. Stephen Cook, Oct. 17, 1871. 
No children. 

III. Phebe E.,' b. Aug. 30, 1842; unmarried. 

IV. Mary Esther,' b. Nov. 14, 1845/6; m. Reuben Webber Swift, 

of Provincetown, Dec. 26, 1871. They were married in Nashua, 
N.H., but lived in Provincetown, where were born their chil- 


1. Jennie C. Swift, b. Jan. 16, 1873; m. Frank G. Westwood, of 

Newton, Sept. 18, 1895. 

2. Georsje W. Swift, b. May 31, 1875. 

3. Edith T. Swift, b. May 29. 1879. 

4. Helen M. Swift, b. July 24, 1882; d. Sept. 26, 1882. 

513 V. George Francis,' b. Oct. 6, 1846; m. Ella G. Holbrook. 

VI. MoRGiANA Francelia,' b. Oct. 25, 1848; unmarried; d. in Boston, 
Dec. 12, 1887. 
VII. William H.,' Aug. 11, 1851; d. July 18, 1852. 

514 VIII. Elbert Lawrence,' b. at East Cambridge, April 13, 1857 ; m. 

Gertrude A. Taylor, April 9, 1884. 


Jonathan/ Eliezer,^ Eliezer,^ John ^). Born in Eairlee, Vt., 
Nov. 4, 1814. He was a physician. Married 1st, in Troy, N.Y., 
Elizabeth Milliken ; 2d, in Post Mills, name not obtained ; 3d, 
Mrs. Lydia Ann (Wharf) Shaw. 

One Child by First Wife. 
I. Mary Jane.' No record. 


CHARLES 6 CHURCHILL (Charles,^ Ephraim," Stephen,^ 
Eliezer,^ John ^). Born at Plymouth, Oct. 8, 1767. Married 
Hannah Nye, of Wareham, jMass. 


515 I. Charles,' b. Aug. 2fi, 1797. No further record. 
II. Betsey,' b. Dec. 9, 1799. 

516 III. Nelson.' No record. 

517 IV. Joseph,' b. Jan. 1, 1805; m. Betsey Ellis. 

518 V. Elkanah,' b. 1809; m. Ly'dia Sherman, of Carver, dau. of John. 


RUFUS« CHURCHILL (Charles,^ Ephraim," Stephen,^ 
Eliezer,^ John ^). Born in Plymouth, April 12, 1772. He died 
April 26, 1826. Married, March 10, 1797, Eunice Covington. 

Children . 

519 I. Isaac Covington,' b. Nov. 28, 1797; m. Mary T. Jenney, Dec. 

16, 1820. 
II. RuFDS,' b. May 25, 1799; d. Nov. 1, 1799. 
III. Eunice,' b. March 14, 1803; m. Richard Pope. 


1. Richard Pope, unmar- 

ried ; settled in Cal- 

2. William Pope, settled 

in California. 

3. Rufus Pope. 

4. Joseph Pope. 

5. Lydia Pope. 

6. Eunice Pope. 

7. Lucy Ann Pope. 

8. Adrianna Pope. 

520 IV. Rufus,' b. March 9, 1806; m. Lucy W. Nte, dau. of William, and 

d. April U, 1828. 

521 V. William,' b. Nov. 25, 1816; m. Emily Tribble, Jan. 3, 1841. 

Lived in Plymouth. 


SAMUEL « CHURCHILL (Charles,^ Ephraim," Stephen,^ 
Eliezer,^ John '). Born at Plymouth, Sept. 23, 1774. Died 
March 1, 1803. Married, Nov. 11, 1798, Bathsheba Collins. 
She died Aug. 30, 1803. 


One Child. 
522 I. Samuel,' m. Calista Pool, dau. of Perez. No record. 


EPHEAIM« CHUECHILL (Charles,^ Ephraim,^ Stephen,^ 
Eliezer,^ John^). Born May 16, 1782. He left his family many 
years ago and went to Ohio, and never returned. Married, March 
2, 1804, Sally Einnet, daughter of William. 

One Child. 
623 I. Ephraim Finney,' m. Martha H. Whiting. 

They lived in Chiltonville. No further record. 


EPHRAIM « CHURCHILL (Zaccheus,^ Ephraim,^ Stephen," 
Eliezer,- John"^). Born September, 1759. Perhaps served in 
Revolution, Captain Packard's Company, Colonel Cary's Regiment, 
alarm on July, 1780, eleven days in R.I. Settled, about the close of 
the Revolution, in Yarmouth, IsT.S., and there died March 22, 1826. 
They lived just south of the village. Married, in Yarmouth, I*^.S., 
AsENATH HiBBARD. She was born 1768, and died February, 1830. 

Children born in Yarmouth, U.S. 

524 I. Zaccheus,' b. Feb. 23, 1786; m. Susannah (Rose) Killam; d. 

Yarmouth, May 23, 1861. 
Stephen,' b. April 15, 1789. Lost at sea. 
Thomas,' b. June 6, 1791; m. Mary Harris; d. Yarmouth, Nov. 

7, 1847. 
RuFus,' b. May 19, 1793; ra. Gertrude Flint, Dec. 10, 1816; d. 

Yarmouth, Aug. 25, 1865. 
Nathaniel,' b. July 1, 1795; m. Abigail Valpey. 
Maky,' b. Sept. 1, 1798; m. David Flint, Jan. 26, 1819. 

She died in Yarmouth, Oct. 4, 1891. 


1. William Flint, b. Jan. 12, 1820; m. Emmeline Vickery, dau. of 

2. Samuel S. Flint, b. March 18, 1822; m. Elizabeth Walker, De- 
cember, 1844. 

3. Mary Ellen Flint, b. Aug. 19, 1823 ; m. 1st, Alfred Morrill, son 
of Capt. Moses; m. 2d, Robert Spiers. 

4. Catharine Flint, b. May 24, 1825; m. Robert Spiers. 

5. Asenath Flint, b. April 10, 1827; d. June 28, 1828. 

6. David Flint, b. Oct. 8, 1828; m. Emma Rusco, of Cornwallis. 

7. Jacob Flint, b. Sept. 28, 1832; m. 1st, Margaret Harding, May 
21, 1886; m. 2d, Anne H. Haley. 

8. John E. Flint, b. July 27, 1836; d. unmarried. 

VII. William,' b. Dec. 17, 1800; m. 1st, Mary Corning, Dec 28, 1828; 

no issue; m. 2d, Letitia Durkee, April 21, 1855; no issue. 
VIII. Elizabeth,' b. May 10, 1803; m. 1st, Ebenezer Corning; no 
issue; m. 2d, Abraham Killam. 









1. Harriet N, Killam, b. 1831; m. Capt. George R. Doty. 

2. Ebenezer C. Killam, l b. 1833; m. Lois R. Moses, Nov. 25, 

I b. 1833; m 
\ 1863. 
j b. 1833; d. 

3. Abram Killam, ) b. 1833; d. Feb. 21, 1843. 

4. William Killam, b. 1834; d. May 5, 1835. 

5. Elizabeth Killam, b. 1837: m. William G. Sims, Nov. 20, 1862. 

6. Martha Killam, b. 1838 ; m. James McConnell. 

7. William A. Killam, b. 1844; m. Sarah J. Moses, dau. of Capt. 


528 IX. Walter,' b. June 3, 1805; m. 1st, Sarah Flint; m. 2d, Elsie 
X. Hannah,' b. Sept. 9, 1807; m. Thomas Byrnes, Oct. 29, 1826. 

Children . 

1. William Byrnes, b. Dec. 24, 1827; d. unmarried March 1, 


2. Eben Corning Byrnes, b. Jan. 18, 1829; m. 1st, Lois E. Perry, 

Nov. 27, 1856; m. 2d, Marie Curry. 

3. Ann Byrnes, b. March 30, 1831 ; m. Capt. Thomas Perry. 

4. Martha Greenough Byrnes, b. Aug. 18, 1833; d. young. 

XI. Ephraim,' b. July 29, 1809; d. young. 
XII. AsENATH,' b. March 30, 1812; m. John W. Scott. 


1. Hugh Scott, b. Sei)t. 3, 1840; m. Lovina Barker, of Clinton, 

Me., Sept. 2, 1^79. 

2. Mary Scott, b. Sept. 2, 1842 ; m. William Harris, of Dixmont, 

Me., 1865. 

3. Amelia Scott, b. May 5, 1844; m. Norman Brown, March, 


4. William Scott, b. Sept. 17, 1846 ; d. unmarried, 1880. 

629 XIII. John,' b. Sept. 23, 1814; m. 1st, Betsey Flint, Feb. 4, 1832; m. 
2d, Maria Anne Haskell; m.3d, Almira (Gouday) Sanders; 
no issue. 


LEWIS « CHURCHILL (Ellis,^ Ephraim,* StephexX,^ Eliezer,^ 
John ^), Place and date of birth not found. Married, Oct. 21, 
1792, Nancy Mitchell. 


630 I. Lewis,' b. Feb. 12, 1794; m. Hannah Covington, at Plymouth, 

July 28, 1817. No record obtained. 

531 II. Sylvands,' b. July 25, 1796; m. Betsey Carver. No further 

III. Mary,' b. July 1, 1798; ra. Zacchecs Barnes, August, 1821, in 

One Child. 
1. Nancy Paty Barnes; m. Ozen Bates. 

532 IV. Joseph,' b. June 8, 1804. No further record. 



WILLIAM « CHURCHILL (Ellis/ Ephraim/ Stephb.V 

Eliezer,^ John ^). Born in Plymouth, Dec. 12, 1780. Lived in 

Plymouth, and died May 15, 1870. Married 1st, 1805, Sally 

Rounds. She died May 16, 1823 ; married 2d, Abigail I^nopp. 

She died in 1867. 

Children of First Wife. 

I. Ellis,' b. 180(5; d. March 29, 1835; unmarried. 
II. William,' b. 1808; d. 1850; unmarried. 

III. Sarah,' b. Nov. 11, 1810; m. Dexter Packard, 1835. Mrs, 

Packard d. April ]3, 1885. 


1. William D. Packard. 

2. Hiram R. Packard. 

3. Amelia Packard. 

IV. Nancy E.,' b. April 10, 1813; m. 1st, John Adams, Oct. 5, 1831; 

m. 2d, Leonard Burt, Dec. 30, 1863. 


1. John S. Adams, b. April 15, 1831; d. in California. 

2. Oscar C. Adams, b. March 20, 1847; d. April 25, 1894. 

Two other children died young. 
V. Amanda,' b. March, 1816; d. unmarried, July 18, 1848. 

533 VI. Simeon R.,' b. Feb. 23, 1819; m. Abigail Eddy, and d. July, 1865. 

A daughter, it is said, married Alden Lee. No further record. 


JOHN « CHURCHILL (Ansel,^ Ephraim," Stephen,^ Eliezer,^ 
John ^). Born in Plymouth, 1775, and there lived, and died Oct. 
14, 1841. Married, June 6, 1801, Nancy Jackson, of Carver. 

ChildjVen horn in Plymouth. 
I. Hannah,' b. 1802; m. Bartlett Ellis, of Plymouth, 1821. 


1. Nancy Ellis, m. Willard Wood. 

2. Nathaniel Ellis. , 

3. Hannah E. Ellis, m. Charles Ryder. 

4. George Ellis. 

5. Charles Ellis. 

534 II. George,' b. 1803; m. Martha C. Holmes, March 5, 1826. 

III. John,' b. June, 1805; d. May 15, 1806. 

IV. Bethia,' b. April 12, 1807; m. Thomas B. Bartlett, Nov. 26, 



1. Charles Bartlett, h. July 3, 1831 ; m. Lucy A. Pratt. 

2. Mary A. Bartlett, b. May 10, 1836; m. Capt. Charles C. Doten. 

3. Thomas Bartlett, b. Jan. 6, 1840; m. 1st, Emmeline Savery ; m. 

2d, Ruhamah D. Raymond. 

4. Priscilla Sampson Bartlett, b. Dec. 7, 1845. 



V. Nancy, 7 b. 1808; d. in 1822, aged U. 
VI. Sally Ann,' b. Aug. 26, 1811; m. Alden Winsor, of Duxbury, 
February, 1835. They lived in Lynn. She d. May 12, 1892. 
Alden d. Aug. 15, 1868. 

Children horn in Lynn. 

1. Henry A. Winsor, b. April 25, 1837. 

2. Maria E. Winsor, b. Nov. 17, 1839. 

3. Harriet G. Winsor. b. October, 1841 ; d. Nov. 30, 1863. 

4. Sarah A. Winsor, b. Sept. 8, 1845. 

5. Charles E. Winsor, b. April 18, 1852. 

"VII. Lillis Barton,' b. Nov. 22, 1813; ra. Joshua B. Loud, of 
Abington, Nov. 2, 1837. She d. Sept. 16, 1871. He d. Feb. 13, 


1. Isabel F. Loud, b. April 6, 1839. 

2. John M. Loud. b. Feb. 3, 1S41. 

3. Millard E. Loud, b. July 25, 1851. 

4. George Churchill Loud, b. Dec. 31, 1854. 


STEPHEJ^e CHUECHILL (Stephex,^ Stephen,* Stephen,^ 
Eliezer,^ John ^). Born in Plymouth, May 7, 1768. Lived in 
Duxbury. Married 1st, June 4, 1791, Elizabeth Gray. Married 
2d, Mrs. ISTanct (Jackson) Churchill, widow of John (No. 240). 

One Child. 
I. John Stephen,' b. in Duxbury, April 24, 182G. 


PELEG« CHURCHILL (Stephen,^ Stephen," Stephen,^ 
Eliezer,- John ^). Born in Plymouth, Aug. 11, 1769. Lived in 
Duxbury. He died in 1810 and his widow married Studley Sampson, 
of Duxbury, and died Nov. 24, 1848, aged 76 years. Married 1st, 
( ) Bradford. Married 2d, April 14, 1791, Hannah Hosea. 

Children born in Duxbury. 

I. Harriet,' b. Oct. 4, 1791; m. Prince Bradford, son of Samuel,* 
b. Dec. 19, 1783. 

Children born in Duxbury. 

1. Gershom Bradford, b. 1816. 

2. Perez Bradford, b. 1818. 

3. Harriet Bradford, b. 1821. 

4. Otis Bradford, b. 1823. 

5. Hannah Bradford, b. 1825. 

6. Lydia Bradford, b. 1827. 

7. Susan Bradford, b. 1832. 

535 II. Peleg,' m. 1st, Lucy Sprague; m. 2d, Jane Pease. 

III. Eliza,' b. 1795; m. Joseph Chandler. 


1. James Chandler. 

2. Joseph Chandler. 

3. Albert H. Chandler. 

4. Peleg C. Chandler. 

5. Ezra Chandler. 


636 IV. William,' b. May 18, 1798; m. Mary Holmes, Oct. 5, 1823. 

537 V. Otis,' m. Esther Harlow. 

538 VI. Ezra,' m. Susan Allen. 


HEMAN« CHURCHILL (Stephen,^ Stephen/ Stephen," 
Eliezer/ John^). Born in Plymouth, March 10, 1771. Lived in 
Plymouth. Died Nov. 22, 1840. Married, Jan. 1, 1795, Jane 
Churchill ; she died April 2, 1848. 

Children horn in Plymouth. 

I. Mart Anne,' b. 1795. She was living in Plymouth in 1888. 
II. Lemuel,' b. 1797; d. Oct. 1, 1802. 

III. Patience,' b. 1799; m. Capt. William Randall, in 1819. 


1. William Randall, b. 1820. 

2. George Randall, b. 1822. 

3. Charles Randall, b. 1824. 

4. James Randall, b. 1826. 

IV. Heman,' d. Oct. 1, 1802. 
V. Jane,' d. June 11, 1808. 

VI. Heman,' b. 1805; d. April 6, 1808. 
VII. Jane,' b. 1809/10; d. April 26, 1812. 


DANIEL 6 CHURCHILL (Stephen,^ Stephen,* Stephen,^ 
Eliezer,- John^). Born at Plymouth, Feb. 5, 1773. He died 
March 5, 1855. Married 1st, 1796, Sarah Collins; she died Nov. 
3, 1836. Married 2d, Nancy (Holmes) Brewster. 


I. Sallt,' b. Nov. 17, 1799; d. Aug. 16, 1801. 
II. Sally,' b. Aug. 1, 1801; m. Harvey Weston. 

539 III. Daniel,' b. Sept. 9, 1803; m. Mary Briggs Brown, 1826. 
IV. Lois Collins,' b. Oct. 22, 1805; d. Aug. 14, 1806. 

V. Lois Collins,' b. June 19, 1807; m. William F. Soule. 
VI. Jane,' b. July 27, 1809; m. George Ryder, Aug. 14, 1881. 


1. Sarah Jane Ryder, b. May 17, 1832, 

2. Helen M. Ryder, b. Sept. 10, 1833; d. Feb. 6, 1866. She 

married William H. Winsor, and had four children. 

3. George S. Ryder, b. April 27, 1835; d. Dec. 13, 1877. 

4. Julia Rvder, b. Feb. 17, 1837; d. Feb. 23, 1837. 

5. William" E. B. Ryder, b. March 10, 1838. 

6. Charles E. Ryder, b. Feb. 11, 1841. 

7. Harriet J. Ryder, b. Oct. 27, 1843. 

8. Alfred H. Ryder, b. Sept. 29, 1848; d. Feb. 11, 1872. 

VII. Eleanor,' b. Jan. 15, 1811; m. Albert Leach, 1830. 

540 VIII. Heman,' b. May 1, 1816; m. Almira Holmes. No further record. 

IX. WiNSLOw Bradford,' b. June 26, 1819; d. April 12, 1820. 



WILSON « CHURCHILL (Wilson,^ Benjamin,* Stephen,^ 
Eliezer,- John '). Born in Plymouth, December, 1778. Married 
1st, Dec. 9, 1804, Ruth Hinckley, daughter of Jabez, of Barn- 
stable ; 2d, May 25, 1816, Susan Lucas. 

Children of First Wife. 
I. Ruth Hinckley,' b. 1812; m. William L. Finney, 1834. 


1. William Finney. 

2. Ruth H. Finney, m. M. F. Holmes. 

II. Deborah Hinckley,' m. Ephkaim Finney. 

Children of Second Wife. 

541 III. Ansel R.' No record. 

542 IV. Wilson.' No record. 

V. Susan,' b, 1820; m. Ephkaim Finney. 


NATHAN « CHURCHILL (Ben.jamin,^ Benjamin," Stephex,^ 
Eliezer,- John '). Born in Plymouth, Dec. 16, 1785, and lived 
there ; was alive in 1881, it is said. INIarried, Aug. 29, 1804, Eliza- 
beth (Sylvester) Tinkham, Avidow of Enoch Tinkhara. 

Children horn in Plymouth. 
I. Betsey',' m. Abuot Drew, 1823. 


1. Mary Drew, b. 1827; m. Benjamin F. Pierce. 

2. Ann Russell Drew, b. 1830; m. Robert D. Fuller. 

3. Francis Abbot Drew, b. 1832; m. Margaret Coates, of Morris- 

town, Pa. 

4. George Franklin Drew, b. 1835; m. Lucy Pettingill, of Lynn. 

5. Josiah Russell Drew, b. 1839 ; m. Hatty Whitten. 

6. Adaline Drew, b. 1841. 

7. Helen Augusta Drew, b. 1844; m. Gideon F. Holmes. 

II. Mary Sylvester,' m. John Persons. 

543 III. Nathan.' No record. 

544 IV. Solomon Sylvester,' b. April 4, 1817; m. Ruth Nelson Cobb, 

April 23, 1840. 
V. Charlotte Sylvester,' m. James A. Sylvester. 

Children born in Plymouth. 

1. Catharine Sylvester. 

2. Charles Sylvester. 


AMAZIAH 6 CHURCHILL (Amaziah,^ Amaziah,* Elkanah,' 
Eliezer/ John^). Born in 1772. Lived in Plymouth. Married 
1st, Jan. 26, 1799, Martha Doten ; married 2d, Margaret Wal- 
lace, of Newbern, N.C. ; married 3d, April 8, 1805, Mary Harlow. 


Children of First Wife. 

I. Martha,' b. Oct. 12, 1799 ; unmarried. 
II. Betsey,' b. July 17, 1802; m. Henry Robbins. 


1. Edward L. Robbins, b. 1836. 

2. Martha Robbins, b. 1839. 

3. Harry H. Robbins, b. 1840. 

4. Margaret H. Robbins, b. 1843. 

Child of Seco?id Wife. 

III. A Son; died soon. 

Children of Third Wife. 

IV. Louisa,' b. Feb. 18, 1809; m. Thomas Bartlett Sear8. 

Children born in Plymouth. 

1. Louisa Frances Sears, b. Dec. 25, 1831. 

2. Thomas Bartlett Sears, b. July 2, 1834. 

3. Amasa Churchill Sears, b. July 22, 1886. 

4. Walter Herbert Sears, b. Dec. 8, 1847. 

5. Francis Dana Sears, b. Aug. 30, 1851. 

545 V. Amasa,' b. June 12, 1811; m. Leonice Harlow. No further 


EDMOND« CHUECHILL (Amaziah,^ Amaziah/ Elkanah,^ 
Eltezer,- John ^). No dates or other particulars about this family- 
have been found. Married, Oct. 10, 1801, Mary Hueston. 

I. Mary.' m. Albert Thomas, of Middleboro, June 22, 1831. 
II. Harriet B.,' ni. Joseph Barden, of Middleboro, Oct. 9, 1833. 
III. Eliza W.,' m. Cephas Simmons, Oct. 18, 1832. 


SOLOMON*' CHUECHILL (Solomon/' Amaziah/ Elkanah,^ 
Eliezer,- John '). Born in Plymouth, Aug. 26, 1788. He fol- 
lowed the sea in early life, and,became captain of a vessel. Later he 
settled in Union Township, Lawrence County, 0., and died March 14, 
1835, at Portsmouth, 0. Married, at Union Township, March 16, 
1818, Mary Pritchard, daughter of Nathaniel and Comfort, born 
at Milton, N.Y., Sept. 16, 1800, and died at Portsmouth, 0., 
March 20, 1873. 


1. Elizabeth Bartlet,' b. Sept. 20, 1820; m. Elisha B. Greene, 
Dec. 27, 1838, at South Point, O. 


1. Charles William Greene, b. March 20, 1841 ; m. Isabel Block- 

som, of Zanesville, O., Jan. 20, 1876. 

2. Albert Edward Greene, b. Sept. 20, 1843; d. May 26, 1844. 


3. Mary Ellen Greene, b. June 20, 1845; m. J. J. Gist; and died 

Jan. 16, 1881. 

4. Elisha Barton Greene, b. May 12, 1849; m. Virsrinia S. Moore, 

March 11, 18t»5. 

5. Albert Edward Greene, b. Jan. 24, 1851 ; d. Nov. 3, 1854. 

6. Cyrus Dwight Greene, b. July 14, 1854; livinsi in Zanesville. 

7. Elizabeth B. Greene, b. Feb. 1, 1858; d. Nov^. 10, 1860. 

8. Fred Churchill Greene, b. March 2, 1862. 

II. Charles William,'' b. Nov. 22, 1822; d. unmarried at Quartzburg, 

Cal., July 13, 1855. 
III. Melissa,' b. Sept. 18, 1827; m. 1st, Joseph F. Wheeler, Sept. 
15, 1844; b. at Burlington, O., Dec. 24, 1823; d. there Oct. 18, 
1851; m. 2d, Dk. C. C. Bronson, at Ironton, O., March 31, 

Children horn at Burlington. 

1. Edward Churchill Wheeler, b. Aug. 26, 1846: d. Aug. 12, 1851. 

2. James Snow Wheeler, b. Oct. 26, 1848. 

3. Joseph Franklin Wheeler, b. May 27, 1851. 

545 IV. Mendall,' b. July 23, 1829; m. Mary Carlisle Loughry, Nov. 

28, 1861. No children. 

Born in Union Township, Lawrence County, O. His father dying 
in middle life he was early thrown ujion his own resource.*, with 
limited opportunity for school, but he made the most of his chances 
at the common school, and attended two terms at the County-seat 
Academy. He worked in a country store during his boyhood and 
youth, and at twenty-one gained the position of store-keeper and 
book-keeper at the Keystone, O., iron works, which he held until 
the breaking out of the Civil War, when he enlisted as a private, 
but was soon chosen captain of Company E, 27th Regiment. Ohio 
Volunteer Infantry. In December, 1862, he was appointed major 
and afterward rose to be lieutenant-colonel and colonel of the regi- 
ment, and then was commissioned as brigadier-general by brevet 
for meritorious service. The 27th Ohio was a fighting regiment, 
and was engaged in many battles, first in the Army of Missouri, 
then in the Army of the Mississipi.d, and last in the Army of the 
Tennessee. In the battle of Atlanta, July '.'2, 1864, his regiment 
had one hundred and fifty men killed or wounded. Colonel Churchill 
himself being wounded September, 1864, with his health much 
impaired, he resigned. Later he engaged in the iron business at 
Zanesville, O , and became one of the leading iron men of that sec- 
tion, until 1891, when he retired, and enjoyed his well-earned com- 
petency in extensive travel. He held many positions of honor 
and trust, was an ardent Republican in politics, a presidential 
elector in 1880, and a member of the national convention in 1888. 
He was a warm personal friend of Mr. McKinley. His wife died 
in 1886. He spent his last years in Coronado, Cal., where he died 
Oct. 28, 1902. 

V. Julia,' b. Feb. 25, 1832; ra. Dr. Edwin H. Griswold, June 6, 
1853, at Gallipolis, O. They had one child who died in infancy. 
Dr. Griswold died in Portsmouth, O., June, 1859, and she died 
there March 15, 1871. 

546 VI. Solomon.' b. July 19, 1834; m. Mrs. E. L. Keys, at Logan, O., 

Feb. 20, 1878, and died April 21, 1886. No further record. 


WILLIAM « CHURCHILL (Solomon,^ Amaziah," Elkanah,^ 
Eliezer,- John^). Born in Plymouth, July 13, 1798. He became 
a merchant in New York, of the lirm of Churchill & Collamore, 


dealers in chinaware, a very prominent and prosperous firm. He 
died in Brooklyn, N.Y., Jan. 13, 1861. Married Mary Myrick 
Haden, who was born in Nantucket, Sept. 21, 1803, and died in 
Smithson, L.I., February, 1850. 


547 I. William,' b. in Boston, Feb. 4, 1825; m. Ist, Luct C. Averill, 

July 28, 1847; m. 2d, Sarah J. Starkweather, Oct. 6, 1858. 
II. Mary Elizabeth,' b. in Staffordshire, Eng., Jan. 23, 1831 ; m., 
March 6, 1856, Henry Hdngerford, b. in Seymour, Conn., June 
21, 1825. 


1. Harry Hungerford, b. in Brooklyn, Feb. 9, 1857. 

2. Hattie Churchill Hungerford. b. in Brooklyn, Oct. 5, 1858. 

3. Churchill Hungerford, b. in New Haven, Nov. 25, 1867. 

4. Mai Hungerford, b. in New Haven. 


JABEZ6 CHURCHILL (Jabez,^ Elkanah,* Elkanah,^ 
Eliezer,- John ^). Born in Plymouth, June 30, 1806. Died Oct. 
19, 1841, of yellow fever, on voyage from West Indies. Married, 
Sept. 25, 1832, Charlotte W. Keen. 


548 I- Jabez,' b. June 26, 1835; m. Abby A. Barnes, of Stockton, Cal., 

and lived there. No further record. 
II. Sylvester,' b. April 24, 1838; d. unmarried in 1858. 
III. Charlotte,' b. Feb. 3, 1.840; d. Aug. 21, 1844. 

549 IV. William Keen,' b. Feb. 21, 1842; m. Sarah E. Nelson, of 


In 1888 they were living in Walpole, Mass. No further record. 


NATHANIEL « CHURCHILL (Nathaniel,^ Elkanah," El- 
KANAH,^ Eliezer,^ John ^). Born in. Plymouth. Married 1st, 
Lucy Morton ; married 2d, Almira Bartlett. 

Child of First Wife. 
I. A Daughter; d. in infancy. 

Children of Second Wife. 

II. Nathaniel,' b. July 5, 1832; unmarried. 
III. Almira B.,' b. in Plymouth, Oct. 25, 1834; m. Stephen Pember, 
June 20, 1851. They lived at Plvmouth and Walpole. He was 
b. in Randolph, Vt., Aug. 28, 1827; d. Feb. 7, 1881. 

Children, first nine horn in Plymouth. 

1. Henry S. Pember, b. Jan. 1, 1853; d. Jan. 1, 1877. 

2. Howard Pember, b. June 17, 1855. 

3. Mabel Pember, b. Oct. 17, 1856. 

4. Florena Pember, b. Nov. 22, 1860. 

5. John Pember, b. Nov. 24, 1862. 

6. Charles Pember, b. Aug. 10, 1863. 


7. Walter Stephen Pember, b. July 16, 1865; d. Dec. 22, 1883. 

8. Myra Pember, b. Nov. 28, 1866". 

9. Nathaniel Churchill Pember, b. Pec. 10. 1873. 
10. Harry Edgarton Pember, b. Dec. 10, 1842. 


WILLIA:^! « CHURCHILL (Nathai^iel/ Elkaxah/ Elkanah,^ 
Eliezer,'' Johx^). Born in Plymouth, 1811. He died Sept. 8, 
1839. Married, Jime 3, 1833, Maria Mortox, daughter of Ichabod, 
Jr. She died Oct. 9, 1841. 

Children horn in Plymouth. 

55 \) I. William,'' b. Feb. 19, 1835; m. Mary Ash, March 2, 1864. 

II. Hannah,' b. June 7, 1838; d. Feb. 11, 1839. 


JOHN 6 CHURCHILL (Johx,^ John," Johx,^ Eliezer,^ Johk '). 
Born in New Haekensack, N.Y., May 26, 1769. Married Anna 


I. Maria,' b. July 17, 1789. 

551 II. John.' No record. 

552 III. Benjamin.' No record. 

IV. Catherine Leyster,' b. Aug. 4, 1799. 
Y- Hetty,' b. Jan. 10, 1801. 


BENJAMIN « CHURCHILL (John,^ John," John,^ Eliezer,' 
John ^). Born Dec. 4, 1770, in New Haekensack, N.Y. He died 
Feb. 21, 1848, aged 77 years 2 months 17 days. Married, June 21, 
1795, Mart Bloom, who was the daughter of Sylvester Bloom, and 
born Aug. 18, 1778. 


I. Mary,' b. Nov. 7, 1796. 

II. Susannah.' b. Jan. 24, 1799. 

III. Hannah,' b. Jan. 29, 1801. 

IV. Phebe,' b. Feb. 12, 1803 

554 V. John B.,' b. March 26, 1805; m. Jane Green. 
VI. Sarah,' b. April 15, 1807. 

VII. Jemima,' b. July 17, 1809. 
VIII. Laura,' b. March 13, 1812. 

555 IX. Benjamin,' b. April 8, 1814. No further record. 

X. Elenor Ann,' b. March 9, 1817. 
XI. Ruth,' b. Feb. 28, 1819; m. John Oakxey, Nov. 19, 1840. 

556 XII. Sylvester,' b. Jan. 1, 1822; m. Jane Depney, of Middleport, 

N.Y., in 1844. No further record obtained. 


WILLIAM « CHURCHILL (John,^ John," John,^ Eliezer,^ 
John '). Born Sept. 26, 1779, in New Haekensack, N.Y., and lived 
there. Married Cornelia Van Nostrand, born Nov. 19, 1793. 



Children born in New I/ackensack, N'. Y. 

I. John,' b. Dec. 8, 1810. 

II. Caroline,' b. Aug. 10, 1812; unmarried. 

III. Sarah Ann,' b. Nov. 5, 1814; unmarried. 

IV. Hannah Eliza,' b. Nov. 22, 1816; unmarried. 

V. Catherine,' b. Feb. 6, 1819; m. John W. Leavitt. 

1. John Leavitt. 


1 2. Grace Leavitt, and several more. 

VI. Jane Doty,' b. June 18, 1821; m. 1st, Samuel H. Smith; m. 
2d, Samdel Stewart. 


1. Jane Emily Stewart, b. Oct. 22, 1839. 

2. Frederick Stewart, b. Dec. 19, 1841. 

3. William Stewart, b. March 25, 1844. 

4. Cornelia Stewart, b. Jan. 2, 1847; died in infancy. 

5. Harry Stewart, died in infancy. 


VII. Cornelius,' b. Oct. 30, 1823; 
VIII. Harry,' d. in infancy. 

m. Elizabeth Knapp. 


SAMUEL « CHURCHILL (John,^ John/ John/ Eliezer/ 
John ^). Born April 7, 1785, in New Hackensack, N. Y. Married, 
in New Hackensack, Sallie ( ), of New Hackensack. 


Vv'iLLiAM.' No record. 
Isaac' No record. 
Henry.' No record. 
Charles.' No record. 
Said to be two daughters whose names are not received. 









SAMUEL « CLARK CHURCHILL (Samuel,« Clark,^ Ben- 
jamin,* JoHN,^ Eliezer,- John ^). Born in Augusta, Me., Feb. 
14, 1749, and lived there. Married, in Augusta, Me., May 8, 1823, 
Lucy Savage, born Aug. 5, 1799. 

Children horn in Augusta, Me. 

I. Lucy Ann,' b. May 17, 1825; m. Daniel Moore. 
They lived in Augusta, Me., and had 


1. Esther Moore, b. July 4, 1844; m. Henry Potter. 

2. Sylvester Moore, b. Jan. 21, 1846; d. April 2, 1847. 

3. Silas Moore, b. April 16, 1848; d. July 4. 1850. 

4. Paulina M. Moore, b. Sept. 5, 1849; m. Humphry P. Webber. 

5. Daniel F. Moore, b. Feb. 15, 1853. 

6. Nellie R. Moore, b. Sept. 7, 1861. 

7. Ida M. F. Moore, b. Dec. 26, 1864. 


562 II. Samuel Clark J b. July 11, 1827; m. 1st, Eliza J. Morrill, 

July 8, 1861; m. 2d, Anna J. McCldre. 

563 III. CoLUMBtrs,' b. Nov 12. 1829; m. Elsie Jane White. 
IV. Susannah Elizabeth,' b. Mav G, 1833; unmarried. 

V. Helen Mark,' b. Ai)ril 28, 183G; d. Nov. 5, 1854. 
VI. Lorenzo Wesley,' b. Oct. 21, 1846; unmarried. 


jamin/ John/ Eliezer,- John '). Born in Augusta, Me., June 
23, 1801, and lived there. Married, Dec. 28, 1828, Jane Chambers, 
of St. John, N.B. 

Children horn in Augusta, 3fe. 

I. Paulina,' b. Sept. 23, 1829; m. Lewis Ward. 
II. Angeline.' b. Aug. 13, 1833; d. Dec. 23, 1848. 

III. Roselle,' d. in infancy. 


JOHN« CHURCHILL (Joiin,^ Joseph,* John,' Eliezer,- 
JoHN^). Born in Xew Portland, Me., June 10, 1793. Married, 
May, 1818, Mary Dennis. 


564 I. George W. D.,' b. May 24, 1819; m. 1st, Cynthia Carter; ra, 

2d, Elmira Caliss. 
II. Sanford,' b. July 29, 1821; d. in 1842. 

565 III. Cyrus,' b. May 21, 1823; m. Eliza Mellen. 

IV. Charles W.,' b. Aug. 25, 1825; m. Talista Cleveland. No chil- 

V. Lavina,' b. January, 1830; m. George W. Stewart. 
VI. RociLDA,' b. 1832; d. 1836. 
VII. Eliza,' b. 1834; d. in infancy. 


JOSEPH « CHURCHILL (John,^ Joseph,* John,"' Eliezer,-' 
John '). Born June, 1795, in New Portland, Me. Married Han- 
nah B. SiSSONS. 

Children . 

566 I. Jason,' b. April 24, 1819; m. Jane Gunn. 

567 II. Joseph,' b. Oct. 20, 1821. 

568 III. Burdeck,' b. 1824. 

IV. Elizabeth,' b. Dec. 15, 1831; m. Washburn Campbell. 


JAMES « CHURCHILL (John,^ Joseph," John,^ Eliezer,^ 
John^). Born in New Portland, Me., July 4, 1799. Married, 
Nov. 25, 1816, Clarissa Thompson. 

I. Ellen,' b. Oct. 9, 1817. 



SANFOED 6 CHUECHILL (John/ Joseph," Johx,^ Eliezer/ 
JoHN^). Born in New Portland, Me., Jnly, 1801. Settled in 
Stark, Me. Married Thankful Fames, of Madison, Me. 

Children horn in Stark, Me. 

568a I. DiADEMA.' 

568b II. Irene.' 

569 III. Cyrus.'' 

570 IV. Mollis Hutchins.'' 

570a V. Ctrena EAMEsJm. ( ) Perkins. 

570b VI. LuciNDA.' 

571 VII. John.' 

572 VIII. Elias HuTCHiNS,' b. July 25, 1833; m. Nancy Greenleaf, Sept. 

21, 1858. 
572a IX. Marcia Ann.' 


SAMUEL « CHUECHILL (John,^ Joseph," John,^ Eliezer,^ 
John'). Born in New Portland, Me., March 19, 1816. ]\tarried 
Lydia Small. 


573 I. John.' 

574 II. George M.,' b. Dec. 22, 1845. 

575 HI. Emery S.,' b. July 21, 1847. 

576 IV. Isaac' b. 1849. 

577 V. Joel,' b. Dec. 20, 1851. 

578 VI. Edsie,' b. April 2, 1853. 


WILLIAM « CHUECHILL (William,^ Joseph," John," Elie- 
ZER,- JoHN^). Born in New Portland, Me., Feb. 13, 1803, and 
lived there. Married 1st, 1826, Nanct Walker, who died Dec. 
24, 1841. Married 2d, Jan. 12, 1843, Asenath S. Newell. 

Children of First Wife born in New Portland^ Me. j 

I. Tabitha,' b. July 22, 1827; d. Nov. 6, 1833. 

II. Mary,' b. Oct. 26, 1829; d. April 29, 1849. j 

III. Nancy,' b. April 29, 1832; d. Nov. 30, 1855, 

579 IV. John William,' b. Sept. 13, 1835; m. Hannah Bailey. 

V. Joseph,' b. March 13, 1838; d. Jan. 18, 1839. 
VI. Elizabeth,' b. March 15, 1841; m. James Dobbins. 

They lived at Farmington, Me., and had six children. 


1 . Maria. 

2. Elvira. 

3. Harriet. 

4. Katharine. 

5. Daniel. 

6. John. 

Children of Second Wife. 

VII. Sarah,' b. Nov. 7, 1843; m. Abel Thompson, of New Tortland, 
Oct. 22, 1860. 


Children horn in Ne%o Portland. 

1. Ida M. Thompson, b. April 25, 1861 ; m. Alvarus Churchill, son 

of No. 580. 

2. Charles L. Thompson, b. April 18, 1870; m. Jennie Greenwood, 

June 16, 1891. 

Children: (1) Hazel Thompson, b. March 31, 1894; (2) 
Evan G. Thompson, b. May 19, 1896; (3) Melvina Thompson, 
b. May 2, 1898. 

VIII. Martha S.,' b. July 26, 1845; m. Henry J. Whitman, of Turner, 
IX. Delphina,' b. March 1, 1849; m. Asburt Soule, of Lewiston, 
Me., Nov. 29, 1873 

One child, Elmer Linwood Soule, b. June 1, 1882. 
X. Ella,' b. May 8, 1852; m. 1st, William Parlin; m. 2d, Edwin 
Martin, of Lewiston, Me. 


TILSON « CHURCHILL (William,^ Joseph," John,^ Elie- 
ZER,- John'). Born in Xew Portland, Me., Jan. 29, 1810, and 
lived there. Married Sally Elliott. He died Sept. 5, 1833. 

Cliild horn in New Portland. 

580 I. William Tilson,' b. Sept. 30, 1833; m. Abigail Luce. 


DANIEL « CHURCHILL (Daniel,^ Joseph," John,^ Eliezer,-' 
John'). Born in Bingham, Me., April 20, 1800. Brought vip on 
his father's farm, his school advantages were very limited, yet in 
the practical hard work which was his " school," he gained the 
knowledge which made a self-reliant and successful business man. 
At twenty-seven years he settled on a farm at the forks of the 
Kennebec. He afterwards became extensively engaged in the lum- 
ber trade in Maine and somewhat in Canada. He removed to Solon, 
Me., in 1837, and then in 1856 he was one of the many who 
removed to the attractive farm and timber lands of the Great West. 
He settled at Symco, Wis., where he kept up his business of 
farming and lumbering. He lived to a good old age, and died at 
Symco, Nov. 24, 1887. Married Caroline Baker, who was born 
Oct. 8, 1811. 

Children horn, the first seven at the Forks., the others at Solon. 

I. Mart,' b. Feb. 22, 1828 : died in six days. 

581 II.- Albert,' b. Oct. 29, 1829; m. Irena Berry, 1854. 
III. OcTAViA,' b. July 2, 1831 ; d. March 22, 1834. 

582 IV. Abel,' b. May 3, 1833; m. Lydia M. Berry. 

V. Julia Ann,' b. May 14, 1835; m. 1st, James Ricker, 1854. No 
children; m. 2d, A. T. Stevens. 

There were eight children by the second marriage, names not 


VI. Lewis,' b. April 19, 1837; d. June 20, 1855. 

VII. Dorcas Foster,' b. May 25, 1839; m. 1st, H. C. Eastman, 1860; 
m. 2d, J. H. Baker, 1888. 

One Child by First Husband. 

1. Julia Ellen Eastman, b. 1861; m. Herbert H. Jenkins, 1881. 
They had two daughters, Cora and Cleora. 

584 VII. Daniel Foster,' Jan. 6, 1842; m. Lucena I. Dame. 

IX. Warren,' b. Feb. 17, 1844; d. Aug. 6, 1846. 
685 X. Warren,' b. Sept. 6, 1846; m. 1st, Clara E. Woodbury; m. 2d, 

Ada Hill. 
XI. Mary Caroline,' b. Jan. 6, 1849; m. 1st. Amos Churchill (No. 
591); m. 2d, Charles Jenkins. Children by 2d husband, 
William, Leslie, Floyd, and Ray H., Jenkins. 
XII. Melvin,' b. Dec. 20, 1851; unmarried. 

XIII. Hannah E.,' b. April 26, 1854; m. 1st, Homer W. Carpenter, 
Dec. 25, 1873; m. 2d, William H. Potts, June 3, 1899, of 
Plainfield, Wis. 

Children by First Husband. 

1. Avril C. Carpenter, b. in Union, Wis., Oct. 6, 1874; m. Charles 

Lawson, April 30, 1899. 

2. Lewis Lester Carpenter, b. in Lanark, Wis., Feb. 21, 1876. 


ASA« CHURCHILL (Daniel,^ Joseph," John,^ Eliezeb,^ 
JoHN^). Born in Litchfield, probably,' 1802. Lived at Moose 
River, Me., where he died Aug. 7, 1847. Married Mary Holden, 
of Moose River, Me. After Mr. Churchill's death the widow mar- 
ried John Doyle, of Moose River. She died at Manton, Mich., 
March 4, 1878. 

Children born at Moose River. 

I, Josephine,' b. March 8, 1832 ; m. Spencer Colby, April 7, 1855. 

Mr. Colby was born at Embden, Somerset County, Me., April 12,- 

1835; son of Ambrose. This family removed to Kent City, Mich., 

in 1867. Mrs. Josephine CoUiy was living in Marquetta, Neb., in 


The First Six Children born at Moose River, Me. 

1. Sumner E. Colby, b. Feb. 26, 1856. Killed by a falling tree, 

Feb. 8, 1875. 

2. Laura Colby, b. Jan. 16, 1858. 

3. Ansel 8. Colby, b. May 31, 1859. 

4. Webster W. Colbv, b. April 28, 1861. 

5. Mary J. Colby, b. Sept. 17, 1862. 

6. Asa W. Colby, b. Sept. 15, 1864, 

7. Alice J. Colbv, b. Jan. 13, 1867, at Pleasant Ridge, Me. 

8. Mvra T. Colby, b. Sept. 9, 1868, at Kent City, Mich. 

9. Hartwell C Colby, b. Jan. 15, 1871, at Kent City, Mich.; d. 

in infancy. 
10. Willard D. Colby, b. Aug. 21, 1872. 

II. Clarissa,' b. March 28, 1834; m. Jonas Holden Colby, of Emb- 
den, Me., Dec. 4, 1854. Mr. Jonas H. Colby was born May 
5, 1833. Mrs. Clarissa Colby was living at Moose River, 1901. 



1. Emily Adelia Colby, b. June 19. 1S5G. 

2. Elmer Enrique Colby, b. June 13, 1859. 

3. Viola May Colby, b. Sept. 20, 1861. 

4. George Boomer Colby, b. March 25, 1864. 

5. Calvin Herbert Colby, b. July 26, 1868. 

5,S6 III. John,' b. June 6, 1836; m. Harriet L. Parker, Sept. 27, 1870. 
oK7 IV. Harrison,' b. May 2, 1841 ; m. Dora Oliver, March 12, 1886. 
5S8 V. Horatio,' b. April 1, 1843; m. 1st, Melinda H. Keliher, Dec. 10, 

1874; m. 2d, Mary H. Hodgetts, Sept. 12, 1881. 
589 VI. Hartwell,' b. Feb. 2, 1845; m. Lydia E. Pratt, Jan. 13, 1870. 

AMOS« CHURCHILL (Daniel/ Joseph,'* John/ Eliezer/ 
JoHN^). Born in Bingham, Me., March 27,1805. They lived on 
a farm in Madison, Me. Married Ellen Chase. 

690 I. Luther,' m. Elizabeth Palmer. 

One daughter Francelia. 
II. Eunice,' m. David Hunnewell. 

III. Ellen,' m. Charles Bean. 

They bad five children, names not obtained. 

IV. Flora,' m. Mr. Scribner. 
V. Mary.' No record. 

691 VI. Amos,' b. Sept. 6, 1845; m. Mary Caroline Churchill. 

692 VII. Joel.' No record. 

VIII. Almeda,' m. Mr. Davenport. 
IX. Sarah,' m. Walter Pearson. 

They had one daughter, name not obtained. 
X. Emma,' no record. 
XI. LiLiE,' m. Mr. Siter. 


ELI « CHURCHILL (Daniel,'' Joseph,^ John/ Eliezer,- John >). 
Born in Bingham, Me. Married Rachel Steward. 

I. Daniel.' 
II. Eber.' 


WARREN « CHURCHILL (Daniel,^ Joseph," John,3 Eliezer,* 
JoHN^). Born in Bingham, Me. Removed to the " York Settle- 
ment," N.Y., and settled among his kindred. He was killed by an 
explosion in a sawmill about 1860. Married, at Huron, N.Y., July 
7, 1842, LoviLLA York (his cousin), who was born Jan. 25, 1814, 
and died December, 1846. 

597 I. Cyrus,' b. Nov. 8, 1846; m. 1st, Emma A. WooLEY, Feb. 7, 1867; m. 

2d, Sarah Allen, July, 1880. He was taken by his grandmother 
York after his mother's death, and brought up. Removed in early 
manhood to Wisconsin, near his uncle Daniel Churchill's, and 
settled on a farm in Helvetia, Wis. He d. May 5, 1889, at his 
home, Ogdensburg, Waupaca County, Wis. 


Children born in Helvetia, Wis., of First Wife. 

1. Louis L. Churchill, b. Jan. 26, 1869; m. Arvilla B. Mowry, 

May 31, 1896, and has one son Lawrence E. Churchill, b. 
March 5, 1901. 

Child of Second Wife. 

2. Clyde Churchill, b. February, 1885. 


John/ Eliezer,- John^). Born in Bingham, Me., Feb. 1, 1814. 
He died Feb. 9, 1869. Married 1st, at Bingham, Me., Sarah 
Chase, of Bingham, who died Jan. 3, 1849 ; married 2d, Eunice 
York, of Brighton, Me. ; married 3d, Emma Boise, of Skowhegan, 

Children of First Wife. 

I. Charles,^ d. in infancy. 
II. Climena,' m. 1st, Augustus Hunnewell, d. in 1889; m. 2d, 
Oliver Moulton. 

III. Marden,^ d. in infancy. 

IV. Cordelia,' b. Jan. 31, 1844; m. John B. Taylor, April 7, 1892. 

Children of Second Wife. 

V. Sarah, ^ m. Daniel Denmon. 
VI. William,' d. young. 

Child of Third Wife. 
VII. Lillian,' m. Fremont Dresser. 


TOBIAS « CHURCHILL (Tobias,^ Joseph,* John,^ Eliezer,' 
JoHN^). Born at New Portland, Me., Jan. 23, 1807. Married 
Irene Walton, who was born Dec. 16, 1809. 


598 I. Byron.' b. March 11, 1828. 
II. EosEA,'b. July 14, 1829, 

III. Tobias,' b. November, 1830; d. at 2 years. 

IV. Irene,' b. Jan. 23, 1838. 

599 V. Tobias Bertram,' b. March 14, 1840. 
VI. Parthenia,' b. Nov. 9, 1842. 

JESSE 6 CHURCHILL (Ben.jamin,^ Joseph,* John.^ Eliezer,* 
John ^). Born in ISTew Portland, Me. (probably), in 1809. No 
further records relating to this family have been obtained. Married 
Clymena Walton, of New Portland, Me. 


(No. 280, page 151.) 



600 I. Marcellus,' b. 1834; m. Zelinda Ditson. 

601 II. Joel,' b. Sept. 20, 183(i; m. Lorinda Chase. 
III. Ruth,'' b. 1839; m. Josiah Chase. 

602 IV. Myron,' b. 1841; m. Elizabeth Taylor. 

603 V. Charles,' b. 1844; m. Villa A. Boynton. 

604 VI. Benjamin,' b. 1851; m. Edith W. Hutchins. 

605 VII. Forest F.,' b. 1858; m. Mary Stalker. 

CALEB « CHURCHILL (John,^ Ebenezer," William,^ Will- 
iam,^ John ^). Born in Plynipton, April 4, 1757, and lived there 
until the age of twenty -live years, when, with his father, he removed 
to Chittenden, Vt. He served in the war of the Revolution, Capt. 
Thomas Sampson's Company, from Plympton ; Col. Theophilus 
Cotton's Regiment ; General Palmer's Brigade, September and Octo- 
ber, 1777 ; thirty-two days on a secret expedition to Newport, R.I. 
Also in Captain Curtis's Company Oct. 13 to Dec. 1, 1779, at Rhode 
Island. Enlisted March 14, 1781, and served in Rhode Island, three 
days ; discharged March 17, 1781 ; roll dated at Plympton. His 
father's family was the third settling in the town, which was then 
called Philadelphia, Vt. He purchased or "took up" a farm and 
lived upon it until his death. He was a respected citizen, with 
large influence for good in the town and community ; a member of 
the Congregational Church in Pittsford, Vt., from 1817 to the close 
of his life. His mind remained clear and his memory good to the 
last. He died Sept. 15, 1856, aged 99 years 5 months and 11 days. 
He married at Chittenden (then Philadelphia, Vt.), Nov. 14, 1788, 
Sarah Hawley, of Pittsford, Vt., whose father, Nathan Hawley, 
was one of the first settlers of Pittsford about 1780. She was born 
in New Milford, Conn., Nov. 3, 17(38, and died in Chittenden, Nov. 
12, 1842. 

Children horn in Chittenden. 
I. Betsey,' b. April, 24, 1789; m. Anson Manlet, Nov. 8, 1807. 
He was of Brandon and they lived there and had 


1. Abigail Manley. b. July 10, 1809; m. Samuel Lackman, Feb. 

6, 1834. 

2. Dan P. Manley, b. May 10, 1811; m. Mrs. Martlia Farmenter, 

April 13, 1834. 

3. Laura Manley, b. Feb. 25, 1813; m. Harry Sessions, Dec. 23, 


4. Betsey M. Manley, b. March 29, 1822; m. Joseph Bushey. 

606 II. John,' b. Dec. 12, 1790; m. Lois Latham, Nov. 26, 1818. Lived 

in Brandon. 
III. Leah,' b Dec. 9, 1792; ni. Thomas Rogers, of Brandon, Vt., 
March 6, 1821. She died at Leicester Vt., Feb. 1, 1S64. and he 
died there April 1, 1859. They lived in Brandon, and had there 
seven children, viz. : 



1. Sarah M. Kogers, b. March 13, 1822; m. William Wood. 

2. Thomas S. Rogers, b. Sept. 14, 182.3 ; d Sept. 24, 1833. 

3. Hannah M. Rogers, b. July 24, 1825; m. 1st, Reuben Martin, 

April 22, 1846; m. 2d, Joel Baird, Nov. 29, 1849. 

4. Caleb A. Rogers, b. July 3, 1827; m. Martha C. Simons, Jan. 1, 


5. George T. Rogers, b. Jan. 12, 1830; m. Mary A. Handy, Feb. 1, 

1853, at Fairhaven, Mass. 

6. Mary E. Rogers, b. May 24, 1832; m. Thomas Hendry, Aug. 1, 


7. Alonzo M. Rogers, b. Oct. 31, 1834; m. Delia Bump, Oct. 7, 

1860. Lived in Chittenden. 

607 IV. Caleb,' b. Dec. 15, 1794; m. Miriam Parmelee, Dec. 19, 1832. 

V. Sarah,' b. March 10, 1797; m. Ebenezer Nutting, Nov. 23, 1817, 
of Brandon, Vt. She died in Pittsford, Vt., July 12, 1876; and 
he died April 14, 1876. They lived at first in Chittenden and 
later in Brandon. Late in life they went West and settled for a 
few years at Fond du Lac, Wis., but returned to Pittsford, Vt., 
and lived with their son William. 

Children horn in Chittenden or Brandon, Vt. 

1. William J. Nutting, b. Sept. 7, 1818; m. Esther L. Manley, 

Aug. 7, 1856. 

2. Willard Nutting, b. Sept. 2, 1822; d. April 28, 1823. 

3. Albert Nutting, b. July 2, 1824; m. Helen C. Stewart. 

4. Edmond D. Nutting, b. June 19, 1826; m. Caroline H. Parme- 

lee, Feb. 22, 1842. 

5. John A. Nutting, b. July 22, 1829; d. June 1, 1845. 

608 VI. Zaccheus H.,' b. March 29, 1799; m. Hannah M. Bacon, Dec 4, 

1827. He settled near Erie, Penn. No further record obtained. 

609 VII. Nathan H.,' b. June 11, 1803; m. 1st, Dorothy Sheldon, Oct. 4, 

1825, She d. March 10, 1838; m. 2d, Nancy Lyon, March 10, 
1839. Lived in Chittenden. 

610 VIII. AzEM,'b. Nov. 13, 1805; m. Mercy M. Manley, of Chittenden, 

Aug. 29, 1831. 
IX. Joanna,' b. March 26, 1808; d. March 31, 1814. 
X. Mariah,' b. May 29, 1810; m. 1st Stephen H. Sparks, Jan. 27, 

1831; m. 2d, ( ) ( ) ; m. 3d, Graham Rogers, April 

25, 1833. Lived near Buffalo, N.Y., and later in Pennsylvania. 

No record of children. 
XI. Sylvia,' b. Aug. 1, 1814; m. George Smith, son of Zenas and 

Leah (Churchill) Smith, April 25, 1833, at Chittenden. She 

died at Brandon, Vt., June 8, 1895. He died at Brandon, Dec. 

31, 1876. He was a farmer, lived in Pittsford and Chittenden, and 

last in Brandon. 

Children born., three in Chittenden, two in Pittsford. 

1. Jane D. Smith, b. November, 1834; d. April 8, 1835. 

2. George W. Smith, d. June 26, 1862, at New Orleans, La., in the 

army. Company D, Seventh Regiment, Vermont Volunteers ; 
date of his birth not received. 

3. Otis E. Smith, b. April 7, 1837; d. unmarried at Brandon, Jan. 

19, 1897. 

4. Julia N. Smith, b. Dec. 25, 1839 ; m. Willard S. Johnson, Dec. 

1, 1858. 

5. William H. Smith, b. Jan. 17, 1842; m. 1st, Mrs. Martha A. 

Sprague, Feb. 13, 1867 ; m. 2d, Mrs. Cynthia A. Clark, Jan. 1, 


(No. 282, page 153.) 



MICHAEL « CHURCHILL (Isaac/ Ebexezer/ William,'^ 
William,^ John '). Born in Chittenden, Vt., 1767. Settled in St. 
Lawrence County, N.Y. After much research I have just found a 
probable descendant of the eldest son of this family at Brasher 
Falls, N.Y. (May 29, 1903). Married Lucy Dodge, of Brandon, 


Childi-en, probably not in proper order 

■ of birth 










Anna ' 











William,^ William,^ John '). Born in Plympton, Mass., Dec. 
30, 1770, and removed with his father to Chittenden, Vt., in 1785. 
He became a farmer and also exercised the mason's vocation. In 
1804 he removed with his young fajnily to Camillus, Onondaga 
County, N.Y., where he piirchased a farm, which he cultivated for 
thirty years. The Erie canal was afterwards cut through his 
farm, and he built and " ran " a boat called " The Growler " on 
the canal. As a member of the New York militia he was called 
into service for a time in the War of 1812. May 6, 1834, he re- 
moved West with his family, going by the canal as far as Buffalo, 
thence by sail-boat on the lake to Chicago, where he arrived June 
4, 1834, and bought an ox-team, and started out to locate a new 
home. With him on his journey were his children, viz., Lurana, 
Seth, Betsey, Winslow, Jr., Amanda, Isaac, Bradford, and Hiram. 
William and Christiana joined him some four years later. 
After a somewhat prolonged search for a location, he finally chose 
a claim in the north-east corner of Milton township (as it was then 
called), Du Page County, 111. The log-house which he built at the 
time of his settlement is (1900) still standing. He cultivated 
and improved this farm during the remainder of his active life. 
He became a member of the Presbyterian church in early life, and 
in that communion was deacon and chorister for many years. 
Upon his settlement in the West he joined the Congregational 
church, and when the Methodists came and established religious 
services in a school-house in the town Deacon Churchill often 


officiated, in the absence of the regular minister, his son, Isaac B., 
reading a sermon selected from some authorized book. In politics 
Mr. Churchill was an ardent Whig, though never seeking office. 
He was public- spirited and patriotic, diligent and earnest in what- 
ever he undertook. He won the respect and confidence of all, and 
holds an honored place among the pioneers of Du Page County. 
He died Sept. 18, 1847. "Milton Township" became Babcock 
Grove, and, the name was later changed to Danby, then Prospect 
Park, and later, still to Glen Ellyn, the present name. Married, 
Thanksgiving Day, November, 1796, Mercy Dodge, who was the 
daughter of William and Mercy, of Rutland, Vt., and was born 
June 15, 1774, and died Feb. 21, 1863. 

Children, the first fo\ir born in Chittenden, the rest in Camillus, N. Y. 

612 I. William,' b. Aug. 16, 1797; m. Mrs. Polly Hand, widow, at 

II. Melinpa,' b. July 24, 1799; m. Sylvester Ketchum, d. Nov. 8, 
1877 ; no issue. 

III. *LuRANA,^b. Feb. 15, 1802; m. John D. Akerman, at Camillus, 


Children horn, four at Camillus, the last at Glen Ellyn. 

1. Winslow Akerman, m. Pamelia Holmes. 

2. Elbyron Akerman, m. ( ) Russell. 

3. Miles Akerman, m-. Mary J. Cox. 

4. Erastus Akerman. 

5. Alonzo Akerman. 

IV. * Christiana,' b. Feb. 15, 1802 ; m. 1st, Erastus Ketchum ; m. 2d, 

David Christian. Settled at first at Camillus, later at Glen 

Child of First Husband. 

1. Erastus Ketchum, b. Feb. 15, 1826, m. Mary J. Churchill, 
dau. of No. 613. 

* These names deserve more than the above brief record. They were still 
living in the town of Glen Ellyn, Feb. 15, 1893, at the age of 91 years, a-id 
said to be then " the oldest twins in the world." Born in Chittenden, Vt., 
as above noted, they spent their girlhood and young womanhood in Camillus, 
N.Y. A Chicago paper of February, 1893, commenting upon the celebration 
of their ninety-first birthday at Glen Ellyn, on the 15th of the month, mentions 
several interesting jjoints. There has never been more than a mere family re- 
semblance between them, their tastes have never been similar, they have never 
dressed alike. They were born in a log-house, common to pioneers of the then 
wild country, and have preserved some rare bits of household ware and kitchen 
furnishings of those early days. The correspondent of 1893 says: "They are 
now two quaint little old women, slight and frail, with placid, kindly faces and 
snow-white hair drawn smoothly down under black lace caps." Mrs. Ackerman 
dresses in black, Mrs. Christian in gray, but the soft old-fashioned silk kerchit f , 
folded around the neck and crossing upon the breast, is worn by both. Tiiey 
delight to tell over the reminiscences of their early days and the labors and en- 
joyments of those primitive times. Their younger brother, Isaac Bradford 
Churchill, lives near them at Glen Ellyn, and in September, 1891, celebrated, 
with his wife, his own golden wedding. 



(See Note under No. 282, page 154.) 


Children of Second Husband. 

2. Wesley Christian, b. 1835. 

3. William Christian. 

613 V. Seth,' b. May 25, 1805; m. Roxana Ward. 

614 VI. Major,' h. July 8, 1807; m. Mart A. Delano, Dec. 31, 1835. 
VII. Betsey,'' b. Aug. 4, 1809; ni. Samuel Mahaffi", at Babcock's 

Grove. They live at Palos, Cork County, 111. He is a farmer. 

Children born at Palos. 

1. Samuel Mahaffy, d. in infancy. 

2. William Mahaffy, d. in the army in the Civil War. 

3. Winslow Mahaffy. 

615 VIII. Winslow, Jr.,' b. June 13, 1812; m. 1st, Juliette Morton, of 

Babcock's Grove; m. 2d, Sarah A. Nichols; m. 3d, Margaret 
Willard; m. 4th, Elizabeth Evans. 

IX. Amanda,' b. May 6, 1814; d. unmarried, June 12, 1835, in Illinois. 

616 X. Isaac Bradford,' b. April 22, 1818; m. Angeline Barker, Sept. 

15, 1844. 

617 XI. Hiram,' b. April 7, 1820; ni. Drusilla Miller. 

He was killed near Fort Carney on his way to California in 1849. 


SETH « CHURCHILL (Isaac,^ Ebenezer,* William,' Will- 
iam,- John ^). Born in Plympton, June 28, 1773 ; reared in Chitten- 
don, Vt. Settled with his brother Winslow in Milton Township, 
now Glen Ellyn, 111. Married, Feb. 14, 1793, Eunice Durkee, who 
was born April 28, 1772. 

Children horn at Chittenden, Vt. 
I. Stephen,' b. Sept. 27, 1793; d. young. 
II. Jerusha,' b. March 16, 1796; m. Seth Warren, about 1818, in 
N.Y. State. 

618 III. Bradford,' b. Aug. 23, 1800; m. Mary Adams. 

IV. Alzina,' b. Jan. 10, 1805; m. Ira Balch, and d. in Wisconsin, 
June, 1881. 

619 V. Enos,' b. March 13, 1807; m. Nancy Searles. 


ELISHA « CHURCHILL (Isaac,^ Ebenezer,^ William,' Will- 
iam,^ John ^). Born in Plympton, Mass., Aug. 4, 1781. He was 
reared in Chittenden, Yt. ; settled in East Swanton, Vt. He was a 
farmer and carpenter, and lived an industrious, upright, and hon- 
orable life. In stature he was six feet four inches. He was strictly 
temperate in habits and language, and was highly respected in his 
community. He died Sept. 1, 1831. Married, 1806, Lydia 
Lackey, b. 1784 ; d. April 9, 1827. 

Children born in Swanton, Vt. 

620 I. Elisha Bradford,' b. June 14, 1807; ra. Miranda Barber, 1833. 
II. Augustus,' b. Aug. 10, 1808; m. Widow Betsey (Chapman) 

Caswell, Aug. 28, 1831. No issue. 

III, AvALiNA,' b. Oct. 3, 1809; d. unmarried, Sept. 22, 1846. 

IV. Sarah,' b. July 23, 1811; d. unmarried, Aug. 17, 1839. 


621 V. Luther,' b. Aug. 6, 1812; ra. Chloe Barber, 1833. She died 

July 1, 1842. They lived first at St. Albans, Vt., but moved to 
Milwaukee, Wis., in 1837. He was a merchant. They had a 
family, but all died young ; no record found. 

622 "VI. Horace,'' b. Dec. 14, 1814; m. Alsista Italy Bowen. 

VII. Lucretia,' b. Aug. 25, 1817; m. H. O. Green, at St. Albans. Vt., 
1834. They lived first at Highgate, Vt., but moved to Milwau- 
kee, Wis. She died Dec. 21, 1878. 

Children horn in Highgate, Vt. 

1. Willard Owen Green, b. June 7, 1837; m. Imogene Bates, Ken- 

ellville, Ind., May, 1862. 

2. Charles Fay Green, "b. July 27, 1839 ; m. Ursula Adams, of Mil- 

waukee, Wis., 1875. 

3. Sarah L. Green, b. Jan. 28, 1841 ; m. Edgar Martin, of Milwau- 

kee, Wis., 1861. 

623 VIII. Seth Warren,' b. Mav 17, 1821; m. Sophia Mat, Dec. 31, 1854. 

624 IX. Henry,' b. Sept. 23, 1823; m. Miranda Gates, Sept. 28, 1847. 

X. Philander,' b. June 29, 1825. We have no record of marriage; 
d. at North Hammond, N.Y., May 14, 1899. 

JOSHUA « CHURCHILL (Joshua,^ Ebenezer,^ William,' 
William/ John ^). Born in Plympton, Feb. 1, 1769. Moved with 
his father to Hartford, Me., in 1800. Lived in Salem, Mass. He 
died in Sumner, Me., in 1870, aged 101 years. Married Sylvia 
Churchill, daughter of David, Jr. She was born Feb. 21, 1767. 

Children horn in Salem, except the first. 

I. Infant, b. Jan. 31, 1795; d. in Buckfield, Me., Feb. 8, 1795. 

II. Ellis,' b. Sept. 10, 1796. Never married. 

III. Harvey,' b. Feb. 23, 1801 ; died voung. 

IV. Maria,' b. March 31, 1803; d. Jan. 31, 1836. 

V. Lebbeus,' I). Aug. 23, 1805; m. Mrs. ( ) Sturtevant. No 

VI. AcHSAH,' b. Sept. 2, 1808; m. Samuel Churchill, April, 1834. 
Son of Ezra (287). 

ANDREW 6 CHURCHILL (Joshua,^ Ebenezeb,* William,' 
William,- Johx ^). Born in Plympton, Nov. 18, 1772. Removed 
with his father's family to Hartford, Me., and was there brought up, 
and lived there and at Sumner, Me., where he died, Oct. 22, 1821. 
Married, April 15, 1831, in Sumner, Polly Oldham, who died May 
7, 1863. 

One child. 
625 I. Andrew Jackson,' b. June 12, 1821 ; m. Nancy Wyman. 

EZRA « CHURCHILL (Joshua,^ Ebexezer,^ William,^ Will- 
iam,- John i). Born in Plympton, Sept. 25, 1780. Moved with 
his father to Hartford, Me., in 1803, and settled, after marriage, 


in Sumner, Me. Moved afterward to Montville Centre, IVIe. Married 
Bethia Mehurin, born in Jay, Me., May 25, 1783. 

Children born in Sumner, Me. 
I. Deborah,' b. April 28, 1800; m. Joseph Palmer, Nov. 6, 1825. 


1. Adeline Palmer, b. Nov. 4, 1826. 

2. Ira Palmer, b. Oct. 17, 1829. 

3. Deborah Palmer, b. Sept. 15, 1831. 

4. Joseph Palmer, Jr., b. Jan. 31, 1835. 

5. Emily Palmer, ) . . 

o T\ • I T3 1 y twins. 

6. Daniel Palmer, J 

7. Ezra Palmer, b. Nov. 23. 1843. 

626 II. Alexander,' b. April 11, 1802; m. Margaret Davis. No further 


III. Bethany,' b. Oct. 17, 1804; ra. Sewall Curtis. No children. 

IV. Olive,' b. Dec. 6, 1807; m. Daniel Phillips. One son, Augustus 


627 V. Samuel,' b. Aug. 15, ISIO; m. 1st, Achsah Churchill; m. 2d, 

Nancy Penney, March 15, 1808. 

628 VI. James A.,' b. Sept. 13. 1812; m. Polly Thompson. 

629 VII. Ezra, Jr.,' b. Sept. 18, 1814; m. Keziah Mitchell. No further 

VIII. Phebe C' b. Aug. 17, 1817; m. 1st, Daniel Davis; m. 2d. 
Asa Thompson. No children by second husband. 

Children by First Husband. 
1. Elbridge Davis. | 2. Otis Davis. 

IX. Bethia,' b. Nov. 1, 181!); m. Asa Mehurin, March 28, 1837. 
He died April 1, 1871. 


1. Achsa J. Mehurin, b. May 7, 1843. 

2. Alvarado F. Mehurin, b. Nov. 30, 1847. 

3. Ellen E. Mehurin, b. Jan. 16, 1853. 

4. Winfield S. Mehurin, b. Feb. 22, 18G1. 

630 X. Barnard,' b. April 17, 1822; m. Charlotte Thomas. 

631 XI. Otis M.,' b. Nov. 3. 1824; m. Eliza J. Phillips. 
XII. Narcissa,' b. Feb. 3, 1828; m. William Bracket. 

Children of William and Narcissa Churchill Bracket. 

1. Phebe C. Bracket, b. March 15, 1852. 

2. Narcissa S. Bracket, b. Nov. 30, 1853. 

3. Joseph W. Bracket, b. Feb. 2, 1856. 

4. Emma F. Bracket, b. March 19, 1858. 

5. Orrington A. Bracket, b. Jan. 26, 1860. 

6. Ida B. Bracket, b. Aug. 13, 1863. 

7. Loring E. Bracket, b. May 4, 1865 ; d. April 12, 1872. 

8. Lottie J. Bracket, b. April 2, 1867. 

9. Oscar M. Bracket, b. Dec. 25, 1870; d. April 25, 1872. 
10. Oscar L. Bracket, b. Aug. 29, 1874; d. Jan. 21, 1876. 

CAPTAIN" ELIAS « CHURCHILL (David,^ David," William,' 
Willi AM,2 John ^). Born in Plympton, Jan. 26, 1759, and lived 


there until about 1800, when he removed to Duxbury and there 
died May 3, 1829. Married Haxj^ah Cushman, daughter of 
Elkanah, b. July 2, 1759, and died at Duxbury, Feb. 12, 1828. 

Children born at Plympton. 

I. Levi,' b. Aug. 14, 1779; d. Aug. 28, 1779. 

II. Patty,' b. May 10, 1782; m. Luther Sturtevant. 

III. Elias, Jr.,' b. Nov. 4, 1785; d. May 28, 1786. 

IV, Jane,' b. Aug. 19, 1787; m. John Standish. 

They lived in Plympton, Halifax, and later (in 1857) in Stough- 
ton, Mass. 


1. Elias Ellis Standish, b. June 29, 1806; m. Rachel Rickard. 

2. John Ellis Standish, b. 1808; d. young. 

3. Alexander Standish, b. Oct. 29, 1809; m. 1st, Sarah W. Dean; 

m. 2d, Elizabeth S. Wright. 

4. Erastus Warren Standish, b. 1812; died young. 

5. Jane Ellis Standish, b. in Plympton, Jan. 25, 1816; m. Ellis 


6. William Henry Standish, b. 1818; d. young. 

7. Joseph Warren Standish, b. 1820 ; d. young. 

8. Benjamin William Standish, d. young. 

9. Lewis Weston Standish, b. 1822; d. young. 

10. Laura A. Standish, b. in Middleboro', May 5, 1823 ; m. Isaac 

Thayer. Sept 20, 1847. 

11. George Washington Standish, b. in Middleboro', April 27, 1826; 

m. Mary J. Thompson, 1847. 

V. Hannah,' b. Feb 20. 1790; m. Lewis Weston. 
VI. Esther,' b. Oct. 2,1792; m. 1st, Nathan Morton; m. 2d, Samuel 
VII. Clarissa,' b. July 30, 1796; m. Otis Weston, of Marshfield. 
Lived in Charlestown in 1857. 

632 VIII. Ivory,' b March 18, 1799; m. Mary Eleanor Clark, of Boston, 

IX. Earl,' b. May 14, 1801; d. July 15, 1801. 
X. Eliza Ellis,' b. March 17, 1803; m. Rufus Weston; d. in Dux- 


DAVID « CHURCHILL (David,^ David,* William,^ William,^ 
JoHN^). Born in Plympton, June 11, 1778. Lived in Boston after 
marriage. He was a brickmaker by trade. He died in Plympton, 
September, 1806. Married Mary Hersey, of Boston. 

Children horn in Boston. 

633 I. Solomon,' b. 1799; m. Esther Shepard. No further record. 

634 II. David, Jr.,' b. 1801; m. Arabella Cooper. Had a family, it is 

said, but we have no record of them. He died aged 80. 
III. Mary,' b. 1803; d. young. 

635 IV. Otis,' b. in Plympton, Jan. 12, 1805 ; m. 1st, Mary Russell, May 

30, 1831; m. 2d, Belinda Russell, Dec. 14, 1.S42; m. 3d, Mary 
L. (Calkins) Pomeroy, widow of Charles B. Pomeroy, Dec. 17, 
1862; d. at Watertown. Wis. 



LEVI « CHURCHILL (David,^ David/ William,^ William,- 
JoHN^). Born in Plympton, Feb. 20, 1780. Lived in Hingham. 
He died 1843. Married 1st, Sept. 19, 1799, Cynthia Packard, of 
East Bridgewater. She died 1832. Married 2d, Oct. 20, 1833, 
Adaline C. Wright, of Plympton. 

Children of First Wife. 

I. AsABA,^ b. Aug. 9, 1801 ;'in. Lewis Keith, 1819. He was born 
April 12, 1799. 


1. Harriet L. Keith, b. Feb. 24, 1820. 

2. Eliza A. Keith, b. July 2, 1822; d. Jan. 12, 1823. 

3. Eliza A. Keith, b. July 18, 1823; d. Feb. 17, 1851. 

4. Lurana Keith, b. March 11, 1825; d. April 4, 1844. 

5. Marcus M. Keith, b. March 20, 1827; ni. Mary A. Bailey, June 

18, 1857. 

6. Adaline C. Keith, b. March 22, 1829; d. July 31, 1845. 

7. Lewis Keith, b. July 4, 1831 ; d. April 3. 1859. 

8. Nahum Keith, b. May 29, 1833. 

9. Maria B. Keith, b. June 26, 1835; d. April 12, 1846. 

10. Joshua S. Keith, b. April 25, 1837; d. Dec. 29, 1879. 

11. Elizabeth C. Keith, b. Feb. 8, 1839; d. Sept. 20, 1839. 

12. William H. H. Keith, b. April 1, 1840; d. May 5, 1870. 

636 11. Levi,' b. March 5, 1803; m. Ldcretia Keen, of E. Bridgewater, 

Sept. 10, 1828. 
III. Lurana,' b. April 17, 1804; unmarried. 

637 IV. Luther,' b. April, 1805; m. Eveline Blanchard. 

638 V. Aeisha S.,' b. Oct. 13, 1807; m. Mercy L. Whitman. 
VI. Cynthia,' b. Jan. 27, 1809; m. Joshua Bennett, 1825. 


1. Maria Miles Bennett, b. 1826; d. at age of 5 years. 

2. Edwin Scott Bennett, b. Sept 15, 1828. 

3. Andrew J. Bennett, b. Dec. 15, 1832. 

4. James H. Bennett, b. January, 1834. 

5. George W. Bennett, b. January, 1837 ; d. aged 8 years. 

VII. Sarah C.,' b. in Boston, March 9,1811; m. Elijah Scott, of 
Ludlow, Vt. 


1. Elizabeth A. Scott, b. Sept. 29, 1839; m. Charles H. Merrill. 

2. Henry L. Scott, b. Jan. 16, 1841; unmarried. 

3. Annie C. Scott, b. Oct. 17, 1843; m. Frank Lihby. 

4. Josephine F. Scott, b. Jan. 8, 1845; m. Montville Graves, June 

20, 1877. 

5. Clementine Scott, b. Dec. 12, 1847; d. Nov. 20, 1855. 

6. Walter W. Scott, b. Jan. 23, 1854; m. Hattie Perham. 

VIII. David,' b. June, 1812; d. unmarried, aged 36 years. 
689 IX. William Morton,' b. Aug. 24, 1814; m. Mary R. Tribeau. No 
further record. 
X. Bethia,' b. May 11, 1816; m. Nicholas Vella, who was b. May 

25, 1812. 



1. Joseph F. Vella, b. July 30, 1835. 

2. William Wallace Vella, b. March 19, 1837. 

3. Valanca Vella, b. Nov. 8, 1840. 

4. Henry Washington Vella, b. May 10, 1842. 

5. Levi Churchill Vella, b. July 10, 1845. 

6. Samuel Vella, b. Nov. 17, 1847. 

XI. Elizabeth,' b. Jan. 6, 1818. 

XII. Benjamin Pierson,' b. February, 1820; m. Amanda N. Bancroft, 
1845. No children. 
XIII. George,' b. May 5, 1821; ra. Julia Soule, of Lynn, Mass., Feb- 
ruary, 1846. No children. 

By Second Wife. 

04:0 XIV. Ethan S.,' b. Jan. 11, 1835; m. Adaline Wright. No further 


JESSE « CHURCHILL (David,^ David/ William,^ William,- 
JoHN ^). Born in Plympton, Aug. 28, 1784. Lived at West 
Hingham. He was a soldier in the War of 1812. He was a stone- 
mason by occnpation. He died Sept. 20, 1853. Married, 1805, 
Anna Barrel, of Scituate. She died July, 1861, aged 76 years. 

Children horn in Hingham. 

641 I. Jesse,' b. Jan. 30, 1806; m. Christiana Cushing, Oct. 20, 1833. 

042 II. James,' ^ b. Feb. 5, 1808 ; m. Cynthia Humphrey, of Hingham, 

> November, 1834. He died in Hingham in 1870. 

643 III. Thomas,' j b. Feb. 5, 1808; ni. Sally Sprague. 

644 IV. Charles,' b. July 10, 1810; m. 1st, Morgiana Gill, 1833; m. 

2d, Sarah Nichols, of Boston. 
V. Martha Ann,' b. Dec. 12, 1812; m. Loring Hersey, April 10, 


1. George Loring Hersey, b. July 18, 1832; m. Mary A. Bates, 

Dec. 21, 1851. 

2. Charles Churchill Hersey, b. May 3, 1836; m. Lucy J. Hjiskell, 

of Hallowell, Me., May 10, 1857. 

3. Francis Henry Hersey, b. Feb. 16, 1840; d. Nov. 3, 1842. 

645 VI. RuFDS,' b. April 23, 1815; m. Lucy Burr. 
VII. Polly Barnes,' b. Jan. 1, 1818; d. May 4, 1819. 

VIII. David,' b. June 8, 1820; ra. Mary Eliza Pitts, of Boston, March 
1, 1851 ; d. in Boston, 1869. No children. 

646 IX. Thaddeus,' b. Feb. 27, 1823; ra. 1st, Margaret M. F. Green, 

1844; m. 2d, Mary Jane Hersey, b. Jan. 7, 1837. 


RUFUS « CHURCHILL (DAvir),^ David," William,^ William,- 
JoHN ^). Born in Plympton, Oct. 10, 1789. Lived in Hingham, on 
Main street ; was a master mariner. Married, 1818, Eunice Lewis, 
of Hingham. She died 1871. 


Children born in Ilingham. 

I. Susan,'' b. 1821; m. Samuel B. Lincoln. [March 29, 18-11. She 
d. 1841. 
II. Elizabeth L ' ni. Blosso.m Sprague, Nov. 29, 1843. 

III. William,'' b. 1825; d. at Calcutta, 1855. 

IV. Maria,'' b. 1830; in. Edwin Toaver, Jan. 1, 1851. No issue. 


SAMUEL « CHURCHILL (William,^ David," William,^ Will- 
iam,- JoHX '). Born in Plympton, June 29, 1760. Married Debo- 
rah Wright, daughter of Jacob. 


(Ml I. Zadock,' b. July 13, 1780; m. Betset Palmer. 

II. Desire,' b. Sept. 21, 1782; d. in childhood. 

III. Deborah,' b. April 12, 1785; m. Seth Bosworth. 

1. Martin Bosworth. | 2. Sarah Bosworth. 

IV. Elizabeth,'' b. Oct. 14, 1788; d. in childhood. 
V. Merct,' b. Oct. 4, 1791; m. Stillman Pratt. 


I. Harriet Pratt. 

VI. Ruth,' b. Sept. 27, 1795; never married. 
648 VII. Samuel,' b. May 24, 1804, m. 1st, Saba Churchill, dan. of 
Oliver, No. 29(; ; m. 2d, Sarah Sturtevant, April 30, 1837. 


JOSEPH" CHURCHILL (William,^ David," William,^ 

William,^ John^). Born in Plympton, Oct. 24, 1761, and 

lived there. Married Euxice Churchill, daughter of Ichabod, 

No. 45. 

Children born at Plympton. 

I. Susannah,' b. April 11, 1784; m. Peter Tower; b. April 14, 
1787, died in Belmont, Me., Sept. 80, 1865. 

Children of Peter and Susannah Toioer. 

1. Martin Windsor Tower, b. Nov. 10, 1806, in Plympton ; m. 

Elenor Spencer. 

2. Malachi Tower, b. June 30, 1808 ; m. Ruth Hunt. 

3. Eunice Churchill Tower, b. May 12, 1810; m. Nathaniel 


4. Sarah A. Tower, b. Nov. 12, 1812; unmarried. 

5. Warner C. Tower, b. Jan. 2, 1814; m. Mary Jones. 

6. Peter Tower, b. April 24, 1816; m. Hulda Frohock. 

7. Elbridge Gerry Tower, b. March 29, 1818; m. Mary Edge- 


8. Susan Gibbs Tower, b. Dec. 16, 1819; m. Nathaniel Warren. 

9. Nehemiah Hayward Tower, b. July 31, 1822; in. Mary ( ). 

10. Jerome A. Tower, b. Nov. 7, 1823 ; d. unmarried in Belmont, 

Me., Aug. 10, 1872. 

II. John Crosby Tower, b. April 24, 1825; m. ( ) Clark. 

II. Sally,' b. June 13, 1786. 


649 III. Joseph,' b. Aug. 10, 1788; m. Rebecca Dunham Moret, of 

IV. Stlvanus,' b. March 9, 1790. 

650 V. HosEA,' b. Aug. 24, 1792 ; m. Eunice Moret, of Plymouth. 

VI. Mary,' b. Aug. 20, 1794; m. Ichabod Morey; he died in 1816 ; 
she died Dec. 25, 1895. 
They had two sons, names not obtained. 

651 Vll. Zenas,' b. June 28, 1797. No further record. 

652 VIII. Hiram,' b. Sept. 1, 1800. No further record. 

653 IX. George,' b. Oct. 29, 1802; m. Lydia Morton. 

654 X. John,' b. Aug. 15, 1804; m. Margaret Tilden. 


WILLIAM 6 CHURCHILL (William/ David," William,^ 
William/ John^). Born in Plympton, March 8, 1767; followed 
the sea and rose to command a vessel. Afterwards was a stone- 
mason and bricklayer. He died in Bainbridge, N.Y., where they 
lived after marriage. Married Joanna Tilton, of Easton, N.Y. 

Children born at Easton, N.Y. 

655 I. William,' b. May 22, 1795; m. Minerva Luther, who was born 

March 1, 1800. 
II. Catherine.' 

III. Margaret.' 

IV. Zena^.' 


OLIVERS CHURCHILL (James/ David/ William/ Will- 
iam/ John ^). Born in Plympton, April 21, 1766. Died Nov. 24, 
1851. Lived in Plympton. Married Saba Soule, who was born 
Jan. 16, 1773, and died Jan. 31, 1839. 

Children born in Plympton. 

656 I. Oliver,' b. Nov. 19, 1794; m. 1st, Sally Bradford, in 1826; m. 2d, 

Mary Ann Loring, of Plympton. She d. 1873. 
II. Frances,' b. Aug. 28, 1797; m. Stephen Bonney, Nov. 17, 1822. 


1. James S. Bonney. 

2. Thomas Bonney, d. September, 1861. 

III. Saba/ b. July 5, 1800; m. James Churchill, of Halifax. He 
d." 1884. She d. 1836. No children. 

657 IV. Isaiah,' b. Oct. 10, 1806. He d. May 19, 1877; m. 1st, Polly 

Stevens Parker; m. 2d, Jane Bradford Hayward; m. 3d, 
Angeline Standish, dau. of John. 
V. Mary Magoon,' b. June 16, 1811; m. Martin Bosworth, of 
Halifax. She d. 1838. 


1. Seth Bosworth, b. Feb. 15, 1830; d. March 26, 1831. 

2. Mary Elizabeth Bosworth, b. March 15, 1835. 

3. Saba Soule Bosworth, b. Jan. 24, 1837; m. Bradley F. Durphy, 

of Sharon, Mass. 


VI. Jane HudsonJ b. June 22, 1817; m. Charles W. Engleslid, 
Sept. 9, 1850. He was born in Sweden. They had three 

1. Norman Engleslid, b. July 7, 1852. 

2. Jane Engleslid, b. May 5, 1855. 

3. Charles A. Engleslid, 'b. May 28, 1857. 


JAMES « CHURCHILL (James,^ David,^ William,^ Will- 
iam,- John '). Born Feb. 26, 1771, in Plympton, ]\, and lived 
there. Died March, 1803. Married, Feb. 16, 1794, Sakah Soule, 
daughter of Ebenezer. After the death of first husband she married 
Jeftha Delano, of Duxbury. 

Cliildren horn in Plympton. 

I, Olive Soule,' b. Feb. 11, 17!)5; m. Lemuel Sturtevant, Aug. 
17, 1817. 
II. Sarah Hudson, b. May (J, 1797; m. Jabez Fuller, of Bridge- 
water, 1815. 


LEWIS « CHURCHILL (Natiiaxiel,^ Nathaniel," William,^ 
William,- John '). Born Dee. 12, 1771, in Plympton, Mass. 
Lived in Plymouth until after January, 1797, when he moved 
to Cornish, N.H. He was a farmer, very active and agile even to 
old age. When 83 years of age he used to mount his horse and 
ride a distance of ten miles, as well as a young man. He died in 
Cornish, July 15, 1855, aged 83 3^ears 7 months 3 days, and there 
lies buried with his three wives. He married 1st, Desire Barker 
Brewster ; 2d, Patty Thurston, daughter of Stephen and 
Keziah (Cheney) Thurston, born in Rowley, April, 1784 ; 3d, 
1826, Ruth Quimby. 

Children of First Wife. 

I. Deborah,' b. Oct. 22, 1794, at Plymouth, and died May 3, 1803. 
II. HosEA,' b. Jan. 18, 1797, at Plymouth; m. Polly Hardv. Lived 
in Sempronius, N.Y. Had no jhildren. 

658 III. .Nathan,' b. April 17, 1799, at Cornish, N.H. Lived in Iowa. No 


659 IV. LouLs,' b. Jan. 15, 1802, at Cornish, N H. ; m. Rosamond Record. 

V. Edna,' b. Aug. 14, 1804, at Cornish, N.H. 
VI. Deborah,' b. March 24, 1807; m. Anskl Barnes, June, 1832, in 
Milibury, Mass. Mr. Barnes was born iu Hardwick, Mass., and 
soon after marriage settled in his native town, and lived there 
until after their four eldest children were born, when they moved 
to Pelham, Mass., and spent the rest of their lives there, and 
there died, — Mrs. Barnes Feb. 14, 1868, and Mr. Barnes Aug. 
12, 1878. 



1. Susan E. Barnes, b. March 6, 1833 ; m. Ziza Hanks, Nov. 26, 


2. Lewis Churchill Barnes, b. April 9, 1835; m. Jane Boynton, 

May 2G, 1857. He died Oct. 14, 1857. 

3. Lucretia Barnes, b. Sept. 27, 1837; d. June 29, 1840. 

4. Martha Ann Barnes, b. Feb. 26, 1840; d. Nov. 6, 1848. 

5. Dexter Randall Barnes, b. Oct. 8, 1842; ra. Jennie Kellogg, 

Oct. 17, 1868. Lives in Granby. 

6. Harriet Louise Barnes, b. Oct. 29, 1845; m. Albert Avery, Oct. 

27, 1869. 

7. Lois Maria Barnes, b. Aug. 23, 1848; m. Levi Gold, Jan. 26, 

1870. Lives in Barkhamstead. 

8. Hosea Ansel Barnes, b. Jan. 29, 1854. Unmarried. 

660 VII. Nathaniel,' b. April 12, 1809; m. Maria ( ). Lived in 

California and Pennsylvania. Had a daughter married a Mr. 
Dick. No records received. 

Chilch-en of Second Wife, lorn at Cornish. 

661 VIII. Barker Brewster,' b. Feb. 4, 1815; m. 1st, Mart A. Angier; 

m. 2d, Mrs. Mart J. (Westgate) Britton, Jan. 31, 1867. 
IX. Ltdia,' b. June 1, 1819; m. Ephraim Nelson, March 26, 1844. 
They settled in Croyden, and their children were there born; 
Lydia, the mother, d. Oct. 9, 1881. 


1. Mira A. Nelson, b. Feb. 11, 1845 ; m. John Lear, March 4, 1867, 

2. Marietta Nelson, b. Sept. 4, 1846; m. Charles Upton, Feb. 22, 


3. Rial Flanders Nelson, b. Feb 4, 1848 ; m. Ida L. Farr, Oct. 11, 


4. John Lewis Nelson, b. April 6, 1850; m. Sarah E. Farr, Oct. 

11, 1876. 

5. Jane Patty Nelson, b. Sept. 8, 1853; m. 1st, Brooks Burns, of 

Hollis, July 5, 1887 ; m. 2d, John Trow, of Sunapee, April 
11, 1896. 

6. Sylvia Hardy Nelson, b. April 8, 1855; d. June 5, 1865. 

X. Emilt,'' b 1821 ; d. at the age of twelve years. 

Child of Third Wife. 

XI. Sarah,' b. 1830; d. May 12, 1874; m. Lemuel Benwat, of Cornish, 

1. Arthur L. Benway, b. May 18, 1860; m. Sarah J. Tandy, Nov. 
16, 1880. Have one child, Lucy E. Benway, b. Sept. 21, 


LEVI« CHURCHILL (Nathaniel,^ Nathakiel,^ William,^ 
William,- John ^). Born July 25, 1776, in Plympton. He was a 
farmer. Removed from Massachusetts to Croydon, N.H., and later 
settled in Stowe, Vt. About 1816/17 lie removed to Union County, 
Ohio, and later to Missouri, and died there in 1845. Married, Nov. 
3, 1799, Lydia Ripley. She died in 1847. 









Phflander,' b. Sept. 20, 1800; ra. Dorothy Feuebout. No further 

Levi,'' b. Oct. 17, 1802, in Croydon County, N.H. ; m. Nancy A. 

Sprague, March 28, 1827. 
David Ripley,^ b. 1805, in Stowe, Vt. ; m. Mary A. Pekew, April 
24, 1829, in Ohio. 
IV. Jane,' b. Oct. 13, 1807, in Stowe, Vt. ; m. 1st, Joseph Geer, April 
fi, 1823, in Ohio; m. 2d, Garet Tease. One child of first hus 
band, died young. 
V. Lydia Deborah,' b. Jan. 25, 1811; m. John George. 
VI. Hannah,' b. April 14, !817, in Union County, Ohio; d. unmarried. 


STEPHEN « CHURCHILL (Natiianiel,^ Nathaniel/ Will- 
iam, '^ AViLLiAM,- John ^). Born in Plynipton, April 19, 1779. 
Lived in Taunton, Mass. Since passing this number, 301, we have 
received the name of another of the cliiklren of Stephen, but we have 
not learned the name of his wife. Of their four children, born in 
Taunton, we have only two names. 


I. Deborah.' No further record. 

665 II. Nathaniel.' No further record. 


JOSEPH « CHURCHILL (Nathaniel,'^ Nathaniel," William,=^ 
William,- John ^). Born in Plynipton, about 1781. He removed 
to Thompson, Conn., where four of his children were born. Between 
1S15 and 1825 he removed to Annsville, N.Y., Avhere his Avife died 
about 1855, and he died about 1862. Married at Thompson, Conn., 
1804/5, Hannah Woodward, of Thompson, Conn. 

Children . 

I. Deborah,' b. May 4, 1800; m. Waterman Hyde, of Annsville, 
N.Y., 1830. 

Children, dates of hirth not received. 

1. Mary Hyde. 

, 2. Ezra Hyde. Killed at Gettysburg. 

3. Harriet Hyde. 

4. Niles Hyde. Mortally wounded at Gettysburg. 

5. Joseph Hyde. 

666 II. Nathaniel,' b. April 23, 1810; m. Nancy Mowers. 

667 III. Orrin,' b. Dec. 18, 1812; m. Sarah E. Spragoe. 

668 IV. George,' b. June 7, 1815; m. 1st, Sarah Powers Clark, April, 

1842; m. 2d, Mrs. Lucinda Monell, 184(j. 

669 V. Edwin Lewis,' b. in Annsville, N.Y. ; m., 1825, Charity Collins, 

of Annsville. 



NATHANIEL « CHURCHILL (Nathaniel,^ Nathaniel,* 
William,^ William,- John ^). Born in Plympton, May 13, 1784. 
Settled in Grantham, N.H., a farmer. He was killed by being 
thrown from his horse while riding across a brook, Jan. 4, 1808, 

aged about 24 years. Married ( ) Hardy. After his death 

his widow married Mr. Clifford. 

One Child. 

I. Alice, ^ b. in Cornish, N.H., Aug. 5, 1808; ni. Varncm Stone, 
March 24, 1830, and lived for a time in Grantham, but in Septem- 
ber, 1833, removed to Palermo, Me., wliere they lived thirty-five 
years, and then, April 1, 1868, moved to Fairfield, Me., where 
Mr. Stone, who was born in Granthnm, .June 9, 1806, died May 
14, 1883. The widow, Alice Churchill Stone, died in Fairfield, 
April 7, 1888. 


1. Vesta A. Stone, b. in Grantham, Feb. 7, 1832; m. Josiah Foye, 

and had one son, Dana W. Foye, who lives at Fairfield, Me., 
where Vesta, the mother, died Nov. 29, 1890. 

2. Willard Rawson Stone, b. in Palermo, Me., June 1, 1834. He 

was living in Augusta, Me., in December, 1899. 


JACOB « CHURCHILL (Ebenezer,^ Ichabod," William,* 
William,- John ^). Born in Plympton, Dec. 21, 1766. Was of 
Plympton, Oct. 15, 1787, when his marriage intentions were pub- 
lished. We have not been able to get any further information 
about this family. He died at sea. Married 1st, Eunice Stukte- 
VANT, of Halifax, Mass. ; d. March 7, 1789. Married 2d, Joanna 
Sturtevant ; d. March 28, 1843. 

Child of First Wife. 

670 I. Jacob,' b. March 14, 1788. No further record received. 

Children of Second Wife. 

671 II. Cyrus,' b. May 3, 1793. No further record received. 

III. Rebecca,' b. Sept. 9, 1797. 

IV. Joanna,' b. March 14, 1801. 


ALrORD« CHURCHILL (Ebenezer,^ Ichabod," William,* 
William,^ John^). Born in Plympton, Feb. 19, 1773. Married 
Ltdia Cushman. She died Jan. 27, 1840. 


1. Ltdia,' b. Nov. 18, 1793. 

II. Nancy,' b. Aug. 25, 1798. 

III. Lucy,' b. Nov. 8, 1805. 

IV. Abigail,' b. Nov. 6, 1809 ; d. Feb. 26, 1821. 



CORNELIUS « CHURCHILL (Ebexezek/ Ichabod," William,^ 
William,- John-'). Born in Plymptou, Nov. 4, 1780, and died 
Dec. 10, 1833. Married Desire Litchfield. She died March 18, 


Children . 

I. Olive,' b. Feb. 21, 1801. 
II. CoRNELins,' b. Nov. 22, 1802. 
Ephraim,' b. Nov. 3, 1804. 

Charles,' b. July IG. 1807; ra. Mary B. Wales. 
John,' b. July 9, 1809. 
VI. Bethany,' b. April 21, 1812. 


ANSEL « CHURCHILL (Ebenezer,^ Ichabod," William,^ 
William,- John^). Born in Plympton, Aug. 27,1787. Married 
Lois Caswell, of New Bedford. 


676 I. Ansel,' b. Dec. 23, 1809; m. Sarah P. Delano. 

II. Eliza,' b. May 10, 1811; ra. Smith Fuller. 










1. Ansel Fuller. 

2. Eliza Fuller. 

3. Nathan Fuller. 

4. Hannah Fuller. 

5. Ann Fuller. 

677 III. Henry,' b. Jan. 13, 1813; m. Esther Shaw. 

678 IV. James,' b. July 5, 1815; m Rebecca Crocker. 

679 V. George Lewis,' b. Sept. 15, 1817; m. Louise Bonney. 
VI. Marcia,' b. Aug. 18, 1819; ra. Samuel Fuller. 


1. Maria T. Fuller. I 3. Waldo Fuller. 

2. Lois F. Fuller. \ 

VII. Mercy Seekins,' b. Jan. 25, 1823; ra. Robert Weston. 


1. Robert Weston. 

2. Charles Weston. 

3. Mercy M. Weston. 

4. William Weston. 

5. Lucy Weston. 


ZEBEDEE« CHURCHILL (Ichabod,^ Ichabod,* William,'^ 
William,- John ^). Born at Plympton, May 15, 1784. Soon after 
marriage he moved to Pomfret, Vt. He was a builder by trade. 
He died about 1827. Married Sarah B. Caswell, of Middleboro' ; 
she died in Taunton, July G, 1814. 


I. Lebbeus C.,' b. in Woodstock. Vt., April 25, 1811; m. Malaney 
J. Hart, of Taunton ; no children. 
They lived in Middleboro'. 


II. Lydia,'' b. in Pomfret, Vt., June 13, 1813; m. Roswell Hill. 
They live at Milton Junction, Wis. 

III. George W. C.,' b. at Pomfret, Vt., July 14, 1816; m. 1st, Chloe 

Jones, June 3, 1837; slied. witliout children. May 17, 1877; m. 
2d, Jane Moore, Oct. 10, 1880; no issue. 

IV. Susan B.,' b. at Woodstock, Vt., 1820; m. George Wilbur, of 

Dighton, Mass. 

They lived in Taunton. 

1. George E. Wilbur. | 2. Francis M. Wilbur. 

680 V. Oramel H.,' b. at Woodstock, May 20, 1825; m. Sarah C. Smith, 

of Middleboro', Sept. 16, 1848. 


SETH WASHBURK6 CHURCHILL (Ichabod,^ Ichabod,^ 
William/ William,^ John ^). Born in Plympton, 1797. Lived in 
Woodstock, Vt., a farmer. Married 1st, Phebe Darling, in Wood- 
stock, Vt. She died there Dec. 2, 1833. 

Children horn in Woodstock, Vt. 
I. Maria,' b. July 13, 1815; m. 1st, John Wait ; m. 2d, Volney 
Bradley, of Woodstock. 

681 II. IcHABOD Sylvester,' b. 1817; in. Adeline Dickerman, of Chico- 

pee, Mass. 

682 III. Joseph Henry,' b. Sept. 28, 1820; m. Caroline Sikes, of Aga- 

wam, Jan. 29, 1843. 

683 IV. Seth Doten,' b. May 5, 1823; m. Eliza Tinkham, of Westfield. 

V. Hannah Crawford,' b. 1826; m. John G. Daniels, of Springfield, 


1. Clara Daniels, m. ( ) Wait; lives in Springfield. 

2. William Daniels. 

3. George Daniels. 

VI. Nancy Eveline,' b. November, 1831 ; m. Lyman C. Frost; lives in 
Springfield, Mass. 


1. Frank P. Frost, b. July 5, 1854. 

2. Edgar Lyman Frost, b. Sept. 9, 1856. 

3. Henry Lyman Frost, b. March 9, i860. 

4. Lizzie Amelia Frost, b. Sept. 2, 1862. 

5. Ella Jean Frost, b. Jan. 29. 1865. 

6. Charles Lyman Frost, b. Oct. G, 1868. 

7. Arthur B. Frost, b. Aug. 2, 1871. 

8. Harold Lewis Frost, b. May 13, 1881. 

Of Second Wife. 

684 VII. Daniel Brainard,' b. Dec. 20, 1838; m. Lydia Gray, of Prov- 

idence, E.I., July 11, 1858. 

He was captain of a company in the War of 1861. Lives in Brook- 
lyn, N.Y. 


ZACCHEUS« CHURCHILL (Thomas,^ Ichabod,^ William,^ 
William,- John^). Born in Plympton, April 20, 1779. He was 
a house and ship joiner, and lived in Salem. JMarried Alice 
DuNKLER, of Danvers. 


Children horn in Salem. 

685 I. Zaccheus,' b. 1799 ; m. Elizabeth Gilbert, of Magnolia, 1819. 

II. Nancy,^ b. Nov. 12, 1805; in. William McLean, April 29, 1829, 
of Salem. 
086 III. William,' b. June 10, 1807; ni. Sarah L. Curtis, Jan. 13, 1828. 
IV. Mart,' m. Jonathan Horton, in Salem, Aug. 21, 1825. 
V. Abigail M.,' b. Nov. 11, 1813; m. Francis Phelps. 


1. Abby Churcliill Phelps, b. March 2, 1834: m. Moses Wingate, 

Oct. 4, 1837. 

