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Full text of "Catalogue of the American library of the late Samuel Latham Mitchill Barlow [microform]"

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WEBSTER, N.Y. 14580 

(716) 872-4503 















Collection de 

Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions / Institut Canadian de microreproductions historiques 

Technical and Bibliographic Notes/Notes techniques et bibliographiques 

The Institute has attempted to obtain the best 
original CGpy available for filming. Features of this 
copy which may be bibliographically unique, 
which may alter any of the images in the 
reproduction, or which may significantly change 
the usual method of filming, are checked below. 

r~~] Coloured covers/ 

In/ I Couverture de couleur 







Covers damaged/ 
Couverture endommagee 

□ Covers restored and/or laminated/ 
Couverture restaur^e et/ou pellicul6e 


Cover title missing/ 

Le titre de couverture manque 


Coloured mpps/ 

Cartes g^ographiques en couleur 

Coloured ink (i.e. other than blue or black)/ 
Encre de couleur (i.e. autre que bleue ou noire) 

Coloured plates and/or illustrations/ 
Planches et/ou illustrations en couleur 

Bound with other material/ 
Relie avec d'autres documents 

Tight binding may cause shadows or distortion 
along interior margin/ 

La reliure serree peut causer de I'ombre ou de la 
distortion le long de la marge intdrieure 

Blank leaves adde . during restoration may 
appear within the text. Whenever possible, these 
have been omitted from filming/ 
II se peut que certaines pages blanches ajout6es 
lors d'une restauration apparaissent dans le texte, 
mais. lorsque cela 6tait possible, ces pages n'ont 
pas dt6 filmdes. 

Additional comments:/ 
Commentaires suppl^mentaires: 

L'Institut a microfilm^ le meilleur exemplaire 
qu'il lui a 6t6 possible de se procurer. Les details 
de cet exemplaire qui sont peut-dtre uniques du 
point de vue bibliographique, qui peuvent modifier 
une image reproduite, ou qui peuvent exiger une 
modification dans la mdthode normale de filmage 
sont indiqu6s ci-dessous. 

□ Coloured pages/ 
Pages de couleur 

□ Pages damaged/ 
Pages endommagdes 

I I Pages restored and/or laminated/ 



Pages restaur^es et/ou pellicul^es 

Pages discoloured, stained or foxei 
Pages d^color^es, tachet^es ou piquees 

Pages detached/ 
Pages d^tachees 


I I Pages discoloured, stained or foxed/ 
I j Pages detached/ 
r~71 Showthrough/ 

□ Quality of print varies/ 
Qualit^ in^gale de I'impression 

Includes supplementary material/ 
Comprend du materiel supplementaire 

Only edition available/ 
Seule Edition disponible 

Pages wholly or partially obscured by errata 
slips, tissues, etc., have been refilmed to 
ensure the best possible image/ 
Les pages totalement ou partiellement 
obscurcies par un feuillet d'errata, une pelure, 
etc., ont 6t^ film^es h nouveau de facon d 
obtenir la meilleure image possible. 

This item is filmed at the reduction ratio checked below/ 

Ce document est filmd au taux de reduction indiqud ci-dessous. 














The copy filmed here has been reproduced thanks 
to the generosity of: 

Natlonal Library of Canada 

L'exemplaire film^ fut reproduit gr§ce d la 
gdn^rositd de: 

Bibliothdque nationale du Canada 

The images appearing here are the best quality 
possible considering the condition and legibility 
of the original copy and in keeping with the 
filming contract specifications. 

Les images suivantes ont 6t6 reproduites avec le 
plus grand soin, compte tenu de la condition et 
de la nettet^ de l'exemplaire film6, et en 
conformity avec les conditions du contrat de 

Original copies in printed paper covers are filmed 
beginning with the front cover and ending on 
the last page with a printed or illustr ited impres- 
sion, or the back cover when appropriate. All 
other original copies are filmed beginning on the 
first page with a printed or illustrated impres- 
sion, and ending on the last page with a printed 
or illustrated impression. 

Les exemplaires originaux dont la couverture en 
papier est imprimde sont film^s en commenpant 
par le premier plal et en terminant soit par la 
dernidre page qui comporte une empreinte 
d'impression ou d'illustration, soit par le second 
plat, selon le cas. Tous les autres exemplaires 
originaux sont filmds en commengant par la 
premidre page qui comporte une empreinte 
d'impression ou d'illustration et en terminant par 
la dernidre page qui comporte une telle 

The last recorded frame on each microfiche 
shall contain the symbol -^ (meaning "CON- 
TINUED "), or the symbol V (meaning "END"), 
whichever applies. 

Un des symboles suivants apparaitra sur la 
dernidre image dn cheque microfiche, selon le 
cas: le symbole ^■»' signifie "A SUIVRE", le 
symbole V signifie "FIN". 

Maps, plates, charts, etc., may be filmed at 
different reduction ratios. Those too large to be 
entirely included in one exposure are filmed 
beginning in the upper left hand corner, left to 
right and top to bottom, as many frames as 
required. The following diagrams illustrate the 

Les cartes, planches, tableaux, etc., peuvent dtre 
film6s d des taux de reduction diffdrents. 
Lorsque le document est trop grand pour etre 
reproduit en un seul clich6, il est filmd d partir 
de Tangle supdrieur gauche, de gauche d droite, 
et de haut en bas, en prenant le nombre 
d'images n^cessaire. Les diagrammes suivants 
illustrent la m^thode. 



















American Library 

coi.t.ixTEi) Bv riir. i.atf. 

Samuel Latham %\mi Barlow, 

Z^ONT.' IXIXG 'rery nmny of the rarest books kiunvn ■ ■ ■ . . 

to the collector of this brauch of literature, some 
virtually, ami others absolutely, unique, iueludiiiL; valuable • • • . . 


J 1 THICH embrace the origitial Log Book of fohn Paul Jones, . . . . 

tlic Colonial Laws of Massachusetts, ArnoH's Account 
of the Quebec Expedition, the Chalmers Papers, and the ..... 

thousand original letters comprised in the 



American Art Galleries, 

6 E. 231) St., Madison SniTARi;, Nf.w York, 

on the afternoons and evenings of FEBRUARY the 3(/, 1890, and folloioing 

days, under the management of 


\to rohom all correspondence mav. in the interim, be addressed], 
IN cnNju.NriioN WITH riiK 


THOS. E. KIR BY, Auctioneer. 

Order of Sale. 

Afternoon Sessions Commencing at 2^0. Evening Sessions at 7.30. 


Afternoon, F 


ry 3. - 

Lots I to 254 




3» - 


255 to 507 




4. - 


508 to ^n 




4» - 


774 to 1024 

Wednesday Afternoon, 


5. - 


1025 to 1264 

Wednesday Evening, 


5. - 


1265 to 1522 




6, - 


1523 to 1774 




6, - 


1775 to 2029 




'h - 


2030 to 2283 




7. ■ 


2284 to 2532 




8, - 


2533 to 2784 




111 nil-. 


111 I III- I Al I- 

^AMUKL Latham |\/]^itciiill g'^'^^^^^^^^' 

IKl' !• \UM) r.v 

Jamks OsiiokNK Wrk;iit. 

NKW yokk: 





gg NASSAU ST., S. Y. 



1. The highest Hidiler to be the Buyer, ami // <r//v dispute arise 
between hc'o or more Bidders, the Lot so in dispute shall be im- 
mediately put up again and re-sold. 

2. The Purchasers to give their names and addresses, and to 
pay down a cash deposit, or the whole of the Purchase-money, // 
required, in default of which the Lot or Lots so purchased to be 
immediately put up again and re-sold. 

3. The Lots to be taken away at the Buyer's Expense and Risk 
upon the conclusion of the Sale, and the remainder of the Purchase- 
money to be absolutely paid, or otherwise settled for to the satisfac- 
tion of the Auctioneer, on or before delivery; in default of which 
the undersigned will not hold themselves responsible if the Lots 
be lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed; but they will be left at the 
sole risk of the Purchaser. 

4. The sale of any Ai tide is not to be set aside on account of an\ 
error in the description, or imperfection. All Articles are exposed for 
Public Exhibition one or more days, and are sold fust as they arc 
without recourse. 

5. To prevent inaccuracy in delivery and inconvenience in the 
settlement of the Purchases, no Lot can, on any account, be removed 
during the Sale. 

6. Upon failure to comply with the above conditions, the money 
deposited in part payment shall be forfeited ; all Lots uncleared 
within three days from conclusion of Sale, shall be re-sold by public 
or private Sale, without further notice, and the deficiency (if any) 
attending such re-sale r/nall be made good by the defaulter at this 
Sale, together with all charges attending the same. This Con- 
dition is without prejudice to the right of the .Auctioneer to enforce 
the contract made at this Sale, without such re-sale, if he thinks fit. 

THOS. E. KIRBY, Audio tuer. 



Tins being ;iii Kxcciilor's sale to close tlic estate, a cash deposit 
will he reciiiired from every purchaser vvithoul exception. 

Intending purchasers wishing to avoid the trouble and confusion 
of making a dei)osit during the sale, can make arrangements pre- 
vious to day of sale, with the managers or auctioneer, at their ofifice, 
6 East Twenty-third Street. 


Thomas E. ]\\v.\'.w, Aiic/ioitccr. 


Samuel Latham Mitciiill Barlow 





THE generous and genial nature of our lamented friend, Mr. 
Harlow, has already been the theme of just encomiums and 
eulogies. It behooves us now to recall his character and merits as 
an enlightened, liberal and public-spirited bibliophile. 

From his boyhood he loved books, and soon endeavored to form 
a collection. Never in those early days did he return home from 
his modest law office, however tired by hard work, without canvass- 
ing the book stores and bookstalls on the way, and more than once 
it was not in vain. The beautiful copy of the Antwerp edition of 
Thevet's Sitii:;ularitez de la France antarcticqut\ vellum bound, and 
stamped with the entwined crescents of Diane de Poitiers,* has no 
other origin, and was found in Nassau Street. 

At no time had it been the object of Mr. Barlow to accumulate 
a large library in every branch of science and literature. 'I'his he 
properly left to public institutions. Nor did he care to collect books 
which had no other merit than their extreme rarity. His aim was 
higher and more in accordance with common sense. From the 
start, he determined to embrace exclusively the history of America. 
The subject was already of sufficient scope to absorb hir efforts and 
means ; but with a just appreciation of its importance, he brought it 
within his reach by keeping chiefly in view original authorities and 
editions. To form regular series, comprehending separate epochs 
and distinct section of the New World ; to connect all the links, 
and to illustrate with parallel accounts events but little known, were 
always the primary moti-. es of his endeavors and purchases. It is 
thus that we come to find in his collection the invaluable first 
printed letters of Columbus, Vespuccius and Cortez ; the rich series 
of colonial pamphlets, English, French and Dutch, and the largest 
set of Jesuit Relations ever offered for sale. 

Under the circumstances, his library could never be very exten- 
sive, both on account of the high prices which that class of books 
already commanded, and of their increasing rarity and importance, 
at home and abroad. But when fortune commenced to smile on him 
in various ways, and he was informed that the precious library which 

Infra, No. 2444. 


Samitei, L. M. Barlow. 

Col. Thomas Aspinwall had collected during the thirty years of his 
residence as United States Consul at London could be purchased, 
he at once determined to acquire it at any cost. 

The books and manuscripts were in Boston, and the agent sent 
to bring them over, knowing the impatience of Mr. Barlow to behold 
as his own the desiderata which he had so long sought to possess, 
had the forethought to select two hundred or more of the choicest 
works, which he packed in a large trunk, and brought himself to 
New York. The rest, comprising about 3,700 volumes, were boxed 
up and sent to a store-house, until the room appropriated for the 
library in Mr. Barlow's new residence on Madison Avenue was 
ready to receive the entire collection, and they were destroyed in the 
conflagration wliich consumed the establishment of Messrs. Bangs 
Brothers during the night of the i8th of September, 1864. 

The sorrow of our friend was intense. We repaired together 
to Broadway, and vainly endeavored to save from the burning ruins 
a few scorched volumes. But, true to his patriotic instincts, he 
was half comforted with the thought that the rarest New England 
pamphlets, and particularly the manuscript records of the Common- 
wealth of Massachusetts during the XVIIth century (No. 2765), 
so important for the history of his native State, had escaped destruc- 
tion, and were safely lodged away from the fire. 

Far from being discouraged by such a calamity, Mr. Barlow 
renewed his efforts, and at last succeeded in forming the remarkable 
collection of works relating to America, which, on account of the 
death of its founder, is now offered for sale. 

The difficulty of replacing those books was greater than ever, and 
it became even doubtful whether certain series could be completed. 
The Jesuit Relations, the New England, New Netherlands and 
Virginia colonial tracts, together with the matchless copies of 
Smith's History of Virginia^ presented a well-connected chain of 
historical and descriptive works embracing the North American 
continent. To continue it further South in the same style first 
required the original Spanish editions of the Letters of Ferdinand 
Cortez describing conquest of Mexico. Latin and Italian trans- 
lations figured at times in important booksellers' catalogues; but 

Samuki, I,. M. Baki.dw. 

where to find the Curias de rclacion printed cX Seville, Saragossa, 
Valencia and Toledo ? Mr. James Carter Hrown had been so for- 
tunate thirty years before, in securing a full set. Mr. Lenox, how- 
ever, notwithstanding printed appeals* distributed every where, and 
the most liberal offers, never could possess mere than two out of 
four, whilst none whatever were known to exist in any other private 
libraries, either in Europe or America. During one of our explor- 
ing expeditions, in search of early documents to copy and publish, 
we chanced to discover in Spain three of those priceless original 
Cartas, comprising in fact the entire text of the four, as the one 
which was printed at Saragossa in 1523, and of which only one 
specimen was known to exist,f is simply a reprint of the Seville 
edition of 1522. They soon found their way into the Bihliothcca 
BarUnviana. No others have been discovered since, and only five of 
the public libraries of Europe can boast of possessing either three 
of those great books, or even one. 

For the history of the discovery of America, Barlow possessed the 
celebrated Aspinwall copy of the Epistle of Columbus, printed by 
Stephanus Plannck at RomeJ (in 1493). This is unquestionably 
the first Latin edition of that memorable account, and the prototype 
of the reprints made in the same year at Paris, Antwerp and Hasle,g 
as well as of nearly all the reimpressions of the text published in the 
XVIth and XVIIth centuries, as is shown by the omission in every 
title of the name of Queen Isabelle. It was necessary for the tenor 
of De Cosco's translation to find Plannck's corrected edition, which. 

* Livivs ciirieux. Gurriguc et Christern Lihraircs ctrani^ers. New York, 
1S54, Svo; Nos. 125-129. 

\ In the library of Mr. John Carter Brown. The Montdidier catalogue, p. 37, 
No. 671, mentions another. 

X Compare its typography with that of the Memorabilia urhis /Homir; impress. 
Rome per ma\;istrum Stephan. Plannck Jc I'atauia, anno mccccxcj. (I'aris Na- 
tional Library, Reserve. Invent., K., 1022.) 

t^ We refer to the illustrated edition in ten leaves with the printed cover, of 
which there is not a single, !,'•£•/;/«'«(• complete copy anywhere, and which we supposed 
to have been printed at Rome (B. A. V., No. 2). In reality, it was printed and 
published at liasle by Bergmann de Olpe, like the Veraidus of 1494. Compare the 
characters, initial letters and abbreviations with those in Brandt's poem Dc fuli^ctra 
anni 92, bearing in the colophon the initials and device (in CJerman) of Bergmann. 
Christophe Colomb, Vol. II., pp. 22-30. 


Samuel I,. M. Barlow. 

although not quite so rare as the first, attained such high prices 
when brought under the hammer. A very fine copy was secured by 
Mr. Barlow at private sale. 

The library contained three original Latin editions, and one Ger- 
man version of the separate account of the third voyage of Vespuc- 
cius; but there was a Venetian issue which then existed only in two 
libraries, viz.: the Trivulziana at Milan, and Marciana at Venice.* 
The beauty and peculiar style of its typography, as well as its origin, 
showing that the version in the Pcesi Nouamente retrouati had been 
borrowed from it for the text, and translated into the Venetian 
dialect before 1506, since this translation already figures in the 
Ferrara manuscript, rendered Mr. Barlow extremely desirous to find 
that edition. Happening to discover a duplicate in one of the bound 
collections of tracts made by Morelli for the Marciana, we obtained 
from the Italian Government the cession of that rare book to our 
friend. It is No. 14 of our Additamenta, and No. 2554 of the 
present catalogue. 

There was still wanting a work of the utmost importance for that 
already remarkable series of Americana. It was the first decade of 
Peter Martyr, printed at Seville in 1511, but with the supplementary 
leaves containing the table of errata and the map. We found at 
Madrid a splendid copy, which, when duly examined, preser^'-d 
differences theretofore unnoticed, in the title and address to Cou..v 
Tendiila.f Mr. Barlow purchased that important desideratum, and 
caused it to be bound in perfect Grolier style by Marius.J 

The works relating to the early history of Canada were among the 
chief objects of his solicitude, and lie spared neither efforts nor ex- 
pense to gather as many as he could. The Barlowiana contained 
the Champlains of 161 3, 1620 and 1632 in extremely fine condition, 
and all with the original maps, but it preserved no Lescarbot. The 
editions of 1609, 161 1 and 1612 could easily be obtained ; a single 

*Mr. Picot, Catalogue dcs livres de m. le baron James de Rothschild, Vol. II., 
p. 424, says that it is a different edition from B. A. V., No. 30, which we described 
from the Sempeutn. 

\ Additamenta, No. 54, p. 55, where, in line 27, after mihi, should be added : 
sigtiificasti vt ea ceteris tue bi bliotece voluminibus. 

tNo. 1573- 

Samukl I.. M. Hari.ow, 


bookseller of Paris, Mr. Porquet, had at the same time, a couple of 
years ago, so many as seven copies of the latter ; but Mr. Harlow 
wanted the valuable edition of i6i7*or 1618, the only one which is 
complete. It was not believed to be in any of the private or public 
libraries of France;f and Tross, after vainly seeking for that edition 
had been compelled to make his reprint from that of 1612, which 
lacks a chapter. It was found, but in New York. 

Mr. Barlow had given a standing and unlimited order for the 
Canadian book, which is unquestionably the most important for the 
religious history of Canada, and the origin of Montreal — not ex- 
cepting the Sagard or the LeClerc — besides being, perhaps, next to 
the Cartier of 1545, the rarest of that class of" works. Neither the 
Browniana, Lexoniana nor any other American library, whether 
public or private, possessed it, although a copy had once been sold 
in the United States twenty years ago for |)i6o; but no one could tell 
what had become of the volume. It was the Veritables Motifs de 
Messieurs et Dames de la Societe de Nostre Dame de Montreal, 
published at Paris in 1643, J but printed only for the use of Mr. 
Olier's friends, and so rare that even St. Sulpice did not possess it, 
and the Abbe Faillon was preparing, when he died, to have a man- 
uscript copy taken from the copy in the Paris National Library, 
the only one known to exist in France. A large paper copy was 
exhumed from among the scattered archives of a suppressed 
convent, and bought for Mr. Barlow just in time to \e it from the 
waste basket. 

The devotion of the religious orders for the missionaries sent to 
la Nouvelle-France in the XVIIth century was extremely great, 
and shared by certain pious and wealthy laymen affiliated to them 
in a still higher degree, if possible. The Relations never failed to 
give a separate account of the death of these courageous apostles. 
The nuns, especially, who fell the victims of their zeal, were remem- 

* There are copies differing from No. 31 of the Notes, " Troisiesine edition 
cnrichie de plusiers choses singulieres, outre la sinle de I'l/istoire, AT. DC. XV 1 1." 

f We have discovered .since a copy in the Mazarine Library (\o. 2488). It is 
the only specimen of the edition of 1618 in Paris. 

X No. 14G4. 


Samuki. I,. M. Barlow. 

bered with touching descriptions of their lives, efforts and last 
moments. The Fie de la Mire Marie de l' Incarnation, and of 
Father Chaumonot are well known. There was one of these bio- 
graphical letters printed with the Relation of 1669, but which, 
according to a vague tradition, had been published separately, and 
only for a few personal friends. We refer to ihtLettre circuiairc de 
la mart de la Revere nde Mere Catharine de S. Augustin, Religitusc 
Hospitaliire de Quebec. Mr. Barlow had set his heart on acquiring 
that rarissime book, if it ever could be discovered. The fact is that 
for an American bibliophile, who already possessed fiftyt^vo copies 
of the Jesuit Relations in original editions, whilst the richest private 
libraries in that class of works had never contained more than forty- 
three,* the Lcttrc Circulaire was worth having It had never 
figured in any sale or catalogue, and no traces of the book could be 
found in the inventories of the religious orders which we had been 
able to consult. We found it in a Paris bookstore, but the seller, 
who only suspected the value of it, was not long in becoming con- 
vinced of its importance, and fixed the price accordingly. It figures 
in the present catalogue under No. 1469. 

We could mention many other extremely valuable books, which 
patience, a liberal outlay and peculiar circumstances, permitted Mr. 
Barlow to place in his library. The reader will easily recognize 
them in the adjoining pages. 

* The most numerous collections of original editions of the Jesuit Relations 
ever offered for sale are the following : 

CoURTENVAUX, Paris, 1783, including duplicates. 43. 
Murphy, N. Y., 1884, " 39 

O'Callachan, N. Y., 1882, " 32 

A Sai.k, Quebec, 1851, " 30, 

HossANGE, Paris, 1873, *' 30 

IIarrassowitz, Leipzig, 18S2, " 26 

Dr. Court, Paris, 1884, '• 20, 

Mr. Harlow's set comprises, including duplicates, 53. including one which is 
unique as a separate edition. 

There is no complete set of these Jesuit Relations in original editions any- 
where. The one coming nearest completion is in the Paris National 1-ibrary. 
particularly since we caused the duplicate copy of the Relation of 1632, which was 
in the Arsenal Library, to be added. We have since found another copy of that 
first Relation in the Mazarine (No. 35,788). 

Samuel L. M. JJaklow. 


The wish of that kind and generous man always was that his 
hhrary should be kept intact, if possible, and rendered after his 
death as practica"y useful to the student as it had always been in 
his lifetime. To that effect, in 1883, he proposed to a New York 
literary institution to purchase it after having been valued by dis- 
interested experts, and to give one-half of the valuation. In justice 
to his family he could not do more. Nothing, however, came 
of this liberal offer ; and many years will elapse before patriotic 
donors and richly endowed societies are graced with another such 
opportunity to acquire those indispensable elements of the history 
of America. 

Millions and millions of dollars have been bequeathed during 
the last few years in New York, in Illinois, in California and in 
other States for the purpose of founding extensive public libraries. 
The amounts are certainly large enough to allow the acquisition of 
ancient books, as well as of those modern volumes, which can be 
easily obtained and which are destined to be always in the market. 
Can it be said that the administrators of those munificent and 
judicious bequests duly appreciate the entire importance of the 
trusts committed to them, when they let pass with supine indiffer- 
ence chances like the present, which will not occur again more than 
once or twice in a century, to secure at once books of such para- 
mount importance for the history of our country ? We have no 
Archivo de Indias, no Simancas, and since those books are the near- 
est copies of original manuscripts which are now lost, a collection 
of them should form the nucleus of a repository of printed archives. 
True it is that the Lenoxiana contains nearly all the early publi- 
cations and we can still form one or two collections of that char- 
acter. Boston or Philadelphia, Chicago or San Francisco, when in 
possession of ample means due to the patriotic munificence of 
American citizens, should take it at heart to enrich its public library 
with such historical and literary treasures. 

Perhaps the trustees imagine that Americana of the kind which 
we have just described can be found at any time. Not long since, 
a bibliophile of that school walked into our office, with the Biblio- 
theca Americana Vetustissima under his arm, and asked us to give 

X Samuf.i, I-. M. Hari.ow. 

him the address of the store in Paris where all the works mentioned 
in that bibliography could be purchased at a reasonable price. His 
surprise was unbounded when informed that if he possessed all the 
money of Mr. Vandcrbilt and had a century of life before him, he 
could not with that wealth, and in a hundred years, hope to get 
scarcely more than two-thirds of those books. Still, it was already 
something to the credit of that well-meaning citizen to have thought 
of including the accounts sent by Columbus, Vespuccius, Cortez, 
Pizarro and Jacques Cartier in an American public library. 

Barlow's greatest wish was to benefit others even more than 
himself ; and his library remained open to any one who desired 
to consult it. You had only to come to the house, ring the bell, 
express your intention, and you were at once ushered into that 
hospitable " Black Library," where every bookcase was constantly 
kept unlocked. If unable to come in person, or residing in a dis- 
tant city, books, maps and manuscripts were forwarded to the student 
who stood in need of them to continue or complete historical labors. 
As we are writing these lines, probably several valuable volumes and 
atlases still circulate hundreds of miles away from New York. 
The only regret of the owner was that so few availed themselves 
of the privilege. 

That great and open-handed bibliophile certainly appreciated, as 
well as any one, unique copies, priceless editions and artistic bind- 
ings ; but the possession of such rarities did not dry up his heart or 
enfeeble his mind. He would have blushed to keep for himself 
in a selfish and inabordable solitude a single one of those books, 
however precious, especially when it could, in the hands of a com- 
petent investigator, throw light upon certain obscure periods of our 
history. He was generous to excess ; and many a one, near and far, 
from Madison Avenue or William Street, has received at his hands 
important services, discreetly proffered, and still more discreetly 
received, which the ingratitude of some, and dishonesty of others, 
never prevented him from rendering again, to the last day of his life. 

Nor were his efforts limited to dispensing liberally sources of 
information by means of one ol the best libraries of American 

Samuel L. M. Bari.ow. 


books ever brought together, and in causing to be printed at his own 
cost, for private distribution, works on American subjects, which 
could not have been published otherwise.* He strove also to incul- 
cate in the few young men who cared for historical knowledge, 
notions of an elevated character regarding the early history of 
America, and a critical study of the facts and original authorities. 
He knew and felt that next to Christianity, the discovery of the New 
World was the greatest event of our era, and one destined, pre long 
perhaps, to evolve consequences which may remodel the con^^iiests 
of European civilization. The voyages of Columbus, Vespucciu.-., 
the Pinzons, Magellan, Cartier, will then be altogether things of the 
past, and studied probably with as much care and perseverance as 
scholars now endeavor to elucidate Solomon's expeditions to Ophir 
and Tharsis. If so, it will be necessary to interrogate again the 
old archives, and to examine by the light of trustworthy analysis and 
critical inquiries all the data and evidence. Then shall we weigh the 
assertions and conclusions of modern historians, and see what is to 
become of the works of certain writers and critics, particularly those 
who now-a-days dispense with citing authorities for events alleged 
to have occurred centuries ago ; and modestly claim for their eUicu- 
brations the confidence accorded to the Gospel. 

In keeping with those ideas. Barlow urged his friends to i)ave 
the way for such useful and laborious pursuits, by devoting their 
time, their intelligence and their means to the search of original and 
authentic documents. He pressed them to explore the Vatican, the 
Frarii and Marciana, Simancas, La Lonja and the Escorial, the Hank 
of St. George and Uffizi, and bring to light from those famous reposi- 
tories of archives, perhaps only a name, a date or a mere allusion, 

* Letters of Christopher Columbus describiii;^ his first 7'0\'a:^e to the [Vesteni 
Hemisphere. Texts and translation. New York (C'ambritlge, Riverside press), 
1S65, folio. 

Notes on Columbus. New York (ibidem), 1S66, folio. 

Bibliotheca Americana Vetustissima. New York, t866, larjjje 8vo. 

Letter of Christopher Columbus. Text in fac-simile. New York, 1S75, Svo. 

Relation de la prise des forts de Chouegeii, ou Osicuxo, ,t de ce qui sest passi eette 
anm'e en Canada. 1756. Reprint, New York, 1882, 4to. 

Chiistopher Columbus and the Bank of Saint Geors^e. New York (London, 
Chiswick Press), 1888, large 410. Ike, &c. 


Samuki, I.. M. IUki.ow. 

but still something which mij^ht enable honest historians to elucidate 
obscure points of our old annals. When once in possession of those 
inestimable elements, there would still remain the task of establish- 
ing the text on a sound basis ; illustrating it with notes and extracts 
from other manuscripts ; and finally exposing in an exact and pre- 
cise statement, bolstered with every proof, the results so dearly 
obtained. " P^ven then," he was wont to say philosophically, "the 
truth will only be relative and of a transitory character, as further 
investigations, or new modes of thought, may impair synthetic con- 
clusions deemed heretofore incontestable ; — and thus it will be to 
the end of time." And he (juoted the mstances of Augustin Thierry, 
Motley, and a number of other conscientious historians. 

Barlow, particularly during the last few years of his life, was 
fond of reading history ; not, however, in those famous compilations 
or didactic works, which set forth pretended conclusive answers to 
every question imaginable, and where political fawning or grandilo- 
(luence, is made to replace a sincere and difficult study of the original 
sources. He much preferred the modest and short dis(|uisitions 
confined to a single event, character or date, but exhibiting initial 
researches, method and acumen. Tolerant as he was, it distressed 
him to see the constant, barefaced repetition of doubtful facts, 
unsupported assertions, and fallacies of long standing, all para- 
phrased, or presented as the unimpeachable results of novel, arduous 
and personal studies, which constitute the woof and warp of so 
many modern works. 

In the hope of curing that malady of our historical writers and 
encyclopedists, which he considered almost as a public calamity, 
Barlow was untiring in his efforts to impress upon students the neces- 
sity of dismissing at the outset every preconceived notion relative 
to the subject 'vhich they proposed to investigate. 

" If you possibly can, commence," said he, " as Descartes did when 
preparing to write his Discourse on Method, by making tabula rasa of 
all previous knowledge regarding the particular point of inquiry. 
Ascend to the fountain-head, wherever it may be ; examine for your- 
self every element with the utmost care, and mark down the cause 

Samuki. L. M. Hari.ow. 



for which you admit or reject it. If in the course of time new 
reasons come to impair the solidity of your synthesis, say why you 
abandon those lirst results^ and fear not the clieap accusation of 

" Above all, do not be dazzled by the ancientness or reputation 
of the annalists and chroniclers from whom you must necessarily 
derive much of the original substance of your historic labors. His- 
torians in ancient times were inferior even to many of our own as 
regards discrimination and veracity. 'i'he fact that they were 
nearer, and sometimes eye-witnesses of the events which they relate, 
is no decisive circumstance in their favor. There is no employee 
to-day in the Medal Rooms of the British Museum, or of the liiblio- 
theque Nationale, who does not know vastly more regarding the 
authentic history of Rome than Livy or Dio Cassius ever did. Yet, 
examine only after your work is finished modem historical and 
geographical compositions, however extolled and presented by their 
authors and friends as perfect models to the rising generation. You 
may then discover curious things. 

" Go straight before you, regardless of consequences ; and with 
no other objective than to get at the truth, so far as our infirm 
nature permits. If the results are at variance with commonly 
received notions or legends, and denied on that sole account, take 
no notice whatever of the objection. But, on the other hand, do 
not seek a priori to upset general beliefs or traditions. Let your 
efforts be prompted by an earnest desire to confirm rather than to 
overturn ; and swerve from the beaten path only when the facts 
compel you to do so. 

" Whatever may be their merits or demerits, your works will 
attract but little attention. Nor can the author, dedicated to that 
class of dry and difficult researches, expect always justice at the hands 
of the rare critics who may feel disposed to notice his writings ; as, 
to be fairly judged, these require an amount of patience, toilsome 
study, and, let it be said, adequate knowledge of the subject, which 
they do not all possess. You may rest assured that the greater the 
competence and impartiality of your adversaries, the gentler will be 
their criticisms. Having probably gone through the same ordeal as 


Samuki, I.. M. Hari.ow. 

yourselves, tlicy cannot but apurcciate the amount of 'abor and 
abnegation involved in such efforts. And yet, who knows ? an 
iniijardonable misprint, a/ put for a /', or a ^ for a/, is perhaps all 
that which during twenty five years and more will ever be noticed, 
here, in that mass of facts and documents which I expect you, and 
every one of you, to discover, elucidate and publish." 

With that good-natured smile which so often played on his lips, 
Barlow rarely failed to complete the friendly admonition by describ- 
ing the trials and kind of reward attending such .sacrifices and 

" Publishers, said he, will invariably and with touching unani- 
mity decline to undertake, at their own cost, the publication of 
works of that character; and no one should blame them for it. On 
general principles, there is no reason why they should stake a single 
dollar on a book whi h few people will read, and fewer still will buy. 
Publishers do not usually set up in business with the hope or for 
the sole purpose of working their way into heaven. Why should 
they be more patriotic than our next-door neighbor, or the man 
across the way ? Business is business ; and if you choose to be 
philanthropic, if you aspire to play the part of a benefactor of man- 
kind, it must be at your own risk and expense. The fact that our 
country justly boasts of numberless geographical and historical 
societies, colleges and universities, besides five thousand three hun- 
dred and thirty-eight public libraries, many of them munificently 
endowed, while the rest could doubtless afford to invest a small 
sum in that kind of American histories, does not alter materially the 
aspect of the case. In this utilitarian age, public libraries are insti- 
tuted to dispense only such books as may amuse or prove interest- 
ing to the majority of readers. Now, who takes a serious interest 
in the controverted questions where Columbus, Vespuccius, Pinzon, 
John Cabot, Diego de Lepe or Corte Reals actually went, under 
what circumstances, and in the details of their discoveries ; 
whether Verrazzano, Gomez, or unknown Spanish and Portuguese 
navigators long before them, first landed on our shores, and left 
traces of their explorations ? Where is the reader for the laborious 
analysis of maps and documents, all sifted with unremitting perse- 

SaMI'I I. I,. M. I'.AKI.OW. 


verance to ascertain the real purport of every name, word and carto- 
>;raphical assertion, to discover the origin of the nomenchitiire anil 
configurations in the earliest charts, and to establish a solid basis for 
further enipiiries and descriptions? How many, in fine, care for 
those and a multitude of other primary facts of paramount import- 
ance for the geograpiiy, history and ethnography of the New World ? 
They are '"ew aiul far between. 

" What, you lift up your eyes, and already assume the attitude 
of a victim ! But, writing books, even on American bibliography, 
is not an apostolic mission. Nor will the earth cease to revolve on 
its axis though you should never pen a line on the subject. If you 
do not fiiul within yourself the recompense you think is due to such 
efforts, or cannot afford to write history neither for fame nor money, 
then turn at once your attention to some other pursuit. 

" Yet, the work needs be accom|)lished; and even if there is, 
from the St. Lawrence to the Gulf of Mexico, only one of our fellow- 
beings who longs to know the truth regarding the discovery and 
historical commencements of the New World, the book should be 
written. Nry, if no publishing house, at home or abroad, cares to 
have it printed, and you have the means or can borrow the money, 
defray yourself the expenses of publication, and launch your work 
into the community. Not one tenth of the edition, however limited, 
will find purchasers, while the rest will be left to mould away and 
disappear. Do not be discouraged. If a single copy survives, and 
the book has been honestly written, time will instill into its discarded 
pages new elements of life, and perhaps elicit from some candid and 
diligent student of history a recognition of your efforts and sacri- 

Mr. Barlow made ^le proselyte; and although, thus far, only his 
inauspicious warnings have proved true, the task will be continued 
to the last. 


November, 1889. 

34 East i8th Strkkt, ) 
Nkw York. i 

The compiler of this catalogue is under some obligation to 
explain apparent discrepancies in at least one item contained in its 
pages. 'I'he recent discovery of two editions of the Spanish text of 
the Columbus Letter, a discovery only verified since page 8i was 
printed, will alter the statement there made, even though it lends 
additional interest to the subject itself. 

The chief care of the writer has been to elaborate defects, 
rather than enlarge on the quality of items that well deserve a 
more eulogistic description, and the only blemish that has come to 
light not hitherto explained, is that part of the last leaf in No. 
636 is one of Pilinski's marvelous fac-similes. 

The labor-saving but treacherous element of scissors and paste, 
has caused a few errors so obvious as to need no correction, but 
the care taken by the printer has prevented far less than the usual 
typographical blunders. 

Mr. Harrisse has, on invitation, kind'y supplied some pages, 
only possible from his virile pen and his intimate knowledge of the 
subject in hand. 

Should the reader fail to appreciate the alphabetical arrange- 
ment of these pages, if he fails to find De Bry under B, for example, 
his inventive faculty will be at fault; and if the famous subject of a 
memoir ha: been chosen, rather than the less famous author, it must 
certainly offer the easiest reference. 



AnnoTT (A. o.). tk 
yi'ars 1S64 aiul 1S65. 



Pkison I, IKK in the South durinjj the 
IlliistratCil. 1 21110, cloth. 

New York, iS65 

AjtiioTT (Cieorge). A liRirrr. Dkscrii' iioN of the whole Woki.d. 
Kn^nii'cd title {n'ltit portmit) l<y Mai shall. 121110, olil bhie 
morocco. J.oiidon, 1634 

t)f Amcrita, or the new world, pp. 24(>-27(), &c. 

Aiii'.i.iN (J. Ph.). Ni.wi: Wi'.i. I' uiul .\mi',ku:amsciik Hisicuiix. 
liihalteiule WarhalTlij.'te iind vollkomniene Heschreibiinjj^eii aller 
West-Indianischen LandschalTtcii Iii.siden . . . durch Joliaiin 
Ludwijf (lottfricdt. E/i^^raiyJ tit/i\ 3 liv\i';(- maps, and i la iy;c plate, 
also 173 etchings in the text. Folk), calf. Fraiickfiirt, 16-5 

The m.Tiorily of the plntes are reprndiicetl from Dc l'>ry. 

[Acadia.] .Mfmoikks des CIommissaikks dii Roi et de ceiix de 
Sa Majestk Hrhanmquk, sur les pos.sessions iV les droit.s 
respectifs des deii.v Couronnes en AniOri(iiie ; avec les .Vctes 
publics iV Pieces justificatives . . Maps. 3 vols., 4to, calf. 

Paris, 1755 

The English Coinmissioners wore Messrs. Shirley and Midway, the l'' 
■MM. Silhoiielle et C!aiissoni('re. 

Vol. I., Contenanl les Mcnioircs sur IWcadie & sur I'isle de Sainte I.ucie. 

Vol. II., Contenanl les Traitt's iv Aites ])ublic's concernant rAnierique en 
general, ^: les Pieces justiluatives ties .Menioires snr les limites de TAcadie. 

Vol. ITl., Pieces justificatives eoncernant la propriele I'isle de Sainte- 1 luie. 

There should be a ^ h volume (published 1757) on the Island of Tobago. 

[Acadia.] Considkrations sur les Differends des Couronnes 
de la (irande-Pretagne et de France touchant TAcadik et autres 
parties de TAMKRiguK Ski'ikn irionalk . . . Kcrites par un 
Francois a un IloHandois. Small 8vo, boards. 

Franckfort et a I, a Haye, 1756 


6 AcosiA (Joaquin). Compendio Hisiorico del J)ksci uuimif.nto 
y CoLoNiZAcioN de la Nukva Granada. 8vo, morocco. 

Paris, 1848 

7 AcosTA (Joseph). Histoirk Naturklle et des 

Indes, tant Orientaeles qu' Occioentaeles . . . tradiiite en 

Fran(;ois par Robert Regnault Cauxois. Small Svo, crushed 

levant morocco extra, gilt edges, by Petit. 

Paris: Marc Orry, 1600 
Fine copy. 

8 AcosTA. The Natvraee and Morael Historie of the East 
and West Indies. Intreating of the remarkeable things of 
Heaven, of the Elements, Mettalls, Plants and Beasts which are 
proper to that Country ; together with the Manners, Ceremonies, 
Lawes, Governements and VVarres of the Indians. Written in 
Spanish, and 'I'ranslated into English by E[dvvardJ G[rimstoneJ. 
Small 4to, mottled calf, extra. London, 1604 

This work has been translated into almost every language in Europe ; it is 
replete with the details of the aborigines. 

9 AcosTA. The Naturall and Morael Historie of the East 
and West Indie.^, &c. Another copy. 4to, calf. London, 1604 

In common with the majority, the above two copies of .Vcosta lack the pre- 
liminary leaf having the single letter A. (sig.) at the bottom. 

10 AcREEius (Israel). Beskrifning om de Swenska Forsamlin- 
gars Forna och Niirivarande Tilstiind, uti Det sa Kallade Nya 
Swerige, sedan Nya Nederland, Men nu for tiden Pensylvanien, 
samt niistliggande Orter wid Alfwen De la Ware, Wast-Yersey 
och New-Castle County uti Norra America. 4to, morocco, gilt 
leaves. Stockholm, 1759 

11 Acts and Resolutions of the First Session of the Provisional 
Congress of the Confederate States. Svo, half morocco. 

Montgomery, Ala,, 1861 

12 Adair (J.). The Historv of the American Indians; par- 
ticularly those Nations adjoining to the Mississippi, East and 
West Florida, (Georgia, South and North Carolina, and Virginia : 
Containing An Account of their Origin, Language, Manners, 
Religious and Civil Customs, Laws, Form of Government, Punish- 
ments, Conduct in War and Domestic Life, their Habits, Diet, Agri- 





Americana. 5 

cultiire. Manufactures, Diseases and Method of Cure, and other 
Partii-ulars, sufficient to render it a Complete Indian System. . . 
By James Adair, Esquire. JA7/.V. 4to, half calf, gilt. 

London, Charles Dilly, 1775 

"Mr. Adair points out various customs of the Indians, havinjj a striking 
resemblance to those of the Jews ; and the great object of his work appears to 
be to prove that the aborigines of America are descended from tliat race." — 
Alhn's JUo. Jh'cl. 

13 Adams (Hannah). A Summ.vrv History of Nkw-Enci-and 
from the First Settleme'''L u IMymouth . , . comprehending a 
General Sketch of the Ann an War. Svo, sheep. 

D'edham, 1799 

14 Adams (John). The WoRKsof John Adams, Second President of 
the United States : with a Life of the Author, Notes and Illustra- 
tions, by his Grandson Charles Francis Adams. Portrait, i>v, 
10 vols., 8vo, half vellum extra, carmine edges. Boston, 1.S56 

15 Adams. History of the Dispute with America, from its 
Origin in 1754. Written in the year 1774. Svo. London, 17.S4 

16 Adams. Another copy. Svo, half morocco. 

London, 17S4 

17 Adams. An Answer to Bain's (sic) Rights of Man. Svo, 
half morocco. Dublin, 1793 





18 Adams and [Leonard (Daniel). J Novanglus, and Massa- 
CHisETTENSis ; or, Political Essays, published in the years 1774 
and 1775, on the Principal Points of Controversy, between Great 
Britain and her Colonies. The former by John Adams, late 
President of the United States, the latter by Jonathan Sewall, 
then King's Attorney General of the Province of Massachusetts 
Bay. To which are added a number of Letters, lately written by 
President Adams to the Honourable William Tudor ; some of 
which were never before published. Svo, half morocco, gilt top, 
uncut. Boston : Hi^i's i^ Goss, 1S19 

Nothwithstanding the positive statement on the title, Uaniel Leonard was tiie 
author of " Massachusettensis." 

19 Adams (John Quincy). Memoir of the Like of, by Josiah 
Quincy. J\>r trait. Svo, cloth. Boston, 1S60 

S Americana. 

20 Ai)AMs(|. Q). Oraiion addressed to the Citizens of the Town of 
QiiNCY on the P'oiirth of July, 1831, the Fifty-fifth Anniversary 
of the Independence of the United States of America. 8vo, half 
morocco. Boston, 1831 

21 Adams. 'J'iie Jubh.ek of the Constitution. A Discourse de- 
livered ... in the City of New York, on . . . the 30th of 
April, 1S39 ; being the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Inauguration 
of Ceorge Wasiiington as President of the United States. . . . 
By John Quincy Adams. Froidiipiccc. 8vo. half morocco. 

New York, M.i)t:cc.xxxix. 

Abounding; in valuable points of historical information which are not else- 
where to be met with. 

22 Adams. Lkttkr to Harrison, G. Otis, Esq. ... in Reply 
to Timothy Pickering. 8vo, half morocco. New York, 1808 

23 Adams. Oration on the Life and Character of Gilhert 
MoriEK .)K I.aeavettk. 8vo, half morocco. Washington, 1835 

24 Adams (Samuel). Like and Pum.ic Services of : being a Nar- 
rative of his acts and opinions, and of his agency in producing and 
forwarding the American Revolution. By William \ . Wells. P(yr- 
traits aiiii fac-siniilis. 3 vols., 8vo, cloth, uncut. Boston, 1865 

25 Addison (Alexander). An Oration on the Rise and Procress 
of the United States of America to the Present Crisis; and 
on the Duties of the Citizens. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1798 

26 [Addison.] The Trial of Alexander Addison, Esq., Presi- 
dent of the Courts of Common Pleas in the Circuit consisting of the 
Counties of Westmoreland, &:c. ... on an Impeachment by the 
House of Representatives . . . Penn. ... By Thomas Lloyd. 
8vo, calf. Lancaster, 1 803 

27 Address (An) of the Convention of the Representatives of the 
State of New York to their Constituents. 8vo, half morocco. 

Fish-kill, Norwich rep., [1776] 

28 Address and Recommendations to the States, by the United 
States, in Congress assembled, [with Appendix, &c.] 4to, half 
morocco. Hartford, 1783 








29 Addrkssks and Rkcommknda iions to the States, by tlic United 
States, in (Congress assembled. 8vo. London, 17S3 

30 Akmi An roNii nel^rissensis gramatici in cosmoi;ra;)hia; hI)ros in- 
troductorin incipitur toliciter ad lectorem. 4t(), red crushed levant 
morocco extra, gilt edges, oy IlarJy. s. 1. et a. (Salauianca. 149XJ 

]{. A. V. Add.. No. 7. 

Four pages, printed on paper witli the water-mark of a hand pointing upward 
to a star. 

On p. 4 see: " I)e reliquo huic nostra hemispherio eregiue opposito <iuod 
incolut antichthones : niiiii ccrti nobis a majoribus nostris traditum est.," etc. 

31 AcARDH (C. A.). CoNSPtxTUs Spkcieru.m XicoTiANAK. Elnigc 
Worte liber die Verbesserung des Tabacksbaues. 8vo, uncut. 

Kopeiibagen, 1S20 

32 AiNSwoRTH (Henry). A Dkfknce of the Holv Sckii' iukks, 
Worship and Ministerie, used in the Christian Churches separated 
from .Antichrist : against the challenges, cavils and contradiction 
of M. Smyth, (S:c. 4to, vellum. Amsterdam, 1609 

^T, AiNswoRTH (Henry). .Vn .\krow against rv. Taken 
out of the Quiver of the Lord of Hosts . . . Small Svo, half calf. 

Nova Belgia, Printed 1640 

If tliis bool; was real'y printed in New York, 1640, it will scarcely be neces- 
sary to call attijntion to its value. The above copy has the title pieced and a 
leaf slightly defective at pp. ii(j-i2o. 

34 [Alaisama Claims.] The Cask of the Unitfd SxATHsto be laid 
before the Tribunal of Arbitration to be convened at Cicneva . . . 
Svo, cloth. Washington, 1S72 

35 Alamax (Luca). Dissertazioni sulla Stokia del Mi-ssico sin 
dair Epoca della Conquista. Traduzione di P^inmanuele I'elaez. 
Svo, cloth, uncut. Palermo, 1859 

36 [AiBERTi (Leandro).] Descrittione ni tutta Iiai.ia. /•'(■'- 

trail. Folio, calf. Bologna, 1550 

B. A. v., No. 302 

Ramirez, 938. Verso of leaf 43 — Vespucius, &c. 

37 [Alhertini.J Opusculum de MiRAniLiBUs Nov^e <Jv: veteris 

UrbJH Romte editem a Frilcisco de Albertinis, ^:c. 410, half calf. 

Romae, 1510 
I'or an account of Vespuccius, see recto of leaf loi. 

13. A. v., No. 64. 









[Al.HKKTIM.] OpUSCUI.UM lie MikABlI.IHUS Ni.V.K ct Vkik.ris 

Urhis Rom,k KDiTUM a Francisco Alukrtino Fuork.n + in 
iNci.YTA Basii./Eorum ukhk mdxix. 4to, cloth. 

Woodcut border to rubricated title with the Virgin Mary Lwooilcul] on tlie 
reverse + Permission 2 pp + Table 3 pj) + blank page + f<>Is 1 to <)<) 4- Index 
I p. + last leaf woodcut of St. Peter a one side and printer's device the other. 
P. 37 numbered 39. 

Album de la R.vhida. a expensas de ss.aa.rr. los Ser- 
mos. Srcs. Dugues de Monpensier , . . 4to, morocco, gilt edges, 
by Matthews. Sevilla, 1856 

A Cristobal Colon ... par J. M. Alvarez, pp. 45-54- 

Ai.DA.MA y Guevara (J, A.). Arte de la I.kngua Mexicana. 
121110, vellum. Last leaves worm-holed and one defective. 

Mexico, 1754 

Alderman RooNEvat the Cable Banquet: an improvised Epic by 
Himself. . . . The Aitin and Dhrinkin and .Spaykin ai'l Toasts. 
Edited by D. O'C. T, Illustrations (5) by Ma^^ratli. Royal .Svo, 
half morocco. New York, 1.S66 

Ai.EGRK (Francisco Javier). Historia de la C<>mpa>;ia de Jesus 
en Nueva-EspaSa. Piiblicala Carlos Maria de Bustamante. Por- 
traits. 3 vols., 4to, calf extra, gilt tops, uncut edges. Mexico, 1841-2 

Ai.EGRE. Historia de la CompaSia de Jesus en Nueva- 
EspaSa. 3 vols., half morocco, gilt tops, uncut. Mexico, 1841-42 

^" See jKsriT Relations. 

44 [.\lean.] Catalogue of the Entire Collection [Books, Ike.'] of 
the late John Allan. Svo, uncut. New York, 1864 

45 Allen (Col. Ethan). Memoir of . . . containing the most 
Interesting Incidents connected with his Private and Public Career. 
By Hugh Moore. i2mo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. 

Plattsburgh, N. ¥., 1834 



By Hugh Moore. Another copy. 
Plattsburgh, 1834 

Allen. Memoir of . , 
i2mo, half morocco, 

Allen. A Vindication of the Opposition of the Inhabitants 
of Vermont to the Government of New- York and of their Right 
to Form an Independent State, &c. Small Svo, green morocco, 
gilt leaves, by Matthews. [Dresden], 1779 

Original edition, very rare. Menzies' copy sold for ^b2. 

With the exception of the first four leaves, this copy is far above the average. 



Americana. t) 

48 Ai.i.KN. A Narrativk, of Coi,. Ethan Ai's C'ArrivnY, 
from the time of his being taken by the British . . . [Sept. J5th, 
'775» ^^ '77'^]- containing his Voyages and Travels, with the most 
Remarkable Occurrences . . . particularly the Destruction of the 
Prisoners at New-York, by (lenl. Sir \Vm. Howe. Written by 
Himself. 8vo, polished calf extra, yellow over uncut edges, by 
Bi'JjonL Wali)ole, N. H., 1807 

49 Allen (Rev. Ethan). Who were the Early Settlers of Maryland ? 
8vo, half morocco. Baltimore, 1866 

I'rescntation copy from the .luthor. 

50 [Allkn (John).] An Oration upon the Biautiks of Lirerty. 
^By a British Bostonian.) Small 4to, half morocco. 

New London, 1773 


.\llen (P.). History of the Expedition under the Command 
of Captains Lewis and Clark, to the Sources of the Missouri, 
thence across the Rocky Mountains and down the River Colum- 
bia to the Pacific Ocean, performed during the years 1804-5-6. 
. . . Prepared for the press by Paul Allen, Esciuire. 6 maps. 
2 vols., 8vo, morocco, red edges. 

Philadelphia: Bradford and I nskccp^ 18 14 

Menzies, S14. 50. 

"This work was commenced by Captain Lewis himself, who was on his route 
to Philadelphia to cnj,M)re in its completion, when the tieraiij^ement seized him, 
under the intlnence of which he committed suicide at St. 1 ,ouis. It was then under- 
taken by Mr. Nicholas Biddle, who, in conjunction with Captain Clarke, arianjjed 
the numerous notes and copious diaries and journals kept by each of the principal 
explorers, and enlarged the skeleton of many incidents from the recollections of 
the surnvor."' — Field. 

52 Allen (William B.). A History of Kentuckv : embracing 
Gleanings, Reminiscences, Antiquities, Natural Curiosities, Statis- 
tics and Biographical Sketches, &c. Portrait. 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

Louisville, 1872 

53 Allibone (S. Austin). A Critical Dictionary of English 
Literature and British and American Authors . . . Vol. L |A. 
to J.]. Imperial 8vo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1859 

54 Allin (John) aud Shepard (Tho.). A Defence of the Answer 
made unto the Nine Questions or Positions sent from New- England 
against the Reply thereto, by . . . John Ball, entituled, a Tryall 


Amlku \\.\. 

of tlie New Cluircli-way in New Imij^UiikI and in ( )lcl, iVc. 4to, 
calf antique, gilt leaves. Lomlon, 1648 

55 Atmanack. Gaink's Nkw-Yo' k Pocket Almanack, for the 
Year 1775 . . . the 15th Year of his Majesty's Rcij^n . . . 
Calculated ... by 'i'homas Moore, Philo. liuio, morocco, ;^ilt 
edges. New York, 1775 

56 [Almon (John). I The Kk.mkmi-.k anci- u; or. Impartial Reposi- 
tory of Public Events. [17 vols. | Pondon: J, Alinoii \aiid J. 
Debntt], mdcci.xxv to 17S4. — ,\ Collection of Interesting, \u- 
thentic Papers, relative to the Dispute between (Ireat Britain and 
America: shewing the Causes and Progress of that Misunderstand- 
ing, from 1764 to 1775. London: /. A/iiioii, mdci.i.x.wii. — Journal 
of the Proceedings of Congress, held at Philadelphia, from Se|i- 
tembers, 1775, to .\pril 30, 1776. London: J.A/iiioii, mdcci.xxviii. 
— 'I'he Remembrancer; . . . \'ol. i. 'liie tliird edition. L(;n- 
don: /. Alntoii, mucci.xxv.— Together 20 vols. 8vo, calf extra, 
by Bedford. London, i775-'^4 

A idmplcte Sft. Mcn/ics, $njS. 

'I'he later editions (if the fust volume of the Kcnu'mbiani'er are in royal octavo, 
ami contain a " Map of the Invirons of 15oston in 1775,' to^ctiier witii several 
important papers not included in the lirsi edition. 

" The .American War jjave rise to this Work in 1775. Kvery aullKntic paper 
relative to that war. as also with France and Spain, whether published in luijjland 
or .\inerica, by the British Ministry or the American Congress, are all carefully 
inserted, also the letters of the Conmianding Ollicers, Aildressesand Reso- 
lutions of the various Committees, Conventions, ivc. To these have been preii.\ed 
a collection of authentic papers on the v.arious subjects of dispute, from the reso- 
lutions which gave rise to the Stamp Act, in 1764, to the Battle of Lexington, in 

57 .Vi.sop (George). A Charactkr Of the Provinck of Mary- 
land, Wherein is Described, in four distinct Parts, Viz.: L The 
Scituation and Plenty of the Province. IL The Law.s, Customs, 
and Natural Demeanor of the Inhabitant. III. The worst and 
best Usage of a Mary-Land Servant, opened in view. IV. The 
Traftique and Vendable Commodities of the Countrey, <.S:c. Map 
and portrait. i2mo, red morocco extra, inside lining of morocco, 
gilt edges. London, 1666 

Excessively rare. The Murphy copy, 2813, sold for $360. 

58 Alsop (Richard). The Charms of Fancy : a Poem in four can- 
tos, with Notes . . . Edited . . . with a Biographical Sketch 
of the Author, by Theodore Dwight. i2mo, cloth, gilt leaves. 

New Yor' ,1856 
Autograph of the .Vuthor inserted. 






I I 

59 I A I. \ AUKS. I l.ibro I'rimcro |y Scjfiin(li)| del I'kommo Kvanckmc o 
cxcmiilificado en la Vida del Vknkraiilk Bkknardino Ai.vakkz 
. . . Compucsto por Don Juan Dias de Arce . . . 4to, velliun. 

Mexico, 1651 

Title + lii-onst! + dcilication 2 leaves -f- verses 2 leaves + prolojriie am! tixt, 
fi)l. I-13<> + Ailverleiicia 6 leaves. 

60 |.^IU<irr).| 71^0 IDlTStC Joam das UnWas (f/ic// /,irx<- -a'ooif 
cut) Verdadera infornuicain das terras do I'reste Joam, seifundo vio 
yesiTeveo I10 padre Franeisco.Mvarez eai)ellri del Rev nossoseniior. 
.\j4()ra novamente iinpresso por niandado il(j dito senhor en casa 
de Luis Rodrijijuez livreiro de sua alteza. P'olio, brown levant 
morocco extra, gilt leaves, by Hardy. (Coimbra or I.isboa, 1540?) 

The (iriginal eilition, anil the only etlition priiUeil in I'oriumicse. 
Supeil) eojjy of an exieeiliiij^ly rare book, llatli, p. 25. 

61 .Vi.vakiz de Coi.mknak (Juan). Annalks d'lCsp \(;nk et ile 
I'oK ruc.Ai, contenant tout ce (jui s'est passe de plus important 
dans ces deux Royaumes i\: dans les autres I'arties de I'lUirope, de 
nienie (jue dans les Indes Orientales & Occidentales, iVc. 3 lar::;c 
iiiAps and over 100 s/nal/tr maps and plates. 4 vols., 4to, calf. 

Amsterdam, 1741 


i xeJ 








62 Ai.VACo (Petrus de). Y.M aoo mundi seu eiusymajrinaria descrip- 
tio, iVc. Folio, blue levant morocco extra, j^ilt leaves, by Mal- 
tlini's. . s. 1. el a. [ 14X3] 

Oiiplicat • i)f one of llie four books in the liiblioteea Colomliina, whieh once 
belonjjed to C. Columbus See Ilarrisse's additions to H. A. V., p. xiv. 

The present copy has 165 leaves, and appears to be perfect, havinj; the adtli- 
tional matter by Cerson. 

Pierre d'Ailly [Alyaco] was Columbus's favorite author. 

63 [AiA'Aco. ] Tractatus ExpoNiBii.iUiN Magistri I'k.iki de 
Aii.iA'ACo. iroodii/t on recto and verso of title, and colophon. 4to, 
half vellum. [30 leaves.] 

Impressits a Giiidonc Mercatoris in campo i^aillardi, 1 494 

The same woodcut that appears on the title-page, was used by the printer of 
the two Paris editions of the Columbus letter, 1493. 

64 American Argu.mknts for British Rights : being a Repub- 
lication of the Celebrated Letters of Phocion, on the Subject of 
Neutral Trade. 8vo, half morocco. Charlestovvn, 1S06 

12 AMKKirANA. 

65 [Amkkican Far.mkk.I I'kack wniiou r Dishonouk, War wnii- 
ou r Hoi'K : An Arjiiiment ayainst War witli (Ireat 15ritain, 
recently published at 15oston, by an American Farmer. 8vt), lialf 
morocco. London, iJ'oy 

66 [Amkkicvn Forts, iVc] A Set of Plans and Forts in 
America. Reduced from Actual Surveys, 1765. 30 plates 
engraved by J\ Atu/racs. Small 8vo, calf. [London, 17 65 J 

In ihc plan of New York City as surveyed by T. Maerschalckm in 1763, the 
city ends at Warren Street. Exceedinjjly rare. 

67 |Amkrican Inuepkndenck,] a complete and accurate .\ccount 
of the very important Dkbatk in the House of Commons . . 
July 9, 17S2, in which the cause of Mr. Fox's Resijrnation and the 
,t,neat cjuestion of American Independence came under considera- 
tion. 8vo, half morocco. [I'p. 6i.j London, 17S2 

6S Amkrican JoiRNAi. of SciK.Nc E (The), ^i^, e especially of Min- 
eralogy, Geolojry, and the other branches of Natural History; in- 
cUulinj!; also Agriculture and the Ornamental as well as Useful 
Arts. Conducted by Benjamin Silliman [&c.J. A'uiiifious illus- 
trations, some colored. 

First Series, with Index. 50 vols. 

New York, 1817; New Haven, 1845 
Second Series, with Index. 50 vols. New Haven, 1846-1870 
Third Series. 3 vols. New Haven, 1871-1874 

Together 108 vols. 8vo, half bound. 

69 American Naval Battles: being a complete Hi.story of the 
Battles fought by the Navy of the United States from its Estab- 
lishment in 1794 to the present time, &c. Engraved title and 17 
7i<oodcut illustrations. 8vo, half morocco. Boston, 1831 

The title-page calls for 21 engravings. 

70 American Poems, selected and original. Vol. 1 (all published). 
8vo, red calf extra, gilt leaves, by Pratt. Water-stained. 

Litchfield: Collier and Bitel, [1793J 

The above collection was made by Dr. E. H. Smith, and comprises Poems by 
Trumbull, Freneau, Joel Barlow, William Dunlap, &c., &c. A of Sub- 
scribers, 6 pages, will be found at the end of the volume. 

71 American Poems. Another copy. 8vo, half morocco. Title 
in MS. Water-stained. Litchfield, [1793] 



■J2 Amks. Wokks of KisiiKK Amis. Compiled by a Nnml)er of liis 
Krifiids. l"o which arc prclixed. Notices of his Life and Charac- 
ter. [I^yj r, Kirklaiul.] Ponrait. 8vo, calf. Name cut from 
top of title. Hostoii, 1S09 

"American I'riiiiipK's," a review of the above, by John (Juincy Adams, Svo, 
pp. 5(>, is bound in at tiie end of the volume. This, in its turn, w.».s answered liy 
John Lowell. 

73 Amis (Dr.). ,\ Skiond Manuduction for Mr. R(>i:in>(»\; or, 
a confirmation of tiie former is an answer to his manumission. 
4to, polished calf, gilt over red edges, by Riviere. 

Anno Domini 1615 

74 Amma.ns (Hans Jacob). Rkisz in das Gkloistk I. and. Eh- 

^nxved tith\ port) ait and plan. Small Svo, cloth. Zurich, 1678 

.\t p. 171 i'; an account of " Der Insul Jatuaica," by Zeller and Huser, and 
iluplicate of Luc SroKi in this cataloijue, is l)t)und with this volume. 

75 Anakliiiad (The), a New England Poem: written in concert by 
David Hiini|)hreys. Joel Barlow, John Trumbull and Dr. Lemuel 
Hopkins. . . . Edited, with Notes and Appendices, by Luther 
(1. Riggs. i6mo, cloth. New Haven, 1S61 

7O Amiurv (Thomas). Travels through the Ixtkrh)r Par rs of 
Amkkica. In a Series of Letters, by an Officer. P/ates and maps. 
2 vols., Svo, calf. • London, 17S9 

"A graphic, personal narrative. The author w.ts an officer in Hurgoyne's 
army, ami was taken prisoner by the .Americans when that wing of the liritish 
forces fell into their hands." 

77 [Andersonvh.i.k.] List of the Union Soldiers Buried at An- 
dersonville. Royal Svo, half morocco. New York, 1 866 

78 Anurade (D. Jose Maria). Catalogue de la Riche Bibi.i- 
OTHiiQUE de . . . Svo, half morocco, gilt top. Leipzig, 1869 

The so-called Ma.ximillian collection. 

79 Anork (Major John). Cow-Chace, in Three Cantos, Pub- 
lished on Occasion of the Rebel General Wayne's attack of the 
Refugees Block-House on Hudson's River, on Friday, the 21st of 
July, 17S0. Small Svo, polished calf extra, by Ptatt. 

New York, 1780 

First edition, if we except the first apjjeaTance in 3 numbers of Rivington's 
Royal Gazette. A second title at p. 27 reads : " The Americin Times, a 
Satire ... in which are delineated the Characters of the Leaders of the 
American Rebellion, &c., by Camillo Querno." 

Murphy, No 77. 



So Anuki';. Puocikdincs of a Moaki) of ("iKNkkai. Oiimikks, 

1 It'Ul I)y Oilier of I lis Kxcfllcncy (icn. Wasliinjfton . . . rcspcct- 

injf Major John AiulrL- . . . Sep. 29, 1780. Full It'iij^th J>oi trait 

hy Cook, after Doi/ii, inserted. Svo, lialf morocco, uncut. 

rhilaclclphia, 1780 
Orij{inal Kilition. Mcnzius, $63. 

Si Andki';. I'kockkdinc.s of a HoAunof (Iinkkai, Okiickks, Held 
hy Order of His lOxcellency (len. Washinytoii . . . Respcctinjf 
Major John .Andre . . . 'To which are .\ppeiuled the several Letters 
which pa.ssed to and from New York on the Occasion, &c. Small 
4to, green morocco e.xtra, jj;ilt top, uncut. 

IMiiladelphia, /^vV/Av/, Hartford, /v/., 17S0 

52 |.\ni)Ki';. I An Autiikntic Nakrativk of the Causes which led 
to the Death of Major Andre . . . Hy Joshua Hett Smith . . . 
to which is added a Monody on the Death of Major .\ndre, by 
Miss Sewaril. Portrait, map aiul memorial tahlet. Crown Svo, 
half calf, ,t;ilt. London, iSoS 

53 Andki':. V'indkai ion of the Cai'ious of ALajok Anuri';, [by 

"(Jurator,'' /. <., K. Benson]. i2mo, half morocco. 

New York, 1S17 

84 Andkk. Vini)Ii:ation of the Captoks of Major Andki':, by 
Kjfbert IJenson, with* Introduction and Appendix. Svj, cloth, 
uncut. New York, 1S65 

Only 80 C(i])ics printed i)riv:itcly. No. 40. 

55 Andki';. Life and Carkkk of Major John .\ni)Ri':, by Winthrop 
Sary;ent. Portrait. i2mo, half vellum extra. Boston, iS6r 

56 Andr^:ana. Containing the Trial, Execution and Various 

Matter connected with the HisroRV of Major John Andre, 

Adjutant-Ceneral of the British Army in America, A. D. 1780. 9 

portraits and -^ fae-siniiles. 4to, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut, 

Philadelphia, 1865 
Fifty copies only printed on this paper. No. 30. 

87 Andrews (Alfred). [New Britain, Conn.] Memorial. Ge- 
nealogy and Ecclesiastical History. . . Mezzotint portrait by Sar- 
tain. Svo, cloth. Chicago, 1867 

88 [Andrews (Chas.).] The Prisoners' Memoirs; or Dartmoor 
Prison: containing a complete and Impartial History of the 








entire Captivity of tli • Americans in England, \'c. . . . Also, a 
Particular Detail of all Occurrences Relative to that Horrible 
Massacre at Dartmoor on the fatal eveninj^ of the oth of April, 
1S15. I'it-K' 0/ Dartmoor Prison. i2mo, half morocco, gilt top, 
uncut, rough edges. New York: Prirtte J for the author, 1S15 

cS9 An'dkos. a Narrativk of the rKocKKDiNos of Sir Kdmond 
Androssk and his Complicks, who Acted by an Illegal and Arbi- 
trary Commission from the Late K. James, during his (lovernment 
in New England. 410, half morocco. Printed in the year 1691 

Sifjiud 1)\ William Stnuj^bton, Thos. Hinckley, Wait Winthrop. Harthol, (itil- 
ni'V and Samuel Shiiniptun. 

Fine original c<jpy. See also Bkodiikau. 

90 Andros (T.). The Old Jkrskv Captive; or. A Narrative of 
the Captivity of Thomas .\ndros ... on board the Old Jersey 
Prison-Ship at New York, 1781. In a Series of Letters to a 
Eriend. . . . i2mo, pp. 80, half morocco. 

Boston: William Piircr, 1833 

91 Ankcooiks Amkricainks, ou, Histoire abregee des Principaux 
Evenements, arrives dans le Nouveau Monde, depuis sa dccou- 
verte jusqu'a Tepoque presente. 1 amo, half calf. Paris, 1776 

92 I I Coi.ixcioN de l)i!R.\s y Documkntos relativos a la 
Historia Antigua y Moderna de las Provincias del Rio de la 
Pi.Ai A. Iliistrados con Notas y Disertaciones por Pedrt) ile 
Angelis. Chart. 6 vols., folio, half morocco, gilt. 

Buenos-Aires, 1 .S36 

Comprises; liistoria .Argentina, por Uia/ de Gu/man; \'iage a la Costa de la 
Mar Magallanica, por Pedro Lozano; Descripcion de I'atagonia, por Tomas 
Kalkner; Viage i>or I.uis de la Cniz; Descripcion del Kio Paraguay, por Jose 
<Juiroga; liistoria de Paraguay, Rio de la Plata, y I'licumar, por P. Cuevara; 
Descripcion de Santa Cruz, por F. de Viednia; Relacion de la Provincia de Mis- 
iones del Diego de Alvear; Relacion llislorica de los Sucesos de la Rebclion de 
J. Ci. Tupac .\maru en las Provincias del Peru, 1780; l.)iario del I'iioto de la Real 
Armada, D. Basilio Villarine del Reconocimiento que llizo de Rio Negro, \c., 
1782; &c., &c., &c. 

93 Annai.s of the Army of the Cun:berlanu, comprising Bio- 
graphies, . . . Battles . . . Anecdotes, Incidents, Poetry, «S:c. 
By an Officer. Steel portraits, woodcuts and maps. 8vo, cloth, gilt 
leaves. Philadelphia, 1S63 



94 An I K^ri lA IKS Amkkican/K sive Scriptorcs Scptentrioiialcs reruin 
Ante-C"()luml)i;inariim in America . . . Kdidit Socictas Rcjjia 
Anti(|uari<)rum Scptentrionaliiim [Latin and Danish]. By C. C. 
Rafn. i'^ p/atfs [4 w<//\, H /ai-si///i/is, ami 6 f'/atcs of inonnnu'iits^ 
»>(•.]. Royal 4t(), iialf niorocxo, yilt top, uncut edyes. Ilafnia.', iS;7 

Imperial paper, rublislted by the Koyal Society of Nortliern Antiquaries, 
with list of subscribers and other additional matter at the end of the volume. 

Tlu' author would prove on documentary evidence tliat the ancients had 
knowledjje of America. 

95 Antonio (D. Nicolao). Bhiiiotiikca Hispana Vetus [et Nova] 
sivc Ilispani Scriptorcs qui ah Octaviani Aii^usti .xvo ad annmn 
Ciiristi MI), florucriint [et Anno MI), ad MDCI.XXXIV. Iloriicrc 
Notitia] . . . curante Francisco rcrezio Uayerio, iVc. 4 vols., 
folio, calf e.\tra, by Clarke Ss" Bedford. Matriti, 17H3-S 

96 Antunkz y AcEVEDo (D. Rafael). Mkmokias Hisioricas sobrc 
la I,cj,Mslacion y Gobierno del Comercio de los Rspailolcs con sus 
Colonias en las Indias 4to, calf. Madrid, 1797 



97 [Apks, ] 'l"hc RxrERiENCK of VVii.iiAM Apks . . . coinprisinj^ a 
Notice of the Pequod Tribe of Indians. Written by Himself. 
i8mo, 'lalf roan. New York, 1829 

9<S Apostomcos Ai, fanes de la C^)mpania de Jesns, escritos por un 
Padre de la Misma Sagrada Religion de su I'rovincia (^c Mexico, 
4to, polished calf extra, gilt leaves, by Zachnsdorf. 

Barcelona, 1754 

99 Appoi.onii (Levini). I)k Pkruvi.k, Regionis, inter Novi Orbis 
provincias celeberrimae inventione: &: rebus in eadeni gestis, Libri 
V. ad Jacobum Claroutium Maldeghemmaj ac Pittemioe Dominuni. 
Brevis, cxactaque Novi Orbis, &; Peruvia; regionis chorographia 
. . . Map '•' America. 8vo, vellum. Antwerpiiv, 1567 

Autograph of Zwinglius, the reformer, at foot of title-page. 



100 Apponvi (Flora Haines). The Libraries of California: con- 
taining Descriptions of the Principal Private and Public Libraries 
throughout the State. Facsimiles. 8vo, cloth. San Francisco, 1878 

loi [Apianus.] Cosmographicus Liber Petri Apiani Mathematici 
studiose collectus. Numerous curious woodcuts^ maps and geomclri- 



Amkric.wa. 17 

<■(// and aslionoiiiicii! (fitt^^mms, 7k>it/i I'olvi'llcs lUiJ olhcr iiu>7'aNr 
pieces. 4to, morocco, gilt over rcil leaves, by /iivifrc. 

I.andsluitiu', 1524 

n. A. v., No. 127. 
, First I'd. Title, 5 prelim. liMves nini 1114 numbercil leaves. Apian was the 

designer of the map which ajipearfcl in the celehrated work of ('.inu'r-i upon 
Solinus in 1520. 'I'he above lias two small m.ips (fols, 2 and 63) which bear the 
delineation and title of America; and the fourth chapter of the second part (fol. 
fi6) is an article devoted wholly to America and Vespucci, ignorinj; the name of 

102 [Ai'iANUs. J Cc)smoc;raphi/v. Intkohuctio: cum quibusdatn 
Gnconietrix' ac Astrononiiiu principiis ad eaniiem necessariis. Cuts. 
Small 8vo, polished calf, jjilt leaves, by Afatt/im's. 

Injjoistadii, 1529 
!!. A. v.. No. 150. Colophon dated I5jj. 

103 [AiMANUs.] CosMOGKAPHi/K In'iroductio ciim quibusdam Geo- 
metria; ac Astrononiia: principiis ad eaiiirem necessariis. Sphere 
on tith\ Small Jivo, brown levant morocco, gilt leaves, hy Ju<//i>i</, 

Vcnetiis, 1533 

B. A. v., Add. 100. The above copy has the "cat and mouse" device of 
Melchior Sissa at the end. 

104 [Apianus.] Cosmographi/F. Introductio cum quibusdam (leo- 

metrini ac Astronomic; principiis ad e.imrem necessariis. U'oodti/t 

figures: also maps at folio 29-30. Small 8vo, polished calf, jjilt 

leaves, by Mattlieivs. Venetiis, 1535 

15. A. \'., No. 202. 

1C5 [Apianus.] Pktki Apiani Cosmographia, per Gcmmam Phry- 
sium, apud Lovanienses Medicum ac Mathematicum insignem, 
restituta. Adcliil.s de adem re ipsius Gemmae I'hry. libellis, ur 
sequens pagina docet. The same illustrations as in the first edition. 
4to, vellum cloth, Antwerpa;, 1539 

]{. A. v., No. 229. 

In addition to the matter of the ist Ed. this (2d Kd.) has some extra astro- 
nomical dis<iuisitions by Gemma Phrysius, and a description of Peru (verso of 
fol. 44), which had been recently discovered by the .Spaniards (1530). The figure 
on the small map (verso of folio 3) has also been improved. 

106 [Apianus.] a Cosmographif. de Pierre Apian, libure tres 
utile, traictant de toutes les regions & pays du monde par artifice 
Astronomicque, nouvellcment traduict de Latin en Frani;ais. Et 



par Gemma Frison, il'c. IVoodnits as before, with wap of the 
world added. 4to, vellum, [66 leaves.] Anvers, 1544 

I). A. v., No. 253. The most important addition to tliu above edition is the 
large map at folio 2(), which shows a wonderful advance in the knowledge of the 
New Workl's deography. * 

107 [AriANus.J The same, with finer map, but less perfect diagrams. 
Half vellum. Anvers, 1544 

108 [Apianus.] Cosmocraphia Peti. Apiani, per Geminam Frisium 
. . . Additis euisdem argumenti libellis ipsius Gemmiv Krisii. 
Woodcuts as before, and tlie large viap (fol. 30-31). 410, morocc(», 
gilt over red leaves, by Rhnere. Antwerpia;, 1545 

The large map differs from that in the Anvers edition of 1544 simply in the 
marginal inscription. 

109 [Ai'iANUs.J The same, without the large map. 410, vellum, 
cloth. ^ Antwerpia;, 1545 

Bound at the commencement of this copy will be found — "' Arithmeticx- I'rac- 
tica' Methodus Facibus, per Gemmam Frisium," &c. Antwerpiiv, i?4o. 

110 [Ai'iANUS.] Libro de la Cosmookaphia de I'edro Aj^iaiio el 
qiial trata la descripcion del Mundo, y sus partes, |)()r imiy claro y 
lindo artificio, augmetado pel el doctissimo varon (lemma Krisio. 
Agora nuevametc traduzidos en Romace Castellano. Woodcuts 
and large map, as before. 4to, vellum. (72 leaves. J 

Enveres, \$\'^ 

111 [Apianus.J Cosmocraphia Petri Apiani, per Gemmam Frisium 
. . . iain demum ab omnibus vindicata mendis, ac nonnullis 
quoque locis aucta. Additis eiusdcm argumenti libellis ipsius 
Gemm;v Frisii. Woodcuts and large map, as before. 4to, vellum, 
uncut. [68 leaves.] Antwerpife, 1550 

V,. A. v., 298. 

112 I Apianus. I Cosmocraphia . . . Annotationibus marginalibus 
illustrata. Additis eiusdem argumenti libellis ipsius Gemm;e 
Frisii. Woodcuts and large maps, as before. 4to, calf. [68 leaves. | 

Colonia; .Agrip.. 1574 

1 1. 








113 [Aim AM S.J The same edition, but an inferior copy. Vellum. 

Coloniie, Agrip., 1574 



114 [Ai'iANUs.] La C()SM()c;i<Ai'iiiA de Pedro Apiano, correi,Mda y 
anadida por Gemma Frisio . . . Et Sitio y Descripcion de las 
Indias y Mudo Xuevo, facada dola Ilistoria de Francisco Lopez 
de Gomara, y dcia Cosmoj^rapliia de Jeronymo Girava Tarragonez. 
Woodcuts and large maps, ai before. 410, vellum, cloth. [72 (12) 
leaves.] Anvers, 1575 

The additions by (lomara occupy twenty-four pages at the end. 

115 [Apianus.] CosModKAi'HiA, .sive Hescriptio universi Orbis, Petri 
Apiani &; Gemma; Frisii, Mathematicorum insigniiim, iam demum 
integritati siix restituta. Adjecti sunt alii, turn Gemmae Frisii, 
turn aliorum Auclorum eius argiimcnti. Tractatus ac I,ibelli varii, 
quorum seriem versa pagina demonstrat. Woodcuts and large map. 
4to, vellum. Antwerpia;, 1584 

Title I leaf, Kpistola Dedicatoria 3 pp., Inde.x ii p]!. — pp. i to 4S0. 
Larjje map at p. 72. Additions by Clomara. i.S:c., commencing at p.'ige 160. 

116 Archdai.k (Jolin). A New Dksi ripiion of that Fertile and 
Pleasant Province of with a Prief Account of its Dis- 
covery, Settling, and the Government thereof to this Time, I'^'C. 
4to, half morocco. .\ few leaves have been cut into the te.\t. 

London, 1707 


117 Arcudai.e. a New Description of that Fertile and Pleasant 
Province of Carolina: with a Brief Account of its Discovery, eVc, 
8vo, half morocco. Lontlon, 1707, rep., Charleston, 1S22 

A second title follows p. 33 : " Notices of the Early History of South Caro- 
lina." Brinley, No. 383(j. 

118 .Archivo Mexicaxo. Documexi'os para la Historia de Mexico. 
2 vols., 8vo, half morocco extra, gilt tops, uncut edges. 

Mexico: V. G. Torres, 1852-^53 

In these volumes, the Process against Cortes, with the important testimony of 
all the witnesses — ilhistratini; not merely the con(|ueror's life and character, but 
also many obscure iiuestions in the history of the conquest, \c. — is pul)lished for 
the first time. 

119 Arfwedson (Carolus David). De Colonia Nova Svecia in 
.\mericam Borealem deducta Historiola. . . . Map. 4to, morocco 
antique, gilt leaves, by Matthews. Upsaliae, 1825 

120 Arlkgi'i (M. R. p. Jose). Cronica de la Provincia de N. S. P. 

S. F'rancisco de Zaca tecas. J'ortrait. 8vo, half morocco. 

Mexico, 1 85 1 
Ramirez, No. O2. 



121 AuMSTRONO (Jolin). NoTiCKS of the War of 1812. 2 vols., 
121110, half morocco. New York, 1836-40 

122 [Arnold.] Proceedings of a General Court Martial for 
the Trial of Major-General [Benedict] Arnold: with an Introduc- 
tion, Notes and Index. Portrait on India paper. 4to, boards, 
uncut. New York, US65 

Large paper copy. Only 35 privately printed. 

123 Arnold (Samuel G.). An Historical Sketch of Middletown, 
R. I, from . . . 174310 . . . 1876. 8vo. Newport, 1876 

124 Arnold (Thomas). Iniroductory Lectures on Modern His- 
tory . . . with the Inaugural Lecture . . . Second Edition. 
8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1843 

Speaking of the American Revolution, the Icclurur says (p. 273): " When the 
time arrives at which a colony is too great to be tiependent, distance makinjj 
union imposiible with a mother country at the end of the earth, the only alterna- 
tive is complete separation." 

125 Arrest de la Cour de Parlemknt, donne, a la Chambre des 
Vacations, pour le rabais des Chapeaux de Castor. Lost 8vo 
(4 leaves), cloth. Paris, 1634 

An exceedingly rare, and probably unique tract, relative to beaver skins. 

126 ARSCor (Alexander). Some Considerations relative to the 
Present Statk of the Christian Religion. 2 vols, in i. 121110, 
calf. Philadelphia : B. Franklin, 1732 

127 [Articles oe Peace.] Authentic Copies of the Provisional 
and Preliminary Articles of Peace signed between Great Britain, 
France, Spain and the United States of America. 8vo. 

London, 1783 

128 A[sh] (T[homas]). Carolina; or, a Pescription of the Present 
State of that Country, and The Natural Excellencies thereof, &:c. 
4to, calf. London, 1682 

Tall copy. Menzies, I46. 

129 A[sh]. Another copy. 4to, crimson levant morocco extra, gilt 
leaves, by Pratt. Water-stained. l,ondon, 1682 

The above copy is a waif from both the Hodleian Library and British Museum, 





130 A[sh]. Another copy. Half morocco. 

London, 1682 


2 I 



f, &c. 


I, gilt 

131 AsHER (A.). Biiu.ioGRAPHicAL EssAY Oil the Collection of Voyages 
and Travels, edited and published by Lkvinus Hui.sius and his 
Successors at Nuremberg and Francfort, from Anno 1598 to 1660. 
4to, boards, uncut. London, 1.S39 

132 AsioR LiDRARY Ca TAi.odii I.; or, Alphabetical Index. 4 vols., 
royal Svo, half morocco, gilt tops. New York, 1857-61 

133 AuGK (M.), Lives of the Eminknt Dkad and Hkxjkai'iikai, 
Notices of prominent Living Citizens of Montgomery Coun rv, 
Pa. Svo, uncut. Norristown, Pa., 1879 

134 AuGHEY (John H.). The Iron Furnace; or, Slavery and 
Secession. Portrait and ivoodc:!ts. 12 mo, cloth. 

Philadelphia, 1863 

135 AusFUHRLiCHE Beschreiiu'ng von dcr unglucklichcn Rrise 
derer jungsthin aus Teutschland nach dem ICngallandischcn in 
America gelegenen Carolina und Pcnsylvanien walienden Pili^rini 
absonderlich dem einseitigen ubelgegrundeten Kochenthalerischcn 
Bericht wohlbedachtigentgegen gesetzt. Small 8v(), boards. 

P'ranckf urt, (S:c., 1 7 1 i 

By Von Iloeii (?). 

136 Aus America, das ist, auss der Newen Welt. Underschidlicher 
Schreiben extract, von den jaren 1616, 1617, 1618. Was gestalt 
Acht Patres Societatis, und zwo andere Ordenspersoncn von (less 
Christlichen Glaubens wegen Ihr Blutt vergossen, (S:c. 410, vellum. 

Augspurg, 1020 
Extracts from the letters of Jesuit fathers in the New Workl. 

137 Authentic Narrative (An) of Facts relating to the Exchange 
of Prisoners taken at the Cedars. 8vo, half morocco. London, 1777 

138 Authentic Narraiive (An). The same. 8vo, half morocco. 

London, 1777 

139 A View of South America and Mexuo, comprising their 
History, the Political Condition, Ceographj-, Agriculture Com- 
merce, &c., of the Republics of Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia. 
Peru, the United Provinces of South America and Chili: with a 
complete Hi.story of the Revolution in each of these Independent 
States. Poitrait of Boli't'ar. 2 vols, in r. i2mo, calf. 

New Vork, 1826 



140 [Aykr.j Rkminisci ncks of Jamks C. Avi r and the I'lnvN of 
Aykr. . . . By Charles Cowley. 8vo. Lowell, Mass., [1880J 

141 Ayres (J. A.). The Legends of Montauk . . . with an His- 
torical Appendix. [Some Account of the Peninsula of Montauk.] 
8vo, cloth. Water-stained, New York, 1849 

142 Aym.on. ViDA Admirable y Muerte prodigiosa de Nicolas de 
Ayelon, y con renombre mas glorioso Nicolas de Dies Natural de 
Chiclayo en las Indias del Peru. Escrita por el P. Bernardo 
Sartolo, 4to, calf. Madrid, 1684 

143 AzARA (Felix de). Voyages dans i.'Ami^.riqie Meridionale 
. . . depuis 1781 jusqu'en 1801 . . . avec une Notice sur sa Vie 
et ses Lcrits, par C. A. Walckenaer; enriches de Notes, par G. 
Cuvier, ^Vc. [4 vols.. 8vo, and 4to Atlas containing] Portrait, 
24 maps and plates. 5 vols., half calf, gilt. Paris, 1809 

144 AzARA. Voyages dans L'Amerique Meridionale . . . An- 
other copy. 4 vols., Svo, with i\to atlas of 2}^ maps and plates, 
half calf. Paris, 1809 

Minus a niup (Xo. 2) and plan (No. 14). 

145 [Azevedius.] De Vita et Morte P. Ignatii Azevedii et socio- 
rum eius e Societate Jesu . . . Autore Petro Possino. 4to, 
vellum. Rome, 1679 


146 T^JABYLON'S FALL in Maryland. A Fair Warning to 

r~^ Lord Baltamore; or, a Relation of an .Assault made by 
divers Papists and Popish Officers of the Lord Balta- 
more's against the Protestants in Maryland; to whom God gave a 
great Victory against a greater force of Souldiers and armed Men, 
who came to destroy them. Published by Leonard Strong. 4to, 
half morocco. Printed for the author, 1655 

147 [Bache (Benjamin Franklin).] Re.marks occasioned by the late 
Conduct of Mr, Washington, as President of the United States. 
MDCCXtvi. Svo, half morocco, gilt top. 

Philadelphia : Printed for Benjamin Franklin Pache, 1797 

148 Bachk. The same. Somewhat cut down. Svo, half morocco. 

Philadelphia, 1797 



Amkrk \\.\. 


149 Hachk. Truth Wii.i, Out. The Foul Charges of the Tories 
against the Editor of the Aurora, Repelled by Positive Proof and 
Plain Truth, and his base Calumniators put to Shame. 8vo, half 
morocco. n. p. or d. [Philadelphia, 1798] 

150 H.\cHiLLER AuDRES Bkruai.dkz. Historia de los Rkyf.s 
Catolicos D. Fkrna .do y D'^ Isahki,. 2 vols., 410, half mo- 
rocco. (Iranada, 1856 

151 1>ACK (Capt.). NARRATivKof the ARCTIC Land l^xi'i-.nrnoN to 
the Mouth of the Great Fish River, &c., in 1N33-35. Mupand 
plates. Svo, half calf, gilt. London, 1836 

152 Bacon (Thomas). Six Sermons on the Several Duties of Mas- 
ters, Mistresses, Slaves, &c., Preached at the Parish CMuirch of 
St. Peter, in Talbot County, in the Province of Makvi.anu. 
i2mo, half calf. London, 1751 

The two sub-titles are dated 1749 ^"'1 I75"- 

153 Ijaeza (Pedro de). A Series or Fotr Memorials, dated 1607- 
09, .\ddressed to Philip III., tVc, relative to the Quicksilver needed 
to extract the Precious Metals from Ore in Peru and New Spain. 
Also an Account of a Voyage from Acapuico to the Malucca 
Islands in 1604. [Madrid, i6ii?| 

Text in Spanish. 12S pages. 

154 Baily (John). Central America : describing each of the 
States of Guatemala, Honduras, Salvador, Nicaragua and Co.sta 
Rica. ... 3 plates. 8vo, half calf. London, 1850 

155 Baii.v (Robert). The Disswasive from the Errors of the Time, 
Vindicated from the Exceptions of Mr. Cotton and Mr. Tombes. 
4to, calf antique, gilt leaves. London, 1655 

Fine copy. 

156 Bajamar (Marques de). Discurso Exhortatorio pronunciado en 
el Supremo Consejo de las Indias el dia 2 de enero del afio de 
1795. Svo, calf. Madrid, 1795 

i56tf Bajamar. 
Svo, calf. 

Dl-^curso Exhortatorio pronunciado . . . 1804. 

Madrid, 1804 



157 15ai,i)\vin Crhomas). Xarrativk of the M assacrk, by tlie Sav- 
A(;i,s, of the Wikk and ('hii.drkn of : Who since the inchmclioly 
I)eriod of tlie Destruction of his Unfortunate Family, has dwelt 
entirely alone ... in the extreme Western part of the State of 
Kentucky. Foliied plate and u>oodcut. Royal Svo, polished calf 
extra, uncut, by Pratt. New York, 1835 

15S Ham, (John). An Answkr to Two Trkatisks of Mr. John 

Can, the Leader of the Enj^lish l?rownists in .\nisterdam. The 

former called .\ Necessitie of Separation from the Church of 

England . . . the other A Stay against Straying. 4to, calf. 

London, 1642 
Fine tall copy. 

159 Ball. A Tryai.i. of the New-Church Way in New England 
and in Old . , . published ... by William Rathband and 
Simeon Ash. 4to, half morocco, gilt leaves. London, 1644 





160 1)ALL. A Friendly Triall of the Croinds tending to Ski'A- 
RArioN; in a Plain and Modest Dispute touching the Lawfulnesse 
of a stinted Liturgie and set form of I'rayer, (!s:c. 4to, polished 
calf extra, gilt leaves, by Pratt. Title pieced. Cambridge, 1640 

161 Bancroft (George). History of the UNirKD States, from 
the Discovery of the American Continent. Portraits on India 
paper, maps, e^v. 10 vols., imp. Svo, cloth, uncut. Boston, 1861-75 

Large paper copy. Only 50 printed. 

162 J}ancroft. a Plea for the Constitution of the United 
States of A.merica, wounded in the House of its Guardians. 
i6mo, half morocco, gilt top. New York, 1886 

I'resfntation copy from the author. 

163 Bancroft (Hubert Howe). The Native Races of the Pacific 
Si'ATEs of North America. 5 maps and numerous woodcuts, 
(Vols. 1, 2, 3 and 4, cloth; Vol. 5, sheep.) 5 vols., 8vo, cloth. 

New York, 1875-6 

Contents: Vol. I., Wild Tribes; Vol. II., Civilized Nations; Vol. III., Myths 
and Languages; Vol. IV., Antiquities ; Vol. V., Primitive History. 

164 Bank of the United States. Report on the Condition of 
the, by the Committee of Inspection and Investigation. 8vo, half 
morocco. Philadelphia, 1822 








165 I Hap lis I A. I AJisu C'liKisio, S. N. Olrcic I'lstc Scniionario 
fii I.cngua Mexicana. Sii iiuligno sicruo Fr. Joan I5ai)tista dc la 
Orden del Seraphico I'adrc sanct Francisco, dc la I'loviiuia del 
sancto Evangelio. 410, levant morocco extra, jfiil leaves, by Gruel. 

Mexico, 1606 

Woinlcut oil title, ;iiitl coliipliim. 

"Solo se publico I;i Pritncra raiti- ilc este Sermonaiio. Kn tl ]irolojjo sc 
encuentran pnticias muy curiosas. piiiuipaliueiitc accrta ilc los priiiieros cscrit- 
ores en Icnj^iia Mexicana." Icazbalceta, p. 13. 

166 [HARiii'-i.'iARHois (Marquis). I CoMi'i.or d'Arnoid et de Sir 
Hk.nkv Ci iNTDN contre les Ftats-Unis d'Aiii^'ritiiie et contre le 
(leneral Washington, Septembre, 1780. Map and 2 portraits. cSvo, 
half morocco, gilt top, uncut, I'aris, 1816 

167 Bakhk-Marhois. The History of Louisiana, particularly of 
the Cession of that Colony to the United States of America: with 
an Introductory Essay on the Constitution and Ciovernmcnt of the 
United States. Translated . . . [by Win. 15. Lawrence |. .Svo, 
half morocco. I'hiladelphia, 1830 

Menzies. No. 117: Leclerc, No. 107. 


ids l)Akni'.K (John W.) (/;/(/ Howi (Henry). Hisiokicai, Cm.i.KC- 
riONS of the State of Nkw York: containing a Ceneral Collec- 
tion of the most interesting Facts, Traditions. Biographical 
Sketches, Anecdotes, <.*v:c., relating to its History and .\nti(iuities, 
with Geographical Descriptions of every Township in the State. 
Illustrated by 2::^o cngraviih^s. Svo, calf. New York, 1844 

169 Rarcia (D. Andres Gonzalez). Historiadorks Pkimitivos de 
las Indias Occidkntalks, qui junto, traduxo en parte, y saco ;i 
luz, ilustrados con eruditas Notas y copiosos Indices. 3 vols, 
bound in 4. Folio, calf. Madrid, 1749 

Many copies of the above were destroyeil by lire. The present copy contains 
the entire sixteen parts as published, inchuiinj; the rare Letters of Cmtes anil the 
examen of the Narration of Cabeza de liaca. The Con(|uista tlcl Peru de Fran- 
cisco de Xerez, which constitutes the 4th vol., is really a portion of Vol. 3. 

The Andrade copy, 1754. 

170 Bard (Samuel). An Enquiry into the Nature, Cause and Cure 
of the Angina Suffocativa, or Sore Throat Distemper, as it is 
commonly called by the hihabitants of this City and Colony [New 
York]. Svo, half morocco. New York, 1771 


AmKKK A\ A. 

171 l?\Ki\(; (Alfx.). An In(,)IIky into tlie ("ausks and Consk- 
gui'.NCKS of the Orders of t'oiiiicil, ami an Kxaiiiination of the 
Conduct of Grkat Britain towards the Neutral Commerce of 
America. Svo, half morocct). London, iSoS 

172 Hakkkr. Incidents in the I.ikk of J xcoii Hakki k, of New 
Orleans, Louisiana, with Historical Facts . . . from 1800 to 1S55. 
2 portraits. 8vo, cloth, Washington, 1855 

173 Hakl/ei (Casparis). Rerum per Octknmum in Brasilia et 
alibi nuper gestarum, sub I'raifectura Illuslrissimi Coniitis L Mau- 
ritii Nassoviae, &c. Comitis, nunc Vcsalia; Oubernatoris iS: iMjui- 
tatus I'iederatorum Iklgii Ordd, sub Auriaco Ductoris, Historia. 
Jiiij;) a'iid title, [portrait, 25 hii;^c pUitcs ami 30 maps, i'it;^ravtd />v 
Mat ham, all colorcJ l>y haiul. Royal folio, calf. 

Amstelodami: Blacu, 1647 
For a vocabulary of the Chilian laiijjuajje see pp. 283-281). 

