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Full text of "Churchwardens' accounts of St. Mary the Great, Cambridge, from 1504 to 1635"

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C» . o 










FROM 1504 TO 1635 



Cambrfijge : 





Catnbriljgc : 




* i96S 


MUCH of the early history of Cambridge has centred in 
the church and parish of Great St Mary. The church- 
wardens' book, which is here printed and is the earliest now in 
the keeping of the parish authorities, is therefore a document 
of great importance to students of local history. The Council 
of the Antiquarian Society agreed to publish it if transcribed, 
and after a very long interval it now appears. 

Copious extracts were printed by the late Mr Sandars and 
Canon Venables in their '' Historical and Architectural Notes 
on the Church," published by the Society in 1869, and the MS. 
was largely used by the late Mr Charles Henry Cooper in his 
invaluable " Annals of the Borough," but the book touches on 
so many subjects of interest that the full transcript will justify 
its appearance. 

It may be stated here that this is the first of a series of 
parish account books which extend to the present time. The 
Vicar and parishioners take much interest in these and other 
documents in the church chest and preserve them with all 
care. The thanks of the Society and transcriber are due to 
them for allowing the volume to be removed for the purpose of 
transcription, and for the facilities they have given for reference 
to it many times in the course of the work. 

Professor Skeat and the Rev. Edmund Gough de Salis Wood 
have been good enough to give their help in the glossary, and 
Mr William Henry St John Hope, Assistant Secretary to the 
Society of Antiquaries, has also put his stores of knowledge on 
such subjects at the disposal of the editor. The Rev. Henry 
Paine Stokes, LL.D., Vicar of St Paul's, Cambridge, kindly 
solved the last difficulty in the glossary by furnishing the 


explanation of the position of the Shraggerey in Cambridge in 
time to include it in the index. 

The correctness of the copy is vouched for by the fact that 
it has been compared with the original by Mr Alfred Rogers, 
of the University Library, both in MS. and in proof, a pre- 
caution the more necessary as the accounts of each year are 
mostly in different hands and were entered evidently by the 
churchwardens themselves, whose writing was of all qualities, 
but generally bad. The staff of the University Press have 
also shewn themselves as capable as ever of dealing with the 
difficulties caused possibly by similar qualities in the hand- 
writing of the editor. 

Members of his household have also encouraged the editor 
in a long task by transcribing important portions of the MS. 
themselves, and to them and their memories he offers his 
tribute of gratitude. 

The editor hopes to issue subsequently some notes on the 
book, but is anxious not to delay the appearance of a work 
which may be useful to students in so many different directions, 
and these will appear therefore as a separate tractate. 



Preface v 

Errata ........ viii 

Transcript 2 — 475 

Glossary . . 476 — 484 

Index 485—598 


Page 13 line 10 visitauerit should be visitaverat. 

15 ,, 2 delete the brackets. 

16 ,, 28 Ihcsus should be Ihus- 
20 ,, 3 Mondeyn should be Moudeyn. 
29 ,, 10 Consent should be Consent. 
49 ,, 17 xiiij should be xxiiij. 
62 ,, 15 selyng should be seryng. 
77 ,, 4 and 6 Jemeus should be Jemens. 

150 ,, 23 4'J should be 4^ 

217 ,, 6 Goodma?? should be Goodwin. 

243 ,, 30 vancolier should be vaucolier. 

245 ,, 8 vancollier should be vaucollier. 

282 ,, 10 Deitt earmentes should be one word. 

290 ,, 9 parn should be Foley. 

363 ,, 32 Home should be Home. 

367 ,, 14 Copper should be Coppen. 

380 ,, 12 Milton should be Mitton. 

387 ,, 4 iSytten should be Mytton. 

439 „ 1 1631—2 should be 1630—1. 

440 „ 1 same correction. 
444 ,, 31 Ball should be Hall. 
523 col. 2, line 6 strike out first comma. 

Page oOG, col. 2, line 3, 6 should be 16. 




G.A.S. Octavo Scries. No. XXXV. 

The book commences with 12 prehminary pages blank exce})t the last 
on which are some remarks in a much later hand as to the date of the 
first entry. 

1 a] these vndar is appoynted to Res[2tr]vey the parish Land : which. 
Mr Sedgwick* is to have in lease : 

Mr Cranne Mr Peapes 

Mr woolf Mr Adane 

Mr Preist Mr Dodson. 

1 b] Isiemorandum that yt ys agreed by a generall co?isent that Gwery 
one that shalbe at tlie visitacion Supper shall paye vj*^ a peace viz euery- 
man & his wife xij*^ & the reste of the Charges, yf yt shall amont vnto 
more to be borne of the Churche stock. 

wilh'am ward [Entry in a later hand] 

Thomas Grimeston The above was written about the 

John Poley. year 1599 or 1600, Dr Ward 

Dr Grimeston & Mr Poley may 
be seen to have been in office 
abowt that time. They were 
Members of the University but 
Parishioners and residents in the 

* Mr Joshua Sedgwick paj's his first half year's rent to the parish in 1633, 
his tenancy having begun apparently at Michaelmas 1632. 

2 a] The Jewels goodc's & Catelk's appe^teynyng to Seynt Mary 
Chirche next to the Market of Cambrigge Remaynyiig in the kepyng of 

Chirche wardeyns of the said Chirche to 
them delyue?'ed the x day of aprill the xix*^ yere of the Reigne of kyng 
harry the vij^*^ as articulerly ftbloweth. 

Altare sa?icti Andree 

in cuatodta W pliim.^ 

Inpriniis a Chaleys with the patent parcell gilte pondr' xij vnc' be- 
longyng to seint Andrewes Auter in ciistodia Joha???iis Stronge. 

Item a Missale prynted of the Gifte of John Buttiler ahas Barbowr in 
Custodia Joha?i7iis Stronge. 

Itern a vestament with the Stole & phanoun albe & Amice of Dor- 
nykkes of the gifte of Thomas pomell in cimtodia Wille^;7ii pluw?-me. 

Item a vestament of Cloth of Baiidekyn the grounde whighte with 
Stole & phanomi & Amice & albe in cxxatodia Johavmis Stronge. 

Item a vestamenent of grene Bawdekyn with all thapparell vt supra 
in cw^todia di'cti Joha?ims Stronge. 

Item a Corporas with a Case of Blakke Worsted in cus^oc^m di'cti 
Joha7i;iis Stronge. 

Item a vestament of Sateyn of Brigges with all thapparell vt supra in 
c\is,todia W. plumwi.i 

resauyd the prmiissy s — p^'r m e 
Robcrt'^m — Halom e — pri'ncipalcm 
\iospitii isanati Pauli xvj"^<^ die 
Apri'lia Any^o dGoimo nono Hen' 
rici septimiv 

[Fo. 2 b blank.] 

^ Tliis name comes up to the extreme edge of the paper and may have been 



3 a] Altare nmicti laurencij. 

Inp/"Miiis a vestament of white sateyn wit/i all thapparell of the gifte 
of John Botiler alias Barbo?*;-. 

Hem a vestament of violett sateyn of brigges with all thapparell. 

Hem a vestament of Cloth of bawdekyn the grounde white with 

Ite;;i two aut(?>- Clothe} of lynnyn Clothe of the gifte of Richard 

Item a vestament of Ray veluet with thapparell. 

Ite??i a vestament of blakkc worsted with Crownes of golde in the 

Item a Messe booke. 

Item a chaleyse with ij daysys in y« fotte pond' xiij unc'. 

Item an autcr Clothe of lynnyn steyned Rede with a ffronnte of the 
same werke. 

Item an hangyng of an auter of the Martirdome of seint Stephyn 
& seint lawrence steyned of the gift of Maister Hefiewell (sic). 

Resscywyd the seyd premissis be me John Manfeld clerke the x*-^ day 
of Aprell the xix 3eere of kyng harry the vij. 

[Fo. 3 b blank.] 

4 a] Altare heate Marie Virginis. 

Inpn'mis a vestament of blew sarsenet with a Crosse of Rede witAoute 
stole & phanoun with albe in custodia Rober^i Coope Joha^nis Nele. 

Item a vestament of white Bustian olde with all thaj)parell vt infra in 
cnstodia dicti John Nele. 

Item a vestament of Blewe Worsted with a Crosse of Rede with all 
thapparell vt supra in Cufitodia dicti Joha7i7iis. 

Item a vestament of white Chamelet with all thapparell of the gifte of 
Tho7nas Jakenet in cxmtodia Roberti Coope Joha^inis Nele and an nuter 
Clothe with a ffrynge of the said white Chamlct in Cuatodia magiatri 
H e ff ie wcll (sic) Rob e ^iii Coop e . * 

Item a blewe sarcenet ffronnte with a ffrynge in custodia Johawnis 

Item a Chaleyse with a patent parcel gilte in custodia Rob e rt t-Goope 
Jo h a ?m i s N ele pond' xiij unc'. . 

Item a Cote of Tawney Damaske purfuUed with fFelewet apperteynyng 
to owr lady in Custodia Nele. 

Item a Reed Sateyn Coote in custodia [Magistri hessewell] Roberti 
Coope with two payer of hedes of blakke geat ai)pcrteynyng to her sonne in 
custodia Nele. 

1504 5 

Item two autcr clothes of lynuyn Clothe of the gifte of Richard 
hilderstou in custodia Nele. 

Item a Coote of Rede sateyn piirfilled mth Grene Damaske in cnstodiaH 
]\ragi.stri h e ssevvell Joh«??7?is Nele. 

Item a Coote for her sonn of the same sateyn pwrfilled with blakke 
veiuet with spa>jgille5 of Golde in cnstodia [niagistn hessewell] Joha^mis 

Item a ftVonntelett of Cipris Garnisshed with Riband in cuatodia Nele. 

Itein a ffronnte for the Siuter of white Chamelett lyned with bokeram 
in cnstodia Robtf?'ti Coope ho nH owell. 

Ite)n a Masse booke and a Chalcys prynted in custodia Roberti Coope. 

[Fo. 4 b blank.] 

in Custodia Johanma Thirleby 
modo in custodia Joha7ims 

5 a] Altare sancte Trinitat/s. 

Inprmiis a vestament of Rede sateyn with a Grene Crosse with all 
thapparell of the gifte of Thomtts Jakenett. 

Item a vestament of white ftustian with a Crosse of Rede worsted with 
all thapparell. 

\tem an olde vestament of borde alis«undre with all thapparell with a 
Corporas & a Case of Silke with Cressauntes. 


Bona in custodia Roberti Coope nuper in cus^oc^^a Walteri [5 b 
hattlyf vt infra patet delibez-ata post mortem eiusdem Walte^-i vt sequitur. 

Inpnmis a vestament of Ray veiuet 1 p, 

Item a nother vestament of Ray veluetj 

Item a vestament of Rede in custodia Johannis Manfeld Cleriei branchyd 
with grene & rosys of gold. 

Item a vestament of white 

Item a nother vestament of white ^ i i ^ 

_ ^,1, ,1 ^ 1 • 1 1 ^t Coope ha6et. 

Item a vestament of blake worsted branchyd with gold 

Item a vestament of blew worsted j 

Item a nother vestament of white damaske with a crosse of red felvett. 

Item a Crysmatorie sillier parcell gilte in custodia Johannis Manfeld 

Item a Boke called a Manuell in custodia Johannis Manfeld Cleriei. 

Item a Chales & a Masse booke pertin' altari beate Marie in custodia 
Roberti Coope. 

Item a Chales & a Masse boke pertin' alt' Altar^ the Maseboke is in 
the chirche & the Chaleis is in the Kepyng of Robert Coope. 

6 1504 

Item an arow for seint Edmimd \ 

It<??n a Crosc Stafte for seint Nicholas in Custodia 
miigist)'i asshevvell 

Iteyn a Crownc of laton for seint Kateryn 

Item a seint Kat^ryn whele jj^ custodia 

Item ij Mascs for seint Edmund V Johmi/as 


Item a pece of waynescoote pe^'teynyng to tlie Canape 

for seint Nicholas vfith Teynto?^;' hookes 

Item iij smale Crowns for seint Kateryn 

6 a] Alta Altar' 

in CwHtodia Walteri hattley. 

Inpn'mis a sewte of vestamentes of Clothe of Tissue of the gifte of 
Tht)mas Jakenet in the kepyng of Maistre) asshewell laodo in custodia 
R'oberti Coope. 

Item a sewte of vestamentes of white Damaske in custodia Robert! 
Coope [Hugonis Chapman]. 

Item a Coope of white damaske with a Orpherey of Rede veluet of the 
gifte of John Erliche thelder in custodia [Ihigonis Chapman] ^oherti 

Item a Coope of Rede baudekyn with dekyn & Subdekyn of the same 
in custodia Joha?i?iis Helgay sen'. 

Item twoo Coops of blew Chamelett of the gift of John hessewell 
in custodia Magistrz asshewell. 

Item twoo leyctoz^rn Clothe} of the same Chamelet of ])® said gifte in 
custodia Magistri asshewell in custodia Joharvms Stronge, 

Item a Coope of blakke worsted with sterre} with a Chisible Deakyn & 
Subdeakyn of the same in custodia Henrici Kale. 

Item a blake Coope wit A floweret of golde of blake worsted & a vesta- 
ment of the same in Ecclesia. 

Item a vestament of Ray veluet with a grene Crosse of Sateyn in 

Item a vestament of Ray veluet with a Crosse of Rede & Rose} of 
golde in Ecclesia. 

Item an olde Coope of Ray veluet in Ecclesia. 

Item an olde vestament of Rede for Jhesus Messe in Ecclesia. 

Item a vestament of grene Damaske with a Crosse of Rede of the gifte 
of John Buttiler ah'as Barhour in Ecclesia. 

Item a hangyng of an autcr with a ifronnte of blewe veluet with 
fflowers of golde of the gift of Thomas Jakenett in custodia vnagistri 
Johannis Stronge asshewell. 

1504 7 

Item a pawle of blew silke with hjrdes & braunchis in custodia Magistri 
helgay. . 

Item two olde pawles of grene silkes with byrdes wrought in the same 
in custodia hugonis Chapman modo in custodia Joha^mis Stronge. 

Item a pawle of blake veluet with a Crosse of Rede velvet of the gifte 
of Thomas Pomell in custodia Joha7in\s Thirleby modo in Custodia Roberti 

6 b] Plus de Alta Altar^ 

in Custodia Walteri Hattley. 

Item two Curteyns of blew Sercenet in custodia Magistri asshewell in 
custodia Roberti Coope. 

Item an olde Clothe of blewe Tartowrne with floweres peynted vpon the 
same in cus^oo^ia 'hiagistri hessewell. 

Item V pelowes wherof oon of Tissue another of Rede clothe of golde & 
two other olde of Rede silke & oon of Rede Clothe of Bawdekyn [iiij*^*" 
in custodia Hugonis Chapman et v*"^ in custodia Nele] in custodia 
iohanms Strong. 

Item fower Corporaces with iiij Case} wherof oon of Rede Clothe of 
golde & another of Nedillwerke with tharmys of the passion a nother with 
a lybardes hede of golde & the iiij*-** of blew silke with byrdes & braunchis 
[in custodia Hugonis Chapman] in custodia Joha^iwis Stronge. 

Item vj olde albs for Children w^'th parures of blew Chamelett in 

Item a Clothe of white steyned with armis of the passion with a ffronnte 
& two Curteyns perteynyng to the same Magistri Helgey. 

Item a vayle for lenton of white Clothe in custodia Willebni plumme 
modo in Ecclc^ia. 

Item an olde Cotidian hangyng for the alter steyned with two Curteyns 

6 a ffronnte of the same in Ecclesia. 

Item an olde Clothe of silke to ber in the Crysmatorye to the ffownte. 

Item another Clothe of Syndale for the Crismatorye of the gifte of 
Maistre3 hessewell in custodia Magistri asshewell. 

Item V olde Alter Clothe} wi'tA an altar Clothe of Dyaper of the gifte of 
Maistres hesshewell in Ecclesia. 

Item two alter Clothe} of lynnyn Cloth of the gift of Richard hilderston 
in Ecclesia. 

Item viij auter Clothe} of the saide gifte in custodia WiWelmi Plumme. 

7 a] in custodia Waltm hattley. 

Item twoo olde Towelles of Diaper for hoselyng in ecclesia. 

Item three olde Towelles for the auter ende of lynnyn Clothe in 

Item a Towell for hoselyng of lynnyn Clothe wrought with blakke silke 
in thendes of the gifte of RobeH Stele & his wif in ecclesia. 

8 1504 

Ite»^ a ffronnte ateyned vv/t// tlui Resurrexcion in the Midden of lynnyn 

Item twoo Curtyns of the same with angellcs steyned vpoii them. 

Iteon a Clotne of Tappestry werk for Chirohyng of wiies lyned wit// 
Canujis in biCclt'^'ia. 

Iteiu a pair of Crowettes of peaiiter in Ecclesia. 

Item two new surphce.s of the gifte of Maistre} Godfrey. 

Item a siirpHce made by Maister Pikerell whan he was\ 
Chirche wardeyn 

Item a Surplice made by John Erliche whan he was ] in Ecclma. 
Chirche wardeyn 

Item two Surplices of the gifte of Margery Reymond 

Item an olde surplice & a Smoke surplice of the gifte of Maistrej 

Item Resceyued by thandes of M'" Chapman the xxij day of ffebruarii 
the xxj yer of the reigne of kyng Harry the vij*'» of the Gifte of Maisteres 
agnes asshewell as foloweth 

Ini);7'mis a sute of vestamentes of blakke veluet v^ith whight Rose} 
therupon in cimtodia Johannm Stronge. 

Itewi a Chaleise pondr' xvj vnces to be vsed at seint lawrence anter in 
cus^o^irt JohanniH Sti-onge. 

Itein I angus (sic) dei of syluer & gilte wz'tA a lasse in c\mtodia Roberti 

Item a Coler of Copir Golde with Counte^-fet perle of the gifte of 
Thomas Jakenett for our lady in cxmtodia Robe^'ti Coope. 

Item a Corporas Case of blue Tyssue in cwHtodia Johminis Stronge. 

Item a paxbrede of siluer & gifte (sic) of the gifte of Mistres asshewell 
pondr' vnces in c\\s,todia JohaTiTiis Stronge. 

Item two Cruettes of siluer & gilte of the said gifte in cwatodia died 
Johanwis Stronge. 

7 b] herafter foloweth the bookes in c\mtodia Walteri Hattley. 

Inpmnis two olde Missalc} of vylem with Cootes ^ 

Item a great olde Missale with Grayle} noted in the same 
Item two olde grayle} couered with Cotes 
Item two smale olde greyle} 
Item a pistill booke 

Item twoo great antiphaners bownden with bolyon} 
Item a new antiphoner breuiate of the gifte of Maistere} 

Item three olde smale antiphoners 

Item V precessioneris olde 

Item two Emanuelles 

Item a Psalter olde with venites atte ende 

Item an olde Phalter with Dirigies in thende 

Item an olde legent deuided in two parties. ^ 




1504 9 

8 a] The Jewellers in cnstodia wnlteri liattley. 

Inpraiiis a Crosse of sillier & gilte with Mary & John in custodia 
Thirlcby niodo in cnstodia Johaimifi Stronge. 

Item a stafte of Copir cV gilte to the same in cnstodia \)siagistri 
asshewell] iohannm Stronge. 

Item a Crosse Clotlie to the said Crosse of Rede silke with thassump- 
cton steyned in cw&todia \}ilagistri asshewell] iohanm^ Stronge. 

Item an olde Crosse of Copir with a stafFe of Copir to the same & a 
Crosse Clothe of grene silke in Ecclesia. 

Item a Crysmatorie of sillier parcell gilte in Ecclesia. 

Item a Chaleise double gilte with a Crucifix vpon the ffoot & a spone 
of sillier & gilte to the said Chaleise in cw^todia wille^wi plume modo 
in cxv&todia Robe^'ti Coope. 

Item an olde Chaleise parcell gilte broken in Ecclesia infra. 

Item a pix aXias a Mounstre of siluer & gilte in cuntodta Johannis 
Thirleby modo in cuatodia JohanniH Stronge. 

Item a pax enamelled silue?* & gilte of the gifte of Maister hessewell in 
cnstodia Magist?^ asshewell. 

Item a pier of Cruettes of Siluer of the gift of the said M"" hessewell in 
custodia Magistri asshewell. 

Item a sonne of siluer for the Sacrement in custodia WiWehni Pliimme 
modo in cnstodia Eoberti Coope. 

Item a pax of Siluer pa^'cell gilte in cnstodia Wille^^^^i Plume modo in 
cnstodia dicti Coope. 

Item a paier of Candelstikkes of siluer parcell gilte in cnstodia WiWelmi 
Plume in cnstodia niodo dicti Roberti Coope. 

Item a payer of Sencers of siluer parcell gilte in cnstodia Willelmi 
Plume mo<fo in cnstodia dicti Roberti Coope. 

Item two shipps of siluer parcell gilte with two spons of siluer to the 
same in cnstodia ^YiWelmi Plume modo in ciistod?'a Roberti Coope, 

Item a Relique Called a box of siluer with the oyle of seint Nicholas 
in cnstodia Y^^iWelmi Plume in cnstodia Roberti Coope. 

Item another litill box of siluer with a bon of seint lawrence in cnstodia 
vfillelmi plume modo in Custodm Roberti Coope. 

Item an olde Crosse of Tymbir wit A siluer plate vpon it in cnstodia 
willelmi plume modo in custody Roberti Coope. 

Item a lytill olde Crosse of Copir & gilte in cnstodia willeZ?rd plume 
moo?o in cus^oo^m Roberti Coope. 

Item two bedes of siluer & gilte with a lase of silkke with two Knepps 
& Tasselles of silke to the same in cnstodia Joha7i7iis Thirleby moc?o in 
cnstodia Johannis Stronge. 

Item a pix of laton with a Clothe of Chaungeable Sarcenet in ecclesia. 
Item a Clothe of olde silke for the said pix in ecclesia. 

10 1504 

8 b] Adhuc plus de Jocalibz/s in cwstodia walteri hattley. 

Itetn t^Yo great stondardc.s of laton stondyng before the alter. 

Item vj sniale Candelstikkc^s of laton in ecc^esia. 

Item a payer of olde Sencers of laton \v2tA a shippe of laton. 

Item a fiier panne of yern in ecclesia. 

Item a paier of organs in ecclesia. 

Item twoo olde pax bredes of Tymbir peynted in ecclesia. 

Item an olde basyn of laton enhanielled in eccle^ia. 

Item a Crysmatori off tyn in the kepyng of the chantre prest. 

9 a] Adhuc Jocalibt^ in Custodia Johannis Thirleby in iiij*^"" pixid' modo 

in cuatodia Johannis Stronge. 

Inpyv'mis a shoo of siluer for the ymage of our lady with v -peces of 
sihi6T & a pece of a peny weying a lb & two vnces & j quarter in a box. 

Item twoo dedes a Release & an Obligacton consernyng the Tene^nent in 
the pety Cure geven to the Chauntery by Maistere} Charles. 

Item an indentur consernyng the alraes house} in the Chirche yerd 
with a bill indented annexed to the same. 

Item A p«rcell of the Mounstre for to sett in the hoste with two 
Cristall stones set in siluer in a box with a Claspe of a booke of siluer. 

Item xiiij dedes Chartoz^rs & Munimentes eonsemyng the landes in 
Cambriggeffelde & Chestirton of the gifte of Maiatere} Charles. 

Item an ymage of our lady & her son of Copir & gilte with a Cristall 

Item a Coler of Gold for to hang abowght owre ladiis nekke off' ix lynkes 
in the Coler of the delyuery of doctor Jubbys the whych mast' potycary 
had recey vyd when the chapell of owre lady was takyn downe. 

Item an howche of syluer and gilte with xj branches «& iiij stones & 
V perhs delyuered to M"* Cheke. • 

9 b] In Cista & Custodia Johamiis Nele. 

Inpnmis a Couerlight of Tapstre werke. 

Item a Couerlight of Grene. 

Item twoo Towelh's of Diaper. 

Ite/ti X ffrontletis for auters single. 

Item an olde ffcrtour Clothe. 

Item thre lynnyn Clothe} steyned with Crosse} for lente. 

Itein a Clothe for the Roode lofte steyned with Moysc}. 

Item an olde ff'ronnte of bustyan. 

Item a Cappe of blakke veluet with fyne perlettzs for owr ladyes sonn. 

Item a Curteyn of white with gilte Rosis steyned of lynnyn Clothe. 

Item vj lente Clothe} of lynnyn. 

Ite?M j ffronnte for seint laurence alter for lente steyned of lynnyn 

Item an hangyng for the said alter of the same. 



[? 2 leaves cut out here but one according to the foHos.] 

10 a] Bookes Remayiiyng in the kepyng of John Thirleby modo in Ecck'sia. 

Inpnmis a Masse booke olde longyng to Trinite siitcr. 
Item a nother Masse bool^e olde with ceHeyn NourmenteiJ of the 
Chirehe wreten in thende. 

Item two olde portosis wreten in pcrrchemyn. 
Item an olde pr/nier belongyng to Trinite Chapell with a Cheyne. 
Item a pn'mer belongyng to 02ir lady Chapell with a Cheyne. 
Item A Great Masse booke. 

[Fol. 10 b blank.] 

1 1 a] Bona Jocalia pertinentia summo altaW beate Marie Virginis 
iuxto forum ville Qsintahrigice. 

Impnmis A Crosse of siluer with Mary & John 
siluer with a stafFe copir & gilte with the Crosse 

Item a Mounstra?mce of siluer & gilte 

Item twoo Candellstikkes of syliier 

Item two Sencers of syluer 

Item two paxbredes of siluer & gylte & enamyled 

Ite^^i two Shipps & two spones of syluer 

Item twoo Cruettes of syluer 

Item two vj Chaleyse3 witA twoo v patentes with 
a spone of syluer & gylt 

Item a sonne for the sacrement siluer & gilte 

Item a Cryssematory with a grene Ray silke 

Item a Reliquike of siluer with seint Nycolas oyle 

Item a Crucifix with a botell of syluer 

Item the vice of the Mounstraunce of siluer 

Item twoo shoes of syluer for our lady 

Item iij Cristall stones set in siluer 

Item a pynne for a booke a Chape & a pece for 
the pax all of syluer 

Item a sute of vestementes of Clothe of Tyssue 
with iij Coops of the same 

Item a sute of damaske with iiij Coopes of the 

Item a sute of blakke veluett with whighte Rosis 
with iij Coops to the same 

Item the hole hangyng of blew feluet 

Item V Corporase Case} whereof ij of clothe of 
Tyssue two of Rede veluet & oon of blue veluet 

in custodia magistri 
Robe/'ti hobbys hee 
parceling modo sunt 
in Gus,todia ^icardi 
Clerke Gardiani 
^ diictQ Ecclesie sibi 
deliberat' sccu/ido 
die Januarij Sunno 
regni regis Henrici 
septimi xxiij". 


1508 & 1511 

Item iij Corporase Cloths in three of tlie said 

Itewi V pelowes whereof ij of Tyssiie & ij lyned 
with bhike vehiet & the v**^ of Reede dyape?' 

Ite?;? twoo blew Curtynes of Sercenet oon for 
seint Nicholas & thodir for seint Edmii?id 

Item ij westementtes with all thynges belongyng thereto, oon off Reede 
welhvett and a nodyyr off Blew Saten with a chalesse parcelly gylte off 
the gyfte of ketcryn koke the chalesse poiiderynge xix vnc', delyueryd by 
the hand/s oft" John Bury. 

Item ij alter clothys of Robert Copys Gyft. 

11 b] 

Jocalia -pei'tinentta heate Marie virgini. 

Inprmiis a Coler of golde w?*t/^ ix lynkys 

Item a girdill of perle siluer & gilte sett with perle 

Item Agnws dei syluer and gilte with a peny 
siluer and gilte 

Item a Crowne siliie/* & gilte sett with xxix 
perles thereyn 

Ite7n a ftillet with Conterfett perle & stone 

Item- a Coote of Rede sateyn pwrfilled with 
blakke velute with a bokel of siluer & a Coote for 
o2ir lady son of Rede sateyn 

Item a lynnyn bagge seled with an Egle theryn 
certeyn thinges belongyng to otir lady 

Ite^n a pawle of blakke veluet 

Item an auter Clothe of white Chamelet lyned 
with blakke bokeram 

Item two pawlys of grene with pecokkes 

Item two leyctoi^rn clothes of blewe chamelet 

Item two Coops of blew Chamelet 

Item a vestement of white Clamelet damaske 
with a Crosse of Rede veluet 

Item a sewte of vestementes of blakke worsted 
of Requiem 

Item two obligacyons in the whych thomas Curie 
thomas fflyntt er Bound in. 


in cnstodia rasigistri 
Andree Manfeld 

Memorandum quod 
oiirnm ista Jocalia 
deliberate fuerunt 
Johanni Ray Gar- 
diano in -presentia 











Alain welles Joha;i- 
nis Marsshe Johan- 
niH Thirleby & ali- 
orum xxviij die 
Decembris an?io 
xxiij*^ h. vij. 

wylham syndyrton & 

Bona Ecclesie in Custodia WiWelmi plumme. 

Inprimis a vestement of Dornykkes | 
Item a vestement of sateyn of brygge^ > 
Item viij auter Clothes ) 

1511 18 

Bona Ecclei'ie in cu&todia Joha^mis Thirlely. 

^ all whiche is delyuered vnto wilh'am 
Elton & John Marsshe Cliirche 
wardeyns in the i)re8ence of Robert 
Smyth wax chandeler will/am fllory 
& John Nele in the house of the 
said AVilUam Elton the xxiiij* day of 
Septembre anno secundo regni regis 
Heurici octavi eodem die archidia- 
comcs Elienszs visitauerit in Ecclesia 
Sancte Trinitatis Cantebr'. 

Inpmnis a vestenient of Reede 

Item a vestenient of white ffustean 

Item a vestenient of boorde alis- 

Item iij auter Clothes with C^rosse} 
of blakke iiat halo wed 

Item a Corporas witA a Case 

12 a] Bona dic^e Ecclesie in Custodia Roberti Coope. 

Inpri'mis ij Massebookis oon of the gifte of John Barbott/' & thodir of ^ 
the gifte of Maisteres Cooke 

Item a vestement of white Chanielet 

Item a gi-eat Masse booke 

Item a wreten Massebooke & a wreten portose J 

Item [blank line here]. 

Bona dicte Ecclesie in Custodia Johannis Stronge. 

Inpmnis iij boxes with Evidences whereof thoon box conse/-neth the 
landes in Cambrigge and thodir box the allmes house} and the thirde boxe 
the Chauntery house in the pety Cure and theryn a silke lasse with tasse} 
Rede with twoo bedes siluer & gilte belongyng to the pix. 

Ite7n a Claspe for a booke syluer. 

Bona dicte Ecclesie in Custodia Johannis Nele. 

Impymiis a peynted auter Clothed for the high auter. 

Itein a Coueryng of Tappestry werke for the herst. 

Itein a grene Couerlyght for the said herst. 

Item twoo Towelles of dyaper. 

Ite7n twoo auter Clothes whereof oon for seint lawrence auter & thoodir 
for seint andrewes auter. 

Item a sewte of white vestementes with oon aube & two amices. 

Item xi ftronntw for the auters. 

Item an au^er Clothe of blew tarto2^?'n. 

Item a Coote of Tawny damaske for owr lady. 

Item a Coote for her son with xxii^* in money & vij new grotes & ij ob' 
& two broches of syluer & a kircher of sypres with syluer crosses. 

Item an olde blew Tartowrn Clothe. 

Itewi a peynted auter Clothe with seint laurence & seint Stephen. 

Item a nother auter Clothe steyned with seint andrewe. 

Item a nother auter Clothe steyned with our lady of piete. 

14 1511 & 1513 

lion a Crowne for 8cint Edinii?id of laton. 
Item tlie ymage of Jhcsus for the Resurreccion. 

Item a payr off corall Bedys with xx^' gawdys syluer & gylte and a 
knope sett with gold & peyrll. 

12 b] Mew : y* I Morley haue receyuyd a challys of Wylyawi eltoii 
chyrchc Waixioii with a vyrnekyll in y" paten. 

Mem : that l - ^iehard WcUeniot pn'ncipaH c of pawlys In hathc receyuy d 
a chales hoUe gylte the day after seint deonise the ij*^^ 3ere of the reyn e 
<^K ynge Henry y^-v-iij"*; 

Mem: that I Kichcrd Wellemont pnncypalle of pawlys In Ca?7ibryg 
hathe resaywyd of andrcwe ponielle & Thom«s Marschalle a Chales holle 
glytte bereynge In the foote ij Ixosys wythe a lamb In y® patent the ij^* 
day of May the yecond 3erc of ye reynge of Kynge Henry the viij*^^. 

Mem : that I Thomas forster principall of scint Mary Hostell in 
Cambrighe have Ileceyvyd of andrcwe })omcll and Thomas marschall on 
Chalesse parcell gilte havyng in the paten a varnakill & in the fotte be ij 
pcche brokyn the iij day of may the sccund 3ere of the reigh?ie of Kyng 
herry the viij^*'. 

Me'tti : — y*^ on Thursday next aftyr cn'gtcnmes s o day andrew pomel l 
acconiptyd^ ftbr- hys oft'ys of Chyrch wardenchyp anno henrioi Octaui 4*^" 
and a compt e o l er e ly maido he owth c le rely-to-il i e pary s h in money . 

In p;v'mi.s thro powndc xviij^ o]>'. — Item xij^^ y^ he owyr rekkynyd ffor 
the gold Smyth . 

I^em vij toone & ij ftbotte of ffrec Ston lentt by hym to M'' larke rec' 
vij toon & ij ftbott & v ftbott & a halff off clypsham ston by Thomas 

Item. V ffote & a halff off clypsham Ston. 

JVid y* y^ said thursday and 3ere Thomas Marshall Chyrch Warden 
with the said andrew pomell hath maide hys ff'ull accomptte for hys resate 
and ther remane in hys handes in money xxx^Uiij^ & vij^ vnde he sayth 
rcmane i^ the hand t ^g off andrew pomell ao it appcryth be fibr xxj" iiij*^ 
vnde he saytli he hath paid to W. Burdon mason xx^ & ic^eo respectuatwr 
and to M'" Chapmane iij^ iiij^^ & ideo respectuatwr exonerat?tr a sum?wa 
predjc^a per compotum ultimo per enm fac^?«n. 

Jacalia pertinencia ecclesie beate marie luxta forum in custodia andree 
pomell modo in custodia Richardi Lycffeld yconomi ecciesie pred^'c^e & 
per euTidem Andream deliberat' pro anno dommi millesimo ccccc'"" 
xiii'"^ mo(io in custodia alani Welles pro anno dowmii Millesimo D xiiij""" 

13 a] et deliberata per Richardum lychfeld. 

In i)rmis a crosse of siluer & gylt wi'tA mary & John siluer & gylt with 
a statfe of coper & gylt w^'tA the crosse cloth the Crosse pondr' 2 fy ve score 
unc' xviij vnc' dim' vnc'. 

1513 15 

Item a monster of silut^r & gylt (wi't/e a vyce of siluer & gylt to aet in 
the sacrament) pondr' Ixix vnc' dim' vnc' stars wcxtt. 

Item vij chalyssc. 

It^?H ij candillstykkys of sillier parcel gilt quorum unum pond' iij^* viij'"<^' 
& dim' & alierum pond' iij'' vij^«nc'. 

Item ij Sensers of siluere quorimi vnii??i pond' xliij vnc' & iij quarter & 
iiMerum pond' xliiij vnc' & q^^art'. 

Item ij Shyppys of siluere with ij lytill sponys of sillier & pond' xviij 
vnc' & dim'. 

Item ij Ewers of sillier pond' x vncis & dim' et a quarter. 

I^cm ij paxis the on full gylt tlie other parcell gylt with a vyce of syliier 
and pond' xxx" vnc'. 

Item a crismatory of siluer with ij clothis on of rede sylke the other of 
grene sylke. 

Item a sonne of sillier for the sacrament pond' iij vnc' & a quarter. 

Itejn ix Corporase kassys vij with kerchys. 

-Ite m ij s h oys-ef-sykig r b c longyng to o ^r lady wi th It e m oon cry f^H 
stonys set in syluer pond' iiij iinc' and the assiimpc2,bn of our lady in copere. 

Item a litill box hiicche theryn ij payer Corall bedes & an owche for 
seint Nicholas. 

Item a sypyrs kyrche belongyng to the crose. 

Item a monstere of syluere with sant Nycholaus oyle with a crucyfyx of 
coiner with a box of syliier with sant laurance bone with a crose of syluer 
pond' ij unc' & dim' & dim' quarV. 

Item a colere of golde with ix Ijnkes pond' a vnc' & dim' vnc' et dim' 

Itewi a crowne of syliier & gylt with xxix perlys pond' vj unc' quar^' & 

Item a gyrdyll sett with perle with a bukkyll & pendant of syluer & 
gylt pond' ix vnc' & dim' unc'. 

Itein an agnzts dei syliier & gylt pond' a mice & a quarter. 

Item a crwcifyxe of cooper with a cristall. 

It^m a fyllet with cowntyrfett perle & stone pond' ij vnc' & a qi^arter. 

Item a cote of Red satene purfyllyd with blak velvett' with a bokyll of 
sillier & [caret] a coyn of sjdiier and a cotte for hir sone of red satene 
with ij gold ryngis with ij stonnys in th e m & on each of silu ig^- gilt w tthrs, 
lytell p e ycc of p e rle h t des solde for the rode lofte. 

Item A bagge selyde with dyuerys Iiielse pertenying to o?*r lady pond' 
j quart' & dim' vnc'. 

Item ij body J of oyliier & gylte & a claspe of a boke of siluere delivei^ed 
by Jhon Strowge. 

Item ij Broken pecu oflf syluer off a chalace fote & iij cnstalh's stoiLs 
sett in syluer pond' ij vnc' & dim'. 

I^eni oon obligacione off xxiiji* in the whych Thomas curie Wilh'am 
Syndyrton & thomas fflyntt er Bownden to the chyrch wardance off sent 

16 1517 to 1519 

iiiarye chyrch aftbrsaidc whcr otf" andrew pomell hath resavyd v^* «& 
accomptyde with the pa/yssh ftbr the same & soo remanyt & nott paid xv^* 
lit pate? in cisderii oh\igiicio7iibus ct idem Richard?t5 lychfeld deUberauit 
pred/ctas duas obhgacmnes thonie iiKxrshall secuw gardiano modo in 
custod/a ahini welle*- sibi dchbcrat' per thomaiii marshall. 

Item a nother obhgacyon for Chyrche belfounder of bery. 
13 b] Itc'm a box with xvij Eiiydenss concernyng cambrig feld. 

Item in the kepyng of the yaid aleyn a longe Irne in Ecclesium & 
certcyn Nayles that were lefte of the Nayles of the Chirclie doore now 
delyuered to Robert Goodhale. 

Mo that all thiso Juolh'a & im ^ Item dim' yerde of whight branch- 

plomontos in thio Icf s pcoifi o d are j ed & ij pecis are delyue?'ed to Richard 
delyucrcd to John Thirloby in the Cotton. 
p^vocnco of Mr John Erlycho m^' I Item delyuered to the same xj 

John Ray & other the iij^^*^ day of 
Mayo the vij^'' ycrc of the reignc of 

bottonnis sylke smal and great on 
the feste of seynt Marke Anno xvij 
Regni Regis H. viij. 

M" that all thise Jvielles & implementes in this lef specified are delyuered 
to Robert Goodhale Chirchewerden of the Chirche of seint Mary next the 
Ma;'ket of Cambrigge the Sonday the viij day of June in the viijth yere of 
the Reigne of kyng henr' the viij^'^ & certeyn parcelhs of the same pondered 
as appereth byfor in this lef thcr and than present M*" hugh Chapman 
M^' John Erliche M"^ wilUam Nelson M"^ John Ray M"" John Clerk aleyn 
welh's Robert Smyth wexchaiuideler with other moo. 

Item A chalesse with a paten pond' xi vnc' & dim' unc' «&; qz^art' with a 
lambe in j?® paten & a Crucifixe m the fote of the chalysse. 

Item A chalesse with a paten po?id' xv vnc' & dim' et cum trihus 
kuoppys m pede & a ymage of our ladye in the paten & Jhesus on the 
other syde of the paten & a Crucifyxe in the foote of the chalysse. 

Item a Chalysse wit/i a paten pond' xxi vnc' & dim' with a vernacie in 
the paten & a scripture with calicem salutaris etc. & a ymage of cryste in 
the foote of the chalysse & Ihesus in euery square. 

Itewi A broken Chalesse pond' xij vnc' & dim'. 

M™ y^ RobeH Goodhale Chirchewarden hath dyliueryd all such Joelles 
& implementes & wrytyng^'s in thys lefe specyfyed to Robert Smythe 
Chyrch warden for y*^ yere to cumme y*^ xxiiij day of May y"^ ix^^ yere of y^ 
reynge of kyng henry y** viij*-*^ in present of M'' Hugh Chapman M'" halhed 
M"^ Butte M"" Gierke bedell M^ Ray with other moo of y« parysshe. 

MT" that the xvi*^*^ day of Maye in the Tenyth yer of the reigne of 
king henry the viij^*^ RobeH Smyth wexchaundeler & Wilkam fflory haue 
delyuered vnto M"" John Ray & M"" John Clerk Chirchewardeyn for the 
yerre to Cume all suche Juelles ym2>lcmentes & wrightynges conteyned & 
specified in thise lef in the presence of M'' Hugh Chapman M'" henry 
hallehed M*" W Butte M"" Wilh"<xm Nelson with other mo of the parisshe. 

1513 17 

14 a] Me?/i" y* on Sonday next aftyr the fieste of sentt Michaell 
archangell anno henrici octaui qui?ito henry halhede & wyllyam Nelwon hath 
accoinptide with the parysch ffor the money gadyrd in the chyrch ftrom 
the feste ofi" Estyr laste paste to the said sonday and there remanyd in 
ther handes than iij^^ whych.thei delyueryd and paid than to Richard 
lychfeld oon off the chyrch wardance in the presence oft' M"" Heugh 
Chapman M"^ Ray M'' Skalys with odyr moo and the said Richardc hath 
discharge hym by hys Compte oft' the said iij^^ 

Cantebn^i'a. Compu^?*s Ricaro^i lychefeld & Thome Marshall Gardi- 
anor?^?;i & bonorum Custod?/wt Ecclcsie parochialis beate Marie virginis 
luxta ftbriiw ville Cantebr' de omjiihus & singulis Recepcio?iibzis Reddi- 
tuiini & firmari^wi ac &lioru7n proficuum proveniencium dicte Ecclesie a 
festo annunciaczonis beate Marie virginis anno regni regis henrici Octaui 
quarto vsq?^' idem iestum annuwciacior^is beate Marie virginis anno regni 
regis henrici Octaui supradic^i quinto videlicet per vnum annu??i integrum 
fact' et Reddit' vicesimo septimo die Mensis Marcij anno quinto supra- 
dic^o coraw parochiauis dic^e parochie. 

Receytes of Richard lychefeld. 

ffirste the sayd Richard chargeth hymsilf with money by him 
resceyued of Robert smyth John Marshe & Edmund filory 
by them collected & gadered vppon plough Monday ... xs 

[tern Resceyued of andrewe pomell of money by hym collected Ixxviij^ 
Item Resceyued of Maistre} Nelson for a lytill ston ... ... iiij«i 

Item Resceyued of henry hawlehed for to pay for ston... ... xij" 

Item Resceyued of the quarrey Man ... ijs 

Item Resceyued of M"^ hawlehed & M^' Nelson of money by them 

gaderyd Lx^ 

Item Resceyued of M"" Scaly s ... ... x^ 

Item of [blank] ftbxton of hynton xij f udder lyme in partie 
of payment of an Obligaci'on made by Thomas Curie & 
other price of the sayd lyme ... ... ... ... ... xxx« 

14 b] Summa totalis 'Recepte vt pa^e^ infra viij^* xij^ iiij^. 

Idem Ricard?<5 lychefeld Comput' petit allocari 

fi"yrste payed to Thomas Broun waterman for iij Mf Brykkes . . . xvj » 

rtem payed for wyne^ for the Sacrament ... ... ... ij^ 

Item payed for nay lys for the Chirche doore ... ijd 

Item payed to John Nele for his labour for trymyng of the same viij'^ 
Item payed to ij laborers for beryng of Tymbir from the veste- 
mentmakers and for makyng clene of the logge for the 

firemasons iiijd 

1 MS. lyne. 
C. A. S. Octavo Series. No. XXXV. 2 

18 1513 

Itt'in payed to John Nelc for slekking of lyme j*^ 

Ittm payed to Dey of Barnewcll for iiij lodes of sond xij*^ 

Item jmyed to Richard wryght Glasyer for inendyng of the 

Chirche wyndowes that were broken iiij" 

Item payed for a Baskett to putte in the broken glasse ... ij^ 

Item payed to John Reysebek smyth for a .stone sawe ... xij<* 
Item payed to John Nele for makyng c[l]ene of the guylde halle 

whan the gla-syer was ther ... ... ... ... ... ij*^ 

Item payed for wasshyng of the surpleyses xij'^ 

Item payed to John Nele for skowryng of the great Candel- 

stykkes ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... viij*^ 

Item payed for prykke* for the Churche Wyndowes j^ 

Item payed to John Nele for his laboure aboute the same ... ij** 
Item payed to a blak ftryer in Estir holidais for to pley atte 

Orgayns xvj'^ 

Item payed to John lambe for karying of vj lodes durte from the 

Chirche xij^ 

Item payed to Dey of Barnewell for vij lode« of sond ... ... ij^ iiij** 

Item for an hamper for the plate xj<* 

Item payed to John Nele for a day & a halfe vj'* 

Summa xxxj^ ix**. 

15 a] Item payed to a laborer for brekyng of olde Morter iij 

dayes ... xij*' 

Item payed to Badcok of Barnewell for xj lodes of sand ... iij^ viij** 

Item payed for Resen & wax for semmont for the Masons ... vj^ 

Item payed to a laborer for to breke olde Morter iiij dayes . . . xvj^ 

Item payed to Dey of Barnewell for viij lodes of sand ... ... ij® viij** 

Item payed to John Kyllyngworth for iiij ffudder of lyme ... x^ 

Item payed to a laborer for ij dayes & a half ... ... ... x<* 

Item payed to John Nele for iiij dayes xyj** 

Item payed to John Nele for iij ... ... ... ... ... vj** 

Item payed to a laborer for iij dayes ... ... ... ... xij^ 

Itewi payed for lyne delyiiered to the Masons ... ... ... iij** 

Item payed for a Tubbe for the Masons vij^ 

Item payed for nay lys for the same Tubbe ... ob' 

Item payed for a key for the vestrye doore ... ... ... iiij** 

Item payed for nay lys for the hanbarowe ... ... ... ob' 

Item payed for Carrying of iiij Tunne ston xx<* 

Item for ladyng of the same ston ... ... ... ... ... xij<* 

Item payed to John Nele for mendyng of the hanbarrowe ... ij^ 

Item payed for j*Wjf wax ... ... ... ... ... ... vj** 

Item payed for ij** Rosen ij*^ 

Item payed for nayles for the skeffbld ... ... ... ... j^ 

Item payed to halle of hynton for iij fudder of lyme vij^ vj*^ 

1513 19 

Item payed to laborers for lyeng oute of the vestrie Rofe ... iiij'* 

Item payed to Badcok of Barnewcll for v lodes sand xx** 

Item payed for slakyng of lymc ... ij^ 

Item payed to Will/am 

Item payed to Badcok of Barnewell for iiij lodes of sand . . . xvi*^ 

Item payed for nayles for the skaffolde of the porche ij'^ 

15 b] Sicinma xlii^ ij** 

Item payed for Rosen & wax for sement ... v"^ 

Item payed for nayles for the [blank] ... ... ... ... ij** 

Item piyed for pavyngston iij lodes from soynt Johns ... xv*^ 

Item payed to a laborer for ladyng of the ston ... ij*^ 

Item payed to Badcok of Barnewell for iij lodes of sand .... xij^ 

Item payed to the sayd Badcok of Barnewell for iij lodes of sand xij<^ 

Item payed for a skopett for the masons ... ... ... j*^ ob 

Item payed for naylis for the porche stage ... ... ... ij^ 

Item payed for a skeppe for the masons j^^ ob 

Item payed for nay lys for the skafFold ... j^ ob 

Item payed to a qiiarre Man for ij ton of ston ... ... ... xij^ 

Item payed [blank] 

Item payed to Nele for makyng of the Sent ... iiij^ 

Item payed for [blank] 

Item payed for lyne for the masons ... ... ... ... ob 

Item payed to Roy te the kerpender ... ... ... ... vj^ viij^ 

Item payed to John Kele Keruer for makyng of the Ghirche 

dore ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xvj^ viij*^ 

Item payed to Roy te the Carpenter ... ... ... ... vj^ viij^ 

Item loayed for nayles for the porche & the vestrie xx*^ 

Item payed for C nayles ... ... ... ... y]^ 

Item payed for C nayles 

Item payed for dim' C nayles 

Item payed for nayles for the Tower 

Item payed for C nayles for the plomei 

Item payed to ij laborers for makyng clene of the Chirche yerde 

and the vestrie for iij dayes ... ... ... ... ... xviij^^ 

Item payed to Badcok of Barnewell for a lode sand ... ... iiij<* 

Summa liij^ j^ ob' 

16 a] Item payed for a lokke for the fonte ... ... ... ij<^ 

Item payed for C nayles for the newe Chirche dore v<^ ob 

Item jmyed for nayles for the Cherche dore dim' C ... ... iij'i 

Item payed for nayles for the same ... ... iij<i 

Item payed to John Keale Joynowr ... iij ^ iiij ^ 

Item payed to the same John Keale Joynoi^r ... xiij« iiij<i 

Item payed [blank] 




20 1513 

It<?m payed for nay lea for the same ... ... ... ... ob 

Item payed to Mondeyii smyth ... ... ... ... ... x^ v<^ 

Item payed for a lokke for the Re vestry doore and ij keyes ... ij^ 

Sw?7ima xxx^ iij^ ob. 

Summa totah's alloc' vij^' xvij^ vj^l 

Et sic idem Richardus lichefeld debet Eccle.^ie iwedicte . . . xiiij^ x'* 

quos ide;rt RicAa;-c/us deliberaiiit & soluit Alano Welles Gardiano 
Ecclesie i>redicte p*o anno futuro. 

16 b] Resceytes of Thomas Marshall 

fFyrste Resceyued vppon plough Monday ... ... ... xij^ 

Item Resceyued of Wilham syndirton for Thomas Curie plomer xxvj^ viij^ 

Item Resceyued of Thomas Curie Plomer ... ... ... vj^ viij** 

Item Resceyued of M^ puregold ... ... ... xl« 

Item Resceyued of WilhV/m synd/rton for Thomas Curie plomer x^ 

Ite7^i Resceyued of M»' hawlehed & of M^ Nelson ... ... xxiiij^ 

Item Resceyued of M"^ Nelson and M'" hawlehed x^ 

Item Resceyued of M^' Nelson and M"^ hawlehed xx^ 

Item Resceyued for an C Brykke ... vj<* 

Item Resceyued of Garrarde Godfrey for ij bolles of Morter ... ij<* 
Item the said Thomas is also charged with tharrerages of his 

accompte of the laste yere ... ... ... xj» iij"* 

Swmma totalis viij^^ xv^. 
vnde petit allocari vt sequitur postea. 


17 a] Idem Thomas Marshall com put' petit allocari 

ftyrste payed to Wilh'am Elton for raendyng of the Blewe veste- 

ment xij*^ 

Item payed to lambe for Carrying of iij M"*^ Brykke ... ... ij^ vj*^ 

Item payed to a Man & his wyf for euery lode takyng downe & 

for couchyng yt in the chirche x lodes 

Item payed for bordyng of the Glasyer & his seruaunte ... ij^ 

Item payed for Woode vnto hym ... ... ... ... ... iij*^ 

Item payed for ij shovy lies for the workes ... ... ... vj^ 

Item payed for certey hojjys sette vppon the vessell of y® 

Chirche iiij<* 

Item payed for ij skeppys for the Cherclie ... iij** 

Item payed for a white Rente of the allmesse houses ... ... xij** 

Item payed to lambe for vj M* Brykke carying from Seynt 

Johns Collegge ... ... ... iiij' 

Item payed to Borden the Mason for the Chirche xx» 


1518 21 

Item payed for ij [blank] for the Chirche x"* 

Item payed to the quarrey Man for ston ... v^ 

Item payed for vj M* Brykke atte v^ the M* xxx« 

Item payed unto Rotte the Carpente?" in the presens of M*" 

Erlyche and Richard Cle^e xl*" 

Item payed to the quarrey Man for ston the whiche I toke vnto 

Richard lychefeld xxiiij^ 

Item payed to a laborer for to helpe the Carpenter ... ... iiij*^ 

Item payed to an othe[r] laborer for to helpe them ... ... ij^ 

Item payed to ij laborers for half a day iiij^ 

Item payed to Sel by the Mason for Borden ... ... ... x^ 

Item payed for ij Tunne of ston the whiche I hadde of Maister 

larke xij^ 

Item payed for carying of the same ston from the CoUegge ... xij<* 
Item payed for woode for the plomer for soderyng of the 

17 b] Turret ijd 

Item payed for woode for the plomer for soderyng of the Gutters 

ofthevestrie ij* 

Item payed for Carying of xi C ledes from the Chirche to the 

plomers and from the plomers to the Chirche ... ... viij*^ 

Item payed for M^" Jakkenettes drrige ... ... ij^ i<i 

Item payed for mendyng of the best Copys ... ... ... xiij^ x** 

Item payed for sylken poynte5 for the same Copy s ... ... iiij<* 

Item for wasshyng of serteyn Surplesys and awter Clothis and 

ix amyssys for other Clothis with them for the yer . . . iijs 

Item payed for settyng on of the albys of them ... ... iiij* 

Item payed to ij laborers for havyng vp the leade on the 

vestrie ... ... iiij^ 

^umma totalis viij'^ xvij^ iij'^. 

y quietus 

Et sic debetur eidem Thome Marshall xvj^ 

quos Alanno welles soluit sibi pre manibws 

Recept' Alani welles de gardianis & aMis in fine dicti Com- 
po^i vt sequitur 
In primis Recept' de Thoma Marshall RicAaro^o lychefeld 

super determinacionem Compo^i sui vt pa^e^ infra ... xiiij^ xj** 

Et simliter Recept' de Stephano fFarand Clerico de pecuniis 

collectis super plough Monday ... vij^ viij^ 

Item Recept' de prefato B,ickardo lychefeld nixper gardiano de 

pecuniis Collectis hec summa sequent' vacat quia po^rcella 

predz'ci' xiiij" xj<^ ... ... ... ... ... ... vj^ vj*^ ob 

Et si^nz'Ziter Recept' vnam pixidem eisdem pecuniis collectzs ad 

edificacibnem ecclesie in eadem pixide existent' ... ... xxx^ ix"* 

Smnma totalis liij^ iiij**. 

22 1513 

18 a] Idem Alanus soluit & deliberauit Thome Marshall nuper 

gardiano pro surplus' Compod sui ut Y>atet infra xvi^ 

S^tmma xvi^ 

Et sic remanct in manib-pw dicti Alani clare in Clara pecunia xxxvij^ iiij<^ 

Dettis owyng to the sayd Chirche 

ffii'ste of John Ray thclder for his buriell in the sayd Chirche vj^ viij'^ 

Item in thande^ of M^ Robert hobbys — vj'^ of yerly Rente for 
the pale in the Chirche yerde for iiij yeres due and Renne 
in the feste of Estir that shalbe in anno do?mni M+ dim' 

xiiij ij« 

Item in thande* of John Munden smyth vt \>atet per billam 

huic folio confut' & annex' ... ... ... ... ... ij^ 

Item in thandes of John Martyn for ij yere,<? rente of the Chirche 

Chambir payhablc atte Candilmesse laste paste ... ... xx^ 

Item for Rente of vij acrej & a Rode of land whiche Elizabeth 

Godfrey wedowe gaf & bequethed 
Item for the Rente or ferme for ij yers of ij acrej of Medowe in 

Chestirton goven by the sayd Elizabeth ... ... ... ij^ iiij'' 

It e m of henry hawlched for a fod e r of lymc & ij loodeg sand and 

iiij Bry kktg 
Item of the kynges halle for CCC Brykkes delyuered by Thomas 
Marshall in the yer presedent 

billa recepc^o?^ees recept' de Thoma Curie plomer 

ffirste resceyued of the said Thomas in money xliij^ iiijd 

Item for xj C leade shotyng xj^ 

Item for ij Men laboryng ij daj'^es vppon the Chirche ... ... ij^ 

18 b] Item for iij dayes worke of ij Men in the Torettes ... iijs 
Item for vij poundes Sowder occupyeng the same tyme for the 

same Torettes ij^ iiij*^ 

Summa iij'' xx'^. 

19 a] The exspences of the obbyte of thomas Jakenet Kepyt by thy 
Chyrche wardeyns of sent mary chyrche next the raarkett of Cambrygge 
in the fest of Senytt thomas the appostell yerely for euer as foloweth 

In pnmis for the offeryng of the sayd cherchewardeyns ... ij^ 

Item to the parysshe prest iiij*^ 

Item to the chawntry pn'ste ... ... ... iiij^' 

Item to other iij i:)nstes eueryche iij*' Swmma ... ix'' 

Item to euery of the sayd churche wardens ij*' for thyer labore 

Item to the parysshe clarke for hys labor iiij'' 

so that the sayd pensones be present atte sayd dyrge & masse 

Summa ij^ jd. 



19 b] Memora7idu7)i that I Thomas Brigg prencypall off Pawhs In has 
resceived In y^ name off me & my hall co??ipany a chales of Eobert smythe 
& William Flory Chyrche Wardens y^^ jer present Wyttnes y^^ my awne 

Memorandum That I Thomas Arthur Pryncypall of Seynt Mary 
Hostell In the name of me & all my company e have Eeceyvyd a chales of 
Robert Smyth & Wyllmm florys Chyrchwardens y'^ yere present. Wyttnes 
thys my proper hande. 

[Fol. 20 a blank.] 

olde he of the 

vj« j*i ob 





20 b] Hereafter folowyth diners Summys of mony Receyvet by John 

Marche & Robert goodale of eue?*y ManTiys goodwyll euery Sonday 

gaderyt by the Rollers the fyrst ys the ix day of July the vj yere of Kyng 

hary the viij that weere bega?«ne to gadyr & so gaderet tyll the xxiiij day 

of december. 

In pnmis Receyvyd the ix day of July 

Item Receyvyd the x\^* day of July 

Item Receyvyd the xxiiij day of July 

Itewi Receyvyd the xxx diiy of July 

Item Receyvyd the vj day of August 

Item Receyvyd the xiij day of August 

Item Receyvyd the xx day of August 

Item Receyvyd the xxvij day of August 

Ite?>i Receyvyd the iij day of September 

Item Receyvyd the x day of September 

Itern Receyvyd the xvij day of Septewibe/ 

Item Receyvyd the xxiiij day of September 

Item Receyvyd the fyrst day of October 

Item Receyvyd the viij day of October 

Item Receyvyd the xv day of October 

Item Receyvyd the xxij day of October 

Item Receyvyd the xxix day of October 

Item- Receyvyd the v day of november 

Item Receyvyd the xij day of november 

Item Receyvyd the xix day of november 

Item Receyvyd the xxvj day of novewiber 

Itejn Receyvyd the iij day of december 

Item Receyvyd the x day of december 

Itewi Receyvyd the xvij day of december 

Itewi Receyvyd the xxiiij day of december 

Item Receyvyd of John nelle for iij sparres & the 

Item Receyvyd of Master bery bery 


8 iijd 



vij^ viij*^ 
vjs ixd 

vij^ iiij^ 


vij 8 v<* 





Vj8 x*i 

vjs ijd 

yS viij*! 

V^ V** 



21 a] Hereaftyr folowyth dyuers summys of mony payd by John Marche 



& Robart goodale to Masons carpyntors & laborers & for stone & yerne 
wyrke & for the almys howse & for all necessary exigences a bowght the 
porche & the vestry of the cherche of owr lady fronie the ix day of July the 
vj yere of King hary the viij tyll the xxiiij day of december 

In pnmys to badcoke of barnewyll for Sond ij lodes ... 

Item to Mastyr Ray for stone iiij tone & xj fote 

Item to ij carpentors dim' a day to playne the hordes of the 

porche ... 
Item payd to tho?7ias Curie for lede to the almys howse 
Item payd for Sonde ij lodes to badcoke ... 
Item payd to Selby Mason ... 

Ite7n payd to Selby Mason 

Item for lede nayle ij C 

Item to John Nele j day wyrke 

Item for lede nayle ij C 

Item to iiij laborraris for caryyng of a grave stone in to the 


Item payde to thomas dyar for caryyng of led frome the 

Item to ij carpe/itors for trysyng up on the lede and puttyng 

the Rope in the Crane 
Ite??i payde for takyng downe of the crane 

Item for led nayle j C ... ... 

Item payd to thomas Curie plomer for hys seruontes wages 
Item payd to andrew Mason for v days & hys laborrar v days 
Item to badcoke for Sonde j lode ... 

Item to John nele j day wyrke 

Item pay to the Slatyr for hys wyrke of the almys howse 

Item payde to M"^ Crakynthorpe for borde j M & ij fote 

Item to boxton carpewtar for Metyng of the borde 

Item for caryyng of the borde 

Item to bodyll & Rodrome Masons for eche of them ij day 

abowe of the vestrey ... 
Item for Sond ij lodes to badcok ... 
Item a laborrar 

Item to John Nele j day wy[r]ke ... 
Item to ij labor for beryng a webe of lede to the cherche for 

the spowtes 
Item to the Slatyr for hys wyrke of the almys howse ... 
Item to the paver for viij fot pawyng 
Item to algar for vij days & ij seruantes vij days & for Rede 

dim' C & makyng of the flassins 

Item to bodyll & sade Masons for letyng in of the flassins 

in the porche & the stabylks in the vestrey 
Item to boxton for Makyng of the wendows in the vestry 

xxvij^ iiij^ 


viij J 








xxxj^ viij^' 







nij8 x" 





iiij^ viiij 


1515 25 

Item payd to Mondyn Smythe for yerne wyrke to the wendows 

i?i the westry ... ... ... ... v^ j'^ 

Item payd to Jainys Masons for ^[akyng the cherche thros- 

soldt^5 ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ij^ 

Item payd to Wyllyam abyngton for weyr ij li. dim. for the 

weste wyndow ... ... ^ ... ... ... ... ... xv*^ 

Item to the Smythe for iiayle iiij li. to the spowttcs of the 

vestrey viij^ 

Item payd Redyng of the hey wendows & Remevyng the stone 

in the cherchecherde ... ... ... ... ... ... xv*^ 

Itein payd for caryyng of dong howght of cherchecherde . . . xiij'^ ob 

[Fol. 21 b blank.] 

22 a] parochia heate Marie iuxta forum ville Ca.ntabrigice 

Comp?fAis alani welles & Thome hoggekyn Gardianor?«m & bonon^m 
Custod?<»i Ecclesie predicie factws iij*^ die Mensis Maij anno regni regis 
heurici octaui sexto 

The Resceytes of the said Alayn 

ffirst Resceyved of RicA^ro? lichefeld & Thomas Marshall Chirche 
wardeyns in the yer precedent for the surplusage vpon the 
foote of ther accompte due & owing & Remayning to the 

Chirche ... ... xxxvij^ iiij^ 

Item Resceyved of Maister hobbs for a certeyn pale made vpon 
the grounde belongyng to the Chirche yerd aforesaid vpon 
thest syde of the same next to the Tenement late in the 
tenure of M^" hesse well .. . ... ... ... ... ... ij^ 

Item of the sale of the tymbir of the logge of the belle frame in 

the Chirche yerd whan the belles were taken downe ... if j<i 

Item of the sale of Segge of the same logge ... ... ... iiij^i 

Ite7Ai of andrew pomell for dim. C brykke ... iiij*i 

Item for the buryell of M"^ Wise within the Chirche ... ... vj^ viij'* 

Item for dim' C brikke that I the said aleyn hadde iiij** 

Item of andrew pomell for a quarter of brykke ... ... ... ij** 

Item of the same for V smale stons ... ... ... ... vj** 

Item of alger ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... vj^ viij*^ 

Item of John Marty for the ferme of the Chaumbir ouer the 

Almous hose ... ... ... ... ... ... ... v^ 

Item of the ferme of a certeyn medow in Chesterton goven to 
the said Chirche by Maisteres Goddefrey this yer letter* 

for ij® iiij** 

Item for the buryell of Calo fFremeson wMin the Chirche ... vj^ viij** 
Item of Garrard for Ix brikkes ... ... ... ... ... iiij^ 

Item of John harryson for torchis .. . ... ... ... ... viij** 

Summa Ixxj^ v^. 

26 1515 

The paymente5 of the said Aleyn for the said Chirche 

ffirst to Eichard lychefcld Thresorer of Cambrigge for the oute 

Rent of the house in the Chirche yard ... ... ... xij^ 

Itc?w to Nele for scoryng of the stondardes viij^ 

Itejn to J(^hn lambe Carter to Cary dust oute of the chirche 

yerd xij<* 

22 1)] Itew for the baskettc\? mendyng ... ... ... ... iiij^ 

Item for Irne werk of the glasse wyndow made by Nichohis 

Speryng stacioner ... ... ... ... ... ... iiij^ 

Item to the good wif Mofrsshe for were ... j*^ ob 

Item for ij pec^s tymber for the hangyng of the belles in the 

stepill iiijs vij*! 

Item for Caryage of the same Tymbir from the fayer etc. ... \^ 

Item for wasshing of xj surplices ... ... ... ... ... viij*^ 

Item to a Mason to Make holys in the stepill for to hang the 

belles ... ... ... ... ... iij<* 

Item to the Carpenter to hang the said belles ... ... ... xx' 

Ite?}?. for iij Rops to the belles ... ... ... ... ... iiij* 

Item to the smyth in the pety Cury for the Irne werk of the 

belles ... ... ... ... iiij^ ij*^ 

Item to Nele for his labow viij*^ 

Item to the smyth for a belle CI aper ... v^ vj** 

Itewi for making of the bawdryk of the great belle xij^ 

Item for mendyng of the lokke of the Revestry ... vj<* 

Item to John watteson Carpenter werking in the stepill etc. ... xx^ 

Item to the smyth in the pety Cure for ij li. nayles iiij<^ 

Item for iiij C Segge for the Stepill v^ 

Item for ij C Segge for the same viij*^ 

Item for a dogge of Irne & nayles occupied in the stepill ... xiiij^ 

Item for the Cariage of the foresaid iiij C segge xvj** 

Item to laborers werking in the said stepill ... ... ... xvj** 

Item for ij faggettes to sowdir in the said stepill ij*i 

Item for C vj^ nayle occupied in the said stepill ... ... iij*! 

Item for iiij C dim' nayles to the wyndowes of the Revestry . . . xiij*^ ob 

Item for twise wasshing of the surplices ... ... ... ... x<* 

Item for thexspences of Thobbite of Thomas Jakenet ... ... ij^ jd 

Item for wasshing of v surplices & oon Rochet ... ... ... iiij^ 

Item for Costes goying to the visitacwn at ditton ... ... iiij^ 

Summa Ixix^ xi^ 

23 a] The Resceytes of Thomas hoggekyn 

ffirst resceyved of the gifte of agnes Shepherd ... ... ... iiij^ j*^ 

Item of John Marty n for the ferme of the Chambir ouer the 

Almoushouse in the Chirche yerd ... ... ... ... xxv^ 





xix<* ob 



Iteni of alger for a litill dogge of Irne and a pece of an olde 

stape ... 

Summa xxix^ iij^ 

The paymentes of the said Thomas hoggekyn 
ffirst iiij C lathe nayle spent vfithin the Teneinent in the Chirche 


Item for the Carry age of ij loade Cley 

Item for ij M*lath nayle 

Item for iij C ijd nayle 

Item for a C of iijd nayle ... iij' 

Ite77i for ij C latthe} xij' 

Ite?7i for mo latthe} 

Item for carying of lyme & sande oute of the Chirche yerde in 

to the Chirche ... 
Item to haue in to the Chirche the Slatte in Chirche yerd ... j 

Item for wesshing of iiij awbs & for iij awbs ... ... ... vj 

Item for iiij awbs for Children & vj awter Cloths ... ... iiij*^ 

Itew? for iiij awbs for Children & iiij hande towelles ... ... iiij'' 

It€?;i payd to a slatter ... ... ... ... ... ... xxiij^ 

Item for wasshing of iij awter Cloths & oon towell j 

Summa xxix^ j** ob. 

And so the said Chirche wardeyns owe vnto the said Chirche 

Clerly etc xxj'^ 

whiche xxj'^ is delyuerd to Garrard Goddefrey oon of the Chirche 
wardeyns for the yere to Come therof to yeld a due 

23 b] Dettes due to the said Chirche & Kemayng (sic) on payd as 

apperith in the foote of thaccompt of Richard lichefeld and Thomas 

Marshall here byfore in this booke and in the bill of Aleyn weUes vpo?^ 

this accompt 
luigh Chapman 

ffirot in the bill of alayn wcllea this ycre accomptauntc for xv 





pocca Tymbir aoldc to M'' hugh Chapman for 
Item to the same for a ij footo Btono 

llJ" IX 

Item to the same for iij pocee Tymbir 

Itom for a atone with an hole 


Item for iiij bushcllea lyme . . . rr: rv. tv. — 

olde dettes appereth in the foresaid accompte of Thomas Marchall 

& Richard lychefeld 
John Ray 



Item for the buryell of olde M'^ Ray within the Chirche 
Item in the hande.s of his Executow?^ for a legace to the said 
Chirche as apperith in his wille & testament 

vjs vnj' 

28 1515 to 1516 

hec Swwma soluit?<r Mr Raye ut ^atet infra 
Jolin Mouden 

Item ill tlie handt's of John Mouden Smyth for the Rest of olde 

Irne to him solde vt i>atet infra ... ... ... ... ij" 

M*" henry hallehed sohiit roberto goodale iij« iiij<* 


oandc & iii j brikkca vt \iatct in Compo^o liohcfcld infra 
Masters of the kinges halle 

Item in thandes of the Master of the Kinges Halle to them 
dclyue?'ed by Thomas Marshall CCC brikkcs 
Olyuer Scalys 

Memoraiidum that Olyuer Scalys oweth for the buryell for 

ij of his Children wiYAm the said Chirche xiij^ iiij*^ 

John Charleys 

Item Memorandum that there Resteth in the handes of John 
Charleys & other Executo?/?*} of Maistress Goddefrey of 
a legace given to the said Chirche ... xc" 

24 a] parochia beate Marie Virginis iiixta forum ville Cantebr' 

villa Cantebr' Compotim Gerrardi Goddefrey & Johawms Thirleby 

Gardianorwm & bonorz^wz Custod^tm Ecclesie parochie i^redicte ibidem 

factws die lune in septimana pasche anno regni regis h. octaui septimo. 

Eleccto officiarwwm eiusdem parochiae.] C^arrardus Goddefrey vnus 

Gardianor?*^ -p?-edictorum Eligit in Eleccionem Magistrum Robertum 

Hobbys iohanne^ Thirleby alter Gardianorwm Eligit Magistrum aXoAwim 

Welles Quiquidem duo Eligerimt sibi sex videhcet Magistrum Hugonem 

Chapman Magistrum JohaTiwem Erliche Magistrum ^envicum halleehed 

Magistrum wille/wum Nelson Robertum Smyth wexchaundeler & wiWel- 

mum fflory Quiquidem Octo Eligerunt Officiarios ut sequit-z^r. 

, /Y> . ^ ^. fRoftertum Goodehalle 

In omcio GardianorMm pro anno sequence -{^t- i 7 

[isicholaum. Speryng 

In officio Gardianort^m lumiimm sepulcri Christi (i dhannQm. Martyn 

Et Crucifixi Christi j)ro eodem Anno JRobertum Cobbe 

T rv- • />. T 1 • T»r. Ti (Wicardum. Cotton 

In officio Gardianor^^m luminw?>i Misse Jhesu {^ , , 

[dohannevci howes 


The said accomptauntes yelde accompte of money by thewi 
Receyued of alley n welles and Thomas hoggekyn Chirche- 
wardeyns in the yer precedent for the Surplusage due to 
the said Chirche vpon their accompte as apperith in the 
foote of the same ... ... ... ... ... ... xxij'^ ob 

Item resceyved of M*" hobbys for the Rent of the pale in the 

Chirche yerd ... ... ... ... ... vj** 

1515 to 1516 29 

Hem for the ferme (^f ChesWton Medow hoc anno nil quia 

lion fuit conduct' 
Item for the ferme of the loud in Cambrigge field nil quia 

non fuit conduct' 
Itewi for the sale of olde slatte ... ... ... ... ... xij*^ 

Item for Ragge ston solde to JN^'" Nelson ... ... ... ... iij*^ 

It<?wi for a pece Tymbir .soldo to M^" Erliche ... ... ... vj^ 

Item of John hovves for wast of torchis atte buryell of ]\P' 

Consent ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iij^ 

item of the same for the buryell of the same M"" Consent within 

the Chirche vj« viij*^ 

Item of M"" William Nelson for the buryell of his wif within 

the Chirche vj« viij'^ 

item for a litill fire ston solde to M"" Bigge principall of powls 

June iiij^ 

Item of John Martyn for the ferme of the Chambe/-s ouer the 

Almouse house in the Chirche yerd for the yer ended 

at Candellmesse last past ... x^ 

Item of Robe?*t Smyth wexchawndeler & wilh'am fflory wardeyns 

of the sepulcre & Roode lighten for v yers Resceytes of the 

same in a grose summe ... ... ... ... ... xliij^iij'^ 

The stokke of wex of the said ij lighten ponderyng 

verte plus in dorso 
24 b] Item resceyued of Thom(a)s Barbo^^r for a pece of an 

olde fre ston ... ... ... ... ... ... ... viij*^^ 

Item rescey ved of Collecczons for xvij sondays as apperith by a 

byll ... ... ... ... ... cj^viij^ob 

Summa totalis ^ecepte viij** xvf ij** 

The paymentis of the said Chirchewardeyns 

tirst payed for a laddir occupied by Nele in the said Chirche ... vij** 
Item to petir pekke & Thomas yoman Thresorers of the Towne 
of Cambrigge for the outerent of the Almouse houses 

in Cimitorio ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xij** 

Item for thexpences of the dirrige of Thomas Jaconet ... ... ij** iij*^^ 

Item for Colys occupied in the Chirche vpon Cristemese even ij'^ 

Item for two belles Roopis bought by Nele ... ... ... xvj** 

Item for the aniendyng of the looke of the Revestry doore ... ij^ 

Item for the scoryng of the great scandelstikkes ... ... viij** 

Item for wasshing of Surplices awbs auter Clothis Towelles 
& other thinges belongyng to the Chirche for the hole 

yer M" Garrard ij« 

Item for twoo heirs for ij Aulters in the Chirche ... ... ij** viij*^ 

Item for Souldryng two lyons vpon the great Candelstikkes ... vj** 

Item for iiij yerdes lynnyii for a surplice for Nele xx^ 

30 1516 to 1520 

Item for the hiere of a Man to ryde to london for a glasier that 
shiild haiie glased the Cliirche wyndowes etc. for his 
labo?d7'3 ill that behalf ... ... ... ... ... ... iiij*" 

Item to John Bodell ft'rcmason for pyiinyng of the Revestry . . . xij^ 

Item payed for a new Claper for the great belle x^ x'* 

Itt'?/i for ij baldrikkcs for the belhis ... ... ... ... xx*^ 

Item for the amending of the two Clapers of the other ij belles xx*^ 

ltc77i to John Nele for the amending of the whele of the 

Samictis belle ... ... ... x^^ 

Summa totalis Alloc' xxxiij^ 

Et sic remanet Ecclesie in Clara pecunia vij^^ iij^ ij*^ 

Qiios deliberat' est ivefatis Goodhale & Speryng Gardianis pro Anno 

Memo7'a7idum that the olde dettes apperith in the last accompt 

And ouer & besides those dettes delyuered to Olyuer Scalys by the 
cowimaundement of M"" Erliche xxv foot fre ston 

25 a] Thaccompt & Reconyng of Thomas Curie 

Memorandum that the xvi^*» day of May in the viij^'' yer of the reigne 
of King Henry the viij^^' In the Cliirche of Seint Mary atte aulter of 
domes daye in the South Ille accompte & a Reconyng was hadde & made 
bytwen Thomas Curie plomer on that oon parte And the parochianers etc. 
on that other parte vpon the demaunde of an obligacion of xx Marc' 
endoced with condicion for the payme^it of x^* due by the said Thomas 
Curie Wherof he asketh to be allowed first for xviij C leade & dim' & xx'^ 
at vj^ C Swmma cxij^ Item for xxv^^ soulder viij^ iiij^ Item for werman- 
ship of CCC lede for the l)ypys iij^ Swnma totolis alloc' vj^* iij^ iiij^ 
wherof payed to the said Thomas by thandes of Robert Goodhale 
vjs viijd And so Rest due by the said Thomas the day & yer abouesaid 
vpon the foresaid obligac^on ouer aboue & besides an olde Reconyng 
of Ix^ dcmaunded of the said Thomas iiij^' iij^ iiij'^ Thise being witnesse 
M'" Hugh Chapman M'" John Erliche alcyn welles Robert Goodhale 
Garrard Goddefrey John Thirleby and other moo Et vlterius Idem 
Thomas Curie debet pro Costag^s super sect' versus ipsum Capt' super 
\yredictam ohligacionem Coram Maiore etc. xvij<*. 

25 b] Parochia beate Marie virginis iux^a forum ville Canta6ri^ze 

Eleccio ibidem, facta die lune in septimana pasche anno regni regis 
henrici viij xj"' 

Magister Joha^mcs Ray vnus Gardianonww- Eligit in Eleccionem Magis- 
trum Willelwiwm ]3utte 

Magister Johaw^ies Clerk alter Gardiaiion«??i Eligit in Eleccioncm 
Magistrum Robertum Hobbys 

1517 to 1520 31 

Quiquidem duo Eligeniiit sibi sex videlicet Rica7'dum Clerk Garrardum 

Goddefroy Rica/Y/uni lychefeld Rolx^'r^uin Goodeliale Johaniiem. Thompson 

& Johrt«/iein Tliirleby Quiquidem octo Eligcrunt officiaivos ,sequentc^6- pro 

amio futiu-o 

^ „ . ^ ,. T^ , • (Maoist rum yietruui Cheke 

In omcium Garaianor?«m tjcclcsie x^^ , , ^^ ,i i i ^ 

(llobertum Smyth wexchaundeler 

In offici^m Gardianor«/;i hmiin?i;;t iJohanncm harryson 

Sepulcri Christi & Crucifixi |johrt?incm kyrkeby 

-. ,,. . ,. ,,. ,, {\^\\\eln\um habyngton 

In omci^mi ijrardianorwm Misse Jhesu \^^. . .,i 

\R\cardu.m. wither 

In officio Auditor<67>j, Comiwd gardia-'i .^ . ,,,.„ , „ .^ 

., . , T- 1 • -r» o T 1 • f maqistrum vVillem?mi iiutte 
nor^wi scilicet Joha^wiis Kay & JohaHmsV,^ '^ . , . ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ 

^, , I Maaistrum henricum halleheld 

Gierke ) "^ 

Magistritm Robertum hobbys 

Magistrum Ricarci?um Gierke 

Et in officio custod', 

Glauorww anglice Kayes 

Giste xocate le Ghanterie 

hutche in qua Remane/it 

omwes Gartas & Eviden- 

cias spectantes Ganterie 

predicte J 

Magistrum Whightacr Gapellanz«?>i Ganterie 
Gardianos Eccksie \ quili^et istorwm ad ha- 
Magistrum Robertum>- bunda?>i et custodiV/i- 
hobbys ) dam unam Clauawi 

26 a] Parochia beate Mar^'e virginis mxta forum ville Cantebr«,^ie 

Gompo^us Robert! Goodhale & NichoZi Speryng Gardianort^m & bono- 
rum custodw?;i Eccle^«ie prcdicte \hidem. factws die lune in septimana pasche 
anno vegni regis henrici viij octauo 

Eleccio Officiarior?«/z. Robertus Goodhale vnus Gardianor^m pre- 
dictorum Eligit in Eleccio?iem Magistruin hugonewi Ghapman Nicho/aus 
Speryng alter Gardianor?<7>i eligit Magistnmi willehnum Butte Quiquide?;i 
duo Eligerunt sibi sex videlicet Magistrum henricum hallehed MagisXrum 
wille^wii^m Nelson Garrarduwi Goddefrey Magistrum Joha/i?iem Ray 
Magistrum petruni Glekke & alanuwi wellys quiquidem octo Eligerunt 
in officio Gardianor?^?;i Ecclesie predi'e^e pro anno futuro scih'cet 

/ Et in officio Gardm- 

Gard' Robertuwi Smyth I norum lumin^m 

Ecclesie Willelmurn fflory 1 Grucifixi et Sepulcri 

V Christi 

17- i. • re • /-( J- TVT- Ti f Ricaro?um Gotton 1 

Et in omcio Kj&raiiiiior um Misse Ihesu {^ . ^^ \ 

(Joha^mem Howesj 

I Magistrum JohanTiem Glerk 
Maqistricm Joha^w^em Ray 
Edwardum heynes 
Johannem Thirleby 

Joha^znemMartyn et 
Robertum Gobbe 

32 1518 to 1519 

Parochia heate Marie virginis iuxto forum ville CAntabrigie 

Eleccv'o il)ic/(mi facta die lune in septima^ia pasche anno vegni regis 

henrici viij ixP 

Eleccio OQJciariorum. Robertas Smyth Wexcha?*ndeler vnus Gardia- 

norum Eligit in Eleccionem Johaimem Ma7*she AVille^mws fflory alter 

Gardianorjfwi Elig/t Joh(n??ieni Tompson Quiquidem duo Eligerunt sibi 

sex videh'ect Mciffistrum Cristoforum Jolly doctore»i Magist?'iwi hugonewi 

Cliapman 'Magistrum hcnricum hallehed M.agistrum Robertum hobbys 

Ric«rci?um lichefeld et Garrardum Godfrey Quiquidem Octo Eligerunt 

in Officiis vt sequitwr pro anno sequent^ 

In OfRcium Gardianorwm (^iagistrum Joha?^?iem Ray 

Ecclesie predicte \JAagistrum Joha?i?iem Clerk 

In officiu??i Gardianorwm luminwm Crucifixi et [JohaTiriem Martyn 

Sepulcri Cristi (Wille^^ni^m Currowr 

T ^-v. • ^1- TIC- Ti fJoliamiem howes 

In Omcium Gardianorwwi Misse Ihesu s,„.,, , ^ ^ , 

\ys i\\cCmuvL\ nabynton 

^agisirum wille^m2«m Butte 

Et in Officio Auditorwm Compori istius h^iagisti'um Ricaro?z^m Clerk 

\M.agistrum Petrum Cheke 

26 b] Parochia beate Marie iux^a forum Ville Cantabrigie 

Compo^us Roberti Smyth wexchaundeler et WilWmi fflory Gardia- 
noYum et bonorwm Custodi^m Ecclesie predic^e ibidem fact' die domiWca 
xvj die mensis Maii anno re^^a' regis henrici octaui decimo 

Summa totalis Recejote Clare pecunie vt patebit postea vlt'^ 
xxxijs vj*^ 

Remanent' insolut' per Magistru7n Johannem. Ray et alios j 
vt sequent' patebit / xliiij^ xj<* 

Summa totalis ailocationis vt similiter patebit postea . . . xiij^ vj^ 

Et sic predict^ Gardiani debent Ecclesie Clare pecunie xxxj« y^ 

Debita Rem' insoluta vt i^atet sequent' 

ffirst of M"" John Ray for his brother buryell with[in] the 

Ite?)i for the buryell of M^" Joly within the Chirche 

Item for the wast of iiij torches atte buryell of M^ J. Erliche ... 

Item of John Martyn for the ferme of the Cambir ouer the 
almousehousc in the Chirche yerd for the yer ended at 
Candelmesse anno ix re^m regis henrici viij 

Ite?/^ for the buryell of Mais^eres Hobbys within the Chirche ... 

Item of the same for the Rent of the Pale within the Chirche 

yerdc ... 

Swmma huiz^s pagine xxxij^ vj^ 










1518 33 

Et Rem' in maiiift/<5 Magistri hugonis Chapman sibi delib(^;-at' 
j)cr Rob(;/'tu«t Goodhale nuper Gardinam (sic) in lyresencia 
multoriun vltra xij*^ ob dat' in Regard' laboratoribzts pro 
factiira Mm-i in Cimitorio ix^i ij« viij<^ 

27 a] vetere debit' que debentzw Ecclesie 

ftirst for the biuyell of olde M'' Raye wit/iin the Chirche ... \'j'^ viij'^ 

Item in thandt^s of his Executo?«r3 for a legace to the Chirchel Ten 

as it apperith in his wille & testament ... ... ...j poundes 

Item in thande^ of John Muuden smyth for the Rest of olde 

Irue to him solde vt pa^6'Hnf;-a ij** Rem' 

Itetri in thandes of the Masters of the kingc^s halle to them] CCC brik- 

delyuered by Thomas Marshall J kes Rem' 

xiij'^ iiij'^ 

Item M^ Olyuer Scalys owith for the buryell of ij of his Childern 
within the Chirche 

paied in 

fre ston 

XXV footes 

fre ston 


IttJW the said Oliver oweth xxv foot^s flree ston to hym de- 

lyiiered by Garrard Goddefiey & John Thirleby by the 

com?;iaiindenie7it of M^ Erliche & other 

item ther resteth in thhandes of John Charles and other 

executoM7-3 of Maisteres Godfrey foi' a legace by her goven 

to the Chirche xl« Rem' 

Item ther was accompte & Reconyng made bitwix the paro- 
chianers etc. and Thomas Cm'le in the tyme of Garrard 
Godfrey «& John Thirleby atte whiche accompte the said 
Thomas Curie ought to the Chirche of the Rest of an 
obligacion iiij^* iij** iiij^^ ouer & besides Ix^ Cleymed of him vpon 
an olde reconyng of whiche iiij^^ iij^ iiij** Robert Goodhale hath 
resceyued xl** and the same Thomas oweth to the Chirche 
for lede rescey ved of the said Robert Goodhale Chirche wardeyn 
C dim' and so the said Thomas owith vpon the said obli- 
gaci'on Ouer & besydes Ix^ vpon an olde rekenyng and also xvij*^ 
for the Costes of the Court byfor M^ Maier vpon a sute 
ageynst hym taken vpon the said obligac^n xliij^ iiij** & C dim' lede 
Memorandum j?^ is agreed byfor doctor Butt M^' Halhed Robert Smyth 
wexchamideler \>^ xxx^i daye of Januarii Anno domini inillesi7)io ccccc xviij° 
that the forwrytten xliij** iiij^^ shalbe payd by William Synderton & 
thowias fflynt at tlies dayes folowyng scilicet xiij^ iiij^i at thanwiciation 
of our lady next folowyng & xiij^ iiij'^ at Mydsomer next folowy^ig & 
xvjs viij^^ at Michaelmasse next folowyng 

27 b] Recepta per Johaiinem Raye & Johannem Clerk gardianos ecclesie 
sawcte mane a.nno domini MiWesimo ccccc™'' xviij° 

In priwiis M'" Ray hath receyvyd of RobeH Smyth wexchaun- 
delar & Wilkam fflorye chyrchmasters the laste 3er of the 
mony lefte in theyr handes xxxj« v^ 

CA.S. Octavo Senes. No. XXXV. 3 

34 1518 

Item receyvyd of M"^ Raje for hys brother ry chard Ray buryall 

in the chyrch ... ... ... ... ... ... ... vj^ viij** 

Ite^n receyvyd of Martyii for ij yeves rent of the chaumbre in 

the chyrch3ard ... ... ... ... ... ... xx* 

Item receyvyd of Mistres Nelson for the buryall of her husband 

in the chyrche ... ... ... vj^ viij^ 

Item receyvyd of \)^ same woman for viij torches of the whych 

iiij war ^listres Jolye & iiij M^' hobbys at vj'^ a torche ... iiij^ 

Item receyvyd of wedow Vrton for the buryall of her husband 

i?i j?® chyrch porch ... iij« iiij<* 

Item receyvyd of Synderton & fflynte in party of payme/it of a 

mor(? niim li'or Curie the pluwimer at our ladye day \>^ 

anunciation ... ... xiij^ iiij<* 

Item receyvyd of Cobbe for a lytell stoniie ... ... ... iij'* 

Item receyvyd of agues goodale & anne hasyll of our lady 

lygth besydes x^ payd for y" lygth & xxv*^ waxe left in the 

lygth xj« 

Item Recei/vi/d of Mistres Sabyn M.ist7'es butt Misti'es halhed & 

o\>e?' wyfys of money gatherd by them on hockmondaye ... xx» 

Memoi'aiidum that Johan Smyth and agnes garrett gatherers of our 
lady lygth the aer lastc paste hauy/^g delyuerd to the?/i but ij li. of waxe & 
xiiij'^ in yll money encresyd the lygth to xxij+\ of waxe & xviij^ in money 
the whych swm of money was delyuerd to M'' halhed & M'' Stephyn 
ft'arand toward the buyldyng of our lady tabernacle 
Ite?;i B,eceived of fifrau^icis ya?ihorn berbruar for a 3er rente of a 

acre of land ended at ester ... ... ... viij** 

Itein 'Received of M.^ Sabyn for the Buryall of M^* Jolye within 

the chyrche ... ... ... ... ... ... ... vj^ viij^' 

Item lleceived of M"^ Chapman ix'^ ij** iiij*^ the whych he had 

receyvyd of Robert goodale & Nicholas Spieryncke chyrch- 

wardens of ])^ gatherynges of J?® paryshe ... ... ... ix^' ij** iiij** 

Item Received of Mistres Raye & M"" John Raye exequitto?6rs to 

\)^ testament of Mr Jhon Raye father to j?® sayd 3ong 

M"" Jhon Raye & wyfe to Jj® sayd Mistres Raye of a legace 

gyvyn to Jj*^ chyrche ... ... ... ... ... ... x^* 

Item Received of Synderton for Curie the plummer in partye of 

payment of a mor swm ... ... ... ... ... xv^ 

In prmis Jhon Clerke hath receyvyd of the bequeste of M*" 

ffblsserf som tyme pnncipall of saincte marye hostell ... vj** viij'* 
Item Received of \>^ same man to p^ mendy?ig of a chalesse . . . xiij^ iiij** 
Memorandum that thcr remayneth in the handes of kateryn 

hawes in halfpenys of the gatheryng on howhmonday ... ij^ iij** 

Memorandum that is lente to M' Raye xxx bryckes 

t The real name was Forster. 

1518 35 

^iemorandum also }pat M'" Butt hath promysed to paye vj^ viij^ 
for flynte whych fflynte shiild paye for thomas Curie the 
plmnnier by a certcn obligation with a more swm soluitwr 
ut ^atet folio S'' sequenti M' iohanni Raye 
^tunraa receptorw??i in hoc lat<?re per iwagistrwm. Raye ... xxvj+> xvj*^ 

^umvaa receptor?*wi in hoc late>^ per Sohannem Gierke . . . xx** 

28 a] Solutiowes facte per predictos gardianos 

In prmis to Jj« tresorars of Cambryge for a hole 3ere rent at 

mycliaellmasse for the almesse howses in \}^ chyrch3ard ... xij^ 

item in reward to Richard Smyth for his labo26r in coTiveyyng 

vp the tabernacle ... ... ... ... iiij^ 

Ite/;i to all other lielpars of the same thy rig in brede & ale 

& ber ... ij*^ ob 

It<?m for a rope to the ly tell sanctzis bell . . . ... ... ... iiij*^ 

Item for co/istitution of a -^roctour in J?*^ suytt bytwyxte ^p" 

paryssh & M^ Goldsmyth for the legace of M'" pomell . . . iiij'^ 

Itern for oJftery?ig at M^ Godfrey diryge masse ... ij<^ 

Item at M"^ Jacknett dirige kept by \}^ chyrchwardens In pn'mis 

to J>® pa/-ysh preste ... ... ... ... ... ... iiij*^ 

Ite»i to 1?^ chauntery preste ... ... ... ... ... iiij^ 

Ite/;i to iij othar preste^ iij** a pece ... ... ... ... ix^ 

Item to I?*' paryshe clerke ... ... ... ... ... ... \]^ 

Item to )?^ chyrchwardens ech of them \]^ ... ... ... iiij'i 

Itewi to )j^ offeryng at the masse ... ... ... ... ... i}^ 

Ite7?i for a -Iri of broddys for the bellstocke ... ... ... ij"* 

Ite/;i for mendy/ig of the staple to \>^ same bell ... ... ... ij^ 

Itewi for a forlocke to the same bell ... ... ... ... 'f- 

liem for a dogg of yron to our lady tabernacle poTid' ij^* & dim' v*^ 

Itewi for ij ciu*ten roddys to ]p^ same tabernacle po7id' xxvj^i 

wherofe xx^^ was of the smyth at ij'^ j?^ H: & vj^' old yron 

the workmanshype at a j*^^ H: . . . ... ... ... ... iij^ x^ 

Itetn payed to \>^ glasyer ouer & above x^> payd by J?^ Vniu^r- 

sitie promysyd to hym by 1?^ parysh ... ... ... vj** viij'^ 

Item payd to y same glasyer for mendyng of iij holys in 

Jj^ glasse of {j*^ clerestorye ... ... ... ... ... ij^ 

Itewi payd to J>^ parysh clerke for charcolys on cn'stmasse daye \]^ 

liem payd to Jhon thyrlbye for a obligation concemyng the 

glasyer for glasyng ... ... ... ... ... ... iiij*^ 

Ite»i payd to Dyar for a loode of sand to laye the stones m the 

chyrch ... iiij^ 

liem payd to Neele for helpy?(!g of the glasyer & of oj^er 

besynesse ... ... ... ... ... ... ... vj'^ 

Ite7«, payd to Smyth for layyng of stones on M"^ Nelson & 

byneth also ... ... ... ... ... xij<^ 


36 1518 

Item payd to Boston the carpe;it<ir for mendy?«g of the stayers 

in j?« lofte oner the almeshowses vj*^ 

It(;//i payd for nayles to the nicndyng of the same stayers ... ij** 

Itew payd for tuckyng gyrdelks j^ ob 

Item payd to Neale for scowryng of the great candelstyckes ... viij«^ 

Item payd for aniyase stryngcs & for the canopye . . ... ij^ 

Ite7n payd for to Niuuie & Bell in party of payment of \>e 

roode lofte ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Ixvi^ viij^* 

Item payd to I?® same men also for the same roode lofte ... xiij'' 

Item payd to \}^ same men also for the same roode lofte ... xvj^* 

In ^n'mis Jhon Gierke for fyve lodys of sond to 1?^ pavy?ig of \>^ 

chyrchsard att iiij^^ ... ... ... ... ... ... xx*^ 

Item to Eldar for pauy?ig in |?® chyrchjard co?iteyny?ig in length 

xiij Bardes & ij jardes in bredeyth at ij*nhe Bard ... ... iiij^ 

Iteni payd to smyth for makyng clene of the clerestory in Jj® 

chyrch ... ... ... vij'^ 

Item payd for wasshyr^g of surplices awbs awter clothes towelles 

& o]>er thynges belongyng to \>^ chyrch for a ij hole ^eres ... iiij^ 

to Edward Haynes & the somnere for the cause of sute of the 

legacye of M"^ pomell ... 
Item payd to M*" Shaxton for a busshell of lyme whan )?® glasyer 

set up alen welles wy/idow ... ... ij<* 

Solut^07les per M^" Raye 

Item payd to Jamys Nycholson glasyer ouer & above vj*' payd 
to hym by Alen Welles for a glasse wy/idow for remouy?ig 
of a wyndow & mewdy^ig of holes in J?** glasse ... ... vj* viij** 

lte7H payd for yron to j?® same wyndow & workma/ishype 

Item payd to Edward haynes & ]p^ Homnere for the sute of the 

legacie of M"^ pomell agaynst M^ Barbowr a\ias goldsmythe xvj'^ 

Item payd to Neale for helpyng of the glasyer whan he sett up 

\>*^ wyndow ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iij** 

Item payd for the offeryng at M*" Godfrey dirige Masse ... ij** 

Item payd to buxton for mendyng of the greate bell ... ... xx*^ 

Item payd to the treseraurs of Gambryge for a hole jer rent at 
Mychaelmasse daye for the Almesse bowses in the chyrch- 

3arde ... ... ... ... ... xij*^ 

Siomma solutoruwz, in hoc latere per Magistncm. Raye xxxiij*^ xvij^ viij*^ 
Summa solutorum in hoc latere per Joha^mem Gierke 

28 b] exposita per Mr Raye 

In primia at M*" Jackenet dirige kept by J)*= cliyrchwardens 

in primis to \}^ parysh preyste iiij'^ 

Itewi to J>^ chaunterye preste iiij*^ 

lte??i to iij other prestes ... ... ix^^ 




Iteon to \>^ Itarysh clerkc 

Item to ech of J?^ chyrchwardens ij** 

Itein for the ofFery ng 

Itcwi for charecollds on cmtmasse daye ... 

Item for a parcheineiit skyn to make the gatheryng roll 

Item for xij lytell barrys of yifOn to the wyiidow in the south 


Itein for mendyng of the fyar pan?ie in the vestrye 
Item for mendyng of the chyrch dore Keye & the locke 

Su7nma iiij^ x^ 

29 a] Receptio?ies per Magistrum iohannem Raye 

In pn'mis for the bury all of the goodman Marsh in the chyrch 

porche of his exequto?«*s 
Item Received of M^ Butt for flyntt the whych the sayd fflynt 

owte to saincte Marye parysshe for thow«s Curie pluw- 

raere by a ceHayn obligat^on wyth a more num. as ap- 

peryth by a certeyn obligat^on &c. ... 
Item Received of Jhon henryson for the rent of the solar ower 

the almeshowses in the chyrch3ard for a hole 3ere ended at 

than?*wciation of our lady 

30 a] Item Recev; 
Item Recevyd the 
Item Recevyd the 
Item Recevyd the 
Item Recevyd the 
Item Recevyd the 
Item Recevyd the 
Item Recevyd the 
Item Recevyd the 
Item Recevyd the 
Item Recevyd the 
Item Recevyd the 
Item Recevyd the 
Item Recevyd the 
Item Recevyd the 
Item Recevyd the 
Item Recevyd the 
Item Recevyd the 
Item Recevyd the 
Item Recevyd the 
Item Recevyd the 
Item iibr ij wekes 




iijs iiij'i 

vj« viij'i 

[Fol. 29 b blank.] 

yd the xxij day of aprill 

vj« ob 

xxix day aprill 

viijs iij^ 

vj day of may 


xiiij day of may 

vj« viijd 

xxij ty day of may 

vijs v'^ 

xxviiij ty day of may 

. . vij^ ix<i ob 

iij*^ day of June 


xthe (ja^y Qf j^ine 

vj« ijd 

xvij day of June 

vjs ix<i 

xxiiij*^y day of June 


ffyrst day of July 


viij*^^** day of July 

x« ij<i 

XV day of July 


xxij *^y day of July 


xxix^y day of July 

iiijs x** 

V day of augus . . . 

v^ iij*^ 

xijthe day of augus 

iiij^ viij*i 

xix day of augus 

v^ vj'^ 

xxvj*y now day of avgus 


iij day September 

v« \'f 

xvj day oft' September 


... ... ... ... ... ... 




Item ffor Recevyd the xxiij day oft' September 
Item Recevyd tlie xxix day oft' September 
It^'in Recevyd the xiiij day oft' October 
Item Recevyd the xxij day off" October 
Item Recevyd the xxviij day off* October . , . 
Item Recevyd tlie v day oft" november 
Item Recevyd the xij day off" november ... 
Item Recey vd the xviij day oft' november 
Item Recevyd the xxv day oft" november . . . 
Item Recevyd the iij day off* desember 
Item Recevyd the ix day off" desember 
Item Recevyd the xvj day oft" desember ... 

30 b] Peter Cheke Robert smyth 
Item Recevyd the xxiij day off" desember 
Item Recevyd the xxx day off" desember . . . 
Item Recevyd the vij day off' Janvary vs . . . 
Item Receiiyd the xiiij day oft' Janvaryus 
Item Receuyd the xxj day oft' Janvaryus 
Item Receuyd the xxviij day of Janvaryus 
Item Receuyd the v day of februaryus . , . 
Item Receuyd the xij day of februaryus . . . 
Item Receuyd the xix day of februaryus . . . 
Item Receuyd the xxvj day of februaryus 
Item Receuyd the v day of marches 
Item Receuyd the xij day of marches 
Item Receuyd the xxx day of marches 
Item Received the xxxon day of marches 

Summa xiiij" 

Receyuyd yn other parcelles 
for olde seggre 
for haye oft" Master cheeke 

for y** Rent oft'y® chambere ouer y^ almeysse howssys 

Item off' Master clarcke for Money remaynynge yn hys handdes 

Summa xxij^ j*^ 

Summa off" all y^^^ hoole receyttes xv" ij" j<* 

where off' leyd outt for chargys off* y^ churche as apery th by 
hard by master clerck & M'" Ra^^e to y« summe liij^ vij<^ and so 
•xij" viij^ vj<i delyuerd vnto Roberd goodale & gerrard godfrey 

31 a] Thise be the names of them dwellyng iu the parisshe of Seynt 
Mary whiche haue goven money to the Stolyng of the Chirche & gatherd 
by Richard Clerk 

In i)rmi is M'" hugh Chapman ... ... x« paid to Whyte 

Oliuer Scalys ii« vj^ 


vjs vij<^ ob 

ys vij«* 

iiij« jd 

vjs iijd 


yS iijd 

iiijS yd 
yjS yd 

vj^ ij^ ob 



vjs vjd 

yS iijd 

vjs ijd 

yS iiijd 

yS iiijd 

VS yd 

iiij« iij<i 
v^ x^ ob 

yS iiijd 

yS yd 

vjs ijd 

yS ijd 



ix« ix^ 

y^'' compt 



herry hawlehed 
John Erlyche 
Will/am Elton 
John Manfeld 
aleyn welle** ... 
John Marsshe 
RobeH Goodhale 
Robert Smyth 
Uichard lychefeld 
Nicholas Speryng 
B,\cha7'd Clerk 
wilh'am Nelson 
John Martyn 
M'' andrewe Manfeld 
John Bury 
William fflory 
Joha?mes Stronge 
Johrt?i?ies Wynter 
John VVoodale 
Wedow Dawlyng 
Thomas Marchall 

• < • 

v^ paid 


iij« iiij^i 

ij8 vja 

ijs vjd 

iJB vjd 
iJB vjd 
ijs vjd 

to Whyete 
iij« iiijd 


iijs iiijd 


Sumiaa Iviij^ x*^ -preter xv^ solut' carpente?- per M' Chapman & 

Also be it remembred that hugh Chapman hath payed vnto the 
Car}^)enter oner & aboiie x^ aforenamed xv^ wherof he asked alowaunce 

Memora7idu7n y^ on thursday next aftyr criste^imesse day an^io Henrici 
octaui 4^*^ Richerd clerke have comptyde with the chyrch wardaunce 
In fful compte & he hath paid iiij^ & so he is dischargyd clerely 

31 b] Thise parcelhs folowyng be gathered for the Stoles in the Body of 
the Chirche by Wilh'am Elton & John Marshe 

In pn'mis Oliuer Scalys 
M'" Willmm pykerell 
M"" RobeH Hobbys 
M'" Syluen Clyston 
John Manfeld 
Aleyn Welles . . . 
Jchaw??es Marshe 
Robert Goodhale 
Robert Smyth 
Bichai'd lychefeld 
John Tompson 
Nicholas Speryng 
John Ray 
Andrewe pomell 

lj» vj" 



ijs vjd 

ijs vjd 


ijs vj« 

ij« iiijd 
ijs vjd 





John holder ... 
John hatley ... 
Hugh wytlier 
Jolin Benyght 
John Toche ... 
Thomas Swerdbrake 
Wedow kyng . . . 
John Mcartyn 
Nicholas Barbo?</* 
John Bury 
WilhVmi fflory 
John Stronge 
Jehn Wynter 
Agnes Serle . . . 
John kyrkeby 
Edmund fflory 
Richard wyther 
Thomas Marchall 
Garard Godfrey 
Thomas hoggekjTi 
Robert Stele ... 
Wilh'am Ragge 

S^mma iiij^* 


32 a] Robert Wylliamson 

John preston Mason 

B,icha?'d alane fermer 

Robert Cobbe Mason 

Robert Robynson Mason 

John laceter Mason 

Edward Skynner 

John hawes ... 

John Colet ... 

Hugh wyther 

John Nele & John kale 

Johaime Readyng wedow 

Isabelle Burton wedow 

Isabelle Tompson 

John Grene peynter 

Margaret hasylden wedow 

John Dry ver ... 

wedow peytevyn & her fFelow 

wedow Manfeld 

Thomas Benton 

Robert Gymer & Knappyng Mason 

ijs vjd 





if viijd 


ijs vjd 

ij8 vjd 


IjS vju 
ijs vjd 













ijs vjd 




1518 to 1519 


wedow archer 

Item resavyd by W. Elton for a stoon of M'" Bury 



Memorandum that on Shere thurday last past Wilham Elton & John 
Marshe Chyrche wardeyns of Seynt Mary Chyroh hauc grant & payed to 
willmm whyte for the Myddylstalles in the said Chirche fFor the full 
contentacibn of the parysshe parte of payment for the said Stalles xxx^ 
Item payd to hym than for reparacibn made in the RofFe of y® said 
Chirche iij^ iiij^ and iij^ iiij*^ for Reward Item paid morouer to thomas 
marshall chyrchwarden xxvj^ viij In full co^^tentacion of the said wilh'am 
elton Item paid to the forsaid thomas marshall by John march m his full 
cownt iij^ iij*^ 

[Fol. 32 b blank.] 

[Fol. 33 a, b blank.] 

34 a] Her after folowth diuerse sumwes of money gadred by M'^ Jhon 
Raye & Jhon Gierke of me?inys goode wyll euery sonday by a ceHeyn Roll 
the fyrste daye of gathery?ig beying the ij^^® daye of Januarii the x*^^ 3ere of 
|>* regne of kyng henrie the viij**^ & thys money to disposyd for a roodelofte 
& glasyng of the sayd chyrch 

In prmis receyvyd the ij''® daye of Januarij ... ix^ ix'^ 

Item 'Received the ix*'^ daye of Januarij ... ... ... ... \^ ix^ 

Item Received the xvj^^ daye of Januarij ... 
Iteon Received the xxiij^^ daye of Januarij 
Item Received the xxx^^ daye of Januarij . . . 
Item Received the vj^^ daye of flfebruarij ... 
Item Received the xiij*^ daye of fFebruarij 
Item Received the xx^*^ daye of fFebruarij . . . 
Item Received the xxvij^y daye of ffebruarij 
Item Received the vj*** daye of Marche 
Item Received the xiij^^ daye of Marche . . . 
Item Received the xx*^ daye of Marche 
Item Received the xxvij^^ daye of Marche 
Item Received the iij*^® daye of aprile 
Item Received the x*^^ daye of aprtle 
Item Received the xvij*^^ daye of apr^le 
Item Received the xxiiii*^^ daye of a^prile . . . 

Item Received the fyrste daye of Maij vj« v*^ ob 

Item ReceiVec^ the viij ^^ daye of Maij ... ... ... ... vij^ vij<* 

Item Received the xv**^ daye of Maij 
Item Received the xxij** daye of Maij 
Itewi Received the xxix*-* daye of Maij 
Item Received the v*^^ daye of Junij 

vij^ viij^^ 

vjs vijd 


vij« xjd 

vij3 \j^ ob 

vij« viijJ 

vjs viijd 

vijs ijd ob 

vij^ x^ ob 

vij^ \]^ ob 

ys x^i ob 

vij^ ix'^ ob 

yf x^ ob 

vij« xjd 

vij^ xj'i ob 


v VllJ 

viij^ ix^ 

vj» vij'^ ob 



Item deceived the xij*^'^ daye of Junij 
Item lleceived the xix*'' daye of Junij 
Item 'Received the xxvj*' daye of Junij 
Itein Received tlie iij'^** daye of Julij 
Item Received the x^** daye of JuHj 
Item Received the xvij*'' daye of Julij 
Item Received the xxiiij*' daye of Julij 
Item Received the laste daye of Julij 
Item Received the vij^^ daye of auguste . 
Ite??i Received the xiiij^*^ daye of auguste . 
Ite^n Received the xxj^^ daye of auguste . 
Item Received the xxviiij*^* daye of auguste 
Item Received the iiij^^ daye of Septe?«ber 
Item Received the xj*'*^ daye of Septewibf^r 
Item Received the xviij*^ daye of Septewiber 
Ite7n Received the xxv*' daye of Septe^/iber 
Item Received the ij^® daye of October 
Item Received the ix*^^ daye of October 
Item Received the xvj*^*^ daye of October 
Item Recei-yeci? the xxiij daye of October 
Item Received the xxx*' daye of October 
Item Received the vj^*^ daye of Nouember 

-probatur Summa lateris xvj^' 

ixs j^ 


34 b] Item Received the xiij*^ daye of Nouember 
Item Received the xx*^* daye of Noue?7iber 
Item Received the xxvij*' daye of Nouember 
Item Received the iiij^^ daye of December 
Item Received the xj*^ daye of December ... 
Item Received the xviij^'^ daye of December 
Item Received the xxv*^' daye of December 
Ite7?i Received the fyrste daye of Januarij 
Item Received the viij*^*^ daye of Januarij ... 
Item Received the xv*^*^ daye of Januarij ... 
Item Received the xxij*^' daye of Januarij ... 
Item Received the xxix^' daye of Januarij 
Item Received the v^*^ daye of fFebruarij . . . 
Item Received the xij*'^ daye of ffebruarij ... 
Item Received the xix*'^ daye of ffebruarij 
Item Received the xxvi'^ daye of ffebruarij 
Item Received the iiij*^ daye of March 
Item Received the xj^^ daye of March 
Item Received the xviij*^ daye of March 
Item Received the xxv*'' daye of March 
Item Received the fyrste daye of Apn'll 


vij* iij** ob 

vjs vijd 

vj^ iiii** 

vjs viijd 

xj« xjd 

vjs {^d 

Yf iiij*^ ob 

vjs xd 

vijs iijd ob 

vj« j«i ob 

vj« ix^ ob 

vij« iij"^ 


viij« ix<^ 

vj^ ix*^ ob 


vj^ xj*i ob 

vjs xd 
vjs vjd 

xj8 vij*^ ob 
v» iiijd ob 

vj'' iij*^ ob 
vijs ijd 

vjs vd ob 
vj^ iiijd ob 

viij8 viijd 

vj« vij*^ ob 


vij^ ob 
vijs ijd 

vjs vjd 

vij^ xd ob 


vij^ viijd 
vjs viijd 

vj8 iiij«^ 


vj^ ixd ob 
vij^ vij*^ ob 

1519 to 1522 43 

Item 'Received the viij'*^ daye of Ap7*ill viij^ v^ ob 

Item Received the xv^^^ dnye of A\i7'i\\ ... ... vj^ viij'^ 

T^ohatur viij^^ iij^ vij'^ ob 

35 a] Electzo officiarior?«??i 

Magister Cheke \nus Gardjanorz^?/! -^redictorum elegit \n Qleciionem 
'^iagiMrum Richardum Clarke tlagister Robertas Smyth alter Gardianorwm 
elegit JohajiTiem Toinpson qui duo elegeru??.t Magistrum Butt & Magistrum 
halhed Magistruon Raye J6ha7inem Gierke Nicho/a?mi Speryng & Thomam 
Marshall qui octo elegeru?it in oft'ieiuxn Gardianor?*wi pro anwo seque/ite 
Gerardu?^ Godfrey & Robertu?/i gudale et in gardianos luminis crucifixi 
Johan?<em henryson & Johanneni Kyrckbye & in gardianos Misse Ihesu 
^Y\\\el7nunl Bellyngham & Simonem Hyde 

35 b] Ecclesia beate marie Virginis iux^a forum ville Cantebrz^ie 


Compo^us Garrardi Godfrey & Johannis Thirleby loco & vice Rob(?rti 
Goodhale defuncti gardianor?^m & bonor^«7w custod?r'>i Ecclesie predicts 
ib?'c^6'm fact^^s die lune in septimana Pasche Anno regni regis henrici viij 
tercio decimo 

Elecao Of^cia^riwum 

Garrardus Godfrey vnus Gardianori^wi predicton/m elegit in elecc^b'/^em 
Magistru7n Joha7inem Raye & Johamies Thirleby Eligit MagistruTn 
Ricciro?Mm Clark Quiquidem duo Eligerunt sibi sex videlicet Robertum 
Smyth wexchaundeler Petrum Cheke Joha^?iem Manfeld Ricardic7n 
lychefeld JohanTiem Tomson & Thomam hogekyn Quiquidem octo Eli- 
gerunt officiarios vt sequitwr 

T ra ■ ^y J' * {^icholaum. Speryng 

In onicio Gardianori^m pro Anno sequence <^. _ ^ '^ ° 

(Simonem Trewe 

T ^-/^j- 1 • CI ^ ■ y~i, • • fWille^mwm Habynton 

in omcio Gardiano9'«Am lummum Sepulcri Christi {.^ . , , "^ 

(Georgzzmi Norman 

T £(1 - n ^- r^ -n ' r^A • .- fwiUe^w^^m habyntou 

in omcio Gardiano?"Mm Uruciiixi Ghnsti \^, , ^.^ 

(Georg^wm Norman 

In officio Gardianorwm Misse Jhesu Qhristi \^. ,^ ^ ^^ 

[Ricamwm Myddylton 

'Magiste7' Ricai^diis Clark 

M.agiste7' JohaTines Ray 

Magister Robertus Smyth 
[Magiste7' petrus Cheke 

The said accomptauntes yeld accompte of money by them 
Resceyued of Robert Smyth & petir Chekke Chirche 
wardeyns in the yer presydent for surplusage of ther 
accompt ... ... ... ... ... ... xiji' viijs vi'i 

Auditores Compo' 



It^H resceyued of M"" WilhVnii Sabyn & alice liis wif late the 

wif of M'^ John Erliche alderman of the Towne of Cam- 

brigge in party of payment of his legacies govyn to the 

Siiid Chirche 
Item resceyued of John harryson & John Kyrkeby Maisters 

of the sepulc?'<? light this yer past 
Item of Maistrtfs Margaret Nelson Executrix &c. of William 

Nelson in party of payment of his legacies to the Chirche 


Item resceyued for the buryell of M^' John Clerk Bedill within 

the Chirche ... 

Item resceyued for the buryell of Robert Goodhale within the 


Item resceyued of the wif of the same Goodhale for his legacie 

to the reparacion of the Chirche walle 
Item resceyued of John Martyn for the buryell of M>' Dent 

vicar of hulle within the Chirche aforesaid 

Item of the sam'e for torches & other thinge.s aboute the hirste 
Item Receyued of M*' hobbys Executo?<r &c of M*" Scalys for his 

legacie to the Chirche ... 
Item of the same M'' hobbys for the buryell of his wif within 

the Chirche 

Item resceyued of John harryson for the ferme of iij quarters of 

a yer of the Chirche Chambir 
Item resceyued of John Jenyn for the ferme of certeyn londes 

belongyng to the Chirche 



xxvjs viij^ 

vj8 viij^ 

vj8 viij^ 


vjs viij<* 


vjs viij<* 

vijs vj<* 


36 a] Ad hue de Rescepczo^iibws xxxvj 

Item resceyued of the wif of Robert Stele for his buryell witAin 

the Chiche (sic) & for torchis & other thinges ... ... vij* iiij^ 

Item received of Robert Cobbe late wardeyn of the se})ulcre 

light for a rest of money due by hym to the same light ... iiij^ viij*^ 
Swmma xx^* ix^ iiiij** 

Resceytes of the Colleccions euery sonday 

Dominica prima resceyued ... 

Dommica 2^^* with xiij« iiij'^ govyn by M^" Hailed for his Ces 

sacions . . . 
Dommica 3=^ ... 
Dommica 4''*^ ... 
Dommica quinta 
Dominica vj*^* 
Dommica vij'"'^ 
Dommica viij*^ 
Dommica ix** ... 

nij^ nj' 

xx^ vj<* 
iiij^ ix** 


yS iiijd 
Vijs xd 

iiij^ vij** ob 

YJs jxd 




Dowmiica x ... 

v« viij** 

Dow? mica -xj . . . 

v^ vij"^ 

Dommica xij ... 

iij« viijd 

Do?mnica xiij 


DowMnica xiiij 

v« viij'i 

Dowi/nica XV ... ... ...,'... 


v" v^^ 

Do/«?'iiica xvj 

iiij*^ iiijf^ 

Dow? mica xvij 


Dowimica xviij 

iiijs v*^ 

Dowimica xix ... 

iiij^ ij"^ 

Dowimica xx-^ 


Dommica xxj 

iij« x^i 

Dowimica xxij*^'* 

v« viij^i 

Dowimica xxiij'^ 

iiij^ iiij"^ 

Do?wmica xxiiij 


Dowiiiiica xxv*"^ 


Dommica xxvj*^'^ 


Do?wmica xxvij . . 


Dow? mica xxviij'^ 

ys viijfl 

Dowimica xxix 


Summa viij^' xv*^ ob 

36 b] Dowimica xxx'"''^ 
Dowimica xxxj 
Dowmica xxxij 
Dowimica xxxiij 
Dommica xxxiiij*^ 
Dommica xxxv 
Dommica xxxvj 
Dowimica xxxvij 
Dowimica xxxviij 
Dommica xxxix 
Dommica xl™* 
Dommica xli ... 
Dommica xlii 
Dommica xliij 
Dommica xliiij 
Dommica xlv ... 
Dommica xlvj 
Dowi/nica xlvij 
Dommica xlviij 
Dow? mica xlix 
Dowii'nica 1'°=^ 
Dowunica li ... 
Dommica lij'i* 

yS yjijd 

iiij^ iiij^ 

yS ixd 
yS vjd 

yS yd 

iiijS yd 

lllj** IX'' 















V" llj 

ys iiij 

iiijs xjd 

yS ^d 


46 1522 

Do7mnicii liij ... ... ... ... ... ... ... V* ix** 

Dommicii liiij ... ... ... ... ... ... ... vj^ 

Dowmica Iv iiij^ ix<* 

Dc»?Maiica Ivj ... ... V* iiij<* 

Summa vij^^ 

Szimiaa totalis Recepte xxxv^* xf ix^^ ob 

37 a] Allocations & paymentes 

ftirst payed by thandes of Robert Goodhale towardes the makyng 

of the Rode lofte x^i 

Ite?/i payed atte a nother tynie for & towardes the makyng of 
the same Roodelofte as it apperith by acquietaunces therof 
made that is to witte by thaudes of Robert Goodhale xl^ 
«& by thandes of Garrard Goddefrey viij^* aicmma x^ 

Ite7«, payed for a Cy tac/on for M*" Goldcsmy tli alias Barbo?*r . . . xvj** 

Item paied to oon Charlys laborer to Ryde to Weldon for fre 

ston for the Chirche walles for hernest money ... ... xi]^ 

Item to the same for his Mete & drinke iiij dayes &c. ... ... ij^ 

Ite?^i to the same for his labo?«r for iiij dayes ... ... ... xv}^ 

Item to a brikke leyer for makyng of the Chirche walls iij 

dayes dim' ... ... ij^j*^ 

Item to his seruito^^r for iij dayes & dim' & for makyng clene 

of the Chirche yerd ... ... ... ... ... ... xij** 

Item for the Carryage of a loode brikke & ij loodes same for the 

same Chirche walle ... ... ... ... ... ... xij*^ 

Ite?/i for carryage of iiij free stones from Jhesus gi'ene to the 

Chirche yerd for the said walle ... ... ... ... vj** 

Item for CCC brikkes for the same Chirche walle ij^ 

Item to Nele & other for an hutche govyn to the Chirche by 
Maistres Cooke to bryng it from Richard hawkyns to the 
said Chirche ij** 

Item payed to Muston Baylif of weldon for fre stone xxiiij die 

febrwariY Anno xiij^ for iij Tonne & dim' xxiiij^ 

Item for the Carryage of the same from Jhesiis Grene to the 

Chirche yerd ij« 

Item payed for the dirrygies of M'" Thomas Jaconett vt in 

anuis precedenti^z^s ... ij^ vj^ 

Item allowed to John harryson for certeyn hordes nayled & 
fixed within the Chambir belongyng to the Chirche in the 
pay me?it of his ffisrme ... ij" viij** 

Item payed to the plomer for mendyng of a gutter of lede be- 
longyng to the said Chambir ... ... ... ... ... xvij** 

Item payed to a pavyer for pa\'yng of owr ladyes Chapell within 

the said Chirche ... ... ... ... ... ... v* 

1522 47 

Itc'm payed for tyle & workemanship neccessarie for the same 

Chapell ... ... iij** viij'^ 

It<?/?i payed for mcndyng of a lokke in the Revestry ... ... iiij'^ 

Item payed for xij pavyng tyles for the Chapell aforesaid ... v'^ 

Item payed for makyng of an aiilter wit/im our lady Chapell 

for a Man & oon laborer for.ij dayes ... ... ... ij^ ij*^ 

Itt^m for yrn werk for the same aulter ... ... ... ... x*^ 

Item to the plomer for mendyng of ccrteyn holys in tlie 

Revestry door ... ... ... ... ... ... ... vij'* 

\ism to the same for mendyng of the Chirche leade-s for sowdir 

& werkemanship ... ... ... ... ... ... xxj"^ 

Ite?>i payed for a belle rope for the lityll belle ... ... ... xiij^^ 

\tem payed for a loode lyme ocupied for the pavyment in owr 

lady Chapell ... ... ij** iiij'^ 

Item payed to the tresorers for the oute Rent of the Chirche 

houses ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xij^i 

Item payed to a Glasyer for mendyng of ce^'teyn glasse wyn- 

dowes witAm the Chirche ij** iiij^^ 

37 b] Plus de allocac^ombMS et soluc/o/iibMS 

Item payed for ij surplices new made for the said Chirche ... xj^ j^ 

Item payed to John Glasse waterman for bryngyng of iij ton 
dim' of ft're ston from weldon to Jhesus grene with his 
kele ... ... v» 

I xij footes 
fre ston 
govyn by 
M-^ Hobbys 
Item payed for the wasshing of the surplices & amendyng of 
them & for aubbys & other the Chirche ger wasshing all 
this yer viz to the wif of M^ Garrard (xij^^) & to the wif 

of Thirleby (viij'^) xx^ 

Item payed for a fodir of lyme occupied vpon the reparacions 

of the Chirche walle ... ... ... ... ... ... ij^ vj^ 

xxiiij^i vj'* iij^^ 
Itewi payed for an hamper for to put in the Chirche Juelles ... viij*^ 

^imixna xxiiij^* vj^ v^ 
^umiaa totalis Recepte xxxv^^ xj^ ix'^ ob 
^umiiia omniuiii allocatio7iU7h xxiiij^' vj^ v'^ 
Et sic ha6ent surplusagium xj^^ v^ v*^ 

whiche xj^' v^ v"' is delyuered to Nicholas Speryng & Simon Trewe Chirche- 
wardeyns for the yer to cum by Garrard Goodfrey & John Thirleby 
Chirche wardeyns in the yer presydent 

48 1522 

Momorandum thftt — I — Ryohard — Hyhcrd p/'»iocpftll — off oanot Mary 
Ho i atyll Imyth Rcaawyd oW nieolca apcryng & eymond trcw ft chftlys 
qvitoh — I p /' oiiiya to Rc i jtoyr att thcr callyng f oi^ by tha y e my haad 
wryttyng tho xxv day off May the xiiij 3cr off the Rcyn of Kyng Honry 
the viij 

Memoi-anduju that John harryson & John Kyrkeby, late wardeyns of 
the sepulcrc & Rodde hghte* haue delyuered vnto the forenamed Nicholas 
speryng & Symond Trewe Chirche wardeyns xx^ 

Et sic in Clara pecunia xij^* v« iiij^ 

38 a] Dettes due to the Chirche by ce/'teyn persons as folowith 

ti rdt Mftisto^'e ti Margaret Ncloon for the root of her huobondca 

byqwc o t . . . —. —. —. —. —. —. —. — xxvj» viij*^ 

Item of John Jenyn for the ferme of certeyn londes in his 
tenii7'e ... 

Item Thomas Marschall owith for the ferme of a ccrteyn pale 
in the Chirche yerd for the yer past 

Item the aei'uaunie of william habyngton called lorkyn gayf & 
beqwethed to the bviyldyng and makyng of the Roode 
lofte ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xxvj8 viij** 

lte)7i for the ferme of a certeyn Medow in Chesterton ffeld 

Item for the ferme of the Chambirs ouer the almouse house] quere pro 
late in the tenure of John harryson now vn leton j Tenente 

Item restith in thandes of John Charlys and other Executowrj 
of Maisteres Godfrey for a legace by her goven to the 
Chirche ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xl^ 

lte7n William Synderton & Thomas fflynte owe for the Rest of viij" iiij^ 

an olde Reconyng for Thomas Curie of xliij^ iiij'^ wherof 
ther is payed atte two seue?'all tymes at oon tyme by 
thandes of Synderton & ftlynte as apperith in thaccompte 
of M'" Raye xiij" iiij'^ and another tyme by thandes of 
Doctor Butte vj" viij'^ & atte another tyme xv** And so Rest/ 
Item the said Thomas Curie owith vpon an olde reconyng ouer 

& besydes the summe aforesaid ... ... ... ... Ix' 

& C dim' 
leade de- 
by good- 

j Chapell 

j Chaleys 
^pro eodefn xlvi" viij*^ 
in manibws gardia- 

Item Wilk'am Synderton accordyng to the Testament 

of RobeH Coope ought to make a Chapell byfore 

seint George And also he hath in his handes 

a Cuppe of Syluer for a Chaleys of the bequest 

of the said Coope ... ... ... 

Item for the buryell of M*" John Ray thcldcr within the Chirche 

Rcmanet — —. —. —. — rv-. —. — vj» viij 

Itewi in thandes of the Maisters of the Kinges Halle to them] CCC 

delyuered by Thomas Marschall / brikkes 

Item Thexecutoiir3 of Thomas pomell late of Cambrigge draper 

owe for a legace made by the said Thomas to the Chirche 

1523 40 

of Seint Mary next the marViet in Cambridge as apperith 

in his testament ... xxiiij'* 

Item thexecuto?/;-3 of M*' John Erliche owe for a logace made by 
the said John to the said Chirche oner & aboue xx^ therof 

payed iiij" 

Item thexecnto?^r3 of M*' Joyl^ owe for a legace also made 
to the said Chirche 
'Memorandum that John Harryson & John Kyrkeby late Wardeyns of 

the Sepulcr(^ light hane delyuered to Will?'«m Habyngton & George 


Norman nowe "Wardeyns of the same light xij viij^^ of wex bolongyng 
to the said light 

Me^norandiim that the same late Wardeyns haue delyuered vnto the 
said now Wardeyns xj^' wex belongyng to the Kode light 

38 b] Compo^us Simonis Trewe & Nicho^ai Speryng factt«5 vj*" die aprilis 

Anno xiiij regni regis H. viij 

Here after folowyth dyuyrs summis of mony gatheryd by nycolas 
Speryng and Symon trew of menys good wyll enery sonday by a sartayn 
RoUe as her after appryth 

Item In ■^rimis 'Received the ij^'^^ sonday after ester daye ... iiij^ vij'^ 

Ite/?i ReeeVveo? the iij***^ daye ... ... ... vj^j'^ob 

Ite»j Reeeu'eo? the iiij*^'^^ daye ... ... ... v\i'^ 

Ite?/i Rece/yeo? the v*'^® daye ... vj^ iiij'^ 

Itewi Received of garrard godfraye & John thurlby ... ... xj^^ v^ v'^ 

Itewi Received of syndyrton ... ... ... ... ... xx^ iiij'^ 

Tte//i Receiyec^ of Mastrys nelson ... ... ... ... ... xxvj'' viij^^ 

Item Received of harryson and John curby for the sepulc?^r 

wex xx« 

Ite/« ReceiVeo? the vj^-'i^ daye ... v^ iij'^ 

Ite???, ReceiVec? the vij^'i*^ daye v^ x'' 

Ite??i Received? the viij *^^^ daye ... ... ... ... ... iiij" ix*^ 

Item Reeeivec? the ix^i'^ daye ... ... v" ij'^ 

Item Received the x^^^<^ daj'e ... ... ... vM'^^ 

Item ReceiVec/ the xj^'^^ daye ... ... ... ... ... v'' iiij^ 

Iter/i Reee^reo? the xij *'^^ daye ... ... ... ij^ xj^i 

Item Receit?e(^ the xiij^h^ daye ... v« viij^^ 

Ite?/i ReceiVec? the xiiij *^® daye ... ... ... ... ... v^ iiij'^ 

Item Receiz;e(i the xv**^^ daye vMj<i 

Item ReeeiVec? the xvj*^^ daye iiij^ ij^^ 

Item RecetVec? the xvij*'»^ daye ... iiijMiij'^ 

Item ReceiVeo? the xviij'^h^ daye vj^ x'^ 

Item Reeezvec? the xix^h^ daye ... iiij^ viij'^ 

Item ReceiVo? the xx*h^ daye ... ... iij^ ix'^^ 

Ite7>i Receivec^ the xxj^'i*' daye ... ... ... ... ... iij'' j'^ 

C. A. S. Octavo Series. No. XXXV. 4 

50 1523 

Iteyn deceived the xxi]^^^^ dsije '.. ... iiij^ viij'^ 

Item deceived the xxii}^^^ dhje v^ vij"^ 

Ite'/;? Rere«W(]? the xxiiij^'^'' daye ... ... ... ... ... vj^ 

Tt(v>? Rtr('/iV(i? the xxvt^« daye ... iiijMiij'^ 

It^wi Re-ce/wfi? the xxvjt'^*^ daye ... ... ... ... ... ^'j^ j'^ 

Ite??j R(?ce?>ec? the xxvij**^^ daye v^ yj'^ 

39 a] Itewi RemwG? the xxviij^'^^ daye ... ... ... ... iij" xj'^ 

Item deceived the xxix*'^® daye ... ... ... ... ... i iij'' xj'> 

Ite?« Rt?ceu'eo? the xxx*'^^ daye ... ... ... vj^ ij'^ 

Item Received? the xxxj*'^'^ daye ... ... ... iiij\i'^ 

Ite?>i Remvec? the xxxij^'^^ daye ... ... ... ... ... v* ij'^ 

Itev/i ReeeiVeo? the xxxiij*'^*' daye ... iiij^ viij'* 

Ite?n Rece?*ve<]? the xxxiiijthe daye ... ... ... ... ... v« iiij'^ 

Ite??i Reeeu'ec^ the xxxv^'i^ daye ... ... ... ... ... vjMij*^ 

Item Received for the wastyng & burnyng of the torohys for 

awncell & styll i j" 

Itewi Received for brekyng of the grownde in the church for the 

good wyfe Cotton ... ... vj" viij"' 

Item Received for brekyng of the grownde in the church for the 

good wyf styll yjM'iij'^ 

Ite??7 Received of M'" Hobbes for ij yerys Rent of the palle 

in the church yard ... ... ... xij'* 

Item Received for the lyme that left of the workmanschep 

in saynt Andrwys chappyll ... ... ... ... ... vij*^ 

Item Received of flyntte the saddlare in parte payment of 

a mor szmi ... ... ... iij" iiij'^ 

Sum of this Resayte xxiiij^' v^ v<^ ob 

39 b] payd to John Raynnam for makyng of the chyrch wall 

wych contaynyth iiij score fote & vij that is iij^^ a fote .. xxj^ ix*^ 

Item payd for wyer (sic) to the sacwrment ij*^ 

Item payd for schet of parchment ... ... j'^ f^l> 

Ite/?i for a lyne to the sancebell ... ... ... ... ... j'' 

Item to charles for iij dayes warke on the bartylment of the 

churche ... ... ... ... ... ... xviij'^ 

Ite7?i payd to nell for mendyng the canape stanys ... ... ij*^ 

Item payd to edward haynes for makyng of the proxy ... ... ij^ 

I te»i payd for lyme & sonde ... ... ... ... ... xvij'^ 

Item payd to the tressorys ... ... xij^ 

Item payd for a kaye to the chancell dore ... ... ... iiij'^ 

Item payd to ny coles golsmyth for ij ownsce of sylm/r ... ... vj* iiij'^ 

Item payd for hys bysynes ... ... ... ... ... ... xvj* 

Ite?/i payd for coles to the dark on crystmese daye ... ... * j*^ 

Ite?>i payd for a bele Rope ... ... xij'^ 

item payd for a yern to the sensure ... ... ... ... ij** 

1528 51 

It^*??? payd for ij halywat?^;' stykes ... ... iijd 

It<^?« payd for M^' Jakynet<?s obbyte ... ijaj"! 

Item payd for Rayssyng & layiiyg of the stoii ent^-ryng into 

saynt Andrwys cliapyll ... ... ... vj*i 

It<?w payd for ij C pauyng 8ton ... ... v^ iiij'i 

Itewj payd for a q?««Her & vj f>auyng stones ... ... ... x*^ 

Item payd for a foder of lyme ... iijs 

Item payd for V lode of sonde ... ... ... xx*^ 

Ite/« payd grype for the workmanschepe ... ... ... vjM'iij'^ 

Ite^«. payd for wassyng of the surplese & mendyng & for 

wasscyng of the awtter clothys xvith other thinges longyng 

to the churche ... ... ... ... xx'^ 

Item payd to John cappare for scorying of the gret cansttykkes viij'^ 
I have payd of the num. of Resayte afor wryttyn as it here 

aperyth ... ... ... ... ... ... iij^^ xiiijMx*^^ ob 

and so du to the church ... ... ... ... ... xx^i x^ viij*^ 

40 a] Due to the Chirche as apperith vpon the foote of this 

accompte whiche is delyuered ... ... ... ... xx^' x^ viij'^ 

To .John Martyn and John Thomson Chirche wardeyns for 

the yer to Cum ... ... ... ... xx^'x^viij'^ 

Ite/ii ther is delyuered to the same Chirche wardeyns all the 
Juelles Reliques evidences and other thinge.s as articulerly 
apperith byfore in thise booke folio xiij 
Ther and than p?'esent M^" Robert Smyth Maier of the Towne of 

Cambrigge ]\I^" John Ray M^" Petir Cheke John Kyrkeby Robert wiset 

John Kale John Alcetir John Thirleby & other moo 

Dettis also owing to the Chirche oner and besides the summe aforesaid 

first of John Jenyn for the ferme of certeyn londes in his tenure for 


\tem the senia^nte of willmm abyngton called Lorkyn gaif & 

bequethed to the buyldyng and makyng of the Roode lofte xxvj" viij^^ 

Item, the Chambirs ouer the almouse houses hoc A7ino nil 
qida in manibws gardianor?*»i 

Item John Charles and other of Executo^^rj of Maisteres God- 
frey owe for a legace by her goven to the Chirche ... xl* 

Ite//z wilham Synderton & Thomas fflynte owe of the Rest 

of an obligacibn ouer & besides iij^ iiij<^ payd &c v* 

Thomas Curie owith vpon an olde Reconyng ouer & besides the 

summe aforesaid ... ... xl* 

Thexecuto?<r3 of Thomas pomell owe for a legace by hym made 

to the same Chirche by estymacion .. . ... ... ... xxiiij^* 

Itpi/i the Executo2dr3 of M'" John Erliche owe for a legace 
by hym made to the same Chirche ouer & aboue xx^ therof 
payed iiij^* 



Item thexeciito?«'3 of IMJ" Joly owe for a legace by hym made to 
the same Chirche ... 