2. Alice Hunt Phelps, b. Nov. 10, 1841. 


CHARLES « CHURCHILL (Thomas,^ Ichabod," William,'' 
William,-' John '). Bom in Plymouth, Sept. 10, 1792, and prob- 
ably lived there. Married Abigail Russell. 

I. Mart E.,' d. in infancy. 
687 II. Charles Otis,' b. Feb. 25, 1821. 

III. Betset Russell,' m. Nathaniel Wood. 

IV. Catharine Bridgham,' d. at 12 years. 
V. Rebecca Twiner,' d. in infancy. 


DANIEL « CHURCHILL (Daniel,^ Isaac," William,^ Will- 
iam,- John'). Born in Plymouth, June 19, 1800. Married 1st, 

Rebecca Soule. 

Children . 

I. Ruth H.,' b. Aug. 17, 1821; m. Nelson Wright, March 3, 1837. 
No children. 
II. Rebeccas.,' b. May 8, 1825; m. 1st, Ira Sumnkr, February, 1841 ; 
ra. 2d, Orrin Clarke, 1865. 

III. LucT A.,' b. Aug. 22, 18J7; m. Otis W. Phtnnet, October, 1842. 

IV. Eunice R.,' b. Nov. 1, 1832; m. Calvin II. Bryant, Oct. 8, 1850. 


HARVEY 6 CHURCHILL (Daniel,^ Isaac," William,' Will- 

iam,2 John'). Born in Plymptoii, April 11, 1805. Married Eliza 

Vose, June, 1843. 


I. Eliza J.,' m. Joshua Churchill, of Abington. No children. 
II. Eunice R.,' m. Lawrence Fklch, of Boston, 1872. 


TIMOTHY '5 CHURCHILL (Josiah,^ Isaac,-^ Isaac,' William,- 
JoHN '). Born in Plympton, Aug. 7, 1797. Died Nov. 23, 1869. 
Married Ruth Soule, of Plympton. 



I. Sarah,'' b. Dec. 20, 182(>; m. William Rounds. 
II. Delia,^ b. Oct. 3, 1829; m. George H. Sherman. 

688 III. JosiAH,' b. Sept. 19, 1833; m. Anna Ashley. 
IV. Maria,' b. June 24, 1837; m. John Matthews. 


PELHAM 6 CHUECHILL (Josiah,^ Isaac,* Isaac/ William,^ 
JoHN^). Born in Plyrapton, March 14, 1800. Lived in Newport, 
E.I., and Plymptou. He was an invalid for many years. Died 
Feb. 1, 1861. Married Eunice T. Simmons, of Plymouth. 

Children born at Neivport. 

689 I. Pelham F. R.,'b. Dec. 11, 1828; m. Charlotte M. (King) Ben- 

son, Jan. 8, 1863. 

690 II. Lemuel P.,' b. April 2, 1831; m. Priscilla F. Perkins. 


SIMEON « CHUECHILL (Josiah,^ Isaac," Isaac,"^ William,^' 
JoHN^). Born in Plympton, May 25, 1802. Married, March 7, 
1830, Mrs. Sally (Bisbee) Cushman. She was the daughter of 
John Bisbee and Priscilla (Eipley) Bisbee, his wife, and was born 
Oct. 9, 1805. 


I. Ann Janet,' b. May 13, 1831 ; m. William Perkins, of Plympton, 
June 6, 1850. 

691 II. Leander Scott,' b. Dec. 19, 1832; unmarried. 

III. Priscilla Ripley,' b. Oct. 24, 1835 ; m. Martin Ricard. 

IV. Bartholomew Cushman,' b. Nov. 23, 1837; unmarried. 
V. Charlotte,' b. July 20, 1840; d. July 10, 1842. 


ALEXANDEE" CHUECHILL (Josiah/ Isaac,* Isaac,'' 
William,- John ^). Born in Plympton, April 3, 1807. Married 
Lydia Bosworth, of Halifax, Mass. 


692 I. Asa Lyman.' 
II. Susan L.' 


ALBEET SMITH" CHUECHILL (Josiah,^ Isaac,* Isaac;' 

William,- John^). Born in Plympton, April 19, 1815. Lived in 

Halifax, Mass. He died Sept. 18, 1882. Married, 1841, Priscilla 

S. Simmons. 

Children horn at Halifax. 

I. Helen,' b. March 30, 1843; m. Elmer Joscelyn. 

693 II. JosiAH,' b. Feb. 14, 1845; m. Mary H. Willis, October, 1867. 



EEUBEN" CHURCHILL (Lsaac,^ Isaac,^ Isaac," William,- 
John'). Born in Plympton, May 30, 1813. Married, Oct. 27, 
1847, Maria Crockett, at Abington. 


I. Mart,' b. Sept. 14, 1848; ni. Harrison A. Wadk, July 2. ISfiG. 
II. Chastina,' b. Sept. 24, 1850; m. George H. Merrill, Dec. 15, 

III. Ella,' b. May 26, 1854; d. Oct. 2, 1854. 

694 IV. Nelson,' b. May 12, 1856; m. .Amy Reed, Aug. 11, 1877. 

695 V. Edward Clinton,' b. Aug. 16, 1864; d. Oct. 22, 1864. 


FREEMAN GROZIER" CHURCHILL (Isaac,^ Isaac," Isaac,'' 
William,- Johx^). Born at Abington, Jan. 2, 1815. Married, 
Jime 2, 1836, Elizabeth Wikslow, daughter of Thomas, of Han- 


696 I. Joshua Freeman,' b. Jan. 1.3, 1837; m. Josephine Churchill, 

July 6, 1864. 
II. Isaiah Jenkins.' b. April 2:5, 184.3; d. Aug. 31, 1843. 

697 III. Isaiah Thomas,' b. April 19, 1844; m. Jane French, Nov. 29, 


698 IV. George Quinct,' b. May 25, 1852; m. Agnes Howard, Sept. 27, 


699 V. Franklin Newton,' b. Nov, 24, 1853; d. Sept. 13, 1854. 
VI. Louise Fleeda,' b. Nov. 3, 1857; d. Sept. 9, 1858. 


EZRA" CHURCHILL (Isaac,^ Tsaac,^ Isaac,^ William,- 
John'). Born in Plympton, Jan. 18,1827. Lived in Worcester. 
Married, Oct. 20, 1855, Myra Jane Bosworth, of Bellingliam. 

Childre?i born in Worcester. 

I. LiLLiE Eliza,' b. Feb. 26, 1859 ; d. Sept. 11, 1859. 
II. Nellie Evelyn,', b. Jan. 11, 1861; m. Sidney P. Harding, of 

Worcester, July 28, 1880. 
III. Fannie Hart,' b. Sept. -JO, 1863. 
700 IV. GEORciE BosAvoRTH,' b. Oct. 24, 1866. 
V. Florence Aline,' b. Dec. 30, 1871. 


OTIS" CHURCHILL (Isaac,^ Isaac,^ Isaac,' William,- 
JoHN^). Born in Plympton, Oct. 6, 1828. Lived in Abington. 
Married Mary A. Temple, of Marlboro'. 



I. Ellen SophiaJ b. Dec. IS, 1851; d. Dee. 2, 1870. 
II. Alice Louise,' b. Oct. 15, 1854; m. Edgar S. Dodge, of Natick, 
April 15, 1880. 

III. Idella Francis,' b. June 22, 1856. 

IV. Abbey Pierce,' b. June 9, 1859. 
701 V. Charles Otis,' b. May 31, 1861. 


ASAPH" CHURCHILL (Zebedee,^ Perez,^ Bexjamin,' 
William,- John^). Born in Micldleboro', May 5, 1765. His father 
died when he was about two years old, and his mother soon married 
again. ISTothing is known of his childhood, until in his early youth 
he told of working in an iron-foundry, at six and one-quarter cents 
a day, and living on corn-bread and milk and fish, the latter then 
very plentiful. The facts of those early years are not known, but 
it is certain that he had an ambition to break away from his narrow 
surroundings, and conceived the idea that the way out was by means 
of an education. Prom some one he learned about Harvard College, 
and that to be admitted there one must have at least the rudiments 
of Greek and Latin. From some source he secured the books and 
the instruction, and one day, in the summer of 1785, he took his 
little bundle of earthly belongings, including his only pair of 
shoes, and started out into the world alone to "try his fortune." 
He walked from Middleboro' to Cambridge, barefoot, to save the 
wear of the shoes. He presented himself, was examined and 
admitted, and was graduated, well up in his class, in 1789. By 
teaching, and, it is said, preaching, as was the custom of graduates 
of that day, he gained the means of pursuing the study of the lavv\ 
He studied for a time with the Hon. John Davis, and was admitted 
to the Plymouth County bar, Aug. 13, 1793, at the age of 28 years. 
He soon after settled in Boston, and about 1805 began practice in 
Milton, where he continued until his death. He was one of the 
ablest lawyers in Norfolk County. Mr. Churchill was a very 
industrious student, a diligent reader of the French classics, reading 
and speaking the language with fluency. He had almost a passion 
for the acquisition of land, and became an extensive owner in Milton 
and vicinity. He served a brief enlistment in the War of 1812. 
He represented the town of Milton in the General Court for the 
years 1810 and 1812. Mr. Churchill was a man of public spirit and 
enterprise, but of independent disposition and strong individuality. 
He took great pains in the training of his children, seeking to shield 
them from the hardships which he had endured. He sought to 
leave them a competency, as well as an education fitting them for 

(No. 325, page 172.) 

(No. 702, page 296.) 

(No. 1165, page 297.) 

(Page 298, under No. 1165.) 



useful aud happy lives. He was a member of the Third Church in 
Dorchester. In 1810 he purchased the fine estate, on jMiltou Hill, 
known as " the Governor Eobbins place," and there established his 
home Avith a lady of distinguished beauty and lovely character as 
his wife. ]Married, in Charlestown, May 5, 1810, Mary Gakdner, 
daughter of Dr. Edward, of Charlestown. She died in Milton, 
Jan. 21, 1859. Mr. Churchill died in 1841. 

Children horn in Miltoti. 

I. MARYjb. April 12, ISll; d. Feb. U, 1828. 
II. Juliet,' b. Dec. 13, 1812; d. unmarried, May 30, 18G2. 

702 III. Asaph,' b. April 20, 1814; m. 1st, Mary Buckminster Brewer, 

May 1, 18;!8; in. 2d, Mary Ann Ware, of Milton, 18()2. 
IV. Sarah,' b. Feb. 1, 1816; d. unmarried, June 28, 1.S8G. 
V. Charles Marshall Spring,' b. April 25, 1819; d. Oct. 9, 1822. 

703 VI. Joseph McKeen,' b. April 29, 1821; m. Augusta Phillips Gard- 

ner, of Richmond, Va., June 6, 1861. 

704 VII. Charles Marshall Spring,' b. May 1, 182.5; m. Susan E. 

Spooner, dau. of Dr. Jolin P. Spooner, of Dorcliester, April 6, 


ASAPH « CHURCHILL (Perez,^ Perez,^ Benjamin,"' William,- 
JoHx ^). Born in Middleboro', March 7, 1789, and lived there until 
his death in ISGl. Mr. Churchill learned and followed the dyers' 
trade for some years, but settled down to farming later. Married, at 
Middleboro', Jan. 6, 1819, Ehoda Johnson Atwood, daughter of 
John and Rlioda Atwood, born in Bridgewater, Aug. 30, 1798. 
When she was four years old her parents removed to Middleboro', 
and she always lived there afterwards. On the occasion of her one 
hundred and first birthday, sketches appeared in Massachusetts 
papers, telling something of her life. She lived in her later years 
with her daughter, Mrs. J. H. Waterman, on Spring street, Middle- 
boro'. Aug. 30, 1899, she was still bright and active, retaining her 
faculties remarkably, especially her memory. She was very fond 
of recalling the incidents of her girlhood, remembering distinctly 
the marching of the soldiers in the W^ar of 1812, as they marched 
through Middleboro' to Plymouth for the protection of that port. 
Neither of her parents lived to old age, her mother dying of con- 
sumption at the age of thirty-nine years, and her father at sixty- 
three years. She has lived a simple, hard-working, cheerful, and 
healthy life. She died Sept. 7, 1902, aged 104 years and 8 days, 
retaining her mental faculties to the end. 

Children born in 3Iiddleboro' . 

705 I. George Atwood,' b. Sept. 26, 1819; in. Amarantha J. Burgess, 

March 2, 1842. 
II. Charlotte Augusta,' b. May 26, 1821; m. Edmond Pope. 


One child. 
1. Henry Freeman Pope, b. July 5, 1843; d. June 11, 1895. 

III. Rhoda Johnson,' b. Sept. 16, 1823; m. George S. Savory. She 

died in Middleboro', Jan. 7, 1899. No children. 

IV. Julia Allen,' b. Oct. 11, 1827; ni. James H. Waterman, Nov. 

28, 1855. 

They lived in Middleboro' and had three children. 


1. Mary Isabella Waterman, b. Sept. 17, 1850; m. Edward S. 


2. Julia Ann Waterman, b. June U, 1858; d. .Jan. 8, 1864. 

8. Rhoda Savory Waterman, b. June 17, 1869; m. Harrison B. 
Ellis, June 9, 1892. 

706 V. Charles Asaph,' b. Nov. 6, 1835; m. Hannah D. Drinkwater. 


JOSEPH « CHUECHILL (Isaac/ Perez/ Benjamin/ William/ 
John ^). Born in Middleboro', June 6, 1778. Lived there, and 
later in Pomfret, Vt. Married, Xov. 6, 1817, Margaret Gardner. 
She died Nov. 11, 1830. 

I. Matilda,' b. 1818. 

707 II. Daniel,' b. 1820. No further record. 
III. Clarinda,' b. 1830. 

Four other children, whose names are not received, died young. 


ZEBEDEE « CHUPvCHILL (Isaac/ Perez,^ Benjamin,^ Will- 
iam/ JoHN^). Born in Middleboro', Feb. 19, 1779. Settled in 
Pomfret, Vt. Married, at Pomfret, Vt., Nov. 4, 1809, Azubah 
Cheedle, of Pomfret, Vt. 

Children born in romfret. 
I. Rachel,' b. Aug. 21, 1810; ra. Edward Brown, April 22, 1832. 

They lived in Bridgewater, Vt. , where she died Dec. 20, 1857. 
A son, James Brown, was living in Plymouth, Vt., in 1H87. 

II. Isaac 0.,'b. Marcli 27, 1812; never married; d. Oct. 1, 1886. 

III. Asaph W.,' b. March 16, 1814; m. Mrs. Olivia M. Jackman, 

March 20, 1844. No children. 

They were living in Pomfret, Vt., in 1887. 

IV. Marv Ann, b. Feb. 11, 1816; m. Zenas Adams, at Pomfret, Vt., 

Nov. 25, 1837. 

They were living in Florida in 1888. 


1. Martha L. Adams, b. Nov. 27, 1839. 

2. Milo P. Adams, b. Oct. 8, 1841. 

3. We;illhy B. Adams, b. Nov. 13, 1843. 

4. Zenas Adams, b. Feb. 22, 1849. 

5. Frank Adams, b. Jan. 19, 1855. 


-2 -'-^^ i^V^^ r'^flj! 

I/' ^* 

•»-i ; (tti 

^"^ 1' -I*! J^ 


Built 1740 


708 V. Zebedee p.,' b. May 15, 1818; m. 1st, Orleana Boutwell, June 

1, 1846; m. 2d. Emily Okdwat. 
VI. Frances Maria, ^ b. May 22, 1820; m. Alvin Perham, May 14, 

They lived, in 1857, at Barnard, Vt. She died May 3, 1867. 
VII. Fidelia,' b. March 3, 1822; m. Lyman Perkins, May 1, 1849. 

They lived, in 1857, in Bridgewater, Vt. A son, Lyman Perkins, 
was living in Taftsville, Vt., in 1887. 


ISAAC" CHURCHILL (Isaac,^ Perez,^ Benjamin^MVilliam/ 
John'). Born at Middleboro', June 30, 1786, and moved to 
Pomfret, Vt., with his father's family. He served in the War of 
1812, and his wife was with liim at Plattsburgh, and one of their 
childreii was born in camp during the battle. In 1857 they lived at 
Mt. Anna, 111., and he died about 1869. Married, December, 1809, 
in Vermont, Lydia Rogers, who was born in Lynn, Conn. 


I. Arethi-sa,' b. July 10, 1811. 

709 II. Liberty,' b. at battle of Plattsburgh, Sept. II, 1814. 

710 HI. Daniel H.,' b. March 1, 1818. 

711 IV. Lorenzo Dow,' b. May 3, 1820; m. Lovisa Jane Hackett. 

This man was living at Mellette, S. Dak., in 1887, and wrot° t o 
letters, but made no mention of having any children. 
V, Malentiia,' b. Aug. 22, 1823. 


PHINEAS " CHURCHILL (Isaac,^ Perez,^ Benjamin,'^ Will- 
iam,- JoHN^). Born in Middleboro', April 28, 1793. Lived in 
Pomfret, Vt., and later in Barnard, Vt. He died August, 1886. 
Married, 1814, Arvilla (Grow) Watkins. 

Children lorn in Pomfret. 

I. Arabella E.,' b. Aug. 19, 1815; m. Obed Adams, in Woodstock, 
Vt., Nov. 23, 1834. 


1. Martin V. Adams, b. Aug. 29, 1835; unmarried. 

2. Austin V. Adams, b. May 26, 1837. 

3. Edgar A. Adams, b. July 26, 1840; d. Jan. 3, 1863; un- 


4. Owen O. Adams, b. Sept. 30, 1841; m. 1st, Sarah Gibbs, Sept. 

17, 1867; ra. 2d, Alice Perry, Nov. 13, 1873. 

5. Celestia Adams, b. April 22, 1843; m. Morillo M. Whipple, 

Feb. 16, 1871. 

6. Willis C. Adams, b. May 18, 1845; m. Ollie Norcross, July 10, 


7. James D.Adams, b. May 28, 1846; m. Effle Dana, Sept. 7, 


8. Annette Adams, b. Feb. 18, 1848; m. Henry L. Stevens, Sept. 

5, 1867. 

9. Millard O. Adams, b. July 6, 1850; d. March 22, 1852. 
10. Martha A. Adams, b. Sept. 11, 1851 ; d. March 27, 1852. 


II. Adeline,' b. June 27, 1817; m. Maverick Adams. 

III. James,' b. Oct. 15, 1819 ; d. unmarried at the age of 64 years. 

IV. Elvira,' b. July 22, 1822; ni. Charles Howard, of Bethel, Vt. 

712 V. Orlando,' b. Oct. 23, 1825; m. Temperance Holmes, at Little 

Falls, Minn. 
VI. Arvilla,' b. June 15, 1829; m. Horace Dewey. 
VII. Henry,' b. July 30, 1832; d. aged 11 years. 
VIII. Martha,' b. Aug. 17, 1834; m. Allen Kendall. 


JACOB '■■ CHURCHILL (Isaac/' Perez,' Benjamin/ William/ 
JoHN^). Born in Miclclleboro', April 5,179-. Lived in Pomfret, 
Vt. Married at Pomfret, April 4, 1821, Betsey Howard. 

They had one Child. 
I. Emily,' no record received. 

SPRAGUE*^ CHURCHILL (Joseph,^ Perez/ Benjami^ 
William," Johx ^). Born in Middleboro', April 28, 1787. Moved 
with his father's family to Paris, Me., and settled on the lot, now 
the homestead of his son, Kingman Chnrchill. Married Harriet 
Holmes, daughter of Captain Lemuel. 

Children horn in Paris, Me. 

713 I. William,' b. Sept. 5, 1814; m. Mary Libby, Nov. 30, 1841. 

II. Harriet,' b. Sept. 28, 1816; m. 1st, Wright Barrett; ra. 2d, 
SoLOMAN Chase. 

III. Polly,' b. April 26, 1819; d. Oct. 12, 1838; unmarried. 

IV. Clara,' b. June 24, 1821; m. 1st, Joseph C. Tuttle, Eeb. 19, 1851, 

in Paris, Me.; m. 2d, America Bisbee. 


1. Walter H. Tuttle, b. April 22, 1856; d. March 2, 1859. 

2. Clara F. Tuttle, b. Feb. 6, 1858; m. George P. Downing, of 

Norway, Me., Dec. 24, 1887. 

714 V. Kingman,' b. June 18, 1823; m. Loretta Andrews, dau. of David. 


WILLIAM'' CHURCHILL (Joseph,^ Perez,^ Benjamin/ 
William,- John ^). Born in Oxford County, Me., May 21, 1792. 
He was a soldier in the War of 1812. He lived in Bucbfield. Mar- 
ried 1st, Polly Bird. No children. Married 2d, Rebecca 
Churchill, of Buckfield. She was born Oct. 9, 1802, and died in 
Norway, July 9, 1880. 

Children of Second Wife. 
716 I. Joseph,' b. Feb. 2, 1828; m. 1st, Betsey Moody, of New Glouces- 

ter; m. 2d, ViANA Perham, of Woodstock. 
II. Calista,' b. March 22, 1833; ni. Calvin Richardson, of Green- 
wood, Oct. 13, 1856. 


Children born in Norway. 

1. Herbert Richiirdson, b. Nov. 27, 1857. 

2. Emma RicliarJson, b. Aug. 14, 1861. 

3. Hattie Richardson, b. April 21. 1864. 

4. Levi Richardson, b. Feb. 1'6, 1868. 

717 III. William," b. Jan. 22, 1837; m. Mary Perlet, of Norwav. Dead. 

IV. Ellen,' b. Jan. 1, 1839; m. John Gerry, of Norway, Me., IMarch 

13, 1860. Mr. Gerry was born in Fermoy, Munster County, 

Ireland, Aug. 3, 1826, and died in Norway, Me., May 12, 1877. 

Lived in Greenwood and Norway, Me. 


1. Cora Gerry, b. in Greenwooil, Feb. 18, 1864; d. in Norway, 

May 1, 1879. 

2. Ina Gerry, b. in Norway, Nov. 12, 1867. 

3. William Gerry, b. in Norway, Oct. 29, 1875. 


SULLIVAN'' CHURCHILL (Joseph,^ Perez/ Ben-jamix,' 
William,- John '). Born in 179S. Lived in Oxford County, Me. 
Married Martha Smith. 

One son. 

I Horace P.,' said to have lived in Gorham, N.H., in 1900. No 
further record obtained. 


JOAB« CHURCHILL (Jakez,'' Benjami^V Ben.jami.V Will- 
iam,- JoHN^). Born in Middleboro', Mass., March 2, 1784. W^ent 
with his father's family to Hartford, ^Nle., about 1800. Died April 
12, 1857. He lived in Hartford, Me. Married, Feb. 2G, 1809, 
Philexa Hatford. 

Children horn in Hartford, Me. 

I. JiLiA French,^ b. June 7, 1810; m. Daniel Thurston Stevens, 
Dec. 3, 1834. She d. Nov. 16, 1860. 
II. Philena Haykoud,' b. June 12, 1812; m. Brownell M. Bicknell, 
Dec. 7, 1834. She d. Feb. 19, 1841. 

III. Maria,' b. May 19, 1814; d. Aug. 23, 1814. 

IV. Nancy Harmon,' b. May 9, 1816; m. Rev. Charles P. Bartlett, 

May 6, 1840. 


JABEZ« CHURCHILL (Jabez,^ Bex.jamix,^ Benjami^ 
William,- Johx^). Born in j\[iddleboro', March 14, 1797. Re- 
moved with his father's family to Hartford, Me. He settled first in 
Parkman, Me., later in Portland and Hallowell. Died in Stockton 
Minn., 1876. Married Phebe Hazelton. 

Children . 
I. Mary D.,' b. Aug. 18, 1823; m. Albert Thomas. 



1. Fred A. Thomas, b. in Hallowell, Me., June 2, 1854. 

2. Charles F. Thomas, b. in Hallowell, Me., Aug. 2, 18.56. 

3. Walter U. Thomas, b. in Stockton, Minn., Nov. 20, 1859, 

4. Alberta Thomas, b. in Winona, Minn., July 30, 1869. 

718 11. Chauncey,' b. March 28, 1830, in Parkman, Me. 

III. LucT Ellen, ^ b. Jan. 2, 1834, in Portland; m. Jesse Tuck. 

1. William A. Tuck, b. in Hallowell, Me., Dec. 26, 1864. 

719 IV. Charle.s E.,' b. May 22, 1836, in Portland, Me. 

V. Sarah F.,^ b. May 16, 1839, in Hallowell, Me. 

720 VI. WiLLL\M H.,' b. Oct. 10, 1841, in Hallowell, Me. 


WILLIAM ^ CHURCHILL (William/ Benjamin/ Ben.jamin/ 
William/ John^). Bom in Buckfield, Me., Aug. 5, 1796, but re- 
moved soon with his father's family to Wayne. He was of a roving 
and adventurous nature and followed the sea for many years, return- 
ing to his family in Wayne after his voyages. He related many 
wonderful adventures at sea. He was once wrecked and with one 
companion swam to a wild shore where they were captured by the 
natives and made slaves, but escaped to a passing vessel and so got 
home. On another voyage he was captured by pirates, and on their 
capture of a prize they paid him five hundred dollars, and he soon 
after made his escape while the ship was in a West Indian port 
taking fuel and water. He lived on his farm in Wayne later. He 
was a large and powerful man, active in hunting and fishing. He 
was drowned in Wayne Pond, Dec. 3, 18.32, while skating across in 
pursuit of some wild ducks which had lighted in an open place. He 
skated into a hole, while his three eldest children stood on the shore 
watching, but unable to help. They ran to call a neighbor, but their 
father crawled out and came nearly to the shore Avhen the ice again 
gave way, and he was so exhausted and chilled that he sank down 
before help could reach him. Married in Wayne (intentions pub- 
lished May 24, 1809), Phebe Maxim, of Wayne, who was born Aug. 

5, 1795. 

Children born in Wayne, Me. 
I. Florinda W.,' b. Oct. 8, 1817; m. Charles Gordon, at Monmouth, 
May 20, 1838. 

He was the son of Jonathan and Sarah (Pettingill) Gordon, died 
July 1882. She died May 21, 1886. 

Children horn in Leeds, Me. 

1. Phebe J. Gordon, b. July 21, 1845; m. Hezekiah Gordon, Jan. 

1. 1868. 

2. Charles W. Gordon, b. Jan. 15, 1849 ; m. Annie Burrell, of Mil- 

ford, Mass., Jan. 1, 1868. 

3. Lydia A. Gordon, b. Nov. 10, 1850; m. Herbert Millett, of 

Leeds, 1871. 


721 II. Thomas Wilsox,' b. June 28, 1821; m. Sarah Ireland. 

722 III. Lewis,' b. March 2, 1823; m. Rith Pettingill, of Presque Isle, 

Me., Feb. 19, 1850. 
IV. William,' b. May 1, 1825; m. Mary J. Gordon, of Leeds, Me., 1852. 
V. Jemima,' b. July 6, 1827; m. Lyman Seabfuy. 


I. Mary Seabury ; m. Frederick Flanders, of Monmouth. 

VI. Lydia,' b. April 16, 1829; d. unmarried, June 30, 1845; aged 

1(5 years. 
VII. Emily,' b. April 27, 1831; d. March, 1883. 
VIII. Emily A.,' b. March 19, 1833; m. Daniel H. Peaslee, at Lewis- 
ton, Feb, 13, 181rlt. 

He was the son of Jonathan and Sally (Ilook) Peaslee, and was 
borninWeare, N.II., March 15, 1818. He acquired a good busini'ss 
education; he was a farmer in Springfield, N.H., a respected and 
influential citizen, and died Jan. 1, 1877. 

Children of Daniel H and Emily {Churchill) Peaslee. 
The first born in Monmouth, Me., the rest in Springfield, JV.U. 

1. Emily Amanda Peaslee. b. Dec. 13, 1849 ; m. William Sever- 

ance, of Grafton, N.H., Oct. 20, 1869. 

2. Alice Alta Peaslee, b. Nov. 24, 1852; d. unmarried, Oct. 31, 


3. Ida Irene Peaslee, b. Aug. 3, 1854; m. Frank Sargent, of Graf- 

ton, N.H., Nov. 29, 1876. 

4. Lewis Churchill Peaslee, b. Sept. 30, 1856; m. Minnie True!), 

of, N.H. 

5. Phebe Ellen Peaslee, b. Nov. 3. 1857; m. George II. Cross, 

Nov. 22, 1885, of Springfield, N.H. 

6. Daniel Hook Peaslee, Jr.. b. Aug. 13, 1859; m. Abbie M. 

Hardie, of Springfield, Nov. 10, 1882. 

7. Carrie Peaslee, b. June 8, 1861 ; m. Henry G. Gordon, of Wayne, 

Me., Nov. 11, 1884. 

8. Ernest Peaslee, b. March 13, 1<S(;6. 

9. George Wilson Peaslee, b. Feb. 18, 1870; m. Kate Eastman, 

of Danbury, N.II. 
10. Alice Alta Peaslee, b. Dec. 29, 1871; m. John F. Richmond, 
of FarmingtoM, Me., March L'5, 1891. 

II. Stephen Bailey Peaslee, b. March 14, 1874. 

Mrs. Emily A. Peaslee, the mother and widow, lives with 
Stephen B., her youngest son, on his farm at North Wilmot, 


NATHAN '• CHURCHILL (William,"' Benjamin/ Benjamin,'^ 
William,- John ^). Born in Wayne, Me., March 23, 1807. He 
was a farmer, and lived in Avon, Me. Married, Oct. 19, 1834, 
ZiLPAH Keene, of Salem, Me. 

Children born in Avon, Me. 

724 I. Addison H.,' b. April 23, 1836; m. Maky Tebbetts, of Avon, 

September, 1867. 
II. Lydia D.,' b. July 12, 1838 ; m. 1st, Anson Lombard, of Carthage, 
Me., 1857; no issue; m. 2d, S. Littlefield, of Dixfield, June 
1, 1877; no children. 
III. LoriSA,' b. June 1, 1840; unmarried; lived at Augusta, Me. 


725 IV. William W.,' b Oct. 1, 184G; m. Cora M. Rangek, Jan. 1, 1878. 
V. Mart A.,' b. Jan. 5, 1850; ni. E. H. Vaughx, September, 1869. 

Mr. Vaughn was a shoemaker and lived in Strong, Me. ; d. Febru- 
ary, 1881. 

1. Frank Vaughn. 

VI. Florinda', b. Jan. 30, 1855; d. May 16, 1860. 


PARDON'' CHURCHILL (Joseph/' Benjamin/ Benjamin/ 
William/ John ^). Born iu Mansfield, Mass., or near there. In 
the year 1816 he made a journey into the forest lands of the Sus- 
quehanna County, Pa., purchased a tract of woodland, made a small 
clearing, and built a house. Returning home, he made preparations 
for removal, and in the winter of 1817-18, having constructed a 
cloth-covered house or tent upon an ox-sled, and packing their supplies 
and necessary furnishings, and accompanied by his young wife and 
infant son, Asa, with John and Bathsheba Williams, his wife's mother 
and sister, he set out for the new home. They were fourteen days 
on the journey to the wilderness, in the town of Herrick, where his 
farm was located. He died about 1825, leaving a widow and one 
son. He married in Scituate, R.I, Abigail Williams, daughter of 
Squire and Anna Williams, the father being a descendant of Roger 
Williams, the pioneer settler of Providence, R.I. Squire Williams 
was in the fifth generation from Roger, and was born in Scituate, 
R.I., May 20, 1753, son of Benoni and Abigail (Smith) Williams. 

Children of Pardon and Abigail (Willliams) Churchill. 

I. A.SA,' b. 1817; died early. 
725a II. Asa.' 

He is said to have settled inToronto, Can., but no record has been 


WILLIAMS « CHURCHILL (Joseph,' Benjamin/ Benjamin/ 
William/ John ^). Born in Mansfield, Mass., March 21, 1795. He 
obtained a fairly good education by his industrious "^ and studious 
habits, and learned the fuller's trade. In the spring of 1818 he fol- 
lowed his brother, Pardon, to Herrick, Pa., built a small house near by, 
and lived by himself for some two years, while working at his trade at 
Mount Pleasant, five miles away. Upon his marriage to his brother's 
wife's sister he took a farm a mile away at a clearing where there 
Avas a saw mill, built a log house, and lived there five years, until 
the death of his brother Pardon, when he removed to that farm, and 
there spent the rest of his strong, useful, and upright life. He be- 


came a member of the ^ietliodist (Jliuich in early life, and was a 
preacher in many pulpits of that denomination from the age of 
27, until his death, April 28, 1877. He married, in Heri-ick, Pa., 
May 18, 1820, Bathsheba Williams, daughter of Squire and Anna 
"Williams, of Scituate, R.I. Her father was a descendant in the 
fourth generation of Roger Williams, of Providence R.I. She 
was born May 9, 1800, and died Sept. 29, 1875. 

Children horn in Ilerrick, Fa. 

725b I. Abraham,' b. Jan. 10, 1821; m. Margaret Clarksox, Feb. 2G, 

11. Mary,' b. June 30, 1822; m. John C. Higgins. 
III. Susan,' b. Feb. 5, 1824; rn. Homer Davison, Oct. 2, 1845. 

Children born in Susquehanna County. In 1900 they lived in No. JacA-son. 

1. Pauline E. Davison, b. in Greenfield, Pa., Oct. 11, 1846; m. 

John M. Prime, No. Jackson, Pa., Aug. 7, 187G. Slie died in 
Brooklyn, N.Y.,Aug. 3, 1895. 

2. Daniel D. Davison, b. in Greenfield, Pa., Feb. 3. 1850; m. 

Jennie Lind Butterfield, of No. Jackson, Pa., Nov. 12, 1872. 

3. Mary L. Davi.'^on, m. Chas. Elmer Curtis, and had one child, 

Edith May Curtis. 

4. Annie E. Davison, m. Mr. Pope, and had two children. 

(1) William Pope, and (2) Gertrude Pope. 

725c IV. JosniA Williams,' b. Dec. 31, 1825; m 1st, Sarah Gill, in 1850; 

m. 2d, LoriSA K. Treat, in 1859. 
725(1 V. Elisha \V.,' b. Dec. 28, 1827; m. Sarah Baker, Oct. 7, 1831. 
725e VI. James,' b. June 17, 1829; m. Coknelia King. No children. 

VII. Emmeline,' b. Dec. 26, 1831 ; m. Israel Rounds, in Dundaff, Pa., 

March 20, 1850. 


1. Maurice Olin Rounds, b. July 28, 1851; m. Hannah Adelia 

Capewell, Dec. 9, 1874. 

2. Orilla Rounds, b. Marcli 21, 1853; d. April 7, 1853. 

3. Emma Sophronia Rounds, b. Jan. 15, 1855; m. A. E. Tiffany, 

Jan. 25, 1882. She d. July 16, 1884. 

4. Frank Wilmot Rounds, b. Dec. 2, 1862; d. Oct. 6, 1872. 

5. Henry H. Rounds, b. May 8, 1869; m. Lou H. Brown, Aug. 29, 


6. Wellington Rounds, b. June 5, 1872; m. Edna Taylor, Auc:. 1, 


7. Rufus Williams Rounds, b. Aug. 23, 1877; d. June 19, 1881. 

725f VIII. Charles,' b. June 12, 1834; m. Esther Jane Rogers. 
IX. Abba Maria,' b. June 23, 1836; m. Alvin Chandler. 
They both died, leaving one 

1. Oliver W. Chandler, who lives at Elkdale, Pa. 

725g X. Silas Owen,' b. July 15, 1844; in. Helen E. Carpenter, b. Nov. 
21, 1849. 



CYEIL'^ CHURCHILL (Joseph/ Benjamin/ Benjamin/ 

William,- John^). Born probably at or near what is now Mans- 
field, Mass., about 1797. He settled in Herrick, Pa., near his 
brothers, but afterwards removed to Susquehanna, Pa. Married, 
but we have not the name of his wife. 

One Son. 
I. William.' No record. 


ARTEMAS« CHURCHILL (Nelson,^ Benjamin,^ Benjamin,^ 
William,- John^). Born in Middleboro', Mass., July 5, 1786. 
Lived in Coleraine, Mass. He served three years in the War of 
1812. He lived a while at New Salem, Mass., and at Readsboro', 
Vt., and died June 9, 1864, aged 78 years. Married, JMarcli 19, 
1812, Ruth Maxim, in Coleraine, Mass., on " Catamount Hill." She 
died at Haverhill, Minn., Sept. 5, 1883, aged 95 years. 

Children Lorn in Coleraine, except first and seventh. 

I. Cynthia,' b. in Heatli, Julv 30, 1813; m. Kiissell Stoxe, Sept. 
17, 1832. She d. at Shelburne Falls, Aug. 1, 18«7. 
II. LoviNA,' b. May 27, 1815; ni. Fuakcis Cresset, July 14, 1839. 

III. Hekvey Shaw,' b. Oct. 22, 1817; m. 1st, Mart Walker, of 

Williamstown, Nov. 5, 1844:; d. Sept. 14, 1870; no children; 
m. 2d, Mrs. Ltcketia Holbrook. May 27, 1871 ; no children. 

IV. Emily,' b. May 21, 1820; m. Enos Clemens, in Heath, Mass., Nov. 

30 1838 
V. Laura,' b. March 21, 1822; m. Nathax Chaffix, Feb. 17, 1842. 
VI. John Maxim,' b. March 7, 1824; ra. 1st, Julia A. Thomas, in 
Heath, Mass., Nov. 27, 1848 ; m. 2d, Almeda Culver, of Halifax, 
Vt. , 1878; no children. 
VII. Saloma Ann,' b. in Readsboro', Vt., Sept. 3, 1826; m. Robert 

Clemens; no children. 
VIII. HuLDAH Jane,' b. July 17, 1828; ni. 1st, Joseph F. Vincent; m. 
2d, Francis Henshaw. 


NELSON « CHURCHILL (Nelson,' Benjamin,^ Benjamin,^ 
William,- John^). Born in Middleboro', March 2, 1788. Lived 
in Coleraine, Mass., and died October, 1865. Married 1st, Nancy 
Lake ; married 2d, Lucy Willis Maxim, of Charlemont, N.H. 

Children horn in Coleraine. 

726 I. William,' m. Julia M(jsher. 

II. Electa.' 

III. Erastus.' 

IV. Elvira.' 
V. Nanct.' 


Cliildren by Second Wife, born in Heath and Coleraine. 

727 VI. Chandler,' b. July 23, 1826; ru. Lucy Flagg, in Charlemont, 

Nov. 8, 1849. 
VII. Louisa,' b. in Coleraine; d. young. 
VIII. Betsey,' b. in Heath; d. young. 


ALVIN« CHURCHILL (Nelson,' Benjamin,* Benjamin,'^ 
William,- John ^). Born in ]Nriddleboro', September, 1799, lived 
in Coleraine and Charlemont ; died Oct. 31, 1876, in Heath. Mar- 
ried, December, 1825, Emily Willis, of Charlemont. 

Children born in Coleraine and Charlemont. 

I. Louisa,' b. Dec. 30, 1826; d. July 1, 1829. 

II. RosiNA,' b. May 30, 1828; d. July 9, 1829. 

III. HoLLis,' b. Sept. 12, 1829; d. Nov. 9, 1836. 

IV. IzANA,' b. Oct. 26, 1832: m. Josiah Ames Uathaavav, of Buck- 

land. She d. Sept. 30, 1859. 

728 V. Horace,' b. Jan. I, 1833; m. Cynthia J. Chaffin, of Heath, 

Mass., Sept. 18, 1862. 

729 VI. Frederick,' b. Nov. 8, 1839, at Charlemont : ra. Josephine Willis, 

of Charlemont, Dec. 30, 1870. 

730 VII. Anson Irving,' b. Nov. 1, 1849; m. Anna Cilley, of Heath, Nov. 

28, 1874. 


SHEPARD •' CHURCHILL ( Jabez,^ Jabez,* Josiah,-^ William,^ 
JoHN^). Born in Hebron, Me., 1780. Lived in Buckfield, Me. 
Married, Oct. 6, 1808, Polly Dudley. 

Children born in Buckfield. 

731 I. Samuel.' b. April 1, 1809; m. Lovina Packard. 

732 II. Martin,' b. April 12, 1811; m. Betsey Churchill. 

III. ]Mary Ann,' b. Oct. 8, 1817; m. Lebbeus Robbins, in Buckfield, 
Sept. 22, 18,35. 

They lived in Buckfield, and had one child. Mr. Robbins was a 

1. Emilv Ellen Robbins, b. Sept. 6. 1838; m. John T. Berry, 
Jiily 4, 1S60. 

733 IV. Nathan,' b. 1819; m. Harriet Thomas. 

V. Sarah,' b. 1822; m. Hanson Brown. 


1. Henry Brown. j 3. Helen Brown, m. Harrison Dudley. 

2. George Brown. | 4. Eliab Brown. 

734 VI. Josiah,' b. Dec. 4, 1825; ni. Mary Holt. 
VII. Shepard,' b. May 15, 1830 ; unmarried. 

VIII. Lucy Ann,' b. 1834; m. Augustus Washburn. 

They lived in White Haven, Pa. He was employed in a mill. 

Children born, first two in Buckfield. 

1. Edith Washburn. 

2. Shepard Wa.Uiburn. 

3. Washburn, b. in White Haven, Pa. 



JOSIAH'' CHURCHILL (Jabez,^ Jabez,* Josiah,'' William,^ 
John ^). Born in Hebron, Me., May 13, 1786. He settled in Wood- 
stock, Me., about 1812, from Buckfield. He lived on the old road 
between Stephen Chase's and Asa Thnrlow's. Mr. Churchill was a 
supporter of the Universalist Society at Bryant's Pond. Married, 
June 18, 1784, Eachel Curtis, of Woodstock, Me. 

I. Nancy,' b. 1814; in. Demeric Swan. 

1. Nancy Swan, b. 1837; m. William Balcb, of Minot. 

735 II. Ezra,' m. Lydia Briggs. 

III. Noah, Itvcins. Noab d. in infancy. 

IV. Hannah,' j •' 

V. Levi,' m. Lucy (Swan) Billings, of Woodstock. 

736 VI. Daniel C.,' m. Elizabeth D. Curtis, of Woodstock. 


BELA''> CHUECHILL (Jabez," Jabez,* Josiah,'^ William,^ 
JoHN^). Born in Hebron, Me. Lived in Buckfield, Me. Married 
Sarah Dudley. 

Children horn in Buckfield. 

I. Jane,' b. Jan. 8, 1814; m. Daniel Dudley. 
II. Maria,' b. May 9, 1817; m. Demeric Swan (his second wife). 


1. Sarah Swan, b. 1840; m. Ethiel Bumpus. 

2. Catharine Swan, b. 1842; ra. Charles Wight, of Oxford. 

3. Ambrose Swan, b. 1845; m. Frances Taylor. 

4. Lorinda Swan, b. 1847; m. Adelbert Jordan, of Buckfield. 

5. Orphia Swan. b. 1849; ra. Greenleaf Furness, of Buckfield. 

6. Henry Swan, b. 1855. 

III. Orphia,' b. 1818; m. James N. D. Churchill, son of Matthew, 
April 7, 1836. See No. 737. 


MATTHEW" CHUECHILL (Jabez,' Jabez," Josiah," Will- 
iam,-, John ^). Born in Hebron, March 20, 1791. Lived in Xorth 
Eaymond, Me. He was a farmer, a leading citizen of the town, a 
man of wide and good influence in the community, a justice of the 
peace. Married Dorothy Hall, of Falmouth, born Feb. 11, 1788. 


737 I. James N. D.,' b. in Falmouth. Me., March 25, 1815; m. 1st, Orphia 

Churchill, dau. of Bela, April 7, 1836. She d. April 14, 1854. 
He m. 2d, Hannah White. 
II. Maria Benson,' b. in Falmouth, Jan 14, 1817; m. William 
Morrill, Jr., of Raymond, Nov. 30, 1837. 


Children horn in Raymond. 

1. Manjaret E. Morrill, b. Julv 9, 1838; m. Stephen R. Small. 

2. Mary A. Morrill, h. July 13", 1840; d. March 22, 1843. 

3. Matthew C. Morrill, b. Nov. 5, 1842; m. 1st, Mary Brown, Jan. 

12, 1867; m. 2l1, Mary J. MoConkey, Jan. 17, 1874. 

They lived in Gray, .Me. Mr. Morrill was a soldier of the 
Civil War, Second Maine Cavalry. Has served in the Maine 
Legislature, two years in the House and four years in the Senate* 
The children of first wife were all born in Gray, and were (1) 
Hugh r., b. Dec. 3, 1808; m Dora S. Brown, Feb. 8, 1893; d. 
June 7, 189G; (2) John, b. June 8, 1870; d. Aug. 7, 1872; (3) 
Mary B., b. Oct. 9, 1872; m. Isaiah Hawkes, March 19, 1894, 
and d. Nov. 26, 1895. The children of second wife were (4) 
AdaE., b. Feb. 27, 1876; d Jan. 27, 1880; (5) John \V., b. 
July 7, 1878; m. Bessie W. Anderson, Sept. 20, 1899; (6) 
George A., b. June 7, 1880; (7) True C, b. July '-'3, 1881 : d. 
Aug. 3, 1884; (8) True C, b. May 3, 1885; (9) Margaret E., 
b. May 29, 1895; d. Jan. 7, 1896. 

4. Marv A. Morrill, b. Feb. 16, 1845; d. Aug. 10, 1848. 

5.>. Morrill, b. Jan. 26, 1847; m. 1st, Lydia A. Morrill; m. 

2d, Eunice H. Powers. 

6. William Morrill, b. Nov. 29, 1>'^48; m. Alice Doughty. 

7. Mary A. Morrill, b. Dec. 6, 18.">0; d. March 2, 18(i9. 

8. Maria Morrill, b. July 8, 1852; m. Benjamin Haskell, of Gor- 

ham. May 12, 1877. 

9. Anna F. Morrill, b. Feb. 15, 1855; m. Nelker D. Haskell, Aug. 

17, 1873. 

738 III. Silas H.,' b. in Falmouth, Jan. 19, 1819; m. Ardella H. Tobie, 

of New Gloucester, xVpril 10, 1853. 

739 IV. Matthew,' b. in Raymond, Jan. 11, 1821; m. Sarah Abigail 

Adams, in Boston, Nov. 13, 1851. 
v. Haxnah N.,' b. in Raymond, Oct 27, 1823; m. Bei.a Latham, of 
Raymond, Oct. 19, 1841. He was born Feb. 15, 1819. 

Children born in Raymond. 

1. Lucv A. Latham, b. Aug. 9, 1841; d. March IG, 1842. 

2. Bela E. Latham, b. March 16, 1845; d. in U.S. Army, Aug. 23, 


3. Charles H. Latham, b. April 19, 1847; m. Adeline E. Ilutchins, 

Aug. 11, 1870. 

4. Pheba J. Latham, b. Aug. 13, 1850; m. James H. Leach, Sept. 

24, 1868. 

VI. Sarah Ann,' b. in Ravmond, April 25, 1825; m. William Small, 

of Gray, March 26, 1845. 
VII. Persis M.,' b. in Raymond, Sept. 17, 1827; m. Samuel Hodgdon, 
Dec. 27, 18.50. 


1. Lucy Hodgdon, d. in infancy. 

2. Elizabeth Hodgdon, b. Sept. 30, 1856; m. Horace Strout. 

3. Samuel Hodgdon, b. Sept. 9, 1859; m. Fannie McNally. 

4. Ellen Hodgdon, b. Sept. 5, 1861; m. Hadley Hunt. 

5. Mabel Hodgdon, b. May 23, 1863; m. Zenas Haines. 

6. Alfred Lyman Hodgdon, b. June 6, 1865. 

740 VIII. Joseph Warren,' b. in Raymond, Aug. 9, 1829; m. Mary J. 

Doane, of Durham, Me., July 8, 1849. 
IX. LorisA S.,' b. in Raymond, June 17, 1831; m. Lltiier Edwards, 
of Casco. 



JABEZ" CHURCHILL (Jabez,' Jabez/ Josiah/' Williams- 
John '). Born in Hebron, Me. ; m. Tirzah Dudley. 


741 I. Osgood B.' No record. 


JOSIAH« CHURCHILL ( Josiah,"' Jabez,^ Josia^ William,^ 
John ^). The place and date of his birth have not been found. By 
a mistake of an informant, the name of his wife was given as 
his father's wife. We do not know the name of his father's wife. 
He settled in New Gloucester and married Lydia Orr. Intentions 
published in New Gloucester, Me., Dec. 17, 1808. 

Children born in New Gloucester and Raymond. 

741a I. JosiAH,' b. May 22, 1809; ra. Katharine Hilton. 

II. Jerathmeel,'' b. April 26, 1811 ; d. soon. 

III. Jerathmeel,' b. May -i, 1813; d. soon. 

IV. .Joseph Fessenden,' b. .June 4, 1815. 
V. Sally Rogers,' b. July 31, 1817. 

VI. Olive,' b. March 19, 1819. 
VII. Asaph,' b. Nov. 28, 1821; d. April 9, 1822. 
VIII. Lydia R.,' b. Dec. J 3, 1825; d. March 7, 1826. 


ASAPH « CHURCHILL (Asaph,' Jabez,^ Josiah,^^ William,- 
JoHN 1). Born in Backfield, July 31, 1803, and lived there. Died 
1876. Married, 1st, in 1825, Sally Peterson. She died in 1840. 
Married 2d, Lovina Moody, in 1842. 

Children of First Wife. 

742 I. Richard,' b. Jan. 28, 1828; m. Sarah Daniels, April 19, 1854. 
II. Francis,' d. young. 

III. Edwin,' d. young. 

743 IV. George,' b. Sept. 4, 1837; m. Annie H. Dwyer, Dec. 12, 1866. 

Children of Second Wife. 

744 V. Allen Moody,' b. July 21, 1842; m. Mary S. Newbegin, Oct. 4, 

VI. Fabyan,' b. March 17, 1844; killed in battle during the Civil War. 
VII. Celeste,' b. Nov. 11, 1845; m. Metcalf Andrews. 
VIII. Adelbert,' b. September, 1847; killed in battle during the Civil 
IX. Ella,' b. May 6, 1849; m. Humphrey Herrick. 

X. Edgar Ensign,' b. March, 1851 ; d. in infancy. 
XI. A SON, not named, b. April, 1852; d. in infancy. 
XII. Hannah,' b. March 16, 1853; m. Edmund L. Bailey. 

745 XIII. Augustus Eugene.' b. April 28, 1856. 
740 XIV. Sherman,' b. April 21, 1801. 



HIRAM « CHURCHILL (Asaph,^ Jabez," Josiah,^ William,- 
JoHN 1). Born in Paris, Me., 1808. Died Jan. 5, 1882. Married 
1st, Margaret Tarbox. Married 2d, July 14, 18G1, Melinda S. 
Rockwell. She was born Jan. 13, 1842. 

Children of First Wife. 
I. Ellen,' d. unmarried. 

Children of Second Wife. 

747 II. George Hiram, '^ b. Oct. 4, 1864, at Charlestown, Mass. 

748 III. Frederick Augustus,' b. Dec. 21, 1867, at Charlestown, Mass. 
IV. Nettie Augusta,' b. April 3, 1870, at Charlestown, Mass. 

749 V. Edward Everett,' b. Feb. 3, 1873, at Charlestown, Mass. 


NATHANIEL « CHURCHILL (Asaph,^ Jabez," Josiah,^ 
William,- Johx '). Born in Paris, >[e.. May 28, 1810. Lived at 
Emory's Mill, .Ale. He died May 18, 1866. Married, Nov. 6, 1843, 
Abby W. Stevexs, of Shapleigli, Me., born Sept. 3, 1819. 

I. Belle G.,' b. Aug. 23, 1845; m. George L. Prescott, Nov. 5, 

750 II. Roger Williams,' b. Au^. 30, 1847; m. Maggie A. Archibald, 

Dec. 13. 1883. 

III. RuFus S.,' b. Dec. 6, 1856; d. March 9. 1857. 

751 IV. Edgar W.,' b. Dec. 15, 1858; unmarried in March, 1889. 


ELBRIDGE« CHURCHILL (Asapii,^ Jabez,^ Josiah,^ Will- 
iAM,2 JoHx^). Born in Paris, Me., 1812. Married 1st, Maky 
Sophia Peterson. She was born Sept. 27, 1824 ; married 2d, 
Abbie Cole. She was born Sept. 22, 1824. 

One Child by First Wife. 
I. Nancy,' d. ageil 2 j'ears 6 months. 

Children by Second Wife. 
II. Nancy,' b. Nov. 8, 1844. 
TIL Mary Sophia,' b. Sept. 22, 1846. 

IV. Asaph,' d. in infancy. 
V. Marilda,' d. in infancy. 

VI. Annette,' d. in infancy. 
VII. AMERicus,'d. at the age of 15 vears. 

752 VIII. Ferguson, ',b. April 1, 1859. 

IX. Maria,' d. in childhood. 

753 X. Albert,' b. Oct. 7, 1866. 


ALBERT « CHURCHILL (Asaph,^ Jabez," Josiah,^ William,- 
JoHN 1). Born in Paris, Me., May 21, 1816. Married, 1842, Mercy 


I. Angeroxe,' b. 1843; d. unmarried, 1882. 
II. Ellen A.J b. Dec. 25, 184G ; m. Jasox McLeod, July 8, 1871. 

Ch ildren . 

1. Malcolm McLeod, b. June 23, 1872; d. Feb. 4, 1885. 

2. Albert Churchill McLeod, b. March 22, 1874. 

3. Arthur James McLeod, b. Aug. IG, 1878. 

4. Nettie Winfred McLeod, b. June 23, 1880. 

5. Mabel Angie McLeod, b. March 12, 1883 

6. Ethel McLeod, b. Aug. 5, 1888. 

III. Albert F.,' b. 1850; d. March, 1852. 

IV. Winnie,' b. 1856. 
V. Ada F.,' b. 1861. 

754 VI. Edwin P.,' b. 1865. 


DAVID EUSSELL ^ CHURCHILL (JoH>r,5 Israel/ Josiah/ 
William/ John '). Born at Yonge, Ont., January, 1813. Married, 
at Yonge, Jane jNIcVeigh. 

Children horn at Yonge, Leeds County, C. W. 

755 I. Arza," b. March 8, 1835; d. in Detroit. 

756 II. Malcolm,' m. Harriet Hamblen, settled in North Dakota. 
III. Adeline Adella,' m. William Bradley. 

757 IV. William Murray,' ra. LrcY Scott, at Elizabeth, Ont. 

V. Lavinia,' no record. 
VI. Ann Eliza,' m. William H. Moulton. 

They had a son, J. H. Moulton, who lived at Westport, Ont., 
April, 1901. 
VII. Diantha Jane,' died young. 
VIII. Sarah Diantha,' died young. 

758 IX. Benjamin McVeigh,' m. 1st, Mary Whalen, in Westport, Ont. ; 

m. 2d, ( ) ( ), in East Saginaw; m. 3d, ( ) ( ), in 

East Saginaw. 


JOHN« CHUECHILL (John,^ Israel/ Josiah/ William,^ 
John ^). Born in Yonge, Ont., in 1816, and died in 1860. Married 

1st, ( ) ( ) ; married 2d, in Oshawa, Wliitly County, C.W., 

Sophia Tompkins, July 28, 1847. 

Children hy First Wife. 

759 I. William Henry,' b. April 11, 1844; m. Alice Titus, who was b. 

Jan. 30, 1848. --^ 

Children by Second Wife. 

II. Sarah Ann,' b. in Oshawa, May 24, 1848 ; m. Williaji Lamb, of 
Oshawa, 1868. 

They had three children, names not received by us. 
III. Minerva,' b. in Oshawa, Feb. 29, 1852 ; m., in 18"70, Charles Rob- 
inson, of Highland Creek, Ont. 
They had five children, names not received by us. 
7<J0 IV. George Frederick,' b. Dec. 19, 1854; m. Lizzie M. Addy, of 
V. Minnie,' b. Aug. 17, 1857; unmarried, living, in 1901, in Chicago. 




JO^TAS*= CHURCHILL (John/' Israel/ Josiah/ Williams- 
John ^). Born at Yonge, Ont., 1827. He Avas a farmer and lived 
at Yonge. Married, in Westport, Can., April 18, 1859, Elizabeth 
FoRRESTEK, b. April 18, 1833. 

Ch ildren . 

I. Jane,^ b. Feb. 11, 18C1 ; m. Joseph Moulton, July 9, 1883. 
They live at Farrensville, Ont., and have two children. 

1. William John Moulton, b. April 11, 1885. 

761 II. John,'] b. June 12, imS; 

III. Ann,' ) b. June 12, 18G3 ; m. Christopher Johnston, March 9, 


IV. Jones,' \ b. May 10, 18C8 ; died at 3 months. 

V. Elizabeth,') b. May 10. ISfiS; m. (^as his second wife) Christo- 
pher Johnston. 


LEVIUS " CHURCHILL (Cornelius/ Israel,^ Josiah/ Will- 
iam,- John^). Born Jan. 29, 1812, in Yonge, Ont. Married, Nov. 
6, 1836, Delila Betts. 


I. Ltdia,' b. December, 1837; ra. Dr. Stanley Scott 
II. Charlotte,' m. William Paxton. 

III. Caroline,' ni. Jarvis Cornell. 

IV. Delila,' m. ( ) Bogart. 


CHARLES « CHURCHILL (Cornelius/ Israel/ Josiah/ 

William,- John ^). Born Oct. 8, 1828, at Yonge, Ont. 
May 10, 1848, Jane Ma.jok. 















Cli ildren. 


Josiah/ William,- John '). Born in Gloncester, R.I., June 21, 
1790. Removed with his father's family to Williamstown, Vt., and 
lived there until 1838, when with his father he removed first to 
Kingsbury and then to Sterling, N.Y., where he kept a tavern. 
Died July 21, 1866, at Sterling. Married, 1811, Isabel Gilbert. 


Children horn in Williamstoivn, Vt. 

I, Anna,' b. 1813; d. 1822. 
764 II. Curtis M.,' b. 1815; m. 1st, Jane Ann Gilchrist; m. 2d, Mary 

L. Bunnell. 
III. Charles,' b. May 3, 1817; d. 1822. 
7G5 IV. Joel Gilbert,' b. July 26, 1819; ru. Margaret Hewett, August, 
V. Ltdia Ann,' b. 1821 ; m. Isaac Parcel. 

One Child. 
1. William Turner Parcel, b. at Sterling, N.Y., 1844. 


ARTEMAS « CHURCHILL (Jacob,^ Joseph,* Josiah,^ Will- 
iam,^ JoHx'). Born in Williamstown, Vt., Aug. 4, 1797. He 
went to Kingsbury, X.Y., Sept. 8, 1820, and engaged to '• carry on" 
the farm of Mr. Mattison of that town. He became engaged to the 
eklest of his employer's daughters and married, Dec. 31, 1820, Anxa 
Mattison, who was born in Kingsbury, IST.Y., Sept. 15, 1800. They 
lived in Kingsbury till near 1840, when they removed to vSterling, 
and afterwards lived at Scriba and Hannibal. He died at Cicero, 
Sept. 5, 1873. JMrs. Anna Mattison Churchill, in 1884, at the age 
of 84, wrote two clear and very full letters about her husband's 
father's family and her own, these letters being the basis of most of 
what is known about the origin and connections of the family. She 
was still living in Fairhaven, N.Y., with her daughter, Mrs. Pettitt, 
on July 17, 1887. She died September, 1892. 

Children born, the first six in Kingshury, the rest in Sterling. 

Carmi D..' b. Dec. 7, 1821; m. Silda Kimball, Feb. 10, 1850. 
Charles R.,' b. Nov. 24, 1824; m. Mary J. Asseltine, May 10, 

Sarah E.,' b. Sept. 30, 1826; m. Dorastus Pettitt, Sept. 30, 

1854, in Sterling. 

They lived in Sterling and Fairhaven, N.Y. He is a farmer. 
Mattison A.,' b. Dec. 20, 1830; d. unmarried July 4, 1865. 
Julius B.,' b. March 5, 1832; m. Eliza Knight, June 18, 1859, in 

Scriba, N.Y. 
VI. Mary J.,' b. Oct. 8, 1834; m. Emery Moulton, June 6, 1860, in 

New Haven. 

They lived in Cicero, Onondaga County, N.Y. He is a farmer. 
770 VII. William T.,' b. April 21, 1841; m. 1st, Sarah Long, in Scriba, 

March 27, 1864; m. 2d, Ellen Ben^n. 

He served in the Civil War of 1861-1865. Afterwards a farmer 
in Scriba and Lansing. 
VIII. Martha A.,' b. Dec. 21, 1843; m. Col. L. V. S. Mattison, March 

26, 1864. She d. June 30, 1865. 


PALMERS (CHURCHILL (Jacob,^ Joseph,* Josiah,^ Will- 
iam,' JoHN^). Born in Williamstown, Vt., 1805, and probably 
lived there. He died in Williamstown, Vt. Married Susais' Henry. 








Ill I. Henry Palmer,' b. Aug. 11, 18S0 ; m. 1st, Mariah Brown, June, 

1853; m. 2d, Clarissa Meade, Dec. 18, 1879. 


OTIS« CHURCHILL (Jacob,^ Joseph/ Josiah/ William,- 
John ^). Born in Williamstown, Vt., Oct. 10, 1808. Lived at 
Amsterdam, N.Y. Married, Sept. 18, 1829, Mariah L. Valtghn. 

Children horn in Amsterdam, N. Y. 

I. LoDusKT,' b. June 4, 1834; m. Augustus V. Wilder, Sept. 15, 

772 II. Frank Alanson,' b. Aug. 9, 1838; m. Mary L. Shaffer, Oct. 4, 



JACOB « CHURCHILL (Jacob,^ Joseph,^ Josiah,^ William,^ 
John ^). Born near Providence, R.I., July 13, 1810. Moved with 
his father's family to Vermont at the age of 4 years. He was a 
house-joiner. Lived first at Kingsbury and Sterling, N.Y., but 
in 1833 removed to Fort Edward. Married, in 1830, Clarissa 

Two Children, ihe Son born at Kingsbury, ike Daughter at Fort Edward, N. Y. 

773 I. Charles Palmer,'' b. July 2G, 1832; ra. Emeline Beebe, July 3, 

II. Adelia,' b. June 11, 1837; m. Daniel Whitford, of Saratoga, 
N.Y., 1857. 

They lived at Saratoga. She died in May, 1885. They had six 
children, nnmes not obtained. 


SYLVESTER" CHURCHILL (Benjam^V Joseph,^ Josiah,^ 
William,- John ^). Born at Putney, Vt., March 6, 1801. Re- 
moved to "Waukesha and thence to Manston, Wis., where he died 
about 1862. He was a farmer. Married Eanny Davenport. 

I. Fanny,' m. Harry Smith. 


1. Christopher Smith, m. Eliza Howard. One son, Benj. Smith, 
lives at Salesville, Wis. 


ERASTUS^ CHURCHILL (Benjamin,^ JosEpn,^ Josiah,^ 
William,- John ^). Born at Putney or Westminster, Vt., Dec. 13, 
1809. Removed to New York State, and lived at Manlius, N.Y. 


Removed to Waukesha, Wis. He has been a farmer. He was 
living in March, 1900, with his daughters, Mary and Emily, at 
Eagle, Wis. Married, at Manlius, N.Y., Almira Churchill, 
daughter of Joseph. 


JTIa I. Charles Hamilton,'' b. at Manlius, N.Y. ; m. Elizabeth Reg- 
II. Austin,' b. at Manlius, N.Y., and d. May 15, 1863. 
7741) III. Hiram DeForrest,' b. at Manlius, N.Y. ; m. Mary Ann Howard, 

774:C IV. William Nelson.' b. at Manlius, N.Y. ; m. Elizabeth S. Taylor, 
at Waukesha, May 14, 186:^. 
V. Mary,' b. at Waukesha; m. Marcellius White, March 26, 1862. 
Mr. White died April 8, 1885. 

One Child. 

1. Ida Mae White, b. June 10. 1864; m. George Weston, Feb. 4, 
1883. (Divorced.) One child, Florence White. 

VI. Irene Sophronia,' d. March 25, 1878. 
VII. Emily Amanda,' ni. Silas Stickles, 1877. 


1. Maude Stickles, b. September, 1879. 

2. Roland Stickles, b. Sept 17, 1880. 

3. Harry Stickles, b. Oct. 15, 1883. 

4. Fred Stickles. 


CHAELES PERRY" CHURCHILL (Benjamin,^ Joseph," 
JosiAH,^ William,- Johx '). Born March 29, 1812, at Putney, or 
Westminster, Vt. Married 1st, March 20, 1834, at Manlius, N.Y., 
Amelia Ann Davenport. She was born Aug. 1, 1815, and died 
March 3, 1852 ; married 2d, Sept. 12, 1856, Elizabeth Van Sheick. 


774(1 I. Charles Hawley,' b. Feb. 20, 1835; m. Sarah Van Sheick, 
March I, 1857. 
II. Francis Henry.' b. Jan. 26, 1837; d. in the Union Army, Sept. 11, 
1863 ; unmarried. 
III. Almeron Perry,' h. July 20, 183'J ; unmarried. 

774e IV. John Ira,' b. iMareh 18, 1842; m. ( ) McViccar. 

V. Fanny,' b. July 20, 1845; d. Oct. 10, 1854. 

VI. Amelia Ann,' b. Aug. 11,1848; m. Charles P. Peabody, April 
7, 1866. Said to have had a family of seven children, names not 

Children of Second Wife. 

774f VII. Alphonzo Theodore,' b. March 13, 1858. 

VIII. Maky Alice,' b. Jan. 29, 1860; m. Seymore E. Courtwright, 
Feb, 21, 1880. 
IX. Frank H ,' b. July 18, 1864; d. Sept. 4, 1873. 
X. Ella Evelyn,' b. March 8, 1866. 



JAilES" CHURCHILL (Bexjamin/ Joseph/ Josiah," Will- 
iam,- John ^). Born at Putney, Vt. We have been able to get very 
little information about him, and this from Miss Alice Churchill, of 
Waukesha, Wis., a grand-niece. He was a stage driver, and later 
a railroad man. He was twice married ; the first wife's name was 
Charlotte, to whom no children were born ; but by the second wife, 
whose name is not known to us, he had two children. 


I. Pamelia,' who married and lived in California. 
II. George,' of wliom nothing is known. 


CALVIN W.'' CHURCHILL (Alva,"' Jacob,^ Josiah,MVill- 
lAM,- JoHN^). Born July 23, 1809, in Stockbridge, Mass. Married 
1st, Nov. 8, 1832, Luna Holcomb ; she died March 23, 1876 ; mar- 
ried 2d, Oct. 8, 1876, Mehitable Gee. 

Children . 

I. Child not named, died soon. 
II. Olney.' b. May 18, 18:lG; unmnrried. 

He practised dentistry and was interested in the rubber type 
business in Philadelphia. Died of consumption, July 1, 1874. 

III. LuTiLDA,' b. Nov. 7, 1839 ; m. Hollis Holcomb, October, 186G. 


1. Charles S. Holcomb, b. May 24, 1808; m. Sadie Mott, July 3, 


2. Dean Holcomb, b. Oct. 9, 1877. 

3. Lura M. Holcomb, b. June 19, 1880. < 

IV. Martha,'' b. April 11, 1849; m. Dudley S. Sherman, Aug. 30, 


They lived in Leroy, Penn. 


LAFAYETTE « CHURCHILL (Alva,' Jacob/ Josiah,' Will- 
iam/ John ^). Born in Stockbridge, June 22, 1828. Removed 
with his father to Pennsylvania. Married, Dec. 31, 1847, Susanna 
Vrooman, b. Feb. 26, 1830. 


I. Sarah Mellissa,' b. Dec. 26, 1848; m. Sidney W. Clark, July 

4, 18fi5. 


1. Mina A. Clark, b. April 28, 1866; m. Kimberly Wilcox, June 

19, 1892. 

2. Julia Clark, b. March 21, 1868; d. June 31, 1871. 

3. Rosa Bell Clark, b. April 21, 1870; d. Aug. 25, 1879. 


4. Kuby May Clark, b. Jan. 4, 1874; d. Aug. 19, 1879. 

5. Jennie Clark, b. April 16, 187b; d. Aug. 27, 1879. 

6. Sadie Clark, b. May 8-15, 1878; d. Aug. 25, 1879. 

7. Encil Ernest Clark,' b. May 6, 1881 ; m. Tyra Holcomb, Dec. 26, 


ir. Polly Diana,' b. Feb. 19, 1850. 

III. Calvin Mallory,' b. May 16, 1852. 

IV. Marah Mina,' b. Oct. 22, 1854. 

V. Melbourne,' b. Sept. 12, 1856; m. Bridget CirsTY, Feb. 25, 1879. 
VI. Dora Ann,' b. Sept. 9, 1863. 
VII. Elmer,' b. July 31, 1868; m., April 15, 1890, Ignatia Storrs, who 
was b. Feb. 26, 1872. 


JosiAH,^ William,^ John ^). Born in Stockbridge, Mass., Sept. 24, 
1818. Married Maria Knapp, who was born Oct. 29, 1830. 

I. Charles Seymore,' b. July 16, 1850; m. Mrs. Alice (Rote) 
Ayer ; no issue. 
II. Alida jANE,'b. Nov. 14, 1852; d. Aug. 8, 1854. 

774 III. John Pitt,' b. Dec. 13, 1858: m. Elizabeth Phreun. 
IV. Clark,' b. Feb. 9, 1862; d. at 9 days of age. 


JosiAH,8 William,^ John ^). Born in Delhi, N.Y., May 20, 1837, 
and lived there in 1890 when we received letters from him. Married, 
June 14, 1870, Harriet Frances Armstrong, b. in Walton, 
April 25, 1844. 

I. Nellie,' b. July 29, 1871 ; d. Jan. 3, 1873. 
II. Louise,' b. July 25, 1879. 

775 III. William Wheeler,' b. July 3, 1882. 


REV. EBENEZERfi CHURCHILL (George,^ Ebenezer,* 
JoHN,^ John,- John ^). Born at Plymouth, May 19, 1787. He 
removed to Ohio, where he became a Presbyterian minister. Mar- 
ried Elizabeth Peabody. Died in Liverpool, Ohio, 1853. 

Children born in Middleiown, Ohio. 

I. Elizabeth A.,' b. Feb. 10, 1825; m. William Marlnee, July 6, 


1. Andrew Marlnee, b. May 3, 1844; m. ( ) Cofifee. 

2. Ebenezer Marlnee, b. April 24, 1846. 

3. J. B. Marlnee, b. April 15, 1848: m. Mary E. Galbraith. 

4. George Marlnee, b. May 21, 1852; d. unmarried. 

5. Sarah J. Marlnee, b. March 12, 1854; ni. S. A. McLane. 

6. Mary E. Marlnee, b. September, 1856; m. ( ) Ford, of 



II. Sakah B.,'' b. Sept. 5, 1827; m. George Bursox, March 8, 1847. 
He was born July 1, 1825. They lived in Middletown, Ohio. 

Children born in Middletown. 

1. Elizabeth Ann Burson, b. Sept. 17, 1849. 

2. Benjamin P. Burson, b. -Jan. 18, 1852; m. Emma J. Huston. 

3. Phebe Burson, b. Nov. 8, 1856; m. Alvin C. Huston. 

4. Nancy Emma Burson, b. Marcii 1, 1861; m. Thomas F. 


5. George Churchill Burson, b. July 24, 1867. 

776 III. George W.,' b. June 27, 1830; m. Elizabeth Georgk, Sept. 28, 

1850. ^ 

777 IV. Benjamin Peabody,' b. Aug. 4, 1832; m. Eveline E. Bradfield, 

of E. Fairfield, Ohio, 1854. 



WILLIAM^ CHUECHILL (Asahel,« Samuel,^ Samuel,* 
JoHN,^ Joseph/ John^). Born at Apalacliin, N.Y., April, 1795. 
Lived in Caroline, N.Y., and died in Bingham, Pa., April 9, 1850. 
Tlie account of this line was compiled for us by Mrs. Annie J., wife 
of Frank Churchill Scoville, of Greenwich, N.Y. William ' mar- 
ried in Berkshire, N.Y., August, 1818, Haxnah Freeland, who 
was born Aug. 12, 1795, and died at Spring Mills, N.Y., Oct. 2, 

CJiildren horn at Caroline, N. Y. 

I. Eliza Lavina,® b. May 16, 1819; m. William Cobb, at Bingham, 
Pa., Nov. 20, 1838. 

They lived for fifty-seven years at Spring Mills, N.Y. She died 
Nov. 9, 1895. 


1. Emmaline Cobb, b. Nov. 27, 1839; m. 1st, Ebenezer L.Nelson, 

Oct. 28, 1858; m. 2d, Delancey Ereeborn, June 30, 1860. 
They lived at Spring Mills and had four children; viz., Ger- 
trude, Angelo, Fairnian, and Eawn W. 

2. Angeline Cobb, b. March 22, 1841 ; m. Eugene B. Fullar, June 

1, 1874. 

They live at Wellsville, N.Y., and have one child, Bayard C, 
b. Aug. 26, 1875. 

3. Theodore Cobb, b. Feb. 8, 1843; ni. Margaret P. Metzger, 

July 13, 1864. 

They live at Spring Mills and have six children; viz. (H 
William M.; (2) Howard; (3) Arling; (4) Mary A.; (5) 
Churchill; (6) Claire. 

4. William Cobb, Jr., b. Aug. 23, 1848 ; m. Delia Lawrence, Aug. 

9, 1870. 

They live in Spring Mills and have five children: (1) Fordyce 
A.; (2) Eunice E. ; (3) Lera Lawrence; (4) Herbert L. ; (5) 
Camilla Angle. 

II. Harriet Amanda,^ b. Oct. 8, 1821 ; m. Luman H. Scoville, Oct. 
22, 1845 in Bingham, Pa., and had 


1. Fayette L. Scoville, b. in Harrison, Pa., Oct. 31, 1846; m. 

Alice 0. Johnson in Knoxville, Pa., Oct. 31, 1875. They live 
in Wellsville, N.Y., and have two children: (1) Lewis 
Luman; (2) Harriet Caroline. 

2. Frank Churchill Scoville, b. in Bingham, Pa., June 4, 1850 j 

m. Annie Judson Dobbins, of Wellsville, N.Y., July 18, 1878. 
No children. 



III. Theodore,^ b, in Carolina, N.Y., June 10, 1826; d. in Bingham, 

Pa., Feb. 24, 1838. 

IV. Dorcas Maria, ^ b. March 23, 1829 ; m., in Bingham, Pa., Walter 

Leonakd, Dee. 25, 18.53. 

They lived in Spring Mills and had (1) Pred Churchill Leonard, 
b. Feb. 16, 1856: m. Estella G. Cook, and had Louise, Shirley, 
Walter C, and Marjorie. (2) Arthur George Leonard, b. June 26, 
1859; d. April U, 1872. (3) Luman W.Leonard, b. Jan. 22, 1866; 
m. Mary Wood Horton, and had Ruth Leonard, b. Jan. 26, 1890. 
(4) Myra Leonard, b. Sept. 25, 1872; m. Willet Lyon Ward, Nov. 
17, 1897. 

778 V. Georgk William," b. Feb. 24, 1834; m. 1st, Mary A. Youngman, 

of Bingham, Pa., 1854; m.2d, Susan Cheesbro, of Huntington, 
Ind., Dec. 30, 1860. 


1. Charles D., b. May 7, 1862, who lived (1899) at East View, 

New Mexico. 

We have not been able to get any further account of him ex- 
cept that in 1899 he lived at East View, New Mexico. If with- 
out issue, he is the only living descendant of William^ Churchill 
who bears the Churchill name. 

2. Fred H., b. Feb. 27, 1867; d. Aug. 6, 1889. 


SAMUEL ' CHURCHILL (Asahel,« Samuel/' Samuel," John,^ 
Joseph,- John ^). Born at Apalacliin, N.Y. Very little has been 
learned of his subsequent history. Mr. Frank Churchill Scoville, of 
Greenwich, N.Y., a grand-nephew, says that in 1862, as a small 
boy, he visited the family then living at Antioch, Ind. He was then 
living with his second wife. We have no dates at all and our only 
information comes from ]Mr. Scoville. Mr. Churchill is said to have 
died at Huntington, Ind. Married 1st, Miss Abernath, and mar- 
ried 2d, Mrs. Sxowdox. 

Children, of which wife not known, nor order of birth. 

Olive. ^ 


DANIEL ^ CHURCHILL (Asahel,« Samuel,^ Samuel," John,^ 
Joseph,- John ^). Born in Apalachin, N.Y., July 31, 1800. Went, 
when 9 years old, with his father's family to the new Western 
home at Brookville, Ind. He died in 1858. Married 1st, 1825, 
Nancy Street. Married 2d, 1851, Julia Street. 

Children, all of First Wife. 

779 I. James Mortimer,* b. Jan. 11, 1827; m. Elizabeth McKay, Dec, 

31, 1856. 

780 II. William,^ b. Aug. 4, 1828; m. Anna R. Bush, Oct. 29, 1872. 

Lives at Rushville, Ind. A lumber dealer. 



1. Jane B.. b. July 5, 1875; m. Ned Abercrombie, Dec. 28, 1899. 

2. Kate Wilma, b. April 25, 1881. 

III. Jefferson,^ b. March 13, 1830 ; m. Matilda Reeves. 


1. Lena M., b. May 21, 1857; d. aged 4 years. 

2. Ernest M., b. Oct. 1, 18(j0; d. at 2 years 6 months. 

3. Anna Bruce, b. June 20, 18G5; died young. 

4. Earl Keeves, b. Aug. 27, 1874. 

IV. Sarah Ann,^ b. March 14, 1832; m. John S. Lewis. 

781 V. John Wesley,^ b. May 23, 1834; m. Annie Mintner. 

782 VI. George Tetlor,^ b. Oct. 28, 1837; m. Anna Gunit, October, 

VII. Mart Elizabeth, ^ b. Sept. 10, 1840; d. young. 
VIII. Malinda,8 b. July 19, 1842; d. young. 

783 IX. Milton,** b. Nov. 11, 1843; m. Clara Matilda Alesworth, Aug. 

8, 1867. 

Lived in Toledo, Ohio. 


LYMAN ^ CHURCHILL (Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,'' John,^ 
Joseph,- John ^). Born Sept. 17, 1799. Place of birth and resi- 
dence not obtained. Married, Sept. 20, 1826, Charlotte Dewey. 

I. Helen Dewey.* 

784 II. Frederic K.^ No further record. 
III. Chester,* d. in infancy. 

785 IV. Herbert,* m. Caroline J. Scribner. 

V. Henry,* d. in infancy. 
VI. Catharine A.,* m. Alonzo P. Strong. 


HENRY " CHUECHILL (Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel," John,^ 
Joseph,- John^). Born July 7, 1812. Lived in Rochester, N.Y. 
He was still living in Rochester, Aug. 15, 1887, but no answers 
were received to applications. These meagre notes were from a 
personal interview of Mr. IST. W. Churchill, at Rochester, and a let- 
ter from Edward S., of Napa City, Cal. Married, May 20, 1835, 
Sarah Dewey, who was born April 7, 1814. 


786 I. Arthur,** b. March 1, 183fi. 

II. Frances V.,* b. Aug. 7 1837; m. John Hdmphret. 

787 III. Henry L.,* b. Sept. 29, 1839. 

788 IV. Edward S.,* b. April G, 1842; m. at Rochester, N.Y., April 28, 

1868, Mary Cornelia Wilder, who was born in ^Memphis, 
Tenn., Nov. 3, 1844, dau. of Daniel and Eliza (Goodman) 
Wilder. Mr. Churchill is a graduate of the University of 
Rochester, N.Y., in 1862. He settled in California in 1875, and 
since that time has been in the banking business; member of the 
firm of James H. Goodman & Co., Napa City, Cal. They lived 
at Napa City, Cal., in 1887. 


CJiildren horn at Rochesier, N. Y. 

1. Edward Wilder, b. July 1, 1870. 

2. Mary Louise, b. Sept. 3, 1872. 

V. Mart,^ b. April G, 1842; d. Oct. 9, 18G7. 


Samuel/ Johx/ Joseph,- John^). Born in Stockbridge, July 6, 
1809. Lived there until about 1852, when he removed to L^tiea, 
N.Y. Married 1st, Eliza S. Ariel, who was born 1813 ; d. 1837 ; 
married 2d, July 23, 1839, Jaxe Waldo Leonard, daughter of 
Solomon, born Nov. 1, 1813 ; married 3d, December, 1851, Caroline 
Sherrill, at New Hartfort, N.Y. Caroline died May 10, 1890. 

CJiildren of First Wife. 

I. Horace, « b. May, 1833: d. Aug. 5, 1833. 
II. Isabel,^ b. March, 1835; d. Aug. 25, 1835. 

Children of Second Wife. 

III. Eliza,8 b. July 16, 1840. 

IV. William,^ born in the spring of 1851 ; died in infancy. 

Children of Third Wife, horn in Utica, N. Y. 

V. Frances Caroline,^ b. July 5, 1854 ; ni. H. B. Riggs, 1871. 

789 VI. William Huntington,^ b. Mandi 10, 1855. 

VII. Cornelia Sherrill,^ b. March 4, 1858; m. George Wollcott 
HuBBELL, of Ncwarlv, N.J., Jan. 2G, 187G. 
VIII. James Sherrill,* b. Aug. 20, 1861 ; unmarried. 
IX. A CHILD, died in infancy. 
X. Grace Huntington,^ b. Sept. 25, 1863; m. Henry Lorillard 
Cammann, June 5, 1898. No children. 


SAMUEL^ CHURCHILL (Dantel,« Samuel,^ Samuel," 
John/ Joseph,- John ^). Born 1811. Married, Oct. 4, 1835, Mary 
Taylor, of Lee, Mass, 


790 I. Charles Taylor,^ b. August, 1845; m. Minnie Butler, of New 

York, 1869. 

791 II. Everett,** b. December, 1«52; m. Agnes S. Goodnow, 1883. 


BAENABAS" CHURCHILL (Job,« Barnabas,^ Barnabas,* 
Barnabas,^ Joseph,- John '). Born at Plymouth, Sept. 30, 1809, 
and lived there. Married, March 10, 1833, Eliza Eddy, the 
daughter of John. 



I. Barnabas Lothrop,^ b. April 1, 1834; drowned at the age of 17 

II. Robert Roberts,^ b. Jan. ], 1836; d. aged 1 year 5 months. 
III. Elizabeth Eddy,^ b. Oct. 16, 1837; m. Lothrop Kimball. 


1. Mary Elizabeth Kimball, b. 1863. 

2. Carrie Gibson Kimball, b. 1865. 

3. Barnabas Lothrop Kimball, b. 1868. 

4. Emma Frances Kimball, b. 1870. 

793 IV. Robert Bruce,** b. June 8, 1841. 

V. Frances Marion,® b. Nov. 5, 1844; d. at the age of 2 years. 
VI. Emma Frances,® b. February, 1846; m. Henry L. Earned, of 
Buffalo, N.Y. 
VII. Mary Louise.* b. Aug. 1, 1847; m. Charles Cobb. 
VIII. Annie,® b. May 6, 1849; m. Arthur E. Lewis. 


SYLVANUS^ CHURCHILL (Job,« Barnabas,^ Barnabas," 
Barnabas,^ Joseph,- John^). Born in Plymouth, Feb. 23,1815, 
and lived there. Married, Oct. 10, 1837, Lucretia Ann Bacon, 
daughter of Captain George and Hannah. 

Children horn in Plymovih. 

I. Lucretia L.,*^ b. July 27, 1839; m. Isaac W. Jackson, Dec. 25, 

794 II. George Bacon,® b. July 28, 1841; m. Widow Mary Ramsay, of 

Nevada, March 12, 1871. 

III. Job,** b. Dec. 10, 1843; unmarried. 

IV. Timothy G.,® b. Aug. 6, 1846; d. May 8, 1848. 

V. Alice G.,® b. Oct. 17, 1848; d. April 26, 1866, at Manchester, N.H. 
VI. Jennie E.,® b. Dec. 23, 1851 ; d. at Columbiana, Feb. 12, 1864. 
VII. Rebecca J.,® b. Aug. 27, 1856; m. Lucius P. Nelson, of Arling- 
ton, Feb. 10, 1881. 


Barnabas,* Barnabas,^ Joseph,- John^). Born in Plymouth, 
March 26, 1824. In 1852 removed from Plymouth to the South, 
and settled in Natchez, Miss. In 1873 moved to New Orleans, La., 
where he died Nov. 6, 1879. He was in the foundry business, a 
noted mechanic, and invented ,the cotton -tie and a cotton-press. 
Married 1st, Nov. 15, 1846, Sarah F. Cushing, daughter of Ezra. 
She died in Natchez, in 1853. Married 2d, 1856, Carrie R. Tay- 
lor, of Natchez, La., Dec. 6, 1856. 

Child hij First Wife. 
I. Sarah C,® b. Oct. 10, 1852. 

Children hy Second Wife. 

795 II. John Harry,® b. May 31, 1858. 

79G III. Ernest T. ,® b. Aug. 27, 1860 ; m. Mrs. Watkins, of Brooklyn, N.Y. 



1. Cornelius Ward Churchill, b. 1887. 

2. Catherine C. Churchill, b. 1889. 

3. Effie Hepsibah Churchill, b. 1894. 

797 IV. William Holmes,^ b. Oct. 12, 1863 ; m. Katherine Higginbotham, 

of New Orleans. 

1. Harold Earle Churchill, d. in infancy. 

798 V. Cornelius Bradford, Jr., ^ b. Sept. 1, 1866.1 In 1899 these four 

799 VI. Albert CuMMiNGs,^ b. Jan. 19, 1873. (were still unmar- 

800 VII. Francis Gorton,** b. Feb. 12, 1876. fried and lived with 
VIII. Carrie Elizabeth,^ b. Nov. 12, 1878. J the mother in NO. 


JOSEPH" CHURCHILL (Ichabod,« Ichabod,^ Joseph," 
Barxabas,^ Joseph,- John ^). Born in Bridgewater, Vt., Aug. 2G, 

1811. Lived in Stowe, Vt. Married, in Stowe, Feb. 8, 1833, 
Eliza Ann Russell, who was born Oct. 8, 1813. 


I. Mart Jane,^ b. Oct. 10, 1839; m. Rodney Corse, Nov. 8, 18.o7. 

801 II. Lyman Alonzo,* b. Nov. 15, 1841; m. Frances Marshall, July 

16, 1865. 
III. Abigail,** d. in infancy. 


STILLMAN^ CHURCHILL (NoAn,« Ichabod,' Joseph,' 
Barnabas,' Joseph,- John'). Born in Stowe, Vt., Sept. 13, 

1812. Worked on tlie farm and attended the district school until 
eighteen years of age, when he went to Montpelier, and attended the 
academy, and taught school until, at the age of twenty-three, he en- 
tered upon the study of the law in the office of Lucius B. Peek, 
afterward U.S. Senator from Vermont. Young Churchill was ad- 
mitted to the bar at twenty-six and two years later was elected 
Clerk of Courts in Montpelier, which office he held for six years. 
He resigned the office and purchased the home-farm and lived there 
until 1850, when he moved to Stowe village and built a hotel for 
summer tourists, and was largely instrumental in building a road to 
the top of Mount Mansfield, where he placed a tent for public use of 
travellers, and was the first to advertise Stowe as a summer resort. 
Like many pioneers of such enterprises he did not receive the coop- 
eration needed to assure prosperity, and later on others profited by 
his sacrifices and efforts. He removed to Montpelier in 1857, and 
to the West in 1862, and settled first in Woodford County, 111., and 
later in Bloomington, 111. He was engaged in Eire and Life Insur- 
ance, until 1875, when he removed his office to Chicago and there 


contiuued until 1890, when lie moved to Allerton, Iowa, where he 
died Nov. 6, 1892. (The account of this family has been collected 
by Mrs. Effie J. (Churchill) Clarke, of Allerton, Iowa.) Married, 
at Montpelier, Vt., May 20, 1811, Roxy Ann Marsh, daughter of 
Perry and Fannie (Wheelock) Marsh. 

« Children. 

I. IsABKr,,8 b at Montpelier, Vt., Nov. 19, 1842; d. at Calais, Vt., 
Sept. 29, 1844. 
II. EiCHARD Henry,* b. at Stowe, Vt., Sept. 2, 1845; d. at Stowe, 
Aug. 23, 1847. 

III. Alice Cart.* b. at Stowe, Vt., July 29, 1847; m. Alpheus H. 

Pike, at Bloomington, III., Oct. 27, 1870, and died in Chicago, 
111., April 1, 1889, without children. 

IV. Effie Jane,* b. Jan. 29, 1850; ni. Charles W. Clark, of Bloom- 

ington, III., April 20, 1871. At six years she removed with her 
parents to Montpelier, where she attended school and passed her 
girlhood until twelve years, when she removed with her parents to 
Woodford County, 111. She entered the State Normal University 
at Bloomington, III., at seventeen years of age, taught school for 
a few years before her marriage with Mr. Clark, who was born 
at East Concord, N.Y., Aug. 27, 1843, son of David and Eunice 
(Beach) Clark. He was a mechanic. They have lived at Bloom- 
ington and Chicago, 111., and Allerton, Iowa. 


1. Ellery Channing Clark, b. at Bloomington, III., April 24, 1872; 

d. Julv 31, 1872. 

2. Richard "Churchill Clark, b. in Chicai^o, lU., Sept., 187G; d. 

Jan. 12, 1881. 

802 V. Edward Patson,* b. at Montpelier, Vt., Nov. 21, 1857; m. Fla- 

viLLA V. Kellogg, dau. of Alvaro V. and F. Jane (Marsh) 
Kellogg, Oct. 9, 1.M81. He removed with his parents to Illinois 
in lSi;2, and to Bloomington in 1866, where he attended the 
public schools, then to Chicago in 1875, where he lived until his 
marriage as above, since which he has been a farmer in Harvard, 
Iowa, where their children were born. 


1. Edward P., b. July 19, 1882. 

2. Francis Gerald, b. Oct. 1, 1884. 

3. Howard Kellogg, b. Jan. 15, 1887; d. Aug. 31, 1888. 

4. Garth, b. June 12, 1895. 

EDWIN ^ CHURCHILL (Noah,« Ichabod,^ Joseph,* Barna- 
bas,'' Joseph,- John ^). Born in Stowe, Vt., Jan. 4, 1815. Married, 
in Stowe, March 5, 1837, Mary M. Robinson, of Stowe. Died 
Sept. 26, 1883, at Vermont. 

Children born in Stowe. 

I. Susan R,,* b. Jan 17, 1838; m. Hamlet W. Barrows. 

803 II. Charles Reed,* b. June 1, 1840: m. Jane M. WiLKiNS. 
III. Celia L.,* b. Aug. 13, 1845; m. Lonis W. Raymond. 

803a IV. Akunah,* b. Aug. 7, 1847; m. Ida C. Matthew.s. 



HEMAN ALLEN" CHUECHILL (Noah,« Iciiabod/ Joseph," 
Barnabas,^ Joseph,- John'). Boni in Stowe, Vt., July 27, 181G; 
lived at Barton Landing, Vt. ; died at Irasburg, Vt., Sept. 3, 1883. 
Married, May, 1844, Margette L. Benson, of Stowe. 

Children born in Stoice. Vt. 

804 I. George E.,** b. July 1'9, 1817; m. Emjieline E. Dodge, of Bar- 

ton Landing, Vt. 

S05 II. Frank H.,** b. June 12, 1857; ni. Hattie E. liAMnr.ET. 

80« III. Hope E.,* b. Oct. 22, 1802, ni. William W. Urkknan, of Barton 
Landing, Sept. 16, 1S85. 


JOHN " CHURCHILL (William," Ichabod,^ Joseph,^ Barna- 
bas,^ Joseph,- John '). Born in Stowe, Oct. 2, 1802 ; lived at Georgia, 
Vt., till about 1845, then moved to Freeport, 111., and later to Lan- 
sing, Iowa ; served as private in the Twenty-seventh Regiment 
Iowa Volunteers, and died in the hospital at JNIemphis, Tenu., while 
in the army. Married Experience Hale, of Georgia, Vt. 

Children born at Georgia, Vt. 

I. Lucy H.,« b. Dec. IG, 1828; n\. A. G. Hemexway, of Franklin. 

II. Harriet E.,^ b. July 12, 1830; ni. 1). C. Shoemaker. 

807 III. Luther B.,^^ b. Dec. 12, 1831; m. Mary Jane Hawkins, in Illinois, 
February, 185:!. 

IV. Jane H..* b. Nov 21, 18;;:l; m. Albert D. Hanan. 

V. Emily J.,** b. July 23, 1835; m. E. L. Stone. 

VI. Sophi;onia,» b. Dec. 20, 1837; m. George F. Nye. 

809 VII. John Franklin,^ d. Sept. 19, ISSC. 

VIII. Abigail W.,** b. at Brandon, Vt., Nov. 30, 1843; m. Charles Alli- 
son, at Canton. Iowa, Oct. 18, 18G1. 

810 IX. Edwin,** b. at Brandon, Vt. ; m. Elizabeth Phillips. 


WILLIAM ' CHURCHILL (William,^ Ichabod,^ Joseph,^ Bar- 
nabas,^ Joseph,- John '). Born in Stowe, Vt., Aug. 16, 1805 ; lived 
in Elmore, Vt., a farmer. Married, 1830, Adeline H. Darling, 
of Waterbury, Vt. 

Ch ildren . 

I. Elizabeth J..® b. Feb. U, 1832; m. Francis E. AVolstenholm, 
of Lowell, Mass. 

811 II. William Jefferson,^ b. Feb. 2, 1835; m. Ellen L. Hatch. 

812 III. Henry Harrison,** b. July 31, 1830; m. Wealthy P. Hatch. 

813 IV. Nathan T.,« b. July 17, 1844; m. Khoda Gobar, May 30, 1878. 



NOEMAN^ CHURCHILL (William,« Ichabod/ Joseph,* 
Barnabas,'^ Joseph,- John^). Born in Stowe, Vt., Jan. 15,1811. 
We have nothing further relating to this family. Married Eliza 


814 I. Lyman.8 
II. Charles.** 


ALMON" CHURCHILL (Joseph,^ Ichabod,^ Joseph," Barna- 
bas,^ Joseph,^ John^). Born in Stowe, Vt., April 23, 1808, where 
he was reared, on the farm, and educated in the district school. He 
lived in Stowe until 1850, when he went to California, but returned in 
1852. In 1854 he went West and settled in Benton County for eight 
years, and then removed to Cedar Rapids, Lime County, Iowa. He 
was a farmer. He died at Cedar Rapids, March 21, 1868. Married, 
in Stowe, Vt., March 24, 1834, Anna Lovejoy, of Mansfield, Vt, 
where she was born Sept. 12, 1812. 

Children born in Stowe, except last two horn in Shellsburg, Iowa. 

815 I. George Rollin,^ b. Feb. 17, 1835; m. Elizabeth Ann (Arthur) 

NiLEs, at Cedar Rapids, Sept. 30, 1869. 

He received a common school education in Stowe, and worked on 
the farm until the removal of the family to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 
where he still lives (1902), a farmer. His wife Elizabeth died 
March 21, 1901. 

Children horn in Cedar Rapids. 

1. Edith M., b. Sept. U, 1870. 

2. Myra J., b. Julv 27, 1872. 

3. Howard R., b. Is'-l. 

4. Albert M., 1 . . u , i - ,o-t 

5. Alice M., r^i'^^^'^-'^^lj'^' '«'^- 

6. Earl A., b. Aug. 4, 1885. 

II. Caroline K.,' b. June 29, 1839; m. John C. Hammett, Aug. 26, 

They had no children. She died at Sheridan, Kan., Aug. 26, 

816 III. Henry Clay,^ b. Aug. 10, 1840; m. Sarah J. Pool. 

They lived in Ceresco, Neb., in 1902. 


1. William H. I 3. Roy. 

2. Mark. | 4. Carl. 

And perhaps others. 

IV. May, 8 b. May 13, 1842; m. S. B. Oberlender, of Howard, Kan. 
She d. March 29, 1882. 

1. Viola M. Oberlender, 
SEE L.C. m. Curtis Errid, 

CONFECTIONS o^ Oklahoma. 

BOOK r^a^6> 2- ^^y^"*'^ Oberlender. 

3. Jennie L. Oberlender. 

4. Fred Oberlender. 

5. Mildred Oberlender. 

6. Jeannette Oberlender. 


817 V. Peter Lovejoy.^ b. Nov. 29, 184G; d. unmarried, Feb. 25, 1872. 

818 VI. Frank M.,^ b. Aug. 29, 1850; m. Laura Linderman, Oct. 25, 


They lived at Bannister, Mich., and had, it is said, nine children, 
but we have not been able to get the names. 

819 VII. Omar A.,» b. May 17, 1853; m. Sallie E. Ditton, Feb. 6, 1876. 

They are said to have had four children; names not received. 
He died Dec. 15, 1887. 

VIII. LiLLis Nevada,* b. at Shellsburg, Iowa, .Tune 18, 1855; m. Samtel 

F. Negley, Jan. 1, 1880, at Wahoo, Neb. 

He was the son of James S. and Jane Negley. He was a farmer 
and mechanic, and lived at Wahoo, Neb., where they had seven 
children, viz. : 


1. Feme Anna Negley, b. Jan. 1, 1881. 

2. Floyd Carroll Negley, b. Aug. 8, 1884. 

3. Grace Marshall Noglev, Oct. 20, 1887. 

4. Noel Ardis Negley, b.>eb. 27, 1889. 

5. Doris Opal Negley, b. Sept. 7, 1892. 

6. Marjorie Thankful Negley, b. July 2, 1895. 

7. Bernice Winifred Negley, b. Sept. 26, 1899. 

IX. Harry E.,^ b. July 16, 1861 ; m. Isabella Vax Osdall, at Gene- 
see, 111., June G, 1882. 

Born at Shellsburg, Iowa. Educated at Coe Institute, Cedar 
Rapids, Iowa, and Western College. Lived at Toledo, Iowa. 
Practised law, and was deputy auditor and treasurer of Tama County, 
Iowa; removed before 1889 to Greeley, Col., where he is an emi- 
nent member of the bar. 


1. Flossie Estollc, b. May 26, 1883, in Toledo, Iowa. 

2. Harry Van Osdall, L. May 10, 1886, in Toledo, Iowa. 

3. Isabel Lovejoy, b. Feb. 4, 1889, in Greeley, Col. 


ALDEN P.' CHURCHILL (Jesse,« Ichabod,^ Joseph,^ Bar- 
nabas,' Joseph,- John ^). Boru in Woodstock, Vt., July 8, 1822, 
and lived with his uncle, Nathan T., until manhood. Married Eliza- 
beth M. GiLMAN. 


I. Horace H.,« b. May 3. 1847; d. Sept. 2, 1848. 
II. JiLiA E.,« b. May 11, 1850; d. Jan. 8, 1860. 
IIL Edwin A.,* b. July 10, 1854; d. Aug. 12, 1854. 


JESSE F." CHURCHILL (Jesse,^ Ichabod,^ Joseph,^ Barna- 
BAs,3 Joseph,- John'). Born in Woodstock, Yt., Dec. 16, 1826. 
Lived at Fitchburg, Mass. Married at Bellows Falls, Aug. 2, 1854, 
Sabra Carter. 



I. Charles F.,« b. May 2, 1854; d. March 5, 1874. 
II. LlLLIAN,8 b. Oct. 13, 1860. 

III. Julia E.,» b. Dec. 24, 1862. 

IV. Sarah G.,^ b. May 5, 1866; d. Sept. 4, 1866. 
V. ADAW.,«b. Dec. 5, 1867; d. Aug. 9, 1868. 


seph/ Barnabas/ Joseph,- John ^) . Born at Woodstock, Vt., 1811. 
He died at Proctorsville, \t., Aug. 13, 1846. Married at Hartlaud, 
Vt., Sept. 25, 1844, Maria Marble, who was born in Charlestown, 
Mass., Jan. 14, 1814. 

Child born at Proctorsville, Vt. 

I. Elizabeth Keziah,^ b. Sept. 29, 1845 ; ni. Edwin Ellis Woodman, 
at Munroe, Wis., May 10, 1871. 

They resided in St. Paul, Minn. He was born in St. Louis, and 
was captain of the Thirteenth Wisconsin Vohmteers in the Civil 


LEVI^ CHURCHILL (Levi,« Joseph,^ Joseph,* Barnabas,^ 
Joseph,- John^). Born Sept. IG, 1813, at Woodstock, Vt. He 
moved to the West, and lived a while in Minnesota and then in 
St. Louis, Avhere he died in 1857. His widow lived there in 1895. 
Married, Oct. 2, 1844, Elizabeth M. Proctor, at Proctorsville, Vt. 

One Child born in Proctorsville, Vt. 
I. Nelly,® b. June 7, 1849; d. at Stillwater, Minn., Aug. 22, 1850. 


Joseph,^ Joseph,* Barnabas,^ Joseph,- John^). Born at Bedloe's 
Island, July 8, 1819. Graduated at West Point, 1840 ; died in 1847, 
at Point Isabel, Tex. Married, at Savannah, Ga., 1844, Elizabeth 
Margaret Cutler. 

Child born in Savannah, Ga. 

821 I. Richard Cuyler,^ b. Dec. 12, 1845; m. Josephine Young, of 

Brooklyn, N.Y., 1866. 
They lived at Fort Delaware, West Point, and Assining, N.Y. 


1. William Hunter, b. at Fort Delaware, Sept. 12, 1867; unmar- 


2. Annie Mason, b. at Fort Delaware, March 15, 1869; m. Bertram 

Dawson Coleman, of Lebanon, Peun. 


3. Maud, b. at West Point, July 12, 1872; m. DeLancy NicoU, 

Dec. 11, 18!)0. Mr. NicoU was district attorney of New 
York City from fall of 1890 to I89X>. 

