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Full text of "Index to original communications in the medical journals of the United Statesand Canada for 1877 [microform] : classified by subjects and authors"

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1.0 !f:«- IIM 



■^ 140 








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WEBSTER, N.Y. 14580 

(716) 872-4503 





Collection de 

Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions / Institut Canadian de microreproductions historiques 

Technical and Bibliographic Notes/Notes techniques et bibliographiques 

The Institute has attempted to obtain the best 
original copy available for filming. Features of this 
copy which may be bibliographicaliy unique, 
which may alter any of the images in the 
reproduction, or which may significantly change 
the usual method of filming, are checked below. 

L'Institut a microfilm^ le meilleur exemplaire 
qu'il lui a it6 possible de se procurer. Les details 
de cet exemplaire qui sont peut-dtre uniques du 
point de vue bibliographique, qui peuvent modifier 
une image reproduite, ou qui peuvent exiger une 
modification dans la m^thode normale de fiimaga 
sont indiquis ci-dessous. 

□ Coloured covers/ 
Couvertura de couieur 

I I Covers damaged/ 

I I Coloured pages/ 





Couverture endommagie 

Covers restored and/or laminated/ 
Couverture restaur^e et/ou pellicul^e 

r~~| Cover title missing/ 

Le titre de couverture manque 

Coloured maps/ 

Cartes giographiques en couieur 

Coloured inEt (i.e. other than blue or black)/ 
Encre de couieur (i.e. autre que blaue ou noirel 

I I Coloured plates and/or illustrations/ 

PlanchciS et/ou illustrations en couieur 

Bound with other material/ 
Relii avec d'autres documents 

Tight binding may cause sh. dows or distortion 
along interior margin/ 

Lareliure serree peut causer de I'ombre ou de la 
distorsion le long de la marge intdrieure 

Blank leaves added during restoration may 
appear within the text. Whenever possible, these 
have been omitted from filming/ 
II se peut que certaines pages blanches ajout^es 
lors d'une restauration apparaissent dans la texte, 
mais, lorsque cela 4tait possible, ces pages n'ont 
pas iti filmies. 





Pages de couieur 

Pages damaged/ 
Pages endr.mmagies 

Pages restored and/or laminated/ 
Pages restaurdes et/ou pelliculdes 

Pages discoloured, stained or foxed/ 
Pages ddcolordes, tacheties ou piqudes 

Pages detached/ 
Pages ddtachdes 


Quality of print varies/ 
Quality in^gale de {'impression 

Includes supplementary material/ 
Comprend du materiel suppl^mentaire 

I I Only edition available/ 

Seule Edition disponible 

Pages wholly or partially obscured by errata 
slios, tissues, etc.. have been refilmed to 
ensure the best possible image/ 
Les pages totalement ou partiellement 
obscurcies par un feuillet d'errata, une pelure, 
etc., ont 6ti Vilmdes A nouvnau de facon § 
obtenir la meilleure image possible. 

Additional comments:/ 
Commentaires suppldmentaires: 

Various pagings. 

This item is filmed at the reduction ratio checked below/ 

Ce document est filmi au taux de reduction indiquA ci-dessous. 














Th« copy filmed hera has b««n reproduced thanks 
to the generosity of: 

IMedical Library 
IMcGill University 

The images appearing here are the best (luality 
possible considering the condition and legibility 
of the original copy and in Iceeping with the 
filming contract specifications. 

L'exempiaire filmA fut reproduit grAce A la 
ginArositi da: 

IMectisal Library 
IMcGill University 

Les images suivantas ont 4tA reproduites avec ie 
plus grand soin, compta tenu de la condition at 
de la nettet* de rexempiaira film*, at en 
conformity avec ies conditions du contrat de 

Original copies in printed paper covers are filmed 
beginning with the front cover and ending on 
the last page with a printed or illustrated impres- 
sion, or the bacic cover when appropriate. All 
other original copies are filmed beginning on the 
first page with a printed or illustrated impres- 
sion, and ending on the laat page with a printed 
or illustrated impression. 

Les exemplaires originaux dont la couverture en 
papier est imprimte sont filmte en commenqant 
par Ie premier plat at en terminant soit par la 
derniAre page qui comporte une empreinte 
d'Impression ou d'illustration. soit par Ie second 
plat, salon Ie cas. Tous les autres exemplaires 
originaux sont filmte en commenpant par la 
premiere page qui comporte une empreinte 
d'Impression ou d'illustration at en terminant par 
la derniire page qui comporte une telle 

The last recorded frame on each microfiche 
shall contain the symbol —^(meaning "CON- 
TINUED"), or the symbol y (meaning "END"), 
whichever applies. 

Un dee symboles sulvants apparaltra sur la 
dernlAre image de cheque microfiche, seion Ie 
cas: !e symbols —► signifie "A SUIVRE", ie 
symbols y signifie "FIN". 

Maps, plates, charts, etc., may be filmed at 
different reduction ratios. Those too large to be 
entirely included in one exposure are filmed 
beginning in the upper left hand corner, left to 
right and top to bottom, aa many frames aa 
required. The following diagrams illustrate the 

Les cartes, planches, tableaux, etc., peuvent dtre 
filmte A dee taux de rMuction diffirents. 
Lorsque Ie document est trop grand pour fttre 
reproduit en un seul cliche, il est filmA d partir 
de I'angle supirieur gauche, de gauche A droite, 
et de haut en bas, en prenant Ie nombre 
d'images nAcessalre. Les diagrammes suivants 
illustrent la m6thode. 












This Soap is confidently offered to tlic medical profession ami the public as being a detergent which, 
from the nature of its composition, possesses Undoubted Healing Qualities, 

in combination with CHEMICALLY PUKE GLYCERINE. VVe thus produce a detergent absolutely 
free from the valid objections frequently discoverable in soaps compounded from animal fats, which HAVE 

This soap has already been used in many public institutions ; as Nurseries, Infant A<<ylums, Hospitals, 
Dibpensaries, etc, and abundart evidence, from them and from private physicians, can be given those 
desiring it, which will bear out all that is claimed for the remedial excellence of PACKER'S T.\R SO.\P. 

In the ireatment of 


this soap is of especial service: first, because while other soaps, if used, may and probably v/ill exercise 
some injurious effect, this is the hast irritating of all soaps; .ind second, becaiise by virtue of its 
TAR and GLYCERINE, of which it contains a very large percentage, 

SURGEONS find it the best soap for cleansing wounds, ulcers, etc., and for antiseptic and deodor- 
izing purposes. 

We'' • - ed,ifa 

little pal . 

?, O. E 


ing why ; 


"I ha' 



hospital dn 

the past six 
also ia Prur 
ing Phytic. 

"Of its 

izing and ai 
/iirsoapwl " 



.•«ion."— J 

" I fine 
Smith, M.,.. ,...,. 

" I advise all my patients to 
in the market" — Edward Sutioi 

" It IS the br'.t arJcle I have 
\>\e."— Edwin Barnes, M.D., P. 

"K mo'.t valuable adjuvant 

" I havs used your • Tar So 
Blackmai', M.D., iVarsaw, Oh 

" I have recently used Packi 
considerable and oftnsive discha 
/i. Snukt, M.D., Whiteliall, ;V. 

" As » deodorizer for wound 
article."— C, H. Von Tagen, M. 

"I have found ii valuable in 
fragrance render it peculiarly des 

" Wc believe, from our own ' 
made and used, not only for med 

"I have recently used Pack 
•^o remove fetor— but caused a I 
aged thirty-eight and since, I 
Henry Co., Iowa. 

* * * "The best prepara 
recommending it for purposes nai 

"It works to perfection in i 
destroying the odors of perspirat 
more than soaps in ge&eral, viz, : 

" I am in the habit oTtiMii^ 
The aoap i« clouuing, soothini 
tviiwre^'— Egbert Gutrmty, A 



|[niucraitg of 

Prcsontcd bu 


Claaf..OlG Gl 

BookC 4G 3 


e /att." it i^ 
tiled. I 

of every 


t during 
foriasis ; 

|he cnly 

Ixen,! a 
f combi- 

Library of tbB Faculty of piedicinB, 



Beoeived l.fif .Q.aT. 

is it is by far the be^t soap 
' infants' iwc, it is iiivulu.v 

M.n., Cleveland, Ohio. 
nt remedial agent,"—//. 

valis, in which there wus 
nd correcting fetor." — A". 

als, in my judgment, litis 

'■ftrties and its wholesome 

place of all other Nua|)s 
■'ork City. 

Ifilled the object_ in view 
T patient, a married lady, 
na, M.D,, New l.otuioit, 

h it, we take pleasure in 

Mxlotiier, it is wonderful, 
I at tho same time vastly 

the oiost markad benefit 
.tly stimulating action ia 



' A->,. 





These Essenoes are the finest juices from, choice meats, entirely 
free from, fatty or injuriou.' matter. They retain the fine flavor 
and sinell of the meats. Are > ^avy liquids in a warm temperature 
and when placed upon Ice take a jelly form especially grateful to 
invalids. Children will readily take them, and in many of their 
complaints Essences are unequaled. Being used WITHOUT WATER, 
they do not cause nausea as does Beef Tea, and they will remain 
upon the stomach when all other nourishment ' t rejected. In men- 
tal or physical prostration they act as srong stimulants, without 
the subsequent injurious effects produced' by alcohol. In Dyspepsia 
and all Chronic Diseases of the Stomach, they are easily assim,ila 
ted and are helpful in Consumption and other wasting diseases. 
J^Tatural, pleasant and refreshing in fevers. Afford concentrated 
micat stimulant after ohild-hirth. Are convenient for persons hoard- 
ing or traveling. 
Taken cold direct from the can, needing no preparation whatever. 

Sold hy Druggists and Fine Grocers. 



92 li 93, Great Russell St., London, W. C. 


On Tilbury Springs. 


Insnres comfor< without the fatigue consequent upon the Reaction of the Elliptic 

Vertical Steel Plates inserted in the axle-beds, which give 250 ]ier cent, greater 
Htiflfuess to the body. 

For further particulars and prit-e, send for Circular. 


14ri East Twenty-liftli Street, 
[Established 1838.] IVow York. 







These TliermomfiterH are waiTuiitett to be jierfectly accurate, neatly flniHlieil, uiid are put up 
In Itard rubber cases. 

No, .S7-4.. 4, 0, or C in. Patent Twist, witb Indestructible Register. Racli $3 BO 

No. 375. 4, n, or C in. Safety Contraction, with Tndestructible Register. Eacli $a nO 

Xo» 876. 4,fi,orClii. Bclf- Registering, scale cnKravcd on tube, J deg. Each f-j 00 


Vlvroa»t Mjpivmsy lyvLk^^m^ A,t<yxaaXm»vm, Sto. 




— TC — 





— OF THE — 

United States and Canada, 








R1(DE:"6n"E t)OLLAR. 


\ Cv ,M..:ti i-i.l- ..•-^/ 



Entered according to Act of Congreee, In the year 1878, 


In the Office oj the UbrarUu oJ Congreu. at Washington. 



16, 18, 20 AKD 2-i ClIAHIIKlUl SruKKT, 


In compiling the present issue of the " Index," the import- 
ance of correctness was fully realized, and in its preparation the 
utmost care was exercised accordingly. Owing, however, to the 
great difficulty experienced in obtaining complete files of tlio 
medical journals, dependence, of necessity, was placed to a con- 
siderable extent upon the work of disinterested parties. 

If errors have crept in through this cause, it should not be 
attributed to carelessness. 

Complete files of American, Canadian, nnd the leading Brit- 
ish journals are already in hand, from which the '^ Index " for 
1878 is being compiled under the personal supervision of 

The Author. 






Aoierloan Journal of Iitsanity. f 

American Journal of Medical Sciences. 

American Journal of Obstetrlcfl. 

American Journal of Pharmacy. 

American Medical Bi-Weekly. 

American Medical Journal (£.). 

American Supplement to Obstetrical Journal 
of Great Britain and Ireland. 

American Veterinary Review. 

American Homoeopathist. 

American Observer (H.). 

American Practitioner. 

Archives of Clinical Surgery. 

Archives of Dermatology. 

Archives of Opthalmology and Otology. 

Atlanta Medical and Surgical Journal. 

Boston Medical and Surgical Journal. 

Bu.falo Medical and Surgical Journal. 

California Medical Times (H.). 

Canada Medical Record. 

Canada Medical and S Lirgical Journal. 

Canada Lancet. 

Canadian Journal of Medical Science. 

Charleston Medical Journal and Review. 

Chicago Journal of Nervous and Mental 

Chicago Medical Journal tind Examiner. 

Chicago Medical Times. 

Cincinnati Lancet and Observer. 

Cincinnati Medical Advance (H.). 

Cincinnati Medical News. 

Detroit Medical and Surgical Journal. 

Eclectic Medical and Surgical Journal. 

Hahnemannian Monthly. 

Homoeopathic Times. 

Louisville Medical News. 

Maryland Medical Journal. 

Medical Brief. 

Medical News and Library. 

Nashville Journal of Medicine and Surgery. 

New England Medical Gazette (H.). 

New Oilcans Medical and 8u gical Journal. 

New Remedies. 

New York Medical Eclectic. 

New York Medical Journal. 

New York Medical Record. 

North American Journal of Homoeopathy. 

Northwesteru Annalist (H,). 

Ohio Medical and Surgical Journal. 

Ohio Medical and Surgical Repoi-ter (H.). 

Ohio Medical Recorder. 

Pacific Medical and Surgical Journal. 

Philadelphia Medical and Surgical Reporter. 

Philadelphia Medical Times. 

Physician and Pharmacist. 

Quarterly Cancer Journal (E.). 

Quarterly Journal of Inebriety. 

Richmond and Louisville Medical Joui'nal. 

Southern Medical Record. 

St. Louis Clinical Record. 

St. Louis Medical and Surgical Journal. 

The CUnic. 

The Sanitarian. 

Toledo Medical and Surgical Journal. 

U. S. Medical Investigator (H.). 

Virginia Medical Monthly. 

Western Lancet. 



Abattoir*. The Sanitary Questions Concerning 

and tlio SliiMiilitcrlnjc lUisiness ta New 

York. (Jauns.) The Sanitarian, July. 

Abies Nigra. (Alien.) Ilahnemannian Monthly, 

Abnormalities. Notes on . (Sbepherd.) Ca- 
nada Med. und Snt: Jour., June. 

— Of the Cornea. (9m)th.) Detroit Med. Jour., 


Abscesses. On Rctro-Pharyngeal . (Pe- 
ters.) Ohio Med. at>d Sur. Jour., Oct. 

Absorption. Of the Vaginal Mucus Membraue. 

(Easloy.) Phila. Med. and Sur. Hep., July 28. 
AAAnminnHatlnn and Refi-action. In relation 


INDEX FOR 1878." 

The " Indkx " for IkS/S is now in active preparation, 
and will be issued about the ist of March, 1879. 

To the American and Canadian list will be added the 
leading- Journals of Great Britain and Ireland. 

In the Author Classification, the Address as well as 
the Name, will be giv'en, thus makiui^ a Comj)lete Register 
of the Contributors for the curi'ent year. 

The price will remain unchanged — viz : One Dollar. 


20. - - - 

- Case of Unilateral Cerebellar — ^ and Tumors 
without rorsistence of Symptoms. (Hughes.) 
Vhicaffo Jour. Kerv. and Menl. IHs., Oct. 

- Cerebral and Diluted Bronchi. (Uutchin- 

son.) Phila. Med. Times, Aug. 18. 

-Cold or Fracture of Joints. (Tagen.; 

Hoineo. Times, Sept. 

- Case of Psojis following Excision of Tes- 
ticle. (Feuwick.) Canada Med. and Sur. Jour., 

-Psoas opened. (Wall.) Buffalo Med. and 

Sur. Jour.,A(iv. 

- Case of Porincphritio . (Forsyth.) y. Y. 

Med. Bee. , Oct. 20. 

- Post SteiTial . (Keen.) Phila. Med. Times, 

June 0. 

-Ti.reo Cases of Pelvic . (McGraw.) De- 
troit Med. Jour., Sept. 

- An ICxtraordinary Case of Bilnry commu- 
nicating with the Riglit liroohus. (Simuiuus.) 
Am. Jour. Med. Sciences, Oct. 

Acute RhenTnatism. (uouum.^ vtH. ijoneet 
aud Obs., March. 

— Salicylic in Acute Rheumatism, (Conway.) 
Va. Med. Monthh/, May. 

— On the Therapeutical Uses of Salicylic 

and Its Salts. (Dessau.) N. Y.Med, liec., April 1. 

-Solvent lor Salicyllo . (Edmiston.) Chi 

cago Med. Jour, and Ex., Feb. 

— Salicylic . (Flowers.) Va. Med. Monthly, 


— Salicylic In Kheumatism. (Grlswold.) 

Cal. Med. Times, July. 

— Salloyllo . (Hale.) North Am. Jour. Ho- 


-Salicylic in Septic Fever. (Hale.) V. S. 

Med. Investigator (II. >, Feb. 1. 

— Salicylic . (Hoffman.) TI. S. Med. Investi- 
gator (II.), Jan. 13. 

— Salicylic and its Salts. (Kinsman.) Ohio 

Mvd. Ilccordcr, Sept. 

— SiiUcylio in Acute Rheumatism. (Per- 

riu.) Phila. Med. and Stir. Hep., March 8. 





Cincinnati Medical News. 
Detroit Medical and Surgical Journal. 
Eclectic Medical and Surgical Journal. 
Habneniannian Monthly. 

Toledo Medical and Surgical Journal. 
U. S. Medical Investigator (H.). 
Virginia Medical Monthly. 
Western Lancet. 





Abattoirs. The Sanitary Qiientlons CnnoerninR 

and tho 81iiiii;Ut(>riii)< ItusinoHH lu Kt)W 

York. (Jauos.) The Sunilariun, July. 

AbiflB Nigra. (Allen.) Ilahnemannian Monthly, 

Abnonnalltlos. Notes on . (Sliepherd.) Ca- 

iiuda JUcil. und Snr. Jour., June. 

Aborting Variola Eruptions. On . (Hal- 

doiuuuu.) Cin, Lavcel tttiit Oha., July. 

— On . A Rcjolutior to Uc. llildictu's Reply. 

(Iluldeiuauu.) Cin. Lancet and Oba., Dec. 

Abortion. After Twin Prepnaucy. (Bacon.) 
i'/it/a. Med. and Sur. Rep., Feb. 17. 

— The TrcMitmcnt of . (Logan.) Louisville 

Med. Ncivs, Feb. 8. 

— Its Symptoms and Treatment. (Penrose.) N. 
r. Med. Hec, Dee. 29. 

— Consequent on Fatty DoRencratlon of tho Pla- 
centn. (Suv^ry.) Am. Jour. Obs., April. 

— Sudden lieath During Attpmptod . (Shi- 

monek.) I'hila. Med. and Sur. lirp., Feb. 17. 

— Tho Cause and Prevention of Repented . 

(Waddcll.) Toledo Med. and Sur. Jour., Jan. 
and March. 

— Of Twins. (Wilson.) Phila. Med. Times, April 

Abscess. Case of Supposed of tho Medias- 
tinum. (Bauer.) St. Louis Clin. JCee., Jan. 

—Unusual form of . (BeuU.) St. Louis Clin. 

Rec., May. 

— Case of Intra-Abdomlnal . (Bowlosby.) 

N. V. Med. Eclectic, May. 

— Retro-Pharyugeal iis a Sequel of Diphthe- 
ria. (Brown.) N. Y. Med. Rcc, Feb. 3. 

— lu the Gastro-Hepatio Omentum. (Catter- 
molo.) Canada Lancet, May. 

— Hepatic Aspirated with a Davidson's Syr- 
inge. (Hand.) Phila. Med. and Sur. Rep., 
March '24. 

— Case of Perltyphylltlo . (Clarke.) JV. Y. 

Med. Rec Sciit. 20. 

— Case of I'critnihylltie . (Ely.) N. T. Med. 

Rec, Setil. 29. 

— Of tlio Brain, tho Result of Chronic Otitis 
Media. (Coomos.) Louisville Med. News, Oct. 

— Case of Unilateral Cerebellar and Tumors 

witliout P('r8i8t<^noo of Symptoms. (Hughes.) 
Chicago Jour, fi'erv. and Ment. Dis., Oct. 

— Cerebral and Dilated Bronchi. (Ilutchin- 

sou.) Phila. Med. Times, Aug. 18. 

— Cold or Fracture of Joints. (Tagen.) 

Homeo. Times, Sept. 

— Case of following Excision of Tes- 
ticle. (Feuwiuk.) Canada Med. and Sur. Jour., 

— Psoas opened. (Wall.) 

Sur. Jour., Aov. 

— Case of Periupphritio , 

Med. Rec., Oct. 20. 

— Post Sternal . (Keen.) 


— Ti.ree Cases of Pelvic — 
troit Med. Jour., Sept. 

— All K.xtraordinary Case of Bilary commu- 

ni(:atinK with the Ri>;lit Brochus. (Simmons.) 
Am. Jour. Med. Sciences, Oct. 

Buffalo Med. and 

. (Forsyth.) N. Y. 

Phila. Med. Times, 

-. (McQraw.) Dc- 

— Of tho Comcft. (Smith.) Detroit Med, Jour., 

Abscesses. On Retro-Pharyugeal . (Pe- 
ters.) Ohio Med. and Sur. Jour,, Oct. 

Absorption. Of tho Vaginal Mucus Membrane. 
(Easley.) Phila. Med. and Sur. Rep., July 28. 

Accommoflatlon and Refraction. Tu relation 
to Catarrhal Conjunctivitis, Blepharitis and 
Headache. (Wuodyatt.) U. 8. Med. Investiga- 
tor (U.), Aug. 15. 

Acid. The ofWil!owBark. (Dott.) Am. Jour. 

Phnr., Dec. 

— T^iomhydrlo . (Church.) New Rem., June. 

— Carbolic In Eye Sui-gery. (Chisolm.) Va. 

Med. Monthly, Dec. 

— Injection of Carbolic In Hemorrhoids. 

(Pooley.) Toledo Med. and Sur. Jotir., Nov. 

— Carbolic as an Antiseptic. (Wish.) Am. 

Jour. I'har., Aug. 

— Cresotiiiio in Acute Articular Rheuma- 
tism. (Kdebohls.) N. Y. Med. Hec, Ma)/ a. 

— Use of Gallic in Phthisis. (Marshall.) 

Phila. Med. and Sttr. Rep.. May 6. 

— Hydrobromio and Quinine. (Vrcorman.) 

N. Y. Med. Rec. April 21. 

— Hydrobromio In Prescriptions. (Wade.) 

Detroit Med. .Tour., Oct. 

— Action of Nitrate on Symp of Iodide of 

Iron. (Betz.) Am.Jour.Phar.,Dec 

— On tho Application of Fuming Nitric to 

tholntcrior of the Uterus. (Alloway.) Canada 
Med. Rcc, April. 

— Application of Nltrio to the Uterine Cav- 
ity. (Campbell.) Canada Med. Rec, April. 

~ Nitric in Uterine Ulceration. (Wood- 
bury.) Med. Brief, Dee. 

— Nitric in Erysipelas, Paerperal Fever and 

Diphtheria. (Pramer.) TJ. 8. Med. Investiga- 
tor (jr.), Feb. 1. 

— The J'reparation of Concentrated Nitric . 

(Trimble.) Am. .Tour. Phar., Nov. 

— Picric . (Jones.) Am. Observer (IT.), Aug. 

— Salicvlio In Lumbago. (Calfec.) Louis- 

ville Med. News, Jan. 6. 

— Tiio Effect of Salicylic in s'x cases o^ 

Acute Rheumatism. (Collins.) Cin. Lancet 
and Obs., Manh. 

— Salicylic in Acute Rheimiatism. (Conway.) 
Va. Med. Monthly, May. 

— On the Therapeutical Uses of Salicylic — 
and Its Salts. (Dessau.) N. Y.Med. Rec, Ajirill. 

— Solvent lor Salicylic . (Edmiston.) Chi 

caf/o Med. Jour, and Ex., Feb. 

— Salicylic . (Flowers.) Ya. 2led. Monthly, 


— Salicylic In Rheumatism. (Griswold.) 

Cat. Aied. Times, July. 

— Siillcylio . (Hale.) North Am. Jour. Ho- 

Hiff)., Feb. 

— Sallcyiic in Septic Fever. (Halo.) TJ. S. 

Med. Juvesligalor (II.j, Feb. i, 

— Siiilcylio (Iloll'mau.) U. S. Med. InvestU 

galm- (U.), Jan. 15. 

— Siilicylio and its Salts. (Kinsmau.) Ohio 

Mid. Recorder, Sept. 

— StUicylio in Acute Rheumatism. (Per- 

riu.) Phila. Med. and Sur. Rep., March 3. 



— Ballcyllo in the Treatment of Acute 

Kheumatlsm. (Roberts.) Va. Med. Monthly, 

— Salycyllo as an Antl-Rbeumatlc. (Sea- 
bury.) Med. Brief, May. 

— Salicylic in liliopntlilo Erysipelas. (Spen- 

zer.) Ohio Med. Recorder, Sept. 

— Salicylic — in Malnriiil Fever. (Stonebrak- 
cr.) Phila. Med. and Sur. Rep., Dec. 1. 

— Salicylic as an Autipcriodlo and Gener- 
al Febrifuge. (Thomas.) Phila. Med. and Sur. 
Rep., June 2. 

— Solvents of Salicylic . (Thresh.) Am. 

Jour. Phar., Jan. 

— Salicylic in Iritis. (Wheeler.) Boston 

Med. and Sur. Jour., Feb. 22. 

— Sulphuric in Croup. (Pramer.) IT. S. 

Med. Investigator IB.), Feb. I. 

— Sulphuric vs. Eplstaxis and Stinking 

Feet. (Taylor.) Chicago Med. Jour, and Ex., 

— Tannic of Guarana. (Green.) Am. Jour. 

I'har.. Aug. 

— Pathological Importance of Uric and Its 

Combinations. (Mann.) N. T. Med. Jour., Dec. 

Acids. Salient Points on the . (Miller.) 

Uahnemannian Monthly, Nov. 

AcittQm Carbolicoin. (Van Valkenburg.) Eclec- 
tic 'lied, and Sttr. Jour., June. 

Aciduin. Phosphoricum Dilutiuu. (Mattison.) 
Am. Jour. Pliar., Jan. 

Acne. (Campbell.) Ci7i. Mvd. Advance (II.), Sept. 

— Indurata. (Bulkley.) Arch. Dermatol., Jan. 
Acoi?tte. (Goss.^ Southern Med. Rec.,, Tune. 

— An exceptional remedy in Typhoid Fever. 
(Miller.) Borneo. Times, May. 

— The Objective Symptoms ol! in InflEUima- 

toiy Fevers. (Woodward.) JJ. S. Med. Inves- 
tigator (B.), May. 

— Rout. An Adiilteration of . (Holmes.) 

Am. Jour. Phar., May. 

Addison's Disease. Case of . (Pepjier.) Am. 

Jour. Med. Sciences, Jan. 

— Clinical Lecture on a Case of . (Pepper.) 

Phila. Med. Times. Dec. 8. 

— And its Relations with Antematosls. (Pep- 
per.) Am. Jour. Med. Sciences, April. 

-Case of . (Steadmau.) Boston Med. and 

Sur. Jour. Oct. 25. 

Address. Valedictory. (Amick.) Cin. Med. 
News, Aug. 

— (Barrows.) N. E. Med. Gazette (B.), Aug. 

— President's before tho Arkansas State 

Medical Association, (Barry.) St. Louis Clin. 
Rec, May. 

— Annual Meeting Am. Med. Association. 
(Bowditch.) Boston Med. and Sur. Jour., 
June 7. 

— (Byford.) Cin. Lancet and Obs., Dec. 

— Annual . iByford.) Cin. Lancet and Obs., 


— Introductory before tho Medico-Surgical 

Society of Montreal, Nov. 2, 1877. (Campbell.) 
Canada Med. Rec., Nov. 

— To tho President. (Cunningham.) Ya. Med. 
Monthly, Jan. 

— Annual — before the Kansas City District 
Medical Society. (Dougherty.) St. Louis Med. 
and Sur. Jour., Nov. 

— Inaugural . (Davis.) Nash. Jour. Med. 

and Sur., Oct. 

— Before tho Students of the Nashville Med. Col. 
Oct. 1, 1877. (Eve.) R. and L. Med. Jour., 

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Rldeau Medical Association. (Grant.) Cana- 
da Lancet, Feb. and July. 

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(Green.) The Clinic, March 31. 

— Annual before tho Tenth Annual Meeting 

of tho Canada Medical Association, Sept. 12, 
1877. (Hingston.) Canada Med. liec, Dec. 

— An delivered to the Annual Meeting of 

the Boston Microscopical Society. (Holmes.' 
Boston Med. and Sur. Jour., May 24. 

— On Retiring from tho Presidency of the Alnm- 
ri Association of Bellevue Hospital Medical 
College. (Leale.) Va. Med. Monlhlij, Sept. 

— Delivered to the Graduating Classes, Univer- 
sity of Nashville and Vanderbiit University, 
Feb. 22, 1877, (Menees.) Noah. Jour. 'led. and 
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— (Pickai d.) Cin. Med. News, Oct. 

— Introductory . (Small.) U. 8. Med. Inves- 
tigator (B.), Nov. l.^. 

— (Southworth.) Toledo Med. atid Sur. Jou ., 

— Valedictory to the Class of 1866 and '7. 

(Spence.) OhioMed. and Sur. Rep. (B.), March. 

— Inau<'ural . (StUwell.) Cin. Laiieel and 

Obs., March. 

— To tho Graduating Class of the Buffalo Med- 
ical College, la77. (Stoddard.) Buffalo Med. 
and Sur. Jour., Jan. 

-- Valedictory to the Graduating Class of 

the Cincinnati College of Medicine and 8m- 
gci-y. (Tliacker.) Cin. Med. News, April. 

— Valedietiny to tho GJraduatea of Medicine, 

Medical Faculty, University of Bishop's Col- 
lege, Lenoxville. (TreuLoUue.) Canada Med, 
Rec., April. 

— Inaugural . (Vance.) Cin. Lancet and 

Observer. Jan. 

— Extract from an delivered before the 

Southern Illinois Medical Association (Ward ■ 
ner.) SI. Louis Clin. Rec.. Fib. 

— Commencement . (West.) Cin. Lancet 

and Observer, April. 

Salival . (Thorn berry.) Am.Pract. 




Adiiesions. Pelvic in Ovariotomy. 

Am. Jour. Med. Sciences, Jan. 

— Forcible Flexion in Fibrous . (Gardner.) 

Canada Lancet, Oct. 

Adulterations. (Mattison.) Am. Jour. Phar., 

— (Miller.) Am. Jour. Phar., Feb. 
Agalactia-Urtica Urens. (Terry.) Borneo. 

Times, April. 
Aiken. As a Health Station. (Gcddings.) Char- 
leston Med. Jour, and Rev., Jan. 

Air. Observations on Treatment by Compressed 

. (Baldwin.) North Am. Jour. Borneo., 


— Tho Respiration of Compressed and Rarefle<l 

in Pulmonary Diseases. (Davis. Chicago 

Med. Jour, and Ex., Oct. 

— Dry antl Pliysical Degeneracy. (Vcrfli.) 

U. S. Med. Investigator (B.j, June 15. 

Albumen. On In tho Treatment of Pulmo- 
nary Consumption. (Shuily.) Buf. Med. and 
Sur. Jour., June. 

Albuminuria. At tho Seventh Month of Preg- 
nancy. (Abbot.) Boston Med. and Sur. Jour., 
Sept. 20. 

— Case of . (Cook.) An. Med. Bi- Weekly, 

Sept. 15. 

— The Relation of to Pregnancy. (Martin.) 

Canada Jour. Med. Science, Jan. 

Alcohol and Diphtheria. (Chapman.) Cin. Med. 
News, Nov. 

— The Medicinal Use of as an Exciting 

Cause of Inebriety. (Crothers.) Phila. Mea. 
and Sttr. Rep., May 12. 

— Now Method of Detecting when used op 

an Adulterant of the Essential Oils. (Davy.) 
Am. Jour. Phar., Nov. 

— In Consumption. (Foster.) Phila. Med. and 
Sur. Rep., Feb. 17. 

— Its Effects In Health. Its Remedial Applica- 
tions in Disease. Where and when should it 

be used 1 (Kennedy.) Cin. Lancet and Obs., Jun. 

-Nolo on Recovering . (Lloyd.) Am. Jour. 

Phar., June. 

— On the Disposal of In Human Bodies. 

McElroy.) Cin. Med. News, Oct. 


Aloohollo Coma. Roinaikftlilo Case of . 

(Lunte.) Ji. and L. Med. Jour., Jan. 
Alimentation and Medication. Some Prncti- 

ciil Hints upon per Roctuu'. (Cliandler.) 

Louisville Med. News, Sept. 22. 
Alitiira Wine. (Delevan.) Cin. Med. News, 

Allcaloids. Notes on tbe DiHtributiou of the 

in Cincboua Trees. (Howard.) Am. Jour. 

I'har., Sept. 

— Cini'lioua and their Salts. (King.) li. and 

L. Med. Jour. , A ug. 

— Composition of the and of Albuminoid 

Bodies. (Mallot.) Va. Med. Monlhly, Jan. 

Allgemeines Krankenbai's Wien. (Service of 
Dr. Monto.) (Dulles.) I'hil. Med. Times, Aug. i. 

Alstonia Constricta. (Catbcart.) Am. Borneo., 

Altitude and Climate. On in tlio Treat- 
ment of I'lilniounry Pbtbisis. (Gleitsmauu.) 
6' in. Med. News, March. 

Amaurosis. Hysterical. (Lyncb.) Med. Brief, 

Anaber and Ambergrrls. (Qriveland.) U. S. 
Med. Investigator (H.), July 15. 

An>monia in Snake Bite. (Elder.) Phila. Med, 
and Sur. Hep., Aug. 11. 

— Injections of Carbolato of for Snako Bite. 

(Knott.) Phila. Med. and Sur, Hep., July 28. 

— Muriate of in Diphtheria. (Oglesby.) West- 
ern Lancet, Dec. 

— In Broucbial and Lung Troubles. (Patton.) 
Va. Med. Monlhly, Feb., and Southern Med. Jtec., 

— Picrate of In Intermittent Fever. (Snider.) 

Ohio Med, Recorder, Nov. 

Ammonium Carbonate, and Fahrenheit up to 

the nineties. (Wilder.) Am. Jour, Phar., Oct. 
.VmmoniO'Cupric. Solution of . Sulphate 

as a Tost for Grape-Sugar. (Power.) Atn. 

Jour. Phar., Jan. 
Amorphous Phosphorus. (Shrotter.) Bahne- 

inunnian Monthly, March. 
Amputated. Arm after dlflbse Cellulitis. 

(ICeeu.; Phila. Med. Times, June 9. 
Amputation. Of the Penis. (Barry.) St. Louis 

Vlin. RecAug. 9. 

— Of the Penis. (Qouley.) Louisville Med. News, 
Sept. 15. 

— Of tlio Hlp-Jolnt for Malignant Disease of the 
Femur. (Cunningham.) Va. Med, Monthly, 

— Case of at the Hip Joint. (Townshend.) 

Am. Jour, Med. Sciences, April. 

— Of an Ann without Ligatures. (Milner.) Phila. 
ifed. Times, Oct. 27. 

— Report of Two Cases of through the Knee 

Joint. (Mursick.) lioston Med. and Sur. Jour., 

— Of tlieLeg after Compound Fracture Causing 
Necrosis of Tibia and Fibula iind Disuaise of 
Ankle Joint. (Keed.) Phila. Med. Times, March 

— Of the Neck of the Uterus. (Sell.) Phy. and 
Phar., May. 

— lutra^Ut'Tine. (Shcrtzcr.) Med. Brief, June. 

— A Siicctsstiil Caiio of of the Thlsb Treiitcd 

Antiseptic illy. (Stimson.) Southern Med. 

— Case of of Extensive Caries and Abscess 

of tlio Tibia. (Wood.) I)elroilMed.JoKr.,Noi\ 

Amputations. The Miiior in Cook Co. Hos- 

pituls IJiuini? Eleven Years, ending Dec, 1875. 
(l''enn.) ChicngoMcd. Jour, and A'x,, Oct. 

— Antiquity of Tarso-Metatarsal . (Hub- 
bard.) N. T. Med. lice. May 19. 

— HowTliirty-flveCon-secutivo were success- 
fully Treated a Century Ago. (Smith.) li.and 
L. Med. Jour., Feb. 

Amy! in Diseases of the Ear. (Si>encer.) St. 
Louis Med. and Siir. Jour., June. 

— Nitrate of in Ague. (Beebe.) Phila. Med. 

and Sur. Hep., Sept. 15. 

— Nitrate of in Tinnitus Aurlum. (Burnett. 

N. y. Med. Jiec, Aug. 4. 

— Nitrnte of in Dysmenorrhcea. (Hale.) 

Ilahnemannian Monthly, March. 

— Nitrite. Report on tlio Experimental Use of 

In Ten Cijses of Pertussis. (Bayles.) Va. 

Med. Monthly, Aug. 

Anremia. On the I'alliolopy of Partial Cere- 
bral . (Peters.) Ohio Med, and Sur. Jour., 


Aniesthesia. Local . (Banga.) Chicago 

Med. Jour, and Ex., Sept. 

— Discovery of . (Sims.) Ya. Med. Monthly, 

May, anC II. and L. Med. Jour., J%ine. 

— Atmospheric- —. (Eley.) Phila. Med. and 
Sur, Hep., April 21. 

— By Rapid Breathing. (Wood.) Phila. Med. 
and Sur. Hep., March 24. 

AnsBsthetic. What shall we Use 1 (Chis- 

olm.) It. and L. Med. Jour., Oct. 

Anaesthetisation Case of Death During 

by Ether. (Robinson.) Va. Med. Monthly, April. 

Analysis. Of Ten Samples of Baking Powder. 
(Long.) New Hem., Sept. 

Anatomy. On Comparative . (Allen.) Phila, 

Med. and Sur. Hep., April 28. 

— Recent Progress In . (Dwlght.) Boston 

Med. and Siir. Joxir., March 1 ana Sept. 6. 

— Report on the Progress of ana Surgery. 

(McMurtry.) Am. Med. Bi-Weekly, June 9, 
July 7 and 21. 

— Contributions to Encephalic . (Spitzka.) 

Chicago Jour. Ment. and Nerv. Dis., Oct. 

— Sliould Comparative belncluded in a Med- 
ical Course » (Wilder.) N.Y.Med, Jour., Oct. 

Anchylosis. Of Shoulder Joint. (Frankel.) N. 
Y. Med. Jour., Dec. 

-Synchronous of Left Shoulder and liight 

Knee. )VauTagen.) Am. Borneo., July. 

Anaemia. Progressive Pernicious . (Gard- 
ner.) Canada Med. and Sur, Jotir., March. 

— Progressive Pernicious . (Osier.) Canada 

Med. and Sur. Jour., March. 

Aneurism. Of the Abdominal Aorta. (Brlggs.) 
Na.ih. Jour. Med. and Sur., Feb. 

— Aortic . (Brown.) St. Louis Med. and 

Sur. Jour., June. 

— Of tli6 Aorta. (Montgomery.) Phila. Med, 
Times, Sept. 1. 

— Sixciises of of the Thoracic Aorta. (Oc- 

terlony.) N. Y. Med, Jour., May. 

— Of the Ai-ch of the Aorta. (Robins.) Phila. 
Med. and Sur. Hep., Oct. !27. 

— NewMethodof Curing Popliteal . (Burke.) 

N. Y. Med, Jour., June. 

— Popliteal mi.'<taken for Osteo-Sarcoma ; 

Amputation. (Garesche.) St. Louis Clin. Hec., 

— Of the Popliteal Artery. (Harrison.) St. 
Louis Med. and Sur. Jour., March. 

— Axillary 1 TationofthoRightSub-Clavian 

Artery. (Furtiubarson.) Am. Jour. Med. Sci- 
ences, April. 

— Axillary ffuccossfully Treated by Shot Bag 

Pressure. (Fry.) N. Y. Med. Jour., Nov. 

— Case of or the luu(miujato Artery. (Fen- 

wii'k.) Canada Med. and Sur. Jour., Nov. 

— (Ilelrautli.) ir. S. Med. Investigator (U.), Feb. 1. 

— Reuoit of Case of Femoral . (Hull.) Phihi. 

Mm. Times, Sept. 1. 

— Traumatic of the Supertlclal Femoral. 

(Viukrey.) Am. l'rnct.,July, 

— Case of Perioarditia, Suppurative of As- 
cending Aorta. (Johusou.) Chicago Med. Jour, 
and Ex., Oct. 

— Case of A rterio- Venous in the Thigh 

Treated by Compression. (Mason.) N.Y.Mm- 
Jour., Atig. 

— Of Hepatic Artery. (Osier.) Canada Med. 
and Sur. Jour., July. 

— Of D' patio Artery. (Ross.) Canada Med. and 
Sur. •r.,Juli/. 

— On I ■ ises in which the External Iliac Ar- 
tery w duocessf uUy Tied fortlio Cure of . 


(Pciuborton.) Eclectic Med. and. Sur. Jour., 

— Remorkablo Case of andQcicreno. (Wea- 

bcr ; X Y. Med. Eclectic, aept. 

Ancnrismii. Cases Illustrating tbo DifSculties 

in DiiiKiiosis aud Treutm«ut of of Lower 

Extremities. (Uoberts.) Phila. Med. Times, 
June I). 

Angina Pectoris. (Lewis.) U. S. Med. Investir 
giUur(U.), Fib. 15. 

— Oil . (Peters.) Ohio Med. and Sur. Jour., 


— Case of . (Poynter.) Jl. and L. Med. Jour., 


— Duo to Ilenrt Clot. (Rawls.) Fa. Medical 
Monllilij, March. 

Animal Temperature. A contribution to tbe 

Study of . (Bartbolow.) The Clinic, Feb. 10. 

Annual Report. For Hampden District. (Cba- 

piu.) lioslon Med. and Sur. Jour., July 20. 
Anoplithalmns. Case of . (Murroll.) Phila. 

Med. and Sur, Rep. , Nov. 3. 
Anosmia. Case of following a Blow on tbo 

Occiput. (Kuigbt.) Boston Med. and Sur. 

Jour., Sept. 13. 
Anthrax. Case of in tbo Patient over elgbty 

years of Rpo ; Kecovery. (Morrell.) St. Louis 

Clin. Record, Feb. 

— ( Viilkenlturg.) iV. Y. Med. Eclectic, Sept., 
and Eclectic Med. and Sur. Jour., Dec. 

Anthropolofo^. Tbo Now System of . (New- 
ton.) Cancer Jour., July. 
4nthropometer. New (Gibbs.) Am. Jour. 

Med. Sciences, Jan. 
Antidotes. An Expose of Opium (Matti- 

eon.) Ohio Med. Recorder, May. 
Antipyretics. (Maxson.) Phila. Med. and Sur. 

Rei)., Feb. 10. 
Antipyretic Action. On the Principles of 

(Ma> B.) y. Y. Med. Jour., Feb. 
Antropine vs. Morpbino (Spottswood.) Phila. 

Med. and Sur. Rep., Oct. C. 
Anus. Abnormal of Six Years' Duration. 

A BiicceRsiul Operation for its cure. (Hudson.) 

Pacific Med. and Sur. Jour., Nov. 

— Imperforated . (McCoy.) Am. Jour. Med. 

Sciences, July. 

— Artificial From Traumatic Causes. (Rains.) 

R. and L. Med. Jour., July. 

Aorta. Abdominal Nearly Severed by a 

Bullet. (Bradley.) Detroit Med. Jour., Nov. 

Aphasia. Partial without Appreciable Le- 
sion of Island of Reil. (Wood.) Am. Jour, 
Med, Sciences, Jan. 

— Cliuieal Lecture on . (Yandell.) Buffalo 

Med. and Sur. Jour., Nov, 

— Case of 8yi)bilitic . (Yandell, Jr.) Louis- 

v-ille Med. Nttcs, Dec. 8. 

— Cllnieal Lecture on . (Yandell, Jr.) Louis- 
ville Med. News, Dec. 15. 

Aphonia. Of Ten Months' Duration from Para- 
lysis of the ArytcnoidouaPropiius Muscle, etc. 
(Robinson.) Avi. Jour. Med. Sciences, Jan. 

—And Dyspnoea. (Whittaker.) The Clinic, 

Jan. 13. 

Aphorism.s. In Fracture. (Cowling.) Louisville 
Med. Netos, Dec. 29. 

Aphthae. (Peters.) Va. Med. Monthly, May. 

Apis. la Diphtheria. (Nash.) JIahnemannian 
Monthly, Feb. 

Apacynum Cannahlnnm, or Indian Hemp. 
(Van Valkenburg.) N. Y. Med. Eclectic, May. 

Apoplexy. Case of Puerperal . (Brucbacb.) 

Am. Med. Bi-Weeldy, March 17. 

— Case of with Contracted Pupils. (Rid- 

<lell.) Va. Med. Monthly, Jan. 

Apparatus. On tbo Simpllilcatlon of the Or- 
thopedic . (Audi'ows.) Arch. Clin. Sur., 


— Soda Water . (Anon.) Neio Rem., June. 

— For Measuring Irregularity in the length of the 

Lower Extremities . (Collins.) Am. Jour. 

Med. Sciences, Jan. 

— 8i)ray Producing for Throwing Carbolic 

Acid Spray, etc. (Hank.) Am. Jour. Obt., 

— Vas<»-Motor . (Lord.) North Am. Jour. 

Borneo., Feb. 

— A Description of the Instruments and of 

tbo Author, with Directions tor their Use in 
Oi>eration« on tbo Genito-Urinary Organs. 
(Otis.) Ohio Med. and Sur. Jour., April. 

— New for Antiseptic Surgery. (Sass.) N.T. 

Med, Jour,, March, 

Aqnte AledicataD. (Kennedy.) Am, Jour. Phar., 

Argentum and Silium. (Woodyatt.) U. S. Med. 

Investigator (U.), Dec. 1. 
-Nitricum. In Diseases of the Kidneys. 
(Prcstou.) Iluhncmannian Monthly, April. 

Arnica. The Poisonous Effects of . (Earle.) 

Chicago Med. Jour, and Ex., Sept, 

— In rncrpcral Peritonitis. (Ehrman.) U. S. Med. 
Investigator (M.J, May 15. 

Arsenic. Estimation of — in Wall Paper and 
Green Tarlctau. ( New Rem., Aug, 

— Separat ion of from Organic Matter. (Mil- 
ler.) Louisville Med. News, June 2. 

Arsenical Compounds. Ready Test for 

(Galllard.) Am. Jour. Phar., March. 

Arthritis. Subacute Rheumatic . (Davis.) 

Phila. Med. aud Sur. Rep., April 11. 

— Case of Rheumatic. (Doane.) Med, Brief, 

— Suppurative Following Acute Rheuma- 
tism. (Gibuey.) N. Y. Med. Rec., Aug. 2,'>. 

Articular Diseases. On some Mooted Questions 

in Kclutiou to . (Bauer.) St. Louis Clin. 

Rec, Aug, 

Artificial Feeding of Infants . (Beebe.) Am. 

Homeo., Aug. 

Ascitis . Case of Accompanied with General 

Anasarca. (Downs.) Toledo Med. atid Sur. 
Joxtr,, Nov. 

— Two Cases of Successfully Treated with 

Iodine Ii^jections. (Ford.) Canada Lancet, 

— Case of . (Hoyt.) Cin. Med. Advance (H.), 


Aspergillus in tbo Ear. (Hall.) Am. Jour. 
Med. Sciences, Ajyril. 

Aspiration in Hernia . (Parsons.) Homeo. 

Times, Jan. 

— Ill Complicated Cases of Pleural Effusions. 
(Pepper.) Phila. Med. Times, May 2C, June 
O.and Aug. 4. 

— Remarks on . (Hooper.) Va. Med. Monthly, 


— Of the Perineum as a Means of Draining the 

Lower Part of the Pelvic Cavity . (White.) 

Phila. Med. and Sur. Rep., Dec, 15. 

Aspirator. A Handy . (Pitch.) N, Y. Med. 

Jour., Nov. 

— Ou the use of the in Hydropborax. (Gil- 
bert.) Canada Med. and Sur. Jour., Feb. 

— Pica for the Early Uso of the in Pelvic Cel- 
lulitis. (Oeterloiiy.) Va. Med. Monthly, Oct., 
and Cin. Med. News, Dec. 

— Tbo Uso of tbo in Retention of Urine. 

(Shepherd.) The Clinic, March 24. 

Asthenopia. Accommodative and Muscular 

. (Castle.) Phila, Med. and Sur. Rep., Sept. 


Asthma. General Pathology of . (Bums.) 

Phila. Med. and Sur. Rep., Jan. 20. 

— What is tbo Relation Botweeu and Con- 
sumption 1 (Cleveland.) T/i^ Clinic, Nov. 10. 

— Relief for . (Fontaine.) Am. Med. Bi- 
weekly, Jan. 0. 

Astigmatism. On the Corneal Resulting 

from Weber's Curvilinear Section and ou the 
Causes of Astif^uiatism after Extraetious in 
General. (Weiws.) Arch. Ophtluil. and Olol., 
Vol. VL, Page 432. 


AatrlnKenta. Uses and Abuses of and Cnus- 

tlcB Id the Treatment of £ye Disease. ((:'ir- 
ry.) Toledo Med. and Sur. Jour., Dec. 

Ataxy. Locomotor. (Strain.) Med. Brief, July. 

Atheroma. Of the Blood Vessels. (Bradford.) 
Borneo. Times, June. 

Atomiser. New . (Burrell.) N. Y. Med. 

Rec., Aug. 26. 

Atresia Tagrina. Remarks upon the Subject of 

. (lAndifl.) NathviUe Jour. Med. and Sur., 


— Operation for In Married Women. (Lente.) 

Am. Jour. Oba., Jan. 

— With Retention of the Menses. (Maxwell.) 
Chicago Med. Jour, and Ex., Sept. 

Atrophy. Case of Unilateral Idiopathic Cuta- 
neous . (Atkinson.) It. and L.Med. Jour., 


— Contribution to the Etioloev of Optic Nerve 
. (Bull.) Am. Jour. Med. Sciences, April. 

— Of Optio Nerve from a Slight Fall. (Cheat- 
ham.) Atn. Pract. , Dee. 

— Case of Progressive Muscular Resembling 

Lead Paresis. (Hamilton.) N. T. Med. Rec., 
March 24. 

— Progressive Muscular . (Paine.) Homeo. 

Times, Sept. 

— Case of Extreme Muscular of the Lower 

Extremities, Neuritis, Recovery. (Miles.) Md. 
Med. Jour., Oct. 

Atropia. Salicylate of and its Application 

to Pharmacy. (Tlchbome.) Am. Jour. Plmr., 

Atrophias Sulphas. In Acute Myringitis Otitis. 
(Ellis.) Chicago Med. Jour, and Ex., Feb. 

Attenuation. Concerning . (Edmonds.) U. 

S. Med: Investigator (II.), Oct. 15. 
Aumm. In Nnsal Catarrh. (Morse.) Hahner 

mannian Monthly, May. 

Bacteria. Are Normal! (Gardner.) Am. 

Pract., March. 

— And Microzynes. (Howe.) Chicago Med. 
Times, Sept. 

— (Pearsou.) Chicago Med. Times, Aug. and Oct. 

— In Urine. (Slooum.) N. ¥. Med. Rec., Sept. 2J. 
Bahamas. The as a Health Resort. (Anon.) 

New Hem., Feb. 
Balsam of Pern. Carbollzed as a Dressing 

to Wound*'. (Burkd.) Phila. Med. and Sur. 
Rep., Feb. 3. 

Balsamum Pemvlanom. (Hale.) North Am. 
Jour. Borneo., Aug. 
Bandage. New Rolling Machine. (Byrd.) 

N. Y.Med. Rec., Aug. 11. 

— Circular as a Remedy in Thoracic Affec- 

tious. (Oehring.) Am. I'ract., Aug. 

— The Circular as a Remedy in Thoracic 

Affections. (Hon.) Am. Pract., Oct. 

— The In Thoracic Diseases. (Rogers.) Am. 

Pract., Jan. 

— On Surgical Uses of the Strong Elastic 

other r-.a Htemostatic. (Martin.) Chicago 
Med. Jm,.r. and Ex., Nov. 

— The Blostlo used to Produce Antcsthesia 

in Minor Amputations. (Wyeth.) N. Y. Med. 
Rec, Aug. 18. 

Barks. CHiemistry of the of the Oak, Wil- 
low, and Elm. (Johansen.) Ant. Jour. Phar., 

Barnes Dilator. Description of an Improved 
. (Seeley.) Am. Jour. Med. Sciences, Jan. 

Bartholow. Brief R^oinder to some Recent 

Articles by Dr. Roberts . (Woodward.) Cin. 

Med. News, Nov. 

Banham's Mixture. And Hflller's Elixir. 
(Weigund.) Am. Jour. Phar., May. 

Bath. Tlie Electric . (Schweig. ) PA«a. Med. 

and Sin: Rrp., March 10. 

— The Moderr Turkish . (Wilson.) Alianlu 

Mill. aiiU Siir. Jour., Feb. 

<- The 'I'licrapeutio Action and Uses of the Turk- 

ish with a Sketch of the History, Nature, 

Advantages, and Processes of the Modem Im- 
proved Tui-kish Bath. (Wilson.) Ohio Med. and 
Sur. Jour., April. 

Mercurial Vapor . (Yandell.) Am. Pract., 


Bean. Removed from External Auditory Mea- 
tus. (Seller.) Phila. Med. limes, Dec. 22. 

Bearded Woman. Case of a . (Luhrlng.) 

Arch. Dermatol., April, 

— Case of a . (Uardaway.) St. Louis Med. 

and Sur. Jour., Nov. 

Bed after Delivery. How Long Ought Women 
to stay in ! (Garrigucs.) Am. Med. Bi- Week- 
ly, Oct. 13. 

Beeswax. On an Artificial Substitute for . 

(Hell.) Am. Jour. Plutr., Feb. 

Bellatlonna. Comparison of Nux Vomica, 

and Stramonium. (Canfield.) Ohio Med. and 
Sur. Rep. (i/.), JtUy. 

— Evidence aut' Conclusions on the Antagonism 

of and Oi'ium. (Rioketts.) Ohio Med. and 

Sttr. Jour., Dec. 

— One-sidod AoUon of . (Smith.) N. Y. Med. 

Rec, June 23. 

— in Dysentery. (Smith.) Nash. Jour. Med. and 
Sur., Aug. 

— Unilateral Action of . (Tausley.) N. Y. 

Med. Rec, May 20. 

— Essay on .(Todd.) Atlanta M .and Sur. 

Jour., Dec. 

Bellevue. A Lesson or two from . (Dewey.) 

Phy. and Phar., Nov. 
Bensoln. Compound Tincture of . (Miller.) 

Aw. Med. Hi- Weekly, AjjriliS. 
Berberlna. Note on Hypophosphite of . 

(Lloyd.) Am. Jour Phar., July. 

Bibulons Paper. And Its Uses in the Trentment 
of Venereal Disease. (Fox.) Ohio Med. and 
Sur. Jour., June. 

Bl-Lateral Section. Operation of . (Palmer.) 

The Clinic, Nov. 17. 

— Division. Cases Treated by of the Cervix 

Uteri. (Sutton.) Phila. Med. and Sur. Rep., 
June 2. 

Biliousness. And its Management. (Father- 
gill.) Phila. Med. Times, June 23. 

Birth Bate. The Period of Maximum. (Lan- 

dls.) Phila. Med. Times, Sept. l. 
Bismuth. Glycerlteof Nitrate of . (Moor- 

heud.) Am. Jour. Phar., March. 

— Glycerol of Nitrate of . (Squire.) Am. 

Jour. Phar., Jan. 

— Sub-N.itrateof in Typhoid Fever. (Stro- 

nach. Med. Brief, Jan. 

Bladder. A Scries of Cases. (Biggar.) Ohio 

Med. and Stir, Rep. (H.), May. 

— Coucentrix Hypertrophy of tlie . (Dawson.) 

Arch Clin. Sur., Jan., and Tlie Clinic, Feb. 3. 

Bleaching Powder. The Chemical Constitution 
of . (Stahlsclinoidt.) Am. Jour. Phar., Feb. 

Bleeding:. At the Cord. (Petit.) Southern Med. 
Rec, Feb. 

Blepnaritis. And Ametropia. (Keyser.) Phila. 
Med. Times, ilarclin. 

— Ciliaris. The Relation of to Ametropia. 

(Roosa.) Am. .^oitr. Med. Sciences, Jan. 

— Graphltis. Mercurlus Sol ; Petroleum. (Wood- 
yatt.) Am Borneo., Aug. 

Blepharo-PIasty. Case of . (Reuling.) Va. 

Med. Monthly, April. 

— Spasm. Cured by Inhalation of Nitrite of 
Aiiiyl. (Harlan.) Am. Jour. Med. Sciences, 

Blindness. On the Etiology and Prophylaxis 

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' ft 

latlon of the . (Couklin.) Ohio Med. and 

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Eight Parietal. (Jacobt.) Am.Jour.Oh8.,Ocl. 

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the Lens. (McDowell.) 7a. Med. Monthlu, 

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Med. anu Sur. Jour., Nov. 8. 

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by tho Ophthalmoscope. (Cheatham.) Louis- 
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-Treated Houieopathically. (Shepard.) Hah- 
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Cardiac Hypertroiiia, andDilation at the Apex. 
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Brown-Sequarrt Ti'eatment. Result of the 

in Twelve Cases of Epilepsy. (\yre.) Boston 

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munnian Monthly, Feb. 
BufEiilo Lithia Springs. Medicinal Properties 

of tho , ot Mcckluuburg Co., Va. (Houston.) 

Va. Med. Monthly, Feb. 
Bum. Case of Severe . (McClean.) Boston 

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Knee-Joint, with Cases. (Toland.) Westert^ 
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Cnsarlan Section. Remarkable Cases Requir- 
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Caffeina. Extraction of from Guarana. 

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Calcification. Successful of Tuberculosi « of 

the Lungs. (Both.) JV^. r. Meil. Bee., Juh/ 21. 
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Pancreatitis; Death and Autopsy. (Ed^^ uds.) 

Ohio Med. and Sur. Jour., Feb. 

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Calculus. Large through the Urethra. 

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and One-half Ounces, Successfully Removed 
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throtomy. (Kawls.) Tin. Med. MonMii, Nov. 

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Calisthenics. (Anon.) The Sanitarian, Jan. 

Calomel. Tho Action of Certain Manipulations 

and Reagents on . (Corwin.) New. Rem,, 


— On the Modern Neglect of in Certain Dis- 
orders. (Duckworth.) Med. Brief , Aug. 

— On tlie Alteraliility of and tlio Pi craution 

Necessary in its Therapeutical Employments. 
(Jolly.) Am. Jour. I'luir., Dec, 

Camping Out. Thoranoutlcally Considered. 

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Camphor. Tho Monobromide of \n Mwtur- 





batlon. (Sherman.) Phila. Med. and Sur. Rep., 

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Cancer Jour., Oct. 

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■witli Ipjectious of Nitrate of Silver. (NittuUi.) 
Chicago Med. Jour, and Ex., May. • 

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— Ouservations on the Cause and Treatment of 

made from 1843 to 1877. (Newtou.) <^ar. 

Cancer Jour., Oct, 

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Med. Eclectic, March. 

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of otter Organs. (Putzel.) N. T. Med. Jour., 

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years old. (Carlisle.) N, Y.Med. Jour.,. Tan. 

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the NeQk. (Cleeman.) Phtla. Med. limes, 

' July 7. 

— Encephaloid in a Child two years and 

sevin months old. (Fitcli.) Chicago Med. 
Jour, and Ex., Aug. 

— Encephaloid of the Liver in a Child. 

(Ijewis.) Chicago Med. Jour, and Ex., April. 

— lutra-Thoracio Involving Pleura, Dia- 
phragm and Chest Walls. (Pepper.) Phila. 
Med. Jtmes, Feb. 17. 

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Sur. Jour., A ugust. 

— Case of Medullary of the Stomach, Liver, 

McBiiitery, and Omentum. (Brown.) The Clin- 
ic. Feb. 17. 

— Medullary of the Prostates, etc. (Gray.) 

St. Louis Med. and Sur. Jour., Jan. 

— Case of Medullary of the Posterior Medi- 
astinum and Richt Pleura. (Octerlony.) 
Louisville Med. News, Sept. 1. 

— Case of of tlie Stomach. (Frankenberg.) 

Ohio Med. and Sur. Jour., Oct. 

— Of the Stomach. (Mott.) Canada Lancet, 

— Case of in the Female Urethra. (Thomas.) 

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Cancers. On the Radical Treatment of Uterine 

. (Oodell.) Vhila. Med. and Sur. liep,, 

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CantharlH Case. (Ferris.) 77. S, Med, Investi- 
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Capsules. The Filling of Wafer . (Wharton.) 

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Carbuncle. Treatment of . (Dibrell.) Phila. 

Med. and Sur. liep., March 31, and Southern 

Med. Uec., May. 

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UfC . .lug. 

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Soulliern Med, lice, Dec, 

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Carcinoma. Acute of Breast. (Ashhurst.) 

Phila. Med. Times, Juli/ 7. 

— (Cabin.) Phy. and Phar., Nov. 

— Recurring in tLo Vicinity of a Cicatrix left 
after Excision of True Epithelioma in tlie Ax- 
illa. (Cleeiuuu.) Phila. Med. Times, March 31. 

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cuing. (Gatchell.) Am. Uomeo., Oct. 

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Hep., March i\. 

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July 7. 

— Of Stomach, causing Constriction four inches 
above the Pylorus, with Corresponding Cou- 
Btrietlon of Transverse Colon, etc. (Wilson.) 
Phila. Med. Times, June 0. 

Cardamon Cultivation. In Mysore. (Anon.) 
Am. Jour. Phar., Dec. 

Cardiac Diseases. The Mechanism and Treat- 
ment of Piilnionary Couiplicntion of Acute 
. (Robinson.) N. Y. Med. Ilec., Nov. 21. 

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from a Case of . (Henry.) Phila. Med. 

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Cardiograplilo. AndSyphigraographlc Studies. 

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Caries. Dental ; its Influence upon the 

General System ; its Prevention. (Kempton.) 

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Advance (H.), Jan. 

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(U.J, Nov. 

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.Tour. , Jan. 

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Jour., .June, 

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June 16. 

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Sur. liep,, Julyl. 

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— History of a Complicated with Autopsy, 

(luce.) XT. S Med. Inrcsligator (U.), Oct. 1. 

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News, A2>ril 28. 

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Ilcc, Oct. 

Cases. Three . (Capen.) N. E. Med. Ga- 
zelle <n.),Jan. 

— In Practice. (Dyer.) Southern Med. Ree., 

— From Practice. (Colburn.) jV. E. Med. Ga- 
sclle (H..), Aug. 

— (Hoopes.) Uahtiemanninn Monthly, April. 

— (Koeek.) Htihnemanniun, Monthly, May, and 
Cm. Med. Advance (U.) , Oct. 

— A Dozen from nn Old Journal. (LUien- 

tlial.) North A m. ./w>\ Uomeo., Nov. 

— From my Note B( (Mullins.) Cin. Med. 
Adrancc (n.).Jan. 

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Sur. Pep., April 7. 

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Sur. .four., Aug. 

— In Practice. (Smith.) Detroit Med. Jour., 

— (Toek.) Detroit Med. Jour,, May^ 




— (Todd.) Am. Jour. Med. Science*, Jxdy. 

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Jan. 0. 

Cassia Trade. On the In Cblnii. (Hlrth Du 

Freues.) New Hem. , May. 
Catalepsy. Case of . (Dii SauUo.) Ohio 

Med. and Sur. Rep. (R.),Jan. 
Catarrh. Acute of tlio Middle Ear. (Amick.) 

Viii. Med. News, Sent. 

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Dec. 1. 

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Sur. liev. (H.), July. 

— A Fcw'Practical SuKKCstions Concenilng Ex- 
traction of . (Derby.) Boston Med. and 

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phila. (Hale.) N. E. Med. Gazette (JI.), June. 

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Rep., May ^6. 

— Clironlo Aural . (Simpson.) Atlanta Med. 

and Sur. Jour., Nov. 

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Times, Jtine. 

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and Sur. Jour., April. 

Catarrhal Aflboiions. Local Indications in 

Clironlo of the Uterus, etc. (Beebe.) Am. 

Borneo., Nov. 

— Diseases. Remarks on a Comparison of 

tlio Weather Reports with of Children. 

(Keating.) Fhila. Med. Times, July 7. 

- Putieuts. Feet of - 
Monthly, July. 

(Ruiubold.) Va. Med. 

Catarrhas SoiTocations. Abstract of n r" .il 

Lcrturoon Neonatorum. (Monti.) i uUa. 

Med. Times, Feb. 3. 

Cataract. Two Interesting Cases of Traumatic 
. (Cheatham.) Louisville Med. News, Aug. 


— Extraction. (Taylor.) Va. Med. Monthly, 

— Report and Remarks on a Fourth and Fifth 

Hundred Extractions, According to Von 

Gracfe's Method. (Kuapp.) Arch. Ophthal. 
and Otol., Vol. VI.,pngeT. 

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Years old. (Llndsley.) Nash. Jour, of Med. 
and Sur., Nov. 

— Two New Instniments for Secondary 

Operation. (Straw bridge.) Am. Jour. Med. 
Sciences, April. 

Catechn. Tincture of . (Genois.) Ain. 

Jour. Fhar., March. 

Catheter. Hueter's Flat Male and his Mode 

of Ascertaining the Dilatability of tho Male 
Uretlira. (Rose.) N. Y. Med. Rec., Sept. 8. 

— Gauge. Now . (Anderson.) N. T. Med. 

Rec. , Oct. C. 

— Broken Off. After Maklnij a False Passage, 
Extrutti'd by Perineiil Section. (Pooley.) 
Fhila. Med. Times, May 12. 

Catheter. How to Introduce tho in Ob- 
structed Urethra. (Leitner.) Med. Brief, 

Catheterlsm. In Prostatic Retention. (Sqjiiro.) 
N. Y. Med. Rec, May ifi. 

Cauliflower Excrescence. Of Cervix Uteri. 
(Clark.) N. E. Med. Gazette (B.), Jan. 

Canstlcnm. In Paralysis of the Ciliary Muscle. 
(Nortou.) Ohio Med. and Sur. Rep. (U.), 

Cautery. Tho Actual in Spasms, Paralysin, 

and Epilepsy. (Dupuy.) N. Y. Med. .Jour., 

— On the Actual and its Employment in 

Cutaneous Sursrery. (PlfTard.) CharltsUm 
Med Jour, and Rev., Jan. 

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Sciences, April. 

Cell Doctrine. Tho in tho Light of Recent 

Investiualious (Heitzmann.) N. F. Med. 
Jour., April. 

Cell Pathology. Explorations in . (New- 
ton.) N. Y. Med. Eclectic, Jan., and Cancer 
Jour., April. 

— Observations on the Causes, Character, and 
Trpatnieut of Cancer, made from 1843 to 1877. 
(Newton.) Cancer Jour., July. 

CeUuUtls. Peri-Uterine . (Carr.) Am. Obs. 

(H.), March. 

— Case of Pelvic . (Kinney.) Bomco. Times, 


— Treatment of Pelvic by Muriated Tinc- 
ture of TronundSul])hatoof Quinia. (McDon- 
ald.) Va. Med. Moiithtu, March. 

— Fatal — ' following the use of the Elastic 
Bandage. (Smith.) Arch. Clin. Sur., May. 

Centrlcs. Excentrlcs and Logic . (Braun.i 

V. S. Med. Investigator (IT.), June 1. 

— Anil Excentrlcs. (Morgan.) 77. S. Med. In- 
vestigator (U.), March. 

Cephalalgia. Tho Thernpcntics of Pe^"iodical 

. (Brudnack.) Buffalo Med. and Svr. Jour., 


Cephalic Version. By the External Bi-Polar 
Method. (Coleman.) Am. Jour. Obs., Oct. 

