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Door Hal 18z9b InoWf Mm 16 oents 


Ko. 17. 


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Door Hat 18 x 80 InotieBy Prioe 16 oentSi See page 6* 

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Bntered mcoordlcff to Act of the Parliament of Canada, in the y«ar 1809 
hy WeUf A Bicbaatuon Co., at the Department of Agriooltore. 


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Rug and Mat Making. 

A Popular and , . . An Art in WWch , . . 
n • j.« xiT 1 I Every Woman land Girl 

Fascmatinff Work . I _ „ « « • * 

° I Can Become Proficient 

in the Home Circle. I and sidiied. ...... 

'T^HE art of making Hooked Rugs and Mats was' carried on by our ^ 
1. grandmothers long years ago, and many of the old ladies were 
extremely proud of their pieces of handiwork that adorned the floors 
of the best rooms. 

Like other popular home arts, the work of Rug and Mat making has 
progressed and developed so wonderfully that many of the home produc- 
tions of to-day rival in design, richness and beauty the famed products of 
oriental manufacturers who have followed an art commenced by their 
ancestors centuries ago. . „ 

Among the most noted agencies of the present day contributing to 

the success and pleasure of Rug and Mat making, the Diamond Dyes take 

, first place. By using the Diamond Dyes to color rags, yarns, \vornout 

, clothing and discarded underwear, the Rug and Mat maker of to-day can 

easily command the newest, fastest and most brilliant colors. Our dear 

old grandmothers, who are with us still, delight to speak of Diamond 

- Dyes and their many advantages over the crude logwood dyes and extracts 

of former years that gave such poor results after long hours of labor. It 

is now generally acknowledged by all Rug and Mat makers th^t on 

Diamond Dyes, and Diamond Dyes alone, does the success of artistic 

Rug and Mat making depend. 

The fascinating art of making Hooked Rugs and Mats is easily 
learned. With such invaluable home helpers as the Diamond Dyes, any 
intelligent woman or girl can, during the long autumn or winter eyepings, 
contribute to the adornmei:^ of the hall, parlor, diningroom or bedrooms. 1^ 
Pretty Rugs and Mats judiciously distributed in the Tarious »partmcnt3 * 
are true indications of refinement and good taste. 

In every home— stored in attic, closet or basement— rags, old pieces 
of cloth and cast off garments can be found in sufficient quantities for 
profitable use. Do not sell your rags, etc., to the travelling rag-gatherer ; 
save them and work them up into handsome and useful Rugs and Mats. 

Directions for Rug and Mat Making. 

Having selected your Rug or Mat pattern from the novel and hand- 
some designs shown in this book, your next work will be the dyeing of 
your materials, so as to get the colors represented in colored plates. 

Dark colored rags and materials are usually dyed black for the ground 
work of pattern and outside of the scroll or border ; light colored rags, 
d^ess materials and wornout white blankets can be color'^d in light, medium 
or dark shades for working scrolls, animals, flowers, figures, etc. 

The Diamond Dyes are the surest and best to use for the work of 
coloring, as success is always assured ; there are explicit directions on each 
package of the Diamond Dyes, so simple and plain that a child can use 
them with best results. 

For rags and other materials that are all wool use the special Diamond 
Dye Wool colors. For all cotton and union materials use the special 
Diamond Dyes for Cotton and Mixed Goods. Attention to these points 
will insure success in your work of coloring. 

After the rags are colored they are cut up into strips about three- 
eighths of an inch wide, although the width varies according to the thick- 
ness of the material. Thin materials require to be cut wider, while heavy 
materials should be cut narrower. 

Therj^gs or other materials having been properly dyed and cut into 
strips of proper width, take the Hessian pattern and stretch it tightly and 
evenly in a frame. Some Rug and Mat makers have a regular frame for 
the work which can be adjusted to different sizes of patterns, while others 
use four straight strips or bars of wood about two and a half inches wide, 
one inch thick, and long enough to cross at the corners, leaving a space in 
centre as large as the pattern; the corners may be held together with a 

clamp or simply nailed. 