4. Elizabeth Margaret, b. at Assiuing, N.Y., May 22, 187-1 ; d. in 


5. Richard Randolph Curler, b. Nov. 2, 1877, at Assining, N.Y. 


NATHANIEL" CHURCHILL (Nathaxiel,«Nathaxiel,^ Lem- 
uel/ Barnabas,^ Joseph,- John '). Born iu Wakefield, N.B., 
May|^9, 1799. Lived first at Andover, N.B., and then settled in 
Washburn, Me., about 1824, and lived there. Married 1st, July 30, 
1822, at Andover, N.B., Jerusha Freeman, born July 24, 1803, and 
2d, Melinda Hoyt, at St. John, N.B. 


822 I. JoB,s b. at Andover, N.B., May 20, 1823; m. Ann Crouse, at 

Maysville, Me., March 18, 1855. 


1. J. Allen, b. Feb. 20, 1857. 

2. Mary A., b. Dec. 11, 1858. 

3. Jesse P., b. Dec. 31, 1859. 

4. Amos F., b. Sept. 4, 1861. 

5. Lucinda J., b. July 1, 1863. 

6. Nathaniel G., b. Auir. 31, 1804. 

7. William C. b. Nov. 16, 1800. 

8. Minna A., b. Sept. 29, 1868. 

9. Samuel J., b. March 13, 1870. 

10. Abbie C, h. March 25, 1872. 

11. Frank E., b. Feb. 14. 1874. 

12. Miles G., b. July 1, 1876; d in infancy. 

13. Miles G. (2d), b. June 10, 1877. 

14. Marshall E., b. July 22, 1878. 

823 II. Nathaniel W.,- b. in Washburn, Me., March 23, 1825; m. Irene 

Grant, of Southampton, N.B. 

Children. Dates and Places of Birth not Received. 

1. Charles W. 

2. Eva. 

3. Isadore. 

4. Allen. 

5. Theodore. 

6. Allen, 2d. 

7. Alniira. 

8. Esther. 

9. Jane. 
10. Mary J. 

III. Mary Jane,^ b. Oct. 6, 1827, in Washburn, Me. ; m. 1st, John L. 

Grant, in Fredericton, N.B. ; m. 2d, in Southampton, Samuel 


The names of her children not received. 

IV. Elizabeth A.,** b. March 10, 1829, at Washburn, Me.; m. Amos 

Fox, in Southampton. No further data of tliis family furnished. 
V. Einice J.,» b. March 23, 1831, at Washburn, Me. ; m. William 

They were living in 1887 in Providence, R.I., but no further 
record has been received. 
VI. Samuel J.,* b. in Washburn, Me., April 6, 1833; unmarried in 


Children of Second Wife. 

VII. C. F.,8 b. at Bear Island, N.B., April 29, 1837; ra. Annie Evans, 

April 30, 1862, at Washburn, Me. 
VIII. Pkudence H.,^ b. in Washburn, Me., June, 1839; m. William 
IX. AsENATH.^ b. in Washburn, Me., October, 1841 ; m. Isaiah Sharpe. 
X. Joseph A.,^ b. in Washburn, Me., Dec. 24. 1847; m. 1st, Cassie 
Irving; m. 2d, Velina Norton; m. 3d, Jane Taylor. 


JESSE" CHURCHILL (I^athaxiel,« NATHAyiEL.^ Lemuel," 
Barnabas,^ Joseph/^ Johx '). Born in Yarmouth, N.S., Jan. 7, 
1801. Removed to Ontario in 1831. Married 1st, Phebe Barlow, 
who died in New Brunswick ; married 2d, Mary Hart. We have 
been disappointed that we cannot get any further record of thi§ 
family. We learned that Jesse's eldest son, Elias, lived at Paris, 
Brant County, Out., in 1890, but we could get no answer to our 
inquiries. Later we learn that Mr. Elias Churchill died soon after 
receiving our inquiries. He has a grandson, W. F. Churchill, at 
Paris, Out. 


CHARLES L." CHURCHILL (Nathaniel,^ Nathaniel,^ Lem- 
uel," Barnabas,^ Joseph,^ Johis" ^). Born in Yarmouth, Jan. 7, 
1803. Married, at Kingston, N.B., Mary J. Dunphy. 


826 I. Nathaniel," b. September, 1830; m. Mary Ebbett. 

827 II. Samuel Lothrop,** b. in Wakefield, N.B., Oct. 1, 1832; m. Mart 

E. Van Wart, Oct. 1, 1857. 

III. Emma.Louise,^ b. July 22, 1834. 

IV. Mary Ann,8 b. Sept. 22, 1836; m. Abner Veset. 

828 V. George Milford,** b. Sept. 18, 1839 ; m. Sadie Baker. 

829 VI. Charles Rice,** b. Sept, 1, 1845; m. Julia Ann Marra, March 

3, 1878. 
VII. Maria Eliza, ^ b. Dec. 16, 1848; m. Matthew Stephenson. 


ISAIAH^ CHURCHILL (Nathaniel,^ Nathaniel,^ Lemuel," 
Barnabas,^ Joseph,'^ Johx '). Born in Yarmouth, N.S., Feb. 6, 
1807. Removed in 1831, with the larger part of his father's family, 
to Ontario. The information about this family came from Amos 
Churchill, the eldest son, in 1890, and from Richard Watts Churchill, 
of Bealton, Ontario, in 1889. He died June 1, 1874. Married, in 
Yarmouth, July 9, 1838, Mary Freel, born Oct. 31, 1807. Slie 
died July 21, 1856. 


Children born in Ontario. 

I. Amos,'^ b. Nov. 28. 1839; m Maria Vyse, April 7, 18^8. 
They lived in Kidgetowu, Out. They have no children. 
II. Isaiah,^ b. Feb. 9, 1841; ra. Eliza Collison, Dec. 8, 1870. 
Family lived, 189'J, at ilighgate, Ont. 


1. Samuel Jones, b. Sept. 29, 1871. 

2. Jedediah Nathaniel, b. Sept. 13, 1873. 

3. Mary Ann. b Nov. 18, 1875. 

4. John Wesley, b. Aug. 29, 1881. 

III. Mart Alemath,® b. Sept. 12, 1842; m. Abisha DtjNxiNG, Feb. 14, 


IV. Eunice,* b. May 16, 1844; ra. Johk H. DeWitt, April, 1865. 

They lived, in 1890, in Nepawail, Manitoba. 
V. Samuel J.,- b. Feb. 13, 1846; m. Mart Jane Bothwell, October, 
VI. Mahaleth Ann,^ b. Sept. 2, 1848; m. Jesse Harrison, March, 
The mother died March 1, 1875. 

Tivo Children. 

1. Mary Ellen Harrison. | 2. John Harrison. 

VII. Nathaniel,'' b. Jan. 7, 1851; m. Hannah Holmes, Dec. 6, 1834. 

They lived in Nepawa, Manitoba. 
VIII. Richard Franklin,* b. June 12, 1853; d. Aug. 15, 1854. 


ISRAEL^ CHURCHILL (Nathaniel,^ Nathaniel,^ Lemuel/ 
Barnabas,^ Joseph,^ John '). Bora at Wakefield, N.B., March 13, 
1813. Settled at Woodstock, where he was a deacon of the Baptist 
church for many years. He was a painter by trade. Married, at 
Douglas, N.B., Eliza Dunphy, born in Douglas, IS'.B., daughter of 
Andrew and Annie (Foster) Dunphy. 

Children born, the first two at Victoria Corner, the rest in Woodstock, N.B. 

I. Elethea,* b. March 9, 1834; m. Rev. J. C. Bleaknet, at Wood- 
stock, Dec. 17, 1860. She died at Woodstock, Jan. 19, 1900. 
They lived in Woodstock, and had one child. 


1. Leila Blanche Bleakney, b. in St. John, July 7, 1863; m. Dr. 
J. W. N. Baker, August, 1884. 

II. Sarah Eliza,* b. May 16, 1835; m. Rev. Peter R. Knight, Oct. 
10, 1856. 

They lived at Woodstock, and later at Lower French Village, 
N.B. He was a clergyman. 

They had Three Children born in Woodstock. 

1. Clara Blanche Knight, b. July 15, 1860; m. Manasseh Dunphy, 

October, 1892. 

2. Eliza Knight, b. June 28, 1865 ; m. Judson H. Dunphy, Novem- 

ber, 1889. 

3. Herbert Knight, b. July 27, 1875; lu. A. Dunphy, of Winnipeg. 


III. Israel Gekow, 8 b. Feb. 22. 1837; m. Elmira Williams, Feb. ]4; 

1859; d. in Woodstock, Jan. 22, 190<>. T ey had seven children, 
viz., (1) Anna Maria, (2) Mary Eliza, (3) Winnie J., (i) Ella, 
(5) Rhoda Alma, (6) Charles Israel, (7) Joseph E. 

IV. Charles Bartlett.* b. Dec. 25, lSi5S; m. 1st, Lavixia Smith; m. 

2d, Mrs. Jaxe (Reid) Cokron. They had four children, viz., 
(1) Eliza, m. 1st, Mr. Baker and 2d, Thomas Reid; (2) Alma, 
m. Frank C. Foster; (3) Madeline, m Freeland McKenzie; (4) 
Nellie, m. George Dohertv. 
V. Dr. Es^bon,^ b. April 17, 1841; m. Susan Mills, Feb. 17, 18GC,, at 

He is a physician at Woodstock, N.B. They had four c ildren. 
viz., (1) Lillie Maud, m. William Kendall; (2) Walhergia, ni. 
John Orchard; (3) Bruce, b. June, 188-'; (4) Carey, b. 18s4. 

VI. James Edavard.** b. Feb. 1, 1843; d. at Woodstock, Aug 17, 1854. 
VII. Louisa Jaxe,* b Nov. 30. 1845; m. 1st, Abiathar Johnston, who 
died; m. 2d, Stephen Taylor; m. 3d, Joseph Churchill. 
They lived in Washburn and Jacksonville, Me. 

Children of First Husband, born at Jacksonville. 

1. Horace Johnston, b. Aug. 9, 1865; m. Ada Dickinson, of Houl- 

ton. Me. 

2. Wilmot Johnston, b. Dec. 1, 1867; m. Jennie Davis, Sept. 23, 


3. Ella May Johnston, b. Nov. 30, 1870; m. William Ernest Pud- 

dington, Feb. 27, 1890. 

VIII. Frances Mary," b. March 1, 1847; m. C. N. Scott, at Woodstock, 

Jan. 4, 1869. 

Mr. Scott was the son of Murray and Mehitable Jane (Merrithew) 
Scott. He graduated at the Normal School at St. John's, and at 
Collegiate School, Fredericton, N.B. He has been a teacher, and 
later an accountant. They live at Woodstock, N.B. 

Children lorn, the first at Campbellton, the rest at Woodstock. 

1. Charles George Coster Scott, b. Oct 23, 1870; d.Nov. 25, 1875. 

2. Frances Mary Scott, b. July 21, 1872; d Oct 7, 1872 

3. Walter Scott, b. Aug. 6, 1873; d. Feb. 18, ISSl. 

4. Clara Meta Scott, b. Nov. 17, 1877. 

5. Lina Mae Scott, b. Sept. 11, 1882. 

6. Bertha Scott, b. Sept. 5, 1884; d. Aug. 23, 1900. 

IX. Joshua Todd.^ b. Feb. 22, 1849; m. Henrietta Estey, Jan. 5, 
1868. He died at Newburgh, Oct. 18, 1883, from an accident. 
They had two children, viz., (1) Ada, m. William Austin; (2) 
X. Anna JMaria," b. March 3, 1853; m. 1st, E. B. Jewett, at Wood- 
stock. Nov. 26, 1868; m. 2d, E. M. Smith, July 8, 1902. 
The family resides, in 1903, at Houlton, Me. 

Children of First Husba.nd born, three at Woodstock, and Ella at Prince 


1. James Edward Jewett, b. Feb. 26, 1873; m. Mary Lois Good- 

speed, June 22, 1898. 

2. Ella Blanche Jewett, b. July 15, 1875; m. Rev. Miles S. Traf- 

ton, Sept. 21, 1897. 

3. Grace Jewett, b. June 26, 1877; m. Herbert Story, of St. John, 

June 26, 1902. 

4. Lulu May Jewett, b. Aug. 15, 1881 ; d. Dec. 25, 1883. 



RICHAED WATTS " CHURCHILL (Nathaxiel," Nathaniel/ 
Le3iukl,^ Barxabas," Joseph,- John^). Born in Yarmouth, N.S., 
July 19, 1826. Removed in early manhood to New York State, 
and lived, in later years, at Bealton, Ont., where he was living Nov. 
2o, 1899. He has given much of the information we have of his 
father's family. Married 1st, in Cambour County, N.Y., May 27, 
1847, Catharine Taylor; she died leaving three children, and he 
married 2d, May 29, 1855, Mahala Beal, of Bealton, N.Y. 

Children of First Wife, Catharine. 

I. Arthur VV.,* b. June 26. 1848; d. in infancy. 
II. Rhoda C.,^ b. June, 1850: m. 1st, Charles McGreagor, of Mich- 
igan; ni. 2cl, John Anderson. 

There were children, one daughter by the first husband, and three 
sons and two daughters by the second. The Andersons live in 

III. Olive C..** b. March 29, 1852; m. Lyman Sleight. 

They live in Brantford and have three children. 

Children of Second Wife, Mahala. 

IV. Mary E.,* b. July 13, 1856; m. Lemuel Kitchen. She died leav- 

ing one child. 


1. Mary E. Kitchen, b. April 4, 1873, who was adopted by her 
grandparents, R. W. and Mahala Churchill. 

V. Reuben W. S,* b. May 31, 1858. 

VI. William W. C.,« b. Dec. 28, 1860. 

VII. Chahles H. V.,» b. June IG, 1862. 

406a. ^ 

CHLOE ANN '(CHURCHILL) BOYER (Lemuel," Nathaniel,^ 
Lemuel,* Barnabas,' Joseph,- John '). Born at Lincoln, Sunbury 
County, N.B., 1801. Lived in Wakefield. When a young child 
she removed with her parents to what is now Lower Brighton, Carl- 
ton County, where her mother died, and she went to live for some 
ten years in the family of her aunt, wife of Mr. Elias Hauey, thence 
she went to Wakefield where she was married. She was a devout 
and consistent Christian woman, wife, and mother, and a beloved 
member of the First F. C. Baptist Church in Wakefield, N.B. She 
died Nov. 22, 1882. Married George R. Boyer, of Wakefield, 
N.B. Mr. Boyer was a manufacturer of leather and shoes. He was 
deacon of the F. C. Baptist Church for a long series of years, and 
in every way was an upright and much respected man. He died at 
Wakefield (Victoria Corner), June 10, 1886, aged 86 years. 


Children horn at Wakefield, now Victoria Corner. 

I. George Greenleaf ^ Boter, died young. 
II. George W.® Boyer. b. Jan. 22, 1834; m. Axna M. Kimball, Sept. 
2, ISofi. who died Aug. 14, 18.S6. 

They adopted a daughter, Josie, who married George M. Davis, 
of Hartland. 

III. James William* Boyer, b. 1836; m. Sarah Lovely, who died 

Feb. 18. 1902. 

Mr. Boyer was a manufacturer of iiarnesses and boots ; a man 
of large influence and excellent character. Lived at Victoria Cor- 
ner; and died Feb. 18, 1892. 

Children born at Victoria Corner. 

1. George R. Boyer, d. in infancy. 

2. Samuel R. Boyer, m. Miss Dewett. 

3. Frederick J. Boyer, m. Miss McLoud. 

4. Ann J. Boyer. ni. J. B. Bowser, of British Columbia. 

5. Ada Boyer, m. McAnn Barrester. 

6. Ella Boyer. 

IV. Amos L.** Boyer, m., about 1859, Hannah Mills, of Victoria Cor- 


They removed to Denver, Col., where he was engaged in mining. 
They had one son. 

1. Burzil Boyer, who married in Denver. j 

V. Elizabeth^ Boyer, m. Duncan Dickinson. 
VI. Lois ^ Boyek. 
VII. Pamelia F.^ Boyer, m. William Taylor. No children. 
VIII. Caroline^ Boyer, m. Moses P. Orsen. Had three daughters. 

1. Lois. I 2. Minnie. | 3. Chloe. 

IX. Susanna- Boyer, d. young. 


JAMES C." CHURCHILL (Lemuel," Nathaniel/ Lemuel,^ 
Baenabas,^ Joseph,^ John ^). Born in Fredericton, N.B., Feb. 18, 
1805. Removed with his father's family later to Lower Brighton, 
N.B. He lived in Bangor, Me. He appears in Boston Directory 
at 256 Hanover street, in 1845, and from 1846 to 1850 kept a 
restaurant at Traverse, corner Haverhill street. His name does not 
appear in 1851-1853, but from 1854 to 1860 he kept a grocery store 
at 84 Charlestown street, and lived at No. 82, next door. In 1861 
his name is not in Directory, but from 1862 to 1867 he kept a 
liquor store on Traverse, corner Charlestown street, and lived at 
Cambridgeport. From 1870-1874 he had a grocery store in Charles- 
town at 38 Medford street, and lived there. On May 19, 1858, he 
sailed from Boston to Liverpool on the steamer " Europe," Captain 
Leach, commander, the passage being made in eleven days five 
hours. His passport was signed by Lewis Cass, LTnited States 


Secretary of State. Mr. Churchill travelled on the continent, 
through France, Germany, and back through England, Scotland, and 
Ireland and Wales, and from Liverpool home to Boston, where he 
arrived Oct. 14, 1858. On the back of his passport he wrote out a 
full list of the chief places he visited, and this document has been 
loaned me by his nephew, George W. Boyer, of Hartland, N.B. In 
this paper he is described at five feet nine and three-quarter inches 
in height, light complexion, blue eyes, dark hair, etc., age 53 years. 

Married 1st, in Bangor, Me. ( ) Kose, from whom he separated. 

Married 2d, in Millstream, King's County, X.B., Elizabeth Haney, 
his cousin, daughter of Elias. Married 3d, in Wakefield, X.B., 
Ruth Shaw. 

One Child hij First Wife. 
I. Armine.* 

Two Children by Second Wife. 

II. Josephine A..^ b. in Boston, Aug. 24, 1845; m. ( ) Mansfield. 

Two children were born of this marriage, names not known. 

III. James L.^ 

One Child by Third Wife. 

IV. Byron,- b. in Boston. No further record. 

400^. L 

AMOS ^ CHURCHILL (Lemuel,^ Nathaxiel,^ Le^iuel," Bar- 
nabas,^ Joseph," Johx ^). Born in 1809 in Fredericton, N.B., but 
later removed with his father's family to what is now Lower Brighton. 
Here his mother died while he was a child. He lived in Bangor in 
1843 on Boyd street, and in 1846 on Grove street. A shoemaker. 
He died at Brewer, Me., Feb. 22, 1846, aged 37 years. Married 
Eleaxor Sixclair. She died in Brewer, Oct. 13, 1847, aged 33 


I. George Boyer. ^ m. 1st, ( ) Kenney; ni. 2d, Sarah Emily 


He was a music-teacher and millwright, and lived at Brewer, 
Me., where he died Sept. 12, 1867, aged 30 years. 

One Child by First Wife. 

1. William, d. aged 3 months. 

One Child by Second Wife. 

2. Frances Lenore, b. in Brewer, Me., Nov. 30, 1867; ra Samuel 

Hart Furber, at Snohomish, Wash., April 8, ]S97. Mrs. 
Furber graduated from the University of Washington at 
Seattle in 1889. Samuel H. Furber is a lawyer and court 
reporter at Seattle. They live at Seattle, No. 312 1st avenue 

They have one Child. 

1. George Churchill Furber, b. in Seattle, Feb. 21, 1898. 



II. William,** d. Oct. 13, 1854, in Brewer, Me., aged 16 years. 

III. Charles Israel,^ b. in Bangor, Me., Dec. 7, 1844; m. Elvira D. 
Howard, at Brewer, Me., Sept. 1, 1872. She was the dau. of 
Willard and Sarah T. (Johnson) Howard, and a sister of his 
brother's. George B.'s, wife. They lived at Merrimac, Mass., 
where he is a wheelwright. He was a soldier of the Civil War, 
in Company A, 31st Regiment Maine Volunteers. 

They have one Son. 
1. William H., b. in Merrimac, March 29, 1880. 

Note. Of Lemuel^ Churchill (No. 170) and his family by the second wife, 
Mary Brown, much new information has been received since the family sketch 
was passed in the regular course, and printed. The second family is therefore 
here revised with corrections and additions. 

After the death of his first wife, Mr. Churcliill continued to live in Carlton 
County, N.B., where he married a second wife, Mary Brown, and by her had 
nine children. About 1833 he removed with his family to Upper Canada, and 
settled for a while at Niagara and Saltfeet townships, but removed later to 
Sweaburg, Oxford County. 

Children of Mary Brown, the Second Wife, horn i7i N.B. 

406d v. Bexjamin,' m. Anne Secord, of Walsingham, Out. No children. 

40()e VI. Betsey,^ m. Palmer Chamberlain, in Oxford County. 

406f VII. Rebecca,' b. in 1818; m. David Phillips, at Sweaburg, Out., 

406g: VIII. Lemuel,'' m. Emily Bennett, of Brantford. 

IX. Charles,'' died unmarried, at Gait, Ont., aged 22 years. 
40(>h X. Edward,' m Charity Cook, of Houghton, Ont. No children. 
406i XI. Susan,'' m. Thomas Phillips, of Houghton, Ont. ; died in Hough- 
ton, aged 40. 
406] XII. Damel,'' b. April Si, 1830; m. Mary Ann Kelly, of Tilsonburg, 

406k XIII. George,' m. Sarah Goodlin, of Simcoe, Ont. No children. 


BETSEY^ CHURCHILL (Lemuel/ Kathaniel,^ Lemuel," 
Barnabas,"' Joseph,- John ^). Born in Carlton County, N.B. Mar- 
ried Palmer Chamberlain, in Oxford Coviuty, Ont., and lived 
there. He was a farmer. 


I. Oliver^ Chamberlain, m. Miss Kelly. They live in Petrolia. 

II. Hester^ Chamberlain, m. Edward Becker. 

III. Asios ® Chamberlain, died unmarried. 

IV. Theodore** Chamberlain, m. Mary Fenton. They live in Toronto. 
V. Hannah ** Chamberlain. 

VI. Harvey ** Chamberlain. 
VII. Adeline*^ Chamberlain. 


REBECCA' CHURCHILL (Lemuel,^ Nathaniel,^ Lemuel," 
Barnabas,^ Joseph,- John^). Born in Woodstock, N.B., and 
lived there until fifteen years old, As^hen she removed with her father's 
family to Upper Canada. Married, Sept. 27, 1836, at E. Oxford, Ont., 
David Phillips, of the same town. In 1846 they removed with their 


family to Dereham, then an almost unbroken forest, and settled near 
the then small hamlet of Ingersoll. Here they spent the remainder 
of their long and useful lives. She died March 31, 1900, aged 82 
years. Mr. Phillips died Oct. 7, 1896. Their home was on the 
fourth line in the fine district between what are now the villages of 
A'erschojde and Mount Elgin. Mr. Phillips was a farmer. 

They had Eleven Children, born in Oxford County, Ont. 

I. RiTH® Phillips, b. July 27, 1837; m. Simeon Maree, Sept. 28, 
].s(;3. They had children, viz.: (1) Alice Mabee, (2) Julia 
RIabee, (3) Carrie Mal)ee. 
II. Charles W.^ Phillips, b. Jan. 8, 1839; m. Emily Vance, at 
Houghton, Ont., Sept. l-'fi, 1861. They had children, viz.: (1) 
Minnie Phillips, '2) Cliarles Phillips. (3) Emily Phillips, d. 

III. David L.^ Phillips, b. Feb. 2, 1841 ; m. Maria Fraxcis, at Hough- 

ton, Ont., Dec. 22, 1870. They lived at Mt. Elgin, and had chil- 
dren : (1) Edith Phillips, b. May 14, 1872; m. Ambrose Hobson ; 

(2) Ella Phillips, b. Feb. 14, 1877; m. Harman Moultim, 1900; 

(3) Clare E. Frances Phillips, b. Oct. 18, 1880; (4) Charles 
Cecil Phillips, b. Jan. 9, 18s(5. 

IV. Almira - Phillips, b. Sept. 3. 18J:3; m. D. A. Mitchell, at Vers- 

choyle, May 5, 1864. Children: (1) Elizabeth Churchill 
Mitchell; m. Charles Tague ; (2) Levange ; m. Dr. S. D. Barnes, 
of Bridgeport, Tenn. Mrs. Almira Phillips died at Ingersoll, 
Aug. 16, 1869. 
V. Mary Elizabeth^ Phillips, b. Nov. 29, 1845; m. D. A. Mitchell, 
as his second wife, Sept. 11, 1872. 
VI. Susan ^ Phillips, b. Julv 26, 1848; d. May 21, 1883. 
VII. Anna M.^ Phillips, b. Feb. 24, 1851; d. May 17, 1879. 
VIII. Sarah Ella ^ Phillips, b. Aug. 6, 1853; d. Feb. 1. 1883. 

IX. Alexander S.* Phillips, b. Feb. 27, 1856; m. Mary Whaley, 
at Cadillac, Mich., November, 1877. He died Oct. 12, 1882. 
They had children : (1) Archie, (2; Alexander. 
X. George Whitfield- Phillips, b. Jan. 2, 1859; m. 1st, 1884, 
Densie Snivel!', and 2d, Anna Briggs, at Minneapolis, in 1890. 
XI. Manshman Havelock® Phillips, b. June 9, 18iil ; m. Harriet 
Smith, at Lomlon, Out., Sept. 28, 1887. Children : (1) Mabel 
Phillips, (2) George Phillips, (3) Cecil Phillips. 

LEMUEL^ CHURCHILL (Lemuel,'' Nathaxiel/ Lemuel,^ 
Barnabas,^ Joseph,- Johx^). Born in N.B. Married Emily 
Bennett, at Oxford, Ont. 


I. "William.^ No record. 
II. Miriam.^ Nothing further received. 


SUSAN' CHURCHILL (Lemuel,'' Nathaniel,"' Lemuel,^ 
Barnabas,^ Joseph,- John '). Born in X.B. Married Thomas 
Phillips, of Houghton, Ont. 


I. Galdsha* Phillips. 
II. Edward* Phillips. 

III. George'* Phillips. 

IV. Melissa^ Phillips. 
V. Susan * Phillips. 

VI. Victoria* Phillips. 
VII. Daniel * Phillips. 


DANIEL" CHURCHILL (Lemuel,^ Nathaniel,^ Lemuel/ 

Barnabas,^ Joseph,- John^). Born in New Brunswick, April 9, 

1830. Removed with his father's family to LTjjper Canada about 

1833. Attended school in West Oxford, Lived at South Norwich, 

and Springford, Ont., a farmer. Married, April 25, 1856, at Tilson- 

hnrg, Mary Ann Kelly, daughter of Michael and Ann (Tomlin- 

son) Kelly. 

Children born at South Norwich. 

I. Charles H.,^ b. Jan. 12, 1857; m. Kate Kellet, 1889. 
II. Marietta.^ b. May, 1859. She was killed by a horse at the age of 
3 vears 6 months. 

III. Cecilia A.,* b. July 23, 1S60; m. Norman Watson, of Cornell, 


IV. James R.,** b. Oct. 5, 1862; m. Anna Sen, 1900. 

V. Edward,* b. Jan. 1, 1866 ; m. Florence Harris, of South Norwich, 
June, 1892. 
VI. Katherine,* b. Aug. 1, 1868; m. Martin Simonson, of Portland, 
Ore.. Feb. 14, 1891. 

They live in Brooklyn, N.Y., where Mr. Simonson isi staff- 
captain in the Salvation Army. 
VIII. Gertrude,* b. Nov. 11, 1870. 


JOHN RUSSELL^ CHURCHILL (Benjamin,^ Nathaniel,^ 
Lemuel,^ Barnabas,^ Joseph,- John ^). Born at Kingston, N.S., 
Aug. 22, 1817. Married, Dec. 24, 1840, Margaret Burns McIn- 
tosh, b. Aug. 6, 1824, and died in 1866. 


I. George Frederick,* b. April 15, 1842. 
II. Hannah Jane,« b. Oct. 10, 1843; d. Oct. 24, 1847. 

III. Ludlow,^ b. July 28, 1845; d. Aug. 18, 1901. 

IV. Frances Maria,* b. June 10, 1847; d. Aug. 31, 1848. 

V. Mary Elizabeth,* b. Aug. 25, 1849; m. A. L. Manning. 
VI. Emma Olivia,* b. March :.'5, 1851; m. E. R. Johnson. 
VII, Luella Ann,* b. Jan. 12, 1853; d. March 22, 1853. 
Vill. Benjamin Franklin,* b. Aug. 16, 1854. 


EZRA ' CHURCHILL, 3d (Ezra,« Ezra,^ Lemuel,* Barnabas,^ 
Joseph,- John ^). Born May, 1804. Lived at Hantsport, N.S. 
He was the largest shipowner in Nova Scotia. He represented 


Hants County in the House of Assembly. After the confederation 
he ^vas appointed senator. He was thrown from a carriage and 
killed Aug. 20, 1869. Married 1st, Axne Davidson, of Ealmouth, 
N.S. ; married 2d, Rachel Burgess, of Billtown, N.S. ; died April 
14, 1879. 

Children of First Wife. 

I. Ann Eliza,** b. April 27, 1827; m. Dennis Sheriff, of Ontario, 

II. Joanna," b. May 20, 1830 ; m. Gideon Reid, of Horton, N.S., 1850. 
III. Mahy Jane,* b. July 18, 1832; m. 1st, E. McKinnon ; m. 2d, Capt. 
Ahthcr Campbell, of New York; m. 3tl, Thomas Woodwohth. 

835 IV. George Washington,® b. March 3, 1835; m. Susannah Davidson, 

of Hantsport, July 1, 185C. 
V. Rhoda,* b. FalmoiMh, N.S., Aug. 1, 1837; ni. Jedidiah E. New- 
comb, of Cornwallis, N.S. 

836 VI. John Wilej,« b. Falmouth, May 29, 1840; m. 1st, Emmeline 

Burgess, 18fi4; m. 2d, Mart Messenger, of Kingston, N.S. 
VII. Elizabeth,® b. at Falmouth, Aug. 22, 18-42; m. Douglas B. 
WooDwoRTH, of Canning, Me. ; live at OttaAva. 
VIII. Rebecca,*' b. at Falmouth. July 4, 1845; m. Dr. J. B. Black, of 
St. Stephens ; live at Winsor. 

837 IX. Cyrus Warren,® h. at Falmouth, April 15. 1848; d. in 1853. 

X. Regina,® b. Dec. 21, 1852; m. John W. Wolaver, May 25, 1872. 

Children by Second Wife. 

838 XI. William Burpee,® b. Sept. 17, 1863. 

839 XII. Joseph Reginald Earle,® b. Oct. 5, 18G5. 

840 XIII. Ezi;a.® 

841 XIV. Thomas.® 

JAMES ^ CHURCHILL (Nehemiah,« Ezra,^ Lemuel,-" Barna- 
bas," Joseph,- Johx '). He died Dec. 28, 1892. Married, Jan. 31, 
1839, Elizabeth Byrne, daughter of Thomas. 


842 I. Henry,® drowned while skating, Dec. 16, 1857. 

II. Eleanor T.,® m. Capt. Thomas K. S. Duane, Sept. 11, 1862. She 
died Oct. 22, 1891. 


1. Annie Starr Doane, b. June 9, 1863; m. Dr. Henry Churchill, 

November, 1887. 

2. George H. Doane, b. Jan. 11, 1865. 

3. Miriam Churchill Doane, b. April 28, 1866. 

4. Harriet Guest Doane, b. April 6, 1868; m. Arthur S. Everett, 

Dec. 12, 1892. 

5. Thomas K. S. Doane, b. Dec. 9. 1870. 

6. Frank Edmund Doane, b. July 22, 1875. 

843 III. Rev. George,® ra. Matilda Falkxer, dau. of William. 

844 IV. William.® 

V. Lydia.® 
VI. Alice.® 
VII. Elizabeth.® 



WILLIAM ' CHCJRCHILL (>sTehemiah,6 Ezra/ Lemuel,* Bar- 
nabas,"' Joseph,- John ^). JMarried Matilda Allen, daughter of 



I. Benjamix Hanlet,** b. 1841 ; d. May 10, 1860, aged 19 years. 
846 II. Frederick.® No further record. 


EZRA^ CHURCHILL (Ben.tamin,« Ezra,^ Lemuel," Barna- 
bas,'' Joseph,- John^). Born in Yarmouth, E'.S., Dec. 30, 1817. 
Died June 14, 1881. Married, Feb. 1, 1842, Mary Crosby, born 

Aug. 28, 1818. 


I. Benjamin, 8 b. Jan. 20, 1844; m. Mary J. Churchill, b. May 20, 

Children of Beiijamin and Mary J. Churchill. 

1. Harry W., b. Nov. 10, 1872. 

2. Luelia M.. b. June 30, 1875. 

3. Arthur R., b. June 24, 1880. 

4. Jennie F., b. Aug. 28, 1882. 

5. Effie, b. May 19, 1886. 

II. Ltdia,® b. Jan. 19, 1847; m. George Bell Porter. 

III. William H.,« b. Feb. 1, 1849. 

IV. Lucy A.,® b. Oct. 17, 1851. 

V. Harriet A.,^ b. Sept. 14, 1855; iii. Walter W. Harris. 

VI. Altha E.,® b. Sept. 6, 1856. 

VII. Mary Z.,^ b. April 19, 1862. 

VIII. Georgia,** b March 6, 1864. 


BENJAMIN" CHURCHILL (Ben.jamin,'' Ezra,'' Lemuel," 
Barnabas,'" Joseph," John ^). Born in Yarmouth, July 7, 1819. 
Married, Nov. 23, 1850, Abby Dunham, of Digby County, daughter 
of Captain Jonathan. 


I. LrcY,** m. Thomas Wyman, son of Henry, 1874. 

84" ' II. George,* ra. Ly'dia Jenkins, 1887. 

848 III. Edward,® m. Florence Hlbbakd, 1895. 
IV. Sarah,* m. Capt. Edmund Ritchie. 1885. 

849 V. Benjamin,* m. Mary Murray, of New York. 1887. 

850 VI. Adelbert.* 111. Lizzie Murray, of New York, 1896. 
VII. Eva C* ni. Enos Cook Ryder, Oct. 4, 1896. 


EDSON^ CHURCHILL (Benjamin,^ Ezra,^ Lemuel," Barna- 
bas,''' Joseph,^ John^). Born in Yarmouth, July 29, 1825. He 
died July 24, 1897. Married, Dec. 31, 1853, Sarah Jane Cann, 
daughter of Lyman. 



I. Joanna H.,** m. Fitz Homer, son of Andrew W. 
II. Sarah Elizabeth,® m. M. Pickles Cook, son of George. 
III. Nellie G.,* unmarried. 


JOHN" CHURCHILL (Benjamin,^ Ezra/ Lemuel," Barna- 
bas/ Joseph,- John '). Born in Yarmouth, Aug. 21, 1833. Married, 
Nov. 15, 1855, Eliza Redding, daughter of Joseph. 


I. Lykia,® m. Ebenezer Churchill, son of John, of Chegogirin. 

II. Arabella,** unmarried. 

III. Georgianna,'^ m. Hiraji Goudy, son of Zebina. 

851 IV. Harvey G..» m. Emily Crosby, Jan. 2, 1895. 

852 V. Charles,® m. and lived in New Hampshire. 
VI. Lois,** m. Bland Cousins, of Diyb}-. 

VII. Josephine S.,- m. Samuel N. Fatten, March 15, LS86. 
VIII. George,** unmarried, a professor of music. 
IX. Watson/ unmarried. 


LEWIS C.' CHURCHILL (Benjamix,« Ezra,"' Lemuel," 
Barnabas,^ Joseph,- John '). Born IMarch 16, 1835. Married, 
Dec. 30, 1857, Sarah Durkee, daughter of Robert. 

Children . 

853 I. Osborne,* m. Julia Ida Patten, Nov. 11, 1885. 
II. Frances,* m. Melzar Spinney. 

III. Jane,* m. Hoavard Tinkham. 

IV. Martha.* m. Joseph D. Shaav, 1889. 
V. George,* unmarried. 


THEODORE" CHURCHILL (Lemuel,'' Ezra,"' Lemuel,^ Bar- 
nabas," Joseph,- John ^). Born xVug. 14, 1814, in Yarmouth, N.vS. 
Married Martha Jeffery, daughter of Matthew. 

Children . 

I. Hannah.* b. Nov. 12, 1837; m. Capt. Samuel Chukchill (No. 

424) July 8, 1858. 
II. Lemuel,* b. Dec. G, 1840; m. Addie Nickerson, of Liverpool, 

III. Ellen,* b. Nov. IG. 1842: unmarried. 

IV. Margery A.,* b. Feb. 1, 1844; m. Jonathan Horton, Julv 24, 



1. Arthur W. Horton, b. June 18, 186.3. 

2. Grace E. Horton, b. July 15, 1866. 

V. George,* b. April G, 1847; d. unmarried, June 9. 1874. 
VI. Theodore,* died in infancy. 


VII. Annie L.,^ b. May 23, 184^9 ; m. William H. Sterritt, son of 
James A. 


1. George W. Sterritt, b. Feb. 4, 1878. 

2. Donald B. Sterritt, b. Oct. 5, 1879. 

3. Mary E. Sterritt, b. Jan. 8, 1882. 

4. Grace Evelyn Sterritt, b. Oct. 16, 1884. 

5. James Percy Sterritt, b. Dec. 1, 1885. 

VIII. Elizabeth,^ b. April, 1854; d., aged 17 years, Feb. 8, 1879. 


JOHK^ CHURCHILL (John,« Ezka/ Lemuel,^ Barnabas,^ 
Joseph,- John^). Born iu Yarmoutli March 6, 1821. Died Dec. 
30, 1896. Married, Dec. 29, 1844, Mary Ann Taylor. 


I. Alvinia a.,® m. Ansel Kinney, Sept. 4, 1865. 

854- II. John.* No further record. 

855 III. William,* m. Caroline B. Crowell. 

856 IV. Henry.* No record. 

V. Ann,* m. George Hatfield. 

VI. Ltdia,* m. Charles Carey. 

VII. Clara,* m. Arthur Bingham, of Boston, Mass. 

VIII. Harriet,* m. Hartley Hurlburt. 

IX. Emma,* m. Arthur Fader, of Boston, Mass. 


JOSEPH ' CHURCHILL (John,« Ezra,^ Lemuel," Barnabas,^ 
Joseph,- John ^). Boni Sept. 15, 1824. Lived at Cliebogue, iST.S. 
Married Caroline Archer, daughter of Joseph T., of Chebogue, 
Nov. 15, 1843. 


I. Almira,* b. 1845; m. Gilbert Bennett, of Digby. 

857 II. Charles,* b. 1S47 ; m. Anna Horton, of Cumberland. 

858 III. James Edward,* b. 1843; m. Adelaide Lepord. 

859 IV. Joseph,* died young. 

V. Margery A.,* b. 1850; m. Capt. Bradford R. Hilton, July 21, 

VI. Delia,* m. James Griffith, of England. 

870 VII. Alfred,* b. 1855 ; died young. 
VIII. Florence.* 

871 IX. Arthur.* 

872 X. Frank.* 


FREEMAN ' CHURCHILL (John,^ Ezra,' Lemuel," Barna- 
bas,' Joseph,- John^). Boru April 4, 1826. Married Marth 
PuRDY, daughter of Samuel. 



I. Ella.^ 
II. Ida.'* 

873 III. WiLLARD.'* 


JACOB ^ CHURCHILL (John,« Ezra/ Lemuel/ Barnabas/ 
Joseph,- John ^). Born Jan. 29, 1828. Married 1st, Martha 
PiTMAx, daughter of William; married 2d, Ada Earl, daughter 
of Abram. 

Child by First Wife. 

874 I. Jacob, ^ m. Mart Haley, dau. of Captain Joseph. 


1. Charle.s. 

2. Henry. 

3. Benjamin. 

II. George L.® 

4. George. 

5. Sarah. 

By Second Wife. 


SAMUEL^ CHURCHILL (Johx,« Ezra,' Lemuel,^ Barxabas,^^ 
Joseph,^ John i). Born Jan. 27, 1831. Married, July 8, 1858, 
Hannah Churchill, daughter of Theodore (No. 419). 


876 I. Oscar D.,* b. April 25, 1859; killed on board ship at age of 17. 

877 II. Frank R. ,8 b. July 31, 1867. 

878 III. George Ernst. * b. July 1, 187G. 


LEMUEL ' CHURCHILL (John,« Ezra,'' Lemuel,^ Barnabas,^ 
Joseph,- John^). Born in Yarmouth, September, 1832. Married, 
Oct. 28, 1860, Adaline Jane Hemeon, daughter of Captain 




Ernst. ^ 




















Isabella * 



BENJAMIN ' CHURCHILL (Seth,« Isaac/ Isaac/ Baknabas/ 
Joseph,- John \) . Born in Plymouth, Jan. 6, 1814. Lived in 
Wareham, Mass. Married, Nov. 12, 1835, Betsey Bumpus. 


I. Ann Carr,* b. July 4, 1836. She was living, unmarried, in Ware- 
ham, in 1890. 
II, Betsey Louisa,^ b. Nov. 1, 1838; d. March 26, 1839. 

III. Benjamin, Jr.,^ b. March 23, 1840; d. April 2, 1840. 


EDWIN ' CHURCHILL (James," Thomas,^ Thomas,* Barna- 
bas," Joseph,- John ^). Born in Newmarket, N.H., March 15, 1812. 
He was concerned with his father in business, and lived in Port- 
land, and for a time in Cuba, where he established a branch of the 
Portland firm of Churchill & Carter. Later he turned over this 
business to his brother, James, Jr., and returned to Portland, where 
he became the head of the new firm of E. Churchill & Co. He was 
a member of Ancient Landmark Lodge of Free Masons, Portland, 
from Sept. 1, 1845. He died in Portland, March 19, 1875. Mar- 
ried 1st, in Portland, Sept. 29, 1834, Mary Phipps Carter, born 
May 16, 1812, and died May 3, 1863. Married 2d, Weltha A. 
Jenkins Hoole, June, 1865. 

Children of First Wife born, the Second and Third in Cuba, the rest in Port- 

I. Henrietta Jane,* b. Aug. 30, 1836; m. Theodore Kinsey, Dec. 
27, 1865. 

They live in Savannah, and have six children whose names we 
have not obtained. 

II. Mary Matilda,* b. in Cardenas, Cuba, 1839, and died in 1842. 

884 III. James Edwin Placido,^ b. in Regla, Cuba, 1841 ; d. 1844. 

IV. Mary Stuart,* b. Aprils, 1844; m. Willard Libby, June 13, 


He died in 1887. They had no children. 

885 V. Edward Spaulding,** b. April 2, 1846; m. 1st, Emma Blaine, Jan. 

30, 1871. They were married in St. Louis, and lived there. She 
died in 1872. 

One Child. 
1. Winston Churchill. 

Born in St. Louis, Nov. 10, 1871, who, upon the death of his 
mother, was taken by her sister, Mrs. James Brading Gazzam, 
and brought up by her. He was educated at the Smith Academy 
in St. Louis, and at the age of seventeen was appointed from 
one of the St. Louis districts to the United States Naval Academy 
at Annapolis, where he was graduated in 1894, and was assigned 
to the cruiser " San Francisco." In February of that year he 
resigned that office to take an editorial position on the " Army 
and Navy Journal" of New York. In February, 1895, he was 
appointed assistant editor of the "Cosmopolitan" magazine, 

(Under No. 428, page 222.) 


and in June following became managing editor. Later the 
same year he resigned that position, in order to devote himself 
exclusively to the writing of books. He published " The 
Celebrity," February, 1898, and 'Richard Carvel" in June, 
1899. The latter work at once won a place for the author in the 
front rank of American novelists, and was one of the must 
notable books of the year. " The Crisis," Mr. ChurchiU's latest 
novel, has added greatly to his high standing among American 

Mr. Churchill, in 1899, purchased a tract of land in Cornish, 
N.H., and built a fine house overlooking the Connecticut 
river, and resides there. Married, in St. Louis, Oct. 27, 1895, 
INIabel Harlakenden Hall, a lineal descendant of Mabel Har- 
lakenden, sister of Roger, who came from Earles Colne, Essex, 
England, in the " Defence" in 1635, and settled at Cambridge, 
Mass. She married Gov. John Haynes, of Hartford, Conn., as 
his second wife. Winston and Mabel H. Churchill have one 
cMld, Mabel Harlakenden Churchill, b. July 9, 1897. 

VI. Isabella," b. Dec. 1, 1853; unmarried, resides in Portland, Me. 

Children of Second Wife. 

886 VII. Heber Bishop,'* b. Dec. 1, 1866. 
VIII. Laura,^ b. May 21, 1868. 


Thomas,^ Barnabas,' Joseph,- John'). Born in Portland, June 
11, 1816. He was brought vip in his native town, and educated in 
the schools there. In 1825-27 he was attending the school of 
Master Albert Winslow, kept then on the corner of Newmarket and 
Newbury streets, afterwards removed to Eree street, where Kilborn's 
carpet store now stands. He went to sea early, and was master of 
one of the fine ships of his father's firm at twenty-one, and after- 
wards had charge of the West India branch of the business, in Cuba, 
where he spent the winters for many years. He was senior partner 
of the firm of Churchill, Brown & ^Nlanson, in Portland, in 1866, at 
the time of the great fire. After this he went to Cuba and remained 
there, residing at Cardenas. Under President Cleveland he received 
the appointment of United States commercial agent. He died at 
Cardenas, April 4, 1890, and was buried in the tomb of his grand- 
daughter, on their estate at Navajas, Cuba. He was a member of 
Ancient Landmark Lodge of Free Masons, at Portland, from Oct. 
6, 1847, to his death. Married, in Portland, Dec. 20, 1838, Harriet 
E. HooLE, daughter of Joseph and Huldah (Fisher) Hoole, born m 
Portland, Sept. 21, 1818 ; died Jan. 5, 1894, in Cambridgeport, Mass., 
and buried in Evergreen (.'emetery, Deering, Me. 

Children of James M. and Harriet E. (Hoole) Churchill. 

I. Mary Louisa,* b. Oct 22, 1839: m. Miguel de Satrlstequi, 
Oct. 4, 1858. She died at Portland, March 12, 1886. He died 
at \iatamoras, Mexico, Jan. 5, 1882. 


Children . 

1. Enriqueta Satrustequi, b. Sept. 14, 1864, in Cadiz, Spain ; m. 

William Santa Maria, in Boston, Sept. 14, 1885. They lived 
at Cardenas and Navajas, Cuba. Children: (1) Luis Adolfo 
Santa Maria, b. May 13, 1888; (2) Maria Alicia Santa Maria, 
b. June 24, 1889; (3) Enrique Miguel Santa Maria, b. at 
Navajas, Dec 30, 1892. William Santa Maria died Jan. 3. 
1895. The widow, Enriqueta, came with her family to the 
States, and lived for a time in Cambridge, and later in Phila- 
delphia, where she married Leonardo de Barros. May 1, 1897. 
Of this second marriage were born (4) Leonardo Satrustequi 
de Barros, April 18, 1898. Family lives in New York, 1902. 

2. Eugenia Ynez de Satrustequi, b. Nov. 13, 1869; d. June 23, 


II. Harriet Eliza, ^ b. Jan. 30, 1842; m. Samuel S. Boyd, Oct. 5, 
1863. He was born in Portland, May 16, 1837, and died in St. 
Louis, March 5, 1883. . 

Children born in St. Louis. 

1. Louie Churchill Boyd, b. May 12, 1865 ; m. Edward Ward Corey, 

in Cambridge, Oct. 22, 1884. 

2. Margaret Churchill Boyd, b. Feb. 13, 1868; m. Edwin L. 

Stanwood, Jr., Oct. 3, 1894. 

3. James Churchill Boyd, b. Aug. 19, 1871 ; m. Ada Yerxa, of 
;<^;«f> Smyrna, Me. 

4. Samuel S Boyd, b. Feb. 12, 1874; m. Gertrude A. Peckham, 

Nov. 2, 1897. 

5. Alice Churchill Boyd, b. Sept. 9, 1875. 

6. Robert Southgate Boyd, b. May 6, 1877. 

III. Alice Creighton,* b. May 6, 1844, in Portland. 

IV. Julia Edith,® b. in Cardenas, Cuba, Mav 22, 1854; m. Arthur S. 

Bird, M.D., May 22, 1877, in Portland. 
She died in Stockton, Me., July 31, 1883. 


1. George Emerson Bird, Jr., b. June 9, 1878; d. Oct. 25, 1878. 

V. Grace Cora,* b. in Portland, Sept. 13, 1856 ; m. James H. 
O'Donnell, Sept. 4, 1879, and had two children. 


1. Churchill O'Donnell, b. June 8, 1880. 

2. Arthur Bird O'Donnell, b. July 11, 1881. 

VI. Mabel, ** b. March 8, 1859 ; m. Philip Ingraham Jones, in St. 
Louis, April 13, 1882. 
They lived in Portland. 


1. Lawrence Churchill Jones, b. Feb. 7, 1885. 

2. Helen Creighton Jones, b. Feb. 5, 1888. 

3. Harold Jones, b. Feb. 7, 1891, Saturday, and died the follow- 

ing Monday. 


Thomas,* Barnabas,^ Joseph,^ Johx ^). Born in .Portland, Me., 
Dec. 25, 1820. Died in Washington, D.C., Jan. 30, 1890. Tliey 


(No. 429, page 223.; 


lived in Portland until after ISGl, when they removed to Washing- 
ton, D.C. Married, in Portland, Aug. 26, 1S56, Sarah Ellex Luxt. 


887 I. James Creightox,* b. Sept. 17. 1857: m. Virginia Reed Madi- 

son, in St. Louis, Dec. 17, 1879. They lived in New Mexico, 
Washington, D.C, and Portland, Me. 


1. James Madison, b. at Las Vegas, N.M., Oct. 3, 1880. 

2. Creiiihton, b. at Mineral Citv. N.M.. Dec. 28. 1881. 

^ 3. Sarah Eleanor, b. at Washington. D.C. April 28, 1884. 

4. Henrv, b. April 8, 18(51. at Portland, Me. ; d. in Washington, 

July 21, 1862. 

5. William Pitt Fessenden, b. Jan. 3, 18(58, in Washington. 


Thomas,^ Thomas/ Barxabas,-" Joseph,- Johx '). Born in Port- 
land, Me., May 5, 1834. Lived in St. Louis, Mo. He attended the 
public schools of Portland, and studied law, and began practice in 
St. Louis. In March, 1862, he joined the army of the Potomac at 
Washington, as a topographical engineer, with the rank of captain 
on the staff of General IMcLellan, and served until he was super- 
seded by General Burnside, when he was transferred to the ncAv 
command and served until General Hooker succeeded to Burnside's 
place, when he resigned, and went to St. Louis, when the governor 
of ]\[issouri appointed him to a colonelcy, with power to raise a 
regiment of cavalry, but he declined the appointment, and resumed 
his business. He has been a lawyer, eminent and prosperous, for 
many years. Married, at St. Louis, June 19, 1860, Axxie Laura- 
sox Leverixg, who was born in St. Louis, July 16, 1839, and 
died Jan. 25, 1882, at St. Louis. 

Children born in St. Louis. 

I. Alice Laurasox,'* b. Feb. 15, 1863; m. Arthur F. Garesche, of 
St. Louis, Nov. 18, 1885. 


1. Frederick Cmrchill Garesche, b. Nov. 2, 1886; d July, 1890. 

2. Francis Van Zant Garesche, b. July 10. 1888. 

3. Albert Levering Garesche, b. November, 1891. 

IL Katie,* b. May 8, 1865; d. Feb. 16, 1871. 

888 III. Creighton.- b. Sept. 9, 1866; m. Sarah Stevens Newton, April 

2, 1902. 
IV. Brianna,-^ b. May 21, 1868; ra. Herbert McNamara Dix, of 
St. Louis, May 20, 1891. They have no children. 

889 V. Frederkk a., Jr.,^ b. Oct. 26, 1870. He served in the Spanish- 

American war, in 1898; stationed at Guayauio, Porto Rico, under 
Colonel Sharpe. 



THOMAS SMITH ^ CHURCHILL (Thomas,« Ichabod/ 
Thomas/ Barnabas,^ Joseph,- John ^). Born at Parsonsfield, 
Me., May 6, 1837. Lived there. Educated at Parsonsfield Acad- 
emy. He purchased the farm of his father-in-law. He was a man 
of sound judgment and strict integrity, a worthy citizen, a true 
friend. Married 1st, at Parsonsfield, Jan. 1, 1855, Mary A. Dixon, 
daughter of William D. Dixon, born Oct. 2, 1833; married 2d, at 
Whitestown, N.Y., Mrs. Olive B. Roberts. 


I. EvA,^ b. Dec. 19, 1856; ni. 1st, Joseph Boothbt, of Parsonsfield, 
June, 1876 ; m. 2d, Rev. Jeremiah Bullock, Dec. 22, 1880. 
She d. Sept. 12, 1883. 

1. Lillian R. Boothby, b. Sept. 15, 1878. 

890 II. William, D.D.,* b. Oct. 6, 1858; m. Mabel Sweat, dau. of 

Dr. Moses E. Sweat, Dec. 2, 1880. They live in Cornish, Me. 
Mr. Churchill is of the Rural Telephone Company, Lord & 

One Child. 
1. Henry W., b. Dec. 29, 1884. 

III. Thomas G.,^ b. Nov. 20, 1863; died unmarried, Nov. 13, 1878. 


OTIS BAXKS' CHURCHILL (Thomas," Ichabod,^' Thomas,"" 
Barnabas,^ Joseph,- John^). Born at Parsonsfield, Nov. 5, 1832. 
Married, Jan. 2, 1861, Susan E. Fbrren, of Freedom, N.H., born 
Jan. 14, 1839. 


891 I. Charles C^ b. June 2, 1863. 
II. Sarah Mat,^ b. June 8, 1865. 


JOHN C. ' CHURCHILL (Thomas," Ichabod,' Thomas," 
Barnabas,^ Joseph,- John ^). Born Dec. 11, 1834 ; married, Oct. 
18, 1869, Annie Burk. 


892 I. Frank P.,^ b. Nov. 24, 1872. 

893 II. Preston," b. April 21, 1876. 

894 III. Lindset,^ b. Dec. 18, 1881. 

IV. Eulala,^ b. April 5, 1883. 



JOHN '' CHURCHILL (John T.,'> Joseph/ Thomas/ Barna- 
bas/ Joseph,- John '). Born in Newmarket. N.H., May 19, 1818. 
Lived at Brookfield, N.H. ^Married, Feb. 23, 1840, Eliza Lang, 
daughter of Samuel Lang, Esq. 

Children horn at Brookjield, N.H. 

895 I. Edwin,* b. April 30, 1843; m. Vesta A. Crowell, Jan. 20, 1865, 

at Lawrence. 

Children horn in Lawrence, Mass. 

1. Helen C, b. Nov. 13, 1867; d. in infancy. 

2. Helen E., b. Aug. 14, 1869. 

3. Edwin. Jr., b. April 10, 1881. 

II. Helen F!.,® b. June 14, 1846; m. 1st. Albert D. Swan, May 10, 
1866; d. 1885; m. 2d, Edwin W. Barton, Jan. 10, 1887. No 
III. John,** b. June 14, 1858; d. in infancy. 


Thomas,'' Barnabas,-' Joseph,- John ^). Born in Newmarket, 
N.H., Nov. 7, 1819. Lived at Lawrence, JNIass. Married, May 10, 
1849, Mary Emily Daniels, daughter of Joseph, of Newmarket. 

Children horn in Newmarket. 

I. Georgia E.," b. Aug. 19, 1851 ; m. Charles W. Bridge, Nov. 21, 



1. William D. I. Bridge, b. in Lawrence. Nov. 26, 1878. 

2. Ethel May Bridge, b. in Fall River, Feb. 10, 1883. 

3. Carl Churchill Bridge, b. in Haverhill, Aug. 26, 1891. 

II. Eva M.,* b. Jan. 13, 1853; m. Charles Henry Everett, Nov. 5, 


1. Grace Everett, b. in Lawrence, Jan. 26, 1875; d. Dec. 19, 18'.»5. 

III. Cora G.,* b. Sept. 13, 1854; d. June 5, 1857. • 

IV. Lucius I. ,8 b Jan. 6, 1858; d. April 7, 1859. 
V. John L.,* b. June 2, 1660; d. Oct. 4, 1864. 


Thomas,' Barnabas," Joseph,'- John'). Born at Newmarket, 
N.H., April 16, 1822. Lived at Brookfield, N.H. Married 1st, 
March 2, 1847, Sarah A. Stackpole, of Rollinsford, N.H. Married 
2d, Nov. 27, 1867, Nancy M. W. Seward, of Boston, Mass. 


Children of First Wife. 

I. AzELiA C.,* b. June 2, 1848; m. George H. Lucas, of Farmington, 


1. Ethel Churchill Lucas, b. May 15, 1879. 

896 II. Clarence Edgar, ^ b. Sept. 5, 1849; m. Ellen Webster, in 


1. Lotta Belle, b. March 9, 1883. 

897 IIL Herbert H.,'^ b. Sept. 2, 1853; m. Flora G. Jack, of Gardiner, 

Me., June 3, 1880. They live in Lawrence, Mass. 


1. Amv Phebe, b. April 2!), 1881. 

2. Herbert Leon, b. Aug. 29, 1884. 
8. Chester Lindsay, b. Oct. 21, 1891. 

IV. Esther Annette,^ b. Dec. 22, 1854; m. 1st, Dr. George W. 
Peavet, Aug. 6, 1878; m. 2d, Charles Hovey; m. 3d, Caleb 
Saunders. No children. 

898 V. Lester Lincoln,^ b. Nov. 2, 1859 ; m. Hattie Burlet Ferguson, 

Nov. 1, 1882. 

They were married at Portsmouth, and lived in Brookfield, N.H., 
and had there 


1. Guy Lester, b. June 5, 1885. 

2. Gladys Ferguson, b. Jan. 24, 1890. 

VI. Sarah,^ b. Nov. 1, 1863. 

Children of Second Wife. 

899 VII. Charles I.,« b. Oct. 31, 1868; m. Manda Ellen Place. 

They lived in Brookfield, and had 

Children . 

1. Agnes Marilla, b. Oct. 21, 1893. 

2. Catharine Marjorie, b. Aug. 18, 1896. 


ALFRED" CHURCHILL (John T.,« Joseph,' Thomas,^ 
Barnabas,^ Joseph,^ John ^). Born in Brookfield, N.H., Nov. 24, 
1823. Married, May 12, 1844, Louisa Wentworth Giles. 

I. Ellen Annette,** b. Nov. 6, 1845; m. James A. Morse. 
They had one child, a daughter, name not received. 

900 II. Frank Giles, ^ b. June 18. 1852; ra. Lillian A. Austin, of Law- 

rence. Lived in Lawrence. 


1. Ethel Austin, b. Dec. 13, 1884. 

2. Kenneth, b. Aug. 2. 1901. 



JOSEPH' CHUECHILL (Johx T./' Joseph/' Thomas/ Bar- 
nabas/ Joseph/ Johx^). Boru hi Brookfield, X.H., Sept. 10, 
1825. Married, Dec. 29, 1846, Mercy Ann Bailey, of Plymouth, 


I. Harriet Anna,- b. April 24, 1848; m. Arthur "Warren Knowl- 
TON, of Newburgh, Me. No chilJreu. 

901 II. Orlando Fitzland,- b. May 24, 1850; m. Mart Barbara West, 

of Lawrence, May 3, 1873. 

1. Estelle, b. July 2, 1876. 

902 III. Frederick Arthur,® b. Aug. 12,18(51; m. Ella M. Allen, of 

Warren, Me., Oct. 17, 1880. 

1. Arthur Warren, b. Aug. 14, 1881, in Lawrence. 


Joseph/ Thomas/ Barnabas/ Joseph,- John^). Born at Brook- 
field, X.H., Oct. 12, 1827. Died in Dorchester, Mass., May 8, 1903. 
Mr. Churchill was a chief compiler of " Churchills in America," and 
will receive a more complete notice in the introductory section of 
this volume. His childhood and boyhood were spent in his native 
tovv-n, where he attended the public schools, and passed through the 
common experiences of boys on Xew England farms. A term at 
South Berwick Academy, Maine, and another at Wakefield Acad- 
emy, New Hampshire, completed his education. He taught a 
winter term in a district school, and then entered business life as a 
clerk in a dry-goods store in Dover, N.H. Later he succeeded to 
the business as principal. He later engaged in the same business 
at Lawrence, Mass., and Concord, N.H., for about eight years, when 
he sold out, and removed to Boston, forming a partnership, which, 
after a time, proved so unsatisfactory that he withdrew and en- 
tered upon a career as a travelling salesman, in which business he 
achieved great success. He entered the employment, largely, of 
New York firms, and his territory covered nearly the whole of the 
northern part of the United States, including also Delaware, Mary- 
land, Virginia, Kentucky, Missouri, and the District of Columbia. 
After many years of this constant travelling, he settled down to 
business in Boston, in the line of manufacturing knit shawls and 
worsted goods, for some eighteen years, and up to his retirement in 
May, 1902, he continued in this business. I have been carefully 


through his note-books and correspondence, and while I find little 
previous to 1883 and 1884, I judge that his tastes had always in- 
clined him to genealogical investigation. In his travels I find his 
note-books, from ISSl on, filled at one end with his business orders, 
and at the other with his genealogical notes. In nearly all the 
cities and towns he visited he evidently copied the names and ad- 
dresses of Churchills in the directories, or obtained the names from 
the post-ofiices, and then, if possible, called upon such as he found 
to represent different families. Indeed, he has told me of this 
method of collecting material. In this way he collected a vast 
amount of data and became personally acquainted with a great 
number of the Churchill kindred, and his luemory of them and 
their conditions and characteristics was marvellous. It is a matter 
of regret that he did not put any of this valuable information into 
written form. He was eager to get the facts of birtlis, marriat/es, 
and deaths, which he deemed the most important part, and often 
spoke to me of going over the names in review, ^' sometime," w^hen 
he could give me, from his memory, a biography, or some facts 
about each one. The " sometime " never came. We were so busy 
getting the vital facts that we never found time to make any 
attempt to formulate any of these sketches. It was only by earnest 
and continued urging that I was able, sometime after his retire- 
ment, to secure from him a brief statement of his own business 
career, just the bare facts. Mr. Churchill was of fine presence and 
genial manners, warmly attached to his home and family, and 
devoted in his friendships. Of his association with Mr. Gardner A. 
Churchill, of Dorchester, and their co-operation in this work until 
the death of the latter, the story will be given elsewhere, as well as 
my own connection with him, as editor and assistant compiler. 
For many years much of his energy, time, and interest have been 
devoted to the gathering and recording of material for this volume, 
and his loss has been a great calamity to its completion. From 
scores of the kindred scattered over the country who have known 
him, either by personal interview or correspondence, we have 
received letters of regret and tribute. Mr. Churchill was a member 
of the Massachusetts Society of Colonial Wars, in the eighth gener- 
ation from Capt. John Gilman, and also in the sixth degree from 
Isaac Allerton. He married, March 10, 1852, Martha J. Wiggtn, 
of Dover, N.H., daughter of Capt. Benjamin and Mar}^ (Dow) 
Wiggin. Mrs. Martha J. Churchill died Jan. 28, 1895. 

Children . 

I. Isabella,^ b. at Dover, Dec. US, 1852 ; died, aged fourteen months. 
II. Jennie Russell,* b. Aug. 31, 1855; m. John Woodburi', Feb 18, 


Mr. Woodbury is the son of John P. Woodbury, of Boston. He 
graduated at Harvard in 1880 in the class with President Roosevelt. 
Graduate also of Harvard Law School. Practised law until 1x96, 
when he was appointed secretary of the Metropolitan Park Com- 
mission of Massachusetts, which position he still holds (1903). 
They live in Lynn. They have no children. 
III. Josephine Hill,- b. Oct. 23, 1865. Unmarried, lived with her 

father until his deatii. 


ALBERT" CHURCHILL (Ebexezer Chapman/' Joseph,^ 
Thomas/ Barxabas,'^ Joseph,- John ^). Boru April 13, 1813, 
probably in Portsmouth, N.H. Married 1st, 1863, Belinda Col- 
bath, of Dover, N.H. She died 1869, aged 35. Married 2d, 1870, 
Hannah J. Bailey, of Plymouth, X.H., daughter of Joseph and 


Children of First Wife. 

903 I. Albert Rockwell,^ b. April 7, 1866. 

Children of Second Wife. 

II. Lottie Mat,» b. Sept. 22, 1872; d. Aug. 12, 1873. 
III. Jennie Lulu,* b. March 7, 1875. 


EBEN ' CHURCHILL (Ebenezer Chapman,*^ Joseph,' Thomas,^ 
Barnabas,^ Joseph,- John ^). Born March 2, 1834, at Portsmouth, 
probably. Married Emma Bowen, daughter of William. 


904 I. Edwin,* b. 1861. 

II. RoENA A.,« b. March 28, 1862; m. Cyrus E. Udell. 

III. Dora E.,« b. 1865. 

905 IV. FRANK.^b. 1867. 

906 V. Joseph,* b. 1874. 


Joseph,'* Thomas,* Barnabas,^ Joseph,- John ^). Born at Ports- 
mouth or Dover, Aug. 1, 1842. ^Married, Sept. 20, 1871, Annie 
Harmus, of Wakefield, Mass. 


907 I. Charles Lewis,^ b. Oct. 23, 1874. 

908 IL AViLLiAM Edward,* b. Dec. 1, 1876. 

909 III. Walter Erving,* b. July 18, 1878. 

IV. Laira Mabel,* b. Sept. 8, 1883. 


Thomas,* Barnabas,^ Joseph,- John'). Born in New Hampshire, 
Aug. 9, 1847. 


The names of children were found after the name was passed on 

page 115. 

Married Mary A. Nasoi^. 


I. Ella M.,^ b. Aug. 26, 1878. 
II. Emma T.,^ b. Nov. 3, 1880. 


ADDISON' CHUECHILL (Xathaxiel,^ Joseph,^ Thomas,* 
Barxabas,^ Joseph,- John ^). Born in Exeter, N.H., May 27, 
1831. Married Jexnie Isabella Green, born May 17, 1833, 


I. Minnie. 8 b. May 28, 1856; d. May 31, 1856. 
II. Charles Sidney,^ b. .July 4, 1857; d. June 18, 1866. 

910 III. Addison,^ b. Oct. 4, 1860. 

IV. LeForest E.,s b. Nov. 9, 1862; d. May 4, 1863. 


ALMANDEE ' CHUECHILL (Kathaxiel,^ Joseph,^ Thomas," 
Barnabas,^ Joseph,- Johx^). Born at Exeter, N.H., July 14, 
1834. Married 1st, Clara F. Taylor ; married 2d, Catharine C. 


Child of First Wife. 
I. Clara S.,^ b. March, 1856. 

Children of Second Wife. 

II. Carrie R.,^h. March 31, 1858. 

911 III. Frank A.« 

912 IV. Fred S.^ 

V. James Louis, ^ d. in infancy. 
VI. Blanche C.,^ d. in infancy. 

VII. James Louis, 2d,* d. in infancy. 


NATHANIEL ' CHUECHILL (Nathaniel," Joseph,^ Thomas,^ 
Barnabas,' Joseph,^ John ^). Born at Exeter, N.H., Aug. 17, 
1836. Married, Dec. 21, 1858, Elizabeth A. James, who was born 
in Hampton, N.H., Nov. 9, 1837. 


I. Alice,'* b. May 26. 1860; m. William T. Wilder, April 30, 1884 
II. Walter J., 8 b. Aug. 18, 1862; d. Sept. 27, 1863. 


JASPEE HAZEN' CHUECHILL (Nathaniel,^ Joseph,"' 
Thomas," Barnabas,'' Joseph,-' John ^). Born at Exeter, N.H., 
Nov. 25, 1844; died Oct. 6, 1879. Married at Exeter, N.H., May 
31, 1877, Ella A. Porter. 



913 I. Joseph Porter,^ b. March 17, 1878. 


SHELDON W.' CHURCHILL (Daniel,« Joseph/ Thomas,^ 
Barxabas,^ Joseph,- John ^). Bora in New Hampshire, Feb. 14, 
1835. Married 1st, May 14, 1861, Olive A. Wiggin ; slie died 
Oct. 31, 1873 ; married 2d, Nov. 10, 1875, Clara B. Douglas. 

Children of First Wife. 

I. Ellixor G.,« b. June, 1862; d. Jan. 7, 1864. 

II. IsABELLE,^ b. February, 1865; d. June 13, 1879. 

III. Frank S.,^ b. August, 1869; d. May U, 1873. 

IV. Olive A.,« b. October, 1873; d. April 27, 1874. 

Children of Second Wife. 

V. Ellinor M.,* b. August. 1876. 
VI. Clara L.,' b. July, 1878. 

914 VII. Daniel,^ b. January, 1881. 


lEL,"' Thomas,^ Barxabas,' Joseph,- Johx '). Born at Wilton, Me., 
June 16, 1837. He served in the Civil War, in Company K, First 
Maine Regiment. Married, Nov. 9, 1861, Martha Helex Stixch- 
field, of Clinton, Me. 

Children horn., first in Leioiston, J/e., second in Salem, Mass. 

I. Adella Ashley,* b. Sept 9, 1862, d. Jan. 30. 1865. 
II. Mabel Gertrude,* b. Oct. 7, 1867, m. Charles O. Farrar, Sept. 
30, 1889. 


JOHN HENRY ' CHURCHILL (Johx," Nathaxiel,"' Thomas,^ 
Barxabas,^ Joseph,- Johx '). Born July 1, 1844. He was a 
physician at Cross Rivers, N.Y. They lived at Middleton, Conn., 
and Cross Rivers, N.Y. Married, Feb. 9, 1868, Irexe G. Caxfield, 
of Middleton, Conn. 


I. Irexe,* b. at Middleton, Conn., Oct. 19, 1869. 

915 II. Pail,* b. at Cross Rivers, N.Y., Aug. 25, 1871. 


NAHUM B.' CHURCHILL (Nathaxiel,'' Nathaxiel,"' Thomas,^ 
Barxabas,^ Joseph,- Johx '). Born Jan. 8, 1843. Lived in Lynn, 
Mass. Married, June 8, 1867, Lydia A. Moore. 

One child. 
I. Alberta S.,* b, Oct. 16, 1876. 



WILLIAM ALVAH ' CHURCHILL (William G.,'' Nathaniel,' 
Thomas/ Barnabas,' Joseph,- John'). Born June 4, 1832, prob- 
ably in New Hampshire. Married Martha Folsom Robinson, of 
Greenland, who was born Jan. 30, 1831. 


I. Charlotte Ann,^ b. Dec. 23. lf*53. 

916 II. Horace MANN.^b. Aug. 21, 1855. 

III. Harriet Beecher,^ b. April 18, 1857. 

IV. Alice Bell.« b Oct. 6, 1859. 

917 V. WiNFiELD ScoTT,"^ b. Oct. 28, 1861. 
VI. Etta Myrtilla,^ b. Sept. U, 1864. 

VII. Florence Mat.^ b. June 24, 18G7. 

918 VIII. Arthur Leslie,* b. Oct. 21, 1871. 

IX. Grace Edna,^ b. Aug. 31, 1874. 


Ebenezer,^ Barnabas,'^ Joseph,- John '). Born in Pittsfield, Sept. 
6, 1831. Married, Sept. 11, 1861, Clara Butler, of Pittsfield. 


I. Charlotte Maria,* b. Dec. 8, 1863; m. William Barrows, of 
Pittsfield. March 13, 1884. 

919 II. Charles Edward,* b. Dec. 5, 1865. 


Ebenezer,^ Barnabas," Joseph,- John^). Born in Pittsfield, Aug. 
6, 1834. They lived in Pittsfield. He died Sept. 28, 1874. Married, 
at Pittsfield, Jan. 3, 1870, Dora Kettell. They had one son. 

I. George,* b. Nov. 7, 1870; d. July 22, 1S71. 


JOHN B.' CHURCHILL (Samuel A.," John,^ Ebenezer," Bar- 
nabas,^ Joseph,-' John '). Born in Pittsfield, Dec. 12, 1844. Mar- 
ried, April 8, 1868, Mary Belden, of Lenox. 

Children born in Pittsfield. 

920 I. Samuel Belden,^ b. May 22, 1872. 

II. Jennie Esther.* b. Nov. 13, 1876; d. April 11, 1880. 
III. Eva Belden,* b. Jan. 15, 1884. 



GEORGE' CHURCHILL (Orrin,« Lemuel,^ John," Barnabas,^ 
Joseph/- JoHx^). Born April 12, 1834. Lives at Buchanan, Mich. 
Married, July 16, 1856, Elizabeth Halsted. 


921 I. WiM.iAM,« b. Dec. 25, 1858. 

922 II. Hakkt.'* b. Feb. 21, 1862. 


OWEN ' CHURCHILL (Orrix,« Lemuel,^ Johx,-* Barnabas," 
Joseph,- John'). Born in Truxton, N.Y., April 24, 1840. Lived 
at Three Oaks, Mich. Married, Dec. 20, 1869, Flora Adams. 

Ch ildren . 

923 I. Lemuel.8 
II. Emma.^ 

924 III. JOHN.8 


JOHN PORTER' CHURCHILL (Orrin,«. Lemuel,^ John," 
Barnabas,^ Joseph,"^ John '). Born at Buchanan, Mich., Dec. 2, 
1846, and lived there. Married, Oct. 12, 1873, Harriet Moore. 


I. Mertie,' b. Julv 25, 1874; d. Ausr. 26, 1878. 

925 II. Clyde,« b. July 30, 1879. 
III. Leonora,^ b. Mav 18, 1881. 

926 IV. GoY.s No record. 


GEORGE CLINTON' CHURCHILL (Alanson,« Bradford,^ 
John,* Barnabas,'' Joseph,- John '). Born Dec. 27, 1847. Lived 
in Fittsfield. Married Eunice Toll ans bee. 

927 I. George.5 

928 II. Robert. 8 

929 III. Raymond.8 

930 IV. Bradford. « 


MARLBOROUGH' CHURCHILL (Benjamin K.,« Joseph,^ 
Joseph,* Joseph,^ Joseph,- John '). Born in Bristol, R.I., February, 
1816. Graduated at West Point in 1836. Appointed assistant in- 
spector of artillery, under General Anderson. Resigning, he was 
made engineer of Croton Water Works in 1842. Afterwards he 
was appointed superintendent of a military school at Sing Sing. 
Married, Sept. 2, 1837, Elizabeth Louise Voris. 



I. Mart,* b. September, 1848 ; unmarried. 
II. Marlborough, Jr. j'^ b. .January, 1856; unmarried. 


WAENER" CHURCHILL (John," Joseph/ Joseph,^ Joseph,^ 
Joseph,- John ^). Born in Mooers, X.Y., July 16, 1808. Settled 
for a time in Hemmingford, Canada. He removed to Michigan in 
1843, and lived at Onion, in that State, where he was a merchant, 
and where he died, Dec. 24, 1858. Married at Hemmingford, 
Canada, Feb. 18, 1835, Almira Schriver, who was born Nov. 12, 
1812, and died June 21, 1886. 

Children horn, except the youngest, in Michigan. 

I. William Asher,** b. Nov. 26, 1835; unmarried. He served in the 
Civil War, and was killed in the battle of Antietam, Sept. 17, 1862. 
II. CHARLES.^b. Oct. 14, 1837; d. Feb. 27, 1867. 
III. JoHN,5 b. June 15, 1839; d. unmarried Jan. 29, 1870. 

931 IV. Warner, Jr.,« b. Jan. 11, 1841 ; m. Sarah Harris, Feb. 25, 1864. 

They lived in Mt. Pleasant, Mich. He served in the Civil War 
four and one-half years. Then "farmed" for eight years, and 
for twenty-four years has been engaged in a flourishing flour 

932 V. James H.," b. April 5, 1844; m. Catherine Simpson, April 14, 


They lived in Pontiac, Mich., and had 


1. Edward H., b. Feb. 19, 1876. 

2. Charles, b. Feb. 14, 1878; d. Aug. 30, 1893. 

3. Jennie, b. April 15, 1880. 

4. Fannie, b. Nov. 2, 1882. 

5. Warner A., b. June 1, 1886, 

6. Sarah E., b. Nov. 29, 1891. 


GILBERT ' CHURCHILL (John," Joseph,^ Joseph,^ Joseph,^ 
Joseph,- John ^). Born in Mooers, N.Y., May 18, 1810. Died in 
Wallace, Ont., Sept. 6, 1858. Married Elizabeth ( ). 


I. Lavina.* 

II. Harriet.* 

III. Almika.* 

IV. Mary Ann,^ 
V. Jennie.® 

VI. Lizzie. * 


THEODORE ' CHURCHILL (John," Joseph,' Joseph,^ Joseph,^ 
Joseph,- John^). Born in Mooers, IST.Y., May 25, 1822, and lived 
there. Married Luct Frost. 



I. Jessie.^ 
933 II. Lccius.^ 


Joseph/ Joseph/ Joseph/ Johx '). Born in jNIooers, X.Y., Feb. 
7. 1816. Served in Civil "War. Died at Point of Eoeks, Va.. ^lareh 
14, 1865. Married Maria Eassett. 

Children horn in Mooers, X.Y. 

934- I. Malcolm S.,* b. Jan. 9, 1845; m. Carrie Henderson, April 23, 

II. Benjamin M.,** b. Aug. 22. 1847. 
III. Calista M.,^ b. Sept. 21, 1849: d. March 29. 1807. 

935 IV. Alanson B.,** b. June 27, 1853; m. Emma Lake. June 17, 1884. 

V. Lucy M.,* b. Mav 18. 1856: m. Robert E. INIarkee, JuIv 4. 1871. 
VI. Nellie M.,*^ b. Sept. 6, 1858; d. June 23. 1864.' 
VII. Harriet S.,** b. Feb. 9, 1862. 

VIII. LiLLTE F..^ b. April 13. 1864; m. Flint A. Conket. of Windom, 
Minn.. Dec. 27, 1883. 


JOSEPH B.' CHUECHILL (Joseph," Johx,"' Joseph/ 
Joseph,'^ Joseph,- John ^). Born in Mooers, X.Y., June 23, 1820. 
Lived in Clintonville and Mooers, N.Y., and St. Croix Ealls, Wis. 
Married, Dec. 11, 1841, Eliza Tukxball. 


I. Charles Henry,'" b. at Clintonville, N.Y., May 19. 1843; d. at 

Fetersburg, Va., Dec. 17, 1866. 
II. Marcia Maria/ b. at Clintonville, N.Y., June 7, 1844; ru. Fhin- 
EAS B. Lacy, Oct. 7. 1861. 

III. Lemuel Thomas.® b. at Clintonville, N.Y., Oct. 11, 1845; drowned 

at St. Croix Falls, Wis., in 1857. 

IV. Amanda A.,^ b. at Mooers, N.Y., July 8, 1847 ; m. Joseph Rogers, 

May 11. 1865. 
V. Olive L.,« b. at Mooers, N.Y., Dec. 9. 1850; d. at Hadran, Mich., 
Jan. 25, 1883. 

936 VI. George "W.,® b. at Mooers, N.Y., May 5, 1852; m. Rebecca Orr, 

July 3, 1878. 
VII. Jerome B./ b. at St. Croix Falls, Wis., Mav 28. 1855: d. Oct. 25, 

VIII. Eleanor S.,« b. at St. Croix Falls, Wis., Nov. 12, 1856; d. Aug. 
31, 1858. 

937 IX. William A.,« b. at St. Croix Falls, Wis., Sept. 26, 1859; ra. 

Anna A. Payne, of Taylor's Falls, Minn., in 1882. 
X. Martha S.,^ b. at St. Croix Falls, Oct. 12, 1862. 


GEOEGE W.' CHUECHILL (Joseph," Johx/ Joseph,^ 
Joseph/ Joseph/ John^). Born at Mooers, N.Y., April 10, 1825. 
Married 1st, Sept. 26, 1852, Abigail J. Hitchcock. She died 
without issue in 1854. Married 2d, Ellex F. Strong, of Downer's 
Grove, 111. 


Children by Second Wife. 

938 I. George W.,» b. Dec. 11, 1862. 

II. Minnie B.,» b. March 16, 1864. 
III. Kate F.,« b. Aug. 5, 1868. 


SYLVESTER S.' CHURCHILL (Joseph/' John^ Joseph," 
Joseph/ Joseph/ John ^). Born in Mooers, N.Y., Nov. 6, 1827. 
He died in Mooers, N.Y., in 1884. Married, in Chazy, IST.Y., Oct. 
19, 1853, Jane R. Ransom. 


I. Dora M.,^ b. at Mooers, N.Y., May 17, 1857; m. John W. Haven, 
April 29, 1883. 
II. Willis Phillips,^ b. at Burlington, Vt., Nov. 6, 1861 ; d. April 26, 

III. Estella M.,8 b. at Mooers, N.Y., Feb. 13, 1866. 

IV. Jane Ransom,* b. at Mooers, N.Y., Feb. 14, 1871. 


CHARLES C' CHURCHILL (Joseph," John,^^ Joseph,* 
Joseph,^ Joseph,- John^). Born at Mooers, IST.Y., June 15, 1836. 
Lived in Georgetown, Col. Married, at Taylors ville, Iowa, April 7, 
1866, Harriet A. McKibben. 


I. Kate E.,* b. at Taylorsville, May 7, 1868. 

939 II. Charles Frederick,* b. May 16, 1871; d. Oct. 7, 1877. 

III. Fannie G.,* b. June 2, 1873; d. July 17, 1874. 

IV. Le Roy,s b. March 2, 1875; d. April 20, 1880. 
V. La Roe," b. Nov. 13, 1878; d. April 14, 1880. 

940 VI. Henry C.,** b. at Georgetown, Col., April 1, 1881. 


SAMUEL HARVEY ' CHURCHILL (Samuel,^ John,' Joseph,* 
Joseph,^ Joseph,- John ^). Born Jan. 24, 1819, at Mooers, N.Y. 
Married, Feb. 19, 1851, Eveline H. Knapp, 











Katharine Spragoe.* 

Frances,^ d. in infancy. 

Caroline,* d. in infancy. 

Pliny Fisk.* 

John Charles.' 



(No. 475, page 239.) 



Joseph,^ Joseph/ Joseph,- John '). Born in Mooers, N.Y., Jan. 
17, 1821. Attended the common schools of his native town, and 
completed his college preparation at Burr Seminary, Manchester, 
Vt. He graduated at Middlebury College in 1843. He became a 
teacher, first at Castleton Seminary and later in Middlebury College, 
attended a course in the Harvard Law School, and entered the office 
of Joshua A. Spencer, of Utica, where he was associated with the , 
late Eoscoe Conkliu and Hon. Albertus Perry, formerly of Oswego. 
Mr. Churchill was admitted to the bar in July, 1847, and com- 
menced the practice of his profession. In 1848 Mr. Churchill 
opened an office in OsAvego, where he has since resided. He has 
been called repeatedlyby his townsmen to fill places of public honor 
and trust. He was elected in 1857 county attorney of Oswego, and 
18(>0, county judge. In 1866, and again in 1868, he was elected 
representative to Congress from his district, Avhere he served with 
distinguished ability and honor. He has been a trusted leader in 
politics, influential as a member of the Cincinnati convention of 
1876, and presidential elector-at-large in 1880 of the convention 
which nominated Mr. Garfield. In 1881 Mr. Churchill received the 
high honor of being appointed judge of the Supreme Court, which 
place he filled until 1892, the end of the constitutional age limit. 
He was on the faculty of the College of LaAv, in Syracuse, many 
years, up to February, 1897, when ill-health forced him to resign. 
After his retirement from the bench he resumed the practice of the 
law in company Avith his son, LaAvrence W. Churchill, under the 
firm name of J. C. & L. W. Churchill. The degree of LL.D Avas 
conferred npon him by Middlebury College in 1874, and the same 
honor Avas received from Hamilton College in 1882. Judge 
Churchill married, at OsAvego, N.Y., Sept. 11, 1849, Katharine 
Thomas Sprague, daughter of Dr. LaAvrence Sprague and his wife 
Katharine, and born at Wiscasset, Me., Ma}^ 21, 1821. 

Children of Hon. John C. and Katharine T. Churchill. 
I. Lawrence Spkague,** b. June 21, 1850; d. at Oswego, April 6, 


II. Katharine Sprague,^ b. Sept. 6, 1853; d. Aug. 2, 1899, at _ , 

Oswego, N.Y. ^\ ■ ■ ' -^ 1 

943 III. John Charles,® b. Sept. 10, 1856; m. Mary B. WESTBROoKr— -^. /•=? 31 
of Ogdensburg, N.Y., Dec. 10, 1887. He graduated at La Fayette 
College, 1878. Lives in Oswego, a civil engineer. They have 
three children : (1) John Westbrnok, b Feb. 5. 1889; (2^ Law- 
rence S., b. June 10. 1890; (3) Walter Allen, b. May 10," 1893; 
(4) a daughter, d. in infancy. 



IV. Martha Eliot,® b. Nov. 3, 1858 ; m. Dr. Walter K. Fisher, 
Oct. 7, 1886. Dr. Fisher was a surgeon in the United States 
army, and died at Fort Mead, South Dakota, June, 18'J6. , Mrs. 
Fisher lives with her father in Oswego. 
V. Alice,* b. Sept. 26, 1«60; d. Sept 25, 1895, at Oswego," N.Y. 
1)44 VI. Lawrence William,® b. Sept. 7, 1862; m. Ida C Lilley, of New 
York, June 7, 1899. He graduated at Yale College in 1886, and 
is now in the practice of the law, with his otnce at No. 2 Wall 
street. New York. 

CHAELES' CHURCHILL (Eliezer/' Eliezer/ Eliezer/ 
Eliezer,^ Eliezer,^ Johx ^). Born in West Briclgewater, Aug. 17, 
1791. Lived in Weymouth and West Bridgewater. Married, July, 
28, 1814, Dorcas Pratt Hawes. Slie was born Dec. 12, 1795. 


I. Lucy,® b. in Wevmouth, April 19, 1816. - 

II. Lydia,® b. in Weymouth, Dec. 13, 1818. 

III. Harriet,® b. in West Bridgewater, Nov. 14, 1820. 

IV. Charles,® b. in West Bridgewater, Jan. 23, 1823 ; d. aged 3 months. 
945 V. Charles Edward.® b. in West Bridgewater, June 1, ls24. 

VI. Elizabeth,® b in West Bridgewater. June 2, 1827. 

VII. Mary Porter,* b in West Bridgewater, June 9, 1831. 

VIII. DoKCAS Axx,® b, in West Bridgewater, Feb. 11, 1834. 

f)46 IX. Rodney,® b. in West Bridgewater, May 12, 1837. 

})-l7 X. Newton,® b. in West Bridgewater, April 13, 1839. 

948 XI. George,® b. in West Bridgewater, March 9, 1844. 

WILLIAM ' CHURCHILL (Thaddeus," Thaddeus,^ Eliezer,^ 
Eliezer,''' Eliezer,- John^). Born, probably, in Kingston, Nov. 
25, 1800. Died Jan. 16, 1862. Married 1st, Sept. 7, 1828, Mary C. 
Fuller. She died June 22, 1829 ; no children. Married 2d, Aug. 
28, 1830, Beulah Orton. She died Dec. 18, 1851 ; no children. 
Married 3d, Aug. 28, 1852, Jane R. Squires. Died Feb. 24, 
1887. She was born in New London, Conn. 

One Child by Third Wip. 
I. Charles W.® Unmarried. In 1900 was living in New London. 


HENRY' CHURCHILL (Thaddeus,'^ Thaddeus,'' Eliezer,^ 
Eliezer,^ Eliezer,- Johx ^). Born, probably, in Kingston, Nov. 
18, 1802. They lived in Kingston, Mass. Married, Aug. 2, 1832, 
Maria B. Swift. 

Children born i?i Kingston. 

949 I. Henry L.** Lived in North Camliridge. 
II. LrciA M.® Lived in New Hampshire. 



DEUs/ Eliezer/ Eliezer/ Eliezer,- Joh^t^). Born in Plymouth, 
Aug. 1, 1805. He was a sailor, and died at sea, Aug. 18, 1842, on 
board the brig "Androscoggin," of Portland, on the passage from 
Wilmington, N.C., to Jamaica. Married, May 27, 1830, Abigail 
Merrill Goodwin, of Falmouth, Me. She died August, 1846. 


950 I. Charles Thomas, ^ b. .June 16, 1833. 

II. Louisa Le Baron, ^ b. June 22, 1835; m. Benjamin F, Dyer, 
Feb. 22, 1854. 

III. Sarah Ann,® b. Nov. 2, 1837; m. George F. Merrill, Jan. 3, 


IV. Abby LE^VIs,s b. Sept. 12, 1839; m. David Hall, Aug. 4, 1856. 
V. Helen Harvey,^ b. Oct. 15, 1841; d. Aug. 30, 1842. 


SAMUEL' CHURCHILL (Samuel,« Samuel,' Josiah,^ Elie- 
zer,^ Eliezer,- Johx^). Born in Plymouth, Aug. 31, 1802. Mar- 
ried, Jan. 1, 1827, Rachel Capex, who was born July 25, 1804. 


I. Elizabeth Capen,^ b. Sept. 2, 1827; d. June 27, 1847. 
II. Sarah Frances,** b. Anril 29, 1829; m. Henry B. Crane, Dec. 
12, 1848. 

III. Martha Ann,* b. March 10, 1831 ; m. Massena Ballou, Nov. 4, 


IV. Laura Aurelia,^ b. March 18, 1833; m. Charles Upham, Nov. 

12, 1852. 
V. Infant, not named, died soon. 
VI. Ellen Covington,^ b. May 19, 1837; m. George P. Reynolds, 

April 18, 1868. 
VII. Samuel Henry, ^ d. in infancy. 

VIII. Mary Elmira,^ b. Dec. 24, 1842; m. Alfred Upham, Dec. 25, 
IX. Alice Isabel, "* b. Jan. 26, 1846; m. Nathaniel F. Foster, Jan. 
25, 1865. 


EZRA ' CHURCHILL (Samuel," Samuel,^ Josiah," Eliezer,^ 
Eliezer,- John ^). Born in Plymouth, March 10, 1805. He died 
April 17, 1850. Married, June 29, 1830, Mehitable Porter, who 
was born in Stoughton, Dec. 3, 1808, and died Dec. 28, 1863. 


I. Mary Eliza,*" b. Oct. 11, 1832; d. Sept. 28, 1853; unmarried. 

II. Frederick,® b. Jan. 5, 1839; d. unmarried (lost at sea), 1860/61. 

III. Catherine Porter,® b. Oct. 21, 1843; d. Oct. 29, 1845. 

951 IV, Ezra Khodes,® b. April 4, 1847, at North Bridgewater; m. Ella 

Jane Thayer, April 2, 1870; b. March 4, 1850. 



JOHN E.' CHURCHILL (Samuel,^ SamueLj^ JosiaHj^Eliezer/ 
Eliezer,^ John- ^). Born in Stoughton, 1814. Married Eleanor 

Children born iyi Plymouth. 

952 I. Francis H.,^ b. July 6, 1840. 

953 II. Samuel E.,^ b. Aug. 31, 1842. 

III. A Daughter, d. in infancy. 

IV. A Daughter, d. in infancy. 


LEWIS P.' CHURCHILL (Exos,« Enos,^ Josiah,^ Eliezer,^ 
Eliezer,^ John^). Born Nov. 8, 1826. Married Ann Locke, 
in Lockport, N.S. 


954 I. Enos.s b. Sept. 6, 1852. 

II. Tryphenia,^ b. Oct. 5, 1854. 

955 III. Edmund,^ b. Aug. 7, 1856. 
IV. rLORENCE,8b. Sept. 11, 1858. 

956 V. Archibald,^ b. Dec. 9, 1860. 

957 VI. Lewis,8 b. March 2, 1863. 

958 VII. Henrt,» b. April 7, 1865. 

959 VIII. Erank,« b. Jan. 14, 1867. 

960 IX. JoHN,« b. Jan. 1, 1869. 

X. Josephine,^ b. Sept. 15, 1871. 

FRED LEE' CHURCHILL (John D.,« Silvanus/ Josiah,* 
Eliezer,^ Eliezer,- John ^). Born at Plymonth, Feb. 8, 1846. 
Married, June 7, 1874, Mary IST. Damon. 


961 I. JoHx Darling,' b. June 4, 1875. 

962 II. Frederick,' b. June 11, 1884. 

963 III. Thomas Oilman,' b. Sept. 30, 1886. 


JosiAH,* Eliezer,^ Eliezer,^ John ^). Born at Plymouth, Oct. 24, 
1853. Married, Oct. 6, 1876, Martha Tillson. 

I. Marcia J.,' b. Aug. 26, 1877. 


Jonathan,* Eliezer,^ Eliezer,- John ^). Born at Richmond, Va., 
1819. Married 1st, Feb. 13, 1850, Caroline Gore Woodman, who 
died Dec. 31, 1860. Married 2d, Mrs. ( ) Hurll. 

Children of First Wife. 
I. Caroline,' b. Jan. 6, 1851 ; m. Frank Bancroft, May 7, 1872. 
II. William Worcester, Jr.,' b. Aug. 29, 1858; unmarried. 



Fkaxcis,^ Jonatha]v,* Eliezer/ Eliezer/ John ^). Born in West 
Eairlee, Vt., Sept. 5, 1811. Married Minerva Nichols, of Corinth, 

I. Sophia.^ 
II. Emilv Howard.^ 
III. Pamelia.® 


cis,^ Jonathan,* Eliezer,^ Eliezer,- John ^). Born at West Fairlee, 
Sept. 26, 1815. He was treasurer of Norfolk County for thirty- 
four years, and died April 18, 1889. Married Permelia Sarin, of 
Araesbury, Mass. 

Children born in Dedham. 

I. Isadora M.,^ b. Nov. 9, 184G ; ni. Charles H. Leland. 
963a II. Chaincev Sabix,^ b. Aug. 7, 1854; m. Grace A. Churchill at 
Hyde Park, April 17, 1879. She was the daughter of Ethan 
Stetson Churchill and Anuie M., his wife. 

Children horn in Dedham. 

1. Grace Ethel, b. April 25, 1881. 

2. Marion Sabin, b. Aug. 9, 1882. 

3. Chauncey Carroll, b. June 23, 1887. 


BENJAMIN PIXLEY ' CHURCHILL (William L.,« Francis,^ 
Jonathan,* Eliezer,' Eliezer," John ^). Born at West Fairlee, Vt., 
Sept. 2, 1822. He died in Fairlee, Aug. 14, 1864. Married Susan 
Thompson, of West Fairlee, Vt. 

064 I. Fraxcis C.^ 

965 II. William A.^ 


FRANCIS VENN5:LL '' CHURCHILL (William L.,^ Francis,^ 
Jonathan,* Eliezer,' Eliezer,- John ^). Born at West Fairlee, 
Dec. 6, 1827. Lives at Bradford, Vt. Married Marinda E. Munn, 
Jan. 31, 1854. 

I. John Frank,^ b. Sept. 7, 1868; d. July 22, 1873. 


DAVID CARROLL ' CHURCHILL, Jr. (David C.,« Francis,^ 
Jonathan,* Eliezer,'^ Eliezer,'- John^). Born in Lyme, N.H., 
April 13, 1821. Married, Oct. 20, 1847, Lydia Ann Perry, who 
was born July 17, 1823. 


I. Caroline Perry, ^b. Nov. 6, 1852; m. Peyson E. Fairfield, Nov. 

6, 1875. 
II. Harriet Maria,^ b. Aug. 19, 1854; d. July 5, 1863. 

III. Julia Gray,** b. Jan. 13, 1857; d. May 10, 1865. 

IV. Emma Franklin, s b. May 8, 1861; m. Edwin D. Chase, Oct. 10, 

V. Alice Gray,^ b. April 29, 1865; m. Horace W. Otis, April 8, 


Jonathan/ Eliezeb,^ Eliezer,^ John^). Born in Lyme, N.H., 
Aug. 24, 1824. Lives in Oberlin, 0., and is a professor in Oberlin 
College. Married 1st, Nov. 26, 1846, Mary Jane Turner, of 
Oberlin, 0. ; married 2d, Oct. 10, 1859, Henrietta Beach Vance,. 
of Lima, Ind. 

Children horn in Oberlin, 0. 

966 I. Charles Carroll,* b. December, 1847. 

967 II. Henry Franklin,* b. September, 1852. 

968 III. Frederick Arthur,* b. December, 1856. 

IV. Mary Lucretia,® b. May, 1858. 

Children of Second Wife. 

969 V. Edward Payson,* b. September, 1860. 

970 VI. Alfred Vance,* b. August, 1864. 

VII. Lewis Nelson,* b, May, 1869 ; d. May, 1869. 
VIII. Mary,* b. June, 1871. 

971 IX. David Carroll,* b. March, 1873. 


Jonathan,* Eliezer,^ Eliezer,- John^). Born in Lyme, N.H., 
June 1, 1826. Died in 1899. He lived in Rutherford, N.C., and was 
a lawyer of good standing. Married, in Washington, D.C., Dec. 31, 
1849, Harriet Augusta Drew, who was born July 10, 1830, in 
Charleston, S.C. 


972 I. Harry Augustus,* b. Aug. 15, 1853. 


FRANCIS ' CHURCHILL (Simeon R.,« Francis,^ Jonathan,* 

Eliezer,^ Eliezer,- John ^). Born March 20, 1829. Lived in 

Batavia, N.Y. Married 1st, March 16, 1854, Charlotte Staats. 

She died Feb. 19, 1881. Married 2d, July 10, 1883, Mrs. Mary 

(Atwood) Kibbe. 

I. Georgia,* b, Jan. 30, 1855. 
II. Jennie Frances,* b. 1859. 

973 III. Frank,* b. July 30, 1861. 



STILLMAN' CHURCHILL (Samuel Stillman,« Fraxcis,^ 
•Jonathan/ Eliezer,^ Eliezer,^ John ^). Born iu Lowell, Mass., 
July 28, 1823. Married, Oct. 13, 1848, Lucixda Hathorn, of 
West Henniker, N.H. 


I. Clarence Elmore,* b. Aug. 20, 1851. 

974 II. George Sumner," b. April 9, 1S5»>; m. Harriet J. Stowell. 

975 III. Edward Everett,* b. Dec. 9, 1864; m. Lena M. Bradford. 


LEE ' CHURCHILL (Joseph W.,*' Francis,' Jonathan,^ Eli- 
EZER,^ Eliezer,^ John '). Boru at Troy, April 20, 1836. Married, 
Sept. 20, 1871, Ella Higgins. 


976 I. Le Grand,** b. Sept. 9, 1872. 

II. Warren-,* b. Jan. 20, 1875; d. Jan. 9, 1880. 

III. Nellie,* b. July 10, 1881. 

IV. Akthcr,* b. Sept. 11, 1884; d. Oct. 12, 1892. 


Jonathan,'* Eliezer,'^ Eliezer,- John '). Born in Fairlee, Yt., 
May 26, 1839. He removed in boyhood to Nashua, IST.H., where he 
received his early schooling, which was closed with a course at 
Appleton Academy. He planned to follow the profession of civil en- 
gineer, and obtained an engagement as a mechanical draughtsman on 
the bridge across the Mississippi river at Davenport, Iowa. Friends 
in Davenport discovered that he was destined for a different career, 
and he soon returned East and took a preparatory course at Phillips 
Andover Academy, and then took a four years' course at Harvard 
College where he graduated in 1865. He then returned to Andover 
for a final course at the Theological Seminary, where he graduated 
in 1867. He immediately received the appointment of Jones Pro- 
fessor of Pulpit Oratory, in Andover, Avhich position he held until 
his death. In 1896 he was appointed Bartlett Professor of 
Homiletics, and proved a worthy successor to illustrious prede- 
cessors. The special work of Professor Churchill at the seminary 
was to teach the young men who were preparing for the ministry 
to preach to the people so that the people would be glad to listen to 
them. In this he was peculiarly successful. But he grew to be 
more than the teacher of elocution. He became the wise counsellor, 
the sympathetic friend, the inspirer of new hopes in cases of dis- 


couragement and doubt. Hundreds of graduates, scattered over the 
whole country, attest his wonderful influence as teacher, adviser, and 
friend. He became a preacher of high ability and power, as well 
as a writer of note, in the line of religious thought and culture. 
Many other institutions besides Andover enjoyed his instruction, at 
different times ; among these, Dartmouth, Amherst, Brown Univer- 
sity and Wellesley, Smith and Mt. Holyoke ; while, since 1890, he 
had been instructor of elocution in Harvard Divinity School. He 
was best known to the great public by his marvellous power as a 
public reader. In this field, in the great lecture courses, some 
twenty -five years ago, Professor Churchill's evening was the popular 
feature of the course. In his power of expression, and range of 
voice and tone, his taste and adaptation, he stands unrivalled. He 
was a public-spirited and popular citizen in his own town. Pro- 
fessor Churchill died at Andover, Mass., April 13, 1900. His 
funeral services at Andover were attended by a great congregation 
of his towns-people and his friends from far and near, and a notable 
procession of professors and students and distinguished educators 
of many different institutions of New England followed him to his 
grave. The clergymen ofiiciating were Dr. Donald, his brother-in- 
law. Dr. McKenzie, Cambridge, and Dr. Bancroft. He married, at 
Andover, July 27, 1859, Mart J axe Donald, daughter of Will- 
iam C. Donald, who survived him. 

Tlieir Childre?! horn at Andover. 

977 I. Donald,* b. May 20, 1870. 

He is a resident physician at the Ehode Island General Hospital. 

978 II. Marlbokodgh,* b. Aug. 11, 1878. 

Graduated at Harvard College, 1900. 