— Tlin Record of Nino Additionul Cases of 

with Introductory Remarks. (Holt.) N. O. 
Med. and Sur. Jour., May. 

Cerebellnm. Case Bearlngiipon the Argument 

from Pathology ns to the Function of tho . 

(Tyson.) Am. Jour. Med. Sciences, July. 

Cerebral Lobes. On tho Functions of tho . 

(Luutenback.) Am. Jour. Med. Sciences, Oct. 

— Softenlngr. Case of . (Bacheler.) Boston 

Med. and Stir. Jour., Feb. S. 

Cereus Bonplandll. And Ccreus Graudiflorus. 
(Goss.) Med. Brief, Sept. 

— Medical Uses of . (Goss.) Med. Brief, 


— Grandiflorns. Medical Uses of and Cerens 

Boiipluudii, of Mexico and Central America. 
(Goss.) Med. Brief, June. 

— TrlangnilarlH. (Knnze.) N. T. Med. Eclectic, 

Cerium. Oxalate of In Nausea and Vomit- 
ing. (Smith.) Detroit Med. Jour., April. 

Chancres. The Treatment of . (Porter.) 

Fhila. Med. and Sur. Rep., Jan. 20. 

Chancroid. OnlhoTreatme'.'; of . (Green- 

ough.) Boston Med. and Sur. Jour., Jan. 11. 

Chancroids. Treatment of . (Piffanl.) 

Boston Med, and Sur. Jour., Jan. 2.'). 

Changlns: the Vertex. On from Ocelplto- 

Po.sterior to an Occipito-Anterior PoMitlou. 
(Taylor.) Fhila. Med. and Sur. Rep., Nov. 17. 

Charlatanry. In Destructive Diseases. 
egys.) Ami. Pract., Oct. 

Chemical Testing. A System of - 
cat and Geueial Use. (Hough.) 
and Obs., Sept. 

Chemistry. Questions in . (Wenzell.) I'a- 

cific Med. and Sur. Jour., Dec. 

— Recent Progress in Medical . (Wood.) 

Boston Med. and Sur. Jour., Jan. i. 

Chicken Obcsard Tea. (Crawford.) Nash. 
Jour. Med. and Siir., May. 

Childbed. Ccmtrlhntlons to tho Pntholopy of 
. (Landesberg.) Fhila. Med. Times, Aug.*. 

Children's Clinic. (Hall.) U. S. Med. Investi- 
gator [II.}, Man IS- 

— Diseases. Recent Progress in tho Treatment 

of . (Ilaydiu.) Boston Med. and Sur. 

Jour., Feb. 1 and Aug. 2. 


— for Modi- 
Cm. Lancet 



OhlmaphilaVmbillata. And Maculuta. (AUon.) 

Am. Observer (//.)• Jan. 
Clnrhonidla. (MathewHon.) Med. Brief, Oct. 

— SulpLuto in Neuralgia witli General De- 
bility and anAnDBmic Condition of the System. 
(Alexander.) Med. Brief, July, 

Chionanthus Vlrglnlca. In Jaundice. (Oueni- 

sey.) Homeo. Times, Jan. 
Chloral. Croton in Dentirttry. (Clobome.) 

N. X. Med. lice. May 19. 

— Death from Twenty Grains of . (Ingals.) 

Chicago Med. Jour, and Ex., March. 

— In Etlampsla. (Masten.) I'hila. Med. and Sur. 
Hep., July 7. 

— In E(''«:np8ia. (Wldding.) I'hila. Med. and 
Sur. Hep., itig, 4. 

— Hydrate of . (McDonald.) 81. Louis Clin. 

Rec, July. 

— Hydrate of — in Inebriety. (Bpottswood.) 
Phila. Med. i .d Sur. Rep., Aug. 11. 

Chloral Hydrate. In Scalds and Bums. (Kid- 
doll.) Fhila. Med. ana Sur. Rep., Jan. 6. 

— Extraordinary Tolerance of a Poisonous Dose 

of . (Bishop.) Boston Med. and Sur. 

Jour., Sept. 6. 

— (Larrabec.) Va. Med. Monthly, Sept. 

— In the Treatment of Convulsions. (Tliomp- 
8on.) Va. Med. Monthly, Aug. 

— In Infantile Convulsions. (Johnson.) Med, 
Brief, Oct. 

— In Infantile Convulsions. (Monette. Med. 
Brief, Sept. 

Cblorodyne. (Karuhum.) Boston Med. and 
Sur. Jour., Dec. 27. 

— (Gllman.) Boston Med. and Sur. Jour., Dec. 13. 
Chloroform. Deaths, in Clucinuati, and Vicinity. 

ion.) The Clinic, Mar. 31. 

Burrows. Blectic Med. and 


— Thoughts on 
Sur. Jour., June. 

— The Hypnotic Influence of in Asthma. 

(Bennett.) Am. Med. Bi- Weekly, Sept. 29. 

— Sluill the Use of as an Anasthctlc be 

Abandoned'? (Buckner.) The Clinic, May 12. 

— The Deep Injection of in Sciatica. (Col- 
lins.) The Clinic, Jan. 20. 

— InitsMedico-Li'gallielations. (Donlg.) Ohio 
Med. Recorder, Jan. 

— In Hepatic Obstructions. (Foster.) Phila. 
Med, and Sur Rep., Feb. 17. 

—Necessity of C autfon i n the Employment of 

During Labor. (Lusk.) Southern Med. Rec., 

— Some Sources of Danger in the Administration 
of . (Wellford.) Va. Med..MontMy, Jan. 

Choked Disk. Observations on Following 

Injuries to the Head in Children. (Bull.) Am. 
Jour. Med. Sciences, Oct. 

Cholaemiik (Chose.) Phila. Med. and Sur. Re})., 
Jan. 20. 

Cholera. On the Introduction of and oth«;r 

Infectious Diseases into Hospitals, Prisons, 
etc. (Peters.) O/iio Med. and Sur. Jour., 

— Appendix to an Article on the Introduction of 

etc. (Peters.) Ohio Med. and Sur. Jour., 


— Asiatlca. Review of a Report of two Cases 
of . (Miller.) Ain. Homeo., Sept. 

--Infantum. Experiencoin . (Boyce.) V. 

S. Med. Jntesligator (II.), May 15. 

— (Brewster.) Uuhnemannian Monthly, .Tuly. 

— (Coleman.) Nashville Jour. Med. and Sur., 

— (Kinp.) Ohio Med. Recorder, Oct. 

— (Preston.) Am. Homeo., Sept. 

— On the Treatment of the Cold Stage of . 

(Wells.) Cin. Lancet and Obs., Aug. 

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Soulhem Med. Rec, April. 

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Classification and Causation of Disease. 
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Med, Jour,, Sept, 




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% f 

(IL). Mure 
Climate of Florida. 

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. (Wharton.) 

In the Treatment 
JV. 1*. Med. liec.. 

Pacific Med. 

Cold. How to Cure a Bad 

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Coleuian's Multiple Wedge. 

of Stiicture. (Coleman.) 
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More Freqiiontly Occurring Forms of . 

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Bowel, Complictttt^d with Hemori-hage. (Craw- 
ford.) Va. Med. Monthly, Nov. 
Consumption. And Heredity. (Cleveland.) 
The Clinic, .fulyT. 

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— New Mexico as a H<'ulth Resort for . 

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mond.) Chicago Jour. Nerv. and Ment. Dis., 

— Of Blood Corpuscles through the Action of 
Cold. (Piper.) N. Y. Med. .lour., March. 

— On the Rcllex Mnsculiir and Atrophy, In 

Joint Diseases, (bchi'tfer.) Arch. Clin. Sur., 

Contract Practice. (Harris,) JV^. 1". Med. liec, 
Sept. 1.1. 

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Jour., Sept. 

Convulsions. Ob.iervntious on Pueri^'i'iil . 

(BiilniHon.) Va. Mid. Monthly, Oct. 

— Puerixnul, (Barrous.) N. E. Med. Gazette 
(H.). Feb. 

— Puerperal Prompt and Efficient Bleeding. 

(Binkerd.) Phila. Med. and Sur. Rep., Aiiril 

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Mar ell. 

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Sur.Jniir., .Tan. 

— Contribution to the Study of Puerperal . 

(Hojt.) Ji. and L. Med. Jour., June. 



born of Uiwiulc 
. Obs., Oct. 
(Tyrcc.) Vhila. 

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rhUa. Med. Times, Man 12- 

- Case of Puerperal OocurriuK Four DayH 

uftor Labor. (Oplo.) Md. Med. Jour., Oct. 

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S: r. Jlep., AprWiS. 

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.four. Obs.,, Tan. 

— CauHctl by Puerperal Albumluurla auU Cured 
by OeiiantliivCrocata. (Oeluue.) Huhneman- 
nlan Munthly, .liilii. 

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Med. Times, June. 

— Case of Nervous Irritability. (Jones.) iV. 

Y. Mfd. Eclectic, Ko». 

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,(tud fiur. .Tour., Dec. 

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serrer {IT.), April. 

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and Stir. Jour., June. 

— The Cause of in Chlldrou 

MotUoiH. (Si<cne.) Am.Joiir 

— From Preputial Irritations. 
Med. and fiur. Itep., March 17. 

Copaiba. Examination of Commercial . 

(Bowman.) Am. Jour. Phnr., Auij. 

Copper Cent. Small Swallowed ))y a Child 

of Tiiree Years, and Retained more tliaii a 
Moiitli la the Intestinal Tract. (Walker.) Aw. 
Jour. Obs., April. 

Cornou. Diflfereutial Diagnosis between Opaci- 
ties of tlio and Cataract. (Amick.) Cin. 

Med. Xews, May. 

Coroners. And Coroners' luyucsts. (Ansell.) 
A III. Med. Bi- W'eeklii, Jan. 20. 

— Til.) Law of . ( Tyndull.) Boston Med. and 

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Corn Sweat. The . (Aliport.) Chicago Med. 

Jour. aiiU Ht., Feb. 

— Tlu> Application of the in Disease. (All- 
port.) Chicago Med. Jour, and Ex., Sept. 

Corpora Striata. (Worcester.) JV. E. Med. Ga- 
zelle (a.), Feb. 

Corrosive Mercury. Accidental Pioving of 
• . (Onernsey.) JTomco. Times, J une. 

— Sublimate. Contaminated with Arsenic. 
(Smitii.) Am. Jour. Vhar., Aug. 

Cosuaoline. (Pierce.) Va. Med. Monthly, June. 

— As an Exolpieut In of tho Hkin. 
(Hegciisburficr.) Tfcster>i Lancet. June. 

-Cream. (Davidson.) Am. Jour. Phar., March. 

Cotton Boot. Note on the Clinical Study of . 

(t'oulkrod.) Fhila. Med. Times, Sejd. 1. 

— Bark. Analysis of . (Drueding.) Am. 

Jour. Phar., Aug. 

Craniotomy. Case of . (Willard.) Ilahnc- 

vtannian Monthly, June. 
Cremation. On . (Lockrldge.) R. a7id L. 

Med. Jour., July. 
Creasote. As a Medicinal Agent. (Barrows.) 

EclecticMed. and Sur. Jour., Oct. 

— And Carbolic Acid. (Oraetzel.) Am. Jour. 
Phar.,. June. 

CrimiuiiUty. (Stevens.) The Sanitarian, Aug. 

and Sc2>t. 
Cronp. And Diphtheria. (Colvin.) iV. 1'. Med. 

Kec, MarrhU. 

— And Diphtheria. (Jacob!.) N. Y. Med. Bee, 
Feb. 24. 

— And Diphtheria. (Montgomery.) St. Louis 
Med. and Sur. Jour., April. 

— Identity or Non-Identity of and Diphthe- 
ria. (Tauszlfy.) The Clinic, March 10. 

— Case of Mombrnnoua . Niw Metho<l of 

Titiatment. (Fulton.) Plula. Med. and Sur. 
Hep., May 12. 

(Boyce.) U. S. Med. 

— Membranous . (Woodruff.) U. S. Med. 

Tnrcstinator (TJ.), April 16. 

— Some Kxpcrlfncc in . 

Tnrcstigutor (IT.), Jan. IB. 

— And Its Treatment. (Cowau.) 8t. Louis Med. 
and Sur. Jour., Sept. 

— (Don Roy.) Med. Jtiief, .Tan. 

— In Practice. (Porter.) St. Louis Med. and 
Sur. Jour., Oct. 

-Treatment of . (Rogers.) Detroit Med. 

Jour., .Tunc. 

CrustaLactea. (Fisher.) U. S. Med. Investiga- 
tor (U.), Jan. 1. 

Cryolite. And Its Uses. (Brenton.) Am. Jour. 
Phar., Feb. 

Cuprnm. In Defective Reaction. (Farringtim.) 
llomco. Times, April. 

— Comparison between and Zincum. (Orif- 

fltii.) North Am. Jour, llomeo., Aug. 

Cure. The Law of . (Swan.) llomeo. Times, 


Cut Tliroat. Case of . (QiUand.) N. O, 

Med. and Sur. Jour., Oct. 

Curve. Clinical Lecture o)i the Angular . 

(Miner.) lliilfnlo Med. and Sur. Jour., Sept. 

— ClinicalLcctureupon thoSpinal . (Jliner.) 

Buffalo 2led. and Sur. Jour., Aug. 

Curvature. Tho Treatment of Rotarv-Lateral 

of tho Spine. (Sayie.) JV. 1'. Med. Bee., 


— Remarks on Rotary-Lateral of the Spine, 

.;ud Treatment by Bfir-.Suspcnsion and Fixa- 
tion, jii tlio Plaster of Paris Jacket. (Sayro.) 
Am. I'ract., .Tune. 

— Lateral. (Gunn.) Chicago 2Ied. Jour, and 
Ex., Sept. 

— On tho Treatment of Spinal . (Franklin.) 

U. S. Med. Ill rest igntor (II.), Xoe. 1. 

— On tho Treatnuiit of Spinal . (Nelson.) 

r. S. Med. Investigator (II.), Dec. ir>. 

Cyanosis. An Interesting Cftse of . (Pep- 
pur.) A', r. 2Icd. Bee, June '2. 

Cyst. Cntaneona Proliferous (Sebaceous) . 

(.V-hhuiot.) I'hila. Med. limes, April U. 

— Ciiho of of the Vagina. (Munde.) A7n. 

.Tour. Obs., Oct. 

— of 8ul)-Lingual Follicular . (Wag- 
ner.) Arch. Clin. Sur., Jan. 

— Report of an Operation for Ovaricn . (Da- 
vis.) Phila. Med. and Sur. Jicp., . larcha. 

— Ov ariiin tieated by Kleetrolysit<. (Hesse.) 

Am. Jour. Obs., Jan. 

— Repoi'tof ii Case of Ovarian and Fibroid 

of Uterus, with Autopsy. (Hills.) llomeo. 
Times, March. 

Cystic Disease. Of Broad Ligament, Ovary, 
and Fibrous Tmuorsof tho Uterus. (Hodge.) 
Phila. Med. Times, March 17. 

Cystocele. Treated by means of Thomas' Ante- 
version Pessary. (Hale.) A''. E. Med. Oasetle 

Cystitis. Case of . (Cooper.) Jlahneman- 

nian Monthly, March. 

Dactylitis Striimosa. (Smith.) Am. Sup. Obs. 
Jour. Oreul Brilu in and Ireland, May. 

Damiana. Fluid Extract of . (Caldwell.) 

A', r. Med. Bee., Nov. 3. 
Dangerous Candy. (Dcbnmner.) Am. Jour. 

Phar., Jan. 
DcaAiess. Or Impaired Hearing. (Amick.) 

Cin. Lancet and Obs., Sept. 
Deaf- >Iati sin. (Vilas.) V. S. Med. Investigator 

(II.), July 13. 
Oeatlis. Some Observations on a Series of One 

Hundred and Twelvo . (Coskery.) N. Y. 

Med. Jour., July. 
Deathbed Studies. (Ilolbrook.) Phila. Med. 

and Sur. Bep., Oct. 2i', 
De Bar. Case of tlie Late Ben . (Bauduy.) 

St. Louis Med. and Sur. Jour., Oct. 





' ii 





Deformity. Of Foot. (CoUamoro.) Toledo Med. 
and Hur. Joxiv., May. 

— Cono of of Foot. (Flahcr.) Toledo Med. and 

Sur. Joxir., May. 

— Cn80 of of Foot. (Woods.) Toledo Med. 

and Sur. Jottr., Mttu. 

— Of tbo Hip ill tliu Tlil:(l Stago of Morbus Cox- 
arluB. (Tiffiuiy.) Md. Med. Jour., July. 

Deformltleii. In their Rolatlou to Ilyglono ; IIlp 
Joiut Dlsoaso. (Corbaily.) The Unnitarian, 

Degeneration. Amyloid of Hver uud Kld- 

ncvHwlih Curies of Lumbar Vcitobrno. (llcl- 
fli Id.) Chicago Med. Jour, and Ex., Hepl, 

— Tubercular of tlio Kidneys. (Durraeli.) 

Phila. Med. Times, Sept. 18. 

— n.\ datilorm of tbo Chorion. (Earle.) ! 

Chicago Med. Jour, and ^^x.,Jan. 

— Pulpy of tho Kni'o- Joint. Periostitis. 

(Uuun.) Chicago Med. Jour, and Ex., Sept. 

— Cystio of Inferior Muxillu. (Uuun.) Chi- ' 

ea'/o Med. Jour, and Ex., June. I 

— CyRtio of tho Kidneys. (Pepper.) Pltila. 

Mid. Times, Aug. 18. 

— Albuminoid of the Liver, and on Abdom- 
inal TumorH. (Popper.) Arch. Clin. Sur., Dec. 
15. \ 

— Albuminoid and Inflltratiou. (Peters.) , 

Ya. Med. Monthly, Feb. \ 

— Of tho Aual SaccuU. (Vance.) Cin. Lancet i 
011(2 (.ba., July. 

DeUrlaui Tremens. (Yandell, Jr.) Am. lYuct., 

•* Dementia rar«lytlca." Re8iim6 of " A Study 

of ." (UlieuUial.) Homeo. Times, Jan. 

Depression. In Bight Side of Thorax from 
lu;ni-Uterlno IpJ'iiy. (Smith.) Am. Sup. Obs. 
Jour. OrcaU'rilitin and Ireland, April. 

— OfTlioraxOceiinin^'durin^'lVrtutisis. (Smith.) 
^1(1. Slip. Obs.Jour. Ureal Britain and Irtlund, 

Dermatology. American. (Damon.) Arch. 
Ijcrmulol., Oct. 

— Keceut I'loirress iu . (Rohc.) Ya. Med. 

Monthly, Scid. 

— Ki;ceiit Progress in . (White.) Boston 

Med. and Sur. Jour., June 7, and Dee. 6. 

— (Yaudcll, Jr.) Cin, Med. Kews, Dec. 

Desiderata. Tho of our Scliool. (Hering.) 

Aorth, Am 'our. Uomco., Nov. 
Development. Excessive . (Botts.) Cin. 

Med, Aews, May. 
Diabetes. Its Cure. (Goss.) Med. Brief, Aug. 

— Mellltas. Case of Treated with 

H>diate, Relieved. (Crotw.) St. Louis Clin. 

— Caso of Treated with Cliloral Hydrate. 

(Cross. ) Southern, Med. Jiec. , March. 

— The Treatment of . (Gobs.) Phila. Med. 

and Sur, Hep , Oct, 13. 

— (Smith.) I>etroit Med, Jour., June. 

Dingruosls. Questions in . (Dumm.) Ohio 

Mud. Jiec., March. 

— Ciiso of Houbtful with Remarkably IHkIi 

Temperature. (UoiTicli.) N, O, Med. and Sur. 
Jour., July, 

Discovery In Physical . (Holden.) N. Y. 

—Med. Bee., Jan. 20. 

— Differeutial . (Middleton.) Hahneman- 

nian Monthly, April. 

— ACoutriiiutioutotho Differential between 

Hollow Uteiiiio I'oiypu.s, and Complete luver- 
Biou at tho Uterus. (Sussdortf.) ' i. Jour. 
Obs., Oct. 

— D.ffereutial of Sub-Murous Fibroid and 

Bub-involution of tho Uterus. (Von Tageu.) 
V. S. Investigator {11.), June 15. 

Dialysed Iron. (Blair.) Am.Jour.l'har.,Jrdy. 

— Ou tijo PiL-pavuliou of . (Davy.) Am. 

Juur. I'har., Aop. 

— (Hay.) Phila. Med. Times, Sept. i. 

— Note on . (Maisch.) Am. Jour. Phar., 



— On tho Preparation of . 

Am. Jour. Plutr., Not. 

DlarrhoBH. Autumnal. (MeWiiliams.) Ohio Med, 

llreorder, A ug. 
— Remedial ludloutlonsfor Infantile . (Mills.) 

Am. llomco.,July, and U. S. Med. Jnveatiaator 


— Bummer and Cholera Infantum. (Steely.) 

Toledo Med. and Sur. Jour., July. 

— Ca.'^e of Chronic . (Webb.) Med. Ilrief, 


Diastasis. Of tho Hternum, by tho Violent 
Action «)f the Diaphragm iUuiiiK Ccmc'luug. 
(Lutz.) St. Louis Med. and Sur. Jour., July. 

Diet. Resuniu of to be Used in Diphtheiia. 

(Cliamberlaln.) y.E. Med. Oaselle {ii.),Jun. 

— Tho of Nursing Children. (Craig.) Am. 

Observer (U.), Aor. 

Dletetlrs. lufautilo . (Edmonds.) ilm. /To- 

meo., l>ec, 

— In i:<-lation to Infants and Young Chlluren. 
(Moore.) llahnemannian Monthly, Dec. 

Dietetic Rules. Our . (Wolff.) Cal. Med, 

Times, July. 

Digestlne. A New Remedy called . (Shelly.) 

Phila. Med. and Sur. Hep., Feb. 3, and Cm, 
Med. \ews, May. 

DioHcorla Villosa. Wild Yaiu. (Qoss.) Med. 
Brief, May. 

Digestion. Some Practical Observations ou Rec- 
tal and Absorption (Eagau.) Am. Med. 

Bi-Wcckly, March 17. 

— Tho Function of in its Relation to Health 

and Disease. (F.lmer.) Cin. Med. A'ews, Mai/. 

— And ils Disorders. (Murray.) Ya. Med. 
Monthly, Feb. 

Ditdtalls. In Scarlatina. (Lewis.) .V. 1'. Med. 
Bvc, Feb. 3. 

— Tincture of and Veratmm, in Hypertrophy 

of tho Heart. (White.) Phila. Mei, and Sur. 
Hep., Nov. n. 

Dilatation. In tho Skin. (Bulkley.) ^rr/t. Der- 

mutol., tM. 

— Of one I'upil following tho Application of a 
Belladonna Plaster. (Burrall.) A', i'. Med. 

— Of tho Cervix Ut*rl. (Seyfort.) Phila. Med. 
and Sur. Hep., Sept. IS. 

— Kctaidcd of the Os-Uteri in Labor. 

(Smith.) P/ii7a. Med. iind Sur. Hep., Ann. 4. 

— or tho Urethra. (Summers.) N. Y. Med. Hec., 
Aug. 11. 

— New Material for of tho Cervix Uteri. 

(Sussdorll.) A'. Y. Med. Hec, July U, 

Dilator. Description of a New . (Steuror ) 

A. Y. Med., Sept. 22. 

— New Rectal and Explorer. (Wales.) A''. 

1'. Med. Hec,, Feb. 24. 

Diphtheria. Tho Treatment of . (Allen.) 

Mom CO. Times, Oct. 

— Doubtful Case of . (Bailey.) Charleston 

Med. Jtmr. and Hev., Jan. 

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Investigator (11 ), Feb, 15. 

-Sdiiio roiuta Respecting . (Edson.) S.Y. 

Med. Hec., Mai/T,. 

— (Fi)L'cl.) lied. Brief, June. 

— Ticuliiiciit of . (French.) Ohio Med. and 

Sur. Hep. ill.). Jan. 

— Tr.alii.uit of . (Gibbons.) Paci/tc Med. 

and Sur. Jour., Jati. 




— (OoM.) Eclectic Med. and Bur. Jour., Dee, 

— Louttl Treivimcut lu . (IIiiKanbucli.) Chi- 

ratio Med. Jour, and Kx., March. 

— And ItH MitniiRiMuont. (IlaiuUtou.) I'hlla. 
iled. and 8ur. Uej>., April 28. 

— Bolect ForimUuj for . (Uodgo.) Southern 

Med. liee., Feb. 

— Tlio Tioatmont of . (lugruhaiu.) Med. 

lirief. Feb. 
— Treiirmont of ■ 




(Jobnstou.) Am. Med. 
Weeklif, Nov. 2i. 

— Tho Ci)utaglou8iio88 and TroatiutMit of . 

iKunnard.) St. Louis Med. and Sur. Jour., 

— (Kurtz.) Wettem Lancet, pec. 

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9, and Med. Uricf, July. 

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and Sur. liep., June 2. 

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Jlep. (II.), Jan. 

— Its Tliorupeutlcs. (Polk.) Med. lirief. Dee. 

— Case of . (Pi-oston.) llahnemannian 

Monthly, Feb. 

— Trciituiontof . (Rogensburgcr.) Western 

Lancet, April. 

— ObHorvatioua upon an Epidemic of . 

(Suiididgo.) Louiuville Med. News, Jan. 13 and 
April 21. 

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Nov. 24. 

— (Shaw.) N. E. Med. Oasette (11.), Nov. 

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Canada Jjuncel, Sept. 

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ment of — -. (Smith.) Am. Jour. Med. Sci- 
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— (TiuJior.) Homeo. Times, Jul)f. 

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Dlpbtherltis. Treatment of with Hrdrar- 

gyrum Cyatifltum. (Ericiiaen.) llahneman- 
nian Monthly, May. 

— (KucJilor.) Cin. iled. Advance (11.), March. 

— (Oektord.) Cin. Med. Adeance (U.), May. 
Dlplacuslis Blnanoalls. (Murroll.) ^Y. r. Med. 

Iiec.,Nov, 3. 

Disease. The Cause of In Country Jlomes. 

(Bartlett.) The Sanitarian, Sept, 

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Diseases. Natural and Drug . (Eggloston.) 

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— Sketch of tho Most Prevalent in Fayette- 

vllle, During tho Bummer and Autumn of 1811. 
(Ml Klnuey.) Nash. Jour. Med. and Sur., Feb. 

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tigation of . (Pattou.) Cin. Lancet and 

Ohs., Feb. 

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to tho Vialou. (Reuiiug.) li. and L. Med. 
Jour., Aug. 

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TT. S. Med. Investigator (17.), Sept. 1. 

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Disinfect'tnt. An Elo^'ant . (Tucker.) Chi- 
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Disinfectants. Notes on tho History of Disiu- 

foctlon and . (Jones.) N. O. Med. and Sur, 

Jour., Sept. 

Dislocation. Compound of tho Knco, Treat- 
ed by Powerful hxtonslon and Counter Exten- 
sion. (Davis.) I'hila. Med. Times, Marchn. 

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to Muscle. (Urocn.) Va. Med. Monthly, May. 

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gator {Tl.),Julijia. 

— Of Radius aiid Ulna Outwards. (Tiffany.) 
Md. Med. Jour., Sept. 

— Forward of tho Lower End of tho Ulna. 
(Wolr.) Arch. Clin. Sur., April. 

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— Of tho Sternal End of tho Clavicle, Upwards. 
(Shaw.) A^. y. Med. ICec., Aug. 18. 

— Now Method of llcductlou of of tho Hip. 

(Allen.) Ohio Med. and Sur. Jour., Oct. 

— Of tho nii> In u boy Eight Years Old; Rortuc- 
tlon on Thhty-socoud Day. (Powell.) Canada 
Lancet, May. 

— Reduction of of the Hip-Joint, by Manipu- 
lating tho Femur as a Lover, over a Fulcrum 
Fluced ill tlio Groin. (Martin.) Cin. Lancet 
and Obs., Sept. 

— Of tho Patella. (Bradner.) N. T. Med. liec., 
Jan. 20. 

— Edgewise of Patella. (Cluness.) N. T. 

Med. liec, Jan. 27. 

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(Ilobbs.) LouisiuUc Med. News, July 2h. 

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dents UesiiUing Therefrom. (Courtright.) Cin. 
Lancet and Obs., Jan. 

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Med. and Sur. Jour., April. 

Dislocations. Two Rare . (Briggs.) Nash, 

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— Practical Observations on of thoShoiilder. 

(Adolphuu.) St. Louis Med. and Sur. Jour., 

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nipulation. (Hamilton.) Ohio Med. Recorder, 

Disparennia. (Stoger.) Nash, Jour, Med. and 

Sur., Dec. 
Dispensaries. Free . (Gruel.) Phila, Med. 

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Dispensary System. The Free in Philadel- 
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Dispensing Prescriptions. (Blair.) Am. Jour. 
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Clinic, Sept. 29. 

Doctors and Drlnli. (Milliken.) Ohio Med. 

aiul Sur. Jour., Dec. 
Dose. Was a Quarter-grain too Largo a 1 

(McLean.) Chicago Me<l. Jour, and Ex., Nov. 

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ninn MonitHy, April, ana U. S. Med, In»esli- 
galor (l£.),May\. 

Doses. Tho Value of Small and Frequently Re- 
peated . (Dessau.) N. Y. Med. Rcc., July 


•« Double Catheter." An Improved Modlflcar 

tlou of the , TrocsD and Cauula. (LeiUy.) 

Phila. Med. and Sur. Rep., Oct. C. 

Double Staining. Now Mothoil of . (Mor- 
ris.) Am. Jour. Med. Sciences, Jan. 

— Now Method of . (Shakespeare.) Am. 

Jour. Med. .'cicnccs,Jan. 

' iU 




Doweir* Op«r»Uoii. For tUo UimUciiI Ciiru uf ! 

Ilcnilu ; Tliri'o muoi'HMfvil ("iimch. (WorthliiK- 1 

toil.) I'acijle Meit. and Hur. Jour., Pee. 
UriilnnKe. Houho . (Auon.) The SnniUt- 

rian, Jioe. 
Drnpity. Cusp of Abiloniliml . (CUIMh.) 

Utilnirmantilan Monthly, t'rb. 

— CastMlii riiutlcc. (OoHi.) Krieclie iled. anil 
Sii)'. .lour., Aug. 

— t'liMu of TulMTciilui- of tlio AIkIoiiu'h Slum 

lailii{{Ovin'lun'rmiior. (McCiniw.) Arrh. Clin. 

— Ovariiiii with U(>fproti<'o to llio Advanrc- 

iiiiiil luiulo 111 Mm I'litliology 1111(1 Trciilnii'iit 
iluiliijf llio I'ast Ilumlrutl Yciuh. (TliouitiM.) 
Am. Mfd. lli-Wirlil!/, Fvh. 17. 

Dnnviutd. TlfiitiiU'iit of tlio- — . (Auoil.) Ohio 

.Mill, lifronlir, lirpl. j 

DriiRM. Or VlsMoillciitrlxNiitiini'. (IIIUm.) (in. 1 
ilnl. Adrinirr (II.), ( rl. 

— Coiiiuiorciiil (if llio riiiiu'so I'rovliifo of 

Canton, (llirtli I>u riviioM.) AcwJ^'nn., June. 

— I'lliiiary and Him ondary HyniptoiiiH of . 

(rri'Ntoii.) Ilithnemitiiiiidn mohIIiIii, I'rli. 

— (Ill tlio Action of iiiMHi tlio Motor Hy.Mtciii 

orAiiliimls. (Wood.) I'hiht, Med. Tiinrs, Jan. 

DruK Action. Ou tlio Nntnro of . (IlnghcH.) 

Uahucmuuniun Monlhlij, .fiine, 

— Ill iJlstMihO. (ONS'tMiM.) Ohio Mi'd. itiid Sur. 

— WloiT. A In tlm J'ar W«)«t. (WoIhh.) Am. ^ 

Jour. Phtiv., Xor. 

DnmkonnoHs. What Mi'dicliiootTcrH for tlio Uc- 

luf of C'l'iuiuoii ; A Cliulcal Ufport and 

Btiidyof it. (Mt-KU-oy.) Cin, Lancet and Obs., 

Diirhuin. Doatli of Dr. Carroll . (Duke.) 

Am. llomco., L'tc. 

Duty of tlio Doctor. Tli( to the Dying. 

(.vuoii.) /Southern .\led. A'tr., Pec. 

Dntl(>H uimI rrlvlleRPs. Tho of Kxiwrt Wlt- 

utssL'ti. (Mclutyie.) rhila.iled. Times, Jan. C. 

Dynamlto Kxploslon. Notrs on a Civflo of . 

'(C'liMlifry.) A. 1'. Med. Jour., Jan. 

Dysentery. Homo OliscrvatioiiB on thoCllnUMil 
"History and Treat uiiiit o^tUt^ Lato Kpideniio 

of liil)(>lawaio Co., Ohio. (Diuuiu.) Ohio 

Mid. Reenrder, Sor. 

— (ffntrew.-*) Med. lirief, March. 

— 'f luue CascH of 'i'rentod HiicceHufnlly by 

Liirj:oDosc.i(>t IiiocacnauhaKivcii by tlioNou- 
Jilmutio Plan. (Forster.) Boston Med. und 
Hur.Jour., Feb. 22. 

— TlioMauagciuoutof . (Ilove.) Am. Med. 

Jour. (/'.'.). A'oi'. 

— Tivutiiieiit of . (8ui'88crott.) I'hila. Med. 

Times, Dee. 8. 

— Chronio Topically Treated. (Wertz.) Cin. 

Lancet and Obs., Feb., and Southern Med. liec, 

— On tho rviitloiinl Trcatnient of . (Wood.) 

I'hila. Med. Times, Oet. '27. 

Dysmcnorrhoea. On the PatboloKy and Treat- 
ment of Certain Cases of . (DuvIh,) Am. 

J'rnct., Oct. 

— Mecliauical andSterility. (Foster.) Ptdla. 

Med. and Sur. Kep., Feb. 21. 

— (Mosiiian.) Ilomen. Timen, Dec. 

— Coiitriliution to tho Theory of . (Niftel.) 

A', y. Ued. Itec., Oct. C. 

— Tho Theory of . (liiftel.) N. Y.Med, liec. 

Mop. 3. 

— (Palmer.) The Clinic, Kov. 17. 

— (Sunders.) Cin. Med. Advance (U.j, June and 

— Tlio Etiology of Considered in Relation to 

a New Mechanical Plan of Treatment, (dues- 
dorir.) AT. y. Med. Sec, Oct. S7. 

— Neuralgic . (Chenowitli.) Am. Med. Bi- 

Weclch/, May 12. 

— Neurulgio . (Ilaggerty.) Detroit Med. 

Jour., Aug. 

On the lievilopiTieiil of tlici l'.\- 
(Hunt.) Am. .lour. Med. Hcienees, 

IlyNineiiurrliaml Menibrnne. HiM'clmen of — . 

(Ililiiter.) Am. Jour. Ob»., Oet. 
UyHpureniila. (Wurreu.) Am. Jour. Obt., 


Dy«pnmn. On the CaiiNeH of in ('uhi>h ut 

Hiitl'uuatlvc ItroiK h(i(;ele. (Drown.) Am. Jour, 
Med. Sciences, April. 

DyKtocln. Cum* of CaiiNed by Kxtreine An- 

teverHlon of the llteriiH and J'eudulonH Ab- 
domen. (Wood.), Am. Jour. Obs., Jan. 

Kitr. Dempniiiiatlvi) Procu^HM In tliu . (Buck.) 

.V. J'. Med. 1,'re., Pec. l.v 

— The Fiiuiiieiit ANsucliitloii of IjIhimihch of the 

Willi liiManlly. (Cutlett.) Am. Jour. Pi- 

san'li/, July. 

— MiiliUo — ^ of IiifaiitM. (FoHter.) I.S.Med, 
lure.iligator (II.), Per. 1. 

— JJeveloiiiiHMit of the Middle — . (Hunt.) 
lloslmi Med. and Siir. Jour., Oet. IH. 

— Ueportoii tho I'adiolduy mid Tlicaiieiitlcw of 

Di.^ea.seH (»f the . (Hextoii.) N. V. Med Uev.. 

Pee. '.".I. 

— UiMcaseM of the HIniiilating Ilralr Trimble. 

(Tallmt.) Ohio Med. Jtreonler, Dec. 

— On tho ••— and ('oinplieatitiiis Acconipiiiivliix 
Heiirlet Fever. (Vlla.s.) r. ,V. .Med. Ineestiya- 
tor{U.) July XT,. 

EurHclie, or Calnrrliiil liillaiiiinatlon of the 
Middle Ear. (Sexton.) .V. 1. Med. Hee..Jan. U. 

Kitr I'liHHHKe, 
tlTlllll . 


ICeUlnoeoreiiH. Of the Liver, etc. (Cuinpbell.) 
The Clinic, April 7. 

— Of the Liver, (te. (Piere(>.) The Clinic, April 

— Kenmrkiible Case of Treated bv Pome- 

griiiiiiie and A.splratloii. (Uriide.) Va. Med. 
Monthly, Pee. 

EclMnipHld. A 8tndy of the Literatiin^ of I'ner- 

iieiul . (liuker.) Chicago Med. Jour, and 
•Jr., Mni'ch. 

— I'lierperal . (Carpenter.) I'hila. Med. and 

Sur. lien., Sept. T.K 

— Case of J'liei'periil 
ciJIeMed. ana Sur. Jour., 
A'virs, Per. 

— Case of Puerperal ; 

OliioMe:' and Sur. Jour. 

— Case of I'lierperal . 


— Piieiiwial and Milk Diet. 

Med. Monthly, May. 

— E.xiieiieiieo in PiiL>i'x>oral . (.lessnp.) I'hila. 

Meil. an<l Sur. Jiep., A uy. 4. 

— On tho Prevent loll of Puerperal by Cliiorul. 

(T.andis.) Ohio Med. anil Sur. Jour., Pee. 

— Puerperal . (Mattison.) I'hila. Med. and 

Sur. Jiep., April. 7. 

— ^lasoof I'lieriieral . (Milan.) ' I.onisrille 

Med. Aeu-s, July. 21 

— Puerperal . (Moore.) J'.'fUa. Med. and 

Sur. Jiep., Oet. 20. 

— Puerperal . (Pritcliard.i I'hila. Med. and 

Sur. Jiep., 2loreh 17. 

— Piieriieral . (Tlumius.) li. and '..Med. 

Jour., Sejd. 

— Mauagenieut 

— Case of . 


— In the Mother, Treated by Iljiiodcniib^ Injec- 
tion of Morphia. (Mutllson.) Am. Jour. Obs., 

— Case of . (Mcintosh.) (Jin. Med. Nevs, 


— Gravldiuiuni et Paiturieiitiiin . (Winn.) 

iS7. Louis Med. and Sur. Jour., Xor. 

Ertropluui. (Brijrgs.) Xash. Jour. Med. and 

Sur., April. 
Eczema. Cured liy Dulcamara, (nernreuter.) 

v. S. Med. UirenliyaloriU.), A uy. ir,. 

— Uubruui. (Bulkley.) Arch. Dermatol., July 11. 

(Cliamlierlain.) I'a- 
Moe. and Cin. Med. 

(Hyatt.) Va. 



(Fritts.) I'hy 

if u Case of IMierpi^ral . 

I'hila. Med. and Sur. Hep., July 

(.lohiisdii.) Arch. Clin. Sur.. 





nstum. On tlie Ho-oiilled 



Am, Vet. Ben,, 


— Tli<i Kelntlouii Lxlstliitf lietwfMii hikI 

PatiriMBln. (Cuim>l)«ll.) Areh. Dermatol., July. 

— Pour Chrimi of Chi-oulo Traatcd by Norv« 

TmuIos »ud Electricity. (Fltcb.) A.reh. Derma- 
tol., July. 

— With Home Siteclal Reinarki on Treatment. 
(Htioemaker.) Phila, Med. and Sur, Utp., Nov. 8. 

Eduoatlonttl Notat. (MoBborry.) The Sanita- 
rian, Aug, 

Uflfeeta of Gold. (Ilolcombe.) 

Kfltailon. Caae of Puruieut Polvto 

Oponod SpontuuenuHly Into tbe Vagina. 
Ice.) Am, Jour. Med. I'eiencet, July. 

HfltiRlons. The Proper 7>oatmont of Pelvic . 

(Hrlokell.) Am. Jour, Urd. Brieneen. April. 

— Oi: Uuino Conditions Pliynlcal and Kiitlonul, 
in of tbo Pleura. (Uoblnsou.) N. Y. Med. 

Ree., Jan. 37. 

— Two CaNen of Pleuritic . (Rodman.) If. 

Y. Mfd. Uec., Feb. 24. 

— Porlcardliil and Albuminuria. (Sabln.) 

Phila. Med. and Sur. Rep., Sept, IS. 

Electricity. On tbn Use of in Follicular 

I'liuryu^'itls. (Beverly.) Ohio Med. and Sur. 
Jour., Oct. 

— Symptomatology of In its Different Appli- 
cations. (Butler.) North Am. Jour, Borneo,, 

— lu tbe Trcutinout of Opium Polflonlos. (Rob- 
inson.) Vhicdgn Med. .tour, and Ex., Oct. 

— In the Troutuicnt of UyHmcnurrbwa. (Rock- 
well.) N. Y. Med. Rec, Oct. 27. 

BlectrolysiH. In Ovarian Cysts. (Cutter.) A'. 
Y. Med, Jour., Aug. 

— Soino RoHiarkH ou In Ovariiin Tumors. 

(Uemclodtir.) N, Y. Med. Jour., March, 

Eleetro'Therapentios. And Electro-Surgery. 
(Itutler.) North Am. Jonr. Borneo, Aug. 

— The .Siituro of Elt'ctricity and tlio fonns of 
Klcptrlclty Used In Me<li(!lniil IMwtlco. (Mills.) 
I'liilu. Med. and Sur. Ren., March 17. 

— The Rcnnlsites of Electro-Modlcal Instn:- 
inciitH. (Mills.) Phila. Med. and Sur. hep., 
March 24. 

ElephantiaaU. Of tbc Bcalp. (Pascbai.) Am, 
Mat. Hi- Weekly, Jan. 6. 

— Ciiso of of tbo Bcrotum, with Photogrupb, 

(Tolimd.) Western Lancet, Feb. 

— Arabum. (Benedict.) Va. Med. Monthly, 

— Now Operative Procedure for Affecting 

tlio Lower Extremities. (Corohado.) Arch. 
Olin. Siir.,Julu. 

— Grieroram. On . (Ozanam.) U.S.Med. 

InveHlt't'ttor (II.), June 1. 

Elixir GlycyrrhlzsB. (Kennedy.) Am, Jour. 

Emballometeri The . (lugals.) Chicago 

Med. Jour, and Ex., April. 

Einbolla. Report of a Case of Caused by Or- 
ganic Disease of tbe Ueurt. (Webb.) Am, 
Jour. Med, Sciences, Jan. 

Embolism. Of the Popliteal from Vorruoose 
Vegetation of the Aortic Valves. (Anderson.) 
N. Y. Med. Jour., Nov. 

— Of the Arteries of the Retina. (Cheatham.) 
Am. Pract., Oct. 

— Case of Affecting the Right Lung and Kid- 
ney. (Cleveland.) Detroit Med. Jour., April. 

— Was it % (Sloan.) Phila. Med. and Sur. 

Rep., April 21. 

— Brachial and Cephalic . (Smith.) Am. 

Sup, Oba. Jour, Qrcat Britain and Ireland, 

— Cerebral . (Carson.) Am, I'racl., April. 

— Cerebral . (Chandler.) Louiavitte Med. 

Newt, June 9, 

— Cerebral — and Thrombosis. (Lyman.) 
Chieiitjn Med. Jour, and Ex., Jan, 

— Buudcn Death from . (Fitz.) Boston Med, 

and Sur. Jour,, Jan. 25. 

— 0»M of Sudden Death after of the Axil- 
lary Artery. (Hopkins.) Boaion Med, and Sur, 
Jour.. June 31. 

— Dciith from In Diphtheria. (KeatlngJ 

Phila. Med. Time; July!. 

— Sudden Death from . (Squire.) Beaton 

Med. and Sur. Jour., Feb, 15. 

Embryotomy. Under DlfBcultlea. (Duke.) 
Phila. Med. and Sur. Rep., March 31. 

Emetlna. Memoir on the Preparation and 

Composition of . (Lcfort nmfWurtz.) Am. 

Jour. Phar., Sept. 

— Note upon a Reaction of . (Power J 

Am. Jour. Phar., Aug. 

Emphysema. Typical Case of Tranmatic Gen- 
eral . (Beach.) N. Y, Med. Jour.. March, 

— Pulmonary absence of Attacks of Hpasnio- 

dle Asthma. (Deiutleld.) N, Y, Med. lite,, 
May 13. 

Empyema. Case of Treatment by Carl>oI- 

ateu Iodine 7 'Hlon. (Fulton.) Canada Lancet, 

— Case of . (Reybum.) Arch. Clin. Sur., 


— (Schuyler.) Phit,a. Med. and Sur. Rep., Feb. 3. 
Enoephallo Cironlatlon. The . (Vance.) 

A^. r. Med. Uec, May 12. 

Bndooarditis. Ulcerative Embolism of 

the Arteries of the Left Lrx- (Ellis.) Boston 
Med. and Sur. Jour., Nov. 18. 

— Occurr«'U(!e of with Iloait Clot In Malig- 
nant Scarlatina. (Pepper.) Phila. Med. and 
Sur. Hep., June 9. 

Endo-CervicltU. Chronic . (Miles.) Cin. 

Med. News, Feb. 
Endometritis. Chronic Corporeal a Tyi>- 

Icul Cubo. (Dow.) Md. Med. Jour., Oct. 

Endothelioma. Cime of of the Inter-vaid- 

nalHiiiico of the Optic Nerve. (Alt.) Arch, 
Ophlhul, and Olol., Vol. VI., page .m. 

Enlargement. Of Prostate. (Poynter.) JV. Y. 
Med. Uec, Sept. 8. 

Enlarflrements. Uterine and Abdominal — .. 
(P)ilnier.) The Clinic, April 14. 

— Lymphatic Glaudiihtr . (Hale.) U. 8, 

Med. Investigator (II.), Jan. 1. 

— i;.\toriiiilGlaudulai . (McElroy.) Buffale 

Med. and Sur. Jour., Dec. 

Enteritis. Membranous Intestinal Casts. 

(Willard.) Phila. Med. Times, Sept. IB. 
Enterotomy. (Myers, Jr.) Am. Vet. Rev., 

Entropium. Successfully Treated l»y Hypo- 

dcruiio Iiijectiou of Strychnia. (Uiggins.) St. 

Louis Med. aiid Sur. Jour., Jan. 
Epidemic. An Alurmiug — . (Miller.) U. S. 

Med. Investigalor tU.), April IS. 

— An . (Kulison.) Pnila. Med. and Sur. 

Rep., March 24. 

— Remedy for the Present . (Woodward.) 

U. S. Med. Investigalor (II.), Feb. 15. 

Epidemics. Some Accounts of American . 

(Barrows.) Eclectic Med. and Sur. Jour., Oct. 

Epidemiology. Notes on the of Ohio. 

(Minor.) Cin. Lancet and Obs., April. 

Epiglottis. Now Method of Securing an Up- 

rlKitt Potdtlou of the . (Brandeis.) Louts- 

oille Med. News, Jan. 27. 

Epilepsy. Surgical Treatment of . (Pitch.) 

Am. PracL, Feb. and Oct. 

— The Therapeutics of . (Hamilton.) Cin. 

Med. News, Feb. 

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1 :! 








<> . I 

i; ■ ! 

If i ^ 

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■ laud.) AlUtHla Itcd. and Sur. Jour., March. 

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liov. 17. 
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t)>,o8tiyerlor Coronary Artery umlitsBrauolies. 
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lusuing . (Large.) Am. Yet. Rev., July. 

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drewb ) JV. Y. Med. Itee., Sept. 1. 

Excision Of tho Head of the Humei _ j. (Anon.) 
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Twenty-ono Ciisea Operated on at the Mass. 
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and Gustatory Nerves for the Cure of Dental 
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C«'Uut«;r-Exten8iou in Fraoturo of the Femur. 
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Appendajo'.'*, for a Fibroid Tumor. (Tron 
lioliiie.) Am. Jour. Obs.,July. 

Extracts. On a New Prooeaa for the Prepara- 



tlon of without Heat. (Herrora.) Am. 

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ton.) Am. Jour. PTiar., March. 

' Sstraotum Colooynthldus CompoBitum. (Ole- 
aon.) Am. Jour. Phar., April. 

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Particularly to Detachment of the Kotinu. 
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the and the Correction of the Deformity, 

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ferrn'iial Indications for the Use of the . 

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ninii Bodies; Their Modus Operandi and Re- 
sults. (McElroy.) Ohio Med. and Sur. .lour., 

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. (Alford.) Va. Med. Monthlu, June. 

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-Case of Pernicious Intermittent followed 

O.v Hepatic Lesion. (Doane.) Phy. and Phar., 

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Intermittent by the Nitrate of Amyl. 

(Hintoii.) Phila. Med. and Sur. Hep., April29. 

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Fahr. (Metcalfe.) A^. O. Med. ana Sur. Jottr., 

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Woodward, U. 8. A., in 18C3 and in 1877. Bar- 
tliolow.) The Clinic, Sept. 8. 

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and Couuty Hospital. (Mays.) Western Lan- 
cet, April. 

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Jour., May. 

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on other Forms of Septic Disease. (Beebe.) 
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Med. Jonr. and Er., March. 

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a»ic/ Sur. Hep., Dec. 1. 


^i ^ 




— Etiology of Scarlet . (Tookcr.) U. S. 

Med. Investigator (U.), July 1, 

— On Bcarlct uml Knus-Toxlcodendron. 

—(Walker.) U. 8. Med. Imeatiuator (I/.), April l. 

Troatiuent of Scarlet — . (Wardnvr.) cuicago 
Med. Jour, and Hx., March. 

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the Typhoid Poison. (Cuulkius.) Detroit 

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iu Paris during the Your 1876. (Claude.) Ohio 
Med. and Sur. Rep. (11.), Sept. 

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ScwcriigoofPhiliulclphla, tothoPrevaleneoot 

Typhoid in that City. (Cleeniun.) I'hila. 

Med. and Sur. Rep., Oct. 27. 

— Boiu'^ Anomalous Cases of Tvphoid Illus- 
trating the Thermometricnl Vuriations in tho 
Onset and ( oureeof tho Disease. (Frotliiiii^- 
hnm.) R. and L. Med. Jour., May, and Detroit 
Med. Jvur., Feb. 

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Severe Poisoning. (Simmons.) Am. Jour. 
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taminated Drinking-Wator. (Woods.) Boston 

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Orleans iu 1876. (Holt.) N. O. Med. and Sur. 
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Epidemic of 1876 upon the Coast of Georgia. 
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at Savamiali, Ga., in 1876. (WoodhuU.) Am. 
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Rec., Nov. 

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in Charleston, Summer of 1872. (Porcher.) 
Charleston, Med. Jour, and Rev.,, Tan. 

— Caui»o of the Periodicity of Mode of Action of 
tho Agent Producing Intermittent and Remit- 
tent . (TbomM.) B. and L. Med. Jour., 


— Tho Contagiuni Parti<'lesof the Eniptlvo ; 

their Nutu; o nud Mode of Action. (Atkinson.) 
Cin. Med. News, Aug. 

-Eruptive of Culldi-cn. (McLaren.) U.S. 

Med. Inrestigator (II. i, Jun. 
-Eruptive iu Relation to Disease's of th© 

Ear. (I'hllllps.) Ohio MeJ. and Sur. Rep. {11.), 


— OrAlk'loa. (Hering.) Honteo Times, Aup. 
Fibroid Mass. In Ileum. (fJaxe.) PuciflcMed. 

and Sur. Jour., Jan. 
Fibroma. Intro-Crnn!:;;. (Runnels.) U. 8. 
ited. Investigator (II.), July I. 

Fibromata. Cystic of Both Ovaries. (Kirk- 

ley.) Toledo Med. and Sur. Jour., Dee. 

Fire-Proof Buildings. (Peck.) Tlie Sanitor 
rian, April. 

Fissure. Ti-eatmentof of the Nipple During 

Lactation. (Butler.) Ohio Med. Recorder, Mag. 

— Of tlie Rectum. (Mason.) N. 1'. Med. Rec., 
Nov. 'H. 

— Of tho Anus, or Irritable Uh^er of tho Rec- 
tum. (Vauce.) Cin. Lancet and Obs., April, 

Fissures. Occurring in Long Bone», with Re- 
inarks on V Shaped Fractures of the Tibia. 
(Hodges.) Boston Med. and Sur. Jour., Jan. 11. 

Fistula. Intestinal . (Maxwell.) Am. 

I'ruit. Jan. 

— luAno. (Butler.) Unmeo. Times, Dee. 

— In Auo, Complicated withFissuro and Tumor 
in tho liectum. (Cattermole.) Canada Lan- 
cet, A ug. 

— luAuo. (Dawson.) The Clinic, .TulyH. 

— Case of in Ano, Treateil by Ligature. 

(Wo(Mlbury.) Mr.d. Brief, Sc/'t. 

— On the Optration of Veniro- Vaginal . (Bcr- 

nnys.) R. and I,. Med. Jour., Jun. 

— Keeto and Vesieo-Vagiual. (Burgo.) Arch. 
Clin. Su>:, April. 

— Couiplieated Vesico-Urethro Vaginal . 

(Eniiiiet) A in. Jonr. Obs., Jan. 

— Ve*»ico- Vaginal , with Retroversion of ths 

Uterus, (i I'Keif.) Vitnuihi I auvfl, April. 

— Rei'ort of a Cmho of Vcsieo-Vagiuul , with 

SiieecHsful Ojieratiou. (Pace.) Am. Med. Bv- 

— Vesico. Case of . (Hi>so.) N. 1'. Med. Rec., 

Aw/. IH. 

— Case of Vcslco-Abdominal 

Dii.v.V Standiug. (Worster.) JV. 
March ui. 

of Fourteen 
r. Med. Rec., 

Flap Extraction. Successful of a Wounded 

Lens. (Becutuigei.) Pavijie Med. and Sur. 
Jour., Dee. 

Flint Dust. Tho Inhalation of . (Porwood.) 

I'hUu. Med. and Sur. Rep., June 9. 

FcBtal Heart-Beat. (Lcavitt.) V. S. Med. In- 
reiiUgator (ti.), Itec. 1.'). 

— Position. Case of Unusual . (Morris.) 

I'hilu. Med. Times,, Tune i). 

— Pulse. Couditiuus Aileefingthe . (Peters.) 

Boston Med. and Sur. Jour., Aug. 23. 

FcBtatlon. Case of Included . (Rogers.) 

Am. Jour. Med. Sciences, (let. 

— Exti'a Uterine. (Hildreth.) Boston Med. aiid 
Sur. Jour., Nov. 8, 

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Pracl., Aug. 

Foetus. Effects upon tho ot Medicines given 

to tlio Pregnant Woman. (Cleveland.) The 
Clinic, May I'J. 

— lutluenco'ou the of Medicine. (Munde.) 

Am. Jour. Obs., April. 

— A . Arrested in Its Development at the 

Fourth Month and Cauied to the Full Period 
of Gestation. (Day.) Chicago Med. Jour, and 
Ex Mity. 

— Extraction of tho with the Olistetrlo For- 

cejts. (Marsdcn.) Iluhnemunniun Monthly, 

— In Utero. With Remarks on Maternal and 
Paternal Influences. (Dow.) Va. Med. Monthly, 

Food. Tho of tho Ancient and of Modem 




u. s. 

u. s. 

Infauts. (Green.) Cin. Lancel and Ohs., 
—For InfanU. (Colvlu.) V. S. Med. Investiguior 

— (MiilH.) Am. Homeo., July. 

— (Pierstm,) U. S. Med. Investigator (H.), 
March 1. 

Foot. On the Causos of soino Clironlc Lame- 
uoHHoftUo . (Very.) Am. Yet. J:ev.,Jan. 

ForcepM. Ontbo — . (Atkinson.) Vhiia. Med. 
and Stir. Jiep., March 3. 

— Ain>lication of In Head-Lost Presenta- 
tions. (Bornardy.) Phila. Med. Times, April u. 

Foramen Oval*. Tbo Frequency and Import 

of u I'erforate . (Corson.) JIahmmannian 

Monlhlji, Deo. 

— Piirtiully Closed . (Eskrldge.) Phila. Med. 

Times, Julij 21. 

Foreign Bodies. In Nostrils. (Dumm.) Ohio 
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Hep., Nov. 3. 

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Hep. (It.), Jan. 

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Eye. (Dugas.) N. O. Med. and Sur. Jour., 

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Med. Bi-weekly, Sept. 1. 

Foreign Body. Case of in the Bronchial 

Tube. (BreakcU.) N. Y. Med. JiecJxine'i. 

— Of Unusual Kind in tbo Air Passages; Tra- 
cheotomy; Spontaneous Expulsion After Six- 
teen Days. (Conner.) Am. Jour. Med. Sci- 
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Monthly, April. 

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dox Nervous Symptoms. (Ileydenreich.) Arch. 
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\ov. I 

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.Im.Jonr. Med, SeitneeJi, .Tan, I 

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LoRs of Bone Bubstance. (Ross.) Canada 
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Exteusivo Loss oi B(mo and CVroi)ral Sub- 
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tboAnklo. (Wright.) Am. Pract., Dec. 

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slon. (Bull.) Canada Med. llec., Oct. 

— lutra-Capsular of tbo Thigh and tbo Er- 
rors of tbo Methods of Diagnosis. (Parsons. ) 
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Fractures. On tbo Treatment of by Moans 

of Buck's Apparatus and Improved Plaster 
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inthoAualt. (Hamilton.) A^. Y. Med. Rec, 
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tboFemiu- in Adults. (Hamlltou.) Buffalo 
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Fractured MoxlUae. Retention of . (Miles.) 

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Frienuui LinKiue. Caso of . (Doauo4 

I'/iy. iinil I'lan:, -Vor. 





FramlMBHiold Condylomatoun. S.vpIillodRrm 
cir tiio llui y Bin i», tuictl by the llyiMxlciiiiid 
IiOcctiou of Ciirrooivo Kiibllmato. (Tuiuuitwo 
di Auilciti.) Arch. Uemiutol., OcL 

Piwer. TlioLivtoOr. . (Steveueou.) Chicago 

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Freezliiff Miorotoine. (Lon^cstroot.) Phila. 

21eU. Ttincn, MaijVi. 
Fundus in Urine. Rononiblin^ Vontriculi. (Ma- 

«oiul>cr.) I'llila. Med. Times, Auy. 18. 
Fnrrum Diol.VHatuiu. (Yundcll, Jr.) Louis- 
ville Med. Sews,AuiJ. A. 
Claliciuu OzohLerlt. (Grabowski.) Am. Jour. 

I'liur., Feb. 
Gall Stones. Impactiun of and Obstructtoii 

or tho liowcl. (Uai'cluy.) Canada Lunvel, 

Galvanic Current. Iiuportance of tbo in 

ElcctiiiTliinipuutics. (MiicH.) Cin. Med. 

Hews, March. 
Galvano-Pnucture. Tlio In Ovarian Tuiuors. 

(Doluniatcr.) J\ orlh Am. Jour, lloiiico., Icb. 

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Gnnsrene. Cuso of SpontaueoiiM . (Hard.) 

Chicuyo Med. Jour, and Ex., Dec. 

— Following tUo Kxtcruiil ii80t>f Carbolic Acid. 
<Kellock.) Canada Lancet, March 

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April 7. 

Garden City. More about as n City of 

Uuultli. (Auou.) The Haitilarian, Jttne. 

Garrya Fremouti. (Rosa.) Am. Jour. I'har., 

Gas. Personal Experience of Nitrous Oxide . 

(Uibbuus.) Fucijic Med. and Hur. Jour., 

— BitretlonH of — in tho Breoat, Instead of 
Milk. (iTice.) Am. Observer {11.), Jan. 

Gastritis. Acute . (Uole.) Am. Borneo., 


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Mahnemannian Monthlij, March. 

Gastro-Catarrli. Case of and Endometritis. 

(Uoaiic.) riiy. and PJiur., Aug. 

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. (akeue.) Am. Jour. Obi., Oct. 

Gastritis. Acute . (Wiiitu.) Phila. Med. 

and Hur. lUp., March il. 
Gastrotomy. Two Unsuccessful Cases of 

fcr tiio HtiUioval oi Aouuiuiiiul Tuuiors. 

(McLe'Ui.) We*Urn Lanccl, Hcpt. 
Geisnnia. PliysloloKlcal Action of and 

l^fUomiuio Acid. (UlL) FhUa. Med. Times, 

March 31. 

— Fivim ration and Toxlo Eflfwts of . 

(Worujiey.) Am. Jour, i'/iar., April. 

Gclscmlam. (Adolt jius.) Southern Med. Jiec., 

— Ti\ictuit> . (Fentress.) Med. Brief, Sept. 

— (CiUtfS.) Southern Med. 1,'cc., j\ oc. 

— As n liciuvUy lor Uutui'liuiciit ct: the Kctlna. 
(Nortou.) Ohio. Med. uiul M<r. and licp. (11.), 

— tfemperrlreuB. Yellow Gels. (Uoss.) South- 
erii ^cd. lice, Mai/. 

— Aoilnu of tii'Uipcrvirens. tOtt.) Am. 

I'racl., Aj)rit and May. 

Oentiana Quinquefloro. Five flowered Gen- 
tian. (Uoi!>.) Med. hricf, Aug. 

Acnu-Pectorul X'osition. Tho in Shoulder 

I'lvscuiatious. (Liuion.) Am. Trad., (>cl. 

— Tao iu Biiouldur Fi'eseututiuu. (Purvin.) 

Am. I'ract., Jan. 

Genus Kpldeuiiciis. Th»i . (Woodward.) 

I'. S. Med. lnvts.4jalor ill.), Sor. 1,">. 
German Literature. Kotiospect ol' — . (DcccUc.) 

Am. Jour. liuMiiiij, Ol/. 
Gestation, l^iloufciil to Four lluudivd and 

hull} two i)u>s. (iiryan.) SI. Lotus Mid. 

anti Sur. .lour..Ju!>i. 

— Case of Pi'otractcd . (Moore.) Phila. Mtd. 

and Sur. liep., Feb. 3. 

Gilleoia Stipulaeeu. liesults of Analysis of 

the lioot of . (Wotherell.) Phila. Med. 

Times, April 14. 
Glanders. In tho Human Subject. (Joue.) Pa- 

eijic Med. and Sur. Jour., June. 
Glass Graduates. Inaccuracy of . (Hoi 

guio.) jV. y. Med. liec., Jan. V!0. 
Giusswai-e. Colored . (Wilder.) Am. Jour. 

I'hur., March. 

— Nou-Actinio . (Wilder.) Am. Jour. Phar 


Giaucomu. (Thomas.) llahnemannian Month 

Ig, March. 
Glauconia Simplex. (Lyons.) Am. Prael. 

Gleet. Is Communicable f (Bowling.) The 

Clinic, March 'i. 

GIif>-S:ircoma. Double . (Zlnke.) The Clinic, 

Jan. 21. 

Glycerin. The Use of in Fluid Extracts 

(Leuiuan.) Am. „ mir. Phar., July, 

Glyrerite of Keplialine. (Ashmcad.) Detroit 
Ltd. Jour., Oct. 

— On tliO Articles of Dr. C. O. Polk, upon . 

(Percy.) Phi a. Med. Times, A'ov. 10. 

— AbIi mead's Aitiole on . (Percy.) Detroit 

Med. Jour., Dec. 

— (Polk.) Southern Med. liec., June. 

— (Wiley.) Louisville Med. A'ews, June 3. 

Goa Powder. (Baker.) Ta, Med. Monthly, 

— And Cbrysophanio Acid. (Bullock.) Am.Jow. 
Phar., Nov. 

Gonalgia, or Hysterical Arthralgia. (Clebornc.) 
A, 1. Med. Bee., Aug. 25. 

Gonorrhoea. Latent . (Cross.) Si. Louis 

Clin, liec., Nov. 

— fuse of Complicated with EpididymittH. 

or Swelled TesUcle. (Doauo.) Med. hriej, 

Gonorrhosal Fpididymitis. Case in which 

I'i'crt'dcii the Disciiai'ge from tho Urethra. 
(StauBbuiy.) Arch. Dermatol., April. 

Granulated Uds. On . (Jackson.) V. S. 

Mtd. Investigator (11.), Aug, 1. 
Graves Disease. (Pepper.) X. T. Med. Bee., 

Stilt. 1. 
Grindciia-Robnsta. And Yerba-Santa in Asthma 

and liruuciual iriitutiuu. (Griltiu.) Med. Briej, 


— (Guernsey.) JTomeo Times, Jan. 

— in Asthma aud W hoopiug-Cough. (Patecj 
Med. lirief, Nor. 

— Squarrona. (Munk.) Am. Med. Jour. {E.), 

Guraua Paulliuia. (Goss.) Eclectic Med. and 

Sur. Jour., Aug. 

Guide-Uoard tu Prescribing. (Ockford.) tin. 
Med. Advance, July. 

Gutta Percha Tissue. (Chamberlain.) .V. V. 
Jilt/, liet:, i)ept. '13. 

Guttata Prosiasis. (Bulkley.) Arch. Derma- 
tut., Oct. 

Gyiueculsgy. Contribution tu tho Statistics 

of . Ularduu.) lioston Med. and Sur. 

Jour.. May 10. 

— iu Jiipuu. iWcruich.) Chicago Med. Jour, 
and L.i.,Ma>/. 

Hiemarumoscope. Tho . (White.) Am. 

J.jur. Mid., Aaences. July. 

Usemutliurax. (Easley.) Va. Med. Monthly, 


IIirmHtuma. Of the Anterior Wall of the Vagina, 
(.tlui'iii^ .) Phila. Med. 'liiiws, Aug. 18. 

liieuiuptysis. (Ckvtland.) The Clinic, Sept. 1. 

Ilivmurrliuids. Treatmcut of Iiijections of 



Carbolic Acid Oil. 
Hur. Jour., June. 

(Wood.) Canada Med. and 

V. S. 

Hahnemann. On Aconite. (Hughes.) 
iJed. luvesUgalor {U.), Sept. 1. 

— Aud Uumeopatby. (Potors.) Phy. and Phar., 
Feb., May, and Aug. 

Hair. Doea the Human Ever turn Gray in 

a Hlnglti HitOxt t (Bai-uea.) Cin. Med. Advance 
(U.), March. 

— Does the Grow after Doath ! (Lowther.) 

Louisville Med. News, Oct. 2U. 

— Facts About . (Morrow.) Gin. Med. Ad- 
vance (H.) April. 

— Pin. And CalouluB in Bladder. (McCauley.) 
Ohio Med. Bee., Aug. 

— CaM8. ▲ Coupleof . (Buell.) Ohio Med. 

and Sur. Rep. (H.),Jan. 

— And Calculus. In Bladder. (McCauley.) 
Ohio Med. Sec., Aug. 

Bare Up. Cases of and Cleft Palate in Sy- 

pbilitio Children. (Brown.) Arch. Dermatol., 

— And Cleft Palate, \rith Operation for Hare- 
Lip. (Gunn.) Ohieago Med. Jour, and Ex., 

Baarvatd School of Medicine. (Osier.) Cana- 
dian Jour. Med. Science, Aug. 

Hoad Rest. Elastic Spring . (Wood.) N. T. 

Med. Bee., Nov. 10. 

Headache. Remedy for tbe . (Lookrldge.) 

Am. PraeU, March. 

— The Therapeutics of — . (Smith.) Southern 
Med. Bee., Feb. 

— On the Diagnosis and Xireatment of . 

(Thomson.) N. T. Med. Bee., Nov. 17. 

— An Uususpected Cause of . (Washington.) 

St. Louia Eclectic Med. Jour., Nov. 