The pattern, which should be bound with braid or hemmed, is then 
fastened in the frame either by tacking the edges to the inside edges of 
the frame, or by stitching twine through the edges of pattern and round 

the sides of the frame ; the pattern must always be drawn quite tight 

The frame is then placed in a horizontal position at a convenient 
height for hooking. The work is commenced by taking a strip of rag in 
the left hand and hook in the right ; the hook is pushed down through the 
pattern and the end of rag pulled up, say one-half inch ; then the hook is 
pushed down again, leaving at least two threads of pattern between ^rst 
and second holes, and a loop of the rag pulled up about three-eighths of 
an inch, and so on until the rag is used up, following the design on pattern. 
This is continued until the whole Rug is worked, when none of the Hessian 
will be visible, it having been all worked over with rags. 

On the under side of the Rug or Mat the rags are not in loops as on 
the top, but are pulled or drawn close up to the pattern with the hook. 
You will soon become very much interested in the work, and when your Rug 
or Mat is finished it will be such a handsome production (and all your own 
work, too,) that you would not exchange it for any imported Rug or Mat. 
To those who are beginning the work of Rug and Mat making we 
would recommend the use of the coarsest hoQk, No. 2. 

Many experienced Rug and Mat makers use yarn or carpet waste for 
flowers and scrolls, pulling the loops up quite high and then clipping them 
off with scissors, giving the Rug or Mat a rich velvety appearance. 

The colored plates shown on outside and inside covers and through- 
out this book are the richest and most novel designs for Rugs and Mats 
ever placed before the ladies of Canada. The designs for working up are 
on a special quality of Hessian manufactured for us in Scotland. These 
Hessian designs are artistically colored, corresponding with the plates in 
this book, and are ready for hooking. 

The Diamond Dye Rug Patterns are 54 inches long and 30 inches 
wide; price 25 cents each. 

The Diamond Dye Door Mat Patterns are 30 inches long and 18 
inches wide ; price 1 5 cents each 

Any pattern sent post free on receipt of price. Order always by 
number under the design. 

Kindly remember that the Rug and Door Mat Patterns shown in this 
book are registered, and can only be obtained from us or merchants whom 
we supply. Address 


200 Mountain Street, Montreal, P.Q. 

Door Mat, No. 16. 

Size IvS X 30 Inches. 

Price 15 Cents. 

Post Paid to any Address. 

This Diamond Dye " Horseshoe" mat pattern will become a general 
favorite. The design has been submitted to a number of art critics, all of 
whom are of opinion that it will be popular for many years. Ladies in all 
parts of Canada are ordering this No. i6 with other designs. Many say 
it is the most unique design ever seen in rugs and mats. While the colors 
suggested by the artist are effective and harmonious, other combinations 
may be used. Expert rag and mat makers and hundreds who make 
homemade carpets give strong and convincing testimony as to the super- 
iority of the Diamond Dyes for coloring wool, cotton and silk goods. No 
failures or disappointments when Diamond Dyes are used. Do not allow 
your dealer to sell you imitations of the " Diamond." 

Our Special Steel Hooks. 

Exact Size of Points. 

For Particulars See Page 5, 

Door Mat, No. 1 7. 

Size 18 X 30 Inches. - Price 15 Cents. 

Post Paid to Any Address. 

While animal patterns in door mats will always be popular with many, 
the Diamond Dye " Dog " pattern will find a place in thousands of homes. 
When neatly and carefully worked, this design vail show to advantage 
wherever placed. The Diamond Dyes produce all the colors and shades 
that go to make this mat effective. The design is easy to work, and is 
recommended to those who are commencing the work of making hooked 
rugs and mats. 

Steel Hooks 

For Working Diamond Dye Rug and Mat 


Price 25 Cents each. - Post Paid to Any Address. 

We are making two sizes of Hooks, as shown on page 4, for working 
our Diamond Dye Rug and Mat patterns. These Hooks, well polished 
and smooth, are made of the finest steel, and have well finished hard wood 
handles. The cuts show exact size of the points. No. i is a fine Hook 
for nice work. No, 2, being coarser, Is more adapted to new beginners. 
Price 25 cents each ; sent free of postage on receipt of price. Order by 
aumber. Wells & Rich/lrdson Co. 