\iem John hairyson and John Kyrkeby late wardeyns of the 
Sepulciv light haue delyu^^red vnto John Martyn and John 
Thomson new Chirche wardeyns chosen for the yer to 

Cum in money ... ... ... ij" iiij'^ 

And so there is in the said Chirche wardeyns handes xx'' xiij" and 

also they haue viij'^ founde in the box 

Also the said John harryson and John Kyrkeby 1 vij^' wox payed 

promysse to delyur/'e to thuse of the Chirche late wardeyns V to the sepulcre 

of the Sepulcre light J lighte 

40 b] Electio gardianori«)i K7inc) Qhristi 1523 Nycholas Speryng Eleg?'t 
'^[aghtYvm. 'RoheHum Smythe & Simon Trew elegit Wille/r/ium Butte q?r/ 
duo elegeru«t 'MagistvuxQ. Eaye M.agistnim. Cheke Isiagistrum hacu7;iblyn 
Magistru7}i ger&rdmn godfrey 'Rohertum Robynson & Johanne^n Kyrbe & 
hii octo elegenmt 

In officiuw gardia?ior?^m pro Anno seque^ite Jdhannem Marten Joh«7?«- 
nem Thomson 

In officio g{\.Ydia,7iorum hunmwn sepulcri christi georgz?mi Norman 
AVille/m?^m Habyngton 

In officio Misse Jhesw Joha7inem. Reynum 'R.jcardtim Medylton Johan- 
nem Thyrleby 

Auditores compoti Magistrum Robertuni Smyth Magistrum Joha^mem 
Key Magistimm Cheke Johannem Thyrleby 

Her after folowethe certen summes receyved by vs y^ for w?'itton 
Chyrche warde?is 
In pi'imis received of y^ old wardene.s ... ... ... xx^* xiij" viij'^ 

Item of Maistres Sabyns ... ... xx^ 

Item of godmachester wieff for torches ... ... xvj'^ 

Item of y^ goodman Mandefeld ... ... vjMiij'^ 

Item of y^ gatheryng in y^ chyrche iiij sondays ... ... ... xvj'' vj'^ 

Item of M^" Hobbys for whyte rente ... ... ... ... vj'^ 

Item for olde tymber soldo ... ... ... iiij^ iiij^^ 

Item for Certen olde Juelles sold be y*' Connsewt of y*' sobyre 

Men of y^ paryshe ... ... ... ... liiij*' 

Suni7na to^ah's recejt>te xxv^' xvij^ 

41 a] Her after folowethe certen sumwies payde be vs y^ seyd Chyche 

In prrmis for ij locke.s & a bande of yrone to y^ huche ... ... iij* 

Item for nay les to y^ rode lofte ... ... ... ij" ij'^ 

Item a 3herde of bokeram for copes ... vj^' 

Item for rybon sylke & threde ... ... ... xij 

Item to y*' mender of y^ cope^ & another peice in threde 
Item for rybon 



1523 53 

Ite//i for bokaram & threde ... ... ... viij^^ 

lte))i to y'' me/idor of y^ copt'6- for hyu labor ... ... ... iiij« 

Ite;?« for bordyng of y*^ westme?i maker ... ... ... ... ij** vj^^ 

ltc?;4 for pyiinyiig of y^ bemc ... ... ... ... ... ij'^ 

Item for ij boshcles of lyme ... iij^* 

lte))i for a haylf hiuideryd of ii-ij peiiy iiayll ... ij^^ ob 

Itt'w payd to hogokyu for rydyng to so land ... ... ... xij'^ 

lt<?>;« for y*-' vysitation ... ... ... iiij'^ 

Itew to y'^ smyth for hyeni wark ... viij'* iiij'^ 

Itc';;< for naylcs ... ... ... ... ... ... ... j'^ 

Item for holowyng of y*^ ymagesse of mari & Jhoii ... ... viij'^ 

Itt^y« for sercliyng of y*^ roft' of y<= chyrche ... ... ... iiij'^ 

Item to y^ tresawreres ... ... ... xij'' 

Item to iivn & bell xix^i xiij« iiij'^ 

Item to nvn ... xij'^ 

Item payd to nvn xxiij** iiij*i 

Item at y"' last panie?it to iivii xxviij'^ ij'^ 

Item at another ty me ... viij** iiij'^ 

Ite?« for kepyng of Jakenetes dirge ij*^ ij'^ 

S^omma hwius pagine xxiiij^i iij** vj'^ ob 

41b] Item to Jhon vynam ... ... ... ... ... ij^ 

Ite?« to kell for y^ translatyng of y'^ lytyll westry & mewdyng of 

y*^ wysse to y^ sacerment ... ... ij* viij'^ 

Item for nayles ... vij*^ 

Item to Habyngton for whyppecorde ... ... iiij'^ 

Itewi for me?idyng of y'^ olde sensores ... ... ... ... iiij'^ 

Ite?«, to thyrlebe for makyng inde/itewrs for y*^ chawtber in 

y'^ cherche yjhard ... ... ... ... ... ... iiij'^ 

IteiJi for byndyng of a prosyssyonary ... ... viij'^ 

Item for coles on cry stmas day ... ... ... ... ... j'^ 

Item for y*^ steppe tofor y*^ alter ... ij** ij'^ 

Item for a glasse wyndow mendyng ... ... ... ... xvj'^ 

Item for ij dogkes of hyeron to y^ rode lofte ... xvj'^ 

Ite?n in y^ losse of y<^ eyll money ... ... ... ... ... viij'^ 

Item for wasshing of the Surplices & other tliinges belongyng to 

the Chirche ... ... ... xx'^ 

Item for scoryng of the Candellstykkes to John Cay viij'^ 

Item for mendyng of a Candelstik j'^ 

Sumiaa hwius pagine xiiij** xj^^ 
Swmma totalis alloc' xxiiij^^ xviij** v^ ob 
E^ sic p/-edicti Computantes debent ... ... ... xviij^ vj<^ ob 

42 a] Ecclesia beate marie virginis iuxtol . . . ^t 

r^ 5- Anno xv reffni regis iiennci vnj 

54 1524 

(Johtni ncH Thomson Elig«t Maffistrmn Vs'iWelmmn 
Elcciiio O^c'iarionim -! Butte Johamies Martyii Eligit ^lac/istntin 

\ Rohei'twm Smyth wexchauiideler 

Isti duo Eligei'unt sibi sex viz. 

'Ma(j/ifi(rum Joh«?iwem Ray> 

Garrardum Goddefrey 

Nicho?«?«m Speryng , _ . _, .^„. . 

T , Tvr r ij Vlsti octo Llegeruut Omciarios sequenieis 

Joh(ni/?em Manfeld j ° ^ 

Siinoiiem True I ^ 

Joh«miem Thirleby / 

T /-./v • /^ 1- T-i 1 • (Magi'stvum Jacobum hacumbleyii 

In Omcio Gardianor?r/?i Ecclesie i t i i 

(J ohan7iGm howes 

T r^ni • rM J- i • r^ i • (WiWehnioui habyn<i;ton 

I n Omcio Gardianorw??i lumnmwi Sepulcn i,^ . ^r 

^ (Georgiu^i Norman 

T ri 1^ 1. : Tvr- ti fJohamiem Barns 
In Collector Misse Ihesn <^. o. , 

[Joha7mem. Smyth 

Auditores Compo^i Johanwis Thomson &, Joha^wiis Martyn Gardia- 
uovu7n in anno precedente 

MagistruTU RobeHum Smyth 

Magisti'imi Joha?mem Ray 

Simonem True 

Joha7i)ie7n Thirleby 

Due to the Chirche as apperith in the foote of this accompte xviij^ vj*^ 
whiche is delyuered To M^ Jamys hacunibleyn & John howes Chirche 
wardeyns for the yer to cum xviij^ vj^^ compos 26S in proxmo Compoio 

(howes he[ ]) 
lte7n ther is delyuercd to the same Chirche wardeyns All the Juelks 
Reliques evidences and other thinges as apperith byfore in this booke 
folio xiij 

Ther and than present M^' Wilk'am Butte M^ Robert Smyth M^' John 
Ray Simond True George Norman John Thirleby & other moo 

42 b] Dettes also due & owyng to the said Chirche ouer and beside** the 

same aforewreton 

ffirst of John Jenyn for the ferme of certeyn londes in his 
tenure for iij ycrs atte fest of halowmesse next 

lte7)i the se/'uante of wilh'am habyngton called lorkyn gaif 

& beqwethed to the Chirche towardes the Rode lofte ... xxvj** viij'^ 

lte7n the ferme of the Almouse houses Chambirs hoc anno 
nt7 quia in manibz^s Gardianor?6m non conducti 

Item John Charles and other Executowra of Maisteres Godfrey 

owe for a legace by her goven to the Chirche ... ... xl^ 

Itewi willi«ni Synderton & Thomas fflynte owe for the Rest of 
an obligaci'on for Curie vt pa^e^ in ultmo Compoto prece- 
dents V 

1524 55 

item Thomas Curie owith vpon an olde Reconyiig ouer & beside^s 

the said sum 111 xl« desperatte 

Thexecuto^a*3 of Thomas Pomcll owe for a legace by hym 

made to the same Chirche by estymacioii ... xxiiij*' 

Thexecuto^i'} of M^' John Erhchc owe for a legace by hym made 

cue?- & besides this yer payied by M3 Sabyn lx« 

Item thexecutowr3 of Maistcves Joly ow for a legace by hym 

made to the same Chirche ... 

Memorandum of ferme holder 

„.,,,.,,, ^ X , T fS pro iii {innis in festo onudiun 

rai'st londes in the tenure of John Jenyn i !;, ; , 

'' [ Sanctori«m prox' 

Item for a pale in the Chirche yerde belongyng to the houses 

late of M'. asshewell by the yer vj'' yerly 

Item the ferme of the Chambers ouer the almouse houses in 

the Chirche yerd leton to Raf Bicardyke by Indenture ... viij^ yerly 

Item certeyn ]Medowe in Chesterton feld of the gifte of M3 

Goddefrey by the yer 3 pro iij a?ims 

43 a] Audito Compo^o wille^wn habyngton & Georgii Norman 
Gardianorwm lunun2^7/z Crucifixi & Sepulcri pro i^hits annis 
finitis ill festo pasche instant' i\7mi viz anno reg7ii vegis 
henr/ci octaui xv^ Computat^s computandzs allocatisqz^e 
allocandis vt pa^e^ per librum visum & examinat^tm lidem 
Computantes ha6ent in maniba^s suis ad usuwi Eccle6-ie ... xxij** xj^' 

Here after liblowyth Certyn Summys of monye gatheryde By Jamys 

hacumblen & John hawys of men^iys good wylles Euery Sonday as 
hereafter apperyth 

Ite;;i ReceiVec^ of Goodman haws ... ... ... xxxv*^ 

Item 'Received ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xv^ 

In prmiys the iij° day of Apprilis that is lowe sonday v^ iiij'^ 

Item Received the x** day of Aprilis the ij sonday V^ iij^^ ob 

Item Received the xvij^ day of Aprilis the iij sonday iiij** v'^ 

Item Received the xxiiij^ day of Aprilis the iiij sonday ... vj** ij'' 

Item Received the furste day of may the v sonday ... ... iiij^ ix'' 

Item Received the viij*^* day of may the vj sonday iiij^ iiij'^ 

Item Received the xv<^i day of may the vij sonday ... ... v^ iiij'' 

Itew Received the xxij^i day of may the viij sonday iij^ j'' 

Ite??i Received the xxix*^^ day of may the ix sonday ... ... iiij^ ix'' 

Item Received the \^^ day of Ivnivs the x sonday iij^ vij'' 

Item Received the xij*^* day of Ivnivs the xj sonday v^ 

Item Reseuyd of the precedensse of the kynges halle for viij 

tfowtte of stone iij'* 



Item Keceired the xix day of Ivnivs the xij Soiuiay 

Item Received of goodman spiring for j bushcll a Refuswe lyme 

Ittfwi Solid C quart' & xiiiji' of olde leddu 

Item Ueceired of Johawuis thoinson & Jolicoi^is martyii 

Item I'caccit'ed for the Rent of the pale ... 

Siimma iiij^* iij^ iiij'^ ob 

[Fol. 43 b blank.] 

44 a] The paymcntcs of the said Chirchevvardeyiis 

fRrst payed for a Chette of parchemen for ower Rowelle to kaddur 

by in the cheirchc ... 

Itein for v yardes & iij quarters for the cowpe & ])^ halfte 

quarter of whytte dam?na.ske at v« viij'^ y*^ yarde & for 

i vnce of golde at iij*^ viij^^ y^ mice 

Item for vij yardcs of grene bokeram at vj^ }7^ yard 

Ite;?i for j pece a lere ... 

Item for ij elks of Canvas at iiij'^ ob j?^ ell ... 

Itt!»>i for Seryng CcindylW ... ... ... ... ... 

Iteiii for V \-nc6'5 of Sylke & iij skenys a blacke Sylke vj'^ at xij 

|j*^ vnce 

Item for whytte threyde ... ... 

Item payed vnto the Brothere for viij wcke^- & iij days workyn 


Item for iij vnces & a qiiarteryn of ftcnys golde at iij" viij^^ \)^ 

vnce ... ... 

Item for iij vnces of fFysscmen rebyn at xij'^ \>^ vnce 

Itew^ for vysitation ... 

Item payed M'' Thomas Chakenett for his obbytt 

Itey>i for a roppe for the lyttill bell 

Item a roppe for the grett bell 

Item payed for mendyng of a lector/i ... 

Ite??z payed for mendyng of syett^ ... 

Ite??i in nalys 

Item payed for byndyng of the legentt booke ... 

I t e m Solid C quart' & xiiij li of oldo l o dd o m —. rn 

Ite??i payed vnto the tresory 

Item for halffe a ell of brestell for nrendyng of Suri)lice5 

Item for wasshing of the Surplices & mendyng of them and 

wasshyng of the altur clowtes 
Item payed to John alcetyr capper for scoryng of the Candyl- 


i^icmma iiij" xv^ viij<^ ob 

44 b] Ecclesia ^aiicte Trinitatzs anno xvj regni regis henrici viij 
Eleccio ibio?em facta die JJoimnica, in albis anno supradicto 

iijs yy\ 

v« x'l 

xvnj« vj' 


iiJB vjd 





















dehetur ei«de>yi Conipiit' 
xijs iiij*! inde solut' per 

Mai/ister Jaco))us hacuinbleyn Gardiaiius Eccle^ie in anno precedentc 
digit MaffiMnim Petiii^^ Cheke Johanne& Howes altcv Gardianus Eligit 
Magistram llkdrduin Clerkc listi duo eligcr?^;<i vsibi fsex videlicet Magis- 
trum Rol)e;-tiuu Smytli Garrarduni Goddcfrey Kicardum licliefeld Sinioncni 
True Nicli(;^«?mi SiHiryng & "\Ville/y;ium Bellynglican Isti octo preuommixti 
Eligeruwt ^ 

In Officio Gardianoi'«y;i Ecclesie pro anno jUicarduni Cotton ct 

sequence [Johannein Barnard 

T ^v. . ., ,. , . o. 1 • rRicaro?z^m Myddylton et 

In Omcio Gardianor?t/;i luunn?«/;i !Sei)ulcri -( t i n 

^ [Jacobum Cragge 

, ,. ,. . ri Hi nr- Ti fadrianum Johnson et 

In Umcio Collector «/;i pro Missa Ine^tu -i,^. i • 1 1 

^ (ISimoncm liidde 

{^iagistrum Robertum Smyth 

Item in auditor' Compo^i predicto;7«»i j^iagistrum Petrum Cheke 

Jacobi hacu??ibleyn & SoXiannia Howes jSimonem True & 

yiohannQvcL Thirlebye 

Audito compo^o predic^or?«m Jacobi Hacum-^ 

bleyu & Joha^mis howewes Gardianont?/i Ec- 

clesie predicte in anno p^-ecedente viz. a die 

\)om.iniQ,i\, in albis -Anno veqni regis henrici \^"'', "'"^ ^"^" '""^"T. ^1^' 

, ,. , . , yoohamiem Jenyn nif Et 

vni xv^ vsq?/e eunde/« diem dommica7?i anno f . , , , . ........ 

•^ . . , ., , ^ . sic aebeticr eis vii *> iiij" 

ream regis henvici viii xvi^ omnimcs computatis , ,, o • ., 
^ / , . „ -11 T ^ • X solvit' & quiet' 

computandi6' alloca^z5q2ie allocandis vt imtet isto 

anno precedente in Compoto suo j 

Audito compoto wille^mi habyngton & Georgii\ 

Norman Gardinarwm lumint^m Crucifixi & sepulcri 

finito die domimca in albis anno remw regfz's henrici ,....., , i ., 

, ^ ^ , xliij^ 11" vnde soluit«tr 

octaui XV]" supradictzs ommhus computatis com- 1 r. , • t i c t 

,.„ . „ ,, . ).preiat(!6' Jacobo & Jo- 

putandi5 alloca^isque allocandis vt pa^e^ in quo- / , 

dam libro ip^orz^wi Computanci2«?i viso & exa^^ii- 

?iato ijdem computantes debent Clare Ecclesie 

p/'edicte ... ... ... ... ... ...' 

Howes predict' viij^ iiij'^ Et sic Eemanet Ecclesie in Clara 
l)ecunia ... ... xxxiiij" x*^ 

quos deliberat' est Ricardo Cotton & Joha^mi Barnard 
Gardianis pro anno sequence vna cum xij^^ Recept' de Jacobo 
hacumbleyn pro vno paruo Coclear' argent' perdito Et sic in 
manibits suis xxxv^ x^^ 

45 a] Item ther is deleyuered to the said Richard Cotton & 
John Barnard Chirche wardeyns for the yer to cum All 
the Juelles Reliques evydences and other thinges as ap- 
perith byfore in this booke ... tilio xiij 

Ther and than present M^' Robert Smyth M^' Petir Cheke John 
Howes M^" Jamys hacumbleyn Simon Trew william habyng- 
ton George Xorman Richard Myddylton and other moo 


58 1526 

Dettes due & owyng to the said Chirche 

tiirst John Jeiiyn owith for a yer ferine ended atte fest of 1 .. ,, . 

• i. TVT- 1 11 mi 1 11 X o . ])« sor ni anno 

senit MichcU 1 harchaungell next cowimyng for ceHeyn > 

land('5 govyn by M" Charleys to the said Cliirche ) ' 

Itt';^ the senitnaite of vviUiam habynton called "|xxvjs viij'^ sol' in ij arcli- 

lorkyn gaif & beqwethed towardcs the Koode - aungelw in le Rode 

Lofte ... ... ... ... j lofte 

^lemorcmdum of the ferme of the Almouse house in the Chirche yerdc 
Item John Charles nnd other cxec\ito?«rs of M^"^ Goddcfrey owe 

for a legace by her goven to the Chirche ... id" 

Item Will/«m Synderton and Thomas fflynte owe for the Rest 

of an obligaabn for Curie v* 

Ite/^i^ Thomas Curie owith vpou an olde Reconyng oner & be- 

syde^ the said Sum >/ie ... ... ... ... xl** desp<grat 

Thexecutowrs of Thomas Pomell owe for a legace by hym made 

to the Chirche by estymacibn ... ... ... ... xxiiij^' 

Itc'/M thexecutowrs of M^' John Erliche owe for a legace by^ iij^* in mani- 

hjm made ouer & besydt'S Ix^ Remaynyng in thandesj-b?^^ M^" Robert 

of M'" Robert Smyth ) Smyth 

Hem thexecutozirs of M"^ Cristofer Joly ow for a legace by hym 

made to the said Chirche ... 

'Memorandum of ferme holder- 
llirst for certeyu londes in the tenure of John Jenyn \t yaiet 

Itewi for the ferme of the pale in the tenure of wilh'am hassyll 
Item for the ferme of the Chambers ouer the Almouses howses 

by the yer in the tenure of Raf Bycardyke ... viij* 

Item for the ferme of certeyn Medovve in Chesterton ffelde of 

the gyft of M^s Goddefrey 

45 b] Elece/o OfticiariorwTi anno x\ij'' regni regis Henrici viij* vt sequitw/- 
Rychear Cotton 


^ , j- haue chosyn Mayster Smy the & mayster chekc 

And they twayne haue Chosyn other vj vnto them 

M"^ Clarke 

M'^ acomplaynt 

goodman garrat 

M"" bayly hawys 

goodman trcw 

Roger Chanlar 

Thes viij haue Chosyn the Chyrche wardyns 

Chyrche wardyns M^ baly hasyll & the goodman trcw 

And for y*^ sepullker lyght the olde Masters that were afore in the yer 
presede?it awdyters M^' Smythe M^" Clarke M^ Cheke M"* acomplaynt and 
J lion thyrlebe 

152G 59 

and for gatlicryng of Jhesz^s mas they y*- were afore in the yer 

46 a] Ecclesia heate ^larie virginis iux^« foriu^i villc Cuntelmgie ainio 

reffni regis heiwici viij xvij*^ 

Thacconipt of Richard Cotton & John Barnard Chirche Wardoyns 

of the Chirche aforesaid then made The sonday called doimniGH in albis 

the yer aboue said 

ffirst the said accomptaunte6' charge their silfFes with money 
by them Resceyucd as in the foote of Thaccompte in the 
yer p?'esedent more pleynly doth apper ... ... ... xxxv*^ x<^ 

Item of money by them Resceyued of Michell of 
Cheste>'ton for the ferme of ij acre? Medow in Chesto'ton 
aforesaid the buttes whereof abiittith and appcrith in the 
first lef of this booke for ij yers ... ... ij** 

Item of money by them Resceyued of John Jenyn for the ferme 
of ccrteyn londes in Cambridge felde goven to the said 
Chirche by M»s Charles ij^ 

Item of money by them Resceyued for the bury ell of M^'^ Alice 

Ray within the said Chirche ... ... ... ... ... vj** viij^^ 

Item of money by them Resceyued for the buryell of the wyf of 

John Manfeld thelder within the said Chirche vj« viij*^ 

ltey>t of money by them Resceyued for the buryell of John 

Kyrkeby w?Y/iin the Siiid Chirche ... ... ... ... vJMdij*^ 

Item Resceyued of willwan hassyll for a pale sett vpon the 

chirche grounde atte the Est ende of the Chirche yerde . . . iiij^ 

Sicm.7'iia totalis B,ecepte vt i:>atet supra lix^ iiij*^ (sic) 

Vnde petunt allocctri 
first payed for mendyng of the leade in the body of the Chirche 

wi'tA nayles ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xiij*^ 

Item to John Thirleby for makyng of certeyn dedes concernyng 
the bargayne and sale of certeyn londes solde to M^ Whighte- 
acre Chcaintery priste within the said Chirche and for 
ce/'teyn Indenturs conceniyng the amortesyng of the same 
landes l}amg & beyng in steple Mordon & Gilden Mourdon 
& twoo tyraes Rydyng thedir etc. ... ... ... ... vj^ viij'^ 

Item for mendyng of the Surplices within the said chirche ... ix'^ 

Item for wasshing of the said Surpluces «& aulter clothes ... ij« 

46 b] Item payed for thexspences of M^" Sadeler deputie to 
M'" Whighteacre Rydyng to hym to Norwiche towardes his 

Costes xviij'^ 

Item payed to Kele for a skynne ledir to amende the organs ... ix^ 

Item payed for the dirrigees of M^' Jaconett ij^ ij'^ 

Item payed for pavyng ageinst the Chirche yerde xxvij yerdes iiij^ vj^ 

60 1526 

It«wi for iij loodt'6- sande to the same ... ... ... ... xij^ 

Ite^wi to John Capper for scoryng of the great Caiidelstikk«6- &c. viij<* 

IteiWi to the Thresorers of Cainbrigge for the Rent of the 
Ahnous houses Imylded vpon the south syde of the Chirche 

yerd xij*^ 

Ittfwi for Colys vpon Cristeniessc Even occupied \withm the said 

Chirche j*i 

Item payed for whight Girdilles for prist(^s v'^ 

Summa totalis allocationin xxij" vij"^ 

And so the said accomptaunt<?5 owe Clerly to the said Chirche 
xxxvj« ix^^ whiche is delyuered to wilU'ani hassyll & Syniond 
Trewe Chirche Wardeyns for the yer to Cum xxxyj** ix*^ 

Ite/ii ther is delyue?*ed & solde vnto the said Chirche Wardeyn 
viij vncc'6' dim' qicavier broken syluere pr/ce the \nce iij'^ iiij*^ 
aunwia ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xxvij^j*^ 

Item delyuered to the same Chirche Wardeyns in Redy money ix^ ij"^ 

47 a] Dettes due & owyng vnto the said Chirche 

Memo?'andum of the ferine of the ahnesse houses in the Chirche 

Item John Charles & other ExecutoiM'3 of M^'^ Godfrey owe for 

a legace by her goven to the said Chirche ... xl* 

Item Wilh'am Synderton & Thomas fflynte owe for the llest of 

an Obhsracion for Curie ... ... ... v" 

Ite/>t Thomas Curie owith v2)on an olde Rcconyng ouer & be- 

sydes the foresaid summe xl** desperat 

Item Thexecutowrs of Thomas pomell owe for a legace by hym 

made to the said Chirche by estimacion ... ... ... xxiiij*' 

Itewi Thexecutoz^rs of M^ John Erliche owe for a legace by hym 

made to the said Chirche ouer & besydes Ix^ for them 

payed by thandes of M^ Robert Smyth for the guyldyng 

of the Trinite in the Rode lofte & ouer & besydes xl^ also 

payed by thandes of M^' Cheke for the same 

Ite?>i Thexecutoitrs of M^' Cristofer Joly owe for a legace by hym 

made to the said Chirche ... 

Item Bowen Brenens owith for the buryell of his Modir within 

the Chirche vj« viij«i 

Memo7'andum of the ferme holdes 

Itewi for the ferme of certeyn londes in the tenur of John 
Jenyn in Cambrigge felde to be ended for the yer at seynt 
Michell Tharchaungell next commyng 

Item for the ferme of the Chambers ouer the almouse house} 

le ton by the yer for ... viij* 

whiche viij** Raf By card Dyke hath payed for ij yers her ended 

1527 61 

in repamcrons as apperith by a bill and ther is owyng 
ynto hym xv^ whiclie shalbe to hym allowed in his 
payment of the next yer fcrme 

lte))i for the ferme of C(V*teyn j\Iedow in Chestirton ffelde of the 
gifte of M'-^ Godfrey 

Item ther Remayneth in thande^' of M^' Robert Smyth of olde 
torchis end?*.s' as apperith by a bill of his owne hande 
Remaynyng in a lynnyn bagge ... ... xliiij^'' 

47 b] Eccle.sia heaie marie virginis inxta forum ville CaTitebr/^r/e 
nij die Aprilhs anno regjii regis Henrici octavi xvij^ & anno do«?./ni 

ffii*st a Crosse of siluer & gaylte with Mary & John pond' fyve 

scor xviij unces & dim' 
Item a staff' Copir & guylte & a Crosse Clothe of Rede sarcenet 
Item a Monstr' syluer & guylte with a \'ice syluer & guylte to) Ixix vnce.s 

sett in the sacrement pond' j dim' scare 

rt<?«2 vij Chaleysys wM patente.9 pond' 

Item ij Candelstikkes of syluer parcell guylte wherof oon pond' 

iiji^ viij ynces dim' And thodir pond' iij pound(?.s vij vnces 


48 a] Syinon trew & wyllyrmi hassyll chyrchwardenys in the yer oft' 
the Rayng of ower souerayn lord & Kyng henry the viij^'^ xviij ^'^ yere 

item payd for takyng down of the Sege & the tymbyr of the 

stepyll ... ... ... xvj^ 

item payd for mcndyng of the w^endowys in the chwrch and in 

the Re vestry for the glassy^ig ... ... ix^ 

Item pajii for iij C of Sege ... v^ vj^ 

Item payd for the carryage of iij lode Sege ... ix^ 

It^j- payd for the chenys of the lattyn sensers xij<* 

Item I payd to labowrers for iiij dayis worke ... ... ... ij^ viij** 

Item payd to the 'Master workman for iiij dayys work ... ... ijs 

Item I payd to smyth for iiij lode of clay ... ... ... xvj** 

Item w payd for a bell Rope x** 

Itein I payd to the tressores for the Rent of the halmesehowses 

byledyd vpon the south syde of the chvrch yerd ... ... xij"^ 

Iter/i w payd for xij yardes of garnyschyng lass ... vij^ 

[[te«i I payd for kepyng of M^' Jacnettys hobyte ... ... ijs iy^ 

tern I payd to a carpentvr for mendyng of the whell of the bell ij<* 

tew I payd for the vysytacyon ... ... viij^ 

item I payd the plomyr for viij^^ of sowdyr 
[tern I payd hym for ij dayis work 
tern I payd hys seruant for ij dayis work 
tte??i for colly s 

[te>/i for carryng away men vr fro the steppyllys end ... ... ij"* 



62 1527 

Item I payd to nycolas golsmyth for settyng the Eyn^ig of the 

syhivr sensvr ... ... ... ... ... ... wa 

J ^ ... ... ... ... ij 

Item I payd to the smyth for a stapyll and a loke on the 

organys vj.i 

Item I payd for y«rd gren bokcrom vj'' 

Item T payd for q?^«;'ter gryn satyn a bryggis vij'i 

Viem I payd to John cappar for scorryng of y** gret cansttykkys viij*^ 

Item I payd for wayssching of the syrpplesys & the awttyr 

clothis ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xx'^ 

\tem w payd for a nownce dim' of garnyssyng Rebond xviij'' 

Itew w payd for q?^(rrter canvas ... ... ... j<i 

Ttewi \v payd for y«?*d of canvas ... ... iij** ob 

\tem w payd for quarter of fyn gren thred iiij^i 

Item w payd for gray thred & selyng candyll j'l ob 

Item w payd for dim' ell of canvas ... ... ij«i 

Item w payd for dim' q^^aHer of Red thred ij*^ ob 

Item w for ell of bokcrom vj^ 

Item w payd for a knote of blak thred j<i 

Ytem w payd for a no\v?ice dim' of garnyssyng Rebond xviij'^ 

Itewi w payd for iij q?mrters of yelow bokcrom iij'^ ob 

48 b] Item sold thomao gvrry C iij o^mrt(iv\i of Bcgc the prt'ce 

for the caryago of y < ^ C -;-. tt-. m —. —. ~^^ 

Item w payd for dim' ya^'d & the nayll of worsted ... ... ijs iiijd 

Item w payd for gray thred j'^ ob 

Item w payd to the broydderer for his labovr ... vjM'iij*^ 

Item for watjoyng of the oyrplco f iy r i & the awtyr clothes rr. xx^^ 

Item I delyuwryd to the chwrchwarddens of the money that I 

Reeez'yec? of the old chwrchwarddens . . . ... ... ... xxvjM'iij'^ 

for the payment of the organes ... 

Item I Resayvyd for the old Sege that was of the stepyll ... xvij** 
\te m w R e s a y vyd for the born^q ig of iiij-^oreby^at^ki-Manfeldys 

boryall r^^ rv, t^. w-. nr. TTT- TT\ it^^ 

Itewt I Resayuyd of Raf bykkyrdyk for the Rent of the halmesse- 

howsse ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... vj^ ix** 

Item I 'deceived of cokman for the bornyng of iiij torchis . . , xvj*^ 
Item I deceived for the sege of that be lefte of the stepyll it 

was C iij qt^arters to com to iij^ vij<i so moch I hav 

Resaywyd for it ... 

Item w deceived of John hawys for the beryall of John manflfeld vj^ viij'i 

Item w Receii^eo? for the bornyng of the torchis at his beryall ... xvj<^ 

49 a] Ecclesia beate Marie] Die lune in Septima pasche anno xegni 
virginis inx^a forum J vegis henrici viij*' decimo octauo 

Eleccio Offician'orwm Inprimis Simon Trew & wille^Tiws hasyll Gardiani 
in anno precedente Eligerunt in Eleccibnem petriim Cheke & ^icarduui 

1527 63 

Clerk Isti duo Eligerunt sibi sex vtz Kob^rtum Smyth Jacobum liacumbleyn 

Garrardum Godfrey JolK^^iweni howes Jiicardum lychefeld & Joh«?2?iein 

Thirleb^^e Isti .sex Eligerunt officiar^os subscriptos videlicet 

r /v. . ^ ,. T^ , . (wiWelmum abyngton & 

In 0II1C20 Gardianor?<7n Ecclesie -^ _, . ^t 

(Georgiwm Norman 

In officio Gardianor?//» lumi^is jUicardiim Myddylton & 

Ch'ucifixi & aanct'i Sepulcri (Jacobum Cragge 

T ,. . T,r. Ti fNicho/awm Elton & 

In gardianis Misse Ihesxi < . , ^ . 

(Aaranu?>2 Johnson 

f^iagistncm 'Ricardun\ Clerk 

In auditor' Compod I Magistrutn Petrum Cheke 

p7*edicto?*ww Gai*dianorw??? j Magistncm Robertum Smyth 

[Magistrum Jacobum hacumbleyn 

John Thyrleby 

49 b] 'Memoi'andum delyueryd to Wilh'am habyngton & george 

norma?i at the cu?nmy?ig in at ther offiyce in money xxviij^ xj*^ ob 

}>lemorcmdmn y^ I wylh'am abyngton and gorge norman haue 

Ressauyd the xxvj day off Maye In the xix yere off kyng 

harry the viij^^e ff^j. ^he Beryaulle off waters sovne of Reche iiij^ 

ande ftbr the Bornyng of iiij torchys ... ... ... ... xvj<* 

Ressauyd fFor the bornyng off iiij torchys for M^" Sadler ... xvj*^ 

Ressauyd off Mychell off' Chesterton for ij acres off medow ffor to 

yers Rentt ... ... ... ... ... . ij*" 

Resceuyd oft' M'" Bayly Bykkyrdyc ffor the Rentt off almesse 

howsses ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... viij" 

Resauyd off John Jenyn ande ffrancys Berebrewer ffor the 

Rentt off vj acres off erabyll londe ffor ij yers endyng att 

mykelmas laste paste iiij^ 

Item off mony Resceyued ffor the bureyll of M^ cotton «»... vj^ viij'^ 

ande ffor the bernynge off iiij torchys ffor the same M^ cotton xvj'^ 

Ite??? Resceuyd off Bayly hassyll ffor a palle stondyng In the 

chyrche yerde ffor to yere Rentt viij^^ 

ffor the bewryaulle off the good wyff Marche ... v^ iiij'^ 

ffor the bewryaulle off Maste?- clarke ... , ... vj" viij*^ 

ande ffor the bernyng off iiij torchys to the same M'" Clarke . . . xvj'^ 

50 a] ^YJ\l^aJX^ Abyngton & gorge Norman chyrche wardens in the yere 
off the Rayne off owere Souerayne lorde kynge henry the viij^'^^ xix yere 
Item payde ffor a Belrope for the grett Belle wayeng xii li ... xv'* 

Item payde ffor a Bawdryc ffor the therde Belle ... xiij^ 

Item payde ffor hangyng off the Sance Belle & ffor naylles . . . vj'^ ob 

Item payde ffor naylles ffor the grett Belle ... j*^ ob 

Item payde ffor ij long pecys off' tymber ff'rom styrbrygge ffayer v*^ 

Item payde to the tresserrys ffor the wytt Rent off the Almese 

howses ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xij*^ 

64 1528 

lt€77i payde for a new handell inakyng for the orgayn.s to keylle ij<i 

Ite??i ^)ayd for charcollP5 on krystmas euyn ... ... ... y^ 

Item payd for the obbvtt oft* Master* Jaconet ... i'f j^ 

Iteni payd for ij lyttell pans to poutt othe in the sylver sencers xj*' 

Ite?« payd for a beh'ope for the therde bell weyeng x^^ & dim' . . . xxj'^ 

Item payde for mendyng off" a challys to nycolas goldesmythe ... viij'^ 

Ande a q?^«/'ton off cylver off" the vnce ... ... x^^ 

Item payde ftbr a quartt oft' Suett wyne to the orgyn makyr ffor 

ysse laber ... ... ... ... iiij<J 

Item payde ftbr the expencys off'Bothe the wyssetacyons ... ij* vj'' 
Item payde ftbr wassyng off the syrplecys & auter clothys awbys 

& towylle.s ... ... ij« 

Item payde ftbr mendyng oft* aubys & syrplecys ande markyng 

oft" the auter clothe ... ... ... ... yy^ 

Item payde ftbr halowyng oft'ij challys ande to auter clothys ... xij^^ 

lte7n payde to Jhon kappe/' ftbr scouryng off* the canstekkys ... viij'* 
Item payde for tymber for the stepell for ix'^'^ fotte ande xiiij 

fotte pryce the fotte ij'^ qica^ ande iiij'^ ob' att aulle payde 

off*thesame ... xxxiij^ viij^i 

so there ysse howeng of the same tymbre ... iij" ol) 

Sumwia \y viy^ 
[Fol. 50b blank.] 

51 a] Ecclma heate marie] Die lune in septimana pasche anno regni 
virginis iuxta forum J Regis henrici octaui decimo nono 

Electio ofticiarior?^m In pnmis wyll^^^m?/.s abyngton & georgius norma?i 

»ardiani in smno precedente elegerwit in electio?iem petruwi cheke & 

robei'tu??i smythe isti duo elegerunt sibi- sex thomawi wendy Johannem 

hawes Jacobum hacimibleyn Johannem bernardnicolaum Sperynk wille/»wum 

hasyll isti sex eliger?«it ofticiar?*©.? s?ibscripto.s videlicet 

^ ^ . ,. , . fRicardimi Midilton & 

In officio gardianor?i?>i eccle.^ie -^, . , 

° (henricum osburne 

In officio gardianorum Iwm'nif^ Jhenricum veysy & 

crucifixi & sc/wcti sepulcri (willeZmu^w bellywgga?>i 

,, . . ,1 (Johsin7icm smythe 
In gardianis misse Ihesu ■{^. "^ 

° [thomam ciirrer 

/Maffistrum wendy 

'Magistrum smythe 
■{^ Magistrwn cheke 

Magistrum hacumbleyn 

John thirleby 

In auditores Comi)od 
predicto/'2r//2 gardianorwm 

51 b] Audito Compoto 

lu^YVinomrimtorum willelmi habyngton & Georgii Norman Gar- 
dianor?^m Ecclesie beote Marie infrascripte in anno p/'esidenti 

1528 65 

viz a die Dominica, in albis a?^?io regni regis henrici octaiii 
xviij" vsq?<tf eiiiidem diem do?«niicam in albis anno regni 
regis henrici octiiui xix^ Ommhiis Coniputat/*' Computandis 
allocati5q?^6' allocandi*' vt pate^ in Compo^o suo anno p;-ox' 
p/'(^sedente ha6ent surplus' ad vsum Eccki'ie ... ... xx** ob 

Audito Compo^o 

Evicrtrt^i Myddylton & Jacobi Cragge Gardianorum luminzwH 
Crucifixi & Sepulcri anno prcdicto Om;iib?6s Computatz's 
Computandii" Allocatwq?^6^ allocand?^ iideni Coniputantes 
hrt6ent Siu'plus' ad vsum Ecclesie p?•ed^c?^ ... ... ... xlj^ vj«^ 

cVnd so ther Remayneth to the Chirche in redy money Ixj^ vj^^ ob 
whiche Is delyucred vnto heiny Osboi«-ne & Richard 
Myddylton Chirche Wardeyns for the yer to Cunie ... Ixj** vj^^ ob 

Itt^m the stokke of wex belongyng to the Sepulcre light wMin 
the said chirche ys 

[tmi the stokke of wex belongyng to the Roode light w^-V/dn the 

Siiid Chirche ys 

Dett<?5 due «& owyng \aito the said chirche 

rhexecuto?6;-s of M'^ Goddefrey owe for a legacce by her goven 

to the said Chirche ... xl^ 

Item Wilh'«m Synderton & Thomas fflynt owe for the Rest of 

an obligacibn for Curie ... ... ... v^ 

Item the said Thomas Curie owith vpon an olde reconyng ouer 

& besydes the said v^ ... ... ... ... ... ... xl^ 

Item thexecutow/-s of Thomas poniell owe for a legace by hym 

made to the said Chirche by estymacion ... ... ... xxiiij^^ 

t^em the executowrs of M'' John Erliche owe for a legace by 
hym made to the said Chirche ouer & besydes Ix^ by them 
payed by thandes of M^' Robert smyth for the guyldyng of 
the Trinite in the Rode lofte and ouer & besydes xl^ for 
them payed to the same by M^ Cheke 

liem thexecutoz^rs of M^' Cristofer Joly owe for a legace by hym 
made to the said Chirche 

Ite»i Baldewyn Brenens owith for the buryell of his Modir 

wi^Ain the Chirche ... ... vj^ viij** 

Memorandum of the flferme holder 
Ite;^i the ferme of certeyn londes in Cambrigge felde in the 

tenure of John Jenyn ... 
Item the ferme of the Chambirs ouer the almouse houses in the 

Chirche yerdes viij^ yerly 

Item the ferme of certeyn Medow in ChesteHon fFelde 

Ite?^ ther remayneth in thandes of M'^ Robert smyth of olde 

Torches endes as apperith by a bill of his owne hande in 

the lynnyn bagge pond' xliij libr' 

C.A.S. Octavo Series. No. XXXV. 5 

66 1529 

Ricardus iiiidilto^i cessauit ab officio & fecit compotum & dedit wiWelmo 
habyngton electo in idem officiii??^ xxvj^ viij'^ (qui remanebant in manibtts 
suis oynnihus co?wputatis «& tradidit eidew WiWdvio) orjinia, bona ecclesie 
qne habiiit 

Anno 1529 

52 al ^cclesidheate Man'e\ _,, . ., , , „ , ,. , 
. ... „ ... I Eleccio ibtaem facta die lune in septima 

viririni.s luxta lorum villeV . .,,..,. 

^ , , . . 1 pascne anno reqni regis henrici octaui xx° 

Ca^ntebngie ) ^ J ^ 

Henricus Ossebowrne & wille^mus habyngton Gardiani Ecclme i>redicte 
in anno i)rtfcedent6' Eligerunt in Elecc^onewi Magistros Thomani wendey & 
Rohei'tivn Smyth Isti duo Eligerunt sibi sex viz Magistros Petrum Cheke 
Joha/mem ho was Jacobum hawkcumblen Johmi^iem Gaunte wille^m-j^m 
hassyll & Joha^mem Thyrleby Isti octo eligerunt Offician'os sequen^f^s 

Eleca'o In officio Gardianorzmi pro Anno [Henricu?/! Ossebowrne & 

sequente \henricum Veysy 

-r «>..>,, . , . . . , . (yfillelmuni Bellyngham & 

inoincio Gardianorwmluminissawcifisepulcri -^, . t^ ; i 

[henricicm Kyngested 

T ro • r^ ^^ i,^- xi (wHlelmum Courrer 

In omao Gardianorwm Misse Ihesu -^ .,, , 

[wmelmum pratte 

Auditores Compot^ -predictorwn Gar-) Magist7'um Thomam wendey 

dianorwwi qui fiierunt in anno predicto J Magistrum Robertum smyth 

Magistrum Petrum Cheke 

M.agistrmn Johawiem Gaunte 

Joha7i?iem Thyrlebye 

ffyrst Resceuyd of henry Osseboitr?ie vpon loue Sonday the iiij day of 

Aprill oon of the Chyrche Wardyns 

Memo7'andu7n henry Osseboz^rne Chyrche Wardyn yer paste 

Resceuyd the same yer of Rentes due to the Chyrche & 

Gatherynges in the Chyrche ix^* xx<i 

The same henry hathe leyd owte for Reparaczbns for the 

Chyrche & thynges nescessarey to the said Chyrche viij^' xv^ vj^ ob 

and so the said henry payed in Redey money vj"^ j'^ ob 

'M.emora'iidum wilb^m habyngton Chyrche wardyn in yer paste 

haue Resceuyd of the Chyrche money the yer paste ... xxix« ij** 

the said William ley owte for the Chyrche the same yer . . . xxix« iiij^^ 

of the wiche he haue Resceuyd \]^ 

52 b] Memorandum henry Veysy & wilk'am Belyngham The 
Mastered of the Sepulcer for the yer paste Rescevyd the 

same yer for certen Dyrgges & thynges ... xxxMij** 

the whech money ys delyuered to the Chyrche Wardynges henry 
ossebore «& henry veysy 










i« ix<i 

.5|f 67 

An7M> Domm 1529 y^ xx*y daye of marche 

Aemarandum harry veysy bccng Cherch warden haue Reseuyd 

of y^ Cherches mo;Miy ... 
ileseuyd ffor y® Rede y*^ wasse in y® Cherche 
leseuyd of owlde M" Jakenet in mowny to y*' Repracyons of y* 

Cherche ... f... ... 

I^eseiiyd for a olde peece of tyw2ber 

:leseuyd of M^'^ Cheke for y*^ brekyng of y^ grownde in y« 

Cherche ... 
■ieceived vnour of symonde trewe ... 
deceived of brown y® brewer for Rede & Raff Rope 

sum ma xliij^ j^ 

)3 a] anno domini 1529 y^ xx*y day of marche 

Slemorandum Payde for dyiierce Repracyons beeng Cherche- 

warden as hereafter shall pessyflfy 
?ayd to John long y® pavyer jSbr xxxvj^y yardes payvyeng at 

jd qI) ye yarde ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iiij^ vj** 

?ayd to smythe y® Carter for vj lodes of sonde ... ... ... ij^ 

?ayd to iij laboraes for haueeng hupe stonnys to y^ stepell ether 

of theme v dayes warke xx^ a man ... ... ... ... v^ 

Payd ftbr a baskett ... ... ij^ 

r*ayd flfor V lodes sonde ... ... xx"^ 

Payd mour to Jhon longe y^ pavyer for payvyng of xliiij^y 

yardes at j** ob y® yarde ... ... v^ vj^ 

Payd ffor mewdyng of a key & other Repracyon longgyng to y® 

loke of y® Cherdore ... ... ... ... ... ... x^ 

Payd ffor tomas Jakenettes dorge kepyd by j^ Cherchewardens ij^ j^ 

Payd in exspences at y^ sene at Barnwell ... ... ... x^ 

To be alowed ffor wassyng of y^ Cherche sorplezis syne I haue 

bene Cherche warden 
Payd to y ^ treserys ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xij^ 

it pe7itycoste ffor y^ wassyng of iij sorpelys & a towell vj^^ ob 

it y« somsyon of owz^r lady tfor y^ wassyng of iij sorples & a 

nauter Clothe a towell ... ... ... ... ... vij** 

A.t mykellmas for y® wassyng of iij sorplis ... ... ... vj*^ 

A-t Crystomes for y« wassyng of iij sorples Rochet & a towell vij<* 

at owur lady day in lent & at estern ffor y® wassyng of v sorples 

a Rochet & vj towell ... ... xiiij^ 

Payd ffor y^ mendyng of ij sorplys ijd 

Swmma xxiiij^ vij^^ (sic) 
dev xiiij^ ix^ 

Dewe to y® Cherche xviij^ vj<i 


68 1530 & 1531 

53 b] Ecclfi'ia berate Marie| Eleccio ihidein tenia die lime in septimanti 
virgiiiis hixta fonim J pasche anno regni regis h.eni'ici viij xxj" 

Eleccib heni7't'?<6- Ossebo^nie & henricus veywy Gardiani Ecck^sie 

\)?'edictc in ainio p/rscdentc Eligcr^^i^ in Elcccio?icm secundicni antiq?tani 
Consiietudine;yi ij ho/^«i/ics viz. Magistros Robcvtuni smyth & Jacobuni 
hacunibleyn Quiqiiidewi duo Eligcrunt sibi sex \iz. Magistrum Johamictn 
Gauntc ^laglstrum Sohannoxii veysy Magistnuii wWlelmum liassyll Magis- 
trum hcnncii?;i walker w'lWelmum. habyngton & Nicho^azmi Si[)cryng l«ti 
octo Eligerunt officiari05 sequcntc^^' 

In officio Gardianorum henricum veysy & Wille^m?<m Bellynghain 

In officio Gardianorum luminis ^ancii Crucifixi Johamiem hoby ik 
Joha?i?iem Smyth 

In officio Gardianon«?i Misse Jhdsu Nicho^aitm pryme & WiWelmimi 

Auditores Compoii predictor2«?i Gardianorwwi qui iwoivunt in anno 
presedente viz. 

Joha?i?ies Gaunte 

Joha?i?ies veysy 

Wille^m^^s hassyll I Auditorc^s Compo^i assign' & Elect' pro Compo' 

hennc'2is Walker ( Henr' veysy & henr' Ossebourne 

Wille^m^is habyngton 

Nicbo^aws Speryng 

Eccksia beate marie] Eleccio \hidem. facta die lune in septimana pasche 
virginis iux^a forum / anno vegni regis henrici viij xxij^*' 

Eleccio henricws veysy & wille/m?is Bellyngham Gardiani Eccksie 

predic^e in anno presedenti Eligerunt in Eleccibwem secundum antiqw«m 
consuetudine?«- ij howi?ies viz. Magistrimi EobeHum Smyth & 'Magistnim 
Jacobum hacuml)leyn Quiquidem ij Eligerunt sibi sex viz. WilleZwiiim 
Hassyll NicboZa?im Speryng Gerrardus Godefrey Henricwm Ossebourne 
Edwardum heynes & willelmum. habyngton Isti octo Eligerunt Officiarios 

In officio Gardianoriiwi pro anno sequence M.agistrum Johaw?iem Gaunte 
Magistrum Johannem. veysy 

In officio Gardianoritm luminis Sancti Crucifixi Johannem hoby «& 
Nicho/aiim Elton 

In officio Gardianor^^m Misse Ihesu Nicho^ai^m pryme & wille^mwm 

Auditores Compo^i henrici veysy & wilk^mi Bellyngham in aimo 
presedenti 'Magistrum Robertum Smyth Magistrum wilk^mwm hassyll 
Magistrum Edwardum heynes Nicho^awm Speryng Magistrum Jacobum 
hacunibleyn & Garrardus Goddcfrey 

[Fol. 54 a blank.] 



tt ower the Awmes hows 

4 b] Memo7'a)idum that henry osborne beyng cherche warden 

?sewyd the xx''' day of Marche In the xxj*'^ yere of Kynge harry the 

f the cherche niony 

?sewyd for olid whyght damaske . , 

jsewyd of Mychyll of chesterton .. 

jsewyd for ruft'e roppe ... <, 

jsewyd for glasse 

isewyd for red to M'^ therlby 
jsewyd of ]\P hassell for the garny 
isewyd for the pay 11 yn the cherche yarde 

tern resywyd for a lode of cley 

}sewyd for cley 

isewyd of M^ baly genynges for lond yn the fellde 

jsewyd for a lode of ragge 

^esewyd of ffi'£i7ices berbrewer ffor londe 

xxxvjs viij** (sic) 

iemorandum that ther Restyth due to the Chirche by M'^ 
Ossebowrne & M^' veysy 

Vemorandum Reseuyd laiour of the good man ryngsted & of y^ 
good man Bellyngham gatherers of y^ sepulcar lyght ouer 














& abowe all charges 

St^mma totalis lij^ 

5 a] 'Memorandum I payd for dywers repracyons beyng cherch 

3 here afte?* shall specyfy 

ayd for grett lyne for the redar xv fadom pryce 

ayd for naylls 

ayd for viij bii?iche of rodes for the redar 

•ayd for a bawdryke for a bell 

ayd for me^indyng of a syllwar ca7^styke 

ayd unto the redar by tymes 

ayd for iij bunche of rodes 

ayd for a bawdryke for the lytle bell 

ayd for a laborar iij days ... 

ayd for ij laborars a day ... 

ayd for strawe 

ayd for a bellrope 

ayd for a lode of pawynge stone ... 

ayd for coUes att crystmes 

ayd for caryeng xvij lode of mener ij'^ a lode . 

ayd for mendyng of the syllwar ca^^styke 

ayd for skoryng the caristynkes to John cappar 

'o l^e alowed for the wasshyng of the cherche surplessys sence I 

ha we bene cherche warden 
iem for wasschyng of iij surplessys & a towyll at whysontyd 



iijs j^ ob 

if iiijd 



xij^ viij"* 










vj^^ ob 



70 1580 

att the assu?7icyon of oww lady for wasshyng of iij surplessys 

& a awtter clotth and a towyll ... vij^ 

att myhyllmys wasshyng iij new surplessys 

att crystmes wasshyng iiij surplessys & a rottchytt 

att owur lady day yn lentt iij surplessys & a towyll 

for me?2d}Tig ij surplessys ... 

att ester wasshyng ij surplessys & ix awter clotthese ... 

xxxiij« iij*^ 
Bumma xxx^ x** deve iiij^ x** 

[Fol. 55 b blank.] 

56 a] Bona & Jocalia -pertinentia Ecclesie parochialis Beate Marie virginis 

iuxta forum ville Csntehrigie a vicesimo quinto die Mensis aprilis anno 

regni regis henrici octaui vicesimo secundo & anno dommi Millesimo 

quingentesimo Tricesimo 

Item ij sensers of syluer oon of them pond' xl vnces & iij**'' quarters 

Item thodir Senser ponnder' xl vnces & j (\uarier 

Item ij Ships of syluer \fith ij litill spons of syluer pond' xviij vnces dim' 

Item ij Ewers of syluer ponder' x vnces dim' & j quarter 

Item ij paxis of syluer thoon guylte thodir parcell guylte wtVA a vice of 

syluer pond' xxvij vnces & dim' 
Item a Crismatory of syluer ponderyng xvj vnces viith ij clothes oon of 

Reede silke the other of grene sylke 
Item a sconce of syluer for the sacrement pondir' iij vnces j <\uavter 
Item xiiij corporasse Casys all v^ith kerchififes 
Item Thassumpczbn of our lady in Copir 
Item A Ciprisse Cherchif belongyng to the Crosse 
Item a litell Box hutche theryn ij payer Corall bcdea ponderyng x vnces & 

dim - and a owchc for acynt Nicolas 
Item a Box of veluet therin A Color of goldc of ix lynkea & oon agn^a dci 

-sell er & guylte pond' j vnce dim' qu ar ter vnce dim' quarte r 
Item a Monistre of syluer with seynt Nicolas oyl e with a Botcll of Syluer 

with scint laur e nc e s bone with a Crosse of syluer & a litell Crosse -t>f 

syluer with a Crosse of Woodc theryn the said Monistre pond' j vnce & 

j qitarter 
Item a Crowne of syluer & guylte with xxix perlys ponder' vj vnces a 

quarter dim' quarter 
Item a gyrdill sett with perle with a bukkell & pendawnnt siluer & guylte 

ponder' ix vnces & a quarter 
Item a Crucifix of Coper with a Cristall 

Item a fyllett with countterfett peerll & a stone pond' ij vnces j quarter star 
Item a Cotte of Rede sateyn purifiled with blake veluet 
Item A Bagge sealed theryn a greatt fylett sett with conntrefet stone &| 

perle & in the same bagge iij pcces of syluer that wcr oon a Chalis l 

fote allso Agnus dei with a C r istall & iiij Cristall stons 



-«OFse- geMe-& twoo bukkylks of syhw & guylte Item ij peces of a 
Crowno nyluc ? ' & guylto j of y^ bukkylles Renicayny th of y« cott sty 11 
tern a Cotte of rede sateyn p«;-tilled with blake veluett tinsilled latte 
vppoii om- lady sonne nowe for seint George therupon An horte of 
Sylucr and harte of Countrefett golde sett with perle Item a seint 
Jamys shelle sett in syluer. Item A ryng of Coper Item A peny a 
two pens guylte Item ij pens guylte seint Johns hedde in syluer 
Item a lytell 

>6 b] bokyll of syluer Item an agnus dei Coper Item ij pens syluer 

Item xiij galy halpens 
[tem V Chalys oauyng j lakytho a paten iij of them be duble gylte 
[tem the firste Chalesse with a paten ponderyng xxij vnces &^ 

a quarter 
[tem the sccundc Chalcooo withowto a pat e n ponderyng xj 

bothe gylte 

ynces & dim' a quarter 
[tem the thirde Chalesse with a paten parcell Gylte ponderyng xix vnces 
[tem the iiij Chalesse with a patent ponderyng xij vnces 
[tem the v Chalesse with a patent ponderyng xij vnces & a quarter 
Item the vj Chalesse with a patent all gylt ponderyng xxj vnces & dim' 
Item a Crosse of seluer and Gylte with mary & John of syluer & gylte with 

a staffe of Coper & Gylte with the clothe the Crosse ponder' fy ve score 

vnces xviij vnces dim' vnce 
Item a monster of sylluer & Gylte with a vice of syluer & gylte to sett in 

the sacrement pondr' Ixix vnces dim' vnce stars veytt 
Item ij Candillstykkes of syluer parcell gylte the whiche pondr' bothe v 

score vnces & ix 
Item a payre of bedes of siluer all gilt hauyng vj pater nosters & Iv Aue 

Item iij Kerchies for Corpo?'asys of the gift of kateryn baker 
M onora^idum y^ I harry veysy haue Reseuyd in money of 

V^ ch e rch ^^-i ^-r-. *-=-= 


Bieeciiwd for ledo 


Rocoivod of Mr latymor fFor iiij torches 


'Re^icived of baly gynnjuges 


' Rec e iv e d of mychcll of Chcatcrton 

Received of M"^ Jonson fFor y*^ hallmca howszcn 




Received of baly hazcll fibr y*^ pale in y^ Cherch e Charde 



Received of baly ossborne fFor stone 

Received of simonde trewe for a lode of pibill stonis 


R eceived fFor y^ torches Icndjng 


Received ffbr a lode of lym e mor e than I bowght yt flibr 

57 a] Anno 1530 y*' xx^y day of may 

Memorandum y^ I harry veysy haue Reseuyd In mo72ny 
Cherche goodes ... 

of r 




Itf';;} Reseuyd of baly ossborne ftbr lede ... 

Item Reseiiyd oft' M'" Ixtyiner ftbr iiij torchys bornynge 

Item Reseuyd of baly gynnynges ftbr londe in y® ftelde 

Item Resouyd of mychell of Chesterton ftbr londe in y*^ ftielde ... 

Item Reseuyd of M^'^ Jhonson fFor y^ Cha;>iber ou6'r y*^ Cherche 


It^wi Reseuyd of Maister hazell ftbr y^ pay 11 in y« Cherche charde 

Item Reseuyd of bayly ossborne ftbr stone 

Item Reseuyd of Maister trewe fFor a lode of pybill 

Itejn Reseuyd of hyme more fFor d' C of payvyng stone 

Item Reseuyd of harry Ryngstede ftbr iiij torchys le?idyng 

I tc^m Reseuyd ftbr lyme 

Itc^m Reseuyd of Maister hazell ftbr ij stomiys ... 

Item receyued in Rome money gadered in the parisshe 

Swmma xliiij^ ij^^ 

Her hys wrytten wate I have lede ftbrthe of y*^ said mowny 
Cherchwarden in anno 1530 y^ xx^y day of may 

pa^^d ftbr a Rope for y^ Cha?^chell bell ... ... 

payd to Kelly ftbr my??.dyng of y^ py^ine of y® Ca^istyke 

payd to y^ soft'erynggam fFor haloeing of ij Corpris & ij awter 

Clothys ... 

payd to garet & to ny colas speryng for ij Cherchbokes 

payd in exspewces at y*^ seue 

Item payd ftbr gyrdelyng ftbr awbys ... 

payd to y^ tresurys ... ... ... ... ... 

payd for X longe nailks to mende w?'^A y® bell 

payd to mylles y*^ smythe for mewdyng of y® Cherch loke 
payd for xliiij^y li makyng of olde endes of torches 
payd for ij newe torches to M^" smythe con*^ xlv li at iij*^ y® li... 
payd for tomas Jakenetes dyrge kypyd by y^ Cherche wardens 
payd to a wessme?itmaker for y'' me^idyng of v of y*^ best Copys 

payd for iiij sylke poyntes 

payd to Jhon Capper for scorryng of y^ Ca/istykes 
waschyd agenste y*^ somsyon of owur lady iiij sorplys & agenste 
Crystmes other iiij & agenste esterne vj & x other peces 

ofly^inene ... ... 

Swwima xxx^ j<^ deve xiiij^ j'^ 


















57 b] Item payed for Rome ffarthynges 

Item for Char Coolys ... 

Summa omnmm Allocaczonum 

Et sic remanet in manibws Henrici veysy 

Et in manibt^s bellingam 

Summa totalis Recept' 

Surama omniuin Allocationuw? 




xxxjs x*^ ob 
xiiij8 iij*^ ob 
xlvjs ij<i 
xxxjs x^ ob 

1531 & 1532 


Item payed to the wif of william bellingam for wasshing of sur 

plessys albys and aiiter clothys 
Item i*eceyved of Nicholas Elton and John Haby Kepers of 

the Roode and Sepulchre lightes ouer and above all Charges xxij^ xj^^ ob 
And so is delyuered to M^" John Gaunt and M'" John veys}'^ 

Cherchewardens for the yere to come in Clere money 

58 a] The mo?iday in Ester Wek in Anno Christi 1531 

Reseyuyd by me John veysy Chyrgche warden fFor y^ aere 

folowyng in money of y^ chyrgche goodys 

Recey vyd of wyllia??i hasyll for ij yei*s re?it 

Resuyd of y*^ goodman martyn fFor brekyng of y^ chyrgch 

gl'OWTld ... 

Reseived mor of hym fifor iiij torchys at y*^ beryall and as many 
at y® thyrty day 

Ueaeived of y^ good man wylh'am pratt fFor vj torchys 

'Reseived of baly genyn ftbr lond ... 

Resei>e(i in Rome ffardyngges 

Uesewed of M*' newton y« gyfte of M^^ worley to owr chyrgche 

Received of misteres Johnson fFor y*^ Chambyr ouer y*^ almesse 
howsys ... 

Reaeived of M^' withhed ffor iiij torchys 

Summa iij^* iij^ viij^^ ob 


iij" ij' 



vjs viijd 

ij' viij'i 

ijs viij*i ob 

vjs viij'^ 


Recey vyd by M^' Jhon Gau^it chyrch \vardo?z Aiino 1532 

Recey vyd in mony at hys ovyi?ig ... 

Recey vyd for d. Rutla?ids grave ... 

Recey vyd for iiij torchys ... 

Receyvyd for the rent for the chyrch house 

Recey vyd of genny?iges 

Receyvyd of wylliam habywgton for hys grave 

Receyvyd for vij torches 

Receyvyd for M^' aco7nbpley?ites grave 

Receyvyd for V torches 

Summa iij^^ vj^ iiij*i 


vjs viij^^ 



vj« viij 

ij« iiij'J 

vjs viij*^ 



payd to M"^ GavTit for thes thy?iges folovyjig 

payd for me^idyTig of vestme?ites 

payd for Jacnettes dirge 

payd for y® rew.t of the almas house to y® tresurvs 
payd for j loke & a kaye to the stepul dore 

payd for me?idy^ig of the here 

payd for Jacnets dirge 

payd for me?idywg of the syrples 

payd for the washj^^ig of the chyrch gere 

ij^ ij"^ 




ij' ij^ 



1532 & 1534 




payd for scory??g of the sto?«dderde viij' 

Summa xvj^ vj^ 
Remaynyth xlix^ x*^ 
Receyed of the seyd M'^ Gav?it xlix« x*^ 

58 b] Layed owt by me John veysy ffbr Sent mary Chyrgch 

In pr/mis ftbr venys gold to Maisteres Raye ... 

ffor makyng iij stapylk's & ffbr makyng new y® yron affbre owr 


ffor led spent vppon y^ Chyrgche & y® Vestre and ffor y« 

exchawnge of led 

A bryk layer & hys man a day vppon y® vestre 

ffor bord xxvj ffott 

ffor naylles and led nayll ... 

payed to y® plumer ffor workma^ischyp & soder spent vppon y® 

roffe of y*^ body of y® chyrgche & y^ spowttes & j^ vestre 

me/idyng ... xxj' 

payed to y^ tresorers ffor y^ almesse howsys ... xij 

payed to y*^ Carpe?iters ffbr meTidyng stolles and ffor Sottyng of 

studdys to hold vp y« stepy 11 roffe ... ... xiij 

ffor naylle6' iiij^ 

ftbr bord & asch 

payed at y^ visytac^on ffor rome ffardynges 

Spent at y** Dynner ... 

ffor me^idyng ij syrplyssys . . . ... ... ... ij« 

To John Capper for scoryng ye stodars ... ... ... ... viij^ 

ffbr waschyng y*^ chyrgch gere ... ... ... ... ... xij 

ffor a bell rope ... 

ffor me?idyng iiij sy rplyssys iiij 

y^ parych Rewardyd y® new Clark ... ... xij' 

Siimraa, xxxix^ ob 




xxij*^ ob 



Remaynyth ... 

Recey vyd of the seyd M'^ veysy 

'Received of Jhon hoby & ny colas Elto?i kepers of the rod lyte 
Summa totalis receptorum v^^ xviij« x}*^ 

Delyverd to M'" Smyth & M'" Gau?it Chyrch wardens of sentt 
Mary chyrch the xx day of April A)i?io 1533 in the reigne 
of Kj7ig henry y^ viij the xxiiij ... ... ... v 


XXlllJ" VllJ 

xxiiij^ viij' 
xliiij^ v' 

^^ xviij^ xj*^ 

59 a] anno regni regis henrici octaui xxv" 

Ecclesia beate mane] Eleccio ibz(iem facta die lunc in septimana 
virginis iuxto forum J pasche anno regni regis henrici octaui xxv*^" 

Magister Robertus Smyth & Magister Johannes Gaunte Gardiani 
Ecclesie predicts in Anno precedents Eligerunt ij videlicet Magistroa 
Heni'icum Walker & WilleZ??mm hassyll Isti duo Eligerunt sibi sex vide- 



licet Johamnem Gaunte Georgium Alyngton Sinionem True hemicum 
Ossebowme Gcarrardum Godfrey & heiiricum veysy Isti Octo eligerim^ 

] Magistvimi Robertum Smyth 
In officio Gixvdmnorum Ecclcsie prcdic^cj ^j^^^-^^^^^^^ henricum Breton 

. . ^ -n ■] Nicho^cRis (sic) pryme 
In officio Gardianor?*wi luminis Crucitixi 

Arthurwm letche 

_ ,. ,!!. ,1 1 Johannem Ruste 

In Officio Gardianor?«« Misse Jhe^u 

Georgium Wilde 

^ . ,. ^ \ Ma<7zsi;er Henricws Walker doctor 

Auditores Compo^i prcdictoniwi \ m . .-, , 

. ^ "^ , . f Georgius Alyngton 

Gardianon<?n qui fuerunt m anno i ™.„ „ ,, 

prcsedentc & alioriim Officiarion^??! ( ^. „ 

^ . , bmion Irue 

Ecclesie predicte viz. I ^ , r-i m^ 

^ J Garrardus Godfrey 

Thaccompt of M^ Robert smyth & Maistcr John Gaunte Chirche 

Wardeyns afore said made the monday in the Estir weke the yer aboue- 


In primis the said accomptauntcs Chargyn their Sylffes V7itk 

money by them Resceyued of the Chyrche wardeynes 

in the yere presydent for tharrerages of their accompte as in 

the ffoote of the same mor pleynly apperith ... ... cxviij^ xj*^ 

Item the said Accomptauntcs also chargyn their Sylffes with 

money by theym Resceyued for the fFerme of the Chambers 

ouer the allmouse houses in the southsyde of the Chirche 

yerd of the foresaid Chirche ... ... ... ... ... viij^ 

Item for the fterme of the pale in the Chirche yerd iiij*^ 

Sumina totalis Recepte vna cum lix^ v^ ob ] 

recept' pro parte Magistri Joha^iTiis Gaunte vt supraj Ixvij^ ix** ob 

vnde petit 

petit allocari first for the pavyng of the Chirche porche for 

a loode of lyme . . . ... ... ij^ iiij*^ 

Item payed to a Mason for iiij dayes & dim' ther werkyng ... ij^ x'^ 

Item to a laborer for iiij dayes & dim' xxij^^ 

Item payed to Men to levell the Grounde for dim' day werk ... \^ 

Summa vif y^ 

Memorandum M*" Bretton gaif the Sande & I payed for the 

Cariage ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 1113*^ 

59 b] Item payed for mendyng of Copis & vestementes in the 
Chirche as articulerly folowith 

fyrst to a werkeman for vij dayes the day v** Humuia ... ... ij^ xj** 

Item payed for Ryband & threde & other stufFe necessarie &c. viij*^ 

Item payed for mendyng of other vestmentes & makyng of the 
aulter clothes & lynyug of the pulpet clothe for the 
werk man ix dayes le day v'^ swmma ... ... ... iij^ ix** 

76 1534 

Item paved for Thredde & Sylke to the same xij^^ 

Su7nina viij^ x'^ 

Item payed for mendyng of all o?«r glasse wyndowes &c. ... iiij" 

Item for M>' Jaconettes dyrigies ... ... ... ij^ ij'* 

Item to the Thresorers of Cambrigge for the oute rent of the 

allmouse house vpon the south syde of the Chirche yerd xij*^ 

Item payed for a great kiiy for the Chirche dor ... xij'^ 

Item for Scoryng of the Candelstykkes ... viij*^ 

Item for ij Roops for the Belles ... ij** ij'^ 

Item for a Roope for the Smale belle ... ... ... ... viij^ 

Item for a Casse of Glasse ... ... xviij^ 

Item for Mendyng of a pressg in the Revestre to the Carpenter iij'^ 

Item for boordes to the same ... ... vj** 

Item for makyng of a kay to a paddelokke & mendyng of a 

stokke lokke in the Revestre as it doth appere x*^ 

M^'s Johnsons howse 

Item payed to a Tyler for ii dayes werke ... xij^^ 

Item to a laborer for ij dayes werk ... ... viij'^ 

Item payed for a loode of sande iiij'i 

Item for tile & slatte ... ... viij*^ 

Item for wasshing of the Chirche lynnyn ... xij'^ 

Item payed for iiij busshelles lyme vj^ 

Swwma parceir pred' xxxv^ v^ 
Szc77im.a totalis alloc' Ij^ iij'^ 

And so ther remaynyth due to the Chirche by the said Maiste?- 

Gaunte xvj^ vj** ob 

60 a] Pro par-te Magistri Roberti Smyth 

ffirst the said Accomptaunte Chargith hym sylf with half the 

Stoke of the last yer Remaynyng in his handes ... ... lix^ v*^ ob 

Item resceyued of the Goodwyf Bellyngham for the buryell of 

her husbond within the Chirche ... vf viij*^ 

Item Resceyued of the gyft of the same wyf to the Chirche ... iij^ iiij*! 

Item Receyued in Rome money gadered in the parisshe ... ij^ v'^ 
Item resceyued of M^' aleyn of Benett parisshe for vj Torchis 

wast ... ... ... ij^ 

Item resceyued of M^" Jenyn for fferme of the Chirche lande ... ij* 
Surmaia totalis Recepte -pro -parte Magistri RobeHi smyth Ixxv^ x^ ob 

vnde petit 
Petit allocar/ ffirst paied to Rotheram ffi'emason for mendyng 

of the Chirche walles & pargeittyng of the same iiij^ 

Item payed for CC brykkes for the same werkes xx^ 

Item payed to henry veysy ffor a Morter ... xij** 

1534 77 

Item payed to Rotheram for anicndyng & pavyng of the 

Chapell & for scttyiig v]) of the liolywatcv Stappe ... xvj*^ 
Item payed to Rychard Otte for a payer of Jcineus for oitr ladys 

Chapell door poiidr' xij li & dim' price ... ... ... ij^ 

Item payed to the Cari)enter for the settyng of the J emeus 

vpoii the Chapell dor and jiayles for the same ... ... iiij'^ 

Item ptiyed for & at the vysytacioii of my lord of Caiinte/'brn-y 

ftbr meat & drynce at M^' Gauntes ... xx'^ 

Item payed to Rotheram the Mason for makyng of the Chirche 

walle next to Nicholas Elton .. . ... ... ... ... ij** 

Item payed to the said Rotheram for vj bushelles lyme ... xij^^ 

Item payed to Richard Smyth for ij loodes sande ... ... viij^^ 

Item payed to Symond Trew for vj biishelles lyme ... ... xij^^ 

Item payed at the vysytac/on of the Archedeakon Coicrt xxj'* quarte?' 

Item payed for the mendyng of a Bascatte ... ... ... ij^i 

Item payed for mendyug of the Surplices ... viij'^ 

Item payed for the Mendyng of the surplices & Avbys if 

Item payed for the wasshyng of the surplices & avbys ... ... xij^^ 

Sitmma totalis alloc' xxij^ iij*^ 

And so ther Remaynyth due to the Chirche for the paz-te 

of the said M^' smyth ... ... ... ... liij** vij'^ ob 

And so their is due by the said Accomptauntes Ixx^ ij'^l o 
.,,.,,, ^-xT-ii 1 p\ oi07mi.ia lotahs 
And also m thandes oi iNicholas pryme wardeyn oiV ...., , 

the sepulcre light XX vjs vj^^ ... j '' '' "^ 

60 b] Dettes due & owyng vnto the said Chirche 

The Executo?<rs of M^^ Goddefrey owe for a legace by her govyn 

to the Chirche ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xl^ 

Item wilh'am syndeHon & Thowias fflynte ow for the Rest 

vpon an obligacion Curlles ... ... ... v^ 

Item the said Crule (sic) owith vpon an olde reconyng ower 

& aboue the said v^ ... xl** 

Item thexecuto?«'s of Thomas pomell owe for a legace by hym 

made etc. by estymaczbn ... ... ... ... ... xxiiij^i 

Item thexecutoi^rs of M^' John Erlyche owe for a legace by 

made etc. ouer & besydes Ix^ payed by M^ Robert smyth 

for the Geldyng of the geldy^ig of the Trynytie in the 

Roode lofte and ouer & besydes xP payed to the same 

by M'^ Cheke 
Item the Executoz^rs of M^" Cristofer Joly ow for a legace etc. 

vt -^atet in^o 

l^emorandum of the fferme holdes 
fl&rst certeyn londes in Cambrigge fFeldes in the tenure of John 

78 1535 

Item the Chambers ouer the allmous houses 
Item the Medowes in Chesterton ftcldes 

Eccl(«ia beate Marie virginis iuxta foruwi 
Anno i'eg7ii regis henrici octaui xxvj*'" 

Eleccio ibidem facta die hme in septmiaTia pasche anno regni regis 
henrici octaui xxvj*^*^ 

'Magister Robcrtus Smyth & Magister henricus Breton Gardiani Ecclesie 
prcd^'e^e in Anno precedente Eligerunt Duo videlicet henricum Ossebo?^rne 
& Johaiuiem pykerell 

Quiquidem Duo EHgerunt sibi Sex videHcet Johannem veysy JohannG7n 
Ruste henricum Ryngested vfiWelmicm GryfFyn arthurum letche wiWelmum. 

Isti octo p?'eno7m7i.ati Eligerunt Officiarios sequentes 

In officio Gardianoriem Ecclesie predic^e Sirihenom leche & \ville^m?tm 

In offic/o Gardianor?^wi luminis Crucifixi Johamiem pykerell & wille^- 
mum Gryffyn 

In officio Gardianorwwi Misse Ihesu Georgmm wylde & Joha^mem 

Auditores Compod predicton^m Gardianorz<m qui fuerunt in a,nno 

Et aliort^m Officiariorwm Ecclesie predicte 

M"^ Georgmm Alyngton 
M"" Wille//>i^m hassyll 
M^ Johannem. Gaunte 
M"^ Simonem Trewe 

61 a] Thaccompte of M^" Roberd smythe & M^" Henry Brytton wardens 
afore sayd made the Tvysday the vj day of apn'U in the yere above sayd 

Inpn'mis the sayd accomptante^ chargy^i them seUes with 
money by them reseyvyd of the chyrche wardeyns in 
the yere presyde?it for tharrages of ther accompte as in the 
fotte of the same more play?ily doth appere 
Item the same a,ccom'pta,ntes also chargyTi them selfes with 
mony by them reseyvyd from y*^ ferme of the chsbmhera 
ouer the allmovse hovses in the sovth syde of the chyrche 
yerde of the foreseyd church e 
Item for the ferme of the pale in the church yerde 
Receyvyd vpoii M^ Smythe by a byll 

Inprimis payd vnto Jhon Thyrlbe for wrytty^ig of the comite iiij** 

Item payd for a crosse staffi) ... ... ... ... ... viij** 

Item payd at the vysytaczon for mette & drywcke ij^ x* 

Item payd to the tresurars for a chamber ouer the almas 

housys xij** 



Item for the brede & drywke whan the questme?! & church 
wardens dyd mette ... 

Item payd to the sinjthe for a kye & mejidjng a locke 

Itt'wi payd to Otte for a payer of Jemevs for the qwere 

Item payd for setty >ig of the Jemeus 

Item for kepy?ig off M'" Jacknettes deryge 

Item payd for vj torchys wayi/ig vij score poiuid \)?'ice a li iij'^ 

Item piiyd for to bye a crystal delyverd viito M*' brytto7i 

Itein payd for meiidy wg of the surplys & auter clothes ... 

Ite?«. payd for the scory?ig of a grette ca?idyllsty ck 

Item payd for y*^ wassy?ig of the lynnyn 

Ite;/< payd for y*^ coles of the crystmas day 

Item spent in whyne to hym y^ dyd hryng ij corporas of the 
gyfte of Dame Aiignis brothers 

vj biisselles of lyme vnto M'' trve ... 

Sum allovyd liiij^ iij*i 

payd vnto hym for the alio vans of thys in mony y^ he dyd 
reserve in hys hand at the accomptes liij^ vij*^^ ob in y*^ yere 
above & so payd vnto hym the reste which ys vij** ob 









61 b] Receyvyd vpon M'^ henry Brytton of the reseytes y*^ do long vnto the 
sayd churche 

Inpymiis Receyvyd of the churche mony by y® handes of 

M'' hassell xvj^ vj^ ob 

Ite??i of the Masters of roode lyghte ... ... ... ... xxvj** vj^ 

Itein he had of the beqwest of M^ accombley?it ... ... ... xxvj^ viij^ 

Item receyvyd vpon M"^ gylson for y*' chamber ouer almoshouses viij^ 

Ite?/i receyvyd of genyy^ges for lond ... ... ... ... ij^ 

Item receyvyd of M^" hassyll for re?it of a pale ... ... ... iiij'^ 

Item receyvyd of LP smythe ... ... ... ... ... v^ 

S^^m of the receyt iiij^* v^ ob 
The alloua?is 
Imp7-imis vj yerdes of whyte damaske at vj^ 
for maky?ig of the same cope ly7iyng & dressy ?ig 

Sum iiij^^ xij^ of by 11 alouyd 

and so receyvyd the reste wych was ... 

And receyvyd in Ely farthy^iges 

payd vnto the archdecans offycy all 

payd for wasy?ig 

So remaynyth ij^ 
M^ smythe & al thyges alovyd 

ther remaynyth vnto the churche 

Memorandum mychell doth ow for iiij yeres rewt for ij acars of 

medov ground ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iiij^ 

XXX vj^ 


iiijs ij*^ ob 


nj« vj^ 

80 1536 

The receyt<« by the Masters of the supolkars lyght 

Nycolas p^-nue & Arthcr leche 
Inp/v'mis for the qwarteregcs ... ... ... ... ... xxiiij^ 

receyvyd for the doreges ... ... ... ... ... ... xj** xj'^ 

receyvyd at ester of the hosly?ig pepole ... ... xij^ xj'* 

receyvyd of the dry?ikery of at the maky?«g of the lyght ... x*^ 

Sdtm xlix" v^^ 

The alloua?is of ther expences 
Inp/'i'mis for wax & the maky^ig ... ... ... ... ... xxiij** v'^ 

Ite>/i for the expe/ises at the makyvig ... iij* vj'^ 

Item for J hons calipers wages ... ... ... ... ... ij** 

Sicm xxviiij^ xj'^ 

Soo remaynyth xx^ vj^ whych payd the day & yere above wrytton 

62 a] 'M.emorandiim delyverd viito wyllyawi pratte & arthur leche churche 
wardens for the yere folovy^ig in mony xxiiij^ 

Ecclesia beate Marie virginis iux^a forum 
Eleccio Ubidexn. facta die lune in septima pasche anno re^m regis 

henrici octaui xxvij 

wille^niiis pratte & arturus leche Gardiani Ecclesic predie^e in anno 

precedente Eligerunt duo videlicet Magistrum Robertum Smyth & Magis- 

t7'2im. henricum Breton 

Quiquidem duo Eligerunt sibi sex Magistrum wiWebnum. hassyll Magis- 

tnun willeZm^mi Sherrewoode Magistrum Sohannem Gaunte Ricarc/tmi 

lychefeld Joha?mewi Pykerell & JohawTiem Thyrleby 

Isti octo prenominati Eligerunt officiaribs sequentes 

In officio gardianon^m Ecclesie predicte pro anno futuro Edwardum 
heynes & JohaTi^ie^^i hoby 

In officio gardianor?^^ luminis Crucifixi pro anno futuro Magistros 
Johawnewi Pykerell «& Wille^wii^m Gryfifyn 

In officio gardianori^m Misse Ihesu pro anno futuro Georgmm Nicolson 
& Robertum Martyn 

Auditores Compo^i -prediictorum gardianor2M?i qui fuerunt in anno 
presedente & aliori^wi officiorwm Ecclesie p?*edic^e 

Magistrum Robertum Smyth Magistrum Wille^wiwm Sherrewoode 
Magistrum Joha?i7iem Gaunte & Magistrum henricum Breton 

62 b] Thaccompte of Arthur leache & william pratte Chirchewardeyns 
& kepers of the Goodes & Juelles of the parisshe Chirche of Seint Mary 
next the M«rkett in Cambrigge of all Suche Resceyttes as they have 
Resceyved by Reason of ther said Office as also of all Suche paymentes as 
they have payed by the Reason of the Same ffi-om the Twysday the 
vj day of ai^rill in the xxvj yer of the Reign of our soueraign lord kyng 
henry the viij^^ vnto the Tweysday the xxviij^^'^ day of Aprill in the 
xxviiij*^^ yer of the Reign of o^^r said soueraign lord kyng henry the viij^^ 


1536 81 

made & yelden byfore M>" Robert Smyth M^" John Gaunte M^' willmm 
Shre\yood & M"" henry Bretton audytot^rs assigned 
luprmiis the said arthur leache for his parte Chargith hym 
self of money by hym Resceyved of M^ Robert Smyth 
Chirche wardeyn in the yer president for tharrerages of his 
accompte Remayuyng in Ijris handes ... xij^ 

Resceytes of fFermeholdes 
fFyrst Resceyved of John Jenyn fFor the fierme of the Chirche 

land lyng in house fFylde ijs 

Item Resceyved of M^' Gylson for the fferme of the Chambo2«-s 

oner the almouse howsses next the said Chirche ... ... viij^ 

Item Resceyved of [blank] Mychell of Chesterton for iij yeres 

fferme of the Chirchelonde in Chesterton field iij^ 

Resceyttes of Dyrryges 
Item Resceyved of John hoby for the buriall of John Thomson 

wiV/^in the Chirche ... ... ... ... v]^ viij*^ 

Item for Torches abought his hirst ... ... ... ... xij<^ 

Item Resceyved for the bury all of henry veysy within the 

Chirche vj^ viij<* 

Item for Torches abought his heirst ... ... viij<i 

Item resceyved for Torches abought the heirst of Mystres 

allynsons Modir ... ... viij'^ 

Item Resceyved of Nichollas Elton for Torches abought the 

heirst of his sone iiij'^ 

Sum xli« 

63 a] Wherof the Said arthur for his parte askes to be allowed as 
hereafter fifolowyth 

Inivmiis payed for a peece of Tymber for the sepulcer ... x* 

Item payed for Sawyng of the same Tymber ... ... ... ij'^ 

Item payed to the yoyner for workyng of the Tymber in the 

sepulcer ... ... ... xiiij*^ 

Item payed for Scoweryng of the stondardes ... viij*^ 

Item payed for Gyrdelles for the awbys ... ... ... ... iij<^ 

Item payed for wasshing of the Chirche Clothes ... ... xij'^ 

Item payed for Mendyng of the Sirplessys & awbes ... ... viij'^ 

Item payed to Two men for half a Day work To bord the 

stepill to kepe oute byrdes ... ... ... vj'^ 


Item payed for iiij & X vjfi Naylle iiij'^ ob 

Item payed for a Cruett iiij*^ 

Item payed for Stavyng of the Chirche ladyr xiiij'^ 

Item payed ffor xxix^^ yren & for workemanship of the same for 

the glasse wyndow ... ... ... ... ... ... iiij^ iiij'^ 

C.A.S. Octavo Series. No. XXXV. 6 

82 1536 

Item payed fFor workemanship of xv" yren ... ... ... xv** 

Item payed for Mendyng of the Glasse wyndowes ... ... v^ iiij*^ 

Item payed to the Glasyer ... iiij^ 

Item payed for a day wark of a dawbyer ... ... v*^ 

Item payed for a horde to mende a sette in the Chirche for 

Nay lies & workmanship of the same sette viij** 

Item payed for M'" Jaknettes dyrrygge ... ... ij^ ij*^ 

Item payed for mendyng of the syluer senser ... ... ... iiij** 

Item payed for mendyng of the Bawderyk of the lyttell belle j^ 

Item payed To Thomas Grene for payntyng the sepulcer ... xij* 

Item payed for mendyng the Crosse the Monster & the seynser v^ vij*^ 
Item Gyven in a Reward to a yonge man that shold have bene 

parisshe Clerk ... ... ... ... xij** 

S^^mma xxix^ vij*^ ob 

Summa totalis 'Recepte pro parte arthur latche xlj^ 
Swmma totalis AWocationis pro parte ipsius arthur xxix^ vij'^ ob 
Et sic in arrerag^'^s & Reman' in manibi^s suis xj^ iiij"^ ob 
Quos soluit & deliberauit pre manibus 

63 b] Resceytes for the parte of wilh'am prate 

Inprimis the Said william pratte Chargith hym self for his 
parte of Money by hym Resceyved of M*" henry Bretton 
Chirche Wardeyn in the yer president for tharrerages of 
his accompte Remaynyng in his handes ... xij^ 

Item Resceyved for the salle of a broken challeys & broken 

syluer to the summe of ... ... ... ... ... Ixiij^ vj^ 

Item resceyved of M'^ John Gaunte of the Chirche Money 

remaynyng in his handes ... ... ... ... ... xviij^ 

Item resceyved of the wyfFes that Gadir for o?^r lady lyght in 

the yer president ... ... ... ... ... ... xxxvij^ iij^ 

Item resceyved of arthur leache of the Chauntery Mony to 
Mak vp the S?imme vj" xiij^ x^ payed to Roger younge 
Glasyer for makyng the glasse wyudowe in the west 
Ende of the said Chirche of Seint Mary ... ... ... xv^ ij*^ 

Swmma vij^' v^ xj^ 

Wherof the said Wilk'am pratte askes to be allowed as fFolowyth 
flfyrst Of Mony by hym payed to Roger younge Glaysyer for 

Glasyng of the "West Wyndowe at the Stepyll Ende ... vj^^ xiij« x'* 

Item payed for mendyng of the Stepyll ... ... v^ viij^ 

Item payed for a plate for the belles ... ... ... ... iiij** 

Item payed for two belle roppys ... xvij<* 

Item payed to the Thesaureres of Cambrigge for the owte rent 

of the Almouse howsses next the Chirche yerd xij*^ 


1537 83 

Item payed for Mendyng of sirplices & awbys belongyng to the 

said Chirchc ... ... ... ... ... ... ... viij^ 

Item payed for wasshinges of the same ... xij^^ 

Item payed to the Carpentered fFor takyng downe a peace of 

Tymber oute of y® Stepyll ... ... ... iiij*^ 

Suti7na vij^* iiij^ iij*^ 

Smnma totalis B,ecepte pro parte wille^mi pratte vij^* v^ xj*^ 
Summa totalis aAlocatwms pro parte ipsius willelmi vij'^ iiij^ iij** 
Et sic in arreragiis Et Rem' in manibus suis xx** 
Quos soluit pre manibws 

64 a] Thaccompt of M^ John pykerell & wilh'am GryfFyn 
wardeyns of the Sepulcre lyght 

In p?7nns they Chargyn ther sylflfes with Resceytes for Dyrry- 

gies this yer as apperith by a bill seen & Examyned . . . xiiij^ x*^ 

Item they also haue Resceyued for quarterages of the parochia- 
ners for the Roode lyght as also apperith by a byll seen & 
examyned ... ... ... ... ... ... xxiiij^ vij*^ ob 

Item they also haue Resceyued of the people that were hosylled 

atte Ester as also apperith by a byll sen & Examyned ... xiij^ viij*^ 
Summa totalis Recepte liij^ j*^ ob 

vnde petunt allocari 

Item payed for xxxv^' wex for the sepulcre & the Roode lyghtes 

pn'ce of a li vij*^ ob SM?/ima ... ... ... ... ... xxj^ x^^ ob 

Item payed for the makyng of the sayd Wex ... ... ... v^ 

Item payed for a Dyner at the makyng of the said wex ... ij^ iij*^ ob 

Item payed to John Capper fFor settyng vp the hyrst & kepyng 

of the Sepulcre lyght ijs 

Summa totalis allocationis xxxj^ ij*^ 

Et sic in arreragiis Et remanet in manibus suis xxij^ 

Quos soluerunt pre manibi^s 

Sumraa totalis Reeepte tam pro Gardianis Ecclesie q?^am pro Gardianis 
luminis sancti Sepulcri xxxv^ ob vnde deductzs 

pro Reparaczbne veteris fFenystre xv^ 

Et sic Remanet Ecclesie in Clara pecunia xx^ 

Received iiij*^ pro le pale vna cum iiij*^ Rec' de Magistro hassyll 

Deliberatwm est Edwardo heynes et iohanni hobyl 
Gardianis Ecclesie pro Anno futuro J 

And also resceyued of arthur leatche iij^ viij*! 

Remaynyng of the money of the Glasse wyndow at the steple 
ende Whitche iij^ viij** is delyuered to the said John hoby 

64 b] Ecclesia beate Man'e iuxto forum ville Cantebrz^ie 

Eleca'o ibzo?em facta die lune in septimana pasche anno regni regis 
henrici viij' xxviij° Edwardus haynes & Johannes hoby Gardiani in anno 


84 1537 

precedente Eligerunt duo viz. Magistvos wiWehmim Sherewoode & .Johannem 
Rii«te 'Magistros wiWelmum hassyll & Johannem veysy Isti duo Eligerunt 
sibi sex viz. Simone>;i True armigeruin : Robertu??i smyth Magistrum 
wiWehnum. hassyll ^iagistrum Johavmem Gaunte '^lagistnmi lienn'cwm 
Bretton Magistrum Johann&ni hatclie Isti Octo Eligerunt Officianbs 
sequentf^s videlict^t 

In Offic/o Gardianor?^»i WiWelmum Sherrewoode & Joh<7?i?iewi Ruste 
In Offic/o Gardianorwwi luminis Crucifixi Joha7inem Kyrkeby & Greor- 
gium wilde 

In Offic^o Gardianorwm Misse Ihesu Johannem wytton Thoma?>i 

Auditores Compo^i Gardianorw7?i }^red{ctorum & aliorum officiar4orM?)i 

^iagister simon True Armiger 
Magister Robertus Smyth 
Magister willeZmus hassyll 
Magister Johaimes Gaunte 
Magistei- Joha?i^es veysy 
"Magister henrimis Breton 

Thaccompte of John hoby & of Edward heynes Chyrche wardeynes & 
kepers of the goodes & Juelles of the parisshe Chirche of seint Mary next 
the Market in Cambrigge Of all suche Resceytes as they haue resceyued 
by Reason of their said Office as also of all suche paymentes as they haue 
payed by Reason of the same office ffrom the Monday in the Estir weke in 
the xxviij*^ yer of the reygne of our soueraign lord kyng henry the viij*^ 
vnto the Monday in the same weke in the xxix*'^ yer of the Reigne of oure 
said soueraign lord kyng henry the viij*^^ made & y olden by fore symond 
True Esquyer M^' RobeH smyth M^" Wilh'am hassyll M^' John Gaunte 
M'" John veysy & M'^ henry Breton Auditowrs assigned 

Resceytes for the parte of John hoby 

Inprimis the said John hoby for his paHe Chargith hym sylf 
of money by hjm Resceyued of arthur latche & wilh'am 
pratte Chirche wardeyns in the yer presedent for tharrer- 
Siges of ther accompte therof to hym delyuered ... ... xiij^ viij*^ 

Item Resceyved for the Incumbe of a Seate in the Chirche 

of the Materasse maker in the pety Cure ... xvj^ 

65 a] Item Resceyved of M"^ wilh'am hassyll for the Rent of 

the pale in the Chirche yerd ... iiij<* 

Item Resceyved of John Jenyn ffor the fferme of vj acres lond 

lyng in the howe tfelde ... ij" 

Swmma totalis Rece^te xvij^ iiij'^ 

vnde petit allocari 

Inprimis paide for thexspences in the Dyrige of M^" Jakenette ij^ ij*l 



Item payed for a belle Roope pondr' xiiij^* & dim' for the great 


lt<;m payed for ij lokke^ & iij Jemewes for the Orgaimys 
Item payed foi- a staft'e for the Belowes of the said Orgaimys 
Item payed for Mendyiig of the sencers ... 
Item paied for a scomer to feljche in ffyer for the said sencer 
Item payed for Mendyng of the lecto?^nis in the Chirche 

Item payed for Coles ther occupied 

Item paied for a lyne for the vaile atte heigh aulter 

Item payed for a payer of Trestilles & a Table to ley on 

Bokes in the re vestry ... 
Item payed for scoryng of the great Candelstykkes 
Item for Mendyng of the vice for the Resurrexcion 
Iteni for garnyshhing Ryband for oon of the Copis 

Item for sylke & threde ... ... 

Item for Mendyng of iij surplices & ij aubys 
Item for wasshinges of the Chirche Clothes all the yere 
Item for mendyng of Copis & vestementes of the Chirche 
Item payed for the wasshing of xiiij Corporassys 

Bumma totalis diilocatioms xiiij ^ v*^ 

And so remayneth in thandes of the said John hoby due 
to the Chirche 

Resceytes for the pa?'te of Edward heynes vt sequitur 
Inprimis the said Edward Chargith hym sylf for the pa/-te of 
money by hym Resceyued of the said arthur latche & 
wilk'am pratte Chirche wardeyns in the yere presydent for 
tharrerages of their accompte 
Item resceyued for the Rent of the allmese howsys 
Summa totalis Rece/?te jjro paHe dicti Edwardi xviij^ vnde petit 

ftyrste payed to John Thyrleby for wryghtyng of Thaccompte 
of the laste yer ... ... ... ... 

Item payed to the Thresaurers of Cambrigge for a quitte Rent 
yerly goyng owte of the allmouses houses ... 













y' ^y 




65 b] Item payed for the dyner of the Chirche Reves & In- 

querers at the kynges vysytacibn 
Item for wasshinge of the Chirche Clothes 
Item for dyggyng & Carrying of pavyng stone to pave the stret 

on the Chirche syde towardes the goodman Sperynges 

Item for a loode of Gravell ... 

Item for pavyng of the same strette 

Szcmm.a totalis alloca^zom's pro parte dicti Edwardi v* ix*^ 

And so remayneth in thandes of the said Edward due to 
the Chirche ... 





xijs mj^ 



And in thandes of the said John hoby ... ij' xj* 

Swmma Renianens in manibiis ipsorwm Gardianor?tw xv^ ij<^ 
Quo.s delyberauerunt pre mauibws Johaw^ii Rust & wiWelmo sherre- 
wood &c 

Thaccompt of John pykerell & of william GryfFyn wardeyns of the 
sepulcre light in the yer abouesaid made byfor the said auditowrs 
Inprimis they Charge ther silftes with Resceyte for Dyrygies flfor 

the dirige of henr' veysy 
Item resceyued at the kinge.s dirige 

Item for M'^ Jakenettes dirigies 

Item for Bellyiigham dirriges 

Item for M^ Manfeldes dirrigies 

Item for M"^ Erliche dirrigies 

Item for M'^ Crosses dirrigies 

Item for the dirrigies of M^ asshewell ... 

Item for the dirrigies of M'" Charles ... 

Item for the dirrigies of M'" helgaye ... ... 

Item for the dirrigies of william habyngton ... .... 

Item for the dirrigies of JVP Cooke 

Item for the dirrigies of M"^ Clerk 

Item for the dirrigies of [blank] ... ... ... 

Item for the dirrigies of M"^ Andrew ... ... 

Sumxna recepte pro exequiis x« vj*^ 

ijs viijd 












66 a] Resceytes of quarterages 

Inpnmis Resceyued for the first quarter ... 

Item in the secounde quarter 
Item in the thirde quarter ... 
Item in the iiiji^^i^ quarter ... 

Item at Estir terme ... ... 

Summa xxxviij^ ix"^ 

Summa totalis Recepte i>redicti Johannis pykerell & wiWelmi 
GryfFyn ... 


petunt allocari Inpn'mis payed for xxxj li wex euery li : v^ ob 
aumma ... 

Item payed for the makyng therof 

Item payed for their Dyner ... ... 

Item to John Alcetir Caper for his wages 

Item for his Meate & drynke ... 

Summa totalis allocations xxiij** vij^ 

And so remayneth in thandes of the said John & william due to the 
Chirche xxv^ viij<^ 

And also in the hande.5 of the foresaid Chirche wardeyns xv" ij*^ 

xiij« ij^ 

xlix^ iij'i 

xiiij^ -uj^ 





1539 87 

Whitche to gedir accompted amountith to xl^ x*^ 

And whitche xl^ x** is delyiu?red to John Rust And William sherrewood 
Chirche wardeyns for the yer to Cum vitielicet to eyther of them xx^ v*^ 
Ecclesia beate Marie virginis iuxto foraum (sic) 

Eleccio ihidexn facta die lune in septimana pasche anno regni regis 
henrici viij xxix" Magist/v' Will^ni?is sherewood & Joha;i?ies Ruste Gardiani 
in anno p/-(^cedente Eligeruiit duo videlicet Nicho/ai^ni speryng & henricum 
Ossebo?irne Isti duo Kligerujit vj videlicet Johannem hatcher Johan7iem. 
pykerell Garrardu??^ Godfrey Joha?mem hoby Willelmum. Gryftyn & 
Joha7i;iem Thyrlcby Isti octo i>renommciti Eligerunt officiar/os sequentes 

In officio Gardianorii//i pro anno sequence Magistrum Thomam wendy 
& Magistrum RobeHuwi smyth 

In officio Gardianorwwi luniinis Crucifixi Willelmum Speryng & henricum 

In officio Gardianori^m Misse Ihesu Simonem Morley & Thomam 

Auditores Compod Gardianorwwi ^redictorum & aliorwm OffiGia,riorum 

Magistrinn will('^;?iiim hassyll Magistrum Joha^i^iem Gaunte vfiWelmuia 
pykerell Magistrum simonem True Magistrum Joha^iwem hatcher Magistrum 
henricum Osseboiirne 

[Fob 66 b blank.] 

67 a] Eleccio ibi<iem facta die lune in septimana pasche anno regni 
henrici viij xxx*^ Thoma*' wendy & Robertus smythe Gardiani in anno 
precedents Eligerunt duo videlicet y^iWelmum sherewod & henricum 
Osbourne Isti duo YAigerunt vj videlicet arthurum leche & Johannem. 
Rust Garrarduwi Godffi'ey & Joha?inem holdby henricum Ryngsted & 
NichoZaz^m Elton Isti octo preno?;ii?iati Eligerii/i^ officiarios sequences 

In officio Gardianoriim pro anno sequence Magistrum Jolia7i7iem hacher 
«&; willeZmwm Gryffyn 

In officio Gardianor-i^m luminis Crucifixi vfiWelmuvn speryng & laure?itium 

In officio Gardic'inorwm Misse Ihesu Robertum dykynson & andream 

Auditores Compori Gardianort^m predic^or-iim & aliorwm officiarior^^m 

Ma^i^^riim hassyll Magistrum. Gaunt Ma^iWri^m sherewod Gerrard 
Godfti"ey Joha7i?iem Rust wille^mttm pratt 

67 b] Thaccompte of William Sherwood & John Rust Chyrche Wardeyns 
& Kepers of the goodes & Juelles of the paryshe Chyrche of Seynt Mary 
next the Markett in Cambrygge of all syche Reseytes reseyued by reason 
of ther sayd offyce as also of all syche paymentes as they haue payed by 
reason of the same oftyce from the Monday in the Ester Weke in the 
xxix*h yere of our souerayne lord kyng henry the viij^^ vnto the Monday 
in the same weke in the xxix*'^ yere of the Reygn of our sayd souerayng 

88 1538 

lord kyiig henry the viij^*^ made & y olden by fore M^* hassyll M^* True 
John Gaunt John hacher henry Oabourne & wilh'am pykerell Auditors 

In primis the sayd wilKam sherewood & Jhon Rust Charge 
theym selffe?;; of Money by theyni resauyd of John Hoby & 
Edward lleynes chyrche wardeyns in the yere prcwydent 
tibr tharrerage*' of tlier accompte ... ... ... ... xl** x'^ 

Item re«ciyued of M^" Riiy for a payer of bedc^i' gyuen by liys 

mother ... ... ... ... xx** 

Item of the yong men in money y^ they had at theyr may 

game vj^ viij'^ 

Item of Master Bretten ftbr the Chambei's ouer the Almous 

housses yiij« 

Itewi of M^ hasyll for hys pale standyng in the Chyrche yerd iiij*^ 

item of bochers wyff for ij Torchys at the buryall of hyr 

husbond ... ... ... ... ... viij*^ 

Item of Raynes of Chesterton ftbr ij yeres Rent of ij acres 

Medowe in Chesterton field ij" viij'^ 

Itewi of John Genynges for vj acres lande in hows field ... ij" 

Item of wylh'am Gylbert fibr ij Torchys iiij^^ 

S^mma iiij" xviij*^ vnde petuwt allocari 

In primis payed to the Thesaurers fibr the Whytrent of the 

almous houses ... ... ... ... ... xij*^ 

Item to Wytacars for a nymnall ... ... ... xij'^ 

Item ftbr a bawtrell for one of the belles xiiij^^ 

Item fibr M^' Jakenettes dyrge ij" ij^^ 

Item payd to M^" hynd fibr hys CJounsale in the Chauntrye londs v" 

Item to a yonge man that Cam to be owr Gierke viij<* 

Item to Margarett wyld ftbr mendyng the Syrplycys xij<^ 

Item ftbr new Chethe ftbr the sayd surplyces ... iij<^ 

Item ftbr wasshyng of the Chyrche clothys all the yere xij^^ 

Item ftbr Colles ... ... ... j^ 

Item, to Mr Thyrleby for wrytyng the last Count xij^^ 

68 a] Item payed for scoryng the great Candellstykes ... viij'^ 

Ite7>i to John Gyer for Makyng a poly to drawc vp the vele 

byfore the rode ... vj'^ 

Item fibr thred for the albys ... ob 

Item for Mendyng the sensers 

Itewi fibr the dynner at the vysytacwn more then was gathered 

of Ely fi'erthynges ... ... ... ... 

Item paid to leonard Johnson for Makyng of ij seates in the 

Chyrche y** borde & the Tymber ... 

Item fibr vnder pynnyng of one of them with morter & stone ... 


x^i ob 

xiij« iiij*^ 

1539 89 

Item payed ftbr ij C & halff of boord to ^lake the seates in the 

Chapell i'^'x'i 

Itewi for V plankt'6- for the same seat6?5 V* 

Item ftbr caryeng of thcym to the Chyrche iiij'^ 

Item for thyn borde to make Cresse puiielk^- viij'^ 

It<i?/i for nay les ftbr the same si^atcis vj'^ ob 

Item to Rycherd Bateman ftbr sawyng of olde Tymber & the 

plankes "j.^^'lli^ 

Item to the Joyner ftbr woorknicxnshyp xxij'* iiij'* 

Summa iijH xif ix'^ ob 
And so remayneth in the hande*- of the said william & John viij« viij^^ ob 

Thaccompt of John Kyrkeby & George wylde wardeyns of the sepulcre 
lyght in the yere abouesayd made byfore the auditors 

In pnmis ftbr the kynges dyrge ij** viij'^ 

Itt^?/i ftbr the dyrges of M'^ Manfteld M^' Elyche M^' Crosse 
M^- Asshewell .M"- Gierke M^" helgaye M^ Gharlys M^' harryes 

M'^ Coke M'^ androwe & Mystrys bretten vj^ viij^^ 

Item resayued the ft'yrst quarter ftbr the rode lyght v^ 

Ite?« the second quarter v« ij^^ 

Item the iij^^ quarter v^ iiij^^ 

Item the last quarter V* x^^ 

Item ftbr the hosell xij« iiij^i 

Surama xliij^ vnde petm^t allocari 

68 b] In primis payed to M^ Rust ftbr xxxi li wex & the 

makyng all the yere xviij« vij^^ 

Ite?;i at dyner at the makyng of the wex ... ... ... xvj'^ 

Item to John Cappe?' for wachyng the sepulcre & hys meate ... ij^ x'^ 

Item for holye ... ij*^ 

Item for pynnes spent abought the sepulcre ob 

Item [blank] mtmina totalis alloca^20?iis xxiij*^ 

and so ther Remayneth in the handes of the said John & 

George ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xxj'' iiij^^ 

and in the handes of the foresayd Chyrche wardeyns ... viij** viij'^ ob 

wyche to gether accompted amountythe to ... ... ... xxx^ ob 

& ys delyuerd to M^' Thomas wendy & M^' Robert smythe 
Chyrche Wardeyns ftbr the yere to Come videlicet to eyther 
ofthe}Tii ... xv^ 

Ecclesia beate Marie virginis iux^a forum 
Eleccib ibzc^em facta die lune in septimana pasche anno reg7ii regis 
henrici viij xxx^ Isiagister Thomas wendy «& Magister Robertus smythe 
gardiani in anno p?'ecedente YAigenmt duo videlicet willelmum. shervvood & 
hemicum Osborne. Isti duo 'EligGvimt vj videlicet Johannem Rust & 
arthurum leche Gerrardum Godfrey & Johannem hoby Henricum Ryngsted 
& Nico^awm Elton Isti Octo prenomi?^ati Fligerunt ofticiarios sequences 

90 1539 

In officio Gardianor?/?n pro anno sequence Johawicm haccher & will- 
elnium Gryffyn 

In officio Gardianor?r?>i luminis Crucifixi WiWelmum speryng & laiiren- 
thim howes 

In officio GardianoniWi Misse Ihesu Andreaw wilh'amson & Robertum 

Audi tores Compoii Gardianon<??i predict! (sic) & alion^wi offician'ori^m 
Magistrum hasjll | Johannem Gau?itl Gerrardwm Godfrey 
Islagistrum sherewoodj Johannem Rust J WiWelmum. pratt 

69 a] Ihesus 

The accompte of M"^ Thomas wendy & M'^ Rob(?rt smythe Chyrche. 
wardeyns & kepers of y^ goodes & Juelles of the paryssh Chyrch of 
Seynt Marye next the Merkett in Cambrygge of all syche reseytes 
Resayued by reason of theyr sayed ofFyce as also of all syche paymentes 
as they haue payed by Reason- of the same oftyce from the Monday in the 
Ester weke in the xxix*'^ yere of the Reygn of our soueraygn lord kyng 
henry the viij*^^ vnto the Mo?iday in the same weke in the xxx*'^ yere 
of the Reygn of our sayd soueraygn lord kyng henry the viij*^*^ Made 
& yolden byfore M"" hasyll william sherewode John Gaunt John Rust 
Garrard Godfrey & wilk'am pratt audytors 

In pn'mis the sayd M^ Thomas wendy & M'" Robert smythe 
Charge theym selfFes of Money by theym Resayued of 
williara sherewod & John Rust Chyrche wardeyns in y® 

yere presydent fibr the arrerages of theyr accompte ... xxx^ ob 

Item ffi^r Ely fferthynges ... ... ... xxj"* 

Item of the goodwyfF pyerson for y^ wast of iiij Torchys ... xvj^ 

Item of good weyfF Mershall ffor hyr sonnes buryall ... ... vj« viij^ 

Item of M"^ Genynges for land in liowse feld ... ... ... \f 

Item of M"^ hasyll for hys pale ... ... iiij^ 

Item for the Medow at Chesterton ... ... ... ... xvj* 

Item of M'" sherewod for the Chamber ouer the alnious howsys viij*^ 

Item of Rycherd Bowman for the wast ij Torchys ... ... vuij*^ 

Item of M"" Rust for the buryall of Mother Dawlyng vj** viij*^ 

^uTuma Iviij^ vij'^ (sic) vnde petunt allocari 

In pr^mis payed for the dynner at the vysytacion ... ... xiiij*^ 

Itewi payed for a boke Callyd the regyster ... vj<* 

Item ftbr Ely fferthynges ... x'^ ob 

Item to the Thesaurers for the whyte rent of the Almys hows xij** 

Item to henry plomer & hys man ffor workyng on the Chyrche xij<* 

Item ffor soder viij^' to the same worke ij^ viij** 

Item for Charcole to the same worke ... ij** 

69 b] Item ffor wasshyng the Chyrch gyere ij* 

Item ffor Mendyng of surplyces iiij"* 

1539 91 

item ffor M^ Jakenettes dy rge ij ' ij^ 

[tern ffor a loke ffor the vestry e iiij^ 

[ttjwi ffor a spere y*- y^ yonge men lost xij** 

[tt'm to Roger yonge the giasyer iijs ix<i 

[tew for a new Cornell seale v^]^ 

[tt'?;i ffor a bell rope ^ ij' ij*^ 

[t<'7;i ffor scoryng the great Candell sty kkes viij*^ 

[tm ffor halff the byble ij« vj^ 

item to M"^ hynd ffor hys peynes in drawyng the Indentures 

bytwyxt Guvyll hall & vs iij^ ix<* 

[tewi ffor Copyeng out of the Indenture viij^ 

[tc'w ffor the Wrytyng of ye last Count xij"i 

Summa xxxij^ ix^ 
A.nd so ther Reniaynethe in the handes of the sayd M^' Thomas 

Wendy & M'^ Robert Smyth xxv« x^ 

riiaccompt of Wilk'am Speryng & laurens howes gardianes of the 
sepulcre lyght in the yere abouesayd Made byfore the audytors 

[n pnmis ffor the kynges dyrge ij^ viij<* 

yjd vj'^ vjd vj^ 

item for M^ Jakenettes dyrge M^ Erlyche M'^' Halber Mother 

yjijd yjd 

Dawlyng Mr Erlyche & Mr Clerke iij^ ij^ 

Item ffor the dyrges of M"^ Crosse M'^ harryes M"^ Androwe 

M"^ helgay M"" Coke & M^ pykerell iij^ iiij"* 

Item in Mydsomer quarter iiij« iiij<^ 

I tew at Myhelmas quarter .. . ... iiij** iiij** 

Item at Crystmas quarter ... ... ... ... v^ vj*^ 

I te7?i at the last quarter ... ... ... ... ... ... v» \'j'* 

Item ffor the hosell xj^ viij*i 

Summa xl^ vj<^ vnde petunt allocari 

70 a] In pn'mis payed to M"^ Rust ftbr Ivj li wex & the 

Makyng all the yere ... ... ... ... ... ... xxviij^ viij"^ 

Item spent at the dyner when y^ wex was made ... ... ij^ viij<* 

Item ffor holye ij^ 

Item to the sexteyn for wachyng the sepulcre ... ... ... ij^ 

Ite/« ffor Meate & drynke ... ... x^^ 

Summa xxxiiij^ iiij^^ 

& so ther remaynethe in the handes of y® sayd wilh'am & laurens vj^ ij*^ 

and in the handes of the foresayd Chyrche wardeyns ... ... xxv^ x** 

wyche together accompted amounteth to ... ... ... xxxij^ 

and ys delyuerd to John hacher & wylh'am Gryffyn Chyrche 

wardeyns ffor the yere to come videlicet to eyther of theym xvj^ 
md they must Rcsayuc of M*" Robe/'t Smytho ffor our ladyca 

wex —. TTT —. —. —. —. xx8 

92 1540 

70 b] Eccl(^6'ia heate marie iuxta foru/>i ville Ca,ntabrigie 

EleccA) ibi(i?<!m fact(6 die luiic in .scptiniaiia pasche anno Regni henrici 
octaui xxxj** Joli(t/iy<es hatcher et wille/m^s gryft'yn ganliaiii duno prece- 
deute eligeruvit duo \iz. willc^/>n?mi Sherwood et Johanrieni Rust isti duo 
ehgeru/it vj viz. wiWehman pratt et lienricuv^ Ryugstod Johaimeni hobye 
et artluu'u;>t letche \villc^/>«wm speryng et Nico^auni el ton Isti octo 
eligeru/tt officiarios sequentes 

In officio gardianor«m ecclesie magistvum. vjiWebmcvn. hasyll 

magistrum Johannem erlyche 
In officio gardianoru?>i lucis scpulcri willebmim Gylbert et 

J^ohei-titm martyii 
In officio gardianoru^^t niisse Ihe^ai Joha?i7ieni Rytchemonde 

et thoni6M7i bellynghcmi 
In custodes clauium siste cantarie cum gardianis wiWelmuin sherwood 
ecclesie et Joha7i?iGiii Rust 

Auditores cowipoti gardianorum -p^'edictorum 
'Magister Thomas wendyel WiWelmus Sherwoodl wille^mws pratt 1 

'Magiste?' RoherUts SmythJ et Jdhannea Rust ) et wiWelinus allynsonj 

71 a] The acco7?ipte of John hatcher & wilh'am gryfiyn chyrche wardeyns 
of seynt marys pa^ysshe next the markytt in Cambryge of the money e by 
them Reseyuyd and charges by them susteynyd from easter in the xxx*^' 
yere of y*^ Reygn of kyng henry the viij^i^ vntyll easter in the xxxj*^ yere of 
y« sayd kyng 

Inp/Y*mis y® sayd John & wylliam charge them selfes of money 
by them Reseyuyd of M^ thomas wendye & M^' Robert 
smyth chyrche wardeyns in the yere presydent for the 
arrerages of ther acco^^ij^te ... ... ... ... ... xxxij* 

Item for tharrerages of John hobys accompte of the chauntyre 

Item for the buryall of M'" gawnte in the chyrche 

Item for the buryall of Garrett godfreye there ... 

Item for the buryall of John Thyrlebye there ... 

Item for the buryall of George nycholson there ... 

Item for the buryall of Edwarde hayncs there ... 

Item of M^ sherwood for y*^ ferme of the chambre ouey the 
almesse howsen 

Ite?;i of iVP hasyll for hys payle in the chyrche yarde ... 

Item for halfe the byble ... 

Item of John Gennynges for the ferme off the chyrche lond ... 

Ite7)i of maystres Gylson for iiij torches ... 

Item for Ely farthynges 

Item of M'" Robert smy the for our ladys wax 

Szmima v^^ x** j*^ 


' iiijd 

















j-i ob 





71b] Allocaczbns wher of y®' dezyer allowauwce 

Inpmni.s for a keye & mendyng of the loke of the fonte 

Item payd for wrytyiig of the last yeres Counte 

Item pa}'d for halfe the gret byble 

Item payd for M^" Jacknettes obyte 

Ite?H payd for a rope to the sanetus belle 

Item payd for wasshyng ... 

Ite7n payd for mendyng of the same lynnen 

for pauynge of the grownde at the pompe 
Item payd for ston to M*" osborne & the caryage of y^ same 
Ite7n payd for thre lodes of sande 

Ite7?i payd for lyme 

Item payd for ston 

Ite77i payd to the paveres ... 

Iteon payd to the laborer . . . 

Item payd for mendyng of the Caskytt ... 

Itei7i payd for skoryng of the great standardes . . 

Item payd to y® clarke for mendyng of y^ copes 

Itein for Ely farthynges 

Item for the dynner ... 

Itewi to the saurers . . . 

Item for mendyng of the chyrche wall & a post . . 

Item for wasshyng of the surplessys 

Itf?wi for mendyng of the same ... 

Ite7n for a horse hyer 

Summa xxxj^ j'^ 
& so Remaynethe in theyr handes iij^^ xix^ 







iiij^ iiij<* 








72 a] The accompt of wilh'am speryng & La wrens hawes Masters of y^ 
Roode lyght of the sepiilcer lyght wythe in the parrysshe aforesayde 

In pnmis the sayd Masters Charge theym selflfes with quartreges as 

Item for mydsomer q^larter ... iiij^ 

Item for myhellmas qwarter ... iiij^ 

Item for Christmas qwarter 
Item for Easter quarter 
Item for Goddes boorde 

for Exequyes as foUowe 

Inpnmis for the kynges dyrge 

Item for John Gauntes ij dyrges 

Ite/n for John Thyrlebyes dyrges 




Item for the dyrges of M*" Erlyche, M^ Crosse, M"^ asshewell, 


vjs viij'' 

xjs x^" 

ij« viij'i 


94 1540 

M"^ helgaye, M^" coke, M"" harryes, M"^ Jakenet, M^ Gierke, 

viij'^ viij*^ 

Mother dawly;ig, M'" manfelde 

lt€)n for the dyrgcs of Garrett Godfraye 

lie)n for the dyrges of George Nycolson 

Ite^n for Godfreye Charles dyrge . . . 

Item for the dyrges of Edwarde heynes 

Stimma xlviij*' ^ 

Allocactous wher of they dezyer allowau?ice 
Inprmiis for money payed to M*" Rust as apperythe by hys 

by He XXXJ8 iiij«i 

Item for theyr dyner at the makyng of the wex iij« iiij*^ 

Item for holy ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ij<^ 

Item to John Capper for watchyng of y« sepulker & settyng up 

& takyng downe of the same ... ... ... ij^ 

Ite?n for hys meat & drynke ... x** 

Summa xxxvij^ viij*^ And so Remayneth x^ viij*^ 

72 b] All thynges accomptyd theare Remayneth In the handes 

of John hatcher and willmm gryfFyn ... ... ... iij^* xix^ 

and In the handes of the sayd wilh'am & lawrens ... ... x^ viij** 

which sum^Tzes to gyther accomptyd amouTite to ... iiiji* ix^ viij^ 

and ys delivered to M'" wilh'am hasyll & M*" John Erlyche 
chyrche wardeyns for the yere to come viz. to eyther 
of them ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xliiij^ x^ 

Memora7idiim y^ at y^ feste of seynct Jhon y** baptist the xxxij^y yere 
of kyrig henri the viij*'^ a peyar of silver hedes and ij other peyar of 
Corall gavdyd with siluer ware solde by y« chirchwardens to James 
goldsmyth of Seynct benett parich in presence of M"" Robert Smythe 
be y® consent of most parte of y® parochianers 

Item the colar or baudryk of golde havynge ix lynkes enameled of 
golde with y^ vch for seynct Nicolas & lityll Monstre or Relick of Seynct 
Nicolas oyll ys taken fro y® custody of y^ chirchwardens to be sold at 
sterbrige feyar be agremewt & consent also of y® parochianors 

73 a] Ecclesia beate Marie iuxto forum ville Cantehrigie 

Elecc^o ihidem facta die lune in septimana pasche Anno Regni henrici 
octaui xxxij° WiWelrmi a — ha s yll & — Johanno s Erlj^ch e — Gardiani — Anno - 
pwcedont<> - - 

Johannes hatcher & wille^mws Gryffyn Gardiani anno precedents 
eligeruTit duo viz wille^mwm hasyll & Johannem Erlyche isti duo eligeruwt 
vj viz Johannem veysy & Johannem hatcher henricum osbourn & 
Johannem hoby Roberti^m dykynson & arthurum leche Isti octo eligeruTit 
officiarios sequentes 

L541 95 

In officio Gardianoru»n Ecclesie Magistrum wiWelmuin. hasyll & 

Magistvum Johaniiem. veysy 
In officio Gardianorum lucis sepulcri wiWebnum dawnser & 

wille^mwm Monsey 
In officio Gardianorwm misse Jhesu Andream smythe & 

Kogerum Thornborrough 
Anditorcs co?np^ti Gardianoruwi Ytredictorum 
Mag. Thomas wendy &1 wille^m^s sherwood l Johannes Rust &) 
Mag. Robertus smythe J & Joha^mes hatcher] henricus osbournj 

73 b] Thaccompt off ^I'" willmm hasyll & John Erliche chyrche wardeyns 
:>ff the parisshe chyrche ther as well oft' all suche Receytes by theyra 
Receyved by the Reason of theyr sayd oflfyce as also off all suche 
paymentes as they haue payed ffrom the Mondaye in ester weke the xxxj*^ 
7ere of the Reygn of kyng henry the viij**^ vnto the sayd Mundaye in the 
same weke then next ensuyng 
Inp/'i'mis the sayd acountauntes charche theym selves with the 

arrerages of the last yere ... ... ... ... iiij^i ix^ viij^ 

It^m Resceyved of James Goldsmythe of seynt benett p«nssh 
ftbr a payer of sylver hedes & for the sylver gaudes off" ij 
payer of Corall bedes weyng v owners j quarter ij^ weytt at 

iiij^ the ownce xxj^ ij* 

Item fibr n4j owncei' off Corall ... ... .». ... ... xiiij^ 

Item ffor the baldryke off Golde weyeng oon ownce & j qztarter & 

dim' qwarter at xxxij^ the ownce ... ... ... ... xliiij^ viij** 

Item ffor seynt Nicholas owche with the little Monster con- 
teynyng S. Nicholas oyle weyng oon ownce & dim' at 
iij^ viij** the ownce ... ... ... ... ... ... v^ x*^ 

Item off M"^ hasyll ffor the pale ayenst hys howse iiij* 

Item ffor the buriall of John Erliche wyff witkin the chyrche vj^ viij^ 

Item ffor wast off torchys at hyr buryall & at his doughters ... ijs 

Itewi ftbr the wast of ij torchys at the buryall of ser hard war vj<* 

Item for the buryall of M"* sperynges wyff within the chyrche ... vj^ viij^ 

Item ffor the wast off ffoure torchys ... xij^ 

Item off M"^ sherwood ffor the Rent of the chamber over the 

almos howses ... ... ... ... ... ... ... viij^ 

Item off John Jenynges ftbr the fferme off the chyrche lond ... ij^ 

tem Off Thomas parys ftbr the Med owe in Chesterton ffelde ... xiiij^ 

tem ffor the wast off ij torches at the buryall of a sherman . . . vj^ 

4 a] Allocacions wherof they dezyer Alowaunce 
npn'mis to Laurens hawes ffor wrytyng of the last accompte xij** 

tem to a pryst ffor notyng & wrytyng vppon the bare plotter 
in dyvers antyphoners & other bookes by the space off vj 
wekes at ij^ iiij** a weke with ij^ in Ernest gyven & ffor 
by ce & other colors xiij** ... xv^ iij*i 

96 1541 

Item ffor the charge of M^ Jaknett obyte ijs j^ 

Item ftbr eoloryng & mendyng off the .surplesses witA newe 

clothe ffbunde ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xvj'^ 

Item flfor wasshyng oflf the chyrche stuffe all thys yere if 

Item to Roger yonge Glasyer ffor mendyng the defaulter «Sc 
holes in the wyndowes Romid abowte the chyrche as well 
the wyndowes by nethe as in the clerestores aboue & 
byndyng & sowderyng theym by a bargeyn made agrett 

w/tA j'^ for ffor cooles xxj«j^ 

Item ffor ij belle Ropes ... ... ... iij^ x'^ 

Item for ij cheynes ffor the latten sensers ... ... ... iiij'i 

Ite?>i to the Thesaiirers for the Rent of y« almos howses ... xij'^ 
Item to the glasyer for takyng down off the Bysshopp of 

Roomes hedde ... ... ... iiij^i 

Itewi ffor cooles in the Revestry ... ij<i 

Item ffor dm' an ownce off vestment Rybben ... ... ... vij*^ 

Item ffor colored thred ... ... ... ... ... ... j<' 

Item ffor skoryng off the candy Istykes ... ... viij'i 

Item to the parisshe clarke ffor hys dylygens & labour had with 
the preest wrytyng & notyng the bookes & synes hys 
depocrtnr wrytyng notyng & amendyng many leves in the 

chyrche bookes ... xx'^ 

Thaccompt off wilh'am Gilbert & Robert Martyn Masters of the 
Roode lyght & of the sepulcre light within the parisshe 
Inpri'mis the sayd Masters charge theym selffes with q?^artrege5 

as ffolloweth viz. ffor the iiij q^iartreges ... xxij" 

Item att Goddes borde xiij* 

Item gathered at the dynner xv*^ 

74 b] ^ ffor Exequyes as ffollowe 

Inpnmis ffor the kynges dyrge ij^ viij** 

Item Mystres thyrlebye ffor ij standerdes vj'^ 

Item for Mother Marshall ffor ij standerde.9 ... viij^ 

Item ffor John gauntes yerday ... viij'' 

Item ffor Mother Marshalles moneth daye ffor ij pryckettes ... ij^ 

Item ffor M'" Manf aides dyrge viij<* 

Item ffor M"^ Jackenettes dirge viij* 

Item ffor godfrey Charles dyrge viij** 

Item ffor garrett godfreys dyrge vj* 

Item ffor M"^ erliche dyrge vj* 

Item ffor M*" crosse dyrge vj* 

Item ffor M"" asshewell dyrge viij*^ 

Item ffor M^ pykerelles dyrge vj* 

Item ffoi' ]Mother dawlynges dyrge viij** 



Item ffor Edward heynes dyrg 
Item ftbr the buryall oft' Annys erliche 
Item ftbr Mystres erliche Monethe daye 
Item ffor M"^ helgayes dyrge 

Item ftor M*" cookes dyrge 

Item ftbr M"^ harrys dyrge 

Item ftbr M^ clarkes dyrge ... 
Item ftbr Maystres sperynges dyrge 
And for hyr Moiiethe daye ... 
Item ftbr ftather Marshalles buryall 
& ftbr hys Monethe daye 
Item ftbr Andrew spicers dyrge 
Item ftbr M^ erlitche wyves buryall 


Item in exspences ftbr wax 

Item ftbr the sextyns wages 
Item ffor nayles & pynnes ... 
Item ffor the dynner 















xxv^ ix'i 



iiij« xj' 

75 a] The Juelles & goodes belongyng to the sayd churche nowe in 
the handes off the sayd chyrche wardeyns 

In the handes off M^' will/am hasyll 

Inpnmis ftyve chalesys 

Item xiij corporas casys ■with kerchyftes 

Item a litle crowne of sylver vfith ston & perle 

Item ij of our ladys cootes of red & grene satten & ij lytle cootes 

Item seynt savyors cote of red velvett purfled with blacke velvett 

Item a lytle velvett box with ij lytle cappes of velvett 

Item a cypresse ffor the crosse & ij Canapees ftbr the sacrament 

In the hand off M'' John veysy 

Inprmiis a crosse off syluer & gylt with Mary & John with a stafte 

off copper & gylte with the clothe 
Item ij sylver candylstykes parcell gylt 
Item ij sensors oft' sylver 
Item a Monster clene gylt 
Item ij shyppes with ij spones 
Item ij paxys & the soon of syluer & gylte 
Item ij crewetes of syluer parcell gylt 
Item the crismatorye off sylver 
All thynges accomptyd there Remaynethe in Redy money 

belongyng to the churche the swm of ... ... viij^i xiij^ vij'^ 

whiche ys delyverd to M*" wilham hasyll & M'^ John veysye 

ViZ. to eyther of theym ... ... ... ... iiij^' vj^ ix*^ ob 

C. A. S. Octavo Series. No. XXXV. 7 

98 1542 

75 b] Eccl<'sia heate Marie iux^a forum ville CAntehrigie 

Elecc/o il)/c?('in fact(/ die liine in septimana pasche anno Regni Regis 
Henrici octaui xxxiij*' 

Magister Wille/m?^ Hasylll Gardiani Magistrum Thomam wendye ] 
Magister Joha?i?ies veysye J eligeriwit Magistnim Robert?mi smythej 
Isti duo eligeru?^t sex v/z. Johannes Hatcher will(^^m?<s Gryffyn 
Nicho/aus speryng Joha/iwes Hobye Laurentius hawes & willc^m'jfs speryng 
Qui quid em octo Eligeru??.t in officiarios pro Anno sequence 
In officio Gardianorwwi 

Wille/?«?aii pratte 1 In officio Gardianontwi Andream Sniythe 1 
Henricu?w RyngstedJ luczs sepulcri Nicho/«m?i i)ylgrymej 

Auditores Compo^i Gardianorw^» \>redictorMm 

Magistrum Thomam wendye \ Johamiem Erlyche] Johanneni Hacher | 
MagistYum Robertwm smythe J Joha^mem Rust j wiWelmuni Gryffyn j 

Thaccompt of M"" Wilh'am Hasyll & M^ John veysye chyrche wardeyns 
of seynt Marye parysshe next the Markett in Cambrige of the Money by 
theym Resceyved & charges by theym susteyned ftrom Easter in the 
xxxij**^ yere of the Reygn of Kyng Henry the viij**i vntyll the same fteast 
then next ensuyng 
Inprj'mis the sayd accomptauntes charge theym selff^s with the 

surplusage of the last accompte v^z. ... ... ... viij^' xiij^ vij'^ 

76 a] Item of M"" william Hasyll for the pale at hys Te7ie77ient iiij** 
Item of John Jenynges for oon yeres Rent off the churche land 

endyng at Myhelmes last past ij* 

Item of the Procters towardes a belle Rope iiij'* 

Item of Ml" Wilh'crm hasyll for buryyng hys wyffe in the chyrche vj" viij'^ 

Item for the hyer of iij torches xij'* 

Item of Mr hacher for the Rent of the soller ouer the allmose 

howses viij" 

Item of James Ratclyff ffor seynt Georges light vj" 

Item of andrewe smythe for the buryall of hys wyff vj^ viij*^ 

Item of the same andrew ffor C li. wex xxiij^ iiij*^ 

Item of M'" sherwood ffor the hyer of vj torches ij" 

Item for the surplusage of the chuntry Rentes .. xxxj^ ix'^ 

Item of Thomas parrys of chesteHon ffor the Medowe in 

Chesterton ffelde xiiij^ 

Swmma xiij li. ij^ x<* 
AUocacibns wherof they desyer allowans 

Inp-imis for the charges of M*' Jackenettes obyte ij^j** 

Item ffor a belle Rope xxij<* 

Item to Robert Cave for makyng of the lede off the ftbnte 

oftheLectron ij' x" 

Item spent at the vysytacion iiij** 



Item payd to the Thesaurers fFor the almose howses 

Item ffor Coles in the vestrye 

Item payd for soder ffor the churche 

It^m payed to the phimmer 


ij8 viij'i 



7t) b] Item payed for newe clothe & mendyng the siirplyses 
Item ffor wasshyng the siirplyftes ... 
Item ffor scoryng the candlestykes 
Item ffor wrytyng of the last accompt 
Item ftbr Caryeng a wey myer in the strete 

Item ffor mendyng of the orgens xiij 

Summa xxx^ j'^ & so Remaynethe in thaccomptaunte.s handes xj li. xij 

Thaccompt of Willmm Munsey & WilkV^m Daunser Masters of the 
Roode lyght & of the sepulcre lyght w/t/nn the p«?ysshe afforesayd 
In primis the said Masters charge theym selftes with quartreges 
as ffollowethe 






In j)r?'mis at Mydsomer quarter ... 
Item at Myhelmes quai-ter 
Item at Crystmas quarter ... 

Item at Ester quarter 

Item at Godde5 borde 
Item ffor the Kynge.s d3'rge 
Item ffor M^" Erlyches dyrge 

Item ffor M"^ pykerell ... ... ... 

Item M^ John asshewell 

Item ffor M'' Jackenett 

Item ffor M»" thj'^rleby ... ... 

Item ffor M"^ gaunt 

Item ffor andrewe smythes wyffes ij dyrges 
Item ffor M'" Crosse .. . 

77 a] Item ffor Mother dawlyng ... 

Item ffor Mystres Erlyche 

Item ffor ffather Ma?'shall & hys wyffe ... 

Item ffor Mystres hasylle^ ij dyrge.? 

Item ffor Garrett Godfreys dyrge 

Item ffor M^ Cooke 

Item ffor M^ John helgaye ... ... 

Item ffor M^' clarke 

Item ffor M^ John harrys 

Item ffor godfrey Charles ... 

Item ffor M'^ andrewe spy ser 

Summa Is vij d 

AUocaczbns wherof they desyer to be allowed 
Inprmiis payd for xiiij^^ wax putt to the sepulcre light 

yS iiijd 
yf? iiijd 

vj« iiijd 


if viij'i 
















100 1543 

It<?m ft or ij*' wax for the wast off the ffoure standerdes ftbr the 

hole yere ... ... ... ... ... xij'' 

It<?m ftbr xxvji' & iij quarters of wax putto the Roode lyght at 

the iiij quarters 

X11J« lllj 



It<?m ftbr the inakyng of the sepulcre & Roode lyghte.s' . 
Iti'ni ftbr the dynner at the makyng of the wax 
It<?m to John Capper ftbr holy 
Itt'm for settyng vp the sepulcre & watchyng the same 

Item ftbr hys Meate & drynke 

Svmina xxxiij^ iiij*^^ & so Remaynethe iu the handes of the sayd 
accomptaunte^ xvif iij^^ 

77 b] The wiche xvij^ iij^^ And xj^' xij^ ix*^ in the hand<'\9 of M"" wilKam 
hasyll &, M^ John veysy Makythe xiji> x^ & ys delyverd vnto wilh'am pratt 
& henry Ryngsted newe chyrche wardeyns viz to eyther of theym vj^* \" 

Summa xij" x^ 

Memorandum that there ys allowed vnto M"" sherwood in parte of 
payment of liijs iiij'i that he payed vnto M^' why takers ftbr ij yeres Rent of 

the chauntrye Close ... ... xx' 

Rcmanot do oompoto Gavdianoritm hioia scpulcri xvj^ v^ t ob 
In the handed of wilh«m pratte 
Inpn'mis v Chalesys with patentes 
Item xij corporas casys with Kerchyftes 
Item a lytle crowne of syluer with perle & ston 
Item ij of o?«r ladys Coottes of Redde & grene satten & ij lytle cootes 

& purfl c d with blak volvctt 
Item seynt savyors cote of Redde velvett & purfled with blacke velvett 
Item A lytle velvett box wit A ij velvett cappes 
Item A Cypresse anourneyd with gold havyng xxxiiij lytle belles of sylver 

& counterft'ett perle 
Item ij canapes yo in M'' haoylk handee 

78 a] In the Handes off Henry Ryngsted 

Inprmiis A Crosse of sylver & gylt with Marye & John with a stafte 

oft" Copper & gylt with the clothe 
Item ij Sylver candyllstykes parcell gylt 
Item ij sensors oft' sylver 
Item a Monster clene gylt 
Item ij shyppes with ij spones 
Item ij paxys & the soon of sylver & gylt 
Item ij Crewettes of sylver parcell gylt , 

Item a Crysmatorye of sylver 

Electio ibidem facta die lune in septimana pasche anno Regni Regw 
Henrici octavi tricesimo quarto 

Wille^mws Pratt & Henricus Ryngsteede gardiani eligerunt duos 
Magistrum wiWelmum HasvU^I^^^jyj^i;^^;^ Johannem Hatcher 


1543 101 

Tsti duo eligerunt sex v^'z Magistvum Rob(^/'t?*m Smythe Joha;mem 
Erlyche Johannem Ru«t wiWelmmn speryng wiWelmmn daunyer & Joha?i- 
wem Kyrkbye Quiquide>;i octo eligerunt ofiiciai-ios sequentes pro anno 

In officio gardiano>*ww ecclesie WiWolminn t) poryng &| wiWehnum. pratt & "I 

, Lrxuront^' ^ ^ni Hawo &i J Hcnricuwi Kyiigstedj 
In officio gardianon^wi luminum J acobu?» Ratclyff andream smythe 1 

Nicho^aum pylgrymj 

Auditores Coniputi gardianorttwi predictoncm 

^lagistntm Thoniam wendye | Islaijistvicm willelmitm Hasyll) 
^lagistvum Robt'rt<*ni smythe/ Joha>i;iem Hatcher J 

Joha^i^jem Erlyche] 

Johannem. Rust / 

78 b] Thaccompt of wilham pratt & Henry Ryngsted Churche Wardens 

of seynt Marye parisshe next the Markett in Cambrige of the money 
by theym resceyved & charges by theym susteyned ft'rom the ffeast of 
Easter in the xxxiij*'^ yere of the Reygn of o«r soucvaygn lorde Kynge 
Henry the viij*'^ vntyll the same ft'east then next ensuyng & oon hole 
In pn'mis the sayd accomptwuntes charge theymselfFes with the 

reseyte of the surplusage of the last accompte v^z. ... xij'* x** 

lt<?m of M"^ wilh'am Hasyll for the pale at his tenement ... iiij'^ 

Item of John Munsey for a yeres rente of the churche lande 

endyng at Myhelmas last past ... ... ... ... ij' 

Item of M"^ Hatcher for the soler over the almosse howses . . . viij"* 

Item of Thomas parrys of Chesterton for the Medowe in 

Chesterton ffelde ... ... ... ... ... ... xiiij*^ 

Item for the buryall of Maystres Cycell ... ... ... .. vj"* viij'^ 

Item for iiij torches then ... xvj^^ 

Item of Thomas Canam for xliiij^* of tynne comyng of the olde 

orgayne pypes ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xj^ 

Swmma recepcwms xiiij li vj^^ 

Allocacions whereof they desyer allowans 

In pnmis for M"^ Jakenettes obyte ... ... ... ... ij" j** 

Item for mendyng of the clothe hangyng over the sacrament xij** 

Item to Thomas willyngton for a rope for the fore belle ... xviij*^ 

Item to smythe the pavyer ... ... ... xx^ 

Item to the thezaurers for whyte rent of the almose howses ... xij^ 

Item for Coles to the vestrye j^ 

Item to the parisshe Clarke for mendyng the churche bokes ... v^ ij^^ 

Item for wasshyng the clothes belongyng to the churche ... ij^ 

79 a] Item for carryage of seven lodes of fylthe owt of the 

churche yarde after the fyer ... ... ... xiiij ^^ 





viij" vj'i 

xiij8 vj'^ 

ij« viij'i 






Tt^ni for iiij new torches 

Item to the towne chirke for wrytyiig the last accoini)t 

1 tt'in for seouryng of the ij standerdt'cs- ... ... ... ... viij'' 

Item to John dowsey for mendyng of the bere ... ... ... ij^ 

Sit;«nia xxxv"* & so remaynethe in the Accomptauntt!*' hande*' xij'' v" vj'^ 

Thacconiptc of andrew smythe & Nicholas pylgryine Mas^res of the 
lyghtc'iJ within the pansshe attbre sayd for oon hole yere 

In i)/'/inis they resceyved in ^lydsoiner quarter 

J tt^ni in Myhelmas quarter 

Item in Cristmors quarter ... 