174 [ Hari.kus.] Rerum per Octennium in Brasilia et alibi nuper 
gestarum, sub I'raifectura Illustrissimi Comitis [. Mauritii . . . 
Historia. Engravings as abinc. Folio, vellum, gilt. 

Amstelodami: Blaeii, 1647 

175 BARLOW (Joel). The COLUMBLAD: a Poem: beautifully 
ininted in large type, ll'it/i the exquisite illustrations by Smirke, 
and over 400 additional plates, drawings, v>v. 3 vols., 4to, morocco 
antique, gilt top, by AIaithe7i.>s. Philadelphia, 1S07 

The additional matter in this U.sKirp; Coi'V is as follows : 

Autojjraph letters (2) of Joel Barlow, 7 pp. and i p., 4to; Robert Fulton, 2 pp., 
4to; (leo. Washington; B. Franklin; Henry Laurens; (ienl. H. Knox; Joseph 
Hrant, 3 pp., folio; Genl. Francis Marion; Genl. Hamilton, 4 pp., 410 (with 
j;uarantee of Eliz. H. Schuyler); Lafayette, 3 pp.. 4to: and signatures of Nathl. 
Greene, Thos. Sumter, Steuben, Joseph Reed, Thos. Jefferson and John 
I lancock. 

Thirty original drawings by Bartlett, 2o<j portraits, including Lortl Baltimore 
by Bloteling, 210 views, many from De Bry's \'oyages, 6 early maps, and 5 
spicimens of Continental currency, all neatly inlaid, and many of the portraits 
and views, proofs on India paper. 

) 1S4 

176 Barlow. Advice to the Privileged Orders in the Sev- 
eral States of Europe, resulting from the necessity and pro- 
priety of a general Revolution in the Principle of Government. 
Part L Third Edition. Svo, calf, gilt top, uncut edges. 

London, 1793 



wit h 




177 r.AKi.ow. The Vi^iDN of Coi.L'Mnfs, a Toeni . . . lifth 
edition, corrected ... to which is added The Conspiracy of 
Kinjjs: a Poem, by the same .\uthor. Portrait l>\ Ruotte ajttr 
Barbier. 8vo, calf. Paris, 179^ 

17S Haki.ow. Vision of Coi.umiu's. Another copy. Without the 
portrait. 8vo, half morocco, gilt. Paris, 1 ; 93 

179 Bari.ow, The Coi.umhiau: a Poem. Royal 8vo, half calf. 

London: R. Phillips, 1809 
Large Paper (?). 

iSo Haki.ow. The Coi-I'mimad: a Poem, with the last Corrections of 
the Author. 2 portraits aiiJ 2 plita. Imp. 8vo, calf. Paris, 1813 

iSi Bari.ow. ( Lkttek | to his Fellow Citizens of the Umtkd 
SrATKs [on ''Certain Political Measures," " Interior Liberty,"' iVc. ] 
and .Vppendix. Svo, half morocco. No title. Philadelphia, 1801 

182 Barlow. A Poem, spoken at the Public Commencement at 
Yale Colletre, in New Haven, September 12, 17S1. 8vo, half 
morocco. Hartford: /^//lAf// c:^ trf'iv/?*'///. [1781] 

183 Barlow. The Prospect of Peace. .\ Poetical Composition 
delivered in Yale College, at the Public Examination of the Can- 
didates for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts, July 23. 1778. Svo, 
half morocco, gilt top, by BeJjorJ. New Haven, 1788 

184 Barlow. Another copy. Rough edges, unbound. 

New Haven, 1788 

185 Barlow, Another copy. Edges clipped into the text. 8vo, 
calf. New Haven, 1778 

186 [Barlow. J Doctor Watts' Imitation of the Psalms of David, 
corrected and enlarged by Joel Barlow, to which is added a Col- 
lection of Hymns. i2mo, calf. 

Hartford: Barimc anJ Bahcock, 1785 
First edition. 

187 [Barlow.] Doctor Watts' Imitation of thePsALMsof David, 
corrected and enlarged by Joel Barlow, to which is added a Col- 
lection of Hymns. i8mo, half morocco. Hartford, [1786 ?J 

Seco.nd edition. 



uSS I Hakiosv. I 1)(H lOK Watis' 1mi r a I ion ot tlic i'sAi.Msof David, 
corrected and enlarged l)y Joel Barlow. iHino, calf. 

Hartford, [1787 ?| 
I'salms (tn, 75, 8S, r24 ;iih1 125, ,ind IFymns(i6 ,inil 67, an- hy Jwl liarlow. 

189 I Harnakd. I 'I'lie *' .'Vnti-Rkn r " Movkmknt and Outijkkak in 
Nkw York. 8vo, half morocco. [I'p. 27. J n. p. or d. 

lyo [Makmy.] Hioc.rai'Uicai. Mkmoir of the late Commodork 
Joshua IJarnky; from Autojjraphical Notes and Journals in the 
possession of iiis Family, &c. Fklited by Mary Barney. Portrait. 
8vo, half morocco. Bostcm, 1S32 

191 Barnu.m (H. L.). The Spy Unmasked; or, Memoirs of Enoch 
Cr()sl)y, alias Harvey Birch : being an authentic Account of the 
SixTct Services which he rendered his (\)iintry ihiring the Revolu- 
tionary War (taken from his own lips in short-hand), &c. Portrait 
aihl illustrations. 8vo, half morocco. New York, 1828 

" Ilaivey Birch " w-is the Hero of Cooper's tale of the " Neutral (.irounil." 



( Bakkkiros (daspar). I Ciiorookaphia deAi(;uNs lugares(|ue 
stam cm hum caminho, que fez (laspar Barreiros 6 anno de 
M.D.xxxxvi. comevado na cidade de Badajoz em Castella, te ;i de 
Milam em Italia, co alguas outras obras, cujo catalogo vai scripto 
com OS nomcs dos dictoslugares, na folha seguinte. 8vo, vellum 

Coimbra, 1561 

See tlie " t'ommentarius ile Ophyra Regione " at the end of the volume. It 
is an attempt to show that Solomon's Opliir was the New World. 

193 [Barrif.ros.J Novus ORBisid est Navigationesprimai in Ameri- 
cam, quibus adjun.ximus Gasparis Varrerii Discursum super C)])hyra 
Regione, &c. Small Svo, vellum. Roterodami, 1616 

The author Barrieros [or Varrerii] seeks to show that the land of Cij-hir, whence 
King Solomon obtained his gold, was Peru. 

194 Barrk (La Febvre de la). Description de la Franck Eyui- 
noctialk, cy-devant appellee Guyanne, et par les Espagnols, El 
Dorado, &c. 4to, vellum. Paris, 1666 

Minus the large map. 

195 [Barrere (Pierre).] Nouveile Relation de la France Equi- 
noxiale, contenant la Description des CAtes de la Guiane; de 
risle de Cayenne . . . &c. 3 maps and 16 plates. Post Svo, 
calf. Paris, 1743 







Amkrit \\.\. 


i(/j (l>\KKoN, \:c.j I'k(u;i-,i:i)iN(;s of tlic (u'lioral ("oiKi Makiiai., 
convened for tlic Trial of t'oniinodoro James Harroii, (.'ajjlaiii 
Charles (iordon, Mr. William Hook ami Captain John Hall, of the 
United States Ship Chesapeake, in the month of January, 1S08, 
Svo, half morocco, Ji'lt top, uncut edj^es. 

J^i iiitti/ f>v /ih(i/> iiidcoii. Junior, 182 J 

The abnvc trial for the surrender of the Chr.ui/'iiiki- to the I'rilish >hip of 
war /..•(»/•<//■</, " without that defence Iiaving been made, which mijjht have Ijcen 
expected from the known valour of Americans." 

197 Harrv William). A Hisrouv of Framinoham, Massachusktts, 
includinjj the I'laiitation, from 1640 to the present time, with an 
Appendi.x, containing; a !s'otice of Sutlbury and its I'irst Proprie- 
tors, also a Rejjister of the Inhabitants of Framinjiham before 
iSoo, with Cienealojjical Sketches. 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1847 

Klias Nasun's copy, with MS. .\nnot:iti()ns and name on title. 

19S Marsiow (Ceor^e). The Hisioky of Nkw Hami'shikk, from its 
Discovery in 1614 to the passaj;e of the Toleration Act in 1819. 
Five portraits. Svo, morocco. Concord, 1842 

199 [BARTi.Krr. I [Mk.moriai, of j Edwin Bartlkip, Died at .Annan- 
dale, N. Y., September 10, 1867. J'ortntit. Imp. 8vo, cloth, j^jilt top. 

I Philadelphia, 1S68] 
Privately |)rinted. Mr. Hartlett was one of the founilers of the Panama Kail- 
road Company. 

200 [B.VRTi.K.rr (J. R.).| A History of the Dkstruc rioN of His 
BRirANMc Majk.sty's SchoonkrCiAspek, in Xarragansett Bay, on 
the loth June, 1772; accompanied by the Correspondence con- 
nected therewith; . . . ami the Official Journal of the Proceed- 
ings of the Commission of Incjuiry appointed by King Ceorge the 
Third, on the same. By John Russell Bartlett. Small folio, half 
morocco, gilt top, uncut. Providence, 186 1 

125 copies printed for private distribution. 

201 Bartleti-. Bibliography of Rhodf, Island. A Catalogue of 
Books and other Publications relating to the State of Rhode 
Island, with Notes, Historical, Biographical and Critical. By John 
Russell Bartlett. . . . Imp. Svo, boards. Providence, 1864 

150 copies printed. 

202 Bartlett. Literature of the Rebellion. A Catalogue of 
Books and Pamphlets relating to the Civil War in the United 


Amikic W A. 

States, iVc, together with WOrks on .\im;ri(:;in Slavery. Royal 
Hvo, half morocco, jfilt top, uncut ed),a's. Hoston, 1.SO6 

Only 251) copies printed. 

203 IJasanikr (M.). I/HiSTOiRK notable dc la i''i,<)uii)i;, situee e.s 
Indks OcciDKNTAi.KS, &c. Small .Svo, blue levant morocco extra, 
jrilt leaves, by J'ratt. Paris, 15S6 

I >('(iiiiiU'il to Sir Walter Kaleij^'h, in whose praise there are several Latin poems 
appeiiiled, one by II.'ii<hiyt. It contains an /leidunt of Riliault's Voyages in I?ii2 
ami isf>5; I.audonniere's in 1564; and ( ioiiri^iies' in 15(17. 

204 Haiilk of ("iRoroN Hkiuhis: aC^oIlection of Narratives. Official 

Reports, Records, iVc , of the Storminj; of Fort (Iriswold and 

the Hurning of New I-ondon by British i'roops, under the C'om- 

manil of Menedict Arnold, Sep. 6, 17S1. Introduction and Notes 

by W. \V. Harris. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. 

New London, 1870 
Only 250 copies printed. 

205 JJayakl) (James A.), Spkeches, &c. Svo, half morocco. 

Washington, 1855-64 

Comprises Speech on the nil! to Modify tlie System ; On the Navy; 
Adnnssionof Kansas; Condition of tlie Country; Kxeciitive Usurpation; Kxpul- 
sion of Mr. liright ; Abolition, and the Relation of Races; Conscription Hill; 
Validity of the Test Oath; Viniiication ; vVc. ; iVc. 

206 IJavari) (Ferdinand M.). Vovac.e dans I'In ikkieuk des Etats- 
Unis, a Bath, Winchester, dans la Vallee de Shenandoha, &:c , 
1 79 1. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top. Paris, 1797 



207 IJav/ro (Nicholas). An Account of the CoMMiTMKNr, 
Arraignment, Tryal and CoNOEMNArioN of Nicholas Bayard, 
Es(i., for High Treason, in endeavouring to subvert the Govern- 
ment of the Province of New York in America . . , before Will- 

n Atwood, Esq. ; Abraham de Peyster, Esq., and Robert 

vaters, Esq.; . . . February 19, 1701, Folio, velium, gilt, by 

Matlhcivs. London, 1703 

208 Bayi.ey (Richard). An Account of the Ep jemic Fever 
which prevailed in the City of New York during part of the 
Summer and F'all of 1795. 8vo, half morocco. New York, 1796 

209 Baylies (Francis). An Historical Memoir of the Colony of 
New Pi.YMtJUTH from 1620 to 1692. F'our parts in 2 vols. Svo, 
half morocco, gilt tops, uncut edges. Boston, 1S30 




210 (15AXT1K.I Mu. 15 A XTi.k //(////:'(//// //A'w</, or a Sad History <>f 
the LMii)arallt'l\l Cruelty of tlic Anabaptists in NtUi Kn^land. 
Faithfully Relating the Cruel, Barbarous, and Hloudy Murther of 
Mr. Baxter, an Orthodox Minister, who was kill'd by the Aiht/>a/>- 
tisis, and his Skin most cruelly Heat! off from his Body. . . . Tul;- 
lished by his mournfuU lirother Bitijainin Baxter. . . . 410, 6 j)])., 
half morocco. London, 1673 

^4 211 Bkach (\V. W.). The Indian Misckllanv : containing I'aiKrs 

on the History, Antiquities, Arts, Languages, Traditions ami 
Superstitions of the American Aborigines . . . ^c. Woodcuts. 
8vo, sheets, folded. Albany, 1S77 

212 [RrAi.i..| TkiAi. of John Y., as a Spy and Ciuerrilk-ro, 
! by Military Commission. 8vo, half morocco. New York, 1S65 

Present. It ion copy from James T. Hrady. 

213 Beamkn (C. C). An i.isrokicAi. Sketch of the Town of 
SciTiATK, R. I. Svo. Phenix, 1S77 


214 Bkamish (N. I,.). The Discovery of Ami ru a by the North- 
men in the Tenth Century, with Notices of the Early Settlements 
of the Irish in the Western Hemisphere. 2 lar^e maps aiui plate of 
inscriptions. Svo, half calf extra. London, 1841 

215 Beatty (C). 'I'he Journal of a Two Months' Tour; with a 
View of Promoting Religion Among the Frontier Inhabitants of 
Pennsylvania and of Introducing Christianity among the Vi- 
dians to the Westward of the Alcgh-geny Mountains. To which 
are added, Remarks on the Language and Customs of some 
particular Tribes among the Indians. ... By Charles Beatty. 
8v' , half morocco, gilt top. London, 176S 

Original Kdition. 

This journal is enlivened with m.iny agreeable notes and circumstances relating 
to the manners and customs of the Delaware Indians, wiio, from certain similar 
customs and some traditions among them, the author conjectures to be the 
descendants of the ten tribes of Israel. 

216 Belarminio (Card. Robert'^ Declaracion copiosa delas 
quatro partes mas essenciales. y necessarias dc la Doctrina Chris- 
tiana . . . Traducida de Lengua Castellana en la general del 
Inga por el IJachiller Bartoiome Jurado Palomino, &c. 4to, vel- 
lum, gilt leaves. Lima, 1649 



217 "15ki.i,e noYi)" (Mrs. Hardinge) in Cami' and Prison. Intro- 
duction by Geo. Aug. Sala. i2mo, cloth. New York, 1865 

21S Hkm.k-Forkst (Francis de, Comingeois). L'Histoirk Univer- 
sEi.1.1. du MoNOE, contenant I'entiere description & situatio des 
quatre parties de la terre, la division & estendue d'une chacunc 
Region iV Province d'icelles. . . . 4to, calf. Paris, 1570 

219 fBEi.KNAP (Jeremy).] The Forksters, an American 'I'ale : 
being a Sequel to the History of John Bull the Clothier, , . , 
ifimo, calf. Boston : Thomas ^ Amlrews, 1796 

]Vosent.T n I'opy of ihe scconil t(lition to Winthrop Sargent (with bis book- 
plate) fron. vne author. 

220 Bki.knap. History of New Hampshire, comprehending the 
Events of one Complete Century from the Discovery of the River 
Pascataqua. Large map. 3 vols., 8vo, calf extra, by '/.achnsJorf. 

Dover, N, H., 1812 

Menzies, No. 14S. 

221 (N.). Description Geooraphique des Dehouquemens 
qui sont au Nord del'IsledeSAN Dominmque. 34 maps, p/aiis,&-\-. 
4to, calf. Versailles, 1773 

Engraved title, dated 1768. 

222 Bellini (Bernardo). La Colombiade : poema eroico. Portrait. 
4 vols,, 8vo, half morocco, gilt tops. Cremona, 1826 

223 [Bellot.] La Question Amkricaine suivie d'un Aj^pendice 
sur le Coton, le Tabac et le Commerce General des Anciens l^tats- 
Unis: par Ernest Bellot des Minieres. Royal 8vo, uncut. 

Paris, 1861 

224 [Belmont (Aug.). J A Few Letters and Speeches of the Late 
Civil War. Royal 8vo, cloth. New York, 1870 

Privately printed. Pri. entation copy. 

225 Bel TR.vMi (J. C). Le Mexique. 2 vols., 8vo, half morocco, gilt 
tops. Paris, 1830 

226 [ Bi Mi!o.] Della HisTORiA ViNiTiANA di M. Pictro Bembo Card, 
volgarmente scritte Libri XH. 4to, sprinkled calf, gilt leaves, by 
ZachnsJorf. Vinegia, 1552 



227 Hknavii)i;s (Alphonsi de). Rk.i.a no quam Philippo IV. , . . 
per modum memorialis, sive Libelli supplicis exliibiiit Rev. Joannes 
de Santander . . . per manus ... A. de Benavides . . . 
Custodis Provinciae & Conversionis Novi Mexico, i\:c. Small Svo, 
stamped hogskin, arms of a Cardinal in gilt on the sides. 

Salishiirgi, 1634 

228 Benkzf.t (Anthony). Some Historical Account of (Iuinka 
. . , with An inquiry into the Rise and Progress of the Slave- 
Trade . . . also a Re-publication of the Sentiments of several 
Authors . . . particularly . . . Granville Sharp. i2mo, calf. 

Philadelphia, i 77 1 
" The gift of the worthy author to Ciranville Sharp." 

229 Bknjamin (Hon. J. P.). Spkkchks (on the Kansas Bill, Defence 
of the National Democracy against the Attack of Judge Douglas, 
and Remarks in Connection with Mr. Slidel on the Hounias Land 
Claim). 8vo, half calf. Washington, 1858-60 

Autograph inserted. 

230 [Bknjamin.] Spkkch of Hon. J, P. Benjamin, of Louisiana, on 
the RicHT of Skckssion. 8vo, half morocco. [16 pp.] 

Washington, i860 

231 (L. (i. )<?//(/ Hatch (Wm. M.y. History of the THiRrv- 
SixTii Recument, Illinois Volunteers, during the War of the Re- 
bellion. \o steel portraits. 8vo, cloth. Aurora, 1876 

232 Benson (Egbert). [Dutch and Indian Na.mes.] Memoir read 
before the Historical Society of the State of New York, December 
31, 1816. Second edition, with Notes. 121110, half calf, uncut. 

Jamaica, 1S25 

233 Bentliv (William). Oration in Commemoration of the Birth- 
day of Washington, delivered at Salem, Massachusetts, Febru- 
ary 22d, 1793. Royal Svo, sheets. Morrisania, N. Y., 1870 

Only 30 copies reprinted from the Historical Magazine. 

234 Bentlev. Eulogy on the Occasion of the Death of Geo. 
Washington, delivered at Salem, Massachusetts, January 2, 1800. 
Royal 8vo, sheets. Morrisania, N. Y., 1870 

Only 30 copies reprinted from the Historical Magazine. 

235 Ben roN (Thomas H.), Thirty Years' View ; or, a History of 
the working of the .\merican Government for Thirty Years, froyi 



1820 to 1H50 : with Historical Notes and Illustrations. Portrait 
aiul view. 2 vols., royal 8vo, bound in 4 parts, half vellum extra. 

New York, 1858 

236 [IJkn'zoni (Ciirolamo).] La Historia dki, Mondo Nuovo. 
J'ortraits and numerous other woodcuts. .Small 8vo, vellum. 

Venetia, [1565] 
First edition, from the library of the Emperor 

237 Bf.nzoni. Novak Novi Orhis Historiaj id est Rexum ah His- 
panis in India Occidentali hactenus gestarum, & acerbo illorum in 
easgentes dominatu, libri tres Urbani Calvetonis opera industriaque 
ex Italicis Hieronynii Benzonis . . . adjuncta est de (iallorum in 
Floridam expeditione, i<.;c. 8vo, vellum. (leneva, 167S 

The above volume has been mislaid but should materialize in due course. 


238 [UCVflOmaS.I NOijfsafme |^i>StOn'ar omnin repercus- 
siunes noviter a Reverendi' imo parte Jacobo I'hilippo Pergomcse 
ordinis Heremitarum edi.e : que Supplementum supplementi 
Cronicari'i nuncupantur. Incipiendo ab exordio mundi usque in 
annum salutis nostre Mcccccii. Numerous woodcut illustrations. 
Folio, vellum. Venetiis : A. dc Lissona, 1503 

The first edition of this Chronicle containing the reference to Anieri.'a. See 
verso of folio 441. 

B. A. V. Add., No. n. 

239 [iSCVflOmas.l KOlltSStmC iJ^tStOCtant omnin repercus- 
sioes noviter a Reverendissimo patre Jacobo Philippo Bergomense 
ordinis Heremitaruz edite : que Supplementum supplementi 
Oonicarfi nuncupantur. Incipiendo ab exordio mildi usque in 
Anni"! salutis nostre Mcccccvi., &c. Woodcuts as in the edition of 
1503. Folio, hogskin, Venetiis, 1506 

The American reference occurs on verso of folio 440 in this edition. 
15. A. v.. No. 42. 

240 IJirrOOmns.] .^SUIiplCmrntUm supplementi de la Chron- 
iche del Venerando padre Frate Jacobo I'hilippo del ordine Here- 
milano I'rimo Authore. Vulgarizato Hystoriato cum la Oionta 
per infmo 1524. Woodcuts as he/ore. Folio, vellum. Venetia, 1524 

.'\mkrica, folio (verso) 342. 
H. A. v., No. 12S. 

24 r |Bi;rc.omas.] Supplementum Chronicorum, omnes fere his- 
torias qure ab orbe condito hactenus gestas sunt, jucunda admodum 







diceiidi brevitate complecteiis. Opus sane ciiiim utilissimu iS: 
cuiusius conditionis viro pcrnecessariiim; priimim qiiidein a . . . 
Jacobc Philipix) Hergoniate . . . C'lii insuper addita . . , 1500 . . . 
1535- *'"•'<»» ^'I'f- I'arisiis, 15^55 

Kiom the library of thf Uiikc of Su-^scx. This cilitioii is without woodcuts. 
'l"he Aniciican Kcfeicnce oiiurs on folio 412. 

242 Hkrnari) (Clovernor). Sii.ixr Lkt ikks on the 'I'radk and 
(lovEKNMKNT of Amkkii A, and tlic I'rinciiiles of I,a\v and I'olity 
applied to the American Colonies, written ... in tlie years 
1763-4-5-6-7 and S . . . to which are aiided tlie Petition of the 
Asscmljly of Massachusetts IJay ajjainst tlie (lovernor . . . Svo. 

l,ondon, 1774 

243 IiKKQUKN (Robert de). I,es Mi kviii.i.i'.s des Indks ()kii;\ r.M.Ks 
et OcL'iDKN TALKS , . . Poi trail. 4to, vellum. [Pp. ii2.| 

Paris, 1661 

244 Hi'.RRiAN (Rev. William). An Ilisi orilai, Skk i\ 11 of I'kimi v 
Church, New York. Plates. 8vo, cloth. New York, 1847 

Presentation copy to Dr. Francis. 

245 [Hkrtik (Willoughby).] Thoughts on the I.KrTi-.Rof Komlnd 
BuRKK, Esq.; to the Sheriffs of Hristol, on the Affairs of .America. 
Py the Karl of Abingdon. Oxford : //'. Jackson, \ 1777] 

246 }?[kvkri,v] (R[ichard]). The History and Prf.sknt Sta ik of 
Virginia. By a Native and Inhabitant of the Place.;ravi\l 
title, and \\ plates l>y Giibelin. Svo, calf. London, 1705 

247 B[k.vkri.vJ. Another (smaller) copy, with all the plates. Svo, 
calf. London, 1705 

24S l![i:vERLvJ. HisTDiRK dc la Yirc.imk ; par un Auteur natif & 
habitant du Pais. Trailuite de IWnglois. Knriehie ile figures. 
Small Svo, vellum. Amsterdam, 1707 

249 B[evkrlv] (R[ichard].) The History and Pri.sen r Stati of 
Virginia. By a Native and Inhabitant of the Place. En^^iaied 
title and \^ plates h Gribelin. Svo, half morocco. London, 1722 

This present copy belonged to John Howard I'ayne. 




250 HiAN'cniNi [Giuseppe]. Bacco in Amkrica componimciito 
ditiiambico in lode della Cioccolata, colle Note fatte al inedcsimo 
dal Dottore (liiiseppe Hianchini di Prato. 6 cxi/uisitc coppcr-phxtc 
engravini^s. 4to, boards, uncut. | Rome, iXoo ?J 

I'rinted on heavy paper. 

251 [HiAKD. ] Relation de la Nouveli.e Franxe, de ses tcrres, 

nature! du Pais, i!v: de ses Habitans, item, du Voyage des Peres 

Jesuites ausdictes contrces, & de ce qu"ils y ont faict jusques h 

leur prinsc par les Anglois. Faicte par le P. Pierre Biard. i^nio. 

Lyon, 1 61 6, np. 1870 
See Ji srn Rki.aiih.ns. 


" Tkl --I IN Till. l.OKU, AM) KEKI' TUK F''>\VI>KK DRY." — Vit/c. 

252 Biiii.K. 'J'lie Soui.DiKRS Pocket Bible : Containing the most (if 
not all) those places contained in holy Scripture, which doe shew 
the qualifications of his inner man, that is a fit Souldier to fight 
the Lord's l>attels, both before the fight, in the fight, and after the 
fight ; Wliich Scriptures are reduced to severall heads, and fitly 
applyed to the Souldiers sevc-all occasions, and so may supply the 
want of the whole Bible, which a Souldier cannot conveniently 
carry altout him: And may bee also usefull for a iy Christian to 
meditate upon, now in this miserable time of Warre. Lnprimatur, 
Edm. Calamy. . . . Printed at London by G. B. and R. It', for 
G. C. 1643. Cambridge : Reprinted, 1861, by Matthews. Svo, 
morocco, gilt top, uncut. 

Large Paper. Twenty five copies only privately printed for Mr. I.ivermore, 
for distribiuion among his friends. 
An exact reprint of the original edition, only two copies of which are known. 

253 Bmi.E. I'he Souldikr's Pocket Bible : Containing the 
most (if not all) those places contained in holy Scripture, which 
doe shew the qualification of his inner man, that is a fit Souldier 
to fight the Lords Batteis, both before he fight, in the *^.ght, and 
after the fight, etc. An Exact Rki'RInt of the Original FkliMon 
of 1643, with a Prefatory Note by (jeorge Livermore. Stjuare 
121110, morocco, gilt top, by Mattheivs. Cambridge, 1861 

Only 100 copies privately printed. Very 

254 BiHi.ioc.KAFiA A.MERicANA. Estudios i Catalogo completo i 
razonado de la Biblioteca Americana, coleccionada por el Sr. 
Gregorio Meeche . . . por B. V^icuna Mackenna. Portrait. 8vo. 

Valparaiso, 1S79 


25 « 





A.MI:R1( ANA. 


255 BiBLlOTHECA AMERICANA, 3 Vols., 8vO, cloth, linCUt. 

Paris, 1 86 1-4 
Comprises — 

I. I'uren Indoniito. I'oema por el I'apitan I'V.rnando Alvarez ik- Toledo. 
II. .Memoire sur les Mniirs, (oustiinies et Kclligion (sit) iles Sauvagcs de 
r.Xmerique Septcnlrionalc, par Nicolas IVrrot. 
III. Xoyage dans le Niiftl dii linsil fait durant Ics .Xnm'es 1613 el 1(114: par 
le IVre ^'vL•s D'l-".vreii.\. 


256 HiBi.iOTHKCA SussKXiANA. A Descriptive C'atalojfue, aicoiii- 
panied by Historical ami iJio^^raphical Notices of tiie Manuscripts 
and Printed Books containetl in the Library of . . . the Duke of 
Sussex . . . by Thomas Jose])!) I'ettigrew. Portrait anil 20 J\u- 
similc plates. 3 vols., imp. 8vo, boards, uncut. London, iSjy-^t; 

257 [BioNDO (M. A.).] Di. Vkn ris ct Navicationk. Libeilus .\ut- 
tore Michaele Angelo Blondo. In (juo Navigationis utilissima 
continetur doctrina cum I'i.xide novo, iS: diligenti examine ven- 
toruni, et tenipestatum, i'' > 410, vellum. Venetiaruni, [1546J 

Leaf 16, " De N'avijjatione oieaiii ad novu orbi-ni." 
B. A. v.. No. . 4. 

258 Biki> (M. B.). Thk Hi.ArK Man; or, Haytian Independence 
deduced from Historical Notes , . . Portrait. i2mo, cloth. 

New V'ork, 1869 

259 BiKKBECK (Morris). Noris on a Journey in Amekica, from the 
Coast of Virginia to the Territory of Illinois. Lari:;c map. 8vo, 


London, 1818 

260 [BiRKBECK.] Letters from Ii.i.inois: map; also Notes on a 
Journey in A.merica, from the Coast of V'irginia to the Territory 
of Illinois. By Morris Birkbeck. 2 vols in i. 8vo, half morocco. 

London, 1818 

261 Bishope (George). The Burden of Bahyion, and the Triumph 
of Sion as it was seen in the Valley of Vision. 410, half morocco, 
8 pp. London, 166 1 

262 Bishope. New England Judged, Not by Man's, but the Spirit 
of the Lord ; .And The Sumnie sealed up of New-England's 
Persecutions. Being a Brief Relation of the Sufferings of the 
People called Quakers in those Parts of America ... to the 
later end of the Tenth Moneth, 1660, 6v:c. 

An Appendix to the Book, I'^ntituled, New England Judged; 



'being Certain Writings (never yet printed), of those Persons which 
were there Kxcriited . . . 

New Knglanci Judged. The Second Part. Beginning with the 
Sufferings of WiUiani I.edra . . . And ending with the Sufferings 
of Edward Wharton, the 3d month, 1665. 

3 vols, in I. 4to, levant morocco e.xtra, gilt leaves, by Bed- 
ford. London, 1661-67 
The complete work. 

263 Pisiioi'E. The StumbmnoStonk and Rock of Offence, as it 
hath been in all Ages both to Jew, (lentile, Christ Jesus, tlie 
Power of (lod, and the Wisdom of Cod. 410, half morocco (MS. 
notes in ink). London, 1662 

'I'he above copy has tlie preliminary leaf. 

264 [HissKi.ii (Joannis).] Arc.dnahticon AMKUiCANOkiiM sive His- 
torian Periculorum Petri de Victoria, c^c. Kii^rarvi! titlf l>y Wo/f- 
li^aiii; Ki/ia/i. 1 2m(), morocco, gilt. Monachii, 1647 

265 BiAxcHAKM (Rufus). DiscovKRV and CoN^UKSTs of the 
NoRTH-Wihi, with the History of Chicago. Xvo, clotii. 

Wheaton, iSSi 

266 Blancharp. Abraham Lincoln, the Type of American Cenius: 
an Historical Romance. Portrait. Svo, uncut. Wheaton, 18.S2 

267 Blanco 'Matias Ruiz). Convkrsion di. Piritu, de Indios 
Cumanagotos, Palenques, y otros. Small Svo, red levant morocco 
extra, gilt edges, i)y Pratt. Madrid, 1690 

\ ery rare. 

268 Bland Papers (The). Being a Selection fron; the Manuscripts 
of Colonel Theodorick Bland, Jr., of Prince Ceorgo Count)-. \'ir- 
ginia. To which are jirefixed an Introduction, and a Memoir of 
Colonel Bland . . . Edited by Charles Campbell. 2 vols, in 1. 
Svo, half morocco, gilt top. Petersburg, 1S40-43 

Large ami line copy. This collection of papers relating to the Revolution is 

now SCARCK. 

269 Bland Papirs. The first vol. only. Svo, calf. 

Petersburg, 1840 

270 Blakk (James\ Annals of the Town of Dorchester, 1750. 
Pai-simi/ts. 1 21110, boards. Boston, 1846 

Puhlisheil for the Collections of the Dorchester Antiquarian and Historical 

J 277 




271 Br.K.KCKKK (Ann Kliza). The Posihi'Mous Works of, in Prose 
and Verso. To whicli is added, A Coi.i.i i rioN ot, Prose 
and Poetical. Hy Marjjjaretta V. Faugeres. Pc/fnii/, cf/i^raviii fiy 
Ticboiit. i.;nio, calf (title mended). New York, 1793 

272 i{i.KNNK.RH.\ssKTT pAi'KRs (The). EnilK)dyinjx itic Private Jour- 
nal of Harman IMennerhassett, and the hitherto I'npubli'^lH'd (."or- 
respondence of Hurr, Alston, Comfort Tyler, Devereau >ayt()n, 
Adair, Miro, Emmett, Theodosia Murr Alston. .Mrs. IMenner- 
hasseit anil others . . . enj>aged in the attempted Wilkinson and 
lUirr Revolution . . . and a Memi^r of MIennerhassett. l?y 
William H. Safford. Portraits. 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

Cincinnati, 1864 

273 Bi.ocii (Johannis). Mistori.e per S.\ 1 L'Ra.m ex NDvi Orius 
ScRU' rdRiiiis. E.xcerpta memorabilia continens, (pia; turn in vita 
communi familiariter disijuirentibus, tuin onmium ordinum letter- 
atis non minus usui, quam oblectamento esse possint. i2mo, 
cloth. Rostochi, 1625 

274 Bi.oMF. (Richard). A Dkscrihiion' of the Isi.wk of J amau a ; 
with the other Isles and 'I'erritories in America, to which the En- 
glish are related . . . Taken from the Notes of Sr. 'I'homas 
I, inch, iVc. 3 folded maps. Small Svo, half red morocco, ),nlt 
leaves. London, 1672 

First edition. The "other Territories" comprise Carolin.i, Virj^inia, Maryland, 
New Vork, New F^ngland, iVc. 

J 275 Bu)MK. Another copy, with the 3 maps, to which is added, The 
Present State of Tangier ... to which is added, 'I'he Present 
State of .Algiers, 1676. Small Svo, calf. London. 1672-76 

276 Blome. Description of the Island of Ja.\!aica; with the other 
Isles and Territories in America, to which the English are related. 
Portrait of De Rtiytcr, by Vaughan, and 3 maps only, that of Amer- 
ica missing. Svo, calf. London, 167S 

The last 22 paj^es are devoted to a description of " the present state of .Algiers 
in if)78, also a List of the Ships then belonging to that Ton." 

J 277 [ L'Ameriquk Angloisk, ou Description des Isles et 
Terres du Roi d'Angleterre dans r.'\merique . . . Traduit de 
IWnglois. 1 folded maps. i2mo, calf. Amsterdam, 1 688 



27S 151. UK l,A\vs (The) of Nkw Havkn Colony, usually called Blue 
Laws of Connecticut, Quaker Laws of Plymouth and Massachu- 
setts ; Blue Laws of New York, Maryland, Virginia and South 
Carolina. P'irst Record of Connecticut ; Interesting Kxtr"cts from 
Connecticut Records ; Cases of Salem Witchcraft ; ("harges and 
Banishment of Roger Williams, itc. ; and other Interesting and 
Instructive Antiquities. Compiled by an Antiquarian [Royal R. 
IlinmanJ. i2mo, cloth. Hartfonl, 183S 

279 Bi.rxT (Edmund M.). Strangkr's Guidk to the City of Nkw 
York ... to which is prefixed an Historical Sketch, (S:c. 
Plates. i2mo, half morocco. New York, 1817 

280 Bi.UNT (Joseph). A HisroRicAi. Skktlh of the Formation of 
the Confkdkracy, particularly with reference to the rrovincial 
Limits and the Jurisdiction of the General (lovernment over Indian 
Tribes . . . &c. 8vo, sheep. New York, 1825 

2S1 I Boccalini (Trajan).] Nb:wi:s from Ferxassus. The Politicall 
Touchstone taken from Mount I'ernassus : whereon the Govern- 
ments of the greatest Monarchies of the World are touched. 4to, 
half calf. Printed at Helicon, 1622 

Autograph mem. of Wintlirop Sargent inserted ; also his book-plate. 




252 [ BoKMUs.] Gi.i CosTUMi, le leggi et Lusanze di tutte le Genti ; 
Raccolte, qui insieme da molti illustri Scrittori per Giovanni Boemo 
Aubano Alemano ; E tradotti per Lucio Fauno . . . Aggiontovi 
di nuovo gli costumi, &; I'usanze dell' Indik occidf.ntai.i, overo 
MoNDo Nuovo, da P. Gieronimo Giglio. Small 8vo, vellum. 

Venetia, 1660 

253 BoisTHii'.Aui.T (Doublet de). Les V(EUx des Hurons et des 
AnxAgns, a Notre-Dame de (^hartres . . . avec les Lettres des 
Missiontiires Catholiquesau Canada, une Introduction et des Notes. 
Colored plate. 8vo, boards. Chartres, 1857 

284 Bom, MAN (Erick). Lkttek to Thomas Brand ... on the 
Practicability and Propriety of a Resumption of Specie Payments. 
8vo, half morocco. New York, 1819 


285 Boi.TON, Jr. (Robert). History of the County of Westches- 
rER, from its First Settlement to the Present Time. Maps and 
woodcuts. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth. New York, 1848 

Ami;KI( ANA. 



286 BoMn.ARDKMKNT clc VALPARAISO ( Documents Dfficicls), suivi da 

Combat du Callao. Svo, half morocco. I'aris, 1.S66 

Also in this vol., Gukkkk. de i.'Espai;nk au (.'him, par J. G, 

Courcelle-Seneuil. Paris. 1S66 

2S7 Bonaparte (Lucien). Ri^vot.urioN de Brcmaire, ou Relation 
dcs rrincijiaux evcncments dcs Journees des iS et 19 Rruniairc. 
Svo. half morocco, gilt top, uncut. I'aris. 1845 

See pp. 277-292 for the poem L'Amerique. 

28S Book of Mormon (The) : an Account written by the Hand of 
Mormon, upon plates taken from the plates of Nephi . . . By 
Joseph Smith, Junior. Svo, calf. Very rare. Palmyra, 1830 

2S9 BoRDKK and Bastilk [in America], by the author of '•('•uy Liv- 
ingstone" [George Lawrence]. i2mo, cloth. New York, //. J. 

290 BoNTKKoK (Willem Yshrantsz). Jourxael ofte (iedenck- 
waerdige beschrijvinghe vande Oost-Indische Reyse . . Bcgrij- 
pende veel wonderlijcke en gevaerlijcke, saecken hem daer in 
wcdervaren ... 18 December, 1618 . . . 16 November, 1625. 
Portrait, etching on title and 8 lar^e etchings. 

Journaki, ofte Beschrijvinge van de reyse ghedaen by den 
Commandeur Dirck Albertsz Ravex, nae Spit>berghen in den 
jare, 1639 . . . ellende op't wrack en sijn bhjde verloff inge. 
Larg^c etching. 

Tw(j parts in i vol. 4to, morocco anticjue, gill over red leaves, 
by Riviere. Hoorn, 1646 

First edition of the most interesting of all Indian voyages. 

See s. 

291 [Bordone.] Isolario di Benedetto Bordoxe . . . Ricoretto 
et di Nuovo ristampato. Con la gionta del Monte del Ore nova- 
mente ritrovato. 1 1 1 woodcut maps. Folio, vellum. 

\'enetia: Francesco di Lcno, n. d. 
B. A. \'., No. 107. Minus the of the world. [2 leaves.] 
This edition contains [verso of leaf I, XIII. J the "Copia della Lelttre del 
I'rcfetto,"' which was lirst published in 1534. 

292 [Bordoxe.] Libro di Bexedetto Bordoxe. Nel qual si ragiona 
de tutte risole del mondo con li lor nomi antichi et moderni, 
historic, favole, et modi del loro vivere, et in qual parte del mare 
stanno, et in qual parallelo et climagiacciono. 112 n'oodcnt maps. 
Folio, vellum. (Title mutilated and crudely repaired.) 

[Vinegia : Nicolo J" Aristotile, 1528J 


A mi: UK ANA. 

293 |lii)STON Massackk.) a Short Nakrativk of the ii(»rkii) 
Massacrk in Hosion, perpetrated in the Kvenitijj of the Fifth 
Day of March, 1770, by Soldiers of the XXIXtli Re^Mmeiit; 
which with the XlVtli Rei;inu'nt were then (Quartered there. 
With some Observations on tlie State of Ihinjjs |)rior to tliat 
Catastrophe. Svo, half morocco, uncut (pp. 77 and 80 dupli- 
cated), Boston, 1770 

294 I P.()ST()N Massacrk.) A SiioRr Narrativk, i'^-c. [Another 
ct)py.J Svo, half morocco. Boston, 1770 

In this inipiession the narrative is continued from p. 3•^ ti> 4S by the ad<litii)n 
of certain matter which " may be supposed by the unhappy [lersons, now in 
custody for trial, as tending to give an undue bias to the minds of the jury.'' 
The appeniiix is also increased to SS pages. 

-95 [Boston.] Orations delivered at the Request of the Inhabi- 
tants of the Town of Boston to Commemorate the Evening of the 
l'"iftli of March, 1770, when a number of Citizens were killed by a 
party of British 'I'roops, quartered among them in a time of Peace. 
Small 8vo, half calf. Boston: P. Etles, [1785] 

These Boston Massarre Orations are by James Lovell, Dr. Joseph Warren, I>r. 
lieiij. Ctuirch, Hon. Jo' n Hancock, I'eter Th.icher, IJenj. llichbom, Jonathan 
W. Austin, William Tudor, Jonathan Mason, Thomas Dawes, Jr., iJeo. Richards 
Minotand Dr. Thos. .Velsh, and conclude with the oration on the re-interment 
of Joseph Warren (who was killed at Bunker Hill), by Perez Morton, and a I'oem 
by James .Mien. 

From the Crowninshield library. 

296 Boston Slave Riot and Tkiai, of Anthony Burns. Contain- 
ing tlie Report of the Faneuii Hall Meeting ; the Murder of 
Ikitchelder; Theodore i'arker's Lesson for the Day; Speeches of 
Counsel , . . &c. Svo, half morocco. Boston, 1854 

297 I l]osroN Tea-Party.] Proceedings of a Special Meeting of 
the .Massachusetts Historical Society, December 16, 1873: being 
the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Destruction of the Tea in 
Boston Harbor. Fac-simile. Svo, uncut. Boston, 1S74 

298 Bossu (M.). Nouveaux Vovaces aux Indes; 
contenant une Relation des differens Peuples qui habitent les envi- 
rons du grand Fleuve Saint- l.ou is, appellti vulgairement le Missis- 
sippi, &c. 2 parts in i vol. lamo, calf. Paris, 1768 




J of 


i .'99 li()s>r. N'oivK.M'x VoYAc.K.s aiix Indks Olcmiikn i ai.ks, conte- 
naiil line Rclatutn ilcs (lilTcrtiis I'ciiplcs, iVc. 2 vols., 121110, half 
calf. Ainstcniam, 1769 

300 lioiTRo ((liovanni). Rki.ationi Universal!. 3 ///.//y. 4to, 
vellum. Vciiftia, 1640 

Sec " Delia notitin, chc i popoli ilel Mondo Nuovo," pp. 5jS-5!SS. 

)i Hoii'RiN'i Hknaduii (Lorenzo). Idka de una Nikva IIisioria 
Cicneral tie la .Vmkkica Si iti n 1 kionai. : funtlada sombre mate- 
rial copiitso (ie I'ij^iiras, Symbolos, ("araeteres, y (lero^^lilu os, 
Cantares, y Maniiscritos de Aiitores Indi )s [y Catalojjo del 
Mueso Historico Indiano]. Fr(>///is/>irtr. 4to, calf. Madrid, 1746 

^ jo: 

HoucHKR (Jonathan). .\ V'liw of the Causks and Cunsk- 
QUENCEs of the .American Rk.voi.u iion ; in Thirteen Discourses, 
preached in North .America between 1763 and 1775. 8vo, half 
morocco, j;ilt top, uncut edges. London, 1797 

303 Boucher de la Richaruerie (G.). Biblioth^que Universki.le 

des VoYAdKS. 6 vols., 8vo, calf. Paris, i.SoS 

304 I BoiDiNor.] A Star in the West; or, A Humble .Attempt to 
Discover the lonj? lost Ten Tribes of Israel, preparatory to their 
return to their Beloved City Jerusalem. By Elias Bomlinot. Svo, 
calf. Trenton, N. J., 1.S16 

l'aj;es S()-io7 arc devoted to an enquiry into the language of the .American 

305 BouDiNoT. Another Copy. Svo, calf. 

Trenton, 1S16 

•I 306 BoLi.TON (D'Arcy). Sketch of his Majesiv's Province of 
Upper Canada. Colored map. 4to, half morocco, gilt top. 

London, 1.S05 

307 [BorNOAKV Question.] The History of the Necoiiations in 
Reference to the Eastern and Northeastern Boundaries of the 
United States. Map. Svo, half morocco. New York, 1841 

308 Bou|(i;ainviei.e (NL de). History of a Voyage to the Mai.ouine 
(or Falkland) Islands, in i76''-4 , . . and of Two Voyages to 
the Streights of Magellan. 'Lianslated from Dom Fernety's His- 
torical Journal, 2d edition. Alaps and plates. 410, half calf, gilt. 

London, 1773 



309 I ni)i;K<;i.ois i)i; i,A Rmiiii.i.r.. | C'liuisi orii C'oi.omii on rAint-r- 
icjuc Dccuuvcrtc. I'ociiic. Froiitis/>iiics. 2 Vdls. in 1. Svo, calf. 

Paris, 177.? 
From th'j Amlraile I.ibr.iry, No. 1785. 

310 lHouiON.] Kki.a HON (Ic rKstablissemciit dcs Francois dcpuis 

I'an 1635. En I'lle de la Martiiiiciuc, I'une des Antilles de I'Amcr- 

ique. Dcs nuuiirs des Saiivax[es, de la situation, iV' des aiitres sin- 

;iiilaritez de I'isle. I'ar le 1'. Jacques Hi niton. 8vo, vellum. 

I'aris : S, Crainoisy, 1640 
t"?!?' See Jkslit Kri ations. 

311 HitwDoiN (James). Philosophical Discouksk addressed to the 
American Academy of Arts and Sciences, to which are added 
Three Memoirs, \-c., lai^^c plate, 4to, half morocco, Hostoii, 17.S6 ; 
also in this volume. 

An ICui.ofiY on the Hon. Jamks Bowdoin ... By John 
Lowell, small folio, 24 pp, Boston, 1791. 

Presentation copies from tlie respective authors to Gov. Sarfjent. 

312 BoYKR (Paul). Vkritaulk Rki.ation de tout ce qui s'est fait et 
passe au Voyage que M. de Hretigny, fit a PAmerique Occidentale. 
Svo, calf. Paris, 1654 

Large paper copy. 

4 3 '3 HovN roN (Capt. E. C). History of VVkst Poini : its Military 
Importance durinji' the American Revolution ; and the Origin and 
Progress of the United States Military Academy. Numerous illus- 
trations [some co/ored) and maps. Imp. Svo, cloth, uncut. 

New York, 1.S64 

I.ARiJK PAPER coi'V, Only I(X) printed. Contains a fac-siinilc reprint of the 
" Trial of Major .\ntlre, 1780." 

314 BozMAN (John Leeds). Skktch of the History of Maryland 
during the First Three Years after its Settlement, to which is pre- 
fixed a Cojjious Introduction. Svo, half morocco. Baltimore, iSii 

315 Brackknridgk (Hugh Montgomery). Six Pch.itical Dis- 
couKsES, founded on the Scripture. i2mo, half morocco. 

Lancaster, 177S 

316 Brackknridgk. Journal of a Voyage up the Rivkr Mis- 
souKi [in iSi i]. 2d edition. 121110, half morocco. 

Baltimore, 18 15 




Ami UK ANA. 



Ml XK i>, containing an Account of the Castlt's of ('iI)o!a, ivc. Svo, 
iialf morocco, yilt top. l'ittsi)iirj;li, 1S57 

^iS Urai Kr.NRUxJK. HisroKV of the Wksiirn iN-^rRRix: iion in 
Wksi KkN I'knnsvi.vania, commonly called the Wiiiskcy Insurrec- 
tion, 1794. Svo, clotii. Pittsburgh, 1S59 
Most i>f till' ic)|)ii's of tliis book were destroyed by fire. 

]uj Hkadkori) (Altlen). History of Massachusktts, from 176410 
July, 1775, when Cicn. \Vashinji;ton took command of the American 
Army, 1822. 

HisiORY of Massachi'skt IS, from July, 1775 . . . to the year 
17.S9 (inclusive), when the Federal (lovernment was established, 

HisTouv of MASsAciirsKTTS, from the year 179010 1820, 1829. 
I'ojjether 3 vols. Svo, half morocco, jjilt tops, uncut eiljjes. 

Boston, 1822-29 


Till' set "f (J vols, ni.iy be sold separately, if so desired, omitting tlio duplicates i/ and/'. 

320 |Mi.i.viN.| A Journal of the Exi'kdition to Quebf.c, in the 
year 1775. under the Command of Colonel Benedict .Arnold. 
By James Melvin, a Private in Captain Dearborn's Company. 
Royal Svo, half morocco, jjilt top. N'ew York, 1S57 

Privately Printed. Only 100 copies, No. if). 

Edited by the late Mr. W. J. Davis. This is one of liie extremely rare 
volumes privately issuei! l)y " The t'iub," from which or^jaiiizatinn has since 
sprung the lelebrated " Bradforil Cliil)." 

I Washington.] Diary of WASiiiNc.roN: from the first day of 
October, 17S9, to the tenth day of March, 1790. From the 
Ori^^inal Manuscript now first printed. [Noles by Win. J. Davis, 
Introduction by H. J. Lossiny.J Royal Svo, half morocco, 
gilt top, uncut edges. New York, 1858 

No. 2 of "The Club" [afterwards " Hradford Club"] Series. Only too 
copies printed. No. 62. 

[Hatfield and Dekrfiei.d.] Papers concerning the Attack on 
Hatfield and Deerfield by a Party of Indians fro 1 Canada, 
September nineteenth, 1677, A/a/>. Royal Svo, half morocco, 
gilt top, uncut. New York, 1859 

Bradford Club Scries, No. i. 

Only 100 copies printed. Club copy No. 22. Edited by F. B. Hough. 



{<i) Hath KM) and Dki rhki.d. Another (SiibscribcT's) Copy, 
No. 8i. Royal 8vo, lialf maroon morocco, gilt lop, uncut 
edges. New York, 1859 

Uniquk Copy, 

(/>) [Dkakk and Haii.kck.] Tlie Croakers, hy Josepli Rod- 
man Drake and Fitz-Crcene Hallcck. First complete edition. 
rortraits on India Paper, and 175 inserted /i/afes, <^e. Royal 
8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut edges. New York, 1S60 

Uiii(|iic copy of No. 2 of tlie Hrailford Club Si'rics, with auto^jra])!) iLttirs 
of Ilalktk, J. K. raiildiiijr, C. Kcmhlc, John lacol) Aslor & Son, Win. C 
Hryant, 118 portraits anil 43 views inserted; also " I'he American I'lajj," liy 
Drake, illustrated by Darley. 

Only I 50 copies printed. No. 100. 

Drakk and The Croakkks. Portraits on India 
paf'er. Another copy (Club copy. No. 43). Royal 8v(), half 
morocco, gilt top, uncut edges. New York, i860 

Only i(j<) copies printed. 

[I)k CiRAssE. I Operations of th . French Feekt, under the 
Count De Crasse, in 1781-2, as described in two contempo- 
raneous journals. Portrait on Pidiu paper, v>v. Royal 8vo, 
cloth, uncut. New York, 1864 

Bradford flub (No. 3). 

150 copies privately printed. No. 15. 

.XNrnoi.ocY of New Netheriand, or Translations from the 

Early Dutch Poets of New York, with Memoirs of their Fives, 

by Henry C. Murphy. Portrait of Steendani, J'ae-siniHes, ^-e. 

Royal 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. New York, 1S65 

75 copies privately printed. No. 15. 
Rrailford Club Series, No. 4. 

I De Soro. I Narratives of the Career of Hernando De 
Soro in the Conquest of Florida, as tokl by a Knight of l-'.lvas, 
and in a Relation by Lays Hernandez de Biedma, Factor oi 
the Kxpedition. 'I'ranslated by Buckingham Smith. Portrait 
on India paper, map, ^c. Royal 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, 
uncut. New York, 1866 

75 copies only printed. No. 15. 

Bradford Clul) Series, No. 5. Contains alsc view of the tombstone of 
William Itradford, in Trinity Church Yard. 

Amkkkana. 47 

Nokiiii k\ Invasion (The) of Oct., 1780: a Series of Tapers 
Relatinj.' to the IvvpecHtions from Canada under Sir Jcsiin John- 
son an(i others against the Frontiers of New Vori<, wiiicii were 
supposed to have Connection with Arnold's Treason. Willi 
an Introduction and Notes by Franklin li. H()ui(h. JA//, c>v. 
Royal <Sv(), half morocco, gilt top, uncut. 

New York, moccci.xvi. 

Bradford CIiili Si-rii-s, No. 6. 
Only 75 copies printed. No. 15. 

[Laurkns.] The Akmv Corrkspondknck of Coi.onm i John 
I,ai;ri:ns in the Yea s i"'77-S, now first Printed from the 
()njiinal Letters addressed tohis l-'atiier Henry I, aureus, I'resi- 
dent of Conjrress. With a Memoir by William Ciilmore Simiiis. 
Portrait on Inaia piiper. Royal Svo, half morocco. ;;ilt toj), 
uncut edges. New N'nrk, iSf)7 

Itraclford C'lub Scries, No. 7. 
Only 75 copies printed. No. 15. 

3.'i I Hraosirkk I' (.\nne).| 'I'liK Tf.n rii Musi, Lately Sprung iij) in 
.America; or, Severall Poems, compilecl with great Yariety of Wit 
. . , Also a Dialogue betwean OUl England and New, con- 
cerning the Late 'I'roubles . . . By a Centlewoman in those 
parts. Small Svo, calf, gill edges. Title damaged, London, 1650 

3^2 I5RA1M-.RI) (David). Miraiiiiia Dki intkr Induos, or the Rise 
and Progress Of a Remarkable Work of (Irace .\mongst a Num- 
ber ( )f the Indians In the Provinces of New-Jersey and Pennsyl- 
vania, justly Represented in .\ Journal Kept by Order ol the 
Honourable Society (in Scotland) for i)ropagating Christian 
Knowledge. With some general Remarks. . . . Svo, calf, pp. 
253, margins crop|)ed. Philadelphia : Williatr, Jimii/orJ, | 1746I 

.At pa^je Si occurs a secoiul title, " I)ivine llrace display 'il, or the Continuance 
and I'rojjrcss of a Remarkable Work i>f dracc . . . to which is suhioined an 
Ai)penili.\," iVc. 

T,2T, Hram) (Chas.). Jot RNAi, of a Yovaok to Peru : a Passage 
across the Cordillera of the .Andes, in the Winter of 1X27, Per- 
formed on Foot in the Snow ; and a Journey across the Pami)as. 
Plates. Svo, half calf, gilt. London, iSiS 

324 [liRANNAN.] Ofkiciai, Lk. rTF.RS of the Mii.riARV and Navai. 
Okkkkrs of the UNriio SrAii;s during the War witli (Ireat 
Mritain, in the v---s 1S12, '13, '14, iS: '15, with some Additional 


48 A mi: UK AN A. 

Letters . . . collected and arranged by Joliii Hrannan. 8vo, 
half calf, gilt. Washington City, 1823 

4325 [IJrant. I I.iKK of JdSKi'H Hr ANP-Tn A YKN DANEOKA : including 
the Border Wars of the American Revolution . . . by William 
I,. Stone. Portraits antl map. 2 vols., 8vo, half morocco, gilt 
tops. New ^'ork, 1S3S 

J 326 Hkasskur in I'.dURHouRC (E. Charles). I.ettrks pour servir 

d'introduction a rHisroiki. I'rimi rivi. des Na rioxs Civhisi'ks de 

I'Amkrkjlk Sr.i' 1 kn rRioNAi.K, adressees a M. le Due ile \almy. 

4to, boards. Mexico, 1X51 

A Spanish translation accompaniL-s the French text in parallel rulumns. 

J 327 Mrasskur DK HoUKiioi'Rc; (I'Abbe). Rkciikkciiks siir les Rimnk.s 

» de I'^um': et sur les Origines de la Civilization du Mexitiue. 

' //'//// 56 /art:;i' p/utes after the i/<'si):;iis of Je WalJeck, some Ci>lorei{. 

Imp. folio, half morocco, gilt top. Paris, rS6t) 

32.S I?RAS>KUR ])l. BoURliOURO (I'Abbe). MANUSCRir '!")<( lANO. 

ICtudes sur le Systeme Graphicpie et la Langue des Mayas. //'//// 
70 (hromo-litho^raph /ar-simi/es of ancient Afexiean maniiscripts, 
&'e. 2 vols., royal 410, half morocco. Paris, 1.S69 70 

I'rcsentation copy from the author. 
Kamire/, No. 120. 

329 Hrasskur 1)K Hourhourg. I,an(;uk des Mayas. Another 
copy. 2 vols., royal 4to, cloth, uncut. Paris, 1809-70 

330 Hrav (Thomas). Apostolick ('marmy, its Nature and Excel- 
lence considered in a Discourse upon Dan. 12, 3. Preached at 
St Paul's at the Ordination of some Protestant Missionaries to be 
sent into the Plantations. To which is Prefixt, a Cieneral View of 
the English Colonies in America, tS:c. 4to, polished calf extra, by 
Pratt. London, 1699 

The (lueslioii (if "setllinR of Libraries in tlie several Parishes of each I'ro- 
vince" is here diseiisseil, " 1-ifty Pounds worth of Hooks beiiijj the least that ca;i 
be suppos'd requisite to enable a .Minister to discharjje the Duties of his Function." 

331 Hrav (Thomas). Tm: Acrsof Dr. Hray's Visita rioN held at 
Annopolis in .Mary-Land, May 2^, 24, 25. Anno 1700. Folio, half 
morocco (title and 17 pp.\ London, 1700 

At the end will be found " .\ Circular Letter the Clergy of Mary-Land, 
subsequent to the lato Visitation," 5 pp., and " Cursus Catecheticus .\mericanus," 
I pane. 


J .?.?. 

/if ^a ■>•'■' 

i ,1.15 




to be 
■\s of 

;i. !)>' 

r/ ^^ 

332 Hkikkkin (Jolin). A Hrikkk and iruk Ri i.aiion of the I)is- 
coverie of the Nortli I'art of Vir^^inia ; being a most pleasant, 
friiitfiiU and commodious soile ; Made this present yeeie 160;!, by 
Caiitaiiie Bartliolomm' (iosnc/t/, ('ai')taine Iiartfu>lini<ni,-,c (lilhcit, 
and divers other gentlemen their associats, by the iiermission of 
the honourable knight, Sir Walter Ralegh, &c. Whereunto is 
Annexed a Treatise of 'S\. EdnutrJ Jfayis, )k.c. 4to, vellum, j^ilt 
edges. London : Genr. Bihop, 1602 

Fine copy nf an excessively rrire huok. The companion volume will be foiiml 
under Kosikk. 

353 Hrissam (P. Francesco (lioseppe). Hkk.vk Rk.i.a iionk d'Alcune 
Missioni de I'l'. della ("ompagnia di Giesu nella Nuova Franc ia. 
4to, red morocco extra, gilt leaves, by Pratt, Macerata, 1653 

See Jescit Ri i.ations. 

334 Hrkion (Raymond). Dictionairk Cakaiiii.-P'ram;oi> (et l-'ran- 
(;ois-("araibe|. Mesk- de (piantitc de Reniar(|ues historicpu-s pour 
I'esclaircissement de la I.angue. 2 vols., small 4to, blue levant 
morocco, gilt leaves, hy Hardy. Auxerre, 1665-6 

At the entl of the second vol. is houmi " I'etit ("atechisme ou sonmi.iire dcs 
'I'rois Premieres parties de la l)t)Ctrine ( hrestienne. Traduit du Fraiiv'"is, en la 
lanjriie des I'araiUes Insulaires, par . . . IJreton (70 pp. ). Au.xerre, l()ln." 

335 Hkkvooui (I. C). Vkrrazano the Navigator ; or, Notes on 

(liovanni da Verrazano and on a Planisphere of 1529 illustrating 

his American Voyage in 1524. Map. Svo, cloth, uncut. 

New \'ork, 1.S74 
Only 250 copies printed. 

33<^ JUrCWtfCniJaCi) (Hemard le). ILf flCant UOyaor '»' HHKL- 
sAi.KM divise en deux parties. F^n la premiere est traicte des pere- 
grinations de la saincte cite de Hierusaleni. . . . Kn la seconde 
partie este traicte des croisees et entre prinses saictes par Ics toys 
et princes chrestiens pour la recouvrance de la terre saincte et 
augmentation de la foy Come Charles Martel, l'ei)in, Charie- 
maigne, le roy saincte, Loys, (lodeffroy de buillon et autres cpii 
ont concpieste la cite de Hierusalem. De guerres des turcz et 
I'artarins la prinse de Costantinople, du siege de Rhodes, la prinse 
de (Irenade, avec Ihystoire de Sophie, &c. 4to, morocco extra, 
red leaves. Paris : /•". Ri'^nault, 1522 

Ramirez, 975. 

Second edition of Huen's transl.ntion, with the two large pl.ites (f.-jc similes liy 
I'ilinski) and numerous woodcut illustrations throuj^hout the te.xt. On the 
recto of folio cxcviii. see ; " Co* -e dunes led res de Pierre Pasiiuilijfe," which is 
an account of (l.ispar C'ortereai s discovery of Labrador. 



3;57 IJkidki. (I,()uis). I<F. Pouk ct le C(»n i rk, ou Avis a ccux qui sc 
proposcnt de passer dans les P/ia is-I'ms i»'AMKKi(,»rK. : siiivi 
(I'linc description du Kk.ntuckv et dii Genesy, iVc. ylA//. Svo, 
half morocco, gilt top, uncut edges. Paris, 1803 

33<S IJrikk (;\) and Trvv. Narkativk of the Hostile Conduct of tlie 
Harharous Natives Towards the Dutch Nati(»n. Translated by 
K. H. OX'allaghan [from the original Dutch M.S.). Svo, half mo- 
rocco, gilt t(>p, uncut. Albany, Mi)cct:i.xiii. 

Only S" Copies piinti'd. 

" As late as 1(155 the Indians of New York were revenjjinji ilie ni'irilenms 
slailj;liter of four hiiiulred of their enuntryincn at I'avonia by that^uiii.iry 
coward ( HIV ernor Kief t. The petition shi>ws that three huiul.edof the Oiitih 
lolciny had been slain and one hundred carrietl away captive. So audacious had 
the lieree Indians become that several of the I hitch had lieen killed on 
the Island of Manhattan; and on one occasion sixty-four canoes loaded with the 
savaj;es had landed on the shore of the North River, and Ijefore daylij^ht had 
tilled the streets of New Amsterd.ini. The fir>t objects upon which the eyes of 
the astonished Dutchmen resteil in the morning were the crowds of savages, to 
whose forbearance alone they owed their lives " — FlKLD. 

339 liRKiHi' (John). Si'EKCHKS [on the Trent Affair, the Recognition 
of the Southern Confederacy, &c.]. i2mo, cloth. Londoti, 1S69 

340 Mkin roN ^^Daniel G.). 'I'he Myths of the Niw Woki.d : a 
Treatise on the Symbolism and Mythology of the Red Race of 
.America. i2mo, cloth. New York, icS6S 


dans t'A.MKRKjUE Septentrionale, de M. le Marqui> de Chatel- 
hix. . . . Svo, half calf. I.ondres, 1786 




IJRisst) r DE VVarvim.k. New Travels in the Um i ed States of 
Amkrila, performed in 1788. Translated from the French [by 
Joel Barlou<\. Svo, half calf, gilt. London, 1792 

The author came to the United States just before the French Revolution, for 
the |)urpose of selecting a suitable place for establishing a colony of respectable 
persons who had determined to abandon the then despotic government of l-' ranee 
anil seek an asylum under the mild and equal government of the United States. 
A secopd volume was subseiiuenlly published. 

Prissot de Warvim.k. New Travels in the United Sta pes 
of .Amkkica, performed in m.dcc.lxxxvim. [Translated by Joel 
JJarlow.j 2 vols., Svo, boards, uncut. London, 1794 

Autograph and stamp of Lemuel (1. Olmstead on title. Vol. 2 apparently 
lacks a portrait of the author, and comprises " The Commerce of America with 
liurope," partly written by Claviere : and a Life of Brissot. 





344 British Claims. The Claim and Answkr in the Case of 
Wilham Cunningham & Co. against the United States, under the 
Sixth Article of the Treaty of Amity. Philadelphia : Fcmio, 179S 

The Rki'LV of William Cunningham & Co. to the Answer of 
the United States to their Claim and Memorial. 

Philailelphia : Humphreys, ijoS 

Sundry Rksolutions of the Hoard of Commissioners for car- 
rying into Effect the Sixth Article. 
Together 3 vols, in 1. 4to, half calf. 

Philadelphia: Humphreys, 1798 


Briiish Claims. Sundry Rksolutions and Proci K.i)iNtj> in 
Cases before the Board of Commissioners for carrying into effect 
the Sixth Article of the Treaty of Amity, Commerce and Naviga- 
tion, concluded between His Britannic Majesty and the United 
States of America. 4to, pp. 123. 1799 

The Claim and Answkk, with the subsequent proceedings in 
the case of the Rt. Rev. Charles Inglis against the United States, 
under the Sixth Article, ^cc. . . . 410, pp. 107-40. 

Philadelphia, 1799 

A Brief Statemf.nt of Oimnions given in the Board of Com- 
missioners un<ler the Sixth Article . . . with an Appendix. \c. 
8vo. pp. 71. 1 800 

Three vols, in 1. 4to, half calf. I'hiladelphia, 1799-1800 

346 British Colonifs. .\ Concisk. Hisiorkal .AccouNrof all the 
British Colonies in North .America, comprehcniling their Rise, 
Progress and Modern State ; jiarticularly of the Massachusetts- 
Bay (the Seat of the present Civil War), together vith the other 
Provinces of New England. . . . 8vo, h-.lf morocco, gilt to|). 

London, 1775 

347 [British Colonies.] HI^iTORlSl h-statistischf. Notiz der (Iross- 
brittannischen Colonien in America, mit politischen Anmerkungen 
di( ,;egenwartigen .•\niericanisclien I'nruhen betreffentl. Svo, 
cloth. Erankfurt, 1776 

348 [British Impress.mfnts.] * Copies and Extracts of Documents 
on the subject of British Impressments of .American .Seamen. 8vo, 
half morocco. London, 1812 

* 'rransmitted to the .Senate, by Mailison. 


349 [HkiiisH Si'Y.| The Lkitkrs of tin; I^rhish Si'V, orij'inally 
|)Lil)Iishc(l ill tlic Virj(inia Argus, in August and St'|)tt'nil)cr, 1.S03. 
The Second Kdition. Svo, half calf. Richmond, 1S03 

From the rnnvninshicld Library. 

350 [Mkoi AKi)| Dkscrii'tio Tkrkak Sani. tak exactissinia, autore 
Hrocardo Monacho . . . Dk Novis neper repertis, N: de 
moribus incolarum earundem, per I'KrKUM Maktyrk.m res lectu 
digna. Small Svo, calf. Antwerpiae, 1536 

If. A. v.. No. i2>. 

At the end is buimd " I'aiaephati de noii I'redciuiis Ilisloriis l.iheiliis iitilissi- 
miis. I'horniiti de iiatura I)e<jrum libellus Joduco V'alareo interprete . . . K.pi- 
taphium . . . Corneliu Scepi)eri) autore. Antwerpiae, 152S. 

351 Brock (Sir Isaac), 'I'he Likk and Corrisfo.n i>KNcK of . . . 
intersjiersed with Notices of the celebrated Indian Chief, Tecumseh; 
. . . Kdited . . . by K. Hrock Tujiper. Post 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1.S45 

352 Bkodhkai (John Romeyn). The History of the Cnv of Ni.\v 
York. First [and Second] Periods, 1609-1O91. Map. 2 vols., 
Svo, cloth. New York, 1853-71 

Vol. 2 is a presentation copy from the author. 

353 Brodhkai). Oration on the Conquest of Nkw Nethkri.a.nd. 
Map and portrait. Imp. Svo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. 

New York, 1S64 

Published by the New York Historical Society, anil including its I'loctedinns 
on the 2iHjth .\nniversary of the "'Conquest." 

354 Hkodmkau. The CiovKRNMKNr of Sir Edmi'nd Andros over 

New I'"ngland in 168.S and 1689. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top. 

Morri.sania, 1867 
Only a few printed. iVc :,.'ntation copy from the author. 




355 Uriioksop ( Jone). .\n Invita rio.N of l.ovK unto the Seedof (iod, 
throughout the World, with a Word to the Wise in Heart. .And A 
Lamkniation for Nkw-England. 4to, half morocco. 

London, 1662 

356 Brothkrhkai) (William). Amkrican Notes and Queriks. 4 
Nos. All pitbliihi-il. Svo, half morocco, gilt leaves. 

Philadelpiiia, 1857 
Contains articles on "liook Illustrator^," account of the sale of " K. I!, 
Corwin's Library." reprints of rare .Vutograph Letters, &c., &c. 

A mi: kit \\A. 


357 Brown (Henry). A Nakkaiivi of the An i i-Masonmck Fx- 
ciTK.MKN I in the Western part of the- State of New \'ork, duriiijj 
the years 1S26, '7, 'S and a jiart of iSjy. unio, half niorocco. 

Hatavia, iS-'o 

35S Mrown. a NARRArivi of till- An 1 i-Masonic Kxi rriMKNr. 
Another copy. i2nio, half morocco. Hatavia, iSig 

350 Hkown ('I'homas). An Ace 01 n r of tl\c I'koim.i called Smaki ks: 
tlicir Faith, Doctrines and Practice ... to which is i^rcfixcd a 
History of their Kisc and Progress to llu- Present i)ay. i2ino, 
sh-ep. Troy, iSi _■ 

360 Hrownk (Junius Henri). I'oi r ^■| vks in Skikssia: .\<lvcnturcs 
within and beyond the I'nion I.iius. llliistnUiii. Svo, cloth, 

Hartford, x'^i^'s 



li A 


361 Hrownk and 'I'avi. OR. Kkior rs iijion the Minirai, Risocrcis 
of the United States. Svo, cloth. Washinj^tou, iSf); 

362 liRi'Ni'.r (Jaccjues t'harles). Manim-.i, dii I.H'.rairi. et dc I'Ama- 
rKUR de I.iVRKs. 5 vols., Svo, half niorocco. Paris, 1S42-4 

363 [15ri NswicK.] Rkmarks on the Plan and Fx rRAcrs of Hi-kms 
lately published by the Proprietors of the Township of Hninswick 
(as they term themselves) agreable to their Note of January 4tli, 
1753. 4to, half morocco. [ Boston, 1753 | 

Kxtracts from the Massachusetts Colony Laws, 4 pages, appended to the abuvc. 

364 |Hri:tk.] Memoirs of the Kt. Rev. Simon \Vm. (Iahriki. Bri" i k 
, . , with Sketches describing his Recollections of Scenes con- 
nected with the French Revolution, and Fxtracts from his Jour- 
nal, By the Rt, Rev. James Roosevelt Bayley. Portrait and 
l^laics. 4to, half morocco, jjilt top, uncut. New York, 1S60 

Only 50 copies privately printed. Up. lirutc was for nearly two years rctaim-d 
as Professor of I'hilosophy in the Seminary at Baltimore, and in 181 5 was ap- 
l>ointed President of .St. Mary's t'ollege. 

365 I Bruyi'.rino.J DeRKCiBARiA. LibriXXn. Omnium Ciboruni 
genera, omnium gentium moribus, & usu probata coinplectentcs. 
Jo. Bruyerino Campegio J.ugdun authore. Small Svo, vellum. 

l.ugdiMii, 1560 
Seep. 122: *' 'I'he first separate description of American cookery." — II. II. 


A.Mi:kl( ANA. 

366 I'.kVAN (Daniel). The Mountain Musk: coinprisiii),' the Adven- 
tures of Diiiiiel Hoone; anil the Power of Virtuous and Refined 
IJeauty. 1 2mo, halt morocco. Harrisonburg, 1813 

367 Buchanan (James). Skkiches of the HisroRv, Mannkrs and 
CusroMS of tlie North Amkrican Iniuans. Map. Xvo, half 
morocco. London, 1824 

368 [Hi CHANAN Nomination.] Okkiciai, Prockkdinos of the Nat- 
ional Dk.moc RA lie CoNVKNiioN, held in Cincinnati, June 2-6, 
1856. Svo, half calf. (Mncinnati, 1856 

369 BrcKi.iv (I'homas C. 'i'.). Mfmoriai. of . . . Portrait. 8vo, 
cloth. New York, 1874 

Privately printed from the " Times" report, etc., with euiofjies. 

370 HiDi) (Thomas). (Iood Drdkr P^stahi.ishkd in Pi;nnsii.\ an: a 
and Nk\v-Ji KSKV, in .\merica, Being a true .Vccount of the Country; 
With its Produce and Commodities there made. .And the great 
IniproveiiK-nts that may be made by means of Public .Store-houses 
for Hemp, Khix. and I.innen-Cloth; also the .Advantages of a Pub- 
lick-School, the Profits of a Publick-Bank, iVc. 4to, green lev ■ it 
morocco e.xtra, gilt leaves, by Pratt. 

[London J, Printed in the Year 16S5 

E.xceediiijjly r.ire. 

37 I I BuDi) I (iiioi) Ordkk Established in Pennsylvania and Nkw- 
Jkrskv, in .America. By Thomas Budd. A new Edition, with 
Introduction and Notes by Edward .Armstrong. 4to, cloth, uncut. 

New York: //'. Gtm-atis, 1865 
Si.\ty copies only printed on large I'AHER. P'orms No. 4 of Ciowans' "liiblio- 
theca Americana. " 

372 Buffalo Historical Society. Inaugural Address of the 
Hon. Mil L\Kii Fii.LMORK, 1862 ; the Origin of the Name of Buf- 
falo, by Wm. Ketchum, etc. Portrait. 8vo, uncut. Buffalo, 1879 

373 BuKFiM (E. Ciould). Six Months in the Gold Mines: from a 
JouriKil of Three Years" Residence in Upper and Lower (California 
in 1S47, "8, '9. Post Svo, half calf. London, 1850 

374 Bui.KEi.KY (Peter). 'The Gospel-Covenant ; or, The Covenant 
of Grace Opened . . . Preached in Concord, in New England. 
4to, calf. London, 1646 

" Tlif only puhlisiiL'd work of the first minister of Concord, .Mass."— J. II. 'T. 

Ami Kic.w A. 


^75 Hfi.i.ofK (Jamt-s D.). 'I'hc Sf.(Kkt Skrvici of the C'oxfkdkr- 
ATK Statks in Kurope; or, How the Confederate Cruisers were 
Kqnipped. :; vols., Svo, rloth, uncut. London: Pcntlcy, 18S3 

376 Hn.i.ocK (William). Vir(;ima Impartially kxaminkd, and 
left to publick view, to be considered by a!! judicious and honest 
men. I'ndcr which Title, is compreheniled the Degrees from 34 
t(» vj, wherein lyes the rich and healthfull Countries of Koanock, 
liie now I'lantations of Virginia and .Mary-land. 4to. half russia 
(title backed). lA)ndon, 1649 

377 I HrKoovNK ( John). I The SiriisTANCF of (iK-nkkai. Bikc.ovnk's 
Si'KKcUKS, on Mr. Vyner's Motion, on the 26th of May; and upon 
Mr. Hartley's Motion, on the 2Sth of May, 1778. With an .\p])en- 
di.\, containing (leneral VVashinji;ton's Letter to (leneral Hurj^oyne, 
etc. Svo, uncut. London: J. A/nion, I1778] 

37S I IUkcoynk.] The Substance of (iKXEkAi. Bikcoynk's 
Spkf.chf.s. Another copy. 8vo, half morocco. London, 1778 

Second edition. 

379 |HuRr.oYNK.| .\LKTriRfrom Lieut. -Gfxrral to 
his Constituents, upon his late Resignation ; with the Corre- 
spondences between the Secretaries of War and him, relative to 
his return to America. Svo, half morocco. London, 1779 

3.S0 [BuRooYNK.] Statk of the Expedition from Canada, as laid 
before the House of Commons by Lieut.-CIeneral Burgoyne, and 
verified by Evidence; with a Collection of .-Kuthentic Documents, 
and an addition of many circumstances which were prevented from 
appearing before the House . . Written and collected by himself. 
Fine /«(.'/• (///(/ 5 plans of battle. 4to, half morocco, git top, uncut. 

London, 1780 

3S1 [BuRcoYNK.] A Supplement to the State of the Expedition 
from Canada, containing General Burgoyne's Orders, respecting 
the Principal .Movements and Operations of the Army to the 
Raising of the Siege of Ticonderoga. 4to, half morocco, gilt top, 

New York: Privately reprinted \for F. S. Hoffmaii\, 1S65 

The New York edition, of which 75 copies were issued, wa- printed mostly for 
presentation. No. 53. The work was originally published wUhout (ieneral 
Burgoyne's authority. See M. R. .XLii., 492. 



382 I'.i KK (Jolui). I'lu' llisroKV of VikCJlNiA. from its First St'ttle- 

mt'iit to the I'rcsciU Day. Vol. I. 1S04 

I'he HisroRV of Vik(;iNiA . . . Vols. II. and III. 1.S05 

The HisroRY of Virginia; commenced by John Biirk, ant! con- 
timiotl l)y Skt'lton Jones and I.ouis Hue (lirardin. Vol. I\'. 1S16 
Together 4 vols., Svo, half morocco, jjfilt. 

Petersburg, Va., 1804-1S16 
'I'he majority of the copies of Vol. IV. were dcstroyeil by fire. 

3.S3 [iiURKK (Rt. Hon. Kd.).] The IVvmimii.kt, entitled, "Taxation 
NO Tyranny," candidly considered, and it's arguments anil per- 
nicious doctrines ;v'Mv:ed and refuted. Svo, polished calf e.vtra. 

London, n. d. 1 17 15 | 

Tuf, Ai rmiR's own coi'V, with much acliiitional m.ittcr in .M.S., evidently in- 
tcmleil for a seconil edition. 
t^" See JoiiNsuN. 

3S4 [HuKKK.| The .Si'KKi H of Kdmuni) Rurkk, Esq., on moving 
his Resolutions for Concilia rioN with the Coi.oniks, March 22, 
1775. 4to, half morocco, pp. 65. London, 1775 

385 HuKKK. Jahrbucher der neuern (leschichteder Englischen I'Han- 
zungen in Nordamerika. Vol. 3. i2mo, boards. Danzig, 1780 

3S6 MuKi.Kic.ii (Charles). The (Iknkai.oc.v of the Hurley or Hurleigh 
Family of America. Portiaits. Svo, cloth. Portland, 1880 

387 HuRNKY. A Chronoi.ooujai, History of the Discovkriks in 
tlieSoirii Ska or Pacific Ocean Hy James Burney. 26 maps ii ml 
chitits, 5 vols., 4to, half morocco, uncut. London, 1803-17 

The fourth vol. contains the IIistkrv of riiK 1Jucc.\nkhrs of Amkkica, 
wliich was separately printed in iSt6, as follows : 

3S8 IJuRNKY. HisroKY of the IUccankkrs of America. 3 iiuips. 
4I0, half morocco extra, gilt top, uncut edges. London, 1816 

Fine larji'e copy, 12x1714 inches. , 

3S9 HcRNiv. HisroRY of the Huccankers of .\mkrua. 3 maps. 
4to, half calf. London, 1816 

390 HuRNKT (Jacob). Notes on the Early Settlement of the 
NoRTH-VVEsrKRN Tkrri loRv. 8vo, cloth. New Vork, 1847 

Ami Kit WA. 


^91 ( Htrk (Aaron). I A Vikw of the I'tn 1 1 ii \i ( tiMu * 1 of Aaron 
MiKR, Ksq. . . . By the author of the " Narrative " |/'. /•.. James 
C'lieetham). Svo. half morocco. New N'ork, 1S02 

Y}2 |l5iRR.j An Kxamin a I ion of the \'.\Kinis (HAkoKs exhibited 
aK'aiiist Aar«»n IUrr. Ks(|., \i(e I'resiilent of llie Ignited States; 
ami a nevelopemeiit of the Characters and Views of his F'olitical 
Opponents. New edition, revised and correcte I. with Additions. 
Ily .\Kisni)F.s (Will. I'. Van Ness|. Svo, halt morocco. 

[New York I : Printai fii the Authot , 1S04 

^95 IUkk. RKPoRisof the 'I'ui Ai s of Coi.oNii. Aakv)N Mi kr (late 
Vicx'-PresideiU of the I'nited States), for Treason and for a .Mis- 
demeanor, in prejvirinjj the means of a Military K.\|)eiiition aj^ainst 
Mexico, a territory of the Kinjj; of Si)ain, with whom the I'nited 
States were at Peace. . . . Hy David Kol.'crtson. 2 vols., Svo, 
calf. I'hiladelphia, 1S08 

,^94 fBifkR.] RipoRTS of the Trials of C'oi.oni i. .Varon Hirr 
. . . for 'I'reason and a Misdemeanor, . . . 1S07. To which is 
ailded an .\ppcndix containing; the arguments and evidence . . . 
to commit .\. Burr, H. Blannerhassett (v/V), and I. Smith . . . 
for Treason, iS:c. 'Taken in short-hand by David Robertson. 2 
vols., Svo. half morocco, uncut eilges. I'hiladelphia, 1S08 

V>5 Birr's Conspiracy Exposkd; and General Wilkinson Vindicated 
a)j;ainst the Slanders of his Enemies on that important occasion. 
Svo, half calf. "•/•, '811 

Privately printed. 

See Men/ies, No. 2.137, Part VI., in which tiic statement is made that " wc 
know of two other copies only in existence." 

396 Burr. Me.moirs of . . . with Miscellaneous Selections from 
his Correspondence. By Matthew I,. Davis. J^oi trait!; and fac- 
simile. 2 vols., Svo, half morocco. New York, iS^O 

397 Burr. The I'rivatk Journal of . . . durinjf his residence 
of four years in Europe, with Selections from his Correspondence. 
Edited by Matthew L. Davis. 2 vois., Svo, cloth. 

New York, 183S 
tW~ See also I>avies, C.illender, Hamilton. Cheetham, Wilkinson, &c., &c. 

39S jBuRRoucH (E.).| A Dkclau \ rioN of the Sad and (Ireat 
Persecution and Martyrdom of the People of (lod, called (Juakk.ks, 



in, f(»r tlic Worsliippiiij; of (lod. . . . Alsn Soihl' 
t'onsidcratioiis, prt'scntcd to llic Kin;;, whicli is in Answer to a 
IV'tition and Address wiiit li was |)rLSt'ntcd unto llini 1)) the (Itn- 
eral Court at Hoston. Siil)scril)e(l by J. ICndicot, the Chief IVr- 
scciitt • tliere, eVc. Rulnicated title. 410, [lolished calf. 

London, | 1^)60 1 

39<j MiuroN (II. \V.). The HisroRY of Norfolk, Virginia. .\ 
Review of Important Kvents, i\;c., which ( )ccurred from 17^0 to 
1S77, &c. 8vo, cloth. Norfolk, 1877 


H| UK ION I (R.). The l-^Ndi.isii Ivmi'Iki. in Amkku a; or, A View 
of the Dominions of the t!rown of Knjiiand in the West Indies, 
naiuely, Newfoundland, New ICimland, New- York, I'ennsilvania, 
New-Jersey, Maryland. Virj^jinia. Carolina, Ht-rmudas, &:i'. . . . 

To which is prefixM a Relation of the I'irst Discovery of the New 
World, caird .\nierica. Fifth l-Alition. Afii/> luut iiii ions n'ooiiciits. 

i2mo, calf, London, 1711 

401 I lUisTAMANTK. I 'I'k.zcoio ell los Ultiiuos 'riemi)os de sus .\nti- 
yuos Reyes, o sea Relacion tornado de los Mwusixiros ineditos 
de HoruKiNi; redactados por el Lie. I). Mariano Veytia. Wuh- 
licalos con Notas y Adiciones para estudio de la Juventud Me.xi- 
cana, C'arlos Maria de Bustamante. 4to, calf extra, j^ilt top, uncut 
edffcs. Mexico, 1826 

Uaniircz, No. 153. 

I ii'RiuDK, , . . y Kstableciiniento de la Republica Popular 
Feileral. 410, half morocco. Mexico, 1S46 

40,? Mr ri.KR and Hoyt, The Livks and Opinions of Hknj'n Frank- 
I. IN lUr ri.ER . . . and Jessk Hoyt, . . . Hy William L. Mackenzie. 
Svo, half morocco. Boston, 1S45 

404 HuTi.KR (lienj. F.). (iENERAi, Orders of the Dkpartment of 
the Gui.K, from No. i (.March 20, 1862) to No. 107 (I")ef:. 1 /, 
1.S62}. Svo, half morocco. 

405 I BuTi.KR. ] The American Cyclops, the Hero of New Orleans 
and Spoiler of Silver Spoons, dubbed LL.D, by " Pasquinn." 
Illuitratt'd. 4to, cloch. New York, 1868 

A\ii;ki< wa. 


406 Ikni.KK (Mann). A IIisioky of tlic ('(immonwkam h ot 
Kkntucky. Potlniit. linio, lialf mortKco. Louisville, iSji 

407 Be iTKKFir.i.i) (Carlos). IIniiii) Si a tks and Mexican Sti-ain- 
shi|) I, inc. and Statistics of Mexico. Lar\:^e map. Xvo, cloth. 

New N'ork, 1S60 

40: RviiKi.i) (Nathanael). An AccoiiNr of the I,.\rK Ri-voi.urioN 
in Nkw Knc.ianii. 'I'o.i^ether with the \kaiion of tiie 
(lentlenien, Merchants and Inhabitants of Hits ion and the 
Country adjacent, .Vnril iS, i6S(;. 4t(), half morocco. 

London, 16.S9 
'I'lif Itciulliius of pp. i|;-2i) .irc cruppcd, otherwise a fiiu' copy, 

409 HyI'Ikio. All .XicouNi of the l-Ari'. Rkvoi.i; rioN in Niw 
i'lNiW.WK. 4t(), half morocco, j^ilt. New York, ii/>iiiit, 1S65 

410 {{v'KON (Coinm.). .\ Voy\(;k Kound the World in . . . the 
l)()l|)hni I with I ... a Minute and K.xact Description of the 
Streij^hts of Magellan, \:c. IJy an Otliicer on iJoard said Ship. 
Frontispiece. fSvo, half calf, gilt. London, 1767 


C ('!'). .\ Suour DiscouKSK o 
contaynig Diverse Reasons. nu 
injj of that Countrey. 

of the Nkw-kound-i.ani) ; 

1 inducements, for the plant- 

4to, half russia. Dublin, 1623 

41-' ICTaUrc*! Tic Vaca. | 7ia rrlatiou i? comfutactos <iei 

gouernador .\lvar Nuilez Cabei, a de Vaca, de '.o acaescido en las dos 
jornadas que hizo a las Indias. Hi.ack Letter. 4to, vellum. 
Imprcsso en Va/ladolid, par Francisco Fernandez 

de Cordin'a, 1555 

Ihu Murphy copy. 

This early edition of the Relation is of the greatest rarity. 

The journey of C'a!je(,a de \'aca across the entire continent from the Peninsula 
of l''iorida to the (inaloa on the Pacific, 1528 to 1537, and thence to the City of 
Mexico, is one of the most remarkal)le on record, and ranks in importance with 
that of Marco Polo in the East in the thirteenth century. 

The narration of the unfortunate expedition of Cal)e(,'a de Vega across the 
territory now occupied by the Southern States from Florida to Texas, in the 
year 1527, is full of the most melancholy yet absorbing interest. Nine years 
of wanderings and captivity among the Indians elapsed before this ill-fated 
member of a still more unfortunate band escaped almost alone of all who set 
out so joyously with him."— T. \V. Fikik. 


Ami UK ANA. 

41 ? Caimca i>k Vaca. Tlic Nakraiivk of Aivak NuS;i:z ('aiik* a 
1)1- V'aca. I'ranslatcd liy Biu'kiii<fliam Smith. S maps, l-'olio, 
lialf morocco, jj;ilt toji, uncut. Wasliiiij^tou, 1S51 

I'rivately printed, ami one <if Icn copies only on larj;e panlinient paptr. live 
of which were ilistrihulcd in the I'nited St.'ites, and the remainder in l-.n^land. 

" This Narrative was privately primed for Mr. (1. W. I<i^;;rs, cif W.isliin^jton, 
entirely for presentation to societies and personal friemls. It is the earliest 
relation of I'lorida and the territory 'lOni the Atlantic coast across the Mississippi 
to the I'acilic which we possess. 

41.J |C'Ar.i>i.| A MiMiiiK of Si'KAsiiAN ('Alio r ; with a Review of 
the History of Maritime Discovery jl'yO. "'iil{ile|. . . . St'coiul 
Kclition. Svo, clotli, imciit. London, 1S52 

415 ((.'aiioi.I I'lie Rim \KKAni.K I.ikk, .\nvi\ iiki s and I)is- 
i i>vi:kii> of Si iiAsi lA.N t'Aiio 1, of Hristol, the Founder of Oreat 
Britain's Maritime Power, Discoverer of America, and its first 
C'olonizer. I{y J. F. Nicliolls. , . . /'orfraif ami inaf^. S(|uare 
Svo, ch.lh, uncut. I.onilon, iSCm; 

The late ll''nry .Stevens, (J. M. II,, has sadly undermined ihe theories ami 
statements of Mr. Nicholls. 

416 |("AitKM.RA. I Rkiraio del l)tien vassalo copiado de la N'ida, y 
Iiechos de I). .Xndkks dk Caiiki ra . . . ofreccic ... I). Ivan 
Manuel I'ernaiulez I'acheco Cabrera y Mobadilla . . . \c. Don 
Francisco I'inel y Monroy. I'liit^itxirJ titlt\ coat-of-anns, aiiJ t7\'t> 
poitritits. F(, calf. Mailrid, 1677 

^'^" See pajje 2() for the poem by Alvari (lomezii de ("iiidad-Ueal. cniitled 
■■ 1 te .Mira Novi ( >rl)is deteelione." 

417 [Caiirira (t'iirisloval). I C'liRi.-^roiMioRi C'aisri.r.k l'resl)\teri 
Meditatiuncuhe. ail Serenissimum llispaniarum I'rincipem I'hilip- 
piim. Svo, red levant morocco, gilt leaves, by Jlaniy. Slij,ditly 
water-stained. (Valladolid), 154S 

I!. .\. V. Add., if.i). 

"The |)resenl volume reconmiends itself by a series of verse (fol. IN 1 1.. 
I.XIll., \c.) where he alludes to his sad experience with the Indians of New 
Spain, and utters ol)jur>;ations ag.iinsi Mexie*> in tlie style of Isaiah." — II. II. 

41S Caiiri RA v Qi'iNTKRO (Cayclano tie). Ksiudo de .\rmas de 
Mkxico : celestial proteccion de esta nobilissima citidad de la 
Nueva-Fspafla y tie casi todo el Nuevo Munilo. Maria Santissima, 
en su portentosa iinayen del Me.xicana ("lU.iilalupe, miiaurosa- 
inente apparecida en el palacio arzobispal el afto de 15.?!, y jurada 
su |)rincipal patrona el passado de 1737, en la an>;ustia (jue 



,\\l Ik KAN \. 


ocasiono la iV'stilcncia, (|ik' ct-bada con iiiaynr ri};;(tr tii los Iiidios, 
mitiyn siis ardores al abrijro do taiUa soinhia. /uii^ raviJ lillt\ 
l''()Ii(), calf, Mexico, i 7 /> 

4i() Cai.dikon (Juan Alonso). Mkmorim, Hislorico jiiridiio, 

Politico, d<' las Ijilesia C'atcdral dc la I'ln-bla dc los AnLjclcs »'n la 

Niicva-Kspana. ,?5 wooJculs. l-'olio, half vclliini. 

s. I. ct a. I i^()5 (?)| 
Itdiii ilu' Aniiradt.- I il)rary. 

.\zo Cm 1 r (Kobcrl). W'o.NDiioof the Invi^iih.i Woki.d jor Salcin 
Witchcraft 1 Displayed. /•'roiitis/^itir. jsnio, half morocco, v^iit 
top, uncut cdycs. IJoston, iSj.S 

(ji ("Mir. MdUK WoNDius of the Invi>ii!I,k W'nui.o ; or, the 
\\ onders of liie Invisii)le World, ili--play'd in I'ive Parts . . . I'o 
which is added, A I'ostscript relatinjr to a Mook intitlcd, The 1, 11 1. 
of SiK Wiii.iAM Pmi'S. 4to, morocco, ^^ilt over red leaves, by 
A'ir/i/r. London. 1700 

Fine copy. 

1, 1 /V 











ks de 
e la 


.{22 (' Ai.K.r r\. Maiiikk. Somi. Im w Ukmakks upon A Scaiul.ilous 
Piook, aj^ainst the Ciovernment and Mii\istry of New l",n);land. 
Written IJy one Robert Calef. Detectinjj the Unparrailel'd Malice 
iV Falsehood of the saiil IJook . . . Composcil and Published by 
several Persons belonj^^iii); to the I-'lock of some of the Injured I'as- 
tors, \:c. Small Svo, blue morocco extra, >j;ilt leaves, by lUJjoiti. 

Itoston, N. K., 1701 

I- iiu' lopy. 

Al till' iiiil is ;i I'dstscript in whiili Irur<'asf .iiid Cotton Matlu-r tlonN tin- 
authoiship of any part of this vindicution, which is sijjniil l)y si'vcii iianiN, 
luadiMJ l>y Ohadiah Cill. 

4J,i C'M.iiotiN (John (".). WoKKs, edited by R. K. C'ralle. 6 vols., 
Svo, half vellum extra, red edj^es. 

Coiilmbia (v/,), S. (,'., 1S5J, and New York, t.S54 '7 

bicludc's ; .'v : )ist|uisitioii mi t lovcriimi'iit, an<l .1 I >isioiirsi- on ilii' t oil' liliiti'in 
of lla- I 'niti'd Stales ; Kvpoits and I'uhlii lettiTs; and SpcL-clifs. 

4^4 Caiiioun. 'I'he Carolina I'kihiik to ("ai.iioin. Kdited by 
J. P. Thomas. I\'i trail. Svo, cloth. C'oltiiibia, 1S57 

425 Ca'..iki)Rnia. Nachrichtkn von dor .\mi,rikanis( iikn H\i.- 
HlNSKl. ('ai.ii-oknii N, iVc. /.(iii:;rtntif<. Small Svo, c.ilf. 

Mannheim, 1 77 j 


Ami: UK ANA. 