Jonathan,'* Eliezer,'^ Eliezer,- John ^). Born in Nashua, N.H., 
Oct. 6, 184.6. Married, Oct. 16, 1873, Ella Gertrude Holbrook. 

One Child. 
I. Gertkude,^ b. Oct. 28, 1876. 


Jonathan,^ Eliezer,^ Eliezer,- John ^). Born in Nashua, April 13, 
1857. Married, April 9, 1884, Gertrude Abbt Taylor, daughter 
of Mrs. Abby Smith (Stewart) Taylor. 

Children born in Ahington. 
I. Marion,^ b. Feb. 2, 1885. 

979 II. Kenneth,^ b. Feb. 15, 1890. 



JOSEPH^ CHUECHILL (Charles,'' Charles,^ Epheaim/ 
Stephen,^ Eliezee,- Johx^). Born Jan. 1,1805. jMarried Betsey 
Ellis, daugliter of William. 

I. Reenette Elizabeth,^ b. Dec. 27. 1830; m. Charles F. Harlow. 
II. Hannah Nelsox," b. Sept. 10, 1834. 
080 III. Frederick Ellls,** b. July 23, 1837. 

IV. Ann Maria,** b. Sept. 2, 1838; m. Nathaniel Barnes, of Ply- 
mouth ; no issue. 
V. Betsey Harlow,- m. Benjamin Weston, of Plymouth. 

981 VI. Joseph Luthrop,^ b, June 12, 1842. 
VII. Ann.« 

VIII. Mary.s 


ELKANAH^ CHURCHILL (Charles,'"' Charles,^ Ephraim,^ 
Stephen,^ Eliezer,- John^). Born in 1809. ^Married, Jan. 29, 
1835, Lydia Sherman, of Carver, daughter of John. 

I. Charles Henry, * b. Dec. 21, 1835; d. unmarried. 
II. Lydia Ann,^ b. Sept. 22, 1837; d. unmarried, 1853. 
III. Ellen Barnes,* unmarried. 


Epheaim,^ Stephen,^ Eliezer,- John^), Born Nov. 28, 1797. 
Married, Dec. 16, 1820, Mary T. Jenney. 


982 I. IsAAC,-^ b. Oct. 18, 1822; m. Sarah E. Ryder, Sept. 29, 1859. 
II. Franklin,* b. Sept. 24, 1824; d. Oct. 3, 1825. 

III. Mary Ann,* b. Feb. 2, 1831 ; m. John Spaulding, May 2, 1852. 

IV. Elizabeth T.,* b. Aug. 6, 1834; d. September, 1834. 
V. Elizabeth T.,* b. Aug. 10, 1836; d. Jan. 25, 1839. 

VI. RuFus,* b. 1838; d. September, 1838. 
VII. Benjamin F.,* b. Nov. 2, 1840; d. Aug. 29, 1841. 


RUFUS' CHURCHILL ( Rufus,'' Charle.s,' Ephraim,'' 
Stephen,^ Eliezer,^ John ^). Born March 9, 1806. He died April 
14, 1828. Married Lucy W. Nye, daughter of William. 


I. William Crocker,* m. ( ) Holmes; no children. 

984 II. RuFUs Hinklet,* no record. Lived, it is said, in Los Angeles, Cal. 


WILLIAM^ CHURCHILL (Rufus,« Charles,^ Ephraim," 
Stephen,^ Eliezer,- John'). Born Nov. 21, 1816. Lived in 
Plymouth. Married, Jan. 3, L841, Emily Tribble. 



985 I. William E.,^ b. April 28, 1843. 
II. Emily F.,^ Aug. 4, 1845. 

III. Mart H.,^ b. Dec. 6, 1848. 

986 IV. Herbert,** b. Sept. 27, 1857. 

987 V. Alfred G.,^ b. Jan. 22, 1861 ; m. Ada Phillips. 


Ephraim/ Stephen,^ Eliezer,^ John '). Born in Plymouth 
Married Martha H. Whiting, Oct. 17, 1827. Tliey lived in 
Chiltonville, Mass. 

I. Ephraim F.^ 
II. Martha A.® 

III. Almira C.« 

IV. WiNSLOw "W.,^ m. Mart A. Burgess, May 20, 1863. 


1. Carrie R. 

2. Josephine W. 

3. Rebecca F, 

4. Mary A. 

5. Evelyn B. 

6. Almira H. 


ZACCHEUS ' CHURCHILL (Ephraim,« Zagcheus,^ Ephraim," 
Stephen,^ Eliezer,- John ^). Born in Yarmouth, IST.S., Feb. 23, 
1788, and lived there. In early life he taught school, and later was 
appointed government surveyor of land. Married 1st, Mrs. Su- 
sannah (Rose) Killam, widow of Abraham. She died November, 
1831, aged 52 years. Married 2d, Miriam Doane. She died 
May 9, 1882, aged 86. 

Children born in Yaj-mouih. 

I. Drusilla,^ b. Jan. 3, 1810; m. Benjamin Redding, 1832. 
They lived in Yarmouth and had children born there. 


1. Susan Redding, b. Oct. 18, 1834; m. Calvin Frost, of Yar- 


2. Zaccheus Redding, b. March IS, 1837. He was drowned Jan. 

26, 1848. 

3. John Redding, b. Oct. 10, 1838; m. Asenath S. Gallie, March 

28, 1862. 
988 II. Stephen,^ b. Oct. 11, 1811 ; m. 1st, Elizabeth Blanet, of Yarmouth, 

Dec. 22, 1835; m. 2d, Mrs. Julia (Phillips) Porter, widow 
of Capt. Horace. 
They lived in Yarmouth. He was a farmer. 

Children of First Wife. 

1. Elizabeth A., b. Oct. 1, 1836; m. Harvey Cann, of Yarmouth, 

May 24, 1860. 

2. Amos B., b. Sept. 12, 1838; d. July 3, 1860. 


3. Annie R., b. Oct. 5, 1841 ; m. Capt. Samuel F. Stanwood, Feb. 

5, 1868. 

4. Nathan, b. March 22, 1843; d. June 2, 1865. 

5. Stephen B., b. Nov. 29, 1844; m. Annie Brown, Nov. 1, 1866. 

6. George W., b. Feb. 10, 1847; m. Martha \V. Huntington, April 

21, 1875. 

7. Susan E., b. July 27, 1849; m. Edward Knight, Nov. 22, 1882. 

8. Sarah J., b. July 17, 1853; m. Capt. C. Hemeou, Oct. 25, 1886. 

III. Hannah,* b. Oct. 14, 1813; m. William Murphy, of Yarmouth, 
They lived in Yarmouth and had children. 


1. William Murphy, b. Sept. 11, 1834. 

2. Emily H. Murphy, b. Sept. 10, 1837. Drowned in Yarmouth, 

Sept. 10, 1841. 

989 IV. Zaccheu.s,^ b. July 1, 1815; m. 1st, Susan P. Saunders, April 23, 

1840; m. 2d, Drusilla (Earle) Shaw, July 13, 1859. 
They lived at Yarmouth, where he was a school-teacher. 

Children of First Wife, bo7-n in Yarmouth. 

1. Caroline C, b. May 6, 1841; m. 1st, John Bain, July 14, 1861; 

m. 2d, Thomas Dane, Sept. 10, 1886. 

2. Sarah C, b. June 3, 1843; m. Robert Thurston, Nov. 19, 1864. 

3. John S., b. Feb. 22, 1847; m. Sarah R. Wyman, July 19, 1874. 

Children of Second Wife. 

4. Augusta, b. May 1, 1861. 

5. Elizabeth, b. July 12, 1863; m. Arthur AV. McKinnon, May 1, 


990 V. Richard,** b. Feb. 19, 1818; m. Deborah Crosby, Dec. 28, 1841. 

They lived at Yarmouth and had children. 


1. Charles, b. Oct. 26, 1842; m. Lucy J. Rodney. 

2. William M., b. March 8, 1846; m. Isabel Rodney, Nov. 10, 1870. 

3. Lewis, b. June 17, 1848; m. Matilda Thurston, March 81, 1872. 

4. Eliza A., b. Aug. 11, 1851. 

5. Albert, b. May 20, 1853. Lost at sea, September, 1874. 

6. Amanda, b. June 1, 1856; m. Augustus Williams, Feb. 5, 1878; 

d. Lynn, March 25, 1882. 

7. Matilda, b. July 26, 1858. 

8. Amos B., b. Dec. 14, 1860; m. Laura Eldridge, Nov. 15, 1886. 

9. Henry D., b. Dec. 14, 1860; m. Annie Doane, Nov. 1, 1887. 

991 VI. Nathan.^ b. Aug. 14, 1820; m. Martha Doane; b. Nov. 25, 1845. 

They lived in Yarmouth. He was a farmer. They had children. 


1. Elmira, b. May 7. 1846; m. Jolm Saunders, May 7, 1863. 

2. Lydia Ann, b. Sept. 22, 1848; m. Joseph Eldridge, April 29, 1871. 

3. Miriam, b. June 29, 1850; m. Howard Thurston, Dec. 14, 1864. 

4. Calvin E., b. Sept. 30, 1857; m. Anna C. Churchill, March 9, 


5. Charles E., b. Aug. 1, 1865; m. 1st, Sadie R. Ellis; m. 2d, Mary 

R. Wyman, Julv 17, 1891. 

6. Ada A., b. Jan. 14, 1864; d. July 19, 1864. 



CAPT. THOMAS' CHURCHILL (Ephraim,« Zaccheus/ 
Ephraim/ Stephen,'^ Eliezer,- John^). Born in Yarmouth, N.S., 
June 6, 1791, and lived there. Married, at Yarmouth, Nov. 22, 
1815, Mart Harris, daughter of William. She died June 2, 1890, 
aged 96 years. 

Childrca boom in Yarmouth, 

992 I. Eleazer,* b. April 6, 1817, m. Lois Axnie Trask, of Yarmouth, 

Jan. (3, 1841. She was b. April 18, 1820, and d. in Yarmouth, 
June 29, 1896. 

Children born in Yarmouth. 

1. Jonathan, b. June 2, 1843; d. Sept. 15, 1850. 

2. Mary A., b. Feb. 6, 1845; m. Ezra Roach, Jan. 1(5, 18G3. 

3. Eleazer, b, July 26, 1846; m. Catherine Crowell, Sept. 10, 1870. 

4. Sophia, b. July 26, 1846; d. Sept. 15, 1850. 

5. Edna, b. Aug. 15, 1849; m. Joseph Cook, Nov. 24, 1870. 

6. Henry, b. Oct. 3, 1852; m. Susan Clark, March 31, 1877. 

7. Clement, b. May 15, 1855; m. Carrie Trask, May 29, 1877. 

8. Harvey, b. Oct. 3, 1857; m. Annie Vickery, March 12, 1882. 

9. Fannie, b. July 11, 1860; m, Edgar Rundlett, May 15, 1881. 

993 II. David,^ b. Sept. 14, 1818; m. 1st, Sarah Strickland, Jan. 19, 

1845; m. 2d, Mrs. Elizabeth (Shaw) Durond. 

Child born in Yarm,outh. 

1. Joseph M., b. March 27, 1850; m. Sarah B. Symonds, of Yar- 
mouth, Sept. 9, 1873. 

994 III. Thomas, » b. Aug. 20, 1820; m. Phebe Shaw, March 31, 1842. 

She was the dau. of Capt. Moses Shaw, and d. in Yarmouth 
Dec. 11, 1879. 


1. Thomas W., m. Ruby Crocker. 

2. Annie B., m. George W. Raymond. 

3. Ephraim E., m. Inez Lent. 

4. George W., m. Annie Goudey. 

5. Ralph O., m. Emma Rose, Dec. 1, 1876. 

6. Gilbert F., m. Alice Collins. 

995 IV. William,** b. May 29, 1822; m. Sarah Crosby, of Yarmouth, dau. 

of William Crosby. 

They lived in Yarmouth. He was a sea captain. 

Children born in Yarmouth. 

1. Lois, b. Sept. 27, 1849; m. Aaron Churchill, July 4, 1874. 

2. Norman B., b. Aug. 9, 1854; m. Annie Tedford, Dec. 19, 1882. 

3. Mary A., b. July 30, 1866. 

V. Edith,^ b. June 29, 1824; m. 1st, Amasa G. Rodney, Oct. 5, 1845; 
m. 2d, Isaac R. Chute, Feb. 5, 1858 ; m. 3d, Chapman P. Doty, 
April 9, 1898. 

Child by First Husband. 
1. Alma G. Rodney, m. Capt. George R. Vickery. 

seve:ntth generation 251 

Child by Second Husband. 

2. May Edith Chute, b. March 18, 1869; m. Edward F. Cann, of 

996 VI. Jesse,* b. Nov. 28, 1826; m. Joanna Jeffrey, at Yarmouth, Dec. 

30, 1851. 

She was the dau. of David Jeffrey. They lived at Yarmouth. 
He was a sea captain. 


1. David Jeffrey, b. Jan. 4, 1854; m. Elizabeth Clark, June, 1875. 

2. Letitia, b. July 18, 1856; d. July 3, 1863. 

3. Annie A., b. Dec. 12, 1858; m. Calvin Churchill. 

■4. Irving F., b. June 3, 1868; m. Jessie F. Shaw, June 30, 1894. 
VII. AsENATH.s b. July 2, 1829; m. John S. Rose, May 16, 1848. 


1. Caroline Rose, b. July 19, 1850; m. William Ritchie, July 

27, 1869. She d. Nov. 1, 1872. 

2. Asenath Rose, b. June 26, 1852; m. WiUiam Ritchie, as second 

wife, Sept. 25, 1874. 

3. Emma Rose, b. July 5, 1854; m. Ralph Churchill, Dec. 1, 1876. 

4. Ella Rose, b. Aug. 19, 1859; m. John Thome, Nov. 22, 1887. 

997 VIII. Nathan, « b. Oct. 12, 1832; m. Ruth Ann Wyman, December, 


They lived in Yarmouth. He was a farmer, and their cliildren were 
born in Yarmouth. 

Children . 

1. Nelson, b. Oct. 6, 1858; m. Margaret Lamont, Dec. 20, 1891. 

2. George E., b. April 12, 1860. 


RUFUS' CHURCHILL (Ephraim,'' Zaccheus/ Ephraim/ 
Stephen,'^ Eliezer,- John^). Born in Yarmouth, N.S., May 19, 
1793. Millwright, shipbuilder, and farmer. Married, at Yarmouth, 
Dec. 10, 1816, Gertrude Flint, daughter of Captain David. 
She died July 30, 1881, aged 85 years 11 months. 


I. Martha,** b. Dec. 17, 1817; m. Moses S. Crosby, Nov. 26, 1839. 
She d. in Denver, Col., July 13, 1887. 

Children born in Yarmouth, N.S. 

1. Annie Flint Crosby, b. June 21, 1841 ; m. Fred Jones, Dec. 24, 


2. May Corning Crosby, b. March 21, 1844; m. James A. Bell, 

Sept. 30, 1862. 

3. Herbert H. Crosby, b. March 15, 1846; m. M. Jane Kimball, 

June 22, 1866. 

4. David O. Crosby, b. Jan. 30, 1850; m. 1st, Annie Goudey, Dec. 

5, 1871 ; m. 2d, Elizabeth L. Crosby, Dec. 29, 1891. 

5. Emma J. Crosby, b. April 10, 1853; m. Josiah S. Karney, July 

31, 1870. 
998 II. RuFus,8 b. Aug. 2, 1819; m. Emily Kendrick, Dec. 23, 1845. 

They lived in Yarmouth, N.S. He was a contractor. 


Childo-en born in Yarmouth. 

1. Delilah, b. Sept. 22, 1846; m. Samuel Corning, March 18, 1868. 

She d. Jan. 22, 1879. 

2. Norman, b. June 17, 1848; m. Sadie G. Gillis, of Montreal, 

July 17, 1879. 

3. Aaron, b. May 19, 1850; m. Lois Churchill, July 4, 1874. 

4. Maria P., b. July 18, 1852 ; d. in Yarmouth, Feb. 20, 1877. 

5. Major W., b. Nov. 1, 1855; m. Frances Dervan, of Boston, 

May 15, 1874. 

6. Margery F., b. April 3, 1858. 

7. Eraeline R., b. June 9, 1860. 

8. Annie F., b. April 17, 1862. 

III. Maet,* b. June 14, 1821 ; m. Zechariah Corxing, March 14, 1841. 
They lived in Yarmouth. He was a farmer. 

Children hor7i in Yarmouth. 

1. Mary E. Corning, b. Dec. 19, 1841 ; m. Thomas Sullivan, Feb. 

21, 1865. 

2. Hannah Corning, b. Sept. 21, 1843; m. Augustus Goudey, June 

7, 1871. 

3. Harriet G. Corning, b. May 4, 1846; m. Samuel Burrill, May 4, 


4. Letitia Ann Corning, b. March 10, 1850. 

5. llufus C. Corning, b. March 11, 1857; m. Ada Corning, Oct. 31, 

999 IV. David,s b. Feb. 20, 1823; m. Martha William.s, Jan. 30, 1849. 
They lived in Yarmouth, and St. John's, N.B. He was a sea 

Children horn in Yarmouth. 

1. Henry D., b. October 1856; d. at sea. 

2. John, b. 1858; d. at St. John's. 

3. David. 

4. Robbins. 

5. Adena. 

V. Sarah, 8 b. Dec. 31, 1824; m. Samuel M. Killam, Nov. 26, 1848. 
They lived in Yarmouth, N.S. 

Children horn in Yarmouth. 

1. Catharine Killam, b. Sept. 27, 1849; m. John Cann, Sept. 10, 


2. Gertrude Killam, b. Feb. 10, 1851; d. July 18, 1874. 

3. Evangeline Killam, b. May 14, 1853; m. Amos Gray, November 


4. Samuel F. Killam, b. Oct. 7, 1855; m. Marv Cavanagh, July 6, 


5. Melvaretta Killam, b. Jan. 19, 1858; d. in Yarmouth, Jan. 19, 


6. Marietta Killam, b. Oct. 9, 1860; m. Frank Farnham, of Mass., 

August, 1886. 

7. Rufus C. Killam, b. May 19, 1864; d. in Yarmouth, Feb. 10, 


8. George Killam, b. April 26, 1866. 

VI. Harriet,* b. Oct. 15, 1826; m. Benjamix Pitman, Jan. 7, 1851 
Lived in Yarmouth, N.S. He was a farmer. 

Children horn in Yarmouth. 

1. Israel Pitman, b. Oct. 12, 1851 ; m. Annie C. Hatfield, of Yar- 

mouth, Sept. 23, 1884. 

2. Harriet R. Pitman, b. June 14, 1853. 

3. Warren Pitman, b. April 21, 1855; m Sarah A. Perry, of Yar- 

mouth, July 7, 1879. 


4. Elizabeth M. Pitman, b. Dec. 17, 1857; d. April 21, 1873, 

5. George W. Pitman, b. Nov. 26, 1859; d. April 15, 1873. 

6. Jane^C. Pitman, b. Oct. 18,1801; d. Dec. 6, 1888. 

7. Amos C. Pitman, b. Sept. 30, 186-1. 

8. Henry D. Pitman, b. Oct. 28, 1866. 

9. Emily H. Pitman, b. Oct. 1, 1870. 

VII. Nancy,"* b. Aug. 30, 1828; m. Charles Walkee, of Yarmouth, 
Oct. 3, 1850. They lived in Calais, Me. 


1. Fanny Walker, b. Yarmouth, Feb. 1, 1852; m. Nathaniel S. 

Jordan, of Maine, April, 187't. 

2. J. Ernest Walker, b. Calais, .Me., July 16, 1859; m. Frances E. 

Jones, of New York, Oct. 7, 1890. 

3. George Walker, b. Calais, Me., May 3, 1861; m. Ella Hardista, 

Portland, Ore., June, 1885. 

4. Harry Walker, b. Calais, Me., Aug. 1, 1863; d. young. 

1000 VIII. Alvin,s b. May 1, 1830; m. Jane Carey, Dec. 16, 1852. They 

lived in Yarmouth. He was a farmer. 

Children horn in Yarmouth. 

1. Letitia, b. Feb. 18, 1855; m. Pasco Allen, Yarmouth, May 4, 


2. Elizabeth, b. Nov. 22, 1857; m. Frank Foote, in Yarmouth, 

June 9, 1880. 

3. Alvin, b. Nov. 10, 1859; ra. Ella Arthuro, Colorado, July, 1891. 

4. Israel L., b. July 4, 1862. 

5. Charles L., b. Sept. 17, 1865; d. Oct. 21, 1805. 

IX. Hannah,^ b. Oct. 4, 1832; m. LiDovic Chipman, Yarmouth, Dec. 
19, 1850. They lived in Yarmouth. 

Children born in Yarmouth. 

1. Lois Chipman, b. Sept. 26, 1851; m. Benjamin W. Gillis, Yar- 

mouth, 1874. 

2. Charles W. Chipman, b. July 18, 1853; m. Ada F. Perkins, 

Essex, Mass., Aug. 5, 1875. 

1001 X. George W.,* b. Dec. 18, 1835; m. Louisa Smith, Portland, Me. 

June 16, 1860. They lived at Yarmoutli. He was a sea captain. 

Children horn in Yarmouth. 

1. Louisa, b. April 13, 1867; m. Joseph Kinney, Yarmouth, Nov. 

16, 1888. 

2. Hannah E., b. May 7, 1869; m. James Frost, Yarmouth, Oct. 

31. 1890. 

3. M. Gulielma, b. March 2, 1873; m. Edward Porter, Yarmoutli, 

June 20, 1894. 

1002 XL William P.,^ b. June 11, 1839; m. Catharine Doucette, Feb. 18, 

1860. She was the daughter of Mark and Helen (Melanson) 
Doucette. They lived in Yarmouth, N.S. His business was 

Children horn in Yarmouth. 

1. Rupert G., b. March 12, 1862; m. 1st, Rachel Doane, March 12, 

1885 ; m. 2d, Annie Thomes. 

2. Laleah J., b. Feb. 27. 1864; m. Clarence Phalen, Boston, April 

29, 1891. 

3. Byron L., b. Nov. 22, 1805; m. Emily King, Yarmouth, Feb. 18, 


4. Catharine, b. Dec. 3, 1807; m. Attllia Amorosa, April 2, 1894, 



5. Walter, b. Dee. 13, 1869; m. Sarah W. Pitman, Yarmouth, 

May 1, 1889. 

6. Rufus, b. Sept. 5, 1872; d. Sept. 13, 1872. 

7. Fannie, b. Dec. 5, 1873; d. Dec. 16, 1873. 

8. Charles H., b. Dec. 10, 1875. 

9. Grace D., b. Sept. 6, 1879. 


NATHANIEL" CHURCHILL (Ephraim,*^ Zaccheus,' Eph- 
raim/ Stephen/ Eliezer/ John^). Born in Yarmouth, N.S., 
July 1, 1795. Lived in Yarmouth, a farmer. Married Abigail 
Valpet, of Yarmouth, daughter of Capt. John Valpey. 

Children born in Yarmouth. 

I. Eleanor,'' b. Feb. 19, 1819; m. Nathaniel Travis, Yarmouth, 
March 9, 1840. She died June 3, 1896. 

Children born in Yarmouth. 

1. Nathaniel Travis, b. Dec. 22, 1841 ; d. Jan. 6, 1842. 

2. Nathaniel Travis, b. April 18, 1843; m. Harriet Ring, Yar- 

mouth, Aug. 11, 1863. 

3. Abner A. Travis, b. Nov. 23, 1844. 

4. Elkanah Travis, 1 b. Oct. 19, 1846; m. Elizabeth Randall, 

[ Yarmouth, Dec. 31, 1868. 

5. Daniel R. Travis, [ b. Oct. 19, 1846. He was killed in a mine 

J in Nevada, June 26, 1880. 

6. James H. Travis,) b. Oct. 23, 1849. 

7. Alice A. Travis, V b. Oct. 23, 1849; m. William Reid, Yar- 

J mouth, Dec. 9, 1872. 

8. Abigail C H. Travis, b. Oct. 21, 1851; m. Fred. R. S. Mildon, 

Yarmouth, Sept. 9, 1873. 

9. Delight C. Travis, b. June 12, 1854; m. David Greenlaw, East 

Boston, June 27, 1880. 

10. Sabina J. Travis, b. Feb. 16, 1859; m. William S. Mildon, 

Eastport, April 2, 1884. 

11. Sarah A. Travis, ") b. April 21, 1861; m. Edgar E. Patten, 

\ Great Falls, N.H., Jan. 5, 1893. 

12. Letitia W. Travis, J b. April 21, 1861. 

1003 II. Nathaniel,® b. Dec. 1, 1821; m. 1st, Lydia Ann Crosby, Dec. 1, 
1846; m. 2d, Sarah C. Hatfield, Oct. 17, 1850; m. 3d, Mrs. 
Rebecca ( ) Ccshing, Nov. 22, 1884. They lived in Yar- 
mouth, N.S. 

Children of Second Wife, all born in Yarmouth. 

1. Emmeline V., b. April 7, 1852; m. Dr. C. M. Tolles, Clare- 

mont, N.H. 

2. William A., b. Nov. 10, 1859; d. June 5, 1863. 

3. Alice, b. Dec. 27, 1860; d. Feb. 18, 1861. 

4. William Edgar, b. July 27, 1864; m. Sadie Caskey. 
III. Sarah,** b. Jan. 13, 1823; m. John Harding, Jan. 4, 1844. 


1. Sarah Harding, m. Nathaniel Simmes. 

2. Albert Harding, m. Capt. Robert Crowell. 

3. John Harding, m. Alma Tedford. 

4. Lillian Harding. 

5. Robert Harding. 

6. Elizabeth Harding 


IV. Elizabeth,* b. Sept. 30, 1825; m. William J. Hatfield, Dec. 
25, 1854. She died Nov. 12, 1895. 

Children borti in Yarmouth. 

1. Fred S. Hatfield, b. March 26, 1850; m. Annie S. Wyman, 

Nov. 25, 1885. 

2. Fannie C. Hatfield, b. in Plymouth, Sept. 23, 1861 ; m. Charles 

J. Cragg, Sept. 25, 1885. 
V. Delight,* b. June 12, 1827; ra. 1st, Douglas Thorpe, Sept. 12, 
1857; m. 2d, James Cishing. 
VI. Abxek,* b. Aug. 30, 1829; d. in Liverpool, Eng., Feb. 28, 184:8. 
VII. Benjamin,* b. Aug. 1, 1831; d. April 3, 1889. 
VIII. Abbie,* b. Nov. 11, 1833: m. E. W. Darlixg, Mass., 1862. 

IX. Faxnie,** b. Feb. 29, 1835; unmarried; d. Jan. 5, 1890, at Portland, 


WALTER" CHUECHILL (Ephraim/' Zaccheus,^ Ephraim,^ 
Stephen/ Eliezer,- Johx '). Born June 3, 1805, in Yarmouth, 
N.S. Married 1st, 1828, Sarah Flint. Married 2d, Elsie 

Children of First Wife. 

I. John,* b. 1827 ; d. unmarried, in California in 1854. 

II. Israel Harding,* b. 1829; d. unmarried, April, 1850. 

III. Mary,* b. 1831 ; m. Henry Pitman, no issue. 

IV. Elizabeth,* b. 1833; m. John Trask. 

V. Hannah,* b. 1835; m. George W. Ware. Moved to the States. 
VI. Sarah,* b. 1837; d. in infancy. 

Children of Secoyid Wife. 

VII. Sarah,* b. Aug. 3, 1841 ; m. Jefferson Corning, March 28, 1865. 
VIII. Alice,* b. March 26, 1843; m. Alexander McKinnon, son of 
IX. Ltdia,* b. May 3, 1844; m. Capt. Herbert H. Cann, son of 

X. Asenath,* b. May 12, 1848; m. James Porter, son of Enoch. 


JOHN^ CHUECHILL (Ephraim,'"' Zacchelt.s,^ Ephraim," 
Stephen,^ Eliezer,- John ^). Born in Yarmouth, N.S., Sept. 23, 
1814. Married 1st, Eeb. 4, 1832, Betsey Flint. Married 2d, 
Maria Anne Haskell. Married 3d, Mrs. Almira (Gooday) 

Children of First Wife. 

1004 I. Warren Flint,* b. Nov. 22, 1838; m. Fannie Tinkham. 


1. Charles, m. Bertha B. Killian. 

2. Thomas, m. Grace M. Allen. 

3. Belle, m. Abner Porter. 

4. Norman, died. 

5. Cora, died. 

1005 II. William,* b. Oct. 7, 1840; m. Mary Haskell. 

III. Charles,* b. July 2, 1843; d. June 1, 1859. 


Children of Second Wife. 

IV. Mercy Jane,^ b. July ol, 1847; m. James K. Eose. 
V. Anna Arabella,^ b. Oct. 17, 1848; m. Charles Blake, Amesbury, 

1006 VI. Ebenezer,** b. Oct. 11, 1850; m. Lydia Churchill, daughter of 

VII. JoHx,^ b. May 16, 1855 ; unmarried. 


GEOEGE ' CHURCHILL ( John,« Axsel/ Ephraim/ Stephen,^ 
Eliezer,^ John^). Born at Plymouth and was a baker by trade. 
He died June 16, 1871. Married, March 5, 1826, Martha C. 
Holmes, daughter of Joseph. She died Sept. 26, 1868. 


I. Martha, 8 b. Jan. 21, 1827; d. Sept. 26, 1827. 

1007 II. JoHN,8 b. July 6, 1828; ni. Martha J. Bagnell. 

III. Martha,^ b. Oct. 10, 1835; m. 1st, George Sampson; m. 2d, John 


IV. George,8|^ J, j^ 28, 1846, and d. March 1, 1846. 
V. James,** j 


PELEG ' CHURCHILL (Peleg,« Stephex,^ Stephen,* Stephex,^ 
Eliezer,^ John ^). Born in Duxbury. Married 1st, Lucy Sprague ; 
married 2d, Jane Pease. 

Children of First Wife. 

I. Eunice,® m. ( ) Tufts. 

II. Lucy* m. Frederick Benson. 

1008 III. Peleg,^ m. Amelia Kent, of Boston. 

1009 IV. William,** m. Sarah Clark, of Amherst. 

V. Eliza Bigelow,* m. George M. Bacon, of Newton. 

1010 VI. Henry Perket,** b. April 12, 1833 ; m. Annie Jeffreys Washburn, 

May 28, 1857. 
VII. Harriet Newell,^ d. in infancy. 

Child of Second Wife. 
VIII. Harriet Newell,** ra. ( ) Mason. 


WILLIAM' CHURCHILL (Peleg,« Stephex,^ Stephen,* 
Stephen,^ Eliezer,^ John '). Born in Duxbury, May 18, 1798. 
Married, Oct. 5, 1823, Mary Holmes, born in Plymouth, May 13, 
1804, died June 26, 1883. 

Children . 

I. Hannah Hosea,^ b. Aug. 1, 1824; m. 1st, Martin Wilder, May 
20, 1847. He died May 9, 1863; m. 2d, James S. Beal, of 
Hingham, Jan. 10, 1867. No issue. He died October, 1883. 



1. Daughter, b. Feb. 19, 1848; d. soon. 

2. Martin Wilder, Jr., b. July 9, 1849; d. young. 

II. Mary Holmes,* b. Feb. 3, 1826; m. George W. Haven, May t-'S, 



1. Albert C. Haven, b. May 16, 1850. 

2. Mary L. Haven, b. June 20, 1852. 

3. Carrie A. Haven, b. Nov. 13, 1855. 

III. Jane Heman,^ b. July 28, 1828; m. T. Henry Perkins, Feb. 1, 
She died, and he married her sister, Lucy S. Churchill. 


1, Infant daughter, b. November, 1849; d. soon. 

2. Ella J. Perkins, b. June 16, 1851. 

1011 IV. William Otis,® b. June 26, 1830; ra. Sarah C. Gerry, June 24, 



1. Adrianna, b. Oct. 3, 1853; d. April 8, 1881; m. Charles A. 

Sawtelle, May 17, 1874. 

2. Sarah Alice, h. Dec. 31, 1854; m. A. D. Rutherford, July 7, 


3. William Herbert, b. Sept. 5, 1858; m. Laura Conners, Jan. 19, 

1884. They were divorced and he m. 2d, Eva Upton. 

4. Charles Wilder, b. Aug. 4, 1860; m. Annette Chamneys, Dec. 

25, 1885. 

5. Charlotte Belle, b. Jan. 14, 1867; m. J. Weller Reed, Oct. 1, 


6. Miriam Wilder, b. Nov. 5, 1868. 

7. George Knox, b. Nov. 21, 1872; d. Oct. 9, 1873. 

V. Adrianna, « b. Feb. 4. 1832; d. Ma\ 15, 1837. 

VI. Infant daughter, unnamed, b Nov. 23, 1834; d. Dee. 12, 1834. 

VII. Lucy S.,® tu Nov. 25, 1835; m. T. Henry Perkins, as his second 


VIII. Adrianna,* b. Aug. 16, 1838; d. Sept. 9, 1838. 

IX. Eliza A.,» b. Jan. 30, 1841 ; m. Albert H. Bird, Nov. 10, 1864. 

101*2 X. Algernon B.,* b. Sept. 15, 1844; m. Mary Beal, June 5, 1867. 


1. James B., b. March 27. 1869. 

2. Frank M., b. Sept. 5, 1872. 

3. Harry B., b. June 5, 1878. 


OTIS' CHURCHILL (Peleg,'' Stephen,"' Stephex,-* Stephen,^ 
Eliezer,- Johx ^). Born in Duxbiiry. Married 1st, Sakah Cobb. 
No issue. Married 2d, Esther Harlow. Married 3d, Marion 
LivERMORE. No issue. 

Children by Second Wife. 

I. Sarah Otis,* b. May 17, 1831. 
1013 II. Howard Malcolm,* b. May 15, 1833. 



EZRA ' CHURCHILL (Peleg," Stephen/ Stephen/ Stephen/ 
Eliezer/ John ^). Born in Duxbuiy. Married Susan Allen. 

One Child. 
I. Susan/ m. Daniel Currier. 


DANIEL^ CHURCHILL (Daniel/^ Stephen,' Stephen/ 
Stephen/^ Eliezer/ John^). Born in Plymouth, Sept. 9, 1803. 
Married, 1826, Mary Briggs Brown. 


1014 I. Daniel,^ b. March 20, 1828 ; m. Eliza Hudson. 


MiN," Benjamin/ Stephen/ Eliezer,- John ^). Born in Plymouth, 
April 4, 1817. Lived at Plymouth till 1856. They removed and 
lived at North Bridgewater and Brockton from 1857 on. He was 
a wood-turner by occupation. Married, April 23, 1840, Ruth 
Nelson Cobb, daughter of JohnKempton Cobb and Polly (Nelson). 

Children born in Plymouth. 

1015 I. Solomon Sylvester.^ b. March 31, 1841; m. Olive Augusta 

Hatward, at Boston, Aug. 6, 1866. She was the daughter of 
Bela Baylies Hayward and Olive Porter (Copeland) Hayward. 
They lived in Brockton. He was foreman in a shoe manu- 
factory. He was educated in the public schools, and served one 
year in the U. S. Navy during the Civil War. He died Oct. 13, 

Children horn in Brockton. 

1. Fred Sylvester, h. Sept. 26, 1867; m. Lillie C. White, of Hol- 

brook. May 29, 1892. She was the daughter of Cornelius L. 
and Elizabeth (Hodge) White. They lived at Brockton. 
Children: Fred Loring, b. Dec. 13, 1893, and Forest White, 
b. Aug. 13, 1895. 

2. Amy Hayward, b. Feb. 24, 1873; d. at Brockton, June 6, 1891. 
II. Maria Isabella.^ b. at Plymouth. May 19, 1843; d. June 14, 1846. 

III. Elizabeth, 8 b. at Plymouth, Feb. 14, 1845. Married Henry H. 
Billings, March 15, 1870, son of Jesse. 


1. Grace Holmes BiUings, b. at No. Bridgewater, May 23, 1871; 

m. Fred G. Doyle, April, 1891. 

2. Mary Ellen BiUings, b. at Brockton, Sept. 14, 1873; m. George 

H. Wade, May 30, 1896. 
3; Bertha Billings, b. at Brockton, Jan. 2, 1876; m. Lester Green, 
Dec. 31, 1897. 

1016 IV. Charles Augustus,^ b. at Plymouth, April 27, 1847; m. Luthera 

E. Packard. Jan. 19, 1867. 
V. Henry Melville,^ b. at Plymouth, Feb. 14, 1853; d. Feb. 6, 1854. 
VI. Anna Isabelle,* b. at North Bridgewater, Nov. 16, 1857 ; m. 
Arthur E. Kendrick. 



WILLIAM' CHURCHILL (William,^ Solomon,^ Amaziah/ 
Elkanah/^ Eliezer,- John '). Born in Boston, Feb. 4, 1825. He died 
at Montclair, N.Y., June 7, 1873. Married 1st, at Woodbury, 
Conn., July 28, 1847, Lucy Caroline Averill, daughter of Augus- 
tine. She was born at New Utreclit, K.Y., June 17, 1826, and died 
at West Point, July 13, 1856. JMarried 2d, Oct. 6, 1858, at Middle- 
town, Conn., Sarah Jane Starkweather. 

Children by First Wife. 
I. Mart Cakolixe,^ b. New York City, July 16, 1849 ; m. George H. 
Ripley, Nov. 9, 1870, 

II. Florence,'^ b. at Brooklyn, April 21, 1851; m. William L. Ger- 

RiSH, Jr., Oct. 19. 1875. 

III. William, 8 \ b. at Peekskill, Aug. 9, 1853 ; d. Aug. 9, 1853. 

IV. Lucy,'* J b. at Peekskill, Aug. 9, 1853; d. Sept. 30, 1853. 

By Second Wife. 

1017 V. William,' born in Brooklyn, N.Y.. Oct. 5, 1859. 

1018 VI. Arthur HowARD,M). in Brooklyn, N.Y., April U, 1862. 

1019 VII. Clarence,* b. in Smithtown, Mav 21, 1865. 

VIII. Percy,* b. in Brooklyn, Dec. 1, 1868; d. Aug. 9, 1869. 
IX. Ethel,* b. in Brooklyn, June 1, 1870; d. Feb. 19, 1871. 


WILLIAM' CHURCHILL (William,'' Nathaniel," Elkanah,* 
Elkanah,"' Eliezer,-' John '). Born in Plymouth, Feb. 19, 1835. 
Married, in DePau, Ind., INIarch 2, 1864, Mary Ash.' 

I. Martha J.,* b. Aug. 19, 1866. 

1020 II. George W.,* b. Nov. 20, 1868. 

III. Nancy M.,* b. Dec. 1, 1871. 

IV. Laura B.,» b. Feb. 17, 1874. 
V. Abbt a.," b. June 27, 1877. 

VI. Mary G.,* b. Feb. 25, 1880. 

1021 VII. Robert E.,« b. Dec. 24,1882. 

1022 VIII. Raymond,* b. July 26, 1885. 


JOHN B.'^ CHURCHILL (BenjaxMin,« John,^ John,* John,^ 
Eliezer," John^). Born in Pataukunk, March 26, 1805, and lived 
there on the old homestead, a farmer. He died April 27, 1900. 
Married, at Pine Bush, N. Y., June 28, 1838, Jane Green, daughter 
of William, of Pine Bush, N.Y. She died June 3, 1847. 

Children born at Pataukunk. 
I. Edgar,* b. May 27, 1839 ; d Oct. 4, 1843. 
II. Amelia,* b. Aug. 29, 1841; d. unmarried, April 6, 1896. 

1023 III. Benjamin B.,* b. Nov. 14, 1844; m. Akvilla DuNN.dau. of Anthony 

and Sarah (Terwiliger) Dunn. 

Lived on the old homestead, Pataukunk, N.Y. ; a farmer. 



1. Ralph J., b. Jan. 11, 1889. 

2. Maud E., b. Aug. 26, 1890, 

3. Leroy E., b. July 18, 1893. 

4. Elson, b. July 19, 1897, 

5. Llovd, b. July 13, 1898. 

6. Howard D., b. March 13, 1900. 

7. Ruth, b. March 21, 1901. 

IV. Harriet M.,® b. April 30, 1847 ; m. Isaiah Davenport, of Accord, 
■ N.Y., Dec. 26, 1888; d. Nov. 28, 1894, at Pataukunk. 


JOHN^ CHURCHILL (William,^ John,^ John/ John/ 
Eliezer,- John^). Born in New Hackensack, iST.Y., Dec. 8, 1810. 
Married a wife whose name has not been ascertained. 

Children, names not in proper order probably. 

1024 I. William.^ He was engaged with P. T. Barnum for years. 
II. Isaac* He was in the army in the Rebellion and died there. 

III. Charles.** He was in the army also and died from wounds received 

in battle. 

IV. Sarah, ^ m. Joseph Kramer. 

V. Cornelius.* He was in the army in the Civil War and was killed 

in battle. 
VI. Mart,® m. a Mr. Hacket. 

1025 VII. Clarence,** m. ( ) Sthtson. 


CORNELIUS ' CHURCHILL (William/ John/ John/ John/ 
Eliezer/ John^. Born Oct. 30, 182.3, in New Hackensack, N.Y. 
Married Elizabeth Knapp, born in Yorktown, N.Y., 1837. 


I. Emma Adelia/ b. Oct. 6, 1849; m. William McDonough. 
1026 II. Hkrbert Remson,^ b. Feb. 23, 1851; m. Nellie Brush. 
Live in Brooklyn, N.Y. 


1. Clara Nellie, b. Oct. 23, 1873. 

2. Herbert R., Jr., b. Dec. 24, 1875. 

3. Juliette, b. Sept. 13, 1878. 

4. Frank Homer, b. 1881. 

5. Ethel May, b March 15, 1884. 

6. Elbert Knapp, b. Aug. 15, 1886. 

7. Cornelius Irving, b. Dec. 25, 1887; d. Sept. 17, 1888. 

8. Cedlia Emma, b. Aug. 2, 1889. 

9. Charles Brush, b March 17, 1891. 

10. Walter Howell, b. Dec. 20, 1892. 

11. Lottie Bell, b. May 23, 1894. 

III. Margaretta Bell,^ b. June 29, 1854; unmarried. 

IV. Cornelia/ b. June 14, 1857; d. unmarried about 1880. 



SAMUEL CLARK ' CHURCHILL (Samuel,^ Samuel,* Benja- 
min/ JoHN,^ Eliezer,^ John^). Boru at Augusta, Me., July 11, 
1827. Married 1st, July 8, 1861, at Augusta, Eliza J. Morrill. 
Married 2d, March 30, 1872, at Augusta, Anna J. McClure. 

Children of First Wife. 
I. Nettie Eliza,^ b. July 7, 1862. 
II. Harrikt Elizabeth,* b. Nov. 8, 18fi3. 

Child of Second Wife. 
III. Maude M.,® b. May 7, 1877. 


CYRUS' CHURCHILL (John,« John,^ Joseph,* John," Elie- 
ZER,- John'). Born in New Portland, Me., ]\Iay 21, 1823. Mar- 
ried Eliza Mellen. 

I. Ella Maria,^ b. July 7, 1853; m. George Haskin, July 12, 1876. 
II. George W.,* b. Dec. 23, 1857; m. Ida Frank Thompson; no 


JASON ^ CHURCHILL (Joseph,« John,^ Joseph,-* John,^ 
Eliezer,- Johm '). Born April 24,1819. Married, April 9, 1845, 
Jane Gunn, who was born Oct. 20, 1822. 

1. Sophia,' b. March 22, 1846; m. Edward McGrechin. 
II. Martha J.,^ b. Sept. 20, 1847; d. Aug. 8, 1848. 

III. Sarah E.,-* b. Oct. 27, 1848; died August. 1849. 

IV. Mary,* b. Jan. 21, 1852; m. Homer De Witt. 
1027 V. Jason,* b. Jan. 24. 1854; in. Catharine Manning. 

VI. Sarah Jane,* b. Dec. 13, 1860. 


DI ADEMA ' CHURCHILL (Sanford," John,' Joseph,^ John,^ 
Eliezer,- John '). Born in Embden, Me., July 29, 1822. Died in 
Solon, Me., Dec. 4, 1900. Married, at Stark, Nov. 16, 1849, William 
H. NoTTAGE, of Stark, a farmer. They lived at Stark and Bingham, 
and had children born at Stark. 

I. Sanford J. Nottage,* b. July 23, 1852; m. Ada E. Steward. 
Live in Bingham, Me. 
II. Mary L. Nottage,* b. June 9, 1854; in. George Henderson, 
June 15, 1881. Live in Solon, Me. 

*NoTE. These records, from No. 568a to 571, aud also 572a, were received by the kind- 
ness of Mrs. Serena Perkins, but too late to be printed in the regular form, under No. 264, and 
80 are placed in order here. 


III. LiBBY G. NoTTAGE,^ b. March 26, 1856; m. Cad Joice. Live in 


IV. Henry Nottage,® b. Feb. 14, 1858; m. Sakah Oilman. Live in 

V. Joan S. N(»TTAGE,-b. April 8, 1861; m. Charles G. French. 
Live in Solon, Me. 
VI. John Nottage,® b. Aug. 16, 1862; m. Belle A. Squire. Live in 
Solon, Me. 


lEEXA W.' CHURCHILL (Sanford/' John/ Joseph/ John,^ 
Eliezer,- JoHN^). Born in Stark, Me., Sept. 29, 1823. Died Aug. 
25, 1887. Married, at New Sharon, Me., James Chapman. They 
lived in XeAv Sharon, where he was a farmer. They had no chiklren- 


CYRUS' CHURCHILL (Sanford,*^ John,-^ Joseph,* John/ 
Eliezer,- John ^). Born in Stark, Me., April 3, 1825. Married, at 
Stark, Me., Betsey Seeman, daughter of Alexander and Mercy 
(Young) Seeman, of Stark. He served three years in the Civil War. 
He was a farmer. They had six children, of whom we have no record. 


Joseph/ John,^ Eliezer,- John '). Born in Stark, Me., June 24, 
1826. Married, at Stark, Nancy W. Seeman, daughter of Alex- 
ander and Mercy (Young) Seeman, of Stark. He was a farmer. 

They had Children born in Stark. 

I. Charles S.,** b. March 30, 1849; ra. Emma E Wentvtorth, at 
Wilton, Me., March 20, 1875; d. Dec. 16, 1890. 
II. Lorenzo L..® b. June 8, 1852; m. Mary Withee, at Augusta, Me., 

Oct. 22, 1881. Live in Stark. 
III. MANLEY/b. May 2, 1859; m. Sara M. Smith, at Stark, Dec. 9, 


SERENA EAMES ' CHURCHILL (Sanford/ John/ Joseph,* 
John/ Eliezer,- John^). Born in Stark, Me., Feb. 16, 1828. 
Married, at Norridgewock, 1853, John W. Perkins, son of Joseph 
and Rachel (^latthews) Perkins. He was a farmer, at Industry and 
Wilton, Me. 

Children born at Industry, Me. 

I. Joseph W ^ Perkins, b. Dec 4, 1853. Living unmarried in 
Wilton. Me. (1903). 
II. Hattie J.^ Perkins, b. May 5, 1855; m. Nathan Fogg. Live in 
Industry, Me. 
III. Cleveland W.* Perkins, b. Jan. 18, 1858; ra. Serena E. Look, 
at South Dakota, June 25, 1882. Tliey live in Groton, South 



LUCINDA B.' CHURCHILL (Sanford," John/ Joseph,^ 
John,' Eliezer,- JohxI). Bom in Stark, Me., Nov. 22, 1829. 
Married, at Stark, Me., Alvin S. Chapman, of Stark. He was a 
farmer. They lived in Stark and Industry, Me., and had chiklren. 


I. Emery* Chapman, b. Jan. 2C, 1861; m. Georgia A. Wing, Aug. 
27, 1887. 
II. Stlvester* Chapman, b. June 20, 18G3 ; m. Octavia 0. Safford, 
Jan. 7, 1887. 

There were eight or nine children, of wliom we can obtain no 


JOHN' CHURCHILL (Sanford,*' John,"^ Joseph,^ John,^ 
Eliezer,- John ^). Born in Stark, Me., Feb. 27, 1831. Married, 
at Stark, Me., Loverna Greenleaf, daughter of John and Lydia. 
They lived at Stark. He was a farmer. 

Children born in Stark. 

I. Rose.- m. Alexander Horton. They live in Stark. 
II. Olive, » b. Nov. 10, 1874 ; m. Tavey Grant, Nov. 10, 1892, at Anson. 
III. Zoe,** b. March 21, 1878; m. John Hdtchinson, of Stark, and live 


Joseph,* John,^ Eliezer,- John^), Born in Stark, Me., July 25, 
1833. Lived in New Sharon and Stark, Me. This information 
from Mrs. Nancy G. Churchill, of Stark, Me., 1903. Married, at 
Stark, Me., Sept. 21, 1850, Nancy Greenleaf. Mr. Churchill died 
Oct. 7, 1902. 

One Child born in Stark., Me. 

I. Alzada,® b. Oct. 6, 1860; m. Frederick W. Smith, of New 
Sharon, Me., in 1887, and had two children : (1) Harry E. Smith, 
b. Eeb. 27, 1890; (2) Robert H. Smith, b. April 14, 1893. 


MARCIA ANN' CHURCHILL (Sanford," John,^ Jo.seph,* 
John,^^ Eliezer,- John ^). Born in Stark, Me., March 18, 1835. 
Married Benjamin F. Greenleaf, at Stark, Me. They had five 
children whose names we have not been able to obtain. 



JOHN W.^ CHUECHILL (William,* William/ Joseph," 
JoHN,'^ Eliezer,- John^). Born in New Portland, Sept. 13, 1835. 
He died Nov. 21, 1890. Married 1st, Hannah Bailey. Married 
2d, Mary Luce. 

Cliildren of First Wife. 

I. EsTELLE,* m. John Jordan. Had two children: (1) Clarence 

Jordan: (2) Koss Jordan. 
II. Hannah,^ unmarried. 

Children of Second Wife. 

1028 III. Edward,* m. Mabel Porter. One son. 

IV. Belle, * m. Frank Trask. Had a son and daughter. 
V. Effie.- 
VI. Clinton.^ 


VIII. Harriet.^ 


Joseph,* John,^ Eliezer,** John^). Born in New Portland, Me., 
Sept. 30, 1833, and lived there. Married Abigail Luce. She died 
Sept. 8, 1899. 

Children horn in New Portland. 

1029 I. Delbert, 8 b. July 31. 1862; m. Sarah F. Fletcher. One child, 

Merrill E. Churchill, b. Aug. 12, 1897. 

1030 II. Alvarus.^ b. Oct. 31, 1865; m. Ida Thompson, Dec. 24,1891. 

One child, Florence, b. Jan. 14, 1897. 


ALBERT' CHURCHILL (Daniel,« Daniel,' Joseph,^ John,^ 
Eliezer,- John ^). Born at the Forks of the Kennebec, Me., 
Oct. 29, 1829. Died March 25, 1902. Married Irena Berry, 

I. Irena, ^ m. J. H. Davls, of Skowhegan, Me. 


1. Albert L. Davis. I 3. John Davis. 

2. Fannie Davis. | 4. Mahlon Davis. 

II. Caroline A.,* m. Almon H. Carl, Madison, Me. 


1. Daisy May Carl. I 3. Maud Carl. 

2. Vesta Carl. | 4. Alice Carl. 

1031 III. Abel.* 

IV. Lulu,* m. Milton Phillips. 
V. Alice. ^ 


ABEL' CHURCHILL (Daniel," Daniel,' Joseph," John,' 
Eliezer,- John'). Born at the Forks of the Kennebec River, 
May 3, 1833. Married Lydia M. Berry, 1854. 

Children . 

I. JnLiA Mat,^ m. Rev. F. W. Sherwin. 
II. Caruie Viola.* ni. C. H. Mead. 
III. Alice, ^ m. George Wood. 


DANIEL FOSTER" CHURCHILL (Daniel,^ Daniel,^ Joseph,-* 
JoHN,'^ Eliezer,- John^). Born at the Forks of the Kennebec 
River, Jan. 6, 1842. Married Lucena I. Dame. 


1032 I. Albert .« 

1033 II. Andrew. « 

1034 III. Milton." 


WARREN ' CHURCHILL (Daniel,*"' Daniel,^ Joseph/ John,' 
Eliezer,- John '). Born in Solon, 3Ie., Sept. 6, 1846. He died 
April 20, 1900. Married 1st, Clara E. Woodberry ; 2d, Ada 


1035 I. Bertram Daniel,® m. Sarah Perkins. Probably other children, 

but names not received. 


JOHN' CHURCHILL (Asa," Daniel,^ Joseph," John,' Eliezer,- 
JoHN^). Born at Moose River, or Embden, Me., June 6, 1836. 
Removed to the West, and, in April, 1901, was living at Augusta, 
Kan. Married, Sept. 27, 1870, Harriet L. Parker. 


1036 I. Asa Emery,® b. Dec. 3, 1873. 

HARRISON^ CHURCHILL (Asa,^ Daniel,' Joseph," John,' 
Eliezer,- John ^). Born at Moose River, May 2, 1841. Mr. 
Churchill was living at Dewey, Mont., April, 1901. Married, at 
New Diggings, Wis., March 12, 1886, Dora Oliver. 


1037 I. Warren 0.,® b. Oct. 30, 1887. 

1038 II. Russell H.,® b. April 6, 1889. 

III. Mildred H.,» b. Feb. 15, 1891. 

IV. Marjorie M.,« b. April 27, 1893. 


HORATIO' CHURCHILL (Asa,« Daniel/ Joseph,^ Johx,^ 
Eliezer,- John^). Born at Moose River, Me., April 1, 1843. He 
was adopted by Ozias McFaden, of Embden, Me., and brought up in 
that town. He went West and settled at Buda, 111., April 4, 1867. 
He has carried on the brick and drain-tile business many years. 
He has been somewhat in public office and is a Past-master in Free- 
masonry. Mr. Churchill and family were living in Buda, 111., 
April, 1901. Married 1st, Sept. 12, 1874, Melinda H. Kealiher 
of York, Neb. Married 2d, Sept. 8, 1881, Mary H. Hodgetts, of 
Kewanee, 111. First wife died Feb. 7, 1881. 

Children of First Wife. 

1039 I. Daniel Lewis,* b. Feb. 3, 1876. 

1040 II. Oscar Warre.n.s b May 20, 1877. 

Children of Second Wife. 

III. Nellie Mat,** b. Sept. 12. 1883. 

IV. Bessie E.,« b. Jan. 16, 1885. 
V. Hazel M.,^ b. May 5, 1890. 


HARTWELL' CHURCHILL (Asa,^ DAmEL,^ Joseph," Johx,» 
Eliezer,- John '). Born at Moose River, Me., Feb. 2, 1845. He is 
a minister of the Baptist fellowship, and, Feb. 22, 1901, lived at 
Ashland, Mich. Married, Jan. 13, 1870, at Skowhegan, Lydia E. 
Pratt, of Skowhegan, Me. 

I. Bertha L ,** b. June 20, 1871. 
II. L. Myrtella,^ b. Nov. 6, 1873. 

III. Lulu A.,« b. March '28, 1879. 

IV. Lillian P.,** b. Oct. 5, 1880. 
V. Addie E.,« b. Oct. 11. 1883. 

VI. Grace M.,^ b. Oct. 17, 1886. 


AMOS^ CHURCHILL (Amos,« Daniel,^ Joseph/ John,^ 
Eliezer,^ John ^). Born in Madison, Me., Sept. 5, 1845. Lived 
at Symco, Wis. He died June 23, 1883. Married, at Symco, Wis., 
Sept. 18, 1866, Mary Caroline Churchill, daughter of Daniel, 
No. 269. After Mr. Churchill's death his widow married again 
as noted below. 


1041 I. William O..^ b. Oct. 8, 1867. 

n. Gladys M ,» b. Aug. 7, 1873; d. Aug. 14, 1884. 

1042 III. Leslie L. ,8 b. Aug. 16, 1877. 

1043 IV. Floyd W.,^ b. July 5, 1880. 

1044 V. Amos R.,s b. May 29, 1883; d. Oct. 3, 1883. 

Mrs. Mary Caroline Churchill married 2d, January, 1x86, 
Charles A. Jenkins. See No. 269. 



CHARLES^ CHURCHILL (Jesse,« Bexjamix,^ Joseph/ 
JoHx,^ Eliezer,^ Johx ^). Born 1844. Married Villa A. 


1045 I. BioN,8 b. 1866. 

1046 II. Alton,^ b. 1868. 

Children . 


JOHN^ CHURCHILL (Caleb,« John/ Ebenezer," William,^ 
William,- Johx '). Born at Chittenden, Vt., Dec. 12, 1790. 
Lived in Brandon, Vt. He was a farmer. He died at Goshen, Vt., 
Feb. 26, 1867. Married, Nov. 26, 1818, Lois Latham, born at 
Springfiehl, Vt., 1797, and died at Goshen, Dec. 8, 1875. 

Children of John and Lois (Latham) Churchill, born at Brandon, Vt. 

I. Harvet G.,^ b. Dec. 1, 1820. He was a farmer. Died at Goshen, 
Vt., unmarried, April 17, 1894. 

1047 II. ALViyJ.,^b. Aug. 22, 1822; m. 1st, Marietta E. Davison, Nov. 

21, 1849; m. 2d, Mrs. Hannah Wiggin 

He was a physician, and died at Udall, Kun., Oct. 30, 1888. 

1048 III. Simeon L.,« b. Nov. 2, 1824; m. Mary MaR( ella Davison, of 

Pittsford, Vt., Jan. 8, 1851. She was born at Ludlow, Vt., and 
died at Goshen, April 8, 1868. He was a farmer. 

Children horn in Brandon. 

1. Marion A., b. June 12, 1856; m. 1st, William B. Catlin, of 

Ticonderosa, N.Y.. Sept. 5, 1874. He died at Goshen, Vt., 
Dec. 22, 1883; m. 2d, G. W. Holdridge, of Wichita, Kan., 
March 8, 1899. 

2. Ida M., b. Oct. 3, 1859; m. Orrel T. Severy, Aug. 30, 1881. 

They lived in Goshen, and had children: (1) Walter H. 
Severy, b. Oct. 1, 1882; (2) Ralph T. Severy, b. Aug. 2, 1886. 

IV. Betsey L.,*^ b. Jan. 20, 1827; m. Isaiah Carlisle, of Goshen, 
Jan. 8, 1851. She died in Randolph, Wis., Feb. 6, 1862. 
V. Lois C.,« b. Jan. 22, 1829; died young. 
VI. A daughter, not named, b. Feb. 24, 1830; died in infancy. 
1040 VII. Caleb W ,» b. April 6, 1831 ; m. Anna H. Peters, Feb. 18, 1867. 

They lived at Salt Lake City. No further record received. 
1050 VIII. Lewis C.,* b. April 6. 1836; m. Julia Norton, at Ticonderot:ja, 
N.Y., March 21, 1864 . 

Children born, three at Goshen, Vt., and the youngest at Leicester, Vt. 

1. John A., b. March 5, 1865; m. Florence Friend, of Butler, Mo., 
at Udall, Kan., April 16, 1890. They removed to Oklahoma, 
in 1894, where he is a farmer. They have children: (1) 
Alma B. ; (2) Velma W. ; (3) Vera B. ; (4) Lewis M. 
, 2. Berton L., b. Aug. 15, 1866; m. Minnie M. Elliott, of Pittsford, 
Sept. 29, 1887. Children: (1) Roy W.; (2) Curtis B. ; 
(3) Clarence E. ; (4) Percival L. 

3. Mary L., b. May 23, 1868; m. Lincoln A. Schoppe, at Udall, 

Kan., Jan. 24, 1888. She died at Udall, Jan. 23, 1898, leav- 
ing two sons and two daughter^;. 

4. Winnifred C, b. in Leicester, Mav 4, 1871. 


IX. Columbia L. .* b. March 25, 1«38 ; m Rev. John Blanchard, 
April 27, 1887. 

Mr. Blanchard was born at Roxbury, Mass., in 1823. She died 
at Goshen. Aug. 10, 1898. 
X. A DAUGHTER, Hot uaoied, b. Jan. 21, 1841; d. in infancy. 


CALEB' CHURCHILL, Jr. (Caleb," John/ Ebenezer,^ 
William,'^ William,- John ^). Born in Chittenden, Vt., Dec. 15, 
1794. He lived in Chittenden, a farmer. Married, Dec. 19, 1832, 
Miriam Parmelee. 

Children born at Chittenden, Vt. 

I. Joanna Miriam,** b. Sept. 8, 1833; d. unmarried, aged 17 years. 
II. Almira Parmelee,^ b. September, 1884; d. unmarried, aged 31 
1051 III. Edwin Ruthven,* b. June 13, 1836; m. Clara Record, in 
Bethany, Mo., Dec. 25, 1867. He served as priva'e in the Civil 
War in Company H, First Vermont Cavalry, from November, 
1863, to the close of the war. He then settled first in Bethany, 
Mo., and later in Kearney, Neb., where he was living in 1903. 
He was a teacher in the public schools for many years, and is 
also a mechanic. He lived awhile at Mankato, Kan. 

Children of Edwin R. and Clara (^Record) Churchill. 

1. William T., b. at Bethany, Mo., Oct. 23, 1869; d. there Dec. 

17, 1878. 

2. Thirza P., b. at Bethany, Mo., July 17, 1871; m. Erastus 

Fairchild, April 4, 1895. 

Children of Erastus and Thirza {Churchill) Fairchild, horn at Kearney, Neh. 

(1) Cecil M. Fairchild, b. Jan. 17, 1896; (2) Harold E. Fair- 
child, b. Jan. 30, 1899; (3) Zoe Fairchild, b. Oct. 30, 
1900; (4) Ovillin P. Fairchild, b. March 3, 1903. 

3. Althea M., b. at Bethany, Mo., Sept. 3, 1872; m. David M. 

Taton, Aug. 13, 1890. 

Children born, two at Cheyenne, Wyoming, a?id the last at North Platte, Neb. 

(1) Hettie L. Taton, b. Sept. 20, 1891; (2) Althea S. Tat.m, 
b. Oct. 15, 1893; (3) Helen M. Taton, b. Sept. 25, 1899. 

4. Charlotte H., b. March 11, 1875; m. Charles W. Holliniished, 

at Kearney, Neb., Feb. 10, 1890. They lived at Henderson, 
Ky., in 1903. No children. 

5. Norah M., b. Jan. 5, 1877, at Bethanv, Mo.; d. at Mankato, 

Kan., Aug. 29, 1879. 

6. Grace C, b. at Mankato. Kan., Oct. 20, 1879; m. Silas E. 

Pickeral, at Kearney, Neb., Dec. 20, 1898. They live at 
Kearney, Neb., and have children: (1) Beulah M. Pickeral, 
b. Jan. 22, 1899; (2) Onie E. Pickeral, b. April 1, 1900; 
(3) Ethel H. Pickeral, b. Oct. 30, 1902. 

7. Mary A., b. at Mankato, Kan., Oct. 2, 1882; m. Thomas E. 

Jeffres, Aug. 20, 1900. They live at North Platte, Neb., 
and have (1) Genevieve M. Jeffres, b. Nov. 14, 1901. 

8. Charles E., b. at Mankato, Kan., March 13, 1885. 

9. Harrv C, b. at Mankato, Kan., May 25, 1888. 
10. John R., b. at Kearney, Neb., Feb. 18, 1891. 


1052 IV. Wilson Barlow,* b. Jan. 5, 1838; m. 1st, at Brandon, Vt., Mary 

S. Wright, who ilied July 1, 1896; m. 2d, Mattie Smith, July 
28, 1897. Mr. Churchill served nine months in the Civil War, in 
the Fourteenth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers. Enlisted in 
1862. They hve in Brandon, Vt. 

Children of Wilson B. and Mary S. ( Wright) Churchill. 

1. Eugene, b. at Chittenden, Vt., Jan. 8, 1861; m. Ella J. Nutting, 

at Merrill, Wis., March 28, 1884. They live in Idaho. 

2. LiUian V., b. at Brandon, Vt., Jan. 12, 1863; m. A. J. Jones, 

at Brandon, Aug. 15, 1893. 

3. Clayton,] b. March 10, 1867, at Sparta, Wis.; d. there, aged 

I one month. 

4. Carlton, }' b. March 10, 1867, at Sparta, Wis.; d. there, aged 

J six months. 

5. Delmont 0., b. Sept. 14, 1875, at Sparta, Wis. ; m. Ist, Ada 

Easton, at Brandon, Vt., July 29, 1897, who d. at Castleton, 
Vt, Feb. 14. 1900; m. 2d, Susie Walker, of Benson, Vt. 
They live at West Granville, N.Y., and have one child, (1) 
Alma L., b. at Castleton, Vt , Jan. 7, 1900. 

V. Angeline J.,* b. at Chittenden. Vt., Sept. 14, 1840; m. William 
R. JoHNsox, at Chittenden, Oct. 26, 1857. Mr. Johnson was 
born at Massena. N.Y., Nov. 5, 1836. He enlisted at Fairhaven, 
Vt., Aug. 8, 1862, in Company C, Eleventh Regiment, Vermont 
Volunteer Infantry, but was later transferred to the Heavy 
Artillery, and was discharged at Burlington. Vt., July 6, 1865. 
He is a mechanic. To i\Irs. Angeline J. (Churchill) Johnson the 
credit is due for the conijjlete and accurate account which has 
been furnished the editor of this volume. While she has been in 
somewhat frail health for years, her interest has not failed and 
her labors, in research and correspondence, have been unremit- 
ting and exceedingly appreciative of the material needed. The 
present residence of this family is Holden, Vt. 

Children of William R. and Angeline (Churchill) Johnson. 

1. Abbie M. Johnson, b. at Chittenden, Sept. 20, 1858; m. Denni- 

son R. Fassett, at Forestdale, Vt., March 19, 1876. 

2. Nellie E. Johnson, b. in Brandon, Vt., July 27, 1861 ; m. William 

A. Nutter, at New York City, Feb. 12, 1887. They lived in 
Brooklyn, N.Y., where she d'. July 10, 1897. 

3. Bertha D. Johnson, b. in Chittenden, March 20, 1868 ; m. Ernest 

J. Whitcomb, of Chittenden, at Forestdale, Vt., Dec. 31, 
1888. She d. May 14, 1896. 

4. Oliver E. Johnson, b. in Chittenden, Dec. 6, 1870; d. at 

Brandon, Vt., Feb. 23, 1876. 

5. Mabel A. Johnson, b. in Brandon, Nov. 13, 1873; m. Herbert 

A. Ingalls, at Chittenden, April 22, 1891. They lived at 
Pittsford, Vt , on a farm. 

6. Leon H. Johnson, b. at Rochester, Vt., Jan. 2, 1879; m. Caro- 

line M. Howard, at Rutland, Vt., April 12, 1902. They live 
at Chittenden, Vt. 

1053 VI. Ch.vrles Henry, s b. at Chittenden, Vt., Feb. 10, 1843; m. 1st, 

Amanda M. Churchill, dan. of Azem (610), at Sudbury, Vt., 
Jan. 2, 18G8; m. 2d, Mrs. Harriet M. (Graham) Tomlinson, 
at Pittsford, Vt., Nov. 12, 1900. She was the dau. of John 

Mr. Charles H. Churchill enlisted in Company H, First Ver- 
mont Cavalry. Nov. 30, 1863, and served till the close of the Civil 
War. They live in Holden on a farm, and have children. 

Mr. Churchill has been deeply interested in the progress of this 
volume, and has given much valuable assistance in compiling this 



1. Azem B., b. in Chittenden, Feb. 1, 1869; d. July 1, 1884. 

2. Charles H., Jr., b. at Sudbury, Vt., May 25, 1871; m. Laura 

F. Herrick, at Danby, Vt , Feb. 23, 1892. They have children : 
(1) Edna L., (2) Ruth E., (3^ Eeba, (4) Ella, (5) Lena, 
(6) Vina, (7) Kate. 

3. Bela, b. at Sudbury, Vt., Dec. 4, 1872; m. Alice Huntoon, at 

Rutland, Vt., Dec. 8, 1896. They live on a farm in Chuten- 
den, Vt., and have children: (1) Pearl A., (2) Azem C, 
(3) Warren L. 

1054 VII. Columbus Caleb,** b. in Chittenden, Vt., March 12, 1844; m. 

Elmira L. Bump, at Middlebury, Vt., Sept. 10, 1866. She was 

b. Jan. 27, 1846. He was educated at the public schools and two 

years at an academy. 

He served in the army in the Civil War, two years, in Company 
K, Twenty-Second Regiment, New York Volunteers, and then re- 
enlisted Nov. 30, 1863, in Company C, Tenth Vermont Volunteers, 
and remained in service till the close of the war. He was taken 
prisoner at the second battle of Bull Run in 1862, was exchanged 
and returned to his regiment in the field. He was severely 
wounded at the battle of Cedar Creek, Oct. 19, 1864. After mar- 
riage he settled on a farm in Chittenden for twenty years, but in 
1887 entered the ministry as an itinerant Methodist preacher, 
which calling he followed for ten years, retiring to his farm in 
1897, on account of failing health. He gave interest and help to 
this volume. 

Children born in Chitienden, except last. 

1. Emma L., b. March 13, 1868 ; m. Charles J. Wheeler, at Hague, 

N.Y., Dec. 31, 1889. She d. at Pittsford, Vt., May 19, 1S96, 
leaving children: (1) Fred A. Wheeler, b. at Pittsford, 
Dec. 29, 1890; i,2) Grace E. Wheeler, b. at Pittsford, Aug. 9, 

2. Waldo H., b. July 31, 1869; m. Mary M. Brewster, of West 

Rutland, Vt., Jan. 22, 1896. They live at Rutland, and have 
(1) JohnB., b. Oct. 26. 1896. 

3. Lewis B., b. Feb. 10, 1872; m. Fanny Dudley, at Bath, N.Y., 

Nov. 2, 1898. He is a minister at Houghton, N.Y., and they 
have two children : (1^ Leslie D., b. Nov. 18, 1899 ; (2) Mary 
A., b. Dec. 8, 1901. 

4. Anna B., b. Jan. 22, 1876; m. Rev. Willard C. Boardman, at 

Houghton, N.Y., July 24, 1895. They sailed from New York 
Feb. 5, 1902, for Sierra Leone, as missionaries, and he died 
there March 27, 1902, soon after his arrival. Mrs. Anna 
(Churchill) Boardman remains at Sierra Leone as a mis- 

5. Martha M.. b. May 19, 1880; m. Jerome Fuller, of Rochester, 

Vt., at Warren, Vt., Sept. 18, 1899. He is a farmer at 

6. Miriam L., b. Dec. 27. 1881. 

7. Abbie L., b. at Johnsburgh, N.Y., Aug. 10, 1889. 

1055 VII. Oliver Erastus,** b. Dec. 4, 1846; m. Mary R. Sherburn, at 

Bolton, Vt., March 31, 1871. 

He enlisted in Company C, Eleventh Regiment Vermont Volun- 
teers, Aug. 1, 1862, and served until the close of the Civil War. In 
1867 he removed to Missouri, where he remained some years, but 
later settled in lUinois. He was a teacher in tlie public schools for 
many years, working as a mechanic in vacations. They lived in 
Liberty ville. 111., in 1903, and have childien. 


Children . 

1. Alfred H., b. at Bethany, Mo., June 21, l.s73 ; m. Daisy A. 

Gaylord. He is a physician in Oswego, III. 

2. Rolla W., b. at Bethany, Mo., June 10, 1875. He is a lawyer 

in Chicago. 

3. Nola E., b. at Bethany, Mo., Sept. 10, 1877; m. Dr. William J. 

McQuaig, and they live in Chicago, HI.; have one child: (1) 
Malcolm C. McQuaiij. 

4. George S., b. at Kingwood, HI., Marcli 24, 1880; d. there Feb. 

18 18*^2 

5. Flora A., b. at Liberty ville, HI , Dec. 29, 1889. 

1056 IX. John Quincy,^ b. Feb. 20, 1848; m. Electa D. Durgy, Aug. 22, 
1868, at Chittenden, Vt. They live at Brandon, Vt. He is a 

They have Children. 

1. George M., b. July 22, 1869, at Chittenden; m. Grace Delphy, 

of Lincoln, Vt.'jan. 3, 18'.)6. 

2. Clara J., b. at Chittenden, Vt., May 29, 1871. She is superin- 

tendent of nurses at Mary Fletcher Hospital. Burlington, Vt. 

3. John Q., b. at Brandon, Vt., March 9, 1874; m. Susan Stevens, 

at West Rutland, Vt. Thev live at Brandon, Vt., and have 

one child : (1) Ruth E., b. Jan. 4, 1900. 
X. Flora Amklia,* b. Nov. IL', 1851; m. 1st, Charles F. Seg.vr, at 
Brandon, Nov. 24, 1874. ^Ir. Segar served as a soldier in the 
Civil War, and died at Marengo, 111., Feb. 6, 1878, and Flora M. 
(Churchill) Segar m. 2d, Rev. James R. Wylie, July 2, 1888, 
at Chittenden, Vt. He is now (1903) pastor of the Methodist 
Church in Dyke, N.Y. 

Child of Charles F. and Flora A. (^Churchill) Segar. 

1. Carrie M., b, in Chittenden, May 1, 1876; m. Elmer Franks, of 
Ontario, N.Y., March 17, 1898. They live at Williamson, 
N.Y., where he is a farmer. 


ZACCHEUS H." CHURCHILL (Caleb," Johx,^ Ebexezer," 
William,'' William,- Johx '). Born in Chittenden, Vt., March 29, 
1799. Of Zaccheus and his family we have been able to learn vexy 
little. Mrs. Johnson, of Holden, has tried to get the record, but np 
to the time of this account going to press we have received very 
little. He married Hannah N. Bacon, Dec. 4, 1827, and removed 
to Pennsylvania. Mrs. Johnson has a letter received from her 
brother, Edwin R., years ago, in which he says that "when I visited 
Uncle Zaccheus Chnrchill, in 1866, he was living some twenty-five 
miles south of Erie, Penn., and had five children." There were two 
sons and two daughters, and one other, he did not remember 
whether a son or daughter. He remembered the names of two of 
the children, the oldest son, Simeon, who was married and had eight 
children. The youngest son was Azem. All the children were 



ZBR,* William,^ William,^ John-^). Born in Chittenden (then 
called Philadelphia), Vt., June 11, 1803. He was a farmer and 
settled first in Chittenden, but about 1810, after his second marriage, 
he removed to Brandon, and took up a new section of seventy-two 
acres of land, upon which he built a rough log-house at first. Being 
a shrewd and industrious man, he began to speculate a little, in land 
and cattle at first, and later in lumber and various commodities. 
He set up a distillery for getting out " Winter-Green Oil," and after- 
wards built a saw-mill and conducted a wheelwright and blacksmith 
establishment. He died at Brandon, Jan. 12, 1884. Married 1st, 
at Reading, Vt., Oct. 4, 1825, Dorothy Sheldon, daughter of 
Jacob, of Reading. She was born at Reading, Vt., Jan. 19, 1804, 
and died March 10, 1838. Married 2d, March 10, 1839, at Pitts- 
ford, Vt., Naistcy Lyon, daughter of John and Polly Carry Lyon. 
Nancy was born Dec. 9, 1819, and died Oct. 18, 1901. 

Children of First \yife. 

I. Dorothy Chaklotte.^ b. Oct. 20, 1826; d. Oct. 28, 1827. 
II. Joseph Lorenzo,* b. Oct. 4, 1828; d. Jan. 7, 1852, unmarried, on 

the voyage to the Sandwich Islands. 
III. Julia Caroline,*' b, June 18, 1830; m. 1st, Caleb Briggs, about 
lt^52. He went to California, never returned. She obtained 
a divorce, and m. 2d, B. G. Clow, of Reno, Nevada, April 14, 

1057 IV. German Sheldon,* b. Oct. 15, 1832; m. Marietta F. Swain, of 

So. Reading, Mass., 1857. He was a druggist at Wakefield, 
Mass., and died in 1864. 

1058 V. John A.,* b. July 20, 1835; m. Mart Ann Conlon, Dec. 25, 1860. 

They lived at Council Bluffs, Iowa. He was a merchant. Two 
children. Dorothy, d. at 9 years and a son d. in infancy. 

Children of Second Wife, Nancy (Lyori) Churchill. 

VI. Dorothy Charlotte,* b. May 27, 1840; d. Dec. 19, 1845. 

1059 VII. Nathan W.,* b. Dec. 9, 1842 ; m. Frances L. Rogers, of Brandon, 

Dec. 9, 1866. 

He served from Sept. 15, 1864, to June 21, 1865, in the Civil War, 
in Company H, First Vermont Cavalry; d. July 5, 1886. He was a 
farmer and carpenter at Brandon, Vt. 


1. John R., b. Jan. 2, 1870; m. at Council Bluffs, Iowa, but wife's 

name not obtained. He was a dentist, and died Feb. 22, 1896, 
at Los Angeles, Cal., leaving one child, Barbara. 

2. Nathan H., Jr., b. Dec. 5, 1871. He married and lives in San 

Francisco, Cal., but we have no further information of him, 
except that he was a horsedealer. 

VIII. Jane L.,* b. March 15, 1844; m. Horace Smith, April 2, 1864. 
Mrs. Smith d. June 30, 1887. 


Children born in Virginia City^ Nevada. 

1. Grant H. Smith, b. April 13, 1865; m. and lives in Salt Lake 


2. Stuart Smith, b. June, 1869. He is a banker in San Francisco, 

3. Herbert L. Smith, b. Dec. 27, 1871. An architect, Oxnard, Cal. 

4. Jay Miles Smith, b. Aug. 28, 1874. Lives near San Francisco. 

5. Hawley Smith, b. Oct. 5, 1880. Lives near San Francisco. 
1060 IX. Royal M.,^ b. Oct. 27, 1846; m. Abbie E. Johnson, Oct. 27, 


They lived in Brandon, Vt. He served in the war of the Re- 
bellion three years, 1862 to 1865, in Company H, Eleventh Regi- 
ment, Vermont Volunteers, enlisting when fifteen years old. He 
was a moulder by trade, also a lumberman. He d. May 24, 1880. 

Children . 

1. Nancy J., b. at Brandon, June 14, 1870; m. Henry H. Horner, 

April 9, 1886, and d. Jan. 12, 1900. 

2. Joseph R., b. at Brandon, May 25, 1874. He is a grocer in 

Brandon, Vt. 

3. Grace F., b. in Chittenden, June 22, 1876; d. in Brandon, June 

13, 1888. 

4. Hugh H., b. in Chittenden, May 2, 1878 ; m. Annette I. Smith, 

April 3, 1901, in Fitchburg. 

5. Daisy A., b. in Chittenden, Aug. 16, 1879; m. George J. Bacon, 

of Brandon, Sept. 15, 1902. 
lOGl X. Riley V.,» b. May 13, 1851 ; m. Mary A. Phillips, June 28, 1887. 
He went West and worked in the mines and quartz-mills in Cali- 
fornia, Nevada, and Utah, but finally settled in Neola, Iowa, as a 


1. George H., b. Dec. 30, 1887. 

2. Riley V., Jr., b. Aug. 21, 1889. 

3. Amelia M., b. Dec. 30, 1890. 

4. Howel E., b. Feb. 2, 1892. 

5. Phillips v., b. Oct. 24, 1894. 

6. Victoria, b. March 25, 1897 ; d. April 20, 1897. 

1062 XI. George H.,^ b. Dec. 27, 1852; m. M. J. Sargent, dau. of Dr. A. 
J. and Ruth (Edmunds) Sargent, Oct. 4, 1876. She was born 
in Danby, Vt., Dec. 7, 1852. 

They lived on the old homestead of Nathan Hawley Churchill, in 
the present town of Forest Dale, Vt. Mr. Churchill is a farmer, 
lumberman, and manufacturer. 


1. Fred W., b. Sept. 3, 1877; m. Ida V. Le Rean. He is a drug- 

gist, Brandon, Vt. 

2. LeoR., b. Nov. 2, 1881. 

3. Ruth Fern, b. Jan. 6, 1889; d. Feb. 5, 1889. 

4. Andrew Hawley, b. Aug. 19, 1891. 


AZEM ^ CHUECHTLL (Caleb,^ John/ Ebenezer," William,^ 
William,^ John ^). Born in Chittenden, Vt., Nov. 13, 1805. He 
was a farmer in Chittenden, Vt. He died Sept. 11, 1877. Married, 
Ang. 29, 1831, Mercy M. Manlet, born at Chittenden, Jan. 19, 
1814, daughter of Seth. She died at Chittenden, May 27, 1873. 


Children born at Chittenden. 

I. Janet H.,* b. Dec. 28, 1832; m. Cyrus Barnard, of Chittenden, 
Jan. 15, 1851. He was in the army, lost at sea from transport 
while enroute from New Orleans to New York, Dec. 22, 1863. 

Children . 

1. Eugene A. Barnard, b. May 1, 1853; m. Annie E. Wetmore, 

Aug. 18, 1880. 

2. Nettie A. Barnard, b. Dec. 8, 1854; m. John Tarbel, at Pitts- 

ford, Vt., Dec. 8, 1872. 
II. Sylvia," b. Sept. 11, 1833; m. Nelson Parmblee, of Pittsford, 
March 13, 18(J0. They settled first in Pittsford, but removed in 
a few years to Fon du lac. Wis., and later to Grand View, Tenn., 
where Mr. Parmelee d. Aug. o, 1899. 


1. Mertie A. Parmelee, b. Feb. 24, 1862; m. E.T. Phillips, Grand 

View, Tenn., July 16, 1882. 

2. John A. Parmelee, b. March 24, 1871. Lives at Iron Mountain, 


III. Elsie A.,^ b. June 22, 1835; m. Homer M. Hewitt, Nov. 12, 

1853. They lived at Chittenden and Pittsford, Vt., where he d. 
April 12, 1899. 


1. Merritt H. Hewitt, b. June 23, 1856; d. Sept. 13, 1859. 

2. Elmer E. Hewitt, b. Jan. 27, 1861; m. Millie J. Wood, June 

12, 1889. 

3. Ella A. Hewitt, b. Jan. 15, 1872; d. Feb. 22, 1885. 

IV. Rachel M.,^ b. June 16, 1837; m. Sylve.ster C. Tarbel, March 

10, 1864, at Whitehall, N.Y. 


1. Wilson H. Tarbel, b. Feb. 3, 1867; m. Hattie M. Cotting, Aug. 

17, 1890. 

2. Mercy M. Tarbel, b.'July 16, 1868; m. Elam French, Jan. 15, 

1903, at Chittenden, Vt. 
V. LucELiA M.,^ b. Nov. 30, 1839; m. Albert Fletcher, of Pitts- 
ford, Vt., at Hampton, N.Y., Sept. 1, 1864. They settled first 
in Pittsford, Vt., but removed some time after 1879 to Aberdeen, 
So. Dakota. 


1. Azem O. Fletcher, b. Nov. 18, 1866; d. in So. Dakota, Oct. 17, 


2. Bertha M. Fletcher, b. April 26, 1869 ; m. C. E. Douglas, Feb. 

17, 1895. 

3. Emma L. Fletcher, b. Oct. 25, 1872; d. in So. Dakota, Nov. 6, 


4. Guy C. Fletcher, b. June 28, 1879; m. Mary Oleson, Sept. 4, 

1899, at Aberdeen, So. Dakota. 
VI. Amanda M.,^ b. April 22, 1841; m. third son of Caleb, Jr., Charles 
H Churchill, Jr., Jan. 2, 1868. 
1063 VII. Azem B.,» b. Jan. 8, 1843. 

He was a member of Company G, Twelfth Regiment, Vermont 
Volunteers, and died of fever, at Wolf Shoals Run, Va. , April 12, 
VIII. Alzina,^ b. Dec. 19, 1844; m., April 27, 1873, Rev. George Niles, 
who d. in Brandon, Feb. 27, 1889. She d. April 26, 1885. No 
record of children received. 
IX. Adelia E.,« b. March 31, 1854, d. Oct. 19, 1854. 



WILLIAM" CHUECHILL (Winslow,« Isaac,^ Ebenezek,* 

William,^ William/^ John ^). Born in Chittenden, Vt., Aug. 16, 

1797, attended Nine Mile Creek school. A farmer, and lived at 

Camillus, N.Y., later at Glen Ellyn. No further account of this 

family has been obtained. Married at Camillus, Mrs. Polly 



I. Diana.* She married seTeral times, it is said, but we have not been 
able to obtain any further account. She was living in Des 
Moines, Iowa, and her address was given as Mrs. Diana Coffin, 
but no answer was received. 
II. Christiana.** 

1064 III. Israel,® d. young. 

IV. Martha.® 
V. Mary.® 


SETH" CHURCHILL (Winslow,« Isaac,^ Ebenezer," Will- 
iam,^ William,- John'). Born at Camillus, N.Y., May 25, 1805. 
He was reared on the farm, attended the common school, and settled 
on a farm in his native town, but removed later to Babcock's Grove, 
111., and there took up a claim and settled a farm. Married, at 
Jordan, N.Y., Oct. 9, 1828, Roxana Ward. 

Children born, the first three at Camillus, the others at Babcock's Grove. 

I. Mary Jane,® b. 1829 ; m. Erastus Ketchum, Jr. 

1065 II. Horace,® b. Dec. 9, 1831; m. Matilda Crum, March 24, 1851, at 

York, 111. 

He was a farmer at Milton Township, 111., but started for Cali- 
fornia in the spring of 1852, and was never heard from afterwards. 

One Child. 

1. Horace Albert, born Dec. 10, 1852; m. Lucy Idella Headly, of 
Toulon, 111., Dec. 31, 1876. They lived in 1884 at 331 Illi- 
nois street, Chicago, and had then two children: (1) Ada S., 
b. at Prospect Park, 111., Jan. 16, 1878; (2) Horace Alex- 
ander, b. at same place, Oct. 29, 1880. 

1066 III. Myron,® b. April 23, 1834; m. Hannah Driscol. 

He died near Fort Carney, on his way to California. 
IV. Emily,® b. .\ug. 17, 1838; m. Oscar Johnson, in 1861. 

1067 V. Henry William,® b. July 17, 1840; m. Mrs. Matilda (Crum) 

(Churchill) Sherman. 

She was the widow of his brother Horace, and, later, widow of 
Hiram Sherman. 


MAJOR ' CHURCHILL (Winslow,« Isaac,^ Ebenezer," Will- 
iam,^ William,- John '). Born in Camillus, N.Y., July 8, 1807. 
Reared as a farmer's boy, he remained a farmer. Educated in the 

* Nothing has been obtained concerning Isaac,' No. 611, nor of William', 
mentioned on page 153, and, by mistake, numbered there, 612. 


common schools. He settled at Somerset, IsTiagara County, N.Y. 
He died at Eidgeway, N.Y., April 4, 1888. Married, at Yates, 
Orleans County, N.Y., Dec. 31, 1835, Mary A. Delink, daughter of 
John and Anna (Lott) Deline. 

Children horn in Somerset^ Niagara County, N. Y. 
I. Jane E.,^ b. Nov. 20, 1836; tn. 1st, Egbert Bawden; m. 2d, 
William D. Hott, Jan. 20, 1881. 

Children by First Husband born in Medina, N. Y. 

1. Willie Bawden, b. Nov. 10, 1861; d. July 2, 1862. 

2. Anna W. Bawden, b. Aug. 5, 1864; d. Nov. 15, 1882. 
II. Lavinia,** b. March 4, 1840 ; m. Mathew Corser. 

They lived at Somerset, Niagara County, N.Y. He was a farmer 
and school-teacher. 

Children born at Somerset. 

1. Clara Corser, b. 1863; m. 1st, George Lobbett; m. 2d. Robert 


2. Robert Corser. 

3. Willie Corser, m. Addie Perfit. 

III. Nelson, s b. Sept. 29, 1843; d. aged 3 years. 

IV. Mercy, ^ b. July 11, 1849; m. Theodore Merchant, July 4, 1868; 

d. without issue', Feb. 7, 1869. 
1068 V. Wellington M.,^ b. Aua;. 16, 1851; m. Elvira Chase, of Middle- 
port, N.Y., Jan. 3, 1877. 
She was the daughter of Ansel and Almira ( ) Chase. They 

lived at North Ridgeway, N.Y. He was a farmer. They had two 



1. Jessie, b. Nov. 1, 1877. 

2. Roy, b. Oct. 22, 1885. 

VI. RosE,^ b. April 25, 1855; m. William J. Lobbett, at North Ridge- 
way, N.Y., Dec. 20, 1876. 

He was the son of Joseph H. and Blessing B. (Gardner) Lobbett, 
. was a farmer and they lived at North Ridgeway. 


WINSLOW' CHURCHILL, Jr. (Winslow," Isaac,' Eben- 
p:zer,^ William,'' William,- John^). Born in Camillus, N.Y., 
June 13, 1812. Removed with his father's family to Milton Town- 
ship, now Glen Ellyn, 111. Settled later at Downer's Grove,' and 
lived there and at Lombard, 111., afterwards. He was a farmer. 
He died May 28, 1899. Married 1st, at Glen Ellyn, May 5, 1838, 
Juliette Morton, she died May 29, 1853 ; married 2d, at Glen 
Ellyn, Nov. 10, 1853, Sarah x\.nk- Nichols, who died Oct. 25, 
1858 ; married 3d, Dec. 25, 1858, Margaret Willard, who died 
Nov. 1, 1882 ; married 4th, June 4, 1885, Elizabeth Evans. 

Children., all bornmn Lombard, III. 
I. Olive,® b. April 20, 1839; m. Harvey Church, at Lisle, 111., 
Dec. 16, 1874. They lived at Wichita, Iowa. 
II. Orson,^ b. June 12, 1840; d. at Lombard, Nov. 1, 1854. 
III. Orscena,^ b. Jan. 16, 1842, unmarried. Lived at Downer's Grove, 


(No. 616, page 277.) 



IV. Esther,^ b. July 12, 1S44; d. Feb. 20, 1845. 
V. Philindia,** b. July 4, 1846; m. Edward Lawrence, July 25, 1872, 

at Lisle, 111. She died at Aurora, 111., Oct. 28, 1S74. 
VI. Harriet,^ b. May 28, 1849; m. Samuel Guanis. Lived at Lom- 
bard, 111. 
'VII. Elvira,** b. March 0, 1851; m. Frank Stadebakek, Feb. 16, 
1878, Aurora, 111. 

1069 VIII. 




Children of Second Wife. 
b. Nov. 22, 1854; m. Julia Davis, Aurora, 111. 


Henry W., 

2, 1878. Lived at Aurora, 111. 
James W.,* b. Sept. 23, 1856; m. Magdalene Mayer, at Iowa, 

Oct. 13, 1887. Lived at Lamberton, Minn. 
Isaac B.,** b. Oct. 24, 1858 ; m. Matilda Timpkie, at Downer's 

Grove, 1887. Lived at 244 W. Huron street, Chicago, 111. 

Children of Third Wife. 

XI. Orilla,* b. Oct. 27, 1859; m. Asa Townsend, at Lisle, Dec. 25, 
1878. Lived at Downer's Grove. 
XII. Rosella.s b. Oct. 27, 1859; m. Frank Lacey, April 16, 1884, at 
Downer's Grove. Lived at Lisle, 111. 

XIII. Annis H.,» b. Oct. 3, 1862; unmarried. Lived at 118 Cortlandt 

street, Chicago. 

XIV. Louisa C.,"^ b. Dec. 25, 1864; m. Charles Smith, at Downer's 

Grove, Dec. 22, 1886. Lived at 118 Cortlandt street, Chicago. 


Ebenezer,"' William," William,- John ^). Born in Camillus, 
N.Y., April 22, 1818, and was brought up on his father's farm. He 
attended the coinmon schools of his native town, and at the age of 
sixteen removed with his father to the West, and settled in what 
was then Milton Township, now Glen Ellyn, 111., and there, when 
he was of age, he entered upon a claim next to his father's, which 
he now lives upon, and which at the present time is a well-improved 
farm of two hundred and thirty acres. He is a man of well-earned 
prosperity and influence, and has been interested and very helpful 
in the compiling of this volume. Married, Sept. 15, 1841, Angelina 
Barker, daughter of Zelotus and jMargaret (Mason) Barker. 

Children horn at Glen Ellyn. 

1072 I. Amos,8 b. March 29, 1842; m., Nov. 26, 1866, Marilla Bronson, 

dau. of David and Rhoda (Page) Bronson, of Naperville, 111., 
where she was born, March 10, 1846. 

Amos Churchill spent his early years on the farm, and received a 
conmion school education and prepared for college. He enlisted in 
Company D, Eighth Illinois Cavalry, Sept. 1, 1861, and was sent 
forward to Washington soon after. His regiment joined the army of 
the Potomac under General C. McLellan, arriving at Hampton in 
time to witness the battle between the " Monitor" and " Merrimac." 
Mr. Churchill was engaged in all the battles of the Army of the Poto- 
mac, from March 1, 1862, to June, 1863. He served as orderly to 
General Sumner up to the battle of Chancellorsville. He was engaged 
in the great battles of South Mountain, Antietam, Chancellorsville. 


On June 1, 1863, he was severely wounded in the arm in a desper- 
ate skirmish with the enemy, near Beverly's Ford, and his horse 
was shot, but lived long enough to bear him to the hospital at 
Brandy Station. Mr. Churchill's wound was so severe that he was 
discharged, and arrived home Oct. 1, 1863. He resumed his studies 
and entered Wheaton College, until the spring of 1864, when the 
President called for recruits for one hundred days, and he enlisted 
in Company H, One Hundred and Forty-first Regiment, Illinois 
Volunteers, and was elected lieutenant of the company. His 
command was used mainly for garrison duty to relieve veteran 
troops, at Columbus, Cairo, and Paducah, Ky. On Oct. 10, 1864, 
Lieutenant Churchill, with his company, was mustered out at 
Chicago, and immediately resumed his studies until the spring 
of 1865, when upon the call of the President, he raised a company, 
and took them to camp, where they were mustered in, but on account 
of his wounded arm the surgeons would not pass him at tlie muster, 
and he returned again to his studies. He served in many offices of 
trust in his native town, on the board of education and in other re- 
lations. He engaged in farming and dealing in grain, etc., and in 
1883 formed a partnership with W. H. Luther, in the coal and 
grain and agricultural tools business, which business in 1890 
was dissolved, and continued by Mr. Churchill under the firm name 
of Churchill & Newton. Mr. Churchill has been always a self- 
reliant worker, a public spirited and influential citizen. He is a 
past commander of Post No. 513, G.A.R., and deacon of the Con- 
gregational Church. 

Their children, born at Glen Ellyn. 

1. Jessie M., b. June 19, 1868 ; m. Benj. B. Curtis, June 19, 1886. 

One child : (1) Esther M. Curtis, b. Nov. 28, 1899. 

2. Jennie E., b. Sept. 14, 1870; m. Lewis D. Townsend, April 22, 

1891. One child: (1) Richard D. Townsend, b. March 27, 

3. Josie M., b. Nov. 29, 1872 ; m. George H. Whittle, June 2, 1891. 

Twins, Marilla B. and Harriett J. Whittle, b. Aug. 6, 1902. 

4. Julia Almeda, b. May 21, 1875; d. Aug. 23, 1875. 

5. Adeline Barker, b. Dec. 19, 1877. 

6. Fannie Bell, b. Dec. 9, 1880; m. Clarence A. Rowland, June 

18, 1901. One child: (1) Ora E. Rowland, b. June 17, 1902. 

7. Rhoda V., b. Oct. 2, 1885. 

8. Amos, b. Dec. 28, 1888. 

II. Wealthy Irena,^ b. Dec. 5, 1843; m. 1st, Manly Brown; m. 2d, 
Stephen Standish, Feb. 11, 1867. 
1073 III. Andrew Zelotus," b. March 1. 1846; m. Celia Kernan, Dec. 21, 

They live at Oak Park, 111. Mr. Churchill's boyhood and youth 
were spent on the home farm, and in attendance upon the public 
school. He enlisted as a private in the Civil War, May 15, 1864, 
and was discharged with his company, Oct. 10, 1864. 

Children horn in Oalc Park. 

1. Angeline Edna, b. Dec. 27, 1872; m. Bert C. Davison, Oct. 18, 


2. Arthur Bradford, b. July 10, 1879; d. Jan. 7, 1902. 

He was in the high school in his native town when the Spanish 
War broke out, and enlisted in the Illinois Naval Reserves, and 
was mustered May 24, 1898, upon the U.S.S. "Fern," and was 
present at the battle of Santiago. After returning from the war 
he took a course at a business college, and then for two years filled 
a position in a large firm with credit, when his health failed, and 
for recovery he was sent to Arizona, but he died there, at Tucson, 
early in January, 1902. His body was embalmed and brought 


(No. 1072, page 277 ) 


home, where a public funeral was held Jan. 14, 1902. He was a 
fine and promising young man, and popular with all the community. 

3. Florence Celia, b Jan. 5, 1884. 

IV. Isaac Bradford, Jr.,^ b. Feb. 14, 1849; d. Sept. 16, 18.50. 
V. George Perry,** b. Sept. 29, 1851. Killed by the cars at Wheaton, 

Feb. 24, 1868. 
VI. Nettie,** b. July 29, 1855 ; m. Joseph Clarke, at Glen EUyn, Nov. 

24, 1881. They lived at Glen Ellyn and had children. 


1. Nellie Louise Clarke, b. Oct. 5, 1882; d. 1884. 

2. Bessie Marilla Clarke, b. April I, 1884; m. L. W. McDonald, 

Feb. 8, 1901. 

3. Perry J. Clarke, b. July 17, 1886. 

4. Agnes Ellen Clarke, b. June 25, 1889. 

5. Isaac Bradford Clarke, b. Feb. 27, 1893. 

6. Ruth Nettie Clarke, b. Aug. 8, 1895. 

VII. Hattie,^ b. Dec. 8, 1857; m. Charles Weinpress, Dec. 22, 1880. 

One Child. 
1. Margaret Weinpress, b. June 24, 1882. 


HIRAM ' CHURCHILL (Winslow/ Isaac,^ EbexVezek," Will- 
iam," William,- Johx '). Bora at Camillus, N.Y., April 7,1820. 
He was brouglit up on the farm, and attended the common school. 
Removed with his father's family to Illinois in 1834. He learned 
and followed the trade of carpenter. Lived at Milton, 111., till May, 
1852, when he started for California, overland, in a company which 
included Horace Churchill, son of Seth. Neither of these was heard 
from after passing Council Bluffs, and it is supposed that they were 
attacked and killed by the Indians near Fort Carney. Married, at 
Glen Ellyn, Nov. 1, 1840, Drusilla Millek, b. Sept. 22, 1820. 

Children horn at Glen Ellyn. 

I. Mercy,* b. Aug. 23, 1841; m. Frank Wadsworth, 1870. 

One daughter. 
1 . Mamie Clara Wadsworth. 

II. Wellington,** b. Jan. 5, 1843; d. unmarried, in the army, June 

30, 1862. 
III. Sarah Lucinda,* b. July 3, 1844; d. Aug. 24, 1844. 

1074 IV. Byron,8 b. March 6, 1846; m. Rhoda Miles, Jan. 11, 1868. 

1075 V. James Edwin,** b. July 12, 1848; m. Mary Green, March 17, 

VI. Hiram Wallace,** b. Dec. 3, 1850; d. April 14, 1858. 


BRADFORD ^CHURCHILL (Seth,« Isaac,^ Ebenezer,* Will- 
iam,'' William,- John '). Born at Chittenden, Vt., Aug, 23, 1800. 
Moved to Leroy, N.Y., in 1830, to Dane County, Wis., in 1845, and 
thence, about 1805, to Fort Dodge, Iowa. He died in Iowa, March 
31, 1881. Married, March 23, 1825, Mary Adams. 



I. Eno,s,« b. March 26, 1826; d. in infancy. 

II. Eunice Rosetta,^ b. March 29, 1829; living unmarried in 1900. 
107G III. Enos Albert,^ b. Sept. 24, 1831 ; m. Laura J. Powers, Feb. 1, 
1855. Their only surviving child is Dr. C. H. Churchill, b. in 
Dane County, Wis., May 21, 1858. Educated at Cornell College 
and Rush Medical College, in practice at Fort Dodge; m. Cora 
A. Bond, 1880, and they have children: (1) Charles P. B., b. 
Oct. 20, 1887. (2) Glenwood B., b. Aug. 15, 1890. 
IV. Sarah Jerusha,^ b. Oct. 19, 1835; living unmarried in 1900. 
V. Judith Axn,^ b. Dec. 11, 1839 ; living unmarried in 1900. 


EKOS^ CHURCHILL (Seth,« Isaac,^ Ebenbzer,* William/ 

William,- John ^). Born at Chittenden, Vt., March 13, 1807, and 

lived there, and died Oct. 21, 1884. Married, in 1826, Nancy 



I. Sarah,* b. April 13, 1831 ; d. in infancy. 
II. Mary,« b. June 26, 1834; d. at the age of 16 years. 
III. Eunice,** b. Oct. 23, 1839; m. Hiram Corey, July 4, 1859. 


ELISHA BRADFORD ' CHURCHILL (Elisha,« Isaac,' Eben- 
EZER,* William,"' William," John ^). Born in Swanton, Vt., June 
14, 1807, and lived in Burlington, Vt. Married, at Burlington, Vt., 
1833, Miranda Barber. 

Children horn at Burlington, Vt. 

1077 I. John Bradford,® b. May 23, 1834 ; in. Susan M. Abbott, Nov. 

18, 1857; married at Northampton, Mass. He died about 1878. 

II. Chloe Alvina,® b. Aug. 30, 1835 ; m. Dr. Henry R. Hoeman, 

July 16, 1856. They lived at Cincinnati, O., Kansas City, Mo., 

and Denver, Col., and in 1884 at Worcester, Mass. 


1. Fred. Augustus Churchill Holman, b. Cincinnati, June 11, 1857; 

d. at Kansas City, June 25, 1859. 
3. Carrie Maud Holman, b. Kansas City, Sept. 2, 1859 ; m. F. W. 