Item in Easter quarter 

Item at godde.s- boorde 

Item for the Kynges dyrge ... 

Item at M'" Gauntes dyrge 

Item at M^ Thy rlebyes dyrge 

Item at I\P Jakenettes dyrge 

Item at ]\1^ Manfelde^' dyrge 

Item at M'" Erlechys dyrge 

Item at Godfrey Charles dyrge 

Item at i\I*" Crossys dyrge ... 

Item at mystres Hasylles dyrge 

Item at M'' Clarkes dyrge ... 

Item at M*" Erlyches dyrge 

Item at M^' asshewelles dyrge ... ... 

Item at M"^ Helgayes dyrge 
Item at androwe smythes wyft' dyrge 
Item at M^' John Harry es dyrge ... 
Item at Androwe spycers dyrge 
Item at M"" Cookes dyrge 

79 b] Item at Mother dawlynges dyrge ... 

Sumnisi xlix** iiij'^ 

Allocacions whereof they desyer allowance 

In pn'mis for xi^^ of waxe putto the sepulcre lyght 

Item for iij*^ of waxe for the waste of the foure standarde6' 

for the hole yere 
Item for xxvij^' & dim' of waxe putto the Koode lyght at the 

iiij quarters 

Item for ij^» & dim' of waxe to Ihesus lyght 

Item for the dyner at the makyng of the waxe ... 

Item for makyng of all the lyghtes 

Item to the sexteyne for settyng \p of the sepulcre & watchyng 

the same ... ... 

Item for his Meate & drynke then 







V« VJ' 


xiij** ix'' 

iiij" vj'i 



1544 103 

lt."in for holye ... ... ... ... ij* 

Item for inakyng of the vyce of the sepulcre ... ... ... xiiij*^ 

Swmma xxxv* viij** & so remayiiethe in the handed- of the sayd 
accomptauntes xiij« viij*^ 

The whyche xiij" viij^^ & xij'' v» vj'' in the handt^s of wilkVan pratt & 
Henry Ryngsted Makythe xijU xix'* ij'' & is delyverd vnto wilhV^m pratt & 
Henry Ryngsted now churche wardens v/z. to eyther of thcym vj^^ ix** vij^^ 

Memorandum that M*" sherewood ys alowed x** and so reniaynethe vnto 
hiui xxiij^ iiij*' 

80 a] Ecclesie heate Marie virginis iux^a foviwi ville CantebriV/i(j 

Eleoc/o ib<*(f<^in facte/ die hme in scptiniana pasche anno Regni Henrici 

octavi dei gvatui anghe flrancie & hihernie llegis fidei defensori6" & in terra 

ecclf^ie anghcane & hibc'/'nice sup?-emi Capitis tricesirao quinto 

willeAnws pratt & | Gardiani eligerunt Magutrum Thomam wendye | 
Henricus Ryngsted] duos viz. Magistruni wilhlmum Hasyllj 

Isti duo eUgerunt sex viz. Magistviim Johannem Hatcher Magistritm. 

Rolx^H^an sinythe Johcnmem Erlyche Joh«7i/iem Rust wille^7»2«n Gryftyn 

& wille^wt^tni daunser Quiquidem octo eligerunt officiarios sequentes pro 

anno sequente 

In officio Gardianon^?;i eccle^ie wiHelnium sperynke laurentit^m Hawes 
In officio Gardianorwwi luminuw Jacobuwt Ratclyffe Cristoferuwi 


Auditores computi gardianontm 
Magistev Thoni«s wendye 1 Magistev Robert^^s srnythel 
Magister Johaw?ies Hatcher j Magistev wille^m?«s Hasyllj 

Joha9i7ies Erlychel 
Joha^mes Rust j 
Thacconipt of wilham pratt & Henry Ryngsted churchewardyns of 
seynt Marye parisshe next the Mwrkett in Cambrige of the mony by 
theym reseyved & Charges by theym susteyned fti'oni the fteast of Easter 
in the xxxiiij*^^ yere of the reygn of our soueraygn lorde the Kynge that 
now ys vntyll the same ffeast then next ensuyng 
In pri'mis the sayd accompt«unte5 charge theym sylftes with 

the resceyte of the surplusage of the last accompt ... xij*^ xix^ ij^^ 

Item of M'" Hasyll for the pale at his Teiiement ... iiij** 

Item of John Munsey for a yeres rent of the churche lande 

endyng at Myhelmas last past ... ... ij^ 

80 b] Item of M"* Doctor Hatcher for the soler over the 

almose howses ... ... ... ... ... ... ... viij" 

Item of M"^ wryght & M^' ffawke of the Kynges Hall for the 

byquest of M"* doctor dussyng iij^^ vj^ viij^ 

Item of M'" Hasyll for the buryall of his wyffe ... ... ... vj^ viij^ 

Item of the same for iiij torchysse ... ... ... ... xvj^ 

104 1544 

Ttf-m Niclio/'jis Eltoti for the buryall of his wyftip, ... ... vj** viij'' 

Itt'm for iiij torches then ... ... ... ... ... ... xvj** 

I t(?m for iiij torches at the londyners buryall xvj** 

item for iiij torche.s at the buryall of ]\I»" Raiikyn & hys wyffe ij"^ viij'^ 
Itt'm for parrys of Chesterton for the niedowe in Chesterton 

ffelde ... ... ... ... ... ... xiiij'^ 

Item for Ely farthynge*- ... xx'' 

Item for ij Syluer Claspes ... ... ... ... ... ... vj" viij*^ 

S?<?«ma recepc/owis xviij*' v** viij'' 

Allocacions wherof they desyei' allowans 

In pKmis for M^' Jakenette*' obyte ... ijsj*^ 

Item spente in necce58«rye reparacions ... ... ... ... iij" iij'^ 

Item for ij new bellropes ... ... ... ... ... ... xxj'' 

Item for a pece of woode for a swepe for the thyrd bell ... ij"^ 

Item for vermelyon «& byce to mende the churche boke^' ... xij** 

Item for wasshyng the church clothes ... ... ... ... ij" 

Item for xxiiij elle*- of new clothe to make surplesys ... ... xxs 

Item for makyng of the same surplyscs ... ... vj* 

Item to M^" palley for a surplysse V* 

Item for mendyng of the best crossc ... ... ... ... iiij'^ 

Item for .settyng in of ij plate* in the paxe ... ... ... j'^ 

Item spent at the reseyvyng of the v Marke geveu by doctor 

dussyng iiij^* 

Item to the clarke ... ... ... ... ... ... ... vj^ viij*^ 

Item to the Thezaurers for the almose howses xij*^ 

81 a] Item to the Town Clerke for wrytyng the last accompt xij** 

Item for Scoryng the standardes viij*^ 

Swmma oneris Ij^ iiij*^ & so remaynethe in thaccomptauntes 
handes xv^^ xiiij^ iiij"^ 

Thaccompt of andrewe smythe & Nycho^as pylgryme Masters of the 
lyghtes within the paHsshe afibresayd for oon hole yere 

In pn'mis they resceyvyd at Mydsomer quarter v** vj'^ 

Item at I\[yhelmas quarter v* 

Item at Crystmas quarter ... ... , v^ 

Item at Easter quarter vf 

Item at goddes boorde xiij« iiij'' 

Item for the Kynges dyrge ij" viij«* 

Item M^" thyrlebyes dyrge viij** 

Item M»' Crossys dyrge vj'^ 

Item M"" Jakenettes dyrge yj^ 

Item at Godfrey diaries dyrge vj** 

Item at M'" Eilyches dyrge vj<* 

Item at Mw^res Hasylle.s dyrge xx'^ 

Item at M'" asshewclles dyrge viij'* 

1545 105 

Item at ^[other dawlynges f'yi'ge 

Ittfm M»' Helgayes dyrge 

IttJiii M'" Cooker: dyrge 

Item M"^ Clarke?*- dyrge 

Item M"^ John harryes dyrge 

Item aiidrew spy cers dyrge , ... 
Item at Nycho^a« Eltons wyftes dyrge 

Item at M"^ Manfeldc^*- dyrge 

Siimraa, xlvij* viij*^ 



81 b] Allocac/ons whereof they desyer allowans 

In prtmis for xij^' of waxe putto the sepulcre lyght v" iiij^ 

Item for iiij li of waxe for the wast of the iiij standard^*- for the 

hole yere ... ... ij^ 

Item for xxviij^* of waxe for th e wast e putto the roode lyght -e# 

th o iiij w taiidardeg at the fl'oure quarters ... xiiij*^ 

Item for ij^* of waxe to Jhesus lyght xij'^ 

Item for makyug of all the lyghtes ... ... ... ... v** 

Item to John Capper for settyng vp the sepulcre ij** viij'^ 

Item for the dynner at the makyng of the wexe v** iiij'^ 

Swwmia xxxv^ iiij*^ & so remaynethe in the handes of the sayd 
accomptauntes xij^ iiij'^ 

The whyche xij** iiij'^ & xv*> xiiij^ iiij^^ in the handes of wilh'ani jjratt & 
Henry Ryngstedde makythe xvjii vj^ viij'* & is delyverd vnto the new 
churche wardens william sperynke & laurence Hawes xiz. to eyther of 
theym viij li iij** iiij^^ 

^iemorandum that M^' Sherewoode ys alowede thys yere x^ & so 
Remaynythe to hym xiij^ iiij*^ 

Ecclesia beate Marie virginis iuxta fon^m ville C-dntebrigie 

Eleccib ibici?em facta die lune in septimana pasche anno Regni Regw 
Hemici octaui tricesimo sexto 

Willehnusspeyryncke&) Gardiani eligerunt Magistv7cni willelmum Hasyll") 
laurentius Hawes j duosvzz. M<x(7^s^;r^ml J ohannem Hatcher/ 

Isti duo Elegerunt sex viz. Magistricm Robertum smythe Johannem. 
Erlyche Johannem Rust ^YiWelmicm GryfFyn Henricu?/?, Ryngstede & 
arthurum leache Quiquidew Eligerunt officiar/o6' sequentes pro anno 

In officio Gardianon^wi ecclesie willelmum speyrynckl 

laurent^^6m Hawes J 
In officio Gardianorziwi Johamiem Chase 

luminu??i 'Rica?-dvm bowma^i 

In officio Collector^??* feod' aquebaiuli Rogeruwi Thorneborowe 

Johanimm. Howell 

106 1545 

Auditoves Compoti 
^[agister vfiWeluma Hasyll Johan/ies Erlyche 

IShti/ister Thomas weiidy JohannGa Rust 

^{.agister JohannCH Hatcher wille^mws Grytfyii 

}>iagistev Robertus sinythe Heiiriciis Ryiigstede 

82 a] Thaccoinpt of williaiii Speyryiickc & laurens Hawe-s Chirche 

wardeyns of seynt Marye parisshe next the nirtrkett in Canibrige of the 

nion^e & .luelk^- by theyni Rescey\yd & charge*" by theyni susteyned flrom 

the fciist of Easter in the xxxv^'' yere of the I'eygn of our soufjraygii lorde 

kyng Henry the viij*'' vntyll the same fecist then next ensuinge & oon hole 


In pymiis the sayd accompt«iintes charge theym selfte*' with the 

surplusage of the last accompt 
It^m of M"" willmm Hasyll for the pale at his tenement 
Item of John Munsey foi- a yeres rent of the chirche lande 

endyng at Myhelmas last 
Itt^m of laurence Hawes for the soller one?' the almose houseys 
Itefm of Thomas Parrys of Chesterton for the meadow in 

Chesterton ffelde 

It<?m of Henry veysy for his fathers byquest 

Item of the same for his fathers buryall 

Item of hym for his Awntes buryall 

Item of hym for torches at bothe the sayd buryalle.s' 

Item of M"^ Kobev't Smythe for the buryall of hys wytt'e 

Item for Ely farthingei* 

item of bartylmew lambert for halfte yeres rent of hys house ... 

Item of Robe/-t Marten ... 

Sz*m xix*' XYJ** vj'^ 

Item all thinges accompted for the maysters of the sepulcre lyght they 

brought in vj'* 
Item more there remaynethe of the p/'ofytes of the Chauntrye xj^ ij*^ 
In thandes of william speyryncke a crosse of syluer & gylt wit A marye & 

a staffe of copper & gylt with the clothe Item ij syluer candelstyckes 

parcell gylt 
Item ij sensers of syluer Item a monster clene gylte Item ij shipper with 

ij spones 
Item in thandes of laurence Hawes v C^halesses with Patentee Item xij 

corjjoras cases with kerchiffes 
Item ij canapes Item a soon of syluer «& gylt Item ij paxes & ij cruette* 

of syluer parcell gylt Item a Crysmatorye of syluer 

82 b] allocacions wherof they desyer allowance 

In primis for m*" Jakenettes obyte ... ij*j** 














1545 107 

Itt^m for ij belle rop^s wayyng xxj^' ... ... ... ... ij* vj'^ 

Itt^m for lace & tliredc to aiiiciide tlie vestcnieut(Jd' ... ... V 

Itf^iii for meudyng of the .s<imc ... ... ... ... ... xvj'' 

lt<?m for iiij Inglysshe pyocosyioiiers ... ... ... ... xvj'' 

Item for a Masse booke ij" viij'^ 

Item to the derke for wrytyn^ij Englysshe processioners ... xvj'' 

Item for iiij skyimes of p(«/-cheuieiit to make the same p/'oces- 

syouers viij'' 

item for caryyng awaye of myer at the steple eiide ... ... viij'' 

Item for iiayles to meiide the Chirche dore ... ... ... ij*' 

Item for the byndhig of iij processy oners... ... ... ... xx'' 

Item for wasshmge of the chirche clothes ... ij'' 

Item for tlirede «&; mendyng of the same ... ... ... ... iiij'' 

Item for scowryng the great candelstycke^ ... ... ... viij'' 

Item for ij lodes of Claye for the almose houseys ... ... viij'' 

Item for vij lodes of gravell for the pavement next vnto the 

chirche yarde by the sayd almose houseys ... ... ... ij** iiij'' 

Item to John longe for pavyng of syx score yavdes & ij for the 

chirche & the chauntryc 

Item for his laborer for viij day es there 

Item for a fudder of lyme ... ... 

Item for sleckyng & caryyng in of the same 

Item for a lode of sande 

Item for ij lodes of peble stoone 

Item for xj lodes of Ragge to James Ratclyff'e 

Item for vij lodes of grauell ... 

Item payd for a pece of tymber of viij foote for the grunsyllyng 

of the almose howsyes .. . ... ... ... ,.. ... xvj'' 

83 a] Item to iiij carpenters for ij dayes wurke grunselyng of 

the sayd almose houseys ... ... ... iiij** 

Item to browne & Nicholas Amore for vj dayes wurke aboute 
the vnderpynnynge clayyng & whitinge the sayd almose 

houses ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iiij^ 

Item for nay les & byndyng there ... ... ... iiij'' 

Item for a lode of Claye ... ... ... iiij*' 

Item for caryage awaye of iij lodes of dust & fylthe there ... iij'' 

Item to father Rothertmi when he vewed the steple ... ... iiij'' 

Item to John dowsey for vewyng the tymber at the blacke 

fryers iiij*^ 

Item spent at the vysytacion ... xiiij'' 

Item payd for stone at the blacke fryers to m^' bedell ... ... xlviij** 

Item to the tresorers for the whyte rent of the almose houseys xij'' 

Item for iiij torch ys xviij^ 

Item for the houseys ... ... ... ... ... ... xviij" 



iij« iiij'' 



iJB vj'' 


1l8 liii<l 

108 1513. 154H 

Itt'in for wi'vtyng the last accompt xx*' 

Ite^m payd for Ely farthinge*' x^^ qW 

Sicnims, xxv^* xiiij** viij'^ thereof resccyvyd xx^' xxxiij^ & viij*^ and so 
remaynythe to the accomptauntes v^ xij'^ 

Eccle!6*ia beate marie virginis iuxta foriwi ville Ca^ntebrigie 
Eleccio ibidem facta die liine in septimana pasche anno regni regi*- 

henrici octaui xxxvij"^" 

Willelmus spcyryncke| gaixiiani eligerunt magistricm Thomaui wendye 
laurentius Hawes J magistrum Robertum smythe 

Qui quidew duo eligeriuit sibi sex \iz. magistvum Johmmem Hatcher 

magistviim wiWehnum Hasyll Johaomem Erlyche Johc«?mem Rust wille^mimi 

Gryft'yn henricu/n Ryngstedc 

Qui quide>« octo eligerunt officiario*- sequentes pro anno sequente 
In gardianos eccksie wille/?/mm dawnser^ In gardianos lucis sepulchri 
wiWehmim munseyv Johaiinem Chase 

) Ricardum. bowman 

In auditores electores 
Memorcoidtmi that m*" Sherewood ys alowyd this yere x^ & so 

remaynithe iij" iiij^^ 

83 b] ^[emorandinn that I steuen ffarand chantri pryst off seint marys 
tlie 3er off owre lord a M CCCCC 13 The morowe aftyr new 3er hathe 
ressayvyd off Rycherd lycheffeld a chales off parsel gylt the wyche wayyt 
19 viices^ 

^ieinorandum that I Rycherd wollemot p?-incypaulle of powlys In 
hathe reseyvyd of Rycherd lychefeld Chyrchewarden of Seint mary 
chyrche jn the market of Cambryg a cheles wythe the patent weying 
vij vnces & <\uai'ier parcell gylt 

Isiemorandiim I Roberd chyld prmcypalle off seynt Mary hostell haue 
VG^eived off Rychard lichfeld chyrchewarden off seynt Mary chyrch in the 
markett off' Cawibryg 1 chalys gylt wit/i a crucyfyx & ij rosys oft' eche syd 
with the paten A lytell brokyne 

Islemorandum quod Ego Thomas Bygges p^'mcipalis hospicii diui pauli 
recepi nomm^ toti?(s hospicii vnum calicem cum imagiiie crucifixi in 
pede & lbs in patena de manibi^s 'Kagistri clarke & Magistfi Raye 
gardinori^m ecclesie aancte mare ad forum 

84 a] Thaccompt of william Speyrincke & laurence Hawes chirche- 
wardeyns of seint Marye parisshe next the merkett in Cambrige of the 
mony & luelles by theym resceiued and charges by them susteyned ffrom 
the feast of Easter in the yere of our lorde god M CCCCC xlv vntill the 
same feast then next ensuinge & oori hole 

In i^Wmis the sayd accomptauntes charge them selves for the 

chambre over the almose houseys ... ... ... ... viij" 

Item of m'" Husill for his pale iiij** 

1546 109 

Item of John Munsey for the chirche lande ... ij^ 

Item of Thomas Parys for the meadowe in Chesterton felde . . . xiiij'^ 

Item for the houseys m the Shraggerey x^' 

Item for a monster siluer & gilte pondering Ixvj vncys after iiij^ 

thevnce... ... ... ... ... ... xiiij^* 

Item for the buriall of arthur l^che ... ... ... ... vj'^ viij*^ 

Item of the same for iiij torchys ... ... ... xvj^ 

Item for the foure torches at the bm*iall of wilh'am Pratte ... xvj^ 

Item for vj bmichys of lathe ... ... iiij* 

Item for the buriall of John Marten vj« viij'i 

Item for torches at the bm'iall of Richerd tye viij^ 

Item for the bm*iall of Nicholas speyryncke ... ..." ... vj^ viij^ 

Item for the buryall of alice Dykynson ... ... ... ... vj« viij'^ 

Item for torchys the same tyme ij** viij^ 

Item for iiij torchys at hir monethe daye ... ... ... xvj*^ 

Item of nV Meere for the stone at the blacke fryers xP 

Item for the reede of the steple iiij^ 

Summa xxviij" xiij^ vj*^' 

84 b] Allocacions whereof they desier allowans 

In pj'i'mis for the foote of the last accompt ... ... ... v^i xij'^ 

The charges abowte the chircheyard walle 

In pn'mis for ij M brickes ... ... ... ... ... ... xvj^ 

Item ij M brickes ... ... ... ... ... xvj^ 

Item for the cariage of the same fFrom the great brigge ... ijs vj'^ 
Item to Two brycklayers for iiij dayes wurke aboute the same 

walle v« 

Item to iij laborers for iiij dayes ... ... ... ... ... v^ 

Item to Wise of Hinton for ij fudder of lyme ... ... ... vj^ viij*i 

Item for vj lodes of sande ... ... ijs 

Item to a laborer for oon daye wurke ... ... iiijd 

Item for a fudder of lyme iij^ iiij'^ 

Item for iij lodes of sande xij'i 

Item to brycklayers for iij dayes wurke ... ... ... ... iij^ ix*^ 

Item to iij laborers for iij dayes ... ... ... ... ... iij^ ix'^ 

Item for cariage of a fudder of lyme fFrom the late white fryers iiij'i 

Item for vij lodes of sande ij^ iiij'^ 

Item for dim' M brickes iiijs 

Item for cariage of the same fFrom the great brigge ... ... vj'* 

Item to brickelayers for vj dayes wurke ... ... ... ... vij^ vj'' 

Item to iij laborers for vj dayes wurke vj^ vj'' 

Item for M brickes viij^ 

Item for ij lodes of ffree stone ij^ viij'' 

Item for ij postes ... ... xviij^^ 

yj8 yiijd 

iiij" vj'* 

iij« ix'i 

ij« viij«i 

viij" ix*^ 





110 1546 

It<?m for wurkemanship of the same ... ... xij'^ 

Item to ij laborers for ij dayes leveling the chirche yarde ... xx** 

Sum?rtrt v^' xvj"^ 

85 a] The charges of pavinge the lane next vnto the chirche yard walle 

In p/^i'mis for iij lodes of ragge ... ... iij« ix'^ 

Itt-m for cariage of the same ft'rom the brigge ... ... ... ix*^ 

Item for xv lodes of sande & gravell ... ... v* 

Item to the pavyer for pauing of Ixiiij yardes after j^^ qua' the 

The charge.? of paving at the steple ends 

111 pr/mis for iij lodes of great peble 

Item for iij lodes of peble 

Item for ij lodes of Ragge ... 

Item for vij lodes of Ragge 

Item for cariage of the same fFrom the great brigge 
Item for XXXV lodes of sande «&; gravell 

Item to the pavyers for paving there 

Item for carying awaye of iiij lodes of rubbisshe 

Swmma iij^' iiij^ xj'^ 

The charges abowte the steple & litill house at the steple ende 

In pn'mis for vj lodes of stone parte free stone ... ij« 

Item for a ffudder of lyme ... ... ... ... iijMiij*' 

Item for iij lodes of sande ... ... ... ... ... ... xij'^ 

Item to a mason & his man oon daye ... ... ... ... x*^ 

Item to ij masons & ij laborers ... ... ... ... ... xx'^ 

Item for cowching ij graue stones .. . ... ... ... ... xij'^ 

Item to John dowse}'^ carpenter for iiij dayes wurke of him & 

his soon iij« iiij'^ 

Item to John Clarke carpenter for v dayes wurke & dim' after 

vj<^ a daye ... ij* ix^ 

Item to WilKam Harbard carpenter for iiij dayes & dim' 

after vj<^ a daye .. . 

85 b] Item to Ambrose the bricklayer for vj dayes wurke 

Item to his laborer for vj dayes 

Item to alexander bene for vj dayes wurke & dim' after vj'* a 


Item to browne for V dayes wurke & dim' 

Item to Sandes for v dayes wurke 

Item to Thomas Morley for vij dayes wurke k dim' 

Item to Henry the carpenter for a dayes wurke & dim' 

Item to bene for carying of iiij lodes of t^'^mber to the chirche 

Item to the same for vj lodes of sande ... ij" 

ij« iij'i 



ij" iij'^ 

ij" iij'' 


ij" vj^ 



154(j 111 

Item to the same for cariage of iiij lodes of slate from the late 

austen ffryers ... ... ... ... ... ... ... viij'^ 

It^m to the same for the cariage of xx*' lodes of slate from the 

same place ... ... ... iij^ iiij*^ 

It^m for xiij sparres after ix^ the pece ... ... x" vj'i 

It<^m to ni'' Meere for iiij pepys of great timber conteyning 

Ixiiij foot(^s ... ... ... ... xM'iij'^ 

Itt'm for vj M & diwi' of slate after vj^ iiij** the M xlj« 

Item for a lode of lathes ... ... ... xix* 

Item to pyerson for ij lodes of sande ... ... ... ... viij'* 

Item to the same for the cariage of ij lodes of lyme ifrom the 

late white ffryers ... ... ... ... iiij'^ 

Item to ambrose for v dayes wurke of him & his manne ... iiij« xj'* 

Item to browne for iiij dayes ... ... ... ... ... xvj** 

Item to John asande.? for vj dayes wurke ... ijs 

Item to Thomos Morley for vj dayes wurke ijs 

Item to the slater in p<7rte of payment for slating the steple ... x" 

Item for a busshell & diw' of tyle pinnes... ... ij" 

Item for a C iiij'i nayles ... ... iiij^ 

Item ij M lathe nayles if 

Item for dim' M ij'* nayles .. . viij** 

86 a] Item more to the slater ... ... xij** 

Item to wyse of hynton for v fudder of lyme ... ... ... xvj* viij** 

Item for iij M lathe nayles ij* vj'* 

Item for di?)?' M ij'* nayles viij*^ 

Item ij C iij'* nayles vj** 

Item to Richerd Noke for M & dim' of slate ix" 

Item to bene for caryinge of iiij lode of the same slate from 

botulphe churche x'* 

Item to a laborer for fechinge the same slate out of the 

parsonage ... ... ... iiij*^ 

Item to the slater viij^ 

Item for ij M slate ... ... xiij^ iiij*! 

Item to bene for cariing the same slate at iiij lodes ft'rom the 

late austen fryers .. ... viij'* 

Item for M lathe nayles ... ... ... xij'* 

Item for C iij'* nayles iijd 

Item to wise for a ffudder of lyme ... ... iij^ iiij'* 

Item for a lode of sande iiij'* 

Item to m^ Meere for xviij C slates ... ... xij^ 

Item to lange for cariage of the same slate from the white 

ftryers at v lodes ... ... xv** 

Item for a M lathe nayles ... ... ... ... ... ... xij*^ 

Item for dim' M ij'* nayles ... viij'* 



It^ra for C iiij'^ navies 

Item to tlie slater in ful payment for slatinge the steple 

Item to James Ratclitie for M slates 

Item to brooke the caryar for iiij lodes cariage of the same 

slate ft'rom the austen fryers ... 
Item for dim' busshell tyle pinnes 
Item to the slater for slating the lytill house 
Item to uV^ Meeres for vj busshelles of lyme 
Item to doctor hatcher for iij quarters of leade 
Item for viij roofe tyles 
Item for ij copies of sparres for the stages 
Item for ij boordes 

86 b] 

The charejes within the chirche 

In pn'mis for a bawdryke 

Item for mending a locke to the steple dore 

Item for mending a bawdryke 

Item to longe the pavyer for couchinge v graue stones & 

mending faltes in the chirche 
Item to Sampson for cowching oon graue stone in the chapell 
Item to John dowsye for mendinge the l3^tyll belle whele & 

trycinge vp the same bell 
Item to Roger yonge for mending iij panes & stoppinge Ixxx 

holes in the glasse windowes aboute the chirche 
Item to Nicho/as Ott for a locke ij bolte.? & mending the hynge, 

of the quyer dore 
It^m for wasshing sureplesis 
Item for scowringe the ij standardes 
Item for writing the last accomptes 
Item for m^" Jacknettes obyte 
Item to the tresorers of the towne for the Alraose houseys 
Item to the comen carte of the highe warde for the hole yere . . 
Item to the comen carte of the markett warde ... 



vjs viij^i 





The charges of pauing the cawsey within the chirche yarde 







ij" viij*^ 

VJ- vnj 



Item to lange for xx^' lodes of sande 

Item to John longe for pauing the same ... 

Item to ij laborers iiij dayes feching stone out of the chirche & 

helping the pa vyers iij» iiij<* 

Summa liiij* xj^* 

Summa aMocacionis xxix** ix* j^ 
inde recepte xxviij^* xiij^ vj'^ & so remaynithe to the accomptauntes xv^ vij^ 

87 a] Thaccomptes of John Chase & Richerd bowma?i mas^res of the 
lightes within the parisshe aforesaid for oon hole yere 



In prmiis they Received at m3'dsome?' qucarter 
Item at myhelmas quarter 
Itc^m at Cristm<^?« quarter ... 
Item at easter quarter 

Item at goddes bourde 

Item at the kinges dirige ... ^ ... 

Item at m^ thurlobyo n dirige 

Item at m^ Erliche dirige 

Item at m^ asshewelles dirge 
Item at m'" Helgayes dirge 
Item at m*" Jacknette.? dirige 
Item at m'" Cookes dirige ... 
Item at m^ Harrys dirige ... 

Item at m^ Andre wes dirige 

Item at godferye Charles dirge 
Item at mother daulinges dirige ... 

Item at m^ veysyes dirige ... 

Item at mzsrt*es smithes dirige 
Item at the buriing of m^ speyrinke 

Item at his monethe daye ... 

Item at the buriing of Arthure leche 

Item at his monethe daye ... 

Item at the buring of m^' pratte ... 

Item at his monethe daye 

Item at the burrying of nnstren dyckj^nson 
Item at the monethe daye of John Marten 
Item at the monethe daye of Nicho^cis Eltoii 
Item at thobite of m^' Erliche Jun' 

Item at thobite of ml" Clarke 

Item at thobite of m^' Gylson 

Item at the buriall of John Kirkbye 

Item at his monethe daye ... 

Item at the monethe daye of mzsft-is dykinson 

yS jjijU 
yS iiijcl 


XJS yjd 

ij« viij'i 



















87 b] 

Allocaczons whereof the desier allowance 

In p'lmis to M^" Rust for waxe & for making the waxe by the 
hole y ere 

Item to his seruawnt for dressing the waxe 

Item to John Capper 

Item for Hollye 

Item for wasshing the towelles 

Item for pynnes 

Item for oiir dynner at the making of the wax ... 

C.A.S. Octavo Series, No. XXXV. 



xxxvij" nij 

ij« x^i 



114 1547 

Snmma xliiij* ix'' »fc so there remavnitho to the pn'risshe viij* ix'' whiche ys 

delyverd to the new chirehewardeiis 
Wil^/am Daiinser Me7no7'a7idum that there ys deliv^rd into the custodye 
of willi'am dawnser these juelles & parcelled of plate followinge 

la jj^'MMis-a^Ci'osse-of-&iki^' & gilte wiVh raaiye^Jolin 

It(^iii to sihi6*;* candelstick^^.s pc^rcell gilte 

I t^ m to i^-sdHsers-of- s i hi e r - 

Itgm if «hipp<«^ of sil«e!'- w*^h-4f -silttfe^'-sfxyftes 

wilhVmi Munsey And there ys in the custoyde of will/Vmi Munsey theae 
ix^fy-celles of plate & Jiiell^s folio winge 

In p/-/.mis V chalesses with patentee 

Item xij corporas casys with kerchiffes 

Item a soone of silue?' & gilte 

Item ij paxys & ij cru e tteg of silu e? ' p Q t>' ce ll gilt e 

Item a Crismatorye of siluer 

Memw^and^im that m^" Sherewood ys alowid this yere iij^ iiij*^ 
in full satisffacczon of the liij" iiij'^ w^ich he payd for the 
parisshe to m^ Whitakers & so he ys now endettid vnto 
the parisshe in ... ... ... ... ... ... vj* viij'^ 

88 a] Ecclesia beate marie virginis iuxta forum ville Cantehrigie 

Eleccio ihidem facta die lune in Septimana pasche Anno regni regts 

Edwardi sexti Prime 

wille^mws Munsey \ gardian?" eligerunt 'Magistruin Thomam Wendye ) 
willeZm2<s dawnser j Magistrum Robe?^;^?! Smithe J 

Qui quidem duo eligerunt sibi sex viz magistrum Johawnem Hatcher 

raagistnim. willeZm?mi Hasill Magistrum Joharmeni Rust Johannem. Erliche 

wiWehnuiii Griffyn & henricum Ringstede 

Qui quidem octo eligerunt officiarios sequentes pro anno sequente 
In gardianos wiWelmum daunser | In gardianos lucis Thomam Cannon 1 
ecclesie willeZmwrn Munsey J sepulcri regarum Classon j 

Thaccompt of wilh'am Munsey & wilh^m dawnser chirchewardens of 

seint marye parisshe next the markett in Cambrige of the mony & Juelles 

by theym rescej-^uid & charges by them susteyned ftrom the feast of Easter 

in the yere of ou7^ lorde god M CCCCC xlvj vntill the same feast then next 

ensuing & oon hole yere 

In pn'mis the said accomptauntes charge them selves w?'t^ 

mony to them payd by the masters of the roode light ... viij'' ix<* 

Item resceiuid for ij siluer cruettes & other parcelled of broken 

plate by vs solde by the consent of all the parisshe ... v^' x** v}^ 

Item for iiij torch ys at the buryall of goodwiffe sygar xvj<* 

Item for the buriall of m^ Taylir vj" viij<* 

Item for iiij torchys at the same buriall xvj** 

88 b] It^^m of Thomas Parrys for the meadow at chesteHon ... xiiij* 

Item of John Munsey for the chirche lande ... ... ... ij 



Item for torchis at two tymes 

Item for the soller over the ahiiose houses 

Item of m' Hasill for his pale 

^unwia viji' vj'* ix 




XV vij 









xlvj« viij' 

AUocacions whereof they desier allowans 

In pnmis payd to the olde (?liirche wardeyns for the foote of 
their accompte 

Item to the comen carter for his wages ij quarters 

Item to James Goldsmithe for his advise in selling the plate 

Item for mending the organs ... ... 

Item for mending the latten sensers ... 

Item to the tresorers for the white rent of the almesse houseys 

It<em spente at the visitac?'on 

Item to ij carpenters for oon dayes wurke in making vp the 

Item for ij hookes & for mending the hynges of the dore 

Item for C nayles for the same 

Item for a locke a keye & a staple 

Item for making vp the wyndowe of the store house with stone 

Item to m'^ Meere for coping the chirchyarde walle 

89 a] Item to m"" vicechaunceler for the streate 

Item to John Capper for coles 

Item for a baskett for holybreade 

Item to John Capper for scowring the standerdes 

Item to m'' Meere for amerciamentes 

Item for wasshing of clothes ... 

Item for mending the a wbes 
Item for mending the surplesys 

Item for writing the last accompt 

Item for keping m'' Jacknettes dirige 

S^*mma iiij'^ xviij*^ 

Memorandum that m*' Sherewoode owithe this yere for the 

pascall yarde ... ... ... ... ... ... ... x^ 

Thaccompt of John Chase & Eicherd bowma^i masters of the lightes 
within the parisshe aforesayd for oon hole yere 

In pWmis deceived at mydsomer quarter 

Item at myhelmas quarter 

Item at Cristmas quarter . . . 

Item at Easter quarter 

Item at goddes bourde 

Item at the Kinges dirige . . . 

Item at m> Crossis dirige ... 








ij^ viiij' 




Item at m'" Erliche dirisre 

Item at m*" Asshewelle,? dyrige 

89 b] Item at m^" Helgayes dirige 
Item at m»' Jacknette.s" dirige 

Item at m»" Cookes dirige 

Item at m^" Harrys dirige ... 
Item at m»" Andrewes dirige 
Item at Godfrey Charles dirige 
Item at mother dawliiiges dirige . . . 
Item at M"" Thirlbyes dirige 
Item at M^' GyLsons dirige 
Item at M»' speyrincke,s' dirige 
Item at the Kinges dirige ... 
Item at the vnive/site dirige 
Item at m>' Erhche dirige ... 
Item at m?'&-^res dyckynsons dirige 
Item at Goodma?i Kyrbyes dirige 
Item at m'" Taylers monethe daye 
Item at his bm'iall 

Sunima 1^ xj'^ 

AUocacions whereof they desier allowans 

Item to m'' Eust for waxe & for making the waxe by the hole 

Item for o?<r dynner at the waxe makinge 

Item to John Capper ... ... 

Item to John Capper for holy & pynnes 

^umma xlj^ iij'^ & so remaynithe to the pansshe ix'' viij'^ 









' viij^i 

' viijd 






VS iiijd 

ij« viij** 

Memoi^andmn that all thinge.5 alowed there remaynithe in the chirche- 
wardens handes of the chirche mony iij^' xiiij^ xj*^ & of the cha?^ntrye 
money vj^' xiij^ ij*^ ob which in all dothe amounte to the swm of 
xH viijs j'^ ob & ys deliuerd vnto the chirchewardens viz. to eyther of 
theym v^* iiij^ j'^ 

90 a] Thaccompt off wylham dawncer & wylh'am miuisy chyrche wardens 
of y^ paryshe chyrche of seynt marys next the Markyt sted in cambryge 
of all suche goodes Revenues & proffytes by them deceived & off suche 
charges by them susteyned ffrom the fest of ester in the fyrst yer of 
Kyng edward the vj*'^ ontyll the same feast next ensninge & on hole yere 

In primz5 'Received of Jeams Ratlyff for the chambers ov^er the 

allraose ho wssys in the chyrche yard 

Item of M'' hassyll for hys pale in y« chyrch yard 

Item of John muwsy for lond belongyng to y^ chyrche ij« 


1548 117 

Item of ptrryse of Jesterton for n medow belongynge to y^ 

chyich xiiij*^ 

lte7)i for a crosse of syluer parsell gylt sold to Henry Ryngsted 
by the usseiit of the p«yy.sheiiers the xiij day of October 
anno do^/^'ni 1547 weynge iiij score \uces &; xij at iiij^ x'^ y" 
vnce som ... ... ... ... ... ... xxijiWiij** viij*^ 

Hem for ij sensers with the sliype^ sold lykewyse by the seyd 

assent weinge v score vnces & on at iiij** viij'^ the vnce som xxiij^* xj« iiij** 

IttJ/M Kt^ceiwc? of y*^ laste ycrs acconipt ... x^Wiij^j*^ 

Item Received for sartyn old ynipylinentes of y^ chyrche as 
paynted clothes lattyn candyllstykcv wood ymage^- «& 
tabarnakylles sold by the assent of y^ paryshe Swm ... xxij« 

Som Ivij^^ xvijs j*^ 

90 b] allocacibns werof they do desyre to be alowed 

Item payd to y^ tressorers of y*' towne for y*^ almose howssys 

grownd by the yer xij** 

lte>/t payd for halff the byble vij" 

I tt'm payd for wyghtynge y*= chyrche ... ... xx** iiij** 

lte;>i payd for ly me »& the cary age from wallden ... ... iij^ ij*^ 

lte7>i for a sak of colles , x** 

lt<}>;i for shredes to Make syse xij** 

lt«;Ai for washy nge y*^ chyrche clothes ij** 

Item for expences for y^ chyrche wardens & other of y® p«ryshe 

wen they Made sartyfycath for the chauntre vij^ x** 

Item to a plomer for soder & mendyng part of y^ led of y** 

chyrche ... ... xxij** x*^ 

Item gyven to y*^ pore peple of the paryshe by y*^ assent of y® 

paryshe the money y* y*^ ympylmentes wer sold for som ... xxij' 

Som iiij** viij** 

& so ther Eemaynethe to y*' pa/yshe Iiij** ix** j** 

thys accompt Made the monday in ester wyke anno domini 1548 for y« 
yer befor past byfor the audytors of the pctryshe aforseyd accordynge to 
the old costoms of y® paryshe 

91 a] Theleccion of seynt Mary parysh next y^ markyt in cawibryge for 
the chyrch wardens accordyng to the old costome vsyd the monday in 
ester wyke anno domini 1548 

wylham mu^isy 1 chyrche wardens hathe chossen JM^ John hatcher 
wylh'am dawserej |M^' Robart smythe 

& they have choisew onto them M^" wylliam hassyll wylli'am gryftyne 

henry Ryngsted Jeams Ratlyff thomas caname Johii hobby 

thes viijth hathe choissen chyrche wardens for the yer folio wynge 

M^' John Rust M'^ John erlege 

118 1551 

'M'-mornudum tliat y^ day & yer abovseyd the hole assent of y^ 
p«/'yshe wyllythe y^ the money of the hist acconipt shall Remayne in the 
chyrche waixi}'ns handtjs toward^*" the Reperacyon of the chyrche & as ned 
shalbe to take of the lead of the chyrche & to ley yt ageyne as fare as the 
money wyll extend on to & the Rest to be gatheryd amonges y^ porryshenes 
as they can thervnto agre 

Item delyiie^rd to M^" Joh^i Rust v chalys ij paxyse a crysmytory & the 
son the best vestment for y'' pryst dekon & subdecon with on cope being 
all cloth of tyssiie &, ij cop6'6- of wyght damaske a palle of blak veluett 
a canypy of satyn of bryg^^s a hangynge over hygli alter of blew ^'eluet with 
sartyn other old vestmentes & cope?5 

91 b] Item delyiie?-d to M"" John erlyge ij ca/idylstykes ij copes of cloth of 
tyssue a vestment for y^ pryst dekon & subdekon of wyght damaske with 
other old vestmetes & copes & xj corporas with clothes & on with owjt 

92 a] Ecclesia beate marie iuxto forum ville Cantebn^i'e 

The Election of Seynt Mari cliirch bi the markett in Cambridg maad 

the Munday 171 Este/' week the yere of our lorde god M"^ d Ij 
John Ruste | Chirchwardens haue chosen JM^' pikeryng 
John ErlichJ (M^- hasyll 

Theys tweyn hath chosen to them henri Ryngsted william griffen John 

Chace henri osborn william dawncer & crystoffer Russell 

Thes viij**' hathe chossyne for y'' chyrche wardynes for y® yer 


chyrche wardens M^' John blyethe M^ John Rust 

audytors to her y*' cownt of y*' chyrche wardyns for ij yers past 

M^' Robert pykrell M"^ Robart smythe M^ wylU'am hassyll wylh'am 

gryfiyne henry Ryngsted wylh'am dauncer 

92 b] Thes be parcelles of y*^ chyrche wyche be sold by y*^ assent of y^ 

parysherners y*^ fyrst day of may m ccccc & fyfty 

Item sold to doctor blyeth a pyllow covered with veluett & gold 

& xix*^* flowers of gold ... ... ... v" 

Item sold ij pyllows to M^' smythe on of sattyne of bryges & on 

of tyssew 
Item sold to M^ smythe a cote of grene sattyne wyche was be 

fore y^ Image off mary 
Item sold y*' Rede cote & qwood y* seynt nycholas dyd wer y« 

coler Rede to Jeams Ratlyff ... ... ... 

Itewi sold Ry chard atkywsow y^ vestment & cape y^ Seynt 

nycholas dyd wer 
Item sold y*= care clothe & paynted clothe y*^ was before Jhesws 

to crystofter Rusell 
Item sold wylb'am borwell ij deskt clothes of blew chamblet & 

j vallante6' yt was of y*^ sepulter 










1551 119 

Hem sold wyl/iV/ni borwell a blake wosted cope ... ... ... vj^ 

Item sold y'= clothe y' went over y*' quyer in lent & iij paynted 

clothes y*- was of y« sepulter to M»' veysy vf 

93 a] Item sold ij dyaper towell(^6- wrought y" blak to John 

Rust iij'iiij'^ 

Item sold a pece oft" clothe Verin in syluer clothe wrought 

in yt sold to doctor blyethe viij'^ 

93 b] the forthe day of may Anno dow^mi M d 1 

The accompt Made hx John Rust & John erlyge late chyrchewardyns 
of great seynt marys for ij yers ended at ester last past before y^ audytors 
of the seyd i)«ryshe acordynge to y*^^ custome of the seyd paryshe 
Item in priniis Received of y'' accompt of wylh'«m Dawncer & 

wylhVmi mmicy off' ye money left xiij" vjMdij^^ 

Item 'Received for sertyne playt delyuerd to crystofFer Ryngsted 

of londone wyche was sold by y'^ assent of y*^ paryshe y*^ 

xiij day of October anno domini 1547 ... ... ... xlv^^ xvj^ 

item Received of M^' hassyll for ij yers Rent of a pale in y'' 

chyrche yard viij*^ 

ltt'/>^ Received of Jeams Ratlyff" for ij yers Rent of y^ chambers 

over y*^ allmose howssys ... ... ... ... ... xvj^ 

Item Received of John mwicy for ij yers Rent of lond in 

howsfyld iiij** 

Itt;/>i Received of paryse of Jesterton for ij yers Rent of a medow ij** iiij'^ 

lte7n Received of Joply for an old huche y*' was in y^ chyrche ... iij** 

Item Received for vj old vestmentes with owt albes ... ... xij^ 

Item Received for xij score poundes of wax sold y*^ x^'^ of July 

anno dowimi 1548 ... ... ... ... ... ... iij^* 

Item Received for sartyne old stoft' sold by y^ assent of y*^ 

paryshe as yt aperythe by yis booke ... iij^^ iiij« ij<i 

Somwia iij score & vij^^ iiij^ x^ 

94 a] the chargers & layngs ow3t by y*^ chyrche wardens weroft' they ask 

Item payd for a baltrope for on of y^ belles x"^ 

Item for a Rope for on of y^ belles ... ... ... ... xx*^ 

Item for wryghtynge of y'' chyrch walles with scryptures ... iiij^'iij^iiij^ 

Itewi to y^ tresserers of y® towne for ij yers Rent for pa/-t of y*^ 

allmose howssys in y® chyrchyard ... ... ... ... ij^ 

Item to y^ same tresserers for dm' yers Rent of an howse liing 

in y® bochei'y Row sometyme belonging to y^ chaTitre ... vj*! 
Ite7w for naylles & bord to mend the stayers goinge over y<^ 

allmose howsys in y^ tenure of Jeams Ratlyff" ij^ ij*^ 

Itcwi for ye carpynters wages to mend the seyd stayers ... xvj** 

120 1550 

94 1)] \te)ii payd for ther exspencc*' y^ went to y*^ vysystacyon 

to hyston before y^ by shops ottycers ... ... ... xx** 

Hem for wryghtynge the invytory of oar chyrch goodes «& 

JewellfA' to delyuer to the Kyiigt'6- Maicstes co>»inyssyiiers xvij'^ 
Hem for met & drynke for theme y^ niett together for y^ 
weyinge of y^ chyrch phiyte & vewynge y*^ other goodt^s of 
y® chyrch to put them in to y^ invytory accordyng to y*^ 

kyngs cowmawndement ... ... ... ... ... vj" 

Item for wasshynge y*^ clothes ij yers ... ... ... ... iiij" 

Hem. for ij jjrymers bow3t at y*' fyrst tyme of y*^ iiiglyse aeruyfi xvj^' 

It(?/??, for a booke of y'' omylys ... ... ... xx^* 

Hem for ij bookes of y'^ scruys for y*^ comunyon ... ... viij** 

Itejm for di??i' y^ parafFrycys of erasmy ... ... v» vj'^ 

Itewi for a Rope for y*^ bell called y*' samice bell x** 

95 a] Hem for caryage of y'' old tymber y^ was of y*^ well in 

y*^ lane before M^' hassylles howse into y*^ storhowsc . . . ij'^ 
Hem pavynge of xxij yardes and diwi' ageynst y*^ chyrche in y*' 

stret ... iij** ix*^ 

Ite?;^ for ij loodes pavynge stone ... ... ... ... ... ij^ iiij'' 

Hem for ij lood sonnd ... ... ... ... viij^^ 

I t€wi for caryage of y« pavynge stone viij*^ 

Hein for Makynge of y*^ wall were seynt george stood in y" chyrch vj*^ 

Sowima x^^ vj** xj'^ 

The Som of y^ Receytes ys iij score^* vij^^ iiij^ x'^ 

the charges layd owght x'^ vj** xj^^ 

so ther Remaynethe of Redy money Ivj^^ xvij** & xj'^ 

thys seyd Ivj^^ xvij^ xj^^ ys delyuerd to M'' John blyethe & Mr John 
Rust chyrch wardens to ether of them xxxviij^' ix" ther lakethe ether of 
them ob y^ forthe of may anno of our lord in. d. 1. in y^ presence of y" 
audytors of y° pa/yshe and ther ys delyuerd at that day to y'' seyd 
chyrche wardens y*^ playte & other ornymentes of y*^ chyrche as yt after 
dothe aper by parcelled to ether of the^^i delyuerd 

95 b] y« fyrst of maye thes parcelles folio wyng be delyuerd to M^" doctor 
blyethe now chyrche wardyn for y^ yer of oicr lord god m. ccccc & fyfty 

Hem iij cops of tyssew 

Hem a vestment dekon and Subdekon of y^ same 

Hem iij cops of blak veluett 

Hem vestment dekon & sob dekone of blak wosted 

Item vestment Red sattyn of bryges 

Hem hers cloth off blak veluett 

Item y*' fronlett of blew veluett for y*^ hygh alter 

Item a canapy off sattyne of bryges 

Item ij alter clothes off dyaper 

1551 121 

Item a vestme off cmii coleied bawkyii 

Item a vestment of V)lew wosted 

Ite>;t a vestment of dornykcs 

Item on cop off blew chamblctt 

Item delyue/*d ij canstyke^- of .syluer weyinge accordyng to y*^ kynges 

Item ij paxys on of pct/'cyll gyle & on of clene gylt weyinge lykwyse 
Item a cresmytory of parcell gylt weying lykwyse 
Item a son clen gylt weyinge lykewyse 
Rem' Received in redic monie xxviij^' ix** pt'/- me Joane/yi blytli 

96 a] Item thes paycelk'*- delyiicrd to Joh;^ Rust y*^ other chyrch wardyne 

y*' day & yer aforseyd 
Item iij cops of wyght damaske 
Ite7;i vestment decoue & siibdeconc of wyght damask 
Item a cope Red bawdkyne «& a sewt of y^ same 
Item vestment of Red veluett 
item blew sattyn of bryges 
Item hangyngs for y*^ hygh alter of blew velliiett wyche hangyth over 

y*^ alter 
Item ij hangynges for y^ allters on ofi" wyght chamlett & on off wyght 

lt<;m an alter clothe of plaync clothe 
Item a vestment ofi' blak damask 

Item a vestment of wyght chamblett w 

Item on chamblett cop oft' blew 
Item a vestment crane colered bawkyne 
Item V challys weyinge accordynge to ye Kynge^" ynvytory 
Item xj corporas wi't/i clothes 
Item Received in Redy money xxviij^i ix'* by me John Rust 

96 b] Seynt mary paryshe next y*^ markett in cawibryge 

Theleccibn off* the chyrche wardens for y^ p«ryshe aforseyd ]\Iade 

y monday in ester wyke in y^ fyft yer off Kynge edward the syxt 

accordyng to the old costome off the paryshe 

M^ John blyethe] now chyrche wardens hathe chossyne ether oft' theme 

t& John Rust J on off" y^ paryshners 

whyche be Wyllyam Gryftyne] they to have chossyne vj 

John chayse j 

M*' hassyll M*" smythe wylU'wm mu/isy henry Ryngsted wylU'am dawsser 

John Scarlett 

and thes viij^'i hathe chossyne chyrche wardens for y*^ yer followynge 

chyrch wardens, crystoff'er Russell & Jeams Rattlyft' 

audytors. and audytors to her y*^ accompt for y® yer befor past 

M^ smythe jVP" hassell M^' vasy bayly atkysone wylh'am gryffyne 

12-2 1551 

wylhVmi nm^^y henry Ryngsted wyll/rnn dawyser John scarlett John 

97 a] anno domini 1551 v*'' ott'apryll 

The accompt made by ]\I' John blyethe & John Rust late chyrche 
wardens for y^' yere past ended at ester last past 

Rece}'t<?s by the seyd chyrch wardens for y® seyd yere 
Itewi of Jeanis Ratlytt' for y^ Rent of y'' chambers over the 

alhuoshowsses ... ... ... ... ... ... ... viij'* 

item of M'" hasyll for Rent of hys pale ... ... iiij'^ 

Item of John mimsy for y*' Rent of londe lyinge in howse fyld ij'* 

lte7n off parys oft' Jesterton for y*^ Rent off a medow lyinge in 

Jeste/'ton fylde*- ... ... ... ... ... ... xiiij^' 

Itewi oft' John scarlett for dim^ yers Rent oft' a lytyll howse at 

y*' west end of y^ chyrche ... xvj<^ 

Item oft" Joplyne for ij great ca?idyllstyks of latten & other 

small cawdyllstykt^s sold by the assent of y** pc</ysheners ... iij'^ vj'* x'^ 
Itt^wi oft" M^' vasy for on oft' y*^ pectus oft' tywiber that ley in y*^ 

chapell ... ... ... ij^ 

Item oft' John Scarlett for alybaster xvj<* 

Ite??i oft' crysteffer Russell for a deske ... ... ... ... vj** 

Item oft' M^" erlyges exsecuters for brekynge ye grownd in yo 

chyrche to bery y^ seyd M'' erlyge ... ... vj** viij*^ 

Item off" John chase for lyke cause to bery hys wyft'e ... ... vj"* viiij* 

Item oft'y*' exsecuters oft' Mi.s^res cheyke for lyk cause ... ... vj" viij<* 

Item Received in Redy money oft' y^ last yers accompt as yt 

dothe a pere by thys booke of y** last accompt Ivj^' xviij'^ 

97 b] Item 'Received for y** allter stans in y^ chyrche ... ... ix« 

Item for tabenacles y*^ stod on y"^ allters ... ... ... ... ij* 

Somma iij score powndes ij^^ xij" vj^ 

Exspences & paymentes layd out by y*= seyd chyrche wardens weroff" 
y®^ desyre to be alowyd 

Item in prim^s yaid to y*^ treserers oft" y^ towne of cawibiyge for 
y«^ Rent oft' y*-' alhnosehowsses in the chyrch yard by ye 
yere ... ... ... ... 

Item for the exspence^ at y*^ vysytasyone kept by y'^ byshops 
oftycers at long stanton 

Item payd to John sethe for a comunion booke for y^ chyrche 

Item pa?d to seethe for a Salter & a homyly book 

Ite/zi for ij salters more 

Item to Roger young y*^ glassyer for mendyng the glase 
wyndows abow3t the chyrch ... 

Item to Jeamis dwellyng in benet pa?-yshe for payvynge y** 












1551 123 

chai)ell(v; were the allters stode & stopyiige sei'iyne holies 

in y walk.s vij« 

Item to M' merys for x boshyl lyme for y*^ seyd chapell ... ij^ vj*' 

lie7)i to crystoffer nychollsone for nvJ l)oshyll lym for y« same iiij** 

98 a] Item to M^" merys for pavyiig stone & tylks for y"^ same xij"* j*^ 

]tem to wylhVan dawnser for pafyug tyll for y^ same vij« j<^ 

I t<j;>j for sound for y*^ same... ... ... ... iiij'^ 

Item p«/d to John cappc;- for caryinge away y mener in the 

chapell when Jeams had done ... ... viij'' 

Item for wasshynge y^ y\u-plyssys & y^ alter clothes xvj*^ 

Item for nayllt^.s to nayle in hordes in y® belfre ... ... ... ij** 

Item for naylle^^ to mend y*^ seates in y^ chyrche when IMi" 

doctor busur was buryed ij*^ 

Item for a borde for to mend doctor we/idys seat ... . iij** 

Ite//i for wryghtynge the accompt ... xxj*^ 

Sonima v^^ 

The somma off y« Receytes iij score li & ij*^ xif vj* 

Sommu allocat' v^' 

so Rest dew to y^ paryshe Ivij^ xij^ vj^^ 

^lemorandum that all thinges alowed there remaynithe in the chirche- 
wardeins handes of the chirch monye Iviij^' ij^ vj'^ viz. to either of them 
xxix^* xv*^ 

98 b] ^iemorandum that all these Juelles ornamented & goodes hereafter 

ensuinge be deliuerid into the custodie of James Ratclifie and Christofer 

Russell churchwardens elected 

In pranis ij candelstickes of silue/* wayinge v^^ vnces & ij 

Item V chalesses y*' one gilte with the patin pond' xxiij vnces 

Item y^ second chales gilte wayinge xxj vnces 

Ite/« the third chalesse gilte pa?-cell wayinge xviij vnces 

Itewi y^ fourthe chalesse parcell gilt wayinge xij vnces 

lte;« y^ lift chalesse parcell gilt wayinge xj vnces 

Item ij paxes one parcell gylt & y^ other gilte pond' xxvij vnces 

Item y^ soone of silue/* &, gilte wayinge iij vnces & a qi^arter 

Item a crysmatorye of siluer p«rcell gilt pond' xvj vnces 

Item a sute of Tyssue & iij copes of the same 

Ite??i one sute of white damaske with iij copes of the same 

Item one sute of Bawdkin wttA one cope 

Item one other sute of blacke worstede with iij copys of blacke veluet 

Item a vestment of redde veluet 

|lte7n a vestment of blewe sattin of bridges 

tem one other vestment of redde satten of bridges 

tern one herse clothe of blacke veluet 

Item a hangynge for the highe awter of blewe veluet & a fruntlet of the 
same to the foresaid awter 

124 1552 

Item a caiiai)ye of «attyii l)ridg('.s' 

Item ij hangyngt'ij lor awtera one ol" white chainlet & the other of white 

Item iij awter clothes ij of diaper & one of plaine 
Item a blackc vestment of daniaske 
Item a vestment of grene damaske 
Item a vestment of white fuschian 
Ite??i a vestment of Crauecolored bawdkin 

99 a] Item another vestment af blewe wo/'sted 

Item a vestment of white chamlet 

Itewi a vestment of dornix 

Itern ij copis of blew chamlet 

Item one paire of organes 

Item iiij great belles & a sawnce bell 

Item ij antifyners ij grayles vj processioners and one legende 

Ite?/i vj siii'plesses with sieves 

Item viij corporers with clothes 

anno domini 1552 

The accou??ipt made by Jamys rattlefe & christofer russell latte 
chorche wardenes for y^ for the yere past ended at estur last past 

Resaeytes by the sayd chorche wai'denes for the yere past aboiie sayd 
Item of James rattlef for the rent of the chamber ower the 

allmys howsses viij** 

Item of M^' hcxssyll for the rent of hys palle iiij'^ 

Item of John monsy for the rent of hys lond in howsse feld ... ij» 

Item of parrys of chastarton for the rent of hys meddowe lyeng 

in chestarton feld ... ... xiiij*^ 

Item for the rent of a lytell howsse at the west End of the 

chorch for iij quartares of yere ... ij" vj*^ 

Item of Mistres peckeryng for breckeng the grownd in the 

chorch vjMiij*^ 

99 b] Item of Mz'stres spensare for breckeng the grownd in the 

chorche vj« viij^ 

Item of Mr rust for doctor whyght grave in the chorch ... vj** viij^* 

Somma xxxiiij^ 

Expensces and paymentes laiyd owglit by the chorche warden were of 
thay do desyere to be a lovyd agaye 

In prymys for a bellrop vj* 

Item for j bocke wych ys to be red Every sonda ... ... iiij<* 

Item payd to M^' mayer for the byball wych was strayned the 

X da of July iij" iiij'^ 

Item layd owght the xxij da of July for iiij lodes of grawell for 

the West end of the chorch xx^ 

552 - 125 

t^m for ij lodes of ragge & a halfe of M'" sherroowd at ij» iiij<i the 

lood the som ys v^* x'^ 

tern to John cappar for careng & chosseng ston in the chorch iiij^ 

00 a] Item for ij lodes of sand by manfFeld & for the carryeng 

of thys sand into the chorch^ xiiij'* 

tern for j laborrar to serve long ij day & a halfe of ston & 

grawell at hand xx^ 

tern that long did pane at the west end & on the sowtlie syd 

of the chorche xl yardes for the wyche he hade eyther iij'^ 

the yarde x^ 

tern for drenck for the worckmen than worcken ij«^ 

t<^m for the carryeng of the ston aboue named frome the 

blackfryeres ... ... ... ... xij** 

tern for owr mete & drenck at owr thres meteng for presentteng 

of defautes & comblayeneng of theme which do absent 

themesellfes ... ... ... ... ... v'' 

t^m repprcyon don of the allmys howsses that ys for claye 

straw splentes and by ndeng & worcken ijMdij^ 

tern for the mending of the hengell of the chawnsell doore & 

for nayles & settheng on ... ... ... ... ... vj** 

'tern the X da of dessember for x li. of savder for the ledes 

mendeng ... ... ... vj'' viij*i 

It fore the worckmansheppe of this he hade ijs 

tern for charcolles ... ... ... ... ... ... ... x** 

tern for j bord for the ledes & for talowe ix** 

tem in candell for the chorch iij'i 

^tem for ij mattes for to cknell on att the communyon ... ij^ 

[tern for the wasscheng of the surplesses & the allter clothes 

aganst Christmas ... ... ... ... ... ... xij** 

100 b] Item payd to the laweyer ffor hys paines ... ... iij^ iv^^ 

[tern for the mendeng of the allmys howsse wyndow that wasse 

brocke ... ... iiijd 

[tem payd to the glaseyr of benet parrysh for mendeng the 

wyndowys xiiij^ 

[tern for wry ghty?ig y^ accompt ... ... ... ... ... xij** 

Item payd to the tresurrurss for j yeres rent of the allmes 

1 howsses camber ... ... ... ... ... ... xij^ 

tern for the wascheng of the surpleses & allter clothes aganst 

Estern xij^ 

iij li. v^ Y]^ 

t f Tn that fi or wylh'am cragg began e to nerve the parre . sh on symont -& 
that 4harfe- was se th e xxviii^^ da of Oc tober & he— served 

126 , 1553 

-^tell ihe xxvijt'i^^^f- d esso mb e r th e w y c he ys viiij*'^ w o ck oo & a balfe 

-i^tar-i^ week 
It ^ m th a t from e th o xxvijtli da of de8 8 einber to the xx^'' da of Maroh yo 

xij Aveekes for the wyohc he had o of n a 4j^ iiij'^^^he- week that ys 

l>ayd to ser wyll/«m cragg on estar eweii for hes wedtes wagges ij* vij'^ 

payd to s<3#' \vyH*aHi^)H-estar-da for hys detier ... ^^ 7.. Hij«^ 

payd to ij«?' wyllter m cragg -on- the xxiiij*'^ -da of ttpreH-for hys- 

wagegs- ^T. -.v; ,Ti —. rr. —. tt. tt. rj*^TTJ^^ 

It^m fo r th es \vr34heng 77; rrr rr. —. tt. ~. rf 

It <f ^m f(M' nei'^WyWicmi Gragge^wagges tt: rr. rr.- rr. TJ*^i^ 

101 a] Item the Receytes oft' y^ Revenews oft'y'' chyrche for y** 

yer past xxxiiij^ 

Item the expences off y^ sayd paryshe for y® sayd yer past 
iij li. vj** so dew to y^ chyrche wardens xxvj^ vj'' 

Item the sayd Chyrche wardens Receyvyd in y*' yere past in 
money Iviij pownds ij^ vj*^ 

Item ther ys alowyd to them for y*^ Rest of ther accompt xxvj^ vj^i and 
ther dothe Remayne in ther handed crystofter Russell & Jeam.s 
Rattlyft" alle thynge.s accompted Ivj li. xvj^ sane ij*^ 

payd to the kynge of the num above wryttyn ... ... ... xx'' 

payd to the churche wardyns ... ... ... x}^ 

So althynges befoore allowyd there remaynythe yn the handes of y« sayd 
chrystoiier & James the s?/m of xxvj^* xv^ x*^ 

101 b] Anno dornim 1553 

The acco?niipt made by James rattlefe & christofer russell late 
Chorchche wardenes for y^ yere ended at estar last 

Reseacytes by y^ afor named Chorch wardenes for y** yere past 
Item for y^ rent of a chambar overe y* allemes howsses . . . viij^ 

Item of M»" hasell for y*^ rent of lies palle ... iiij^i 

Item of John monsy for y^ rent of hes lond in hows felld ... ij^ 

Item of parres of chestarton for y'^ rent of hes medow in 

chestarton feld ... ... ... ... xiiij** 

Item for y^ rent of a lytell hows at y^ west End of y*' chorche 

of thornborawe ... ... ... ... ... ... iij^ iiij** 

Item sowld ix fote oft' tember to the goodman basser for y*^ 

wych I received ... ... ... ... iij* 

thes som ys xvij^ x*^ 

Item ther Remaynythe of the last yeares acownt yn monye xxvj^^ xv^ x<^ 

the si^m of the resayte & monye above wryttyn ys xxvij li. xiij^ viij** 

102 a] Expenses laeyd owght whereof thay doo deseyere to by allowyd 
Jamys rattlefe and & russell 

Item-for expenee at metengs for^^resentifnettts y^ last^ere r.-. t^ 

In primes for a roppe fore the savnce belle ... viij* 



Item for y« mendeng of y^ welle & for a newe claspe of leren & 

for naeylle.s 

Item for j denere for y*^ commischoneres at y^ seeyght of y^ plat 

& wescements dellyvereng 

' Item [>ayd tibi- 

a t y^ b e l es m a cken. 

VJ" VllJ' 

It e m fo r-oiH' ^iipares j tt home . . . 
> It e m for ou r liorco m o t o cVh o y e 

Item for xxj footte of bord to iiend equere & for naeyles & 
laeyng of y^ same bord 

Item for y« mendeng of y^ ledes of y« chorche & for John 
capares daeys worck for charcoll & chasceng alle y^ ledes 
bred & drencke 

Item for iij comw?e\vnyon bockes ... 

thus moche laeyd owght by James rattleffe & riissell 

I t^m^ more in M'' rust handc f o r M^' whyghts bcrryall 
The s?an of thys syde allowyd by the awdytors ys 

102 bj laeyd owght by me christofer russell 

Item to y*^ glaser of benet bareshe for y^ mendeng of y^ 

wendowyes ... ... 

Item fore wassheng of y*^ surplesses aganst chrestemes 

Item payd to y« tresureesses for y*^ rent of y^ almesse howsessen 

chamberes ... 

Itent fer-y^~ wa ssheng of y^ stt rpl os & alt e r clothes -agayftst- 

E s tarCn ... —. r^» rrr ^-r^^ TTT rvT rr^— 

i j " v uj^ 


xv^ iiijd 
xh'S iijd 

v j" vii j^^ 
xxv^ ix** 

Vjs ijd 






xij« ijd 

xxxvij^ V** 

11 xvj^ iij** 
li xvj8 iij'i 

XX 11 


iiij^ iiij'i 

Item for the wasshenge of the surplesses & allter clothes atte 

medsomer thes yere and y® last medsomar forgoten 
Item for y^ wry teng thes ecompt ... 
Thes som laeyd owght by me christofer russell ys 
Item for j byle roppe wayeng xvij li 

xjs viij'^ 

the S2im of the whole expensys layd owght by the chyrche 

wardyns ys 
the sicra of the monye commyng to the parrysche all thyngs 

allowyd ys xxv 

allowyd for the preastes wagys ... ... ... ... ... v 

so there Remaynythe to the p«rysche to be payd by the 
I ch}Tche wardyns above wryttyn ... 

103 a] Item for iij saulter bookes in ynglyse to seng or sey y^ 

salmes of y^ seniys 
tern for the exspences of theme y*^ went to sawstone to y^ 

byshyps vysytacyon ... ... ... 

[te//i for naylle« for to amend y^ seates in the chyrche ... 


1555. 1553 

Item for ij bord<'.s' to make braketes ffor y'^ seyd seat<'.s 

Item for a plaiike to Make y fore l)ell qwyle & Makynge 

thereof to dosy y^ carpy liter 

Item for ij stapyls of yerne for y" tliyrd bell 
Item for mendyiig y*^ seate.9 in y^ chyrch to dosy y*' carpyntor 
Jtem for a booke werin the omyl^-.s be devyded in to parte.*? 
Item for a Rope for on other bell 

103 b] Item pmd for xxix li of sodyr to mend the ledes of y« 

chyrch euery li vj*^ somwa 

Ite?>i for fyryng to heat y^ plomers yerns 

Item for a bord to Reyse y*-* led were yt was lowe 

Item for on lood clay to Reyse y*' lede next y'' stypyll ... 

Item for naylles for y^ same led 

Item for vij dayes workmanshype of the plomer at vj^* y^ day 

somw?a ... 

Ite^n for vij dayes for hys man to helpe hyme 

Item for ther mete & drynke y^ seyd vij dayes 

Item for expences Rydynge to londone to delyver the playte by 

y^ assent of y*^ pa?'y she 

Item for y^ copy of y*^ seruys in inglys sett ow3t by note 

Itewi for wryghtynge & notyng part of yt to syng on bothe 

sydes of y® quyer 

Item for wryghtyng y*^ accompt ... 



xiiij" vj'^ 



iijs vja 

ij« iiijd 



iij^ iiij*^ 



104 a] 

Great S^ Maryes 

The election there made the mundaye in easter weke Anno Regine 

Eligabotho marie S«c?mdo 

Wilh'awi foxston 1 , . , , ,. , , wilh'am nm^isey 

,., , V chirchwardens did chuse .„ . , 

bimon watson J wilham daunser 

whiche two accordinge to y*^ olde custome haue chosen to them vj viz 

Henry Ringstede John Rust willmm burwell will?V/m Hasill Thomas 

bryden & Thomas Wulfe whiche eight haue chosen chirchwardens for y* 

yere to come 

WilKam foxston Simon watson 

Auditors of their account the hole election 

104 b] The eleccion mad in y^ yer off our lord God m. 553 for y« chyrche 
wardyns for y^ yere to com crystoffer Russell & Jems Rattlyff late chyrch 
wardyns hathe chossyn accordynge to y*-' old costom WylKam muwsy & 
crystoffer Ryngsted & they have chossyne M"" hassell John Rust henry 
vasy wylh'am gryffyn wylh'am dawsser John sothe 

and they have chossyn for chyrch wardyns for y^ yer to com 

Rychard atkynson wylh'am borwell 

[Fol. 105 a blank.] 

L554 129 

[05 b] Anno 1554 anno domini 1554 

The elecioii made ott' y^ chyrche wardens for Seynt mary paryshe next 
7^ markytt accordyng to y^ old costom fyrst the chyrche wardiens hathe 
shosyn ether of them on thatt ys to say M'" doctor blyethe M^' John Rust 
,hey ij hathe chossene M^' thomc^s wcndy csquyer M^" vvylUam hasyll 
vylli(/ni miuisy wylliam dawnser, John chayesc peter shers thes viij^'' hathe 
;hosyn for y^ chyrch wardens for y^ yer to com 

Ry chard Atkyson wylham borwell 

and for Mrtij^ers of y^ sepullter lyght & Rood lyght accordyng to y° old 
!Ostom of y^ parysh 

wylh'am grey peter shers 

adytors "Sl^ thomas wendy esquyer M>* doctor Blyethe M^ wylham 
lasyll M^' Robart smyth M^ henry vasy wylhVan mu/ise 

[06 a] The acompt of Richard atkynsone & willi'am burwell chyrche 
vardyns of saynte marye panssche iiexte the markett in Cambrege for the 
nony & Rentes & other thynges by them Resayued and charges- By them 
5ustiiyned from the feste of Ester in the yere of our god M ccccc liij 
rutyll the same feast then next ensuinge 
[n p/'i'mis for The Rent of the Chamber ower the allmes houses viij» 

[tem of M'" Hasyll for his palle ... ... iiij<* 

[t<im of John monsey for y*^ chirche lande ... ij" 

[tt^m of Thomas parresse for the meadowe in Chesterton felde xiiij'^ 

[t«m Resayued of Sir Curbe our pryste for se;-ten ofterynges & 

cresomes & other thyngs ... ... ... ... ... vj^ viij** 

Ltfm Resayued of M^' Ruste for the ester boke whiche was in y^ 

yere of ow/* lord god M ccccc liij the Som of viij^Wiij^j** 

Rent ungathered for the shop of the fletcher thar 

[tern Resayed more of m^' docter wendy for his ester boke ... vj** viij^ 
Item Resayued of m"^ hassyll for the ester boke whiche was 

in the yere of our lorde god M ccccc liiij the somwi of ... ix^^ v^ vij^ 
[tern Resayed of Crystowei* Russell late churche warden for the 

behouffe of the parrysche Somm of v^* 

Swmma xxiij^^ xviij** vj<* 

Item Reseyvyd for tokyns ... ... ... ... ... ... xxvj^ 

^umnia xxv^* iiij** vj<^ 

jl06 b] Allocac^o?^s wlierof Thaye desyer alio wans 

tern for bred & wyne for the fyrst hallfe yere iij* ij* 

tern for to bawdrekes for the belles at to tymes ... ... ij* xj^^ 

Item spent at the vesytashun at hynton ij^ 

teffi -the-supper at ow o r comyng home — .^ rnr, ^^ ^ iij^ vj '^ 

tem payd to M^ Ruste for to candyll stykes viij' 

G. A. S. Octavo Senes. No. XXXV. 9 

130 1555 

Ittjrn payd nior to ^b Rust for a vestment & the avbe & cope & 

iij bokes xxviij" 

Item payd to Simond wattson for a fayer messe boke & a 

legciit xiiij8 

Itt^iii for a bell Roppe ... ... ... ... ... ... ij" 

IttJm speiite when wf made the byll of presentment of y*= 

oft'eshall ... ... ... ... xij'' 

Item payd to docter blythe for to auter clothes of blewe vellvett 1" 

payd to the treseryers for for y*^ alhness howsyes grinide ... xij"* 

Itfc'm for a gyrdyll of fyn brode ynkell for the aiibc iij'' 

Item payd to petter sheres for a manewwell v^ 

Item payd more to hym for byndenge of the grett legent ... ij" viij*' 

Item for a corporas casse ... ... ... ... ... ... ij*- 

Item to baly howell for iiij yarde*- of hayer for the auter ... ij** iiij'' 

Item to hym more for vij'i candyll xiiij'' 

Item for wasshyn of y*^ sorpelessis & aster clothes for y*' holle 

yere iij« ijJ 

Item payd to pylkynton for oyll & creme ... iiij'' 

Item for a cresmatory ... ... ... ... ... ... ij" vj^^ 

Item payd to M^' yalle for his cowsell iij" iiij<* 

107 a] more allocacwns wher of Thaye desyer alowans 

Item payd to y® prest for his wagis ... ... ... vij^* xiij* iiij'^ 

Item payd for colles for wechyne of y*^ Sepiilker iij^ 

for mendyng of the Crosse clothe .. . ... iiij** 

Item payd to M'^ leche of trenete hall for sarwyng of vs in Ester 

tyme ... ... ... ... ... xxvj» viij"* 

Item for syngyn brede & wyne for y^ last hatte yere and at 

ester v« vij** 

and for the wrytynge of the acmite ... ... ... ... xij** 

Suinma xvj^* iiij" iiij'^ 

So remaynythe to the parrysche for the accownt above wryttyn 

the sum of ix^' ij^^ 

The accmpte of Rychard atkynson & willi'am Burwell churche wardens 
of saynt mary parische next the markett places in Cambreg for the 
mony & Rentte.s & other Thynges by them Resayued & chargys by them 
susstaynned from the fest of ester in the yere of our lord god M ccccc liiij 
vntyll the same feast then next Insuing 

In pn'mis for the Kentt of y^ chamber owe/' y*^ allmes howses viij^ 

Of IVP hasyll for his palle iiij* 

of John monsey for the churche lond ... ... ij» 

Of Thomas parres for the medow in chesterto^i feld " ... ... xiiij*^ 

Resauyed at ester as yt apere by owr ester booke x^* x"* vj*^ 

Resayued of Crystouer Russell dewe to otci' parysche v** 





j. vj-i 





1555 131 

Resayed of allysander smythe bocher dew to the pa^'yssche 

al to tymes 
Received of ni"' dancer & m'" gryft'yn for brekyii of y** ground in 

the churche S?mi 

107 b] More Resayed of Thomas benyngam the clarke as y*- 

apere by his boke in oftl'yns cresomes dorges & other 

thengs to the som;;? of 
R^-t't^/wd of wi]l/((m smythe for his ofi'ryn 
Received for the oftryn crep3'n to the crosse on good frydy 

& ester day e in the niornyng 

Res(^/i'ai of benson for brekyng of the grownde for spensars 


Simwia xxij** viij^ v** 

AUocacions wher of thaye desyer allowans 

lupy-i'mis p«dd to m'" leche for a weke after ester ij^ vj'i 

{Kiid to m^' mane of y*^ new colleg for xxviij wekes se/'vis at 

y*^ ^'iij'' y^ ^veke S?im iij^i xiiij** viij'^ 

rja/d to sir hollond for a weke servis ... ... ... ... iij" 

jaid to sir hollond when m'" dancere^*- dyrge & messe was . . . xij^ 
[Kiid to sir hollond for vj wekes wagys foloyng at iij'^ a weke 

Sianma ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xviij'' 

prtid to sir hollond for to monthes wagys foloyng w/iiche was 

tyll the fyrst weke in lent xxiiij^ 

[mid to sir hollond for vij wekes wagis whiche was from y*^ 

fyrst weke in lent tyll low sondaye at iij"^ iiij^^ y^ weke ... xxiij"* iiij^^ 
paid to m^' Redmont for ely fardens w/iiche was Rone longe 

onpayd Hum ... ... ... vMi^ iij"^^" 

paid to Juge the glasher for mendyng all the glasse wyndowes viij** 

paid for the crosse & the stafFe ... ... ... ... ... xx*^ viij^' 

p<7id to ye goodman Joplene for the pykes & y® cavincpe ... x** 

[)aid to moyne for a Crosse of Jarne to hange y'' pyxe on ... iiij^ 

paid for to p;-esheenerc'6- & to Imnalls ... vj** 

[)aid to m^ yalle for his counsell for m^ wolfe ... ... ... v** 

paid to m^ Rege for the vsame matter x^ 

[)a id to m'" chapeman for y^ same matter ... ... ... v^ 

[(Note in modern handwriting.) This I suppose to have been the 
Mayor as Thomas Wolfe was Mayor in this year. He was I believe 
phe proprietor of the Tavern called Wolfe's Tavern. Had formerly been 
■5*' Paul's hostel & latterly has been called Rose Tavern situate in Rose 

'rescent. It was partly in S^ Mary's & partly in S^ Michael's parish. 

. S. 1829.] 

08 a] more allocacons whereof thaye desyer allowans 

»<u'd for payntyng of the Rode to bynglaye vj** viij<i 






for vij yarde.s- of canwes for the Rode ... ... ... ... iiij« viij^ 

for lathes to the Rode ... ... ... ... ... ... V 

for traysshys & nails to y"^ Rode 

for to spares to quartre* & a poll ... 

p« id to y^ Carpenters for makyn of y** fram 

more for nallos at iij tymes ... ... 

for waschein of the chyrche Clothes for the hoUe yere 

pat'd for V candyllstykes for the Rode loft'te 

for thred to sowe the clothe of the Rode ... 

for franky nsens feched at vij tymes 

paid for mendyng of y'' on ende of y*^ allmos hovvses with Claye 

paid to symond wattson for to presesceneres 

for mendyng of a soi'peles & clothe to y'^ sam 

paid to jiylkenton for oy 11 of creme 

paid to Raye the smythe for mendyng of a bell claper broken 

a sonder in y^ myde^' 

a glasse to pute wyne in 

paid at the ve^ytat^hon^a t ower ^ r o ur den n o r <fe ho r s e mett .. — 

for our soper with y^ questmen when we cam home at nytte ... 

for the hyer of to horsse thether 

to m^" Redmond for ely fardyns 

our chargis at the makyn of y« byll of prtJsentment 

paid to the treseryers for our hallmes howsyes ... 

Colles a bosshell 

for howselyn bred ... 

l)aid to m'^ Rynsted for syuggyn wyne for y** holl yere ... 

for synggyn brede for the holl yere 

for betyne candylls on ester ewen ... 

& for wryttyng of this a cownte 

iiuuima xiiji^ vj** j^^ 

108 b] more allocacions wherof thaye desyer allowans 

for waxe to m'" Rust as it a pere by his byll 

more to hym as foloythe a payer of sencers & a shepe prysse . . . 

for a hallo water stoke WiV/i spry nky 11 

a pakes Wit/i to cruettes ... ... 

Item for clothes for the sepulkcr gyven by m^' Rust 

mor to m^ Rust for the brynggyn home of ower coppes from 

London ... ... 

for mendyng of to antefeneres and a grayll y*^ m^" Rust browght 

to the churche 

paid to m^ hassyll for a procsy for m'^ wollfes matter 

Rcsey ved of the sepulcar lyght ... 

ther remaynythe to the parrysche all thyngis allowyd of theare 

Acownte ... xv 





if iiijd 


X'' cilia 





v« ij-i 




XX v"* nj" 
viijs viij*^ 

iij" viij'' 

xf ij'' 

li xix« j*! 



^'hich ys payd ynto the hande.s of Jhon chase & wylb^m bosh«m now 

The Eleccyone made of the churche wardens for Saynt Mary parysche 
lext the markett places a cordyng To the olde Custome ffyrst the chyrche- 
kvardens haiie chosyn ether of them on y'' is to saye wilb'rt'm danser & 
ivilhVnn mvnsey thaye too haifte chosyn m^' Thomas Wendy esquyer 
01*" henry \asy harry Rynsted on the on parti & on the other parti 
[11^ Robai-de smythe m^' will/am hasell & m^" Thomas woolfie Thes viij 
tiaue chossyn for the chnrche wardens for the yere to come John chasse 
sN^ill/am Bossam 

And for the ^lastern of y*^ sepulcer lytt & Rood lytte a cordyng to the 
^Ide custome of y*^ paryche petter sheres & wilb'am graye 

109 a] awdytors m*" doctor Ely the M"" henry vasey will?'«m danser henrye 

Rynsted M"" Robarde smythe m^" wilb'am hassyll m^' John Rust m^' Thomas 


nor there remaynythe in the hand^.5 of the sayd churche wardyns besyde 

the s?mi of above wry ttyn ... ... ... xv^'xix^j^ 

[t<?m one oblygatyon of allexander smythe of ... ... ... vj^^ 

[tem yn the handes of chrystouer Russell x" 

^Item one challys gylt ^ith a pattent weyng xxjo'^ dim' 

payer of chaleis weyeng xviij vnce.9 
Item a coppe^ pareeil gylt with a cow e r 
dimidio & qicaHev 
wey^g TT^^ .~T^ m — ^xj-^ncessfe Sh~quartev 

[n M*" BurweH s 

li€¥A on e cro sse of copper & gylt w/^/ » th e Imagy s of Mari & John 

Item on e cro sso of -ty4ine gylt 

I t^'m one payre-of latty n eandy4fetyokB* lor the4 iygh alter 

Item ij cruytt«s of tynne 

It<9m one^4ioly water stock ^w^^arspryH4«y41 of tynne 

I t^nv^no p a x ^ of copper & gylt 

It<?m one shyppc of tynne 

[t<°m^- en e pay e r of-se nsers of latty n 

Item one erysmetere-of peuter 

Ite^Wr^^crysmatory^^lotli off sylk 
Item a towell off playn clothe iij 

yarde^' dwi' 
Item a s mall nak yne 
ii>emr^^re\othe-{o¥^ y^ ^'oode 
Item iiij banner clothes payn ted 

Item ^4yttyll-paxe^of^eopper 

Item^ ^^«ty^^henars-of parchement 

Item ij graylls of parchem ent 

Pfee m a l e g e nd e ^ paper 

Ite m o n e ma ss e bookc of pa rehement-&^ome^aper 

I tefflriiy- processyoners ot pryntyug 

It em i j I mnallis pryntyd 

I t e m a v en ite b o oke o f^ r c h e m e n t 

I tem a corp e rys ca s s e of dama s k e with a corpyrys cloth e 



Ittfm ;i cor peras^^tase of clothe of gc 
It«m a corporys case wfouj 


109 b] It<?m iij copes of clothe of tyn se ll tyssew 
nriii one vestment & ij tunekylles of the same with one alhe 
It«m one |>ylkHv^^ c lot W of tyssew 

Pt^m 4H^e e^pe of 4>lew4»awdkyB -AV4' tA a vestm ent of th e-sanm & a st o le ^ 
awbe to the^^ same 

It^m one hangyng above the alter of blew velvytt 

Item one frontlytt aftbre the alter of blew velvytt 

Item one frontlytt of whyght chamlytt for y^ pulpitt 

Item ij com^/?union clothes one of dyaper & the other of j)layne clothe 

o a nv es 
I t em o n e othe r alter cl o t h e of p la yn e cloth e 
lt<^m otie-bangyng aljove^ the alter off-pay«ted -clothe- y IV tlie-chapj>ell <& a 

fr o n tlytt to the same 
Item a frame to the Sepulcar with clothes to the same 
Item one Stremer clothe of sent george lent John Meres 
Item one cope of redde sattyn \v»t4 a v es t meBt^-&-^l)et4> tlie-same-Av^ ij 

ttiitycles & all i es o f-tlie^same snte-wl^reof want one Awbe 
Item xiij lattyn candylstyckes to y® Roode Loft 
Item iiij surplessys for men and -^ ie chyl dn-surples 
Xt^m j emanuel l t o b e rri & christen w ith al l 
Item j pawlle to laye vppon y^ bere of black velvett 
Item j black stoU e 
Item j messe boke of Jesus 

-It^m^ a noth er- mes s e booke gyven by M^' Henry Ryn gstead 
Item a wryghtynge betwyn gonwell hall & the p<^/ryshe sealed with ther 

come?i scale & other deds off londe 

Tt/'TYl 11 t.nWAl lR TO T* tl l ft TlT yR tp nQrtfi.R 

Item an old keverlett off tapssy werk 

Memora 7i c lm u that w il h'am greye a nd peter sheares hau e in ther e 
bonder of the som of money aforesayd of xv" 19^ j^ xj" ij^^-GOu«ta bl o to v s 
the chyrchwardeyns which whe can not yet gett into (mr hand ej ? all thi s 

mor ij towells of viij elles apease 

a va le f or l e nt with a Rop e &r ij sta pellcs 

ij hy e s t a nd e ng cand e l s tyck e g in th e chyrch of woodc with lattcn 

-ft cannapi o of oylk for palmc S o nday Turne iij leaves and look more 

110 a] anwo 1556 the 6 daye aprills 

The election made of the chyrche wardeynes for Seynt mares Paresh 
next the market place in Cambridge acordinge to the owld custome ffyrst 

1556 135 

the Chyrch wardeynes hath Chosen eche of them one that ys to saye 
m'" docter blyth and ni'" John Rust and they ij haue chosen m'" henrie 
veysye m^' wilb'ani dawncer and wilh'tan burwell m'" rust bathe chosen 
ni'" robart sniyth ni' willmm hasell and m^" Thomas woolf. These viij 
haue chosen for the chyrche wardeynes the yeare to come 

John cl^se Wilh'orin bosome 
Chosen for the yeare to come for the rode lyght masters of the same 

wilhVan Gylbert Georg Jugg 

Audytores of this acompte ys IVD" Docter blyth M^' henrie veysie 
\vilb*«m dauncer wilh'am burwell m^ Robart smyth m>' wilh'am hasyll 
m"" John Rust m*" Thomas woolf 

in the hondes of the chyrche wardeynes fyvetene poundes nynetene 
shillings & one peny 

110 b] The acompth of John chase and wilh'am bosome chyrche wardeynes 
of Saint maris paressh next y^ market place in Cambridge for the monye 
& Rente.<J and other thinges by them deceived and charges by them sus- 
teyned from the feste of Ester in the yeare of our lord God a thowsande 
fyve C fyvetie and fyve vntyll that fest then next enswi^ig 

In immis for the Rent of the chamber over the' almesse howsen of 

CAm^op/^or nycholson dew at ester 1556 ... 

ReeejVed of John munsie for the chyrch londe ... 

Reemed of M^' hasell for his pale 

Beceived of Thomas parres of chesterton the xxiiij*^ daye 

December for a pease medow 
Uereived of alexander smyth bocher the 14 daye februar}^ in 

pcfHie of payme?it of a more soum dew to our chj^rche ... 
Received for ouj' Ester booke this ester by vs Received vt patet 
Received of Thomas belyngam for crysomes and other ofter- 

ynge.s vt patet per sched' 

Received the 2 July at the coramencemeMt offernge 

Received 21 July a offering called the corporation of the towne 

ofcambr ... ... ... ... xviij^' ob 

Receft'ed of thomas Jackson fletcher for the shopp rent under 

the west ende of y^ chyrche for a hole yeare dew at Ester iij^ iiij^ 

Received more in cryssomes and mony for ij more ... ... iij^ 

Received in other oflFeringes for mariedges ... ij^ v*^ 

Rec^vedrinQr&(ov^ni/reiiterhoGkm.^g¥fffy^h ... -.-n ttt v^yf^ 

Sum RecezVed 

Received mor of overplusse of master of y® rode lyght ij« v*^ ob 

mor Received for toun mony ... ... ... ... ... xiij^ 

xxx^^ iij^ x^ 







•i Xij« 




« iiij'i 

136 1556 

Ilia] AUocacyones whereof they desyre alowanses as foloweth 
In pnmj^ payd to m'" hollaiid with other curettes for the hole 

yeare viij" iiij« 

payd ij pristes at the oftering called the corporation ... ... viij'^ 

payd to se»' Wright his pay ins ... ... ... ij'^ 

paid to barnes for mendyng over the Rode and over the Alter 

in the chappell &, for wassheng owt the scriptures ... iiif iiij«i 

paid for iiij skynnes larg parcheme?it ... ... ... ... xv)'' 

payd for a Rope for the gret bell \fx'^ 

payd to the plomier for xj"' solder at vij*^ the lb ... ... vj* v** 

iij days woork vnto hmi ... ... ... ... ij^ vj** 

payd for ij skynnes parcheme/it ... ... ... ... ... vj** 

payd for the makeng perfect our chyrche bookes & writeng the 

same ... ... ... ... vj* 8^ 

payd for franckensons for the hole yeare ... ... ... vij<* 

payd for ij gyrdelles for ij albes ..., iij<* 

paide at the visitacion for the quest menys dynne?'se and owr 

wz't/i horse meate ij^ iiij^ 

payd for owr suppers at o?^?' comeng home xx^ 

payd for elye farthinges ... ... ... ... x^^ ob 

payd at wilh'am grays for certeyne charges at the makenge ow 

bylls presentment ... ... ... ... ... ... xij«* 

payd to willzam graye for wyne at the Rece2^te of the bull ... xij** 

111b] payd for mendyng the wheale of the lytle bell and the 

baldericke ... ... ... iiij*^ 

payd to m*" officyall and John chapma?i for the copie of thinges 

wAich whe had in charg to provyde ageynst candelmas ... viij<* 

payd to byssell for iiij lodes ragg at ij^ S^ the lode x" viij*^ 

Sonde vj lode at viij<* ... ... ... iiij« 

payd for a Rope for the lytle bell ... ... ... xviij^ 

payd long the pavyor for xxxiiij^^ yardes pavenge at iij*^ the 

yard ... ... ... viij** vj^ 

payd to father capper caridg in of the stones which ware left j** 

payd for cariedg iiij lods stone xvj** 

payd the officer for his paynes dyuerse tymes for m'" Russell ... vj** 

payd for wassheng the Lynnen clothes all the hole yeare ... ij« 

payd to Roger yonge for the mendyng of our glasse wyndowes xxv^ 

payd for xij elles lynnen cloth for the vale x^ 

paid for paynteng the vale .. . ... iiij* 

paid for makeing the same with rynges & tape ... ijM'^ 

payd to the tresurers for the Rent of the Almos howses . . . xij* 

payd symond watson for the chengeng of our presessioners . . . viij** 

112 a] Payd for a Rope and ij stapells for the vale xj* 



payd for iiij yardes & a qvarier lynoii clothe foi* to make iiij"*' 

banners ... 

payd for vj elles of cloth for a albe 

payd for one ell «& quarter lynen cloth for onr prystes honde.s at 

the alter ... ... 

payd for makeng the all )e and j^ to wells ... 
payd for iij yardes buckcrome for y*^ vestme?ites 

payd for mevidyng the vestme?ites 

payd for xij elles holland clothe for ij syrplesys 

payd for the makeing ij syrpleces 

& mending owld syrpleces & clothe 

payd for xij elles for ij ester to welles 

payd for makeing the same ... 

payd for cakes bwnnes and beare at the mandie 

payd to m"" Rust for a Cannapie of sylke to beare over the 

sacrame7it ... 

payd more to m^ Rust for tapers burnt before the sacrament 

the hole yeare ... 
payd for a Lantern e for oiir chyrche 
payd for tallow candells the hole yeare . . . 
payd for scoryng certeyne thinges 
payd m^' Ryngstede for wyne the hole yeare 
payd for syngeng bredes the hole yeare . . . 
payd for chere coles this ester 
payd for wryteng this acompte.s ... 

Sum layd owght xvij^* xvj^ viij*^ ob 
Remayneth vnto the paryshe for this yere past al thinges 

xiij'^ ob 

ijs vj'l 


ij" iiij^' 

iij« ij'i 


XS yd 


is \d 



j'l ob 


xijii vij^ j** ob 

112 b] A frame for the Cannepye w/th iiij staves 
It<;m^ ij Crosse sta ves 

Item ar 4y tle^ Booke^ for the organe s 
It e m a lytle Antyferner 
Item-a gr ee n ve s tme n- w/t/^ owte - an a wbe 
Item a pyllowe of cheker velvett 

Item whyght s toolo 

Item iij ffamielkg^ 

Item a-gr^ne ^rporas-Oasse 

Item a Awltercloth of grey Canvas 

Item iiij booke.s of pricksong in Ingiisshe 

Allso delyueryd in to thandes of the Chyrchewardens an oblygacz'on of 


113 a] The election made of ester mondaye the yeare of our lord god 
an/io 1557 by the chyrche wardeynes of seynt mares pareshe acording to 

188 1557 

tho owld ou.stonie & that ys to saye the chyrche wardej'^nes hathe chosen 
eche of them one that ys to save John chase hathe chosen ni'' niuncy & 
wylh"(?ni bosonie liaiie chosen m*' Ryngstede and they twayne haue chosen 
to them iij a pec that ys m'" Ryngsted hathe chosen m^" docter walker 
nV vesy & m*' burwell m»' muncy hathe chosen m^ smythe m*" rust & 
m'' woolf and these viij liave chosen Christover fletcher and Jolin howel 
for the chyrche wardeynes for the yere to come 

for niasters of the Rode lyght wylb'am gylbart georg Jugg 
awdytores of this acompt«s master robart smyth master rust m'" woolf 
master mmicy m'" doctor walker m*" vesy m*' ryngsted m'" burwell 

113 b] The acomptes of John chase and wylliam bosom chirche 
wardeynes of seynt marys parrissh next the market place for all y^ mony 

and Rentes and other thinges by them 'Received and charges by them sus- 

teyned from the fest of ester beguug anwo domnii 1556 vntyll that yeare 
next enseweinge 
In pr/m/s for y^ rent of y*^ chamber over y*^ almos bowses of 

goodmaw nycholson ... ... ... ... ... ... viij' 

Received of John money for the chyrche Lond ... ij" 

Remved of m^' hasell for his pale iiij<* 

Received of thomas Jackson for rent of his shop at the west 

end of y*^ chirche ... ... iij" iiij'* 

R^mved of thomas paris for y® chirche londe ... xiiij** 

Received for o?«r ester book this yeare ... ... ix'M'iij" x^* 

Recm'ed of belly ngam for chirche goyinges ofleringe.s dyrige.-? 

buryalles as apereth by his byll ... ... ... ... vij" vij'^ 

Rece?!^ed of John saddelers ofFeringe ... ix** 

Received at m*" gryifithes and va^'^ hasells bury all v'^ 

Rem?;ed at the cow?menceme?/t off'ereng ... ... ... ... ij« v*^ 

Received of byrges mawnes offeringe & hew woodwardes ... xij*^ 

Recezved for y® corporation for y^ towne ... xxiij^ ob 

Received of m^' gryfhth & m*"* mowld for brekenge y^ grownd in 

y^ chyrche ... ... xiij" iiij** 

RecezVed for crepeing y® crosse at ester ... ... ... ... iij'^ ob 

Received for by Jug tokens this yeare of y** master of y* rode lyght 

Received for m""^ hasells buryall the grownd brekinge ... ... vj" viij** 

M' Monsy v^ 4^ Watson 4« 

more for o?<r ester bo o k a s ape retlie ... ix" iiij** 

more crysomes the nomber of xj 

xj'* xviijs j'l 

114 a] AUocationes whereof they desyre to be allowed as folowethe here- 
payd the the pryst his wages for the hole yeare as apereth by 

the byll of y^ partyculers vij" xiij* viij^ 

payd to peter sheares the 12th of aprill for horse hyre ... ix*^ 



\ayd for iiij'"" banner clothes pay??ting bothe aydes lyke 
jayd to Dyall for playeng of our orgeynes from the 

maye to the iiij^'> of June 
•or seweing y^ bannars with buckerom 

ihe xxij**^ mave huslying brede 

;he xxiiij**^ of niaye frankensen.Y ... 

:he same daye huslyng bred(« ... 

ihe xxix*^ of July a lock and barr of yron for the 


)ayd for ely Rente.s vnto m*' Momforth the 1 of October 
nor to hym for my lord of el3'es vysitation 
)ayd at the goodma>/ gylbard^.? for drynkeng at the gy 

oiir bylles 
)ayd for bord^^s and mending of dy vers seate.? ... 
)ayd bankfs man for a kaye 
)ayd for a Lampe 

jayd for a whele for y^ lytle bell 

jayd for holy water spry nkes 

:he 6 of Januerry frankensens 

3ayd the viij*'^ Januerrj^ a Rope for y^ greate bell xij+'' 
jayd for a beame and tymbar for ow Lampe 
Daynteing and gyldeinge the same 
yne for y^ Lampe and a glass for y*' Lampe 

ixii xs ij^i q' 

xijt»' of 

it and 

eng vp 

iij'i lb 

ijs 8'i 



1]^ nij 
x^i q' 
uf iiij'i 








114 b] for the new halloweing or Reconcyleing of onr chyrche 
for beying Interdycted for the bury all of m^' bucer and the 
charg therevnto belongeing frankensens & swate parfames 

for the sacrame?it & herbes &c ... viij'^ ob 

pa3'd vnto the tresurers the 12 of febreary ... 

payd y® 20 of february for a locke & a kaye for y^ high alter ... 

payd for paveing in the syde chapell and morter ... ... xj 

[myd goodma?i brysly for parchement and wryteng one Leafe in 

a grayle ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xij'^ 

payd to John Dente for the Rode mary and John with the 

appendices and caryedge ... ... ... ... ... xlij^ 

(lay les abowt the Rode at dy vers tymes xj^ 

bred and drynke for y^ laborers ... ... ... ... ... iijd 

jayd vnto vj men for helpeing to pull vp the rode ... ... xij 

)ayd to moynes for a bar of yron xiv"*"'"^ at iij*^ lb iij^ vj' 

oles for watcheing y^ sepulcre ... ... ... ... ... iij' 

)ayd m'^ howell for candells and lampe oyle for y^ hole yeare . . . xxiij 

>ayd m"^ Ryngsted for wyne for y** hole yeare 

ayd the copper smyth for y^ solderying ij kandelstyckes & 

mending a sencer ... ... ... ... ... ... Xinj 



'vj^ viij'^ 


140 1558 

payd for oyle and creame iiijd 

payd for frankensens ... ... ... ... ... ... jd 

payd to m'" Rust for weex for y^ hole yeare xMj'* ob 

payd for wassheing the chyrche y^ hole yeare & mending sur- 

pleces J ij' iiij'^ 

payd to goodmaTi baxster for a processionall ... ... ... xxij'^ 

ptiyd ]\[i" ^anneer for-I mag c of o?a' lady vppojfc the hygh o alt er 

payd in his ester book vn —. —. rn w-. viij^v^^^ 

payd for wry teing this acompth ... ... xij'* 

115 a] payd for syngeng breades for the hole yeare this 

2 maye ... ... xvj'^ 

payd more this same daye to william pryme for iiij stn.ves for 

palme sondaye ... ... ... x^ 

payd M^ Davncer alowed in his ester booke by me for y*^ 
last yere to xx'' & for this his ester book now alowed by 

me vj^ viij'' viij^ iiij'^ 

and m'" chase yf you refuce it he will haue it ageyne by his promes 

iiij^' viij^ iij** 
xiij^^ xviij^ x<^ 

Remayneth to the chirche al thinges alowed by the chyrche wardeynes 
aforsayd the some of ten pownde.9 syx shillnge.s viij'^ ob 

which some ys delyuerd in to the bonder of John howell Christopher 
Aether chyrche wardins now chosen for y® yere to come 

more delyuerd to them a obligacion wherin alexsander smyth <fe Robart 
semer Junior be bound to pay to the pareshe iiij^' 

more they haue to Receive of Christopher Russell & Jemes Ratclyfe x^ 

more wilU'am gylbart & georg Jug must paye in to the handes of y* 
chyrche wardeynes for fote of there acompth for y^ yere past the some of 
xxvj^ iiij'^ 

more the sayd chyrche wardeynes have received all syche ornamente.? & 
Impleme?it(?.9 of the chyrche as was delyuered m^ chase & m'" wyll/am bosom 
as apereth before in the book & I m'" chase and T wylbV/m bosom dyscharged 

115 b] The Eleccion made vppon Eastorn Mondaye in the year of o?*r 
Lorde god a thousand v hundred ffyftye and eyght accordyng to the Ould 
and auncyent Custom of the panshe of great seynt maryes by the Chyrche 
wardens of the same porrishe that is to saie the Chyrche wardens hath 
Chosen yche of them one that is to saie master mayer and Henrye Ryngsted 
and master mayor hath chosen m"^ RobeH Smyth m'" wollf and master 
Raye and master Rynsted hath Chosen Master veyseye master Rust and 
m'^ danser and They viij haue chosen Chrystofer fflecher and John Howell 
ffor the Chyrchewardens for this yere to Com 

And for masters of the Rood lyght wylb'am Gylbert and Rychard 

1558 141 

Audytoir.s- for this accomi)tt\s' Master ^Nfayor Master vey.sey Master 
Rust Master Eaye M^ Doctor walker I\laster wollf Ma}ster Ryiigsted 
master ^mytb Master Daiiser 

116 a] The accompt of John howell and Chrystofer fflecher chyrche 
wardens of Seynt maryes i)f«'ishe next the market place for all the niony 
find Rent<?s and other thyngc*- R^ceyuyd and allso charges by them Susteyned 
ftrom the feast of Eastor begynny^ig a«;io domini a thousand v ftyftye and vij 
vntye the yere next insuywg viz 
In i)riniis Receyuyd by thandt;^ of the ould chcrche wardens 

in present monye ... ... ... x^Wj** viij'^ ob 

Itt^m Receyuyd of Chrystofer Ryngsted of london for a Comvn- 

yon Cupp p((/'cell gylt weyeng xxj \uces diW at v** the vnce 

Summa ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... v^^ vij'* vj'^ 

Item Receyuyd of M"" Russell xl« 

Item Receyuyd of M'" Rynsted for the buryall of his wife in the 

Chyrche ... ... ... ... ... vjMiij^^ 

Item Reca'yec^ of M'" Raye for the buryall of his wyfte in the * 

Chyrche ... ... ... ... ... ... ... vj'' viij'^ 

Item Received for the Buryall of M'** Thurbye ... ... ... vj'' viij^* 

Item Received of Chrystofer Nycollson for Rent of the chambe/* 

Guer the Aulmes howses ... viij« 

Item Received? for certen land in Chesterton feld ... ... xiiij"^ 

Item Received of the flecher for rent of his shopp ... ... iij^ iiij^ 

Item Received of Olyfer IHynt for the rent of certeii Land Lyeng 

in hows feeld ... ... ... ij^ 

Item Received of master hasell for his pale ... ... ... iiij*^ 

Item Received for maryages Buryalles and ofieryng as aperith 

by a byll therof made xvij*^ viij^ 

Item Receyueo? of m""* Money for a Crysom iiij'^ 

Item Recei'yeo? of Thomas Belyngham for a Chrysom of smal- 

hoodes wyftes ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iiij^i 

Item Rece/yeci? of more for ij Chrysoms ... viij^ 

Si*H5: xx^~vjs4igi db^~ 

116 b] Item Received ffbr the Eastor book ix^Wj^ xj«^ 

Stimma Receiptee xxix li xiiij^ xj^^ ob q' 

Item Received for y^ berriall of burgesse yn y® chyrche ... vj*^ viij^ 

Sitmma xxx^* xix^ ob q' 

AUocationes whereof thei desiar to be allowed as followeth 
Item payde for iiij^i' yardes Canvas to Cover the hight altar ... if 

IKtid for makyng of a keye to lokk in the vesterye presse ... xiij^^ 

Item -paid to Peter sheeres for byndyng of the antyfeuer and 

mendyng another book iiijs 

Item pazd to Chrystofer Ryngsted of london for a payer of 



chales weing xviij \nccs di>»' quart^ being doble gylt the 

V11C6' vj** viij'' Szmimrt 

Item pt/Zd to Long the pather for iij loead of Kagg 

Item paid to Lane for Caryage of the same 

Item prt/d to Charles of the Castell for v loead of Ragg and the 

caryage of iij of them ... 
Item ptt/d to Lane for caryeng of ij loead of Ragg from the 


Item payd to Lane for xiiij^*^" Loead of Sand 

Item paid to Lane for caryag of xj Loeade of Rufebes ... 

Item paid to master howell for v Loed of pylle ston 

Item for the caryage to the workmen ... 

Item paid to John Long the pather for x^^^ yerde*- & xvj^* at 

iij'' the yard S^aiima ... 
Item paid for wayshyng the Chyrche clothes for the hole yeare 
Item paid for mendyng the Surplesis 

117 a] ifem paid to m}' Rust for wax to the highe Aidter for 

the holl yeare ... ... 

Item paid to M"^ Ball for niakyn an obligacon 

Item paid to Sir Clement for ij weeke^- after eastor 
Item patd to Sir Clement at Mychelmas 

Item pa^d to m"^ hollond vn Sent Leonarde-y daye 

Item paid more to m*' hollond the xxviij^ daye of november ... 
Item payed the xxviijt day of december ... 

Item paid to m'" hollond the viij^'* daye of Januarye 

Item paid to m'' hollond the xxij*''^ daye of Januarye 

Item paz'd to m"^ hollond the v^*^ daye of ffebruarye 

Item paid to m^ Atkynson for X weeke6" ... 

for Lent tynie for every weeke iiij"* passell of the same 

Item pay de for CoUes on Easter even 

Item for mendyng of a payer of Senser ... 

Item payd to master Rynsted for wyne for the holl year 

Item payde for Syngyn bread ... 

Item paid to wyllmm algarthe bedell 

Item paid to the Tresurreres 

Item paid to James wyllyngton for ij bell ropes weyeug xxviij 

pound ... ... 

Item paid for Swepyn the streetes and caryeng a waye of the 

Item paid for a lampe glasse 
Item paid for a wyne Bottell 

Item paid for viij pound of Candell for the chyrche 

Item paid for ftrankynsenc 

Item paid for oyle for the lampe ... 

vjii x<i 

VJ8 viijd 


xnj« \f 


iij' ^'iij 


xnj- nij 





v" vnj 






' iiij'^ 












x" nij 











1559 143 

[tfTii ixa'd for yncle ... ... ... ... ... ... ij* 

[te-m pcn'd for i)ynnes ... ... ... ... ... ... j* 

I tt?m paid for wryghting this book xij«* 

Sicmma xvij^* x** j*^ 
lt«^m for oft'eryiigc'6- at Dyrig<« ... w.-, m m —. xij^ 

117 b] Sunrma allocaciones ^^xvij^* xj" 

wheroft' reiiiayiieth in tliaiid<^5 of the Chirche wardens John Howell 
md Chrystofer flecher of the accompt for the yere aftbrsaid Twelve pound 
fenne Shyllyngt's and heigh te pens xij^i x^ viij** 

The Masters of y^ Koode lyght and y^ scpulcar lyght wyllmm gylbert 
Jorge Jugge 

M'^ yc xviij of Aprill anno domini A in ccccc Iviij*'' doth charge y*''" 
jelfes to paye to the chyrche wardens Jhon howell and crystofer 
ietcher for y'^ acoynte;^' of y'^ yere past Sumnia of twentye syxe shyllynges 
bwre pense xxvj^ iiij'^ 

Itt^m more beliynd due and vnpayde of a certen oblygacon viij^^ to be 
t)ayde by thandes of Chrystofer Russell to the Chyrchewardens aforesaid 

Item more that ther remayneth in thande^' of Alexander Smyth 
Docher in Redye nionye iiij^^ wiche is to be payde by thassent of the holl 
[)«/'yshe in forme ftbllowing that is to saye at the feast of Chrystmas next 
Uomyng xx^ and so forth yearlye at iche of the saide Ifeastes xx^ by evin 
[)orcions till the swm of iiij'^ be fully e Contentyd and payde 

118 a] The Elexcwn made vppon Easter mondaye in the yeare of our 
Lorde god m^' d fiyftye and ix^'' accordyng to the ould and auncyent 
Justom of the p(r/v'she of great seynt Maryes by the Chyrchewardens of 
the same paroshe That is to saye the chyrchewardens hat chosen iche 
)f them one that is to saie Master wollfe and Thomas Brydon and thos 
tiath chosen Master hasyll M^' Rust Master Raye M*" danser M^ Rynsted 
ind master bosom and tlieye haue chosen Master Foxtoii and m^" watson 
hr Churchewardens for this year following 

And for masters of the Rood lyght Rychard Robynson Thomas Toolye 
ludytores for This accompte Master hasyll Master veyseye Master Rust 
Master Raye M"^ Doctor yvalker M^ wolfte M^" Rynsted M^' Dansyr 

[Fol. 118 b blank.] 

119 a] The holl and ffull accompt of John howell and Chrystofer ffletcher 
Chyrchewardens of Seynt Marys parishe next the market for all S?*ms of 
rnony by them Receyuyd and other thynge^- And allso for all charges by 

hem Susteynyd from the fteast of Eastor beynnywg a,nno 1558 vntyll the 
nd of tholl yeare folio wyng endyd in a,nno 1559 viz, 


n pyi'mis Receyuyd of the ffot of our accompt at the daye of 

owr entrye ... ... ... ... ... xij^^x* viij^^ 

leceyuyd of master dancer for the buryall of mystres pyryng vj^ viij<* 



It'-ui Keccyuyd ofiii^' Ru«sell 

Kcceyuyd of Andrew iSiiiyth for wax at the biiryall of his 


Item for the bury all of his father 
Recoyuyd for laud in Chesterton felld 
Keceyuyd of ui> watsou for buryall of his witt" ... 
Keceyuyd of Cioodwyfte Nycolson ... 

Keceyuyd for viij Cresonis ... ... 

Iveccyuyd of the Hctcher for Rent of the shop[) ... 

Receyuyd of m^" fflynt for land Rent 

Receyuyd of master hasyll .. . 

Receyuyd for the Eastor booke 

Receyuyd for oft'eryng and buryalk^- as apercth by a byll therof 


Sunwia vera xxviij^* xvj** vj'^ 

Remayityg 4h -thfttidi^ ^f ^ti^<^tx ;tor walk e r for h is ca fcrter-^Kwk 
for the BiiryaH-of^ti s w i ft' ... —. rr-. ^r-. m ttt 




vjb viij'i 
vjs viij'i 
ij' viij*! 
iij« iiij'i 

'iijii vj« vij^i 

In the handes of m^' wood for his Eastor booke 

119 b] Allowances wherof they desyar to be allowid 

In prmiis payde to master danser for v''^ pament tyle for the 

quere ... 

Item payd to long and barnes for pavyng of the quere and 

Coveryng Bucers grave 

Item payd for ij b?^sAe/6- lyme 

Item payde for Sandes chyld for xvij weekes 

Item paid for ij Syrples Colleryng and mendyng of the Resydue 

of the Sirplesis ... 

Item paid for viij elles hollond 

Item paid for makyng of the Same Syrples for the pryst 

Item payd for to pryme for colis for wache wyth 

Item paid for way shy ng of the chyrche Clothis 

Item paid to m"^ Rust for waxe for the highe allter for the 

holl year ... 

Item payd for ix pound Candell 

Item for ffrankynsens ... ... 

Item for iij quartes of oyle for the lampe 
Item for Colys at wytsontyd 

Item for a Keye for a Coberd 

Item for oyle and creme 

Item paid to the pliimber for iij qiiarters Icade & iiij^* for the 


Item paid for a booke called a grayle for the orgaynys 

Item for iiij weekes to pryme when we war destitute of a 









vnj« vj 

iij« iiij'i 
x^ viij^^ 




ij« iij'i 





iij" iiij'' 


' I 

1561 145 

Itt^m pa/d to prjme for hyrywg of hym ij<i 

Itnii for makyng cleen the street ijfi 

Itt'in to the alrncs folkc's ... ... ... _ ijd 

120 a] Ittjm iH(id for Ely farthingc'5 for ij yeares xxj'i 

IttJiu iK^/d for o?*r dyniiyr at the vy.sytactoii x.v' 

It<^m paid for nayhs ... ^ ;d 

«• ^ ••• ••• ••• ••• ... ... J 

IttJin for hyryng the Clerke ijd 

Itt'in p(;/d to the Tresurertfi- xii^^ 

Itc'iii [K//d for lyme for the chyrch howse x*^ 

Itt'iii for Tyle pynny jd 

Itf?iii p(?4d to the Tyllor and his man for one dayes woorke ... xv\^ 

Item i)(//d to the sniyth for nayleyw for the Bell wheelis ... iiijd 

I tt'ni iK^/d to \v/7//(/m prym for Coolis at Christmas ijd 

Item paid for Sygyn bread xjd 

Itt'ni paAl for oyle and Creame on good ftrydaye iiijd 

Itt'm paid for byndyng of the booke for the orgayns viijd 

Itt'm ivayde for niawlsey for the holl yeare x^ iij'» 

Item payde to the pryst for the holl year viij^i xviijs viij'^ 

[trm paid more for Eastorne weeke iiijs 

[t<m paid for wrightyng of the book xijd 

Swmma totalis" xiiij'* viij^ jd 

And so remayneth to the Chyrche from vs xiiij" viijs yd 
All the saide Sum of xiiijii viijs yd and all other passelle^ and 
mplemente^ in this book conteynyd and namyd be delyuerd into thandes 
f Wylham foxton and Symond watson chyrchewardens by us before 

20 b] parochia bmte Marie iuxto forum. Electio ihidem facta die Lune 
' ebdomada pasche 

A7mo 1561 

Elegerunt eodem die in gardianos eccksie predicie pro anno future 

Henricum Clarke Thomaw Bryden 

The holl and full accompt of m^ foxten And m^ watson Churche 
aniens of Seynt marys parhis for all Somes of money and other thyngis 
i them receuyd from the ffeast of Easter begyning s^nrio 1559 vntyll 
ister next ensuyng 

primis Receuyd of M»- howcll & M» fletcher xiiijii viij« 

'jm Receuyd for offeryngs and buryalls [][ xxiij« ixd 

^'m for Rent of medow at Chesterton xiiijd 

3ceuyd of Mr Russell of an oblygation „\ \[\ xjs 

^ceuyd of Mr gaskien for y« buryall of M'" wood and hys wyfe 

& for hys tythcs xix^ iiijd 

^ceuyd of goodwyf nycolson for Rentes for the chambres over 

the Allmes howsess ^--8 

C. A. S. Octavo Series. No. XXXV. 10 

146 1560 

Rcceuyd of thonias Jaxson for Rentt of hys shopp ... ... iij^ iiij'* 

Keocuyti of Ma.ster Hyiitt ... ... ... ... ... ... ij^ 

Iveceviyd of M' lia«ell for hys paell ... ... ... ... iiij^ 

Sumiiia of y« resaytds aforewrytteii co?>Mnythe to xix^' v^ xj'' 

more Resayiiyd of y*= previe tythes And offeryiigc^* for on hoU 

yei-e xij^' xiij^ x'' 

yn Anno doniiiii anno M ccccc Ix"' 

Sunnna totalis co//any the to ... ... ... ... xxxj'* xix"* ix'* 

whereof y 

(A half-sheet inserted here and above account re-entered as below. ) 
[Fol. 120* a blank.] 

120* b] The hole and full acconipt of M"" foxton and M>' watson Church- 
wardens of Seynt niarys p(/yhish for all Soines of money and other 

thyngc'*' bye them Receuyd from the feast of Easter begynning 'Anno 1559 

vntyll Jester next enesuyng 

In prirnis Receuyd of M'^ howell & m*" fletcher . . . 

Item Receuyd for ofteryngcs and buryalls 

Item for Rent of medow at Chesterton 

Itewi Received of M"^ Russell of an oblygatio^i 

Receuyd of M'' Gaskyen for buryall of M*" woode & hys wyf and 
for hys ty thcs ... 

Receuyd of nycolsons wyf for Rentt for the Chambres 

Receuyd of Thomas Jaxon for Rentt for hys shopp 

I tern Receuyd of M^ ily ntt 

Item Receuyd of M'" hasell for hys pale ... 

Item Receuyd for the ^Ester book 

Summ of y« resaytes Aboue wrytten comythe to 

121 a] These Somes haue ben layed forthe for the church from the 
feast of Easter unno 1559 vntyll easter mtno 1560 for the wyche they do 
desyre to be allowed 

In primis the pristes wages for y*^ hoUe yere vj" xiij* 

Item for commiyon bread for the holle yere xxij*' ob 

Item for makyng the byll & delyueyyng of hyt at y^ visytatio/i xij*^ 

Item for a Supper for the quest men vj^ 

Iteju to Jugg the glasyer for mendyng of the wyndoos ... ... xv^ 

Ite/« to thomas Swyngges for takyn downe the Alteres ... ij^ viij* 
Iton payed to wylliam pryme for caryeng of forms for the 

visetoors and a table iiij* 

Item to Jhon bell & willmm chapman for takyng downe of 

y*' tabernacle x* j 

Ite?« payd for Ely farthynges x'' 

Item to the treaserarces- ... ... ... ... ... ... xij^ 

Hem payd to father Kyng and iij other that dyd help to hang 

the bell v« 


xiiji' viij*' 


xxiij^ ix'^ 




wyf and 


xix« iiij'^ 




iij« iiij'i 





x^' viij^ 

xxix" xiijs xj'* 




Item to Jhon bell for makyng the bell whelle 

I t<wt for uaylle.s occupied ther 

Itt;wi for meiKiyng of the yeroii worke 

Item for candells 

Item payed to wUliam Dowsie and hys brother ... 

It<^m for naylls that tyine .... ... 

lt<'/« to the pliimer for sowder and workmanshyp for the body 

of the churche ... 
Item for ca-styng of ij webbes of lede next the steple and for lede 

that w;i.s wast ... 

Itum for ca w t yng of lede4or-t}ie-^;oefe-of 4be-eh€bHsel4— ttt .r.- 

Item for le d- th at w aw Ictckyng4>y-wa8t — —. r^. —. rw- 

Ittjwi for cooles to the i)lumer ... ... 

12" 4« 3^» 




XXX " 

— xls 


121b] Itewi for naylles for the plummer ... .... 

Item for washyng of the churche clothes ... 

Item for wyne f<n* that yere 

Item for nieudyng a locke and a keye for y^ steple doore 

Itewi for a padlock for the poore mans Cheast 

Itewi to M*" Nvallis for y* comunyoTi table ... 

Itc'?« for ij Comunyon bookes 

Itt;;« for viij Psalters 

Item a byble bossid ... 

Item a Paraprhasis ... 

Item the homelyes ... 

Itc'w the Register booke 

Item for paptT 

Item to pryme the clearke for a quarterns wages dew from 

easter to mydsonier 
It€?;i we haue Receuyd of this 
Item payde to pryme that dyd Remayne dew vnto hym of ij 

quavteres in M»" Howelles & M^" fletcheres tyme 
Item to father skyiinor for hys paynes ... 

Summ« totalis of y® hoole commythe to xviij^^ ij" ix^^ 

y^ resaytes for y*" yere cowzmithe to y*^ soome of xxix** xiij" xj<^ 
so remaynythe yn y^ handes of y^ chyrche wardens y^ soome of 
•or y" yere 






xiij« iiij 





xij« vijd 

xj»i xj« ij'i 

122 a] The holle & fuUe accownte of williani foxtune & Symvnt watson 
cherche wardns of saynt marys paryche next the markett stede in 
cambryge for all soche somes off money by them 'Received & all other 
thing/^'s by them hade or takyn ffrom the ffeast of Ester begynyng in 
i/ino domini 1560 vnto Ester next insuyng 
I temr^^e^Vee^^f %he- est^^l^mvke- r .^ — — rn r.-. — —m s^ 


— xi 





Ittm l^eceived for niarjiiges & beryallc*- & cryssames by the 

hand<\s' of W<7//(an prynic 
Rccet'i'i'd off 111^ baxster for the otibryngc^s of the Masters ott' arte 

at the commeiisemeiit ... 
Ri^ceived of in* proctor for the ofteryiigcs of the bachelers 
Rt'cmw/ of 111* hasyll for hys palle 
Received of in*" fHynt for the cherche loiide 
Received of iii>" howell for the chambers overc the ahiies howses 
Received of thomas Jaxsoii for Rent oft' the shopc at the cherche 

ciide ... 
Received oft" goodeinan parrych of chestertoii for the iiiedow y* 

belongc'6' to the cherche 

Item for the beryall of m" clarke in the chapell 

Item for y^ resaytcs of y^ privie tythes and oft'erynge** ... 

Summa of y'^ resaytcs co?yMiiythe to xj^' viij** vij** 

122 b] Alowanses wheroft' theye aske to be alowede 

Item payd to the ciU'attcA' for sarvyng oft' the cuero 

Item for a confesyon ftbr the prcste 

Item layd owt to the somener for Ely ft'arthynge*' 

Item payde to the treseers 

Item to Jolui longe pavyng of the chapell wher m'" docter 

walker sy tt 
Item for lyme & sande to y*^ same 
Item payd ftbr candell 
Item for washyng of the cherche clothes ... 
Item layd owt for naylles to mend stollcs 
Item for commonyon bredes for the hoUe yere ... 
Item to Jougge ftbr wyne as apery th by a talle ... 
Item for paper to make the ester bowke & other bowkes 
Item to moynes for mendyng of the cherche dore keye 
Item payd to Syr lynford for sarvyng one wek ... 
Item for a bowk for Crosse wek ... 

Summa of y^ alowancis comythe to xj^* xij^ 


vnj« vnj 





nj« nij 


^ viij*' 

y xj 



x"^ ob 






123 a] Summa of y^ resayte*- for ij hole yeres last past endyd y*^ xx of 

Aprill Anno Reyni Reyine Elizabcthe tertio commytlie to y** soome of 

xxij^* xix** ix*^ 

y'' soome to be Alowyd for ij hole yerea last paste co;>miythe to xj'* xij" 
so remaynythe behyndc onpayd yn the hande*' of william foxton and 

symonde watson chyrche wardens for y*= laste ij yeres paste y^ soome 

of A leuen powndes scene shyllynges ix'^ 

xj'i vij' 


more y***" remaynythe yn y* hande*- of rycherd robynson yn mooney of y*- 
dyrgis And for y*' roodc lyght xxij« v^^ 

more In wexe delyucred to thomas brayden xliiij'' delyuerd more to y'^ 
sayde thomas by y*^ handed- of thomas toolye In wexe xxvij li halfe more 

1502 149 

delyucrd by y*^ sayde toolye xiij candelstycks of lateii whyche servyd for 
y'' roode lofte 

123 b] Memorandum y' y*^ sondaie beinge y'' 7*-'^ daio of Decembre aniio 
1561 the churchwardens by y*^ consent of whole p«/-i.sshc did chuse 
viij menne to cease eiuvy nianne in y'' p^/rishe what they shall paie 
towai\le5 y^ findinge of y'^ priest y^ clarke & y*^ reparacions of y^ churche 
& that they shall make their assessenit'^it before CknstmaH next & from 
C/mstman forward v'' collection to be made w/t/ch viij men be tliese 

M* doctor walker M*" hasyll Mr Alexander Raie JVl' Thomas wulfe 
M"" Miinsey M^ Ringstede M'" burwell M'" daimser. 

124 a] The eleccion made upon ester mu»idaye in the yere of our lorde 
good 15()2 attendynge to the old ancyent Custum of the parroche of 
grett sent maryes by the Churche wardens of the same i)c?/Toche that 
ys to s<iye the Cinirchewardens hathe Chosen eche of them one that ys 
to saye M^" foxtu/i & M'" da user &, thes two hathe Chosen M"" Raye 
M^ mmise M'" howell M»" watson M»' Ryngsted & george Jugge 

The eleckshon maid vpon ester monndaye in y^ yerre of owr lord 
god 1563 accordyng to y*' owld aiuicyent custom of y*' paryshe of greate 
seynt maryes by y*^ churchewardenes of y*^ same paryshe y* ys to saye 
the churchewardenes hatlie chossen eache of them on y* ys to saye 
M"" saunder & M^" daunsser & thosse too hathe chossen to them theis 
followyng. M"" hassell & M^' fleacher & M'" howell M^" ryngsted george Juge 
Robert willsson 

'Mii7norandu'm And thaye have chossen for y*^ churche wardenes 

M*" docketer walker & M^' Alley xsaunder Raye 

And Audy tores to tacke y*^ accownte of henry clarke & thomas bryden 
before Churche wardenes thes followyng 

M"" docter walker M^' Alleyxsander Raye M'' ryngsted M^' wilh'am hassell 
M"" thomas wulfe M"* dawnsser. 

124 b] The Accownte of henery clarke «&; thomas bridoon churche 
wai-denes in y*' yeere of owr lord god 1561 & eandyd at easter laste 
})aste whieh was 1562 
y^ reniiyttes. In pn'mis receavid for y^ Rente of a sarttyne 

lond latt in y® hands of oleaver flynte ... ... ... ijs 

Item receavid of good man parryshe of cheasterton for a sartten 

meadowe ground lying in y® meadow ... ... ... 1:4^ xiiij^^ 

Item receavid of Jhon goodwyne for y^ chambers over y*^ 

Allmose howsses ... ... ... ... ... ... 8*-viij^ 

It^'m receavid of M'" willzrtm hassell for y*^ Rente of his pale ... 4^iiij** 

Item of thomas Jackson fleatcher for y** shope at y® Weaste 

eand of y^ churche 3^ 4*^ iij^ iiij*^ 

Item receavid of M^ foxston for a pisse of tymber y*^ y*^ Rood 

stoode on 4* iiij^ 

150 1562 

Item of y® sixm man :\ sartton whytt ston & free stone y*^ wer 

in y"^ chm'che ... ... 7^ viij« 

It<»ii-of kym-aH«oe for 9 «toodes 

Item receavid of M>" burwell for vij li of waxse ... xx^ & iiij«* 

Item of y^ .sam man for a sartten l)oi"ds creastes & other trashe lOM^ 

sowld to hym l)y y*-' consente of y*^ pary.shoners ... ... x^ iiij'* 

Item receavid of M>" foxston at owr entry ng of y* y* was y*^ 

churche money x^Wiij^ 

Item receavid by y*' easter bocke x*' xvj» 

Item receavid for binryalls weadyngs chrystnyngs & churche 

goyngs as aperyth by y*^ churche boocke or regester kept for ^*~8^ 

y^vse vj«viij'» 

Item receavid at mydssomer tyme at y*^ comenesement of thosse 

y^ receavid y'' comunyon ... ... ... 18^ xviij*^ 

Item of y« comenssers on ashe weadensdaye payd by M"" baxster 14^ 

Item receavyd of Robertt ossgothor[)e for 6 half eynche bords 

at 4 28 

Summa xxij^> xvij^ iiij'' 

1 25 a] The Allowecashones whereof theye aske to be ak)wid 
In immm payd to y® pryste from caster to saynte Androwes 

daye after 4'* y^ wicke 34 wiekes fi*' 16* 

Item to y" same priste from sante Androwes daye vntyll easter 

ftbllowyng 1562 18 wickes sonndaye after- lmve-«otmday«^ 

every wicke 3" 4*' 3" 

Item for comuny on bread all y^ yerre ... ... 12^ 

Item candell in y^ wyntter nyghtes in y^ churche ... ... 12** 

Item to Jugge for wyne at easter & all y* yerre as apperythe 

by a tale 8« 8"» 

Item for eley farthyngs payd at y^ vyssytashon 10'* ob 

Item spente at willingham when we were warnyd y***" to y^ 

vyssytashon for our dynners ... ... 2« 2** 

Item y*^ nyghte for owr suppers here in town 3M'' 

Item payd for 4 horsses to willyngham for vs & y*^ queaste men 

to Ryd on after 8** 2« 8^* 

Item for on horsse for ye pryste to ryde on payd to 'Mr chase 12*' 

Item for y* tabell to sett over y« allter & y^ callendere to y« sam 20* 

Item for a boocke y* wos sent to ws for y*^ puUyng down of y« 

Rood lofte I^ 

Item for a Ixjll Rope 2« 4** 

Item for a lyne to y<^ sawnse bell ... ... 8** 

Item for y*^ Artyckells y' wer delyueryd us to enquyer of at y« 

vyssytashon 1** ob 

Item to y*^ baskett mackcr for lattes to lattys y*' greatt wyndowe 

at y** weast eand of y* churche ... ... ... ... 7" 


1563 151 

Item for lyne .md navies to y^' sanio ... ... ... ... IG'* 

Item to his man for settyng vpo y*" same lattys & on other to 

heliMi hym ... ... ... ... ij'^ 

Item for wymen to macke clean y'' churche ... ..; ... 9*^ 

Item for fraynckynsenes to perfume y*^ ehm'chc ... ... 1'^ 

Item to y^' glaysher for meandyng y*^ wyndowcs ... ... 6^ 

125 I)] Item a locke & key to y'' bellfry dore 18'i 

Item a honndred of bords to meand y** seates vaith all ... ... V' 6"^ 

Item for tyml)er to maeke gyste to laye y*^ same bords on ... 12'^ 

Item nayles for y^ meandyng of y« seatts ... 12'^ ob 

Item to carpy?idors to mend y^ seatts & to tacke down y'' pisse 

yt ye Rood stood on 2^ I'l 

Item to y*^ trea.ssorers of y^ town for y*^ rente of y*' Allmosse 

howsses ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 12'^ 

Item to chapman y*-' Joyner for removyng of 2 seatts & nayles 

to y^ same ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 3M'* ob 

Item for 4 carpyndores to tacke down y** Rood lofte ... ... 3M'* 

Item for nayles to nayle on y*^ bords to y*^ vowlte ... ... 7'^ 

Item for y® clothes for y*^ too challeysses & y** mekynge of them 20'^ 

Item for washy ng of y*^ churche clothes all y'^ yerre ... ... G'' 

Summa of alowancis xiij'* xv'^ 
so y"" remaynythe to ye chyrche of y^^ Acoynt for y*^ yere ... ix*^ xvj^ j'^ 

126 a] The Accownte of henry clarke & thomas bridoon churche wardenes 
in the yerre of owr lorde god 1562 and so candid at easter laste paste 
which is in y® yerre of owr lord god 1563 

In prmiis for a sartteyn lond latt in the hands of oleaver flynt vj^ 
Item of M"" has.sell for y*^ rente of a pale stondynge on ye 

churche grownd ... ... ... ... ... ... 4*^ 

Item Jhon goodwyne for y*^ rente of y** chambers over y*^ 

allmosse howsses ... ... ... ... ... ... 8*^ 

Item of thomas Jacksson fleatcher for y*^ rente of a shope at y'^ 

weaste eand of y*^ churche ... ... ... ... ... 3^ 4'^ 

Item of goodman parrysse of cheasterton for a sartten meadowe 

belongynge to y^ paryshe leynge in y*^ meadowe & payethe 

yeiTcly ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 14'^ 

Item receavid by the easter boocke ... lO'* xvj^ vij'^ 

Item of M"^ readman for 14 pillers after 2^^ 2M'^ 

Item of M*" burwell for 14 pylleres & 5 stood es ... ... ... 4^ 2<* 

Item of ^E"" foxston for 9 stoodes & a greatte pisse of tymber 

wit/i all y« reaste of tymber 1 3M«* 

Item of thomas brydoon for 6 thyne bordes & on stood . . . 22*^ 

Item of wilh'«m tomssou for 3 stoodes and one bord IC^ 

152 15G3 

Item of wilhVnn pryni e for 3 pyllorcs and 4 tl i y nc b or de s m x^ 

Item reeciwid from y*' comenssers of ashe weadcnsdaye for 

y^ vssynge of owr paryshe churche & payd to y^" clmrche- 

wardenes yerrely by on of y** beadells or y® prockter . . . 26^ 4'' 

Item M"^ howell for y*' l)erreyall of daye wysby.she in owr 

churche 8'* 

Item of M""^ castell for y*^ grownd breackynge vpe allso in ye 

chm-che to berrey hei^e husbond G" 8'' 

Item of eadwaixi ball for y" berryall of anc ball hys vvyfFe in y^ 

churche ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... vj^ viij'^ 

126 b] Item receavid of M'" savvnder bucher in parte of 
pay men te of a more sume \\/iic/i he stondythe bownd in 

an obleygashon to y^' paryshe ... ... ... ... 20« 

Item for an owld cheaste y* stood alofte on y^ beallflf'rey ... 2^ 8^ 

Item for bordes y*^ wer leaste on y*' rood lofte ... ... ... IS** 4*^ 

Item for a ston trowghe ... ... ... ... 2^6'' 

Summa of y^ resayts for y*'' yere comythe to xvij*> vj^ j*^ 

127 a] The allowckashenes where of the sayd henry & thomaa askythe to 
be alowyd ffor 

Item for a pryste sarvinge her from y^ 29*^> of marche beyng 

easter daye 1562 vntyll y*^ ij of Aprill then beynge caster 

daye allsoe 1563 which is 55 wickes after 3** 4*^ everye 

wicke w/u'c^ comes to ... 9'' 3** 4'* 

Item for a pryste to healpe on easter daye to searve in y® 

comuy?ion tyme & at other tymes ... ... ... ... 16^ 

Item for comunyon bread on easter daye & other dayes all y« 

yerre bessydes ... ... ... ... ... 12** 

Item for wyne at Jugges as appearyth by a tale for easter and 

all y*' yerre longe ... ... 10*8'' 

Item for candell to y^ quyer in y® wynter tyme ... ... ... 12'^ 

Item payd to y'' treassorres of y*^ town for y*^ grownd y*^ y*-' 

allmosse howsses stond on ... ... ... ... ... 12*^ 

Item payd at Gurtton at y*^ archedeackons vyssytacyon for 

elye farthyngs 10** ob 

Item for our dynners y*^ same daye ... ... ... ... 3^ 

Item for a great beall rope 2*4'* 

Item for meandynge of beare y^ longes to y^ churche ... ... 3^ 

Item for meandyng of y** locke & mackynge of a newe key to y^ 

churche dore ... ... 2^ 

Item-2-ehalles-ele^hes^^-maeky n g e of th em: -rr. ~. rr. 20*" 

Item for wasshyng of y^ churche clothes all y^ yerre 6* 

Item for paper here in this boocke & to mack bothe y® easter 

lx)ocks (Rest 14. 13) 6<» 

Summa of y^ Allowancis comythe x*' vij« ix** ob 



1271)] The EkK'tH4i^4Hfw44v^vj>{^oHl^»>it4>w>tti4m4fWo444-^^ 

M' Boaum M*^ Samul ei'.s 

}ii.emorandum dewe to y*^ chyrche bye harrye clarke And thonias 

breilen for y*^'' ij yores paste of y^^' eiidc of Acoyiite to 

y** cliyrcbe And to be delyuerdde to harry walker And 

Alexander Raye electyd for y*^ chyrcbewardens y** yere 

to come y® soome of . , 
more y^ ' ys in- y*^-liAnds of Jorg©--J«gge-of-money lefte of y *' 

rootle \\^ht- (Rec c med y^ see^^nd of aprill 1570) 
more Jn y*^ liands of rycberd robynson for dyrgis And y® roode 


<^f y*^ dette of Alisander smytbe as Dothe Apere by A obligation 

onpayd ... 
of Uiylie russell as do apere bye a obligation 
more Jn y^ hands of baylie ft)xton & Symont Watson to resayiie 

of tryny te colly dge for reparyng y^ chawnsell 

128 a] of burwell And peter harrison Masters of owr laydie 
gylde kept Jn grete sent maris And dewe to y*^ parrise ... 

more layd vp Jn a coofer Jn y'' chyrche xiij candelstycks 
of latten a Jnvitoi-ie of y*' goods y* remayne Jn y*' chyrche 
And Jn y*^ custodie of John howell And Jorge Jugge 
ch3^rche wardens as hereafter followythe 

Item to M»" Raye on of the Churche wardens payed by thomas 
brydon & harry Clarke for the fote of there accownte 
by me thomas brydon 

xvj*' xij** vij'* 

xnij** 1)' 

xx« v*^ 



nj" vi]'* IX 

xxvf vnjf 



X1J« vij^i 


128 b] The Acoynte of harry Walker And Alexander Raye chyrche 

wardens of y^ parrise of grete sent marie Jn Anno ^egni Regine elisabethe 

sexto At ester for on hole yere 

Item resayuyd of h. clarke & breden ... ... ... xvj^' xij^ 6*^ 

Jn primis for londe y*- was Jn y*^ hands of oliver fflynt con- 
taining vij akers 

Of M"" hasell for A pale standyng of y^ chyrche grownde 

Of Jhon goodwyn for y*^ rent of y** chambers oner y*^ Almes 

of thomas Jacson for y*^ rent of hys shoppe at y® Weste ende 
of y** chyrche 

of giidman parris of chesterton for rent of serten medewe lyyng 

at Chesterton co?itotWw^ ij akers ... ... ... ... xiiij*^ 

of y« bachelers of Aschewednisdaye for ther offeryngs ... ... xx^ 


\\f nij' 

154 1564 

of y*' oster booko for offeryngs ... ... ... ... ... x'Miij" vj'^ 

of M"^ wulfe for y brokyng of y*' ehapiuill growudo whore liyr 

hiusbande dothe lye ... ... ... ... vjMiij'' 

for^lie frtpthytigs — r.T vn .—. rr; rr. -rr, tt: x *^ ob 

of bryden for hys wyfe berriall ... ... ... ... vj^ 8** 

Suiiiina of y^ res«ayts xij*' xvij*' j'^ 
to y*-' tresereres for y*^ rent of y^' almes for a yere . . . xij'^ 

Sumnia xij*^ 

Summa of y« resayts co?wmythe to xxix" xviij^ viij^ 

129 a] The alowances whereof y*^ sayde harry walker and Alexander 
Raye do axe alowance for y'* sayde yere 

to Arter glasier for mendyng of y*' chyrche wyndowes xiiij" 

to y^ pkniier for mendyng of y*^ leeds and for soder to mende 

y*'"' wit/< ... ... ... ... ... ... ... V* iiij** 

for xxiiij ix)wnde of leede besyds ... ... ... ... ... iij« 

for ij bnschell of charke cooles ... ... ... ... ... xij** 

to pryme to helpe hyni ... ... ... ... ... ... viij'i 

for iiij buschells of lyme to laye M"" smythe grave st(jone and 

other placis Jn y^ chappell ... ... ... ... ... xx*' 

for carryyng of ye .stoone from y<^ hylle and for .serten to 

helpe to layde y*^ ... ... ... xij'^ 

to longe for laying of the stoone Jn the chappell and other 

placLs ajendyng ... ... ... ... ... ... vj* viij«^ 

At y vi.sitation owr dymier.s And horsemete y'"" and for y^ 

hyer of a for dawnser ... ... ... ... ... vj^ 8*^ 

for a l)ell roope ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iij* 

for a bawdericke to hange y*^ bell ... ... ... ... ... ij^ 

for a y arne py nne ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ij'^ 

for brede for y*-' commvnion tabell for on hole yere ... ... xvj*^ 

for wyne to Jugge for on hole yere x^ vj*^ 

for candells iij^ ij*^ 

for viij yerds of for y'' roode to paynte ... ... iiij« iiij'^ 

for y*^ payntyng of xxiij yerds ... ... ... xx« 

to nasclie y'' paynter for whityng of y® chyrche and for chalke viij* 

for lyme to stoppe y*' holes ... ... ... xij** 

to betts y*^ synggeman for mendyng y® orgaynes And makyng 

newe pypes ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xij® 

129 b] Anno Regni Regi7ie eli.sabethc .sexto 
for lyme to amende y** chyrche walles viij hnshelh 
for .sande to yt 

for ij dayes wiirke and a halfe of a mason and hys laborer at 
xvj*^ a daye 







on hole 

to Jemis wyllyngton gyuyn for goyng abowtc y« .streets for 

XX weeks endyd y^' last of iiiarche 
for a homilie booke i)ixyd to M"" cvrett 
for a praer booke for y*^ tyme of plage 
for y* deves of luatrimonye Jn paper 
to a prest y^ dyd helpe at ester to starve ... 
to prime for waschyng of y^ lyn}'n for y^' chyrche for 

yei*e ... ... 

to- Jug gc for wy li e for y'^ hole yere for xx j quart e r — 

to prime for makyng dene of y'' strets and the chyrche yarde 

bye y '^' quarter ... 
l^iyd to y^ preste for a hole yeres wagis endyd of ester dciye ... 

for elye farthyngs ... 

fiir paper to make a booke with 

payd to y^ tressorers for y^ rent of y*^ Almes howse 

}\emoran(ium payd to baylie howell and Jorge Jugge chyrche 

wardens for y^ l)ehoofe of y*^ chyrche y^ summe of twelve 

pownds of mooney ... ... ... ... 

by me John howell 
wytnes thomas breden 



iijs vjd 

x'l ob 



Xlj" XXIJ" 

1 30 a] The electioB^^Hftcle-ai Jon ester monday 4tt Hihe y ca rc of our L orde 
1 565 according to the olde Auncient custoine of the pa ro che of g r eat 
S^ marics That is to saye M'' howell & georg Jugg churc l i wardens hath 
chos e n e H h e r of them one that is to saye M ' fletch c r and - M'' Dawnce r^ 
&- thobe Two hath clrosen tothe ni t he isc— ftoHtrwrng^ ^^-^foart^ey- m aior 
]VP hnsell M*" ffoxton^M*" bur well M^peade&Johrrx>ooley 

And thei have chosen for the C.^hurcli wardens Mr howell & georg Jug g^ 
And" Atidetoi' s to take the accompte of M^ Howe ll^ Georg Jiigg^ 
yt Monse}- muTor M*' hasseil M*" lletchBi^ M^ burwell M» foxtoti 
M*" dawcer M»' peade & John pooley 

\erte 1 foliuwi 

130 b] The Ellection made of Easterne mundaye Anno Hegni Hegine 
Elyzal^eth sexto according to the old awnchyente custome of the paryshe 
of great Sainte Maryes by the churchwardines of the sayd paryshe That 
is to sa3'e Harye Clarke, and Thomas Brydane Churchevvardines the same 
yeare haue chosine yche of them one That is to saye to be Churchwardines, 

John Howell George Jugge Churchwardines 

The audytoryes chosen for the accounte of Henry Walker Alexander 
Raye Churche wardynes the laste yeare 

Master Hasill Master Monnseye Master P^oxon Master Daunser Master 
Saunderes Master Bosam 

The election made the mondaye in Ester weke Anno 1565 according 
t<j the auntient custome of great S^ maris parrishe by the Chirche wardens 

156 156G 

of tho saido parrishe that is to sayc John Howoll Sc Oeorg Jugg Church- 
wardens hath chosen ether of them one that is M' Hetclier & M>' Dawncer 
And those two have eliosen to them theise following M'' Moonsey maior, 
M^ hjissell, M»" Burwell, M'" ffoxton, M»' pcade John i)ooley 

And thei have Chosen for Churchwardens John Howell & Ceorge Jugg 
for this yeare to com. 