426 C.M.iKiiKNrA. Another c(jpy. Calf. 

Mannlicim, 1772 


UINSKI, C!ai,iI()knu;n . . . (leschricbcn vm liiiein I'ric-stcr der 
Gest'Ilschaft Jcsii, i<cc. Fnntti.,'ieci' and map. Post 8vo, calf. 

Mannheim, 177? 

42S |('ai i|.()i<Ni.\.| NoTiciAs (le la I'kovinc ia ile ("ai.ikokni \s, en 
tres cartas, de un Sacerdote l<eIij;ioso hijo del real convento de 
prcdicadores de Valencia a un aini^^^o siiyo. Small Svo, red 
levant morocco extra, gilt top, uncut edges, by IhdJ'ord. 

Valencia, 1 794 

!-'(> Cm I K.NDiK (John). An HisroRUAi, Discoursk on the Civil 
iiid Religious Affairs of the Col. t)NV of Kiiodk Isi.anh and I'rovi- 
ilence I'lantations in New Knglanil in America. From the first 
Settlement, i6jS, (S:c. Svo, polished calf e.vt'-a, yellow edges. 

Hoston, 1739 
430 Cai.i.kndkk. .Another copy. Hoston, 1739 

Mimis titlf-pagc, 14 introductory pajjcs, and k'af at end. 


131 Cai.i.i'.ni) .. S.W HisioKicAi, Discoi'kSK on the Civil and 
Keiigious Affairs of the Cin.oNV of Rhodk Island . . . with 
a Memoir, iVc, by Romeo Elton. Svo, cloth. Providence, 1S38 
Khoilo Islaiul Historical Society Collections, Vol. 4. 

.\},2 Cai.i.kndi k (I. T.). roi.iiicAi. I'KoiiKiss of Mkiiain ; or, an 
Impartial History of .\buses in the (lovernment of the British 
iMiipire in Europe, .\sia and Amkrica from i6,S.S. Svo, half 
morocco. (Date trimmed from title.) Philadelphia, 1795 

43.? |Cai.i KNi)AR.| The History of the UNirKD S ia 1 is for 1796; 
including a Variety of Interesting Particulars relative to the 
Federal (lovernment i)rcvious to that Period. Svo, half morocco, 
gilt top, uncut. Philadelphia: J'rrss of Sin>7i.'dt'ii ^ AfcCork/t-, 1797 

" first pulilisliL'd in numbiTs as a kind of continuation, thoujih a separate 
work, of the American Annual Register for 1796. Chapters VI. and \'II. contain 
those famous charjfes of peculation atrainst Alexaniler Hamilton." 

434 Cai.i.knder. Skktchks of the History of Amkrica. By James 
Thomson Callender. Svo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. 

I'hiladelphia: Smm'den &* McCork/c, 179S 


Mh.kK ANA. 



C'ai.vktonis (lirhain). 

Novak Novi Okhis Hisiokii, id 

est, Keriiin iil) Hispaiiis in India (^ctidentali hactenns jjcstarum, 
ivc. Svo, vellum. (lencviv. 157S 







1^6 |("| joANNis ClAi.viNi Rksponsk) ad Haldwini convicia. 

Ad Lejfcs de 'I'raiisfujj^is Desertoribns iV cmansoribus, Krancisci 

lialdwini ejiistohv (in.x'dani ad Joanncni C'alvinnm pro coinnu'n- 

tariis. 410, half morocco. .s. I., i5()2 

Titlf, ami pajjt-s 7 to 1 17. 

437 ICamiikiiick Kim rAi>n-«. I KiTi achs from the Old IUrsinc- 
(Ikoinm in Camijridjfc: with Notes by William Thaddens Harris. 
I 2mo, half calf, ijjilt. Camhridj^e, 1.S45 

45S ("amhkidc.k IM.ArKtHM. A I'latfonn of Church Discipline 
j,Mthered out of the Word of (lod, and aj^reed upon by llie Kldirs: 
and Messengers of the Churches assembled in the Synod at Cam- 
bridj^e, in Nkw-Kn(;i.a.\i>. 'I'o be presented to the Churches and 
Cicneral Court for their consideration and acceptance in tlu' lord. 
The Kij^hth .Moneth, Anno 1649. 4to, half russia. 

Cambrid^^e, i(>.\() 
"The First Kilition of llic famous C'ainl)ri(ltje I'iatform, ami (so far as 
appears) thf first work with the imprint of .Samuel (Ireen." — J. II. '!'. 

\Y) |Cami,i.s. I Ri'.i'okr of the Sn kktarv of War [Jefferson Davis], 
respecting the of Camels for the purposes of Military 
Transportation. . . . Woodcuts. Mvo, cloth. Washington, 1S57 

440 |CAMi'AMr>.] Kort Meskrifning om I'kovim 11 n Nva .Swikici-. 
iiti A, som nu fortjden af the Kngeliske Kallas I'l \svi.- 
vania . . . Thomas Campanius Holm, /'.'//i,' /</,<■</ ///A, ///<//•< (5), 
f'/itn, 2 /iifi^i' /'/<itiSiinih)ico(>Jiiits. 4to, red moro'co, gilt leaves, by 


StcKkliolm, 1702 

The larjje view of Niav;;. at i>aj;c j is copied from the idijS edition of lUn- 

i' he above ai'iDunl of the early settlement of the Swedes in .Anu-rii a is made 
up from accounts received liy the author from liis father, \c., for the writer was 
never in America. 

441 |Cami'anhs.| Descrii' iion of the I'rovim k of Niw Swkih n , 
now called by the Knglish, Pennsylvania, in .Xmcrica. Compiled 
. . . by Thomas Campanius Holm. Translated . . . with notes, 
l)y Peter S. Dii Ponceau. Mitf^s iiiid pUitis. Svo, half morotco, gilt 
top, uncut edges. Philadelphia, 1.S34 


A.MI'.kK ANA. 

.}}-• { AMi'Ui 1.1. ((Icorjii-). . . . The Drivof Ai lkiiianck: a Sermon 
...on Acmuiit of tlit' Rkiski i.h>n in Ami kii \. 121110, lialf 
iiiororco. AbcnltTU, 177S 

Sccdud rclition with Notes anil Illustraliuns. 

44.5 (" AMi'i!) I.I, ( Joliii). Umomsis iv/jz/j Tk-Xiroks. Tlic I'olitical 
I'artirsof IMiilatlcliiliia; or, thf Noniiiiccsthat oii^lit to he Kli-cti'd 
ill 1S61. .jto, lialf morocco, IMiilaildiiliia, iSf)i 

Larjje pa|M'i copy. Onl\ 4() rdpies printvil. No. i?. 

.J 14 (■ wii'iii I 1. (William \V.). 'I'he liokHKK \V.ak» akk of Nkw N'okk, 
(iiiriiij.j till' Ktvolulion; or, the Annals of TkVON C'oi srv. umo. 


half morocco 

New Vork, iS4(j 

445 C!ami'IiI' 1.1 (A.) (///,/ 'I'wiNiNi; (\V. J.). Rumiki s ui)on the Survey 
of tile noiiiulary between the Territory of the I'nited States and 
the Possessions of dreat IJritain from the Lake of tlie Woods to the 
Summit of the Rocky Mountains, tVc. J/,i/'i ani/ f</iit<s. 4to, 
cloth. Wasliin;jton, 1S7S 

446 |('\N AiiA.J kKi.Aiio.N lies Av AN r.A«.i-> rcmportes paries Au.mi-- 
dii Ki)i siir les Anci.ois. One leaf. 410. vellum. Paris, 1737 

'I'lu- i>n!y copy known. 

I »ts( ril)i'cl in Cooper's " I ast of the Mohicans." 

447 |('a.\ All A. I Kkiaiion de la |)rise du Foki (Ikokcks, on Ciiii.- 
i.Ai Mi;Hi..NKV, situe sur Ic Saint-Sacrement, tV de ce (|ui s'est cette annee en (a.nada. 12 pp., 410, vellum. i*aris, 1757 

I lie only i-opy known. 

.jjS |('anai)a.] .\imui.k.s I'RKi.i.MiNAiKKS de I'aix eiitrc Ic Roi, le 
Koi d'Mspajiiie, et le Roi de la (Irande-Bretajine. Sij,fnes a I'on- 
taiiibleaii Ic ,? Novembre, 1702. 8vo, old red morocco, jjilt leaves. 



is tlu' treaty li\ 

which Canaila was eedctl !■• KnKlami. 

s, 17 


44(> |('\NAiiA.| (lioi.oiMCAi. SiKVKY of Ca.naha. Report of i'rojj- 
ress from its ("ommeneement to 1.S63. 498 jtuuuunts. Royal Svo, 

Montreal, 1.SO3 


Sec A< \hl \, M.Ms, jlslll kHAII 

>Ns, &e. 

450 ("ai'i N (Naluim). I'he Hisrokv of Dk.mockacv; or, Political 
i'rojfrcss, historically illustrated, from the Karliest to the Latest 

Hartfonl, 1S74 


/'ortitiits. Royal 8vt), cloth. 

Vol. I., .ill pulilishetl. 

Ami: UK ANA. 







CxkAYON (Aujjustf). 1'kkmii.kk Mission dcs |i':si itks an Can- 
ada. Lettrt-s et Documents IiiOdits. Svo, vclhini, iiiuiit. 

I'aris, 1S64 
The Iftlers in (his voliinu' arc u in numiicr, dating from 161 1 [|!iaril| to 174-; 
[Avondl- Thi-y are lopies [hy VvVw Martin] of the originals. 

Cakiii NAS z Cano (dahricl ile). Knsavo o, para la 

illVroKIA (fKNKKAl. (Ic l.l I'l nKlUA, \(;. . . . dt'xic C'l aflo ill' 

1512, (inc clfscubrio la Floriila, Jiiaii I'once de I.t'oii, liasta v\ i\v 


Folio, vcllnm. 

'I he llel>er ropy, No. 1217. 

Madrid, 17J,? 

45. > 

45 4 





CaRI»o/o(I. \.). RlMlNISCKNCKS of CllAKI.K>l<>N. 121110. 

Charleston, 1S66 

C'akky (M.). a Shori Account of the Mai.ionani' Fk.vik, 
lately prevalent in I'miiadi i.i'iii a: with a Statement of the I'ro- 
(•ee»iiiii:> that took place on the subject in different parts of the 
United States. |{y Mathew Carey. Svo, half morocco. 

Philadelphia : printed by the Author^ \~^)S 

Contains li>ts of the riames of all the persons buried in the several graveyarils 
of I'hilailclphia from .■\u;|nst 1st to November ijth, 1703. 

'"This [Kimphkt is a historieal aceount of the eirciinisianccs attenllin^; tlu' visi- 
tatioii ..f the yellow fever, which prtncil so fatal in Philadelphia, in the year 171)3. 
anil in which .Mr. I'arey presenteil his fellow-citizens with a collection of facts 
and i)l>Nerxatif»ns well calculated for the satisfaction of their anxious curiosity." — 
M k.. viv . IS7. 

Cariv. .\ Sndki .Xccouni of the 1M.A(;i!K., t)r Maiiunani 

Fevhk, lately i)revalent in riiii.ADii.i'mA. .Svo, half morocco. 

London, \'y^).\ 
l';igcs •. 1(2 and bro.nlside. 

(CAki'tN.J Joan. Cakioms Ma 1 111 MA rici Chronicorcm . . . 
Cataloijus I'ontificiim. Ciesaruin, Rejjuiii iV Dticum Venetorum, 
cum Intlice copiusissimo. Small Svo, vellum, red leaves. 

i'arisiis, 1557 

Seep. 513 '■ (.'hristophorus Columba t "icnui-nsis A Alniericiis \'esputius Ilis- 
panus," iVc. 

Cari.kion (James Henry). The Hai ii.i. of Hi kna \isia, with 
the 0|)erations of the ".Army of Occupation" for one month. 
.!/<//. ijiiio, half morocio. New York, 1S4S 

Cari.1 (ConUe J. k.). I.KrriRKS .Vmkricaink.s, dans lestpielles on 
e.xainine i'Origiiie . . . des Anciens Habitansde IWrneritjue, iVc. 



. . , pour servir de suite aux Mcinoires de I). Ulloa. 2 vols., 
Svo. half calf, uncut. .\ Hostoii, ct se trouve a I'aris, 17SS 

459 [Carolina. I \ Bkikf Dksckii'TIox of The I'rovinck of C!aro- 
1 IN A, On the Coasts of Floretla. .\n(l More perlicularly of a New- 
IMantation bej^un by the Knjjlish at Cape I'eare, on that River now 
by them called Charles- River, the 29th of May, 1664, \c. To 
ji;ether with a most accurate M \i' of the whole Province. FoUied 
niiip. "Carolina Ukscribko." 4to, limp jjreen morocco. 

London, 1666 
Fine cupy. " The first printcil description of Carolina." 
By Sir I'cttr Collaton (?). 

460 [Carolina. I The Two Chartkrs grantctl by Kim; Chakli.s 
111), to the Proprietors of With the First and Last 
Kuiulamental Ct)nstitutions of th ; Colony. 4to, blue levant mo- 
rocco extra, jjilt leaves, by Pratt. London, | 1705 ?| 

Fine lopy. 

i,b\ [Carolina, South.] Documknts connected with the llisiouv 
of SoL'in Carolina. Kdited by Plowden tlharles Jennett Wes- 
ton. 4to, half mor«»cco, uncut. London, 185O 
Only i<><> copies printed at the Cliiswick I'ress for private distribution only. 

462 Cakkara. CoLi;.Miius Cakmkn Hpicum Eminent""' vV h'ti.'"' 
J'rintif>i Henedicto I'amphilio Dicatuin authore Ubertino Carrara 
societatis Jesu. Svo, vellum. Roma-, 1715 

Jjy ^ec llarrisse's Notes on Colunil>us, p I<J5. 

465 Carrara. Another copy. Vellum. 

464 Carroll (M. R.) Hi>tork:al Collkci ions of Soi' in Caro- 
lina: embracin>( many Rare and Valuable Pamphlets, and other 
Documents Relatinj; to the History of that State from its l-'irst 
LMscovery to . . . 1776. Comjiiled with various Notes and an 
Introduction .I/<i/. 2 vols., Svo, cloth. New N'ork, 1S36 

465 Car 1 As \t\: lM)iA>i. Publicalas por primera vez el Ministerio de 
Fomento Ma/<s and fac-siinihs. Thick folio, boards, uncut. 

Madriil, 1.S77 

466 t^AKLKR (William). .\ Gknuinf. Dktail of the Several Knjiaj^e- 
ments. Positions and Movements of the Roval and .'\mkru:an 
.'Vrmiks durin;j the Vears 1775 and 1776, with an \ccurate 








Account of the Blockade of Hoston, dnJ a Plan of the \Vi>i ki on 
liiinkn's Hi//, ik.v. 4to, half calf. London, 17S4 

At the fiiil is hounit " Authentic Kcbi-i I'nptTs. sei/cil at St. I'ust.itius." 
I.ondon, 1 78 1. 

467 ("AkiiKK (Jar(|iU's). Hki I Ri'i if ct Succinctc Narration do la 
Navi}:;ation tailc en moxxw. el mdxxwi. . . . aiix lies de Canada, 
Hochelaj^a Saj^uenay, et autres . . . Precedee d'line brew et 
siiccincte Introduction historitpif par M. D'Avezac. Svo, red n.o- 
rocco, super extra, jjilt leaves, by Ga/ittc. I'aris : Tross, 1X6^ 

Only ;i liniitt<! I'llitinn |iiintcil. 

46S |C.\Kin.K.| Vdv \(.i 1)1. JAi^uKs Cariikr au Can.xh A en 15.M. 
Noiivelle edition, |)iii)lii'f d'apris IVdition de 1598 et d'ajiris Ra- 
inusio, par .\l. H. Miclieiaiil. Doiiiineiits IiK-ilits siir laipies (.'ar- 
tier et le Canada, continiini(|in's par M. .\lfreil Ranie. 'luw /ais:;i- 
maps, Svo, veliiini, jjilt top, imctit. I'aris: 7V('.v.v, 1X05 

Only a liinilid uliiion |)rintt'(l. Tlii; lir^t i>.irl from the urij^inMl ol ifi)8. 

4^)9 |Cak I w ( John). I Amkkhas 1 m>i I'KNDKNc i the Intirot 
and (dory of (Ireat Britain. Svo, morocco. riiiladelpliia, 177O 

470 |CAkVhk.| Ik AVI IS throii^di llic Interior I'arts of Nok 1 11 
.Amiuh \ ill the \'ears 1766, 1767 and 176S. My J. Carver, l'-si|.. 
Captain of a Conipatiy of Provincial Troops, during the late War 
with !•■'■ Illustrated with Copper-l'lates. The I hird Edi- 
tion. ■' • svhich is added, some .\ccoiint of the Author, and a 
copious Index. 2 w*//.!, /•<;/■// <7// <//<■</ 4 p/ati's, wit/i 3 (/ ///<■ p/iilis 
colored. Xvo, half morocco. I.tnulon : C. I)i//\\ i7Si 

To this third and btst rdifiim, a hin^raphy nf the aiitlidi and .in liuUx ,iri' 
adtk'd l>y John (oaklcy I cltsoni. M.l»., who had bcmmc the proprii-lor of the 
Work, anil whoso prt-faic is dateil Manli Vi, 17S1. 

471 Cam)\i (Klippo). .\\NAi.i della Ki i'ritiii.i«.A di (Iknova. I'olio, 
vellum. (lenova, 170S 

.172 Cassin (John). M \MM.\i lA and ( ik.m 1 iioi <i(,v |of the Wilkes 
Kxplorinjj K.\peilition, 1S3S-1.S42I. 410, cloth, ////// a folio 
\\:\.\'~^ of ^j^hcauttfiilh (oloitil p/otts. Half morocco. 2 vols. 

I'hiladelphia, 1.S5S 

}73 fCAsiANiiKi) \.| Os liiiros da HisrouiA do Di sc ohkimi' 10 iv 
Coi.ti'isiA (la JNhiA pelos I'ortujiiiesi's. I'eyto por l-'ernfio l.ope/. 
lie Castanhetla. 7 vols, in 5. l-'olio, vellum and calf. .Minns 
part 3. W'ly mil-. Coimbra, 1552-61 



47) ('AsrANKDA (Hcrnan Lopes dc). 'I'hc first Hooke of tlu* llis- 
idU'ii. of tlu' Dim (ivi RiK ami CoNyi'Ksr of tlic Kam Inmias, rn- 
iLipriscil by llic PorliiiKi'lfS, in tlicir tiaunycroiis Navigations, in 
the time of Kinjj Don John . . . now translated into Knyhsh. 
by N|i(liolas| I.[ichcfilcl|. 4to, paneled calf, red edj^es, title 
mounted. I.ondon, 15S2 

475 (Ca rANi o (J. M.).] Jo. Maki.v Catanaki Gknua. 4to, levant 

morocco extra, K'lt leaves, by GrucL Rom;e, 1514 

A |KH-iu ill pmi-'C of the City of (Icno.a, coiit.Tinin^j j foi.t (if jkihl' lyl sonif 
liiK's ciiiiciriiiiiK C'i>iuml)iis aiui liis voyage. 
H. A. v.. NO. 75. 

476 C-ATKSiiv (M ). The NAruuAi. Hi>r()RV of Carolina, 
Florida, and the Bahama Islands . . . Descrii)tions in Kn- 
glish and l''ren< h. /-</;;4,v map opiJ 200 coloicJ pUitis of /'i-Ji, Birds, 
Bt lists, h'l/'ti/rs and J'/iints. 2 a)ls., inip. folio, calf. 

London, 1731 

477 Catlin (deor^je). Notks of Eijjht Years' 'i'ravels and Resi- 
lience in lOiirope, with his NoRiii Amirilan India.n COi lki- 
TioN ; with Anecdotes, &c. 24 portraits and platis. 2 vols., 
Svo, cloth. London. 184.S 

478 Cai i.iN (Antonio). Historia Coro-CiRAI'HU. a natural y evan- 
gelica de la Nueva .Andalucia, provincias de Cumana, (Uiayana, y 
Vcrtientes ilel Rio Orinoco. En);;ra7'td title, map and 3 plates. 
Folio, calf. Madrid, 1799 

The mai) is very liiu- [measuring 23.X27 iiiflit's], and was i-xi'culcil l>y l.uuis 
Sui\iili' under the orjlt-r of Don Josef ilc (lalviv, a noted name in S|)aiiisli- 
.Xnierican history. Caulin spent man\ years as a missionary in tlie northern 
rejji'ins of South .\merica. 

479 C'avo (.\ndres). Los Iris Sic.los dc Mi xicn durante el (inbi- 
erno Lspafioi . . . pu!)licala con Notas y SuplcmLiUo, el lie. Car- 
los Maria de Hu>«lamante. 4 vols, in 2. 4to, half morocco, yilt. 

Mexico, 1836-.S 

480 Cawdrv (I).). Indk.pkndkncie a CiRKAT Schism. Proved 
Ajjainst Dr. Owen his .ApoloRy in his 'i'ract <m' Schism. As also 
an .\ppeiulix t<.) the former Discourse, shewinjj the inconstancy of 
the Dr.. and the inconsistency of his former and present Opinions. 
Small tSvo, calf. London, 1657 

It??" See Cotton tjohn). 

'l"i»c al)ove copy has the prelitnintiry leaf. 





Ami Kit \\.\, 






Icy of 


4.S1 Cawdkv. Iniik.I'KNI>i ncv Fir I mkr proved to be a Schism; or, 
A Siirvfy of Dr. Owfiis Review of his Tract of Schism. With a 
Vindieation of the Aiitlioiir from his unjust clamours aiul false 
.Xspersions. Small Svo, ealf. London. 165S 

4X2 |('l I l.ARH S.| HaKMoMA M At k'>s( o-mica scu Ari..*s rxiVF.K- 
sAi.i>< ct Nii\ I's, totius imiversi ereati CosmoKraphiam jjeneralein, 
ct novani exiiibens, in (jiia ( )mniiini totius Mundi Orbium 
monita C'onstnictio, secumlum iliversas divcrvirum Authoruni 
opiniones . . studio, et lahore A ndraa: C'cllarii Palatini , . Frontii- 
pien- and 28 nuips, Csr-W, all fn)^/i/y colorfJ, and li€i):hlfiifii with i^i'/J. 
Imperial folio, vellum, j^ili. .\nistcIodami: J. Jansionium, \UU\ 

4.S; |C'ksi'KMKS. I RKt;iMiKN It) tie N avi«;acic)x q mando hazcr el Kei 
Nuestro Sent)r, por onleii ile su sonstio Real de las Indias a 
Andreas darcia de C"es|)edes su cosmojjraft) major. \c. Map iitiJ 
li'i'OiUuts. Folio, velhim. Madrid. i6o'j 

The sfiiiiul part (.•omincnct'S at folin 1 15. with ihc m-ip "•Nucvo Mondu," at 
[»\\» I2(>. 

484 (T.). \ C'oi.i.Kc rit)N of the Works of Thomas 
C'hai.kmv. In two I'arts. 2v0ls.ini. Sv«>. Cambridge calf, reil 
leaves. I'hiladelpliia: PrinttJ by B. Franklin and D. Hall, i74<j 

(.'halkliv was a (Juakcr prcaihcr, wim came to .America in the year 17<«>. aiiil 
scttleil at iM)iiatlcl])hi.i. lit- traveled ami preacheii in all the Hrilish Colonies 
from New Kn^lanil to North Carolina. Ile also visiteti the Wtvt India Islands, 
and the Hermihlas. " Some of tlic New Kii^^Iand priests." he says. " were so 
bitter against Friends, that, instead of beinj; humbled, under the mighty hr-ml of 
Ciod u|M(n thcin in sulTering the Indians to destroy them, the> c«pres>'d 
enmity against the p<n)r ijiiaker." 

485 [Chai.mkrs. I I'oi.niCAi, Axnais of the Prkskxt Uxmko 
Coi.oMKs, from tlieir SettlenieiU to the Peace of 1763: Compiled 
chiefly from Records, ami authorizeil often by the Insertion of 
State Pa|)crs . . . Uy ("iet)rge Chalmers, Ksq. B<M)k 1. 4to. 
vellum, uncut. London: Printed ft*r tht Author , 17S0 

The second p.irt was never published. " Chalmers was a strrnoous supporter 
of the rijjht of the mother country to lav the colonies, ami. throu};houi his narra 
tive, every fact which would admit of it. was studiously applied to support this 

486 Chamukri.ayn (Joanne). Oraiio Domixica in diversas omnitmi 
fere gentium linjjuas versa et jiropriis ciju^jue Imgux charac- 
teribus e.\|)ressa, \'C. 410, parchment. Am>teloedami, 1715 

ti^" See Indian l.anguajji's, p. 81), At-. 



487 [ClIAMIllKI.IN 7S. Wll.KK.S.| TIlC AnSWHR (»f J<>||X F. ClIAM- 
IIKKI IN to tlu' ('(»M1M AIN r of (ll.OKdK Wll.KKS, ill ail Actioii to 

Recover Damajics for Defamation of Character. 8vo, half mo- 
rocco. New York, 1S73 


toii;je«)is . . . Journal tres-fuiele lies Observations faites es des- 
couvertiires de la Nouvelle France . . . Enstmblt' Jeux iiirtcs 
geo);ia/>/ih/utSy \jr'c. 410, blue morocco, gilt over reel leaves, by 
Riiiiii'. Paris, 1613 

Kino copy. V'xcci'(lin};ly ran-. 

The larj;i' mip at pa;;i- I, i hart at pp. S, ij, 17. 23, 2^1, 30, 35. 38, '14, "<>, !^<), 
88, iiS, i3.> [small map, p. i(>i>], 172, 17^1; plates at pp. q«), 136. 1S7, 232, 

489 Cha.mim.ain (S.). VovAdK.s et Dkscouvkrtures faites en la 
Nouvelle i'laiice, ilepuis rannee 1615, jus(|ues a la fin de I'annee 
161S. J<Jijriti;(iitit/vtiU(/Gp/a/es. Svo, half morocco. Paris, lO jo 

Thf i'X(i".sivily rari- l-'irst edition. 

490 [C'liAMi'i.AiN. I V<)vai;es de la Nouvki.kk Fran'ce Occi- 
DKN lAi.K, di<te ('anai)a, faits par le Sr. de Ciia.mpi.ain Xainc- 
tonj.!:eois . . . Ensemble une Carte generalle lie la description 
dudit pays, i\:c. 4t(), olive morocco, gilt over red leaves, by 
Riviere. Paris: Louis Sa'estre, 1632 

The map is juintd, ami prcicilcs the Tabic. The etchings (o) are on pp. 24?. 
2?<). 2f>5, 2i)i, 2i)i( am! 304. 
Hriiilcy, No. 7O. 

491 Cn AMi'i.AiN. OKfVRf'.s i)K, publices sous le patronage de I'rni- 
versitL' Laval par PAbbc C'. H. Laverdiere. .Mii/>s ami plalcs. 
6 vols, in 3. 4to, half morocco, gilt edges, by Zaehnsdorj . 

Quebec, 1S70 

" Tliis c-xtri-mely valuable edition of all Champlain's works includes the te.\t of 
his lirst American voyajje, i50()-tf)02, wiiich was never published before, except 
in an Mn^jlisli translation by the Maklu)t Society. The MS. of that Vox a>;e. 
which contains drawing's that are repnuluced in the plates above referred to, was 
not even known to exist twenty years ago. The lirst voyage is followed by new 
editions of the volumes published in 1^103, 1613, 1611; and 1632." 

492 CiiAMi'ioN (J.). RkI'I.ix'iions ou the Sta rK of Parties; on 
the National Debt, and the .Necessity and Expediency of Sup- 
pressing tlu- .\mi:kica\ Rkvomi rioN. Svo, half morocco. 

London, mdccxlvi. [1776] 

Amikivana. 71 

41;^ Cmamimkn (Kiclianl). Considkkationsoii the I'rcsciit Situation 

of (Ircat Britain and the Umik.h Si a iK.sof a, willi a \iiw 

to tlicir future CoinnR-rtial tuiincxions. .Svo, lialf riissia. 

I.oiulon, 1784 
Second edition. 

494 C"iiAM»i.Kk (I't'lfg W.). Ami KK AN C'kiminai I KiAi >. roitrails 
0/ Amiri\ ft(. 2 vols., i2nio, half morocco. Hoston, 1S41-44 

Has accounts of the trials of /.injjir, l.cislvr, Major Aiuln, Ji>sh»ia lUtt 
Smith, etc. Also, the History of the Salem Witclicraft, New York Ncjp'o I'lot. 
Iloston Mass^icrc, etc. 

495 I'liAi'iN (Aionzo H.). (li.ASTi Niit'KV for Twn llr.MtKi.n N'kak^: 
a Ccnlcnnial Discourse, May iSth, .\. J). 185^}. With an .\|)pcn- 
(lix, etc. .!/<//>. Svo, cloth, ll.irtfonl, 1S55 


4<;(.> Chaka*. TERisTics of the Treseiit Political State of tlreat I5ritain, 
Svo, calf. I.oiulon, 175.S 

.\uiograph anil book-pl.ilc of the Kt. Hon. Isaac {'akki, oni' of the Knvtlish 
Chanipiuns of American Independence. 

497 C'h\ri.kvoix (P. 1". X.). Hisioiki de I'lsiK EsrAt.Noi k ou tic 
S. DoMiNciK. Kcrite iiarticuliereinent sur ties Mc'nioires Maim- 
scrits tlu I*. Jean Baptiste le I'ers, etc. iS imt/^s. 2 vols., 4to, 
calf. I'aris : Diii'ol, 1730 1 

498 C,HARi.KVOix. HisToiRK et I )KSi:i<ii' iioN (ii>iKAi.i (le la Nor- 
VKi.i.K Fraxi K avec le Journal llistorit|ue (run N'oyaj^e fait |)ar 
ortire du Roi lians IWmeritiue Septenlrioiiiuile. 2S nmps an,/ 22 
/>/ti/(-s. 3 vols., 4to, calf. Paris, 1744 

Irom the library of Charles I'infold, (Jovernorof Harbadoes. 

.\()() Chari.kvoix. JoL'RXAi. of a VoYAOK to Nok iH .Amkrua, 
Undertaken by Order of the French Kinj^j. I'oiil.iinin); the Cieo- 
jfraphical Description and Natural History of liiat C"ountry, |)ar- 
ticularly Canada. Toj^ether with an Account of the Customs, 
Characters, Religion, Manners and Traditions of the Orij^inal 
Inhabitants, etc. Translated from the French. .!/<//. 2 vols., 
.Svo, calf. London, 1761 

500 CHARLKV(»1X. HlS'KJIRE du I'aK AC. U A V. 7 ///r;/\. 3 Vols.. 4to, 

calf. Paris. 1756 














■i^llM lil!2.5 

■■ III 

1^ IIP-0 

If 1^ ""'^ 


U 111.6 






WEBSTER, NY. 14580 

(716) 872-4503 


1^- 4,^ 





s>' ^7''. WrS 












501 Charlevoix. History of Paraguay: containing [an] . . . 
Account of the Establishments formed there by the Jesuits. 2 
vuls., 8vo, half calf, gilt. Dublin, 1769 


502 C'liARi.F.voix. History and (Ienkral Dkscription of New 
France. By the Rev. P. F. X. de Charlevoix, S. J. Translated, 
with Notes, by John Gilmary Shea. Maps and plates. 6 vols., 
royal 4to, uncut. New York: John Gilmary Shea, 1866-72 

Large paper, only 25 copies printed. 

This is the first translation into English of Charlevoix's' celebrated and import- 
ant work. Dr. Shea has added notes, corrected references and improved the 
bibliography, at the same time retaining Charlevoi.x's text in all its originality. 

503 [Cha5e.] Trial of Samuel Chase, an Associate Justice of the 
Supreme Court of the United States, Impeached by the House of 
Representatives for High Crimes and Misdemeanors before the 
Senate of the United States. Taken in short-hand by Samuel 
H. Smith and Thomas Lloyd. 2 vols., 8vo, half morocco, gilt tops, 
uncut edges. Washington City, 1805 


504 CiiAULMER (Charles). I,e Nouveau-Monde ou I'Anierique 
Chrestienne, avec le Supplement a I'abrege des Annales Ecclesias- 
tiques, et politiques de I'Ancien ou I'Histoire des Missions & 
des autres Affaires de I'Europe, de I'Asie &: de I'Afrique. i 2nio, 
vellum. Paris, 1659 

505 Chauncey (Charles). A Sermon occasioned by the Present 
Rebellion in Favour of the Pretender, Preach'd in Boston, at the 
Thursday-Lecture, February 6th, 1745, 6. 8vo, half morocco. 

Boston, 1746 



506 Chauncy (Isaac). The Divine Institution of Congregational 
Churches, Ministry and Ordinances [As has bin Professed by those 
of that Persuasion] Asserted and Proved from the Word of God. 
Small 8vo, calf. London, 1697 


507 Chauveton (Urbain). Brief Discours et Histoire d'un voy- 
age de quelques Francois en la Fi.oride: & du massacre autant 
injustement que barbareinot execute sur eux, par les Hespagnols, 
I'an mil cinq cens soixante cinq. Small 8vo, calf extra, by Riviere. 

s. 1. 1579 
^§° See Bknzoni, 




508 [Chketham (James).] Nakkative of the Suppression, by 
Col. Burr, of the History of the Administrahon of John 
Adams, late President of the United States. Written by John 
Wood ... a Biography of Thomas Jefferson anil of General 
Hamilton, with Strictures on the Conduct of John Adams, and on 
the Character of Gen. C. C. Pinckney ... by a Citizen of New 
York. [James Cheetham.] 8vo, half morocco. New York, 1802 

Second edition. 

509 [Cheetham.] An Antidote to John Wood's Poison, by 
Warren. Svo, half morocco. New York, 1802 

510 Child (Major John). New-Englands Jonas Cast up at 
London; or, A Relation of the Proceedings of the Court at Boston, 
in New-F^ngland, against divers honest and godly pi rsons, for 
Petitioning for (iovernment in the (>)minon-wealth . . Together 
with a Confutation of some Reports of a faineil Miracle upon the 
foresaid Petition, being thrown over-board at Sea, ivc. 4to, calf 
antique, gilt over red leaves, by Riviere. London, 1647 

Fine copy. Winslow ascribes the authorship of this tract to Wni. Vassall. 

511 Childs (Geo. W.). The Public Ledger Bun. dinc, Philadel- 
phia : with an Account of the Proceedings connected with its 
Opening, June 20, 1867. Portrait and plates. i2mo, cloth. 

Philadelphia, 1 868 


Christie (Robert). The Military and Naval Operations in 
the Canadas during the Late War with the United States: includ- 
ing also the Political History of Lower-Canada during the Admin- 
istrations of Sir James Henry Craig and Sir George Prevost, from 
1807 to 1815. i2mo, half morocco, gilt tops, uncut edges. 

Quebec, 181 8 

513 Church (Thomas). The History of Philip's War, commonly 
called the Great Indian War, of 1675 and 1676. Also of the 
French and Indian Wars at the Eastward in 1689, 1690, 1692, 
1696 and 1704 . . . with numerous Notes . . . also an Appen- 
dix . . by Samuel G. Drake. 3 plates. 121110, calf. 

Boston, 1827 
Second edition, with plates. 

514 Church (Thomas). The History of Philip's War, commonly 
called the Great Indian War of 1675 and 1676 . . . with numer- 




ous Notes . . also an Appendix ... by Samuel G. Drake. 

Portrait. i2mo, half morocco. Kxeter, N. ^., 1S29 

Printed from the same plates as the Boston edition of 1827, with a new title 

515 CiiuRCHiM. (Awnsham anil John). A Com.kction of Voyacks 
and Travkls, some now first printed from Original Manuscripts. 
Maps and engravings on cupper. 4 vols., royal folio, calf. 

London, 1704 

Large paper copy. 

Includes the Voj'ages of Brawern and Ilerckemann to Chili; Monck's Voyage 
to Hudson's .Straits; Nieuh(jff's Brazil; t'apt. John Smith'.; Travels; Life of 
Columbus anil his Discovery of the West hulies; Ovallc's Chili; iVc, &c., &c. 

516 C'iCERO (M. T.). Cato Major; or, his Discourse of Old-A^e : 
with Explanatory Notes. Riihricatcd title. Square Svo, giecn 
levant morocco extra, gilt top, rough leaves, by Pratt. 

I'hiladelphia: />. Fran/din, 1744 
Superb copy, measuring 81 by U\ inches. 

517 CiKCA de Lkon (Pedro de). La Chronica del Pkru, nueva- 
niente escrita. 40 woodcuts^ many often repeated. Small Svo, 
green levant morocco extra, gilt leaves, by Pratt. 

An vers: Martin Niieio, 1554 
Only the first part was printed, according to Rich. 

51S CiEZA (Peter de). The Skventkkn Years Travels of . . . 
through the Mighty Kingdom of 1'eru and the large Provinces of 
C'artagena and Popayan in South America, from the City of Pan- 
ama, on the Isthmus, to the F.ol tiers of Chile. Now first trans- 
lated from the Spanish I' John StevensJ. Plan of the City of 
Ciizco (p. 204). 4to, halt _«rocco. London, 1709 

The cuts which the title calls for were probably intended to fill the blanks on 
PI). 20, 29, 99 and 102. 




Ci.adera (Christobal). Investigaciones Historicos sobrc los 
principales descubrimientos de los Espanoles en el Mar Oceano 
. . . En respuesta a la Memoria de Mr. Otto sobrc el vcrdadero 
Descubridor de America. Large map and 5 portraits. 4to, calf. 

Madrid, 1794 

Ceaidorne (N. H.). Notes on the War in the South : with 
Biographical Sketches of the Lives of Montgomery, Jackson, 
Sevier, the late Gov, Claiborne and others, by Nathaniel Herbert 
Claiborne. . . . i2mo, half morocco. 

Richmond: William Ramsay^ 1819 








5J1 |C'i.Ai'.| Mkmoiks of Roc.KK C^i.Ai', 1 630. 1 21110, bourils. 

Boston, i<S54 
Reprinted for the llorchcster Anti(|uatian ami llistiuical Society, Intm the 
lioston edition of 1731. 

522 ('i.ARK (Daniel). Pr()i)|''s of tlic Corrui'tion of (iKN. Jamks 
Wilkinson, and of his connexion with Aaron Ikirr : with a Full 
Refutation of his Slanderous Ailejj^ations in relation to the 
character of the Principal Witness against him. Svo, half calf. 

rhiladelphia, 1809 

523 C'l.ARK (John). Ii.i, Nkwks from Nkw-Rncland; or, a Narrative 
of New-lCnylands Persecution, wherein is declared that while old 
JMij^land is becominjj; new, Ne\v-l'".ngland v:-. becoming old. .(to, 
calf, gilt leaves. London, 1652 

t^" See Thos. (obbet's Answer, No. 547. 

524 C'l.ARKK (J.). An Impariiai- and Auiiik.n iic Narr \ riVK of 
the IjArii.K fought on the 17th of June, 1775, iietween His Britan- 
nic Majesty's 'I'roops and the American Provincial Army on 
iUmker's Hill, near Charles Town, in New-England: with a Trtic 
and Faithful Accoinit of the Ofificers who were killed and 
wounded in that memorable Battle, to which are added some 
particular Remarks and Anecdotes which have not yet transpired. 
The Second Edition, with E.vtracts from Three Letters lately 
received from America, and all the Promotions in the Army and 
Marines since the said Battle, by John Clarke. Svo, half morocco, 
gilt top, uncut. New V'ork, 1868 

Ninety-nine copies privately reprinted. 

One of ()(j (No. 7) printed on Whatman's drawing paper. 

525 fCl.ARKK.] POKMS of McDoNAI.I) Cl.ARKK | tile Mad Poet|. 
Poitiiut, i2mo, cloth. New York, 1836 

526 [Ci.AsoN (A. W.).] Thk. WARand its Caisk. Svo. 

New York, 1861 
Privately printed. 



527 Clason. The A.merican ConI'Lict. Svo. 

New York, 1866 

528 [Ci.AsoN (Isaac Starr).] Don Juax. Cantos XVII. -XVHI. 
i2mo, half rnorocco, gilt top, uncut edges. 

New York: Wiley, 1825 
The author, who was a member of a well-known family in New \'ork, com- 
mitted suicide while in London (1834), tojjether with his mistress, by inhaling the 
fumes of charcoal in a closed room. 



529 Ci.AsoN. Don Juan. Cantos XVII. -XVIII. 121110, lioards, 
uncut. New York, 1825 

530 [Clason.J Fanny, continued, 8vo, halt morocco, gilt top. 

New York, 1820 

531 Clason. Horace in New York. [Poems.] i2mo, half morocco. 

New York, 1826 

532 Clay (Henry). Like, CoRRKsroNDENCK and Speeches. By 
Calvin Colton. Portraits, (s'c. 6 vols., 8vo, half vellum extra, 
carmine edges. New York, 1857 

533 Clayton (John). A Letter from Mr. John Clayton, to the 
Royal Society, May 12, 1688, on several Observables in Virginia. 
8v(), half morocco. London, 1707 

The above is a fragment of Vol. III., " Miscellanea Curiosa,"pp. 281-3S0. 

534 [C'layton.J Flora Vikoinica exhibens Plantas quas nobilis- 
sinuis vir D. D. Johannes Claytonus . . . collegit & obtulit D. 
Joh. Fred. Gronovio. Ma/ of Virginia. 4to, vellum, uncut. 

Lugd. Batv., 1762 

535 Clavicero (Francesco Saverio), The History of Mexico, col- 
lected from Spanish and Mexican Historians, from Manuscripts, 
and Ancient Paintings of the Indians . . . Translated ... by 
Charles CuUen. Maps (2) and 25 plates. 2 vols., 4to, calf. 

London, 1787 

536 Clavigero. Storia della California. Lari^e folded map. 2 
vols., 8vo, polished calf extra, gilt tops, uncut edges, by Zae/ins- 
dorf. Venezia, 1789 

537 Clavijero (Francisco Javier). Historia de la Antigua 6 
Baja California, obra postuma . . . traducida del Italiano 
por el presbitero don Nicolas Garcia de San Vicente. Folio, calf 
extra, gilt top, uncut edges. Mejico, 1852 

After p. 123 follows, " Kelacion Historica de la Vida del Venerable Padre Fray 
Junipero Serra." 
Ramirez, No. 215. 

538 [Clement (Samuel).] Truth is no Slander; therefore Read, 
Enquire, Reflect. 8vo, uncut (stained). Natchez, 1827 

A criticism of General Andrew Jackson's conduct at New Orleuns, 1814. 






5 59 Clinton (De Witt). An In iroductokv Discouusk delivered 
before the Literary and Philosopliical Society of New York, on 
the Fourth of May, i<Si4. I'p. 143. New York, 1815 

The Si'KKCHKS of Governor Cmnton before the Legislature of 
New York, between the years 1817 and 1823. Pp. 78. 

Two vols, in i. 8vo, half morocco. New York, 1823 

540 I Clinton. J LETTKKSon the Natural History and Lnikknal 
Ri-ouRCKs of the Statk of N. Y. By " Hibernicus." ,i2mo, 
h;i!i ni ;rocco. New York, 1822 


541 [Clin ion.] IVxKMoir of Dk Witl Clinton, with an Appendix, 
containing numerous Documents illustrative of the Principal 
Events of his Life. By David Hosack, Portraits, (s-'c. 4to, 
boards, uncut. New York, 1829 

542 [Clinton (Sir Henry).] Narrative of Lieut. -(ii:N. Sir Henry 
Clinton relative to his Conduct during part of his Command of 
tlie King's Troops in North America. 8vo, half calf antique. 

Lonilon, ;/. d. 

Third edition with an Appendi.K containing parts of Clinton's Correspondence 
with Lord (lermain, Karl Cornwallis and Admiral Graves. 



543 [Clinton.] An Answer to [the above] Narrative. By Earl 
Cornwallis. Svo, half morocco, uncut. London, 1783 

544 Clinton. Narrative of the Campaign in 1781 in North 
America. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut edges. 

Philadelphia, 1865 

Only 150 (Svo) copies printed, from the rare edition of 1783 (London). No. 

545 [CoBB.] A Memorial Volume of the Hon. Howell Cobii, of 
Georgia, Edited by Samuel Boykin. Portrait. 8vo, cloth. 

Philadelphia, 1870 

546 CoBBETT (James Paul). Causes of the Civil War in the 
United States. Svo, half morocco. London, 1861 

547 CoBBET (Thos.). The Civil Magistrates Power in matters 
of Religion Modestly Debated, Impartially Stated according to 
the Bounds and Grounds of Scripture, &c., together with a Brief 



Answer to a certain Slanderous I'ainphlet called li.i. Nkws ikom 
Ni'.w-KN(ii,ANi); or, A Narrative of Ne\v-Kii;;lanils I'erseciition. Uy 
John Clark of Road-Island. 4to, calf, gilt leaves. London, 1653 

l-'iiic copy. The rare second part is often missing. 
^" See Clark (John), No. 523. 

54S Cor.iii.iT (William). I'oRcin'i.N'K's I'oi.rricAi, Cknsor for Novem- 
ber and December, 1796 : containing Remarks on Citizen .Adet's 
Notes to the Secretary of State, and on the Timidity of the Lan- 
guage held towards France. Also, a Lkttkr to the infamous 
Tom Paink. 8vo, half morocco, Philadelphia, 1796 

549 CoiiiiKir. Pouci'I'INk's Works : containing various Writings 
and Selections, exhibiting a faithful picture (jf the United States 
of America ; of tlie (iovernments, Laws, I'olitics and Resources ; 
of the Characters of their Presidents, (lovernors. Legislators, 
Magistrates and Military Men, and of the Customs ... of the 
People . . . from 1783 to ... 1801. 12 vols., 8vo, iialf 
morocco, gilt tops, uncut edges. London, 1801 

549* CoiUiKTi'. T,KTj'KRs on the Latk War i)etween the United 
States and Great Britain : together with other Miscellaneous 
Writings, on the same subject. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut 
edges. New York, 18 15 

Uniform with the prececiinjj; lot. 

550 Coc.cJKsiiAM. (Cicorge). Hisrouv of the .A m i; r ic a n Priva tfkks, 
and Letters-of-Marcjue during our War with ICngland in the years 
1812, '13 and '14, interspersed with several Naval Battles between 
American and British ships-of-war. ^ plaks. 8vo, cloth. 

New York, 1856 

551 [] Memoirs of Mrs. Coghlan [daughter of the late 
Major MoncrieffeJ, written by herself . . . interspersed with 
Anecdotes of the late American and present French War. 2 vols, 
in I. 1 2 mo, calf. London, 1794 

552 [Cot;HLAN.] Memoirs of Mrs. Coghlan, daughter of the late 
Major Moncrieffe, written by herself : with Introduction and 
Notes. 8vo, half inorocco, gilt top, uncut. New York, 1864 

Only 100 copies (Svo) privately reprinted from the original edition. No. 6. 



553 CoHAUSKN (Joanne Henrico). Dissertatio Satyrica Physico- 
Medico-Moralis de I'ica Nasi,sivc Tahaci Sterniitatorii : moderiio 
abusii, iV noxa. En\:;rm'cd title. Small Svo, vellum. 

Amstelodami, [716 

554 CoHF.x (M. M.). NoTiCKS of Florida and the Campaicns. 
i2mo, half morocco. Charleston. 1S36 

555 [Coi.DKN (C'adwalladcr). I 'I'lic Hisiory of the Fivk, Indian 
Nations of Canada, which arc . . . the Barrier between the 
En,ijlish and I''rench in that part of the World. With Accounts 
of tlieir Reli^non, Manners, Customs, Laws and Forms of (lov- 
ernment ; their several Battles and Treaties with the European 
Nations ; . . . their several Wars with the other Indian'- ; and a 
true .Account of the present State of our Trade with them. . . . 
By the Honorable Cadwallader Colden, Esq. . . . To which are 
added : .\ccounts of the several other Nations of Indians in 
North America, their Numbers, Strength, (Src, and the Treaties 
which have been lately made with them. Map. .Svo, calf. 

London : T. Osborne, 1747 

" The three l.onilon etlitions differ fnim one another only in the titles, but in 
all of them are some differences from the New York edition, whieh drev forth a 
protest from the author." — Sticvkns. 

556 CoLDKN. The History of the Five Indian Nations of 
Canada, which are the Barrier between the English and the 
French in Liiat Tart of the World. With Particular Accounts of 
their Religion, Manners, (Aistoms, Laws and (iovernment, their 
several Battles and Treaties, iScc. . . . Map. Svo, calf. 

London: J. Winston, Csr-'c, 1750 
With the exception of the title-page this jfvc//*^ (Knylish) edition is identical 
with the /f/'.r/, even to the extent of the booi^ announcements on the last paj^e, 
which reail: " 77;/j i/in' is published Alethia," though the editions are separateil 
by three years. A preliminar)- leaf, however, in this edition advertises two books 
printed for John Whiston, die. 

557 Col. DEN. The History of the Five Indian Nations depend- 
ing on the Province of New York. By Cadwallader Colden. Re- 
printed exactly fiom l^radford's New York edition (1727). With 
an Introduction and Notes by John Gilmary Shea. Svo, half mo- 
rocco, gilt top, uncut. New York, 1S66 

125 copies only printed. No. 54. 

" This fourth edition is a reprint of the fust. Dr. Shea gives in his introduc- 
tion a valuable bibliographical notice of the editions, with collations of their 
contents, and an ana. ■ nrting the changes inade by the English editors or pub- 
lishers." — FlKl.l). 




55S Col. DIN. All I'lxi'i.iCAiioN of the First Caisks of Actun in 
Ma'Itkk; and of the Cause of Cravitation. 8vo, boards, uncut. 

New \oxk, pi inti'd ill the year 1745 
and London, reprinted, 1746 

559 ("oi.DKN (Cadvvallader I).). Mkmoir, prepared at the recjuest of 
a Committee of the Clommon Council of the City of New York 
. . . at tlie Cki.khra 1 ION of the CoMiM.ETioN of the Nkw York 
Canals [the Narrative by William I,. Stone]. Portraits^ maps, 
plates and f'ae ■simile letters, 4to, calf, yilt. New York, 1S25 

560 Coi.K (David). Isaac: Kooi, (Cool or Cole) iind Catharine Ser- 
ven . . . their Descendants [and] . . . American Ancestors. 
i^ portraits. Svo, unbound. New York, 1.S76 

561 [CoLKMAN (William).] Coi.i.kction of the Facts and Docu- 
MKNTS relative to the Dkath of Major-CiKnkrat, Ai.kxanhkk 
Hamilton, with comments, together with the various Orations, 
Serm.ons and Eulogies that have been published or written on 
his Life and Character. Portrait of Hamilton inserted. Svo, half 
morocco, gilt top, uncut. New York, i<So4 

562 Ct)i.KccioN de Documentos Inkditos relativosal descubrimiento 
CoNguisTA y Coi.onizacion de las posesiones EspaSolas en 
Amkrica y Occeania, sacados, en su mayor parte, del Real 
Archivo de Indias, hajo I'acheco, Cardenas, y Mendoza. 12 vols, 
in 6. Svo, half morocco, gilt tops. Madrid, iS64-''8 

563 Colin (Antoine). Histoire des Drogues Episceriks, et de 
Certains de Medicamens simples, qui naissent es Indes & en 
I'Amerique. N'uineroiis woodeiits. 4 parts or vols. Small Svo, 
vellum, gilt edges. Lyons, 16 ly 

Translated from Nicholas Monard, &c. 

564 Collection of Papers (A Sixth). Relating to the Present Junc- 
ture of Affairs in England, (!v:c. 4to, half morocco. London, 16S9 

The tenth and hist of these papers contain " A Narrative of the Miseries of 
New-KnglantI, by reason of an Arbitrary Government erected there." 

565 Collection of Papers relative to Half-Pay and Commutation 
thereof, granted by Congress to the Officers of the Army, together 
with a Circular Letter from . . . Washington to the several 
Legislatures, &:c. 4to, half morocco, uncut. Boston, 1783 






8 I 

566 Coi.i.iNs (Lewis). HisioKicAi, Skkichks of Kkniucky . . . 
with Am-cdotcs of Pioneer I,ife. 40 (■/li^nivi/ii^.^, Hvo, slieej). 

Maysville, 1S50 

567 fCoi.T.] AuMSMKAu: tlie Home, the Arm, and tlic Armory of 
Sanuiel Colt. A Memorial [ Kdited by Henry Harnard |. Jinvtli- 
fiilly illustrated. 410, morocco extra, gilt leaves, by Matthm's, 

New York, 1S66 

rrivati'ly printed. 

568 Coi-UMHiAN Musk (The). A Selection of American Poetry from 
Various Authors of established reputation. 1 2mo, sheep. 

New York, 1794 


5^)9 l^'olumljus.l lEptstohi CTijn'stofori CTolom: CHi 
etas noetra multu ticljct : trr Kusulis KuHic supra (Kan= 
ijfm nuijcr inucutis, .^tr tiuas pcrtiuircntias octauo 
antra mcusr auspici'js tt cvc luuictissimf jfrvnautJi 
7XM'!!iV(iH(aiMtm licBts missus sucrat: ati S^aButftcum 
tinm iiaiJi)arlcm cSau).is; riustirm scrrnfssimi lirijis 
rrsauran'u missas (juam uotiilis ac U'ttccatus \s'\x 
f;TItanIicr Tie (fTosco a1) fJLM'spano tHromatc tu lattnum 
coiiDccttt: tcvtio Ital's i^zi\\. m.cccc.vciii. i)onti'fica= 

tUS .3[lCVanTll'i,SC)l*tl anno |Jl*tmO. 4tu. morocco antique, 
gilt edges, by Bedford. [Rome, 1493 ?| 

B. A. v.. No. I. Four leaves of 34 lines to a full page. 

Fine copy. Size of leaf S^ x 5j^ inches. 

No copy of the original Spanish letter has yet been found, either in manuscript 
or printed, so that this Latin translation by Leander de C'osio takes precedence. 
It is fairly established to be printed in the types of Stephen Planck of Rome 
though siite anno atit loco. Harrisse, certainly the best authority on this subject, 
has accorded this particular impression the place of honor, and as a copy, now in 
(iermany, is held at the price of three thousand dollars, there seems to be little 
doubt that this is valued as the iditio princeps. A perfect translation can be 
found in Major's "Select Letters of Columbus." one of the publications of the 
Ilakluyt Society. 

570 [<i!toluml)UB.] ISpistola (i^fjriBtofori (Stolom: cut rtas 
nostra multu tifiJtt: tic KnsuU's Xntiic supva <Kanflcm 

nupcr tniJCtlS. Ad quas pergrendas octavo antea mense 
auspiciis et ere invictissemon Fernadi et Helisabet Hispanian 
Regil missus fuerat: ad magnificum dnm Gabrielein Sanchis 
eorunde serenissiniom Regum Tesaurariu missa: qua nobilis ac 



littcratiis vir I.candcr de Cosco ah Hispano idiomatc in latinr.m 
cuvcrtit tcrtio kal's Mali M.cccc.xc.iii. I'oiUificatus Alcxandri 
Sexti Anno I'rimo. 4* », vellum, rough cdjjes. 

[ Rome: .v. Plaiiil-:, 1493] 

Vi. A. v., No. 4. Iiiit with 33 lines to a full pa^i', not 30. 'I'hiTc is also ;i 
water marked leaf; the device a pair of scales. 

I'resiinii>lively the third appearance of this Letter, and only second in rarity 
to the precedinjj item. Kllis, in the Iluth t'atalogue, claims that Major has 
proven this impression to be the first. 

In condition this example leaves little to be desired. It measures 8i| .\ 55 inches 
f>n the leaf. 

571 [(.loiiiMiius.] T-K TiFKA di Crisiokoro C'oi.oMiu) fipfodotta a 
fac-simile da Vincciizo Proiiiis, ilaU'tscmplarc dclla liibliotcca di 
S. M. 4t(). unbouiid. Torino, 11. d. 

Only 50 cc printed. No. 10. 


Coi.oM (cui ftas nostra multiT debet: de Insulis in niari Indico 
;nip iniictis. Ad (|iias penpiirendas octauo antea inense : aii.-^- 
picijs et ere Inuictisstnii Fernandi Hispanianini Rej^is inisMis 
fuerat) ad Maj^nificum (b"im Raphaelez Sanxis : eiusde .sere- 
nissiiiii Re,!j;is ThesaurariiT missa. quain nobilis ac litteratus vir 
Aliander d'C'osco : ab Hispano ydeoniate in latinn coniiertit: 
tercio kl's Maij. M.cccii.xciij. Pontificatus Ale.xaiub'i Se.xti 
Anno I'rimo. 4 liUH'dciits. Small 8vo, <S leaves of 27 lines to a 
full pajj:e. Half levant morocco, gilt top, uncut. Paris, i<S58 

One of twenty copies only, reprothiced in Paris by I'ilinski about 1858. After 
it was issued it was discovered that it had been facsimiled from an imperfect 
copy, and wanted the first and last leaves. Mr. l.eno.x possesses the only known 
perfect copy of the original edition. 

573 [C'oi.u.MiiLs. I Primkra Epistola del Almirante Don Oistobal 
Colon, dando cnenta de su gran descid)rimiento: a D. (labriei 
Sanchez, Tesorero de Aragon. AcompaiTa al texto original 
castellano el de la traduccion latina de I.eandro de Cosco, segun 
la jirimera edicion de Roma de 1493 • • • ^-'ditor D. Cenaro H. 
de Volafan. iSvo, cloth, uncut. Valencia, 1S58 

Only a limited edition printed. No. II. 

574 Coi.UMiu's. Li'.T'iKR of Coi.UMBUs to Luis dk Santanoel, 
1493. Tith\ fac-si)iiili\ 1 p., pp. 12, Svo, half morocco, gilt top, 
uncut. I New York, 1864J 

A f.ic-simile of the Spanish letter of Columbus, published in I4()3, from the 
only known copy in the Ambrosian I.ibr.iiy, Milan, with a literary and biblio- 
graphical (.lescriiition by Mr. JamesI.enox. A few copies only printed for presen- 


A Mi: UK ANA. 




575 fCoMMBUs.] Carta de Cristohai, Coi-o\, Enviada de T-isboa 
a Harcelona, en Marzo de 149.?. Nueva Edition iritiia: con- 
tenirndo las variantcs dc los difi-rentcs textos . . . por el 
Seiidoniiro de Valencia. 2 iiki/^s. Svo, red morocco extra, j^ilt 
top, uncut ed},as. Taris: Ttoss, 1S70 

Only 120 copies printed. 

576 (Coi.rMitus.J Hi'.i.i.uM C'liKis riANokTM I'rincipuni praecipue 
<,^all()runi contra saraccnos, anno salutis mi.xxxviii pro terra 
sancta jjestum: autore Roberto Momaeho. {sic.) CaroUis \'erardus 
dc cxini;;>;natione regni (Iranata;, tjuaj contiyit ab hinc (piailra- 
gesinio sccundo anno, per Catliolicu rej^em l''erdinandinn Hispan- 
iarum. Cliristoplioru.s Coioni ile |)rinia insularuni, ui niari Iiuiico 
sitarum, (!tc. Folio, vellum. Basileae, [15^,3 1 

H. A. v., No. 175. 

577 [Coi.fMiiUS. I DissKRTAZioNi KiMSToi.ARi Hibliograficiic di 
Francesco Cancellieri sopra Cristoforo Colombo ; e (liovanni 
(iersen . . . autorc del libro de Imitatione Christi. \'i\:;ii(H, por- 
traits. Svo, calf extra, gilt top, uncut. Roma, 1809 

578 [Columbus.] Li.ttkrs ok Christoimikr Columbus, describing 

his First Voyage to the Western Hemisphere, together with tl.'> 

Chapter in Bernaldez said to give the Original Spanish Version of 

the same. Texts and Translations | by Henry Harrisse], 

Froiitispieic. Folio, morocco extra, gilt top, uncut edges. 

New York, 1S65 
Only 10 copi* i privately printed. No. 8. 

580 [Columbus.] Memorials of Columbus ; or, a Collection of 
Authentic Documents of that Celebrated Navigator, now first 
published from the Original Manuscripts, by order of the 
Decurions of Genoa; preceded by a Memoir of his Life and Dis- 
coveries. Translated from the Spanish and Italian. Portraits, 
fac-similcs, &■'€. Svo, half morocco, gilt top. London, 1S23 

581 [CoLUMBLS.] Raccolta Completa degli Scritta di Cristoforo 
Coloml)o ad illustrare e documentare la Scoperta dell' America 
... da Ciio Battista Torre. Portraits, map, &-r. 8vo, half mo- 
rocco, gilt top, uncut. Lione, 1864 

582 [Columbus's Second Voyage.] Nicolaus Svllacius de 
Insulis Meridiani atque Indici Maris Nuper Inventis. With a 



translation into lMij,^Iisli by tlic Rev. John Mnllijj;an. | Introduc- 
tion and Noti's by James l.cnox.l J\>rtiait aiui fac-si miles of the 
Col II mini ^ l.i'thrs. 4to, half morocco, j^ilt top, nncut cdj^cs. 

New York, iS6o 
Oiilv 150 copies ])iivatcly printed foi' JaiiR'S I.cikix. 

5S3 |("()i.uMin s. I I.'Am.miuac.i.K) dell' Indik osia le jjjesta di ("iirislo- 
foro Colombo, sciiopritor dell' America. I'oema di Orniildo 
iMneressio. \o plates. 4t(), vellnm. Venezia, 1761 

584 I C'oi.trMiuis. I ('oi)KK Dii'i.oMATico Toi.oMno- Amkuk.'ANo ossia 
raccolla di Docnmenti orijjinali e inediti, sjjcttanti a Christoforo 
(Colombo alia scoperta ed al (loverno dell' America. 2 portraits 
and }, otliei plates. 4to, half calf, (lenova, i.S2,^ 

Ivlilc'd by ' 'ii>. liatista Sportona. 
Kaniiriv, No. 'i'l^. 

585 |('oi.iMi:rs. I Canzonk 1,ikica sulle traccic del I'oema delT 
Aw. Costa a j^loria dell' immortale Colombo del I'atrizio (liaii 
Carlo di Ne.nro. 4to, silk covers, 16 pj). (lenova | 1846], 11. d. 

586 |C()i,UMm:s. j Im.oc.k) de Chkistohai, Colon, por Kulalio 
Maria ( )rte.L;() . . . Portrait on 1 iidia paper. 8vo, boards. 

Mexico, 1846 
l'"roin Uk' Aiulrado Collcilion. 

587 jCoi.UMiius. I Ciiuisioi'HK Coi.oMH, ou Notlcc d'nii livre Italien 
concernaiit cet illiistre Navij^ateur. Par J. 1). Lanjuinais. 

Paris, iSo() 

Dki Pkimi St oi'KrroKi del Nuovo Continente Americano 
di Francesco 'i'rucchi. Firenzc, 1842 

Canio I'^puosobre eldesciibriniiento de America por Christobal 
Colon. Sii Autor D. Narciso de Foxa. llabana, 1840 


3 vols, in I. 8vo, half morocco. 


588 [Coi.UMiiUS. I Pa Vkkdadkra CiUanaiiani de Colon. Memoria 
Comunicada a la I''aculiau de Humanidades, por , . . Varnhajj^en 
. . . acompanala el 'I'exto tiel derrotero del Alniirante en su 
Primer Yiaje, / ///w earta jeoi^rafua en ([ue se designa et rumbo 
preferido, a la de los que indicaron Munoz, Irving, Navarrete, 
Humboldt, Mecher. Svo, half morocco. Santiago, iS6| 





5.89 |("()i.UMlius. ] AnnI'K Vkki TAiuK (le la Naissanik de C'hkis 1 oi'Hi. 
Coi.oMU ct Kcvuf, Clironolojriciuc ilcs Priiicipalcs ICpociucs dc sa 
\'\c . . . I'ar M. D'Avczac. Svo, liait' monxco, jrilt lop. 

I'aiis, iSy^^ 

590 I ( 'ol.UMIiUS I l,'l 5 IMOIKh (Ic ("lIKIS Ol'llh. ('(i.O.Mll aUl"il)lK't' a 

son fils KiTiiand. Ivxanicn rriti(Hic, ilii Mcnioiro hi |)ar M. 
D'Avczac . . . par Henry Harrisse. <Sv(), lialf morocco. 

I'aris, 1S75 

591 |('oi.iiMr.iis. I I, OS Kivsros dc Colon. Int":)rinc dc la Real 
Acadcmia {\c la llisloriaal llohicrno dc S. M. sohrc cl siipiu'sto 
liallazj^o dc los vcriladoros rcstos dc Crist (')val Colon en ia lylcsia 
Catcdral dc Santo Dominj^o. (1 /^iitfrs. Small Svo, cloth. 

Madrid, 1S79 

592 I (!oi,UMHUs. I 1,A 1'kkmikkk Rii.a rioN dc (liiKisronii; Coi.omi: 
(1493). f,cltrc sur one lulilion . . . .ippartcr.ant a la i'.iblio- 
thcqiie Royalc ilc liruxcllcs, par Cli. Ruclcns. l''ai-si)niU- (>/ the 
Ifttt'r. 8vo, imcut. Hruxcllcs, 1.SS5 

TIr' edilion with 3S lines to a full pajjfc. 
Only 50 impressions printed. ( )nc of tin- l.' (No. S) cojiies on lirislol hoard. 

59_^ I C"oi,UMr.i;s. I IIisiouik del S. 1). Fiunando Coi.oMno; iicllc 
(juali s'ha particohire, iV vera relatione dclla vita, iV dc 'fatti dill 
'Aiiiniiraj>lio I). Cliristoforo Colombo, suo padre; et dcllo scopri- 
niento, cire^li fece ileli' Indic Occitlentali, dette Mondo Niiovo 
. . . Nuovamente di linj^iia Spaj^niiola tradotte neil" Italiana tial 
S. Alfonso Ulloa. Small 8vo, calf, ^ilt. Venetia, 157 i 

J'irst edition. 

594 |C()i.u,Miuis. I HisiouiK del Su;. Don I'r.KN ando Coi.omiki. 
Nelle (piali s'ha particolare, iV vera relatione della Vita, iv dc 'fatti 
dell 'Ammiraji'lio Don Cliristoforo Colombo suo padre . . . Cia 
tradotte di lin}i[ua Spaynnola ncli' Italiana, vVc. Small <Svo, 
brown levant morocco extra, j.;ih edj^cs. Milano, | \i)\.\\ 

The preliminary matter in this edition differs materially from the edition of 

595 [Coi.uMHUs.] HisroKiK del Sionok D. I-'i^unando Coi.omiio. 
Nelle qiiali s ii;\ particoiare, iV vera relatione dclla vita, e dc 'fatti 
dell 'Ammira}.>;Iio. D. Cliristoforo Colombo suo I'adre . . . 
Nuovamente di lingua Spa^fnuola tradotte nelF Italiana di'l Si^n. 

Alfonso Ull 


I 2 mo, 

calf extra, j^ilt ed^es, by /'rdtf. 

Venetia, 1678 



596 [Cni.uMiu's.] Bird's-eye View of the City of Sevim.k, s//fl7c>/fix' 
llic house and park of Ferdinand Columbus. Size 2 r A x 16 inclies. 


597 Coi.uMniAN Naval Melody (The). A Collection of Songs and 
Odes, composed on the late Naval Victories and other occasions. 
1 2nio, half morocco. Boston, 18 13 

598 CoMPAEN (Claes G.) 't Begin, Midden en Eynde, der Zec-Roov- 
eryen van den Aldersameusten Zee-Roover, Claes G. Compaen 
. . . hoe hymet weynigh Schepen de Zee onveyligh gemaeckt, 
een ongeloof lijcken Buyten ^root getal van Schepen, vad alle 
Landen af-geloopen yeest. Portrait on title and 10 otJier uwodcuts. 
4to, polished calf, gilt leaves, by Bedford. Utrecht, 1685 

599 CoMPEXDio General de las Contribuciones, y Gastos que ocasi- 
onan todos los Efectos, Frutos, Caudales, y demas, que se trafican 
entre los Reynos de Castilla, y America . . . 4to, calf. 

Cadiz: Espinosa de los Monteros, 1762 

600 Concilia roRY Bills (The) Considered. 8vo, half morocco. 

London, 1778 

" The Americans, when too late, will probably regret their having permitted 
the moment of CdNDiiroNAL suhmission to pass without being improved," page 
38 . . "If Spain will aid them in their revolt, she may set a '?rous example 
of rebellion to her own Colonies," page 39. 

601 CoNciLios Provinciales, primero y segundo, celebrados en la 
muy noble, y muy leal Ciudad de Mexico ... en los anos de 
1555, y 1565, dalos a Inz . . . Francisco Antonio Lorenzana. 


Concilium Mexicanum Provinciale III., celebratum Mexici 
anno 1585, praeside I). D. Petro Moya, et Contreras . . . 
postea Jussu Regio editum Mexici anno 1622 sumptibus 1). D. 
Joannis Perez de la Serna . . . demum typis mandatum cura, 
& expensis D. D. Francisci Antonii a Lorenzana. 1770 

3 vols, in 2. 4to, vellum. Mexico, 1769-70 

1^" See CoNTRKRAS. 

602 CoNDiTiKN die door de Heeren Burgermeesteren der Stadt Am- 
sterdam, volgens 't gemaecte Accoort met de West-Indische Com- 
pagnie, ende d'Approbatie van hare Hog: Mog: de Heeren Statcn 






Generael der Vereenighde Nederlanden, daer op gevolj^ht, gepre- 
sentecrt werden aen alle de gene, die als ClolonitTs na Nieuw-Ned- 
erlandt, &c. 8 pp., 4to, red morocco, gilt leaves, by Matthru's. 

Amsterdam, 1656 

603 Connecticut Gazette (The). No. 88, Saturday, December 11, 
1756. New Haven : J. Parker e^" Co.^ 1756 

The first newspaper published in t'onneclicut. Under the date of I'aris, Sept. 
27, is stated ; "Several particulars are said to have been learned, concerning a 
jjrand Expedition carrying on in England, which is to be put into execution in the 
Spring ; the operations in America being to commence in May, with the Attack of 
(Quebec, &c."; also October q ; 

" Whoever consults the Maps of North-America must be convincetl that Que- 
beck might be attacked with as great a probability of success, as Cnnvn Toint or 
Fort Du Quesne." 

604 [Connecth;ut.] Acts and Laws of the State of Connecticut in 
America. 8vo, sheep. Hartford, 1796 

li;:^" See the Plea for Acquittal by Roger M. Sherman in MS. at end of volume. 

605 [Connh;cticut.] The Puhlic Rkcorps of the Colony of Con- 
necticut [1636-1677] . . , with Occasional Notes and an 
Appendix (with the Journal of the Council of War). J5y f. Ham- 
mond Trumbull. Facsimiles. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth. 

Hartfortl, 1850-2 

606 [Connecticut.] Documentary History of the Protestant 
Episcopal Church in the United States ( \merica. Containing 
numerous hitherto unpublished Documents concerning the Church 
in Connecticut. Vol. I. Francis L. Hawks . . . William Stevens 
Perry . , , Editors, 8vo, cloth. New York, 1863 


). D. 







607 [Connecticut.] Papers of the New Haven Colony Histori- 
cal Society. Vol. I. 8vo, cloth. New Haven, 1865 

608 [Connecticut.] Papers of the New Haven Colony Histori- 
cal Society. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth. New Haven, 1865-77 

C'oniains : White on the New Haven Colony ; Hronson on Connecticut Cur- 
rency ; Whitaker's Early History of Southhold, L. I.; &c. , &c. 

609 [Connecticut.] The Celebration of the One Hundred and 
Fiftieth .\nniversary of the Primitive Organization of the Congre- 
gational Church and Society in Franklin, Conn., October 14th, 
1868. ^portraits and a map. 8vo, cloth. New Haven, 1869 



6io Constitutions (The) of the several Independent States of Amer- 
ica ; the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confedera- 
tion, &c. i2mo, sheep. Boston, 17S5 
Second edition. 

61 1 Contract d'Association des Jesuites au trafuiue de Canada. 
Pour apprendre h Paid de (limont, I'un des donneurs d'aduis pour 
Ics Jesuites contre le Recteur & Universite de Paris, & a ses sem- 
blables, pourquoy les Jesuites sont depuis peu arrivez en Canada, 
1613. 8vo, boards. Lyon: J><>ss, n. d. 

Only 12 copies irinted, in fac-simile, on vellum. Notes, No. 28. No, 11. 


bratum. . . . Petro Moya de Contreras, 102 /fa7'es ; Statuta 
Ordinata a sancto Concilio Provinciali Mexicano III., 39 /riivcs. 
Folio, half morocco (title mended). Mexico : /. Riiiz, 1622 

613 Conwell (Russell H.). History of the Great Fire in Sain r 
John, June 20 and 21, 1877. Fortraits, map and plates. i2mo, 
cloth. Boston, 1S77 

614 Cook (Eben). The Sot-Weed Factor : or, a Voyage to Mary- 
land. A Satyr, in which is describ'd the Laws, Government, Courts 
and Constitutions of the Country^ and also the Buildings, Feasts 
Krolicks, Entertainments and Drunken Humours of the Inhabitants 
of that part of America, In Burlesque Verse [with a Preface by 
Brantz Mayer]. 4to, half morocco, gilt top, uncut edges. 

New York, 1865 

I arge paper copy, only 30 printed. Shea's Early Southern Tracts. No. 2. 

615 Cook. (Frederick). Journals of the Military Expedition of 
Major General John Sui.i.ivax against the Six Nations of Indians 
in J 779, with Records of Centennial Celebrations. ^ steel portraits., 
plans, &'c. Royal 8vo, cloth. Auburn, 1887 

616 CoouEY (Timothy Mather). A Sermon preached at the Funeral 
of, by William B. Sprague. 8vo, half morocco. Albany, i860 

I'ortrait and lines by Mrs. Sigourney inserted. 

617 Cooper (Rev. Mr.). The History of Norih America, con- 
taining a Review of the Customs and Manners of the Original 
Inhabitants; the first Settlement of the British Colonies, their Rise 
and Progress, from the earliest period to the time of their becom- 
ing united, free and independent States. i8mo, half morocco. 

New Brunswick: Abraham Blauvelt, 1797 

- i 





TitS Cooi'KR (Mylcs). Pokms on Several Occasions . . . Svo, calf. 

Oxford, 1 76 1 

Myles Cooper was sometime president of King's (Columbia) College, X. V. 
Autograph of John W. Francis on the inside of front co\ir. 

619 ICooPKR.) In Mkmoriam. Sarah Ucdell, wife of Peter Cooper 

[with the Address of Henry W. BeDowsJ. Svo, cloth. 

Xew York, 1869 
Privately printed. 

620 [Cooper.] Reception of Peter Cooper by the Arcadian Club, 
on his 84th Birthday, Feb. 12, i<S74. Portrait. Svo, half morocco. 

New York, 1S74 
Printed for private distribution. Autograph of I'etcr Cooper. 

621 [Cooper. J An Account of the Trim, of Thomas Cooper, of 
Northumberland, on a Charge of Libel against the President of 
the United States . . . with a Preface, Notes and .Aj^pendix by 
Thomas Cooper. Svo, half morocco. Philadelphia, 1800 


623 Cooper (Thomas). Treatise on the Law of Liin-'i, and the 
Liberty of the Press. Svo, half sheep. New York, 1S30 

(^27, CTopti? ctlicljcc Oripflf BO ciusj Sitfljjam'n Uummc srintit 
aujawflcnt tiic cijflcnscijafft tJcs Xclucn ILantJs so 
ncujlicij Uon Hcig. i*iai). .^rmaTii aussticm ucluru l«oi* 
flcfuntrcn Cst tuorticn TJui'cij trie ansjpanicc. smaii 4to 

(4 leaves), vellum. o.m.xxxv. 

Exceedingly rare. Only two other copies known. 'I'his fabulous story of 
I'izarro is attested by one Master Adolph, the secretary of the King's Majesty. 

624 Copland (Patrick). Virginia's God be Thanked; or, A Sermon 
of Thanksgiving for the happie successe of the affayres in Virginia 
this last yeare . . , Hereunto are adjoyned some Epistles, writ- 
ten first in Latine (and now Englished) in the East Indies, by 
Peter Pope, an Indian youth, (!vc. 4to, calf, gilt over red edges. 

London, 1622 

625 Coppier (Guillaume). Historie et Voyage des Indes Occi- 
DENTALES, ct de plusicrs autres Regions maritimes, i^c. Frontis- 
piece by Crispin de Pas. Small Svo, red levant niorocco, gilt leaves, 
by Chanilwlle Duru. Lyon, 1645 



626 |Coi'i'o DA Isoi.A (Pielro).| I'oktoi.ano. 8 ivooi/nits, inc/iKiiiii:; 
6 /)iaps. Small 8v(), red levant morocco, super extra, (.1 roller 
tooling on sides, gilt leaves, by Hardy. Venetia, 1528 

li. A. v., No. 144. Life of Columbus on vcrsoof !•'. 3. The mapdescribed 
as precediiiji the tiile is not in this copy. Neither is the bcxik composed of 24 
leaves, but 56, the last li pages hln.nk. 

This copy is much larger tlian that described in the !!. A. \'., being .,1'',., x i\ 

Only two copies known, one in tiic liriiish Museum and the present copy. 

627 Copy of a Rkpresentation of the h'oAKi) of Tkauk to the 
House of Lords, in pursuance of their Address to His Majesty 
of June 13, 1733, relating to the Laws made. Manufactures set 
up, and 'i'rade carried on, in His Majesty's Plantations in America. 
Folio, half morocco, gilt leaves. London, 1749 

628 Coram (Robert). Poi.rncAi, Inquiku'.s, to which is added a 
Plan for the general Establishment of Schools throughout the 
U. S. 8vo, half morocco. Wilmington, 1791 

629 [CoRNUTi {Jac.).J Canadensium Plantarum aliarumque non- 
dum editarum Historia. Cui adjectum est ad calceni Enchiridion 
Botanicum Parisiense, ^c. 68 coppci-platc etcliings. 4I0, vellum. 

Pansiis, 1635 

630 Cornuti. Canadensium Pi.antarum aliarumque nondum edita- 
rum Historia cui adjectuin est ad calceni, &c. 68 plates. 4to, 
vellum. Parisiis, 165 1 

631 CoRNWALLis (Earl). An Answer to that Part of the Narrative 

of Lieutenant-General Sir Henry Clinton, K. B., which relates 

to the Conduct of Lieutenant-General Earl Cornwallis during the 

Campaign in North America in the year 1781, 8vo, half calf. 

London, 1783 
5^" See Clinton. 

632 Correspondence of Charles, First Alarquis 
C'ornwallis. Edited, with Notes, by Charles Ross, F'.scj. Portrait 
and map. 3 vols , 8vo, half morocco, gilt tops, uncut edges. 

London: Murray, 1859 

633 Correspondence between the First Church and the Taber- 
nacle Church in . alem: in which the Duties of Churches are 
Discussed and the Rights of Conscience Vindicated. 8vo, uncut. 

Salem, 1832 




634 Cou'iF.z (D. Christoval Maria). 
ada por la Villa de Madrid. 410, calf. 

TraRfdia prcnii- 
M ad rid, 1784 



635 [(fortes.) (Tarta He rclncio ctJtatia a su ^. iiiafrstati 

di.'l c'pador nro '■cnor por el capita jicncral dcia micva spana: 
llamado Fernado (.lortcs. Eida i\\ haze relac' d'las tierras y 
piovFcias sin cucto q ha descubicrto nucvamclc cncl j iicata dc! aiio 
do XIX a cste pte: y ha sometido ala corono real de su S. M., etc. 
Folio, red levant morocco extra, j^ik leaves, by Ilai dy. 

Sevilla: \ Jacob Croiii(hr^^ci\, 15J2 

H. A. v., No. 118. First edition of the sctiiiul Icttur, with portrait i>f < hiirlts 
\'. on the title-page. 

"These ( 'i?;/(rv are aiiionj; the wrist and most vaUiable Annriiana known. 

" The fountain head of information concerning; the Conquest of Mexico will 
always be the numerous epistolatory accounts written by Corte/.." — H. H. 

"Of his [Cortes] works, the most rem.trkable were, no doubt, livi- lonj; and 
detailed reports to the Emperor [Charles V., of Spain) on the affairs of Mexico, 
the first of which . . . seems to be lost, and the last, belonginjj probably to 
1527, exists only in manuscript." — Ticknor. 

636 [C0l*tr.9.] (JtartatrVCCratrC VCUlClO: embiada por FeriKldo 
Cortes capital! justicia mayor del Yucatan llamado la Neuva 
Espaiia del mar Oyeano: al muy alto y potentissiino cesar ivictiss- 
iiTio Senor do Carlos Emperador semper aii^usto y rey de esixifia 
nucstro senor: delas cosas sucedidas muy di^iias de admiracion 
enla conqiiista y recuperacion dela muy grande marvillosa ciudad 
de Teinixtitan: y delas otras provincias a ella suDJetas que se 
rebelaron, &C. Folio, red levant morocco extra, gilt edges, by 
Hardy. Sevilla, 1523 

B. A. v., No. 121. First edition of the third letter. 






637 [COVtCS.] ^ttiia iFcrtriUatll CrovtCSll Sac. C ae.sar et Cath. 
Maiesta in Nova Maris Oceani Hyspania Generalis praifecti pclara 
Narratio In qua Celebris Civitatis Teinixtitan expugnatio, 
alianlque Provintiaru, que defecerant recuperatio continentur. In 
quari'i expugnatione, recuperatione que Prfefectus. una cum Hys- 
panis Victorias oeterna memoria dignas consequutus est, preterea 
In ea Mare del Sur Cortesiumdetexisse receset, cpiod nos Australe 
Indicu Pelagus putamq, & alias innumeras Provintias Aurifodinis, 
Unionibus, VariLsque Gernmarum generibus refertas. Et postrcmo 
illis innotuisse in eis quoque Aroinatac ontineri, Per DoctorC 



Pctruiii sav()r<fii;mri. . . . ]v\ Hys|)aii() ydionuitc in I-atii.'iiu 
versa, liii/^ci itti arms on rcnisc of title. ImiHcj, red Icvaiit morocco 
extra, jjilt cdj^es, l)y Matthews. Norimbcrgd, 1524 

n. A. \'., No. i-J(). Portrait of Charlos V. on title. 

I'irst I'llitioii of Savor;^aiuis's version of ihe second and third letters of Cortes. 

63^^ [(JTortrs. I 71.1 quarta rrhicioii a jFci*u«iTJo CToftc.a govcr- 

nador y capitan general por siir inajcstad enia neuva Espana d'l 
mar oeeano embio al miiy alto may potentissimo invictis.simo senor 
don f'arlos empcrador semper augusto y rey de Espana niiestro 
senor: en la <]ual estan otras cartas relaciones que los capitanes 
Pedro de Alvarado Diego (lodoy einbia ronal dicho capitan Fer- 
nado Cortes. Folio, red levant morocco extra, gilt edges, by 
J lardy. Toledo, 1525 

B. .\. v., No. 135. First Kdition of the Fourth Letter. 

639 |C()Kri,s.| I)k [ nupkr invkntis Ferdinand! Cortesii 
ad Carohnn V. Rom. Iin])erat()rem Xarrationes, cum alio quodam 
Petri Martyris ad C'lementem VII. Pontificem Maximum consim- 
ilis argumenti libello. His accesserunt Epistohe duaj, de feliciss- 
imo apud Indos Evangelii incremento, quas superioribus hisce 
diebus quidam fratres Mino. ab India in Hispaniani transmiserunt. 
Item Epitome de Inventis nuper Indian populis idololaris ad fidem 
Cliristi, atque adeo ad Ecclesiam Catholicam convertendis, Autore 
R P. F. Nicolao Herborn. . . . Escutcheon border and wood- 
cut portraits. Folio, half morocco. Colonite, 1532 

n. A. v., No. 168. 

Minus 2 of the last 7 leaves, folios 3 and 6. 

640 [(ffovtrs.l JDiMCClaiM jFrctiiu»itri (Koctcsfi irc KoUa 

iHiiriS Oceani Hyspania Narratio Sacratissimo ac Invictissimo 
Carolo Romanorn Imperatori semper Augusto, Hyspaniarfi & c 
Regi Anno Domini MDXX., transmissa : In qua Continentur 
Plurima scitu, iV admiratione digna Circa egregias eanl puintiarn 
Urbes, Incolarfi mores, pueronl Sacrificia, (l!i: Religiosas pensonas 
Potissimnque de Celebri Civitate Termixtitan Variisque illi mara- 
bilib, que legcte mirifice delectabut, p. Doctore Petrfi Saguorg 
nanu, iS:c. Folio, red levant morocco extra, gilt edges, by 
Riviere. Norimberge, 1524 

B. A. v., No. 125. 
. This copy has the large plan of Mexico, the portrait of Clement XII., and the 
coatof-arms on back of title. 



641 iiTortrs.l ?la prcclarn X«iriMtionr tit jfri-tiinnnTio 

(fOltrSC (If Mil Nuova Mispaj^nia del Mare Oceaiio, al S.u'ratiss- 
imo, iV liulictissimo Carlo di Romani Iniperatorc scmjirc Aii;,nist() 
Re Dliispagna, (S^ cio die sie^ue, nellano del Signore, MDXX., 
trasmessa: Nelia (|iiaU; si cntCjJjono niolto cose dcj^i'.e di scienza, 
iV ammirationc, circa le cittadi ej^rej^ie di (|iK-lic I'roviiicie costu- 
nii d liabitatori, sacrifici di Fanciulli, I'v Relii^iose pcrsoiie, et 
niassiniaineiite della ceiebre citta Temi. titan, i\; varie cose inara- 
vii^liose di (jiiella, e (luali diletteianno mirahiliiKte il lettore per il 
Dottore Pietro Savorjjnano . . . dal iddionia Ilispaj^niiiolo in 
lingua latina . . . dalla Facndia latina al spleilore della lin- 
<,aia vclgare p Messer Nicolo lahurnio cm fidelta iV dilij;eza 
tradotta . . . 4to, green morocco, super extra, gilt edges, by 
Bauzpniict-Trautz. Venetia: Bernardino dc Maiio, 1524 

B. A. \'., No. i2(). 

Tlif plan <il tlic City of Mexico here inserted is not thai wliicli slioiild accom- 
pany tiiis edition, but Nicholas Nelli's plan. 

64-' [(ffOrtrS.I iFCCHinaUtri © Von dem Xewen His- 

panien, so itii .Meer gegem Nidergang. Zwo gantz histiige iinnil 

fruchtreiche Historien, ad den groszmachtigisten unuberwind- 

telichisten, (5tc. Folio, vellum. Augsperg, 1550 

Nizetto, No. 73S. 

643 [CoRTKs.J P^sTA Ks t'NA CARTA que cl Hiuy ilusrtc Senor Don 
Hkknando Cortes . . , escrivio a la S. L. L. M. d' rp>mpera- 
dor: dandole guera d lo q Venia pueer acpicUas ytes: y de 
algunas cossas en cllas acaescidas. Fecha c la grand ciudad de 
Temistitan Mexico d' la nueva Espana: a XV'. dias del mes 
d'otubre d' mdxxiv Anos. Agora nuevamete impssa por su 
original. Small 4to, morocco extra, gilt top, by Matthews. 

Mexico, 1865 
Only a limited edition [60] printed for j(jaquin (i.ircia Icazbalceta. No. 27. 

644 Cortes (Hernan). Historia de Nueva-Espa.-^a . . . aumen- 
tada con otras Documentos y Notas, por . , . Francisco Antonio 
Lorenzana. Frontispiece., vignette, 2 maps and 2)2> pl<^(<^^- Folio, 
vellum. Mexico, 1770 

Includes the rare 1541 map of California at page 328. 

645 [Cortes.] The Despatches of Hernando Cortes, the Con- 
queror of Mexico, addressed to the Emperor Charles V. Written 
during the Conquest, and containing a Nanative of its events. 


Amkrk A\.\. 

Now first translated into Eni^lish from tlic oriifinal Spanish, with 
an Introduction and Notes, by (icorj^^c Folsom. . . . wnio, half 
morocco, yilt top, uncut. New York, 1843 

First appearance of the three collected dispatches in I'ji^jlish, hciiijj a transla- 
tion from l.orcnzana, including a portion of iiis notes. See N. Ani. Rev., l.vii.- 

646 ICTortfs (fWai'tfn)! UrcDc (JTompruTifo trc la apIjciM 

y dc arte dc navc)j;ar, con nucvos instrunicntos y rc)j;las, c.xcmpli- 
ficailo con miiy siibtilts deinonstracioiics, iVc. Maps ami diaj:^ianis, 
some movable. Folio, calf. Scvilla, 155 1 

647 CoRwiN (Edward Tanjorc). Historicai, Discoursk on Occa- 
sion of the {.Centennial Anniversary of the Reformed Dutch of 
Millstone I N. J.J. Map. 121110, cloth. New York, 1866 

64.S CoRWiN, The CoRwiN (iiiNKALOov (Curwen, Curwen, Corwine) 
in the United States. 2 pcrtrails and a vie-ni. cSvo, cloth. 

New York, 1872 

649 [CosARTio (Gabriele).J Imago Vechiana Alexandro VII. 
I'oiit. Max. dedicata. 3 rii;m'ttes. Royal folio, old green morocco, 
with the arms of I'ope Alex. VII. in gold on the cover. 

Parisiis: CraniDsiaiia, 1656 

The above poem is printed on nine leaves of vclUim, in a bold type, and lakes 
for its subject a bronze medal, describinjr the martyrdom of Father Horatio 
X'echius, Martin Aranda and Jac(iues Montauban, the first of whom suffered in 

650 CoTi'ON (John). Gods Promise to his Plantations . . . as it 
was delivered in a Sermon. 4to, polished calf extra, rough edges, 
by Bedford. Title mended. London. 1634 

651 Cotton. Oops Mfrcie mixed with his Justice; or. His 
Peoples Deliverance in times of danger, laid open in severall Ser- 
mons. 4to, calf antique, gilt over red leaves, by Riviere. Inked 
on some pages. London, 1641 

652 Cotton. The Way ok Life ; or, Gods Way and Course, in 
bringing the Soule into, keeping it in, and carrying it on, in 
the wayes of life and peace. 8vo, calf antique, gilt over red leaves, 
by Riviere. London, 1641 

Pp. 31-34 re-margined, pp. 477-480 imperfect. 



65^^ (!oTroN. TnK Chi'kchks RKSURRKcrioN.or the Opening of the 
fift and sixt verses of the 2otli C'liap. of the Revelation. 410, calf 
anticjue, jjilt over red leaves, by A'n'it/r, London, 1642 

IncliulfS the extra leaf, but the title is pieced. 

^154 Cotton. A Mom sr and Ci.kark Answer to Mr. I'alls Dis- 
course of set formes of I'rayer. 4to, calf anticiiie, jjilt over i^-d 
leaves, by Riviere. London, 164J 

655 Cotton. The Hoc: trink of the Church to which are committed 
the Keys of the Kin}j;dome of Heaven. 4to, half morocco. 

London, 1643 
Second edition. 

656 Cotton. The Keves of the Kincdom of Heaven, and Power 

thereof according to the Word of God. 410, half morocco. 

London, 1644 
The rare first edition; a second appeared the same year. 

657 Cotton. The Powring Out of the Seven Vials; or. An Exposi- 
tion of the Sixteenth Chapter of the Revelation. 4to, calf, gilt. 

London, 1645 

65.S Cotton. The Way of the Churches of Christ in New-En- 
gland; or, the VVay of Churches walking in Brotherly equality, or 
co-ordination, without Subjection of one Church to another, i\:c. 
4to, calf, gilt leaves. London, 1645 

Fine copy. 

659 Cotton (John). Gospel Conversion . . . together With some 
Reasons against stinted Formes of praising God in Psalmes, (!vc. 
Now published for the general! good, by Francis Cornwell. Small 
8vo, calf anti((ue. London, 1646 

660 Cotton The Controversie concerning Liberty of Con- 
science in Matters of Religion, Truly stated, and distinctly and 
plainly handled. ... By way of answer to some Arguments to 
the contrary sent unto him, 4to, half morocco, London, 1646 

Cotton's reply to Roger Williams. Tall copy. 

661 Cotton. The Bloudy Tenent, Washed And made white in 
the bloud of the Lambe . . . whereunto is added a Reply to Mr. 
Williams Answer to Mr. Cottons Letter, 4to, calf antique, red 
leaves. London, 1647 



662 CoiroN. SiN<;iN(; of I'sai.mks: a (lospclC )r(liiKUU'(.', iVc. 410, 
half morocco. I.oiuloii, 1650 

l''iiic lopy. 

663 ('01 ION. An Exi'osirioN upon the 'i'HiRTKKN rii ('haitir of 
Rkvi'i.a rioN, 4to, half morocco, gilt. I-ondon, 1656 

Imperfect. Minus pp. 109-112 anil last leaf of the table. The IJiinley eopy 
(.No. 563) lacked the title, anil the dale was quoted as 1^155. 

664 Coi ION. A l)i iKNCK OK, . , . From the imputation of Selfc 
Contradiction, charjjjed on him by Mr. Dan. C'awdrcv. Written by 
himselfe not lon;f before his death. Wliereiuito is prefi.xed, an 
Answer to a late 'I'reatise of tlic said Mr. Cawdrey about the 
natiire of Sthisme. By John Owen. Small Svo, calf. 

Oxford, 1658 

665 Cotton. A Trka tisk tjf the Covenant of Crack, as it is dis- 
pensed to the Elect Seed, effectually unto Salvation. Small Svo, 
calf. London, 1659 

Second edition " titled for the press by Thos. Allen." 

666 CouTTs (W. Ci.). "The Gamks," A Nicht wi' Burns, and other 
Poems. Music score. Royal Svo, half morocco. 

New ^ork: Publisltcil by the Author, 1S60 
Describes the Scottish (James at Jones' Woods and a Burns Dinner at the 
Astor House. 

667 Cowley (Charles). A Hist()R\ of Lowell. Numerous woodcut 
illustrations. i2m(), cloth. Lowell, 1868 

Second revised eilition. 

668 Cox (S. S.). Eight Years in Congress, from 1857-1865. 
Memoir and Speeches. 8vo, cloth. New York, 1865 

Presentation copy, with autograph. 

669 CoxK (Daniel). A Description of the English Province of 
Caroi.ana, by the Spaniards call'd Florida, and by the French La 
I ouisiane. As also of the Great and F'amous River Meschacebe 
or Missisipi, &c. Large map. Svo, calf. London, 1727 

670 Craeeord (John). A New and Most Exact Account Of the 
Fertiles and Famous Colony of Carolina (On the Continent of 
America). ... As also an Account of the Islands of Bermudas, 
&c. Pp. 7. 4to, polished calf extra, gilt edges, by Bedford. 2 
leaves pieced. Dublin, 1683 











dc la I Novvclli; France, | An I'crc I'rociirciir dcs Missions | de la 
compagnie dc Icsvs en ces contrecs. | A Paris, | Juz Sclhisliiii 
CraiHoisy, \ Impiiiiuui of dinain' Jii Roy \ </ iiahriel Crainoisy. \ nic 
S. lacijiies aiix Ci-o^nis. \ m. dc. | Aiicc /ifiiti/ci:;t' t/i/ Key. \ 
One perfect copy only i>f tlie original woik is known to exist. 

Rki.aiion de ce (jui s'est passe de pivs renianivable avx Mis- 
sions des Teres dc la Conipa;jnie de lesvs, en la Novvelle Krance, 
es annecs 1676 et 1677. Inii)riniec pour la premiere fois, seion 
[la I Cojiie dti MS, ()rij,nnal rcstant it I'Universite-I-aval (.hiehee. 