Healing Art. The . (Llppe.) Bahneman- 

nian Monthly, Nov. 
Health Helper. (King.) Eeleetie Med. and Sur. 

Jour., Aug. 

Heart. Lectures on Disease of the . (Flint. ) 

N. r. Med. Bee., Sept. 8. 

— Lecture on the . (Flint.) N. J. Med. Bee., 

Sept. 16. 

— Two Cases of Anomalous. (Halderman.) Ohio 
Med. Becorder, July. 

— Diseases of tbe . (James.) Hahnemannian 

Monthly, June and Sept. 

— Eleotrfcal Phenomeua Occurring in tbe . 

(Lautenbacli.) Phila.Med. Times, March 31. 

— Case of Valvular Diseaeeof tbe . (Reddy.) 

Canada Med. and Sur. Jour., Aug. 

— Valvular Disease. (Smith.) Cin. Lancet 

and Obs., Aug. 

— Showing Anomalous Arrangement of the Leaf- 
lets of tbe Pulmonary Valve. (Wilson.) Phila. 
Med. Times, July 7. 

— And Kidney Disease, Combined. (Starr.) 
I'hila. Med. Times, leb. 17. 

— Soundo. Tlie Relation of Certain Abnormal 
— to Uraemia and Brigbt's Disease. (I-yncb.) 
Md. Med. Jour., July. 

Hellebore. (Gatchcll.) Northwestern Aiinalisl, 

Uematocle. Perl-Uterine. (Baker.) No/^th- 

tteslern Annalist, (H.), July. 
Hemiplegia. Case of Hysterical , with Nou- 

viilKia of the Ti'igfmiuuB and Amblyopia. 

(Bull.) N. Y. Med. Bee, Feb.. 17. 

— Case of Right and Apbusia, with Mitral 

Disease of tuo Heart. (Comegys.) Cin. Lan- 
cet and Obs., Jan. 

— Caeoof Spinal . (Janes.) Am. Jour., Med. 

Sciences, Oct. 

~ Interuiittont . (Rockwell.) N. T. Med. 

Jour., Aug. 
Hemiopia. (Dickinson.) Chicago Med. Jour. 

and Ex., Oct., and St. Louit Med. and Sur. 

Jour., Aug. 

UcmoiTluHfe. Cai»o of from the M cous 

Membrane of tbe Larynx. (Coomes.) Louia- 
viUe Med. Newt, July 38. 

I — Death from Concealed in tbe Femoral 

I Arteiy. (Cotton.) Phila. Med. Times, Jan. 6. 

— Case of (Cresey.) Toledo Med. and Sur 

! Jour., Aug. 

— Poot-Partum. (Fortner.) Ta. Med. Monthly, 

— Ante-Partura , Controlled by Pressure on 

tlieFujtuH. (Foster.) Am. Uomeo.,July. 

— Hidden . (Freeman.) Phila. Med. and 

Sur. Rep., Aug. 11. 

— Sablna . (Gibson.) U. S. Med. Investigator 

{«.), Feb. 1. 

— Post-Partum . (Morrison.) N. T. Med. 

Eclectic, May and July, and Southern Med. liee., 

— Case of Uterine , Illustrating tbe Use of 

Curette. (Morton.) Louisville Med. Newt, 
Oct. 6. 

— Case of Intestinal iu a Child One Day Old. 

(Taylor.) Va. Med. Monthly, Dec. 

— Case of Accidental CDUcealed , followed by 

Quick and PainleHs Labor. (Wbeatou.) Ohio 
Med and Sur. Jour., Oct. 

Hemorrhoids. Are Salutary) (Boden- 

faamcr.) N. T. Med. Bee., Sept. «. 

— Surgical Treatment of . (Fiske.) Borneo. 

Times, April. 

— Internal . (Owen.) Chicago Med. Jour. 

a}id Ex., June. 

— On tho Surgical Treatment of Uterine. (Sut- 
ton.) Chicago Med. Jour, and Ex., Sept. 

— (Vance.) Cm. Lancet and Obs., Kov. 

— (Washington.) Eeleetie Med. and Sur. Jour., 

Hepar Salphor. CorapariHon of and 8111- 

cia. (Miller.) Bahtiemannian Monthly, F^ 

Hepatic Affection. On an Obscure . (Elder.) 

Phila. Med. and Sur. Bep., Feb. 3. 
Hermaphrodite. An . (Seip.) Bahno- 

mannian Monthly, Dee. 

Hermaphroditism. Cose of Spurious .(Betts.) 

Hahnemannian Monthly, May. 

Hernia. The Authors who wrote on it, and its 

Trt'iitmeut Prior to the lltb Centm-y. (Alex- 
andria.) Canada Lnti ret, Oct. 

— A New Truss for Forward . (De Oarmo.) 

N. Y. Med Bee. Aug. 

— Tbe Value of Sneezing in tbe Reduction of 

. (Deniflon.) Southern Med. Bee., April, 

and Ta. Med. Monthly, Jan. 

— (Mudd.) St. Louis Med. and Sur. Jour., Dee. 

— Femoral . (Perrigo.) Canada Med. Bee., 


— Peiltoneal of tbe Linea Alba. (Toland.) 

Western Lancet, May. 

— Caseof Stniujnilfitert Inccninnl of 4 Days 

and 18 Hours' Standiug ; Operation ; Recovery, 
(Miller.) Western Lancet, June. 

— Radical Cure of Strangulated Inguinal . 

(Smith.) Arch. Clin. Sur., Feb. 

— Case of Strangulated Irrodiiciblo, Direct In- 
guinal. (Todd.7 Phila. Med. and Sur. B^, 
April li. 

— Strangulated . (Allis.) Phila. Med. Timet, 

July 7. 

— The Early Operation for Strancrulated . 

(AUls.) Phila. Med. Times, Juh/ 21. 

— Wben to Operate lor btraugulatcd . (Byrd.) 

B. and L. Med. Jour.. Jan. 

— Reduction of Strangulated . (Dugos.) N. 

O. Med. and Sur. Jour., March. 

— Operation for Strangulated . (Fttoh.) 

Am. Pract., March. 

-Case of Concealed Strangulated , (GQ- 

liam.) Ohio Med. Becorder, May. 

— Stiaugulntcd . (Guernsey.) Bahneman- 

nian Monthly, May. 

— Case of Stvanguiated of Right Side. 

(Knott.) LouisoUlc Med. Neirs, JulyT. 

— Reportof aCasoof Sponlanoous Closure of a 
Gaiigrenons Solution of Continuity in the 

latest ne Keaultiug from Strangulated . 

(Lausiiifih.) Am. Jour. Med. Sciences, Oct. 

— Singular Cac o of Str.inguiated . (Sterling.) 

Cin. Med. Advance {B.), May. 

' ''■'hj - 



Herniotomy. SuccoAnfnl Cane of . (Jerue- 

gau.) iV. /<;. Mitl. Uuille (W.), Feh. 

— An InteruatiiiK Cutio uf BUMUgulnted Bnbnnu- 
cvlo . (Llttlo.) N. Y. Meif. Etc., ilarcha. 

Herpes Zoater. The Fatbolugy of Cliiiically 

Cuuaidorcd. (RoUo.) Arch. Dermatol., July. 
Hey'a Operation. (Church.) Cln. Lancet and 

Hlcooagh. Cufle of Chronio . (Shrlver.) Oin. 

Luiicttund Obs., March. 
Hip DUease. Two Cases of Supposed . 

(Lcouurd.) Detroit Meil. Jour., Nov. 
BUppomane Manrlneila. Notes on the EfTeots 

of the Sap or Julio of tho . (Howard.) 

UahnemannUin Monthly, Feb. 
Holden's Resonator. Dr. . (Holdeii.) N. 

Y. Med. Itec. Feb. 3. 
Homeopathy. Tu Northern Ohio. (Bookwith,) 

Ohio Med. and Sitr. licp. {11.), Jan. 

— Pioneers of in Northei n OhI o. (Beckwith. ) 

Phy. and Phar., Jan. 

— Vs. the Physiological School. (Borridge). 
r. S. Med. lnve»tigalor (.11.), Feb. \. 

— As a Science. (Farriugton.) Uahnemannian 
Monthly, May. 

— A i.^ayrnan's Experience of . (Furness.) 

NwlhAm. Jour. Homeo., Nov. 

— Capitulation of . (Lippe.) Cin, Med. Ad- 

rauce (11.). Sept. 

— In Surgery. (Parsons.) Cin, Med. Advance 
(//.), May. 

— On the Cause of Professional Opposition to 

. (Pope.) Hahnemannian Monthly, Oct., 

and Ohio Med. and Sur. Hep, (JJ.), Nov. 

Homeopathic Question. Tho . (Bumstead.) 

N. Y. Med. Pec., Sept. 1. 

— Hospital. Tho Ward's Island, New York. 

(Corson.) Uahnemannian Monthly, Dec. 

— Colleges. Tho Iiiiportiinco of Departments of 

Phanuacology niul ProvinKS in the . 

(Hale.) 17. S. Med. Inrcsligator (U.), July 1. 

— Cure. On tho RationaJo of (Uughes.) A^. 

E. Med. Gazette (II.), May. 

— Lilu Insurauco Cuuipuuies. (Lippe.) Cin. Med. 
Arirance (U.), May. 

— Tinctures. On tho Strength of . (Sher- 

niuu.) Am. Homeo., Nov. 

Hop Culture. In New York. (Blssell.) Am. 

Jour. Phar., Nov. 
Hops. On Some Constituents of . (Blssell.) 

Am. Jour. Phar., Dee. 
Hospital and Private Practice. (Hamilton.) 

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Dec. 20. 

— (Bradford.) Boston Med. and Sur. Jour., Dec. 

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23, atid May 10. 

— (Cheercr.) Bostoti Med. and Sur. Jour., March 
1, April 26, and May 3. 

— (Doe.) Boston Mm. and Sur. Jour., Oct. 18. 

— (Fifleld.) Boston Med. and Sur. Jov,r., Nov. 

— (Gay.) Boston Med, and Sur. Jour., Sept. 6, 
Oct, 4, and Nov, 2X 

— (Homans.) Boston Mod. and Sur. Jour., Aug. 

Boston Med, and Sur. Jour., April 

Boston Med. and Sur. Jour., Oct. 11. 
Boston Med, and Sur, Jour., Jan. 


— (Lymaa.) 
6 atid 19. 

— (Mlnot.) 

— (Porter.) 

— Boston Lying-in . (Richardson.) 

Med. and Bur. Jour., July 13. 

— tRichardson.) Boston Med. and Sur. Jour., 
Aug. 9. 

— (Tuomdykfl.) Boston Med. and Sur. Jour., 
June 28 and July 19. 

— (Vanderbeok.) Phila. Med. Times, March 3. 

— (Warren.) Boston Med, and Sur, Jour., March 
15 and Sept. 27. 

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— Beport. (Porter.) Phila. Med, Times, June 
and S'pt- !• 

— (Wharton.) Phtla. Med. Times, June 23. 

— t'linio of Dr. J. M. Da C.sta. (Woodbury.) 
Phila. Med. and Sur. iivp., Jan. 6. 

— Reports. (Feiiwick.) Canada Med. and Sur. 
Jour., Sept. 

— (JohiiNou.) Phila. Med. Times, Sept. 15. 
(Morgan.) Phila. Med. Times, Jan. 20. 

Phila. Med. Times, Aug. i. 
hila. Med. Times, May 20 and Dee. 

la. Med. Times, Feb. 3. 
Southern Med. lice., Jan. 
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— (Poitcr.i 

— (Robert 

— (Rolan< 

— (Vaniiorij, 

— (Wharton.) 
Nov. 10. 

Hospitals. ThoLoiMloii . (Alton.) 

Lancet, .Tan. 
Hot Springs. Of Arkaiiso^. (Morse.) Hahne- 

maiiniiin Monthly, Aug. 

— Case Cunul a r. tho of Arkansas. (Ordway .) 

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How to Temper thi« Tomprramout Diuleti- 

cally. (Ktdtleld.) Homeo. Times, Feb. 
Human Actions. The Scieni itiu BoHis of . 

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Humerus. Spontaneous Reduction of a DImIo- 

nuvd . (Davenport.) Phila. Med. and 

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Hydatids. Complicating l^eraaturc Delivery. 

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Uweaof . (Bleach.) Ohio Mea. Recorder, 


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alao In Dysmeuiirrhoea. (Gordon.) Chicago 
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Farts CoueernliiK tho Water Supply of Living 

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ami Medically Considered. (Haldemauu.) Cin. 

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viun Monthly, Aug. 

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-Case of . (Edwards.) Boston Med. and 

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-(King.) St. Louis Med. and Sur. Jour., Aug. 

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DIagnoHis. (Stoi rs.) N. Y. Meil. Rec., July 7. 

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Hydrotherapentics. (lUoway.) Oin. Lancetand 

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Hyctene. Marino on Board Passenger Vefr 

sels. (Bell.) The Sanitarian, April. 



— Rei>ort on . (Caboll.) Va. Med. Monthly, 


— During the Pnrtiirlpnt Porlml. (Cuuiiiilngs.) 
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— Rocont Frogi'osa In Public . (Driipor.) 

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— At A.inliorHt CoIIoko. (Ilitolicock.) The Sani- 
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Hyuscyamine. In the Treatniont of Inminlty. 

(Do Witt.) Oin. Lancet and Ubs., Aug. 

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Byperiemla. Cerebral . (Teed.) Chicago 

Jow. Nerv. and Ment. Dis., April. 
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Uyperldrosis. CaBo of Malarial Unilateral . 

(Uuai'dur.) St. Louis Clin, lice., Dec. 
Hypenultropia. Cuntrllmtiun to t-ke History 

of . (Ely.) N. y. Med. Jtec., March 10. 

H7P«rpl»8la. Case of Areolar . (Yoinans.) 

llomeo. Times, Jan. 
Hypertrophy. Remarks on of Turbinated 

Corpora Cavernosa. (Roliiiiaou.) Avi. Jour. 

Med. Sciences, April. 

HrpoBpadlas. Cases of . (Bailey.) N. T. 

^Med. Jour., April. 

— FelKuiug Hcriuaplirodltlsm. (Latliroi>.) Bos- 
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Va. Med. Monthly, Feb. 

HyHteria. {Peters.) Ya. Med. Monthly, Dee. 

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Hysterio-Epllepsy. Two Cases of . (Ham- 
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Hysterutouiy. (Claik.) Canada Lancet, Oct. 
Xboris Amara. Some Experiments on tho Frog 

with . (Gatotiell.) I'lorlh Am. Jour. Uomeo., 

Idiosyncrasy. (Burrows.) Ecleellr. Med. and 

Siir. Jour., Feb. 

— Report of a Caso of in Regard to the 

Ctfects of Ouiuiue. (Denig.) Ohio Med- lie- 
corUcr, Marcn. 

lohthyosis. (Bulkley.) Arch. Dermatol., Jan. 
Icterus Neonatorum. Cases of , (Marble.) 

BonUmMed. and Sur. Jour., Feb. 15. 
Ileum. Separation of tlio . and Spontaneous 

Occlusion of tuo Divided Extremities. (Uoclie.v 

ter.) Buffalo Med. atui Sur. Jour.,*Oct. 
Ileo Colitis. (Polk.) Am. Med. Bi-Weekly, 

Nov. 10. 
Imagination. Case Illustrating the Influence 

of tuo upon tbo Vuluutary Muscles. (De 

Witt.) Cin. Lancet and Obs., March. 
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Impetigo Contagiosa. (Van Harliiigen. Phila. 

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Inaugural Remarks. As President of tlie 

Huunemanu Academy of Mediiino of New 

York. (Uilis.) V. 8. Med. Investigator (II.), 

Jan. I. 
laclslon. Case of of tlie Cervix, witli Death 

on tue Ftfteentli Day. (Nicoll.) Am. Jour. 

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— And Division. Renum6 on of tUe Corvlx 

Uteri for DyamenorrUoia and Sterility. (Pal- 
len.) Am. Jour. Obs., July. 

Incompatible. (Bayre.) Phila. Med. and Sur. 

Jiep., Sept. 20. 
ladflxlng of Periodicals. (Clebome.) Am, 

Jour, thar., June. 

— (Wilder.) Am. Jour. Phar., May. 

Some of the DIagnostIo Rel». 
— . (Hudson.) Phy. and Pluw., 



tious of tUo 
Indlvlduallsation. Vs. Oeneralizatiou. 
o> .) Am. Uomeo., July. 

Inebriate Asylums. And their Management. 
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Inebriety. Clinical Studies of . (Crotliors.) 

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— Duration, Mortality and Prognosis of . 

(Crotbers.) Quar. .four. Inebriety, March. 

— Atmospboric Influences Controlling . 

(Crotbers.) Quar.Jotir. Inebriety, Sept. 

— Tbo Relation and Hereditary "tendieucy be- 

twoen and Epilepsy. (Mann.) Quar. Jour, 

Inebriety, March. 

— An Extraordiuary Case of Opium . (Mat- 

tUon.) N. Y. Med. liec., Aj/ril 14. 

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— (Washington.) Eclectic Med. and Sur. Jmtr., 

— Cause, Effect and Cure of . (Wilklns.) 

Quar. Jonr. Inebriety, June. 

— Tho Dogma of Human Responsibility, more 

Especially as it Relates to . (Wlllett.^ 

Quar. Jour. Inebriety, Sept. 

Infants' Food. Viewed Chemically. (Wlllianis.) 
U. S. Med. Investigator {11.), Sept. 15. 

Infect'ous Diseases. Plain Directions for Pre- 
venting tho Spread of . (Madagau.) TJie 

Sanitarian, Jan. 

Inflammation. Of tho Lachrymal Sac. (Amick.) 
Cin. Med. News, March. 

— Acute of tho Middle Ear. (Cheatham.) 

Am. I'raet., Aug. 

— Of tho MaM«^oid Cells. (Harwood.) Va. Med. 
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— Two Cases of Catarrhal of tiie Bladder, 

etc. (Lougstroth.) Am. Jour. Med. Sciences, 

— Chronic of Wrist and Knee Joint. (Sayi'e.) 

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— Tiio Treatment of tho Aiute of tho Middle 

Ear. (WelHjr-Liei.) Chicago Med. Jour, and 
Ex., Nov. 

Influence of Civilization. On the Duration of 
Lite. (Levis.) The Sanitarian, May. 

Influenta. Tho Sequelto in . (Joues.) Phila. 

Med. o:,d Sur. liep., Feb. 17. 

liifusoria. (Noyos.) Detroit Med. Jour., Jan. 

Ingrowing Nails. (Talbot.) N. E. Med. Gazette 
{It.), Jan. 

— Toe Nail. (Hamilton.) Phila. Med. and Sur. 
Rep., Sept. 22. 

— ( I iignls.) Chieapo Med, Jour, atul Ex., Dee. 

— (Jones.) Ohio Med. llccordcr, Sept. 

— (MoCluer.) Phila. Med, and Sur. liep., Nov. 

— (Noet.) N. Y. Med. Pec, Sept. 1. 
Inhalation. Of Iodine in Asthma. (Westmore- 
land.) Atlanta Med. and Sur. Jour., Oct. 

lulialer. Description of a New for Chloride 

of Ammonium. (Felton.) N. Y. Med. Ree., 
Dec. 15. 

Ii^ection. Sub-Cutaneous of Irritant Sub- 
stances. (Luton.) Ohio Med. Recorder, Jan. 

IivJeotions. Carbolic Acid in Hemorrlioida. 

(Carter.) Tlie Clinic, June 16. 

— On the Means of Rendering Vaginal Safe 

and EtHoieut. (Foster.) Arch. Clin. Sur., Oct. 

— Danger from Hypodermic . (Ingals.) CM- 

caijoMed. Jour, and Ex., Aug, 

— Dangers of Vaginal . (BeaoU.) Med. Brief, 


— Dangei-s of Vaginal . (Jolinson.) Md. 

Med. Jour., Sept. 

— Of Carboiate of Ammonia for Snake Bite. 
(Knott. ) Phila. Med. and Sur. Hep., July W. 

— Water in Utei-ine Displacements. (Morr 

gnu.) Hahnemannian MontMy, JuttjS. 


—Extra Uterine In Post-Pnrtum Fleiuorrbago. 

(Torroy.) Boston Med. and Siw. Jour., July 26. 
Jniniy. Sovoro and Pocullur . (Brugb.) 

Phila. Med. and liiir. Jlep., tSe/U. IS. 
~ Sovero to tbo Face. (Cruuston.) Canada 

Lancet, A ug. 

— Four fuses of Cercbrul . (Dulles.) I'hilu. 

Med. Times, ScjjI. 2'J. 

— Ciise of Ouuabot of the Briiiu ; Recovery. 

(File.) Canada Lancet, April. 

— Casoaof of the Bi'aln Involving 8i)et)cb. 

(H07.) Chicayo Jour. \crv. and Mcnt. t>is., 

— KesiiltliiK from Electrical Treatiueut. (Lin- 
coln.) Boston Med. and Hiir. Jour., Oct. 25. 

— Case of Sovero of tbo Face. (Noet.) Jf. 

Y. Med. lice., Oct. 27. 

— Of Midillo Finger TearluK away the Extensor 
Toudou from its Origin in tho Extensor Com- 
munis Digltontni. (SawtitUo.) Jioslon Med. 
and Sur. Jour., Nov. 8. 

Ii^arles. Surgical of the IIea*l. (Jowett.) 

Jioston Med. and Sur. Jour., Any. 0. 

— or the Ilouil. (Logan.) N. E. Med. and Sur. 
Jour., Oct. 

— Tbo Treatment of Certain of tho Heart, 

Acenmpuuiud by Ivcsloun of tho Bruin and its 
Mcuibruucs. (Rodman.) Am. Jour. Med. 
Sciences, Jan. 

— Of tbo Arm and Fore-Arm. (Wight.) Areh. 
Clin. Sur., Dec. 1. 

Insane. Mechanical Protection for tho Violent 
. (Grissum.) Am. Jour. Insanity, July. 

— AsyluiuB. la Ohio. (Bovkwltb.) Ohio Med. 
a}ul Sur. Rep. (U.), Nov. 

Insanity. Affective . (Bauduy.) St. Louis 

Clin. Jiec., Jan. 

— Medico- Legal Relations of . (Beckwitb.) 

Cin. ilrd. Advance (//.), Oct. 

— The Plea of . (Ciuroll.) The Sanitarian, 


— Keflex. (Cross.) St, Louis Clin. Rec., July. 

— Tlio Curability of . (Eaile.) Am. Jour. 

Insanity, April. 

— And tho Revival. (Fisber.) Boston Med, and 
Sur. Jour., July l'.\ 

— Tho Juiispnidenco of in New York. (Fol- 

som.) Boston Med. and Sur. Jour., March in. 

— The Treatment «>r — . (Folsom.) Boston Med. 
and Sur. Jour., Dec. 20. 

— How to Diagnose Certain Forms of . 

(Howard.) Canada Med. and Sur. Jour., 

— Lecture on . (Kitchen.) Ohio Med. and 

Sur. Jour., April, June and Oct. 

— Tho Pathology and Morbid Histology of 

Chronlo . (Maim.) Chicago Jour. Iferv. 

and Menl. Dis., AprU. 

— Moral . (Meudell.) North Am. Jour. 

Uomeo., May. 

— Marginal Notes on Homeopathie Treatment 
of . (Stilus.) llnnico. 'Jiiius, April. 

— Pnerpcral . (Taliaferro.) AUanla Med. 

and Sur. Jour., Sept. 

— And its PreveuUon. (Williams.) N. T. Med. 
l^ctcclic, Scjjt, 

Insanities. Some Suggestions with Regard to 

tho of I'ciualcs. (Fallen.) Am. Jour. Obs., 


Insomnia. (Knox.) Chicayo Med. Jour, and 
Ex., Jan. 

Instinctive Operations. Of tho Htinian Sys- 
ti'ui, and how tuty may be UtlLznl in tlio 
Munatrcmeut of CiTtiiiu DisPawes, and more 
l)articularly ii' F.iucUnual liiti-,sliu:il Cousti- 
paliou. (Ulbburd.) Cin. Luuvvl and Obn.. 

lustrnment. A New forthe Artuilnistration 

of tiio Air Honciio to tho Middle Ear. (Sox- 
ton.) If. Y. Ueil. lice., Aug. 'ITu 

Instruments. Of Glass, for Washing Out the 
Piicn)eriil Uterus. (Cuamberlam.) S. Y. Med. 
lice., March 17. 

— Suries of Three Glass . (Chamberlain.) 

Am. Jour. Obs., Oct. 

— Two New for Secondary Cataract Opera- 
tion. (Strawbridgo.) Am.Jour.Med.8eiene$a, 

Insulation of Snnstroke. (Hatch.) Faei/te 
Meit. and Sur. Jour., July. 

Internal Obstrnotlon. Tho Vital Necessity of 
a Cautious and Conservative Treatment. 
(Montgomery.) St. Louia Med. and Sur. Jour., 

Intestinal Obstruction. Removed after Forty- 
onu Hours. (Medbory.) I'hila. Med. and 8w. 
lifp.,Jan. 0. 

Intestine. Invaginated . (Beebe.) Detroit 

Meil. Jour., Nov. 

Introductory. To the Course of Bpoclal Path- 
ology and Diagnosis. (Goueb.) Am. Homto., 

— Lectur*. (Cole.) U. S. Med. Investigator (H.), 
Nov. 15. 

— Oct. ist, 1877, Medical Faculty, McOlU Unt- 
vcrsity. (Osier.) Canada Med. and Sur. 
Jour., Nov. 

— To tlio Conrse 0/ 1877-8, in Atlanta Medical 
College. (Westmoreland.) AUanta Med. and 
Sur. Jour., Oct. 

Intussusception. Case of . (Brown.) Can- 
ada La-ncel, July. 

— Case of . (Gerry.) Boston Med. and Sur. 


— Case of in a Child Nino Months Old. (Gil- 
lette.) Am. Jour. Obs., Jan. 

— Intestinal with Vurions Inftammatory 

Complications. (Jones.) Phila. Med. and Sur. 
Sep., Maul'i. 

— On tho Treatment of by Abdominal Sec- 
tion. (Sands.) N T. Med. Jour., June. 

— With Remarks. (Smith.) Am. Sup. Obs. Jour. 
Great Britain and Ireland, April. 

— With PerforaUon. (West.) I'hila. Med. and 
Sur. Rtp., Jutie 16. 

— Of tho Ileum. (Willougbby.) Canada Lancet, 

— Dr. Rickey's Case of . (Lippe.) Cin. Mtd. 

Adeauce (11.), Dee. 

— Dr. Gerry's Case of . (Martin.) Boston 

Med. and Sur. Jour., Jan. 26. 

— or tbo Bowels. (Buoll.) Ohio Med. and Sur. 
Ren. (H.),Nov. 

— or the BoweL (Chandler.) JMuiaville Med. 
News, Nov. 10. 

— Case of of the Bowels. (Rickey.) Gin. 

Med. AflraneelH.), March. 

— Of Rowels. (Uogers.) Detroit Med. Jour., 

Invalid Chair. A New Resting and - 
Chicago Med. Jour, and Ex., Sept. 

Inversion. On Extra Abdominal ■ 
gir.) Am. Jour. Obs.,Atjril. 

— Acnto of the Uiertis Caused by Myofl- 

brouift (Dow.) Am. Med. Bi W'eckli/, OH. 18. 

— Of t he Uterus. (Ellis.) V. S. Med. Investigator 
''I.), Sept. 15. 

— C so of Uterine . (Ilawes.) Va. Med. 

Mi.iihli/, April. 

— Of I lie Uterus. (Spaulding.) A^. E. Med. 
Guictie fU.), July. 

Involution. Uterine and its Relations to 

Clirouio Uterine Disease. (Waddei ) Toledo 
Med. and Sur. Jour., Oct. 

lodiform. In Rodent Ulcers. (Ansell.) Am. 
Med. lii-Wecldji, June 9. 

— In Dysmunorrhcea. (Hale.) N. E. Med. Ou- 
selle (11.), Mail. 

— In Bowel Complaints. A Case Rcportotl. 
(Kcator.) Med. Brief, Dec. 

Iodine. An Accidental Proving of . (Qay- 

lorU.) Ohio Med. and Sur. Rep. (U.), March. 

Iodized Chloral Phenol. As an Esobarotic. 
(Thomas.) Am. tract., May. 

Ipecacuanha. Review of Woodhnll'sNon-Emetie 

Use or . (MoClellan.) AUanla Med. and 

Sur. Jour., Jan. 

-. (EUln- 


Irltla. Caae of . (Amlck.) Toledo Med. and 

tlur. Jour,, Ocl. 

— IdlopuMilo . (Lyonfl.) Am. Pract., Dee, 

— Hyplillitlo . (Nuwton.) EcUetic Med. and 

8ur. Jour., Dec. • 

— (Spuuldlug.) Botton Med. and Sur. Jour., 
Aug. 10. 

Iron. And its Constituents tn ReRard to Phar- 
inacoutlo Preparatious. (Debruuner.) Am. 
Jour. I'har., A'oc. 

— On tlio Synip of Iodide of . (Heynolds.) 

Am. Jour. I'har., Feb. 

— An Alum Mass. (White.) Jt. and L. Med. 
.loitr., March. 

— Murialod Tincture of as an Antiseptic in 

EiyNipdus. (Alexander.) Louisville Med. 
Ketns, Mny 8. 

— The Muriated Tincture of a Spoclflc for 

Erysipelas. (Hargls.) Am. Med. lii^^Yeckly, 
March 31. 

— The Muriated Tincture of a 8t>ociflo for 

Erysipelas. (Mattbews.) Phila. Med. and Sur. 
Rep., Feb. U. 

Irrigation. Of ttie Large Intestine. (Dulles.) 

J'hila. Med. Times, Dec. 22. 
Irritation. Genital as a Cause of Nervous 

Uiseiise. (Ayloswortli.) Canada Lancet, Dec. 

— Peculiar Case of of the Nervous System 

in a Cliild whilst Teething. (Blumberg.) Fhila. 
Med. and Sur. Hep., Nov. 24. 

— Constant in Chronic Cystitis. (Ellis.) 

Boston Med, and Sur. Jour., April 6. 

— Upiual . (Dean.) PhUa. Med. and Sur. 

lie/}., April m. 

— Case of Spinal in a Ctiild. (Gibney.) 

Phila. Med. Times, Sept. 1. 

— Case of Sciatica LiunnaRO Spinal . (Peck.) 

U. S. Med. Investigator (H.), Feb. l. 

Irritations. On Reflex Throughout the 

Ooulto-Urinary Tract, ReRultlug from Con- 
tractiou of the UretUrn at or Near the Meatus 
Uriuarius, Congenital or Acquired. (Otis) 
Ohio Med. and Sur. Jour., Feb. 

IvichiBmla. Note on Preliminary . (Nicaiso.) 

Ohio Med. and Sur. Jour., Aug. 

Ischuria Benalis. Case of with Cystitis 

and Unemlc Manifestations; Recovery. (Cal- 
lahan.) Am. Med. Bi-Weckly,Aug.m. 

Is Man a Machine? (Hltol Eclectic 
Ucd. and Sur. Jour., June. 

Isopathy. The Bugbear . (Swan.) Homeo. 

Times, Sept. 

Jaborandl. In Brigbt's Disease. (Bruoh.) Phila. 
Med. Times, April 14. 

— Observations with a View to Determining the 

lutiueuce of on the Elimiuiitlou of Urea 

by the Kidneys. (Brucu.) Am. Jour. Med. 
Sciences, July, 

— (FaiTiugtou.) Am. Uomeo., Oct. 

— Note in KcKard to the Contents of tho Article 

on iu LuuK»:ard's Dicciouario do Mcilichia 

Domestica. (Ureeu.) Phila. Med. Times, Aug. 

— Note on a Piper, Called iu tho Province of 

Kio Jauei'io. (Gubler.) Am. Jour. Pluir., 

— ClJuical Lecture on tlio Therapeutic Uses of 
. (Keating.) Phila. Med. Timeii,June23. 

— In a Casts of Dijvbetcs Mellitus. (Poole.) Va. 
Med. Monthly, JVor. 

— And its Uses. (Tadlocli.) Phila. Med. and 
Hur. Hep.. Mny 19. 

— ObserviiUous with n View to Determining the 

iutlui'iiic of «>ii the Eliminatiou of Urea by 

theKUlneys. (Tyson.) Am. Jour. Med. Scien- 
ces, July. 

Jolins Hopkins Hospital. On tho Plan of the 
- — at Baltimore. (BiUlngs.) N. T. Med. liec., 
March 3. 

Joint. Brief Account of the Mechanism of the 
liip — -, with Diaguostlo Points upon Dislo- 
cation and Fracture of the Neck of the Femur. 
(Alils.) Phila. Med. and Sur, Rep . April!. 

— Hip Disease. (Uiiler.) Nortk Am. Jour. 

Homeo., Nov. 

— Diseases. Dr. Prince on the Constitutional 

Orglu of iu the Record for October, 1877. 

(Bauer.) St. Lo^Us Clin. Uec., Nov. 

Joints. Hysterical , Two Cases. (Dawson.) 

The Clinic, May lU. 

— Inilauiniatury with (Edema. (Doane.) 

Med. Uricf, Feb. 

— Considerations In Relation to Diseases of th« 
. (Prince.) Am. Pract., Feb. 

— Diseases of tlio . (Youuldn.) Am. Med. 

Jour. <E.), Nov. 

Jordan. Death of Dr. Charles A. Memphis, 

Tenn., from the Effects of Chloroform. (Cutler^ 
Cin. Med. News, Aug. 

Joyote of Mexico. Notes on the . (Herrora.) 

Am. Jour. Phar., April. 
Juriibebla. The Aliialoid of theSolanum Panl- 

ciiiurtum. (Green.) Am. Jour. Pluir., Oct. 

Kail Blchromlcum. In Diphtheria. (NlcolL) 

Am. Observer (U.), Nov. 
Katatonia. A Clinical Form of Insanity. (Kler- 

nan.) Am, Jour. Insanity, July. 
Keratitis. (Amick.) Cin. Med. News, Oct. 

— And Iritis. (Ainick.) Cin, Med. News, Nov. 

— Bullosa. On . (Landosburg.) Arch. Opk- 

UmI. and Otol., Vol. VI., page 13S. 

Kerato Conus. Operallonhy Bowman's Method. 

(Bowon.) Boston Med. and Sur. Jour., Feb. 
Keynote Symptom. The Value of a . (Pres 

ton.) Hahnemannian Monthly, Feb. 

Kidneys. Enormous Cystic . (Brintoa.) 

Phila, Med. Times, June V. 

— Large White Accompanying Fbtblslfl. 

(Henry.) Phila. Med. Times, July 21. 

— Cystic Suppurating . (Naucrede.) PhiUs. 

Med. Times, Oct. 13. 

Kindergarten. The . (Gatchcli.) Am. Ob- 
server (II.;, Dec. 

Kino. Tincture of which will not Gelati- 
nize. (Fox.) Am. Jour. Phar., June. 

Knowledge and Charaeter. (Phillips.) Ohio 

Med. and Sur. Rep., (H.), March, 
Kumyss. (Brush.) Phy. and Phar., May, 

— Institution. Cases of Sickness Treated at 

the at Moscow. (Stahlberg.) Phila. Med. 

and Sur. Rep., Aug, 26. 

I<abla. Two Cases of Inflltration of . (Mo- 

Cracken.) Toledo Med, and Sur, Jour,, July. 

Labor. Case of Comple* . (Evers.) 8i. 

Louis Med. and Sur. Jour., Feb. 

— Hints on the Management of . (Ctoelet.) 

Southern Med. lice., Nov. 

— Tho Induction of Premature . (Hoflhiau.) 

Bahnemannia7i Monthly, Jtine. 

— Complicated by an Elongated and Indurated 
Cervix-Uteri. (Cage.) Am. Sup. Obs. Jour. 
Oreat Britain and Ireland, July. 

— Complicated by Locked Twins. Craniotomy - 
Version. (Linn.) Phila. Med. Times, Oct. 27. 

— Report of a Case. (Lyons.) Ohio Med. 

Recorder, Jttly. 

— How to Manage a Case of . (Martin.) 

Southern Med. Rec, April. 

— Complicated Twius; Remarkable Suscep- 
tibility to the Eflfects of Clilorotorin. (Richard- 
son.) N. O. Med. and Siir. Jour., Dec. 

— Case of Tedious Irom Irregular Uterln* 

Contractions. (Shaffer.) Am. Observer, (II.,i 

— On Non-Instrumental Aids to . (Stephen- 
son.) TJie Clinic, Sept. 8. 

— Effect of Prolonged upon the Life of the 

Child. (Tliomas.) Am. Jour. Obs., July. 

— Why Should We Support tho Perineum during 

, at alii (Turufpseed.) R. and L, Med. 

Jour., April. 

Laboratory Motes. (Edison.) Am, Jour Phar,, 

— (Prescott.) Am. Jour. Phar., Oct, 
Laceration. Of tho Vestibule. (Bockwith.) Phil^. 

Med. Times, Oct. OH. 





— Kxtonnlro of tho Cheat WalU. (Sabln.) 

Am, Uomeo., Aug. 

— Of tlio C<>l<»ii from ExcmrIvo DIntenston. 
(Sharp.) Phila. Ued. mid 8ur. Kfp., Vee. l. 

— Ol Diiodeuiiiii. (HtodduiM.) Buffalo ilea, and 
8nr. Jour., July. 

— OntherroiHirTroatmontfor oftlmCorvlx- 

Uteil. (KiHiimt.) Am. l'racl„,lan. 

— or tho CorvlxUleii uud Its Treatmont. 
(Ooodt)ll.) N. Y. Ued. Kec, Oct. 20. 

— Uf tho rorlnniirn from (;hll(li>trth. (Ooo<loll.) 
I'hUit.ited. and Sur. Hep., ilarrti 31. 

— or tho Fomule rorlnouiu. (UuoUuU.) Jtoalon 
Med. and Bur. Jour., Noe. 39. 

— Of ths Foiiiiilo I'urlnouui. (Thomas.) Ilahne- 
munnian ilonlhly, Nov. 

Lao Canlnnm. In Dtphthcrla. (Swan.) Cin. 
itmi. Advaius* (H.), June. 

iMBtaMon, FhnnoiDdnal . (Palmer.) Louii- 

ville Med. New; Heut. 29. 

— AtnMJttousof the Nlpph^andBroAKt Incident to 
Eurly . (Sawyer.) Chicago Med. Jour, and 

— Ciwoof . (Smith.) Am. Sup. Ob$. Jour. 

Oreal liritain and Ireland, AjiriL 

Laparutomx. For Intontinal Obstruction. (Oil- 

11am. The OHniCtMvyii. 
LapU Albns. (Cart vrlgbt.) ynrthxeutem 

AumilitI, July. 
Lainrnxoal Hponx* Holder and Forceps. (Davis.) 

Chicago Med. Jour, and Jix., Jan. 
IjaryntrltU. Croupous and Diphtheritic 

l^ryu({ltU. (Smith.) N. Y. Med. lite., Oct. 13. | 

LarynorMlosy. (Cutter.) Chicago Med. Jour, and 

Kx., Nov. 
LMrynicosoopc. On tho Use of the , etc. 

CrnuMxky.) The Clinic, June 23. 

— Tlio as an A(\]uuctivo in tho Treatment of 

Ttiront Atrinctlons. (Woodbine.) N. Ji. Med. 
OuicUe (11.), March, 

ljurjttgo»tfpy. (Walker.) Ohio Med. and Sur. 

lie IK (U.), March. 
Larjmx. Tho Local Treatment of the . 

(Timber.) Am. Pracl., May. 
Lead. Chloride of as a Doodoricer. (Macon.) 

Ya. Med. Mt <thly, Feb. 
Liiprosy. In the Sandwich Islands. (Enders.) 

iMuinrUle Med. News, SepU 3t). 
Lenloit. Novel and Uniqiie of the Integu- 
ment of tho Abdomiual WalL (Coloma.n.) N. 

Y.Med.KecFeb.Z. . 
Lethargy. Cured by Hyoacyamus. (Bcmreu- 

t<kr.) U. S. Med. Investigator (U.), Aug. 15. 

Letter. From London. (Sundberg.) Phila. 
Mctt. and Sur. Rep., May 36. 

^•Let ther« be Llsht." (Fox.) N. T. Med. 
Kcltfii^-, SepL 

Lencieinl*. (LUieDtbal.) North Am. Jour. Ho- 
metK, May. 

Leucocythivmlik. Not«s on Two Cases of . 

(Hurlburt.) Canada iMneet, Jan. 

— Ciw«»^ of . (Uoardlcy.) Chica^ Med. Jour. 

and £jr., April. 

— C»«of ; Hidden and Marked Diminution 

in Sise of the Spleen. (Morrell.) Botlon Med. 
and Sur. Jour., May SI. 

— Case of Snicnic . (Stebbins.) Bottton Med. 

and Sur. Jour., July 19. 

— Notes on Two Caaes of . (Stewart.) Oana- \ 

da Laneel, Jan. 

LMworrhflMk. Revit.>w of Varions Authors on 

. (Miller.) AfN, Eomeo., Oct. 

Uch«B rtaniia. Case of . (Bronaon.) 

Areh. lierputtoL, Jan. 

— Cam of . (Fox.) Arek. Dtrmtdol,, Jan. 

— Case of . (Keya.) Areh. DermaM., JtM. 

UehenRaber. Caeeof . (White.) Arek. 

Clin. Sur.. No*. 1. 
Ueorloe, Aromatic KUxlr of . (Iteming- 

ton.) Am. Jour. I*har., Mag. 

Life. Tho Evolution of . (Whlttaker.) Cin 

Lanerl and Olm., (M., and The Clinic , Nov. 8. 

— Thf OriKiu iinaKvulutiunof . (Wlilttaker.) 

The Clime, Oct. la. 

— Insurano*. Kxumlnatlon for . (Dotmold.) 

N. Y. Med. Kec.,Feb. 10. 

Llflratlon. Of the P^xtornal Iliac Artery. (Cas- 
wi'll.) N. Y. Med. Jiw., Sept. 29. 

— SlinultuuoouH olf the Carotid and 8ub- 

Cluv' ,u Arteries for Annurlsin of (ho Artoria 
luiiouiiuatu. (KUut.) Am. Jour, Med. SeietuxM, 

— HuUMuoous of Hemorrhoids. (Krwin.) 

N. Y. MeU. Ree., Dec. 22. 

— Ou the of tho Funis. (Preston.) Uah- 

nemannian Monlhhj, Feb. 

— Two Hui^ccHNiul Cases of of tho Femoral 

Artery furSucoudury Hemorrhage. (Toluud.) 
Weslerti Lancet, Aug. 

— CnHe of of the Brachial Artery for Injury. 

(I.iivuUi8.) Ohio Med. and Sur. Jour., June. 

— Case of of tho Br<)uhlul Artery for luJury. 

(Lt^ltch.) Ohio Med. i nd Sur. Jour., June. 

— Case of - - of tho Brachial Artery tor Beoond- 
nry Homvirrhase f »lluwlug Gunshot Wouud of 
the Ilamt; Keoov«ry. (McLean.) Weutem 
Lancet, Aug. 

Llfratnre. Unusual Detention of . (De 

Uratwi.) Caimda Lancet, Feb. 
LiKlit. On in Some of its Relations to Dls- 

L^uw) (Stevens.) N. ¥. Med. Jour., Jutte. 
Liniment. Iodide of Ammonia. (Davis.) Am, 

Jour, I'fuir,, June. 
Liquorice. Aromatin Syrup of . (Anon.) 

Ant. Jour, Phar., Dec, 
Liqnor I'otaasli Arsenitis. (Wharton.) Am. 

Jour. Phar., Oct. 
Lister. Prof. and Carbolic Acid. (Maxon.) 

Phila. Med. and Sur, Rep,, Jan. 6. 
LiKter's AnUseptio Metliod. (Loebcr.) iV. O. 

Med. and Sur. Jour., Mag. 

— In Ovariotomy. (Milne.) JV. T. Med. Ree., 
Jan. 6. 

— In Ovariotomy. (Schuyler.) Phila. Med. and 
Sur. Rep., April 21. 

Lister's Antiseptic Treatment of Wounds. 
(Giranl.) N. Y. Med. Ree, Nov. 17. 

— Personal Observations of . (White, Jr.) 

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Lithotomy. (CaiT.) Phila. Med. Time$,Mareh3l. 

— Case of . (Fenwlck.) Oan€ula Med. and 

Sur. Jour , June. 

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- Case of Vagiusd . (Hosmer.) Botton Med, 

and Sur. Jour., Nov. 23. 

— And Surgery in China. (Kerr.) Paei/U Med. 
and Sur. Jour., Nov. 

— (McMehan.) Cin. Lancet and Ob$., Aug. 

— Nine Inches of Broom Straw with Calcnlons 
Concretions Removed from the Bladder by 
. (O'Brien.) N. Y. Med. Ree., Jan. 13. 

— (Vance.) Cin. Lancet and Obs., March. 
-Supra-Pubic. (Dulles.) Am. Jour. Med. Set- 

enec*, July, and Southern Med. Ree., Sept. 

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ces, Ju/y, and Atlanta Med. and Sur. Jour., Dec 

Liver. On a New Function of the . (Laa- 

tenbaeh.) Pkila. Med. Times. May 26. 

— Alituminoid Defeneration of the . and on 

Abdomiual Tumors. (Pepper.) ArrA. Clin. 
Sur. , Dec. 15. 

. (Lippe.) Cin. Med. 

(Barnes.) Cin. Med. 

(Lippe.) Cin. Med. 
r. S. Med, Investigator 

Livery. Physioloirical 
Advance {U.),July. 

— The Physiological — 
Adranee (//.), 2/av. 

— The Physiological — 
Advance ,J7.),./au., 

(H.), Aug. yy 

— On the Phy8*«loglP*l • (Upp«.) IT. S.Med. 

InvestiMilAr (H.i, May 14. 

—The Physiological and Ingrowing Vatla. 

(Lippe.) Ctrl. Med. Adranee iB.), March. 

— That . (Barnes.) Cin. Mtd. Ad^ane* (fl.), 




— Thfl Idlotlo . (Bumstead.) Oin. Med. Ad- 
vance (i/.)i Dee. 

liooal Applioatlon*. SiipproflHod Opbttaalniia. 

(Or»!Kg-) Homto. Timet, April. 
Looked Head. (Holms.) Am. I'ract., Sept. 
lyOKwuod. As a DlHlnfeotant. (MiiUory.) Hew 

Hem., Feb. 
LongreTltjr. An Instance of Extreme . 

(Clurk.) Phila, Med. and Sur, Rep., Dee. IS. 
Lost Art. A lu Surgery. (Crosby.) Areh- 

clin. Sur., May. 
Love of Liquor. Examtnntion of a Cure for . 

(Maisob.) Am. Jour. Phar., May. 
LnpuH. On Certain Points Relating to the Na> 

turn iind Treatuiout of . (Plffurd.) N. Y. 

Uttl. Kfc, July 21. 

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Lonirs. The no Furnace. (Oatobell.) XI. 8. 

Mm. Investigator (U.j, Jan. 16. 

Lnxatlon. Note on the Automatic Reduction of 

Uiu Joint . (Beach.) Phila. Med. Timet, 

Julyil, and Houthem Med. Ree„ Aug, 

Lycopodlum. Clinical Symptoms of . (Allen.) 

North Am. .Toxir. llomeo., Aiig. 

— lu IntiMiulttent Fover. (Price.) V. 8. Med. 
Inrietliuator (II.). Feb. 1. 

— Exiicrlence with . (Knapp.) Ohio Med. 

ana Sur. Hep. (II.), March. 

Lycopus. (VanValkenburg.) N.T.Med. Eclectic, 

— Virginlous. Bugle Weed. (Ooss.) Med. 
Brief, March. 

Lymphatic Theory. Of Syphilitic Infection. 

(iliirduway.) N. Y. Med. Jour., Dec. 
Maggots. In a Newly Born Infant. (Johnson.) 

N. Y. Med. liec, Sept. l. 

— In the Ear. (Underbill.) Cin. Med. News, 

lHagneslum. Substitute for Solution of Citrate 
or . (Uhlnciiuri.) Atn. Jour. Phar., March. 

— On Solution of Citrate of . (Watts.) Am. 

Jour. Phar., March. 

— Solution of Citrate of . (Wesley.) Am. 

Jour. Phar., April. 

Magnetiam. Terrestrial as a Therapeutic 

A{,'BUt. (Bigolow.) Toledo Med. and Sur. Jour., 

— As a Destructive Force. (Van Sant.) Phila. 
Med. Times, Sept. 29. 

Malaria. (Dickens.) Nash. Jour. Med. and 
Sur., Aug. 

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Am. Med. Bi-Weekly, March ^\. 

Malarial Coma. (Cook.) Am, Med. BUWeekly, 
Dee. 22. 

— Olscases. Of Putnam Co. (Bailey.) Th^ 
Sanitarian, Oct. 

— Change of Temperature as a Cause of . 

(Rodgers.) Pacific Med. and Sur. Jour., 

— Uaematurla. (Harris.) Am. Med. Bi-Weekly, 
Mug 12. 

Malpractice. Civil and Surgical Jurispru- 
dence. (Anon.) The Sanitarian, Nov. 

— Suit. (Wise.) Ohio Med. Recorder, Dee. 
Malt Extract. (Deal.) New Rem., June. 

— Propai.itions of (Mattlson.) Phy. and 

Phar., Feb. 

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of . (Morton.) Louisville Med. News, 

Feb. 10. 

— Extract of . (Palmer.) Louisville Med. 

News, May 19. 

Malum PottU. Pathology and Therapel a of . 

(Ahronheim.) North Am. Jour. liomeo., Feb. 
Mammatus. Lecture on . (Jacobl.) Arch. 

C'lin. Sur., Nov. 1. 
Mania. Puerperal . (Elderdiue.) Cin. Med. 

Mewn, June. 

— a Potu. (Wilson.) Atlanta Med. and Sur. 
Jour., July. 

MacMHiw. (Oibbons.) Paeifle Med. and Bur. 
Jour., Sept. 

— In Writer's Cramp and A'.lied Affeotlons. 
(Oraham.) N. Y. Med. Ree. . AprWXS. 

— And its Value to the Prafitlclng Pbyalelan. 
(Wagner.) Boston Med. and Sur. Jour., 
May 17. 

Masturbation. (Miller.) Am, Praet., May, 

Materia Medloa. Additions to Allen'a . 

(BinrUige.) Uahnemannian Monthly, March. 

— Studies from the . (Brown.) N. E. Med. 

Guztlte <U.i, April. 

— Neglect of . (Hawkea.) Am. Eomeo., 


— On the Popular of Eaat Tennesaee. 

(Lewis.) Nash. Jour. Med. and Sur., Dee. 

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tigator (II.), Sept. 1. 

— Observations on the Study of . (Miller.) 

U. 8. Med. Investigator (H.), Oct. 1. 

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Invettigator (II.), Dec. 1. 

— And New Remedies. (Washburn.) BuffaU 
Med. and Sur. Jour., Dec. 

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Med. Investigator (11.), April IS. 

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News, June 30. 

Maternal Impresiions. (Dyer.) Southern Med. 
liec, Sept. 

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— On the Foetus. (Hill.) Phila. Med. and Sur. 
Rep., Jan. 27. 

Matriculation. Intermediate vs. Medical. . 

(Anonymous.) Canadian Jour. Med. Science, 

McLean Asylum. The Earlv History of tha 

lor the lunane. (Morrill.) Boston Med. 

and Sur. Jour., Dec. 13. 
McCIellan. Reply to Dr. . (Owen.) Louis- 
ville Med. News, Nov. 24. 
McOuire. Blographlcnl Sketch of Dr. Hunter 

. Va. Med. Monthly, Oct. 

Measles. Report of Two Cases of . (God- 

fr(!i .) Phila. Med. Times, ApHl 28. 

— The Curative Relation of to Whooping 

Cough, with some Observations on the Epide- 
mic of and Whooping Cough in Zanesvilla 

Ohio, Spring and Summer of 1877. (MoEiroy.) 
Ohio Med. and Sur. Jour., Oct. 

— Remarks on . (Yandell, Jr.) Am. Praet., 


Measuring^ the Extremities. A Method of . 

(Cowling.) N. Y. Med. liec. May 12. 
Medical Association, The American . 

(Bauer.) St. Louis Clin, liec, July. 

— Visit to the of the State of Alabama. 

(Battey.) Chicago Med. Jour, and Ex., June. 

— Bill. The Quebec . (Anon.) Canada Lan- 
cet, March. 

— Quebec . (Campbell.) Canada Lancet, 


— Charity. Boston . (Rogers.) N.Y.Med. 

Rec, Dec 1. 

-Charities. (Carter.) Phila. Med. and Sur. Rep., 
Aug. 18. 

— On . (Daltou.) Phila. Med. and Sur. 

Rep., July ^l. 

— Plan for Correcting the Abuse of in the 

City of New York. (Hawks.) N. Y. Med. Rtc, 

— The Abiae of . (Rogers.) Boston Med. 

and Sur. Jour., Nov. 1. 

— Chemistry. Recent Progress in . (Wood.) 

Boston Med. and Sur. Jour., J uiu 6. 

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(U.), Nov. 18. 

— (Steger.) Nash. Jour. Med. aiul Sur., Nov. 

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land.) Atlanta Med. and Sur. Jour., Nov. 

— Hospitals. And Clinical Teaching in Paris. 
(N»!Wtou, Jr.) JV^. Y. Med. Kclcclic, May. 

— Club. Buflalo . (Brush.) Buffalo Mtd. 

and Sur. Jour., June. 





— Coltsre. The Promotion of and Self- 

Protoctlon by a Now Onlur of FellowHhlp. 
(Blai!k.) Cin. Lancet and Oba., Nov. 

— I>«p«rtin<«nt. Tho Courno of the Univer- 
sity of I'ounsylvaula. (Tysou.) AT. Y. Med. 
MecJune 'i. 

— l>l»olplln«. How to Mnlntnlu . (Logan.) 

Chicago iled. Jmtr. atut Jix., Dee. 

— Education. Defcuoo uf the and Medical 

BcUoolaof Amorloa. (Qlbbous.) Paet/le ited. 
and Sur. Jour., Jutie. 

— Some Dcfpnslvo Ucnmrks on tho aud 

M(!«licalHclio()lH of America. (Olbbonn.) Am. 
Med. Hi- Weekly, Jxtlu 7. 

— Ulallott.) Ilomeo. Times, Nov. 

— Cheap . (Stair.) JV. T. Med. Rec, March 


— Kthlost On . (Oilman.) U. 8. Med. Inveati- 

qatin-dl.), March 15. 

— Fees. (MlUlnuton.) Ohto Med. and Sur. Rep., 
or.), Man. 

— Fee Table. Tho First of Virginia. 

(JoyneR.) Va. Med. Monthly. Ajn-il. 

— Geology. (Morse.) Cin. Med. Advance (II.), 

— Oosalp. From Berlin. (Poaro.) Detroit Med. 
Jour., April. 

— Jurinprudenoe. Some Rcmarkn on tho 

Of lusiuiity. (Howard.) Canada Med. and 
Bur. Jour., Nov. 

— Contribution to . (Kemi)cr.) Am. I'raet., 


— IieelMatlon, ngahi. (rtuinHtoud.) JI. S. 
Med. Investigator (11.), Jan. 15. 

— (Ontmau.) I'ucijic Med. and Sur. Jovr., 

— Men. On the Legal Responsibilities of . 

(Smith.) Ohio Metf. and Sur. Jour., Feb. 

— Museum. Contributions from tlioArmy , 

Wushiugton. (Otis.) Doaton Med. ana Sur. 
Jour., March 29. 

— ProfRBsion. Tho in Michigan. (Anon.) 

Canada Lancet, Oct. 

— Tlie Its Aim and Method. (Connor.) 

Detroit Med. Jour., April. 

— The ttud Medlottl Societies. (Dillon.) Am. 

Frnct., July. 

— The Relation of the to the Medical 

BclioolB. (Edgar.) St. Louis Med. and Sur. 
Jour., Dec. 

of the to Li'a Insurance. 

Louisville Med. News Jan. 27 and 

— Relations 
June 23, 

— Progress. 



-. (Wootl.) 

■ Conccrn- 

Inipediracnts to . 

Eclectic Med. and Sur. Jour., Aug. 

— And Medical Journals. (Word.) 
Med. Rec., Jan. 

— Reform. Proposed Plan for a — 
Chicago Med. Jour, and Ex., Dec. 

— Science. Tho Present Status of — 
iiig the Cause and Prevention of Kpiduuiic 
Diseases. (Davis.) Chicago Med. Jour, and 
Ex., May. 

— Service. American Naval . (Horner.) 

Phila. Med. and Sur. Rep., Sepi. 15. 

— Society. Third Annual Meeting of tho State 
. (Maxwell.) Am. I'raet., Nov. 

— Critical Remarks on tho State of . (Thorn.) 

Pacific Med. and Sur. Jour., May. 

— Report of the Middlesex East District . 

(Winsor.) Boston Med. and Sur. Jour., July 

— Stadenta. Preliminary Education of . 

(Forwood.) Phila. Med. and Sur. Rep., Jan. C. 

— Preparatory Education, Necessity for tho 

Thorough Training of . (Gisbome.) Phy. 

and I'har., Nov. 

— Relations of Scientlflo and Pi-ofesalonal Edu- 
cation, Practical Optics for . (Warder.) 

Cin. Jjoncel and Obs.,Jan. 

— Superstition. (Borden.) N. T. Med. Eclectic, 

—Thermometry. Tho of Certain Diseases as 

they Prevail in the South aud South-West. 
(Hilliard.) N. O. Med. and Sur. Jour., July. 

Medicinal Condiments. 

Med. Jour, atid Ex., Dec. 

(Tucker.) Chicago 

— LeyislMlon. (Braun.) U. S. Med. JnveeHoator 

— Poiu-ls. Preparation of . (Anon.) Am. 

Jour. Phar., Feb. 

— Plnnt. Preltmlnar>'Noteon a New and Ita 

Alkaloid. (Wood.) Phila. Med. Times, Aug. i. 

— Plants, Cultivation of at Uaubnry. 

(Holmes.) Am. Jour. Phar., Aug. 

— Cultivation of atUitohin. (Ilolmea.) Am. 

Jour. Phar., Dee. 

Medicine. American Its Confllots and 

Achievements. (Borland.) Scleclio Med. and 
Sur. Jour., Feb. 

— Review of , (Bronson.) Itostnn Med. and 

Sur. Jour , June 14. 

— The Institutes of . (Buchanan.) N. Y. 

Med. Eclectic, Sept. 

— Advance In the Practice of , (Carmlohoel.) 

Vn. Med. Monthly, Jan. 

— Contribution to the Study of . (Clark.) 

Dflroil Med. .Tour., Oct. 

— Hygienic Preventive — . (Dodge.) V. 8. 
Med. Investigator (II.), June 15. 

— A Glance at Some of the Contributions of 

America to the Science of from 1770 to 1H7C. 

(Falls.) Cin. Lancet and Obs., March. 

— Tho lilinols Law, (,Vm<!emlng tho Practice of 

. (Farrau.) St. Louis Med. and Sur. Jour., 


— Conservative and tho Mission of the Sani- 
tarian. (llaiTis.) The Sanitarian, March, 

— Tho Relations of Ancient to Oynajcoiogy. 

(Jcnks.) Drirnit Med. Jour., May. 

— Casi» Illustrating the luUucuteon the Infant 

of Administered to the Mother During 

Pregnancy and Labor. (Lamadrld.) Am. 
Jour. Ohs., .full/. 

— General Practice and 9i»ecinltle8 In . (Mo- 

Shorry.) Md. Med. Jmtr., Nov. 

— Adulterated . (Pemberton.) Atlanta Med. 

and Sur. Jour., May. 

— Tho Ouward Movement ill . (Piper.) A'. 

I'. Mfil. Eclectic, March. 

— Practice of . (Potter.) Am. Med. Jour. 

(E.), Nov. 

— .lapanese and Pharmacy. (Rice.) New 

Rem., Jan. 

— Some Points in the Practice of Amongthe 

North American Indians, with Incidental Ref- 
erence to tho Antiquity of tlie Otllce of tho 
Physician. Toner.) Ya. Med. Mmithly, Aug. 

— Tiansccndental ■ — . An Eminiry Concoruing 
tho Manner of Morbltic und Remedial Agents 
Iiidepeudciitlyof lOinplricism. (Wright.) Cin, 
Lancet and Obs., Nov. and Dec. 

Medicines. Dangers to Human I^iTe and Health 

from tlio Administration of ladigostiblo . 

(Compton.) Med. Brief, June. 

Medlco-Legal Facts and Testimony in tho Trial 
of Henry C. Hendi-yx, for tho Murder of his 

Wilo . (Youug.) Buffalo Med. and Sur. 

Jour., Sept. 

— Interest. Case of Some . (Baldwin.) 

Ohio Med. Recorder, July. 

Melancholia. A Clinical Study of tho Relations 

of to Inebriety. (Crothers.) Fhila. Med. 

and Sur. Rep., Julyil. 
*' Mel Cum Sale. " (Komdoerfer.) Hahneman- 

niun Monthly, Sept. 
Mellilotus Offlclnalls. (Ozanum.) Ilahneman- 

nian Monthly, May. 
MembranaTympanl. Artiflcial Perforation of 

tho . (TumbuU.) Phila. Med. and Sur. Rep., 

Nov. 10. 
Memorabilia. (Bauer.) St. Louis Clin. Rec, 

March, June, and Oct. 
Meningitis. Tubercular . (Delafleld.) N. 

y. Med. Rec, May 13. 
-Treatment of . (Fuller.) Canada Med, 

Rec, Aug. 

— (llentz.) .1 tlanta Med. and Sur. Jour., Aug. 

— On H.. philitio . (Janoway.) Arch. OUh. 

Sur., Nov. 1. 

— Two Cases of of Different Character Oc- 



(Portor.) R. and L. Med. 
(Putnam.) BotUn 

tnrr'ng in Children 
Jour., April. 

— Bemlttout Bub-aouto . 

Mtd. atul iS'ur. Jour., Aug. 3. 

— C»ae of FoUuwInK Acute Purulent Inflam- 
mation of tho Middle Ear. <Kouita.) N. Y. 
Med. Ree.j July 7. 

— Oer«bri>-8plual . (Elderdloe.) Oin. Med. 

Neve, June. 

— Caae of Cerehro-flplnal . (Port.) JV. O. 

Med. and 8ur, Jour., Jan. 

— Oerubro^pliittl • (Lano.) Southern Med. 

Bee., May. 

— EudeiiiloofCerebro-Splnal . (LArgo.) Am. 

Yet. Hep., April. 

— C«rebro-8|>iual with Hsmaturta. (Largo.) 

Am. Vet. Ice v., July. 

— CerebrthSplMttl . (Very.) Am. Vet. Rev., 


— Cerebro-Splnal . (Westmoreland.) Atlan- 
ta Med. and Stir. Jour,, March. 

— Caao of Htippowul Hntual . (Wallaoo.) 

Hahnemannvan Monthly, July. 

Kenlnfo Cerebritls. Cosiv of MntaiitaHin of 
MuHcular and Aithrltio UboiimuilHiu to tho 
MembraiieH and BubHtitncuof tUoKrolii; Con- 
stituting . (Bamford.) Pacific Med, and 

Sur. Jour., Nov. 

Uenopause. Tho . (Buillngton.) St. Lottin 

Eoleclie Med. Jour., Dee. 

Menorrbarla. Case of . (Doane.) Med. 

Brief, Oct. 

— Case of duo to Congestlou of tho Uterus. 

(Douue. ) J'hy, and Phar., Nov. 

Uenstmatlon. Tho Iiiflacnoo of , Preg- 

nuui!.\ , uud Medicine ou Lactation. (Jacob!.) 
Am, Jour. Oba.. July. 

— Tho Couttiiueu during Pregnancy. (New- 
ton.) Southern Med, Ree., Dec. 

— Brief Study of One Hundred Cases of . 

(Parvlii.) Am. Ptact.,Aug. 

— Case of Vlciirlous from Mammary Glands. 

(O roy . ) A m . M td. hi- Weekly, fept. 2'J. 

— Case of Vloarluus , Bimulutlnx Hojmop- 

tysle. (Seymour.) PAW. Med. and Sur. Hep., 

Mental Dlaeasea. Recent Progress In . 

(Fisher.) Roston Med. and Sur. Jour.,Marclt29. 

— impressioDS. Tho Inllucnio of of tho 

Mother unon the Foetus. (Anon.) Va. Med. 
Monthly, May, 

Menu. Tho Faulty of Boarding Schools. 

(Fowler.) The Sanitarian, Nov, 
Heronry. ThoUsoof in Syphilis. (Keyes.) 

Louisville Med. News, April 28. 

— TheTonloandSpcclflo Action of . (Keyes.) 

tf.Y. Med.Ree.,Mayl2. 

— Docs Possess u Curative Influence over 

PueumonltkY (Thompsou.) St. Louis Med. and 
Sur. Jour., May. 

Ketastatlo Action. Bingular . (Boys.)ired. 

News and Library, March. 
Meteorological Report for January, 1877. 

(Leonard.) Detroit Med. Jour., March. 
"fetorrhagia. From Improper Deliveranco. 

(Parvlu.) Am. Pract., April. 

— Case of Intermittent During Gestation. 

(Skene.) Am. Jour. Oba., Jan. 

— (Stegur.) Nash. Jour. Med. and Sur., Dec. 
MCetrio System. The . (Anon.) New Rem., 


— The In Prescriptions; the Other Side. 

(Baldwin.) Ohio Med. Recorder, Feb. 

— On tho Adoption of the . (Carter.) Phila. 

Med. and Sur. Rep., March 34. 

— The in Modlcino and Pharmacy. (Curtis.) 

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— (Lathrop.) Detroit Med. Jour., Feb. 

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News, Feb. 

Metrical System. The New in tho Nui n ber- 

ing of Bpcctuolee. (Burnett.) Phila. Med. 
Times, March ;t. 

— Tho in Prescriptions. (Maisoh.) Am. Jour. 

Phar., Feb. 

Metritis. Rheumatic , Treat<>d HuooeMirully 

by tbn Wutors of Ihollot Hpriugs, ArkanSuH. 
(Collins.) A m. Prarl., Dec. 

— Cured by Piper Mtithystlcnm or Awa Samoa. 
(Hlller.) (/. 8. Med. Investigator {tl.). Oct. 1. 

— CiLso of Recurrent (Nocggerath.) Am. 

Jour. Obs., Oct. 

— (White.) Phila. Med. and Sur. Rep,, June 23. 

Mloro-Chemlstry. As Applied to tho Identlfloa- 
tioii of Tea Leaves nnd ii Now Method for tlio 
Kstlmatiun of Thelna. (Ulytli.) Am. Jour. 
Phar., Sept. 

Mlcroseope. On the Choice and Use of a 

111 PructliNil Medicine. (Adams.) U. S. Med. 
Investigator {!!.), Feb. 1. 

— Tho In tho Detection of Crime. (Fair- 

child.) N. r. Med. Rec., Sept. 15. 

Mlcrosoopio Fllarias. Discovery of the Adult 

|{(-l>rcH<-ntativo of . (Col)liolt.) Cin. Med. 

News, Sept. 

Mloroseopy. What I Know About Some Late 
Improvements of the Microscope. (Hunt.) 
Cin. Med. News, July. 

Mlcrocepholas. Case of . (Adler.) Paei/le 

hied, and Sur. Jour., Nov. 

Midwifery. Puerperal Peritonitis; UsoofOel- 
scniiuin. (Coruwell.) Am. Sup. Obs. Jour. 
Great llrilain and Ireland, March. 

— Cases of . (Gilbert.) Canada Med. Ree., 


— IH Meddlesome Badt (Mumford.) Am. 

Pract., Dec. 

— Four Thousand Seven Hundred and Four 

Cases of . (Ross.) Oanadia7i, Jour. Med. 

Science, Oct. 

— Statistics. (Ferguson.) Canada Med. Rec, 

Migraine. Contribution to the Therap«^uti(^H of 
. (Sogmu.) N. Y. Med. Rec, Dec. 8. 