The Auditors Chosen for thaccompt of John Howell & Georg Jugg 
Church wardens for the Last yeare 

M'" Moo?<sey maior IVI'" hassell M'" fletcher M^' Burwell M»" ffoxton 
M»" Dawncer M^ peade John pooley 

131 a] The election made the monday in ester weake anno 1566 acording 
to the aunctient Custome of great Saint maries p^/risshe by the churche 
wardens of the saide p^r/'ishe that is to saye John howell being churche 
warden hath chosen M'" moonsey «& george Jugg being likewise church 
warden hath chosen m^" dawwcer & those two have chosen to them 
m'' fletcher maior m^" Hassell wilhVan foxton will/</m burwell Thomas 
briden & Th<mias Tooley and theise eyght have chosen for churchwardenes 
for the Yeare to come 

John howell & John Pooley 

The Auditoures chosen for the accompte of John howell & george Jugg 
churchwardens ffor the Last yeare 

ni'" fletcher maior m*" hassell m*" moonsey m*" foxton m^' burwell Thomas 
briden m'" Dawncer Thomas Toolie 

131 b] The accompte of Jhon Howell, & George Jugge Churchewardens 

of y® Parryshe of Create Sai??cte Marys Anno Uegni Reginse Elyzabetha3 

septimo, & octavo at Easter for two whole years 

In prmiis receyved of M*' Raye 

Item y*^ fyrste yeare for y** Easter booke 

Item y^ seconde yeare for y^ Easter booke 

Item for Chrysomwjes y*^ firste yeare 

Item for y*^ same y® seconde yeare 

Item for lande of Goodman Parris bothe years ... 

Item of m'" Raye for y*^ Parrishe lande ij yeare ... 

1 tem of m'" Russell ... 

Item of T. Longworthe for his offeringe ... 

Item of T. Jackson for his shoppe bothe years ... 

Item for m*" Walkers grave 

Item of M"^ Stoks for y« masters of arte 

Item for y*^ Batchelers for y^ firste yeare 

Item for Batchilers y*^ seconde yeare 

Item for m"^ Hay nes her grave 

Item for mystris Bosom wes grave 

Item of Cfoodman Goodwine for his chamber ij yeare ... ... xvj» 

xij*' xxiij*' 

x'' X 

js vj<« 

x" xvij« y^ 






















1566 157 

Item for M'" Hasells pale bothe years ... ... viij'^ 

Sitmma xl^^ x^ ij'^ 

[Fol. 132 a blank.] 

132 I)] The allowances which y sayde Jhoii Howell & George Jugge do 

desyre ttbr y*^ sayde ij years ^' 

Inpmiiis for a loode of pavin^ie stone ... ... ... ... iijMiij'' 

Itt?ni for ij bell roopps ... v** 

Itt'ni for niendinge y*' bells to a carpe?ittT ... v'^ 

I ttin for a baiilde ry bbe ... ... ... ... , . ... xx*^ 

It<'ni for a littell board ... ... ... ... ... ... ij^' 

Itt^m for tymber to make a boxe for y^ bell ... ... ... ij*^ 

Ittmi to Jugge y*' Glasyer for mendynge y^ wyndows ... ... vij^ 

Itt'm for a dossyn of broms ... ... ... ... ... iiij'' 

Item to y*' Plumber for a C and xvjii of leade xij^ vj*^ 

Item for iiij^' & an lialfe &; a quarter of soder ... ... ... iij^ 

Item for a busshell of Cools ... ... ... ... ... iiij** 

Item for iij busshell of lyme ... ... ... ... ... xij^ 

Item for seynge y^ strets mayde cleane to Willington ... ... xij*' 

It<;m for a labourer to worke iij days in y Churche ... ... ij** iiij'' 

Item to a labourer for castinge sande aboute y*' streate ... viij'^ 

Item to Olive/' for iij loods of sande ... ... ... ... ij^ 

Item for a workman ij days in y^ Churche ... ... ... xviij'^ 

Item to Pilkinton for whitinge y® Church porche ... ... ij** 

Item for dressinge a Coope ... ... ... vj'^ 

Item for iij lodde of gravcll & carryinge a loode of durte ... ij^ 

Item for a loode of sande ... ... ... ... ... ... viij'' 

Item for an hu/idred of nayls ... ... ... ... ... v^ 

Item for a booke of my Lorde of Elyes ... ... ... ... ij'i 

Item for quarters for y*^ seats ... ... ... ... ... iiijs 

Item for franckinsence ... ... ... ... ... ... ij^* 

ltt?m for iij C & a quarter of borde to bottome y® seats ... xiij'^ 

Item y« carryage of y <= same ... ... ... ... ... x*^ 

Item for makinge y^ seats ... ... ... ... ... ... iiij** iiijf^ 

Item for a tubbe to car rye water ... ... ... ... ... viij'^ 

Item for a Tyler & his ma?z. for why tinge y^ Churche ... ... ij« viij'^ 

Item for a comwe of lyme ... ... ... ... ... ... xx'' 

Item to a carpe?iter for mendynge y*^ roode lofte ... ... iiij<* 

Itrm to Raye for a Dogge of yron for y^ same ... ... ... xij'^ 

Item to y* .smythe for nayles ... ... ... ... ... iiij'' 

Item for boards ... ... ... ... ... ... ... viij'^ 

Item for nay les ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ijd 

Item for nay les for y*^ leads ... ... ... ijd 

To William dowsye [Item for hanginge vpp y*^ bells, and makinge 

4I1 5s pi I .^ whele to y^ same & makinge to settells vj'* ij'^ 



It''!ii to l)e;ini(>n(le for yron worke 

lt<'iii to Willia/y< Prime workinge With dows^e ij days 

133 rt] Item for vj plancks 

Itfin for carryinge awaye diirte aboute y^ Churchyarde 

Tt^'in for iij boardcs ... 

Item to y^' Glasyer for mc;Kiingc y^' windows 

It<nii whippccordc for y*^ clapper of y*^ bell 

Item a paper booke 

Item for a pcnne for y" clappc/- 

Item for makiiige clciiiie and carryinge awaye durte aboute the 

Churehyai-de to Antonye 
Item to on for helpinge y** Preiste at Easter 
Item for Synginge breade ... 
Item to m»" Linfordc from Easter vntyll y*^ xvij^'' of maye beyngo 

vj wekes ... ... ... 

Item from y^ xvij*^'' of maye vnto y^' xv*'' of June 

Item for viij'* of candcll 

Item for wasshinge y*^ Churche cloths all y*' yeare 

Item reparations for y*^ ahnes liousen 

Item to M"" Lynforde for his Wages y® firste of .Julye ... 

Item to y«^ Quens Almners servamite for not ringinge at y 

Quens com?/iinge 
Item for vj busshells lyme to mende y*^ Churche 
Item to Antonye for xx loods of sande to laye yu and aboute y 

Churche yarde when y" Queue was her 
Item to y*^ Glasyer for takinge downe, mendynge, and settynge 

vpj) the Glasse at y*^ same tyme 
Item to William Pryme for dressy nge y® Churche 
Item at y*^ Visitat^on for Elye farthings ... 
Item oure dynners at Cotnham 
Item oure Supper when we came home ... 
Item to m"" Linforde y*' preiste 
Item to hym ... 
Item t« hyme 

Item payde to William Prime for tendinge y^ Batchelers 
Item for winne all y*' yeare 
Item to M*" Lynforde o?^r Preiste ... 
Here endeth y*' accomi)te of y*' fyrste yeare Sum?>?e 



llj" HIJ 



iiij^ viij*' 







iij« iiij^' 
XX vj^ viij** 

xiij® iiij'^ 


X'' ob 


vij^ iiij** 


xliij** iiij*^ 
xhij^ iiij-* 



xiij** iiij** 

xxxij^' xiv" viij'' ob 

The seco/ide year begi?inethe 

In pn'mis to m'^ Lynforde o?tr Preiste 
Item to hym... 

16 li ij" j'' ob 





133 b] Item to m*" Lynforde o^«r Preiste 
Itt'in to hyiii 
Itc'iii at y^ visitation at tt'ovill)orne for Elye farthiyigs 

Item cure dy II 116'/* there ... ... 

Item oure Siipi)cr at our Coinynge home 

Itt'ui to WiUiaui Pry me for teiuliiige y"^ batchilers 

Item for havinge m'" Russell before y*^ Vicechauceler 

Item to m*" Lynforde 

Item to S' Browne our Preiste • ... 

It^mi for wiinie all y*^ yeare 

It<'m for Co>;anunion breade 

Item for brycke and me/idinge y*^ Churche 

Item for the Preistes deske 

Item for nayles, lathes, & tyllpynes 

Item Communyon breade ... 

Ittmi for j)ooles 

Item for nayles 

Item for lynns k) tye y*' Ladders ... 

Item Lynne to tye the stadge 

Item tyll pynes 

Item laths, & nales ... 

Item lathes & tyll pyns 

Item a loode of lyme 

Item iij busshells of lyme ... 

Item a loode of sande 

Item for workinge in y^ almisse housen, y« 

Item slayte for y^ Allmesse howsen 

Item for mewdinge y^ Churche porche, & y* 

Item ij busshills of lyme 

Item to y*^ Carte/- for fetchinge doctor Walkers stone 

Item Cowimunyon breade ... 

Item for vj^ of Candell 

Item for wasshinge y'^ Churche Cloths 

Item for an olde Cheste 

Item vj ruffe Tyles 

Item to y*' Treasurers 

Item fra/ickinsens & nayles 

Item Communion breade ... 

It^'m a baull rooj^ for y^ seconde bell 

Item for whipecorde 

Item a baule roope for y*^ greate bell 

Item for pa\inge xxviij yards of lenghte at y*' Church ende 

134 a] Item iij loode of pavinge stone 

Item iij loode of sande 

Church, & y*' stepell 


x<* ob 
ij' vj'i 











vjs viij'i 







ij« viij'' 




x« iij*' 


160 1567 

Itnn to in' Polleye for iiij syngijige books ... ... ... xfij^ iiij"* 

Itdin for Co>«iiiunion brcjulc ... ... ... ... ... j^ 

Itt'iii to y*^ Trciisvircrs ... ... ... ... ... ... xij^ 

It<?m Cowmi union breado ... ... ... ... ... ... j*' 

Itc'ni for niak^y^g y*^ whele of y*^ littcll bell ... ... ... ij^ 

Item for nay les ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iij*' 

It('ni for pavingc over againste y*^ punipe ... ... ... xij'* 

Item pa vinge stones ... ... ... ... ... ... xvj** 

Item for niakinge y^ Church yarde cleane ... ... ... viij'* 

Item for besomes ... ... ... ... ... ... ... j'' 

Item for nay les ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ij** 

Item for makingo ij stoolcs ... ... ... ... ... xiiij^ 

Item Co^y^aunyon brcade ... ... ... ... ... ... iij'' 

Item for a bell roppe to yonge willingto^i ... ... ... ij" iiij'* 

Item ij busshills of lyme ... ... ... ... ... ... viij'* 

.30'' 5"* Item for stons, & pavi?ige by y^' Churche wall ... ... ... xij** 

Summa totalis for ij yercs Acoynt for baylie howell gorge Jugge 
co7nmythe to thyrtic two pownds sixe shyllyngs vj'' xxxij'' vj^ vj'i 

So rcmaynythe of y'^ Acoynt Jn y"' hands for ij yeres eyglit pownds 
thro shyllyngs viij'* viij'' iij** viij'* 

more y*^ Jugge haue Jn hys hands y*' was left of y*^ prcste wagis iij^ iiij'* 

134 b] The election made on ester Mondaye beinge the 31 Marche 1567 in 
Anno l^egni Regiue elizabeth nono according to y'^ auntient custome of 
the parishe of great Sainte Maries that is to saye John howell & John 
pooley chiu'che wardens have chosen ether of them one John howell hath 
chosen m'" fFoxton & John pooley did chewse M"" Burwell and those Two 
have chosen vnto them theise followinge, M'" Raye maior M'" Hazeli 
M* ffletcher M»" Dawncer M'^ Ilollande & Thomas Briden And thei have 
chosen for churche wardens for this yeare to come M'' Bawle &. John 

Auditours for the accompt of the churchwardens are theise men above 

Me7no7'andum y^ M* Bawll did refuse the office of a churchwai'den 
In whose place was chosen John Howell 

13') a] The accompt of John howell & John pooley in anno 1567 Anno 
Kegm iiegvie Elizabeth nono 

In p/'i'mis Receaved for ix Chrysomes ... ... iij* 

Received of m"^ Wolfe for y^ buryall of his Mother \f viij*^ 

Received of hym also to y^ vse of y'' Churche by y^" will of his 

mother ... ... ... ... xx^ 

Received of m"« Buttler for hir hus))ands buryall vj*" viij'* 

Received of m' Louc for y'= buryall of his brother ... ... vj" viij"* 

Recei'yeG? of m^ Baxter for y*-' Batchilers ... ... ... ... xxiij* 



Received of Thomas Jacksonne for his shoppo ... 

Ueceived of m^ H^issell for his paalls 

Received of y^ Goodman Goodwin for his chamber 
ReceiVec? of Good ma>i Parrishe of Chesterton 

ReceiVerf of IVr* Maior 

Resseived ftbr the ester Booke ^ast paste the Som of . 

Som total of the Resights above writton 
More for the ffoott of the last accompt the yere past 
1566 the Som of 

Som of all the Ressights is 

[Fol. 135 b blank.] 

iij^ iiij'^ 





x^' x8 ix^ 
xiiij'* xvj** iiij'^ 

in An7?o 

viij^' vij^ 
xxiij" iij^ iij^ 


vijs vj^i 




136 a] Expenses layde oute for y^ Chm'che of greate S* maryes in y'^ year 

of y'' Lorde 1567 by John howell & John pooley church wardens 

Inpnm?s for Ivij^' of Soder after vj*^ a pownde ... ... ... xxviijM'j^^ 

Item for thre schore & on poiuide of leade x^ 

Item payde for y® Plumer for three days vages ... ij® vj*^ 

Item payde to his m.A7i for workinge with, hym xx'^ 

Item for iiij busshells of cooles ... 

Item for Woode 

Item for Rossell 

Item for Nay les ... ... 

Item for Nayles 

Item payde to y® Glasyer for mendynge y^ Windows ... 

Item for a bell roppe ... ... 

Item payde to Goodman Chapma?i y^ Joyner for makinge 

a seett ... ... ... 

Item for mendynge y^ Comwiunyon Table 

Item iij quyers of fynne paper for y^ Churche booke 

Item Woode & Cooles 

Item for x^^ of leade ... ... ... ... ... 

Item payde to Wylliam Pryme for makinge cleane y^ leads & 

Churche yarde 

Item payde to Rowlande Carpenter for me?idinge y^ bell whele 

Item for x^i of leade 

Item for Co?7imunyon breade ... 

Item for nayles ... ... 

tem for nayles 

tem for whippecorde for y^ Clappe?* of y^ Bell ... 

tem for ij books, y^ came from my Lorde of Chanterburye ... 

tem for Communyon breade 

tem for Elye farthyngs 

tem for our dynner ... ... ... iJ" viij 

tem for Communyon breade ... j*^ 

tem payde to y« Glasyer ij' 

C.A.S. Octavo Series. No. XXXV. 11 




x^ ob 




Item payde to y® Glasyer for oyle & cullers 

Item for stoppiiige a pLice which was broken in y^ Churche .. 
Item giiien to WylLVirm Pryme foi- waasynge outc Images in y 

Item for nayles 
Item for Co?mnunyo?i breade 
Item for Cowmmiyon breade 
Item for Co'/«munyon breade 
Item for carryinge oute dunge aboute y* (■hm'cbe 
Item for Cowtmuny on breade 
Item for Communyon brcade 
Item for Cowmuny on breade 
Item payde to y" Treasurers 
Item for Cowmunyon breade 
Item for Communyon breade at Easter ... 

Item for nayles 

4. 2. 9i 



iijli vjs 








136 b] Item for a payre of hyngiles ... ... ... 

Item for mendynge the Challis to J. Gouldsmythe 

Item to Wyllyam Pryme for y*^ Batchilers 

Item to hym for makinge cleane y^ leads &c. 

Item to S"" Wyseman for helpinge our Preiste at Easter 

Item to fFather Eeynolde & his fellowe for swepinge y** streate 

Item for Washinge y*-' Churche clothes ... 

Item for nayles 

Item for a payer of hyngiles 

Item for mendynge y<^ seets 

Item for viij^^ of candells 

Item to y^ Preiste for 1 Weeks ... 

Item for Communyon breade ... 

Item payde Goodman dowsye for mendyng y^ seets 
Item for Wynne for a whole yeare 
Item for wrightinge of this accompte 
Item for a bell Rope 

Som total is xiij^' xij^ vij'^ ob 

so remaynythe dewe of y** last yeres Acoynt And remayne In y® 
hands of y® newe chyrchewardens nyne pownds tenne 
shillyngs viij*^ ix" x" vnj 











rli v8 

137 a] The election made on Ester mondaye being the 20 of Aprill 1568 
according to the auntient Custome of the paroche of greate S*- maries, 
that is to Saye John howell & John pooley Churchwardens have chosen 
either of them one, John howell did chewse m"* Christover fletcher & John 
pooley didd chewse m>" Burwell & thei have chosen to them m'' hasell, 
m»^ ffoxton m'" Raye m^ doctor Warde, m"" Dawwcer, & Thomas Briden and 


1568 163 

those eight have chosen for churchwardens for the yeare to come Phihpp 
Scarlett and Richarde ftylowe 

Auditoures to heare the accompte of the churche AVardens are the 
whole election above written 

137 b] Anno 1568 18 maij 

Anno 'Regni Regine Elizabeth decimo 

'Meincn-andicm that it is agreed vppon by the consent of the whole 
jKirishoners of great S*^ Maries that whosoeuer is chosen to be church- 
warden shall not Refuse the saide office of a churchwarden appon paine 
of Tenne Shillings forfeiture to be emploied to the proffits & vse of the 
saide paroche of all suche as shall offende herin 

Also it is agreed apon by the consent of the saide po;?*ishoners that all 
churchwardens from time to time shall bringe in & make theire perfecte 
& full accompts of all suche things as by vertue of theire saide office thei 
have in charge, And that this accompt be made by the saide Church- 
wardens apon the Sonday next after Ester (commonlie cawled lowe 
Sondaye) apon paine of ij^ vj^^ forfeiture to the saide paroche to be 
emploied as abovesaide 

It is also providen by a full consent of the panshe that all suche 
as shalbe appointed auditours to heare & Resseive the accompt of the 
churchwardens at the daye appointed, that neither thei nor anie of them 
shallje absente from the saide accompt apon paine to forfeite to the saide 
paroche euery one so offending Two shillings to be emploied in maner 
as afoYsaid 

Theise Articles & orders above named are agreed apon by the whole 
l-K/rishoners with the consent of m^" doctor Ithell Ordinari to my lorde 
Busshopp of Eley the yeare & daye abovewritten. In witnes herof the 
Churchwardens for time beinge have setto theire handes. By John howell. 
John pooley 

ffor as mutche as I am Credibley Informed by the Churchewardens 
above named That all & synguler the parrissheners of y® parrisshe above 
said have condescoonded & agreed of & to the said Artycles before written 
conteyned in this scheduU of papyr I am content to put myne assent 
to the same In witnesse wherof I have subscribed my name per me 
Thomam Ithell 0[rdinary] 

138 a] The accownt of John howell & John pooley Churchwardens in the 
yeare of our lorde god 1567 wAich endid at Ester in anno 1568 anno Regm 

!legine Elizabeth decimo 


In primis Resseived of m'" Baxster for the Bachelers ... xxxviij^ iiij^ 

Item for Crisoms ... ... ... iiij^ iiij*^ 

Item of m*" Raye for Londe vj« 

tern of m*" hazell for his pale iiij<* 


164 1568 

It^m of wilb'am dowcey for his Chimney ... xi]^ 

Item of John goodwill for a chamber ... ... ... ... viij* 

It^'m of Thomas Jaxson for his shoppe ... ... ... ... iij^ iiij*^ 

Item of parris of Chesterton for meddowe ... ... ... xiiij** 

Item of m"" Raye for Breking y^ grownde in y^ churche for 

m*" doctor whightgifts Kinswooman ... ... ... ... vj** viij*^ 

Item of m^" Ringsteado for ij graves made in the (^hurche thone 

for his fcither thother for his wiff'e ... ... xiij*^ 4^^ 

Item Resseived of m*" fibxton for the cannapi clothe xiij^ iiij'^ 

And for a deacon of Red satten wiVA garters ... xv" 

Item of m'' Clarke for a deacon of Red Satten with garters 

embroidered ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xv* 

And for the vaile vsed in lent of linnen clothe ... vj« 

Item of John edmondes for iij corpores cases of velvet & golde if iiij"^ 

Ite??2 of John pooley for ij Crosse clothes ... ... ... iiij^ 

And for the Sensors waing ij^' quarter ... ... ... ... x'^ 

138 b] Ressights 

Item of Tomas Tooley for an olde vestment and a Cope of 

Bawdkin ... ... ... ... ... ... ... vj* viij'' 

And for the holie water stoppe of pewter or laye mettell w^tll 

the Sprinkle ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xij*^ 

Item of m'" Burwell for a vestment of Red Satten w?*tA garters xij^ 

Item of m'" Raye for a grene vestment of Satten of Briggs. 

And the pax of copper iiijs 

Item of M*" Cutbert Stationer for all the Books at y*^ time 

being which were in nuwibre 13 Small & great x" vj'* 

Item of m*" howell for xv toppes for candlesticks of Latten vsed 

for the Roode lofte And the lampe waing all 50^' w?'th 

ij candlesticks of latten for the awter at 3^^ xij^ \\\^ 

Item soulde to one of London the crosse of Copper w^th Images 

of mari «& John, a pax and a bell ... ... ... ... iiij* 

Item of one wilh'am a Singing man for the Image of our ladie 

which was taken of the blewe velvet alter clothe bi the 

comaundement of the archdeacon 
Item of goodman Briden for ij Crewetts . . . 
Item of wilh'orm prime for the Roode clothe 
Item of m'" fletcher for the crosse staffe ... 
Item of m'' howell for the crismatori of pewter 
Item of wilh'am waters for the Shix)p 
Item of Thomas tooley for the crismatori cloth 

3" 5^1 




139 a] Item the flbote of the Last yeares accompt made at 

ester in anno 15G7 Som ix'' x« viij* 



xi' xj« ix'i 

viij^ iiij'^ 

xxx^i xs ij'i 

Item the e«ter Booke for this present yeare 1568 

It<;m Receiv<jd of Thomas medcalfe & John edmondes collectors 

for the foote of theire accompt 
Som of the whole Resseights with suche ornaments of the 

church as hath bine Sowlde by the co?isent of the whole 

panshoners wA/ch co?»ine^i all to the Some of 
The Allowances wherof the saide John Howell and John pooley do 
aske allowans for the forsawi? yeare 

Inprimis Comunion Breds j^^ 

Item for Lyme ... .1'^ 

Item for a lode of pibble stone 

Item for Commiion Bred ... 

Item for a lode of pible 

Item for a lode of pible 

Item for the carredg of a lode of the?>i from the bridg ... 

Item for having them into y*= chm'ch 

It<ni for making cleane the churche side by m"^ Bosoms 

Item to wilh'«m prime for wasshing owte Images oute of the 

glass windowes ... 
Item for ij Stresses y*^^ were taken by m"^ vicechaunseler & 

m"* maior for lack of paving 

128 6<i 

iij« viij'^ 
ijs x'l 




139 b] 


Item paide for pavinge ... ... ... ... 

Item for Sande ij lodes ... 

Item for frankensens ... 

Item for eley farthings ... ... 

Item for owre drinking at the visitasion 

Item for owr Suppers at night at Jugges ... ... 

It<mi for binding the churche booke 

Item for Jemowes & nayles 
Item for co?>imunion Bred ... 

Item j^> candell 

Item for Bordes for the Seats 

Item for nayles 

Item for canves to line the pulpett clothe 

Item for Bords for the seats ... ... 

Item for XX vj foote of plankes 

Item paid to a carpenter for mending the Seats & making 

a frame in y*^ chaunsell 
Item for nayles 

Item a Brasse for the Bell ... ... 

Item for iij Stroj^pes of Iron for the bell ... 
Item for Bords for the hearse 


x*i ob 

Vjs iiijd 


ij^ ob 


if iiij^ 

ij« iiij<i 

llj' vuj' 








1 tc'in p</ id to y'^ Trciisorcrs ... 

1 kill candle j'' 

Itt^iii Two Iron pinnes & a Iron i)late for the hersc 

Itt^ni for Inchc borde to make a cover to the herye 

Item for a Borde at thende of yt ... 

Item for making cleane rownde abovvght y^ Strctc 

Item for nay les 

Item j^' candle .. ... 

34. 7 

ij*^ ob 





ij'' ob 

140 a] 


Item paid for makhig of y^ hearse cover ... 

Item for tay yiter hooks 
Item for pinnes 

Item for candell j^i ... ... ... 

Item for paving Tyles 

Item for candell j^^ ... ... 

Item for iiij Busshell of lymc 

Item for wookemanship ... ... ... ... ... 

Item for communion Bread at Christmas 

Item a candlestick ... 

Item ij^' of candell ... 

Item ij Bell Roopes ... ... ... ... 

Item for whipcorde & nayles 

Item pa^d to wilh'c^m dov^rcey & his man for ij dayes wooking 

abought the bell 

Item for a goodgin for the bell to blande 

Item for nayles 

Item to m^" walles for making a seate 

Item to wilham prime fibr wasshing the church clothes 

Item for dim' C of quarters to a timber man 

Item pa^d to the glasyer for mending the windowcs 

Item for communion breade ... ... ... 

Item for Com?>mnion breads at ester ... 

Item for nayles 

Item for making klene abought y^ church at eser 

Item for iiij Bushelles of Lyme 

Item to a bricklayer for mending y^ churche wall with his man 

for Two Dayes ... 

Item for Brick 

408 4d 

140 b] 

Item for lyme iiij Bushelles 
Item for wine all the yeare 





ij*i ob 


ij'i ob 


ij' iiij** 





ij'^ ob 





IJ"^ VJ 





loG8 167 

ix^' iij" iiij"^ 

Itcnn prt/d to williVnn [)riine for y*' Batchelers ... ... ... ij 

Item ixiid for niondiiig of the bell whclc ... 
It^m for Coni;?ainion Breiidds 
Item to the preaste for Attending y^ bachelors ... 
Itc'm paid to the priest for wages for Iv weaks Soni 

Som Laide owte by vs John howell & John pooley ... xiiij^* viij^ x'^ ob 
So ther remayneth in y^ foote of y'' accompte of Ihon howell 

and lohn poolye ... ... ... ... xvj^i xvj^ ob 

In y** presence of m^' hasell m^' ffletcher in»" ffoxton m^" dauncer m^" 
holland & m'" bredon m^' Biu'well 

The whiche som;/ie of xvj'i xvj'^ ob we philippe Scarlet and Rychard 
Philo churche wardens for y*^ yeare to come viz. 1568 haue receyuyd y*^ 
xix^^ day of liily in y*' presence of y^ aforenamed wytnessea 

By me philip Scarlet 
By me Rychard philo 

141 a] ^iemoranditm that there Remayneth in the handes of the newe 

churchewardens \iz phillip Scarlett &, Ricliarde philowe as ffblloweth 

Inprimis Two Chall c scs parccll giltc with patt e ns poiz & one 
Communion ciipp of sylver weiuge & bowght w^th y® one 
of thei challys & was in 02^/* over plusse ... ... ... xliiij^ 

Item a Cope of cloth of Tissew 

Item Two Copes & Thro Tuncclos of Cloth of TisMOwo whiche bo cutt o r 

Item a pawle of Blacke velvett 

Item a hanging of blewe velvet for the awlter 

Item a froontlett of blewe velvett 

Item a cu ss hon of cloth of Tissow 

Item a cusshon of checkerde velvett 

I tem ij albo8 of linn o n clot hr 

Item a pulpett clothe of Red Satten with, garters 

Item a pulpett cloth of whight Chamlett 

Item Two communion clothes one of diaper the other of plaine cloth 

Item a Stremer cloth of Silke which was delivered to John edmonds 

for doctor perne to ocupye at peter howse playes 
Item a great parchment Booke delivered, to m^ monsey 
Item a greate pa?-chement Booke de^zVered to Jugg 
Item iij Surpleses 

Item Two Towelles of 8 elles a peace 
Item an aw^tcr cloth of grayc canv os the cl e rk hath 4t 
Item the Bible 
Item a nother new bible 

141 b] Item The paraphrases of erasmus 

1G8 1569 

Itt'iu T4HK5e iij Comunion books 

Item V sawlters 

It tf m Two Book t j of homclc s one homely bok 

Item viij pricksong Books in Inglishe 

Item the organs 

Iteitt the oFphrese»"ef-4»l cwc v e lvet -of- th e Re d fatten Goj)e w/iich-was 
mnde ^ p iil ),) et^- Gloth o i b le w e v e lv ett 

Item Serten writings in the hands of Rie ha r d #ylo wilh'am ward church- 

Bookes of privat prayers & Iniuntions ix 

142 a] The Eleccion made vpon Ester mundaie in the elevnthe year 
of the Rainge of our Soveraynge Ladye quine Elyzabeathe in the yeare of 
oitr Lord anno dominie a thowsaund fFyve hunndrethe threscore and nyne 
ye xjth (j.^ic Qf aprill accordynge to the oulde Ancient Custome of y'^ 
parishe of Greate Sayncte maryes in Cambridge next the markett by the 
churche wardoimes of y*^ same parishe that ys to saye the Churche 
wardon?ies hathe Chosene Eche of them one y^ ys to saye Richard ftylo 
hathe cliosene for hinie m"^ expofFer ffletcher and phylyx)p Scarlett hathe 
chosene for hime m^" william Burwell and m"" fletcher hathe chosene 
to hime m*" hasell m^ munseye et m^ foxton and m^' Burwell hathe Chosene 
to hime m^ dancer nV Breydene & m^' pooleye and they have chosen 
churchewardones for y^ yeare to come 

Richard ffylo and philypp Scarlett chirchwardons 

Awdytores to heare theyr account of y^ Churche wardon^ies are 
the whole Eleccion aboue wretten 

m"^ ffletcher m"^ hassell m'^ munseye m*' foxton 

m"" Biu*well m^" dauncer m^" Breyden m^" Pooleye 

142 b] The Accownt of Philyp scarlet and Richard ffylo Churche 
wardonwes in the year of our Lord God which Endyd at Ester in 
anno y*= eleven the yeare of y*^ Rainge of quine Elyzabeathe 


Innprmiis Received the foot of y*^ accompte for y*^ Last yeare 
made at Ester anno do?/unie 1568 the soumme of 

Item more of m^ baxter for y*^ Batchelers beinge iiij"^^ & vj 

Item of Thomas ffletcher for y*^ Rent of his shopp 

Item of William dowseye for y*^ Rent of his chymneye 

Item of Goodman goodwyne for y^ Rent of his chamber 

Item of m^ hasyll for y*^ Rent of his pale 

Item of m'" Raye for y^ Rent of his Lande 

Item of goodmane parishe of chesterton for y^ Rent of his 

Item of m*" foxton for breakynge y^ grownd in y*^ churche for his 
wyffs gra%'e 



XX viij « 










1569 169 

Item of ni>" butler for breakyiigc y*^ churche for m" buttlere ... vj» viij'^ 

Item Received of on South in a broger for peces of y^^ copes ... xlv« 
Item of m"" Rayc for pc/rt of y'' tymber w/a'ch was of y*' Rood 

loft ^.. viij«yiob 

Item of m>" foxton for y'^ fragmentes of ye Roodlofte vj« viij'^ 

Item of m»" poolye for iiij peceas of tymber of y^ same v^ vj'^ 

Iteu) of m'' foxton for y^ Remnaunt of y^ Copes xxx» 

Item Received of goodman button for y® over plus of y*^ Chalys xliiij** 

Item of w'illiam pryme for y*-' Cresoummes for y^ boll yeare ... v** 
Item the Ester Boke for this present yeare anno dominie 1568 

is ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... x^i x** x^^ 

Item Received of m^" Henrye Clarke for his Ester boke ... if vy^ 

Item Received of m*" Raye for his Ester boke \f viij*^ 

Somwia is xxxvij^^ viij^ j^ ob 

I t e m mo re to R e ceive of m ^ ' Raye alderman for hi s E s t e r bok ^ 
Item more to Recoivo of m'' Ringoted for his how e 

143 a] The allowances whearof the saide philypp Scarlett and Richard 
fiylo doe aske allowance for the fore saide yeare 


Impn'mis paide to y*^ glasyer for mendynge the glasse windows iij** 4'^ 

Item Layd owt for Communion bread ... ... ... ... ij'^ 

Item paide for mendynge a loke & maykynge a keye to goodman 

moynnes for y« Churche dore ... ... xvj*^ 

Item for canvas to lyne y*^ Red satten pulpitt clothe xx^^ 

Item Laide owt for communion bread j^^ 

Item Laide owt for a lode of Sande to y® pavinge over agenst y*^ 

pomi^e viij^^ 

Item for workemanship to pylginton of y® same & paving viij 

yardes be fore y*^ pompe ... xx*^ 

Item paid more to him for y^ pavinge of on yarde at y^ Churche 

gat iijd 

Item paide to y*^ glasyer of a Rest that m^" ho well Left to paie 

for mendynge y^ glas wyndows ... ... xiiij^^ 

Item paide to y^ glayser for settynge vp y« glasse and Re- 

paiering y"^ same & puttynge owt y*^ Imyges ... ... vij* 

Item for ij fette of new glas in y® same wyndovvs xij'^ 

Item paide to y^ Tressurers ... ... ... xij^ 

Item paide to wi7^iam i)rime for Communion breade j"i 

Item Laid owt for nay lies & trashe ... ... iij^^ 

Item paide to williavci prime for cowtmunion Bread f- 

Item paide to goodman brachar for makyng a pyp to the 

Churche doere keye ... ... ... ... ... ... vj** 




Item paide to wilham pryine for the batchelei'.s 
Item })aitlc to a plommer for mendyng y*^ ledea in y 
Item for coles at tliat tyme to y*' doiiige of y'^ same 
Item paid for our dyimer at y^ visytacion 
Item paid for Elyc farthinges 
Item for takingc ovvt y*^ artycles ... 

Item to y*' Somner for his dewtye 

Item for 02«r super at nyght after y*-" visytacion ... 
Item for brakctts to mendc y*^ seats at Cristmas 
Item for nay lis at that tyme 

Item paide to goodman dowsye for doinge y'' same 
Item paid to goodman dowsey & williani Jonner for 

down y^ Rod lofte ... 

Item for makynge of a newe seatc & stuf to y^ same 

Item for nayls at that tyme 

Item paid to m"^ wallys for mendynge y*^ Seats . . . 





x** ob 





143 b] 







viij^* X* 


Item for naylls the same tyme ... 

Item paide at Goodman Juggs for wyne y^ hole yeare 
Item paide at m'^ howells for vj^' candell & nayls 
Item for Communion bread at Ester 
Item paide m^ Slater for his wagys y*' hole yeare 
Item paide William Pryme for washinge y^ churche clothes 
Item paide m^ Slater for sainge servis to y^ batchelers 
12. 2. 6-0 Item paid goodman watters for makinge y^ pulpitt clothe 

The holl soum of allowaunces By vs philyp scarlett & Richard 

fi'ylo Comes To xij^i ij** vj** ob 

So Reymaynethe in the ftbtt of accownt of philyp scarlett and 

Richard fFylo chirchwardons ... ... xxv^W^ vij'* 

This accownt mad y*^ ffirst dale of maye anno 1569 in the presence of 
m^ hasyll m'" ffletcher m'^ ffbxton m*' docter ward m^' Burwell m'" dancer 
m"" Breyden 

By me philip Scarlet 
By me Richard fFylo 

144 a] 

Anno Dominni 1.5. G.10 v^z 1570 

The eleccion made vpon Ester monndaye in the xij" year of y^ 
Raynge of our Souerayine Ladye Elizabeathe in y^ year of our Lord anno 
domini a thowsaund fyve hundrethe thre score and tenne the xxvij" dale 
of marche accordynge to y^ owld auncennt custome of y^ parishe of 
Great Saynct maries in Cambridge next y'' markett ■ by y« Churche 
Wardonnes of y^ same parishe that ys to saye the Churche Wardones 
hathe Chosene Ecehe of them on that ys to saye Rychard ffylo hathe 

1570 171 

Chosscn for hiiiie m*' Cristoftcr fflctchcr jind i)liilipi) scarlett hathe chosseii 
for liinie John (^ittbart and ni'' fllcttcher hatlie Chosseino to hime 
m*" hasyll ni*' Kayc and M'' Mounsyc and John ciittbart hathe chossen 
to hiiiie m"^ dauwcer m*" poleye and wilhVan vvattcrs and this eyght have 
Chosseu Chirchc Wardonncs for y^ }'eare to come 

Jojni Edmondes 

Robert tatani 

'Me7)iorandum that there ys fyve of the eyght agrede apon this election 
\iz m*" hazell m^ Raye m"" fletcher ni'" dawncer John pooley 

(Signed) WylHam hasyll Alexander Raye cristofer fletcher WUyarn 
Danscr John pooley 

144 b] The account of Richard ftylo and philipp Scarlett Chirche 
wai"donnes in y® year of our Lord anno dominie 1569 ended at ester 
in anno domini 15010 y*^ xij*' year of y® Raynge of quine elizabeth 
Received the foot of y« accowunt for y*^ Last yeare made at 

ester anno dominie 1569 in monye the soume of ... xxv^^ v^ vij'^ 

Received of m^' baxter for y*^ battchelers xxxv^ iiij*^ 

Received of Goodman parishe of Chesterton for y® Rent of 

y® medow in Chesterton fyld xiiij^^ 

Received of goodman goodwin for y*^ Rent of y*^ chamber over 

y^ Allmes hows ... ... ... ... viij** 

Received of Thomas Jhakeson for y® Rent of his shopp ... iiij^ 

Received of m"^ Raye for y® Rent of y® lamid w/wch he occupies vj*^ 

Received of m.^ hasyll for y«^ Rent of his pall iiij^^ 

Received of william dowsey for y*^ Rent of his chimneye ... xij'^ 

Received of Myhell wolf for breakinge y*^ churche for hes 

wyfes grave ... ... ... ... ... ... ... vj^ viij'^ 

Received of Goodwyf Jugg for brekinge y*^ churche for hir 

husbandes grave ... ... vj^ viij^ 

Received of m^^ hollond for brekinge y® churche for hir 

husbaundes grave ... ... ... ... ... ... vj^ viij'^ 

Received of viilUam. prime for y*^ Crissomes for y*^ holl yeare ... v^ iiij'^ 

Received of y^ Procters bi y® master of arts ... ... ... iij^ iiij*^^ 

I Received for y** Ester boke for this pressent yeare the some 

^ of ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... x^i xv^ iiij*^ 

158 4d 

Received of goodwyffe morden for y*^ dett off" here hossbond 

georgJugg xs 

Som xl" xvs b^ 
15^ 8'^ 
Item thare dothe Reymayne in y^ haundes of philip Scarlett 
his part of y® chm-che monye wAich comes to y*^ Som 
of ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xiiij*^ xviij^ ij^ 



Itt^in more dothe Reniayiic in hivS haiind on challLs wiche he 

hathc pawnnd in y*^ vniversyeteye Cliist weayinge xviij 

ounces qitarter 
Item tharc is in y*' haundes of Richard ft'ylo for his part of y*^ 

churche nionye y*^ Soni of ... ... ... ... xiij^' xvj^ vij'^ 

Itc^u more Laidc owt by Richard ftylo to ni*" slatter & for other 

nessaries by him synce ester as dothe apear by a By 11 ... xliiij" viij*' 
Soe Rest in his haundes 

m'^ Ryiigsted hi& hows i« to^>Aie w^^c4^- jwiide yeai-lye xx^^ 
m ' ^ ftbrcmo h athc to })ai c yow for y*' tymc h e hathc bene in y" parish 
Ti wma s bri s l e yo hath o to awnswcr yow for ij yea res 
in the hands of M"^ hasyll an obligation of M^" sanders & seniors 

145 a] The allowaunccs wharof the sayd Richard ffylo and philip 

Scarlett doe aske allovvaunce for y^ fore sayde yeare 

Impranis paid m>' Slatter for his wages for y*^ holl yeare the 

Somma of ... ... ... 

Item paid to y« Tresurers for y*^ Rent of y^ Almes hows 

Item paid for a bell Rope to y*= fore bell ... 

Item paide to Artor glasyer for mendynge y^ Glasse wyndows 

in dy vers places wheare y^' ware broke 

Item for Lyme and saund to mend y*^ creast & y*^ chirch wall 

Item for brickc to mend y*^ chirche wall with ... 

Item for workman sliipe of them bothe which was paid to 

on Thomas thatcher ... 
Item i>aid to William prime for y*^ Losse of his daies worke ... 
Item paid to m^ docter Randall when we gave vp ot^r byll 
Item paid for caringe a waye y^ fylthe frome y*^ chirchewall . . . 

Item paid for a ballrigg to y* sermon bell 

Item paid to y^ glasyer for new glasse as miche as came to xiiij 

foot at vj'' ob y*' foot ... 

Item i>aid to arter glasyer for new glasse & for mendynge 

y<^ owld glase in dy vers places 

Item paid William prime for washinge y^ Churiche clothes ... 
Item paid williani prime for his dewtye for y*^ battchelers 

Item paid for communion bread ... ... 

Item paid at m'" howells for candell for y*^ holl yeare ... 

Item paid at y« visy tacion for elye farthinges 

Item at y^ visytacion for oia* breakfast 

Item at night for oi^r super at J ugges 

Item for the articles at y^ visy tacion ... ... 

Item paid to y* somner for his dutie 

Item for Redeminge a stres for pavinge 

Item for an other forfit for y*^ churche yard 

Item for communion bread ... 

Item paid m^ slatter for y* battcheleirs 

viijii vj« 


vj» vnj 


8 iid 





vijs vijd 



xix'^ ob 






1571 173 

Item pa?'d to a prist to healp of ester daie ... ... ... ij^ 

Item p<^//d for wyne for the holl yeare the some of ... ... xiiij*' iiij*^ 

12. 0. 8 

Sum ma 

& So Remayne in the haiides of Rychard fylo & phyllype 

Scarlett to the use of the jian'oche Summa ... xxviij'' xiiij^ ix'' 

Reseyuyd of phyllyp skarlett by M*" howell in parte payment 

off hys accownt xvj^ 

145 b] The accownt of Richard fFylo for all syche Chiirche goodes and 
nionye as dyd Reymayne in his haund by virtue of his office of church- 
wardenshipp delivered into y^ haundes of Jhon howill & Thomas Breyden 
y« xxx^' daye of Jeneuarye 1570 
ffirst in y^ haundes of Richard fFylo for y® fFoote of his accownnt 

The some of ... ... ... ... ... ... xiij^' xvj'' vij'^ 


Impnmis paid to goodman moynes for mendyng a Locke ... xij*^ 

Item for cominion Bread and for brame ... viij*^ 

Item paid m'" slatter for a qwar^ers wagis xl^ 

Item paid to W27?zam prime for communion bread ... ... vj*^ 

Item for mendynge y*^ bear and hearsse ... ... ... ... xij^^ 

Item paid to m*" Ridge for elye ffarthinges ... x^ ob 

Item paid to y* Tressuerers for Rent ... ... ... ... xij*^ 

*Item paid M"" Slatter for his wagis ... ... ... ... iiijii 

Item paide more for y® chargis of y^ sute as dothe a peare by a 

byll Iv^ ijd 

Item paide more to M*" fflettcher for that he Layd owt for 

m"^ abreye his ester boke ... ... ... ... ... xij'* 


Som of y^ allocaciones comes to ix^* xv** 

So Reymaynethe in y^ haundes of Richard ffylo The some! 

of iiiji' XV* iiij'^ j 

Dely vered in to y^ haunde of Jhon howell and Thomas Breyden 

y« 9 of fFebreuarye for y^ glasyer as dothe a pear by 

a Byll the Som of xlvj* ix*^ 

Item paid to Jhon sayer plomer for mendynge* y® Leades & 

for sowder as dothe a peare by a Byll ... xlj* xj<i 

* The lines between the asterisks are written on a slip of paper which was 
pasted into the book and covered the four following entries : 

Item paid to [blank] for y« chargis of y" sut ... ... ... xlj^ x'' 

Item paid more to m'' Slatter for wagis ... ... ... ... iiij" 

Item paid more to m"" Raye for chargis of y® sut ... ... ... x** 

Item paid more to M'" fHetcher for chargis of y^ sut ... ... ij* 

174 1571 

Item T\mY RemaynethGift4he4iands-ofRy chard fylowe of-4his 

Aovnt o tho o om of —. rr-. r^-. —. —. ... iij^' vj^ iij*^ 

And aiko ^Vi^ GFyst<Hter- ^ e chor h a uo m a d e prom en a t -the 
Hiftkyftge^ - of t hii-j a ounto "to ^aye the s om of fy ve -& ftefty^ 
s hyllyiig s ij^^ a w a u o r o ty 

146 a] The accownt of Jhon howell & thomas bryden beinge appoyntyd 

in stede of the churchewardens for the yere of owre lorde 1570 

It^m Ees(^/iw7 of phylyp skarlott ... ... ... ... ... xvj« 

Re.s<?ii?<?f/ of M'" baxter for the batchilars ... ... ... ... xxxyj* vj^^ 

'Received of M'" fletcher for Rychard fylo ... ... xlvj^ ix** 

ResezVeo? for the esster boke ... ... ... ... ... x^* xvij*^ 

Resm'eo? of M*" Raye for ther lande ... ... ... ... vj^ 

Rese/yeo? of Jhon good wyn for hys Chamber ... ... ... viij** 

Reseu'<?o? of goodman parris for lande ... ... ... ... xiiij^ 

Rese/i;ec? of thomas fletcher ... ... ... ... ... iiij^ 

ReseiVeo? of M^" hasyll ... iiij'^ 

Reserved of wylU'am dowse ... xij*^ 

Swmma xvj" xiiij'* 

the sayd Jhon howell & thomas brydon do Charge them «elues 
further wit/t the mony that Rychard fylo payed to 

M»' slater vj" 

Summa totalis xxij^' xiiij'^ 

the alowans whereof the foresayd Jhon howell & thomas Require 
to be alowyd 

In primys payed to the prest for the hole yere at 3^ 4'^ a weke ix^' iij^ iiij'^ 

Item for a shouell ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iij'* 

Item for niiyles ... ... j*^ 

Item for sande ... ... ... ... ... viij*^ 

Item to broke for Carriinge the dunge abowght the Churche ... xvj** 

146 b] Item for xvj busshells lyme iiij" 

Item for bryke viij<* 

Item to semer for brede ... ... j*^ 

Item paid to barrakar & hys man ... ... xij^ 

Item paid to semer ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ij^ 

Item for wasshynge .. . ... ... ... ... ... ... viij** 

Item for brede j** 

Item for brede ... iiij^ 

Item paid to M*" slater for saiynge seruyse to the bacchylars ... xv^ 

Item for bromes ij** 

Item for owr dyner at the vysitacion ... ij* 

Item for the bellrope ij^ vj** 

Item for frankyn sens j*^ 

Item for nay les ... ... j** 



Item for bromes 

Iteia \xiid to broke for Carriinge ertbe ... 

Item ])i(id to sander for makynge C'leiie tbe strete 

Item for brede ... ... 

Item for viij" Candy 11 

Item for wyne the hole yere ^ ... 

Item p^a'd to M^ slater that I Kescwed of phylyp skarlett 
Item paid to M*' slater for the Eest of hys wages the last yere 
Item paid to the glasier for me?«dynge the wyndowes ... 

Suuima xvj^* xv^ j^ ob 
So tbe poc^voche do owe unto the forenamyd Jhon howell 
& thomas brydon r.-, — . ., r^ ^^ „-. 







xlvij*^ iiij'^ 

xlvij^ ix'^ 

xiiij^ x j *^ ob 

147 a] The Aconte of Jhon Howell & mychaell wolff e 

So there Remayne in the hands of Jhon howell & thomas brydon 

to the vse of the pa?-roche S?miwa ... ... v" vj' 

the whyche v^^ vj^ ys delyuerd to Jhon howell & Myhell wolfe Church- 
wardens for the yere to Cuwime next 


[Fol. 147 b blank.] 

148 a] The eleccion made vpon ester mvnday in the xiij^^ yere of the 
Rainge of onr soveraynge ladye quyne Elyzabeathe & in the yere of our 
lord god 1571 beynge the xvj*^ daye of aprell acordynge to the olde 
avncient custome of the parishe of grette saynte maryes in Cambridge 
next the markett by the lawfull depevtes of & in stede of the curche 
wardens pute in and alowyeid to do & execute the sayd offece of churche- 
wardenshepe by m^ docter Ithell chanceler to the lord byschupe of Eley 
and thowse too lavfuUe deputeys beynge attoryseid as before John 
howyell & thomas bryden haue chosyen yche of them on that is to 
saye John howell bathe chosyen m^' foxton mayer of the towne of 
Cambridge & Thomas bryden bathe chossyn William burwell & m"^ foxton 
hathe chosen to hym for his parte acordynge to the custom 

M'^ William hassell M^ allycsander Raye and Rychard atkynson 
And William burwell hathe chossyn to hyme 
^P Davnser the elder John poley poticarey 

& John s here s sta s honer the said John sheres being forth off the 
& william bossam towne was in his rome chosen w. bosam 

And these ayght haue chossen churche wardens for the yere to come 
John howell & myhell wollfe 
& avdytors to be acordynge to the old costom 

by me w™ foxton willyam danser 

by me wylliam hasyll willam burwell 

Alexander Raye wilh'am bosome 

[mark] Richard atkinson John pooley 

[Fol. 148 b blank.] 

176 1572 

149 a] The eloctio?? vppon Ester mondaye in nnno 1572 the vij*^ of 
aprell acordyng to the oweld anciant costom of the perrish of great Sant 
marys in Canibrydg next the niarckit by the cherch wardenes 
of the sam perrishe that ys to saye the cherch wardenes hathe chosen 
etch of them on that ys to sjiye m}' howell hathe chosen for hym m'' henry 
Clark & niychaell wolft' hath chosen Thomas brydene m^ dark hath 
chosen to hym m'" hasell m^' Raye & m^" foxton Thomas bryden hath 
chosen to hym m'" binnvell Jhon polye m^' bosu^?? & thes eyght haiie 
chosen Chorch wardenes for the year to com Jhon Edmondes & Thomas 
mannynge & awdytores to be acordynge to owld costom 

149 b] The acownt of Jhon howell & mychaell wolft" for all sutch Cherch 
goodes and monye as dyd Remane in ther handes by vertue of ther 
ofticis of cherch wardenship the xiij*^^ of aprell an??o 1572 

Item for the footte of y^ accout for the last yeare v^' vj" 

Item Rescued of m*" Raye for his Rent vj^ 

of m'^ hasell ... ... ... ... iiij<i 

of Thomas Jacson iiijs 

of goodman dowsye xij** 

of goodman goodwyn viijs 

of mrs monsye for brekyn of the cherch. for hjr husbondes 

graue vj^ viij*^ 

of goodmaTi parris of chestertim ... ... ... ... ... xiiij'^ 

Recieued of mrs monsye for the laste yeares ester booke ... v^ 

Recieued of the masters of art at mydsuwier ... ... ... iiij^ vj<^ 

Recieued for the buryeall of Rychard dark ... ... . . v" 

Recieued of M^ baxter for y® battcheleres ... ... ... iij** xij*^ 

Recieued for the ester booke x" ix" 

Summa xx'* xvij" viij<* 

The allowances wher of the sayed Jhon howell & mychaell wolfe doe 
aske for the foresayd yeare this wAich followethe 

Item for ly me ... ... ... ... iij<* 

for mendynge of cherch wall iij^ 

for bromes ... j^ 

for iiij lodes of Sand ij* 

for iiij lodes of pauyng stones xiij^ iiij^ 

150 a] Item iiij lodes of grauell ij" viij^ 

payed to the paver viij^ 

payed the loksmythe for mendynge of the loke & for nayles for 

y^ cherch dore ... x^ 

for communyo?i bred ... ob 

for a lode of claye & strawe ... xiij^ 

to ij clayeres for work ... xyj** 

for splent byndynge ... ij* 

for a bontch of lathe xvj* 

1572 177 

for brouies j<* 

for the l)}>>hii)cs booke ... ... ... ... ... ... vj^ 

for a byll at the vysytasio;i ... ... ... ... ... iiij'* 

for my hor«e hyer ... ... viij'^ 

for my dynner ... ... ... ... ... ... ... viij'^ 

payed for iiij horse hyer the next vysitatio?^ ... ... ... iij^ iiij'' 4'* 

for the quest meiies dyneres ai\d oweres with the mynnister ... ij^ vj** 

paycil more for a byll ... ... ... ... ... ... iiij*^ 

for ower horse met ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iiij'^ 

for Elye farthynges x'' ob 

payed to the tresurcres ... ... ... ... ... ... xij^* 

jviyed to thomas barber for a byll delive?'ed to the Qiienes Com- 

wysioneres ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xij*^ 

Comwmiio7i brciid ... ... ... ... ... ... ... j** 

bromes ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... j'* 

Oyle for the belles ij'^ 

for Ryngeres for the Queues grace ... ... ... ... iiij'' 

geue to m*" hasell for the challis ... ... ... ... ... xvj^' 

bromes ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... j^ 

Comwunio?i bred ... ... ... ... ... ... ... j'^ 

bromes ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... j** 

for swepy iig of the chcrch wyndoes ... ... ... ... viij*' 

Communio?^ bread ... ... ... j** 

150 b] payed to m"" slater iij'* 

payed to m"" hammond ... ... ... ... ... ... xx^ 

payed to m*" shawe ... xl^ 

for glasynge of the cherch ... ... ... ... ... ... ij^ vj** 

Com7«uuion brccxd ... ... ... ... ... ... ... j'^ 

a bushell of lyme ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iiij^ 

for a bell Rope ... ... ij^ iiij'^ 

payed for pauynge Rychard clarkes graue & swepynge of the 

cherch ... ... ... ij^ 

for stopynge holes whear the Roodloft laye ... ... ... ij^ 

for viij** of Candles ... ... ... ... ... xx^ 

payed the glasyar for mendyng the cherch the xxj^'^ of January v^ 

payed to corbett the xiij^^ of martch for wryghtyne the cherch iij'* f 

paper & par tch me/it for a cherch boock ... ... ... ... ij^ 

Communio/i bread ... ... ... ... ... ... ... j^' 

payed to semer of the batcheleres monnye ... ... ... iij** iiij'i 

comiininio/6 bread ... ... ... ... ... ... ... j*' 

[)erfumes for y*' cherch when y<= consell was here ... ... xij*' 

[)ayed m"" shaw from Christmas tell ower ladye daye in lentt ... xliij^ iiij'' 

for caryenge of vj loode of moke from y*' cherch ... ... xviij'' 

com»«unio7i bread ... ... ... ... ... ... ... v*' 

C. A. S. Octavo Series. No. XXXV. 12 



x« iiij'* 

for wa.shyngc the chcrch Clothes all y*' yeare 

fraiicu/<ccnse ... 

payed for a coin;>Miiiio;i table 

payed for Wynne all the hollo yeare 

for com /;aujy on bread 

for coniy/iunio7i bread on wyt,su/i «ondaye 

Siimnia xv^* xij" 

so ther Reniayncthe in the handew of J lion howell & niychaell wolf 
the some of fyve pondes fyve shilling viij'' for the vse of the i)crysh 
w///ch some of v'* v^ viij** ys delyucrcd in to the handes of Jhon edmondes 
&, thomas mannynge cherwardencs for the year to come 

151 a] The accownt of John Edmonds & Thomas mamiynge of all soche 
nione & Rents as they have Receyved to the vse of y*^ churche by vertu of 
ther oftyce 
Inpri/«is Receyved of m^" howell & myhell wolfe mone left 

of ther accownt for the last yere as a,perethe by our hands 

in y^ other leffe ... ... ... ... 

Ite?;i Receyved of m^ baxter for y^ bachelers 4*' a peee som 

lte7n of M^ hasell for Rente of his pale ... 

Itc'/^i of goodman thomson for Rent of a lytell ground withowi 

his eves droppe in y*^ churche yard by yere Rent ... 
Item of m'' goodwyn for y*^ chamber over y'^ almoshowsen 
Item of Thomas Jacson for y*^ shoppe in y*' west end ... 
Item of goodman pares for Rent of medow in Chesterton 
Item of m* Ray for Rent of land in hose feld 
Item of m^ Raye for y'' buriall of his dawghtcr in y^ churche ... 
lte7H for y*^ buriall of goodwyf medcawfe in y*^ churche 
Item for y*^ buriall of m'*^'* whithed in y^ churche 
Itewt of goodman dowsye for a pece of grown 
Ite??i Receyved of Richard fyloo that Remayned in his hand 

after his acownt as ap})erethe by y*' boke ... 
Ite^/i Receyved of the Ester booke 

i ys viij'i 








vj« viij'i 

vjs viij** 

vj8 viij'i 


vjs viij^i 

X" xV* vnj 

som xx^* viij*^ 

151 b] Charges layd owte by John Edmonds & Thomas man/iynge for 
Reparacions y*^ curates wages & other nessessaries belongynge to y 
churche as folowethe 
Impriwds payd to m*' shawe his quarters wages due to him 

from our lady day in lent to mydsomcv 
Item for bromes 
Item for nay les 

Ite^y* layd owte for ely fcxrthinges ... 
Item for horse hicr to y*' visitacion 

Item for o%r dyners at y^ visitacion 

Item for a byll at y^ visitacion 

xliij" iiij** 


ij'' ob 







1573 179 

Itc^/w for gevynge vpe of ojtr byll vj'' 

lU'm for o«r supers iiij* vj'^ 

Itt?w for oyle ... ... ij*^ 

Item geveii to y^ Ringers for y^ quene vj^^ 

Itcw for bred ... ... ... iij'^ 

It<';« for caiidcls ... .... ... ... ... ... ... vj^^ 

Item payd to in*' shawe for his quarters wages due to him from 

mydsomer to myhehnas 1572 xlvj^ viij'^ 

Item pay to m"^ shawe & m'" ware for ther quarters wages due 

to them from myhehnas to crismas ... ... ... ... xl^ 

ittsm payd to wylyam dowsye for mendynge y*' sarmon bell 3^ 4<* 

& to y*^ smithe for mendywge ij yrons for the same bell 7** iij^ xj'' 

Item iviyd to the tresurers for y*^ ahnes howsen ... ... xij'^ 

Item payd to semer our clarke of the baohelers monye ... iij^ iiij^ 

Itc'wi for iij'' of candels ... ... ... ... ... ... ix'^ 

Itc'^/i payd to symson for a booke ... ... ... ... ... iij** 

It<?w for mendynge of a Keye ... ... ... iij^ 

Itew for a payr of hingels & a staple ... ... ... ... ix'^ 

Itew for laynge iij grave stones ... ... ... ... ... v** 

Item for x pavynge tyles & ij boshell lyme ... xviij«^ 

Item for writyuge the names of y*' pareshe & paper ... ... iiij'^ 

Itt'w for franccomsens ... ... ... ... ... ... j^^ 

Item payd to ni^" ware for his quarters wages due to him from 

crismas to ladye day xliij« iiij^ 

152 a] It(?wi for washinge the church lynen ... ... ... xij** 

Item com^wvnyon bred ... ... ... ... ... ... vj^ 

Item to m*" burwell for wyne y« hole yere ... xj^ iiij*^^ 

Item to y« glayser for mendynge y'^ wyndos ... ... ... iij^ 

'* Item geven to semer for mendynge setes ... ... vj*^ 

Som of charges ys x** xvij^ V* 

Som of y*= Recepts for this yeare past beinge in an>?.o 1572 ... xx^* iiij^ 
Rest Remayninge in y*^ Church wardens hands viz John 

Edmondes & Thomas Manninge the som of ... ... ix^^ x^ vij'^ 

This accompt was taken the 6 of aprill 1573 before the auditours viz 
I w™ foxton henry dark thomas brydon w"' Bosom John pooley 

152 b] The Electyon made vppon Ester monday in the xv*** yer of 
y* Raynge of our soverayn lady Elyzabeth et cete?'a the xxiij^^ of marche 
1572 by the churche wardens of great saynt maryes pareshe in Cambrige 
accordyuge to the owld & awncient costom of the same pareshe the 
churche wardons have chosen eche of them one manne that is to saye 
John Edmonds hathe chosen m"" doctor ward & Thomas mannynge hathe 
m^ henry Clarke «& m^ docter ward hathe chosen to him m"^ burwell 
m' dawucer m^ poolye & m"^ clarke hathe chosen to him m"" hasell m'^ Raye 











180 1573 

& 111' liowell & thcs eyght have chosen for the yer to com to be churche 
warddoiios .John Edmonds tS: Thomas nianyngc & the aforsayd eyght to 
bo awdytors of tlie accownte acordyiige to the custom of y® pareshe 

153 a] Tlie accownte of John Edmonds &, Thomas man/iynge of all siiche 
Rents (S: mony as they have Receyved to the vse of y*= Churche by the 
vertue of tlier otiyce in the secownd yere of ther churchewardon shippe 
Inpranis Remaynge in our hands of our last yers acovvnt ... ix' 
It<^m Receyved of wyllyam sparoo for a white stone 
Item Receyved of m*^ procter for y*^ masters of arts comense- 

ment l)eingc in nvmber Ix & iiij at j** a pece 
Itc'7/i for m"^^ hasels buriall in the chapell 

It<?wi for m"^ da wnsers buriall in the churche 

Itt!wi Receyved of m^ baxter for tlie bachelers comensement 

bcinge in nvniber vij score at iiij'' a pece ... ... ... xlvj" viij'* 

Itewi of m*" hasell for Rent of his yard taken owte of the chorch- 

yard grownd enclosed with a pale in y^ east end ... ... iiij** 

Itc^wi Receyved of goodman dowsye for the yers Rent of his 

lytell yard taken owt of y^' churclie yaixi grownd enclosed 

with a pale on the northe east end of the churche yard ... xij'' 

Item Receyved of goodman Thomson for his yeers Rent of a 

lytell pece of grownd taken owte of the sowthe syde of the 

churche yard & enclosed to his howse with a wale ... yj** 

Ite?>i Receyved of goodman Jacsou for his yers Rent of the 

lytell shoppe in the west end of the churche ... ... iiij* 

Itewi Receyved of goodman goodwyn for his yers Rent of the 

chamber over the almes howsen ... ... ... ... viij^ 

Item Receyved of goodman pares of chcsterton for his yers 

Rent of ij acres of niedoo lyinge in chcsterton felds ... xiiij^ 

Item Receyved of m*" Raye for his yers Rent of vij acres of 

erable land lyinge in howse feld ... ... vj"* 

3ii 18Mr* Itt';>i Receyved of the ester booke x'* iiijM'ij** 

153 b] Charges layd owte by John Edmonds & Thomas mannynge for 
Reparacions curates wages & other nessessaries belonginge to the churche 
as folowethe 
Itt^m payd to m^^ ware for his hole yers wages ... ... viij*' xiij** 4'* 

Item layd owt for charges of sute agaynst m*^ watson ... ... iiij^ 

Item payd to the plummer for soder & worckmanshiix! ... xij* 

Item for iij boshell of coles ... ... ... ... ... xij'* 

Item dim' a li of Roscll & lathe ... ... ... ... ... j'' ob 

Item m"" vicechancelor & m"" mayre becawse the churche yard 

was not cleane acordynge to ther mynds paid ... ... vj* 

Item a booke at the vy sitacion ... ... ... ... ... vj* 


1574 181 

li/m for hors hier to the visitacion & horse mete iij^ j'* 

It^>« for <nvr (lynors thcr ... ... ... ... ••• ••• xvj'' 

It<j;« for owr .suppers at nyght ... ... ... ... ••• v** 

It^n for the ely farthinges x'' ob 

It^wi for caiidells ... ... ... ... ... xxj** 

Itc^n for exibytyngo vppe of o?a- byll to y*' chawy^selor iiij^ x'^ 

Item for lainge Rubyshe & gravell in y'' cliurche yard iiij'^ 

Itewi for makinge clene the strete alKDwt the churche ij** x'' 

It^m for ij l)ell Ropes iii.j' ij'^ 

Item payd to tlie glaser for rneiuiynge the glasse vvy?jdos ... xij** 

Item for lym & sand for the ghiser viij'i 

Item payd to goodman barnes for mendynge y*^ churche wale iiij'' 

Item for iiij lo(ie of pavyiige ston & cariage of them ... ... xvj^ 

Item for wasshinge the chiu-che lynen the hole yere ... ... ij^ 

It<?/« for pajKir for ester booke & bylls ... ... ... ... j** 

Item for i>erfmnes «& francimsence for the churche viij'^ 

Itt'wi for liesomes and oyle ... ... ... ... ... ... x'N^b 

Item for hingels & nay les ... ... xiij^' ob 

Item payd to y*^ Joner for mendynge of sete dores ... ... xiiij'' 

Item geven to y«^ Ringers for the queues yer day ... ... xij'^ 

154 aj Item payd for the Rent of the almeshowsen xij^ 

It^'wi i)ayd for bred & wyne the hole yere ... ... ... xiiij^ ix'^ 

JMt«m more for wyne ... xij"^ 

The some of the receites the yeare past namely 1573 as apperith xxiiij^^ iij^ vj'* 
Laid out the said yeare as apperith by the churchwardons 

then being Jho>i Edmonds and Thomas Mannyng ... xiij^i xif 

And so remaineth to the churche .. . ... ... ... .. x^' xj^ vj'^ 

Alexander Raye 
WilbV/m Ward 
William Burvvell 
John Howell 

Item received more the day of the accompte of wilh'am Jho^son ij« 

It^m of J how warren ... ... ... ... ... ... vj*^ 

Itew of george goldsmith ... ... ... ... ... ... iiij<^ 

So there remainethe in ale ... x^» xiiij^ iiij'* 

154 b] The Election mad vpon Ester mondaye in the xvj^^ yer of the 
Rayne of quen Elyzabethe & the xij*'^ of aprill 1574 by the churche 
wardons of grate sayn maries in Cambridge acordyng to the owld costom 
of the sam pareshc The churche wardons have chose eche of them one 
manne thatt is to say John Edmonds hathe chosen m^' burwell & Thomas 
mannynge hathe chosen m*" Raye & m*" Raye hathe to him m'^ howell 
m' smithe & John goodwyn & M*" burwell hathe chosen to him m"" bridon 
m"" }X)olye Sc m> Wolfe & this viij have chosen churche wardons for the 

182 1575 

yere to come m»" wyllyam foxtoii & ni»" doctor warde and the aforsad viij to 
l>e awdytoi*s of ther accowv<te 

155 a] The election made on Eyter Monday in the xvij yeare of the 
Raigne of quene Elizabeth and the iiij*'' of Aprill an^io domini 1575" 
accoixlyng to the old Custome of the parrishe of great Sainte maryes in 
Cambridge next the market Crosse by the churchwardens of the same 
parri.she that is to say the Churchwardens hathe chosen ech of them one, 
namelye willmni foxon hath chosen Master howell Master ward hath 
chosen Master burwell M*" howell hath chosen M> fletchor M>" ball & 
M"" leonard And M»" burwell hath chosen M^" pooley M»" breden & M'' wulfe 
And tliey eight haue chosen Churchwardens for the yeare to come 
M»" baxter And Mr goodd^n 

Auditors to the same Accompte 

M'^ fletcher W Burwell 

M^' howell M'" poole3'e 

M»' leonard M> Breden 

M»- ball Mr wulfe 

The fift day* of Aprill 1575 The Church wardons did chuse vnto them 
these six persons following to be sessors of all such persons as have londs 
or tithes within the parishe According to the statute made in that behalfe 
anno Regni Regine 'EYi/.abetke octa^'o namely M"^ foxon did chuse M"' 
leonard Mr Mannynge and M"" Medcalfe M^ Ward did chuse M'" burwell 
M'' l)OSome and M^' pooleye 

0\'erseyers for mending the hey ways lawrance Williamson 


155 b] ^[emorandum that the fift day of Aprill anno doniini 1575 it was 
agreed by the more part of the parishe that every parishoner for the time 
being shold be sessid both to pay the curates wages quarterlye and also 
for the reparations and maintenance of the church And for the same 
sessement were apointed and chosen sessors M"" fletcher M*" foxon M"^ howell 
Doctor ward M"^ burwell M"" pooleye 

156 a] The Acownt m*" docter ward & m*" ftbxton for all soche monye & 
Rents as the have Received to the vse off the chorche by vcrtue ofl' ther 
offys the whyche acownt they haue yelded vnto the awdytors apoynted 
acordyn vnto the costome ofl' ther parryche x ofl' aprill 1575 

Item Received oflf John edmonds & thomas manyng that was 
dew vnto the chorche vpone there acownt as i)erythe in 
thys boke the some off ... x'' xiiij" iiij'^ 

Received off m'^ baxster for the comensers y' dyd comense one 

asche weddewseday ... ... xliijMiij'^ 

Received ofFm^ Raye for the Rent oflf the londe ... vj^ 

Received off m'^ goodwyne for the Rente off y*-' chamber over y*' 

almes howses ... ... ... ... ... ... ... v4ij^ 

Recm'eo? off m*" bossame for hys palle ... ... \\\']^ 

1575 18.3 

J^eceired off thomas Jaxsone for Ront off y« shope at y** church 

ende ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iiij** 

Received oft' wcdow dowse for y*^ Rent oft' y'* growiid wherone y*^ 

chymnye standeth ... ... ... ... ... ... xij'^ 

Heceived oft' goodman Thomsone for the Rent oft" grownd 

wherone he liaue byldcd ^ ... ... ... ... ... \\]^ 

Received oft' goodrnan parryche oft' chesterton for sertayne 

niedow lying w/t/i in the ft'y Ids oft' Chesterton ... ... xiiij'^ 

Received off'ni'*' Hatonie ft'or tlie brekyng off' the grownd in the 

church to bewrye here hosbond ... ... ... ... vf viij'^ 

Received at ester as apery the by the bouke the some ... ... x^' v^ ij'* 

Sumwja Receptorum xxiiij^* x^ vj'^ 

15G b] The charges layd owt by m"" docter ward & m'" willain foxton ft'or 
all soche Reprasyons y^ curates wagys & other nesasarys as apcTtaynethe 
vnto y* churche wheroft'they aske alowanse 
It^m }m3'd to y*' curatt for hys yers wagys ... ... viij^' xiij** iiij'^ 

Item payd to y^ clarke for candell iij^» ... ... ... ... vij'W^b 

Item payd to y^ glasyer for v fotte oft" new glase & mendyng y*^ 

holies in the wyndows .. . ... ... ... ... ... viij^ 

Item payd to m"* .starne for makyng oft' a ded oft' ane estatte oft 

y^ churche lond ... ... ... ... ... ... ij^ 

Item payd to a masone for ij dayes workes oft" hyme & hys 

mane to stope owt the batts in sundrye plasys oft' y*^ 

cherch ... ... ... ... iij^ iiij*^* 

Item payd for iiij bushells oft'lyme y*' same tyme ... ... x\}^ 

Item for sand to y*^ same ... ... ... ... ... ... iij'^ 

Item ft'or hare & lathe nayeles y*^ same tyme ... ... ... iij'^ 

Item payd to semer for comvnyone bred & frankensens & 

brownies frome why tsontyd to hallo wmas ... ... ... vj'^ 

Item payd to y^ tresurers for the Rent off" the almes hoveses . . . xij'^ 
Item imyd to a masone for mendyng of y*^ cherch walle & for 

lyme & sand to y** same ... ... ... ... ... ij* viij*^ 

Item payd to m** Rydge for ellye farthyngs ... ... ... x'^ oV) 

Item payd to y« plomber for xvj^i & a halfe off'sovvder ... xj* 

Item payd to hyme for a daye work & a halfe ... ... ... xvj'^ 

Item payd for colles for hyme y** seme tyme ... ... ... vj^^ 

Item payd for carying awaye off viij loods off' myer frome the 

end off y^ cherch ... ... ... ... ... ... ij^ viij'^ 

Item payd to m^ gallant for a quyttans consernyng the estatut 

for vermyne & for y*' dyscharge off' y*^ same ... ... x^ 

Item payd for wyne & comvnyon bred at ester ... ... ... xiij^ iiij'^ 

Item payd for washyng for this yer ... ... ... ... ij" 

Item payd for briks to mend the cherch walle ... ... ... iiij^i 

Item for iiij torned pynes to Joyne y*' stones together ... ... iiij'i 

184 1576 

Item payd to sonier for hclpyng the plomer ... ... ... vj** 

Item payd to seiner for Rynggync the sermoiid bell for y*^ laste 

yer & for thys ... iiijs 

Item payd for one homyley agaeynst Rel)ellyon ... ... iiij'^ 

Item for led y' was ocupyed by the plomer ... ... ... j^ 

Item for paper for y*^ ester bouke j*' 

Siniiv«a iiWocationum xij" viij*' 

Swm7>ia 'Receptorum xxiiij'' x^ vj** 

So remaneth to the next churchwardens xiji" ix^ x*^ 

157 a] The full Accompt made on lowe sondaye anno domini 1575 
according to the old custome there remaineth to the parrishe xij'> ix" x'' 
the which some is deliverid to the new churchwardons the day above 
written in the presence of the Auditors apointed for the same whose 
names follow 

William Burwell, by me John Howell John pooley John Goodwin 
Ecclesia beata marie iux^a fornm. Elecc^'o gardiano/'?<m eccle.sie \rredicte 
ibidem facta die lune in ebdomada pasche Anno llegni Regine Elizabethe 

Johawwes Baxster Wiua hedeWorum Academie Cant' ac vn?*s gardian- 
omm ecclesie prediWe elegit xwurn xidelicet willelmum Burwell Johannes 
Goodwin yuus aV gardianor?()rt elegit uhigutrmn willelmum ftbxton vnum 
alderman' ville Cantabrigie Qui quidem duo eligerunt sibi Sex videlicet 
magistrum Cristoferum fHetcher vnum al' alderm' dicte ville Edwardum 
Hall 3oh((n7ieni Howell Johannem poolye willelmum Bosom & michaelem 
wulfe Qui quidem octo eligerunt in gardianos eccle«ie i>redicte \)ro hoc 
anno venture videlicet Leonardum Tayler Johannem Mosse 

[Fol. 157 b blank.] 

158 a] The Acount of m*^ baxter & Jhon Goodwin for all shiche money 
& Rentes as thay have Resaived To the Ewes of tlie chorche by vertew of 
thar offise the whiche acovvnt thai liave yellded vnto the awditorse 
apoynted acording to y« costom of the parishe 

Item 'Received of m'' foxton & m"' doctter warde that wos dew 

vnto the chorche by thar acownt as aperethe by this bocke xij'' ix^ x*' 

Item Remyec? of m*" baxter for the bachilers lvj« viij*' 

Item Received of m"" stockes for the masters of art viij^ 

Item Received of m'" Ray for the Rent of the land ... ... vj^ 

Item Received of Jhon Goodwin for the Ren of the chamber 

ower the allmos bowses ... ... ... viij* 

Resaived of m^ bosom for his palle iiij'* 

Received of Tomas Jacson for the Rent of the shop at the 

chorch end iiij* 

Received of wedow dowsey for the Rent of the grownd wher the 

chimni stondeth xij** 




B£(:eived of goodinaii Toin.sone for the Rent of grownde y* ho 

hav bolt of 
Recein'd of Gotxlinaii parialie of chestei'ton for sartain medow 

in Chesterton ... 
i\i}w^'iH'CT "ft* tty*eF rt»+ ai)Ci*CLiic oy inc DoCrC 
Received of m^ harison for t|»o breeking the grownd in tlie 

chorch for the Inmall of his wif 




\y vnj 
17«> 2« 2'' 

viiji' xiij« iiij'' 


158 b] The chargis laide owt by m'" baxtter & Jhon Good wine for all 
shiche Reprasyons the cewrets wagies & wother neseysaries as apertainethe 
vnto the chorche whar of we ask alowenee 

It^un jwiide to the Cewrat for his vers wages 

Item to m^ niaiei-e for niarseyniente for the clay that laye 

at the west ende of the chorche 
Item for a sance bell Rope ... 
Item for mending of ij bell Ropes ... 

Item for ix yai*ds of paxinge agenst the west end of the chorche 
Item for ij lode of sande 
Item paid for the mending the glasc in the chorche that 

dawson had 
Item for a Rope for the fore Bell ... 

Item paide to the treserowrs for the Rent of y*' allmes haus ... 
Item for brf)mes for y® chorche 
It^'m paid to the careriers away of the filthe abowt the chorche 

for the half yer ... 
Item for nailles at times for the mending of the setes ... 

Item for oy lie for the bellis ... 

Item owr charges at the vesitasion 

Item for Eley farthinges ... ... 

Item paid to m"" Ridge for the Resait of owr bill 

Item paid for iiij pownd of candell 

Item for comminion bred for the holl yere 

Item for wine at m"^ baxtors 

Item to semer for washing the clothes 

Item to semer for Ringing the bell 

Item for laieng of a grav stone 

Item for paper to make y^ ester bocke and wother paper 


ijs iij^i 


ij« iiijd 




iij« iiijfi 
x'' ob 









xj" iiij'i ob 

159 a] John good win his accompt 

The full accompt made on lowe sondaye anno 1576 according to the 
olde custome there & so remanith to the parrissh the Som of xvj'' x^ vj** 
the whiche Som is deliuerd to the newe churchwarde/^s the daye above 
written which be theise two m*" Leonard Taylor & John mosse Also 
ther resteth to be gathered vpp of John goodwins accompt which hadd not 

1«6 , 1577 

\Mfi\\ at his Accompt making the Som of xij'* v** The hole Som of all 
tliat the nowo churchwardens are charged with ys xvij'' ij" \j'' 

by niy leonard taylor 
bye nic John Mosse 

In wytnes of thes niene 

Christofor fletchar 
William burwell 
John Howell 
John pooley 
leonard taylor 
mychaell wolfe 
Thomas brydon 

159 b] The electio?^ of the churchwardons of the parishe of great sainte 
Maries iuxta foruwi had and made on Ester monday anwo dommi 1577 
according to the auncie>?,t Custome of the said i>errishe by the chiirche 
warde^^s of the said parishe namely Leonard Taylor hathe chosen 
M"" Christopher fletcher aldtvman And Jhon mosse hath chosen M"* Ihon 
poolye and these two hath chosen M>" fletcher hath chosen 

M'" foxoH 
M*" Howell m^" goodwin 
and Richard philo 

J\u)n pooly hath chose^i 

doctor warde 
m>" burwell 
and m"" baxstar 

And these eight hath chosen churchewardens for the yeare following 
Jhon Slieres and Thomas medcalfe 

Auditors for the yeare foUowinge the electors above namid 

Collectores for the poore wer 
m'' bosan 
m^ howell 

The pa/ishe also hathe chosen for the overseers off having off a nett 
and other like Engines for the destruction off vermine the same persones 
that last wer elected for the same purpose and for sessing thos that wer 
Landed & had titlies in the parishe according to a statut mad in that 
behalf an wo Regine Ehzabethe 8" thes vj persons 

John Sheres hath chosen Thomas medcalff hath chosen 
m^ burwell m^ Leonard 

m*" bosoum Thomas manning 

m*" pooley lohn howell 

The overseers for y*^ hye wayes WilKcmi Chapman Talour 


1577 187 

160 a] The Acou?*tte of m'" Lenerd Tayler and Tohn Mosse for all Siiche 
monye and Rentes as they have Kecoyved to tlie ciise of the [)ary.s]ie 
Chui'che by vertewe of ther oftyce the wyche Acounte the}- have yelded 
vnto the Andytors apoyntcd acordyng to the cnstonie of tl»e paryshe the 
21*'* of aprelle 1577 and in the nyntenethe yeare of tlie Rayne of ovvre 
soverayne l^adyc Elyzabethe by the grace of god oft' England france Sc 
lerlonde quene defendowors of tlie fjiythe etc. 
Inpriniis we Received of m* Baxter & m'" Goodwyne y* was 

dewe vnto the churche by there acounte the soume of ... xvj'' x** vj*' 

Rcw/re^ of ni*" baxter for the bachelers ... ... liij*^ 

Received of John goodwyne for the Rente of the chamber over 

the almes howses ... ... ... ... ... ... viij^ 

Remyec? of m'" Raye for the Rente of the land ... vj^ 

Received of thomas Jacksone for the rente of the shope of the 

churche end ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iiij^ 

Received of goodmane paryshe of chestertone for the Rente 

of medowe ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xiiij^ 

Received of Tonisone for the Rente of grounde which he hathe 

belte of ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... vj*^ 

Rt'myeci? of m*" bosame for hys palle ... ... ... ... iiij^^ 

Received of wedowe dowse for the Rente of the chennieye ... xij'^ 

more we ha\e Received of the xij^ v'^ which we were charged to 

gather vpe ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iiij^ v^' 

Item oure Easter boke as aperethe comethe to ... ... ... x^' vij^ 4'' 

20U88 lid 

30i» 16« 3^^ 

Som of the Resseitts ys xxx^^ xvj^ iij*^ 

IGO bj The Carges Layde oute by m"" Lenarde Tayler and lohn Mosse 
for all suche Reperasyons the curatts wages and other nesecaryes as 
a[>t'/'teynethe to the churche wherof we crave alowance the 21*'' of 
aprell 1577 

In primis payde to the curatte for hys holle yeares wages viij'' xiij^ iiij'' 
Item payd at the vysetacione for oure dyners and supers and 

for horse mette w/th the queste mene ... ... ... ix^ vj'' 

Item i)ayde to the Joyner for the seate makine for m*"^ goode xxj^ 

Item for gemous & nayles for the dore ... ... ... ... xv'' 

Item payde to m'" baxter for the makine of the goinge vp into 

the pulpete with the lernge worke ... ... ... ... v^ iiij*^ 

Item payde for wyne to my baxter for the comunyone ... ... xvj^ viij*' 

Item more gevene to semure for wynne one new yeares daye xiiij'' 

Item payde more to m*" burwell for wyne for the communyon 

thys ester tyme ... ... ... ... ... ... viij^ v** 

Item for communone brede for the hoU yeare ... ... ... xj^ 

Item for oure byll of artecles at the vysetacion ... vj'' 

188 1577 

Item pjiyd to William waters when we put vp oure byll of 

pr6'sentine><t ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iiij«* 

Item payd to a loile of jxibelLs to pave the strete to greme ... iiij« 

Item for the Cai-edge of the Siime stone ... iiij'* 

Item payde vnto Chrystover martyne for vij loode of sande 

for the jwiver ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iij^ vj'' 

Item payde vnto Danyell hrentte & Edwarde criimpe for the 

pavynge of Ij yards x* 

Item payd to willunn semure for washy nge of the churche 

clothes Rynginge of the IkjIIc for the holl yeare ... ... iiij^ 

Item })aydc for sweppinge of the churche over hede to croftes 

mane ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xij** 

Item pxyd for the liewinge of toe postes which standethe by 

the churche walle to Rowlond the carpendowre ... ... viij^ 

Item payd to the coleckterers for the skavengers for the holl 

yeare and for carynge awaye of the Rubyshe when they 

paved ix« vj'' 

Item for elye farthynges payde to Rydge ... ... ... x«* ob 

Item gevene to the Ryngers one the queues daye ... ... viij'' 

Item payde to John Sheres for a servys boke ... vij^ vj'* 

Item payd to the tresorers for the Rente of the almes howses xij'* 

Item gevene to m*" wells for the mynester y* dyd helpe hyme one 

chrysmas daye . . . ... ... ... ... xij*^ 

Item geuene to semure for candell for the hoUe yeare ... ... xxj** 

Item for mendynge of the firame for the belle ... iiij'' 

Item payde to semure ftbr oyle for the bells ... ... ... ij'' 

Item gevene to semure for nay les & bromes ... ... ... vj** 

Item payd to crofte for the mendynge of the churche walle ... ij* 

14. 7. 2 

Item for paper for the easter boke & paper at other tymes ... ij** 

Item to arthore glaser for mendynge all the wyndowes abowte 

the churche savynge the stepelle one ... ... ... xxvj^ 

15. 3. 4 

Som of the allocac^ons ys xv*' iij^ iiij'* ob 
15. 12. 11 

101 a] The full accompt of m"" leonard taylor & lohn Mo.sse Church- 
wardens taken on lowe Sonday in anno 1577 acconling to the olde 
costome of the pansshe of great S*^ marie, & so remayneth to the forHoid 
[x/risshe by the fornamed churchwardens the Som of ffivetene j)ounds 
twelve shillings & tenne jxince I saye xv" xij^ x*' which Some ys dcfivet^ed 
to the newe church wardens the daye & yeare above written, which 
be theise two Thomas medcalfe & lohn Sheres Also there resteth to 
be gathered vp of theise j)<?rsons following v/z of m"" alexander Raye 

1578 189 

for ij yeies past of m'^ carr n yoaro m^ Janio s a yo a ro willi a m w at e r s 
<i ycuro niohola ij wci^t a ycixrc John Steward a yoarc John Curbusster 
a yeare M"" Atkinson for breaking of tlie grownde for his wife vj» viij'^ 
cristofer fletchar lohn howell lohn pooley wilUani bosome Edward 

161 b] memorandum ther Relnayneth in thands oft' the new church- 
wardens \'\Adket Thomas niedcalf &; John Shores thcs ix/rcells following 

1 In priniis a Silver cupp for the coinunioM with a cover 

2 \tem a cope oft' clothe oft" Tissew 

3 \tem a paule oft' black velvett 

4 \tem a hanging oft" blew velvett for thalter 
T) \tem a frontlctt oft" blew velvett 

6 \tcm a quyshen oft' cloth oft' Tissew 

7 \tein one quyshen oft' checkerd velvett 

8 \ti'm a pulpitt clothe oft' Red Sattin with garters 

9 \tem a pulpitt clothe oft" whight Charnblett 

10 \tem Two comu?iion clothes one oft' diaper the other oft" playne 

11 \tem two surplices 

12 I^6^//i Two Towells 

13 \tem an Alter clothe off" canvais (y^ Clark hath y* 


14 Ytem A a bibles t h o n c of ge n eva 

15 \tem the paraphrasis vpon y*^ evangelists & acts 

16 \tem Two old communion bocks 

17 \tem another new one with psalter and psalms 

18 \tem iiij psalters 

19 \tem the Organs 

I^cv^i iiij prick s ong books 

20 \tem. the quenes Iniunc^io/is with to other boks the same purpose 
Ytam one new Strvyae bock with psalms in fo^i 'o 
Ifoy/i one geneva bibl e 
\tem on e 

(2 leaves cut out here.) 

162 a] 1578 

The Election on Easter monday (being in the yeare oft" ower lord a 
tliowsand fyve hundrethe seventie eight & the xx^* yeare oft' the raigne 
oft' owr soveraing lady Elizabethe &c) according to thawncient custome 
)ft' the p«;'ishe oft' greate S^ maries for the church wardens oft' the same 
xo'ishe for the yeare following was on this manner Thomas medcalft' 
3eing w/th lohn Sheres churche wardens last yeare, did chose ether off" 
them one man that ys to say Thoy/ic<s medcalft' chose m*" christoft'er 
fletcher & lohn Sheres did chose m'^ williaiai burwell whitch Two tooke 

100 1578 

vnto tlioin sixe more as followeth 

/111' loxtoii \ 

in' Hetcher took to him <m*' howcll >- 

[Thomas maniiiiig) 
m*' biirwell took to him |m» bcixtarej 

m* pooly y 
[m^ James ) 

Ami tlio above named eight elected for the churchwardens for theyeare 
following (Thomas medcalft' 
(lohn Shores 

and the sayd eight electoiirs to be the Auditours oft' the sayd church- 
wardens accounts at the end oft' their yeare 

ofticecers chosen by the churchwardens & the parishe for the yeare 

collectourers for the poors ■! i i , 
^ (m"^ Leonhard 

,. , . , (m*" chapma/i 

overseeres lor the highe wayes ^ , i i 

*= "^ (John paske 

Also for oNcrsight oft" vermyne, iietts &c thes vj persons that were last 
yeare videlicet 

|m^' burwell |m'' leonhard 

<in^ bosam hn^ houell 

{m}' pooly (Thomas manning 

162 b] 1578 Thaccownt off' thomas Medcalft' iS: John Sheres, for all sutch 
mony & Kents as the said Two have receyved to the vse oft' the parishe 
by vertew oft' their oftice, whitch was yelded accowntable vnto thawditours 
before appoynted as followeth 
Inprmiis we receyved oft" thold churchwardens, m'" taylour & 

John mosse due to the church ... ... ... ... xv'' xij^ 

Item Receyved oft'm'" baxtar oft" the batchelers oft'rings ... xxxvij^ 

Item deceived oftm^" Ray for the Land Rent ... ... ... vj^ 

Item Yxeceived off" Thomas Jackson for shopp rent vnder the 

Steple iiij'' 

Item Received oi lohn Thomson for the peace oft' grownd that 

he built vpon ... ... ... ... ... ... ... vj*^ 

Item Heceived oft" widow dowsey for the grownd wherupon 

is built a chilmney ... ... ... ... xij'* 

Item Received oft' good wine for the chamber over thalmesse 

housen ... ... ... viij^ 

Item Received of m"^ bosam for his pale ... ... ... ... iiij*^ 

Item Received ott'paris oft' chcste/'ton for the meddow ... ... xvj"' 


Item Received oft" the m'" oft" Arts for the Last yeare ... .. v« x'' 

Item Received off'm^' James for his last years enatev book ... iiij" 

1578 191 

Item Received of m^' burwcU for breaking the growiul in the 

church for his wi ft" ■.. vj« viij'» 

It<;>;i Received oft' ni'" fletchcr for breaking the grownd in the 

church for his doiighttr mary vj" viij'^ 

Item Received off" m' Kny for his easter book for two yeares past 

1576 & 1577 ^ vj^viij'i 

1577 ''^ 

Itt^wi oft" m' baxtar for the m^ oft' Arts vij« ix'' 

Item Received oft' John Steuard, wilh'«ni waters, mvholas neast 

for their easttv book, the w/</ch were charged with all ... ij** viij'* 
Item Received at Eastc^;- as apereth by ouer book ... ... xj^^ iij'^ 

Summa totalis Ilecepto/7<m xxxj^' xj** vj*^ ob 

(A leaf cut out here.) 

163 a] AUociitions, wheroft' the sayd Two churchwardens, request to 

have, alhnved them 

Inp/7'mis payd vnto m*^ wells the minister for the whole 

yeare ... ... ... ... ... ... ... viij^' xiij^ iiij'^ 

Item at the visitation, at caxton for all charges ... ... x^ 

Item payd for wyne for thole yeare ... ... ... ... xxiij^ j*^ ob 

Item for comunio?< bread for the whole yeare ... ... ... x'^ 

Item payd for 2 papers vnto the comissioners, towching cathe- 


Item payd vnto Seamer for washing the clothes 

It<^m payd vnto him for Ringing the Se^rmon bell 

I te!w for a paper oft' the degrees oft" marriag 

Item for glasing p«rt of the steple end, and that was owyng to 

curbusher by y*' old churchwardens ... 
Item for ij barrs oft' Iron to fasten the glasse ther 
Item payd vnto the Sca\"ingers for the whole yeare 
Item payd Niito the pavier for paving all alonge the sowth syde 

the church & mending other places ... 
Item for peble to pave the same place 
Ite//« for iiij loads oft" Sand ... 
Item for carriadge oft' the Sayd peble and avoyding the Rub- 

bishe ... ... 

Item for the almisse howses vnto y"^ threasurers 

Item paid for a ballrick to y*' Sermon bell 

Itoni to Seamer for laying mistress burwells stone and mending 

the churche pavement 
tern for an englyshe geneva bible 
tern for a table ofty*^ x comaundemewts 
tern payd when Jackson had his Lease Sealed ... 
tern payd for mending the glasse windows abowt y^ church ... 
Item for besoms for the yeare 











f yf 

xis vj'* 













192 1579 

Itcy» for oainlolls & ij caiulollstiks ... ... ... ... xx* 

lte/« for oylc aiul nayles ... ... ... ... ... ... iij"^ 

Ite>/« for Ely farthyngs to M' Ridge x'^ ob 

Itewi to iKirnetJ for shewing vs y* parishe loiul ... ... ... vj*' 

Item for paving the Entry by in'" bosom shopp end ... ... ij'^ 

Item payd at the delyvering owr qwarter bills ... ... ... xij'^ 

Item for a bell rope .. . ... ... ... ... ... ... xv'' 

Item for paj>er spent in the whole yeare ... ... ... ... iiij'^ 

Siimwia totalis aWocationum xiiij*' ij** vij'' 

So resteth to the p(?nshe in our hands xvij'^ 

1G3 bj The full accownt off Thomas medcaltt" and John Sheres church- 
wardens taken on Low sonday unno 1578 according vnto thold custome oft' 
the pa/'ishe of great S^ marys, and so remayneth to the forsayd parishe in 
the hands oH' the sayd churchwardens the sum off seventenn pownds 
viij^ xj'', whitch sum ys delyvered by the awditours vnto the new church- 
wai-dens Injing the sayd Thomas medcalff and John Shores the day and 
yeare above wrytten also they ar charged with m"" atkinson for laying his 
wyfFin the church vj** 8'' and m^ bak e r hi s oastor book m^ Ray Inn eantor 
book Edward g»> or e a nd - curbu s her for Two y ea r es in the presence ott' 
m*" foxton 

christofer fletchar m* burwell sent his consent 

lohn pooley 

lohn Howell 

by me william burwell 

X X 

164 a] The election being made vpon eastcr monday according to 
thawncyent custome off the p«rishe in the yeare off off lord gcni a 
thowsand fyve hundred seventy nine (off the churchwarde/is) was in 
this manner Thomas medcalff hathe chosen m*" christover fletcher & John 
Sheres hathe chosene m' d' ward and thes two above elected hath chosen 
to them sixe more videlicet 

im^ foxton 
m*" fletcher hathe to him < m' leonhard taylor 

(m'^ ho well 
im^ burwell 
m^' d^' ward hathe to him ^m*" baxtar 

Im'^ pooly 
And for churchwai'dens the above named eight have chosen william 
sparrow & John pask for the yeare ensewyng 

„ /.111 (John littelchild 

Oversccrcs for the highe waves { - , ,, 

(John matheu 

f(jr the pore John narck & newman Chaundeler 

1579 193 

164 b] the Accownts off thomas luedcalft' & John Sheres church vvardenis 
oft' all suchc .suni;«es oft' iiiony & Rents by them Reccyvd to thvse oft' the 
jK/rishe by vertiie oft" their oft'yce w/iich accovvnt was yelded vnto the 
Awditours appoynted for that purpose according to the custome oft' the 
pifrishe vpon Lowe sonday in Anno 1579 As followethe 

Inpy'i'niis Remaining in ower h|inds at ower last accownt to the 

vse of the prt/'ishe xvij*> viij^ xj** 

Itt'w Receyved off" Thoy««5 Jackson for the shopp ... ... x** 

Itcwi Receyved oft" m"^ baxtar for the batchelcres lij^ 

lte)u lieveired oft'm*' Stokes for the ni"" oft' Artes \f viij*^ 

Itt'w E-eceived oft' Adison for the chilmney in y^ churchyard ... xij<* 

Itt'w RtreiWo? oft' m*" bosam for his pale ... iiij<* 

Ite?/i Received oft'paris oft* chestertou for y^ medow ... ... xv]*^ 

Item Received oft' m^' Goodwyne for thalmesse chambers for 

half year iiijs 

Ite7/i Received oft' m^" Ray for the lond ... ... ... ... vj^ 

Item Received off thomson for the grownd which he bylt on ... vj** 

lte?/«, Received off nV Ray for his last years easter book . , . iij^ 

lte;« Received off m* Ray for his licence which, was gy ven to y* ij^ iiij** 

poore ... ... ... ij^ iiij^^ 

Item Received off m^ Ray for breaking the grownd foi' henry Ray vj^ viij^^ 
Item Received off' certayne clare hall men at their Receyving at 

Christmas ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iiij^* 

Item Received oft' Curbersher for his oft'rings last yeare ... ... xij'^ 

Ite;>i Received At Easter the offerings as apeareth by our book xj^* xij^ x^ 
Item Received off' m"" nichols for breaking the grownd at the 

buriall off his wyft' vj^ viij^ 

Itc/;i Rec'e?-<;cc^ oft* m"^ goodwyne for y^ latere half off his rent 

being on a new co^•enaunt and he having a lease promised, 

at xiij* iiij'^ y« yeare ... ... ... vj^ viij*^ 

the Sicni off the Receipts xxxiiij^i vij^ xj^ 

165 a] Allocations demaunded by the said Two churchwardens Thomas 
medcalft' & John Sheres 

npy-miis payd to henry Sadler, alias Alcoke, at the taking oft' 

brabands sonne xl^ 

tem to the smyth for iij barrs oft* Iron to strenthen the 

wnidow in the weast end ... ... ... ... ... xviij*^ 

tem to ni^ wells for serving vs in the ministrie a yeare viij^* xiij^ iiij'' 

tern for a i)ape/* book made for the collection oft* the poore ... xij'^ 

tetn for iij casments oft* Iron for the sowthe syde off y*' church xviij^ 

tem to the glasier ... ... ... xij^^ 

t€m to the plumer ... ... ... ... ... vj^ iiij*^* 

tem to carrow for carriing ij lodes oft* filth at y^ commensment viij'* 

tem for mending the herse & Iron j^lates to y^ same ... ... v^ vj'^ 

C. A. S. Octavo Series. No. XXXV. 13 



Item for half bushcll off cooles to the phimwer ... 

Item to the skiiviiigeivs for the whole yearc 

Item for clay, si)lcnt.s, & w«>rkmaiishii)i) to hoiiscn ... 

It<?wi for a load sand & paving at the weast eand 

It^"??! pai^T to seanier 

It^'m for mending the flint cover ... 

Item for An Iron barr and a lock for the fiint ... 

Itewi for mending the kay to d"" hatyers doorc ... 

I tt'Wi for Iron to the great bell 

Ittfwi for talking downe the whole wyndow at the soiithe syde 

over agaynst thalmesae seates And setting yt vp agayne 

and mending the same 
Item for mending the Jemalls to the seat wheare thaldermen sytt 
Item to the threasoures for thalmesse liowse grownd ... 
Itt!^ for ower horse hier, to caxton 
Itewi for ower dinner at the visitation ... ... ... ...| 

I te/H for ower supper & for bills j 

Item payd to seamcr for Ringing the S^^rmond bell 
Itc'y^i for nayles for the i)lates to the herse ... ... 

Itewi for Jemolls to d*^ wards seat and m"" fletchers 

Item for x biishells lyme to barakar to mend the church yai-d 

Item for fowr skoore & tenn bricks 

Item for workmanshipp to barakar &, his two men 3 days 
Item for 28^* scxlder & workmanshipp on the leades 

Item for wy lie all the yeare 

Item for V** candell ... 

Ite/>i for Sand & peble with workmanshipp 











VllJ"* lllj* 


iij« iiijrt 


v« viij<* 


xxviij" iiij** 



165 b] 


V** ob 
vjf» ob 


Item for besomes 
Item for bread 

Item for oyle ... ... 

Item for washing the clothes to Seamer ... 

Item for nales 

Item Ely farthings to m^" Ridge 

Siimma Allocationitm xix** xj^ xj** ob 

So ther remayneth in ower hands to thuse oft" the parishe in mony the 
sum ofif xiiij*' xvj» 

the full Accownts off' John Sheres & Thomas medcalft' churchwardens 
taken on Low sondaye 1579 according vnto thawiicient custome off the 
parishe taken by the Awditours app03^iited to that purposse, ther rest- 
ethe in mony which ys delivered vnto the new churchwardens william 
Sparrow & John pask the sum oft' fourtenn pownds sixten shillings, also 


1580 195 

they stand charged with all siitch Implements as ar named in the 
tirst yeare ofl" Thomas medcalf & John sheres. & have to gather the 
easter l)ooks & offrings oft' m»" p;v>vost mistress moixlan, m"^ James, good- 
man linse, Arthure leaclie & m'" wolft' in S*- edwards yet abiding & also 
oft' m*" Atkinson for breakinge vp the grownd vj^ viij"*. in the presence off 

christofe|> fletchar 

John hovvcll 

John pooley Thomas manwynge 

166 a] Item delyverd to^ tho n o w churchw a rdens more r^-. xjd^ob 

thes are to paye m^^-jw^ves^ v* 

m* James iiij^ 

misti'^j^- Baoi dan ij^ 

Arthure Leache xvj<* 


m*" wolft" the butcher 

baylie Atkinson vj^ viij^ 

166 b] The Election being made vpon Ester monday accordinge to 
thaunsiente cvstom of the paryshe in the yere of o?(^r lorde god 1580 of the 
chyrche wardenes was in this manner william sparrowe haue hathe chosen 
m'" ho well & John paske haue chosen m^" baxster & these two haue Cosen 
these eight as folio weth for the Election for this yeare Antio 1580 

william sparowe hathe Cosen ^m*^ fletcher 

m*" howell 

m"* foxeton 

\Tho77ias meatcalf 

John pask haue Cosen m"^ boxtor 

m"^ poly 

m"" brydon 

m"^ bossam, 

And for the churche wardens these eight haue chosen william sparrowe 

& John pask for the year Ensuinge Anno 1580 

^ /. ^1 1 • 1 » -1 fCobbe butcher «& 

Uverseeres tor the highe wayes Are these -(, , .,,. 

(lavraunch Williamson 

Colectores for The pore Are these -([blank] 

167 a] The Accounte of william sparrowe & John paske of all suche 
moneye & Rentes As thaye haue Heceived for vse of the paiyshe by 
vertew of ther Oftes whiche was yelded Accountable vnto Thawditours 
l)efore Appoyntd as foWoweth Anno 1579 

Inprinus we deceived of the owlde Chorche wardens John Sheres 

Thomas meatcalfe dwe to the church the svm of xliij^i xvj^ 

R<?ce<'yed of m*" Baxster for the batchellers Ofteryng ... ... iij'' xij^ 8*^ 

Recetwd of m»' stokes for the m'^^ of Arte ... ... viij» ix'^ 

deceived of Thomas Jackeson for the Rent of his shoppe ... x^ 


19G 1580 

R^^cetved of m»" bossam for his pale ... iiij'^ 

Received of in>" AUiexaiuIr Rave for the Rent of londe ... ... vj® 

R<'<r<wd of tonip.sou for the growiide that he hilte on ... ... vj** 

Rwm'ed of ni»' pro veis for the last Easter ... ... ... V 

Received of m" moi-den for the last years ... ij** 

Received of ni*" good wen for the Alnies bowses Chambers ... xiij** 4'^ 

Received of the owlde churche wardens the last yeare ... ... \y^ ob 

Received at Easter as apperethe by our book ... ... ... x'* xvj^ ij'* 

Svni of the Recaytes comwieth To the soni of xxxj'» \f viij*^ ob 

167 b] The chargis la^de out for the churche by william sparrowe & John 
paske for all suche Reparations As belongethe to the chorche as the 
mynnestcrs wagis & other necessaryes which we Askc alowainis 
Inprini/s p«/d to the mynnester for his wagis A yeare Endinge 

at o?/r ladyes daye ... ... ... ... ... viij*' xiij" iiij'' 

Item i}((id to the treasurers for y*^ halfe years Rent ... ... xij'' 

Item \)aid to semer for Ringinge the sarmon bell & for 

wayshinge the Communion clothe ... ... ... ... iiij'* 

Item lyaid for mendinge of the Chorche Kye to bracher ... vj'' 

Itewi pawi for iij gem?)ieis for seate dores & nayls xij*' 

Item paid for pavinge of the stret next the pompe ... ... iiij^ 

Item p«zd to the skeaveingers for the hole yeare ... ... vj* 8'' 

Itewi pta'd for A casement of the northe syde of the chorche ... v^ 

Item paid to the plomwier for xxxv^' of soder for the chorch . . . xxiij® iiij*^ 
Item paid him for iiij dayes work & his boye ij dayes ... ... iiij« 

Item pca'd for wood & Coles ... ... ... ij» 

Item paid for waxe & nay les ... ... ... ... ... vj*^ 

Item paid for iij hordes to laye vnder the leade ... i xviij^ 

Item paid for horse hyre to the visitation ... ... ... iiij^ 

Item po id for owr suppers at nigh te ... viij^ 

Item paid for y*^ bill of Articiles ... ... ... iiij«^ 

Item paid for Oyle for the belles ... ... ... ... ... ij** 

Item patd for Elye farthens to m^' Ridge ... ... x'* ob 

Ite?>i paid for paper ... ... ... ij<' 

Item paid for nayles to amend a scate & bromes ... ... iiij'* 

Item paid for V*' of candills ... ... ... ... ... xvij'* ob 

Item paid for A baldrycke for the bell ... ... ... ... xx^ 

Item ixdd for delyvering vppe a bill of Articiles ... ... iiij'* 

Item paid for bromes mor Agenst Estr ... ... ... ... ij'* 

Item paid for communion breade ... ... ... ... ... x'' 

Item paid for wyne All the hole yeare ... ... xxijMij'* 

Svmma totalis that we Crave Alowaunces for is Just xiij** iij" j*' ob 

So ther Remaynethe in our hands t(j The vse of the parishe the 

som of xviij*' iiijM'j'' ob 

in redy money 

1581 197 

The full acoiint made on lowo .sondav nnno 1580 accordincre to the 
owldc cvstoni of the p///'yshe so ther Reinaynethe due to the diyrche the 
svui of eightne powiids three shillings seven i)ence of whiehe sym of 
xviij'' iij" & vij'' ob delyvered to the newe chyrche w/irdens the daye 
& ye,ire Ahowe Wrytten in the p/vsence of the Avditoris appoynted for 
the same whose names followethe chyrchewardenes now these williawi 
sparrowe Jo/m paske ^ 

christofor fletchar 

williatii foxton 

John bacster 

John pooley 

168 a] x« aprilis 1580 

Item ther is dwe to the pt/ryshe for y^ last yeare not yett receyved as 
followeth Aiino 1580 w/i?*ch is to be gatherd 

In p/vini n m'' d'' wardo — r^-; rr-. rr^ —. —. v» iij^ 

m' Raye Alderman ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iij^ 

m"^ Chadderton 

m*" Jeames 

m*^ baker ... ... ... ... ... . ... ... x" 

phillippe scarlet ... ... ... ... ... vj'' 

Arther leache glaser for ij yers to the chorche 
m'" d'' bright 

m'^ matheu ... ... ... ... ij^ 

Rychard mas<^n 

More nhomakor & hi s wyftb —. — ^. —. —. s^ 

Lyttill Childe wyffe 

Addison for his Ch e mny — —. ^^. ^^ ~. —. i-r; — jhj^ 

parrywbo for Rent of modo^vo rr-. rr-. m —. w-. xvj^ 

m"" atkinson for his wyfFes buriall . . . ... ... ... ... vj^ 8'^ 

to Receyve of m*" Reye for his lyseins that shode [be] for the 

porre ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ij^ iiij'* 

m o r e s hoemak e r & his woyfFc ^r-. rr-. vr-. —. rr-. 3rij^ 

christofor fletchar 
William, foxton 
John bacster 
John pooley 

leonard taylor 

168 b] The Election beinge made vpon Easter mondaye Acordinge to 
th<? ann.sient Ovstom of the parryshe in the yeare of our Lorde god Anno 
1581 for the chvrche wardens wns in this manner wilMam sparrowe hane 

198 1581 

chosen \n^ f«ixton .Tttniof m.iior &^ John pa i sk John i^ask banc Chosen 
m*" haxter & these eight following have Ch(>.sen y^ newe church wardens 

ni' mason ni»" baxter \ ^, , , ^, „ , 

. ., , . ^ . J they haue chosen m' Chapmii?^ fysh- 

ni' fleUher ni"^ d^ ward t j 

I monger 

m*" howell m'" l)«)s<im ,r ^. fi 

. ,/. T 1 r., ^f»* Outbert 

m*" nieatcalf lohn Sheres; 

ouersecrs for the heyghe waves ar thes Thomas bradshawe Thomas 

Colectorers for the pore are thes edmonde smalwode John fytswicke 

169 a] The Monie of william sparrowe & lohn paske for all suche moneye 

& Rentes As thay haue Received for the vsc of y*' parrysh By vertewe 

of ther oft'es whiche was yelded Accountable vnto The aditories Appoynted 

for y^ same as foUowethe 

A7mo 1580 

Inpri?«/s ther Rest in o?^r hands As Appereth by our former 

Account y^ last yeare the som of ... ... ... xviij'* iij" 7*^ 

Received of parry she of chesterton for y*^ Rent of Certen londe 

ij years ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ij« 8** 

Received of M*" Baker for his Easter book by Reson of his 

Absenc ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iij" iiij'^ 

Received of m"" stokes for iiij^'^ vj master of Arte ... ... vij^ ijd 

Received of Ry chard mason for his ofFren y^ last yeare ... ... x*^ 

Received of m*" doctor warde for y® last year v^ 

RcceiVed of m*" bossam for his pale ... ... ... ... iiij<i 

Received of Chrystover Addison for his Chemny ij years ... ij^ 

Received of m*" good wen for Rent of his Chambers ... ... xiij* 4** 

Received of Thomas Jackson for his howse ... ... ... x^ 

Received of Thompson for grownd to his howse ... ... ... vj'' 

Received for the Easter book As Apperethe bye y tt x*' ix" 

Svmwia totalis xxx'' xvij« ix** 

1G9 b] Chargis layd owt for The Chorche By wilfiam sparrowe And 
John paske for all suche Reparacions As bclongethe to the Chorche As the 
mynnesters wagis And other necessaries which we Aske Alowanns for 
As fFollowethe Anno 1581 

lnpri?/iis paid to y** mynnester for his wagis y« hole yeare viij" xiij^ 4** 

Itein paid to the treasiers for A yeare ending at our ladis day xij** 

I^em i^aid for bromes ij'* 

I ^em paid for A bell Rope xxj«* 

Item paid semer for Ringynge ye sarmon bell & wayshing y** 

Communon Clothe y® hoi yeare ... ... iiij* 

I^em patd for A baldry eke for y'^ sarmon bell xx** 

Item paid for A l)Ook of prayers for y* chorche ... ... ... vj^ 

I iem paid for A basket iiij^ 



x'l ob 




Item for liorse liyre .it y^ visitasion 

Itcvii JK/Al for o^/r suppers at night 

Iteiu \mid for Elie farthens 

Itewj paid for A casement of y^ northe syd of y*^ chorche 

Item prt/d for a Iwll R(>pc to willingto?^ ... 

IU'?« paid for iij loods of stonns for y*^ west End of y® chorche 

It<?m \xtid for making Cleane <1f y*^ stret at Chysmes ... 

It^^m paid for i x loods of sand 

Itc;>? \)<n'd for pavying of hiij yeards of y*^ stret of y'^ west End 

at ij'' ob 

Item {Mfid for Caridgc of iij loods of stonis 

Iteiu ixiid for Com>»un?'on bred at Easter 

Itewj YHtid for delivering vpp of ouv bill to y** officiall 

Item p^rtd for ij loods of g[r]eat stones for y*^ south syd of 

Chorche ... 
Item p«/d for iiij loods of sand 
Ite;^ jK^'d to y*^ paver for XXXV yeards 
\ti'm \Miid for X payer of gemmeis for m^ baxsters seat 
Item \xiid for making Claxn of y** stret on Ayshwednsday 
Item pof^il for making Cleane y* stret at Easter ... 
Item p«?d to y*^ glaser for newe leading of xij foote 
Item p</id for two foot of newe glasse 
Itc'Wi p«^'d for mending of v^"^ xij holes 
It<?m \xnd for Candills for y^ chorch 
It^'m prt?'d for oyle & nayls ... 
Item \)aid for bread at soondry tyms 
Item p«id for wyne for y*^ hole yeare 

S^'^nw?a totalis w/wch we 

Crawe Alowanns for is xiiij^' xix^ ix'* 

So ther Rest in ouv hands to the vse of y'' parrysh in Redy 

mony the som of 
mor m*" Baxter is to paye for y*' bachellers 

Jieceived all y® soyd mony of nV baxter So ther Rest in all dwe to 
y parryshe in mony \fhich is delivered to the newe churche wardens 
M'' John Cuthbart & m'" Chapmaii the som of xix*' ij^ 


ij' iiij 

vij« iij'' 











XV" XVllJ^ 

iij" iiij^ 

170 a] Inpr/wiis there is due to y« paryshe for y« last year & for y 
before that as followeth not yet gathered as followeth Knno 

M^ Raye for y^ Rent of his lond A year dve To the paryshe 

Knno 1580 
phillippe scarlet for ij yearis dwe ... 
m*" baker 1 year 
Arthcr Icachc ij ycarc s 
m*" d'" Bridght ij yoarcL i r^-; rr^ —. —. —. —. v^ vij^ 





sellers his wyffe j year 

20 vij" 
m' smytlie^t^ hi s wyffo j yearo 
DeftVHHi ^ton & hi ts wyfl'c j-yeare 
John Allen & his wyft'e 1 year 

Dow'os & his wyffe 
Lyttill Childe 

Rfcem'd of d brytte ... ... ... vij^ vj'* 

Recem'd of doryngton xij'* 

ReceiWd of John uyxson ... ... ... iij'^ 

Reemvd of elsahethe Cade ... ... ... iij** 

Rc'oeiWd of John Cotton ... ... ... iij'' | 

Received of m"' prouoste ... ... ... v^ 

'Received of m^' baker ... ... ... \^ 

Received of ni"" Thomas for breakynge the grounde for m^" John 

sheares ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... vj" viij'* 

R<?m2?cd of goodwyffe sacker ... ... vj'* 

170 b] 1582 

The election on easter mundaye beyng in the yeare of our lorde 1582 
accordynge to the auntiente Custonie of the pr/rishe of grayte s^ynte 
maryes for the churche wardens of the same pavishe for the yeare 
foUowynge was one thys manor, John Chapman beynge w?'th John 
Cutbarte chnrche wardens dyd chose ether of them on man that ys to 
saye John Chapman dyd chose m' Christoffer flecher, and John Cutbarte 
dyd chose m^ doctor warde, which two toke vnto them sixe more, as 

)M>- foxton 
M» medcalfe 
M>- fyloe 
\ M'" baxter 
M"" docter warde tokev iVE'' burwell 
) :M'' polye 
And the Above namyd eaight electyd for the Churchcwardens for the 

- „ fJohn Chaimian 

yeare foUowynge |j^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^ 

And the sayd eighte electors to he auditoures of the Churchcwardens 
accownts for the yeare foUowynge 

171 a] 1582 

The accounte of John Chapman and John Cutbarte for all shutche 
mony as the sayd Two haue Receyuyd to the vse of tlie p«rishe, by the 
vertew of ther f)ffyce, whitche was yelded accountable vnto thawditours 
before apoyntyd as followethe 



liip/'/mis we Rcceyuyd of tlie oldo Churchow.irdens wyllyam 

sparowe and John pask due to the Chiirchc 

I save 

"Received of docter brytte ... 

Received of M'" pA>iioste of Kyngs College 

Received of M* bakei' 

Received of ]NP Thomas fcVr brekeyngc the grounde in the 

churche ... ... ... ... 

Received of dyuers ptvsons for ther ofFeryngs the yeare before 

Received of p^/nshe of chesterton for certayne lande 

Received of John Tomsonne for the grounde he biiilte on 

Remwrf of ni'^ bosanie for hys pale 

Reoe/jW of m^' sniythe for hys lande 

Received of ni'" gamble for brekynge the grounde in the Churche 

and layi«ge yt Agayne 
Received of \\V goodwyne for Rente of the chambers ouer the 

Almes howessys 
Received of Tliomas Jacson for the Rente of hys shope 
Received of goodman Adyson for hys Chemney ... 
Received of m^" stokes for the M«,s'^ers of Arte 
Received of rn'' baxter the fyrste of februarye 
Rfccm'c? of m^" baxter for the baclielers ... 
Received at caster the offeryngs as Apperothe by our boke 

I «'^ye 

Sum??ia totalis receptor?**^ xxxviij" xiiij^ vij'^ 

xix>' ij'' 
xix'i ij« 
vijs vj'l 

VJ8 viij>l 

ij« Wf 
















171 b] The Chargys la^^d out by John Chapman and John Cutbarte for 
all suche Reprasyons the curatts wagys and other nesasarys as apertay- 
nethe vnto the churche whereoff they aske alowaunce 

as followethe 
Inpnmis payd to the mynester for the whole yeare 
Item to seymer for Ryngynge the sermon bell and washy nge 

the clothes 
Item payd to Artor leche for mendynge the wyndoes . . . 
Item payd seymer for broumes 

Item payd to father Kendall for xviij'' and a halfe of soder 
Item for iij dayes worke for hym and h3^s boye ... 
Item for coles for the plum??* er 

Item for makynge cleane the churche yarde and caryage awaye 
It^m payd for iiij pounde of candells 
Item payd to the Tresurers for the almes howssys ... ... xij 

Item payd at the visitation for all chargys ... ... ... x" ij'' 

Item for elye farthyngs to M^ Rydge ... ... ... ... x<* ob 

Item to seymer for a baskytt iiij*^ 

Item to M"^ Rydge for our quarter byll ... ... iiij'i 

viij" xiij« iiij** 

viij^ iiij'* 


xij« iiij'i 




202 1583 

It/'ui to seviuor for iiaylcs to mende the scttes ... yd 

Item lor j)ai)ov ... ... ... ... ... ... . ij.i 

It<in for wryttyuge the names of the cominunicants in the 

payy she to Thomas barbar ... ... ... ... ... yid 

It^m payd for a C'asmente ... ... ... ... ,., ys 

It<'m payd to goiuhnan corbytt for myndyng the wyndowcs ... iiij« vj'' 

It^an for drynke to the Kyngers on the quenes daye at nyghte iij^i 

Item payde for a si)oute of leade for the uestrye ... ... iijs vj*^ 

Itrm payde to father Kendall for .soder & workynge ... ... ij" iiij*^ 

Item payde for a bell Rope ... ... ... ... ... xxij** 

Item ftbr mendynge the l>ell whelle ijs 

It^mi for brede for the whole yeare ix'^ 

Item for wyne for the whole yeare xxiiij« ij** 

Sum/rta xiij'> iij^ x'* 

172 a] 29« Aprilis Aiino 1583 

The Accompt of John cutbart & John cliapma?? churchwardens taken 
the daye above sayde \idelicet 

^uwvma to^rtlis Recepto;'?<wj xxxviij^' xiiij« vij«* 

^ummfi expo.sito/-?«/» xiij'> iij** x'^ 

l^emawet drlircred to thei-e hands in mooney ... ... ... xxv" x** ix'^ 

Ite^n to be receyved by them fyrst of 

m*^ [)ro\ost 5^ 
WillvV/m ward 
christofor fletchar 
w if Ham foxton 
John bacster 
John hovell 
The election on easter mnndaye beyngc in the ye;ir of our lorde 1583 
accordynge to the avnitiente custume of the pcoyshe of grayte Sa?'??^ 
maryes for the churchewardens of the same p«/-yshe for the yeare 
followynge was on thys maner John Cutbarte l)einge with John Chapman 
Ohurciiewardens dyd chose ether of them one man that ys to saye John 
Cutbarte dyd chose m' baxtere and John (^hapman dyd chose m'' ho well 
which too toke vnto them sixe more as followethe 

im^ burwell 
m*" baxter toke vnto hym •<m'" polye 

(m"" bryden 
(m^ Medcalfe 
Mr howell toke vnto hym h\i^ manynge 

(m'' gofxiwyn 
And the aboue namyde eaighte electyd for the churchewardens for the 
yeare followynge Ji^eter scarlytt and . . 

(Harye Alcoke 

1583 203 

172 b] Also yt was agreyd by the consente of the iw/ryshe and by the 
electors tliat the C'hiirche wardens beynge Chosen for thys yeare ixmio ir)8:} 
shoukle put in shuche bonde for the assuerance of the Chnrehe stocke and 
goods of the clnirche as the i)aryshe should hke ofte 

ouerseeres for the heyghe wayes Are 
thes Tni*" goodwyn 
(ni*" wolfe 
The Accounte of John Chapman and John Cutbarte for all sluitche 
money as the sayd Toe banc , Recey uy d to the vse of the p«ryshe by the 
vertue of ther otfyce whiche was yelded accountable \'nto the Auditours 
before apjwyntyd as followethe 
It^'m we lieceyued at the hands of the Auditoures the yeare 

an«o 1582 in money 25»* 10« 9'' 

Item Received of goodman beyars for brekeynge the grounde 

in the churche for a sckoller 10*^ 

Item Rt'mred of m"" docter gode ... 5^ 

Item Rem wd of m'" baker ... ... ... ... 5^ 

Item Received of m*" stockes for the Mnrs^ers of Arte ... . . 8^ 6'^ 

Item Reee//*ed of m*' drackes for brekeynge the grounde ... 10^ 

Item Received of docter gode for breakeynge tlie grounde for 

hys 2 chyldren ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 8^ 4'^ 

Item Reee«*red of M*"^ bosome for breakeynge the grounde for 

hyr husbande 6« 8^i 

Item Reeeimi of m'" watson for bi'eakeynge the grounde in the 

churche for hys doughter ... ... ... ... ... 6^ 8'i 

Item Reeeiiv'd of a londenere for brekeynge the grounde ... 10^ 

Item Received of m^" parrysse of Chesterton for hys Rente ... 16*^ 

Item Remved of goodman Tomson for hys Rente ... ... 6*^ 

Item Reee?Ved of m'"^ l)osom for hyr pale ... ... ... ... 4^ 

Item Remised of m>" smythe for hys land in the felde ... ... lO'' 

Item Received of m'" goodwyne for hys Chambers oner the 

almes howssys ... ... ... 13^4*^ 

Item Receu-ed of goodman Jacson for hys shope Rente ... 10** 

Item ReeeiVed of good /nan Adyson for hys Chemney standynge 12'^ 

Item Received of Alexaunder Clarke for the style in the 

Churche walle ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 4** 

Yt ys also agreyd that goodman Tomson shall from hence forthe paye 
vuto the prtryshe for hys byldynge into the Churche yarde 12^* by the 

ReceiVed of m*" baxter for the bachelers ... 4*' 7^ 8^ 

Recew'ed at easter for the ofFerynges as Apperythe by our boke 

the sum of 12" 8« ij** 

sum 47"« 14^ 4*1 

173 b] The Chargys layd out by John Chapman and John Cutbarte for 


204 1583 

All shucho Roprations tho iiiiiin.ster hys wagys .and other noscsarys as 
A[)Oitayiiethe vnto the cliurche wherof they aske alowaunce as followethc 
Item payd to the iiiincster for hys yeares wagy.s ... ... 8^' 13^ 4** 

Item to seymer for Ryngynge the bell and washynge the 

clothes 4" 

Item payd at my lord of Canterburye hys visitation for j l^oke 

ofartycles ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 6^ 

Item payd to hys simmer 4*^ 

Item payd to nV Rydge for om* byll ... ... ... ... 4*^ 

Item payd for the lay iiige 2 graue stones ... ... ... 4* 

Item payd for A bautricke ... ... ... ... 20^ 

Item payd for A suppe/* at the visitation & chargys ... ... 10* 

Item payd to seymer for brommes ... 4** 

Item payd to goodmaii barreker for mendynge the place where 

the holi water stocke stoiide ... ... ... ... ... 2*6"* 

Item payd for A bell Rope ... ... ... ... 16** 

Item payd to m>" stockes for A casment & for mendynge the 

glas 7* 

Item payd for A quarter byll ... ... ... .... ... 4*^ 

Item ]>ayd for A smale Rope ... ... ... 8** 

Item i)ayd at Chrystmas for 3 lodes carying in the strcete ... 12'* 

Item payd to the Tre<ifsnrers ... ... ... ... ... 12** 

Item payd for elye farthyngs ... ... ... 10<* ob 

Item payd at easter for the cariage of the dunge in the streete 12"* 

Item payd seymer for lay inge to grauestones ... ... ... 4* 

Item payd to m'" norkotts boye for wrytynge the Communicants 

in the p«?'yshe ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 6** 

Item for wyne for the whole yeare ... ... ... ... 25* 6'* 

Item for bread ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 11'* 

Item for 2 pounde of Candell ... 6"* 

Item for oyle & Coles ... ... ... ... 6^ 

Item for paper ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 6^ 

Item gyuen to the Ryngers on the queues daye ... ... ... 4^ 

Item for mendynge the glas wyndowes ... ... ... ... 2M** 

174 a] The Inventorie of all suche goods as remayne in the panshe to be 

remayninge in the hands of henry Alcocke aiid peter scarlet & to be 

de/iw>rd agayne V)y them at the yeres ende 

Imprimis a silver cup for y*' connmion w/th a cover 

Item a cope of clothe of Tissue 

Item a paule of black velvet 

Item a hanging of blewe velvet for the Alter 

Item a frontlet of bleu velvet 

Item a cusshion of chekered velvet 

Item a pulpet clothe of Red sattyn 

Item a pulpet clothe of whit chamlot 

1584 205 

Horn two conuini(Mi clotho s ono of diapor & one of pl.ayne clothe 

Item ij surplices 

It^mi ij towelles 

Item one Jeneva bible 

Item }'*= iwraphasys 

Item iij comunion books 

Item iij salters 

It<nii the organs broken 

Item they have reee«mi in mony ... ... xxxv^» x" 

m'" bake/' is to pave his ott'ringe to y^ church 

Lennoiii glaskot is to pay & Jlion Eichardson 

The Tow bounds Eest in y*^ haunds of m» William foxton and 
m^ williani warde doctor of phessyck 

174 b] The Electionc one Easter mundaye in the yeare of oure Lorde 
1584 acordynge to the an^^chient custome of greate saynte maryes parryshe 
for the churchwardens of the same parryshe for y*' yeare folloinge was 
one thys maner j)eter Scarlete beinge with Henrye Alcoke churchwardens 
dyd chose ether of them one mane that is to saye peter Scarlete dyd 
chose myhell wolfe and henrye Alcoke dyd chose the worshypfuU m^ 
foxtone wAich toe dyd chose .syxe more to theme as followeth 

(m^ baxter 
m*' wolfe dyd chose vnto hyme -an^ Cutberd 

(John mosse 
m^ libxtone dyd chose vnto hyme m*" fflecher 

w}' ho well 
M*' Lenarde tayler 

175 a] 1583 

The Accownt of peter Scarlett and henrye Alcocke ffor all sutche 
monye and rents as the sayd Toe haue receved to the vse of the parryshe 
by the vertew of theyre oft'yce wich was yeaded accownptable vnto the 
Audytors beffore apoynted as ftbllowethe 
Inprimis Receved of the churchwardens precedent in monye 

the som/«e of ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xxxv^* x** 

Receved of one m^' sutton ftbr breakyng the grownde ... ... vj^ viij'* 

Receved ftbr brckyng the grownd ftbr m's moreden ... ... vj« 8'* 

Receved of m*" doctor warde ffor the grownde ... ... ... vj^ 8'^ 

deceived of m'" Baker ffor his Ester booke \'^ 

Weceioed of nV stookes the measters of Arts com>/?e?isement ... v^ ij^ 

Receved of m'' Baxter flbr the Batchelers ij hundreth 24 iij^^ xiiij^ \'iij'i 

item of m"" good wyne ffor rent ... xiijM'^ 

Item of m^ smy the for the church land x** 

Item of goodmami Tomson his howse ... ... xij^^ 

Item of M"" good man wry tte for his chynmye xij^ 

Item of alexander dark for y*^ wall 4*^ 

206 1584 

Iteiu ot 111' doctor wiirdc fior his jKiyle ... ... ... ... 4* 

Item ret cved of goiMiiiian Jackson ftor .sliopp ... ... ... x^ 

Item tlor the Easter Booke tier the hole i)arys!ie 1584 comwieth 

to \ij"Mx« S'J 

Item recevcd of goodiiitiM paryshe ot chestertoii ... ... xvj'' 

Siinrma totalis Receptori^m Iv*^ xxij'' 

175 1)] Allocations demanded by peter Scarlett and henry Alcock whereof 
tliey aske allowans 

Item payd to m*^ Duck the mynister ft'or his wages xliij"* 4'* 

Item i)ayd to m*" Dry wood ffor his wages ... ... ... xj** xx'* 

Item to goodman Brachcr tt'or mcndyng the clapper bell ... 4^ 8^' 

Item to wyllyngton ffbr mendynge a rope ... 4"* 

Item tlbr charges ffbr the visitation ffbr owre suppers and 

horse hyr ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xij** x*^ 

Item ffbr owr quarter byll gyvynge vp ... ... ... ... 4'* 

Item to goodman seamcr ffbr washynge the clothes and rynginge iiij^ 

fop- maky ng -i j-obligatious — ^. rr-. -r-:-: r^ r^ n-. xij-"' 

Item to the tresurers ffbr towne grownd ... ... ... ... xij'* 

Item to the ryngcrs on the queny^s night ... ... ... x'' 

Item to seynier ffbr Bromes and nay les ... ... ... ... xij** 

Item ffbr ij loods of peeble and carredge ... ... viij* 8<^ 

Item to the pay vcr ... ... ... ... ... ... ... viij« 

Item ffbr vj loods of sande ... ... ... ... ij« 6«* 

Item pay d to the register ffbr arty cles ... .. ... ... 3'^ 

Item payd to goodman Barker glassyer ffbr mendyng the 

glasse wyndowes ... ... ... ... ... ... xx^ 

Item i)ayd at my lord of Cantorberrys visitation to the cowrt xvj** 

Ittim payd ffbr owr horse hyers and dynners ther ... ... iiij** 6^ 

Item payd ffbr canndls and paper ffbr the chyrche ... ... xiij** 

Item payd to the scavingers the hole year ... ... ... xx'' viij*^ 

Item ffbr wine to the chyrch for the hole yeare ... ... .. xxj** ix'* 

Item for the com wHUiion Bred ... ... ... ... ... viij^ 

Item ffbr mendyng the Jron of the greet bell ... ... ... 4^ 

Item ffbr nay les and besomes ij** 

Item ffbr mendynge the seats ... ... ... vj* 

Item ffbr ely farthyngs ... ... ... ... ... ... x*' ob 

I tem ffbr a boke of arty cles ... ... ... ... ... 4*1 

Item ffbr a otifjement of lion by m^ t jtooktj m rr: rr^ iiij" x* * 

S?wm)a tota tiolutiomtm xviij"' iij** iij*^ 
Remanet x.\xvj^'' xviij** vij'' 

] 7f) a] 26" Aprilis Anm) 1584 

the forsayd swme of xxxvj'** xviij** \ij'' was delyvered sealed in a bagge 
to m"" foxton 

1585 207 

The Anditores f(^r tliys yeare followynge were in'" flechcr m^ f()xt(in 
m^ ho well iii' leonai-d iii*^ baxter iii"^ wolfe m'' & John Cutbarte 

An«o 1585 the 18 of apryll 

The accounte of Ednnuule sinalwode and John Cutbarte Churche 
wanlens for all shuche money as the sayd Toe haue Received to the vse of 
the ix/ryshe by vertiie of ther offysse w/^/cli was yelded accountable vnto 
the Auditours before Apoyntyd as followethe 
It<mi Uecei red of the Auditours the yeare an?io 1584 in money 

by the hands of m-^ foxton IV^MP 6'' 

Item lur<iiV('</ of m»" baker ... ... ... ... ... ... 1(> 

RtY'mvc^ of m'^ Thomas ... 6** 8** 

Received of ni^ doctor giydc ... ... ... ... ... ... 5* 

Rtfcm't't/ of Rychard loue ... ... ... ... 20*^ 

Received of leonard glascote ... ... ... ... ... 6^ 

Received of m"" stokes for the master of Artes ... ... ... 23*^ 

Received of m^' smy the for Rente .. . ... ... ... ... 10* 

R(?t'<?tye(/ of m'" good wyn for Rente ... ... ... ... 13*4'^ 

RctciWt/ of John Tomson for Rente ... ... 12'* 

R<;t'6'iVc'<i of goodman wrytte for hys chemney ... ... ... 12'* 

Received of John Cutbarte for hys shope Rente ... ... ... 10^ 

Received of John (Jutbarte for breakynge the grounde for hys 

wy ft'e in the churche ... ... ... ... ... 6** 8** 

Received of docter warde for hys pale ... 4'* 

Received of goodman Clarke for the churche wale 4* 

Received of m"^ parrys of Chesterton for Rente ... ... ... 16'* 

Received for the easter boke for the whole yeare ... ... 13*' 19^* 1'* 

Received of m"" baxter for the bachelers of Arte ... 3** 5M'* 

Received more of m"^ foxton for the mynesters wagys ... ... 3** 6* 8'* 

Som xlj** xf viijf* 

176 b] The chargys layd out by edmunde smalwode and John Cutbarte 
for all shuche Rej^rations the myiiester hys wagys and other nesesarys as 
ai>erteynethe vnto the churche wherof they aske Alowaunce as followethe 
Item payd vnto M» drywode for 3 quarters w^agys ... ... 10** 

Ittfin payd to wyllyam seymer for wasshynge the clothes & 

Ryngynge the bell ... ... ... ... 4* 

Item to seymer for hangynge the buckytts and skoupes ... 12^ 

Item a pole to hange them on ... ... ... ... ... 2^ 

Item for lyme and nay les for the skoupes ... ... ... 2** 

Item fore the Caryadge of the laders & buckytts from M"^ 

Clarks 4-1 

Item for broumes ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 3** 

Itt'Fu for mendynge the baldrycke ... ... ... 3** 

Item payd to the tresurers for the Almes howsys ... ... 12'* 

Item payd at the visitation for horsse hyer and owr supers ... 12^ 

208 1585 

lt<iu for olye farrvnsjfs 

Item for tlie l)okc ofartycles 

Item for our byll 

It<'iii for 2 l<Kie of duiige (\iryagc ... 