I,ALi,KM.\.\ r (II.). Li;ttki;s Knvoiki.s de la Novvelle I'ranee an 
K. V. Iac{|ves Renavlt Prouincial de la C'onipajfnie tie lesvs en la 
Prouinee de la France, par le R. P. Hier. Lalleniant Siiperieiir 
des Missions dc la dite ('t)mpaj;nic en ce nomieaii Mondje. 
A Paris, C/nz Sclutstien Cramoisy, m.dc.i.x. 

3 vols, in I. i2mo, cloth, uncut. Albany, i''~>35-54 

A few copies privately printed Ijy Mr. James Leno.x. 
l^ See Jesuit Relations. 

672 Crasiiaw (VV.). A Skrmon preached in London before the 
rijrht honorable the Lord Lawarre, Lord (lovernour iwuX Captaine 
denerall of Virginea ... at the said Lord Clenerall his leave 
taking of England his Native Countrey, and departi'.re for Vir- 
ginea, F'ebr. 21, 1609. 4to, call" anticjue, gilt over red leaves, by 
Riviere. London, 1610 

Running title, " A New-veeres Gift to Viroinka." Fine copy. 

673 Cuming (F".). Skktchks of a Touk to the Wkstkkn Cotnirv, 
through the States of Ohio and Kentucky ; a Voyage down the 
Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, and a Trip through the Mississipi)i 
Territory and Part of West Florida. Comnienced at Philadelphia 
in the Winter of 1807 and concluded in 1.S09 . . . With Notes 
and an Appendix, containing some interesting facts, together with 
a Notice of an Expedition through Louisiana. i2mo, calf. Rare. 

Pittsburgh, ;8io 

674 CuRSOiv. Observations, relative to the Mounting of Cannon in 
the new way, and to Naval War. 8vo. New York, 17S5 

675 [(iTuctcs (IWactfn).] ri)r Slrtc of Xai)i'fl«itioH, Ccm- 

teynyng a compendious description of the Sphere, with the niakyng 
of certen Instrumentes and Rules for Navigations : and exem- 



plified by manye Demonstrations . . . Translated out of Spanyshe 
into Enj^rlyshe by Richard Eden. U'oo(kiii\ {(/iagratns, &'c.). 
4to, calf gilt, red edj^es, title mounted. London, 1561 

676 CuRTKS. TiiK Art of Navigation. Contayninj^ a bricfe dc- 
scrijnion of the Spheare, with the ])artes and Circles of the same 
. . . translated into English by Richard Eden, iS:c. I^iai^raws, 
7i.Hth the moi'abk dials, iS-v., and map of the Nnvc Worldc. 4to, 
blue morocco, gilt leaves. London, 1596 

The movable ili.njjrams are perfect on folios 21), 41'), 02 and 71. 
Minus folios 54, 55, 88, 8(j and all after folio 90, 

677 Curtis (Cteorgc Ticknor). History of the Origin, Formation 
and Adoption of the Constitution of the Unitku States : 
with Notices of its Principal Framers. 2 vols., Svo, half calf 
antique. New York, 1.S61 

Presentation ropy with autograph of the author. 

678 Curtis. 

The Last Years of Daniel Webster. Svo. 

New York, 1S78 

679 [CuuwEN.] Journal and Letters of the late Samuel Curwen 
. . . an American Refugee in England, from 1775 to 1784 ... to 
which are added Biographical Notices of American Loyalists, &c. 
By George Atkinson Ward. Portraits and plates. 8vo, cloth. 

New York, 1842 

680 CusHiNG (Caleb). The Treaty of Washington: its Negocia- 
tion, Execution and the Discussions relating thereto. Svo, cloth. 

New York, 1873 

6S1 CusicK. (David). Sketches of Ancient T istory of the Six 
Nations, comprising, First— a Tale of the Foundation of the 
Creat Island (now North America) . . . Second — a Real Account 
of the Early Settlers . . . Third— Origin of the Kingdom of the 
Five Nations . . . &c. 4 eurious woodcuts. Svo, polished calf 
extra, gilt leaves, by /';v^7. Lockport, 1S48 

" The production of a pure-blooded North American Indian, belonging to one 
of the triljes of the I'Mve Nations, wliose scanty remnants now inhabit Western 
New York antl Canada." — IVestcrn Mt-moraHlia. 



682 Cutter (Benjamin and William R.). History of the Town of 
Arlington, Massachusetts : formerly the Second Trecinct in 



Cambridge or District of Menotomy, afterward the Town of West 
Cambridj^e, 1635-1879. With a (leneaiogical Register of the 
Inhabitants of the Precinct. Map aiuf platis. 8vo, clotli. 

Hoston, iSSo 

6S3 Ckawfoki) (J. M.). Mosiiv and iiis Mkn : a Record of the 
Adventures of that renowned Partisan Ranger, John S. Mosin-, 
Col. CJ. S. A. J'oiiraits. \j.n\o, lialf cloth, uncut. 

New York, 1867 

684 Crf.uxius [Du C. ux] (P. Francis). Histori.k Canaoknsis 
sev Nova'-Francia' Libri Decern, Ad Annum usque Christi 
Large fohicJ map and 12 plates. 4to, morocco, gilt leaves, by 
Hayday. Parisiis: Seb. Craiiioisy ef Se/>. jMai're-Crainoisy, 1664. 

The MKip ill this copy is a fac-siniilc, ami. as usual, the foiilcil plalc at !>. yzu 
is waulinj;'. 

685 Crkixius. The same, with an original impression of the map, 
but ku'king the plates at pp. 22, 71 and 526. 4to, vellum. 

Parisiis, 1664 

686 [Crevecceur.] — (J. H. St. John). Letters from an A.\ii;RieAN 
Farmer; Describing Certain Provincial Situations, Manners and 
Customs, not generally known ; and conveying some idea of the 
late and i)resent Interior Circumstances of the British Colonies in 
North America. Written for the Information of a Friend in En- 
gland. By J. Hector St. John, a Farmer in Pennsylvania. Svo, 
calf. London: T/iomas Da't'ies, 1783 

687 Crevecceur. Vovac.e dans la Haute Pensvi.vanie et dans 
I'Etat de New-York, par un Membre adoptif de la Nation Oneida. 
Traduit et public par I'auteur des Lettres d'un Cultivateur Ameri- 
cain. Portrait of U'asJii/igtoii, i>iaf>s, &'i. 3 vols., 8vo, half 
morocco, gilt tops, uncut edges. Paris: Crape/et, 1801 

IJriniey, No, 3047. Leclerc, No. 407. 

688 Croshv (Nathan). A Croshv Fa.milv. Josiah Crosby, Sarah 
Fitch, and their Descendants, by their Crandson. Portraits. 8vo, 
cloth. Lowell, Mass., 1877 

689 Crosi!v. Annual Obituary Notices of Eminenj- Persons 
who have died in the United States, 1857-1858. Portraits on steel. 
2 vols., Svo, cloth. Boston, 1858-9 



690 Cui.LUM (dco. \V.). Biographical Rkgistkr of the Officers 
and (iracluates of the Uniied Statks Military Acadkmy, at 
Wkst i'oin r, N. Y., from its establishment, March 16, 1802, to 
. . . 1866-67. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth. New York, 186.S 

691 [CUTTKR 7'S. WaDDINGHAM.] ABSTRACT of the RECORD [in the 

Case of] Norman Cutter, Appellee, versus William VVaddinghani 
and others, Appellants. 8vo, half morocco. St. Louis, 1861 



(A.). La (]ui:rre Civile aux Ktats-Unis, impuissance 
du Nord, I'Independance du Sud inevitable, par A. 
D. . . . 8vo, half morocco. Paris, 1862 

693 [Dallas.] I'rocei-.dinc.s of the R. W. Grand Lodj,fe of Penn- 
sylvania . . . March 6th, 1S65 ... in reference to the Death 
of P. (1. M Brother, the Hon. George Mifflin Dallas. Portrait. 
8vo, half morocco. Philadelphia, 1865 

Presentation copy James I'ajxe, P. G. M. 

694 [Dalkv.mim.e (Sir John). | The Address of the People of Great- 
BritaiiN to the Inhabitants of America. 66 pp. London, 1775 

An Address of the Convention of the Representatives 
which met in Fishkill in 1776. Pp. 19 (title in MS.). 

Fishkiil, 1776 

Essays upon the making of Salt-petre and Gun-powder. Pub- 
lished by ')rder of the Committee of Safety of the Colony of New- 
York. Pp. 39 (the last three in MS.). New York, 1776 

Three tracts in i vol. 8vo, boards. 1775-^* 

The Fishkill Address is sij^ned by Abraiiam Ten ISroeck, as president of the 
Convention; and the Gunpowder tract by Pierre Van Courtlandt, Chairman of the 
Committee of Safety. 

695 [Dalrv.mi'le. I 'i'he Address of the People of Great Britain 
to the Inhabitants of America. 8vo, half morocco. London, 1775 

696 [Dalrvmi'LE.] The Rich is of Greai' Britain Asserted against 
the Claims of America, being an Answer to the Declaration of the 
General Congress. 8vo, half morocco. London, 1776 

Third edition. 

697 Dana (R. H., Jr.). An Address upon the Life and Services 
ot l'"iiWARD I'vVKUEir; delivered before the Municipal Authorities 






and Citizens of Cambridge, February 22, 1865, l)y Riciiard H. 
Dana, Jr. 4to, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. Cambridge, 1865 
I.AKci', I'AiKK. l'"ifty copies only privately printed 

698 Dandoi.o (Marco). Makii Dandim.i Aktium ac. I. V. doctoris: 
& Equitis : Oratoris Veneti apud Serenissimum Ferdinanduin 
Hispaniai, etc. 4t() (8 leaves), old red morocco, gilt leaves, -icitli 
the anus of the Do\:;c Fosiuii/ii 0/1 the siJcs. Ncapoli, 1507 

1?. A. V. Add., No. 2S. See verso of si.\th leaf, " Insul.u inventis," ivic. 
Another tract of minor importance is bound with the above. 

699 [Dandoi.o.] Marci Dandum Artium ac. I. V. doctoris iv: 
Equitis: Oratoris Veneti apud Serenissimum Ferdinandiim His- 
paniai: utriusque Siciliae, et':. Catliolicum Regem Oratio. 4to 
(S leaves), red levant morocco extra, gilt edges, by HarJy. 

Neapoli, 1507 

Fine copy. 

Two lines in the handwriring of Fernando Columbus, at the foot of the last 
page, state that he purchased this copy at Rome, June, 151 5. 

700 Danforth (S.). An Astronomicai. Description of the late 
Comet, or Blazing-Star, as it appeared in New-Encland in 
November, December, January, and in the beginning of February, 
1664, &c. Small 8vo, calf, gilt. 32 pp. Cambridge, N. E., 1666 





It of thf 


|n, 177.=^ 


of the 

In, 177^' 


701 Daniki. (Louis). La Guerre aux Etats-Unis. Map. 8vo. 

Paris, 1862 

702 Dankkrs (J.) ami Sluytkr (P.). Journal of a Vovagk to 
New York and a Tour in several of the American Colonies in 
1679-80, by Jasper Dankers and Peter Sluyter of Wiewerd in 
Friesland. Translated from the Original Manuscript in Dutch 
for the Long Island Historical Society, and edited by Henry C. 
Murphy, ... 12 plates. Imp. 8vo, half morocco, ^ilt top, 
uncut. Brooklyn, 1867 

I.AKcr. P.M'KK. One hundred copies only printed. 
"Long Island Hist. Soc. Publications, " \'ol. i. 

703 Dankers a;/</ Sluyter. The same on small paper. Svo, cloth, 
gilt top. Brooklyn, 1867 

704 fDANVKRS.] Centennial Celehration at Danvers, Mass., 
June 16, 1852. Portraits. 8vo. Boston, 1852 



705 Darby (Wil)iain). Lkcturesoii the Discovery of Amkrica, 6>:c. 
161110, boards, uncut (stained). Baltimore, 182S 

706 Darikn. a Dkkknck of the Scots Sktti.kmknt at Darien, 
with an Answer to the Spanish Memorial against it: and Argu- 
ments to i)rove that it is the Interest of England to join with the 
Scots, and protect it. To which is added a Description of the 
Country, iVc. 8vo, half morocco. Edinburgh, 1699 

By "Philo-Caledon." 

707 Darikn. The Dkfknce of the Scots Settlement at Darien, 
Answered Paragraph by Paragraph. By Philo-Britan. 8vo, half 
morocco. London, 1699 

708 Darien. A Dkkenck of the Scots abdicating Dakien: including 

an Answer to tlie Defence of the Scots Settlement there. Authore 

Britanno sed Dunensi. Svo, half morocco. 

Printed in the Year 1700 
Dedication signed " I'hii. Scot." 

709 [Darif.n.] a Full and Exact Collection of all the Con- 
siderable .\ddresses, Memorials, Petitions, Answers, Proclamations, 
Declarations, Letters, and other Publick Papers, Relating to the 
Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies . . . 
(1695-1700). 4to. Printed in the Year 1700 

V710 Darnell (Elias). A Journal ... of the hardshij)s, suffer- 
ings, battles, defeat and captivity of those heroic Kentucky Volun- 
teers and Regulars, commanded by (jcneral Winchester, in the 
years 1812-13 . . . &c. i2nio, half morocco. 

Philadelphia, 1854 

;! 4716 


711 [Dartmoor Prison.] Message from the President [Monroe] of 
the United States, transmitting a Report ... in relation to tiic 
Transactions at Dartmoor Prison ... so far as the American 
Prisoners of War, there confined, were affected, &c. 8vo, halt 
morocco. Washington, 18 lO 


712 Dassie (C. R.). Le Routier des Indes Orientales et Occi- 
dentales: traitant des saisons propres a y faire Voyage : unc 
description des Anclirages, &:c., also L'Architecture Navai.k. 
J'lati's. 2 vols, in 1. 4to, vellum. Paris, 1677 





71:5 D'AuTERocHK (Chappe). Voyac.k cm Camiokmk pour I'Ol)- 
servation du Passage de Venus sur Ic Discjue tlu Solcil, le 3, Juin, 
1769; contenant les observations de ce pliLMioniene, i^ la descrip- 
tion historique de la route de I'Auteur a travers le Mexicjue. 
La ri^e plan and t/ircf plates. 4to, half morocco. Stained. 

Paris, 1772 

714 D'AuTEROCHE. A VoYACE to CALIFORNIA, to observe the 
'I'ransit of Venus . . . with an Historical Description of tiie 
Author's Route through Mexico . . , also a Voyage to New- 
foundland and Saliee ... by M. de Cassini. Large plan 0/ the 
City of Mexico. Svo, half calf, gilt. London, 1778 

715 l)|AVENPORrJ, J[ohn]. The Profession of the 1''ah h of that 
Reverend and worthy Divine, Mr. J. D., sometimes Preacher of 
Stevens Coleman-Street, London. Made publicpiely before the 
Congregation at his Admission into one of tlic Ciuirches of (Jod 
in New-England. Pp. 8, 4t(), half morocco. London, 1642 

4716 D'AvEZAC (M.). Relation AurHENXiguE du Voyage du Capi- 
taiue de Gonneville es Nouvelles Tekres des Indcs . . , avec 
unc Introduction, &c. Svo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. 

Paris, 1869 

rrcsentation copy from the author. 

717 |D'AvEZAC.] Martin Hylacomvlus Wai.tzemi'ller ses 
Ouvrages et ses Collaborateurs. Voyage d'l'^xploration et de 
Dccouvertes a travers quelques epitres dcdicatoircs prefaces et 
opuscules, en prose et en vers du commencement du XV le Siecle. 
Notes, &c., par un Ceographe Hibliophile. 8vo, half morocco, 
gilt top, uncut. ' Paris, 1867 

Presentation copy from the author. 

71.. Davie (John Constanse). LETTERsfrom Paraguay: describing 
the Settlements of Monte Video and Buenos Ayres . . . <!vc. 8vo, 
half calf, gilt. London, 1805 

719 Davis (.-V.). A Lecture on the Discovery of America by the 
Northmen, five hundred years before Columbus. . . . Fourth 
edition, with Additions. Svo. 1839 

A Lecture on the Antiquities of Central America, and on 
the Discovery of New England by the Northmen, five hundred 
years before Columbus. . . . Sixth edition, with Additions. Svo. 


2 vols., Svo, unbound. New York, 1S39-40 



720 Davis (George Lynn-Laclilan). The 1)ay-Si ar of Amkrican 
Fkkkdom; or the liirth and Early (irovvth of Toleration, in tiic 
Province of Marylanc" 12 mo, cloth. New York, 1855 

721 Davis (Jefferson). Prison Likk of, by John J. Craven. Frontis- 
piece. 8vo, cloth. New York, I1S66 

722 Davis (Richard B.). Pokms by . . . with a Sketch of his Life. 
i2mo, sheep. New York, 1807 

The poet fell a victim to the yellow fever durinjj the epidemic in New York, 

723 Davis (Solomon). A Pravi.k I'ook in the Languagk of the 
Six Nations of Inoians, containing the Morning and Evening 
Service ... in the Book of Common Prayer . . . &:c. i2mo, 
half morocco. New York, 1S37 

724 Davis (W. W. H.). History of the 104TH Pi nnsylvama 
Rkcument, from 1861 to 1864. d plates. 8vo, cloth. 

Philadelphia, 1 866 

725 Dawson (Henry B.). Major-General Israki, Putnam. A 
Correspondence on this Subject with the Flditor of the HartforJ 
Daily Post by " Selah," of that City, and Henry B. Dawson, of 
White I'lains, N. Y. Royal 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut 
edges. Morrisania, N. Y. : Privately printed, i860 

Only 250 copies printed. No. 213. 

726 Dawson. The Sons of Liberty in New York. A Paper Read 
before the New York Historical Society May 3, 1859. Portrait 
inserted. 8vo, half morocco. 

[N. Y.J: Printed for private circulation, 1859 


727 Dawson. Assault on Stony Point by General Anthony 
Wayne, July 16, 1779. Prepared for the New York Historical 
Society and Read at its Regular Monthly Meeting, April i, 1862. 
Map and numerous fac-si miles! Royal 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, 
uncut edges. Morrisania, N. Y., 1S63 

Only 250 copies printed. No. 61. 



728 Dawson {lulitor). Diaky of David How, a Private in Colonel 
Paul Dudley Sargent's Regiment of the Massachusetts Line, in 
the Army of the American Revolution. From the Original Manu- 
script. With a Biographical Sketch of the Author by (leorge 
Wingate Chase, and Illustrative Notes by Henry H. Dawson. 
Imperial Svo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. 

Morrisania, N. Y., 1.S65 

250 copies only printed. No. Oi. Forms Part IV. of Dawson's " (ilcanitif^s, 

729 Di'.ANK (Charles). John and Skbastian Caison : a Study. 
Imperial 8vo, half morocco, gilt top. Cambridge, Mass., 1S.S6 

730 Dkank. a Summary of the History or Ni;w Enoiand to the 
Time of Andros. Imperial 8vo, half morocco, gilt top. 

Cambridge, .Mass, i<SS6 

731 Dkank (Silas). An Addrkss to tlie Frkk and Indki-kndknt 
Citizens of the United S tates of North .Vmkrica. 8vo, half 
morocco. Hartford, 1784 

732 Deane. An Addrkss to the United States of Norih 
America. To which is added, A Letter to the Hon. Robert 
Morris, Esq., with Notes and Observations. By Silas Deane, Esc]., 
late one of the Commissioners Plenipotentiary from the United 
States, to the Court of Versailles. 8vo, pp. i \) 95, half morocco, 
uncut. London: J. Dcbrctt, 17S4 

Tlie author's vindication of himself from a charye of mismanajjcnicnt of the 
public money. It was reprinted at New London. 

^ trait 

I '859 

De Brahm (J. G. W.). History of the Province of (Ieoroia: 
with Maps of Original Surveys. By John Gerar William De 
Brahm, His Majesty's Surveyor-General for the Southern District 
of North America. Now first Printed. 6 plates. 4to, cloth, 
uncut. Wormsloe, mdcccxeix. 

Forty-nine copies privately printed, four on plate paper, of wliich this is one. 

" Printed from a manuscript in the Library of Harvard College, for the editor, 
Cieorge Wymberley-Jones. It is so rare that we have seen only one ordinary 
paper copv sold, that at the Ingraliam sale in 1851, where it brougiit $49.00." — 

J. s. ■ 

Presentation copy to " Winthrop Sargent from his friend Ci. Wymberley- 




734 A Set of the Great and Small Voyages. 26 vols., folio and small 
folio, polished calf extra, by Bedford. 
Abstract of the Two Series in brief : 

Great Vovac.ks. 
I. — Hariot (T.). Admiranda Narratio Fida tamen, de Commo- 
dis, et Incolarum Ritibus Virgini;\;. Map of Virginia and 28 
plates. 1590 

First edition, hut with the ctim t^ralia, &^i., tilled in. Hrunet claims the 
above as the first impression, never havinjj seen the cum :^/ii/i</, ire, in sni;dl 
italics, printed on .1 narrow slip and pasted on the title-pajre. 

II. — Lk Moynk de Morgues. Brevis Narratio eorum (jua; in 
Florida America; I'rovlcia-Gallis acciderunt. 42 p/a/es. 1591 
First edition. 

III. — Stade (Johannes). Amer tertia pars memorabile pro- 
vincial Brasilice Historiam. Addita est Narratio profectionis 
Joannis Lerij. Map and 44 engra7nngs in the text. 1592 

First edition, with impressions of both variations of the first title, tiie two 
variations of the escutcheon plate, both variations of the second title, the plate 
of Adam and Eve: the latter also in the Harlot's Virginia. 

IV. — Benzdni (H.). Americae pars quarta, sive, Insignis & 
Admiranda Historia de reperta primum Occidentali India a 
Christophoro Columbo. Map and 24 plates. 1593 

I'irst edition, with the first title duplicated and the 24 plates in both states 
before and after the numbers. The escutcheon plate has the six female figures 

V. — Henzoni. Americai pars quinta Nobilis. Secundae sectionis. 
Portrait of Columbus, map of New Spain and 22 plates. 1595 

First edition. (_)2 (82) pages. The foot-notes in Roman, the numbering of 
the plates also in Roman. 

VI. — Benzoni. Americae pars sexta. Sectio tertia. Afap of 
America, plan of Cusco and 2% plates. 1596 

F'irst edition, with both variations of the second title. 

VII. — ScHMiDEL. America; Pars VII. Vkrissima et jncundis- 
siMA descriptio praecipuarum quarundam India: regionum iv- 
Insularum, qure quidem nullis ante hasc tempora visit cognitoj- 
que, iam primimi ab Ulrico Fabro. i599) <!tc. 

F'irst edition, with plate on p. 7. The plates which belong- to this part are 
the first three included in the eighteen plates of the following volume. 



VIII. — I Ralkkih's ("iUIANA, i\:c. I Amcricif pars VIII. contiiuiis 
I'rimo, Dcscriptioncm triiiin Itiiicniin Nohilissiini t-t l()rtis>imi 
equitis Francisci Drakcn, (|iii pLTa,i;rati) priimim iiiiivt-rso tcna- 
niiii ()rl)c', iK)stca cum nobilissimo K(iiiitc Johamie Haia-ki'ti.s. 
Sccundo, iter n()!)ilissimi Kqiiiti.s 'riionuL- Caiulisch, Tcrtio, 
(iiialthcri Ralej^li. '599. •^'^i-'- 

Kirst edition, witii the two small majis on (iu|iiicatf Icavi-s, in adiiition to 
the usual paj^cs, 7S of first part and 3 of the second. .Msolhe larj^c map of 
Ciiiiana and iS plates preceded by a second title. 

IX. — [AcDSiA (J lie).] Americne Nono iV jiostreina Pars: de 
Novi Orbis Natura, &c. Addita est tertio Navigatio reccns, 
(|tiani 4, navitim praefectiis Olevier a Noort. 1602. | ■'/''/• "/ 
the Strait of Mai;e//tin and 39 (25-14) f'/atcs. \ 

First edition, with .all the subtitles. 

X. — [Vkspucius, Hamor and Jonx Smiih.| .America; pars 
decinia : (jiia continenttir, 

I. Duiu Navigationes I)n. Ai^frici Vesputii. 

II. Soliila narratio de moderno proviiici;v! Virgini.c Raplie 

III. Vera descriptio Novie Anghv, a Capitaneo Jolianne Schmidt. 

[Map of the Plullippiue Islands ami 12 plates. \ 

Earliest impression, with the initial II at page 21 printed upside ilown. 

XI. — [ScHOUTF.N and Sni^nKKOKN. | America^ pars iindecima : 
seu Descriptio Adniirandi Itiiieris a (liiilliclino Schouten Hol- 
lando pis, atqiie iconibus in ;v;s incisis jam primiim iliiistrata, 
Opera. \() p/ates and 2 inaps.^ 16 19 

[Si.coND 'rri'-i.K. I Appendix sen Admirandte Navigationis a 

(icorgio a Spilbergen. [20 plates.^ 1620 

The vij;^nette on the title-p.ige of the first part reappears as pl.itc I. of the 
same p.irt. 

XII. — [Herrara.] Novi Orbis pars duodecima sive Descriptio 
Indian Occidentalis, auctore Antonio de Herrara . . . acces- 
serimt et alioriim Indite Occidentalis Descriptiones, uti iV navi- 
gationum omnium per Fretum Magellanicum succmcta narratio, 
Quibus coha;rent Paralipomena America;. [14 maps and 19 
plates.^ 1624 

The above is another exception to the statement by Camus in reference to 
the plate at folio 130 being covered by the correct illustration on separate slip. 



XIII. — [Nk.w KN(a,ANi), tkc.\ Dcciiiui 'I'crtia Pars liistoriac 

I. Nova; Anjjliaj, Virgini;v, Hrasili;i;, (iuiaiKC, t^ insuhv Ber- 

II. Terrii; Aiislralis incojjnita). 

III. Hlxpuj^natioiiis urhis S. Salvatoris i\: Simis Omnium Sanc- 
torum ab Hollandis factiv, & quomodo Hispani. 

IV. Novi Mexici, Ciboloe, Cinaloa;, Quivira:, rtrumq memora- 
bilium, (jua; in Yucutan, (luatiniala, Fonduris, tS: Panama, iS:c. 

V. Navi^ationis HoUandorum per univcrsum oibem, ducc Ja- 
cobo Eremita. 

VI. Classis Hispanica: pra;divitis ab Hollandis, duce I'ctro. 

VII. Urbis Olindai de Fernambucco in Brasilia ab Hollandis, 
duce Henrico Cornelio Lonckio. 1634 

[Ni/ie Iar):;c and 2 i small »ni/>s and plates^ the latter printed in the 

Small Voyages. 
First Part. 
I. — [Pir.Ai'KTT A.] Regnum | Congo | hoc est | Vera Descri | 
ptio Regni Afri | cani, (juod tarn ab in | colis quam Lusitanis. | 
Congus appellatur | per | Philippum Pigafetam | olini ex lulo- 
ardi Lopez acroamatis | lingua Italica excerptj?. '598 

CoLLATKiN : l'".ngraved title. Dedicatory Epistle, 3 pages, with coat of-rirnis 
on the first. Preface three pages — two maps of Congo aiul one of Nortliern 
Africa — pages 1-60 — Index 6 pages — Blank leaf — title-page to pl.ites. 
" Icones (|iiibus ad Maiorem lectoris recreationcm, iVc." \^plaUs. 

First Part, with Appendix. — 2d Ed. 
[I'lOAFETTA.] Regnum ( Congo. 1624 

Same as the first edition, with the addition of the following : 
Appendix Regni | Congo. | Qua continentur naviga | tiones 
quinque Samuelis Brunonis. 1625 

CoLl.ATio.x : Engraved title— dedication three pages- preface 2 pngts — 
Greek verses signed I. L. Gottfridus, i page — pages 1-S6. The eleven engrav- 
ings are printed on the following pages : 4, 7, 17, 38, 39, 43, 45, 49, 51, 56, 
61, 71 ; that on page 17 having previously appeared in the part as No. 13. 

II, — [LiNDscHOTEN.] II Pars | Indite Orientalis, | in qua | Johan. 
Hugonis Lintscotani | Navigatio in Orientem. 1599 

Collation : Engraved title — Preface 4 pages — Dedication 3 pages- -blank 
page — Lintscotani Prrefatio ad I.ectoren, with portrait, 2 pages — pages 1-114 — 
Index 4 pages — title, Icones Vivae, Verae et tJenvinae, <.S;c. — 38 plates. 

Plate 37 is a doubU-page, and plate 6 has already appeared on page 49 of 



tliL' Appcni i to tlif First I'ait. A map of Mi>/ainl)i(|uc follows pajjc iS; ilic 
islaiuls of Java, Sumatra aiul lioriKo at pa^jc ?i, followi'il l)y tlu' map 
" Desciiptio Ilydrojjraphica" (whiili properly bcKiiijjs to page 54, part 3); map 
of ("loa, pa^e 72, and plati- of metallic i urrcncy at page ij7. 

III. — [I,iNi)scuoTKN.| Tenia I'ars | Iiuli;u ( )rii.'iUalis. 

I. Scctiiiila i^ars navijfatiomiin a Joanne Utij^onc l-iiil | sclidlaiio. 

II, Navijralio Hollandoriiiii in insiilas Orit-nlak's. 

II. Tues naviyationes Hollandoruni in niodo ilictani Indiam per 
Septen | trionalem sen glacialeiii Oceanum. 160 1 

Collation: Knjjraved title — " llenevolo l.cctori," 4 pajjcs— pages 1-170, 
with the maps at pages 31, 32, 40 and 128 — Second title— plates 1 to 5S 
(minus 17 and 18), map of Nova Zembla on reverse of p .ite 58— description of 
the map and colophon, I leaf. 

Plate 1 lias licen used as before on 5(1 of the Appenilix ; plate \ on pa;;e 71, 
and plate 7 on page 45 of the same book. I'late 28 is numbered XXIIX., 
and is a repetition of No. 24. 

IV. — [ I,iNi)SciioTKN.| Pars Quarta | IndicX Oriental's | qua 
Prinium . varij generis Animalia, Fructiis, Arbores : accurate- 
describuntur | Per | Joanneni Hugoneni Lintzchotanum | Se- 
cundo : Novissiina Hollandorum in Indiam Orientalem | navi- 
gatio, i59(S suscepta. 1601 

CoLLAi ION ; Title in engraved border — Dedication — Preface — 3 pages and a 
blank— text i to 11 1 — title — plates i to 21. 

V. — India; Orientalis | qua continetur | Vera 1!^ accurata de- 
scriptio universa navigationis illius, quam | HuUandi cum octo- 
nis navibus interras Orientales. 1601 

The spelling of the word Orientalis seems to identify this as the second edi- 
tion, but as the plates are all printed on separate pages it is more probably the 

Collation : Title, in engraved border — preface 2 leaves — text i to 60 — 
title to plates — plates 1-20. 

VI. — Veram et Histo j ricam Descriptionem | Auriferi Regni 
Guinea3, ad Africam | pertinentis, quod alias littasde inina vo | 
cant, continen.s. 1604 

Collation: Title, with Vignette — Dedicatory Epistle 2I — pp. i to 127. 
(rev. blank) — title to platet dated 1603 — plates i to 26. 

In the above copy are two impressions of plate III., one with eleven lines 
of text uniler the plate, the other twelve. Plate 11. is also numbered III. 

The vignette on the title is the same as in part 10 of the Grand Voyages, 
and the question raised in the Huth catalogue respecting the number of ships, 
is easily decided by an analysis of the sails ; though the peculiar rig of the stern 
ship might easily lead to the mistake of placing a third hull beneath the fore- 
sail of the second. 



I lO 


Vn. — Navijjationes diias, | I'riinain, triam Annoriim, h Cicorgis 
S|)ill)cr;i[i(), tiiiiiii, navium pnvfccto, Ann. 1601. c\ Sclanilia 
in Iiidiani | Orientalcm susccptam : | 

Alteram, novcni Annoruni, a Casparo Hall))', r379. ex AIopo 

• hahyloniani versus | <\; inde porro ad rcymnn I'cjjii iis(|iic ((ni- 

liiuiatani, | contincns. | 1606 

Com A TioN : Title in fnjjravcd border — Dedication i I — pp, 1-26 — 'litif in 
|)lates -plates I to 22. 'l"he pa^jination of the text is faulty : p. so is mini- 
bored 5^, 59 is mimbereil (»), pp. iji and (j2 are omitted, and 95 and <)(> <lupli- 

Plates S (pl.m of " Candy "land c) (map of " Celon ") are douhli'-pa^'eij. 

Tiiis I'opy tiie arms of Arehln). Swiciiard at the iicail of the l)edieation. 

In some copies the arms in part VI. >s repeated. 

VIII. — Navij^ationes (^iiintiuc, | Priniam, a Jacobo Neccio, ah 

Anno 1600, uscjiie ( ad Annum 1603. | 
Sccuiulani, a Jolianne llcrmaiuio tie Hrce, | al) Anno 1603, tisc] 

ad Annum i 604. | 
Tcrtiam, a Cornelio Nicolai, Annis quatuor. | 
(^uartam a Cornelio de Vena, duobus Annis, | 
(Juintam sul) Stcjihano de Hagen trilius Annis, | in Indiam 

Orientaleni suscejUus ^: i)eraclascontincns. | 1O07 

Ci>l,LATlON : Title in enjjraved border — Lectori pp. 3-5 — Preface pp. (^1- 1 2 
— te.\t pp. 13-II4 (p. 63 numbered 84, and 79-89) blank leaf — title to plates- 
plates I to 18, of which plates 12, 13 and 18 are double-pajjcd. 

IX. — Historicam Descriptionem Na | vijjationes ab Hollandcs iv 
Selandis in Indiam Orienta | lem sul) imper'o I'etri-Ciuilicimi 
Verhussii, Continens : | Addita, omnium, qu;e I'.oc tempore eis 
obtijjerunt, | annotatione. | 161 ■• 

Collation. — Title, in enj;raved border, with the word " Architcctura " in 
top panel — Lectori i I — maji of Helena — pp. i-4<j, reverse of last leaf blank- 
blank leaf — title to pl.-ites — Lectori i 1. — reverse blank — plates i-i 2, followed 
by a chart of Mozambique — title to .Supplement — pp. 1-30 — -title to " Colloquia 
Latina-Malaica " — pp. 33-8S — blank leaf — title to plates — plates 1-5. 

X, — Historica Relatio sive | Descriptio Nov! ad Aquilo | nem 
transitus, supra terras Americanas | in Chinani atq Japonem 
ducturi, qucmadmodum is | ab Henrico Hudsono. Terra ncmpO 
Australi inco | gnita a Capitaneo quodam I'etro-P'erdinando | 
de Quir, &c. 16 13 

Collation. — Title in engraved border — Lectori pp. 3-7 — 8th page blank — 
text pp. 9-32 — 3 maps — title to plates — plates 1-3. 

XI. — I. Duarum navigationum, quas jussu Emanuelis Portugalife, 
Regis in Indiam Orien | talem Ann. 1501. Dn Americus Vepu- 
tius instituit, historia. | 

A mi: UK ANA. 

I I I 


II. Vi-ra at(|iic liactfiuis iiiaiuiita Anj^li ciijusdam rt'latio, (|iii 
navi' (|iiaclani, cui Ascfus | sionis nomcii. in rxtri'inam. Iiulia: 
OrifiUalis oiaiii C'aiiibajain Vcctiis. 

III. Dt'scriptio rt'jjionis Spitzhcr^f.-v ; atlciita siimil iclalidiu- 
iiijuriariim, (jiias .Ami. 1O13. -a | lii piscatores a!) .Aiijiiis per- 
pcssi sunt. 1619 

Ci>i.i.\i iiiN. — Title, with portrait of Oliver a Nort- l.uitori pp. 3 4-H\i, 
pp. 5-62 — second title — plates i-io. 


trcs IJbros Trac tatus distrihutus | (Jiioriiin. 

I'kimi's. Contiiu't clesrriptioiK's ("iiorojfrapliicasiV 'ropojjraplii- 
cas Reynoriim, I'rovinciaruin, Insiilariiin, Ur | l)iimi, ("ast<;l- 
lorum, Kiiiporioruiu ; Montiuiii atcpic Fl'iviorum, totiiis illiiis 
Continentis, (pia! viiljji Ortciitali.s In | dia^. 

SrcuNDis. Hahct Na.'.itioiics (j.\(|iiisitas aliipiot Navij^atiomiiii 
iV E.xpcditiomiin Mariiiaruni, ab Aiiglis Ha | tavLscpic ijuti.ssiimim, 
in onincs illas OriiMitis iV Austri partes siisceptaruni, ut N: pni.'- 
iiorum alicpiot navaliuin vario | cventii commissorum : tpiibus 
accessit Teriplus Orbis 'rerrx', a Jacobo Ercniita. 

Tkriu's tnbuitiir descript".t)iii quarundani St'|)tcntri()naliiiin 
Reyii)niini atcpie In.suiaruni. 162S 

C<)Li..\Tii)N. — Title— Preface, i leaf — pp. 1-208. Map of llindostan at p. 
10, and China, p. (13. Etchinj;s (14). on pp. sd, 31, iji, ()4, 95, 97, 130, 132, 
134, 147, 152, 160, i()3 and 202, 1', 43 is numbered 34, and 132 and 133 are 
numbered 32 and 33. 

7,.,5 I)kci..\ka HON of Indkpenuknck, by the Colony of Ma.ssacliu- 
setts Hay. May ist, 1776. [Edited by H. B. Dawson.] 8vo, iialf 
morocco. Morrisania, 1862 

7,56 Dkclakation by the Representatives of the United ("olonies of 

North A nerica, now met in (leneral Congress at Philai.leli)iiia, 

setting forth the Causes and Necessity of taking up Arms, &c. 

8vo, half morocco, London, 1775 

J3f "See Dalrymple's answer. 

737 De Costa (B. F.), The Pre-Columbian Discovery of America 
by the Northmen, illustrated by Translations from the Icelandic 
Sagas. Edited with Notes and a General Introduction by B. F. 
De Costa. Map. 8vo, cloth. Albany, 1868 

73S [Dk Forest (T. R.).] Oi.den Time in New-York by those 
Who Knew. lamo, half morocco. New York, 1833 

1 12 


739 Dkfknck (The) of the Trk.aty which Mr. Jay was charjjed to 
nej^otiate with (Ireat Hritain. 8vo, half morocco. 

Twenty-two chapters, pp. 13S; minus title-page. 

740 [Dkfoe (Daniel).] The Histoky of the principal Discoveries 
and Improvements in the several Arts and Sciences; particularly 
the jjreat Uranches of Commerce, Navigation and Plantation in all 
I'arts of the Known World. 8vo, half calf, gilt. London, 1727 

Chapter IX. treats of "the Knowledge of America, discover'd by the Cartl'.i- 
ginians," being "lost to the World," by the overthrow and destructio-i of 
Carthage by the Romans. 



741 DELAFiEi.n, Jr. (John). An Inquiry into the Origin of the 
Antiquitiks of Amkric.v . . . with an Appendix . . . by James 
Lakey. \o plafes, sotiic colored, and a la r^c facsimile Mexican pic- 
ture MS. 4to, half morocco. New York, 1839 


742 [Dki.avili.k (Abbe).] Etat Pri^sent de la Phnsilvanik 011 
Ton trouve le Detail de se qui s'y est passe depuis la dufaite du 
(ieneral Braddock jusju'a la prise d'Oswego. Map. 8vo, calf. 

s. 1. 1756 

.(Uso in this volume, " Actes de ce qui sist passe de plus Remarquable a la 
Ditte de Suede des 1755-6, \c." s. 1. 1756. 


743 [De-la-Warre (Thomas West, Lord).'\ The Relation of the 
Kighc Honourable the Lord De-La-Warre, Lord Governour and 
Captaine GenerdU of the Colonic, planted in Virginea. 4to, calf 
antique, gilt over red leaves, by Riviere. London, 161 1 

Fine copy. 

744 [De i'.a-Warre.] The Relation of the Right Honourable the 
Lord De-La-Warre, Lord Governour and Captaine Generall 
of the Colonie, planted in Virginea. 4to, half morocco. 

London, 1611, rep. New York, 1868 

One of 20 copies (No. 16) privately printed in fac-simile, from the above 
original edition, 

745 Delepii;rre (Octave). Analyse des Travaux de la Societe des 
PhilobibDon de Londres. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top. 

Londres, 1862 

Only 300 copies printed. 

I^/" !^te p. 60 " Correspondance au sujet de William Penn." 





I I 

746 1)1. Loi.MK (J. I..). The Constitution of En'GLAnd; or, an 
Account of the Enjrlish Government. . . . New Kdition. Poi- 
trixit. Koyal Svo, half morocco, uncut edges. Name scratched 
from title, London, 1789 

Large paper copy. 

J;^" American Colonies, p. 522, I've. 

747 Di'.L Rio (Don Antonio). Dkscrii'ITon of the Ruins of an 
Ancient Citv, discovered near I'alenque, in the Kingdom of 
Guatemala, in Spanish Ameuica; transhited . . . [andj followed 
by Teatro Critico Americano; or, a critical Investigation and 
Research into the History of the Americans by Dr. Paul Felix 
Cabrera. 11 plates. 4to, half calf. London, 1822 

74S Democrat (The); or, In rRiouES and Adventures of Jean le 
NoiR, from his Inlistment as a Drummer in Ceneral Rochambeau's 
Army, and arrival at Boston, . . , 1795, &C. 2 vols, in i. 121110, 
calf. New York: James Kivingioii, 1795 

749 Democratic National Convention (Official Proceedings of 
the), held in i860, at Charleston and Baltimore. . . . Prepared by 
John G. Parkhurst. 8vo, half calf. Cleveland, i860 

750 " Demophilus." The Genuine Principles of the Ancient 
Saxon, or English Constitution. Carefully collected from the 
best authorities; with some Observations on their Peculiar Fitness 
for the United Colonies in General, and Pennsylvania in Particu- 
lar. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1776 


751 Denison (Frederic). Westerly (Rhode Island) and its Wit- 
nesses for Two Hundred and Fifty Years, 1626-1876. Including 
Charlestown, Hopkinton and Richmond, until their Sejiarate 
Organization, with the principal points of their subsequent history. 
I\>riiaits, uuips, ^c. 8vo, cloth. Providence, 1878 

752 Denton (D.). A Brief Description of New-York: Formerly 
Called New-Netherlands. With the Places thereunto Adjoyning. 
Together with the Manner of its Scituation, Fertility of the Soyle, 
Healthfulness of the Climate, and the Commodities thence pro- 
duced. .Also Some Directions and Advice to such as shall go 
thither: an ,\ccount of what Commodities they shall take witii 



them; The Trofit and Pleasure that may accrew to them tlierel)y. 
Likewise A Brief Relation of the Customs of the Iiuiiaus there. 
By Daniel Denton, 4to, vellum. 

London: Printed for John Hancock^ at the first Shop 
in Popes- Head- Alley in Corn hi/ at the three Jiibles, and 
William Bradley at the three Bibles in the Minories, 1670 

Fine tall copy of this excessively rare book. The Mon/ics copy sold for the 
exceetiingjy low figure of if'22(), probably on account of the date beiiig in fac- 
simile The date and the three words preceding the date was omitted in the 
Gowans reprint. 

753 Dknton. a Brief Description of New York, formerly called 
New Netherlands, with the Places Thereunto Adjoining. Like- 
wise a Brief Relation of the Cu.stoms of the Indians there. A 
New lulition, with an Introduction and Copious Historical Notes. 
By (jabriel Furnian. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top. New York, 1845 

754 Desimondi (C). Intorno al Fiore.ntino Giov.wni Vkrr.\z- 
ZAXO, scopritore in nome della Francia di Regioni nell' America 
Settentrionale [with the Appendice]. Also, Intorno a CiIov.anni 
Cahoto, &c. 3 vols., small folio, boards. Geneva, 1S81 

755 Dkt.mi, of some Services performed in America, 
during the \'ears 1776-1779. . . . Supposed to be chiefly taken 
from the Journal kept on board of the Ship Rainbow, Commanded 
by Sir (ieo. Collier. 121110, half morocco. New York, 1835 

Privately printed for Ithiel Town from the original MS. Urinley, 4CX)2. 


756 Detectio Frei'i Hudsoni, or Hessel Gerritsz's Collection of 
'I'racts by Himself, Massa and De Quir on the N. E. and \V. Pas- 
sage, Siberia and Australia. Reproduced, with the Maps, . . . 
in Dutch and Latin, after the Editions of 1612 and 1613. .Vug- 
mented with a new English Translation by Fred John Millard . . . 
and an Essay on the Origin and Design of this Collection by S. 
Muller. . . . Maps and woodcuts. 4to, boards, uncut. 

Amsterdam, 1878 

757 Deuuer (Prof.). CiEscHiEDENis dcr Scheei'Vaart hi den 
Atlantischen Oceaan ; ten bewyze van de bekendheid van 
Amerika, en van bet Kompas in de oudste tyden ; benevens 
het eigen berigt van Christoffel Colonibus over zyne Eerste Reize. 
8vo, vellum, uncut. Rotterdam, 18 19 




758 Dewitt (Thomas). A Discourse delivered in tlie North 
Keformed Dutch Churdi in the City of New York on tlie I-ast 
Sabbath in August, 11^56. PhUcs. 8vo, clotli. New V'orl:, 1857 

759 Du KKNSox (J.), (".od's I PkorKcriNc; Pkovidknck, | Man"s | 
Surest Help and Defence, | in 'limes of greatest Difficulty, and | 
the most eminent Danger, evidenced in the | remarkable Deliver- 
ance of Koi)crt I liarrow, with (hvers other l*ersons, | from the 
devouring Waves of the Sea, | amongst which they suffered Ship- 
wreck ; and also from the cruel devouring Jaws | of the inhuman 
Canibals of I'lorida. | FaitlituUy related by one of the persons 
concern'd therein, Jonathan Dickenson. | 'l"he Fourth Edition. | 
Post 8vo, half morocco. Title backed. London, 1759 

760 [Dickinson (John).] The late RKOii.AiioNS respecting the 
iJurnsn C'oi.omks on the Con liXKN r of Amkrica considered. 
8vo, half morocco. London, 1760 

761 j Dickinson. I Lr/rikKs d'un 1'kkmii r de Pi.NSVi vanii;, aux 
Habitants de rAmericjue Septentrionale. Traduites de PAnglois. 
Small 8vo, calf. Amsterdam., 1769 

762 I Dickinson. I Lkttkks from a Farmkr in Pknnsvlv ama, to 
the Inhabitants of the British Colonies. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1774 

763 Dickinson. Politicai, Wrii ings. 2 vols., 8vo, siicep. 

Wilmington, i8ci 
The subscription copy of Nathl. Potter. Brinlcy, 4(X)(). 

764 [Dickinson.] Politics for American Farmers (20 Tracts), 
and Politics for Mechanics (5 Tracts). i2mo, half morocco. 

Washington City, 1807 

765 Diego de Landa. Relation des choses de Yucatan. Text 
Espagnol et 'I'raduction Franyaise en regard comprenant les signes 
du Calendrier et de i'Alphabet Hieroglyphique de la Langue 
Maya . . . par Brasseur de Bourbourg. Royal 8vo, half morocco, 
gilt top. Paris, 1S64 

Ramirez, No. 125. 

766 DiEREViLLE. Relation du Voyage du Port Roval de 
I'AcADiE ou de la Nouvelle France ... les Manieres des dif- 




ferentcs Nations, Sauvaj2fes . . . Relation, on a ajoutc Ic Detail 
d'un combat donnc entre les Fran(;ois & les Acadiens, contre k'S 
Anjjlois. 1 2 mo, boards. Rouen, 1708 

This little work was first written in verse, but the author was wisely advised to 
substitute prose whenever the muse had been unusually unkind. 

DiKWP.'viLi.K. Rki.ation du Voyage du Port Royai, do 
rAcAniK ou de la Nouvki.i.k. Fkanx'k. Frontispiece. i2mo, half 
calf. Amsterdam, 1710 

768 Dikrk'vilie. Relation du Voyage du Port Royal, 4*vc. 
Frontispiece. i2mo, calf. Amsterdam, 1 710 

At the end is bound " N'oyages d'un Philosophe ou Observations sur les M<Lurs 
iV ,les arts des peuples de I'Afrique, de I'Asie, et de rAmerique |pp. I3f)|. 
Yverdon, 176S. 

769 Diaz dkl Castillo (Bernal). Historia Verdauera de la 
CoNQUisTA de la Nueva-EspaSa . . . sacada a luz por , . . 
Alonso Ramon. Printed title. Folio, red levant morocct) extra, 
gilt leaves, by Pratt. Madrid, 1632 

First eilition. 

770 [Diaz. J Historia Vkrdadera de la Conquista de la Nueva- 
EspaNa. Folio, calf. Madrid, 1632 

771 Diaz dii, Castillo. Historia Verdadera de la Con- 
quista (le la Nueva-Espa^a . . . sacada a hiz por . . . 
Alonso Remon. Engraved title. Folio, purple levant morocco 
extra, gilt leaves, by Pratt. Madrid, 1632 

Second ami best edition ; at least, so considered, because of the additional 
chapter (212) at the end, wiiich hatl not previously api)eared, and whicii con- 
tains an account of the signs and marvels which had been seen by the Indians 
before the arrival of the Spaniards. This chapter, <7 ultimo d,l I'n^/mtt, had 
been omitted \>y the editor when lirst printing the narrative, as one containing mat- 
ters of whicli the author could not say, as of all the rest, i/norttm pars indf^na fiii. 
The two eilitions, which are really distinct publications, and not merely two issues 
of one, are generajly said to have been printed in the same year. 

772 Diaz del Castillo. The True History of the Conql'kst 
of Mexico . . , Translated from the original Spanish by Mau- 
rice Keatinge. Map. 4to, half calf, gilt. London, 1800 

773 Diaz del Castillo. The Memoirs of . . . written by 
himself, containing a true and" full account of the Discovery and 
('on(Hiest ;)f Mexico and New Spain. 'I'ranslated ... by J. I. 
l,ocl:hart. 2 vt Is., Svo, half calf, antique. London, 1844 




1 1 

774 I DiNWiDpiF. I ']'he Official Rkcokds of Roberi niNwiDiiii,, 
Lieutenant (lovernor of tlie Colony of Virj^inia, 1751-175'^, now 
first printed from the Manuscript in tiie collection of tlie Virj^inia 
Historical Society, witii an Introciuc tion and Notes l-,y R. A. Rrock. 
J'ortriii/ of Jl'. W. Cortoiiiii. 8vo, clotli, uncut. 

Richmond, Va., 18S3 

■ ui. 




J. 1. 



775 Dii'i.DMATic C"orkksi'()M) of the Amkric.w Ri.voi.i: 1 ion. 
Being the Letters of Iknjamin Franklin, Silas Deane, John .Adams, 
John Jay, Artliur Lee, William Lee, Ralph Izard, Francis Dana. 
William C'armichael, Henry Laurens, John Laurens, NL Dumas, 
and others, concerninj^ the Foreign Relations of the Lhiited States 
. . . I'-dited by Jared Sparks. 12 vols., 8vo, sheep. 

Boston, 1829-30 

776 Diplomatic Corkkspondknck of tiie Unitkd Skaiks of 
Amkkica from the Signing of the Definitive Treaty of I'eace, 
loth September, 1783, to the Adoption of the Constitution, 
March 4, 1789 ... 7 vols., 8vo, sheep. 

City of Washington, 1833-4 

777 Dii'LOMAric Correspondencl of the .American Rlvolu rioN, 
&c., 1776-1 789. New Edition. 9 vols., 8vo, .sheep. 

Washington, 1857 

778 DiS(.:ovKRV (.\) of a Large, Rich and Plentiful Country in the 
North America ; Extending above 4,000 Leagues, wherein, by 
a very short Passage, lately found out, thro' the Mir Jhu iinyo into 
the South Sea, by which a considerable Trade might be carry'd 
on, as well in the Northern as the Southern Parts of America. 
Pp. 36. 8vo, half morocco. London, n. d. 

779 Dispu ri'. with America, considered in a Series of Letters from a 
Cosmopolite to a Clergyman. 8vo, half morocco. Last leaf 
defective. London, [181 2 | 

780 DivERsi Avisi [et Nuovi Avisij particolari dall' Indie di Porto- 
gallo riceuuti, dall' anno 1551, sino al 1558 dalli Reverendi padri 
della compagnia di Giesu. Dove s'intende delli Paesi dcUe genti, 
& costumi loro, & la grande convcrsione di molti popoli, die hanno 
riceuuto il lume della santa fede, ^: religione C'hristiauT. Tradotti 
nuovauKMUe dalla lingua Spaj^ lola neila Italiana. (2 vols, in i.) 
8vo, vellum. Venetia, 1559 



7.S1 Dix (Ji)liii A.). Si'KKCHKs and Occasionai, Addrkssf.s. Poi- 
trait. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth, uncut. New York, 1864 

J 782 DoiiRiziioKi'KR (Martin). Account of tlie AniroN'KS, an 
equestrian i'cople of Parajijuay. 3 vols., 8vo, half morocco. 

London, 1822 

Transliitcd by Sara Coleridge. 'I'liere is no work whicli contains so full, so 
faithful, ami so lively account of the S. American tribes. 

783 Docu.MKNTi AuTKNTici (Sommari di) citati nelSupplemcnto alle 
riflessioni e all' appendice de' I'ortoghesi. 8vo, calf. 

Geneva, 1760 

.An account of Paraguay. 

784 DoDOK (Richard Irvinj^). The Plains of the Great West and 
their Inhabitants : being a description of the Plains, Game, 
Indians, (S;c , of the great North American Desert. Map and wood- 
cuts. 8vo, cloth. New York, 1877 

785 Dodge (R()l)ert). Report ... of the memorable Fir3t 
Reunion of the Doixie Family in America . . . Coat-of-anns in 
gold and colors. 8vo. New York, 1879 

786 [Dolce (lAidovico).] Le Trasformationi. 43 looodciit illus- 
trations. 4to, vellum. Venetia, 1553 

On verso of 6th leaf, see small globe with inscription ; '' Strecho de Magal- 

^ 787 DoMENECH (Abbe Em.). Seven Years' Residence in the Great 
Deserts of North America. Colored map, 58 icuiodcuts, &'c. 2 
vols., 8vo, half calf e.xtra. London, i860 

J 788 DoMENECH. La Verite sur le Livre des Sauvages. 10 plates 
of Indian /lieroirlypliies. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top. Paris, 1861 

789 DoNCK, Beschrvvinge van Niew-Nederlant (Ghelijck het 
tegenwoordigh in Staet is), Begrijpende de Nature, Aert, gelegen- 
theyt en vruclitbaerheyt van het selve Lant ; mitsgadcrs de prof- 
fijtelijcke ende gewen^te toevallen, die aldaer tot onderhout der 
Menschen (soo uyt haer selven als van buyten ingebracht), gevon- 
den wortlen. Als mede de maniere en onghemeyne eygenschap- 
pen vande Wilden ofte Naturellen vanden Lande. Ende een 
bysonder vorhael vanden wonderlijcken, Aert end het VVeesen der 



Bevers, daer Noch by Oevoej^ht is ccn Discours over do gclcRcn- 
llieyt van Nieiuv Nederlaiult, tiissclien ecu Nederlandts Patriot, 
cndc een Nieuw Nedcrlander Ik'schreven door Adriacn vandcr 
nonctc . . . F/rri' {/>. 9) of New York. 4to, morocco extra, gilt 
leaves, by Matthews, I'Aemsteldam, 1655 

First edition. The view of Manhattan does not occur in the second edition. 
It is the first engraved view of New ^'ork, put forth in if)=;i. 



7^0 [DoNCK.] Beschrvvin(;k Van Xikuw-Nkdiri.ant (Gelijck 
hot tegenwoordigh in Staet is), Begrijpende de Nature, Aert, 
gelegentlieyt en vruchtbaerlieyt van hec selvc Lardt ; mitsgaders 
de jiroffijlelijcke ende gewenste toevallen, die aldaer tot onder- 
Iioudt der Menschen (soo uyt baer selven als van biiyten innge 
l)racht), gevonden vvorden. Als me de maniere en ongemeyne 
Eygenschappen vande Wilden ofte Natiirellen vanden Lande. 
Ende een bysonder verliael vanden woiiderlijcken Aert ende het 
Weesen der Bevers. Dasr noch by-gevoeght is I'k'n I>isc()iirs 
over de gelegentlieyt van Nieuw-Nederlandt tiisschen een Neder- 
landts Patriot, ende een Nieuw Nederlander. J5eschreven door 
Adriaen van der Donck, Heyder Rechten Doctoor, die tegen- 
woordigh noch in Nieuw-Nederland^ is. V.w hier achter by 
gevoeght Het voordeeligli Reglenicnt vande Ed: Hoog. Acht- 
bare Heeren de Heeren de Burgermeesteren deser Stede, 
botreffende de saken van Nieuw-Nederlandt. Den tweden 
Druck. Met een pertinent Kairtje van t' zelve i.andt verriert 
en van veel druck-fouten guseyvert. /" AcmstchhDit, By Evcit 
NicuwciiiioJ\ Boeckvcrkooper, woonciidc op V Riis/aiidt, iii't Sclnift- 
Boi'ck, Anno 1656. Met Privilc\;ie roor, 15 /arm. Map. 4to, 
morocco, gilt leaves, by Matthews. 

Tiiis second edition contains a map whicli is not in the first. The map is 
entitled " Nova Helgica, sive Nieuw Nederlandt," and is copied from the rare 
map of N. J. Vischer. See Asher's list of the " Maps and Charts of N. Nether- 
land." p. 12, Article 9. The "Conditien " is wantinji^. 

" A very large part of this rare work is devoted to a description of the n.itivcs 
of the New Netherlands. \'an dev Donck anived in New Amsterdam in 1(142. 
He served as the Sheriff of the colony uf Rennsclaerwyck. and purchased an 
estate on the Hudson, near the site of ihe village of ^'onkers. " A tlivision of the 
work before us, found on page 52, is entitled, "Of the Manners and peculiar 
Customs of the Natives of the New-Netherlands." This is subdivided into 
twenty-two sections, each treating of some of the peculiarities of the savages of 
the State of New York. The treatise possesses an interest beyond its rarity, in 
being the relation of an educated man regarding the Indians of the island and 
neighborhood of New Vork. The work was translated by tJen. J. Johnson, and 
printed in the sixth volume of the New A'ork Historical Society." — I'li-i.n. 

1 20 

A.MKkK ,\\A. 

791 DoNKiN (Major). Mimiaky Coi.i.kc i ions and Rcniarks. 
Frontispiece, Svo, half morocco. New York, 1777 

Very rare, but the note 011 p. 190 mutilated, as usual. 

792 I Douk's Rkhkm.ion, 1842. 1 Intkrfkrk.nck of the Exi firnvK 
in the Affairs of RifooK, Island. Report 546, House of Repre- 
sentatives. Svo, half morocco. Washington, 1845 

793 Douoi-Ass (W.). A Summary, Historical and Tolitical, of the 
First Planting, Progressive Improvements and Present State of 
the British Skt ii.kmknts in Nor th Amk.rka , . . IJy William 
Douglass, M.I). ... 2 vols., Svo, calf. London, 1760 

An exact reprint of the Boston edition of i74i). 

794 (DowNi.NG (Sir George).] Vfrschkyde Brikvkn Antwoordcn 
en andere Documenten van haer IIo. Mog: de Hecren Staten 
Generael der Vereenighde Ncderlanden. Tot Refutatie Van ver- 
scheyde Brieven en Memorialen so van den Koning van Groot- 
brittangien, &c. 4to, vellum, pp. 44. Amsterdam, 1662 

Downing has been charjjed witii bringing ajiout the war between Kn^land and 
Holland, from 1O64 to 1667, in the course of which New Nelherland was wrested 
from the Dutch, lie was one of the earliest Harvard pupils. 


Downing. Resolu tie Van de Heercn Staten Generael Der 
Vereenichde Nederlandtse Provincien. Raeckende de twee 
Schepen de Bonne Espcrance ende Bonne Adventure ... 31 
Augusti, 1662. 4to, vellum, pp. 4. 1662 



So 2 


796 [Downing.] A Discourse written by Sir George Di,wning 
. . . vindicating His Royal Master [Chas. II.] from the In- 
solencies of a Scandalous Libel, Printed under the Title of [An 
Extract out of the Register of the States General of the United 
Provinces, &c.]. 4to, half morocco. London, 1664 

797 Downing. Antwoort Van de Ho. Mo. Heeren Staten Generael 
Der Vereenighde Nederlanden aen den Heer Downing ... 15 
September, 1664. 4to, vellum, pp. 11. Middleburg, 1664 

798 Downing. Memorie Van de Kewiut-Hebberen der West-In- 

dische Compagnie ter Kamer van Amsteldam ... 21 Julii 1664. 

Aen de Ho. Mog. Heeren Staten Generael der Vereenighde 

Nederlanden Nessens een be-eedigde verklaring van Andries 

Cornelissen Vertholen, &c. 4to, vellum, pp. 8. 

Amsteldam, 1664 









799 DowNiNc. Mkmorik Van dc Hecrc Ciorgc" Downini^ , . . Over- 
trcifC'vcn aen dc Heeren Statcii (leiieracl Per VcrecKiylulc Ninler- 
landcn, Den 30 December, 1664. 410, vellum, pp. 11. 1664 

Soo Downing. Antwooudt van de Ho. Mo. Heeren .Stat'jn (Icncrael 
deter Vereenii(de Nederlanden, Op de Memorie V m de Heer 
Downing ... Op de Memorie Van de Heer ( "onte d'Estrades 
... 17 July, 1664 [in English and French]. 410, ve lum, pp. 11. 

Rotterdam, 1664 

801 Downing. Den Tokstant der Swevende Verschillen Tus- 
chen, De Ooost ende West-Indische Compagnien van Engelant, 
enile van de Vereenighde Nederlanden. 410, vcUiiin, pp. 22. 

Naer de C'opye, 1664 

,So2 Downing. Sommifrk, Afntfyckiningf. ende Deductie In- 
gcstelt By de . . . Staten (ienerael . . . op de lest-ingediende 
Memorie van den Heere Oeorge Downing, iS:c. 4to, vellum, pj). 
42. (Iraven-Hage, 1665 

Contains a deduction of the Dutch title to New Nethcrhmd to prove that 
Cliaiics II. had no right to occupy that country. 

803 Downing. Vekdkkf. Afntkvi keninge of Duplyque, Op 
seeckere Replyque: . . . jegens de Remarcpies vande Oede- 
puteerden van de Ho: Mog: Heeren .^laten Genereal der 
Vereenighde Nederlanden . . . Memorie van den 30 December, 
1664. 4to, green morocco extra, gilt leaves, by Piatt, pp. 176. 

(Haghe), 1666 

804 Downing. Verdere Aenteyckeniniie of Duplyque, Op 

seeckere Replyque, (S:c. 4to, vellum, uncut, pp. 260. 

Ciraven-Hage, 1666 
Original edition. 

805 Dr.\ke (Daniel). Natural and S iatisticai. View, or Pic- 
ture of Cincinnati and the Miami Country . . . with an Ap- 
pendix containing Observations on the late Earthquakes, &c. 
Map and plan. lamo, calf. Cincinnati, 1815 

806 Drake (Sir Francis). The World Encompassed by: being 
His next Voyage to that to Nowbre de Dios, formerly injprinted ; 
Carefully collected out of the Notes of Master Francis Fletcher, 
&c. 4to, polished calf extra, by Pratt. London, 1635 

Margins restored. 

I 22 


807 Dkaki:. Sir Fkancis Drakk Kkvivkd : Wlio is or may be a 
Pattern to stirre ap all Ileroicke and active Spirits of tliese 
'I'iines, to benefit their CouiUrey and eternize their Names by like 
Noble Attempts. Meing a Summary and a true Relation of foure 
scverall Voyajjjes made by the said Sir Francis Drake to the West- 
Indies. Portrait [jnountcd) and four titlc-pa^cs. 4to, half russia. 

London: Bourne^ '''Si 

SoS Dkakk (Joseph Rodman). 'I'hk Cum'KIT I'av, and other 
Poems, Portrait and tngnxred title. 8vo, half morocco. 

New York, 1835 

809 ( DuAKF. (Samuel (1.). I BiOf.RAi'HV and Ilisrouv of the Indians 
of NoRiii Amkrica; comprising a deneral Account of tiiem, and 
Details in the Lives of all the most distinguished Chiefs, and others, 
who have been notetl among the various Nations upon the Conti- 
nent, Also a History of their Wars ; their Manners and Customs ; 
and the most celebrated Speeciies of th'-ir Orators, from their first 
being known to Kuropeans to tiie Present Time. Likewise ex- 
hibiting an .Analysis of the most Distinguished, as well as Absurd 
Authors, who have written upon the great cpiestion of the first 
peopling of America. By Samuel G. Drake. Third lulition, with 
. . . Additions . . . Corrections and . . . Engravings. 8 plates 
{^some plates inserted). 8vo, iialf calf, gilt. Boston, 1834 

810 Drake. The History and Antiquitii:s of Boston, the Capi- 
tal of Massachusetts, and Metropolis of New iMigland, from its 
Sc'tllenient in 1630 to the year 1770, also, an Introductory History 
of the Discovery and Settlement of New England, with Notes, 
Critical and Illustrative. With 43 steel plates, 134 fac-siniile auto- 
)^raphs and \i^ wooden ts, 6"V. Folio, half morocco, gilt top, uncut 
edges. Boston, 1857 

of iliis folio impression of tiic Second Kdilion only 101 copies were printed, of 
wliicii tills is No. 79 Tile portrait of the autlior (on India paper) was only 
included in this impression. 




811 Dkaki,. Risui/r of some Ri.skakc hks among I'lC British 
Archives for information relative to the Founders of New 
England made in the years 1858, 1859 and t86o. Third edition. 
Large map and 4 portraits. 4to, half morocco, gilt top, uncut 
edges. Boston, 1865 

Only 75 copies printed this size. No. 57. 



812 DUAVION (Jdllll). MkMOIKS of tllC AmKKK AN Kl'.VOIl I ION, 

from its Commencement to the Year 1776, inclusive; as relatinjf 
to tiie State of South Carolina; and occasionally referin^ to the 
States of North-Carolina and (leorgia. Portrait and lan:^c phut. 
2 vols., 8vo, half morocco, '^\\\. tops, uncut edj^es. 

t.'harleston, iSji 

8r,5 Drayton (John). A Vii-.w of South Cakoi.ina, as respects 
her Natural and Civil Concerns. 3 maps and t^ f^/atrs. 8vo, half 
morocco, gilt top. Charleston, 1S02 

814 [ Dui.i) Scott.] Rkpor i' of the Dk.cision ... in the Ca^k. of 

Dkkd SioTT versus John I-'. A. San</i()ki) (.>/V) . . . liy I'enja- 

min C. Howard. Svo, half calf. \Vashinj.;toii, 1857 

" At time i)f decision of this case Dretl Scott bflon),'cil to inc." — Note by Mr. 

liAKI (i\V. 





.S15 Drownk (Solomon). Journal of a Cruisk in the I'all oi 17S0 in 
the Trivate-Sloop of War, Hope : with Notes by H. T. Drowne. 
Folio, half morocco. New SOrk, 1S72 

Only 25 copies piintetl. 

A juvenile typoj^raphical effort by Masters II. K. Drowne anil C. L. Moieau, 
for private distribution, with their portraits. 

St6 [Dkvam) (Joan).] Annl'I.orum trium diversi j^eneris instru- 
mentorum Astronomicorum, &c. U\>odcuts. 4to, vellum. Title 
hinged. Marp., 1537 

Si 7 1)r\ dkn (John), 'i'he Indian Emitrouk; or. The ( 'oii(|ucst of 
Mexico by the Spaniards : being the Sequel of the Indian <^)uc('n. 
4to, half morocco. London, 16S1 

81.S DuHoccAOE (Madame). I.a Coi.u.miuadk, oli la Foi I'ortc au 
Nouveau Monde. Pocme. Portrait and \o plates. Paris, 1756 

S19 DuKK (H. W.). History of Morgan's Cavalry. Portrait. 
8vo, cloth. Cincinnati, 1867 

Presentation copy from the author, witii autograph. 

.S20 r)i:MMKR (Jer.). A Defence of the New ENcii.ANi) Charters. 
8vo, half morocco. London, 1721 

821 [DuMONT.] Memoires Historiques sur la Louisiane, contenant 
ce qui y est arrive de plus memorable depuis Tannee 1687, ju^(H^^ 



prcsfiit ; avcc l'c't;il)lisscment de la ('(doiiif I-'ranroisc dans ccttc 
I'rovincc dc rAnu'ri(|iit* Scptcntrionalc. \'c. . . . CiJiiiposis siir 
Ics Mcinoircs dc M. Diimont, par M. I-. I.. M. jrahbc Ic Mas( rii'r|. 
Afap, j^ piati-s (iHif ^ />hins. 2 vols, in i. unio, calf. Paris, 1753 

822 DuN'i.Ai' (William). Hisidry of the Nkw, IVov- 
incc of New York, and State of New York, to the; ad()])tinn of the 
Federal Constitution. Portrait of Pelcr Sluyvcsant, and maps, z 
vols., 8v(), half morocco. New York, 1S39-40 

.S23 Di'NsriK (Samuel). Hknuv Dunsteu and his Descenilants. 
umo, cloth. (Central Falls, R. I., iS;*') 

.Sj4 DuNioN (J.). I'he I, IKK and Errors of John Dunion, . . . 
with the Lives and Characters of more than a Thousand C')ntem- 
porary Divines and other jjersons of Literary Eminence. 'Tn 
which are added Dunton's Conversation in Ireland, Selections 
from his other Cienuine Works and a faithful Portrait of the 
Author. I Edited by John Nichols.] Portrait. 2 vols., Svo, calf. 

London, i.SiS 

KijflUy four pajjes .ire occupied with ihe .account of his visit to New I'.iiKlaiul, 

his opening; a bookstore ill Boston ; intercourse witli the Matliers, Jolin Cotton, 

Eliot, IIubl)artl, Indian sachems and several ladies of Boston, of some of whom 

he relates very curious particulars. 

.S25 DiJRANn (James R.). The Life and Adventures of . . . 
during a period of fifteen years, from i8oi to 1S16, in which time 
he was impressed on board the British Fleet and held in detestable 
bondage for more than seven years. i2mo, half morocco. 

Rochester, 1S20 

826 [DuRANK.j La Response au.\ Lettres de Nicolas Durant, 
diet le Chevalier de Villegaignon, addressees a la Reyne mere du 
Roy. Ensemble la Confutation d'une heresie mise en avant par 
Pedict Villegaignon, contre la souveraine puissance & authorite 
des Rois. 8vo, red levant morocco extra, gilt edges, by Chaiiil>olle- 
Durii. [Paris, 1561 ?| 

Durand, who attempted to found a Protestant cok.iy in Brazil, 1555, was niclc- 
named the " American Cain " by the followers of Calvin. 

827 [DuRFEE.] The Co.MPi.ETE WoRKS of the Hon. Job Dukfee, 
LL.D., late Chief Justice of Rhode Island, with a Memoir of the 
Author. Edited by his Son. 8vo, cloth. Title cut. 

Providence, 1849 



Ami UK AN A. 

I 2- 

^2^ l)i viKiNiK (K. A. ami C. I,.). ('v( i np^:i)i.\ (if A.mikiian 
1,1 IKK All RK, cnibracin^j I'trsonal ami Critical Notircs of Authors 
and Selections from their Writinj^s from the Karlicst Period. /'/(>- 
yV/ir/r illustratcJ. z vols., royal Svo, )j[ill to|)s, iineut edges. 

New \'o.k, 1S55 

I'rom llii; lil)r.iry i)f John Allan. 

S29 !)\vi(;irr ('I'heodore). The C'onqukst of Canaan : a roem, in 
cli'ven hooks, i 2nio, half morocco. Hartford: E. Biilnock, 17S5 

Tin; tirst cpu' poem published in \tncrita. 

'iXfO Dwioiir. HisKiKY of the Harikokd Convk.ntion, witli a Re- 
view of the Policy of the United States (lovernment, which led to 
the War of i.H:2. Svo, half morocco. New York, 1S33 


Sji T^ AKI.K (I'liiiy) 

Makaimon, and other Poems. i:mo, 

Philadelphia, iS.ii 

'^■i,! Eaton (Cyrus). Himorv of Tiiomasion, 

and South Tiiomasto.n, Maink, from their first exploration, A. 1). 
1605 ; with Family Genealogies. 2 vols., i2mo, cloth. 

Hallowcll, 1S65 

S33 Eaton, .\nnai.s of the Town of Warrkn, in Knox County, 
.Maine, with the Early History of St. George's, Broad Pay and the 
Neighbouring Settlements on the Wakhj Patent. J'ori'riiits aud 
maps. 1 2nio, half roan. Hallowcll, 1S77 






S34 Ehurnk. (Richard). A Plaine Pathway to Plantations; 
that is, a Discourse in generall, concerning the Plantation of our 
English I'eople in other Countries. . . . With certaine Motives for 
a present I'lantation in New-foundland above the rest. 4to, calf, 
gilt edges. London, 1624 

Imperfect, lacking the 6 leaves following p. 1 14. 

835 Echo (The), with other Pokms. Printed at the Porcupine Press 
by Pasquin Petronius. '^.i^^raveil title and 7 plates. Svo, half 
morocco, gilt top, uncut edges. New York, 1807 

Contains: " Concluding Thoughts on the Indian War," by II. 11. liiacken- 
ridge, ts.c., i"i;c. 

The authors were Alsop, Dwight, Cogswell, Hopkins and Trumbull. 



<S36 [F^DKN.] Thk Fiust TiiRr.K Encji.isii I^ooks on Amkrica 
[?i5iil-i555 A. I). Bcinji; chiefly 'i'raiislations, C'omjjilations, 
&c., by Richard Eden, from the Writinj^s, Mai)s, iSrc, of I'ictro 
Martyr . . . Sebastian Minister . . . Sebastian Cabot, Xrc. ICcIited 
by Eilward Arber. 4to, half morocco, gilt top. Birininj:;hani, 1885 

837 1m)kr. Df.scripiio Provinci/E MoxiTARUMin Rkgno Pkruano, 
quam e scriptis postluiniis Franc. Xav. Eder . . . sacri apiid 
eosdem Curionis dij^essit, e.xpolivit, <S: adnotatiiinculis illustravit 
Abb. i\: Consil. Rej(. Mako. Maps and 7 plates. 8vo, half mo- 
rocco, gilt top, uncut edges. Bud;v, 1791 

8jrf Edwards (Bryan). The History, Civil and Commercial, of the 
British Colonies in the Wkst Indiks. Portrait^ maps and plalcs. 
3 vols., 8vo, calf, gilt. London, 1807 

Fourth cilititui, with considciahlo additions. 

J S : 

J 8.1 

839 J-'.DWARDS (Jonathan). OiiSF.RVATioxs on the I.anguagf'. of the 
MuHHEKANKKw Indians. 8vo, half morocco. London, 1788 

840 Edwards. A careful and strict Inquh^v into the Modern Pre- 
vailing Notions of Freedom of Wii.i,. 8vo, sheep. London, 1768 

841 Edwards. The Salvation of Am. Men Strictly E.\amined; 
and tlie EndU'ss Pu.iisiimcnt of those who die Impenitent, artiucil 
and defended against the objections and reasonings of the late Rev. 
Doctor Chauncy, of Boston, iS:c. 8vo, sheep. New Haven, 1790 

842 Edwards (Morgan). Materials towards a HisroRv of the 
American Baptists | in Pennsylvania and Jersey]. Fiontis[>iciC 
dcl^iclin;^:; innihision in the Schuylkill. 2 vols., i2mo, pt)lished calf 
extra, gilt leaves, by Pratt. 

Vol. I., Philadelphia: {Criiihshank Csr Collins), 1770 
Vol. II., Philadelphia: (Dol'son), 1792 

4 843 Ec.EDE (Hans). A Descripiton of CiReeneani), shewing the 
Natural History, Situation, Boundaries and Face of the Country 
. . . the Rise and Progress of the old Norwegian Colonies; the 
Ancient and Modern Inhabitants, &c. Map and 1 1 plates. 8vo, 
calf. London, 1745 

" Althonjjjh the (]uaint relation of the Danish missionary K^fde affords lis little 
information regarding the natives of (Ireenland which has not often been printed, 
y( t liis narratives of ineidents among them, and description 'if their charaeteristics 
at that early day (1721), are valuable as historical records." — Fii'i n. 



A MF. kit ANA. 

I 2' 

.1 S44 EdfiKDK (Mr.). l>r.scKii'Tio\ et Histoire du CiRokn- 
LANi) . , . 'rraduite en I'ramois jiar Mr. D. R. I). P. Map and 
\o plates. 8vo, vellum. Copenhajriie, 1 763 






^ ,S.J5 KdKDi; (H.). A Dksckiption of CiKKKM.AM). Hy Hans E}j;e(Ie, 
who was a Missionary in that Country for Twenty-five Years. A 
New Edition. With an Historieal Introduction ami a Life of the 
Author. Jlliist rated until a map of Greenland and numerous eUi^raT- 
i/i^i^s on 7i'(>od. 8vo, half morocco. Eondon, iSicS 

846 Egi.offstein (Baron F, W. Von). Contrihutions to the Gkoi- 
OGV anil the riivsiCAi, (iKooKAi-HV of Mkxico ... 2 larj^e maps 
and 2 plates. Royal 8vo, cloth. New York, 1864 

847 Ei.ior (John). The (ii-ORious Proc.rkss of the Gospki, amongst 
the Indians in Nkw-Enoi-And. Manifested by three Letters, 
under the Hand of that fame. us Instrument of the Lord, Mr. John 
Eliot, and ancjther from Mr. Thomas Mayhew, jun. Together 
with an Appendix to the foregoing Letters . . . by I. D[avenportJ. 
Title backed. 1649 

A La TK and Furthkr Manifestation of the Progress of the 
(iospKi, amongst the Indian'^ in Ni;w-Engi,anu . . . Being a 
Narrative of the Examinations of the Indians about their Knowl- 
edge in Religioii, by the Elders of the Churches. Related by Mr. 
John Eliot. 1655 

Two vols, in i. 4to, half morocco. London, 1649-55 

Two of the rarest of the " Progress of the CJospel " series. 

848 Eliot (John) and Mavhew (Thomas). Tears of Repkntanie: 
Or, A further Narrative of the Cospel Amongst the Indians in 
New-England . . . Related by Mr. Eliot and Mr. Mayhew, two 
Faithful Laborers in that Work of the Lord. 4to, half russia. 

London, 1653 

849 Eeiot (John) and Pierson (Abraham). A further Accompt 
of the Progresse of the Gospi i. amongst the Indians in New- 
En(;i,and, &c. Set forth in certaine Letters sent from thence 
declaring a purpose of Printing the Scriptures in the Indian 
Tongue, &c. With . . . an Epitome of some Exhortations 
delivered by the Indians at a Fast, &c. As also some helps direct- 
ing the Indians how to improve naturall reason unto the knowledge 



of the true Ciod. 4U), blue levant morocco extra, ^ilt leaves, by 
BcJforiU London, 1659 

The above coiiipriscs, pp. 22-35, a reprint of the first sheet of I'iersoii's Imliaii 
Cateehisin, "Some Helps for the Indians," iVc, whieli was then in press at 
Camhridjje, and a Seeond " I'osteirpt " (.f/V). 

Siiiierb eopy. 

850 Ei.ior. The Christian Commonwealth; or, The Civil Tolicy 
of the Risin,!^ Kingdom of Jesus Christ. Written 15efore the Inter- 
ruption of tile (lovernment, by Mr. John Kliot, Teacher of the 
Church of Christ at Roxbury in New-England. And now Pub- 
lished (after his consent given) by a Server of the Season. 4to, 
half russia. London (1659) 

The (ienerai C"oiirt of Massachusetts ordereii that all copies of this tract within 
'.he jurisdiction should be " cancelled and defaced" or delivered to the Maj^is- 
t rates. 

Fine copy. 

851 Elioi'. a FuKTHf;R Account of the progress of the Gosri'.i. 
Amongst the Indians in New England. Being a Relation of 
the Confessions made by several Indians, &c. 4to, red levant 
morocco extra, gilt top, by Matthews (title mended). 

London, 1660 

: i 

852 Eliot, The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus 
Christ. Translated into the Indian Language, and Ordered to be 
Printed by the Commissioners of the United Colonies in New 
England . . . 4to, calf antique, gilt leaves. 

Cambridge: Green ^^ Jo/iiisoii, 1661 

First edition of Eliot's version of the New Testament in the Mass-achusetls 
Indian I.any^uage, with both titles. 

From the library of Jas. liindley, Aug., 1820, with a book-plate of "the 
Society for propagating the Gospell in Foreign parts, 1704." 

Also, autograph of Wni. Herbert (176S), the typographical antiquary. 

853 Eliot. A Briee Narrative of the Progress of the Gosi'EL 
amongst the Indians in New-England, in the year 1670. 4to, 
calf antique, gilt over red leaves, by Riviere. London, 167 i 

854 Eliot. The Harmony of the Gospels, in the Holy History of 
the Humiliation and Sufferings of Jesus Christ, from his Incarna- 
tion to his Death and Burial. 4to, crimson levant morocco e.xtra, 
gilt leaves, by Pratt. Title repaired. Boston, 167S 


I 20 

S55 Ei-ior's Indian Biiii.k. A Tninslation [by J. H. 'rrumhulll of 
the siiij^Ie leaf Catecliisni which Dcciirs at tlie end of the first ami 
second editions. 410, half morocco, gilt top. Albany, 1.S65 

Only 35 copies privately printed. No. 5. 



Ki.i.ioTi', containing a Review of the Controversy between him 
and the late Commodore Perry, iVc. By a Citizen of New York. 
i2mo, half morocco. Philadel])hia, 1S35 


S57 Et.i.iot (John). The Df.hates, Resolutions and other Proceed- 
ings in Convention, on the adoption of the Fkdkkai. Con^ti- 
lUTioN . . . collected and revised. 2 vols., Svo, sheep. 

Washington, 1S27 

.S5S Ki.i.ioTT (Hon. \Vm.). Carolina Sports, by Land and Water, 
including ' cidents of Devil-Fishing, &c. i2mo, calf, gilt. 

Charleston, i <S46 

559 [Ki.izAPKTii Islands.] Description of Elizarkth Islands, 
in Buzzard's Way. Svo, half morocco. New York, 1S36 

560 Ellis (Daniel). Thrilling Advkniurks of . . . the Creat 
Union Guide of East Tennessee. A/a/j and wooihiits. i2mo, 
cloth. New York, 1867 

K61 Ely (Zebulun). A Skr.mon preached at the Funeral 
NiTV of his E.xcellency Jonathan Truriuull . . . late Cover- 
nor of the State of Conn., Aug. 19, 1785. Svo, half morocco, 
pp. j8. Hartford, 1 7S6 





862 I Emmet. J Memoir of Thomas Ai'^dis Emmet, by Charles (Hid- 
den Haines: with a Biographical Notice by Mr. Haines. Portrait. 
i2mo, boards, uncut. New York, 1S29 

.S63 Emory (William H.). Report on the United States and Mex.- 
CAN Boundary Survey . . . With -xfi^ plates \tlit'. birds (25) 
beautifully colored\, and 50 rcoodciit illustrations. 2 vt)ls. in 3. 
4to, half morocco, gilt tops, uncut edges. Washington, 1857-9 

'I'he c;eoioj;ical portion of this work was written by I'arry, Schott, Hall and 
t'onrad, the Botany by Torrcy, C'actaneiv by Kngltmann, Zuolojry and Kipliiia 
by Haird, and Icthyology by Giraud. 



864 Kmoit (James). Si'EF.tir, 12th January, 1S13, on the hill in 
acUhtion to the act entitled "An Act to Raise an Additional Mili- 
tary P'orce," iVc. 8v(), half morocco. Boston, 1813 

865 [isntfsco Wartiu jFtrnantirj tit).] ^uma trr Qto- 

0l'(ipf)t(T q trata de todas las partidas et provir.cias del niundo: 
en esiK'cial de las indias . . . UCrh/c'/// s/'x/zs of the /.(hliac 011 
Tcrso of litlt' an J hiri:;t' sphere on title. Folio, brown levant morocco 
extra, yilt leaves, by Gniel. Sevilla, 1530 

B. A. v., No. 153. 

Only Iwo copies known, .^nll lartr tlian tlie cdiiion of 1511), quoted by Quaritch 
at ^84. 

866 Ensok (dcorj^e). On Nationai. (Iovkknmknt. 2 vols., 8vo, 
half HKjrocco. 3 leaves damaged. London, 1810 

867 Entkk (John). C'lKNKUAi, HisTORV of the LatkWar: contain- 
ing its Rise, Progress and Invent in Europe, -Asia, .Africa and 
America. Portrait, maps and eharts. 5 vols., 8vo, calf. 

London, 1763-4 

868 Ercii.i.a, V Zunica (Alonso). La Araucana, primera, segunda, 
y tercera [(piarta y (juintaj parte. 2 vols, in i. Eolio, calf extra, 
red leaves. Madrid, 1733-5 

869 EsQUEMEi.iN (A. O.). Dk Americaensche Zee-Roovers. Behel- 
sende een pertinente en waerachtige Beschrijving van alle de 
voornaemste Roveyren, en onmenschelijcke vvreedheden, die de 
Engelse en Franse Rovers, tegens de Spanjaerden in America 
... 2 maps and 1 1 portraits and plates, engraved title. 4to, 
red morocco, gilt leaves, by Matthews. Amsterdam, 1678 

The plates are repeated in the following edition. 


870 EsQUE.MELiNG (John). Bucaniers of America ; Or, a true 
Account of the Most remarkable Assaults Committed of late 
years upon the Coasts of the West-Indies, By the Bucaniers of 
Jamaica and Tortuga . . . &c. Map, 7 plates, and i etching 
in the text. 410, calf, gilt. London, 1684 

Fine tall copy of the three parts of the first edition. 

871 EsguEMEi.iNo. Bucaniers of America; Or, a True Account of 
the Most Remarkable Assaults CoHimitted of late Years upon the 






Coasts of the West-Indies, By the Bucaniers of Jamaica and Tor- 

tuga, both English and French [with the] Exploits of Sir Henry 

Morgan . . . with two additional Relations of Captain Cook and 

Captain Sharp. Maps, portrait and plates. 4to, riissia, gilt leaves. 

I-ondon, 1684-5 
Second and best editiun, the four parts complete. 

872 EsQUKMEi.iNG. Another copy, minus the portrait of Sir Hy. Mor- 
gan. 4to, half calf, gilt. London, 1684-5 

873 [EsQUEMELiN.] The HisioRY of the Bucaniers of America. 
Containing: I. The Exploits and Adventures of Le Grand, Lolo- 
nois, Roche, Brasiliano, Bat the Portuguese, Sir H. Morgan, &c. 
IL The dangerous Voyage and bold Attempts of Capt. Sharp, 
VVatlin, Sawkins, Coxon and others in the South Sea. II L A 
Journal of a Voyage into the South Sea by the Freebooters of 
America, from 1684 to 1689. IV. A Relation of a Voyage of the 
Sieur De Montr.-. )an, Captain of the Free-booters, in Guinea, in 
the Year 1695. i^xhibiting A pasticular Account and Description 
of P'-to Bello, Chagre and Panama, Cuba, Havanna, and most of 
the Spanish Possessions on the Coasts of the West-Indies, and 
also along the Coasts of the South Sea; with the Manner in which 
they have been invaded, attempted, or taken by these Adven- 
turers. The Whole written in several Languages by Persons 
present at the Transactions. The Fourth Edition. 2 maps and 
1 plates. 2 vols., i2mo, half calf, gilt. London, 1741 

tS" See Oexmilin. 




^ of 






874 EsTAUGH (John). A Call to the Unfaithful Professors of Truth, 
to which are added Divine Epistles of the same author. i2mo, 
calf. Dublin, 1745 

Estaugh came to the United States in 1700, and died in the Island of Tortola, 
October 6, 1743. 

875 EsTVAN (B.). War Pictures from the South. i2mo, cloth, 
uncut. New York, 1863 

S76 Examination (The) of the President's Message at the Open- 
ing of Congress, Dec. 7, 1801 [by " Lucius Crassus "J. 8vo, half 
morocco. New York, 1802 

877 Excursion of the Putnam Phalanx to Mount Vernon, Dec, 
i860. 8vo, half morocco. Hartford, 186 1 



878 ExTRAii' clii Journal d'un Officier de la Marine di" I'escadrc de 
M. Ic Conite D'Estaing. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. 

s. 1., 1782 

879 Evans (Arise). The Bi.ouov Vision of John Fari.v, inter- 
preted by Arise Evans . . . also A Refutation of a Pamphlet 
lately published by one Aspinwall: called a Briefe description of 
the fifth Monarchy, &c. Small 8vo, calf, gilt leaves. Title 
backed. Printed in the Year 1653 

880 Evans (Lewis). Analysis of a Gknerai. Map of the Middlk 
British Colonies in America; and of the Country of the Con- 
federate Indians, &c. I.arf^e map. 4to, half morocco. 

Philadelphia: B. Franklin and D. Hall, 1755 

S81 Evans (Dr. Thomas W.). I.ettrks d'un (^ncle a son Nevue 
sur le Couvernment des Etats Unis. 8vo. Paris, 1866 

882 EvKRARi) fDr.), &c. Panacea; or, the Universal Medicine: 
being a Discovery of the Wonderfull Vertues of Tobacco taken in 
a Pipe, with its Operation and Use both on Physick and ('hyrur- 
gery. Small <Svo, calf, gilt. London, 1659 

Catalojjiie of hooks at the end, 7 p]). 

883 Everett ^ Edward). An Address delivered at the Consecration 
of the Natitmal Cemetery at Gettysburg, 19th November, 1863. 
Plans. 8vo, uncut. Boston, 1864 

884 EwHANK (I honias). North American Rock.-\\'riting, and 
other Aboiiginal Modes of Recording and 'iransmitting Thought. 
8vo, half morocco, gilt top. Morrisania : Daivion, 1866 

Only 50 copies printed. 



ACTUM for Gabriel De La Forest. [A Broadside.] 
Folio, half morocco. [London, 1797] 

The Telition of (1. de la Forest to the House of Lords for the Restitu- 
tion of certain " Effects or tJoods " which were seized at the surrender of Fort 
Bourbon in Hudson's Bay. 

886 Fairbanks (George R.). The History and Antiquities of the 
City of Sr. Augustine, Florida, founded A. D. 1565: comprising 
some of the most interesting portions of the Early History of 





Florida. Map and plates. 8vo, cloth 

New York, i8s8 




8S7 Falconer and Randal. The Voyages, Dangerous Adven- 
tures and Imminent Escapes of Capt. Richard Falconkr: con- 
taininjj^ the Laws, Customs and Manners of the Indians in 
America . . . intermixed with the Voyages and Adventures of 
Thomas Randal . . . his being talcen by the Indians of Virginia, 
&c. . . . Frontispiece. 1 2mo, lialf calf, gilt, London, 1724 

Second edition, corrected. 

888 [Fanning.] The Narrapivk of Colonf.l David Fanning 
(a Tory in the Revolutionary War with Great Britain): giving an 
Account of his Adventures in North Carolina, from 1775 to 1783 
. . . with an Introduction and Explanatory Notes [by John H. 
Wheeler]. 4to, half morocco, gilt top, uncut edges. 

Richmond, Va., 1861 

Only 50 quarto copies printed " for I'rivate Distribution only, in the first year 
of the Iniiependence of the Confederate States of America." 



8.S9 Fanning (D.). The Narkapivk of C'olonki, David Fanning 
(a 'I'ory in the Revolutionary War with (Ireat Britain): giving an 
Account of his Adventures in North Carolina, from 1775 to 17S3, 
as written by himself. With an Introduction and Explanatory 
Notes, 4to, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. New York, 1865 

The orijjinal manuscript belongs to Mr. Charles Deane, of Cambridge, Mass. 
The Notes are by Ciovernor Swain, of North Carolina, and Thomas H. Wynne, 
of Richmond. 

Only 50 (quarto) copies printed. No. 44. 

890 Farmkr (John). Gknealogical Rkgistkr of the First Skt- 
TLERs of New-England, &:c. : to which are added various Gene- 
alogical and Biographical Notes, &c. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, 
uncut. Lancaster, Mass., 1829 

891 Farnham (Thomas J.), Like and Adventures in California, 
and Scenes in the Tacific Ocean. Frontispiece. 8vo, half calf. 

New York, 1846 

892 Farnham (T. J.), Life, Adventures and Travels in Cali- 
fornia , , . to which are added the Conquest of California, 
Travels in Oregon, and History of the Gold Regions, Lar^e map 
and numerous woodcut illustrations. 8vo, calf. New York, 1850 

Pictorial Edition. 

893 Farrar (Timothy). Report of the Case of the Trustees of 
Dartmouth College, against William H, Woodward, Argued 



and Determined in the Superior Court . . . New Manipsliire, 
November, 1817, and on Error . . , February, 1819. <Svo, Iialf 
morocc), jjilt top, uncut edges. Pc'tsmouth, 1 1S19I 

J 894 Fay (H. a.). Com-ection of the Official Accounts in detail, 
of all the Ha r ri.Ks fought by Sea and Land, between the Navy 
and y\rmy of the United States, and the Navy and Army of (ireat 
Hritain, during the years 1812, '13, '14 & '15. Svo, half 
moroc'co, gilt top, uncut edges. New York, 1817 

895 Faxon ((leorge I,.). The HisroKV of the Faxon Family, con- 
taining a Cienealogy of the Descendants of Thomas Faxon of 
Braintrec, Mass., with a Map locating the Homest'^ads of the first 
Four Generations . . . also a Cienealogy of branches of many 
allied families of Hallou, Harbour, Saxton, Washburn, Whitmarsh 
and others. . . . 121110, cloth. Springfield, Mass., 1S80 

J 896 Fkdkkalist (The). A Collection of Essays, written in Favour 
of the New Constitution, as agreed upon by tiie Federal Conven- 
tion, September 17, 1787. 2 vols., i2nio, half morocco, gilt toj), 
uncut. I New York, 1788 

Fine copy of the first edition in a collected form. Mr. Madison's p.-ipers were 
much chanj^ed in the suliscciuent editions. Nos. 2, 3, .4. 5 and (>4 were written 
by Mr. Jay; Ncs. 10, 14, 17, 18, i<}, 21, 37 to 58, 62 and ()3 were written by 
Mr. Madison; the remainder by Gen. Hamilton. 

897 Fkdkkalist (The). Another copy. 2 vols, in i. i2nio, red 
morocco extra, gilt leaves, by Matthews. New York, 1788 

898 Fkukralist (The). A Collection of Essays, written in Favor of 

the New Constitution. Vol. 2. i2mo, boards, uncut. 

New York, 1788 
First edition. 


899 Fkdkkalist (The) on the New Constitution by Publius [Jay, 
Madison and Hamilton] written in 1788; to which is added, 
Pacificus, on the Proclamation of Neutrality, written in 1793; like- 
wise the Federal Constitution, with all the Amendments. 2 vols,, 
8vo, calf. New York, 1802 

900 Fkrnandez (Fr, Alonzo). Historica Eclf.siastica de neustros 
Tiempos, tjue es conipendio de los excelentes frutos que en ellos 
el l''.stado Kclesiastico y Sagradas Religiones han hecho y hazen 




en la conversion de Iilolatras y rcducion dc licreges. tVc. Folio, 
vellum. Centre of title only. Toledo, 1611 

Collation; Title and three other preliminary leaves, followed by text, pp. i- 
41/). The principal part of this work relates to the manners and conversion of 
the Indians and the progress of religion in America. 