Mlirratory Doctors. (Anon.) Pacific Med. and 
Sur. Jour., Sept. 

Milk Diet. Tho True Prophylactic for Scarlet 
Ftivcr. (Hurt.) Am. Iloineo., Aug. 

— Fever. Tho So-called and Antiseptic Mid- 

wll'cry. (Taylor.) N. Y. Med. Rec, June % 

— The Bo-callud and Antiseptic Midwifery. 

(Wlnunto.) N. 1. Med. Rec, Aug. 11. 

— Sickness. (Philips.) Oin. Lancet and Obs., 

Mind. Influence of tho over Surgical as 

well as other Diseases. (Parsons.) U.S.Med. 
Investigator (//.), June 15. 

— On . (Teed.) Chicago Jour. Nerv. and 

Ment. Dis., Oct.' 

MiHcellaneoas Contributions. From the Orient 

(Luuduror.) New Rem., April. 
Mitralinsufficiency. Death. (Izard.) Louis- 
rillc Med. A'eif.v, Aug. 25. 

— Stenosis. Coiobral Embolism ; Loft Hem- 
lpl(';;la; CorobrulScrftciiuiK; Death. (Wilson.) 
Chicago Jour. Nerv. and Mcnt. Dis., Jan. 

— Tricuspid. Case of und Aortlo Disease 

with Puiiiationof the Liver and Pericardial Ad- 
hesions. (Guit^ras.) Phila. Med. Times, May 

Monism. Of Man. (Gorton.) Uomeo. Times, 

Monster. Report of an Anen<tephalus . 

( Blake. ) Am. Med. Bi- Weekly, Dec. 8. 
Monstrosity. A Singular . (Groin.) IT. S. 

Med. Investigator (II.), Jan. 15. 

— A . (Williams.) Phila. Med. and Sur. 

Rep., Dec. 1. 

MorbiUl vs. Diabetes. (WiUlams.) U. S. Med. 

Investigator (H.), Aug. 1. 
Morbus Addlsonil. (LlUenthal.) North Am. 

Jour. ITomco., May. 

— Brtsedowil. (Lilienthal.) North Am. Jour. 
Uomeo., Feb. 

— BriKhtii. Two Cases of . (LilienthaL) 

North Am. .Tour. Homeo., Aug. 

Morphia. The Narcotic Eflfoct of on tha 





wbrn Administered to tho 
(Gillette.) Am. Jour. Obs., 

the Treatment of 
Va. Med. Monthbj, 

Now-born Child 
llotberin Labor. 

— And Veratrum Vlride la 
Peritonitis. (Lipscomb.) 

— In Childbirth. (Lusk.) Am. Jour. Obs., July. 

— Hypodi-raiically Used as a Relaxant. (New- 
ton.) Med. Brief, Dee. 

Morphine. Mot by Atropia. (Klnne.) Detroit 
Mud. Jour., Dee. 

Mvrpboea. Two Cases of — , with Remarks on 
11)0 Disease and i(s Differential Diagnosis. 
(Bulkley.) Arch. Dermatol., Jan. 

Mortality. Of Surgical Operations in tho Upper 
Lake States, Compared with that of other Re- 
Kious. (Andrews.) Chicago Med. Jour, and 
i'x., Jan. 

— Report. Of Oakland, for 1876. (Trembly.) 
Pucijie Med. and Sur.Jour., March. 

Mortuary Statistics. Of San Francisco for 1876. 
(Gibbon.) Pacific Med. and Sur. Jour., Feb. 

— A Comparison of tho of Ban Francisco, 

Chlca^^o, Cinuiunatl, Philadelphia, Charles- 
ton, Boston, 8t. Louis, RlcluuouJ, Baltimore, 
Now Orleans, Now Yoi k, and Lowell, i Ingalls.) 
Chicago Med. Jour, and Ex., Oct. 

Mothers. How to Savo . (Gushing.) N. E. 

Med. Gazette (E.), Feb. 

Murex Pnrpora. Indications for la Dis- 
cuses of Women. (Betis.) Hnhnemnnnian 
Monthly, June, and U. S. Med. Investigator (U.), 
June 13. 

Mushrooms. Poisonous . (Ott.) Chicago 

Jour. !\'crv. and Ment. Dis., Jan. 
Music. As a Mcdicinnl Agent. (Barrows.) Ec- 

hclic Med. and Hur. Jour., June. 
Mutton Wine. On tho of tho Mongolian. 

(.Macgowau.) New Hem., Oct. 
Myalgia. Two Cases of Following Coiitii- 

Kious. (Wilsiin.) I'hila. Med. Times, Feb. 3. 

Mydriatics. On tho Use of In Eye Diseases. 

(Vilas.) Am. Uomeo., July. 

Myelitis. (Lillenthal.) North Am. Jour. Ilomco., 

— Of Anterior Uoms. (Tracy.) N. Y. Med. Itec, 
April 21. 

— Acuta. Thcnapeutics of (Deschcre.) 

North Am. Jour. Ilomco., Nov. 

Myocarditis. Postmortem. (Wilcox.) Am. Ob- 
server {U.), Oct. 

Myoma of the Uterus. (Wilson.) Phil. Med. 
Times, April 14. 

^*yoT«la. On tho Treatment of . (Bumstcad.) 

U. ,.. Med. Inrestigalor {!!.), Jiitie 15. 

— Dcvclnnment of . amou'r School Children 

of America. (Vance.) D'troil Med. Jour., Aug. 

— (Woodyatt.) U. S. Med. Investigator (Z/.). 
April. 15. 

— And its Therapeutics. (Angell.) U. 8. Med. 
Investigator (If.), Sept. 1. 

— AudltsThcrapoutics. (Campbell.) U.S.Med. 
Inrestiijator {II.), March 1.. and Aug. 1. 

~ And Its Ther.ipoutic8. (Foster.) U. 8. Med. 
Incesiigator (II.), July 1. 

Myxoma of tho Momma. (Peoslec.) Aw. Jour. 
Obs., Oct. 

NsBvi. Cases of Treated by Electrolysis. 

(Beard.) N.T. Med. Jour., Dec. 

NflBvl Matemi. Cured by Ilomeopathy. 
(Hhoffer.) Am. Observer (II.), Jan. 

NsBvus. Rare Forms of Congenital Multiple 

and Monolateral Pigmentary Having the 

Disposition of Zoster Corpoi Is. (Hyde.) Chi- 
cago Med. Jour, and Ex., Oct. 

Nnevus Matemns. Or Mother Mark. (Yost.) 
Am. Med. Jour. (E.J, Nov. 

Narcotism. Three Cases of . (Wenzel.) 

i'hila. Med. and Sur. Hep., Aug. 18. 

Narrow Meatus. (Jolmson.) Atlanta Med. 
utid Sur. Jour., Ju{y. 

Narrowed Meatus. As a Cause of Stricture of the 
Urethra. (Johnson.) Atlanta MeiS a}id Sur. 
Jour., Jan. 

Nasal Irrifrator. A very Useful . (Bridge.) 

Chirag J Med. Jovr. and Ex., June. 

— PnHHugp. Simple Mode of Cleanlngtho . 

(Ruuiliold.) Chicago Med. Jour, and Ex., May. 

— Removal of Hardened Secretions from tliu 

. (Rumbokl.) Chicago Med. Jour, and 

Ex., Aug. 

— Passages. Tho Danger Attending tho Intro- 
duction of Fluids luto tho . (Buck.) N. Y. 

Med. Rec, March ii. 

NasO'Pharyngeal Douche. Tho Safety of tho 
. (Piukucy.) N. y. Med.l{fe.,Aj>rin. 

— Cavities, Tho Principal Motlitida of Examin- 
ing tho and their Mcst Fre(|tiont Diseases. 

(Alt.) Canadian Jour. Meu. Science, Nov. 

— Fibromata. (Brandeis.) Am. Pract., April. 

Near Sight. Report on tho Percentage of 

Found to Exist In tho Class of lb80 at Ilai-vard 
College. (Derby.) Boston Med. and Sur. Jour., 
March 22. 

— Slghtedness. In tho Public Schools. (Aguew.) 
JV. T. Med. Itec, Jan. 20. 

Necrology. Report on . (Apperson.) Va. 

Med. Monthlii, Jan. 

— Necrosis. 8yi)liilitlc of tho Inferior Max- 
illary Bone. (Bradford.) Homeo. Times, 

— Of Humerus. (Brlggs.) Nash. Jour. Med. and 
Sur., Dec. 

— Peripheral of tho Humerus. (Me.irs.) 

Arch. Clin. Sur., 2Iar<h. 

Needle. In L.-irynx Removo<l by External 
iueision. (Field) N. 1. tied. Ecr.,M(ir<hH). 

— Found Post-Mortem, Wituiii the Cranium. 
(Hoilgo.) I'liila. Med. Times, Aug. i. 

— A New Opeu-Eycd . (Shrady.) N. Y. Med., Dec. 8. 

Negro Race. Tenacity of Life in the . 

(Daniels.) Louisri'leMcd. News, May r>, 

— I'o.'iition of t lio Hymen in tlie . (Sniythe.) 

Am. Jour. Cbs., Oct. 

Negro and Whit© Race. Some ('orrohorative 
Facts in regard to tho Anatomical iJifferi-neu 

Between the . (Frost.) Am. Jour. Oba., 


— Snnio Facta in Regard to tho Anatomical 

Diflercneo Between tho . (Tiiniipseed.) 

Am. Jour. Obs., Jan. 

Nelaton's Mefliod. For Resuscitation from 
Chlorol'omi N.iieosis Usedin tho Anphyxiaor 
AppareiitDealhol' New-born Infants. (Spicer.) 
Phila. Med. and Sur. liep., Junc2. 

Nephritis. Interstitial in whi(!h there was 

Marked Retinal Changes, Pciiearditis niid 
Pei'ieardial EU'usious. (Hutchinson.) Phila. 
Med. Times, June l>. 

— On Acute . (Lewis.) U. S. Med. Investi- 
gator {II.), April 15. 

Nerve. Tho Conducting Power as Distinct from 

thoRcceivin;xl'owerofthc . (Lauieubach.) 

Phila. Med. Timet, March 17. 

— Tissue. Tho Molecular Constitution of 

Considered in its Relation with Ncivous Mani- 
festutioua. (I^ggleston.) Ohio Med. and Sttr. 
Rep. (U.), July. 

Nervorum Erithisimus. Or Debility of the 
Nerves. (Fowler.) Cin. Lancet and Obs., 

Nervous Action. On the Velocity of the . 

(Laiitenbach ) Phila Med. Times, April iS. 

— Centres. Tho Structure of tlio Vessels of tho 

in Health, and their Changes in Disea««. 

(Deecko.) Am. Jour. Insanity, July. 

— UiHease. Extraordinary Case of . (Hol- 

conibe.) Avi. ilomeo., Nov. 

— Diseases. Do the Conditions of Modem Life 

Fa\or Specially tho Development of 1 

(B:irtholow.) The Clinic, Nov. 21. 

— Have Organic their Oritjln and I'Yequoncy 

In our American Lifef (Ureen.) Phila. Med. 
Times, April 28. 



— Receub Progress In the Pathology and Treat- 
ment of . (Putnam.) Boston Med. and Stir. 

Jour., Aug. 30. 

— Philailelpliia Dispensary Review of the Treat- 
ment of . (Vanderbeck.) Phila. Med. and 

Sat: Hep., Jan. 13. 

— CoUet'tlon of Prescriptions for . (Van- 

derlnc'k.) Phila. Med. and Sur. Rep., Jan. 27. 

— DlHorder. Case of Showing the Eflfocts of 

Cliuiato. (Carter.) Phila. Med. and Sur. Rep., 
Feb. 10. 

— Symptoms. Secondary to Slight Gastric Dis- 
tiubance. (Weber.) Boston Med. and Sur. 
Jour., Sept. 27. 

— System. Diseases of the . (Brown-Sc- 

niiard.) iV^. Y. Med. Rec, Dec. 8. 

— The Functions of the Groat Sympathetic . 

(Bucke.) A»i. Joxir. Insanity, Oct. 

— The Sympathetic . (Leonard.) Detroit 

Med. Jour., Feb. 

— Tisaues. The Development of the of the 

Human Embryo. (Schmltt.) Chicago Jour. 
Kerv. and Ment. Dis., July. 

Menral^a. Traumatic ; Non-Inflammatory 

Softening of the Brain; Operation; Death. 
(Clark.) Ta. Med. Mouthlif, Nov. 

— A Singular Case of Facial . (Cranmer.) 

Phila. Med. and Sur. Rep., Jan. 27. 

— Patliology and Treatment of . (Jewell.) 

Chicago Jour. Xeri). and Ment. Dis., April. 

— Sulphur. (Kershaw.) TT. S. 3Ied. Investigator 
(ID, Dec. 1. 

— Case of of the Second Metatarso ; Phalan- 

gial Articulation Cured by Resection of the 
Joint. (Mason.) Atn. Jour. Med. Sciences, 

— Clinical Notes of Cases of In Connection 

with Troubles of the Accommodations of the 
iOye. (Stevens.) N. T. Med. Rec, Oct. 13. 

— The Trigeminal . (Wood.) N. Y. Med. 

Rec., Oct. 27. 

Neurastlienla. The Nature and Treatment of 

(Nei-vous Exhaustion), Hysteria, etc. 

(Beard.) A', r. Med. Rec., Sept. 15. 

Xeurectotomy. Of the Supra-Orbital Nerve for 
the Cui-e of Neuralgia. (Wlllard.) Hahneman- 
nian Monthly, May. 

Neoritis. Double Optic (Choked Disk), and 

Sloughing of the Ritrht; Cornea, Aecompauylug 
a Sui comatouH Tumor on the Right Side or the 
Brain. (Bennett.) Arch. Ophthcl. and Otol., 
Vol. VI.,pag6i&% 

— Traumatic Involving the Brachial Plexus. 

(Mills.) Phila. Med. Times, Sept. 1. 

-Case of Retrobulbar . (Reullng.) ^V. T. 

Med. Jour., Oct, 

Neurological MatterH. Review of Current 

. (Vanderbeck.) Southern Med. Rec, Aug. 

and Sept. 

Neuroses. On Some of the Rarer Syphilitic 

of the Eye. (Bull.) Am. Jour. Med. Sciences, 

— Pharyngeal Due to Uteriuo Disease. 

(Holdeu.) y. Y. Med. Jour., April. 

— Mouatrual . (Fallen.) Chicago Jour. 

Xcrv. and Ment. Dis., July. 

New-Uorn. The Caro of the . (Atkinson.) 

Phila. Med. and Sur. Rep., June 16. 

— ClUld. Resuscitation of u by Fiiradiza- 

tiou. (Thomas.) Am. Joitr. Obs., A2>ril. 

— Chlldreu. The Apparent Death oi . (Mar- 

lin.) llahnemannian Monthly, Oct. 

~- Chemical Nomenclature. The . (Logan.) 

.Ulanla Med. and Sur. Jour., June. 

— Notation. The . (Logan.) Atlanta Med. 

and Sur. Jour., Aug. 

— Medicaments. Formulas and Preparations 
of—. (Mulsch.) Am Jour. Phar., Sept. 

— lUexico. As a Health Rortort for Consumptives. 
I Jones.) Phila. Med. and Sur. Rep., Sept, 15. 

— Beuiedies. (Chapman.) Toledo Med. and 
Sur. Jour., Feb. 

— Vurk. ItaDolng.-s and its Doctors. Am, Med. 
i!i-Weel:ly, iM. 27. 

— Hospital. Reopening of the . (Smith.) 

N. Y. Med, Rec, June 80. 

— -lietter. (Porter.) Phila. Med. Times, May 
26, July 21, Aug. 18, Nov. 10, and Dec. 8. 

Nitro-Benzole. In Alcoholic Beverages. (De- 
bruimer.) Atn. Jour. Phar., Oct. 

Nitrous Ether. The Spirit of of the U. S. 

P. 1870. (Diehl.) Am. Jour. Phar., July. 

Nixon's Paper. Discussion on Dr. . (Hatcli.) 

Pacific Med. and Sur. Jour., Dec. 

Nobert's 19th Band. On the Visibility of the 

Lines of when Amplilled 540 Diameters, 

Considered In Relation to their Apparent Dis- 
tance and Visual Angle. (Blackbam.) Gin. 
Med. News, Jan. 

Non-I.igation, Of the Funis. (Price.) Am. 
Observer (H.), March. 

— Sliortening. Of the Cervix - Uteri During 
Utero-Gestation. (T.-iylor.) N. Y. Med. Rec, 
Oct. 13. 

Norton. Case of Mrs. Jane C. . (Ordronaux.) 

Am. Jour. Insanity, Jan. 

Nosology, Our Present . (Woodward.) N. 

Y. Med, Eclectic, May. 
Notes. From Practice. (Gregory.) Southern 

Med, Rec, April, and Cin. Med. News, Jan. 

— From Private Practice. (Taylor.) Nath. Jour. 
Med. and Sur., June. 

— From Practice. (Woodbury.) N. E. Med. Ou- 
sette {!!.), Feb. 

Nuisance. Created by Rendering Tanks and 
Manufacture of Fertilizers. (De Wolf.) Chi- 
cago Med. Jour, and Ex., Dec. 

Nursing Tube. Case In which an Indian Rub- 
ber was Swallowed by an Infant. (Bord- 

ley.) Am. Jour. Med. Sciences, Jan. 

Nut Sliell, Piece of in Air Passages over 

Thirteen Years. (Luse.) Ohio Med. Recorder, 

Nux Vomica. For the Vomiting in Pregnancy. 
(Smith.) Pacific Med. and Sur. Jour., Sept. 

<'Ob8ta Princlpis." Motto: . A Plea for 

High Aims in the Medical Profession. (Frank- 
Un.) Cin. Lancet and Obs., June. 

Obstetrio Bag, The . (Francis.) Boston 

Med. and Sur. Jour., June 28. 

— Forceps. On the Use of . (Cole.) U. S. 

Med. Investigator (if.), July 15. 

— The . (Hunt.) Boston Med. and Sur. 

Jour., May 3. 

— WlthShort and Long Handles. (Steuart.) Am. 
Jour, Obs., Oct. 

— Practice. (Forbes.) Am. Med. Bi-Weekly, 

July 17. 
In Virginia. (Horner.) 

Phila, Med, and 
Synopsis of Four Hundred Cases of 

fKiiiHiiiiMi.> Ohii) Mpfl. li'AAnrdp.r. Vfh. 


(hAuwiaa.) Ohio Med. Recorder, Feb. 

Obstetrical Case. An with Insufticient 

Labor I'aius, and Malposition of the Umbili- 
cal Cord. (iJoaue.) Med. Brief, June. 

— Cases. Analysis of Fifty Consecutive . 

(Lewis.) Va. Med. Monthly, Oct. 

— Forceps. The . (Comstock.) TT. S. Med. 

Investigator (11-), Sept. 15. 

-The . (Hall.) U. S. Med. Investigator 

(U.), Mai/ 15. 

— Ou the Use of the . (Turney.) Ohio Med. 

and Sur. Jour., June. 

— Notes. (Foster.) Am. Ilomeo., Dec. 

— Practice. Synopsis of Private for Forty- 
two Years Previous to Jan. 1,1876. (Ingalls.) 
Boston Med. and Sur. Jour., April 26. 

Obstetrician. Some of the Duties and Respon- 
sibilities of the and Gynuicologlst. (Ire- 
laud.) Am. Med. Bi-Weekly, Dec. 8. 

Obstetrics. Medico-Legal . (Boyland.) Phila. 

Med. and Sur. Rep., Sept. 1 und Sepl'i'j. 

— An Anomaly In . (Bragdou.) U. S. Med. 

Tneesligator {ID, Scjil. 1.". 

— An Inleresting Case of , with General Re- 



iniirks. (Morris.) .V. O. Jfcrf. and Sttr. Jour., 

— Recent Process in iiud Gynajcolog}'. 

(Howe.) Boston Med. and Hur. Jour., Aug. 


— Kecent Progi-ess in and GyiuecoloKV. 

(Kicbardsou.) BoslonMed. and Siir. Jour., Feb. 

— Report on . (Jenks.) Detroit Med. Jour., 


— Report on for 1875 and 1876. (Miuui.) Am. 

Jour. Ob.>i., Jan. 

— And Gynecology. A Sliort Sketch »)f flic His- 
tory of . (Ireland.) Cln. Lancet and Obg., 


Occiiilto I'oHteiior Positions. On the Meclian- of of tlio Vertex. (Landis.) Am. Jour. 

2lc(l. Sciences, Jan. 

Occlusion. Death from and Ruptnre of the 

8iil)claivan Vein. (Black.) Canada Lancet, 

— Congenital and Dilatation of Lymph 

Channels. (Bnsey.) Am. Jour. Obs., Jan., and 
U. and Jj. Med. Jour., Julu. 

— And Dilatation of Lymph Channels. (Busoy.) 
.v. O. Med. and Sur. Jour., Jan., July, and 

— Almost Complete of the Vaginal Walls. 

^Cleveland.) Cin. Med. Advance, .Jan. 

— Complete of the Vagina. (Richmond.) St. 

Louis Med. and Sur. Jour., April. 

(Edema. Case of Nervous . (Cobleigh.) 

Phila. Med. and Sur. Hep., Jan. 27. 

— Acute oflhc Glotti-s. (lA'ffcrts.) V. Y. 

Med. Jotir., Au(/. 

CEnathe Crooita. In Puerperal Convulsions. 
(Oehme.) -V. A'. Mvd. Uazelte (H.), June. 

CEuotbera Hieunis. (Davis.) Am. Pract., 

(Esophagus. The 

Action in the . 

Oct. 13. 

Oil. Old Flaxseed a.s a Topical Application 

in Pneumonia. (Davidson.) Cin. Lancet and 
Obs., Sept. 

— Cod Liver . (Green.) Nash. Jour. Med. and 

Sur., Sept. 

-The Application of to the Surface of the 

Body. (Uumbold.) SI. Louis Med. and Sur. 
Jour., Sept. 

— Large Dose of Croton . (Sharp.) Ohio Med. 

Jieeurder, Muij. 

— Note on tlio Detection of Castor in Co- 
paiba. (Maisch.) Am. Jour. Phur., March. 

— Method of Detecting and Estimating Castor 
and other Fixed Oils in Balsam of Copai- 
ba. (Muter.) Am. Jour. Phar., April. 

— Kerosene in Croup. (Harvey.) Phila. 

Med. and Sur. Rep., April U. 

— Kerosene in Croup. (Ingalls.) Phila. Med. 

and Sur. Itejt., May 5. 

— Of Ciunaiuon Leaves. (Knhn.) Am. Jour. 
Phar., Jan. 

— Turpentine. Emulsion of . (Genois.) 

Am. Jour. Phar., July. 

— In Puerperal Peritonitis. (Kirkwood.) West- 
ern, Lancet, May. 

— The Manufacture of the Rosin, and Tur- 
pentine. (Zacharias.) Am. Jour. Phar., \or. 

Oils. Practical Notes on the Rotary Power of 

the Volatile . (Fliickiuger.) Am. Jour. 

Phar., June. 

Oleuiu Theubroina. On Detection of AdiUtcr- 

ations in . (Lamhofer.) Am.Jour.l'hur., 


Olive Culture. Note on and Olive Oil in 

(ircece ; Note on the Date and its Use in the 
Orient. (Landerer.) New Rem., Jan. 

Nash. Jour, of Med. and Sur., 

Localization of Diseased 
(Allen.) Phila. Med. Times, 

Open Ani/wer. To Dr. 11. R. Arndt. 
Cin. Med. Advance (IL), Nov. 



(Rosoburg.) Cin, 

Homeo. Times, 

Va. Med. 

Med. and 

S. Med 



— Brief Report of Casea of 
and Symiiathetlc Irritation. 
Med. News, Jan. 

-Suppressed . (Gregg.) 

-Phlyctenular . (McDowell.) 

Month 1 1/, May. 

— Catan-lnil . (Wilkes.) Phila. 

Sur. Rep., Feb. 17. 

— Diphtheritio . (Woodyatt.) V. 

Inveslif/alor (U.), Jan. 1. 

— Neonatorum. (Amick.) Cin. Lancet 
Obs., Jan., and Cin. Med. News, Feb. 

— (Dugas.) N. O. Med. and Sur. Jour., March. 

— (Turnbull.) Phila. Med. and Sur. Re})., May 5. 
Ophthalmic and Autal Notes. (Do Rosset.) 

Md. Med. Jour., Sept. 

— C<mtribution8, (Strawbridge.) Am. Jour. 
Med. Sciences, Jan. 

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■ following a Fracture of tho Fibula. 
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OstltlB. Of the Fomur Showing Ulceratiou.s i 
Along the Shaft and Through the Neck. ! 
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Ulght Tibia, (liideiiour.) Toledo Med. and Sur. 
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,Jour. Phar.,May. 
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under most Unfavorable Cir- 
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cumstauces, etc. 
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tucky Medical Society Transactions. 
Ian.) Louisville iled. Netcs, Nov. 10. 
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aanitji. April. 

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. (Spitzka.) Chicago Jmir. Nerv. and 

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fron> External Auditory Meatus. (Cohen. > 
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Twice Appeared to Save Life. (Bulkley.) 
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the, . (Bronson.) Arch. DermaloL, April. 

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Pepsin. Dues it Merit a Place in Materia 

Modicii i (Cornett.) Aw. Pracl., Sept. 

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naivConmiunicatiOTi. (Kiiapp.) Arch. Ophthixl. 
and Olol., Vol. V I.,page'iio. 

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ton Med. Jour, and liev,, Jan. 

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etc. (Shultz.) A n. Observer (II. i, Sept. 

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Burcn.) Chicugi' Med. Jour, atid Ex., Sept. 

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Jour. Obs., Oct. 

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(AduniM.) N. Y. Med. liec, March 24. 

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Artery ; Guugruue ; Amputdiion ; Recovery. 

(Schclbenzuber.) Ohio Med. and Sur. Jour., 


Personal Identity^ (Morgan.) The. Sanitarian, 

Pertussis. Further Contribution to the Treat- 
ment of . (Porter.) N. 1'. Med. Jour., 


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Pessaries. In Uterine Displacements. (Cham-.) 
Phila. Med. and Sur. Hep., Oct. 27. 

— Intra-Uterine Stem . (Taliaferro.) li. 

and L. Med. .lour., Aug. 

— General Considerations Regarding the Value 

of . (Waddel.) Toledo Med. and Sur. .lour., 


Pessary. New Anteversion . (Gehrung.i 

St. I, ouis Med. and Sur. Jour., July. 

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ments. (Herrick.) Detroit Med. Jour., Oct. 

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ta Med. and Sur. Jour., April. 

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luuey. (Wolff.) Am. .four. Phar., Jan, 

Pharmaceutical. Advance of and Chemi- 
cal Science. (Green.) SouthemMed. liec, July. 

— Sisrns. )n the Origin of Our for Weights 

and Measures. (Rice.) New Rem., July. . 

Pharmacopoeia. The of the United States 

and the .Vmerican Medical Association. (Tay- 
lor.) Am. .four. Phar., May. 

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Hi- Weekly, Sept. 1. 

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((ireene.) Cin. Lancet and Obs., Oct. ; 
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I'hlmosis. (Baker ; Nortliwestern A7inalist, 
ill.), July. 

— With Reflex Irritation. (Brooke.) Va. Med. 
Monthly, Feb. 

— Results of Operation for . (Sayre.) Philv. 

Med. and Sur. lie))., April 7. 

— (Yale.) A'. Y. Med. Jottr., Aug. 

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men.; St. Louis Med. and Stir. Jottr., Dec. 

— Case of Congenital anil its Sequel. (Sand- 

idge.) Louisville Med. Netcs, Aug. 4. 

I»hleWtls. Case of Puerperal . (Janvorin.) 

Aiii. .lour. Obx., .I'in. 
Phlegmatia Dolens. (Elderdice.) Cin. Med. 

Ncir.f, June. 

— Alba Uolens. (Cline.) Canada Med. and 
Sur. .Tour.. Sept. 

Phosplxorus. Assimulations. (Gardner.) N. }'. 
Med. Kec, Jan. 27 and May 19. 

— (Percy.) .V. v. Med. liec, April 7 and .Ttine '!",. 

— Case of Frequent Failure of asuTliera- 

peutic Agent. (Garrison.) Phy. ntul Phar., 

— As a Restorative Remedy. (Herrick.) N. O. 
Med. and Stir. Jour., .May. 

Phthisis. The TrBauiient ot Certain Symptoms 
ill C'as«.H of • -. (Bartholow.) The Clinic. 
Dee. 1. 

— And Rmpyema. (Bevau.) Chicago Med. .lour. 
and Ex.. June. 

— Laryngeal — and Its Relations to Lllo In- 
surance. (Coomea.) Lovnirillc Med. News, 
March 17. 

— Diabetes Insipidus Fibrous . (DelaUeld.) 

N. r. Med- HfA^., May Vi. 

— Results of Clinical .''tudios Relating to • 

(Fliut.) .tm. Pract.. Feb. 






— Contributions to the Treatment of Pulmonary 

. (Gleitamaun.) A^. O. Med and Sur. Jour., 


— Treatment of . (Polk.) Ohio Med. and 

Sur. Jour., June. 

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Vitalized Pliospliates. (Polk.) Va. Med. 
Monthly, Oct. 

— (Porter.) St. Louis Med. and Sur. Jour., Feb., 
March, and April. 

— Left Lung and Heart, with Fenestrated Pul- 
monary Leaflets, and Peculiar Growth on one 

of the TricuHpirt Leaflets from a Case of . 

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Aug. 11. 

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Jour., March. 

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. (James.) Hahnemanniun Monthly, April. 

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Propagation of . (Stevenson.) Va. Med. 

Monthly, Sept. 

Phyllooactas Orandls. (Kunze.) N. Y. Med. 
Eclectic, Sept. 

— Incoordination of Movements, with Loss of 
Eauillbriatiug Powers ; Circumcision; Recov- 
ery. (Hard.) Boston Med. and Sur. Jour., 
Jan. 18. 

— Congenital . (Robbing.) N. Y. Med. Jour., 


— Cases of and Adherent Prepuce. (Hupp.) 

Oin. Med. News, Sept. 

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News, Nov. 

Physician. The True Status of the . (Bron- 

son.) Cin. Med. Advance, (H.). Dec. 

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Physicians. New York and Colleges. 

(Craig.) Am. Med. Bi-Weekly, Dec. 8. 

— Who are Regular 1 (Gerald.) N. Y.Med. 

Eclectic, Jan. 

— As Dispensers. (Greeu.) Phila. Med. and 
Sur. Rep., Nov. 24. 

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Physiological. Interpretations of Symptoms. 

(Rhees.) iV. E. Med. Gazette (H.), April. 
Physiologry. As Related to Theology. (Bafnes.) 

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— Recent Progress in . (Bowdltch.) Boston 

Med. and Sur. Jour., Jan. 18. 

— Modern . (Buck.) Cin. Med. Advance 

(H.), Feb. 

— Of Sugar. The In Relation to the Blood. 

(Pavy.) N. E. Med. Gazette (if.), Oct. 

Phytolacca. Fatal Dose of . (Battles.) 

Ohio Med. Recorder, A ua. 

— Decandra. In Scrofula and Phthisis Pulmo- 
nalis. (Barry.) St. Louis Clin. Rec, .Tune. 

— In the Treatment of Mastitis. (Moore.) Va. 
Med. Monthly, May. 

— In Scarlet Fever. (Sibley.) TT. .S. Med. Inves- 
tigator {!!.), Jan. 1. 

Pictorial Art. On the in Illustrating Mic- 
roscopic Observations. (Piper.) Chicago Med. 
Jour, and Ex., March. 

Piece of Iron. In the Iris Twenty-four Years. 
(Eotz.) Chicago Med. Jour, and Ex., Feb. 

Piles. New Treatment for . (Paramoro.) 

Chicago Med. Times, Sept. 
Pills. Compressed . (Green.) Va. Med. 

Monthly, A iig, 

— A Word in Defence of Sugar-Coated . 

(Moore.) Am. Jour. Phar., March, and Phy. 
and I'har., Aug. 

— And Pill Masses. (Wilder.) Am. .four. Phar., 

— N<>te on the Solubility of Ccrtiiin Kinds of 
tiululno . (Yale.) New Rem., March. 

Pilocarpine. Nitrate of . (Edes.) Boston 

Med. and Sur. Jour., Aug. 2. 

Pin, Voided through the Bladder. (Stephen- 
eon.) Detroit Med. Jour., Dec. 

— In Posterior Nares. (Ward.) Arch. Clin. Sur., 

Pineal Gland. Descriptive and Microscopical. 

(Cutler.) Oin. Med. News, Dec. 
Piper Methysticum. Proving of . (Gris- 

wold.) Hahnemunnian Monthly, June. 

— Proving . (Hlller.) Hahnemannian Month- 
ly, July. 

Piston. New Syringe . (Peters.) Boston 

Med. and Sur. Jour., April 5. 
Pltsrriasis Rubra. Notes on the Successful 

Treatment of Three Cases of . (Hlnton.) 

Phila. Med. Times, Sept. 16. 

Placenta. Retention of from Atmospheric 

Pressure. (Forest.) JV^. ¥. Med. Rec, Dec. 1. 

— Adherent . (Beip.) Hahnemannian Months 

ly, June. 

— Relation of the in Labor, at Term. (Trash.) 

Am. Jour. Obs.,July. 

— With History of Concealed Hemorrhage. 
(Walker.) Am. Jour. Obs., Oct. 

— Preevia. Report of a Case of ; Recovery, 

(Alderson.) Ohio Med. and Sur. Rep. (H.), 

— Case of . (Gardner.) St. Louis Clin. Rec., 


— (Kelly.) Am. Jour. Obs., July. 

— (Perrigo.) Canada Med. Rec., March. 

— Case of . (Richardson.) Boston Med. and 

Stir. Jour., March 8. 

— The Prophylactic Treatment of . (Thomas.) 

A>n. Pract., May. 

— Case of Treated by Bringing on Prema- 
ture Delivery. (Thomas.) Am. Jour. Obs., 

Plantago Mi^Jor. (Hills.) Ifoineo. Times, Jan. 
Plants. In the Sleeping Room. (Gatchell.) Am. 
Observer (H.), Dec. 

— Notes on Some Medicinal and other Useful 
. (Landerer.) Am. Jour Phar., April. 

—Scent-Yielding and their Products. (Piesse.) 

New Rem., Nov. 

Plaster. New Adhesive . (Martin.) Boston 

Med. and Sur. .lour., Oct. 11. 

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— Jacket. An Adaptation of the to the 

Splints of the Hip. (Hyde.) Atn. Jour. Med. 
Sciences, July. 

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Seat. 15. 

— of Paris. In the Treatment of Surgical In- 
juries. (Fairchlld.) Cin. Lancet and Obs., 

— New Deviee for Spreading and other Su)>- 

stances upon Bandages. (Green.) X.Y.Med. 
Rec, Oct. 13. 

— BandaKC' Application of the . (Sayre.) 

Md. Med. .lour., Aug. 

— Jacket. The in Spinal Diseases. (Andrews.) 

Chicago Med. .Tour, and Ex., Dec. 

— And a Question of Priority. (Shaw.) N. Y. 
Med. Rec June'i. 

Plastic Dressing. In Fractures of the Lower 
Extremities. (Yandell.) Cin. Med. News, 

— An Extract from a Clinical Lecture on tiie 

Innnovable or in Fractures of the Lower 

Extremities. (Yandell.) Louisville Med. New,s, 
May 19. 

Plea. For Fairness and Accuracy. (Miller.) 
Boston Med. and Sur. Jour., Dec. 6. 

Pleurisy. Some of the Sequelns of . (Black- 

ader.) Canada Med. Rec, Dec. 
Pleurltis, Tympanic Resonance in . (In- 

gals.) Chicago Med. Jour, and Ex., March. 
Pienro-Pneuinonla. (Scott.) Atlanta Med. 

and Sur. Jour., Sept. 
Plumbum. In Cirrhotic Kidney. (Gatchell.) 

Am. Ilomeo., Dec. 



I*neumatic Pressure. And tlio Genu Ppptoral 
I'oxiiiro in the Uoiluctlon of Utcrlna Luxutiouu. 
(raniplipll.) Am. Jour. Obs.,Jnn. 

— Treatment. Of tho Respiratory and Ciniilii- 
tory Organs. (DescUcro.) North Am. Jour. 
Homeo., Feb. 

Piteiuuoula, Aatlienlc . (Arnold.) Phila. 

Med. and tiiir. Rep., Jan. 20. 

— Arrested in its First Stages. (Carroll.) N. Y. 
Med. h'ec., Feb. 24. 

— Notes on with Cases. (Cliew.) Md. Med. 

.four., June. 

— Euiholic . (Guiteras.) Phila. Med. Times, 

March 3. 

— Acute Lobar. Beginning in Right Apex. 

(Henry.) Phila. Med. Titucs, July 11. 

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lieved liy BeUadouna and Jilectricity. (Dow.) 

— By Corrosive Sublimate. (Dumm.) Ohio Med. 
Ree., Sept. 

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— Lead in Frogs. (Mason.) N. Y. Med. Jour., 


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donua. (Burko.) Southern Med. Rcc, Jan. 

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Ii\|ections of Aqua Ammonia. (Coover.) I'hila. 
Med. and Sur. Rep., May I'.i. 

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Brief , Sept. 

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of Opium . (Fito.) Med. Brief, Sept. 

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na and Coft'ee. (Stecu.) Va. Med. Monthly, 

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of Belladonna and Cottee. (Wells.) Ohio Med. 
Recorder, July. 

Poiitzer's Acoumetcr. Hearing Tests and . 

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VI., page C03. 

I'olypuH. FiI)rou8 Simulating Inversion. 

(Thomas.) Am. .four. Obs., April. 

(Robinson.) xKrch. Dermatol., 

U. S. Med. Investigator 


(Loomls.) Areh. 
Phila. Med. and 
Ohio Med. Re- 

lieved liy Bellauonna a 
Va. Med. Monthly, Dec. 

— On Chronic Malarial . 

Clin. Sur., Oct. 15. 

— By Nutmeg. (Matthews.) 
Sur. Rep., Feb. 10. 

— By Pie Plant. (McMiUau.) 
rorder, July. 

— Case of by Strychnia Treated by Bromide 

of Potassium and Cliloral Hydrate. (Raglaud.) 
Va. Med. Monthly, Nov. 

— Is Bniuiido Potass and Sulph. Morphia an 

Antidote tor by Strychnine 1 (Moore.) 

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— By Carbolic Acid, Treated l)y Apomorphia. 
(Scmplc.) Va. Med. Montlili/, Ma>/. 

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— Case of by the Flu. Extract of Belladonna 

Relieved by IIyport;Tmi(' In.iccticns of Mm' 
pliia Sulphas. (Beech.) Toledo Med. and Sur. 
Jour., April. 

— A Case of Belladonna . (Whitley.) Chicago 

Med. Jour, uiui Ex., Se2»l. 





Posolof^y. (Jackson.) 

(11.), May 15. 
Post Centennial Microscopical Notes. 
Cin. Med. News, March. 
Potash. On tho Use of Cldorate of in Dipli- 

tlicria and Pseudo-Membranous Croup. 

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— Chlorate of and Mercury. (MattlK^ws.) 

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Chicago Med. Jour, and Ex., April. 

Potassium. The Use of Bromide of Hypo- 

dermically. (Adams.) Atlanta Med. and Sur. 
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Potency and Dose. (Breyfoglo.) Cin. Med. Ad- 
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•ncnlofllie . (Eirpieston.) Ohio Med. and 

Sur. Rep. (//.), May. 

Pott's Diseiise. (Kiiisnnin.) Ohio Med. Recor- 
der, Aug. 

— (Uigt>.) /•'. and L. Med. .Tour., March. 



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Snr., Nov. 

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and Ex., Oct. 

— Keport of , or Carles of tho Spluc," Treated 

by Extension and Plaster of Paris Bandage. 
(Sayre.) It. and L. Med. Jour., May. 

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Cervical Vertebra). (Gross.) I'hila. Med. 
Times, Hept. 1. 

— In the Cervical Region. (Say re.) Philu. Med. 
and Hitr. Hep., Jan. 27. 

Powers of Hearing. Disproportion between 

tlie , tho Ticlf of a Watch, and tho Iluuiau 

Voice. (Roosa.) Am, Jour. Med. Sciences, 

Practice. Special . (Burlington.) St. Louis 

Eclectic Med. Jour., Nov. 

Pratt, Case of the Late Henry , of Lanes- 

boro. (Paddock.) Boston Med, and Sur. Jour., 
Dec. 6. 

Preg^nancy. Case of with Elongated, Hy- 
pertrophic, and Ulcerated Cervix. (Cleveland.) 
Am. Jour. 01)s.,Jul}j. 

— Case of Vomiting In Successfully Treated 

with lugluvin. (Fi-owcrt.) N.Y. Med. Hcc, 
Oct. 20, aiid ('in. Med. Neu-s, Nov. 

— To Full Term, after Four Successive Miscar- 
riages. (Guernsey.) llahnemannian Monthly, 

— Molar . (Kenuard.) St. Louis Med, and 

Sur, Jonr., March. 

— Occurring during Lactation. (Thomas.) The 

— Cliui(!al Lecture; Abdominal ; Successful 

Ol>oratiou. (Tliomas.) The Clinic, Dee. 'i'l. 

— Jiarly . (Euglemann.) St. Louis Med. and 

Sur. Jour., May. 

— Sign of Early . (Gehruug.) Aw. Pract., 


— Ignorance of . (Ingles.) Phila. Med. and 

Sur, Hep., Ann. 11. 

( Phila. Med. and 

— Iguorauco 
Sur, Jicp., April 28. 

— Report of It Committee on Dr. William Pep- 
per's CasoofExtiaUtorme . (Mears.) Phila. 

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Med. and Sur. Jour., Oct, 

— Extra Uterine , Abdominal Variety. 

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— Extra Uterine . (Gilland.) Ta. Med. 

Monthly, Sept. 

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Pregnant. Can a Woman Carry a Child to Full 

Time and not l)e Aware that She is ? 

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March 17. 

Prescriptions. Select . (Chandler.) Louis- 
ville Med. News, Feb. 17. 

— Useful . (Smith.) Va. Med, Monthly, 


Presentation. Some Cases of Arm . (Ileus- 

1 is.) JV. O. Med. and Sur. Jour., Dec. 

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aid of Kuee-Elbow . (Humphrey,) Am. 

.four. Med. Sciences, Jan. 

— Impacted Face . (Reamy.) Am. Jour. 

Obs., July. 

Presentations. Remarks on the History and 
Treatment of Two Cases of Face . (Part- 
ridge) .V. y. Med., lour. .March, 

— Version ))y tlio Vertex in Shoulder . (Bol- 

lini;.) Louisville Med. Netos, March 24, and 
SniilhernMed. liee.. May. 

— Sliouliler and otlier Transverse . (Maxou.) 

Am. Pract., March. 

— Shoulder and their Treatment. (Sey- 
mour.) 3Ied. Brief, .Tune. 

Preventive Treatment. Tho of Certain Dls- 

easex. A New Method of Prophylactic Prac- 
tice. (Hunt.) JV. Y. Med. Itcc, Sept. 22. 

Priapism. Persistent . (Walker.) Va. Med. 

Monthly, Feb. 

Procidentia Uteri. With Cases. (Sell.) Phy. 

and Phar., A%ig. 
Proctitis. Or Inflammation of the Rectum. 

(Vance.) Ciii. Lancet and Obs., Axig. 

Professional Duty. And Sacrifice of Life, 
((ireen.) N. Y. Med. Hcc, June 2. 

Prolapsus. Tho Surgical Remedies for In- 
volving Uterus, Vagina, Bladder, or Rectum. 
(Beebe.) U. S. Med. Investiyator (IT.), Jan. 1. 

— Of tho Womb from Elongation of the Supra- 
Vaginal Portion of the Cervix. (Goodell.) 
Phila. Med. and Sur. Hep., Jan. C. 

— Vaginal and Uterine . (Palmer.) The 

Clinic, Dec. 15. 

Prolapsus Anl. (Cattermole.) Canada Lancet, 

Prophylaxis of Summer Complaints in Child- 
ren. (Olesou.) Ohio Med. and Sur. Jour., 

Prostatic Enlargement, Treatment of the , 

by the use of Nealton's Vulcanized Gum Cathe- 
ter. (Thomson.) Am. Pract., Aug. 

— Guide. (Keyes.) N. Y. Med. Hec, May 5. 

— New . (Otis.) N. Y. Med. Hee., ApiHl 21. 

Prostitution. The Regulation of . (Cres- 

ler.) Cin. Med. News, Aug. 
Protagon. (Percy.) New Hem., April. 

— (Polk.) Am. Med. Bi-wceldy, June 9, and Med. 
Brief, .Tuli/. 

— Note on . (Polk.) Phila. Med. Times, 

Sept. 29. 

— (Williamson.) Cin. Med. Neivs, Dec. 
Pruritis Cutaneous, On tho Various Forms of 

. (Taylor.) Arch. Clin. Sur., Aug. 

Psychology. Materialistic . (Donald.) 

Southern Med. Hcc, Aug. 

— Tho ofKathrina. (Stevens.) Cin. Lancet 

and Obs., May. 

Psychosis. Notesou . (Hughes.) St. Louis 

Med. find Sur. Jour., April. 

— Practical Notes on tlio . (Hughes,) St. 

Louis Med. and Sur. Jour., March. 

Public Charities. New Yoik and Conec- 

tion. (Raborg.) The Sanitarian, July. 

— Health. Reform. (Black.) The Sanitarian, 

Puerpura Uheumatica, etc. (Campbell.) N. Y. 

Med. Jour., Dec. 
Pulsatilla. In Nem-algia. (Cumbacker.) Am. 

Horn CO., Dec. 

— in Transverse Positions. (Holcombe.) Ohio 
Med. and Sur. Hep. (II.), May. 

— (Wenzel.) Louisville Med. News, March 10. 

Pultaceous Concretion. Note on tho Micro- 
graphy and Chemistry of a from the Ton- 
sil. (Vansant.) N. O.Med. and Sur. Jour., Oct. 

Pumpkin Seed. Ethereal Extract of . 

(Endo.) Ncio Hem., Sept. 

— As a TiEniafuge. (White.) Ohio Med. and 
Sur. Jour., Dec. 

Puncture. Case of of tho Intestines for the 

Relief of Over-distension with Gas. (Leo.) 
Chicago Med. Jour, and Ex., Oct. 

— Of tho Bladder. (Coleman.) Med. Brief, Sept. 

— Of the Bladder, followed by Death. (Hull.) 
3re I. Brief, Nov. 

— Of the Bladder. (Zuercher.) Med. Brief, Nov. 

Puncturing tho Bladder for the Retention of 
Urine. (Wiendahl.) Med. Brief, Sept. 

Purple of the Ketina. A Few AVords ou the 
. (Alt.) iV. r. Med. Hec, Aug, 4. 

Purpura. Scorbutic . (Bulkley.) Arrh. 

Dermatol., Jan. 


it - i 




(BeviMi.) ifd. Med., lour. 

— HeuiorrhagtcK. 

]',vi«mlH. Oaso of Piieriwrul Boptic — , with 
Metiistutio riinopbthulmiii. (MeKuuzie.) Am. 
Jour. Vbs., Oct. 

-- (Sigwortli.) I'hila. Med. and Sttr, Rep., Jun. 

— Aiul Scpticivmia. (Wiitsou.) X. Y. Med. 
Jour., Oct. and Nov. 

— r.yo-l'neumothorax. (Sutterthwalto.) .V. r. 
Med. Jour., July. 

— Treatment by Aspiration and Pcnnanent 
Drainaffo Tube. (Stoddard.) Huffalo Mid. 
and Unr. Jour., Nov. 

J'yruB Americana. (Gatchell.) Xortlitccstern 

Aimalisl (II.), July. 
Ouarantine. New York . (Vauderpoel.) The 

Sanitarian, March. 
Quartan. Intermittent. (Beckwith.) U. S. 

Med. Investigator (II. J, Feb. 1. 

Queen's Hospital College. (Craumcr.) Phila, 
Med. and Sur. Hep., Sept. 15. 

Quinla. As to How and Cinchonidia Act in 

ModifyinK tlio Body Heat. (Davy.) Ciii. Lan- 
eet and Obs., July. 

— Action of iu Malarial Fevers. (Duunu.) 

Ohio Med. liec., March. 

— Action of II 8 a Curative Remedy. (Dmnui.) 

Ohio Med. Iteeorder, June. 

— (Go8s.) Eclectic Med. and Sur. Jour., .^u|J. 

— Unusually Unpleasant Effects of Bulpliate of 
. (Slocum.) N. r. Med. Rec., May 26. 

— Estimation of . (Trimble.) Am. Jour. 

Phar., Xov. 

— Local Effects of in tlio Treatment of 

Diphtheria. (Ziuke.) The clinic, Dec. 2i>. 

Qulniaphobla. (Orinuell.) ('in. Lancet and 
Obs., March. 

Quinine. As a Remedy for Poisonous Eniptious. 
(Cantrt'll.) Kash. Jour. Med. and Sur., Any. 

— And Urticaria, (Clariborne.) .V. J'. Med. 
nee, Dec. 22. 

— Hyiwdcmiio lujoctlons of iu Malignant 

Malarial Fever. (Davie.) li. and L. Med. 
Jour., Jan. 

— ilnd Hydrobromlc Acid. (Forest.) X Y. Med. 

— In Certain (fastro-Intestinal Disorders. (Gil- 
liam.) Ohio Med. Recorder, Feb. 

— Peculiar Effects from Exliibitlon of . 

(irifllth.) Ohio Med. Recorder, May. 

— In Sciatica of Malarial Orii^ii. (Mannon.) 
The ClinU'.Ocl. 13. 

— Cases Apparently Sliowlng that Docs not 

Possess Oxytocic Virtues, With Remarks. 
(Ilawes.) Vrt. Med. Monthly, Aug. 

— As an Oxytocic. (Restlue.) Va. Med. Monthly, 

— As nu Oxytocic. (Thomas.) Am. Med. IU- 
Weelcly, Aug. i. 

— Effect of uiwu the Gravid Uterus. (Bee- 
man.) A m. Med. Jli-Weekly, Feb. 3. 

— Effectsof upon the Gravid Uterus. (Craig.) 

A m. Med. m-Weekly, May 26. 

— Effects of on tlio Gravid Uterus. (Fon- 
taine.) Am. Med. Ri-Weelcly, March 3. 

— An Instance in which Originated Contrac- 
tion of the Uterus. (Beemau.) Am. Med. Hi- 
Weekly, May 12. 

Rabies Feline. Case of Treated with 

Woorara and Morpliia. (Read.) Am. Jour. 
Med. Sciences, Jan. 

Rachiotomy. In Transverse Presentational. 

(Tcbault.) Vrt. Med. Monthly, April. 
Riichitis. Thirteen Cases of . (Forchheimer.) 

The (Jlinic, April 2>i. 
Uauunculus Bulbosus. (.Smith.) X. K. Med. 

(ituclte (II.), June. 

Rape. Case of Alleged and <^:>nvictiou. 

(< Jociiran.) Am. Med. Bi-Weekly, March 17. 

Rattlesnalce Hit*. Case of SiictcssfuUy 

I'lcatcd by Injections of Carbolate of Ammo- 

nia into tlio Veins. (Knott.) Phila. Med. and 
Sur. Rep., July '21. 

Recovery. After Railroad Accident. (Tolaud.) 

Western Lancet, July. 
Rectocele. New Operation for the Cure of 

and Cystocelo. (Gillette.) Am. Jour. Obs., 


Rectum. Diseases of the ; a Brief Review 

of their Hynipiomatology and Physical Di- 
agnosis. (Vance.) Vin. Lancet and Cits., 

Reinsch's Test. Fallacies of for Arsenic. 

(Wormly.) Am. Jour. Med. Sciences, Oct. 
Reflex IVIotor Symptoms. Pathology and Treat- 

nuMit of , Paralysis, Constructions, etc. 

(Dupuy.) Chicago Jour. Nerc. and Menl. IHs., 


Reform Needed Among Reformers. (Gibbous.) 

Pacific Med. and Sur. Jour., May. 
Refraction. Errors of . Demonstrated by a 

New and Original Model. (Munson.) X. ¥. 

Med. Jour., May. 

— Errors of of the Eye. (Murrell.) R. and 

L. Med. Jour., Se})t. 

Remedies. Notes on Some of the Newest . 

(Hale.) Am. Ilomeo., Sept. 
Renal Disease. Remarks on . (Milner.) 

Phila. Med. and Sur. Rep., March 3. 
Reply to Dr. I>. Newcomer. (Glenn.) Med. 

Brief, Oct. 

— Criticism. (Sayre.) Arch Clin. Sur., March. 

— Dr. Curtis. (Williams.) Boston Med. and Sur. 
Jour., Dec. 13. 

Reputation. How Obtained. (Anon.) Buffalo 

Med. and Sur. Jour., Oct. 
Resiua Podopliylli. (Klie.) Am. Jour. Phar., 


Resonator. The . (Mitchell.) U. S. Med. 

Invesligalor (II.), April 1. 

Respiration. The Point of Origin In the So- 
called Bronchial . (Ellis.) Boston Med- 

and Sur. Jour., July B. 

— Expcuiuients tin the Effects Upon , of Cut^ 

ting off tho Supply of Blood from the Brain 
and Medulla Oblongata. (Flint.) X. Y. Med. 
Jour., Xoc. 

Respiratory Ilrace. The. (French.) Bosto/ti 

Med. and Sur. Jour., May 3. 
Retina. Recent Discoveries in tho Physiology 

of the . (Butler.) Canada Med. and Sur. 

Jour., Aug. 
-•Contribution to the Anatomy of tho Human 

. Norrls.) Am. Jotir. Med. Sciences, Oct. 

— Contribution to the Anatomy of tho Human 

. (Shakespeare.) Am. Jour. Med. Sciences, 


Retinitis Albuminuria. (Ilarlau.) Phila, 
Med. and Sur. Rep., July 28. 

— Apoplectica, And jibollc Inflammation 
of the Retina. (No. Am. Jour. Med, Sci- 
ences, Oct. 

Retroversion. Case of of the Uterus, Com- 
plicated by Adhesion and Prolapse of the Left 
Ovary. (Cleveland.) Am. Jour. Obs., Jan. 

Rheumatism. Analysis of One Hundred and 
Nine Cases o' — , Treated with Salicylic 
A(!id and Sai.. ^e, With Tables. (Brown.) 
Boston Med. and Sur. Jour., Feb. H. 

— Its Treatment by Saliclno, Ballcyllo Acid, and 
Salicylate of Sodium. (Caldwell.) X. V. Med. 
Rec, Sept. 1. 

— (Gibbous.) Pacific Med. and Sur. Jour., 

— Ammonia Ti'eatment of . (Lewis.) South- 

em Med. Rec, Oct. 

— Case of Scrofulous . (Milan.) Louiaville 

Med. Xeics, Feb. 10. 

— Therapeutics of Acute , or Rheumatic Fe- 
ver. (Butterfleld.) Eclectic Med. and Sur. 
.four., June. 

— Acute Treated by Salicylic Acid. (Craw- 
ford.) Va. Med. Monthly, July. 




— CnHo of Acute Treated by Sallclno. (Dlx- 

Dii.) Ohio Med. Recorder, March. 

— Acuto . (Field.) Va. Med. Monthly, Jan, 

— Acute Treated with Sallcyllo Acid. (Lo- 

maz.) Phila. Med. and Hur. Hep., Aug. i. 

— The Treatment of Acuto . (Miller.) Cin. 

hancel and Obs., March. 

— Case of Acute Followed by Pericarditis 

tiud Pneumonia. (AValluce.) Louisville Med. 
News, Feb. 17. 

— Acuto Treated with Salicylic Acid. 

(Wharton.) Ya. Med. Monthly, July. 

— On the Specific Action of Large Doses of 
Lime-juice in the Treatment of Acute, Sub- 
Aouto, and Chronic . (Chandler.) Cana- 
da Lancet, Oct. 

— Starvation in the Treatment ol Acute Articu- 
lar . (Wood.) Canada Med. Rec., June. 

KhuB. What Symptoms Indicate the . 

(Mooers.) Am. Homeo.,Dec. 

— Toxicodendron. And Baryta. (Berrldgc.) 
U. S. Med. Investigator (U.>, Oct. 1. 

— Characteristics or . (Hoyne.) XI. 8. Med. 

Investigator (II.), Marchl. 

Kiots. The Late in Montreal Viewed 

from a PsycholoKlcal Standpoint. (Howard.) 
Canada Med. and Sur. Jour., Sept. 



Kowlug Alen, Health 
The Sanitarian, Dec. 

Itubeola. And Abortion. (Orider.) Louisville 
Med. News, Aug. 11. 

Kuptnre. Of the Choroid. (Amlck.) Cin. 
Lancet and Obs., Nov. 

— Death from of the Heart. (Cilley.) Phila. 

Med. and Sur. Rep., Dec. 8. 

— Of the Funis during Rapid Labor. (Farnhara.) 
Am. Sup, Obs. Jour. Great Britain and Ire- 
land, July. 

— Of the Healthy CEsophagus. (Fitz.) Ain. 
Jour. Med. Sciences, Jan. 

— Case of of the Vestibule During Labor. 

(Gillette.) Am. Jour. Obs,, April, 

— Of the Womb. (Ooodell.) Am. Jour. Obs., 

— Case of Death from of the Fallopian Tube 

and Intraperitoneal Hemorrhage. (Nicoll.) 
A HI. Jo^ir, Obs., Jan. 

— Death from of a Cyst of the Broad Liga- 
ment. (Parish.) Am. Jour. Obs., July. 

— Of a Multllocular Ovarian Tumor from Vio- 
lent Vomiting. (Raborg.) N. Y, Med, Jour., 

— Of the Perineum, with Laceration of the Ves- 
tibule Anterior to the Urethra. (Morris.) Am. 
.Tour. Obs., April. 

— Case of — of the Perineum. (Wilkinson.) 
Va. Med. MontMu, June, 

— - Of the Uterus at the Posterior Utero-Va«:inal 
Junction, Caesarian Section. (Dow.) Va. iled. 
Monthly, Sept. 

— Fatal Case of of the Uterus. (Hank.) 

Am. Jour. Obs., April. 

— Case of Complete of the Uterus and Va- 

(jlna. (Jenkins.) Fhila. Med. and Sur. Rep., 
March 24. 

— Of the Uterus. (Sawin.) N. E. Med. Oasette 
(H.), Oct. 

— Of a Uterus by Molesworth's Dilator. (Smith.) 
Am. Jour. Obs., April. 

— Case of of the Uterus and Escape of Con- 
tents into the Peritoueal feac. (Stevens.) 
Phila. Med, and Sur. Rep., May 5. 

Raptares. Four Successive of the Uterus. 

(Rose.) Chicago Med. Jour, and Ex., Aug. 



Memoir of Dr. Bculamin 
Betroil Med. Jour., Feb. 

-. (John- 

Safety of Ships. The , and those who Travel 

in tnem. (Woodworth.) The Sanitarian, Feb. 

Sallcin. In Acuto Rheumatism. (McNlder.) 
Phila. Med. and Stir. Rep., May 12. 

— In Rheumatism. (Tyree.) Phila. Med. and 
Sur. Rep., April 7. 

— Tlio Value of In Chronic Diarrhoea. (Mat- 

tison.) A7n, Med, Bi-Weekly, Jan, 0. 

Salivation. Mercurial and Ilydiouelu. 

(Newton.) Am, Med, Jour. (E.), Nov. 

— Case of Excessive During Pregnancy ; 

Face Presentation; First Position; Rotation 
Eflfocted l)y Forceps ; Child Alive. (Richard- 
son.) Boston Med. and Sur. Jour., July 12. 

Sangruinaria Canadensis. (Barrows.) Eclectic 
Med. and Sur, Jour,, Dec. 

Sanitary Condition of Cities. (Fisher.) Toledo 
Med. and Sur. Jour., March. 

— Measures. On . (McEachran.) Atn. Vcl. 

Rev., Jan. 

— Reform. The Need of in Ship Lite. 

(Gibon.) T?ie Sanitarian, March. 

— Regulations of Putnam County, N. Y. 
(Adams.) The Sanitarian, Oct. 

Santa Barbara as a Health Resort. (Stuart.) 
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following same Disease in the Orbit. (Coskery.) 
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School Children. Sanitary Knowledge of ; 

Seed in Good Ground. (Anon.) The Sanitarian, 

—Hygiene. (Wells.) The Sanitarian, March and 


— liuncheons. (Anon.) The Sanitarian, Oct, 

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mand in our 1 (Newell.) The Sanitarian, 


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liam.) Ohio Med, Recorder, April, 

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Med. and Sur., Nov. 

Scroftila. Remarks on . (Forcliheimer.) 

The Clinic, Aug. 18. 




— In the NeffTo Ruce. (Frost.) PhUa. Med. and 
Sur. liefi., March 3. 

Seoale Cornutuni. Prcpuratlons of ; Their 

Tlicrapoutioul EtHcaoy in Mauy DiHoaseH. 

(Mouotto.) Med. Brief, Nov. 
SeceMionlsts. \f\\o are tho 1 (Pearson.) 

U. 8. Med. Ineealiyator (U.), Dec. 15. 
SecesHlon movement. Tho In Medicine. 

(Buiustoad.) U. H. Med. Investigator (U.), 

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" Second Sight. 8o-cuUed of Old People. 

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Section. Case of of the Median and Ulnar 

Nerves. (Putnam.) Boston Med. and Sur. 
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Affection. (Lee.) Phila. Med. Times, Aug. 4. 

Septicsemia. Traimiatic . (Boozer.) At- 
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Feb. 3. 

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Obs., ipril. 

Serrated Scoop. Description of a New Instm- 

meiit. Tli6 for theDetaclimentof SesHilo 

Uterine Fibroids. (Thomas.) N. \'. Med. Jour., 

March, and Am. Jour. Obs., Oct. 
Seton. Tho in Paralysis and Epilepsy. 

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Sharp. Wm. , M. D., vs. Samuel Ilahne 

uianu. (Lippe.) TT. S. Med. Investigator (II.), 
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Shortening of tho Lower Limb after Fracture of 
tho Femur. (Wight.) Arch. Clin. Sur., Feb. 

•• Siclc Physiology," (Barnes.) Clin. Med. Ad- 
vance (II.), Aitg. 

Siegle's Optoscope. A Modiflcatiou of . 

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Silver. Abuses of Nitrate of in tho Treat- 
ment of Eye Diseases. (Cliisolm.) Md. Med. 
Jour., May. 

— Dose and Mode of Administering Nitrate of 

. (Foster.) Phila. Med. and Sur. Itep., 

Sept. 22. 

— Solution of Nitrate of in the Treatment of 

Orchitis. (Knott.) Phila. Med. and Sur. Pep., 
MarchVl. , „ , , 

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Acute Inflammation of the Testes. (Mastiu.) li. 
and L. Med. Jour., Sept. 

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and Sur. Rep., Dec. 8. 

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Similla Minimis. (Conart.) Homco. Times, 

Sims. Biographical Sketch of J. Marlon . 

(Stuart.) Va. Med. Monthly, Jan. 

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SItimmcd Milk in the Treatment of Catarrh of 
the Bladder and Cystitis. (Monetto.) Am. 
Pract., Nov. 

Skin. On Internal Diseases of the . (AH- 

l>utt.) Arch Dermatol., Oct. 

— Cases of Diseases of the Depending on 

Nerve Lesions. (Jewell.) Arch. Da-matol., 

— Note on the Anatomy and Pathology of the 

. (Warren.) Boston Med. and Sur. Jour., 

April 19. 

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Seventy-four Cases of Treated at the Do- 

milt Dispensary in 1870. (Bulkley.) N.Y.Med. 
Jour., April, 

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Summer of 1870. (Brouson.) Arch. DennaloL, 

— Notes on the Local Trontment of Certain . 

(Bulkley.) Arch. Dermatol., Jan. 

— On tho Nomenclature and Classlllcation of 
. (Bulkley.) Arch. Dermatol., Jan. 

— On tho Recognition and Miinagement of the 

Gouty State in . (Bulkley.) Am. Pract., 


— Notes on . (Fox.) Phy. and Phar., May. 

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(Grcenough.) Boston Med. and Sur. Jour., 
Feb. 22 and March «. 

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.Tour, and Ex., April. 

— For tho Prevention of Contraction of Tissues 
in a Severe Burn. (Speare.) Cin. Med. News, 

Sloughing of the Intestines (Beebe.) Philu. 
Med. and Sur. Rep., Oct. 27. 

Smallpox. In Los Angeles. (Dalton.) Paiijic 
Med. and Sur. Jour., Jan. 

— As it Occuri'ed in Oakville. Texas. (Dunini.) 
Am. Med. Bi-Werkly, April 4. 

— (Moore.) IP inemannion Monthly, June. 

— Hiemorrhagie . (Osier.) Canada Med. 

and Sur. Jour., Jan. 

Smoking. The Eflfcct of . (Buckham.) 

Canada J^ancet, March. 

Social Bvll. The . (Martin.) Phila, Med.and 

Sur. Rep., Nov. 17. 

— Act. A Needed. (Washington.) Nash, 

Jour. Med. and Sur., Oct. 

' Soda. Bicarbonate of in tho Treatment of 

I Burns. (McClellan.) Louisville Med. News, 
j Dec. 29. 

! — Bicarbonate of in the Treatment of Burns. 

'■ (Rof-'ers.) Louisville Med. News, ,Scpl. 29. 

i — Salicylate of in Rheumatism. (Clark.) 

! Cin. Med. News, Jan. 

i — Sulpho-Carl)olatoof in Diphtheria. (Green- 

I amycr.) Phila. Med. and Sur. Rep., ,ran.o. 

— Sulpho-Carbolato of in Scarlatina. (I'ir- 

nat.) N. Y. Med. Rec, April 28. 

— Snlpho-Carbolate of in Hcarlet Fever. 

(Williams.) V.S.Med. Investigator (U.), Feb. !.■>. 

Sotlinm. Sulpho-Carbolato of in Diphtheria. 

(Anthony.) Phila. Med. and Sur. liep.,Jan. ];j. 

— Salicylate. (Kennedy.) Am. Jour. Phar., 

Solar Light and Heat. (Miller.) V. S. Med. In- 
vestigator (11.), June 1. 

Solution and Absorption, or tho Best Means of 
Securing tlioGood Efleets of Medicines in the 
Cure of Disease. (Compton.) Ani. Med. Bi- 
weekly, April 28. « 

Spasm. Case of Intermittent of tho Ciliary 

Muscle. (Angell.) U.S. Med. Investigator (11.), 

— Of the Ciliary Muscle, or Apparent Myopia. 
(Curry.) Toledo Med. and Sur. Jour. Jan. 

— Local of the Womb, with Retention of the 

Placenta, and Hemorrhage. (Gaston.) N. O. 
Med. ami Sur. Jour., July. 




— Of (EgoplinguH. 

(Smith.) Va. Med. Monthly, 

-. (Coomoa.) Louisville 
(Roed.) Am. Jour. Med. 

of the 

Spfouluin. A Nhw — 

Med. A'cirs, March 24. 

— A N<nv Ui'ctiil . 

ficienceit, OvL 

SpermatorrhflOA. On tlie Etiology, Patlioloffy. 

ftiulTri'iitiucntof ,aiul Iuiputuu(.'o. (Howe.) 

A". )'. Med. Her., Nor. 'A. 

— Koi)f>rt ot a ('iiH<'' whero Castration was Prr- 

foimotl for tho Uadlcal Cuic of . (Spaulil- 

lug.) Detroit Med. Jour., Jan. 

Sphygmojpraph. Tho Clinical Uho of the . 

(Carroll.) A^. V. Med. Jour.. Sej)!. 

— Errors of the . (Holdeu.) If. Y. Med. 

Jour., A'oc. 

Spina Bifida of the Bacruni. 'Graham.) Cin. 
Med. AdnineeiH.), May. 

— (Teal.) Detroit Med. Jour., Dec. 