Item for mciulynge the bell wlielle 

Item for a lultryckc 

Item for bcarc «S: brede oil the queues daye at iiyghte ... 

Item to 'goodmati wharton for tymber and bords for the wheles 

of the bells 
Item for nayles for them ... 

It<mi payd at sawsoii for our dyii/iers ... 

Item for a pouiide of Caiidells 

177 a] Item payd for a pound of CandelLs 

Item for oyle 

Item payd to seymer for nayles broumes & communion bread 
Item for papey 

Item for wry ttyiige the easter boke 
Item to Mother fryar for Caryage of A lode of dunge ... 
Item to wyllyam seymer for nayles, oyle broumes and com- 
munion bred 

Item for 2 obligations makeynge ... ... ... 

Item for wyne for the whole yeare 

Item payd for easter quarter to our mynester for hys wagys ... 

Som xvj'' xiiij*' 
Rewianet xxv^' x^ vj** 

'Keceived of M'" flecher «& M"^ foxton IP 5*^ money that was lefte of the 
collection of the pore de^iVered by me John Cutbarte one of the churche- 
wardens of the sayd sum vnto M'' foxton out of the same sum of 1 1^ 5<^ 

5s Reste in my hands 6^ 5'' 

payd more 5^ 
Aprilis xviijo 1585 all payd 

delyuered to m^' smallwood & m> cutbert elected church wardens for 
the yere abovesayed all- thyng s — de duc te d twentyc fy\e pownds ten 
shylly?igs & sex i)ence of lawfull mooney of England vt- p6*^ \idelicet 
xxv^' xjs vj'* 

Itew more in mooney sextene pownds which, was in the hands of 
m> docter ward & m'" foxton the w/'/ch xvj'' is by the consent of the 
[Kz/'ishe to be delyuered to such fouer of the p^rishe as had it the last yere 
so they be bovnd with good sureties to the church wardens for the repay- 
mant thereof at & vpon Easter daye next the bonds to be put in a chest 
with thre locks & iij keys etc 

177 b] The Elexion beynge made one Easter mundaye accordynge to the 
auntiente order of saynte marys for the Churche wardens on thys maner 

10<i ob 

















19'' ob 


2P ¥ 

31 i (js ftd 

1586 209 

yrste edmude smalwode & John Cutbarte beynge Churche wardens haue 
chosen 2 nion to cliosc fi more vnto them tliat ys to saye edmonde 
smalwode hath chosen M*" Hecher Alderman and John Cutbarte hath 
chosen M»' docter warde & thes 2 liathe chosen vnto them thes follovvynge 
that ys ni»" docter hathe chosen m'" baxter m^ poly^j ^^^ mosse & m'" flecher 
hathe chosen, m>" medcalfe m'",fyloe & m'" sparf)w & Thoas eyght of chossen 
for the year to come edmond Smalhvood and Jhon cuttbartt Churche 
Wardens & theas ellect ar avvdytores for y" year to come 

18« Aprihs 1585 in the middle qwere 
Memorandum y* tlie daye & yere above wrytton it was agreed by the 
consent of the p^^rishioners than & there present that there shuld be 
made thre locks c't three keys to the great Chest in the vestrye w^herin all 
feoflements bonds leases and other wrytyngs in any wyse pertaynyng 
or belongyng to the pr/;*ishe shuld be reserved & kept The thre keys 
to be alhvayes kept by these p^vsons folowyng viz one key with nV fletcher 
allderman an other with m*" doctor warde & the thyrd with the church- 

[Fob 178 blank.] 

179 a] 18 die Aprilis Anno domini 1584 

• — ^le^Hwandum this daye & y e re by the consent of th e - w h ol e of tli€ 
whole p ( ^ < 'yi s hc a l e ase is grant e d to Thomas Erad s hcwe of a ^eee o f voide 
ground lienge at - th e w e st end of the churche from the Anuncacion of our 
ladye laat pas for xl y e i' e s paieinge — y erel i e x^ duringe the yer e s and 
that he shall- bttiMe-ar hattdsomtr^hop-v^xmr-the-sa me g nmnd & so -le ave it 
builded & rcpayred And that Thomas Bradwhowo shall neither sell shewe 
oi' binde eny- b o oks i n the sa id shop during 4be4ea>se. 

The elexion beynge made one easter mundaye accordynge to the 
Auutiente Custonie of Saint maryes for the Churche wardens one thys 
maner fyrste John Cutbarte and edmunde smalwode beynge Churche 
wardens hathe chosen 2 men-to-ebo uso the Churc-hewarden s 6 -4nore vnto 
them thatry^s- to Rti jo that ys M'" wolfe and M^' manynge and thes 2 haue 
chosen thes 6 followynge that ys M^" burwell ]VP baxter & goodraan mathew 
and >[»■ howell M"" medcalfe & M^" goodwyn and thes 8 haue chosen 
Churchewardens for the yearc to Cum, peter scarlytt & John norcoke and 
the eyghte to be Auditors for the yeare followynge 
Overseers for the hyghe waies 

Alexander Clarke 
Arthure wilson 

179 b] An?io 1586 the 10 of Apryll 

The Accounte of Edmonde smalwode and John Cutbarte Church- 
wardens, for all shuche money as the sayd 2 haue deceived to the vse of 
the paryshe by vertue of ther offysse which was yealded accowntable vnto 
the Auditors as followethe 

C. A . S. Octavo Series. No. XXXV. 14 

210 1585 

It6?ni Tvt'mwf/ of the Auditors aiv«o 1585 in money 25^' 10^ G'* 

R<'0tf/y6'<i? of ni*" smy the for Rente ... ... ... ... ... 10^ 

Rc'cem^ti? of m'" paiTys of Chesterton ... ... ... ... 16*' 

Rem w(i? of m^ good wyn for Rente ... ... ... ... 13*4'' 

Heceivcd of goodinan ToYiiHon for B.cnte ... ... ... ... 12*' 

'Received of goodman clarke for Rente for the style ... ... 4'' 

Received of M»" Baxter for the bachelors .3^' 16*' 

Remi'ec? of goofi?wia?i sterne for hys Chemney ... 12*^ 

Receiwo? of M'' doctor ward for hys pale ... ... 4'' 

S?wi xxix'* xix^ ij*' 

Item for Easter booke xiij'* iij^ j'' 

Recept' Swmwa totalis xliij'* ij^ iij*' 

Allocat' xix'i x8 ij*' 

Remanet xxiij'' vij^ i'' 

180 a] An?io 1585 

The Charge's layd out by ednionde snialvvood and John Cutbarte 
Churche wardens for all shuche Repratioris the niynistcr hys wagj's and 
other nesesarys as Apertaynethe vnto the Churche wherof they aske 
Alowaunce as followethe 

Item to the mynester for hys yeares waggys ... ... 13'^ 6'' 8'' 

Item to wyllyam seymer for wasshynge the Clothes & Ryngynge 

the bell 4« 

Item payd for makeynge the bell whele ... ... 8^ 

Item for A bolte of Jron for the bell ... ... ... ... 1 2<* 

Item for a bell Rope 20*1 

Item for 3 locks & mendynge the cheste 3^ 8'' 

Item to seymer for a claye bord for the bell ... 3^ 

Item to mother feld for dunge Caryage 8*' 

Item for broumes ... ... ... ... ... 2*' 

Item for 4 lode of stones to pave w^th 16« 

Item for 8 lode & a halfe of sande 5« 8'* 

Item for paueynge of 54 yards 12" 6^ 

Item for Caryage of 4 lode of stone 16** 

Item Chargys at the visitation and 2 quarter by lis 12" 8*' 

Item for elye farthyngs ... ... 10'' ob 

Item to seymer for Couerynge of 2 graues ... ... ... 2Md 

Item for brommes ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 1'' ob 

Item for 2 lode dunge Caryage from the streate 8** 

Item for oyle for the bells ... ... ... ... 2* 

Item one the queues nyght 1 pounde Candells ... 3* 

Item for 4 lode of dunge Caryage one the queue's euyne ... IG** 

Item for mendynge the wyndows ... 15" 8*^ 

Item to the Treasurers for the Almes howsses ... 12** 

Item to goodman martyn for A 11 lode Caryage at easter ... 3^ 8** 

1587 211 

Item fv»r niakeynge tlie easter boke ... ... ... ... G'^ 

Itt^ni to soy 1 nor for n.iylos & Un names ... ... ... ... 3<i 

Item for bread ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 9'^ 

Item for wyne for the whole yeare ... ... ... ... 25** 

Item for a seruys boke in foil' ... ... ... ... ... 7^ G*^ 

Item for 2 poiiiule Candolls ^ ... ... ... ... ... 6'^ 

Item of the qiiones nyghte for beare to the Ryiigers ... ... 4'^ 

Summa xix" xv^ ij'^ 

180 b] xj« Aprilis 1586 

Swnma Receptorw7>i xliij>> ij^ iijii 

Summa Allocat?*07iw>i xix^i xv^ ij'^ 

Remanet in peciiniis xxiij^* vij^ j'^ 

the which sayed wis dclyuered the daye aforesayd to John norcote 
& peter scarlett churchwardens for this yere folewyng 
Ite»n they ar to rcceyve more as foloweth 

Inpmiiis of m»' doctor warde ... ... ... ... ... viij^' 

Itey/i of m'" foxton ... ... ... ... ... ... ... viij^i 

Itrm goodman atkyn & his wife for ij yeres offringe ... ... xij'^ 

Item of Arthure Leache for ij ycres ... ... ... ... xij*^ 

Item of goodman Sargynson & his wife ... ... ... ... xij^^ 

Item of good wyfe Scarlet ... ... ... ... ... ... vj'^ 

Item of John Richerdson & his wife ... ... ... ... viij'^ 

Item of goodman grene & his wife — rr. —. —. ij^ 

Itegi- o f m'' Ball m rr-. —. —. r^-i r^. TT^ iij^ 

Item of goodman brigham for ij yeres ... ... ... ... ij^ xij*^i 

Item of goodman bifFyn & his wife ... ... ... ... 8'' 

Item of nV Stringer for y*^ masters of Arte ... ... ... v}^ 

com' acceptus et probatus die et an?zo predictis per nos Wilelmttm 
warde JoAamiem bacster Johcmnem poley 

181 a] xvijth daic of Aprill 1587 

The electyon beynge made on easter mondaye Acordinge to the auncient 

custome of Samt maries parishe in this manor ffirst peter scarlet & John 

norkot Churchwardens have chosen two men peter scarlet namyd 

michciell wulie & John norkot namyd Thomas medcalfe, & those two have 

chosen to them vj m^" Leonard m^" chapman & m^" sparrow m'' Baxter 

m * ' Burwell & m*' Bradshawe m^" Mosse m>" harvy & John mathewe & they 

8 hauo chosen for churchwardenes this yearo to come peter scarlett 

& Jhon norkot And that they are auditors for the yore followenge 

„ ,.,,,•, • fJohn Tompson 

Overseers of the higho waies -^„ , , , . 

[Kecherd narrison 

181 b] xxiij° Aprilis Anno do7nmi 1587 

The Accompte of Peter Scarlet and John Norkot Chirch wardens 
for all suche mony as the said 2 haue Resceyved to thuse of the parishe 




xxiij^i vij^ j'^ 

xij* xviij' 

by vortue of the office which was yelclcd accountable vnto the Auditors as 

Imprimis Ueceived of y^' Auditors in mony 

Item Remwo? for the Easter booke 

Item Ueceived of m}' Smy the for Rent of y^ land 

Item of m*" Parish of Chesterton for y*' meadowe 
Item of m*" Goodwyn for y*^ Almose howseis 

Item of Goodman Tompson for Rent 

Item of Goodman Gierke for the Chirch stile 

Item of Thomr<s Sterne for his Chymney 
Item of Richard Love for his pale 

Item for the bacchelors of Arte 

Item for the buriall of m^ baker ... 

Item for y*" buriall of m^" Adam a stranger in y*^ Chirche 

Item for masters of Arte for the last y ere 

Item for the masters of Arte y*^ y ere before ... 

Recefyec^ of Arthure leache & others for oft'eryngs the last yere 
Item for xvj" which we must receive of m*" doctor ward & 
m^" w?7/?'«m ftbxton ... ... ... ... ... 

S?«mma of the receipts Ivij^* xj^ & 4^^ 

St e ven newman r,^ „-, r^r^ r-r-, r,-. ^^ r^ 



xiijs iiij*i 

iij^ X' 


m'" goldisl>orowe for his oft'eringo 



m ^' t hom e y - 

m*' omalcwood & m'" Avarron 



Agneo petford e 


Anthonye —. rr. —. —. vr-. rr; ^-n rr 

182 a] xxiij*' Aprilis Anno domiiii 1587 

The Charges layde out by Peter Scarlet and John Norkot Chirch - 
wardens for all suche Reparacions The Mynister his wages and Other 
necessaries as apperteynithe vnto y*^ Chirche whereof they aske allowance 
as followethe 

Imprimis paid to the minister for his whole yeres wages xiij^' vj^ viij*^ 

Item i>aid to wil/iara Semer for wasshinge the Chirch Clothes 

the whole yerc ... 
Item pazd to the tresorers for the Rent of y*^ Almose howses ... 
Item paid to the plomer for mendinge the leads & xix^' of 

Item layde out for nayles bords and fyeringe for the plomer ... 
Item paid to the glasier for mendinge the glasse windowes 
Item pa?*d more to the glasier for a casement & glasse at 

m" ffoxtons seate 
Item ixiid for ij l>ell Ropes 

Item for Oyle for y** bells ... ... 

Item paid for candell on y*' Quenes night ... iij' 



xvij^ YJ^ 







1587 213 

Item paid to y® Ringers on the Quenes Night ... viij^ 

Item paid to y*^ Ringers at y'^ Triumph ... ... xij^^ 

Item p(?/d for carriengu uwuic y^" micr from y^ Chirchc wall at 

sundrie tymes ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iiij** viij'^ 

Item paid for an amerceme?it for the myre vnder the chirch 

wall ... ... ..„' ... ... ... vj*^ 

Item paid for brcade y*= whole yere .. ... ... ... xij'^ 

Item paid for wyne y*^ whole ycre ... ... ... ... xxiij** vj^^ 

Item paid for bromes for the Chirche ... ... ... ... vj^^ 

Item paid for our supper at the visitacion ... ... ... xij^ 

Item paid for Ely farthings ... .. x'^ ob 

182 b] Item for a booke of iniunctions ... ... ... ... x'^ 

Item paid for mendinge the seates & nailes ... ... ... xx^^ 

Item paid for a booke of Prayers .. . ... ... .. ... vj^^ 

Item paid for our iiij quarter bills ... ... ... ... xvj'^ 

Item paid for mendinge y*^ chirch wall ... ... ... ... ij** viij^^ 

Item ptiid to y^ clarke for layenge of a grave stone ... ... ij^ 

Item paid for makinge y*^ easter booke ... ... ... ... vj*^ 

18/89 ob 

Sii»ima of the laienge out xviij^ viij^ ix"^' ob 
Siiwima of the receypts 

And so due to the parishe xxxiij^* xiiij^ vij'^ with the xvj^^ 
in the hands of doctor warde and M^" ffoxton w/iich the 
churchwardens must receive 

William burwell & 

Jhon Goodwin ♦ 

John howell 


mychaell Wolffe 

11 17 3 ob. 

183 a] xxiij*' Aprilis Anno do7)dm 1587 

Memora?idiiwi by the consent of most of the parishenors a lease is 
granted to Andrewe Smythe of the parishe land from Michelmas last 
'or xiiij yeres for the yerelie rent of x^ w^th this condiczon that he shall 
not sell awaie his lease to any person but to a parishener and housholder 
of this parishe of great Sai'^i^ maries in Cambridge. Peter scarlett 

John Norkot 

183 b] xviij" die maij Anno Regni Refine Elizabethe &c xxix"*' 1587 

Whereas the master fellowes & schollers of Trinitie CoUedge in Cam- 
'•ridge haue demised & letton vnto Thomas Bradshewe Theire Two 

214 1588 

shoppes lienge at the west ende of Saint Maries chirclie in Cambridge 
froiu Miclialiiias last past for xix yercs which two slioppes are to be 
newe buildod vj) by the said Thomas and bycause the said Thomas 
in buildingc of the same shoppes did goe about to stop})e the hght of the 
wyndowes of the said Chirche «& made his frame in the Chirche wall 
to the p/-c4udice of the chirche & parisheners without the co?isent of the 
said Chirche wardens & pa/isheners & was therefore by them discharged 
from buildinge theire eny further & so the frame dothe sease vnfynished. 
Nowe at the ernest request of the said Thomas the said Chirchwardens & 
p(yrishcners the daye & yere abouc writton haue given & graunted there 
License consent & good will Tha,t the said Thonic/s Bradshewe shall 
builde the said Two shoppes vpon the wall & west windowes of the said 
parishe Chirche and the same enioy duringe the ternie afore said vpon this 
Condicion & so that the said Thomas or his assigftes Executors or 
assignes do well & trulie Paie or cause to be Paid vnto the Chirch 
Wardens of the said parishe and to theire successors yerely at the feast 
of Easter the some of fti\c shillings of Lawful! mony of England duringe 
all the yeres to Come in the said lease the W/a*ch the said Thomas 
dothe most willinglie p/'omise to do & paie &, will bynde himselfe by 
his Deede vuder his hand & seale to Paie accordinglie 

By me Thomas Bradshaw 

Peter scarlett) 

T , , i . chirchwardens 

John norkot 

184 a] viij'^ ApriHs Anno 1588 

The election beynge made on Easter miuidaie accordinge to the 
Aunncient custome of Saint Maries parishe in this maimer Hirst peter 
Scarlet and John Norkot chii'chwardens have named two men peter 
Scarlet have namyd m^' Thomas Thomas & John Norkot hathe namyd 
M»" Thomas medcalfe & They two have chosen vj viz m^" baxtor m"^ payne 
& m^' pooley m^' goodwyn m^" Sparrowe & m^" Smaluwood And they viij 
have chosen for churchwardens for this yerc to come Iiol)ert harvye 
& Jhon mathewe And that they are auditors for this yere to come 

The elccton beinge mad of ester monday Acordinge to the Anchen 

184 b] 1588 lowe sondaye 

The accompte of Peter Scarlet and John Norkot churchwardens for 
all suche mony and other tilings as they two have reccyved to the vse of 
the said parishe by vertue of their office wAiclie was yelded <& accompted 
vnto the auditors thereunto appoynted as followethe 
Inprmiis receyved of the Auditors in monye ... ... xxxix'' xiiij'' vij** 

Item rcceyved for the eastcr booke ... ... ... xiji' xiiij" xj*' 

Item of Andrewe Smy the for the rent of y'^ pa/ishe land ... x^ 

Item of parishe of Chesterton for the rent of the meadowe ... x\j'' 




















1588 215 

Item of m'" Goodwyii for the rent of the chambers over the 

Ahiiose houseys 
Item of John Tonipson Cordyner for the rent of the paryylie 

gromide where vpon he hathe builtc ... 

Item of Alexander Clarke for the chirche style before his 

house ... ... ...^' 

Item of Thomas Sterne for the rent of the parishe ground 

wherevpon his chymney standythe ... 

Item of Richerd Love for the rent of the pale ... 

Item receyvcd of m"" Smythe for the bachelors of arte 

Item received of m^' widfe for the buriall of m*' bur well 

Item receyved of m'^ foxton for the buriall of his sonne william 

Item for the buriall of m^s^res Lo a stranger 

Item for the buriall of m"* walpoole a stranger ... 

Item of the masters of arte nothinge 

Item receyved of m^' Smalewood & steven newman for their 

offerings the last yere . .. 
Item for m^" Bradshewes rent for the two shopps ... ... v^ 

Swmna, Iviij^* if \^ 

185 a] xiiij of Aprill Anno dommi 1588 

The allowa24nce and charges laid out by the said peter Scarlet and 
John Norkot chirchwardens for mynisters wage*- reparac^ons and all 
other charges as apperteyninge vnto the chirch of great SaiVit maries 
whereof they aske allowaz^nce as folio wethe 
Imprmiis there remaynithe in the hands of certeyne parisheners 

the som^we of xvj^^ which the chirchewardens are charged 

wtthall and as yet colde never receyve ... ... ... xvj^i 

Item paid to m^' Chapman our minister for his whole yeres 

wages ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xiij^i vj'^ viij*^ 

Item paid to wilKam Semer for washinge the chirch clothes 

the whole yere ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iiij** 

Item paid to the tresorers for the rent of the Almose houseys xij^^ 

Item paid for ely farthings ... ... ... ... ... ... x^^ ob 

Item for a booke of articles ... ... ... ... ... x*^ 

Item spent at the visitaci'on for horshire and for oiu' supper . . . xv^ 

Item laid out on the Queues night ... ... ... ... vj<* 

Item for repayringe the Almose houseys ... ... ... viij^ 

Item for the quarters billes ... ... ... ... ... xvj*^ 

Item paid for carrienge awaie donge out of the chii'chyard and 

from the chirch wall at seuerall tymes ... ... ... viij^ viij'^ 

Item paid for nayles for the mendinge of the seates & bell 

wheles ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iiij"^ 

Item for mendinge the bell whele .. . ... ... vj'^ 

Item for broomes the whole yere iiij^^ 



Itdiu paid to the plomer for mciidinge the leades at two siindrie 

ty iiie.s <S: for sodcr 
Itc'iu for colow spent there ... 
Item for candles 

vjs ijd 


xviij^ nij" 
ij8 vj.i 

xxiiijs vj'' 


185 b] Item paid to a tyler for mendynge of y*^ steple and for 
mendinge the chirch wall beynge broken downe ... 

Item for ly me & sande for the same 

Item paid to a glasier for mendinge the windowes in the chirch 
and for newe glasse 

It<?m paid to Semer for covering of ij graves 

Item paid for bread & wyne for the whole yere ... 

Item for makynge the easter booke 

Item for makynge of the writinge from m^' bradshcwe to the 
parishe whereby he is bound to paie yerelie v^ 

Item for a key for the dore into the bellfrey 
SiemiMar of- 4h e r ecei|>ts xx 
Szmima of the laiengs out xxxiiij^ ix^ ob 
And so rest due to the chirchc xxiij^ xiij**, iiij'^ ob 

Received by me Robart harvey groser & Jhon mat he v skin?ier the 

14 day of Aprell 1588 of m*" nurkock & m^" skarlet hom war the ovld 

wardens to the parsli of saynt maryes the som of twenty thre povnd 

thirtin shillens & fover pens hapnd I say Received by me Robart harvey 

grower & Jhon mathev skimie/' xxiij^' xiij^ iiij^^ ob to the ewesse of the 


by me Robart harvey groser 

I M 

186 a] more to receyve of suche parisheners as paid not at easter for 
their offerings 

of m* Andre we Smy the 
goodman west 
Thomas Addams 
goodman Atkyn 
John Seman ... 

buckle ... 

Johanne glasier 

Johannc pctford 

Jasper harrison 
Recey ved more of Thomas Jackson 
Received of John Tomson ... 
Recey ved of Thomas Addams 
Recey ved of m' Smalewoode 
Recey ved of m^" Scarlet for lamwies debte 
of m' Scarlet for the tymber slate & stone of the old shop 











1589 217 

186 b] Thee elecoii of gret sant maryes parcshe beinge of ester moiuiay 
beinge the G day of Aprell 1581) by Kobart harvey & Jhon iiiatheve chorch 
wardens have named ij ni^" foxson & in' polley and thos to have named vj 
to them m^' docketer ward peter skarlet & Jhon porter chosse m'" hovell 
nV goodm«M m'" manyinge & thay viij have chossen the ehorch wardnes for 
this yere to Com Robart luxrvey groser Jhon mathc the viij men named 
ai* Audetors for this ycrc to Com 

vj of Aprill 1589 

receyved of John norkot & peter scarlet late chirch wardens seaventene 
]_)eces of evidence belonginge to this panshe besydes dyvers other letters 
i*ecey ved by them of doctor ward 

by me Robart Harvey grower 

I M 

187 a] 1589 

Mony Received by Robert Harvy And John Matthewe Anno 1589 
Churchewardens by vertue of there office to the vse of y*^ parishe of Great 
Saint Maries etc. 
Received in prmu's of y*^ owld Chiirche Wardens whenas they 

yeelded there accompt to the Auditors beinge the 14^^' 

daye of Aprill 1588 in monye Just ... ... xxiij^i xiij« iiij*^ ob 

Received mor of m^^ Alcocke for the buriall of her husband 

in the Churche the some of ... ... ... ... ... vj^ viij*^^ 

Received of m"" ffletcher for y'' buryall of his wife in the Churche 

y« som of vjs viij^^ 

Received of Goodman Thomson y« Shoemaker the some of ... xx^ 

Received mor of Goodman Jackson y® fletcher the some of ... iiij" 

Received of m'" Smalevvood the some of . . . ... ... ... iiij^i 

Received for the maisters of Arte xx^ 

Received for the batchellers of Arte \yf viij^ 

Received of John NichoUs for the buriall of him in the Churche vj^ viij^^ 
Received mor of m'^ Thomas for her husbands buriall in 

the Churche the som of ... ... ... ... ... vj^ viij<* 

Received of m^' Andre we smyth for Rente ... ... ... x^ 

Received mor of m'" docter Goad ... ... ... ... ... v^ 

Received of m^' goodwyn for the Rent of the chambers over the 

Almhovsens xiij^ iiij"^ 

Recmed of thomas starn for Rent ... ... ... ... xij* 

Received of good vvyfFe thomson for Rent .. . ... ... ... xij*^ 

Received of m'" skarlatt for tmber ston & slatt ... ... ... xiij^ 

Received off' m*" skarlet for the mony w/iich lam had ... ... iiij'^ 

Som totalis Received is] 
Jost xliiijii 008 00^^ 

^1 44>i 

218 1588 

Itoin inor for the ester bocke for this yer 1589 the som xij^i xviij» vj^^ 

m'" bradsho for Rent ... ... v»* 

m'" love for the pjill iiij'^ 

ellysixiidor dark for rent ... ... ... ... iiij'i 

parosh of Chesterton for Rent ... ... ... xvj^^ 

nior for to Rcro'iVe of thomson for mony lent ... xx^ 

GO. 5. 8'i thomas Adonis xl^ 

187 b] Mony Laid llbrthe by y*^ Church waidcns of the [)a!nshe of Great 

^aint niaries An?io doni//<i 1588 viz Ivoborte harvic and John Mathewe 
fibr tlie reprations of y*^ (Jhurchc as followcth vnder written 

Inpranis for 2 loads of Lyme to mend y'' steeple the some of... xij^ 

paid for nay les for the Carpenter ... ... ... ... ... viij'^ 

paid for a bed corde ... ... ... ... ... ... x^^ 

paid for 4 loads of sand for y'^ steeple ... ... ... ... ij^ viij^ 

paid to morris for woi'keinge in p6i!/-t ... ... ... ... x"* vj'^ 

paid for waxe for the plumer ... ... ... ... ... iij'^ 

paid for ix^i of Leadd 1^^ ob ptr i ... ... ... ... ... xiij*^ ob 

paid for cooles for y** plumer ... ... ... ... ... ij'^ 

payd mor to morris y° mason for worke ... ... ... ... xiij** ij'^ 

Itc^m for lO^Wiayles for them ... ... ... ... ... ij*^ 

Itt'm for nayles againe for y^ Smithe ... ... ... ... iiij'^ 

paid to the Carpenter for on day es worke ... ... ... xij'^ 

paid to the plummer for Soother and ftbr woorke the some of xxvij* vij'^ 
paid to y*^ Smithe for woorke about the Churche Beames the 

some of ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... v^ 

Item ftbr waxe ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iiij'^ 

Itc^n for 4 ffbote of Studds and 54 ffbot of Inche hordes ... iiij^ 

paid mor for chercoles for y^ plumer ... ... ... ... iij'^ 

paid for nayles for him ... ... ... ... ... ... iii^ 

paid to mason y*^ Paynter in parte for his worke ye some of ... xx^ 

paid for canvis for him to paynte ... ... ... ... iij^ 

mor paid to masonn y^ Paynter in full payme/it for his worke 

for paintinge 22 yeards of Canvis y^ some of ... ... xiij"* 

paid for duble lO'i nayles iij'* 

paid more for Soother 27 1 qitarter at 6'^ per lb ... ... xiij** vj*' 

paid more for waxe for the jjlummer ... ... ... ... iij'^ 

Item paid for the lAummorH wages for iiij dayes work and for 

his man at 1 2'^ per daye ... ... ... ... ... ix" 

paid for mendinge a keye for the Chauncell dore ... ... iiij'^ 

paid mor to m^" wharton for on Studd of 8 foote and 9 foote of 

Inche borde the some of ... ... ... xvij'^ 

Item paid to m^" Chapman y^ minister for his qvMrte?' Rent 

at mychaelmus Last past the some of ... ... iij'' vj^ viij'^ 

paid mor to m*' wharton for 5 foote dm' of timber ... ... ij" ix'^ 



iiji* vf viij'i 

Item for 4 peces of 9 foote ... ... ... ... ... ... iiij** 

Itetm for 9 foote of Inche borde ... ... ... ... ... ix'^ 

Itt'iii for 1-1' of Candclls for y*^ churche ... 

pta'd to m^" huttoii y*^ myniatcr y*-" 10^'' of Januayye 1588 

The some of mony which Robert harvy church warden hath Laide 
forthe is Just y*^ i^m of 14. 3. 2''^ xiiij^i iij" ij^^ ob 

188 a] Monye Laid forth for the reprations of y" Churche 

maryes by John Matthewe Churchwarden of y*^ same 

dommi 1588 as followethc 

Inprimis paid forthe to the workenien 

payed to the Tylers for worke 

paid for tyniber fibr y*^ churche 

paid for Lathes 

paid for nayles and tile pin?ies 

paid for A hingell for A dore 

paid to Goodman seamer y*^ some of 

paid for a beesome ... 

paid for Ironworke and workmanshipp 

payd to the workman 

paid for 1 C and a half of nayles . . . 

paid for Tymber and bords 

Itc^m to the workman 

paid mor to workemen 

paid mor for Soother for y^ ledds . . . 

piiid to the workmen 

paid mor llbr soother to the plumer 

paid for nayles 

imid to the mynister for his wages 

paid for x bushilles of Cooles 

paid for iij C of nayles 

paid to the workman ... ... ... ... ... ... ij^ vj^ 

paid mor for Soother and worke ... ... ... iij^ 

paid to the Treasurers of y^ towne for the almes howsen 
paid for the mendinge of hinge of a seat 
paid for the Articles 
\Kud for a prayer booke 

payed for Elye farthings 

payd for ij horses to Ryd to the visitation 

paid for our dynners 

l)aid for bread 

paid for ij bell Roopes and oyle 

paid for ij^'^ of Candells 

paid to the minister for his quai'iers wages 

imid to the Glasiar for work and glasse ... ... ... ... vj« viij*^ 

of Great Saint 

parish An?io 



viijs vj'^ 







XX vj** 





iijs vjd 


ijs vjrt 




vjs viijd 
iijs iiijd 





x*^ ob 


iijii vj** viij^' 

220 1589 

paid for Caryiiigo awaye the my re ... ... ... ... vj** viij*^ 

paid for wy no and breadd lor y^' whole yeare ... ... ... xx.^ 

The aome w/ft'ch John niaithcwe Churchwarden 
hath layd forth ia Juat xiij ^ xix " iij ^^ ob 

Sitmma totalis of all y*-' layengs out is xxviij^* ij" vj^^ 

188 b] Sicm of all the receypts Ix" v^ viij*' 

Sum of all the laiengs out xxviij^* ij*^ vj'^ 
And .so due to the parishei 
All things allowed V xxxij** iij« ij^^ 

the vj of Aprill 1589 ) 

by John ho well 

John poley 

William Payne 

J lion Goodwin 

the marke (mark) of william. Sparow 

vacmorandmn my partner John matthewe hath home the boxe of 
wrightings with him 

The elexwon mad the 20 day of Aprell 1590 in the parsh of gret saynt 
may res beinge ester monday by Robart harveey grower & Jhon mathewe 
chorche wardens and have named ij m"" policy m»" medcaft'e & thay to 
have chossen vj to them m*" doctor ward m^' wollftc peter vskarlct m^' ball 
m'" liovcll m^" goodwin & thay viij have choson the chorchwardns for 
this to Com Robart harvey Jhon mathew & thes viij ar Adotors for 
this yer 

189 a] The 26^'' of Aprill 1590 

The accounte of Robert harvic and John Matthewe Churchewardens, 
for all suchc monye as they haue laid forthe Itbr the reprations of y^ 
churche and the mynisters wages and ffbr the other necessaryes belonginge 
thervnto, for this yeare nowe paste An/io 1589 as flbllowethe 
Inprimis to the brickclayer for workmanshipe ... ... ... v^ 

Item paid to the treasurers ... ... ... ... ... xij^ 

Item for the quarter bill ... ... ... ... ... ... xvj** 

paid to twoe carpenters ... ... ... ... ... ... ij** 

paid ftbr Ironworke for the sermon bell and the hanginge of it iiij"* 

paid to the minister for the whole ycares wages the sume of xiij^* vj** viij"' 
paid to the workemen that hanged the sermon bell and for 

a newe Bawldricke for the clapper ... ... ... ... xij'^ 

paid for mendinge of y»^ clapper of the sermon bell the some of ij^ vj<* 

Paid for bcesomes and nayles ... ... ... ... ... iij^ 

paid to Goodman Seamer for washinge y^ cloathes ... ... iiij^ 

paid for mendinge the Locke of A cheste and the makeinge of a 

newe keye ... ... ... ... ... ... ... viij'' 

paid for ij lockes to a cheste ... ... ... ... ... xx^ 




paid for mending towc lockes and ij keyes 

paid for viij^' of soather 

paid for the workcnianshipp 

paid for charcoolos ... 

paid for waxc 

paid for a brusho 

paid for Elly farthings 

paid at the visetation 

paid for the artickells 

paid for iij sparres to the raendinge of ye stcei)le 

paid for woi'kenianshipp ij dayes ... 

paid for nayles 

j)aid for tylepi?mcs ... 

paid for ewsborde 

paid for Lathes 

paid for Lyme and sande ... 

paid for the glasse ... 







Vjs viijd 





xnj*^ x^ 

189 b] Item paid for carying awaye of my ere from aboute the 
churche the sume of ... 

paid ffor hordes to mend the seates rownde nbout the churche 

the som of 

paid ffbr studdes ... ... 

paid fFor nayles 

paid to the workemen 

paid for oyle for the belles and candell and nayles 

paid to A plum7?ier . . . 

paid ffor Breade and wine for the whole yeare the som of 

paid ffor oner Supper at the takinge of possession of y'' parrish 

4'* p«id for ij bondes makinge 

190 a] A note of all such money as we haue Heceived ffor the accoumpt 
of y® parrish 

Received of y^ Proctors fFor y^ master of varts ... 
Heceived ffbr y'^ Bachclder of vart ... 
Ueceived of m'"^ fFoxton fFor the Buryall of m^" foxton . 
Received of m^"^ Bridon ffbr the buriall of hir husband . 
1 Received fFor Bereing of m^" fFreman 
Received of m'" Smyth 

Received of goodwif Tomson for hir rent ... 
m*" Goodinge 

Received of m' Parris of Chesterton for toe yeares rent 
m'^ Loue 
John Hust 
m'" Ledget 
















222 1500 

Reokned & a covnted the 26 of Aprell 1590 & all thinges 
ar Aloved & grod vpon & tliar Rcinayneth in over handes 
Robart harvey grosej' & Jhon mathew att this day above 
sayd the .Tost som of tliirty on })ovnd fyff'tecn shyllens 
fypens I say Jost Rcsteth in over hand ... ... xxxj^ xv^ v^^ 

willra ward John poley 
John howcll 
John Goodwin 
niychaell wolfFe 
Thomas maninge 
John porter 
peter Scarlett 

190 b] The election made the v*'^ daie of Aprill 1591 in the parishe 
of great Saint maries beynge Easter monday by Robert harvy and John 
rnathewe chirche wardens Sz. have namyd Thomas medcalfo Alderman 
& michaell wulfe & they have chosen vj to them hos names be her sot 
dovne m'' narcok m^" hovcll & m^" manyngc m'" skarllat m' porter & 
m^" power & thes viij have chosen the chorchc wardens for this yer for to 
Com m*" edward ball & m^' Jhon polley 

191 a] The accoumpe of Robart haruye grocer and John mathewe ffor 
this yeare Anno 1590 as ffolloweth ftor all Snch money as theay liaue 
received and paid ought flbr necessaryes belonging to the Church 
Inpriniis paid to Seamer ffor washinge of the Clothes the sum 

off iiij8 

Layd ought at the visitation ... ... ... ... ... v^ 

Ely ffardings ... ... ... ... ... ... ... x ob 

paid to the ringers xij*^ 

ffor Bromes ffor y*^ whole yeare ... ... ... iiij'^ 

paid ffor makinge y® ministres seate ... ... ... ... xx" 

paid to the Treasurers ffor rent ... ... ... ... ... xij*^ 

for Caridge of y^ durt ffor y^' whole yeare . . ... ... viij'* vii j'^ 

paid to the glasyer for glac ... ... ... ... ... viij« 

paid to the wowiman ffor the child which was layd att doctor 

wards gate ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iij^ 

ffor mcndinge of one of the hearse ffeete ... ... ... ... x** 

paid ffor Candells xij*^ 

paid ffor a rope ffor the sance bell ... ... ... ... iiij** 

paid to the plumper ffor worke & soder ... ... ... ... vj^ viij<^ 

for Caridge of the timber in to the Church and flor Layinge 

vpeofit ij* 

paid ffor healinge of westes childe his head ... v^ 

paid ffor keepinge of westes daughter which came last the som 

of ifyj^ 

1592 228 

paid flfor the minystei's wages ffor y" whole year ... xiij^' vj^ viij*^ 

paid ouglit ftbr Ty niber xx j^' x« j'' 

paid ought ffor hrcade and wine iYor tlio whole yeare the som 

of xxiiij*^ 

prt/d to M^" norcok for the wry tinges ix^ 

Som layd fort is Jost 

the som of xxxix'' xix^ x'^ oh. 

191 b] 26 of 1590 Aprell 
yiemoi'andum that thear remayned in ouer handes ffor the 

last yeares Accoumpt in money the Ju«t som of ... xxxi*' xv^ 6^ 

Mor that wee haue received of wV ffreniie 
Remi'ed of y® mas^e?' of Artes 
lR,eceived of the collectors ... 
Heceived ffor buryinge a Scoller 

Rcmi'tfd ffor buringe of m^"^ Howell 

Remised for the bach elers of Art ... 

Received of m^' gooden for Eent 

Recm'cd of m^" love for Rent 

Received of m'"^ Smyth for beringe of her hvsband 

Received of m»"^ smythe for the Rent of her land 

Received mor for the ester bocke 1591 the som of 

Rece/i?c'd of pareshe of chesterton ... 

Som is of the mony in over handes & the Reseytes Received 

the oil yer Cometh to 

mony thatt hatthe bynn layd ovght for the holl yer Cometh xxxix' xix^ x'^ 

to the som of . . . 
so Reste to the vse of the chorche the som of ... ... ... x^' iij* vj'^ 

wilh'«m ward (mark) John howell 
mychaell wolfF 
peter scarlett 
John porter 

192 a] Received by me John poley churchewarden for the yeare to come 
by the handes of the auditors from the olde churchewardens viz. M^" Robart 
harvey & John matthewe to the vse of great Samt maries Churche The 
Som of Tenne pownds iij^ vj^^ 

The elecc/on made the xxvij*^ daye of marche beinge moonedaye in 
Ea.ster weeke in y*' pa?-ishe of great Saynt Marries by Edward Ball and 
John Pooly churchwardens and have named m^" doctor ward and m^' Thomas 
medcalf one of the Aldermen of the Towne of Cambr^VZ^e aforesaid 
and they have chosen vj to them whose names be here sett downe viz. 
m^' doctor Newcom, Richard Love, John mathewe Robert Harvy Edmond 
Smalewood & John Chapman theis Eight have chosen the chirchwardens 
for this yere to come M'" Edward Ball & m»" John Pooly 

... VJB 






,.. vj« 


... vj« 




... xiij 

' iiij'^ 


... vj^ 




xijii vj 

s vij^i 



... li^iij 

s vijd 

xxxix' xix^ x'l 

39ii 19 

' 10| 

224 1591 

192 b] Anno salutis 1591 

The accomptc of Edward Ball and John Foley Churche wardens for all 
suche nionye as they have Resseved to the vse of the parishe by vertue of 
their office Whiche was y elded Accomptable vnto the Aiiditours in anno 
1 591 as hereafter followeth 

Inprimis llesseived of the auditors for the acconipt yclded vp 
by Robart harvey & John Matthewe for the yere 1590 as 

before yt doth appere the Som of ... ... x*' iij« vj** 

Item Received for the Ester booke ... ... ... xij'' xviij^ v'^ 

Item Re<'eived of Mr Smithe for rent of the lond ... ... x" 

Item of p«?7she of London for rent of mcdowe at chesterton ... xvj'^ 

Item of m'" Goodwin for y*' rente of the chamber over the almes 

how^ses ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xiij^ iiij*^ 

Item of widowe Tomson for the rent of a peace of grownde . . . xij'^ 

Item John Hurste for rent for a peace of grownde for a chimney xij'^ 

Item of Richard love for his pale ... ... ... ... ... iiij'* 

No 161 Item Received of the bachelers of arte ... ... ... ... liij'^ viij'^ 

Item Received for the masters of Arte no. 81 ... ... ... xiij^ 6'^ 

Item^.emWd-fbr biiriall of-mJ"- doctor- lei^kyfi — —. — ' — —-. t^. vj^ viij ^^ 

Item Recc?'ved for buriall of mis^ris ffoxton ... ... ... vj« viij'^ 

Item Received for y*= Imriall of m''" i)hissicke ... ... ... vj^ viij'^ 

Item Received of m»' leggatt for the rent of his shoppe ... ... v^ 

193 a] Item Received of the forsayde JVD' leggatt for one yeare 

whiche he was behind in his offringe at ester ... ... v' 

Item Rece?'ved of m^ Baxster vintener for his off ring for ij yeares 

whiche he was behindc with the olde church wardens ... v^ 

Item Received of Lutte cooke for a yeare paste for his offring x** 

S?««ma xxix*' v^ iij'^ 

Anno 1591 

The charges layde owte by Edward Ball & John poley Churchwardens 
for all charge.9 apperteyning vnto the churche wherof they aske allowans 
as hei-after followeth 
In[)rimis pazd to m^ Barker 07ir minister for one whole yeares 

wages xiij" vj" 8'^ 

Item p^i?*d to will/am Seymor for Avasshing the churche clothes 

for one whole yeare ... ... ... ... ... ... iiij^ 

Item paid to the Tresorers for rent for the almes howses ... xij"^ 

Item paid to the ringers on the quenes night ... ... ... viij** 

Item paid to Seimor the clarke for candles nayles & Bromes xij^ 

Item paid to frickeley for articles at the visytacion vj^ 

Item paid for the booke of Iniuntions and a nother boke of 

the bysshoppes articles ... ... ... ... ... viij*^ 

Item pai'd for caringe away of a lode of myre ... ... ... iiij'^ 



193 b] Itt^m paid for caudles 1^^ & bromes 

Itt^m paid for Eley farthings 

Itfiii Spent at the visytacou 

Item paid at Christmas for bredd 

Item paid for mesuring of the tymber 

Item paid to John dowcey for xij fote timber ... 

Item paid to i)asfeilde carpeteV for makynge the bell frame 

Item paid to ij Sawyers for Sawinge of the Timber for the 

Item to Robert nicolsoM the Smithe for 14 bowlte.s & for locks 

for the bell frame poize xiij^^ with greate nayles for the 

hingel of the Southe dore of y^ churche ... 

Item \Htid for Asshe to make hooke pi?ines for the carpenter ... 
Item \Kiid for a paper booke to wright in all the names of the 

jx/rishe at ester 
Item paid to goodman gose for going abought the parishe & 

tiiking the names of all the communicants ... 
Item pai'o? for a bell rope ... 
Item i^aid for binding of this booke & puttinge into yt vj quere 

of paper... 

Item paid for iij paste bords to make iij platformes of the 

Steple when we did gather for yt at the cowimensement . . , 
Item p« id for brccid at Ester 

Item paid to m^ woolfe for wine for one whole yeare 

Item paid for a Locke with the keye for the pore mans hutche 

S?6>>mia xx^' x^ xj'^ ob 
soe dewe to the parryshe for this yeare viij^^ xiiij^ v*^ ob 

x*' ob 





ijjli xv^ 



iij' iiij'^ 



iijs vj<l 




194 a] This accompt was made and yelded vp by Edward ball & John 
Foley vnto the Auditours for the parishe of the virgin marye next the 
markett for the yeare paste 1591 in the presence of theise auditours whose 
names are vnderwritten 

(mark) John norkot 

Thomas medcalfe maior mychaell wolfte 
John howell peter scarlett 

(mark) John j)orter 

Thomas Manninge his marke 

194 b] The Eleccibn made the xvj of aprill 1593 beinge Ester mondaye 
in the parisshe of great S^ maries by Edward Ball and John Foley church- 
waixleus and have named M^' Thomas medcalflFe maior & m'" doctor warde 
and they have chosen vnto them those whose names be here sett downe 
viz m*^ maior hathe chosen m"* norcott alderman, m"^ harvey Alderman, 
& m'" howell and m^' doctor warde hath chosen m^' doctor newecom 
m"" woolfe & m^ warren and theise eyght ha\'e chosen for churche wardens 
for this yeare to come Richard Love and Richard Golsborowe 

C.A.S. Octavo Senes. No. XXXV. 




Aduo do;>?iiii 1593 aprilis IC^ 

'Memorandum that the said Electors and all the other parisheners of 
this parish have named and appoynted ni»" Ball m"" Norkott m'' harvie 
my Foley ni>' wolfe & m'" Skarlett to go forwardes in the building and 
fynishinge of S* niaries steplc and to their best indcvo?a' to procure things 
neces^saric, And what they or any two of them shall do the whole parishc 
do promise to ratifie. And that the said persons shall make to the 
auditors of the parishe for the tyme beyng a iust accompte of their 
receipts & charges at suche tyme as the chirchwardens do make their 
accompte And thervpon wee the i)arishioners have hervnto sette our 
handes the day & yeare aboue written 

wilh'cmi ward Robert Newcome 

lohn howell Thomas mannyng lohn porter 

195 a] The accompt of Edward Ball & John Foley Church wardens for 
all suche monye as they have Receaved to the vse of the parisshe by 
vertue of their office which was yelded vp accomptable vnto the auditours 
for anno 1592 as hereafter followeth 

131 6 n^ 

'Received for the easter booke for this yeare 1592 

Item Received of m^' smith for rent of the churche Londe 

Item of m^' Goodwin for the rent of the Chamber over the 

Almes liowses ... ... ... ... 

Item of Thomas parres of London for ij acres of meddowe 

Lyinge in Chesterton feilde ... 

Item of widowe Tomson for a peace of grounde whiche she 

holdeth of the parishe which adioyneth to her howse 
Item of John hurstc for a peace of grounde 

whereon a chimney ys sett ... ... 

Item of m^* Love for his pale ... 

Item Received of the masters of Arte n*^ 108 

Item Received of the Bachelors of Arte n'' 1 58 ... 

Item Received for the buriall of m^' Leonard 

Item Received for the buriall of m'" Smallwood 

Item Received for buringe of Richard cheveling of Longe Sutton 

in Lincolne shire in our churchyard ... 

Item Recei-ved for the buriall of James watton ... 

Item Received for the buriall of John Threder ... 

Item Received for the buriall of Thomas potto 

Item Received for the buriall of mis^ris warde ... 
Item Received for the buriall of m^" alexander Raye 
Item Received of m'^ Leggat for the rent of his shoppe ... 


xnj^ nij* 








hf viij 


vj« viij 
vj« viij 
vj« viij 




20ii 13« 9^ 

195 b] Received of M*' Allington of London gent one of the 
executours to mis^ris magdalen Furvey of Lincolne Shire 



for a legacye whiche she gave towards the reparc of Saint 
maries Stei)le in caiubridg the Som of 

Received of in'" John weste Citizen & grocer of London 

R^cm-cd more of the Ladie woodowes 

Received of m'' Robart Hare of London 

Received of ni^' alexander dawncer marchaunt & citizen of 
London mai 9 ... ... 

Received of two gentlewomen griffines of Northampton Shire 
may 15 1592 

Received of M"" Richard perne of downam within the Isle of 
Eley the 25 maij 1592 Executo?a' to m^" Andre we Perne 
doctor of divinite for a Legacye wAich he gave towards the 
repayre or bulding of Saint maries Steple in Cambridg 
the som of 

Recei'Ved of m"^ karre of Lincolne shire the 2 Junii 1592 the Som 

Received at the same tyme of m"^ karr brother to the forsaide 
m"^ karr 

Received of M^" Mycaell woolfe vintener of Cambridg Junii 6 1592 

Received of M'^ Scarlett apothecary of Cambridge 6 Junii 1592 

Received of one m'^ Deverox 

xiij" vj« 




lis yjd 





31^* IP 2^ 

ijs vjd 






196 a] Received more at the Commencement 1592 the 4 Julii of theise 
whose names do hereafter folowe towards the buildinge of Saint maries 

Received of m^" Brewdnall of huntington shire ... 

Received of m'" doctor Bull ... ... 

Received of m^' Gybbons 

Received of m"^ Riggs 
Received of misrt'is Sutton of London 
Received of m^" haggard of borne ... 
Received of m"^ Cheston 

Received of m'^ Androwes 

Received of m^" Tymothie of will ingarn 

Received of m'^ withepole ... 

Received of m^" Archer parson of houghton conquest in bedford 


Received of m^' John Lyne of harleton 

Received of m'^ Elinge vicar of littleport 

Received of m^' Samuell 

Received of m'" Coxe 

Received of m^" Bownde 

Received of m'" hickman 

Received of m'" Sidney of walsyngara 

Received of m"^ Tompson 







228 1592 

Receired of my Stockwood of Tiiubridg ... xij^i 

Received of m*' Weiman p</rson of finchfeild ... ... ... v* 

Reee/red of m"" overing of Lymie ... ... ... ... ... xij*^ 

Receii^cd of m^" HawU ... ... ... ... ... ... vj** 

Receryed of m*" vvutson of Connington ... ... ... ... xx" 

Remi'c'd of 111'" Cropley ... ... ... ... ... ... xij** 

Received of m^" Ratcliffe of gamliiigay ... ... ... ... vj^ 

196 1)] Received of m^ Thornedike xij** 

Received of m'" Alcock parson of ram ptoii ... ... ... vj<* 

Received of 111*" Jugge of horningsey ... ... ... ... ij" 

Received of one m^' howell ... ... ... xij^ 

Received of m'" Edwards ... ... ... ... xij*^ 

Received of one m*' wilson ... ... ... ... ... ... v* 

Received of m'' Tompson ... ... ... ... ij* vj*^ 

Received of m*" James ... ... ... ... ... ... iij^ iiij*^ 

Received of m*" harrison of London iijs iiij^ 

Received of m^' Emmans of Barnewell ... ... ijs 

Received of m*" Russell of Cottnam ... ... ... ... xij* 

Received of m'' Barrington of hatfeild in essex ... ... ... xij*^ 

Received of m'' Barnard veysey ... ... ... ... ... vj<* 

Received of m*' mudd chaplen to the lord cobham xij'^ 

Received of m*" Spring ... ... vj<i 

Recei ved of m^' wiseman ... ... ... ... ... ... vj** 

Received of nF Skott ... ... vj** 

Received of m^ Thomas monke ... ... ... ... ... xij*^ 

Received of m^" wright sometime of clare hall ... ... ... vj* 

Received of m^' wallcs of lynne ... xij'^ 

Received of m*" Simons xij** 

Received of m*' howsden ... ... ... ... ... ... iij^ 

Received of m^ wood xij^ 

Received of m^" Christover Shutt xij** 

Received of m^ Shawe of Cambridg iij« iiij*^ 

Received of m^ Skott of essex ... ... ... ... ... ij* 

Received of one m*" kempe .. . ... ... ... vj* 

Received of m"^ Lancaster of Suffo^X* ... ... vj<* 

Received of m^ Hawes ... ... ... ... vj** 

40.3 Received of m»" Sellen of London phisition xij'^ 


197 a] Received of henry Slegg vj*^ 

Received of m^ Samuell ... ... ... ... vj** 

Rece^^'ed of m' fForrest vj* 

Received of m"" Cornewalles xij<^ 

Received of m» fibster vj'* 



"Received of m"* Shortu.s 

Received of m'" neweport Northanipto>i shire 

Received of in"" Cotton of hiintington shire 

R^'ceived of m'" Gasset 

Received of m'" Pearne sometime of peterhowse 

Received of m*' aldrige ... ^ 

Received of nV Sayer 

Remy^d of m^' Risbe ... 

Received of m^' Bladwell 

Received of m^ doctor martyn of mourden 

Received of m*' Orrell ... 

Received of m"* Robinson parson of Somersam 

Received of morris Bownde 

Received of m»' Steward of Teversam 
Received of Edward foxton of ca?«brigge ... 
Received of m^ wathe phesition of walden 

Reeea-ed of m^" Robinson ... 

Received of m*' Browne ... 

Received of m** whight of Eley 

Received of m}' Bright of London ... 

Received of m>" [blank] the quenes grocer 

Received of m^ Heme 

Received of m^ Marcoll 

Received of m}' Lewke of cople of bedforde shire 

Received of one m^" porter ... 

Rcmwd of m^ Halford 

Received of m^" doctor ffle7?iminge ... 


iijs iiij'i 






viijs vjd 


ijs vjd 

52S 8^ 






xvj» nij' 

197 b] Received of m^' Pepes of Cottnam 

Received of one of m*" Alcocke his sonne of Rampton 

Received of mzs^ris AHce Baker of ca?»bridge 

Received of m"" heme 

Received of m^' Archer 

Received of m*" Clarke a Straunger 

Received more of divers Stranngers at the same time whose 

names we coold not gett to the Som of 
Received more of M^ Gressam at an other time being the 14 of 

aprill 1593 the Som of x^ 

4*^ 61 188 Qd IxjH iijs x'^ xiii« vj^ 

Item the remainder of the former accompt ... ... viij^* xiy^5'^ ob 

Received more of m>" John parker esquier for the chm*ch for 

his offrings & towards the minister wage* & reparations for 

two yeares xx^ 

230 1592 

The Som of the moiiye 'Rcceired this yeare paste 1592 as well Ixx^^ ' xj" ij<^ ob 
by gifte as otherwise dewe to the churche ys ... 71 13 2'^ ob 

The holl som deceived is Jost thre skore a leven povnd thirten 

shillens i/^ ob 71 13 2<i ob 

198 a] The Charges Layde oiite by Edward ball and John poley Churche- 
wardens fFor all suche Reparac2ons the minister his wages, with tlie 
provic^fon of stonne towards the bulding of the Steple of great S*' marios 
in Cambridge and other nessesaries appertayning vnto the Churche 
whereof they aske allowance as hereafter followeth 

Inprimis paid to m'^ Barker oure minister for one whole yeares 

wages the Som of xiij^i vj^ 8<^ 

Item imid to wilh'am Seimor for wasshing the Churche Clothes 

for one whole yeare ... ... ... iiij^ 

Item "paid to the Treasorers for one yeares rente for the Almes 

bowses ... ... xij*^ 

Item given to the llingers on the queues night ... viij'^ 

Item p<^id at the visitacion to pettit the regester for a booke of 

articles ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... x^ 

Item paid for Eley farthings x** ob 

Itein paid on the the queues night for caudles j li and oyle for 

the bells vj** 

Item paid to Corbett for glasing of the churche xxvj^ 

Item paid for a bell Rope ... ... xx'* 

Item pa/d for Candles j^^ at Christmas iiij<^ 

Item paid for mendinge of Seates ... ... ... ... ix^ vj«^ 

Item paid for carringe awaye of the mire for one whole yeare v^ iiij'* 

Item paid for binding of a large Salter booke ... xvj** 

Item paid to raulkester for paving withoute the Churche wall ij« 

Item paid for pibbles ... ... xx^' 

Item paid for caringe of them from the castell ende and Caring 

them into the churche v^^ 

le^i s 9<i ob 

198 b] Item paid to cochie for a lode paving sande viij** 

Item paid for bromes for the whole yeare ... ... ... iiij** 

Item paio? to Jolm Stodder for writing the names of all the 

com?>iunicants in the parisshe ... vj*^ 

Item paid for breadd & wine for the whole yeare xx^ vj** 

Item paid to william Lambkin of huntington 3 Aprilis 1592 

for Ragge xiiij Toonne & ij C waight at 3« 4*^ the Toonne 

Som ys ... ... ... ... xlvij^ 

Item at the same tyme paid to him for one Toonne of frestonne vj^ viij'* 
Item paid to the forsaio? willi^m lambekin the 15 aprill 1592 

for XX Toonne of Ragge iij" vj« viij^' 

1592 281 

Item i)(nd to him at the Same tyme for iiij Toonne & ij C 

waight of frcstonne at G^ 8"Hhc toonne ... ... ... xxvij^ iiij'^ 

Item iH(id to foxe the carter for the earring of the first xv 
Toonne of Stone from the great ]^>ridge vnto S^ Maries 
Churche v^ 

Item p(//d to two Laborers for^a dayc worke in Removing tlie 

olde Ragge apon a heape ... ... ... ... ... xiiij'^ 

Item \>aid to thre Laborers for having in the xv toone of 

Stonne into the Chm'che ... xij*^ 

It<?m p«id to foxe for the carreg of the xxiiij Toonne of Stonne 

from the bridge ... ... viij^ 

:*^ Item paid for two Scuttelles ... ... ... ... ... vj^i 

199 a] Item Y>aid to thre Laborers for helpinge into the 

churche of the Stonne xviij^^ 

Item paid to two Laborers the next daye for helping in of the 

rest of the stonne ... ... viij*^ 

Item given in drinke to the Laborers that did helpe to waye 

the Stonne at the brigg ... ... ... ... ... iiij'^ 

Item iKiid to foxe for Carring of viij gret Stones from Garret 

Hostell greane ... ... ... ... ... ... ... viij^ 

Item paid vnto foxe for Carring of Ston from m"" Slegg whiche 

he did give to the churche a lode & halfe vj*^ 

Item paid to wilh'am Lambkin of hunting the 26 aprill 1592 

for Tenne Toonne of asheler or frestone at 6^ 8^^ the 

toonne Som ... iij" vj^ 8'^ 

Item paid to the same lambekyn at the same time for xxj 

Toonne & a halfe of Ragg at 3^ 4^^ the Toonne Som . . . iij^^ xj^ viij*^^ 

Item paid to foxe the carter for the Carriage of this stonne 

from the brigg to the Churche beinge xxxj Toonne & a halfe x^ vj*^ 

Item paid to thre laborers for ij da^'es for havinge in of the 

stonne into the churche ... ... ... iijMiij*^ 

Item for my charges at London when I Received the monie of 

m^ hare and m^" dawncer ... ... ... ... ... vj^ viij^^ 

Item pai"d to a paynter for drawing of a plotform of S*^ maries 

Steple apon velam parchement for my Lorde arche 

bysshopp of Caunterburie ... ... ... xviij*i 

Item paid to williarn Lambkin of Hunting the 15 of maye for 

xj toonne of frestonne iij^i xiijMiij'^ 

II. 17. 4 

199 b] Item paid vnto the forsaic^ willmm Lambekin at the 

same time beinge the 15 of maye for xix Toonne of Ragge iij" iij^ iiij'^ 

Item paid to ffoxe for the Carrege of this Stonne from the 

Bridg vnto the Churche beinge xxx toonne ... x^ 



ij« my 

If my 


14. 1. 

Item p«id to thre Laborers for having this stonne into tlic 

churche ... 

Item for my charges in goinge by water to Eley to Receive the 

mony gyven by m'" doctor perne towards the building 

of o?^r Steple ... ... 

Item paid to will/am Lambekin of huntington the 8 of June 

1592 for xxij Toonne of frestonne ... ... vij"vj''vnj 

Item paid to foxe for curridgc of this xxij Toonne of Stonne 

from the bridge to the churche 

Item paid to thre Laborers to helpe to waye & lode this stone 
Item paid to two Laborers to vnlade yt & packe yt vpp in the 

churche ... ... ... 

Item paid to wilh'am Lambekin of hunting the xvj June 1592 

for vj Toonne & a halfe of frestonne from the quarye 
Item paid to foxe for carridge of this vj Tonne dim' from the 

bridsr to y^ church ... 

Item paid to two Laborers for helping to vnlade this Stonne & 

to Laye them vpp vj*' 

vij" nij 


xliij^ iiij* 

y' iJ' 






200 a] Item paid to Wilh'am Lambekyn the 24 June 1592 for 

vij Toonne of frestonne xlvj'^ viij*^ 

Item paid to foxe the carter for the carreg of the vij Toonne of 

Stonne from the bridge vnto the Churche ... 

Item paid to laborers for laying vp of the Stonne 

Item paid to wilham Lambekyn of hunting the 23 lulij 1592 

for V Toonne & v C waight of frestonne 

Item paid to the forsaide wilk'cmi lambkyii at the same tyme 

for Tenne Toonne of Ragge & a halfe 

Item paid to fFoxe the carter for the carringe of this Stonne 

beinge xv toonne iij quarters of a toonne 

Item paid to the Laborers that did carry the Stonne into the 


Item paid to wilb'am Lambekin of hunting' 1592 for xvij 

Toonne of ffreston ... v^* xiij^ iiij' 

Item paid vnto John Towers for layinge of this Stonne in ^ij 

severall heapes agaynste his howse side by the space of 

halfe a yeare ... ... ... ij" vj 

Item paid vnto ^■j Laborers that did helpe to waye this stonne 

to lode yt, & to vnlode yt, at the church and to laye 

ytvpp vij« 

Item payd to foxe for the Carregg of this Stonne from the 

bridge vnto the churche v* viij'^ 

Item paid to vmphrey the mason for measuring of parte of the 

Stonn wAich were to heavye to be wayde vj*^ 

12. 15. 2 


1593 233 

200 b] It^?m paid for making a handebarowe & for Stuff to 

make yt of ... ... xiiij'^ 

It^m paid for a stonne Sawe ... ... vij^ 

It^m paid to antony foster for two handles for the Sawe & 

a file to y t ... vij'^ 

It^m pa^y to iij masons for a weake to hewe Stonne xvij* 

It<?m prt/d to two Laborers aVeke vij" 

32S 9'^ 
Thaccompt of Edward Ball one of the church o ward o n s of - th e pari^ s h o 
of the virgin mary next yt? markott for two yoroFj la»t past made tho xxij^'^ 
dayc of Aprill Anno ^egm Rg^mc Elizabcthc &c xxxv^'^ 

ffirot tho oftid Edward ohargoth him»olf onoly wVth y^ resceipt of 
vj s vi ij'' for th e bnriall of d*" Larkin for y ^ he rosooiv e d no oth e r .su^nm e or 
s uwm e B due to th e chorch e 

Allocac^on s whereof he prayeth Allowanc e 

Inpyvmife payed at y^ Taverno when the pa^'ishner^ wore to 
gether — .^ r^, ^^ .^ ^.r, ^ ^^ — 

I t^» for two ^jcuttells 


It<^» t for a hirchin broome 

horn for makinge the sawe pitt 

Item for Levelinge the chircheyard there 


Item for awhewood for pynnes for y*^ frame 

Item for a basket 

Sw?^me of y^ AUocacon s iiij^ x *^ 
tob & so this accomptant owoth xxij *^^ 

201 a] The accompte of John pooley Chirchewarden made & yelded vp 
before the Auditors of the parishe the first daie of June 1593 as followethe 
The whole receypts .. . ... ... ... ... ... Ixxj^' xiij^ ij^i ob 

The whole allocacions ... ... ... ... ... Ixv^^ xiiij^ iiij*^ ob 

So due to y^ parishe for his owne accompte v^* xviij^ x^ 

Thomas medcalfe maior willm ward 
Robt Newcome Robart harvey groser 

Richard Love (mark) John mathe 

his marke 

201 b] primo lunii 1593 

memorandicm that we Richerd Love & Richerd Goldisborowe Chirch- 
wardens have receyved of John pooley late chirch warden vpon the 
accompte aforsaid v'^ xviij^ x** 

They received more of m'^ pooley for ij yeres rent of Alexanc?er Clarks 
8tile viijd 

Richard Love 

234 1593—6 

The eleccion made the first daie of Aprill 1594 beynge easter mondaie 
in the p«;*ishe of great S* maries by Kicherd Lo\e and Riuherd goldis- 
borowe, m"" Love hathe chosen m^' D'" ward & he hathe chosen m^ D*' newcon 
m*" wnlfe & m'" warren and Richerd goldisborowe hathe chosen m^" harvie 
Alderman & he hathe chosen m»' norkot Edward potto & Thomas Cobbe & 
these viij p(?^*sons have chosen chirchwardens for the yere to come Richerd 
Love & Richei*d goldisborowe 

202 a] The election made the xxj daye of Aprill 1595 beynge Easter 
mondaie in the p(/rishe chirche of great S^ maries by Richerd Love «& 
Richerd goldisborowe chirchwardens videlicet Richerd love did chose 
m>" Doctor newcom & Richerd Goldisborowe did chose Thomas maimynge 
& they two did chuse vj more viz. m^ Doctor ward m^" pooley & m^ Scarlet 
m^" Sparrowe Thomas Cob & James Tayler & those viij persons have 
chosen chirchwardens for this yere to come Richerd love and Edward 

The election made the xij^'' day of aprill 1596 bcinge Easter mondaye 
in the chirch of great S^ maryes by Richard Love & Edward pottah 
& Richard Love dyd choise m'" doctor ward & Ed. pottall dyd choyse 
m^' Thomas manning & m^' doctor ward did chojse m^" poolye m'^ woolfe «&; 
m'" warren & m^' manninge dyd choyse James Tayler m^" gowldsboroiigh 
& Thomas Cobb & these viij dyd choyse m^" Edward pottall & m^" Jhon 
portar & these viij audytors for the yeare to come 

Overseers of the high wayes this yeare 1596 Thomas Adams vfilliani 

202 b] Anno domini 1594 

The accompts of Richard Love & Richard Goldsborrowe Church- 
wardens, for all snch money & other things as they have Receavid to the 
vse of the said pcifrishe by vertue of thiere office which was yelded & 
accompted vnto the said Auditors theire vnto appoynted as folio weth 
Receavid by the hands of Auditors 1593 and of m^' Poolie lat 
Churchwarden to the vse of the parishe of Create S*^ maries 
in Cambridge the suwmie of v^' xix^ vj*i I. saye Recemd ... v^' xix^ vj'^ 

13" 14« 

Receiwo? for the Easter booke xiij" vij" viij*' 

^Raceived of m^' Goodwyne for rent of Almesse house ... ... xiij"* iiij<^ 

Received of nV Le^igget for rent of the sliopps ... ... ... v« 

Recm'ec? of m*" Smith for his rent .. . ... x" 

Received^ of Richard Love for his paile ... ... iiij*^ 

Received of widdowe Thompson for a pece of ground ... ... xij*^ 

ReceiVeo? of m*" Parris of Chesterton xvj*^ 

Received of John Hurste for a pece of ground wherone his 

chimney is sett .. . xij*^ 

Rec6'iv<?<^ of Alexander Clarke for his stile iiij'^ 

1594 235 

'Received of the masters of Arte ... ... ... ... ... xvj* ij^ 

R«ct*i>e^ of the Bachelars of Arte ... liij« iiij'* 

Received of m^ Gilbard willobie for his buringe in the Church xiij^ iiij'* 
Received of ni^" Cuthbard for his wyves her buringe in the 

Church vj" viij'i 

Rec*?^^^^ for burringc fytts Jeflfrey in the Churche xiij** iiij'^ 

Received for tlie buryinge of nl'" Chapman y*^ fishmonger in the 

Church vjM'iij'' 

S?i?nma receptorum xxvj^' xv*^ iiij'^ 

203 a] 1594 

The Accompe of Richard Love & Richard Goldsborrowe Churchwardens, 
for all such mone}' as they have layd out for tlie repracz'ons beloninge to 
the Church, and the ministers wages & other duties for the Church for 
this yere now past 1594 wherof we desire allowance 

In primis payed to m}' Barker our minister for one whole yere xiij^' vj^ 8^^ 
Item to sew mer for washinge the Clothes ... ... ... iiij^ 

Item payed for wyne for y^ whole yere xxiij^ vj*^ 

Item payed for bread for y^ whole yere ... ... x^i ob 

Item payed for Candles for the whole yere viij'^ 

Item payed to the Traserrers for rent of the almeshowses . . . xij^^ 

Item payed to John Stoddert for writtinge the Easter booke ... xij*^ 

Item payed for 2 bell Ropes aganst y^ Queenes daye iij^ iiij*^ 

Item payed for oyle & nales iij*^ 

Item spent one the Ringers that night ... viij'^ 

Item payed for Bissoms for y^ whole yere ... .,, ... iiij'^ 

Item payed for carringe the dunge awaye aboute the Church 

wawle for one whole yere ... ... ... ... ... vj^ vj^ 

Item payed to the plu>»mer for sowder 13^ & halfe ... ... viij^ 

Item payed for workmanshipp for hime selfe & the boy . . . iij^ 

Item for fireinge, boords & wax for y^ plu7?imer ... ... ... xviij*^ 

Item payd to Charles Corbett for glasinge the southe syde of 

the Church windowes ... ... ... ... ... ... xv^ 

Item payed for our Charges for the visitacion att Abbinton . . . xv^ x^ 

Item payed for Elie farthins x*^ ob 

Item payed for a booke of Artickles 

Item payed to for twoe lodes of pavinge stones & Carridge 

Item payed to Cutches for 14 lodes of sand 

Item payed to goodman moonkester & his Laborers for pavinge 

aboute y« church yard 

Item payed for 4 C & dim' of Brick 

Item for 5 lodes of sand 

Item for one lode of lyme 

Item payed vnto moonkester for worke 6 dayes & half ... 

Item payed for his 2 Laborers 6 day es & halfe 





, ijd 















Item payed for a i^rayer booke for preservaczon of her msxieste 
Item for 4 quarter bill« 

xxi' xv'nf iiij^^ 21. 2. 10"* 

y** receipts 26^' 15^ 4'^ laynge out 20'' 18^ 4'^ .so due to y« parishe this 
yere 5'^ 17« 

John norkot 
will/am ward 
John warren 

203 b] Anno Dowimi 1595 

The Accompts of Richard Love & Richard Goldsborrowe Church- 
wardens for all such money & other things as theye have Receavid to the 
vse of the said parishe by vertue of theire office which was yelded & 
Accompted vnto the Auditors thcr vnto Appoynted as followeth 
In prmiis Remaninge in our hands of the Iaj4- accompt the xvij^ 

last yere in money ... v^M-^j*^ 

Heceived for ou7' Easter booke 
Item received of m'' Smith for rent 

Item Received of m^ Goodwyne for rent 

Item 'Received of Richard Love for his rent 

Item Received of widdowe Thompson for rent ... 

Item Received of m"^ Leagget for rent 

[tern Rece?'reo? of Alexander Clarke 

Item m^ Parris of Chesterton for his Rent for 2 Acres of 

myddowe ground 

Item R e cen^ec^ for th e master s of Arte ^. rr» — 

xiij'* xj^ 

xnj^ luf 




Item R e ceii'ed for the Bachalcrs of Arts 


Item Received of John hurste for Chimny ground 

Item Received for m'" Howell his buriinge 

Item Received for m'' marten Gyll his buriinge ... 

Item Received for goodwife Roboock her buriinge 

Item Received for Goodman Robook his burieng 

Item Received for m" holland her buriing 

Item Received for m" Smawood her burieng 

Item Received for m"" Covell his Child 

Item Received for m** Scarlets Child 

Item Received for m*" harvy his burininge & his child 

Item Received for the maisters of Arts 

Item Rece^^;ee? of Bachelers of Arte 

Item y*- m*" Pottall is to paye xx^ more the which m^ merriton 

Proctor saith y* heath alowed m'" Pottall for them to the 

vse of the Church 

Sum xxvj^^ viij^ ix^ 
















& v« 



8 vjd 

xxxiij* iiij'^ 


Som xxvij^' x« viij 


1595 237 

204 a] 1595 

In this yere the great The Accoinpts of Richard Love & Richard 
Bell was sett vp & Runge Goldsborow Churchwardens, for all such 

& never before money as they have layd out for the 

Repracons belonginge to the Church & 
"( the ministers wages & other duties for 
the Church 1595 

In primis payed to the minister for his wages for the whole 


payed t(i semwier for washinge the Clothes 
Jtem payed for wyne for y*^ whole yere ... 

Wj^in for bread for the whole yere 

Item payed for bessoms ... 

\\.e)n payed for Candles for y*-" whole yere 
Item payed for oyle for the bells 

xnj^* \'f viij'^ 


,. xxiiij*^ vj"* 

ix'' ob 



Itewi spent one the Ringers of the Queens night xg^ 

Item payed for 3 bell Ropes to willingtoji v^ vj'^ 

Item payed to the Tresserers for rent xij^' 

Item for paper for a book bound with a Cover for the names of 

those that are Crisned & Buried xxij'^ 

Item payed for baldtraps to the Collermaker ... ... ... x^ 

Item payed for Carriadge of dunge from the Church wawle 

againste the Queenes day ... iij** ij'^ 

Item payed for mendinge the Churche door to the masons & 

leed ... ij^ 

Item for healinge wests head v** 

Item layd out att the visitaczbn att sarson & a supper ... x^ 

Item for Elie farthins ... ... ... x^^ ob 

Item payed for a booke of Articles ... ... ... ... vj'^ 

Item payed to good Craftes for divers parcells as appeareth by 

his bill of particulers & abovt stockinge the bels ... xxxviij*^ f- ob 

Item payed to porter & goodman sturgis ether of them fyve 

dales for the bestowinge of the Rubbishe & leavelling y^ 

Chm'chyard viij« iiij^^ 

lU^m payed to Cutcher for Carriadge of dunge from the wale 

when the noblemen were here ... ... ... ... iij*^ iiij'^ 

Itt?m i)ayed Corbytt for glasinge the window in the Belfrey 

& ouer the north syde .. . ... ... ... ... ... xliiij** 

Item to the plummer for solder & workinge ... ... ... vj** iij^^ 

Item payed for mending the pulput & a key to the leeds ... xiiij'^i 



ys iijd 


4ii 4s 3d^ 

It<^m payed goodracaii Teversam for atockinge Si makinge y* 

whelc fo;- the great bell to ringe , 

Item Crafts for Jren woork for the same 

Item for aker to Ringe the great bell 

It<^m 4 quarters bills ... , 

Sii7»ma totalis 23*^ vjs 4*^ ob 

Resteth in hand 4 xj8 ix^ iiij^* iiij iij^ ob 

willni ward John warren 

John Poley Edward i)ottowell 

mychaell AVoolfe (mark) Thomas cobbe 
his marke 

204 b] Anno dommi 1596 

The Accompts of Richard Love & Edward Potall Churchwardens of all 
such money And other things as they have Receavd to the vse of the said 
pa/'ishe by vcrtue of thcire office w/«ch was yelded & accompted vnto the 
Auditors ther vnto appoynted as followeth 

Imprimis Remaininge in our hand from the last Accompt 

Receavid for the Easter booke 
B.eceived of m'" Smith for rent 
Itc^m received of m^' Goodwyne for rent ... 
Item received of Richard Love for Rent ... 

deceived of widdowe Thompson for rent 

Recceiwc^ of m'^ Leagget for rent ... 

Item received of Alexander Clarke for rent 

Item of m*' Parris of Chisterton for his Rent of 2 Acres of 

myddowe ground 
Item deceived of for the masters of arts ... 

48" 4*^ Item deceived for Bachelars of arte 

Item Received of John Hurste mackerris for his Chimny 

ground ... 

It<fm m^** Chapman her buriall 

Item m'** Thorney her buriall 

Item for m'^^ maninge her buriall ... 

Item ReceiVec^ for Sharborrow his buriall & for m^' Scarlets 

child ... 

Received for m' Chapman the taler for his buriall 

Received of Thomas Addams for his wife her buriall in church 

Item Remaininge of the gatheringe of the Communicants of 

Crismasdaye ... 

4i>. 4«. S**^ 

xnj" nij" 





xiiij^ vj'^ 
xlviij' iiij'^ 










vj" vnj 
vj« viij< 

ij« x<^ 

23" 9 '- - o ' ^ 
25 16 lOi 

Som XX v'' XV f X*' ^ 



205 a] Aimo dommi 1596 

This yere all our bells are The Accompts of Ricliard Love & Edward 

Pottall Churchwardens for all such 
money as they have Layde out for the 
Rei)racons belonginge to the Church 
& the ministers wages & other duties 
for the Church 

rimg out & was never before 

111 i)mnis for the ministers wages for the whole yere . 

Item payed to sem^^er for washinge y^ Church clothes 

Itt^m payed for wyne for the Whole yere 

Item for bread for the whole yere 

Ittm payed to Treaserers for rent 

Item for besoms 

Item for Candles 2^^ 

Item for oyle for the bells ... 

Item for Elie farthins 

Item a booke of Articles . . . 

Item payed for carringe awaye the dunge from y*' Church wale 

Item payed for a new Rope and ane eke for the 3 bell wayinge 


Item payed to goodman dowsey & his sonne for Stockinge the 

3 bell 3 dayes & a halfe with the hanginge therof 
Item })ayed for makinge 2 new wheles for the bells & other 


Item payd Craftes for Ireon werke aboue haingin the bells 

againste the Queens daye ... 

Item 4 quarter bills .. . 

Item payed dowsey for mendinge & hanginge vp the S^^ bell . . . 
Item payed for Claye & laborars worke for the Almes howesses 
Item payed for a sheet to mother maninge for a poore boy that 

died in the halmes hous ... 

Item for Charges att the visitacion att Sawson 

Item payed the 16 of march to the plummer for solder 16^^ 

halfe qwar^er at 7^^ pond 

Item payed for 3 dales wooke & his boye to the plummer 

Item payed for leed 

Item for more solder & one dales woorke 

Item payed for a 100 of turffe 

Item for yalo we wax ... 

14 Item willintoTi for a new Rope & ane eke 

205 b] Item the 4 of aprill a new Rope «& mending the old ... 

Item a Rope for the sauntes bell 

Item payd to good wife moonkester for a Child y^ was Laid 
in the Church for one whole yere 

xiijii vjs yiijd 

XXllJ** VJ*^ 


x^^ ob 


ij' xj 


xxvj** vnj^ 

X" V 






IX'' lllj 

iiij« vj^ 




ij' iiij 



240 1593—6 

Item payed to Rol)ert Corbytt for glasing & mend the south 

syed of the C^hurch wiiidowes ... ... ... ... ix" 

\vtid to goodiiian dowsye for mendyng the gveat Bell wheele ... xij*^ 

Soiii xx^* xix^ iiij'i ob 

And so reniayneth in the hands of the newe Churchwardens iiij** xvij^ vj<* 
Allowed by vs Auditors 
wilhVrni ward 
John poley 
Peter scarlett 
Thomas mannyng 
James Tayler 
Thomas Cob 

^leiuorandiim that m"^ Covell is to paye for his Easters booke for twoe 
yeres viz 150 3 & 150 4 1594 et 1595 
ItT^m-fbrbttrittge-hitt Child i n th e c hu i-ch-yt-tf:; alowcd 
Item y*' S^r Thomas North is to paye his Easter booke viz 1594 

95 & 96 
Item m}' Parker is to paye his Easter booke this yere 1596 ys 

allowed in the ester boke 

206 a] The accompt of John Poley for all suche som^wes of monye as 
hathe bynne 'Received by the sayde lohn Poley towards the repayre or 
bulding of the Steple of great S^ Maries in Cambridge as yt dothe apeare 
by theire severall names that did contribute or give towards this building 
as here after ffolloweth in An^io 1593 and in Anno 1594 

Inprimis Received the 1 Julii 1593 of m^' wilh'am kempe of 

fynchefielde in essex esquier the Som of xx^ 

Item Received of Bateson Mason for vj. m. viij C of Slates 

whichc were the covering of the steple at the taking downe 

of olde timber rofFe at 15^ the Thowsande Som ... ... v'* ij* 

Item Received the 6 Julij of m*" Clayburne of lynne vj* 

Item Reeem'd the 13 July of Lambart dampes of Cambridg 

duche man the Som of ... x*" 

Item Received of m"" Thomas Laighton marchant of Lynne the 

Som of 26 Julij xx» 

Item ReceM;ed of m^ Martin wharton of Cambridg xl*" 

Item Received of M"^ doctor Barro phisition the 10 of August 

the Som of ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xl* 

Item Received of Lychfielde barber of Trinetc colledg ... ... ij** vj*^ 

Item Received of M'' aunger of Cambridg ... ... x^ 

Item Received of M'" Bradshawe of Cambridg august 28 ... xx" 

Item Received of Sir wilh'am hatton knight Septewibris 3 ... vj^ 

Item ReeeiVed of one m^' dodge at the same tyme ij* vj** 

Item Receryed of M»" Robart Hare of London gent the 12 of 

September 1593 the Som of xviij" 

1594 241 

It<?m Ueceived of M'' ffreman of Trenete Colledg v^ 

Item Ueceived of M»" Button baylift' of newemarkett one quarter 

of Rye whiche was solde for xjMj'^ 

Item 'Received of M"' Revell of Trinete haull in Cambridg the 

ii of may in Anno 1594 the Som xP 

Item Heceived the 27 June of one buntinge of horsheadd by the 

hands of Thomas Ame ^^ iij^ iiij** 

Item Received the 21 lulij at the Comencement of the 

Straungers then that did Contribute the Som of v^' xix^ viij*i 

40. 18. 6 

206 b] Item Received of M^' Bakon the quenes Solister the 30 

Julij 1594 the Som of \ xx^ 

Item Receiyed of M^" Nicolson of Cambridg maulster vj'' 

Item Reeeu'ed of M^' watson of Cunington august 8 the Som of x^ 

Item Received of M^' doctor Swale august 22 xx^ 

Item Received of M"^ watson of Cunington Siforsaid the 14 

September the Som of x^ 

Item Received of M^" Longe alderman of the Citie of Bristowe 

the Som of x^ 

Item Received of M"* Tronion Iremonger of London the 16 

Septembris the Som of ... ... ... ... ... x^ 

Item Received of M^" Smith goldsmithe of London the same 

day the som of .. . ... v^ 

Item Received of M^" Robart Praunce of Cambridge the 30 

Septembris 1594 ... ... ... ... xx^ 

Item Received of M^ Knowles of huntington ... ... ... xviij'^ 

Item Received of Parker the Brickelayer for the olde Sedge 

that covered the walles of the Steple the yeare past ... viij" 

Item Received for Halfe a lode of lyme that was Lefte by the 

masons this yeare part made into morter iij^ iiij'^ 

Item Received of the busshop of Lyncolne his Surname was 

Wickam november 20 ... ... ... iij^' vj^viij'i 

Item Received of the master fellowes & ScoUers of Christe 

Colledge the yeare 1594 x" 

Item Recei2;ed of the master fellowes & ScoUers of the quenes 

Colledg in Anno 1594 vijij xij^ 

Item Received of the fellowes & ScoUers of the Kinges Colledg vj^' 

Item Received of the master fellowes & ScoUers of Emanuell 

Colledg the Som of v^i ix^ viij*^ 

Item Received of m"^ doctor Grimston Steward for Goonwell & 

Kayus Colledge in Contribution for the whole company 
2 the Som of v" 

207 a] Item Received of m'^ ffreman Steward of Trinite Colledge 
ffor the Contribution of the fellowes and ScoUers of that 
Colledg in anno 1594 the Som of xxvij'^ xviij" 8** 

C. A. S. Octavo Senes. No. XXXV, 16 

242 1598—5 

Item 'Received of the Earle of Essex march the first x" x^ 

It^ni Heceived of the Earle of Shrewesburie ... xl^ 

Item Rftc'cvVed of the Earle of Rutland ... ... ... ... xx^ 

Item Rtrt'/i'6'd of the Lorde Ryche ... ... ... ... xl« 

Item Received of the Lorde Comptoii ... ... ... ... xx^ 

Item Reeemd of Sir Robart Sidney ... ... xx^ 

Item Received of Sir George Savell ... ... x^ 

Item Remred of Sir Edmond Huddleston ... vj" 

Item Reeeived of M^" wrathe ... ... ... ... ... v* 

I t(;m Received of alderman Barnam of London ... v^ 

Item Received the 4 aprilis in anno 1595 of m^ pettit of 

Anno Cambridg regester to m^' doctor Cowell ... x* 

^^^^ Item Received the 13 may of m»' pettit for parte of the punisshe- 

ment of mychaell newlyng of melbm'ne xiijMiij'^ 

Item Received at the Comencement in Anno 1595 of m'" doctor 

ware xx^ 

Item Rece/ved of m^ doctor Puckering ... xx^ 

Item Remyed of m'^ doctor Smith of willingham j* 

Item Recem^d of m^" doctor asshepole ... ... ... ... v" 

Item ReeezVed of m"^ doctor Hutchinson v» 

Item Received of m*" doctor Argent ... ... ... ... ij^ vj^ 

Item RecezVed of M'' doctor dunkon ... ... ijs 

Item Rece^ved of m"^ doctor Corbet ... ... ... ... ij* vj'^ 

Item Received of nV-' Sapcotts of huntington shire ... ... ij^ 

Item Received of the Countes of Bathe a duble pistolet ... xij^ 

Item Received of m'^ John Cotton of Lanward v** 

Item Received of Sir Rychard dier huntington shire ... ... ij* vj*^ 

Item Received of doctor Bounde Colle^u regah's .. . v^ 

Item Received of Seman Colle^ii Reginse ... v* 

Item Received more at this Comencement of all other Straungers 

whose names I colde not take the Som of ... ... ... iiij" xij^ ij<^ 

Item Received of M^" pettit Regester to m^" doctor Cowell the 

5 decembris 1595 the Som of ... xx« 

Item Receii^ed of m'^ Comige Lincolneshire in Anno 1596 ... x« 

59. 1. 2 Item Received of the Ladye framingham 1596 the 3 maij ... ij^ vj'* 

207 b] hereafter folio wethe the Contribution given by the parochioners 
of great S(xi?it Maries towards the buildinge of the Steple in anno 1593 
whose names do hereafter foUowe 

I nprimis Received of Mr doctor newecome x" 

Item Received of M'' Golsborowe Channdler xij** 

Item Received of MisZris Briden viij'* 

Item Received of M'' Medcalfe alderman xij» 

Item Rece?'ved of M*" Norkot alderman ... ... xij" 

Item Received of M^" Craddock xij' 

Item Received of Raphe Parris ... ... ... ... ... xx<* 



K Item 

Heceived of goodman Cobbo . . . 
Received of artliure wilsoii taylor 
Received of M'"^ alcock 
Received of Sterne Sliomaker 
ReeeH'ed of Roger Taylor 
Received of Mw^ris Taylor ... 
Received of Stephen newihan 
Received of John Golsborowe 
Received of ^M^" John Baxster 
Received of M^' harvey alderman 
Received of James Taylor 
Received of John Cutbert 
Received of M^" Sparrowe 
Received of Thomas addams . . . 
Received of Me^^ris Chapman 
Reeei'yed of Mackeris Taylor . . . 
Received of Collison Taylor , . . 
Received of Edward Pottol . . . 
Received of M^" ho well ... 
Received of abraham durden . . . 
Received of John Sargeson . . . 
Received of hewe Burwell stationer 
Received of henry Gybbes 
Received of Raphe Robuck . . . 















208 a] Item Rece^'^^ed of John Symonds 
Item Received of Wilh'am Scarlett 
Item Received of M^ warren vintener 
Item Received of M^ Smith ... 
Item Received of Manasses vancolier 
Item Received of waiter Betson Joyner 
Item Received of M^ Thorney 
Item Received of John Pomfrett 
Item Received of harry hoUand 
Item Received of M^ doctor warde 
Item Rece2ved of M^' Phissyck 
Item Received of M*" Porter... 
Item Received of John hawll 
Item Received of ]\P Leggat printer 
Item Received of Leonard Glascoke 
Item Received of Thomas Jaxson . . 
Item Received of william Jaxson . . 
Item Received of Ry chard Gryffin . . 
Item Received of M>" Parker esquier 
Item Recei?'ed of Robart Corbet . . 
















244 1594 

Item Remi'ed of goodman Orene Cooke ... ... iiija 

Item R<?myed of M^' Ball vij« 

Item R(rt'iwd of M'" Scarlett apothecary .. . ... ... ... xij^ 

Item Received of Robart Turver Smithe ... ... ... ... iiijfi 

Item Received of Larrance Williamson ... ... ... ... ijs 

item Received of Thomas warren ... ... ... ... ... iiijd 

Item ReceiVed of M^" Goodwin ... ... xviij'^ 

Item Received of M'" woolphe vintener ... ... ... ... xij^ 

Item ReceiVed of henry Kinge ... ... ... iijs 

Item Received M^" Philowe ... ... ... ... ... ... iiijs 

Item Received of John Swetson ... ... iijs 

5.14.7 Item Rece^ved of John Halding shomaker ijs 

208 b] Item Received of Hewe Ryding ... ... ... ... ijs 

Item Received of WilliV/m Baldwin ... ... iijs 

Item Received of Mr ffletcher alderman ... ... ... ... vj^ 

Item Received of Edward Cropley .. . ... iiijs 

Item Received of Ralfe Hydes ... ... ... iijs 

Item Received of Edward Cowper ... ... ... viij<* 

Item Receii'ed of Gabriell Cater ... ... ... ... ... ij^ 

Item Received of M^ Love Apothecary ... xij^ 

Item Received of M^" Colvile gent ... ... ... ... ij« 

hereafter followeth the Contribution given b}^ the parisshoners of great 
S*^ Maries towards the building of the Steple in Anno 1594 whose names 
do hereafter followe viz. 

Item Received of Richard Golsboro we v^ 

Item Received of Mis^ris Bryden ... ... ... ... ... iij« 

Item Received of M"" Med calfe alderman ... ... x^ 

Item Received of M^' Norkot Alderman x« 

Item Received of M^* Craddock ... ... ... ... ... xx^ 

Item Received of Thomas Cobbe ... ... ... ... ... iij^ iiij** 

Item Received of arthure wilson ... ... ... ... ... xx'^ 

Item Received of mistrm alcock ... ... ... ... ... xx*^ 

Item Received of Roger Taylor ... ... ... iij^ iiij«* 

Item Received of Misrtis Taylor ... ... ... ... ... iij*" iiij^ 

Item Received of M^ Harvey alderman xx^ 

Item Received of James Taylor iiij" 

Item Received of M^' Sparrowe ... ... ... ... ... iijMiij^ 

Item Received of Thomas Addams ... iij^ iiij** 

6.6.6 Item Received of misrt*is Chapman ... xx^ 

209 a] Item Received of mackerys Taylor ... ... ... xx^' 

Item Received of Edward Pottoll xl« 

Item Received of m'' Howell ... ... x^ 

Item Received of abraham durden ... ... ... ... xx<^ 

Item Received of Hewe Burwell ... ... ... vj^ viij** 



Item Received of henry Gybbes apothecary 

Item Received of Raphe Robuck ... 

Item Recemd of John Symonds ... 

Item Recea'ed of willmm Scarlett ... 

Item Reeeiyed of M^' warren 

Item Received of M^' Smithe 

Item Received of Man asses vancollier 

Item Receu'ed of water betson 

Item ReeezVed of John Pomfrett 

Item Received of M"^ doctor wardc 

Item Received of M"^ Porter 

Item Received of M'^ Leggat 

Item Received of Leonard Glascock 

Item Received of Thomas Jaxson ... 

Item Received of Rychard Gryftyn 

Item Received of M^" Parker Esquier 

Item Received of Robart Corbet ... 

Item Received of M"^ Bawll ... 

Item Received of Robert Turver ... 

Item Received of Larrans Williamson 

Item Received of henry Kynge 

Item Received of M^ Phylowe ... 

Item Received of John Swetson apothecary 

Item Received of John Raiding 

Item Received of william Baldwin 

Item Received of M'^ ffietcher Alderman 

9 Item Received of Edward Cropley .. . 

209 b] Item of Raphe Hydes 

Item of M^ Love Apothecary 

Item Received of Matthewe Pryme 

Item Received more in anno 1597 of the master fellowes & Scol 
lers of Bennet Colledge the Som of 

Itewi Received of Robart Story of Chesterton for a legacie given 
by Thomas watson of chesterton 

Ite;/i given by M"" Oder of lanam 1598 

6. 18. 6 

The whole Som of the money Received by me John Poley to- 
wards the biilding of greate S*^ maries Steple in Cambridg 
as yt dothe appear in anno 1593 and 1594 the Som of 




















iijs iiij^i 

iijs ix*i 



iij« iiijd 






iij« xijd 



179" 12^ 7^ 

210 a] The accompt of John Poley for all suche Sommes of Monye as 
hathe bynne Layde ought by the sayde John Poley towards the repayre or 
Bidding of the Steple of greate S^ maries in Cambridg as hereafter follow- 
ethe in Anno 1593 
Inprimis Layde ought for two Lodes of Claye June 2 1593 ... xvj*^ 

246 1593 

Itt'iii p«id to Simkyn for iij Lodes of Sandc xxj^^ 

Ittui i)a(d to Lylley for vj C 80 Bricks at 15^ the M. Som ... x« 

Itt'iii -paid for the Carring of the bricks from the brydge to the 

Cliurche viij** 

Item paid for 1 C of Lakingaye Sedge to Laye Apon the Leads of 

the Church to save the Leadds when the slate of the Steple 

was taken downe ... ... ... ... ... ... iij** vj'^ 

Item paid for carriage of the sedge ... iiij^i 

Item paid to M"^ wharton for iiij C of Inche hordes at 6" the C xxiiij" 

Item paid for the Carriage of the bordc ... ... iiij^i 

Item paid to two Laborers to carry the Sedge vp to the 

Chm'che Leadds ... viij*^ 

Item gyven in earnest to wilh'am wesley of west wrattinge 

hm'dlemaker vj** 

Item paid to the sayde wilh'am wesley for v dossen & viij 

hm-dles at 8^ the dos5e?i xlv" iiij'' 

Item paid for drinke to bateson & his men when they toke 

downe the Slates of the Steple viij'^ 

Item paid to John wade Carpenter for taking downe of the olde 
■4.12.5 Timber frame of the Steple ... ... iij*^ iiij^ 

210 b] Item gyven in drinke to wade & his man when the toke 

downe the olde frame of the Steple vj*^ 

Item paid to the sayde wade for making of a Lymehowse ... xiiij*^ 

Item paid for nay les for the ly me house ... ... ... vj"^ 

Item paid for a payre of hokes & hyngilles for the Lyme howse 

dore ... viij*^ 

Item paid to hawle laborer for sifting of a lode of Lyme & iij 

lodsofSande ... ... xij«^ 

Item paid to parkars sonne for slaking the Lyme ... ... iiij*^ 

Item paid for ij Lodes of Sande ... ... ... xij^^ 

Item paid for Caringe the sande into the lynie howse ... ij*^ 

Item paid for a greate Crane Rope to John Taylor of Longstan- 

ton waying nyne stonne and vj^^ at vj^ 8'^ the Stonne being 

made all of Sponne lyne iij *^ iij' 

Item paid to the sayde Taylor for ix^^ dim' of Small Lynes or 

Cords ij*^ iiij*^ 

Item paid to M^ Lankester of owsden in Suffolk for xvj great 

asshe poles to Stage withall xxij' 

Item paid the sayde Lankester for 48 asshe poles xiij" iiij*^ 

Item paid to walles & Brookes carters for the Carringe of theise 

poles from ousden wood being two great lodes ... ... xviij' 

Item paid to wesley the hurdle maker for his paynes in going 

to owsden two tymes in bying the poles & Chusing of them 

& seinge thewi Carted iiij* 

6. 8. 0. 



211 a] Item paid to m^" wharton for two peaces of Timber 

Conteyning 32 foote at 7'Hlie foote Som 
Item po/d to fox the Carter for Caring of v Lodes of Tymber 

from Jesus Greiie vnto the Chm-ch ... 
Item paid to wilUam TerroU & his Sonne And John Ashcler 

fremasons for one weake 

Item patd to wilh'am Terrall »&J[iis Sonne for v dayes work ... 
Item paid to John Assheler for iij dayes dim' ... .... 

Item paid to John martin fremason for iij dayes worke 

Item paid to the saj^de John martin for iiij greate Stones 

Item pa/d to fox for Caring of the iiij stones 

Item paid to ij Laborers for helping to lode them 

Item paid to pinder Carpenter & his brother in makyng 

mortises in the Tymber & setting vp the Crane on the 

Steple for one day e worke 
Item paid to porter & Samider Laborers for halfe a daye 

worke in helping the Carpenters to fetche the Crane & 

sett y t vp 
Item paid to kendcill plomwier for Raysyng the Leadd in the 

mydle He to take vp stiifFe with the Crane ... 
Item paid the 4 August to willi'am Terrall and his Sonne for 

one weake fremasons 

Item pazd to John Assheler fremason for ij dayes 
Item paid for iiij Lodes of Sande ... 

xviij^ viij^ 

ijs vj'i 

XI x"* 

x« x<^ 

iiij' vjd 
iijs vjci 







ij« iiijd 

211 b] Item paid to parker & his Sonne for iij dayes worke & 
a halfe in Lainge the Bricks apon the newe arche made by 
doctor Pearne ... ... ... ... 

Item given in drinke to the masons & Carpenters 

Item pa2d for 50 Bricks vf/iich wanted for the finisshing of the 

Item paid to olde watts for Caring the Rubbisshe from the 
masons into the Churche yarde 

Item paid to william Terrall & his Sonne august ij for one 

Item paid to Jerrom Butcher fremason for one weakes worke... 

Item paid to John Assheler fremason for ij dayes & dim' worke 

Item given in drinke to the workeme?i ... 

Item paid to Arthur of Reache lyme burner for vj Chalder of 
Lyme at 58 S*! the Chalder 

Item paid to fox for Caring of the Lyme from the bridg to the 
Church ... 

Item paid to pynder Carpenter & his brother for one daye work 
in drawing vp with the Crane v peaces of Tymber & 
letting downe some of the olde tymber 






if 6^ 


ij' viij<i 

248 1593 

Item given in drinke to the masons & Carpenters y^ did helpe 
3.7.11. to carry the tymber to the Crane ... ... ... ... iiij*^ 

212 a] Item paid for 1^> of harde Tallowe for the Crane Kope 

to make yt Slyppery ... ... ... ... iiij'^ 

Item Y>aid for ij ncwe Sives for both the kynds of morter ... xvj'^ 

Item paid for a lyttill grene basket iiij'^ 

August Item paid to wilh'am Terrall & his Sonne fremasons 18 August 

I^ for a weakes worke ... ... ... xiij"* 

Item paid to daniell Lightfoote & John Assheler fremasons for 

a weakes worke xiij" 

Item paid at the same tyme to John martyn fremason for 

iij dayes & a halfe work iiij^j'^ 

Item paid to Richard Johnson & hewe Taylor laborers for 

V dayes worke ... ... ... ... ... vj« viij'^ 

Item paid to John harris Laborer for iij dayes ij^ 

Item paid to wilh'am wilson for XX lodes of sande x" 

Item paid for v foote dim' Inche borde for molds v*" 

August Item paid to william Grombole master woorkman & fremason 

25 the 25 august for iiij dayes ... vj*^ 

Item paid to william Terrall & his Sonne fremasons for v 

dayes worke ... x^ x*^ 

Item paid to daniell Lightfoote fremason for v dayes worke ... v« x*^ 

Item paid to Ebbes fremason for iij dayes ... ... ... iij* vj'* 

Item paid to John Asshelor fremason for v dayes worke ... v" 

Item paid at the same tyme to hewe Taylor Rychard Johnson 

& John harris Laborers for v dayes work x* 

Item paid to John Taylor of longstanton for a Rope of Sponne 

Lyne 38 fadome long waying iij Stonne ix** & two bunches 
5.18.4. of Smaller Lynes viij^i of the same makynge xxvj" 

212 b] Item paid to the sayde Taylor for ij Trayse Ropes at 

the same tyme ij" 

Item paid to Robart Nycolson Smith for making two Iron 

pinnes for the robbenets viij*^ 

Item paid to the Turner for making of iij pulles for the two 

Robbenetts xij'^ 

Item paid for mending of the Robenets iiij^ 

Item paid for a pounde of harde tallowe for the ncwe Rope . . . iiij*^ 

Item paid for a honny barrell & two Bowles for water for the 

masons ... ... ... xvj^ 

Item paid for Leadd x^' for flasshes for the Steple x<^ 

Septem- Item paid to Robart Grombole ourc master workman fremason 

^®^ ^ for one whole weake the i Septembris ... ... ... ix" 

Item paid to william Terrall «& his Sonne for one weakes worke xiij" 

1593 249 

Item paid to daniell Lightfootc & ebbes fremasons for one 

weaks worke ... ... ... ... ••• ••• ••• xiiij" 

Item p«id to wilh'cmi Grombole the other Master Workman for 

one weake ix' 

Item paid to John Assheler fremason for ij dayes work ... ij^ 

Item ]Kiid to George Levins fremason for two dayes workc the 

last weake & vj daycs this ^eake ix« iiij^ 

Item paid to pinder Carpenter & his brother for iij dayes & a 
halfe in making the whele & frame to yt to winde vp ye 

stonne vij" 

213 a] Item paeii for nay les for the whele vj<* 

Item ixiid to John harris Kichard Johnson and John kersam 

laborers for one weake ... ... ... ... ... ... xij ^ 

Item paid to nycholas wilson laborer for iij dayes ... ... ij^ 

Item paid to John Sturges laborer for one day ... viij*^ 

Item paid vnto Robart Grombole oure master Mason for the 

daye that he came hither ... ... ... ... ... xij<^ 

Item paid to Harwood of eversden for iij Tonnes of Stonne at 

48 8<i the Tonne xiiij« 

Item paid for two Scuttelles ... ... ... vj^^ 

Item paid for a peace of a planke for to make a new ende to 

one of the bosses viij** 

Item paid for duble x^ nayles to nayle yt ... ij*^ 

Item paid to nycholson smithe for v plates or Claspes of Iron 

to Strenghen the bosse and setting them on wayinge viij^^ ij^ 
Item paid to the sayde nicholson for making the eare of the 

other Bosse ... ... ... ... ... ... ... vj'* 

Item paid for a Shovell ... iiij<* 

Item paid for a ly ttill Basket ... ... ... iij*^ 

Item ixii'd for a Trayse Rope for the bosse ... ... ... xij** 

Item paid to pinder Carpenter for mendinge of one of the greate 

Bosses and for making Malletts for the Masons and a 

small bosse for morter .. . ... ... ... ... ... iiij^^ 

Item paid to william Grombole the other master workman for 

one weakes worke ... ... ... ... ... ... ix^ 

Item paid to william Terrall and his sonne fremasons for one 

weaken worke ... ... ... ,. ... ... ... xiij^ 

Item paid to daniell Lightfoote fremason for one weakes work vij^ 

Item paid to william Ebbes fremason for v dayes di?7i' ... vj^ v^^ 

213 b] Item paid to John Assheler fremason for one weakes 

worke ... vj^ 

Item paid to georg Levins fremason for iij dayes worke ... iij^ vj*^ 

Item paid to Robart Jackson fremason for one daye work ... xij<^ 

Item paid to Rychard Parker Roughe Mason for ij dayes . . ij^ 



bris 15 

6. 13. 

Item paid to Kicliard vickars Koiighe mason for one weakens 

worke ... 

It(?m pa/d to vickars man for V dayes dm' 

Item p(?id to John liarris, Rychard Johnson, John Kersam, 

Nycholas wilson & John Sturgis Laborers for one weake ... 

Item paid to Thomas deane laborer for ij daycs workc 

Item YMid to Emans Jaxson roiighe mason for v dayes 

Item gyven in drinke to the workme/i 

Item paid to wilson the Carter for xx Lodes of Sande 

Item paid to Robart Grombole the master workman for one 

Item pa/d to danioll Lightfoote, wilh'am Ebbes, Georg Levins & 

Robart Jaxson fremasons for one weakes work 
Item paid to william Terrall & his Soonne fremasons for one 

wekes work 
Item paid to John Assheler fremason for a weke 
Item paid to Richard Parker Rychard vickers and Emmans 

Jaxson roughe masons for one weke 


iij" viij<* 







bris 22 

bris 29 

214 a] Item paid to John harris, Richard Johnson, John 

kersam, nycholas wilson, John Sturges Thomas deane & 

Myles Parker Laborers for one whole weake 

Item paid for \^ C dim' of bricks ... 

Item paid for Caringe of the bricks from the brigg 

Item paid for fyling of a brasse pulley ... 

Item paid to Robart Grombole oiire master workman for 

v dayes work ... ... 

Item paid to danyell Lightfoote william Ebbes & Robart Jaxson 

fremasons for v dayes worke 

Item paid to wilh'am Terrall & his sonne & to John Assheler 

fremasons for V dayes ... ... 

Item paid to Rychard Parker, Richard vickars & Emans Jaxson 

for V dayes ... ... 

Item paid to John harris, Richard Johnson John kersam, 

nycholas wilson, John Sturges Thomas Deane & myles 

parker Laborers for V dayes work ... ... 

Item paid to James Gates Laborer for v dayes 

Item paid to Bateson for a thowsande bricks 

Item paid to wilson for Caringe them from the bridg 

Item paid to Robart Grombole the master fremason for v dayes 


Item paid to danyell Lightfoote «& william Ebbes fremasons for 

v dayes worke 

Item paid to Robart Jaxson fremason for iiij dayes 

ixs ix<i 

vijs vj'i 

xvij** vj^ 

XyS x*!' 


xxiijs iiij«i 
iij8 iiijd I 

XV" I 


Vijs vjdl 

xj8 vnj' 
iiij* viij^ 

1593 251 

Itc^m \iaid to will/rtin TciTall & his Sonne & John asshelor 

fremasons for v dayes work ... ... ... ... ... xv'' x*^ 

Item, paid to Richard parker, Rychard vickers & Emans 

Jaxson roughe masons for V day es worke xv^ 

214 b] Item paid to John harris, Rychard Johnson John 
kersiim, nychohis wilson, John ISturges, Thomas Dcane 

Mylls pa^-ker and James Gates Laborers for v dayes worke xxvj** viij'^ 
Itt'm imid for iiij grciit dormans of a footc Square a peace 

Contayuinge 76 foote of Timber at 8*^ the foote for the 

tirste flore 1« viij*^ 

Itt;ni p«/d to Croftes Smith for ij hokes of Iron for the dore 

Leading into the Vpper Leads waying viij'^ iij qicwters ... xiiij^ 

Item paid for Sope for the whele and pulles iij^ 

Item paid to Cochie for X lodes of sande v^ x^ 

Item pa/d to Robart Grombole master Workman for one weake ix^ 

Item paid to danyell Lyghtfoote, wilk'am Ebbes and Robart 

Jaxson fremasons for one whole weake ... ... ... xxj^ 

Item paid to william Terrall for ij dayes ... ... ... ij** iiij* 

Item -paid to yonge Terrall & to John assheler fremasons for 

one weake ... ... ... xij^ 

Item paid to Rychard parker & Emans Jaxson roughe masons 

for one weake ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xij^ 

Item paid to John harris, Rycliard Johnson John kersam, 

nycholas Wilson, John Sturges, Thomas Deane, Myles 

parkar & James Gates Laborers for one whole weake ... xxxij^ 

215 a] Item paid to Simkin Carter for the Carringe of the iiij 
dormans from the antillopp vnto the Churche and also for 
bringing of peares Crane thither ij^ x* 

Item payde to goodman peare Carpe/iter for Craninge vp 
of the dormans «& placing them and Craning downe of 
other Timber iij« 

Item paid to Simkyn Carter for caringe home of peares Crane iiij<* 

Item paid to Robart Grombole the master Mason for one weakes 

worke ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ix^ 

Item paid to daniell Lightfoote, wilh'am Ebbes & Robart 

Jaxson fremasons for one weakes work xxj^ 

Item paid to John assheler fremason & to Rychard Parker 

roughe mason for a weke xij^ 

Item paid to Emans Jaxson roughe mason for v dayes worke v^ 

Item paid to John harris, Richard Johnson John kersam, 
Nycholas Wilson, John Sturges, Thomas deane Myles 
parker and James Gates Laborers for one whole wekes 
worke xxxij^ 

Item paid to the Turner for a wodden pully .. ... ... iiij<* 

252 1593 

Item paid for Sope for the wheale ... ... ij** 

It^m paid for iij C of Lakingaye Sedg to cover the iiewe 

workc of the Steple xijs 

Item p«/d to Church Carter for Carriiig of the Seadge to the 

Chm-che ... ... ... xij<^ 

5.0 2, Item paid for one hmidred of brickes xviij'^ 

Octobris 215 b] Item paid to Robart Grombole master workman the 

*^ 20 octobris for iiij dayes vj^ 

Item paid to John assheler and Robart Jaxson fremasons 

for iij dayes ... ... ... vj** vj'^ 

Item -paid to william Ebbes fremason for ij dayes & halfe 

worke ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ij* xj** 

Item paid to daniell Lightfoote fremason for iiij dayes worke iiij* viij* 
Item paid to Rychard parker and Emans Jaxson Roughe 

masons for iiij dayes work ... ... ... ... ... viij" 

Item paid to John Harris, Rychard Johnson, John kersom, 

John Sturges V dayes ... ... xiij* 4'* 

Thomas deane, Myles parker, James Gates & Thomas Shepard 

for iiij dayes worke ... ... ... ... x« viij'^ 

Item paid to Symkin the Carter for the Carringe of xj peaces 

of grete Tymber from the Churche to m*" Wharton his 

backsyde being iiij lodes ... ij^ ij'* 

Item given in Rewarde to Robart Grombole oure Master worke- 

man when he went home at the end of the yeare ij* vj"* 

Item given lykewise in reward to danyell Lightfoote the Cheiffe 

Setter of the worke for his gret paynes in saving miiche 

scaffolding whiche wolde have bynne very Chargeable to 
3. 0. 1 vs yf he had not Layde y t vnderfoote ... ... ... iij® iiij** 

216 a] Item gyven to william Ebbes fremason in reward at 

his goinge home ... ... ... ... ... ... vj** 

Item paid to Olyver plummer for ij dayes worke in mendinge 
of the Leaddes where the Stonnes was drawen vp into the 
Steple ij^l 

Item paid for Soder xvj^^ q^iarte/' at 7'^ ix® v* 

Item paid for Coles to heate the j^lomers Irons ... ... iiij**| 

Item paid to william Seymor the Clarke in hclpinge the 

0.13.3 plommer two dayes ... ... xij' 

And thus endethe the accompt for this yeare 1593 for all suchi 

monye as hathe bynne Layde ought by me John Foley towards thi 

re2Jayre or bulding of the Steple 

The Som of this yeares account for Laying ought ys ... ... 65^^ 3* 1' 

216 b] The accompt of John Foley for all suche Sommes of monyJ 
as hathe bynne Layde ought by the sayde John Foley towardes the repayr 



j8 vjd 













1594 253 

or Bulding of the Steple of gi'eat S* Maries in Cambridg as hereafter 

followeth in the yeare of onv Loi*de god 1594 

In primis pa^'d 20 ApriHs 1594 to Daniell Lightfoote, Robart 

Jaxson, and wilh*«m henson freniasons for v dayes work ... 
Item paid to danyell Lightfoote Robart Jaxson for v dayes ... 
Item prt/d to John .ossheler fremason for ij dayes worke 
Item paid to Danyell Lightfoo^ & Robart Jaxson fremasons 

for V dayes 

Item paid to John assheler for V dayes 

Item paid to danyell Lightfoote Robart Jaxson, & John asshelor 

fremasons for v dayes work ... 
Item p<?id to daniell Lightfoote Robert Johnson & John assheler 

fremasons for one weakes work ... ... 

Item pa/d to John assheler fremason for iiij dayes worke 

Item paid to Robart Jaxson mason for two dayes worke 

Item paid to Danyell Lightfoote, Robart Jaxson & John assheler 

for one weke ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xx'' 

217 a] Item paid to Robart Grombole the master mason for 

one weakes work ... ... ... ... ... ... ix^ 

Item paid to daniell Lightfoote Robart Jaxson and Nicholas 

Drewe for one weake ... ... ... ... xxj'' 

Item paid to John assheler for v dayes dim' ... ... ... v^ vj*^ 

Item paid to william frisbe fremason for v dayes worke ... v^ x** 

Item paid to Richard Johnson, John Banes, & william bayley 

Laborers for \j dayes xij^ 

Item paid to John Sturges Laborer for v dayes ... ... ... iij^ iiijf^ 

Item paid to Robart Nycholson & John banes Carpenters for 
making the newe Crane and Joyning yt to the whele & 
letting downe the belles & diuers peaces of greate Timber 
V dayes dm' worke ... xj^ 

Item given to the Carpenters & those that did helpe to lett 

downe the belles to drink ... x"* 

Item paid to Croftes Smithe for newe tothinge and fyling of 

the Stonne Sawe ... ... ... ... xij<* 

[tern paid to the sayde Croftes for making the hedd & Jee with 
a forlocke for the Longe barr of Iron that holdeth the 
Crane & whele togither with other boltes & forlockes with 
two bander for the ende of the Crane waing 17^^ v^ ij^ 

Item paid to mi5ft*is walles for a Square barr of Jron waing 
23 to make the Barre that holdeth the Crane & whele 
togither ... ... ij^ vj'^ 

Item paid to the sayde Croftes for the binding of the great 
woden boxe with a Jron brode bande for the nethermost 
greate brasse pulley waight of the Jron work x" . . ... iij« 

254 1594 

217 b] Item pta'd to waiter betson Joyner for dim' Juclic 

borde planed for mowldes for the Masons ... ... ... xij'^ 

Item paid for Tallowe for the Crane and for the greate Cable 

rope vj*^ 

Item pa/d to Croftes Smith for iij Jron boltes with forlockes & 

one Jron pinne waying viij'^ ... ijs 

Item p««d More to Croftes for the Jron Coller abought the 

neck of the Crane waing vij^^ and for Lengheninge of the 

greate Jron Barr ... ijs 

Item paid to Croftes for two Jron eares for the water tubbe ... iiij'^ 

Item paid for whoping of a tubbe to carry water in & for the 

whopinge of ij mortar tubbes .. . ... vj** 

Item paid for vj^^ nayles ... ij^ 

Item paid for a peace of timber at Barnewell of viij foote dim' 

at 7'Ho make the Crane poste ... ... iiij^ xj^ 

Item paid to donnege of Barnewell for Caringe of the tymber 

from barnwell viiij^ 

Item paid for Tallowe for the Crane & Crane Kope ... ... iiij^ 

Item paid for duble x^ & viij ^ nayles iiij^ 

Item imid to John banes carpenter for dim'' a day worke in 
0. 13. 3 Coveringe the worke howse with hordes for the masons ... vj^ 

218 a] Item paid for vj^ nayles j C vj"* 

Item paid for Iviij Tonne of asheler or freston from Ramsey at 

vj^ 8'^ the Tomie Som with chai-ges in caring to the Antilop xix^' vj^ S'^ 
Item paid to fox Carter for Caring of x Lodes of the sayde 

Stonne from the Antillop to S* maries Chiirche ... ... iij« iiij** 

Item paid to foxe for Caring of vij Lodes of the forsaid Stonne 

from the antillop to the Churche ij* iiij*^ 

Item paid to brakes for Caringe of iij Lodes of the same stone 

from the Antillop to the Churche xij<^ 

Item paid to fox for Caringe of xij Lodes of the sayde Stonne 

from the Antillop to S* maries Churche ... iiij^ 

Item paid to brakes for Carring of vj lodes of the same Stonne 

from the Antillop to S*^ maries Churche ... ij" 

Item paid to fox for Carringe of xvij Lodes of the same Stonne 

at a nother tyme from the Antillop to S* maries ... ... v^ viij'^ 

Item paid to brakes Carter for the Carring of xxij great ^ 

frestones from the bridg beinge parte of the Iviij tonnes 

delivered from the Antillop beinge vij Lodes to S^ maries 

church ip iiij^ 

Item paid more to brokes the carter for the Carringe of xiij 

Lodes of freston at a nother tyme from the Antillop to 
20.12.2 S*^ maries Churche iiij^ iiij^l 



218 b] Item -paid to Robart Grombole master mason for one 
weakes vvorke 

Item pa/d to Daniell Ligbtfoote for vj dayes work 

Item paid to Robart Jaxson, nicholas Drewe, & wilh'am frisbe 

fremasons for one weakes worke 
Item paid to John asshelor fremason for a weakes worke 
Item paid to ricliard parker cV his Sonne Roughe masons for 

ij dayes ... 

Item jmid to Emans Jaxson roughe Mason for ij dayes 

It<'m paid to Richard Johnson, John Barnes, wilhV/m bayley, 

John Sturgis Laborers for vj dayes 

Item paid to John Harris, francis Candeler & John Kersam 

Laborer's for v dayes ... 
Item paid for ij Scuttelles ... 
Item paid for tallowe for the Crane 
Item paid for the Carring awaye of xvj Lodes of Rubbishe that 

Came of the Steple ... ... 

Item paid for a nother Scuttell 

Item paid to a Laborer that did helpe to lode Stonne at Jesus 

Grene ... ... 

Item paid to Croftes the Smithe for 

219 a] iiij°^ payre of Jron whokes for iij of the windowes and 
one of the dores waing 17^* at 3<^ li ... 

Item pta'd for viij^' of Leadd to soder in the hokes 

Item pai'd to Croftes for ij claspes of Jron for the handbarowe 
Item pa/d for iij C bricks for the Stayres 
Item p«id for Cariuge the brickes ... 

Item p«id for Tallow & oyle for the Crane and Rope 

Item paid for ij Scuttelles ... 

Item paid for a biinche of Lyne ... 

Item paid for ij Claspes of Jron for one of the Bosses 

wayng iiiji* 
Item paid to Cochie for xxx lodes of Sande at 7*^ the Lode 

Item paid to widowe taylor for a trayse rope 

Item paid to her for a tayle Rope of SpoTine Lyne to gide the 

bosse waing v^^ ... ... 

Item paid for a Scuttell ... 

Item paid to Croftes Smith for Iron barres for the iij Lowe 

windowes waying Ixj" & a halfe at 3^ the li... 
Item paid to Robart Grombole master workman for one weakes 

Item paid to Danyell Lightfoote fremason for one wekes worke 

219 b] Item paid to Robart Jaxson william frisbe & Nycholas 
drewe fi-emasons for one weakes worke 




iij^ viij'i 





iiij^ iij'^ 


iiijs vj^ 


xvij« vj'^ 




xys iiijd 















s iiij'i 

256 1594 

It^m p(7/d to John asheler frem<ason foiLft- weaken worke ... vj^ 

It<?m p(u*d to Hychard Parker & his Sonne and Emans Jaxson 

for one weakes work ... ... ... ... ... ... xvij^ 

Item paid to Rychard Johnson, John barney Wilh'am Bayley, 

John Stiu'ges, John haris John ker.sani Laborers for one 

weake ... ... ... xxiiij^ 

It<?m ipaid to frauncis Candler Laborer for v dayes & a halfe . . . 
Item \)aid to Cochie for xx lodes of Sande at 7*^ the Lode 
Item p6//d for tallowe «& oyle for the Crane & Rope 
June 28 Item paid the 28 June to Robart Grombole master workman for 

iiij dayes work ... 

Item paid to Danyell Lightfoote for iiij dayes ... 

Item paid to Robart Jaxson, wilhVrm frisbe and Nycholas Drewe 

for iiij dayes 
Item paid to John assheler for iiij dayes 
Item pai'd to Rychard parker & his Sonne & Emans Jaxson 

roughe masons for iiij dayes work 

Item paid to Rychard Johnson, John Barnes wilh'am Bayley, 

John Sturges, Ihon harris frauncis Candler & John kersam 
7.3.0. Laborers for iiij dayes work xviij^ 8** 

Julii 6 220 a] Item paid the 6 Julij to Robart Grombole the master 

workman for one weake ... .. ... ix^ 

Item paid to Daniell Lightfoot fremason & the chieffe Setter 

for one weke ... ... ... ... ... viij^ 

Item paid to Robart Jaxson wilh'am frisbe & Nycholas Drewe 

for one weke ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xxj^ 

Item paid to John Asshelor for one weke ... vj^ 

Item paid to Rychard parker & his Sonne & to Emans Jaxson 

I'oughe masons for iiij dayes woorke ... ... ... ... xj^ iiij*^ 

Item paid to John Sturges & John kersam Laborers for one 

weake ... ... ... ... ... ... viij^ 

Item paid to Richard Johnson John harris, John Barnes, 

wilh'am Baly fraunces Candler & John Osburne Laborers for 

iiij dayes work ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xvj* 

Julij 13 Item paid the 13 Julij to Robart Grombole master workman 

for one weakes worke ix' 

Item paid to Daniell Lightfoote for a weke .., ... ... viij' 

Item paid to Robart Jaxson wilh'am frisbe & to Nicholas Drewe 

fremasons for one weake ... ... ... ... ... xxj^ 

Item paid to John assheler for one weke ... vj" 

Item paid to Richard parker & his Sonne for v dayes worke ... ix^ ij^ 

6. 18. 6. Item paixi to Emans Jaxson roughe mason for one weke ... vj' 

220 b] Item paid to Rychard Johnson John Sturges John 

kersom & John harris Laborers for v dayes & a halfe ... xiiij« viij**' 

1594 257 

It.?m pa/d to ifraunces Candler laborer for v dayes iij" iiij*^ 

It<?m paid to John Barnes John osburne & williVnn Bay lye for 

V dayes dm' ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xj^ 

Item p«id to Cochie for x lode** of Sande v^ x*' 

Item paid to Robart Grombole mastcv workeman for one weake ix^ 

Item paid to Daniell Lightfoote fremason & the chiefFe Setter 

for one weaken work ... < ... ... ... ... ... viij^ 

Item paid to Robart Jaxson wilh'am ffrisbe & Nicholas Drewe 

fremasons for one weake ... xxj^ 

Item pa/d to John ashelor for one weke ... ... vj« 

Item pa/d to Richard parker & to Emans Jaxson roughe 

masons for ij dayes ... iiij" 

Item paid to parker Sonne for a weke ... ... v" 

Item pa?'d to Richard Johnson wilh'am Bayley John Plarris 

wilh'am Goose & John kersam Laborers for one weke ... xx® 

Item paid to M"* Jaxson Baker for xx lodes of whight filling 

stone xxvj^ S** 

Item paid to brooke & hatton for Caring of xiij lode.9 of the 

same whighe stonne ... ... ... ... ... ... iiij^ viij'^ 

221 a] Item paid to the forsai'o? m'' Jaxson for xxij Tonne of 

Ragg at 3« the Tonne 

Item ixiid to Robart Grombole master workman the 27 Julij 

for iij dayes work 
Item paid to danyell Lightfoote for iij dayes 
Item paid to Ry chard Parker for ij dayes 

Item paid to Parker Sonne for iij dayes 

Item paid to william frisbe nycholas drewe and Robart Jaxson 

fremasons for V dayes work 

Item paid to John Asheler fremason for v dayes ... ... v^ 

Item paid to Emans Jaxson for ij dayes ... ... ... ... ij^ 

Item paid to Richard Johnson william Bayley John harris, 

John Kersam & william Goose Laborers for v dayes ... xvj^ viij'^ 
Item paid to John Barnes & John Sturges Laborers for iiij 

dayes ... v^ iiij'^ 

Item paid to frauncis Candler Laborer for iij dayes & a halfe ij^ iiij*^ 

Item paid to Robart Grombole his man for ij dayes worke ... xx*^ 

Item paid the 3 August to Robart Grombole master workman 

for one weake ... ... ... ... ix^ 

Item paid to grombole his maTi for a weke ... v^ 

Item pai"d to daniell Lightfoote for a weke ... viij'' 

Item to Robart Jaxson william frisbe and nicholas drewe for 

one weakes worke ... ... ... ... ... ... xxj^ 

Item paid to John Asshelor for one weke ... vj^ 

C. A. S. Octavo Series. No. XXXV. 17 











258 1594 

2'2l bj Itfiii luiiW to John Gronibole frcmasoii & brother to 

Robart Groml)olc for ij dayes ... ... ijs viij^ 

Item p«i'd to Ricliard Parker roughe mason for v dayes & a halfe v"^ vj'^ 

Item yxtid to Emans Jaxson & i)«/-kar his Sonne for one weake xj** 
Item paid to John Kersam Richard Jolnison, wilh'am Bayley, 
John harris John Sturges & wilh'am Goose laborers for one 

weake ... ... .xxiiij^ 

It^m paid to frauncis Candler for iiij dayes & a halfe ... ... iij^ 

Item paid to John Barnes Laborer for v dayes & a halfe ... iij^ viij'* 
Item paid to Blithe of Reache for xiiij Tonne of Ragg & ij 

Tonne of freston ... ... ... ... lij® vj<^ 

Item paid to fox for Carringe of the 16 tonne of Stonne to the 

church ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... v^ iiij*^ 

Item paid for Tallowe to the crane ... ... ... ... ij^ 

Item paid to the qnarry man of Eversden for vij Tonne of 

Stonne at 4^ 8<^ the Tonne ... xxxijM'iij*^ 

August 10 Item paid to Robart Grombole master workeman for one weake ix^ 

Item paid to John Grombole for one weake viij^ 

8. 2. 6. Item paid Robert Grombole man for one weke v" 

222 a] Item paid to daniell Lightfoote for one weke viij" 

Item paid to william ftrisbe Robart Jaxson & Nicholas drewe 

fremasons for one weke ... xxj" 

Item paid to John x^sshelor mason for a weke ... vj^ 

Item paid Richard parker & Emans Jaxson Roughe masons 

for iij dayes ... ... ... vj" 

Item paid to parker his Sonne for a weake ... v" 

Item i>ak\ to Ry chard Johnson, John harris John kersam, John 

Sturges, William Goose William Bayley John Barnes, & 

fraunces Candler Laborers for one weake ... xxxij^ 

Item paid to the quarry man of Eversden for ij Tonne of Stonne ix^ iiij^^ 

Item paid for Brickes j C ... ... xviij'^ 

August 17 Item paid the 17 August to Robart Grombole oure master 

workman for one weake ... ... ... ix« 

Item paid to John Grombole & danyell Lightfoote fremasons 

for a weake ... ... ... ... ... xvj^ 

Item paid to Grombole his man for a weke ... ... ... v^ 

Item paid to Robart Jaxson, William frisbe & nycholas drewe 

fremasons for one weakes work ... ... ... ... xxj^ 

Item paid to John Asheler mason for one weke ... ... \f 

Item paid to Rychard parker & Emans Jaxson roughe masons 

for ij dayes iiij" 

Item paid to parker Sonne for one weke v® 

8. 14. 10. Item paid to Richard Johnson, John kersam John harris 

william Goose, John osburne for one weakes work ... xx- 






' vj'i 











.« ij^i 



1594 259 

222 b] Item paid to Wilh'orm Bay ley for v dayes 

Item paid to tlie quaney man of Eversdeii for iiij Toonn of 

Stonne ... 

Item p(U*d to lylley for dm' M of Brykes 

Item p«id for Carring of the Brickes 

It6?m p«id for sande viij Lodes 

Item paVd the 23 August to iRobart Grombolc oiire master 

workman for v dayes work ... 
Item paid to John Grombole & daniell Lightfoote for v dayes 

work ... ... ... ... ... 

Item i>aid to Robart Jaxson wilhVan frisbe & nycholas drewe 

fremasons for v dayes ... 
Item to John Ashelor & Robart gro?wbole his man fremasons 

for V dayes 
Item pa/d to Rychard parker & his Sonne and Emans Jaxson 

roughe masons for v dayes 
Item paid to Rychard Johnson John Stiirges John Kersam John 

Harris, John osburne wilh'am Goose Laborers for v dayes xx^ 

Item paid to fraunc/s Candler & willwmi Bayley for iiij dayes 

labores ... ... ... ... ... ... v^ jjjjd 

Item paid for iij Toonne of eversden stonne xiiij'^ 

Item paid for Tallowe for the Crane rope ... ... ... ij'^ 

Item the 31 august to Robart Grombole raaster workman for 

one weake ... ... ix^ 

Item paid to Danyell Lightfoote for a weke ... viij^ 

Item paid to John Ashelor & grombole his man fremasons for 

one weake ... ... ... xj^ 

223 a] Item paid to John Grombole & Robart Jaxson fre- 
masons for iiij dayes work ... ... ... x^ 

Item paid to Rychard parker & his Sonne k Emans Jaxson 

roughe masons for one weake... ... ... ... ... xvij^ 

Item paid to Richard Johnson John Kersam William Goose, 
John harris, fraunces Candler, .John Osburne, William 
Bayley Laborers for one weake ... ... ... ... xxviij^ 

Item paid to John Sturgis for iiij dayes ... ... ... ... ij^ vii/^ 

Item paid to Cochie for Sande V lodes ij^ xj*^ 

Item paid the 7 Septembris to Robart Grombole master work- 
man for a weake ... ... ix^ 

Item paid to danyell Lightfoote John Grombole & Robart 

Jaxson fremasons for a weake ... . . xxiij^ 

Item paid to John Asheler & Robart gro?>ibole his man fre- 
masons for a weake ... ... ... ... ... ... xjs 

Item paid to william Goose, John Sturgis John Kersam, John 

harris Laborers for iiij dayes work ... ... ... ... xM^ij^^ 


260 1594 

Item pa/d to Ry chard Johnson & wilU'am baley Laborers for ij 

dayes & a halfc... ... ... ... ... iijMiij^^ 

It(jm prtid to fraunces Candler for iij dayes ... ij^ 

Item pa/d to John Osburne for iiij dayes dm' ... ... ... iij^ 

Sep- Item pa/d the 14 Septembris to Robart Grombole master 

tember 14 workman for a weake ... ix^ 

Item paid to John Grombole & daniell Lightfoote fremasons 

for V dayes ... ... ... ... ... xiij^iij*^ 

Item p«/d to John Ashelor & Robart Grombole his man for one 

weakes worke ... ... ... xj^ 

8. 1. 9 Item pa/d to Robart Jaxson for v dayes ... ... v^ x*^ 

223 b] Item p«id to Richard parker & his Sonne roughe 

masons for V dayes work ix« ij** 

It^m paid to Emans Jaxson for V dayes & a halfe v^ vj'^ 

Item paid to wilh'am Goose, John Stiirges, John Harris, Richard 

Johnson, wilh'am Bayley John Kersam John osburne for a 

weake ... ... ... ... ... xxviij"* 

Item paid to John dowce Carpenter for a daye & a halfe in 

drawing vp the great dormans into the steple xviij^^ 

Item paid to the sayde dowcey for making pi?mes for the whole ij*^ 

Item paid to Cochie for V lodes of sande ij^ xj'i 

Item paid to Cochie for a lode of Claye to save the dormans 

» from the morter ... ... ... ... viij'i 

Item paid for one Lode of eversden Stonne iiij^ viij*^ 

Item paid for oyle for the Crane ... j^ 

Item paid for a newe woden pullye ... ... ... ... iiij** 

Item paid to m^" Jaxson Baker for xxiiij Toonne of Ragg at 3^ 

the Tonne iij^' xij^ 

Item paid to the aforsaio? Jaxson for iiij Toonne of Asler or 

frestonne at 6^ ... ... ... ... ... xxiiij^ 

Sei3- Item paid the 20 Septembris to Robart Grombole master work- 

tembre20 man for v dayes vij^ vj'* 

Item paid to John Grombole & daniell lightfoot fremasons for 

V dayes ... ... xiijMiij*^ 

Item paid to Robart Jaxson John asheler & grombole his man 
9.4.10 for five dayes ... xv^ 

224 a] Item paid to Richard parker & his Sonne for ij dayes 

woork ... ... iij« viij^ 

Ittem paid to Emans Jaxson for iiij dayes dim'... ... ... iiij^ yj** 

Item paid to william Goose, John Sturges, John Kersam, John 

osburne Laborers for v dayes worke... ... xiij^ iiij** 

Item paid to John Harris Richard Johnson & william Bayley 

Laborers for iij dayes ... ... ... vj' 

Item paid for ij Toonne of Eversden stonne ... ixMiij** 



Item paid for whipcorde for the masons to make Lynes for 
theirc worke 

Item pa?'d for a Scuttell 

Itt'iii pcn'd for Carring vj Toonne of Kagge from Trenete Colledg 

Item p«7d for Carring a peiice of timber to the Kinges Colledg 

sawe pitt 
Item pra'd to George man & fcHowe for sawing yt into plankes 
Item iwid for dm' C halfe Inclie hordes to make mowldcs 

Item p««*d to Cochie for sande iiij lodes 

Item pae'd the 28 Septembris to Robart Grombole master work- 
man for one weke 

Item ytaid to John Grombole for a daye ... ... 

Item paid to Robart Gromboles man for iij dayes worke 

Item paid to Robat Jaxson for iiij dayes... ... 

Item ixd'd to John Asheler for a day & halfe 
Item paid to parker & his sonne for iiij dayes ... 

ijs vjd 




ij« iiij^i 


ijs vj^l 

iiij^ viij<^ 


vij^ iiij^^ 

224 b] Item paid to Emans Jaxson roughe mason for v dayes 


Item paid to wilh'am Goose John Stiu*gis John kersam John 

Osburne Laborers for iiij dayes 
Item paid to ftraunces Candler wilh'am Bayley, John harris & 

Rychard Johnson Laborers for iij dayes & a halfe ... 
Item paid to Emans Jaxson roughe mason for a daye & a halfe 

in makinge vp the wall where one of the dormans was 

Item paid to Robert Grombole Master woorkman in helping to 

remove one of the greate dormans & to helpe to make vp 

the breache ... 