It cont.iins also valuable biographical sketches of the friars who studied the 
native languages, and accounts of tlie works they composed in this branch of 
pliilology. On p. 122 it is stated that the Escala of San Juan Ciim.ico was the 
tirst book printed in Mexico, in 1535. 'i"he date is 1532 according to Cion/ale/. 

901 I Ff.rn'f.i,.] Joannis Fkrnei.ii Ambianatis Cosmo tlicoria, libros 
duos complexa. Prior mfidi totius iS: formain iS: compositlonem; 
eius subinde partium (cpiai elementa & cailestia sunt corpora) situs 
iS: nia^iiitudines : orbin tandem motus (juosuis solerter refcrat. 
Posterior, i\:c. Woodcuts. Folio, calf. Parisiis, 1527 

r.. A. V. Add., No. 85. See verso of 6th leaf. 

" Kn iv (juarta mundi portio quam nostri Americam di.xerunt. . . ." 

* 902 Fr.RRAi.i- (S. A.). A Ramhi-k of Six Thousand Miles thronjrh the 
U.M n I) States of America. Facsimile. Svo, half calf, jjilt. 

London, 1S32 

903 Ff.rrikr (Alfonse). De l'administration nu saim r Bovs, en 
divcrses formes &: manieres, contenues en quatre traictez . . . 
Traduict . . . par M. Nicoles Michel. Small Svo, blue levant 
morocco, gilt leaves, by Hardy. Poictiers, 1540 

America. See p. 13. 

Exceedingly rare. Not mentioned by Harrisse, though recently discovered by 
him : hence its presence here. 

904 Fields (William). The Scrai'-Book: Consistinj.^ of Tales and 
Anecdotes, in Prose and Poetry. Svo, cloth. IMiiladclphia, 1S54 

Comprises; Discovery of America by Columbus, Anecdotes of Washington 
and Adams, Benedict Arnold, Major Andre, Burr's Conspiracy, Origin of Yankee 
Doodle, &c., &c., &c. 

905 Fii.soN (John). The Discovery, Settlement and present 
State of Kentucke ... to whicn is added An .Appendix con- 
taining : I. The Adventures of Col. Daniel Boon ... II. 'i'he 
Minutes of the Piankashaw council . . . III. An Account of the 


Indian Nations . . . IV. Stages and Distances. No map. Svo, 
boards, uncut. Wilmington, 1784 

Inasmuch as only one impression of the map is known, it is an open question 
whether it was actually issued with the book, or whether the author proposed to 
borrow impressions from some source known to him at the time of publication. 



906 KiNDi.KY (William). History of the Insurrkction in the Four 
Wksticrn CoUNTiKS of I'lNNSYLVANi A, iti the year MDCcxci V., iVc. 
8vo, half morocco. Philadelphia, 1796 

J 907 fFiM.AY.] Journal kept by Hugh Finlay, surveyor of the 
Post Roads on the Continent of North America, diirinj>^ his Sur- 
vey of the Post Offices L itween Falmouth anil Casco Bay in the 
Province of Massachusetts, and Savannah in Georgia : begun the 
13th Septr., 1773, and ended 26th June, 1774. 2 ma/>s and a ivood- 
cut. 4to, half morocco, gilt top, uncut edges. Brooklyn, 1867 

Only 150 topics printed. No. 41. 


908 Fire Lands Pionekr (The), published by the Fire I>ands His- 
torical Society, at their rooms in Whitlesey Building, Norwalk, 
Ohio. Portraits. Vols. 5, 7, 8, 9 and 10. 8vo, uncut. 

Sandusky, 1864-70 

Contains : Indian Reminiscences; the Foundation of a Library which was 
paid for in Coon-skins; Oldest Natives in Ohio ; Notice of the Karly Settlers, &c. 

909 Firmin (Oiles). Separation Examined; or, a Treatise Wherein 
the grounds for Separation from the Ministry and Churches of 
England a e weighed, and found too light, &c. 4to, calf, gilt 
leaves. London, 1652 



9ro FiRMiN. Stabi.ishing against Shaking; or, A Discovery of , 
the Prince of Darknesse (scarcely) transformed into an Angel of 
Light, powerfully now working in the deluded people called 
(Quakers, &c. 4to, half morocco. 'I'itle and 2 pp. pieced. 

London, 1656 

911 FiRMiN. The Real Christian; or, a Treatise of Effectual 
Calling. 4to, calf antique, red edges. London, 1670 



912 Fisher (Wm.). New Travels among the Indians of North 

America, being a compilation taken partly from . . . Captains 

Lewis and Clark . . . and partly from other authors . . . with 

a Dictionary of the Indian Tongue. 2 portraits. 121110, sheep. 

Philadelphia, 1812 
Contains both titles. 

913 Fisheries of Gloucester (The), from the First Catch by the 
English, in 1623, to the Centennial Year, 1876, &c. Woodcuts. 
8vo, cloth. Gloucester, 1877 





914 Fisiikrmen's Own Hook ('I'lie), comprisinj; the I-ist of Men and 
Vessels lost from the Port of (Uouccstcr, Mass., from 1S74 to Ajiril 
I, 1882. Woodcuts. 8vo, cloth. (llouccster, i88j 

915 Fitch (John). The Okioinai. Spkam-Boat supported; or, a 
Reply to Mr. James Rumsey's Pamphlet, showinjj; the 'Iriie Prior- 
ity of John Fitch, &c. Frontispiece. 8vo, half morocco. 

Philadelphia, 1788 

916 [Fitch (Gov.).| Some Reasons that influenced the (Jovernor to 
take, and the Councillors to administer the Oath, require., by the 
Act of Parliament, commonly called the S iamp-At r. <Svo, half 
morocco, pp. 14. Hartford, | 1766I 

917 Flavei. (John). An Exposition of the Assemhi.ii.s Catechism, 

with Practical Inferences from each Question: as it was carried on 

in the Lords Days Exercise at Dartmouth. i2mo. calf. 

London, 1702 
The Address to the Reailer, 2 pp., is signed Increase Mather. 

918 Fi.eukieu (M d'Eveiix de). Voyaue fait par Ordre du Roi en 
i768et 1769, a diffcrentes parties du monde, pour eprouver en 
mer les Horloges Marines inventees par M. Ferdinand Herthoud. 
5 maps. 2 vols.,4to, calf. Paris, 1773 

919 Flint (Timothy). Indian Wars of the Wksi, containing Bio- 
graphical Sketches of those Pioneers who headed the Western 
Settlers in repelling the Attacks of the Savages, together witii a 
View of the Character, Manners, Monuments and Antitjuitics of 
the Western Indians. i2mo, half morocco. Cincinnati, 1833 

920 [Florida.] Notices of East Florida, with an account of the 
Seminole Nation of Indians [and a Seminole vocabulary] by a 
recent Traveller in the Province. i2mo, half morocco. 

Charleston, 1822 


[ Foc.vrd (Jacques). J Paraphrase de l'Astrolahk contenaiit 
Les Principes de Geometric. La Sphere. L'Astrolabe, ou, dec- 
laration des choses celestes. Le Miroir du .Monde, ou, exposition 
des parties de la Terre. 8vo, brown levant morocco extra, gdt 
leaves, by Petit. Ly^'n, 1546 

B. A. v., 273. America. .See p. 135, lic. 

922 (?) [FocARD.] The same. Vellum. 

Lyon, 1546 



92,? [Kok;ny (dabricl dc).] La 'I'i-kre Aistrai.f Connuec'est a dire 

la Description cic cc pays inconnu jusqu' ici do st-s nid'ursiS: di- si-s 

coutiimcs, par Mr. Sadeur . . . Keduites, iVc. (i. dc F. 121110, 

I'alf. ((ieneva), Vanni's, 1676 

An imaginary voyage, of which the present edition is the original. Two leaves 
arc in MS., and the title-page is mounted. 

924 FoRHES (Alexander), California : a History of Upper and 
Lower California from their I'lrst Discovery to the present time 
... a lull view of the Missionary F^stabhshments and Condition 
of the . . . Indians, ^:c. Lar^^c nia[< ivnl 10 f</,i(,s. <Svo, half 
calf, gilt. London, 1839 

V 925 Force (Peter). Tracts and other Papeks, rclatinj; principally to 

the Orijfin, Settlement and Projjress of the Colonies in North 
America, from the Discovery of the Country to the Year 1776. 
Collected by Peter Force. 4 vols., 8vo, half morocco, j^ilt tops, 
uncut. VVashinjfton, 1836-46 

V 926 I Force. I American Archives; consistiiijj of a Collection of 

Autlientick Records, State Papers, and Letters and other Notices 
of Public Affairs, the whole forming a Documentary History of 
the Orisjfin and Progress of the North .American Colonies ; of the 
Causes and Accomplishment of the .\merican Revohiticm, and of 
the Constitution of Ciovernment for the United States to the 
F'inal Ratification Thereof. 9 vols., folio, half russia. 

Washington, 1837-53 

Idurth Scries, 5 vols. ; Fifth Series, 4 vols. All published. 

927 [Fox. NoKTH and Burke.] 'I'he Dkeormities of Fox and 
Burke, faithfully Selected from their Speeches . . . Frontispiece. 

The Beauties of Fox, North and Murke, Selecteil from their 
Speeches, from the Passing of the Quebec Act, in the year 1774. 
. , . Portraits. 

Two parts in i vol. 8vo. London, 1784 

In these speeches the capture of liurgoyne, &c., is imputed to the ignorance of 
Lord North. 

928 F'oxE (L.). North-VVesi Fox. or, Fox from the North-west 
passage. Beginning With King Arthvr, Malga, Octhvr, tlie two 
Zeni's of Iseland, Estotiland, and Dorgia ; Following with briefe 



Al)str;uts of the Voyajjcs of Cabot, I''rol)ishc'r, Davis, Wayiuoutli, 
KnijjlU, Iliulson. Hiitton, Clil)l)ons, Hylot, Hiftiii, Mawkriilj^c ; 
Tojjcther witli the ('ourses. Distances, Latitutles, Lon^itiules, 
Variations, De|)ths of Seas, Sets of Tydes^ C!urrcnts, Races, and 
over- Falls; with other Observations, Accidents and remarkable 
thin;;s, as our Miseries and SiilferinKs. Mr. lames Hall's three 
Voyages to (iroyniand, with a 'ropo<j[raphical description of the 
C^oiintries. the Salvages Lives and Treacheries, how our Men have 
been slayne by them there, with the Commodities of all tho ; 
parts ; whereby tlie Merchant may have Traile, and the Mariner 
Imployment. Demonstrated in a Polar Card, wherein all the 
Maines, Seas, and Islands, herein mentioned. With the .Author 
his owne Voyage, being the XVIth. with the opinions and collec- 
tions of the most famous .Mathematicians, and Cosmograplicrs ; 
with a I'robabilitie to jjrove the same by Marine Remonstrations, 
compared by the Fobbing and Flowing of the Sea, experimented 
with places of our own Coast. !5y Captain l.vke Fo.xe, of King- 
stone vpnu Hull, Capt. and Pylot for the Voyage, in his Majesties 
I'innace the Charles. Printed by his Majesties Command. Lon- 
don, Printed by /i. Alsop and Tho. Juwirrt, dwelling in (Irubstreet. 
r/att- of ii aplwrr arj mii/>. 4to, morocco, gilt edges, by Riricie. 

In perfect cumlition, with a fine impression of the map from llie orijiina! plate, 
with the I'Ox and (loose in one corner. 

After pa^e i68 are two leaves pa},'cd 172, 170, 171, and lilani<, which are said 
to be lancelleil leaves. There are several other errors in the pajji nation. After 
page 71) the ne.xt page is 100, and the hiatus is not supplied; the other errors arc 
corrected by duplication. Sifjn.iture I! b is incorrectly paged 225-232 instead of 

This very rare eolliction of early voyajjes towards makinji; a iliscovery of tlie 
northwest passage contains many important facts and judicious observations on 
the ice, tides, compass, northern lij;hts, \c. l''o.x started on this expedition on 
the 28th .\pril, 1631, and the result of his exploration is here related. 

929 Franchekk ((jabriel). Nakka tivk of a Vovack to the .Nok 1 11- 
WEST Coast of America in iSi 1-14, or the First .American Settle- 
ment on the Pacific. Translated by J. V, Huntington. Frontis- 
piece. i2mo, cloth. New York, 1854 

930 [Francis.] De Orbis situ ac Descriptione, ad Reverendiss 
D. archiepiscopum Panormitanum, Francisci, Monachi ordinis 
Fraciscani, epistola sane qua luculenta. Li qua Ptolemaei caetero- 
rumq : superiorfi geographorum hallucinatio resellitur, aliaq : prte- 



terea de reccns inveiitis terris, iiiari, insulis, &:c. Small Svo, 

morocco, gilt over red leaves, by Riviere. Antwerpix-, 1524 

Two woodcut maps. 
H. A. v., No. 131. 

Contains the leaf with printer's device, at the end. 

931 Francis (John W.). Nkw York during the last Hai.k Ck\- 
TURv: a Discourse in Commemoration of the Fifty-third Anniver- 
sary of the New York Historical Society, and of the Dedication of 
their New Edifice (November 17, 1857). Svo, half morocco. 

New York, 1857 
First edition of Dr. Francis' "Old New York." 

932 [J^rancft.] JJllClttJUCi):, unF.h.dtnissdksGantzen 
erdbodens von Seba.stiano Frunco Wordensi in vier buoher, nem- 
lich in Asiam, .\phricam, Europam, und American! gestellt iind 
abtcilt. Folio, hogskin. Tubingen: Ulrich Mot hart, 1534 

First edition. The description of .America occupies folios 211-237, 54 pajjes. 
1!. A. v., \o. 197. 

933 liFrnnCft.] SStrlttlaCf) Spikcki. un-d Hii.DTNis 1)ksGantzi-.n 
Erdtbodens, von Sebastiano Franco. . . . Folio, morocco, red 
edges. (Frankfort?), 1542 

ii. A. v., No. 238. 

934 [ Franklin (Henjamin). I An Historicai. Rkvif.w of the Con- 
srrrurioN and (Iovkrnmknt of 1'k.nsvi.vama, from its Origin, 
. . . \:c. iSvo, half calf, gilt. London, 1759 

'I'lie Philadelphia reprint of 1812 omits the Dedication. 






935 F' A Narra rivK of the late Massa'.'uks in Fancas- 
TK.R Coi'N TV, of a Number of liidians, Friends of this Province, 
by Persons Unknown. \\'ithsome Ohscrvations on the same. Svo, 
half morocco. [Philadelphia: Franklin C^ Hall \, 1764 

" So far had the infection spread whicii caused this action, and so nuuli had 
fear sci/.eil the minds of the people, or perhaps both, that neither the primer nor 
the writer of this publication, thoujjh supposed to be as nearly connectetl, as 
Franklin .ind Ilall were at that time . . . did insert either their names or place 
of abode." — I'koi ii's /'<•«//., Vol. 2, p. 328. 

936 |Frankmn.| Discours du Comtk de Mikahkau, dans la 
Seance du 11 Juin, sur la Mort de Hknjamin Svo, 
boards, 4 pj). Imprim^ par ordre de rAsseniblt'c Natioiuile [ 1790I 

First edition. Undescribed hitherto. 







937 pRANKi.iN, KxPERiMKNTsand Ohskkvations on Kik.c irk rrv, 
made at I'hiladelphia in America ... to which are added Let- 
ters and Papers on I'iiilosophical Subjects ... 7 plates, 410, 
half call. London, 1769 

938 [Fk.\NKi.iN.| The Examination of l)ocrt)R Bk.nja.min Frank- 
lin, before an August Assembly, relating to the Repeal of the 
Stamp-Act, &c. 8vo, half red morocco, uncut. |n. p., 1776] 

I'robably printed at I'hiladelphia. Issued without a title. 

939 Franklin. Tvvo Trac is : Inforniation to those who would 
remove to America, and, Remarks concerning the .Savages of 
North America. 8vo. London, 1784 

940 [Franklin.] Almanack de I'niLAitK.Li'HiK, ou Constitutions 
de Sancho Panca et du I'onhonmie Richard. Portrait. i2mo, 
half morocco, gilt iop, uncut. Paris, 1823 

941 Franklin. Works, containing many Tracts and Letters not 
hitherto published. Edited, with Notes and Life, by Jarcd S|xirks. 
Portraits and plates. 10 vols., 8vo, half vellum extra. 

Philadelphia (Poston), 1840 

942 Franklin. to Bknjamin Franklin, from his Family 
and Friends, 1751-90. J\>r traits of Mrs. Franklin and Mrs. 
Bache. Royal 8vo, half calf antique. New York, 1859 

(Inly 250 copies printed in this form. 

t^" See also Cickrd;'.v; Indian 'I'reaty, Nus. i26, 8S0, losfi, 1232, 
13S(), &c., &c., and otlier Kranklin imprints. 

943 P'ranklin (James). Pkhsent SrAii. of Havii (Saint Domingo). 
Crown 8vo, half calf, gilt, London, 1828 

944 [Frascator (Hieron).] Hikronvmi Fkasia ioru Svi'hiliis 
sive morbus Cialligus. 4t(), russia. Roime, 1531 

B. A. V. Add,, No. 05 

945 Frasso (D. Petro). I)k l'ArRt)NAiu Indiarum {^ua;s- 
tiones aliquae desumpta: et disputate, &c. 2 vols., folio, calf. 

Matriti, 1775 

946 Frkeholdkr's Political Caikchism. Very necessary to be 
studied by every Freeman in America. i2mo, half morocco, 
pp. i^. New-London, 1769 



947 Frkkmanti.k (Lieiit.-Col.). 
Staies, April-June, 1863. 

Thrkk Months in the Southkrn 

Fort'-ait of Jeff. Davis. i2mo, 

New York, 1864 

94S Frknch (B. F.). HisTORicAi, C'(>i,i,F.crioNS of Louisiana, 
enibracinjj many Rare and Valuable Documents relatinj^ to the 
Natural, Civil and Political History of that State. C'ompilcd with 
Historical and Kio>j[raphical Notes and an Introduction, by H. F. 
French, . . . Portraits, v>r. 5 vols., 8vo, half calf, gilt. 

New York, 1846-53 
Vv\<\ s( AKCK. A large and fine set. 

This (.'ollection is almost wholly composed of memoirs and narratives f)f tlie 
nrijjjinal explorers. Vol. I. contains, with other histuricnl, la Salle's 
memoir of the discovery of the Mississippi, Jimtel's jcnirnal, and Hennepin's 
account of the Mississippi. Vol. II. Marcjuette and Joliet's voyajje to discover 
the Mississippi, De Soto's expedition, and fViv "s "Carolina." Vol. III. I. a 
llarpe's journal of the establishment of the French in Louisiana, Charlevoix's 
journal, i.\:c. Vol. IV. Narratives of the voyajjes, missions and travels among 
the Indi.ins, by Marquette, Joliet, Dablon, Allouez, Le ('lercej, l.a Salle, Hen- 
nepin, Membre and Douay, with biographical and bibliographical notices of the 
missionaries and their works. By I. (I. Shea. ■*/.!. V. Dumont's memoir of 
transactions with the Indians of Louisiana, from 1712 to 1740, and Ciiam- 
]H'gny's memoirs. 


949 Frknch, Historicai, Coli.kctions of I.oiisiana and Florida, 
includinsj Translations of Original Manuscrijits relating to their 
Discovery and Settlement, with numerous Historical and \\\u- 
graphical Notes. By B, F, French, , . . New Series. 2 vols., 
Svo, cloth, uncut. New York, 1869-75 

Contents : M. de Ki'nionville on the importance of establishing a colony in 
I ( ; The F.xpediticm of P. I.e Moyne li' Iberville to Louisiana ; Aimals of 
Louisiana, 1(11)8-1722, by M. Penicaut ; History of the lirst attempt of the 
Huguenots to colonize Florida, by Rene Laudonni^re, translated by R. Hakluyt; 
Life of La Salle, and his narrative ; Letter of Columbus to Santanguel ; &c., &c. 

950 Frknch ((ieo.). History of Col. 1'arkk's Administration 
. , . of the Leeward Islands, with an Account of the Rebellion 
in Antegoa, wherein he, with several others, were Murther'd. 
Portrait by Vertue. Svo, half calf, gilt, London, 1717 



951 I Frenkau (Philip).] The Poems of Philii* Frenkau. Written 

chiefly during the late War. i2mo, calf. Both titles mutilated. 

Philadelphia, 1786 
First edition. 

A Mi: UK A NX. 


952 Frknkau. The MiscKi.i.ANKous Works of . . . (■ontainin);,^ 
ills Essays and additional Poems. i2ino, half morocco. 

rhihulclphia, 17SS 

953 Poems written between the Years 1768 i\: 1794. 
A New Kdition, Revised and Corrected by the Author; iiuliuhnj; 
a considerable luimber of i)ieces never before published. Svo, calf. 

Monmouth, N. J., 1795 

954 ['"kknkau Pokms on various subjects, but chiefly illustrative of 
the Events and Actors in the .American War of Independence . . . 
With a Preface. Post Svo, cloth, uncut, 

London: J. R. Smith, i(S6( 

955 Fkkvias (Fr. Nicolas de). |Nkw Mkxico] Rki.acion del 

])i scuHkiMiKN 1(1 del Pais y C'iuoao de Quivika, echo por I). 

Diego Dionisio de Penalosa. Svo, half morocco, gilt top. 

jNcw York, 1SS2 
A limited edition printed. No. 7. 

956 Frkzikk (M.). Rki.ation du V()VA(;k de la Mer du Sud aiix 
Cotes du Chili, du Perou, et du Bresil . . . 1712-14. Ouvia^^e 
eiirii/ie lie quantitt' Jc Planches rn Taii/e-i/oncr. 2 vols., 1 cmo, 
vellum. Amsterdam, 1717 

In this edition, which has 36 maps and phites, will be found a " .Minioiie 
touchant Tetablissiement des P. P. Jesuites dans les Indes d'Espagne," at the end 
of the second volume. 

957 Frkzik.r. Rki, \rioN du Voyage de la Mer au Sud aux cotes 
du Chili, du Pevou, et du Bresil. 17 12-14. Frotitispit-ccs hy Pintit, 
and y, maps ami plate'i. 2 vols, in i. i2mo, vellum. 

Amsterdam, 1717 


958 IFr'isius & ScHONER.I Gemma Phrvsius de principiis Astro- 
nomiae et CosmographitE, deque usu Globi Cosmographici ab 
eodem editi de Orbis divisione & Insulis, rebusc) nuper inventis 
eiusdem de Annuli Astronomic! usu Joannis Schoneri de usu 
Globi Astriferi opusculum. Small Svo, calf. Antwerpi.e, 1548 

n. A. v., No. 279. See leaves <)9-72 — "America ab invent" )re .-Xmerico 
Vesputio," &c. 

959 [Frobishkr.j De Martini F'oriiisseri Angli Navigatione in 
Rei;ionks Oc uentis et septentrionis, Narratio historica, ex 



(lallico scrmone in Latinum translata per D. Joan, Tho. Freigium, 
/.ar}^r />/atc. Small 8vo, morocco, jjilt leaves. Noribergoe, 1580 

960 Fr()thin(!HAm (Richard, Jr.). History of the Sik.c.e of Boston, 
and of the l')attles of Lexington, Concord and Bunker Hill, iVc, 
with Illustrative Documents. Second edition. Maps ami eiigrav- 
in)^s. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. Boston, 185 1 

Second edition. 

961 Im i.(;()sus. Baptist /K P'ui.c.osi de dictis factisque memorabili- 
bus collectanea: a Camillo Gilino Latina facta. Folio, calf, oak 
boards. Mediolani, 1509 

See p. 532 for " Christophoro Columbo." 
B. A. v., No. 34. Ramirez, No. 1044. 

9(^2 [iFulfiOSUS. ] iinpttStr jFulOOSt de dictis Factisque mem- 
orabilibus collectanea a Camillo (lilino latina facta. In que 
(iuic(iuid hystoriaru a mfidi e.xordio usque ad hec tempora scitu 
dignum invenitur que diligentissime congestum est. 4to, vellum. 

Parrhisiis, 1518 
B. A. V. Add., No. 53. 

Recto of leaf ccix, " I )e CJiristophoro Columbo." Contains also Chapters on 
the Invention of I'rintinjj;, the X'enereal Disease, &c., \c. 

963 Fui.TON (Robert). 'I"he Likk of . . . by his friend Cadwallader 
I). Colden . . . comprising some account of the invention, prog- 
ress and establishment of Steam-boats, &c. Portraits, &'c. 8vo, 
half morocco, gilt top, uncut edges. New York, 181 7 

UnkjUE copy, with an interestinjLj autograph letter of Fulton to Rubt. R. 
Livingston. 43 portraits, and 27 views inserted. 

964 P'uNES (Don Gregorio). Ensayo de la Historia Civil de 
BuKNOS AiRK.P, TucuMAN, y rARA(;uAY. Portrait. 2 vols, in i. 
Royal 8vo, half morocco. Buenos Aires, 1856 

965 Further Queries upon the Present State of the New-English 

Affairs. By S, E. 4to, half morocco, gilt top. New York, 1865 

Only 250 copies reprinted. No. 23. 
Sabin's 4to reprints. No. 8. 

966 FusTER (1). Justo Pastor). Biblioteca Valenciana de los 
Escritores (jue florecieron hasta nuestros dias. Con Adiciones y 
enmiendas a la de D. Vicente Xinieno. 2 vols., 4to, half morocco. 

Valencia, 1827 




G(M.). A Supplement to the Nk.gro's c^: Indian's 
Advocaie; or, some further Considerations and Pro- 
posals for the effectual and speedy carryinjj; on of the 
Negro's Christianity in our Plantations . . . without any I're- 
judice to their Owners. 4to, half morocco, London, 1681 

968 (iAint (Wm. M.). On the Indian TRUiEs anil Lan(,;ua(;es of 
Costa Rica. Svo. I'hiladelphia, 1875 




969 CiA(;k (Thomas), 'I'he Enclish-American, his Travail i)y Sea 
and Land, or, a Ni.\v Survey of the Wkst-Indias. . . \'oyage in 
Mexico, Chiapa, Guatemala, etc.: with Crammar of the Lidian 
tongue Poconchi. Small folio, calf. London, 1648 

First edition. 

The book is most entertaining and instructive, notwithstandinjj the sinj^iilarly 
superstitidus tales that it narrates. It is curious that (">a}je useil the won! 
" party " in its modern cant sense of " indivichial." 

970 Gage. Wksi- Indies. Another copy. Small folio, half calf, 
gilt. London, 1648 

971 [Gaeerati (Jacobi Mainoldi).] Jacoim Mainoi.di Gai.krait 
Cremonensis de titulis Philippi Austrii regis Catholic! liber atque 
in ipsas titulorum successiones tabulai. 4to, vellum. 

Bononiai, 1573 
Facing fol. 27, see " De Regnis Insularum Indiarum," &c. 

972 Gallatin (Albert). Views of the Public Dedt, Receipts & 
Expenditures of the United States. 8vo, half morocco. 

Philadelphia, 1801 

973 [CiALLo (Antonia).] De Lir.r.o Sancto non Permiscendo, Anto- 
nio Gallo medico autore. Small 8vo, vellum, Parisiis, 1540 

B. A. V. Add., No. 12S. 
See recto of leaf 6 and 21. 

974 [Galloway (Joseph),] Letters to a Nodleman [Lord Howe] 
on the Conduct of the War in the Middle Colonies. Lar^e plan. 
Svo, half morocco. London, 1779 

975 [Galloway.] Letters to a Nokleman [Lord Howe] on the 
Conduct of the War in the Middle Colonies, Svo, half morocco, 
gilt top. Minus the plan. London, 1779 



976 I CiAiinwAV. I The Kxamination of . . . before the House 
of ("omnions, in a Committee on the American Papers, with Explan- 
atory Notes. Svo, half morocco. London, 1779 

977 TiARiiA (Grej^orio). de i.os Inuios de el Nti:vo 
MuNDo, e Indias Occ idi ntai.ks, averijj;uad() con di.scurso de 
opiniones . . , sej^unda imjiresion, enmendaila, y aftadida de 
al)j[unas opiniones o cocas notables, en major prueba de lo (pie 
contiene, con Tres Tablas nuii puntiiales de los Capitiilos, de las 
Malirias; y Autores (pie las tratan dirijrido al Anj^elico Doct. 
S'"' I'omas de A(piino. J'oiOait (>/ A(/iiintts. Folio, Spanish calf, 
gilt top, uncut edges, by //(v//tf/v/. 'I'itle mounted. Madrid, 1729 

This (second) edition is of greater interest t1i:in trie first on account of the addi- 
tions by ( larcia. The lifthi l)ook contains the various native accounts of the 
origin of the Indians. The others comprise tile experiences of Ciarcia during 
niuny years' sojourn in America, &c. 


978 Garcia dk Pai.acios (J.). Constitucionks synodales de la 
iglesia cathedral de Cuba. Folio, half morocco. s. 1. et. a., i6(S2 

From the Andrade Library. No. nj45' 

979 Gakcii.asso ok. I, a V'idA. I, A Fi.ouiDA DKi. Inca, Historia del 
Adelantado Hernando de Soto. 4to, vellum. I.isboa, 1605 

DifTcrs materially from the copies described in Hrowniana & Nuggets. 



980 Garcii.asso dk I. a Vk.c.a. Primkra I'AkTK. de los Com.mkn- 
TARios Rkai-ks, que tratan del Orkjk.n de i.os Y.ncas, reyes 
(jue fueroii del Peru de su idolatria, leyes, y govierno en paz y en 
guerra: de sus vidas y con(piistas, y de todo lo tpie (ue atpiel 
Imperio y su Repuhlica, antes (]ue los F'spanoles passaran a el. 
Arms of the author. Folio, calf, gilt over i ,d leaves. Lisboa, 1609 

Original edition. 

981 Garcm.asso dk i.A Vkca, The Royal CoMMENTARiKsof Peru. 
. . . Rendrcd into FLnglish by Sir Paul Rycaut. Portrait of 
Rycaut anJ \o pUUci. Folio, half calf, gilt. London, 1688 

9S2 CiARCII.I.ASSO DK I, A VKdA. HlSTOlRK dc la C()N(JUKTK (Ic la 

F'i.oridk: ou Relation de ce (pii s'est passe dans la Decouverte 
de ce PaYs par Ferdinand de Soto . . , traduite en Francois par 
Sr. Pierre Richelet. Map and plates. 2 vols, i* Post Svo, half 

morocco, gilt top, uncut edges. Liede, 1731 







983 Gardk.n (Alexander). Anecdotks of the Rkvoi.utionarv War 
in America : with Sketches of Character of Persons the most Dis- 
tinjjiiishcd in the Southern States for Civil and Military Services. 
8vo, half morocco, jjilt tops, rcjiiyh edges. Charleston, 1822 

Fine clean copy. 

984 (lARDKN. Anf.cdotf.s of the Amkrican Rf.voi.u I ion, Illustra- 
tive of the Talents and Virtues of the Heroes and Patriots who 
acted the most conspicuous parts therein. Second Series, umo, 
half morocco, gilt top, rough edges. Charleston, 1828 

Fine clean copy. 

985 Gardiner (Captain). An Account of the ExPKDrrioN to the 
West Indies, against Martinico, with the Reduction of Gaudelu|)e 
and other the Leeward Islands, &c. 4 pliites. 4to, half calf. 

Hirmingham : Baskfrvillf, 1762 
Third Edition. Text in F^nglish ami French. 

9S6 Gardvner (George). A Description of the New Wori d ; or 

America Islands and Continent^ and by what people those Regions 

are now inhabited, &c. WooJiul, Small 8vo, blue morocco extra, 

gilt leaves, by Pratt. London, 1631 

Fine copy, with the Imprimatur ami cut. 

987 [Garimberto (Hieronimo).] Froblemi Naturam, e Morai.i. 

Small 8vo, calf, gilt edges. Vinegia, 1549 

From the Veminiz library. 

H. A. V. Add., No. 174. Problem 70, p. 13 — "dell' Indie occidentali." 

988 Garrard (Lewis H.). Ciiambersburg in the Colony and the 
Revolution : a Sketch. 8vo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1856 

Published by the Historical .Society of Pennsylvania. 

989 Gastelar (Antonio Vasquez). Arte de Len<;ua Mexicana. 
4t(), half morocco. Los Angelos, 1689 

Second edition. Title and some leaves imperfect. 



990 Gates (Theophilus R.). Life and Writings of. i2mo, half 
morocco. New York, 1818 

Five title-pages. 

991 Gemma Phrvsius de Principiis Astronomlt, et Cos:wographi.e: 
detjue usi Globi ab eobe editi. Item de Orbis divisione, & insulis 


Ami- KK AN A. 

rt'biis(| ; luipcr invi-tis, &c. Small 8vo, levant morocco, fjilt leaves, 
by Han/y. I'arisiis, 1547 

Chap. WIN. (Ic [nsulis nupcr invent is. 

" X.W. tic Amcriia. 

" XWI. (If 1 nsulis ;ipud Aniericam. 
B. A. V. Add., p. 163. 

992 Cii'.NDKo.N (Sieur). Quk.i.qi'ks Par ticii.akiikz du pays drs 
HuRoNseii la NoiVKi.i.K Fkanck . . , Recliyces par Ji-aii Hap- 
tiste (le RocoK's. lamo, pp. 26. Paris, 1660, rep. Albany, 1868 

Only Mi<> copies printed. 

993 |{"iKi»R(;iA. I .\n Imi'Aki'iai. Inquiry into the State and I'tility 
of the Province of ("iKOROiA. 8vo, half calf, gilt. l,oi».loii, 1741 

V 994 [(ii.oRci \.| Com. KCTioNsof the CiKORGiA Historical Skcik. IV. 
2 vols., 8vo. cloth, uncut. Savannah, 1S40-42 

995 |(iKRAi.i)iNLs.| Itinkrarium ad REcioNKssub .-^^Iquinoctiai.i 
l)lajja constitiitas .Ai.kxandri (Ierai.dini. Amerini, episc«)pl 
civitatis S. Dominici apiid Inilos Occidentales, i\:c. i limnetic, ami 
an fni:,rtriiJ title folhm'iti)!^. Small 8vo, green levant morocco, gilt 
edges, by /'latt. Koma-, i(»3i 

In the John Carter lirown cat.ilotjue, the author's name is twice spelled (i/ral- 
dini, eviilently an error. 

996 Cli-.RARi) (James VV.). l'k(K:K.Ki)iM;s of the Har of Nk.w V<>rk, 
in Memory of . . Portrait. 8vo, cloth. New York, 1S74 

997 Cii K AKO. The Oi-!) Strkf.ts of Nkw York under the Dutch. 
Svo. New Yolk, 1S74 

998 CiERARi). The Old Stadt Huvs of New Amsterdam. 8vo, 
uncut. New York. 1.S75 

999 [C'lKRini R (Sir IJalthazar). | Sommier Vkrhaei., van sekere 
.\merikaiiische Voyagic, (iedaen door den Ridder Balthasar (ler- 
bier, iiaron Douuily, &c. Frontispiece ami plate. 4to, levant 
morocco e.xtra, gilt top, uncut edges, by Bedford. 6 leaves. 1660 

Fine copy. The last leaf contains the '' laaste Worilen Van Katharina (ler- 
bier," with a plate, and the frontispiece has portraits of Otto Keye and .A. 



1000 [CIkrhikk.] a Sommarv Disc Kii'TiuN, Manifesting that ijrcaicr 
Profits are to bee clone in the liott than in the could parts oil the 
Coast off America, And how niiu h the public ^ood is concerned 
therein. Keferrinj; to the annexed Advertissement I'or men 
inciinec! to Plantations. 4I0, half riissia. Anno 1O60 

looi ((Ikkmaink 1 'I'he Kidinsof Grkat Hritain asserted against 
the (luims of America : being an Answer to the Declaration of 
the (leneral Congress. Said to be Written by l-ord Cieorge (ler- 
nuiine. Hvo, uncut. I'hiladel|)hia, 1776 

Coinplflc, Willi the .\ppciulix " A few more words " and '"a Shori .\iiswcr," 
in all 1)6 pages and a broadsiilc. 

looi (Ik.kry (Mlbridge). The I-IKK of , . , with Contemporary 
Letters to (and trom| the close of the American Revolution. By 
James T. Austin. Portrait and fui-simiU. 2 vols., 8vo, sheep. 

Boston, 182.S-9 

1003 CIkschk iiiK ////(/ Hanoi. L'Nt; der franzosi.schen Pn.ANZsr.ADrK 
in NoRDAMKRiKA . . . mit einer I.andcharte. Svo, vellum. 

Stutgart. 1756 

1004 (illlBlS (R. \S.). DociMlNl ARV HiSTORY of the AMKRIC AN 

Revolution : consisting of Letters and Capers relating to the 
Contest for Liberty, Chietly in South Carolina . . . 1764-1776. 

New York, 1855 

DocTMiN rARY History of the .\.mkrican Rkvoi i iion . . . 
1781 and 1782. Columbia, S. C, 1853 

Doci'MKN lARV History of the .\mkrican Rivomiion . . . 
1 7 76-1 78 J. New York, 1857 

Together 3 vols. 8vo, half morocco. 

C(»luml)ia anJ New York, 1853-57 

^ 1005 Ciimis (George). A Dici io.narv of the Chinook J ARtius [also 
.Mphabetical Vocabulary of the Chinook Language] or I'rade 
Language of Oregon. .! vols., imp. 8vo, uncut. 

New York : Craruoisy Press, 1863 
Shea's Library nf American l.inipii&tiis. Nos. 8 and 12. 

1006 (?) (dll.HKRT.) OUILIKI.MI (ill.llKRTI. Coi.CKSTRKNSIS MKDlLl 

Lonoinknsis. Dk NL\(;Ni:rK. Magneticisque corporibus, et de 
magno magnete tellure. I'hysiologia nova, plurimis \- argumentis 



&: exiicriiiiciitis ck-monstrata. Many wooJcuts aiui a lai\\^c foliit-,1 
plati'. Folio, calf. London, 1600 

Anhhishop Laml's topy, with his arms stnmpcil in gold on the covers. 
" AnuTi«ani>," l.ibiT 4, cap. 15. 

1007 ('ill. PIN (Henry I).). Pami'h i.k is, a.s follows : 

Annual Discourse before the I'ennsylvania Academy of the 
Fine Arts [Nov. 29, 1826J. 1S27 

Addrkss before the I'hilomathean Society. 18.15 
HiocKAiMiicAL Skk'icii of i'lionias Jefferson. 1S28 
BKKiRM'imAi. NoTicK of Kdward I.ivinjfston. 18. j^ 
Eui,oc:v on Silas Wright. 1847 
Spkkcii on the 58th Anniversary of the Declaration of Inde- 
pendence. 1834 
Si'KKCii on the 21st Anniversary of the Victory of New Orleans. 

&:c.. \c. Svo, half morocco. IMiiiadclphia, 1827 47 

I'resent.ition copy to " Baron ile Kocnne, with the kind regards of his friend 
Henry I). Ciilpin." 

1008 (liM'iN (William). 'I'he Ckntrai, (loi.u Region, the drain, 
Pastoral and (lold Regions of North America . . . d colored iiuips. 
8v(), cloth. Philadelphia, i860 

1009 Ciii.iMN. Mission of the North American People, (leo- 
graphical. Social and Political. Illustrated by d charts Jeliiieati/iji; 
the physical architecture and thermal laws of all the continents. 8vo, 
cloth. Philadelphia, 1873 

1010 [OlRARD (C). I I.ES f/IATS CoNFI? 1)1? RI^S d'AmI^RIQUE VisitcS 

en 1863. Memoire Adressc a S. M. Napoleon III. Map. 8v<), 
uncut. Paris, 1864 

loii ("iiRAiD, Jr. (J. P.). The Hirds of Long Island. Svo, cloth. 

New York, 1844 

1012 [(liL'NTiM.I \.\ Sfera del Mondo, di M. Francesco 
(iiL'NTiNi, ... col testo di M. Cliovanni Sacrobosco. Opera utile 
& necessaria a poeti, historiografi, naviganti, agricoltori, i*^- ad 
ogni forte di persone. Portrait ar.d diaf^ranis, some of the latter 
nuriahle. 8vo, half morocco, Lione, 1582 

America, p. 274. 




I0I.3 [Cii.Kio ((1. R.).| The Campaic.ns of the Hkitish Armv at 
Washington and Nk.w Ori.kans, in the years 1S14-1S15. Hy 
the author of the Subaltern. i2mo, half morocco 1-oiulon, 1827 

1014 fGi.KN Cove. I An Addrkss delivered at Covk, L. I., at 
the Celebration of the Second Centennial Anniversary of the Set- 
tlement of that Village, by Henry J. Scudder, Ks(|., May 25, 186S, 
with an appendix. i2mo, cloth, uncut. (lien Cove, 1868 

1015 |Cii.ovF.R.| The KviDENCE delivered on the Petition presented 
by the Wksi-India I'i.anters and .Mkrchan is to tlic Hon. House 
of Commons, as it was introduced at the Uar, and summ'd up by 
Mr. (Hover. Post 8vo, half morocco. London, 1775 

1016 |(ionAr. I Narratio Historica eorum, cpue Socikias Jksu 
in Nova Kkancia . . . annis mik xi.iix. and xi.ix., e (lallico in 
I.atinum translata a P. Georgio (lobat. i2ino, red crushed levant 
morocco extra, gilt edges, by Lortic. Oeniponti, 1O50 

Rajjucneau's relation. See Jesuit Relations, also, K \i;rKM:Ai . 

1017 [Goes (Damiano da).| Avisi dklle cose fatte da Portuesi, ne 
rindia di qua del gauge, nel mijxxxviii. Scritti in lingua latina 
dal Signer Damiano da Goes Cavalier Portucse al Cardinal 
IJembo. i2mo, vellum. Venetia, 1539 

Title and eleven leaves. 

loiS [(Joes (Damiano a). J Fides, Rei.kiio, Moresque .'l^thiopum sub 
Imperio Preciosi Joannis (quern vulgo Presbyterum Joannem 
vocant) degentium, unacfi enarrationc conftcderationis ac amicitie 
inter ipsos Aethiopum Imperatores, & Reges l.usitanitc initi;e 
Damiano a Goes, Equite Lusitano autore ac interprete, &c. 4to, 
vellum. Lovanii, 1540 

H. A. V. Add, No. 135. Seep. S, for Columbus. 

1019 Goldsmith (Lewis). .\n Exposition of the Condllt of 

France towards America. 8vo, half morocco, 132 pp. only. 

London, iSio 
Presentation copy from the author. 

1020 [GoMARA (Francisco Lopez de).] Primeray secunda parte de 
la HisTORiA oenekai. de las Indias CO todo el de.scubriiniento, 
y cosas notables que han acaescido den de tjue se ganaron hasta 



cl afin (ie 1551. Con la conquista dc Mexico, y de la nucva 
Kspana. IVootkut arms on title. Folio, red levant morocco extra, 
gilt leaves, by Pratt. 

Kn Medina del Campo, por (luillermo de Millis. 1553 

" (iomara's historical merit is cimsi'lcruliie. I lis mode of narration is dear, 
IliiwinK, always ajjreeabje and sometimes elejjant. The cojjies of his hist(jria de 
las Indias and of his Chronica were called in by a decree of the Council of the 
Inilies, and were loti^ considered as prohibited books." — K"iii kisun. 

It is a ^jreat historical work, inilisp<.'nsabie to the student of Spanish affairs in 
America after the con(|uest, notwiihstundin^ the charjjes made by Hernal 1 >ia/ 
against (lomara of occasional inaccuracy. The dedication to Charles \'. be^jins 
with these remarkable words: " The ^'reatest event which has happened since the 
creation of the world (leaving aside the incarnation and death of Him who created 
it) is the discovery of the Inilies." 

(iomnra prefixes a curious address to intending translators, warning them to be 
accurate anil to measure the full signitiiance of the pregnant Spanish phrases; 
also, to pay special attention to proper names. lie further declares that he is 
writing the book in Latin, so that the translators may take no trouble in that 
language. His Latin version has never appeared, 

1021 (ioMARA. HisroRiA i)K Mkxico, con cl Desfiibrimicnto de la 
niieva Espana, conquistada por el muy illustre y valeroso Principe 
don Fernando (Jortes, &c. Small 8vo, polished calf extra, red 
edges, by Riviere. Anvers: Juan Strclsio, 1554 

1022 GoMARA. HisTOiRK Gknkrai.i.k dcs Inues & 
Terres neuves, qui jusques i present ont estc descouvertes, 
Traduite en Francois par M. Fiimce Sieur de Marly Ie Chastel. 
Small 8vo, half calf. Paris, 1569 

1023 ("iOmara. The Pleasant Historie of the Conquest of the 
VVeast India, now called new Spayne, Atchieved by the Worthy 
Prince Hernando Cortes . . . Translated out of the Spanishe 
tongue by T[homas] N[icholas]. Anno 1578, 8vo, blue morocco 
extra, gilt leaves, by Pratt. London: Bynneman, [1578] 

First edition. Fine copy. 

1024 (loMARA. HisTORiA de las CoNQfisTAs de Hernan Cortes, 
traducida al Mexicano por (!himalpain, publicaia con '■ irias notas 
y adiciones Bustamante. 2 vols , 4to, calf extra, gilt tops, uncut. 

Mexico, 1826 

" The statement on the title of ' translated by Chimalpain ' is merely paren- 
thetical. Bustamante when he had in his hands the MS. from which he printed 
the book, supposed it to be an original work by Chimalpain, but afterwards dis- 
covered that this Mexican, who flourished at the beginning of the seventeenth 



ct'tilury. had only rcndcrt'il (lomara's book into his own loiimic. It is nut ik-ar 
from what original Bustamante has published the above volumes; he does not 
appear to have seen the Mexican text and tlicre is nolhiii;j, exiipt a few words in 
ciiapter (>2, to showany connexion between the Spanish puiihcationof Uuslamante 
and the work of C'himalpain. As for the text, it seems rather like a modem int- 
provement of (lomara, than like a fresh translation from the Mexican version. 
However this may be, the editor's notes are copious aiul valuable, 

[It should be stated, indeed, that a MS. professing; to contain the Mexican 
text of Chimalpain's history, but according; to the (lesiri|'ti<>ii ililTerii)|; in its 
character from that of CJomara, was sold at the Abbe Fischer s sale in iSOij.]" 

1025 ClooDRicH (Chas. A.). Evknts in the History of 
North and South Amkrica. 200 illnstnttions. <Svo, roan. 

Hartford, 1851 

1026 Coos (I'etcr). I)k oftc Water-Worckl, waer in 
vertoont werden alle de Zee- K listen van lict bekeiulc dcs .Aerd- 
Jioilens. Engraved title and 4 1 maps illuminated in };<>ld and colors. 
Royal folio, vellum, gilt. .AmsteUlain, 166.S 

Includes eleven maps of .Vmerica. 

1027 ('iORi)ON (William). History of the Rise, Pro)j[ress and Estah- 
iishnient of the Indf.pkndknck of the U. S. of Amkrica: includ- 
ing an Account of the I-ate War, i^vc. Large map. 4 vols., Svo, 
half calf, gilt. l-ondoii, 17S8 

102S Gor(;k.s (Sir Ferdinando), I. .Amf.rica Pain'tk.d to the I.ikk, 
iVc. Frontispieee {'* Ameriea"") cropped, and map. 1658 

H. A Urikkk Narration of the Originall rndert;ikinjj[s of the 
.\dvanccment of Plantations Into the parts of .\inerica. Kspccially 
Shewing the beginning, progress and continuance of that of New- 
Kngland. 1658 

HI. America Painted to the I.ikk. The True History of the 
Spaniards Proceedings in the Concpiests of the Indians, \c. 


IV. A.MF.RtCA Painted to the Liff. . . . from Coi.u.mhus his 

first Discovery, to these later Times. Frontispiece by Gaywood. 

The four parts in 3 vols. 4to, russia, gilt edges. London, 1658-9 

1029 G[orton] (S[amuel].) Simplicities Defence against Seven- 
Headed Policy; or Innocency Vindicated, being unjustly Accused 
and sorely Censured, by that Seen- Headed Church-Government 
United in New-England. 4to, calf. London, 1646 



1030 CiOkiKN (Samuel). Sai.tmaksh Reti kni-d from the Dead, in 
Amico Philalethi- ; or, the Resurrection of James the Apostle, Out 
of the Grave of Carnall Cllosses . . , Appearing in the comely 
Ornaments of his Fifth Chapter, in an Exercise, June 4, 1654, i*vc. 
4to, calf anticpie. London, 1655 

Title mended, leaf of Kpistlc in MS. and live leaves remarnined. 

io,y Gorton. SiMiM.icirY'>. Dkkknce against Seven-Headed Pol- 
icy . . . with Notes . . . and Appendi.\es ... by William 
R. Staples. 8vo, cloth. Providence, 1835 

Khode-Island Hist. Socy. Collection^. Vol. 2. 

1032 GosPKi, Ordi R Revivk.i), Heing an .\ns\ver to a Book lately set 
forth by the Reverend Mr. Increase .Mather . . . intituled, /'//(• 
Oiilcr of the Goi-pc!, i^'c. . . . I?y sundry Ministers of the Gospel 
in New-England. 4to, calf, gilt edges, but untrimnied (.somewhat 
soiled). I New York : //'///. BtadjorJ\, 1700 

Kacinjj the title is the advertisement and tiie I'.rrata is attached to baik of 
title. " The Reader is desireil to take Notice that the Tress in li(»ton is so 
much under the awe of the Reverend .Vuthor, whom we answer, and his I-'rienils, 
that we could not obtain of the printer there to print the foUowinjj sheets, \c." 

1033 Gosi'Ki.s (The) ... St. Matthew, St. Mark, St. Luke ami St. 
John, translated into the Language of the Es-yui.M.vux Indians on 
the Coast of Labrador; by the . . . United Bretliren. 121110, 
calf. London, 1S13 

1034 |(i(ii'i.i) <7//r/ J(^Ri)AN. j HisroK\- of the First-'I'f.nth-Twkn iv- 
MN III Maine Regimen r . . . from 1861 to 1866, by Major John 
M. Gould ; with the History of the 'I'entli Me. Hattalion, by Rev. 
Leonard G. Jorilan. J'ot traits. Svo, cloth. Portland, 1871 

1035 GoiivERNEru (Samuel L.). Okaiion . . . 2f)th Nov., 1830, 
at Washington Scpiare ... in commemoration of the Revolution 
ill iMance. 8vo, half morocco. New N'ork, | 1830I 

1036 Graah (W. A.). NAUKA'nvi-, of an IC.xi'i Di ikin to the l-'.Asr 
Coast of Gkkeni.and, in search of the Lost Colonies. Translated 
by G. G. Macilougall. l.itif^f ///<//>. 8v(), half calf, gilt. 

London, 1837 

1037 Graah. Narrative of an Expedition to the East Coast of 
Greenland. Another copy. 8vo, half calf, gilt. London, 1837 







r of 

1038 C'iRAHAM (J. A.). A DKSt'RU'riVK SKKTCH of the I'RI-.SKNT 

Stati: of Vkrmont. . . , Portrait and 7 'a'axufctits. 8vo, lialf 
morocco. London, 1797 

'I'hu ahovc copy has many MS. corrections, and the first paiagraphon p. 12 has 
been cra>ed. 

1039 (Iraham (J. I).). RKPoRTon the Harhors of I,akk., 
i!vc. Svo, half morocco. \Vasliin;;ton, 1858 

Presentation copy from lieiit.-C'oi. Graham, with his MS. corrections. 

1040 CiRANiiiAM (Sir Tliomas). An Historical .Account of Some 
Mcinora!)k' Actions, i)articiilarly in Virjj;inia . . . Introduction 
by R. A. Brock. Svo, uncut. Richmond, \'a,, 1.S.S2 

t>nly 250 copies printed. No. in. 

1041 CiUANVii.i.K Juiui Ki. (The) cclcbratctl at Ciranville, Mass., 
Aujjust 27 and 2S, 1845. Portrait :>/ Timothy M . Coolcy. i6m(), 
half njon)CC(). SprinjfficUI, 1S45 

104.: jCiKAVis. I Two I.KriKRs rcspectintj tiie Conduct of Rear 
Admiral (Iravcs, on the Coast of the United States, July to Novem- 
ber, 17S1. i?y William draves. 410, half morocco, j;ilt toj), uncut 
cd^es. Morri.sania, 1S65 

Only KX) lopiis printed. No. 27. 

ro43 CiRAVii K (Jac(iues). Rki.ation de ce (|ui s'est passe dans la 
.Mission de rimmacidee Conception au I'ays des Illinois . . . 
1693 . . . 1694. Small Svo, half calf. a Manate, 1S57 

Only a small edition printed, in fac-simile of the ori(;, for J. (1, Shea. 

1044 CiKAVDoN (.\le.\ander). Mi mdirs of a I.iik, chietly passed in 
I'ennsylvania,\vithin the last Si.xty Years ; with Occasional Remarks 
upon the (lenerul Occurrences, Character and Spirit of that l')vetit- 
ful I'erioil. umo, sheep. Harrisbur^h, iSu 

1045 Oravdon (.Mexander). Mkmoirs of his Own Timi , with Ret.i- 
iniscences «)f the Men and Kvents of the Revolution. Mdited by 
J. S. I.ittell. Svo, half calf. Philadelphia, 1S41. 

1046 CiRKA I Union Mickfinc held at the Academy of .Music, N. Y., 
Dec. 19, 1859. 'I'he Official Report. Svo, half morocco. 

New York. 1S59 
Unique. Tlic orijjinal Responses from Franklin Pierce, the lion. I). S. IMck 
inson and I) I). Harnard inserted. The first and last entirely in the .lutograph 
of the sender, the second signed, 



1047 [Okf.kne.] Skktciifs of the T-ifk and Corrkspondknck of 
Nai iiAXAKi. (iRiKNK, Major-deiicral of the Annies of the United 
States, in the War of the Revokition . , , Uy William Johnson. 
J'(>///(i//, lar^e map nr'i p/aiis. 2 vols., 4to, calf. Charleston, 1822 

io4<S (lui:i;\ii')W (Robert). The Hi^rouv of OuKfioN and Cai.i- 
KOKNiA, and the other Territories on the North-West Coast of 
iS'orth America . . . Lar^c map, 8vo, half morocco, f^ilt to]), 
uncut edges, Boston, 1844 

1049 Ciuiifin's Jouknai.. FiRsr SK/ni.KRs of Southoi.h |i,. I.|, 
the Names of the Heads of those l'\imilies, bcinji only thirteen at 
the time of their landing ; Fn-st I'roprietors of Orient ; Biographi- 
cal .Sketches; i^vc. ; iVc. ; <S:c. IJy .Augustus Criffin. Portrait. 
umo, cloth. Orient, 1.S57 

1050 CiRiKurii ('I'homas W.). Ski tchks of the Kart.n History of 
Maryiam). I''/oiit!s/'i<i-i\ Svo, half morocco. Baltimore, 1.S21 

1031 CiKiiiirii. Annals of Baiiimokk. /'ortrait and uuxu/int. Svo, 
I' ilf moroico. Baltimore, iS_^, 

105:; CiKiNNMi. Land. Ki.makks on the Knoi.isii .Mats of Arc ric 
Disi oviisirs, in 1.S50 and I'^si, made at the Ortlinary Meeting of 
the National Institute, Washington, in .May, 1S52, by i'eter Force. 
.\/a/>. Svo, uncut. No title. |''*^5-l 

1055 CiUOANs of the I'l. \N I ATKINS ('I'lie) : or, A 'True .Account of 
tiicir tlrievous and Fxtrcme Sufferings By the Heavy Impositions 
upon Sugar .\nd other Hardships. Relating more particularly to 
the island of Barbados. 4to, half russia. 

London. 16 Si 

iSy; ri'P> 



1054 [(ii<osK.| Advk K to the Okhckrs of the British Army . . . 
with Introduction and Notes. Svo, cloth, uncut. 

New York : Ai^at/iynian Clul\ 1867 
Only 120 copies printed (No. IP}) in f.'tcsimile of the sixth I.Dndon cililinn. 

1055 Grotii (Hugonis). I)k Orioink Gkntium Amkricanar 


DissiRTA Tio. 4to, half calf, 16 pp. 


1056 (iRrnKR (J. A.). C.RUNPi.iCHK .\n-und aufforderung an die 
Ehmalig erweckte hier und dar zerstreuete Seelen dieses Landes, 



in Oder ausscr I'arthcyen, zur Neucn Umfassung. Ciliedlichor Vcr- 
ciniijuni;, niul ("it'bets-Cicmcinschaft, Dargelejft . . . 1736. 410, 
half morocco. I'liiladdpliia: li. Fr-inklin, 1742 

Also in tliis volume: | Zinzinkokk (I-iuhvijj, Count voii).l 
Etliche zu dieser Zcit nicht unnutzc Krajfan uber einijje Schrift- 
Stelit-n, welchc . . . deutlich erortcrt zu wcrden fcwiinsclu-t hat 
cin \Vahr!icit-l''orschi'ndfr in America im jaiir 1742 . . . licraiis- 
},a'j;ci)cn von cincm Kiiecht Jcsu C'hristi. 4to, half morocco. 

I'liiladclphia : Ji. I'lanklin \ 1742]. 

1057 [CiKVNAKUS |or Huttk:ii| (Simon).] Novvs Oriiis RhcioNrM 
ac Insularum vctcrihus incojrnitarum, una cum tahula cosmo- 
j^raiiiiica, iV alicjuot aliis consimilisaryumcnti libcllis, <iuorum ouuii- 
um catalo^jus scciuenti patel)it pajjina. His accessit copiosus rcrum 
nicmorahilium index. W'ooJciit on title {I'Oi^ur la );a/<i), and /iin^r 
nhj/> [ni(>i/nt(i/ on iinrn) ot p. i. Folio, red levant morocco extra, 
jfilt leaves, by Hcd/oiJ. I'arisiis: /. /\irri, e^r., 1532 

n. A. v., No. 172. 

io57(/ (CiRVNAKi s I iNovvs Okius Ri.i;i()\i;m ac Insularum veteribus 
iin~oi>iiitarum una cum tabula cosiuoj^raphica, \: alicpu)! alijs con- 
similis ar^junuiUi libeilis, (piorum omnium cataioj^us secpicnti 
patebit iKiy;ina. His accessit copiosus rerum memorabilium index. 
/-(?/;!,'<• niiip. Folio, vellum. IJasilea;: /. Ilcrra^^iiim, 15,^2 

'I'hi- m;t|) is the saiin' ;is in the I'.iris cditinn, ami is (luscribeil in the 15 A V'.. 
with the omission of thf won! 'l"ypiis to the hi-aillinc " l'osmci^'ra[ihiiiis I'liivcr- 

Also boiMid with the above: I'l rki MAKrvKis ai! \m;i.iki\ 
Ml Dioi.ANKN. Okatokis CI. akissimi, Fcmandi <\: Helisabeth 
Hispaniarum cpiondam rejjum a consilijs, de rebus Oceanit is i\; 
Orbe novo decades tres: ([uibus (iuiv(|ind de inventis nuper terris 
traditum . . . eiusdcm |)racterea I.egationis Habylonica- li!)ri 
tres . . . Folio, vellum. Hasilea.': /. Helulinin, \^\\ 

W. A. v.. No. 176. 

1057/^ [(iRVNAKUS. I An(»ther co|)y, without the ma|)s, and last leaf 
(colophon). Folio, half calf. Hasile;i;, 15,^' 

Between the book-worm and some ancient penman, this copy is somewhat dis. 


105S |<i>S[ri)n,irUS.| Dl'C ^X^ClU JTfUlt der I.andschaftcn <wnml 
Insulen, so bis hie her alien .Mtweltbeschrybern iinbeiant. 



I Uchcrsctzimij cics Michael Ilcrr. | 
extra, jfilt leaves, by JhJfoiJ, 

No map. 

B, V. A., No. 1 88. 

Folio, red levant morocco 
Strasburj^r, 1534 

1059 (C1ryna:us.| Novvs Oriiis Rkoioni'm ac insularum veteribus 
inco-rnitaruni una cum tabula cosmoyraphita, iV alicjuot alijs con- 
siniilis aryviinenti libelli.s, c|nonim omnium catalogus sequenti 
l)atel)it pai^ina, \-c. I'olio, reel levant morocco e.xtra. )j;ilt leaves, 
by Hcdjoid. Hasileae, 1537 

No ninp. 

15. A. v., No. 223. 

io59<? [{ J Novvs Okiiis (etlitio secunila auctior), Folio, 
vellum. Hi:sT kdition. Hasiiea.% 1555 

" This edition contains, busiilcs tiic matter of the lirst, also several supple- 
iiRntary piei'es, iniludiiij; the second anil third lelters of (.'ortes. [The only 
v.iriatioM lietwcen different copies of the maps is that the letterpress 
portion (ihe names of the regions) was, in a seconil issue, set up in a partly- 
altered type. This circumstance, observed in different copies of different 
editions has caused aome vague statements which catalogues constantly repeat 
one from another conciTning the rarity of the map and the existence of coimter- 

"i)n en {Je teltc colLitiou') recherche les exemplaires, e.v surtout cenz ilc 
I'tilition dc 1555 qui est la plus complete." — Hki NKi. 

1060 [di; A iKMAi.A. 1 Mkmorias para la Historia cle antiguo Reyno 
lie (aiatemala, redactadas por . . . Francisco de Paula (larcia 
I'elaez. 3 vols., 8vo, boards. Cluatemala, i<S5 i 

1061 (luAZ/o (Marco). His idRii-, di Tutte le Cose degne di Memoria 
([ual del anno M.D.XXIIII. Sino (juesto presente sono occorse 
nella Italio, «!vc. Small Svo, calf. Venetia, 1545 

See leaf ifiy in the chapter, " Isolo de t)ro," the history of I'izarro. 
li. A. V. Add., No. 153. 

1062 |(;tJIANA.| .\ I'UIU.U AIION of (IuI.'VNA's PLANTATION, NcwIy 

undertaken by the Right Honbie the Karl t)f Harkshire . . . 
and Company for that most famous River of the Amazoncs in 
.America. Wherein is briefly shewed the lawfulnesse of planta- 
tions in forraine Countries, &c. 4to, calf, gilt edges, by AVrvV/v. 

London, 1632 
Signed I. I), 
(.'loscly cropped in lower margins. 



1063 (lUMii.i.A (Joscpli). IlHinuiA Na I UKAi,, civil y jjfojjrarua ill' 
las Naciones situailas cii las Rivi uas del Rio Okinoco . . . 
correijiclo ])()r el I'. Ij^naiio ()l)rt'^()ii. J\>i trail, lai\^c iiuif' aihi U 
phii'cs. 2 vols., small 410, vellum. liarceloiia, 17(^1 

1064 (luRowsKi (Adam). Diakv jiii the U. S.j from March 4, 1861, 
to November 12, 1862. 121110, cloth. liostoii, iS()2 



ACHARI) (Marie Madelaiiie). Rii..\rioN dii \o\ ai;i 

des Damis Rn.KMKt'sK.s II Ksi LINKS de RoiMN, a la 

NoLVKi.i.K Oki.kans, parties de I-'raiicc le 22 Kevrier, 

1727, iV arrive/ a la I-ouisiemie le 23. Julliet de la mOme aiiiu'e 

, . . iSvo (mounted on 410 sheets), morocco, gilt. 

Rouen: A. Ir /'rrri's/, 172S 
Title, I 100 in*. 

1066 Hakim (Samuel). SKK.rcHKs of IUmnos Avkks, C'iiii.k and 
I'kku. Svo, half calf, gilt. London. i.S^i 

1067 ja?aftlunt (ilici)«irt). rf)C |)i'fnci'j)(ill :cCam'flationB, 

VoiAdK.s and DiscovKRiKs of the English nation, made by Sea 
or ouer Land, to the most remote and farthest distant (^)uarters 
of the earth at any time within thecompasse of these 1500 yeeres: 
Deuided into three seuerall parts, according to the positions of ihe 
Regions whereunto they were directed. . . . Including the 
English valiant attempts in searching almost ail the corners of the 
vaste and new world of America, itc. Hy Richard Hal<hi\t. 
Eolio, russia e.xtra, gilt edges, by /'. Bedford. 

Imprinted at London by George liisliop and Ralph Newberie, 1589 

First f.ihtion, with .i folded map " Typus Cosmojjraphiius UnivcTs.nlis," 
mounted on linen, opjKisite i>aj;e one. This copy contains Maker's " Two 
Voyages to (iuinee" in 1562, in vkksk, aiidSir Jolin .Mandeviile's Tiaveis, about 
I3f)0, occupying 2S leaves. 

1068 ja^aftluyt. rtic jlcincipaU XciUfflatioiis, Voiages . . . 

&c. P'olio, red morocco e.vlra, gilt leaves, hy Bedford. 

London, 158'; 
This copy is somewhat shorter than the previous item, and is minus the in.ip. 
hut, in adilition to the Haker and Mandevilie voy.iges, contains the rare voyage of 
Sir Francis Drake, 6 unpaged leaves, after p. 643. 

1069 |K;aUIUi>t. The Principal N avk; A I IONS, Voyages, Trafticiue.s, 
and Discoveries of the English Nation, made by Sea or overland, 



to the remote and fartliest distant ([uarters of the Earth, &c. ^ 
vols, in 2. CrVc, ///'.»//('/>, i5y(>-i6oo 

A Si'k'ction of Curious, Rare and Karly Voyanes and Histories 
of Intcrestin;; Discoveries, tliietly published l)y Ilakhiyt [ethlfd 
l)y K. H. I'. vans |. i vol. iSi 2 

'I'ojfether 4 vols, in \. P'oiio, nissia. I.onilon, 15(^9-1X12 

The whole i>f Ihi- vi>yaj{fs, inchuliiiK the \'l>>•a^;l• In C'ailiz (nrij^inal) at the 
eiitldf Vol. 1, willi till' liKlit par.i^raphs 011 p. (11)7 as (IcMriiicd !>)■ I.owiults. 
Inlc'iidi'd as a SiippU'riiciit t<j I'lirilias and otlier collections. 


iS Volumes, as follows : 

1070 Tlu' (MtsKRVATioNs of SiK Ricii.AKK Hawkins, Kut,, in his 
\'(iya;;e into the South Sea in the year 1593. . . . iMJited i)y C. R. 
Drinkw.iler iktliune. 1847 

Ihe DiscovKRV of the l.arj^e, Rich and Beautiful Empire of 
(lUlA.NA, with a Relation of the (Ireat and (iolden Citv of 
Manoa (whicli the Spaniards called El Dorado), iVc. Terforined 
in the year 1595. By Sir W. Rale^fh, K.t. . . . Rejjrinted from 
the Edition of 1596, With sonie Cnpuhlished Dc.ciunents rela- 
tive to tliat Country. Indited with copious IC.vplanatory Notes 
and a Hioj^raphical .Memoir, by Sir Robert H. Schomhur;;!;, 
I'h.l). A/,i/>. 1S4.S 

The Ili^roKiK of Travaii.k into Vir(;i.\ia Hritanmv; 
e.vpressinjj the Cosnu);j[raphie anil Comodities of the Country, 
toj^^'tlier with the .Manners and Customes of the People, (lathered 
and observed as well by those who went first thither as collected 
by William Strachey, (lent., the Secretary of the Colony. 
.Now lirsl Etlited from the orij;inal .Maniistript in the Hritish 
.Museum, by R. H. Major, Esi|. A/a/< and 6 plittes. 

London, 1840 

'I'hf pti'faci' ]|>ivi-s an historical .-u'l-ouni of early Knfjlish .N'avijjators 
.America, :>.iul their colonizations, |ianicul.irly in Nir^inia. It ineliidis 1 
'■ Letter from |)elawarr. (lovernor of \'ir^;inia," u'^inK .in accntinl of 
his viiyajje out. and of his proceedinj^s since his arrival in Virvjiiiia. (He left 
ri>nioutli 1st of .\pril, .iiid dalo his Idler July 7th, idio.) The History 
a 3nd Ijook, " I'lnlreatinn of the first tliscoveries of the Colony, aiul of the 
first Colonic upon the Island of koanoak. .\s also of the Northern Colonii', 
sealed upon the Uiver of S,.cha.khoc. aniKt 15^5," 

"Hook I. was written probably some years l>efore ( aplain John Smiths 
(/'<"i/<-/(// llisliiry of riri;^hiiii, and in more especially remarkable as having 
aflonled \lr. |)eane and .\lr. NicI the data u|)on which to charge the name <■( 
rocahoiitas with infamy." — I'li-.i.D. 

Ami; UK AN A. 





Sir Fram is Drakk, his Voyajjt', 1595. J'y Tliomas Mayiiarde, 
tojfttlier with the Spanisli Aci /unt of Drake's Attac k 011 I'lurtt) 
Rico. Kditfil . . . by W. I), (doley. 184.; 

DiVKks VoYAdKs 'rouchin;!; the Discovkry of Amkrii \ ami 
tlie Islands ailjacent, Colleited ami Published by Ki( hard llak- 
luyt. . . , Kditeil with Notes ami an Iiitrodiutioii, by joim 
Winter Jones, of the Uritish Museum. 2 maf>!> >' td fac-simile. 


IlakluytV lirst iml'lication It (•(Hiiainx srvcii iirliclt-s nr voyanc--. tlu' lifili 
of whiih is '■Tile relation of lohn V't-raiamis, a Kloifntiiu-, of tin- iainK- \<s 
him discoiUTi-d in tlu- naini- of liiy Maitstic, written in llii'ix., the ci^lit of 
July, 1524," which is the earliest known account of Khoilc Nlantl. 

.Mkmokiai.s of the Knipire of J vpon in the X\l. and .Wll. 
Centuries. Kdited with Notes by Thomas Rundall. MapanJ 


" Many of tiic crew of an Aineri'an vessel wrecked on the coast were liter- 
ally star\eil to death hy order of the (JapoiieKe) j;overnment." p. WWII. 

'I'he Dim ovi kv and ('nN(.iii >r of 'I'kkka Ki.oKih \. by Don 
I'erdinando de Soto, and Six Htindrcd Spaniards, his l-ollowers. 
Written by a (lentleman of l-Jvas, employed in all the .Action, 
and translated out of l'ortu;;uese, by Richard iiakliiyt. Ke- 
printed from the iiilition of 1611. l-'.dited, with Notes and an 
Introduction, and a Translation of a Narrative of the M\pc(iition 
of jjiis Hernande/ de iiiedma, Factor to the Same. l!y William 

15. Kve. 



Ukriikrsihn (Haron Sijfisnumd von). Notks upon Ki>>i\, 

bcinjr a translation 

of the I'larliest Account of that ("otiiUrv, 


Kerum Mast ovitiiartim (■(iinmeiitarii. 

2 vols. 


rails!. I 

I .S s I 


and edited by K. H. Major. /V<//<\. 

Di' \ I hu (( itrril). .\ Tri I Di mmi'I io.n of i'liki 1 \'>'V- 
AOKs by the .North-Fast towards Cathay and China, tindertakiii 
by the Dutch in the years 1594, 1595 and 1596 . . . l-'-dited by 
Charles I", Ueke. Maps onJ cutioui ptiitcs, 1^5.^ 

I'he Introduction contains a llil)liojjra|)hy of the N'oyaijes of I.insclioien 
and I »c \'eer's work. 

Mkni)o/a (Juan Gonzalez de). Hisiurn of the yrtat am' 
miyhty KiNtiOoM of China. Reprinted from the early transla- 
tion of R. I'arke. Fdited by Sir (leo. T. Stanton, with an linro- 

2 vols. '•'^.S.V 4 

In i(M)7 Mendo/.a came to Anietica, with the title «if N'icar Aposidn , and 

dtietion by R. H. Major. 


same \ear w 

as made Hislioi) of (. hiaiia. 

1 6 J 

A mi; UK AN A. 

'I'liK WnKi ii I',M oMi'Assn) l)ySiR I''r.vncis Dkakk, hl'ill); lus 
iifM \'iiya)ii- to lliat to Noiiil)rr ^\v Dios, Collated with an I'll- 
|)iil>lislic»l MS. of l-'raiuis Mctilirr. Appcndit rs. \( ., hy W. S. 

U . \ 



I •'^54 

D'Oki.i'.ans (I'icrrc Joseph). Hi>I(>kv ol tin- two Iakiak 

. lowiiich isadcUd lathiT IVrtira's 

( "(IM^l I KtlKSof CllllNA 

Joiiiiii'y into Tartary . 

'I ranslatfd and cditiMl by tlu' Karl 

of l'',llrsmrrc, with an introdiic tioii hy l\. H Major. 


lli'-Kikv of tlu" Ni-.w \\okii>, by (iirolamo Hcn/.oni.of Milan, 
Showin;; his liavt'ls in Aim rica, from A. I). 15.JI to 1536 ; with 
soim- |)arti(-idars of the Island of Canary. Now I-irst I'r.ins- 
latt'(' id t'diti'd hy Rear-.\diniral \V. H. Suiytli. iH/7/,i,'/<;;7//j,m. 



.f all 

I- narrative of dirnlanxi Mi-ii/niii is one nl ilu- most iiiltrcHtinK < 
the early (raxclliTs ill .\nu-rk-a. fur tlu' n)itnitc' ilrl.ilU of tlu- liU- ami lial>ilN ul 
ilu- .\l)iiri;;in('>< more ihaii ihri-c ii-nluries a>;i)."- !• 11 1 h. 

CiiAMi'i. AiN. N AKR A ri\ h of a Vov \(ii to tlu- Wisr iMtiis 
and.MiMinin the Nrars i5(;9-i6oj, with .Maps and illustra- 
tions, liy Sanuicl Chaniplain. Translatt-d from the ( )ri).;inal and 
Unpuhlislu'd Manuscript, with a Itio^raphical Notice .ind Notes 
liy Alice Wihnere, Kdited by N«)rton Shaw. 10 /(/iiA-i, 1;//// ///.//>. 

" I his Narialivi' of ( haniplain'H First Voyage lo ilic .New \N Crlil i* of j,' 
value to iiii ill eHlahlisliiii^, by an unin)|M-ai-|ial)le aulhorily, llieHloryof tlu- aMfiil 
cruelties v*'hiili vvi-n- iiilliiled ii|Miii the liuiiaiis of the West Iiidji's by the 
Spaniards. I'ai'-siiilile lithti^raplisof ( li.illi|il:iiii's (lr.4wini;s are ^iveii, aiiloii^ 
which are reprenenialiuns of Indian feasts, no^);in^ Indi.inH to church, and 
burning ^jroup-. of the n.itivi-s at ihr si.ikc 'llic bio^rapliy v;iv<s ,in inlerenl- 
in^ h.ioalioi) of ( h.iinplaiii's dealings M'ith the Indians of Ncm I laiice." — 
I' II I h. 

CiAut ii.Asso l»K. l.A Vh:a (Ynca). l-'irst Part if the RoVAi 

CdMMI N lARIK^of the N'\( \s. 

rranslalid and lulited with 


Notes and an Introihuiion, by Clements K, Markham. 

The 'I'liKi'.K VoVAtJK.s »)f Vas« << it\ (Iama, and his \iceroy- 
alty Ironi the I.endasda India of ( iaspar ( '<irrea, . . . Trans- 

laled with Notes . 
/fiiif, (///./ 2 />/it/iS. 
Together i.S voLs. Svo, cloth, uncut. 

by the lion, ilcnry I'., I Stanley. /'«»/- 

London, 1.S47 (h) 

1071 [IIai.i. (Capt.).| Hisrokv of the Ci\ii. Wak in .\.mi kk \. 
Vol, I |r/// f>uhli\lhi{\ ( oinprehendinji the Campaij;ns of 1775. 
1776 and 1777. liy an ( )tVn cr of the llritish .Army, /.aii^i- tna/< 
Svo, hoards, unctit, London, 17S0 





1072 Haii.ock ( Ifr<'miah). I.iKi «»f 

to which is a*l(lc(l a 

Sk«-l(h nf ihi- I. ill- uf the Rrv. Mosrs Hallm k 
Cyrus Yali". /•'/«'////»//><-/•. unin, cloth. 

. Hy Kcv. 
Nrw York, 11. d. 

1073 llAMii.inv (Alexander). Wdkks, comprising his ('«irr«*.H(iMil- 
iMKc, and Ills I'olitiial and ( >lti( UritiD^^s. Kihtcd hy John ( . 
Ilaindtoii. /'i»/t,ii/, 7 vols., Svo, half vi-IIum extra, rarniin«- 
c«lj{fs. New V«)rk, 1S51 

1074 I II \MII ION. I .\ III I \'lN|i|l A I ION of the .Ml- A>t'kf> ol till- 

CoNc.Kiss, from the C'aliiiniiics of tlieir I'.neinio ; iit .\nswcr lu .1 
I.t'tlcr. under the siy;natiire of ,\. W . larmer. Wherehy his .Sc////./; c 
is exposed, his Ciiti/s (onfiiled, his .hfi/hfi iletecte«l, and his //'// 
ridi(iil('tl: ill a <i(iicral .Vddrcss to tlu- Inhahitants of Aiccrica, 
and a I'attitiilar .\ddress to the larmers of the I'roviiu c <>t New 

New \'ork, 1 ;7.j 

York. Svo, half ntor(»cco. 

An .tiihwcr lo 11 irati |)ul)liNht'<l \hv snuw yi-ar, ftitiiU-il, '• Tlu- ('iinj{irss I'.m 



1075 |II\MIII iN,| < Hl^l KS A I ln.\> on ('iKIAIN I )lK'l'MKS I s COD- 

taiiicil 111 No. V. iV VI. of "The History of the Initc*! States 
for tlic Near i7«/>,"in whu h tin* ( I'.arm- oi S|h« iilation an.iinsi 

.\le.\aiuler Hamilton 
Kvo, halt morocco. 

is fully reliitetl. Written hy Hmisell. 
I'hiladelpli.a, i7t;7 

Only .t li'w io|iicit cmapid ili".iriuli<in .il tin- li.tiiil<< of Alt-x. Iiitniilio 

1076 |ll\Miii<»N.| < iiisi K\ A I ii!\> on 1 \rtaiii Hocunstnts, \t 

Another copy. Uncut. 

I'hiladelphia, i7(>; 




10;; I I I Will I UN, I ( )llsi KV A I loNs nil ("iKIAIN 1 )nt I M h N I s I oll- 

tained in No \', and \ I of" I hr History ol the I'nited«s 
for the Near i7</»," in whu li llu i har^e of Speiulation aKain-.t 
.Mex.ii.der li.iinilton, late Net n lary o| the i reasiiry, is lulls 
r«fiited. Wmiin hy lliinseif. Svo, half iiioroi co, ^jilt top, iin< tit. 
I'liitadeiphia : /oAn /•<•«//<', 1797; tr/>. New \ork, iHr»5 

V<il. i m| ilii ll.imilliin Club rcpriniK, 
Only $11 t'lipii-H in Hvn. N'i>. 3H. 

I( v. 


I07S |H\MllliiN,| 1.1 I I I K flolll .\l I \ VNIil K H AMU lo\, (oiuern- 

ioK the I'lihlic (cniluit and Character of John .Ndams, Ks<|., 

I'rchident o! the I nitid Slates. .Svo, h.iif i:toroc(<i. 

New N'ork, iSoo 



1079 IIamii.hin. 1,1 I I kks t(» Am XANKKk, Kiny <'f tlir 
Ft'ds., iVc, hi'injj iiiti-iulcd .is a n-ply to a Scankaiois I'a.mi"ii k t 
lately |)iil»li>lu<l iindcT tlio saiKtion, as it is prisiitm-d, <»f Mr. 
llainiltoM, .111(1 signed with the signature of Juintis I'hihtniis. ISy 
TiiiM (iillrndcr. Svo, pp. 64, hall' tuorocco. New \'ork, iSoj 

loHo IIamii.ion and IJukK. A Cokkkc.t Statkmkni of the latr 
Melancholy Aflair of Honor bi-t ween (lencral Hamilton and Col. 
liiirr ... to which is added a Candid ICxainination oi the whole 
affair . . . IJy " l.ysander." Also ;\n Oration i ommemorative 
of the late Alajor-(ieneral Alexander Hamilton . . . Hy J. M. 
Mason. 2 vols, in 1. 8vo, half morocco. New York, 1S04 

1081 Hamiiiomaii (The). My John Williams (Anthony i'as(piin). 
/'(»///•<///<///./ r/.V //<'//'■ '"/ //.'(/ill /<ii/ir. Svo, half morocco, jjilt top. 

New \'ork, 1.S65 

( llilv (11 i(i|iii'S piiiilnl fid tlif Ihiinillni) ( lul). .\o. 28. 

10S2 Hamii.iiin. I, II I of, by John Williams (Anthony I'astpiin). 

8vo, half morocco, j^ilt top. New ^'ork, i.S(>5 

Only 40 I'lipii's prinlicl (No. 28) for llu- llaniiltoti < liib. fmm ihi' Unsinii 
cdiiion of |S(i|, 

loHZii Hami! iiiN. The I.IM. and Ki'oc ii of . . . an Historical 
Study hy the Hon (icoi}fc Shea. J\>ihait. Svo, cloth, );ilt top. 
uncut. Hostoii, iS;^ 

ioK,3 (IIamii.ion, \i-. | The Ki di kai.isi: a Collection of I''ss;iys 
written in favor of the New Constitution, as ayjreed u|)on hy the 
Federal Convention, September 17, 17S7. Ke|)rimcd from tln' 
orijjinal text, with an Historical introduction and Notes. Hy 
Henry \\. Dawson. I'vitniit on lihlui paper. Royal Svo, uncut. 
(Vol. I.) Morrisania, 1N6 \ 

\^' Sic I'KDKKAl isr. 

Only av copies printfd. No. 121. 

10K4 H AMiiiiiN (I.ady .\ii>(usta). Makria(;k Ritks, Ct sroM^^ and 
Ckkkmo.mi s of all .N A I IONS of the Univkrsk.. J''n»itiipiia\ Svo. 
half moroico, uncut. Loiulon, iSjj 

'I'hc Anuric;in ciistonis will In- found at pp. 27S-3()4. 

1085 Hamok (ka|)h«'). .A 'Ikiik. I)is( (H'KSK of the I'KKsHNi' KsiA n 
of V'vciMA, and the su(•ce^.se of the affaires there till the iSol 
Jilt , (fti.j. 'lo^^elher with a Relation of the seuerall iMiyli.-li 

1 090 






Townt's and fortt-s, the assured h()|)es of that coimtrie and tlie 
peace concluded with the huhans. 1 he t liristeniiij; of I'owliatans 
dau),diter, and her niariage with an Knglish-man. .jto, lialf nis- 
sia, pp. 69 (6). I.ondon, 1615 

Fine copy. Autojjraph of .Xrch'd Constable on lly-leaf. 

10S6 Uamok (R.). a Trvk DisiouRSK Of The 1' 1 Ksiaik Of 
VlK(ilNiA, and the successe of the Affaires tlicre till the iSof Imu', 
1614. I'oyether With .\ Relation Of the seut^rali Mn),disii Townes 
and forts, tlie assurcil hopes of that counlrie, and the peai c con- 
cluded with the Iiidiaiis. Tlie ( hristeninj; of I'owliatans il,ui;,d>- 
tcr, and her inarriaj.;e with an Kn},dish man. Written by Ra|)he 
Hamor the yonder, late Secretarie in Colony . . . I'olio, 
half morocco, j^ilt top, uncut. [Albany: Heprinttil, i.S6o| 

■j(i<> iiipies reprinted for Dr. l". (j. Harni-y of Kichniond, Va. 

10.S7 I II A.Mi'DK.N. I Ski icuKS of the Cm k( iiks and I'asioks in 
Hami'Dkn County, Mass., and also, an Adilress delivered to the 
Pastors by Rev. I'. .M. Cooley . . . 1 snio, cloth. 

Westfiekl. 1S54 

108.S Hancjf.r (Col. C«eor;je). The I.ikk. Advknti'Kks and ()i'iMnN> 
of I with .Advice to the Lovely Cyprians and to the Fair .Se.x in 
jfeneral, Adventures in .Ainenca, <kv.\. Written by liitnself. 
Curious plate. 2 vols., Svo, half morocco. London, iMoi 

I'oi. Hanger (afterward I .ord Colcraine) served with distinction in ilic .Vnirii- 
can War. .See Vol. 2, page 427, for a curious propliciy iclaiive to tin- late 
rebcll.on: " One of these days, the Northern and Sonthfrn powers will light as 
vigorously against each other as they both have united to do against tiie itritish." 

10S9 ILxNsoN. An Account of the Captivity of Km/auktm Han- 
son, Late of Kachecky, in New-Knuland : Who, with lour of 
her Children, and Servant-Maid, was taken captive by the 
Indians, and carried into Canada. Setting; forth the various 
remarkable Occurrences, sore Trials, and wonderful Deliverences 
which befel them after their Departure, to the 'lime of their 
Retlemi)tion. Taken in Substance from her own Mouth, by 
Samuel Uownas. Small 8vo, half morocco, uncut. Loiulon, 17X2 

1090 Harcourt (Robert). A Rii.aiion of a Voyack to (Iuiana, 

describin(4 the Climat, Scituation, fertilitie, provisions and commod- 
ities of that Country, containing seven I'rovinces, and other Sig- 








IM 112.5 









> ;^^ 





WEBSTER, N.Y. 14580 

(716) 872-4503 











!^ >^7 

1 66 


niories within that Territory, together with the manners, cnstonies, 
behaviors, and dispositions of the people. 4to, levant morocco 
extra, gilt leaves, l)y Pratt. London, 1613 

I'ine copy. 

1091 Hakdik (James). An Account of the Yellow Fk.vf.r which 
occurred in the Crrv of New York in the year 1822, to which is 
prefixed a brief sketch of the different Pestilential Diseases with 
which this City was afHicted, in the years 1798, 1799, 1803 and 
1S05, iVc. i2mo, lialf morocco. Top of title cut. 

New York, 1S22 

1092 [Harlaim Commons.] Convf.vancf.s on Rkcord in the Ri.o- 
istkr's Oki ick by Dudley Selden, from the ist January, 1825, 
to the I St January, 1838. Royal 8vo, cloth. Flan. 

New York, 183S 

1093 Harmon (D. W.). Journal of Vovaoks and Tkavkls in the 
Intkkioir of North Ami.rica . . . [with an Account of the 
Indians, specimens of the two languages commonly used and an 
account of the principal animals]. Portrait and map. Svo. calf. 

Andover, 1820 

1094 Hari'er (R. G.). Ouservations on the Dispute between tl.e 
United S'l ATEs and France. 8vo, half morocco. Dublin, 1798 

Fourth edition, containing the sHp of Recommendation. 

1095 Harper. Ohservations on the Dispute between the United 
States and F'rance. 8vo, half morocco. London, 1798 

.Seventh edition. 

I K 

T096 Harper (Robert Goodloe). Select Works of . . . consist- 
ing of Speeches on Political and Forensic Subjects . . . Vol. i. 
8vo, half morocco. Baltimore, 1814 

1097 Harper's Ferry Invasion. Report of the John Brown 
Raid. 8vo, cloth. Washington, i860 

1 10; 

1098 Harrington (James). Oceana . . . and his other works 
. . . collected, methodiz'd and review'd, with an exact Account 
of his Life prefix'd, by John 'loland. Portrait, frontispiece and 
plate. Folio, calf. London, 1700 







1099 [Hakkissk (Henri).] XotCS Oil (JToItlinilUS. 13 plioto- 
^raphs. Folio, levant morocco, inside borders, »^ilt top, uncut, 
by \V. Matiheicis. New York : Privately printed^ mdccci.xvi. 

Consists of a series of notes and extracts from rare books, relating to Colum- 
bus, with numerous valuable bibliof^raphical and his'^orical notes. It also con- 
tains an account of the poems, eulogies, essays, etc., in honor of Columbus. 

Only 99 copies printed. 

This item will not be offered for sale, having been printed sokly for private 
distribution. This catalogue would scarcely have been complcti.', without putting 
so important a contribution on record, both as a tribute to Mr. Barlow (at whose 
expense it was printed) and to the indefatigible author. 

iioo [Harrissf..] Rapport sur les deu.x Ouvrages de Bibliographie 
Aincricaine de M, Henri Harrisse . . . par M. Ernest De.sjardins. 
8vo, half morocco, gilt top. Paris, 1.S67 

iioi [Harrissk.] Sepultures de Christophe Colomb. Revue 
Critique. <Svo, uncut. Paris: Privatc/y piiiifcif, 1S79 

1 102 PIakti.ey (David). Li'/rrKRSon the American War. .\ddressed 
to the Mayor and Corporation, &c., of Kingston upon Hull. 4to, 
half morocco. London, 1778 

The Introduction, and each of the four letters, have the author's autograph 

1 103 Hartijv. An Address to the Committee of the County ok 
York, on the State of Public Affairs. 8vo, half morocco. 

Lomlon, 1781 

1104 Har'ii.ih (Samuel). The Reformed Commonweaeth of Bees. 
Presented in severall Letters and Observations to Samuel Hartlib, 
Escj. ^Vith The Reformed Virginian Silk-Worm. Containing 
Many excellent and Choice Secrets, Experiments, and Discoveries 
for attaining of National and Private Profits and Riches. IVood- 
iitts. 4to, calf. London, 1655 

This copy lacks ]ip. 51, 52 of the lirst part and some margins are cropped. 

1105 Hakteih. The Reformed Common-Wealth of Bees, &;c. 
With plate, p. 52. 4to, half morocco, gilt leaves. London, 1655 

The first part only, but with the above will make a perfect copy. 

1 106 Hartweee, Blair and Chilton. The Present State of 
ViRc.iNiA, and the College. 'J'o which is added. The Charter for 
Erecting the said College, granted by their late Majesties King 
William and Queen Mary, &c. 8vo, half morocco, London, 1727 

1 68 


1 107 Hartwell, Blair and Chilton. Another copy. 8vo, half 
morocco. London, 1727 

rioS Hawes (Joel). An Address delivered at the request of the 
Citizens of Hartford, on the 9th of November, 1835, the close of 
the Second Century, from the First Settlement of the City. i2mo, 
half morocco. Hartford, 1835 

1 109 [Hawes (William Post).] Sporting Scenes and Sundry 
Sketches: being the Miscellaneous Writings of J. Cypress, Jr. 
Edited by Frank Forester [Henry William Herbert], ^p/ates. 2 
vols., i2mo, cloth. New York, 1842 

mo Hawkins (Sir Richard). The Oisservations of . . . in his 
Voiage into the South Sea, Anno Domini 1593. Small folio, calf 
extra, gilt over red edges, by Riviere. Corner of title and last 
leaf mended. /. D.,for /o/in Jtrgard, 1622 

J. D. stands no doubt for J. Day, whose usual printer's mark was the rising 
sun; in this book, however, the mark on the title bears an anchor and dolphin, 
with the initials J. D., and the latin motto, " Princeps subditorum incolumitatem 

I III Hawks (Francis L.). History of North Carolina . , . 
[from 1584 to 1591]. Alaps, <s-'c. Vol. I. 1857 

History of North Carolina 
Maps and portraits. (Vol. II.) 

Together 2 vols. 8vo, sheep. 

[from 1663 to 1729J. 


F- teville, 1857-8 

1112 Hawley (Charles). Early Chapters of Cayuga History: 
Jesuit Missions in Goi-o-gouen, 1656-1684 . . . with an Intro- 
duction by John Gilmary Shea. Map. 8vo, uncut. Auburn, 1879 

1 1 13 Hayuen (F. v.). Preliminary Field Report of the United 
States Geoiogical Survey of Colorado and New Mexico. 8vo, 
cloth. Washington, 1869 

1114 Have (I. de la), Thresor de Chartes, contenant les Tab- 
leax de tous les pays du Monde, enrichi de belles descriptions, 
reveu & augmente. 175 maps engraved by Hondius. Oblong 8vo, 
vellum. s. 1, et a. 



1 115 Hayks (I. I.). The Oi'KN 1' Ska: a Narrative of a Voyaj^e 
of Discovery towards the North Pole. Portiiiit, ina^ and ill tint ra- 
tions. 8vo, cloth. New York, 1867 

1 1 16 I Havnks.] Sketches of the Life and Character of the Rev. 
Lemuel Havnes . . By I'imothy Mather Cooley . . . with 
some Introductory Remarks by William B. Spra^ue. Portrait. 
i2mo, cloth. New York, 1837 

1117 Haywood (John). The Civil and I'oi.ituai, History of the 
S rATE of Tennessee, from its Earliest Settlement up to the year 
1796; including the Boundaries of the State. 8vo, sheep. 

Knoxville, 1823 

1118 Hazard (Ebenezer). Historical Collections; consisting 
of State Papers and other Authentic Documents; intended as 
Materials for an History of the United States of America. 2 vols., 
4to, half morocco, gilt tops, uncut edges. Philadeljihia, 1792-4 

From the Library of Benjamin West, with his autoy;iaph in \'ol. I. 

1 1 19 Hazard. Historical Collections: consisting of State 
Papers and other Authentic Documents; intended as Materials 
for an History of the United States of America. Vol, L 410, 
boards, uncut, rough edges. Philadelphia, 1792 


1120 Hazard (Joseph). Poems, on various subjects. i2mo, boards, 
uncut. Brooklyn, N. Y., 1814 

1 121 Hazard (Samuel). Cuha with Pen and Pencil. Numerous 
ivoodcut illustrations. 8vo, cloth. Hartford, 187 1 

\\i2 Hazard. Santo Domingo, Past and Present, with a (ilance 
at Hayti. Maps and illustrations. 8vo, cloth. New York, 1873 

1123 Heard (Isaac V. D.). History of the Sioux War and Mas- 
sacres of 1862 and 1863. Portraits and woodcut illustrations. 
i2mo, cloth. New York, 1863 

1124 Heath (Maj.-Gen. William). Memoirs, containing Anecdotes, 
Details of Skirmishes, Battles and other Military Events, during 
the American War, written by Himself. 8vo, calf. 

Boston: Thomas ^ Andrews., 1798 



1 1 25 [Hkckewelder.J Transactions of the Historical and Literary 
Committee of the American I'hih)sophical Society, held at Phila- 
delphia, for Promoting Useful Knowledge. Vol. I. 8vo, boards, 
uncut. Philadelphia, 181 9 

CJontains ; An Account of the History, Manners and Customs of the Inthan 
Nations who once inhabited Pennsylvania . . . by the Rev. John Ileckewelder; 
a ('orrespondence between the Rev. John Ileckewelder and I'eter S. Diiponceau 
. . . respecting the Languages of the American Indians; and Words, Phrases 
and Short Dialogues in the Language of the Lenni Lenape or Delaware 

1 1 26 [Hrckewf.lder.] An Account of the History, Manners 
and Customs of the Indian Nations, who once inhabited Penn- 
sylvania and the neij^hbouring States. By the Rev. John Hecke- 
wekler, of Bethlehem. [Transactions of the Historical and Literary 
Committee of the Am. Phil. Soc, Vol. 1.] 8vo, half blue morocco, 
gilt top, uncut. Philadelphia, 1.S19 

Duplicate of the above item. 