— Cane of .followed iiy HpoiitanoouH Cure. 

(Voii Douhoir.) Louisville Med. News, Oct. 20. 

Spnal Cord. The Inhibitory Funetion of the 
. (Ott.) Vhilu. Med. Tunes, Dee. H. 

— Diseaae. Three CuseH of In Children 

Trciited l)y fiiiHiienwlou witli Plaster of Paris 
.laekets. (Grant.) A". I'. Med. Hec, Pee. 20. 

Spontaiinoun Conxbustion. (Sehuppert.) Am. 
Med. Iti-Weehly, Sept. 1<.). 

Spleen. Treatment of Knlarged liy Intra- 
venous Inji'ctlon. ((Jazzo.) I'hila. Med. and 
Sur. h'ei)., March K,. 

— Case of Movable and Engorged . (Reed.) 

Toledo Med. and Sur, Jour., .June. 

— Functions of the . (Weddlngton.) Cin. 

Lancet and Obs., Feb. 

Splint. New for Fracture of the Forearm 

and Hand. (Coover.) Fhila. Med. and Sur. 
Hep., Jan. '27. 

— Smith's Anterior . The Suspension Plan. 

(Dalton.) I'lirilie Med. and Sur. Jour.. Nov. 

— Tlie Late Prof. Smith and the Anterior . 

(Gibbons.) Faeifie Med. and Sur. Jour., Sept. 

— Wire E.xteuslon tor the Forearm. (Porter.) 

Philu. Med. and Sur. Hep., April 14. 

— The Cable (StiUmau.) .V. V. Med. Itcc, 

Oct. 2(1. 

Splints. New Material for . (Frost.) Ohio 

Med. and Sur. Rep. (H.), Nov. 

— Plastic in Surgery. (Marcy.) liosion Med. 

and Sur. Jour., June 28. 

— Wire . (Pease.) U. S. Med. Investigator (IL), 

A prill. 

— Paper . (Speare.) Am. .Tour. Med. Sciences, 


Splinter of Coal. In the Posterior Layers of 

the Cornea, etc. (Hotz.) Chicago Med. 

Jour, and Ex., Feb. 

Sprains, And their Treatment. (Bishop.) N. Y. 
Med. Eclectic, May. 

— The Pathology and Treatment of . (Cow- 
ling.) Louisville Med. News, May 19. 

— The Treatment of by Massage. (Graham.) 

A', r. Med. Rec, Aug. 11. 

Stammering and Stuttering. (VandenholT.) 

Uomco. Times, Feb. 
Staphysagia. The Therapeutic Range o*" , — 

(Iloyne.) Am. Ilomeo., Aug. 
Stenosis. Preputial . (Hyde.) Chicago Med- 

.lour, and Ex., April. 

Sterility. Case of . (Qoodoll.) Am. Jour. 

Obs., Jan. 

— (Palmer.) The Clinic, Nov. 17. 

Stilllngia. In Scrofnlosls of Children. (Hale.) 

N. E. Med. Oazctte(lL), Oct. 
Stimulants. Action and Usert* of . (Bur- 

dlck.) Paciflc Med. and Sur. .Tour., Aug. 

— Use of In Disease. (Holcombe.) Am. 

Vet. Rer.. .Tan. 

— On the Eftects of ou an Excised Nerve. 

(Lee.) N. Y. Med. Rec., Sept. 1. 

Stomatis ninteruii. (Wright.) .\ni. .Tour. Obs., 

Stone. Some Praetloal Points In the Treatment 

of In the Bladder. (Qouley.) N. Y. Med. 

Rec.. Aug. '2H. 

— A Bullet the Nucleus of ; Lithotomy. 

(Kog(,'rs.) Nash. Jour. Med. and Sur., Mag. 

— Early Operation for . (Toland.) Charles- 
ton fled. Jour, and Rev., .Tan. 

StrablRmuH. On and Its Operation. (Alt.) 

Canada Lancet, Oct. 

— Relative . (Mclntyre.) I'hila. Med. and 

Sur. Rep., .Tail. 0. 

— Convergent . (Amlck.) Cin. Lancet and 

Obs., Feb. 

— Paralytio Convergent ; Facial Paralysis, 

etc. (Gebsor.) St. Louis Med. and Sur. Jour., 

— Case of Malarial Convergent . (Jameson.) 

Am. Tract. , Oct. 

— Remarks on the Nature and Treatment of Con- 
vergent . (Theobald.) Md. Med. Jour., 


— Convergens. (Lindsley.) Nash. Jour, of Med. 
and- Sur., Nov. 

Strangulation. Of the Small Intestine In Utero- 

Rectal Adhesions. (Green.) Am. Jour. Obs., 

Strangury. To Prevent from Blisters. 

(Lyons.) Phila. Med. and Sur. Rep., Aj>ril 21. 
Street Dust. (Debruuuer.) Am. Jour. Fhar., 


— Pavements. (Anon.) The Sanitarian, ,Sept. 

— (Haupt.) The Sanitarian, July. 
Stricture. About a . (Gilchrist.) Louis- 
ville Med. News, May 12. 

— of ; Internal Urethrotomy; Cure. 

(Toland.) Western Lancet, .Tan. 

— Radical Cure of . (Von Tagen.) U. S. 

Med. Investigator (II.), Nov. 

— Of the Rectum and Urethra, etc. (Eaton.) 
Am. Jour. Med. Sciences, July. 

— Of the Rectum; Successful Operation. (Nel- 
son.) Canada Med. Rec, Ajiril. 

— Case of in Rectum. (Smith.) Phila. 

Med. and Sur. Rep., Oct. 20. 

— Of the Male Uretura. (Bragg.) Atlanta Med. 
and Sur. Jour., Feb. 

— Case of In the Male Urethra. (Westmore- 
land.) Atlanta Med. and Sur. Jour., July. 

— Two Cases of of the Urethra. (Bang.) 

Chicago Med. .Tour, and Ex., Nov. 

— Of the Urethra, Complicated with Hypertro- 
phy of the Prostate, Stone, and Violent Cysti- 
tis. ;?ragg.) Atlanta Med, and Sur. Jour., 

— Of the Urethra. (Brlnton.) Phila. Med. 
Times, June 9. 

— Congestive and Organic of the Urethra, 

Accompanied by Retention of Urine. (Had- 
den.) A^. Y. Med. Rec, July T. 

— Congestive and Organic of the Urethra, 

Accompanied by Retention of Urine, Treated 
Succi'SsfuUy with Water Pressure, by Means 
of a Syringe, (lladden.) Chicago Med. Times, 

— Of the Urethra. (Maclean.) Louisville Med. 
News, March 31. 

— Of the Urethra. (Maatin.) R. and L. Med. 
.Tour., Nov. 

— Urethi-al . (Brown.) JW. Med. Jour., 


— Multiple Urethral and Urinary Fistula. 

(Fisher.) Chicago Med. Jour, and Ex., Sept. 

— On the Diagnosis of Urethral by Bulbous 

Bougies. (White.) Phila. Med. Times, May 1Q. 

Strictures; On the Influence of of Large 

Calibre in Producing Intlammatlon of the 
Bladder, Prompt and Permanent Benefit Re- 
sulting from Removal of the by Dilating 

Urethrotomy. (Otis.) Am. Med. Bi-Wcekly, 
Oct. 27. 

— Further Testimony In Favor of the Use of 

Large Probes In the Treatment of of the 

Nasal Duct. (Theobald.) Arch. Ophthal. and 
OtoL, Vol. TL, page in. 

Strnmoits Klements. In the Etiology of .Toint 
Diseast'. ((iibucy.) N. Y. Med. Joxir., July. 



Slryrhnlik Incoinpiitibln with ]<ronilil» of To- 
Uu<Hliiia ni)(l C'crtulii otlu*r BultH. (LyoiiH.) 
Delroil Med. Jour., Orl. 

— Note oil tho Ineoiiipiitlbnity of with 

Certiilii HnliiutSoliKlouH. (Lyonn.) Am. Jour. 
Phur.. Oil. 

— Autl<lotiil EfftuitH of Bulpliato of In a Cwko 

of (.'Ulonil rolHoniiig. (Martin.) K. and L. 
Med. Jour., May. 

Stnilent nnd Doctor. (Hitiidtu-s.) A'. E. 3led. 

(iusette III.), Dec. 
StuinpH. On tlid DrcHHliiKof . (Bauer.) A7. 

Louis ('Ha. liec, Aor. and Dec. 
.Sab'Liixation. Report of it Cuso of of tho 

Inferior Mitxllla, HtickwanlH. (Moore.) llntlalo 

Med. and Nur. Jour., May. 

— Of .'ho Kni'O-Jolnt. (Wright.) Avt. Pract., 

Nanstroke. (Knen-.) U. S. Med. TnveHligalor 
(II.), Aug. 15. 

— InHulation Thermal Fever. (Large.) Am. 

Vet. Uev.,July. 

Saperlor Maxilla. Removal of . (Cranston.) 

(Utnada Lancet, Xug. 
Suppuration. Of tho Valvo-Vaginal Gland. 

(Hunter.) Am. Jour. Obs., Oct. 
Hurgeoim. In tho Allen I^ine. (Hockridgo.) 

Canada Lancet, April. 

— ResponHibility. Limit of the . (Mllllgan.) 

Phila. Med. and Hur. Hep., Feb. 24. 

Surgery. Oiilvano-Cnutery in . (Buffam.) 

hahnemannian Monthly, May. 

— Recent Progress in Genito-Urlnary . 

(Curtis.) Boston Med. and Sur. Jour., Nov. 29 
and Dec. 20. 

-Of the Hand. (Easley.) It. and L. Med. Jour., 

— Country . (James.) Charleston Med. Jour. 

and Kcin., Jan. 

— Cliuleal Lectures on . (Pooley 

and Hur. Jour., Dec. 

— Antlsepting Dressing in . 

Canada Med. and Hur. Jour., Dec. 

— CiiseH in Cliuieal . (Squier.) 

nian Monthly, Xnv. 

— Case.s in . (Thebaud.) Arch 

Nov. 15. 

— The Bearings of Pathological Histology on 

Operative . (Varona.) Ilomco. Times, 


— Rc(*nt Progress In . (Warren.) Boston 

Med. aiid.Hur. Jour., June 21. 

— The Past, Present, and Future of Sclent Hie 
. (Wells.) Ohio Med. Recorder, Nov. 

— Antiseptic . (Canniff.) Canadian Jour. 

Med. ttcience, Jan. 

— Antiseptic . (Garrison.) Phila. Med. and 

Sur. Ucp., March 24. 

— Antiseptic at the Boston Hospital. (Git 

Boston Med. and Sur. Jour., Feb. 15. 

— Antiseptic . (Smith.) Phy. and Phar.^ 


— ('onscrvatlon of Vital Force an Essential Ele- 
ment of Conservative . (McGraw.) De- 
troit Med. .Tour., .Tune. 

— (Jase of Conservative . (Sigsbee.) Phila. 

Med. and Sur. Hep., Aug. 25. 

— Conservative . (Witter.) Phila. Med.and 

Sur. Hep., May 26. 

Surgical Anatomy. Notes on the of tho 

Obdurator Artery. (Wyeth and Wardwell.) 
.V. Y. Med. Bee., Oct. 6. 

-Cages. (Briggs.) Nash. Jour. Med. and Sur., 
March and May. 

— (Cheever.) Arch. Clin. Sur., ,Tuhi. 

— (Helmuth.) AT. E. Med. Oasette (H.), July. 
-Interesting . (Mears.) Phila. Med. and 

Sur. Rep., Oct. 27. 

— (Walter.) Phila. Med. and Sur. Bep., Oct. 20. 

— Clinic. (Adams.) Am. Borneo., July, Oct., and 

— (Briggs.) Nash. Jour. Med. and Sur., Jan. 

— (Dawson.) The Clinic, Feb. 10. 

— (Hall.) U. S. Med. Investigator (H.), Sept. 15. 

— (Helmuth.) Am, Observer (II.), June. 

.) Ohio Med. 


Clin. Sur., 

— Engine. A . (Garretson.) Phila. Med, 

Tillies, Nov. 10, 

— Shook. (Fuller.) (Canada Med. Itee., Feb. 
Suture*. Two New . (Thomas.) Am. Jour. 

Med. Sciences, Oct. 

Syoosiii. Clinical I^>cturn on . (Graham.) 

Canadian Jour. Med. Science, Dee. 

— (Roiilnson.) N. Y. Med. Jour., AuQ. 

— Remarkable Case of . (BhfwmaKor.) Phila. 

Med. and Sur. Hep., Oct. 13. 

SyneH Amputation. (Hudson.) T.onisvilleMed. 
News, Nov. ;). 

HynovinI ilursne. Case of of thi^lIyoidBoue. 

(Wagner.) Ohio Med.and Sur. Jour., Aug. 

j MyphlU*. Early In the Negro. (Atkinson.) 

I Md. Med. Jour., Aug. 

I — Untreated . (Bulkley.) Arch, nermalol., 

! Oct. 

— Spontaneons Elimination of . (Conner.) 

The Clinic, ApriiW. 

— On tho Treatment of by Hynodermlo In- 
jections of Mercury. (Fiske.) Md.Med.Jmir., 

— Tho Curability of . (Hardaway.) SI. 

Louis Clin. Bee, March. 

— Can Ro-occnr, or can a Person Have Sy- 
philis Twice » (Kennard.) St. Louis Med. and 
Sur. Jour., Jan. 

— (King.) Atlanta Med. and Sur. Jour., July. 

— T«Ttiary Therapoutlcally Considered. 

(King.) Cin. Lancet and Ohs., July. 

— Cases Bearing on Home Doubtful Points in tho 

History of . (Mason.) Southern Med. Bee., 


— Origin of the Term . (Moore.) Louisville 

Med. Neics, Dec. 29. 

— On . (Poulson.) T'. S. Med. Investiga- 
tor (II.), June 15. 

— Notes on a Rare Api>earance Presented by the 
Initial Lesion of . (Taylor.) Arch. Derma- 
tol., Oct. 

— Of the Lung. (Tiffany.) Am. Jour. Med. .'Sci- 
ences, ,Tuly. 

— Discussion on the Duration of . (WhlttA- 

ker.) The Clinic, May 8. 

— Remarks on . ( Yandell, Jr.) Am. Pract., 


-Is Amenable to Legislation 1 (Bedell.) 

V. S. Med. Investigator (It.), Dec. 

— Is Amenable to Legislation? (Griffith.) 

r. .S'. Med. Investigator (B.), Jan. I.'). 

— Preventive Tre.itment of Congenital . 

(Johnson.) Dt,n-oit Med. ,Tmir., May. 

— Clinic Lecttire on Hereditary and Congenital 
. (Monti.) Phila. Med. Times, A iiril2H. 

— Hereditary . (Taylor.) Ohio Med. Be- 

cordcr, Sept. 

— An Account of a Inherited 

through Two Giuicrr tkinson.) Arch. 

Dermatol., Jan. 

(Bull.) Am. .Tour. 

— Inherited 
ilfcrf. Sciences 

— On the Unit 
N. Y. Med. He 

uallty of . (Milton.) 

— On tho Unity or Duality of . (Otis.) A'. Y. 

Med. Bee, May 19. 

Syphilitic Father. What Influence does a 

Exert on his Offspring? (Dowllng.) Cin. 
Lancet arid Obs., May. 

— Infection. The Lymphatic Theory of . 

(Hardaway.) N. Y. Med. Jour., Dec. 

— Inoculation. Remarkable Case of . 

(Noill.) Phila. Med. Times, Dec. 22. 

— Nervous AfTectlona. The Diagnosis and 

Treatment of Some Forms of . (Engel.) 

Phila. Med. Times, Dec. 22. 

— Poison. Shall tho Spread of be Prevent- 
ed! (Swayzo.) Phila. Med. and Sur. Bep., 
Oct. a. 

— Poisons. Are there one or Two 1 (Cnl- 

bertson.) Cin. Lancet and Ohs., Jan. 

— Remedies. Anti . (Hoyne.) Cin. Med. 

Advance (H.), July. 

Syphtloilerni. Cufo of Vegetating Tube.rcu- 



(Vnn Ilarllugen.) Arch. 





Toledo iUd- 
A', r. Med. 


lor In nil [iifuut 

Dermatiil., .{pril. 

Hypbiloloiry. litHcDt I'mKroHH 

Vit. Med. ilonthlj/, Orl. 
Syringe. A New . Craven.) 

and Sur. ,/uui\, A'or. 

Now iry|)o(U>rtulP . (Foters.) 

liec, Sliiy IJ. 

MyrapuM Luctiicurll. (SiihlotterlH-ck.) 
■lour I'hur., Dec. 

Ta>niH. Trt'iitiMl wItliCurbollc Ai'Id. (Brown.) 
V. V. Med. Uee., Dec. 2'2. 

— KxpuIhIoh of tli(» . (Braiuuii.) I'hila, Med. 

una Sur. Hep., April T. 

Tiibes Pulinonuui. Or I'litliiHiH. (I'ulk.) Vlti. 

Lancet and Obs., Aug. 
TtillpeM KqulnuR. Acuiulrcd , witli Six Years 

(if On-lit rtiifforliig. (Hamilton.) Ohio Med. 

Uecorder, A no. 
TulipiiH Kqiiiiio VaruH. (Green.) I'hila. Med. 

and Siir. Hep., Dec. 8. 

TiiiiiihiH. .Sonic MctUodM of EstlmntliiK . 

(I'roclor.) Am. Jour. I'har., Aug. 
TitttooliiK In Najvi. (Sberwell.) Arch. Derma- 

litl., April. 

Tenaculum Needle, etc. (Cloborne.) X. Y.Med. 
liec, Oct. 13. 

Tendo AchiUeH. Accidental Division of tlio 
— ; lUicovery. (Hamilton.) Ohio Med. Recor- 
der: Orl. 

— Division of tbe , lu Fracture of the Lower 

Tliird of the Femur. (Morris.) Boston Med. 
and >Sur. Jottr., N^ov. 2i>. 

— Case of DIvIhIou of the . (Noyes.) Detroit 

Med. .lour., June. 

Tenotomy. Of the Teusor-Tyinpaui. (Tnrn- 
buU.) Phila. Med. aiid Sur. Rep., Jan. 20. 

Teratologry. (Newcomer.) Southern Med. Rec, 

TeHtamentary Capacity. (Ray.) The Sanita- 
rian, Oct. 

Tentivle. Cystic Disease of . (Blggar.) Ohio 

Med. and Sur. Rep. (H.), March. 

— Loss of One Not Interfering with Pro- 

creutlve Powers. (Spencer.) Phila. Med. and 
Sur. Rep., Sept. 8. 

TetanuM. Fatal Cases of . (Boutellc.) Va. 

Med. Monthlji, April. 

— (Brown.) Detroit Med. Jour., June. 

— Following Amputation of the Index Finger, 
Treated with Chloral Hydrate. (Duncan.) 
Canada Med. and Sur. Jour., June. 

— Case of . (Dyer.) Boston Med. and Sur. 

Jour., March 15. 

— Intermittent — -. (Gro«n.) Am. .Tour. Obs., 

— Recovery of a Case of , Treated hy Calabar 

Bean and Chloral Hydrate. (Holmes.) X. 1'. 
Med. Rec, Sept. 8. 

— Treated wltli Bromide of Potassium. (Steger.) 
.V««A. Jour. Med. and Sur., Nov. 

— Case of Traumatio In a Young Child. 

(Burr.) Phila. Med. and Sur. Rr/p., Aug. 4. 

— Traumatio Successfully Treated with 

Opium. (Chamberlain.) Pacific Med. and Sur. 
Jour., Jan. 

— Case of Traumatic . (Evans.) Southern 

Med. Rec. Oct. 

— Traumatic . (Miller.) Phila. Med. and 

Sur. Rep., Dee. 22. 

~ Traumatic . (Read.) Chicago Med. Jour. 

and Ex., May. 

— The Ti<^atment of Traumatio by Hydrate 

of chloral. (Roberts.) 4m. Jour. Med. Sciences, 

— Traumatic Cured by Combined Use of 

Chloral Hydrate and Curara. (Rooch.) St. 
Louis Clin. Rec, Oct. 

—Traumatio Treated Successfully with 

Large Doses of Canabls Indica, and Stimu- 
lants. (Snlvely.) Phil. Med. and Sur. Rep., 
Oct. in. 

— Case of Trftumatlo Treated with Large 

Doses of Tincture of Aconite. (ThoriMS.) 
Chicago Jour. A'crr, and Ment. Dia., April. 

'« The Doctor." (McD(mald.) Va. Med. Month- 
ly, J(iu. 

TherapeuticH. Recent Progress In . (Amory.) 

JUmton Med. and Sur. .lottr., March Iti and 
Sept. 20. 

— Advances In . (Fauntleroy.) Va. Med. 

Monthlg, .fan. 

Thermometers. How to Restore the Scale of 

. (Perkins.) X. Y. Med. Rec, Dee. i. 

Thoracic DiMeaseH. Recent Progress in the 

Treatment of . (Shattm^k.) Boston MeH. 

and Sur. Jour., April 19. 
Throat. Cases from the Clinic for DlscascH of 

the . (Ives.) X. Y. Med. Jour., Mai/. 

— Recent Progress in the Treatment of tlio Dis- 
eases of the . (Knight.) fl »ton Med. and 

Sur., lour., Oct. 4. 

— DlaKUosIs and Treatment of Diseases of thc^ 
. (Whitney.) Uomeo. Times, April. 

Thrombosis, Of the Left Middle Cerebral Artery. 
(Boyce.) Am. llomeo., Oct. 

— Of the Brain, Heart, and Pulmonary Artery, 
as a Cause of Mortality During the Prourcss of 
Chol<>ra Infantum, and its Prevention. 
(Brown.) Phila. Med. Times, Sept. 15. 

Thuja. In Headache. (OouUou.) Ilahnemann- 
lun Monthly, March. 

— Occidentalls. (Goullon, Jr.) North Am. Jow. 
Jlomeo., Pel). 

Thyrotomy. (Johnson.) Chicago Med. Jour. 

and Ex., Jan. 
Tinea Circluatus. Case of . (Ring Worm.) 

.Scald Head. (Doane.) Med. Brief, J an. 

— Caseof . (Doane.) Phy. and Phar., Feb. 

Tonsurans and Tinea Clrelnata. (Roke.) The 

Clinic, Oct. 20. 

Tincturu Opli Deodoratu. (Davis.) Am. .four. 
I'hur., March. 

Tissues. The Causative Relation Existing Be- 
tween the Anatomical Arrangements of the 

at Various Ages, and their Morbid 

(Jrowth. (Naucrcde. ) /Vii/a. Jfef/. Times, .hily 

Tobacco as a Clause of Blindness. (Newton, ,1 r. ) 
.V. 1'. Med. Eclectic, March and April. 

Topogrraphlcal Surveys. Relation Between 

and the Study of Public Health. (Gard- 
ner.) The Sanitarian, Sept. 

Toxic Effects of the Bromides. (Easley.) Am. 
Med. Bi- Weekly, Xov. 24. 

Toxicology. On the Importance of a Knowl- 
edge of . (Barnett.) Cin. Med. Advanir 


— On (Reese.) Phila. Med. and Sur. Rep.. 

Sept. 22. 

Tracheotomy. Two Cases of . (Atheiion.) 

Canada Lancet, July. 

— For the Removal of a Foreign Body. (Ingti.) 
Southern Med. Rec, March. 

— In a Case of Brouchocelo with Fatal Pneumo- 
nia. (Miles.) X. O. Med. and Sur. .Tour., 

— Four Cases of . for Pseudo-Membranous 

Laryngitis, (Nancredc.) Phil. Med. Ti7ne8, 
.Vol'. 24. 

— Report of Three Cases of . (Rachel.) .Ini. 

Jour. Med Sciences, ,Tuly. 

— (Reid.) X. Y. Med. ,Tour., .Tuly. 
-Successful for Diphtheria. (Arnold.) Arch. 

Clin. Sur., March. 

— In Diphtheria. (Ilaguiiga.) A^. r. Meil. Rec. 
Mat! 12. 

— In Dlphtlieria. (MorrlHon-Flset.) X. Y. Med. 
Rec , Mai/ 12. 

— InDlphtherla. (Pooley.) R. and L. Med. .Tour., 

— lu Diphtheria. (Rose.) A'. Y. Med. Rec, May 

— InDipIilhcrlii. (Wilson.) Am. Med. Bi-Wee!:hj, 
March '61. 



— Ill Diplitlieritio Croup ; Successful Result. 
(Tuttlo.) Pacific Med. and Sitr. Jour., Dec. 

— Ciisoof iu Croup. (Kuapp.) C in. Lancet 

and Obs., Aug. 

— On in Croup. (Packard.) I'hila. Med. and 

Sur. Rep., Sept. 29. 

— Instrument. Improved . (Hank.) Am. 

Jour. Obs., Jan. 

Trance. A Now Theory of , and its Bearings 

on Human Testimony. (Beard.) Chicago Jour. 
Nerr. and Ment. Dis., .Tan. 

Transfusion. Of Blood. (Minor.) Homeo. Times, 

— Of Blood. (Skinner.) Cin. 2fed. A dvance (11.), 

— Successfully Performed in a Child. (Stokes.) 
Am. Jour. Obs., April. 

Transmutations and Metamorphoses. (Dakc.) 

Cin. Med. Advance (H.J, May. 
Transverso Septum. Case of of the Vagina 

Obstructing Delivery. (Coleman.) .lm.,/our. 

Obs., July. 
Traumatism. Case of . (Gilchrist.) IT. S. 

Med. Investigator (H.), Sept. 1. 

— As a Factor in tuo Diseases of Women. (Lud- 
1am.) U. S. Med. Investigator (H.), Oct. 15. 

Tremor. Case of Peculiar Unilateral Follow- 
ing Head Injuries. (Hamilton.) Boston Med. 
and Sur. Jour,, Sent. 27. 

— As aSymptom of Nervous Disease. ,Gol>bard.) 
I'hila. Med. and Sur. Hep., June 23. 

Trephining. On in Epilepsy. (Thompson.) 

Ohio Med. and Sur. Jour., June. 

Trillium Pendulum. Beth Root. (Goss.) Med. 

Brief, Oct. 
Triple Rirtli. Case of . (MePhail.) Va.Med. 

Monlhly, April. 

— Caseof . (Smith.) Ya. Med. Monthly, Ajrril. 

Triplets. Case of and Non-Mcddlesomo 

Midwifery. (Comstoek.) V. S. Med. Investiga- 
tor (II.), Feb. 1. 

— (Heani.) Nash. .Tour. Med. and Sur., July. 

— (Patterson.) Xash. Jour. Med. and Sur., Dec. 

Trismus Xascentium. Cured by Hydrate Chlo- 1 
ral. (Cowling.) Am. Med. Bi-Weehty, Feb. 3. 

— (Dixon.) Ohio Med. Recorder, July. 

Triturations. On the Use of Certain . (Pif- 

fard.) X. Y. Med. liec., Dec. 1. 
Trommer's Test. Fallacy of . (Hay.) Phila. 

Metl. Time.'i, July 21 and Oct. 27. 

Tsa Tsin. (Rhjnichosia Excavata.) (Polk.) 
Med. Brief, .Tune. 

Turberclc. Case of Cerebral . (Fuller.) 

Canada Med. Bee. Dec. 

— Tho Latest Investigation into the Genesis . 

(Sizer.) Cin. Med. News, Feb. 

Tuberculosis. In Milch Cows, and tho Cout.a- 
giousness of Tuberculosis ))y tho Digestive 
Organs. (Bell.) The Sanitarian, Aug. 

— On tho Cause of of the Lungs by Inducing 

Calcilloation. (Both.) N. Y. Med. Rec.,Feb. 

— Successful Calolflcation of of the Lungs. 

(Both.) N. Y. Med. liec, July 21. 

— Of Bone. (Conner.) The Clinic, Aug. 4. 

— In the Lungs of a Canary Bird. (Danforth.) 
Chicago Med. .Tour, and Ex., Jan. 

— General . (Gardner.) St. Louis Med. and 

Sur. .Tour., March. 

— Treatment of . (Hitchman.) Eclectic Med. 

and Sur. .Tour., Feb. 

— Meningeal and Pulmonary in the Adult. 

(Meyer.) Chicago Med. Jour. and. Ex., April. 

— (Polk.) .V. O. Med. and Sur. Jour., Sept. 

— Of the Eye. (Seely.) The Clinic, July 2S. 
Tuberculous. How a Healthy Individual Bo- 
fame . (Davy.) The Clinic, .Tilly 21. 

Tumor. Of the Brain. (Ansell.) Am. Med. Bi- 
weekly, Aug. 18. 

— Of the External Vaiv. (Easlcy.) Am. Med. 
Bi- Weekly, Jan. 20. 

— Of tho Knee. (Mears.) Phila. Med. and Sur. 
Rep., Dec. 15. 

— Involving Submaxillary Gland, Removed by 
Oi>eration. (Naucrede.) Ohio Med. Times, 
Nor. 24. 

— Caso of of tho Mediastinum and Thyroid 

Gland. (Octerlouy.) Louisville Med. News, 
Sent. \. 

— Firm Adenoid from the Mammary Region. 

(Ashhurst.) I'hila. Med. I'imes, Ajtril 14. 

— An Unusual Bloody Behind tho Uterus. 

(Byford.) Chicago Med. Jour, and Ex., April. 

— Cancerous iu tho Rectum. (Baxter.) St. 

Louis Eclectic Med. Jour., Dec. 

— Cystio of tho Breast. (Toland.) Western 

Lancet, Sept. 

— Fibro-Cystic of Thyroid Gland ; Excision ; 

Recovery. (McLean.) Western Lancet, Sov. 

— Fibro-Cystic of Cerebellum. (Talmage.) 

Homeo. Times, .Tune. 

— Fibroid of the Uterus. (BordwoU.) Eclci- 

tic Med. and Sur. Jour., Dec. 

— Fibroid Re"\ovod by Traction from tho 

UtCiUS. (Good" Am. Jour. Obs., Jan. 

— Caso of Fibroh. - of the Uterus Removed by 
Avulsion. (Miles.) Am. Jour. Obs., July. 

— Fibroid of tho Uterus. (Tyrrell.) Pacijic 

^ted. and Sur. .Tour., Feb. 

— Sub-Peritoneal Fibroid Removed by Ab- 
dominal Section. (King.) Am. .Tour. Med, 
Sciences, Jan. 

— Fibroid inthoSheath of tho Median Nerve. 

(Maclean.) Louisville Med. News, March 31. 

— lutra-Mural Fibroid . (Thompson.) Chi- 
cago Med. .Tour, and Ex., Sept. 

— Caso of Fibrous of tho Uterus, Causing 

Eclampsia. (Brown.) Am. Jour. Obs., Jan. 

— Fibrous of the Uterus Expelled Piecemeal 

by Ergot. (Byford.) Arch. Clin. Sur., May. 

— Removal of a Fibrous from tho Utenis 

by Traction. (Emmet.) Am. .Tour. Obs., 

— Caso of Fibrous of Uterus; Excision; 

Recovery. (Toland.) Western Lancet, Nov. 

— Fibrous of tho Back, Removed. (Camiv 

bcll.) V«. 3Ied. Monthly, Sept. 

— Fibrous of tlio Pylorus. (Clark.) Arch. 

Clin. Sur., Oct. 1. 

— Fibrous of the Left Upper Jaw which had 

Undergone Partial Calcareous Degeneration. 
(Mcars.) Phila. Med. Times, Sept. 15. 

-Clinical Lensons on ii Case of Foetal . 

(Broca.) Western Lancet, Feb. 

— Horny Growing from Eye-lid. (Chisolm.) 

Ya. Med. Monthly, July. 

— Large of thoLeft Superior Maxilla, Involv 

ing Nasal and Orbital Cavities. (Mears.) 
Phila. Med. Times, Nov. 2i. 

— Removal of a Lipomatous from tho Left 

Side of tho Neck. (McKay.) Canada Lancet, 

— Thirteen Cases of Ocular , with a Case of 

Tumor of tho Optic Nerve and a Case of Pan- 
ophthalmitis with a Clot Simulating a Tumor. 
(Holmes.) Arch. Ophthat. and Otol., VoL YI., 
]Higc 291. 

— Complicated Caso of Ovarian . (Dillon.) 

Clinic, June 2. 

— Ovarian Cured by Colocynth. (Dnnbain.) 

V. S. Med. Investigator (II.), Sept. 

— Case of Pseudo-Ovarian . (Gillette.) Am. 

Jour. Obs., Jan. 

— Probable Ovarian Taking on Inflamma- 
tory Action. (Hamilton.) Phila. Med. and 
Sur. Rep., J Illy U. 

— Ovarian — ^ Complicated with Ascitis. 
(Hoyt.) Cin. Med. Advance (TI.), Feb. 

— Case of Ovarian in a Child Twelve Years 

of Age. (M(^Graw.) Toledo Med. and Sur. 
Jour., July. 

— Case of Ovarian Cystic ; Ovariotomy ; Re- 
cover}'. (McAllister.) Cin. Lancet and Obs., 

— Pediculated of the Pudona. (Thomas.) 

Am. .Tour. Obs., Oct. 

— Pharyngeal Treated by Incisions and 

Tnjectioiisthroughtlui Mouth; Cure. (Wagner.) 
Ohio Med. and Sur. Jour., A iig. 


— Cas 

— Sup 

— Rei 






— Pixlsatlng of Orbit Resombllng True An- 

eurlHtn. (Frothingliam.) Am. Jour. Med. 
Sclenceg, Jan. 

— Cttso of Sarcomatous Mistaken for Popll- 

t«al Aneurism. (Mason.) Am. Jour. Med. 
Sciences, Jan. 

— Supposed Uterine . (Blake.) U. S. Med. 

Invest igutor (H.), Sept. 1. 

— Report of a Case of Intramural Uterine 

Resulting In Abscess wblcli Effected a Cure. 
(Suessorott.) Phila. Med. Times, Jan. 20. 

— Vtascular of the Neck. (Brings.) Nash. 

Jour. Med. and Sur., Nov. 

— Albus. Double . (Smith.) Am. Sup. Obs. 

Jour. Oreat Britain and Ireland, April. 

Tumors. (James.) Am. Observer {H.), July. 

— Of the Rectum. (Vance.) Cin. Lancet and 
Obs., .June. 

— Benign of the Breast. (Zlnkc.) The Clinic, 

Sept. 22. 

— A Nest of Encysted In Right Orbit. 

(Kcmpf.) Jjouisville Med. News, July U. 

— Two Operations for Fibro-Cystic of the 

Mamma, on the Same Person. (Thompson.) 
Homeo. Times, June. 

— Practical Points in the Electrolytic Treatment 

of Cystic and Fibroid . (Beard.) N. Y. 

Med. lice, March 17. 

— Fibroid Complicated with Tetanus. (Pal- 
mer.) Am. Jour. Obs., Oct. 

— Intra-Ocular . (Holmes,) Chicago Med. 

Jour, and Ex., Aug. 

— Ovarian . (Guernsey.) Hahnemannian 

Monthly, Dec. 

— Trcatiiieut of Sebaceous by Injection of 

Tincture of Iodine. (Humlltou.) Phila. Med. 
and Sur. Jiep., Feb. 17. 

Twins. Retained Placenta. (Fletcher.) Am. 
Fract., April. 

— Case of ; Both Children Decomposed ; Re- 
tention of the Second Child and Both Placenta 
for Two Days utter the Birth of the First Child. 
(Muude.) Am. Jour. Obs., Jan. 

— Both Heads of In the Pelvis. (Reed.) 

Am. Jour. Obs., Oct. 

— On the Simultaneou.s Enti'anre of Both Heads 

of into the Pelvis. (Reimau.) Am. Jour. 

Obs., Jan. 

Two Items. (Morgan.) Mcd.and Sur. Jour. (U.), 

Typhlitis. Case of , with Perforative Ulcer- 
ation of Intestine. (Elderdice.) Cin. Med. 
News, Feb. 

Typhoid. Two Rules In . (Dewey.) Med. 

Brief, Oct. 

Ulcer. Scrofulous Cured. (Mltcholi.) C. S. 

Med. Investigator (IL), June 15. 

— Case of Indolent Cured by Stropping. 

(Royer.) U- S. Med. Investigator (11.), Nov. 1.' 

Ulceration. Of the Cornea and Iritis. (Amick.) 
Cin. Med. News, July. 

— Syphilitic of the Pharynx. (Browne.) 

Lousvilli Med. News, Dec. 22. 

— Extensive of the Small Intestine Follow- 
ing Obstruction of the Bowels. (Curtiu.) Phila. 
Med. Times, March 17. 

— And 8tri<'ture of the Rectum. (Fenwlek.) 
Canada Med. and Sur. Jour., May. 

— Of Soft Parts and Destruction of Filiula from 
lijury Sustained Twenty Years Before; Am- 
putation; Recovery. (Royer.) OhioMed.und 
Sur. Rep. {ID, March. 

— Of the Rectum. (Vance.) Cin. Lancet ami 
Obs., May. 

Ulcerations of the Rectum. Simulating Uterine 
Disease; with Treatment and Remarks. (Wil- 
kersou.) Ta. Med. Monthly, Aug. 

Ulcers. Treatment of Syphilitic . (Beards- 
ley.) Phil. Med. and Sur. Hep., April 21. 

— Case of . (Qortou.) Am. Observer (II.), 


Fngrueutuin Hydrargyri Nitratis. (Wolff.) Am. 
Jour. Phar., April. 

Union by First Intention. On the Best Means 


of Promoting . (Lee.) Southern Med. lice., 

June, and Chicago Med. Jour, and Ex., May. 

Unison-Resonance In Auscultation. (Holden.) 

N. Y. Med. liec, April2S. 
Urtemia. (Buckham.) Canada Lancet, May. 

Urea. On a New and Simple Method for the 
luantitativo Estimation of — . (Fowler.) 

r. Med. Jour., June. 
And Its Easy Estimation. (McKew.) Md. 
Med. Jour., Dec. 

Uretlira. Obstructions of the . (Thayer.) 

Am. Vet. Rev., Oct. 

Uretliritls. Case of from Constricted Mea- 
tus. (Westmoreland.) Atlanta Med. and Sur. 
Jour., Feb. 

Uretlu'otomy, Internal and External, witli Illus- 
trative Cases. (Ford.) St. Louis Med. and Sur. 
Jour., Sept., Oct., and Nov. 

Urinary Organs. The Relation of the to 

Puerperal Disease. (Chamberlain.) Atn. Jour. 
Obs., April. 

Urine. Subinvolution of the . (Brown.) 

R. and L, Med. Jour., June. 

— Ca.Ho of Retention of . (Doane.) Med. 

Brief, Dec. 

— The Treatment of Retention of . (John- 
son.) Atlanta Med. and Sur. Jour., Dec. 

Uterine Application. New . (Turner.) 

A'. Y. Med. .four., Aug. 
—Contractions. Remarks on the Best Methods 

of promoting Post-Partum . (Fundenbei'g.) 

Phila. Med. and Sur. Rep., July 28. 

— Diseases. Rem'^te and Reflex Symptoms 
Dependent on . (Beckwith.) Hahneman- 
nian Monthli/, Aug. 

— Displacements. And their Treatment. 
(Arndt.) Cin. Med. Advance (H.), Sept. 

— (Cook. Cin. Med. Advance (E.), Dec. 

— (Malcolm.) Am. Homeo., Dec. 

-~ Fibroid. Disappearance of a Under the 

Use of Ergot. (Anderson.) Am. Jour. Obs,, 

— Food as a Medicine in Cases of . (Cutter.) 

Am. Jour. Obs., Oct. 

— Cystoma. Case of . (Staples.) Chicago 

Med. Jour, and Ex., Feb. 

— Polypus, Removal of . (Blggar.) Ohio 

Med. and Sur. Rep. (E.), Jan. 

— Fibroids. (Bennett.) jV. E. Med. Gazette (E.), 

— Report oil the Treatraeut of Solid by 

Electrolysis, by Drs. Gilmau Kimball, of Low- 
ell, and Ephriam Cutter, of Boston. (Thomas.) 
Am. Jour. Obs., Jan. 

Uterinoscopy. (White.) Phila. Med. and Sur. 

Rep., Sept. 29. 
Uterus. Case of Single with Double Vagina. 

(Burt.) iV. r. Med. Jour., Feb. 

— Specimen of a the Cervix of which was 

Amputated by the (Jalvuuo Cautery. (Byrne.) 
Am. Jour. 0'>s., April. 

— Note on a Specimou of a Recently Delivered 

with Adherent Placenta. (Chadwick.) 

,1 m. Jour. Obs., July. 

— Cases of Double and Vagina. (Chadwick.) 

Boston Med. find Sur. .four., Dec. 20. 

— Loss of the Natural Firmness of tlie Multipa- 
rous . (Davy.) The Clinic, Dec. ». 

— Retroversion of tl^ . (Corson.) Canada 

Jour. Med. Science, ^pril. 

— Retroversion and Impaction of the Gravid 

, Complicated with Cancer, etc. (Funden- 

berg.) Am. Jour. Obs., July. 

— A Recent Treatment for Irreducible Reflexion 

of the . (Goelet.) Southern Med. live, 


— Some Methods of Application to the for 

Chronic Diseases. (Lento.) N. Y, Med. Rcc, 
Dec. 2'J. 

— N(!W Operation for tlio Removal of the 

with its Peritcmeal Envelope tlirough the Viv 
glna for Carcinoma. (Noeggorath.) Am. Jour 
Obs., Jan. 



ji-i .■ 



— Speoimen of a . (Noeggerath.) Am. Jour. 

Oos., April. 

— Case of Aoute Complete luvorslou of the . 

(Reeve.) Am. Pracl., Aug. 

— Spontaneous Reduction of . (Stephens.) 

Am. Sup. Obs. .four. Oreat Jirilain and Ire- 
land, July. 

— A Woman Without or Appendages. (Cun- 
ningham.) Va. Med. Monthly, Feb. 

— Oviu-ies and Taelua. Complete Absence of 
. (Thomas.) The Clinic, Dec. 22. 

— Absence of the with u Previous History 

of Chronic Inversion, Mistaken for Polypus, 
and Removed by Ligature. (Whitehouse.) 
Am. ,iour. Med. Scienres, Jan. 

— Becornis. With a Partial Vaginal Septum. 
(Maun.) Am. Jour. Obs., Oct. 

Urals. The Funot Ion of the and the Promi- 
nence Formed by the Azygos Uviilo) Muscles. 
(Rumbold.) li. and L. Med. Jour., Dec. 

Vaccination. Concerning ; u Reviewer Re- 
viewed. (Davis.) Ohio Med. Recorder, July. 

— Variola . (CJrlflath.) The Sanitarian, 


— Death Following . (Hawes.) JV. T. Med. 

Rec, Dec. 22. 

— Few Words on " Unfortunate Results of " 

(Martin.) Boston Med. and Sur. Jour., Feb. i. 

— Animal . (Martin.) Canada Lancet, 


— Concerning . (Senseney.) Ohio Med. Re- 
corder, Sept. 

— During the Period of Incubation of Small Pox. 
(Welch.) Phil. Med. Times, Feb. 17. 

— On . With Bovine Virus. (Muhlenburg.) 

Pfdla. Med. and Sur. Rep., Jan. 6. 

— Report of 266 Cases of with QrlflSn's Bo- 
vine Virus. (Shurly.) Detroit Med. Jour., Oct. 

Vaccine liymph. . Jennerian, or Bovine : 

Which f (Agai-d.) Pacific Med. and Sur. Jour., 

— Virus. Human »«. Animal . (Davis.) Ohio 

Med. Recorder, Oct. 

— Animal vs. Unman . (Senseney.) Ohio 

Med. Recorder, May. 

Vagina. Case of Double and Uterus, 

with Congenital Atresia, of one of the Vaginal 
Divisions or Channels. (Sullivan.) Boston 
Med. and Sur. Jour., Dec. 20. 

— of Double with Single Uterus. 

(Watts.) Am. Jour. Obs., April. 

Vacinal Examinations. Is it Necessary to 

Make 1 (ICaton.) Cin. Med. Advance (H.), 


— Orifice. The Normal Anatomy of the Vulvo- 

. (Hyatt.) Am. Jour. Obs., April, and 


Vagrlnlsmus. (Campbell.) Canada Med. Rec, 

— Case of . Traced to Spasmodic Turges- 

oence of the Clitoris. (Chadwick.) Am. Pracl., 

— Ontho Nature and Exciting Causes of . 

(Foster.) Am. Med. Bi-Weekly, ^'ov 10. 

— Clinical Remarks on . (Thomus.) Arch. 

Clin. Sur.. Oct. 15. 

Valedictory. (Wood.) 

Varicella. Remarks 
Am. Pract., June. 

Varicocele. Its Rational Cure . (Copcluud. > 

Boston Med. and Sur. Jour., March 29. 

— (Dawson.) Tlie Clinic, April 7. 

— In the Female. (Dwight.) Boston Med 
Sur. Jour., Feb. 15. 

— A Sample Operation for . (TlflFauy. i 

ArcA. Chn. Sur., March. 

Varicose Veins. Treatment of t)y thoily- 

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./"/«' fvUoninij Cuinmunicalions were received too late for proper classijicution. 


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A ng. 




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Jiiiir,, IJir. 

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and iu luTi. 
Modern l.ii' 
Nervou.t I'l^ 
Lectures—; , 
Gastric Cat;, i 
in Cases of ' 

Ohio Mnl. i: .. 

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tion of til' ^' 
and Ex., Jim 

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Clin. Her . ./,.,, Memorabilia. Ketro-L't. rlue Hoe- 
matocele ■ M- .Ma iitinaut Pelvic Tumor? That is the 
Question! rhii'c Eminent London (iyuoecologists 
Unauiiuoii.^ly in favor of Malignancy: Nature takes 
Exceptioi ► ^iiei saves the patient. .S7. lMui.t (Hin. 
Rec, Mar' '■ ./(/„■, Oct. The American Medical Asso- 
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October. 1.S77. St. Louis Clin. Hec, Ami, On the 
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lUixter, K. <). 

.S7. I.nni.i Eelrvlic Me t. 

BaylcH, <ieorK«'. 

I'se or Amyl Nitrate- 
Med. Mimtlihl. .in;;. 

Iteaeh. KuKcue. 

(ieueral Emphysema. 

Itearh, H. 11. A. £xri»ion of the I'.llxiw .Ttjint 
Showing Results frtiio a Series of Twenty-oii.. Caaes 
Operated on at the Mass. (leiieral Hospital. Hosttn 
Meil. unit Sur. Jnur.. Jan. 4. Note on the Aiitumatic 
Reduction ot Hip .loint Luxation. I'lill. .M'li. Tinux, 
Julji 'Jl. Note on tlie Automatic Ri-duetioii of Hip 
Joint Luxation. .Snut.'iern Mnl. Her., Au;/. 

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Practical Points in the Electrolytic Treatment of 
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lii-c, .sV/j/ . 15. The Successful Treatment of Hay 
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.V. Inre.^tinalor (II). frh. i. 

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11ei)endent on Uterine Diseases. }lahnemanni»n 
.Monthlji. .Utq. Medico— Legal Relations of Insanity. 
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tiou of a Wounded I,en8. Iridectomy and Sub««< 
ciueut Extraction of a Minute Splinter of Gold. /'•- 
eitic .Med. and Sur. Jnur., Dee. 

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Weekly, Feb. 3. Au Instance in which Quinine Orijd^ 
nated° Contraction of the Uterus. Am. Med. «(-. 
Weekly. May 12. 





lli>lil«'l<l, W. T. ('HMO 111 Amyloid DcHi'iioriitlou 
•f I.iv«T»iii> KIiIih'Jh; witli <"»rU«ii<>r I.miiliiir Vertr. 

hrai. r/iicdf/o ,W<'('. ./"ur. otft A.V., Si/it. 

Il«<ll. A. N. Mnrliu' llyKioiio on Uimrtl I'HMouKor 
T.whkIh. rill Sitiiilitiiuii. Aiiril. TubiriuloiilK In 
MlUii CowH, 1111(1 the (liuitanliiUHHrHM of Tuhoroiilo. 
■U by till' DlKoiitlvc Oi-kuun. rif Sinitdiinn. .iuii. 

IU>U, .»iM»u<M Kiiwt<ii«*. liny FdViT. i'liil. Ued. 
•mt Sur. Jir/i., I>ri\ lt>. 

Ili'll, •liiliii. Olillipio Krnotnro of the Thigh 
trnatotl liy Kxti'MNlnn, t'liniulu Mni. Kri\, <h'l. ("an- 
I'or of till' l^vcr. Viiniiili Viit. 'ind Sur. Jour., April. 

Il«>ll, K. I.. A CuMitfor DiAKOOHiH. 'Ai'e(((i ,Vfil. 
•«■( Sur. Jour., Jan. 

Ili'll. T. M. rtTiiviiin Hark niul its Halts. I.nuis- 
mUe MrH. A-Kvi., Jnhi 'IH. s«|tH of IVruviim Unrk. 
l,«Hi.<villt V'll. .ViH'x, ./«/y 'Jl, 

ll«>iu'«ll«>l, iloHoiili M. Kli-pliiiiitl«HiH Arabuni. 

r,i, .V,;l. Vimthlft. t'i-l>. 

Il«>iin«>tt, II. K. rt.Tlnr ribroiiU. A. A.'. M,-,!. 
Uitnllf (//i. .S>/ir 

llciiiK'll, .Lie. IIy|inoti<< Iiilliutnco of fblorn- 
ronn In AHtlimu. .1 m. Wni. mWfk'ii. .S>/.r 'ill. 
K«Ktro)iliY or Kxtrovorsion of tlii" Hlaililor. Vn. 
iTi-.f, }t .nfihi. Vi.i'. 

lli-iiMon, .1. M. On till' I'roAtnii'iit of Pi)ibthi'rl«. 

»'rt«.».(.l /'.7, M,irc>< 

llt'liHOU, <lN('iir K. lti<|M>rt ni' it ('mh(> of Ai'llti' 
<)»«(ritl'« llii<tni"n.\iii)i,m .Vonl'i.'t, Mirrh. 

ll«>riii»r<l,v, KiiK«>ii«> r. Aiiplioitliou of Kor>-epH 
in Hoait - l«»t rvi'Si'iitulioil. I'MI. .V<il. Timrt, 
ipnl U. 

lli'riiiiyN A. V. On tho clpi'ration of Vi'sico- 
Ya»linal Ki'itiiU -I I'raimlatlon). H. >(■ /.. Mnl. Jimr., 
Jmi . 

Il«>riiri>iit<>r, V. 1'av.piu« ('nrod by IMili-aiuara. 
l.<«tliart(y iuri>ii liy IlyiwoyaiunH. r. .v. .V<\t. Inn*- 

tti/yUor ^ll''. Aufi. I'l. 

ll<>rri«lK«\ K. W. Khim To\ivoiti>u<tr»>u ami 
Baryta. I'. .V .¥nl. /iiiv.s,'i>i/,ii- (//). fvr. I. Uomo- 
«l>alliy VH. Till' l>h\8i'>lo^'ii'nl S.-hool. r. .S W.W. 
/«ivsf„;,i/,„- i/ii. f\i,. I. A.t;lilioii.x to Allou'a Matt-ria 
MoilitNl. //.lAnriNiiiiriiiiM V.^ufilii, March. 

ItoltH, li. K. ImlioatlouR for Mu«ox Purpurea 

in l>i»i»»i's of WiMiii'ii. // i.^Hr'iH I'miiin .VowM/y. Jiinr. 
Iiitht'atioiiK tor Miirt'x I'urpun'a iu Oiiioaaefi of 
Woni.Mi. I' s.. Mill /iir-'.v»i.*ir-ir (//I, JM»f IJ. A Oaao 
of S|nirion« Horniaphr>Hlitism. UnknemanMuiu 

II<>Ik. Ilt<riii»ii. Aotiou of Nitrate Acid on 
Syrup ot U'dido of Iron. .Im. Jour. /'A>ir., /Vr. 

It«>v»n. <'lt»». F. Turpura Hoiuorrhacii-a. .Vif. 
.Wt>t. Jouy.. .In;;. 

Il<«v»n, ThoiuMs. St-arlatina and 8uppurativo 
IMmtriay- PbtbioU and Kiiipycma — C»no«'r oi tUo«(«. ('*iiMf)» .¥'■>. J'Mv. .in.f A>.. June 

IWvifrlv. V. Fntiik. c)n the Vac of El«H.-trioity 
la Follionlar IMiarvuititi* <«>.• Vri. ,ni.« .Vi,r. J.ivr., 

Whtirwr. H. F. Oyntio pijitNaso of T<>»tlcle. f»»n 
*«*. ^m<i Swr Ki-p. (//I. W.m-*. I^tti* falcttliu 
thnnt«:k tho I'ri'thra. It^moval of I terine Mhrr'id 
Ti'vljpua. »Wi<> Mri. ,iti.< .Vw. If.-f\ (//i. J,tM, A SoriM 
■<*t Mattd<>r i^aatw. min V'^f. .fni .Vw. Krp. {H). JUaf. 

1ll|C«>l«w, A. T\>rri>«trial Maitiiotiam as a Tber*- 
^nil.' Aijont. f\i>>.i V' J. .j»i I >">('■. J'ur.. /Vc. 

IliSlow. J. K. A Ca«e of (\iitvf«iuoi«l Rx»«*c- 
tliMI. (Vt* l^uKYt .iirf (►v., fkl. 

BIUinir«. <l. S. On thr rianafor tho John* Hop- 
kins' Hovpiul at lUltinioro. V. w VoH Mid. A'-v.. 
J».in V.-i 

illiikt'ril, A. I>. mtBtnrinff In Typ>>>>»-KnterltU. 

/Vii7. .Milt, awl Sur. «.•;<., Frl>. :i. Pmirperal flonvul. 

I aloiiH. Prompt ami KtBiluut UleedlDfj. /'A>7. Jlof. 

I iinil Sur. Ki-p. .l/iri7 Jl. Vitality of Fenialoa. /'A«. 

; .Vril. anti Sur. H,/!., .Vay IC 

' llird, .1. F. WtntArlng at the Seaside. I'hU. 
I Mnl. <mil Sur. Hrj).. .\pril •i». 

Harcoma of the Choroid. Am. 


HlNliop, I 

Homrii, .S'l/i/. 

HlHhop, M. K 

.\. y. .Wf(<. Kclecllr 

Sprains and Their Tri'atntent. 

IIInIi«i|>, IMi»iiii(>I K. Kxtranrdinary Tolerance 
III a PoiHouons Uoao of Chloral Hydrate, limtun 
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.{dnmiv(H). Frh. 

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York. .iiii.Jiiur. I'hnr.. \o\\ On HomiM'onBtltuenta 
of Hopn. .\in..litur. I'/iar., /Vr. 

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)'. .Vr,l. Jour.. Julji. 

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Self-Proti'otiou by a NewOrd'r of Fi'llowaklp. ('in. 
I.tinrrt ami OI:<.. .Vor, 

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quplor of Plt'uriny. I'aniuia Med. K>r., l)-r. 

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t.iiii 8 ot Nobert'H I'.itli liaiid when aiupliliid 540 
diaiiititi'rs. I'linnidcri'il in relation to thi'ir .\pparent 
Dintani-e and Visual An^le. 'Vn. Med. Xewf, Jon. 

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/". A'. .Veil. Iniy-'tigilir (H). .\>jrf. 1. 

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/•»i;. Meil. and Sur. Rrp.. .Vor. U. 

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Shoulder t^f.«<'ntaUons. Southern Mfil. Rf^.. .Hag. 
Vrrsiou by the Vertex in Shoulder IVeneutations. 
/.(••fi'-itV/r V'tf .Vf>r» March 'H. 

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<^u•, Litncei anil <>(•*. Maif. 

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Rooarr. W. I>. TraiimaticSeptic*mia. AUantit 
Med. .TB-f .'iur. Jomr.. Mardk. 



Bor<l«tn, I^. H. Medlciil Superstition. N. Y. 
Mi'd. Kclertii\ S'oi'. 

liorilley, .riimefi. (':tso in wlilcli an Iiidiii 
Riil>lmrNurslii>;-Tnl)o wiiM SwiiUowtil by iiii Iii- 
laiit. Am.. lour. Meil. •Srie»ren,.lan. 

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IliftH and AeliUntMm'ntH. Knlerlie Med, and Siir. 
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LnnKH by IndndnK C'iiloUlciitlon. .V. Y. Mrd. 
Iter., Feb. n. A Fow Rcnimkn on, iintl CiiseMof 
HuccoHsfuI Ciilcificutloii of Tu1)erciilu8ls of tlio 
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PUysloloffy. Honlon Med. and Siir. Jonr.,.liui. 
IH. Addrnp.s at tlio Opening of tlio Annual Mcet- 
iiiijof Mm American MtMlical Asnociation, held at 
< 'lii(^ago, .Inno, 1877. Uimloii. Med. uad Stir, .loiir., 
.June 7. 

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■VliNceNs. jV. >'. Med. Fxleclir, May. 

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tlieHla. Am. llomto.. Nov. Experience In Cliolo- 
ra rnfantimj. (/. S. Med. fnrestifiuloriir.), Mnyir). 
Soma Exiierlenee in Croup. IK S. Metf. liirrsli- 
galor (II.), .Tan. Vu 

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.Hecnring an Upright Position <d' the KpigloitiN, 
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eentrlcH, unit Logic. ('. ,s', Med. Inresliyalor, 
(II.), June i. 

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! ■■ ■ '1 


I \ 


Tlrown, J. H. A caso «f Modnlliiry Cancer of 
tlio Ktoiiiiich, Llv(T ML'HOiiUuy, anil Oiuuntum. 
riirCliiitc, Feb. 17. 

nriiwii, .1. r. Ctt86of IntllsHns(•l^l^tlon Cnn- 
iida Laucet,'1>tUl- 

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aHc(|iul<)f DIplitliiiia. .V. Y. Metl. Uec, Fvb. U. 
Rrlatliiii of Pliynioian and Clci'KVtncn. ()hi(t 
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with ("iirbolic Ai^lil. .V. 1 . Mai. Iin\. Dec. 2i. 

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lliirmll, t'\ A, Tho Troatiiitint "f Clili)ri>forni 
I'oIhi iiiiiK- A. )'. Mfil. Ifri ., f>li. '24. A Now Atoiii- 
l/.i'l-. v. )'. .Veil, H'<:, Aug. ^^r<. ])lliitiliK nf OlW 
I'lilill tolldwIUK tho uptillcutliiii of a liollHclnniia 
I'laMtcr. .Y. )'. Mnl. I{n., Jithj 7. 

Itiirl, W. II. A Milk IilHt thu trim I'rophyla'itlu 
fcir Si-arlrt Ki'VtT/ Am. Ilninm.. Anil, t'lllllrul Kx- 
pcricnou witli CoIdHtriiii). /'. .S'. Mnl. /iii'ttfiiidliir 
lit), (hi. ir.. 

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Conxoiiital OccluHiiin unit Dilutatiui. of Dynipli Cban- 
ni'lH. //. (i)iil I,. Atcil. .liiiii:, Jiilij. Ooc^luHiou anil Dl- 
lalalion of J^yiuph CliannelH. .V. n. \fiil. oml Siii: 
Ju'tr., .1(111., Jnii) ami ^'>'/)^ 

Hiit«!lu>r, TlioniiiH. Can a UOinuii carry a child 
to l''ull Tiiui! and not bu awaro that she in I're^uaut V 
I'hil. Mfil. iiiifl .Siii: Hi\:, .Miirih 'U. 

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of the Uotina. I'lnnulu .Mnl. niiil ,Siir. ./our. .liii/. 

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Nlppli! Dui'iui,' Lactation. Oliio .Meil. ItrniriUr, Mny. 

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tro-S\irt{ ry. \orlh .\m. ,/oiir. Ilmneo., Atiy. A Uare 
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lt<inif.o. Tinif.t. .March. Hyniptomatolotjy of Eleo- 
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nieiil by Ergot. Arrh. t'tiu. Sur., .Mui/. The 
S(H'oiid Di'cade of Life, .\iiuual .Vddre.sw before the 
Tri-Slate Medical Society, ('iu. /.(tunt iiud Olm., 
April. Address — Homo of tho Hygienic tJonditious 
re«iiltiiig from the PresiMit CoUiiitiou of Hocioty. 
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I Dei: 

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I iu Auo, complicated with Fissure aud Tumor in the 
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of Philadelphia to the Prevalence of Typhoid Fever 
in that City. I'hil. Med. and Sur. Rep., Oct. 27. 




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ll^ic^<>a ip tjie cure of Discsse. ,im. V.W. III- 

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SarcdUM of the Br^in following simr Diseate iu thu 
Orbit. .Md. .'ied. ./our., Mty. 



I '1 5 

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•iiliisis in the I/ungs of 

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Chirilga Slei. J»ur. tLUd 



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.four. fnxnnt'M, y\firii 



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■\ It 

I ill 








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Removal by External Incision 
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Needlo in Larynx — 

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the Brain — Uei^overy. 

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Mid. and ,Sur. Jour.. Feb. 22. 

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.V. )•. .Med. lice. Of'. '20. 

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I{ip.. Fcli.n. Mecliaiiier.l Dysmeliorrhaa and "-ter- 
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• farts, r. S. .Med. Ince.itiiialur {III. D c. I. 

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trolled by 1-resHiire on the Fcetus. ,1m. Ilomen, July. 
Obstetrical Notes, ,1m. Jloweo, Dec 



FatlKM-Klll, iT. Mllnrr. BilUnuHnoRH and it!< 
lMnnaf{('iiii'Ut. I'hil. Mnt. Tiim:-', Jinif 'J3. 

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Coltoii Hoot. /•Iiil. Mill. TimiH, S''/il. 1. | 

■■'iintaliK*, A. W. Ilclicf f'lr AKtliiim. Am. Atiil. 
Hi- \\'ir/,l(/, .Inn. (i. EH'iuIh of (jniiilDB ou the (Iravld ! 
lltoniB. ' .1/(1. .Mill. Hi- WlLUi. Mairli M. 

Kowler, <i«'«>. It. On a New and Simple MetUoil 
for thf Qnantitutive Kstinjationof Urea. iV. )'. .We'/. 

./')»/•., Jlinr. [ 

FowUt, II. r. Ttio Faulty Menu of Boarding | 

SiUooIh. 'J'f«' Saiiit<t)ian, .Wir. I 

KowItM", SiluH W. Nervorum Erothisimuw, or 
Kibility of the Norvi'n. Uiii. Laiuil <iiitl (ths., Si-pl. 

Vox, Alb«Tt. "Li't tbcre be Light." .\. 1'. 

.)/.(/. Eilirlir, Sipl. 

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Arcli. Hiriiiiildl, ./(III. An (Ji.UHual Form of Bulbous 
F.ruptloii. Arch. Ih'niKildl, Oil. Notcn on HUin Dia- 
cnHPK. I'lii/. anil J'liiir.. .Mill/. BibulouH I'apor.and its 
Vk.'H in tile Troatnient of Venereal Disease. Oliin ! 
.)/«/. itml Siir. ,/iiiij., Jiini'. 

Fox, I»€'t«T I". Tincture of Kino which will not | 
Cflatinize. Am. .lanr. I'hnr.. ./inir. | 

Francois, Ktlward K. A Case of UydrophoWa. i 

lliislnn .Mill, anil .s'lir. Jmii.. Mil if 17. j 

Fran<'l«, <J<'o. 10. Tlie Obstetri.' Baf,'. liiintnn 
Mill, iinil Siir. ,/iiiir., Jiim 'JK. j 

FraiiUfl, Kdward. AneholoHis of Shoulder 
Joint. .V. y. Mril. .Iiiui.. Dii: 

Fraiik«'nl)»'rK, t)tto. Case of Cancer of the : 
Stomach. Oliin .Mill, nml Sin: ./niii., Ocl. 

Franklin, V. V. Annual Address to the Western 
AcHdemy of Homeopathy. /'. .S'. .l/.i/. Innstiifiilur 
(//). ./iiH. 1. On the Treatment "f Siiinnl Curvature. , 
/". .\. .Milt, /ni'islli/ (II). -Vor. 1. i 

I''ranklin, <i. S. Motto: "Olista I'rincipis"— A i 
I'Ica for Hlu'li Aims in the Medical I'rofcBsion. ('in. | 
l.iiuitl and Olis., .Jiini . 

Frant/,, J, F. Xaiithoxylum. Huhnfinnnniiui i 
.Mnilthlll. Miliill. I 

Fre<Mf«k»', <'. <'. Vaseline. I'hi/.anil I'lini-., Aug. \ 

FrtM-niaii, t'. A. Hidden Hemorrhage. I'hil. 
Mill, nml Siir. h'lji.. .\iiii. 11. Maternal Impressions. ', 
I'hil. .Mill, and Sm. Uiji'.. Dec. *•. 

Fr«'n«'li, <i«'o. M. The Uespiratory Brace, lins- , 
tun .Mill, nml Snr. .Iiaii:. Mmj ii. 

Fr«>n<'li, II. <'. Tre&tment of Diphtheria. Ohiu ■. 
.Mill, ami Nni: liiii. {II), .Inn. 

Frie«l«'nwa1«l, A. Indications for the Knni'lea- 
tion of the Eye-ball, and the correction of tlie De- 
formity, by tlie inscn'tion of an Artihcial Eye. I'iii. 
.Mill. AVkw, .\'ir. 

Frl«'M«', M. A Case of Chronic Nasal Catarrh. | 
llnhiii iiinnninn Munllihi. .Ma;/. 

Fritts, (;. K. Keport of a case of Fracture ol , 
the Eleventh Dorsal Vertebra. I'hi/. nml I'hnr., Frli. \ 
A Case of Puerperal Eclampsia. I'lni. nml I'hnr.. Feb. j 

FroHt, <5. 11. S( rotula in the Negro Bare. I'hit 
Mill, anil Snr. Riji.. Mnnh :\. Some Corroborative , 
Facts in regard to llcj Anatnmical Ditlerence Be- I 
tween the Negro ami White BaceB. Am. .Imir. Olm.. ^ 
.ipril. A New Material for Splints. Ohio Miil. anil | 
Sur. Hi'l>. (//). .V-,c, I 

Frotlilnjfliani, <i. F. I'ulsatingTumorof Orbit 
Uesenibling True .Aneurism. .((». .Imn: .Mn!. .v.i, net .<, i 
Jan. Some Anonuilous Cases of '"yplioid Fever H- 
lustrating the I heraiomctrical Variations in the 
Onset and Course of Disease. A', nml I.. .Mnl. .hnir.. 
Mail, anil IMnnl .Mfil. .Imir.. Frl>. 

Frowort, Chas. W. A Case of Vomiting in 
Pregnancy Successfully Treated with Ingluvin. A'. 
1'. .»/(■((. Ui'C. Oil. -M, anil ('in. Mnl. .Vcicv. Xiw. 

FriiltnlKlit, Henry. DoUvory of the Breech 

with ForcepH. Va. Mnl. .Mnnlhly, July. 

FriiitiilKlit, <I. H. Fracture of the Ilnmnrus 

near the Condyles. Anh. Clin. Snr., March. 

Fry, Henry I). Axillary Aneurism Successfully 
Treated by Shot Bag Pressure. jV. J'. Meil. .Innr., 

Fryer, lUencMiwe E. A ModiHeation of tho 
Sims Speculum. A'. 1'. .!/«(/. Kic, Sept. 'i'l. 

Fuller, Win. Surgical Shock. Canaila Mnl. liec. 

Fell. Treatment of Meningitis. Vanwln Meil. Ue.r., 

Am/. Case of Cerebral Tuben'le. Canaila .Meil. Hn:, 

Fulton, \lexancler. Case of Membraneous 
Croup. New Method of Treatmiuit. I'hil. Meil. and 
.Sur. l{ep.. .Maij 12. 

Fulton, .1. Case of Empyema— Treatment by 
Carbolated Iodine Lotion. Canada Lancet. Ocl. 

FundenberB, <Jeo. B. Carcinoma Uteri. J'hil. 
Med. ami Sur. Hep.. March '.i\. Kemarks on the Best 
Methods of Promoting Post-Partum Uterine Con- 
tractions. J'hil. Med. and ynr. Hep., .lull/ 28. Uetro- 
version and Iinpactiou of the Gravid Uterus, Oom- 
plicated with Cancer, Ste. .l/ii. .four. Olis.. ,fnli/. 