Item paid to m^" wharton for iiij C of Sedge to Cover the Steple 

walles at 7** the C 

Item paid to brooke & Chm'che for Carring the Sedge to the 


Item paid to porter Samider Stiirges wilh'am Goose & Cotton 

Laborers for iij dayes worke in drawing vp the Sedge to 

the Steple & placinge yt on the Walles 
Item paid to Webbe Carpenter & his man that did helpe hym 

for ij dayes & dm' abought covering the Steple with hordes 


x^ viij^i 

ix** iiij^^ 






iiij' vjd 

225 a] Item paid for vjd &, viijd nayles for the Carpe^iters to 
nayle the hordes & Sparres for the Covering of the Steple 

Item paid to portor & Saunder Sturgis for bringing whight 
Stonne from michaell Church yarde given by m^" Jaxson & 
also for removyng of all the Stonne into one place & for 
Carring of all the Rubisshe ought of the Churche & for 


•262 1594 

Laying divers peaces of timber to kepc douuc the «edgg on 

the Steple ... ij** vj'^ 

Item poid to M^' wise of hinton the 24 day of dccember 1594 

for xxxviij lode6" of Lyme at 6^ 8^^ the Lode xij^* xiij^ iiij^^ 

Item paid to fox for Carring a peac of timber to m^" wharton 

w/iich he lent ... iiij'^ 

Item paid to Robart Larrans of Ramsey for vij Toonne of 

Asheler or frestonne wAich came from Thorncy Jannarij 20. 

1594 at 7M0^' the Toonne liiij« viij'^ 

Item paid to iiij Laborerers for helpinge to Lode them & to 

vnlode them and to Laye them vp in the Churchc xviij'^ 

Itt'm paai to Hatton Carter for Carring of this forsayde Stonne 

to the Chnrche ... ... ... ij^ iiij'* 

Item paid to Robart Larrans & John Raven the 5 of marche 

1594 for vij Toonne of Large frestonne or Asheler at 8^ the 

Toonne ... ... ... Ivj* 

14. 9. Item paid to hatton for Carring of the Stonne ... ij*^ iiij'* 

225 b] Item pazd to iij Laborers that did heipe to Lode the 
Stonne at the bridge and vnlade yt at the Church & packe 

yt vp togither xx'^ 

Item paid the 7 of marche to martindale of Thorney Abbey for 

ij Toonne of Asheler or frestonne at 8^ the Toonne ... iiij^* viij" 

Item p«2d to Hatton & Brokes for the Carring of this Stonne 

from the bridg to the Chnrche ... ... iij** x'^ 

Item paid to iij Laborers to helpe to Lode & vnlode this Stonne 

& to packe yt vp in the Churche ... ... ij^ iiij'* 

Item paid to the forsaide martindale of Thorney abbaye the 16 

of Aprill 1595 for xx Toonne of frestonne or Ashclor at 7^ 6*^ 

the Toonne vij" x^ 

Item paid to fox Carter for Carring this xx*'* Toonnes of Stonne 

from the bridg to the Church vj« viij'* 

Item paid to iiij Laborers for ij dayes in waying of the Stonne 

& in loding & vnlodinge & Laying vp therof in the Churche vj** viij^ 

Item gyven in drinke to the Carters and Laborers vj*^ 

Item paid to m^" Crayford of London notary for writing two 

Supplicacions one for my Lorde archbysshop of Canterbury 
2.2. thother for the Lorde Treasorer ij" vj'* 

226 a] Item for my Charges abought theise sewtes & others 

withe other men ... ... " ... ... ... ... x** 

Item paid vnto m^" Batt Bowcer of Trynetie Colledg for \g 

Toonne of fFrestonne at 7^ the Tonne xlij^ 

• Item paid to the saydc Bowcer for vj Toonne of Ragg at 3** 8** 

the Toonne xxij" 

1597 263 

Item paid to willwiiii fri.sbe for one Tonne of Clift" Stonne 
whiche was sent by his kinsman Thomas Thorpe quarry 
man ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... vj^ 

Item \wid to George wright of yaxley waterman for Bringinge 
of ij Tonnes and a halfe of newe stonne from Gonworth 
4 ferrey at 3'* 4'Hhe Tonne viijMiij'^ 

The whole Som or accompt for this yeare 1594 for mon}'e Layde ought 
by me John Foley towar<^'6' the bulding of great S*- maries Steple in 
Cambridge }s one hundred fiftie & thre pounder nynetene Shillings <fe Six 
pence I saye of curant money 153*> 19*^ 6^^ The whole Som of bothe the 
yeares laying ought viz. 1593 and 1594 by me John Foley towards the 
bulding of this Steple ys 219^' 3^ 4^' I saye two hundred & ninetene pounds 
thre shillings 4^^ 

And so yt appereth that I John Foley have layde ought of myne owne 
monye more then I have Resseved the Som of nine & thirtie powndes Tenne 
shillings nine pense I saye 39^* 10^ 9^^ 

226 b] The election on Easter mondaye beynge the xxviij daie of marche 
1597 according to the auncient custome in great S^ maries for the chirch- 
wardens for the yere to come in this fourme followenge that is John 
Forter one chirche warden did chuse M^' Doctor ward, & Edward potto one 
other chirch warden did chuse Thomas mannyng which two persons did 
chuse vj persons more viz. ra'^ doctor Grymston John pooley Richerd love 
Thomas Addams Thurston Collynson and John halden \v/«ch viij persons 
haue chosen chirch wardens for this yere to come John porter & Thomas 
Cob these viij electors ar Auditors for y® next yere to come. 

227 a] Layde ought by me John Foley for the par^'sshe as here after 
foUoweth, which is to be repaide me at the next Accompt of the Church 
wardens which shalbe in Anno 1597 as appereth by the handes of the 
auditors vndervvritte??. 

berl2 Inprimis p«2d vnto John dowsey & his Sonne for one weakes 
worke in drawing vp the Tymber of the bell frame & 

putting yt togither ... ... xij^ 

Item paid to John Sturges Laborer in helping dowsey v dayes iij** iiij'^ 
Item Y>aid to yates Laborer for iiij dayes in helping dowsey ... ij** viij*^^ 
Item paid to frauncys Candler for iiij dayes dim^ to helpe 

dowsey ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iijs 

Item paid to John dowsey carpenter the 2 november for iij 
dayes & his Sonne for one daye in pinning & in drawinge 
togither the bell frame ... ... ... ... ... iiij^ 

Item paid to John Carter Carpenter in helping dowsey for iij 

dayes worke ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ij'* vj*^ 

Item paid to thre Laborers ^iz. william Bayley John Harris & 

264 1600 

willitau Goose for one dayc in helping dowsey abought the 

l)ell frame ... ... ijs 

Itt'ni p(/id to John dowsey the 9 novenibcr for v dayes workc & 
his Sonne for iij daycs abought the yoking of the Seconde 
& Thiixie belles & Letting dovvne of the olde lofte or flore 
of Tyniber ... ... ... ... ... ... ... viij*" 

Item i>aid to John Carter Carpenter for v dayes in helping 

dowsey ... ... ... ... ... ... ,.. ... iiij*^ ij'' 

Item paid to iiij"^ Laborers viz. Portar Saunder Sturgis, wilU'ctm 

Goose & Cotton for ij dayes in helping John dowsey ... v^ iiij'' 

Item paid to John dowsey Carpenter the 16 of November for 
iij dayes dim' and his Sonne for iiij dayes abought yoking 
of the greiite Bell withe the olde yoke and drawing vp the 
thre greatest belles into theire frames from the nethermost 
flore ... ... ... ... vij** vj*^ 

Item paid to John Carter Carpenter in helping dowsey iiij dayes iij" iiij*^ 

Item paid to Porter, Saunder Sturges, wilh'am Goose and Cotton 

Laborers for iij dayes to helpe dowsey ... viijs 

Item paid to Reade Carpenter for hanging a dore goingo vp 

into the Steple & setting on a lock with the hingells . . . vj** 

Item paid to Robart Turver for the locke vj<* 

Item paid for nayles for the dore & to a smithe for the widening 

of the Jes of the hingelles ... ... ... ... ... iij*^ 

227 b] gi^'en in mony to drinke among those that did helpe to 
drawe vp the Belles into the Steple & place them in theire 
severall Romes ... viij^ 

Item paid to wilh'am Covile of Suftblke for iij newe bell stocks 
coTitayning 28 foote of Tymber at 9^^ the foote & vj'^ in 
crnest given over the price ... ... ... xxj^ vj*^ 

Item for the Carring of the iij bellstocks from the water Side 

to the Churche . . . ... ... viij*^ 

Item paid to m^' Nycholson for Castinge of the forbell the fryst 

tyme ... ... ... ... ... viij" vj'^ 

Item paid to the forsayde Nicholson for bell mettell in the 

Seconde Casting that wanted ... v" iiij'^ 

Item paid to the Carters that did bring the Bell to the Church 

two tymes ... ... x^ 

Som of all ys v^' iiij" vij^^ 

ReceiVed herof in parte of payment of this som above written 

the xti' of June 1598 the Som of ffiftie Shillings I saye ... 508 

per me Johamiem poley 
Received more in Mony the 21 of Aprill 1600 the Som of fyftie 

ijs yiijd (jf j^^r waren & m^' King Churchwardens I say ... 52*" S^ 

Rest vnpaid to me John poley ij" viij*' 







[Fol. 228 a blank.] 

228 I)] Anno Dornm 1597 

The Accompte*' of Edward Pottall and John Porter Churche wardenvs of 
all suche nionye and other things as they haue rcciued to the use of the 
parrishc by vertue of theyr otice which was yelded and accompted vnto the 
Auditors there vnto appoynted as followeth accordinge to the ancie?it 
Imprimis Remayninge in our hand«s from the last accomptes iiij^' xvij*^ vj*^ 

Reciued for the Easter booke xiij^* xiiij** viij^^ 

ReceiVeo? of m^" Smithe for rent ... ... x« 

Keceived of m^" Goodwine for rent 

deceived of m^" Loue for rent 

Received of widdowe Thomson for rent 
'Received of m'" Legatt for rent 
Item AHex and er Cl arke 

Itein m»" Parris of chesterton for two acres of land meddowe 

Received of mackeris for rent 

Received for the maysters of Aries 

Received for the Batchilliler of Artes 

Ite??i m^" willitc^s buriall 

Ite?>t m*" Sparrowe his buriall. . . 

Itewi m'^ Cutberde his buriall 

I te?>i UKSi^is Scarlites buriall .. . 

Hem A Bible in foUo to be accompted for . . . 
Item of m^" doctor goade for his ester booke 

Item of m'^ Butler 

Som xxvj^i x^ iiij*^ 



xviij^ x'^ 

iij^i vjs iiij<i 

vjs viij<i 

vj** viij^^ 


vf viij'^ 




xiijii vj^ 

s vid 

XXllJ" XJ 

229 a] Anno Dommi 1597 4. 2. 10 

The Accountes of John Porter and Edward Pottall churche wardens for 
all suche mony as they haue layde out for the reparations belonginge to 
the Churche & ministers wages and other dutyes to the churche 
Imprimis the ministers wages for the hole yeare ... 

Item for wine for the communicantes 

Ite>;i for wine whiche was lefte vpayd bye the old churche 

wardens at m"^ warrins ... ... ... 

Ite??i for a baskett for the Almes folkes 

Item for the carryinge of a pore woman to the spittle by 

m"^ mares appoyntment ..; 

IterAi for a large bible for the churche 
Ite?H for a Semis book in folio bost & buft ... 
Itew to M*' ffricklye for Ely fardings 
Item for ffees at the visitations 



Vijs vjd 


266 1597 

Itewi for Iron for the belles to Crafte ... ... ... ij^ vj'^ 

lte>« for 4 dayes woorke to a Carpcndour ... ... ... iiij^ 

Item for a Boll Rt)pe ... ... ... ... ... ... ij^ vj<^ 

Item for Caiidclls ... ... xiiij^ 

Item to m^" Chauncelcr ... ... ... ... ... viij*^ 

Item y^ Visitation Supper ... ... ... ... ... xx^ 

Item at the Perusinge of our land at chesterton ... ... xxj'^ 

Item at the same ty me in another place ... ... ... iiij'^ 

Item to the Tresurers for rent ... xij'^ 

Item for Caryinge awaye of the durte for the hole yeare . . . vj* 

l4ow-at^4b<M^toi^i»e-of-tlM3 <4wycl iw a rd et4^ a t m ^" ^ arrin s ... x*s 

Item to Semer for washingc the churche cloathes ... ... iiij^ 

Item for Besomes ... ... ... ... ... ... iiij*^ 

Item for the Bread the hole yeare xv'^ 

Item for 4 Quarters bills ... ... ... ij"* 

Item for mendingc the hearse & nayles for it ... ... ix'^ 

I t o »i. f o r laying o 2 grave Ston es —. r^. ... ij« 

Item for makinge & wrightinge the Accountes ... ... xij'^ 

Som xix^> xvj^ ob 
recepte xxvj"' x^ iiij^i 

And so remayneth in the new churchwardens handes vij" viij^ xj'^ ob 

Allowid by vs auditors 
willm ward 
John Foley 
Tomas Cob 

229 b] Memorandum that there was remayning in the church- 
wardens handes gatherid for the poore mens boxe the 
somme of ... xxij^ ij'^ 

And yt was ordaynid by the said auditors, that among other necessary 
vses the churchwardons for the tyme being, shold allowe owt of the said 
some xij'^ more or lesse, in the name of the parish to gatherers or proctors 
of hospitalls and spittles when they come to gather according to the 
discretio?i of the churchwardons 

by vs wilham ward 

It ys agreed by the whole consented of the gretest i)art of the p<;«risshoners 
of great S* maries that Sixe of the Same parissh viz. Thre of the vni- 
ue?*site M^' doctor warde Mr doctor Grimston & John Foley. And for the 
Towne iij viz. M»' Medcalfe, M^' Manninge. & M^" Fottall to make a generall 
Seasement of the whole Inhabitans of the sayde paroche for the Easter 
booke as shalbe thought meate by them or the gi'eater parte of them in 
there discretion, and further yt ys agreed by the co^isent a,i'orsaid that two 



of the vniueysite viz. M^" Craddock & M*' warren and two of the Towne viz. 
M"" Nicholson & M^" Goodwin Shall likewise Seasse those vj Seassers above 

Dated the 4 Decembris 1597 

Lett by the churchwardens and the consent of the parrishj 
1597 to llobert Ablinson a Chimnye and a yard for 21 ycarcsV I say 5^ 
payinge ycivrlye five shillings ; 

By Jolili Porter & Thomas Cobb 

230 a] The election made on ester monday being the xvij of Aprill in 
anno 1598 According to the auntient custome of greate S^ Maris pa/isshe 
for the chusyng of the churche wardens for the yeare to come, this forme 
following that ys M^" John i)orter one of the churche wardens did chuse 
m'" doctor warde and Thomas Cobbe the other Churche warden did Chuse 
Edward Pottall which two persons did Chuse vj persons viz John Foley 
Nathaniell Craddock & Rychard Love M^' Nycolson waiter Betson & 
Thomas Addams and theise viij have chosen Church wardens for the 
yeare to come John warren & henry Kinge 

230 b] Anno domini 1598 

The Accompts of John Porter, & Thomas Cob Churchwardens, of 
all such money, & other things as they haue receaued to the vse of the 
parish by vertue of their office, which was yeelded & accompted ther vnto 
the auditors, appointed as followeth according to the ancient Custome 
Imprimis Remayninge in our handes from the last Accomptes vij^^ viij^ xj** ob 

Item of m^' Procter for y^ masten^ of art 

for the buriall of m^ Dousinge 

for buryall of m'^ Gibbs his child 

for the buriall of m^5^ris Tayler 

for the Buriall of muiJris Briden 

for buriall of of a Gentelwoma^ that laye at the uphoulsters 

for buriall of John ward 

for the Batchillers of Aries ... 

for the Buriall of m^' Thornie his sister 

for Rentes due to the Church 

m^' Smithe 

m'^ Goodwin 

m'^ Loue . . . 

M"^ Legatt 


xx^ Vllj' 


■ iiij^i 



lys viij^ 
vjs viijti 

xiij^ iiij*i 



iijs iiijd 
xvj" i« 10"^ 

for our 2 akars of Land Lyingie of Chesterton 

Goodman Ablinson 

Received for the Easter booke 

xxxj" vj' 

i^ ob. 



xiij^* vj" viij^^ 

xxvij^ ij'^ 





viij** iiij'^ 



x^^ ol) 


231 a] Anno Domini 1598 

The Accomptcs of John Porter and Thomas Cobb churche wardens for 
all such monye as they haiie layd out in & for the reparations belonginge 
to y*^ church and ministers wages and other duties to y^ churche. 
Imp>7'mis for y^ ministers yeares wages 

for wine for y*^ Com?«,unicantes 

for breade ... ... ... ... 

for Expenses at M*' Woolfe at y*^ accomptfjs makinge 
Layd out at chesterton when we went about our land 

Layd out at a court April! 17*^** 

for a poore man that gathered 

for Caryinge away y^ durt ... 

for 2 prayers y*' came from my Lo?'d of Canterburye 

for 4 q^^avter bills 

for boords and Carying them from y^ faiyre 
for y^ Visitation at m^' woolfes 
Paid to y<^ sawyers 

to m"^ Frickly for Ely fardings 

for Nayles 

Payd to Carpenters ... 

for a load of clay to fasten y° post 

Paid to y^ smith for Iron woorke 44 pound 

for studds 

for mendinge y*^ Bell clapper 

for Bell Rops ... ... ... 

Vaid at y^ visitation 

the Tresurers of y"^ towne for rent 

for Candeles ... 

for 1 load of sand ... ... 

for y*^ pauinge 

231 b] Ibidem : 1598 : John Porter & Thomas Cobb, 

for burial of a boy that died in y*^ street 
for a lock and key for y^ church dore 

to y® Clark for washing al y^ yeare ... 

for Broomes 

for a man that went with y^ dark to take y*^ names 

Communicants ... ... ... 

for Gibbinson children 14 wekes 

for wrighting out Easter book 

for Couering - Mr Thornies sisters grau e rr-. -.. 

for latches and catches for y^ church dores 

Summa Totalis 24^ xxiij'^ xviij^ x*^ ob. 

Suma rece^tortcm xxxj^' vj^ j'^ ob 

Allocat' xxiij'i xviij'' x*^ ob 

xxviij** vij*^ 



ix8 v^ 

xij« vj'i 











ij« viijd 



And so remayneth vij" vij« iij^ 

of the which remainder there was paid to m^' pooly towardes 

his steple charges ... 1^ 

And so remayneth iiij^* xvif iij'^ the which was deliuerid to the newe 

church wardons and so they do stand acqnitid the x of June 1598 

will™ Ward 
Thomas Grimeston 
John P(5ley 
Richard Love 

more delivei^ed into the handes of the newe churchwardens that was 
gathered at the communyons to the vse of the poore the Som of xxv^ ix^ ob 
w/<?ch they are to dispose of to the vse of the poore at theire discretions. 
By the consent of the Auditours 

232 a] The Ellection made on Easter Munday being the ix*^ of Aprill 
An?io domi7ii 1599 According to the Auncient Custome of great S^ Maries 
parishe for the chusing of the Churchwardens for the yeare to come in this 
forme following viz. M»" warren hath chosen for his man M^" doctor ward 
And M^ King hath chosen Mr Nicholson and thes two have named M^" 
doctor ward hath named M^" wolfe Mr Polye and M*" Porter M^" Nicholson 
hath named M"" Pottall M^' Maning and the goodmaw Cobb And thes eight 
have chosen M^ John warren and M^" Henry kinge Churchwardens for the 
yere to come 

232 b] Anno Domini 1598 

The Accompts of John warren & henere King Church warddens of such 
mony & others thinges as they hav receved of the parish e by vertue of ther 
office which was yeelded and & accompted ther vnto the Auditors appointed 
as fFolloweth according to the ancient Custome 

In prymvs Receved of the old Church warddens in mony ... 4^' 17^ 3<* 
Item Receved of m'^ Scarlett for the buryall of his davghter & 

child 58 

Item 'Received of m'* Bavll for the buryell of his sonn 6^8*^ 

Item Received of m^ procters for the master of Artes ... ... 19^ 

Item Received of m^ necolnssonn for the buryell of his sister ... 6^ 8<i 

Item Received of m^" gibes for pesies of old timber ... ... 3^*^ 

Item Received for the buryell of mistres Croply ... ... ... 6^ 8^^ 

Item Received for the buryell of m^ flecher ... ... ... 6^ 8^ 

Item Received for the buryell of m^'^ portor ... ... ... Q^ 8^ 

Item Received for the buryall of m^^ Allcock 6^ 8*^ 

Item Received of m^ Scarlott for that was geven to the Church 

by on that dyed at glascock ... ... ... ... ... 3M*^ 

Item Received of m^" Procters for the bachelers of Artes . . . 52^ 8'^ 

Item Reeeu-ed for the Easter bocke ... ... 15^^ 15^ 

Summa 26" 15« 7^^ ob 

270 1598 

Receved for Rents due to the Curch as foUoweth 

Ittcm Receved of m^' smith ... ... ... ... ... 10^ 

Ittt^in Receved of m*' Gooding ... ... ... ... ... 13^4'^ 

Ittt'ni Retcved of m'' Love for A palle ... ... ... ... 4*^ 

Ittem Receved of ni'" Leagatt 5^ 

233 a] 1598 

Itte m R e c ei v e d of — .—. —. —. rr. —. ~. rr. m}^ 

Ittem 'Received of ni»" d'" ward for 2 Ackers of Land Lying at 

Chesterton 3" 4^ 

Ittem Receired of goodman Ablensome ... ... 5^ 

Ittem Received of John wade for timber standing in the Church 2^ 
Ittem Received of M'' Poi*tor for a Rent which M*" John bosome 

payeth to the Church 2(y^ 

Ittem Recmeo? of widow Tomson ... ... ... ... ... 12'^ 

Ittem Received of m"^ Love for the rent of his new lease ... 5« 6^ 

Svma 47« 6^ 
Svmma totalis of ^nr this ovr whole years receyt 29" 3^ j<* 

The Accomptes of John warren & henere King Church wardens for all 
such mony as they have layd out in & for the reparations belonging 

to the Church & minesters wages & others duties to the Church belonging 

In prymvs for the minesters whole years wages ... xiij" vj^ viij'^ 

Ittem for wine to the commvnions ... ... xxvij^ 

Ittem for Bread xvj'^ 

Ittem for the Auditores super ... x" 

Ittem for Carying away of myer from abovt the Church ... ix" 

Ittem for a bavlderick for j of the bells ... ... xx^^ 

Ittem payd to m^ frecklye for Ely fardings x'^ ob 

Ittem for taking old timber of the Leads xij^i 

Ittem for our visitation super ... xxiiij^ 

Ittem for bell Ropes vj^ 

Ittem payd to the tresewres of the towne for Rent ... ... xij'^ 

Ittem for a bock of Arty cekeles ... vj'^ 

Ittem for 4 quarter bills ... ij^ 

Ittem to the plomer for lead & sader & for mending the Leads 
in divers playces & for hanging vpon of the great spovtes 

& for workmanship for coles & nayles xxvj^ ij'^ 

Ittem for a prayer bock ... ... ... vj*^ 

233 b] Ittem for lorne work to Crest abovt the great Bell ... vj" viij*^ 
Ittem to the glaysyers for mending all the glas wendows abovt 

the Church above & belowe xlvj^ viij^ 

Ittem payd to m^ Portor for laying tow graves stones which 
he was not alowed for in his tyme of his Church warden- 

shep ... ij" 

1599 271 

rtt^m payd to m'" portor for a partchement bock for Chrisnengs 

& bury alls & mariges ... ... ... ... ... ... xv^ vj^^ 

Itteiii to senior the Clark for waschiiig the Church Lyiiing ... iiij" 

Ittt'ni for oyle for the bells ... ... ... ij^ 

Itt<?m for mending 3 Legis ... ... ... ... ... ... xvj*^ 

Tttt'm for bromes ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iiij^ 

Ittf^ni to fransis dowse for mending the timber work abovt the 

bells Y v8 

Itt(?m for mending diyvers seates in the Churche & nayles & 

workmanship ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ij^ ij'^ 

Ittem to m*" sparow for whritting the Church new bock ad 17^ 

annw;?i 1600 ... ... ... ... ... xvij^ vj<^ 

Ittcm for mending & leaving & for gravell to the Church ward iiij^ viij'^ 

Summa xxiii j" x tij^ ^4tj^ 24i' 3^ 8'^ 
24 3 8 
Summa Recepte 29" 3^ j'l 
debits 4« 19^ 5^ 

Summa totalis of our whol years Receyts xxix" iij^ j^^ 
Summa totalis of our whol years xxiiij" xvj ^ ij '' ob 

disburesments 24" 3« 8<i 

And so Remayneth to the 

Church which was delivered v "' vj ^ x^ ^ ob 

Agayn to vs that was chosen Church wardens 4" 19^ b^ 

Memorandum that wee make owt our Accowmpt this yeare 

for mony gathered for the poore at the Com??ivnons 
but doe Ackowledg yt in the foote of oi^r 
Account for the next yere followinge 
willm ward John Foley •William nicolson Edward potto 
Richard Love 

234 a] Anno domini 1599. 

The Accounted of John warren and henry kinge Church Wardens of the 
parishe of great S*^ Maries of such mony and other thinges as they have 
Receiued of the said parishe by vertue of ther office w/«ch was yeelded 
and Accounted thear vnto the Auditoi^rs appoynted as followeth According 
to the Auncient Custome 
Inpnmis Receiued of the Church mony fro?>i the yeare going v" vj" x*^ ob 

before 4" 19^ 5<i 

Item 'Received for the buriall of M^ Hildersome ... ... vj^ viij*^ 

Item Received for the buriall of Mw^ris wolfe ... ... ... vj^ viij*^ 

Item Received for the buriall of a child which died at m'' 

Leggattes iij^ iiij*^ 

Item Received of M^ procters for the Master of Artes Com- 

mencewientes ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xv^ 

Item Received of M** proctora for the Bachelors Comencmewtes iij" 



151*10 8'i 

Xll]^ lllj' 


Item 'Received of W Legett for the buriall of his owne child ... 
Item Received of ]\P Gibbes for the buriall of his child 

Item Remwfi? for the Easter Booke 

Siu>nna 25" 15«-^te^ 
9 2*1 

Rentes Receiued due to the 
pa>'ishe of great S*^ maryes 

Inprimis Rcrej'ved of M?>j!ris Smith 

Item RecciVed of M'" Good wyn ... ... 

Item Received of ]\[»' Love for a paile standing in the church 

Item Received of M^ doctor ward for two Acres of Londe lyeing 

at Chesterton ... 
Item M"* Legatt 

234 b] An?io donmii 1599 
Item Received of the goodma^z Avelinson for his oven standing 

and his yard Rome ... 

Item Receiued of M^' porter for a Rent which. M^" John Bosome 

paieth to the Church ... 

Item Received of the widowe Thomson ... ... 

Item Reeei'yed of M'* Love for rent of his new Lease 

Item Received of John Wade for the Comencement Tymber 

standing' in the Church ... ... ii» 

Summa 47^ 6^^ 
Suwma totalis of all the Receipts 28" 2 ^ ¥ ^ 
for this whole yeare 27" 16^ 8'^ 

235 a] Anno domini 1599 

The Accounted of John warren and Henry kinge Church Wardens for 
all such mony as they have laied owt in and for the Reparactons be- 
longiM^ to the Church and Ministers wages, and other dutyes to the said 
Church belonginge 
Inpnmis to the Minister for his whole yeares wages . . . 

Item for commvnion wyne 

Item for Commvnion bread ... ... 

Item for the Auditowrs supper 

Item for Carieing myre awaie from aboute the church for the 

whole yeare 

Item for a Statute booke 

Item for a praier booke for the Earle of Essex 

Item for foure Quarter Bills 

Item for mending all the bells w^'th Iron worke, Carpenters 

worke & nayles 


yS yjd 

xiijii yjs viij** 




1X8 yja 

ij« iiij^l 


xxiij^ vj** 



Item for a lK)oke of Articles ... 

Item ytaid to M*' ffrickely for Ely ftkrthinges ... 

Item for our Myiiisteres dyiiner at the visitac/on 
Item to the Thresorers of the Towns for Rent ... 
Item for glasinge 

Item for Iron worke to the Smith and for mending on of the 
Clapi)ers of the bells ... 

Item for Bell ropes agaipst the Queens d'dje 

Item pai e d to Robe/'t Sparrow for Regestring of all this last 

1148 ob 

yei's- O h ri is tning e s Mariadg es & — bwkall^- 
Retfe8ter-4)Qo k ... — — y; i rr-. t-. 

\e -4iew 

x*i ob 


VHJ^ X' 

xj« viij^ 

Vijs vj'l 

Vijs vj«l 

235 b] Item for mending of a seate 

Item to Seamer for washing of the chm'ch Lynnen 
Item for Oyle to the Bells ... 

Item for Nayles ... ... ... 

Item for mending of the vestrye ... 

Item for nayles and mending of the church dore w^th the locke 

Item for paper and for one that went abovte w^th the Clarke to 

gather the names of the Comvnicantes for ouer two Yeares 

Item for Bromes ... ... 

Svmma Alloc' xix^^ ^ vj^^ ob 
W' 4s ob 

3tl by Svwima totalis of our whole yeres Receytes for the Church 









Svmma totalis for o^^r whole yeares disbursementes 


28" 3« 4^1 
27" 16^ 8 

^4 x" xj ^ v j ^^ ob 
19" 4^ 

And so Remaineth to the Church in Mony w/«ch wee haue 

deliuered to the Auditot/rs and so they doe stand Acquited viij" xj^-^^ 

this iiijth of Aprill 1600 12« 8*1 

pa2d of this too M^" Poouly 52^ 8«i 

Memorandum that wheras at our comynge on wee Received xxv^ ix^ ob 
to the vse of the poore wee y^ said John warren and henry kinge did 
Collect more for our two yeares so mutch as made the former somme 
iiij" vijs yd w^ich wee imploied to the making of ix gounse of ffrese 
for owr Almesfokes viz. vij gownes for wemen and two gownes for men for 
which gownes M^ Cradock had iij" xf vij'^ for the frese and the goodma?i 
Rydon had for the making of them xiiij^And so Resteth more in mony to 
the vse of the poore ij^ ij'^ 

C. A. S. Octavo Series. No. XXXV. 18 

274 1600 

236 a] Anno domiMt 1599 

The Ellection made on Easter Mvndaye being the xxiiij*'' of March 
1599. According to the Auncient custome of great S* Maries p«rishe for 
the chosing of the C^hnrch AVardens for the yeare to come In this forme 
following, viz M'' warren hath chosen for his umn M^ dot^ior ward, and 
M'* king hath chosen for his man M'" Nicholson, and thes two have chosen 
viz M'" doctor ward hath named M*^ doctor Grimeston M'' Wolfe and 
M"^ Porter and M»" Nicholson hath named M'" Medcalfe M'" Pottall and 
M^ Cobb, and thes eight have chosen M*' Gibbes, and Luke Curtyse Church 
wardens for the yeare to come 

'Received at the fvte of the laste Church wardens accountes in muney vj*» 

Item for the fute of the accounte of the pooure Collected at the 

communions & y' Received at ther beeginning & ther Remayneth in munny 

for the pooure ij^ ij^ 

[Fol. 236 b blank.] 

237 a] Anno do7mni 1600 

The Accountes of henry Gibbes & Luke Curtys Church Wardens of the 
parish of great S^ Maries in Cambridge for such money and other thinges 
as they have receyved of the said pa?7sh by vertue of their office which 
was yelded & accounted there vnto the Auditors appointed as followeth 
accordinge to ye aunciente custome 
Inprimis receyved of the church money from the yere goinge 

before ... ... vj^» ij^ ij** 

Item of M*" Scarlytt for the buriall of a straunger vj« viij** 

Item receyved of doctor Newcom for the buriall of his daughter vj^ viij'^ 

Itewi for y^ buriall of goodman Briers ... ... vj^ viij** 

Item of M'" Cradocke for the buriall of his childe iiij^ 

Ite??i for the buriall of Arthure Wilson ... vj^ viij** 

Item for the buriall of M^' Warings soone iij^ iiij<* 

Iteon for the buriall of m^ wilk'amsons soone ... ... ... vj^ viij^ 

Item for the buriall of M*" manynge vj« viij'* 

Item for the buriall of m'^ Smyth vj^ viij<* 

Itewi for the buriall of Swansons wife ... vj^ viij*^ 

Item Received of M"" Proctors for the master of Artes com- 

mencemewte^ ... xxvj^ 

Item Received of m'" Proctors for y^ Bachilors commencement iij" xij<i 

Item Recei-Wc^ of m"" warringe for sparres ... vj« viij<* 

Item Rem ved for the Easter booke ... ... ... xvj^' iiijMiij'* 

237 b] Anno dommi 1600 

Rentes receyved due to the parish 

Inprimis of M" Smyth x» 

Item of M*" Goodwyn ... ... ... ... xiij« iiij*^ 



Ite^Ji of M*" Love 
Item of M'- 



9 4 Itt'w 

of M'" doctor warde 

of iVP Legate ... 

of Robert Ablinson 

of m^ Porter 

of widdowe Tomson 

of Mr Love 

of John wade for the 

at the co/«munion.s for 

tymber standinge in the church 
y*^ poore 

Suwmia totalis of the 
receites for the whole yere 
xxxijii x^ iij'^ 
















238 a] 

Anno domini 1600 

xiijii vf 






.. xxvj« 




« iiijd 



The accoimtes of Henry Gibbes & Luke Curtys Church Wardens for all 
such money as they have layd out in & for the Eeparacibns belonginge to 
the church & ministers wages and other duties to the said church 

Inprimis to the minister for his Whole yeres wages 
Item for Communion wine ... 

Item for Communion bread ... 

It^??i for the Auditors supper 

Item for glasinge the windowes aboute the church 

Item for a booke of articles ... ... 

Ite7n for three keyes and mendinge of a locke 

Item to Cutchy for xij loades of sand ... 

Item for pavinge rounde aboute the church yard 

Item for stones to pave With ... 

Item for packinge vp the stones in y^ church 

Item for a baldricke for a bell 

Item for Two loades of clay 

Item for lath nailes bindinge and workmanshippe at y^ almose 

houses ... 

Ite??i to the Treasorers of the Towne for rent 

Item to doctor Newcom at y^ visitacion ... 

Item to M>^ ffrickley for Ely farthings ... 

Item for v EUes of Canvys for the borders about the church ... 
Item for paintinge of the borders ... 

Item to the Regester for y® articles 

Ite^n for carienge the durte of the leades 

Item for carienge away of xxiij loades of dirte in the streat 

against the church ... 









vij'^ vnj 





1. 2. 

238 b] 1600 

Item for the visitac/on supper 

I^<?w for wasliinge the church lynneii ... 

Item for bee.soines ... 

I^t'7>i ft)r iiij quarter bylls ... 

I^ewi for a skynne of i)«rchment ... 

Item for nailes 

Ite^n for pape?' and one that went aboute with Seaman to take 

the names of the co??miunicant(?.s 
Item for writinge the Christninge.s Burialles & Manages fiiyer 

into the Regester booke of parchemewt 
Item for writinge and ingrosinge into poychme??t all the said 

Christninges Mariage.s and Burialk^s to delyuer into the 

office ... 

1 Item for writinge this account 









Suwma totah> of the whole 
Yeres disbur.seme?its xxij^' vij^ ij*^ ob 

And so remayneth to the church in money which we have 

delyuered vnto the auditors a,t the foote of this account x^» iij^ iiij*^ ob 

x" iijs ob 
Lefte to the vse of the poore gathered at the Co??imvm*ons ... xiij^ vij*^ 
Allowed by vs the Auditors Thomas Grimeston 

Thomas Medcalfe 
W™ Nicolson 
Edward potto 
mychaell woolfe 
Tho: Cobb. 

239 a] Deliuered vnto the Churchwardens for this yeare Autjo domini 

1601 viz. vnto Hughe Burwell and Edward Cropley. 

Inprimis a Cope of Cloth of Tysew 

Item a pale Cloth for the hearse 

Item a Table clothe of blew veluit 

Item two pulpitt Clothes theon whit and the other Redd. 

Item one Surpliss : 2 towells three table clothes whereof one new 

Item a Bible a Paraphraise with four e two Psalters 

Item the Comvnio?i Cupp 

Item an Orgaine Case w^th some pypes 

Item one new sirplisse 

Memorandu7/i ther remaineth dew to the Church from M*" Bale which. 
was lent vnto him xix*^*^" great jxjoles and xj smaler pooles Remanith to 
the Church. 

Remaining more x ould sparres 
Item one new servies bocke 
Item an Allter clothe of ovld blewe velvett 



Item a com?«ewnione tabell 
Ite??i the pore manes cheste 

[Fols. 239 b, 240 a, b blank.] 

241 a] Anno domiiii 1601 

The eleccibn made on Easter munday being the xiij*'' of Aprill 1601 
accordinge to the auncient ciistome of great S*" maries parisshe for the 
choosing of the churchwi^dcns for the yere to com in this foiirme 
followenge viz M"^ Gibbes hath chosen for his man m^" Doctor Grimstone 
and m'^ Curtis hath chosen for his man m^" nicolson Alderma»i and these 
two have chosen viz m» d'' Ward M»" Porter named & M^' Warren M'^' 
Pottalle Thomas Cob, & Edward Dodson & these eight haue chosen for 
churche wai-dens for the yeare to come hughe Burvvell & Edward Croplye 
& these eight ar auditors for the yeare to come. 

241 b] Anno Bomini 1601. 

The accountes of Hugh Burwell and Edward Cropley Churchwardens 
of the p(i>'ish of Create S^ Maryes in CiMnhridge for such money and other 
Thinges as they haue receiued of the sayd parish By vertue of there 
office w/iich was yealded And accounted there vnto the Auditors apoynted 
as followeth accordeinge to The auncient custome 
Inprimis receyved of the church money flt'rom the yeare goeinge 

Item Goodman Ablinson .. 
Item Goodman Blyth 
Item waiter Betson ... 

of william Baldwin 


of widdowe Briers ... 
of Arthure Brown inge 

of M-^ Cottrill 

of ^P Gotten 

of Luke Curtis 

of W Craddocke 

of M"^ Cropley 

of Abraham Durden 
of Edwarde Dodson 
of Manned uke ffroge 
of Richarde Garrarde 
of M'^ Doctor Grimstone 


of North Harrison ... 
of Goodman Hollibrande . . 
of Goodman Hall y^ cooke . . 
of Goodman Hearne 

X" nj' 

iij'i ob 
ijs vj'i 

ijs vjrt 


iij« iiij^i 


xf ij<i 

js viijd 


iij« iiijd 


iij« iiijd 

iijs vjd 

if viij*i 






278 1601 

Af Goodman Hammante ... ... ... ... j** iiij** 

Af James Iliulcson ... ... ... ... ij^ 

Af Thomas llardinge ... ... ... ... ... ... xj'' 

Af John lloldingc ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xij*^ 

Af Abcll Haukius x<^ . 

Af Mr Hyde iiij'* 

Af Goodman Ilalley ... ... ... if 

241* a] Af Goodma?i Pcnnyc i** viij'^ 

Af Roberto Rogers ... ... ... ij'' 

Af M»- Scarlett vj« viij'i 

Af Goodman Simons ... ... ... ... ij^ 

Af Ml" Swetson v^ 

Af M' Sparrowe iiij** 

Af Goodman Scarlett i** iiij*^ 

Af John Scott ,. xij^i 

Af Robcrte Tmiier x** 

Af Goodman Taler i» vj'i 

Af Authonye Thompson iiij" 

Af Roger Tayler x^i 

Af Mr doctor warde x» 

Af William wmdle iiij* 

Af John Wolfe iij" 

Af widdowe Bonis vj'^ 

Af Goodman Campin x'^ 

Af Goodman Collin ... x'^ 

Af Goodman Harte vj'^ 

Af Goodman Netherwood x*^ 

241* b] Goodman Ablinson 2.6. 

Mr Butler 2.6. 

Goodma>i Blyth 2.6. 

waiter Betson ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 3. 

William Baldwin ... ... ... ... ... 3. 4. 

M^Bosse 1.6 

widdowe Briers ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 1. 3. 

Arther Browninge ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 1. 2. 

M'^Cottrill 1.8. 

Robert Corbott —. r^. r^ — '^ ^ L — 

Mi- Gotten 3.4. 

LukeCmtis 3.4 

M"" Cradocke 8. 

Mr Cropley 3.4. 

Abraham Durden ... ... ... 3. 6. 

Edwarde Dodson ... ... ... 3. 

Marmaduke ffroge , 2.6. 



Eichard Garrard 
jNP d"" Grymstoiic 
Richard Gryliin 


North Harrison 
Goodwi«?i Hollybraiidc 
Goodma;i Haull y^ Cooke 
Goodmrt/i Heariic 
James Iludeson 
Thomas Hardiiige ... 
John Halldinge 
Abell Haukins 




2. 6. 

1. 4 

13" 16« 4^1 bo 
[Fol. 241** a blank.] 

11 ss d. 

241"**^ b] Item giiien to the clarke for washinge the church 

linin 4 

Item for mendinge the church bible 1. 4 

Item for a white brush giuen to the clarke ... 3 

I tewi for the Artickles at y^ visitation ... ... 1. 

Itewi spente at y ® vegetation ... 6. 

Itewi for Elye fardings 10 ob 

Itewi to Anthony ffaucett ... ... 2. 

Item for mendinge y*' seats in the church ... 2.4 

Itewi for whitinge y^ church ... ... 1 17. 6. 

Ite??i for 4 quarter bills ... ... ... 2. 

Ite7?i for ouer castinge and whitinge the jjorch and the place 

vnde the bellfre 2.4 

Item to Goodman wisdome for writing and payntinge the 

church 2 

5" 8« 1'^ ob 5 10. ob 

11 ss d 

242 a] WallterBell 2. 

j\PHyde 4 

Good7na7i Hatley ... ... ... ... ... 2. 4 

M'^ Harison 3 

Edwerde Inkerstall ... 1. 

Edwarde Jeffery 4 

M"^ Kinge 4 

M'^Loue 6.8. 

M^Medcalfe 6.8. 

widdowe Morton 1.4 

M' Nicholson 6. 

M^" Porter 4. 



John Punifrett 

:\[' Poolye 

M"^ Potto 

Goodman Payne 
Goodwa7i Pennye 
willicini Richardesoun 
Robert Rogers 

mf Scarlett 

Goodm«/i Si?«mons ... 
m*" Swetstone 
m>" Sparrowe ... 
GoodmaM Scarlett ... 
John Scott ... 
Robert Turner 
Goodman Tayler 
Anthony Thomson ... 
Roger Tayler 
m*" doctor wardc 
William windle 
John wolfe y^ butcher 
Goodwife bonis ... 

Good?;2an Campin ... 
Goodma?i Collinn 
Goodm«?i Harte 
Goodman Netherwood 

Butl e r —. rn — 

Robert Blaze 
Goodma7i Cobb 
Goodman Earlam 
Anthonye fFaucett ... 
R ichard Leonarde Glascocke 

Mr Legatt 

waiter Manninge 
Beniamin Payne irr, — 

2. 6. 

1. 8. 

6. 8 

2. 6. 


1. 4 






2 6 

6. 8 

1 6 

-i — 


11 s. d 
1-2 «- 

242 b] 

Anno Domin^ 1601 

The accounts of Hughe Burwell and Edward Cropley Churchwardens 
for all such monye as they haue layde out in and for the reparations 
belonginge to the church and minister wage.s and other dutyes to the 
sayde church belongeinge 

Imprimis to the minister for his whole yeares wages ... 13^^ vj^ viij^ 

Item 3 broomes to y« allmes folkes to swepe y*^ church with ... vj^ 



Item to y*= Clarke for washinge of y^ Cliurch lining 

Item for mendiiige y*^ grcatc Church bible with bowses and 

clasps and biitingc y*-' backc ... 
Item for a longe white brush giuen to Seamer to sweepe church 
Item 55 poundes of Sowder at pence apoundc 
Item for y^' phu^iuiers 5 days worke 
Item for Drinkinge monye for thes 5 dayes 
Item for one to serue him those 5 dayes 
Item for firinge t^ wsc 6 dayc^ 
Item for 30 pounds of Sowder more 
Item for 2 dayes worke more of y^ plumper 
Item for one to serue him those 2 dayes ... 
Item for 20 pounds of sowder more 

Item for one dayes worke 

Item for one to serue him that daye 
Item for 23 pounds of Sowder more 
Item for a daye and a halfes worke 
Item for one to serue him y^ daye «& halfe 
Item for 24 pounds of Sowder more 

Item for 6 dayes worke more 

Item for 9 days worke more 

Item for one to serue him the 15 day 

Item for 27 pounds & a halfe of Sowder more 

Item for 44 pounds of Sowder mor 

Item for 3 quarters of a pound of waxe ... 


i^ iiij*^ 


i^' vijs vj'* 


iij« iiij'i 

is iiij'i 




xjs vj<i 


Vjs vjd 

ix^ ix^ 

xnjs IX' 


jU ij. 


11 ss d 

ss d 
3 4 


243 a] Item Receued for y*^ tymber standing in the church ... 
Rents Receued due to the Church for 2 jikers of medowe 
Inprimis of M* D^' warde ... ... ... ... ... ... 

Item of M»" Legate for his shopp ... 

Item of Roberte Ablinson for the peece of grounde taken owt 

of y^ Church yarde ... ... , 

Item of Jone Smith for 7 Akers and a halfe of Errible Lande 
Item of M"^ Loue for his Payles standinge vpon the Church 

yarde ... ... ... ... 4 

Item of M^" Loue for a newe lease made him of the church 

yarde ... ... ... ... 5. 6. 

Item of M'" Porter for M"^ Bosomes Rent to the church ... 1. 8 

Ite^u of widdowe Tomson ... ... ... ... ... ... 1. 

Item of Goodman Munckester for the rente of halfe the chambers 

over the almes howsen ... ^ . . ... ... ... 1 

2. 15 10 2 1 4 1 

The Summa totall of the whole yeares receats. ... ... x" iiij^ xjf' ob 



These sig- 

and i-e- 

243 b] lleceived ftbr the Ester Booke and other ordenarye 

dutyse and Rentes due to the Churche 022. 11. 04 

Ucccived of the foutc of the a Counto of the Chorohe 

wardemcs for the former ye^ire 010. 03. 03 J 

Item Layde out for Charges a boute the Chorche and the 
minesters wages and for reparinge the Amse houses as 
a peareth by the i)erteickeall parselles 030. 

Remaninge to the Chorche by deitt earmentes 001. 

Item of the whiche they are ftbr to a loue tordes a nawdite 

Sopeare not i)ayd ... ... 000. 

Remaneinge due to the chorche 001. 

[Wilhn ward 
Thomas Grimeston 
"Vym Nicolson] 
Gulielmus ward 
Thomas Grimeston 
W"" Nicolson 
John Porter 
Edward Dodson 

[A leaf cut out here.] 
[Fol. 244 a blank.] 

032. 14. 07^ 

18. 03^ 
16. 04 

10. 00 
06. 04 

244 b] Hugh Ridinge 
Manasses vatrollier ... 
M*" wolfe the vintner 
M'^ waiTenl 
M"" Rice j *" 
God free Coidton 
Humfree Rice 

Goodinan Duglis 
Receucd for the tymber standinge in the church 
Receued of Finder for 30 foote of tymber at vj*^ a foote 
Receued of the procters for the Mastars Comwiensmente 
Receued of the Procters for the Bachelers Cowmensements 
Receucd of Goodman Munckester for the rente of his house 

Item of M'" Kinge for burieng of his wife in the church 
Item of M^' Porter for burienge of his childe in the church 

Item Receued for the Easter booke 

waiter Bell —. —. tt-. ttj —, m rr. — 

11 ss. d 


6. 8 





2. 6. 8. 

-±. — 

6. 8. 

2 6. 

4'. 11. 10'' 

16. 2. 7. 

19 15 6 



245 a] Anno Domine 1601. 

The accounts of Hugh Burwell and Edwardc Croi)lcye Church wardens 
for all such monyc as y^ hauc layde out in and for the reparations 
belonginge to the church and ministers wages and other duties to the 
sayde Church belonginge 

Inprimis 55 pounds of Sowder at 6 jxince a poundc 
Item for the plu;«mers 5 days works 

X belli lUr UxlllK 

Item for one to serue him those 5 dayes . . . 

Item for ftyringe 

Item for 30 pounds of Sowder more 
Item for 2 days worke more of y*' plu;;mier 
Item for one to serue him those 2 days ... 
Item for 20 pounds of Sowder more 

Item for one dayes worke more 

Item for one to serue him that daye . . 
Item for 23 pounds of Sowder more 
Item for a daye & a halfe worke ... 
Item for one to serue him y^ daye & halfe 
Item for 24 pounds of Sowder more 

Item for 6 days worke more 

Item for one to serue him those 6 days ... 

Item for 9 dayes worke more 

Item for one to serue him those 9 days ... 

Item for 27 pounds & a halfe of Sowder ... 

Item for 44 pomids of Sowder more 

Item for 3 quarter of a pounde of waxe ... 

Item for 34 foote of Tymber at 7 penc a foote 

Item for bringinge it from y*^ fayre 

Item giuen to p. Pinder in earneste when he was hired 

Item for four score of 6 penny nayls 

Item for a hundred of 6 pen^iye nayls 

Item for halfe a hundred of 6 pennie nayls 

Item for 7 days worke of Goodman Pynder at ij^ a daye 

Ite7?i for 4 payre of Scrues for 6 dayes at if a daye 

Item his mans worke those 7 days at xvj^^ a daye 

Item for there drinking e mony e those 7 day s — n^- 























Item for 3 men more 3 days at xvj*^ a daye 

11 13 5 


11 10 7 

11 ss d 

245 b] Item for thor Drinking mony tho o c 3 daja m ~. 

Item for a loode of Claye 

Item for 3 score & sixtene pounde of Irene worke at 3 pence a 

pounde 19 




Item for carriinge away of 3 loode of rubbishe which cam out of 

y^ Cluirch 1 

Item for 3 days worke of y« Plmmner 3 

Itewi for one to serue him those 3 days ... 2. 

Ite»i for xvj pouiide of Sowder more ... ... ... ... 8. 

Item for 20 pounds of Sowder more ... ... ... ... 10. 

Ite>;i for 32 pounds of Sowder more ... ... ... ... 16. 

Ite?>i for 4 days workes more of y*' Phimmer ... 4. 

Item for one to serue him those 4 dayes ... ... ... ... 2. 8. 

Item for broumes to y" aUmctj folkcu to owopo y^ ohurch ynrde 6 — 

3. 6. 6 
11 s. d 
*Itcm the charge for the rc[)rations of the leads for tymber 
W(jrke Iron worke and sodringe as it apjiereth by the 
parsels goinge before ... ... ... ... ... 14 17 1. 


Item receued towards thes chargis ... ... ... 12 6 5 

Item owinge for the leades ... ... ... ... ... 50" 8** 

Item oweinge to the Chorche wardeines by diuerse that haue 

notpayde 001 13 02 

Item for charges a boute the Almeshouseas and in-denirie 

* Charges in the chorche 

Item for 4 loade of lyme at viij'* a loode ... ... ... ... 1 12 

Item for 12 loode of sande at viij^ a loode ... ... ... 8 

Item giuen to Thatcher for poyntin of munchesters hous ... 14 10 
Item for towe ruffe tiles at 2^^ a peec ... ... ... ... 4 

Item for 3 hundred of tyles at 20 pence a hundred 5 

titem for whitinge of the church ... ... 117 6 

fltem for 4 quarter bills 2 

* The entries between the asterisks are written on a s]ip of paper which was 

pasted into the book and covered the following entries which arc, it will be 

noted, expansions of previous entries in the accounts (see page 279). 
3. 8. 4^ Item giuen to y** clarke for washing the Church linin... ... ... 4 

Item for mendiuge of y*= church bible with bosses and chasps and 
buffin on the backe 

Item for a white brushe to y*' clarke to sweepe y*^ church with all ... 

Item for the artickles at y*^ visitation 

Item spent in monye at ye visitation 

Item for Ely e fardings 

Item giuen to Anthonye ffaucett when he bounde him selfc to saue 
the parish harmeles for a mayde that was suspected in his house 
to bee with childe ... ... ... ... ... 2. 

Item for mendinge of y*' seats in the church ... ... ... ... 2 4 

t These items have already appeared in the accounts (see page 279). A sHp 
of paper has been pasted over them, but it has disappeared. 


10 ob 

1601 285 

Item for a loode & a halfe of stones ... ... ... ... 6 6 

Item for pauinge of 42 yardes aboute the church at 3 penc a 

yarde 10 6 

Item for 3 lode of sande 2 

Item for one thousand and eighte hundred of brickes ... ... 1 10 4 

11 s d 
11 1 9 ob 

11 ss d 
246 a] Iteni for 15 days worke of the masons at xiij*^ a daye 16 3 

Item for 2 laborers those 15 days at viij'^ a daye a pese ... 1 

Item for there di'ittki nge monye for y*^ laborers those 15 days L-3- 

Item for brininge vp of a thousa?id 8 hundred of bricks from 

y^ bridge at 6 penc a lode 3. 

Item to Goodman Atkinson for tymber which was spent of the 

tennents of ^'^ ouer y^ allmes housen ... 1. 2. 

Item to the Carpenter for 6 days work ... ... 6. 6 

Item for pauinge of y^ place in Munchesters house where the 

stares went vp before ... ... ... ... ... ... 1 

Item for houkes and hingels and a locke & a lache for y^ dore 

at y* stars foute ... ... ... ... ... ... 3. 4 

Item for 2 dores at y^ stayre heade ... ... ... ... 4. 4 

Item for 3 lode of claye at x^ a lode ... ... 2. 6 

Item to laborers for clayinge of y^ wals ... ... ... ... 5. 6 

Item for ouer castinge and whitinge y^ porche and y® place 

ouer y« bellfre ... ... ... 2. 4 

Item for carringe away of 2 lode of rubbishe ... 8 

Item for claspinge of y^ church booke of accounts 6 

Item to goodman durden for laths and lath nayls ... ... 6. 8 

Item to goodmaw Atkin.son for 2 bundle of laths ... ... 2. 6 

Item to Goodman wisdome for writinge and payntinge of the 

church ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 2. 

Item for Sisinge ouer y« pellers 3. 

Item for wine at y^ communions for all y** whole yeare ... 1. 6. 

Item for bread ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 1.-^ 

Item to the minister ... ,.. ... ... ... 13. 6. 8 

11 s d 
21 15 4 

ss d 

246 b] Item to Seamer for Oyle to mende y« bells 2 

Item for carienge awaye of 23 loads of dirte in the streete 

agaynste y® church ... ... 7. 8 

Item for besomes ... ... 4 

Item for a Skynn of parchmente ... ... 6. 

Item for paper and one that went aboute with Seamer to take 

the names of the Communicants ... ... 6. 



Item for wrytinge the Christeninges Biirialls and Mariages 
fay re into the Regester l)ooke of parchment 

Item for writinge and ingrosinge into porchment all the sayd 
Christeninges Mariages and Burialls to delyuer in to the 

Item for writinge thi s aooount rr-. m —. v^. rrr 

Item for a Pottlle of Sack which was Dnmke in the Chauncell 
of the Auditors and others at the giueinge vp of the laste 
Churchwardens accounte ... 

Item a typt sttxfFe giuen to John Lancaster 

Item to the tresurers of the towne for rent 

Item for the Auditors supper and the visetation supper 

1 7 6 


1. 8. 


Suwiraa totallw of the whole yeares disbursments xlvj" iiij* ob 
Soe remayneth due to mee xix^ ix'^ 

247 a] Item for sisinge ouer the pillers . . , 
Item for wine at y® cowmiunions ... 
Item for Co?)imunion breade 

Item to the minister ... 

Item ouerplus monye at diners tims 
Item for browmes giuen to y^ almes folkes 

Item other Chargis a bowte the Church and ministers! 
- wages as it appereth by the persalls goinge before j 

Item for Charges for the Amse Houses 

Item for Charges in repareinge the Ledes 

Item the sum of the whole yeares disbursments as it 
appereth by the persals goinge before amounteth to 

Item receued of this sum as it appereth by the persals 
goinge before ... 

Soe resteth due to me as it appereth by these accounts 
goinge before 

[Fols. 247 b, 248 a, b blank.] 




. . . 



. 6. 
































11 ob 


249 a] Anno domini 1602. 

The election made on Easter munday being the 4^^ of Aprill 1602 
according to the auncyent custome of greate Sainte maryes parishe for 
the chosing of the church wardens for the yere to come in this forme 
followinge viz. m"^ Burwell hath chosen for his man m^' doctor warde 
&, ra' Cropley hath chosen for his man m"" nicolson Alderman, «& those two 
have chosen viz m^ doctor warde, hath chosen m'" Love & m"" warren 



& ml' Po/-ter, & m^" nicolson hath chosen m'' Pottall & goodman Cob 
& m*" Curteis, & these eighte have chosen for church wardens for the yere 
to come antony Tomson & Edward Dodson : And these eighte ar Auditors 
for the yere to come 

249 b] The A Counte of Antonye Tomsonn & Edward Dodsonn for All 
suche nionyes as they haue Resawed by vertuc of thar ofFejxse due to the 
pareishe of gi'ayte S' mariese in Cambridge 
In^primis Resawed of m^" Skarlet for the beriall of his Childe ... 
Resawed of m'" Poolye for the beriell of his wifFe 
Resiiwed of the procktres for the m«stres C/omraenceente 
Res<xwed t)f the i)erocktres for the Baclielares Conwiencetnent ... 
5<* Resawed for the Ester bocke 

vjs viij'i 




xv^jl' is vj*^ 
XV* xviij^ xj'i 

Rents Resawed due to the p«reishe 
Inpnmis off John Smiethc... 

Itte?>i of m^' dockter warde ... ... 

Ittejn of m"" loue for m^* Bosome 

lid Itte?» of Robart Ablinsonn 

Itte^/t of m'' Legat ... ... 

Itt^;i of m^" Lowe for his pales 
litem of m"" Lowe for his new Lease 

Itt^wi of monckester ... 

Itte9« of widowe tomsonn 

litem of Jhon wade for the tember standeing in the Chorche 

Som total of the resaytes 
for the whole yeare 



' iiij** 








xxiij^i xj^ 


xxiij»ixijs V** 23 9 11 

m*" Cotton owethe vppon this accomptte for the Easter bocke 1603 
3^ 4** as he hathe payd formerlye 

250 a] 

Anno dommi 1602 

xiij" vj^ 


The acounth of Antonye Tomsonn & Edward dodsonn Churchwardens 
for all shuch money as they haue layd out in & for the repara^to?i.s 
be Longinge to the Chourch & ministeres wages and other duties to 
the sayd church be Longinge. 

In primus to the minister for his hole yeares wages 
Item for glaseinge the weindowes a bout the Church . . . 
Ittem to the treseres of the toune for rent 
Itte^ji for the Artickells 

Item for Elye fardeines 

Item to the horde boshipes vescitacione at chesterton . . . 
Itte?/?- to m'' dockter newcome for our visitacione bill... 
Ittem for a Rope for the sances bell 
Ittewi for Candelles 





x<i ob 







Item spent at the vcsitacione at sawsone 

Item for wine at the Awdeite in the Chancell ... 

Item for A vesitacione bill... 

Ittewi for A prayi*e for the Kinge 

Item ffor Carine of the mieare a boute the Chorche 

Item fibr paucinge the streatc 

Item for 3 lotles of grawell 

Item for a Lode of stones ... 

Item for washeine the Lineinge ... 

Item f<n* pa|)er to one that wente with seamer ... 

Item for bromes 

Item for oyle for the beles 

Item for nales to mend the seates 
Item for wine at the Com?>«2^?n'o?? ... 
Item for bred 

Item for the Riteinge Christeni?iges burrialles and manages 
in to the booke of parchimentes ... ... 

Item for Riteinge the .same vnto the Regester bocke in the 


ij« iiijd 


xjs ij'i 

ix8 iiij*^ 







xxiiij^ vj^ 
xiiij*^ ob 



xxjii vij« xj'i 

Item for the vesitacione sopeare which, is yeat to cvme 

Item a skine of parchement 

Som totales of the Hole yeares desbirrsementes is 
And so remayneth to the Churche in monye which we haue delluerid 

vnto the Avditores at the foote of this a. Counte xlij^ 

willm ward 

John warren 

Thomas (mark) Cobes marcke 

Luke Curtis 

[Fol. 250 b blank.] 

251 a] The Election made on Easter Monday being the 25 of Aprill 1603. 
According to the Auncient custome of great S^ Maries parish for the 
Chosing of the Church wardens, for the yeare to come in this forme 
following viz Anthony Thompson hath chosen for his man M*" Doctor 
Newcome, And Edward Dodson hath chosen for his ma?i M'" Nicholson, 
And M"^ Doctor Newcome hath chosen to him M^' Doctor ward, M*" pooly 
and M»' woolfe, M'^ Nicholson hath chosen to him Luke Curtis and 
Edward dodson and M^ Croply And thes eight haue chosen for the yeare 
to come Robert Sparrow and Christopher Hatley. And thes eight 
are Auditores for the yeare to come. 

[Fol. 251 b blank.] 

252 a] The Accompt of Robert Sparrow and Christopher Hatley of all 
such mony as they haue Receiued by vertue of their office due to the 
parish of great S*^ Maries in An?io 1603. 








. xf 




xiiij" xij« 4^1 


. iij' 

' iiij^' 






,8 yjd 

. XX vj^ 



1603 289 

Inpranis Receiued of the oiild Churchwardens at the Aiidet the 
xxijt'» of May last 

Item Receiued of the Proctors for the Maisters Commence?«e7it 

Item RGceived of the Procto;^ for the Bache^o/'s Comence?we?it 

Item Reca^wi? for the Buriall of Mz6-«;ri.s Baker 

Item Ueceired for the buriall of Thomas Rochell m^' Poolyes 

Item Received of M^' Scarlett for Sir william Browne who died 
vfithiu our ixirish ...^ 

Item Received for the Easter Booke ... 

Rentes receiued due to the said parish 

Inpri'mis John Smith ... ... ... 

Item of m'" doctor ward ... ... ... 

Item of m*" Lone for m^" Bosom 

Item of Robei-t Ablinson ... 

Item of m'" Lcggat 

Item of M"^ Loue for his pales 

Item of M'" Loue for his new lease 

Item of Monkaster 

Item of the widow Tompson 

Item of John ward for the Tymber standing in the Church ... iiij^ 

3. 2. 6 Somme tota,lis of the Receiptee for the whole yeare ys xxv^^ j« viij<^ 

252 b] The Accompt of Robert Sparrow and Christopher Hatley Church 

wardens, for all such mony as they haue laid owt in and for the Re- 
paracions belonging to the Church and Ministers wages and other dutyes 
to the Sciid Church belonging 

Inprtmis to owr Minister for his whole yeres wages ... xiij^* vj^ viij<* 

Item for setting vp a Chininy and Tymber with other necessary 

thinges about Monkasters howse ... ... ... ... xl« iiij*^ 

Item for bread and wyne for the whole yere ... ... ... xxix^ v^ 

Item for Carieng awaye the Mire in and about the Church . . . viij^ 

Item for wyne and Cakes at the Auditt ij^ iij^ 

Item i)aid to a Carpenter for work in the Church xiiij<* 

Item pc«c? to the goodma?i Atkinson for Tymber ij^ x^ 

Item pca'c? to the goodma/i Durden for nayles viij<* 

Item for the booke of Articles vj** 

Item paid to the Thresorers of the Towne xij'^ 

Item for the visitaczon Bill iiij^ 

Item for the visitacion Supper which, ys yet to come x^ 

Item to Stodard who went with Seamer about the Comvni- 

cantes ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xij*^ 

Item for washing the lyning and for bromes ... iiij^ iiij^ 

Item for writing of the Christeninges, Mariages & burialls 

in the Regester booke .. . ... xviij'^ 

C.A.S. Octavo Series. No. XXXV. 19 



Item for writing of the presentcnicnt of all the said Christninges 
IMariages and burialls in p«>*chemt'>it and deliuered into 
the office 

Item for a skynn of parchement 

Somwic totti^is of the whole yeares disbursement's ys ... 

And so remayneth to the Church in mony which we haue 

deliuered vnto the Auditors as appeareth ... ... ... vj^^ ix 

willm Ward Ro. Newcome w"" Nicolson John parn Luke Curtis 



xviij^^ xj^ 

253 a] The Ellection made on Easter Monday being the Ninth daye 
of Aprill An?J0 1604 According to the Auncient Custome of great S* Maries 
pavish for the Chosing of the Churchwardens, for the yeare to come 
following, viz Robert Sparrow hath chosen for his ma?i M^' Doctor ward 
and Christopher Hatly hath chosen for his mart M^' Nicholsonn. And 
m^ doctor ward hath chosen to him doctor Nwecome, doctor Grimstonn, 
and M'' woolfe. And M"^ Nicholsonn hath chosen to him M^' Pottall, 
^V^ Croply and M^ ftrohock. And theis eight haue chosen for the yeare to 
come Abraham Durden, and Edward GefFery. And thes eight are 
Auditors for the yeare to come 

And wee the sayde Churchwardens have Received of the sayde 
Audetters the firste day of may the sume of six powndes nine shillinges 
and ten pence by me Abraham Durden 

[Fol. 253 b blank.] 

254 a] The Accounte of Abraham Duerden and Edmond JefFrye Church- 
wardens for all such monny as they haue receiued by vertue of ther office 
dewe to the parishe of greate S*" maries. Anno 1604. 

Inprimis l^eceived of the oulde Churchwardens at the Awdett 

Item Recemc^ of the procters for the masters Comencement 
Item l^eceived of the procters for the Bachelors Comencement 
Item Received for the buriall of m"* peaps his wyff'e 
Itewi Received for the buriall of Robart Gibsons wyfFe ... 
Item Received for the buriall of m^' John Goodwin 
Item Received for the buriall of Thomas Williamson . . . 
Item Received for the buriall of Thomas Williamsons wyffe 
Ite?>i Received for the buriall of m^" Cottons Sonne 
Item Received for two hundreth three quarters of leade 

Item Received for the Ester booke 

Ite??z. Received of Antony Tomson for his child buriall . . . 
Item ther is to gather up 

3tt 11 



... 6. 



... 1. 




... 0. 



... 0. 



... 0. 



... 0. 



... 0. 



... 0. 



... 1. 






... 0. 



... 0. 








Rentes Received dewe to the sayde parrishe. 

Inprimis Received of John Sniithe 

Item Ueccived of M^" doctor Ward ... 

Item Received of Robart Ablenson 

Itewi Received of m'" Leggatt 

Item Received of my Love for his pales 

Itewi Received of m^ Love for his newe Lease 

Ite??i Received of m"^ Love for M^ Bosome 

Itewi Received of Robart Johnson 

Ite?;i Received of Goodma?i nionkaster 

Ite;« Received of the widdowe Tomson ... 

Itewi Received of John warde for timber standing in the Church 

3ii 2s 6"! 

Su?nma totalis 
33" 16S 9'i 

Item there is for ni*" Tomson m'" Sparrowe & M^" JefFry & 

m*" Burwell ech of them x® ... 

for m"^ king & m"^ Warren ... ... ... 





























3. 2. 6. 

0. xs 

254 b] The Accoimte of Abraham Duerden and Edmon Jeffrye Church 
wardens for all such monny as they haue Layde oute in and for the 
reparations belonging to the Church and minesters wages and other 
duties to the sayd Church belonging 

Inprimis to the minester for his whole years wages 

Item for bread and wine for the whole yeare 

Item payd the Scavenger for caring away of myer 

Ite;??- paid for wine and cakes at the awdett 

Itewi paid two carpeters for six days worke & a halft'e 

in y® Church ... ... 

Item paid for 214 foote of hordes 

Item paid for 24 foote of single quarters 

Item paid for nayles 

Ite?7i paid A mason & his laborer for vj days worke 

Item pazd for ten boshels of lime ... 

Item paid for a loode of sandde 

Item paid for dim' boshell smithes coomee 

Item paid for XX brikes 

Item paid for carriing away of xvj lods of Rubish 

Ite?/i paid for a loode of Claye to mend the Almoshowse . 

Ite'/^- paid for one days worke of a clayer 

Item paid for mending the glasse winders in the Church 

Item paid for paving the streetes ... 

Itewi paid for beesoms to sweepe the Chiu-ch yeard 



.. 13. 



.. 1. 



.. 0. 



.. 0. 




.. 0. 


.. 0. 



.. 0. 



.. 0. 



.. 0. 



.. 0. 



.. 0. 



.. 0. 



.. 0. 



.. 0. 



.. 0. 



.. 0. 






.. 0. 




.. 0. 


















10. ob. 















292 1605 

Item p«id semer for washing the linen candles & bromes 

Item p«/d to the Treserers of the towne 

Item paid to Stoderd for going with semer to take the 

mimes of Commxinicants ... 
It<?w p(n'd for a bell roope 
Item pcri'd for the booke of Articles ... 
Ite?;i paid for Ely farthens 
Itewi paid for 02^r doners at the vissetation 

Itejn paid for oi^r vissetation bill ... ... 

Item for the vissetation super which, is to come ... 

Itewi payd for the servisse booke & the cannons 

Ite?/i paid for a newe surplisse 

Ite??i for writing the cristoniugs mariages & burialls into 

the Regester booke 0. 1. 6. 

Itein for writing the presentment of the sayde Christenings 

mariages & burialls in parchment and delivering of it 

into the office 0. 1. 6. 

Itewi pat(i for a skine of parchemen 0. 0. 6. 

Somma, totalis of the whole years disborsements 23^^ 8^ 3*^ ob 

And so remayneth to the Church in monny which wee 

have delivered to the Awditors as Appeareth ... x^^ viij** v*^ 

this accounte was sseen & allowed the 26^*^ of Aprill 1605 by m^" docter 
ward m'^ potto m^" Craddoke m}' hide m^" Gibbes m'^ Love & water betson 
Qh'istopher hatle 

255 a] The Election made on Easter mondaye 1605 beeing the firste day 
of Aprill according to the can nones for that purposse and ther is chossen 
for Church wardens by generall consente John warren and John wulffe 
Also it is agreed vpon by generall consent that hear after that the 
election shall bee made vpon tewsday in Ester weeke and alsoe the same 
day and year according to the same cannons ther is cossen for sides men 
waiter beston and John Simonds 

255 b] Anno domini 1605. 

The Accoumptes of John warren and John wolfe Churchwardens 
of the parrishe of greate S^ Maries in Cambridge for suche monye and 
other things as they haue receaued of the said parrishe By vertue of their 
office which was yeilded and given vpp vnto the Auditors appoyuted 
as followethe 
Inprimis Receaued of the ould Churchwardens at the audite 

last , x^Wiijs v^ 

Item Receaued of the Proctors for the Master of Artes Com- 

mensment xx" 

Item Receaued of the Proctors for the Batchelors of Artes 

Commensement ... ... iij^^ vj" 

s viijd 

s viij'^ 

1605 293 

Item of M'' Curtice for the buring of John dickonson vj^ viij'^ 

Item for the burying of M/s^ris Porter ... ... ... ... vj^ viij^^ 

Item for the burying of Goodman Ryding vj^ viij'' 

Item receaued of Sir William Hynd whoe dyed in our parishe vj 

Item Receaued of mi^i'ris metcalfe for the buriall of her husband vj 

Item receaued for the buriall of m"" Loue vj^ viij^^ 

Item receaued for the buriall of m^' Ball vj^ viij'^ 

4** Item receaued for the Easter booke ... xvj^^ viij^ iij'^ 

Rentes Receaued due to the p^rrishe 

Inprimis of John Smythe x^ 

Item of m'^ doctor warde iij^ iiij'i 

Item of mz'sms Loue for LP Bosome xx^ 

Item of Robert Abblinson v^ 

Item of m^' Legatt v« 

Item of m^Wris Loue for her pales iiijf^ 

Item of mis^ris Loue for her newe lease ... ... v^ vy^ 

Item of goodmann Muncaster ... ... ... ... ... xiij^ iiij'^ 

Item of Goodwyfe Johnson xiij^ iiij^ 

Item of the widdowe Tompson ... ... ... xij*^ 

6*^ Item of John ward for tymber standing in our churche ... iiij^ 

Suma Totalis of the receiptesl .,. . , 

- ^, , , . r xxxvi" xjs x^ 

for the whole yere is ^ o o 

256 a] Anno domini 1605. 

The Accoumptes of John warren and John wolfe Churchwardens for 
all such monye as they haue laid yt out in and for the reparac^ons of the 

Churche and ministers wages and other duties to the same Churche 
belonging as followethe. 

Inpnmis to the minister for his whole yeres wages ... xiij^i vj'^ viij'^ 

Item for bread and wyne for the whole yere ... ... ... xlv^ viij*^ 

Item for carying awaye the myre from about the Church ... viij^ 
Item to the Carpenter for mending the belles and for nayles 

and hordes iiij^ ijd 

Item to John Scott for writing the names of all the com- 
municants ... xij<^ 

Item for writing the names of Christeninges manages and 

burialls into the Register book ... ... ... ... xviij'^ 

Item for writing the presentments of all the said Christninges 
mariages and burialls in parchement and deliuered to the 

office ... ... xviij<* 

Item for a skinn of parchement vj'^ 

Item to the Carpenters for taking downe the Craine and 

laborers to helpe them iij^ 

Item for making a greate keaye for the Churche dore and twoe 

lesser keayes and for staples and for mending of lockes ... iiij» 



Item to Phillip Scarlett for a seruice booke 
Item to the Treasorers of the towne 
Item for Elie farthinges 
Item for a booke of articles 

Item for a bill ... 

Item for a paire booke for the deliuering of the King from the 
treason ... 



\^ ob 



17" 7« ob. 

nij" ys vj' 

ij' vj^ 

my X" 




256 b] Item for a double guilte boule wAich was given to 
uV wattes our minister for his extraordinary paines taking 
amoungst vs in the parrishe at twoe seuerall tymes when 
the sickness was amongst vs ... 

Item given to M^* Northe Harrison for writing iiij peticzons 

and one letter to my Lord william Howard 

Item paid to the Clarke for washing the Lynnen, for broomes 

and candells ... ... 

Item for broomes to sweepe the churcheyard 

Item for writing thease accoumptes in this book 

Item for Cackes wyne & sugar to the Auditors vppon taking of 

the accoumptes 

Item for our visitacion supper which is to come 

Item for paueing the streete aboute the churche 

5ii 13s ^d Item to John Hall for gathering the names of the communi- 


Suma Totalis of all 

the whole yeres disbursment is xxiij" vij'^ ob. 

And soe remayneth to the churche in monye which, wee haue 

deliuered to y^ Auditors as appereth xiij" xj" ij*^ ob. 

this afoore sayd thirten povndes elleven shillinges two penes ob I haue 
reseved in to my handes to be avnswerabell vppon oure next yeares 
Acvmpttes maii 22 1606. John warron 

This accomptte was scene & allowed the 22 of may 1606 by willm 
ward Edward potto John poley Ro. Neucome Mychaell woolf nathanaell 
Cradocke Edward Cropley N Harryson, John Swetsonn 

257 a] The election made on ester teusday 1606 being the 22 day of Aprill 
according to the cannons for that purposse & there is chosen for church 
wardens hy generall consent Jhon warren & Henry Kinge Also it is 
agreed vppon by generall consente that hereafter that still the election 
shalbe made vppoii teusday in ester weake And also the same daye 
and yere according to the same cannons there is chosen for Sydemen 
Abraham Durden, & Richard Griffin 

to g 


CO a 

fcO o 

[Fol. 257 b blank.] 



xiiji' xj^ ij'i ob 

vj8 viij^ 


1^ viij' 

xvj^» xviij'^ 

vj" VllJ 



258 a] Ano domini 1606. 

The Accoumptes of John AVarren and Henrie King of all suche some 
and sommes of monye wee haue receaued of vertue of our Churchewarden- 
shipp dewe to our parrishe of greate S* maries An?io domini 1606. 

Tnprimis receaued the Churche stocke which dothe appere, 
vppon the former yeres accoumptes 

Item Receaued more for ij ould bookes ... 

Item Receaued for the Burie^g of m*" Pri eke 

Item Receaued for an ould surplisse 

Item Receaued of the Procters for the masters of Artes Com- 
mensment ... 

Item Receaued of m'' doctor Goad viceChancellor for the Batchelor 
of Artes Commensme?^^ which the Procters should haue 

Item Receaued for the Easter booke ... 

Item Receaued for the Buriall of m^s^ris Goodwyn 

Sum Totah's xxxiiij^^ ij*^ viij'^ ob. 

258 b] 1606 

Rentes Receaued this yere for our parishe as fFoUoweth viz. 

Receaued of m"* Legate for his shopps ... 

Receaued of Goodman Abblinson for his Rent 

Receaued of m'" d^" warde 

Receaued of Mis^ris Loue for her pailes 

Receaued of missis Loue for her new lease 

Receaued of the widdowe Johnson ... 

Receaued of mounckaster ... 

Receaued of the widdowe Tompson 

Receaued of John wade for Tymber standing in the Churche 

Item Receaued of m^ Plaine for m^" Smythes Rent 

Receaued for m'" Bosomes Rent of m'^ Porter 

Sum Totalis iij^^ ij^ vj'^ 

259 a] 1606 

The Accoumptes of John Warren and Henrie King for all suche 
monye as they haue laid out in and for the reparacibns of the Churche 
and ministers wages and other duties to the same Churche belonging 
as followethe 
ln}3^imis paid to m^" watts our minister for his whole yeres 

wages ... ... 

Item for bread and wyne for the whole yere ... xlvj« 

Item for the durte earring from and about the Churche ... viij^ vj'^ 

Item paid for paynting the pillers in the Chauncell ij^ 

Item for charges for our visitaczon ... ... ij^ iiij 








. xiijs 








xiijii vj^ viij<^ 


296 1608 

Item to Goodman warde for a loade of pibles ... ... ... v* 

Item for Elio farthing6'6' ... ... ... ... ... ... x*^ ob 

Item for a booke of Articles ... ... ... ... ... vj** 

Item for entring the Churchwardens names into the office ... iiij'' 

Item paid to the Treserors of the Towne xij^^ 

Item paid to Goodman Corbett for glaseing the Churche 

windowes ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xxvj^ 

Item for a lock and a keye for the belfray dore xvj*^ 

Sum?na Totah« xviij^> vj'^ ob 

259 b] Item for mending one of the Almesmens house lockes v'' 
Item paid to Goodman Beatson for fyve yarde* and ode 

measm-e of wainscote \v/«ch was sett vpp in the Cliaunsell 

by hime xiij« iiij'^ 

Item for a seate mending and nayles ... ... xiiij*^ 

Item for mending a seate ... iiij'* 

Item for wyne sugar and cakes for the Auditors at the 

Accoumpts ... ... iij« vij<i 

Item for gathering the names of the Communicantes and for a 

book to write them in to John Hail ... ... ij^ 

Item paid to John Hall for washing the Churche Lynnen ... iiij^ 

Item for broomes and Candles ... ... ... x'* 

Item for writing the presentme?^^ of all the Christninges 

manages and burialls in the Register booke xviij*^ 

Item for writing the names of the Christninges mariages and 

burialls in -paixhement and deliuering them into the office xviij^ 

Item for a skinn of i^archeuient to write those particulars into vj<^ 

Sicinma xxix^ ij'^ 

260 a] Item for writing thease our accoumpts into the 
Churche book ... ... ... xviij"* 

Item for our visitacibn supper • x* 

Item for paueing about the Churche Yard ... ... ... 5^ 

Item for sand ij loader xij** 

Swmmcf xvij^ vj** 
Summa Totah's of the Layings out of this yere is ... xx^' vij^ ij** ob 

And soe reraayneth in stocke to the Churche this yere clerly xvj^* xviij^ 
There is also remayneng this yere in cleere stocke to the poore 

as appereth by the Booke which, is kept for their vse . . . ix'* xij« ix*^ 

This Yere wee gaue to our eight Almesmen and Weomen everie 
of them a newe blacke frees gowne 

This accompt was seene and allowed the xxviij^'' of AprylM608 by^s 

William ward w"" nicolson 

peter scarlett Nathanaell Cradocke 

Anthonye thomson John porter 
[Fol. 260 b blank.] 

160J 297 

261 a] Septimo die Aprilis 1607. 

MoHiorand ^ ^m ■ that yt y a agro e d vpon by tho con we nt of th e whole 
p<</'i tj ho that h o no e forth the ChuroheWardon w s halbe chosen according to 
the oiild C ' liotomc Prouidod that th e IMiui e tor bo one of tho ollooto>'fl 
according to the Gannons. 

The ellection made one Easter Twesdaye l)eing the Seaventh daye of 
Aprill 1607 According To the Auncient Custome of great S*^ maries 
pavish for the Chosing of the Church Wardens for the yeare to come viz. 
m^ warren hath chosen for his man m"^ doctor ward and in the absence of 
m*" kinge by consent was chosen m^ potto And m^" doctor ward hath 
chosen to him m*' Cradocke m^ Porte;* and m*" Thomson. And M^" Potto 
hath chosen to him m^" Nicholson m»" Curtis and m"" dodsonn And thes 
eight hath chosen for this yeare to come John warren and Marmaduke 
ffrohocke Churchwardens and thes two haue chosen for the Cidemen 
Tobia.s Tailor and Robert Rogers. 

Memorand?«wi yt ys agreed this xv"> daye of fFebruary 1607 by the 
greats p«rte of the parish that docto?* ward and m"^ Potto should chuse 
Sixe men three of each body for the seasing of the whole parishioners for 
the Easter book and thos two haue chosen m^" Cradocke M^" Gibes 
M"* Thompson M'^ Curtis M'^ Kinge and M^' Harison iunior Prouidod that 
doctor ward and M^' Potto aboue said with M"^ warren and M'" ffrohoch 
Church "Wardens shall Cease thos sixe abouenamed. 

Willm Ward 
Edward potto 
John Awkstede 
Nathanaell Cradocke 
John warren 
marma Duke ffrohocke 
Sa. Smithe 
John Swetson 
Rarpho hyde 
waiter motcalfe 
Christopher Hatley 
w™ Nicolson 

261 b] February 17**^ 1607 

An assesement made by vs whose names are vnder written elected 
and Chozen by the consent of the greater parte of the parrishoners 
of greate S' maries parrishe in Cambridge for to cease and rate evorie 
parrishioner now Inhabiting in the same for the vse of the Easter booke 
in the same parishe 

Making iiijs 

M"^ wolfe x^ 

298 160 J 

John Towneley ... ... xviij^^ 

Canterell Legg ... ij^ 

Edward Goodwyne ... ij" 

M^ Harrison senior ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ij^ 

Goodman Baker ... ... xij^^ 

Goodman Campion ... xvj^ 

Geremy Leistreche ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ij^ 

Goodman ftawcett ... ... ... ... xviij'^ 

Goodman dowglas ... ... xij'^ 

James weatherhead ... xij'^ 

Goodman warren ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xi]^ 

widdowe Tyffin ... ... vj*^ 

Goodman Battie ... xij*^ 

Goodman Bulman vj*^ 

Goodman Coope?- ... ... ... ... ... vj'^ 

Goodman Lambe ... ... ... vj*^ 

Goodman Shilborne xij^ 

Abraham Boulton ... vj^ 

Thomas Gilham ij^ 

Goodman Turver xij'' 

Goodman Home ... xij'^ 

Josias wilHamson vj'^ 

John Harte vj*^ 

M'- Scarlett) 

M^ Crane j *" 


262 a] Mw^ris Ball ij« 

M^* Hate iij« 

Goodman Corbett 

Goodman Colbie 

M^ wickstead ... ... 

Richard Griffin ... ... ... 

Henrie wraye ... 

William Williams ... ... 

Leonard Glascocke ... 

M'' Legatt 

Goodman Johns 

Tobie Taylor 

Leonard Greene ... ... 

m^ Porter ... ... 

James Heron 

m'" Legates man 

m*" doctor ward 

John Johnson ... ... 

m*" Tompson ... 
























1601 299 


mis^ris CLaydon xij** 

Goodman Blythe iij' 

Goodman Betson iij^ 

m'* Plaine xviij'^ 

mwms Mathewe xviij'^ 

Joane Smythe iij'^ 

Goodman Symons ... ... ... iij" 

Goodman Scarlett ., ij^ 

Henrie Freest ij^ vj^^ 

John Scott ij^ 

m'^ Gibbes iiij^ 

Mf Bm-well iiij« 

John Hall xij^ 

Gabriell Harrison xij'^ 

Widdowe Harrison ... ... iij^ 

Goodman Hollibrand vj** 

Goodman Shilborne xij<i 

Goodman Munckaster vj^ 

widdowe Johnson iij** 

widdowe Tompson iij** 

4 13 20 

262 b] Goodman Kobinson xij^ 

Abraham durden iiij^ 

m'" Warren vj^ viij*^ 

m'^ wolfe v^ 

m*" Jeflferie v^ 

Goodman Netherwood xij^ 

Goodman Bell ... ... ij^ vj^^ 

Goodman Browning ... ... xviij*^ 

Goodman Campion ... xviij*i 

Goodman Rogers ij^ vj^ 

Goodman Hodgson ... vj^ 

m' Stutfield iiijs 

John Hurst ... ... vj^ 

Joane Carr ... 'iij^i 

Jane Carr iij^ 

Goodman Jermane ... ... vj*^ 

m"^ Sparrowe ... ... ... ... ... iiij« 

widdowe Bonace ... ... ... ... ... xij*^ 

Goodman Gill ij^ 

••• -•• www ^ 

Goodman Beningfeild xij* 

Goodman Penny ... ... ... ... ... iiij^ 

m'' dodson ij^ vj^ 

m'" flfrohock iiijs 



m'' Nicholson 
ni»" Taylor minister 
Thomas Perkins 
(Toodnian Puncher 
Goodman Newman 
Goodman Preest 
Christopher Hatley 
Goodman Ramsey 
Goodman Tillett 
widdowe Bryars 
m^" Peaps 
James Preest 
Goodman Collins 
Henrie Beeston 

263 a] Goodman Cobb 

m^' Cradocke . . . 

m»" Pottall 

m'" metcalfe ... 

James Robson 

m^" Curtize 

m^' Cotton 

m*" Smythe ... 

m^ Swetson ... 

widow Ryding 

m*" Baldwyne 

m'^ windle 

m^" harrison iunior 

m^' Cropley ... 

m*" hyde 

Godfrey Twelues 

Goodman harding 

m'^ Robbins ... 

doctor mowtlowe 

Goodman Edward 65 

Goodman Ingei'shall 

Goodman Abblinson 

Goodman Baker 

Goodman Russell 

Goodman balding . 

Goodman fflower 

m'^ doctor Goade for his wyfi 

goodma?^ Clarke 

flfather Parker 

ij8 vja 










ijs viij^i 




ijs vji 

iij« iiijd 






-^ ij« vjd 





ffather Lanfer 
mother Sargesoii 
Anne Petford 
Katherin ventris 
widdowe Sharpo 
mother Cooper 
Alice Gill 
Katherin haire 







[Fol. 263 b blank.] 

264 a] 1607 

The Accoumptes of John warren and marmaduke ffrohocke for all 
suche sowmies of monye which wee haue Receaued by vertue of our Church- 
wardenshipps due to our parishe of greatc S*^ Maries in Cambridge Anno 
Inprimis Receaued the Churche stocke w/wch doe appere of the 

last former yeres accoumptes xvj^i xviij^ 

Item Receaued of m^* Barton Proctor for the maister of Artes 

Commensment ... ... ... xxv^ 

Item Receaued of m^ Cycell Proctor for the Batchelor of Artes 


Item Receaued for the buriall of m^s<ris Baldwyn vj^ 

Item for the buriall of misms Twelues ... vj* 

Item for the buriall of m*" warden child 

Item Receaued for the buriall of mis^ris Babbingten that dyed 

at m^ wolfe the vinteners ... vj^ viij*^ 

Item Receaued more for buring of an Infant newe borne of 

m^ wardes 

Item Receaued for the buriall of Mistvis Spparrowe vj*^ 

Item Receaued for the buriall of M'^ Legates Child 

Item Receaued for the buriall of m^' Potto daughter vj^ 

Item Receaued for the buriall of m^' Rogers Child 

Item Receaued for the Easter booke xvj^* xvj^ ix' 

Swm TotaU's xl" iiij^ j<i 

264 b] 1607 

Rentes Receaued this yere for our parrishe as foUowethe 

In prmiis Receaued of Legat for his shopp , 

Receaued of goodman Abblinson for his Rent ... 

Receaued of m^' doctor ward 

Receaued of m^' d'' mowtlowe for his lease 

Receaued of the widdowe Johnson 

Item muncaster paid noe Rent this yere 

Receaued of the widdowe Tompson xij*^ 







iijs iiij^^ 

yS yjd 

xiijs iiij'i 

302 1607 

Receaued of m'' Plaine for m»' Smythes Rent x^ 

Receaued of m'" Porter for m'" Bosomes Rent xx*^ 

Receaucd of d'" mowtlowe for the Rent of his pale iiij** 

Sum?/ta Totalis xlv^ ij'^ 

265 a] 1607 

The Accoumptes of John warren and marmaduke ft'rohocke for all 
suche somes of monye as they haue layd out in and for the reparacions of 
our Churche and ministers wages and other duties to the same Churche 
belonging as foUoweth viz. 
In p'imis paid to m"^ wattes our minister for his whole yeres 

wages xiij^' vj8 viij'* 

Item for bread and wyne the whole yere xlv* x^ 

Item to the Skauinger for carrying away the myer from and 

about the Churche x^ 

Item for Charges at our visitacibn and a booke of Articles ... xxij*^ 

Item for ij newe flaggons for the Com?;iunion table xx** 

Item paid for Elie farthinges ... ... ... ... ... x'^ ob 

Item for entering the Churchwardens names into the office ... iiij<* 

Item paid to the Treasorors of the towne xij'^ 

Summa Totalis is xvij" vj^ vj** ob 

265 b] 1607 

Item paid to John Hall for washing the Churche lynning and 

for bromes and Candels iiij^ x*^ 

Item for mending a bawldricke ... ... vj'^ 

Item paid for mending diuers seates and for mending a lock 

and keaye and for nayles ... iiij** 

Item for iiij loades of sand ij« viij*^ 

Item for paueing about the Churche yard ... ix« 

Item for paueing stone xvj^ 

Item for our visitacion supper ... x^ 

Item for a newe table clothe for the comunion table ... ... vij^ vij'^ 

Item for marking and fringing the same table Clothe xviij'^ 

Item for gathering the names of the comunicantes to John Hall 

and a booke to write them in ij^ 

Item for writing the names of Christininges manages and 

burialls into the Register booke xviij'* 

Item for writing the presentmewtes of all the Christininges 
manages and burialls in parchement and deliuering them 

into the office xviij'' 

Summa 3" 13'^ 

1608 303 

266 a] 1607 

Item for a skiiiii of i)archcn\e7it to write those names in ... vj'^ 

Item for writing thease accoumpte*' into the Churche booke ... xviij** 

Item for writing the asceasment made for the Easter booke 

into this book 000 

Item paid for the Casting of the Santes bell which wayed 55+ 
wAtch cost 3*^ the pownd in monye xiij^ ix'^ and more wee 
aded 15* and a halfe of me tie at 8^' the pound in monye 
x^ iiij'i and soe the whol4 Charge of the casting of the 

bell is xxiiijs 

Item paid for a roppe for the bell ... x<^ 

Item given to them that did help the bell founder iiij^ 

Item paid to ftrancis dowsey for a yoake and hanging the 

Saints bell iij** iiij'^ 

Item paid to m'^ Biu-well and m'^ Cropley for an arrerage due to 
them when they weare Churchwardens as apperethe vppon 
the foote of their accowmptcs ... xvij** 

Swmma totalis of all this yeres layeing out is xxij^^ xv^ j'^ ob 

266 b] 1607 

Item soe Remaynethe in Cleere stocke this yere to our 

Churche xix^^ xiiij** j'^ ob 

The w/dz'ch money is deliuered to m^* Scarlet & m"^ Harrisson the 
Chiu-ch wardens for this yere a,nno dommi 1608 

Ther is also Remayning this yere in Cleere stocke to the poore 
of our parrishe as appereth by the book which, is kept for 

their vse 9^^ 13Ml^i 

The which money is also deliuered to m'^ Scarlet & m^" Harrisson 

the chm-chewardens for this yere amio dommi 1608 

This yere wee gave to our viij Almismen and wemen everie one 
of them newe shirtes and smockes and to everie one of them a paire 
of newe hose and shooes, and also wee delhiered vpp to the next Church 
wardens in monye for the poore vij^ v'^ ob 

This Accompt was seene and allowed the 28 of Apryll 1608 by vs 

willm ward w"" nicolson 

John Porter Nathanaell Cradocke 

Anthonye thomson 

VLiemorandum there was deliuered to m'^ Scarlet & m^' Harrisson fFrom 
m^ warren & m^ fFrog being the former Churchwardens the suwime of 
seaven shillings fyve pe?ice halfpeny which is money left of y*^ which 
was gathered at the receiving of the communion 1 say 7^ 5^^ ob for 
the poore 

304 1608 

267 a] The election made on easier tensday being tlic xxix^'^ day of 
march 1608 according to the aunccyent custome of grcate S*' maries 
Parishc for the chosing of the church wardens for the yere to come 
viz. m"" wan-en hath chosen for his man m^" doctor ward, & m^* fi'rohocke 
hath chosen M'" Pottall & m»" doctor ward hath chosen to him m'" doctor 
moutloe m^" warren & m^" Uibbs, & m^' Pottall hath chosen to himself 
m*" nicolson, m"^ Cropley, & m*' Curteis, & thesse eight have chosen for this 
yere to come m^ Scarlit & m^' north Harrisson to be church wardens, 
& these two have chosen for the sydemen wilh'am williams bookbynder, 
& waiter Betson, & this is doone m* watts the minister gevinge his ioynte 
consente & voyce therevnto 

Also M"^ Cradocke was chosen Churchwarden for this yere & hath paid 
for his dismission for a fine x^ to be spent at the visitacion supper 

memorandum this 28*'^ of Aprill 1608 M^" Jhon warren late chiu*ch 
warden deliu(?red to the hands of the now churchwardens m"^ Scarlet 
& m"" Harrisson the sumrae of three poundes & ten shillings for seaven 
yeres last past w/u'ch was for the visitation suppers 

267 b] An Inventory of the goods of the church delivered to the church 
wardens for the yere 1608. 

Inpriwiis A cope of cloth of Tysue 

Item a pale cloth for the hersse 

Item a table cloth of bin velvit 

Ite?7i two pulpit clothes one whyte thotlier red 

Item two surplus one new thother old 

Hem two towells 

Item three table clothes whereof one newe 

Item a bible, & a paraphrasis with two old psalters 

Item a comwiunion cup w^th a cover 

Item an orgayne casse w/th some pypes 

Item two new service bookes 

Item an alter cloth of old blu velvit 

Item a commw/iion table, & the poore mans cheste 

Item two new fflagons 

268 a] The accomptes of Peter Scarlet & North Harison churchwardens 
of the parish church of great S* Maries in Cambrzd'^e for such money and 
other thinge^ as they haue receyved of the sayd parish by vertue of their 
office wAich was y elded »& gyven vp vnto y*^ Auditors appointed as 

Inprimis receyved of the old chiiTchwardens at the audite 

last xix" xiiij8 j*^ ob 

Item Received of the parishinei's by an assesseme/it for the 

reparaczbn of the churche xij^ xiiij* 

Item 'Received of the Proctors for the Master of Artes com- 

mencemevit ... ... ... xxij* 



Item Received of the Proctoi's for the Bachilors of Aries com- 
mencement ... 

Item of gocxiwife Ridinge for burienge of hir daughter 

Item for bm-ienge of M»" Porter 

Item for burienge M"" Cradocke*- child 

Item for burienge of M*" wilHani Ilarisons wife ... 

Item for burienge M*" Hyde 

Item for burienge M*^ Baxter 

Item for burienge the .scholler \v/uch died at wyUiam william.s 
of the sicklies ... 

Item for burienge m*" Swetsons man 

Item for burienge one m"" Hiininges 

Item for burienge i\P"s Robson 

Item Reeei'yed for the Easter booke 

Suuinia totah's Ivij^* iij^ ix^ 

268 b] 1608 

Rentes receyved this yere for oi^r parish as folloAveth 

Inprimis Recefyed of M>' Legatt for his shopp 

Item Reeez'i'ed of goodman Abhnson for his rent 
Item Received of M'^ doctor warde 

Item ReeeiVed of M"" doctor Mowtlow 

Item ReeeiVed of the Widdow Johnson 
Item Recetfed of Munckaster 

Item Received of the widdow Tompson ... 

Item Received of M'" Plaine for M^' Smythes rent 

Item Received of M"^ doctor Mowtlowe for the rent of his pale 

Item Received for M"^ Bosoms rent 

Sum xxxj^ x^^ xxviij^ vj'^ 


vjs viij'i 

vj^ viij'^ 
iij8 4.1 

v-js viij'i 
vj« viij<' 
vjs viij.i 


VJ« V11J< 

vj« viij 

vj« viij* 

\f viij 

xiij" xvij** xj 





yS vj 




269 a] 1608 

The accomptes of Peter Scarlet and North Harison for all such 
sommes of Money as they haue layd out in and for the reparacion of the 
church and Ministers wages and other duties to the same church 
belonginge as fFolloweth viz. 
Inprimis payd to M'^ wattes owr minister for his whole yeres 

wages ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xiiji* vj^ viij*^ 

Item for bread & wine the whole yere ... xliij^ x'^ 

Item to the Scavinger for carienge the durte from & aboute 

the church 

Item for a booke of articles 

Item for Elie farthinges 

Item for entringe the churchwardens names into the ofltice 
Item paid to the Treasorers of y^ Towne 

Summa totalis xvj^* viij^ vj*^ ob 
C. A. S. Octavo Series. No. XXXV. 20 

xys iiijti 

x^ ob 

306 1608 

269 b] 1608 

Item layd out for wine and cakes at the Auditors meetingc ... iiij^ 
Item \)aid to John Smyth for a newc clapper for the saiincc 

bell and iron worke for the same and for a new locke & 

key for the great Chest & mendinge a locke to the same xj^ vj^ 
Item pa/d to flfrau?icys Dowsey for mendinge the frame to the 

thirde Bell ij« 

Item iKfid to Edwarde kendall for 9^' of soder to mende the 

leades over y^ porch ... ... ... ... ... ... vj^ 

Item p«/d to hym for his daies worcke ... ... xviij'^ 

Item pa/d to John Hall for helpinge hym ... xij"^ 

Item p«td for two bushelLs of charecoles ... xvj*' 

Item paid to John Hall for washinge the church lynnen & for 

broomes ... ... iiij^ x'^ 

Item paid to hym for nayles for mendinge the seates x** 

Item for haspes & staples vj'^ 

Item for a dogge of iron for the third Bell frame iij* iiij*^ 

Item for 2 staples and broades vj'^ 

It e m p(u ' d to goodman Bet? j on for makeinge the new s cato 

^wA?ch m^^ ^ulSes ett o th in & - for the cov e r over it ... rr-. xxxj** 

Item laid out for y*= visitacion supper x** 

Item more for that supper ... ij** iiij'* 

Item more layd out by M^ Scarlet for that supper 

Item for 2 paier of haspes for a seate ... ... ... ... xij'^ 

Item paid to John Hall fFor makinge cleane the seates & 

mendinge a grave ... ... xij* 

Item to John kendall for mendinge the leades viij*^ 

Item to Garret for mendinge the wheeles of the Belles ... iij^ 4** 

Item for a loade of sande viij*^ 

Item for 2 sackes of charecoles ij** viij*^ 

Item to John Kendall for vj'^^ * & vj ounces of soder for the 

leades iij^* 

Item to hym for 24^' of leade iiij® 

Item for iiij C halfe of Turfes ij* xiij*^ 

7146178 Item for nayles & candles 


270 a] Item to hym for xj dales worcke xvj^ vj<i 

Item to John Hall for helpinge hym vj« 

Item to Jeremy Lestridge for lyme to mend the Almose houses vj^ 

Item to George Rutlidge for pointinge the Almose houses ... xv" viij«^ 

Item for 2 loade of clay to mende the Almose houses xvj'* 

Item for ij bunches & a halfe of splentes ij* xj^ 

Item for nayles ... ... ... ... ... ix*^ 

Item for bindinge xv«^ 

Item for worckmens wages ... ... ... ... ... vij' 



Item for 2 loades of lyme to meiide y® hailementes of the church 
Item to Jeremy Lestridge for mendinge the decayed places of 

the chm'ch 
Item to Munckaster for makeinge a draine in the church yard 

Item for a barre for y*^ belfrey 

Item for mendinge the locke & key of the church dore & for 4 

longe nayles 

Item for a paier of Joyntes fora seate 

Item for 2 hold fastes 

Item for paveinge the streat ... 

Item for a Rope for the great bell 

Item to Russell for whitinge the church ... 

Item to Peere the Carpinter for mendinge the church ... 

Item to Kendall for mendinge the leades 

Item to Corbytt for mendinge y*= windowes 

Item to Doctor Gager for fees 

Item for gatheringe the names of the comwiunicantes to John 

Hall & a booke to write them in 
Item for writinge the names of the Christininges mariages 

& burialles into the Regester ... 

Item for writinge the presentme^^tes of all y^ Christininges 

mariages & burialles in parchmeiit & delyueringe them 

into y^ office .., ... 

Item for a skynne of parchment to write the names in 

Item for writinge these accomptes into the church booke 

Item to Jeremy Lestridge for mendinge the steeple 

It ^ m to J o hn S cott^ for lynekeg ^ -giue^ ligh t e n at the fior at 

WiUiamo he^i houoc — rn —. ^^. m rrs i-^:- 

16. 18. 1 
25. 6. 11 




xiiij^ ij^ 

xls ij'i 

iiij" xv« 






liijs iiij*^ 



270 b] Item paid to Roberte Nicholson for a nevve plate locke 
& key for the church dore next m^' Scarlets 

Item patd to hym for iron worcke to amend the hearse 

Item ixiid to goodman Betson for a plancke & Studdes & work- 
manshippe for m"^ Pottos seate 

for mendinge the baldricke of y® a bell ... 

for mendinge the seates at doctor Somes funerall 

for nayles 

for quarters ... ... ... ... 

for mendinge the seates at doctor Plaifers funerall 

paid to two men for fetchinge the stones of the leades which 
were blowed downe with the great winde ... 

for mendinge the baldricke of the fore bell 

for mendinge the baldricke of the great bell ... 





ijs iiij' 




308 1609 

prti'd to dowsey and his man for trussinge vp the first & second 

ImWes ... ij" vj'^ 

for broaden nay les & keyes for y*^ bells " xij*^ 

for oyle for y«^ bells all the yerc xij<^ 

for a pa>' of hinges for a pue dore ... ... xij'J 

for mendinge the great key of the church dore ... ... ... xij'^ 

for gatheringe the names of the co??tmunicant6'6- to John Hall & 

a booke to write them in ... ... ... ... ... ij* 

for entringe 4 q^irty'ter byllcd ... ... ... ... ... xvj*^ 

to the almose folkcs for helpinge to make cleane the church ... xij*^ 
layd out for the visitacion supper by m^" Scarlet over & above 

that vvAich was collectyd ... ... ... xlj"* 

Su7wma totalis of all xiij» xj^* 

this yeres disburseme?ites Ij^* ^vj*-itij*^ <A) 

511 13s Qd 

The some of the whole receitcs for this yere is Iviij*' xij^ vj^ 

and more for M"" Legats & m^ Betsons fines for their dismissions 

from the office of churchwarden xx** 

59" 12« 3'^ 

271 a] And so remayneth in clere stocke to the parish this xviij'* 9'^ 

yere clerely viji'4xM^ifi 


711 iQs 9.1 

There is also remayninge this yere in cleare stocke to the poore 

as appereth by the booke which is kept for their vse ^^ xxxiij** 7'^ 
which money is delyvered to M^ Simons and M^" Taylor the Church 
wardens for this yere Anno dowiini 1609 

This accompt was scene and allowed the xi*^ of May 1609 by vs 
willm ward Edward Potto 
henry Gibbs w™ nicolson 
Luke Curtis 

[Fol. 271 b blank.] 

272 a] 1609 

The election made on Easter Tuisday beinge the xviij**' day of 
Apryll 1609 accordinge to the auncient custome of great S*- maries 
parish for the chosinge of the Churchwardens for the yere to com 
viz. M"" Scarlet hath chosen for his man M^ doctor Mowtlowe & M"" North 
Harison hath chosen for his man M"" Potto and M^ doctor Mowtlowe hath 
chosen to hym M'^ doctor ward M^' Scarlet & M^ Tompson and M"" Potto 
hath chosen to hym M"" Nicholson M'" Curtys & m^" North Harison and 

1609 309 

these eight haue chosen for this yere to com M^' John Simons & m^' Tobias 
Taylor to be church wardens and these two haue chosen for the sydemen 
PhilHp Scarlet & M*" Plaine and this is done M^' Hunt the minister 
gyveinge his ioynt consent & voyce there luito. 

Also M'' Legatt, and waiter Betson were chosen Church wardens for this 
yere & haue payd for their dismission for a fine eyther of them x^ to thuse 
of the said parish. 

^iemorandum it was agreed the Sunday before the feaste of S* Michell 
Tharchangell 1609 by the consent of the greater parte of the parishiners 
of the sayd parish that in consideracio^i that M"^ Bur well hath taken 
Henry ffrancke the sonne of Henry ffrancke deceased to be his apprentice 
and to bringe liyni vp in learninge yerby to make hym fytt for his trade 
that the Churchwardens of the sayd parish for the time beinge shall 
yerely for «& duringe the ternie of foure yeres now next foUowenge pay 
vnto M"^ Burwell ffyfty shillinges at the feast of Easter 

272 b] An Inventory of the goodes of the church delivered to the Church 

wardens for this yere 1609 
^ope Inprimis a Cope of cloth of Tissue 
^'^^' Item a pale cloth for the herse 
. f^ Item a table cloth of blue velvytt 
mie ^^^^ y pulpit clothes one white thother redd 
1 to Item ij surplisses one new the other old 
' of Item ij Towells 
^^ Item iij Table clothes where of one new 

Item a Bible & a Paraphrasis with two old Psalters 

Item a co?)imunion cupp with a cover 

Item an organ case with some pipes 

vel- Item ij new service bookes 

*bl® Item an alter cloth of old velvytt 

Item a co??imunion table & y^ poore mans chest 
y(^^^ Item Two new flaggons 

hn Item a booke of parchme^it in which is incerted all the evidences con- 

^y cerninge the parish 

i^ ^ve Scrrplis e 



273 a] xxij<io ^{q Octobris Anno domini 1609 

Memorandum that the day and yere above wrytton being Sunday after 
evenynge prayer of the same day within the chansell of the parish church 
of great S* Maries in Cambridge the greater parte of the parishiners 
l^einge there presente with one generall consent of the sayd parishiners a 
Lease was by them granted vnto Walter Betson Joyner one of the 
parishiners of the same parish of all those seaven acres and a halfe 
of land arable lyenge in the West feildes of Cambric^^e and of those Two 
acres of meadow ground lyenge in the feildes of Chesterton belonginge 

310 1609 

to the sayd parish To liaue and to liold the same land and Meadowe 
ground vnto the Sixyd waiter Betson to his executors and assignes from 
the feiist of S^ Micholl Tharchungell last past for xxj*^ yeres then next 
followenge yeldinge and piiyenge yerfoi*e yerely duringe all the sayd terme 
vnto y* Churchwardens of the sayd parish & to their Successors the 
soin?«e of ffburty shillinges at the feastes of Than?iunciac/on of the Blissed 
virgyn Mary and S*^ Michell Tharchungell by evyn & equall porctons with 
clause of reentrie for none payme?it of the rent by the space of vij dayes 
next after eny of the sayd feastes beinge laufully demaundyd 

273 b] The x^^ of Aprill 1610 before y^ ellection 

It is agreed by the Consent of the parishe thes theire beinge that here 
after y® new churchwardens beinge hereafter to be chosen for the tyme 
followinge shall hereafter paie towardes the breakefast hereto fore accustom- 
ably kept, as that day x^ a man & if theire shall be eny more overplus 
to paie that then euery one beinge then & theire present in the said 
company and att the said metinge that hath borne the office of a church- 
warden or elected to the said office xij*^ & euery yat hath not vj^ 

274 a] 1610 

The Election made one Easter Twesdaie the x^*^ daie of Aprill 1610 
according to the Auncient custome of great S*- maries parish for the 
chosing of the Churchwardens for the yeare to come Jo. Simondes hath 
chosen for his man m^' doctor Moutelow ; and Toby Tailer hath chosen for 
his man m^' wickested and m*' doctor Mouutlow hath chosen to him 
m>' Gibbes, M'" Thomson and M^" John Simondes, And m'" wickested 
hath chosen to him m*" Potto m'' Curtis and m*" Tailer. And thes eight 
have chosen for this yeare to come waiter Medcalfe and william Scarlett 
to be Churchwardens And thes two haue chosen for their Sidesemew 
James Robeson and Henry Beeston. And all this ys done in the presence 
and with the consent of m*" Hunt Minister 

[Fol. 274 b blank.] 

275 a] The Accomptes of Tobias Taylor and John Simondes Church- 
wardens of the parishe Church of greate S*^ maries in Cambridge for suche 
money and other thinges as they haue receiued of the said parishe by 
vertue of theire office which, was yelded and giuen vp to the Auditors as 

Inprimis receiued of the old churchwardens at the audite 

last vij" xviij^ ix<^ 

Item receiued of the proctors for the Master of Artes Comence- 

ment ... xxvj« viij** 

Item receiued of the Proctors for the Bachilors of Artes 

Comencement iij" iij" viij*^ 

Item for Burienge doctor ward vj^ viij** 



Item for Burienge Arthur Browiiinges wiefe 

Item for Burienge Goodman Cobb 

Item for burienge m"* wieksteades Child 

Item for burienge henrie Prise Child 

Item Ueeeived for the Easter booke 

Som Total xxix" vij^ xj^^ 

275 b] Rente* receiued this yeare for 02tr parishe as followethe 

Inpnmis receiued of m»" Leggat for his Shopp ... 

Item receiued of Goodnum Ablinson for his Rente 

Item receiued of doctor nioutlow for his Rent . . . 

Item receiued of the widdowe Johnson for Rente 

Item receiued of the widdowe Tompson for Rente 

Item receiued of m*" Bosom for Rente 

Item receiued more of doctor moutlowe 

Item receiued of m"" Betson for Rente 

Some Ijs x'^ 
Somma totalis of Receittes 


iij« iiij'i 
iij« iiij'J 
rli xijs ijd 



. . . . 



v« vj^ 


xiij" iiij'i 






... . 



XXXJ" X1X« IX*^ 

276 a] 1609 

The Accomptes of Tobias Taylor and John Simondes for all suche 
somes of money as they haue laid out in and for the reparaczbn of the 
Churche & ministers wages & other duties to the same Church belonging 
as followeth viz. 
Inprimis paid to m^' Hunte o«r minister for his whole yeres 


Item for bred and wigne the whole yeare 

Item to the Scavinger for Carienge the durte from and aboute 

the Church 

Item for a booke of Articles 

Item for Ely e ffarthinge* 

Item for entringe Churchwardens names into the office 

Item paid to the Treasores of the towne ... 

Item for the visitation supper 

Summa Totalis x vj ^' vi ij ^ ij^^ ob 

xvji* xijs viij<i ob 3^ 2^ ob. 

276 b] 1609 

Item for wigne cakes and died bread at the Awditt 
Item laid out at the visitacion at Harston 

Item for a booke of Articles 

Item for a Coller for the greate Bell 

Item for mendinge the Almoushowsen 

Item for washinge y^ veluit cloth in y® Chancell 
Item 2 stages to the Bell waienge 15 Poundes ... 

xiijii vj^ viij*^ 
xlv^ iiij*^ 


x"^ ob 









312 1609 

Item for Braddes iiij'i 

Item for 4 pound^'s of Iron for the gudgin ... ... ... xvj** 

Itt'm paid to Goodman dow«ey ... ... ... ... ... v^ vj*^ 

Item paid for the greate bell rope ... viij^ 

Item paid for mendinge y^ Almehowses ... ... ... ... v^ 

Item paid the Plomcr for mendinge y^ leade.< ... ... ... xvij^ vj** 

Item for wood & turfes for the fire ... ... ... ... xv<^ 

Item paid for whitinge the Almehowses ... ij^ vj'^ 

Item paid for fetchinge home the ladder from the fier at the 

Castle Ende ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iiij'^ 

Item flfor mendinge the Baldruck for y*' 3 Bell ... xviij*^ 

Item for trusinge vpp the Belles v« 

Item for nayles ... ... ... ... iiij'i 

Item for mendinge seates in y^ Chiirche after the comense- 

ment time ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xij'' 

Item for nayles vj** 

Item for mendinge the hearse vj^ 

Item for nailes ... iiij*^ 

Item for mendinge the seates at doctor Wardes funerall ... xij'^ 

Item for a rope for the Sance Bell xij*' 

Item for mendinge the greate Key x<* 

Item for hold fasten for the grete Bell xij** 

Item for mendinge the greate bell whele vij* vj** 

Item for nailes ... ... ... ... ... yj^ 

Item for mendinge y® rope of the grete Bell ... ... ... vj^ 

Item for mendinge y<^ rope of the third Bell ... ... ... iiij'^ 

Item for Burienge mother Sargison ... ... ... ... iij^ 

Item for nailes for mendinge the seates ... ... viij*' 

Item for mendinge the second Bell rope iiij'* 

Item for mendinge first bell rope ... ... iiij^ 

Item for nailes aboute the Belles ... ... ... ... ... xij*^ 

Item for eoyles for the Belles to John Hall xyj** 

Item for wa.shinge the linige & for Broomes v» 

277 a] Item paper and wrightinge the Comunicantes ... ij" 

Item for burienge fiather Lancaster ij' 

Item for gatheringe a Regester of all the manages chrisninges 

and Burialles in all Bill xviij*^ 

Item for gathereinge all thes in the parchement booke ... xviij** 

Item for a Skyn of parchment ... ... ... ... ... vj* 

Item for plate to John Smith for the grete bell iiijMj'^ 

Item for two baldribbes to Reve ... ... ... ... ... iij^ vj'^ 

Item to Reve for another baldrib ... ij* vj*^ 

Item for a lode of Claye ... ... ... ... viij** 

Item for mendinge the Alme howses ... ... ... ... xij<* 

1610 313 

Item for a baldrib for the third Bell ij' 

Item fo?- two baldribbs more iiij^ 

Item to dow«ey for mendinge the Belles ij* vj*^ 

Item to John Smith for plates and pinnes iij^ iiij'* 

Item to Reve for a baldribb ij^ 

Item to dowsey for mendinge the Belle*- ij'' viij'^ 

Item to Nicholson the Smith xxij'^ 

Item fw the visitacibn Supper x^ 

Item for entring these accom^^es into the Church booke ... xviij*^ 

Item for quarter billet ... xvj*^ 

Item for painting the kinges Amies to Russell ... ... ... x^ 

Item for Roger for Browmes ... ... v^ 

Som of viij^' vij^ 
The Somme totalis of all this yeares 
disburstmentes xxiiij^^ xix^ viij*^ ob. 

And so Remaineth in Cleare stocke to the Parish this yeare Clearely vij" 
The which monie is deliuered into the hands of Walter medcalfe & 
william Scarlet Church wardons for this yeare Anno dommi 1610 

These accounts was seen and alowed the 18^^^ daye of may 1610 by vs 

Edward Potto 

w™ nicholson 

peter scarlett 

henry Gibbs 

Luke Curties 

277 b] The Accomptes of Walter Medcalfe and William Scarlett Church- 
wardens of the parish Church of great S* Maries in Cambridge for such 
mony and other thinges as they haue Receiued of the said parish by 
virtue of their Office which was yeelded and giuen vp to y*^ Auditors as 
Inpri'mis Receiued of the ould Churchwardens for the parish 

Item B^eceived for the buriall of m"" doctor Goad 

Item for the bureing of Mi5^ris Smith 

Item for the bureing of M'^ Curtis 

Item for the bureing of M'' Johnson of St Johns 

Item for the careing away of the Corpes of m^' Soame from 

m'^ Swethestonnes ... 

Item for the bureing of Anne Glascock 

Item for the burieng of Arthure Browninge 

Item Heceived of John waide for setting the Comencemevit 

timber in the Church ... V 

Item of waiter Medcalfe for ould lomber ... vf 

Item deceived for 25^* and a halfe of ould Iron taken from the 

third bell ijsj'^ob 












' iiij'^ 



^14 1610 

Item deceived of M"^ Beddell of Kinges for the mastevfi of Artes 

Coinmenceine?it being 5^^ 18 at ij'^ a peece xix^ viij*^ 

Itf^in 'Received of M"" Addison of Christes for the Bachelors 

Coniencemeyit being 9^^ and 12 at 4'^ a bachelor iiji> iiijs 

Item of m.^ Kinge for the ould Coape xxx^ 

Sumwia 15" 13^ 5^^ ob 

Rentes likewise Receiued this yeare for our parishe as followeth 

Item Receiued of the widow Johnson for Rent ... xiij^ iiij'^ 

Item of m»' doctor Moutlow for Rente vij^ vj*^ 

Item of m*" Bettson for his yeares Rente for land xP 

Item of Goodman Ablinson for his Rente ... ... ... v^ 

Item of the good wife Thomson for her Rent ... xij*i 

Item of John Hall for Monkesters chamber ... nihil 

Item of M*" Baldewin for his fine x^ 

Item Receiyeo? of wdliam williams for M'" Leggatts Rentes ... v" 

Item Receiued for the Easter booke xvij" xvj« vj'* 

Summa xxj" 18^ iiij*^ 
Su7?ima totalis 37" 13« ij'^ ob 

278 a] The Accomptes of Walter Medcalfe and William Scarlett : for all 
such sommes of mony as they haue laied out in and for the Ministers 
wages and other duties therto belonging and for all other Reperacjons 
belonging to the said Church as followeth viz. 

Inpn'mis paied to M^" Hvnt our Minister for his whole yeares 

wages ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xiij" vj8 viij*^ 

Item paied for Ely farthinges x'^ ob 

Item paied for a booke of Articles x^ 

Item paied for bread and wine on Whitsonday ... vj^ viij^ 

Item paied vnto ould Symkin the Skavenger for his whole yeare xvj* 

Item paied to the Treasorers for the Almese ho wsen ... ... xij** 

Sumwa xiiij" xij^ ob 

Inprimis for wyne suger and Cakes at the Avditt v« vij** 

Item for a planke and setting vp of M"^ Pottall his deske in his 


seate and for nayles ij® vj^* 

Item to John Smith for a new Keye for the chancell doore 

with a locke and mendinge of the Saincts bell ij^ x*^ 

Item to him for playtes and nayles and for mending of three 

seates ... ... xx*^ 

Item for mending of m/^^ris woolfes seate with two other 

seates vj*^ 

Item for a Rope for the third bell iiij^ vj^ 

Item paied to John Smith for Iron boultes made new for the 

third bell waieng 51" xvij" 

1610 315 

Item paid to ffrauncis dowsey for hanging and mending the 

third bell With Nayles ij* ij** 

Item for bromes and a Rope for the santes bell xvj'^ 

on tbe- EI o ction dayo ... n-. —. irs m in x l» xj'' 

278 b] It(?ra for a new bald-ribb for the great bell ij" ij'' 

Item vnto ftravncis Harbie for studdes boardes and making the 

frame of the Ten Commaundements and for nailes ... x« G*^ 

Item to m"^ Cradocke for new Can vis wVth threed to sewe 

the Cloathes xvj** 

Item for a bushell of Chark Cooles & Nailes xij*^ 

Item paied vnto Russell for painting and writghting the Com- 

mamidemewts xx" 

Item to fFravncis dowsey to buy halfe Inche boardes to mende 

all the bells xv*^ 

Item for two longe pooles of Ashe iiij*^ 

Item for mending all the bells iiij^ 

Item for Tallow Oyle and Nay les xx^ 

Item for Ropes bought of Gates the Carpenter to mende the 

bell ropes ... ... ... ij^ vj'=' 

Item to Alice Gill for broomes iiij^ 

Item to John Hall for Washing of the lin^iing and broomes 

With Candles ... ... ... v^ 

Item to goodman Punchard for boardes nayles and workeman- 

ship in y* Chaunsell ... v« vj^^ 

Item paied to goodman Nicholsonn for Iron w^orke aboute the 

bell and a new Key for the Chancell doare ... ... ... xv}'^ 

Item for hinges and nayles with mending of m'' wickested 

his seate ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xij'^ 

Item to m>" Atkinson for boardes for m*" Butlers seate iij^ 

Item vnto ffravncis do wsie for the setting of yt vp ... ... xviij'^ 

Item vnto ffravncis harbie for boardes and the mending of 

m"^ Swetestones seate ... ... ij" vj*^ 

Item paied to the goodman Lestridge for new stonn and 

mending the window with lead Cooles and brushes ... xxvij^ iiij*^ 

Item paied vnto william Simpson the Glasier for his whole 

worke all this yeare as doth appeare by his owne bill . . . xlij^ 

Item for a Skinn of Parchement to wright all the Christeninges 

manages and buriall wVthin our parishe for this whole 

yeare ... ... vj<^ 

Item for two boxes for to gather for the poore ... ... ... ij^ 

for three quarter bills ... xviij'^ 

Item for ozir Charges to London about the parish busnes ... xxxj^ ij*^ 

316 1611 

279 a] Item paied vnto ffrauiicis dowsey for mending all the 

belles and for nayles .. ... ... ... ... ... iijs viij"* 

Item for the repairing of the widowe Johnsons howse ... ... iij'* iiij'^ 

Item for the visitation Snpi)er x^ 

Item to John Hall for gathering of the Comvnicants names ... xij^ 
Item for Ingrossing the Christenings manages and burialls in 

parchmejit for the Office ... xij^ 

Item for the like into the parchment booke xij'* 

Item for wine and bread sithence whitsondaye ... xxxv^ xj*^ 

Item paied to John Smith more on the 25 of March 1611 for 

mending the bells ... ... xviij'^ 

Item for mending one of the Spouts belonging to the church 

with lead and sawder ... ... ... ... xxj^ 

Item for Registring this Accoumpt ^nd ca s tin gs into this booke xviij'^ 

13" 8« 2<i Svmma-x^^iLxvjM^<i 

ij<i ob 
Sumwa totalis xxviij" viy^-v'^ 
So remayneth in stocke vppon the foote of this account 19° Aprilis 
1611 ix" xiij^ xj^ which said somwie was presentlie payd beefore the 
Auditors by the owld Church Wardens, and deliuerd into the handes 
of the new viz. to philip Skarlett and James Eobson 

This account was taken and allowed the daye and yeare above written 
viz. 19^* Aprihs 1611 by vs the Auditors 

Henrie Mowtlowe 
Edward potto 
henry Gibbs 
Anthony Thomson 
Toby Tayler 
Jhon Simon 

279 b] Marche xxvj*^^ iqh 

It is agreed by the consent of m"" humfrey none minister and the rest 
of the parishioners nowe present at the election of phillip Scarlett and 
William Baldwyne Chiu-che wardens for this yere that noe Churchwardens 
hereafter shalbe of the' election vntill they haue given vpp their 

280 a] Anno dommi 1611. 

The Ellecczon made the xxvj*^*^ daye of marche being Easter Twesdaye 
in the parishe of greate S*^ maryes for the Choise of the Churchwardens 
for the yeare to come waiter medcalfe hathe chosen for his man m"" Potto, 
and wilham Scarlet hathe Chosen m'' doctor mutlowe, m^ doctor mught- 
lowe hathe chosen, m*' Gibbes, m^" Tompson and wilb'am Scarlet, to him, 
and m*" Potto hathe chosen to him m"" wicksted, m' Jefferye and waiter 



medcalfe, these the aforesyd eight with the consent oi' ni*" Humfiye 
minister of the said jxzrishe have chosen for the yere to come Phillip 
Scarlett and willmm Baldwyn, the said wilh'am Baldwyn refusinge payd 
his ffyne x^, after the said ellectors dyd chose James Robson, the said 
Phillip Scarlet and James Robson dyd choise for Sydsmen martillis 
Pepys and wiilyam^ williams Thomas Pirkyns 

280 b] Memorandum that vpon this vj*'' day of October 1611 the 
parishoners of Greete S'' matles parishe in Cambridg assembling to- 
geithcr did with on assent and consent condicend and agree that the bell 
llranie should be Repayred and that the fowre belles then hanging in the 
said fframe should be cast into fine tunable belles with expedition/ and for 
the fitt and perfeckting heereof the said parishoners did then and theire 
chouse and authorise Henrie kinge John yorke Henrie Cotton and Walter 
Bettson to be assistant to the Church wardens acording as theire seuerall 
skills in that buisnis requireth and allso then and theire assented that 
theire should be a leauie made vpon the said parrishoners as the vse hath 
bene heeretofore in other buisineses for the said Church for the perfectinge 
of the said woorkes prouid allwaies that this Chargeies Concerning the 
bells shall and the frame shall not be chargable to the parish aboue the 
some of xlv^ which some of xlv^ is to be leuied of the parishoners 

Phillippe Scarlettel ^,, , , 
T V. 1 f Churchwardens 

James Robson J 

Henrie Mowtlowe 

Beniamiu Hinton 

mychaell woolfe 

Nathanaell Cradocke 

Edward Dodsonn 

281 a] The Accomptes of James Robson and Phillip Scarlet Church wardenes of 
set S^ maries for all Sutch mony as they haue Receiued and Layd forth 

A Rate for the seuerall parishoners of greet Saynt maryes in Cambridg for the 
raying of the Chargeies aboute the belles Ceased by thoose whoose names are 
ler wrighten apoynted for that purpose 

ceuid of M*' King 

ceived of }>L^ Woolfe and his 

iOnne Phillip 

ceived of M"^ Legg 

ceived of Materius Peapes 

ceived of M^' North Harrison 

^'dved of Good7nan Langstafe 

reived of Qoodman Lestrige 

eivedo^M^ Wilha^n Harrison 

leived of Goodife tiffiine 

•med of ijood^nan Dodd 






vijs Vf 


vijs ^^d 






Vijs vj^ 


Vijs x'f 




ijs vjd 


of Goodman watkines 
of Goodman Simonds 
of Philipp Scarlett 
of Good«ia?i Preest 
of Goodman Scott 
of Mr Gibbes 
of Williawi Scarlet 
of Gabriell Harisonn 
of Goodman Ingree 
of Goodman Robinson 
of Ml" Durdine 











Kcceinrl of Goixhnan "Warrine 
lloceuwi of CnMxhiuDi Rat tie 
R(X^ii\fd of Oooihnan Harte 
Retvmy/ ofGi^Hnfman Shillnirne 
Jxocenyd of Giv)</;»(r// Tjainc 
Rei^ciiuii of Cnxkinuin Ctxlhxm 
Rec<?i"r<?d of CxOinhnan Turner 
ReoctVcd of GoiHh)i(f)( Home 
R<x\'j*<v\i of M» 8o;u-let and 

M"^ Cranne 
Roce/<y*d of Mk«^ri8 BiiU 
Rooeir(?d of ^F Rackester 
Receir<\i of dxHhnan llndson 
Reoeiral oi (nxxinut n ^KHniy 
Receirtd of Go(xhmin Corbitt 
Rec^irai of G(Xxh)U(n (Vlbie 
Ret^cirtii of M"^ Wioksted and 

M"^ Downes 
Receiitxi of Goodman Wray 
Receijvd of Goixiinan Kent 
Reoeiivii of M"" Pryor 
Receirai of Goixhnan Ola^cokc 
Receirfd of Goot/wjtnj Willianies 
Reeeirt-d of M"" t^Vyetli 
Reeeirai of M' Tayler 
Receimi of M'- Rutler 
Received of Gtxxi ;»(/>; Cii*eene 
Receijvd of CuHxi)»(r;< lle^u'ne 
Reeeir«\i of M' doc/or Moutlow 
Receirai of M*^ Tlionif?on 
Receirt'd of George hinde 
Rcceirtd of Goixhnan Rlytli 
Received of M*" Rett^tni 
RecciVfd of ^l' riayne 
RecciVod of Mi'^'^ris Matliew 

16 16 6 

Rece/j'ed of M/*'//-is Curtis 
Rece/iXid of M"" Cotton 
Receiu^-d of M*" Sniitli 
Reoeiual of M*^ Swetson 
R«ceiii<xl of John Tounly 
Reoeiu<'d of M"" RUdwine 
Receiurti of M"^ Windelle 


I vj" 

iiijs vj'i 

iiij' vj'i 









ixs vj.l 


RectvVed of M' Vorkc 
Heoc/red t>f M' GetVery 
Recc/i'ed of y^'widdow l)i\>\vning 
Rect'imi of Goodman (\uupine 
ReivvVed of Goodman Rodgers 
ReeevVed of Goi>dman Ackton 
Reett'^'cd of Goiximan llaruie 
Retv'tVed of John Rlasket 
Rocvvml of Good)n(tn IRxlson 
RecriVeii of Go(>d>«(r;< ti'awcett 
Reot'ij'ed of M^ Spiri-ow 
Recev'/vd of y^' widdo^r Boonis 
Reoei/>x1 i^f Goixhnan Beinii- 

Reoeir(\i of Goo(/^>m;i Nether- 

Reoeirai of Goo(/;>/(n/ Ryam 
Receirai of M' dodson 
Rec<?iVed of M"" Ransom 
Receii'til of Gchx1wj(7« Perkines 
Reoem'd of Go(x///j(i';< Jury 
Rece«V<'ii of Goodtnan Piuisher 
Recemxl of M"^ Hattly 
Rcce< i'ttl of Go()d^/j(r;i H oh brand 
Reoe/<v\l of Go(Kl/»(n< Recue 
Rece/ri\i of Goodwjor;^ Tillit 
Recetrfd of John Pea})es 
RecetVtd of James Pi-eost 
Rece/Vcd of Goodman ColHn 
Reoe/rt'd of Goiximan Beeston 
Receif^tfd of Grtxxlwife Cobb 
Recej'rtd of M'" Craddoke 
Rocc/rod of M"" Pottoll 
RecfiVed of M' Metcalfe 
Ret't'/i'ed of James Rol>son 
Received of AIhjII Hawkines 



vij« iiij«» 







vij« vj 


iij" viy' 

vijs vjd 


vijs vj«> 




vij« \i 

281b] 16 3 8 


xiij« vj'' 
xiij8 vj'^ 

Xiijs vjd 


Reci'/red of M/^ris Bradshaw 
Rec<*fV'ed of Good dm n Caslxill 
Rec<'/red of Goixhnan Edwards 
Ret-v'rjHxi of Goodman Ingei'soll 
RectvV<xi of Goihiman Clarke 
ReofvV(\l of Goodman Ablinson 
Reccmxi of Jonas Wilke-s 


iij" VJ' 

iiij" v|- 
iiij" \ 



Receiued of Henrie Nickolson 
Receiutd of M"" Croply 
Receiut'd of M^Yris Hidde 
Receiiied of Goodman Hardin 
Received of nickolas wollann 
Received of M^ doctor newton 




8 10 4 

Receaied of Goodman Pittnian 
Rccemc'd of Godman Rus^ill 
Recciued of Goodwifc thonison 

nij« vj 




The Whole Some Rcceuid ^f this Rate aboue said is xlj'^ x^ vj** 
Layde out ftbr and about the belles as ffolloweth 
Iiipnw/s paid to the workmen for leting downe of the belles ... xxj" viij" 
Item paid for bred and beere at the leting of them downe ... v^ v*^ 

Item for great nay les 

Item jmid for lines and traces at the waijy^g of the belles in the 


Item paid for a linke and candles... 

Item Spent in Riding to bye mettell vijMiij*^ 

Item to S^ Michell parrish for a bell waijnge 4 C 1 quarter and xiiij^ xix^ x<* 

10^* which we borrowd of then at 7'^ tb— paid in- earnes t 




Item paid for takeing downe and bring of the bell to the 

Church ... 
Item paid for making of the wrightings betweene us and S*- 

Mitchell parrish ... 

Item paid for ij linkes at the waing of the belles in the bell 

founders yard ... 
Item paid for Carring and Recaring the belles ... 

282 a] Item paid for the wrightings Betwene the bell founder 

a?id the pamsh ... 

Item paid to the porters for helping to loade and vnloade 

the belles 

Item paid for fetching and Carring of waights to waie the 

belles ... ... 

Item paid for nay les aboute the frame a?id belles 

Item to the Carpindoores for 3 nue yookes and timber for the 

frame and for their workma?iship theirin and for hanging 

of the belles and for making of 3 nue wheeles and for 

mending of the other towe 
Item paid for breed and beere for the Carpindores whilst they 

wrought in the Church 

Item paid to Goodman Rulle the smith for his worke about the 

frame and belles and Clapers as apeereth by his bill 
Item paid to the bell founder for Casting of our fiue belles 
Item paid for tow nue brases 

nj« vnj' 

VJ8 vj^ 

y' VJ' 




vij'i vnj^ 

Vjli iij« 


320 1612 

li s d Item paid for making of on niie baldrik ij^ "j*^ 

50 13 7 Item paid to Goodman Pinder the Carpindoore for timber and 

03 00 Remooueing of the lofte from the vestric into the belfrie iij'' 

53 13 7 

282 b] 'Memorandum that vpon the v^'' day of aprill 1612 by Generall 

Consent it was agreed that theis eyght follouing with the Churchwardens 
viz. M"" King, 'M'' Gibes, M"" Thomson, M"" Sparrow, M'" Bettson, M»" Windell, 
M' North harrison, M»' Dodson, Phillip Scarlet, James Robson, shall haiie 
Authoritic to Ouersee the Easter booke and to mend it and the Rates 
thcirinc jis they shall se fite, and further that M^' Docktor moutlaw 
and M^ Potto shall Cease theis ten Ceasers. 

The R<atte of the seuerall parrishoners made and agreed vpon by those 
aboue wrighten apoynted for that pe;-poose James Robson and Phillip 
Scarlet Church wardens for the same }^eere and accomptable ftbr the 

Receiued of m'' King v» 

Receiued of m^ Wollfe and his Sonne xj^ iiij^ 

Receiued of m"" matterius Pepis ... ... ... ij* vj'^ 

Receiued of m^" Legg ... ... ... iij'* 

Receiued of m"" north Harrison ... ... v^ 

Receiued of Gooo^wiaTi Longstafe ... ... ij^ 

Receiued of GooG??«a« Lestrige ij^ vj^* 

Receiued of m'^ William Harrison .. . ... iij^ 

Receiued of Goodma^i Russill ... ... ... ... ... xij^ 

Receiued of Goo(i?w«?i Pittman ij^ 

Receiued of Jonas wilkes xij*^ 

Receiued of Gooo?ma7^ Walldin ... xij^^ 

Receiued of Gooc?ma7^ Ablinson ... ... ... ... ... iij^ 

Receiued of Elizabeth Seamer vj<* 

Receiued of Gooo?wa?i Dugglis ... ... ... iij^ 

Receiued of Goodwife Tyffine vj'* 

Receiued of Gooci??^ia7i warrin ... ... ... ... ... xviij*' 

Receiued of GooG?ma7i Dodd ... ... .. xij<* 

Receiued of Goo<im<x7i Battie xij** 

Receiued of Gooc^maw Hammond vj** 

Receiued of Gooo?ma?i Harte ... ... vj^ 

Receiued of Gooo?wa?i Williamson vj<* 

Receiued of Goodman Gillam ij* 

5 P 3'^. Receiued of GoO(i?na>i Turner ... viij'^ 

283 a] Receiued of m"^ Scarlet and m"" Cranne : 

Receiued of mistris Ball ... ... xviij* 

Receiued of Gooo?ma?i Hudson xij*^ 

Receiued of m*" Backester ... ... ... ... xij* 

Receiued of Gooc/wa7i moody e ... ... ... ij** vj^ 



Receiued of Goodinayi Corbit 

Receiued of Goodman Colbie 

Receiued of Rapth warrine 

Receiued of Abraham Boulton 

Receiued of Goodma?i Laiiie 

Receiued of Shilburne 

Receiued of m"" Wicksted ... 

Receiued of m'" Dowues ... , 

Receiued of Goodma7i Wraie 

Receiued of Goodman Kente 

Receiued of m'' Pry or 

Receiued of m"" Glascoke 

Receiued of William Williames 

Receiued of Goodman Greene 

Receiued of m'' Tayler 

Receiued of m'" ffryeth 

Receiued of m'^ Butler 

Receiued of Goodman Joanes 

Receiued of Goodma^i Hearne 

Receiued of doctor moutlaw 

Receiued of IVP Thomson ... 

Receiued of George hinde . . . 

Receiued of Goodman Blijth 

Receiued of m^ Bettsonn ... 

Receiued of m*" Playne 

Receiued of mw^ris mathew 

Receiued of Thomas Watkines 

Receiued of John Huskine a?id John newton 

Receiued of Goodman Simonds 

Receiued of Phillip Scarlet 

Reciued of Goodman Preest 

Reciued of Goodman Scott . . . 