Marshall, Worcester, Mass., Jan. 29, 1884. 

3. Frank Foster Holman, b. Kansas City, Oct. 17, 1861; d. March 

2, 1862. 

4. Charles Henderson Holman, b. Kansas City, Dec. 2, 1862; m. 

Ida Louise Bessel, New York, February, 1896. 

5. Frederick Ralph Holman, b. Denver, Col., March 15, 1874. 

III. Ellen Eliza,* b. June 15, 1838 ; d. Aug. 11, 1856. 


HORACE ' CHURCHILL (Elisha,« Isaac,^ Ebenezer,* Will- 
iam,^ William,^ John ^). Born in Swanton, Vt., Dec. 14, 1814, 
and died at Milwaukee, Wis., Oct. 28, 1849. Married, 1835, in 
Sheldon, Vt., Alsista Italy Bowen, who died June 28, 1848. 


Children horn in Michigan and Wisconsin. 
I. Horace W.,^ b. April 23, 183G; drowned Sept. 9, 1800, on Lake 
Michigan, in the wreck of the " Lady Elgin." 
II. Mary Italy,^ b. April 17, 1838; m. I. T. Branch, Sept. 25, 1857. 
They lived in Milwaukee, Wis., where she died Dec. 27, 1864, 
leaving two sons. 

Children born in 3Iilwaukee, Wis. 

1. Walter Tenney Branch, b. July 25, 1859; m. Millie Belle 

Campbell, July 28, 18()3. They live in Denver, and have 
two sons, Carlton and Walter. 

2. Vernon Harris Branch, b. Feb. 3, 1863; m. Luella Brown, Oct. 

20, 1885. They live in Wichita, Kan., 1003, and have one 
child, Hazel Branch, b. at Concordia, Kan., Oct. 1, 1886. 
Mr. Branch, the father, married again, and in 1886, was Hying 
in Orwell, Vt. 

III. Ettnice C.,8 b. May 16, 1841; d. 1862. 

IV. WARREN,8b. Feb. 10, 1846; d. in Racine, Wis., 1878. 


SETH WARREN ' CHURCHILL (Elisha,« Isaac,^ Ebenezek/ 
William,'^ William,- John'). Born at Swanton, Vt., May 17, 
1821. Reared at Swanton, and received a common school education 
in his iiative town. He removed West, and settled at Milwaukee, 
Wis., where he kept a hotel from 1844 to 1852. He was a passen- 
ger on the " City of Pittsbitrg," through the Straits of Magellen. 
The ship was burned in the harbor of Valparaiso, Chili, Oct. 24, 
1852, and Mr. Churchill took passage to Panama by steamer, and 
thence to San Francisco, Dec. 14, 1852. He removed to San Jose, 
Cal., in 1864, and there kept the " Auzerais House " for twelve 
years, since which he has been engaged in the insurance business 
with his residence at San Jose. Mr. Churchill has been interested 
in the progress of this volume, and has helped very much in the 
compiling in his own life. Married, at Marysville, Cal., Dec. 31, 
1854, Sophia J. May, daughter of George and Sophia (Smith) May, 

born Feb. 3, 1835. 

I. Clara Isabella,^ b. at Marysville, Cal., Oct. 30, 1855. 
II. May,» \b. at Young's Hill, Cal., Jan. 11, 1857; d. Feb. 7 and 21, 
III. Mary,^/ 1857. 

1078 IV. Harry Howard,* b. Oct. 5, 1859, at Marysville; m. Mary J. 

Meigs, Jan. 9, 1886, at San Francisco. Died at San Jose, Dec. 
29, 1896. 

1079 V. George May,^ b. at Marysville, Sept. 6, 1861; m. Nellie Wood- 

ward, at San Diego, Oct. 22, 1888. 

They had children, but the names have not been received. 
VI. LucY,s b. at San Jose, Aug. 12, 1865. 
VII. Jennie,^ b. at San Jose, March 7, 1868 ; m. Mild S. Baker, San 
Jose, July 14, 1897. 

1080 VIII. Seth Warren, Jr.,8 b. San Jose, July 24, 1871; m. Marian D. 

Burt, at San Jose, Dec. 5, 1898. 

1. Florence May, b. Jan. 22, 1899. 
IX. Ada May,* b. at San Jose, Jan. 22, 1876; m. Komayne S. Hun- 
kins, of San Jose, Jan. 1, 1900. 



HENRY ^ CHURCHILL (Elisha,^ Isaac/ Ebenezer/ Will- 
iam,^ William,- John ^). Born in Swanton, Vt., Sept. 23, 1823, 
and died May 19, 1879. Mariied, Sept. 28, 1847, Miranda Gates, 
who died March 4, 1899. 


1083 I. Helen Lucretia,^ b. July 28, 1848 ; d. Dec. 16, 1852. 
II. Augustus Waeken.^ b. June 3, 1850. 

He lived in Cliieo, Cal., in 1885. 

III. Seth Erastus,* b. Feb. 9, 1852; unmarried in 1885. 

IV. Clara, ^ b. June 1, 1856; ra. William Singer. 
V. Fred,» b. Jan. 15, 1860; d. Sept. 21, 188i. 

1084 VI. Frank.8 In 1885 was at Rocklin, Cal. 


Ebenezer,^ William,'^ William,- John^). Born June 12,1821. 
He lived in West Peru, Me. The date of the marriage of his 
parents, Andrew ® Churchill and Polly Aldham, as given on page 
156, is incorrectly given. Married Nancy Wyman. 


I. Nancy.s b. May 7, 1849 ; d. Oct. 2, 1864. 
II. Phebe,^ b. July 3, 1850; m. A. L. Gowd, April 4, 1870. 

1085 III. Andrew J., Jr.,^ b. Dec. 12, 1852. 


SAMUEL^ CHURCHILL (Ezra,« Joshua,^ Ebenezer,'' 
William,^ William,- John ^). Born in Sumner, Me., Aug. 15, 
1810. Settled first in Sumner, but removed to Montville, Me. 
Married 1st, April, 1834, Achsah Churchill, daughter of Joshua 
(No. 285), who was born in Salem, Mass., Sept. 2, 1808, and died 
May 27, 1866. Married 2d, March 15, 1868, Nancy Penney. 

Child of First Wife horn in Sumner., Me. 

I Maria M.,^ b. April 29, 1837; m. George H. Thompson, of 
Searsport, Me. One cbild, Leslie G. Tbompson, b, in Searsmont, 
Me., May 12, 1861. 

Child of Second Wife, Nancy Penney. 

1086 II. Ulysses Grant,^ b. in Montville, Me., Oct. 23, 1869. 


IVORY ^ CHURCHILL (Elias,« David,^ David," W^illiam,^ 
William,^ John ^). Born at Plympton, March 18, 1799. Married, 
June 30, 1823, Mary E. Blake, of Boston. 



1087 I. Henry,^ b. Jan. 26, 1825; lu. Mart D. Allen, of 

Brookfielcl, Mass. 

1088 II. Edward Blake,* b. Dec. 18, 1828; m. Aravesta Smith, of Lynn, 

May 28, 1852. 

III. Sarah Simpson,^ b. Feb. 27, 1832; accidentally killed. May, 1851. 

IV. SosAN Ann,8 b. May 30, 1839; m. Samuel , March 30, 1859. 


OTIS^ CHURCHILL (David,« David,^ David/ William,'' 
William,- John '). Born in Plympton, Jan. 12, 1805. Lived in 
Ashfield, Mass., till 1811, then Avent to New York in the family of 
his step-father, Captain Warren; fled with them from the British and 
Indians in 1812, in the war on the borders, which robbed the fami- 
lies of homes and property. He remained with his step-father 
until twenty-one years of age, and then worked at carpenter trade 
and wagon-making for eighteen years. In 1845 he moved to 
Niagara Falls, and engaged in house building for eight years, and 
then moved to Milwaukee, Wis., in 1854. He settled soon in Brook- 
field, Wis. Finally he with his two boys took up 80-acre lots in 
Rock Elm, Wis., and settled down to farming. He died Sept. 16, 
1886. Married 1st, May 80, 1831, Mary Russell, born Jan. 5, 
1813 ; she died May 10, 1842. Married 2d, Dec. 14, 1842, Belinda 
Russell, born Sept. 16, 1820 ; died June 18, 1859, daughters of 
Joseph and Ruth. Married 3d, Dec. 17, 1862, Mrs. Mart L. 
(Calkins) Pomerot, widow of Charles B., born Oct. 5, 1832. 

Children of First Wife, born at Lewiston, N.Y. 

I. Eliza,** b. June 2, 1832, at Lewiston, N.Y. ; d. unmarried at 

Niagara Falls, Feb. 20, 1855. 
II. David Henry,» b. Sept. 13, 1834; d. Nov. 14, 1862, in the hospital 
at Baltimore. 

III. Mary Jane,^ b. Jan. 20, 1837; d. July 12, 1841. 

IV. Ruth Ann,^ b. Sept. 30, 1838; d. July 19, 1841. 

1089 V. Jame8,8 b. Feb. 20, 1842; m. Hattik M. Barnes, in Brookfield, 

Wis., .July, 1860. 

He is a railroad official, So. Minneapolis, Wis. They had six 
children. Names not obtained. 

Children of Second Wife, horn at Niagara Falls and in Wisconsin . 

1090 VI. William Otis," b. Jan. 25, 1844 ; m. Sarah E. Putney, in Wau- 

kesha, Wis., Dec. 7, 1871. 

He is a farmer at Eock Elm, Wis. They have two children. 

1091 VII. Wesley Russell,^ b. Aug. 30, 1845; m. Carrie E. Pomeroy. 

He is a physician. In 1887 was at Reedsburg, Wis. Has one 
child, Altie P. Churchill, b. 1879. 
VIII. Mary Sophia,** b. Oct. 17, 1847; d. June 21, 1854. 
IX. Sarah Jane,« b. Oct. 28, 1849; d. Sept. 6, 1856. 
X. Harriet Mellissa,** b. Aug. 21, 1852; d. Sept. 20, 1853. 

1092 XI. Franklin B.,^ b. Aug. 26, 1854; m. Florence N. Dawson, Nov. 

14, 1884. 

A farmer, and owns a sawmill. Has fine stock of cattle and 
horses. No children. Lives at Rock Elm. 


1093 XII. Wilbur T.,^ b. Jan. 27, 1857; ni. Jennie Whipp, Oct. 7, 1886, 

Rock Elm, Wis. 

Has a general merchandise store and a small farm. 


LEVI^ CHURCHILL (Levi,« David/ David/ William/ 
William/ John ^). Born in Hingliam, May 5, 1803, and lived 
there. Married, Sept. 10, 1828, Lucretia Keen, of East Bridge- 
water. She died Jan. 1, 1897, aged 90 years. 


I. Celia,» b. Feb. 4, 1830; d. 1833. 
II. Cynthia Makia,^ b. Sept. 7, 1832 ; d. 1833. 

1094 III. Warren Keen,'^ b. Feb. 24, 1834; m. Elizabeth H. Josseltn, 

Nov. 19, 1863. 

They lived at Elmwood, Plymouth County, Mass., where he was 
a grocer, and had held the position of postmaster from the time 
it was established in 1863 until his death, March 2, 1898. Ho 
was the oldest living past master of Fellowship Lodge of Free- 
masons in Bridgewater. He was an influential and respected citizen. 
He helped about this volume. 


1. George M., b. Jan..^, 1874. 

2. Asaba W., b. July 5, 1875. 

IV. Bethia,® b. Aug. 10, 1838; unmarried. 
V. Andrew,^ b. Nov. 9, 1841 ; d. April 8, 1844. 

1095 VI. Newton,** b. April 7, 1844; m. Abby W. White. 


1. Harry N., b. Sept. 14, 1868; d. August, 1878. 

2. Percy M., b. Jan. 5, 1873. 
VII. Asaba,« b. June 16, 1846; d. 1848. 


LUTHER^ CHURCHILL (Levi/ David/ David/ William,-* 
William,- John ^). Born in Hingham, April, 1805. Married 
Eveline Blanchard. 


1096 I. Luther, Jr.,« b. March 2, 1828. 

1097 IL Benjamin F.,» b. Jan. 22, 1832. 
109S III. Elias P.,« b. Oct. 24, 1836. 

1099 IV. Caleb S.,« b. 1840. 

1100 V. Thomas J., «b. 1842. 
VI. Lizzie T..^ b. 1846. 

VIL Evaline,« b. 1848. 


ABISHA S.' CHURCHILL (Levi/ David/ David/ William/ 
William/' John^). Born in Hingham, Oct. 13, 1807; died Dec. 9, 
1890. Married Mercy L. Whitman. 

I. Hattie P.,^ m. George Benson, .Tune 18, 1850. 



1. George H. Benson, b. July 14, 1851. 

2. Fred L. Benson, b. Sept. 2, 1855. 

3. Walter L. Benson, b. Aug. 5, 1858. 

1101 II. Frederick S.,® b. Nov. 19, 1838; ui.Fhancelia A. White, Oct. 8, 

He was a shoe manufacturer in Boston, and died in Neponset, 
Sept. 23, 1897. 


1. Hattie P., b. April 23, 18fi5. 

2. Viola S., b. Nov. 22, 1876. 


ETHAN STETSON" CHURCHILL (Levi,« David,^ David," 
William,'* William,- John '). Born Jan. 11, 1835, at East Bridge- 
water, Mass. He Avas a piano-maker. Lived at Dedhani. He 
served in the Civil War, as a musician in a band. He died at 
Dedham, March 19, 1896. Since passing this name, on page 160, 
we have received new information. Married, at Weymouth, Sep- 
tember, 1859, Annie Matilda Cook, daughter of Samuel and 
Mary (Hunt) Cook. Mrs. E. S. Churchill died at Dedham, April 
1.3, 1902. 

Children born at Weymouth. 

I. Grace A.," b. Oct. 9, 18G1; m. 1st, Chauncey S. Churchill, of 

Dedham; m. 2d, Waldo Chase. 
II. M. Gertrude,* b. April 3, 18G3 ; m. Cleveland Cox, April 4, 


One Child. 
1. Harold Augustus Cox, b. June 27, 1884. 


JESSE ^ CHURCHILL, Jr. (Jesse,« David,^ David," Will- 
iam,'' William,- John ^). Born in Hingham, Jan. 30, 1806. Died 
Oct. 24, 1870. Married 1st, Oct. 20, 1833, Christiana Cushing, 
daughter of Elnathan. She died Nov. 13, 1840, aged 23. Married 
2d, Betsey A. Jenkins, of Boston, Nov. 7, 1841. She died in 
Hingham, Jan. 13, 1867. Married 3d, Mrs. Sophronia W. (Beal) 

First Wife's Children born in Hingham. 

I. Catharine Cushing,** b. Nov. 15, 1834; m. Silas H. Cobb. 
II. Christiana,* b. Nov. 30, 1837; m. Henry S. Ewer. 

Second Wife's Children. 

III. SrsAN Lincoln,* b. March 15, 1843; m. John W. Eldridge, 

Feb. 3, 18(14. 

IV. Martha Ann,* b. July 4, 1847; ni. Charles Daniels. 



JAMES ^ CHUECHILL (Jesse,^ David,^ David/ William,^ 
William/ John '). Born in Hingliam, Feb. 5, 1808. He died in 
Hingliam, Feb. 17, 1869 or '70. Married Cynthia Humphrey 
French. On page 160 surname is incorrect. She died in Hingliam, 
Jan. 20, 1866. 

Children born in Hingliam. 

1102 I. James Thomas.^ 

II. Cynthia," m. ( ) Mdrch. 

III. Emmeline.^ 


THOMAS C.^ CHUECHILL (Jesse/ David,^ David," Will- 
iam/ William,- John '). Born in Hingham, Feb. 5, 1808, and 
lived there. He enlisted in the Civil War, and died at Harrison's 
Landing, Va., Aug. 7, 1862. Married, at Hingham, Sept. 13, 1829, 
Sarah Sprague, born in Hingham Oct. 23, 1810 ; died April 13, 


I. Amelia Sprague,^ b. October, 1831 ; m. Dr. James M. Daly, of 
Boston, March 11, 1852. 


1. Grace A. Daly, b. January, 1853; d. September, 1853. 

2. James Harlow Daly, b. June 30, 185"> ; m. Clara Bussey Ken- 

drick, April 23, 1881. They have children: (1) Harlow B., 
b. Dec. 1, 1883. (2) Clara E., b. July 4, 1886. 


CHAELES^ CHUECHILL (Jesse,^ David/ David,^ Will- 
iam/ William/ John^). Born in Hingham, July 10, 1810. 
Married 1st, Oct. 20, 1833, Mehitable Gill. She died May 25, 
1835. Married 2d, November, 1838, Sarah Nichols, who was 
born at Boston, Sept. 7, 1812. 

Child of First Wife. 

I. Helen Maria, ^ b, Sept. 12, lS3i; m. Sidney Sprague, of 

Children of Second Wife. 

II. Charles E.,^ b. in Boston, 1839; d. unmarried. 
1103 III. William Henry,* b. Feb. IG, 1841; m. Rosamond Janette. 
Lived in Boston and had children: (1) Edwin Francis; (2) 
Nettie E. ; (3) Janette; (4) William H. ; and (5) Elmer Ware. 
IV. Edwin,* died in infancy. 



RUFUS^ CHURCHILL (,« David/ David/ William/ 
William/' John '). Born in Hingham, April 23, 1815. Married, 
Aug. 18, 1845, Mrs. Lucy A. (Bukr) Kimball. He died April 
11, 1872. 

I. Imogene.^ 
1105 II. MosE,s.« 


THADDEUS ' CHURCHILL (Jesse,« David/ David,^ Will- 
iam,'' William,^ John^). Born in Hingham, Feb. 27, 1823. Lived 
in Boston. Married 1st, Margaret M. Green, b. Jan. 7, 1837. 
Married 2d, Mary J. Hersey. 

Child of First Wife. 
I. Margaret Sideks,* m. Mr. Chandler. 

Child of Second Wife. 
110(> II. Russell Thater,^ b. Aug. 6, 1872. 


ZADOCK " CHURCHILL (Samuel/ William/ David/ Will- 
iam,^ William,'- John '). Born July 13, 1780. Married Betsey 

I. Betsey/ m. Barnabas Bryant. 


SAMUEL^ CHURCHILL (Samuel,^ William/ David/ 
William,^ William,- John '). Born May 24, 1804. Lived in 
Halifax, Mass. Married 1st, Saba Churchill, daughter of No. 296. 
Married 2d, April 30, 1837, Sarah Sturtevant. 

One Child by Second Wife. 

1107 I. Edmund W.,« b. March 13, 1838. Lives in Halifax, Mass. 


JOSEPH' CHURCHILL (Joseph/ William/ David/ Will- 
iam,^ William/ John^). Born in Plympton, Aug. 10, 1788. 
Married Mrs. Rebecca (Dunham) Morey, of Plymouth. 

I. Rebecca,^ m. Reuben Dickey. 
II. Eunice,* unmarried. 

1108 III. JOSEPH.8 

1109 IV. George Henry, ^ m. Mary Ness. 

V. Sebrina.** 



HOSEA^ CHUECHILL (Joseph," William,^ David/ Will- 
iam,^ William,- John ^). Born in Plympton, Aug. 24, 1792. Mar- 
ried Eunice Morey, of Plymouth, 1811. 

Children horn in Plymouth. 

1110 I. HosEA,« b. 1813. 

II. Betset W.,s b. 1815. 

1111 III. Silas M.,« b. 1817. 

1112 IV. Bartlett,* -I i , ,.22 

1113 V. Henrt,« jtwins, b. 1822. 

1111 VI. John Claek,« b. 1827. 


GEORGE T CHUECHILL (Joseph," William,^ David,^ Will- 
iam,^ William,- John ^). Born in Plympton, Oct. 29, 1802. 
Married Lybia Morton. 


lllla I. William,* b. 1822 ; m. Arkam Dickey. 

They removed to California. No record received of any 
II. Madison,* b. 1827 ; never married. 
1114b III. Jonathan,* b. 1835; m. Nellie M. Gate. 

Children . 

1. Fannie, b. 1866; m. Walter K. Terry. Lives in Flandreau, 

So. Dakota. 

2. Percy, b. 1874. Lives in Flandreau, So. Dakota. 

1114c IV. Thomas,* b. 1838; m. Mary Ellen Tovter, in Belmont, Me. 


1. Helen L., b. March 30, 1862; d. at 3 years. 

2. Fred T., b. Dec. 6, 1866. 

lllld V. Wesley,* b. in Corinna, Me., March 11, 1841 ; m. Adelia Heale, 
of Lincolnville, Me., 1865. She d. April 1, 1896. 
They lived in Swanville, Minn. He was a farmer. 

One Child. 
1. William, b. in Hancock, Minn., Sept. 1, 1881. 


JOHN ^ CHUECHILL (Joseph,^ William,^ David,'' William,^ 

William,- John '). Born in Plympton, Aug. 15, 1804. Married 

Mary Ann Tilden. 


I. Mary Ann,* b. 1824; m. Benjamin Albee. 

II. Sarah,8 b. 1826. 

1115 III. John,* b. 1830; m. Thankful Scammon. 

1116 IV. Daniel,* b. Aug. 4, 1832; m. Carrie B. Tower. 

1117 V. Elbridge F.,* b. 1834; m. Frances A. Clark. 

1118 VL James F.,* b. April 23, 183G; m. ( ) Towek. 


1119 VII. Elihu T.,8 b. 1839; m. Harkiet M. Clark. 

1120 VIII. Henrt,8 b. 1841. 

IX. Adrianna,* b. 1842; d. aged 17 years. 
X. Ltdia,* b. 1844; m. ( ) Dudley. 


WILLIAM^ CHURCHILL (William,^ Wii-liam,^ David, 
William/' William,- John '). Born in Bainbriclge, N.Y., May 
22, 1795. Married Minekva Luther. She was born March 1, 


I. Betsey, s b. Oct. 30, 1818; m. John Stag. 

1121 II. Leroy W.,^ b. Dec. 8, 1820; m. Isabel Cuthbert ; no children. 
III. Catherine,** b. Sept. IG, 1822; m. James Wells. 

1122 IV. William,'* b. Nov. 15, 1823; m. Sarah A. Kenyon. 

V. Lorentine,^ b. July 16, 1826; d. April 1, 1828. 

VI. Margaret, s b. Sept. 1, 1828 ; m. James Fort. 

VII. Anson,^ b. May 29, 1830; d. next day. 

1123 VIII. Jackson V.,^ b. May 1, 1831; m. Mary Roman. 

IX. Clerentine,** b. May 30, 1833; d. Aug. 16, 1843. 

X. Daniel,* b. April 9, 1835; d. July 1, 1839. 
XI. Eliza," b. July 15, 1838; ra. Richard Evans. 

XII. Frances,** b. April 12, 1841; d. Sept. 18, 1841. 
XIII. MoRiLLA,** b. May 25, 1844; in. Thomas Stone. 


OLIVER ' CHURCHILL (Olivek,'' James,'' David,^ Willi am,^ 
William,- John '). Born in Plympton, Nov. 19, 1794. Married 
1st, 1826, Sally Bradford. No children. She died 1826. Mar- 
ried 2d, Mary A. Loring, daughter of Ezekiel. She died 1873. 

Children of Second Wife. 

1124 I. Thomas Loring,'* b. April 3, 1834; m. Helen H. Briggs, Dec. 

20, I8G4. 

He died Dec. 17, 1900. 

One child: (1) Alice Bradford, b. May 2, 1866. 

1125 II. James Oliver,* b. July 5, 1835. 

III. Mary Hudson,** d. at Flympton, Oct. 11, 1868. 


ISAIAH ' CHURCHILL (Oliver," James,"' David,^ William/ 
William,- John '). Born in Plympton, Oct. 10, 1806. Married 
1st, Polly Stevens Parker, daughter of Jonathan. Married 2d, 
Jane Bradford Hayward. Married 3d, Angeline Standish, 
daughter of John. 

Children of First Wife. 

I. Charlotte Farker," b. June 6, 1835 ; m. David S. Flummer, 
Meredith, N.H. 

1126 II. Granville Mellen,* b. Sept. 24, 1836. 
III. Mary Granville,® b. Oct. 10, 1838. 



1127 IV. Frederick Stephen,® b. March 18, 1840. Reserved in Company 

H., Third Regiment, Mass. Volunteers, and later Eighteenth Regi- 
ment, and was killed at second battle of Bull Run, Aug. 30, 1862. 

1128 V. Isaiah Frederick, ^ b. Feb. 21, 1842; ra. Annie K. Loring, 

March 23, 1868. He served two terms of enlistment in the Civil 

1129 VI. Edmund Findley,® b. Feb. 21, 1842. He served in Eighteenth 

Mass. Regiment in the Civil War; was color bearer. 

1130 VII. Theodore Parker,* b. May 3, 1844. He served in Company A, 

Thirty-third Mass. Regiment, in the Civil War, and died in camp 
near Fredericksburg, Va., Dec. 14, 1862. 


LOUIS' CHUECHILL (Lewis," Nathaniel/ Nathaniel/ 
William/ William/' John ^). Born in Cornish, N.H., January, 
15, 1802. Eemoved to the West and lived in Iowa. Married 
EosAMOND Eecord. We have the names of two children only. 
No further record. 


1131 I. WlLLIAM.8 

1132 II. Luther. 8 


Nathaniel/ William,'' William,- John'). Born Feb. 4, 1815. 
Born in Cornish, N.H. He was a carpenter by trade, and removed 
from the old homestead to Cornish Flat in 1861. He enlisted for 
the Civil War Aug. 29, 1864, and was honorably discharged Sept. 
11, 1865. After the war he continued at his trade until his death, 
Oct. 15, 1879. He married 1st, Maky A. Angiek, 1842 ; 2d, Jan. 
31, 1867, Mrs. Mary J. (Westgate) Britton. 

Children of First Wife. 

1133 I. Edgar A., 8 b. Aug. 29, 1847; unmarried. 

He is a farmer ; lives in Cornish. Served in the Civil War. Has 
been selectman of his native town several terms. 

II. Mary E.,* b. April 20. 1850; m, Lovell B. George, of Newport, 
N.H., Aug. 29, 1874. 



1. Jennie B. George, b. July 20, 1875; m. John C. Wiggins, Aug. 

29, 1894. 

They lived in Sunapee, N.H., and have children: (1) Her- 
man L., b. July 20, 1895; C2) Edgar J., b. July 23, 1896; 
and Harold J., b. Sept. 1, 1898. 

2. Albert W. George, b. March 5, 1879; m. Alice B. Reed, Jan. 

13, 1901. 

One child: Blanche May George, b. Sept. 4, 1902. 

Jennie, 8 b. Dec. 31, 1855; m. William F. Waite, of Worcester, 
July 11, 187G. She died May 25, 1891. He died Sept. 19, 1889. 



1. Rosie May Waite, b. May 22, 1877 ; d. Nov. 23, 1893. 

2. Nettie Bell Waite, b. Feb. 13, 1879. 

3. Kate J. Waite, b. Nov. 5, 1880; m. William C. Smith, 1901. 

And have one child : Ethan Allen Smith. 

4. Frank E. Waite, b. Oct. 23, 1882. 

5. Ernest W. Waite, b. Feb. 28, 1889. 

Child of Second Wife. 

■ IV. Nkttie B.,« b. Feb. 20, 1868 ; m. M. B. Lindsay, of Cornish, Sept. 
27, 1896. 

1. Helen M. Lindsay, b. July 25, 1898. 


LEVI" CHURCHILL (Levi," Nathaniel/ Nathaniel/ 
William/ William/' John '). Born in Croydon, N.H., Oct. 17, 
1802. Married, March 28, 1827, Nancy Ann Sprague, who was 
born May 27, 1804. 


1134 I. James Miller,^ b. Feb. 19, 1828; m. Nancy Jones. 

1135 II. David Ripley,'^ b. Jan. 2(), 1830; m. Sophia G. Bkown, May 2, 

1857. She was born May 6, 1836. 
III. Lucy Ann,*^ b. June 28, 1834. 

1136 IV. Levi,8 b. Aug. 7, 1837; in. Elizabeth J. Forbs. 

V. Lydia,s b. Aug. 7, 1837; d. Nov. 24, 1851. 

1137 VI. Thomas Sprague,*" b. Dec. 25, 1842 ; died at the age of 21 years. 


DAVID EIPLEY^ CHURCHILL (Levi,« Nathaniel/ Na- 
thaniel,* William,' William/ John ^). Born in Stowe, Vt., 
1805. Settled in Knox County, Ohio. Married, April 24, 1829, in 
Ohio, Polly Perew, b. Oct. 7, 1807. 

Children horn in Knox County, Ohio. 

I. Rosamond,^ b. July 25, 1830; m. Alexander Scott, Sept. 17, 

1138 II. Levi,^ b. April 27, 1833; m. Rebecca Clemens, June 18, 1858. 

1139 III. Henry,« b Ffb. 7, 1836; m. Sarah Brown, at Highland, Kan., 

Oct. 25, 186G. 

Went to school at Fillmore, Mo. He served in the Union army, 
a private, three years and eight months. He is a farmer and lives 
at Phillipsburg, Kan. 

Children all horn in Highland, Kan.., except Charles R. and Ilattie E., born 

Phillipsburg. Kan. 

1. Mary F., b. Aug. 4, 1867; m. G. H. Tucker, Jan. 27, 1889. 

2. George F., b. March 27, 1869; m. Minnie A. Runnion, Feb. 

13, 1900, 


3. Annie M., b. Dec. 13, 1870; m. Edward Newton, Aug. 14, 1887; 

d. Dec. 16, 1888. 

4. William L., b. April IG, 1873; m. Mary Cobbey, March 7, 1900. 

5. Viiinie L.,b. Jan. 11,1875; m. Yalman Ferguson, Dec. 17, 1895. 

6. Charles R., b. Sept. 21, 1876. 

7. Clarence E., b. Nov. 4, 1878; d. Nov. 18, 1883. 

8. Hattie E., b. Feb. 23, 1881. 

IV. Melissa Jane,^ b. Feb. 15, 1839; d. June 14, 1839. 
1140 V. George,^ b. March 14, 1845; m. Ruth Craig. 


^ NATHANIEL ' CHURCHILL ( Josbph,^ Nathaniel/ Na- 
thaniel/ William/ William,- John^). Born in Thompson, 
Conn., April 23, 1810. They lived in Vienna, Oneida County, N. Y., 
for a short time, and afterwards in Annsville, same county. He 
died September, 1868. Married, in Annsville, N.Y., Oct. 24, 1833, 
Nancy Mowers, b. in Danube, Herkimer County, N.Y., Sept. 1, 
1805, and died August, 1880. 


I. Rhoda A.,« b. Oct. 4, 1834; m. 1st, Oct. 17. 1854, John Leonard 
Brewster, b. in Parish, N.Y., April 2, 1831; d. Sept. 16, 1857; 
in. 2d, Feb. 6, 1867, Robert Staoe, b. in England, Jan. 7, 1827; 
d. 1898. 

Children of First Husband. 

1. George Henry Brewster; b. Sept. 12, 1855. 

2. Marietta Brewster, b. Dec. 12, 1857. 

Children of Second Husband. 

3. Nellie Stace, b. Nov. 26, 1867; d. Dec. 12, 1867. 

4. Cynthia Stace, b. Oct. 28, 1868; d. Jan. 19, 1885. 

5. Melvin Stace, b. July 17, 1870. 

6. Aaron James Stace, b. March 9, 1873. 

7. Anna Stace, b. Jan. 10, 1876. 

II. Martha, « b. Sept. 4, 1836; d. April 21, 1839. 
1141 III. Wilson B.,'* b. Nov. 9, 1838; in. Annetta Raine, in Oriskany, 
N.Y., Jan. 4, 1865. 
He was living in 1899, in Camden, N.Y. 

Four Children. 

1. Nora. I 3. Frank. 

2. Jessie. | 4. Howard. 

* Mrs. Deborah (Churchill) Hyde, sister of Nathaniel, appears on page 165, 
but much information has been found since which deserves place here. She 
married Asa Waterman Hyde, in Glenmore, NY., Oct. 28, 1834. He was born 
Sept. 28, 1808, and died June 16, 1860. They lived in Glenmore. Their 
children were : (1) Ezra J. Hyde, b. Noven)ber, 1835. He was a soldier and 
died at Gettysburg, just after the battle, unmarried. (2) Asa Niles Hyde, b. 
Aug. 11, 1838; m. Hannah Seaton, Dec 29, 1860, and d April 12, 1864, in the 
army, leaving one child, Celia Hyde, b. April 7, 1863; d. Sept. 13, 1865. (3) 
Celia M. A. Hyde, b. March 27, 1842; m. Schuyler Bemis, April 10, 1865, and 
had one child, Netlie Bemis. (4) Harriet L. Hyde. b. May 21, 1844; m. 
Eugene Barber, April 4, 1875, and had two children, Frederick W. and Lena 
May Barber. (5) Joseph Asher Hyde, b. May 21, 1851; m. Delphine McKee, 
and had one child, George C. Hyde. 



ORRIN^ CHURCHILL (Joseph,^ Nathanie^ Nathaniel/ 
William,^ William,- John '). Born in Thompson, Conn., Dec. 
1<S, 1812. Lived in Annsville, N.Y. He died Oct. 16, 1894. Mar- 
ried Sarah E. Sprague, who was born Oct. 17, 1821, and died 
April 15, 1896. 

Children horn in Annsville, N. T. 

I. Theodosia,'* b. June 7, 1844. 

II. Emma Emogkne,* b. June 15, 1847. 

Il-i2 III. Ira SpRAGri:,« b. May 23, 1849. 

IV. Jennie,^ b. October, 1851; d. Feb. 2, 1875. 

1143 V. Frederick,** b. Feb. 13, 1856. 


GEORGE ■ CHURCHILL (Joseph,'- Nathaniel,' Nathaniel," 

William," William,- John '). Born in Thompson, Conn., June 7, 

1815. He died Oct. 29, 1895. Married ,1st, April, 1842, Sarah 

Powers Clark. Married 2d, Mrs. Lucina Monell, 1846. She 

died April, 1894. 

Child by First Wife. 

I. Sarah Powers,- b. May 12, 1843; m. Alexander S. Bennett, 
March 27, 1802. 

Children by Second Wife. 

II. Caroline Amelia,* b. 1847; m. David Curti.s, of Oswego, N.Y. 
III. Hannah Jane,^ b. 1851; m. Charles T. Croft, of Oswego. 


EDWIN LEWIS ' CHURCHILL (Joseph,'"' Nathaniel,'^ Na- 
thaniel," William,'' William,'-' John'). Born in Annsville, N.Y., 
in 1825. Living at Half Day, Lake County, 111., in December, 
1900. Married Charity Collins, of Annsville, N.Y. 


1144 I. Joseph W.* 
II. Josephine.** 


CHARLES ■ CHURCHILL (Cornelius,^ Ebenezer,"' Ichabod," 
William,' William,- John '). Born in Plympton, July 16, 1807. 
Lived in Abington, Mass. Married, Aug. 22, 1829, Mary B. 


Children born in Abington. 

I. John B.,* b. June 24, 1S31; d. Dec. 16, 1864. 
II. EiizA A.,* b. Dec. 7, 1832; m. Livingston Loud, Dec. 11, 1857. 
III. Mary C.,* b. July 10, 1835; m. Charles H. Williams, Dec. 10, 



1145 IV. Charles O.,** b. July 16, 1838; m. Betsey A. Holbrook, June 5, 
V. Elvira H.,^ b. March 3, 1841. 
VI. Emma I).,** b. April 18, 1844, 


ANSEL ' CHURCHILL (Ansel/ Ebenezer/ Ichabod/ Will- 
iam,'' William,- John'). Born Dec. 23, 1809. Married Sarah 
P. Delano. 


1146 I. Nathan Delano,** b. 1852; m. Helen A. Tower, dau. of Lorenzo, 
b. Nov. 15, 1852. Lived in Middleboro', Mass., in 1889. 


1. Carrie Delano, b. April 6, 1875. 

2. Frank Wilson, b. April 5, 1879. 

II. Sarah,* m. Charles A. Wright. Lived in Milford, Mass. 


HENRY' CHURCHILL (Ansel,'" Ebenezer,^ Ichabod,^ Will- 
iam,' William,- John'). Born Jan. 13, 1813. Married Esther 


1147 I. Henry.'' 

1148 II. THOMA8.8 

1149 III. George L.8 
1160 IV. Otis.8 


JAMES' CHURCHILL (Ansel," Ebenezer,"' Ichabod," Will- 
iam,'' William,- John '). Born July 5, 1815. Married Rebecca 


1151 I. Edwin.8 


GEORGE LEWIS' CHURCHILL (Ansel," Ebenezer,^ Icha- 
BOD,* William," William,^ John'). Born Sept. 15, 1817. Mar- 
ried, Jan. 2, 1843, Louise Bonney. 


1152 I. William L.* 

II. Georgianna M.^ 
III. Lois.* 

1153 IV. Samuel H.« 

1154 V. George H.* 



OEAMEL HJ CHURCHILL (Zebedee/' Ichabod/ Ichabod/ 
William,^ William,- John ^). Born at Woodstock, Vt., May 20, 
1825. . Married, Sept. 28, 1846, Sarah C. Smith, of Middleboro'. 


1154a I. Edwin H.,** b. Aug. 30, 1849; m. Laura E. Darling. 
II. Alice, ^ b. Feb. 17, 1854; m. George U. Washburn. 

III. Charles A. Y.,** b. Jan. 18, 1863; unmarried. 


Ichabod,^ William,^ William,'- John '). Born in Woodstock, 
Vt., 1817. Married, May 30, 1839, Adaline Dickerman, of Chic- 
opee, Mass. 


I. Frances.* 
II. Helen H.,« b. in Springfield, Aug. 23, 1844. 

1155 III. Fkkderick a.,** b. in Springfield, Jan. 20, 1847; m. Ellen Geers. 

1156 IV. Franklin Pierce,'* b. in Chicopee, Aug. 10, 1853. 

V. Mary.'* 


JOSEPH HENRY ' CHURCHILL (Seth W.," Ichabod,'^ Icha- 
BOD,^ William,^ William,- John '). Born in Woodstock, Vt., 
Sept. 18, 1820. Married, in Springfield, Mass., Jan. 29, 1843, Car- 
oline SiKES. 

Child borfi in Chicopee. 

1157 I. Charles Henry,* b. Sept. 26, 1845. 


SETH DOTEN ' CHURCHILL (Seth W.," Ichabod,'^ Ichabod," 
William," William,- John '). Born in Woodstock, Vt., May 5, 
1823. Married Eliza Tinkham, of Springfield. 


I. Ida,® m. W. W. Case; lives in the West. 

* II. Daniel. * 

*III. Henry. 8 

IV. Asa Tidd.» 

* These two brothers lived unmarried in Chicago, and afterwards in Daven- 
port, Iowa. None of the brothers had issue. 



ZACCHEUS^ CHURCHILL (Zaccheus,'' Thomas/ Ichabod/ 
William/ William,- John^). Eorn in Salem in 1799. Lived in 
Salem, and died Aug. 30, 1833. Married, in Salem, Oct. 31, 1819, 
Eliza Gilbert. 

Children born in Salem. 

1158 I. Addison Gilbert/ b. May 9, 1820. 

1159 II. John Gilbert,^ b. Sept. 5, 1821. 

III. Augustus/ b. June 20, 1823; d. in infancy. 

IV. Augustus,** b. Sept. 30, 1825. 

V. Eliza Ann,^ b. Aug. 25, 1827; m. ( ) Tufts. 

1160 VI. William Henry/ b. in 1832 ; unmarried. 


WILLIAM^ CHURCHILL (Zaccheus/ Thomas/ Ichabod/ 

William/ William/' John ^) . Born in Salem, June 16, 1807. 

Married, Jan. 30, 1828, Sarah L. Curtis, who was born Feb. 28, 


Children horn in Salem. 

I. Sarah,8 b. Dec. 25, 1828. 

II. Abigail,^ b. July 8, 1834. 

1161 III. William,^ b. July 14, 1837. 
IV. Laura,« b. March 16, 1841. 

V. Charles H.,*b. June 15, 1844; d. in infancy. 

1162 VI. Charles H./ b. Feb. 28, 1848. 


Isaac/ Isaac/ William/ John ^). Born April 2, 1831, at Newport, 
R.I. Lived at Brockton, Mass. Married Priscilla F. Perkins. 


1163 I. Frank P.,^ b. Jan. 7, 1854; m. Ida Estes, Dec. 24, 1884. 
II. Matthew,^ b. November, 1857; d. Sept. 10, 1858. 

1161 III. Henry A.,^ b. Feb. 17, 1865. 


ASAPH ^ CHURCHILL (Asaph/ Zebedee/ Perez/ Ben- 
jamin/ William,- John^). Born in Milton, April 20, 1814. 
Was fitted for college at Milton Academy and Day's Academy in 
Wrentham, and at the age of thirteen entered Harvard College, 
where he graduated in 1831. He studied law in his father's ofRce 
and at the Harvard Law School, was admitted to the Norfolk 
County bar in 1834, at the age of twenty. He immediately opened 
an ofiice at Dorchester Lower Mills, and held his Milton and Dor- 


Chester practice as long as lie lived, though he opened an office in 
Boston in 1856, and from that time had his office in that cit3\ 

He was always a resident of Dorchester, after his marriage, in 
1838. He was an able lawyer and a very influential man in the 
affairs of his town. He was one of the original promoters, and 
later president and director, of the Milton Branch (now Shawmut 
Branch) of the Old Colony Railroad, was director and president of 
the bank, now the Blue Hill National, holding one or both these 
offices for twenty-eight years. He was State senator from Norfolk 
County in 1856, and held other positions of trust and responsibility. 
He died Nov. 29, 1892, at Milton. Married 1st, in Dorchester, 
May 1, 1838, Mart Buckminster Brewer, daughter of Darius 
and Harriet (Buckminster) Brewer, of Dorchester; married 2d, in 
Milton, June, 1862, Mary Anne Ware, daughter of Dr. Jonathan 
and Mary Anne (Tileston) Ware, of Milton, who died May 5, 1886. 

Children of Asaph Churchill and First Wife, born in, Doixhester. 

1165 I. Gardner Asaph," b. May 26, 1839; m. Ellen Brastow Bar- 
rett, dau. of Nathan and Harriet (Ware) Barrett, and born in 
Boston, Sept. 2, 1839. Married in Wrentham, April 16, 1862, 
and died Aug. 20, 1896. 

Mr. Churcliill was educated in the public schools of Dorchester. 
In his youth he went on several voyages as a sailor, part of the 
time in a ship engaged in the East Indian trade. He gained ex- 
perience and studied navigation, so that he was fitted to fill a posi- 
tion of trust ; and when, during the Civil War, he enlisted in the 
navy, he was appointed, Dec. 15, 1862, acting ensign. After a 
period of training in gunnery on board the ship " Macedonian" he 
was assigned to duty on board the United States ship " Release," and 
served as sailing-master of that vessel, and afterwards, in the same 
capacity, on the United States steamers "Memphis" and "Shaw- 
mut," and (with an interval of a few months' furlough on account of 
sickness) he served until the surrender of General Lee, when, in 
1865, he resigned. 

He was a gallant officer, and on one occasion, by his coolness and 
prompt action, saved the " Memphis" from destruction by a rebel 
torpedo ram, in the North Edisto river, March 6, 1864. 

After the war Mr. Churchill engaged in the business of printing 
with the firm of Rockwell & Rollins, and on the death of Mr. 
Rollins, in 1869, he became the junior partner of the firm of Rock- 
well & Churchill, in which progressive and prosperous house he 
remained till his death. He had excellent taste in all matters per- 
taining to the business, was of quick perception and good judgment 
in all matters in which he took an interest. 

He served with credit for two terms, 1875-1876, as representative 
to the Legislature from Dorchester, and was a trustee of the In- 
sane Asylum at Danvers three years He was a member of the 
Masonic fraternity, of the Grand Army of the Republic, and of 
several patriotic societies, among others the Society of Colonial 
Wars, and the Sons of the American Revolution. He was 
interested in history and genealogy, was an active member of 
the New England Historical and Genealogical Society. He had 
for many years been interested in gathering material for a gene- 
alogy of the Churchill family, and in company with Mr. N. W. 
Churchill I'.ad, at the time of his death, nearly completed an ac- 
count of the Plymouth branch of the family, to which his own line 


belonged, to the seventh generation, and it was in pursuance of his 
intention that his family decided to publish the volume which has 
grown to include the three great branches, and eight or nine, 
instead of six, generations of one branch. In 1887 Mr. Churchill 
compiled and published a genealogy of his own line in a neat 
pamphlet of eighteen pages, for private distribution. After his 
marriage and return from the war Mr. Churchill lived at Wren- 
tham for some years, and then removed to Milton Lower Mills, in 
Dorchester, where he lived till 1884, when he removed to Alban 
street, Ashmont. 

Children of Gardner A. and Ellen (^BarreW) Churchill. 

1. Mary Brewer, b. in Wrentham, Dec. 31, 1864; m. Franklin 

A. Wyman, of Dorchester, Feb. 9, 1898, and has one child : 
(1) Dorothy Churchill Wyman, b. July 3, 1899. 

2. Asaph, b. in Wrentham, Aug. 18, 1866; m. Helen Olivia 

French, dau, of William Abrams and Olivia (Chapman) 
French of Jamaica Plain, June 14, 1900. They reside at 
Milton, and have one child : (1) Olivia, b. Oct. 28, 1901. 

Mr. Churchill fitted for college at the Eoxbury Latin School, 
and graduated at Harvard in 1888. He fitted himself for the 
wholesale paper business, and in 1901 established himself in 
that business in Boston. Upon the death of Colonel Rockwell, 
in 1902, he was appointed trustee of the Rockwell & Churchill 
printing concern. 

3. Ellen Barrett, b. in Dorchester, May 19, 1877. 

II. Fanny BucKMiNSTER,- b in Dorchester Aug. 11,1841; m. Joseph 
II, Locke, of Louisville, Ky., March 19, 1861. 


1. Hersey Goodwin Locke, 

2. Fanny Morey Locke. 

3. Christine Seward Locke. 

4. Harriet Buckminster Locke. 

1166 III. Joseph Richmond,^ b. in Dorchester, July 29, 1845; m. Mary 
CusHiNG, of Dorchester, Feb. 21, 1871. 

He was educated in Dorchester and Milton and Harvard College, 
where he graduated in 1867, and at the Harvard Law School 1869. 
He was admitted to the bar June 12, 1869, and began practice in 
Boston the following October with his father under the firm name 
A. & J, R. Churchill. Jan. 9, 1871, he was appointed by Governor 
Claflin a justice of the Municipal Court, Dorchester District of 
Boston. Much leisure was devoted to botanical study and the for- 
mation of a large herbarium. In 1887 by request of the editors of 
the " History of the Town of Milton" he compiled a history of the 
trees and plants growing naturally in Milton, forming a part of 
Chapter 18 of that I ook. He was appointed, in 1900, by Harvard 
College to visit the Botanical Gardens at the University. Has pub- 
lished several papers on botanical subjects in " Khodora." Jan. 
1, 1901, on the completion of thirty years' service as justic.e of the 
Municipal Court, he was presented by members of the bar with a 
silver service, in appreciation of his long and able administration 
of that office. 

Children horn in Dorchester. 

1. Richmond, b. Julv 20, 1874; d, 1880. 

2. Edward Cusliing, b. July 11, 1877; d. in 1880. 

3. Anna Quincy, b. May 31, 1884. 

IV. Mary,^ b. April 4, 1847; m. John Harrod Foster, of Brookline, 
Mass., Dec. 12, 1872. 



(No. 1166, page 298.) 



1. John Harrod Foster. 

2. Helen Mason Foster. 

3. Reginald Foster. 

V. Harriet Brewer/ b. Jan. 7, 1855. 
1167 VI. John Maitland Brewer,* b. Jan. 18, 1858. 

He fitted for college in the Boston Latin School, and graduated 
at Harvard in 1870. He entered the Harvard Law School, but was 
hindered in his course by frail health. He was admitted to the bar 
in July, 1884, and began practice in the office of his father and 
brother in Boston. He died at the Isles of Shoals, where he had 
been some time on account nf bis failing health, July 29, 1900. 

Married, in Dublin, N.H., June 15, 1898, Florence May 
Windsor, daughter of Gershom. They had one child : (1) John 
Maitland Brewer. 

Clrild by Second Wife of Asaph, Mrs. M. A. ( Ware) Churchill. 
VII. WiNSLOW Ware,8 b. July 5, 1873. 


JOSEPH McKEAN ' CHURCHILL (Asaph,« Zebedee,^ Perez," 
Benjamin," William,- John^). Born in Milton, April 29, 1821. 
He graduated at Harvard College in 1840, and Harvard Law 
School in 1845. He was a delegate to the Constitutional Conven- 
tion in 1853, representative from Milton to the Massachusetts Leg- 
islature for 1858 and 1859. He was a member of the council of 
Governor Banks in 1860-61. He enlisted in the Forty-fifth Regi- 
ment of Massachusetts Volunteers, for nine months, and was made 
captain of Company B of that regiment, which arrived in Newbern, 
N.C., Nov. 5, 1862, and was discharged July 8, 1863. He served 
on the board of Norfolk County Commissioners from 1868 to 1871. 
Appointed special justice in 1867, he was later made one of the 
associate justices of the Municipal Court of Boston, which office lie 
held at the time of his death. He died suddenly of heart failure, 
in Milton, March 23, 1886. Married, June 6, 1861, Augusta 
Phillipps Gardner, of Richmond, Va. 

Children horn in Milton. 

I. Mary Gardner,- b. May 19, 1864; d. in infancy. 
II. McKean Gardner,^ b. March 7, 1866; d. Feb. 12, 1883. 


Zebedee,^ Perez," Benjamin," William,- John '), Born in Milton, 
May 1, 1825. Fitted for college at Milton Academy and at Need- 
ham, with the late Rev. Daniel Kimball. Graduated at Harvard 
1845, and at Harvard Law School 1848. In the winter of 1845 to 
1847 Mr. Churchill travelled extensively in Europe, Asia, and 
Africa, visiting the islands of the ^gean Sea, Smyrna, Constanti- 


nople, then to Egypt and up the Nile to Luxor, to Thebes, back to 
Cairo, and across the desert with a camel-train to Suez and along 
the shore to the Gulf of Akaba, and thence to Mt. Sinai, and through 
Palestine and its historic places, and to Baalbec and Damascus. 
In this journey Mr. Churchill's fellow-travellers were the late Dr. 
Howard Crosby, of New York, the eminent scholar and minister, 
and his family. He completed his travels with a tour through 
Greece, Italy, a pedestrian tramp through Switzerland, then Ger- 
many, and up the Rhine, stopping awhile at Heidelberg, and then 
to Paris to attend lectures on the French civil law and the Code 
Napoleon. Returning home he completed his course at Harvard 
Law School and was admitted to the Suffolk bar Oct. 8, 1850, and 
began practice in Dorchester and Milton. He has lived in Milton 
on a part of the old Churchill estate. Mr. Churchill is a Unitarian, 
a life-long member of the Third Religious Society in Dorchester. 
Married, in Dorchester, April 6, 1853, Susan Elizabeth Spooler, 
daughter of Dr. John Phillips and Abby Elizabeth (Tuckerman) 
Spooner, of Dorchester. 

Children born in 3Iilton. 

I. Elizabeth Tuckerman,** b. Jean. 10, 1854. Living in Milton, un- 
116S II. Chakles Edward,^ b. Dec. 30, 1855. Living in Milton, un- 
married. He is engaged in business in Boston. 

1169 III. John Phillips Spooner,^ b. Feb. 16, 1858; m. Henrietta Adele 

Fay, Boston, Nov. 21, 1894. He is a lawyer in Boston, and 
resides in Milton. They have one child. 

1. Louise Fay, b. in Boston, March 29, 1896. 

1170 IV. Howard Crosby,® b. Feb. 11, 1860; m. Catherine Manning. 


1. Joseph Howard, b. in Anthony, Kan., Oct. 24, 1889; d. in St. 

Paul, Minn., Nov. 8, 1^90. 

2. Mary Elizabeth, b. in St. Paul, April 12, 1891. 

3. Joanna, b. in Montana, Dec. 31, 1892. 

4. John Spooner, b. in Havre, Mont, May 14, 1895; d. in St. Paul, 

Minn., Jan. 25, 1896. 

5. Bernard Francis, b. in Des Moines, la., Dec. 25, 1897. 

1171 V. John Russell,* b. Sept. 1, 1862; m. Harriet Krueger, Milwau- 

kee, Wis., Nov. 9, 1897. 

1172 VI. Frank Spooner,® b. Aug. 28, 1804; m. Lucretia Mott Halli- 

well, West Medford, Dec. 31, 1894. They live in Chicago. 

They have Children horn in Chicago, Til. 

1. Richard Halliwell, b. Jan. 11, 1896; d. Jan. 14, 1896. 

2. Lucretia Mott, b. Nov. 16, 1898. 

3. Winthrop, b. Sept. 23, 1900. 

117S Vn. William Winthrop,** b. Nov. 28, 1866. In business in Boston. 
VIII. George Phillips,* b. March 6, 1870; d. Jan. 31, 1874. 
IX. Mary Gardner,® b. Oct. 31, 1874. A teacher. 



GEORGE ATWOOD ' CHURCHILL (Asaph,« Pekez,^ Perez," 
Benjamin,^ William/ John'). Born in Middleboro', Sept. 26, 
1819. Lived in Salem, Mass., and was a machinist by trade. Mar- 
ried, in Middleboro', March 2, 1842, Amarantha Burgess, daughter 
of William and Lucy (Pierce) Burgess, born March 24, 1824. 


I. Ellen M.,^ b. in Middleboro', Aug. 12, 1843; d. aged 11 years. 
II. Lucy A.,^ b. in Lowell, July 29, 1846; ra. Edward Rockwood, of 
Worcester., July 7, 1865. She died in Boston, Dec. 7, 1881. No 
III. Edgar L.,^ b. in Salem, Nov. 12, 1848; d. Feb. 8, 1866. Served 
in the army near the close of the Civil War. 
1174- IV. Horace F.,* b. in Salem, April 7, 1851; m. Sarah A. Hersey, 
April 7, 1870. 

Children horn in Salem. 

1. Arthur C, b. April 6, 1871. 

2. William T., b. May 10, 1872. 

3. Lillian G , b. May 15, 1878. 

4. Horace A., b. April 15, 1893. 

1175 V. George LeForest,** b. Nov. 12, 1853; m. Martha Millett 
Hersey, April 19, 1870. They lived at Salem and Lowell, and 
had seven children. 

Ch ildren . 

1. Bertha Irene, b. April 26, 1872. 

2. Benjamin Atvvood, b. March 19, 1874. 

3. George LeForest, b. May 10, 1875. 

4. Harrie Greenieaf, b. Nov. 25, 1877. 

5. Nellie L.. b. Dec. 1, 1879. 

6. Millie, 1 . . u -o u i - looo 

7. Mabel, 1*^"^^' ^- ^^b. li>, 18h8. 

117G VI. Orlando,^ b. Dec. 20, 1856. 

VII. Ida E.,» b. Nov. 28, 1857; m. William L. Dcntley, Nov. 30, 
1882. They lived in Lynn, Mass., and had children. 


1. Joseph I. Duntley, b. June 17, 1884. 

2. George E. Duntley, b. Aug. 22, 1885. 

3. Edgar L. Duntley, b. Nov. 4, 1886. 
VIII. Florence A.,« b. Aug. 24, 1863. 


CHARLES ASAPH ^ CHURCHILL (Asaph,« Perez,^ Perez,^ 
Benjamin,^ William,'- Johx '). Born in Middleboro', Nov. 6, 
1835. He settled first in Middleboro', but later removed to Brock- 
ton, where he was engaged in shoemaking. While his children were 
young he left his family and has not been heard from since. Mar- 
ried, June 4, 1859, Hannah D. Drinkwater. 


I. Rhoda Melvina,^ m. Fred Brett, of Brockton. 

II. ArDELLA S AVERY,* 111. J. MiTCHELL, of BrocktOIl. 

She is now (1903) a widow, and has three children. 

ZEBEDEE P.^ CHURCHILL (Zebedee,« Isaac/ Perez,* Ben- 
jamin,' William," John ^). Born in Pomfret, Vt., May 15, 1818. 
Lived in Pomfret and Woodstock, Vt. Married 1st, June 1, 1846, 
Orlena Boutwell. She died June 26, 1854. Married 2d, Eeb. 
25, 1855, Emilt Ordwat. 

Children by First Wife. 

I. Ellen E.,* b. March 30, 1847; d. Dec. 8, 1875. 
II. Albert B.,« b. Jan. 31, 1849; d. March 3, 1851. 

III. Olive 0.,« b. Nov. 15, 1851; m. Webster L. Sawyer, Feb. 23, 


I. Dora E. Sawyer, b. Dec. 22, 1875. 

IV. Hannah E.,* b. Feb. 10, 1854; d. March 22, 1864. 

Children hy Second Wife. 

V. Emily M.,^ b. March 6, 1856; m. Frank L. Hoisington, Sept. 21, 



1. Ella A. Hoisington, b. Oct. 30, 1876. 

2. Ella L. Hoisington, b. Aug. 31, 1879. 

Mrs. Emily M. Hoisington died April 27, 1880. 

1177 VI. Mark Z.,^ b. July 30, 1858. 

VII. Etta A.,^ b. Jan. 24, 18G1 ; d. June 13, 1874. 
VIII. Addie B.,^ b. Nov. 4, 1863; m. Edgar D. Crowell, June 18, 



1. Arthur E. Crowell, b. July 15, 1886. 

2. A son, name not given, b. Nov. 30, 1888. 

IX. Edna M.,^ b. Aug. 13, 1866; m. Frank W. Bradley, May 16, 

X. Lucy I.,^ b. May 5, 1870. 


WILLIAM ^ CHURCHILL (Sprague,« Joseph,^ Perez,^ Ben- 
jamin,^ William,- John ^). Born in Paris, Me., Sept. 5, 1813. 
Lived in Sumner, Me. He died Jan. 2, 1889. Married, Oct. 30, 
1840, Mary Libby, who was born Jan. 13, 1821. 


I. Nancy,** b. Aug. 20, 1841 ; m. William S. Dunham. 
II. Harriett,® b. March 15, 1843; ra. B. R. Doble. They live in 
Weymouth and have children. 



1. Albert L. Doble, b. Feb. 19, 1861. 

2. Isaac Loring Doble, b. Jan. 27, 1863. 

3. E. Francis Doble, b. Feb. 12, 1865. 

4. Eolus Randall Doble. b. Sept. 24, 1867. 

III. Adeuni:,^ b. Jan. 24, 1845; m. Samuel E. Loud, Sept. 28, 1868. 


1. Cora Loud, b. 1870. 

2. Eugene Coolidge Loud, b. 1879. 

1178 IV. William,** b. April 19, 1848; m. Flora Merrill. 
117*) V. Alm^on,^ b. Nov. 24, 1861 ; m. Anna H. Fletcher. 


1. Alma Fletcher, b. Aug. 30, 1884; d. Aug. 19, 1888. 

2. Annie Beryl, b. April 27, 1891. 

3. Lovel Israel, b. Dec. 31, 1895. 


KINGMAN '' CHURCHILL (Sprague," Joseph; Perez/ Ben- 
jamin,^ William,^ John'). Born in Paris, Me., June 18, 1823. 
Lived in Paris, on the old homestead farm. Married Loretta 
Andrews, daughter of Daniel. 


I. Fannie W.,' b. June 26, 1852. 

II. Emma A.,* b. June 27, 1856. 

III. Abbie J. ,8 b. Aug. 16, 1859. 

1180 IV. Charles.^ 

V. Ellen.s 


JOSEPH" CHURCHILL (AVilliam,^ Joseph,' Perez,* Benja- 
min,^ William,"^ John '). Born Feb. 2, 1828. A merchant tailor. 
Lived at Bryant's Pond and Norway, Me. Died at Norway, Aug. 
16, 1881. Married 1st, Betsey Moody, of Casco, Me. She died 
Oct. 20, 1853. Married 2d, Sept. 3, 1855, Viana Perham, daugh- 
ter of Joel, of Woodstock. 

One Child by Second Wife. 

1181 I. Walter,® b. Dec. 6, 1858, at Bryant's Pond ; m. Linda Rawson, 

of Paris, Me., Sept. 6, 1891, and have one child. 

1. Walter Albert, b. June 14, 1893, at Portland, Me. 


WILLIAM" CHURCHILL (William,^ Joseph,^ Perez,* Ben- 
jamin,^ William,^ John '). Born in Buckfield, Me., Jan. 22, 1837. 
He died at Norway, Sept. 26, 1873. Married Mary Penley, of 



I. CoRA,8 b. March 26, 1859 ; d. April 29, 1861. 
II. Hakrt.s b. June 19, 1865; d. Jan. 9, 1881. 
III. Mart,8 b. Feb. 13, 1871; d. May 7, 1898. 


WILLIAM H.^ CHURCHILL (Jabez,« Jabez,^ Benjamin/ 
Benjamin,^ William,- John^). Born in Hallowell, Me., Oct. 10, 
1841. He removed West and settled at Stockton, Minn. Married, 
but wife's name not received. 

Children born in Stockton, Minn. 

I. J. Louise,^ b. April 8, 1869. 

1182 II. Arthur,^ b. Sept. 2, 1872. 

1183 III. Harry M.,^ b. Feb. 28, 1874. 


THOMAS WILSON^ CHURCHILL (William,^ William,^ 
Benjamin,* Benjamin,^ William,- John ^). Born in Wayne, Me., 
June 28, 1821, and lived there until after 1842, when he removed 
to Presque Isle, Me., where he spent his life. He was a farmer, an 
upright and respected man. He died Jan. 1, 1900. Married 1st, 
at Presque Isle, Me., June, 1849, Sarah Ireland, daughter of 
Silas and Celia (Chubbuck) Ireland. Married 2d, Mrs. Eliza- 
beth Frost. 

Children by First Wife, born in Presque Isle, Me. 

I. Emily,* b. Dec. 28, 1849 ; m. Sylvanus S. Richardson, Presque 
Isle, May 11, 1876. He was the son of Samuel and Lydia 
(Stover) Richardson, of Sullivan, Me. They live in Presque 
Isle (1903), where he is a farmer. 

Children born in Presque Isle. 

1. Ida M. Richardson, b. March 19, 1877; m. Rufus W. Fenla- 

son, Caribou, Me., Dec. 8, 1897. 

2. Olive Richardson, b. June 3, 1879. 

3. Lucille M. Richardson, b. Aug. 8, 1885. 

II. William, « b. 1851; d. Jan. 13, 1852. 
III. Annette,** b. 1853; m. Daniel Chase, December, 1887, Presque 
Isle; d. July, 1879. 

1184 IV. Frank,* b. 1855; m. Sarah Maria Frost, Presque Isle, 1880. 

She is dead. 

They lived on his father's homestead at South Presque Isle. 

Four children. 


1. Harry. I 3. Harvey. 

2. Lizzie. | 4. Edward. 

1185 V. Floraman,* b. 1857; m. Elsie Clark, Peaeham, Vt., September, 


1. Francis. 
VI. Nellie,® b. Jan. 16, 1859 ; m. Darius McGuiee, Presque Isle, 
August, 1883. 
VII. Alma.s b. May, 9, 1861 ; d. September, 1870. 

VIII. Hattie,® b. March 26, 1863; m. George W. Thompson, Presque 
Isle, 1882. 

1. Flora Thompson. 
IX. Albert," b. May, 1865; d. Jan. 19, 1887, at Richmond, Me. 
X. Katie," b. June 8, 1869. 
1186 XI. Elmer," b. March, 1872 ; m. Mabel E. Browx, Presque Isle, May, 
The wife died, leaving two children. 

1. Albert. | 2. Harold. 


LEWIS ^ CHURCHILL (WilliaiV William/ Benjamin,'' 
Benjamin/ William,- John^). Born in Wayne, Me., March 2, 
lc<23. Attended the schools in his native town until about thirteen 
y t ars old, when he went to live in Winthrop, his mother having sold 
the farm. He attended school in Winthrop two years, and then 
lived at his sister Florinda's, in Leeds, until twenty-one years old. 
Lives at Leeds, a farmer. Married at Leeds, Me., Feb. 19, 1850, 
Ruth Pettingill. They had no children born to them, but 
adopted two, who took the Churchill name, viz. : 

1. Mary A. Cushman, who took the name Churchill, b. March 7, 

1855, being adopted by Lewis and Ruth, when seventeen 
months old. Married Wesley Welch, at Wayne, Me., April 
30, 1877. They live at Oakhind, Me., where he is a marble 
cutter and engraver. Their children born at Leeds, Me., 
are: (1) Carrie Alice Welch, b. July 31, 1878; m. Bert Haley, 
at Oakland, Me., May 10, 1891); (2) Lewis Churchill Welch, 
b. Aug. 11, 1880; (3) Mary Louise Welch, b. at North An- 
son, Feb. 13, 1882; d. Feb. 21, 1902; (4) Annabel Welch, b. 
at Leeds, April 30, 1884; (5) William W. Welch, b. March 1, 
1886; (6) Gerald Cushman Welch, b. June 19, 1888; (7) 
Earle Dunham Welch, b. Jan. 28, 1893; d. Feb. 18, 1899, at 

2. Loring Lyman, Avho took tlie name Churchill, b. July 14, 1871, 

being adopted when an infant; m. Maria A. Gulliver, Read- 
field, Me., Nov. 24, 1892. They live in Leeds with the parents 
by adoption, and have three children (in 1903) : (1) Harriet 
Ruth Churchill, b. Sept. 18, 1894; (2) Merton Edwards 
Churchill, b. Nov. 7, 1897; d. Oct. 19, 1899; (3) Stella May 
Churchill, b. Sept. 1, 1899. 


ADDISON H.^ CHURCHILL (Nathan," William,^ Benjamin,* 

Benjamin,'' William,- John '). Born April 23, 183G, in Avon, Me. 

We have not succeeded in obtaining anything further in regard to 


the children of this family. Married, September, 1867, Mary 
Tebbetts, of Avon, Me. 


1187 I. George.8 
II. Flora.^ 

III. Lydia.» 

IV. Alta.8 

1188 V. William. 8 

1189 VI, Addison.8 


■ WILLIAM W.' CHURCHILL (Natha-^,« William,^ Benjamin,* 
Benjamin,® William,^ John^). Born in Avon, Me., Oct. 1, 1846. 
He was a mill-man and lived in Phillips, Me. Married, Jan. 1, 
1878, Cora M. Ranger, of "Weld, Me. 


1190 I. Harrt,8 b. Nov. 18, 1878. 

1191 II.,^ b. Dec. 12, 1879. 

III. Mary A.,^ b. Sept. 17, 1881. 

1192 IV. Frank A.,^ b. Aug. 30, 1888. 


ABRAHAM ' CHURCHILL (Williams,^ Joseph,' Benjamin,'' 
Benjamin," William,^ John ^). Born in Herrick, Pa., Jan. 16, 
1821. Lived at Lenoxville, Pa. Married, in Susquehanna County, 
Pa., Feb. 26, 1845, Margaret Clarkson, born Feb. 2, 1825. 

Children . 

1193 I. Carvasso,^ b. Dec. 5, 1845. 

II. Abraham Williams,** b. Aug. 22, 1847; d. July 30, 1850. 

1194 III. WoosTER Beach,** b. Oct. 11, 1849. 

He was living at Tresoo, Pa., in 1899. 

IV. Isabella Bathsheba," b. Jan. 18, 1852. 

1195 V. Abraham Williams,* b. Dec. 22, 1855. 

VI. Malvina Ella,8 b. Feb. 3, 1864; d. May 8, 1872. 


JOSHUA WILLIAMS ' CHURCHILL (Williams,'"' Joseph,^ 
Benjamin,^ Benjamin,® William,- William '). Born Dec. 31, 
1825, at Herrick, Pa., lived at Clark's Green, Pa., a farmer. He is 
a strong temperance man, and an active worker for the cause. A 
member of the Methodist church for sixfcy-eight years, up to May, 
1903. Married 1st, 1850, Sarah Gill ; she died 1855. Married 2d, 
1859, Louisa R. Treat, who died 1879. 

Children by First Wife. 

1196 I. Norman E..* married, and it is said has four children, but we have 

no account of them. Lives, in 1908, at Puget Sound, Wash. 

1197 II. Martin,* married, it is said, and has a family in Wyoming County, 




ELISHA ' CHURCHILL (Nathaxiel/- Nathaniel/' Lemuel/ 
Barnabas,^ Joseph/ John '). Born at Herrick, Pa., Dec. 28, 1827, 
and died at Tunkhannock, July 23, 1886. They lived at Tunk- 
bannock. Pa. He was a contractor and builder. Married, at Brook- 
lyn, Pa., Oct. 7, 1831, Sarah C. Baker, daughter of Daniel and 
Juliette (Case) Baker. 

Children, first three horn at Herrick. 

I. Cora A.,^ b. Sept. 18, 1854; m. G. H. Sheldon, Lynn, Pa., May 

1, 1875. 
II. EosE E.,» b. Nov.. 28, 1856; m. Ikwin Duce, Lynn, Pa., Sept. 27, 
III. Ada E.,® b. Nov. 17, 1858; m. Eugene Bartree, Tunkhannock, 
Marcli 24, 1880. 
1108 IV. Frank N.,« b. in Sullivan County, Pa., May 7, 1862; m. Flora 

1191> V. Norman E.,* b. in Tunkhannock, June 27, 1868; m. Lena Saun- 

1200 VI. Carl,» b. Nov. 19, 1877, in Lynn, Pa. 


CHARLES' CHURCHILL (Williams/ Joseph/ Benjamin,^ 
Benjamin,^ William,^ John '). Born in Herrick, Pa., June 12, 
1834, and lived at Herrick and Susquehanna, Pa., where he was 
proprietor of the Marble and Granite Works. Married, at Susque- 
hanna, Pa., Oct. 11, 1860, Esther Jane Rogers, daughter of John 
and Esther (Smith) Rogers. 

Children horn at Herrick, Pa. 

I. Verna Asenatha,^ b. Oct. 27, 1861 ; m. Anton A. Garner. 
They lived at Binghamton, N.Y. 

1201 II. Jesse L.,« b. Dec. 10, 1864; m. Maud A. Platt, June 24, 1896. 

Mr. Churchill was educated in the public schools of Susquehanna, 
and entered his father's business. In 1887 he established the 
Horseheads Monumental Works, at Horseheads, N.Y., of which 
he is proprietor. He is a Freemason of prominence and ability. 
They have one child. 

1. Rogers Platt Churchill, b. Sept. 14, 1902. 
III. Louisa Mat,« b. May 18, 1872 ; d. March 27, 1875. 

SILAS OWEN" CHURCHILL (Williams," Joseph/ Ben- 
jamin/ Benjamin/ William,- John '). Born in Herrick, Pa., 
July 15, 1844. A farmer, lived on the old homestead, now Union- 
dale, Pa. Married, March 10, 1868, Helen E. Carpentek, who 
was born Nov. 21, 1849. 


Children born at Uniondale, 

1202 I. Ira S.,« b, June 9, 1869; m. Mart J. Carpenter, April 23, 1890. 

They live at Uniondale, Pa. 

1203 II. Albert M.,«b. Dec. 28, 1871; ra. Edith Curtis, Nov. 30, 1898. 

They live in Lestershire, N.Y. 

III. Jennie A.,^ b. Nov. IG, 1873; m. Joseph F. Fletcher, May 24, 


They live at Forest City, Pa. 

IV. Edith M.,s b. Aug. 16, 1878; m. Frank R. Dickey, Nov. 28, 1895. 

They live at Burnwood, Pa. 

1204 V. Harry W.,« b. March 29, 1883. ^ 

1205 VI. Clarence F.,^ b. May 21, 1892. 

CHANDLER' CHURCHILL (Nelson/ Nelsoi^/ Bexjamin,* 
Benjamin/' William,- John '). Born in Coleraine, July 23, 1826. 
MaiTied, in Charlemont, Nov. 8, 1849, Lucy Elagg. 


1206 I. Ashley T.,^ b. 1850. 

II. LucyE.,*' b. 18.53; d. 1860. 

III. Angie B.,8 b. 1861. 

HORACE^ CHURCHILL (Alvin," Nelson,-' Benjamin,^ Ben- 
jamin,^ William,- John^). Born in Coleraine, Mass., Jan. 1, 
1833. Married, Sept. 18, 1862, Cynthi i J. Chaffin, of Heath, 


I. Anna R.^ 


EREDERICK' CHURCHILL (Alvin/' Nelson,' Benjamin,* 
Benjamin,'' William,- Joiin^). Born in Charlemont, Nov. 8, 
1839. Married, Dec. 30, 1870, Josephine Willis, at Charlemont, 


1207 I. Charles Sumner,^ b. Feb. 23, 1874. 

1208 II. Wallace Eugene,« b. Feb. 8, 1877. 

1209 III. Arthur Walton, ^ b. Aug. 2, 1879. 

IV. Bertha Philena,« b. Feb. 1, 1882. 

1210 V. Merritt Hilton, 8 b. July 13, 1885. 


ANSON IRVING' CHURCHILL (Alvtn," Nelson,^ Ben- 
jamin,'' Benjamin,'' William,- John^). Born in Charlemont, 
Nov. 2, 1849. Married, at Charlemont, Nov. 28, 1874, Anna 




1211 I. Fred Alvin,* b. Aug. 8, 1875. 

1212 II. George Edward,** b. March 10, 1877. 

1213 III. Henry Anson,^ b. Feb. 10, 1879. 

IV. Nellie Bell.^ b. Feb. 2, 1881. 

1214 V. Bert Horace,^ b. July 25, 1884. 


SAMUEL ' CHUECHILL (Shepard,^ Jabez/ Jabez/ Josiah,^ 
William/ John ^). Born April 1, 1809, in Buckfield, and lived 
there, a farmer. Married Lovina Packakd. 


I. Cordelia, » b. Aug. 31, 1833. 
1216 II. Ezra F. ,» b. March 23, 1839. Enlisted in the army in the Civil War, 
and died in service. 

III. Charles C.,** b. Dec. 23, 1840. He was in the Civil War. 

IV. Elizabeth E.,» b. Jan. 7, 1846. 

V. Julia,8 b. Sept. 13, 1849. 


MARTIN ' CHURCHILL (Shepard,« Jabez,' Jabez/ Josiah,=' 
William,'' John^). Born in Buckfield, April 12, 1811, and lived 
there. JNlarried Betsey Chukchill, daughter of Asaph ° (No. 
143, q.V.). 

Children born in Buckfield. 

1216 I. Nathaniel,^ b. April 6, 1834; m. Anjja Barnes. (No issue.) 

II. Hannah,** b. Jan. 24, 1836; in. Seth B. Dudley, Dec. 24, 1854. 

Children horn in Buckfield. 

1. Nellie M. Dudley, b. July 31, 1856. 

2. Jennie Dudley, b. March 28, 1858; m. James Lewis, May 8, 


3. Cyrus K. Dudley, b. Jan. 23, 1860. 

4. Albert C. Dudley, b. March 10, 1863. 

5. Minerva Dudley, b. Nov. 19, 1865; d. Aug. 20, 1892. 

6. Harry Dudley, b. Sept. 10, 1867. 

7. John Dudley, b. Nov. 24, 1870. 

8. Perien Dudley, b. Nov. 20, 1874. 

9. Herbert Dudley, b. April 8, 1877. 

III. Emily,» b. Dec. 16, 1838; m. Simox Dudley. 

They had two children, names not received. 

IV. Amanda,® b. Aug. 15, 1840; m. Ezekiel Burns, of Oxford. 
V. Martin V. B.,® b. Aug. 1, 1842; d. Jan. 4, 1849. 

VI. Clara,^ b. March 4, 1845; in. Millett Shedd. 


1. Charles Shedd. 

2. Silas Shedd. 

1217 VII. A8Aph,8 b. March 4, 1848; m. Fannie Murch, Dec. 4, 1870. 

He was born in Buckfield, and lived there. 

Children born in Buckfield. 

1. Fannie M., b. Nov. 3, 1871. 

2. Asaph C, b. Feb. 3, 1874. 

3. Jennie M., b. Oct. 26, 1875. 


4. Howard L., b. July 25, 1877. 

5. Ernest B., b. Nov. 11, 1880. 
(5. Fred C, b. Nov. 25, 1882. 

7. Harriet L., b. Feb. 9, 1885. 

8. Flora Belle, b. April 2, 1887. 

9. Lizzie, b. Dec. 23, 1888. 

VIII. Rose,* b. April 16, 1850; m. James Rowlet. 
Lived at Provincetown, Mass. 


1. Ernest Rowley, b. Aug. 28, 1872. 

2. Ada Rowley, b. July 5, 1877. 

3. Flora Rowley, b. June 20, 1878. 

4. Mildred Rowley, b. Oct. 24, 1894. 

IX. Flora,** b. Dec. 28, 1851; m. Charles Hannaford. 
Lived at North Bridgton, Me. 

1. Frederick Hannaford. 
X. Reuben,^ b. Sept. 12, 1856 ; d. March, 1858. 
XI. Mart,* b. July 18, 1858; unmarried. 


NATHAN ' CHURCHILL (Shepard/ Jabez/ Jabez/ Josiah/ 
William,- John ^). Born in 1819, and lived in Buckfield, Me. A 
farmer. Married Harriet Thomas. 


I. Almira.* 

" II. Annette,* m. George Mason. 

1218 III. Edwin.* 

1219 IV. Alberton.* 



JOSIAH^ CHURCHILL (Shepard," Jabez,^ Jabez," Josiah,^ 
William,^ John ^). Born in Buckfield, Me., Dec. 4, 1825, and lived 
in South Paris. Married Tryphena Holt. 


I. Nellie,* m. Caleb Dudley. 

1220 II. Clifford.* 


JAMES N. D.^ CHURCHILL (Matthew,*' Jabez,' Jabez," 
Josiah,-' William,^ John^). Born in Falmouth, Me., March 15, 
1815. Married 1st, April 7, 1836, Orphia Churchill, daughter of 
Bela, No. 348. Married 2d, Hannah Keene White. 

Children of First Wife. 

I. Phebe,* m. RuEL Philllps, of Auburn, Me., 1860. He died Dec. 
29, 1891. 



1. Orlando Phillips, b. Dec. 27, 1863; d. Oct. 21, 1882. 

2. Ida S. Phillips, b. June 3, 1808; m. Robert 0. Dunning, Oct. 

19, 1887. Three children : (1) Orland Dunning. (2) Grace 
Dunning. (3) Ralpli Dunning. 

1221 II. Bela,'* removed to Pennsylvania, and married, and in 1902 was 

living witli his family in Pine Mills, Texas, but did not answer 
our letters of inquiry. 

1222 III. Elisha P.,« b. in Raymond, April 28, 1845; m. Hannah G. Tor- 

ret, of Dixfield, Me., Oct. ItJ, ISt^G. 


1. Henry P., b. Dec. 31, 1867; m. Jennie M. Littlcfield; lives in 

Strong, Me. 

2. Elury D., b. June 9, 1869; d. in infancy. 

3. Elury W., b. Oct. 27, 1871; d. July 9. 1892. 

4. Clara L., b. June 1, 1887, in Hallowell. 

1223 IV. Demekic Swan,^ b. July 3, 1847; m. Minnie A. Blake, June 17, 

1877. Lived at Mechanics Falls, Me. 


1. Harry Wilber, b. June 9, 1878. 

2. Nellie Isabel, b. Jan. 7, 1880. 

3. Eva Maria, 1 u a no ioqi 

, r^ r • >b. Aug. 23, 1881. 

4. George Lewis, J " 

5. Orphia, b. March 18, 1884. 

6. Arthur, b. March 23, 1886. 

7. Winfield, b. Oct. 11, 1888. 
V. Dennis,® unmarried. 

Children of Second M'ife. 

VI. Okphia,* b. May 12, 18o6; m. 1st, Harry Wells; no children; m. 
2d, MiNOT Fadnce. 

Children by Second Husband. 

1. James E. Fauuce. 

2. Maurice F. Faunce. 

1224 VII. Reuben,^ b. Oct. 28, 1858; m. Alice Campbell, of Pictou, August, 


1. Ernest, b. Oct. 30, 1887. 


SILAS H.^ CHURCHILL (Matthew/ Jabez/^ Jabez,'' 
Josiah,'' William/ John '). Born in Raymond, Jan. 19, 1817. 
Settled in Eaymond at first, and later in life in New Gloucester. A 
farmer and teacher in tlie public schools. He died Oct. 4, 1898. 
Married, April 10, 1853, Ardella H. Tobie, of New Gloucester, 
daughter of Thomas H. and Mary (Harris) Tobie. 

Children born in Raymond. 

1225 I. Frederick Tobie,s b. April 10, 1854; m. 1st, Laura E. Verrt, 

Mt Vernon, Ohio. 1889; m. 2d, Harriet E. Clark. They live 
in New Gloucester, lie is a farmer. They have two children. 



1. Cecil Verry, b. at Kearney, Neb., 1890. 

2. Velina D., b. in Raymond, Me., 1894. 

II. RosiLLA ToBiE,8 b. Nov. 2, 1855; d. in Raymond, Sept. 16, 1858. 
12'i5a III. Walter E.,* b. May 8, 1858; m. Ida L. Blodget, Colebrook, 
N.H., 1884. She was the daughter of James and Emily Blodget. 
They lived in Berlin, N.H., and had three children, viz. : 


1. Peleg Walter, b. July, 1885. 

2. Wendell H., b. October, 1887. 

3. Sally, b. October, 1895. 

Mr. Walter E. Churchill is a merchant. 
IV. Lerot,® b. July 16, 1860; ni. Alice A. Atherton, of Colebrook, 
N.H. She was the daughter of Edward and Mary Atherton. 
They lived at Colebrook, N.H. He was postmaster there. Died 
in 1893. Their children were : 


1. Eva Hammond, b. in Colebrook. 

2. Blaine Leroy. 

1226 V. Wendell A.,^ b. April 20, 1863; unmarried in 1901, and lived in 

Des Moines, Iowa. 


MATTHEW^ CHURCHILL (Matthew/ Jabez,^ Jabez,'' 
JosiAH,^ William,- John ^). Born in North Raymond, Jan. 11, 
1821. He died April 3, 1883. Married, in Boston, Nov. 13, 1851, 
Sakah Abigail Adams, who was born in North Boothbay, Me. 


1227 I. Ralph,* b. Sept. 5, 1852 ; m. Nellie M. Moody, in Winchester, 

Mass., Nov. 29, 1872. 
II. Cynthia Adams,® b. March 4, 1855 ; m. Arthur Fessenden Ellis, 
of Hyde Park, Mass., Nov. 17, 1875. No children. 


Jabez,^ Josiah,^ William,^ John'). Born in Raymond, Me., 
Aug. 9, 1829. Lived in his native town. A farmer, educated in 
the public school at home. Married, at Raymond, July 8, 1849, 
Mary Johnthena Doane, daughter of John Randall and Lucy 

Children horn at North Raymond. 
I. Jeanettb Bailey," b. Oct. 13, 1850; m. Orrin Peterson, at 
Harrison, Me., March 28, 1866. 


1. Edgar S. Peterson, b. Poland, Sept. 11, 1866. 

2. Mabel M. Peterson, b. Auburn, March 6, 1868. 

3. Josephine M. Peterson, b. Upton, Mass , June 20, 1872. 

4. Matthew A. Peterson, b. Uptqn, Aug. 31, 1874. 

5. Arvilla P. Peterson, b. Upton, Sept.l2, 1877. 

6. Alice B. Peterson, b. Holliston, Oct. 5, 1879; d. Oct. 7, 1883. 


1228 II. John Eandall,^ b. Nov. 10, 1851 ; m. 1st, Hattie E. Sheldon, 

April 5, 1884; m. 2cl, Clemina M. Darst, Jan. 7, 1895. 

Children of First Wife, horn at Kearney, Neb. 

1. Mary Pearl, b. April 3, 1885. 

2. George Warren, b. Dec. 2, 1887. 

Children of Second Wife. 

3. Ruth Floe, b. at Perry, Oklahoma Territory, Oct. 12, 1895. 

4. Jeanette Modes, b. Nov. 13, 1897. 

5. Darrell Dale, b. at Pedee, Oklahoma Territory, May 28, 1900. 

Mr. Churchill is a farmer at Pedee. 

III. Josephine Boxaparti:,** b. Oct. IG, 1854; m. Charles Franklin 

NiCKERSON, of Lewiston, Me., 1873. 

IV. Matthew,^ b. March 28. 1857; d. at Raymond, May 28, 1874. 

1229 V. Warren Levi,* b. March 24, 1860; m. Elizabeth Parker, April 

26, 1884. 
VI. Jennie Small,* b. at New Gloucester, June 24, 1867; m. James 
W. Krepps, at Boston, April 3, 1889. They live in Brooklyn, 
N .Y. No children. 

Mrs. Krepps has assisted much in the compiling of this Raymond 

1230 VII. George Samuel,* b. Feb. 21, 1873; m. Mart Ellen Ballard, 

Lynn, Mass., 1894. 


JOSIAH^ CHURCHILL (Josiah," Josiah/ Jabez,-* Josiah,^ 
William,- Johx '). Born iii New Gloucester, Me., May 22, 1809, 
and lived there and at Raymond, and Harrison, Me. 


I. Sarah,* b. in New Gloucester, Me., Oct. 10, 1833; m. Nicholas 
II. Lydia,* b. Nov. 13, 1834, in New Gloucester. 

1231 III. Joseph Fessenden,* b. in Raymond, Me., July 1, 1838; m. 1st, 

Sarah Smith, of Auburn, Me. ; m. 2d, Emma F. Latham, of 
New Gloucester. 

Children of Joseph F. and Emma (Latham) Churchill. 

1. Walter F., b. March 30, 1875. 

2. Edith, b. 1877. 

3. Olive, b. 1881. 

4. Ralph, b. 1887. 

IV. Hannah,* b. in Raymond, Aug. 21, 1839. 

V. Marshall,* b. Sept. 25, 1842; d. March 10, 1843. 
VI. LoANN,* b. May 26, 1844. 
VII. Maria.* 
VIII. LiDA A.,* b. in Harrison, Me. Unmarried. 

Miss Churchill removed in childliood to New Gloucester, and 
there received the usual common-school instruction, but being of 
studious habits and high ambition she gained far more than the 
usual common-school education. By the diligent pursuit of her pur- 
pose to attain literary ability, she has overcome many obstacles and 
achieved an honorable place among the leading autliors of Maine. 
Besides her brilliant and popular society sketches in various maga- 
zines she has published two volumes, entitled "My Girls" and 
"Interweaving." She is now, 1902, on the editorial staff of the 
" Success" magazine in New York City. 



RICHARD FOSS^ CHURCHILL (Asaph/ Asaph,' Jabez/ 

JosiAH,^ William,'- John '). Born in Minot, Me., Jan. 28, 1828. 

Lived in Lowell, Mass. Married, April 19, 1854, Sarah Daniels, 

who was born in Dover, N.H., Nov. 28, 1830. He died Feb. 14, 


Children born in Lowell. 

I. Edward,® b. June 15, 1856; d. Aug. 19, 1858. 

II. Emma J.,® b. April 3, 1859; d. July 26, 1859. 

III. Annie L.,« b. July 9, 1860, d. Dec. 9, 1862: 

IV. William A.,» b. Feb. 21, 1864; d. March 6, 1864. 

V. A.,s b. at Lawrence, Mass., Dec. 19, 1866; d. Dec. 27, 

VI. LiLLA,® b. at Lov^ell, Mass., Jan. 31, 1870. 


GEORGE^ CHURCHILL (Asaph,'' Asaph,-' Jabez,^ Josiah,'^ 
William,- John ^). Born Sept. 4, 1837. Married, Dec. 12, 18G6, 
Annie H. Dwyer ; she was born June 3, 1845. 


1232 I. George Arthur,^ b. Jan. 29, 1868. 

1233 II. Walter Asaph.^ b. May 27, 1875; d. Oct. 27, 1875. 

GEORGE HIRAM "' CHURCHILL (Hiram,« Asaph,^, Jabez," 
JosiAH,^ William,- John ^). Born in Charlestown, Mass., Oct. 4, 
1864. Married, at Charlestown, Dec. 29, 1886, Ella Connor. 

One Child. 
I. Frances Gertrude, b. Nov. 10, 1887. 


Jabez,* Josiah,^ William,- John^). Born in Charlestown, Mass., 
Dec. 21, 1867. Married, at Charlestown, March 24, 1888, Mar- 
garet May Tufts. 

One Child. 
I. Grace Vivian, b. Aug. 30, 1889. 


AsAPH,^ Jabez,^ Josiah," William,- John '). Born at Emery's 
Mills, York County, Me., Aug. 30, 1848. Studied law in the office 
of Copeland Edgerly, Great Falls, N.H., and was admitted to the 
bar, but took a course at Bates Theological Seminary, and became 
minister of the Free Baptist Church at Richmond, Me. Married, at 


Mechanics Falls, Me., Dec. 13, 1883, Maggie A. Archibald. We 
have not been able to obtain any further record. 


WILLIAM HENRY' CHURCHILL (John," John,^ Israel,^ 
JosiAH,^ William,- John ^). Born April 11, 1844. Mr. Churchill 
was living July 2G, 1887, when he wrote this account of his family 
from Woburn P.O., Ontario. Married, Dec. 11, 186C, Alice 
Titus, who was born Jan. 30, 1848. 


I. MiNERTA,8 b. March 21, 1868. 

1234 II. Frederick,* b. July 22, 1870. 
III. Christiana,* b. March 28, 1872. 

1235 IV. WlLLIAM,8 b. AVL%. 27, 1874. 

V. Jennie,* b. Nov. 27, 1875; d. Feb. 28, 1886. 
VI. Harriet,* b. Aug. 28, 1877. 
VII. Mabel,* b. Aug. 3, 1879; d. Aug. 12, 1881. 
VIII. Lilla,* b. Dec. 14, 1882. 

IX. John Harold,* b. Dec. 22, 1884; d. Feb. 24, 1886. 


Josiah,^ William,- John^). Born in Oshawa, Canada, Dec. 19, 
1854. Married, Oct. 10, 1876, Lizzie M. Addy, of Chicago. 


1236 I. Edward Patson,* b. June 27, 1878, in Chicago. 


CURTIS M.^ CHURCHILL (William T.,« Jacob,^ Joseph," 
JosiAH,^ William,- John '). Born in Vermont, May 3, 1815. Iti 
1884 he lived at 590 Ashland avenue, St. Paul, Minn. A builder 
and contractor. Married 1st, Sept. 20, 1838, Jane Ann Gilchrist, 
who died May, 1847. Married 2d, July 27, 1848, Mary C. Bun- 

Children of First Wife. 

I. Ophelia Viola,* b. Oct. 9, 1839; m. Jerome Closser, LaPorte, 
II. Evelyn Augusta,* b. Oct. 15, 1845. Unmarried. She is an M.D. 

III. Louise,* d. in infancy. 

IV. Jane Ann,* d. in infancy. 

Children of Second Wife. 

V. Flora,* d. in infancy. ^ 

VI. Louisa Evanza,* b. May 7, 1853. 
VIL Frederick William,* b. 1857. Drowned Oct. 11, 1873, at Hast- 
ings, Minn., aged 16. 

1237 VIII. Warner Leman,* b. Sept. 18, 1868. 



Joseph/ Josiah/ William/ John ^). Born, July 26, 1819. Mar- 
ried, August, 1842, 1st, Margaret Hewett, who was born April 
15, 1824, and died Aug. 7, 1857. Married 2d, Mary Joplin. 

Child by First Wife. 

I. Mart Elizabeth,^ b. July 11, 1844; m. 1st, George A. Patter- 
son, April 20, 1860; m. 2cl, Jeremiah S. Wright, Jan. 29, 1878. 

By Second Wife. 
II. Isabel,^ b. Oct. 1, 1863; m. John Patterson, 1886. 


CARMI D.^ CHURCHILL (Artemus," Jacob,' Joseph,* 
JosiAH,^ William,- John ^). Born in Oswego County, N.Y., Dec. 
7, 1821. Settled in Scriba, N.Y. A farmer. Married, Feb. 10, 
1850, Celia Kimball, in Hannibal, Oswego County, N.Y. 


I. Alice, ^ b. May 26, 1853; m. John Sneller, of Cicero, N.Y. 
II. Laura, ^ b. March 10, 1855; in. George Whitford. She died 
June 5, 1884. 

1238 III. Henry C.,^ b. July 9, 1857; unmarried in 1887. Lived at Bing- 

hamton, N.Y. He was engaged in a fruit raising, cooperage, and 
wholesale produce business. 
IV. Atwood M.,'*b. Dec. 25, 1860; d. unmarried. May 3, 1886, in Scriba. 


CHARLES R.' CHURCHILL (Artemus," Jacob,^ Joseph,* 
JosiAH,'" William,- John'). Born in Kingsbury, N.Y., Nov. 24, 
1824. He was a carpenter. He was a soldier in the Civil War in 
1861. He died May 31, 1883. Married, Mt.y 10, 1854, Mary J. 
Asseltine, in Briton, Canada. 


I. Artemus A.,^ d. at 16 years. 

1239 II. Mattison.8 

1240 III. Charles.* 


JULIUS B." CHURCHILL (Artemus,*' Jacob,'^ Joseph," 
JosiAH,'^ William,- John '). Born in Kingsbury, March 5, 1832. 
He lived in Scriba, N.Y., where he is a fruit farmer and hop-raiser, 
Married, June 18^ 1859, Eliza Knight. 

I. Cakrie M.8 
II. Genevieve Leona.* 


771. ^ 

HENRY PALMERS CHURCHILL (Palmer,^ Jacob/' Joseph,* 
JosiAH,^ William,- John '). Born Aug. 11, 1830. Married 1st, 
June, 1853, Maria Brown ; married 2d, Dec. 18, 1879, Clarissa 

CJiildren by First Wife. 

124-1 I. Charles,^ b. December, 1854. 

1242 II. William,* b. July, 185G. 

III. Ida," b. July 12, 18(51 ; m. Walter Plastridge, January, 1880. 

1243 IV. Edwin, « b. June 10, 18G3. 

V. DoRA,8 b. July 27, 18G7. 
VI. Belle," b. April 1, 1870. 


FRANK AL ANSON' CHURCHILL (Otis,« Jacob," Joseph," 
JosiAH,^ William,- John ^). Born Aug. 9, 1838. Lived in Sandy 
Hill, N.Y., and South Adams, Mass. Married, Oct. 4, 1864, Mary 
L. Shaffer. 


I. Etta M.," b. in South Adams, Mass., Aug. 18, 1865. 

1244 II. George," b. in Saudy Hill.N.Y., May 16, 1867. 


CHARLES PALMER' CHURCHILL (Jacob," Jacob,^ Joseph," 
JosiAH,'^ William,- John^). Born in Kingsbury, Washington 
County, N.Y., July 26, 1832. Enlisted in the army in the Civil 
War in 1861, and served three years as a drummer. He was in 
thirteen battles ; was wounded twice. Discharged April 29, 1865. 
He came home, and died May 12, 1867. Married, in Hartford, 
N.Y., July 3, 1854, Emeline Beebe. No further record. 

Joseph," Josiah,'' AVilliam,- John'). Born at Manlius, N.Y., but 
removed to Waukesha with his father. Lived at Clear Lake, Wis. 
Married Elizabeth Regular. 


I. Isadora ," d. young. 
1245 II. Chester." 


HIRAM DeFORREST' CHURCHILL (Erastus,« Benjamin,^ 
Joseph," Josiah,^ William,- John '). Born at Manlius, N.Y. 
Living, in April, 1900, at AuClaire, Wis. Married Mary Ann 


*s Children. 

I. Lydia.* 
II. Jennie." 

III. Ida.« 

IV. Fanny." 

1246 V. HiRAM.8 


Joseph/ Jos i ah/ William,- John '). Born at Manlius, N.Y. 
Married, at Waukesha, Wis., May 14, 1862, Elizabeth S. Taylor, 
born at Waukesha, Nov. 18, 1847. 


I. Nettie Irene,* b. July 10, 1863; m. 1st, William Baggs (she 
was divorced from Baggs) ; and m. 2d, J. H. Phillips. 

First Husband's Children. 

1. Georgiana Baggs, b. Feb. 22, 1882. 

2. Charles W. Baggs, b. Aug. 24, 1883. 

Second Husband's Children. 

3. Ervin James Phillips, b. 1888. 

4. Elsie Pearl Phillips, b. May 6, 1894. 

5. Adelbert Harold Phillips, b. Feb. 1, 1900. 

II. Alice Mae,^ b. Feb. 5, 1879. She lives at Waukesha, and has 
furnished the account of the family of Erastus, her grand- 

III. Mabel,** b. Oct. 23, 1881; died. 

1247 IV. Warren Norman,* b. Nov. 1, 1884. 


min,'^ Joseph,* Josiah,^ William,- John'). Born Feb. 20,1835. 
He died in the Hospital of St. Helena, Ark., March 8, 1863. Mar- 
ried, March 1, 1857, Sarah Van Sheick. 

Children born in Waukesha.^ Wis. 

I. Frances Marion,* b. Aug. 7, 1858. 

1248 II. William Ellsworth,* b. Nov. 5, 1860. 

1249 III. Charles Hawlet,* b. March 21, 1863; m. Mary Alta Rogers, 

Aug. 1, 1888. She was born near Marengo, 111., June 15, 1869. 


ALPHONZO T.^ CHURCHILL (Charles P.,« Benjamin,' 
Joseph,* Josiah,^ William,- John ^). Born at Waukesha, Wis., 
March 13, 1858. Mr. Churchill completed his education at the 


State Normal School, River Falls, Wis. He was a teacher for 
some years, and for two years a professor at Deer Park, Wis. He 
then established the " Clear Lake Herald," a large weekly news- 
paper. He is now (1900) editor and publisher of " The River Falls 
Times," at River Falls, Wis. Married, at Deer Park, Wis., Lulu 


MELBOURNE^ CHURCHILL (LaFayette," Alva,^ Jacob," 
JosiAH,^ William,- John '). Born in Pennsylvania, Sept. 12, 185G. 
Married, Feb. 25, 1879, Bridget Custy, who was born Dec. 14, 


I. Susan Agxes,^ b. May 13, 1880; d. July 1, 1880. 

II. Nellie Mae,^ b. Nov. 21, 1882. 

III. Jennie Edna,« b. May 29, 1887. 

1250 IV. Francis Melbourne,** b. June 17, 1889. 

V. Anna,* b. Sept. 10, 1892. 
VI. Margaret Catharine,* b. Oct. 13, 1895. 
VII. Josephine,* b. Sept. 4, 1900. 

ELMER ' CHURCHILL (LaFayette," Alva,*^ Jacob," Josiah,^ 
William,- John '). Born in Pennsylvania, July 31, 1868. Mar- 
ried, April 15, 1890, Ignatia Storrs, who was born Feb. 26, 1872. 


1251 I. Ellert LaFatette,*' b. Sept. 12, 1891. 
II. Minnie Dora,* b. Feb. 5, 1893. 

III. Carrie Blanche,* b. Aug. 9, 1895. 

IV. Vesta Grace,* b. March 16, 1899. 


JOHN PITT^ CHURCHILL (Roswell P.,« Seymour,-' Jacob," 
JosiAH,'' William,- John ^). Born Dec. 13, 1858. Married Eliz- 
abeth Phreun. 


1252 I. Edward Palmer,* b. Oct. 9, 1878. 
II. Camklia,* b. Nov. 14, 1882. 

1253 in. Harry Garfield,* b. March 24, 1885. 


REV. GEORGE W.' CHURCHILL (Ebenezer," George,' 
Ebenezer," John,^ John,- John'). Born in Middletown, 0., June 
27, 1830. Received his education in the public schools. He became 


a Baptist preacher, and, in succession, preached at Cokmibiana, 
Marietta, Beverly, Brookfiekl, Cumberland, and Cambridge, in Ohio, 
at the latter place eight years, his longest pastorate. In 1880 he 
removed to Leon, Kan., where he preached, as also at Augusta and 
Derby in the same State, and later at Pawnee and Perkins, Okla- 
homa, where he died, Dec. 18, 1896. Married 1st, Sept. 28, 1850, 
Elizabeth George, born Sept. 14, 1830 ; died at Leon, Kan., Feb. 
27, 1880. Married 2d, at Leon, Kan., Nov. 2, 1880, Mrs. Eliza- 
beth Galliher ; died Dec. 10, 1898. 

Children, all of First Wife. 

1254 I. John F.,^ b. Columbiana, 0., Sept. 18, 1851; m. Emma A. Black, 

of Cambridge, O., Oct. 27, 1874. 

He was a pliotograpber at Leon, Kan.; d. 1898. Children: (1) 
Mary, (2) Minnie, (3) Frank. The two daughters live at their 
grandfather Black's, in Cambridge, O. The son is somewliere in 
the far West. 
II. Melvina,* b. at Columbiana, June 10, 1853; m. John Albright. 

She died at Frederictown, 0., 1890. They had one son, (1) 
George Albright, b. in 1879. In 1902 the father and son lived at 
III. LiBBiE,^ b. at Columbiana, Sept. 30, 1855; m. Rev. N. Edgar 

Bennett, Bethel, O., Jan. 5, 1880. 

They live at Wilmington, 0. He is a minister of twenty-two 
years' standing. 

1255 IV. Jonathan K.,« b. Marietta, O., April 20, 1858; m. Callie McCoy, 

Dallas, Texas. 1886. 

They live at Kansas City, Mo. He is a book-keeper for the 


1256 V. Edwin S.,^ b. Beverly, O., May 17, 18G0; m. Orra Hotchins, in 

the State of Washington. 

He is now (^1902) in Douglas, Alaska. He is a mine insnector. 
VI. George Haelan,^ b. Beverly, O., July 10, 1863; d.Jan. 16, 1880, 

at Leon, Kan. 
VII. Mary C,** b. Brookfield, 0., Jan. 6, 1866; m. A. T. Gray, New 
Kichmond, O., Jan. 6, 1886. 