Montreal, P.Q. 


Door Mat, No. 18. 

Size 18 X 30 Inches. - Price 15 Cents. 

Post Paid to Any Address. 

For the country homes of Canada where unbounded hospitality always 
prevails, the Diamond Dye " Call Again " mat will secure attention and 
popularity. There is a newness and beauty about this mat that must 
command the attention of young and old. No difficult feature is met with 
in the working of this "Call Agairi" mat, and when your rags are dyed 
with the Diamond Dyes the colors will show up richly and brilliantly. 
We specially recommend the black ground with cardinal letters. 

The Standard Dyes of the World. 

Diamond Dyes 

Are Imitated But Never Equalled. 

For over a quarter of a century Diamond Dyes have stood the severest 
tests in millions of home^j, and have won a fame and popularity that has 
made them the world's standard home dyes. Speculators, for the sake of 
large profits, have endeavored to imitate the Diamond Dyes, but thsir 
productions have always proved miserable failures and deceptions. There 
is as much difference between the genuine Diamond Dyes and the imita- 
tions as there is between a genuine bank note and a counterfeit. Beware 
of all imitation package dyes. Ask for the " Diamond" and see that you 
get them. 

Door Mat, No. 19. 

Size 18 X 30 Inches. - Price 15 Cents. 

Post Paid to ilny Address. 

Our Diamond Dye " Welcome '* mat pattern is very suggestive. The 
maple leaves, roses, thistles and shamrocks represent at a glance the vari- 
ous nationaHties that make up^ our population. Many ladies write and say 
" Your Diamond Dye ' Welcome ' pattern is a great hit." We assure the 
ladies that the working of No. 19 will be pleasant and profitable, in 
coloring rags for this mat we strongly advise use of colors shown on color- 
ed plate. The Diamond Dyes will dye your materials the exact shades 
required. The use of crude and imitation dyes will spoil your work. 

Door Mat, No. 20. 

Size 18 X 30 Inches. - Price 15 Cents. 

Post Paid to Any Address. 

The Diamond Dye "Snowshoe" mat des'gn is a pattern that has 
never before been submitted to the attention of the ladies. Letters from 
hundreds have come in, all agreeing that it is a " novel and grand pattern." 
It will undoubtedly prove a great seller ; indeed, orders already received 
go to prove this. While the border is handsome, rich and artistic, it can 
be easily worked by any woman of intelligence. It is a very pleasing mat 
for any part of the house. If your rags or goods are all wool, ase Fast 
Diamond Dye for Wool ; if your materials are all cotton or mixed goods, 
use Fast Diamond Dyes lor Cotton and Mixed Goods. 


Door Mat, No. 2 1 o 

Sizi) 18 X 30 Inches. - Price 15 Cents. 

Post Paid to Any Address. 

While there is a plainness and quietness about this design, there is 
also an elegance and wa-rmth in the pattern that must attra':t the tastes of 
thousands of ladies. No. 21 is one of the artist's most happ) conceptions, 
and the present demand promises a phenomenal sale for this design. The 
colors blend with perfect harmony, and the mat, Tvhether made of wool or 
cotton rags, will prove a creation of beauty. In order to obtain the best 
results as far as bright, brilliant and rich colors are concerned, you must 
use the Diamond Dyes. Refuse all imitation and crude dyes. 

Door Mat, No. 22. 

Size 18 X 30 Inches. - Price 15 Cents. 

Post Paid to Any Address. 

Our Diamond Dye "Toboggan " mat is an original idea, and like the 
" Snowshoe " mat mu: prov a fast seller. The sporting critics declare 
that tobogganing will .: cpular sport for the next three or four winters. 
In view of this fac- wb: Di? mond Dye "Toboggan" mat will consequently 
esta'jHsh itself as r* fa/orite in city and country homes. The colors are 
warm and cheerfu ^nd will never fade when made from the fast Diamond 
Dyes. If your dealer is out of the colors you require in Diamond Dyes, 
write to Wells & Richardson Co., Montreal, and they will send any color 
by mail ; price lo cents. Never take a substitute. 