Reciued of m"^ Gibbes 

283 b] Receiud of Goodman Harrison 
Receiued of Goodmart Ingree 
Receiued of Goodman Robinsonn 
Receiued of m'^ Durdine 
Receiued of m"^ yoorke 
Receiued of Goodman Hwson 
Receiued of m"" Gefferie 
Receiued of Goodman netherwod 
Receiued of Goodwife Browning 
Receiued of Goodman Campin 
[Receiued of Goodman Rodgers 

C. A. S. Octavo Series. No. XXXV. 






iij« iiijd 










ij8 vjd 



ijs vjd 



iiij« vjd 


iij« iiij^i 






Receiucd of Good??i(r?i Ackton 
Receiued of Goodman Hodshin 
Receiued of Goodman Flasket 
Receiued of Goodman Haruie 
Receiued of Goodman ftawcitt 
Receiued of Goodman Warrin 
Received of Goodman Hurst 
Receiuetl of Janne Care 
Receiued of Joane Care 
Receiued of Goodwife Sadler 
Receiued of Gooc/wian warde 
Receiued of m"^ Sparrow 
Receiued of Goodwife Boonis 
Receiued of Goodman Bennisonn 
Received of m'^ Dodson 
Receiued of m^' Hansom 
Receiued of m^ Nickolson ... 
Receiued of Goodmaji Perkines 
Receiued of Goodmaii Jurie 
Receiued of Goodinaii Punsher 
Receiued of Goodman Holibrand 
Receiued of m"^ Hatlie 
Receiued of Goodwife warre 
Receuid of Goodman Webster 
Receued of Goodinan Reeue 
Receued of Goodm/xn Tillit 
Receued of John Peapes 
Receued of Goodman Collin 
Receued of James Preest ... 
3. 18. 7 Receued of Goodman Beeston 










ij8 vjd 





iij8 iiijd 








284 a] Receiued of Goodwife Cobb 
Receiued of m"" Craduke 
Receiued of m"^ PottoU 
Receiued of m'' metcalfe 
Receiued of James Robsonn 
Receiued of Abell Hawkines 
Receiued of mistria Curtise 
Receiued of m'' Cotton 
Receiued of m"^ Smith 
Receiued of m^" Swettson . . . 
Receiued of John Townlie ... 
Receiued of Goodwife Riding 
Receiued of m'^ Bald wine ... 
Receiued of M"" Windell 




iij« iiij* 

ij' vj^" 

iij« iiij< 

iij' iiij 
iiij« vj« 


iiij' vj^ 





Receiued of Henrie nickokon 

Receiued of m^ Croplie 

Receiued of Mw^ris Hidde ... ... 

Receiued of Thomas Bradshaw 
Receiued of Goo(/ma;i Harding 

Receiued of Goo(imrt?t Clarke ... 

Receiued of Goodmavi I nger«ole ... 

Receiued of Gooc/wia?i Edwards ^ 

Receiued of Nickolas AVoUan 

Receiued of m i^tris Bradshaw ... 

Receiued of Goodman Casboole 

Receud of Goodwife Thomson 

Receud of Good wife Collin ... ... 

Receuid of Goodwife Johnson ' 

Receuid of mw^ns Neanton 

Receuid of seruant<?.s Cowmnicants theire oflfringes 

Munkester awd his wife 
mother Sharpe 
Aiuiis Pedford 
Rodger Wright 
' Robert Burwell ... 







Goodwife Ellis 
Goodwife Fox 
Goodwife Cutburd 
Goodwife Clarke 

Of tow streingers 

nj« nij<* 



ij8 vjd 






xxj» iij*^ 



284 b] The Accomptes of James Robsonn and Phillip Scarlett Church- 
wardens of the parrish of Greete S* maries in Cambridg for sutch mony 
and other thinges as they haue Receiued of the sayd pa?Tish by virtue of 
theire office was yeelded and giuen to the auditores as flfolloweth Anno 
domwii 1611 

In p7*imis Receiued of the ould Church wardenes for the 

parrish stocke ... 
Item Receiued for the buriall of Elizabeth ffoxton 
Item Received for the buriall of M*" Thomas Woolfe 
Item Received for the buriall of on M^' Willan ... 
Item Received for the buriall of Simond yorke ... 
Item Received for the buriall of on William Burman ... 
Item Received for the buriall of mistris, nickolson 
Item Received for the buriall of Jane Pryor 
Item Received for the buriall of doctor wrights Sonne ... 
Item Received for the buriall of on mistris Sauell 
Item Received for the buriall of on m'^ Hammond 
Item Received for the buriall of Edward Scarlet sonne of 

Phillip Scarlet 

Item Received of m'^ nickolson for a ston to laye ouer his wifes 


ix*' xiij^ 
vjs viijd 
vjs viij<i 
vjs viij** 
iijs iiij^i 


vjs viij<* 
iij« iiijd 


vj« viij^ 



i;o the 
I'ppon the 
ftbote of 
iheir Ac- 
3ompte as 
lot re- 

Item Rcceid of the Prockters for the master of Artes Comenc- 

ment 2"i eyther of them 

18^* 7^ Item Received of the Prockter for the Batchelers which. Co- 

meiised this yeerc being in number ix^^ and xiij at iiij'^ 

ey ther of them 
Rentes hkewise Receuid this yeere for Owre parrish as 

Item Receiud of Good wife Johnson for Rent 
Item Receud of m^ doctor moutlow for Rent 
Item Receud of my Bettson for Rent for land ... 
Item Receud of Goodman AbUnson for his Rent 

Item Receud of Goodwife Thomson for hir Rent 

Item Receud of Goodman Hall for part of the Chamber ouer 

the allniis house 
Item Receud of wiWiam william for the Rent of the shopes ... 

xxvij^ iiij*' 

iij^* iij8 iiij*i 

xiij8 iiij*^ 
viJB vjd 









I tem Receid of m'' Sparrow for hi w fin e 


Receyved of the Easter booke ... ... 

Sum7>ia Totalis of the Recipt xlj^^ vij^ j<i 

xviij" vj* vij' 

m v\8 viijd 
xd ob 


xlvjs ij<* 


285 a] 1612 

THE Accompts of James Robson and Phillip Scarlett Church wardenes 
of the Parrish of Great S* Maries for all sutch sommes of mony as they 
haue layde oute in and for the ministers wageies and for all other duties 
and Reprations belonging to the sayde Church as followeth viz. 
Imprimis paid vnto m"^ Hinton our minister for his wholle 

yeeres wagies ... ... ... ... ... ... xiij^ vj 

Item paid for Eellyc farthings 

Item paid for a booke of artickelles 

Item paid for bred and wine for the whole yeere 

Item paid to the skauinger for Carring awaie the mijre from 

aboute the Church wall ... ... 

Item paid to Rodger for gathering and sweeping of it togeither 
Item paid to the Tresorers of the towne for Rent of the allmose 

howses ... 
19^. 6* 10*^ ob Item paid for a nue Byble for the Church of the largest vollam 
Inpr^m^s paid for mending of the Church walles and for other 

worke at the west end of the Church 
Item paid to dowsie for hanging of the Second bell 
Item paid for nayles a Iron woorke at the same time for that 


Item paid for wine suger and Cakes at the awditt 

Item paid to the mason for stoping of hooles and layeing of 

stones a the West end of the church 

Item paid to the painter for whitting of a place theire 
11 78 gd Item paid for nayles and mending of the seates 

iij« iiij 





vj" vnj 



1612 325 

285 b] Item paid for Carriiiig of Earth awaie oute of the 

Church by at the west end theirof ... ... ... ... xij^ 

Item paid for broomes ... iiij*^ 

Item paid for a Carter to Carrie the Earth awaie vj^ 

Item paid to dowsie for mending of the fowre bell wheeles iij^ 

Item for nayles and Iron worke at the same time ... ... xvj'^ 

Item paid for mending of the hearce ... ... vj^ 

Item paid for nayles to the Ofarke ... ... .. ... ij*^ 

Item paid to simson the Glasier for leading of 29 foote of glace 

at S'^ ob the foote is j^ vj« x'l 

Item paid to him soldering and banding of 130 foote of glace 

at j*^ ob the foote is ... ... ... ... xvj^ iij*^ 

Item paid to him for 16 foote of nue glase at 6'^ the foote is ... viij^ 
Item paid to him for stoping of 200 holes in the windowes at 

j*^ eyther hoole is ... xvij« viij*^ 

Item paid for a Roope for the Sance bell ... x^ 

Item paid to the Clarke for washing of the Church lining ... v^ 

Item paid for double x^^ about the belles ij'^ 

Item paid for iij bellropes waing 31 1. at 4<^ the 1. ... ... x« viij*^ 

Item paid for taking downe of the stones from the tope of the 

steple ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... XV' 

Item paid for making of tow nue balldrikes and for mending 

the othe towe ... ... ... ... vj^ vj'^ 

Item paid to Finder the Carpindorc for timber and Romouing - 

o f th e loftc from the vestrie into the b e llfre ^n m — itp 

Item paid for oyle and sope for the belles ... viij'^ 

Item paid vnto m*' freckey for crosing of the booke twice once 

for the windowes and agane for y^ frame ... ij^-x^xvij^ 

Item paid to Kendall the plumer for Clensing of tow spoutes 

on the north side of the Church ij^ ij** 

Item paid to narthaniell for trusing vp of the belles and for 

keyes a?id nayles ... ... ... ... ... ... iij^ vij*^ 

Item paid to him for mending of the seats and nayles ... xvj*^ 

Item paid for ij loodes of paueing sand ... ... ... ... xvj<* 

Item paid stones and pauein the Church wall ... iij^ iiij<^ 

Item paid to narthaniell for mending the fore bell yooke . , . xviij*^ 

Item paid for making of goodman numans graue ... ... viij*^ 

Item paid for Casting of tow brases ... ... ... ... v^ 

1*^ Item paid for a booke of Cannanes xvj*^ 

286 a] Item paid for wrighting of the mariges Crisuing and 

buriall into the office ... ... ... ... xij*^ 

Item paid for wrighting of them into the booke of partchment 

apoynted for the same purpose ... ... ... ... xij*^ 

Item paid for taking of the Comunicantes names xij** 

326 1612 

Item paid for the visitation Super x" 

Item paid for the smiths** worke for and aboiite the Cloke 

being hindred by taking downe of the belles ... ... x" 

Item paid for mending of the hearce ... ... x'' 

Item paid for caringe the earth oute of the steepell ... ... xij^ 

Item paid to hall for oyle and tallow for the belles ... ... xij<* 

ju -j-s n)d Item for wrighting of the accomptes into the booke ... ... ij* 

Sumwa Totalis Receptorwm xlj^^ xvij* j<^ 

Sumwa totalis expensorwm xxviij^^ xvij* xj** ob 
So Remayneth in the said Churchwardens handes vppon the 

ftbote of this Accompte ... ... ... ... xij*» xix^ j*^ ob 

wherof wantinge for the Rente of John halls Tenement vn- 

payd for this yeare and still owinge by him ... ... xiij^ iiij** 

So remayneth xj^» xv^ ix^ ob 

Henrie Mowtlowe 
Edward Potto 
mychaell woolfte 

[Fol. 286 b blank.] 

237 a] 1612 

The election made on Easter Tuisday the xiiij*^^ day of Aprill 1612 
accordinge to the ^undent order & custome of great S*' Maries parish in 
Csimhridge for the chosinge of the church wardens for the yere to com 
Phillipp Scarlet hath chosen for his man M^ Peter Scarlet & James 
Robson hath chosen for his man M'" North Harrison & M'' Scarlet hath 
chosen to hym M"" doctor Mowtlow M"^ Michaell wulfFe & m*^ Henry-Kinge 
abraham durden and M'^ Harison hath chosen vnto hym M"" Potto m'" 
Wicksted & M"^ Kinge & these eight haue chosen for this yere to com 
m"^ william Harison & M'^ John Sw^etson to be churchwardens fbr-fehis 
Yere to com M"^ Lynton the minister gyveing his assent vnto them both 
and these two haue chosen for sidemen Henry Nicholson R obert Roger s 
William windle & Phillip wulfife 

The Accomptes of william Harryson and John Swetson Church- 
wardens of the parrishe of Greate S* Maries in Cambridge for such 
money and other thinges as they haue received of the said parishe by 
vertue of theire office which yealded & guiven vp to y^ auditors as 
folio weth Ainio Domini 1612 
Inprimis received of the other Churchwardens for the Parrishe 

Stocke ... ... ... ... xj** XV* ix<* ob 

Item received of m^' Procter for the master of Artes Comence- 

mente xxvj* x*^ 

Item received of m^ Procter for y® Bachelers Comencemente ... iij" x" viij*^ 
Item received for the buriall of Mathewe Cradocke vj« viij*^ 

















xviij^i s 

' iij*^ 












1612 327 

Item received for the buriall of Marie Legg 

Item received for the bm*iall of Jane Preist 

Item received for the buriall of Edward Mallam 

Item received for the buriall of Edwaixi Legg 

Item received for the buriall of Luce Wrighte 

Item received for the buriall of m^' Playne 

Item received for the buriall of m^ Scarlett 

Item received for the burialJ'of mis^ris Smyth 

Item received for the Easter booke 

Sum?)ia Eeceptorz^wi Thirty 
seaven poundes iij^ vj*^ ob 

287 b] Rentes likewise received this yeare for the said Parrishe as 


Item received of M"" doctor Mowtlowe 

Item received of M"^ Betson 

Item received of widdowe Johnson ... 

Item received of John Hall 
Item received of Roberte Ablinson 
Item received of Goodwife Tompson ... 
Item received of Leonard Greene and william williams 
Sum^na Receptorwm iiij^^ xiij^ iiij'i 
Sumwia totalis Receptor^^m xUj^^ ij^ ob 

The accomptes of william Harrison gent and John Swetson church- 
wardens for all such money as they haue laid out in and for the 
reparacions belonginge to the Church and ministers wages and other 
duties to the Church belonginge 

Inprimis to our Minister for his whole yeares wages ... xiij^^ vj« viij*^ 

Item paid for Elye fifarthinges ... ... ... ... ... x*^ ob 

Item paid for a booke of articles ... ... ... ... ... x^ 

Item paid for bread and wine for the whole yeare ... ... Iv^ vj*^ 

Item paid to the Skavinger for carringe awaie the Mire from 

aboute the Church Wales and Some extraordinarie Carriages xviij^ 

Item paid for Gravell ... ... ... ... ... ... x^ 

Item paid to Roger for gatheringe and sweepinge of it together xx^ 
Item paid to the tresorers of the towne for the Rentes of the 

almose howses ... ... ... ... ;.. ... ... xij*^ 

Item paid for wine suger and Cakes at the audit v« iiij** 

Item paid to Sympson the glasier at two seuerall tymes for 

glasinge in the Church ... ... ... ... ... iij'^xij^iiij*^ 

Item paid for six bell Roopes ... ... ... ... ... x^ x'^ 

Item paid to the Clarke for washinge the Church lininge and 

broomes ... ... ... ... ... ... ... vj* 

Item paid for oyle and sope for y*^ belles .. . ... ... ... ij^ 



Item paid to Kendall the Ploumer for mendinge a spoute & 
other partes of the Church and xxtie pooundes of soder 
and Three dales worke 


288 a] Item paid for wrightinge of the Christininges marriages 
and burialles in Parchmente into the office 

Item for Parchmente therevnto ... 

Item paid for wrightinge them into the booke of Parchemente 
appoynted for that purpose ... 

Item paid for takinge the Communicates names 

Item paid for the visitacion Supper 

Item paid for mendinge the hearse 

Item paid for wrightinge the accomptes in y^ booke 

XX — C t» m w to e rni m m m m rw-t ■ ■ i 

Item paid for mendinge the third bell and Sance bell twise ... 
Item paid to the Smyth for iij lockes and three kyes for the 

poore mans Box and other kyes mendinge 

Item paid for Tymber for the box & to the Carpenter ... 

P t c m paid for puttingo forth a child of wilsons - . - . - .—. rrr 




nj« nij' 

xxviij^ vj^ 
iiijs vj'i 

xiij* ix*^ 
iiijs vjd 




ij« viijd 

ij8 vjd 

xvj* viij** 




ij8 vjd 



xlij*' ij* ob 

Item a Shovell 

Item giuen to one Tompson by m'^ Maiors appointmente 

Item paid for repairinge Moncasters howse ... 

Item paid to the ringers the ffift of November 

Item for mendinge Seates and makinge a particion 

Item paid for makinge a dore in the bellfrye 

Item paid for Tymber wages nayles turfes Rushes a fframe and 

ringinge for the Prince ... ... 

Item paid for mendinge the allies in the church 

Item Shotinge of bell ropes ... 

Item paid for carringes stones of the steple and spredinge sand 
Item paid for makinge cleane the Church and for ringers when 

Prince Charles was here 

Item paid for Scouringe the fflaggons 

Item a newe Croch Cotterilles and for trussinge the Belles 

Summa totalis Receptori^m xlj^' xvij^ ob 

Sumwa totalis of all this 

yeares disbursementes xxx^' ij^ vij^ ob. 

288 b] And soe Remayneth in Clere stocke to the parish this yeare 
Clerely xj^i vj^ j^ 

The which money is deliuered into the handes of Samuell Smyth 
& leonard Grene Church wardens for this yeare Anno domini 1613. 



These accomptes were sene and allowed the last daye of Aprill 1613 by vs 

Henrie Mowtlowe 
Edward potto 
mychaell woolffe 
North harison 
Abraham Duerden 

Ther is arrerages of xiij« iiij'^ due to the pttnshe for the Tenement 
wAich John Hawle holdeth of the parishe, and the newe Churchwardens 
are to receyve to the vse of the parishe. 

289 a] 1613. 

The election made on Easter Tuesdaye the Sixt daye of Aprill 1613 
accordinge to the anciente order and custome of Greate S*^ Maries parrish 
in Cambridge for the chousinge of the Churchwardens for y® yeare 
to come m*' william Harrison hath chosen for his man m*' North Haryson 
and m' John Swetsori hath chosen for his man m^" John yorke and 
M"^ North Haryson hath chosen m^" Hatley m^" Metcalfe and m»' Betson and 
m^ yorke hath chosen m^" Thompson m'' wyndle and m'' legg and these 
eight haue chosen for this yeare to come m^' Samuell Smyth and m^' John 
Crayne the said John Crayne refusinge paid his ffyne x^ whervppon 
the said Electors did Chouse leonard Grene m^" Hynton the Minister 
giuinge his assente the said Samuell Smyth and leonard Grene did chouse 
for Sidemen John yorke & Abell Hawkins 

The accountes of Samuell Smythe And Lenard Green Churchwardens 
of the parishe of Great S* maryes in Cambridge for such money and 
other thinges as they have receved by vertue of their office which was 
yelded & gyven vp to y^ Auditors of y^ same parishe in manner as 
foUoweth this of Anno domini 1614. 

Inprimis 'Received of y® precedent churchwardens as apeares by 

the ffoote of there account ... ... 

'Received of m'" Byrd senior proctor for the masters of Aries 

Commensment ... 
Received of m^ Angwish Junior proctor for the bachelers com- 


Rt^mveo? for y® burryall of Alice wolf ... ... 

Received for y® burying of mother Tompson 

Received for y^ burying of m^ harry sons Chyld ... 

Rem yeo? for y^ burying of m'^ nichollson ... 

Recm'ec/ for y^ hurrying of m»" Tayler ... 

Received for y® hurrying of goodman Turver 
Received for y^ hurrying of Susan Swetson 
Received of y^ pansheners for the Easter booke ... 
Received of m"^ pawle Tompson for the Oargan case 
Received of phyllip Scarlet for stones owt of y® Churche 

Suuima Receptorwm 

xj" vj 

s id 





xiij« jd 






Vijs vjd 

289 b] Rentes likewise Receved this yeare as ffollovveth 

Iiipr/wii6- of ni'' Batson for Land and loaft he hath by leasse . . . 

of d*" mowtlow 

of widdow Johnson 

of John Hall 

of Robert Ablinson ... 

of Lenard Green for his shop at the south side of y® steple 

of William williams for his shopp at the north side of y« steple 

of Goodman Chapman for a Rent lately payd by mother 

Swra 'Recepionim iij'^ vj^ x'^ 
Summa totall Receptorw??i is xlj^^ xix^ v^ 
The disbursmentes by them layd forth whereof they crave allowance 

In pn'wuV y^ minister for his wholl yeres wages ... 

Ely farthinges to M^ Tabor 

vj» vnj 
vjs viij 




xiijii vj^ viij*^ 

a service booke for y® minister ... 

a Regyster for y® booke 
wyne & Cakes at y^ Audyt 
mending the great bell clapper 
mending seates 

mending the vppev' loaft in y® steple 

a bell Roope ... 

for s weping the church wall all the yeare 

the Carrying a waye the dyrte all the yeare 

for mending the Bells 

to the pluwmer for 50^* and a half of sodder at 9"^ & his worke 

fyering and helpers 

for glasing to Corbyt ... 

for mending the seates on the north side of y^ churche 
bread & wyne all the yeare 
mending a spout y*^ ffell downe 
Rent for y^ Almes howse ... 

iij bells Roopes ... ... 

shoting of other Roopes 
oyle for y'^ bells 

baldrickes & stay es for y« bells ... 

makyng cleane the leader after the plummer 
fyering at the mending of the spout 

290 a] mending ladder y* standes on the lendes 
washing the Churche lyninge all the yeare 
skowering the flagons 

for gathering the names of y^ Communicantes 

writing the names of Christiningcs marryages & buryalls in 
parchment and putting into the office 

x^ ob 

X8 vjd 

ij« iiijd 

ijs vjd 



xviij* viij*^ 

lv8 vj"! 


viij" ij« xjd 

lix* v^ 

xj8 vijd 


ix8 vj*^ 


x" viij*i 








1614 331 

writing the same into the parish booke xij** 

to y*^ Ringers y*^ v^'^ of november ... ... ... ... ... ij* vj** 

to y® Ringers vppon the newes of the pawlsgraves chyld ... iiij^ 

to y« Ringers on the Coronacibn daye ij' 

given to m*" Cutberde^ daughter sometyrae of the parish being 
in great want by j^ apoyntment of m>' Pottall deputy 

maior vj« viij<* 

a wheele barrow which, is fdi* y^ vse of the churche 

a shovell to Roger 


putting into the office a presentment byll 

exspended at the visitation supper 

wryting these accountes and for paper exspended this yeare iij^ vj<* 

exspended of y^ workeraen when they mended the seates ... iiij^ 

payd to m"" hatley by consent of y® parishe for a dett dew to 

him from y® parishe ... ... ... ... viij^ vj*! 

Sum. totall of this yeares disbursement is xxxvj^* iiij^ ob 
And so Remaneth in stock Cleerly ... ... ... v^* xv^ iiij'i ob 

The w/i?'ch is delivered over to y^ new Churchwardens this 18*^ of maye 

This account was taken the day and yeare above by us 

Anthony Thomson 
wilhn windle 
waiter Betson 
waiter metcalfe 
Christopher Hatley 

290 b] The elecczon made on Easter Twesdaie the xxvj^^^ dale of Aprill 
1614 accordinge to the Ancient order and custome of greate S^ Maries 
parrish in Cambridg for the Chusinge of the Churchwardens for the yeare 
to come M^ Samuell Smyth hath chosen for his man m^' wickstede maior 
and Leonard Greene hath Chosen for his man m'' doctor Moutlowe and 
these two haue chosen m^ Potto m^ Kinge and M^ william Harrison m*" 
woulfe Mr Gibbes and Mr Tompson And these eighte haue chosen m'" 
Hatley and m'^ windle with, the consent of m"" Hinton minister. The dale 
and yeare aboue written the said m'' Hatley and m'' windle are dismissed 
paienge theire fines And the former electors haue chosen in theire places 
Robert Rogers and williawi williams. The said Roberte Rogers and willia?7i 
Williams haue chosen for theire Sidsmen m'" william Harrison and m^ Robert 

The accomptes of william williams and Roberte Rogers Churchwardens 
of the parrish of greate S*^ Maries in Cambridge for such monies & other 
thinges as they haue received of the said parrish by vertue of theire office 
wAich yealded and given vpp to the auditors as followeth Anno Domini 

332 1614 

In primis receved of the ould Churchwardens ... .. v** xv^ iiij<i ob 
Itt'ni received of ni"" Johnson Prockter for the Master of artes 

at midsomer ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xxiiij^ vj^ 

Item received for Bachilors at midsomer ... vj^ 

Item received of m^ Dodd Prockter for the Bachilors comence- 

ment in Lente iiij" 

Item received for the buriall of m*" warren Scargill x* 

Item for the buriall of m"^ Nicholson vj^ viij** 

Item for the buriall of m^ Luke ... ... ... ... ... vj^ viij** 

Item for the buriall of M'^ william harrisons wife ... ... vj^ viij^ 

Item for the buriall of Phillipp Scarlet his Child ... ... iijMiij** 

291a] Item for the buriall of m*" durden ... ... ... vj^ viij** 

Item for the buriall of m"^ Michaell woulfe ... ... ... vj^ viij** 

Item for the buriall of GoodmaTi Ellis of Gransden ... ... x* 

Item for the buriall of m'" Blithes wife ... ... vj^ viij^ 

Item received for the whole Easter booke ... ... xviij^' xvj* vij*^ 

Item received more for the reparac^ons of the Church xvj^' xvij« iij^ 

Summa 50" S^ ob 

Rentes likewise received this yeare for the said parrish as followeth 
Item received of m»" doctor Moutlovve ... ... ... ... vij^ vj** 

Item of m"" Betson ... ... ... xl* 

Item of Roberte Ablinson ... ... ... ... ... v" 

Item of William Casboule ... ... ... xij** 

Item of William Williams and Leonard Greene ... ... ... xiij^ iiij** 

Item of John Hall for his rent 
Item of Good wife Johnson 

Summa Receptorwm iij^' vj^ x^ 
Summa totalis Receptor?«m 53'^ 19^ 10** ob 

The accomptes of william williams and Roberte Rogers Churchwardens 
for all such monies as they haue laide oute in and for the reparac/ons 
belonginge to the Church and ministers wages and other duties to the said 
Churche belonginge since the xij**^ dale of may 1614 till this present daie 
beinge the eighte of may 1615 
Inprimis to Mr Hinton oi^r minister for his whole yeares 

wages ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xiij" vj^ viij** 

Item to m^ Tabor for Elie farthinges x^ ob 

Item at the auditt for Cakes and wine ... ... ... ... v^ vj** 

Item for two warrantes ... xij** 

13. 14. ob 

291 b] Item for the pavinge rounde aboute the Church with 

stones gravill and workmanshipp x*» xxij** ob 

Item for seaventene pounds and a halfe of soder at eighte pence 

the pounde xj« viij^ 

1614 333 

It^m for workmanshipp 2 dales and halfe iij^ 

Item to Goodma?i Corbet for glasinge ... ... ... ... xviij^ vj^ 

Itt?m to m"^ Atkinson for stufte aboiite the belfry that was 

bought when m"" Robson was Church warde/i ... ... vij« iiij<* 

Item more to m"* Atkinson for stuffe to build a scaffold for m"^ 

Hoskins worke ... ... ... ... ... ... ix^ ij*^ 

Item a service books for owr Church ... ... vij^ vj*^ 

Item gravellinge the Church'yeard at the Kinge^ comynge ... xvif ij'^ 
Item to laborers for 6 dales worke when the kinge was at 

Cambridge ... ... ^ vj^ 

Item for Carrienge awal ice and snowe at the same time ... xxlij* 4*^ 

Item to the Carpenter for settlnge vpp the scaffold iiljs iilj<^ 

Item for n alias and lyne prickes and trashes and to a Laborer 

for two dales worke ... iiij^ vj^ 

Item to Goodma?i Preist and Benison for whltlnge the Church ilj^^ 
Item to Goodman wlsdome for wrlghtlnge the sentences in the 

Church ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xxx^ 

and breade and beare for him & the whlters 

Item to paid goodma?^- Russell for guild! nge and palntinge dlall xxvj^ viij** 

Item to goodman Benison for whltlnge the porch the belfry 

and mendlnge the Church walkes when the kinge was here xilj« illj*^ 

Item to Goodma?i Hall for makinge the Clocke goe and for ropes xl^ 
Item for mendlnge workemanshipp ropes and other necessarie 

reparac^'ons aboute the bells ... ... ... ... ... xxj^ ij ^ 

Item paid for a booke of articles ... ... ... ... ... x** 

Item to Roger for his wages three quarters of a yeare for 

Sweeplnge aboute the Church xv^ 

Item for a shovell x*^ 

Item to the ringers the ffyft of August to drinke ... ... ij^ 

Item for mendlnge the wheele barrowe Ijs 

Item to the Treasurers for the rente of the almoshouses ... xij** 

Item for a loads of sande viij*^ 

292 a] Item for Tymber Iron worke & workmanship for y® 

gattes iiijii 

Item Bread and wyne for the whole yeare xlvj^ x^ 

Item for nyne bushells of Charcoles for m"" hoskins ... ... vj^ 

Item for bringinge stones outs of the Regent walke into the 

Church yearde ... ij^ 

Item for mendlnge Seates and nailes ... ... ijsj** 

Item to Goodma7i Benison for workmanshipp lyme and brlckes xiiij^ x** 

Item for mendings ths Almose house Chimney ... ... ... ij^ viij*^ 

Item for hlrlnge hares ... ... ... ... ... ... x^ vj<* 

Item for trashes prickes and taklnge downe the scaffold ... ij^ vilj^ 

Item for makings Cleane the leades vj^ 

334 1615 

Item for firinge for the phmmier ... ... ... ... ... xvj<i 

Item for a bord and nailcs for the vestry windowe ... ... xiiij^ 

Item to the Carpenters for sinkiiige y*' bell ... ij^ vj<^ 

Item for the ringers when the kinge came ... ... ... ij" 

Item to the ringers vppon the Crownacibn daie ... ... ij" 

Item for a rope for the sance bell ... ... ... ... ... xij* 

Item for wrightinge all the names of Christenings marriages 

and burialls into the office ... ... ... ... ... xij* 

Item to John Hall for washinge the Church Lininge all this 

yeare ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... v^ 

Item to him for scowringe the fflagons xij^ 

Item oyle for the bells all the yeare ... ... ij' 

Item for shoutinge the broken ropes ... ... ... ... xij** 

Item for mendinge the herse ... ... ... ... ... xij** 

Item to m'" Hoskins at the first time xj*' 

Item for the visitacion dynner x" 

Item paid to Seamier for lime ... ... ... ... ... xv^ 

Item for wrightinge these accomptes ... ... ... ... iij^ iiijd 

Item for a skin of writing parchment ... ... ... ... xij*^ 

Item for Carying away the durt for the hole yeare xxiij^ j*^ 

Surama totalis receptorwm liij'* ix^ x** ob 
Sumr/ia totalis of the x liij^^ iij M^*^ 

disbursmentes Ixiij^' iij^ v** 

So rema^'^neth in stock to the parish ... rrr- .-r^ ww, vj^ v*^ ob 

This AcGompt take n & allowed -tbe 4a,y^a n d y e are a f oresaid4)y vs 

So in detrymentes ix'* xiij^ vj'* ob 
Henrie Mowtlowe 

N Harryson Anthonye Thomson 

henry Gibbs Christopher Hatley 

Henry King 

292 b] Tbe- elect i on m a de o n Easter T uesd a y the-Seeoad- of Aprill 4616 

The election made on Easter Twesday the Eleaventh day of Aprill 1615 
According to the auncient order and custome of greate Saint Maries 
parish in Cambridg for the Chusing of the Churchwardens for the yeare 
to come M"" Rogers hath chosen for his man M"* North Harrison and 
m^' Williams hath chosen for his man Robert Sparrowe and these two 
haue chosen M^" Kinge M"" Jeffery M"" hatley M*^ Windle M^' Green and 
M"" Williams and these eight haue chosen M^' William harrison and Robert 
Prior with the consent of M'" Hinton oz^r minister the day and yeare aboue 
said to be Churchwardens for the yeare following 

And the said William Harrison and Robert Prior haue chosen for 
theire sidesmen Henry Preist and Christopher Adams 

The accounts of william Harison and Robert Pryor Churchwardins 
of the parish of greate S*^ maries in Cambridge fFor such money and other 


1615 335 

thinges as they haue Receiued of the said parish by vertue of there office 
was giuen and yelded vp to the Audytors as followeth 

Anno domini 1616 

Inprimis receiued of The old church wardines ... ... ... nihil 

B^ceived of ni'" Citchin Senior Prockter for The maisters of 

artes commejice7ne7U ... ... ... ... ... ... xxiij^ iiij*^ 

B£ceived of M*" Smith J\ini6r Prockter for The batchellers of 

arts commence me )tt ... ... ... ... ... ... iij^' vj^ 

Remwd? for the buriall of Roberte Chesson ... x^ 

'Received for the buriall of Rob^^rte Rogers child ... ... iij^ iiij^ 

Receiver? for the buriall of M'^ Sans ... x* 

Ret'eim/ for the buriall of M""^ Gillam ... ... ... ... vj^ viij'^ 

Recei'yeo? for the holl estar bouke ... ... ... ... ... xx^^j^vij** 

Suma totalis xxvj** j^ iij<i 

293 a] Rents Likewise Received This yeare for the said parish as 


In pn'mis Receiveo? of m^ dockter Moutlow ... ... ... vij^ vj** 

Item ReceiVvti? of m'" Betson for his rent xxxx^ 

Item 'Received of Roberte Ableson for his rent ... ... ... v^ 

Item Received of William Caysball for his rent ... ... xij"^ 

Item Received of william williams & Leonard Greene ... ... xiij^ iiij*^ 

Item Recei'yec^ of John Halle for his rente 
Item Received of Goodwife Johnson for her rent 

iijii vj« x^ 
Summa Receptorwwi xxix^* viij^ ix*^ 

The accounts of william Harison and Roberte Pry or church wardins for 
all such moneyes as they haue Laid out in and for the reperations belonginge 
to the Church and ministars wages and other duties to the said Church 
belonging since the viij*^*^ day of may 1615 vntill the present day 
Inprimis paid to m"^ Hinton and Mr Roberts oure ministars 
for ther wages ... 

Item to m^ Tabor for Elie farthinges 

Item at the audit for wine & cakes 

Item for two warants 

Item for the Archbishops booke of artickles 

Item for stones to paue with 

Item for fiue Loade & a halfe of Sand 

Item for two & thirtie yardes pauinge ... 

Item to Corbit for glassinge ... ... 

Item for scoringe the Kenill and cariinge durt ... 
Item for mendinge the Churchwall and for a new poste 

Item paid for a bell rope 

Item for mendinge the bell yokes 


i VJ' YU]^ 

x<* ob 



ijs iiijd 


iij^ viij*i 



ij« xjd 

ys iijd 

iiijs vjd 

ixs vjd 



Item to Rule for lerne worke for the bels 
It<?m for rent of the Almes howseis 
Item for a bell wheele mendinge ... 

xvjJ» x^ vj** 

293 b] Item for mendinge of a locke 

Item for a hinge and a Key for the Church gate 

Item to Roger for makinge cleane the strecte side next m"^ Crane 

all the yeare 
Item to Corbit for glassinge the Church windowes 
Item to Roger for a quarter Keepinge Cleane the street side 
Item for mending the hearse 

Item to M"" Betson for mendinge seats in the Church 
Item for carinnge a way durte and cleansinge the kennill two 

Item for bread and wine at the Communion for the hole yeare 
Item to John Hall for nayles plates and for m'^ Betson worke 

mendinge sets 

Item to the ringers the fift of Aguste ... 

Item to the ringers the fift of nouember 

Item to the ringers one Crounnacion day 

Item for nayles and mendinge the seats 

Item for a baldricke for the sermon bell 

Item for a saunce bell rope 

Item for washinge the Church linnen all the yeare 

Item for skoringe the flagons and communion cup 

Item for shootinge old bell ropes ... 

Item for two new bell ropes for the 3 and 4 bels 

Item for oyle for the bels all the yeare ... 

Item for gatheringe all the name of all the Communicants in 

the parish 

Item for brouemes 

Item for the visitation dinner 

Item for writinge these accounts ... 

Item to goodman hall for Keepinge the clocke and findinge 

ropes and other thinges 
Item to m"" williams in detrimentes for the last yeare 
Item a booke of ie wells workes Chene and deske 

Remaining in stocke 




5 vjd 


Vjs vjd 


lijs iiid 




,j8 vja 







iij« iiij<* 


xvij8 viij^ 


xxviij" X" vij<* 
xviij* ij^ 

These accomptes were seene and allowed the xxvj of Aprill 1616 
Henry Kyng Rob: Sparrow 

Edmond Jeffrey william williams 

North Harison Leonard Green 



294 a] The election made on Easter Tvvesday the second of Aprill 1616 
accordinge to the auncient order and custome of Greate Saynt Maryes 
parrish in Cambridg for the Chusinge of the Churchwardens for the yeare 
to come M^ william Harrison hath Chosen for his man M^' North harrison 
and M^' Prior hath chosen for his man M^" Sparrowe and these two haue 
Chosen M^" JefFery M'^ Hatley and M^" Betson M^' williams M"^ Scarlet and 
M"^ ffrithe and These eight haue chosen M'^' Phillipp woulfe and Abell 
Hawkins wzth the consent^' of M'^ Roberts our Minister the daie and 
yeare aboue said to be Church wardens for the yeare followinge 

And the said Phillipp woulfe and Abell hawkins haue Chosen for theire 
Sydsmen henry Beeson and John Russell 

Septimo die Maij Anno i^redicto 

It was this daie ordered and agreed vnto by the assent of the parrish- 
ioners of this parrish that the churchwardens shall bestowe from hence- 
forth vppon the daie that the parishioners do goe the perambulation fine 
shillings and noe more 

vicesimo quinto die Augusti Anno i^redicto 

It was alsoe ordered and agreed vppon the daie and yeare aboue 
written by the assent of the parishioners of this parrish then present in 
the Chancell that the Churchwardens with the consent and assistance 
of m'" william harrison m^' Anthonie Tompson m^" North Harrison and 
M"^ williams shall haue authoritie to ouersee the Easter booke and to rate 
and assesse all the parishioners and to levie of euery parishioner the halfe 
of such sums by them soe rated for the amending and speedy repairinge 
of the church of greate S* Maries which, said Sessors haue rated and 
assessed the said parishioners as foUoweth. 

M'^ Henry Kinge Maior ... ... v^ 

M"^ Bartholomew woulfe ... v^ 

M"" Phillipp woulfe ... 
M»' Cantrell Legg 
M'" North Harrison 
widdow Langstafte ... 
Edward Armyn 
M^' william Harrison 

294 b] Henry Bursly 
George Tiffin 
Goodma?i Palmer 
Goodma>i Batie 
Goodma?i Hamond 
Elizabeth Seamer 
widdowe dodd 
Goodma?! North 
dorothie Williamson 






C. A. S. Octavo Series. No. XXXV. 


888 1616 

Good wife Hudson 
John Bush 
Moyses home 

M*" Crane x^ 

^[/.s>^ris Ball xviij^ 

Mr Baxter xviiij'^ 

Goodman Mood}- ... ... ... iij^ 

Goodma?i Corbet xviij*^ 

Richard Maulden ... ... ... xij'i 

Goodma?i Lambe ... ... ... ... ... ... ... viij*^ 

widdow fFuller viij** 

M^ wicksted x« 

M"" downes v^ 

]VP wray ... iiij« 

Goodma?i Higney xviij*^ 

M"" Prior iijs 

M^ Glascocke ... ... iij« iiij*^ 

M'' Williams ... ... ... ... ... iiij^ 

Robert Sanders ... ... ... xij^ 

Goodman Jones ... ... ... ... ... ... ... v/* 

Mr Butler v« 

Mz5iris Tailor ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iij^ 

M"^ Greene iiij« 

James hearon ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iiij^ 

Thomas watkins xij*^ 

M'" doctor Mowtlow x^ 

M^ Tompson V 

M^^ ffryth iiij« 

Mr Blithe iij« 

Mr Betson iiij*' 

William Leader ij^ 

Mis^ris Mathew xij'i 

Richard ffidlin xi/ 

295 a] Samuell disher xij'^ 

Mr Symonds iiij" 

Mr Scarlyt iij" 

Henrie Preist ... ... ... ... ... . . ... iij" 

Mr Scott iij" 

MrGibbes v« 

Gabriell harrison ... ... ... ... ... iij^ 

Charles dawson xviij'^ 

William Colby if 

John Robinson xvj^ 

Warren Ingry xij'^ 




M/siris durden 

iiij" vj** 

M"- Tobias Smith iiij« 

James Huteson iiij^ 

M^Jefferie v^ 

widdowe Neatherwood xij^ 

Jacob Powell xij^^ 

Christopher Adames ij^ 

M"- Slegg < iij« 

M"^ Rogers iiij^ 

Goodma?i Pinder 

Richard Harueye xij^ 

Allen Barker 

widdowe Swann vj'^ 

John Sell 

widdowe fflasket 

William Beeson vj'^ 

Goodma?i ffawcet xviij*^ 

Adam Gibson 

Henry How 

Daniell Boys ij^ 

M^' SpaiTOwe 


widow Bonest 


flfrancys Benizon 


M^ Penny 


M'^ dodson 


M'' Russell 

i? vj<i 

John walker 


Jefferie ffinch 


Henry Essex 


Thomas Perkins 


Noah Peare 


Thomas Jury 


Mr Allen 


William Bridg 


A^ Bland. 

295 b] Nicholas Holibrand xij^^ 



Goodma/i whiskins 

ij' vj'^ 



GoodmaTi Reaue 


Thomas Tillet 


Edward Gibson 


Jonas wilkes 


M*" knockle 



840 1616 

IM^ Edward fibxton v« 

James Pi*eist xij<^ 

Goodma?i Collin xij^ 

Henry Beeson ... ... ... ... ... iij" 

widdowe Cobb xviij'' 

M^' Cradocke x^ 

Mr Potto x*" 

M^ Medcalfe iiij^ 

AP John Pepis xij'* 

M"^ Hawkins iij« 

Mzs^ris Wright ... ... ... ... ... iij^ iiij*! 

M"" Cotten "j^ iiij'^ 

M^ Smith iiij^ vj** 

M"" Swetson v'* 

Henrie Stockdale xviij*' 

widdow Ridinge ... ... ... ... ... xviij*^ 

M^ Baldwin iiij^ vj*^ 

Robert Kendall xviij'^ 

Mi^ windle iiij" 

John Tenant ... ... iij^ 

M'' Cropley x^ 

MiisiJris hide ... ... ... ... ... ... ij^ 

Thomas Birt iij^ 

Edmund Porter ... ... ... ... ... ij^ vj<^ 

Simond Robucke ij® vj'^ 

Goodma?i Hardinge ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ij^ 

GoodmaTi Ingersoule ij^ 

Goodmaw Edwards xij*^ 

m"^ Pepis iij« 

William Casebone ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ij^ 

Mw^ris Bradshawe ... ... v" 

Goodman Ablinson ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iij^ 

Goodma?i Clarke ... ... ... ... ... ... ... if 

Goodma^i Waldinge ... ... ... ... ij^ 

M^ Hearon 

Anthony duglas 

Henry Bement ij* 

296 a] Ezechiell woolward xi}^ 

Simond Hutchinson 
Walter Williamson 
Abraham Boulton 

The Almose folkes 

Mother Clarke iij* 

Mother Cutbert lij'* 



Mother Lambe 
Mother Le<ider 
Mother Collin 
Goodwife Johnson 
Mother Marten 
Annis Mare ... 
ft'ranc js 

Robert and Roger . . . 
John warren & his wife 

Jone Carr 

Jane Carr 
Goodwife fflaskct 





The Accoraptes of Phillipp woolfe and Abell Hawkins Churchwardens 
of the parrish Church of Greate S*^ Maries in Cambridge for such mony 
and other things as they haue Receiued of the said panish by vertue 
of ther office which was yealded and giuen vpp to the Auditors as followeth. 

eiptes Inprimis Receaued of the parrish in mony of the last Church- 
wardens xviij^ ij'^ 

Item Recaued of m"^ Proctor Pearne for the master of artes 

at midsomer ... ... .. ... ... ... ... xxvij"^ viij'^ 

Item Recaued of m^" Proctor Ramsey for the batchilors Comence- 

Item Recaued for the burienge of m^' Rudstone 

Item Recaued of m'* wicksteade for the burieng of his wife 

Item Recaued of Goodma?i Colby for burienge his sister 




^ iiij*^ 












296 b] Receaued of M^* Kinge Maior for burienge his sonne . . . 
Receaued of m/s^ris Hearon for the buriall of her husband 
Receaued of william Leader for the buriall of his wife ... 
Remayninge in o^w handes of the mony that we gathered 

for bucketes & Ladders ix 

Remayninge in owr handes of the mony y^ was gathered for 

the reparacions of the Church the halfe Leuy iij^i x^ ix^^ 

Receaued for the whole Easter booke xix^* xviij^ ij*^ 

Sum??ta xxxj^* xviij^ xj*^ 
Rentes Likewise receaued this yeare for the said parrish as followeth 

Receaued of m'" doctor Moutlowe ... 
Receaued of m^' Betson 
Receaued of Robert Ablinson 
Receaued of M"" Greene & m'^ williams 
Receaued of Goodmari Casbone 

vijs yyi 


xnj^ iiij 


342 1617 

Receaued of John Hnll for his rent 
Recciiued of Good wife Johnson for her rent 

Suni?;i<i iij** vj"* x^ 

Sum totahs xxxv'* v** ix'^ 

297 a] The accomptes of Philhpp woulfc and Abell hawkins Chiu*ch- 

wardens for all such nionyes as they haue laide oute in and for the 
reparacions belonginge to the Church & ministers wages and other duties 
to the Sixid Church belonginge since the second of Aprill 1616 vnto 
this present day beinge the xxij*^'* of Aprill 1617 

Inpri??ti's wyne and Cakes at the audytt vj^ x*^ 

Item for a booke of articles x*^ 

Item spent by the appointeme?it of the parishioners ... ... v^ 

Item paid for the exhibiting of a qtiat'tev bill iiij^ 

Item paid for a shouell ... ... xij*^ 

Item paid to M^ Chauncelor for defaultes of the Church and 

vestry ^.. ... ... ... xvij'^ 

Item for a baldricke for the great bell ... ... ... ... iij® vj"^ 

Item for mending a Key and a locke ... xij'^ 

Item paid m*" Robert for his last quarter ... ... ... iij^Wj^viij'^ 

Item paid for mendinge a locke for the belfry dore ... ... vj^^ 

Item paid for Ely farthings xxj*i 

Item paid to m"^ Sympson for the other three quarters of a 

yeare x^i 

Item paid to Roger for sweeping & carrienge a waie the dirt 

the w^hole yeare ... ... ... ... ... ... xxxxiij** 

Item paid to the Glazier for mending the Church windowes , . . xxj" 

Item paid for breade & wyne for the whole yeare liij" 

Item paid for a new Communion Cupp waieng 23 ounces & at 

5^ S^Hhe ounce ... ... ... ... ... ... ... vj^^ xv^ vj** 

Paid for beare for the ringers August the ffift ... ij** 

Item paid for turfFes when the spought was mended ij'^ 

297 b] Item paid for breade and drincke at that tyme for the 

workemen ... iiij*^ 

Item paid to Bridgs for trussinge vpp the bells that were loose 

in the V 

Item paid for a new baldricke for the Sermon bell iij" 

Item paid for a new Croutch to the same bell ... x"* 

Item paid for nay les the same tyme vj*^ 

Item paid for new strapps for y^ ropes xyj*^ 

Item paid for bear the 5 November ij^ 

Item paid for turffes when the plummer mended the leads ... xviij'^ 
Item paid to a Carpenter for mendinge the stalls that wear 

broken and nai les ... ... ... ... xvj*^ 

1617 343 

Item paid for two new belropes for the ffirst and second bells 

waienge 8 pounds a peccc at 4"^ ob the })ounde ... ... vj^ 

Item paid to four porters for removingc the greate timber that 

lay at the vpper end of the Chancell ... viij*^ 

Item paid for a ky be for the greate bell Clapper ... ... vj** 

Item paid for ringinge on the Coronation day ... ij^ 

Item paid to the workemen for hanging vi)p the bucketes «& 

laders \ vij^ 

Item paid for 3 yards lininge Cloth ij"* 

Item paid the painter for whitinge ... ij** 

Item paid for makeing a dore vp into the steeple ... ... V* 

Item paid for a locke & key and hingels for the dore ... ... ij** vj** 

Item paid for mendinge seates & nay les xvj^^ 

Item paid for gatheringe the names aboute the parrish & paper 

to write them in xviij'^ 

Item paid for washing the lininge all the yeare ... V 

Item paid for SCO wring the flagons & Cupp all the yeare ... ij^ 

298 a] Item paid for shootinge the bellropes ... ij" 

Item paid for oyle for the bells all y^ yeare ... ... ... ij** 

Item paid for broomes for the Church all the yeare ... ... ij** vj^^ 

Item paid for keepinge the Clocke xl^ 

Item paid for the visitation dynner ... ... x^ 

Item for wrightinge these accomptes ... ... iij^ iiij'^ 

Item for a skinn of parchment wherin was written the Christen- 

inges Marriages and burialls ... ... xij'^ 

Item paied more to Roger for whiping the dogges viij"* j<^ 

Summa xxxij" xvij« viij*^ 
Remayning in stocke to the parish in the new Churchwardens 

hands xl^ 

These Accoumj^ts were scene and alowed this 8*^^ daye of May 1617 

By vs 

Edmond Jeffrey 

Rob: Sparrowe 

Walter Betson 

Phillipe Scarlette 

William williams 

298 b] The Eletion made on Easter Twesdaie the xxij^'^ of Aprill Anno 
domini 1617 accordinge to the auncient order «& Custome in greate 
S*- Maries parrish in Cambridge for the Chusinge of the Churchwardens 
for the yeare to Come M"^ Phillip woolfe hath Chosen for his man 
m'^ doctor Moutlowe and m^ Abell Hawkins hath Chosen for his man 
M^" Edward Potto and these two haue Chosen m"^ Harrison m^" Jefiery 
m'^ Marterius Pepis m"^ Tompson m^' Symondes & m"* Legge And these 
eight haue Chosen m^ Tobias Smith and m^" Beston with the Consent of 

344 1618 

m'" Sjmpson our Minister the daie & yeare abouesaid to be Church- 
wardens for the yeare folio winge 

And the siiid Tobias Smith and Henry Beston haue Chosen for their 
sidsmen ni'^ Marterius Pepis & m"^ Thomas Perkins 

The Accomptes of Smyth and Henry Beston Churchwardens of 
the parrish ('hurch of greate S^ manes parrish in Cambridge for such 
mony & other thingcs* as they haue receiued of the s<\id parish by vertue of 
ther office which was yeilded & giuen vpp as followeth 

Receiptes Inprimis receaved of the old Churchwardens ... xl^ 

Item receiued of M"^ Proctor Browne for the master of artes at 

midsomer ... ... ... xx" ij"^ 

Item received of m^ doctor mowtlow for the Church vij^ vj'^ 

Item received of goodma?i Ablinson v** 

Item received of m»' Betson xl^ 

Item received of m^ greene & m^' Williams xiij* iiij'^ 

Item received of goodma^i Casbone xij'^ 

Item received of m^' Proctor for the batchelors ... iiij^* iiij" 

Item receaved of mzs^ris Sparrow for the burienge her husband vj** 8'^ 

Item received for the burieng m^" Tompson vj^iij'^ 

Item received for the burienge of nu's^ris Scott vf 8'^ 

Item received for the burienge of mis^ris Cropley vj^ 8*^ 

Item for the buryinge of a Londoner that died at Ablinsons ... xiij^ iiij*^ 

Item for the buryinge of m*' Potto his sonn vj*^ 8'^ 

Item received for the buryinge m'^ Crojjlyes Child iij** iiij'^ 

Item receiued for the buryinge M"" Glascocke vj^ 8'' 

Item receiued of m"^ Prockter Ramsey for the Batchilors y*^ did 

Comence at Midsomer vj** 

299 a] Item received of John Hall for rent for the Chamber 

over the Almshouse xiijMiij'^ 

Item received for the whole easter booke xix^Mj^j'^ 

Summa Receptorttm xxxiij^^ ix^ j*^ 

The disbursmentes by the said Churchwardens laide forth wherof they 
Craue allowance 

Inprmis layde oute at the Audyt vj^ x'^ 

Item for mendinge the seates in the Church 
Item for a pair of Hinges for m^ Harrisons pue dore . . . 
Item for mendinge the locke & key of the belfrey dore 
Item for bread e and wine for all the yeare 

Item for mendinge the seates & nailes to them 

Item for mendinge the little Bell , 

Item for mendinge the hearse 

Item for mendinge the partishion where the Lumber lyeth 
Item for mendinge the third bell 

ijs vj«l 


lijs yyl 





iij« iij'i 

1618 345 

Item for a baldricke for the Sermon bell iij** 

Item for a baldricke for the second bell ... ... ... ... iij^ 

Item for a new Crotch k trussinge vp two bells ij** vj<^ 

Item for mendinge the greate bell wheele and Iron worke 

in March ... ... ... vj^ 

Item for mcndinofe the third bell wheele ... ... ... ... v*" 

Item to John Hall for gatheringc the Comunicantc5 names and 

paper ... ... .V. ... xviij*^ 

Item for washinge the Church lining all the yeare ... ... v*^ 

Item for scowringe the flaggons and Cupps ... ... ... ij*^ 

Item for broomes for all the yeare ... ... ij* vj'^ 

Item for oyle for the bells for all the yeare ... ij*^ 

Item for shootinge the belropes & mendinge them ij** 

Item for beare for the ringers the fift of August and the lift of 

November & Coronation daic ... ... vj** 

Item to John Hall for sweepinge and Carrienge away the dirt 

aboute the Church three quarters of a yeare ... ... xxx** 

Item paid for makinge cleane the Church ground the other 

quarter x^ 

Item for nailes iron & workmanshipp for the seates of the 

Church vif 

Item for the visitac/on dynner x^ 

Item for makinge new battlementes of free stone for the belfrey 

& mendinge the walls of the Church xviij^ vj^ 

Item paid to our minister for his wages for y*' yeare ... xiij^^ vj^ viij"^ 

299 b] Item for stone and sand to pane the Church ground 

and workemanshipp ... xxj** vj<* 

Item three belropes xiij^ iiij'^ 

Item for mendinge the sermon bell wheele and iron work to itt iij^ 

Item for the booke of articles ... x*^ 

Item to John mynote for parchme^^t & wrightinge the Christen- 

inges marriages & burials ... ij^ 

Item for writinge them into the Church booke ... ij^ 

Item to John Hall for keepinge the Clocke ... xl^ 

Item for wrighting the accomptes iij** iiij*^ 

Summa xxvij^' xiij^^ 

Remayninge in stocke to the parish in the new Church wardens 

hands vji» viij** 

These Accomptes were seene and allowed this xxij^'^ of Aprill by vs 

Henrie Mowtlowe 
Edward Potto 
W Harryson 
Edmond Jeffrey 
Marterius pepes 



300 a] The elecc/on made on Easter Tuesday the vij*^^^ dale of Aprill 
1618 accordinge to the ancient order and Custonie of greate S*" Maries 
jxinsh in Cambridge for the choosinge of the Churchwardens for the 
yeai*e to come. M"* Tobias Smyth hath chosen for his man M^" Edward 
Potto and M»" Beeston hath chosen for his man ]\li' doctor Moutlowe, And 
theise twoe haue chosen M'" Kinge M*" Cradockc J\D" Harrison M*" Jeffrey 
M"^ Legg and M^" Williams And theise eight haue chosen M'^ Henry 
Preist and M"^ Christopher Adams with the consent of uV-' Asliton oitr 
Minister the daie and yeare aboue said to be Churchwardens for the 
yeare followinge 

And the said Henry Preist and Christopher Adams haue chosen for 
theire sidesmen M^' Thomas Crabb & M"" Jeftery ffinch. 

The receipts of such so?7imes of money as the said Henry Preist 
& Christopher Adams haue gathered toward^^s the reparacions of the 
church «& ministers wages since the vij^'^ daie of Aprill 1618 vntill the 
xxxth of Aprill 1619. 

Receiptes Inprimis of M'' Kinge 

Item of Jeremy Brookes 

Item of m'^ Wolfe 

Item of Richard Craftes 

Item of m*" Legge 

Item of m^' Goodwyn 

Item of Robert Jenkinson ... 

Item of Timothy Higney 

Item of Goodma?^ Goslinge 

Item of Edward Army n 
Item of m^' william Harrison 

Item of Henry Bursly 

Item of widdowe TiflBnge 

Item of George Tiffinge 

378 gd 








300 b] Item of Goodman Palmer 
Item of Goodman Batty 
Item of Philip Hamond 
Item of widdowe Seamer ... 
Item of Symon North 
Item of dorothy Williamson 

Item of Joane Bush 

Item of William Wolfe 
Item of Moyses Home 

Item of M'^ Crane 

Item of Mis^ris Ball 
Item of Mis^ris Baxter 
Item of Henry Gunnell 
Item of Henry Moody 















Item of Robert Corbett 


Item of Richard Maiden 


Item of John Perce 


Item of Goodman Marson ... 


Item of Goodwifte Lanibc 


Item of Thomas Boiity 


Item of Ilcnrj Rodery 


Item of m"^ Wickstead ..X 


Item of M^' Spaldingc 

Item of M^' Downes 




Item of M"^ Roebuck 


Item of Henry Alhmi 


Item of m"" Pry or 


Item of m^" William Wright 


Item of m'^ Williams 


Item of Robert Sanders 


Item of Goodman Jones 


Item of widdowe Ward 


Item of m"^ Hall 


I tern of m^* Cademan 


Item of m^" Greene 


Item of goodman Hieron 


Item of Thomas Watkins 


Item of m^" doctor Moutlowe 


Item of m^' Stevenson 


Item of m^" fFrith 


Z'T^Utemof JohnCollen 


301 a] Item of goodman Tm-ner 


Item of John Newton 


Item of m^ Betson 


Item of William Leader 


Item of m'^ Crabb , 


Item of Mis^ris Mathewe 


Item of Michaell Martin 


Item of goodman Symonds 


Item of Philip Scarlett 


Item of m^" Henry Preist 


Item of m'* Scott 


Item of m^' Gibbes 


Item of goodman Harrison 


Item of Charles Dawson 


Item of William Colby 


Item of goodman Ingrey 




Item of William Beestou . 

Item of m/s^ris durdin 

Item of m"^ Toby Smyth 

Item of m'^ Huson 

Item of m"^ Jeffrey 

Item of goodwifte Nether wood 

Item of m"* Adams 

Item of m'* Slegg 

Item of m^ Rogers 

Item of Henry Charlton 

Item of ftrancis Benson 

Item of John Loder 

Item of Allin Barker 

Item of widdowe West 

Item of Thomas Hieron 

Item of Martin Crispe 

Item of John Cumber 

Item of Anthony fFavvsett ... 

Item of John Warrin 

Item of Jerman Warde 

Item of Thomas Bradshawe 

Item of danyell Boyce 

Item of goodwife Wright ... 

Item of goodwife Robinson 

4ii 58 iQA Item of John Hurst 

301 b] Item of Henry Howe 

Item of goodwife Rogers 

Item of widdowe Carre 

Item of Thomas Parker 

Item of Mis^ris Sx)arrowe 

Item of widdowe Boneace 

Item of m^' Penny . . . 

Item of ml" dodson ... 

Item of m^' Robert Scott 

Item of mw^ris Caluert 

Item of Jeffrey ffinch 

Item of m^' Barton... 

Item of Henry Essex 

Item of Thomas Perkyns 

Item of Noy Peere... 

Item of James Hunter 

Item of Robert Gray 

Item of m"^ Jewry 

Item of m'' Allin 



Item of AVilliam Bridges . 


Item of goodmaii HoUebrai 

id xij'i 

Item of m"" Hatley . . . 


Item of m"" Howsden 


Item of William Whiskin 


Item of Henry Beamond 


Item of John Turner 


Item of Thomas Tillett 

•< "J^ 

Item of Edward Gibson 


Item of Jonas Wilkes 


Item of m^ Knuckle 


Item of James Preist 


Item of goodman Collin 


Item of M"^ Henry Beston . 


Item of ^vidowe Cobb 


Item of M"^ Cradock 


Item of M'- Pottall ... 


Item of Mis^ris Medcalf 


Item of M"^ John Peepes 


Item of M'" Hawkins 


Item of Mz^^ris Wright 

iij^ iiij*^ 

Item of m'" Cotton ... 

, iij' 

is 9 Item of M^ Edward ffoxton 


302 a] Item of Thomas Cc 

)tton xij<^ 

Item of m^ Samuell Smyth 

iij' iiij'^ 

Item of m"" Swetson 


Item of Henry Stockdell 


Item of Robert KendoU 


Item of m^" windell ... 


Item of m^" Baldwyn... 


Item of John Tenant 


Item of m'" Cropley . . . 


Item of Thomas Atkinson 




Item of m^' Porter ... 


Item of goodman Hardinge 


Item of widowe Blisse 


Item of goodman Walden 


Item of Anthony dowglas 


Item of waiter Williamson 


Item of Ezechiell Woolwar( 

i vjd 

Item of goodman Ablinson 


Item of goodman Gierke 


Item of goodman Ingersole 




Item of widowe Edwardes 
Item of widdowe Hudson 
Item of Marterius Peeps 
Item of William Casebone 
Item of mw^ris Bradshavve 
Item of Henry Copinge 
Item of Grace Hall ... 
311 iQs 4(1 Item of Goodwiff'e Peere 

Item of the Almesffblke and of servantes 

Summa xxj^* viij^ vij'^ 




302 b] The Accompts of m*" Henry Preist and Christopher Adams Church- 
wardens of the parish Church of greate S' maries in Cambridge, for such 
money and other thinges as they haue received of the said parish, by 
vertue of their office which was yeilded and given vp as followeth 

Receipts Inprimis of m^ docter Mowtlowe 

Item of m*" Betson 

Item of m'' Heron 

Item of goodman Ablinson 

Item of goodman Casebone 

Item of goodman Hall 

Item of the old Churchwardens ... 

Item of the senior Procter for the laaster of artes 

Item of the Bachelers at Midsomer ... 

Item of the Bachelers at Lent 

Item for the buryinge of Sir Thomas Girton 

Item for the buryinge of SiV John Parker 

Item for the buryinge of m^ Bartons child 

Item for the buryinge of m^' Medcalf 

Item for buryinge of m^' Pryors Child 

Item for the buryinge of mw^is Ball 

Item for the buryinge of vaistrm Ridinge 

Item of m^' doctor Richardson for the old pulpitt 

Item for the buryinge of m^" Baxter 

Suwma xx^i xiiij*^ 
Summa totalis Recepton^m xlj^* ix^ ix<^ 

vijs vjd 



xiij« iiij 

vjii viij« 

xxx^ iiijd 

viij« viijd 

iiijii iijs 


xiijs lllj' 
vjs viij 
iij« iiij' 
vjs viij' 
iijs iiij' 


vj" vnj 


303 a] The disbursem67ites of the said Church wardens, whereof they craue 

Inprimis laid out at the Awditt 

Item for puttinge vp a stone by docter Gagers seate ... 
Item for mendinge a step to the Ministers seate 
Item for mendinge the third bell wheele with iron worke 
Item paid to oiry Minister for the whole yeare 

Vjs x" 
xiijii vj^ viijd 

1619 851 

Item for mendinge the glasse windowes the whole yeare ... ij^^ v^ vj^ 

Item to the pavers for their worke ... ... ... ... xv** vj'^ 

Item for three tun of stone & fiue loades of sand xxvij^ iiij<^ 

Item for clensinge the painted workes vpon the gates next the 

schooles ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... vj'* 

Item for fiue new baldri ekes ... xiij^ vj'^ 

Item to the masons for mendinge of the Churchwall on the 

north side & for stopping'all the holes within and without 

the Church to keepe out the birdes xxviij*' 

Item for sweepinge downe the Cobwebbs in all partes of the 

Church ... ... ... ... v^ 

Item given to the said masons in bread & beere ... ... ij^ vj'^ 

Item to Noah Peere for puttinge vp a peece of tymber w/«ch 

was readie to Ml ... ... xvj'^ 

Item to the smyth for a barr of Iron for the Church doore, for 

keyes & lockes and for the stiles for the diall ... ... ix^ 

Item for makinge of m^' Craddockes seate and other seates in 

the Church iiij^ ij'^ 

Item to Roger for sweepinge the streetes round about the 

Church and the Churchyard and whippinge the dogges out 

of the Church ij^i v« 

303 b] Item to the high Constables for the maymed souldiers x^ 

Item to m'' mayer for m^" Minate ... ... ... .. ... x^ 

Item for pouder and shott to kill the starlinges ... xx'^ 

Item to the Clayer for mendinge of the Almes howses ... ... xij'^ 

Item for the visitacon supper ... ... x^ 

Item for a booke of Articles ... ... ... x'^ 

Item for Elie ffarthinges :.. ... ... ... ... . . x'^ ob 

Item for flowers and hearbes in the Church on Christmas and 

Easter dales ... ... ... iij^ vj^^ 

Item to the Plummers for newe lead & soderinge and for sweep- 
inge the vpper & lower leades ... ... IvjM'iij'i 

Item to John Newton for renewinge of m^' warrens monument xx^ 

Item to the Carpenter for mendinge of widowe Lambes liowse xij'^ 

Item paid to the towne treasurer for rent ... xij'^ 

Item paid to m^" woolfe for wine for the whole yeare ... ... xlij^ vj^ 

Item paid for the sun dyall to John Newton and other workemen xv^ vj^ 
Item paid to John Hall for the keepinge of the Clock the whole 

yeare xP 

Item paid for bread the whole yeare for the Communicantes ... iiij^ 
ver Item to Joane Bush and other poore ffblke for making cleane 

the Church the whole yeare ... xviij^ vj'^ 

Item for ringers the fift dale of August, the fift dale of November 

& the Coronation day ... ... ... ... vij*^ 



Item for makingc of the steeple dore w?*th iron worke ... 

Item for three newe ropes and twoe ropes for the Saintes bell... 

Item for gatheringe the Comnnicantes names and for paper 

for the booke ... 
Item for washinge the lynnen the whole yeare ... 

Item for skowringe the flaggons all the yeare ... 

Item for shootinge the belle ropes ... ... 

304 a] Item for oyle for the bells the whole yeare 

Item for a bill written in parchme?it of Christning(?s mariages 

& bnrialls 
Item for writinge the Easter booke withall the rest of accounted 

the whole yeare ... 

Summa xxxvij^* xj^ xj^ ob 

The Receiptee of the said Church Wardens for the poore 

Receiptes Inprimis of the Com??iunicante5 at Whitsontyde Christmas and 


Item of SiV Thomas Girton at his buriall 

Item of m'" ffoxton and m^ ffann 

Item of Trinity Colledge ... 

Sum??ia iiij^^ xvij^ viij'* 

This money given to theise parties vnderwritten 
Inprimis to wido we Martin 

Item to widowe Leader 

Item to Mother Gierke 

Item to old fframices 

Item to goodman Hall 

Item to goodman warren 

Item to widowe Carr for Punchers child . . . 

Item to widowe Carr the elder 

Item to widowe Lambe for Gibsons child 

Item for a child at Chesterton 

Item to Elizabeth Basse for a Child 

304 b] Item to widowe Reynoldes 

• Item to goodman Hamond 

Item to widowe Williamson 

Item to Joane Bush... 

Item to Nurse Corbit 

Item to Roger 

Item to Robert 

Item to widowe Russell 

Item to goodman douglas 

Item to the prisoners 

iij« iijd 

iij' iiij'* 

Ivjs ijci 


iiij« viij^^ 

ix^ iiij'^ 
vjs vjrt 

yS iijd 


ij8 x'^ 

iijs vjd 



iij" iii? 



Item to Mother Lanibe in the Churchyard 
Item to Grace Hall ... 
Item to Goodman Halls twoe sones 
Item to Goodwiffe Blisse ... 

Item to Goodwiffe Collin 

Item to Elizabeth Seamer ... 

Item to an old man for a bsse by fire 

Item to twoe poore women 

Item to a poore travalinge woman «& her child 

Item to the poore in Coles 

Siima iiij^* xvij^ iij^' 
Remayninge in stocke to the parish of greate S*^ Maries in 



ijs iiijd 







Cambridge in the newc Churchwardens hands 

nj" xvij*^ ix'^ ob 

ate St 





There is alsoe remayninge in stocke to the poore as appeareth 

by the booke w/iich is kept for their vse ... xliij** 

Which, two Soms of money is deliuered to m^" ffinch and m^" Hearon the 
Churchwardens for this yeare 1619 

305 a] Theise accomptes were seene and allowed this xxiij*^^' dale of Aprill 
1619 by vs 

Henrie Moutlowe 
Edward Potto 
Henry Kyng 
w Harryson 
Edmond Jeffrey 
william williams 

An Inventarie of the money and goodes of the said Church received by 
vs, Jeffrey ffinch and James Hearon, the newe Churchwardens, of the old 
Church wardens for this yeare 1619 
Inprimis received in money for the parish stocke 
Item a pale cloth w^th the hearse 
Item twoe tables of blewe veluett 
Item one surplice 
Item twoe to wells 
Item one newe tablecloth 
Item a bible & a peraphrases 
Item twoe old pshalters 
Item a Comunion Cup with a Cover 
Item twoe service bookes 

Item a Comunion table and a poore mans Chest with twoe Keyes 
Item twoe newe flaggons 
Item a booke of parchment wherein is incerted all the evidences concern- 

inge the parish 
Item the poore mans box and three Keyes 

C. A. S. Octavo Series. No. XXXV. 23 



Item a bookc of Cannons 

Item a box wlierein the parish evidences are inclosed 

305 b] Item a booke of parchment wherein is conteyned all the Christ- 
ning6'5 manages and burialls 

Item a greate black booke conteyninge all the accompts of the said parishe 
Item a newe Comunion Cup with a Cover 
Item twoe newe ladders & eighteene buckettes 

Henry Preist Christofer Adams 

306 a] The election made on Easter Twesdaie the xxx*'' dale of Marche 
Anno domini 1619 accordinge to the amicient order &, Ciistome in greate 
S*' Maries parish in Cambridge for the Chusinge of the Churchwardens for 
the yere to come M^' Henry Preist hath chosen for his man M^" Doctor 
Moutloe m^' Christopher Adams hath chosen for his man Mr Edward Potto 
And theise twoe haue chosen M^' Kinge M^ Cradocke M^' Jeftery M^' 
Simontes M"^^ Betson & M"^ Philip Wolfe And theise eight haue chosen m'^ 
JefFerey ffinch & m"^ James Heron with the consent of m^' Ashton our 
Minister the daie & yeare aboue written to be Churchwardens for the yeare 

And the said Jeffery ffinch & James Heron haue chosen for their sides- 
men John Tennant and William Bridge 

Memorandu?>i that vpon the second daie of Aprill Anno domini 1620 by 
the consent of the parishioners of this parish then present in the Chancell, 
that theise six, following with the said Jefterey ffinch Churchwarden, viz. 
m'^ Edmund Jefferey, m^ John Pepis, m^ Nicholas fFrith m^ william williams 
m'^ Robert Pryor & m^ Christopher Adams shall haue authoritie to oversee 
the Easter booke and to mend it & the rates therein as they shall thincke 
fitt and further that m"^ doctor Moutloe and m^" Potto shall cesse the said 

M^ Kinge 

M^' Marterius Peapes 

M^- Wolfe 

Richard Croftes 


M^ Goodwyn 
Robert Jenkinson 
Timothy Higney 

Goodman Gostlinge ... ... ... 

M^' Edward Armyn 

M'" William Harrison 

M'* Collins 




ijs vjrt 



378 gd 

306 b] Henry Bursley 
Goodwifie Tift'en 
George Tiffen 






Goodman Palmer 
Goodman Batty 
Philip Hamont 
Goodwifte Seamor 
Goodman North 
Dorothy Williams 
Robert Watson 
Moses Home 
Henry Moody 
Gabriell Harrison 
Robert Corbitt 
Richard ^lalden 
John Pearse ... 
Goodman Marson 
GoodwifFe Lambe 
Thomas Boutey 
Henry Rodery 
m"" Wicksteede 
m^' Dovvnes ... 
m'^ wraye 
Henry Allom 
M^" Pry or 
MMVright ... 
M^^ Williams ... 
Robert Sanders 
Goodman Jones 
widowe Ward 
M"^ Crane 
M^' Greene 
Mis^ris Heron 
John Heron ... 
Thomas Watkyns 
M^' doctor Moutloe 
M'^ Stevenson 

307 a] Thomas Rickerd & Matthew Hadway 


m"^ Mace 

Goodman Turner 

Ml" Betson 

Wilh'am Leader 

M^Crabb ... 

Mt6'^/'is Mathewe 

Michaell Marten 
















iij' iiij'^ 


xviij ^^ 



xviij *! 




4ii 188 Qd 



xviij '^ 


ijs vjd 

xviij ^^ 




M*' Simonde5 

M^- Scarlett 

M^- John Scott 

Mr Preist 

M"- Gibbes 

M^ Porter 

Charles dawsoii 
Mis^ris Willowes 
William Colby 
Goodman Tngrey 
William Beeston 
Mis^ris Dm-den 
William Casebone ... 
Thomas Atkinson ... 
Widowe Buftc 
M^ Hewson ... 


Goodwitfe Netherwood 
Ambrose Butler 


M^ Slegg 

Henry Charlton 
widowe Stevenson ... 
Goodman Chappell ... 
John Loader ... 
widowe Barker 
widowe west ... 
M»" Rogers 

307 b] Goodman Smyth 
Goodman Kempe 
Thomas Hearne 
Robert Moore 
Martin Crispe 
Goodman Comber 
M*" Samuell Smyth 
John Harte ... 
Goodwiffe Rogers 
Daniell Boyce 
Thomas Bradshawe 
Goodman ffardell 
Goodman warriu 
Henry Howe... 
widowe Wright 
John Bigg 








iiijs vj^^ 




ijs vj^i 






41 9« 10 





xviij '^ 

iij« iiij^i 










Goodman Ivtatt 


James Akers 


widowe Carr 


Jarmaii Warde 


John Hust 


M?'5^;-is Sparrowe 


Goodman fJawcett ... 


M"" Penney 


Mr Dodson 


M^- Robert Scott 


Mis^ris Calvert 




John Ansill ... 


Goodman Essex 


Mz'^^ns Matthewes 


Thomas Pirkins 


Goodman Peare 


James Hunter 


Robei't Graye ... 






M*' Prid""es 



Ml- Bridg 


31 2^ 4*1 

308 a] Goodman Hollibrand 




M^' Sedgewicke 


Oliver Woolfe 


Thomas Howsden 


Goodman Whisken 


Arthur Hiu-st 


Henry Bemont 


Thomas Tillett 


Goodwiffe Briers 


Edward Gibson 


Jonas Wilkes 


M^' Knuckells 


James Preist 


Goodman Collin 


Widowe Beeston 


Thomas Woodes 


Widowe Cobb 


M'^ Cradocke 


M"^ Potto 


Mis^ris Medcalf 




M-^ Godfrey ... 
M'" John I'eepis 
M'" Hjiwkyiis ... 
Mi.s'^ris Wright 
M»* Cotton 
Thomas Cotton 
Jeremy Brookets 
M"^ Swetson ... 
Henry Stockdell 
Robert Kendall 
MMVyndle ... 
M'- Baldwyn ... 
Mr Tenant ... 
Mr Cropley . . . 
M25^ris Hide ... 
John dayntry 

308 b] Goodman Hardinge 

widowe Blisse 

Joane Bushe 

Goodman walden ... ... 

Antony duglas 

Goodman Netherwood thelder 

John Netherwood 
Ezechiell wool ward ... 

Goodman Ablinson ... ... 

Widowe Gierke 

Goodman Ingersall ... 

widowe Ed warden 

wilh'am wool ward ... ... . . . • 

widowe Hudson 
Mis^m Bradshawe ... 
Henry Coppen 
Grace Hall ... 
GoodwifFe Peare 
22 7 IXeceived ffbr the Alme.s fFolckes & seruantes 

iij' vj 








•li 12 







' 8^ 















2s 2^ 

Suma xxiji' xij^ xj^' 
Sume is xxj^' xj^ 

309 a] The accomptes of Jefferey ffinch and James Heron Churchwardens 
of the parishe Churche of greate S* Maries in Cambridge for such money 
and other thinges as they haue received of the said parishe by vertue of 
their office, which was yeilded «& given vp vnto the Auditors appointed as 
followeth • 

jli xvs ijd 



ys iijd 










1620 359 

Bceiptes Inprimis of m*" doctor INfowtloe ... ... ... vij" vj'* 

lU'iu of 111'' Betson ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xl** 

Item of M/s^ris Hearne ... ... xx^ 

Ittnii of Goodman Ablinson v« 

Item of Goodman Oasebone ... ... ... ... ... xij'^ 

Item of Goodman Hall ... ... ... ... ... ... xiij^ iiij'^ 

Item of the old Chm'ch wardens iij'' xvij^ ix<^ ob 

Item of the senior Procter for the master of Artes & Bachelers 

at ]\[idsomer ... ... ... ... 

Item of the Junior Proctor for the Bachelers at Lent ... 
Item for the old Clapper of the fourth bell 
Item for the buriall of Joseph Sedgewicke 
Item for the buriall of m^ Beeston 
Item for the buriall of m/s^ris Betson 
Item for the buriall of m'* Hearne 
2. 4 ob Item for the buriall of Goodwiffe Tillett ... 
13. 4 Su?/mia xvj^i xv^ viij*^ ob 

15 8 ob Suwma totalis xxxviij^* v]^ viij** ob 

309 b] The disburseme?i^s of the said Churchwardens whereof they craue 

Inprimis laid out at the Auditt ... ... ... y^ x]^ 

Item for Eley farthinges ... ... ... ... ... ... x*^ ob 

Item for a booke of Articles ... ... ... ... ... x'^ 

Item to m'" Aston 07ir Late minister for the first quarter ... iij^^ vf viij'^ 

Item to M^" Wattes oicr minister for three other quarters ... x^i 
Item to Roger for sweepinge about the Church & Church- 
yard & caryinge awaie the dirt from hence and whipping 

the dogges out of the Church all the yeare ... ij^i v^ 

Item for mendinge a Bald rope ... ... ... ... ... j^ iiij*^ 

Item for mendinge the Clapper of the treble bell and the Keyes 

and other iron worke ... ... ... ... ... ... ij^ iiij'^ 

Item for mendinge otcr Ministers peue & a bourd for the same vse iiij^ x'^ 

Item for Caryinge dust out of the Church ... ,.. ... ix'^ 

Item for a loade of pibbells to mend the Church ground ... vj'' viij*^ 

Item for caryinge of them ... ... ... ... ... ... viij^^ 

Item carryingo awaio the Rubbish 

Item to the workemen for pavinge the Church ground... ... xiij** iiij** 

Item for nyne loades of sand for the said pavinge ... ... vf 

Item for carryinge awaie the Rubbish that the pavers left . . . xviij'^ 
Item for a newe wheele for the saunce bell and mendinge the 

fourth bell ... ... ... v« 

Item for foure neue bell Ropes ... xv^ 

Item for makiuge a newe seate and mendinge other seates ... vj^ x'^ 

Item for matts for the Communicantes to kneele on vj" 

IQii 9« e^ ob 

360 1620 

310 a] Item for a rope for the sance bell x^ 

Item for braces to haiige the ladders on and for putting them 

into the wall by a workeman ... ... ... ... ... ij® xj** 

Item for a broome and makinge cleane the seates when the 

braces were putt into the wall ... ... ... ... v*^ 

Item for nailes to mend the seates ... ... ... ... ij^ iiij'^ 

Item to the Treasurers of the towne for the rent of the Almes- 

howses ... ... ... ... xij<^ 

Item for pavinge a place against the Regent walke ... ... viij'^ 

Item for mendinge the glasse windowes about the Chiu'ch all 

the yere ... ... ... ... xlix^ 

Item for tnissinge the third bell, & nailes and mendinge the 

greate bell wheele ... ... ... ... ... ... ij^ iiij'^ 

Item for layinge of pavinge tiles in the south side of the Church iiij*^ 
Item for raysinge vpp the rooflfe of the Church porche and 

puttinge in a stone into the wall to staye the greate 

so7?imer vp and for workemanship ... ... ... ... iij^ 

Item for a presentment for not keepinge the ffont in repayre... xvij*^ 
Item to m'" william Harrison for makinge a deed of feofFme?it of 

the Church land in the occupac2on of m'^ Betson x** 

Item for InroUinge the said deed, in the Chancerie, to m^ 

Bridge ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xx^ 

Item to m^" Bridge for his ffee for the same ... ... ... iij^ iiij'^ 

Item for the visitacion dinner ... ... ... ... ... x^ 

Item for a newe Clapper for the fourth bell ... ... ... xxiij^ ix** 

Item for hanginge the waytes of the Clocke vp & nayles & 

Iron worke and workemanship ... ... iij*' vj** 

6"— 14— 10 

310 b] Item for mendinge the fourth bell wheele & trussinge 

it vp ij^ iij'^ 

Item for writinge in the Church booke the manages Christin- 

inges and burialles, and for parchme/it to write them in ... iiij^ 

Item for wyne all the yeare ... ... ... ... ... ij'* iiij'^ 

Item for bread all the yeare ... ... ... iiij^ viij'^ 

Item to the Ringers of Coronation daie the v^'^ of August & 

the v^h of November ... ... ... ... vj^ 

Item for mendinge the baldricke of the second bell ... ... vj'^ 

Item for mendinge the Clapper of the third bell ... ... xviij*^ 

Item for a pesse for o^^r Minister ... ... vj'^ 

Item to the Ringers when the Bishop of Elye came by our 

Church ... ... ... ... ... ... xij*^ 

Item for mendinge the bucketts ... ... ... ... ... xvj*^ 

Item for gatheringe the Cowimunicantes names ... ... ... xij^ 

Item for washinge the lynnen all the yeare v^ 

1620 361 

Item scoui'inge the Cupps & fflagons all the yeare 

Item for oyle for the belles all the yeare ... 

Item for shootinge the heWes ropes all the yeare 

Item for kepinge the Clocke all the yeare 

Item for mendinge the Almes howses Chimneyes 

ver to Item for the writiiige of theise accoiint<?5 

e a loud item payde to Jlion hall for swepeing the Church 
lie more < 

Suma totalhs xxxij^i xvij^ v^ ob 

iij^ iiij'^ 

6 13 1 

311 a] Kemayningein stocke to the parish of greate S* Maries 

in Cambridge in the newe Churchwardens handes ... v^i ix^ iij*^ 

There is alsoe remayninge in stocke to the poore as appeareth 

by the booke w/n"ch is kept for their vse ... ... ... xiiij^ 1'^ 

Wi^ich twoe somes of money are deliuered to Mr Crabb & 

m^' Bridge Churchwardens for this yeare 1620 
Theise accomptes were scene & allowed this eleventh dale of Male 1620 

by vs 

Henrie Mowtlowe 
Edward potto 
Edmond Jeffrey 
the marke (mark) of m^" bettson 
Greate S* Maries An Inventorie of the money and goodes of the 

pco'ishe in Cambridge said Church received by vs the newe Church 

wardens of the old Churchwardens for this 
yeare 1620. 
Inprimis received in money for the parish stocke 
Item a pale cloth with the hearse 
Item twoe tables clothes of blewe veluett 
Item one surplice 
Item twoe towelles 
Item one neue tablecloth 
Item a bible & a paraphrases 
Item twoe old pshalters 
Item a Comunion with a Cover 
Item twoe service bookes 

311 b] Item a Comunion table & a poore mans chest w^th twoe keyes 
Item twoe newe flaggons 
Item a booke of parchme?2^t wherin is incerted all the evidences concerninge 

the parish 
Item the poores mans boxe and three keyes 
Item a booke of Cannons 

Item a box wherin the parish evidences are inclosed 
Item a booke of parch me?it wherin is conteyned all the Christninges 

manages & burialls 



the said 




... xj® iiij'^ ob 

xjs xd 

xviij^ ij** 

xi'f ix^ 

Item a gi-eato black booke conteyninge all the accompt(?.9 of 

Item a newe Cowimmiion Cupp with a Cover 
Item twoe newe ladders & xij buckettc's 
Item a booke of Jewells workes cheyned 
The Receipts of the said Church wardens for the poore 

Receiptee of M^" Beeston at his ftimerall 

of Trinity Colledge on Trinity Sunday .. 

of m^" Greeke in bread at his ffunerall 

of the Comunicante*' at whitsontyde 

of the Commiicantes on Christmas daye .. 

of the Comunicantes on Easter daye 

of the Comunicantes on Lowe Sundaye .. 

312 a] The disburseme?it(?5 of the said Churchwardens to the parties 

hereafter named 
Inprimis to Goodwifie Martyn 
Item to Goodman Loader 
Item to Goodman Gierke 
Item to ffrancis 
Item to Goodman warrin 
Item to Goody Lambe 
Item to Goody Renoldes 
Item to Joane Bush 
Item to Roger 
Item to Robert Bur well 
Item to Goody Colly n 
Item to Goodwift'e Senior 
Item to John Hall 

Item to Goody Richardes of Chesterton 
Item to Elizabeth 
Item to 

Item to Tomson in Kinges Colledge lane 

Item to Goody Wright 
Item to grace Hall 
Item to Launcelott 

Item to Goody Haruey in the spitlehowse 
Item to the prisoners of the tol booth 
Item to poore ffolkes on Easter day by M*" Preist 
Item to a poore woman. 

312 b] The election made on Easter tewsday being y« 18^^ of Aprill 1620 
according to y^ ancient order and custome of Create S* Maries Parish in 
Cambridge for y^ chusing of the Church wardens fFor y^ yeare to come m' 
Jefiry ffinch did chuse M'" doctor Moutloe and M*" Potto, and doctor Moutloe 
hath chosen to him M*" Craine M"" Philip Wolfe and M'^ John Symons and 

1621 363 

M'^ Potto hath Chosen to him M'" Wicksted, M'" Jeflfery, M^" Huteson, and 
these eight haue chosen for Church wardens for the yeare to come M'" 
Thomas Crabb and j\I'" WilHam Bridge ^Yith y^ consent of our minister M^' 
Watts the day and yeare aboue written 

And the sayd Thomas Crabb and Wilham Bridge haue chosen for there 
sidesmen Henry Preist and Christopher Adams. 

The receipts of such summes of money as the sayd Thomas Crabb & 
William Bridge haue gathered towards the reparacibns of the Church & 
ministers wages since y*^ 18^^ of Aprill 1620 to the 26 of Aprill 1621. 

M*" Materius Peepes iij^ vj<^ 

M"" Woolfe x8 o 

Richard Crofts ... ... ... ij^ o 

M'" Legge iijs o 

M*" Goodwine ... ... ... ... ... ij^ o 

M*" Short iij8 o 

M' Higney ... ... ... ij^ o 

M"^ Goshng ... ... ij" vj'^ 

M"^ Arminge ... iij^ o 

Joseph Sedgwicke ... ... j« o 

-6 Henry Bustly ... ... ... ... ... ij^ vj^ 

313 a] Widdowe Clarke o iiij^ 

widdowe TifFyn ... ... ... ... ... ... ... o vj'^ 

George Tiflfyn j^ vj'^ 

Goodma?i Palmer ... ... ... ... ... ... ... js o 

Goodma7i Batty ... ... ... ... ... ... ... j« o 

Philip Hamond ... ... ... ... ... o vj*^^ 

Elizabeth Semer ... ... ... o vj^ 

Goodma?i North ... ... ... ... ... ... ... fo 

Widdowe Brotherton ... ... ... ... o iij^^ 

Robert Watson ... ... ... ij^ o 

Moses Home iijs o 

M'^ Taylor iijs o 

Edward Spencer ... ... ... ... ... ij^ o 

Goodma^i Allum 


Goodma?i Mody iijs o 

Goodma?i Harison ... ... ... iijs o 

Goodman Corbet js 6^ 

Goodma?i Maiden ... ... ... ijs o 

John Peerce ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... j^ o 

Goodwife Lambe ... ... o viij'^ 

Goodma?i Marshall js o 

Thomas Bowtell ... ... ... ... o vj'^ 

Goodwife Shittle worth o iiijf^ 

Goodma?i Roderyth ... ... ... ... ... ... o viij'^ 



m"^ wickested 
iBy spjildiiig . . . 
M»" Peepes 
M^* Downes ... 
William ffisher 
Oliiier Mai-shall 
M^' Pry or 
Ml- Wright ... 
Mr Williams ... 
Robert Sanders 
W Haddon ... 
Goodmaw Jones 

313 b] Mr Hall 
Mr Greene 
Widdowe Heme 
John Heme ... 
Thomas Watkins 
Mr Craine 
Widdow Jenkinson 
Rob<?rt Gray ... 
Mr Lonington 
Mrs Pamphling 
Mr Steuenson 
Jonathan Pinder 
Mr Mace 
Arthur Turner 
Mr Betson 
William Leader 
Mrs Mathew ... 
Mr Symons ... 
Mr Scarlet 
Mr Gybbs 
Edmund Porter 
Mr Preist 

Mr Scott 

Charles Dawson 
Mrs Willowes 
Goodman Colby 
Goodman Ingery 
Goodman Beston 
Widdow Durdan 

x8 o 


ys o 
iiijs o 



iijs iiijd 

iiijs o 


iij" viij^ vij*' 

iiij^ o 

iiijs o 




O Vjd 


iiij^ o 




iiijs o 

ijs vjd 


iiij* o 

iiijs o 


vjs o 


iijs o 




iijs o 


iiijs vj^ 

1621 365 

M"^ Smith oo 

Thomas Atkinson iij^ o 

Widdow Buff'e fo 

William Casaubon ij^ vj^^ 

M"^ Huteson iiij^ o 

Ml" Jefteiy v« o 

iiij'^ Goodwitte Nethcrwood .,. ... ... ... ... ... j'* o 

314 a] Ambrose Butler j"* vj'' 

M"^ Adams ij** vj'^ 

M^" Slegge iij" o 

M^" Rogers iiij« o 

Harry Charlton ... ... ... ... ... ... ... j^ vj^ 

Goodman Chappell ... ... ... ... ... ... ... o viij'^ 

Goodman Loader ... ... ... ... ... ... ... j^ o 

Widdowe CrisiKj ... ... ... ... ... j^ vj'^ 

Goodman Lacke ... ... ... ... ... ... ... j^ o 

Rose Barker ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... o vy^ 

Jone Bush ... ... o iij*^ 

William Smith o vj'^ 

Mother West o vj«^ 

Goodman Carpenter ... ... ... ... ... ... j^ vj'^ 

M"" Smith iij^ iiij*^ 

John Hart fo 

Goodman Mai ing ... ... ... ... fo 

Danyell Boyse ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ij^ o 

Widdow Rogers ... ... ... ... ... ... ... o vy^ 

Widdow fFarthell ... ... ... ... ... ... ... o vj^^ 

Goodma?i. Clarges ... ... ... ... ... o vj'^ 

John Warren ... ... ... ... ... ... ... o vj^ 

Henry Howe ... ... ... ... ... ... ... j** o 

Goodma/i Biggs ... ... ... ... ... ... ... o vj^^ 

Goodma/t Acres ... ... ... ... ... ... ... j** vj^^ 

William Juet ... ... ... o viij^^ 

Thomas Parker ... ... ... ... ... o vj^^ 

Widdow Carre ... ... ... ... ... ... ... o vj^^ 

Widdow Jarmin ... ... ... ... ... ... ... o vj'^ 

John Hurst ... ... ... ... ... ... o vj^^ 

M" Sparrow ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iiij^ o 

Anthony faucet ... ... ... ... ... ... ... j^ vj^^ 

M'" Dodson ij^ vj'^ 

Mi"« Caluert j^ o 

M"^ Penny ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iiij^ o 

M^ Robert Scot iij^ o 

M'^ffinch ij' vj'i 



he is a 



Heuiy Essex ... 
M>-« Mathew ... 
M»- Perkins ... 

314 b] Noy Peere 
John Ansel ... 
]\['" Jewry 

M'- Allen 
M"^ Steward ... 
ni*" Bridge 
Ooodm«>i Holybrand 
M'-Hatley ... 
Edward Cleyton 
Oliuer Woolfe 
M'^ Housden ... 
Goodm«7i Whiskin 
Arthiu' Hurst 
Henry Beomand 
Thomas Tyllet 
Goodman Gybson 
Jonas Wilkes 
Ml- Knuckell... 
Jeames Preist 
Goodman Collen 
M>'« Beston ... 
Thomas Woods 
Mother Cobb . . . 
M'^ Cradocke... 
Ml- Potto 
Ml- Godfery ... 
Ml- John Peepes 
M'^ Hawkens . . . 
Mi-« Wright ... 
Ml- Cotton ... 
Thomas Cotton 
Jeremy Brookes 
Ml- Swetson ... 
Henry Stoekdel 
Robert Kendall 
MMVindle ... 
Ml- Tenant ... 
Ml- Cropley ... 

315 a] Ml- Byrt 
tfather Harding 



ij^i xvij^ xj*' 



Goodman Wollward. 

John Nethcrwood 

Anthony duglis 

Goodman Walden 

Widdow Hearne 

Robe^-t Ablinson 

Goodman IngersoU 

WiUiam Woodard 

Widdow Edwards 

Widdow Hudson 

M'" Bradshaw... 

John dantry . . . 

Henry Copper 

Grace Clarke . . . 

Received for the Almes folke and seruants 


o vj'i 


o vjd 




o vjd 

o vj^^ 

v** o 


o viij"^ 

o iiij'^ 

xvij« iij*i 

2ii if iij^i 
20" IP pi 

The accounts of Thomas Crabb and William Bridge of the parish 
church of greate S* niaries in Cambridge for such money & other thinges 
as they haue Receiued of the sayd parish by Virtue of there office which 
was yeilded and giuen vp vnto the auditors appoynted, as followeth. 

Inpri;^^^s of doctor Moutloe ... 

Item of M>^ Betson 

Item of M^s Hearne 

Item of Goodma?i Ablinson 

Ite?/i of John daintry 
Item of John Hall ... 
Item of y^ old church wardens 
Item of y^ senior Proctor for the master of arts & Bachelers 
at midsumer ... 

anjs xj'i Itewi of y*^ Junior Procter for Bachelers in lent 

vijs vj^ 
xls o 

XX® o 

V8 o 

xiij^ iiijf^ 
yii ixs iijd 

ji xiiij« ijd 


" iiij« viij'i 

3U (J8 Qd 

315 b] Item for y^ buriall of M'^ Baldwin 

Item for y*^ buriall of M^'® Rogers 

Ite??i for y^ buriall of M^' William Harison 

Ite??i for M"^ Killingworth dying in the -parish and caried away 

Ite?«- for M^^ Cradocke a scholler ... 

Item for duties of ]\I^ Browne fellowe of Kings Colledge 

Item for m""® Spalding and her child burial 

Item for y^ buriall of m^'^ Ryne 

Item for y^ buriall of m^^ Hide 

Ite?« for y^ buriall of m^" williams child ... 

Sum is IS^j® vij'^ 



vj- VllJ 
vjs viij 
vjs viij*i 

Vjs viijd 

vjs viij^i 

vjs viij^i 

x^ o 

vjs viijd 

vjs viij** 
iij« iiij^i 

368 1621 

The disbiirsment of y*^ sayd Churchwardens whereof they craue 

Impr//«/A' layd out at y^ Auditt ... ... ... ... ... vij' o 

lt(^;;^ tibr wine and cakes at y*^ preambulation ... ... ... viij^ o 

Item ffor herbs and stromgs all y^ yeare .. . ... iij^ o 

Item for y** booke of Articles ... ... o x'^ 

Itt'>;< payd to y^ treasurers .. . ... ... ... ... ... j^ o 

Item payd to M^' Wats for his whole yere ... ... xiij^ vj** viij'^ 

Ite^M payd to Roger Wright for sweeping y'' street round about 

the church and Chiuchyard and keeping out dogs y*^ whole 

yeare ... ... ... ... ij^> v« o 

Item payd for laborers worke and leuelling y*^ Churchyard and 

fine gutters ... ... ... ... ... j^^ x« o 

Ite^^i for Grauel for y*^ Church yard ... ... vj* o 

Itcvyi for Ely farthings ... ... ... ... o x*^ ob 

Item for a booke of articles at y*^ B. B visitation ... ... x** 

Item payd for spreading of monies y^ was brought in to hcigh- 

then y° ground and for spreading Rubbish on y® Causey iij** o 
Item for 3 load of sand to pane y^ gutters and to pane by y*^ 

gates & to mend the streets ... ... ... ... ... v^ o 

Item for 6 loade of grauell to make Causeys in y** Church yard 

«&; spreading v^ vj** 

Itej)i Raysing y® porch with stepps and playstring y^ walls & 

19^ 9« 4'^ ob mending y*^ pauement vj« viij<^ 

316 a] Item for Tressing 12 buckets vij* o 

Ite7?i payd for y® belfounders two bonds ... ... ij^ o 

Item for a roule, post, a pole & nayles ... ... ... ... v^ vj'^ 

Item for y*^ Carpenters worke ... ij* vj"* 

Itewi for bread and beare to helpe downc the bell for them y^ 

tooke i)aines ... ... ... ... ... ... ... j** vj*^ 

Item a locke for y^ ministers pew doore ... ... ... ... j« iiij^^ 

Item for mending y^ steeple & y® belfrey locke ... j"^ iiij'* 

Item for mending y*^ south doore ... ... ... ... ... t> v/^ 

Ite?;i for a staple to y^ doore in y"^ vpper leads ... ... ... o vj'^ 

Item for altering y^ clocke Hammer and a new spring & altering 

y^ cariages ... ... ... ... ... vj^ o 

Item for 10 new sheeres for y*^ bell ... ... ... ... j^ iiij' 

Ite;/i for 4 spiles to fasten y'^ bell o iiij*^ 

Item for mending 3 bolts for y*' bell j** iiij*^ 

Item for 2 poles vsed about y« bells & roule o viij^ 

Ite?« for bringing home y*' timber ... ... ... ... ... o iiij^ 

Item for a baldribb for y'' new bell ... iij*^ iiij^ 

Ite?>i for paueing some places in y^ Church and Chancell ... j^ viij^ 

Item for mending 4 seates in y** Church j" ij^ 

1621 369 

Item for a new eye to a bell clapper and for mending a baldribb \y o 
Item for 10 foote of new glasse to mend y^ windowes about y° 

Chm-ch ys o 

I t€w for 86 of new quarries of glasse ... vij^ ij^ 

Item for 16 foote new leaded iiij^ o 

Item for 5 foote soddered & banded ... o vij** 

I tcvH for lathes ... ... o ij^ 

Item for mending M"" Crains^seate ... ... ij* o 

Item for enlarging y^ seate where M^** Sparrow setteth ij^ vj<^ 

It^wi for y« visitation dinner ... x^ o 

Item for bread for y^ Co??imunion all y^ yeare v^ o 

Ite??i for wine for y^ Communion all y® yeare ij^Miij^ vj^ 

Item for 4 ropes for 4 bells xj^ xj* 

Item for ringing one y^ Coronation y® 5*^ of Nouember & y® 

5"' of August vjs o 

Item for halfe a dayes worke of a Carpenter & nayles to mend 

y« seates o ix^^ 

Item for washing y«= Church linnen all y^ yeare v® o 

Item for Scouring y« fflagon & y*' cup ... ij^ o 

71 108 lid 

316 b] Ite?>i for gathering y^ Co??imumca?i^s names j^ o 

Item ffor oyle for y*^ bells all y^ yeere ... ij^ o 

Item ffor shooting y^ bell ropes all y® yeere ... ... ... ij^ o 

Item ffor keeping y^ clocke all y^ yeere ... ... ... ... xl* o o 

Item ffor digging «& sowing w^th hay seedes y^ Church yard on 

both sides ... ... ... ... ... o iiij^ o 

Ite7n to Bridge y« Carpenter for bread & beere j^ vj*^ 

Item for a payre of Indentures for the widdow Benison . . . -j^-^^ 

Item for 3 bookes to gather by ... ... ... ... ... o ij^ o 

Itetn for entring y® Christnings manages & burialls iny*^ Church 

booke & for writing of them in parchment for y^ Court ... iij^ x'^ 

Itevi for y^ writing of these accounts iij^ iiij^ 

It€7n to be allowed to John Hall for Sweeping y^ Church 1 

Itein to John Hall for opening & shutting y« gates ) 

Item layd out for mayne souldiers to Moses Home y*^ Constable xv^ o 

5!! Item for y« deliuery of quarter bills o viij^^ 

Summe is xxxji^ xv^ viij*^ 



317 a] Remaining in stocke to y^ parish of great S' Maries in 

Cambridge in y« new Churchwardens handes 08^» 12^11*1 

There is alsoe remaining in stocke to y^ poore as apeareth by a in igo (jd 

booke which is kept for there vse j*^ ob : 

Which two summes are deliuered to M^* Windle & M^' Mate- 
rius Peeps Churchwardens for this yeere 1621 

C. A. S. Octavo Series. No. XXXV. 24 


370 1621 

Gi-eate These accounts weere seene and allowed this 27 of April 1621 by vs 

S^ Maries whoiies names are vnder written Edward Potto 

parish Phillip Woolfe 

signum James (mark) hutson 

An Inuentory of y^ money & goods of y*^ sayd Church receiued oy vs 
William Windle & ^laterius Peeps the new Churchwardens of y'^ old 
Churchwardens for this yeare 1621 
Imprimis receiued in money for y*-' Parish stocke ... ... 8. 12. 11** 

Item for a Pale cloath with y® hearse 
Item two table cloath of blew veluett 
It^m one surplise 
Ite?>i two towells 

317 b] Item one new Table Cloth 
Item a Bible & a Paraphrases 
Item two old Psalters 
Item a Communion Cupp with a Couer 
Item two seruice bookes 

Item a Comunion table «& a pooremans Chest with two keyes 
Item two new fflagons 
Item a booke of parchment wherein is incerted all y*^ euidences concerning 

y^ Parish. 
Item y^ Poore mans Box & 3 keyes 
Item a booke of Cannons 

Item a box where in y<= parrish euidences are enclosed 
Item a booke of parchme^it wherein is conteyned all y® Christnings 

mariages & burialls 
Item a great blacke booke conteyning all y^ accounts of y^ sayd Parish 
Item a new commuion Cupp with a Couer 
Item two new ladders & twelue buckets 
Item a booke of Jewells workes cheyned. 
Item a Boucle 
Item two Newe Service bookes 

Memorandum that M^ Wilh'am Balden late of this parish haberdasher 
deceased, by his last will and Testament the said yeare, did gyve the sum 
of x^i to be distributed by the Churchwardens of this parishe, for the better 
putting foorth of poore Children of this parish to be Apprentices, which 
said sume was accordingly paid by his Executor. 

318 a] Aprill the third. 1621. 
ffor that wee fynde much trouble from yeare to yeare in choosing of 

Churchwardens, and that few men of sufficiency will vndei-take the same, 
in regard of the smalnes of the fyne heretofore payd and thereby breedeth 
a great inconvenience and distast to the Parishioners. 



3S I 


e f 


Wee therefore all couclude, agree and ordeigiie, that whosoever hereiifter 
according to the ancient custome of the parish shalbe chosen Church- 
wardens, and any of them doth refuse the Office ; Every such person shall 
paye for his fyne to the vse of the parishe ftbrty shillings* presently vppon 
such refusall. 

Also it is agreed by the generall consent of y® Company of this Parish 
then present ; That whereas it hath bene a custome for the Church- 
wardens new elected to pa^e the overplus of the charge of the breakefast ; 
Every man that hath borne office of Churchwarden & being present at 
the said breakefast paying xij*^ and the others that have not borne that 
Office paying vj^ 

That from henceforth the said overplus above the mony receaved of the 
pai*ticuler persons as aforesaid shalbe borne out and allowed to the Church- 
wardens for that yeare, of the generall stock of the parishe, So that the 
charge of the breakefast, doe not amount to above the suwme of fower 

Edward potto 

John Svvetson 

Phillip Woolfe 

Phillipe Scarlette 

willm windle 

marterius pepes 

Timothie Hignie 

Henrie Stockdalle 

Willm Short 

Christophr Hatley. 

318 b] Aprill the third 1621. 

The election made then being Easter Tewsdaye according to the 
ancient custome of the said parish, for the choosing of Churchwardens, for 
the yeare following William Bridg hath chosen for his man M^' Potto, and 
M'" Crab for his man M^' Crane, and M'^ Potto hath chosen to him M"^ 
Jeoffi^y M^ Betson M^' Hatly and M"^ Crane hath chosen to him M^' Philip 
wolfe Mr Swetson and Philip Scharlet and these eight have chosen for this 
yeare to come M'^ william windle and Marterius Pepis, foj; Church wardens. 
And the foresaid Chiu'chwardens have chosen for sydes men Edward 
Armin & Timothy hignye. 

319 a] The Accompt of William Windle and Marterius Pepis Church- 
wardens for theire Receipts and disbursments for the said yeare 1621. 

Marterius Pepis 

M'- Wolfe 

M^Croftes ij^ 

^i' Legg iiij* 

M"" Goodwin ij^ 


372 1621-2 

W;7^i«m Short iij' 

Mr Higney iij^ 

Mr Lee iij" 

Tho??ia^' Shilborn ij" 

M^ Sedgwick ij« vj<^ 

M"^ Bursley ij« vj^ 

Goodwife Tiffin vj^ 

Georg Tiffin xviij"^ 

Thomas Parke xij** 

Goodm«?i Batty xij*^ 

Elizabeth Semer vj^ 

Philip Hamond vj^ 

Simon North xij<^ 

Margaret Broaderton iij^ 

Robe?'t watson ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ij^ 

Goodma/i Home iij" 

M^Tayler iijs 

Edward Spencer ij« 

Henry AUum xij<* 

Mathew Had xviij* 

Henry Moody iiij^ 

Gabriel Harrison iij"* iiij*^ 

Robert Corbet xviij*^ 

Samuell Done xij** 

iijiiyijsjd 319 b] Goodman Maiden ij^ vj^ 

Goodmcz)! Rothery xij'' 

Goodwife Lanibe 

John Peirse ... xij'^ 

Goodma?^ Marshall xij^^ 

M'^ wicksted x" 

M"" Spalding "j" iiij"* 

Mr Downes v^ 

M^ wraye iiij^ 

Goodma?i ffisher xviij<i 

Goodman Martin ... ... iij«i 

Oliver Marshall xij'^ 

M'" Prior iiij^ 

M'" wright iiijs 

M"^ Williams v^ 

Robert Sanders xij*^ 

Goodwa^i Jones xij'* 

Goodman Hitch xviij^ 

Ml- Hall iiij« 

M^" Greene iiij^ 



Goodwife Hern 
Thomas Watkins 
M"^ Crane 
M"^ Lovington 
Goodm«?i Gibson 
Mis^ris Pamplin 
Jonathan Pinder 
M"^ Scarlet ... 
Arthur Turner 
Peter Scarlet ... 
Simon Rowbuck 
M'" Betson 
Will Leader ... 
Widdoid? Mathew 
ij^John Hern ... 

iiij« vjd 


iiij« vj'i 

ijs yyl 
iiij« vjd 


320 a] Widdow Simons 

M"* Preist 

M'- Scot 


M"" Porter 

Charles Dawson 

Goodman Richardson 

GoodwiaTi Colby 

Good?>ia??. Ingry 

Goodman Beeston 

Widdcnv Durden 

Williara Casebon 

Mother Peere 

jVP Atkinson ... 


James Hughson 


Suzan Netherwowl 

Ambrose Butler 

M"^ Adams 

Mi5^ris Slegg . . . 

M^' Rogers 

M'" Wickson . . . 

Thomas Levet 

Goodman Loader 

Widdo?^ Crisp 

ViilUam Smyth 

Goodman Mittin 





iiij« vj'i 







iijs iiijd 


iiijs vjd 









Widdo2<' west , 

Goodman wrattam .. 
Qood7na7i Carpenter 

Mr Smyth 

John hart 
Richard Tool}' 
iij*' xvij" o Richard Lowde 

320 b] Daniel Boys 
widdo?^' Rogers 
GoodmaTi Johnson .. 
Goodman Martin 
John warren ... 
Goodman Sanders .., 

Henry How 

John Bigges ... 

James Acres 

Oliver wolfe ... 
widdozr ward... 

M^" Clay don 

Goodman ffawcet 

M^ Penny 

M"" Dodson 


Henry Essex ... 
Mzs^ris Mathewes ... 

Noah Peere 

Thomas Perkins 
Thomas Jury 

M"" Allen 

Mr Bridg 

Goodman Hollybrand 

M'^ Hatly 

Edward Claye 
Thomas Howsden ... 
Goodman Whiskin ... 
Arthur Hurst 
Henry Beaumond ... 


John Ansell ... 

Jonas Wilkes 

M'^ Knuckle 

iij" 00 vj*^ 

321 a] James Preist 
Goodman Collin 
Obediah Perkins 




1621-2 875 

Thomas V^oodes xij'^ 

AP Potto x8 

Mzs^ris Metcalf ij^ vj*^ 

M*" Jo/m Pepis iiij^ 

M"" Hawkins iij^ vj<^ 

Mi5^ris Wright iij" iiij^ 

Antho7iy wright ... ... ... if 

Henry Cotton ... ^ ... ... ... iijs 

M"^ Swetston v« 

Mr Stockdale iija 

M^ Godfi*ey iij^ iiij'^ 

Robe?-t Kendall iijs 

M"^ Windle iiij^ 

M'" Tenant iijs 

M"^ Cropley x^ 

Richard Soper ijs 

Mr Burt iij* 

widdo2^ ftayrebrother ... ijs 

Elizabeth Bath y^^ 

widdoiu Hudson ... vj<i 

Robert Bendall xij<* 

Anthow?/ Douglas ... ... vj<* 

John Netherwood ... ... ... ... xij<* 

Ezechiel woollai*d xij*^ 

Goodm«?i Ablinson ,. ... ... ... ... ... ... iijs 

widdow Jenkenson ... ... ... ... vj^ 

Goodman Edwardes 

M"^ Many i? vj'i 

Thomas Browne ... xviij<* 

M'^ Doctor Moutlowe x^ 

rj8 viij^i Henry Coppin xviij<* 

321b] RecaVec^ for servantes ofFeringes xiiij^ vij^ 

Grace Clerck iiij*^ 

Mary Clerck iiij^ 

Goodwiaw Inkersole ij' 

AViddow Hern 

iiij" ij ^ WilU'am Woodward xviij <* 

Swnma totali s xx^^ vij^ oo ix* vj*^ 
Suwma xxj^* iiij^ j^ 

Rentes received & due to the parish 

Of M"^ Doctor Moutlowe vij« vj^^ 

Mr Betson xP 

widdow Hern xx^ 

Goodwia?i Ablinson v* 



Thomas Browne 

Of the Senior Procter for the Masters of Art 
Of the Junior Proctor for the Bachelers ... 

X" vij» x^ Of John Hall for rent 

Receiptes for burialls 

Mis^ris Bayly 

Mzs^ris Wright 
W/Z/zam Gostlin 

Mother Cob 

M^" Jones 

M"^ Edward Potto 

ij'^ xiijs iiij^ M"^ Simons 

Received more for Church stock 

Su?7ima Receptorwm totalis xliij^' xj^ ij*^ - 

xlij^* xviij^ ij*^ 

322 a] Disbursmentes whereof wee crave to be allowed 
Inprimis paid for the overplus of the election dinner ... 

Item a bever for the Auditors 

Item spent in wine at the precession 

Ite??i for mending seated in the Church & hanging the Ladders 

Item for paving the Churyard & about the Church 

Item for belropes 

Item to the Tresurers for the Almes houses 

Item for y® booke of articles ... 

Ite?w. to the Minister for his wages 

Item to the Scavinger 

Item to Roger the Dogwhipper 

Item to M"^ Lovington for mending the Leades & for sother fier 

&worck... ... ... ... 

Item for mending of the Clock and other iron worck about the 

Church and steeple ... ... 

Item for a Key & mending a lock ... 

Item for timber worckmanship & nailes for repayring of the 

frames, & for new wheeles . . , ... ... ... . . . v 

Item bestowed vppon helpers at the taking downe & hanging vp 

of the bells 

Item to John Hall for washing the Linnen, scowring the cups 

& flagons, gathering the Comunicantes names oyle for the 

bells & writing of Christninges manages and burialls 
xlj^* ij^ x** Item for clening the Church and opening the gates 

322 b] Item for keeping the clock 
I te7?i for mending of a bucket 

Item the fyft of November and the Coronation gyven to y^ 
Ringers ... 

iiij" vij« 
xiij^ iiij^ 






vjB vnj" 

VJB viijd 

xiij« iiij 

vj« viij 

vj« viij 

viij^> xij^ xj 


yjS xd 



lvj« iijd 

xxxiiij^ vj* 


xiij" vj 


VJli x8 ijd 



xij8 vnj* 



nij« vj 


1622 377 

Item for elm settes & haye seedes vj** 

Item for bi*ead & wiue ... xlvj^ ij<^ 

Item for writing of this accompt ... ... ... iij^ iiij*^ 

Item for the visitacibn Dinner ... ... ... ... ... x^ 

Ite7?i for writing the Indentures for the bells to be new cast & 

abond vppon them ... ... ... ... iiij^ 

Item paid to one for goiiig to S* Ives to take bond of the Bel- 

Kvj^ viij*^ founder wzth twoe suertyes ... ... ... ij® 

Item for ij warrants 

Summa totalis of Disbursments xlvj" xix^ vj** 

'Received in collection for the new casting, of the bells ... xlviij^^ xix« iiij'^ 

Swrnma est "predicta 

Disbursed for casting, mettle, added to the new casting, and 

for other charges expended about them xliiij^' xiiij^ x*i 

Sw?)ima totalis Eeceptoru?;i Ixxxxj^' xvij^ vj*^ 
Swmma Expensan^m Ixxxxj^i xiiij^ iiij*i 

So that there remayneth in parish stock to be delivet^ed to the succeed- 
ing Churchwa?'o?en5 ... iij^ ij^ 

which was presently payd vnto them, by Wilh'am Windle & Marterius 
Pepis the old Churchwardens, & so Jiere- vppon these Accomptes 

323 a] These Accompte^ were sene pervsed & allowed the xxj^*^ of Maye 
1622. by vs whose names vnder written, being Auditors appoynted for this 

Edward potto 
John Swetson 
Phillip: Woolfe: 
Phillipe Scarlette 
Christopher Hatley. 

323 b] Aprill the 23th 1622. 

The election made then being Easter Tusdaye According vnto the 
t Manes aunchient custome of the saide pan'she, for the choosinge of Church- 
wardens for the yeere followinge Wilh'am Windle hath chosen for his man 
m'" Swetston & m"^ materius Peapes m^' John Peapes and M'" Swetston hath 
chosen to him m"" Smythe M^* Jurie m^" Tennantt & m"" Peapes hath chosen 
to him m'" Clayton m'^ Hattlye m^' Addams, and these Eighte haue chosen 
for the yeere to come m^ Stockdale and m"^ Hignye for Churchwardens 
and the afore said Churchwardens haue chosen, for Sidsemen Henry 
moodye & Marterius Peapes 

1 Cam- 



Ecclesia 324 a] The Accompt of Timothy Higne}^ and Henry Stockdale Chiirch- 

SancUi wai-dens for theire Receiptes and Disbursnientes for the said yeare 1622. 

Mar ire 

iuxta Receiptes 

forum in ^[r ^larterius Pepis ... 
^ M^ Wolfe 



Richard Croftt'5 



... ... ... 


M^ Goodwin 

•• ... ••• ... 


William Short 

... ... ... ... 


M"" Higney 

... ... 


M^ Lee 

... ,,, ,,, ,,, 


Thomas Shilborne ... 

•• ... ... ... 


M^' Sedgwick 

... ... ... ... 




ij« vj^i 

Georg Tiffin 

. .. ... ... ... 


widdow Tiffin 

.. ... ... ... 


Thomas Parke 

.. ... ... ... 1 


Goodm«?i Battey 

... ... ... 


PhiUp Hamond 



EHzabeth Seamer 

.. ... ... ... • 


Goodmaw Robertas ... 

•. ... ... ... • 


Good'/nan Lamb 

.. ... ... ... I 


John Pearce 

.. ... ... ... 


Thomas Boulter 

.. ..* ... ••• 


7 3 Goodjnmi North 

.. ... ... ... 


2—6—^ Goodwife Botherton 

.. ... ... ... 


2 8 3 RobeH watson 


324 b] Mr Home ... 

.. ... ... ... 


M"^ Taylor 



Edward Spencer 

.. ... ... ... 


Qood^imn Allam 

... ... ••• ... 


M'^ Moody 



M"^ Harrison 

>.. ... ... ... 


Goodma?i Corbet 

.. ... ... ... 


Samuell Doane 

.. ... ... ... 


Goodman Maiden ... 

.. ... ... •••. • 



•• ... ... •.• 


M'' Pcpio 

M^ Downes 



M'" Wraye 



Richard Earlome 



Goodman ffisher 

.. ... ... ... 


Oliver Marshall 



M"^ Prior 

... ... 


1622-3 379 

MMVright iiij" 

M' Williams v^ 

Robert Saunders xij^^ 

Goodm«?i Joanes ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xij** 

Goodwife Ward xij^ 

M^^Hall <. iiij« 

M'" Greene iiij" 

Widdo?d> Hern ... ... ij^ 

Thomas Watkins xij^ 

M»" Crane x" 

Mr ffabian ij« 

M"^ Wi7^i«m Goade iij^ iiij*^ 

M"" Lovington iiij^ vj** 

Mw^ris Pamplyn ... vj** 

14 — 8 ffrancis ffinch ij^ 

325 a] M^ Gibson iijs 

M'^ Finder ij^ vj^i 

M^ Scarlet ijs 

Arthur Turner ijs 

Simeon Roebuck ij^ vj<* 

Abraham Palmer xviij'^ 

M"^ Betson iiij^ vj'^ 

Goodma??^ Leader ... ij^ vj'^ 

M"^ Crab iiij' vj^ 

M^ Wodenote 
M'^ Hamond 

Widdo2(; Mathew xviij^ 

Widdoi^; Simons ij^ 

Richard Parker ... ... ... xij*! 

Phillip Scarlet iiijs 

Henry Preist iij' vj^ 

M^^Scot iijs 

M"^ Gibs vj8 

Ml" Porter iijs 

Charles dawson ijs 

Goodmaw Richardson xij*^ 

M'fColeby iijs 

GoodiTian Ingry xij<i 

Goodma?i Beeston xij** 

Mw^ris durden ... iiijMj'^ 

Misft-is Smyth vj^ 

M'" Casebon iij^ 

10 Widdo^ BufF xij*i 

— ^--0 M^ Hughson iiijs 




325 b] Mr Jeoffry 
daniel WTiitfeild 
Ambrose Butler 
M"^ Rossi ngton 
M*' Adams 
Mis^ris Slegg . . . 
M?^^ris Rogers 
Mis^ris Wrickson 
Henry Howe 
Qoodma7i Loader 
ffather Milton 
Goodwife west 
Goodman Smyth 
Goodma^i I vet 
Good?7i«7i Wrattam 
Goodman Potter 
Nicholas Carpenter 
M^ Samwe^ Smyth 
John Hart 
William Tooley 
John Hurst ... 
Widdoiv Ward 
Jane Carr 
James Acres ... 
Oliver Wolfe ... 
Thomas Parker 
William Bradshaw 
-2 John Bigg<?s ... 




"J" iiy*" 

iiijs vjd 











iij8 iiij*! 





2 — 0—6 Daniel Boys 



326 a] John Warren 
AVilKam Johnson 

M'^ Cleydon 

Goodwcm fFawcet 

M'^ dodson 

William Goodwin ... 

M^ Penny 

M^" JeofFry ffinch 

M'" Essex 

M-istrifi Mathewes .., 

M'" Perkins 

Noah Peere 

Widdow Bartlet 

M*" Jury 

M'" Allen 





ij^ vj' 

xviij "^ 

ij' vj' 




ijs vjd 


ijs vjd 



1622-3 381 

M'^ Steward xviij'^ 

Mr Bridg iij'* 

Goodma7i HoUybrand xij^ 

M"^ Hatly ij* vj^^ 

Edwai"d Claye xij'^ 

Thomas Howsden ... .j ij** 

Wi^^i'am Whiskiii ... ij^ vj'^ 

Arthur Hui'st xviij^^ 

Henry Beaumont ij^ 

Thomas Tillet iij« 

John Hansell ... xviij'^ 

Jonas "Wilkes ... ... iij® ^'j^ 

M^" Knuckle iiij^ 

17 6 James Preist ... xviij*^ 

326 b] Goodman Collins xij'^ 

Obediah Perkins iij*^ 

Thomas Wooden ... ... xij^^ 

Mwftis Cradock 

M'- Potto xs 

Mis^ris Metcalfe ij*^ vj^^ 

M"^ Jo/m Pepis iiij^ 

M"^ Hawkins iij® vj"i 

M«5iris Wright iij« iiij^^ 

Anthony Wright ij** 

Mr Cotton iij« 

Thomas Cotton xij'^ 

M*" Godfrey iij** iiij'^ 

M^ Swetson ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... v^ 

M^ Stockdale iij*^ 

Robert Kendal 

Mr Tenant iij« 

MMVindle iiij« 

M^ Cropley x« 

Goodwia?i Soper .... ... ... ij** 

M"" Birt iij« 

Widdow Jenkinson vj^ 

Goodwm/i Evans xij^^ 

Robert Leudall xij<^ 

Anthony Douglas ... ... ... vj^ 

Widdow Hern vj^ 

Goodma?i Paynter ... ... ... ... ... ... ... viij*^ 

Ezecheel WoUard xij'^ 

15 10 Robert Ablinson iij^ 



327 a] Goodm/o? Gee 
GoiKl>;i(//< Inkersole ... 

William Wooddard 

Widdow Edwardes 

John AVatson 

doctor Moutlowe 

Thomas Browne 

Henry Coppm 

l^ceived for scrvante^ otteringes 

Received for Burialls. 

Jane Swetston 
Mw^ris wolfe 
M^ Rogers 
M"^ Cheyny . . . 
Mr Thurstone 

Rentes received & due to the parishe 

Of ]\F Doctor Moutlowe 

Of Mr Betson 
Of Widdow Hern 
Goodwa?i Ablinson 
Thomas Browne 
John Hall for rent 

Of the senior Procter for the masters of Artes ... 
Of the Junior Procter for the Bachelers ... 
14 10 6 Received more for Church stock ... 

Swmma totalis 1 ..... . ., 

xxxnj" xvj'' xj^ 









vj" vnj 
vj« viij' 
vj« viij« 
vj« viij 
vjs viij^i 

vijs vj«* 



xiij** iiij' 



.. xxxnynij 
iiij*» xiij® iiij^ 


Receptarum j 

327 h] Disbm'smentes wherof wee crave to be allowed 

luprimis paid for the overplus of the election dinner 

Item for a boire for the Auditors 

Spent in Wine at the perambulacion 

Item to the Carpenter for timber nailes and worckmanship for 
the Church gates 

Item to the Smyth for mending the lockes and other Iron 
worckes about the Church gates 

Item for new hanging iij belles ...* 

Item for the visitacions bill & booke ... ... 

Item to Roger for nayling y^ paynted cloth 

Item for 4 lockes and keyes for the bele ... 

Item for a bawdrick for y*^ great bell 

liejn to James Preist for paynting the gates postes & Church- 

Item for Iron worck & worckmanship for hanging y*' great bell 

xvnj® vnj 



xj« vnj 



iij« iiij'i 

ys iiijd 


1X8 yjd 

ix« x'l 

1622-3 388 

Item to Goodinan Corbet for nieiidiiig the glasing of y'' Church 

windowes ... ... ... iij'* vj*' 

Ite?7i to the Carpenter for a new doore & mending other doores iiij** 

7 1 1 Itewi for mending the Almes house xij'' 

328 a] lte))i to Noah Peere for mending 2 seates and boordes 

for them ^. x« viij'^ 

It<???i for a Keye for a lock ... ... iiij'' 

Ite?^i to Noah Peere for aboord to mend a seat xx^^ 

Item to Good'inan Hall for mending the pillers and sweeping 

the roofe and pillers in the Church ... ... ... ... xxvj** x'' 

Item for Ely farthinges ... ... ... ... ... ... x'^ ob 

Item to the Tresaurers of Cambrige for the Almeshouses ... xij'^ 

Item for a rope for the great bell ... ... iiij** 

Itcwi to the Minister for his wages xiij" vj« viij*^ 

Ite7n to Roger Wright the dogwhipper for his wages the whole 

yeare -^cxxvf xij^ vj<i 

Item to Mittin his wages for cleaning the street by the Church- 
walls for this year ... ... ... xxxvj^ 

Item for writing ij quarter bills ... ... xij*^ 

Itewi for writing of this Accompt iij« iiij^^ 

Item for the visitacibn Dinner ... x^ 

Item for bread and wine for the whole yeare ... xlix^ iiij^^ 

Itetn to the Ringers 5° November 5^ Aug?/s^ & the Coronation 

daye viij^ 

Ite??i for mending the 2 bell wheeles ... ... ij*^ 

Item for mending the hearse and some seates ... ij** 

Ite?w, for 2 paire of hinges xij'^ 

Item for a new Cricket for the Ministers pue ... xij"^ 

4 ob Item for mending a wheele .. . ... ... ... ... ... xij'^ 

Item for gathering the Comunicantes names & paper xiiij'^ 

328 b] Item for writing the names of all marriages christninges 

& burialls in parchment ... ... ... ij^ 

Item for Registring the same into the booke xij'^ 

Ite/)i for washing the Church Linnen all the yeare ... ... v" 

Ite;^i for scowring the flagons and cups the whole yeare ... ij** 

I te>;i for oyle for the bells the whole yeare ... ij*^ 

Item for cleaning the Church and opening the gates xx** 

Itein for mending a bucket & hanging them vp with a peece of 

timber ... ... ij« ij'^ 

14 2 Itewi for keej)ing the clock the whole yeare ... ... ... xP 

Swmma totalis Recepton^m xxxiij^i xvj^ xj^^ 
Swmma Expensan^m xxxvj^i ij^ v'' ob 

So vppon this Accompt there resteth due to these Accomptantes 

which they have layd out more than they received . . . xlv^ vj'^ ob 

384 1623-4 

The Accompt<?5 were scene pervsed & allowed the ix^^ dayc of Maye 1623, 

by vs whose names are vnderwritten, being Auditors appoynted for this 


John Swetson 

John Pepis 

Christopher Hatley 

Thomas Jewry 

Christofer Adams 

[Fol. 329 a blank.] 

329 b] Aprill: 15. 1623. 

Great S*^ Maries| The election then made being Easter Tuesdaye ac- 
in Cambridge j cording to the ancient custome of the said parishe, 

for the choosing Churchwardens for the yeare following Henry Stockdale 
hath chosen for his man M^' D"* Mowtlowe and Timothy Higney hath 
chosen for his man M'" Alderman Wicksted, Doctor Moutlowe hath chosen 
to him Ml' Philip Wolfe, William Williams and Leonard Greene, M'" Wick- 
sted hath chosen to him M^" Jeoffry, M'" Adams and M^' Bridge, and these 
eight haue chosen w^th the consent of our Minister M^ Goldfinch for the 
yeare to come John Pepis and Henry Moody for Churchwardens 

And the Aforesayde Church wardens have Chosen for Sydsmen Henry 
Stockdale and Timothy Higney 

Memorandom the last of februarye 1623 It was agree vi)pon by the 
whole consent of the paritionares of this parish of grcate S*' Maries in Cam- 
bridg then present in the Chancell of the same Church That m^" Alderman 
Potto and m^' Docter Moutlow shoulde Choose syx men, three of each 
bodye, to, and with the new Church wardens, Henrye Moodye, and John 
Pepis, To oversee and mende the Rates in the Easter booke as they shall 
see fyt And thouse two have Chosen for that purpose m"" Jefrey, m*" Swet- 
son m^" Williams, m^ Greene, marterious Pe^ns and m'" Jefrey ffinch. pro- 
vided that m"^ Docter Moutlow & m^ Alderman Potto shall have power to 
Rate (as to them shalbe thought fyt) thouse syx men by them soe Chosen 
as allsoe the Church wardens 

330 a] Great S*- Maries] The Accomptes of Henrie Moodye and John 
in Cambridge J Pepis Churchewardens for their Receipts and 
Disbursments for the sayed yeare 1623 


Marterious Pepis iiij" 

Jonas Scot ij" vj*^ 

M>^ Phillip Woolfe x« 

George Mathew xviij** 

Mr Legge ... ... ... iiij^ 

Mr Edward Goodwin ij* 

ould m"^ Higneye xij<* 

M'^ Tymothie Higneie iiij" 

1623-4 385 

Ml' Short iijB 

John Jollye ... ... iij<i 

goodvvyfe Lamb ... ... ... ... ... ... ... vj^ 

Edmond Holliedaye ... ... ... xij'^ 

Thomas Bouttell ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xij*^ 

John Pearce ... ... .y ... ... ... xij* 

goodman Rodrie ... ... ... xij** 

Thomas Shylbornc ij^ vj^ 

Joshua Sedgvviecke ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iij** vj"' 

Henrye Bursleyc ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xij*^ 

George Tyffin ijs 

Wydow Tyffin xij** 

Thomas Parks xvj*^ 

goodman Batteye ... ... ... xij'* 

Phillip Hawmon ... ... ... ... ... .. ... vj** 

Elizabeth Seamor ... ... ... ... ... ... ... vj<* 

goodman North ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xij** 

Robert Watson ... ... ... ij^ 

Moyses Home ... ... iij** iiij*^ 

M^Tayler iij^ ^j"^ 

330 b] Henry Allom xij«i 

m"^ Henrye Moodye .. . ... ... ... ... iiij^ 

George Taylor new com to the parish xij** 

Gabrill Harrison ... ... ... ... ... iij** \'j'^ 

goodman Corbet ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xij^ 

goodman Mauldin iij' 

M^" Alderman Wycksted ... ... ... ... x^ 

M"^ Downes ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... v^ 

Henrye Wraye ... ... ... ... iiij« 

Richard Carloome ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ij** vj'^ 

goodman fisher ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ij^ 

M'^ Pryor iiij^ 

MMVylliam Wright iiij^ 

John Hearne... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ij** vj*^ 

Edward Spencer iij^ 

M'" Wyliams vj^ 

Robert Saunders ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xij<* 

goodman Joaues ... ... ... xi}^ 

Daniell Evington .. ... ... xij^ 

M" Hall 

M"^ Leonarde Greene iii/ 

Wydow Hearne i/ 

Thomas Watkins xij<i 

M"^ Crayne x^ 

C.A.S. Octavo Series. No. XXXV. 25 




• • 


Mr Wi7/mm Goadc 

• t , , , • 



M'^ Loiiingcton 


M"^ Pamplin 


. . 


francis finch 

. . • • • ■ 

, . 


WEdivard Gyhson ,.. 


. . • 


Jonathan Pyndcr 

. •• ■ 

ijs vjd 

Peeter Scarlet 

• . ... • 

^ ^ 


Arthur Tm*ner 

* . • « • 


Symond Kobeck 

>•• ... 

if vid 

5 6 2 Abraham Palmer 



331a] Kicharde fletclior 


Mr Walter Betson 

. , 

iiijs vjd 

good man Leader 

. . ... * 

, , 


Mr Thomas Crabb 

. . ... 

, , 

iiijs vjd 

Wydow Mathewes 


, . 


Wydow Symonds 




Richard Parker 

, . 


Phillip Scarlet 



Henrye Preist 




Mr John Scot 

... • 



Mr Gybbes 




Mr Edmonde Porter 



Charles Dawson 

• •• 


Henrye Coppinge 




Wydow Richardcson 




Wyliam Colbye 

iijs vjd 

Goodman Ingrcyo 



Goodman Beeston 


Mrs Dm-daine 


iiijs vjd 

Mr Smithe 



Wyliam Casboull 


iijs vj.i 

Wyidow Peare 




Wydow Buffe 




Mr James Hutson 



Mr Edmond Jeffreye 




Daniell Whitfeilde 




Ambrose Butler 



. . . ... 


Goodman Yaxley 



Mrs Slegge 




3 17 Mrs Rogers 



331b] MrWrickson 


Henrye How 




1623-4 387 

John Pew ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xij*^ 

Goodman Loader ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xij*^ 

father Mjtten xij^ 

Wydow West ... ... ... ... ... iiij'i 

Wyliam Smyth ... ,.. ... ... ... xij^^ 

John Harte ,,. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... viij'^ 

goodman Ivat ... ... ... ... vj^* 

goodman Rust ... ... ... ... ... ... ... vj<^ 

goodman Pottall ... xviij*^ 

Njcholas Carpenter ... if 

Sanmell Smyth iij« iiij<^ 

goodman Lacke 

John Huste vj*^ 

Wydow Warde ... ... ... ... ... vj<^ 

Jane Carre ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... vj<* 

Thomas Martyn vj^^ 

James Akers ... ... ... xviij*i 

Olhver Woolfe vj** 

Thomas Parker ... ... ... vj^ 

John Byggs vj<i 

Joseph Mytten vj^ 

goodman Rookes ... ... ... ... ... ... ... vj*^^ 

Daniell Boyse ... ... ... ... ... ij^ 

OlHver Marshall xij^ 

Wylliam Johnson ... ... ... ... ... vj*^ 

Wydow Rogeres ... ... ... **• ... ... ... vj'^ 

Thomas Wylliamson ... ... ... ... ... ... vj^^ 

John Warren ... ... ... ... ... vj^^ 

M^^s Clayton ij' vj^i 

Goodman fosset ... ... ... xviij*^ 

15 4 Ml" Edwarde Dodson ij^ vj^i 

332 a] Wylliam Goodwm xij^ 

M*" Penney ... ... ... ... ... iiij^ 

Samuell Taylor ij^ 

M^' Jeftreye fynch iij^ 

Henrye Essex ... ... ... ... ... ij^ 

M" Mathewes xij^ 

Thomas Pyrkyns xij'* 

Noahe Peare ij^ vj^i 

Wydow Bartlet vj^ 

Thomas Jewrye xviij<^ 

M"^ Allen iij' 

Mr Stewarde xviij** 

Wylliam Bridg iij^ 


388 1623-4 

Goodman Hollybrand ... ... ... ... ... ... xij*' 

M"" Hatleye ij^ vj^^ 

Edward Claye ... ... ... ... xij* 

Thomas Howsdeii ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ij" 

(theise should come in at this mark * * 

W™ Whiskyn iij« iiij'^ 

Arthur Hust xij'^ 

Henry Beomvnd ij^ 

Thowi«s Tyllet iijs 

So?nm ix** iiij<*) 

John Hansell ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xviij** 

Jonas Wylkes ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iiijs 

M"^ Knuckle iiijB 

James Preiste ... ... ... xviij*^ 

goodman Collyn ... ... .. xij'* 

Obadia Pyrkyns ... ... ... ... ... iij^ vj^^ 

Thomas Wood ... ... ... xij'* 

M»' Alderman Potto x» 

Mrs Medcalfe ij** vj<* 

John Pepis ... ... .. ... iiij* 

Richarde Croftes ... ... ... iij" 

Abell Hawkyns ij^ 

M""** Wright iij^ iiij*^ 

Anthonye Wright ... ... ... ... ... ij^ 

Mr Gotten iij" 

4. 08. 02 Thomas Gotten 

332 b] M>^ Thomas Godfreye iij^ iiij*^ 

M^ Swetson v^ 

M>' Henry e Stockdall iij^ vj'i 

M^ John Tenant iijs 

M"^ Wyndle iiij^ 

Richard Inman xviij'^ 

M»' Allderman Gropley x^ 

Richard Soper ... ij" vj^ 

Thomas Bert ... ... ... iij^ 

Wyddow Jenkenson xij^ 

goodman Herbert ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xij** 

goodman Toolye ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xij** 

AVylliam Evans xij* 

Robert Kendall xviij** 

Anthoney Dowglas vj^ 

Wyddow Hearne ... ... vj^ 

go<xlman Paynter ... ... ... xij** 

Ezechiell Woolward xij*^ 



Robert Ablinson 
goodman Gee 
goodman Ingersoll ... 
Wylliam Woodward . . . 
Wyddow Edwards ... 
John Watson 
M*" Docter Moutlow . . . 
Thomas Browne 
\. 6. 10 Servantes ofterinses ... 


xx^ ix^ 

Somma xxij^^ xvj^ vij'^ 

333 a] Receites for burialls 

M" Hall for hir husband 

M" Clayton for hir husband 

M'" Greene of trenetye coleg for the Buriall of Sir Omer of 
Tren: Coll: 

Rents receved and due to the parishe 

Of M^' Docter Moutlowe 


Of the wyddow Hearne 

Of goodman Ablinson 

Of Thomas Browne 

Of John Hall for Rente ... 