FiirneHs, \\. H. A Layman's Experience of 
Homeopathy. .Xnrlh Am. .fmir. Ilnmcn.. Nov. 

<iaar<ler, O. V. A Case of Malarial Unilateral 
Byperidrosis. SI. Lunis Clin. I{er., Dec. 

(iabell, . Verba Santa. Smilhern .Med. lire. 


<tHillar<l, Kdwar<l. A Beady Test for Arsenical 
('onipounds. ,1m. .hair. I'hnr.. .March. Weights and 
Measures. .!"(. J<nir. I'liar.. .May. 

(iallison, .1. C Sclerosis of Stomach— Arseni- 
cum. N. F. Me.d. I.'iizelie IHI, .March. 

(iallolM, N. ErytUropUeum Guineeusi> and Cou- 
miuga. .\m. .Inui. I'har.. Jan. 

<iallou|><-, J. F. Treatment of Fracture ot tho 
Patella. Ilnslim .Med. an I Snr. Jour., .iui/. IC. 

tiardner, I). \V. General Tuberculosis. St. 
Lniii.i Med. and Snr. Jniir.. .Mnnh. 

<iar<lner, tlolin. case of Placenta Prirvia. .S7. 
Lnuin C in. Her., .inij. Forcible Flexion in Fibrous 
Adhesion.^. Canada Lancil. Oct. 

Gardner, . Progressive I'eruieious Aucamia. 

Canada .Mnl. and Sur. Jour, .Marcli. 

Oardner, .T. Are Bacteria Normal V Am. Irnct., 

(iardnei', .TanieM T. Belation between Topo- 
grii)ihical Surveys and the Study of Public Health. 
The ,'<anilnriiin, .Sciil. 

(Jardner, K. W. Phosphorus Assimulation. A'. 
J'. Mnl. Ilic.. Jnn. '2f nml Mny 1!>. 

<iari'es«'Iie, II. S. Clinical Bcports- Popliteal 
Aneurism mistaken forOsteo-Sarcmna; .Amputation. 
St. I.miin Clin. I{ec., June. Clinical Reports, Exten- 
sive Fracture oi the Skull, etc, .S7. Lmiif Clin. Iter., 

(iarretson, James K. .\ Surgical Engine. I'hil. 
Mnl. YVm-.v. A'"!'. 10. 

(iarrlnues, H. J. How Long Ought Women to 
stay in lied after Delivery? .Iw. .Mnl. I{i-]\'nhly, 
Ocl'. i:t. 

<Jarrison, II. I>. A Case of Frequent Failure of 
Pliospliorns as a Therapeutic Agent. I'hy. and I'har., 

(iarrisoii, J. IJ. Autiscptie Surgery. I'hil. .Mnl. 
and Sur. Hip.. Man-h 21. 

GaHt««n, J. !*leF. Local Spasm of the Womb, 
with Retention of the Placenta and Hemorrhage. A'. 
I 0. Med. and Sur. Jnur.. July. 

n ' 



j ; 




I' ' 


Oatohell, Charles. Carcinoma of thn Llvpr 
without Eulargoinunt ur Uonglioiiiiif<. ^tiii. Ilomen, 
Oct. Plumbum In (Urrhotic Kiduoy. Am. /lumni, 

Oatclit*]], Vm \, Home Exi)oriiiioutM on the 
Frog with Ibtrin Amaru, ynrtli Am. Juki: Unmm, 

(intclit'll, H. I*. lMuiit-< In tlii^ Slecpiiin Itooni. 
The KindiTKarteu. Am. 0!>s. {II), Ihr. Hcllt'borc 
PyniH Americana. Surtliuvflirn A)niiilint (//), Jiili/. 
The LunK!* no Furnaic. I'. S. Miul. Ini-i'fliniitin (li), 
Jim. IS. 

<Jay, <«e«>. W. Antineptic Surgery at thi' lioHtou 
Hospital, lidstiiii Mill. nmlSiir. Juiir.. AV^. l.'i. Two 
SuccCBwful Canort of Ovariotomy. /IosIidi MiiI. tvul Siir. 
Jiiiir., .Marrh 2\t. Hoh-pital ('a«<'R. llnslmi .Mul. ami .'<ni: 
Jour, Si'pl 0, Oil 4 iinil Am: '2'_>. 

(la.yloril, K. P. An Accidental I'roviug of Iodine. 
Ohio Mfil. and Siir. Hep. {/I). .Mnifli. 

Gazzo, •Toliii H. C. Tlie Treatment of Enlarged 
Hplobu by Intra VenoUH Injection. I'hil. Miil.aml Sur. 
K'p., .Wiinl, ]((. 

Gcbliard, (ien, S. fremor as a .Symptom of 
Nervous Disease. I'ln'l. .^hil. ami .S'h;-. /{, /i., Jiinf 23. 

<iebs«<r, K. Paralytic ('onver^;eut Straliisnius, 
Facial Paraly.«is, etc. SI. f.oiiia .)liil. atiil Sin. ./mii:. 

(iedcliiiKs, W. H. Aiken as a Health Station. 
Cliiniitlim .Mill. Juui: ami ltd:. Jim. 

<ii>hriiiiK< KuK«*ii« <'. A New Antevorsion I'ea- 
sary. St. I.mii.i .)/>■(/. ami .S'l/c ./.<»/•., ./(////. Tlu- circu- 
lar Bandage as a Remedy in Tlionicic Allcctiona. 
Am. I'raii.. Aiii/. A Sign of Karly l'regnan( y. Am. 
I'riiil.. J tit II . 

Geiiois, LoiiIh, Tluiture of Catechu, .im. Jmn: 
I'hai:. .Vaiih. Emulsion of Oil of Turpentine. .Im. 
Jiiiii: I'liat:. Julij. 

Gerald, F. AV. Who are Uegular PliysiciaiiH'/ 
A', y. Mill. KrUi-tii: Jim. 

G<>ral<I, F. L Death of Gen. Wasliiiigton. A', 
r. Mil. Klin Hi. Sii>l. 

G«'rry, Kdwiii I*, A C.tse of IntiissiiscM'ption. 
Hiistnn .Mill, ami Sin: Jmir,. Jiim' "21. 

<ierst«'l, Adolpli, Ziucuui. .\iirlh .tin. Join: 
Hnmin.. .\liil. 

<iibl)OiiH, Henry. Treatment of Diphtheria. 
Piiriflc .Mill, anil Sin: Jniii:. Jiiii. PerBonal txperieni'e 
of Carbuncles. J'aiilir .Mnl. mid Sin: .Imn:. h'lh. 
Rheumatism. I'mifn .Mnl.aiid Sin: .Imn:, Min-rh. Pir- 
soual Kxpericncc < f Nitrous ()\i(l (iiis. r.uifn- Mnl. 
and Sur. Jiiiii:. .tjiril. Itefcrm Nciilcil ,\miiiii,' itelnrni- 
ers. I'lirifir .Mi-d. ami Sin: .1 ,!>::. Mnji. Hi Iciicc.if thi 
Medical Kducation and Medical Schnul of Aimriiii. 
I'ltiifii- Med. and Suv.Jniii:. Jtnv: t'ampiiigOut Tlieni- 
peutically Considered. I'niijii- .Mnl. niul Sm. .loin-,, 
Any. Massage. I'^nifu- Mid. mid Sin: .lum:. Sipl. The 
Late Prof. Smith and the Anterior Splint, I'nri/ir 
JUi'd. mid Sm: Jmir.. Si pi. Smiie Dileiisivc I{eniar!;.« <in 
the Medical Education and School.s of Amer- 
ica. Am. Mill. Hi- ir.'./.-.'//. ./,(/../ 7. 

(iiblMMis, Ilfiiry, .Ir. Mnrtuary stati.-tic"; of 
San Francisco for in'ii). I'urilir Med. mid Snr. Jmn:, 

<ilbb<>iiH, W. V. Asylum for the FeebU^-Minded. 
I'arific Med. and Sm: Jnm:. .Mnii. 

(iibbH, it, F, A New Anthropomcter. .im. Jmn: 
Med. .Srieme.i. Jim. 

GibiifV, >J, F, Water Pressure in Heteiition of 
Urine. A'. )'. Mnl. Uiu:. Xm: lo, 

(iibiicy, V, I', Perinephritis in children. Am. 
Joni: .Mill. .Si-iinris , A)iiil. The Stniunuis Elenieiits 
in the Etiology of .loiut Diseases. A. ]'. .)/,,/. ./,,«,., 
Juhi. Suppurative Aritliritc Followintr Acute liheiiiij- 
atism. A', i'. .Med. Ilrr.. .\iii/ •.i.'i. A Case ot Spin:il 
Irritatii>n in n child. I'liil. Mnl. 'I'ime.i. Sijil. I. 
Case of General Paresis Due to Genital Irritation. 
LonuHlIt Mid. and Sm: Sews., .\piil :i«. 

OibHon, C H. Sabina Hemorrhage. U. S. Med. 
TnivKtii/iiliir (//), Feb. 1. 

Glhoii, Albert 1a The Need of Sanitary Reform 
in Shlji Life. Thr Siinilarian, Manh. 

<iillt«>rt, F, I), Oil the Use of the Aspirator in 
Hydrothorax. Canadu .Mid. anil Sm: Jmii:. Feb. 

<iil)icrt, r. 

Mid. Ifn:, Jmn: 

l>. Cases of Midwifery. Canada 

Strictun^ l.iiniaville 
Traumatism. I'. S. 

<iil(>, •!. <i. .Miout a 
Mnl. Sent, Mini i'J. A Case of 
.Mnl. InirMiij'itiir(U), .S, pi. 1. 

Gillanil, L, IV, Extra Uterine Pregnancy. Va. 
.Mid Munlhhi. Sipt. A Case of Cut Throat. A'. «>. 
.Mid. and Sm: Jnm:, Oit. 

Gillt-tlf, AValti-r K, Case of Intussusception 
in a child Nine Mouths old. .im. Jmn: Ohs., Jan. A 
CUK<' of I'seudo-Ovaiian Tumor. .\m. Jmn: OI1.1., 
Jim. Case of ltMi>tiire of the Vestibule during 
Labor, .im. ..'iiin: iiliM., .{pril. A New Operation for 
the Cure of Bectocele and Oystocele. Am. Jnm: Oh)., 
April. The Narcotic Mft'ect of Morphia on the New 
Born chiNl when adniiui.stered to the Mother in 
Labor, .im. .Imn: Oh.''., (hi. I'lferperal F'ever at 
Charity Hospiial. .V. 1'. Med. Iter., .March l":. 

Gilliam, l>, T«><l. (Quinine in certain Gastro-In- 
testinal Disorders. Oliiu Med. Hnnider, Fib. I'ecu- 
liar Case of Ditfuso Coreliral Sclerosis. Oliin .Mnl. 
Ifii-nrder. .ipril. .\ case of (Uuicealed Strangulnted 
Hernia. Ohin .Mnl. Ifnnrihr, Mmi. ()i)iuiu in Epi- 
' lepsy. oliiii .Mnl. h'riiirdir. .Xnr. Laporotomy for 
Intestinal Obstruction. '/'/(,■ C'linii: .Man -C 

Gillin^;, \V, K, Convnlsions— Case in Private 
Practice. Vliiriiiin .Mnl. '/'///,'.•,•,■. Jiini. 

(iiliiiaii, tloliii II, Chhirodyne. Ho.ilnn .Mnl. and 
Sm: Jmn:. Ihe. l:t. 

Fit man. .1, K. On Medical Ethi.-s. /'. .v, Mnl. 
lnir.<tiij,Uiir (11). Mm-iii 15. 

<iirar<l, A, <', Lister's Antiseptic Treatment of 
Wounds. .V. v. Mid, llir.. Sm: 17. 

<iiNb(>rn«-, li. I'. Preparatory Education A 
Necessity for the T'liorougli Training of Medical 
Students, rhji. mid I'liariii.. .Xnr. 

(iNli, ('. i.., "Coloycynth and Cohx^yuthiau Ro- 
flectionH." I'liiiuiiii .Mill. Jmir.nnd Ex., .\or. 

<il« itsiiiann, W. On Altitude and Climate in 
th(! Tnathicnt oi I'whiioii.ti y I'lithisis. ('in, Mnl. 
-Vm/'.'.-, .Mariii. ('(Uitributimis to the Treatment of 
Pulmonary Phthisis. .V. o. M-d. uml Sm: Jmn:, Jiilii. 

<i<Mlilar<l, AV, A, Caseof IJrai 1 FfcVer. H'rslern 

Lamel. Jum. 

(Joilfrt'v, K. 

I'liil. Mid. rime.s- 

(;(id<-i, .\. II 

, Report f f Two 1 ases of Measles. 
ipiil 'iM. 

.K Ke<( lit Treatnunit for Irredlm^i- 

lile Ketrollcxiou of the Itcrus. .\i,iilliern .Med. Un., 
.Miinii. Hints on the Maiuigcuient of Labor. .'<iiiilli- 
ern .Mil. li'n:. .\'iiv, 

<inoili'll, AVm. CaKc of Sterility. .im.,li iir.Ohs., 
Jan. I'ilaiiiil 1 iimor lienioved by Traction from the 
Uterus. Am.Jmn:Olis..J,in. Rupture ot the Womb. 
A,n. Jiiur. Ohs,, .Inly. Laceration of the Female 
Periiia'iim. linslnn .Mnl. mid Sm: Jmn:, .\iii: -i'.). 
Clinic Hospitals of the I'niversity nf p.iin, llnslnn 
Mnl. mid Snr. June.. Her. W. I,a<eration of the Cer- 
vix I teri and its 'I'reatiucnt. .V. )'. Mnl. Her., (hi. 'JO. 
On Prolapse of the Womb from Eloimation of the 
Suprn-Viigiual Portion of tlu'Cervix I'hil. Med. and 
Snr. /iV;>., Jan. (i. On the Radical Treatment of 
rterine Cancers. /'Iiil. .Mnl, mnl Sur. Hip., .Mmvh 
111 On L.-icerufion <d' the Periuienm from Child 
Birth. I'iiil. Mnl. and Snr. Hep., .Mnnii ;tl. 

<;i)Hs, i. ,J. >i. The Treafuient of Diahetes Melli- 
tus. /'/(// .Mnl. mid Snr. Hip, (let. 1:1. Dropsy. 
Cases in Pi-aetii'e. <,)iiinia. (iuaninu— Puullinia. 
Kiie,iii- .Med. mill Snr. .Iiiur., .illy. Diphtheria. A'c- 
leelie Med. mid Sin: Jiiur., Dn: Gelaeinium Semper- 


riASKIFIEl* 1!V AL'IiroltS. 


vllciiB, YoUdW OtilH. Soitlhrrn Meil. Iter., Mivj. A(!0- 
uitc Soitlhern JHcil. Her... ,/uiii\ UcilHeuiium. Sinilh- 
rrn Mnl. /iVc, , .Vou. 

(•onion, W. A, IlydruHtiH Caundcnsia in Utcr- 
iiio HitiiKirrliaKo and Moiiorrtiimia, iiml uIho in \>yn- 
;in'ni)rrhcii. Hhicnijn .ili-l. .Imtr. unit /•>., -lie/, nml 

, 4ioftoii, U. A. TUo MDUinni of Mun. Unmiii. 
Timi:<, Jan. 

<i'ortoii, W. It. A Cuac, olUlcerH. An.Oli.i., ill), 

<>c,<rup-lte»iiiiii;/. K. von. On OMtrutbln. Am. 
Jour. I 'liar., Miiy. 

<ioiile.V, •loliii W. S. Some Practiual I'ointH iu 
tho Trt'utinent of Stonu in tlit! lUaddcn-. .V. )'. ,1/''/. 
Hn., Aitij. 25. Ainpntation of tlic I't-nirt. I.iniixinlli- 
.Ueil. .\eii\i, Si'iit. If), 

Ooiillon, II. 'riinJK iu Ut^ailaulio. llnhneman- 
nian Munthli/, Mai\'i. 

(ioullon, .Jr., II. Thuja Occldontalis. Xnrth 
Am. JiAtr. lliiinen., h'i'h. 

(<ral>owski, iT. On Halician O/.oljt^lt and (fvc- 
Bin. Am. .Jiiiir., I'liar.. Fih. 

<>rii<t7,«'l, Ailolpli. Creasoto and ('«rli(dic Acid. 
.Im. ./(/(/;•. I'liui., Jiinf.. 

(iraliain, noiiKlas. Massa<{o in WritiM'H (^'raiup 
and Alli.'d AlfiM-tionH. .V. J'. Mnl. /dr., .Ijo-i/ W. 
Till- Trt'atin(^nt of .Spraina l>v MasHaKc .\'. )'. .l/f/. 
/{■(., Aiiij. 11. 

<>rHhani, 10. II. S^iina liitidia of the Sa^i'tini. 
(V)i. ilfil. A'li-'inrr iHi, .Mai). 

(irant, Fraiirin S. TUrro l.'usis of Spinid Itis- 
canu iu Childri'U Trcatoc'. t)y HnspeuHiuu with I'lawtur 
of Paris JackutM. S. 1'. MM. Kec. Ufc 20. 

Orant, A. •). Annual Address Didivered before 
tile Biithurst auil Kideun Metlieal Association. I'.iii- 
ii'ln f.aiii'l, lull, ail ulij, 

<irant, W. T. Itotany — In iis Hfdations with 
Medieiuo. Allanli .Mr I. ami Snr. ./our.. Or!. 

<ira.v, A. \V. Congenital Ali-ience of rtern~ ami 
Vagina, f'lu'cai/u .Mnl. .linu\ ami h'x., .'^'r/il. 

iJray, <•«■<». I). .V Casoof Vicarious Men.stniatioii 
from iVlaniniarv (lUinds. .im. Mrd. lU-W'rrKiii. s jil. 

<«ray, <i. II. A Case of VrHii-al (!iilcii!ii.-i. Meilul- 
larry Cancer of tlie I'roMtatc. and Deatli from t'ral 
Hiie I'oiHouiuK. '^''. /.•"/'.>■ Mrd. .inil .Snr. .hmr.. .Ian. 

<«i'a.v. .lohii r. I'atholoHical IJeHeirches. .\in. 
./. nr. In.ianili/, .Ian. 

(Jrcj-n, Krank II. Professional Duty mid Siic- 
ritlee of Life. .V. V. .Mnl. lin-., ./»/,.• •_>. A Xew 
Device for Spreading I'lasti'r of Paris and Oflier Sub- 
stances upon Uaiidii;(( s. .^■. )'. .Mrl. li < .. Ori, i;i. 

4irt'OiU', riMiu'iH V. i;\ti'aetioi'. of i;all'eina 
from itiiarana. Am. .Imir. I'har.. .Iiih/. On flie T.niii' 
.\cid of (luiU'.mu. .im. .Iiinr. I'.'iitr . .i'lii. On •liii'u- 
lieliia tile Allciliiiil of (lie Si>l:illiim i'liiiicolal uoi. 
.im .linir. I'nar. (hi. Niiteiii lie.c:ard to I lie Coiiteiil;! 
of the Aril di- on .laliorandi ill l.iiui; 'ards Diccio larii 
de jMedi dua Domcstica. /'.W. .1/ ./. riuir'. .in;/ 1«. 

<>r<M>ii, .Jaiiii'H S. <'ase of Tetanic or Intermit 
tent retaiiiiJ. Am. .Imir. nlit.. .Ian. Case iit Slr;iii- 
Hiilati'in o| the Small Tiitcstine in I'tero-Ki'ctal 
Adhesions. .\m. .Imir. 0!i.<.. .Ian. Case of Ui>tro- 
Cterine Sarcoma ot Vaudiial Orin'iti. .l»i. ,lnnr. OI><.. 
Ai>ril. Dislocation oi the l.oin; Head ol the IJh'eps 
I'lexor Culiilo .Muscle. Va. Mni. .Mml'i'/i. .Mai/. 

Greim, J. Oriie. lie ent I'rof'reH.'i in Otology. 
Bail iH .Mill, anil Siir. Jour., Mai/, 17 a.n'l .\i)r. 1. 

<lreen, J. W Addrens to the Mnmn! of the 

^rodical (^olle(,'e ot Ohio, Th,' Clitiii; March .i1. 

Oroen, I.i. IVI. PhyHicians aH DiHppiiHera. Phil. 
Mnl. awl ,Snr. lifp., .\i»<. 'J4. Tallpiifi Kiiuluo Varus, 
riiil. MrJ. and .Sur. liip.. Pec. 8. 

<Jreen, Traill. Uavo Organic Nervous Oispaacs 
Tlndr Origin and I'Veipioiu^y In Our Aiucriuun Life? 
/'/(('/. .Mnl. Timr.i, Ainil •iH. 

<Jr«'«'ni', AVni. A, Pronress of Pharniary and 
Thorapeiitien. A'rt</iri(,V Jnur. .Mil. anil ,Sur., Auf). 
(!od Idver oil. .\ii.-<'irilli> Jiair. .Mnl. anil .Sur.. Srpt. 
Ueview of Cnuteniporary Modern I'liariuacy. jViw/i- 
rillr Jour. Mrd. awl Sur., (>rl., .\iir. awl Dec. Com- 
pressed I'illH. I'd. .Mnl. iMiinthhi, .ing. Advance of 
Pharmaceutical and Cheinical Sciouco. •Smtllicrn .Med. 
Itn-., July. l»ro({reHBive Pharmacy — Fluid Extract 
Kidney Leaf Corap. .Snnllirrn Mnl. Her., Aug. The 
Food of tho Ancients, and of Modorn lufiiutH. ('in. 
LanrrI awl OI1.1., .tug. Itoview of (lontemporary Mod- 
ern Pliarniacy. ('in. I.ancel and Olm., Oct. Progregs- 
Ivo Modern Pharmacy, .(hi. Me.d.Hi-Wi'.i'lc i/, .S>-i)t. 1. 
Ueview ol Contemporary Modern Pharmacy. Am. 
.Mnl. Ili-Werkhi, Srpl. 15. Uevlew of (Jontemporary 
Modern Pharmacy. Am. .Mnl. lU-U'rekl;/, Dec. 22. 

tJrecnon-jIi, F. II. On the Treatment of Chan- 
croid. linaUin .Mnl, and Sur. .lour.. Jan. 11. Notes on 
Home of the Most Freijuent Skin Disetses. Boston 
.Wed. and Sur. Jnur., Frh. 22 and March 8. 

41r<'«'iian»y4'r, P. S. Sulpho-Carbolato of Soda 
In Diphtheria. I'liil. .Mnl. and Sur. Hep., Jan. 8. 

<;rc.u);;, K. II. Local Applications— Suppres.sed 
Ophthalmia. Ilumeo. Timnt. Ainil, 

iivi'tinvy, C. L. Notes from Practice. Suulkern 
.Mnl. Itrr.. April, and fin. .Mnl. .\rirg, Jan. 

Oi-iiler, T. C. Rubeola and .Abortion. Louis- 
t'ille .Mrd. \ews, .tug. 11. 

(irilHtli, Anna K. coinpnrison between Cuprum 
and /inciini. .Xurlli .Ini. Jnur. Ilomeo., Aug. 

(ii-itHtli, II. y\. Treatment of Scarlet Fever. 
I'/iiragii M'll. .Iiair. and F.r.. .March. 

(irittlth, .1. .1. Is Kyjdiilis Amenable to Legis- 
lation? r. S. M-d. hievftig'iliir (III, Jan. 15. 

firitllth, S. F. I'eculiar Kllects from Kxhibitlou 

of (Quinine. Ohin .Mil. Recorder, Mai/. 

<irillitlis, Thomas .1. The Seton in Paralysis 

and l-'pilepsy. .Im. I'rarl., Marih. 

<;riH1tlis, W. <'. The Arrcstof Zymotic Diseases 
— Variola Vacrdnation. Tlie Sanitarian, Se/it. 

iiv\KK*> •'• ^V. The llypodi^rmic Use of the 
riiielure Veratriim Viride in I'nerperal Eclampsia. 
All mill .Ml. and Sur. .Iiair., Jan, 

<>rinn<-ll, Fortlyo*'. Quiniaphnbia. rin. Lan- 
rrI and (III.-!., Marrli. 

(irlHsoMi, KtiK*"!!*'. Mechanical Prote<'tion for 
the Vi.'leiil Insane. .Im. ./<>»)•. Iiixanitu, July. 

<<ris\volil, W, N. Sail vlic Acid in Hlienniatisin 
Cat.. Mid. 'I'imi ^, Jidii, \ Proviu;,' of Piper Methysti- 
cnin. Ilaliii' inaniiian Mnnllilii. June. 

<irivflan'l, Kninisinu*-! A. Amber and Am- 

hi I'-ris. r. .V. M d. hin.!liiial'ir {ID. Jiihi 15. 

<;i-oss. F. II. :\l.;dii!lavv Saivoma. I'hU. Mnl. 
I'iiiiK. I>n-. •_>_•, 


poten. c. 

I til re ■ 

Fhii. M-d 


; llr/K. J nil 

] (iriioninir, 10. Oiihthalm dof^ical Ki'view. .1/c'i. 
Ilp'ilhai. and (H-il. \',>l . VI.. ii.ta n 'i'li and r>:,\. 

tiiihlci', A. Note on a Piper, called .Jaboraiidi 111 
I the I'lMviiice of Pio -Janerio. .\in. Jour. J'har., Muii 

I t;ufrn<«\v, KKbort. Grindelia HobnBta. Ohio- 
I tia.ilhns Vii'ninica in .I.undioe. /{amen. Timet^, Jan, 
' .\ceidi«tital Pjovins ol corrosive .Mercury. Humrn 
I Times, .tune. 

SaiiilK'l \\. on S'xiiai Debility anil Im 
I'iiil. Mnl. and Sur. Id/i.. -Mail :■. Clioi.-iil 
n A Case of the I'pper ('ervical V. rtebiiu 

J'inn .-:, .Srjil. 1 . 

I.. Free Dis|i nsaiii'S. I'hil. Mid. and .Sur 


i ' ! 




Hair Lip ami Cloft Palate, with 
• Lip. Typical (laHe of (;yBti<' Dc- 

Onernsey, Henry W. OVBri«uTu;norB. Itahnr- 
Mannmn Munthly, Dec. 

GinTiiNey, J. C. Pregnancy to Full Term otter 
Four SiicceHHive Mi8carriage8. Hafinenuinnian Munlh- 
'.V. AV/'t. 

OuornHfy. VV. tTeftVi'Miii. Strangulated Her- 
uiu. Ualinrnumninn Mimlhlii, Mni/. 

Guild, •JuiiieH. A SucceHBt'ul ('afle of Ovariot- 
omy. I'hil. Mfil. iinil Siir. Hi'p., A'or. 10. 

Guild, Jr., JaiiK-H. A Sacceaaful Caxo of Ovari- 
otomy. Nituh. Jnur. Med. ami Siir., Oct. 

(iuild, L, A. Hemorrhagic Malarial Fuvor. 
Sintlhern Med. liir., Jul//. 

GuiteriiH, •lalin It. Kml)olic Pucumouia. I'liil. 
Med. Titne^. Mareh W. Cbhc of IVTltral TriiUMpid and 
Aortic. DiBeawe, witli Pulsation of tlio Liver ami Peri- 
cardial AdbeHiouB. I'hit. Meil,. Times, M'i'i \'l. 

Guiin, IVIoHeR 

Operation for Hair _.-^. _„^ 

generation of Inferior Maxil'a. Cliient/'i .\ied. Jour, 
and Er., June. Lat 'ral Curvature— Kpitlidioma. 
Chicago .Med. Jour, and Er , .'^epl. Pulpy Dci^cucrutinn 
of the Knee Joint— Periostitis. Cliienj/o .Med. Jour, 
awl Ex., Sept. Potts Oiaeaso of the Spine. C.iiniyo 
.Med. Jour, and Er., ltd. 

Guiitx, .J. Kdwurd. On the (,»ue8tion of the 
(;ontagiousneH8 of Venereal Warts. -Ic'i. iKrmnUil., 

Iladdoii, Alexander. Congestive' and OrRatiic 
Stricture of tlie Urethra. Accompanied hy lietciitioii 
of I'riue. .V. y. .Meil. Her., Ju/i/7. Con^'estivc and 
Organic Stricture of the Uretiirii. Accouii)atiicd by 
Uetention of Urine, treated succesHfully with Water 
Pressure by means of a Syringe. iUiiengo .Med. Tiniex, 

.i Ufl. 

Hhki>ii1>u('1i, a. W, Local Treatment in Diph- 
theria. I'liiciMjo .Med. Jour, and Er.. .March. 

Ha|[{B«'i't.v, R. W. Neuralgic Dysmonorrluea. 
Detroit .Med. Jour., Aui/. 

HaKunK'i. Geo, A. Tra 'hootomv in Diphtlieria. 
.V. )-. .Med. Her,, .May Vi, 

Haiiitf, JoNi-pli. Nephriti' Calculi— Xepliritic 
Colic. Piirifte .Med. mid Sur. .lour., V.c. 

Halderinun, I). TwoCasesofAnimalous Heart. 
Ohio .Med. Recorder, July. 

Haldrinaiin, .J. S, On .\t)orting Variola Krup- 
tioiis. ('in. f.itneil ,ind Ott.i., .hili/. The Protoxide oi 
Hydrogen Chemically and Aledically CoMHiderei!. 
Cin. [.luiret and Olm.. Orl. On .Miorfing Variola Krnp 
tiouH— A Hejoinder to Dr. llildritli's reply. Cin 
l.nne, t ond OI1.1.. Dee. 

TIal*', K. H. Vil)urnum. \. ft". .!/«/. (ioielte (Hi. 
Eel,. What is Scarlet Fever? A^. ft'. Mid. (Imelle (H|. 
.\pril. Iodoform in Dyameuorrhiei. ,V. ft,'. .Mni. 
linz'tle (Hi. .May. Chronic Catarrh of the Uladder 
cured by Chimaphila. \. ft.'. Miil. Ho-.'lti il/i. June 
.\ (.'aso of ltiKi)hicenn'nl of Mie Ovary. ,\. ft,'. Mel. 
tlnille (II). Ju'ii. cysliiele 'I'ti iiti^l lif nieiU'i ol 
Thoma-'s Xntevirsiou ress;ti-. A ft; .M d. i;.i-ilf, 
til:, .lui/ Htillineia In SiiMfnl'Sis i| . Iiildren. V. 
E. .Med.'aii:e!te [Ih. Del. [.Mupliutic ( iliHi'l ular 1:11 
lartiemcnts T. .V .(/.//. /,;,v.«^>(/,,,- (// 1, ./kh I. Sali- 
cylic Acid in ScpUc Tcmm'. /'. .S'. l/i-/.'or 
(III. Fell. 1. \ Case (if hJHiila ■■■riielit nl tin- Ov.-iry. 
r. S. .Med. Inrislio'diir \ll\. .hint \. Tin- I inpuriairce 
(il iKMiartnieiitH of I'liarniacolony and I'rnvin^'s in 
the lliimeiipathic C diegey. I'. ,S'. Md. Inee.iiiiinlor 
(III, Jult/\. Salicylic Aciil. .\orlli Am.. lour. Ilomeo. 
EtI). Baisamuni I'eruviiiiiiini. Sorth Ahi..lour. Iloiuen, 
.\,i<l. Scarlet Fever and Milk. .im. Hour,,. Au;/. 
Nntca on some of the Newest Keincdies. .1/)/. II uwti, 
.Se/it. Acute OaslritiM. .\iii llomeo, yoe. Bryiciia in 
Irritable Heart, flnltiieiuanvinn .Monihly, Eeh. Ni- 
trate of Amvl in DysmeuorrhcBa. Hohnemannion 
MonUdy, .March. On the Aetjnn of ('ooi. 
uion Monlliiii. .'\e)it. 

II 'h)}' moil- 

Hall, G. A. Childrou's Clinic. V. S. Mnt. In. 
ivstipalor III), May IfS. The Obatetriral Force))*. /'. 
.V. Med. lurenlii/ator (II), May Vi. Surgical Clinic. V. 
S. Meil. Inrextiijator ills, Seji'. 15. 

Halit^r, I''. B. Treatment of Hearlot Fever. Chi' 

catjo Med. Jour, and Ex , March. 

Hallorl<, Allx'rt A. AnalysisolTwouty Sample* 
of White Lead. Sew Hem.. Oct. 

Haniillon, Alfxaiider. Cineho (juinlue. N. 
Y. Mrd. Hec, Jan. 'in, 

Haiiilltoii, Allan Mcl.iino. Two Cases of Hys- 
tero-Kpilepsy. Am. Jour. .Med. .Sciencen. Del. A Case 
of Peculiar Unilateral Tremor Following Head In- 
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litinil, K. I>l. Hepatic Abscess Aspirated witli a 
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I'r. Mincing .\pparatua for Throwing Carbolic Acid 
spray, etc. .ini . .lour, olif., Aio-il. A Plan for Cor- 
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ilunn-.i. It. >l. Abnsi' f>( Free Dispensai ies. 
I'i'ii'. Hid. and Sue Hr/r. .May Vi. 

Hanscom, Sandl'oi-d. A (^ase nf Hydrophobia. 
April 111, 

f SpuntaneoiiH Uaugrene. 

. The Lymphatic Theorv 
A'. }-. Med. Jour., Dec. The 
St, Louis Clin. Rec, .March. 

Iliial.oi Med. and .Sue. .lour 

Hard, Abner. (!asc 

t'hiciJi)n Ml I. .lour, and Er 

Hard:»\vay, Wm, A, 

of Syplillltic Infection. 
(!nrability of Syphilis 

The Dirticnlties of Diagnosis and ProguoBis in Cer- 
tain Venereal Lesions. SI. Louis Clin. Rec, Aug. 
Oase ot a Beard'd Woman. SI. IfOui.i Med. and Sur. 

Rp \or. 



Harilon, VIfkII O. A Onntribution to tho Stat- 
isticH uf (>yuB>col(>gy. Honlon Meil. ami Sur. Jour., 
Mail 10. 

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Mill. II -Wetklii, .»<i;ri6. 

Ilarliin, Cieo. C. Obxtinato Dlnpbaro— Hpaani 
l!uroil by lubalation of Nitratn o Aiuyl. .Im. Juur, 
Med, .S'cjcrtcM, April. UutiuitiH Albiimeunrlctt. I'hil. 
Meil. iinil ,Sur. Uip., Juh/ '2H. 

UwrriN, KIlHlia. (^onHurvatlvo M' diciiKiniid tha 
MisHiDU of tliH Huultarlnu. 7 he .Suniliirinn, .\larch. 

llarrlH, Herhnrt <'. Malarial Hinuiatm la. Am. 

Ueil. Hi- VVeeklj), May 12. 

ilarrlH, 1'. A. AutoplaBtio Operation for Treat- 
ment of W.ibb Finger. .V. 1'. Meil. Her,, ,ruly 14. 
ODiitroct I'raotice. .V. J'. Med. Her., .Sept. If). 

HarrliiKton, H, I^. Sulphate of Cluohonldia as 
an Antl-Perlodlc. <Jliiciigi> Med. .four, iitiil Kjr. l/ec, 

HarrlMon, R. H. Aneurism of tlio Popliteal Ar- 
tery. .S7. f.mti.i Med. mint .Sur. Jour., Miirrh. 

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zor'H Acoumeter, Anh. OphOial and Olol., Vol. fi., 
piijie (■>();(. 

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tarian, July, 

Hawcg, .I«>NM«>. Doith followiufj Vaci'inatiou. 
-V. »'. .Med. Her. Der. ''i. 

HawcM, WaUtM- A, Case of Uterine Inversion- 
Vti. .Veil. Mnnlhlji, April. (!iiHtm apparently showing 
that Quinine dons not poMsess Oxvtocio" Virtues— 
With remarks. Vn. Med. Mimlhly, Auij. 

Hawkfs, W. ./ Neglect of Materia Medl a. Am. 
Iliinieii. Dee. CIlL i'.": Lectun'. f. S, Meil. /niv.itii/a- 
lor (11). April 1.5. Medical Clinic. V. S. Mel, Inn'sli- 
aZloi'i'l). 'V'"'. In- 

Hav, <i«'orjj«'. Fallacy of Trommcrs Ti'st. I'liil. 
Med. TImis, Julii'n iinti Oel. 27. Dialized Iron. I'hil. 
Med. Tim'.i, .SV^i/. 1. 

Ila.v<l(>ii, l>. II. Ut'ceut Progress in the Trent- 

ment of tUiildreu's Diseases. Uiii<ti<n .Med. mid .Vmc. 
Jiiur., Fell, 1 rinil .\ug, 2. 

llaynt'K, FiaiiciH r. Hesearches on the Antago- 
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Ila/ard, AV. It. chnroa (iriividoriim. Si. hnuis 
I'lln. Kii:, April. Interview with Dr. .1. Miivino Sims 
ill Kelatimi to the's Hospital (rjiitroversy, 
.SV f.iiui.< Clin. Her.. .SV/jr 

ilcaril, II. H. Triplets. Xns-lieillr Med 
mid .Vv/. , Jidi/. 

lliMil h, <)<-i>. .\. Kipiisetiini in iMnilysK. Ilii'me- 
:il,!illliail .Mnillhll/, .Sipl. 

Hcit/.iiiaiin, <-. Tlie Cell-Doctriiir in tlic Light 
cif Kecent Investigations. A'. }'. .)/••</. ,/uiir , April, 

lloll, Ountav. On an .Vrtirteial Siiltstittiti! for 
Ueeswax. Am, Jour. J'/mr,, Feb, 

lli'lnis, II. It. Locked Heads Am, I'i'ui.. Sept, 

Helmuth. Win. Tod. Surgical Clinic. Am. Ob- 
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Am. Oti.iervrr (//). Pee. AneuriRm. Disease of JJono. 
Cancer r. S. .Med. li.r.i»tiQuU,r (H). Ft). 1 Siugical 
CaSfV, .V. F. M'd. C,il,zelle {II), .Inly. 

H«^nry, Frnilk. I*. Acute rx>lmr Pneumonia Iki- 
glnnluK in lilght Apex. lArye White Kidneys av- 
oompanyinK Phthisis. I'hil. Med, Tiniei.. July 21, 
Heart, Liver, and Kidneys from a ease of Cardiac 
Valvular Disease. I'hil, Med, Tin.eii, June 9. 

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Med, lniwinyiW,r(ll), Oil, 1. 

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Jour., Aufl, 

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Aug. Our Noaodes. .\tirlh Am. Jour,, llomen, Aug. 
The Desiderata of our School, .\orlh Am. Jour,, 
llomen, .Vor. 

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Mexico, ,1m. Jmir. I'hiir., April. 

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ern .Med, Her., Aug. On a New Process for the Prepa- 
ration of Extracts without Heat. Am. Jintr. I'har., 

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ef Uterin(( Displacements. Delndt Med, Jour,, Oct, 

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Remedy. .V. O, .Med. and Sur. Jour., .May. A case of 
Doubtful Diagnosis, with remarkably High Tempera- 
ture. X. O. .Med, and ,^ur. Jour,, July, 

HrsHP, It, Ovarian Cyst Treated by Electrolysis. 
Am. Jour, Otm., Jan. 

H<Mi.stis, .1. K. A UeiiiHrUablo chso of Ovarioto- 
my. iV. O. .Med. and Sur. Jour., Jan', Home cii >■» 
of Arm Presentation. iV. <), .Med, and Sur. Jour., Hie. 

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nal .\udltory Canal Causing KeHex Nervous Symp- 
toms. Arch Opt hal and Olol. Vol. \'i. pageW'A.i. 

Hibhard, .Ta«. T. The Instinctive Operations of 
the Hiiiuau System, and how they may be utilised in 
thb Management of Certain Diseases, anil more par- 
ticularly in Functional Intestinal Constipation. Cin. 
Lnncet and Otis., Pec. 

HlKKli>St K. M. Entropion Successfully Treated 
by Hypodermic In.1ectiou of Strychnia. ,S7. Loui.i 
Med. and Sur. .four., Jan. 

HlUlreth, C^lias. C. Variola— Reply to Strictures 
of Dr. Haldeman. Ci'h. Laneel and Ob.i., Ocl. 

Hil(lr(*th, J. I.. A case of Extra-Utcriae Fo'ta- 
tion. Hii.iton Med. and Sur. Jour., .\ne. 8. 

HIII, .1. L,. .Miiteriial Impressions on the Fo'tus. 
I'hil. .Med. and Sur. Hep.. Jan' 27. 

Hill, •lohii, ACiHc of Kpilepsy. Iihin .Med. He 
eoril''r. Fell'. 

Hill, Thoiuas. A Case oi' Ii!ipric<ioii of the 
Uowels. Am., Med. Hi -Weekly, Seiil.-i'). 

HilU'i', I). .VlbiTt. Veterinary MomcopatLy. 
llomeo. Times, Oct. Metritis Cured by Piper Methvs- 
ticumcum or Arva Samoa. I'. S, .Med. Inx-exliiitilnr [ID, 
Oct. 1. 

Hillcr, Krctik, Hip -loiut Di<e.ts , .Vr.W'i .l.-i. 
.lour., Iliiiii'o. V(ji'. Previii'; of Piper '\Totliystiiiiiii. 
Ilii'iiirinniiiiiiii .M'inll'lii. .Inly. 

Hilliard, W . Tlie Medi.:.! 'riirnM -try ot Cer- 
tain Discecs as tliev prcviiil in tlic South and Sonili 
west. .V. (I M'd. and Sur. ,l'>ur.. .lull/. 

Hills, Alfred li. Plaiitago Major. Hniimi. lini'.-' 
,liiu'. I''.rvtliema Fiina^-Lacli'sis llmion I'iinr.s-. 
.I;i)i7. liiauLsnrnl Keiiuirlis as President of ilic 
Hiilinenianii Acaileniy of Medicine ol New Voil; 
r. .S' .Med. Ineesligalor {//>. Jaii' 1. IM'iigs. or Vis 
Medic.atrix Naturie. I'in. .Med. Ailemne ill). Oil. 

Hills, Arthur T. Report of a Case of Ovarian 
Cyst and Fibroid of Uterus, with .Vutopsy. Ilmueo 
Timet, March, 

Hingston, Wni. H. Annual Address, before the 
Tenth Annual Meeting of the Canada Medii'al Asso. 
elation Septcuiber l:itl) JH77 I'mi'idii Mid. Hicr.yd. 





Hliiton, KiifiiH K. Notoii on thr< Sum^'KHfiil 
Truatiiioiit or Tlir«<t Cum-i of I'ltyrlaiiiH KulirH. I'hil. 
Meil. Tiiwx, Si-pl. IT). Tln> AbiTtlvn Tri'iitiiiiiit of tho 
(lulil HtiiMe oi Intcrinltti'iit (''I'vor l>y tUu Nitrate of 
Aiiiyl. fhil. .Veil, aiul .V»r. «./-.. .ipril 38. 

Illrtliilii, KrciuiH F. Ou tlii' ('a«Rta Trade In 
China. AVic limi., .Uni/. ('oniiiiiTi'litl Dru|{B of tho 
ChinoHo ProvlUL'o of Canton. .\fiv Uein., June. 

Ilitclirock, K. Il.vuii'nu ut Anihvrat Collogn. 
The Sniiitariiiii, I he. 

Illtctniutii, Will. Trcutnii'iit of Tubur'MiloitlH. 
F.e.leelie .Mnl. aitil .Sue. .lour., h'eii'. 1h iuuu a machine? 
Keeitie Mftl. niiil Siir. .lour., Jliue. 

Honrdloy, /\ll>«>rt K. A Caec of Loncocythae- 
inia. Chicinjii Med. Jnue. anil Kr., April. 

Hoblt.4, A. <i. Dinlocation of the Shoulder in ii 
Uoy Five Years Olil. l.iiuifeille Med. .\ew», Jiili/ W. 
Banti'nine a cuuHit of ConvulaiouB. Hulphute Clu- 
chouidin, l.iiiiixrille Mei. Sewn, Sor. 24. 

HockrldKt'i 1'- (•raiivllh^ Hurgcona in the 
Allan Liui' Cmiitiln J..iiieet, .ipril. 

IIcmIk*'. <i. !>• St'U-ct Fornnilw lor Diphtheria. 

.Siiiilliirn .Mill, li'rr., f'lli' . 

II<mIk:«, II, lifiiox, C'yHtic DiHenHi' of liroad 
Linanieut. Oviiry.Biiil .ilinniM TuniorMof tin- llti^riiH. 
I'liil, .\l,ii. Tliivs. M'ir.h 17. i steitiB of the Keiuiir, 
Hliowiiij; riieriktioiiH .Monn the Shaft uud Tliroiiuli 
the Neck. I'hi'. .»/(/. Tii^n.', .Vnnh ;(l. A Needle 
Found I'ost-iiiorttm *ithin the Cranitini. liiil. .Mnl. 
Tiine.i, Ainj. 4. 

MixlKfii, John T. Tho of Uxlide of Potan- 
aiiini in Syphilis. .S7. I.nuii Clin. Hee., Oft. Krarturo 
of sternum l)y Muscular Action. A'. V. Meil. Jtei .. 
Dee. 2'i. 

lloilKf, I.,. A. K, Remittent Fever, with Te- 

tunic Convulsions. 
iIi»dK«-N, K. M. 

.S7. Loui.t I'lin. Hee., Aiiij. 
Fis.iures Uceurrinj^ in 

Bom s, with llt^niarks on V yh«i)ed Fractures of tho 
Ti1)ia. /liiKliiii Mill. I'liil .Siir. .lour.. Jim. 11. Fractures 
*f the Hi/ud of tlie Kadius. /{n.i/oii Med, ouil .Site. Jour., 
Jmi. IH. 

Ilfoifiiiaii, H. F. 'I'he Induction of I'reiuature 

Labor, iliiliiieiiiniiiiiiiii .ilniitlilt/, Jinif. 

Ilon'iiiiiii, .J. A. On Salicylic Add. f. .v. Mn'. 
Iiiei.'Hi/iiloe illi, .Inn. l.'i. On Hcarlet Ftver. /'. X. 
Mill. Invi:<li!/iil<iri/l), .\uii. 1. 

ilolbriMik, M. I.. Death Uid Studies. /'/«/. 
Mill, nnil Sue. Ileii., Del. 2i). 

Iloicoiiilx-, H'lii. II. Fxtraordinary Case of 
Nervous Disease. .Im. Ilomeo, .Vmi. Pulsatilla in 
Transverse Positions. Oliin .Mnl. mul .Sue. lieii. (II), 

Holdfii, A. W. (tun Shot Wound of the Liver, 
Coniplicat'd with Lesion of the Oall-Uladder— Ue- 
ouvery. Jfoniiii. 'J'ini'S, Mni/. 

Holdfii, KdK'ti'- I'arucpntesig Thonu-is in a 
Cliild Two Years of Ajje. .V. 1'. .\feil. Jmir., Jnn. A 
PliaryiiKeal Xi'iir.isis Dm- to I'tiTiue I>im'ast'. .\ . )'. 
.Mill, ./one., .l/./(7. Krrors nf tlii> Sphynnio!;iaph. .\ 
1'. Mill. Jonr.. .Vi/r. fiisi'iivery in IM^^ical DiuHU'Kis. 
A. )'. .)/"/, /{,... Jim. •>y\. l>r. Hold, n's ICcMon.itor. 
S. v. Mill. Hie.. l-'eli.:\. (Inisciii- Ui s(inai:ce in Auh- 
cuhition. .\. y. .Mill lln ., Apiil'M New luvestina- 
tions in Ues|iiratory I'atliolotjy. .t»i. June. .Mnl. 
HeimiiK. .{jieil. 

Hn\ffiktv, Tlioiiias II luaccurai'v ul (riass 
Irraduates. A'. 1'. .Meil. A'.-., ./nn. JO. 

Ilollell, .\. r. Medical I'Mucatiou. Ilmneii. 
rimes, A<B. 

liolnoes, E. L. lutra-Ocular Tumors. Vliiear/o 
Btit. Jour, iiitil Ex.. Aug. '1 hirteen Cases of Ocular 
fhinior, with a Case of Tumor of the (iptic N' r\r 
»iiJ K Case ot l'aii"iihtlia1mitiK witli a Cl-t Siiiiu- 
latintf a 'J'umcr Ai'ii. ni'lttiin!. nnii iili/'.. iv-'. r/. 

lioliiK'H. K. M. On Adulti'ratlona of Aconite 
Hoot. Am. Jour. I'Iniy., Mnii. Cnltlvatiiin of Medi- 
cinal Plants at llanbiiry. .\in. June. I'linr., Aug. 
('ultivation of Medicinal Plants at llltcliin. Am. 
Jour, I'har., the. 

II<iliii<>M, <>liv4'r Wt'iiiUdl. An Address Ho- 
liverod to the Annual Meeting of tlie l<ost<in Micro- 
■copical Society. Himlon .Veil, ami .Sue. Jonr., .May 

II(iliii<>H, S. ,1, Kocovery of a Cbbo of Tetanus 
Treated by (Malabar Uoan aud Chloral llydiatu. .V. 
r. Meil. Hee.. .Sefil. H. 

Holt, tloH<>|>li. Analysis of tho Itecord of Yellow 
Fever in N^w Orleans in lH7(i. .V. (t. .Meil. ami ,snr. 
./(IMC, Jan. The Hecord of Nine Additlomil Cases of 
(Jephallc Version, with Introductory Keniarks. .V. 
O. .Veil, and .*>'//;• Jour., .Mai/. 

Ilaiiiiuiis, ifoliii. ('ases of Ovntlotomy. Hiftun 
Med, and ,Snr, Jour,, .{utt. -M. Hospital Cases. Iloslon 
M'd. and .S'l/r, Jour., .Ih//. K). 

Hon, ir. H. The Circuhir Dandage as a Kemedy 
In Thoracic Atl'ections. Am. I'nni., thl. 

Iloopi-r, Will. I). Ueiuarks on Aspiration. Va. 
Meil. Miinllilii. Jan. 

IIo(>|ifs, |j. Cases from Practlue. llaJinemanninn 
.Mi.n'lihj. Ainil. 

II«|ikiiiM, II. It. Case of Sudden Death after 
Kmliolism of t'je .\.\inary Artery. Hii.Jini .Med. and 
Sue. Jone., Jimi' '1\. Two Cases ol Obsiure Disease, 
with .Xulopsies. Iln.'iliin .Mnl. and ,\ur. Jour., Hie. (',. 

llorii«>r, Fi'cdk. The .\mi ricau Naval Mediial 
Servicl^ fhil. .Mnl. and ,Snr. Uep., .Sefil. Vi. 'Ihc; Pa- 
tholnj^y and Triatiuent i>( Cari'iuoina. I'liil. .Mnl. 
and .Sur. Hip., Iln . Ti. 

Horner, ,Ir., Frcilk. Obstetric Practice in 
Viraiiiia. /V,i7. .)/,■,/. mnl .vm-, i{ip., .Se/il. •>2. 

Ilorloii, ,1. Animal Krotli as an .Vlinieut in Dis- 
eas<!. .V. 1'. .)/((/. Jonr., t'rli. 

Horsi-y, ,1. Alfrt'il. Notes of a Cas(f of Fracture 
of the liase of the Skull. Vanadu Laueet, Auij. 

I. .\ f^ase of Vai^dnal Lithotomy. 
Jone., \oe. 'J'i. 

Hot'/,, F. <'. A Piece of Iron in the Irin'rwenty- 
foiir years -.\ spliutir of coal in the Posterinr Lay- 
ers of tlio Cornea, eti'. I'hieniin M'd. JiiUr.. and l<:.r.. 

Hoiiai'il, •!. (•. Notes on tlie Klfects of the Sap 
or Juice of the H'ppomaue Mancinella. Ilalimniann- 
iav Moullihi. Fell. 

Hoiiu^li, .1. It, A System of Clieniicai Testing for 
Medical and tleneral t'se. Ci7i. I.nneil and (lh.'<., .Sriil. 
A System of Chemical Testing for ^Tedical aii(l(tiri- 
erai I'sy. fin. /.nmel and oh.'-., Drl. 

Ilniif^litoii, Ilfiiry <'. A Lci'ture on Otolojiy. 

Ilidini'hiimniiiii Mimlli'i/. .\iirit. 

Houston, M. M. .Midiiinal l'i'o)ierti''s of the 
liutlalii I.ithia SprniL's of .Mrclib-nbiirg Co.. Va. I" 
Mill.'di/. /•■. '.. 

Ilouai'd. Oiivid. Notes on tlic Distribntiun >r 
llie .AlUaloids In Ciniliona 'I'rirs. Am. .Imie. I', 

Ilowiiril, Ht-iii'.v. How to Diai^'uoKis Ceitaiu 
ForniH of Ihsaiiity I'liO'idn .Med. nnd .Sii,\ .lone., 
Moieh. Some liciiiiirks on the Mt<lical •lurisjiiu 
dence of Insanity. Cauuila .Mnl. and .Sue. Jonr., .Xne. 

H <»«'«', A. >I. Bacteria and Microzymos. r/iviiiin 
.Med. 'I'tnies, ,Sr/il. The Slttua^'ciiicut of Dysc iitei'y. 
Am. .Med. June.. (A'!. A'ee. 

Howe, .Io.s<>|>li W. On the Etiology, Pnthol()«y 
and 'J'reatnieiit of Speiinatorrhaa and Impotence. 

HOMIIKT, .\li'r<' 

nii.diin M d. and .Sue 

I an 

f .V. r Med. Hee . Xov. 11. 


! Patt-lla 

Ootuvias Tlinnidy kf- 

Hoslon .Vtd '1011 Sue. .lemr.. 


Sept. 6 

if the 



Howo, S. Ui'oout l'riij<rcKM In Olmtelrlci »nd 
(lynadcoldKjr, Ho.ilim Unl. nml Niir. Jour., Am. lO. 

Hoy, I'. It, OuMCH (if Injury of th« Ilraiii luvolv- 
inn HiH'i'fli. i'hi<iii/i) Jiiiii: i\iiv. (iHil .Mail. lHs„ 

llo,vii«>, T<<iii|il<« H. Xbii Tboraiifluttc UaiiRii of 

StillilijHiiKm. Am. Ilniiieii , An;/. Anti-Hyiiliilitli' 
ilcMKJillcH. ( /;/. .1/.//. .\ilrniiir (II). Julji. (.'Imrttctcr- 
iBtlcH (if UliUH 'rdxlcddciitlrciij. /'. ,S'. MkI. /iinnlijiii- 
lor [II). Munh I. I.iM'tiiri' iin Vi'niTi'al itiiil Skin jilM- 
i'«Hi'K. r. ,S. Meil. Iiii-i-sliiiulm- {II). .Iiiif IS, Clmratv 
torlHtliH of C'ouinni. r. ,V. .»/«/. Iiiri:tliiintiir ill). 
All!/. 15. 

Iloyt, I'. II. (ivnvian Tiinmr Coiniillratnl with 
Aiii'ltlH. ''III. .)/.(<. A'Iniiiif ill). Ffir. A Case of 
AbcIIIh. Ciii. Mnl. Ailfiim-e \II). Mdirli. 

Hoyt, \V. I>. A Coiitriltutiin to thii Study of 
l'ut^ri)L'rul (JonvnlHliins. U.nmt I,. .Miil. Juitr., .Iitii'-. 

Antl(inity of TarHO-MetstarHnl 
Mnl. Ii>;., .1/0// 11). 

Ilultlxird, O. IV 

AniiHitations- .V. 1 

If ikInoii, a. T. Abnormal Anus of Six YritrB' 
Duration — A .SnccuMRtiil uporutioii for ItH Cure. 
I'ltcilif .Mill, iinil Siir. Jiitii:, .Xnv. 

HikIhoii, F. Oiirwin. Honiu nf the Dlni^uoHtlc 
Itclatlons of till.' IniUyeHtionH— /'/(//. ami I'lmr., May. 

HikIniiii, K. I>. 

Mnl. S'twf, Ni>i\ 3. 

HymrH Amputation. I,nui.irillr 

IIiikIk'h, ('. 11. CiiHe of trnilfttfiral Cerebellar 
AbwceiiH and Tuniorn without I'ert-iHteuce of Synii)- 
toins. <'}iiriuji> Jour. Mnv, iiiiil .Mini. I>is., Oil. 
I'ractlettl NoteN on the I'HyeboHls. SI. l.imh .Mi'il. nml 
Siir. Jour., .Marrli, Notes ou Paychosis. .S7. I.onii 
,Mril. anil Siir. Jour., April. 

lIuKfs, Itirliiiril. llalininianii on Aeouitc. /'. 
.V. .\lnl. Inri'sliijiitor {,H).Srf,l. 1. On the Itiltioiialo of 
)Ionieoi)athic Cure. .V. *,'. Mnl. Uuzelle (II). .Mail. Ou 
the Nature of Druf? Action. HahiieiiKinninn .Mimtlili/, 
•liiiii . 

Hull, <;•■•». S. Hepnrtof Case of Femoral Aneur- 
i.'iin. /'/((/. .)/«/. /'(Hici, .Sfjit. 1. 

Hull, 1.. itr<>\v«-r. AspcrKlUuR lu the Ear. Am. 
Jour. .Mill. .Stvun.i, .■{jiiil. 

Iluinplire.v, J. R. Conversion of I'neo Presen- 
tation into une of Vertex by aid of Kuee-Klbow Pre- 
sentation. .1/11. ./"ur. .Mill. Sriiiiii', Jiin'. 

Hunt, Diiviil. On the Development of the Ex- 
teniitl Har I'usnnKe. Am. Jour. .Mml. .Srirtici:<, Jan'. 
Development vif the Middle Ear. Iludou .Mnl. ami 
.Sur.Jimr., Oct. IM The Obstetrie lorceps. Hnslon 
.Mill, amt ,Sur. Jour., .Mar/ W. 

Hunt, K/ra M. The Preventive Treatment of 
Certain DiseaKes— A New Method of I'rophvlaetic 
Practiee. .\ . )'. M,,l. It.r.. .Si/it. 22. The Control of 
Zymotic DiHeaBe,>< by Prophylatic Treatuieut. i\. V. 
Mill. I{,v., I),,: H. 

Hunt, tl. (iiltbons. Post Centennial Microsco- 
liical Notes. I 'in. .M-il. A'- us, Miinli. liotanical Mi- 
croscopy, ('in. .Mr I. A>"V. .lull/. Microscopy — What 
I Know Alxnit some I^ate Improvements ofthe Mi- 

crosc<ipe. I'lit. M'll. .\rii:i, Juli). 

fluiit, Wni. Sliortiiin^' in fractures, and Bilat- 
I'l'al Symmetry. .V. )'. .Mnl. Hi,., Auij. t. 

iiunter, . Suppuration of the Valvo-Va^lual 

(Hand. .1/11. .lour, ohx., (hi. Specimen of Dysmen- 
orrheal Membrane. .Im. Jour. Olis., Oil. 

Hupp, Joliii ('. Cases of Phymosis and Ad- 
herent Prepuce. Ciu. .M'll. XiMif, .Si-pl. 

Ilur<1, K. I*. I'hyinosls : Incoordiuatiou of 
Movements, with lioss of Eiiiiflibratliig Powers; 
Circumcision — Uecovery. Uoi^ton .Mnl. auil Sur.Jour,, 

JllU. l». 

Hurlburt, I{. W. Notes on Two Cases of Lu- 
cucyUitimia. I'auivin Louol, Jan. 

Ilut^hlimnn, JainoA H. Intcratldal Nephritis 
iu which there w.:s Markeil Kutinal Chanxes, Perl> ' 
canlltis and Perhardlal KIVuhIoiih. I'iiil. .Mnl. Timm, 
Junr 'J. (Cerebral .Abscessaud Dilated llrouchi. I'hil. 
.Mnl Times, Aut/. l.H. 

Hyatt, II. tItlN. Puerperal Ei'lanipsta and Milk 
Diet. I'd. Mill. Monllili/, Mai/. The Normal Anatomy 
of I he Vulvo- Vaginal UrIHco. Am. Juur. Oli»., April 
awl Del. 

Hyil<>, ilaincH NfvinM. An Adaptation of the 
I'luHti r Ju(^kut to the Hpllnts of the Hip. Am. Jour. 
.Wii/ ,SViV)i(r», Julji. Preputial Htunoals. Chicago Meil. 
Jour, anil hU., April. Uare Forms of Oonxenital Mul- 
tiple and Mouolateral Pigmentary N(evus, Having 
the Disposition of Zoster Corporis. I'liiraijo .Mnl. 
Jtuir. ami »., Oil. A Case of Frambiesloid Condolo- 
niatous Hyphlloderm of tho Hairy Ucalp, Cured by 
the Hypodernilo Injection of Corrosive Sul)llniate 
(From the Italian of Tommaao dl Amiels.) Arch. 
Ihrmalol, Orl. 

Illowy, II. Skin Disenscs. ('in, l.ancil ond Oli»., 
Fill. Hydrotherapouties. Ciu. l.anrel ami Oli.\.,June. 

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Autopsy. V. S. .Veil. Inrexliijator (II), Oct. I. 

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and /•,>., March. The Kniballouieter. Chicago .Med. 
Jour. and Fr., April. Dant,'er from Hypodermic In- 
jections. Chicago .Mid. .lour, and Ex., Aug. A ('(Un- 
parlson of the Mortiuiry Statistics of Sun Francisco. 
Chicago, Cincinnati, I'hiladelphia, Charleston, Bos- 
ton. St. I.ouis, Uichmoud. Haltimoro, New Orleans, 
Now York ami Lowell. Chicago Mid. Jour, and Ex., 
Oil. Ingrowing Toe Nail. Chicago .Mnl. Jour, and 
Ex.. Iln: 

IukIhh, J. '\. Kerosene OU in Croup. I'hil. .Mnl. 
and .Siir. li'p., .Mai/ !>. iKnorauco of Pregnancy. I'hil. 
.Mnl. and Sur. Hep.. Aug. 11. 

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Practice for Forty-Two Years Previous to Jan. 1, lH7(i. 
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Foreii^u Body. .Soulhcm .Med. Rec, March. 

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of Obstetrics and (lynn'cology. Cin. l.ancH ami Olm., 
Jum\ Some of the Duties and Uesponsibllities of 
the Dbstetriclau and Oyuiecologist. Am. Mnl. Hi- 
Wi-fh-ly, Dec. 8. 

Cases from the Clinic lor Dis- 
A'. r. .Med. Jour., .May. 

IVfK, Frank 1.,. 

oases of the Throat 

I/artl, AValttT. 

Louisville Med. Afi'w. 

Mitral Insufficiency— Death. 

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Incintigiliir (II). .Mm/ 15. On (Jranulated Lids. f. A'. 
.Mnl. Inrixligator (II). Aug. 1. 

Jacolii, Aliraliuni. Lecture on Mammitip. 
,lri/i Clin. .V'l//'., .\or. 1. The Influence of Men.'^truu- 
tlou. Pregnancy, and Medicines on I.netatiou. Am. 
Jiiur. OliS; Jul;/. Case of a Boy with Partial Absence 
of the Uight Parietal Bone. Am. Jour., Olm., Oct. 

«la<'olii, 1>I. r. Croup and Diphtheria. A'. }'. 
.Mnl. K'C Fell' '24. 

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(II), Jul//. Weather Proving and Disease Tendency, 
Nov. Dec. .Ian' Feb'. Ilahn.'uiaunian .Monlhhi. April. 
What are the most Heliable Sigiis of Incipient Phthi- 
sis Pulmoualis. Ilahncmanniai. .Monthly, A/nil. Dis- 
eases of the Heart. Weather Proving, Mav. 1H77. 
llahncmannian .Monthli/. June. A Question in Ethics. 
llohneniiiiiniaii .Monlhhj, Jiili/. Diseases of the Hi'art. 
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/,'. .V. .Med. InrestigiUor (II), Dec. 1. 

•Fanif>i, .1. A. (\)uutry Surgery. Charleston Med. 
Juur. and lice, Jan'. 



JaincH, John E. Fraoturen of the Ijower Ex- 

treniiticB. Ilnliiii'miinninti Monlhli/. Hay. Treatment 
of Fracture of the Ni<ck of the Femiir, with Case. 
Ifnliwmanniitn Moiillih/, April. Cliuical Chservations 
on Viburnum Pruniiolum. Hahnemannian Monthly, 

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Strabismus. Am. J'rml., Oct. 

•TaiiioH, E. H. Civic Cleauliuess — Boston. The 
Snnilfiriim, Jan'. The Sanitary Questions t'onceru- 
inK Al)attiiirs and the Slaiinhtering BuMiuess in New 
York. Till' Siiiiltiirian, July. 

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Am. Jour. Mi'il. .VciVjkys, (hi. 

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tis. Anh. Clin. .s«r., A'"r. 1. The .■Vrrest of Zymotic 
Uiseanes— Small Pox, Siiirlet Fever, Dipththeria, 
Measles, TypUoi'l Fever, Diarrhceal niHeasex. The 
•'<iinitnriii>i, .SV;)^ 

•Taiivrin, Joseph E. Case of Puerperal Phlebi- 
tis. Am. Jiiur. ItliD., Jan'. 

JeiikH, Kdward \V. Smcessfnl Case of Ciessrean 
Sec^tiou after .Seven Days Lal)or, Am. Jour. Olis., Oct. 
The Kelatious of Ancient Medicine to (iynaecology. 
Kflr.iil Meil. Jour., M,iij, Ueport upon Obstetrics. 
Dilroit Mid. Jmir., Si-iit. ' 

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the Uterus and Vagina. I'hil. Meil. awl .S'uc. Urn. 
March -'i. 

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tomy. .V.' M''il. <;a:i'ltr (II), F''h\ Three Cases of 
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Case of I'otts Fracture. .V. A". Mnl. dazillr (II), pre. 

•Ji'ssup, *. A. Experience in Puerperal Eclamp- 
sia. I'l'iil. Mill. lUi'l .Siir. If,-/,,, Aiiij. 4. 

•lew ell, .1. S. PatholoKy and Treatment of Neil- 
i'alt,'iH. i:hiiiii)o ,/iiur. .\i rr:ius awl Menial />i.s., April. 
Cases dl Dise.ises of the Skin Depending on Neivu 
Le-iioii-.. Arch. I)i rmalol July. 

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li i.<lon .Mi'il. ami ,Sur. Jour., Anij. >j. 

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the Preiautious Ner'essary in its Therapeutical Eni- 
ployments. Am. Jour. I'har.. lire. 

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Oak. Willow and Elm. Am. .lour. I'har.. S'ji!. 

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.1/./. .Mril. Jiiir., Aw,. 

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Disease. Cliicni/o .\lnl. Jour, and h'.x., .March. 

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(,'en tal Syphilis. JMrnit .Mul. Jnur.. .Mai/. Memoir 
(v| I >r. Benjamin Hush. Del mil .Mid. Jnur.. t'cl,'. 

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.V. J'. Mnt.Jimr., .Sept. 

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Jour and l:'r., J-fi. Ticail Puisciuing — MiTciirial 
Eretliism. i'l,ii lu/o M'd. .hmr. and Ex., .^rpl. A Case! 
Ill' I'ericai'ditis huppiiraliva. Aneurism of Ascen<l- i 
in ; Aiirt.i. Vhicaijo M<d. Jnur. (C d tr., Oct. 

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C ill. .V//;',, Jan. 

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Cans of .Stricture of fiie I'r.'thra. Allania Med. and 
,'^ur. Jour.. Jan. The Nfirniw .Meatus. Allanla Med, 
and .snr. Jnur.. July. The Trea uii'Ut ot Uetentiou of 
Ucili'i. .Allanin .Mi-d. and Sur. Jnur., Dec. 

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Sur. Rep., .May V2. New Mexico as a Health Ue-'ort 
for Consumptives. Phil. Med. and Sur. Hep., Sept. 

\. Picric Aciv. .\m. Olmerrer 

•Jones, S. 

•Jones, S. 

Med and Sur, 

•Jones, S. 



I... The Sequel* lu Influenza. 
Hep., Feb. 17. 