Eoor BupH^i 












Root 5^J0 x::5f iSiSS^ 12. 

^'■' :' '■' ■■;::^':w,>^ 

Eoor Sag 30 x 54 Inches^ 1^ See page 18. 

Floor Bug 80 x 54 Inl^i 1?^ 1^ 10. 

"^•r';.v,"v-}." . ••-•.v ;;.;.. -Mfr 

Floor Rug 80 X 64 Ifiahes, Pif^^ page 14. 


,v ■•■- 

.-,■•< ' , , 

Floor Rug, No. 23. 

Size 30 X 54 Inches. - Price 25 Cents. 

Post Paid to Any Address for 30 Cents. 

This Diamond Dye Rug pattern "Oriental" design, is worthy of 
special attention. The colors are soft and warm and the general effect so 
harmonious that the most critical artist will be compelled to give it a high 
place as far as beautiful Rug patterns are concerned. Amongst the vari- 
ous designs submitted in Rug patterns, No. 23 is a leader. No difficulties 
will present themseives in the making of this Rug. The Diamond Dyes 
will give full and rich colors as shown on design. See that your dealer 
gives you the Diamond Dyes ; the use of poor dyes will result in muddy 
and imperfect colors. 

Floor Rug, No. 24 

Size 30 X 54 Inches. - Price 25 Cents. 

Post Paid to Any Address for 30 Cents. 

" Our Home " Diamond Dye Rug pattern has already become a fast 
favorite all over Canada, and will find its way into thousands of homes 
The colors selected for this Rug are Diamond Dye Fast Dark Blue, Black, 
Yellow, Cardinal, Green and Light Brown. The motto, " Our Home," in 
white will show effectively on the blue ground. Other combinations of 
colors to suit the taste of the Rug maker can be used in working this 
pattern. The great variety of rich colors produced by the Diamond Dyes 
is a wonderful advantage to makers of Rugs and Mats. 


Floor Rug, No. 25. 

Size 30 X 54 Inches. - Price 25 Cents. 

Post Paid to Any Address for 30 Cents. 

This design is a particularly striking and effective one, being one of 
the happiest conceptions of an artist who has made a special study of 
designs for Rugs and Mats. The colors are full, rich and pleasing, and 
blend so agreeably and artistically that every home Rug maker is instantly 
captivated by its beauty. The Diamond Dyes give all the necessary colors. 
When you have completed a No. 25 Rug, you will not part with it for three 
times its cost. 

General Money Savers for the Home. 

I — — -^ ■■ Ml. ll».,l— ■■— — 1^— <1^^»^M^^.^MW^— ^^1* 

Diamond Dyes 


Diamond Dyes being perfect in composition and uniform in color 
power are easy to use in the home. 

Diamond Dyes require no skill on the part of the home dyer, only 
care and strict folio^ving of directions found on envelope, and they give 
the most valuable results — brilliant, rich and unfading colors. 

By using Diamond Dyes it is easy to have changes of color in what 
you wear. At a cost of from ten to twenty cents you can renew any faded 
and soiled dress and make it as good as new. 

Diamond Dyes are esteemed as true home friends by all economical 



Floor Rug, No. 26. 

Size 30 X 54 Inches. - Price 25 Cents. 

Post Paid to Any Address for 30 Cents. 

II '~ 

The majority of Rug makers have a decided liking for leaves and 
flowers. This No. 26 design will certainly meet the views and tastes of 
all who are accustomed to work floral patterns. The leaves and flowers 
worked on black and slate ground will give happy and pleasing results. 
The border is strong and solid, and will snow up the centre charmingly. 
We strongly recommend No. 26 Diamond Dye Rug pattern. 

Blacks-Rich Blacks-Everlasting 

Produced only by the 

Diamond Dyes 

Three world-noted and famed blacks— Diamond Dye Fast Black for 
Wool, Diamond Dye Fast Black for Cotton and Mixed Goods, and 
Diamond Dye Fast Black for Silk and Feathers— give marvellously rich 
and full blacks on all kinds of materials. 