Of M^' Addams procter for master of Artes 

Of M"" Reddinge procter for the Bachelors 

Receiued more of the paritioneres vppon Tusedaye in Easter 

weeke theire xij'^ and vj<^ a man w^'^h our owne xij*^ a peece 
Received of M^^ Hearne towardes the paving before hir shop 

doore she hath of y^ parish 

Somma xiiij^^ vj^ 
The whole Somm received is xxxvj'> xvij^ j^ 

Monyes due to the parish not yet vnreceyved 

RP flick for 40 mydsomer bachelers 

M'' John Scott for his Easter ^book rr-. —. —. rr^ 


vj» vnj 
vj« viij' 

xiij^ iiij'^ 



xiijs iiij'i 
xxxv^ vj*^^ 


XX vj^ vj'^ 

xny nij 


Thomas Gotten for his Easter book 

Soma xvijs iiij'^ 

333 b] Disbursments whereof wee craue to be allowed 
Inprimis Payed for the election dy?mer vppon Tusedaye in 

Easter weeke 

Item paide for a bever for y® Auditors 

Item paide for pavinge at the pvmpe and for pyble and sande 
Item Spent vppon the paritioners in wyne at the perambulation 


vjs viij^i 



890 1623-4 

Item paied vnto Noah Peare for mendinge a faulte in the south 

porch of the church ... ... ... ... ... ... viij^^ 

Item prt/d to John Syll for a Balldreck for the fourth bell ... iij^ iiij^ 
Paied for two Keyes and locks mendinge for the Chansell and 

Belfrey doores xvj'^ 

Payed for o^ir first bill into the archedeacons Courte and a 

booke of articles x* 

Paied to Gee the carpenter for mending two seats in the Church, 

a payor of dovetayles and nayles xvj*^ 

Payed to John Hall monye that he sayetli he spent vppon the 

Ringers the vj*^^ vij*^'' and viij^'^ dayes of October when the 

prince returned from Spay ne ... ... ... ... iiij^ 

Item more paied vnto him (as he sayeth) monye that was com- 

aunded to be laied for fagote* for a bonefyer the same tyme iij^ iiij'^ 

Payed to Akers the Carpenter for mendinge seats ... ... viij'^ 

Item paied at the Archdeacons offic at the visetation for our 

bill and booke of articles xiiij'' 

Item for the visetation supper ... ... ... ... ... x^ 

payed to the treasorers of the towne for the Almes houses ... xij'^ 
payed for pyble, sand, and workemens Labours, in pavinge the 

Streete one the south and west of the Church ... ... xxxix^ iiiy^ 

Payed for 4 bell Ropes waigheng 30^' ... ... x^ 

8. 16. 4 Item for mendinge the wheele of y<^ tryble bell ijs 

334 a] Item for a pay re of Joyntes for m^'*' Taylors pew dore... vj<^ 

Item for trussinge the great bell and nayles xij'* 

Item payed to M^" Daye y^ Smith for Iron worke for the same 

bell ij« 

Item payed to John Royes for Ely farthings ... x'* ob 

Payed to James Akers for mendinge two seates, and for nayles 

and bearers ... ... ... ij^ ij^^ 

Item payed to m'" Lovington for his worke and stufFe in mend- 
inge a window one y^ south syde of the Church ij' 

Item payed for mendinge the pavementes within the Church ... xij'^ 
Payed to m^ Gouldfynch our minester for his whole yeares 

wages ... xiij" vj^ viij^ 

Item pazd to Mytten for his wages for the whole yeares making 

cleane and carieng awaye the dyrt about the Church ... xxxvj" 
Item payed vnto Roger wright the dogge whipper his wages for 

the whole yeare ix^ iiij** 

Item for bread and wyne the whole yeare lij^ 

payd for a new Baldreck for y« second bell iij^ 

18. 16. lOi payed for owr last quarter bill iiij*^ 

Payed to John Hall for a Saintes bell Rope xij** 

for two lockes and Keyes mending vpon the eomencement daye xviij*^ 


1624 391 

for the Ringers vppon the three Rynging dayes vj" 

for washinge the ly ninge all the yeare ... ... ... ... v^ 

for Wrighting a Reiester of Christenings mariages and Buriall 

this yeare and parchment into the office ... xxj^^ 

for wrightinge the same into the booke of parchment kept for 

the same purpose A. ... ... ... ... ... xviij'^ 

Item for gatheringe the comunicante^ names ... ... ... xij'^ 

Item for shootinge the bell Ropes the whole yeare ... ... ij^ 

Item for oyle for the bell ropes the whole yeare ij^ 

Item for broomes and makinge cleane the Church the whole 

)le j 

yeare )■ xx« 

Item for openinge and shutting the gates 

Item for keepinge the Clock ... xl^ 

Item for wrightinge theise accoumptes ... ... iij'' 

334 b] Payed vnto Henrye Stockdall and Tymothey Hygneye 
Churchwardens for the yeare 1622 monye due to them 
wA^h they layed forth more then they Receved as appear- 

eth in theire accoumpt<?5 ... xlv^ vj^' ob 

So??ima totalis Received is xxxvj" xvij^ j'^ 
Som expended is xxxiiij^> iij^ vj*^ 

Soe theire remaineth in the parrish Stock to be delivered to the Suc- 
ceedinge Churchwardens the som of liij^ vij^ which was presentlye payed 
vnto them by M^' Moodye and John Pepis the oulde Churchwardens and 
So theise accoumptantes are acquitted 

There Rested as in the acompt of the Receits apeareth the som of 
xvij^ iiij*^ w/«ch the Succeeding Churchwardens are to gather vp 

Henrie Mowtlowe 
Edward Potto 
Edmond Jeffrey 
Phillip : woolfe : 
Leonard Greene 
Christover Addams william Bridge 

335 a] Create S* Maries in Cambridge 

The election made the xxx^*^ daye of march 1624 beinge Easter tusedaye 
accordinge to the ancient Custom of this parish for the Choosynge of 
Churchwardens for the yeare followinge Videlicet My Henrye Moodye hath 
chosen for his man, M"^ Phillip Woolfe. John Pepis hath Chosen for his man 
ml" Edmond Jefreye. M^ Woolfe hath Chosen to him M^' Wyndle, M"" 
Legge, M^' Henrye Preist. M^' Jefreye hath Chosen to him, M'^ Hatleye 
Christover Adams, Marterious Pepis. And theise eight w^th the consent 
of M^ Gyll deputed minester in M^ Gouldfinch his absenc) hath Chosen 
Churchwardens for the yeare to com m^* william wylliams and Edward 



Gybson. And the aforesayed Church Wardens have Chosen for Sydes men 
M'" Louington and M'" Bridg 

Meniorandimi the 10"' day of Aprill 1625 it was agreed vpon by the 
whole consent of the payitionars of this parish of great S^ Maries in Cam- 
bridg then present in the Chancell of the same Church that m"^ D^' Moutlow 
and m*" Alderman Potto should chuse six men, there of each bodye two 
and w/th the new church wardens william williams and Edward Gibson to 
ouersee and mend the Hates of the Easter booke as they shall see fitt and 
those two haue Chosen for that purpose m^" Leonard Greene and M»' Henery 
Preist and m*' Gwalter Betson and Henery writson : provided that m^' D"^ 
IVIoutlow and m^" Alderman Potto shall haue pover to Rate as to them shal- 
be thought fitt, those six men by them soe Chosen as alsoe the Church- 

[Fol. 335 b blank.] 

336 a] Great S' Maries 
in Cambridg : 

m*' Allin 
m'' Adams 
Henery Allum 
Jeames Acars 
Widdowe Ablinson 
goodman Beston 
B.obei't Batty... 
widdowe Bursly 
Thomas Bowty 
m*" Betson 
Widdowe Boyse 
Daniell Boyse 
John Bigges ... 
Robert Bell ... 
m'^ Bridg 
Jeames his man 
Henery Beamon 
m'" Birt 

Elizabeth Bath 
Richard Bagshaw 
Thomas Browne 
goodman Brigges 
widdow Bartlet 
m'" Crane 

The Accompts of William Williams and 
Edward Gibson C^hurch wardens for there 
Receipts and disbursments for there yeare 




















Eobe^'t Corbet 
m"" Crabb 
goodiiican Clowdes 
William Colby 
William Casbone 
go(ximan Carpendore 
Widdowe Carr 
Edwai"d Clay 
goodnian Collen 
m" Cradock ... 
Richard Craftes 
m^ Cotton 
Thomas Cotton 
6 m"" Croply 

iiijs vjd 

iijs vjd 


iijs vjd 





336 b] goodman Campion 

Marcy Clarke 

goodman Coote 

m^ Downes ... 

Charles Dawson 

m" Durden ... 

m'' Dodson ... 

goodman Duglis 

John Danby . . . 

Henery Essex 

flfather Evans 

William ffisher 

m'^ ffabin 

flfrancis ffinch 

goodman fFaucit 

m"^ ffinch 

m"* ffletcher ... 

m'^ Goodwin . . . 

m'" Greene 

m^ Goade 

m>' Gibson 

m" Gibbes ... 

William Goodwin 

m*" Godfery . . . 

Thomas Gee ... 

m"^ Higny 

ffather Higny 

Philip Hamond 

goodman Home 

Henery How . , . 

Ijs vjd 



iiij« vjd 






ij' vj 
iijs ijijc 

ij' vj 


iijs vjd 

ijs vj^l 


iijs iiijd 






iijs iiijd 




Gabrell: Harrison 


John Hieron 


Widdowe Hieron 


Widdowe Huston 


Henery How ... 


Widdowe Hart 


John Hirst 


ra^ Hatly 


Thomas Housden 


4. 15. 8 Arther Hirst ^ 


337 a] widdowe Hieron 


m'" Hayward 


widdowe Hall 


juy Hartleib 


m'" Jolly 


R. Ireland 


Goodman Jones 


Goodman Ingery 


m'" Jeffery 


William Ivett 




m^' luery 


Richard Inman 


goodman Ingersole 


widdowe Knuckels 


m^' Knuckles 




Widdow? Lambe 


m^ Lovington 


William Leader 


Goodman Loader 


Goodman Lindall 


Goodman Mathew 


Hen. Moody 


Richard Maulden 


m^*^ Anne Mathew 


Gregory Marsam 


Goodman Mitten 


m^'s Mathewes 


m" Metcalfe 


m'" doctor Moutlow 


Goodman North 




John Nickolson 


1624-5 395 

Anthony Nickolson xij^ 

m^ Peapes iiij^ vj'^ 

John Presley xviij'^ 

John Perce xij'^ 

m*" Pry or ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... v^ 

m" Pamplin ... ^' ... ... ... xij'^ 

G good mail HoWiday ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xij'^ 

337 b] m^Pinder iij« 

m"^ Henery Preist ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iiij^ 

m"^ Porter ... ... ... ... ... iij^ 

widdowe Peare ... ... ... ... ... ... ... vj*^ 

m>" Potter x« 

Parker ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... vj** 

m^' Matterius Peaps ... ... ... ... ... ... iiij« 

Goodman Potto: ... ... ... ... ... f x^ 

Goodman Painter ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xviij*^ 

m^" Penny ... ... ... ... iiij^ 

Thomas Perkins ... ... ... ij^ 

N. Peare ij^ vj** 

m"^ Palmer ... ... ... iijs 

Jeames Preist ... ... ... xviij*^ 

Obediah Perkins ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iiij^ 

Goodman Rhodery ... ... ... ... ... xij*^ 

m"^ Robuck iij" 

widdowe Richardson ... ... ... ... ... ... xij*^^ 

widdowe Rogers ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iiij^ vj*^^ 

m'" Rickson ... ... ... ... ... ... v^ v^^ 

Thomas Rust ... xij*^^ 

Rooke ... ... ... . . ... ... ... ... vj'i 

m" Randell xij^ 

Jonas Scott iij^ iiij*^ 

Thomas Shelborne ... ... iij^ 

m'" Sedgwick ... iij® vj'i 

Robert Sanders ... ... ... ... ... xij'^ 

Peeter Scarlet ... ... ... ... ij^ vj<i 

widdowe Symonds ... ... ... xij^ 

Mr Philip Scarlet iiijs 

m^' Scott iijs 

m^s Smith xij'^ 

william Smith ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xij*i 

Samuell Smith ... ... .. ... ... iij^ iiijd 

m^ Spencer ... ... ... ... ... ... iij^ 

my Swetston v^ 

ml' Stockdell iiij^ 

m^^ Sober iij^ 

896 1624-5 

Elizabeath Seymor ... vj^ 

5. C. m'^ Stuai-d ... xviij<* 

338 a] mr Taylor "j^ vj<i 

George Tiffin -xij^ij* 

Arther: Turner ... iij^ iiijd 

widdowe Tiffin xij* 

Samuell: Taylor: ... ... iij« iiij'^ 

Thomas Tillet: ii? vj'' 

ra»" Tennant iij* 

Richard Tooly xij^ 

m'" Williams ... vj^ viij*^ 

m'" Wolfe ... ... x^ 

m^' wickstead ... ... x^ 

m'' vvray iiij* 

m^' Wright ... iiij^ 

Thomas watkins 

Goodman whitfeild . xij'^ 

oliiier Wolfe xij*^ 

Mother west vj"^ 

William woeworth ... ... ... ... vj* 

william whiskin ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iiij* 

Thomas: woodes ... xij'^ 

Jonas wilckes ... ... .. ... ... ... ... iiij^ 

Anthony wright ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ij^ 

m*" windle iiij^ 

Achill: wolward xviij^* 

william wodward ... ... xij*^ 

John Watson xij'^ 

Thomas Williamson: vj** 

Goodman warren ... vj'^ 

Goodman Yaxly ij^ vj'* 

Roger wright vj^ 

old Lance vj** 

Mother: Leader vj^ 

Mother Raynolds vj'^ 

Mother Rogers vj^ 

Elllin Welch vj^^ 

Mother Lambe vj* 

Elizabeth Clayton .. vj*i 

Mother Martin vj^^ 

Mother Spencer vj*^ 

Mother Jackson vj*^ 

ffor Servants offerings ... ... xx^ ix^ 

5. 6. 7 Suwma Totalis of the whole booke for the Communicants is 24" 128 3d ob 



338 b] Receipts for burials 

fFor m'" Gibl)es 

ffor m*" Huston 

ftbr m'' Thoi'ogood 

tJbr: nV Wilson at ni*" Crabbs 

ftbr ni'" Sedgwicks Child ... ,' ... 

ftbr m»"« Mathevv 

ftbr m'" Smiths Children 
ftbr m"" Williams: his Childc 
ft'or the Burying of m*"" Barton 

Suwime of the ff'unerals is 

Rents Receaued 

Of m'- Dr Moutlow 

of m»" Betson : 

of The widdowe Hieron 

of the Widdowe ablinson: 

of Thomas Browne 

of John Hall for Rents 

Receiued of the panshoners vpon Teus 

there xij*^ & vj^ a man \v^th our owne xij'^ a peece 
Receaued of m"^ Procters for the master of Artes at Midsomer 
Receaued of m^' Scott for his oft'ering last yeare 
Receaued of m'^ Boule Proctor for the Bachelors at Lent 
Receaued of m"^ Ryding the Beadle for the Midsomer Bachelors 

day in Easter weeke 

vjs vnj'* 
vJB viij«* 
vj« viij^ 
xiij^ iiij'* 
iij« iiij^i 
vjs viij'^ 
iij« iiijd 
iij« iiij'^ 
vjs viij^ 





Suwme Receaued of the Proctors & for Rents is 

Svwime Totalis Receaued is 

Receaued of the former church wardens the summe of 


xiijs iiij<i 

25s vj'i 

34s ijd 



. 12.15.10 

40ii 4s gd ob 

iiij" xiij^ 

2« 138 vijd 


42. 18.4 ob 

339 a] Disbursments wheareof we craue to be alowed 
Imprimis paid for the Election dynner vpon Teusdaye in 

Easter weeke ... 

Item payd for a beauer for the Auditors 

Item layd out for paueing the Church side 

Item spent vpon the parishoners for wine at the preambulation 

Ite?;i payd for boarding a seate in the Church 

Ite??i payd for two formes for the poore to sitt on 

Itewi payde to John Hall for scowring the fflagons which 

m^ Peapes forgot the last yeare 

Item for 18 yardes of Matt for the parishoners to kneele on at 

the Communion 
Item for vnderlayinge for one Seate 
Item for fire to mende the Leads 


vjs viij^^ 




nij« vf 



Ite?;i for mending the Locks and Keyes one the Church gates... 

Ite7/i for two baldribs for two bells 

Ite;;i to Roger for whipinge the dogges ... 

Itew paid to goodnian Mitten for makeing cleane the streetc 
before y*^ Church ... ... ... ... 

Horn payd to m^ Gouldfinch for his whole years wages 13^^ 

Ite?;i payd to John Sell for mending the wheeles of the Bells ... 

Item Layd out to Nathaniell Bridg 

Item payd to the Smith ... 

Itewi Layd out for Bell Ropes 

Itewi Laid out for quarter Bills ... ... 

Item for Clasping the Church Bible ... ... 

Itewi payd for Ely fFarthings 

Item payd for the Articles at the visitatio?i 

Item paid for Incloseinge the Clock with hordes and studdes ... 

Item for mending the Almeshouses 

Item payd to mother Martin for glasse in one of the Ames- 
houses ... 

Item for two Service bookes for the Church 

js viijd 



vjs viij'i 




js viijd 

x'^ ob: 



339 b] Disbursments 

Item Layd out for Remooueing the 4^^^ bell 

Item Layd out at the visitation ... 

Item payd to m^' Sheward for exhibiting the bill 

Item payd to the Treasurers for the Aim es Houses 

Item for mending the Seats in the Church and Chancell 

Item for Triming the Church against Christmas 

Ite?«- Layd out for the glasse windowes & oic?' quarter bill 

Item for the Visitation Supper ... 

Item to the Smith for Barres for the windowes 

Item payd for glaseing the windowes ... ... 

Item payd for mending the Leads 

Item for bread and wine for the whole yeare for the Com- 
munion ... 

Item for Repayreing all the Seates wzth wainescott and dores "l 
& Iron worke and Nayles J 

Ite??i to goodman Hall for the Ringers vnpon the 3 Seuerall 

ltc?/i to him for Ringeing at the Kinges being hcere and at the 






' vjrt 

' vj'i 





proclamation of the King ... ... 

Item to Goodman Hall for makeing Cleane the Church 

opening and shuting the gates all the yeare 
Item to him for the Lyning washing all the yeare 
Item ffor keepeing the Clock the whole yeare 



vij" xj' 






1625 399 

Itew for scowriiig the fflagons ... ... ij^ 

Ite7n for oyle for the belles ... ... ... ... ... ij® 

Itc?/i for shootei 11 g the bell Ropes ij^ 

Itewi for writemge the Communicants names ... ... ... ij^ 

Item for wrightinge the Regesters to the Office ... ... ... ij^ 

Itewi for writeing it in the parchment boukc ... ... ... ij^ 

Itewi for writing these Accompts ... ... iij^ 

Su?«me Totalis of the exspences is 44*^ 04^ 7"^ 

340 a] May 17"> 1625 

Suwima Receptorium ... ... 42^^ 18^ iiij^i ob 

Smwma Exj)ensariiu;i 44^' iiij^ vij'^ 

Soe vpon this Accompt there Resteth due to the x\cconiptants 

which they haiie layed out more then they haue Receaued xxvj« 3'^ 

Edmond Jeft'rey 

willm windle 

Christopher Hatley 

Henry Preist 

Marterius Pepes 

Christofer Adurns 

[Fol. 340 b blank.] 

341 a] Great S*^ Maries in Cambridge. 

The election made the nineteenth day of Aprill in the yeare of oicr 
Lord 1625 being Easter tusday according to the ancient custome of this 
p(?/'ish for the chosing of Churchwardens for the yeare following vide- 
hct't M^' Wilh'am Williams hath chosen for his man M^' Doctor Moutlow 
Edward Gibson M"^ Alderman Potto. M^ Doctor Moutlow hath chosen 
to him Phillip Scaret M^' Greene M^' Henry Preist M'^ Alderman Potto 
hath chosen to him M^' Jeffery M^' John Pepis M^' Higny and these eight 
vfith the consent of M^' Goldfinch minister of the said parish hath chosen 
Churchwardens for the yeare to come M^" Robert Prior and Jonas Wilks 
and the said churchwardens haue chosen for Sidesmen M^" Leonard Greene 
and Edward Gibson 

[Fol. 341 b blank.] 

342 a] Memorandum that vpon the 30^'^ day of October 1625 at a publique 
n\eeteing of the pc/.rishoners of great S*- Maries in Cambridg it was ordered 
concluded and agreed \^3on by the parties whose names are heereafter 
named as followeth 

That Robert Pryor Churchwarden of our parish and Leonard Greene 
& Edward Gibson shall in the name and behalfe of the parishoners vse 
all such meanes as shalbe Requisite for defending the Reputation and 
Right against Anne Mathew about the seate shee striueth for, & 
wAatsoeuer they shall doe or Cause to be done heerin, we doe and 



will ackiiowledg as our owne act & for the defence of the parish & what 
Charges shall growe thereby, shalbe borne by the (Vimy/wn Charge of the 
parish, prouided that nothinge be done by thcni \v«Vhout the speciall 
Allowance of m^' Edward Potto Alderman 

Rol)ert Pryor: Leonard Greene. Edward Gibson William Williams 
William Windle John Pcapes Martcrius Peapes Christopher Ilatley Thomas 
Ivery Ednivuid Porter Richard Ireland Richard Soper John Hearne Daniell 
Boyse Abraham Palmer Jettery ffinch William Brig Jeames Taylor Jonas 

These weare alsoe at the meeteing m*" d*" Moutlow m^' Cropley m^ Crane 

Philip wolfe Jonas wilkes Jonathan Pinder & Henery Preist This we 


Thomas Bert 

Edward Spencer 

with them At the meeteing did consent likewise we whose names are 
vnderwritten m^' Edward Potto Alderman : John Swetston Henery Cotton 
Charles Dawson Henery Rickson Henery Moody Richard Maulden. 
Henery Wray Josua Sedgwick william Goode Richard Crofte 

342 b] Create S^ Maries | The Accompts of Robert Pryor and Jonas 

in Cambridg J Wilckes Church wardens for there Receai)ts 

and dissbursments for there yeare 1625 : 

Inprimis Receaucd for the whole Easter booke of the parish- 
oners ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xxxiiij^^ xiij** 

Item Receaued at the Church Wardens dinner by xij*^ & vj^^ 
a man ... 

Item Receaued of the Senior Proctor for the master of Artes 

Ite??i Receaued of m*' Boule Proctor for the Midsomer Bachelors 

Item Receaued of m^" warde Proctor for the Bachelors Com- 

Item Receaued for Burials 

Imprimis for m'" Loveington ., 

Item for the Buriall of Robert Rogers 

Item for the Buriall of m^' Gostwick 

Item 'Received for the Buriall of m^ Jeape 

ffor Receapt of Rents 

Imprimis ReceiVeci^ of m^" doctor Moutlow 

Item Receivec? of m'^ Betson 

Receaued of Widdowe Hearne 

Ueceived of Widdowe Ablinson ... 

RecaVeo? of Thomas Browne ... ... 

RecaVec? of John Hall 

Reca'yeo? for seniants offerings 

examinat' Summa totalis Recept is 39*^ 0^ 8<* 


xxxnij^ ij"^ 





xnj« nij 
xiij« iiij 



Vij8 vj'l 


xiijs iiij'^ 




iiij« vjs 
xiij" vj^ 

when the Bishop was 

343 a] Disbursmeiits for the parish wheareof we Crane to be alowed 

Imprimis payed at Churchwardens dinner on Easter Teiisday 

Item payed for the ministers wages the whole yeare 

Item payed to Mitten for the whole yeare 

Itewi payed to Roger for whiping the Dogges 

Ite?)i payed for wine and Cakes at the Accompt of the old 

Churchwardens ...^ 

Ite?>i for wine and Cakes at the Precession 

lte??i for Bonefiers and Ringers at the Queenes Coming 

Itevi for paueing against the Church 

Ite7?i for two bookes for the fFast 

Ite?/i payed to Nathaniell Bridg for mending the Seates 

Ite7?i for Ely fFarthinges ... ... 

Item for two bookes of Articles 

Item for a booke of Homelees 

Ite7?i for Trusinge a Bell & Ironworke 

Item for 33 pounde of Iron 1 Staple & 24 greate Nayles 

Itewi to Goodman Finder for Timber & worke ... 

Item for 47 pounde of Soder & worke 

Item for a fframe for the Kinges Amies . . 

li&m for seting vp glasse & takeing downe 

Itein for Paueing against the Church 

Ite^n for two Baldropes 

Itewi for Ringing the 5^^^ of Nouember & 


Item for Soder and mending the Porch . . 

Item for a bell mending & Ironworke 

Item for the visitation Supper 

Item for mending the Porch & Hearse 

Item for 5 New Bell Ropes 4 stone 2 pounde 

Item for a faints Bell Rope & mending the wheele 

Ite^n for the Sute about the seate in the Church against Anne 


Item for presentment Billes 

fibr Beare for the Ringers march 27*'^^ 1625 

Ite?7i for wrighinge the Regester of Christnings mariges 

Burialls ... 
Itein for wrighting the same agine into the Church booke 





vjs viij<* 

vjs vjd 

ijs iiij'i 






^r viij 












vii iijs viijd 





343 b] Disbursements for the parish more 

Ite?/i for shooting the Bell Ropes & Oyle for the Bells 

Ite?/i payed my partner m}' wilkes for part of the Seates 

Item payed John Hall for scowring the fflagons and washing 

the Lynnen ... 

It^m for gathering the names of the Co/wmunicants 

C. A. S. Octavo Series. No. XXXV. 26 

xiij® iiijd 

402 162G 

Ite?)i for wrighting these accountes ... ... ... ... iiij" 

Suw?ma Receptoriu?«. is 39^' 3^ 8^ 
Sii>?Mna Expensariiim is 38^' 19^ iiij^^ oh 
So the Resteth due to me iij^ viij'^ ob 

ifor the Seates in the Church ... ... ... xxxij" viij*^ 

ffor the Church dore Key and Nayles ... ... ... ... ix'' 


examin' Swnma Expensar?«wi 40. 16. 6^ 
Soe rest to y® old churchwardens 1.15 ^ 

May 3 1626 These accounts haue beene aeene 

Thes accounts alowed, exceptinge and allowed by us whose names 

that charge of Suite, agaynst Ann are \mder written. 

Mathewe : the alowance of w/«'ch is Edward Potto 

denied by those whose names are Edmond JefFry 

vnder written John Pepis 

Henrie Moutlowe Leonard Greene 

Thomas Goldfinch, minister. 

Phillipe Scarlette 

Henry Preist 

344 a] An Inuentarie of goods belonginge to the churcli May 3. 1626. y® 
day on wAi'ch y*^ account whs giuen up. 

1 A Bible for y^ church 

2 Bishop Juells workes 

3 a Booke of Homilies 

4 Erasmus Paraphrase 

5 two seruice bookes in iolio 
qy where it is 6 a Booke of Canons 

7 2 Flagons for y*^ Communion 

8 2 Cowimunion Cups of siluer with Covers to y'" 

9 a communion table cloath of blew velvet ymbroydred 

10 a blue Carpett wrought 

11 a surplice 

12 a fringed table cloath 

13 two to wells 

not deliuerec? 14 a parchment booke of y^ parishe euidences 

15 a blue veluet Quishion giuen by Richard Streatcli. alsoe a blue case 
for it 

16 two ladders 

17 a church hooke 

18 ten bucketts ' 

Thes goods were deliuered by Robert Pry or and Jonas Wilks late 




churchwardens, to Philli}) Scarlett and Edward Dodson the present church- 
wardens, in the presence of us the auditours 

Leonard Greene. Henry Preist 

345 a] Greate S^ Maries 
in Cambridge 

P S. 1626 E. D. 

[Fol. 344 b blank. 1 

^-Tlie accounts of Phillip Scarlet & 
Dodson Churchwardens for theire 
Dusbursments for theire yeare 1626 

receits & 

M^' Allen 


l.CVd U K»>3Ci 


M"" Adams 


Widowe Ablinsonn ... 


Troyles Adkison 


M^ Beatson 


M'" Broadstreate 


Mr Bell 


M^ Bridges 


Goodma?? Batty 


Qoodmaii Bowtle 


Goodinan Browne ... 

2 6 

Uanell Boyes 


Goodman Briggs 


Widowe BufFe 


Widowe Boyse 


Goodman Beasone ... 


Good^nan Beamont ... 


M'" Braidshawe 




M'^ Burton 


Elsabeth Batt 


John Biggs ... 


John Ansell 


M'* Craine 



4 6 


3 6 

Mr Cotton 




Mr Crooply 



3 6 

Goodma7i Coote 


Goodma?i Carpenter 


Goodman Clearke 


Goodtnan Colleine Abraham 


Goodman Corbett ... 

^ ^ 





father Collen 
M*^ Cradocke 
4-18-6. :Mary Clearke 

345 b] Widdowe Carr 
Goodman Doane 
M^" Downes ... 
John Cheuter 
Goodman Dawson 
M'"« Durden ... 
M^" Dodson ... 
Goodman Duglis 
Goodman Euit 
Good^iiau Esex 
Goodman Euans 
James Elet . . . 
M"" Fabian ... 
Fransis Finche 
M^* Finche 
Mr Fletcher ... 
Widow Fisher 
Widow Fawcet 


Fransis Sheldn 
M^ Greanne 
Mr Goade 
M'' Gibson 
Mr Godfry 
Goodman Godwin 
Goodman Gee 
M^s Gibbs ... 
Father Higny 
.^-4-6- Mr Higny ... 

346 a] Goodman Hamond 
Goodman Hailden 
Mr Harison ... 
Goodma7i Hugglle 
Goodman Hieron 
Widow Hieron 
Widow Hudson 
Goodman Howe 

Goodman Howsden 
father Hust ... 





Widow Huitsoii 


Widow Hieroii kcapcr 


^P Haiward 


Grays Hall ... 


MrJolley .< 


M^' Irelaiide 

2 6 

M'^ Jmy 

2 6 

Goodmaii Ingrie 


Widow Johnson 


Good7nan InkersoUe 


Goodman Jee 

William Inett 


Widow Knuckle 


Nicholas Kelly 


m'"s Legg 


Widow Laml) 


Good?Ma?i Lasaby 


M^ Louinton . , . 


Goodman Leader 


Goodmmi Looder 


GoodwiaTi Leate 


Goodman Leandeall 

1 6 

8- Jearot Leatton 


346 b] IVP Moody 


M^" Maulden 


Goodmaii Morley 


Widow Morton 

m« Mathews 


M^" Mendham 

2 6 

Goodman Mallin 


M^- Mathews 

2 6 

M^" Doctor Moutlow 


Gregory Marsam 


2 6 

Goodman Noarth 


Anthony Nicolson 


M^' Peapes 

4 6 

Goodman Prestly 

1 6 

Goodwa?i Prime 




M'^ Pamplin 


Mr Preist 


Mr Porter 




Good7;2a?i Potto 
Goodman Parker 
Mother Peare 
Noia3 Peare ... 
Widow Perkins 
Jams Preist ... 
Ml" Perkins ... 
Mr Pottoll ... 
M^" John Peps 
Goodman Paynter 
Goodynan Eoadrey 
Widow Richardson 
Mr Robuck ... 
Widow Rogers 
M^ Rickson ... 
Thomas Rust 
Widow Rux 
4-13-6. Goodman Royston 

347 a] Widow Shilbowrne 

Ml* Sedgwicke 

Jonas Scott ... 

Good??i^?i Sanders 

Peter Scarlet 

Widow Simonds 

Philhp Scarlet 

John Scott ... 

Ml- Smith 

M^ Spenser ... 

M"^ Simpson . . . 

M'" Swetson . . . 


M"* Soojjer ... 

Widow TifFen 

M^' Arthur Turner 

M^ Taylor ... 


Goodnian Toolie 

M'-Underill ... 

M»- Woolfe ... 

M'^ Wicksted 

M^ Williams . . . 

M"^ Wealkes ... 

Goodman Watson 

Goodman Wakelild 



Good>)ic<v^ Whitcll 
Goodman Whitcfikl 
Oliuer Wolfe... 
Widow Warren 
Goodwa;?. Whiskiiis 
-10 Thomas Woods 



1 6 




0-9 347 b] Good?«a>i Woolwarde 10 

Goodma;i Woodwarde ... ... ... ... 10 

Mr Wraye 4 

Good7na?i Yaxley ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 3 

Ml" Viee 1 

Goodwia?! Coob ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 1 

Summa xxj^^ ix^ iij*^ 

Moiiy gatherd of the Amose foolkes & the seruants of y^ Parishe 1^^ 9® 9*^ 
Mony receued for Burialls 

Ml Windell 


Rents receued & dwe to the Parishe, 

Of Ml' doctor Mowtiowe 

OfMi^Betson , 

Of Widow Hearne ... 

Of Widow Ablinson .. . 

Of Jarrot Letton ... ... ... 

Of John Hall 

Of M^' Noi-ton Procter for 221 the Master of Artes at 2^ 

Of M^' Warde Procter for y^ Midsumer Bachilers 

Of Ml" Wacke Procter for y^ Bachilers at 4*1 

Receued Moore of the parishioners for the Electione Diner on 
Easter Tusdaie ther xij"^ a man and vj^ b, man with our 
own xij^i a peace. ... ... ... ... 17 

Receued for the halfe Easter Booke of the Parishe for y^ 
3-4 Reperations of ye chirgh 9^8 6» 0*^ 

Summa xxiiij^i ij^ j^^ 
Summa omnit^m Recep^orwwi xlv^i xj^ iiij 

348 a] Disburments for the Parishe we desire to be alowd. 
Item payde for the Election Dinner vpon Tusdaie in Easter 

weake ... ... ... 

Item for wine and Sugar ... 

Item for a Beauer for y^ Auditors 

Item for ye Second Beauer 
































Item Spent vpon the parishiiiois for wine and cakes at y^ pre 

Item for niendinge the church yarde doore.s in y*^ church yurdc 
Ite?« payde to John Sell & y*-' Smithe for trusine y*^ Bell 
Itewi for y^ church poorche for plasteringe «S: in y^' church 
lion for Barrs and staies for the Windowes 
Item for 3 Hoods a Morter ... 
Ite?>i for staies for y*^ stepll window 
Item for niendinge a place by y^' funt 
Ite>H for Help to remow y*^ lader oft 
Item to John Sell for a wlieall mending ... 
Item for Mendinge y^ Seats 
Item for stales for Windowes 
Item for two presentments, . . 
lte?>i for our oaths when we wear sworn ... 
Item for two faste Bookes ... 

Item for two Books Articls... 

Item to John Roys for Ely Farthings 
Item A Visatatione Supper 

Item payd to M^' Mayore for a warrant he sent ... 
Item payd to M^" Amont for a warrant ... 
9-13-9 Item makinge cleane the church many Times when it was a 

whytinge ... ... 

348 b] Disburments. 

Item payde to y*^ ringers for the whole yeare 

Item payd y*^ town Leate, for Anoyanses against y*^ Church 

Item for Coales and Turfes for ther workemen ... 

Item for Bread and Beare for y-' Glasier and i)aynter when they 

wear at worke ... 
Item Mendinge two places about the church wall 
Item payd to Mitten for his whole yeares swepinge 
Item Roger for whipinge the doges a yeare 
Ite??i two Bell Roai)es 

Item for Bread and Wine, for the whole yeare ... 
Item payd y^ Tresurer for the Amows Howsen ... 

Item two places mended in y^ Church ... 

Item payd to M'" Gouldfinch ovvr Minister for his wholl years. 
Ite?/i payd to James Preist for whytinge the Church &, 

writinge y® Tabells ... 

tteru payd to Robert Corbet & Robert Harrow Glasiers for y 

Church Windowes 
Item for a Schine a parchment 
Item for 4 presentment Bills 


























10 ob 

























5^1 7 

1 4 
















2" OS 


00 2 


00 7 


3" 18« 


Itew for vvritiiige thcs acowiits 
Item John Hall for washiiige y*^ Liniicn ... 
Item for writinge y' Biirialls & Christniiigs 
Item for Writinge all the parishners names 

349 a] Disbursments 

Item for Scowringe y^ Plate 2ind y^ flagones 

Item for oyle for y*' Bells ... 

Item for Bromes and swepinge the church 

Itewi for openinge and shiittinge y^ Doores 

Iterd for shotiuge y® Ropes ... 

Item for the sants Bell roape 

Itetn for niendinge two places in y*-' church y^ was sunk 

Item for keapinge y^ clocke 

Item ttbr biu'ieing of one John Harrison a poore man . . 

lte?;i for pavinge before the Church wall disbursed by M^' Preiste 

Summa totalis expensant??i xlvj^' xiij*^ vj*^ 
vnde recept' xlv^i xj** iiij^^ 

Sic remaned Computatzs Computandz's xxij** j'^ 

Henrie Mowtlowe 
John Wickstede 
John Crane 
Christopher Hatley 
Henry Preist 

[Fols. 349 b— 350 b blank.]'^ 

351 a] The Election made vppon Easter tewsday beinge the xxvij^^^ day 
of March Anno domini 1627 accordinge to the anchient order and custome 
of the parish of greate S*^ Maries within the Towne of Cambridge for the 
choseinge & electeinge of the Churchwardens for the said parrish for the 
yeare nexte followeinge viz. M^' Phillipp Scarlett one of the late Church- 
wardens hath chosen for his man nV-' Henry Moutlaw Doctor of Law And 
m*" Dodson another of the Churchwardens hath Chosen for his man John 
wickstedd gent' one of the Aldermen of the towne of Cambridge, And 
D^" Moutlowe hath chosen vnto him m^" Craine, m^' woolfe, and william 
Goade, And Alderman Wicksted hath Chosen vnto him m^' Adams m^" ffinch 
and m^' Brigges And thease eight w^th one generall consent haue Chosen 
m}' Obediah Perkins and m^" Samuell Bradstreete to be Churchwardens of 
the parishe aforesaide for the yeare following And m^" Gouldfinch minister 
of the said parishe hath given his consent and approbation to the same. 
And the said Church wardens haue Chosen for their Sydesmen Jonas 
Wilkes and Edward Dodson 

[Fol. 351 b blank.] 



352 a] Greatc Saint) The Accoumpte^' of Obediah Perkins 
^[ai'ies. j l^roadstreete Chnrchwardens for their 
disbursments for the said yeare 1627. 

A M»- Allen 
M^' Adams 
Troylas Atkinson 
Widowe Ablinson 
John Anselme 

B. M»" Bradstreete 
Goodman Battle 
Thomas Bowtle 
Thomas Browne 
Kichard Bagshott 
m^' Betson 
Daniell Boyse 
AViddowe Bufte 
John Biggs ... 
Robert Bell ... 
Widdowe Boyse 
m^" Bridges ... 
Henrie Beaumont 
Thomas Birte 
Elizabeth Basse 
William Beeston 
Goodman Burton 

C Robert Corbett 
m^" Crane 
Thomas Crabb 
William Casebone 
Goodman Coote 
Goodman Carpenter 
Goodman Clarke 
Abraham Collin 
Widdowe Carr 

352 b] m^- Cotton 
m^' Cropley . . . 

D. Samuell Doane 
Charles dawson 
Robert durden 
Edward dodson 
Anthonie douglas 

E William Edmundes 


and Samuell 


tes and 

... U 

















2 G 






























4 6 

. . . 

3 6 


1 G 









13 6 










3 6 









Hem'ie Essex 
James Eliott ... 
ftatber Eiums 

ft", widdowe ffisher 
Gilbert flfalber 
fFrancis ffinch 
Jeflfery ffinch... 

G Leonard Grene 
william Goade 
Will i am Gibson 
william Goodwyn 
m'" Godfrey ... 
Thomas Gee ... 

H m^" Higney 

widdowe Hamond 
moses Home . . . 
Gabriell Harrison 
m'" Hewghes ... 
John Heron .., 
widdowe Heron 
widdowe Hiitson 
John Hurst ... 
Christopher Hatley 
Thomas Howsdcn 
m"^ Hurst 
James Hunter 
widowe Hudson 
widdowe Heron 
m"^ Howard ... 
John Jolley ... 

J. Richard Jreland 
Goodman Jngrey 
-1- Thomas Jury 

353 a] Edward Jngersole 
Goodman Juate 
M. Nicholas morley 
John millisent 
Thomas moodie' 
Richard maiden 
widdowe metcalfe 
Goodman malen 
mwMs mathewes 
George mathewes 
Goodman mendham. 










































































































Doctor mowtlowe 

M»' Moodie 

N. Symon Northe 

Aiithonie Nicholson... 
P. Marterius Peaps 

John Pry me ... 

im^tria Pamphn 

Jonathan Pindcr 

Henry Preist 

Edmund Porter 

John Preistlcy 

Goodman Pottoe 

widdowe Perkins 

Noath Peere 

Goodman Puncher ... 

James Preist 

M^' Perkins 

Alderman Potto 

John Peapes ... 

M^' Prime minister . . . 

Goodman Painter ... 
R Thomas Rust 

Goodman Roddery ... 

widdow Richardson ... 

Symon Robuck 

widdowe Rogers 

mistris Randall 

Goodman Royston ... 

widowe Knuckells ... 
5-7-0 nicholas Kelley 

L. 353 b] Widowe Lambe 

Goodman Lasingbee 

william Leader 

John Legg 

tfather Loader 

Robert Leete... 

Robert Lendall 

Jarratt Litton 
S. M^ Sedgwick... 

Jonas Scott ... 

Katherin Sheward 

Robert Sanders 

Peter Scarlet . . . 

John Say res ... 


























































widdowe Symons 
John Scott ... 
Samuell Smyth 
ffi'cxncis Sheldrak 
Rowland Simpson 
Edward Spencer 
m"" Swetson . . . 
Henrie Stockdall 
Richard Sober 
Philhp Scarlett 

T. widdow Tiffin 
Arthure Turner 
Samuell Tayler 
Henry Turkinton 
Christopher Tingey 
Robert Euans 
Thomas Tillet 
Richard Tooley 
Goodman Tauerner 

W. m^" Phillip woolfe 
widdowe weathered 
Alderman Wicksted 

iiid Henrie wray ... 
M^" Williams . . . 
Gregorie whillock 

-0 Thomas watkins 

354 a] Edward wakefeild 
nathan whitle 
Josephe watson 
Oliuer woolfe... 
Goodman wooworthe 
widdow warren 
William whiskin 
Jonas wilkes . . . 
Thomas woodes 
Ezechiell woolward 
William woodward 
John yaxley ... 
Roger Wright... 
mother Reinolds 
margarett Gilbert 
mother Spencer 
widdowe Jackson 
mother west . . . 























































Ould Launce ... 
mother Hart 
marie Gresham 
Elizabeth Claydoii 
1-6-0 widdowe Joanes 

S?aii Totall xx^' xviij^ vj'i 

13-0-0 Receaued 

Rents Receaued and Due to the Church. 

of Widdowe Ablinson ... 
of doctor Mo wtlo we 

of m^' Betson ... 

of John Hall for seruants ofFeringe.s ... 

of m*' Proctor wake for midsomer bachelours 36 

of m^" Proctor Higson for 232 master of Artes 

of Proctor ffludd for bacholors 

of John Hall for Rent ... 

of the widdowe Heron ... 

of Jarratt Litton... ... ... 


354 b] Receaued for Burialls 

Receaued of m*" John Payne ... ... 

Receaued of m'" Dodson ... ... ... 

Receaued of m^" Higney 

Receaued of m^s^ris Pamplin 

Receaued of m'" wilkes 

Receaued of m^" Williams for 2 postes 

Receaued at the Election dinner ... 

Receaued of m^" Broadstreete for his childe.s buriall 

Summa Receiptoru?>i xxxvij^^ xij" ij*^ 

Disbursments wherof wee craue to haue allowance, viz 

Inprimis paid for wyne and Cakes at the Precession ... 

Item paid for Stoanes, sand and pauing about the Church yarde 

Item paid for a Rope for the Saintes Bell 

Item paid for hingers for the Church Gate and boltes for the 

Bells &c 

Item given to a Breife to one Constalin Aden ... 

Item given to one Cattlin Russells an Irishe woman ... 

Item more given to a ministers wyfe hauing the Vice Chauncellor 

and maiors hand 
Item paid to Roger for his quarteridg at midsomer 
Item paid to mitton for his quarter ending at midsomer 
Item to John Sill Carpenter for new Rolls Trussing of Bells and 

Timber about the Bells ... ... 

Item given to a Poore woman by appoyntme^i^ ... 



. 5 

. 7 


. 2 

. 1 

. 12 

. 1 18 


. 5" 2^ 


. 13« 


. 1 

. 1 

. 6 

8 'I 

. 6 


. 6 


. 6 


. 6 


. 10 

. 1 7 

. 3 






















Item to a mason for laying stones about the ftount 
Item given more to a Breefe 

Item paid to Roger for his 2* quarter 

- 3*^ Item paid to Mitton for his second quarter 

355 a] . Item paid to m'^ Gouldfinch for his whole yeares wages 
Item paid for 3 new^e ropes ror the bells October 25 

Item for Elie farthinge6- ... 

Item for a book of Articles 

Item to Rattham for brickes morter & masons worke ... 

Item for newe Trussing the smale Bell ... 

Item for a Rowle for the second Bell 

Item to the Ringers the o^^ of Nouember 

Item for Iron worke 

Item paid mitton 3 quarter 

Item paid Roger 3 quarter... 

Item paid to the Plummer for mending the leades 

Item paid to the Glasier for mending the sydes windowes by 

the Chauncell «& others 

Item for the visitation dinner ... 

Item given to mother Collin ... ... 

Item given to a Breefe ... ... ... 

Item to 2 poore folkes Strangers by appoyniwie/iif 

Item paid for a Lock and a key for one of the Almeshouses 

Item paid to Mitton for his 4^^^ quarter 

Item paid to Roger for his 4<^h quarter 

Item to m^' woolfe for wyne &- al o o for bread at the Comunion 
Item for the Election dinner 

Item for wyne and sugar ... ... 

Item for 3 bookes for the faste 

Item for paving and stones ouer against the Churchdore and 


Item paid for Iron work for the Church gate 
H. Item for mending the Baliffes Seate in the Church and hangin 

the Gates 

Item for washing the Lynnen for the whole yeare 
Item for SCO wring the Plate and fflaggons 
Item for shooting the Bellropes and oyle... 

8 8'^ Item for broomes for the Churche ... 


355 b] Item for shutting the Gates 

Item for a Sainted Bell roope ... ... 

Item for bread for the Communions ... ... 

Item for WTiting the Register in the pa?'chem<?w^ book 

Item for gathering the names of the Comuni cants 

. 1 


. 2 

. 2 


. 10 

xiij^' vjs ^ 


. 11 






. 7 

. 4 

. 2 

. 3 


. 5 


. 10 

. 2 


. 2 19 



. 2 10 


. 10 

. 2 


. 1 


. 3 

. 1 


. 10 



3 14 


. 4 10 

. 1 1 

. 2 



. 2 


. 4 



. 2 

. 5 

. 2 

. 4 

. 10 

. 10 

. 1 

. 5 

. 1 

. 1 



1 3 6 
12 4 

Item for writing them faire in a booke 

Item for a Keye for the Gates ... ... ... 

Item for writing thease accoumptc^s 

Item paid to the oiild Churchwardens for Arrerages due vnto 
them vpon the foott of their Accoumpt 

Su?«ma Totab^ of all the disburmentes is xP' xv^ w]^ 






1 2 I'l 







Suw?ma Totah's Eeceptorttm 
Suwmia Expensar2«7?i 

So there is due to thease Accoumptantes to be paid by the parrishe the 
so??tme of 3^' 3^ 4*^ from the next Churchwardens 

This Accompt was seene perused and allowed the ix^*^ of Maye 1628 by 
vs whose names are vnderwritten being Auditors for this accoumpt. 

Henrie Mowtlowe C A 

Tho : Goldfinch Minister the mark of Christopher Adams. 

John Crane William Bridge 

Phillip Woolfe 

Frsse Finch 

Will : Goade 

356 a] Anno Domini 1628 

The Election made on Easter twesday the 15*'^ of Aprill according to 
the Auncient Custome and order in great S*' maries parishe in Cambridge, 
for the Choosing of the Churchwardens for the yeare to come, Obediah 
Perkins hath chosen for his man d"" mowtlowe, and Samuell Broadstreete 
hath Chosen for his man, Alderman wickstedd, d'" Mowtlowe hath Chosen 
to him m^ Crane, m^" Hewghes, and m^' woolfe. And Alderman wickstedd 
hath Chosen to him m^ Betson m^' Higney and m^" dodson. And these 
eight with the Co?isent of M^" Gouldfinch minister of this parishe haue 
Chosen Church AVardens for the yeare to come William Casebone and 
Arthure Turner, And the said Churchwardens haue Chosen for Sydesmen 
M"" Perkins and M^" Broadstreete 

357 a] Great S<^ Maries. 

M"" Allen 
M'" Adams 
Troylas Atkinson 
Bamabe Amye 
widdowe Ablinson 
Goodman Ansell 
John Aspland 

[Fol. 356 b blank.] 

The Accoumpte5 of william Casbone and Arthure 
Tourner Churchwardens for their Receipts and 
disbursments for the yeare 1628. 


• • • • 




• • • 


• • • • 




1628-9 417 

m*" Broadstreete 

Goodman Battle ... ... ... ... 

Goodman Bowtell 
Thomas Browne 

Richard Bagshott 

waiter Betson ... ...<... 

widowe Boyse 

daniell Boyse 

John Biggs ... ... 

Robert Bell 

William Bridges 
Henrie Beaumont ... 

Mr Bert 

Goodman Burton 
Elizabeth Basse 
Goodman Brichcner 

Robert Bright ... ... 

M"^ Crane 


William Casebone ... 

Goodman Coote ... 

Nicholson Carpenter 

Abraham Collins ... 

m^ Cotton 

6 Alderman Cropley 

357 b] Samuell done 

Charles dawson 

Robert durden 

m'" dodson 

Goodman dowglas 

m'^ Edmunds 

Goodman Essex ... 

James Eliott 

Goodman Euans 

Gilbert flfabian ... ... ... 

Jefferie ffinche ... 

ftrancis ffinche 

Goodman fifordham ... ... ... 

m^ Greene 

william Goade 

m"" Gibson 

m'^ Godfrey 

william Goodwyn 

ffrancis Greene ... 

C. A. S. Octavo Series. No. XXXV. 
























































418 1628-9 

Thomas Gee 

my Higney 

m"^ Hewes ... ... ... ... 

Gabriell Harrison ... ... 

Goodman Home 

Christopher Hatley ... 
widowe Hamond 
John Hearne 
widowe Heron 
widowe Hewtson 

Thomas Howsden ... ... 

Arthure Hm'st ... ... ... ... 

James Hmiter 
m'^ Heyward 

James Hall ... 

John Hurst ... 
widowe Hudoon BufFe 

4-6-0 John Halden 


358 a] John Jolley 

Richard Ireland 
Goodman Ingrey 
Thomas Jurie 

widdowe Ingersole ... ... ... 

Goodman luatt 
Nicholas Kelley 
Widowe Knuckles ... 

Goodman Lazenbie ... ... 

William Leader 

John Legg 

Robert Leete 

Robert Kendall 

Goodman Leighe 

Doctor Mowtlowe 

Mzs^ris Metcalfe 

John millesent 

Henrie Moodie ... 

Thomas Moodie 

Goodman Malyn 

George Mathewes ... ... 

Richard Mendham 

Symon Northe ... ... ... 

Anthonie Nicholson 

Alderman Potto 
John Peaps ... 
























































1628-9 419 

Obediah Perkins 

Marterias Peapes 

Jonathan Pinder 
Henrie Preist 

mw^ris Pampline ... 

Edmund Porter ^' 

John Pryme ... 

Goodman Potter 

Goodman Parker 

-6 ffather Loader 

358 b] John Preistley 

Noyah Peere ... ... 

James Preist ... ... ... 

Widdowe Perkins ... 

Goodman Painter 

Thomas Parke ... ... 

Symon Robuck ... ... 

widdow Rogers 

widow Richardson 

Goodman Roderie 

m?^ft'is Randall 

Royston ... 

Goodman Ruste 

M^ Sedgwick 

Phillip Scarlett 

John Scott ... ... ... 

Samiiell Smythe 

Rowland Simpson ... ... 

Edward Spencer ... 

m"^ Swetson ... ... 

Henrie Stockdale ... 

Richard Sober ... ... 

Jonas Scott ... 

Peter Scarlett 

widow Shilborne 

Robert Sanders ... ... 

widow Symons 

flfrancis Sheldrak 

Arthure Turner 

Samuell Tayler 

Henrie Turkington 


Robert Tauernor 

Goodman Toolie 








































































































27 ^ 




Goodman Tyngie 

George Taylor 
Jonas wilkes... 
Gregorie whillocke ... 
4. 14. — John Yaxley Senior 

359 a] Alderman wickstedd 

m"* Phillip woolfe 

m'^ Williams ... 

Joseph watson 

Edward wakefeild 

Thomas watkins 

Goodman whitle 

Oliuer woolfe 

Goodman woworthe 

widowe warrin 

Goodman whiskin 

Thomas woodd 

John warren 
2 ^ Q Goodman woodward 
2. 7. 2 John Yaxley Junior 

Summa Totalis 

Rents Receaued, and dueties due, to the Church and Parrish 

Inprimis Keceaued of the widdowe Ablinson 

Receaued of doctor mow tlo we 

Receaued of m"^ Betson 

Receaued of the widdowe Hearne 

Receaued of John Hall ... 

Receaued of James Hall 

Receaued of the parishioners for halfe an Easter booke granted 
by consent for & towardes the repairations of the seates & 
Churche 8 4 3 

Receaued of the Parrishioners vpon Twesday in Easter weeke at 
13_18-7. the Church wardens dynner to wardes the feast 1 7 6 
































• 1 








. 2 

. 1 






359 b] Receaued of Proctor Loue for 215 master of Artes at 2^ 

B.-piece ... ... 1 15 10 

Receaued of Proctor ffloud for 30 midsomer batchelors at 4^ ... 10 

Receaued of Procter Hunniwood for 227 batchelours at 4'^ ... 3 15 8 

Receaued for seruantes offerings ... ... ... ... ... 1 

Receaued of mistris Penny for her daughter buriall October 6... 6 8** 

1628-9 421 

Receaued more of her for another buriall October 13° ... ... 6 8'^ 

Receaued of mzi'^ris Wray for her husbands buriall ... ... 6 8'^ 

Suwmia Receptoruw Totalis is xlij" xiiij^ iij'^ 

42" 14 3 

Disbursments made by the ^ said Churchwarden wherof they craue to 
haue allowance 

Inprimis paid to m^" Gouldfinch and M"^ Medhope ministers for 

one whole yeare xiij" vj^ viij^ 

Item paid to the ould Churchwardens for the foote of their 

accoumpts allowed at the Audite iij" iij^ iiij'^ 

Item paid to m'" wolfe for bread & wyne expended by Jonas 
wilkes and Robert Prior in their yeare for the vse of the 
Communion by ra'" vice Chauncellors appoyntment doctor 

Wreene ... ... ... ij" xix^ 

Item paid for broad & wyne this yeare for the Communion vse iij" vij** 

Item paid for the Election dinner at m'' Dodsons iiij" 

Item for wyne spent at the said tyme xx*^ 

360 a] Item paid for wyne and Cakes at the Audite vijs 

Item for bread beere wyne & Cakes at the perambulation ... xv^ 

Item for a booke of Cannons xiiij'^ 

Item for the visitation supper ... x^ 

Item paid to the Treasurers of the towne for Rent xij<^ 

Item for fowre quarter bills ... ... xvj** 

Item for two bookes for the faste ij^ 

Item for a branche of an Article for bowes and Arrowes ... xij*^ 

Item paid for Elie farthinges x'^ ob 

Item paid to mitten for his whole yeares wages xl** 

Item paid to Roger for his whole yeares wages ... ... ... x** 

Item paid to Noah Peere as appereth by his bill for the seates 
and Pewes raising & mending on the southsyde of the 
Church which, the Parrishe consente should be done and 
because they were not formerly done the Churchwardens 

were presented ... x" xix^ vij<^ ob 

Item paid more to the said Peere for a newe hearse makeing... xl^ 

Item paid to the Smyth for Iron work for the same x^ 

Item paid to Goodman Heywarde the Plummer for mending 

the Leades and for Solder as appereth by the bill ... ... lix^ v*^ 

Item for mending of seates in the Churche ... ... ... iij^ 

Item paid to John Sell for drawing vpp the great Bell frame 
mending the frames and Belfraye RoofFe as appereth by 

his bill xij^ 

Item more to Sell for trussing a newe wheele broken as the 

Sermon bell was in ringing to the Sermon ... xxx* 

422 1629 

Item paid to Sell for drawing vpp the 4'^'' Bell and hanging yt 

as appereth by his bill xif 

Item for mending the third seate next the pulpitt iij" 

Item for a Bonfyer by m"" vice Chauncellor & m^" maiors 

appoyntme?i^ for Joy of the Queenes conceiption iij** iiij*^ 

Item given to the Ringers for Ringing at seuerall tymes ... vij'' vj*^ 
Item paid for 5 uewe bell roapes weighing together 52" dm' 

at 4"^ the li xvij» x'^ 

Item for laying 2 graiies stones in the bodie of the Church 
taken upp vnder the seates lately repaired and for pauing 
brick & workemanship as appereth by byll to Goodman 
26-1-11'^ marrett xiiij^ x** 

360 b] Item paid to Goodman Trowell for Iron worke for the 

4*^ bell as appereth by his bill ... v** ij^^ 

Item paid for a Baldrick for the 5*'^ bell ... ... ij^ vj^ 

Item for a boult & lock for the Church dore xvj'^ 

Item for a Keay for the Churchdore viij*^ 

Item for mending the Churchdore lock viij<^ 

Item to Painter the Smyth of a newe lock & wardt?5 ... ... vj^ 

Item for the Southdore lock & keay mending ... iij" 

Item paid to Trowell for Iron work for y<^ 5*'^ Bell iiij^ x*^ 

Item for bread & beere to the Carpenters working 15 dayes 

about the seates in the Church 4'^ eche day ... ... v** 

Jo : Hall Item for the Clock Keeping the whole yeare xl^ 

Item for shotting the Churche dore and gates x*^ 

Item for washing the Communion lynnen v^ 

Item for broomes spent all the yeare about the Church ... x" 

Item for gathering the names of the Comunicantes xij*^ 

Item for oyle for the Bells ... ... ... ... ij** 

Item for writing and Registring the names of all the marriages 

Christininges & buriall & a skynn of parchme^it ij^ vj'^ 

Item for writing the Communicantes names in a booke ... xij*^ 

Item for shooting the Bell roapes ij** 

Item for writing the Christninges manages &c into the Parche- 

ment booke ... ... ... ... xviij^ 

5. 2. Item for writing thease accoumptes into this booke iij« iiij'i 

Summa totah's of all the disbursmentes is Iviij" xix« xj^ 

Summa totsilis Receptorum ... ... xlij" xiij« iij^ 

Soe vpon this accoumpt there resteth due to the accoumptantes 

more then they haue receaued the some of , xvj" vj« viij** 

Thease accoumpte* were seene perused & allowed the last of aprill 1629 

1629 423 

by vs whose names arc vndcr written being Auditors for to receauc this 

Henrie Mowtlowe 

John Crane 

Phillip : Woolfe 

Edward dodson 

waiter W B Betson 

361 a] This Election was made the 7*^^ of Aprill 1629 for the Choyce of 
the Chiirchw^ardens for the yeare insuing according to the Auncient Cus- 
tonie of the parishioners of great S*- Maries parishe in Cambridge William 
Casbone hathe Chozeu m^' Phillip woolfe for his man And Arthure Turner 
hath Chozen for his man Edward dodson m'^ woolfe hath Chozen to him 
Henrie Moodie Phillip Scarlett and Henrie Preist ; Edward Dodson hath 
Chozen Christopher Adams Christopher Hatley & Samuell Smyth And 
thease eight hau e Choa e n with the consent of m^' Thomas Medhope minis- 
tor of the said Church haue Chozen Churchwardens for the yeare ensuing 
William Casebone and Arthure Turner. And the said Churchwardens 
haue Chozen for Sydesmen Henry Preist and Walter Betson. 

Memorandw?;! that is a greed by the consent of the parishioners the 
third of Maye 1629 that at noe Churchwardens election feast hereafter 
shalbe allowed by the parrishe to be expended aboue the sowime of ffortie 
shillinge^ vppon the Common stock & parishe Charg But that euery one 
that is present at the said feast that is a parishioner shall pay xij'^ a peece, 
and the Churchwardens shall beare & defray the rest 

Item yt was also agreed at the same tyme that for and towardes the 
Arrerages and debt due vnto the said William Casebone and Arthure 
Turner Churchwardens at the foote of their accoumpts amounting to the 
some of xvj^ vj^ viij'^ wAich was allowed by the Auditors for the last yeare 
the parishioners shall pay to the said Churchwardens halfe an Easter 
booke according to the rate now to be made for the Easter booke for the 
yeare 1629 

Memorandum the day & yeare aboue written yt was also agreed by the 
siiid Parrishioners of great S* Maries in the Chauncell of the said Churche 
That D^ Mowtlowe and Alderman Cropley should choose sixe men three of 
each bodie to and with the now Churchwardens William Casebone and 
Arthure Turner To ouersee and amend the Eates in the Easter booke as 
they shall see fitt and those two haue Chosen for that purpose m'^ Williams 
m^ Greene & m^ Scarlett m^ Dodson m^" Sedgwick & m^' watson Prouided 
that d'^ Mowtlowe & Alderman Cropley shall haue power to rate as to them 
shalbe thought fitt thease sixe men by them soe chosen & also the Church- 
wardens and that these eight or the greater parte of them shall doe the 



361 b] We whose names are subscribed according to the order afore- 
said haue ptvvsed the rate for the Easter booke and haue rated as 

s d 

Mr Allen 3 

M"^ Adams 

, . , 


Troylis Atkinson 

. . 


Barnaby Amy 


1 6 

Widdow Ablinson .. 



John Aspland 



Goodman Ansell 


Daniell Boyce 



M^ Broadstreet 

. .. 

... 6 receued parte 5^ O^ 

Goodman Battye 



Goodma?^ Bowtell .. 

. . . 


Thomas Browne 

. • • 

2 6 

Richard Bagshott .. 

. . • 


M"^ Betson 

^ , 


Widdow Boyce 

, , 


Robert Bell 

^ ^ 


Wilh'am Bridges 

^ ^ 


Henry Beamont 


Mr Bert 

. , 


WilKam Burton 


Elizabeth Bath 

. , 


Goodman Brechinor . . 

. .. 


Widdow Buffe 



John Biggs ... 



M^ John Crane 





4 6 

Wilh'am Casborne .. 

. , 


Gilbert Coote 

, . 

1 6 

NicAo^as Carpinter .. 


Abraham Collins 



Mr Cotton 



Alderman Cropley . . 



Seath Collins 



Samuell Doone 


Charles Dawson 


Robert Durden 


3 6 

M^" Dodson 


3 4 

Anthony Duglis 



James Elliott 



5ii 108 iQi Mr Edmunds 


1629-80 425 

362 a] Henry Essex 10 

tt'ather Evans 16 

Gilbert ffabian 3 4 

Jefferyffinch 2 6 

ffrancis ffinch ... ... ... 36 

Good;«a?i ffordliam ^ 10 

Goodma?i Graues ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 10 

Goodman Glaseuby ... ... 2 

M^ Greene 4 

Wilh'am Goade 3 4 

Mr Gibson 4 

M^Godfery 4 

William Goodwin ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 1 

ffrancis Greene ... ... ... ... ... 2 

Thomas Gee ... ... ... ... ... ... 1 6 

M"" Hughes 6 

M"^ Higney 4 

Gabriell Harrison ... ... ... ... ... 3 6 

Goodma?i Home 3 4 

Widdow Hamond ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 1 

Widdow Heme 3 

Widdow Hewson ... ... ... ... ... 4 

Thomas Hewson ... ... 1 6 

Arthur Hurst 4 

James Hunter ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 1 

M'^ Heyward 4 

John Heme 2 6 

James Hall 1 

John Halden 1 

John Jolly 3 6 

Kichard Ireland 3 

Thomas Jury 2 6 

Widdow Ingersole 1 

Goodma?i Ingrey ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 10 

Goodmanlva,t ... ... ... 1 6 

NicAo^as Kelley 1 

Widdow Knuckle 10 

M'^Lyle 5 

Widdow Lambe 10 

John Legg 1 6 

Robert Leete ... ... 2 

Goodman Lee ... 2 

Robert Lindall ... ... ... ... ... 1 6 

ffather Loader 1 

M^ Lane 2 

426 1629-30 

Doctor Moutlowc ... ... ... ... 

Mrs Medcalfe 

John Millisent 

6. 3. 6 Mr Moody 

362 b] Thomas Moody 
Goodman Malyn 
George Mathevves 
Richard Mendham ... 
Symon North 
Anthony Nicholson ... 
Alderman Potto 

M"^ Pepis 

M" Pamplin 

Obadiah Perkins 
Marterius Pepis 
Jonathan Pinder 
Henry Preist... 
Edmund Porter 
Goodman Potto 
Goodman Parker 
John Prestley 
Noah Peere ... 

James Preist 

Widdow Perkins 
Thomas Parke 
Symon Robiicke 
Widdow Rogers 
Widdow Richardson 
Goodma?i Rotherie ... 

M" Randall 

Mi"8 Raye 

Thomas Royston 
Goodman Rust 
Joshua Sedgwicke ... 
Phillip Scarlett 

John Scott 

Samuell Smith 
Edward Spencer 

M^" Swetson 

Henry Stockdell 
Richard Sober 

Jonas Scott 

Peter Scarlett 


























































Widdow Shilbonie 


Robert Sanders 


Widdow Symons 


iFraiicis Sheldrake 

3 4 

Arthur Turner 


Samuell Taylor ^ 


Henry Turldngton ^ 

2 6 

I. 2 Widdow Tiffin 


363 a] Robert Tavenor 


Goodwia?i Tooly 


CAns^ofer Tingey 


George Taylor 


Jonas Wilks 


Gregory Whellocke 


John Yaxley senior 


Alderman Wicksteed 




M^" Williams 

6 8 

Joseph Watson 


Edward Wakefeild 


Thomas Watkins 


Nathan Whitle 


Oliver Woolfe 




John Smith 


Good??iari Woeworth ... 


Widdow Warren 


Good?na?i Whiskin 


Thomas Woods 


John Warren 


Umfrye Waterman 

1 6 

Robert Bright 


Goodwan Woodward 

1 6 

John Yaxley iumbr 

1 6 

Edward Woolfe 


Peter Collins 


Goodma?i Woolward 


Thomas Ship 

1 6 

GoodwdT?, ffarechild 


Widot^ Hodson 


Elizabeth Seamer 


Widdow Lamb 

Thomas Holmes 

1 6 



Richard Glaseiibye 

, ,, ... . , , ... 


4. 1. 8 Thomas Glouer 

Henrie Mowtlowe 
Edward Cropley 
Edward Dodson 

1 6 

Sum of the whole Easter 

Phillipe Scarlcttc 

booke is— 22ii 7« 2^^ 

Leon : Greene 
william williams 
Joshua Sedgwicke 

363 b] The names of all such parishioners as are behind 

& not paid the 

whole Easter & half Easter book for the yeares ending the 30^'' of march 


the whole Rate 

the half rate 

Barnaby Amye 

P 6^ 


Richard Bagshott 


Goodman Brichenor 



widdowe Boys 


widdowe BufFe 


John Biggs 


Abraham Collins 



m"^ Hewghes 



widdowe Hamond 


John Halden 



Goodman luat 


Goodman Kelley 


M'" Lysle 



widdowe Lambe 


fFather Loder 


nws^ris Metcalf 



George math ewes 



m^» Pamplin 


Goodman Parker 



James Preist 



widowe Perkins 



Goodman Rust 


widdowe Tyffin 


Christopher Tyngey 


m'^ Williams 

vj'* viij*^ 


Goodman watkins 



Goodman whitle 



Goodman woworthe 


Good wife warren 


Goodman waterman 



Goodman Bright 




Goodman wolf 
Goodman wolward 
widdow Hudson 
widdow Seamer 
Thomas holmes 
Thomas woodes 
Thomas howsden 
William Bridg 
Arthur Hurst 
Alderman wickstedd 
Goodman Lee 





1. 17. 8 
Sum total yet to receaue is iij^i xvj^ ix^ 








1. 19. I'l 

364 a] Great Saint The Accomptes of William Casebone and Arthure 
Maries Turner Churchwardens for their Receiptee and dis- 

bursmentes for the yeare 1629 ending the 28*^ of 

March 1630 


s 2d 


.8 \d 


Receaued for the whole Easter Booke of the parishioners 
Receaued for the halfe Easter Book of the parishioners 
Receaued for 230 master of Artes & one bachelour extraoro?mary 
Receaued of Proctor Roberts for 209 bachelors of Artes at 4*^ . . . 
Receaued for the buriall of a stranger that dyed at m^" Taylors 

Receaued for the buriall of m^ Watson butcher 

Receaued for the buriall of m'^ Broadstreetes Children 

Receaued for the buriall of William Leader ... 

Receaued for the buriall of William Casebon Churchwarden ... 
Receaued of the parishioners at the Churchwardens dinner ... 

Receaued for the Seruants offerings this yeare 

Receaued of John Hall for Rent 

Receaued of the Widdowe Ablinson for a ffyere 

Receaued of Doctor Mowtlowe for Rent 

Receaued of the Widdowe Abblinson for Rent 

Receaued of Walter Betson for Rent 

Receaued of the Widdowe Heron for Rent 

Receaued of James Hall for Rent 

Receaued of M"^ Godfrey for his fyne at the election for Refuse- 

ing to be Churchwarden 

Receaued of John ffreeman for his offering 

Receaued of the Widdowe west for his offering 

Receaued of Goodman Hopkinson for his offering 

Receaued of James Warde for his offering ... 

Suwima Receptorum xlix^^ vj^ 


xxj" 14s x^ 

ix^i iij 





li iijs 






























3G4 b] Disbui'sments of the said Churchwardens whereof they crane 

Inprimis paid to m'" Medhope for his yeares wages 
Item paid to ni^' Dodson for the election dinner 
Item paid for wyne at m^ Dodsons the same daye 
Item for trussinfi: of the great bell 

Item for stayes for the fowrth bell 

Item for two boxes for the triple bell 

Item to Trowell for Iron worke for the greate bell 
Item for Iron worke for the Triple & fowrth Bell 
Item for making vandalls of all the fyve wheeles & an Iron\ 
Rowle for the tenure and newe stayes to all the wheeles 
which, amounted to 36^ shillings whereof the Schollers)- 
that were Ringers ^ paid 18^ and soe the parishe paid the 
other half which, was / 

Item for fyve bell Ropes weighing 53^^ at 4*^ ob ... 
Item for another Rope weighing 2^^ 11 ounces ... 
Item to goodman Corbett for mending the windowes 

Item for newe glasse 30*^'^ quarrells 

Item for 2 foote of newe glasse beading 

Item for 8 foote of newe glasse bynding & souldering 

Item for 70 quarrells of newe glasse 

Item for 24 foote of ould glasse banding & souldering 

Item for a ladder ... 

to Noath Item for mending the Church gate next the Rose 

Item for mending the other north gate 

Item for mending the south gate ... 

Item for a staye to the Steeple dore & a staple for the south gate 

Item for a key to the Chauncell dore 

Item for Iron worke for the Church gates 

Item for mending the Lock on the Chauncell dore 

Item for mending the lock of the gate next to the Lilepott 

Item for pauing the north Island ... ... 

Item for pauing the streete next to Doctor Mowtlowes . . . 
Item for pauing about the Church Walls & other places 
Item for 4 quarter bills 

Item to Goodman mittin for his 4 quarters wages 
Item to Roger wright for his whole yeares wages 

xnj" vj8 vnj** 









xx^ ij*^ ob 

ijs yy\ 



ijs viij<i 

ijs yd 



iiijs vjd 





iij« iiijd 



365 a] Item paid to father Hall for his whole yeares wages as 
appereth by his bill 

Item given to twoe Gretians that brought a breefe by the vice 
Chauncellors appoyntme/^t .. 

iiij" ij^ 

iijs iiijd 

^ There was a company of scholar ringers. 

1630 431 

Item a poor man thcat came w/th a passe vj<^ 

Item given to Good wyfe Holiday at 2 seuerall tymes x^ 

Item to the Kingers at 4 seuerall tymes viz. 19*'^ of June 5**i of 

October, 5*^ of Nouember & the 27*^ of march viij^ 

Due to M'" Casebone for the last yeares arrerage as appereth at 

the foote of his accoumpt^ xvj^' vj^ viij^^ 

To Scott the Glassier for mending the windowes against Easter 

as appei-eth by his bill x^ vj^ 

Item to the Treasurers for Rent xij^^ 

Item for a paire of Joynts and nayes for mistrm wolfs seate ... xiiij*^ 

Item for making cleane the Church yard at Easter vj** 

Item for the visitation supper x^ 

Item for a book of Cannons ... ... ... xij^^ 

Item allowed m*" Cropley out of his Easter book which, he layd 

out to m^" wilkes xij** 

Item for writing thease Accoumpts iijs iiij<i 

Item for Comunion wyne for the whole yeare iiji* xvij''^ 

Item for a book of Articles -xij-*^ xiiij'^ 

Item for Elie farthinges x'^ ob 

Item for whiting the pillars in the Churche iij^ vj<^ 

Item for a prayer for the Queene ... ... ... ... ... ijd 

Item to goodman Graues the smyth for mending 4 lockes &I ...^ .^^ 

making one keye one hindge & nayles for the Church gate/ ^ ^ 

Item more for one hindge for the gate next Doctor Moutlowe . . , xvj^ 

Item to Goodman Gee for setting vp the Church gates and! ..^ .^^ 

mending of them & 3 seates in the Churche j 

Item paid to m"^ Scott for writing diuers thinges extraordinarie] 

this yeare as will appere / 

Summa Totah's of all the disbursementes is Lj^> xvj^ viij'^ 

365 b] Summa Receptorum is xlix^^ vj® 

Summa Expensarum is Lj^^ xvj^ viij<^ 

Soe ther is due to the Accoumptant to be paid by the parrishe L^ viij* 

This Accoumpte was seene and allowed the xxix^^ of Aprill 1630 by vs 
whose names are vnder written being Auditors for to receaue y^^ Accoumpts. 

Phillip Woolfe 
Phillipe Scarlette 
Henry Moody 
Henry Preist 
Christofer Adams. 

366 a] The Election made vpon Easter Twesday being the thirtith daye 
of march Anno dommi 1630 according to the Custome of the parishe of 
Great S* Maries within the towne of Cambridge for the Chooseing and 
electing of the Churchwardens for the said parrishe for the yeare next 

432 1630 

following (viz) for as much as William Casebone one of the late Church- 
wardens of the said parrishe is deceased in the last yeare before the 
election, Arthure Turner another of the late Churchwardens hath ac- 
cording to the custome of the said parishe Chosyen for his man Alderman 
wickstedd and m^ John Crane and Alderman wickstedd hath Chozen vnto 
him Mv Wolf e Samuell Broadstreet Tymothie Higney and Walter Betson ; 
and m^ Craine hath hath chozen vnto him m"^ wolfe m^" williams and 
Henry Preist and thease eight haue with one genuerall consent chozen 
Thomas Godfrey and Gabriell Harrison to be Churchwardens of the 
pa?nshe aforesaid for the yeare following m^ Thomas Medhop minister of 
the said parishe assenting therevnto. And the said Thomas Godfrej'^ at 
the said vestry then houlden hath come in and before the said Electors 
and the rest of the vestrey declared his refusall of the said office and hath 
paid downe into the handes of the said late Church Warden the fyne of 
fortie shillings according to a certaine late order of the said parishe in that 
case made & prouided And therefore the said Electors w^'^h the consent of 
the said m'" Medhope haue Chozen Josuahe Sedgwick to be. one of the 
Churchwardens of the said parishe for the yeare following in ^tfie stedd & 
place of the said Thomas Godfrey And the said Churchwardens haue 
chozen for their Sydesmen Henrie Preist and John Peaps 

366 b] An Inventorie of all the goodes belonging to the Church Aprill 
the 29'*^ 1630 on which day the account was made 

In primis a Bible for the Church 

Bishop Jewells workes 

A booke of homilies 

Erasmus paraphrase 

Two seruice bookes in iolio 

A booke of Cannons 

Two Communion Cupps of silver with covers to them 

A Communion table cloath of blew vellvett linned , 

Imbrothered Carpett wrought 

A Surplice 

A flfringed table cloath 

Two towells 

A parchme/it booke of parish evidences 

A blue velvet Cushion for the pulpit with a couer for it given by Richard 

Two ladders 
A church hooke 

A crimson Cushion and cloath of vellvet for the pulpitt 
A nedle worke Cushion for the Maior 

These goods were deliuered by Arthur Turner late Church Warden to 
Gabriell Harison and Joshua Sedgwicke the present Churchwardens. 

163f 433 

Memoralld«w^ it was concluded and agreed May the 16^*' 1630 by the 
j)ayishion<';'S that thirty shillings p«rte of the forty shillings which. Arthur 
Turner Receiued of M^" Godfery for his fine for not holding the Church- 
wardenship wiVhin the said parish to which, he was lately elected the 
30*** of March 1630 \^)on the said M"^ Godferyes peticion to the panshioners 
shall be payed vnto him the said M*' Godfery by the now Churchwardens 
and shalbe allowed to them at tlie time of their account 

Memorandi^7?i it is concluded and agreed the 28*'* of May that foras- 
much as John Hall Gierke of S* Maryes parish for abueseing the Church- 
wardnes was dismissed from being Sexton by the whole assent of the 
367 a] parish & Richard Bagshott of the said parish admitted Sexton in 
his rome yet vpon the submission of the said John Hall the parishioners 
with the Churchwardenes are contented that the said John Hall vpon his 
good behauior towards the p/'csent Churchwardens for euer hereafter 
and all other the parishioners for time to come shalbe restored to his said 
place of Sexton and that the said Churchwardens shall pay vnto the said 
Richard Bagshott for his paynes fine shillings which is to be deducted and 
allowed out of the wages of the said John Hall. 

Memorand2^m whereas the 24*** of August last past Richard Bagshott 
was by the Churchwardens appointed and made Sexton for that John 
Hall was accused for some misdemeaners about the Church and soe the 
keyes tiiken from the said Hall and cowimitted to the said Bagshott who 
hath pe/'formed the office of Sexton untill this 28*'* of November, Now vpon 
the submission and earnest peticion of the said John Hall vnto the whole 
parish assembled the parishioners are content that the said John Hall 
shalbe restored to his place soe as there be deducted and payed out of the 
wages of the said John Hall by the Churchwardens vnto the said Bagshott 
twenty shillings wAz'ch is to be allowed at hes account 

The sixt day of March 1630 

Memorand^wi the day and yeare aboue said the parishioners of great 
S* Maryes parish in Cambridge assembled in the Chauncell of the said 
Church haue elected and Chosen vnto the two Churchwardens Gabriell 
Harison and Joshua Sedgwicke three of either body videk'cet M*' Woolfe 
Mr Williams M*^ Joh?i Pepis M*^ Preist M*" Higny and M*' Adams which 
eight or the greater number of them haue hereby power to reveiw and 
amend the Easter booke before the feast of Easter next comeing and also 
it is agreed and concluded that M*' Doctor Moutlow and M*' Alderman 
Cropley shall haue powder to rate the aforesaid Churchwardens and the 
other persons before named. 

367 b] Memorandwwi that the day and yeare aforesaid it is agreed by the 
whole consent of the parishioners assembled in the Chauncell of the 
parish Church aforesaid that whreas the custome hath been and still is of 
the parishioners of the said parish yearely to pay their rates (comonly) 
there called the Easter booke at the feast of Easter only Now for that it 

C. A. S. Octavo Series. No. XXXV. 28 



doth appeare vnto the panshioners that great inconveniencie & losse doth 
thereon arise by such as goe out of the p«;-ish or die before the end of 
the yeare It is therefore fully agreed concluded and confirmed that the 
Siiid Ecister booke be from henceforth foreuer payed by the parishioners of 
the said pa7*ishioners and other occupiers there vnto the Churchwardens 
for the time being at the fower vsuall feasts in the yeare namely Midsomer 
Miclialmas Christmas and Easter by equall po/'CH)ns that is to say at 
euery of the said feasts a fourth parte of that which they shalbe rated in 
the said booke and that for non payme?it as aforesaid it shall be lawfull for 
the Churchwardens of the same parish to take such order against the 
ofiendcrs after eue^y offence as the haue formerly done 

Edward Cropley John Wickstede John Crane 
John Swetsonn 

Henry Moody 
Henry Preist 
John Peaps 
Edward Dodson 
Christopher Adames 
Timothie Hignie 
Edward Gibson 
Samuell Taylor 
Jonas Wilkes 
Henri e Stockdall 
William Eovton 

Phillip Woolfe 
william williams 
Phillip Scarlett 
John Scott 
Richard Irland 
Troy las Atkinson 
Francis Greene 
John Hearne the x 
Thomas Royston 
John Seamcr 
Thomas Holmes 

368 a] According to the order before made the partyes therein appointed 
haue reveiwed and amended the Easter booke as followeth 

Thomas Glover 

not vGCcived Thomas Turner for parte of his house 

Marterius Pepis 

Mr Woolfe 

Thomas Nicholson ... 

not received M" Legg 

Samuell Broadstreet 

John Aspland 

Timothy Higny 

John Jolly 

M"* Lane 

Joshua Sedgwicke ... 

Jonas Scott ... 

John Milicent 

Anthony Duglis 

Widdoi^; Ablinson 

Widdo2^ Tiffin 


8 d 


2 6 




2 6 




3 4 


1 ( 


6 i 


2 ( 


4 ( 


4 ( 


2 < 


4 1 


4 ■' 











Wilh'cnn Glaseiiby ... 

Robert Batty 

Thomas Bowtell 
Hillary Rothery 
Widdo w Hugins 
Wida?«; Hamond 

Symon North ^ 

Richard Bagshott 
ftrancis Greene 

Edward Woolfe 

Moses Home 
George Taylor 

M"^ Stwetson 

John Halden 

Thomas Moody 

Gabriell Harison 

Samuell Done 

Robert Corbett 

368 b] M'^ Alderman Wicksteed 

M^ Hughes & M'- Wakefeild 

Iseudase Clarke 

Richard Ireland 

Widdo ?^' Wray 

Jeflfery Ablinson 

John Heme sen' 

Thomas Browne 

Henry Moody 

ffrancis Setle 

M"- Williams 

Robert Sanders 
Gregory Whelocke ... 
Troylas Atkinson 

Peter Collins 

Widdoi^; Richardson 

Richard Glasenby 

M'"s Greene 

John Heme iumor ... 

William Edmonds 

Thomas Watkin 
Widdo?y Knuckle 

M"^ Crane 


Widdow Goade 

M'- East 





































































































28 2 


Edward Wakefeild ... 

M'-s Pamplin 

flraucis ffinch 

Ed. Gibson 

Jonathan Pinder 
Peter Scarlett 
John Yaxley m7iior . . . 
Symon Robucke 
Water Betson 
John Legg 
Thomas Crabb 
Henry Turkington ... 
Thomas King 
Widdo?^ Symons 

369 a] Thomas ffordham 

Phillip Scarlett 

Henry Preist 

John Scott 

Samuell Taylor 

Edmund Porter 

Henry Coppin 

Charles Dawson 

Anthony Nicholson 

Waren Ingry 

George Hopkinson ... 

'William. Graves 

Thomas Ingry 

James Hall 

receivedl^ Thomas Broughton ... 

Tho7nas Atkinson 

Thomas Diirden 

M'* Ingry 

Widdoiv Huson 

Robert Durden 

John Day 

John Prisely 

Sam Watson 

Widdo2(> Watson 
received 1 » Michaell Story 

M"" Adams 

WilKam Parker 

John Yaxley senior ... 

Widdow Rogers 

Mr« Medcalfe 

























































Vmfry Wol worth 

"Nickolds Kelley 

John Loader 



Widdoi^ Mirton ... ..^- 
ved John Pettit for diuerse tenements in 

Tho??ia^ Rust 

Wilb'am I vat 

Widdo?^; Potter 

NicAo^as Carpinter 

Samuell Smith 

John ffreeman 

Edmund Halliday 

'Ed^xai'd hee ... 

Richard Tooley 
15. Robert Leet 

ved 369 b] M"" Rose for his maulthouse 



Widdo?6' Warren 

ThwTias Malinsj ... 

John Biggs ... 


Christofer Tingey 

Widdo?^^ Stacy 

Widdo^d? Hurst ... 

Robert Bell 

Oliver Woolfe 

Wilh'am Goodwin 

Edward Dodson 

? 28 Thomas Buckle 

Widdo?<; ffinch 

Henry Essex 

John Smith 

Widdo?^' Perkins iumor 

Noah Peere ... 

Thomas Bugby 

Widdo?<; Jury... 

Mr Allen 

William Bridge 

ffrancis Sheldrake 

Robert Ta van 

James Hunter 

his occupacion 
























































Thomas Housden 

Willmm Whiskin 

Arthur Hurst 
not Yoreiri'd WiUmui Enipson for pnrrte of tlie ffaloon. 
Henry Beamont 
Thomas Woods 
NicAo/as Litle 
Jonas Wilkes... 
M'" Stasemore ... 
James Preist... 
Widdo//' Perkins sen/or 
John Ansell ... ... ... ... 

Edward Spencer 
^iithaniel Sally 
James Elliot ... 

M'" Akkrman Potto 

Thomas Royston 
5 G Thomas Holmes 

370 a] John Pepis 

Widdow Gotten 

Thomas Godfrey 

not recm'eo? Doctor Moutlow 

John Watson ... 

M^ Howard 

Wilh'am Burton 

Thomas Bert ... 

Richard Soper ... 

M*" Alderman Cropley 

Phillip Webb 

Thomas Shipp 

vcQcivcd 4^ Richard Mendham 

Stephen ffortune 

Henry Stockdell 

RobeH Lendall 

Ezekiell Wool ward 

Wilh'am Evans 

Thomas Gee 

Widdoiv Ingersole 

Widdoio Morley 

Ellen Skinner 

Wilh'am Woodward 

Elizabeth Hudson ... 

Elizabeth Seamor ... 

received 28 Arthur Turner 

31' 15 10 




. . . 



. . . 




3 4 

. . . 






• .. 


1 6 




. . . 



• • • 



. . . 



, . , 



, . , 



, . , 



. . , 


3 4 








3 4 



• • • 



• • • 



• • • 



• * • 


1 6 

• • • 



• • • 






• • • 



• • • 



• • • 


3 4 

• • • 


2 6 

• •• 



• • • 



• . • 


3 6 

• • • 


1 6 

• •• 



• • • 



• • ■ 



• ■ • • 









• • • < 



• • • ■ 



• • • « 







The totall of this Easter booke is twenty fine pounds thirteen shillings 
and fower pence whereof not collected as appeareth before sixteen shillings 
and tenn pence : soe that the nionyes collected of this former rate is twenty 
fower pounds sixteen shillings and six pence for which the Church- 
wardens account as followeth in the next page 

370 b] The accompts of Joshua Sedgwicke and Gabriell Harison Church- 
wardens of the parish Church of great &*■ Maries in Cambridge for such 
monyes and other things as they haue receiued by vertue of their said 
office which, was yelded and given vp as ftblloweth 

Inprimis received of the pa?7^shioners for the whole Easter 

booke ... ... 

deceived for 200 vaastev of Arts & 12 bachillers ... 

Receii'ec? for 300 Bachilers of Art ... 

'Received of the parishioners at the election dinner 
Received for the servants offerings 

Received for the Buriall of M^" Penny 

Received for the buriall of M^" Spencers child 

Received for the buriall of M^' Steward 

Received for the buriall of M^" Croplyes sonne ... 

Received for carrying M^" Hobson through the pa?'ish and for 

his funerall sermon 

Received for the buriall of M^^ Potto 

Received for the buriall of M^' Michael Watson ... 
Received for the buriall of M^'^ Moutlow ... 

Received for the buriall of M}'^ Durden 

Received of John Hall for rent 

Received of Widdoz/j Ablinson for rent 

Received of Doctor Moutlow for rent 

Received of Walter Betson for rent 

Received of Richard Pate for a post standing in the Church yard 

Rec^i'yec^ of John Heme for rent ... 

Received for buriall of M'^ Leonard Greene 

The totall Sum of the receipts are 40^^ 12 
Disbursements whereof the said Churchwardens craiie allowance 

li s d 

Paid to M'" Watts minister for his whole yeares wages ... 

Paid to m'^ Dodson for the ellection dinner 

ffor Wine the same day at dinner 

ffor Wine and cakes at the Auditt ... ... 

To Thomas Godfery by order of the parish in parte of his fine 

formerly by him paid ... 

Paid to Bagshaw when he was first put on Sexton out of John 

Halls wases ... ... ... ... 


















































1 10 














440 1631-2 

371 a] To Sell for mending the bells 

ftbr a thanksgiueing for the Queens deliucrance of the Prince 

ftbr a booke of Articles ... 

To the Plumer for mendini' of the leads ... 

To the pavier that paued the north side of the Churchyard 

ftbr three tunn one quarter & eight bushells of pebles ... 

To Bagshaw the second time he was appointed Sexton 

Paid to the Scavinger for clensing the streets agamst the 

Churchyard all the yeare ... 2 

To three men two dayes for winding vp the leade & laying vp 

the timber of the vestry 4 6 

ffor two bellropes weying 20^' at 4'^ the pound ... 7 6 

To Noah Peere for mending the Church gates timber nayles 

& workemanship 7 5 

To the Treasurers of the towne for rent for parte of the Almes 


To Bridges for mending the stayes of the bells ... 

To the rinsrers the 5^'* of November 

ffor Ely farthings ... 

To Bagshaw for clenseing the leades ... 

ffor 24*y Loades of sand 

ffor Comunion wine all the yeare 

ffor bringing the pebles from the bridge ... 

To the dog whipper for his wages all yeare 

To Graues the smith for lockes keyes &; Iron worke about the 

Church, dores, chest bells & gates ... 

To Ivatt for 5 day Worke makeing dores and the Chest 

ffor nayles then 

To I vat three dayes to mend the Almes houses & some seates 

in the Church ... ... ... ... 

To M^" Atkinson for boards to make the dores and chest 

ffor nales and binding to mend the Almeshouses 

Paid to a Clayer, to mend the same houses ... 

371 b] ffor a pare of side hinges for a seate in the Church 

ffor nales 

To James Preist for painteing in the Church 

ffor two new service bookes 

ffor the visitaczon supper 

ffor two ffast bookes ... 

ffor Writing the former and last rate & some other writings 

ffor writing these accounts 

ffor parchment, writing the regester of Christnings marriages & 

burialls for this yeare past 026 


1 10 






8 10 



16 6 

5 10 

2 3 

3 6 


1 9 



s d 







6 8 

3 4 

1631 441 

Paid to John PLill the remayndcT of his wages for keeping the 
Clocke washing the Comunion Linnen Comunion bread 
shuting the gates broines oyle for the bells shooting the 

ropes and mending some seates & the bell stayes 2 15 8 

The Slime receiued is ., 40" 128 q 

The sume disbursed is 41" 1^ 8 

See that there is due to these accomptants aboue their receipts 

to be payed by the parish ... ... ... 9 8 

This accompt was seene and allowed the xxvij*'^ of Aprill 1632 by vs 
whose names are vnder written Auditors to receiue these accompts 

John Crane 
Phillip Woolfe 
Henry Preist 
William williams 

372 a] The election made vpon Easter tusday being the 12*^^ day of 
Aprill 1631 according to the ancient custome and order in great S* Maryes 
parish in Cambridge for the chooseing of Churchwardens for the said 
parish for the yeare to come. The Churchwardens haue chosen as 
foUoweth yidelwet Gabriell Harison hath chosen for his man M^ Phillip 
Woolfe and Joshua Sedgwicke hath chosen for his man M^' John Pepis 
Phillip Woolfe hath chosen to him Phillip Scarlett Henry Moody Henry 
Preist and John Pepis hath chosen to him Timothy Higny Edward Dodson 
and Marterius Pepis and these eight wz'th the consent of M^' Watts 
minister of this parish haue chosen Churchwardens for the yeare to come 
Joshua Sedgwicke and Gabriell Harison and the Churchwardens haue 
chosen for sidesmen Henry Preist and Chnstoiev Adams 

The one and thirteth of luly 1631 

Memora^idi^m it is agreed by the generall consent of the parishioners 
of the parish of great S* Mary in Cambridge assembled in the Chauncell 
of the said parish Church that M'' Alderman Cropley M^ Crane M"" 
Williams M^" Adams and the two Churchwardens or the greater parte of 
them shall veiw the ground lying behind the Chancell and parte of the 
Churchyard and to meesure the lenght and bredth thereof and to ce/'tifie 
the same to the parish at the next meeting before any lease be thereof 
renewed to Doctor Loue, whereby the parishioners may know what is 

Item it is agreed that the Churchwardens shall accept of three 
pounds as a gift from M"" fFrancis Martin towards the new building of a 
ffonte and that the same be built by the Churchwardens according to 
direction from Doctor Porter and the charge thereof over and aboue the 
three pounds to be borne by the parish 

Item it is agreed that whereas the parish lands and meadow hath been 
formerly vniustly taken from the parish and is now layed out by a Jury 



at Chesterton that M*" Aldi'rmaii Croply M»" Crane M'" "W'iUiams M^' Adams 
M*" Moody M^' Preist M"" Higny M»" Betson & the two churchwardens shall 
veiw the siime lands and doe cause the same to be dowled and bounded 
out at the pa;"ish charge 

372 b] Item it is also agreed that whereas parte of the Inn called the 
flalcon doth lye in 026r parish and only such as are poore that Hue therein 
are putt vpon this parish to releiue and such as are able and occupie 
pa7*te of the same house lying in this parish refuse either to pay to the 
repare of the Church or maintenance of the poore therefore it is thought 
fitt and agreed that the Churchwardens shall aske Counsell and be 
advised what doe for them and all others that doe occupie any lands 
houses or teneme?its in the said parish and will not pay to the repayre of 
the Church and maintenance of the poore and as they shall be advised to 
proceed in the law against them & euery of them and this to be done at 
the parish charge 

The eight and twentith day of March 1631 

Memoranditm that the day and yeare abouesaid Edward Potto 
gentleinan one of the Aldermen of the towne of Cambridge and a 
parishioner of this parish did loueingly and freely bestow vpon the parish 
a new Communion tablecloth of diaper being three yards and three 
quarters in length and two yards in breedth to be and remayne to the 
parish : 

The rate of the parishioners vnto the Easter booke 
comonly soe called for payment of ministers wages 
repayre of the Church and other necessaryes about the 

373 a] Great S* 
Maryes parish in 

Thomas Glover 
Marterius Pepis 
M^^Woolfe ... 

received P Percivall Seacoale 
M" Legg 
W^ Broadstreete 

received 7J^ John Walker 

Timothy Higney 
John Jolly 
Widdow Cannam 
Joshua Sedgwicke 
John Millicent 
Robert Andre wes 
received 2^ Jonas Scott ... 

eceived 1* 3 Thomas Halfehead 
Widdoio Ablinson 


s d 

2 6 

2 G 



2 6 

6 8 

2 6 





3 4 

1 6 


2 6 




Widdo?f Tiffin 
"WilbVaii Lascnby 
RobeH Batty 
Thomas Bowtell 
Hillary Rothery ... ^ 
Widdo?t' Hamont 
Symon North 
Richard Bagshott 
ecei red 2^ John Dod 

George Taylor 
Moses Home 

M'^ Swetson 

John Holdin ... 
Thomas Moody 
Gabriell Harison 

M"" Jackson 

Samuell Done 
RoW't Corbett 
M'" Alderman Wicksteod 
Richard Ireland 
Widdoi^ Wray 
Jeffery Ablinson 
John Heme sem'or ... 
Thomas Browne 
6-13-6 Henry Moody 

373 b] William Williams 
ffrancis Setle . . . 
Robert Sanders 
Gregory Whelocke 
Troylas Atkinson 
Peter Collins... 
Widdow Richardson 
Richard Lasenby 
Thomas Royston 
ffrancis Greene 
M" Greene ... 
John Heme Jinubr 
reived Z^ Wilkam Edmunds 
Thomas Watkin 
'Widdow Knuckle 
Widdow Woods 


... 2 


... 10 

... 16 

... 10 

... 10 

... 1 

... 2 6 

... 10 

... 4 

... 8 

... 10 

... 3 4 

... 3 6 

... 2 

.. 3 

... 10 

... 10 

... 6 

... 3 4 

3 4 


.. 3 

.. 3 


6 10 6 

li s d 

6 8 
















444 1631-2 

Elizabeth Seamer 

Mr Crane 

Gilbert ftaber 

Widdo26' Goade 

Doctor Moutlow 

Edward Wakefeild 

M'" Perry 

ftrancis ffinch 

Edward Gibson 

Jonathan Pinder 

Peter Scarlett 

John Yaxley 

Simon Robucke ... ... 

Water Betson ... ... 

John Legg ... 

Thomas Crabb , 

Henry Turkington 

Thomas King ... ... ... ' ... 

Widdo26; Symons 

Thomas fFordham 

Phillip Scarett 

Henry Preist 

John Scott ... ... ... 

Samuell Taylor ... ... ... 

Edmund Porter 

Henry Coppin 

Charles Dawson ... ... 

Anthony Nicholson 

Waren Ingry 

James Ball ... 

Thomas Ingry 

Wilh'cmi Graiies ... ... 

6-14-6. Thomas Broughton 

374 a] Robert Durden 

is 3*^ John Seamer 

Widdow; Huson 

John Day 

John Prisely ... 

Ralph Hatley ... 

Widdo2^7 Watson 

Michaell Story 

John Hoklin 6 


























































Wilhrtm Parker 
Chn'stofev Adams 
John Yaxley senior 
Widdow Rogers 
M" Medcalfe... 
Vmfery "Wolworth 
Widdo?<7 Potter 
John ffreeman 
Widdcno West 
Widdo?t' Gotten 
fFasset . . . 
Wilh«m Ivat... 
"Widdo?6" Warren 
James Ward ... 
Nic/io^as Carpinter 
^Yiddo^o Smith 
Edmimd HaUiday 
Edward Lee ... 
Richard Tooley 
Widdo^t' Story 
Robert Leet ... 
Cki'istofer Tingey 

t received Ahimaz Ranew 

Widdo?^ Malin 

Biggs ... 
C/mstofer Parker 
John Loader ... 

Widdo2^ Hurst 
Widdoit' Mirton 
Robert Bell ... 
Oliuer AVoolfe 
Edward Dodson 
Wilh'am Goodwin 
Thomas Buckle 
ftrancis Sheldrake 
Henry Essex 
John Smith ... 
Widdow Perkins 

374 b] Thomas Bugby 
Noah Peere 














1 G 
















3 4 












1 6 

to the repayrel 


of the GhurchJ 

fj \J 


. , 
















3 4 


1 6 


3 4 





3 4 








11 10 





3 4 



Widdojc Jury 
Mr Allen 
"WilbVnn Bridge 
Wilh*(nii ffiiich 

received 6'^ John Hallani 
Robt'^-t Tavan 
Thomas Hoii«den 
AMlliam AVhiskin 
Arthur Hurst 
Henry Beamont 
Thomas Woods 
NicAo^as Litle 
Jonas Wilkes 
vcceired 3^ 4 M"^ Mercer 

M^ Stasemore 
M^ Melvin 
James Preist 
John Aspland 
AViddo?r Perkins 
Robert Bright 

received 6'^ Richard Midlton 
Nathan iell Sally 
James Elliot 
M'" Alderman Potto 
Thomas Holmes 
John Pepis 
Henry Wright 
Thomas Godfery 
Tho7nas Nicholson 
Henry Stockdell 
Stei)hen ftbrtune 
Richard Menham 
Thomas Ship 
M'" Alderman Cropley 
Phillip Webb 
Richard Soper 
Thomas Bert 
Wilk'am Burton 
Hellen Skinner 
Wilh'am Evans 
Ezekiell Woolward 
Robert Lendall 
Robert Gee . . . 
Widdovj Ingersole 
Widdoi(; Morley 




































































1631-2 447 

WilliVmi Woodward... 
WilbVan Howard 

M' Ingry 

John Hales ... 
Owin Price ... 

Widdo/6' Rogers ... .?' ... 

Widdo?6' Hart 

Widdow Reynolds 

Elizabeth Claydon 

Mary Johnson 

375 a] \Viddo?i' Jackson 

Widdoi^ Joanes 

Isabell Lane ... 



The accounts of Joshua Sedgwicke and Gabriell Harison Church- 
wardens of their receipts and disbursements for one yeare begining the 
12"» of Aprill 1631 and ending the third of Aprill 1632 

Receipts : 
Receiued of the parishioners for the whole Easter booke 
deceived for 260 Masters of Arts and 37 Bachellers 
Received for 262 Bachellers of Arts 

Rece«ve<^ for the buriall of M"* Bradstreet 

'Received for buriall of M^'^ Penny ... 
Received for buriall of M^" Smith ... 
Received of the pa?'ishioners at the election dinner 

Received for servants offerings ... 

Receivec? of John Hall for rent 

RecetVec^ of AViddoi^ Ablinson for rent 

Received of Doctor Mowtlow for rent 

Received of Richard Pate for a post standing in the Church yard 

Received of John Heme for rent of the shopps at the west end 

of the Church ... 

Received for the buriall of M"" Willis 

Received for carrying of widdotf Watsons child to be buried in 

S*' Edwards Church 

Sum total of all the receipts 
375 b] Disburseme?its whereof the Churchwardens craue allowance 

li s (1 

Paid to M"^ Watts o^^r minister for his whole yeares wages ... 13 6 8 
Paid for the election dinner 3 10 

. 24 14** 


. 2 15 


. 4 7 


. 6 


. 6 


. 6 


. 1 10 

. 1 1 


. 13 


. 5 

. 7 


i 1 

. 1 

, 6 



. 3 


38ii 5s 7^ 


448 1631-2 

Paid for wine and sugar then 

Paid for "Wine and cakes at the aiiditt ... 

Paid for mending the glasse windowes in the niidle lies 

Paid for Ely ffarthings ... 

Paid for Comunion wine all the yeare 

Paid the glasier for mending all the lower windowes in the 

Church as appearcth by his bill 

Paid for wine sugar bread beare and cakes at the perambuhic/on 
Paid vnto Wilson the Joyner for mending the seates in the 

Church and for cajt^ping two seates ... 

ffor one side hinge ... 

ffor two pare of side hinges... 

flfor nailes to mend the seates ... 

ftbr mending the great bell clapper being broken in two places 
Given to the Jury at Chesterton to spend after they had sett 

out the parish land ... ... ... 

To Phillip Hall for mending the Almeshouse Chinmies 

ffor stakes and spent on the company that went to se the 

pansh land sett out ... 
To the pavier for paueing on the south side of the Church . . . 

ffor seauen Loades of sand ... 

ffor a tunn of pebles ... ... 

ffor carriage of them ... ... ... ... 

ffor two bell roopes ... 

ffor boardes to make a dore in the steple 

To a Carpinter to make the dore mend the stayes and two 

bell wheeles ... ... 2 4 

376 a] ffor boards to mend the seates ... 

ffor quarters to make the capjnngs and a ffurbord 

ffor parchme?it and writing the regester of christnings marriages 

and burialls 

ffor writing fewer quarter bills 

ffor the visitacion supper ... ... 

to the scavinger for his wages all the yeare 

to the dogwhipper ... 

to John Hall for keepeing the clocke 

ffor bread for the Co?>miunion ... 

ffor shutting the gates 

ffor broomes 

To Sell for mending the bells as appeareth by his bill 

ffor two bell ropes ... 

ffor mending the Church gates and two seates in the Church... 

To the treasurers of the towne ... 

Rest due to the Churchwardens of the former yeare ... 



































































cl Ob 






10 J 



1632 449 

ffor more quarters to make the seates 

ftbr writing these accounts 

ffor mending the clarkes seate ... 

ffor a poimd of wire for the clocke 

ftbr washing the Communion Linnen ... 

ffor scoureing the plate & fflngons 

ffor oyle for the bells 

ffor shooteing the ropes all the yeare 
ffor the ringers on the Coronacibn day ... 

Sum totall 

The sume receiued 

The sume disbursed 

The remaynder 

which remaynder was payd to Henry Preist 

Seene and allowed by vs 

Henry Preist Phillip: Woolfe: 

Phillipe Scarlett Edward Dodson 

Henry Moody 

376 b] The election vpon Easter Tusday being the third day of Aprill 
Anno Domini 1632 according to the ancient cos tome and order in great 
S*^ Maryes parish in Cambridge for the Choseing of Churchwardens in the 
said pansh for the yeare to come. The Churchwardens haue chosen as 
followeth videlicet Gabriell Harison hath chosen for his man William 
Williams and the said Joshua Sedgwicke hath chosen for his man John Pepis 
William Williams hath chosen to him M^' Crane M^' Woolfe & M^ Swetson 
and John Pepis hath chosen to him M^ Alderman Cropley M^" Dodson 
AP Higney and those eight with the consent of Mr Watts minister of 
the parish haue chosen Churchwardens for the yeare to come Joshua 
Sedgwicke and Henry Preist and the said Churchwardens haue Chosen 
for sidesmen Henry Moody and Timothy Higney. 

377 a] According to an order made within the parish of Great S* Maryes 
we whose names are subscribed appointed to revew and amend the Easter 
booke haue accordingly vewed and a mended the same as followeth 

Thomas Glover 

Marterius Pepis 

M'^ Woolfe 

Percivall Seakill 

M" Legg 

M>*« Bradstreet 

M" Limber 

John Walker 

C. A. S. Octavo Seriea. No. XXXV. 

li s 


... 3 

... 2 


... 10 

... 2 


... 2 

... 5 

... 2 

... 3 




Timothy Higny 
John Jolly 
Widdo?^; Cannam 
Joshua Sedgwicke 
John Millicent 
Rob^jt Andrewes 
Thomas Halfehead 
Widdoi^ Ablinson 
Widdo?6' Tiffin 
Willmm Lasenby 
'Robert Battey 
Thomas Bowtell 
Hillary Rothery 
Widdo^t' Hamond 
Henry Ward... 
Symon North 
Richard Bagshott 
John Dod 
George Taylor 
Received P John Meller ... 
Moses Home... 
M'^' Swetson ... 
John Holden... 
Thomas Moody 
M^' Jackson . . . 
Gabriell Harison 
Samuell Done 
Robert Corbet 
M*" Alderman Wicksteed 
M' Wakefeild 

377 b] Richard Ireland 
Widdoi<; Wray 
Jeffery Ablinson 
John Heme senior 
Thomas Browne 
Henry Moody 
ff'rancis Setle... 
William Williams 
Robert Sanders 
Gregory Whelocke 
Troylas Atkinson 
Peter Collins . . . 
Widdo2(? Richardson. 
Richard Lasenby 










3 4 

1 6 













1 6 










2 6 











3 4 




3 6 












3 4 





3 6 



.. . 

1 6 


6 8 












fFrancis Greene 
John Heme iwiio) 
Thomas Watkins 
Widdow Knuckle 
Widdo?6' Woods 
EHzabeth Weatherhead 
M»* Crane 
Gilbert ftaber 
M*" Doctor Moutlow 
Edward AVakefeild 

ived 3^ M"^ Perry 

ffrancis ffinch 
Jonathan Pinder 
Peter Scarlett 
John Yaxley iutiior 
Symon Robucke 
M"^ Betson 
John Legg ... 
Thomas Crabb 
Widdoi^ Marton 
Henry Turkington 
Thomas King 
Widdow Symons 

ived P James Tompson 
Phillip Scarlett 
Henry Preist... 
John Scott senior 
Samuell Taylor 

378 a] Edmund Porter 
Charles Dawson 
ived P Anthony Nicholson 
Warren Ingry 
James Hall . . . 
NicAo^as Moody 
Thomas Ingry 
William Graves 
Thomas Broughton 
Robert Durden 
John Seamer... 
Widdow Huson 
John Day 
John Prisely ... 
Ralph Hatley 
Michaell Story 
































































































29 2 

452 1082 

John Richardson ... 

WilU'am Parker 
Chn'^tofer Adams 
John Yaxley sen?'o/- ... 

Widdojc Rogers ... ... ... ... 

Widdo?/' Medcalfe 

Vmfry Wollworth ... 

Widdojy Potter 

John ftreman... 


Widdoi<> Gotten 

fifasset ... 

Robert Bright 

Widdo?«' How 

NicAo^as Carpinter ... 

Widdo^t' Smith 

Mary Smith... ... ... 

C'Am^ofer Parker 

Edmund HaUiday 

Edward Lee 

Richard Tooley 

Robert Leet ... ... ... ... 

Christofer Tingey 

Widdoit; MaHn 

John Biggs ... 
Widdo?/; Warren 

James Ward 

John Loader 

Leonard Clarke 

Widdoi/; Hurst 

378 b] Widdoir Mirton 

Robert Bell 

Oliver Woolfe 

Wilham Goodwin 

Thomas Buckle 
Edward Dodson 

ffrancis Sheldrake 

Henry Essex 

Mary Puncher 

John Smith ... 

Widdoi^ Perkins 

Thomas Bugby 

Noah Peere ... 



















































1632 453 

Widdo?6' Jury ... ... ... 

M'- Allen 

William Bridge 

Widdoz^ ffinch 

Widdoit' Bartlett ... ^ 

John Hallam... ...^ ... ... ... 

Robt^rt Tavan ... ... ... 

Thomas Howsden 

Wm'td P Richard Hawkins .. ... ... ... 

Arthur Hurst ... ... ... ... 

Henry Beamont ... ... 

Thomas Woods 

Nicholas Litle ... ... 

Jonas AVilkes ... 

IVP Stasemore 

Mr Melvin 

James Preist ., . ... ... ... 

John Aspland ... ... ... ... ... 

Widdow Perkins 


fiVeo? P 3"» Marke Hatley 

Nathanaell Sally 

James Elliott ... ... 

«myec? 28 James Sadler 

M"^ Alderman Potto 

Thomas Shipp 

Thomas Holmes 

John Pepis 

Henry Wright 

Thomas Godfery 

William Bryan ... ... ... ... ... 

William Crane 

Thomas Nicholson 

Henry Stockdell , 

Stephen fFortune ... 

379 a] Richard Mendham , 

Phillip Webb 

M"^ Alderman Cropley , 

Richard Soper ... 

Thomas Bert , 

William Burton 

Hellen Skinner 

Margaret Skinne?' 

AVilh'am Evans 




















































4.54 1632-3 

John Shimmy 
Ezekiell Woolward 
Robert Lendall 
Thomas Gee ... 
Widdo^r Ingei'sole 
Widdoi(; Morley 
WilhVfm Woodward 
William Howard 
Received ii« 6* M"" Botewright 
John Hales ... 
Owin Price ... 
Widdoir Rogers 
Widdozi? Hart... 

Mary Johnson 
Widdo?(; Jackson 
Widdoi^ Joanes 
Isabell Lane ... 
Widdoit' Reynolds 















Suwma tottt^ 25" 2« 9^^ 

The 14th day of Aprill 1633 

Memorawdwm whereas the Churchwardens haiie expended and dis- 
bursed about the reparacibns of the Church more monyes then they shall 
receiue by the Easter booke or otherwise It is therefore this day by a 
generall consent of the pan'shioners agreed that the said Churchwardens 
shall make sale of the lead and timber left in the place called the vestry 
towards the raysing of the said monyes and that the Churchwardens doe 
call vnto them John Pepis and Heniy Moody to se the said lead weighed 

379 b] The accounts of Joshua Sedgwicke and Henry Preist Church- 
wardens of their receipts and disbursements for one yeare begining third 
day of Aprill 1632 and ending the three and twentith of Aprill 1633 


Receiued of M"" Pepis for the buriall of M»'s Tidiswell 

Receiued for 208 Mastern of Arts 

Receiued for the biu-iall of Samuell Taylor his child 

Recmeo? for 20ty midsomer Batchelors , 

Recemo? for the buriall of M^ Betson 

Received for the buriall of M*" Stasemore his child 

Received for the buriall of M'" Alderman Potto ... 

Received for the buriall of M^'^ Bradstreets child 

Received for the buriall of Henry Moodyes sonne 
Received for 250 BatcheZers of art at Lent 















































1632-3 4,55 

deceived for the whole Easter booke 
Reccm'o? for .servants ofterings 

Receimi? of John Heme for rent 

ReceiVeo? of John Hall for rent 

Rec^iVerf of i\P Doctor Moutlow 

deceived oi Widdoiv Ahlinfioif^ 

'Received of Joshua Sedgwicke for rent of the pamhland 

Receu'et^ of Thomas King for the remaynd^'?* of the lead 

Recea'6'o? for the old timber 

Receiued of the last account 

Received of Richard Pate for a post in the Church yard 

Received for the buriall of M^'^ flfaber 

Sum total of all the receipts 54 14 2 

380 a] Disbursements whei'eof the Churchwardens craue allowance 

Paid to M"^ Dodson for the election dinner 

Paid for wine and cakes at the auditt ... 

Paid to George Tompson for the makeing the funt 

ffor bread and beare spent on him and his servants 

Item for killing of starlings and stopping their neasts 

Item to the almes women for clensing the Church below after 

it was clensed aboue ... ... 

flfor hue new ropes ... 

ffor timber bought of M»" Atkinson to vse about the diall 

Paid to John Hales for clenseing the steple from topp to 

bottome 016 

Item paid to M^' Newton for paynting and gilding the diall and 

rayles over it ... ... 

To the dogwhipper for his wages all the yeare ... 

To the Minister for his wages all the yeare 

To the Chauncellor for a booke of Articles for owr selues & the 

minister and deliuenng in of the visitac/on bill ... ... 2 

Item to the Joyner for mending the crevises in the belfree 

w^i'th halfe inch board 

To the Clayer for worke about the Almes houses 

flfor sweeping and clensing the vpper, lower and porch leades . , 

To the scavinger for the whole yeare 

A booke of Articles and a bill glueing in at the Archdeacons 

visitaczbn ... ... ... 1 2 

Item to John Sell for hanging the second bell and remoueing 

the 4*^ bell wheele and a new baldricke 66 

Item to the pavier for mending the street at the belfrye end ... 8 
ffor a barrell of Lintseed oyle to paint the fonte the porch and 

church dores 14 4 











2 11 


13 6 


7 4 

1 2 

1 6 




ttbr fower loades of gravell and to a laborer to lay it and 

rubbish out of the Church in the Church yard 3 10 

380 b] IttJm to the ft'reenia.sons when the paued the Chancell 
I t<;m for setting vp M^' "VVarrings tombe ... 
Item to David Blisse for paynting the fonte Church doi*es, the 

porch & finding colors... 

lt<?m to m'" Woolfe for Comunion wine for all the yeare 

Item to John Hall for keeping the clockc ... 

Item to Edwai*d Woodrooffe for worke done about the diall ... 
Item for makeing the rayles about the fonte and making M*" 

Crane & M^ Woolfes seate ... 

Item to James Preist for clensing the Church w^'thin ... 

Item to M^" Gray for hanging the litle bell and trusing the 

other bells 

Item payed for weyghing the lead the first time & second time 

Item payd M^' Stirop to free vs of the procuracion 

Item for the vi si tacion supper ... ... 

Item for writing the regester of the christnings marriages and 

burialls ... ... ... 

Item payd to the Eyngers No vemher 5* and vpon the 27^^ of March : 

Item for making six bills of p?'esentmewts 

Item for writing these accounts ... 

Item to John Hall for scoureing the flagons 

Item to him for washing the Comunion linnen 

Item for broomes to swepe the Church ... 

fFor bread for the Comunion 

Item spent at the pemmbulac^bn ... ... 

Item for shutting the Church gates ... 

Item for oyle for the bells 

Item for shooteing the bell ropes ... 

Item for laying lead on the steple since Easter which was stollen 

Paid to the smith as appeareth by his bill 

Paid the Carpinter as appeareth by his bill 

Payd for Ely farthings lOj 

381 a] Paid to the mason as appeareth by his bill for worke 
and materialls ... ... ... 

Paid to Thomas King for plumiuge and glazing... 

To the Treasurers ... 

flfor a booke on the Kings day for thankesgiueing 

The table of marriages 

Sum totall 

Sum total of the receipts 
Sum total disbursed 



























































i 148 





1633 467 

There is due to these accountants aboue their receipts to be 

payed by the jxo-ish ... 8 3| 

Edward Cropley John Crane 
Phillip: Woolfe: William Williams 
Edward Dodson 

381 b] The 23*'^ day of Aprill 1633 

It is this day ordered and agreed by the whole consent of the 
parishioners in the Quire assembled that M'^ Phillip Woolfe and Joshua 
Sedgwicke shall in the name of the parish prosecute and follow all 
businesses for Charitable vses concerning the parish and that all monyes 
b}' them expended therein shall from time to time be payed vnto them by 
the Churchwardens of the parish for the time being and shall be allowed 
vnto them vpon their account 

The election of the Churchwardens of great S^ Maryes parish in 
Cambridge was made the 23*^ of Aprill 1633 for the yeare ensueing 
accoi-ding to the ancient custome of the said parish The Churchwardens 
have chosen as foUoweth videlicet Joshua Sedgwicke hath chosen for his 
man M*' Alderman Cropley and Henry Preist hath chosen M^' John Crane 
and the said M^" Cropley hath chosen to him Edward Dodson Timothy 
Higny and ChHstofev Adams and M^" Crane hath chosen to him Phillip 
\\''oolfe William Williams and Phillip Scarlett and the said electors with 
the consent of M^ George Watts the minister haue chosen Thomas Starese- 
more and James Elliot for Churchwardens for the yeare to come and the 
said Churchwardens have chosen for Sidsemen Jonas Wilks and Kichard 
Soper : 

382 a] An Inventorie of all the goods belonging to the Church June the 
20*^** 1633 on which day the account was made : 

Inprimis a bible for the Church 

Bishop Jewells workes 

A booke of Homelies 

Erasmus paraphrase 

ftbwer service bookes in folU'o 

A booke of Cannons in the ministers hands : 

Two Communion cupps of silver with covers to them : 

A Co7>imiuiion table cloath of blew velvett lined 

An imbroydered carpett wrought : 

A Surplice 

Two fringed table cloathes 

Two towells. 

A parchment booke of parish evidences 

A blew vellvet Cushion for the pulpitt with a couer for it given by Kichard 

Two ladders 



A Church hooke 

A Chest to locke writings in : 

A Crimson cushion and cloath, of velvett for the [nilpitt 

A needle work cushion for the Maior 

A box of evidences and aprentices Indentures : 

A table of marriages 

ftbwer other Cushions 

September the 22 : 1633 

Meulo?'and^on, it is agreed by the consent of the parishioners of the 
parrish of Create Saint marys att a meeting in the chansell of y'^ saide 
Church, that the churchwardens Thomas Staresmore and James Elliott 
should haue Joyned with them m^' Henry Moody m^' Henry preist m'' 
Christouer Adams and m*" Edward Dodson to xew and a mend the easter 
booke and alsoe it was a greede that M^" Alderman Cropley and m^' Crane 
should haue power to rate them, as they shall thinke meete 

382 b] Anno Domini : 1633 : 

The Rate of the parishinars to the Eastar booke for 
wages and Repars of the Church and othar nesesarey 

Thomas Glouar ... 

Matterias Peapes 


Persiphall Secoall ... 

M^^s Legg 

M"^ Broadstreet 

M'-s Lymbart 

John Walkar 
Tymothey Higney ... 
Joh?i Jolley ... 
WiWiam Cranne 
Jos/ma Sedgwick 
John Myllisaint 
Robert Andrews 
Thomas Half head ... 
widdo?/; Ablson 
widdo?^; Tyftaney 

wdlh'am Lasenby ... ... 

Robert Battey 
Thowa5 Bouttall 
gon widdoii? Hugins 

Henry Rodrey ... ... «... 

Wilh'am Hamant 
Henry Ward ... 

the ministars 

vses thervnto 


s d 



2 6 


2 6 











3 4 


1 6 


















Symoii Sorth 
Richa^f/ Bagsha 
George Tayllor 
wilh'«7>i myllard 
moyses Hornn 
m"" Swettston 
Joh/i Haldyn Jnm'or 
Tho?»«^ moody 
m"" Jackson . . . 
Gabrit'll Harisoii 
Samwill Doann 
Robe^-t Corbit 
A\da,Y)}ian wickstead 
m'" wakfield ... 

383 a] Richard larland 
Widdow wray 
Jeffrey Ablson 
John Hern senior 
Thomas Browne 
Henry moody 
Frances Settell 
WiWiam Williams 
Widdow Sandal's 
Gregrey whillick 
Troy las Atkinson 
Pettar Collins 
^^'iddo^^ Richardson 
Richaro? Lasenby 
Frances Green 
John Hern Junior 
Tho))ias watkins 
widdow knuckell 
Widdow? wood 
elizabe^A wetharhead 
m^" Cranne 
Gylbai-d Fabin 
M"^ Pickarin ... 
Frances Finch 
Jo7iatha,n Pindar 
Pettar Scarlit 
John Yaxley Junior 
Symo?i Robnck 
John Bettson 































































John Lcgg 
Tho^wa*- Crabb 
widdoi'^ nicirtjii 
widdo^f Turkiiiton 
Thowias Kinge 
\viddo?f Syinants 

goii James Tompson 
PhilUjD Scarlet 
Henry Priest 
Joh>i Scott senior 

gon Joh7t Scott jiuiz'oy' 
Samwell Tayllor 
Edimmd Portar 
Henry RuU . . . 
Charles Dawson 

383 b] Antoney Nicholson 

warin Ingrey 

James Hall ... 

Nicholas moody 

Tho7nas Ingrey 

wilh'am Graues 

Thom«s Broughton .. 

wiWiam Fullar 

Robert Dm'din 

John Semar ... 

widdoiv Hewson 

John Presley 

Ralph Hattley 

michell storey 

Goodman Richardson 

wilhawt Parkar 

Chrisitopher Adams . . 

John Yaxley senior . . 

widdow; Rodgars 

m" Medcalf 

Humphry wools vortli 
ded widdo?<; Pottar 

John Freeman 

vfiddow Cotton 

widdoiv West 

gon Fasset 

gon Robert Bright 
































































d widdow How 
Nicholas Carpintar 
widdoM' smyth 

n William smyth 
Rodgar smyth 

edmund HalHday 
edward Lee ... 
Richa?*^]? Tooley 
ChristojD^e/* Tingey 
Thomas Barkar 
John Biggs ... 

n James W^'ard ... 
Joh?i Lodar ... 
Lenard Clarke 
widdo?^ Morton 
widdow Bell ... 

384 a] Oliuar Woolfe 

WilU'am goodwin 

Thomas Buckell 

Edward Dodson 

Frances Sheldrake . . . 

Henry Essix ... 

John Smyth 

widdo?f? Perkins 

Thomas Buckbee 

m*" Allyn 

Robert Newton 

widd(no Finch 
n Edward Robison 

Joh?i Hallam 

Robert Tauan 

Thw/ias Hewsden ... 
n Richa?'c? Hackins 

Arthur Hurst 

Henry Beamant 

Thomas "Woods 

'Nicholas Settle 

m"^ Johnas Wicks 

m*" Staresmore 

m^ Meluell 

James preist 



















































Joh?i Asplain 
widdoi'-' Perkins 
Goodma?? whithead 
mark Hatley 
Nath«;iie^ Solley 
James Elliott 
James Sadlar 
Thomas Shipp 
gon Thomas Houlms 
m'^ John Peapes 
Tho7yias Godfrey 
willm>?i Bryant 
Thomas Nicholson 
Henry stockdell 
Stephan Fortyn 
Richard mendham 
Phillip Webb 

384 b] Aldarman Cr 

widdovj Sopar 

Thomas Bert 

vfiWiam Berton 
gon Hellin Scinar 

wilh'am Euing 

ded eseakell woolward 

Robert Lendall 

Thomas Gee ... 

widdo^<; Ingarsoall 

vviddo'2^ morley 

william woodward 

wilh'a?>i He ward 

m*" Boatwright 

Owen Prise ... 

widdo?<; Rodgars 

widdow Hart 

ded marey Johnson 

widdo2^ Jackson 

widdotv Joans 

Isbell Lann ... 
ded mddow Renolds 

Joan Hodffkins 























6 00 

























1 0:38-4 


m}' Burts sistar 
ded widdo?'; Hurst 

christo/>/itf7* Fordom ., 
goii Joan Hudson 

Joh?i Hcildin ... 






2 09 9 

Som totall of the hole Easter Booke from 1 633 to the yeare 1634 comes 

toe 24" 16« 1^ 

385 a] The Accounts of Thomas staresmore and James Elliott Church- 
wardens of their Resaits and desbursmewts for one year beginmg the 23'^ 
of Aprill : 1633 : and ending the eight of Aprill : 1634 : 

Bsaits Received for the buriall of m*"^ Gybbs ... ... 

Received of the senyar Procter for 249 master of Arts 

Received of the Junior Procter for 21 midsomar Batchalars ... 

for the buriall of Frances Greens Child ... 

for the biu-iall of Edward Wackfield 

Received of m^ pearson of King College for 2 pa?'salls of wood... 

for the buriall of m'f sopar 

for the buriall of sybill sedgwick 

Received of m"" sedgwick for y^ years Rent for his Land hee 
houlds of y^ parish ... 

Received of the Junior Proctor for 145 batchlars 

for the buriall of m"" woolf 

Received of widdo?<; Ablson for her Rent 

Received of D^" Loue for his Rent 

Received of John Hern for his Rent 

ReceiVet]? of John Hall for his Rent 

Received for the whoU Eastar booke 

Received for the half Eastar booke 

Recmec^ for saruants ofFarings 
j Received of the parishioners for y'^ eastar dinar 

Received for the post in the Church yard 

Som totall reseaved this yeare 1623 corns to 52" 5^ 6^ 


payd to m"^ watts our minstar for his wholl years wages 

payd to m^ woolf for 18 buckets at 3^ 4<* 

for the Cariadg of them to y® end at london 

for the Cariadg from london & to y^ ChurcA 

for a dusson half of scoops 

To m^" Dodson for the eleckson dinar 

payd to m'* woolf for Communion wyne for the wholl year 
hauing one Communio/i extrardarey 






























































Comuniom bread 

for wyne and sugar at the election dynar 
To morth Harison for a warant 
To ni*" Sheward for our oaths 

385 b] ftbr wyne and Caks at the peramblacion 

for wyne & Cakes at the Audit ... ... ... 

payd to the ould Churchwardens which the parish was Indebted 

to them 

To the scauangar for y^ whoU year 

paid for 4 qicart&i' bills 

paid to Lettle for Iron worke to the new Gatts & othur as by his 


To phillip hall for mason worke for the sam gate 

To Bridg for makeing the gats and hanging the buckets & othar 

worke then dunn as by his bill 

to James priest for painting the gatts ... ... 

for Eley fardins 

at the visitation and a booke of Artickles ... 

To the Ringars October 5*-'' ... 

To the Ringars whenn the duke of york was borne by Comand 

from y^ vicechanclar & bonfiars 

to y^ Ringars the 5*^^ of Nouemte;- ... ... 

and the 27**^ of march to the Ringar 

fFor the visitation suppar 

To Tho7nas King for Glasing the Church windows as will appear 

by his bill 

fifor mending the Church Gat towards y*^ Rose 

for a dogg of lorn to y^ Gatte 

for 8 bushells of lyme 

for a Load of sand 

for mason work to the make vp of that wall 

for bread & bear to y« workmen 

for mending the hook of the south door of the Church 

to John Betson for a desk for Jewiells works ... 

for Carpintars work 5 dayse and a half for 3 men at ... 

for bread & bear for the workmen 

386 a] for nay Is for y^ worke 

to m'' Atkinson for tymbar for y^ worke ... 

for a presentment 

to Thomas King moore for Glasing 


















































13 09 








03 00 







for mending 2 locks ... ... ... 

for mending the Great bell clappar 

for James priest for paynt y® Comandments the Creed & Lords 

prayer ... ... 

To him moore for wrvting 2 tables vpon the wall paynting the 

wood work and whit ouai^the Arches 

To owin for wheping the doggs 

for Taking Downo the vestrey door 

To the Tres?r?'ers of the towne ... ... 

for 5 bellroops ... ... 

for worke to 2 locks 

to D"" Eden for a book of y^ Kings Declaration 

for 2 prti'r of Joynts for seat doors 

for 2 load of sand & Grauell to pane and Lay w^thin the Church 


to the workmen for paueing 

for stoan work to hang the south doar 

to the plumar for sothar & worke 

for mending the Lock of y® steple door ... 

for a presentme?it to the towne Leet 

to preist for bread and bear in y® tym of his worke 

for Carpintars and masons worke at the Lowar end of the 

Church and Remouing the Rubish . . . 
for a -pair of Joynts to hang y*^ door 
for writing these Accounts 
for peses for the f unt 
for a Bass for the minstars seat ... 
for oyll for the bells 
for shooting the bell 
for SCO waring the plat & flagons ... 
for washing the Lyning 
for brooms all the year 

for shuting the Gats 

for keeping the Clock ... 

Som totall layed owte 48i» 15^ l^i 

for wrighteing the Cristeing and bereilles in the parchement 
Bocke ... ... ... 

Som is 






















































386 b] A trew Inuentarey of all the goods belonging to the Church 
5th of May: 1534 . 

A Grait bible for the Church 
Bishiop Jewells works 
a booke of Homileys 

C. A. S. Octavo Series. No. XXXV. 30 


^6(^ 1634 

Erasamaus paraphrase 

4 seurall s<iruis Books 

A booke of Caimans in the ministars hands 

tooe Comunion Cupps of sihiar with. Couars 

A Comunion Table Cloath of blew veliiit lyned 

An Imbradred Carpit 

A siirplas 

Two fringed Table Cloathes 

2 towells 

A parchme;zt book of parish Euedences 

a blew veluit Cushen for y^ plulpit with a Couar 

2 Ladars 

A Church hooke 

A Chest to Lock wrytings in 

A Crimson Cushon and cloath of veluit for y^ pulpit 

An needleworke Cushen for y^ mayor 

A box of euendences and a prentises Indentures 

A table of maraages 

foure othar Cushens 

A Desk for Jewells works to Ley on 

16 buckets: and 14 scoops 

2 flagions 

These Accounts examand and alowed by these whose nams are ondar 
wretten and ther is 'Remaini7ig to bee payd ouer to the new Church- 
wardens the sum of : 3^^ : 10^ : 5*^ this 5*-^^ of May 1634 wee say Ea- 
mayning dew to y® parish: three pounds tenn ahiWings and fine pence 

Edward Cropley John Crane 

(signature cut out) phillip Scarlett 

Timothie Hignie william williams 
Christo^ Adams : 

387 a] The election of the Churchwardens of Grait S^ raaries parish in 
Cambridge was made the eight of Aprill Anno domi7ii: 1634 : for the year 
following According to the Anshant Custom of the said parish the Church- 
wardens hath Chosen as ffolloweth Thomas staresmore hath Chosen for 
his man m'^ John Cranne: and James Elliott hath Chosen for his man 
m^" Aldarman wickstead : and the said m'' Cranne hath Chosen to him 
m^* Phillip woolf m'" william williams and m^ Phillip scarlet : and m^ Aldar- 
man wickstead hath Chosen : m^' Edward Dodson m^' Christopher Adams : 
and m'^ Tymothey Higney and these Electors haue Chosen with the 
consent of m'" George Watts our ministar : Richard Mendham : and 
Frances Sheldrake for Church wardens for the year to com and the said 
Churchwardens hath Chosen for sidsman James Elliott and James 



March the first 1634: 

It. is Agreed at a meeting in tlie Chancell the day abou wretten that 
the eastar booke shall bee Revewed and amended : by these whose names 
are vndor wretten : willia^w williams : Henry Priest Thomas stanesmoore : 
Christopher Adams : Josh?^ sedgwick and James Elliott : 

deceived a Tablecloath giiien by Elizabeth Robinson To our Church: 

387 b] The Accounts of Richard Mendham and 
Churchwardens : for ther Resaits and DesbursmeTits 
Aprill 1634 to the 29^^ of march 1635: 

i P John Hurst ... 
Persiphall Secoall 
m" Legg 

2-6 m" Brodstreet 
nv^ Lymbard 
John walkar ... 
Tjmothi/ Higney 
William Cranne 
John Jolly 
Josh^^a Sedgwick 
John myllesaint 
Robert Andrews 
vnddoio Ahhon 
widdow Tyffaney 
wilhiatm Lasenby 
Robert Battey 
Thomas Boutall 
Henry Rodrey 
widdo^<; Hamant 
Henry ward ... 
Symant North 
Richaro? Bagshow 
William myllar 
Vfiddow Hornn 
m^ Swetston 
Thomas moody 
Gabrell Harison 
Saxatcel Doann 
Robert Corbit 
Aldarman wickstead 
m^Wakfeild ... 
Richaro? Ireland 
widdo?^; wray ... 

Frances Sheldrake 
from the eight of 






































































so 2 



my Jackson ... 
Jeftm/ Ablson 
Thomas Browne 
Henry moody 
Frances Settell 
m'^ Williams... 
widdo?r Sandars 
Gregory whillak 

388 a] Peter Collens 
widdoif; Richardson 
Anto/iy Nicholson 
Frances Green 
John Hern 
widdo?<' Hernn 
Thomas watkin 
Joan Hodgkins 
widdo?^" Knuckells 
widdoio wood 
Elizabe^A wetharhead 
m^ John Cranne 
m*" Peckarin ... 
Gylls Fabian... 
Frances finch 
John yaxley Jnmor 
Troylar Atkinson 
Johnatha?i Pindar 
Peter Scarlet 
Robert Durdin 
Symo7i Rowbuck 
Joh^i Betson ... 
John Haldyng 
Joh^i Legg 
Thomas Crabb 
Goodman Beckworth 
widdow martyn 
Thomas King... 
widdov-; Symants 
Goodman webb 
Philhjo Scarlet 
Henry Preist 
m'' John Scott 
SamweZ Tayllor 































































Henry Rull 

. .. 


Richaixi Lasenby 


Charles Dawson 


Warin Ingrey 

... 16 

4*^ George Tayllor 

• .. 


Thotnas Ingrey 


williawi Graves 


widdo?^ Hall 


Thonias Broughton . . 


wiWiam FuUar 


Joh?i Semar 



6. 15. 10 

li s (1 

388 b] m"Huson 4 

John Presley 


Ralph Hatley 


michael storey 


wilha7/i Parkar 


Chi-tstopher Adams . . . 


John yaxley Senior . . 


widdoii? Rodgars 

... 4 

m'*^ medcalf 


widdow Woolworth . . 


John Freeman 


widdoir Cotton 

.. 6 

widdo2/; West 


John Dodd 

.. 8 

Nicholas Carpintar . . . 

.. 2 

widdo2^ Smyth 


Rodgar Smyth 


Goodmaii Parkar 


widdo2^ Holyday 


Edwaj'd Lee 

.. 2 

Christopher Tingey . . 


Thomas Parker 


John Biggs 


Jamca Ward Godman 



widdow Loadar 


Lenard Clark 


vfiddoiv morton 


widdow; Bell 


OHiver woolf ... 


wilh'aw Goodin 


Thomas Buckell 

. , 


470 1634-5 

m>-8 Barak 

Ed?ra/'o? Dodsoii 
m^" Stephenson 
Frances Sheldrake ... 

Thomas Glouar ... ... ... 

Joh?i Smyth ... 

widdo?/^ Perkins 
widdow; Kelsey 

Tho7nas Biigby ... ... ... ... ... 

Goodma?^ Harpar 

Robert Newton ... ... ... ... ... 

m^" Allyn 

widdozfj Fmch ... ... ... ... ... 

Henry Essex ... ... ... 

389 a] John Hallara 
Rohert Tavann 
Thomas Howsdyn 
Arthar Hurst 
will not pay niichell Goad 

Henry Beamant 
Thoynas wood 

Nich Lettell 

m»' Johnas Wilks 

Received P m'" Barisford 

m'^ Starsemoore 
m^" meluell 
James Preist ... 
Joh/i Asplain 
widdow^ Perkins 
Thomas Whithead . . . 
mark Hattley 
Received P m^ Chenery ... 
^Sithaniel Solly 
James Elliott 
James Sadlar 
Thomas Shipp 
John Peapes 
widdo?^' Peapes 
Thomas Godfrey 
wilh'am Bryant 
Thomas Nicholson ... 
Henry stockdell 




























































stephe?i Fortin 
Richar^^ mendham 
Henry wright 
PhillzjD weebb 
m' Cropley ... 
widdo?^ Soppar 
Thomas Bert 
wilh'am Burton 
wiWtam Evins 
Goodman Shimey 
Robe;-t Lendall 
widdo2<; Gee ... 
widdo2^ Ingarsoall 

389 b] \viddo«(^ morley ... • 
wilh'awi woodward ... 
wilU'am Howard 
m^" Boatwright 
Owin Prise ... 
widdojt' Rodgars 

widdo2«? Hart ... ... ... ... 


widdo?6> Jackson 

vfiddow Joans 

Isabell Lann 

Christopher Ford am 

Joh^i Haldyn Senior 

The whole Easter booke commeth to 23^ 3^ 5^^ ob 

'Received of the parishonars of Eastar Tusday at the dynnar , . . 
Of the sem'or Procter for 227 mastevs of Arts 
'Received of the Junior Procter for the 41 midsomer Batchlars 
Received of the formar Churchward m^ Thomas starsmoore . . . 

for the buriall of Joh?2- Hernn 

for the Burining of M'^ sedgwicks Child ... 
for y ^ Bureing of D^' Moutley 

Received for one m^'® Skinar who dyed at the Roase 
Received of Thomas King for ould Tymb