They live at Crawfordsville, Ind. Two children: (1) Helen 
Gray, b. 1889, (2) Charles Gray, b. 1897. 

1257 VIII. Warren Richard,« b. Cumberland, O., Oct. 9, 1869; m. Ivah 

Jones, Chicago, 111. 

They live at Chicago, 111. He is a book-keeper. 

Ebenezer,'* John,^ John,- John ^). Born in Middletown, O., Aug. 
4, 1832. Married, 1854, Evelene E. Bradfield, of East Fair- 
field, 0. 


I. George J.^ In 1887 he was living in Pittsburgh, Penn., but we 
could get no answer to our letters, so we have no farther record 
of this last family of the line of the youngest son of John and 
Hannah (Pontus) Churchill, and the last son, so far as known, in 
this junior line, in the Plymouth branch. 






JOSIAH 1 CHUECHILL * (or Cliurchell, as he himself spelled the 
name) makes his first appearance in Wethersfield, Conn., on the 
occasion of his marriage. He may have been there some time before 
that event, and probably had been, but we have found no evidence 
of his presence until then. We have found no evidence of his par- 
entage, birthplace, or previous condition. There is no evidence that 
he was related to either John of Plymouth, who was near his own 
age, nor to William, the ancestor of the New York branch of the 
family. Some hints or suggestions of a possible solution of the 
question of his nativity will find mention in the prefatory part of 
this volume, but since they are purely speculative, we do not place 
them here. 

The first entry relating to his real estate in Wethersfield is the 
following record : 

The 2d month & 28th rlaie 1641 the lands of Josias Churchell lying in Wethers- 
field on Connecticutt river. 

One pece whereon his howse standetli con : six arr^ more or less. The ands 
(the enils) abutt against the hie wale west & great Mea : east. The sids against 
the waie into the great mea : South & the house of John Jessiope ( Jessup) North. 
(Town Records, B. 1, p. 204.) 

This homestead was on the east side of High street, on the north 
corner of an ancient road leading to the " Great Meadow," and the 
river. It faced the southern extremity of the Common, which 
stretched north from his house to the river. But he did not reside 
here all his life, for, under the date December, 1659, we find this 
entry in the records : 

The Horn lot of Josias Churchell which he bought of Mr. Tantor (Taintor) 
which was (lildersleeves formerly living in Weathersfield, on Connecticot River. 
(Town Records, B. 1, p. 205.) 

This homestead of Richard Gildersleeve was on the west side of 
High street, a few doors south of Mr. Churchill's earlier home. 

* The old records have the name Churchell for the first three generations, 
but we have adopted the later, general form, in this and in other names. 

324 THE CHURCHILL FAMILY [Connecticut 

It is difficult to glean biographical material from the meagre and 
matter-of-fact records of our forefathers. In Hinman's genealogical 
account of the early Connecticut settlers, he says of Josiah Churchill, 
" He was a gentleman of more than a medium estate for the time in 
which he lived, and of reputation in the Colony." He was active 
and useful in public affairs, though not holding the highest positions. 
He was a juror of the Particular Court iu 1643, 1649, and 1651, 
at the Quarter Court, 1664 and 1665, and at the County Court, 
1666, 1670, and 1675. He was chosen a constable in 1657 and 
1670, and was elected one of the two town surveyors in 1666 and 

He executed his will on the 17th of November, 1683, and died 
before January, 1687. The inventory of his estate was taken Jan. 5, 
1687, by James Treat and John Buttolph, selectmen of Wethers- 
field, and was found to amount to 618 pounds 12 shillings and 
6 pence. This inventory shows that at his death he owned two 
home lots and two hundred and ten acres of land. He left his son 
Joseph " that house and home lott he now lives on," together with 
" all other buildings thereon." He left to Joseph also several other 
pieces of land, and a fifty-acre lot, " at y*" west end of Weathersfield 
bounds," in the newly settled tract which later became the parish of 
Newingtou. He left to his son Benjamin a number of pieces 
of land, and the old homestead, at the decease of his mother. 
According to the custom of the times his daughters were given cer- 
tain shares of " moveable estate." Among the items in the invent- 
ory are " a great chist," and " 2 bibells and other books." This 
" great chist " probably reappears in the inventory of his son Joseph, 
which specifies a chest with the initials " J. C," as well as a piece 
of " turkie work." 

Mention is made of his children Joseph, Benjamin, Mary Church, 
Elizabeth Buck, Anne Rice, and Sarah Wickham. 

JosiAH Churchill, above mentioned, married Elizabeth 
FooTF,, daughter of Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Deming) Foote, who 
died at Wethersfield, Sept. 8, 1700, aged about eighty-four years. 

Children of Josiah and Elizabeth (^Foote) Churchill, born in Wethersfield. 

1. Mary,- b. March 24, 1639; m. Samuel Church, son of Richard, 
of Hadlev, Mass. Thev settled in Hadley about 1659. He died 
April 13, 'l 684. She died in 1690. 

Children of Samuel and Mary {Churchill) Church. 

1. Mary Church, b. Jan. 23, 1665; m. Samuel Smith. 

2. Samuel Church, b. Aug. 19, 1667. He lived in Hadley. 

3. Richard Church, b. Dec. 9, 1669; m. Sarah Bartlett, Jan. 24, 

1696. He was slain by the Indians, Oct. 15, 1696. 


4. Mehetabel Church, b. Jan. 11, 1672; m. Ncheiniah Dick- 


5. Josiah Church, b. April 10, 1673; married, it is said, and had 

a family at Hadley, but we have no records. 

6. Joseph Church, b. Slay 26, 1678; d. unmarried in 1721. 

7. Benjamin Church, b.' Sept. 1, 1680. Lived in Hadley. No 


8. John Church, b. Dec. 2-1, 1682. Perhaps he is the settler at 

E. Hadley. 

II. Elizabeth,^ b. May 15, 1642; m. Henry Buck, of Wethersfield, 
Oct. ol, 1660. Mr. Buck was the youngest of two brothers who 
came to Wethersfield in 1647. He was born in England in 1626, 
as we learn from the record of his death, July 7, 1712, at the age 
of eighty-six years. He w as granted lands in Wethersfield in 1658, 
and acquired quite an estate later on, and became a citizen of 
influence and ability, filling the town oflices, and being elected a 
deputy to the General Assembly in 1667. 

Children of Henry and Elizabeth {Churchill) Buck, born in Wethersfield. 

1. * Henry Buck, b. 1662; ra. Rachel ( ). 

2. Samuel Buck, b. Feb. 2, 1664; m. Sarah Butler, Jan. 23, 1690. 

3. Martha Buck, b. Oct. 15, 1667; m. Jonathan Deming, Oct. 27, 


4. Elizabeth Buck, b. June 6, 1670. 

5. Marv Buck, b. March 12, 1673; m. Smith, March 

U, 1700. 

6. Sarah Buck, b. July 25, 1678. 

7. Rutli Buck, b. Dec. 4, 1681. 

8. Mehitable Buck, b. Jan. 4, 1684; m. Ebenezer Alexander. 

III. Hannah, 2 b. Nov. 1, 1644; m. Samuel Royce, of New London, 

January, 1667. She died early, leaving no children. 

IV. Ann, 2 b. 1647; m. Mr. Rice^ as shown by her father's will. 
/ We have found no further mention of her 

2 ^ V. Joseph,- b. Dec. 7, 164',); m. Mary ( ), May 13, 1674. 

3 VI. Benjamin,"'' b. May 16, 1652; m. Mary ( ). 

VII. A SON, who died, aged one year. 

VIII. Sarah,2 b. Nov. 11, 1657; m. Mr. ( ) Wi< kham. 

The name of her husband is upon the authority of her father's 
will. Hinman says she married Thomas Wickham, l>ut Mr. E. S. 
Welles, an expert genealogist, has investigated the records, and 
finds that the wife of Thomas Wickham, and the mother of six of 
his children, was named Mary. 

* Henry and Rachel Buck removed with the " Fenwick Colony, " about 1692, 
and settled in Fairfield. Salem County, N.J. Their son, Jeremiah Buck, had a 
wife, Mary, and a son, Jolin Buck, wlio married Lorana Whitacor, about June, 
1761, and these parents had a daughter, Mary Buck, avIio married Samuel West- 
cott, and their son, George B. Westcott, married Mary A. Hynson, and liad a 
daughter, Harriet Louisa Westcott, born Oct. 3, 1838, who married Thomas 
Hill, of Baltimore, Md. They have three children: (1) Anna Byrant Hill, (2) 
Malcolm Westcott Hill, and (3) Norman Alan Hill. Mrs. Thomas Hill is State 
Regent of the Maryland Daughters of the Revolution, and the above informa- 
tion is furnished bv her. 




JOSEPH 2 CHURCHILL (Josiah^). Born in Wethersfield, 
Conn., Dec. 7, 1649. He was one of the beneficiaries named in the 
"will of his maternal grandmother, Elizabeth (Deming) (Foote), 
widow of Governor Thomas Welles. In an indenture dated Nov. 
30, 1668, he is styled " husbandman." He lived in Wethersfield, 
on land inherited from his father ; probably the home lot described 
December, 1659, as belonging to Josiah Churchill, in terms as fol- 
lows : 

On pece a hom lot wheare on a house standeth containing three ac (acres) 
more or less the ends abutt against the streat east and Mr. Wells weast the sids 
against the Hom lot of Sam Welles South and John Hubburd North. 

In the inventory of his estate his home lot is mentioned as con- 
sisting of three acres, which would indicate that he passed his life 
on the homestead bequeathed by his father. That he was a man 
of ability and influence is shown by his gradual advancement to 
places of trust and influence. The Wethersfield Records show that 
at the age of thirty he was choseu one of the town surveyors ; three 
years later he was one of the assessors, and next year, 1684, he was 
made collector of taxes ; in 1689 was chosen constable, assessor 
again in 1695, and at the annual meeting, held Dec. 27, 1697, 
" Sergt." Joseph Churchell was chosen " Selectman," and again re- 
elected in 1698, and was still holding that office when he died, April 
1, 1699, at the age of forty-nine years. The above date of death 
appears in the heading of the inventory. His estate was valued at 
four hundred and sixty-one pounds, and his heirs, according to a 
memorandum at the end of the inventory, were the relict, Mary, 
Nathaniel, Mary Edwards, Elizabeth Butler, Dinah, Samuel, Joseph, 
David, Jonathan, and Hannah. 

Married, at Wethersfield, May 13, 1674, Mary ( ). Long 

and diligent search by many different investigators has not brought 
to light the surname of Joseph Churchill's wife. She survived him 
and lived to advanced age. She is mentioned as " Widow Mary, 
Senior," in the settlement of her son, Nathaniel's, estate, April 2, 


1728. An estate, apparently hers, was inventoried July 4, 1738. 
This indicates that she died that year. 

Children of Joseph and Mary Churchill. 

I. Mart, 3 b. April 6, 1675; m. Josiah Edwards, April, 1699. 
Mr. Edwards died some time before the birth of the twins. 

Children of Josiah and Mary (Ch7irchill) Edwards. 

1. Josiah Edwards, b. March 17, 1700. 

2. Churchill Edwards, b. April 17, 1703. 

3. Jonathan Edwards, b. .Jan. 13, 1704. 

4. William Edwards, b. 1706. 

5. David Edwards, b. April 6, 1707. 

6. Mercy Edwards, b. Sept. 24, 1710. 

7. Nathaniel Edwards, b. April 12, 1713. 

8. Mary Edwards, b. April 12, 1713; m. Capt. Zebulon Peck, of 

Bristol, Conn., July 10, 1735. They lived in Bristol, where 
he died Jan. 13, 1795, and she died May 23, 1790. 

4 II. Nathaniel,^ b. July 9, 1677; m. Mary Hurlbdt. 

III. Elizabeth,^ b. 1679; m. Richard Bdtlkr. 

IV. Dinah,-' b. 1680; ra. Jacob Deming, Nov. 3, 1709. 

They lived at Wethersfield and had children born there. 


1. Dinah Deming, b. Oct. 18, 1710; d. Nov. 13, 1710. 

2. Joseph Deming, b. Nov. 24, 1711. 

3. Jacob Deming. 

4. Moses Deming; m. Sarah Norton, and lived at New Briton, 


5. Anne Deming. 

6. liUcy Deming. 

We are not sure of the order of birth of the last four children. 

5 V. Samuel,^ b. 1688; m. Martha Boardman, June 26, 1717. 

6 VI. Joseph,' b. 1690; m. Lydia Dickerman, Jan. 12, 1714. 

7 VII. David,'^ b. 1692; m. Dorothy ( ). 

8 VIII. Jonathan, => b. 1692; m. Mrs. Sarah Deming. 

IX. Hannah,^ b. 1696 ; d. unmarried. 


LIEUT. BENJAMIN 2 CHURCHILL (Josiah i). Born in 
Wethersfield, May 16, 1652, and lived there. The records of his 
native town show that Mr. Churchill was early recognized as of 
ability and enterprise. At the age of twenty-three he was elected 
a surveyor, and soon after held successively the offices of collector, 
assessor, and constable. At the age of thirty-seven years he was 
chosen selectman, and for years served in that office. He was a 
surveyor of some note beyond his own town and often served on 
committees of survey for other towns by appointment of the Gen- 
eral Assembly. May 8, 1701, he was elected lieutenant of the 
" Trainband," for the north precinct of Wethersfield. He was 
living in April, 1728, but the tax-list of 1730 does not contain his 
name, and the probability is that he died before 1730, though the 
date of his death is not found on the records. Married, July 6, 

328 THE CHURCHILL FAMILY [Connecticut 

1676, Mart ( ). The surname of the wife of Benjamin as 

well as that of his brother Joseph's wife has been a matter of much 
careful research without avail. 

Children of Benjamin and Mary Churchill. 

9 I. JosiAH,^ b. Jan. 8, 1676/7; m. Elizabeth Touset, May 8, 1706. 

II. Prudp:nce,^ b. July 2, 1678 ; m. Col. David Goodrich, of 

Wethersfield, Dec. 1, 1698. 

Colonel Goodrich was born May 4, 1667. He was a very able 
and enterprising man, especially prominent in military affairs, in 
the Indian troubles from 1701 on. He was advanced successively 
from sergeant to captain, and in the Indian war of 1709 he was 
actively engaged as captain, adjutant, and quartermaster of the 
troops raised for the relief of Hampsiiire County. Again in 1723 
he commanded a company, and was a member of the Colonial War 
Committee. In 1725 he ranked as colonel. He was a justice of 
peace and, except for a year, he represented Wethersfield as deputy 
to the General Court from 1716 to 1740. He died Jan. 23, 1755. 
Prudence, his wife, died May 9, 1752. 

Children of Col. David and Prudence {Churchill') Goodrich. 

1. Hezekiah Goodrich, b. Jan. 28, 1700. 

2. Prudence Goodrich, b. June 8, 1701. 

3. Sarah Goodrich, b. March 12, 1703. 

4. Mary Goodrich, b. Dec. 15, 1704. 

5. Hannah Goodrich, b. Aug. 7, 1707. 

6. Jeremiah Goodrich, b. Sept. 9, 1709. 

7. Anne Goodrich, b. Feb. 14, 1712. 

8. Zebulon Goodrich, b. Nov. 22, 1713. 

* 9. Benjamin Goodrich, b. Nov. 13, 1715. 

10. Abigail Goodrich, b. Jan. 18, 1718. 

11. Charles Goodrich, b Aug. 7, 1720. 

12. Millicent Goodrich, b. Jan. 23, 1723, 

III. Abigail,^ b. Feb. 18, 1680; m. Thomas Wright, Nov. 3, 1715, 

No issue. 

IV. Anne,^ m. Benjamin Belden, Jan. 29, 1713/14. 


1. Mary Belden, b. Dec. 9, 1715. 

2. Benjamin Belden, b Feb. 9, 1717/8. 

3. Charles Belden, b. March 13, 1719/20. 




NATHANIELS CHURCHILL (Joseph,- Josiah i). Bom in 
Wethersiield, July 9, 1G77. He lived in Old Wetliersiield until 
about 1719, when he removed with his family to the westermost 
precinct of the town, near Farniington bounds. He was active in 
public matters, in the land interests particularly in that local- 
ity, and his name is found on petitions to the General Court in 1715, 
and as member of a committee of citizens April 7, the same year. 
His will was probated later in 1715. He left a double portion to 
his son Nathaniel, viz., one hundred and thirty pounds, and to his 
younger sons, John, Daniel, and Josiah, sixty-five pounds. The 
inventory of his estate, Feb. 2<S, 1716, showed its value to be three 
hundred and seventy-one pounds. He died some time in the fall of 
1715. The distribution of his estate was made April 2, 1728. 
Married, Oct. 9, 1701, Mary Hurlbut, daughter of Jonathan and 
Mary (Deming) Hurlbut, of Middletown, Conn., born June 9, 1679, 
and died in 1738, when her estate was administered by her son 
Daniel and her husband's brother, Samuel. 

Childreyi of Nathaniel and Mary (lliuibitt) Churchill. 

I. Mary," b. Oct. 11, 1702; d. in infancy. 

10 II. Nathaniel,'' b. Oct 20, 1703; m. Rkbecca Grisavold. 

11 III. JoHx,'* b. Jan. 19, 170fi; m. Bethia Stacking. 

12 IV. Daniel.'' b. Nov. 3, 1710; m. Akioail White. 

v. Josiah,'' bapt. Autr 8, 1714; m. Martha Gill, of Middletown, dau. 

of EbiMiezcr and I.ydia (Cole) Gill. 

They li:id no children who lived to mntnrity, if any issue at all. 
His will, dated March 1, 1770, makes his nephew Benjamin, son 
of his brother Daniel, his sole heir. 


ENSIGN SAMUEL 3 CHURCHILL (Joseph,^ Josiah '). Born 
in Wethersfield, 1688. He settled in Newington parish, where he 
bought land of Joseph Allen in 1712, fifty-two acres, adjoining land 
of Capt. Robert Wells and Jonathan Deming. He lived in a house 
on the hillside just south of the present house in which Miss Mary 
Ohuvciiill lives (1903). Like his father and grandfather he was 

330 THE CHURCHILL FAMILY [Connecticut 

active in public affairs in town and church. His name appears very 
frequently in the records of the Newington society, where he served 
on the Prudential and School Committees, and in other minor 
affairs, like repairs on the meeting-house, school-house, etc. One vote 
of the society, taken June 26, 1721, in anticipation of the settlement 
of the Rev. Elisha Williams, is of interest, viz. : 

Voted and agreed as followeth : 

Samuel Hunn, Jabezeth "Whittlesey, Richard Borman, and Samuel Churchel, 
shall undertake to make twenty thousand bricks for Mr. Elisha Williams, to 
take the care and provide the hands and all things for said work. 

In one of the Wethersfield deeds he is called " Smith," indicating 
Ms trade. In 1746 the General Assembly appointed him ensign of 
the local military company, and he bore the title afterwards, and 
has been designated in the family ever since as " Ensign Samuel." 
He died in Newington Parish, July 21, 1769, and lies buried in the 
churchyard. Married, June 26, 1717, Maktha Boardman, born 
Dec. 19, 1695, daughter of Daniel and Hannah (Wright) Boardman, 
of Wethersfield, and granddaughter of Samuel Boardman, of Cley- 
don, England, one of the first settlers, and for many years one of the 
most prominent citizens of Wethersfield. Mrs. Martha (Boardman) 
Churchill died Dec. 14, 1780, in ISTewington. 

Children of Ensign Samuel and Martha (Boardman) Churchill, born in the 

Newington Parish. 

13 I. Giles," b. June 11, 1718; married and settled in Stamford, N.Y. 

14 II. Samdel," b. April 27, 1721; m. Thankful (Hewit) Seager. 

15 III. Capt. Charles," b. Dec. 31, 1723; m Lydia Belden, Nov. 19, 


16 IV. Jesse," b. Aug. 31, 172fi; m. 1st, Jerlsha Gatlord; m. 2d, Sarah 

Cadt; m. 3d, Elizabeth Beldex. 

17 V. Benjamin," b. April 10, 1729; m. 1st, Abigail Barnes; m. 2d, 

Hulda Beecher. 

18 VI. William," b. Nov. 6, 1732 ; m. 1st, Ruth Tryon, and m. 2d, Abiah 


JOSEPHS CHURCHILL (Joseph,- Josiah^). Born in 1690. 
Settled in Bolton, Conn., in 1725. He was one of the leading men 
of the town, and was a selectman 1728-1734, and held many other 
offices of responsibility. He died in -Bolton, Feb. 12, 1768. Mar- 
ried, January, 1714, Lydia Dickerman, daughter of John, of Hat- 
field, Mass. We have record of only the following : 

Children horn in Bolton. 

19 I. Joseph," b. Nov. 23, 1714; in. ( ) (- 

II. Martha," b. 1717; m. Dk. Judah Strong, 1740. 



1. Judah Strong, b. 1742; m. Martha Alvord, dau. of Samuel. 
One child, (1) Joseph Churchill Strong, b. Oct. 3, 1778, in 
Bolton. He was educated as a physician, and became an as- 
sistant surgeon in the United States Army. He settled at 
Knoxville, Tenn. Dr. Joseph C. and Martha (AWord) Strong 
had two sons, Robert Nelson Strong, M.D., and Benjamin 
Eush Strong M.D. — both well-known physicians, the latter 
at Tuscumbia, Ala. 

DAVID" CHURCHILL (Joseph/ Josiah^). Born 1692. 
Settled in Glastonbviry, Conn. Died in Glastonbury, April 16, 
1782, aged ninety years. Married Dorothy ( ). 


I. Dorothy," b. Oct. 3, 1726; m. Richard Fox, March 20, 1745. 
II. Elizabeth." b. Feb. 1, 1729; d. June 19, 1729. 

III. Betty," b. June 9, 1731; d. unmarried May 24, 1754. 

20 IV. Datid," b. Oct. IG, 1733; d. Jan. 10, 1755. 

V. Anne," b. Oct. 23, 1737; m. Benjamin Andrus, Oct. 30, 1760. 


1. Anne Andrus, b. Sept. 19, 1702. 

2. Loraina Andrus, b. Jan. 13. 1765; d. May 3, 1768. 

3. Thankful Andrus, b. March 29, 1767. 

21 VI. Joseph," b. May 31, 1743; m. Elizabeth Andrits, Jan. 25, 1764. 

No further record of this couple has been obtained. 

JONATHAN =* CHURCHILL (Joseph,- Josiah '). Born 1692, 
twin brother of David. Married Mrs. Sarah Deming. 


22 I. Jonathan," b. 1724; m. Lydia Smith. 
II. Dorcas," b. 1724. 

23 III. William," b. Nov. 5, 1727; m. Chloe Brown. 

IV. Benjamin, 
V, Hezekiah 

'4 I twins, b. Sept. 22, 1731, and both died soon. 


JOSIAH' CHURCHILL (Benjamin,' Josiah i). Born Jan. 
28, 1676/7. He died Ang. 22, 1751. Married, May 8, 1706, Eliza- 
beth TousEY, who was the daughter of Thomas Tousey. She died 
Oct. 28, 1751. 

I. Arminbll," b. Feb. 26, 1708/9; m. Daniel Butler, May 14, 1730. 


1. Elizabeth Butler, b. March 11, 1731. 

2. Mary Butler, b. Oct 18, 1732. 

3. Sarah Butler, b. Sept. 11, 1734. 

332 THE CHUECHILL FAMILY [Connecticut 

4. Abigail Butler, b. Feb. 10, 1737. 

5. Eunice Butler, b. July 2G, 1739. 

6. Prudence Butler, b. Oct. 21, 1741. 

7. George Butler, b. Dec. 2G, 1743; d. Jan. 4, 1747. 

8. Samuel Butler, b. Feb. 19, 1746. 

9. Lydia Butler, } . ■ u* -iioitio 
ir, xj 1, D .1 > twins, b. April 12, 1748. 

10. Hannah Butler, J 

11. George Butler, b. Feb. 22, 1750. 

II. Prudence," b. Deo. 20, 1710; m. William Deming, Jan. 22, 1730. 

III. Hezekiah,'' b. Aug. 20, 1712; d. June 24, 1714. 

^IV. Mary,'' b. Oct. 6, 1714; m. Jonathan Warner. 

V. Sarah,"* b. June 15, 1716; m. Thomas Butler, Nov. 22, 1737. 


1. Chloe Butler, b. Jan. 31, 1739. 

2. Huldah Butler, b. Feb. 15, 1741. 

3. Khoda Butler, b. Jan. 7, 1743. 

4. Josiah Butler, b. Nov. 12, 1745. 

5. Sarah Butler, b. Feb. 1, 1747. 

6. Elisha Butler, b. Dec. 2, 1748. 

7. Elizabeth Butler, b. Aug. 19, 1753. 

24 VI. JosiAH,-* b. June 28, 1720; m. Eunice Deming, May 2, 1751. 




NATHANIEL^ CHURCHILL (Nathaniel,' Joseph,^ 
JosiAH ^). Born Oct. 29, 1703. Married Rebecca Griswold. 


I. Abigail,^ b. Sept. 28. 1727. 
II. Mary,* b. Aug. 22, 1729; d. in infancy. 

25 III. Nathaniel,* b. June 25, 1731; m. 1st, Elizabeth Sage; m. 2d, 

Jane Bushnell. 
IV. Rebecca,' b. Feb. 10, 1734. 
V. Lucy,* b. Mav 3, 1730. 

26 VI. Janna,* b. Feb. 20, 1739; in. Mus. Sarah (Mix) Foster, widow 

of Thomas. 

27 VII. Amos,* b. March 5, 17+3; m. Lydia Cowles, Feb. 4, 1768. 
VIII. Mary,* b. June 30, 1746. 

27a IX. JosiAH,* b. July 1, 1748; m. ( ) ( ) ; no children. 

X. Hannah,* b. July 15, 1750. 


JOHN^ CHURCHILL (Nathaniel,'^ Joseph,^ Josiah ^). Born 
in Wethersfield, Jan, 19, 1706. Went to Middletown with his 
father in 1719. Settled in Portland, Conn., about 1725. He was 
one of the organizers of the Congregational Church, in Portland. 
Married, at Middletown, June 8, 1727, Bethia Stocking, who was 
the daughter of George and Elizabeth Stocking, of Middletown, and 
was born April 12, 1703, and died July 20, 1779. 

Children born in Portland. 

I. Mary,* b. March 18, 1728; m. George Cooper. 

He was the son of Thomas and Abigail (Whitiuore) Cooper, of 
Middletown. She died July 30, 1798. 


1. Abigail Cooper, bapt. June 9, 1749; d. 1751. 

2. Abigail Cooper, bapt. June 7, 1752. 

3. George Cooper, bapt. Jan. 20, 1754. 

4. Mary Cooper, bapt. May 23, 1756. 

5. Elizabeth Cooper, bapt. Nov. 11, 1766. 

II. John,* bapt. Jan. 25, 1730; d. June 2, 1753. No record. 
III. Hannah,* bapt. April 11, 1731 ; m. Josiah Pelton, of Saybrook, son 
of John and Jemima, b. 1714/15, and died Feb. 2, 1792. She 
died June 12, 1810. s 

334 THE CHURCHILL FAMILY [Connecticut 


1. Jemima Pelton, bapt. 1751. 

2. Josiah Pelton, bapt. Jan. 21, 1753. 

3. Prudence Pelton, bapt. April 9, 1755. 

4. Hannah Pelton, bapt. 17t;0. 

5. Moses Pelton, bapt. 1762. 

6. Phebe Pelton, bapt. July 28, 1764. 

7. A child, bapt. March 30, 1765. 

8. Marchall Pelton, bapt. Oct. 16, 1768. 

9. Josias Pelton, bapt. April 5, 1772. 
10. John Pelton, bapt. April 5, 1772. 

28 IV. Joseph,^ bapt. Jan. 27, 1734; m. Prudence Trton, Sept. 4, 1754. 

V. Ltdia,* bapt. May 23, 1737 : d. in infancy. 
VI. Elizabeth,* bapt. June 16, 1747. 
VII. Ltdia,* bapt. June 16, 1747; m. Nathaniel Olcot, Feb. 4, 1767, 
VIII. Prudence, ° bapt. June 16, 1747. 

IX. Sarah,* b. 1744; d. Sept. 11, 1828; m. Eli.sha Hurlburt, Feb. 16, 
1761, son of David, Jr., and Ruth (Belden) Hurlburt. 


1. Jehiel Hurlburt, bapt. Sept. 10, 1762. 

2. Asa Hurlburt, bapt. Feb. 19, 1769. 

3. Charles Hurlburt, bapt. Feb. 19. 1769. 

4. John Churchill Hurlburt, bapt. July 5, 1772. 

5. Seth Hurlburt, bapt. May 21, 1775. 

6. Sarah Hurlburt, bapt. June 1, 1777. 

7. Bethia Hurlburt, bapt. April 23, 1780. 

8. Jared Hurlburt, bapt. Oct. 13, 1782. 


DANIEL* CHUKCHILL (Nathaniel,^ Joseph,- Josiah i). 
Born in Middletown, Conn., Nov. 3, 1710. Settled in Chatham. 
Removed to Exeter, Otsego County, N.Y., arriving May 10, 1795. 
Married, June 16, 1735, Abigail White, daughter of Nathaniel. 


I. Ruth,* b. Oct. 20, 1736; m. Stephen White. 

He was probably son of Deacon Joseph and Abigail (Butler) 
"White, who was born Jan. 17, 1731, and died 1813, having outlived 
all her children. 

Child of Ruth Churchill and Stephen White. 

1. Dr. Joseph White, b. Sept. 26, 1763; m. 1st, Olive Hall, 1787, b. 
Oct. 15, 1768 ; d. Sept. 20, 1792 ; m. 2d, Deborah Hall (sister), 
b. Feb. 21, 1774; d. Aug. 23, 1821. 

Children of Dr. Joseph White and Olive, his wife. 

1. Dr. Delos White, b. Oct 20, 1788. 

2. Dr. Menzo White, b. Oct. 19, 1793. 

3. Leventia White, b. Nov. 15, 1795; m. Jacob Livingston. 

4. Joseph White, b. Sept. 3, 1801. 

5. George W. White, b. Aug. 27, 1810. 

II. Sarah,* b. April 5, 1739; d. April 30, 1739. 

III. Abigail,* b. March 16, 1740; d. March 29, 1743. 

IV. Elisha,* b. Aug. 24, 1742. 

V. William,* b. March 2, 1745; d. July 4, 1749. 


29 VI. Benjamin,* b. Feb. 5, 1747; m. Elizabeth Hdrlbut. 

30 VII. Daniel,* b. Oct. 2, 1750; m. Eunice Saxton. 
VIII. Abigail,* b. May 2, 1753; never married. 

IX. Sarah,* b. Nov. 25, 1757; m. Benjamin Hodge, April 9, 1780. 

He was born in Chatham, Conn., Jan. 1, 1753. He served in the 
Revolution. They lived in Glastonbury until 1793, when he moved 
to Richfield, N.Y. 

Children horn in Glastonbury, except three last. 

1. William Hodge, b. July 2, 1781. 

2. Clarissa Hodge, b. Sept. 25, 1782; d. Jan. 20, 1790. 

3. Philander Hodge, b. Oct. 26, 1784; drowned Dec. 11, 1808, in 

French Creek, Penn. 

4. Alfred Hodge, b. Jan. 26, 1787; d. Dec. 9, 1789. 

5. Lorin Hodge, b. April 6, 1789. 

6. Sarah Hodge, b. Oct. 29, 1791; d. Feb. 28, 1792. 

7. Clarissa Hodge, b. Dec. 26, 1792; m. Mr. Aylesworth. 

8. Alfred Hodge, b. in Richfield, N.Y., May 9, 1795; m, Sophia 


9. Benjamin Hodge, b. April 26, 1797; m. Mrs. Davis. 
10. Velorus Hodge, b. March 26, 1800. 


GILES* CHURCHILL (Samuel," Joseph,^ Josiah '). Born 
June 18, 1718. He settled about 1751 on the forks of the Dela- 
ware river, upon the grant made to William Penn. Died in Florida, 
N.Y., 1771. We have not ascertained the name of his wife. 

Children horn at the forks of the Delaivare river. 

31 I. Elijah,* b. Sept. 4, 1755; m. Elinor Nooney, March 10, 1777. 

32 II. Stephen,* b. April 15, 1758; m. Esther Lloyd, Dec. 14, 1780. 

III. Sarah* 

IV. Olive,* m. Joseph Steel. 
V. Giles.* 


SAMUEL* CHURCHILL (Samuel,^ Joseph,^ Josiah '). Born 
in the West Parish of Wethersfield, now Newington, April 27, 1721. 
He settled first in Sheffield, Mass., about 1746, where he married 
next year, and labored industriously at his farm as well as occa- 
sionally at the making of shoes. Here he remained until his family 
had increased to ten children, six sons and four daughters, when he 
removed to Vermont. The story of his subsequent career in the 
new home and his stirring adventures in the border warfare in the 
Revolution has been published many years ago by his grandson, 
Amos Churchill, son of Joseph, in sketches of the history of Hub- 
bardton, Vt. (The sketches were published first in the '•'Vermont 
Historical Gazetteer," Vol. III.) We quote the account from the 
time of the removal from Sheffield. 

My grandfather having a large family, most of them boys, and some mar- 
ried and beginning to have families, he was anxious to provide for them farms if 
possible. And, as land was cheap in the then new State of Vermont, he sold his 

336 THE CHURCHILL FAMILY [Connecticut 

farm in Sheffield, estimated at three tliousand dollars (83,000), to a man by the 
name of Hickok (who pretended to own a lar^'e quantity of land in the town of 
Hubbardton, Rutland County, Vt ), and took a quitclaim deed of three thou- 
sand (3,000) acres of land lying in Hubbardton aforesaid. He had previously 
been through the town with Hickok and others. The next season he came on 
with his surveyor, and located his three thousand (3,000) acres in a differ- 
ent part of the town, chose his place of residence, cleared a piece of land,- 
built a log house, and moved on in the spring of 1775, and went to clearing up 
his farm. He had been in possession for a little more than two years, and was 
still attending to his business, when a detachment of soldiers arrived on the 
morning of the 7th of July, 1777, warning him of danger, and advising him to 
escape. They were two miles north of Warren's encampment. Upon receiving 
the information they started off as fast as possible, the women and children 
mounted on three horses and the men on foot. They had gone but a little on 
their way when the firing commenced. They all pushed on as fast as possible 
until they were among the bullets, and two of their horses were wounded The 
old lady, when she saw that her horse was wounded, jumped from his back, ex- 
claiming, " I wisii I had a gun, I would give them Avhat they want." They all 
retreated except John and Silas who were in the battle. Silas was taken pris- 
oner, but John made his escape and went back to their house. Here they were 
all surprised, and were taken prisoners by a Tory captain named Sherwood, with 
a party of painted Tories and Indians who had been lurking on the hills east of 
the house during the battle. After plundering the house of all the provisions, 
most of the clothing, and everything else that they could make use of, the bar- 
barous wretch ordered the women and children to leave the house or he would 
burn the whole together ; at any rate the house should be burnt. One of the 
young women taking her bed in her arms proceeded with a heavy heart to the 
door, let it fall, saying, " You have taken all our men prisoners, and all our pro- 
visions, and now how can you be so cruel as to burn our house? " So saying she 
fainted. This, with the tears and entreaties of the others, so softened his savage 
heart that he left them their shelter, but deprived them of their provisions and 
much of their clothing. My grandfather was taken some distance from the 
house into the woods by the Indians and tied to a tree and dry brush piled around 
him, they often saying to him, " Tell us where your flour is, you old rebel.'* 
Sherwood suspected that he had some concealed which they had not yet found. 
After keeping him here for two or three hours, questioning him about his flour, 
threatening and taunting hiiu, and he constantly asserting that he had none, that 
they had taken it all, etc., and while in the act of setting fire to the brush, Sher- 
wood came forward and ordered them to desist, being thoroughly convinced that 
he had none. His cattle and hogs were all killed and all such parts as they could 
use were taken, each one being ordered to take as much as he could carry. 
William was lame, having cut his foot a few days before, and could not travel, 
and they released him. Ezekiel being a small boy, they sent him back. The 
others were marched off to Ticonderoga. The prisoners, inhabitants of Hub- 
bardton, were Samuel Churchill, the father, John and Silas, his sons, Messrs. 
Uriah Hickok, Henry Keeler, and Elijah Kellogg. The women and children 
being left destitute of provisions could not remain there. The British Tories 
and Indians being south, they feared to take a southern direction. One of their 
horses being lame from the wound he had received, could not travel. They, 
with what clothing they had left, started off as well as they could with their two 
horses. The company consisted of four women, two boys (one thirteen years 
old being lame, and the other eleven years old), two small children (one three 
years old, and the other but a few months). Those who could not walk were 
mounted on the two horses with what baggage they liad. Thus equipped, this 
desolate family started off on their dreary and wearisome journey for the place 
of their former residence in Sheffield. But, instead of taking a southern direc- 
tion through Bennington, etc., which they feared to do on account of the ene- 
my, they took an eastern direction through the wilderness, across the Green 
Mountains to the Connecticut river at No. 4, now Charlestown, N.H. ; then 
down the river south to Springfield, then across the mountains again to Sheffield, 
the place of their former residence, a distance as they travelled of more than 
three hundred and fifty (350) miles. Most of the way there were no roads, and 
but few inhabitants. Their progress was slow and distressing, but the old lady, 
being a resolute woman, generaled the expedition with much fortitude and perse- 


verance. The first night they stopped at Col. Benjamin Cooley's, in Pittsford. 
He was very kind, and refreshed them with such as his log house afforded. 

The second day they arrived at the fort in Rutland. Here they were fur- 
nished with some provisions. The third night they encamped in the woods on 
the mountain. The fourth night they arrived at Captain Coffin's, in Cavendish. 
Here they stopped two days, and were the recipients of his hospitality. And so 
on, from place to place, until in about three weeks the}^ arrived safely at the 
place of their destination, among their friends in Sheffield. 

The men, prisoners at Ticonderoga, were put to work in the daytime where 
they could be with safety, and at night were confined in cells. My grandfather 
and Mr. Hickok were set to boating wood across the lake. At first, for a while, 
a number of British soldiers would go with them, but they, working faithfully 
and manifesting no discontent, were at length sent off with but one soldier. 
They persuaded him to go with them, and fastening their boat on the eastern 
shore of the lake they all left. My grandfather and Mr. Hickok went to their 
places of residence in Hubbardton. Here they found nothing but desolation 
and putrefaction. On the floor of Mr. Ilickok's house lay the putrid body of a 
dead man. That they buried, and then, proceeding over the battle-ground, they 
could discover nothing but a promiscuous mass of scattered fragments of men, 
clothing, firearms, and direful desolation. Proceeding still further to the place 
of my grandfather's house where he had left his family, and all that he held 
dear on earth, what a heart-rending scene did he behold ! Nothing was to be 
seen but death, desolation, and destruction. Here, where a few weeks before 
was a happy family, and all in health and prosperity, now no living creature 
could be found. The carcasses of his animals were lying here and there in a 
state of putrefaction; his harvest had ripened and was perishing; and nothing 
was left but what was heart-sickening to the sensitive feelings of two escaped, 
hungry, weary, and desponding searchers of consolation. The whole town was 
searched, and not a solitary being was left of whom to inquire. They left this 
dreary, heart-sickening scene, and proceeded to Castleton. Here Mr. Hickok 
found his family, but my grandfather, not finding his, and gaining no intelligence 
of them, wended his weary way, on foot and alone, to the south, one hundred 
and thirty (130) long miles, through dangers that beset him on every side, to the 
place from which he had formerly moved. Here he found, with a grateful 
heart, that they had arrived some days before, safe and all in good health. His 
two sons, John and Silas, remained prisoners until October, when Silas was re- 
taken by Colonel Brown. In the fall, after the capture of Burgoyne, my grand- 
father moved his family back to Castleton, ten miles from his home. He saved 
some of his corn and potatoes, cut and laid up some poor hay for his horses, and 
in the winter moved to his place. Here he remained without interruption until 
the close of the war. When the town began to be infested with land claimants 
almost as destructive as the Tories and Indians, on examining his title, he found 
it worthless, as the man of whom he bought it had no good title to any land in 
the town. He had given his children each a lot of one hundred (100) acres, and 
on ten lots they had made a beginning. These were held by the " quieting act." 
Six more he bought the second time. The rest were given up. He built the 
first frame barn and the second frame house. The boards for the barn were 
drawn twelve and one-half miles on an ox sled, and the nails were picked up 
from the ruins of Fort Ticonderoga after it was burnt. His children, all but one, 
settled in the town, where they all lived until after his death, except Samuel, who 
died before. After settling his children, he retired from business and lived a 
number of years, enjoying a competence, to the advanced age of eighty years. 

Married, 1747, Thankful (Hewit) Seager, the young widow 
of Joseph, of Newington. 

Children of Samuel and Thankful Churchill. 

I. Martha,^ b. Jan. 14, 1748 ; m. Abdiel Webster. 

They are reported to have had two sons and a daughter, but the 
names have not been received. Mrs. Webster died in Hubbard- 
ton, at advanced age, having been a widow for many years. 
34 II. Joseph,* b. Feb. 14, 1750; m. Amy Stiles, Dec. 7, 1773. 












338 THE CHUKCHILL FAMILY [Connecticut 

III. Ltdia,* b. June 1, 1751; m. Abner Ashley. 

They are said to have had a son and six daughters, whose names 
we have not ascertained. Lydia (Churchill) Ashley died in Bethany, 
N.Y,, a widow, aged eighty-two years. 

IV. Lois,^ b. May 30, 1753; m. David Baldvtin. 

They are said to have had three sons and two daughters, whose 
names we have not obtained. Lois (Churchill) Baldwin died in 
New Marlborough, Mass,, aged eighty-three years. 
Thankful,^ b. March 7, 1755; d. unmarried at great age. 
Samuel,^ b. May 20, 1756; m. Anna Camp. 
John,* b. March 12, 1758; m,. Martha Baldwin. 
Silas,* b. June 18, 1760; m. Elizabeth Culver. No children. 
William,* b. Feb. 10, 1763; m. Eunice Culver. 
EzEKiEL,* b. June 24, 1765; m. Elizabeth Dyer. 


JosiAH ^). Born iu Newingtou Parish, Dec. 31, 1723, and died 
there Oct. 29, 1802. A detailed sketch of the life of Capt. Charles 
Churchill would-be almost the same as a history of the Newington 
Parish for the last half of the eighteenth century. He was notably 
a leading citizen in the parish, of high patriotic spirit and excel- 
lent abilities. For thirteen years in succession he was a member 
of the Newington Society Committee, and after 1781 he was the 
presiding officer until 1801, the year before his death. To many 
public offices of trust and responsibility was added that of deacon of 
the church, to which he was chosen Aug. 31, 1786. At the session of 
the General Assembly, May, 1762, he was appointed captain of the 
Tenth Company or " trainband," in the Sixth Connecticut Regi- 
ment, which office he tilled for twenty years. 

At the beginning of the Revolutionary War he was on the first 
committee appointed at the town meeting convened June 16, 1774, 
to consider the resolution passed by the Colonial House of Represen- 
tatives, on the second Thursday of May preceding, concerning the 
impending war. 

In all the stirring events following, he was among the fore- 
most of the citizens in his unselfish endeavors and sacrifices for 
the good of his people and country. The records of the town, and 
traditions in the family, show that he was untiring in his efforts to 
raise men for the service and to procure food and clothing for them, 
and for their families while they were in the field. 

It is related that he several times entertained his company at his 
fine old house, and on these occasions the five great baking ovens 
were kept going at once, and that in the largest oven, in the cellar, 
they roasted a whole ox. 

In the " Record of Connecticut Men in the War of the Revolution " 
he is listed as captain of one of the militia companies which turned out 


(No. 42, page 354.) 


(Wife of No. 42, page 354.) 


(No. 15, page 338 ) 


to repel Tryon's invasion of New Haven, July 5, 1779, and lie also 
appears in his office as captain in active service in the Sixth Regi- 
ment, but unfortunately we have no other particulars of his service 
in the field, evidently much of his time in active service. It is 
related that at one time when he was in camp with three of his 
sons, his wife Avrote him of the difficulty she found in carrying on 
the farm without their aid. " But," answered the captain, "I have 
left you Joseph and Benjamin," meaning his youngest sons, Silas 
and Solomon, and showing the spirit of the loyal patriot. 

During the last twenty years of his life, his name appears on the 
records of the Society with the title " Esquire," showing that he 
had taken up the dignity and duties of a justice of the peace, in 
place of his military duties. He collected a library of law books as 
a necessary adjunct to his practice, some of which are still in exist- 
ence. His will, a document of considerable length, is entirely in his 
own hand. His estate was appraised at $3,834.80, by Abel Andrus 
and Lemuel Whittlesey. Besides managing a farm of one hundred 
and twenty acres, Captain Churchill conducted a tannery, which in 
the tax lists was liberally assessed as a " faculty," or trade. 

It is to be regretted that there are no portraits of Captain Charles 
or of his wife. Enough is known of him, however, to give the pict- 
ure of a strong, brave, and manly life, forceful and efficient in all 
that made for a free and righteous government. The place he made 
for himself in the community of his day, the family he reared, the 
good name he left, and the things he accomplished, make his general 
character portrait, while the details may in part be filled in by 
hints here and there of peculiar traits or eccentric tendencies, — the 
touch of humor in likening his sons to Jacob's, in the answer to his 
wife quoted above, and the tradition that in his family devotions lie 
always prayed standing in front of the " bowfat " cupboard, in the 
north room, as the wainscotted parlor in his house was called. Of 
his wife, Mr. George J). Seymour, a descendant, writes : 

Some leaves sewed into a little book, found with other papers in Samuel 
Churchill's house, contain the following entry which, in a way, takes the place of 
other portraiture. I do not identify the handwriting, and the entry is incomplete, 
but from the context I feel sure that these tributes were written by one of 
Samuel Churchill's children : 

"March 25, 1805. Feb. 10th, Sunday, Grandmother came over to our 
house, said she did not feel very well, & wanted that I should make her some 
tea, most of the family had gone to meeting. I was very glad to please her in 
anything that she required, because that she was always so very good to us all — 
she drank some tea, thanked me for my trouble and went home. I think that 
was the last time that ever she came into our house ; she was taken sick pretty 
soon after; she died March 19. She never spoke after Sunday afternoon till she 
died, Tuesday night (three o'clock) but was in the utmost distress that could 
be. Grandmother had six children 39 grandchildren and great grandchildren 
when she died. Oh may all follow her pious example, and walk in the paths of 
virtue as she walked, whose loss we mourn. O what a kiml, kind mother we 

340 THE CHURCHILL FAMILY [Connecticut 

have lost. I think she was as tender of her grandchildren as own mothers are. 
Oh how often have I experienced her goodness, but not only me but all of her 
dear offspring. Oh how often has she spoken kindly to rae, — and took my hand 
and told me, that I was born to hard fortune. (She said my hands indicated 
hard labor.) I think I shall never forget my dear Grandmother, nor my Grand- 
father neither, — I think of him many times, — and particularly I have heard him 
read, — and in his prayers — he used to have that passage ' Man Loveth Darkness 
rather than light because" his deeds are evil,' and many more passages, when I 
hear mentioned brings my Grandfather to mind. Oh that his Children were as 
good, as kind, as Charitable to the poor as their parents were. It is striking 
that they had six Children living at their death, & only one that ever made any 
public profession of Religion, that one a minister, altho a minister he will not 
save his brethren from," — 

The writing here breaks off. The minister referred to was the 
Rev. Silas. The intimation of the grandmother's interest in 
palmistry gives a natural toijch to this simple and affectionate 
picture of her last days. 

Capt. Charles Churchill married, Nov. 19, 1747, Ltdia Belden, 
born May 1, 1730, daughter of Josiah and Mabel (Wright) Belden, 
and a lineal descendant of Richard Belden, of Wethersfield, the 
emigrant, while her paternal grandmother was Dorothy Willard, a 
descendant of Major Simon Willard, one of the founders of Concord, 
Mass., and notable as a magistrate, and a military officer, in the 
early annals of the Colony of Massachusetts. They were married as 
above, by the Rev. Joshua Belden, a kinsman of hers, of Newington. 
She died March 19, 1805. 

Children of Capt. Charles and Lydia {Belden) Churchill, born in Newington. 

I. Hannah,^ b. Jan. 11, 1749; d. aged three days. 

40 II. Levi,* b. May 20, 1752; m. Elizabeth Hurlbdt, daughter of 

Joseph, Jr. 
III. Mary,=^ b. Sept. 22, 1753; d. Sept. 27, 1753. 

41 IV. Charles, Jr. ,* b. May 3, 1755; m. a southern woman, name not 


42 V. Samuel,* b. April 5, 1757; m. Mercy Boardman, March 31, 1806. 
VI. Hannah,* b. Dec. 28, 1758; m. 1st, Seth Kilbourn, April 27, 

1786. He died Oct. 27, 1802 ; m. 2d, Stephen Webster, June 8, 
1806. She died Jan. 25, 1838; 

43 VII. Solomon,* b. July 29, 1764; m. 1st, Lucretia Marsh, of New 

Hartford;' m. 2d, Chloe Deming. 

44 VIII. Rev. Silas,* b. April 5, 17G9; m. 1st, Rhoda Belden, Oct. 12, 

1797; m. 2d, Sarah Sargent. 


JESSE \ CHURCHILL (Samuel,^ Joseph,- Josiah >). Born in 
Newington, Aug. 31, 1726. Lived in Newington (except for a short 
time, when he was at Bristol) until 1775, when he removed to Hub- 
bardton, Vt., and there took up a farm, and began clearing it, built 
a log-house, and with several of his children settled near by, pre- 
pared to make this his permanent home. When the war of the 
Revolution, in 1777, involved Vermont, he, being too old to engage 
actively, withdrew to Wethersfield, his former home. He was 


deacon of the First Clmrch in ISTewington many years ; a farmer, 
prosperous and respected. He died in Wethersfield (Newington 
Parish), May 7, 1806, aged eighty years. Married 1st, in Farming- 
ton, Conn., Nov. 8, 1750, Jerusha GAYiiORD, of Farmington. Mar- 
ried 2d, Nov. 29, 1769, Sarah (Boardman) Cadt, widow of 
Nicholas, and daughter of Sergt. Nathaniel and Ruth (Parker) Board- 
man. JMarried 3d, June 15, 1778, Elizabeth ( ) Belden. No 

children by this marriage. Norman Churchill writes, in 1880, that 
his grandfather " married the rich widow Belden." She died July 
3, 1794, at the age of fifty-eight years. 

Children of First Wife, horn in Newington. 

I. Martha,** b. Oct. 1, 1731 ; m. Benaijah Boardman, Dec. 22, 1774, 

She was his second wife (the first, Lucy Price, of Wethersfield, 
m. 1772, who d. soon after, May 17, 1773). Mr. Boardman was 
born at Newington, May 14, 1749, son of Isaac. He settled first at 
Newington, but removed some time before July, 1777, to Hubbard- 
ton, Vt. In the battle at Hubbardton, on July 7, 1777, it is said 
that the soldiers of the British force (largely made up of Tories 
and Indians) took possession of that part of the town in which their 
house was situated, and \!rs. Boardman, having been left alone in 
the house with two small children, concealed herself with them un- 
der a feather bed on the floor. The house was soon made a tem- 
porary hospital tor the wounded soldiers, and "she suffered so 
much from fright and the smothering and heat that afterwards she 
lost many of her fingernails." Mr. Boardman was a soldier in the 
Revolution, was a sergeant in the company of Capt. Elijah Wright, 
Col. Enos' Regiment. 

He was in service on the Hudson in 1781, engaged for three 

About 1788 he removed to Ovid, N.Y., where he built a saw- 
mill in 1793, the first saw-mill in that town. He afterwards removed 
to Canoga, N.Y., where he built the first saw-mill in that town. He 
was widely known and very influential in his time. 

Children, the first two born at Newington, and the four eldest 
were baptized there, the two youngest of these were said to have 
been " brought down from Arlington,'' probably Vermont. 

Child of the First Wife. 

1. Meekins Boardman, b. May 17, 1773. 

Children of the Second Wife. 

2. Samuel Boardman, b. Feb. 17, 1780; m. 1st, Julia Ward; m. 

2d, Lydia Kirby. 

3. Jesse Churchill Boardman, b. Aug. 20, 1781; m. 1st, Mary 

Rungar ; m. 2d, Mrs. Elizabeth Larned. 

4. Rebecca Meekins Boardman, b. June 10, 1783; m. William 

Hall, 1798. 

5. Jerusha Boardman, b. May 22, 1785 ; m. James Huff, Sept. 15, 


6. Elizabeth Boardman, b. Feb. 11, 1787; d. at Fayette, N.Y., 

Sept. 22, 1801. 

7. Sarah Boardman, b. April 17, 1789; m. Daniel Tooker, De- 

cember, 1804. 

8. Lucy Boardman, b. Nov. 23, 1791; m. Ganet Arnold, May 22, 


9. Benaijah Boardman, Jr., b. Oct. 14, 1793; m. Laura A. Hurd. 

Benaijah, Jr., was the first white child born between the 
Seneca and Cayuga lakes, 

342 THE CHURCHILL FAMILY [Connecticut 

46 II. Samuel,* b. June 7, 1753; m. Rebecca Woodruff. 

They lived in Wethersfleld. Had no children. He was born in 
Newington. Removed with his father to Hubbardton, where he 
took up and began clearing a farm. He was in the battle of Hub- 
bardton, after which he returned permanently to Wethersfleld. 
III. Elizabeth,* b. March 29, 1755; m. Francis Deming, Aug. 21, 
They lived in Wethersfleld. No children reported. 

46 IV. Jesse, Jk.,* b. March 18, 1757; m. 1st, Hannah Boardman ; m. 

2d, Olive Tilden; m. 3d, Mrs. Anna Eggleston. 

47 V. Levi,* b. Dec. 15, 1759; ni. Hannah Belden. 

VI. Jerusha,* b. Nov. 6, 17G1; m. Benjamin Boardman. 
VII. Giles,* b. Dec. 17, 17G3; died in youth. 

Children by Second Wife. 

48 VII. Ithamar,* b. Nov. 1, 1772 ; m. Sarah Blinn. 

IX. Sally,* m. Cyrus Ranger. 

They lived in Hubbardton many years, but removed finally to 
Oswego Village, N.Y. 


1. Orilla Ranger. 

2. Sally Ranger; m. Mr. Connor, and lived in Woodville, Wis. 

49 X. Nathaniel Cady,* b. Oct. 20, 1776. 


BENJAMIN^ CHURCHILL (Samuel,^ Joseph,- Josiah i). 
Born in Newington Parish, April 10, 1729. He died in Southing- 
ton, and in his will mentions his wife Hulda, daughter of Lydia 
Churchill and Abigail Way ; sons Asahel, Benjamin, Ira, Jedediah, 
and grandsons, Chauncy, Joseph, and Anson, sons of Jedediah ; and 
Major, son of Ira. Married 1st, April 19, 1753, Abigail Barnes ; 
married 2d, Hulda Beeoher. 

Children hy First Wife. 

50 I. Asahel,* b. May 1, 1754; ni. Eunice Pinet. 
II. Lydia,* b. Sept. 13, 1756. 

51 III. Benjamin,* b. March 16, 1759. 

62 IV. Samuel,* b. Aug. 7, 1761; m. Hannah Barnes, Feb. 22, 1787. 

63 V. Ira.,* b. April 9, 176-1; m. Eunice Payne. 
54 VI. Jedediah,* b. May 27, 1766. 

VII. Abigail,* b. Aug. 15, 1770; m. ( ) Way. 


1. Philena Way. 

2. Fannie Way. 

3. Levi Way. 

4. Abigail Way. 

5. Joseph Way. 

6. Lydia Way. 

7. Anna Way. 

8. Henry Way. 

9. Franklin Way, d. in infancy. 


WILLIAM* CHUECHILL (Samuel,'' Josep< Josiah i). 
Born at Newington Parish, Nov. 6, 1732. Lived at Farmington, 
Conn., until about 1769, when he removed with the large numbers 













who settled in the Wyoming Valley, Pa. He was there with his 
family in the time of the massacre in 1778, but escaped, and reached 
what is now Elmira, N.Y., and thence to New Jersey, and there 
made their home. Married 1st, Sept. 25, 1760, in Farmington, Conn., 
Ruth Tryon, who died, 1776 ; married 2d, Abiah Wild man. 

Children of First Wife, horn in Farmington, Conn. 

Jemima,^ b. April 15, 1761; never married; d. April 13, 1836. 

David, ^ b. Dec. 20, 1762; m. Sarah Ai.cott. 

Phebe,* b. April 27, 1764; m. Samuel Martin, of Coventry, N.Y. 

Lemuel, ° b. March 4, 1766; m. Patience Gildersleeve. 

Ruth,* b. Dec. 13, 1767; m. Lucius Cooke, of Wallingford, Conn. 

Martha,* b. Oct. 25, 1761); m. 1st, Charles Tryon; ra. 2d, Ben- 

jABtiN Deming. 
William,* b. Dec. 26, 1771; ra. Jane Dell. 
Mary,* b. July 6, 1773; m. Lucius Atwater, of Berlin, Conn. 

They lived in Bristol or Berlin. He died in Berlin, in 1867, aged 
ninety-four years. 


1. Carlos Atwater, b. Feb. 2, 1797; m. Hannah Larkin. 

2. Lucius Atwater, b. April 24, 1798; m. Angelina Norton, of 

Bristol, Conn. 

3. Rhoda AtAvater, b. Nov. 16, 1800; m. Allen Burnell, of Bur- 

lington, Conn. 

4. Nelson Atwater, b. Aug. 10, 1803; unmarried; d. July 21, 1872. 

5. Mary Atwater, b. Dec. 4, 1805; m. Sheldon Twichell, of 

Oxford, Conn. 

6. Emily Atwater, b. June 25, 1808; m. Coe Hart, of Litchfield, 


7. Julia Atwater, m. John Crandall, of Burlington, Conn. 

8. William Atwater, m. Elizabeth ( ). 

Children by Second Wife. 

58 IX. Samuel,* b. May 22, 1778; m. Anna McCarthy. 
50 X. Asa,* b. July 12, 1780; m. Hannah Norton. 

XI. Abiah,* b. Dec. 17, 1782; m. 1st, Heman Root; ni. 2d, Silas Hub- 

Children by First Husband. 

1. Eliza B. Root, b. 1811 ; m. Alpheus Strong, Jr., 1828. 

Children: (1) Elias Strong, b. 1831 ; m. Jerusha A.Perkins, 
1852; (2 and 3) Twins, Eliza and Alpheus Strong, b. May 
9, 1838. Eliza m. George D. Hannon in 1856; and Alpheus 
d. in 1864; (4) Ellen J. Strong, b. Dec. 17, 1843; m. Rufus 
W. Robinson, 1859. 

2. Betsey Maria Root, b. at Montgomery, Mass., May 10, 1822; d. 

April 10, 1840. 

3. Silas Root Hubbell, son of second husband, b. at Montgomery, 

Mass., April 17, 1826. 


JOSEPH^ CHURCHILL (Joseph,' Joseph,- Josiah i). Born 

in Bolton, Conn., Nov. 23, 1714. Married, but the name of his wife 

is not found by us. 

One Child reported. 

60 I. Joseph,* b. 1750; m. Rhoda Goodrich, dau. of Benjamin, b. 

March 25, 1750, and married Sept. 11, 1777. 
















344 THE CHURCHILL FAMILY [Connecticut 

JONATHAN^ CHURCHILL (Jonathan/ Joseph,^ Josiah i). 
Born afr Wetliersfield, Conn., 1724. Married Lydia Smith. 


Oliver,* b. Feb. 14, 1748; d. Jan. 2, 1749. 

Jonathan,* b. Nov. 25, 1749; m. 1st, Sarah Burgess; ra. 2d, 

Comfort Woodcock. 
Hezekiah,* b. Feb. 2, 1752; m., name of wife not received. 
Josiah,* b. Feb. 25, 1754. Died during the war of the Revohition. 
Lydia,* b. July 5, 175G. 
Moses,* b. Dec. 1, 1759; m. Mary Crosby. 
Oliver,* b. April 15, 1762; m. Eunice Barnes. 
Rebecca,* b. July 20, 1764: m. Solomox Ranney. 
Abigail,* b. Dec. 2, 1766; died at four years of age. 
Amos,* b. Oct. 19, 1769; m. Deborah Thornton. 


WILLIAM* CHURCHILL (Jonatha^ Joseph,- Josiah i). 
Born Nov. 5, 1727. Lived, it is said, at Litchfield, Conn. Married 
Chloe Brown. 


William,* b. 1766; m. Polly Merriman, at Walllngford, Conn. 

David,* b. March 17, 1768; m. Zerviah Leach, March 6, 1797. 


Chloe,* m. David Dougal. 

1. Truman Dougal. 

71 V. Edwin.* 

72 VI. Samuel,* b. April 18, 1775; m. Rebecca St. John, Feb. 22, 1798. 

73 VII. Levi,* b. 1777; m. Mary Haven. 
VIII. Anna,* m. Ambrose Pero. No children. 

IX. LcciNDA,* m. Joseph Grant. 











NATHANIEL 5 CHURCHILL (Nathaniel,'' Nathaniel,^ 
Joseph,- Josiah'). Born June 25,1731. Married 1st, Sept. 25, 
1755, Elizabeth Sage ; married 2d, Jane Bushnell. 

Children of First Wife. 

77 I. Nathaniel,^ b. March, 2, 175G: m. Mrs. Ltdia (Osgood) Pen- 

II. Bettt,* b. Nov. 18, 1757; m. Stephen Williams, Feb. 18, 1781. 
III. Abigail,^ b. Dec. 5, 1759. — 

Children of Second Wife. 

78 IV. Stephen,^ b. Nov. 19, 1761 ; m. Polly De Wolfe. 

79 V. Sage,^ b. Dec. 13, 1763; m. Elizabeth Mather, <lau. of David 

and Hannah. 

80 VI. JoHN,« b. March 20, 1765. 

81 VII. SoLOMON,« b. April 24, 1767; m. Salina Hart. 
VIII. Sarah,« b. April 24, 1767; m. Reuben Peck. 

IX. Jane,*^ b Jan. 17, 1769/70; m. William Stedman. 
X. Mehitable,'' b. Jan. 3, 1773; m. Appleton Woodruff, Dec. 24, 

XI. Alma," b. April 28, 1776; d. young. 
XII. Anna,® b. April 14, 1778; m. Jesse Nickerson. 


JANNA^ CHURCHILL (Nathaniel,^ Nathaniel/^ Joseph,-' 
Josiah^). Born at Middletown, Conn., Feb. 20, 1739. Settled, 
first, it is said in Lenox, Mass., but in 1783 removed to Hubbardton, 
Vt., and thence about 1703 to Georgia, Vt. He was a farmer. 
Died in Georgia, Vt., in 1815. Married j\Irs. Sarah (Mix) Foster, 
widow of Thomas Foster. 

Children of Janna and Sarah Churchill. 

Sarah Jane.^ 

Thomas Foster,^ b. Feb. 26, 1780; m. Mary Strong. 

JosiAH,** b. March 9, 1784; ra. 1st, Charlotte Rumsey, Feb. 11, 

1808; m. 2d, Harriet Wightman. 
Janna, ** b. Feb. 18, 1786; m. Elizabeth Parsons, Jan. 10, 1810. 
Olive, ^ ra. Walker Rumsey^. 
Rachel,® m. Elisha Lincoln. 
Laura,® d. unmarried. 
Lucy,® in. Samuel Brigham. 












346 THE CHURCHILL FAMILY [Connecticut 


AMOS^ CHURCHILL (Nathaniel," Kathaniel/ Joseph,- 
JosiAH^). Born in Wethersfield, March 5, 1743 ; settled in Middle- 
town, where he was a justice of the peace, and deacon of the Orthodox 
church in 1779, but changed to the Baptists later. He removed, 
sometime later, to Broadalban, Montgomery County, N.Y. Married, 
Feb. 4, 1768, Lydia Cowles, of Meriden, Conn. 

Children born mostly in Middletown^ Conn. 

I. Lydia, ^ b. April 16, 1769 ; m. P^lijah Roberts, of Middletown, 

Conn. Settled in Mayfield, N.Y. 
II. Amos,« b. May 20, 1771 ; d. April 15, 1774. 
III. HuLDAH,'' b. March 29, 1773; ni. Elijah Bacon, of Middletown. 
Settled in Mayfield, N.Y. 

85 IV. Amos, Jr.,^ b. April 14, 1775; m. Olive Wilcox, of Middletown. 

Settled in Broadalban, N.Y. 

86 V. EoswELL,^ b. April 4, 1777; m. Abigail Roberts, of Middletown, 

July 1802. 
VI. LucT,^ b. Jan. 10, 1780; m. 1st, Amos Edwards; m. 2d, Isaac 
CoRNWELL, of Middletown. Moved to Mayfield, N.Y. 


1. Amos C. Cornwell, m. Lovina Bemus, of Mayfield, N.Y. 

2. Isaac Cornwell. 

3. Lucy Cornwell, m. Alanson Churchill. 

87 VII. Jesse,* b. June 2, 1782; m. Catherine Smith, of Middletown. 
VIII. Olive,« b. Sept. 19, 1784. 


JOSEPH 5 CHURCHILL (Johk," Nathaniel,' Joseph,^ 

JosiAH ^). Baptized in Portland, Conn., Jan. 27, 1734. He was a 

caj)tain in the Revolution under Colonel Sage, and served at New 

York City and on Long Island, from June to December, 1776. He 

was in the battles at Harlem and White Plains. He died Dec. 19, 

1797. Married, Sept. 4, 1754, Prudence Tryon. She was the 

daughter of John and Esther Tryon, of Wethersfield, born Jan. 25, 

1731, died May 1, 1799. 

Children . 

I. Prddence,^ b. May 13, 1755; d. Feb. 21, 1808; m. George Bush, 
of Portland, Conn., Sept. 9, 1779. 

He was the son of Moses and Susanna (Johnson) Bush, b. June 
11, 1756. 


1. John Churchill Bush, b. Aug. 10, 1780. 

2. Joseph Bush, bapt. June 24, 1789. 

3. Prudence Bush, 1 , . u 4. a -i Tmn 

4. Lucy Bush, | *^^"«' ^^P*" ^P"^' l^^*^" 

88 II. JoHN,6 b. Jan. 8, 1757. 

III. Bethiah,® b. Feb. 19, 1759; m. Benjamin Goodrich, Jan. 26, 

1784. Settled in Schenectady, N.Y. 

IV. Mart,*' b. April 10, 1761; d. 1833; m. Jesse Plum, July 2, 1777, 

of Middletown. 



1. Jesse Plum, b. Feb. 7, 1779. 

2. P:iijah Tryon Plum, b. Nov. 5, 1786. 

3. Betbiah Plum, b. April 1, 1794. 

80 V. Joseph," b. May 20, 1763; m. Anna Lowden, Oct. 28, 1790. 

JK) VI. AsEL,6 bapt. June 21, 1765; d. May 19, 1768. 

01 VII. AsAHKL,« bapt. May 21, 1768. 

02 VIII. Charles," b. June 12, 1769; ra. Kuth Ciiipman, Oct. 29, 1788. 

03 IX. David," b. May 16, 1771. 


BENJAMIN 5 CHURCHILL (Daniel/ Nathaniel/ Joseph/ 
JosiAii ^). Born Feb. 5, 1747, in Chatham, Conn. Settled in Salis- 
bury, Conn. Perhaps he is the soldier who served in Capt. James 
Stoddard's Company at Peekskill, 1777. Married Elizabeth 



I. Elisha," never married. 

94 II. Ebenezer," m. Sabrina Tupper. 

95 III. Charles," b. June 5, 1793; m. Lois Baldwin. 
IV. Aitgustus," never married. 

V. Sarah." 
VI. Sophia," m. Mr. Peck. 
VII. Benjamin," died younj^. 


DANIEL'^ CHURCHILL (Daniel,^ Nathaniel/ Joseph,- 
JosiAH '). Born at Chatham, Conn., Oct. 2, 1750. He enlisted at 
Middletown, Conn., in the Fourth Company, Second Regiment, under 
the command of Captain Meigs. Served from May 10, 1775, to Dec. 
17, 1775. Private. Stationed at Roxbury, Mass. He removed to 
Richfield, N.Y., April, 1795. He died at Richfield, N.Y., Dec. 12, 
1812, Married, 1779, Eunice Saxton. 

Children horn at Chatham., Conn. 

I. Nancy," b. Oct. 22, 1781; m. Andrew Martin, of Richfield, N.Y. 
They lived at Richfield, Kingston, Canada, and Tonawanda, N.Y. 


1. Daniel Martin, b. in Richfield. 

2. Cynthia Martin, b. in Kingston, Canada. 

3. Lydia A. Martin, b. in Kingston, Canada, Feb. 2, 1804. 

4. Alfred Martin, b. in Kingston, Canada. 

5. Seidell Martin, b. in Kingston, Canada. 

6. Philemon Martin, b. in Tonawanda, N.Y. 

96 II. Selden," b. Dec. 14, 1783; m. 1st, Mart Duel; m. 2d, Lucretia 

III. Philemon," b. May 20, 1785. Died unmarried. 

97 IV. Alfred," b. Aug. 29, 1790; m. Emma Derbtshike. 

348 THE CHURCHILL FAMILY [Connecticut 


ELIJAH^ CHUECHILL (Giles/ Samuel,^ Josep^ Josiah^). 
Born Sept. 5, 1755. Served as corporal, Fourth Company Light 
Dragoons, from Enfield. Enlisted May 7, 1777. A carpenter. Five 
feet nine inches high, dark complexion, gray eyes, dark hair. They 
lived, in 1784, in Enfield. Married, March 10, 1777, Elinor 
NooNEY, born in Simsbury, Conn,, April 7, 1756. She died Oct. 9, 


I. SoPHiA,« b. Feb. 8, 1782; d. ■Feb. 18, 17^.- 

II. Elijah," b. April 21, 1784; d. Sept. 4, 1796. From the records of 
town of Enfield. 

98 III. James," b. Nov. 11, 1785; m. Betsey Gilbert. 
IV. Eleanor," b. Nov. 14, 1788; d. Jan. 1, 1790. 

V. Eleanor," b. July 7, 1790; ni. Lyman Davis, of Stamford, N.Y., 
March 2, 1815. 


1. Sophie Davis. 4. Abigail Davis. 

2. Eunice Davis. 5. Nancy Davis. 

3. Edgar Daris. 6. Tina Davis. 

99 VI. Giles," b. July 28, 1793; m. Abigail Haskins. 

100 VII. Charles." b. Feb. IG, 1796; m. Hannah Percival, Nov. 4, 1819. 
VIII. Sophia," b. Jan. 30, 1798; m Jesse Johnson, Chester, Mass. 

STEPHEN s CHUECHILL (Giles," Samuel,^ Joseph,* 
JosiAH ^). Born April 15, 1758, at the forks of the Delaware 
river. Married, Dec. 14, 1780, Esther Llotd. 


I. Mart," b. Sept. 7, 1781 ; m. Mr. Hutchins. She d. Oct. 9, 1859. 

II. Phebe," b. Jan. 3, 1784; m. Mr. Stoddard. She d. Jan. 4, 1857. 

101 III. Giles," b. March 12, 1786; m. Abigail Tooker. 
IV. Esther," b. July 25, 1788; m. Mr. Webb. 

102 V. Samuel," b. Sept. 16, 1790; m. 1st, Sally Newcomb ; m. 2d, Sally 

VI. Stephen," b. May 13, 1793; d. unmarried 1809. 

103 VII. Elijah," b. Feb. 23, 1797; m. Sarah A. Benedict. 

104 VIII. Joseph," b. May 9, 1799; m. Clara Lyon. He d. June 23, 1868. 

IX. Melinda," b. July 22, 1801. 


JOSEPH s CHURCHILL (Samuel," Samuel,"' Joseph,^ 
JosiAH ^). Born in Sheffield, Mass., Feb. 3, 1748 (according to 
the town records). He settled in his native town and remained 
there nntil after the close of the Revolutionary War. In 1783 he 
removed to Hubbardton, Vt., where his father had settled in 1774/5. 
He served in the Eevolution in Capt. Enoch Noble's Company, from 


Sheffield, Oct. 23, 1780, to Nov. 7, 1780, sixteen days. ]\Iarched to 
Bennington, Vt. Married, Dec. 7, 1773, Amy Styles, born March 
2, 1755. He died March 20, 1821. 

Children horn in Sheffield. 

105 I. Amos,^ b. Oct. 1, 1774; m. 1st, Nabba Haven; m. 2d, Chloe 


106 II. Worthy LovELL,* b. Mayl3, 177(i; m. 1st, IIuhama Whelpley; 

m. 2d, Sophia Kingsley. 

III. LoviSA,** b. March 19, 1779; ni. Ephraim Hendee, June, 1802. 

They settled at first in Sudbury, Vt., but about 1810 removed to 
Avon, N.Y. 


1. Hannah Hendee, b. March 12, 1803; m. Jonas Howes, Nov. 7, 


2. Amy Lovisa Hendee, b. Feb. 18, 1805; m. Hiram Pearson, 

Oct. 23, 1827. 

3. Joseph Hendee, b. Nov. 14, 1808; m. Mary Clark, Feb. 28, 


4. Ruby Hendee, b. 1810; m. Addison Ransom, Nov. 2, 1840. 

5. Ephraim C'hurchill Hendee, b. Jan. 15, 1812; m. Hannah Mer- 

rill, March 29, 1839. 
I 6. A. Alonzo Hendee, b. June Ki, l<sl5. 

IV. Sylvia,' b. Aug. 24, 1781 ; m. Thomas Ketcham. Tliey settled 

in Sudbury, Vt. 

Children horn there. 

1. Isaac Ketcham, settled in Sudbury, Vt. 

2. Josepii C. Ketcham, settled in Illinois. 

3. Allan Ketcham, settled in Whiting. 

4. Sarah A. Ketcham. 

5. Roxana Ketcham, 

6. Eliza Ketcham. 

7. Sylvia Ketcham, settled in Hubbardton, Vt. 

8. Lucy Ketcham. 

9. Thomas Ketcham, a physician. 

107 V. Cyrus,*^ b. Feb. 9, 1783; m. Rachel Hustler. 

VI. HuLDA," b. Nov. 12, 1785; m. David Pearson,* of Avon, N.Y., 
Feb. 11, 1811. 

He was born in the town of Wells. Vt., March 27, 1785. They 
lived on a farm one-half a mile from East Avon. 

Children born at East Avon., N. Y. 

1. Ruhama Pearson, b. Nov. 30, 1811 ; m. S. D. Halsey, in Avon, 

Feb. 11, 1835. 

They removed, in 1837, to Grand Blanc, Mich. Of their 
three children, two, viz. : D. P. Halsey and Mrs. S. J. Case, are 
now (1901) living in Flint, Mich. The father and mother died 
in Michigan. 

2. Margaret Pearson, b. April 13, 1813; d. Sept. 4, 1865. 

3. Adelia Pearson, b. June 30, 1815 ; m. John Smith, Oct. 2, 1835. 

They bad one son who lives in Flint, Mich., and two daughters 
live in Grand Blanc. 

4. Anna J. Pearson, b. Oct. 29, 181G ; m. John Bainbridge, Oct. 

21, 1847. 

She is a widow and lives in Santa Barbara, Cal. 

* The sons of David Pearson changed their name to Pierson. 

350 THE CHURCHILL FAMILY [Connecticut 

5. Charles Churchill Pearson, b. Jan. 18, 1818; m. Martha A. 

Button, Dec. 19, 1849. 

They live in Flint, Mich., and have three sons and three 
daughters, all married, and five of them living in Flint. All 
have children, in all sixteen grandchildren. Mr. and Mrs. 
Pearson celebrated their fiftieth anniversary in 1899, and have a 
family gathering every Christmas. Mr. Pearson (Pierson) is a 
produce merchant in Flint, Mich., now (December, 1901) at 
the age of eighty-four years. 

6. Jane L. Pearson, b. Oct. 9, 1819; m. Delgren Lacy, July 3, 


They moved to Seattle in 1875, and died there, leaving one 

7. Mary Pearson, b. May 13, 1821 ; m. 1st, Dr. F. Drake, Feb. 10, 

1859; m. 2d, J. Johnson, 18(58. 

She died in Flint, Mich., without children. 

8. Laura Pearson, b. May 6, 1823; m. Bertrand E. Rust, July 5, 


She is a widow, no children, and lives in Atlas, Mich. (1901). 

9. Ephraim Pearson (Pierson), b. Feb. 24, 1825; m. Sarah Mer- 

rill, Sept. 27, 1849. 

They live in Flint. Mrs. Pierson died in 1900. No children. 

10. Andromeda Pearson, b. July 6, 1827 ; m. E. Day. No children. 

Both dead. 

11. Delos D. Pearson, b. July 6, 1827; m. Philena Douglas, Jan, 

1, 1855. 

They live in Flint, and have three sons living on farms in 
Goodrichville, Mich. 

108 VII. Charle.s,'^ b. Dec. 10, 1787 ; m. Polly Htce. 

VIII. RoxANA,^ b. Nov. 19, 1789; d. unmarried December, 1813. 

109 IX. Daniel,*^ b. Jan. 4, 1792; m. 1st, Submit Hawes, in Stafford, 

N.Y. ; m. 2d, Mrs. Miller, 'in Chillicothe, O. He died July 
20, 1833. 

110 X. Alvah,'' b. May 15, 1794; m. Nancy Holmes. 

111 XI. Joseph,^ b. Sept. 9, 1796; m. Polly Hennigan. 
XII. Amy,® b. Oct. 10, 1799; m. Alanson Richardson. 

They settled in Concord, Erie County, N.Y. 


1. Worthy L. Richardson. | 3. Ruth Richardson. 

2. Cyrus Richardson. j 4. Betsey Richardson. 


SAMUEL 5 CHURCHILL (Samuel/ Samuel Joseph,^ 
JosTAH 1). Born in Sheffield, Mass., May 20, 1756. Removed to 
Hubbardton in the winter of 1785. He died in Hubbardton, in 
1797, aged about forty-one years. We have not been able to get an 
account of this family. Married Anna Camp, of Salisbury, Conn. 

Children. ," 

112 I. Philo.s 

113 II. Zena.«,« m. ( ) Castle. Lived in Attica, N.Y. 

114 III. David,® b. in Hubbardton, May 29, 1786; m. 1st, name unknown; 

m. 2d, Sarah Prescott, Feb. 23, 1829. 

115 IV. RuFUS,® m. ( ) Strong, Alexander, N.Y. 

V. Esther,® m. Moses Disbrow, in Vermont. 



JOHN 5 CHURCHILL (Samuel/ Samue^ Joseph,^ Josiah^). 
Born at Sheffield, March 12, 1758, and lived there until his father's 
removal to Hubbardton in 1775. We have seen that he was in the 
battle at that place on July 7, the same j^ear, and was taken 
prisoner and carried to Ticonderoga where he was kept until 
October, when he returned to Castleton, Vt., whither his father had 
returned with his family after Burgoyne's surrender. It is possible 
that he served later in the war in the company of Capt. Roger 
Alden, of Lebanon, Conn., Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 1781. After the 
war he cleared up his farm in Hubbardton and lived there until 
1805, when he removed to Tully, N.Y. Married Martha Baldwin. 

Children, all hut the youngest horn in, Huhhardton, Vt. 

116 I. JoHN,« b. April 13, 1787; m. Mary House, at Homer, N.Y., 1813. 

117 II. Sylvester,® b. Oct. 7, 1788; m. Theodosia House, at Homer, 

N.Y., 1816. 

III. Annice,® b. Oct. 14, 1790; m. Chester Sharp. 

Children of Chester and Annice {Churchill) Sharp. 
1. John W. Sharp. | 2. Mary Sharp. [ 3. George E. Sliarp. 

IV. Electa,® b. Dec. 19, 1792; m. Clark Toavn. 

118 V. Alvin,® b. Nov. 7, 1794; m. Sally Seely. 
VI. Sylvina,« b. Aug. 25, 1796. 

VII. JoAB,s b. Nov. 10, 1798; d. Nov. 4, 1816. 

VIII. Sarah,® b. Jan. 4, 1801; m. John Bacon, at Spafford, N.Y., 1825. 
They lived at Scott and later at Spafford, N.Y., and liad children 
born at Scott. 


1. Warren Bacon, b. 1826; d. in 1852. 

2. David Bacon, b. June 13, 1828; m. 1st, Ruth House, Westfield, 

N.Y., 1855. She d. 1894; m. 2d, Jessie Follansbee, Hot 
Springs, Ark., 1897. 

3. Alnion Bacon, b. April 25, 1830; m. Harriet Tripp. 

He was a graduate of Rochester Seminary, founded Baptist 
Seminary for educating Indians in the Indian Territory at Musco- 
gee, and was a professor there twenty years. 

4. Irena Bacon, b. 1835; d. at the age of two years. 

5. Philena Bacon, b. 1835; m. Isaac Gilson, at Fetoskey, Mich.; 

d. March, 1900. 

6. Harrison Bacon, b. 1842; m. Frances Churchill, of Spaii'ord, 


IX. Irena,® b. Oct. 8, 1802; m. Lucius Vail. 

119 X. JoTHAM,® b. Dec. 29, 1804; ni. ( ) Randell. 

120 XI. Chauncey,® b. at Tully, N.Y., Oct. 3, 1808; ni. Catharine Merry, 

March 17, 1834. 

WILLIAM 5 CHURCHILL (Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Joseph,- 
JosiAH '). Born in Sheffield, Mass., Feb. 10, 1763. Settled first in 
Hubbardton,- Vt. ; about 1806 removed to Champlain, N.Y. He 

352 THE CHURCHILL FAMILY [Connecticut 

was with his mother in the battle at Hubbardton. Married, March 
26, 1787, Eunice Culver, born Dec. 31, 1762. 

Children. ^tn- 

I. Russell,*^ b. Dec. 21, 1787; d. in youth. 

II. Clarissa,^ b. Sept. 28, 1789; m.(— ) Phillips, of Chazy, N.Y. 

III. Pamelia," b. Oct. 2, 1791 ; m. (^^-d^ North, of Champlain, N.Y. 

121 IV. Darius," b. April 25, 1793; m. Tryphenia Adeline Newton. 

122 V. William, jR.,*b. March 23, 1795; m. Isabella Johnson, Dec. 24, 


123 VI. Samuel," b. Aug. 2, 1797; d. in New Orleans, in 1820. 

124 VII. Ezekiel," b. July 15, 1799. 

125 VIII. Julius," b. March 20, 1802; m. Nancy Filmore. 

126 IX. James," b. Nov. 9, 1804; m. Eliza Johnson. 

X. Eunice," b. May 20, 1807. 


EZEKIEL^ CHURCHILL (Samuel," Samuel,^ Joseph,^ 
JosiAH 1). Born June 24, 1764, in Sheffiekl, Mass. Settled in 
Hubbardton, Vt., until about 1704, when he removed to Alexander, 
N.Y. He was a farmer. He died Feb. 12, 1813. Married, 1786, 
Elizabeth Dyer. She was born Aug. 30, 1766, and died Oct. 25, 

1 Children. 

I. Infant child," b. Jan. 30, 1787; d. same day. 

127 II. Ezekiel," b. Dee. 27, 1787; ni. Hannah Baker, April 5, 1810. 
III. Sarah," b. March 24, 1790; m. Elias Persons, March 5, 1807. 

She died Dec. 17, 1825. 


1. Hanson Persons. 

2. Leverett W. Persons. 
8. Charlotte Persons. 

4. Franklin Persons. 

5. Eunice Persons. 

6. Elias Persons. 

7. Sally Persons. 

8. Almaria Persons. 

9. Columbus Persons. 
10. Lucinda Persons. 

IV. Eunice," b. Feb. 24, 1792; m. Thomas Demary, of New Hamp- 
shire, Oct. 12, 1817. 


1. Josiah Newton Demary, d. unmarried. 

2. Diantha Demary, d. young. 

3. Nancy B. Demary, b. June 5, 1822; m. Harry Cooley. 

4. Lurany Demary, b. May 27, 1824; m. Ilanford A. Conger. 

5. Almaria Demary, b. Feb. 27, 1827; m. Jonas Ellis. 

G. Adaline Demary, b. June 1, 1829; m. Mortimer Wadsworth. 

7. Olivia Demary, d. young. 

8. Mary Ann Demary, m. Leonard Demary. 

V. Diantha," b. Nov. 14, 1793; m. Gen. Josiah Newton, Feb. 14, 


1. Arabella Newton, m. ( ) Moore, of Rochester, N.Y. 

2. Earl Newton, d. unmarried. 

3. Danforth Newton. 




VI. A CHILD, ** b. July 24, 1795; d. same day. 
128 VII. Silas, ^ b. June 13, 1796; m. Esther Parsielee, 
VIII. Prudence,** b. May 21, 1798; d. Aug. 14, 1S14. 
IX. Wealthy,'' b. May 1, 1800; m. Jeremiah Baldwin. 


■) Cooley. 

1. Harriet Baldwin, ni. (- 

2. Oilman Baldwin. 

3. Henry Baldwin. 

X. Levi,« b. Sept. 11, 1802; d. July 25, 1803. 
129 XI. Levi William," b. May 10, 1804; m. Sophroxia Frisbee, Novem- 
ber, 1824. 
XII. Henry,« b. Aug. 12, 180(1; d. Feb. 12, 1813. 
XIII. Harriet Cordelia," b. Sept. 2, 1808; m. William Daniels, No- 
vember, 1834. 


Elizabeth Daniels. 
Alnuiria Daniels. 
Caroline Daniels, 
Evelene Daniels. 

5. John T. Daniels. 
G. Henry A. Daniels, 
7. Frances Daniels. 

130 XIV. CuLLEN Dyer,« b. March 1, 1811; m. Caroline Brown. Feb. 25, 


131 XV. EzEKiEL Henry,® b. June 29, 1813; m. Caroline H. Cogswell, 

Nov. 23, 1837. 


LEVI^ CHURCHILL (Charles," Samuel,^ Josep^ Josiah >). 
]>orii at Wetliersfield, Conn., May 28, 1752. He lived at Newing- 
ton until 1802, when lie removed with his family to Booneville, 
N.Y., where he settled. He died Feb. 12, 1836. Married 1st, 
Oct. 30, 1771, Elizabeth Hurlbut, daughter of Joseph ; married 
2d, RuTii Merrills. 

Children of First Wife, born at Neivington. 

I. Elizabeth," b. June 27, 1773; m. Leonard Hobbaud, Feb. 18, 
1799, as his first wife, and had one child, Abigail Deming Hub- 
II. Lydia." b. July 14, 177G; m. Mr. Smith. 
III. Noble," b. Nov. 11, 1779; m. Olive Stoddard, Oct. 12, 1801. 





Children of Second Wife. 

Charles Belden," b. Sept. 27, 1785; m. Elizabeth Hubbard, 
Feb. 4, 1807. 
V. OcTAviA," b. Dec. 14, 1786; m. Josiah B. Chdrchill (No. 141). 
VI. Calvin," b. Dec. 14, 178G. 
VII. Silas," b. Sept. 9, 1790. 
VIII. Carolus," bapt. in Newington, Jan. 5, 1800; d. in Galesburg, 111. 
Benjamin," b. May 3, 1792. 
Sophia " 






CHARLES 5 CHURCHILL (Charles," Samuel,« Joseph,-' 
Josiah ^). Born in Newington, Conn., May 3, 1755. Lived near 
Newbern, N.C., at Chappell Hill. He died Sept. 16, 1818. The 










354 THE CHUKCHILL FAMILY [Connecticut 

family later removed to New Orleans, La. Married a Southern 

woman, name not obtained. 


Chappell McClure,^ b. in Newbern, N.C. 
Claudius Belden,^ m. Louisiana Hollidat 
Clinton Greene.* 


Crispen Osborne.* 
Cleopas Washington.* 

SAMUEL 5 CHURCHILL (Charles," Samuel,^ Joseph,^ 
JosiAH ^). Born in Newington, April 5, 1757, and died there Dec. 
10, 1834. He was a farmer, and lived across the road from his 
father's, in a house built for him by his father. He was a man 
eminent for his piety, with which, perhaps, was mingled a sense of 
quiet humor ; for instance, it is said that he was accustomed to read 
oftener than any other the Psalm which reiterates " For his mercy 
endureth forever," Mercy being the name of his wife. Married, 
July 16, 1778, Mercy Boardmax, daughter of Jonathan and Mar- 
tha (Hurlbut) Boardman, born in Eocky Hill, Conn., Aug. 2, 1757, 
and died Jan. 24, 1834. 


Chislieu,* b. Dec. 4, 1779; ra. Celinda Hurlbut, March 31, 1806. 
*Mary Ann,* b. Aug. 25, 1782; d. unmarried Feb. 18, 1848. 
John,* b. April 11, 1785; m. Laura Wells, Sept. 9, 1811. He 

died Sept. 17, 1823. 
JosiAH B.,* b. Aug. 29, 1787; m. 1st, Octavia Churchill (see 

No. 41) ; m. 2d, Phebe Maria Thompson. 
Charles,* b. Sept. 12, 1790; m. Matilda Johnson. 
VI. *Mercy,* b. Nov. 10, 1792; d. unmarried May 7, 1866, aged sev- 
VII. Samuel,* b. Nov. 10, 1792; d. in infancy. 
VIII. *Charlotte,* b. Dec. 3, 1795; d. unmarried April 7, 1864, aged 
IX. *Harriet,* b. Feb. 12, 1798; d. unmarried July 12, 1825. 
X. *LucY,* b. Feb. 6, 1801 ; d. unmarried March 30, 1883, aged eighty- 
two years. 


SOLOMON 5 CHUECHILL (Charles," Samuel,^ Joseph,- 
Josiah^). Born in ISTewington, July 29, 1764, and spent his life 
there. He was a farmer, a man of excellent character and standing 
in the community. Though he did not make profession of religion 
until late in life, he was of undoubted piety and especially strict in 

* These sisters formed a quintet of maiden ladies who lived and died on their 
father's liomestead. Of the number Charlotte is said to have been in every way 
the most accomplished. She was what the people in her day called a " dressy " 
person, and seems to have been a woman of unusual charm and good breeding. 
Lucy, the youngest, lived on alone at the old home, with " no one to lean on," as 
she was accustomed to say. 









his regard for the Sabbath. It is said that he forbade even " the 
cracking of nuts " on the Lord's day, and a grove of butternut trees 
near his house gives a touch of probability to the tradition. With 
him regular attendance on divine worship was one of the chief con- 
cerns of life, and he would face the fiercest snow-storms of the winter, 
which blocked in even good Parson Belden, who, on one occasion, 
discovered Mr. Churchill in front of the parsonage on horseback, 
floundering in the snow-drifts, and shouted the question, " Where 
are you going, Mr. Churchill? " " To meeting," replied the sturdy 
parishioner. "Well, come in here, then," answered the parson, "as 
I am not going out in this storm." His grandson, Leonard Church- 
ill Hubbard, in 1903, describes him thus, as he appeared about 
1820: '-'He was of medium height, a rather stocky-looking man, 
round face, kind-spoken, and jovial for one of his years." He died 
June 16, 1842. Married 1st, Oct. 28, 1789, Lucretia Marsh, 
daughter of Job, of New Hartford. She died, Nov. 2, 1811, aged 
forty-eight years, and he married 2d, Chloe Deming, a maiden 
lady of fifty years. 

Children of Solomon and Lucretia (Jfarsh) Churchill. 

t. Julia, « b. Jlay 31, 1792; d. unmarried, Sept. 16, 18-'2. 

This woman deserves more than the notice of birth and death. 
In the family she was long ago canonized as its saint. Every 
family tradition testifies to her pure piety and her fortitude in 
affiiction, as she was a life-long invalid. Her voluminous journal, 
running tiirongh many years, records her gentle and pious charac- 
ter. It holds little except her account of the sermons, heard from 
Sunday to Sunday, and her own religious experiences. Some 
valuable references occur liere and there, like her statement as to 
the beginning of the Newington Sunday-school, on June 20, 1819. 
at which time she writes : " Attended church in the daytime and in 
the evening. This day hath been solemn. A Sabbath-school was 
establislied in this ])lace. Four little cliiidren were committed to 
my care to instruct on the Sabbath. O Lord, help me to do my 
duty toward them, and wilt thou touch their young and tender 
minds by the influences of thy Spirit! " In August, the same year, 
she writes that her class has increased to seven, and notes in her 
prayer that they are only four and five years old. Nov. 4, 1819, 
she writes : " The Sunday-school is now out, and this day the 
scholars received their premiums. I commit my little class to 
thee, () Lord. Bless them, I pray thee, O Lord; prepare them for 

These brief extracts, Mr. Seymoiir says, are a fair sample of the 
journal of this devout and devoted woman and illustrate tlie spirit 
which animated her, and probably the other founders of the Sunday- 
school. She has been described as " fervently prayerful." She 
also wrote verses addressed to different members of the family, 
and elegies lamenting the death of local worthies. The making of 
verses, indeed, seems to have been characteristic of the Newington 
Churchills of this generation, and, apparently, was one of the few 
diversions allowed by the stern Calvinism of the times. A pam- 
phlet of the semi-centennial celebi'ation of the Wethersfield and 
Berlin Sunday-school Union states that, " The Sunday-school in 
Newington, in its beginning, was the voluntary enterprise of some 
young ladies of the church." 

356 THE CHURCHILL FAMILY [Connecticut 

II. Nancy," b. March 17, 1795; m. Leonard Chester Hubbard, of 
Newington, April 23, 1826. Mr. Hubbard was the son of Tim- 
otby and Abigail (Deming) Hubbard, born May 9, 1793, and 
died Sept. 20, 1838. For his first wife he married Elizabeth 
Churchill, daughter of Deacon Levi, whose only child died 
young. Nancy, the second wife, was a person of very strong 
individuality. After her mother's death she was forced to as- 
sume the chief duties of the household, her older sister, Julia, 
being an invalid, until the time of her marriage. Mr. Seymour, 
to whom we are indebted for most of the biographical matter re- 
lating to the family of Capt. Charles Churchill, says that " she 
was a woman of great decision of character, brought up her 
family in the fear of God, and lived to great age. In her later 
years she was tenderly cared for by her family, but she never re- 
linquished her authority, nor gave up the strict Sabbath day observ- 
ance to which she had been bred in her lather's household." He 
describes her as having "jet black eyes and hair and unusually 
white skin." He recalls one Sabbath he passed in the home of her 
son Leonard, with whom she was living, and well remembers the 
austere character of the day, all secular conversation being 
avoided, and the reading of tlie Bible occupying the chief atten- 
tion. She seemed to him like an ancient prophetess. 
They lived at Newington until after the birth of their children, 
when they removed to Berlin. 

Children born at Newington. 

1. Leonard Churchill Hubbard, b. Jan. 15, 1828; m. Mary J. Ar- 

nold, at Berlin, Oct. 6, 1859. 

Mr. Hubbard was educated at Wesleyan Academy, Wilbrahara, 
Mass. Lived at Berlin, Conn., a farmer. Sometime deacon 
of the Congregational Churcli at Berlin. 


(1) Leonard Clarence Hubbard, b. Jan. 24, 18fi5 , m. Louisa 
Junge, of New York, March 19, 1898; (2) Eleanor Ar- 
nold Hubbard, b. March 1, 1870. 

2. Kasson Hubbard, b. Dec. 6, 1831; d. April 6, 1834. 

3. Elizabeth Hubbard, b. Jan. 25, 1835; m. Henry Francis, Dec. 

6, 1855. 

They lived at New Britain, Conn., and had children. 


(1) James H. Francis, b. Nov. 1, 1800; (2) Grace E.Fran- 
cis, b. April 9, 1862; m. John D. Garvie, of New Britain. 

4. Abigail Hubbard, b. Oct. 31, 1837; d. at New Britain, April 20, 


143 III. Chester,** b. May 6, 1798; m. Lucretia Olmsted, Aug. 24, 
IV. Cynthia,^ b. Oct. 30, 1801 ; m. Cyrus Webster, of Newington, 
Nov. 22, 1822. They settled at first at Newington, where their 
children were born, but later removed to Berlin, where he was a 
farmer. She died at Berlin, May 11, 1869. 

Children of Cyrus and Cynthia (^Churchill) Webster. 

I. Chester Churchill Webster, b. Nov. 10, 1825; m. Marilla Rich- 
ards, and had children. 

(1) David C. Webster, ("2) Oliver Webster, (3) Charles Web- 
ster, (4) Nellie Webster. 


2. Chauncy Webster, b. May 26, 1828; lu. Mary Johnson, 1853, 

at Canton, III. 

3. Charles Selah Webster, b. Nov. 22, 1834; m. Julia S. Higgins, 

Oct. 12, 1853. 

(1) Harriet Churchill Webster, b. at Berlin, March 20, 1870; m. 
Hon. Frank L. Wilcox, of Berlin. Jan. 19, 1898 ; (2) Cyrus 
Webster, b. Sept. 3, 1874; d. at Berlin, Sept. 5, 1891. 

V. Jemima,® b. Nov. 19, 1805, and died unmarried, at New Britain, 
June 9, 189!>, while on a visit to her niece, Mrs. Francis. She 
Avas born in the " Great House " built by her grandfather, Capt. 
Charles Clmrchill, and had many stories of the old days. She 
lived a usefnl life spent mostly in the families of her sisters. 
Mr. Seymour remembers her as " a very smart" old lady, erect 
in carriage, prim without severity, scrupulous as to the details of 
her old-fashioned dress, and pleasant-spoken. Like her father, 
she set great store on divine worship, and rarely failed to go to 
meeting to the end of her days. 


REV. SILAS 5 .CHURCHILL (Charles,* Samuel,*^ Joseph,^ 
Jostah'). Born in Newington, Conn., April 5, 1769. Graduated 
at Yale College in the class of 1787, studied theology with his 
father-in-law to be, and settled in the ministry in the Presbyterian 
church in New Lebanon, N.Y. He served in this, his only pastor- 
ate, faithfully for almost fifty years. He died in New Lebanon, 
March 1, 1854. Married 1st, Oct. 12, 1797, Rhoda Belden, daughter 
of Rev. Joshua, of Newington. She was born May 29, 1766, and 
died May 28, 1823. He married 2d, Sarah Sargext, 1825. 

Children of First Wife, horn in Nevj Lebanon, N. Y. 

I. Joshua Belden,® b. Nov. 2, 1798. He was a farmer in Oregon; 
d. there, unmarried, 1874. 

144 II. Silas." b. June 5, 1800; m. 1st, Clarissa Avery, Oct. 27, 1825; 

m. 2d, Cornklia S. Lyndes, Oct. 27, 1836. 

III. Clarissa,® b. May 2, 1802; died aged four years. 

IV. Mary Ann.® b. 1801; unmarried. 

V. Rhoda,® b. 1806; m. Rev. E. A. Beach. 

145 VI. Charles,® b. Sept. 2, 1808. 

Children of Second Wife. 

VII. Sarah,® b. May, 1829. 
VIII. John,® b. 1832. 


REV. JESSES CHURCHILL (Jesse,* Samuel,^ Joseph,^ 
JosiAH ^). Born in Wethersfield, Conn., March 18, 1757. The tra- 
dition in the family is that, at the outbreak of the Revolution, he 
tried to enlist, but was rejected at first on account of his boyish 
appearance, but he succeeded later, and served in the company of 
Capt. Jonathan Hale, of Glastonbury, and was stationed at Boston 
January to March, 1776. He reenlisted in the company of Captain 

358 THE CHURCHILL FAMILY [Connecticut 

Welles, and served in New York, His regiment was at the battles of 
Long Island and White Plains. He evidently acquired a fair edu- 
cation, and perhaps became a teacher in the succeeding years. After 
his first marriage he settled for a time in Glastonbury, where his 
first child was born. About 1790 he removed to Hubbard ton and 
occupied the farm which his father had taken up in 1775, but had 
abandoned when Vermont became involved in the border warfare. 
He lived for some years in the old log-house built by his father. 
On this old homestead his seven children by the first wife were born, 
and here she died, leaving him with a family of seven children. 
Mr. Churchill then fitted himself for the ministry. It is said that 
he studied at Andover Theological School, and by his Church 
Covenant, dated at Andover, June 2, 1784, now in possession of a 
grandson, J. W. Hull, of Pittsfield, it seems that he was then a 
student. He probably took a special course. His son Norman 
writes us, in 1885 : " After the death of my mother my father took 
an abbreviated course in theology, was ordained in 1807, and began 
to preach as a Congregational minister." He removed to Litchfield, 
N.Y., the same year. He was settled awhile at New Lebanon, N.Y. 

He was chaplain of the Twenty-seventh Regiment, New York militia, 
from 1810 to 1822, and served in the War of 1812, under Colonel Bel- 
linger, in the Black River campaign, his son Norman going with him 
as his waiter. His last pastorate was at Winfield, N.Y. He died 
at Morrisville, N.Y., Sept. 29, 1828, and was buried at Winfield. 

He married 1st, in Wethersfield, Nov. 2, 1786, Hannah Board- 
MAx, daughter of Charles and Abigail (Stillman) Boardman. She 
died at Hubbardton, Dec. 10, 1804. Married 2d, Aug, 28, 1807, 
Olivp: Tildkn, daughter of John, and sister of Elam Tilden, the 
father of Samuel J. Tilden, the Democratic presidential candidate of 
1876. Married 3d, JMarch 23, 1823, Mrs. Anna Eggleston, in 
Batavia, N.Y. She was a widow with a family of children, one 
of whom Norman Churchill married. 

Childi-en of Rev. Jesse Churchill and First Wife, first two horn at Glastonbury^ 
the others at Ifuhhardton. 

I. Elizabeth,® b. Dec. 1, 1787; m. Elijah Woodruff, son of Elijah, 
b. at Farmington, Conn., Sept. 9, 1778. Married at Winfield, 
N.Y., Feb. 21, 1817. Lived at Sheldon, N Y. He was a farmer, 
and died Feb. 28, 1828. She died at Buffalo, N.Y., March 22, 

Childrefi of Elijah and Elizabeth {Churchill) Woodruff, born in Sheldon, N. Y. 