Imitators have placed weak and worthless package dyes on the 
market. Avoid these decepive dyes ; they work ruin to your materials and 
are dangerous to handle. 

If your dealer cannot furnish you with the Diamond Dyes, send direct 
to Wells & Richardson Co., Montreal. A package of any color for Wool, 
Cotton or Silk mailed for ten cents. 


Floor Rug, No. 27. 

Size 30 X 54 Inches. - Price 25 Cents. 

Post Paid to Any Address for 30 Cents. 

Our Diamond Dye " Stork " Rug design is a concentration of loveli- 
ness and exquisite taste. No other designers of Rug patterns have ever 
given to the ladies such a creation of beauty. Our " Stork " pattern is 
held in such esteem that the best ladies of Canada are ordering it for a 
Cushion design as well as for making hooked Rugs. Every color and 
shade on plate can be procured from the Diamond Dyes. Na 37 is a 
fiast seller. 

Diamond Dyes 

Are Used in Every Part of the Habit- 
able Globe. 

The homes of the well-to-do, the mechanics and the farmers of every 
civilized nation use the Diamond Dyes from year to year Even to the 
lands of the half-civilized and the heathen, Diamond Dyes are carried by 
traders, and are highly prized for their brilliant aud never-fading colors. 
Wherever used "^he Diamond Dyes give full and unbounded satisfaction. 
They make old clothes look new again, thus saving scores of dollars yearly 
in every home. As there are imitations of the Diamond Dyes sold by 
some merchants, refuse such if offered you; thuy «iuiO fsuiure and 

Floor Rug, No. 28. 

Size 30 X 54 Inches. - Price 25 Cents. 

Post Paid to Any Address for 30 Cents. 

Another magnificent design for hooked Rugs ! One of the latest and 
most novel patterns produced by the artist employed by the manufacturers 
of the Diamond Dye rug patterns ! Our " Butterfly " Rug pattern has 
been worked by many ladies, and they are so gratified with their handi- 
work that they would not exchange it f«r a costly imported Rug. The 
" Butterfly " may be worked with ordinary coarse yarn dyed to requisite 
shades with the Diamond Dyes. The result will be more pleasing and 
satisfactory than if done with coarse rags. 

Dont Throw Your Faded Things Away. 

Diamond Dyes 

Give New Life to Old Garments. 

That faded and rusty dress, skirt, blouse, cape, jacket or cloak that 
you are thinking of consignmg to the rag bag can be made as good as new 
if dyed with any of the fashionable and seasonable colors that Diamond 
Dyes produce. Your husband's, son's or brother's dingy overcoat or suit 
can be renewed for another season's wear by the Diamond Dyes at a 
trifling cost. All well managed homes use the Diamond Dyes. 

Guard against imitations and substitutes. 


Floor Rug, No. 29. 

Size 30 X 54 Inches. - Price 25 Cents. 

Post Paid to Any Address for 30 Cents. 

Our No. 29 Diamond Dye combitied "Scroll and Diamond" design 
is one well adapted for a hall or dining room Rug. If the Rug maker will 
use the colors shown on the colored plate when dyeing her materials s'le 
will find them to be the most satisfactory from an artistic point of view. 
No. 29 has become popular ; we advise the ladies to try it. 

Diamond Dyes 

Supply the Best, Brightest and Strongest Colors 
for Dyeing All-cotton and Mixed Goods. 

If you would have your all-cotton, mixed or union goods well and 
truly dyed, you must use the special Fast Diamond Dyes prepared for the 
coloring of cotton and mixed fabrics. 

The dye manufacturer who claims to color cotton and all-wool goods 
with the same dye is an impostor, whose sole object is gain. Cotton is a 
vegetable fibre and requires a special dye. These special cotton dyes are 
triumphs of color experts employed by the manufacturers of Diamond 

Ask your dealer for Diamond Dye Fast Cotton colors if you intend 
dyeing cotton or mixed goods. Refuse all package dyes that are called 
just as good as the *' Diamond." 