1 127 [Heckewelder.J a Narrative of the Mission of the United 
Brethren among the Delaware and Mohegan Indians, from 
its Commencement, in the year 1740, to . . . 1808. Comprising 
all the Remarkable Incidents which took plnce at their Missionary 
Stations during that period. Interspersed with Anerdotes, His- 
torical Facts, Speeches of Indians, and other Interesting Matter. 
By John Heckewelder. . . . J\u-trait. 8vo, half blue moroccf), 
gilt top, uncut. Philadelphia, 1820 

" Ileckcwelder's narrative is a full and undoubtedly faithful record of all the 
details of the Mission, its wonderful success and its appalling destruction. He was 
able to give a thousand particulars from personal experience, and it is at once an 
interesting story, abounding in veritable incidents; and a valuable history, forti- 
lied by impregnable facts. Forty years of missionary life among the Delaware 
and Shawnese tribes had amply fitted the author to record the facts which fell 
under his own knowledge." — FuiD. 

1 128 Helps (Arthur). The Spanish Concjuesc in America, and its 
relation to the History of Slavery and to the (Government of 
Colonies. Vols. 1 and 2. 8vo, tree calf, gilt, by Riviere. 

London, 1855 

1 129 Hennepin (Louis). Description de la Louisiane, nouvelle- 
ment decouverte au Sud' Quest de la Nouvelle France. Large 
map. Small 8vo, vellum. Paris, 1683 

1 1 



1130 HiNN'Ki'iN. A r/EsCRii'TioN of LOUISIANA. Translated by 
John Ciilniary Shea, ^fap. Royal Svo, uncut. New York, iS.So 

No. 149. Only a limited edition reprinted and translated from the edition 
of 1683. 

1 131 Hi.NNKi'ix (Lewis). A Nkw Discovkry of a Vast (Country 
in Amkrica, Extending above Four Thousand Miles, between 
New France and New Mexico. With a Description of tlie (Ireat 
T,akes, Cataracts, Rivers, Plants and Animals, &c. With a Con- 
tinuation: (living an Ac nunt of the Attempts of the Sieur De la 
Salle upon the Mines \.\ '''. Barbe, isic. The Taking of Quebec 
by the English; with the Advantag ; of a Shorter C'ut to China 
and Japan. l>oth parts complete. 2 /a/xe maps and 7 plates, iii- 
cluJiiig the rare I'icw of Niai:;ara Falls ami flic Buffalo. Svo, calf. 

London, 1698 
A fine tall copy, with plates, iS:c., in perfect order. 

1 132 PIknn'i PIN (T,ouis). NouvKAi; VoYAfiK d'un Pais plus grand 
que I'Europe, avec les reflections des entreprises du Sieur de la 
Salle, sur les Mines de St. Barbe, &c. Large map, and 4 plates hy 
J'ianen. i2mo, vellum. Utrecht, 169S 

The plates in the " C'ontinuation " of the Enj;;Iish edition of the same date are 
reverse impressions of the four in this vol. This work is the second part only. 





1133 Hf.nry (John Joseph). An .-Vccurate and Literesting .\cc()unt 

of the Hardsmii's and Slkferincs of that Band of Hiroks, who 

traversed the Wii.dkuness in the C^ampaicn against (^iiKHr,(.; in 

1775. i2m(), sheep, Lancaster, 1S12 

First edition. Brinley, 4026. 

it34 Hknry (i'atrick). Skktchks of the Liik. and Ch aracikr of 
. . , by William Wirt. Portrait. Svo. sheep. Philadelphia, iSi 7 

1135 Hknshaw (David). An Addrkss delivered before an .A^ssembly 
of Citizens from all parts of the Commonwealth, at Faneuil Hall 
. . . Boston, July 4, 1836. 8vo. Boston, 1836 

Advocating the election of Van Buren and Morton. 

TT36 [Hernandez.] . , . De la Historia del Peru, que se 
mando escrevir, a Diego Fernandez, vezino de la cuidad de Palen- 
cia. Cotiene la primera lo succedido eti la Nueva Espana y en e\ 
Peru, sobre la execucion de las nuevas leyes ... la segunda 
contiene, la tyrannia y alcamiento de los Contreras, y don Sebastia 

I 72 


de Castilla, y de Francipco Hernandez ... [2 vols, in i.J 

JVooJcut on titles. I"V)lio, blue levant morocco extra, gilt leaves, 

by Pratt. Sevilla, 157 1 

1 137 ?KKl'l*ClM (^ntl)OnfO tic). XlCUlUC SaiCrrlt anders 
j:fl)enacmpt VVest-Indien. \^ maps and eiii^raved \_/.atiti\ title. Pp. 
HI. Amsterdam, 1622 

(JDi'Honncj t(r crrl)«inoB (40rtvo). ISwflijcntifcftc i3r= 

BCl)Vl>l)in0i)C IjaU SSlCStsKutlirn. Woodcut on title. Tp. 29. 


Tic i^Hiiirr (J|»TCoiJ). cSpicflijcl trcr SlustiMliscijc 

tJCjlUlfltltt'C, <!vt:- 4 niaps, portrait and 5 plates. 1622 

3 vols, in I. Folio, vellum. Amsterdam: M. Colin, 1621-2 

113.S Hkrkkka. NovusOunis, sive Descriptio IniliaeOccidentalis . .. 
mctaphraste C. Harla?o. Accesserunt (S: aliorum Indite Occidentalis 
Dcscripiiones, & Navij^utionis nupera; Australis, Jacobi le Maire 
Historia, uti «S: navigationum omnium per Fretum Magellanicum 
succincta narratio. En^.;raved title, 17 lar^^c maps and 5 7voodcitts. 
Folio, vellum. Amstelodami : M. Colinium, 1622 

Kamiru/., No. 304, calls for four woodcuts. There Me Jiiv (5) on folios 52, (m, 
f)i, 65 and 67. These woodcuts are re-designed from the Spilberj^en ami l.e 
Maire " Speculum Orientatis " of iOk); that on folio 52 beinjj taken from the 
22(1 plate, folios 60 and 61 from the 24th plate and folios ()5 and 67 from the 25th. 

1 139 Hi.RKARA. TwF.K Vkrschkv DE ScHi'iU's-ToGrK^ gedaan na de 
Mokiccos en St. Martha in 't jaar 1525 en vervolgcns. De eerste 
met 6 Scheepen uyt de Corunna door den Riddcr (larcia Jofre de 
Foyasa, na de Speeery- Eylanden ; de tweede door den Fand-voogtl 
Rodri(]ue de Bastidas en P. Alvares Palomino, (.*v:c. Lari^c map 
and i^ etehed plates. 8vo, half morocco. Leyden, 1707 

11^° See HuLSius. 

1 140 Herrara. Historia general de los Hechos de los Castella- 
nos en las Fslas i Tierra firme del Mar Oceano. Engraved titles 
and maps. 9 vols, in 5. Folio, calf extra, red edges, by Riviere. 

Madrid, 1726-30 

Decada Primera 10 pp. 1-292— 1730 

" .Segunda 4 pp. 1-28S — 1726 

" Ter-:eda 2 pp. 1-296 — 1726 

" Quarta 4 pp. 1-232 — 1730 

T")ecada Quinta 6 pp. 1-252 — 1728 
" Sesta 4 pp. 1-236 — 1730 
" Setima 4 pp. 1-245 — 1726 
" Octava 4 pp. 1-25 1 — 1730 

Vol. g. Di'-scKircioN de las I.NDIAS Occidkntai.ks. Engraved tillc ami 14 

The colophons of two volumes, the sixth and eighth, bear the dates 1727 and 





1141 fllEWATT (Alexander).] An Historical Account of the Rise 
and 1' of the Coi.omks of South Carolina and (Ikoroia. 
2 vols, hi I. 8vo, half calf. London, 1779 

1142 [Hi: WAIT.] An Historical Account of the Risk, and I'roc.rkss 
of tlie Coi.oNiKS of .South ('aroijna and (Ikokoi \. 2 vols., Xvo, 
calf. London, 1779 

1143 (Peter). Cos.mooraphik in foure Hookes contaynin}.f the 
Chorojjfraphie iS: Historic of the whole World, and all the Princi- 
pall Kin<;donies, Provinces, Seas and Isles thereof. En^raveJ title 
ixiid \ lar^c maps. Folio, calf. London, 1652 

America, ['"oiirlli Hook, pp. 95-1 S5. 

1 144 Hkvi-vn. Cos.MOGkArHiK. Another copy, some leaves ilani- 
aged, and with 3 maps only. Folio, half calf. London. 1652 

1145 HicKcox (John H.). An Historical Account of Amkkican 
Coinagk. Plates. Svo, half morocco, gilt top. Albany, 1S58 

Only 2rxj copies printed. 

1 146 Hickkv (W.). The ('onstitution of the Unhkd Siati-s of 
America. . . . Declaration of Independence, iVc. 121110, cloth. 

Philadelphia, 1854 

1 147 [HiGOESON (Francis).] Nkw-Rnolands Plantation; or, a 
Short and Trve Description of the Commodities and Discommo- 
dities of that Countrey. Written by Mr. Higgcson, a reiicrend 
Diuine now there resident. Whereunto is added a Letter, sent by 
Mr. (Iraues an Enginere, out of New-lMigland. The second Edi- 
tion enlarged. Small 4to, calf, gilt leaves, by Rk'icre. 

London, 16,50 

Treating of the Indians, climate, soil, water, air, and the animal and vegetable 
productions of New England. 

" Hut whosoever desireth to*know as much as yet can he discouered, I aduise 
them to buy Captain John Smith's booke of the d'.scription of New-England in 
Folio ; and there let the Reader expect to haue full content." — Extract. 

1148 [HiGGESON,] Nkw-Englanus PLANTATION. . . . The third 
edition, enlarged. 4to, calf, gilt leaves, by Bedford. 

London, 1630 
The difference between the second and third i '' 'ons consists in the introduc- 
tion of the publisher "to the reader," being p ^d in this edition on the back 
of the title, instead of the first leaf, making the collation title and 12 leaves. 



1149 HiNMAN (R. R.). Lkitirs from the En.tjlisli Kinj^sand Queens, 
Charles II., James II., Wiliam and Mary, Anne, (leorj^e II., \c., 
to the Governors of the Colony of Connecticut, together with the 
Answers thereto, from 1635 to 1749,^:0. I'ortrait and facsimile 
autographs. i2mo, cloth. Hartford, 1836 

1 150 IIis'roRicAi, AxKCDOTrs, Civil and Military ; in a Series of I,et- 
t(;rs, written from America, in the years 1777 and 177H, to different 
Persons in Kn^^jland ; containing Observations on the Ceneral 
Manajjement of the War, and on the Conduct of our Principal 
Commanders in the Revolted Colonies, during that Period. 8vo, 
half morocco, pp. (6) 85. London, J. />av, 1779 

" These letters seem to have been written by a zealous North British Loyalist, 
who chooses to demonstrate his aversion to the rebels anil their cause by bestow- 
in.i;, most liberally on both, the choicest flowersof scurrility." — Monthly Rc-,-in<.u 

I 151 IIisioRicAi, Magazine, and Notes and Queries concerning the 
Anti<iuities, History and Biography of America. Portraits. [Lirst 
Series, i85(S (Vol. 2) to 1863 (Vol. 7), 6 vols.; Seconil Series, 1.S67 
to 1S71 (9 vols.), and Third Series, 1872-5 (2 vols.). 16 vols.,4to, 
cloth (6), the rest unbound. New York and Morrisania, 1858-75 
The above set, owing to want of uniformity, will be sold as if) vols. 

1152 HisTORiK (Lc). ViMTiANF. di Marco Antonio Sahki.mco, 
tlivise in tre dcche contre libri della quarta dcca. Novamente da 
Mcsser Lodovico Dolce in volgare tradotte. 4to, calf. 1544 

It is asserti'tl in this work (]>. 2(} >) that Columbus took ;i prominent part in a 
certain naval engagement in 14S5. This statement, however, has been disproveil. 

1153 Hisi'ORV (The) of the Hriiish Dominions in North Amkuica, 
from the Lirst Discovery ... by Sabastian Cabot in 1497 to 
. . . 1763. Lari^f inap. 4to, half calf, gilt. London, 1773 

1 154 His I'ORV of the War in America, between Creat Britain and the 
Colonies, from its Commencement . . . to 1778. Iavj^i' map. 3 
vols., 8vo, calf. Dublin, 1779-85 

The third volume, which was published six years after the first, is rarely f.)Und 
with the other two. 

1 155 HiTTKL (John S.). The RESoURCKsof Calieornia, comprising 
Agriculture, Mining, Geography, &c. 1 2mo, cloth. 

San Francisco, 1863 



1x56 HonAur (Noah). A Skkious to the Mkmukks of tlio 
Ei'iscoi'Ai, Ski>ara I ION ill Ni:\v-Kn{;i,ani), occasioiu'd by Mr. 
Wetniore's Viiuiication of the Professors of the Cluirch of l-jij^laiul 
in Connecticut. Small 8vo, lialf morocco. Boston, 174S 

1157 Hoi.DK.x (A. W.). .'\ HisroKY of the 'I'own of QukI' NsnURV, 
in the State of New Vork, with Hioijraphical Sketches of many of 
its l)istin<riiisheil Men, and some Account of the Aborigines of 
Northern New N'ork. Portraits ami -riews. Svo, cloth. 

Albany, 1S74 

ri58 Hoi.MKs (Abiel). A.mkuk an Annai.s; or, a Chronological His- 
tory of .\merica from its Discovery in 1492 to 1.S06. 2 mops. 1 
vols., 8vo, half calf. London, 1.S15 

1159 I Hon rKK (Joan).] Kudimkn iokim C()s.\U)(;kai'iiicokum loan. 
Honteri Coronensis. Libri IHl. Cum Tabellis Geographicis ele- 
gantissimis. Maps. Small 8vo, polished calf, gilt leaves, by Mat- 

thews. Title backed. 

Antwerpi;e, 1552 

1160 HooKK (William). Nkvv Rnci.ands 'rK\Ri:s, for old Kngiauiis 
Feares|Kast] Sermon, July 23, 1640. 4to, calf anti(iue, gilt over 
red leaves, by Riviere. London. 1641 

" 'l"hu author removed from Taunton to New Haven where he was tlie idl- 
lengue of John Davenport, and thence returned to England, in 1656, to become 
one of the domestic chaplains of Oliver Cromwell, willi whom he was in hiyh 


1 161 H[o()KKR (Tlhomas]). The Sovlk.s Vocaii-jn ; or, Effectual 
Calling to Christ. 4to, calf. London, 1638 

1 162 HooKKR (Tho.). The Faithkui- Covicnantkr. A Sermon 
preached at the Lecture in Dedham, in Esse.x. 4to, half morocco. 

London, 1644 

1 163 Hooker (Thomas). The Covenant of Grace Openkd, &c. 
4to, calf antique, gilt leaves. London, 1649 

The above seems to have been printed either at two presses, or at different 
periods. The pagination is in the centre of the page until page 30. It is then 
transferred to the corner, and commences at page 33, the text following correctly. 

1 164 Hooker (Thomas) and Cotton (John). A Survey of the 
SuMME of Church-Discipmne, Wherein the Way of the Congre- 

176 Amkrkana. 

gationall Churches of Christ in New-Kngland is Warranted and 
Cleared. 410, calf. London, 1648 

Four titles in all. With the above, The Way of .ic C()N(iRK(!ATl()NAi, 
CniiKciiKS clearc'tl ... by Mr. JniiN CoiroN . . . London, 164S ; and 
A 1)IKK( TORY for tlu' I'l iil.K.ii K WoKsiiii' of (liH) throughout the TUKKK 
KiNdDDMs. London, 1^46. 

1165 IFooKKS (Ellis). The Spihii of the Maktyks Rkvivi d, In a 
l)rief ("onipendioiis ("ollection Of tlie most Remarkable I'assajjes, 
and l.ivin},^ Testimonies Of the True Church, Seed of Cod, and 
Faitliful Martyrs In Ail Ages. 

An Addition . . . being a short .Account of some remari<able 
Persecutions in New-England ; especially of Four [William Robin- 
son, Marmaduke Stephenson, Mar) ''yar, and William Leddra] 
faithful Martyrs of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, wiio suf- 
fered Death at Boston. 4to, calf. Printci/, 1682 ; Reprinted, 1750 

Title, to the Keader, i. pages ; The Author to the Hook (verse), I page ; Con- 
tents, 3 pages ; i to 283 ; Addition, 20 pages. 

1166 Hopkins (Bp. John Henry). A Scriptural, Ecclesiastical 
and Historical View of Slavery . . . i2mo, uncut. 

New York, [1864] 

1 167 HoPKiNsoN (Francis). Miscellaneous Essays and Occasional 
Writinos. 3 vols., 8vo, half calf. Philadelphia, 1792 

Volume 3 is devoted to Judgments in the Admiralty of Pennsylvania, and 

1 1 68 [Hornil] Honori Reggi KEMNATHENSisde Statu EccLESiit 
Britannic-k Hodierno, liber Commentarius. Una cum appen- 
dice eorum, qua; in Synodo Glasguensi contra Episcopus decreta 
sunt. 4to, calf. Dantisci, 1647 

Contains references to the Anabaptists and other religious sects in America. 
MS. notes in ink on some leaves, 

1 169 Horni ((ieorgi). De Orkiinibus Americanis, I.ibri Quatuor. 
Small 8vo, calf. Hague, 1652 

1 1 70 HoRSKORii (E. N.). John Cabot's Landfall in 1497, and 
the Site of Norumbega. Maps, vSrv. 4to, half morocco. 

Cainbridge, 1886 
Only a small edition printed. 



1171 llousi OKI). I)i-C(»VKRY of Amkkica by NoRiiiMi.N. Address 
at tlio Unveiliii;,^ of the Statue of Leif Eriksen, delivered at 
Faneiiil Hall, Oct, 29, 1.S87. A/a/'s, 6^<-. ^to, cloth, iiiuiit. 

H{)ston, 1.S88 

1172 [lIoRSMANDKN (Daniel). I A Jouknai, of the Pkoikkdinos in 
the Detection of the Conspiracy formed by some U7ii/r People, 
in conjunction svith A't'^'/'o and other S/arrs, for Burning the t'ity 
of Nkw-Vokk in America, and Murderinij the Inhabitants . . . 
Hy the Recorder of the City of Ne\v-\'ork. 4to, calf extra, gilt 
leaves, by Mtxtthnvs. New York: J. Parker, 17.44 

In addition to ilio collation of the Hriiilcy and Mcnzies copies should he 
noted a bastard title, " Journal | of the | I'roceedings | against | The Con- 
spirators at New York | 1741 & 1742," whieh the present copy possesses. 

117,^ HoKSMANDi.N. 'I'he Nkw York CoNsiMUAi V, or a History of 
the Ncoro Plot, with the Journal of the Proceeding's against the 
Conspirators at New N'ork in the years 1 741-2. Svo, half morocco, 
gilt top, uncut edges. New York, 1810 

A fine, t.ill copy, entirely free from stains. 

11731/ HoTi'KN (John Camden). 'l"he Okicinai. I.isTsof Pkrsons of 
QUAi.iry, Kmic.ran rs . . . and others who went from (Ireat 
Britain to the American Plantations, 1600-1700 . . . 4to, half 
morocco, gilt top. New York [London], 1874 

1174 HouciH (Franklin B.). CoNSirrrnoN of the vSiAiEof Ni:w 
York, adopted in 1846: with a Comparative Arrangement of the 
Constitutional Provisions of other States, cla.ssified by their sub- 
jects. 4t(), half sheep. Albany, 1867 

1175 How (Samuel B.). Si.avkhoi.dini; not Sinkul. Slavery, the 
Punishment of Men's Sin, its Remedy, the Gospel of Christ. 121110, 
cloth. New Brunswick, N. J., 1856 

1176 [Howard.] Report of the Commitikk [James \V. Nye, J. M. 
Howard, Geo. H. Williams and William Warner], appointed to 
Investigate the Memorial of David Hatch, June 25, 1870. 8vo, 
cloth. Washington, 1869 

Hatch was imprisoned six months and twenty days for inciting a revolution in 
Saint Domingo. 




1 177 HowK (Jos. S.). HisTORicAi, Skeich of the Town of 
Mki'iii'kn, from its Settlement to the Year 1876. Hvo. 

Methuen, 1876 

117S HowK (Richrird, Earl). The Lii'K of . . . By Sir John 
Harrow. Portrait and fac-siniilci. 8vo, poiisiicd calf extra, by 
BtJjonl. London, 1838 

1179 [Howe (W,).] The Narrative of Lieut. -Gen. Sir William 
HowK, in a Committee of the House of Commons, on the 29th of 
April 1779, Relative to his Conduct during his Late Command of 
the King's Troops in North America: 'I'o which are added, Some 
Observations upon a Pamphlet, entitled, L-etters to a Nobleman. 
Tiie Second I'-dition. 4to, half morocco, gilt top, uncut edges. 

London, 1780 

An ;il)lc vindication of tlie noble commander, in reply to various autjiors who 
had joined in the cry against him. 

1180 HovT (E.). Antiquarian Rksearciies: comiirising a His- 
tory of the Indian Wars in the Country bordering Connecticut 
R-ver and parts adjacent, and other interesting events, from the 
first Landing of the Pilgrims, \-c. /iV/i^w/rvi/ titli\ an J 7'inci of tlic 
Old House ill Dccrjield whicJi escaped tite Jirr of 1704. 8vo, boards, 
uncut. Greenfield, Mass., 1824 

Brinley, No. 392. 

1 181 HuHHARn (W.). A Narrative of the Troubles with the 
Indians in New-1Cnc;land, from the first planting thereof in the 
year 1607 to this present year 1677 . . . To which is added a 
Discourse about the Warre with the Pequods in the year 1637. 
Facsimile map. Hoston, 1677 

The Happiness of a People In the Wisdome of their Rulers 
Directing And in the Obedience of their Brethren Attending unto 
what L .lel ougho {sic) to do Recommendetl in a Sermon, &c. 

Boston, 1676 

2 vols, in I. 4to, red levant morocco extra, gilt leaves, by Bed- 
ford. Boston, 1676-7 

1182 HunBARi). The Present Sr ATE of New-Engi. and. Being a 
Narrative of the Ttoubles with the Indians in New-England from 
the first planting thereof in the year 1607 to this present year 
1677; But chiefly of the late Troubles in the last two years, 1675 



and 1676. To which is added a Discourse about the War with 
the Pequods in the year 1637. Map in fac-sifiiile. 4to, green 
morocco extra, yilt leaves, by Bn/fonL London, 1677 

Fine larjje copy. 

Collation: Prefatory License, 1 leaf; title, Kpistle Dedicatory, 2 leaves; to 
the Reailcr, 1 leaf; to the Rev. Wm. Hubbard, i leaf; upon the elaborate Sur- 
vey, I leaf; Narrative, pp. 131; Table, pp. 7; I'ostscript, 6 ])p; Map, Naria- 
tive, &c., pp. I to SS. 

1 183 Hubbard. A Narrativk of the Indian Wars in New- 
Rngland, from the First IMantinjj thereof in the year 1607 to the 
year 1677 : Containing a Relation of the Occasion, Rise and 
Progress of the War, &c. 8vo, sheep. Stockbridge, Mass., 1 S03 

List of Subscribers (6 pp.) at end. 

1184 Hubbard. A Narrative of the Indian Wars in Nkw-, &c. i2mo, sheep. Danbury, 1S03 

1 185 Hubbard. The History of the Indian Wars in New P'nglaiul, 
from the First Settlement to the Termination of the War with 
Ring Philip, in 1677. From the Original Work. Carefully 
Revised, &:c., with Extensive Notes, by Samuel G. Drake. Juu- 
si/fii'/r map of New England. 2 vols., small 4to, half morocco, gilt 
tops, uncut. Roxbury, Mass., 1865 

31X) copies printed. No. 2(h}. Woodward's Historical Series, Is'os. \\\. and I\'. 

1186 Hubbard. The Same, on Large Paper. 
morocco, gilt tops. 

Only 50 copies printed. No. 45. 

2 vols., 4t(), half 
Roxbury, 1865 


1 187 Hudson (E, M.). Der Zweite Unabhangigkeits-Krieg in 
Amerika. 8vo, half morocco. Berlin, 1862 

11 88 [Hudson (Henry).] Descriptio ac dclineatio Geograpliica 
Detectionis Freti, sive, Transitus ad Occasum supr^ terras 
Americanas . . . Item Narratio . . . Australia; Incognitit 
. . . per Capt. P. Ferdinandez de (^uir. 2 ivooacuts and the 3 
large maps, mounted on linen. 4to, calf, gilt leaves, by Riviere. 

Amsterodanii, 1612 
This small, though important work, might, with some reason, be assigned to 
Hessel tlerritsz, its author and compiler, rather than to Henry Hudson, a naira- 
tive of whose third and fourth voyage it contains among other articles. 

Hessel Cierritsz was a contemporary of Hudson — a geogra|jtier, a map maker, 
and a publisher of geographical works. " His labours," writes Asher, " though 



few in number, are of the most genial nalure. Fixing his eyes on the boundaries 
of the known world, he followed with enthusiasm the first rays of light that 
began to penetrate into regions of darkness and mystery, Hudson's chart of the 
fourth voyage was (jerritsz's first publication, and around it grew, in a very 
remarkable manner, the most interesting of the many collections of voyages and 
travels printed in the early part of the sixteenth century." — IIknrv Hudson, ///(• 
A'iwigatiir. Ilakluyt Sec, pa^r 44. 

1 189 [Hudson.] Descriptio ac delhieatio Geographica Dkteci- 
lONis Frk.ii, Sive, Transitus ad Occasum supra terras Americanas, 
itc. WoiHkuts (2) and folded plate, also inserted plate. 4to, 
morocco antique, gilt top. Amsterodami, 16 13 

Wants the 3 maps. See J. C. B. 

Thi:: i« the second Latin edition of the so-called Hudson Tract, by Hessel 
(lerrits?, and is materially enlarged. The account of the voyage of Henry Hud- 
son in i6()() in which he discovered Hudson River, given as a supplement in sonic 
copies of the first edition of this tract (1612), is here rewritten and 
enlarged and thus made the leading article of the tract. Hut he adds also in the 
sixth subdivision, above mentioned, of the contents, an account of the voyage of 
Jan Mayen, who is referred to in the first edition of the work as then engaged in 
the northern discovery, giving briefly its contents. 

Priced i'lS. 18, in a recent catalogue of Quaritch. 

T190 (Hudson.] A Historical Inquiry concerning Hknry Hud- 
son, his friends, relatives and early life, his connection with the Mus- 
covy Company and Discovery of Delawaie Bay. Uy John Mereditii 
Read, Jr. Illuminated coat-of -arms. 8vo, boards. Albany, 1S66 

1191 [Hudson.] Sailing Directions of Henry Hudson, prepared 
for his use in 1608, from the Old Danish of Ivar Bardsen, with an 
Introduction and Notes, also a Dissertation on the Discovery of 
the Hudson River. By the Rev. B. F. DcCosta. 8vo, cloth, 
uncut. Albany, 1869 

1192 HuGHKs (W.). The American Physitian; or, A Treatise of 
the Roots, Plants, Trees, Shrubs, Fruit, Herbs, &c., Growing in 
the English Plantations in America . . . Whereunto is added a 
Discourse of the Cacao- Nut-Tree, &c. i2mo, red morocco e.xtra, 
gilt leaves. London, 1672 

Catalogue of five pages at end. 

1 193 Hull (William). Memoirs of the Campaign of the North- 
western Army of the United States, A. D. 1812 . . . with an 
Appendi.x containing a brief Sketch of the Revolutionary Services 
of the Author. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut edges. 

Boston, 1824 



1 194 Hull. Dkff.nce of Brioadier-General W, Hull. Deliv- 
ered before the General Coiirt-Martial, of which Major-General 
Dearborn was President, at Albany, March, 18x4. With an 
Address to the Citizens of the United States. Written by Him- 
self. Copied from the original Manuscript, and published by his 
authority. To which are prefixed, 'J'he Charges against Brigadier- 
General Hull, as Specified by the Government. i2mo, half 
morocco, gilt top, uncut. Satrre. Boston, 18 14 


y m 

xl a 




1195 HuLsius. — Collection of Voyages : 

n. Anuer Schifeart, in die Orientalische Indien. So die Hol- 
landischen Schiff ( . . . 1598 . . . 1600 , . . ) verricht 
... 2 maps and 1^ plates. 4to, half morocco. 

Nurnberg: Levini Huhii, 1602 
Part 2. First edition, first issue. 

ni. Dritte Theil, Warhafftige Relation der dreyen newen un 
exhorten seltzame Schiffart . . . gegen Mitternacht . . . 
1594, 1595 und 1596 . . . Secunda editis. 
4to, half morocco. 
Part 3. Second edition. 

33 maps and plates. 
Nurnberg, 1602 

IV. Vierdte Schiffart Warhafftige Historien Einer Wunder- 

baren Schiffart, welche Ulrich Schmidel von Straubing, von 

anno 1534 bisq anno 1554 in Americam oder Newenwelt bey 

Brasilia und Rio della Plata gethan . . . Map, portraits and 

le^ plates. 4to, half morocco, Noribergae, 1599 

Part 4. First German edition and first issue. 
The above bound in one volume. 

IV.* Vierdte Schiffart . . . &c. 15 plates. 4to, unbound. 

Franckfurt, 161 2 
Part 4. Third edition, wanting the map. 

VIII. AcHTE Schiffart oder Kurtze Breschreibung etlicher 
Reysen so die Hollander und Zeelander in die Ost Indien von 
anno 1599, bisz anno 1604 . . . Map and ^ plates only. 

Franckfurt, 1608 

Part 8. Second edition, minus plates 2 and 6. 

IX. Neundte Schiffart, . . . was sich mit den Holland See- 
landern in Ost Indien anno 1604 and 1605, unter dem Admiral 
Steffan von der Hagen . . . Map and ^ plates. Franckfurt, 161 2 

Part 9. .Second edition. 

I 82 


X. Zkiiknde SciiiKKAKT odcr Reyse der Hollander iind Seelander 
in Osl Iiulien bescheheii iiiiter dcm Admiral Cornclis Matclief 
. . . 1605 . . . 1608 . . . Alap and Ji^ plates, l-'ranckfurt, 1613 

I'art 16. Second edition. 

XI. Eylffi'k SciiiKKART odcr Kurtze lieschreibung eincr Reyse, 
so von den llollapdern and Seelandern in die Ost Indien . . . 
under der Admiralschafft Peter Wilhelm Verhussen . . . 1607, 
i6o!S iind 1609. d plates (wants map and plate of St. Helena). 

1st portioli, Franckfurt, 161 2 

XI.* Kvi.KssPKR ScHiFFAin andcr 1 neil oder Kurtzer V'erfolj^ 
und continuirung, &c. i^ plates. Franckfurt, 1613 

A continuation of the above, both first editions. 

XIV. ViKRZsuKNDE ScHiFFART odcr Grundlichc und warhaffte 
Beschreibung desz Neuwen Engellandts . . . unter dem Capi- 
tein Johann Sclimidt . . , /V<7/^ (but nomap). Franckfurt, 161 7 

I-'irst edition. 

XV. FuNFFZFHENDE ScHiFFART, Warhafftigei und zu vor nie 
exhorter Eericht eines Engelischen, welcher mit einem SchilY 
die Auffart genandt in Cambaia . . . unter Capitein Robert 
Coverte . . . Hanaw, 1617 

P'irst edition. 

See Schmidel, Hudson, Raleigh. 

Tlie above will be sold as 1 1 vols, and as found. 

^W See also Ralkigh, &c. 

1 196 [HuEsius.] ZwoLFFTE ScHiFFAHRT oder Kuitzc Bcschrcibung 
der Newcn Schiffahrt gegen Nord Osten uber die Amerische 
Insein in Chinam und Japponiam von einem Engellender Heinrich 
Hudson, «S:c. 7 etched maps and plates. 4to, morocco, gilt over 
red leaves, by Riviere. Oppenheim, 161 4 

The first edition of the twelfth part of Hulsius, containing Hudson's voyage 
to the north coast of America, &c. 

1 197 [Hui.sius.] JouRNAEL Vande Nassausche Veoot ofte Besch- 
ryvingh vande Voyagie om den gantschen Aerdt-Cloot, gedaen 
met elf Schepen. Onder't beleydt vanden Admirael Jaques 
THeremite, ende Vice-Admirael Geen Huygen Schapennam, inde 
Jaeren, 1623, 1624, 1625, en 1626. . . . Map on title, stnall etching 
at p. 54, and 7 large maps and plates. 4to, half morocco, gilt top. 

Amsteredam, 1626 

First edition. 






119S |IIri,sius.| V. Die Funkftf, Kurizk Wundi km ark Beschrci- 

bung. Dess Goklreichen Konigreichs Cluiaiuu in America odor 

newen Welt . . . 1594, 1595 und 1596 vun deni . . . W'althcro 

Ralegh, &c. 4to, uncut. Franckfurt, 1663 

Reprint in fac-siniile. 

1 199 [HuMiu.K AdpressJ To the King's Most Excellent Majesty; 
the Humble Address of divers of the (lentry, Merchants and 
others . . . Inhabiting in Boston, Charlestown and Places adja- 
cent . . . [With a Letter dated Charlestown, Nov. 22, 1690, giving 
an account of the unfortunate expedition to Quebec, signed I^. U.|. 
4to, pp. 8, half morocco. London, 1691 

Deploring " The late Revolution dividing the said Territory [New ICngland] 
into ten Parts or Colonies. 

1200 HuMiii.E Address (The) of the Publicans of Xew-Kngland. 
To which King you please, with some Remarks upon it. 4to, half 
morocco. London, 1691 

" A Publican is a creature that lives upon the Commonwealth." 

1201 Humboldt (A1. de). Vues des Cordillerks, et Monumens 
des Peui'Ees Indigenes de i.'Amekique. 69 lar^^e plati's of Mexi- 
I'dii picture-writing, hieroglyphics, Ihis reliefs, cost times, 7'ieivs, i>v., 
Ilia iiy of them fineev coloured after the originals in Central ami 
Southern America. Imp. folio, half morocco, uncut. Paris, iSio 

The greater part of the copies now in the market want from page 272 to page 
350, and plates 50-69. This copy has 54 plates and 304 pages of text. " I lum- 
boldt traced with the hand of a master the outline of a vast picture future trav- 
ellers can only assist in filling up." — W.akd's Mexico. 

In this work the picture-writing of the Mexicans first received th*^ attention and 
the ample treatment vyhich are due to a literature as strange and in the 
records of the New World as that of Egypt in the Old. 

1202 Humboldt. Sur les Lois, que Ton observe dans la distribu- 
tion des formes vegetales. 8vo, half morocco. Paris, 1816 

Flora of America, p. 8, &c. 

1203 Hume (Sophia). An Exhortation to the Inhabitants of the 
Province of South-Carolina, to bring their Deeds to the Light 
of Christ, in their own Consciences . . . 8vo, half morocco. 

London, 1752 

1204 Humphreys (A. A.) ami Abbot (H. L). Report upon the 
Physics and Hydraulics of the Mississippi River. 8vo, cloth. 

Washington, 1867 

1 84 


1205 Humphreys (D.). An Historicak Account of the Incor- 
porated Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign 
Par IS. Containing their Foundation, Proceedings, and the Suc- 
cess of their Missionaries in the British Colonies to the year 17 28, 
Hy David Humphreys, 1). D., Secretary to the Honourable Society. 
2 maps. 8vo, half morocco. London: J. Doivniui;, 1730 

This society was incor|>orated in 1701. The whole of this volume relates to 
the proceedinjjs of the missionaries in diflferent parts of North America, together 
with the state of religion there, and is illustrated with two maps, one of Carolina, 
the other of New England, &c., by Herman Moll. 

1206 Humphreys (David). The Miscellaneous Works of . . . [in 
Verse and Prose]. Portrait. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut 
edges. New York, 1S04 

Contains a Life of General Putnam, pp. 245-330. 

1207 Humphreys (Col. David). Discours en Vers, adrcssc aux 
Ofificiers et aux Soldats des diffcrentes Armees Americaines. 
8vo, polished calf extra, gilt leaves, by ZaehttsJorf. Paris, 1786 

Text in English and French, the last by the Marquis de Ch . 

1208 Hunt (C. E.). The Shenandoah; or, the Last Confederate 
Cruiser. Frontispiece. i2mo, half cloth, uncut. New York, 1867 

1209 [Hunt (Freeman).] American Anecdoies, Original and 
Select. By an American. 2 vols., i2mo, half morocco. 

Boston: Putnam c!:-' Hunt, 1830 

Contains four hundred and eighty-seven anecdotes, mostly relating to the 
American Revolution, with an index. 

1 210 Hunt (G. J.). The Historical Reader, Containing the 
late War, between the United States and Great Britain, from June, 
i8r2, to February, 1815, Written in the Ancient Historical Style. 
. . . By Gilbert J. Hunt. Third Edition . . . i2mo, half morocco, 
gilt top, uncut. New York, 181 9 

121 1 Hurlbert (Wm. Hy.). General McClellan and the Con- 
duct of the War ... 4 maps. i2mo, cloth. New York, 1864 

Presentation copy from the author. 

1 212 Hutchinson (Thomas). A Collecti'^n of Original Papers 
relative to the History of the Colony 01 Massachusetts Bay. 

Boston, 1769 



Tlic History of Massachusf.tts, from tlie I'irst Settlcineiit 
thereof in 1628 until the year 1750. 2 vols. Salem, 1795 

The HisTORVof the Province of Massachusktts Bay, from 
1749 to 1/74, comprising a Detailed Narrative of the Origin and 
Early Stages of the American Revolution . . . Edited by the Kev. 
John Hutchinson. London, 1838 

Together 4 vols. 8vo, calf extra. Boston, \-c., 1 769-1828 

1213 [Hutchinson. J The Spf.f.ches of His Kxcelloncy (Iovkrnor 
Hu rcHiNSON, to the Cleneral Assembly of the Massachusetts Bay. 
At a Session begun and held on the Sixth of January, 1773. With 
the Answers of His Majesty's Council and the House of Repre- 
sentatives respectively. 8vo, half morocco. Boston, 1773 

1214 [Hutchinson.] The Letters of Govkrnok Huhminson, 
and LiKUT. Governor Oliver, &c. . . . and Remarks thereon 
. . . together with the Substance of Mr. Wedderburn's Speech, 
(S:c. 8vo, half morocco, uncut. London, 1774 

Second Edition. 

1 2 15 [Hutchinson.] The Letters of Governor Hutchinson 
Another copy. 8vo, half morocco. London, 17; ; 

Second Edition. 

1 2 16 Hymns, A Collection of, for the use of the Di.lawai-f 
Christian Indians of the Missions of the United Brethren in 
North America. Second Edition, revised and abridged by A. 
Luckenbach. i2mo, sheep. Bethlehem, 1847 



CAZBALCETA (Joaquin Garcia). Apuntes para un ('aia- 
LOGo de EscRiTORES en Lenguas Indigenas de America. 
Square 8vo, half morocco, gilt top. Mexico, 1866 

Only 60 copies printed. No. 20. 

1218 Imlay (George). A Topographical Description of the 
Western Territory of North America ... an accurate 
Statement of the various Tribes of Indians ... to which is 
annexed a Delineation of the Laws and Government of the State 
of Kentucky, &c. 2 vols., lamo, calf. New York. 1793 

1 2 19 Imlay. A Topographical Description of the Wesu ern 'I'er- 
ritory of North America ... to which are added, the Dis- 

1 86 


covery, Settlement, and Present State of Kentucky ... by John 

Filson . . . the Adventures of Col. Daniel Boon , . . The 

Minutes of the Piankashaw Council ... An Account of the 

Indian Nations, &c. 2 maps, a plan and a table. 8vo, half calf. 

London, 1793 
Second edition. 

1220 Imi.ay. a Topooraphical Description of the Western Tkr- 
RITOKY of North America . . . Another copy. 8vo. half 
morocco. London, 1793 

J 1221 Impartial History of the War in America, between Great 

Britain and her C'olonies ... to the end of the year 1779 . . . 

with an Appendix. Lar^e map and \t^ full-length portraits. 8vo, 

calf. London, 17S0 

l-',xcecdinj(ly rare. 

i?22 [Impressment.] The Right and Practice of Impressment 
as concerning Great Britain and America, considered. 8vo, half 
morocco. London, 1814 

Presentation copy, "with the Author's compliments." 
^M" See British Impressments. A. I). 1812. No. 348. 

1223 Inofpendent Repuhmcan Documents. A Collection of the 
New York and Massachusetts publications issued during the Cam- 
paign of 1884. 8vo, half sheep. 

1224 [Indians.] Some Observations on the Situation, Disposition 
and Character of the Indian Natives of this Continent. Small 
8v((, violet calf extra, gilt leaves, pp. 59. Philadelphia, 17CS4 

1225 [Indians.] A Brief Narrative of the Indian Charitv- 
ScHOOi, in Lebanon in Connecticut, New England : Founded 
and Carried on by That Faithful Servant of God, the Rev. Mr. 
F^leazar Wheelock. The Second Edition, with an Api)endix. 63 
pp., Svo, half morocco. London, 1767 

1226 [Indians.] A Brief .Account of the Proceedings of the 
Committee, appointed by the Yearly Meeting of Friends, held in 
Baltimore, for promoting the Improvement and Civilization of the 
Indian Natives. 8vo, half morocco. London, 1806 

1227 [Indians.] A Brief Account of the Proceedings of the 
Committee, appointed in the year 1795 ^y the Yearly Meeting of 



Friends of Pennsylvania, New-Jersey, v^c, for proniotir.;^ tiie 
Improvement and gradual Civilization of the Indian Nativk.s. 
8vo, half morocco. London, i <So6 

1228 [Indians,] Accounts of Two A tti'mpts towards the C'lviii- 
ZATioN of some Indian Nations in North Ameiica. i2nu); half 
morocco, London, i.So6 

A second reprint itlentical in matter with, and includin^j, iiulli of tlie pn "'ions 

1229 [Indian Tkstamkn t.J Nenk Karighwivoston Tsiniiiokk.m- 

hoten ne Saint John The Gospel according to Saint John [in 

the Mohawk Language]. Post 8vo, calf, London, [1805] 

Incjian and English on opposite pajjes. This copy wants tlic first title and 7 
preliminary leaves of the Address to the Six Nations. 

1230 [Indian (Chippkwa) Testament.] Kekitchkmanitomknahn 
Gahbemahjeinnunk Jesus Christ otoashke Wawwcendiiinmah- 
gawin. 8vo, vellum, gilt, Albany, 1833 


I Indian (Chippewa) Testament.] Another copy. Cloth, 

Albany, 1833 

1232 [Indian Treaty.] A Treaty held at the Town of Lancaster^ 
in Pennsylvania, by the Honourably the Lieutenant-Governor of 
the Province, and the Honourable the Commissioners for the Prov- 
inces of Virginia and Maryland, with the Indians of tJK' Six Nations, 
in June, 1744. Folio, half morocco, uncut, pp 39, 

Philadelphia: B. Franklin, 1744 





1 in 



1233 [Indian Wars.] A Briek and True Narration of the Lath 
Wars risen in Nkw-En(;lani). Occasioned by the Quarrelsom 
disposition, and Perfidious Carriage of the Parbarous, Savage and 
Heathenish Natives There 4to, polished calf, gilt over red edges, 
by Riviere. 8 pages. London, 1675 

1234 [Indian Wars.] A farther Brief and True Narration of 
the late wars risen in New-England, Occasioned by the Quarrel- 
some Disposition and Perfidious Carriage of the Barbarous and 
Savage Indian Natives there. With an Account of the Fight, the 
19th of December last, 1675. 4to, half morocco, 12 pp. 

London, 1676 

1 88 


1235 I Indian Waks.] A History of the Indian Wars witli the 
First Settlers of the United States, to the commencement of the 
Late War ; toj^ether with an Appendix not before added to this 
history, containin}^ Interesting Accounts of the Hatties fouj^lit by 
(len. Andrew Jackson. 2 plates. 121110, polished calf extra, gilt 
top, uncut edges, by Pratt. Rochester, 1.S2S 

1236 Inkz dk I, a Cruz (Soror Juana). Pof.mas ile la Unica Poetisa 
Americana ; Musa deziina. 3 vols., Svo, iialf morocco. 

Vol. I., Valencia, 1709 (3<l Edition) ; II., Harcclona, 1^193; III., Karzclona, 
1 701. 

Fidni the Aniirade lit)rary, with the bcwkplates of the lunperor Maximilian. 

1237 Inkz dk i.a C'ruz (Juana). Faina, y Obras Posthumas del 
Fknix de Mkxico, dezima Musa, Poetisa Americana, ivc. 410, 
vellum. Madrid, 1725 

1238 Inkormk A. N. R'"" P. M. General de el Orden de Pre- 
diccadores Fr. Ihoan liaptista de Marini.s. I,e Ofrece el 
Press''" Fr. Antonio (Jonvalez de AcuSTa . . . Diffiiiidor de la 
Provincia de S. Ihoan Baptista de el Peru en su nombre. J''.)i- 

gravcJ title hy Forstinan, 4to, vellum. s. I., 1659 

An account of the state of religion in South America. 

1230 I Inc.krsoi.l (Charles).] A Lkttkr to a Friknd in a Siavk 
Statk, by a Citizen of Pennsylvania. \ Reply to Mr. Charles 
IngcrsolPs "Letter" ... by M. Russell Thayer. 2 vols., Hvo. 

Philadelphia, 1862 

1240 I In<;hkrami (Tom Fedra).| Dkohiiu ii.i.ustrissimi Joannis 
Hispanie Princiims : ad Senatum Apostolicum Oratio. 4to, red 
levant morocco extra, gilt leaves, by Hardy. 1 2 leaves. 

s. 1. et a. [Roma, 1498 (?;J 

B. A. v., Add., No. 4. 

On the verso of the eleventh leaf occurs the passage: " Insulas in niari 
l.ybico ad illos desccisse, atquc interim misisse, qui niaria scrutarenturut apud 
ipsos Antipodas," <S;c. 

1240^? [Ingms Trkaty.] The Procekdings of the Commissioners, 
19th February, 1799, in the Case of the Right Reverend Charles 
Inglis [Bishop of Nova Scotia]. 4to, half morocco. No title-page. 

1241 [Innocent X.] Bref de Nostre Saint Pere le Pape Innocent 
X. sur le differend d'entre I'Evesque d'Angelopolis, ou colonie 





(lite des Anjjes, en la Nouvcllc J'<s|)a>jnc dans Ics Indcs Occi- 
dcntales, iSc Ics 1'. I'. Jcsuitcs. Contcnant la decision de plusiers 
cas importans touchant la Jurisdiction Kpiscopaie . . . 4to, pp. 16. 

Rome, 1659 
Text ill f.atin and French, 

1242 Inquiry into the Fisk and Cioui.i) (loM) Panic of i86y. 'i'es- 
tiniony before the Oiand Jury. Royal Svo, half morocco, j^ilt top. 

New York, 1S69 

1243 Intkriano (I'aolo). Dki- Ristrkito dki.i.k. Hisimkik 
Gknovksi. U'oo/kut title rubricated, 4t(), calf extra, j^ilt leaves, 
by Pratt. Lucca, 155S 

The coltiphdii is dated 1 551. 

1244 [iRViNd (Washn.).] Illustrations of the I.kcind of 
Si.KKPY Hoi.i.ow, desijjned and etched by Feli.\ O. C. Darley, for 
the members of the American Art Union ... 6 outliiu- plates. 
Oblonjr 4to. New York, 1X49 

1245 IsoLANis (Isidorus de). In hoc voi.imink hkc continkntur. 
De Iinperio Militantis Rcclesia; libri quattuor. Primus est de 
ditjnitate euisdem Imperii. Secundus de Maiestate Romani 
Tontificis. Tertius de Concilio (lenerali. Quartus dc vario tein- 
porum decursu a pra^dicatione evangelii usque ad tinem mundi, 
&c. Woodcut oil title, verso of title, and throuj^hout the text. Folio, 
vellum. Mediolani, 15 17 

B. A. V. Add., No. 49. Corner of title pieced. 





ACOBS (M.). NoTK.s on the Rkhel Invasion of Marv- 
i.ANi) and Pennsylvania, and the Battle of (lettysb'irjj. 
Lar^e map. 121110, cl Ii. Philadelphia, 1S64 

1247 Jackson (Andrew). Life of . . By James Parton. Portraits, 
dfc. 3 vols., Svo, half vellum extra. New York, i860 

1248 Jackson (Henry). An Account of the Churches in Rhode 
Island . . . Svo cloth. Providence, 1854 

1249 Jackson (T. J., " Sto/iervall'^). Life and Military Career of, 
by Markingfield Addey. Portrait. i2mo, cloth. New York, 1863 



1250 |Jam.\I(.,\.| a l)iicf and pcrfi-cl Jduunai, of llic lali' I'ro- 

cet'diiiKs ami Success of the ICmimsm Army in tlie VVi:si Inkiks, 

Continued until June the 24th, 1655, &c., by 1. S. 410, half mo- 

rocco. London, 1635 

'I"he expedition sent out by Cromwell, when Jamaica was taken from the 

1 25 1 Jamks (Captaine 'I'liomas). The Sikanck and DAMiLKotJS 
VoVAdK. of Cai)taine 'I'honias James, in his intended Discovery of 
the Northwest Passage into the South Sea, \c. luij^ravtu/ ina/^ 
with mtiiallion portrait. 4to, morocco, gilt over red edges, by 
Ri'ifre, London, 1633 

Fine copy of the first etiilion. 

1252 (Jamks. ] The Danckkoiis VovAdK of Captaine 
James, in his intended Discovery of a Northwest Passage int" the 
South Sea . . . Second edititm, revised and corrected. Map. 
Svo, half moro^^o. London, 1740 

125,3 Jamks (Mrs. T. Potts). Mkmokiai, of Thomas Po its, Junior, 
who settled in Pennsylvania ; with an Historic-Cenealogical Ac- 
count of his Descendants to the Eighth (leneration. J'ortraits, 
&'c. 4to, cloth, uncut. Cambridge : Privatrly printnl, 1874 

1254 Jamks. A Full and Correct Account of the Miu pary Occt k- 
RKNCKs of the late War between Grka r |5ri iain and the LTnitkd 
Statks of America. With an xAppendix and Plates, by William 
James, 4 maps, 2 vols, 8vo, half calf. 

London: J^rintal for the author, 1S18 
"A work of which it is not too high praise to assert that it appro;iches as 
nearly to perfection, in its own line, as any historical work perhaps ever did." 
— Edinhufgh Review. 

1255 Jameson (Mrs.). Winter Studies and Rambles in Canada. 
3 vols., crown 8vo, polished calf extra, by Riviere. London, 1838 

1256 Jarvis (Samuel Farmar). A Discourse on the Rki.kiion of the 
Indian Tribes of North America . . . 8vo, half morocco. 

New York, 1820 

1257 Jay (John). The Like of , . . with Selections from his Cor- 
respondence and Miscellaneous Papers. Portrait. 2 vols., 8vo, 
cloth, uncut. New York, 1833 

1258 Jay. The Battle of Harlem Plains. 8vo, cloth. 

New York, 1876 



1259 [JAV (l*. A.). I Opinion on thf followinj;: : Is the 1 iiik 
to LAND t Ni»i k \VA iKk ill lv\s I -J i:k>k.v, where tlie tide tlows ami 
rellows, ill ;imis of ihe sea, l)ays and rivers, vested in tlie Stall-, or 
does the same belonjf to the I'loprietors of Kast-Jersey ; and ii; 
case of a controversy, in whalC'oiirt ou;{'.it the same to he decided. 
Royal <Sv>), half morocco, uncut, pp. 16, New V'ork, 1H24. Also a 
folded broadside, " An Act more effectually to |)revent the Waste 
of Timiier in this State " | New Jersey). 

1260 Ji'.rKK.KsoN criiomas). Wkhincs : l)eing his Aiitohiotfraphy, 
C'orrespoiulence, Rc] orts, Messaj^es, Aildresses and other Wril- 
injrs; witn l''-xplanatory Notes, 'I'ables of Contents, indices, \-c., 
by !1, A. W'ashiuyton. j\>i traits, vier<'s, facsimiles, etc. 9 vols., 
8vo, half vellum extra, carmine edges. New York, 1S55 

1261 Ji.i'i'KKSON, LiiKof . . by Henry S. Randall. /\>>trait ami 
fac-siiiiiiis. 3 vols., (Svo, half vellum extra, carmine edges. 

New York, 1858 

1262 Jkikkkson. The L, IKK of . . . with Parts of his Correspon- 
dence never before published and Notices of his Opinions . . . 
Hy Okoroe 'ruiKKK. J'ortrait. 2 vols., Svo, cloth, uncut. 

Philadelphia, 1837 

1263 Jk.I'I'krson. The Domkstic Likk of . , . by his great-grand- 
daughter, Sarah N. Randolph. Portrait, &-'c. 8vo, cloth. 

New \ork, 1S71 

1264 Jeffkrson. Notes on the State of Virginia, written in the 
year 1781, somewhat corrected and enlarged in the Winter of 1782, 
for the use of a Foreigner of distinction, in answer to certain 
queries proposed by him . , " A?i Eye-draught of Madisons 
Cave^'' and folded Tabic of Indian Tribes. Svo, half calf. 

n. p. 17S2 [Paris, 1785] 

Original edition, privately printed, with the usual MS. note on the guard leaf, 
in the handwriting of thi; .uithur — to wit : 

" 'I'h: Jefferson having had a few C' ' s of these Notes printed to offer to some 
of his friends & to some other est. .ole characters beyond that line, begs the 
favor of Mr. Dalrymple to accept of one. Unwilling to expose them to the 
public eye, he asks the favour of Mr. Dalrymple to put them into the hands of no 
person on whose fidelity he cannot rely to guard them against publication." 

The Hrinley copy (Xo. 3761) was presented to Mr. Rittenhouse. 

The above copy has the additional 14 pages, " Draught of a l"'undamental Con- 
stitution for the Commonwealth of Virginia." 



1265 jKKFrRsoN. Notes on the Statk of Virginia . . . Illus- 
trated with a map^ including the States of Virginia, Maryland, 
Delaware and Pennsylvania. 8vo, half calf. 

London: Stoekdale, 1787 

1266 ji I'KERSON. NoTKS OH the State of Virginia : 7C'ith the Eye- 
Draught of xMadison's Cave, hut without the nia/>. 8vo, half calf. 

London: Stoekdale, 17S7 

1267 Jeeeerson. Notes on the State of Virginia . . . First hot- 
pressed edition. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut edges. 

Philadelphia, 1801 

1268 Jefeerys ('rhomas). The Natural and Civii. History of the 
French Dominions in North ana South America . . Manners 
and Customs of the Indians, &c. 19 large maps and plans. I-'olio, 
half morocco, gilt top, London, 1761 

1269 Jefeerys. The Great Probability of a Norih West Pas- 
sage: deduced from Observations on the Letter of Admiral de 
F'onte . . . with an Appendix containing the Discovery of Part 
of the Coast and Inland Country of Labrador, made in 1753 . . . 
3 maps. 4to, calf, gilt. London, 1768 

1270 Jenkins (Sir Leoline). The Life of . . . and a conipleat 
Series of Letters from the Beginning to the End of those Two 
Important Treaties [for the General Peace at Cologn and Nime- 
guenj, &c. By William Wynne. Portrait. 2 vols., folio, calf. 

London, 1724 

From the library of William Wirt, with his autograph (twice repeated) in each 
volume, also autograph of Reverdy Johnson in Volume 2. 

1 27 1 [Jennings.] Report of the Trials of the Murderers of 
Richard Jennings ... in the Village of Goshen on Tuesday, 
February 23d, 1819. With Arguments of Counsel. 8vo, half 
morocco. Newburgh, 1819 


1272 I. Jesuit Missions. — Missio Canadensis. Epistola ex Portu- 
regali in Acadia transmissa ad Praepositum Generalem Societatis 
Jesu A. R. Pietro Biardo . . . 1611. 1870 

Only 25 copies printed. 



II. [L.M.i.KMANT.] CoPiK clc Trdis Lkttrks escfittcs es annt-cs 
1625 et 1626. Par ie 1'. Charles Lallemant, superieur des Mis- 
sions de la Compagnie de Jesus en la Nouvelle France. 1S70 

III. Lkttre dii Reverend Pore TAi-lkmand, Superieur de la 
Mission des Peres Jesuites en la Nouvelle France , . . datce 
du 22 Novembre 1629. Paris, 1632 \repiint, iSyo] 

IV. Canadic.e Mission'is Rei.atio, ab anno 161 1 usque ad 
annum 1613, cum statu ejusdem Missionis, annis 1703 & 17 10. 
Auctore Josepho Juvencio. Roniiv, 17 10 Yieptint, 1871 | 

V. De Rec.ionk et Moribus Canadensiiw.i sen Barbarorum Noviv 
Franciic. Auctore Josepho Juvencio. 

Rome, 1710 [reprint, 1S71I 

VI. Relatio Ri Ri'M ("iisTAK'M in Nova-Francica Missione. 
Annis 1613 i\: 1614. [''^7' I 

VII. I Lai.iimant. ] Ri'.LATioN de ce qui s'est passe en la Nou- 
velle France en I'annee mdcxxvi. Rnvoyce au Pore Hier- 
osme L'Allemant, par le P. Charles L'Allemant, Superieur de la 
Mission de la C\)mpagnie de Jesus en Canada. 

Paris, 1629 \rtprint, 1871] 
Only 25 copies printed. 
Together 7 vols. i2nio, uncut. Albany, 1870 71 


At the request of some half dozen eof/ectors, it has been deeiJed to offer 
these Relations separately, in order to ^ive as many as possible, an o/'por- 
ttinity of eompletin^ sets of these rarities. 

^f . 1273 [Le Jkunk.] Relation de ce qui s'est passe' en la Nouvelle 
France en I'annee 1633. Envoyee au R. P. Harth. Jactpiinot . . . 
Par le P. Paul le Jeune. 8vo, half morocco, 

Paris: S. Cranioisv, 1634 

y. 1274 [Le Jeunk.] Relation de se qui s'est passe' en la Nouvelle 
France, en I'annee 1634. Envoyee au R. Pere Provincial de la 
Compagnie de Jesus en la Province de France. Par le P. I'aul le 
Jeune. 8vo, vellum. Paris: S. Cramoisy, 1635 

/ . r 1275 [Le J;:une.] Relation de ce qui s'est passe' en la Nouvelle 
France, en I'anne 1635. Envoyee au R. Pere Provincial de la 
Compagnie de Jesus en la Province de France. Par le P. Paul le 
Jeune. 8vo, vellum. Paris: S. Cramoisy, 1636 

At p. 113. Relation lie ce qui s'est passe' aux Hurons. . . par le I', lirebeiif. 
At p. 207. Relation ile queUiues particularilez, ilu lieu «.^ ties I laliitans de 
risle du fap Breton. Knvoyce par le 1'. Julien Perrault. 1634 & '35. 
Contains the leaf of " Privilege " and " Approbation " generally missing. 



'i/\ii^r 1276 [LkJkune.] Rki.ation de ce qui s'est passe en la Nouvelle 
^ France en I'annee 1636 . . . Par le V. Paul le Jeune. 8vo, vel- 

lum. Paris: ..V. Cramoisy, 1637 

" Notes sur la Nouvelle France," on account of a typojrrapliical error, gives 
but 172 pages to part first insteaii of 272. 

The second part, which is signed Jean de Hrebeuf, is entitled, " Relation de 
ce (jui s'est passe dans le pays des Hurons." 

^y f^f 1277 |I,K Jki'nk.| Relation de ce (jui s'est passe en le Nouvelle 
France en i'annee 1637. . . I'ar le P. I'aul !o Jeune. Woodcut. 
8v(), vellum. Rouen: Jean le Boulem^er, 1638 

The second part is signed Francois Joseph le Mercier. " Relation de ce qui 
s'est passe en la mission de la Compagnie de Jesus au pays des Ilurons en I'An- 
nee 1637. 

y'>t/'i278 [I,i; Jkint. I Rki.ation de ce qui s'est passe en la Nouvelle 
France en I'annee 1638 . . . Par le P. Paule le Jeune. 8vo, vel- 
lum. Paris: S. Cramoisy, 1638 

The second part, " Relation de ce (|ui s'est passe dans le pays des Hurons es 
annees i()37 iV 163S," is signed FrancjOis Joseph le Mercier. 

.)(),f'' 1279 [Le Jeune.] Relation de ce qui s'est passe en la Nouvelle 
France en Tannee 1639 . . . Parle P. Paul le Jeune . . . 8vo. 

Paris: S. Cramoisy, 1640 

This contains the " Privilege " to both parts, and both are ended " Par le Roy 
en son Conseil." The variation on page ^5 of the first part is continued by the 
frequent errors on page 8(), for here half the lines have some iniperfecticjn seem- 
ingly caused by imperfect spacing, or a badly locked form. 

Z'! ■, /' 1280 [I,E Jeune.] Relation de ce qui s'est passe en la Nouvelle 

^ France en I'annee 1639 . . . Par le P. Paul Le Jeune . . . 8vo, 

vellum, gilt leaves. Paris: S. Cramoisy, 1640 

The " Privilege" 'j the first part is wanting, and the slight variation spoken 
of in the " Notes sur la Nouvelle France," ?,c. 75, is a large B, commencing the 
syllable Bap, the last word of page 85 of the first part. 

The second part, " Relation de ce qui s'est passe dans le pays des Hurons pays 
de la Nouvelle France," 163S-9, ends with the " Privilege," the last words of 
which read, " Par le Roy en son Conseil." 

/ f 1281 [Vimont.] Relation de ce qui s'est passe en la Nouvelle 

France en I'annee mdcxl. . , . Par le P. Barthelemy Vimont 

. . . 8vo, vellum, gilt leaves. Paris: S. Cramoisy, \b^i 

The second part, " Relation . . . des Hurons," is signed Hierosme Lalemant. 

y ^.o^ \2?,2 [Vimont.] Relation de ce qui s'est passe en la Nouvelle 
France es annees 1640 et 1641. Par le P. Barthelemy Vimont 
. . . 8vo, vellum. Paris: S. Cramoisy, 1642 

The second part, " Relation . . aux Hurons," pages 76 and 77, are paged 67 
and 68. 

^*>./ri283 [Vimont.] Relation. . . 1640611641. 8vo, vellum. 

Paris, 1642 

This duplicate is imperfect, wanting pages 67 to 78 inclusive, of the Huron 









^ o I 

/ r 




1284 [ViMONT.J Rk.lation de ce qui s'est passe en la Noiivelle 
France en I'annee, 1642. Envoyee au R, P. Jean Filleaii. . Par 
le R. P. Barthelemy Viinont. . . Hound in 2 vols. Svo, boarils. 

Paris: S. Cramoisy, 1643 

The second part, " Relation . . . des llurons," is preceded by a letter sij^ned 
Hier. l.alleniant. 

12.S5 [ViMONT ] Rkl\iion de ce qui s'est passe en la Nouvelle 
France en I'annce 1642. Envoyee au R. P. Barthelemy Viniont. 
. . Xvo, vellum. Title mended. Paris: S. Cramoisy, 1643 

1286 |ViMONT.| Rk.lation de ce qui s'est passe en la Nouvelle 
France en Tannee 1642 & 1643. Envoyee au R. P. Jean Filleau. 
. . Par K, P. Barthelemy Vimont. . . . 8vo, vellum, gilt leaves. 

Paris: ..S'. Cramoisy, 1644 
Pages 306 and 307 numbered 326 and 327. 

1287 [Vimont.] Rklation . . 

1642 & 1643. ^^'"> vellum. 

Paris, 1644 

1288 [Vimont.] Relation de ce qui s'est passe en la Nouvelle 
France es annees 1643 & 1644. Envoyee au R. P. Jean Filleau. 
. , . Par le P. P. Barthelemy Vimont . . . 8vo, vellum. 

Paris: S. et G. Cramoisy, 1645 

The second part. "Relation . . . des Hurons," is signed liierosnie Lale- 

1289 [Vimont.] Relation 
8vo, calf. 

1643 & 1644, 

Another copy. 
Paris, 1645 

1290 [Vimont.] Relation de ce qui s'est passe en la Nouvelle 
France, es Annees 1644 & 1645 . . . Par le P. Barthelemy 
Vitnont. 8vo, vellum. Paris: S. et G. Cramoisy, 1646 

ZM" I-aleniant's Huron Letter, p. 136. 

1 29 1 [Lallkmaxt et Ragueneau.] Relation de ce qui s'est passe 
de plus remarquable es Missions des Peres de la Compagnie de 
Jesus, en la Nouvelle France es annees 1645 & 1646 . . . I'ar le 
Superieur des Missions. 8vo, vellum. 

Paris: S. et G. Cramoisy, 1647 

The first relation is signed (p. 6) Ileirosme Laleniant. The second (p. ?). 
Paul Ragueneau. 

1292 [ Lallemant KT Rkgue.neau.] Rklation 
Another copy. Vellum. 

1645 i*v 1646. 
Paris, 1 64 7 

1293 [Lai.lkmant. ] Rklaiton de ce qui s'est passe de phis 
remarquable es Missions des Peres de la Compagnie de Jesus en 
la Nouvelle France, sur le Grand Fleuve de S. Laurens ... en 
I'annee 1647. par le Superieur des Missions . . . 8vo, vellum. 

Paris: S. et G. Cramoisy, 1648 

1294 I Lai.lkmant.] Relation 

1647. Another copy. 8vo, 
Paris, 1647 







1295 I I.Ai.i.EMANT KT Ragukneau.] Rki.ation clc cc cjui s'est passt" 
de plus remarquable cs Missions des Teres de la Compagnie de 
Jesus en la Nouvelle France es annces 1647 & 1648 . . . Par le 
Superieur des Missions . . . 8vo, vellum. 

Paris: S. ct G. Cranioisy, 1649 

The first part is sig-ned (p. 3) Hierosme Lalement The second (" Relati(m 
(k'S llurons,'' p. 4) by I'aul Kagueneau. 

1296 [Raguknkau. I Rklation de ce qui s'est passe en la Mission 
des Peres de la Compagnie de Jesus aux Hurons, pays de la Nou- 
velle France, ts annees i64<S & 1649. Knvoyeeau R. P. Hierosme 
Lalemant . . . Par le P. Paul Ragueneau. Svo, vellum. 

Paris: S. ct G. Cramoisy, 1650 

1297 [Ragukneau.] 


1648 & 1649. 

Another copy. 
Paris, 1650 

1298 [Raguknkau, I Relation 
8vo, vellum. 

This (si'coiKJ) issue has i if) pages. 

1648 & 1649. [Second issue.] 
Paris: S. ct G. Cnimoisy, 1650 

^r r r 1299 [Raguknkau, I Rki.aiion de se qui s'est passe en la Mission 
des Peres de la Compagnie de Jesus, aux HurOs, (S: aux pais plus 
has de la Nouvelle France, depttis PEste de Pannee 1649, jusques 
a I'Kstu lie Fannee 1650. Envoyee au R. P. C'iaude de Lingendes 
. . , Par le R, P. Paul Ragueneau . , . Svo, v(,'llum. 

Paris: ^V, ct G. Cnviioisy, 1651 

jy; 1300 I Raguknkau,] Rklation de ce qui s'est passe de plus remar- 
quable cs Missions des Peres de la Compagnie de Jesus en la 


Nouvelle France 

es annees 1650 
8vo, vellum. 


1301 [Ragueneau,] Relation 
(smaller) copy. Vellum, 


I6-I , 

^ , 


le P. 



ari;,: S. 

ct G 





& 1 




J^ /^ 6C 1302 [Rageneau,] Relation de ce qui s'est passe en la Mission 
des Peres de la ('ompagnie de Jesus, au pays de la Nouvelle 
France, depuis i'l'^tc de I'annee 1651, jusques a I'Fte de i'anncc 
1652 . . . Par le Superieur des Missions . . . 8vo, vellum, 

Paris: S. ct G. Craiiioisy, 165,^ 


J tf '^2)°2) [f'E Mkrcikr ( P. Francois).] Relation de ce qui s'est passe 
en la Mission des Peres de la Compagnie de Jesus, au pays de la 
Nouvelle ]">ance, depuis I'Kte de 'Annee 1652, jusques a I'Ete de 

I'Annee 1653 

Svo, vellum. Paris: ^V, ct G. Cramoisy, 1654 

1304 [Le Mkrcier.] Relation de ce qui s'est passe en la Mission 
des Peres de la Compagnie de Jesus en la Nouvelle France es 
annees 1653 & 1654. Envoyee au R. P. Nicholas Royon . . . 
Par le R. P. Franrois ie Meicier , , , Svo, vellum, 

Paris: S. et G. Cramoisy, 1655 

t^ See Tki i.i' I'KAT. 












be es 




i^ '305 [QuiEN (Jean de).] Relation de ci qui s'est passe en la Mis- 
sion des Peres de la Compagnie de Jesus, au pays de la Nouvelle 
France es Annees 1655 &: 1656. Envoyee au R. F. Louys t'ellot. 
8vo, vellum. Paris: S. ct G. Cramoisy, 1657 

/ 1306 Rki.aiion de ce qui s'est passe de plus remarquable aux Mis- 

sions des I'eres de la Compagnie de Jesus, en la Nouvelle France, 
es annees mil six cens cinqiiante six iV mil six cens cinquante sept. 
<Svo, vellum. Paris: S. et G. Cramoisy, 1658 

Letter from I'aul l.e Jeune follows the title, a letter of Le Mercier's, p. iSi)- 
200, and another signed I'aul Ragueneau, pp. 202-S. 

r 1307 Relation . . . | 1656 (S: 1657]. Another and smaller copy, 
though not wormed like the preceding. Vellum, Paris, 165S 

1308 Relation de ce cpii s'est passe de plus remarquai)le aux Mis- 
sions des I'P. de la Compagnie de Jesus en la Nouvelle France, 
es annees 1657 iSc 1658. 8vo, vellum. Paris: ..V. Cramoisy, 1659 

At pages 9 and 22 will be found letters of Paul Ragueneau. 
One of the rarest of the series. 

1309 Relation de ce qui s'est passe de plus remarquable aux Mis- 
sions des Peres de la Compagnie de Jesus en la Nouvelle France, 
es annees mil six cent cincjuante neuf d^- mil six cent soixante. 
Envoyee au R. P. Claude Boucher . . . 8vo, vellum. 

Paris: S. Cramoisy, 1661 
.^.t page 152, see Letter of 1'. R.Menard. 

A i3'o'idn de ce (pii s'est passe de plus remarquable aux .Mis- 
sions des I'eres de la Compagnie de Jesus, en la Nouvelle France 
es annees i6(')0 <!v: t66i . . . 8vo, vellum. 

Paris : ^V. Cramoisy, 1662 
The Kpistic to the King is signed I'aul Le Jeune. 

131 1 [ I-ai.leman r.] Relation de ce qui s'est passe de plus remar- 
quable aux Missions des Peres de la Compagnie de Jesus, en la 
Nouvelle France es annees 1661 &: 1662. Envoyee au R. P. Anilrc 
Castillon . . . Svo, morocco antique, gilt leaves, by Hayday. 

Paris : S. et S. Mabre Cramoisy, 1663 

1312 I Fai.limant.] Relation de ce qui .s'est passe de plus remar- 
quable aux Missions des Peres de la Compagnie de Jesus, en la 
Nouvelle France es annees 1662 iV 1663. Envoyee au R. P. Andre 
Castillon. Svo, vellum. Paris : S. et. S. Mabre Cramoisy, 1664 

1313 [Lallemant. I Relation de ce qui s'est pa.sse de plus remar- 
cpiable aux Missions des Peres de la Compagnie de Jesus, en la 
Nouvelle France, es annees 1663 & 1664 . . . Svo, morocco 
antique, gilt leaves, by Hayday. 

Paris : S. Cramoisy &> S. Mabre-Cramoisy, 1665 

1314 [Lallemani.J Relation . . . 1663 & 1664 . . . 8vo, vellum. 

Paris, 1665 

1 98 






J / 1315 I Lr, Mi'kciKK.] Rklation dc ce qui s'est passe en la Noiivclle 
France es annees 1664 & 1665 . . . Map of thf Jorts on Riclitlieu 
River. Svo, vellum. Paris: S, et S. M brc Cramoisy, 1666 

^ 1316 [I,i: Mkrcikr. I Relation de ce qui s'est passe en la Nouvelle 
France, es annees 1664 iS: 1665 , . . Map as bffore. 8vi), vellum. 

Paris, 1666 
Second issue, with the " Lettre de la R. Mere Superieure," payed i to 16. 

1317 I I.E Mekcier.]. Relation de ce qui s'est passe de plus remar- 
(luab'e aux Missions des Peres de la Compagnie de Jesus en la 
Nouvelle France, aux annees mil six cent soixante cinq, & mil six 
cent soixante six. Envoyee au R. P. Jacques Bordier . . . Svo, 
vellum. Paris: S. et S. Mabre Cramoisy, 1667 

The " I.eltrc de la Reverende Mere Superieure" is wanting, as usual. 

1318 [I,E Mkrcier.] Relation de ce qui s'est pa.sse de plus remar- 
(luabie aux Missions des Peres de la Compaj^nie de Jesus en la 
Nouvelle France, les annees mil six cens soixante six, & mil six 
cens soixante sept. Fhivoyee du R. P. Jacques Bordier . . . Svo, 
vellum. Paris : S. et S. Mabre Cramoisy, 1668 

Second issue, containinjr the " l.ettre de la Reverende Mere," &c., 14 pp. 

o,rp. 1319 [Le Mercier.] Relation de ce qui s'est passe de plus remar- 
cjuable aux Missions des Peres de la Compagnie de Jesus en la 
Nouvelle France, aux annees mil six cens soixante-sept, and mil 
six cens soixante-hiiit. F^nvoyee au R. P. F2stienne Dechamps . . . 
Svo, vclUuii, pp. 219. Paris: S. MabreCramoisy, 1669 

5^" See No. IJ[(»). 

aa ^^ ^ 1320 Rei.aiion tie ce qui s'est passe de plus remarquable aux Mis- 

yy sions des I'eres de la Compagnie de Jesus en la Nouvelle France, 

les annees 166S cS: 1669. Envoyee au R. P. Estienne iJechamps 

. . . Svo, vellum. Paris: S. Mabre-Crainoisy, 1670 

2;^" Letter of Ciov. Francis Lovelace, p. 2f). 

yy , 1 32 1 Rklation de ce qui s'est passe de plus remarquable aux Mis- 
sions des Peres de la Compagnie de Jesus en la Nouvelle France, 
les annees 1669 tS: 1670. F^nvoyee au R. F. F^stienne F)ecliamps 
. . . Svo, vellum. Paris, 1671 

I'age ii>(), " 1 )e la Mission des Martyrs dans le pais d'Agnie ou des Irociuois 
Inferieurs." After p. 31S, " Relation des Missions aux Ovtaovaks," pp. 1-102. 

,j ,- 1322 [Dahlon (Claude).] Relation de ce qui s'est passe de plus 
remarquable aux Missions des Peres de la Compagnie de Jesus en 
la Nouvelle F'rance les annees 1670 & 167 1. Envoyee au R. P. 
Jean Pinette . . . Map of Lake Superior, and woodcut on p. \^^. 
Svo, vellum. Paris: S. Mabre-Cramoisy, \bi2 

r r 1323 Daislon. Rkla j ion de ce qui s'est passe de plus remarquable 
aux Missions des Peres de la Compagnie de Jesus en la Nouvelle 
France les annees 1671 it 1672. Envoyee au R. P. Jean Finette 
. . . I'ar le R. 1', Claude Dablon. Map. Svo, half calf. 

Paris, 1673 
At page 2(17 commences " La Sainte mort de Madame de la Teltric." 









1324 [Darlon.] Rki.ation . . . Claude Dahloii. Another copy, 
without the map. 8vo, half russia, Paris, 1673 

A 1325 Jksuit Relations. Relations des Jksuitk.s, Contenaiit ce 
(jui s'est passe de plus remarcpiable dans les Missions des Peres de 
la C'onipagnie de Jesus dans la Nouvelle-France. 3 vols., royal 
8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. Quebec : .lii^^iisfi/w Cotr, 1858 

The most extraordinary and valuable collection ever made of the ii.irrativo of a 
class r)f men who, two centuries before what we term civilization, hail prostrated 
the forests, explored the vast territories covered by them, recoriled the peculi- 
arities of the natives, and in many instances bestowed upon them the blessinjjs of 
Christianity. These relations, for many years looked upon through the haze of 
sectarian distrust, were lightly esteemed by the students of American history, but 
the more their character and statements were investigated, the more important 
and valuable they appeared. 'I'hey have become the sources from which we must 
draw almost all the historic material of New ^'ork and Canada, during the first 
century and a half of their exploration by Europeans. It was to perpetuate these 
monuments of the e.irly history of Canada that Parliament onlerctl their publica- 
tion in this form." — Field. 

1326 [Ji'.surr Tkavels.] The Travels of Several Learned Mis- 
sioNEks of the Society of Jesus, into divers Parts of the Archi- 
pelago, India, China and America. Translated from tlie French 
Original published at Paris 1713. 8vo, calf. Top of title cut. 

London, 1714 







s en 




; 1327 [Jesuit Travels.] Travels of several learned Missioners 
of the Society of Jesus into divers parts of the .\rchipelago, India, 
China and America. 8vo, half calf, giit. Lontlon, 1714 

1328 JiLLSON (David). Genealociv of the Gii.lson and the Jillson 
Fam'lv. Coatofarms. 8vo, cloth. Central Falls, 1.S76 

'329 (Jo(;UES.] Novum Belgium : An Account of New Netherland 
in 1643-4. I^y ^^v. Father Isaac Jogues . . . with a Fac-simile 
of his Original Manuscript, his Portrait, a Map and Notes, By 
J. G. Shea. 4 leaves of fac-simili\ portrait, map and lieiv. 4to, 
cloth, uncut. New York : Privately printed, 1862 

Edited for the first time from the Jesuit MS. Narrative dated 1646. 

^2^1'^ [Johnson.] Trial of Andrew Johnson, President of the 
United States, before the Senate ... on Impeachment by the 
House of Representatives for High Crimes and Mi.sdeineanors, 
3 vols., 8vo, cloth. Washington, 1868 



13.31 [Johnson (Edward). | A History of Nf,w-1'A(;i.ani). From 
the English planting in the Yeere 1628, untill the Yeere 1652. 
4to, calf, gilt edges. London, 1654 

Fine copy. Uest known by its alternate title " Wonder-Working Providence 

of Sinns Saviour in New I'-n^land." 
('ontains a list of books, 2 pp., at end. 

13.32 Johnson (S. M.). Frkk Govkrnmf.nt 
America. Frontispiece. 8vo, cloth. 
Presentation copy from the author. 

in Enoi.and and 
New York, 1864 

1333 [Johnson (Samuel).] '1'axation no Tyranny ; an Answer 
to the Resolutions and Address of fhe .American Congress. 8v(), 
half morocco. London : T. Ciuic/i, 1775 

" This tract claims its importance from tJie celebrity of its .luthor. il was 
written in the sixty-sixth year of his ajj;e, when he was at the meridian of iiis 
fame. Mr. Bancroft describes it as an exemplification of the tone of public sen- 
timent then prevailing in Kngland. It called forth several replies, ea f which 
is aimed at pointing out the fallacy that lurks in its title as well ^,, n all its 
reasonings. " 

1334 [Johnson (Stephen).] Some Important Observations, occa- 
sioned by, and adapted to, the Publick Fast, ordered by Authority, 
December i8th, A.D. 1765. On Account of the Peculiar Circum- 
stances of the present Day . . . 4to, half morocco, gilt top. 
uncut edges, title hinged. Newport : Sa/ii. Ila//, 1766 

i335 Johnson (Theodore T.). Siohts in the G(h,o Rkoion, and 
Scenes by the Way. i2mo, calf. New York, 1849 

1336 JoHNsioN (C). A Narrativk of the Incidents attending the 
Capture, Detention and Ransom of Charles Johnston, of Bote- 
toiut County, Virginia, who was made Prisoner by the Indians, 
on the River Ohio, in the 1790. Together with an interesting 
Account of the F'ate of his Companions . . . one of whom suf- 
fered at the Stake. To which are added Sketches of Indian Char- 
acter and Manners, with illustrative Anecdotes. i2nu), boards, 
uncut. New York, 1827 

1337 JoM.ivF.T (M.). Annexion du Texas. 8vo, half morocco, 
pp. 40. Paris, 1845 

1338 Jones (Augustine). Nicholas Upsall [Genealogy, cVc.]. Fron- 
tispiece. 8vo. Boston, 1880 



1339 Jf^>^'l■s (Chas. C, Jr.), Histork ai, Ski/iim of 'roMo-tni-CHi, 
Mico of the Yamacraws. 8vo, boards, uncut. Albany, 1.S68 

I'resentation copy with autograph note. 

1,340 JoNF.s. SKRdK.AN'i' Wiri.iAM Jaspk.k. An Address delivered 
before the (leorgia Historical Society . . . Svo, uncut. 

Albany: Printed for the Society, 1876 

rj4i Jones. The Dead 'Iowns of Of.orgia. Svo, cloth. 

Savannah, 1878 

1342 Jo.vES. Heknanpo I)E Soto. The Adventures encountered 
and the Route pursued by the Adelantado durinjjf ids March 
thr()U}.jh the Territory embraced within the present (leoj^raphical 
limits of the State of (leorgia. Portrait on India paper. Svo, 
uncul. Savannah, 1S80 

Printed for the author. 

1343 Jones (Hugh). The Present State of Vikoinia. Imperial 
Svo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut edges. New York, 1S65 

Only 50 copies printeil on large paper (No. 35), in facsimile of the London 
edition of 1724. 

1344 Jones (James Athearn). Traditions of the North American 
Indians: being a second and revised edition of "Tales of an 
Indian Camp.'' Plates. 3 vols., crown Svo, half calf, gilt. 

London, 1S30 

'345 Jo-^Ks (Jo. Seawell). A Defence of the Revoi.i ■iionarv 
History of the State of North Carolina, from the Asi)ersions 
of Mr. Jefferson. i2mo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. 

Boston, 1834 

1 346 Jon es (Joseph, of Virginia). I .ette rs of, 1 7 7 7- 1 7 87, [ Preface 
by W. C. Ford.] 4to, uncut. Washington, 1889 

These Letters are princiiialiy to and from Washington, Madison and JefTerson. 
Only 250 copies printed. No. 113. 

■347 [Jones (Paul).] The Life of Paul Jones, from Original 
Documents in the possession of John Henry Sherburne, Crown 
Svo, half morocco. London, 1825 

1348 [Jones.] Life and Character of the Chevalier John Paul 
Jones, a Captain in the Navy of the United States during their 



Revolutionary War. Jiy John Henry Sherburne. J'oi trail. Svo, 
half morocco, gilt top, uncut edges. City of \Vashingt(jn, 1.S25 

t^ For tlif Okicinai, l.dii-HooK of the Scrapis and Donrn' llnninu' Kicliaril, 
sfc Mam siKrrTs, at end of citalojjue. 

•v?49 Jones (W. Alfred). Long Island. 8vo, paper. 

New York, iS6^^ 

'35° Journal of the Senatk of the UNnri) Statks of America, 
being the First [and Second] Session of the Tliirci Conj^ress, 
be^un and held at the City of I'hihidelphia, ncceinbcr ::n(I, 1793 
[and Nov. 3, 1794] ... 2 vols, in 1. Folio, calf. 

Philadelphia: John Fcnno^ '793-4 

'351 Josselyn (John). New-F^nolands Raritiks DiscoVKKKr) ; 
in Birds, Beasts, Fishes, Serpents, and Plants of that Country 
. . . also A perfect Description of an Indian Scpia, ni all her 
Bravery ; with a Poem not improperly conferr'd upon her. W'ood- 
cutSy and the piinter''s device of the " Green" Dragon. Small Svo, 
calf. London, 1672 

First edition. 

'352 Josselyn. An Account of Two Vovacies to New-England. 
... A Description of the Countrey, Natives and Creatures, with 
their Mercantil and Physical use ; the (jovernment of the 
Countrey as it is now possessed by the English. i\:c. A large 
Chronological 'Fable, &c., unth the plate of the Dragon. Small 
8vo, crimson levant morocco, gilt leaves, by Pratt. London, 1674 

'353 Josselyn. An Account of Two Voyacies to New-En(ilani), 
Made during the years 1638, 1663. By John Josselyn, Cent. 
[Also :] Nevv-Englano's Rarities Discovered in Birds, Beasts, 
FMshes, Serpents and Plants of that Country. By John Josselyn, 
(lent. With an Introduction and Notes by Edward Tuckerman, 
M.A. 2 vols., 4to, cloth, uncut. Boston: iri//iam Feazie,MDccch\\. 

75 copies only printed. No. i. 

Not merely reprints. The copious, interesting and valuable annotations lend 
a new value to the works. 

1354 Joutel (M.). Journal Historiqite du Dernier Voyage que 
feu M. DE LA Sale fit dans le Golfe de Mexique, pour trouver 
I'embouchure. & le cours de la Riviere de Missicipi, nommee a 
present la Riviere de Saint Louis, que traverse la Louisiane. Ou 



1*011 voit rilistoire trajficjue ('■ sa niort, i\: pliisieiirs clioscs 
curieiiscs du nouveau moiule . . . r<j(li)4v!' <S: mis en orilre par M, 
(Ic Michel. lAit\i^e map. 121110, calf. Paris, 1713 

Joutel waH the only upright member of the I. a Sale party, iind his Jomiial may 
be relied on. 

'355 I Jou rKi. I Mr. Joutei/s Joukn.m. of his V()VA(;i, to Mkxuo : 
his Travels KijLjht hundred Leagues through Forty Nations of 
Indians in I.ouisana to C^anada : his Account of the great 
River Missasipi, i*v:c. Translated from the French. .!/<//. Svo. 
calf. London, 1719 

An Historical Journal of the late M. de la Sale's Last \'oyaj;e, which Park- 
man considers better than the Narratives of Cavelier or I >ouay. 

1^556 Juan et Ui.i.oa. V<)ya(;k HisTORiyuK de I'.Xmkriquk Mkri- 
KioNAi.b, . . et qui contient une Histoire des V'ncas du I'enni. 

Numerous maps and plates^ by Picart, e^•< 

2 vols., 4to, lialf 
.Amsterdam, 1752 

'357 Ji'ARKOS (Don Domingo). A Statisiu ai, and Commikciai, 
History of the Kincdom of Ouatkmai.a, in Spanish America : 
. . . with an Account of the Conquest of the Spaniards . . . 
Translated by J Haily. 2 maps. 8vo, half calf, gilt. London, i<S23 

'35''^ [JtiDAn (S. B. H.).] Gotham and the (Iothamitks. i6mo, 
half morocco, gilt top, uncut. New York, 1823 

A curious volume, which on its publication was rijjidiy suppressed, and the 
author imprisoned and lined. 

'359 JuNKiN (Cieorge). Politicai, Fallacies: an Examination of 
the False Assumptions . . . which have brought on this Civil 
War. Portrait. i2mo, cloth. New York, 1863 

ee ^ 

1360 Ty^ALM (P.). Travels into North America; containing 
l^^k its Natural History, and a circumstantial Account of 
its Plantations and Agriculture in general, with the 
Civil, Ecclesiastical and Commercial State of the Country. The 
Manners of the Inhabitants, and several curious and Important 
Remarks on various Subjects. By Peter Kalm. . . . Translated 
into English by John Reinhold Forster, F.A.S. Enriched with a 
Map, several Cuts for the Illustration of Natural History and 



some additional Notes. Map and (^ f>/alcs. 2 vols., .Hvo, half lalf, 
gilt. Loiulon, 1772 

Second Kilition. 

" A valiiaMe wfnk as njjards the Natural History, (ieography and State of the 
ciiimtry at tho tiiiif of the author's visit." 

1,561 K ANi (ICIisha Kent). Akc ric Kxim okations : the Secoiul 
(iriniiell K.xpeditioii in Search of Sir John I'ranklin, 1 '"^53-54 55. 
. . . Illustrated by upivards of Tfioen^raviiii^s. . . . 2 vols., 8vo, 
cloth. Philadelphia, 1S56 

1362 Kavk (Oltho). Ukschrvvinok Van hct Hcerlijcke ende (Icze- 

gende Landt (iUAjana, Waer inne gclegen is do ieer vooriianie 

l.aiU-streke genaemt Serrenaninie, ike. 4to, vellum. 

(Iraveidiage: //. //o/d/i/s, | 165 9] 
i'iiH' copy. 

i3^>,? Ilianr.l (T^tto lirnrns liuvtKC I2ntU)ui*ff Hon Xru- 

XlCtiriiauTi UllH ^Un|<ma. I'linander entKCKCii j>esetzt . . . 
.\iis dem llollandischen ins Hochtciitsche versetzt diirch T. R. 
(). S. (". S. 4to, red levant morocco extra, gilt leaves, by Brd/ord. 

i-cipzig, 1672 

" Ami wliHt lie [Kcyt'l iloes say is taken from Donck." — AsiiKU. 

1364 Ki:i rn ((k'orge). The I'kk.suvtkrian and iNUKPKNDr.N r \'is- 
iiii.K C'liiKCHis in Ni-'w-RNr,' and And else-where, IJroiiglit to the 
Test, and e.xamined . . . With .V Call and Warning from tiic 
Lord to the People of Boston and New-England, to Repent, \c. 
And two Letters to the Preachers in IJoston; and an Answer to 
the gro>s Abuses, Lies and Slanders of Increase Mather and Natli. 
Morton, &c. Small 8vo, half morocco, gilt. London, \(>()i 

1365 Kk.ihi. a Rii'I.v to Mr. Inckk.ask Matukk's Prinjkd Rk- 
MAKKs on a Sermon Preached by G. K. at Her Majesty's Chappel 
in Boston, the 14th of June, 1702. 4to, half morocco, title 
mounted. New York: }Vm Bradford, 1703 

1366 Kkith (Sir William). The History of the British Pi.anta- 
TioNS in America: with a Chronological Account of the most 
Remarkable Things which happen'd to the First Adventurers in 
their several Discoveries of that New World. Part L, Containing 
the History of Virginia, with Remarks on the Trade and Commerce 
of that Colony. 2 maps. 4to, cloth. A few leaves damaged. 

London, 1738 
This work was the first of an intended series of Colonial Histories, but no 
others ever appeared, 





i;/)7 Kill II, A Coi.i.F.CTioN of I'ai'kks and otlu-r 'I'racts. . . . 
I jmo, calf. London, 1740 

Zf}" See pp. if)S-2i4 for "A Disioiirsc on the present Stale of the IJrilish 
rinntalions in America," and other American topics. 

r.?68 Ki NNKDY (William). TrxAs; the Rise, l'rojj;ress and I'rospects 
of the l<e|nibli<- of Te.xas. 3 wa/>s. 2 vols., 8vo, calf. 

London, 1S41 

1.369 [Ki.NNKT' (White).] Kim.ioinF.c.K .Ami ruan.v. Pkimordia. 
An .Attempt towards layinj; the Foundation of ;in .American 
Library, in several Hooks, I'a|)ers ami \\'ritin;;s, luimhly ^jiven to 
the Society for IVopagation of the (lospel in Foreijjn Parts, for the 
perpetual Use and Benefit of their Members, 'heir Missionaries, 
I'Viends, ('()rres|iondents and Others concern'd ii theClood |)esij,ni 
of I'lantiny and i)romotinu; Christianity within her .Majesty's Colo- 
nies and I'lanlations in the W^est- Indies. By a Menberof the said 
Society. 4to, calf extra, gilt edges, by /'/•<?//. London, 171? 

" hi tiiis c'ltalogue will be found about tracts relating; to New- 
foundl.iiul ; about lifty concernin;; Virjjinia ; one humlrcil, or ciore, of New 
t'.njcland; and so on in proportion to the other cojojiics." — Prcfiuc. 

" This, as far as it goes, is the best Catalogue of liooks relating lo America 
i ant. the titles being copied at full length with the greatest exactness, together 
with name of the printer, and the number of pages in each volume. It unfortu- 
nately contains only the books given to the society by White Kcnncit, IJishop of 
Peterborough. It is rich in English tracts relating to New Kngland." — Kicil. 

The collection which it refers to has disappeared — some sc.ittercd and 
neglected rcm.ains of it we 'c fountl a few years since among the archives of the 
Society at I ambeth. 

i^36(;<? Kkk (Henry). Travels THRotum tlie Interior 
of the United States . . , 180S . . . 1816: with a particular 
description of a great part (;f Mexico . . . 8vo, calf. 

I-'.lizabethtown, N. J., 1816 

1370 Ki.uR (Robert). (Jenerai, Com.kci ion of VovAciK.sand 'I'kav- 
Ki.s . . . forming a complete History of the Origin and Progress 
of Navigation, Discovery and Commerce . . from the Earliest 
Ages. Maps and charts. 17 vols., 8vo, half calf. Pklinburgh, 181 1 

1371 [Kftchum.] Letters, Ai -idavits and other Documents upon 
which is based the Application for the Pardon of Edward B. 
Ketchum. 8vo, half blue morocco. New York, 1866 



1372 |KiiH). I The Arkain(;mf.nt, Tkyai,, and Condkmnaiion of 
Captain Wii.i.iam Kidd, for Murllieraml Piracy Upon Six several 
Indictments, at the Admiralty-Sessions, ... at the Old-Haiiy, 
on Tluirsd;"' the 8th, and Friday the 9th, of May, ryoi . . . as 
also, the 'I'ryals of Nicholas Churchill, James Howe, Robert Lam- 
ley, William Jenkins, . . . ^-c. Folio, vellum, by Matthmis. 

London, 1701 

Captain Kidd was employed by the Earl of Hellomont to act against the 

pirates who infested the North American coast in i(i(}6, but turned pirate iiim- 

self. He was afterwards taken at Hoston, sent to England, i led and hung with 

several others. 

L373 [KiDD.j A Fui.i, Acfouxr of the Proceedings in Ri-latiox 
to Cait. Kidd, In two Letters. Written by a Person of Quality 
to a Kinsman of the Earl of HelloiTiont in Ireland. 4to, vellum. 

London, 1701 

1374 KiDDKR (Frederic.) The Discovery of North America by 
John Cahot, \ First Chapter in the History of North America. 
Map. Svo. Poston: rrivately printed, 1878 

1375 KiNc; (Clarence). Mountaineering in the Sierra Nevada 
. . . Fourth edition. ]Vith maps (2) and additions. Svo, calf 
extra, gilt top. Poston, 1874 

Presentation copy with autograph letter of the author inserted. 

1376 KiNx; (Kdward). The Creat South : a Record of Journeys 
in Louisiana, Te.xas, the Indian Territory, iIvc, iVc. J'n'/iise/y 
illustrated by C/iainpiiey. Koyal Svo, sheep. Hartford, 1S75 

1377 King (Richard). Narrative of a Journey to the Shores of 
the Arctic Ocean in 1833-5, under the command of Capt. Pack. 
Fronfispicces and map. 2 vols., crown Svo, half calf, gilt. 

London, 1S36 

1378 King (T, Butler). Lettre a son E.xc. M. le Ministre du Com- 
merce. Svo, uncut. Paris, 1S61 

1379 [Kippis.J Considerations on the Provisional Treaty with 
America, and the preliminary Articles of Peace with France and 
Spain. Svo, half morocco. London, 1783 

1380 Knight (Madame) and Buckingham (Rev. Mr.). Journals 
of, from the Original Manusi ripts, written in 1704 & 1710. 
lamo, half morocco. New York, 1825 



1381 Kxowi.Es (James Sheridan). The Likk of . . . by liis son 
Richard Brinslky Knowles. [Revised and edited by Francis 
Harvey.] 4to, green morocco extra, gilt leaves, by /i/iit/r. 