1. Mary Woodruff, b. Nov. 23, 1817; m. Benjamin Zimmermann, 

May 27, 1840, and lived in Grinnell, Iowa. 

2. Almira Woodruff, b. June 15, 1822; d. unmarried, at Tabor, 

Iowa, Oct. 22, 1897. 

3. Aurelia Stillman Woodruff, b. Feb. 1, 1825; m. John Hailam, 

at Tabor, Iowa. 


4. Corinna Woodruff, b. Aug. 25, 1827; m. Cbarles Hobart, at 
Buffalo, Oct. 22, 1845. Lived at Sterling, 111. 
They have four children: (1) Charles W. Hobart, (2) George 
C. Hobart, ;^3) Henry M. Hobart, (4) Mary Hobart. 

II. George,^ b. Oct. 11, 1789. Never married. He died at Troy, 111., 
Aug. 11, 1872. He was brought up on the old farm in Hubbard- 
ton, and received the common school education in his native tovirn. 
On the removal of his father's family to New York State, he 
went to Albany, and became an apprentice in a printing office, 
served his time, and then worked as a journeyman printer until 
he was able to purchase a half interest in a small i)rinting office, 
which he soon after sold out, and started \'>'est. He obtained a 
situation in Louisville, Ky., in the " Courier " office, and worked 
there a while, and, in 1817, located in St. Louis, Mo., and being 
attracted by the fertile lands of Illinois, bought a tract of land a 
few miles southeast of Edwardsville, in that State, where he 
lived the remainder of his life. In order to raise money for the 
improvement of his farm, he worked at his trade in the office of 
the "Missouri Gazette," in St. Louis. While connected with 
that paper he wrote a series of articles, advocating the admission 
of Missouri as a free State. He assisted in establishing a 
newspaper, in Edwardsville, " Tlie Spectator," and was a con- 
stant contributor to its columns, especially in 1822-1824, while 
the contest was on to make Illinois a slave State. In the final 
defeat of this attempt he bore a prominent part. He was elected 
to the General Assembly of Illinois in 1822, and was reelected 
in 1824, showing that the people api)rove(l his course. He served 
by reelection till 1832, and in the Senate in 1838, and again in the 
House in 1844, serving in all sixteen years. He was well 
versed in the English language and literature. A diligent col- 
lector of historical documents. 
III. GiLE.s,« b. Dec. 20, 1791, at Ilubbardton, Vt. He removed to the 
West, and taught school; and, about 1817, went South to New 
Orleans, it is said. No account of his subsequent career has come 
to us. 
147 IV. William Boardman," b. March 4, 1794; m. 1st, Almira Humes; 

m. 2d, Mrs. Jane ( ) Kingston; m. 3d, Mrs. Lura (Hill) 

V. PoLLY,6 b. April 12, 1796; m. Lewis Weeks, at Litchfield, N.Y., 
by her father, llev. Jesse Churchill, Feb. 1, 1816. Mr. Weeks 
was born Aug. 7, 1790. They lived at Slielden, N.Y., where 
seven of their children were born; but before 1835 removed 
West, and settled at Ridge Prairie, 111. She died at Afton, Iowa, 
Nov. 28, 1881. He died at Galesburg, 111., Nov. 10, 1864. 

Children of Lewis and Polly {Churchill) Weeks. 

1. George Churchill Weeks, b. Sept. 13, 1817 ; d. at Ridge Prairie, 

111., Aug. 9, 1835. 

2. Hannah Amelia Weeks, b. Nov. 5, 1819; m. James R. Perrigo, 

Jan. 26, 1842. 

3. Horace Belknap Weeks, b. March 14, 1822; m. 1st, Diadema 

(Hyde) Sharman ; m. 2d, Mary A. Daniels, September, 1856. 

4. William Wallace Weeks, b. June 11, 1823; m. Ruth Vaughn, 

Jan. 25, 1848. 

5. John Lewis Weeks, b. Sept. 14, 1827; m. Emily Finch, Gales- 

burg, Sept. 7, 1849; d. Oct. 31, 1849. 

6. Charles Boardman Weeks, b. Jan. 29, 1830; m. Elizabeth J. 

Alexander, Oct. 1, 1860. 

7. Mary Churchill Weeks, b. May 13, 1832; m. Jonathan C. Gar- 

wood, Oct. IS, 1852. 

8. Cyrus Edward Weeks, b. at Ridge Prairie, III., Feb. 4, 1836; d. 

Aug. 26, 1838. 

360 THE CHUKCHILL FAMILY [Connecticut 

148 VI. Norman,* b. Nov. 5, 1799; m. Anna Eggleston, in Batavia, N.Y. 

VII. Levi Gatlord,« b. July 28, 1802; d. unmarried, in Troy, 111,, Dec. 

3, 1851. He is buried at Collinsville, 111. 

Child of the Second Wife, Olive ( Tilden) Churchill. 
VIII. LucENA Ann," b. at Nevr Lebanon, N.Y., Jan. 31, 1809; m. 
Charles Williams Hdll, Sept. 10, 1834. He was the son of 
Jeremiah and Keturah (Williams) Hull, b.' at Stonington, Conn., 
Dec. 3, 1798 They were married at New Lebanon, N.Y., by 
Rev. Silas Churchill. After her father's death, Lucena was taken 
to live with her uncle, Elam Tilden, until her marriage. She d. 
April 5, 1890. 

Children of Charles Williams and Lucena Ann (Churchill) Hull^ horn at New 

Lebanon, N. Y. 

1. Charles Williams Hull, b. Aug. 5, 1836; m. Julia Tubbs, at 

Brattleboro, Vt., Oct. 3, 1869. 

2. George Frederick Hull, b. June 14, 1838 ; m. Amy Doty, of 

Hancock, Mass., Oct. 16, 1862. 

3. Edwin Augustus Hull, b. March 3, 1840. Soldier in Civil War, 

Company B, Forty-fourth Regiment, N.Y. Volunteers. Died 
at Alexandria, Va., July 25, 1862. Unmarried. 

4. James Wells Hull, b. Sept. 20, 1842; m. Helen Edwards 

Plunkett, Pittsfield, Mass., in 1876. 

They live in Pittsfield, Mass., where he is secretary of Berk- 
shire Life Insurance Company. Member of Massachusetts 
Board of Health from 1893. They have tive children, born in 
Pittsfield: (1) Helen Edwards Hull, b. Nov. 3, 1877; (2) Rosa- 
mond Hull, b. April 29, 1879; (3) Norman Churchill Hull, b. 
Aug. 5, 1881; (4) Edward Boltwood Hull, b. Feb. 3, 1884; (5) 
Carolyn Kellogg Hull, b. Sept. 19, 1891. 

5. Henrietta Tilden Hull, b. Oct. 8, 1846; d. at New Lebanon, 

April 25, 1848. 

6. Anna Lucena Hull, b. Sept. 14, 1848; unmarried. 


LEVI' CHURCHILL (Jesse,'' Samuel,^ Joseph/ JosiahI). 
Born at Newington, Dec. 15, 1759. Lived at Wethersfield. . Mar- 
ried, Jan. 5, 1785, Hannah Belden. 

Children born at Wethersfield. 
I. Jertisha Gaylori),* b. April 7, 1786; d. unmarried July 1, 1849, 
II. Samuel,* b. Jan. 3, 1788; d. Feb. 17, 1791. 

149 III. Simeon,* b. Jan. 3, 1788 ; m. Anna Coleman. 
IV. Mabel,* b. Jan. 9, 1790; d. unmarried, 1879. 

V. Rebecca,* b Oct. 4, 1792; d unmarried, Sept. 16, 1865. 
VI. Elizabeth,* b. Jan. 29, 1795; m. Jacob Griswold, January, 1818. 
160 VII. Levi Belden,* b. March 24, 1797; m. Abigail Griswold, June 
27, 1816. 

VIII. Sally,* b. Oct. 14, 1799; m. Samuel Coleman, 

IX. Hannah Belden,* b. July 17, 1805; m. Capt. John Hanmer, Jan, 
14, 1833, Captain Hanmer was born in Wethersfield, Feb. 11, 

Additional Note on Rev. Jesse Churchill. — Our authority for statements above 
are letters of Norman Churchill, of Galesbui-g, 111., his son; letters from 
Professor Comstock, of Galesburg, 111.; Mrs. Lucena A. (Churchill) Hull, 
his youngest daughter, in tlie application of James W. Hull, her son, for 
membership in the Sons of the American Revolution, in 1889; Conn. Hist. So- 
ciety Collections, Vol. 8, p. 137; " Connecticut Men in the Revolution," p. 385; 
Military Minutes of Council of Appointment of New York. In 1814 his regiment 
was stationed at Fort Pike, near Sackett's Harbor. 


Children of Capt. John and HanJiah Belden (^Churchill) Hanmer. 

1. Caleb J. Hanraer, b. Nov. 25, 1833; m. Ellen N. Dix, May 3, 


Children: (1) Lizzie Hanraer, b. Aug. 16, 1860; d. March 
2fi, 18G3. (2) Nellie N. Hanmer, b. Sept. 2, 18(;2; m. Eugene 
Kendall, May 26, 1887. (3) Frederick C. Hanmer, b. Oct. 24, 
1864; m. Nellie T. Ridgeway, Oct. 25, 1892. (4) Gertrude M. 
Hanmer, b. June 13, 1870; m. John L. Way, Oct. 15, 1891. 

2. Elizabeth Hanmer, b. Oct. 18, 1835; unmarried. 

3. Mary Ann Hanmer, b. Aug. 8, 1837; m. Elijah Stillraan Good- 

rich, Oct. 9, 1859. 

Children: (1) James Raymond Goodrich, b. Aug. 20, 1860; 
m. Lizzie Horton Judd, Feb. 4, 1897, and had two children, 
James Stillman and William Judd. (2) Mabel Edith Goodrich, 
b. May 3, 1867; m. George Hills Oilman, of Hartford, April 
20, 1898. 

4. Charles Henry Hanmer. b. Oct. 18, 1839; m. Clara E. Way, of 

Gilead, Conn., November, 1865. 

Children: (1) Alfred Wells Hanmer, b. Mav 13, 1867; m. 
Nellie E. Talcott, Sept. 10, ls90. (2) Charles Henry Hanmer, 
b. Nov. 5, 18G9; m. Lila Case. (3) John Way Hanmer, b. 
Nov. 26, 1872; d. February, 1896. (4) Edward Shaw Hanmer, 
b Fel). 21, 1876. (5) William Ellis Hanmer, b. Oct. 7, 1879. 

5. Felicia Ilemans Hanmer, b. Sept. 6, 1842; m. Dudley Wells, 

Oct. 15, 1862. 

Children : (1) Mary Anna Wells, b. Oct. 9, 1865; ra. Hosmer 
B. Redfield, June 13, 1888. (2) Hannah Churchill Wells, b. 
April 11, 1868. (3) Gideon Wells, b. April 4, 1871; m. Adah 
Adams, Oct. 27, 1897. (4j James Dudley Wells, b. May 3, 

6. John Hanmer, b. May 16, 1849 ; m. Fannie R. Buckley, Jan. 

28, 1874. 

Children: (1) Alice Elizabeth Hanmer, b. Nov. 6, 1874; (2) 
Fannie Buckley Hanmer, and (3) Mary Goodrich Hanmer, 
twins, b. Oct. 6, 1878. 


ITHAMAR 5 CHURCHILL (Jesse," Samuel,^ Joseph/ Josiah '). 
Born at Newington, Nov. 1, 1772. About 1793 he removed to Hub- 
bardton and occupied the house and lot which had been abandoned 
by his brother SaniueJ. He removed to Pennsylvania about 1818. 
He died Sept. 24, 1852. Married, .Sept. 12, 1797, Sarah Blinn, 
born May 12, 1774, and died Aug. 17, 1831. 

Children horn in Ilubhardton, Vi. 

151 I. James, « b. Aug. 17, 1798; m. Phkbe Marvin, April 3, 1828. . 
II. Harriet.^ b. July 7, 1801 ; m. John Pkll, 1821. 

152 III. Horace, « b. Oct. 20, 1806; m. Rebecca Brown. 

153 IV. Lorenzo,^ b. Dec. 6, 1809; m Nancy M. Wright. 

V. Laura, ^ b. March 9, 1812; unmarried. In January, 1889, she was 
living in the family of her nephew, Almond, in Woonsocket, 
154- VI. Levi B.,« b. Nov. 26, 1816; m. Louisa Northrup, May 26, 1842. 


ASAHEL6 CHURCHILL (Benjamix," Samuel,^ Joseph,^ 
JosiAH^). Born May 1, 1754. He died Dec. 25, 1839. Married, 


at Southington, Conn., Nov. 12, 1778, Eunice Piney, who was born 
June 25, 1750, and died Oct. 18, 1839. 


155 I. Isaac,® b. Sept. 8, 1779 ; married, but name of wife not obtained. 

II. Abel K.,« b. April 22, 1781 ; d. Oct. 18, 1805. 
III. AsAHEL,« b. June 21, 1783. 
15(} IV. Ira,8 b. May 27, 1785; m. Sakah Hyde, at Whitestown, N.Y., 
June 6, 1809. 
V. Salmon,® b. March 1, 1787; d. April 14, 1811. 
157 VI. Benjamin,® b. Dec. 11, 1789. He was last heard of in 1858, in 
Newbern, N.C. 
VII. Oken,® b. July 8, 1791 ; m. Betsey Corey. 

They lived at Pierpont, O., where he died April 14, 1871, and 
she in 1869. No children. 
VIII. Jonathan,® b. Nov. 9, 1793; d. March 9, 1814. 
IX. Lydia,® b. Oct. 7, 1796; m. Alpheus Wilson. 

They lived at Watertown, N.Y., and had the following children 
born there : 


1. RichB. Wilson, b. Nov. 22, 1822; m. Lucy A. Collins, March 

13, 1850, and had children. 

Children: (1) May E. Wilson, b. May 13, 1854; d. Nov. 
9, 1860. (2) John R. Wilson, b. Sept. 5, 1857. (3) Norah 
M. Wilson, b. June 8, 1866; m. George Goutremont, May 14, 

2. Joel Wilson, b. May 18, 1825; d. young. 

3. Huldah Wilson, b. July 13, 1827. 

4. Buckley Wilson, b. July 29, 1830; m. Mary Barney. He d. 

July 31, 1893. 

168 X. Elisha,® b. Aug. 16, 1798. 

XI. Polly,® b. Sept. 25, 1800. 


SAMUEL 5 CHURCHILL (Benjamin," Samuel,^ Josep< 
JosiAH^). Born at Bristol, Conn., Aug. 7, 1761, and died in 
Moreau, N. Y., Marcli 26, 1817. He removed sometime before 1800, 
it is said, to Moreau, N.Y., where he afterwards lived. Married, 
Feb. 22, 1787, Hannah Barnes, who was born March 4, 1765, and 
after Mr. Churchill's death married a Mr. Hamlin, and lived at 
Glenn's Falls, N.Y. 

Children of Samuel and Hannah {Barnes) Churchill, horn, five at Bristol and 
the others at Moreau. 

159 I. Chester,® b. Feb. 22, 1788 ; m. Mercy Carl. 

II. Nancy',® b. Sept. 14, 1790; ra. George Shoemaker, at Moreau, 
N.Y., Jan. 9, 1814. 

They lived in Moreau till about 1820, when they moved to Green- 
field, N.Y. He died April 8, 1838, and she died April 23, 1868. 

Their Children, the first three horn in Moreau, the rest in Greenfield. 

1. Walter Shoemaker, b. Nov. 2, 1814; m. Nellie B. Crandel, 
Jan. 2, 1837. 
They had two children : (1) George E. Shoemaker, m. Mary 


Williams, and (2) Jennie L. Shoemaker, m. Mr. Ellis, of 
2'. George Shoemaker, Jr., b. Jan. 13, 1817; d. unmarried, July 
19, 1842. 

3. Ann Eliza Shoemaker, b. March 13, 1819; m. Robert Gillis, 

Jan. 2, 1840. They had children. 

Children: (1) George H. Gillis, (2) Harriet Gillis, (3) John 
R. Gillis, (4) a daughter, d. young. 

4. Hiram Shoemaker, b. April 7, 1822; m. Mary E. Ford, at 

Milton, N.Y., Sept. 17, 1848. 

They removed West, and settled in Neenah, Wis., the same 
month of their marriage, and have lived there. They had cliildren. 

Children : (1) Henry Kirk Shoemaker, b. July 19, 1849. He 
fitted for the ministry and began his work, but died at the age of 
twenty-two years, Feb. 17, 1872. (2) Ella Jane Shoemaker, b. 
Jan. 24, 1853. She became a teacher of music, but died, un- 
married, Jan. 2, 1875. Mrs. Mary (Ford) Shoemaker died Sept. 
2('>, 1885. Mr. Hiram Shoemaker has assisted the editor greatly 
in getting this account of the familv of Samuel Churchill. 

5. Charles Shoemaker, b. Feb. 12, i82G; m. Lucy Y. Towle, at 

Saratoga, March 2, 184G. 

Tliese parents died leaving two sons and two daughters, 
names not obtained. 

6. Maria Shoemaker, b. Nov. 8, 1829; m. Daniel Curtis, at Sara- 

toga, N.Y. She d. June 0, 1858, leaving one son, Rev. 
Charles H. Curtis, of Watervliet, N.Y. 

160 in. Daney,6 b. Nov. 24, 1792; m. Minerva Burnham. 
IV. Hannah,® b. Aug. 8, 1794; m William Billings. 

They lived in AVestern New York, and had a son and daughter, 
names not obtained. 
V. Electa,® b. May 22, 1797; m. Joseph Merrill. 

They lived in Michigan, where slie died March 1, 1808, leaving 
children, of whom only one name is obtained, viz., Eveline Merrill, 
who married Mr. Ilorton. 

161 VI. Charles,® b. Oct., 17, 1800; m. Laura Curtis. 

162 VII. Samitel, Jr. ,6 b. July 4, 1804; m. Eliza Culver. 

163 VIII. Ithuel,® b. Aug. 2, 180G; ra. 1st, Ruth Arminda Whitman; ra. 

2d, Lydia Marston. 

164 IX. PuiLO Clark,® b. Jan. 11, 1812; m. 1st, Sophronia Whedon; m. 

2d, Anna Aldrich; m. 3d, Mrs. Elizabeth (Johnson) Titus. 


IRA ' CHURCHILL (Benjamin,^ Samuel,^ Joseph,^ Josiah '). 
Bom at Bristol, Conu., April 9, 1764. Lived there until 1820, 
when he removed and settled in Greene, 0., of which township 
he was among tlie early settlers. He cleared and worked a home- 
stead farm. Two sons with their families settled near him in the 
new township. He died June 14, 1834. Married, at Bristol, Conn., 
June 17, 1790, Lois^Muisrsox, born in Southington, Conn., March 
25, 1770, and died in Greene, Trumbull County, 0., Feb. 27, 


Children born in Bristol, Conn. 

165 I. Barnabas,® b. March 21, 1791; m. Polly Root, Dec. 25, 1815. 

166 II. Ma-jor,® b. Sept 6, 1792; m. Eunice Payne, April 17, 1818. 

167 III. Bryan,® b. March 11, 1795; m. Mary P. Hadsell, April 24, 1817. 

168 IV. Ira, Jr.,® b. Dec. 19, 1796; m. Betsey Matthews. 

V. Martin,® b. July 25, 1801 ; d. Aug. 21, 1801, at Bristol, Conn. 
VI. Ammi,® b. Sept. 'so, 1802; d. unmarried, in Pennsylvania, July 8, 

364 THE CHURCHILL FAMILY [Connecticut 

VII. Lois Delia, ^ b. Feb. 2, 1805; m. John Hickok, in Greene, O., 
Jan. 1, 1824. Mr. Hickok was born in Franklin, N.Y., Feb. 24, 
1798, and d. at Greene, O., Aug. 12, 1869. They settled first 
at Mecca, O., but later on the farm with Mrs. Churchill's 
parents, and at their death inherited the homestead. Mrs. Hickok 
died Feb. 6, 1880. 


1. Ammi Leoline Hickok, b. at Mecca, O., April 28, 1826 ; m. Mary 

Underwood, March 2, 1848. They lived at Colebrook, O. 
No children. She d. at Greene, March 2.5, 1876. 

2. Bethunia Eunetia Hickok, b. Nov. 21, 1831, at Mecca, O. ; m. 

Jepthah Gorham. 

3. Aurilla Almarine Hickok, b. at Greene, 0., Sept. 6, 1844: m. 

George Clark, May 31, 1862. She d. March 23, 1869, at Greene, 
leaving two boj^s who went West with their father, and were 
lost trace of by the mother's family. 

169 VIII. Ceylon Munson,^ b. June 10, 1812; m. Frances Richards, 

October, 1848. 


JEDEDIAH^ CHURCHILL (Benjamin/ Samuel,^ Joseph,- 
JosiAH^). Born May 27, 1766, probably at Southington, Conn. 
We have not succeeded in getj^ing any complete account of this 
family. Married, at Southington, July 24, 1791, Sarah Hayford. 

I. Orkin,* d. young. 
II. RuTH,6 m. Gates Miller, April 23, 1823. She d. June 26, 1856, 
He d. April 16, 1881. 


1. William Henry Miller, b. Sept. 25, 1824; d. Aug. 16, 1840. 

2. Mary Olive Miller, b. June 2, 1835; m. John Becker. 

III. Chaunct,^ b. 1796. He was a sailor, and was lost at sea, it is 


IV. Ltdia,^ m. Henky N. Halsted. 

170 V. Joseph Hayford,^ b. Aug. 6, 1803 ; m. Sarah Lovina Stevens, of 

Rutland, Vt. 

171 VI. An.sonJ.6 

VII. Infant,^ d. soon. 

DAVID 5 CHURCHILL (William,^ Samuel," Joseph,- 
JosiAH ^). Born in Farmington, Conn., Dec. 20, 1762. Lived in 
Bristol, Conn. Was by occupation a tin peddler, and very widely 
known. Married Sarah Alcott, daughter of Jesse, 

Children horn in Bristol, Conn. 

I, Ruth,® b. Aug. 31, 1787; d unmarried. 

II. Clara, 6 b. .Jan. 8, 1789; d. young. 

III. Ithamar,® b. May 15, 1790; d. without issue. 

172 IV. Lewis.'' b Oct. 8, 1793; m. Sarah Caroline Tuttle. 

V. Polly.« b. Aug. 29. 1795. 
VI. Sally,« b. Julv 3, 1798. 


VII. Milton,*^ b. 1801. 

17.') VIII. Alfred,^ b. May 12, 1804; ni. Rosetta Alcott. 

IX. Almira,s b. May 12, 1804. 

X. Albert,^ b. May 12, 1804; d. Aug. IG, 1804. 


LEMUEL s CHURCHILL (William," Samuel,^ Joseph/ 
JosiAH '). Born March 4, 1766, at Farmingtou, Conn. Went to 
the Wyoming Valley with his father's family, and shared their 
experiences there. We have not been able to find any further in- 
formation in regard to this family. He died Aug. 27, 1848. Mar- 
ried, Oct. 25, 1791, Patience Gildersleeve, born April 24, 1766. 
She died May 31, 1836. 


I. Susannah,^ b. Nov. 8, 1793; d. April 7, 1807. 

174 II. William Trvox,® b. March 23, 1795; m. Elizabetu Hopper, 

Jan. 15, 1820. 
III. Jemima,« b. June 19, 179G; d. Sept. 22, 1799. 

175 IV. Asa Gilderslekve,^ b. March 11, 1798; m. Lucy Clark. 

176 V. John L.,^ b. June 13, 1800; m. 1st, Famelia Chase; m. 2d, Maria 


177 VI. Charle.s,^ b. Dec. 5, 1802; m. Elizabeth Bctler Cornell, 

April 25, 1831. 
VII. RuTn,« b. May 14, 1805; m. Luke Clark. 
VIII. Julia Ann,^ b. March 9, 1807. 


WILLIAM 5 CHURCHILL (William,* Samuel,^ Joseph,^ 
JosiAH ^). Born in the Wyoming Valley, Dec. 26, 1771. Went with 
his father's family to New Jersey. About 1798 he moved to Homer, 
N.Y., arid then to Scipio, Cayuga County, N.Y., where he lived 
fourteen years, then settled near Marietta, 0., for nineteen years, 
and then to Michigan, and lived there until his death. He was a 
deacon in the Baptist church for fifty years. He died March 4, 
1863, aged ninety-one years. Married, 1796, in New Jersey, Jane 
Dell. She died April 1, 1839. 


178 I. Jo.sEPH Dell,^ b. July 29, 1797 ; m. Lucretia Bocock, March 28, 

1827. He d. Aug. 9, 1851. 
II. Ruth, 6 b. April 29, 1799; d. Aug. 6, 1823, unmarried. 
III. Anna,6 b. March 11, 1801; d. IMaroh 9, 1814. 

179 IV. Silas, s b, Feb. 5, 1803; m. Elizabeth Gray, Feb. 7, 1829. 

V. Lydia,6 b. Aug. 16, 1804; d. Sept. 15, 1804. 

180 VI. Adna,» b. Aug 24, 1805; m. Sallie A. Hamilton. 
VII. A Sox,« b. Aug. 24, 1805; d. same day. 

VIII. Martha, 6 b. Nov. 19, 1807; d. March 9, 1814. 

181 IX. Randell,^ b. Nov. 2, 18u9 ; m. Jane Hamilton, May 14, 1834. 

X. William Hubbard,^ b. Dec. 13, 1811; d. March 16, 1814. 
XL AsA,« b. Jan. 27, 1815; d. July 10, 1816. 

XIL Rhoda,« b. May 19, 1817; m. William F. Arnold, May 15, 1834. 
She d. Oct. 7, 1854. 

366 THE CHURCHILL FAMILY [Connecticut 


1. Lydia Arnold, b. Feb. 28, 1835; d. Nov. 28, 1842. 

2. Lucy Arnold, b. Sept. 1, 1836; d. Oct. 7, 1854. 

3. Cornelia Arnold, b. Dec. 1(5, 1838. 

4. Sarah Arnold, b. Jan. 12, 1841. 

5. Philo Arnold, b. July 4, 1843. 

6. Edwin P. Arnold, b. April 20, 1845. 

7. Frank M Arnold, b. Sept. 7, 1847. 

8. James O. Arnold, b. Oct. 6, 1850; d. March 21, 1872. 

182 XIII. James, s b. April 18, 1819; m. Maila Harwood, May 4, 1846. 

SAMUEL 5 CHUECHILL (William," Samuel,' Joseph,^ 
JosiAH^). Born in the Wyoming Valley, May 22, 1778. He was 
about two months old when the Indians and Tories, under Major 
Butler, drove the people from their pleasant and prosperous homes. 
He was brought up in New Jersey. Married Anna McCarthy. 


183 I. Albert,^ b. Jan. 6, 1802; m. 1st, Harriet Dresser; m. 2d, Anna 


II. Anna,'^ b. April 9, 1804; m. Daniel Hopkins, Jan. 9, 1820. 


1. Anna Hopkins, b. Sept. 29, 1821. 

2. Lovina Hopkins, b. Aug. 14, 1823. 

3. Phebe Hopkins, b. Sept. 18, 1825. 

4. Daniel Hopkins, b. April 3, 1828. 

5. Charles Hopkins, b. March 21, 1831. 

6. Mary Ann Hopkins, b. July 27, 1834. 

7. Martha M. Hopkins, b. April 4, 1837. 

8. Morton Hopkins, b. July 27, 1839. 

0. Wilson S. Hopkins, b. July 11, 1842. 

10. Edward Hopkins, U^j^ ^ ^^^^ 3^ ^g^^ 

11. Edgar Hopkins, J 

184 III. Samuel,^ b. Aug. 8, 1806; m. Mary Fosdick. 

185 IV. AsA,« b. Jan. 16, 1809; m. ( ) Dorrell. 

V. Mary,*^ b. Oct. 29, 1811; m. Joel Butts. 
VI. CiNDERiLLA," b. May 22, 1814; m. Samuel Brass. 

186 VII. Thomas,* b. Aug. 5, 1815; m. Aurelia Woodward. 
VIII. Mehitable,* b. June 17, 1819; m. Green Parker 

187 IX. John Hubbard,* b. May 23, 1821; m. Lucy Fosdick. 

188 X. Truman," b. March 21, 1823; m. Charlotte Davis. 
XI. Lauua," b. April 21, 1826; m. Barnard Cram. 


ASA 5 CHURCHILL (William," Samuel/ Joseph,- Josiah ^). 
Born in New Jersey, July 12, 1780. Married, 1802, Hannah 
Norton, of Bristol, N.Y. 

I. Nancy,* b. March 27, 1804; m. Edward Jones, of Meredith, N.Y. 

1. Almira Jones; m. ( ) Stebbins. 


II. Joel Norton,* b. Oct. 21, 1805; m. Abigail Allex, of Bristol. 
No issue. 

189 III. Willis,"^ b. March 10, 1810; m. Amelia Bradley, Aug. 21, 1834. 

IV. Meltnda,* b. May 14, 1812; m. Samuel Brown, of Harwinton, 



1. Ellen Melinda Brown, b. May 30, 1833; m. John E. Lewis. 

2. Antoinette Brown, b. Sept. 15, 18o5; m. Lewis Humphrey. 

3. Edgar Julius Brown, b. Oct. 1, 1837; m. Mary C. Alfred. 

4. Beiden Samuel Brown, b. Feb. 27, 1839; m. Adeline Alfred. 

5. Juliette Brown, b. March 10, 1841; m. DeWitt Hull. 

V. Alexander," b. Nov. 19, 1814; d. Sept. 26, 1815. 

190 VI. Levi,* b. March 26, 1817; m. 1st, Mary Camp, dau. of Johnson; 

m. 2d, Mrs. Cynthia Taylor. 
VII. Charles,* b. May 26, 1820; d. Oct. 26, 1821. 


JOSEPH s CHURCHILL (Joseph/ Joseph/ Joseph/ Josiah ^). 
Born in Newington, 1750, and lived there in the old " Red House," 
known as the " Dowd House " later. He owned and operated a 
grist-mill, and his sons followed him in that business. He died 
April 26, 1812. Married, Sept. 11, 1777, Rhoda Goodrich, born 
March 25, 1750. She was the daughter of Benjamin, and she died 
Feb. 24, 1827, aged seventy-seven. 

Children born in Newington. 
I. Sarah,* b. 1778; m. Charles Alcott. 


1. Sallie Alcott, b. October, 1809; d. in infancy. 

2. Calvin Alcott, b. Nov. 22, 1815; d. young. 

3. Sarah Jane Alcott, b. June 26, 1819 ; m. Harrison O. Gillette. 

191 II. Joseph,* b. 1780; m. Anna Allen Judd, 1804. 

192 III. James,* b. March 28, 1782; m. Clarissa Steel, dau. of David. 


JONATHAN « CHURCHILL (JoxathaV Jonathan,^ Joseph,^ 
Josiah ^). Born at Woodbury, Conn., ISTov. 25, 1749. Served in 
the Revolutionary War, in Capt. Hezekiah Leach's Compan}^ A 
letter dated November, 1776, is preserved among his descendants, 
which he wrote from " Saw-pits in Rye," meaning " rifle-pits " in a 
rye-field. Married 1st, Sarah Burgess ; 2d, Comfort Woodcock. 

Children of First Wife 

I. Sally,* b. June 18, 1775 ; d. Oct. 8, 1795. 

193 II. Josiah, * b. Jan. 11, 1777; m. Olive Odell. 
III. Lucy,* b. May 11, 1779; unmarried. 

194 IV. Leman,* b. Dec. 6, 1780; m. Folly Demills. 

V. Polly,* b. April 8, 1784; m. 1st, David Taylor; m. 2d, Amasa 

Cook. No children reported of either marriage. 
VI. Irene,* b. Feb. 14, 1786; m. Phineas Cook. 
VII. Phebe,* b. Feb. 28, 1791 ; m. Daniel Taylor. 

368 THE CHURCHILL FA.MILY [Connecticut 

Children of Second Wife. 

195 VIII. Daniel,^ b. Nov. 14, 1798; m. Catharine Davis. 

IX. Abigail,* born July 26, 1806; unmarried. 
X. Patty Emily,* b. May 13, 1808 ; never married, probably. 


HEZEKIAH * CHURCHILL (Jonathan/ Jonathan,' Joseph,^ 

JosiAH ^). Born at Woodbury, Conn., Feb. 2, 1752. Settled in 

Bethlehem, Conn. Married, but we have not received the name of 

his wife. 


196 I. Samuel,* who married a wife whose name is not obtained, and they 

had a daughter who married Thomas Spropl, and we have no 
further record of the family. 


MOSES* CHURCHILL (Jonathan," Jonathan,' Joseph,^ 
Josiah '). Born at Woodbury, Conn., Dec. 1, 1759. Married 
Mary Crosby. 


I. Mary Axx,* b. 1787; m. Samuel Curtis. 

II. Betsey,* b. 1789; m. Benjamin Sparks. 

197 III. Moses, Jr.,* b. 1791 ; m. Anna Hubbard. 
IV. LucY,*b. 179H; m. ( ) Sampson. 

V. Major,* b. 1795; d. in infancy. 

VI. Polly,* b. 1797; m. Solomon Phillips. 

VII. Rebecca,* b. 1799 ; d. at the age of fourteen years. 

VIII. Infant Daughter,* b. 1801; d. at Cornwall. 

IX. Samuel,* b. 1803; d. single, 1838, aged iliirty-five years. 


OLIVERS CHURCHILL (Jonathan,* Jonathan,' Joseph,^ 

Josiah '). Born at Bethlehem, Conn., April 15, 1762. He lived 

at Pawlet, Vt., the greater part of his life. Married, 1788, Eunice 

Barnes, daughter of Abel, born at Litchfield, Conn., 1764. She 

died at Pawlet, Vt., June 14, 1809. Married 2d, in 1810, Lydia 


Children of First Wife. 

198 I. Gilbert,* b. Sept. 25, 1789; m. Abigail Davis, of Bergen, N.Y. 

Children of Second Wife, born at Pawlet, Vt. 

199 II. "WiLLiAM,*b. March 6, 1812; m. Charity Russell, of Monroe, N.Y. 

III. Almina,* b. Nov. 15, 18U. 

IV. Mari',* b. Jan. 10, 1817; m. William Cook. Mrs. Cook d. Jan. 

15, 1870. Mr. Cook d. Feb. 26, 1867. 

Children . 

1. Ebenezer Cook, b. Feb. 21, 1840; d. April 23, 1841. 

2. Ebenezer Cook, b. Aug. 14, 1842. 

3. Amy Cook, b. June 17, 1845. 


4. Stephen Cook, b. March 24, 1848; d. young. 

5. Charles Cook, b. May 22, 1851 ; d. Jan. 24, 1852. 

6. Lydia Cook, b. July 10, 1853; d. March 21, 1865. 

7. David Cook, b. Dec. 25, 1855; d. March 13, 1865. 

8. Seth Cook, b. Julv 11, 1858. 

9. Eunice Cook, b. Nov. 28, 1861. 

V. Laura,'' b. Aug. 20, 1818 ; m. Theodore Cranmer. No issue. 

200 VI. Oliver,^ b. June 21, 1821. 

201 VII. Hiram,^ b. March 25, 1825 ; unmarried. A school teacher. 

202 VIII. Charles,« b. May 20, 1828; d. at Bergen, N.Y., Dec. 25, 1849. 


AMOS 5 CHURCHILL (Joxathax," Jonathan,^ Joseph,- 
JosiAH '). Born at Bolton, Canada, Oct. 19, 1709. Lived in Bolton, 
Canada, and Bedford, Mass. He owned and worked a stone- 
quarry. An honest and straightforward man. He died May 8, 
1857. Married, Oct. 25, 1795, Deborah Thornton, who was born 
Dec. 26, 1776, and died Feb. 25, 1860. 

Children . 

I. Electa. 6 b. Dec. 14, 1796. 

203 II. Leman,* b. May 6, 1798; m. Minerva Anderson. 

204 HI. Hiram,** b. Dec. 5, 1800; m. Abigail Betsey Ingalls. 
IV. Constant, « b Nov. 2, 1802. 

205 V. Oliver,'' b. Jan. 28, 1805; m. a Miss Clark, it is said, and had a 

son Charles, b. in 1839, who m. a Blanchard. 
VI. Harriet,* b. March 6, 1808, and d. June 18, 1879. No further 

206 VII. Oti.s,« b. May 28, 1810; m. Susan P. Raymond, May 4, 1837. 
VIII. Deborah,^ b. May 6, 1812. 

IX. Harlo\v,6 b. Aug. 12, 1814. 

207 X. Amos," b. Dec. 31, 1816; m. Lucretia Rowe, Sept. 27, 1842. 


WILLIAM 5 CHURCHILL O^^lliam," Joxathan,=' Joseph,- 
JosiAH '). Born at Litchfield, Conn., 1766. Settled in Fairfax, 
Vt., about 1798, but removed, in 1812, to Randolph, Portage County, 
Ohio. Married, at Wallingford, Conn,, 1794, Polly Merriman. 


208 I. Stephen Major," b. Dec. 4, 1796; m. Maria Beach. 
II. Diana," m. William Hyliar. 

III. Polly,* d. unmarried. 

IV. Jdlia,® m. ( ) Desthick. 

V. Esther," ni. Isaac Hargett. 

VI. Charlotte," m. John McGowan. 

209 VII. Philo,*^ m. Electa Merriman. 
VIII. Emily," m. Truman Case. 

IX. Clarissa," m. 1st, Hibbard Case; in. 2d, Almon Carlton. 

210 X. Lyman," m. Emily Adams. 


DAA'ID^ CHURCHILL (William,^ Jonatha^ Joseph,- 
JosiAH^). Born at Litchfield, Conn., March 17, 1768. Married 
Zerviah Leach, March, 1797. She was born Oct. 14, 1772. 

370 THE CHURCHILL FAMILY [Connecticut 


I. Matilda,® b. January. 1798; m. David T. Norton. 

211 II. Carmel,* b. June 4, 1799; m. Elizabeth Stoat. 

212 III. David, « b. Feb. 2, 1801 ; m. Zoa Eggleston, 1828. 
IV. Hannah,'^ b. October, 180?; ni. William Young. 

213 V. Cyrus," b. July 6, 1804; m. Mart Phelps, Sept. 4, 1827. 

214 VI. Levi,6 b. Aug. 24, 1806; m. Mary Pine, March 4, 183Q. 

VII. Sally,« b. Nov. 20, 1807; m. 1st, Miles Cody, Dec. 9, 1832; m. 
2(1, RuFus Welthy, Aug. 15, 1850. 

Children, all hy First Ilushand. 

1. Lyman Codv, b. April 14, 1834. 

2. Joseph Cody, b. April 30, 1837. 

3. Elijah Cody, b. March 13, 1840. 

4. Philo Codv, b. Oct. 5, 1842. 

5. Warren Cody, b. Oct. 26, 1846. 

216 VIII. Tedman,* b. April 21, 1809; m. Charlotte Chadwick. 
IX. William,® b. 1810; d. aged eight months. 

216 X. William," b. Aug. 24, 1812; m. Susan Pine. 

217 XI. John," b. March 17, 1814; m. Anne Walker. 

XII. Charity Sophia," b. Oct. 29, 1815; m. 1st, Daniel Pine, July 5, 
1835 ; m. 2d, John Monroe, Oct. 14, 1849. 

Children of Fiist Ilushand. 

1. Levi Charchill Pine, b. July 20, 1838. 

2. Infant, d. without name. 

3. Mary Matilda Pine, b. July 29, 1841; ni. Mr. Hall. 

4. Malvina Pine. b. June 11, 1844. 

No record of children of second husband. 


REV. SAxMUEL^ CHURCHILL (William/ Jonathan,^ 
Joseph,- Josiah ^). Born at Litchfield, Conn., April 18, 1775. He 
early showed a strong desire for a liberal education, and at fourteen 
years attracted the attention of Dr. Rice, of Litchfield, who took 
him to his home where his education was completed. He became a 
fine scholar, especially in the classic languages and Hebrew. He 
was ordained to the Baptist ministry in 1797 and preached several 
years in Connecticut, before his settlement in Whiting, Vt. Some- 
where about 1814 he removed to Elizabethtown, N.Y., where he 
preached thirteen years. In 1827 he removed to Williamsville, N. Y., 
and thence, in a year, to the town of Louth, Canada, and thence 
two years later to Springfield, Pa., and thence in 1838 to Hayfield, 
wliere he filled out his last pastorate, and died, Feb. 18, 1842. 
Married, at Norwalk, Conn., Feb. 22, 1798, Rebecca St. John, 
daughter of Peter St. John, o£ Norwalk, Conn. She died in Louth, 
Canada, Oct. 29, 1828. 

I. Betsey," b. April 1, 1799; m. Ansel Knapp, .May, 1816. 



1. Samuel Knapp, b. August, IS 17. 

2. Alanson Knapp, b. September, 1821; d. 1832. 

3. Alniira Knapp, b. September, 1825; d. June, 1833. 

4. Sophronia Knapp, b. October, 1827; m. Andrew Williams, 1845. 

5. Horace Knapp, b. October, 1837; m. Jane Thompson. 
II. EzEKiEL St. John.'* b. 1802; d. in 1811, aged nine years. 

III. Almira,« b. Nov.2a, 1804; m. Key. Paul Scott Richards, July 8, 


1. Almira Richards, b. April 10, 1827. 

2. Clarkson Howard Richards, b. May 10, 1829. 

218 IV. James HoiT,6 b. Dec. 7, ISOG; m. 1st, Lena Skeixey, March 9. 1830; 
m. 2d, L0VI8A Adams, March 24, 1836. 

V. Rebecca,^ b. April 22, 1809; m. John W. Senciiord, March, 

1828. They had no children; she died in 1833. 

VI. Irene Rich,« b. May 3,1813; m. William Carrincer, Jan. ">» 



1. Philena Elizabeth Carrinijer, b. Oct. 31, 1838; m. John S 

Green, April 8, 1863 

2. Phidelia Churchill Carringer, b. Nov. 8, 1840; ra. Andrew 

Patrick, Oct. 9, 1«58. 

3. Almira Lucy Carringer, b. Jan. 11, 1843; m. Hiram A. Knapp, 

March 21, 1862. 

4. Olive Maria Carringer, b. Nov. 16. 1845 ; m. Andrew Patrick, 

March 14, 1865 

Vll. Sarah Ann,« b. Nov. 3, 1816; d. July 21, 1835; unmarried. 
VIII. Nancy Judson," b. June 3, 1819; lii. Allan IIarkoun, Oct. 29, 

She was born in Elizabetlitown, N.Y., June 3, 1819. She was 
educated in the schools of her native town, with a yc.Tr at Mrs. 
Norman Nicholson's Seminary, and a private academy at Williams- 
ville, N.Y. In 1828 she went with her father's family to Louth, 
Canada, where her mother died, and she soon after went to live 
with her older sister, Mrs. Richards, at Forestville, N. Y., where 
she finished her schooling at the private academy of Mrs. Charles 
Labatte In the fall of 1833 she returned to her father's home, 
then at Sheakleyville, Pa. Here she began her experience in 
school-teaching, which lasted until her marriage. Her husband 
was the son of Capt. Eliott Harroun, of Pembroke, N.Y., where 
he was born. Two children were born to Mrs. Harroun here, but 
died in infancy. They removed to Wisconsin in 1844. and settled 
in the township of Rosendale, being the fourth family to settle 
there, but within a few months were joined by a score of families, 
mostly from the East. Tiiey removed a little later to Sparta, Wis. 
Here they prospered, as the town grew rapidly, and Mr, Harroun, 
being a carpenter, found profitable ein|)loyment; but the fever of 
the West was still strong and so they removed again, in 1856, to 
Kansas, with their four children, the oldest about thirteen years. 
They found themselves in the midst of the war of "Border Ruffian- 
ism," and after two years were glad to get back to the North, and 
settle among civilized people, in Dodge County, Wis. Here their 
eldest boy died, and the husband met with an accident which ren- 
dered him unfit for work for some years, so that Mrs. Harroun was 
forced to resort to teaching again for her family's support. This 
teaching she continued twelve years, while her children grew up 
and became helpful as teachers, and her husband recovered in part, 
and the family prospered again. Mr. Harroun died April 23, 1889. 
Mrs. Harroun has been a diligent helper in the compilation of her 
grandfathoir's line of the family. 






Children of Allan and N. J. {Churchill) Harroun. 

1. Child, name not given, died in infancy. 

2. Child, name not given, died in infancy. 

3. Levi Clarkson Harroun, b. Jan. 12, 1842; d. in Wisconsin, Nov. 

18, 1857. 

4. James Ansel Harroun, b. in Wisconsin, Oct. 4, 1845; m. Katie 

McKay, June 26, 1878. He is in business in Luverne, Minn. 
He has one child: (1) Ella Harroun, b. May 26, 1883. 

5. Alpha Harroun, b. Nov. 4, 1848; m. Morris Welliver, Nov. 4, 


6. Olive Adele Harroun, b. April 14, 1852; m. Henry Bowen, 

Nov. 28, 1872. 
Adonikam Judson,^ b July 15, 1821; m. Celestia Anthony, 

May, 1849. 
Samuel Stillman,® b. May 1, 1825; d. unmarried in 1854. 


LEVI^ CHURCHILL (William/ Jonathan,' Joseph,^ 
Josiah '). Born, probably, in Litchfield, Conn., 1777. Married 

Mary Haven. 


220 I. Levi,^ m. Margaret Cromwell. 

II. LuciNDA,^ m. David Leach. 


NATHANIEL « CHURCHILL (Nathaniel,^ Nathaniel,'' 
Nathaniel,^ Joseph,'^ Josiah ^) . Born March 2, 1756. Married, 
April 2, 1783, Mrs. Lydia (Osgood) Penfield, widow of Na- 
thaniel Penfield. ^ 

Children. J(jS*~^ ' 

221 I. Nathaniel,' b. March 20, 1784; m. Sarah Ray, 1806. \i^j^^^ 

222 II. Jeremiah.' 

223 III. ELifSHA.' 

IV. Lydia,' m. Herman Ray. 
V. Naomi,' in. Norman Elder. 

224 VI. John Sage,' b. July 20, 1798, in Hubbardton, Vt. ; m. Narcissa 


225 VII. Phineas Penfield,' b. Sept. 14, 1804 ; m, Marilla Guegory, Nov. 

27, 1827. 

Nathaniel,^ Joseph,^ Josiah ^). Born Nov. 19, 1761. Settled 
in New Canaan, Conn. The following meagre record, with no 
dates of birth, but dates of marriage with few names of persons, 
is all we have been able to obtain. Married, Sept. 7, 1787, Polly 


Children. . i 

— I. Fanny Fuller,' m. Mr. Sedgwick, Jan. 12, 1812. ^ 
II. Rhoda.' m. Leach Ireland, Jan. 29, 1812. 

226 III. Jesse,' m., name not given, Feb. 20, 1814. 
IV. Cynthia.' m. Mr. Alden, Jan. 26, 1818. 

227 V. Putnam,' m. 1st, Calista A. Taylor, March 28, 1820; m. 2d, 

name not given, Feb. 21, 1831. 
VI. MARY,'m. Mr. Alden, Nov. 23, 1825. 

228 VII. William Henry,' m., name not given, Dec. 26, 1826. 
VIII. HuLDA,' m. Price Lake, Aug. 26, 1827. 

IX. Mehitable,' m., name not given, Jan. 12, 1831. 


SAGE 6 CHURCHILL (Nathaniel,^ Nathaniel," Nathaniel,^ 
Joseph, 2 Josiah ^). Born at New^ Canaan, Conn., Dec. 13, 1763. 
Lived in Cornwall, Vt., till 1800, when he removed toElizabethtown, 
N.Y. He was a farmer. Died Eeb. 27, 1813, at Lake Champlain. 
Married Elizabeth Mather, daughter of David and Hannah 
(Dunham) Mather. 


374 THE CHUECHILL FAMILY [Connecticut 

Cliildren born in Cornwall, Vt., but no dates of birth found. The church 
records show the first four baptized Oct. 6, 1793. 

I. Aaron, ^ d. young. 


III. Elizabeth,' m. Robert D. LiND.SAy. 

Children . 

1. James E. Lindsay. Lived at Davenport, la. 

2. Margaret L. Lindsay, m. ( ) Pond, lived at Crown Point, 


3. Martlia E. L. Lindsay, m. ( ) Tompkins, and lived at 

Neillsville, Wis. 

4. Freeman D. Lindsay. 

IV. RoxAXA,'' m. Mr. Whitcomb. Mrs. Roxana Whitcomb died in 

Randolpli, Vt. Children: We have received the names of three 
sons. Charles Whitcomb, who in 1890 was living in Middlebury, 
Pa., William Whitcomb, and Horace Whitcomb. 

230 V. Jesse Mather,' b. Nov. 18, 17U6, in Cornwall; m. Martha 

McCauley, June 31, 1822. 

231 VI. Eldredge.' Mr. James E. Lindsay wrote in 1890 that his uncle 

Eldredge died a few years before, leaving two sons, John M., 
then living in Marysville, Mo., and M. B., then at Florence, No. 

232 VII. John.' 


SOLOMON 8 CHURCHILL (Nathaniel,^ Nathaniel/ 
Nathaniel,'' Joseph/ Josiah '). Boru at New Canaan, Conn., 
April 24, 1767. Settled in Berlin, Conn. Married, Dec. 30, 1790, 
Selina Hart, daughter of Elijah and Sarah (Gilbert) Hart, born 
Oct. 30, 1770. 


234 I. Solomon,' b. Oct. 20, 1791; m. Candace Gilbert, Dec. 1, 1812. 

235 II. Amzi,' b. Dec. 11, 1793; m. Maria White, Newton, L.I. 
III. PRUDENTiA.'b. 179.5; d. Sept. 24, 1798. 

236 IV. Cyrus,' b. Dec. 15. 1797; m. Clarissa Bradley, Guilford, Conn. 

V. Selina Hart,' b. 1799; d. Nov. 17, 1799. 

VI. Selina Hart,' b. March 5, 1801; m. Andrew Rapelye, of 
Long Island, March 15, 1823. 


1. Andrew Rapelye, b. Aug. 23, 1824. 

2. Helen Selina Rapelye, b. Aug. 9, 1827. 

Vn. Prudentia.' b. July 15, 1804; m. Albert Webster, of West 

Vni. Louisa.' b. Nov. 20, 1807; d. June, 1808. 
IX. LouLSA,' b. Feb. 8, 1809 ; m. Ebenezer Evans, of Southington. 
She died soon, without children. 
X. James Bcshnell,' b. May 20, 1810; m. Ebenezer Evans, of 
Southington (as 2d wife). 

237 XI. John,' b 1813, m. 1st, Emeline Cleveland, Canton, Mass., in 

Wallingford, Conn.; m. 2d, Lucy R. French, of Litchfield, 



Nathaniel,^ Joseph,'- Josiah '). Born in Georgia, Vt., Feb. 20, 
1780. He settled in Georgia, Vt., where lie was a farmer and 
lumber dealer. He operated a saw-mill, and was also interested in 
vessels on Lake Champlain. He was drowned Feb. 17, 1827, 
while crossing the lake on the ice, with a heavy horse-team. He 
was then living in Georgia, Vt. JNlarried Mary Strong, born at 
Southampton, Mass. She died in Ellenboro, Grant County, Wis., 
Nov. 6, 1864. 

Children, all horn (jjrobablyj in Georgia, Vt. 

I. Timothy Pickering,'' d. in infancy (at three months). 

238 II. Timothy ClappJ m and lived at Muscoda, Wis. ; d. there, 1848, 

leaving one child, Lucy. 
III. Candace Strong,'' b 1813; m. 1st. Hervey Smith; m. 2d, E. J. 
Drake. She d. at riattsville, Wis., May 1.5, 1850, and left no 

239 IV. Eben Dorman,^ b. at Georgia, Vt., Nov. C,, 1815; m. Martha E. 

Story, July 17, 1851, at Tlattsville, Wis. 
V. Stephen Mix,'' b. 1818; d. unmarried at Plattsville, N.Y., Aug. 

6, 1850. 
VI. Mary,^ d. in Richmond, Pa., aged eighteen years. 
VII. Josiah Noble, ^ b. 1824; d. unmarried, at Plattsville, Aug. 11, 

240 VIII. James Alfred.' b. Aug. 24, 1825; m. Julia Ann Butler, Aug. 

18, 1853. 


JOSIAH « CHURCHILL (Janna,^ Nathaniel," Nathaniel,^ 
Joseph,'- Josiah ^). Born March 9, 1784. Removed with his 
father in 1793 to Georgia, Vt. He was adopted by his uncle 
Josiah, who removed to Elmore, Lamoille County, Vt. Josiah re- 
moved West, and settled at Bethany, Genesee County, N.Y., where 
he became a man of influence. He served in the War of 1812, on 
the frontier. He was a surveyor of note, and was a justice of the 
peace, and town supervisor, and was representative two years. He 
died August 19, 1853. Married 1st, Feb. 11, 1808, Charlotte 
RuMSET. She died March 17, 1826. Married 2d, in 1827, Harriet 
WiGHTMAN, born June 28, 1803. 

Children of First Wife. 

241 I. William R.,'' b. Dec. 22, 1808; m. Fidelia Blshnell, Oct. 31, 


242 II. James M.,'' b. Nov. 15, 1810; m Elizabeth Sperry, Feb. 8, 1844 

He lived in Fulton County, 111 , a trader. He wrote this account 
of his father's family. They had no children, and both died in 
Avon, 111. 
III. Charlotte R.,' b. May 6, 1813; m. William H. Van Epps, Jan. 4, 


She was thrown from a carriage, soon after birth of her only 
child, and killed by the fall, Aug. 23, 1848. 

376 THE CHUKCHILL FAMILY [Connecticut 

1. William H. Van Epps, Jr., b. 1848. 

243 IV. JosiAH,'' b. Sept. 28, 1818; d. in infancy. 

V. Alta Maria,' b. June 27, 1821 ; ra. 1st, Nathaniel Peck, Feb. 10, 
1841; m. 2d, Eleazer Chi rchill, Oct. 27, 1851. 
She d. in Akron, N.Y., 1894. 

Child of Second Husband. 

1. Louise E. Churchill, b. Oct. 4, 1861; m. Orlando Kellogg 
Parker, Oct. 8, 1885. 

Children of Second Wife. 

VI. Ann Elizabeth,' b. Oct. 18, 1828; m. George G. Dixon, Oct. 3. 

They had one child d. in infancy. Mrs. Dixon d. March, 1852. 
VII. Olive Amelia,' b. Aug. 11, 1832; m. Albert G. DeShon, Feb. 
11, 1858. 

They had no children. 
VIII. Charles H.,' b. Dec. 10. 1836; d. July 3, 1850. 

244 IX. Albert J.,' b. Oct. 2, 1842; m. Mart E. Mailliard, Oct. 31, 1866. 


JANNA« CHURCHILL (Jaxna,^ Nathaniel,* Nathaniel,^ 
Joseph,'- Josiah '). Bornin Hubbardton, Vt., Feb. 18,1786. He 
removed and settled in ISTew York, probably in Genesee County, 
where he was a farmer. He died June 11, 1861. Married, Jan. 10, 
1810, Elizabeth Parsons, of Bennington, Vt. She died Aug. 7, 


I. Adaline L.,' b. Feb. 14, 1811; ni. Samdel T. Adams, Sept. 12 

Children of Samuel T. and Adaline L. {Churchill') Adams. 

1. John Q. Adams, b. Jan. 26, 1836; m. Susan Randall. 

2. E. Marie Adams, b. May 13, 1838. 

3. Helen L. Adams, b. Nov. 27, 1840; m. Henry Whitman, and 

d. May 3, 1883. 

4. Charles C. Adams, b. May 23, 1843; d. Dec. 23, 1853. 

5. Charlotte C. Adams, b. Sept. 23, 1847 ; m. Sanford Fleming. 

6. Tyner Hall Adams, b. Aug. 26, 1849; m. Julia Paul. 

II. Eliza M.,' b. Sept. 2, 1812; m. Elijah C. Adams. 

245 III. Marcellus C.,' b. March 3, 1814; m. Abbt Page. 

246 IV. Charles P.,' b. Sept. 6, 1815; m. 1st, Harriet Austin; m. 2d, 

Harriet Perkins. 
V. Lucy Z.,' b. Aug. 16, 1817; d. aged seven years. 

247 VI. Julius M.,' b. May 7, 1825; m. 1st, Elmira Roberts; m. 2d, 

Sarah Badgley. 
VII. Charlotte,' b. Sept. 3, 1826; unmarried. 

AMOS« CHURCHILL (Amos,'^ Nathaniel,^ Nathaniel,^ 
Joseph,' Josiah ^). Born in Middletown, Conn., April 14, 1775. 
Removed with his father's family to Broadalbin, N.Y. They lived 


at Broadalbin. Married, in Middletown, Conn., about 1795, Olive 

Children horn at Broadalbin. 
I. Olive,' m. James Bell, of Providence, N.Y. 

Children of James and Olive (^Churchill) Bell. 

1. Sarah Bell. 

2. Ann Bell. 

3. Fanny Bell. 

4. Maria Bell. 

5. William H. Bell. 

6. Amos C. Bell. 

7. Harriet C. Bell. 

8. James H. Bell. 

9. Jared Bell. 

10. Olive Eliza Bell. 

248 II. Dr. Amos,'' b. May 12, 1805, m. 1st, Ann Maria Downing; m. 

2d, Lucy Hale. 

III. Harriet,'' b. Nov. 15, 1807; d. unmarried, at Broadalbin, Oct 24, 


IV. Giles Wilcox,' b. June 27, 1811; d. witliout issue, June 5, 


249 V. Dr. Charles W.,' b. Oct. 10, 1814; m. Louisa Sigison, of New 

York, Auff. 22, 1843. 
VI. Elijah W.,'b. Sept. 27, 1817; m. Eliza Judson, of Mayfield, N.Y. 

ROSWELL« CHURCHILL (Amos,' Nathaniel,^ Nathaniel,' 
Joseph,- Josiah ^). Born at Middletown, Conn., April 4, 1777. 
Settled at Mayfield, N.Y., where he was a manufacturer of merino 
cloth. He imported the first merino sheep sometime before 1812, 
and received from the State a large silver punch bowl in recognition 
of his manufacture of the finest merino cloth produced in the State. 
He was a man of fine presence and dignified manners. He was a 
justice of the peace in Mayfield. He removed from Mayfield to 
Albany, and later to New York City. Died April, 1835. Married 
1st, July, 1802, at Middletown, Abigail Roberts, of that town, 
daughter of Ebenezer and Abigail (Dobell) Roberts. She died 1811. 
Married 2d, Abigail Covell, of Providence, N.Y. She died 1854. 


I. LoRENA,'' b. at Middletown, Conn., Dec. 11,1803; m. Rev. Lemuel 

One Child. 
1. Adelia Covell. 
II. Caroline,^ b. at Mayfield, NY. ; m. Solomon Whipple, Dec. 20, 



1. Harriet Fidelia Whipple, b. Feb. 25, 1828; m. RobertThomp- 

son, Nov. 19, 1855. 

2. Frances Emily Whipple, b. March 30, 1830 ; d. unmarried, 1887. 

3. William Wirt Whipple, b. July 4, 183-'; d. unmarried, 1887. 

4. Mary Whipple, b. Aug. 20, 1834. Was living March, 1902. 

5. Daniel Thornton Whipple, b. May 3, 1837; d. 1887. 

G. Henry Churchill Whipple, b. May 3, 1839; m. Julia Wood. 
7. Abigail Whipple, b. Dec. 6, 1841; d. 1887. 

378 THE CHUKCHILL FAMILY [Connecticut 

8. Francis Marvin Whipple, b. April 17, 1843; d. 1887. 

9. Caroline Ella Wlupple, b. March 10, 1845; d. 1887. 
10. Alanson Edgar Whipple, b. Jan. 3, 1841); d. 1887. 

III. Emmeline,' b. at Mayfield, NY. ; m. Erastus McKenny. 

IV. Abigail,' b. at Mayfield, N.Y. ; d. unmarried, at Albany, Hged 

eighteen years. 

Children of Second Wife. 

251 V. Alanson Covell,' b. 1813; m. Lucy Cornwall. 

253 VI. Erasmus Darwin,' b. Nov. 7, 1815 ; m. Sarah E. Finch, b. Jan 27, 
VII William Henky,' b. 1817; in. Mary Pearson. 
?52a VIII. Kensellaer Emmet,' b. Jan. 20, 1820; m. Gertrude Ramsey. 
252b IX. Charles R ,' m. Lydia Bowden. 
X. James Edwin.' Never married. 

JESSE « CHURCHILL (Amos,^ Nathaniel," Nathaniel,^ 
Joseph,- Josiah '). Born at Middletown, June 2, 1782. Eemoved 
to Broadalbin, N.Y., before 1809, and died there March 29, 1842. 
Married, 1804, Catherine Smith, of Middletown, Upxjer Houses. 
She died 1846. 

Children lorn, first two at Middletown, the rest at Broadalbin- 

253 I. William Eliott,' b. Feb. 22, 1805; m. 1st, Sarah E. Cowles ; 

m. 2d, Louisa Terry. 

254 II. Henry,' b. Feb. 17, 1807; m. 1st, Selina Burr, at GloversvlUe, 

Fulton County, 1831 ; m. 2d, Sybil E. Roberts, at Albany, N.Y. , 
June 1, 1852. 

255 III. Timothy Gridley,' b. April 28, 1809; m. Patience Lawrence, 

of New York. 

IV. Mary Ann,' b. Sept. 8, 1812; m. at Hartford, Feb. 19, 1850, H. S. 
Smith, of Gloversville, N.Y., and lived there. They had no 
V. Lucy Maria,' b. July 16, 1813; m. Peter M. Reynolds, of Johns- 
town, N.Y. 

VI. Jane Eliza,' b. about 1816; m. George W. Root, of Hartford, 
June 6, 1854. No children. 

256 VII. Allen Cowles,' b. July 17, 1820; m. Caroline C. Warner, at 

Gloversville, Oct. 2S, 1840. 

257 VIII. Charles Brockway,' b. Feb. 26, 1828; m. Caroline Smith, of 

New York City. 


JOSEPH « CHURCHILL (Joseph,^ John,* Nathaniel,^ Joseph,- 
JosiAH ^). Born May 20, 1763. He lived for a time at Cornwall, 
N.S., but later returned to Chatham (now Portland), Conn. Mar- 
ried, Oct. 28, 1790, Anna Lowden, at Cornwall, KS. 


I. Prudence,' b. at Cornwall, N.S , Aug. 27, 1793; m. Joseph 
Wade, of Granville, N.S. They had no children. 

258 II. Samuel,' b. at Chatham, Conn., Aug. 2, 1795; m. Eliza Willet, 

of Granville, N.S. 



CHARLES « CHURCHILL (Joskph,^ John/ Nathaniel,^ 
Joseph,- Josiah ^). Born in Chatham, Conn., June 12, 1769. He 
was a ship-builder and for some years ovrned the ship-yard at 
Chatham, Conn., and lived there. He died April 21, 1840. Mar- 
ried, Oct. 29, 1788, Ruth Chipman, daughter of Ebenezer. She 
was born Jan. 4, 1768, and died Jan. 11, 1849. 

Children born in Chatham^ Conn. 

259 I. John,' b. July 28, 1789; m. Emily Wilcox, July 1, 1809. 

II. Melantha,' b. Sept. 11, 1791; m. Benjamin Goodrich. 


1. Jeremiah J. Goodrich. 

2. Lauretta Goodrich. 

3. Frances Eliza Good- 


4. Benjamin Goodrich. 

5. Jackson Goodrich. 

(5. Ralph Goodrich. 

7. Alfred Goodrich. 

8. Watson Goodrich. 

9. Ruth Goodrich. 

10. Elizabeth Goodrich. 

260 III. Alfred,' b. Jan. 26, 1794; m. Sally Hall, dau. of David, of 

Portland, Conn., Oct. 3, 1813. 
IV. Laura,' b. July 25, 1797; d. June 20, 1815. 
V. Ruth,' b. Aug. 29, 1799; d. Dec. 30, 1818. 

261 VI. Charles,' b. Jan. 29, 1802; m. Lie y Taylor, of Glastonburv. 
V[[. Joseph Bush,' b. July 5, 1804; d. Au-j. 11, 1805. 

VIII. Joseph Bush,' b. Feb. 21, 1807; d. Feb. 10, 1824. 

IX. Prudence,' b. Dec. 23, 1809; ra. Feb. 2(5, 1829, Erasmus Glad- 
win, the son of James and Margaret (Tripp) Gladwin, of Had- 
dam, Conn., b. Oct. 19, 1801. 


1. Joseph Churchill Gladwin, b. June 24, 1830. 

2. Laura Gladwin, b. Jan. 13, 1833. 

3. Frederick Erasmus Gladwin, b. March 20, 1839. 


CAPT. DAVID « CHURCHILL (Joseph,^ John,* Nathaniel," 
Joseph,- Josiah ^). Born in Portland, Conn., May 16, 1771. Died 
May 19, 1821. Married 1st, Oct. 14, 1792, Jerusha Ufford, 
daughter of Eliakim and Christian (White) Uft'ord, of Portland. 
She was born April 25, 1771 ; died Oct. 6, 1805. Married 2d, Betsey 


Children of First Wife. 

I. George Washington,' b. Sept. 28, 1793; d. May 9, 1801. 
II. Maria,' b Sept. 29, 1795; d. May 3, 1796. 

262 III. Henry Ufford,' b. June 30, 1797; m. Emily Green Hall, June 

30, 1817. 

263 IV. David Dk kinson,' b. .Jan. 31, 1800; ra. Esther Patten Payne, 

.Julv 21, 1831. 
V. Mary,' b. May 2, 1803; d. March 27, 1868; m. Samuel Cooper 
Hall, of Middletown, Conn., June 25, 1826. He was the son of 
William C. and Olive (Cooper) Hall; b. Sept 8, 1799; d. October, 
1852. No children. 

264 VI. George,' b. Sept 6, 1805; m. Sarah Peck. 

380 THE CHURCHILL FAMILY [Connecticut 

Children of Second Wife. 

VII. Ebenezer,' b. 1807; d. Sept. 10, 1815. 
VIII. William,' b. 1811; d. Oct. 15, 1815. 

IX. Elizabeth Prudence,' b. Jan. 27, 1814; m. Ldcid.s Smith, 
Brooklyn, L.I. , December, 1840. He was b. Aug. 27, 1813. She 
d. Oct. 24, 1875. 

Children of Lucius and Elizabeth (^Churchill) Smith. 

1. Sidney Churchill Smith, b. Jan. 6, 1842. 

2. Virginia Eloise Smitli, b. Sept. 18, 1844. 

3. Eben Griffin Smith, h. Aug. 11, 1846; d. July 22, 1875. 

4. Dan DanieLson Smith, b. Jan. 3, 1849. 

5. Elizabeth Milo Smith, b. Oct. 20, 1850. 

6. Charles Carroll Smith, b. July 4, 1855; d. Aug. 5, 1855. 

X. Anna Maria,' b. Sept. 17, 1817; d. June 7, 1865; m. John 
Frelinghuysk.n Schenck, M.D., Oct. 9, 1850. He was of 
Flemington, N.J.; b. June 6, 1799. 


1. Griffin Churchill Schenck, b. April 10, 1852. 

2. Charles Edward Schenck, b. April 20, 1855; d. April 10, 1856. 

3. Mary Elizabeth Schenck, b. Sept. 21, 1858. 


EBENEZER « CHURCHILL (Benjamia-,^ Danikl/ Nathaniel," 
Joseph,- Josiah ^). Born in Salisbury, Conn., April, 1791. He was 
a cattle dealer. Settled first in Edmundston, N.Y., and later in Sher- 
burne, N.Y., and died there April, 1822 ; married Sabrina Tupper, 
of an Irish family of quality. 

One Child born in Sherburne^ N. Y. 

266 I. Ebenezer Delos,' b. Feb. 11, 1822; m. Hannah Lemoyne Atkins, 

Oct. 2, 1849. 


CHARLES 6 CHURCHILL (Ben.jamin,^ Daniel,* Nathaniel,^ 
Joseph/ Josiah ^). Born in Salisbury, Conn., June 5, 1793. Lived 
in Utica, N.Y., where he was a lumber dealer. An upright man. 
Married Lois Baldwin, daughter of Isaac, born in New Milford, 
Conn., March 11, 1785. 


I. Charles Baldwin,' b. April 20, 1821; d. in Chatham, Conn., 1851. 
II. Elizabeth Edmiston,' b. July 14, 1822. Living (1901) unmarried. 
III. Cornelia M.,' m. William Barton. 


1. Charles Barton, d. 1882. 

2. Lena Barton, d. 1875. 



SELDEN« CHURCHILL (Daniel,^ Daniel/ Nathaniel,' 
Joseph,'^ Josiah ^). Born in Chatham, Conn., Dec. 14, 1783, 
and removed with his father to Eichfield, N.Y., in 1795. About 
1800 he became a fur-trader at Davenport, Iowa, but his health 
being broken down by rheumatism, he returned to the old 
farm at Richfield, N.Y., to which his father had migrated from 
Chatham, Conn. He was a man of more than ordinary ability, a 
student of Shakespeare, and a humorist of local note. He was very 
tall of stature. Died in 1866. Married 1st, Mary Duel, daughter 
of Daniel, of New York ; married 2d, Lucretia Clements. 

CJiildren of First Wife. 

266 I. Dr. Alonzo,'' b. Jan. 20, 1811 ; m. Jane Morgan, Feb. 10, 1834. 
II. Nancy,' m. Robert Barnes 

267 III. Daniel,' m. Mary Elmina Hull. 

Children of Second Wife. 

IV. Lucretia.' 
V. Malvina,' never married. 
VI. Adelaide.' 


ALFRED « CHURCHILL (Daniel,^ Daniel," Nathaniel,^ 
Joseph,^ Josiah '). Born in Chatham, Conn., Aug. 29, 1790. Settled 
iirUtica, N.Y., Oct. 28, 1828, and became a very prosperous and 
influential citizen of that city. He was proprietor at one time of 
the celebrated hostelry of an earlier day known as " Bagg's Hotel." 
He died in Utica, Jan. 10, 1865. Married Emma Derbyshire, of 
Hartwick, N.Y. 


268 I. Alfred Derbyshire,' b. in Hartwick, N.Y., Sept. 30, 1826; d. 

single, Dec. 27, 1843. 

269 II. George Clarence,' b. in Utica, N.Y. , April 14, 1829; m. Annie 

III. Charlotte D.,' b. Feb. 21, 1831 ; d. Feb. 2G, 1834. 

JAMES « CHURCHILL (Elijah,^ Giles,* Samuel,' Joseph,^ 
Josiah '). Born, Chester, Mass., on the old homestead, Nov. 11, 
1785. They lived in Stamford, N.Y. He died at Stamford, N.Y., 
Sept. 5, 1843. Married, March 2, 1815, Betsey Gilbert, who 
was born in Stamford, July 4, 1792, and died July 13, 1878, at 
Stamford, N.Y. 

382 THE CHURCHILL FAMILY [Connecticut 

Children horn in Stamford. 

270 I. Charles Gilbert,^ b. Pec. 2, 1817; m. Ruth P. Acklet. 
II. Sally Ann,'' b. Oct. 12, 1821; d. Aug. 9, 1829. 

III. Elijah,' b. Mav 5, 1824; d. Jan. 8, 1848. No family. 

IV. James, Jr.,' b. May 28. 1826; d. Jan. 9, 1853. No family. 

271 V. George,' b. March 2, 1830; ni. Sarah Fuller. 

272 VI. Andrkw L..' b Feb. 6, 1833; m. Amelia Ackley, Jan. 4, 1855. 

273 VII. Addison J.,' b. May 1,1836; m. Elizabeth Hougiitaling. 


GILES « CHURCHILL (Elijah/ Giles,^ Samuel,^ Joseph,-' 
JosiAH ^). Born in Midcllefield, Mass., July 28, 1793, and lived 
there. Died Eeb. 7, 1864, aged seventy-five years. Married 
Abigail Haskins, born Sept. 26, 1796, in Simsbuiy, Conn. 

Children horn in Middlefield, Mass. 

274 I. William,' b. April 18, 1816. 
274a II. Elijah Lyman,' b. 1819. 

III. Abigail,' b. 1821. 

IV. Laura,' b. 1824. 


CHARLES « CHURCHILL (Elijah,^ Giles," Samuel,^ 
Joseph,- Josiah '). Born in Middlefield, Feb. 16, 1796. Lived in 
Chester, Mass. He died Aug. 22, 1865. Married 1st, Nov. 4, 
1819, Hannah Percival, who was born Oct, 6, 1799, died Dec. 
17, 1835. Married 2d, April 1, 1841, Dolly W. Davis. 

Children horn in Chester, iMass. 

I. Lucy Sophia,' h. Sept. 5, 1820; ni. Lyman Johnson, Oct. 4, 1849. 
She d. Sept. 25, 1900. 


1. Jane Lucy Johnson, b. Sept. 19, 1851. 

2. George Lyman Johnson, b. June 14, 1855 

II. Hannah Maria,' b. Dec. 19, 1822; m. Baxter Johnson, March 
2, 1844. 

Children born in Hinsdale, Mass. 

1. Ellen Sarah Johnson, b. Aug. 29, 1846; m. Charles B. 

Canfield, Oct. 21, 1869. 

2. Clara Maria Johnson, b. July 10, 1853; m. Clark Durant 

Noble, April 29, 1880. Both married in Hinsdale. 

IIL Sarah,' b. Nov. 6, 1824; d. Nov. 15, 1843. 

IV. Anna,' b July 14, 1828; m. Zadock Ingalls, of Chester, Mass , 
April 4, 1850. 


1. Hannah DeEtte Ingalls, b. Nov. 28, 1851. 

2. Charles Zadock Ingalls, b. April 4, 1854. 

3. Sarah Ann Ingall.«, b. Oct. 17, 1855. 

4. Myra Phelps Ingalls, b. Oct. 2, 1862. 

5. James Thompson Davis Ingalls, b. Feb 28, 1864. 

6. Clara Belle Ingalls | ^ j^.j g ^gg- 

7. Carrie Belle Ingalls J 


274:b V. Charles Elijah,' b. April 9, 1833; m. Martha Wright, Dec. 8, 
1863; d. Jan. 2, 1864. No further record obtained. 
VI. Clarissa E.,' b. April 9, 1883; m. Milo Milton Wentwortii, 
April 9, 1861. She was his second wife, and d. Nov. li, 1871, 
at the birth of fourth child 


1. Ella Maria Wentworth, b. Dec. 19, 1864; m. Luther Wads- 

worth Bridges, Oct. 16, 1894. 

2. Emma Jane Wentworth, b. Jan. 5, 1865; d. Jan. 19, 1865, 

aged two weeks. 
3 Arthur Milton Wentworth, b. Sept. 4, 1870. 
4. Ada Lillian Wentworth, b. Nov. U, 1871. 

VIL Hakkiet,' b. Nov. 29, 1835; d. Feb. 18, 1838. 

Child by the Second Wife. 

VIII. Harriet Eliza.' b. Dec. 28, 1846; m. George Cone, of Chester, 
Mass., Jan. 13, 1872, at Warren, Mass. Lived at Chester. 

Children horn at Chester. 

1. Clayton Bishop Cone, b. Oct. 25, 1874. 

2. Lew-is Nelson Cone, b. June 13, 1876; d. Aug. 29, 1883. 

3. Harriet Eliza Cone, b. Jan. 28, 1881. 


DK. GILES « CHURCHILL (Stephkn/ Gilks," Samukl,^ 

Joseph,- Josiah '). Born in Cherry Valley, N.Y., March 12, 1786. 

He was a physician in the town of Concord, Erie County, N.Y. He 

died Sept. 2(5, 1873, in Concord, N.Y. Married, Feb. 7, 1813, 

Abigail Tooker, born in Lyme, Conn., Aug. 22, 1788 ; died 

March 12, 1863. 

Children horn in Concord. 

I. Eliza Ann,' b. in Concord, N.Y., Dec. 9, 1813; m. Prentice 
Stanbro. They lived in Springville, N.Y., where she died Aug. 
22, 1869. 
II. Emmeline,' b. Jan. 20, 1816; d. Feb. 17, 1816. 
275 III. Stephen Giles,' b. Aug. 30, 1817; m. Margaret Widrig, 1814. 
27« IV. Marcus B.,' b. Nov. 9, 1825; in. Amanda Van Camp, Dec. 18, 


SAMUEL « CHURCHILL (Stephen,^ Giles," Samuel,' Joseph,^ 
Josiah '). Born in Harpersfield, IST. Y., Sept. 16, 1790. Died June 26, 
1857. Lived awhile in Harpersfield, but removed later to Meredith, 
N.Y. Married 1st, in Harpersfield, N.Y., Oct. 11, 1818, Sally C. 
Newcomb, born Oct. 13, 1790. Married 2d, in Andes, N.Y., May 
22, 1844, Sally Shaffer. ^ 

Children hy First Wife. 

I. Mary,' b. Nov. 12, 1819; m. Augistus Chaffe. 

277 II. Stephen,' b, July 10, 1821 ; m. Caroline Gatlord. 

278 HI. Newcomb Gatlord,' b. Sept. 22, 1823; m. Thirza Gates. 

384 THE CHURCHILL FAMILY [Connecticut 

279 IV. Samuel Stoddard,' b. Aug. 18, 1825; m. 1st, Emily Drummond; 

m. 2d, Louisa J. Gates. 
V. Harry,' b Aug. 17, 1827. 

280 VI. William,' b. Feb. 24, 1831 ; m. Corinth Abbott. 

281 VII. Jedbdiah,' b. June 5, 1832; m. Adeline Frantz, b. Nov. 26, 1837. 


uel/' Joseph,- Josiah^). Born in the town of Harpersfiekl, Dela- 
ware County, ]Sr.Y., Eeb. 3, 1797, and died there, March 24, 1878. 
From a brief memoir, published by some of his children in 1878, 
which has come into the hands of the editor of this volume since the 
printing of the family of his grandfather and father, we gather a 
few traditions, which adds a little to our knowledge of them. 
Giles Churchill, about 1751, settled on the Delaware river, in what 
is now the town of Cochecton, N.Y., though he may have chosen the 
west bank, as that was within the boundary of William Penn's grant. 
Here, in an unbroken wilderness, he built a small log-cabin, and 
thither, in a short time, brought his wife, and his children were 
born, and his cleared farm began to give back goodly harvests, 
while other families were settling around him Here, in 1758, 
Stephen, the father of Deacon Elijah, was born. The rapid settle- 
ment of the lands, and, doubtless, the undue encroachments of the 
white men, aroused "the hostility of the Indians to the desperate 
resolve of driving out or destroying the invaders. Although Penn's 
purchase was supposed to be exempt, it was not deemed to be a sure 
protection to any, when once the native hordes started on their 
raids ; so that when it was found, in 1765, that the tribes were 
gathering, the settlers fled, leaving their homes and farms, to find 
safety in the older settlements. Stephen was then seven years old, 
and remembered some facts concerning the flight. The Indians 
burned their house while they were yet within sight of the smoke 
of its burning. The family had a horse upon which the mother and 
younger children rode, while their only provisions, a bag of meal, 
was laid on the back of their one cow. Under such conditions they 
pursued their flight till they reached the limits of Massachusetts, 
and probably located near relatives of the husband or wife, it is not 
known in what town. The tradition is that the old wilderness 
home was " at the forks of the Delaware river,'* but Cochecton is 
seen to be -a long distance below the forks. Stephen Churchill, 
father of Deacon Elijah, now grown to manhood, located and mar- 
ried at some place unknown to us, but appears with a small family, 
about 1785, at Harpersfield, Delaware County, N.Y., cleared up and 
improved a farm, and there spent his life. Here Deacon Elijah 
was born, as above noted. He suffered the great privations of 


frontier farm-life in his early years ; but despite his limited means 
for schooling, he obtained a better than the ordinary education, and 
began to teach school at an early age, working on the farm except 
in winter, when he was teaching. His father died when he was 
about fifteen years of age, and his older brother carried on the farm 
for some years, when his younger brother, Joseph, married and took 
the farm for a while, and then, at his mother's desire, Elijah bought 
out the interests of his brothers and sisters and settled down on the 
homestead farm. His sister Esther married a Mr. Webb and settled 
in Andes, and here, when he was about thirty- three years old, he 
married his wife. He was a strong and able man, a good citizen. 
He was a leading influence in public affairs, a consistent Christian, 
and an earnest promoter of education. He was very popular in the 
community. In his younger days was captain of the local militia. 
He was an ardent Whig, and became an earnest Republican. He 
knew how to be a good father without repressing or punishing his chil- 
dren, and also knew how to make a Christian home and a Christian 
life pleasant and attractive. He joined the First Presbyterian 
Church in Stamford, with many others from Harpersfield, June, 
1834, at its organization, and was then elected elder, or deacon, an 
office which he held during his life. His funeral sermon was 
preached in the Presbyterian Church in Stamford, IST.Y., by his 
pastor, Rev. L. E. Richards, March 24, 1878. This discourse was 
published in connection with the memoir above mentioned. Married, 
at Andes, JST.Y., May 12, 1830, Sarah A. Bexedict, of Andes. 


I. Calvin B.,^ b. Sept. 3, 1831 ; m. Adeline Hitchcock. No issue. 

282 II. EpENETtTs W.,' b. Aug. 25, 1833; m. Annie Wilcox, June 1, 1863. 

III. Sarah A.,^ b. Nov. 25, 1838. Unmarried. 

IV. Dr. Stephen Elijah,' b. Sept. 7, 1841. Unmarried. 

Lived in Stamford, N.Y. Proprietor of the noted Churchill 
Hall, a summer hotel in Stamford. He was also a practising 
V. Frances A.,' b. June 14, 1844; m. C. L. McCracken. No issue. 
He was the writer of a memoir of Deacon Elijah. He died June 
29, 1898. 
VI. Esther M.,' b. Aug. 12, 1847; m. Nathan Coe, Dec. 17, 1872. 


1. Louis Sumner Coe, b. Oct. G, 1873; m. Gertrude Hart, Nov. 

9, 1901. Both of Springfield. 

2. Frances Irene Coe, b. July 9, 1884. 

VII. Addie Vesta,' b. June 19, 1856; m. Charles H. Wiberlt, Oct. 

29, 1885. 


1. Irving Churchill Wiberly, b. July 29, 1890. 

2. Maurice Calvin Wiberly, b. March 24, 1892; d. Aug. 27, 1892. 

3. Edna Lillian Wiberly, b. July 9, 1893. 

4. Marion Drummond Wiberly, b. July 18, 1896. 

386 THE CHURCHILL FAMILY [Connecticut 


AMOS^ CHUECHILL (Joseph,^ Samuel," Samuel,^ Joseph,- 
JosiAH ^). Born in Sheffield, Mass., Oct. 1, 1774. He went with 
his father's family, in 1783, to Hubbardton, Vt. His advantages 
for school were very limited. He wrote himself, '-' I had no chance 
at school nntil the winter after I was fifteen, when I went to school 
in the back room of a lo^-house, to a very ordinary teacher. I never 
studied any books at school but the New England Primer and 
Dilworth's Spelling-book ; these I learned by heart." In spite of 
all these limitations he acquired a fair education for his day and 
place. He was a man of more than common ability and intelligence, 
a shrewd observer of men and events, a lover of history. He had 
great facility in rhyming, and his brother. Rev. Alvah, used to re- 
ceive long letters from him, written in verse, and in his articles 
prepared for the " Gazetteer," mentioned below, several pieces of 
verse appear, touched up here and there with quaint humor. When 
upward of seventy-six years, he compiled a series of articles on the 
history of Hubbardton, for the " Vermont Historical Gazetteer," in 
1851, but from notes collected many years before. These articles 
were later published in book form, rare copies of which can be 
found. The history, from his grandfather down, is fairly accurate, 
but before that generation he depended upon tradition, and his reck- 
oning is altogether erroneous. The account on pages 335-337 is 
quoted from his work. Mr. Churchill settled first in Pittsford, Vt., 
less than a mile from his father's house in Hubbardton, but on May 
21, 1821, removed to Hubbardton, and spent his days there. He 
was a good citizen, an active member of the Baptist Church in 
Hubbardton. He was physically a strong man, and a very diligent 
worker, even to old age. He was active in promoting public improve- 
ments, and instrumental in raising the monument on the Hubbard- 
ton battleground to the memory of the patriots who fought there 
July 7, 1777, and on the occasion of the celebration, July 7, 1859, 
the anniversary of the battle, he was one of tke speakers. Mr. 
Churchill lived to the advanced aged of ninety-one years, and died 
March 2, 1865. Married 1st, Jan. 29, 1799, Nabba Haven, of 
Sandisfield, Mass., daughter of Nathan. She was born May 23, 
1778, and died Sept. 2, 1842. Married 2d, Chloe Smith, of Bran- 
don, Vt., March 29, 1846. She was born Dec. 26, 1784. 

Children. of Amos and Nahba (^ Haven J Churchill. 

I. Louisa.'' b. Oct. 21, 1799; m. Ebenezer Cook, January, 1822. 
They settled in Pittsford, Vt., where he died Oct. 2, 1841. 



1. Orilla Cook, ra. Chauncey W. Fray, of Pittsford. Two chil- 

dren: (1) Suzina Fray, and (2) Adonirara J. Fray. 

2. Amos Cook, d. aged about eighteen years. 

3. Elisha Cook, m. Minerva Flag. 

4. Adoniram J. Cook, d. young. 

283 II. Samuel S.,' b. Nov. 26, 1800; m. Mart Richardson. 
III. Orrilla,'' b. Sept. 23, 1802; d. Aug. 4, 1803. 

284 IV. Isaac Newton,' b. July 17, 1805; m. Margaret Perry. 

V. Alzina,' b. July 1, 1812; d. the same day. 


Samuel/ Joseph,- Josiah '). Born in Sheffield, Mass., May 
13, 1776. He went with his father, in 1783, to Hubbardton, 
Vt., and there grew to manhood, working on the farm and attending, 
in winter, the primitive schools then procurable. He worked on the 
farm like other boys and young men of his day, and doubtless shared 
the general ambitions of young men to make good and prosperous 
farmers. About the time he came of age, the conditions of land 
settlement in Vermont had changed. The fathers of families owned 
all the farms, or their creditors held them by mortgage. Young 
men must buy except the few who remained on the homstead with 
their fathers. Mr. Churchill married in 1797, and began life in his 
native town, where he remained for several years, till three of his 
children were born. 

Then the Holland Purchase in Western New York opened iip 
a vast tract of fertile land, and thither, with many others from 
Vermont, young Churchill went. From lists of settlers, and casual 
references in Turner's " History of the Holland Purchase," as well 
as from correspondence with members of General Churchill's family, 
the editor has been able to glean a few facts of the busy and event- 
ful life of this typical pioneer of the early West. 

In the first list of settlers in the Holland Purchase, in Batavia 
Township, No. 12, Range 1, the name of Worthy L. Churchill 
stands first, and next William Rumsey, the names following in the 
order in which the land grants were assigned, so that these two 
were the first proprietors recorded, and the first settlers. Batavia 
Village was soon the centre of pioneer settlers, and the Land 
Office was established there and a town government formed. The 
first tavern was opened there. Mr. Churchill bought a large tract 
of land in that part of Batavia which became the town of Stafford. 
At the first town meeting held in Batavia, March 1, 1803, " Lovell 
Churchill," as he is there named, was chosen one of the overseers of 
the highways ; and in the following June, when a court of law was 

388 THE CHUKCHILL FAMILY [Connecticut 

organized and the first grand jury empanelled, Mr. Churchill was 
a member, and next year on the traverse jury, and in 1807, at the 
first murder trial in the new county, that of James McLean, for 
the murder of William Orr, he was a juror, and with his full name? 
Worthy L. Churchill. In the primitive organization of the militia 
of the county he was active and efficient, and had passed through all 
the minor offices before 1812, for at the beginning of the war that 
year we find him in command of a regiment with the rank of 
colonel. He undoubtedly had part as an officer in the opening 
events and skirmishes along the frontiers, on the Niagara river, in 
the disastrous autumn compaign of 1812, A year later, December, 
1813, he was in command of his regiment in the army of defence 
at Buffalo, and, in the battle on December 29th and 30th, in the 
absence of General Hopkins, the command devolved upon Colonel 
Warren and Colonel Churchill. The orders had been given them to 
attempt the impossible, to capture a strong battery, defended by a 
large force of well-drilled British regulars. The American troops 
consisted of untrained and poorly armed recruits, but they made a 
brave assault in the face of a deadly fire from the heavy British guns, 
and driven back once, they were led on in a second desperate charge, 
only to be overwhelmed again, and this time to be pursued and out- 
flanked by a large body of fresh troops and Indian allies who had 
unexpectedly arrived at the British lines. In the disastrous retreat 
which followed, the villages of Buffalo and Black Kock were de- 
stroyed, the houses burned to ashes, and all who could not escape 
were brutally massacred by the Indian allies of the British. Again 
in July, 1814, Colonel Churchill had a part in the defence of Fort 
Erie, at the head of the Niagara river. Here the tide of battle 
was turned by the Genesee County Militia under General Porter 
who gathered to protect the garrison of American regulars who 
were in danger of being surrounded and cut-off. By a daring and 
skilful outflanking move General Porter led a large body of his 
troops through the woods and came down unexpectedly with such 
an impetuous assault upon the British flank and rear that they 
were forced to retire from the field and the investment of the fort. 
In this battle Colonel Churchill was severely wounded and taken 
prisoner, and carried to Canada, but soon after exchanged. He was 
colonel of the Sixty-fourth Regiment, New York State Militia, but 
afterwards attained the rank of major general of the State Militia. 

Colonel Churchill was a surveyor of land and an extensive land- 
owner and dealer in land, while cultivating a large farm. He was 
active and influential in public affairs, and was sheriff of Genesee 
County from 1820 to 1825. He died May 25, 1839. Married 1st, 


in Hubbardton, Vt., 1797, Ruhama Whelpley, who died in 1802. 
Married 2d, in Batavia, N.Y., 1804, Sophia Ktngsley, born Sept. 
4, 1781, in Rutland, Vt., but removed with her father's family to 
Genesee County, N.Y., and died at Lake Mills, Wis., March 6, 1867. 

Children of First Wife, horn in Vermoyit. 

I. Beulah,' b. in 1798; m. Mr. Downing. No children. 
286 II. Alfred,' b. May 8, 1800; m. Susan D. Wilson, September, 1821. 

She was b. 1800. 

286 III. Joseph Whelpley,' b. Nov. 15, 1801; m. Delia S. Wilson, 1829. 

She was b. 1808. 

Children of Second Wife. 
IV. LovELL KiNGSLEY,' b. 1804; d. unmarried, in 1822. 
V. Sophia,' b. May, 1807; m. John Webber, Nov. 11, 1828. Mr. 
Webber was born in Devonshire, Eng., near Taunton, 1796. 
Came to America in 1817, and was the first of the large and 
flourishing colony of natives of England who settled in Stafford. 
This colony gave the town a distinctively English character and 
society. She d. June 10, 1881. 

Children born in Stafford. 

1. Worthy Lovell Webber, b. Dec. 12, 1828; m. Mary Fox, of 

Niagara Falls, March 15, 18G0; and died in Syracuse, N.Y., 
Nov. 3, 1874. 

2. Mary Sophia Webber, b. Feb. 8, 1832; m. Charles L. Gillette, 

March 8, 1854. She died in Batavia, Nov. 15. 1900, leaving 
children, who were b. in Batavia, (1) Isaac W. Gillette, b. 
185(!;m. Harriet Swift. (2) Henry L. Gillette, b. 1860; m. 
Marietta Winn, 1891. (3) Sophia E. Gillette, b. 1863. (4) 
Rudolph W. Gillette, b. 1867; m. Mary Showerman, 1893. 
(5) John F. Gillette, b. 1868; d. soon. (6) John H. Gillette, 
b. 1874; d. 1897. 
3 Julia Augusta Webber, b. 1834; d. unmarried, Nov. 15, 1864. 

4. John Herschell Webber, b. April 15, 1837 ; m. Mary .Jane 

Kadley, of Stafford, Dec. 19, 1867. They Hved in Stafford. 
He was a prosperous farmer. They had children b. in Staf- 
ford : {\^ Nellie Churchill Webber, b. Sept. 30, 1871; (2) 
Charles Radley Webber, b. Sept. 19, 1873; (3) Clara Elizabeth 
Webber, b April 2, 1880. 

5. George Follett Webber, b. May 17, 1847; d. Feb. 18, 1865. 
VI. Jane E.,' b. 1811; m. Zeciiariah Lothrop. No issue. 

287 VII. James W.,' b. April 8, 1814; m. Viena Thompson, of Norwich, 

VIII. Alta C.,'b. 1817; m. Rev. Almon Whitman, May 28, 1848. 
IX. Caroline,' b. 1819; m. Rev. Almon Whitman, Jan. 26, 1841. 

Caroline, the first wife, died March 20, 1845, and Alta C. died at 
Newark, Wis., May 24, 1875. 

Children by Second Wife, Alta C. 

1. Lovell D. Whitman, b. Feb. 28, 1849; d. Feb. 28, 1864. 

2. Caroline D. Whitman, b. Oct. 10, 1851; m. William L. Porter, 

Jan. 1, 1885. 

3. Judson F. Whitman, b. Nov. 12, 1856. 

4. Irving A. Whitman, b. April 21, 1858. 

5. Sophia C. Whitman, b. April 4, 1860. 

X. Demis Maria,' b. April 21, 1821 ; d. of consumption, 1842. 
XI. Morilla C' b. Dec. 6, 1824; m. Enoch Brown Fargo, Nov. 10, 

Mr. Fargo was born in Colchester, Conn., Feb. 18, 1821, and 
died at Lake Mills, Wis., Nov. 2, 1892. At the age of eleven he 

390 THE CHUECHILL FAMILY [Connecticut 

removed with his father's family to Stafford, N.Y., and was brought 
up on the farm which he with his seven brothers helped to clear in 
the new country. The public schools and a few terms at Wyoming 
Academy was his fitting for his career. Entering upon trade in a 
small way with a brother, they later established a store at Church- 
ville, N.Y., but in 1845 they removed their business to Lake Mills, 
Wis., where, in 1848, Mr. Fargo, with partners, built the largest 
machine works in the State west of Milwaukee. In a few years he 
bought out the whole plant and several hundred acres of land about 
the village, which he cut up into house lots and sold as fast as the 
demand came. He also had a large farm upon which he conducted 
a creamery, and besides these branches he had a large general 
store. While active in these varied interests he was always public- 
spirited and alert for his personal duties as a good citizen. The 
village grew up around his busmess, and the people were largely in 
his employ, and he had great power over their welfare, which he 
ever exercised with wisdom and kindness. 

Children of Enoch B. and Morilla {Churchill) Fargo, born at Lake Mills, Wis. 

1. Frank Brown Fargo, b. April 25, 1845; m. 1st, Emma M. 

Jenne, Nov. 19, 1867; ni. 2d, Louise M. Mears, Jan. 11, 1893, 
at Oshkosh, Wis. Mr. Fargo received a good education in 
the public schools and Wisconsin University, besides his 
business training under his father. He established the 
largest plant for producing dairy supplies in the United 
States, and besides this he owns and operates a stock and 
dairy farm of several hundred acres. Mrs. Emma M. (Jenne) 
Fargo died April, 1891, leaving one child, (1) Fannie 
Maria, who was born July, 1868 ; m John L. Crump, at Lake 
Mills, and has one ciiild, Roland Fargo Crump. 

Children of F. B. and Louise M. (Mears) Fargo, all born 
at Lake Mills: (1) Dorothy Morilla Fargo, b. July 11, 1894; 
(2) Stuart Mears Fargo, b. Oct. 8, 1897; (3) Frank Barber 
Fargo, b. June 3, 1900. 

2. Sarah Fargo, b. Oct. 14, 1847; m. Levi W. Ostrander, Nov. 19, 

1867. She was educated at Galesburg Female College. 
They removed to Olympia, Washington, where he was a 
banker. She died at Olympia, Aug. 8, 1894, leaving one 
child, (1) Harry Fargo Ostrander, b. May, 1876. 

3. Enoch James Fargo, b. March 14, 1850; m. 1st, Mary Ruther- 

ford, January, 1876. She was born March 1, 1857, and died 
March 5, 1895, at Lake Mills, Wis ; m. 2d, Addie Hoyt, 
who d June 19, 1901; m. 3d, Mattie Hoyt, Feb. 17, 1902. 
Mr. E. J Fargo, educated at a commercial school, en- 
gaged at first with his father in general trade, and afterwards 
joined his brother, F. B., in the dairy goods business. He 
has also a large farm, where all branches of farming go on 
in up-to-date methods. He is an active and influential citi- 
zen. Children of E.J. Fargo, all by first wife: (1) Elsie 
Rutherford Fargo, b Dec. 1, 1876; (2) Myrtle Churchill 
Fargo, b. June 23, 1878 ; d. Feb. 9, 1887; (3) Mattie Pauline 
Fargo, b. Sept. 14, 1883. 

4. Isaac Latimer Fargo, b. Oct. 22, 1851; d. May 9, 1901. He 

received a liberal education, finishing up at Chicago Univer- 
sity. He started out upon what promised to be a successful 
dramatic career upon the stage, but frail health prohibited 
the pursuit of this profession, and he was taken into the busi- 
ness with his brother as chemical superintendent of the color 
department, until ill health forced his removal to Redlands, 
Cal., where he died. May 9, 1901. He m. 1st, Kate L. Hoyt, 
Oct. 30, 1877, who died Nov. 5, 1878, without issue; m. 2d, 
Kate A. Mills, Dec. 25, 1883, and by her had one child, (1) 
Marjorie Vale Fargo, b. June 16, 1886. 


5. Corydon Thompson Fargo, b. May 10, 1855; m. Emma Edger- 

ton, Jan. 8, 1^79. He was educated at the State University 
at Madison, Wis., and engaged in farming with all modern 
methods and improvements, combining the up-to-date dairy 
and stock-raising business, on a grand scale. Children of C. T. 
and Emma E. Fargo: (1) Gertrude Evelyn Fargo, b. July 7, 
1880; (2) George Edgerton Fargo, b. June 16, 1882; (3) 
Marion Vienna Fargo, b. Jan. 7, 1885; (4) Jeannette Fargo, 
b. June 16, 1887; (5) Howard Corydon Fargo, b. Aug. 5, 

6. Florence Jane Fargo, b. Oct. 13, 1865; m. Calvin Larison, at 

Olympia, Wash. They live at Seattle, where he is an official 
on the Northern Pacific R.R. They have two children, (1) 
Winifred Larison, b. 1891; (2) Margaret Larison, b. 1893. 
VII. Sarah L.,'' b. June 6, 1826; m. John Gilbert, of Albion, N.Y., 
a farmer. 

They had two sons, and she died of consumption, in 1863. 
One of the sons died soon after from the same disease. The other, 
Richard Gilbert, married and lives in Albion, N.Y. 


CYRUS « CHURCHILL (Joseph,^ Samuel," Samuel,'^ 
Joseph,- Josiah ^). Born in Hubbardton, Vt., Feb. 9, 1783, and 
died at Ypsilanti, Mich., Ang. 18, 1860. He lived in Stafford, 
Lewiston, and Cambray, N.Y., for some years, bnt settled finally in 
Ypsilanti, Mich. Married, Feb. 23, 1813, Rachel Hustler, 
daughter of Thomas. Her father was a soldier in the English 
army, but during a battle deserted to the Americans and served in 
their army to the end of the war, rising to the rank of major in the 
Continental Army. Rachel (Hustler) Churchill died Oct. 1, 1844. 


I. Amy K. R.,'' b. Dec. 11, 1818; never married, but lived and 
cared for her parents, and occupied the old home until her 
death, Feb. 6, 1886. 

288 II. Joseph T. H.,' b. Dec. 28, 1815; m. Harriet (Hubbard) 

Arnold, widow of John. 
III. Sylvia A. J.,' b. Aug. 5, 1824; m 1st, Daniel Lockwood ; 

m. 2d ( ) Lacy; m. 3d ( ) ( ). Died March 

18, 1892. No children. 

289 IV. Lewis Marquis,' b. Oct. 3, 1827; m. Rebecca Cordelia 

Mapes; lived at Duck Creek, Wis., about 1860. No children. 
V. Elias Cass,' b. May 8, 1829; m. Jennie Terwilliger, lived at 
Carson City. 

290 VL Alfred Wilson,' b. May 10, 1832; m. ( ) ( ). No 


He died from a wound received at the battle of Cedar Creek, 
Va.,Oct. 19, 1864. 


•CHARLES « CHURCHILL (Joseph,^ Samuel," Samuel,^^ 
Joseph,- Josiah'). Born in Hubbardton, Vt., Dec. 10, 1787. 
Settled in Stafford, Genesee County, N.Y. He was killed by the 
Indians in the battle at Black Rock, Dec. 31, 1813. Married 
Polly Hyde. They had one child, who died young. 

392 THE CHURCHILL FAMILY [Connecticut 


DANIEL « CHURCHILL. (Joseph/ Samuel/ Samuel," Joseph,- 
JosiAH^). Born in Hubbardton, Vt., Jan. 4, 1792. Settled in 
Stafford, Genesee County, JST.Y. He removed from there to Illinois, 
and lived near Sparta, Ind. He was a bridge-builder, and moved 
from place to place as his contracts called him. He died of cholera, 
at Chillicothe, 0., July 20, 1833. 

Married 1st, in Stafford or Batavia, N.Y., about 1814, Submit 
Ha WES, who was born March 23, 1785, and died Sept. 15 1827 ; 
married 2d, in Chillicothe, 0., Mrs. Miller. 

Children of First Wife. 