P, A Case of (Monic. Blephar-Spasraus. 
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Hemorrhagic Malarial Fever, Especially with Uefer- 
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rapeutic Uses of .laborandi. I'liil. Med. Time.^, .fune 
■23. Uomarks on a Comparison of the Weather Re- 
ports with Catarrhal Diseases of Children. I'hil. 
.Med. Times, July 7. Death from Embolism in Diph- 
theria. I'hil. .fled. Timet, July 7. 

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6. An Arm Amputated after Diffuse (,'ellulitis. Post 
Sternal .\bsces8. I'hil. .Med. 'Time.';, June \). 

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after an interval of Fourteen Years, .Med. .\cic.i ami 
I.ilirary, .Sept. 

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tion of the Viscera. Am. Jnur. .Mnl. AViV/icc.v, Oct. 

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Jurispriuleuce. -Im. I'ract., June. 

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of the Neck. I,nui.<irill- .Mnl. Sewf, June U. A Nest of 
Encysted Tumors in Hight Orbit. Lnuisrillr .Med. 
,Vi!H',<, July 14. Epilepsy — Trephining, ('in. hnncrl 
and Olis., .fan. 

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fluence tipdii the General System, Itf I'Kvention. 
Cin. I.anctl and Ohs., h'eh. 

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ran a I'eisun Have Syphilis Twice? SI. I.nuin Med. 
and .Sur. Jnur., Jan. i he t!c>ntaniciiis)iess and Treat- 
ment of DiphthiU'ia. SI. Lnnif .Med. and Sur. Jnur., 
Feb. Molar Pregnancy. ,SI. /,(/,<(.< M'll. and .Sur. Jour.. 

Kennedy, <<, \V. Acpne Meilieatie. .Im. Jnur. 
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Its Remedial Applications in Disease. Where and 
When should it be Used? ('in. Lancet and Ohs., Jan. 



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Hi- Wn-Kin, <ht. -n. 

Korlvy, Ahriiiii V. Estimation of Araenlc In 
Willi Paper iiiid Orreu Tark'taii. .Vci'J AVm.. Auij. ' 

Ki'vv, I. <». IJthntomy and Surgery in China. 
I'iicifif Mill, mill Siir. ■lour., y<ir. 

Ki-rsliaw, J. >Iai'tiii(!. NBuralt.;la— Sulphur. 
I/. .V. Mi-il. Iiivisli!/ctli, 1-1,11), l)>;\ 1, 

Kf.vH, Kdwiird I... A Case of Lichou Planum. 
Anil. Iii'rnuilnl., Jan. A ProHtufic Guide. Af. V. .Mi'il. 
Krc., Miiii f). The Tonic and Specific Action of Mer- 
cury. .V. }'. .\t,il. liic., .Mill/ Vi. Tbn ITse of Meruury 
in Syphlli.s. hniii.iril/i' .Wid, Afirs, .ipril 'JH. 

K«'VK«'r, I*. I). UlepharitiH and Ametropia, /'hit. 

.)/.(/. riniix. Mili-rli 17. 

Kcyl, li. A. T. C'ardio^'raphu' and Syphigmo- 
t,'raphic .Stii(li<'s. .\ . )'. Mill. .Imir.. .Ii'l;/. 

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phoid l''ev<'r. I'liil. Mi-il. mill .Siir. Ui)k, .sV/)^ 1. Uu 
Water as a Therapeutic Agent, yew lirtn., .Mny. 
Fever ; itn Nature and Purpose, Cin. .Mtil. Xi'im, 
Fill'. The Natnre and Purpose of Fever. Cin. .\tfil. 
Xe.irit, May. Description of a Fever Cot. N. )'. .Med. 
./our., Fib'. 

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of In.Hauity. Am. ./nur. /u.-'mti/y, .hilij. 

Iviii^, <:. ii. Sub-Peritoneal Fibroid Tumor Re- 
moved by Abdominal Section — .Xm. ./(iiir. .Meil.Scien- 
'V.S-. ./tin. 

Kiii)^, Clias. I'. Tertiary Syphilis Therapeutical- 
ly roiiuidered. ('in. Lmiiii amI.Oh.s., July. Cholera 
Infantum. Ohiii .)/<</. liiinrtliv, (XL 

Kill);, I'Vrdiiiaiiil. Ciucboua Allialoida and their 
Salt.-), li. mill L. Mi'il. .Inin-,. Ainj. (;iuch(>na .Vlkaloids 
and their Malt.'<. Allmiln .Uiil nml ,Siir. ,/niir., ./iiiu-. 
SypliiliH — .Mlmiln Mat. iiml .Siir. Jmir., Jiiti/. Nephritic 
C(dic. .[Ilmilii M'll, mul .Siir. Jmir.. ()'l. Cincbo- 
Quiaine — Snulln m .M,;!. Hit., July. Ciucbo-Quinine. 
I'li;i and I'liiir., Aug. Oiucho-C^uinine. .Md. M^d. 
Jnui:, .y./il. 

KiiiK, <;oo. Health Helper. Kchxtic Med. and 
Siir. Jiiiir., Auij. 

KiiiK, •!. <;. Viburnum in Dysmeuorrhcjca. Holme- 

iiiiiiiiiimi Miiiillily. .Sijil. 

KiiiK. AVillis I'. Hydrophobia. .SY. Louis Med. 

mill Siir. Jiiiir., .\iiij. 

KiiiK:, Will. S. Note on the Advantage 01 Posi- 
tion in Dillicult Kxpectoration. IVdl. .Med. Times, 
Awi. 4. 

KiiiK''l>in'.v, <'. I" Hysteria Kesulting from 
Spinal irritat'iou. ,V. K. Mid. (luzille (II), Mmrli. 

Kiiikt-iiil, tl. .Xnomalons Case of Upium Poison- 
ing. .\. )'. Mid. lin:. Die. 2->. 

Kiiiiie, .\. I''. Morphine met by Atropia. Detroit 

.Mid. Jiiiir., /he. 

Kiiinoy, I'ortor S. A Case of Pelvic Celluliti.s. 

Iliii.iiii. 'I'imrx, Aug. 

Kiiiiiit'iitt, l'\ I*. Cane of Zostor FrontallK 

Traiiumticus. Areli.i)/' Dirmnlnl, Jitn'. 

KliiMiiian, I). X. Syuoi)gis of F(Uir Hundred 
Cases (f tllistetric Practice. (ihiii .Men. lieenrder. 
Fell. Hysterical Paralysis. Ohin .Med. lieenrder, .Mnji. 
Uright's Diseaa,'. Ohio .Med. lieenrder, June. Pott's 
Disi'aHe. tiliiii Mill, lieenrdi r, Aug. Salicylic Acid and 
its Salts. Ohin Med. lieenrder, Sejii, 

Kifklcy, V. A, Ovariotomy, with Ui'))ort of a 
Case, ohin Mel. lieenrder, .Mnreh. Cjstii- Filiroiuata 
of liotli Ovaries. 'I'niedn .Med. itiid .Sur. Jniir., I>ee. 

Kirkwiioil, tlay W. Oil ot Turpentine in Puer- 
peral Peritonitis. Wenlerii [.micet, .Mii ■ 

Kitchen, Daiilul II. Ticoti 
(Mil) Med and Siir. Jimr — .Ijiril, Juii 

n Insanity. 

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lur (II), Aug. 15 

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Ou the Best Means of Promotiiiy I'lii.u. I y lirst 
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tio;: ou tb(' Duration id' Life, '/'/i- .'<iiHiliriitn, .Ma;,. 

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.!/.■./. Hi'.. FrU. :i. 

Lewis, d. <■. Aiit;iliaPertori.s. t'. S.Med. Inns- 
tiyulur [II). Fi'i. l."i. (in Acute Nephritis. /'. N. -Med. 
Inrr.dlyulur yll). April !.">. Dislocation of the KiiiUi y. 
/'. .V. !il,.l. Inrestiyilor lU) July b'l. 

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Heiurit. .\ur. 

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seeutive Obstetrical Caseii, I'lJ. Med. .Munlhly. Oil. 
Amiiionia 'rreatmeiit of Kin uiiiatism. .^uulheni .Med. 
Ilei..<iri. On the Poinilar Materia Medica of East 
'l'eniiess,'e. .Vh.n-'i, .luiir. Med. and Siir., De.e, 

Lilibv, <'. A. Poisoning from Corrosive Sub- 
liuKHe. ' r. A'. .)/■■'. hiriftiyutur lili. J'dy b". 

Lilientlial, S. Kcaume of -a Study of Demeinia 
I'ar.ilvtica. ' llume.n. Tiiiiif. .Ian. Infantile Wasting 
Palsv'. .\i,rlh Am. Juur. Ilume.i., Feti. .Morbus liasi ■ 
dowii. .\orlli .Im. Ji.iir. Ilumru,, Fill. Morbus A.ldi- 
sonii. Lueieu.ia. .\urlh .tie. Juur. Ilu.niu.. .Miy. 
Two Cases of .M.U'bus Urightii. .Voi-(.'i Am. .luur. 
;i.;ii',,.. Aiiu Myi-hli-. Smlh Am. ./our. Ilumni , 
Any. Canaiiis Itniii aaiid Tabaccum. A Dc/en Cases 
from an old .lourual. Suth Am. Juur. Homo., Sof. 

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riiir .[led. and .Sur. .lour.. .'■<i pi. 

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.\uxl.rilii .i'unr. .Mi'd. mid Sur.. .Murrh ana .May. I'lye. 
arid bar SiiriJial Clinic. Strabismus Convergciis. 
Senile Cataract In a ( olored Wiuiian Cie Munilred 
Years Old. Eniiileation for threatened Syiiipatlntie 
Ophllialiiiia. .Sash. Juur. .Mni. mul Sur., .\uv. 

Liiieoln, l>. V. Injury hesultiiig from Eleitriial 
Trent III, lit. I'.usUui .Meu. and. Sur. Junr.. (hi. 'ib. 

Idiiii, <i. Wilds. Clinical Lecture on Puerperal 
CoUMilsious. I'iiii. .'Jrd. Time.s-, l/iu/ I'i. LaborColn- 
pli'.ited by Lo.lied Twins— Craiiiotiiuv -Version- 
Full. Med. rii'i'X. (jet. '27. 

I,iul<in, S. M, The (leiiu I'eetor.d position in 
Slu iilil. r I'reseniaf'on. Am. i'ruil., (hi. 

Lippe. .\<l. Tlie Healitit; Art. llahnemanniun 
M.e/f',/v, \i.i'. The Pbvs'olojiical livery, dn. Mni. 
Ali'iiiir fill, Ja:i. Pathology and its Lelalioiis to 
tl •nie'.p.ithy. ('in. Mrd. .{dvuur, ill . IVh. Tlie 
l'li.\ Slot. igi ill Li\ery and Ingrowing Nails. Cin. Mid. 
.Xd' ilh l/,i/.i,. The Honi.oiiall'ic Life Ins. Cos. 
Ciu. .M. 1. Adraiie- [H ' . .M-m. 'file I'l.Jsiologieal Liv- 
ery, fill. M' I. \deunri ilh. .lu'y. 1 he Capitulation 
of" Hiuneopatliy. 'Vi,, .I/,-/, .i.'.mh.v (//), ,^v;l^ An 
Open Answer to Ir. 11. H. Vriult. ('In. .Med. .[drame 
{II}. .\iii\ Dr, Uie|(e|'s t;ase of IntitssUHceptioti. 
('III. .Mrd. \ilruurr ijl), 1 1, r llxlici |pnc8 111 Scarlet 



Fever and DiplitbGria. V. S. Med. Invest iiinlnv [11), 
Jitn.ln. Scarlet Fc'ver. I'. S. Mei'. Iiire.ilindldr (/I), 
March 1. Oh the Plijf iciliiKic:al I,ivcrv. T. S. Med. 
hiiesiitfDlnr (II), Mni/ 15. Win. Stiari). M. ])., \<'. Siiiii'l 
Hiihuc'iuauii. v. s'. Med. luer.-liiiidur {ll\, June 1. The 
I'liysioki^'lcal 1 ivt>ry. r. .v. ,i/,■,^ Iniv.viUiiilnr {II), 
.lM//l,5. How t" .Stiuly MatiTia Mfilicn. r. .S'. Med. 
Inveslifiat'ir ill), Se/i/. 1. Tim S((i'Hsi..ii Movdiiontin 
MeJiciiie. r. S. Med. Ineedi!/iil(jr {III. .\iii\ l.j. 

lilpKcoinb, Thomas. Mori)hiii iiud Voratriiin ' 
Viridc in tlio Triiitnicut ol' I'lnitoiiitis. I'a. Med. 
Mimlfd;/, Marrh. 

Little, fJaiiK's M. Al Inlerc^tin;,' ('a»'' nf 
Stran^!nllltl'(l Bnlmnoc-flc. Hi rnintiiniy. A". Y.Mel. 
Her.. March ;). 

Littif, Wni. lironiid'' of Totash in K ■liinii)nia. 
Mil. Med..lniir.. ,lul!l. 

Lloyd, .J. >I. Nolo on recovering .Vlioliol. Am. i 
,li>nr. I' .Inne. Note on H>l)0)ilii>si)liit(' tf Bir- ' 
borina. .\m. .Imie. I'hiir., .Iiilii. 

Lockrld^r, floltii li. On Cremation. A', iind L. ^ 
Med. Jinir., .Inlij. Ueniedy for the Headache. Am. < 
Prdct., Miircli. 

Loj'lu-r, K. IjiMters Antise))tif Mctliod. .\'. <>. 
.Med. and Snr. .lanr.. ,Mai/. 

Lo^aii, <'. A. How to Itaintuin Mcitical iJiwci- 
pline. C/iicdjio 'Sled. .Iii'ir. and K.r. Per. 

i'OKaii, J. H. The Nf\v('lienii<'al Noini uclatnrc. 
.itliinta Mrl. and Snr. .hmr.. .Inne. Tlu- Xi \v (,'lii nii- 
eal Notation. Allanln .Med. and Si.r. .Imir.. An;/. 

Loffaii, .Josopli I'. OliHorvatiiais in U( y.Mtl to j 
tlie Yellow l''i vir hiiiili niii; of IH^d upon the eoa^t (if 
(ieoryia. A", and I.. M'd. .Imir.. Moich. 

I'<>M:aii, K. !•'. Tlie Tri'atnient <if Aliorliou. 
Lnuifeille .Med. V/'icjj, /■',./). ;i. I'rai.tnre of the 'lUiia. 
LnuhriUe Med. Xen's, Mar<i, 1(1. 

LoKitii* ."^ainiU'l. lujiiries of the Head. .V. O. 

Med. and Snr. Jmir., Oct. \ 

Loniax, Jost'pli I). Acute Uliennjati.iui Treat- 
ed witli Siilii-yii ■ Aeiil. /'/(/'. Med. and Snr. Ife/i,, Any. 

I.oiii;, W, I,. Analy.sis of Ten Sani))hs of HikiUK 
I'owdiM'. .\i »■ /; in.. S /il. 

LoiiK-st iM'th, !>lorrlH. Two ( a- e.s of C'atarrlial 

Inliainniati m of tlu' lilalder. etc. 

.(/;(. ,/i>nr. .Ml I. 

l-'!4 .Micr.ifonie. I'hil, .il<l. 

Srience.t. ,lnli/. 
Tinief, Mil I! I '2 

l..<in);yi ar, II. W. ('liniea! lli'porfs /lelrm'l | 
. )/('(/. dinir., .1/(7. 

LooiiiiK, .\llro«l L. l.eiture on levels. .V. )'. i 
.Ued. A'.c. .Ian. (>. I.ectiirc on I'cv^ i... .V. )'. .1/../, I 
Her., Jnih" '.I. CllMJcal I.e liiivs. ,\\ )'. Med. I,',r., 
Auij. 11. (ieuenil Hrniirliiti.s. li.on'hiiil lle'iiorr- 
ha^e. Ueneral CaiMiae llypenro|'ia and Hiiutio.i at 
tlie ,Ape>:. Y. V. >/../. I,',i:, Ain.l. IH. I.e.Uir'' on i'y- 
plioid F.'Ver. '.'(■/(. .l/r7. .V('i('.--.' /V',. On ( 'lir. iiic Ma- 
|.4rial rnisonlu;.;. [rrli. Citi. Snr.. (tr.t. l.'i. 

Lord, I. S. r. The Vas,,.^[.itor Apparatus. 
.Xnrth .1/11. Jiiur. Iliiinr I., I'eti. 

Loriiif,t, l''.(iivar<l <». New Modilii-atioi'.s of the 
Opiithalin s. ..pi.- Miir.ii- \'. )'. Mn!. h'ir.. .Ian. ('.. 
Tile Care .'f the l'.ye>. .\ . Y. .'/•-■'. I\. :. .t/vii ).[, 
llin.iriea! .N.ite on Mod. .rn Ophtliiilni.'x ■opes. .N )'. 
Med l{ir.. diliie '•. ,\ Iti-Jllv t.i \>\\ KlUip). on «>l/ll 
tlialnio.s iipi- Midiin;;. .V. P. 1/"'. 'i'"'., ./////•- J I. 
S.-ho'd llypfii-i-e ihr Sani'iirian. M''i. 

Lo»4', Win. Altviini. <>n tlie I'.isl P. itiini Isf 
oi Mri-iot in Oli.tetrical I'l'a. li.e. Alianhi Med. nnd '^ 
Snr. .Iirir.. .Munli. Sulphate "f i iiedi midia and Siil- ' 
pliate .d' i,MiiMiiie .ir.inta M'd. mid Snr. Innr.. Mii<i. 
Sulphate of Ciiuhi iiv'.iii and Kiilphale i.l (.iiiiniiia. 
Smdhi rn .Med. Iter.. .Inm 

Lo\ iiiK, Starliiii;. .\ rase cd' E\tra UteriiUM 

rn-,..;iiiiM.-y. Md iind Snr. .Inir . <>t. Cliui al 1 

I.C'i^tiire L\ •phtliallllie (iollrc "nil, .Mid. and Snr. ' 
T^nr , 111' 

l.owtlu'r, T. I). DnoH the Hair Grow after 

Death ? I.imUviUe Med. Sewn, Oct. 20. 

Liullaui, It. Chorea During ITcRuancy. U. S. 
.Med. Ini'esli<iidnr{ll),.lan. in. Puerperal Pneumonia, 
r. S. .Med. /'nrextii/idnr {II). Jnnr 1. Clinic on the DiB- 
eises lit Women". I.'. S. .Vei.1. Inve.itigatnr (//), firpf. 1. 
(/n Iraniiiatisni an a factor in the Di«eaBe8 of Women, 
r. .v. .)/•(/. Inresliijalnr {II), Oct. 15. Clinical Cases in 
()vari(doin> . .(»(. tinmen., Sept. 

Lu4;vk, A. W. Pneumonia and Us Treatment. 

I'hil. Med. and Snr Rep., MarrU'i. 

Lnsf, .1. \V. Pie e of Nut Hhell in Air PassageR 
over Tliirt. en Wars. Ohin .Med. Kecorder, July. 

Liixk, AV. T. Morphia in Child Birth. Am. Jnur. 

Olis.. Jixiif. Necensity of Caution iu the Employment 
of (Chloroform Diirius Labor, Snuthem Med. Rec, 
A n/j. 

Luton, A. Subcutaneous Injection of Irritant 
Snlistaiices. (Jhin Med. Hecnrder, Jan. 

Liitz, F. J. Diadawis of the Sternum by the 
Vi(d(uit Action of the Diaphragm During ('(mghing. 
SI. f.i.nix .Med. and Sur. Jour., Ju i/. A Living Boy, 
with Congenital .Vbsence of Limbs. St. Louis Med. 
and .S'»r. Jnnr , .\iir. 

Lyiiiiiii, <i. F. HoHp'tal Canes. Hoslwi Med. and 
.Sur. Jnnr., April .''■. /tii(/ 1'.'. 

Lyi.iiiii, Ht'iiry W. t.'erebral Embolism and 
Thnilidiosis. Chieniin Med. Jnur. and Ex., Jan. 

Lyinaii, .1. ('liest«"f. Epithelioma of the lai h- 
rymal (Hand. /;-«(«» .Med. and Sur. Jour., Oct. 18. 

Lvni-li, Jolm S. The Holatiou of Certain Abuor- 
ual* Heart SoundH to IT- lemiu and Brigbt's Disease. 
.1///. Med. Jnur., Jnlij. 

Lyons, A. It. Stry(dinia Incompatible with Bro- 
mide of P.)taNHium and certain other salts. Detroit 
Med. Jnnr., Oct. Note on th(! Incompatibility of 
Strychnia with certain S.iline SohitioLS. Am. Jour. 

I'h'tr.. (let. 

Lyons, A. W. Koj-ort of a Laboi Cane Ohio 
Med'. li'C.nrder, Jul;/. 

Lyons, I. A. K. Glaucoma Simplex. Am. I'racl., 
June. Idiopatliie Iritis. .Am. I'ract.. Pec. 

Lyons, ,t. F. To Prevtmt Strangury from Blis- 
ters". I'hil. .Med. mid .Sur. Uep., April '21. 

F. (ieneral Paresis. Am. Jour. 

On the Mutton Wine of the 

Extraordinary Cane (d Uri- 
■innr. Mel. S. ieitres. Jan. 

>lat'<lonal(l, A 

Insanili/. .\pril. 

>{a'}j;o\van, l>. J. 

Moiigi'liilM. .Vcic Hem. 

.>laf<ii«'Kor, .1. U. 

uiiry Calculi. .1i/( 

•Haekeii/.ii", CoUii. Case of Hydrophobia. Am. 
J-ur 0/..< , ,/■(//. A Ch. e ot i'uprpenil Septic Pyipniia, 
«itli Meia-talic la-e phthilmia. .I»i. ,Inur. Ohs.. Oft. 

:>Ia<'lHKan, .1. M. Plain Directions for Prevent^ 
Ing (lie spread ot liif.> tioiis Disi ases. The .Santtanan 

,Ma<'l«>an, Donald. libn id Tumor in the 

.si. call; ot the Mediiiii .Serve. Stricture id the Ire- 
thin. I.inil^irille M'd. \, /(.v. March HI. 

>lH<'onilii'l-, N. «i. Two Cases i- which tht Tiiuo 
contaimd a l-'niigiis Uesi-uibling Veiitriculi. /'i'- 

.Med. Tiine.l. A III/. \H. 

.Macon. \V. II. Chhirideof Lead as a De.ideii.'.er. 

r-(. .I/.-'. !/(«/( .'/./,./. /■■./«. 

Mr.\llis««'r. \V, L. A CaM- vl Ovarian cystic 
Tmnor-iivarioioniy, llii'oVurv. Ch. inne I and uO."., 


M«( iinU'y, I'. \\;5 Hair J^in and f ah ului in 
ladder oiiin Med. flr./.r.Ti-, Ai/ii. 






MoCIellan, ICly. A Beview of Woodhull's Non- 
Emetic Use of Ipeca<'U»u)ia. Atlanta Mai. and Siir. 
Jour., Jan. Keply to Dr. Talbot Owun in the Ky. Med. 
Society Xnosactious. Louiiville Med. Arwn, Anv. 10. 
Bi-C*rbonate of Soda in the Treatment of Buiuh. 
LouitvUle Med. News, Dec. 39. 

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(^in. Lancet oiiil 


3l<-AVillianis, W. 

Med. Recorder, .(»//. 

iMaisoh, Joliii M, 

scriptioiis. Am. Jmir. 

Autumnal Diarrham. 

The Metrical .System in I're- 
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.Miiini, K<iwiir<l ('. The I'atholoMy mil Morlnd 
Uistolofj.v of chronic Insanity, fln'rui/'i J<:ur. .\n-v. 
iind Meul. His.. Apii!. Tin Helati'ii .unl llere.lltiiry 
Tendency between Iinbriity and liiiilii'sy. i/ioie. 
Jour, luetoiilfi. Mori-li. 

.Mann, .Matthew l>. Itepnrt on Olisletrics lor 
l«7.'i anil '7(;. Am. Jnur. obs . Jon. Uterus Hicornis. 
witli a Partial Vaginal Scutum. .!;». Jour. Obs.. Orl. 

.>Iiiiin, I'. I'. Pathological linportancii i f [Trie 
.\ri(l iind its ('iiMil'inatlons. .V. )'. M,il. .Inur., />(■.■. 

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Skull, /^.l.<^/n M<d. .,wl.\>ii. Jmn-., i/.c. 27, 



Martin, A. Diaiannal on Combined Turning. 
Am, I'riut.. \ii>\ 

MnitiHon, K. V. Acidnm PhoBphoricum Dill- 

tiini. .Im. Jnvr. I'liiti-.. .Jan. A(luUcluti«i)8. Am. 
Jimr. I'iinv.. Sturdi. All Kxiiliiiiiitioli. Am. Jnur, I'liiif., 
Mdi/. l>rci)!iriitiniis of Mult. I'lii/. ami J'hnr., Frh. 

i>I:iX(>i), K. II. Prof. MHtc* mid Carbolic Acid. 
I'hil. Mi'd. and Siir. I{i />.. Jmi. i'<. Aiitiiivrntics. /'Iiil. 
Mnl. (Ill, I Sur. Ui'ii., /•''■I'. 1(1. Kliniildcr uud other iiioro 
'rriiiiHVcr.iH I'rcHciitatioiis. .Im. I'lini.. Miuch. 

Ma.\v.v\\, Aliisoii. Iiiti;-tiuiil Fistiilu. -Im. 
I'nirl . Jan. 'Iliird Annual Mccdiut; of tlio Stuto 

>lartiii, lli'iiry. On Snij^iiul Uhcs of tlic Strou^ 
Kliiatir HandiiKiMitli(-r tliiiii JIaciiioHtatic. I'liinrfjii 
Mrti. .Iiiiir. anit Ex., .Voc. 

!>l!irtiii, Hfiiry Aiistcii, Viv. (Irrrv'H Case of 
Ilitiis<HUHiciit:on. Iliislnii Mill. iiiiilSiir. ./I'lir.. Jcu. 'J"j. 
A I't'w \V( rds on •' rnlnitnnatc Hcsiilts of \ac. illa- 
tion." /losliin Mnl. mill .Sur. .Iinii-., Frh. I. \ New 

Adli(!Bivo I'lHKtcr. JIdSlini Mr.l. aiid Sitr.,/<iiir., Ocl. 11 - 

.\ninial Vacriiialion. CidhhUi J.iihi-iI. .Imif. ! Mtulical Society. Am. I'nul.. Xnv. 

Martin, Joliii \\. How to Maniige a Case of j Maxwi'll, T. .f. Atrosia Vagina, with Hctcntiou 
I alior. Siiulhrni .Miil. 11"-., .Ijnil. ' of the Mciiscs. ('Iiiriii/n Mfil. ./niir. nuil A>. Si/il. 

Martin, S, ,J, Trauiiiavi.' Piscaso ol the Fi nivir. ' .■*!«.>>*, Tlionias .1 

Am, ttnmni. Sipl, ■ iiyrctu- .\i'ti( n. .V 

Alartin, S. M. Itodiicticn of I)if;lnc;i,tloii of tlic 
Hili-.Toiut l)y Mani] ulatiny the Foiiiur as a lt'V( r over 
a Fulcrum ))larc(l in the (Iroiii. Ciii. Luiici't mid (>!.<., 

Martin, W. H. The Helation of AU)iiiiiinnria to 
I'rctjiiancy. Ctnvnln .lain-. Mi-tl. .Sn'rinv. ./'in. 

Martin, AV. I... The Value of Vciir,-;. ctioii. /'Id!. 
Mnl. mill Siir. /u-IK. yuir'i l-;. 'I lie Social I'A-il. /'/,//. 
.]/id. mid .Vnr. I,;/,. .\„r. 17. 

.Mai-lin, Win. .1. Tlic A] imreiit Death cf New 
Born Children, l/iilnu mmininn Miiiitlili/. DrI. 

On the, I'riucijdcs of Anti- 
)'. .)/<•'/ .Jiiiir.. Fill. The Piin- 

(■ Acid 111 

>lav.sliall, <;. W. The uho of fialli 
I' — /' .y/nl. mid .'^itr. f{i/i., .l/i/// .'i. 

Miir.sdfn, J II Mxtru'lioii of the iMi'tun with 
the Ohsetric I'l'Vct'liH—Ziiiliiiemminimi .'iii,iilldi,\ .lunr. 

.■Masoarci, A, I'oniniietiviti.i (iraniuoua. .V. 1'. 
^ted. .liiiir., Jiin. 

Sla.soii, l'^r.-<kin<>. Caste of Arterio ^ (iiou., A'leu- 
risiu in till! ThiKh Ti'< nted hy <!' niiiressi'ii. .V. )'. 
Mnl. Juui:, .iiiii. I''is.;iu'eol till' Ueetun . .V. 1'. .Vr'. 
AVc, .Vi)i'. '24. .\ Case o!' Sari-di'.iiitoii'; I'uiiinr Al ist;i- 
ken lor I'oiiliteal Alieurisni. .|/h. ./inr. .^/I'd. ,v,i,;i- 
(■.■;. Jnn. A Cas ' of Neuralijia o|' the Second .^Il■t:lt- 
ar.'io-Phalant'eal Articnlatioii Cured iiy licsi-ction if 
the .Toiiit. A.n.Jiiiir. .l/.d. .SV'iVer,,i, (,;'t. 

Mason. .Toini .1. I.iad I'l'isoi'ii;^,' i-i I'riv's — .V. 
Y. .Mi'd. J. nil-., ./nil/. 

MilHon, tt'Kiunl, ( asi'fi l^ciiricn cu soine IKiiilil- 
liil I'.'ints ill tie llislnrv ol Sviiliiiis. .Snnl.'niii Wul. 
I{,r.. if;,;-',. 


Idphllieiia. /V.r. .1/.'. m:d 
stiietiiri' 111 tie fretlna. 
Chloril i"i K'hiii.pJia I'Ui'. 

.^lasoii, Tln'oddi'c L. in 1 riety a lijsiasi 

,/llUl-. /iflil i'tll. I In-. 

>lass<'.v. .1. !•;. Oi 

.Vi/c. /lip.. Oi-I . jV. 

Ma-.tiii, <'lau<l<-iis H 

/t. 'I nil /.. .\/il.di,iir.. .\i„\ 

^IsinIi-ii, >lani('> 

.»/,./. -md .S«r. l/i'ii.. ./,'./ 

\lastin, U'ni, >I. Amidnfil of Sii'iiluH ' 
of Str>chiii,i ill a I asi i I (lilnral I oiMenin;!. A'. i:iitl 
/..Mid./iiii,.. Miiii. Niir.-ile '1 Silver a^. a Tepi Mil 
Applii atinii in Aciiti' 'iilliuii'iiili .ii n;' 'le 'I'l st .^ -. 
K mill I.. .Ui'd ./„m:. .Sr/,!. 

Matlu'tvr-. ,1. M. New \ oil; (Is pniii,, ■ aiel its 
li.hKn's- Im. Mi'd. /a ty,-rl.-!i/. art. .>;. 

MadlicWM, Tiioniii^ .Al. I'hl irate of I'oliish and 
Mereary. fiiil, Vnl. lUid Sn,-. /I'ly... lu-'i. ... I'l.i .iiinK 
liy Nut ee;;. Hiil. V'd. mid Sin: /iV/... /•■./). lo. The 
Miiriated 1 inctiire of Iron a Sp.'eili'' !i r 1 r\:iii' la'i. 
I"iil. Vid. ,n,d ,v»r. /.•'/' . /■' '.. '.M. 

Matlison, .1. U. Kclanipsi:! in th .M' (her t;i at- 
I'd l)y llypodeniiic of Morphiii !'•. ./niii-. 
Olii>., .tpn'l. /in H.'oioKc of •tTiiiini .Viitid'itcs." 

ei'ples ol Cart'iartic Action. .V. 1'. .Vid. -Inui:, Sin\ 

May.s, W. H. I'licrperiil Fever, /'i-viji,' MmL mid 
Sui: ./iiiii:. .I/((.v. On an Oiithreak of I'uerperal l^ever 
iu the Cily liiid County Hospital. Wrulirii /.mint, 

Mt-ars, .1. Kwinjf. Kepovt of ComniittcfMiii Dr. 

Will, l'epper'8 Case of l''..\tra i:teriiie ITeynHney. 

/'Iiil. \/id. TiiifK. .Mmrli ;i. F.pithelioiiia of ( ervix 

Ht.riand Viieiiia. I'liil. }/id. riimv. .\/mi l:'- Fihrous 

Tumor oi' I hi' Left Cpjier .law which had riider«oup 

Vartial Calcareous De^i lleratioo. /'/.//. .»/'■'/. Tiwf, 

.^r/il. 1.-.. L;n')<e Tumor of the I. elf Suivrior Maxil'.i. 

Invol'.'ii },' Nii.<al and oriiit'il Cavities. /Viil. Mi'd. 

j y'imi'.s-. .V'.c. -2*. I aeerati d Wound of th" Llbow joint 

! Treated Ku;-cei^.d'liily hy Lister's Alethod. .1 ''.''. '' i'"- 

' .'•'ill-.. .Imi. Periiihi-ral Necrosis of the lluinerus. 

Ai-i-li. dill. .Vio'.. .\/mrh. 

Moars, ,1. II. Intcre.nint! Surgical cases, /'lid. 
Med. mill .Siir. /{, p.. ihl. 27. Tumor of the Knee. 
/'/(?". .)/<-'( mid .Sill-. Ii'i-ii.. /'n-. l.">. 

.Mcany. '.Vni IJ. A Ca"P of Supposed Ciuclio- 
iiism. /'.iinhi-rt, .Uid. .yfiii.i. Jiitii'l'.i. 

M«-ill)«-ri-v, .I.X. DiphtlH-ria. /'Iiil. M,d. mid Snr. 
l/i'/,.. ./ii.-i- '.>.' Iiit":-tiiial Olistruciion K.inovcd 'liter 
Forty-" 'ne iionr.s /'nil. Mid. luid Snr. /(fp.. -Inn. (i. 

'■•(■iitlon, AV. S. Chlirat- of Potash and Mer- 
cury, i'-'ii'. Mid. iind .Stir. /{ip.. l-'-h. in. 

;>l»'ntlc!, . Moral insanity. .y'-iHi .\iii. Jinii-. 

//■ilr.ri,.. Mmi, 
M«'n»«-.s, T, Addie-s Delivered to the (iradu" 

ali-.e? t !a:-ses of the Medical Deiiartmi uts of the 
I'liiversily if Nashville iind Vandertiilt Cniversity, 
Fi'h. 'J-J. li^TT. .V(.-,'. '/.••/;'.' d.i II-. .\/.d. mil! .siir., Muri-li. 

:Mft<'al»'<', ,lr., II. I.. A i a--e of iutirmitteut 
iMVer. •ieniperaUiri' loH i'l'hr. X. fi. y/.-K und Sur. 
,/iilir.. III. 

Meyer, .f. II. \Vni. :\I"iiiti(,'i a! and riiliiemai-y 
Tu'ieiviilnsi-; in an Adult. <'!,i,;iiii, Mrd. ./mir. iind 
.'.'./■ , .I/)/-''. F.>:p.i'iiiie:,ts i i ;>l;in '.iniftin;;. Cliit-.';,', 
.\/,it. .iii'ir. mid A'.'-.. .!/•' ''. 

:'M(l«li«'t<>ii, «'. >. li:V. r^'; ida.40">'i-. I/nl m-- 
tll :iil.iiiii '' ii'li':l. -I/"/''. 

Ca-es "f Ki'vsip 

,il Ills lilieiiiiKitisiii. 
Ciii^e of i'dei ii'-r;!l 
.hdii -li. 

I MitHin. Holil. W. M 

i ehH. /•mill'. Ti'ii- ■'. .1/ '•/. 
A;|! ^ni. v.. !•;. Aca-^. n 

!.lllti.<i-:::i I,./. A'. .(>•. />';. 

I ihimp -ia. /■"■.'■ ■'"''' .'/'•'■'. 

■>lil<'s. .\. 1$. rriie'ie..! iii,\ ill a I use of llron- 
,.i,,i • l". \\ iCi at,'! I'li' i \ '> Mid. luid S,ir. 
I ./.;,..'. \/m-,!i. I! 1. iilieii I'l l''riilurci| MaMllie. .% 
I o. Mill. Kid ■■mo. ./..'./ . " I. 

Mi'cK. .\. <;. C'lS.' ol Filo'.iid Tninoi' of tlie 

I fe) 11 . Uece veil by .•Wiilsion. .Ii/i. ./i':n-. OU.-i., .In'::. 

>li!«'s, ,V. •!. clir nil ■ ijido-rervicitis. < in. Mid 

Oliii, Mid. li 
Chronic IdHrrtiiea 

I'ill. Mrd. S'll-X, 

Mil... The Value of Salicin iu I ^""''- ''''' 

.._ \m. Mid. Hi-Wnilii. ./iu>. ti. I Mi'»'>, l'"ran<'!!i T. Imp' rialiee ol the i|atviinie 

I'lierp ii.l I .hrupsia. /•;,.,.. I/./. ,ni./ .V'o. '/I'l/i.. .l/ii-i7 1 Ciirreiit in Hi cti'.i-'l li' rapeiiiics. 
7. Cineho-i.iiiini 
traordiiiarv I'a^ 
/iM , .i/'i U 

iiipsia. /'/lo. .)/(■/. lOi.^ .Mo . /iv/i.. .i/ii'i/ ; viirrent in r ii .ti-n. i u. rupeuni ,^. ■ •;(. ..,-■.. ..•■•.., 
iiiiiie, V. 1. .l/-i' ff. '■.,,/,(),. (1, All i'\- ! .V'Uc/(. raKc of (Mreiii" Musculftr Atr.phy ..f till' 
s. "f Opium liiibriiM A. I M. d. j l.'uvn iAtri'Jiiitii - Neiniti.-^ - Itnovery I/'/. . !/'■•/, 

r..>.i. ii,.i 

I Jinir.. 'Ill 





Miller, A. Solar Light aud Iloat. U. S. Med. In- 
vestigator //), .luv 1. 

Miller. Atlolpli W. Adnlterntious. Am .Join- 
l'/,ni:. F''l). 

Miller, V. H. ■Masturbiition. Am. I'litit., Mdji. 
Canoer ami Phthisis A,ii. I'ract.. July. 

Millikiii, I). Doitors and Driuk. Ohin Med.and 
.^ur. Jnur., Dec. 

Miller, Edwat'il. ('oini)i>uud Tincture Beuzoin. 

Am. Mi'tl. liiWnklii. April ^S. 

Miller, II. \, Ucview of ii Ui'port oC two cases 
of Cholcia Asiatica. Am. Hiiuiiu, .SV71/. Kovii^w of 
VaviouH Authors ou I.tiicorvhica. .iin. l/iini'u, tiil. 
ConiiiariBon of Ht'imr Suliihiir ami Siliica. /Inhni- 
mnmiiiw M'lnllih/. l-'eh. Salient Points on the Acids. 
Hdlinemi^nniiDi .M(i»l'il\i, Sar. Synopsis ct Zincnni 
Metallicnni. .\iirtli .iiii. Jnur. llnmio, .\nr. Aconite 
an Exceptional lieuiedy in Typhoid Fever. Jlnmm 
Timi:i, .Mail. An Alarniinf? Kpideinic. I', .v, .Wi'./. /»- 
rrstiyiil'ir {II], April l.'i. Obscirvations on the study of 
Materia Mediea— r. .v. Med. Ininiinntnr [III, Oil. 1, 

Miller, J. V, The treatment of Acute Hheuuia- 
tism. rin. Lnm-it ami Olm., .Mureh. 

Miller. ,J, K. Traumatic Tetanus. I'hil. M'll. 
anil .'<iir. Ue/)., pee. 2'2. 

Miller, >T. W. Separation of Arsenic Ironi Or- 
ganic Matter. 1,1111 i.iril If Mill. Achw, Jiiih- 2. 

Sliller, Sain'I M. Th- Free Dispensary Svst'aii 
in I'ljil— /'/,//. Veil. Timex. .\i,e. 10. The Alinse'of the 
Fr»e r)ispen:iarles. I'iiil. Mul. Tiiifs, Dee. 'J-'. 

!>liller, Samuel W. A I'Ji'a for Kairnes.- and 
Accuracy. ISiistmi .Miil. ami .Sur. Jnur., pee. (J. 

Miller. T. Clarice. The State of the Eve Lid 

after Death. .V. }'. Meil. lie, . Jmi. C. 

Miller. W. F. t'ase of Stran;,nilatcd In;,'uinnl 
Hernia of 4 iliiys aud IS h<nir8 standing ; Opiration; 
Recovery — Western f.aneel, June. 

MilliiiKton. K. H. Medical Fees. Ohin .Med. ann 
•Sur. lieji. ill), .Mill/. 

MilliKaii, Francis H. T iinit of the SurKCons 
liesponsibility. /'/.//. .Mid. mul .v»r. li'e/i.. I'lli. '.;4. 

.>Iills, <'harU's K. Tiaiuuatic Neuritis Divolv- 
iny the Bra ■liial Plexus. I'.'iit. .Mid. Time.'.'. .SV//. 1. 
Electro-Tlierapentics — the nature of l^lcetricity, iiud 
the Ir'orins of LUm tiicitv I'sed in Medi' iniil Practice 
—Phil. Med. and .yiir. I{r,,.. .Mun!, 17 lOlectro I'liera- 
peutics— the Heiiuisites of Ele<trn-Me<li. al In-itru- 
nients— /'/,//. .M,d. iind .V,,,-. /,>,/,.. Maeili Jt. 

:>lins, .1. I*. Hood for Infants, .tin. llnme,,. Jul//. 
K'Uiediul luilieations for Infantile Diarrluea. .tin. 
Iliiine , Jul'/. Ifeinrdial Jndicutioiis t.|' Inrantile 
Diariluea. I'. S. Med. hieestiiintne ill). Juhj I. 

!\lilrie. .FiiiiM's AiDlrewM. Li-ters .VntiS'piii 
Method ill i)\arivt'.i!jy. A'. V.Mid. n>e,J,in.{\. 

^lilner, K. II. Keiuarks 011 Uenal l)is' ase, I'ud. 
Med. ,ind .Vh/-. If, p. .M:r,li '■'•. .\iuiiiitati'iu of all arm 
without Lit,'atiu-es. I'hil M,'l. T inus. li,-l.21 

.Milton. .1. I,. On t!ie Initv cr IHialitv of .Svjdi- 
llis. .V. 1'. Mid. !!■., Apr: -. 

Miner. .1. F. Feasibility of I'Mirp.itiii^,' tl:e T'ly- 
roid I Hand in Hono' cases of Iiiscasi . linil-dn ,1/ /. 
,ni I .Sue ■l,,i,r.. .liiUi. Cliinca"' Lc ■tiirc njion tie- .Spioul 
{'\irw-- liiill'ilii M'l. inul .^'/r. ,li,i:,\, .lei/. Oi,;! ul 
Lecture on the An^nilar curve. I!i,ii,il„ .Mil. ,ei,l 
.Sur. .lour., S'.p'. 

.Minor, -I. i'. 'rrii'isrii-ioii <,\' lllood. il, ,,„,„. 

'/* iini!i, dun. 

.Minor. Tlionias ('. Notes on th.; F()iileniiolii(,'y 
of Ohio. Cm. I.nneel und Olis — .tpril. Mii;i. June mul 

IMinol, I'liinciv. llcsjijiiil Ou-i s. I'u.^lon .Mul. find 
,Sur. .lour., (1,1. II. 

Mitejiell. <.<'o. 1«. Scroiuloiis lie* r Cured. / 
.f M-d. Inv'idiifiilor ill). ,lHve \'<. 

MieliatI, .T. KUwin. Caso of Cleft Palate. Md. 

Med. Jour., .S,pt. 

Mitolieli. .1. S. The Hesonator. i: s. .Med. Pi- 
resl!ii,itiir {II), April \. Curability of CoUHiiniption. 
/'. .V. Med. /iireslii/oliir {II), .S,pl . \. 

Mitehell, S. Weir. The Relation of Paiu to the 
Weather. ,D». .lour. Med. ,'<eienee.<, .tpril. 

Monette, <ieo. N. Skimmed Milk in tlio Treat- 
ment of Catarrh of the Hladder and Cystitis. Am. 
I'ract.. .Vid'. 

Monti, AloiM. Abstract of a clinical Lecture on 
Cntarrhus Sutl'ocations: Neonatorum. I'liil. Med. 
Tim,s. Feb. .i. Clinical Lecturo on llerertiiaiy and 
Co'i^enital Syphilis. I'Uil. Med. Tiin,:i. April. W. 

.Mi>ntKonier.v, K. Aneunsin of the Aorta. I'liil. 
.Med. Tiiiirf. .s,pl.'\. Cr nip and Diphtheria. .S7. I.,iui.< 
.Med. nwl .Vh;-. Junr.. April. Internal obstruction, 
the \itill Necessity of a Outious and Conservative 
Treatment. .sV. I.oni.i .Med. and Sur. Jour., Oil. In- 
fantile Convulsions. .St. Ponix .M,d. mul .S'hc. Jour., 

.Moore. .V. A, Phytolacca Decan Ira in the Treat- 
ment of Mastitis. Vu. M,l. .Mmdlih/, Mni/. 

5loore, A. F. Si)iiie Verified Symptoms. C. S. 

.Me,l. pK'eUiiJtdor {ID, Oil. 1. 

:^loi>re, B. Dints on tlu^ Use of Hooks by Stu- 
dents mul Assistants! in Pharmacy. Am. ,l<uir. I'har., 

>loore. <'. \ . Chlorate of Potash and Mercurials. 
riid. M,d. iind .Sur. Ilip., Jiin. V,\. 

Moore, ,lr , F. ;M. Report of a 1 ase of Sub- 
Luxation of thi' Inferior Maxilla. IJackwards, liujlaln 
Me.i. iiu'l Sur. J,iiir.. Mil 11. 

.Aloore. -f. B. A Word iu refeui:o of Sugar- 
Cnated I'ill.'-. I'liil. mill J'liar., Aui). 

.M -e, .1. C. A Word in Dofeuco of Sugar- 

Coati'il Pills. Am. ,luur. Plmr , .Mureh. 

Moore, ,1, 1:. A CuHi' of Protracted Gestatiou. 
I'U: . .M'll. mid .Sur. He,., Fch. 3. 

.Aloorc, tl. .M. Siual'i-Pox. llaluunMnnian Moutlily, 

M»><>re. .1. T. Is Ur miile Potass and Sulph .Mor- 
phi,-i an Antidote for I'oiconiiii? b> Strychnini!? .1/- 
Uiidi M'll. 'ind Sue. .I,„ir., 0,1. 

Mnttvv, Henry. lU'inin of the Term "Syphilis?" 
1.,'Uisvire Med. .V,»\v. p,,-. iW. 

Moor<'. it. Ii. The Treatment of Diphtheria. 
I'liil. .M,d.iir.d Sue. h'e.p., I\di. 17. Puerperal lie lainp- 
aia. I'hil. .Me,', and .Sue. I,',p., Oet. '211. 

Moore. Tlionias. Dietetics iu Itelation to In- 
fants and Voun^ Children. Il't'inemminiun Munlhli/, 

•Moore , S'. I,. I'pideinic of Scarb-t Fever and 
Diiilitle ria /'. .S. Mel. Inee.iliiiit ,r {II), April 1. 

Moiiei'N, <■. .V. Wlial Syuiplouin luJicate the 
Rhus? Am. Il„m-ii. I>e<-. 

'Mooi'liciid. W. W. (ilyc-rite of Nitrate of Uis- 
nnlli. I' •. ./""/■ /'/( ',■., M, trill. 

,>loos, S. On the lilood Vessids and the, mrciila- 
tiou in tint Mciuiirana rynipani ainl Manubrium 
Mallei. Aieii Opihiil mol Oliil. Vol. 17..'',\. 

■>lor(H, < Ii!is. .M. Opium Pois.iuioK Tieatisl with 
Sislpinuc ol \tropia. I'hd M,il. ■in i >iie. h'lp., />,i . 

Mor^.m. Ileniy T. II. spitul Dep u'ts. r.,il. 
.Me, I. /Vi/e.s. J, in. ill. 

.MorKfJin, >laiii('s .Viiplctoii. Per luial Identity, 
Til, S, 1:1,1, tei, III, .Inn. 

>loi Klin. •!. ('. Prolracted Remittent I'ever. /'. 
.S'. l^</ hiri.di, film- ill), Feh. I. Cell t ri. s iiod K<cnn- 
ttiCH. r. V Md. I,ieexti,,.,l„e {II), .Miii.-h I. Water 
InjeilioiiB iu lUeriue Displacements. Iliihn-'mminimi 
.Montldij, June. 






Morgan, \V. F. Two Iteun. Ohio ifed. and Sur. 
RfV- {II). Jul)/. 

.MdiKiiii, Wilbur F. rraotiiro of tho riittUa. 
HntliDt Mi'il. itiKl Snr. Jiiur., A'oi'. 'Jll. 

I'MoiTfll, 1). «>. Ciiso of Authiav in a J'liticnl 
over EiHl'ty Yeai-H of Af,'i' -Uecovury. ,S'.'. Lmiis Clin. 
Hfiiiril, h'l'li, 

^lorrt'll, F, OoimIimi. A Cauo of rmioocythn'iiiin; 
8u(l(If u ami Marlicil Dimliiiitii)n in Hize of tlie Splci-ii. 
liii!tt(m M'll. ami Snr. Juiir., Mmj I'.l. 

Morrill, Wyinaii. 'I'.'kj Karly History of tho 
McLean A3ylum for Hie lusauo. Iloxt^nn Mnl. anil Sur. 
Jciir.. Dfr. V.i. 

i>l«rri«, J. ClioNton. tJaHe of Unusual i'ndal 
Position. I'liil. .Urd. Tliius, Juiif I). (,'u8o of I{ui)tiiie 
of till' I'criucuiii, with Laiiration ol llio Nestibiilo 
Anterior to tUo Urotlira. Am. Jmir. Oh.i., Ainil. 

Morris, •lames I'". An Litercsting Caai; of Ob- 
BtPtrics with (iiuiiral itPiiiurks. N. <>. Meil. iduI Snr. 
Jour., Oil. 

Morris, M. A, UiviKiou of tho 'rendu Achillia in 
Fra 'turn of tin! lowe.r Third of the Keniur. A Case 
of Fra( tui'o. Hnxlmi .M,;l. and Sur. .Ii<ur., Xor. 'ill. 

Morris, \V. F. A Now Metliod of Doiiblo iStaiu- 
ing. .\iu. .Iiiur. .Mi'il. ,SVi>;i(y;s'. ./an. 

Morrison-Fisrt, <i. <). Trachootoniy in Dipli- 
thiTia. .V. y. .Mi>l. Ifi'c. ,l/i(.y 1L>. 

Morrison, J. roBt-l'artum HenioiTliage. A'. I'. 
.'/•'(/. hJUrlir, .Mai) ami Juli/, and ■'^I'ldlcrn Mid. liir., 

Morrow, I). IJ. Facts about Hair. Cin. Mid. 
Ailvanrr (III, .\)>ril. 

Mors*', l.,u<-iiis I), Aiiriim in Nanal Catarrh. 
lliihni'nianniiin Mnnthhi. Mai/. 'I'lu Hot Springs of 
Arkiiiisai. Ilalini-inaiiniau .M'inllili/, Aiiii. Uzi'Ua. I'. 
S. Mill. Inri'xtiijalnr ill). Sij)t. I.'i. How to study tho 
Materia Me<lica. I'. S. .\l-il. InveMiijalar (//), /V«. 1. 
Kxperienoii with Typhoid FtV(T. Vin. .Wnl. .i'lvance 
{III .luw. Mv'ilii-al (ioolo{,'V. I'in. .Mid. Ailvamr [III, 
July. A I'ri-Hcription for Diphtheria. /'/(//. .)/<■(/. and 
Sur. licp.. Jnni- '.'. 

.Morso, .foil II F, Fracture of the Femur treat- 
Hd by Allen's Fracture Bed. I'lvUir .Mid. and Sur. 
Jiiur., .ijiril. 

Mors*', N. C lJislo<atiou of both Clavicles. Cm. 
Mail. Neu'i, He.r. 

Morton, riioniiis <i. A l!ri( f liescriptiou of 
Forced Veutilalion in the Tcnn Hospilal. Am. Joui . 
Mi'il. .Si ii'ni-i:s, .i/irii. Account of a Worm Uemoved 
by a Native Woman from beneath the conjunctiva of 
the Hall of a Ne{<ress at tialjoiMi, Africa. 
.\m. Jiiiir, M'.l. .Sri.'uri s, July. 

IMorton, DoukIhs. Notes on tlie Xhcrapeutii! 
Uses of the lixtraet ol Malt l.innsril.'i- .SUd. .Wnnn, 
Fill. 10. Case of Fterine lleniorrhaj^e Illustrating 
the llso of curetti'. l,nui.<riUi- .)hd. .Xnrn. del. d. 

Mtist'itiiiii, \. Dysnienorrhoea. Ilnrnm. Tiimn, 

Alott, <«. B. (dancer of the Stomach. Can. Lanr.-l. 

M«>xl<'.v, M. Kin;;. Traumatic Displacement of 
the Te.-<tc". rill Ci'hii-, 'i'.l, 

MiKliI, H. H. Hornia-.S7. I.iiui.^ M.d, mid Sur. 
Jiiur.. I>ii\ 

.MulilenlMirff, W. I". On Vaccination with lio- 
vine Virus. I'liil. .Mid. and Sur. H. ji., ./an. li 

Miiinforil, .S, K. Is Meddlesome Midvviferv 
Had V .l»i. I'rait.. 

Miin(l<-, I'anI [•, case nf 'I'wiris ; lliOli diildnn 
DecnmiMiscd ; Ketciitii'ii of the .second cj.ilii. and 
Both I'lacc'Uta for two days aiti r tie! Iijith ol tlu' 
first child- -Im. .Imir. Oli.<.. Jan. The lliMuiuce on 
the Ko tus of Medirlncs. Am. Juur. (/'is. .1/.' //. Case 
of «'y8t of till' Vayina. .-(hi. Juur, ohis.. Oil. 

MulIinM, W, S. CaiBB from my Note book. Cin, 
Mi'il. .tdntnri: {III, Jan. 

i>lmik, il. A. Uriudclia S^uarrnga. Am. Med. 

Jour. (A), Vi.i). 

.^Iiinson, F, A. 'J'he Krrors of Ilefraetion De- 
inon.strated by a New and Original Model. A', V. 
M'll. Juur.. Ma,,. 

Miirltiicli, A. >f. Fxseution of Hip Joint, lirlrnit 

Mrd. Jniir.. Sijil. 

.^liirphy, Fdniiind A. Yellow Fever — its Treat- 
ment and t'revention — Ohio .Mill, aiul Sur. lirp. (II), 

Murray, \V. W. Digestion and its Disorders. 
Vii. Mid. .Mi.nlliiii, rrb. A ( a-,e of Haiematoma of the 
Anterior Wall of the Vagina. I'ltii. .Med, Timi-.i, 
A III,: 18. 

.^lurrell, T. K. A Case of AnopLtliulmns. I'liil. 
Mi'il. au.t Sur. Hep., .Vor. 3. Dlplaeusis HiuauoaliH. 
A'. )'. .Mid. Id'i., Xor. 3. Errors of Uefraction of tlio 
liye. II. and I,. ,l/i-/. .fnur., .SVy)/ 

>IiirsicU, <i«'o. A. Heport of two ea-es of Ampu- 
tation Mirough the Knee Joint. Ilis'on .Mr.d. and Sur. 
Jiuir., .Inly 'J(i. 

winter. !Method of Detecting and Estima- 
ting Castor and otlier FI.ximI Oils in lialsam of Co- 
paiba. -iHi. Jiinr. I'hir.. .\iail. 

Nanco, Ilirani. Treatment of Scarlet Fever. 

Cltiii'i/ii Mi'il. Juur. and Jir.. .Mar'li. 

Nancrcde, C'lias. II, The Causative Tlelation 
Existing Between the Anatomical Arrangement of 
the Tissues at Various Ages, and their Morbid 
Growth. I'ltii. .Mill. Tinii.<. July '21. (!ystie Suppu- 
rating Kidneys. Small Calculus. I'liit. .Med. Tiiiu'H. 
Oil. 13, Four Oases of Trai'heotomy for Pseudo- 
Mi inbranous Laryngitis. I'hil. Atrd. Tiiueii. A'm'. 'Jl. 
Tumor Invidviu;! Submaxillary (llaiul, Hemoved by 
Operation. I'lnl. Mitd. Timrx. .Vie'. 'J^. 

Nasli, K. It. Apis iu Diphtheria. Ilahnianan- 
uiaii .M'inllily. Fih. 

"Svvi, A. I). Ingrowing Toe Nail. .V. Y. Med. 
liir., Sr/il. I. Case of Severe Hijury of the Face. A'. 
r. .Med. Her., (Mt.'r,. 

Nt'ft«'l, Wni. It. A Contribution to the Theory 
of DysmeiiorrlKea. V. )'. Mid. li'ir.. Oct. (!, The 
Theory of iiysmenorrho'a. .V. )' .Med. Ii>-r., .Vm'. 3. 

Noill, Holliiiu'sworMi. A Uemarkable (!asf of 
Syphilitic Inoculatiou. J'tiil. Mul. /Vmc.s'. Per. 'i'J. 

Nf'Ison. Hiijijli T. Cinchonidia iu Malarial Fever 

j Cases. y,i. Mid. Miaillily, l>i-r. 

I Nt'lson, K. W. i)n the Treatment of Spinal 
: Ciirvaturi'. r. S. .M>'il. In-i:-<iiijali,r {II). Her. 15. 

M»'lHi»n, \Volfr«'<l. Stricture of thfi Uectuni — 
Successful Operation. Canada Med. Iter., April. 

Nfwronn'r. I>. Teratology. .Snu/hrm .Mid. Rir., 

I -^■■•■•- 

j N«'well, T. What Changes Does Pysiology De- 

; mand in our Schoid System? I'lie S'liiitariau, April. 

! >'«'\vton, K. <►. Scirrhus of the Parotid (Hand. 

Caiicir of the Tiuigue. Scirrhus Cancer. .V. V. Med. 

Iv'.rli, . .In!y. 
! Newton, O. K. Carbuncle— Whitlow au-l In- 
i growing of .s'aiis. SnuHi'i-n .Med. Her.. Oil. Continued 
! Meiislruation During Pregnancy. Smdliern .Med. Her., 

I>ii\ Mercurial Salivati'iu and Uydroeele. .im. .Me.d. 

Jiiiir. { .'•.'). .Vei'. 
\ NfMton, l{()l)t.S. CeU-1'atlioliigy— Observations 
i on til" Causes, character, and Treatment of Cancer, 
i made from Is 13 to ls77. The New System of Au- 
j tliropulo^y. Ciiir.r .lour , July. Cancer — HowTreat- 

ed--Ca.-cs Cured. Cm.- r ./nur., Afiril. l-lxploratiins 
I in Cell-Pathology. Caneer .luur.. .i/iril. Observations 
' on the ( ause and Treatment of earner, made 
i from lH*:i to 1H77. Cinicr Jmir., Ort. Exploratious 



i« t!t(li-i'Alijui>n{> . .\. y. Meii. hclrdir, Jnn. Caneur I 
—How Truat'il—Caxi'H Cured. A'. )'. Vnl. Kiirrtii-. | 
Maixli. i\ Iji'i't^ro (>!) Uim.'MKtH nf tlif Kyo. .V. 1'. ' 
Mill, h'iii'iii\ Mil;/. Clinical l.rctiiir.-i (ill >i of 
tin; Dollc. .V. J'. •/-'/. KihiUr. Si-jil. Hy i.liiliti^ Iri- 
tis. Kl'ctir Moi. n-iil .^iir. Jmii., Ihr, 

OfrlpHby, W. \V. !\[iirinto nf Aiiini'iiila In lhi>U. 

tUerlu ir>s/i'/n l.tiin''!, I>i;\ 

O'Kfif, r, Vi'Hico-Viijjiiiiil I iuliilii vNilli Kiiti'iivcr- 

Hion ot till' I'tfiriiM, fiiiiiuht l.iiiHfl. A/in'l. 

0|i-HOii, ('liiii'IcN \\ . I'riipliyliixiM of Siiiiinior 

N«Mvt«»ii, Jr., Hidit. S. TiibaciMi an u, CnuHf of | <'"iiililiHiits in Cliildri.'ii. Oh,; .)/..' ini,l 


Blindnt'ys. .V. J'. . !/•■(/. Ei-U'ili,-.'i mid A/iril. 
MiMlii-iil Ccjllfj^'j H"S|iitaiH mill Cliuiciil 'I'ciuliiii,; iu 
I'aria. .V. )', .1/.,/.'', M.i;/. Clidroiiiitis Jlis- 
KiuniimtH. X. y. .)/.•■/. Kfleclir'. Jii.'!/. CU^irolditisi 
UiKMiiiiiiinta. Ciiner Jmir., .lulij. Tre.itui' lit I'l 
Ariitc Hliciiiiiatii' K.'Vii' liy Salicylatd m Smla. witli 
Cusi'H I'roiii the Hispitiil. i 'rirri-'./niir.. Orl . 

Is"i<'uis<', . Ni'ti' nn Pri'liiiiiiiaiy IscJininiii. 

Ohio Mill, iiii'l .'-'III-, .iiiiir.. .Mill. 

Nicoll, lit'iiry I). ( j;-!! ot' DimUi (roin Uiiiitiin' 
(il till- ralldfiian 'I'lilic an.l liitnipiTit'.iual lli'ianr 
rliiigi'. Jill, ./iiiir. ti''x.. ,1.111. CaNc d iiicisidii .,i llic 
(."ervix. with !)'•;, tli on ti: ■ I'Mltn-itli Dav. .In. lour. 
0/«., .|/,/-,7. 

Niroll, Tl)(lllla^>. Kali Un liroiniiuiu in iJijili- 
tlliTia. An:. 0''V.'/i' r (//), .\( : . 

Nittiiiii, \\. II, Tnatni.nt of un Kinthcl al Can- 
Ci'V of till' Ton^iir \v;tli luji'itions ol Nitnitt< of 
Silvtr. Chiir.ijn .Mill. Jour, ami /.V., .Mn;/. 

NIxtiii, .\. H. lonoiiHBiou of iln- brain, r.u-iiir 

Mi'll. Olid .'<lll-. .J. ,111-., ill'r. 

I ■•(,'/ . 

Ol'-Moii, OInf. .Marliii. Kxtractuiii ('olocyn- 
tbldis ( (iiiipo.iit'iiii. \iii..liiiit. I'/iiii:. .\firil. 

<>l>i«', ThoiiiiiN. \ ( HHiMif I'lirjicral Coiiviili-iiinH' 
Or iiiriiit.; four l>uys .iltiM" l.alicr. .Mil. .!/'■'/. .Imn-.' 

Ordroiiaii.x, •loliii, ( asu of .Mr.-*, .lain: ('. Nor- 
ton. .I»i. ./')«/• tnxiiiiih/ .Inn. 

Ordwa.v, s, .\ I'aso riircd at tlio Hot SiniiiKH of 
.Vrl.arsit^J. Il'ilni' niiiiiiiiini .Mnnlhl;/. (ii;l. 

<»riii»1».v, O. It I'rartnro of the' Huiiii'riic with 
Injury ot tlif .Musculj-'-piiiiil Xcrvc— Suit lor Mal- 
practice, /'.'i.. V"l.iuiil Siir. Iliji., lii-r.H. 

Orr, •liiiiu-ii i'. Siiiiplcnnntal If. 'port of a cast' 
of Ovariotomy. An. Jmir. )lii!. .Srii'iirr.i. .Inn. 

<>Hi;oo(l, •lames II. .\dilrcss. .V. E .Mnl. (nr.nlli- 

(il ). ./MHC, 

O.slrr, >Viii, Hoiijorrliagic Small I'o.'c. rnnintn 
Mi-ii. nil. I ,Sni\ Jniir., Jnii. I'roj^rcssivi' I'oriiicioiiH 
Anivniia. I'linmln .Mfil. mnl .Snr. Juin ., .Mnrili. Aneu- 
rism of iU'liatic .\rtcry. Cniiinlii .)/<■/. .nnl Siir. Jinir., 
Jii':/. I'atli. domical licport. Cinniili' Miil ami Siir 
Jon,-. ./«'!/. Introd.i.itory l.crtnrc, Oct. Int. 1^77 — 
Mc heal Faeiilly, Mcdiil I'liiversity. i'<i>niilit MfLmnl 
Sill . Join ., i\or. 

Nd'^aoratli, K, New Operation for tlip Uiiiiuval ' 
of the (^teriis. with its I'eriti n"al Kiivchnie Tliro ;,'h \ 
tlie Vaffina. for C ircinoina. .tin. Jour, (lis., Jiin. 1 
Speoinieu of a I teriiH, etc. .tin. Jmir. OVv., .l/j/iV. 1 
Oaue of Jteeiirreut .MetrUM. etc. .Im. .Imir. (i/r\, ini. | 

. I Otis, I''. N. A New I'roslatie Guide. .\'. 1'. .MnL 

.>ori-iN \>. I'. A Col. riliution to tlie Anatomy 1 /?,,-,, ,iy„iV Jl. Ou the Tnitv or Duality I'f Syphilis, Am. Jmir . .Mi-U. .'^limcis. Drl. ly. y .Mnl. /.'■'•.. M.v/ I'J. On Keflex Irritations 

Noi-t..n, <;,..,. >. Crouiions and Idi.hthei itic tliro,i«l...ut the Oenito-lrinary Tract, resulting; 
Oon|iii.ctiv,.,s with >as. .. \.,rll, An. jJr. Ihim;... r'»ii contraction ot the I ret.ira at, or near tlio Mea- 
.Mmi. (T.'I. miiim as a Iteniedy for Deta.hniont oi i '•'", .■"■■'iu'i.^. ' ."".enita or Acq, , red ''/-"■/-;■ 
the Hetina. (} n, Mi I. nwl Sin: Jin, III] Jniu » a,i- ' "'"' •^•■" ■ "■'""•• '' ' ^ l>escrii.tion ot tlie Instrii- 

Mi I. iiwl Siir. liiji. (//). Jn/ij. » at; 
tii'Uiii in I'araijsis of tlie (,iliary Mii>"l(.. Diiin .M"!. 
iinil Siir. Ii'r/i. [III. .Mnrih. 

>ioy«'s. Unify I». Uctinitis Apnp'.ccticu and E'o- 
bcile lurtanmiatiou of tin Uetiiia. Am. Jour. Mnl. .'•Iri- 
>'»C''.<, <Ji-l. 

luentsaiid .\pparatiiK of the .Viithor. with directions 
for their use in opi'vatioii on the Cienito-lJrinary 
Oryaua. O'dii .l/c/. ■•.mi .Sur. Jonr., A/iril. On the In- 
fluence ot .Str.eliires of Lar^jc Calihio in I'rcihiciiin 
luflaaiiiialioii ot the Bladder — I'rompt and I'criiiu- 
mnit Heiii'lit Hcsu tiiiK Ir.iiii liemoval of the Stric- 
Noyt's, Kohl. V. .\ of Division of thc^ Ten- i tares by Dilatinu Urctlirotoiny. Am. .Meil. /<i-ll.v/.- 

do Aehillis. It.liinl Mnl. Jmir., J'ln'. Infusoria. 
Ih'Iriiil .Mil. Jonr.. Jan. 

Null, C W. Cinchona in tli.' trcatiiieiu of inter 
mittent I'eyer. li. nnil h .Mnl. Jmi:.. Lhr. 

Oaliiian, .). K. .Medical I.e;;islatiou, /'.iriiir .Mnl. 1 
mnl .V/(c. .Innr.. .\iiril. ' 

O'llrifii, .1. 10, Nine inches of llrooni Straw j 
with l.Wveiiloiis I'liiicivtioii'- lleiiiovd from theJilad- 
(ler by Lithotomy, .f, )', Mnl. Un .. j,ih. v.\. .\ case I 
of E,\tensive Compound fracture ol lie* SUull. .\'. 