London, 1872 

Only 25 copies privately printetl, at the Chiswick Press, for James McHenry, 

For the visit of J. S. Knowles to the United States in 1S34, see p. 118. 

1382 Knox (Henry). Lifk and Correspondenxe of . . . By 
F'rancis S. Drake. Portrait. 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1873 

'^'S'^Z [Knox.] An Historical Journal of the Campaigns in 
North-America, for The Years 1757, 1758, 1759 and 1760 : con- 
taining The Most Remarkable Occurrences of that Period; par- 
ticularly The Two Sieges of Quebec, dire, ivc. ... By Captain 
John Knox. ^J/<// ami 2 portraits, 2 vols., 4to, calf. 

London, 1 769 

" A very valuable collection of materials towards a History of our Late War, 
and Conquests in America, as well as for a Description and Natural History of 
the L'ountry, in which this attentive and industrious author personally served; and 
the hest original authority for the death of Wolfe and the Conquest of Canada." 

—J/. R,-i(-.L'. 

1384 [Knox (William).] The Controversy between Great 
Britain and her Colonies Reviewed ; the several pleas of the 
Colonies in Support of their Right to all the Liberties and Privi- 
leges of British Subjects, and to Exemption from the Legislative 
Authority of Parliament, stated and considered; and the Nature of 
their Connection with, and Dependence on. Great Britain, shewn 
upon the Evidence of Historical Facts and Authentic Records. 
8vo, calf. London, 1769 

The I'hiladelphia publisher of this work [Mr. Mein] is also put forward as the 
author, for which he was supposed to have been persecuted by Mr. Hancock. 

1385 KoHL (J. G.). A Descrii'tive Catalogue of those Maps, 
Charts and Surveys relating to America, which are mentioned 
in Vol. HL of Hakluyt's Great Work. 8vo. Washington, 1857 

1386 KuRZER CATECHisMUsVoretlicheGemeinen Jesu Ausder Refor- 
mirten Religion In Pennsylvania Diesich zum altcn Berner Synodo 
halten : ! erausgegeben von Joannes Bechteln Diener des Worts 
Gottes. i2mo, morocco extra, gilt edges, by Pratt. 

P iii 1 at) e 1 p h i a : Beiija min Pi a nk/in, 1742 






AP.OULAYE (Edouard). Les Etats-Unis et la France 
[with an English translation]. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Paris and Boston, 1862 

1388 Laboulaye. Why the North Cannot Accept of Separation. 
8vo. New York, 1863 

13S9 [Labrador. I Nkhiro-Iriniui aianiihe Massinahigan, Shatshe- 
gutsh, iMitinekapitsh, Iskuamiskutsh, Netshekatsh, Misht', Assi- 
nitsh, Shekutimitsh, Ekuanatsh, Ashuabmushiianitsh, Piakuaga- 
mitsh, Gaie missi missi nehiro-iriniui Astshitsh ka tatjits, ka 
kueiasku aiamihatjits ka utshi. 8vo, calf, morocco case, pp. 96. 

Uabistiguiatsh [Quebec], 1767 

1390 [Lai'.radok.] Nkhiro-Irinmui . 

Another copy. 8vo, calf. 
Uabistiguiatsh, 1707 

1391 Lacour (Louis). Mkmoire du Voiage en Russie fait en 1586 
par Jehan Savvage; suivi de TExpedition de Fr. Drake en Amerique 
a la meme epoque. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top. I'aris, 1855 

Only 150 copies printed. 

1392 aact (Joannes tit). Ucadji'iibinflijc uan WBtnU 

KntltCn. . . . tweede druck : in ontallijcke plaetsen verbetert, 
vermeerdert, met eenige nieuwe Caerten, beelden, van verschey- 
den dieren ende planten verciert. Frontispiece and 14 maps of 
America, in addition to many woodcut illustrations. Folio, half calf. 

Leyden: Elzeviers, 1630 
Best edition. 

1393 Laet. Not.e ad Dissertationem Hugonis Grotii, de Ori- 
GiNE Gentium Americanu.m: et Observationes aliquot ad tneli- 
orem indagincm difficillim;u illius Quii^stionis. Responsio ad 
Dissertationem Secundani, &C. Small 8vo, vellum. 

Amstelodami: Ludo. Elzevir, 1643-4 

First part, pp. i to 223. Second part, two preliminary leaves, pp. i to 116, 
Index, &c., pp. 

1394 [Lakavetie.] L'Esprit des Usages et des Coutumes des 
differens peuples. 3 vols., 8vo, calf. Londres [Paris], 1785 

From the library of Lakaykxtk, with his arms on the covers, and book-stamp 
on the title-pages, also ccrtilicate of his grandson Edmund. 



'395 [Lafayette. J A Complete History of the Marquis de 
Lafayeite . . . embracing an Account of his late Tuur through 
the United States. Plate of the landing at Castle Garden, 1824. 
8vo, calf. New York, 1826 

1396 [ I^afayet rE.] Eulogy on Lafayette, delivered in Faneuil 
Hall, , . . September 6, 1834. By Edward Everett. Illus- 
trated. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut edges. Boston, 1834 

Unkjie coi'V, with 17 portraits and 8 views inserted. 

1397 Lai iTAU (Joseph Francois). Histoire des Dkcouvektes et 
CoNQUESTEs des PoRTUGAis dans le NouvEAu Monde. Frontis- 
piece, map and \^ plates. 2 vols., 4to, calf. I'aris, 1733 

1398 Lafitau (P.). McEURS des Sauvages Ameriquains, com- 
parces aux Moeurs des jiremiers tem[)s. Frontispiece, vignette, map 
and .\i plates. 2 vols., 410, calf. Paris, 1724 

1399 La Gloiue de S. Ursule divisee en deux parties. La premiere 
contient THistoire & Martyre des onze mille Vierges ... La 
deuxieme est un abrege de la vie d'acunes filles de S. Ursule . . . 
Recueillie par un i'ere de la Compagnie de Jesus. 4to, vellum, 

Valentiennes: J. Boucher, 1659 
The L'rsuhnes of Canydi are noticed on pp. 229-315. 
Very rare : see Harrisse's Notes. No. 106. 

1400 Lahontan (Baron). New Voyages to North America. 
Contauiing an Account of the several Nations of that vast Con- 
tinent ... A Geographical Description of Canada . . . .\ 
Dictionary of the Algonkine Language, &c. 23 maps and cuts. 
2 vols., 8vo, calf. London, 1703 

First English edition of a book in which " almost all the proper names are dis- 
torted, most of the facts disfigured, and entire episodes are pure fiction." 

1401 Lahontan. Nouveaux Voyages . . . dans rAmeritpie Sep- 
tentrionale, &c. Maps and plates. 2 vols., i2mo, calf. 

La Haye, 17 15 

1402 [Lamb.] Memoir of the Life and Times of General John 
Lamb, an Officer of the Revolution, who commanded the Post at 
West Point at the Time of Arnold's Defection, and his Correspond- 
ence with Washington, Clinton, ivc. Jiy Isaac Q. Leake. Por- 
trait and )naps. 8vo, half calf. .Mbany, 1850 

A graphic narrative of the proceedings of the " Sons of Liberty" prior to and 
during the Revolutionary War. 

' \ 



1403 Lamb (R.). An Okiginai, and Authentic JouRNALof Occur- 
RF.NCKs (luring the late Amf.rican War, from its Commencement 
to the Year 1783. 8vo, half morocco. Dublin, 1809 

1404 I, AMI!. Memoir of his Own Life. 8vo, half morocco. 

Dublin, 181 1 
The author was engaged durinp the American War, as Sergeant in the Royal 
Welsh Fusileers, and was captured at Saratoga. 

1405 Langeac (Chevalier de). Colomb dans les fers, a Ferdinand 
et Isabelle, aprcs la Decouverte de I'Amerique ; . . . precedee 
d'un Precis historique sur Colomb. Frontispiece, and 2 vignettes 
by Marillier. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut edges. 

Londres, 1782 

1406 Langsdorif (G. H. Von). Voyages and Travels in various 
parts of the World, 1803-7. Map and 20 plates. 2 vols., 4to, 
half calf, gilt. London, 1813-14 

Minus plate 9, Vol. I. 

An amusing account of Krusenstern's Voyage divested of all nautical matters. 
See Quart. Rev., IX., 433-43. XI., 285-304. Saint Francisco, pp. 172-218. 

1407 Laon (L de, Siciir Daigrentont). Relation du Voyage des 
Francois fait au Cap de Nord en Amerique, par les soings de la 
Compagnie establie a Paris, & sous la conduite de M. de Royville, 
&c. Large folded map. Small 8vo, red levant morocco extra, gilt 
leaves. Paris, 1654 

1408 [La Pi.apa.] Notes on the Viceroyalty of La Plata, in South 
America. Portrait, map, chart and -r^ plans. 8vo, half calf, gilt. 

London, 1808 

1409 Larraiuzar (Manuel). Noticia Historica de Soconusco y 
su Licorporacion ala Rfpublica Mexicana. i2mo, half morocco. 

Mexico, 1843 

1410 [ILa.Q <if»lB«lJ8.] A collection of the original tracts, as follows: 

I. UcdH'jS.Qtma relation de la destruycion de las Indias . . . 
[with the additional four leaves]. 54 leaves in all. 1552 

II. A qui se contiene una disputa o controversial entre el Obispo 
do fray Barlholome de las Casas . . . y el doctor Ginesde 
Sepulueda. 61 leaves. 1552 

III A qui se cotiene treynta proposiciones muy juridicas. 10 
leaves. 1552 



IV, Este es un tratado . . . sobre la materia de los yndins 


() y 







36 leaves. 


V. Entre los remcdios . . . para rcformacio de las Indias . . . 
[53 leaves.] 1552 

VI. Tratado cOprobatorio del Imperio soberano y principado uni- 
versal que los Reyes de CastlUa y Leon tienen sobre las indias 
... So leaves. 1553 

Si.\ parts. 4to, red morocco, gilt leaves. [Seville], 1552-53 

141 ■ [Has (ifrasa.s.l 

A duplicate of No. 6, as above, unbound. 

Seville, 1553 

1412 [ILclS (tHUHU.] Aqui se contiene una disputa, o controvcrsia: 
entre el Obispo don fray Bartholome de las Casas . . . y el doc- 
tor Gines de Sepulueda . . . sobre q el doctor cotendia, que las 
conquistas de las Indias contra los Indios eran licitas, y cl ()I)ispo 
por el contrario defcndio y affirino aver sido y fer impossible nt) 
serlo: tyranic as injustas et iniciuas, &c. 4to, red levant morocco 
extra, gilt edges, by Hardy. Vallad., 155;: 

Fine copy. Sec notes on Columbus, p. 10, Xo. 3. 

A variation of this edition, having eleven lines in the colophon instead of nine, 
and many other peculiarities, including a different border for the title-page. 

1413 [Las Casas.J Rrkvissima Rklaciox de la Destruycion de las 
Indiiis: colegida por el Obispo don Fray Bartolome de las Casas, 
I) Casaus, de la Orden de Santo Domingo. 4to, vellum, rough 
leaves (p. 212 misplaced). Ano 1552 

See No. 83 of the John Carter Brown catalogue, cd. of iSf)?. 

This edition was published by Antonio l.acaualleria, of Barcelona. 1646. antl 
the above copy lacks title and tlie leaf of License following. For further identi- 
fication, note the following errors in pagination, ly for 2S, 1S7 for 17S, 205 for 
206 and 156 and 170 unnumbered. 

1414 Has (ifasas (Uai-tljolomcUi He), rijr Spanfsi) (t^\- 

OUlt, or Briefe Chronicle of the Acts and gestes of tlie Spaniaidcs 
in the West Indies, called the newe World, for the space of xl 
yeeres , . , and nowe first translated into english by M. M. S, 
4to, red levant morocco e.xtra, gilt edges, by BeJfoid. 

London, 15^3 

Fine copy. 

1415 [Las Casas.] Narratio Regionim Indicarum per Hispanos 
quosdam devastatarum veiissmia: prius quidem tr Episcopum 
Bartholem;v;um Casaum natione Hispanum Hispanicc conscripta & 

2 I 2 


Anno 1 55 1. Hispali, Hispanicc, Anno vero hoc 159S. Latinc 

cxciisa. J'Jh^rai'vd title aihi x"^ ctc/itJi^^s />y ifr Brv d int / odo a lli^^iii', 

4to, morocco antique, gilt leaves. 

Francofiirti : 7'. Jc Bry <^ Jo. Saurii, 159S 
Fine copy. 

i4'fi 17i.c1S ©asas.] .apCrflljrl Tier SpacnSCijCC tyrannye in 

West-Indien. Waer inne verhaelt wort de moordadijje schandc- 
ijciic ende jj^rouwelijcke seyten die de selve Spaenj>iaerden };iie- 
l)riiyckt hebben inde selve Landen. Mitsgaders de beschryvinghe 
vander ghelegentheyt seden ende aert vande selfde Landen ender 
Volcken, Map of America on title. 4to, polished calf, by Bedford. 

Amstelredani, 1610 

141 7 Las Casas. Narratio Rkgionum Indicarum per Hispanos 
quosdam devastatarum verissima, &c, Eupaved border to tith\ and 
17 rx(/itisite ete/iiz/xs I'v Jodocus a lViiii:;/ie, &'c. 4to, calf, gilt edges. 

Oppenheimii : /. Bry, 1614 

1418 [Las Casas. I Ai.legatione per confirmare quanto si scrive 
nell' Annotationi alT Aiiviso di Parnaso, al nuniero 57. Cavata 
dalla Vita di F. Hartolomeo dalla Casa . . . descritta da F. 
Michele I'io IJoIognese. 4to, pp. 22. Antopoli, 162 1 

1419 T,AS Casas. A Rklation of the First Voyages and Discov- 
eries ^L1de by the Spaniards in America, with an Account of 
their iinparallel'd Cruelties on the Indians, in the destruction of 
above Forty Millions of People, &c. With 22 illustrations con- 
tained on 2 plates. 8vo, calf. London, 1699 

1420 Las Casas. An Account of the First Voyages and Discov- 
eries made by the Spaniards in America. 16 illustrations on one 
plate. 8vo, calf. London, 1699 

The text is the same v.-, the other edition of this date. The title differs in this, 
and the Table of Contents is missing. 

I r^ 

1 42 1 Las Casas. New Laws of the Indies, &c. 

I. Carta del Senor don frey Bartolome de las Casas al Ilhistre y 
Muy Magnifico stnor don Mercurino Arborio de Gattinara . . . 
q se conceda la provincia del cenu q se cuente entre la trra q 
se le senalare pa poner remedio a los agravios de los yndios en 
la trra fir me. Ano de mdxx. 6 leaves. 1520 

II. Memorial de Don Diego Colon . . . sobre la conversion 










Ire y 

[ra q 
Is en 



. . . de las gentes de las yndias . . . por pte del clcrigo 
Casas. 6 leaves. 1520 

III. Carta de Hernando Cortez . . . parescer acerca de los 
repartimientos de los yndios, (S:c. 6 leaves. 1542 

IV. Car I A (le ainonestacio del ... las Casas , . . y reme- 
clios de las injusticias y agravios de los yndios. 5 leaves. 1545 

V. Carta de . . . las Casas . . . mostrando sa parecer sobre 
de q no se vendiesen los reparliniientos o encomiendas de los 
yndios. 1 1 lea^e; , 1554 

VI. Parksckr o ')ki'krminacio de los senores theologos de 
Salamanca sobre de que no deben ser baptizados los yndios. 
7 leaves. 1541 

The above 6 Tracts, beautifully printed by Whittingham in black- 
letter, with Introductions by Henry Stevens. 4to, limpnjorocco. 

London, 1854 

( )nly a small edition printed. 

1422 Latassa (Don Felix de). Bibi.iotheca Antkiua (y 
de los EscRiTORES Aragonesks, 1 5 ro- 1 795 . Portrait and 2 plates. 
7 vols, <Svo, calf. Zaragonza y Pamplona, 1796-uSoi 

1423 Lathrop (John). A Sermon preached to the Ancient and 
Honorahi.k ARriLLERV Company in Boston, New-England, June 
6th, 1774. 8vo, half calf. Boston, 1774 

1424 Latire (P. A. de). Campagnes des Francais a Saint-Dom- 
iNGUE, et Refutation des reproches faits au Capitaine-General 
Rochambeau. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. Paris, 1805 

MS. notes by (?) 

4 1425 Latour {Major A. L.). Historical Memoir of the War in 
West Florida and Louisiana in 1 814-15. With an Atlas. By 
Major A. Lacarriere Latour . . . Written originally in French, 
and Translated for the Author, by H. P. Nugent, Esq. Portrait 
and 8 maps. 2 vols., 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. 

Philadelphia, 1816 
The second volume contains the S maps alone, all mounted on linen. 
" Major Latour's narrative of the military events is minute and interesting, anil 
thf appendix contains an invaluable collection of state papers." — N. A. Review. 

1426 Laujon (A. P. M.). Precis Historique de la Derniere 
Expi^DiTioN de Saint-Domingue. 8vo, half calf. Paris, (1809 ?) 
Leclercq, S55. 



1427 [F.Ai'RKNs.] Hknry LauuI'.ns. | Petition, T .cttcTs, iVc. | Svo, 
lialt" morocco, gilt top. Morri.sania, 1866 

I'livately printcil by Henry H. Dawson. 

i.}28 Lauzun (Due de). Mkmoirks du . . . (r 747-1 7S3) pul)lics 

enticrement ecjiiformes au Maiuiserit avec iin IHiide siir la Vie de 

PAuteur . . . par Louis Lacour. Post Svo, half morocco, gilt 

top, Paris, 11.S58 

Second..- I'.dition, s.ans suppressions cf aiigmentt'e d'une preface et de notes nou- 

1429 Laws().\ (John). A New Voyagk to Caromna ; Containing 
the Exact Description and Natural History of that Country : 
Together with the Present State thereof ; And a Journal O'f a 
Thousand Miles, Travel'd thro' several Nations of Indians. Giv- 
ing a particular Account of their Customs, Manners, &c. 410, half 
calf. London, 1709 

1430 [Lay and Sandiforo.] Memoirs of the Lives of Benjamin 
Lay and Ralph Sandikord ; one of the earliest public Advocates 
for the Emancipation of the Enslaved Africans. Py Roberts 
Vaux. rottrait. i2mo, half morocco, uncut. Philadelphia, 1815 

Autograph letter of Vaux inserted. 

1431 Le Beau (Sr. C). Avantures du . . . ou Voyage curieux 
et nouveau, parmi les Sauvages de I'Amerique Septentrionai.e. 
Dans le cjuel on trouvera une Description du Canada. Map and 6 
fine cti/ii/i}:;s. 2 vols., i2mo, calf, gilt. Amsterdam, 1738 

1432 Le Blanc (Vincent). The World Surveyed ; or, The Famous 
Voyages &: Travailes of Vincent Le Blanc, or White, of Mar- 
seilles . . . rendred into English by F. B. Portrait. Folio, 
calf. London, 1660 

For North and South America, and the West Indies, see pp. 327-407. 

1433 Le Blanc. Another copy, cut down, and portrait mounted. 
Folio, half russia. London, 1660 

1434 Lechkori) (Thomas). Plain Dealing ; or, Newes from New- 
England. A short view of New-Englands present Government, 
both Ecclesiasticall and Civil, compared with the anciently-received 
and established Government of England, in some materiall points; 
fit for the gravest consideration in these times. Small 4to, half 
russia. London, 1642 

Fine copy. 



143s I Lk.chford.] New-Enoi,ands Advice to Oi.d-Kngi, and. Or, 
Some Observations upon New Enj^lands Governnient, compared 
with the Ancient (iovernment of Old-England, &c. 410, sprinkled 
calf, gilt leaves, by Riviere^ side margins close-cropped. 

Printed in the Yeere 1644 
The running title is " Plaine dealing, Newes from New Kngl.ind." 

1436 1,1: Ci.ERCQ (Chrestien). Nolvkm.k Rk.latidn de la (iAsPKsiK, 
(jiii contient I,cs Mcjcurs i!v: la Religion des Sauvages (iasi)csiens 
I'orte-Croix, adorateurs du Soliel (!v: d'autres Peiiples de rAmerit|ue 
Septentrionale, dite le Canada. Small 8vo, calf extra, by Kiviere. 

Paris, 1 69 1 

1437 Leclkrc (Ch.). Bnu.ioTHECA Amkricana. Catalogue Rai- 
sonne d'une tres-precieuse Collection de Livres anciens et mo- 
dernes sur I'Amerique et les Philippines. 8vo, half morocco, gilt 
top. Paris, 1S67 

1438 Lk Ci.ERCQ (Father Christian). First Estarlishmknt of the 
Faith in New France . . . now first translated, with Notes by 
Jc^hn Gilmary Shea. Portraits of Cartier, C/ianip/ai/i, ks'c. 2 vols., 
royal 8vo, uncut. New York, 1881 

Only a small edition printed. No, 119. 

1439 I.EDERER (John). The Discoveries of. In three several Marches 
from Virginia, To the West of Carolina, And other parts of the 
Continent. Begun in March, 1669, and ended in September, 1670. 
To;:;ether with a General Map 0/ the whole Territory which he 
traversed. Collected and 'I'ranslated out of Latine from his Dis- 
course and Writings, by Sir William Talbot. 4to, half russia. 

London, 1672 
Fine copy. 

i439(? Lee {Bishop Alfred). [A Biographical Sketch, Memorial 
Sermon, &c.] Portrait. 8vo, cloth, uncut. Philadelphia, 1888 

1440 Lee (Arthur). Life of . . . with his Political and I^iterary 
Correspondence, and his Papers on Diplomatic and Political Sub- 
jects ... By Richard Henry Lee. 2 vols., 8vo, boards, uncut. 

Boston, 1829 

1441 [Lee (Gen. Chas.).] Strictures on a Pamphlet entitled a 
" Friendly Address to all reasonable Americans, on the subject of 
our Political Confusions." 8vo, half morocco. New London, 1775 

Second edition, witli an " Advertisement wrote by .1 Gentleman in Connecti- 



1442 T.KF, (C'.). rROCF.F.DINdS of .1 CiKNKRAI, CoURT M.\R IIAI., Held 

at Brunswick, in the State of New-Jersey, i)y Order of Ftis I'-xcei- 
lency, (leneral Washinj^ton, Commander in Chief of tlic Army of 
the United States of America, for the Trial of Major (leneral I.ce, 
July 4th, 1778, Major (leneral Lord Stirling, Presiiient. Royal 
8vo, half morocco, uncut. Cooperstown, N. Y., 1823 

The very rare reprint of the trial of Cicneral Lee, of which a few copies only 
were privately printed. 

1443 [I'KE.] The LiFK and Mkmoiks of the late Major (If.nkkai. 
Lkk, second in command to Cicneral Washin<j;ton, durinji; the 
American Revolution, to which are adiled, his Political and Military 
?>ssays; also, Letters, &c. i2mo, half morocco. New York, 181 3 

1444 Lkk. Obhkrvations on the Writings of Thomas Jkffkkson, 
with Particular Reference to the Attack they contain on the Mem- 
ory of the Late (len. Henry Lee. In a Series of Letters, by LL 
Lee. Second edition, with an Introduction and Notes by Charles 
Carter Lee. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. 

Philadelphia : J. Dobs,ou, 1839 

Tiie first eilitiun has become very rare, mainly on account of its havinfj been 
rij;idly suppressed, ami as far as possible destroyed throujjhout Virjjinia. 'J'he 
worshippers of the memory of Jefferson could not such an expose, and there- 
fore it was doomed to liestruction. 

1445 Lkk (Henry). Mkmoirs of the War in the Southkrn Depart- 
ment of the Uniiei) States . . . with Notes and Additions by 
H. Lee. 8vo, sheep. Washington, 1827 

1446 [Lkk. I Memoir of the Lifk of Rkiiako Hknry Lkk, and his 
Correspondence with the most Distinguisiied Men in America and 
Europe, Illustrative of their Characters and of the Events of the 
American Revolution. By his Grandson, R. H. Lee. Portrait. 
2 vols., 8vo, half iiiorocco, gilt tops, uncut, rough edges. 

Philadelphia, 1825 

1447 Lefebvre (Rene). Paris en Amerique. Post Svo, half mco. 

Paris, 1863 

1448 I Legoett (William).] Leisure Hours at Sea: being a few 
Miscellaneous Poems. By a Midshipman of the United States 
Nav,. Portrait inserted. i2mo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut 
edges. New York, 1825 


2 I 7 

1449 I-Ki.ANi) (Cliarles (1.). Kuswr,, or the nisi:()vt'ry of America 
by Chinese Bucklhist Priests in the Fifth Century, isnio, cloth. 

New York, 1875 

1450 [Lf.o Akkicanus. I HisTOkiALE DKsckiprioN (le TAirkjuk 
tierce partie du monde . . . Escrite de notre tenis par Jean Leon 
African, premierement en lanj^ue Arabescjue, puis en Toscane, & 
a present mise en Franyois [by Jean Temporal and others). Ma/>s 
ami curious ivoinicuts. 2 vols., folio, calf. 

Lyon: J. Tcm[<oritly 1556 
Contains the voyages of Dedemoste, P. de Sintre, Vasco dc (Jama, Varlhtma, 
Alvaraz, the Letters of Vespucius, &c., &c 
From the Andrade Library, No. 1,831. 

145 1 [Lko. I JoAXNis Leonis Akkicani, de totins Africx- descrip- 
tione, Libri IX. Qiiibus non soUmi .Africa; reji^ioniim, iiisulariim 
. . . memoria; traditas, copiose descripsit, recens in Latinam 
linguam conversi Joan F'loriano Interprete. Small Svo, old red 
morocco. .Antwerpia;, 1556 

Coat-of-arms painted on vellum fly-leaf. 

1452 Leon (Edwin de). La Veritc sur les Etats Confedi'res 
d'AMKRiQUE. Portrait. Svo, uncut. Paris, 1862 

1453 I Leonard.] Massachuskttknsis: or a Series of Letters con- 
taining a faithful state of many important and striking facts, 
which laid the foundation of the Present Troubles in the Province 
of the Massachusetts-i:{ay ... By a Person of Honor upon the 
Spot. Svo, calf. London, 1776 

Also in this volume : 

Speech of Edmund Burke [Feb. 11, 1780]. London, 1780 

Give Us Our Rights ! A Letter ... by John Cartwright. 

London, 1782 
[TicKELL.J Anticipation . . . with Notes. Fourth Fklition. 

London, 1778 
Articles of Peace. Report of the Debates. London, 1783 

1454 Leon y Gama (Antonio). Descripcion Historica y Crono- 
logica de las Dos Piedras que con ocasion del nuevo empedrado 
que se esta formando en la Plaza principal de Mexico, se hallaron 
en ella el ano de 1790 . . . con Notas . . . Bustamente. Svo, 
half morocco. Mexico, 1832 

Second edition, with 5 large folded plates. 



1455 |1!LcrCJ)rC.J 1£(U nrUlUr iritUllfl, wiciles Kilni^saiis/ I'oitu- 
jfjils Schiflk'iit ciiit-ii jirosscn iiiami liabcn zii wt'Kfiibraclit, lu-is/t 
Christian jj^ross Iiulia, wiecr sich vcrmahclliiat, iiiit ciiit-r Jimck- 
frawcn die Christenhcit Kiiropa jicnannt, wunit seiii icibmit scincii 
jilidcriiiin anfaii>; scliimplTlich Ix-schreiben, al)er zu'i-tft Christciiliih 
aiifs;^ck'jj;t, Audi wic tlic Jiiiickfraw die Cliristcnlicit Kiiropa iin 
wcrdc Kinder jjel)eren, und in eiiier Kurtzcn zeit aiiff wachsscn. 
iind im beiffen kriegen wider den Turcken und alle un;;leid)iji;en. 
Dises j^rossen mans iind seines )j[eniabels bedesittiinj^ wiirt I'iirist- 
enlich ausz Relent, dun-li Laur Lerchen von,ij;en. 410, 
morocco anticjue, jjilt edges, by J lay day. \ 1546] 

B. A. v., No. 2()y. 

1456 I,KS Hi.ANCs et i.KS NoiRs en Americiuc et le Coton dans les 
Deux Mondes. 8vo, uncut. I'aris, 1862 

1457 [l,KSCARBOT (Marc). J Nova Francia: Or tiie Description of 
that part of New France, which is one continent witii Virginia. 
Described in the three late Voyages and IMantation maile by 
Monsieur de Monts, Monsieur du I'ont-Clravc and Monsieur de 
I'outrincourt, into the countries called by the I'renchnien La 
Cadie . . . Translated ... by P. E[rondclleJ. 410, calf extra, 
gilt leaves, Londini, i6oy 

Fine copy. "^ 

145S I,ist.ARROT. HiSToiRK dc la Nouvki.i.k-Franck, Contenant 
k's navigations, decouvertes, iV habitations faites par les Francois 
cs Indes Occidentals & Nouvelle-France. 4 folded maps. I-i.s 
Musks de la Nouveli.k France. 2 vols, in r. Small 8vo, blue 
calf extra, gilt leaves. I'aris, i6i8 

I'ine copy. 

1459 Lf.scar 
8vo, en"" 

',es Musks de la Nouvki.i.k Franck , . . Small 

i'aris, 161 2 

1460 .vHOT. Le Taiu.kau ile la Slmssk et autres aliiez de la 

France es hautes Allemagnes. Ancjuel sont descrites les singu- 
larites des Alpes, &; rapportees les diverses .Mliances des Suisses: 
particulierement celles qu'ils ont avec la France. 4to, vellum. 

Paris, 1618 

On the fly-leaf is a sonnet in the autograph of I.escarbot, relative to this work, 
addressed to " M. d'Escure, Mart'chal de camp des armees de France." 

Ami; Kit ANA. 

2 19 

1461 I.ishk <///(/ Fosri K. The I.riK. aiul VoVAtws of Ami uuus 
\'ksi'1 i.ius ; with Ilhistrations coiucrniny the Navigator, and 
thf Discovery of Jie New World, liy C. iMlvvards Lester and 
Anilrew Foster. J'otttaii and pialcs. 8vc), iialf morocco. 

New Haven, 1S52 

Cimtnins alsi. ■ An aoi'diint of tlio (lisooveries of Vasco di' (laniM, Ijcyoml tlic 
(ape of (iood Hope; I.cttiTS of Paolo Toscani'lli to ('ohimhus; Maii:o I'olo and 
his Travels; iVc. 

1462 1,1. Si;iur. (M.). I.e Noivkau MoNfn:. Poeme. 2 vols, 1 21110, 
half morocco, uncut. a Eleutheropolis [i'arisj, 1781 

1463 Lk SnuK. l,e Nouvkau Mondk, ou Chkistophk Coi.omm. 
I'oeme . . . Nouvelle Fdition, enticrcinent refoiuhie et corrij^ee. 
Svo, calf. Uamaged by water. Paris, [i8oo| 

1464 I,KS VERiTAin.KP MoiiKsde MKssiKURset Damks de la Socikt!'; 
de NosiKK Damk de Pour le Conversion des Suavajjes 
de la Nouvelle France. 4t(), vellum. [ Paris), 1643 

llarrisse's Notes. No. 79. 

1465 1,1 iKKA, de la nohil cipta : novamente ritrovata alle Indie con 
li costuini iS: modi del fuo Re <.V foi ])opuli ; la modi del fuo 
adorarc con la bella vfanza de la donne loro : (Jv: de la dua persona 
afrodite donate da quel Re al Capitano nc larniata. 4to, S pp. 

•--- ^ \ 1 . • .. i\ _-_ 


half morocco 

Ri'priiu Milan 1839? 

Data in Peru, 15,54 

1466 LiviTKR (A) From A Gknti-kman of the Ci rv of Nkw-Yokk 
To Another, Concerning the Troubles which happen'd in That 
Province in the Time of the late Happy Revolution. 4to, half 
morocco. New York : IViZ/iian Bitui/orJ, iCf)^ 

Fine copy, thouj" the last leaf is soiled. 

1467 Lkptkr (A) concerning Lihei.s, Warrants and the Si.izim<k of 

Papkrs . . . [By "the Father of Candor."] cSvo. half morocco. 

J.ondon, 1764 
^^' Page 57. Reference to the Zenger Trial. 

1468 Lftikr (A) from an American, now res'-'^.-ii in London, to a 
Member of Parliament, on the subject of the Rk.straining Proc- 
lamation; and containing Strictures on Lord Sheftield's Pamphlet 
on the Commerce of the U. S. 8vo, half morocco. 

London, 1784 



1469 Lkttre Cikcui.iare de la Mort de la Reverf.npk Mkre 
Catherine de H. Aucustin, Religieuse Hospitaliere de Quebec, 
decedee le 8 May, 1668. Post 8vo (pp. 50), vellum. [i(j68J 

In the Jtsuit Relation of 1669 there is an account of the death of the Reverend 
Mother, which is taken from a letter printed expressly to be sent to the members 
of the Order, the seat of which was at Caen, in Normandy. No other copy of the 
letter has heretofore been described. 

1470 [Levis.] Sixty Years of the Life of Jeremy Lewis. 2 vols., 
i2mo, sheep. New York, 1831 

147 1 Lewis (Matthew Gregory, "Mofik"). Journal of a West 
Lndia Troprietor, ,pt during a residence in Jamaica. Svo, 
half calf, gilt. London, 1834 

14,2 Lewis. Orderly Book of the American Army stationed at 
or near Williamsburg, Va., under the Command of Gen. Andrew 
Lewis, from March 18, 1776,10 August 28, 1776; printed from the 
original Manuscript, with Notes, &c., by Charles Campbell, Esq. 
Small 4to, half morocco, uncut. Richmond, Va., i860 

Only 100 copies privately printed. No i. 

1473 [Lewis <?//(/ Clark.] Message from the President of the 
Uni TED States, communicating Discoveries made in exploring 
the Missouri, Red River and Washita, by Captains Lewis and 
Clark, Doctor Sibley and Mr. Dunbar . . . Svo, half morocco. 

Washington, 1806 

1474 Lewis (///r/ Clark. Travels to the Source of the Missouri 
River, and across the American Continent to the Pacific Ocean in 
1804-6. Maps. 3 vols., 8vo, half calf. London, 1817 

1:^" See Ai.LEN. 

1475 Liancourt (Duke de la Rochefoucault). Travels through 
the LTnitei) States of North America, the Country of the 
Irocjuis, and Upper Canada, in the Years 1795, 1796 and 1797. 
with an Authentic Account of Lower Canada, 3 maps. 2 vols., 
4to, half calf. London, 1799 

1476 LiGON (Richard). A True (S: Exact History Of the Island 
of Rarhados . . , Together with the Ingenio that makes the 
Sugar . , , (S:c. Map and () plates. Folio, calf. London, 1657 

Autograph of Thomas t'otton, 1657. 


2 2 1 

1477 [I.iNcoi N.] The Assassination of Auraham Lincoln . . , 
and the Attempted Assassination of William H. Seward . . . 
and Frederick W. Seward . . . on the cvcninsj; of tiie 14th of 
April, 1865. Expressions of Condolence and Sympathy, iK:c. 
Portrait. 4to, half morocco. Washington, 1867 

147.S Lincoln Obsequies. Obsf.quies of Abraham Linccmn in the 
City of New York. By I). 'W Valentine. Port rait ami iiiittJ 
plates. Royal 8vo, morocco, j^ilt leaves. New York, 1866 

1479 [Lincoln.] Trial of the Conspirators for the Assassina- 
tion of Prksident Lincoln, &c. Argument of John A Bing- 
ham. 8vo, half calf. Washington, 1S65 

Also in this vol., An .\rgumknt to establish the illegality of 
Military Commissions in the U. S. . . . by Reverdy Johnson. 

lialtimore, 1S65 

Also, Opinkjn on the Constitutional Power of the Military, 
to Try and Execute the Assa:>sins of tlie President. Uy James 
S]ieed. Washington, 1S65 

1480 |Tiingc!)otrn.| Jloijii |ltMttfl<)f'v "y^^w lLinsci)Otcu l)is 
Oiscotirs of >^oi>aflcs into i>t ISastc \' KuTjics. 

Devided into foure Bookes. With 4 titlc-pa'^a, Jrontiipit\i\ 12 
lar^.^c maps and 7 small. Folio, orange levant morocco extra, gilt 
leaves, by BcJford. London : John Wolfe, 1598 

"This inestimable book, a treasure of aK the learninj,' respectinji; the East ami 
West-Indies and the navigation thither, at the end of the sixteenth century, has 
been in the highest esteem for nearly a century, and was given to each ship sail- 
ing to India, as a log lxK)k. Hence the many editions (6 in I)utch, 3 in I'Vench 
and I in Latin), which is also the cause why /7«i' copies, especially with <(// the 
plates anil maps, are so Vtry rare. The description of .Anarica oci u|)ics pages 
16 to S2 of the third part." — F. .MlM.l.iCR. 


HcGONis LiNscoTANi in Orientalem sive Lusitanorum Indiam 
&c. . . . De.scriptio lotius Guineae, iVc. ... 25 lar^^c plat,s. 
F'olio, half calf. Hag;v;-Comitis, 1599 

Wants all the maps (12) and 5 plates. 

1482 [LixscHOTEN.J HiSTOJRK de la Navigation de Ji an IIugues 
de Linschot, Hollandois : aux Indes f )rientales . . . Avec anno- 
tations de B. Faludanus. E>t}:;ravi'J title, portrait, platfs a 11 J lariat' 
maps ami plans. Folio, half calf, 206 pages. Amsterdam, 1638 

The second title reads, " I.e (Irand Routier de la Mer. Amst., 1638." 
Third title, " Description de I'.Xmeriiiue." Etihinj^ on title ; iilso nitif^. ,\mst., 


14^3 |lLitf)flOU).| 2211iUrmlLitl)0OuU)!(ii in. Jaari0t7iautit= 

itirySC . . • Europa, Asia en Africa. Juii:;ra7'ei/ /ii/f />y Cris/>iii il(' 

Pas, and phitis at pp. 1, 22, 101, 173 of the first book, and pp. 47, 

7i> 77 "/ the second. 4to, vellum. Amstenlam, 1705 

The portrait of I.iihgow from the Duke of Roxburgli's print is Ikmc insiTtcd. 

1484 LiTTi.K CiooiA' TwosHOES. The History of . . . commonly 
called Mrs. Marjjery Twoshocs . . . The cuts />y Afichac/ A)ii:;e/o. 
. . . IVoodcuts. Small 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut edj^es. 

Worcester : haiah Thomas, 1787 

1485 Livi'.RMORF, (George). An Historical respecting 
the Opinions of the Founders of the Republic, on Nkgroks as 
Si-AVKS, as Citizens, and as Soldiers . . . 8vo, half morocco. 

Boston, 1862 

i486 LiVEKMORE. An Historical Research respecting the Opin- 
ions of the Founders of the Republic on Negroes, as Slaves, 
as Citizens, and as Soldiers. 410, cioth, gilt top, uncut edges. 

Boston, 1863 
Large Fajjer copy of the fifth edition. Only 50 printed. 
Presentation copy from the author. 

1487 LivERMORE. Memoir of . . . prepared agreeably to a Reso- 
lution of the Massachusetts Historical Society. By Charles 
Ueane. Svo, half morocco, gilt top. Cambridge, 1869 

1488 Livingston (Edward). Life of ... By Charles Havens 
Hunt. With an Introduction by George Bancroft. Portrait on 
India paper. Imp. 8vo, cloth, uncut. New York, 1864 

Large I'aper copy. Only 50 printed. Presentation copy from the author. 

1489 [Livingston.] A Memoir of the Lu e of William Living- 
ston . . . with E.xtracts from his Correspondence, and Notices 
of Various Members of his family. By Theodore Sedgwick, Jun. 
Portrait. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top. New York, 1833 

1490 Locke (Richard Adams). The Moon Hoax; or, a Discovery 
that the Moon has a Vast Population of Human Beings. . . . 
Woodcut and 2 large plates. 8vo, half morocco. New York, 1859 

1491 [Lockman (John).] Travels of the Jesuits . . . To which 

is now prefixed an Account of the Spanish Settlements, in America. 

4 maps and 2 plates. 2 vols., Svo, sprinkled calf, red leaves. 

London, 1762 
Second edition. 



1492 L()N(; (J). \(nA<;Ks aiul 'Ikavki-s of an Indian Interpreter anil 
Trader, describing the Manners and Customs of the NoRi h Ami ki- 
CAN Indians; with an Account of tlie Posts situatcti on the River 
St. Lawrence, Lake Or.tario, \:c. To which is aiUleti a V()ial)u- 
lary of tiie Ciiippeway Language. Map. 4to, calf. 

Lonilon: Printed for the Author, 1791 
" The author cn;(at,'cd in the service of the Iluclson's Bay Coiniiaiiy in I7f>8, 
and journeycil as a fur trader ainonj; the Indians of Canada for nineteen years. 
His knowiedjje of the characters, customs and domestic life of the hniians was 
therefore the must thorou^jh and intimate. I lis relations are characterized by can- 
dour and intellijfence. tinj^ed a little with the disappointments which most of the 
servants of the Company, who have written accounts of their experiences, seem to 
have suffered. "—l-'ir.i.D. 

1493 LoNt;, Voyages and Travki.s. Ant^ther copy. \V'*h the map, 
but less margin. 4to, half calf. London, 1791 

Book plate of 'I'hos Clio Kickman. 

1494 Long (S. H.). Account '-'" in Expeimtion from Pi ttsi'.lriih 
to the Rocky Mountains, 1819-20. Compiled by E. James, Maps 
and plates, some colored. 3 vols., 8vo, half calf, gilt. London, i<S23 

1495 [Lopez.] Vii)\queel Siervo de Dios (Iregokio Lopez, hizo 
en algunos lugares de la Nueva Espana, Principalmente en el 
Pueblo de Santa Fe, Por el Licencia do Francisco Losa. 410, 
vellum. Madrid, 165S 

J496 [Lopez.] La Vida, que Hizo el siervo de Dios (ikE(;oki() 
Lopez, en algunos Lugares de esta Nueva Flspaiia. Por el licenci- 
ado F'rancisco Lossa, Pre.sbitero Cura, que sue en la Iglesia Cathe- 
dral de Me.xico. . . . Coat-of-arins. Small Svo, vellum. 

Lisboa, 1615 

1497 [LoRiTZ <7r Glareanus.] D. Henrici Gi.areani Poet/E 
reati de Geographia Liber Unus. 4to, half calf. U'oodeut 
harder. Basilere, 1527 

B. A. v.. No. 142. 

Also in the above volume : " He Bello Rhodio, liber tres, Clementi VII. I'ont. 
Max. dcdicati, Jacobus FoDtano Brugensi autore. llaganoa;, 1527." 

1498 [LoRiTZ or Glareanus.J Henrici Gi.areani, Poeive Lau- 
REATi de Geographia liber unus, ab'ipso authore iam recognitus. 
4to {t^^ leaves), vellum. liasileie, [152.SJ 

B. A. v.. No. 143. MS. notes throughout. 

In the woodcut border on the title-page is the familiar woodcut of the hen- 
pecked husband. 



1499 |l,01<riZ (V- (ll.AREANUS.] HeNRICI Cll.AKEANI HkLVF.TH, 

PoKT.K I.AURr.ATi de (jKociRAPHiA liber unus, ab ipso authore 
iam novissiine recognitus. 410, vellum. Frib. ]5ris., 1539 

H. A. v., No. 22S. 


1*01 I'AK Lai'reati de Geographia Liber unus, ab ipso Authore 
jam nnvissime recoj^nitus. 4to, polished calf extra, gilt leaves, by 
Matthews. Frib. Hrisg., 1543 

B. II. v., 24S. 

j 1501 I,(jsKii.L (G. H.). History of the Mission of the United 
Brethren among the Indians of North America. In Three 
Parts. By George Henry I.oskiel. Translated from the German 
by Christian Ignatius l.atrobe. Map. 8vo, half morocco, gilt 
top, uncut. London: Printed for the Brethren s Sociit}\ 1794 

J 1502 LossiNo (]}. J.). l"he PicTORiAi, FiEi.D-BooK of the Revolu- 
tion; or. Illustrations by Pen and Pencil, of the History, Biog- 
raphy, Scenery, Relics and Traditions of the War for Independ- 
ence. By Benson J. Lossing. With several hundred en^ra;in\:^s: 
0)1 ic'ood, by Lossing and Barritt, eliiefly from original sketehes by the 
Author. 2 vols., royal 8vo, half morocco, gilt leaves. 

New York: Harper &= Brothers, 185 1-52 

Hound from selected numbers of the first edition, with brilliant impression.s of 
the eleven hundred woodcuts. 

1503 LouiiAT (J. F.), The Medallic History of the Untied 
States of America, 1776-1876 . . , With 170 etchings by Jules 
Jacquenhu t. 2 vols., royal 4to, cloth, gilt tops, uncut edges. 

New York: Published by the Author, 1878 

A very limited edition, elegantly printed on drawing paper manufactured 
expressly for this work. 

1504 [Louisiana.] Arrest du Conseie d'estat du Roy, Qui 
Ordonnc qu'il ne sera plus envoye de Vagabonds, Gens sans aveu 
Frauueurs & Criminels c\ la Louisianne; Que les ordres que 
Sa Majeste auroit pi'i donner a ce sujet seront changez, Et la des- 
tination desdits Vagabonds faite pour les autres Colonies Fran- 
(;oises. Du 9, May, 1720, 4to, red levant morocco extra, by 
J/</////(7t'.f, 4 pp. Paris, 1720 

Presumably unique, certainly of great rarity. 




1505 [Louisiana.] An Aodrkss to the Ciovkrnmkn r of tlie Untikd 
Statks, on the Cession of I-oiiisiana to the Krencli . . . Svo, 
uncut. Philadelphia, iSo,? 

1506 [Louisiana. I An Account of Louisiana: heinir an Abstract 
of Documents, in the Ofifices of the Departments of State and of 
the Treasury. Svo, half morocco. I'hiladelphia, 1803 

1507 [Louisiana.] Journal HisroRi(.)UK de i.'ErAiu.issK.MiN r iles 
I"'ran(;ais a la Louisiane. 8vo, boards. Nouvelle-Orleans, 183? 

1508 LovKi.i, (Albert A.). Worcester in the War of the Rf.voi.u- 
tion : embracing the Acts of the 'I'own from 1765 to 1783 
inclusive, with an Appendix. Frontispiece. Svo, cloth. 

Worcester, 1S76 

1509 LovKr.i, (J.). An Oration delivered April 2d, 1771, at the 
Request of the Inhabitants of the Town of Boston, to Conuneiii- 
orate the hi.oodv Tragkov of the F'fth of March, 1770. By 
James Lovell, A.M. 4to, half moroc. o gilt top, uncut. 

Boston: Printed by EJes and Gill, by Order of the 

To7i.<i. pf Boston, 1771 
Autograph of Isaiah Thomas on title. 

15 10 Lutiieri Catechismus, ofwersatt pa American-Virginiste 
Spraket. Engraved title, Svo, calf, with arms on side. 

Stockholm, 1696 

Engraved title, " Catechismus Lutheri Lingua Suecico- Americana." 
Pi«Re 133 commences the " Vocabularium Harbaro-Virgineorum;" p. 155 the 
" Vocabula Mahaituassica." 
This translation was made by the Rev. John Campanius. 

151 1 LvoN (General Nathaniel). Life of 
ward. Portrait and plates. 1 2mo, cloth. 

By Ashbel Wood- 
Hartford, 1862 

1512 Lyrics of Loyalty. Arranged and edited by Frank Moore. 
i6mo, half morocco. Edges inked. New York, 1SO4 

1513 [Lvttleton (Lord)?] A Letter to the Earl of Chatham 
on the Quebec Bill. Svo, half morocco. London, 1774 

1514 [Lyttleton (Thomas, Lord),\ Poems by a Young Noble- 
man, of Distinguished Abilities, lately deceased; particularly, the 
State of England, and the once flourishing City of London. In a 



l.L'iur from an American Traveler ... in the Year 2199, to a 
Friend settled in Boston, Sec. 4to, boards. London, i7<So 

Inasmuch as tl.c poem on the " once lloiirishinjj City of London " is " Datcil 
from the Ruinous I'ortico of St. Paul's," Macauhiy's " New Zcalandcr" was t-vi 
dently anticipated. 



{K.).\ I.KiiRK a N.\i'oi,K()N III. sur i.'Esci.av.vck 
aux IviATs du Sud: par un Cri5()i,e de la Loiisiank. 
8vo, uncut. Paris, i.S6j 

1516 M' (P. F). Tkavkls in Trinidad 
f/ia/>. 8vo, half calf, gilt. 

. 1803, /(/;;(,'(' 
Liverpool, 1805 

1517 McCarihv (Carlton). Dktaii.kd Minutitf. of Soi.oikk Liir. 
in the Akmv of NoKi hi:kn Virci.n'IA, 1861-1865. Illustrations, by 
Slu'pl^aiuL i2m(), cloth. Richmond, 1882 

1518 Macaulav (Catharine). An Address to the Pkopi.k of 
ENdi.AND, Scotland and Ireland, on the present Important 
Crisis of Affairs. 8vo, half morocco. Bath, 1775 

Second edition. 

1519 [M(Ci.i:i.LAN (Ceo. B.).| Rkporp of the Skcrkiauv of War, 

communicating the Report of Captain George B. McCiellan . . . 

one of the Officers sent to the Seat of War in Europe, in 1855 and 

1856. T.tiri^t- map ami icooJcuts. 4to, half morocco, gilt top. 

Washington, 1857 
Presentation copy from McCiellan. 

1520 McClellan. Life, Campaigns and 1'uhlic Services of. 
Portrait. i2mo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1864 

1521 McClellan. Army of the Potomac. Report of Major-General 
George B. McClellan, Aug. 4, 1863. With an Account of the 
Campaign in Western Virginia. Maps. Royal 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

New York, 1864 

l.arjre Paper. 250 copies printed. 
Presentation copy from McClellan. 
^g" For the orijjinal draft of the above see Manuscripts. 

1522 McCi LLi.AN. Report on the , . , Army of the Potomac: to 
which is added an Account of the Campaign in Western Virginia. 
Battle-plans. 8vo, cloth.. New York, 1864 



1523 [McCi.FLi.Ax.] Lf.ttkr of the Secretary of Wak | E. M. 
Stanton] transmitting McClellan's Report. 8vo, cloth, 

Washington, 1S64 

1524 McCi.Ki.LAN. Oration [Battle Monument at West Toint, i!v:c'.]. 
8vo, boards. New York, 1864 

Presentation copy. 

15^5 I NTcCi Ki.i.AN.] Tardy George [a Poem]. 4to, half morocco. 

New York, 1865 

Only Oo copies privately printed. 

1526 M'Ci.UNc (John A.). Skktcfies of Western Adventure, con- 
taining an Account of the most interesting Incidents connected 
with the Settlement of the West from 1755 to 1794, with an 
Appendix. U'cot/ci/ts. i2mo, cloth. Dayton (O.), 1852 

1527 Macdouali. (John). Narrative of a Voyage to Patacoma 
and Terra del Fuego, through the Straits of Magellan, in 1826-7. 
Post Svo, half calf, gilt. London, 18^3 

i527<? M'Gauran (Major Edward). The Memoirs of . . . Lieu- 
tenant in the British Army in America. Interspersed with many 
interesting Anecdotes, <S:c. 2 vols., post 8vo, uncut. 

London: Printed for the . . . Aiit/ior, 17S6 

The title of ^'ol. i calls for 3 volumes, but in the second volume this is 
altered to two. 

The gallant .Major is scarcely discreet in his amours, certaiidy he does not 
omit details. 





1528 M'Henry (James). A Letter to the Honourable the Speaker 
of the House oe Representatives of the United States [on mis- 
appropriation of monies] . . . Dec. 28, 1802. 8v(), half morocco. 
Corner of one leaf torn. Baltimore, 1805 

.\utograph signature at end of Preface. 

1529 Mackenzie (Alex. Slidell). Deeexce [in the] Case of the 
Somers' Mutiny. Svo, half morocco. New York, 1843 

1530 Mackenzie (R.). Strictures on Lt. Col. Tarleton's His- 
tory of the Campa'igns of 1780 and '81, in the Southern Provinces 
of North America. Svo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut edges. 

London, 1787 

2 28 


1531 M Aci.KANK (I,auj,^hlin). An P^ssav on tlie Rxi'IDikncy of 

Inoculation and the Seasons most proper for it. Humbly 

Inscribed to The Inhabitants of rhilatielj)iiia. 4to, iialf red 

morocco, gilt top, rough edges. 

Philadelphia: W'illiain Bradford, 1756 
Fine copy. 

41532 I NlAtM.Kon.] MKiMoiRs of the Lifk and Gallant Exi'loiis 
of the Old HuiifLANDKK, SK.RC.KNr Donald Maclk.od, who, 
having returned, wounded, with the corpse of (leneral Wolfe from 
Quebec, was admitted an out-Pensioner of C'helsea Hospital in 
1759, and is now in the CIH'd year of his vNge. [JJy William 
'I'homson. I Svo, half calf. London, 1791 

iMiiuis llic portrait. 

•533 M'Loi (WiLiN (Thomas). The [Poetical] Works of. Portrait. 
i2mo, half roan. New York, 1837 

I 1534 MlMaiion (John V. L.). An Historical Vikw of the (iov- 
ERNMKNT of M ARYLANi), from its Colonization to the present day. 
Vol. I. (all published). 8vo, half morocco, gilt top. 

IJaltimore, 1831 

■« 1535 McSiiikRY (James). History of Maryland ; from its I-'irst 
Settlement in 1634, to the year 1848. Frontispiece and portraits. 
Svo, cloth. Baltimore, 1849 

1536 Madison. The Papkrs of James Madison, purchased by Order 
of Congress ; being his Correspondence and Reports of Debates 
during the Congress of the Confederation and his Reports of 
Debates in the Federal Convention. Now published from the 
Original Manuscripts, under the Superintendence of Henry D. 
(lilpin. 3 vols., 8vo, half vellum extra, carmine edges. 

Washington, 1840 

'537 [Madriciano.] ItinerariC Portugallesile Lusitanl\ in 
India et in dem occidentem et demum ad a(}uilonem. | Interjirete 
Archangelo Madrignano, etc.] Map of Africa. Folio, morocco 
antique, gilt over red leaves, by Riviere. Mediolani, 1508 

li. A. v., No. 5S. 

Contaitis the three voyages of Columbus, Vespuccius's third voyage, etc. 

1538 (Mafkei de Volaterra.] Commentariorum uruanorum 
Rapiiaelis Volaterrani, octo & ttiginta libri, accuratius quam 


American A. 







antehac exciisi. cum duplici eoruiulem indice secunclum Tomos 
coUccto. Item Oeconomiciis Xcnophontis, ah eoiiem latio donatiis. 
Folio, lialf vellimi. Hasileii.' : frol>t>i, 1530 

B. A. v., No. 161. See verso of folio I3() for t'olumbus. 

'539 [Mah'ki de Vola tkrra.] Commkntariokum. Anotlier copy, 
old calf. Basilciu, "1530 

1540 Makfkii (Joan. Petri). Historiatum Inpicarum lihri xvi : 
selectarum, item, ex India Flpistolariim, eodem interprete, Libri iv. 
Accessit ignatii I-oiolae Vita, &c. Lar^c map. Folio, calf. 

Colon. Agripp., 1593 

1541 Makfkk (Jean Pierre). I/Hispcmrk des Indks Orikn ialks ct 
OcciDKNTAi.Ks , , . Tradiiitc dc Latin et Fran<;ois par M [icliel | 
D[el P[ure]. 2 vols, in i. 4to, boards. Paris, 1665 

1542 [Macni (Antonii).] Oratio in Funere Regis Catholic, |Fi.r- 
oinandJ. 4to, pp. 23, red levant morocco extra, gilt edges, by 
Hardy. Neapoli, 15 16 

See pp, 12 and 13 for the reference to Columbus. This copy has a foot-note 
IN iiiK iiand-wkitim; (II- Fi.KNANDo ('oiiMHi s, On the last leaf, from which 
it appears that he purchased this book at Rome, July. 1516. 

B. A. v., Add., No. 47. 

1543 [MahonJ, The Declaration of Independence, or Notes on 
Lord Mahon's History of the American Declaration of Indepen- 
dence, by Peter Force. London, 1.S55 

A Reply to the Strictures of Lord Mahon and others, on the 
Mode of Editing the Writings of Washington, by Jared Sparks ; 
also, a Review of Lord Mahon's History of the American Revolu- 
tion. London, 1S52 

Letter to Jared Sparks, Esc].. being a Rejoinder (to the 
Reply], by Lord Mahon. London, 1852 

Reprint of the Original Letters from Washington to Jose|)h 
Reed during the American Revolution, referred to in the pamphlets 
of Lord Mahon and Mr. Sparks, by W. B. Reed. 

Philadelphia, 1.S52 

Remarks on a " Reprint, &c.," by Jared Sparks. Boston, 1853 
Five tracts in i vol., 8vo, half morocco, gilt top. '^52-55 


1544 Mahonv (D. A.). The Prisoner of State. 

i2mo, cloth. 
New York, 1863 



1545 [Maink.] Collections of the Maine Historical Society 
Vol. I. Map. Svo, cloth, uncut. Portland, 1831 

Oiijfiiial edition. 

Contents: Willis's History of Portland, Part I.; Allen's Journal of the Kxpe- 
dition to Quebec in 1775, iVc, &c. 

1546 [Maine.J C!(jllkctions of the Maink Historical Society. 
7 vols., Svo, cloth. Portland, 1847-76 

Volume I of the above set is a reprint [1S65] of the original edition of 1831, 
with additions by Willi ;m Willis. Among other valuable papers these vohnnes 
contain Gorges' iSrief Narration; I.evelt's Voyage to New England in 1(123; 
Indian Treaties; Willis on the I-angu.'ige of the Abnaquies; I'eniaquiil Papers; 
Cushman on Weymouth's Voyages, &c., iVc. 

1547 I Maine.] Collections of the Maine Historical Society. 
Second Series Documentary History of the State of Maine. 
Edited by William Willis. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth. 

Portland, 1869-77 

Contents: History of the Discovery of Maine, by J. G. Kohl. With an 
Appendix on the Voyages of the Cabots, by D'Avezac, iiuips; Hakluyt's Dis- 
course on Western Planting, facsimiles; &c. 

1548 [Maine.] Notes, Historical, Descriptive and Personal, of 
LivERMORE, in Androscoggin (.ornierly in Oxford) County. 3 

photo, illitstrations. Svo, cloth. Portland, 1874 

The " Karly History" was written by Henry Bond. 

1549 Mann (James). Medical Sketches of the Campaigns of 
18 r 2, '13, '14: to which are added Surgical Cases . . . also an 
Appendix . . . and C>bservations on the Winter Epidemic of 
1815-16, denominated Peripneumonia Xotha, as it ai)pearcd at 
Sharon and Rochester , . . Svo, hah calf. Dedbam, 1816 

1550 Mantk (Thos.) The History of the Late War in North- 
America, and the Islands of the West-Indies ... 18 maps and 
plates. 4to, calf. London, 1772 

On pages 6 and 7 of this very rare work, will be found the original account 
from which Irving drew his description of the attempted assassination of Wash- 
ington by his Indian guide in 1753. 

155 1 Manteufkel (Gustav Baron). Darstellung der Volker- 
SKERECHTLiCHEN Grundsatze ubcf die Blokade. Svo, half 
morocco. « Dorpat, i860 




1552 MAPS, as follows: 

(.'akik de 1,'Amkkiquk Skptk.ntrionai.k depuis IViubouchiire 
de la RiviKRi; St. I-aukkns juscjucs au Skin MnxigUK. Size 
42 \ by 26] inches. 

"An original map of the greatest importance, untlcscribcd and iinknuun, 
drawn up evidently by Ranilin, Trontcnac's engineer, between if)72-if)82. 

It is tile only map where the name Hazire is used to designate the Arkansas 
River. Bazire was a merchant of Canada, who in lf>73, supported l''rontenac in 
his ilesign of l)uilding Kort Frontenac . . . The names I,a Fnnitenaeie. iJuadc 
I'outrclaisc .Vc., &c., lead me to believe that this is the original Randiii map, 
described iii my Notes siir la Nouvelle France, p. XX\'., and No. 241, which has 
disappeared from the Archives of the I'rench Navy. 

The sketching shows that it was drawn before the discoveries made by l,a 
Salle."— H. II. 

In addition to the above />nrt' de resistance, the following num- 
bers of " Notes de la Nouvelle France " are included in this 
volume [oblong folio, cloth] : 

203. ("arte de la decouuerte du Sr. Jolliet. Copy. 

204. The same map, with variations. Copy. 
219. Amerique septentrionale. Copy. 

225. Louisiana. 

226. I'lan de I'entrce du lac ou Ton a laisse. Copy. 

227. Coast of Florida. Copy. 

23S. Occidentales du Canada. Copy. 

290. Hennepin's Mississippi. 

292. Labrador and New France, from Ramusio. 

Hochelaga, from Ramusio. 

\ Port Royale, } Tross's fac-similes, 

'{ Newfoundland, cVc ) only 36 printed. 

New F'rance. Pilinski's fac-simile. 

New Mexico and Florida. 


Sanson's North America. 
343. Voyage of Joliet and Marquette. 
348. Canada. 
359. Canada. 
361. Canada. 
369. Quebec. Variation undescribed. 





t, i860 

1553 Maruan (Pedro). Arte de la Len(;ua ^'oxa, con su Vocabu- 
lario, y Cathecismo. Small 8vo, vellum. [LimaJ, 1701 

Eight preliminary leaves, pp. 1-664. Cathecismo, pp. 1-202, India, i leaf. 



1554 I Marhi.k (Manton).| 'I'o !<!■ d Rivkk and Hiyond. llltntfiUtui. 
65 octavo pages mounted to a 410 size, half morocco, ^'ilt leaves. 

New York, 1866 

'555 I Marhi.k. I Lkttkr to Ahraham Lincoln. Hy Manton 
Marble, Editor of "The VVori.d." 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

New York, 1867 

Only ()ij copies, privately printed. 

1556 Marcy (Mrs. Mary a.). Memorial of. 8vo, cloth. 

Trenton, 1878 
I'rinted for private distribution. 

1557 Marcy (R. H.). Thirty Years of .Army I. he on the Border. 
Numerous illustrations. 8vo, cloth, uncut. New York, 1866 

1558 MARdii, (Antonio). Ki. I'l.REdRiNo Seitkn rRioNAi. .\ 1 k: 
delineado en la Exemplarissima vida del Venerahle I'adre l''r. 
Antonio Margil de Jesus . . . Escrivela el Padre Er. Isidro Eelix 
de Espinosa. Frontispiece l>y Alai:;arda. 4to, half calf. 

Valencia, 1742 

•559 [Margrv.] Di^couvertes et Etabi.issements des P'rancais 
dans I'ouest et dans le sud de TAmerkjue Septentrionai.k 
(1614-1754). Memoires et Documents Orij^inaux, recueillis et 
publics par Pierre Margry. 

I. Voyages des Eran(;ais sur les (Irands Lacs et Dccouverte de 
I'Ohio et du Mississipi (1614-1684). Portrait of Cavelicr i/c 
La Sa/lc. 1876 

II. Lettres de Cavelier de La Salle et Correspondance relative a 
ses entreprises (i 678-1 6S5). 1877 

II L RixnERCHE des Kouches du Mississipi et Voyage a travers le 
Continent depuis les Cotes du Texas jusqu'a (Quebec ( 1669- 
1698). 187S 

3 vols., royal 8vo, uncut. Paris, 1876-8 

To be lomplt'tcd in 6 vols, and an Atlas. 

1560 Maria Monk. Awful Disclosures of , . . in the Hotel 
Dieu Nunnery at Montreal. i6mo, cloth. New York, 1836 

1561 Marks (J. J.). The Peninsula Campaign in Virginia. Wood- 
cuts. i2mo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1864 



e a 
rs le 

1562 I M \i<i itoKotMui |,ii!KARY.| Cai ALociK of llic Mooks intlic 
I,il)rary at Hlcnht'im I'alace, colleclcd l)y Charles, third I-'.arl of 
Sunderland. 410, cloth, gilt edges. Oxford, 1872 

Only 50 copies privately printed. 

1563 Maki,y ; or, a IManter's Life in Jamaica. 8vo, half calf, gilt. 

(ilasgow, i<S28 

1564 Marqu ARDSKN (Hcinrich\ Df.r Trkn r-FAi.i,. Zur I.chrc 
von der Kriegscontrcbande und deni Transportilit'nst der Ni-u- 
tralen. 8vo, half calf. Krlangen, 1.S62 

1565 Mar(ji'kttk (J,). RhXTr des V()YA(;ks et des Dccoiivertes du 
R. I'cre Jai(|ues Marquette de la Compagnie de Jesus, en Tannce 

1673 ct aux suivantes; In Continuation de scs Voyages par le R. 
1*. Claude Alloiiez, et le Journal Autographe du I'. Mar()uette en 

1674 & 1675. Avec la Carte de son Voyage tracce dc sa main. 

I Also: I DRKUtM.K.r IK ((!.). Narri'; du V()ya<;k faict pour la 
Mission des Ahnaciuiois et des Connaissances tirez de la Nouvelle 
Angleterre et des dispositions des Magistrals de cette Rcpul)li(|ue 
pour le secours centre les Iroquois, es an noes 1650 iV 1651, I'ar 
le R. I'ere Gabriel Dreuillette de la Ct)mpagnie de Jesus. Map 
and fac-si utile. 2 vols, bound in i. 8vo, half morocco, uncut. 

(Albany, 1855 | 

Kxtrenu-ly r.irc. A few copies only privately printed from the uriyiual M.S. 
for Mr. James l.eiK).\, exclusively for presentation. 

1566 Marshai.i, (O. H.). The Bijildimg and Voya(;k of the Ckik- 
FON in 1679. 8vo, uncut. Hulfalo, 1879 

1567 Martin (Francois Xavier). The History of Louisiana, from 
the Earliest Period. 2 vols,, royal 8vo, polished calf extra, gilt 
tops, uncut edges, by licJford. New Orleans, 1S27-9 

Large paper copy, with rough edges. 

1568 Martin. History of Louisiana. 2 vols., 8vo, half morocco. 

New Orleans, 1827-9 
Last leaf of Vol. L missing. 

1569 Martin. The History of North Carolina, from the Earli- 
est Period. 2 vols., 8vo, half morocco extra, gilt tops, uncut 
edges. New Orleans, 1829 



1570 Martin (Horace). Pictoriai, Guidk to the Mammoth Cavf,, 
Kentucky. Illustrated. 12010, cloth. New York, 1851 

157 1 Martin (L.). The Genuine Information, delivered to the 
I-E(;isi,ATUKK of the State of Maryiand, Relative to the Tro- 
ceedings of the General Convention, lately held at Philadelphia, 
by Luther Martin, F^squirc, Attorney-General of Maryland, and 
one of the Delegates in the said Convention. 'I'ogether with A 
Letter to the Hon. Thomas C. Deye, Speaker of the House of 
Delegates, an Address to the Citizens of the Lhiited States, and 
some Remarks relative to a Standing Army, and a Bill of Rights. 
Svo, half morocco. Philadelphia, Printed by Eleazcr Osi^'ald, 17X8 

1572 Martin de Hovarsahai. (Capitaine). Vovaoes Avan- 

TtiREix du . . . reveu & corrige. 8vo, calf, margins cropped. 

Bourdeaux, 1633 
Cape Breton, \c. , p. 203. 

1573 [fWnrti>c (letter). aiiBDirra (^Jirtro i«avti'ir ti').l 

i). i«ai*ti)n's auflli mrttolanrnsts ciprra Hcflatio 
Dalinloutca Peccant Ureas ||)ocmata l£))i0rcimmit(i 

(TUIU pCC^tlrfltO. I'olio, superbly bound i.. brown morocco 
extra, inside panel of maroon morocco, Grolier tooling, by Mariiis 
Michely gilt leaves \JIardx\, in a case of morocco. 

\V\^^dX\,pcr Jacobu Coruinber^cr, 151 1 

15. A. V. Add., No. \\. 

Superb copy. Kditio I'rinceps of the first Decade, witli the famous map 
which shows the American coasts and islands from I'loridato near I'ernambuco. 

" There were two issues of this volume in one year. Several tjpojjraphical 
errors were discovered in the copies that had been first sent out, and the conse- 
iiucnce was that two new leaves were issued with the copies that remained. The 
title was also reprinted for these; and the two leaves which were inserted 
between the Decade and the poetry ""omprised not only a list of errata, but also 
an address to Ximenez, on the practical value of illustrating the te.\t with a chart 
and ///, ,1/1//." — (^lARircii 

1574 Martyr. . . . De orhe novo Decades. . . [et Legationes 

Babilonica;]. Folio, blue morocco extra, gilt leaves, by iJA/////<'ri'.v. 

.Mcala, 1516 
The earliest edition containing the lirst three " Decades." 
B. A. v., No. 88. 

1575 ^L\RTYR. De Nuper sub d. carolo repertis Insums, sim- 

ulque incolarum moribus, R. Petri Martyris, etc. 4to, vellum. 

BasilciC, 1 52 1 
B. A. V. . No. no. 







1576 Martyr. Pktri Martyris ah ant.i.eria mkdioi.anf.n. Ora- 
TORis ci.ARissiMi, Fkrnani)I& Hf.i.isaise 1 h H ispaniaruiii quon- 
dam regum a coiisilijs. cle rebus Oceanicis ilv Orbe novo decades 
tres; quibus quic(|uid de inventis nuper terristraditum . . . eiusilem 
praeterea Legationis Babylonicae libri tres. (With the printer's 
device cut out of the title.) Folio, half morocco. 

Basiled, /. Bihclium, 1533 
See also No. 105 7 A. 

'577 i-H»lCt»r. Cljf DrCclTirS of the newe worlde or west India, 
C'onteynyng the navigations and concjuestes of the Spanyardes, with 
the particular description of the m-^ .te ryche and large landes and 
Ilandes lately founde in the west C. -a.i perteynyng to the inhcii- 
taunce of the kinges of Spayne . . . translated into Knglysshe 
by Rycharde Eden. 4to, calf, gilt leaves. I.ondiiii, 1555 

1578 Martyr. De Rfhvs Ockanicis kt Novo Ori-.k, decades tres, 
Petri Martyris ab .Vngleria, &c. Small Svo, stamped hogskin, with 
clasps. Colonia.*, 1574 

1579 Marivr. De Novo OkHK, or the Historic of the west Indies, 
Contayning the actes and adventures of the Spanyardes, which 
have conquered and peopled those Countries . . . Comprised in 
eight Decades , . . Whereof three, have beene formerly trans- 
lated into P^nglish, by R. Eden, whereunto the other five, are newly 
added by the Industrie, and painefull Travaile of M|ichael| 1 ok 
Gent. 4to, calf e.xtra, gilt leaves. London, 1612 

1580 fNlARrvR and Oviei>o.| Eihro Primo oei i.a Hisiokia de 
l'Indie OcnuENTAi.i . . . scritti dal Signor Don Pietro M.'-- 
tyre, &c. [79 leaves.] Eibro Secondo delle Indie Occiilentali 
. . . composta da (lonzalo Ferdinando del Oviedo, iVc. [64 
numbered and 2 unnumbered leaves.] I.ibro IHtimo del Sum- 
mario delle Indie Occidentali. [15 unnumbered leaves.] W'ooJ- 
lUts ana large map. 4to, brown levant morocco, gilt leaves, by 
Gruel. Vinegia, 1534 

Very rare. 15. A. V., No. 19(1. 

1581 Marvin (Abijah P.). History of Worcester in the War of 
the Rebellion. Portraits. 8vo, cloth. Worcester, 1S70 

1582 Marvin. History of the Town of Lancaster, Massachusetts, 
from the First Settlement to the Pre.sent Time, 1643-1879. Ma[s 
and plates. 8vo, cloth. Lancaster, 1879 



1583 [Maryland. I Prockf.dinc.s of the Convf-ntions of the Prov- 
ince of Nhirylaiul, held at the City of Annapolis in 1774, 1775 <S: 
1776. 8vo, sheep. Haltiiiiore, 1S36 

1584 Maryland Historical Society Papkrs. 14 vols, (or parts), 
8vo. Baltimore, 1845-58 

Comprises : 

I. DiscouRSK on the I.ikk and Character of (Jkoki;!: Caivi ki, 
the first Lord Baltimore : made by John P. Kennedy. 1845 

II. Memoir of Benjamin Banneker . . . by John 11. B. I.a- 
trobe. 1845 

III. .\ I'ai'KR upon Cai,!K()I<nia . . . by J. Morrison Harris. 


IV. .American Colonial Hisiorv. An .Address made by Thomas 
Donaldson. 1849 

V. The ( )ri(;i\ and Crow III of Civil l.iiiEKTV in Maryland. \ 
Discourse delivered by (Ico. Win. Brown. 1850 

VI. .\ Skeich of the I-iee and Services of Cen. Oriio Holland 
W HI I A. MS . . . by Osmond Tiffany. 1851 

VII. Orumn ami Cacses of De.mocracv in Amemica : a Discourse 
by Cieor<i;c W. Burnap. 1855 

\ III. Baiiimdre: a I-on^, I-onjj Time Ayo [a l'ocm|,l)y W. 15. 
Bfuchanan|. 1853 

IX. .\ Skelcii of the I.iee of Benjamin Bannekek ; from Notes 
taken in 1836. Read i)y J, Saurin Norris. 1S54 

X. .\KkK AN Slave Trade in Jamaica, aiul Comparative Tieat- 
ment of Slaves. 1854 

XI. Cat Ai.oouE of the Manuscripts, Maps, Meilals, Coins, Statu- 
ary, Portraits and Pictures; and an .Account of the Library of 
the .Maryland Historical Society . . . by Lewis Mayer. 1854 

XII. Mar I IN Behaim, the Cierman .Astronomer and Cosmoy raphe r 
of the Times of Columbus . . . by John (1. Morri.s. 1855 

XIIL Memoir of the Baron de Kalh . . . by J. Sj)ear Smith. 

XIV. Anni'ai. Rei'or t of the President of the Maryland Histori- 
cal Society, with the Constitution and By-Laws. 1858 

1585 I Maryland.) .A Relation of Maryland, reprinted from the 
London Ktlition of 1635: with a Prefatory Note and .Appendi.v 
by Francis L. Hawks. . . . Large map. 410, half morocco, ^ill 
top. New York, 1865 

Only 50 copies printed in 4to. No. 41). 



15.S6 [M.\RYi..^Ni). I A Relation of the Successcfull Bej;inninji;s of 
the LoKi) Rai.tkmore's Pla.ntaiion in Mary-I.and : l)t'in;;( an 
extract of certaine Letters written from tlience by some of tlie 
Aduentiirers to their Friends in England. Anno Domini, 16,^4 
4to, half morocco, gilt top. Albany, 1S65 

I.arfje paper. 30 cr)pics printed. Shea's Southern Tracts, No. I. 
I'refatory note by B[rantz] Mfaycr). 

1587 I Massachusetts. I The (Ieni-ral I,aws And Liberties Of the 
NLxssACHLSKTS Coi.oNY : Revised iV Reprinted, By Order of the 
(ieneral Court Holden at Boston, May i5tli, 1672. Edward 
Rawson, Seer. Folio, red levant morocco e.xtra, gilt leaves, by 
Bedford. Cambridge, 1672 

The above copy has 6 pp. additional, to the number described in the Brinley 
catalo;^ue, No. S14. .After pajje U of tiio " So vend Laws," &c. , at the end 
sliould t>ciur a blank paj^e, followed l)y pp. 7-12; another blank leaf, then pp. 
II (j/V), 14 and 15. On page S of this latter portion is the '' Order to prevent 
Baudery," and on the last pajje (15) the Order, "that henceforth it shall not be 
lawful for any single Woman or Wife in the absence of her Husband, to enter- 
tain or lodj^eany In-mate or Sojourner." 

J^" .See .Ma MI SCRIPTS. 

1588 .\L\SSACHL'SETTS. Reprint of the above Colonial Laws, with 
Supplements to 1686, &:c. Imperial 8vo, half morocco. 

Boston, 18S7 

i588(; NL\^>A( iiusETTs or The first Planters of New-England, The 

End and Manner of their coming thither, and Abode there: In 

several Epistles. Boston, 169(1 

David Serving His Ceneration. Or, .\ Sermon . . . Occasioned 

by the Death of the Rev. Mr. John Baily . . By increase Mather. 

Boston, 1698 
2 vols, in I. i6mo, calf. Boston, 1696-98 

fontents (of the first): The Humble Kenuest of his Majesties I oyal Subjects, 
the ( iiivcrnuur and the Company late ^rone for New l'!nj;l<piid (Ajjril 7, lOvO. 
T. DiKi kV's I.KTTKR* [its first appearance in print] to the Countess of Lin- 
coln (Mch. 12. 1630). 

* " The most interestinjj as well as the most authentic document in our early 

J. Am (\ and T. Siiki'AKIjs Prkfack to " Defence of the .\nswer made unto 
the Nine ()uestions." 

John Ciini(N\ " I'refatio Ajxilogetica" t() Norton's Answer tn Appolonius." 

1589 I Massachusetts.] Debates, Resolutions and other Proceed- 
ings, of the Convention of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 



Convened at Boston, on the 9th of January, 17S8 . , . for the 
purpose of assenting to and ratifying the Constitution recom- 
mended by the Grand P'ederal Convention, together with the Veas 
and Nays, &c. Svo, calf. Boston, 1788 

A book with a pedi^'ree. See the MS. note on fly-leaf. 

1590 [Massachusetts.] Dkbatks, Resolutions and other Proceed- 
ings of the Convention of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 
Boston, Jan. 9, 1788, to Feb. following. i2mo, half calf. 

Boston, 1S08 

1591 [Massachusetts.] Dehates and Prockei)IN(;s in the Conven- 
tion of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, held in the year 1788, 
and which finally ratified the Constitution of the United States. 
8vo, cloth. Boston, 1856 

iKr2 (Massachusetts Laws.] The Perpetual Laws, of the Com- 
monwealth of Massachusetts, from the Establishment of the Con- 
stitution to the first Session of the General Court, A. 1). 17S8. 
8vo, calf. Worcester : /y<//(//t T/iomas, 1788 

Hook-platc of Winthrop Sargent. 

'593 I Massachusetts. I The Journals of each Provinciai, Con- 
cress of Massachusetts in 177.1. and 1775, and of the Committee 
of Safety. . . . Published . . . under the supervision of Will- 
iam l,incoln. Svo, sheep. Boston, 1838 

1594 Massachusetts Bav. Records of the Governor and Company 
of the ... in New England . . . Edited by Nathaniel P. 
Shurtleff, 1628-1686. 5 v'ols. in 6. 4to, cloth, uncut. 

Boston, 1S53-54 

1595 Massac husee Psalter : asuh Uk-kuttoohomaongash David 
Weche Wunnauchemookaonk Ne ansukhogup John, Ut Indiane 
kah Englishe, &c. — The Massachuset Psalter : or Psalms of 
David With the Gospel According to John, In Coliunns of Indian 
and English, iS:c. Svo. brown levant morocco e.\tra, embossed 
gilt edges, by Pratt. Boston, N. E. : B. Green and J, Printer, 1709 

4 1596 Mather (Cotton). The Wonders of the Invisible World: 
Being an Account of the Tryals of Several Witches, Lately Exe- 
cuted in New-England, &c. 4to, blue levant morocco extra, gilt 
leaves, by Pratt. Boston, rep., London, 1693 

Fine copy, with the leaf " Imprimatur." 



J 1597 Ma iHF.R. The Wonders of the Invisible Worio: Beinjj an 

Account of the Tryals of Several Witches Lately Executed in 

New-Knjj^iand ; And of several Remarkable Curiosities therein 

Occurring. 4to, half morocco. Lonilon, 1693 

The second edition. 

i59<S Mathkr. Wussukwhonk En Christiankue asuh peanta.m- 
WAE Indianog, &c. [An Epistle to the Chri.stian Indians, &c.| 
Small Svo, red morocco extra, jjilt edges. 

Mushauwomuk [Boston], Bartholoniew Green, 1700 

Exccedin^jly r.ire. First edition, with both title-paj;es, and Indian and F.nglish 
text on opposite pages throughout. 

J 1599 Mathkr. Magnalia Chkisti Americana; or, The Ecclesi- 
astical History of New-England, from Its First Planting, in the 
Year 1620, unto the Year of our Lord, 169S. In Seven Hooks. By 
the Reverend and Learned Cotton Mather, M.A., .And Pastor of 
the North Church in Moston, New-England. Lar^^c map of Nao 
Eni:;land and Ncii.' York. Folio, morocco antique. Boston, 1702 
Errata (reprint) 2 pp. inserted. 

1600 Ma rnKR. Magnai.ia Ciiristi .\mericana; or, 'I'he Ecclesi- 
astical History of New-England, from its First Planting, in the 
year 1620, unto the year of our Lord, 1698. In Seven Books. 2 
vols., 8vo, sheep. Hartford, 1820 

1601 Mather. Rkasonable Religion ; or. The Truths of the 
Christian Religion demonstrated . . . Together with the Re- 
ligion of the Closet, and Family Religion Urged . . . Preface by 
the Rev. Dr. |I)anielJ Williams. i2mo, calf. London, 1713 

1602 Mathkr. Psalteriu.m .\mericanu.m. The Book of Psalms 
In a Translatioiv E.xactly conformed unto the Original; but all in 
Blank Verse, Fitted unto the Tunes commonly used in our Churches, 
&c. Small 8vo, calf. Boston, N. E., 17 18 

Autograph of 11. Cotton. 

1603 Mathei The Terror of the Lord. Some Account of the 
P^ARTHQUAKE That shook New-F^nglani), In the Night, Between 
the 29 and the 30 of October, 1727. With a Speech Made inito 
the Inhabitants of Boston, the Ne.xt Morning. Small Svo, red 
levant morocco extra, gilt edges, by Pratt. Boston, 1727 

I'ine copy of the first edition, with Appendix, written Nov. 4, U pp. 



1604 JMaihkr (Increase (?) and Nathaniel).] A Disi'uia 1 ion con- 
cerning CiiuRCH-Mi-.MHKKs and their Children, in Answer to XXI. 
Questions: Wherein the State of such Children when Adult, To- 
gether with their Duty towards the Church, And the Churches 
Duty towards them is Discussed. IJy an Assembly of Divines 
meeting at Hoston in New England, June 4th, 1657. 4to, half 
morocco. London, 1659 

Fine copy. 

1605 Maiiikk (Increase). The Mystery of Israi i.'s Sai.vaiion, 
Exj^lained and Applyed; or, A Discourse concerning the General 
Conversion of the Israelitish Nation, &:c. Small 8vo, calf. 

Printed in the yrar 1669 

1606 [Ma rnKR.] A Brikk History of the Warr With the India: s 
in Nk.w-Enc.i.ani) (from June 24, 1675, when the first English-man 
was murdered by the Indians, to August 12, 1676, when Philip, 
alias Metacomet, the principal Author and Beginner of the Warr, 
was slain), iVc. Small 4to, green levant morocco extra, gilt leaves, 
by Bcdfoiil. Boston, 1676 

The Hoston ctiition of this book is so rare that no niori.' three perfect 
copies .Tie known. The above copy has one full leaf and portions of two others 
executed in perfect f.ncsimile. 

1607 Mathkk. a Brikk History of the War with the Indians in 

Nkw-Enoi.ani). From June 24, 1675 (when the first Englishman 

was Murdered by the Indians) to August 12, 1676, when IMiiiip, 

alias Metacomet, the principal Author and Beginner of the W ar, 

was slain, &:c. 4to, green levant morocco extra, by J^rait. 

London, 1676 
I'ine copy. 

1608 Mathkr. An Earnest Exhortation To the Inhaiutants 
of NkwEnclani), iK:c. 

\ Brief History of the Warre with the Indians in New- 

2 vols, in I. 4to, half russia top margins cropped. Boston, 1676 

The above copy of this remarkably rare book [the second as above] agrees with described in the Mrinley Catalogue (No. <J48), e.\cepting the transposition of 
the two parts and the loss of the title to "AHrief History." Pp. 15-16 would 
make No. ifjo() almost perfect. 

1609 Mathkr. A Further Account of the Tryai.s of the New- 
Enolani) Witches . . , To which is added Cases of Con- 



science Concerning VVitclicrafts and Evil Spirits I'ersonatinjj Men 
. . . By Increase Mather (With a Vo^tscript). 410, half morocco. 

I-ondon, 1693 
TIic first p.irt of the work (pp. i-io) is Deodat Lawson's " Tnic Narrative, 
&c.," taken fioiu Cotton Mather's " W'omlers of the Invisible World." 

1610 MArnKK. \ FuRTiiKK .AccoUN r of the Tryals of the Nkw- 
Knc.i.wd WirciiKS. Another copy. 4to, red morocco extra, jiilt 
leaves, by J'/v//, heatl lines cropped. London, 1693 

These copies have both titles. 

161 1 MAriiKK. i)K Succi'.ssr Evan(;i:i,ii aiu'd Indos Occidkn- 
■v\\.\:^\i\m\ 0//f///<i/i-s\ in Nova-Anglia ; Epistola. Ad. CI. Virinn 
I). Johannem Leusdenum ... A Crescentio Mathero. .Small 
Svo, polished calf extra, gilt leaves, by Bedford. Ultrajecti, 1699 

Keprinleii from the(lirst) Condon eilition (" Typis J. Ci." 1688) 

161 2 MAriii.R. .Another copy. Vellum. 

Ultrajecti, 1699 

1613 [Ma I iii.K. I The History ok King Philip's Wars, by the Rev. 
Increase Mather, D.l). Also, a History of the same War, by 
the Rev. Cotton Mather, D.I). To which are ailded an Introiluc- 
tion and Notes, by Samuel (1. Drake. J\>rti\tits. 4to, half 
morocco, gilt top, uncut etiges. Albany, 1.S62 

1614 .Maiiif-k. Early History or Np:w F^noland ; being a Rela- 
tion of Hostile Passages between the Indians and European Voy- 
agers and First Settlers . . . with an Introduction and Notes, 
by Samuel C. Drake. Small 4to, half morocco, gilt top, uncut 
edges. Albany, 1.S64 

Only 250 copies primed. 

1615 Maiiikr. Rkmarkaislk Providkncis illustrative of the Ear- 
lier Days of American Colonization . . . with Introductory 
Preface by (jeorge Offor. Portrait. Post 8vo, morocco extra, 
gilt over red leaves, by Rivitrc. London, 1856 

1616 Mather (Nathanael). Early Piktv, exemplified in the Life 
and Death of Mr. Nathanakl Mathkr, who Having become at 
the Age of Nineteen, an Instance of more than Common Learn- 
ing and Virtue, Changed P^arth for Heaven, Oct. 17, 1688 . . . 
Prefatory lipistle by Mr. Matthew Mead. Small 8vo, calf. 

London, 16S9 
Also in this vol. — Several Sermons concerning; Walkir ; with God, and that In 
llie Dayes of ^'outh : p'-eached at Boston in New-England by Cotton Mather. 
London, i()Sij. 



1617 Maiiikr (Nathanael). The of Gou throiijjh 
Faith upon All without difference who believe. In Two Sermons 
on Romans 3, 22. 4to, calf antique, gilt leaves. London, 1694 

1618 (Matiikr (Richard).] An Apoi.ogie of the Churchks in 
Nkw-ICn(;lani) for Church-Covknant . . , sent over in 
Answer to Master Hernard in the Yeare 1639. Pp. 80. 1643 

C lURCH-CioVERNMENT and Church-Covenant Discussed, In an 
Answer of the Elders of th-; severall Churches in New-Enjjland 
To two and thirty Questions, sent over to them by divers Ministers 
in Enjjjland, to declare their judgments therein. Together with 
an Apologie of the said I^lders in New-England for Church- 
(lovernment, sent over in Answer to Master Bernard in the yeare 
1639, \:c. 88 pp. 1643 

Two pamphlets in 1 vol. 4to, calf antique, gilt leaves. 

London, 1643 

A second title to the first part reads, " An Answer of the Klders of the severall 
Churches in New-Kngland unto Nine Positions," &c., 1643. 

1619 Mather (Richard) and To.mpson (William). A Modest i\: 
Hrotheri.v .\nswer To Mr. Charles Herle his Book, against the 
Independency of Churches, &c. 4to, half morocco. London, 1644 

1620 [Mather (Samuel). An Attempt to Shew, That America 
must be Known to the Ancients ; Made at the Request, and to 
gratify the Curiosity, of An Inquisitive Gentleman : To which is 
added an .\ppendix, Concerning the American Colonies and some 
Modern Managements against them. By an American P-nglish- 
man, Pastor of a Church in Boston, New-England. 8vo (pp. 35). 
Half morocco. Boston, New-England, y. Kncelaiid, 1773 

I'resentation copy from Dr. Mather to Clov. Sargent. 

"A work of equal Learning and Patriotism." "It maintains that the pos- 
terity of Japhet, by Magog, were the primary inhabitants of America ; a warlike 
people, well iiualified to make those Ancient Encampments which have been dis- 
covered at the West." — Is. Thomas. 

It is so rare that Kicli had never seen a copy, but refers to the Catalogue of 
Harvard (College Library. 

t^" See also No. 1588(1. 

1621 I Matthews (John).] '1"wenty-one Plans, with Explanations 
of different Actions in the West-Indies during the late War. 410, 
half morocco, gilt top. Chester, 1784 




1622 Matthews (\Vasliinj(ton). (Irammar and Dicitonakv of tlic 
LANiiUAiiK of the HiDATSA (Miniietarees, (Irosventres of tlu' Mis- 
souri), with ail Introductory Sketch of the 'I'ribe. Royal Svo, 
uncut. New York : Crainoisy Priss, x^-jt, 

Shea's Anu'ricui Linguistics. Series II., Nd. i. Only umi copies priiueil. 

1623 Maiihi ws. HiDATSA (Minuetaree) Enc.msh Die rio.v akv. 
Royal Svo, uncut. New York : Crainoisy J'lt'ss, 1S74 

Shea's American l.injjuistics. Series II., No. 2. Only kh) copies printeil. 

16J4 [Mauuk ( John). I Visir to the Falls of Nl\(;ara in iSoo. 
8 Jiiie ['lates by the author^ P'ci'j!'- Royal Svo, half calf e.xtra. 

London, 1S26 

1625 Maudlti (Israel). A Short Yiiw of the IIisioRV of the 
Colony of Massachusetts Bay, With Respect to their Charters 
and Constitution. Svo, half morocco. London, i 774 

Third edition, to whicii i> now added the Original Charter ijjranled to that 
I'rovince in the 4th of Charles 1., and never before printed in Knjjland. 

1626 Maury (M. ¥.). The Physical Geography of the Ska. 
Charts. Svo, cloth. New York, 1S56 

1627 Maw (H. I..). Journal of a Passage from the Pacific to the 
Atlantic, crossing the Andes in the Northern Provinces of Peru, 
and descending the River Marathon or Amazon. Svo, half calf, 
gilt. London, 1829 

1628 Maw. Journal. Another copy. With the large map. Svo, 
half calf, gilt. London, 1829 

1629 Ma.ximiliam Tkansylvani C.esaris, a secretis Epistola, de 
admirabili & novissima Hispanorfi in Orientem navigatione, cpia 
vane, & nulli prius accessre Regiones invetce sunt, cum i])sis etifi 
Moluccis insulis beatissimis, optinio Aromatn genere refertis . , . 
etc. 4to, brown levant morocco extra, gilt edges, by Pratt. 

Rom,T, 1524 
B. A. v.. No. 124. 
Kine coi)y. 

1630 Mayiiew (Experience). Indian Converts; or, some .\ccount 
of the Lives and Dying Speeches of a considerable Number of the 
Christianized Indians of Martha's Vineyard, in New-Knglaiul, . . . 



To which is added, Some Account of those Mnj^'Hsli Ministers who 
liavc sMccessively presided over the Indian Work in tliat and llie 
adjacent Islands. Hy Mr. Hrince. 8vo, half morocco. Water- 
stained. l,()n{h)n, 17. '7 

1631 MwiiKW (Jonathan). A Dkfknxi: of the Observations on the 
Charter and Conduct of the Society for the I'koi'Aca rio.\ of tlie 
("i(tsi'i:i, in l-'oKKiON Parts, aj^ainst An Anonymous Pamphlet 
falsely intitled \ Canuiu Examination, etc. Svo, half vellum. 

Hoston, 1763 

1632 Maviikw. Remarks on an .Anonymous '1'kact, entitled An 
.Answer to Dr. Mayhews Observations . . . IJeing a Second 
iJcfence of the said Obseiv;v;-.':<o. 8v(», half vellum, 

Hoston, I 764 

1633 Mavhkw. 'I'he Snare broken. A 'Ihanksj^iving-Discounse, 
Preached At the Desire of the West Church in Boston, N. E., 
Friday, May 23, 1766. Occasioned by the Repeal of Stamp- 
Act. Hy Jonathan Mayhew, D.D., Pastor of said Church. 8vo, 
half morocco, pp. 44. Boston : /i'. *> .V. JJra/rf, 1766 

DtHlicMtc'd to the Kijjlit Honorable William I'itt, Esq. 

1634 |Mi.i)ici.| The Life of Lorenzo u^: Medici, called the Mag- 
nificent. By William Roscoe. Portrait, etc. 2 vols., 4to, calf. 

London, 1797 

J. Mitfonl's copy, with autograph and MS. notes, also pcjrtraits of Roscoe, 
some of his MS. and newspaper cuttings, etc., inserted. 
I|3P" Americas Vespucius. Vol. 2, pp. 42-43. 

1635 [MiiiiNA (Pietro da).j L'Arte del Navegar in laqual si con- 
tengono lere gole dechiarationi, secret!, & avisi, alia bona navega- 
tion nccessarii . . . tradotta de lingua Spagnola in volga Italiano, 
a beneficio (S.: utilita de ciascadun Navigante. Woodcut title, Jia- 
grains, txiid the map '■' Mundo Novo,"' 4to, vellum. Vinetia, 1554 

The title is dated 1555. 

1636 |Mki)1na.| L'Arik de Navigeur de M. Pierre de Medina 
Espagnol . . . Trautluit de Castillan en Francois, avec augmenta- 
tion iS: illustration de plusicurs figures & annotations, par 
Nicolas de . . . Novellement reveu . . . par Jean de 
Sevii.i.k. Diai^ram woodcuts and lar^e map. ^^ Nouveau Monde." 
4to, vellum. Rouen, 1628 








1637 [Ml.l.A.] COSMOGRAIMIIA I'oMl'ONll CUm fl^Ufis. 2 tlhlpS. 4tO, 

red levant morocco extra, gilt over marbled leaves, by HarJy. 

Saliiiaticc, 1498 

B. A. V. A.UI., No. S. 

See on l)ack of title, idtli line : "extra islas duas extremas i)lurinia i ^cniiitiii-, 
nam versus occiileiis serenissimus hispaiiia rum rex l-'erdinailiis i\ llelisabetli 
terra hibitnta tlista te ab occideti, p. xlv. , jjradus ivenerut." 