I. Jeannette,' b. in Stafford, N.Y., Dec. 15, 1815; m. Martin 
Powell, in Sparta, Dearborn County, Ind., April 12, 1838. He d. 
Dec. 5, 1883, and she d. April 2, 1892. 

Children born in Dearborn County, Ind. 

1. William Powell, b. March 16, 1839; m. Margarette Shankland, 

March, 1863. He lives at Mount Vernon, Mo. 

2. Thomas C. Powell, b. Aug. 25, 18-10; m. Margaret Logan, March 

16,1869. He lives at Williamsport, Ind. His wife d. Dec. 
18, 1889. 

3. John Powell, b. Jan. 31, 1842; d. unmarried, Feb. 1, 1872. 

4. Mary A. Powell, b. Sept. 1, 1843; unmarried, lives in Chadron, 


5. Alvah Marion Powell, b. Dec. 30, 1845 ; m. Mattie Shankland. 

6. Daniel Churchill Powell, b Jan. 25, 1848 ; d. April 23, 1864. 

7. Eliza J. Powell, b. Feb. 2, 1850; m, George Logan, Dec. 28, 


Note. — Mrs. Mary A. Stewart, who has been my chief informant in relation to 
Daniel Churchill, her father, relates that her mother went from Brattleboro, 
Vt., to Stafford, N.Y., in the family of General Worthy L. Churchill, and 
there, at his brother's house, Daniel met and married her. They lived a few 
years in Stafford, and then in company with his brother Alvah, Daniel went to 
the West. They took their families along, Daniel his wife and one child, and 
Alvah the same. Like many of the early pioneers, they floated down the Ohio 
river on a flat boat which held all their earthly possessions. When they 
reached Aurora, Ind., their brother, Joseph, who had been settled some years at 
Sparta, happened to be at Aurora on business, and recognized them, and run- 
ning down to the shore hailed them, and all stopped over with him for the time. 
Alvah settled two years in Kentucky, and then returned to Sparta. Daniel took 
up a farm in Edwards County and lived there several years, and then engaged in 
building bridges, mostly over the Erie canal. He was a natural mechanic, and 
skilful with tools even as a boy. There are pieces of furniture and spinning- 
wheels still in existence, it is said, which he made in his youth. Mrs Huldah 
Piersons, Mrs. Stewart says, had a stand which he constructed when a boy of 
sixteen years. Sometime before 1827 he removed with his family to Tusca- 
rawas, O., and there his first wife died. His second wife, Mrs. Miller, was a 
widow with a large family, but only the youngest daughter, about twelve years 
of age, came to live in Mr. Churchill's home. His death was quite sudden, and 
his family was left poor, the prairie farm was sold for taxes, and the children 
found homes for a time with strangers, but afterwards with relatives. The 
above information, and the account of the family of Jeannette (Churchill) 
Powell, have been given me by Mrs. Stewart and Miss Mary A. Powell, the 
latter of Chadron, Neb. — Editor. 


291 II. Julius J b. in Edward County, 111., Dec. 20, 1820; m. Pirella M. 

III. Mart Anx,' b. in Edward County, Oct. 15, 1823; m. Dr. S. S. 
Stewart, Cincinnati, Nov. 16, 1852. Dr. Stewart d. Jan. 18 
1873. They had no children. Mrs. Stewart lives now (1903) in 
Moore's Hill, Ind. 


EEV. ALVAH" CHURCHILL (Joseph,' Samuel," Samuel/ 
Joseph/ Josiah '). Born in Hubbardton, Vt., May ]o, 1794. He 
grew up on the farm, and lived the sturdy life of the farmer boys of 
his day^ He attended school in winter and worked the rest of the 
year. He managed to acquire a more than ordinary education, as 
he was a diligent student of such books as he could procure. He 
never saw a grammar until after he had finished at the district 
schools, and bought the first one he saw. He learned the trade of 
carriage-maker, and was a good carpenter. He was in service for a 
time during the War of 1812, but we have no definite account of the 
circumstances. For a few years after his marriage he lived in 
Hubbardton ; but in the spring of 1819 started West, and with his 
wife and child joined his brother Daniel at General Churchill's, in 
Stafford, N.Y., and with him proceeded to their future home in the 
far West, as has been related in the account of his brother Daniel's 
journey. An opportunity to teach school opening in Lexington, 
Ky., he went there from Sparta and taught two years, then re- 
turned to Sparta and lived with his brother, who was then unmar- 
ried ; but took up a land claim and cleared a farm meantime, within 
a short distance of his brother Joseph's. On his return from Ken- 
tucky, he was ordained as a Baptist minister, and began as a volun- 
teer preacher to the isolated and poor in the outlying settlements, 
riding away on Saturday on horseback, with saddle-bags filled with 
books and tracts, preaching in some church or school-house on Sun- 
day, and returning home on Monday, while the wife with her small 
family managed the home, enduring the many hardships of pioneer 
life. His missionary work was voluntary and free. After years of 
this rough life, he removed to Wilmington, Ind., in order to secure 
better school advantages for his children There he built a church, 
and filled the pulpit until the people were able to hire a pastor. 
He engaged also in carriage-making. He was public spirited, and 
very active in school affairs. He was an ardent patriot in the years 
preceding and during the Civil War. He was a faithful minister, 
an influential and upright citizen, a self-sacrificing and loyal friend 
of all. He was not entirely successful in his business, and never 
accumulated property. Although of a strong family, his strenuous 
hard work and exposure in early and middle life told upon his 


health in his later years. He died May 15, 1867. , Married 1st, at 
Hubbardton, Vt., in 1816, Nancy Holmes, who was born Sept. 1, 
1793, and died Oct. 2, 1836, in Wilmington, Ind. Married 2d, at 
Wilmington, lud., in 1841, Elmika Smith, who survived her hus- 

Children of Rev. Alvah and Nancy (^Holmes) Churchill. 

I. Mariette,' b. Jan. 25, 1817; m. 1st, Nathan Merrill Tennet, 

from Maine, Nov. 19, 183B; m. 2(1, Alexander Lowe. He died 
Jan 18, 1854; m. 3d, R. J. B. Roberts, May 21, 1855. 
She died in Delaware, Ind., September, 1869. 

Children of First Husband. 

1. Harriet Tenney, d. young. 

2. Jane Tenney, d. young. 

Children of Second ITusband. 

3. Alexina Lowe, m. Flavins C. Fox, Dec. 25, 1880. 

Lived at Solida, Col. Child: (1) Marie Churchill Fox, m. 
Maurice Blockmore Lewis, April 23, 1902. 

4. Judson Lowe, d. aged sixteen years. 

Children of Third Husband. 

5. Holmes Churchill Roberts; m., but wife's name not obtained. 

They lived at Cincinnati, O. (1016 West 9th street). Chil- 
dren: (1) Abbie Roberts; (2) Bessie Roberts; (3) William 

II. Esther Ann,' b. Lexington, Ky., Oct. 3, 1819; m. 1st, John 

Blackmore, Sept. 3, 1840; m. 2d, R. J. Roberts, Wilmington, 

Nov. 4, 1869. 

They lived at Wilmington and Delaware, Ind. He was a farmer. 

Children by First Husband. 

1. Alvah R. Blackmore, b. Wilmington, Ind., Oct. 4, 1841; m. 

Mary Sage, Delaware, Ind., Aug. 3, 1865. 

2. Eliza Blackmore, b. Delaware, Ind., March 17, 1845; m. T. B. 

Louis, Delaware, Ind., Nov. 10, 1863. 

Mr. Louis was the son of Jacob and Barbara (Smith) Louis, 
and was a merchant at Logansport, Ind. Mrs. Olive A. (Black- 
more) Louis was educated at Moore's Hill College. 

Children born at Logansport, Ind. 

(1) Charles Harvey Louis, b. Aug. 22, 1864; d. Oct. 3, 1864. 

(2) Effie V. Louis, b. Nov. 19, 1866; m. Robert W. Mcll- 

vaine, Lafayette, Ind , Aug. 12, 1897. 

(3) Jeanette A. Louis, b. Nov. 9, 1869; m. W. J. Rosebery, 

Dec. 18, 1896. 

(4) Maurice Blackmore Louis, b. April 17, 1873; m. Marie 

Churchill Fox, Richmond, Ind., April 28, 1902. 

3. Olive A. Blackmore, b. Delaware. Ind., Jan. 30, 1853; m. J. J. 

Lansing, Delaware, Ind., Sept. 17, 1874; d. Dec. 9, 1886. 

292 III. John Ransom,' b. Dec. 3, 1821; m. Sarah Mayhew, Jan. 1, 1852. 
IV. Nancy Orilla,' b. at Sparta, Ind., March 6, ' 1824; m. Robert 
Delos Brown, Aug. 17, 1841. She d. April, 1847. 



1. Emma Brown, m. Mr. Fiddler. Lives 119 Ramsay ave., Indian- 

apolis, Ind. 

2. Latham Brown. Lives at Mitchell, Ind. 

V. Olive M.,' b. at Sparta, Ind., April 5, 1827; m. Thomas Black- 
more, April 5, 1849. They lived at Elizabethtown, O. 


1. Son, b. Feb. 15, 1851 ; d. in infancy. 

2. Alice Blackmore,b. March 18, 1852. 

2. Cora Blackmore, b. April «. 1854; m. Charles Curtis, Feb. 26, 
1884. Child : Roy Churchill Curtis. 

4. Alta Holmes Blackmore, b. Nov. 4, 1856. 

5. Ida Blackmore, b. May 4, 1859. 

VI. William Harvey,' b. near Wilmington, Ind., Oct. 28, 1829; d. 
at Aurora, Aui,'. 18, 1866. He acquired a good education, and 
was a school-teacher for some years, until 1852. when he enlisted 
in the regular army as a private, at Newport, Ky., in the fifth 
cavalry, made up niostly of Southern men. Sidney Johnson was 
colonel and Robert e/Lcc, lieutenant-colonel of the regiment, 
which was stationed in Texas when the Civil War broke out. His 
officers joined the South, and he was given leave to get out of the 
State in" a certain time. He came North and served through the 
war on the Union side. He was orderly-sergeant in General 
Grant's cavalry escort for two years, was wounded and sent home 
once on furlough. He rose from the ranks to the rank of brevet 
major, with rank of captain. After the war, and while stationed 
at Warrington, Ind., his horse reared and fell upon him while on 
parade, and he died from the injuries received. He was a brave 
soldier and a loyal patriot and true friend. 
VII. Caroline L.,' b. near Wilmington, Ind., Dec. 2, 18;?1 ; m. 1st, 
Charles Webber, Aug. 2, 1857; m. 2d, Daniel Stanton, Nov. 
22, 1877. Mr. Webber was born at Aurora, Ind., Oct. 4, 1824, 
sonof Jonaand Sarah White Webber, and died at Aurora, April 28, 
1861. Mr. Stanton was born near Lynchburg, Va., April 6, 1805, 
son of Latham and Huldah Butler Stanton; d. at Richmond, 
Ind., July 15, 1894. His parents were originally from Nantucket, 

One Child of First Husband. 
1. Mary Davis Webber, b. at Aurora, Ind., June 1, 1858; m. 
Clayton B. Hunt, at Richmond, Ind., Oct. 12, 1893. Mr. 
Hunt was b. at Richmond, Ind., Nov. 23, 1845. 
VIII. Susan Jane,' b. near Wilmington, Ind., Feb. 21, 1884; m. Rev. 
S. J. Kahler, July 21, 1859. She was thrown upon her own re- 
sources at an early age, owing to the failure of her father's 
health and business. She was obliged to work hard and econo- 
mize, and study diligently to acquire what her ambition demanded, 
a liberal education. Teaching to pay her own way, studying 
hard and living with close economy, she was able to graduate, in 
1858, at INIoore's Hill College, with the highest honors in her class. 
She was appointed instructor in the Preparatory Department. 
Mr. Kahler was professor of mathematics at the college, having 
graduated from the State University of Kansas in 1858. After 
one year's association on the college faculty, t^Iiese two were 
married, and after three years in the college, Mr. Kahler began 
the work of an itinerant Methodist minister, which he followed 
eight year's in Indiana and eight years in Kansas. In 1883 he 
was forced to retire from the ministry on account of the failure of 
his voice. They removed to California, and now reside at 
Fernando. Mrs. Kahler has furnished the editor of this volume 
the facts concerning her father's life. 

396 THE CHUECHILL FAMILY [Connecticut 

' Children. 

1. Elmer E. Kahler, b. at Moore's Hill, Ind., May 31, 1861 ;d, 

Aug. 24, 1862. 

2. Carrie W. Kahler, b. at Star City, Kan., Nov. 3, 1863; d. Jan. 

20, 1864. 

3. Eugene W. Kahler, b. July 30, 1866; d. Aug. 14, 1866. 

IX. Alvah Makion,' b. June 8, 1836, and d. July 5, 1887. 


JOSEPH « CHURCHILL (Joseph,^ Samuel,* Samuel,'' Joseph,- 
JosiAH '). Born at Hubbardton, Vt., Sept. 9, 1796, and was there 
bronght np on the farm. He went to the West in 1818. Stayed 
the first winter in Cincinnati, and the next spring located a land- 
claim at what is now Sparta, Ind. He became a prosperous farmer, 
and was engaged somowhat in laying out and building roads and 
turnpikes. He was a much respected and upright citizen, and was 
greatly interested in the development of his farm and his stock, 
which was the finest in the county. Mr. James 0. Churchill, of 
Cheyenne, Wyo., Miss Jessie Kelsey, Moore's Hill, Ind., and Miss 
Minnie Eoberts, of Pierceville, Ind., have assisted the editor much 
in the compiling of this family. He died in Sparta, Dec. 9, 1859- 
Married, at Napoleon, Ind., Dec, 15, 1822, Mary Henigan. 

Children born at Sparta. 

I. EvALiNE,' b. Nov. 6, 1823; m. Leander Hooper Kelsey, Sparta, 
June 21, 1846. They lived at Sparta, Ind., Aurora, Ind., and 
Moore's Hill, Ind. He was a teacher and a farmer. His parents 
vrere John and Suky (Taylor) Kelsey. 


1. Oscar Kelsey, b. at Sparta, May 10, 1817; m. Tirzah E. Cope- 

land, Dec. '>(], 1875. 

2. Joseph Kelsey, b. at Sparta, March 14, 1849; d. Aug. 5, 1840. 

3. Ernest Kelsev, b. Aurora, Dec. 25, 1850; m. Laura B. Dillon, 

Council Bluffs, Iowa, Aug. 30, 1876. 

4. Marion Kelsey, b. Aurora, Jan. 21, 1852; m. Kate Holbrook, 

Newport, Ky., Feb. 29, 1879. 

5. Curt Kelsey, b. Sparta, June 14, 1854 ; m. MoUie Sayles, Love- 

land, la., Jan. 28, 1883. 

6. Jessie Kelsey, b. Moore's Hill, June 18, 1856. 

293 II. CHARLE.S,' b. June 24, 1825; ra. 1st, Martha Hustin, Dec. 25, 

1847; m. 2d, Mary A. Hinds, Jan. 29, 1852. 
III. Dolly,'' b. April 16, 1827; m. Ben.jamin Burlingame, at Wilming- 
ton, Ind., Dec. 19, 1861. They lived at first at Wilmington, 
Ind., and after 1865/6, at Sparta. He was a farmer and wagon- 
maker. He held the office of commissioner of Dearborn County 
for six years. They lived on the old farm settled by Joseph 
Churchill in 1819. 


1. Mary A. Burlingame, b. Wilmington, Feb. 7, 1864; d. Aug. 2, 


2. Harry Stewart Burliiigarue, b. Wilmington, July .21, 1865; m. 

Minnie L. Houston, dau. of John and Margaret (Beathe) 
Houston, Sparta, Sept. 22, 188G. He was a graduate of 
Moore's Hill College, and is a farmer and school teacher. 
Lives at Sparta. Their children: (1) Franklin Stewart, b. 
Jan. 27, 1889; (2) Olive Dorothy, b. Nov. 18, 1890. 

3. Caroline Wood Burlingame, b. at Sparta, Nov. 4, 1867; m. 

Joseph E. Allen, of Sparta. 
IV. Burke,' b. July 28, 1828. Left home in his youth and all trace of 

him was lost. 
V. Harriet,' b. Nov. 28, 1829 ; m. Joseph Richardson, Dec 28, 
1853. They lived at Sparta, Ind., where he was a cooper. 

Children horn at Sparta. 

1. Emma Richardson; m. C. Annible, of Arkansas. 

2. William Richardson 

VI. RoxANNA,' b. April 29, 1831 : m. D. R. Taylor, July 1, 1849. He 

was the son of Aaron and Mary ( ) Taylor. They lived 

at Sparta, Ind., and he was there engaged in coopering. Mr. 
Taylor served three years in the Civil War, in Company K, 
Sixty-eighth Regiment Indiana Volunteers. 

Children horn at Sparta. 

1. Joseph Taylor, b. July 6, 1850. 

2. Irving C. Taylor, b. March 19, 1852; d. March 13, 1868. 

3. Minnie A. Taylor, b. March 30, 1854; m., at Sparta, Samuel 

Roberts, April 29, 1891. He was the son of Jefferson and 
Matilda (Hodges) Roberts. They live (1902) at Pierceville, 
Ind. He is a farmer and poultry-raiser. He served in the 
Civil War. three years, in Company F, Tiiirty-seventh Regi- 
ment Indiana Volunteers. 

Child born at Versailles. 
(1) Roxanna C. Roberts, b. Sept. 10, 1892. 

4. Ella T. Taylor, b. Aug. 19, 1856. 

5. Charles V. Taylor, b. Aug. 29, 1859; d. December, 1862. 

6. Oscar F., b. Nov. 2, 1865; m. Maggie Ramsay, Aurora, April 

28, 1892. 

294 VII. George Vervon,' b. Nov. 20, 1832; m. Emily A. Davis. 

VIII. RnoDA,' b. Aug. 20, 1835; m. F. M. Johnson, September, 1855; 
no children. 
IX. Alta,' b. July 5, 1838; m. Harvey Comstock, at Santa Cruz, 
Dec. 21, 1876. He was the son of Louis and Elizabeth (Latin) 
Comstock, and was a farmer at Santa Cruz, where they lived. 
They had children born there. 


1. Paul W. Comstock, b. Nov. 8, 1877; d. May 11, 1891. 

2. Marv Josephine Comstock, b. Feb. 4, 1879; d. Dec. 24, 1889. 

3. Dolfie H. B. Comstock, b. March 1, 1881 ; d. May 20, 1891. 
X. Augusta Jeannette,' b. Nov. 9, 1840; m. George Gould, 1861. 

295 XI. John F.,' b. Aug. 21, 1847; m. Anna Garner, January, 1870. 


PHILO '^ CHURCHILL (Samuel,'' Samuel/ Samuel/' Joseph/ 
JosiAH '). Born in Massachusetts, and brought up in Hubbardtou, 
whither his fatlier moved when he was a chikl. We have not 
been able to obtain mucli information of him or his descendants, ex- 

398 THE CHURCHILL FAMILY [Connecticut 

cept the reference made by Amos Churcliill, noted below (see 114), 
and other casual mention. It is said that two of his sons were mer- 
chants in Alexander, N.Y., in 1834. Mr. Henry E. Churchill, of 
Middletown, IST.Y., wrote, in 1890, that Philo lived and died in 

Alexander. Married ( ) Castle, a sister of his brother Zenas' 

wife, and had 


I. Almond.^ 

II. Castle.' 

III. Philo, Jr.'' 

IV. Sarah.' 


ZENAS •= CHURCHILL (Samuel,^ Samuel," Samuel,^ Joseph,- 
JosiAH^). Born in Hubbardton, Vt. Removed to Genesee County, 

N.Y. Married ( ) Castle. They lived awhile in Attica, N.Y., 

but in 1846 were living in Kane County, 111. We have as yet no 
further record of the family, except that Henry E. Churchill, above 
mentioned, says that they had a son, Castle. 


DAVID" CHURCHILL (Samuel,^ Samuel,* Samuel,'' Joseph," 
JosiAH^). Born in Hubbardton, Vt., May 29, 1786. Mr. Amos 
Churchill, No. 105, the chronicler of the Hubbardton family, says 
that David, with his brothers, went West, and settled in Attica and 
Alexander, N.Y., and afterwards went to Kane County, 111. We 
have not found any further account of them Married 1st, name 
not obtained. Married 2d, Feb. 23, 1829, Sarah Prescott, who 
was born April 24, 1798. 

Children of First Wife. 

I. Elvira,' b. Nov. 2, 1813; m. Solomon Sherwin. 

II. Polly,' b. Dec. 27, 1815; d. j-oung. 

III. Mariah,' b. Dec. 1, 1816; never married. 

IV. Eliza,' b. Sept. 5, 1820; m. John A. Waterman. 

V. Nancy,' b. June 25, 1822; m. 1st, Azro Waters; m. 2d, Will- 
iam Hubbard. 
VI. William,' b. Nov. 21, 1824:; m., it is said, late in life; no 

VII. David H.,' b. Oct. 5, 1826; d. at age of six months. 

Children of Second Wife. 
VIII. Esther,' b. Aug. 16, 1831; m. R. S. A. Tarbell, July 1, 1855. 


1. Lillie R. Tarbell, b. July 9, 1856; m. D. F. Rockhold, March 

11, 1876. 

2. Myrta A. Tarbell, b. Oct. 9, 1858; m. Buzzell Wells, Feb. 26, 


3. Reuben J. Tarbell, b. June 24, 1861 ; m. Laura Wood, Dec. 30, 


4. Robert A. Tarbell, b. Aug. 13, 1862. 


5. Menzo E. Tarbell, b. May 12, 18G4; m. Emma Reagle, May 6, 


6. Marquis De La F. Tarbell, b. May 30, 1866. 

7. Amy Tarbell, b. Oct. 16, 1868. 

8. Amanda Tarbell, b. May 9, 1871. 

296 IX. Georgk W.,' b. April 20, 1833; m. Addie E. Williams, 1865/6. 

297 X. M. De Lafayette,' b. Feb. 8, 1835; m. Mart J. Campbell, July, 

1, 1855. 

298 XI. Oscar C.,' b. March 4, 1S37; m. Mary I. Dunbar, July 3, 1876. 
XII. Orson,' b. Oct. 3, 1839; d. March 3, 1841. 

XIII. Amanda,' b. March 14, 1841; m. Heman Goodnough. 

299 XIV. Menzo,' b. Dec. 13, 1843; m. S. V. Clark, Nov. 3, 1870. 


EUFUS6 CHURCHILL (Samuel,^ Samuel," Samuel/ 
Joseph,- Josiah ^). Born in Hubbardton, Vt., and was brought up 

there. Removed to Alexander, N.Y., and there married ( ) 

Strong. In 1846 they were in Kane County, 111., but we have no 
further account of the family. 


JOHN« CHURCHILL (John,^ Samuel," Samuel,^^ Joseph,- 
JosiAH ^). Born at Hubbardton, Vt., April 15, 1787. Removed 
first to Homer, N. Y., and thence to Portland, N.Y. He was a farmer 
and lived, mostly, at Westfield, N.Y. Married, at Homer, N.Y., 
1813, Mary House, daughter of Deacon John. 


I. Phebe,' b. at Homer, 1815; m. Hamilton Cherry, in Portland, 
N.Y. They settled near Buffalo, N.Y, became perosperous and 
wealthy. She died in 1896. He died 1891. 
They had three sons and one daughter, it is said. 
IL Martha M.,' b. at Portland, N.Y., 1818; d. 1826. 


SYLVESTERS CHURCHILL (John,^ Samuel," Samuel,^' 
Joseph,- Josiah^). Born at Hubbardton, Oct. 7, 1788. Came to 
Portland, N.Y., soon after marriage, and with his brother John, 
whose wife was his wife's sister, settled there. Deacon House, the 
father-in-law, having settled in the adjoining town of Westfield. 
Mr. Churchill was a farmer. In 1835 he sold out his property in 
Portland, and removed to Munson, 0. Married, at Homer, 'N.Y. 
January, 1816, Theodosia House, daughter of Deacon John. 

Children born at Po7-tland, N. Y. 

300 I. Isaiah,' b. Nov. 1,1816; m. Eonice Morris, Franklin, O., April? 

1839; d. 1851. 

301 II. Orville S.,' b. Oct. 18, 1818; m. Sarah Vannankeen, Chardon, 

O., 1842. 

302 III. Daniel,' b. July 16, 1820; m. Julia House, Westfield, N.Y., 

1841 ; d. 1896. 

400 THE CHURCHILL FAMILY [Connecticut 

303 IV. Levi,' b. Dec. 21, 1822; m. Sally A. Hintston, Munson, O., Oct. 

8, 1851. 
V. Martha,' b. Jan. 4, 1826; m. George Warner, March 4, 1847. 

They lived in Vida, Minn., it is said. 
VI. Mary,' b. May 11, 1827; m. Moses Cluff, 1848. 

They lived in Olmsted County, Minn., we have been told. 


ALVIN « CHURCHILL (John,^ Samuel/ Samuel/ Joseph,- 
JosiAH ^). Born in Hubbardton, Nov. 7, 1794. Removed and 
settled in Scott, I^.Y. Alvin, tlie father, died March 26, 1878. The 
mother died June 23, 1864. Married Sally Seeley, born in Pom- 
pey, N.Y., Dec. 17, 1805. 

Children horn in Scott, N. Y. 

I. Fidelia,' b. in Scott, N.Y., Nov. 21, 1824; m. Edwin W. Pratt, 

March 17, 1858. They live at Homer, N.Y. No children. 
II. Clarissa,' b. June 26, 1826; m. Peter Curtis, April, 1856. 


1. Adelbert Curtis, b. March, 1857. 

2. Leonardus Curtis, b. October, 1858. 

304 III. Orville,' b. July 3, 1829; m. Mary Jane Rigles. 
IV. Philena,' b. May 28, 1831 ; d. May 16, 1833. 

306 V. Samuel Lyman,' b. Feb. 15, 1834; m. Mrs. Mary A. (Alvord) 

Randall, Aug. 27, 1858. 
VI. Nelson,' b. April 20, 1841. 

Enlisted in the Union Army for the Civil War, vras taken pris- 
oner at the battle of Gettysburg, and confined at Belle Isle prison; 
was at last exchanged, but died in the hospital at Annapolis, Md. 


JOTHAM« CHURCHILL (John,« Samuel," Samuel/^ Josbph,^ 
JosiAH^). Born in Hubbardton, Vt., Dec. 29, 1804. Removed 
with his father's family, to Tully, N.Y., and lived there until his 
marriage. Married Miss Randell, and, it is said, had a large 
family of children, three of whose names have come to us from Mr. 
Sylvester C. Churchill, of Tula, N.Y., son of Chauncey, brother of 
Jotham. The family settled in Iowa. 

Three of their Children. 
I. Silas.' 
II. William.' 
III. John.' 


CHAUNCEY « CHURCHILL (John,^ Samuel," Samuel,^ 
Joseph,- Josiah ^). Born at Tully, N.Y., Oct. 3, 1808. He was a 
farmer and lived at East Scott, Cortland County, N.Y. Married, 
March 17, 1834, Catharike Merry, daughter of John and Clarinda 
(Davis) Merry. 


Children horn at Scott, N. Y. 

305a I. Sylvester C' b. Dec. 20, 1834; m. Helen Dowd, Oiisco, N.Y., 

March 28, 186(i. 

They lived at Tula, Cortland County, N.Y. He is a farmer. 
They had two adopted children, Burdette A. Rust and Inez E. 
Anthony. He has helped us about this family. 

306 II. John VV.,' b. Aug. 13, 1836; m. Alice T. Martinie. 
III. Olive C.,^ b. Feb. 10, 1838; d. May 11, 1838. 

307 IV. Stlvanus A.,^ b. Nov. :^fi,1839; m. 1st, Caroline Eadie, Nov. 21, 

1867; m. 2d, Sarah E. VVoodwokth, Sopt. 7, 1892. 

308 V. Oliver Clinton,^ b March 22. 1841 ; in. Delphine Roe, at Preble, 

N.Y., Oct. 26, 1865. 
VI. Martha Asenath,' b. Nov. 24, 1842; m. James Shawhan, Cham- 
paign County, 111., Nov. 8, 1871. 


1. Walter Shawhan, b. Jan. 18, 1873; d. Aug. 28, 1873. 

Martha Asenath, the mother, died Dec. 12, 1893; James, 
tlie father, died Dec. 25, 1891. 

VII. Olive C.,'' b. Aug. 6, 1844; m. William S. Kellogg, Nov. 10, 

They lived at Homer, N.Y., where he was employed in a manu- 


1. Olin Clay Kellogg, b. at South Spafford, N.Y., April 20, 1870; 

m. Effie Wheelock. 

He is a graduate of Syracuse University, 1892. In 1901 in- 
structor in North Western University, Evanston, 111., A.B. and 

2. Alice Lydia Kellogg, b. at Homer, N.Y., Oct. 20, 1874. 

309 VIII. La Fayette M ,"> b. March 17, 1846; m. Eliza Pratt, Preble, 

N.Y., March 9, 1870. 
IX. Chloe I.,' b. Oct. 4. 1847; m. William A. Kellogg, East Scott, 
N.Y., Nov. 18, 1869. 

They lived at Homer, N.Y., and later in New York City. They 
had four children. 

Childr e7i. 

1. Gertrude Amanda Kellogg, b. 1870; m. Orrie P. Curamings. 

2. Edward Leland Kellogg. 

3. Olive Catharine Kellogg. 

4. William Kellogg. 

X. Catharine Helen,' b. April 10, 1849; m. George Burroughs, 
March 28, 1871. 

They lived at South Spafford, Onondaga County, N.Y. He is a 


1. Walter L. Burroughs, b. at East Scott, March 11, 1877; m. 
Nina Gilbert, Homer, N.Y., July, 1897. 

310 XI. Caleb W.,' b. Nov. 27, 1850; m. 1st, Achsie Eadie, Spafford, 

N.Y., March 28, 1881; m. 2d, Minnie Brown, Champaign 
County, 111., Nov. 6, 1884. 

311 XII. Benjamin F.,' b. July 30, 1852; m. Carrie Churchill, Spafford, 

N.Y., May 21, 1878. 

312 XIII. Jason M.,' b. April 2, 1855 ; m. Jennie French, of Spafford, N.Y., 

Sept. 25. 1878. 

402 THE CHURCHILL FAMILY [Connecticut 


DARIUS « CHURCHILL (William/ Samuel,* Samuel," 
Joseph,^ Josiah^). Born in Hubbarclton, April 25, 1793. He 
removed with his father's family to Champlain, N.Y., about 1807, 
and lived there. Married, at Shoreham, Vt., about 1816, Tryphenia 
Adeline Newton, daughter of Liberty and Asintha (North) New- 
ton, born Oct. 1, 1796, at Shoreham, Vt. ; died at Champlain, N.Y., 
June 28, 1835. 

' Children born in Champlain, JY. Y. 

313 I. George,' b. March 22, 1818; m. Jane Jackson. 

II. Caroline,' b. Dec. 10, 1819; d. May 29, 1842: unmarried. 

314 III. Samuel,' b. March 28, 1823; m. Jemima D. Jackson, Sept. 3, 1846. 

315 IV. William,' b. Sept. 5, 1827; m. Olive Remington. 


WILLIAM « CHURCHILL, JR. (William,^ Samuel,* Samuel," 
Joseph,- Josiah ^). Born in Hubbardton, Vt., March 23, 1795. 
Removed with his father's family to Champlain, Clinton County, 
N.Y., about 1807. Married, Dec. 24, 1822, Isabella Johnson, 
born Oct. 9, 1796. 

Children, horn in Clinton, N. Y. 

316 I. Washington,' b. March 19, 1824; m. Mary Lucinda Converse, 

Feb. 25, 1847. 
II. Eleanor,' b. July 30, 1826; m. George F. Converse, Oct. 12, 


1. Albert Benson Converse, b. Oct. 18, 1844; m. Maggie J. 

Taylor, April 11, 1864. 

2. Samuel C. Converse, b. June 12, 1847; m. Helen M. Churchill, 

Oct 24, 1869. 

3. Isabella L. Converse, b. May 21, 1850; m. Edward Baker, Jan. 

1, 1871. 

4. Viohi J. Converse, b. Jan. 19, 1854; d. Sept. 19, 1855. 

5. Clara E. Converse, b. Nov. 23, 1856; m. James Linton, Jan. 3, 


6. Chloe A. Converse, b. July 13, 1859. 

III. Clarissa,' b. April, 1828; m. Royal W. Converse, Sept. 19, 

Children born in Clinton, N. Y. 

1. William P. Converse, b. March 22, 1865. 

2. Effie Elsie Converse, b. Nov. 27, 1868. 

317 IV. Benjamin,' b. Feb. 22, 1831; m. Hannah E. Pratt. 

318 V. William Henry,' b. Dec. 18, 1834; m. Jane Ann Barker. 
VI. James Edward,' b July 14, 1837; d. Aug. 21, 1838. 



DR. JULIUS « CHURCHILL (William,' Samuel," Samuel,^ 
Joseph,- Josiah ^). Born in Hubbardton, Vt, March 20, 1802. 
Died in Champlain, N.Y., Feb. 7, 1881. He was only four years 
old when his father removed with his family to Champlain, N.Y., 
then a small hamlet surrounded by an almost unbroken wilderness. 
William Churchill, his father, bought a hundred acres of woodland 
and cleared a farm, known in late years as the old ''Junior 
Churchill Place," situated on the road to Chazy. The father was a 
large and athletic man, and a great worker, as Avere his six sons. 
They were all able men physically and mentally. Dr. Julius 
stayed at home working on the farm, and attending school in the 
winter, until the age of twenty-one, and then against the wishes and 
advice of his father he started out alone to acquire a medical educa- 
tion. He chopped wood and taught school to get money to pursue 
his studies. He studied with Dr. Miles Stevenson, of Chazy, and 
Dr. Benjamin Moore, of Champlain. In 1826-1827 he attended 
lecture courses at the Medical University at Castleton, Vt., and on 
Aug. 28, 1828, received a diploma from the Clinton County Medical 
Society to practise " Physic and Surgery," and soon began i)ractice 
in Champlain Village. In those days of wretched roads and sparse 
settlements, his practice soon extended over a wide range, which 
had to be traversed on horseback with saddlebags holding his 
stock of medicines. He was strong, enthusiastic, and skilful, and 
soon became popular, and had a very large clientage. He was fond 
of fine horses, and had the best in the country round. For some 
ten years, and up to 1840, he was postmaster of Champlain. He 
was an exceedingly active man, and fond of using tools, and about 
1840 built himself an office with his own hands, and used this same 
office in his practice till his death. He was somewhat eccentric, a great 
collector of curiosities of all sorts, pictures, ancient arms and armor, 
minerals, fossils, and in one addition to his office, a sort of green- 
house, he had a wonderful variety of flowering plants, cactus-plants, 
one of which at his death was thirty-eight years old, and ten feet in 
height. In this greenhouse he kept, also, a lot of singing birds. 
Dr. Churchill was versatile, was a lover of music, and played well 
on the violin, cornet, and clarionet. He was intensely interested in 
])hysical science, especially geology and mineralogy, and when Sir 
Charles Lyell, the eminent English geologist, visited America, Dr. 
Churchill accompanied him in his exploration of the Mississippi 
Valley and was of great help to him, and they were always after- 
wards warm friends. How he found time for all his work and his 
extensive readinsr and valuable collection of books was a wonder 

404 THE CHUECHILL FAMILY [Connecticut 

to his friends, who knew he never neglected any of his home or 
professional duties. He was always up in the morning at four 
o'clock, and never idle. He was active and influential in public 
matters, and a popular and honored member of the County Medical 
Association. His scientific studies led him to very advanced con- 
victions in regard to religion. He was indeed a very pronounced 
advocate of free thought. He was opposed and denounced by many 
as an atheist, and some of the more bigoted church-people honestly 
sought to ostracize him socially as well as to boycott his practice ; but 
the more they persecuted and railed, the firmer he became in his 
convictions about religion. Theodore Parker lectured in Champlain, 
and the doctor found that he was in accord with the great preacher's 
liberal thought, and they became friends, and continued for some 
years to correspond. He was one of the first thinking men in 
America, to accept the theory of evolution. The unreasoning and 
ignorant bigotry of many of his friends, who, as Christian believers, 
turned against him, made him somewhat bitter at times, though not 
for long. The limits of this sketch will not admit of a full account 
of a very wonderful man, one of the ablest and best of all who have 
borne the name of Churchill. An essay on the " Life of Dr. Julius 
Churchill, Physician, Philosopher, and Pioneer in Kational Thought," 
was read before the Association for Moral and Spiritual Education, 
at Brooklyn, N.Y., March, 1884, by Edward J. Moore, and later 
published in pamphlet form. The above facts and comments have 
been gathered from the sketches above mentioned by the editor of 
this volume, who feels that so notable a member of the Hubbardton 
line ought to be brought to the acquaintance of his kinsfolk 
throughout America. The postmaster at Champlain wrote me in 
1900 that none of the doctor's family remained in the town, and 
he knew not whether any were living or not. I have, however, just 
discovered his daughter, Mrs. Cornelia Traver who furnished the 
memoirs above noted, in 1886, and is now living m Chicago, and 
gives further help about her own and her brother's families. 
Married, in Champlain, N.Y., 1831, Nancy Fillmore, daughter of 
Capt. Cepta Fillmore, and a cousin of Millard Fillmore, the thir- 
teenth president of the United States. She was born Jan. 29, 1804, 
and died April 24, 1866, at Springfield, 111. 

Children born in Champlain, N. Y. 

I. AsTLEY Cooper,' b. July 6, 1832; d. July 21, 1833. 

319 II. Russell,' b. July 14, 1833; m. Mart Turner. 

319a III. Cornelia Schuyler,' b. Nov. 21, 1835; m. Dolphin Traver, 
June 15, 1853 

320 IV. John Fillmore,' b. Dec. 28, 1837; ra. Catherine Wiseman, 

Dec. 2, 1863. 
V. Matilda,' b. Dec. 20, 1840; d. January, 1875. 



JAMES 8 CHURCHILL (William,^ Samuel," Samuel,^ 
Joseph,- Josiah ^). Born in Hubbarclton, Vt., Nov. 9, 1804. 
Married Eliza Johnsoj^. 


321 I. Joseph E.,^ b. Oct. 22, 1829; m. Julia Bull. 


EZEKIEL DYER« CHURCHILL (Ezekiel,^ Samuel," Sam- 
uel,^ Joseph,^ Josiah'). Born at Hubbardton, Vt., July 15, 1787. 
Moved with his father's family to Alexander, N.Y., in 1804. He 
died from accidentally cutting his knee while hewing a piece of 
timber, Dec. 2, 1810. Married, April 3, 1810, Haxnah Baker. 

Child born after Father's Death. 
I. Amaxda,' b. 1811; m. Fidello Taylok. No children. 


SILAS « CHURCHILL (Ezekiel,^ Samuel," Samuel,' Joseph,- 
JosiAH '). Born at Hubbardton, Vt., June 13, 1796. Removed 
with his father's family to Alexander, N.Y., in 1804. He died in 
Yorkshire, N.Y., Aug. 9, 1885. Married 1st, Nov. 5, 1818, Esther 
Parmelee ; died April 28, 1844. Married 2d, Oct. 23, 1844, Diantha 
Belknap ; died March 18, 1879. 

Children of First Wife. 
I. DoRLisKA,' b. Dec 14, 1819. 
II. Arabella,' b. June 14, 1822; d. Oct. 15, 1852. 
III. Emilius,' b. Jan. 14. 1824; d. 1846. 

322 IV. Pembroke,' b. April 29, 1826; m. Caroline M. Clements, Noa'. 

2, 1853. 
V. Homer,' b. June 29, 1828. 
VI. El Roy,' b. Sept. 14, 1830. 

1! 7uT- n'T''' , I b. Oct. 14, 1832. 

324 VIII. De Forest,' j 

IX. Cecilia,' b. May 15, 1835. 
X. OcTAViA,' b. April 3, 1837; d. June 13, 1876. 

325 XI. Eugene,' b. Oct. 14, 1840. 

Child of the Second Wife. 

326 XII. Pulaski,' b. March 24, 1846; d. March 18, 1879. 


LEVI WILLIAM « CHURCHILL (Ezekiel,^ Samuel," Samuel,' 
Joseph,' Josiah ^). Born in Alexander, N.Y., May 10, 1804. 
Died in Michigan in 1892. Married Sophronia Frisbre, Novem- 
ber, 1824. 

326a I. Cullen.' 

406 THE CHURCHILL FAMILY [Connecticut 


CULLEN DYER ^ CHURCHILL (Ezekiel,^ Samuel," Samuel,'' 
Joseph,'-' Josiah '). Born at Alexander, N.Y., March 1, 1811. 
Lived there and at Ellington, N.Y. Died at Ellington, N.Y., Feb. 
7, 1893. Married 1st, Feb. 25, 1836, Caroline Brown. She died 
May 2, 1845. Married 2d, July 22, 1845, Sarah Rublee. She 
died Nov. 21, 1848. Married 3d, Feb. 8, 1849, Eunice Van Duser. 
She died Jan. 3, 1859. Married 4th, Jan. 5, 1860, Jane Platner. 

Children of First Wife. 

I. Eunice Elizabeth,' b. Dec. 9, 18.36; m. Marcus Thacher, of 
Ellington, N.Y. They had no children. 
II. Delphine Lovisa,'' b. Feb. 3, 1838 ; m. Charles W. Heald, Aug. 
2, 1859. 


1. Charles Roderick Brigham Heald, b. Nov. 27, 1862. 

2. Mary Lizzie Heald, b. in Moline, 111., July 20, 1864. 

3. Charles Cassimer, b. June 6, 1867. 

326b III. Charles Carroll,' b. April 30, 1839; m. Charity Person, of 
Ellery, Feb. 6, 1869. 
IV. Cassimer Pulaski,' b. Oct 20, 1840. He was killed in the Civil 

327 V. Albro Kuthven,' b. Sept. 13, 1843; ni. Mart J. McLees, of 

Davisburg, Mich., Feb. 26, 1877. 

Child of Second Wife. 

328 VI. Homer Cullen,' b. Nov. 14, 1848; m. Rhoda Weegar, of Ran- 

dolph, N.Y., December, 1876. 

Children of Third Wife. 

VII. Evelyn Clinton,' b. Nov. 29, 1849 ; d. unmarried, at Randolph, 

N.Y., Oct. 15. 1876. 
VIII. Alice Ophelia,' b. Mav 28, 1851; m. Francis C. Bates, May, 
1871. Children: (1) Mirth Bates, b. 1876; ra. Willis Calkins, 
Oct. 12, 1897. (2) Florence Bates, b. 1885. (3) Ormal Bates, 
b. 1886. 
IX. Leicester Elrot,' b. Oct. 9, 1852; unmarried. 
X. Harriet Cordelia,' b. Nov. 12, 1854; m. Joel D. Torrance, of 
Randolph, N.Y., September, 1876. No children. They lived 
at Randolph, where she died Jan. 19, 1894. 
XL Frances Marion,' b, Sept. 17, 1858; d. Sept. 30, 1859. 

Children of Fourth Wife. 

XII. Lizzie Eudora,' b. Oct. 29, 1860; d. June 26, 1864, of scarlet 
XIII. Barden D.,' b. May 22, 1862; d. June 27, 1864, of scarlet fever. 
328a XIV. Willis Fletcher,' b. July 8. 1864; m. 1st, Alice B. Lord, Jan. 
25, 1893; m. 2d, Jennie Johnson, Feb. 13, 1895. 


HENRY EZEKIEL « * CHURCHILL (Ezekiel,^ Samuel," Sam- 
uel,^ Joseph,^ Josiah ^). Born, Alexander, N.Y., June 29, 1813. 

* He changed his name, at his marriage, to Henry Ezekiel. 


They lived in Alexander and Attica, N.Y. He was a dry goods 
merchant. Married, Nov. 23, 18.37, at Alexander, Caroline 
Holmes Cogswell. 

Children horn in Alexander, and the last in Attica. 

I. Orange Clark,' b. Dec. 28, 1838; d. in Aspinwall, New Granada, 

S.A., April 13, 18G0. 
II. Evelyn Adams.'' b. Aug. IG, 1842; m George S. Drew, Dec. 31, 
1862. Children: (1) Cliarles H. Drew, b. Sept. 20, 18(53; (2) 
Eva Caroline Drew, b. Jan.4, 1865; m. Dr. Gifford, in June, 1891. 
III. OcTAviA Goodale,' b. Oct. 11, 1852; m. Richard M. Rortv, 
May 27, 1874, in Attica, N.Y., and lived in Middletown, N.Y. 


1. Malolm Churchill Rorty, b. May 1, 1875. 

2. Philip Adams Rorty, b. Aug. 25, 1876. 

3. Marian Helen Rorty, b. Dec. 11, 1878. 

; 4. Ricliard Mackay Rorty, b. May 18, 1882. 

5. Bertha Cogswell Rorty, b. Sept. 17, 1883. 

6. Eva Winifred Rorty, b. Sept. 29, 1886. 

7. James Mackay Rorty, b. March 30, 1890. 


NOBLE '^ CHURCHILL (Levi," Charles,^ Samuel,' Joseph,' 
JosTAH ^). Born at Newington, Conn., Nov. 11, 1779. Settled first 
in New York, but removed to what is now Eaton, Preble County, 0., 
about 1830. Died at Eaton, 0., Jan. 28, 1866. Married, Oct. 12, 
1801, Olive Stoddard. 

Children of Nolle and Olive {Stoddard) Chvrchill. 

I. Candace,' b. Oct. 9, 1804; m. Jonathan Holcomb. 

Mrs. Holcomb is said to have been a very hjghly gifted woman 
and brilliant writer. Died June, 1866. 


1. Son, name not known. 

2. Lurania Holcomb; m. Dr. ( ) Munday. 

Mrs. Munday was, like her mother, highly cultured, and a gifted 
II. Elizabeth,' b. Oct. 29, 1806; m. John Adams. 
Mrs. Elizabeth Adams died in 1877. 


1. John Adams, Jr. 

2. George W. Adams. 

He lived in Oxford, O., a prosperous business man. 
One child: (1) Laura Adams. 

III. Emmeline,' b. April 6, 1809; m. Jeremiah Guild. 
Mrs. Guild died in 1871. 

408 THE CHURCHILL FAMILY [Connecticut 

1. Julia Guild. 
IV. Laura W.,' b. April 18, 1812; m. Prof. Ebenezer Bishop. 
Mrs. Bishop died in 1872. 


1. Georgia Bishop, m. Mr. Schaub, of Hamilton, O. 

2. Alice Bishop, m. Mr. Mason, San Diego, Cal. 

V. Jdlia Ann,' b. June 12, 1814 ; m. 1st, Aaron Weston, of Westboro, 
Mass ; m. 2d, George Glass. 

She was highly gifted and brilliant. She died in Toledo, O., 

Children of First Hushand. 

1. vSon, died in infancy. 

2. Julia Weston, m. William Blake. 

Mrs. Blake was a fine actress ; at one time with Fanny Daven- 
port, and later starred with a company of her own. 


1. William Blake. I 3. Ida Blake. 

2. Charles Blake. | 4. Lillie Blake. 

The sons live in St. Louis. Ida lives in Ohio, and Lillie in 
Chicago, with her cousin, Mrs. Powell. 

329 VI. Gilbert W.,'b April 23, 1817 ; m. Jane Black. 

330 VII. Chesterfield L.,' b. Feb. 1, 1820; m. Anne Starkweather, 

May, 1850. 

331 VIII. John Edwin,' b. August, 1822; m. Jennie Preston. 

332 IX. Charles Clinton,' b. Dec. 16, 1825; m. Mary Ashe Rivers. 


uel,"' Joseph,- Josiah ^). Born at Newington, Conn., Sept. 27, 
1785. He removed to Boonvilie, IST.Y., the day of their marriage, 
and lived there. They made their home in their later years with 
their son Charles B. Mr. Churchill served in the War of 1812, and 
received a pension for years before his death, Sept. 17, 1878. Mar- 
ried, in Connecticut, Eeb. 4, 1807, Elizabeth Hubbard, born in Bur- 
lington, Conn., May 6, 1787. She died July 21, 1867. 

Children born in Boonvilie, N. Y. 
I. Etta Maria,' b. April 8, 1808; m. William Cleveland. 

1. Alonzo Cleveland. 

333 II. Levi Merrill,' b. Feb. 8, 1811; m. Harriet Prothrocgh, Sept. 

18, 1838. 

334 III. Charles Belden,' b. April 25, 1813; m. Louisa Hurlburt. 
IV. Abigail,' b. Aug. 20. 1815. 

335 V. William Stewart,' b. March 4, 1818. 

336 VI. Leonard Hubbard.' b. AjiriJ 28, 1820. 

337 VII. Chester BECKLEY.'b. April 14, 1824. 
VIII. Elizabeth,' b. April 14, 1826. 

338 IX. Martin La Fayette,' b. Sept. 1, 1832. 



CAEOLUS^ CHURCHILL (Levi/ Charles/ Samuel/ 
Joseph/ Josiah '). Born in Newington, Conn., April 24, 1791. 
Lived in New York City and Boonville, Oneida Connty, N.Y. 
Removed some time between 1831 and 1836 to Trumbull, 0. 
^[arried, at German Flats, N.Y., 1811, Polly Rowland. 

Children lorn in New York, except those noted. 

339 I. Cakmi," b. Feb. 25, 1813; m. Sarah Stowe, and <1. May 9, 181)2. 

340 II. John,' b. Aug. 13, 1814; m. Eleanor Bertram, of East Trum- 

bull, O.; il. April 6, 1897. 
ni. Philinda,' b. Dec. 14, 1816; m. Joshua Smith, and d in Mercer 
County. 111., Sept. 12. 18.54. 

341 IV. Nicholas,' b. 1818, in Oneida, N.Y. ; m. Ltdia Ann Rowland, of 

Joliet, 111. 

342 V. Calvin Webster,' b. 1820, in Oneida, N.Y. ; m. Sarah Bfgbee, 


343 VI. George,' b. Oct G, 1825; ni. IMargaret Campbell. 

344 VII. Ben,jamin M.,' b. May 1, 1827; m. Sarah Rowland, Peoria. 111. 
VIII. Artimi.ssa,' b. April 27, 1829; ni. 1st, John Palmer, Knox 

County, 111. ; m. 2d. Benjamin Orum, Warren County, 111. 
IX. Mary,' b. March 25, 1831 ; m. Hezekiah Witt, of Knox County, 

X. Abigail,' b. Nov. 14, 1836, in East Trumbull, O.; m. 1st, Van 

DoREN Amy, Sept. 27, 1854; m. 2d, Calvin Routh, March 10, 


Mr. Amy served in the Civil War, and died in Galliton, Tenn., 
Jan. 22, 1863. He was in the One Hundred and Second Regiment 
Illinois Volunteers. The}^ lived at Henderson, and later at Alexis, 
111. Mrs. Routh gave us tiie above account of her father's family. 

Children of First Husband, born at Henderson. 

1. Charles S. Amv. b. July 30, 1855; m. Viola Rees, April 3, 

1879, at lona.'lll. 

2. William A. Amy, b. Nov. 1, 1859; d. June 6, 1876. 

3. John W. Amy. b. Dec. 18, 1861; d. June 29, 1863. 


BENJAMIN « CHURCHILL (Levi/ Charles/ Samuel/ 
Joseph,- Josiah'). Born in Newington, Conn., May 3, 1792. 
^[oved with his parents to Boonville, Oneida County, N.Y., in 1802. 
Died Aug. 23, 1893, aged 102 years 3 months 23 days. Married, 
July 15, 1824, Catharine Strater, of Martinsburg, N.Y. She 
died Jan. 3, 1880, aged 69 years 6 months. 

Children . 

346 I. Calvin Webster,' m. Marietta Strater. 

II. Marian,' m. George Harris, of Boonville. 

III. Caroline,' ra. Eliakim B. Williamson, Boonville, N.Y. 

346 IV. Daniel,' m. Caroline Conant, in Alexis, 111. 

V. Elizabeth,' m. Hiram Page, in Galesburg, 111. 

347 VI. Levi Henry,' m. Marian Eliza Williamson. 

410 THE CHURCHILL FAMILY [Connecticut 

348 VII. Hakvey,'' m. Nancy Routh, in Hopkins, Mo. 

VIII. Minerva,' m. John Brown, of Galesburg. 

IX. Catharine L.,' m. David A. Collins. 

X. Marietta,' b. Marcti 23, 1829; m. Martin Hogan. 

XI. Anne,' d. at the age of fourteen years. 


Charles/ Samuel/ Joseph,- Josiah '). Born in Newbern, IST.C. 
The information about Dr. Churchill is very meagre, we have not 
been able to learn where he was educated or where he practised, or 
resided during his active life. He probably removed sometime in 
the " forties " to New Orleans. His oldest son was born in North 
Carolina, his youngest in Louisana. He died in 1864, in New 
Orleans. Married Louisana Holiday. 


362 I. Charles Holiday,' b. about 1830; m. Martha Thorn, October, 

853 II. Sylvester Brown,' m. Malvina Bermudiz. 

III. Claudia Isabella,' m. James A. Ferguson, of Whately, Mass. 


1. Louisiana F. Ferguson, m. Peter G. Riddell. 

One child, (1) James F. Riddell. They live (1902) in So. Africa. 

354 IV. Wylie Croome,' m. Cora Belle Mariner. 
356 V. Thomas Holiday,' m. Laura K. Stirling. 

VI. Hannah Brown,' b. in New Orleans; m. Dr. Alex Chastant, of 
New Orleans. 

366 VII. Zachary Taylor,' b. in New Orleans, about 1850. Died un- 

married in 1874. 


CHISLIEU« CHURCHILL (Samuel,^ Charles," Samuel,^ 
Joseph,- Josiah ^). Born in Newington, Conn., Dec. 4, 1779, and 
lived there, a farmer. He died July 9, 1857. Married, March 31, 
1806, Celinda Hurlbut, born Jan. 12, 1788, and died Nov. 27, 1865. 

Children born in Newington. 

367 I. Chauncy,' b Feb. 8, 1808; m. Abigail Webster. 

358 II. Calvin,' b. March 18, 1810; m. Mary Gilstrap, Aug. 9, 1832. 

III. Sarah,' b. Sept. 6, 1812; m. John Shepard, April 2, 1856. No 


IV. Mary Ann,' b. April 26, 1814; m. Flavel Wier, Nov. 26, 1834. 
V. Clarissa,' b. Jan. 20, 1818; m. Truman Wier, Oct. 28, 1838. 

869 VI. Samuel Seymour,' b. Feb. 28, 1825; m. Louisa Hunt, Nov. 11, 


JOHN « CHURCHILL (Samuel,^ Charles," Samuel,'^ Joseph,^ 
Josiah^). Born in Newington, April 11, 1785, and died there, 
Sept. 17, 1823, of fever, on his way home to New Hartford, 


from the South. After marriage he bought a farm in New Hart- 
ford, where his wife's brother lived, and they settled there. Mr. 
Churchill was of quiet manners, medium in stature, and rather 
slender in build. His portrait, painted in 1812, shows that he was 
of attractive personality. Married, in Newington, at '' Ten Rod," 
the home of the bride's father, by the Rev. Joab Brace, Laura 
Welles, daughter of Absalom and Lorraine (Patterson) AVelles, of 
Newington, where she was born, July 23, 1789. She died in 
Bristol, July 3, 1877, and is there buried. She was a descendant, 
in the seventh generation, from Governor Thomas Welles. Her 
portrait, painted at twenty-three, shows a face, not of great beauty? 
but full of force and animation. She was an accomplished rider and 
made two journeys on horseback, before her marriage, to Lebanon, 
N.Y., to visit her uncle Stephen Patterson's family. She was also 
accomplished in dancing, and used to tell of her experience in her 
youth, and how, one evening, she wore through two pairs of satin 
slippers dancing. Her father was proud of her accomplishments, 
and was much more liberal in his ideas of religion than many of his 
neighbors, and certainly more so than her husband's people, who 
were very strict Calvinists. Her home was at " Ten Rod,*' and was 
a place of pleasant social life and generous hospitality. Left a widow 
when young, with only the farm in New Hartford, and with a family 
of five children to bring up, she showed unusual courage and re- 
source. Some seven years after her husband's death she removed 
with her family to Bristol, where her oldest daughter had settled 
upon her marriage. Mrs. Churchill was a woman of high spitit, and 
proiid of her Welles and Patterson ancestry, and while genial in 
disposition and forceful in character, she preserved the simple 
manners and quiet dignity of an earlier day. 

Children of John and Laura ( Wells) Churchill. 

I. Laura,' b. Julv 23, 1812; m. Lora Waters, of Bristol, Oct. 21, 


They lived in Bristol; no children. She died at Bristol, Oct. 11, 
1892. Thev adopted and brous^lit up, from infancy, her own cousin, 
Sophia Wefls. 
360 II. John,' b. Sept. 1(5, ISU; m. Ei.tza Ann Hendrick. 

III. Ki.ECTA,' b April 5, 1818; m. Henrt Albert Seymour. 

They were married at Bristol, Conn , July 28, 1844, at the home 
of her sister, Mrs. Waters, by Rev. R. H. Seely. Mr. Seymour 
was a lineal descendant of Richard Seymour, who settled in Hart- 
ford, as early as 1039, and he was born at New Hartford, Jan. 22, 
1818. They lived at New Hartford until 184fi, when they removed 
to Bristol. " Mr. Seymour was a man of ability and energy, and 
soon after he came to Bristol became prominent in public affairs, 
and held many phices of trust. Upon the incorporation of the 
Bristol Savings Bank he became president, and held the office till 
his death, on April 6, 1897. Electa Churchill is described as having 
a brilliant complexion, dark blue eyes, and very dark brown hair. 

412 THE CHURCHILL FAMILY [Connecticut 

She was vivacious and witty in conversation, a loyal, hospitable, 
and gracious woman, greatly beloved by her own family circle and 

Children, the first horn at New Hartford, the rest at Bristol. 

1. Laura Electa Seymour, b. April 5, 1846. 

2. Henry Albert Seymour, b. April 2, 1847; m. Mary Marilla 

Leggett, Washington, D.C., Oct. 30, 1872. 

He was educated at Williston Academy, and Columbian Law 
School, Washington, D.C. Removed to Washington in 1870. 
He has been for years a principal examiner in the Patent Office, 
and law-clerk to the commissioner of patents. 

Their children, born in Washington : (1) Laura Leggett Sey- 
mour, b. Nov. 11, 1873; (2) Rae, Mortimer Seymour, b. Aug. 
24, 1877; (3) Helen Welles Seymour, b. Dec. 18, 1878. 

3. Mary Harriet Seymour, b. July 22, 1849; m. Miles Lewis Peck, 

Oct. 18, 1871. 

Children, born at Bristol, Conn. : (1) Josiah H. Peck, b. March 
5, 1873; (2) Howard S. Peck, b. May 17, 1874: (3) Hilda M. 
Peck, b. April 19, 1881; (4) Rachel K. Peck, b. Jan. 6, 1883; 
(5) Mary M. L. Peck, b. Jan. 22, 1895. 

4. Lilla Welles Seymour, b. May 10, 1852; d. Nov. 7, 1854. 

5. John Churchill Seymour, b. June 5, 1853; d. the same day. 

6. Grace Ella Seymour, b. July 13, 1856; m. William Shurtleff 

Ingraham, Oct. 11, 1881. 

Children, born at Bristol, Conn. : (1) Faith Allen Ingraham, 
b. April 30, 1886; (2) Edward Ingraham, b. Dec. 20, 1887; (3) 
Dudley Seymour Ingraham, b. Aug. 14, 1890. 

7. George Dudley Seymour, b. Oct. 6, 1859. 

Educated at Hartford public schools. Graduated from the 
high school in 1878, and from the Columbian University Law 
School in 1880. Engaged in his brother's office at Washington 
until 1883, when he opened an office in New Haven. He de- 
votes himself exclusively to patents and patent law practice. He 
is interested in literature and the fine arts, and family history. 
He is (1903) secretary of the Society of Colonial Wars in Con- 
necticut. Mr. Seymour is unmarried. 

8. Helen Welles Seymour, b. Jan. 29, 1864; d. July 12, 1866. 

361 IV. Absalom Welles,' b. March'29, 1820; m. Harriet Mason Porter. 

362 V. Charles,' b. May 25, 1822; m. Alice Phillips. 


Samuel,^ Joseph,- Josiah^). Born in ISTewington, Conn., Aug. 28, 
1787, and was there brought up, but removed, probably about 1806, 
to Boonville, N.Y., where he settled near his uncle Levi Churchill, 
whose daughter he married. He lived in Boonville until the death 
of his first wife, when, I learn from an account written for me by 
his daughter, Mrs. Wonser, in October, 1900, he took his children to 
Newington, and there they were placed in different homes among 
Mr. Churchill's former friends and relatives, so that they attended 
the same school. After his second marriage he removed to Sempro- 
nius and later to Summerhill, N.Y., and then in 1837 he removed 
with the younger portion of his family to Troy, Erie County, Penn. 
He died April 18, 1852. He served in the War of 1812. Married, 

Branch.] " SIXTH GENEEATION 413 

in Boonville, N.Y., Oct. 14, 1808, Octavia Churchill, daughter of 
Levi and Ruth (Merrills) Churchill, born in ISTewington, Dec. 14, 
1786, and died in Boonville, KY., July 20, 1820. Mrs. Wonser 
writes of her mother, " As I was but seven years old when mother 
died, I have only a child's recollection of her, but as I remember her 
she was of medium size, with very fair complexion and mild black 
eyes ; I thought then and think now that she was a very handsome 
woman." Married 2d, Phebe Marta Thompson, March 11, 1824 
She was born Jan. 31, 1800. 

Children of First Wife horn in Boonville, N. Y. 

I. Celina Casson,^ b. Aui?. 4, 1809; m. Robekt Poole, Summer- 
hill, N.Y. 
She died in Cazenovia, N.Y. No further record received. 

II. Marcia Boardman,^ b. Feb. 26, 1811; m. Evelyn Woodford, 

Siimmerhill, N.Y. 

She was brought up in the family of her aunt, ElizabethHubbard, 
of Berlin, Conn. Her sister, Mrs. Wonser, describes her as resem- 
bling her mother, and very handsome. There seems to have been 
something of a romance in her story which is sad in its close. 
Slie was very much beloved by her relatives and friends, and 
especially by her aunt Elizabeth's family ; and all were bitterly 
opposed to the man whom she chose for a husband, but in spite of 
their opposition she married him. Evelyn Woodford was a tailor 
and was not apparently successful. After some years of futile 
efforts he heard of an opening in Texas, and, leaving his wife, he 
went ahead to get a home ready. The wife with her two small 
children, one an infant, followed soon after on a small schooner, 
that being then the only available conveyance. A terrible storm 
swept down on them, lasting many woful days, while the young 
mother lay in her small cabin-bunk, seasick, homesick, and heart- 
sick, with her babies, one on each arm ; but after many days 
they arrived at their port and found the husband. The baby died 
soon after, and the mother's health was completely shattered. She 
lived only a year or two, another child being born to her. She died 
at Matagorda Bay, Texas, Nov. 22, 1838, and her husband soon 
after married a Texas woman. 

Children of Evelyn and Marcia {Churchill) Woodford. 

1. Milton Mozart Woodford, b. Nov. 26, 1834; m. Juliana Hitch- 

cock, Dec. 25, 1855. 

He shared the perilous voyage to Texas, with his mother, and 
after her deatli his step-mother, it is said, sentf him off on a 
return voyage, after a few years, to his uncle Samuel C, who, 
with other relatives, provided for him, after a fashion, until he 
was eighteen. 

Children: (1) Carrie L. Woodford, b. July 2, 1857; (2) 
Charlton M. Woodford, b. Jan. 2, 1861; (3) Arthur F, Wood- 
ford, b. Nov. 3, 1866; (4) Helen Marcia Woodford, b. May 21, 
1869; (5) Bernet Woodford, h. June 25. 1871; d. Sept. 10, 1871; 
(6) Robert Hawley Woodford, b May 23, 1876. 

2. Barnard Woodford, b. 1837 and d. Jan. 7, 1838. 

III. Ruth Merrills,^ b. March 12, 1813; m. M. G. Wonser, Summer- 

hill, NY., Aug. 12, 1832. 

Mrs Wonser writes in October, 1900, being then in her 87th year, 
" My mother, Octavia, was a very religious and conscientious woman, 
and a few days before her death, wanted us children to be baptized, 
so we stood up in a row by her bedside, and a preacher sprinkled 
some water upon our heads and said some words which we did not 

414 THE CHURCHILL FAMILY [Connecticut 

then understand, but took it as a sort of compact that we were to be 
good." I regret that I do not find anywhere among the letters of 
Mrs. Wonser any account of her own girlhood. Married at the age 
of nineteen and a half years, she lived a life full of activity and 
showed herself a woman of remarkable force and ability. They 
lived a few years at Milan and Summerhill, N.Y., and then removed 
West and settled at Ellis ville, 111., and later at Erie, 111., where 
Mrs. Wonser was living with her youngest daughter Kuth, in 
October, 1900. In July, 1880, she wrote, " I have had a very active 
life, practised medicine for twenty years, but one year ago 1 fell and 
broke my hip, which has laid me up for a year, and will probably 
make me a cripple for life." She says, " In religion, I am a Bible- 
Spiritualist, and on the 30th of September, 18(J7, the society to 
which I then belonged granted me the privilege of speaking to the 
people and solemnizing marriages." A copy of this certificate is 
before the editor of this volume as he writes. It is a regular recog- 
nition and fellowship of her as a lawful minister. Dated at Geneseo, 
111., Sept. 30, 1867, and signed by Samuel McHose, President, and 
John C. Moody, Secretary. 

Ckildren of M. G. and Ruth M. {Churchill) Wo7iser. 

1. Octavia L. Wonser, b. at Milan, N.Y., June 7, 1833; m. 1st, 

Daniel Tift, Erie. 111., Oct. 20, 1852; m. 2d, Joseph Med- 
hurst, Galesburg, 111. 

2. Annette E. Wonser. b. at Summerhill, N.Y., Oct. 16, 1835; m. 

1st, C. E. Coburn, St. Louis, Oct 20, 1851 ; m. 2d, Edward 
Fenton; lives in California. 

3. F. J. Mortimer Wonser, b. at EUisville, 111., May 5, 1838; m. 

Julia Weaver, Erie, Jan. 1, 1859 

Mr. Wonser is a prosperous lawyer at Tama, Iowa, and has 
the following children : (1) William W. Wonser, b. Dec. 1, 1859; 
m. Bertie Lamb, at Sterling, 111., Sept. 7, 1881, and has two chil- 
dren. Feme and Marjorie; (2) Charles J. Wonser, b. July 19, 
1862; m. Josephine Patterson, at St. Olaf, Iowa, March 26, 
1889; (3) Flora C. Wonser, b. Feb. 5, 1865; (4) Charlotte E. 
Wonser, b. Nov. 18, 1866; (5) Louis Wonser, b. March 12, 
1869, d. Jan. 6, 1870; (6) Fred Wonser, b. June 4, 1871; (7) 
Ernest Wonser. b. July 24, 1873; d. Sept. 8, 1874; (8) Vera 
Wonser, b Oct. 18, 1878. 

4. Marcia W. Wonser, b. March 7, 1840, at EUisville; m. John 

Fenton, at Erie, March 14, 1859. 

5. Charles Wonser, b. at EHisville, Feb. 16, 1842 ; d. Oct. 20, 1843. 

6. Mileden Wonser, b. at EUisville, May 16, 1844; d. in Erie, 

111., Sept. 27, 1845. 

7. Charlotte E. Wonser, b. at EUisville, May 16, 1846; d. in Erie, 

111., Sept. 12, 1850. 

8. Kate L. Wonser, b. at Erie, 111., April 20, 1848; m. John 

Bushee, Oct. 1, 1866. 

9. Colonel D. Wonser, b. at Erie, 111., Oct. 6, 1850; m. Marcia 

Kelly, Oct. 3, 1869. 
10. Ruth R. Wonser, b. at Erie, 111., Jan. 3, 1853. 

363 IV. Samuel Cicero,' b. Jan. 30, 1815; m. 1st, Emily North, Aug. 80, 

1840; m. 2d, Sophia G. Gunn, March 27, 1843. 

V. Charlotte.' b. Feb. 24, 1817; m. Levinus Sperrt, April 6, 1845. 

She graduated from Groton Seminary, N.Y., where she remained 

for several years as a teacher. Mr. Sperry was a public-spirited 

man, an ardent Abolitionist, and very active in that direction, an 

excellent Christian in practical works as well as in his faith. Mrs. 

Wonser writes of him : " If the world were full of souls like him, 

it would be a beautiful world to live in." They lived at, or near, 

Galesburg, 111., and later at Bu.shnell, 111., where she died Feb. 2, 

1856. He died April 10, 1893. In his later years he lived in 

Pueblo, Col. 



1. Oriana J. Sperry, b. Jan. 3, 1846; d. Feb. 8, 1848. 

2. Levinus Mentor Sperry, b. Feb. IG, 1849; m. 1st, Julia 

Churchill, dau. of Norman, June 25, 1874; m. 2d, Sarah J. 
Shields, Aug. 10, 1880. 

He graduated at Knox College, June, 1874, and on the same 
day, June 2,5, married his first wife, who lived only a year. 

3. Charlotte Emma Sperry, b. Nov. 1. 1850; ni. 1st, Miles Hubbard, 

Nov. 28, 1880; m. 2d, Fremont Getman, Feb. 1, 1891. 

4. Lewis Belden Sperry, b. Aug. 30, 1852; m. Bertha A. Magehe, 

Feb. IG. 1888. 

5. Ira Peck Sperry, b. Feb. IG, 1854; d. Sept. 5, 1854. 

6. Lydia Orilla Peck Sperry, b. Dec 23, 1855. 
VI, Julia,' b. Oct. 4, 1818; d. Oct. 18, 1818, 

VII, Nancy,'' b. April 26, 1820, and died the same day. 

Children of the Second Wife. 

VIII. George Thompson,' b. Nov. 26, 1824, at Sempronius, N.Y.; m. 
1st, Almina Lawrence, Aug, 27, 1847; m. 2d, Sarah C, Laav- 
RENCE, Jan. 15, 1852. 

IX. Josiah Hubbard,' b, July 2, 1826, at Summerhill, N.Y. He en- 

listed in the army, in the Civil War, and was killed at Freder- 
icksburg, in the battle, Dec. 13, 1862. 

X, Charles,' b. Jan. 12, 1829, at Summerhill, N.Y. He enlisted in 

the Seventy-fifth Regiment Illinois Volunteers, and served over 
three years, and returned home broken in health. In 1900 he was 
living in Morrison, 111. 


CHARLES" CHURCHILL (Samuel,^ Charles,^ Samuel/ 
Joseph,- Josiah.^) Born at Newington, Sept, 12, 1790. He went 
South, and settled first in Irdell County, and later in Fayette County, 
Tenn. He died Jan. 29, 1845, in Tennessee, Married, in Irdell 
County, ISr.C, Sept. 11, 1828, Matilda Johnson, daughter of James 
and Cassandra (ISTorthcroft) Johnson, b. Nov, 24, 1812, and died July 
23, 1887, in Independence County, Ark. 

Children born in Irdell County, N.C. 

365 I. Samuel Boardman,' b. Jan. 2, 1831; m. Sarah E. Histon, 

II, Harriet Julia,' b. Jan. 13, 18o3; m. Israel McGrady Pickens, 
of Fayette County, Tenn., Oct. 13, 1852, Mr, Pickens was killed 
in the Civil War, 

Children born in Fayette County, Tenn. 

1. Charles P. Pickens, b. Sept. 4, 1854; m. Emma C. McDonald, 

Independence County, Ark., Sept. 25, 1879. 

2. John W. Pickens, b. Aug. 23, 1856; m. Phebe J. Summers, 

Independence County, Ark., Aug. 15, 1878. 

3. James McGrady Pickens, b. Sept. 21, 1858 ; m. Lulu E, Bennett, 

Independence County, Ark., Jan. 22, 1880. 

4. Lulu A. V. Pickens, b. April 9, 1861, 

5. Cora Katie Pickens, b. Feb. 27, 1863. 

366 III. James Northcroft,' b. Jan. 12, 1835; m. Charlotte T. Hogan, 

367 IV. William Prk e.' b. Dec. 24, 1836; m. Mary E. Russell. 

368 V. Curtis Johnson,' b. Dec. 11, 1838; m. Amanda A. Hogan. 
VI. Mart Ann,' b. Feb. 2, 1841. Never married. 

VIII, Marcia Matilda Victory,' b. July 24, 1843; m. William H. 
Walden, of Fayette County, Tenn., Nov. 8, 1865, 

416 THE CHURCHILL FAMILY [Connecticut 


1. Ella A. Walden, b. Jan. 6, 1867. 

2. Charles Henry Walden, b. Jan. 12, 1869. 

3. George Curtis Walden, b. July 15, 1871. 

4. James William Walden, b. Nov. 1, 1875. 

5. Mary Theodosia Walden, b. Sept. 27, 1878. 

6. Edgar Eldridge Walden, b. March 5, 1883. 


CHESTER 6 CHURCHILL (Solomon,^ Charles/ Samuel,^ 
Joseph,- Jos i ah '). Born in Newington parish. May 6, 1798. He 
acquired a common school education in his native village and started 
out for himself at the age of eighteen. He went to Boonville, 
N.Y., and taught school the next year, but a little later he engaged 
in trade. At first he began by carrying merchandise to sell in the 
South, but succeeded so well that some ten years later he was able 
to establish a warehouse in Hartford, whence he shipped invoices 
of goods to different points in the South for sale. He showed great 
ability and with his' untiring energy a successful career was assured, 
but his health failed so that he was obliged to spend his winters 
South. On his way to Augusta, Ga., for his winter sojourn, he was 
taken sick at Rappahannock, Va., and died there Nov. 7, 1837, and 
was there buried. His nephew, Leonard Churchill Hubbard, says of 
him : " He was of medium build, well proportioned, pleasing in 
address, active and attractive." Married, Aug. 24, 1826, Lucretia 
Olmsted, daughter of Francis and Nancy (Judd) Olmsted, of West 
Hartford. She was a very accomplished person, far better educated 
than most women of her day, having studied Latin, surveying, navi- 
gation, etc., under the well-known Dr. Strong, of Hartford. She 
was a teacher of Latin and the higher branches in a select school 
in Hartford, having seventy pupils, at one time, under her tuition. 
After the death of her husband she resumed her former vocation for 
some time in Newington. She was a woman of great energy of 
mind, and possessed a wonderful memory. She survived her hus- 
band more than thirty-seven years, and died in Newington, Conn., 
March 8, 1875. 

Children of Chester and Lucretia ( Olmsted') Churchill. 

I. Francis,' b. July 23, 1828; d. Jan. 24, 1834. 
II. Julia,' b. Nov. 3, 1831; m. James Watkixs, Eisq., in the South. 
She was a lady of fine culture and beautiful person. She went 
to the South, after her father's death, to look after his landed 
interests, which were quite extensive, and there married. She died 
in Tennessee, without children, Feb. 17, 1870. 
III. Mary,' b, Oct. 28, 1836. She is hving (in 1903), unmarried, in 
Newington, in the house built by Capt. Charles Churchill for his 
son Samuel. 

Branch.] 8TXTH GENERATIOJ^^ ' 417 


DEACON SILAS •^ CHURCHILL (Rev. Silas/ Charles/ 
Samuel,' Joseph,- Josiah ^). Born in New Lebanon, N.Y., June 
5, 1800. He lived in New Lebanon, a respected and influential 
citizen. Died at New Lebanon, Aug. 9, 1878. Married 1st, at New 
Lebanon, N.Y., Oct. 27, 1825, Clarissa Avery, daughter of William 
T. and Phebe (Troop) Avery, born Oct. 31, 1793 ; died March 13, 
1836. Married 2d, Oct. 27, 1836, Cornelia S. W. Lynde, at 
Hartford, Conn., where she was born May 5, 1806. She died 
August, 1896. 

Children horn at New Lebanon, N. Y. 

369 I. Francis Elliott,' b. Sept. 12, 1826; m. Katharine Whitmore, 

Aug. 16, 1852. 
II. Mary Cornelia,' b. April 21, 1829; m. Rev. William Decker, 
New Lebanon, June IC. 1857, and died at Turin, N.Y., in 1899. 
One cbild, a daughter, born in Florida, N.Y. 

370 III. William Thomas,' b. Doc. 25, 1830; m. Alice Summers, April 

25, 1«83. 

371 IV. Silas Payson,' b. Nov. 12, 1832; m. Mary Amelia Hoyt, Sept. 

15, 1863. 
V. Ellen Clarissa,' b. Aug. 26, 1835; d. unmarried, June 8, 1857. 

Second Wife's Children. 

VI. Martha Octavia,' b. Sept. 1, 1838; m. Jerome McWilliams at 
New Lebanon, N.Y., Nov. 28, 1866. They lived on the old 
371a VII. Joseph Lynde,' b. Jan. 30, 1840; m. ( ) ( ) at Oak- 
land, Ore., June 6. 1^74. 
VIII. Alfred Whittlesey,' b. Jan. 25, 1842; d. in the army in the Civil 
War, April 9, 1864. 
IX. Abbie Elizabeth,' b. April 26, 1844; d. May 30, 1856. 
X. Anna Rhoda,' b. Aug. 1, 1846; m. Charles Cooper, Cleveland, 
O., Oct. 23, 1872. They lived in Watertown, N.Y. 


Samuel,'^ Joseph,- Josiah '). Born at Hubbardton, Vt., March 4, 
1794. From all that I can learn of Mr. Churchill, he seems to have 
been either unfortunate or a poor manager. They lived at Ridge 
Prairie, 111., until 1840. His wife's mother lived with them, and 
her brother near by. In 1840 her brother moved to Wisconsin, and 
she, taking her five children, with her mother, went with them, 
leaving her husband behind. Yet she is said to have been a good 
and noble woman. The separation was final, however, and she 
settled and passed her life at Monroe, Wis. She was a faithful 
mother, despite her desperate step. He died at Collins ville. 111., 
Dec. 9, 1856, after two later marriages, by which no children are 
reported. Married 1st, Aug. 3, 1823, Almira Humes, born in 

418 * THE CHURCHILL FAMILY [Connecticut 

Portsmouth, i^^.H., April 5, 1806, and died in Monroe, Wis., April 

23, 1893. Married 2d, Mrs. Jane ( ) Kingston. Married 

3d, Mrs. Lura (Hill) Roberts. 

Children born at Ridge Prairie, 111. 

I. Caroline E.,'' b. June 26, 1824; m. John Augustine Bingham, 
in Monroe, Wis., Nov. 25, 1843. He was born in Morristown, 
N.Y., Feb. 27, 1819. 

Children born iti llonroe, Wis. 

1. Helen Maria Bingham, b. Oct. 10, 1845. 

2. Horace Bingham, b. P^b. 5, 1848; d. Dec. 28, 1849. 

3. Alice Bingham, b. May 4, 1851 ; m. Herbert Edson Copeland, 

Sept. 7, 1872. 

Children: (1) Edwin B. Copeland, b Sept. 30, 1873 ; member 
Company H, First Regiment, Wisconsin Volunteers, in Spanish 
War of 1898; (2) Herbert B. Copeland, b. July 24, 1875. 

4. Ada Bingham, b. Feb. 6, 1854; unmarried. 

5. Homer William Bingham, b Ft^bruary, 1856; m. Addie Ludlow, 

July 20, 1897, at Denver, Col., nml lived there, and had child, 
Helen Ludlow Bingham, b. in Denver, Col., Dec. 18, 1897. 

6. John Herbert Bingham, b. Jan. 14, 1859; d. Jan. 23, 1881. 

372 II. Jesse Norman,'' b Jan. 26, 1826; m. Ann E. Sherman, Feb. 22, 

372a III. George,^ b. May 19, 1830; m. 1st, Olive Brown, Oct. 25, 1857; 

m. 2d, Emma Summeril, May 28, 1876. 

IV. LucENA Ann,' b. Feb. 14, 1833; m. William Sykes, Sept. 1, 1858. 


1. George Quigley Sykes, b Aug. 7, 1859; m. May Ivy, June 4, 


2. Frederick Sykes, b. May 7, 1861 ; d. Feb. 7, 1863. 
8. Frank Sykes, b. Sept. 17, 1864. 

4. Jennie Sykes, b. Dec. 18, 1866; m Louis Erhard, Sept. 9, 1897. 

V. Maria,' b. April 7, 1835; m. Jeremiah Kellet, July 7, 1856. 


NORMAN « CHURCHILL (Jesse,^ Jesse,^ Samuel,'^ Josep< 
JosiAH '). Born at Hubbardton, Vt., Nov. 5, 1799, and lived there 
until he was eight years old, and held many incidents of his early 
school-days there in memory. In 1807, his mother having died in 
1801, he went with his father's family to Litchfield, N.Y., where his 
father had settled in the ministry. Here and at the other places of 
his father's settlement he received a good common school education, 
mainly by his own efforts, and he was especially well versed in the 
phraseology of the Bible, having a retentive memory. He wrote 
many letters, from 1880 to 1880, to the early compilers of this vol- 
ume, and to some of his kindred who have forwarded the same to 
us ; and these letters, made up of notes and comments on the family, 
give a vast deal of information about others of the name, but not 
enough about himself. His notes are written in a quaint, and often 


half humorous style, but always with the purpose of imparting the 
facts. His many shrewd though kindly comments upon his rela- 
tives, living and dead, would be of much interest to his kindred, but 
the editor would not feel at liberty, even if there were space, to pub- 
lish the notes in this volume. He was with his father, who served 
as chaplain in the army in the War of 1812, and was his father's 
orderly, or servant. July 3, 1880, he wrote : " Sixty-five years ago I 
was a soldier at Sackett's Harbor." He learned the trade of carpen- 
ter and also that of hatter and also sleigh-maker. He had the 
Yankee faculty of doing well nearly everything that pertains to the 
construction of houses. He lived in Winfield, N.Y., the last parish 
of his father's ministry, until 1839, when he removed with his fam- 
ily, his wife and six children, to Galesburg, 111., having joined 
the colony of settlers two years before, by the purchase of a lot of 
land. He spent there the remainder of his honorable, kindly, and 
useful life. He became an influential member of the Old First 
Church, Presbyterian, was chosen an elder in 184(), and held that 
office till his death. He was a man of great strength of character, 
decidedly original and independent in thought, and quaint of speech, 
but conscientious and faithful in all the relations of life, a consis- 
tent Abolitionist, and an earnest promoter of all good institutions. 
He died in Galesburg, Sept. 20, 1886. Married, in Winfield, 
N.Y., March 5, 1826, Anna Eggleston. She was the daughter of 
his father's third wife by a former husband, and was born at 
Batavia, N.Y., Jan. 24, 1806, and died at Galesburg, 111., March 1, 

Childi-en of Norman and Antia {Egglestoti) Churchill, the first six born at Win- 
field, N. v., the others at Galesburg, III. 

I. Emily Amelia,' b. May 17, 1827; m. Rev. James Henry Warren, 

D.D., at Galesburg, 111., June 27, 1850. 

Mr. Warren graduated at Knox College in 1847, and was pastor 
of the Congregational Church at Nevada City, 1851 to 1858, and 
leaving that to become editor of " The J'aciflc," the first religious 
newspaper on the coast; four years then pastor at San Mateo, and 
then he became superintendent of the Home Missions of California 
for nearly thirty years. Mrs. Emily (Churchill) Warren was edu- 
cated at Moiiticello Academy, and was afterwards a teacher in 
Knox College. In June, 1899, they were living at 15-14 Taylor 
street, San Francisco, Cal. A letter from Mrs. Warren at that 
time gives this account of her family. 

Children of Rev. James If. and Emily (^Churchill) Warren. 

1. Anna Churchill AVarren, b. in San Francisco, Feb. 21, 1851. 

Educated at Laurel Hall, San Mateo. A teacher many years. 
Lives at home. 

2. Mary Stuart Warren, b. July 2, 1853, in Nevada City, Cal.; m. 

Dr. Marcel Pietryzchi, and lives in Dayton, Wash. 

3. Clarence Harrison Warren, b. March 6, 1856, in Nevada City, 

Cal. He graduated from the University of California, 

420 THE CHURCHILL FAMILY [Connecticut 

became a journalist, and is city editor of one of the leading 
dailies of California; m. Bessie Staniford. June 25, 1882. 
4. Eleanor Warren, b. in Nevada City, Feb. 21, 1858. She is an 

373 II. George,' b. April 2, 1829; m. 1st, Clarissa Amelia Hurd; m. 

2d, Adaline Heletia Hates; m. 3d, Ellen Maria Sanborn. 
III. Cornelia Ann,' b. March 17, 1831; m., in Galesburg, 111., July 

30, 1851, Milton Lemmon Comstock, who was born in New 

Haven, O., Oct. 19, 1824. 

He graduated at Knox College, Galesburg, 111., of which institu- 
tion he held the professorship of mathematics from 1858 to 1898, 
and is professor emeritus since. Cornelia (Churchill) Comstock 
was educated at, and was afterwards teacher in, Cherry Grove 
Academy. They lived at Burlington and Kossuth, Iowa, and from 
1858 Galesburg, 111. 

Children of Prof. 3Iilton L. and Cornelia (Churchill) Comstock. 

1. Flora Ardelle Comstock, b. Sept. 20, 1852; d. Sept. 4, 1854. 

2. George Erastus Comstock, b. July 4. 1854; d. May 11, 1857. 

3. Cornelia Belle Comstock, b. at Kossuth, Iowa, March 12, 1858; 

m. William W. Hnmmond. They live at Peoria, 111., and 
have children: (1) Harry C. Hammond, (2) Clara Hammond. 

4. Clara Emily Comstock, b. Nov. 12, 1860, at Galesburg, III. 

5. Clarence Elmer Comstock, b. May 5, 1866; m. Gary l^riggs, 

Dec. 27, 1900. He is professor of mathematics, in the Poly- 
technic Institute, Peoria, 111. 

6. Ada Heletia Comstock, b. Feb. 2, 1869. 

374 IV. Norman,' b. July 16, 1833; m. Ann Hinsey, Nov. 21, 1860. 

V. Julia,' b. April 3, 1836; m. Levinus Mentor Sperry, June 25, 

He was the grandson of Josiah Belden and Octavia (Churchill) 
Churchill. Julia (Churchill) Sperry died July 1, 1875. 
VI. Mary Victoria,' b. Aug. 26, 1838; d. Aug. 4, 1841. 
VII. Elvira,' b. Oct. 17, 1841; unmarried. 

VIII. WiLBERFORCE,' b. Nov. 4, 1843; d. in the armv hospital at Vicks- 
burg. Miss., Feb. 7, 1863. 
IX. Isabel,' b. Jan. 6, 1846. 


SIMEON « CHURCHILL (Levi,^ Jesse," Samuel,'' Joseph,- 
JosiAH^). Born in Wethersfield, Jan. 3, 1788. Lived at Wethers- 
field. No further facts in relation to this family than herein stated. 
Married Anna Colman. 


I. Martha Ann,' b Oct. 6, 1817. 
II. Simeon,' b. June 9, 1819. 
III. Mary,' b. Oct. 11, 1822. 


LEVI BELDEN « CHURCHILL (Levi,^ Jesse," Samuel/ 
Joseph,^ Josiah ^). Born at Wethersfield, March 24, 1797. They 
lived at Griswoldville, Conn., in 1832. Married, June 27, 1816, 
Abigail Gkiswold. 



375 I. Justus G.,^ b. Nov. 5, 1816; m. Abigail Harris, Jan. 28, 1844. 
II. Prudence Wells, '^ b. April 11, 1819; m. James S. Griswold, 

Sept. 1, 1841. 

376 III. Levi,' b. April 24, 1824; m. Mary Jane Blinn, April 10, 1861. 

377 IV. Stephen Belden,' b. June 21, 1830; m. Abigail Mario, May 5, 

V. Abigail M.,' b. Oct. 12, 1832; m. John Newton Standish, April 
4, 1855. 

He was the son of James Tryon Stancjish, of Wethersfield, and 
was for several years captain of the Governor's Horse Guards. 
He died at Fairfield, Conn., May 18, 1888. 

Children of John N. and Abigail {Churchill) Standish. 

1. John Newton Standish, b. Feb. 3, 1856; m. Mary S. Simpson. 

2. Miles Stephen Standish, b. Oct. 9, 1857; m. Florence May 


3. Rose Maria Stundish, b. Dec. 13, 1860; unmarried, lives at 

Fairfield, Conn. 

4. Harriet Isabella Standish, b. Nov. 30, 1863; m. Arthur Gris- 

wold, Jan. 15, 1885. 

5. George Welles Standish, b. Aug. 14, 1865; m. Margaret 


6. Frank Ernest Standish, b. Nov. 25, 1869; d. in Bridgeport, 

Conn., Feb. 19, 1881. 
VI. Harriet Elizabeth,' b. Oct. 1, 1836; m. Bart Elisha Blinn, 
Nov. 18, 1856. 


JAMES « CHURCHILL (Ithamar,^ Jesse/ Samuel/ Joseph,- 
JosiahI). Born in Hubbardton, Vt., Aug. 17, 1798. He settled in 
Mount Vernon, Knox County, 0., a farmer, and lived there until 
about 1844, when he removed to Illinois, and later to Iowa. He 
died Oct 15, 1868. Married, in Knox County, 0., April 3, 1828, 
Phebe Marvin, born Dec. 1, 1808 ; died March, 1850. 


378 I. Cyrus,' b. March 17, 1829; m. Susannah Wagner, Dec. 24, 


379 II. Mattheav M.,' b. Dec. 1, 1830; m. Nancy Blosser. 

380 III. Almon I.,' b. April 7, 1834 ; m. Mrs. Sarah E. (Hathaway) Lee, 

Jan. 30, 1869. 

381 IV. Henry J.,' b. April 4, 1836; m. Margaret Ann Dugger, May 27, 

V. Levi D.,' b. Sept. 26, 1845; d. April 8, 1860. 


LORENZO « CHURCHILL (Ithamar,^ Jessf^ Samuel,^ 
Joseph,- Josiah^). Lorn in Hubbardton, Vt., Dec. 6, 1809. Re- 
moved with his father's family to Pennsylvania in 1818, and later 
to Ohio. He died Sept. 17, 1857. Married, in Tioga County, N.Y., 
1835, Nancy M. Wright, of Delaware County, 0. She was 

422 THE CHURCHILL FA.AIILY [Connecticut 

born Jan. 17, 1818, in Putnam County, N.Y. ; daughter of Elijah 
and Adah (Evans) Wright. 


382 I. Norman W.,^ b. Feb. 13, 1837; m. Dulama F. Connelly. 
II. Ira L.J b. Sept. 13, 1840; unmarried. 

III. Charles P.J b. Jan. 8. 1844; d. Aug. 16, 1874; unmarried. 

IV. Sarah M.,' b. Sept. 25, 1851 ; d. Dec. 31, 1852. 
V. Mary J.,' b. June 26, 1855; unmarried. 


LEVI BLINN« CHURCHILL (Ithamar,^ Jesse,^ Samuel,' 
Joseph,- Josiah ^). Born in Hubbardton, Vt., Nov. 26, 1816. Re- 
moved to Pennsylvania, with his father's family. Married, May 
26, 1842, Louisa Northrup, born Nov. 12, 1821. 


I. Laura Helen,' b. Marcb 3, 1843; d. Aug. 13, 1846. 
II. Lorenzo Lent,' b. March 4, 1845; d. Dec. 28, 1857. 
III. Mary LiBBiE,' b. March 17,1857; m. Charles Edgar Bartlett, 
of Sacramento, Cal., Nov. 24, 1880. 

383 IV. Lauren Bunn,' b. Jan. 16, 1861. 

V. Lillian Vesta,' b. Dec. 31, 1862. 


ISAAC" CHURCHILL (Asahel,' Benjamin,^ Samuel,'^ 
Joseph,- Josiah '). Born (perhaps at Southington, Conn.) Sept. 8, 
1779. Settled " in the Black River Country," Jefferson County, 
N.Y. Married, but the name of his wife has not been obtained, nor 
have we been able to get any definite account of this family. He 
died Feb. 6, 1851. 


384 I. Merritt,' m. late in life and had one son, name not obtained. 

II. Ctnthia,' m. Mr. Saulsbury. 


1. Artie Saulsbury, m. John Kimball. 

2. Isola Saulsbury. 

III. Merinda,' m. Peter Monroe. No children. 

IV. Artie,' m. Mr. Rose, and had three sons and one daughter, names 

not received. 


ARA*' CHURCHILL (AsaheV Benjamin,'' Samuel," Joseph,- 
JosiAH^). Born in Connecticut, May 27, 1785. (The name is 
given erroneously on page 362.) Settled in Batavia, N.Y., about 
1809, and lived there until 1820, and then in Alexander. He was a 

Branch.] SIXTH Gl^KERATION 423 

farmer. He served in the War of 181-. An honest, quiet, and lov- 
able Christian man, and his wife was a fit " helpmeet," and a bright 
and capable homekeeper ; both were fond of music, and good singers. 
They were Baptists in faith, strong for temperance, and he was a 
loyal Eepublican in politics. Both were proud of their lineage and 
fond of their family. He died Jan. 26, 1871. Married 1st, at 
Whitestone, JST.Y., June 6, 1809, Sarah Hyde, daughter of Simon 
and Pamelia (Vaughan) Hyde, of Whitestone, IST.Y. Married 2d, 
Dec. 1, 1858, Mary Belinda Randall, daughter of Rev. Joseph 
and Lydia (Chapman) Randall. 

Children born in Batavia, the last five in Alexander. 

I. Infant,' b. June 23, 1810; d. the same day. 
II. EuNici:,'' b. Feb. 14, 1812; m. 1st, Nathan Meade, June 5, 1842; 
m. 2d, Milton Gray, Sept. 28, 1847. 

Mrs. Eunice (Churchill) Gray died in Toledo, O., Jan. 13, 1894. 
Mr. Meade was in the army in the Civil War under General But- 
ler, and later under General Ord. 

Child of First Husband. 

1. Charles Nathan Don Meade, b. in Batavia, Dec. 5, 1848; m. 
Freedom J. Holton, at Batavia, Oct. 7, 18G8. They lived in 
Syracuse, N.Y., and Toledo, 0., and had children, (1) 
Roliert H. Meade, b. Jan. 27, 1872; (2) Florence M. Meade, 
b. May 10, 187(i, in Syracuse; (3) Alice C. Meade, b. May 
30, 1882, d. July 12, 1882; (4) Orel F. Meade, b, Oct. 30, 
1883, d. June 13, 188.5; (5) Kittle Lou Meade, b. in Toledo, 
June 13, 188G; d. Nov. G, 1887. 

385 III. Charles Hyde,' b. April 28, 1814; m. 1st, Jane Innes, Oct. 25, 
1841; ni. 2d. Mary B. Randall, Dec. 1, 1858. 
IV. Pamelia,' b. June 24, 181G; m. William Ennis, of Alexander, 
They lived at Brooklyn, Mich., and had children born there. 

Children . 

1. Ara Churchill Ennis. 

2. Edward Ennis, m. Frances Vest. 

3. Jennie Ennis, m. Park Hart, Brooklyn, Mich. 

V. Cctler Luther,' b. May 15, 1818; d. March 12, 1820. 
VI. Sarah Ann,' b. July 26, 1820; m. Sunderland P. Gardner, Dec. 
28, 1842, at Alexander. She died Oct. 4, 1861. 
They lived at Batavia and Oakfield, N.Y., and had children. 

Children . 

1. William Earl Gardner, b. Feb. 1, 1844, at Batavia; m. Belle 

Lovett, of Penfield, Dec. 10, 1873, and had Albert, 
Fred, Florence E., and Lottie May Gardner. 

2. Ara Dan Gardner, b. July 8, 1845; d. unmarried at Allegan, 

Feb. 11, 1868. 

3. Charles L. Gardner, b. May 28, 1848; d. June 8, 1848, at Oak- 


4. Sarah A. Gardner, b. May 18, 1850; m. Dr. J. F. Tubbs, of 

Oakfield, Sept 2, 1871. 

They live at Fairport, N.Y., and have two children, viz.,. 
Alma S. Tubbs and Belle F. Tubbs. 

424 THE CHURCHILL FAMILY [Connecticut 

386 VII. Ara Dan,'' b. Jan. 21, 1825; m, Betsey R. Stimers, Jan. 8, 1851, 
VIII. Mary Elizabeth,' b. Sept. 3, 1828; m. 1st, Henry Getten, Al- 
exander, N.Y., Dec. 17, 1846; m. 2d, Alpheos Spring, of Alex- 
ander, Aug. 5, 1876. 
They lived at Bethany, N.Y., and had children. 


1. Oscar Fernando Getten, b. March 20, 1849; d. Aug. 29, 1865, 

at Alexander. 

2. Helen Viletta Getten, b. Aug. 6, 1851; m. John S. Baldwin, 

Jan. 7, 1874, at Alexander, N.Y., where they had two chil- 
dren, of whom the (1) died in infancy; (2) Howard Getten 
Baldwin, b. Feb. 10, 1888. 
The mother died at West Bethany, Dec. 23, 1899. 

IX. Tryphosa,' b. Feb. 7, 1832; m. 1st, Hiram Cady, in 1851 ; m. 2d, 
R. B. Cady. 
They lived at Batavia, and had one child. 

1. Almon Cady, b. April, 1852; d. 1854. 


BENJAMIN « CHURCHILL (Asahel/ Benjamin/ Samuel,' 
Joseph,- Josiah^). Born near Hartford, Conn., Dec. 11, 1789. 
Removed first to the Black River Country, N.Y., and thence, about 
1818, to Newbern, IST.C. The account of this family has come to 
the editor since, the mention of Benjamin, on page 362. Married 
Henrietta Wood. 

Children, first four born in New York, the rest in North Carolina. 
I. Harriet.' 
II. Calvin,' It's 
III. Caroline,' / ^ • m. Lewis Woolten. 
386a IV. James.Bryan,' b. April, 1817; m. Sarah Hall, 1838. 
387 V. Orin,' b. Oct. 19, 1819; m. 1st, Sarah Reid, Dec. 12, 1839. She 

d. Sept. 12, 1846; m. 2d, Rhoda Ann Shackford, Jan. 7, 1847. 
VI. Eliza,' m. Joseph Young. 
VII. Almira.' 
VIII. Mary Ann,' d. early. 
IX. George Washington Hayman.' 
X. Polly Ann,' b. 1835; m. Armistbad Shackford. 


ELISHA« CHURCHILL (Asahel,^ Benjamin," Samuel," 
Joseph,- Josiah ^). Born Aug. 16, 1798, in the Black River Coun- 
try, N.Y. Married someone whose name we have not received. 


I. LoviNA,' m. 1st, Alfred Gowdy, of Jefferson County, N.Y. ; m. 
2d, Allen Benedict, of Fairport, N.Y. 


1. Josephine Gowdy, m. Frank Hadcock ; no children. 
II. Olive,' m. Gustavcs Champlain. 

1. Ernest Champlain ; d. young. 


CHESTER « CHURCHILL (Samuel,^ Benjamin,* Samuel," 
Joseph,- Josiah ^). Born in Bristol, Conn., Feb. 2'2,, 1788. Lived 
in Batavia, N.Y., about three miles west of '' the village." He 
was at one time proprietor of a boat on the Mississippi river, and. 
lost his life there. About 1833 he was owner of two stores at 
Kinderhook, Pike County, 111., and had a large trade with the 
Indians and frontier farmers. Married, in Batavia, N.Y., Mercy 


388 I. Chester.' 

389 II Almond.' 


DANEY« CHURCHILL (Samuel,^ Benjamin," Samuel,'' 
Joseph,- Josiah^). Born in Bristol, Conn., Nov. 24, 1792. Lived 
at Moreau and Portland, N.Y. He died at Portland, N.Y., Dec. 
8, 1856. Married, Nov. 7, 1816, at Moreau, N.Y., Minerva Burn- 
ham. She died at Portland, N.Y., Aug. 5, 1886. 


I. Maria,' b. Jan. 3, 1818; in. 1st, John M. Brown, Oct. 19, 1836, 
who d. Dec. 24, 1879; m. 2d, Jason Bigelow, Nov. 24, 1887. 

Children of First Ilushand. 

1. Minerva C.Brown, b. at Portland, N.Y., Feb. 7, 1838; m. 1st, at 

"Wheeling, Va., Oct. 19, 1859, George W. Artis, who died 
March 21, 1867; and she m. 2d, at Ilanley, Mich., April 15, 
1883, William Whipple. They live (March, 1900) at Hender- 
sonville, Mich. 

2. Sarah M. Brown, b. at Portland, Aug. 26, 1843; m. 1st, at Port- 

land, N.Y., Eleazer Swetland, April 10, 1862. He d. in the 
army, 1864, and she m. 2d, Willard Taylor, at Grand Rapids, 
Mich., Sept. 12, 1872. They live (March, 1900) at Manton, 

3. Harriet J. Brown, b. at Portland, Nov. 1, 1844; d. September, 


4. Ella Maria Brown, b. at New Hamburg, Penn., Dec. 11, 1848. 

Lived (March, 1900) in Portland, N.Y. 

5. "Virginia Bell Brown, b. at Wheeling, Va., March 20, 1860; m. 

at Hanley, Mich., Frank B. Fay. March, 1878. Living 
(March, 1900) at Swartz Creek, Mich. 

426 THE CHUECHILL FAMILY [Connecticut 

390 II. George,'' b. July 26, 1821 ; m. Eliza J. Wade Fletcher, May 17, 


III. John Harvey,' b. Dec. 27, 1826; d. at Portland, May 1, 1843. 

IV. Mary Jane,'? b. Jan. 23, 1830; d. at Portland, Sept. 28, 1857. 


CHARLES « CHURCHILL (Samuel,' Benjamin/ Samuels- 
Joseph,^ JosiAH^). Born in Moreau, N.Y., Oct, IT, 1800. He was 
a tailor. Settled first near Lake George,