)'. Mnl. l{n-., .\;;,f, H. i 

<)«'lcfoi'<l, (m'O. .■\J, liiphtheritis. C/k. Mnl. .!■'- I 
rifm-i- {11,1, Mill/. Ouid" lioird.s to I'rcseribiii}^. I'in. 
MeJ. Ailr.imr (II], Jnhi. Nasal Cutarrh. rhi. .Mnl. , 
Ailnuice (//), l)n\ 

Oi'tcrloiiy, .loliii A, A clii.ical Contribiaion. | 

Am. I'rii't., Aprr. A Cas- of Mediijliiry ( ancer ol the 1 
posterior MenJastiiiMui and liij.'lit I'leiira - \ CiS ■ oi 
Tumor of the Mcoi^o mi.uiii iiid Thyroiil IiImikI, 
Loiti'.irlil,- .Mill. .Xi'irx. A,/,(. I, Six eases' of Aneurism 
of the 'II. Oracle A rta. .\ . I'. .Mnl. .;,.,,■ . M iii .\ 
Plea tor llie K,ir!y t'sc i f t!je Aspiiat'ir in I'.lvie 
Cellulitis. !'<;. .M"l. .Mmiliili:. Oil., mnl riii. Mnl. .\>ir.; 

Ocliinc, I''. <i. Oi'iniithe ciocata iu I'm rperal 
Convulsions .\ . h' Mi' '. Uny-lli [II), Jmir. Clinical 
()bseryati..ns. ,V. ,V Mnl. linz-lli- (II), Jnl,/. Clinical 
ObacrvatioiiH. .WI'.Mil. UiKiII- 1 11). Sri'.t. (^)llvl,l. 
siois caused b\ I'mrin'ral .Mbuminiiria and enrcd 
by Oeiianthe crocata. Iliilimniiinnimi .Mmillili/, .hih.i. 

■ nj. II' I •.;. 

Otis, 4«f<n'g<' .V, Contribution from the Army 
i Medical Minimiu, Washington. Hoslnn Mnl. iiml Siir. 
I J:inr.. M:ii-i-li U'J. 

Ott, Isaav. A (.'asr of Bclls'l'aralysi,--. r.'ii:. .'.'iit, 

' i:ml Sill-. Hi/)-, l>n-. 1.'.. I'hysioloHJcal Action of (iel 

semia .lud (ielHenieinc Acid_/V('7. .)/■'. 7'imc.v. .l/.nv/i 

;il, Thi? Inhibitorj Fnnetiou of the spinal Cord. 

I'liil. .V'-il. Timi'i. I)fi\ M. Action of (leNemiiim Si'iii- 

pervirellH. !.h. I'rnrt.. .t/iril mnl .'/■'//• .\ctioii of 

Cobelina. I'liii-nim Jmir. .\i'rvini.< omi .Miiilnl Di.i.. .Inn. 

t Poisonous MuHhrooniH. I'liinii/o .lovr. .V rrous ami 

j .Minlal l)i'.f., -I'-n. 

0\v«'ii, tlaiiK-s T. Hot Water fir Treatment of 
' Sicli .'Stomiich. I'hil. Mnl.iuhl Siir. Ui/i . Manh -'-i. 

Owoii, Tiiilmt. Ui-i'lv to lir. McClellan. Lmimrilh' 
] Mnl. ynr.i, .V, ■ . U. 

i Owi ii*^^, .liiliii K. [ntermil Ibtmorrhoids. I'lii- 

\ inij, Mill. Jiiiir. mill ('->., Jnni-. I,iici rati^l Woiiid ot 

till- i''oi'ean:i, etc. I'linAiin Miii.Jmir. mm F..r.. Dei. 

Owens, Win. Drue Action in the Cure <f Dis- 
' ease. "Iim Mn' . rnJ Snr. llr/'. {II), Jiih/. 

O/.aiiaiii On IdeplmnfinHiH (iraecoriim. 

■ l\ S. Mnl. Iir filii/.it'ir {II), Jiini 1. :Melil(;tUK oDic'in- 
alis. Iliiliiiiinaniiinn .Mnnllilii. .Mnii. 

j ra«'<', il. M- A Case of Successful lAtirpatioii of 
the Parotiil (Hand. \ii. .Mnl. Mnnl'ilii. Anij. Report 
of II Case o V( Mco- Vaginal I'lutula, with Siieccfsful 

I Operation. 'I"). •/"/. Ili-Wfrkhi, Ani). l'<. 



riifkard, J<»Iin II. On tlio First InRonslblllty 

from the liihiiialiitii of Bulitliuiic EtlitT. Am. 
Joitr. Mfd. Sriiiias, July. On Tracln'otoiuy in 
('roup. I'liila. Mvd. and Sur. Rep., Scjd.'i'J. 

I>>i<Ul<ick, ri-<-«lk. K. Tlio CllHU of tin-, liitu 
rifiiiy I'mtt of Liuiosboi'o. Jioalon Med. iind 
Hur. Jour., l)tr. 0. 

I'agn, R.C. M. On-iiitis Doiiomluutoii Muinii.s. 
V«. .Med. MoiiUili/, .Man. 

I'liini*, N. KiuiuoiiK. I'roKrt'HBivo Mimcular 
Atroiiliy. Utunei). Tiiiiex, Sept. 

Pnlloii, MontroHH A. Boino Bii!;KCHtioiiH witli 
Rnitiinl to tlm IiiMtiiitica of Fi'nialcH. Am. Jour. 
()f)S., April. ItiHiiiiio on Incision and iJiviriion of 
tlui ('t'i\ i\ Uteri for IJ.\ Knu'iiori'lufa, and (Steril- 
ity. Ant. .lour. Oli.t., J u'/i. McnHtrual Neuroais. 
C'hiciifjoJoiir. .\erii., and Meut. Vis., Jidij. 

Palmer, C. O. Filiroid TuniorH C'oiuplicat(Ml 
witli Ti'tunnH. Am. Jour. Obs., Oct. Cami of 
Pelvic i'lTitonitis. Tlie I'liiiic, Jan. 6. Uterine 
and Ahdoniinal EnlarKciuentH. 2'fte Clinie, 
April 14. Chnioal IxicturcH— 1, Conoid (Cervix ; '.', 
DyHnu'iiorilnea ; ;t, Bterility; 4, Kjiilt^iitiforin 
Seizunts; 5, Operation of lii-Lateral Bection. 
The Clinic, \ov. 17. C'iiuieal Lectures— CaseH of 
Ruptured I'eriueuni ; Vaginal and Uterine I'ro- 
ia|>.so. The Clinie, Dec. 15. 

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Kic:d iiH well as otiier Diseases. U.S. Med. In- 
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Times, Jan. lutra-Capsular Fracture of thoThigli 
and the Errors of tlio Metliod.s of Diagnosis, 
liome.o. Times, Feb. Cleft Palate and Staphylor- 
apliy- Am. ohsereer (II.), March. A New Oper- 
utKHi for tlio Obliteration of Adherent and De- 
pressed (,'ieatriceH. Am. Observer (IL), Juiic. 
Homeopathy m Bingery. Cin. Med. Advance (IL), 

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Parturition. Am. Jour. Ob.i., Oct. 

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tiouin (ShonUhu' Presentation. A »i. J'rael., Jan. 
.Metrorrlnu'lafroin linpeifect Deliverance. Am. 
I'rnel., April. A Jiiief Study of One Hundred 
Cascrt of Menstruation. Am. I'rar.t., Aug. 
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TrouiiMS. Yk. Mil/. Moiit/ily. Tilt. .spcclUe 
Metlioils in the Treatment ami Invi RtiKaiiou of 
Uisiases. Cin. I.ani el iiiiil Obs.. lull. 

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tivi» J)i termination of Hiigar in JSIood ; The Phy- 
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I'Inrcnta I'rmvirt. Cniuuln 
Foiiioi'ul llcriiiu. Canada 

PerrifTu, Jninnit. 

Mrd. livr., March. 
Med. Her., Maij. 

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miitisiii. I'hilu. Hal. and Sur. Ucp., Marchw. 

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Life 111 Tape Wi'iiiis, luul 'riioir Liirval t'oniiM 
In Mull aiul AniuialN. lloiiUni Mat. mid ,Stir. 
Jour.. .'<i/)t. I',. 

I'clvrs, l':(l\viiril l)y«>r. CoiiilitUmK Ad'cctillK 
tile l''ii'tal l'iil.-.f. Honlon Mai. and Sur. Jour., 
An;;. .;:l. 

IVtorM, F. S. A Now HjTilljjn I'lwtoii. Uoslon 
Mai. tintl Sur. Jour., .[prilli. New llyiiodcnuic 
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and Otlier luffctiouH DiBfusos into Ifotiitiials, 
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ApiH^utlix to an Artii'loon tlio Introducllctu of 
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Rotropbarynffcal AbscesH«'rt. Ohio Mvd. and Sur. 
Jour., Oil. Hahiioniaiiniuidllouicopatliy. I'hij. 
and I'har., fel)., Muifond /li/j/. Alhuiuinoid iJc- 
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lt.-< Fniploynient in (,'iituneoii>i.Sur>rery. Vliarh n- 
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t 1. 



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IJoy KiK'lit YfiUH (»lil; Ucductlon on Tlilrty- 
nMHMHid Day. (Uinuila l.nmet, Minj. 

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a. Nitric A<'id in DiplitlKuia, Kry.slpcla.s, and 

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^ontuni Nitricuni in'H of tlio KIdnoys. 
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F. Chrouie Hri^IifH DlHease of 
St. Louis Med. and Sur. Jour., 

What CausoH Hloep 1 

\orlh Am. 


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the Kidnoys. 
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V M?. 

fc 4 






t 1^ 

jL25 III U 























(716) 872-4503 

&J3 aW-i 







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T^ (urvjituir df Va<' .'^i>iiu'. ''. 1 . Mrd, 




1 , 

[■■I ti 

p '. 
\M ■ 

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!S :•'■ 


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IS! ,. 

1. i 

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n ' 

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A ! 




l«V r 

I 1 

1 I 

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Mark. Am. Med. Jour. (E.), Xov. 

Young, Aaron. Remarks on Hydrophobia. 
Boston Med. and Sur. Jour., June 14. 

Yoniig, J. C. Medico-Legal Facts and Testi- 
mony iu the Trial of Henry C. Hendryx, for the 
Murder of his Wife. Buffalo Med. and Sur. Jour., 

Yonukin, E. Diseases of the Joints. Am. 
Med. Jour. ( E.), Xov. 

Zacharias, Isidore. The Manufacture of the 
Oil of Turpentine, Rosin and Turi>cntine. vim. 
Jour. PI ctr., Xov. 

Zbnmermau, B. Wound of the Femoral 
Artery by a Pistol Bullet ; Ligation ; Death 
Thirty-one Hours after. Canadian Jour. Med. 
Srieiici', Sept. Very Large Cystine Vesical Cal- 
culus ; Lithotrity ; Cured. Canadian Jour. Med. 
Science, Oct. 

Zinke, E. G. Double Qlio-Sarcouia. The 
Clinic, Jan. 11. Benign Tumors of the Breast. 
The Clinic, Sept. 22. Local Eflects of Quinia in 
the Treatment of Diphtheria. The Clinic, Dee. 

Zuercher, Alfred. Puncture of the Bladder. 
Med. Brief, Xov. 

i ' 


1. Tole- 







And all ol the Chemicul and Galenical Preparailons employed in Medicine. 





Recommended /or treatment of Scarlet 
Fe7ier and Diphtheria. 

A neutral solution of O.xychloride 
Iron: an admirable suhstituie for all 
iron preparations. 

PHYSICIAN'S MEDICAL COMPEND :— a iwcket companion and memory 
proinplcr, invaluable to every Physician. 

MaILKD upon RliCEIPT OF THE PRICE, ^1.00. 



Absorbent Cotton. 

• We offer to Physicians and Snri^cons ?i prepared cotton., which will prove a val- 
uable adjunct in i)ractice — a cheap, clean, and ready mode of making all kinds of 
local applications, and a substitute for spont^e ; a rapid and effective desiccant, 
having such an affinity for moisture that it instantly and greedily absorbs any se- 
cretion with which it may be brought into contact. Surgeons and Gynecologists 
will at once appreciate the advantage possessed by this article over ordinary raw 
cotton, which is a repellent of moisture rather than an absorbent. 

It is absolutely pure, free from any reaction and from any foreign matter. 
As a padding for splints, etc., it facilitates the normal secretions of the skin, 
whil'i reta'ning all the elasticity of the ordinary cotton. 




Hance Brothers & White, 


Callowhill St., Corner of Marshall, 



Eellevue Hospital Medical College, 


SESSIONS OF 1878-79 

THE COLLEGIATE YEAR in tUs Institution embraces a Prellndnary Autumnal Term, tbe 
Regular Winter SeHSlon, and a Spring Beasion. 

THE PRELIMINARY AUTUMNAL TERM for 1878-1879 will open on Wednesday, September 
18, 1878, and continue until the opening of the Regular Session, l)urlng this term, instruction, 
consisting of didactic lectures upon special subjects, and daily clinical lectures, ■will be given, as 
heretofore, by the entire Faculty. Students expecting to attend the Regular St-sslon are strongly 
recommended to attend the Preliminary Term, but attendance during the latter Is not required. 
During the Preliminary Term, clinical and didactic lectures will he given in precisely the same 
number and order as in the Regular Session. 

THE REGULAR SESSION Yirill begin on Wednesday, October 2, ir 8, and end about the Ist of 
March, 1879. 


ISAAC E. Taylor, M.D., Emeritus Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women, and Presi- 
dent of tho Faoultar. 
JAMES R. WOOD, M.D.. LL.D., Emeritus Professor of Surgery. 
FORDYCE BARKER, M.D., Professor of Cliulcal Midwifery and Diseases of Women. 

AUSTIN FLINT, M.D., Professor of the Principles and Practice of Medicine, and Clinical Medicine. 

W. H. VAN BUREN, M.D., Professor of Principles and Practice of Surgery, Diseases of Genito- 
urinary System and Clinical Siirgeiy. 

LEWIS A. SAYRE, M.D., Professor of Orthopedic Surgery and Clinical Surgery. 

ALEXANDER B. MOTT, M.D., Professor of Clinical and Operative 8ur«ery. 

WILLIAM T. LUSK, M.D., Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children, and 
Clinical Midwifery. 

WILLIAM M. POLE:, M.D., Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics, and Clinical Medicine. 

AUSTIN FLINT, Jr., M.D., Professor of Physiology and Physiological Anatomy, and Secretary of 
the Faculty. 

JOSEPH D. BRYANT, M.D., Professor of General, Descriptive and Surgical Anatomy. 

R. OGDEN DOREMUS, M.D., LL.D., Professor of Chemistry and Toxicology. 

EDWARD G. JANEWAY, M.D., Professor of Pathological Anatomy and Histology, Diseases of 
the Nervous System, and Clinical Medicine. 


HENRY D. N0YE8, M.D., Professor of Ophthalmology and Otology. 

JOHN P. GRAY, M.D., LL.D., Professor of Psychological Medicine and Medical Jurisprudence. 

ERSKINE MASON, M.D., Clinical Professor of Surgery. 

EDWARD L. KEYES, M.D., Professor of Dermatology, and Adijunot to the Chair of Principles of 

J. LEWIS SMITH, M.D., Clinical Professor of Diseases of Children. 
LEROY MILTON YALE, M.D., Lecturer Adjunct upon Orthopedic Surgery. 

A distinctive feature of the method of instruction in this College is the union of clinical and 
didactic teaching. All the lectures are given within the Hospital grounds. During the Regular 
Winter Session, in addition to four didactic lectures on every week day, except Saturday, two or 
three hours are dally allotted to clinical instruction. 

The Spring Session consists chiefly of Recitations from Text-Books. This term continues from 
the first of March until tho first of June. During this Session daily recitations in all the Depart- 
ments aro held by a corps of examiners appointed by the Faculty. Regular clinics are also ^ven 
in the Hospital and in the College Building. 


Fees for tickets to all tho lectures during the Preliminary and liegular Term, 

including clinical lectures tUO 00 

Matriculation fee 6 00 

Demonstrator's ticket (including material for dissection) 10 00 

Graduation fee 30 00 


Matriculation (ticket good for the following Winter) tS 00 

Recitations, Clinics, and Lectures 35 00 

Dissection (ticket good for the following Winter) 10 00 

Students who have attended two full Winter courses of lectures, may be examined at the end 
of their second course upon Materia Medica, Pliysiology, Anatomy and Chemistry, and, if success- 
ful, they will bo examined at the end of their third course upon Practice of Medicine, Surgery, and 
Ob stetri cs only. 

^^ For the Annual Circular and Catalogue, giving Regulations for graduation and other In- 
formation, address 


Secretary, Bellerme Hospital Medical College. 




w ^\ 

(Medical Department of Columbia College.) 

Cor. of Fourth Avenue and 23(i St., J^eiv York City. 





ALONZO CLARK, M. D., Presitleut, und Profes- 
sor of Putholo<ry aud Practical Medicine. 

WILLAKD PARKER, M. D., Professor of Clin- 
ical Surgery. 

JOHN C. DALTON, M. D., Professor of I'hys- 

iulogy and Hygieui' 
[OMAS M. MA^ — 

THOMAS M. MARKOE, M. D., Professor of 

T. GAILLARD THOMAS, M. D., Profe8.sor of 
Obstetrics aud tbo Diseases of Women and 

JOHN T. METCALFE, M. D., Emeritus Profes- 
sor of Clinical Medicine. 

HENRY B. SANDS, M. D., Professor of Ana- 

JAMES W. McLANE, M. D., Ac^uuct Professor 
of Obstetrics and the Diseases of Women 
and Cliildren. 

THOMAS T. SABINE, M. D., Adjunct Professor 
of Anatomy. 

CHARLES F. CHANDLER. Pli. D., Professor of 
Clieuiiatry niul Medical .Tnrlsprudeueo. 

EDWARD CURTIS, M. D., Professor of Materia 
Mediea und Tlierapeutics. 

FRANCIS DELAFIELD, M. D., Adjunct Profes- 
sor of Pathology and Practical Medicine. 

JOHN G. CURTIS, M. D., Atyunct Professor of 
Physiology and Hygiene; Secretary of the 

WM. DETMOLD, M. D., Emeritus Professor of 
Military and Clinical Surgery. 

WILLIAM H. DRAPER, M. D., Clinical Profes- 
sor of Diseases of the Skin. 

CORNELIUS R. AGNEW, M. D., Clinical Profes- 
sor of Diseases of the Eye and Ear. 

ABRAHAM JACOBI, M. D., CllAlcal Professor 
of Diseases of Children. 

FESSENDEN N. OTIS, M. D., Clinical Professor 
of Venereal Diseases. 

EDWARD C. SEGUm, M. D., Clinical Professor 
of Diseases of the Mind and Nervous System . 

GEO. M. LEPFERTS, M. D., Clinical Professor 
of Laryngoscopy and Diseases of the Throat. 

CHAS. McBURNEY, M. D., Demonstrator of 

CHAS. KELSEY, M. D., Ass't Demonstrator of 


JAMES L, LITTLE. M. D., Lecturer on Opura- 
tive Surgery and Surgical Dressings. 

(JEORGE Q. WHEELOCK, M. D., Lecturer on 
Physical DiagiioHis. 

ROBERT F. WEIR, M. D., Lecturer on Diseases 
of the Genlto-Urinary Orgaus. 

MATTHEW D. MANN, M. D., lecturer ou Cliu- 
Ical Microscopy. 

H. KNAPP, M. D., Lecturer on Diseases of (he 
Eye and Ear. 

T. A. McBRIDE, M. D., Lecturer on Symptom- 

The COLLEOIATE YEAR embraces a special Spriny aud a regular Winter Session, attendance 
at the latter only being required for the graduating course. Tlio Spring Session begins near the 
middle of March, and continues till June 1st. Tlie Regular Winter Session for 1878-79 begins Oc- 
tober Ist, aud continues till March. 

TUITION is by the following methods :— 

I. Didactic Lectures.— During the Winter Session, from five to six lectures are given dally by 
tlie Faculty. Attendance obligatory. During the Spring Session, two lectures are given daily by 
the Faculty of the Spring Session. Attendance optional. 

II. Clinical Teaching.— Ten clinics, covering all departments of medicine and smgery, are 
held weekly throughout the entire year in the College Building. In addition, the Faculty give dally 
clinics at the larger City Hospitals and Di.'^pensaries (such as the Bellevue, Charity, New York, 
aud Roosevelt Hospitals, the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, &o.), as a regular leature of the 
college cuiTicuhim. Attendance optional. ,. , 

III. Recitations are held daily throughout both sessions. Attendance optional. 

IV. PKUi<ONAL INSTRDCTION.— Cases of Obslcstrics are furnished without charge. Personal in- 
struction is given in Practical Anatomy, Operative Surgeru, Minor Surgery, Physical Diagnosis, 
Ophtluilmology, Otology, and Laryngoscopy. Attendance optional, except upon Praotioal Anatomy. 

EXPENSES.— The necessary expenses are a yearly matriculation-fee (|5, good . r a collegiate 
year), the fees for the lectures of tlio Winter Session (120 for the course on each branch, or $140 for 
the entire curriculum), the Practical Anatomy fee ($10, and a small charge for material), and a 
Gi'iwluation Fee of $30. The graduating course requires three years' study, attendance upon two 
full winter courses of lectures, and upon one course of Practical Anatomy. Remissions and re- 
ductions of lecture-fees are made to graduates and students who have already attended two full 
courses. All fees arc payable in advance. Board can be had for from (6 to |9 a week, aud the 
Clerk of the College will aid students in obtaining it. 

For the Annual Catalogue and Announcement, or for further information, address John G. 
CcRTis, M. D., Secretary of the Faculty, College of Physicians and Surgeons, comer of Twenty- 
Third Street and Fourth Avenue, New York. 






T-^^^BlSrT^Sr-SIS^TH SESSIOJSr, 187*9. 


Burlington, Vt., President. 

lingtoii, Vt., Emeritus Professor of General 
ancl Anatomy ; Consulting Burgeon to 
Mary Fletcher Hospital. 

WALTER CARPENTER, M.D., Burlington, Vt., 
Professor of the Theory ancl Practice of Medi- 
cine; Physlcian-ln-Cmef to Mary Fletcher 

City, Emeritus Professor of Medical Jurispru- 

New York City, Professor of General and Spe- 
cial Anatomy. 

A. F. A. KING, M.D., Washington, D. C, Pro- 
fessor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women ; 
Consulting Physician to Mary Fletcher Hospi- 

HENRY D. HOLTON, M.D., Bruttloboro, Vt., 
Professor of Materia Medica and General Pa- 
thology ; Consulting Surgeon to Mary Fletcher 

JAMES L. LITTLE. M.D., New York City, Pro- 
fessor of the Principles and Practice of Sur- 
gery ; 8urgeon-in-Chief to Mary Fletcher Hos- 

A. P. GRINNELL, M.D., Burlington, Vt., Pro- 
fessor of Physiology and Microscopic Anato- 
my; Attending Physician to Mary Fletcher 

City, Professor of Chemistry and Toxicology, 


City, Professor of Diseases of the Mind and 
Nervous System. 

ROBERT W. TAYLOR. M.D., New Y(uk City, 
Professor of Diseases of the Skin. 

A. T. WOODWARD, M.D.. Brandon, Vt., Pro- 
fessor of the Surgical Diseases ol' Women; 
Consulting Physician to Mary Fletcher Hospi- 

D. B. St, JOHN ROOGA, M,D., New York City, 
Professor of Diseases of the Eye and Ear. 

STEPHEN M. ROBERTS, M.D., New York City, 
Professor of Diseases of Children. 

GEORGE M. GARLAND, M.D., Boston, Mass,, 
Professor of Thoracic Diseases. 

LEROY M. BINGHAM, M.D., Burlington, Vt., 
Demonstrator of Anatomy; Attending Physi- 
cian to Mary Fletcher Hospital. 

HOSPITAL ADVANTAGE.— The Mary Fletcher Hospital, with its commodious amphitheatre, 
will be open for clinical iustructiou during tht) session. The Medical and Surgical clinics of the 
College "Will be held in the amphitiicatre attached to the Hospital. In addition to these regular 
clinics of the College, instruction will be given at the bedside by the Professors of the Medical De- 
partment of the University. 

LECTURES ON SPECIAL SUBJECTS.— These lectures by gentlemen well known as recog- 
nized authorities in their particular departments, will be delivered during the regular session. 

CLINIQUES.— Besides these Lectures, there will be Cliniques held as follows : 

SuKGiCAL Cliniquk, by Prof. Little, every Sat- 
urday, from <j to 12, during the last half of the 

Medical Clinique, by Prof. Carpenter, on 
Wednesday morning, during first naif of the 

Clinique for Diseases of Nervous System, 
by Prof. Hammond, during his course, 

Clinique for Diseases of Eye and Ear, by 

Prof. Roosa, during his course of Lectures. 
Clinique for Diseases of Skin, by Prof. Tay- 
lor, during his course, 
CLiNiQnE for Diseases of Children, by Prof. 

Clinique for Thoracic Diseases, by Prof, 
George M. Garland, M.D. 
THE PRELIMINARY TERM, consisting of a course of Lectures and Recitations in the vari- 
ous branches of Medicine and Surgery, will begin on the first Thursday of November, 1878, and 
continue until March 1st. 187'J. Fee. S;«). 

THE RriGULAR WINTER SESSION Avill commence on the first Thursday of March. 1879, and 
continue sixteen weeks. This course will consist of from five to six Lectures daily, in the various 
Departments of Medicine and Surgery. 


Matriculation Fee, Payable each Term $5 oo 

Fees for the full Course of Lectures by the Prof essors 70 00 

Graduation Fee 25 00 

Material for dissection will be furnished at cost. 

The tickets are to bo taken out at the beginning of the Session. 

Students who have already attended two full courses of lectures in 
admitted on paying the Matriculation too and $25. 

Students who have attended two full courses iu this College, or who, naving attended one full 
course in some regularly established medical school, and one full course In tnis College, are ad- 
mitted to a third course of lectures on paying the Matriculation fee only. 

Graduates of this school are admitted without fee. Gkauuates of other regular schools, and 
Theological Students, are admitted on general ticket, by paying the Matriculation fee. 

Good Boaid can be obtained at reasonable rates. 

For further particulars and circular, apply to the Secretary 

Prof. A. P. GEINNELL, M.D., Burlington, Vt. 

her regular schools, are 



Woman's Medical College 

North College Avenue and Twenty-First Street, Philadelphia. 


October 3, l«?s, to March 13, 1§79> 


EMELINE H. CLEVELAND, M. D., 1800 Mount 

Vernon St., Professor of Obstetrics and Dis- 
eases of Woinpn. 

rcird Avenue, Professor of Anatomy. 
RACHEL L. BODLEY, A. M., Dean, 1400 North 

Twenty-first St., Professor of Chemistry and 

BENJAMIN B. WILSON, M. D., 842 Franklin 

St., Professor of the Principles and Practice 

of Surgery. 
CLARA MARSHALL, M. D.. 1524 Brown St., 

Pio'esBor of Materia Medica and General 

J. GIBBONS HUNT, M. D., 1802 Wallace St., 

Professor of Mioioscopyand Histology. 
EDWARD T. BRUEN. M. D., 1531 Chestnut St., 

Lecturer on Pathology. 

rrxxs: s^azs A.Tb:B: 
Matriculation Ticket, paid but once .... $ 6 oo | 
Profesaors' Tickets, eath 11.5 105 00 

teenth St., Professor of Physiology and Hy- 

JOHN M. KEATING, M. D., 232 South Twenty- 
second St., Professor of the Principles and 
Practice of Medicine. 

ALICE BENNETT, M. D., 1727 Francis St., De- 
monstrator of Anatomy and Instructor in 

HANNAH T. CBOA8DALE, M. D., 238 North 
Twentieth St., IiiPtructorin Surgery. 

ANNA M. McALUtiTER, M, D., 24 N. Merrick 
St., Instructor in Obstetrics. 

MARY E. ALLEN. M. D., 624 Pine St., Demon- 
strator of Chemistry and Instructor iu Mate- 
ria Medica. 

AMY 8. BARTON. M. D.. 818 N. Eighth St., In- 
structor iu Practice of Medicine. 

Ji.B I'OIil-0"WS : 

Practical Anatomy Ticket |10 00 

Graduation Fee 80 00 


Two tickets only required in each branch. 

Whole cost for two or more courses of Lectures and Graduation $266 00 

For further particulars, address the Dean, 

Profeaaor RACHEIi li. BODLEY, A. M., 

Wouiiin's Mcdlciil College of Pennsylvania, 
North College Avenue and Twenty-first Street, Philadelphia. 

University of the City of New York. 


410 East Twenty-sixth St., opposite Belleviie Hospital, New York City. 




CttanctUot' o/ the I'nivermty. 

ALFRED V. P08T. ]\r.D.. J-L,D., 

F-*/*tt/W,for hJin'fitui* 0/ Clinical Suriji I'n: Prtyiiltntfj' tliP F*viil(ij. 


rntjcvsor "/' }M»casis "/ the Eui',: Dcui of the Facnitii. 


/Vf(.'( vvor 0/ ( 'firtnintn/. 

ALFRED li. LOOMI8, M.T)., 

Priifrgfitr u( P-iffiohH/i/ itnd Practice, uf Atedicinr. 

WILEIAM DAKLIN(;, A.M., Ml)., F.K.C.8. 

Proj't'>Hor of Ao'ifouiif, 

WILLIAM II. l*no.-\ISON, M.D.. 

Proft:'*^>ti' of Mntciiii Mr'Nin nad I'firrnpcnticti. 

J. W. ,s. ARNOLD. M.lh, 

Pi'ofeMHijv of Pfiysiulo'ji/ and JJintolof/y. 


Pru/'-i-ior 0/ tiud Disnts' .-( of' Wometi and Children* 


Pro/t.^sui' 0/ J*i-nrti,iif ittuf. SnrtftKul Aaatom'j, 

JOSEPH r. ^\^NTERs, m.d., 

iJtiiwuiffatur of Aii'tti/iHt/. 


D. v.. 8T. JOHN ROOSA. M.D., 

Pfo/rssof of Oi>hth(UmoliHjy. 


Priij'cssor of Discaacn 1/ tin: Mind kuiI A't/voiis Hi/alcn. 


J. W. S. (iOI'LEY, M.D.. 

Pro/cssof 0/ Diseases of the h'ttiifo'l'iinai't/ S;/fti:i}>.. 


Pf-qftHHOi' of Gyna't'offif/y. 

HENRY G. l*irFARl>, M.D., 

Professor of Drritnttolttny. 


Professor of Mntiail Jinis/n-Uf/f^nrr. 

Cliiiicnf. Profrs-'iir ui' Stirqfni. 


ProfesHOr of Pulhulo'jiail AiiaCumi/. 

THE COLLEGIATE YEAR Is rlividecl into tlireo sessions: A Prcliminury Session, a RcKUlur 
Winter Se.ssion. imrt a Spring Session. 

THE PRELIMINARY SESSION will eomnience Sevitemlier 18, lfi78, :iu(l will continue until tlie 
opening of tlie R(iK'ilai' Winter Session. It will J>e condueti'tl on tlio pl.aii of that Session. 

THE RE(;UL,AR WINTER SESSION -will commenco on the 2(1 of Oetolter, 1878, and end about 
the 1st of Ma ivh, 1879. 

The location of the new College edifice being imniedi.itely opposite the jrate of Bellevne Hos- 
pital, and a few steps from the ferry to Cliaiity Hospital, Blackwell's Island, the Students of the 
University Medical College are enabled to enjoy the advantnges atforded by tliese Hospitals, with 
the least possible loss of time. The Professors of the practical Chairs are connected with the Hos- 
pitals, and the University Students are admitted to nil the. (Jlinics given thcrciM, free of cliavfie. 

In addition to the dady Hospital Clinics, there are eight Clinics each week in the College build- 
ing. Five Didactic Lectures will be given daily in the College building, and Evening Recitations 
will be conducted by the Professors of Chemistry. Practice, Anatomy, Materia Jledica, &c., Pliysi- 
ology. Surgery. andObstetrics, upon the subjects of their Lectures. 

THE SPRING SESSION embraces a period of twelve wc.ks, beginning in the first week of 
March and ending the last week of May. The daily Clinics, RecitiUions'and Special Practical 
Courses will be tlie same as in the Winter Session, and there will be Lectures on Special Subjects 
by the MembiMs of the Post-Oraduate Faculty. 

THE DISSECTING ROOM is open fhrougliout the entire Collegiate year; material is abundant, 
iind it is furnislicd free of charge. 

STUDENTS WHO HAVE STUDIED TWO YEARS nuiy be admitted to examination in Chem- 
istry, Anatomy and Physiology, and, if successful, will bo examined at tlio expiration of their 
full course of study, on Practice, Materia Medica and Tlicrapcutics. Surgery and Obstetrics; but 
those wlio itrefer it may have all their examinations at the close of their full term. 


For Course of Lectures $140 oo 


Pi{ACTU'Ai> An.vtojiy FiiK, including material for dissection 10 00 

Gr aduation Fkb 30 00 

Post-Gkaduatio Certificate 30 oo 

For further particulars and circulars, address the Dean, 


University Medical College, 410 East 26tb St., New York City. 

Long Island College Hospital, 


Collegiate Year^ 1878-79. 

The Reading and Recitation Term will oommonco Octobov 1, 1878, and 
close at the beginning of the Regular Term. 

Tne Reculau Term will open February 1, 1879, and continue five months. 



Emeritus Professor of Surgical Piitliologj- jiurt 

Clinical .Surgery. 

Professor of 1 lie I'riiiciples .inrt Practice, of Mcrti- 

oiuo aiitiriiuical Medicine, and Dean of tlio 


GEORGE ^^^ plympton, a.m., 

Professor of Clieraistrv amt Toxicoloiry. 
Profcs.-ior of Anatomy. 

Professor of tho Medical and Surgical Diseases 

of Women, and Diseases of Children. 

Professor of liio Principles and Practice of Sur- 
gery and Clinical Surgery, and Keglstrai'. 


Professor of Pliysiology and Microscopic Anat- 

Professor of tho Principles and Practice of <)1)- 
stotrics, and Clinical Obstetrics. 

Professor of Materia Medica and Tiierapeutics. 


The Long Island College IIospital bniUlings are situated on Henry 
street, ))etween Pacific and Amity streets. From New York they are most covi- 
veniently reached by crossing the Hast River at the S(nith Ferry. 

The original HOSPITAL ha.s been recently greatly altered and improved; a 
largo acMitional building, containing the most modern impruvements in ventila- 
tion, etc., has been added, and increased facilities for Ijedside instruction and 
study have been thus provided. 

The New Dissecting Rooms are well ventilated and lighted, and siip]ilied 
with water, etc., and will be opened during the Sessions of Reading Term and 
Gk'ueral Course, under the care of the Demonstrator. Material will he furnished 
at cost. 


For Tickets to all the Lectures (Iiiriny; the ]irelnuinary and 

Reguhiv Terms ^140 00 


Full Course of Lectures .$100 00 

Matriculation 5 00 

Domonst rat or's T) 00 

Graduation ^5 00 

For further information address the Dean, 1'rof. S. (I. ARMOR, or the Reg- 
istrar, Prof. JARVIS S. WIGHT. 


r V 






The Session of 18y§-79 will hcgui on Tncsday, October 1st. 




No. 1030 Cliestuiit Street. 



S. E. corner of Elevoutli and AValuut Streets. 


No. 1130 Spruce Street. 


No. 331 S. Sovouteeutli Street. 



No. 1408 Spruce Street. 
J. M. DA COSTA, M.l)., 


No. noo Walnut Street. 


No. 1100 Walnut Street. 


No. 1004 Walnut Street. 

J. 15. BIDDLE, M.D Dean. 

















WILLIAM S. LEFFMAN, Jff«i7rtr, at the C'oUcgc, Tenth Street, between Chestimland WalnuL 

Fee to each Professor, $20— in all $l4o. Matriculation Fee, $r,, to be paid once only. Gradu- 
ation Fee, $30. Students wlio have paid for two full courses are entitled thereafter to attend 
free of all charge. 

Students who liave attended two full courses of lectures in other accredited modicnl col- 
legos, are entitled to the tickets of a full course in the Jefferson Medical College for |70. Gradu- 
ates of three years' standing, of other accredited medical colleges, are required to pay the 
niatrlculation fee only; to gi-aduates of less than three years' standing, the fee for a general 
ticket Is $50. To graduates of accredited Dental Colleges and Colleges of Pharmacy, the feo for 
a general ticket Is $100. 

For fui'ther information address the Dean, 





I' 1 



TMriij-sixth Street and Woodland Avenue (Jhtrhy Jlnad), Phdadelphia. 

One Hundred and Fourteenth Annual Session, 1870-80. 


rilARIJCS J. 8TTLLK. LL.n., ProvoKt. 

(JEOKGK n. WOOD, M.l)., I,L.1>,, KuicritiiH I'ro- 
I'cssorof Tlicory uiiil Fincticoot MiMlltiiio. 

IIENKY JI. HMIXII, M.D., Kmerllus rrofenBor 
of Hiiivory. 

JOHN NKIl-L, M.D., Emeritus rrofcsHorol Clini- 
cal Hurj^ery. 

JOSEPH LEIDY, M.D., LL.I)., ProfosHor of Aii- 

fessor of Obstctrk'H aud Diwi'iwcH of Woiiioii 
aiul ('blldrtMi. 

.\L1"KED HTILLE, M.l)., I.L.D., Piofossov of 
Tlieory and Practice of Medicine, and Clini- 
cal Medicine. 

1). HAYES AGNEW, M.D., I-L.D.. John Rliea 
Barton Professor of Surgery and Clinical 

HORATIO C. WOOD, M.D., Professor of Materia 
Medica, General Tberaiicutics, and I'liar- 

WILLIA.'M PEPPER. M.D., Professor of Clinical 

WILLIAM GOODELL. M.D., I'rofessor of Clini- 

ciil Gyna'coloffy. 
JAMiCS TYSON. M.D.. ProlVssoi' of General Pa- 

tliolOKy and Moiliid Anatomy. 
THEODohE ({. WOll.AILEY, M.l)., LL.I)., I'ro- 

fessorof Chemistry. 

JOHN AHHHTTRST.Ji!., M.I).. Professor of Clini- 
cal .*SurMeiy. 

HAURIHON ALLEN. M.I)., Professor of lliysi- 

WILLIAM V. NORllIS. iM.I)., ('llnieal Professor 
of Diseases of thuEye. 

GEORGE 8TRA\VnRIDGE, M.D., Clinical Pro- 
fcssor of Diseases of the Ear. 

HORATIO C. WOOD, M.D., Clinical Profcseor of 
Nci'vous Diseases. 

LOUIS A. I)l'IIRIN(}. M.D., Clinical Professor 
<»f Diseases of tile Skin. 

Now matriculates are remiired to attend three winter courses of instruction of Ave months 
each, consisting of graded dluactio Usctures, clinical lectures, and practical work in laboratories 
and hospitals. 

In the graded ciin-icnlum adopted, the elementary branches ai-e taught in tlio first conrsc, and 
students are finally examined at Its conclusion upon <icncral Chemistry, Materia Medica, aud 
Pliarmacy. In the second term, whilo a sufllcient rei>etition of unlinishcd branches is secured, 
ccrtuin more practical ones are added, and the «'xamiuations on Anatomy. Physiology, and Medi- 
cal Chemistry at the end of the term ari final. In tho tUivd course is added practical bcdsido 
instructioniuMcdicine.Surgerj;, .and f}3-ni.'coloi;y. with clinical fai'ilities in the specialties; aud, 
Jit its end, students are exiimlued on (Jencral Pathology aud Morbid Auatcmiy, Therapeutics, 
Them-y and Practice of 3Icdlcine, Surgery, and Obstetrics. 

Students who have attended one course in iii'i-gular- medical school, will be admitted as stu- 
dents of the second course in the University, after liiiving satisfactorily passed an examination in 
(General Chemistry and Materia Medica ami Pharmacy. Students who have attended two courses 
in a ri'gular medical scOiool, will be admitted as studenfa of the third course after (examination in 
General and Medical Chemistry, Matei'la Medica and Phannacy. Anatomy, and I'liysiology. 

Graduates of other regular medical sciiools in good standing will b(» admltteil as students of 
the thii'd course in this institution witliout any examination. 

Ciraduates of Colleges of Pharmacy aud Denial Colleges in good standing are admitted to the 
second course in the University without an examination. 

//) (he Sj)riii(/ Session, beginning the first Monday In April, a valuable course on practical and 
scientillc subjects by a largo corps of professors and lecturers is given; and the laboratories of 
( 'iiemlRtry, Pharmacy, Histology, Physiology, and Pathology are optMi, affording a \aluablo post- 
graduate course. 

The Lectures of the Winter Session of 1879-80 will heyin on the first dtiy of October, and end on 
the Inst duij of Fehniary. 

The Preliminary Course tcill begin on the first Monday in. Sef)teinbcr. 

Fees, in advance.— let course of lectures, including matriculation ami dissection, .$155. 2d 
course, $150, including dissection. 3d course, including operating and bandaging, fiio. Gradua- 
tion fee, $m. 

For Announcement giving full particulars, address 

JAMES TYSON, M.D., Secretauy, 

r. O. Box 2838, PhUadeJpMa. 


The Trnstees have established a Dental Department, which is designed to make tlio most com- 
plete scbool of Dentistry in the world. Tho professors include those of Anatomy, Physlolosry, 
Chemistry, and Materia Medica, in the Medical Department, with Chas. J. EssiG, M.D.. D.D.S., 
Prof, of Mechanical Dentistry and Metallurgy, and Edwin T. Dakby, D.D.S., Prof, of Operative 
Dentistry. Two years' study, two courses of lectures, and examination at the end of the second 
course, aro the requirements for graduation. Graduates of tho Dental Department of the Univer- 
sity may become candidates for the degree of Doctor of Medlcino after attending one additional 
course of lectures. But students in Dentistry who desire to take the medical degneo also, must 
notify the Sccrctaiy of the Depa^ment of Medlcino of such Intention before tho beginning of the 
second course of lectures, and add to tho studies of tho Dental Department those of tho Medical. 

Fees.— Matriculation $5. For one course of lectures $100. Dissecting feefio. Graduation feo$30. 

Sessions commence as those of the Medical Department. For iinnouncement address CllAS. J. 
ESSIG, M.D., D.D.8., 8eci'etT.ry Dental Department, University of Pennsylvania. 

'Homoeopathic and Eclectic schools are not recognized as being in this category. 


•of Clinical 
or of Clinl- 
itciu'iul Pa- 
LL.J)., I'lo- 
r of lliysl- 
,1 Professor 
lini.iil Pro- 
'roft'seor of 
1 I'rofcssor 

Ivo months 

course, and 
ledii'ii, and 
is secured, 
, and Medi- 
ciil bcdsidi) 
ilticH; and, 

rted asstii- 
idiiation in 
;w<) courses 
uiuatiun iu 


students of 

ittcd to tlio 

[ictical aud 
iraiovtes of 
uablo post- 

ind end on 

n, $135. 2d 
». Gradiui- 


most com- 
•D.. D.D.S., 

the second 
:ho Univer- 

I also, must 
uing of the 


38 CHA8. J. 

■ Ill ■■ i« wp 




rtlAULES W. KLTOT, LL. I).. l'nnidn,t. 
CALVIN KLIJH. M. 1)., J'nrfcMHor of rliiiUul 

MvdiriHV, hrilii. 
JOHX 1». H, JACKSOX, M. i)., I'ro/ennoi- of I'a. 

tholt>i)ic(il A iiiilotn)/. 
OT,rVi:u \V. HOLMK^, M. D.. Prof, of Amtottiii. 
IIK.SUY .1. HKJKLOW. M. J).. I'r'of.'of Siiracrii. 
IKAXCIH MINOT. M. 1).. flerseii P'ro/fisor of 

tlir Tlifon/ and Priwiitr of Medicini'. 
JOHN I'. lUiYNOLDH, M. I>.', I'lof.ofObuMrirs. 
IIENUY W. WILLIAMS, .Ar. I)., /Vo^V.sso;' of 

DAVID W. CIIEliVEU, M. I)., I'rofrssor ofclin- 

iriil Simicn/. 
JAMKH ('. WIIITi;, M. D., I'rof. of iXriiuiloloi/i/. 
R01!1:RT T. KDK.S. M. D., rr'ofciisor of MidcVia 

IIEXKV P. BOWDITCII. M. J)„ I'ro/cusur of 

CHAULK.S H. POHTKU. M. U.. IhinoiiHlriilor of 

Anntom'i, and Iiislnirlor iu Snraery. 
FREDEIitCK I. KNKiHT, M. I).. hiHlnivtor in 

I'crcKssici.A usriillulioii, mid fMn/ni/oscojn/. 
J. COLLINS WAliREN, M. D., IiiHtnictor in Hiir- 

UECilXAT-D 1(. FITZ, M. !>., XHsiidanl Vrofcusor 

of I'lilhohwiral Atuitowi/. 
WILLIAM L. KICHAUDSOX, U. U., Iiislniclor 

ill *)hslrtrii:i. 
THOMAS DWIOHT, M, I)., Ingtniclor in His- 

F-DWAltl) S. WOOD. M. 1)., Prof, of Cheniislri/. 
IIKXUY II. A. BKAC'T, M. D., AHSiiluiU IJemoit- 

siriilor of AiKilooni. 
WILLIA.M 11. UAKKR, M. D., Iimlriictor in 

WILLI.V.M i;." illLLS. M. T).,liMtruclorin Cliviii- 



OEORfiK II. F. MAKKOE, Instniclor ia Ma 

It rill }fcdirii. 
FRAXK W. DRAPER. M. D., I Leehiirrn 
CUARLE.S F. FOLSiOM, M. IX.Snii Ihn/ieiiv 


Cliiiiriil Mrdiiim 

I).. A.isislUiU ill IHh- 
M. U.. AHsistunl in 

GEORGE M. GARLAND, M. D., AssiKlmil in riii/.iioloj/!/. 

The following gentleuieu 'will {y;lve Special Cliiilcnl IitHtritclion : 

FRANCIS n. GREENOUGII, M. D., and EDWARD WKUiLESWOUTII, M. D., in S,/i>liili.i. 
JOHN O. GREEN, M. I)., and (^LARENCE .1. KLAKE, M. 1)., in oioloi/if. 
CHARLES P. PUTNAM. M. D.. and .lOSEPH P. OLIVEU, M. D., in l>ii<ftiniK of Chitdrrn. 
SAMUEL G. WEBBER. M. D., and JAMES J. PUTNAM, M. 1)., in Dismuvs of the yirrotis Si/sU'in. 


For the First Iffov— Anatomy, Physiology, and Gencnil Clicuiisiiy. 

For the Hevond Pert)'.— Medical Chemistry, Materia Mcdica, Patholoi.'iciil Anatomy, Clinical Medi- 
cine, Sursery, and Clinical Surgery. 

For the Third I'tar.— Therapeutics, Obstetrics, Theory aud Practici; of Medicine, Clinical Mwli- 
cine, Surjiery, and Clinical Surgery. 

Students are divided Into three clas.scs, accm-ding to theii- time of study and proHciency. Stu- 
dents who ))cgau tlieir professional studies elsewliere may Itc admitted to advanced standing; but 
all persons who apply lor admission to the second or tliinl j t-ar's class nuist pass an examination 
in the lu'anches already pursued by the class to which they st I'k admission. The e.vannnatious are 
held in the following order:— 

At the end of the first year— Anatomy, Physiology, and Genera' Chemistry. 

End of second— Medical Chemistry, Materia Medica, and Pathological Anatomy. 

End of third year— Therapeutics, Obstetrics. Tlieory and Practice of Medicine, Clinical Medi- 
cine. Surgery, and Clinical Surgery. 

I'.vaniinations are also hehl before the opening of the School, beginning September 2;td, 

IU.1,'1 inr.MKXTS FOR A Dkgkkk.— Every candidate must 1)0 twenty-one years of ag(^; nnist have 
studii 'I medicine three full years, have spent at least one continuous year at this School, have 
lia>sed the requii'cd examinatiiuis. and liave presented a thesis. 

< iniiSK i-oR GnADiATKs.— For the purpose of nttbrding to those already (iraduates of Medicine 
additional facilities for pursuing clinical, laboratory, and other studies, in such subjects as may 
specially interest them, the Faculty has established a course which comprises the ft>llowini;' 
i-ranelies; Histoloi;y; Physiol(»gy; Medical Chomi.stry; Pathological Anatomy; Surgery; Aus- 
C'ltatiiii. Percussion, and' Laryiigoseopy ; Ophthalmology; Dernuitology ; Syphilis; P.sychologiciil 
Mtdiiine; Otology; Ele(tro-tlierai)euties; Gynecology; and Obstetrics. On iiaynieutof the full 
lee tlu' privilege of attending any of the otlicr exercises of the Medical Sclu.-ol, the use of the 
labn -atories and library, ami all other rights accorded by the University will bi! granted. Single 
branihes may also lie pnisned. Gradmitcs of other Medical Schools who nuiy ;lesire to obtain tin- 
degree of M.'D. at this University will be admitted to cxamimition for thig degree after a year's 
study i.' the Graduates' Course. Examination on eutrauce not required. 

Fees.- For Matricidation, $.5 ; for the Year, S^OO; for oue term alone, *120; for Gradtiation, $30. 
For Gradiates' Course, the fee for one year is$>(K); for one Term, $120; ami for siuglc courses such 
fees as arc specitleil in the Catalogue. Payment iu advance. 

Members if any one deiiartnu nt of Harvard University have a right to attend lectures and reci- 
tations in ai y other departnant without paying additional fees. 

Foi- furthei intormation. or Catalogue, address 

Di:. U. II. FITZ, ,S«'*(/, 108 Boylston St.. Boston, Mass. 




17 Bloo}nshiinj Square, 

London, Sept. 18^/i, 1878. 

Dr. IledwoocVs 
Analytical Department. 

I have examined the Extract of Malt manufactured 
hij the ^^Trommer Extract of Malt Company, ^^ and judg- 
ing from its physical characters and chemical reactions, 
I am of opinion that it fairly represents ivhat its name 
indicates, that is, that it is a preparation of Malt in 
which are contained the essential properties of that sub- 
stance, ivith a slight addition of Aromatic Bitter of the 
Hop. It has the character of a soft Extract, in the sense 
in ivhich that term is used p>harmaceutically, and it has 
evidently been prepared with great care and judgment, 
as it retains the property of acting on amylaceous bodies, 
as diastase does, while the extract itself bears long keep- 
ing loithout change. 

B also possesses the property of forming, with Cod 
Liver Oil, a permanent Mixture or Emulsion, in which 
the taste of the Oil is very effectually covered, and its 
administration thus greatly facilitated. 

T. REDWOOD, Ph.D., F.B.C.S., dtc, 
Professor of Chemistry and Pharmacy to the 

Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, 

Loeflund's Concentrated Extract Malt, Plain. 

Also tho following Conn. .nut Ions : 

tach laijlu«iu>ouriil (OuIuIuhHIx (inilns I'yroplioM. Iron. Fnnniil. I'll. G. 


Luch TiibluHpooui'ul CoiituuiH Two (jralnH Cltrato Iron anil (^tilulue. 


Kach Tabliicpooufiil ContainH Ono (Jialu loilido Iron. 


Kacli Tablespoouful ContaluH Hlx (irulns llypoplioMplilto Llnu\ 


Kacli Tabicspoonftil ContainH Four Grains i'lpHln, l'nre Oerm. 


Each TabliiMpoouful Contains Four Grains Hops. 


An emulsion coutalulug equal parts of best Norwegian Cod Llvor OH and Extract of Malt. 

only by that skill wfileh Is acquired by oxperlcme. Mr. L< land having been lu this branch of 
t he buHinoss since 1H6«, Is now the oldest and »)i()«< rr/)eriV»icci. . anufacturer of Extract of Mnlt. 
Ills establishment Is the most perfect ; his manufacture conducted on arientirtc pHueiples. His pic- 
panilloua aroendorsed by all eminent )'/i//«'''i«»» lu Europ". and America. Wo therefore «lo imi 
hcHitato to say that In prescribing Loejlund'a preparation the physician will do Justice to himselJ: 
and natlents. " 

N. B.— Loeflund's Extract of Mnlt is entlrdu devoid of hitter taste, as no Uops are added to the 
plain extract. This preparation needs no disguise. 

This Is Lleblg's Soup for Infants In a concentratoU form, ready for use ; it Is a pcrffct mibstilute 

for Mother's Milk. Sole Agent for America, 

ALBERT C. DUNO, Drnggist, 

61 Bo-wery, New York. 

* OrX«-x-oai3Ei.xrrxi os* xc.iaz'zz.A.Xjzzia'xi. 

The oxidlzable phosphorous elements of animal brain, nnd the germinal portion of wheat. Isola- 
ted without eliemloal change, and preserved In pure glycerine. 

cDMrortirioN o» onb hu'nukkd parts : 

Iiinlatc.d Hypoplioaphite of Aininouium parta, 8 

'• " PutaKBium •* 6 

" " Sodium " tl 

" " Citlcium " 8 

" " Magiioluiii " ,1 

(i lycero-IIypophogpnoroai Add " 6 

Uolatcil IlypophosphorouB Acid " H 

(ilycerlno, C, 1' " flo 

The following are but samples of tho general expression of appreciation given by physicians, 
who have employed Glycerlto of Kephallne. 

Dr. F. O. St. Clair, Washington,!). C, has found "Glycerite of Keplmline" a remedy of great 
power and unqestlonable value in all dlscuHo cxnresscd in vital deterioration, as phthisis, loss of 
memory, nervous debility, aiul nervous fornl.^ of (lyspcpsia. 

Dr. Geo. B. Simpson, of Weston, West Virginia, has obtained excellent results from the use of 
the Glycerite of Kephallne in phthisis. 

Dr. Oeddlngs, in charge ofthe Sanitarium, at Aiken, S. C, says he has used the Glycerite of 
Animal Hypopnosphites with satisfactory results in thirty cases of phthisis. He believes isolated 
hypu phosphites superior to the usual remedies. 

Dr. Edwards, editor of the Virginia Medical Monthly, has witnessed very satisfactory resiilts 
with Glycerite of Kephallne in the case of a distinguished divine, suffering from nervous prostration, 
from overwork. 

Dr. King, of Louisburg, N. C, says, " I am convinced by tho therapeutical results, that isolated 
phosphorous elements form the most powerful nutrient tonic known." 

Dr. C. W. Williamson, of Philadelphia, says, " Glycerite of Kephallne is surely a great chemical 
and therapeutical triumph. Duringthepasttive years I have used it in phthisis, dj'spepsla, sexual 
exhaustion, and broken down conditions of female health, and so excellent has been the result, 
that I would not now know how to do without it." 

Prof. Pepper, of the University of Pennsylvania, says he has found " Glycerite of Kephallne " a 
good nutrient tonic. 

Dr. J. 8. Ramsey, formerly Act. Ass. Surg.U. S. Navy, says, " Glycerite of Kephallne is the most 
eiSolent remedy known in tubercular phthisis." 

Dr. H. E. Ashmead has used isolated phosphorous compounds since 1869, and holds them in very 
high esteem as remedial agents.— [Detroit Medical Journal, October, 1877. 

Dr. Wiley has used isolated phosphorous compounds since 1872, and esteems them of great value 
In phthisis.— [See Louisville Medical News, June 2, 1877. 

Dr. Percy says, " Although the nitrogenous hypophosphite has been isolated from brain and 
nerves, I believe it has never been formed in the laboratory, nor has it been used as a therapeutical 

Upon hypothetical grounds alone we should suppose it to he one of the most assimilable of all 
the preparations of phosphorus, because It most nearly resembles that form of phosphorus which 
is found to be tho most active in the animal economy.— [Trans. A. Med. Assoolation, 1872, page 
658, Essay Phosphorus. 

Dose— 10 to 20 drops thrice dally. 

Sold by A. 0. DUNG, Dmgglst, 

61 BoMrery, New Torfc) Sole Agent* 



t ! 





















?!( ':■ 


1. : 







•'5' ■ ^ •' 
















Spiral Spring Pessaries. 

A Riiif? Pessary -which will uot break has long been looked for by physi- 
ciaus aud patients. 

The Spiral Spring Ring Pessary is one which will not break nor lose it.s 

shape; it can be donbled up in the shajje 
of a figurt^ 8, and then tiio two loops may 
be brought together without injuring it in 
the leaat. It gives a more easy pressure 
than any other, aud parties who will give 
them but one trial, we arc sure, will never 
again use any other. 

The engravings sliow the manner of mak- 
ing them. 

In a spiral H))ring of lu'ass spring wire 
iibont 8 coils of rounded tliin whalebone 
are inserted, which is bound loosely by the 
spiral spring, thus aUowing the coils of 
whalebone to revolve amund themselves, 
giving, as will readily l>o seen, more elas- 
ticity than they would were they bound 
tightly by a sott wire of any material. 'I'ln' 
ends of the spiing are then screwed togeth- 
er and covered with rubber of exceedi ngly smoot h sui-face. 

Wo also employ the above described maimer in making Pessaries of all 
patterns, and they most certainly are far superior to hard nibb.r, which arc 
very rigid, aud therefore very inconvenient for the wearer. 

The spiral spring Bow Pessary, Albert Smith's shape, and many others, 
will be found (on account of their elasticity) very easy for the wearer, and very 


Ring Pessaries 7.1 Cents each. 

Bow ' $100 

Albert Smitli's Pessaries 100 " 

Dr. Thomas' Convex Top Pessaries. 1 50 

" Anteversion " 1 50 " 

JSeiit by mail on receipt of price. 




















§ For sale by all Druggists and Instrument Dealers, -g 

S» Manufactured only by 

^ F. G. OTTO & SONS, 

Sole Manufar lurcrs of 



Dr. L. Drescher's Electro-Medical Apparatus, 
Surgical Instruments, &c. 


^4i Cliatl^azm Bt^» 

i^EW Tonm 



Codman & Slmrtleff's Atomizing Apparatus. 



Tlir Complftf Steam Alomiier, No. 15 (Pat.). Shitrtleff's Atomising Apparatus, No. 5 (Pat.). 

All joints ot tbo Steam Atomizer are hard-soldered. 

Every one is tested by Lydrostatic pressure, to more than 100 pounds to tlu; square inch. 

It cannot be injured by exhaustiou of water, or any attainable pressure, and will last for many 

It does not throw spurts of hot water; Is convenient, durable, portable, c(mipaet and cheap, 
in the best sense of the word. Price, $5.00. 

Brass parts, nickel-plated, additional, .12.00. 

Neatly nuide, strong Black Walnut Box. with convenient handle, additional, $2.(50. 

Shurtleflfs Atomizer the most desirable Hand Apparatus. Rubber warranted of the very best 
quality. Valves imperishable ; every one carefully fltted, and will work perfectly in all positions. 
Price, $3.50. 

The Bulbs are adapted to all the Atomizing Tubes made by us. 

Each of the above Apparatus Is supplied with two carefully-made and annealed glass Atomiz- 
ing Tubes, and accompauled with dircetious for use, and waiTanted perfect. 

Fig. 91, The Safety I-ister Antiseptic Atom- 
izer, as made by Codman & Shurtleflf, specially 
adapted to the requirements of Antisiptic Sur- 
gery. Spherical Boiler, hartl-soldered. tested by 
hydrostatic pressure to more than 100 pounds to 
the square inch. Safety Valve, Atomizing Tubes 
with itliitinum nozzle and tube cleaner, 10 oz. 
ReseiToir. Brass Safety Spirit Lamp, with Regu- 
lator. Non-Condnctiug Handles, N and E, will 
.supply spray from I lirec to four hours without 
replenishiu,« boiler or lamp. 

It has been lenncd the " Safety Atomizer," 
inaamuch as, under the severest tests. It has been 
I'oimd impossible either to ignite vapor from the 
ansesthetic, or to cause any mishap from the 
spirit-lamp. We oft'er it with conlidenee that it 
will satisfactorily meet the want of a conven- 
ient, durable and practically perfect apparatus 
for the purpose intended. 

PRICE, $25.00. 


Fig. 91. 

Wo would also call attention to our Antiseptic Atomizer No, 00, an cfflcient and durable appara- 
tus. Its Boiler, Reservoir and Handle are the same as in No. !U. Tho Lamp, of Japanned tin, has 
safety arrangement with reference to alcohol, and its llaiue is susceptible of as easy regulation. 
Tho Atomizing Tubes are of brass, specially adapted in size and shape for this use. This appara- 
tus has been thoroughly tested by practical use, ami wo believe will bo found far superior to any 
hitherto oflfered at a price below that of No, 91. Price, $12.00. Full descriptive circulars of Anti- 
septic Atomizer on application. 

For full description of other Atomizers, see Nkw Pampiilktou Atomization of Liquids, with 
Formulae of many articles of the Materia Medica, successfully employed iu the practice of a well- 
known American practitioner, together with descriptions of the best forms of apparatus, which 
will be sent, post-paid, on application. 

Plaster Bandages and Bandage Machines, Articles for Antiseptic Surgery, Aspirtvtors, Clinical 
Thermometers, (^rutches, Air Cushions, Wheel Chairs and Articles for Invalids, Mechanical Appli- 
ances for all deformities and deflclencies. Trusses, Elastic Hose, etc. Electrical Instruments for 
all Medical and Surgical uses. Hypodermic Syringes, Ice an<l Hot Water Bags. Manikins, Models, 
Skeletons, Skulls, etc., etc. Naturalists' Instnunents, Sphygmographs, Splints aud Fracture Ap- 
piuiitus, Stethoscopes, Syringes of all kinds, Teeth Forceps, Test Cases, Transfusion Instruments, 
Kiiiich Rubber Urinals. Uriuometers, Vaccine Virus, Veterinary Instruments, Waldenburg'8 
I'neumatic Apparatus, etc., etc. 

Surgical Instruments and Medical Appliances of every description promptly repaired. 

Having our Factory, with steam power, ample machinery and experienced workmen, con- 
nected with our dtoro, wo can promptly make to order, iu tho best manner and from almost any 
material, new Instruments ancf apparatus, and supply new inventions on favorable terms. Instru- 
ments bearing our name are fully Avarranted. With hardly an exception they are the product of 
our own factory, and made under our personal supervision, by skilled workmen, who, being paid 
lor their time, are not likely to slight their work through haste. 

Makers and Importers of Surgical Instruments, etc., etc. 13 aud 15 Trcmont street, BOSTON. 

••i ■. (■ 





Standard Electrical Instruments. 

Improved Stohrer Galvanic Batteries, 


Bartlett Galvanic Batteries, 

12. 24, ami !(7 CELLS. 

Cabinet Combination Battery 


Permanent Combination Battery, 


Galvano-Caustic Batteries, 


Electro-Magnetic Machines, 




Electrodes of all Dc\soriptions. 


Tlie iDternational ExtitiitiOD, PUiladelptud, 1876. 
Tlie rramin InstiiDte, PMladelpliia, I87i 

TliB American Inslitnte, New Yart, 1871, 1872, 1373, and 1874. 
TUB Atricnlinral and Mecnaiiical AssociqtlOD, Ga,, 1873. 

Send for manual, Catalogruc, and Price- List (Free). 


288 Fourth Avenne, New York. 





To the JVIedical Profession. 

The most important remedial agrent ever presented to tiie 
Profession for Indigrestion, Dyspepsia, Vomiting; in Presrnancy, 
Cholera Infantum, Constipation, and all Diseases arising: from 
imperfect nutrition, containing; the Ave active agents of diges- 
tion, viz.: Pepsin, Pancreatine, M>ipi<'tnse, or \eg. Ptyalin, Eiutic 
and lIydroch''>ric Acids, in combination ivitii Sugar of I?Iilk. 



'Opept: nE. 

yabu orDit ,(,a8e..4 ilnichiufs. 

ic id .Ml. dracliuiH. 

oric Acid 5 11. drachms. 

LACTOPEPTINE owes its frroat succf-ss solfly to the Moi^' a Trofession, aiul is sold 
almo.xt outiiely b.v Pliysiclaus' Prescriptioiis. Us almost i"'''xrsal aoptiou Vytlas in'ofossion is 

Sugar of Ml k 


Paucreatiue ... 

■'T.A '^ 

r 'mi 


tlie sliougcst guaraui^e wpci u ^'ivotliat zta tiiuraiieuti 


The undersigned iiavlug .etitet 1 A.CT0PI:PT1 


VrnfessornfPalholofiiiandPr c: ceo aL. L un?., \ P» 
Vniversihj of the City of New Yorh . I 

LEWIS A. 8AYRE, M.D., i 

I'rofessor of Orthopwdic Siayi m nn i Ci< if '. i 
Hurgenj.MelleviieUospilcU .''red -al oU go. 


77 'r 

<• oi C 

most thorougldy ostab- 

A. Van Deveer, M.D., 

Albany, N. Y., . mj -■ «!lh,lfi7,i. 
Prof, of Hie Prin. and Pruc. . f/. A ! 'Oh 

Med. Col.; Sttrg.Albani/a ■ ,/cc t<h\ 

John H. rACK-viui, M.D., 

Philadelphia, Pa., »i, 18:.*. 

Pfes't Pn. Co. Ohntcl. Sovich) nisco- 

pal and Women's TIospllul 
James Aitken Meigs, M.D., 

Pldhidelphiii.Ji ■< . 

Prof. ofthelnslilutesofMed. anti. 

Jeff.'Medical College: PhtjJoPi 

\\. W. Dawsox, M.D., 

Cinclnuati, O., June 2is 
Prof. Prln. und Pruc. Hurt ■"(?■ 
diiio; /S'i(/'(/. to Good Samai k ••• 

Ai.uekt F. a. KiN.i. .M.D.. 

Washiufftoii, 1). C, .Tune ^ 
Profi'S60r of Obntetricg, Uiiiccrst 

1). W. Yandeli.. - .!>.. 

Loulsvil..'. Ky. 
Prof, of the iSV'iMd <■ iHi-i 
Clinical Surg. "Ki ' 
EoBeht Uattey, J i 

R. mo, Ua., Juno 7tli, ls78. 
Enierilus Prof, of Obslclricn, Atlanta Med. 
CoL,and Ex.Pres. Med. ' .'n.o/Ot""u 

Clacde H. Mastin, :i.i>., LL.D., 

Mobile, Ala., Juno bill, 1878. 

Prof, IL C. liAliTLETT. Ph. I)., r.C.S., 
Londou, England, 

February 22d, 1870. 


I wa 


I celle 
I foil 



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" t ha' . 


. .\In'ch':tl . 
Art of ^iirit 
'■' ■ of Lou ■ 't 



■ i "iideauue. 

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; to the iirofesslou. 

, M.D.,Pir. D., 
. Med. and Therup. in 
!.; Prof, of Chein. and 
College, etc., etc. 

w York Med. College. 

INE a good thorough 

pleased with tho»'x- 

owed its adminlstrsv- 

notion in tlie use of 
rdered it frciiUiia'.i.y 
all.v where there i» 

TNE with very good 

TE with groat advau- 

jSJE both in hospiliil 

i found it to answer 

u is recommended. A^ 

stive fuiietiou, I know 

■•e directly." 


n i.iating that it has rarely 

I saall, of course, continue to pre- 

. " I hiivc used LACTOPEPTIXl'; in a ease of Dys- 
pepsia, witli >"iti8laction. I think well of it." 

1 "I conc'ler k 

.CTOPEPTINE tlio very best pn - 
atioii ot tliiv ':iud wlii( ii I liavc over employ) il. 
j an<l for patiei i with feeiili; digestidu t liuow ol' 
j uotlduff whic • IS iqiial to U. ' 

) "I find the n. iparatioi- A LACTOPEPTINE ci.ii- 
s talus within itself all the priuciplea reipured to 
) promote a healthy digestion." 


I Wc also prepare tlie various Eli>irs 
LACTOPEPTINE (in oz. bottles).... per oz. $1 oo [ ^^^^,; Surups, hi combination witJi Lttcto- 

" ( " " )...perdoi!. to 00 1 . 

" (luiib. " ).... i^er \b.u ml pcptinc. 


P. O. BOX 1574. 

k^ 'trU^