Floor Rug, No. 30. 

Size 30 X 54t Inches, - Price 25 Cents. 

Post Paid to Any Address for 30 Cents. 

This is an elegant and appropriate design for a comfort Rug for any 
room of the house. The colors are cheerful, bright and warm looking, 
and when made from the Diamond Dyes will never fade. The maple 
leaves and scroll work will sho^ up beautifully if worked with coarse yarn 
dyed to shades required, No. 30 design is sure to gi^e satisfaction to the 
Rug maker. Do not fail to send for a Diamond Dye " Maple Leaf" Rug 

The Ladies Who Win Prizes at Fairs and Exhibitions 
for Home-made Rugs and Mats Always Use the 

Diamond Dyes. 

The makers of home-made Rugs and Mats who win prizes at our 
annual fairs use only the Diamond Dyes for the coloring of their rags, 
yarns, etc. Wise and experienced rug makers know that the Diamond 
Dyes produce clearer, fuller, faster and brighter colors and shades than can 
be obtained from other package dyes. When faded garments and materials 
are re-dyed with Diamond Dyes, experts cannot tell the difference between 
Diamond Dye coloring and the work of professional dyers at the large 
steam dyeing houses at ten times the cost of home work. Diamond Dyes 
are blessings at all seasons in the homes of rich and poor. Be sure and 
get the " Diamond "; there are many imitations. 



82 Dyes for Wool and Silk. 

One package of each 
pounds of silk or. wool, ac 

F.'.3t Magenta, 
Fast Orange, 
Fast Drab, 
Fast Plum, 
Fast Olive Green, 
Fast Bottle Green, 
Fast Dark Green, 
Fast Green, 
Fast Navy Blue, 
Fast Indigo Blue, 
Fast Light Blue, 

of the following dyes will color from one to six 
cording to shade desired : 

Fast Dark Blue, 
Fast Scarlet, 
Fast Cardinal Red, 
Fast Crimson, 
Fast Pink, 
Fast Yellow, 
Fast Garnet, 
Fast Old Gold, 
Fast Dark Wine, 
Fast Terra Cotta, 
Fast Maroon, 

Fast Brown, 
Fast Seal Brown, 
Fast Dark Brown, 
Fast Black for Wool, 
Fast Black for Silk 

and Feathers, 
Eosine (Pink), 

16 Dyes for Cotton and Mixed Goods. 

One package of each of the following dyes will color one pound or 
more of cotton, linen or other vegetable fibres, or of mixed cotton and 
wool or silk, according to shade desired : 

Fast Pink for Cotton and Mixed 

Fast Purple for Cotton and Mixed 

Fast Dark Green for Cotton and 

Mixed Goods, 
Fast Garnet for Cotton and Mixed 

Fast Oraige for Cotton and Mixed 

Fast Navy Blue for Cotton and 

Mixed Goods, 
Fast Black for Cotton and Mixed 

Fast Yellow for Cotton and Mixed 


Fast Brown fnr Cotton and Mixed 

Fast Turkey Rc;d for Cotton and 

Mixed Goods, 
Fast Cardinal for Cotton and Mixed 

Fast Crimson for Cotton and Mixed 

Fast Seal Brown for Cotton and 

Mixed Goods, 
Fast Scarlet for Cotton and Mixed 

Blue for Cotton and Mixed Goods, 
Green for Cotton and Mixed Goods. 

X^ Book of directions for the use of eacn of the Diamond Dyes and sample card of 
colors sent free to any address. A copy oi" this valuable book should be lound in every 
home. Address WELLS & RICHARDSON CO., Montreal, P.Q. 


Door Mat 18 x 80 Inches, Firioe 15 oenta. See page 7» 

■ im. 1<U ■>V • ,'. 

Door Mat 18 x 30 Inokas, Frioe 15 oents. See pag^ 7 


• • • "^ 





"..'■g'^WSfttlW >,,.,■■ 


MtJtieBaaBt: ~ 3 . - . fir--'iiear« ^ . iBn t u t 

M i l' it *.