1638 [Mk.i.a.] Cosmoc;rai>hia I'omi'onii Mki.k: Authoris r itidissmii 
Tribiis I.ibris digesta: puo qdaz Compcndio Joannis Cuclei, etc. 
4to, levant morocco extra, gilt leaves, by J/arJy, Norinbtrge, 1511 

See verso of sig. F., for Americus Vespucius, etc. 

1639 [Meia.] Pomi'onii Hispani, Libri de situ orkis tres, 
adjectis lOachimi VAdiani Helvetii in eosdem Scholiis: Addita 
quuciiie in (jcographia Catccliesi &: Kpistola Vadiani ad Agriiola 
digna iectu. Cum Indice summatim omnia complectcte. 

Vienna^ : Lucas Ahvifsr, 15 iS 

Joannis Camertis minoritani, artium, et sacroe theologiae doctoris 
in C. IVLII Solini. llOAil^nrA. Enarrationes. J'olyhistor 
map. Vienna;, 1520 

2 vols, in I. Folio, vellum. Vienna;, 1518-20 

B. A. \'., Nos. 92 and 108. 

1639* Mei.a. Dupiicate of the preceding (B. A. V., 108). Folio, 
half morocco. Viennai, 1518 

1640 [Mela.] Pomponii Meeae de Orris situ libri tres, accuratis- 
sime emendati, una cil CommOtariis Joachimi Vadiani Helvetii 
. . . adjecta sunt praiterea loca aliquot ex Vadiani commentariis 
sumatim repetitia . . . rursum, Epistola Vadiani, ab eo pent- 
adulescente ad Rudolphum Agricolam, &c. En^ra-teJ borJir. 
Folio, half morocco antique. Basilea;, 1522 

B. A. v., No. 112. 

1640* [Mela.] Pomponmi Melae de Orbis situ, &c. Engraved title. 
Folio, calf. Lutetiae Parisiorum, 1530 

B. A. v., No. 157. 

1641 Mela. Pomponii Melae de Orbis Situ libri tres, &c. Folio, 
calf. Parisiis, 1540 

1642 Melish (John). Travels in the United States of America 
in the years 1806, &c. 8 maps. 2 vols., 8vo, half morocco 
(stained). Philadelphia, 1812 



i(>4.} MiiMoiii (William). 'Iho (Iki a r Imi'oktanck of a ki.i.Kiinis 
I-in. ("(Jiisidert'il ... A New Kclition, witli a .Memoir ol' tlic 
Author pnfixt'd . . . by Cluirlcs I'lirtoii Cooper. Koyal Hvo, 
cloth, iiiKUt. I.oniloii, i.S4(; 

I'riv.-ilciy printi-il by Mr. Cooper, for prt-senls to the Ik'iiclics nf Lincoln's Inn. 
Thi" Index was never i.implctcii beyond p. 408, but tnnt.'iins ilic rtfcreniTS to 
Jnlin Colton :nid {>thers who afterwards lame In Ncw-Knuland. 

i(>\\ l«rltou (liHutuniTi). 2rlti»n»iiiu en GrtirnUluanrtiiflr 

Zi;k-i:n I.ami-Rkizkn ; door KKyptcn, Wcst-liulieii. I'er/ieu, 
'i'lirkyeii, ( )ost-Iii(Iien .... 1660-1667. /',V/{,vv^•v•(/ ////(• ii//,/ 17 
ciiiiiiusclcliiit\:;sl>\l.iiykcii. 410, vellum. .Vmsterdam, i()iSi 

Tlie |)Iales facing pp. 210-220 afterwards appeared in thr " Uuccaniers of 
Anurira " Kdiiion of \M\, part 3, pp. 1-18, and in Kd. of i(>S4, pp. 1-37. 

if^'45 l«|rltou| li(|tiUjavTi|) ;:icnmrrttrnfiUjnni*Tjfflr cu 

ZclT)^«1llir \\'>i>chk Zi i>i;.\-I,ani) Ri 1/1 n, door do C'ara- 
bisclic, Kylaiulen, Nieuw-Nederland, Virj,nnien, en de Spaai^sche 
West-Iiulien : bchelsende een seer uaiikeiirige Ifeschryviii;; der 
yenoemde l-aiulen, benetfens der zelver luwooiidereii, (lodsdienst, 
kejieeriu^, Zeden eii (lewoonten vreemde (lescliiedeiiisseii en 
Doorvalleii; .Mitsgaders de Cirouwelijke Wreedhedeu der Spajaar- 
den aau de Iiidiaiien j{eplee}j[t in 't ontdekken van Nienw-Spanien, 
ell/, en Wreedheyil der .\merikaanse Zee- Rovers tejiens de Span- 
iaarden. /'Itt'/iiiit; t>n title aiui at pp. 34 am/ Ti,q. 4to, red morocco, 
jji It leaves, by .l/(?////<7i'j. Amsterdam, 1705 

1646 (James). A Joirnai, of the KxHKDrnoN to (^)rK.iii c, 
in the year 1775, under the Command of Colonel Benedict .Arnold. 
Royal Svo, half mon.cco, gilt top. Philadelphia, 1S64 

Only UK) lopii'S (Svo) jirinted for the l''ranklin Club. No. 22. 

The notes in this edition are more extensive than tiie Bradford Club issue. 

1647 Mkmoikk touchant I'F^stablissement des I'kkks Ii:siiti:s dans 
les Indes d'EsPA(;NK. [Paraguay.] 121110, boards, pp. 21. 

s. 1., 1716 

1648 Mkmoiki. contcnant le Pri'xms des Faits, avec leurs Pieces Jus- 
tificatives, pour servir de Reponse aux Observations envoyees par 
les Ministres d'.Anoleterre dans les Coursde I'Europe. rimo, half 
morocco Paris, 175^) 

Journal ^ti .Major Wasiiinglon, pajfc lOc) ; also Letters of Ciencral liraildoeix, 
\Vm. IVnn. Chailes Lawrence, etc. 

AmIKK A\ A. 


1^49 Mi.MoiKs of an Unfortunati' Yoimjj N'oblcinan. rrtumM from a 
Tliirti't'ii N'cars Slavery in Amorica, whore lie l)ccii sent hy tlie 
Wi( keel ConlrivaiKes of his Cruel Uncle . . . unio, ealf. 

London, 174,^ 

1650 MiMoKiAi to tlic Ni \v-Y()KK Skn A IK i\: AssiMiiiv, hy Smiilry 
inhabitants of tlic Town of Lebanon, Madison Co., containin^f a 
Defence '.' the Constitution of this State. 8vo, half morocco. 

Hamilton, iSjr> 

1651 MiMoRiAs DK i.os ViuKYi-s (|ue han gobernado t! I'cru, diiranlc 
el Tienipo del Coloniaje Kspartol, impresas ile orden suprema. 
Lar^r ///a/>. 6 vols., folio, cloth. Lima, iS5(; 

A Work of cxtrc'im; interest, cilitfil l)y M. A. Kui-ntes, ;it tlic ik'^irc nl' ihc 
(loviTiimcnt, from important MS. ri'lalions cxistiny; in the Archi\i's of IViii. It 
rnnms from the cirliist time to 17(^0. 

1652 MiADiKTA (Ceroninio de) .Histokia IviisiA^ruA Immana; 
la piiblica por primera, vez J. G. Icazbalccta. Imperial Svo, half 
morocco extra, >{ilt top. Mexico, 1S70 

165^? Mk.ndiI' lA. .Another copy. Half morocco, uncut. 

Mexico, 1S70 

1654 I Mi'.rcator's Minku Atias I HisTDRiA MiNDi ; or, Merca- 
tor's .\tlas. Containiii).; his Cosmojiraphicall Descriptions of tlie 
Fabricke and Fij^ure of the World, Lately rectified . . . My tl.e 
studious industry of ludocus Hondy, Knglishcd by W. S. | Wye 
Salsonstall]. iSi mdps,heautifullyciii:;ravi'J^incliiiiiiii:; l/iost' u<hich 
relate to Americix atiii the West Indies. Folio, calf. 

London : AT. >>pa)ke, 1635 

Witii llie adilitionai Map of New England, of which vitv few coi)ies exist. 
The enj^ravi'd title is dated I'i37- 

" This has the rare map of Vir)jini.i, enj;raved by Ralph Hall, which is very 
seldom seen in the book. It jjives a special value to the above copy where it is 
inserted. If the ennravinj; could have been done in time, the sheet would h.ivc 
taken its place with the rest, impressed opposite the text to Virginia, and a K;irit\ 
would have been lost to the .Vmerican Collector. However, the pubii'.hers tilled 
up the blank with a tluplicate of the New .Spain Map, this bcin^ mentioned in 
the Krrata with a statement that a correct map of New England was then being 
prepareel in .\nierica, which would be published on its arrival in England. .\ 
change of (owners took place two years afterw;irds. and the frontispiece was re-en- 
graved, having S/'iir':/s name alone, with ' SiconJ Edition ' addeil, and the date 
changed. I n some of these copies the new map was inserted. The stock thiwi 
treated was, however, very small." 



1655 Mkssi.f.r (Abraham). Centennial History of Somf.rsi:t Coln rv 
[N. J.|. i2mo, cloth. Somerville, 187S 

1656 I Mkxia (Tcdro). I Coi.ngrios o Diaiooos niievamentc copues- 
tos por cl iMa^^nifico Cavallcro Pcro Mcxia, Vezino de Scvilla en 
los (piales se disputan y trata varias y diversas cosas & mucha 
criidicion y doclrina, &c. Small 8vo, calf. Andaluzia, 1547 

li. A. V. Ailil., ir.i. See verso of CII. 

1657 [Mkxico.] C'oi.KCCioN de Documentos para la Histnria de 
Mexico, ruhlicada por Joacpiin Clarcia Icazbalceta. I'liites. 2 
vols., 4to, half morocco, gilt tops, uncut, M^'^ico, ICS5S 

'I'lie editidn was limited to 300 copies. Ramirez, No. 2S6. 

165S MiAi. I. (Charles S.). The Proposed Slave Empirk ; its Ante- 
cedents, Constitution and Policy. 8vo, half morocco. 

i.oiulon, 1S63 

4 1659 MlCllAUX (F. A.). VOVAGK a I.'OUEST des MONTS .'Xl.LI'GHANVS, 

dans les Ktats de I'Ohio, du F.entucky et du Tennessee, ct Retour 
a C'harleston, par les Hautes Carolines. 8vo, half morocco, gilt 
top. Paris, iSoS 

No map. 

1660 MiDiii.i TON (Christopher). A Vindication of the Conduct 
of Captain Christopher Mi 'dietoii, in a Late Voyage on Board His 
Majesty's Ship the Furnace, for Discovering a North West Passage 
to the Western American Ocean. In .-Vnswer to certain Olijcctions 
and Aspersions of Arthur Dobbs, Ksq.; with an Appendix . . . 
ive. 8vo. half calf, gilt. London, 1743 

1661 MllirARV JoiRNALS of TwO PrIVATI. SOI.DIKRS, 1 758- 1 775, 

with numerous illustrative notes ; to which is added a .Supple- 
ment containing Official Papers on the Skirmishes at Lexington 
and Concord. Frontispiece. 8vo, half morocco. 

Poughkeepsie, 1S55 

1662 .Mil 1.1 K (Rev. John). A Dfscription of the Pkovinci, and 
Citv of New York; with Plans of the City and several Forts as 
they existed in the year 1695 ... to which is added a Catalogue 
of . . . Books relating to America. 6 plans. 8vo, half morocco, 
gilt top. London: RoJJ, 1843 



1663 MiLi.ER. A Df.scription of the Provinck and Cii v of Ni w 
York; . . . with an Introduction and copious Historical Notes by 
John Gilniary Slica. G flans. Svo, cloth, uncut. 

New York: Gimui/is, 1S62 

J 1664 Miii.iRoLX (J. F.). APKR^,fs sur les Issi 11 iticns et les 
M«ELRs des .\.MKRICAINS. 8vo, uncut I'aris, i.S6j 

1665 .MiNKR (('.). HisroRV of Wyominc;, in a Scries of Letters from 
Charles Miner, to his Son William Penn Miner,* Ks(i. 2 i/ui/'s, J-r. 
Svo, half morocco. I'hiladelp!iia, 1S45 

'* This is the most nearly complete of all the histories of the willcy, which l;as 
been the scene of si:ch tragic events, .is h:ive elicited ilic in'erest of some in every 
civilized land- The work is much the largest of these iiarrativc'<, and includes a 
' Copy of I,t. Col. Adam Ilubley's Journal on the Western Kxpcdition, against 
the Indians under the Command (jf .Major (leneral Sullivan, I77<;. By Sininn 
Stevens, Lancaster, I'a., Aug. <), 1S45.'" — I'lKi.D. 

1666 [Minnesota.] Matkkiat.s for the future History of Minne- 
sota; being a Report of the .Minnesota Historical Society to the 
Legislative .X.ssembly . . . Illustiated, Svo, half morocco. 

Saint Paul, 1S56 

1667 MiNOT (George Richards). The History of the Ln>1'krkc- 
TioNS, in Massachusetts, in the year mdcci.xxxvi., and the 
Rebellion consequent thereon. Svo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. 

Worcester; Isaiah Thotnas, 17SS 

1668 Minutes of a Conspiracy against the Lihkr nis of .A.merica. 
4to, half morocco, gilt top, uncut edges. Philadelphia, 1S65 

J;^'" For the Washington scandal, see p. 20. 
Only 75 quarto copies printed. No. 48. 

1669 [Miranda.] The History of Don Francisco de Miranda's 
attempt to effect a Revolution in South A.merica, in a series of 
Letters [by James Pigges| ... to which are anne.xed. Sketches 
of the Life of Miranda and Ceographical Notices of (araccas. 
i2mo, calf. Boston, 1S09 

Second edition. 

1670 MiRAREAU (Comte de). Considi^.rations sur i.'ordki, dc 
CiNCiNNATUS, ou Imitation d'un Pamphlet .Anglo-.Americain . . . 
suivies de plusieurs Pieces relatives a cette Institution ; d'une 
Lettre signee du General Washington, &c. Svo, half morocco, gilt 
top. Londres, 17 88 


Amkrkw A. 

1671 MiscKM.ANKois Col.i.KCTioN (A): coiisistiiijj of .111 ()rit;in;il 
T^etter from the I*en of Coi iMius, never before |)iil)li.>he(l; some 
Orij^iiial Poetry . . . &c., ilie whole revised and lorrected liy a 
Gentleman of the Inner leinple [M. II. |. 4to, calf. 

London, 1S03 

1672 MrrcKi I. (Jonathan). Nk.himiaii on riri Wai.i in rroid)le- 
som limes, .jto, half morocco. (.'amhridire, 1671 

.Massachusetts Election Sermon, May 15. i6()7. 

1673 MiTCHii. (Jonathan). .\ Dimouksi of the (ilory to which (lod 
hath called Believers by Jesus Christ . . . Toj^ether with an 
annexed Letter. Small Svo, polisheil calf extra, j^ilt ed]Li;es, by 
J'rtttt. London, 1677 

1674 [ MiTciiii i..| Kkmimsiknci s of Samii I. La 1 HAM Ml rcmi.i., 
,NLI)., LL.I)., by John \V. Francis, M.D., &c. <Svo, half nwiroico. 

New York, 1.S59 

1675 MiTcuii.i.. Ri:MiMsci-:N( Ks of , . . \\y John W. Francis. 
/'(>//rii//s, kI:^)-. .'^vo (4to), half morocco, jfilt top. New York, i.'^5y 

Unh^L'K copy, with an iiicninateil title, anil 'J5 portraits ami views inserted, 
the text anil plates neatly ir .. 

1676 MocyiKT (John), Travki.s and YnvA(;is into Africa, Asia 
and America, the and West Indies; Syria, Jerusalem and the 
Holy-Land , . . Translated from the French by Nathaniel I'nllen. 
Curious lUts 0/ caniiiha/ism, iS'c. <Sv{), calf. London, 1696 

Inmi the library <>f Wiiithrop Sargent, with his aiit()};ra|)l). 

iC>77 |Moma\vk.| .Xddrkss to the Six Nations; recommcndinj^ the 

(Ios|K'l of Saint John. By Tevoninhokarawen, the 'Translator. 

London (title and 7 leaves]; a/so, I'he (lospel accord inij to Saint 

John. Small Svo, ^reen morocco extra, j^ilt top, uncut edjijes. 

London, 1S05 
'l"e.\t in Iiulian anil English on opposite paijes. 

167S I .Mohawk Braver Book. ] Na \'AkAWKA Yondi ui an avi.\- 
i>a<;hk\va Oi;hskka».wk(!()Iih, &:c. The Book of Conimon 
Prayer . . . formerly collectet! and translated into the Mohawk 
Lanjjuajje uniler the direction of the Missionaries . . . .V new 
Edition: to which i.s added. The (iospel acrordin^j to St. NLirk, 
translated into the Mr)hawk LaiiJLfuajLje, by C'apt. Joseph Brandt, 



an Indian of the Mohawk Nation, /'jif^raviiii^s /;r /'fiu/iry. Svo, 
old red morocco, gilt edj^es. London, 17S7 

In thi'^ I'llition the Kn;;li>-h anil Mohawk version occupy opposilc pa^ji-s. 
Kini" iiipy from the (leo. Daniel collection. 

1679 .Mohawk. Tlie Hook of Common Pravkk. Another copy. 
Svo, calf. I.onilon, 17S7 

iiiSo Molina ( i"ray .\lon/.o dc). X'ocaiu i.auio en !,kn(.i' a C'as- 
1 1.1.1. ANA y Mkxicana (y Vocabiilario en !,en).(iia Mexicana y 
Castellana). [j vols, in i.| i'olio, red levant morocco extra, jiill 
leaves, by Hiuifotti. .Mexico, 1571 

'I'hc first and must coni|5lete of any of the ilictionaries of the .\nuTi(.tn Ian- 
jjii.i^es, and one of the earliest t)iM)ks printed in the New World. 

1651 [Nfoi.iNA.| VocAiu'i.AKis. .Another copy cotnplete. [2 vols. 
ii\ 1. 1 I'njio. vellum. Mexico, 1571 

1652 Mcii.i\\ (.\bbe Don J. Ignatius), 'i'he (li odu vi'iin Ai., N\i- 
ikAi. and Civil. UisTORV of ('iiii.i. Translateil . . . \c. .)/<//>, 
J vols., Svo, half calf, gilt. London, 1.S09 

1683 li^onavHrS.] J^OnfUll XtlUCfl out .)f the newe founde 
worlde, wherein is declared the rare and singuler vertues of diverse 

' ,1-1 

and suiulrie Hearbes, Trees, Oyles, IManles, and Stones. . . . 
.\lso the |)ortrature of the saied llt.'arbes very aptly discribed: 
ICiiglished by Jhon Frampton. WooJiUts. . . . 410, calf gilt, 
gilt edges. London, 1577 

first edition. 

16S4 I j-H0U(irtir9.| .?)OI»fHU NfUlCS «>iit of the new found 
world, vvl-.e'-einare derlared tiie r.ire and singular vertues of divers 

and sundrie Herbs, Trees, OyN's, IMants iV Stones Mso the 

portrature of the sayde Herbes, very ajilly describeil: l')nglisiii d by 
lohn Framjjton. . . . Newly (orrected. . . . Whereunto are 
added three other bookes treating of the He/.aar Stone, vVc. .jto, 
reil mor»)cco extra, gilt leaves. Title anil last leaf mended. 

London, 15S0 

16X5 li-Honai-^CO.l .?>OI)fun XfUlCa Out of the Newfound 
Worlde. Wherein are declared the rare and singuler vertues of 
divers Herbs, I'rees, IMantes, Oylc.s, A: Stones, iS:c. . . . .Mso the 


portrature of the said Hearbs verie aptly described. Enj;Iishcd by 
Jolin Framplon, &c. IVooiicuts, 4to, russia, gilt edj(cs. 

London, i59<> 
The title-p.'iRcs to " The Bc/aar st'inc " and " The I?oke which Treateth of the 
Snow '' bear the dates if;8o anil 1574 in tlie order named, both in this and the 
edition of 1581). 

1686 [MoNROK.] The President's Tdur. A Collection of .Ad- 
dresses made to James Monroe, Ks(|., President . . . on his 
Totir throii^^h the Northern and Middle Staes (sic) A. I). 1N17, 
accompanied witii Answers, tVc. Selected, ike, by R. Radciiffe. 
i2mo, half morocco. New I])swich, 1S22 

1687 .Monroe (James). .\ View of the (JoNotcT of the Execitive, 
in the Koreij^n .Affairs of the L'nited States, connected with the 
Mission to the French Repid)lic, during the years i794-'5 &: '(> 
. . . illustrated by Instructions and Correspondence and other 
Authentic Documents. <Svo, half calf. Philadelphia, 1797 

1688 Mo.NKOE. .\ View of the Conduct of the Executive. Another 
copy. 8v(), half calf, antitjue, uncut edges. Philadelphia, 1797 

16S9 (.MoNKoi. I In Memouv of Col,. James Monroe, died Sep- 
tember 7, 1870, aged 71. Portrait. lanio, cloth. 

[New York, 1870] 

1690 ^^oNTAGU (Lord Robert). A Mirror in America. 8vo, half 
morocco. London, 1861 

1691 MoNTAi.noDDo (Er. ile). Paesi novamente retrovati et 

NOVO Mni)() da .Ai.iiERico VEsrurio I'lorOtino intitulato. U'cd/- 

cut on title aud 4 wooiicuts in the text. 4to, red levant morocco e.xlra, 

gilt leaves, by Pratt, Milano, 15 19 

H. A. v., No. 94. 

Fine copy, and a yreat rarity. 

1692 I MoN I Ai.itoDiio. I Paesi novamente ritrovati per la Navi- 
gatione di Spagna in Calicut. Et da Albertutio Vtsputio . . . 
W'oihicut of Vcnctia on title-pa^c. Small 8vo, red levant mo- 
rocco, gilt leaves, by Bedford. Venetia : Rtiscoui, 1521 

Fine copy. 

See'i (.11 s. 

1693 MoNTAEEMitEKT (Comte de). La Victoire du Nord aux 
Etats-Uni.s. 8vo, uncut. Paris, 1865 







1694 Mont Ai.vo (Francisco Anto. de). Ei. Soi, del Nukvo Mundo 
ideado y compuesto En las esclaiecidas Operacioncs del l)icnaven- 
tiirado Toribio, Arcobispo de Lima . . . Ofrecido . . . Melchor 
de Navarra y Rocafiili . . . por el Doctor I). Ivan Francisco de 
Valladolid. I'ln^ra-reit frontispiece and portrait. Folio, vellum. 

Roma, 16.S3 

1695 MoN lANUs (Arnoldiis\ Dk Niktwe kn ONnEKKNDK Wkkrfi.d : 
of iJeschryviny van America, en 't Zuid-Land, etc. En^rajcJ title, 
"] portraits, 16 maps, 32 iar^^e, and 71 sinalUr iti/tint^s. Folio, half 
calf. Amsterdam, 1671 

tW"Sc'c p. 124 for the \'ic\v of New York, copied in Ojjilhy's America. 

1696 [MoNTc AIM.] Rki.ation I )e la prise Forts de ('HOUECf en, 
oil Oswic.o ; it de cc (|ui s'est passe cette annce en Canada. 
4 leaves, 410, vellum. ((Irenoble] Avec Permission, 1756 

Printed 1)\ C'uchet at (irenoble, and undcscribed, apparently, though a few 
copies of a reprint have i)een issued. 

The fort was defended by I, Six) men, and i,f>4<) were taken prisoners. 

1697 [MoNTCAi.M {Marquis i>i).| Fkitirs from the Makqim^ he 
MoN IXAI.M, (iovernor (iciieral of Ciinada ; to Messrs. de Merrycr 
& De la Mole in the years 1757, 175*^, and 1759. With an Enji[lish 
translation. 8vo. London: J. Ahnon, 1777 

French and Knyjlish on opposite pa;;es. 

Tiiese letters, purjxirtinK to have l)een written by so distin^jiiished a man as 
the (Iovernor deneral of Canada, the last of them l>iit a few days before the fall 
of (,)iu'i)ce and (lie death of both (lenerals Montcalm and Wolfe, h.ive .ittrarted 
great interest, while their genuineness has b'.-en siispeiieil. Itut "ith.isbeen 
reserved." says Mr. Henry Stevens in an exteniieil note on the suljject, " for Mr. 
I'rancis I'arkinan. llie historian, in lS6<), to settle almost to a demonstration that 
the Montcalm letters .ire forgeries." 

169.S Moody (Lieut. Jaiius). NAkUAriVE of his F'-xertions and 
SiMHRi.NCs in the Cause of (iovernment, since the Near 1776. 
8vo, polished calf e.xtra. j^ilt leaves, by /.a< hnsdorf. Lontlon, 1 783 

•Second eilition. 

" l.ieut. Moody, an .\ farmer, was so harrasscd by mobs, ass<'>ciations, 
and committies, that, clriven into the Hritish lines, he lii-came an active, and in 
some instances, successful, partisan against his countrymen." 

1699 MooRi: (Frank). Diary of the .Ameru an Rkvoi.ution. From 
Newspapers and Orij^inal Documents. Xunierous steel plates, maps, 
(:fc. 2 vols., 8vo, half itiorocco. New York, 1H60 


Amtkk \\.\. 

1700 |Mn(ii<K. I Ma riui \i s for Hisiokv. I'riiUcd tioiii Original 
Manuscripts. U'ith Notes and Illustrations. I5y Frank Moore. 
First Series. | All published. | Portrait on India paper. .4t(), lialf 
morocco, \(\\\. top, uncut. 

New York : Printni for the Xin^^cr Cliil\ 1X61 
2i" copies (iiil) printed. Contains the l.aurens < <)rre>i)onik'iKi-, rarely fount! 

J 1701 MnoKK. Ri r.i i.i.ntN Kixokd: A Diary of American 1-vcnts, 
with Document.s, Narratives, Ilhistrative Incidents, I'oetry, iVc. 
I'.dited by Frank Moore, . . . with an Introductory Aiidress, on 
the Causes of tlie .Struj,rjr|o^ and tin- (Ireat Issues before tlie ('nun- 
try, by Fdward Fverett. I'orlrails. i i vols., imperial 8vo, half 
red levant morocco, j^ilt to|), uncut. New York, 1867- 1S69 

The work is .in impartial eiiil)0(liment of all that is valuable on tlie sul'iict, mikI 
is for till' Kelxllion what Alinon's Kemeiuhr.iiuer is U the Revolution 

1702 Mo(u<i. (('.. II.). "Mk. I,i-,k'> Plan, March 20, 1777." The 
Treason of Charles, Major (ieneral. Second in (."omniand in 
the Anurican .Army of the Revoltition. I>y Cienroe 11. Moore. 
. . . 2 portraits and 2 Jac-si/ni/rs. Svo, half morocco. 

New York, 1.S60 

A manuscript, accidentally discovered, has at length settled this vexed (luestion, 
lo the shame of thi' tre.ichei'ous oHicer. Mr. Moore has presented the suhiect, 
«ith notes and f.ii-siniiles, in the most careful manner. 

170,^ MooKi:. .\i>i)i TioNAi, NoTKs on the IIistokv of Si.avk.rv in 
M As>ALiiLsKT rs. 4to (pp. 16), half morocco. New York, iSon 
Mr. Moore's reply lo his Boston critics. 

1704 M()()RK(|ohn). Mk.dicai. Skkiihis . . . the first .American 
eilifion. Svo, sheeji. Providence (Rhode Island), 1794 

i 1705 MoKAi F I'ka ri(,)i;i: lies jisriTi'.s. 121110, calf. 16S3 

Second volume. The 5th part containing (p. 284, \c.)"I.ettre ile M. de 

1706 |Mt)KAi.Ks.| Carta del Pai>rk Pkuro dk Morai.ks dela Com- 
pania de Jesus. Para el Muy Reverendo Padre F'.verardo Mtrcu- 
riano . . . en (jue se da relacion de la Fe.stividad (jue en estx" 
insij^ne Ciudad ile Mexico, iVc. Small Svo, levant morocco e.\tra, 
jjilt leaves, by Gruel (one leaf pieced). Mexico, 1579 

" This rare book contains the first trajjedy ever written in the Neu World ipp. 
Ill), I've,), and is in five acts. " — II. 11. 





C li- 
st iU 


1707 I i\h)Ri)KCAi. I Mii.iiAkv CiiMMissioN to ICufopc' ill 1855 ami 
1856. Rc|)()tt of Major Alfred Morclccai of the Ortlnancc Depart- 
ment. 21 platis. 4to, half morocco. Wa.shingtoii, 1.S60 

IiU'urporateil with tliis Report is a iranslatii>ii t>y J. (iDryas nf Schiin on ihf 
Modern Systfni of Small .Anns, witii I'J plates. 

1708 I MoKi At; (J. 15.). I C'ai.imiak of Amkkkan Ciiuonui.ocv 
illustrated by Quotations from Shakspeare. Rt)yal Svo, rlotli. 
tiiiciit. New Vork, 1872 

Only fxi i'(>|iics (No. 2S) privately printed l>y Charles I.. Moreau. 

1709 iiioic«iu (|i)irrrc). lllarr en <r2il«i«ii*aci)tiflf iirscf)= 

l*l>UtUfl van de leste Heroerteii en Afval der I'ortugezen in 
Urasil. Cluirl on title ami ttchiii^s at pl>. 31, 42, 05 ami 't^. 410, 
velhim. Amsterdam, 1652 

^^" Mi>Ki 1 1,1, see 1737. 

1710 MokiNo (Celso Cesarc). A.mkrican Intkresis in .Asia. Svo, 
pp. 40. New Vork, 1869 

171 I .Mkkmnc; and l'-\r..\i\(; 1'kavi;k ( IMie). The Litany, Church 
Catechism, l-'amily Prayers and Several Chapters of the Old ami 
New-Testament, translated into the Mahatjuc Imlian^ua;.je, by 
Lawrence Claesse . . . &c. 4to, calf anticpie, gilt edges. 

New-\'ork : William Bradford, 1715 
The head-lines a^ ' e.xtra title only, are in Knglish, pp. 40-115. 
I'ine copy. 

;7i2 MoRRK.i.i, I i: ^., j..). Narrativk. of Foik \()VA(;ks to the 
South Ska, . th and South Pacific Ocean, Chinese Sea, Kthiopic 
and Southern .Atlantic Ocean, Indian and Antarctic Ocean, in 1S22 
-_^i . . . with Life, <S:c. Portrait. 8vo. cloth. New York, 1832 

1713 [■"Morris (Ciouverneur). | An .AxswiRto "War in l)is(;risi-,"; 
or. Remarks upon the New Doctrine of England concerning Neu- 
tral Trade. 8vo, half morocco. London, 1806 

* Acccjfdinjj to Rich. 

1714 Morris. I'he Lii k of . . . with Selections from his Corre- 
spondence and Miscellaneous I'apers ; detailing Events in the 
American Revolution, I've. Hy Jared Sparks. Portrait. 3 vols,, 
8v(), boards, uncut. IJoston, 1832 

1715 MoRSK (jediiliah). 'J'he Amkrica.n CiK.ocrai'Iiv ; or, a View of 
the Present Situation of the United States of America. 2 maps. 
Second edition. 8vo, half morocco. London, 1 792 



1716 M<tKSK.. A Rki'okt to tlie Si-crktarv ok War of the Uniti-d 
States, on liulian Affairs, comprising a Narrative of a Tour 
performed in the Summer of 1820, Ike, for tiie |)iirpose of 
ascertaininjr the Actual State of the Indian 'l'ril)ts in our Country. 
Map and portrait. Svo, boards, uncut. New Haven, 1822 

1717 MousK. Annai.s of tlic Amkrican Rivoluiion . . . and 
some of the principal Indian Wars, d plates. 8vo, sheep. 

Hartford, 1824 

1718 [M(iKTiMKR (J.). I I. A Skckssion au.x Etais-Ums et son Ori- 
gine ; par un Journaliste Americain. 8vo, uncut. I'aris, 186 1 

1719 Morton (Nathaniel). Vk ./'Ds Mkmoriai.i. ; or, .\ 
brief Relation of the Memorable and Remarkable I'assa>;es 
of the rrovidente of tlod, manifested to the I'ianters of New- 
Knyland in Anvrica ; With special Reference to the first Colony 
thereof, called .New-l'limouth, &c. 4t(), red levant morocco extra, 
gilt leaves, by Bedford. Cambridj^e, 1669 

I'iiK.' copy. 

172* Morton. The Nkw England's Mkmoriai, ; or a brief relation 
of the most memorable and remarkable passages of the Provi- 
dence of (iod, manifested to the IManters of New England, \'c. 
i2mo, half morocco. Plymouth, 1826 

1721 Morton (Thomas). New English Canaan, or New Canaan. 
Containing an Abstract of New England, Comjxised in three 
liookes. . . . Written by Ihomas Morton, of Cliffords Inne gent, 
upon tenne yeares knowledge and experiment of the Country. 
4to, green morocco, gilt over red leaves, by Riviere. 

Amsterdam, 1637 
Fine i-opy. 

" Although this book is printed in my native pl.-ice, Amsterdam, I have never 
seen or heard of it here." — I'kkd. Mui.LKR. 

1722 Motley (John Lothrop). The Rise of the Dutch Republic. 
3 vols., 8vo, half calf anticjue. New York, 1856 

1723 Moultrie (William). Memoirs of the American Revolution, 
as far as it related to the States of North and South C'arolina, and 
Ceorgia. Portrait. 2 vols., post 8vo, half morocco. 

New York, 1S02 





11, IC. 


, and 


1724 MuuN r(;(>MKkY (Sir RohiTt), A Discol'rsk Conci'rninjj tlic 
(It'sijjii'd F',stal)lisluiu'iit Of a Ni-w C'oiony to the Sonn of ('.\K( - 
i.iNA, in tlu" Most (Icli^litfiil Country of the Universe. /,7/;^v//i///. 
8vo, half morocco. I,on(h)n, 1717 

Sir Kiihcrt olitaiiicil .t jjrant of all thu land bctweon the Rivers .Mtaniaha anil 
Savanna, whiih he c.illed Azilia, and issued these proposals for settling it. 

1725 M()i;ki {('t.\, A Ri'.i.A I iDN or loiiRNAi.i. of the beginniiij; and 
proccfdinjjs of the Hn(;i.ish 1*i,an ta tion sctled at I'l.iMoi 11 in 
Ni:w l>',N(;i.ANit, by lertaiiic Knjjlisli .\diicnturcrs both .Merchants 
and others. Witli their ditiliciilt passa>;e, their safe arriiiall, tlieir 
ioyfull biiildinji of, and comfortable phmtin^j tliemsclucs in the now 
well defended Towne of New I'limoth, .\s also a Relation of 
Fovre seiierall iliscoiieries since made by some of the same ICnj^Iish 
Planters tiiere resident. I. In a iourney to I'vckanokick the iiabita- 
tion of the Indians greatest Kiiij; Massasoyt : as also their mes- 
sa;;e, the answer and enlertaimncnt they had of him. II. In a 
voyage made by ten (jf them to the Kingdome of Nawset, to seeke 
a boy that had lost himselfe in the woods : with such accidents as 
befell them in that voyage. Ill, In their iourney to the King- 
dome of Namaschet, in defence of their greatest King Massasoyt, 
against the Narrohiggonsets, and to reuenge the sujiposed de.ith 
of their Interpreter 'ris(]uantiim. I 111. Their voyage to the Massa- 
chusets, and their entertainment there. With an answer to all 
such objections as are any way made against the lawfulnesse of 
English plantations in those parts. 4to, calf. 

London : J'ft/i/fi/'/or John Bellamif, and are to be sold at his shop 
at the two H rex hounds in Cornhill nerre the Koyall Exchange, 1622 

" Mouit's Relation" is the Chief foriier Stone of a New Knglaiid Library. 
A tine copy despite the fact of its worn title. 

1726 Mnwkv (Sylvester). The (jKookai'HV and Rksoitrces of Ari- 
zona and SoNoRA . . . New edition, with an Appendi.x. i-i^'Sf 
map. 8vo, cloth. San Francisco, IVS63 

Presentation copy from the author. 

1727 MowKV (Sylvester). Arizona and Sonora: the Geography, 
History and Resources of the Silver Region of North America. 
'Ihird edition, revised and enlarged. Frontispiece. i2!no, cloth. 

New York, 1864 

1728 MowRv (William /\.). The Desckndants of Natiianiki. 
MowRV, of Rhode Island. Plates. Svo, uncut. Providence, 187b 



1729 |Mi;i.i.iK.J Mi:s/t:i Jovi ANi iMAt.iNKs artifuf mami ;ul viviim 
ex|)rcssit' Noc minore iiuUistriu 'I lu-oluildi Miillcri Marpiiigtnsis 
Musis illiistratii:. 130 portraits within fng^iareJ hordeis. 410, 
l)<)ar(ls. Hasik;f, 1577 

Iiitliiilcs |M)iliaits of Colunilxis, C'orlf/, Charles V., the Meiliiis, \f. 

1730 jMi'iiiK.) Mi'MiMkK Hum i(»i;K.\i'iii(;ri". sur les Jdiirnaiix dcs 
Navii^ati'iirs Ni'crlandais, rcimprinu'-s dans Ics ("oik'ctions dc Di- 
liry c't de Iliilsiiis, ct dans Irs Collections Hollaiuliisi-s dii WII' 
Sicilc, it siir It's Ancicnnt'S liditions Hollandaists dcs J(iurnau\ 
tie Navij;ateiirs lltranKcrs la |)liipart en Ic possession de Freilerik 
Miiiicr . . . Kedige par I*. A. Tiele. Imp. 8vo, half niorocio, 
uncut. .Xnistcrdam, 1867 

One of the few copies printed on drawing; pajK-r. 

1731 .Ml I. MR (K.). CATAi.odiK of Hooks, Maps, I'lateson .Amkku a 
. . . with Miblioyraphical and Historical Notes . . . J-'ac-simi/ts. 
8vo, half morocco, gilt top. .Amsterdam, 1S72 

1732 MuNo/ (I). Juan Haut). Hiskjkia del Ni;i vo-Mindo. JA//-. 
Koyal 8vo, half morocco. Madrid, 1793 

\ olume I., all published. 

The second volume is in .MS. in New York. 

'73.3 Ml'nro (R(j|)ert). A Dkscrihtion of the Gknkskk Countun 
in the State of New York. 4 plates a ltd 3 maps, some iiisrr/iii. 
Svo, half morocco. New York: Printed for the author, 1.S04 

1/34 .MiJNSKi.i.'s Historical Skries — as follows : 

I. Wilson (Commi«sary). Ordkri.y Hook, E^.xpedition of the 
Hritish and Provincial Army uiulcr Maj. (len. Jeffrey .Amherst 
against I'iconderoga and Crown I'oint, 1759. J'ian, 1857 

II. F.AsroN (John). A Narrativk of the Causes which led to 
I'hilii/s Indian War of 1675 and 1676 . . . Introcliution and 
Notes hy 1'. H. Hough. La rj^e colored map. 1S5S 

HI. OuDi Ki.v Hook of the NoKiJUkN .\KMV,at Ticoiuleroga and 
Mt. Independence, from October 17th, 1776, to January 8th, 
1777, with Biographical and E.\planatory Notes, and an Aji- 
l)endi.\. J'ortrait and map. 1859 

IV. DiAKY of the Sik(;k of Dktroit in the War with I'ontiac: 
also a Narrative of the Principal Kvents of the Siej^e. by Major 
Robert Rogers, ike. Edited with Notes by !•". H. Hough, i860 




V. RuTiKNiiF.R {Vj. M.). Ohstructions to the Navu.ation of 
Hudson's Kivkk. Mii/>. i'S6o 

V'l. Stansiukv and Okki.i.. I.ovai. Vkr^k.s relating,' to the 
American Revohition. Kilited l)y Winthroj) SaryeiU. 1S60 

VII. Bi K<;<)YNi. (I.ieiit. (leii. Joliii). Ordkki.y Hook, from lii> 
Kntry into the State of New Vork until his Surrender at Sara- 
toji[a, 16th October, 1777. Kdited by h). B. O'Calla^'han. .)/.//' 
and portraits. i860 

VIII. Kari.y Vovaoks up and down tlie Mississippi, by CavelJiT, 
St. Cosme, I.e Sueur, (Iravier and (luij^nas; with an Introilue- 
tion, Notes and an Index l)y J. (i. Shea. iHOi 

IX. anil X. Indian Akkairs. 1'R(hkediN(;s of the Commis- 
sion krs of . . . appointed by I, aw for the E.\tin){uisiunent 
of Indian lities in the State of New Vork. Introduction and 
Notes by F. B. Hougli. Maps. 2 vols. iSdi 

XI. Okdkki.v Book of Sir John Johnson chirinjj the Oriskany 
Campaij^n, 1776-1777, .Annotated by WilUam I.. Stone . . . 
with an Historical introduction illustrating the Life of Sir John 
Johnson, by J. Watts de Beyster, iVc. Portrait, etc. iSHj 

XII. Haddkn's Joi.KNAi, and Ordkkiv Books. A Journal kept 
in Canada and upon Buryoyne's Canipaijjn in 1776 anil 1777, \r. 
Fac-similes. 1 1SS4 

Together 12 vols. 4to (10 half morocco, gilt to|)s, 1 in cloth, the 
other unbound). Albany, 1857-S4 












'735 MuRAioRi (Lodovico Antonio). II Ckistiamsimd i i i.ii k 
nelle missioni de' I'adri della C!onipagnia di Clesu' nel Baraoiai. 
Lati^t' map. 4to, half russia, uncut. Venezia, 174.? 

1736 MuRATORi (Mr.). .\ Ri.i.Ario.\ of the Missions of Paraouav. 
, . . now done into English from the French translation. Svo, 
half calf. London, 1759 

•737 [Muriki, (Dominiipie).) Cyriaci Morki.i.i. Fasti Novi Oriiis 
et Ordinationum .\postolicarum ad Indias pertinentium breviarium 
cum adnotationibus. 4to, vellum, uncut. Venetiis, 1776 

A collection of all the Orders and Decrees of the I'opes, and Kings of Spain. 
relating to the spiritual administration of America, from its discovery to 1771. 

1738 Murphy (Henry C). The Vovace of Vkrkazzano: a Cha|)ter 
in the Karly History of Maritime Discovery in America. Mops 
and woodcuts. Hvo, unbound. ^^w York: Private/) printed, 1875 


y.^.^ '^^' r.^.. 








If: lis m 

£ us 120 

L25 III 1.4 






WEBSTER, N.Y. 14580 

(716) 872-4503 












1739 Murray (C. A.). Travels in North America, includinjj a 
Summer ResidtMice with the Pawnee Tribe of Indians. 2 vols., 
crown 8vo, half calf, gilt. London, 1854 

1740 Murray (Hugh). Historical Account of Discoveries and 
Travels in North America. Large map. 2 vols., 8vo, half calf. 

London, 1829 

1741 [Mymus]. De Origine Animalium et Migratione Populo- 
RUM, scRii'TUM ABRAHAM! MiLii. Ubi inquiritur, quomodo 
quaque via Homines ca^teraque Animalia Terrestria provenerint; 
(!v post Deluvium in omnes Orbis terrarum partes iK: regiones; 
Asiam, Europam, Africam, utramque Americam, &:c. 121110, red 
morocco, gilt edges. Genevae, 1667 

1742 [Myritii.] Opusculum Geographicum rarum, totius eius 
negotii rationem, mira industria et brevitate complectens, iam 
recens ex diversorum libris ac chartis, summa cura ac diligentia 
coUectum & publicatum, per Joannem Myritium, &c. Portrait 
aihl numerous laooJcuts, the movable diagrams in running order. 
Folio, vellum. Ingolstadii, 1590 

The large map of the world at p. 60 contains a map of America, which in the 
extreme N. W. corner bears the words " India Orientalis." 

1743 ^TANTUCKET PAPERS. Papers Relating to the Island 
1^ of Nantucket, with Documents Relating to the Original 

Settlement of that Island, Martha's Vineyard, and 

other Islands adjacent, known as Dukes County, while under the 

Colony of New York. Compiled from Official Records, ... by 

Franklin B. Hough. Map and facsimiles. 4to, half morocco. 

Albany, 1856 
150 copies printed for private distribution. 

1744 Narragansett Club. Publications of the . . . Series. 
6 vols., 4to, cloth, uncut. Providence, 1866-74 

Only 200 copies of the first three volumes printed, 170 of the fourth, 130 of 
,the fifth, and 160 of the sixth volume. For subscribers only. 

Comprises: Vol. I. — A I'iographical Introduction to the Writings of Roger 

Williams, by R. A. Guild; A Key into the Language of America, by Roger 

Williams, edited by J. II. Trumbull; Letter of John Cotton and Roger 

Williams's Reply. 
\ol. II. — Master John Cotton's Answer to Master Roger Williams; ami 

(Queries of Highest Consideration. 




Vol. III. — The Bloudy Tenent of Persecution. 
Vol. IV. — The Bloody Tenent yet more Hloody. 
Vol. V. — George Fox Digg'd out of his IJurrowes. 
Vol. VI. — Letters of Roger Williams. 

1745 Narrative of tnc Cruisk of the Alabama, and List of her 
Officers and Men, by one of the Crew. 8vo, half morocco. 

London, 1864 

Also in this vol. : " Our Cruise in the Confederate States' War Steamer Ala- 
bama; The Private Journal of an Officer." 

1746 Narrative of the North Polar Expedition, U. S. Ship 
Polaris, Captain Charles Francis Hall commanding. P^dited 
under the direction of the Hon. G. M. Robeson. . . . by Rear- 
Admiral C. H. Davis. Portrait, maps and woodcuts. 410, cloth 

Washington, 1S76 

1747 Nason (Elias). A History of the Town of Dinstaiu,!,, 
Massachusetts, from its earliest Settlement to the Year of Our 
Lord 1873. Portrait and woodcuts. 8vo. Boston, 1S77 

1748 Nason. A Gazetteer of the State of Massachusetts. 
With numerous illustrations on steel and wood. 8vo, cloth. 

Boston, 187S 



. by 





130 of 


1749 Navarrete (Martin Fernandez de). Coleccion de los Viac.ks 
V Descubrimienios, que hicieron por mar los F)spaftoIes desde 
fines del Siglo XV., con varios docunientos incditos concernientes 
a la historia de la Marina Castellana y de los establecimientos 
Espanoles en Indias, coordinada e illustrada. 3 large maps and 2 
portraits. 5 vols., 4to, calf extra, red leaves, by Riviere. 

Madrid, 1825-37 

The first and second volumes contain the original journals, &c., of Columbus ; 
the third is devoted to the expeditions of Vespucius, and the fourth and lifth tn 
the e.xpeditions of Magellan, Kleano, tlarcia de Lo.iisa and Alvaro de Saavedra. 

1750 Navigator (The) ; or, the Trader's useful Guide in Navigat- 
ing the Monongahela, Allegheny, Ohio and Mississippi Rivers . . . 
to which is added an Account of Louisiana. Map of Pittsburgh, 
iSr'r. 1 2mo, half morocco, gilt top. Pittsburgh: Cramer, x^od 

1 75 1 Nkai, (Daniel). The History of New-Enoi.ano, containing 
an Impartial Account of the Civil and Ecclesiastical Affairs of the 



Country, to the year of our Lord 1700, to wliich is addetl the 
Present State of New-Enghuid . . . and an Appendix. Ltirj^r 
iinip. 2 vols., 8vo, red levant morocco e.xtra, giU leaves, by Prait. 

London, i 747 
Portrait <if Neal inserted. 

1752 Nkal. History of Nkw-England, containing an Liijiartial 
Account of the Civil and Ecclesiastical Affairs of the Country to 
the year . . . 1700, to which is added the Present State of New- 
England (1720) . . , Fine map. 2 vols., 8vo, calf e.xtra. 

London, 1747 
Second etlition. with many additions by the author. 

'753 Nkai,. History of the Puritans . . , from the Reformation 
in 1517 to the Revolution in 1688. Enlarged by J. O. Choules. 
f) portraits. 2 vols., 8vo, half calf. New York, 1843 

1754 Nkim, (Edward I).). History of the Virginia Company of 
London, with Letters to and from the First Colony, never before 
printed. J\>rtrait. 4to, cloth, uncut. Albany, 1869 

1755 Nf.ilson (Charles). Original, Compiled and Corrfxtep 
Account of Burgoyne's Campaign, and the Memorable Battle of 
Bemis's Heights, September 19 and October 7, 1777, from the 
most authentic Sources of Information, &c. i2mo, half morocco. 

Albany, 1844 
Minus the map. 

1756 [Nelson.] Proceedings by the Bar of the UNiTEn States 
Courts for the Second Circuit, on the Retirement of Mr. Justice 
Nelson from the Supreme Court of the United States. 8vo, half 
morocco, gilt top. New York, 1S73 

1757 [Neutral Trade.] An Examination of the British Doctrine, 
which subjects to capture a Neutral Trade, not open in Time of 
Peace. 8vo, half morocco (wants pp. 1-4). London, 1810 

1758 New and Old Principles of Trade compared, or a Treatise 
on the Principles of Commerce between Nations, &:c. 8vo, calf. 

London, 1788 
Autograph of G. \VAsii!Ni;[r()N] on the title-page. 



1759 [Nkw Brittaine.] The Discovery of New Brittaink, Began 
August 27, Anno Dom. 1650, 

Kdward Bland, Merchant, 

■p J Abraham Woode, Captaine. 

^1 Sackford Brewster, ) ^, ^, 

fi- t) ^ - (rentlemen. 

Ehas Pennant, \ 

From Fort Henry, at the head of the Appamatiick River in Vir- 
ginia, to the P'als of Blandina, first River in New Britaine, which 
runneth West, &c. Frontispiece. 4to, morocco antique, gih leaves, 

London, 165 1 

1760 [New England.] An Abstract or the Lawks of New 
England, As they are now established. 4to, calf antique, gilt 
over red leaves, by Riviere. London, 1641 

The first printed collection of the Lawes of New England. 

1761 New Englands First Fruits; in respect, 

l' Conversion of some ) 
First of the -s Conviction of divers -of the Indians. 
( Preparation of sundry ) 

2. Of the progresse of Learning in the Colledge at Cambridge 
in Massacusets Bay. With Divers other speciall Matters concern- 
ing that Countrey, &c. 4to, half russia. London, 1643 

The first of a series of reports relative to the convcrsi(/n of the Aborigines in 
New England. 




1762 New-England's Ensigne. It being The Account of Cruelty, 
the Professors Pride, and the Articles of their Faith ; Signified in 
Characters written in blood . . . This being an Account of the 
Sufferings sustained by us in New-England (with the Dutch) . . . 
1657. 1658. With a Letter to lohn Lidicot, and John Norton, 
. . . Written at Sea, by us whom the Wicked in scorn calls 
Quakers, &c. 4to, russia, gilt leaves, London, 1659 

The foot of 4 leaves have been re-margined. 


1763 New-En(;land's Faction Discovered; or, A Brief and True 
Account of their Persecution of the Church of England; the 
Beginning and Progress of the War with the Indians; and other 
Late Proceedings there, in a Letter from a Gentleman of that 
Country, to a Person of Quality. Being, an Answer to a most false 
and scandalous Pamphlet lately Published; Intituled, News from 
New-England, &c. 4to, half morocco, uncut. [London, 1690J 

Signed C. D. 



1764 (Ni.w EN(;i,ANn.] 'J"hc Rkvoi.uiion in Nkw Encmand Jl'sti- 
KiKi), And the I'eople there Vindicated, From the Aspersions cast 
upon them By Mr. John Palmer, In his Pretended Answer to th j 
Declaration, Published by the Inhabitants of Roston, and the 
Country adjacent, on the day when they secured their late Op- 
pressors, who acted by an Illegal and Arbitrary Commission from 
the Late King James. 4to, half morocco. Boston, 1691 

Preface signed, E. R. 
S. S. 

1765 [Nkw England.] A Nkw and Fukthkr Narrativk of the 
State of Nkw-FLngland, being A Continued Account of the 
Bloudy Indian-War, from Marcli till Aui^iist, 1676. (living a Per- 
fect Relation of the Several Devastations, Engagements, and 
Transactions there ; As also the Creat Successes Lately obtained 
against the Barbarous Indians. The Reducing of King I^hilip, 
and the Killing of one of the (J>ueens, &c. Together with a Cata- 
logue of the Losses in the whole sustained on either Side, since the 
said War began, as near as can be collected. 8 leaves. 

A Truk Account of the most CoNsiOKRAin,E Occurrknces 
That have hapned in the Warre between the English and the 
Indians in New-England, From the Fifth of May, 1676, to the 
Fourth of August last. ... 6 leaves. 

2 vols, in I. Folio, calf. London, 1676 

The first mentioned was printed by J. li., for Dorman Newman, the last for 
Benjamin Billingsley. 

1766 [Newfoundland Fishery,] Copy [and Extract] of a Repre- 
sentation [and Report] of the Lord's Commissioners for Trade 
and Plantations to his Majesty, relating to the Newfoundland 
Tratle and Fishery; dated 19th December, 1718 [17th March, 
1786; 29th April, 1765]. Folio, half morocco. Pp. 22, 7, 15. 

London, 1793 

1767 New Ha.mpshirk Historical Society. Collkctions of the 
. . . for the year 1824. 5 vols., 8vo, boards, uncut. 

Concord, 1824-37 

Minus volume 2. 

Comprises: Penhallow's Indian Wars; History of Concord; Ancient Docu- 
ments; Unpubhshed Letters of Washington; Notices of Indian Treaties; Annals 
of Charlestown; Melvin's Journal, &c. &c. 

1768 [New Hampshire. Provincial, State and Town Papers of.] 
Documents and Records relating to the Province of New 



Hami'shire, from the Earliest Period of its Settlement, 162,5-1792. 
(Compiled and edited by Nathaniel Houton. 10 vols., cSvo, elolh. 

Concord, 1867-77 

1769 New Hampshire at the Centenniai,. The Address of Gov- 
ernor Cheney, &.C., &.C. Compiled by J. Bailey Moore. Portrait. 
8vo, cloth. Manchester, 1876 

1770 [New Jersey.] A Brief Account of the Province of East- 
New-Jarsev in America. Published by the Scots Proprietors 
iiHv'.ng Interest there, &c. Pp„ 15, 4to, half russia. 'I'itle pieced. 

Edinburgh, 1683 

1771 [New Jersey.] Reprint of the "Brief Account." 8v(), half 
morocco, gilt top. Morrisania, 1867 

Only a few copies printed from the edition of 1683. 

1772 [New Jersey.] The Model of the Government of the Prov- 
ince of East-New-Jersey in America, &c. [J>y George Scot ?] 
Small 8vo, red levant morocco extra, gilt leaves, by Pratt. 

Edinburgh, 1685 

Fine copy. 

'773 [New Jersey.] [East Jersey Proprietors.] A Bii.i, in the 
Chancery of New-Jersey, at the Suit of John, Earl of Stair, and 
others . . . against Benjamin Bond, and some other Persons of 
Elizabeth-Town ... To which is added the Publications of the 
Council of Proprietors . . . and Mr. Nevill's Speeches . . . con- 
cerning the Riots, &c. 3 lari^e maps. Folio, blue morocco, super 
extra, entirely uncut, by Pratt. 

New York : James Parker., 1747 
At the end is bound No. 268 of the New York Gazette, Revived in the Weekly 

1774 [New Jersey.] Extracts from the Journal of Proceedings of 
the Provincial Congress of New-Jersey, held at Trenton in the 
Months of May, June and August, 1775. 42 pp. Burlington, 1775 

Journal of the Votes and Proceedings of the Provincial Con- 
gress of New-Jersey, held at Trenton in the month of October, 
1775- 78 pp. Burlington, 1775 

Journal of he Votes and Proceedings as well of the Commit- 
tee of Safety, at a Sitting in January, 1776, as the Provincial Con- 
gress of New-Jersey, at a Sitting at New-Brunswick, began 



January 31, and continued to the second day of March following. 
146 pp. New York, 1776 

Journal of the Votes and Proceedings of the Convention of 
New-Jersey, begun at Burlington the roth of June, 1776, and 
thence continued by Adjournment at Trenton and New-Brunswick 
to the 2 1 St of August following. To which is annexed Sundry 
Ordinances and the Constitution. 150 pp. Burlington, 1776 

Four parts in i vol. 8vo, sheep. Edges damaged. 

Burlington and New York, 1775-6 

'775 |Nkw Jkrsev.J Documents relating to the Colonial History 
of the State, 1767-1776. PMited by Ricord and Nelson. Vol. X. 
8vo, cloth. Newark, 1886 

1776 [Nkw Jersey.] The Journall of the Procedure of the 
Governor and Councill of the Province of East New Jersey, from 
and after the first day of December, A. D. 1682. 8vo, cloth. 

Jersey City, 1872 

1777 [New Jersey.] Journal and Votes of the House of Repre- 
sentatives of the Province of Nova Cesarea, or New Jersey, in 
their First Sessions of Assembly, began at Perth Amboy, the 10th 
day of November, 1703. 8vo, cloth. Jersey City, 1872 

1778 [New Jersey.] Minutes of the Council of Safety of the State 
of New Jersey. [1777-177^] 8vo, cloth. Jersey City, 1872 

1779 I New Jersey.] Minutes of the Provincial Congress and the 
Council of Safety of the State of New Jersey. [1775-1776.J 
8vo, cloth. Trenton, 1879 

1780 [WetU INTCttCClantr.] JJrCrtlcn-Jtlactlt aende Vereenichde 
Nederlandsche Provintien . . . Gemaeckt ende gestelt uyt 
diverse ware en waerachtige memorien Door I. A. (i. W. C. 
4to, blue levant morocco extra, gilt leaves, by Bedford. 

Antwerpen, 1649 
"The most important document existing on New Nctherl;inil." — 
Fine copy. 

1781 [tPCcto :?^ctl)cclanti.] Tcctooflij U«in Kiru-tNTrtcr- 

ILanTl, Weghens de Gheleghentheydt, Vruchtbaerheydt, en Sobe- 
ren Staet desselfs. 4to, brown levant morocco extra, gilt leaves, 
by Riviere. Graven-Hage, 1650 

Fine copy. 



1782 IXcUj Xcti)ccl«mt(.| 't Vrvi)CCiiicfettXftifii»mtiiio<)r 

d'Herstcklc /ec-Vaart; Klaerlijck voorgcstclt onttlcckt eii aciij^c- 
wesen door manier van t' samen-spreckiiige, &:c. 4to, blue levant 
morocco extra, gilt top, rough edges, by Bedford. 1659 

The author, in this \vorl<, advances the idea that a new system of colonization 
for Nevv-Netherianii, Florida and (juiana will materially re-animate commerce 
and navigation. 

Fine copy. 

17^3 ItJCeto jXTrtijcvUiuTi.l Ucscl)rifl)inflf)C un« Ticflinifl, 

N'ieuw Ncderlandt, Nieuw-Engelandt, en d'Eylanden Hernuides, 
Rerbados, en S. Christoffel. Dienstelijck voor clck een dcrwaerts 
handelende, en alle voort-planters van nieuvv Colunic^.. Map 
and 6 copper-plate cuts, including the first vie^o of New York, page 
21. 4to, blue morocco extra, gilt leaves, by Mattheios. 

Amsterdam, 165 i 
A reprint of some parts of the " Vertoogh," and of the second eilition of De 
I ,aet. 

i7<'^4 [WcUJ-'Nrt!)fli«Tntl.J BorfUCVljarl van Xieuw-Xedcrlants 
Gelegentheit, Dcugliden, Xatuerlijke Voorrecliten, en byzondcre 
bequaemheit ter bevolkingh : Mitsgaders eenige RecjucK 'n, Ver- 
toogen, Deductien, enz. ten dien einden door eenige Leifhebbcrs 
ten verscheide tijden omtrcnt 't laetst vaii't Jaer 1661, geprescn- 
teert aen de A. A. Heeren Burgermeesteren dezer Stede, of der 
zelver E. E. Heeren Gecommitteerde, enz. 4to, green levant 
morocco extra, gilt top, uncut edges, by Bedford. 

Amsterdam, 1662 

Fine copy. 

1785 Nkw-Nktiii'.ri,ani). Laws and Orimnancks of . . . 1638- 
1674. Compiled and translated from the original Dutch Records 
. . . by E. B. O'Callaghan. 8vo, sheep. Albany, x868 

1786 [New York.] Journai, of the Votes and Proceedings of the 
General Assembly of the Colony of New- York. Began the 9th 
Day of April, 1691; and ended the 27th of September, 1743. 
Folio, calf. New York : Hugh Gaine, 1 764 

Title, preface 2 pages, 1-S40, and appendix, 2 pages. 
Edited by Abraham, Jr. 

1787 [New York. J A State of the Right of the Coi.onv of New- 
York, with Resp-^^t To it's Eastern Boundary on ConnecticutRiver, 
So far as conceri. .ne late Encroachments under The Government 



of Ncw-II;impsliir(', and also a State of the Rij^hts of tlie Colony 
of New- York, So far as concerns the (irants formerly made by ihe 
French (lovernment of Canada, Of Lands on I,ake-Cham|)iain, And 
at and to the Southward Of Crown-Point . . . (also) A Narrative 
of the I'roceedinirs Subsequent to the Royal Adjuilication Concern- 
injr the Lands To the Westward of Connecticut River, lately usur|)ed 
by New-IIampsliire, with Remarks on the . . . Intruders, v\;c. 
2 vols, in I. Folio, calf. 

New York : H. Gaine [er'| John Holt, 1773 

1788 [Nkw York. I Transactions of the Society instituted in the 
State of New- York for the promotion of Agriculture, Arts \\\-\k\ 
Manufactures. Parts i anil 2. 4to, calf. New York, 1792-4 

1789 I Nkw York,] Documknts relating to the Board of IlKAi.rii. 
8vo, calf. New York, 1S06 

rrincipally 011 the Ycllow-fevcr Kpideinic. 

1790 [Nkw York.] To the Rki'Uhlicans of the State of Nkw 
York : Reasons of the (lovernment of the United States for Uving 
an l"'.MMAK(;o. 'i'o which is subjoined the prominent parts of the 
Correspondence between Mr. Rose, the British Envoy, and James 
Madison . . . 8vo, half morocco. New York, 1S08 

1 791 I Nkw York.] Com.kctions of the New York Historicai, 
SociKTV for the year 1809. Volume I. 8vo, sheep. 

New York, 181 1 

1792 Nkw York. Colkkcitons of the Nkw York Historical 
Society. 9 vols., 8vo, half morocco, gilt tops, uncut. 

New York, 181 1-59 

" There are many papers of great merit in these volumes, among which will be 
fotin ' De Witt Clinton's ' Discourse on the Geographical, Tolitical antl His- 
torical View of the Red Men of New York'; l.a Salle's 'Account of his last 
Expedition and Discoveries'; Dr. Jarvis' ' Discourse in the Religion of thu 
Indian Tribes of N. A.'; Verrazano's ' Voyages'; 'Indian Tradition of first Set- 
tlement of New York'; Lambretchten's ' History of New Netherlands '; Vander 
Donk's " Description of New Netherlands '; ' Extract from De Vries' Voyages '; 
Juet's 'Journal of Hudson's Voyages'; ' Dermcr's Letter, giving an Account of 
the Indians of N. E.'; Mr. H. C. Murphy's ' Complete Translation of De Vries' 
Voyages'; 'Narrative of Captivity, and Martyrdom of Father Jogues, by the 
Mohawks ';' Short Sketch of the Mohawks," by J. Megapolensis ; ' Memoir on 
Dutch and Indian,' by Benson ; ' Narrative of Marquis De NouviUe's Expedition 
against the Senecas, &c.' " — Eikld. 



1792^7 Nkw York. I'rockkdings of the Nk,\v York Historicai, 
SociK'i'v (rS4 5-49). 7 vols., 8vo, uniform in size an;! biniliny with 
the "Collections.'' New Yorl<, 1S44-50 

" Among the nuineiDiis papiTs ic'a<l liofore the Suciety, ami iiiiblished in these 
Mihinies, are many of more than oidhiary interest, among wliii h may he men- 
tioned Mr. Bartlett's ' Progress of ICtlinology '; Sthoolcraft's ' Al)origiiial Names 
of New \'<irk'; 'I'honipsoii's 'Indian Names of I,. I.'; SehooK raft's ' Siige 
and Defenee of Fort Stanwix'; ' P'mployment of the Indians l)y the Isnglisli in 
the kevohitionary War'; Van Rensselaer's ' Memoir on the I''rench and Indian 
Kxpedition against N. V. and the burning of Sciieneetaiiy, i()89'; SchooUraft's 
' Notices of Tumuli in Florida, and burial places of Inilian Tribes '; (iilman's 
' Defeat of ( ien. St. Clair'; Morgan's ' Territorial Limits of the Ircxjuois '; I'eter 
Wilson's '.Address on the Iro(|uois'; O'Callaghan's 'Jesuit Relations, with a 
Hibliographical Sketch of eacli'; ' Champl.iin in the Onondaga Valley '; Long's 
'Ancient Architecture in America, &c.'" — FlKi.D. 

1793/' Nkw \'()rk. Com.ections of the Nkw York Historical 
Sot.iKTY. Pui'.i.icA rioN Fund Skriks. P<>rfrints,&'t\ 1 2 vols., Svo, 
cloth, uncut. All yet published. New York, i86.S-,Si 

. Printed for the subscribers to the fund, and not for sale. 

Contains, the Continuation of Chalmers's Political .\nnals. Letters by Cad- 
wallader Coldcn on Smith's History of New \'ork, New \ork and the New 
I lampshire ( irants, ( )ld New \'ork and JVinily Church, the Lee Papers, Trial 
of Major (ien. Schuyler, the Montresor Journals, I've, ivc. 

A coMii.KiK SKr of the Society's vai.I'abi.k publications. 

1793 Nkw York Historical Society. Cataloguk of Printki) 
Books in the Library of the. .Svo, cloth. New York, 1859 

1794 Nkw York Coi.oniai, Tracts, as follows : 

I. (ournai, of the Voyage of the Sloop Mary from Quebeck, to- 
sjethcr with an Account of her Wreck off Montauk Point, L. I., 
Anno 1701: with Introduction and Notes by E. B. O'Callaghan. 
4to, boards, uncut. 1866 

II. VoYACK of George Clarke, Esq., to America: with Intro- 
duction and Notes by E. B. O'Callaghan. Tablet loitli colored 
coat-of-anns. 4to, boards, uncut. 7867 

III. Voyage of the Slavers St. John and Arms of Amsterdam, 
1659, 1663, together with Additional Papers Illustrative of the 
Slave Trade under the Dutch. Translated from the Original 
MSS., with an Introduction and Notes, by E. B. O'Callaghan. 
4to, boards, uncut. 1867 

Together 3 vols. 4to, boards, uncut. Albany, 1866-67 

Only 100 copies printed. No. 52. 



'795 |Ni.\v York. I CIhakikr of the Makink Sdcikty of t'lc City of 
New- York in the State • ' New-York. To which are aiitlecl, the 
Bye-Laws and a I-ist of the Members of the Society. 410, iialf 
morocco. New York : /■'. C//i/</.s; 17.S8 

1796 |Nkw Yokk.| 'I'lie Pictukk of Nkw York, and Stranger's 
Guide . . . Large plan. i2mo, half calf. 

New York : Riley ^ Co., 1807 

1797 fNi'W York. I The Documentary History of the Statk of 
Ni'.w York, arranged . . . by E. B. O'Callaghan. Maps., plaits 
and other engrai'ings. 4 vols., 4to, half morocco, gilt tops. 

Albany, 1S50-5 1 

1798 [Ni:w YoK v.] Documents relative to the Coi.oMAi, History 
of the Statk of Nkw York, procured in Holland, England and 
France, by J R. Brodhead, Escj.; edited by E. B. O'Callaghan, 
I, I,. I), ll'itli lolorfil fac-siniile 0/ lari^e old map of America, por- 
trait and other maps. 10 vols., royal 4to, half morocco, gilt tops, 
uncut edges. Albany, 1853-5S 

" Dr. O'C'.ill.'i^han's zeal and ability in illustrating this history df New ^'olk 
h.'ivc for many years been well* known among historical students." — Boston 
Historical Mai^azinc. 

'799 [Nk.w York.) Journal of the Lioist.ative Council of the 
Colony of Nkw York, began the 9th Day of April, 1691, and 
ended the 27th of September, 1743, |and| began the Sth Day of 
December, 1743, and ended the 3d of April, 1775. 2 vols., folio, 
half sheep. Albany, 1861 

Preceding Vol. I. is an Historical Introduction by E. B. O'Callaghan. 

1800 [Nkw York.] ManuaL for the Use of the Lf.gislature of 
the State of New York. Plan. 2 vols., i2mo, morocco. 

Albany, 1862 and 1870 

1801 (New York, I The Nature, Extent and History of the 
Jurisdiction of the Surroc.ates' Courts of the State of New 
York ; Opinion of the Hon. Charles P. Daly ... in the matter 
of the Estate of Joseph W. Brick, deceased. 8vo, cloth. 

New York, 1863 

1802 [New York,] Third and Eighty-second Annual Reports of 
the Regents of the University. Colored and other plates. 2 vols,, 
8vo, cloth, Albany, 1850-69 


1803 Nkw York Acadkmv of Mkdicink.. Dr. Pi'rim.k's Vai.k.dic- 
ToRY, and Dr. Marker's liiaii);iiral A tl dresses. Svd, cloth. 

New York, I Sjy 

1804 Nkw Yokk Ci iv (hirinjf the Amk.kiian Rivomtion. I'.eiiijf a 
C(j|lection of Original ra|)ers (now first published) from the Manii- 
scrii)ts in the possession of the Mercantile Library .Association of 
New York City. Map. 4t(), cloth, uncut. 

J'rivatiiy piinti'd for the Association, 1S61 

1S05 [Nkw York Cirv. | Manual of the Corpora 1 ion of the 
Cirv of Nkw York, 1861-1862-1863-1864, by D. T. Valentine. 
jYidiii-roiis plans, maps ami plates, some colored. 4 vols., i2nio, red 
morocco. New York, 1S61-4 

1806 I Nkw York.] Rkcoi.i.kctions of the Earky Days of the 
National (Iuard, comprising the prominent events in the His- 
tory of the famous Skvknth Rk(;imknt ... By an cx-Orderly 
Sergeant. Frontispiece. Imperial Hvo, cloth, uncut. 

New York, 1.S68 

1807 [Nkw York. I Rkporp of the Commissioners on the Corrkct 
Arms of the Statk of Nkw York, a, plates. 8vo, half morotco. 

Albany, 1881 

1808 New York Directory for 1786, &c. 8vo, half morocco. 

New York, 1887 
Kac-similf reprint. 

1809 News from New-England, being A True and last Account of 
the present Bloody Wars carried on betwixt the Infidels, Natives 
and the English Christians, and Converted Indians of New-England, 
(Sec. 4to, polished calf, gilt over red edges, by Riviere. 8 pages. 

London, 1676 

1810 News from New-England, being a True and last Account of 
the present Bloody Wars carried on betwixt the Infidels, Natives 
and the English Christians and Converted Indians of New-England, 
lire. Small 4to, half morocco. Boston, 1850 

Reprinted from the rare original of 1676, with notes by Samuel G. Drake. 

1811 News FROM Nkw-England, 1676. Large Paper copy, printed 

ou one side of the sheets only. 4to, half morocco, gilt top. 

Albany, 1865 
Only 60 copies printed. No. 57. 



1812 (H.). Principles and Acts of the Revolution in 
America ; or, An Attempt to Collect and Preserve some of the 
Speeches, Orations, &c. Royal 8vo, half morocco. 

Baltimore, 1822 

1813 Noah (Mordecai M.). Travels in England, France, Spain 
and the Barbary States in the Years 1813-14 and '15. Portrait 
atid plates. 8vo, half morocco. New York, 181 9 

1 814 Noah, Travels. Another copy, minus the scarce portrait. 
8vo, calf. New York, 18 19 

181 5 Norton (John). Abel being Dead vet Speaketh ; or, The 
Life & Death Of that deservedly Famous Man of (lod, Mr. John 
Cotton. 4to, calf antique, gilt over red leaves, by Riviere. 

London, 1658 
Fine copy. The last five pages contain Lloyd's Catalogue of Books. 

J 1816 [Norton's Redeemed Capiive.] Narrative of the Capture 
and Burning of Fort Massachusetts by the French and Indians 
in the time of the War of 1 744-1 749 and the Captivity of all those 
stationed tliere, to the number of thirty persons. Written at the 
time by one of the captives, the Rev. Mr. John Norton . . . now 
first published with Notes by Samuel G. Drake. 4to. Albany, 1870 
Only 100 copies printed. 

181 7 [NoRiH.] The Life of the Right Honourable Francis 
North, Baron of Guilford . . . wherein are inserted the Charac- 
ters of Sir Matthew Hale, Sir George Jeffries, Sir Leoline Jenkins, 
Sidney Godolphin, and others. By the Honourable Roger North. 
4to, half calf. London, 1742 

i8t8 [North.] The History of Lord North's Administration 
to the Dissolution of the Thirteenth Parliament of Great Britain. 
2 vols, in I. 8vo, half calf. London, 1781-2 

1819 North American Review (The) for 1877. Maps. 2 vols., 
8vo, half morocco. Boston, 1877 

Contents: Points in American Politics, by R. H. Dana, Jr. ; William Henry 
Seward, by Richard Grant White ; African Explorers, by Laurence Oliphant ; 
'llie Ek .oral Conspiracy, by J. S. Black ; America in Africa, by Gilbert Haven ; 
and other articles by Dr. Sam'l Osgood, liayard Taylor, Dion Boucicault, Geo. 
b. McClellan, &c., .\;c. 



1820 NoRTHMORK (Tliomas). Washinoton ; or Liberty Restored : 
a Poem, in ten books. 12:110, half morocco. Baltimore, 1809 

1821 NoTT (Chas. C). Sketches ot the War. i2mo, cloth. 

New York, 1863 

1822 NoYES (James). Moses and Aaron ; or, The Rights of Church 
and State. 4to, half morocco. London, 1661 

Fine copy. 

1823 TSTotia iJrtttlUUtcT, offering most Excellent fruites by Planting 
in Virginia. E.xciting all such as be well affected to further the 
same. IVoodi-iit. 4to, calf antique, gilt over red edges, by Riviere. 
Head lines cropped. London, 1609 

The Epistle is signed R. I. 

1824 *KiOl)«l iFrtllUia. GrundUche History Von Erfundung der 
grossen Landschafft Nova Franxia, oder New Franckreich gen- 
nant, auch von Sitten und Beschaffenheit derselben wilden Bolcher. 
4to, vellum. Augspurg, 16 13 

A translation of Lescarbot's Histoire de la Xoiivelle France. 

1825 [Nova Scotia, &:c.] A Memorial Humbly shewing the Past 
and Present State of the Land lying Waste and Un-inhabited 
between Nova-Scotia, and the Province of Main in New-England 
in America (2 leaves). An Abstract Of the Scheme of Govern- 
ment so far as it Relates to the Grantees (in Trust), for Settling 
the Land Lying between Nova-Scotia and the Province of Maine 
... (2 leaves) Doctor Pinfold's State of the Cask of the 
Petitioner's, for Settling His Majesties waste Land . . . (2 leaves). 
Folio, half morocco, [London, 1721] 

V1826 [Nova Scotia.] Histoire Gkographique de la Nouvelle 
Ecosse . . . Avec une exacte Description des Bayes, Ports, Lacs, 
& Rivieres ... & des Moeurs & Usages des Indiens. Small 8vo, 
calf. Londres, 1749 

1827 [Nova Scotia.] Histoire GitocRAPHiQUE de la Nouvkllk 

Ecosse . . . Pp. 164. Londres, 1749 

4 CoNDUiTE des Francois par rapport a la Nouvelle l-Lcosse, 

depuis le Premier Etablissement de cette Colonie jusqu'a nos jours. 

Pp. 281. Londre.s, 1755 

/ Discussion Sommaire sur les Anciennes Limites de I'Acadie, et 



sur les stipulations du Traite d'Utrecht qui y sont relatives. 

Pp. 37. Basle, 175s 

3 vols, in I. Small Svo, vellum, Londres et Basle, 1749-55 

•* 1828 [Nova Scoua.] La Conduite des pRANgois Justifiee, ou 
Observations sur un Ecrit Anglois, institule; Conduite des Fr'in- 
(;ois a Tcgard de la Noiivelk-Ecosse, depuis son premier Etabhsse- 
ment juscju'a nos jours. Par le Sieur D. L. G. D. C. i2mo, calf. 

Utrecht, 1756 

1829 Nuovi Avisi dell' Indie di Portogallo, Riceuvti (Venuti nnovi- 
mente) dalli Reverendi Padri della compagnia di Giesu, tradotti 
della lingua Spagnuola nell' Italiana. Terza parte (et Quarta 
parte). 2 vols., Svo, vellum. Venetia, 1562-5 


OAKES (Urian) 
pressed to consider the things which concern 

New-England Pleaded with, And 

Peace, at least in this her Day. 4to, sprinkled calf, 

red edges. 

Election Sermon, May 7, 1673. 

Cambridge, 1673 

1 831 Ouservations on the Fifth Article of the Treaty with 
America, and on the Necessity of appointing a Judicial Enquiry 
into the Merits and Losses of the American Loyalist.^ Svo, half 
morocco. London, 1783 

' 1832 O'Callaghan (E. B.). Jesuit Relations of Discoveries 
and other occurrences in Canada and the Northern and Western 
States of the Union, 1632-1672. Svo, unbound. 

New York: N. V. Hist. Socy., 1847 

1833 O'Callaghan. A List of the Editions of the Holy Scrip- 
tures and parts thereof, printed in America previous to 1S60 : 
with Introduction and Bibliographical Notes. 4to, half morocco, 
gilt top, uncut edges. Albany, 1861 

1834 O'Callaghan. Register of New Netherland, 1626 to 1674. 
4to, half morocco, gilt top. Albany, 1S65 

1 335 [<S)campo.l ILos qtuitro liiiros pin'mcros de la Cronica 

general de Espana que recopila el maestro Florian docanpo 



|86o : 




criado y cronista del Emperador, &c. Escutcheon on title. Folio, 
vellum. Zaniora, 1543 

Fine copy of the first edition. 

H. A. \'., No. 242. 

The 2()th Chapter is devoted to the discovery of the islands of Ilispaniola, 
Balio, &c. 

1836 OccuM (Samson). Sermon at the Execution of Mosks Paim., 
an Indian, who had been guilty of Murder, preached at New 
Haven ... to which is added a Short Account of the late Spread 
of the Gospel the Indians, also Observations on the Lan- 
guage of the Muhhekaneew Indians, by Jonathan Edwards. Svo, 
half morocco, London, 1789 

'^*^37 [OcKANicKON.J A Truk Account of the Dying Words of 
OcKANicKON, an Indian Kinc;. Spoken to Jahkursoe, His 
Brother's Son, whom he appointed King after him. 4to, half 
russia. London, 1682 

Sent by John Cripps from Burlington, N. J., to a friend in London. 

1838 (Alexandre Olivier). Hisioirk des Avan mrikks 
Flibustiers: qui se sont signalez dans les Indes . , . Nouvelle 
edition augmentcc . , . Journal du Voyage fait a la mer de Slid, 
avcc les Flibustiers de 1 Amerique : par le Sieur Raveneau de 
Lussan. Engraved title, 4 maps and 3 plates. 3 vols., post 8vo, 
calf. Paris, 1699- 1705 

4 1839 Ogilkv (John). America . . . Accurate description of the 
New World, containing the Original ot A\t Inhabitants, and the 
Remarkable Voyages thither; the Conqulst of the vast Empires 
of Mexico and Peru, &c. Frontispiece, 18 maps, 6 portraits, 67 
small and 7,2, large plates. Folio, half russia. London, 1O71 

Includes a view of New York, p. 171, borrowed from Montanus. 

1840 [Oglethorpe.] The Repori of the Committee of both 
Houses of Assembly Of the Province of South-Carolina, 
appointed To enquire into the Causes of the Dissappointment of 
Success, in the late Expedition against St. Augustine, Under 
the Command of General Oglethorpe [with Appendix]. Folio, 
half morocco. South Carolina : Charles- Town, 1742 

1841 [Ohio Company.] Articles of an Association by the Name 
of the Ohio Company. i2mo, half morocco, pp. 45, 4. 4. 

New York, 1787 
Insert, J is the original prospectus, with a MS. list of subscribers in the hand- 
writing of Winthrop Sargent, Secretary of the Company. 



1842 [Oldmixon (J.).] British Empirk in Amkrica, containing the 
history of the discovery, settlement, 6^c., of the British Colonies in 
America. 8 mips by //. Moll. 2 vols. 8vo, calf. London, 1741 

Sccoml edition. 

1843 Ompiiaxi' (L.). Minnesota and the Far West. Map ami 
illustiatioiis. 8vo, cloth. Edinburgh, 1855 

1844 |Of?A.] Primf.ra Parte de Arauco Domada, compuesto por 
el licenciado Pedro de Ona . . . Dirigido a Don Hiirtado de 
Mendoya, &:c. Portrait (recto of 4th leaf). 4to, levant morocco 
super extra, gilt leaves oy Gruel. [Lima], 1596 

The " Ricliarte Aquines " to whom Canto XVIII. and XIX. (folios 298-31(1) 
is devoted, is Sir Richard Hawkins, who was captured by the Spaniards in the 
I'acitic in 1594. 

1845 Os;ate (Alonso de). Pareckr de un HoMiiRK Docto en la 
facultad de Teologia y Canones, y Lector de la misma facultad, y 
de muchos anos de experiencia en las cosas de las Indias, cerca 
del servicio personal de los Indios del Piru, y Nueva Espa5?a, 
sobre el ciual ha avido estos dias tantas y tan graves juntas, y 
consultas de varoncs eminentissimos, &c. Folio, vellum, uncut, 1 1 
leaves. Madrid, i6io(?) 

" A legal opinion touching the right of the crown to compel the Indians of 
Mexico and Peru to work in the mines for the benefit of the Spanish government.' 
—II. II. 

1846 [Onderdonk.] The Proceedings of the Court convened 
under the Third (^anon of 1844 in the City of New York, on 
Tuesday, December 10, 1844, for the Trial of the Righi Rkv. 
Benjamin T. Onderdonk, D.D., Bishop of New York . . . 8vo, 
half morocco. New York, 1845 

1847 Ondkkdonk, Jr. (Henry). Documents and Letters intended 
to illustrate the Revolutionary Incidents of Queens County. 
i2mo, sheep. New York, 1846 

1848 Onorio (P. F.). L'Anima Divota in Spirito, e Verita, negli 

mistici simboli dello Spirito Santo Ammae.strata, &c. i2mo, vellum. 

Milano, 1678 
With the following certificate on the fiy'eaf: 

Malta, Oct. 24, 1S35. 

I hereby certify that this volume, to my personal knowledge, belonged to the 
library of the " Knights of Malta" of the order of " St. John of Jerusalem.' 

Wm. W. ANnRKWS. 





1 S46 




to tlic 

1849 [Opdyke.] Official Documents, Addresses, &c., of George 
Opdyke, Mayor of the City of New York, during the years 1862 
and 1863. Svo, cloth. New York, 1866 

1850 Opinions respecting the Commercial Intercourse between the 
United States of America, and the Dominions of Great-Britain, &c. 
By a Citizen of Massachusetts. Svo, half morocco. Boston, i 797 

185 1 Ordenanzas' del Consejo Real de las Indias. nuevamente 
recopiladas. Folio, vellum. Madrid, 1681 

1852 Ordenanzas del Consejo Real de las Indias, nuevamente 
recopiladas. Folio, calf. Madrid, 1747 

1853 Orderly Book (The) of that portion of the American Army 
stationed at or near Williamsburg, Va., under the Command of 
Gen, Andrew Lewis, from March i8th, 1776, to August 28th, 1776. 
Printed from the Original Manuscript, with Notes and Introduc- 
tion. By Charles Campbell. 4to, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. 

Richmond, Va.: Privately printccl, i860 

Very scarce. One hundred copies only printed. No. I. 

Forms No. i of " Historical Documents from the Old Dominion." All tiiat 

was published. 

1854 [Orders IN Council.] Important Documents which accom- 
panied the Message of the President of the United States, 2d 
Session, nth Congress, November, 1809. 8vo, half morocco. 

New York, 1809 

1855 <©VtllUaUCC (An) of the Lords and Commons Assembled in 
Parliament, Whereby Robert Earle of Warwicke is made Gouver- 
nour in chiefe, and Lord high Admirall of all those Islands and 
other Plantations, inhaoited, planted, or belonging to any His 
Majesties, the King of Englands Subjects, within the bounds and 
upon the Coasts of America, &:c. 4to, half morocco. Title and 
6 pp. London, 1643 

1856 Orozco y Berra (Manuel). Gkografl\ de las Lenguas y 
Carta Etnografica de Mexico, precedidas de un Ensayo de 
Clasificacion de las mismas Lenguas y de Apuntes para las immi- 
graciones de las Tribus. Large colored map. 4to, half morocco, 
gilt tops, uncut. Mexico, 1864 

Ramirez, No. 619. 

2 78 


1857 Oksiku (A. S.). I/Ami^rk^uk Ckntrai.k. Recherches sur sa 

Flore et sa (Jcographie Physiciue. Rcsiiltats d'un Voyage clans 

les Ktats de Costa Rica et de Nicaragua . , . 1846-48. 2 2 /A/Aw, 

some colored. Folio, boards. Copenhague, 1863 

The first part only. 

1.S58 OurKMUs (Abraham). Tmeatrum Orius Teurarum : opus 

mine denuo ab ipso Auctore recognitum, multiscpie locis castiga- 

tum, & quanipluriniis novis Tabulis atque Coninientariis auctuni. 

Eni:^rir,'cd title, portrait ami 118 maps, (ill colored by a lontemporary 

hand. 2 maps damaged. L'S'*^4J 

Nomenclator I'tolemaicus. 1579 

Imperial folio, vellum. Antwerpine, 15S4-1579 

In the text to the map of Valentia there is a singular statement made, which is 

wholly altered in the later editions. It is this : " Ager hujus urbis {I'ljlt-iili.i) 

ubi(iue a Mauris colitur . . . AvorunKiue prosapiam linpjua Ar.ibica et rcli};ii>ne 

Maluimetana palam et vulgo prolitentiir in hunc iisiiue iliem ; conniventiinis 

Kege et Inquisitone." This startling change appears only in this one edition, for 

in the later ones it is changed as follows : " Ager hujus urbis a gcnte e Mauris 

oriunda et paternum sive avitum sermonem ac fere vita; morem adhuc retinente 


1859 |C)rtki,ius.] Abrahaimi Ortelij Antwerpiani Thesaurus 
Geographicus, in quo omnium totiusterraj regionum, &c. Folio, 
calf. Antwerpiae, C. Plantini, 1587 

I'rom the library of De Thou, with his arms on the sides of the cover. 

i860 OsoRio (Jerome). The History of the Portuguese, during 
the Reign of Emanuel : containing all their Discoveries . . . 
including also their Discovery of the Brazils . . . now first 
translated into English by James Gibbs. 2 vols., 8vo, calf. 

London, 1752 

1 861 Osgood (David). Solemn Protest against the late Declaration 
of War. 8vo, half morocco. Title pieced. Cambridge, 181 2 

1862 [OsuoRN (Laughton ?).] The Vision of Rubeta: an Epic Story 
of the Island of Manhattan. 4 plates. 8vo, half morocco, gilt 
top, uncut edges. Boston, 1838 

An attack on Wm. L. Stone, Charles King, the "Commercial Advertiser," &c. 

1863 [OsBORN. I Arthur Carrvl: a Novel [in versej by the Author 
of the Vision of Rubeta . . . Odes . , . and other Minor Poems. 
8vo, half morocco. New York, 1841 

1864 [OSI'.ORN. 


Calvary, Virginia : Tragedies. i2mo, cloth. 

New York, 1867 



1865 Otis (James). The Rights of the British ('(H.oniks asserted 
and proved. <Svo, half morocco. Hoston, 1764 

Original edition. Pp. So. Title partly in MS. 

1566 OuviF.RE (Felix Pascalis). An Account of the Contacious 
Epidemic Ykm.ow Fevkr, which prevailed in Phii.adii.phia in 
the Summer and Autumn of 1797 ; comprising the questions of 
its causes and domestic origin, characters, medical treatment and 
preventives. 8vo, half morocco. Leaves meu ''. 

Philadelphia, 1798 

1567 OvAGLiE (Alonso d'). Historica Relatione Del Rkono di 
Cile. FolJiii}:; map, 14 ctcJiin^s and 18 woodcuts. Folio, vellum. 

Koma, 1646 

1868 OvALi.E (Alonso de). Historica relacion Del Rkvno de 
Chile. 22 plates, inc/iidini:; 20 portraits, and 14 ivoodciit illustra- 
tions (only). 4to, vellum. Roma, 1646 
The portraits were not issued with the Italian text. 

1869 |<S)ijictro i> TJaltfcs (dS^oucalo Il^cnicinTifj tir).| 7La 

U}iUtOVia IJCnClMl tit las KUtll'ilS. ( int/iin .■nxraTcd border.) 
Folio, green morocco extra, gilt leaves, by Pratt. Sevilla, 1535 
B. .\. v., No. 207. A few leaves mended, but withal a line copy. 

1.S70 OviEDo y Valdes. Historia General y Natural de las 
Indias, Isi.AS y iterra-eirme del MarOceano . . . contcjada 
con el codice original, enriquecida con las enmiendas y adiciones 
del autor e illustrada con la Vida y el juicio de las obras del niismo, 
per D. Jose Amador de los Rios. Maps and plates. 4 vols., folio, 
half morocco, gilt tops, uncut edges. Madrid, 1851-5 

The matter contained in the fourth volume has never before been published. 

1871 Owen (D. D.). Report of the Geolooical Survey in Ken- 
tucky, made . . . 1854-1855. Illustrated. Imp. 8vo, cloth. 

Frankfort, 1856 



.VGAN (Count de). An Historical & Geographical 
Description of the (Ireat Country & River of the 
Amazones in America. Drawn out of divers Authors 
. . . with a Mapp of the River, and of its Provinces, being the place 
which Sr. Walter Rawleigh intended to conquer and plant, when 
he made his Voyage to Guiana. Translated by William Hamilton. 
Folded map. Small 8vo, calf antique. London, 1661 



1873 PAfiAN (C'omte Blaise Franf;ois de). Relation HisroRif^ri,-. 
et (;e()(;rai'HIquk de la (Irande Riviere des Arnazones dans 
rAinerique. Map. 8vo, vellum. Pari' , 1655 

1874 Paine (Thomas). The Poi.rncAi, Wriiinos (and Theoloj^ical 
Works of) . . . to which is prefixed a Brief Sketch of the Author's 
Life . . . Portrait. 3 vols., 8vo, half green calf antique. 

Boston, 1856 

1875 Pa'ne. The Works of , . . Vol. 1. 8vo, half morocco. 

Philadelphia: Carey., 1797 

Vol. I. contains "Common Sense," 13 numbers of the Crisis, I'liblic Good, 
Letter to Raynal, Dissertations on Government, tlie Affairs of the Hank, and 
I'aper Money, and Miscellanies. 

1876 Paine. Tracts, as follows :' 

I. Rights OF Man. Parti. 1792 

II. r>ETTERS Addressed to the Addressers on the late Procla- 


III. Miscellaneous Articles. Portrait by Peel. 

IV. Mr. Paine's Letter to Mr. Secretary Dundas. 

V. Rights of Man. 

VI. Agrarian Justice. 

VII. Letter ... to George Washington. 

VIII. The Age of Reason. Roth Parts. 

Nine Tracts in i vol. 8vo, half calf. 







London, 1792-7 

1877 Paine. The Age of Reason: being an Investigation of 'I'rue 
and of P'abulous Theology, 2 parts. London, n. d. [ i 795 | 

[also,] Dissertation on First Principles of Government. 

Paris, [1795] 
2 vols, in I. Svo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. 

1878 Paine. Dissertation on First Principles of Government. 
Svo, half morocco, uncut. Paris, 1795 

1879 Paine. Le Siecle de la Raison . . . Traduit de I'Anglais 
. . . par F. Lanthenas. 2 parts in i vol. Svo, half morocco, 
gilt top, uncut. Paris, [1794] 

1S80 [Paine.] Common Sense, addressed to the Inhabitants of 
America. Svo, half morocco. 

Philadelphia, /r/«/fa'; New York, /-(^., [1776] 




1881 [I'aink.] Addimons to fToni Painc's] Common Sense; ad- 
dressed to the Inhabitants of America. Svo, lialf morocco. 

(Fhiladelpiiia) London, /r/., 1776 

'I'he " Addition^" nere male up by Robt. Bell, the original publisher, .nftcr 
his quarrel with I'aine, to help the sale of his (UcH's) edition in competition with 
the edition put forth in New York by the Bradfords, who became I'aine's pu 

1882 [I'aine.] The Amkrican Crisis , 

Numbers i and 2. <Svo, 
I'hiladclphia, 1776 

1S83 [Paink.] Lei tkr to the Aunii Raynai, on the Affairs of North 
America. 8vo, half morocco, 83 pp. Philadelphia, 1782 

Minus title. 

1884 Paine. Lkiter to the Pkoim.e of France, and the l-'rench 
Armies, on the Event of the 18th Fructidor — Sep. 4 — and its Con- 
sequences. 8vo, half morocco. New York, 1798 





1885 Paine. The Decline and Fall of the En(;lish System of 
Finance. 8vo, half morocco. Philadelphia, 1796 

1 886 [Paine.] Remarks on Mr. Paine's Pamphlet called the Rights 
of Man, in a Letter to a Friend. 8vo, half morocco. Dublin, 1791 

1887 [Paine.] A Dialo(;ue between the Chost of Ceneral Mont- 
ooMKRY just arrived from the Klysian Fields; anil an .American 
Delegate in a Wood near Philadelphia. 410, half morocco, gilt 
top, uncut. [New York: Kepiinled, 1865 J 

Large paper copy. 2u copies only privately printed. No. 10. 

1888 Palafox y Mendoza (Juan). Ei, Pastor de Noche Buena, 
practica breve de las Virtudes conocimiento facil de los vicios, i*vc. 
Smalf 8vo, vellum. [Mexico, 1658 ?J 

1889 Palafox y Mendoza. Viktudes Del Indio. Pp. 1-93. 
4to, levant morocco extra, gilt leaves, by Hardy-Mcnnil. 

Puebla de los Angeles [1650J 

1890 [Palafox y Mendoza.] Carta Pastoral del . . . Obispo 
de la Puebla de Los Angeles ... a las Religiosas de aquel 
Obispado sir viendo aquella Santa Iglesia ano de 1641. . . . 4to, 
pp. 20. Toledo, 1659 



1.S91 I'ai.mer (John). An Impak 1 iai, Ac count of the Statcof Nkw- 
Encland ; or, the Late (lovernment there, Vindicated. In 
Answer to the Declaration Which the Faction set forth, when tliey 
(Overturned That (lovernment. With a Relation of the Horrible 
Usajje they treated the (lovernour with, and his Council, \:c. 
4to, half morocco, London, i6yo 

1892 Pai.ou (Francisco). Noticias da la Nueva California [with 
an Introduction by John T. Doyle], PhotO}:^raphic illustrations. 
4 vols., 8vo, half morocco, gilt tops, uncut edges, 

San Francisco, 1874 

Only 100 copies printed. No. 90. 

1893 I Pamthlkts.] \. A Friendly .Xddrkss to all reasonable 
Americans [by Myles Cooper). New York, 1774 

II. F'ree Thoughts on the Proceedings of the Continental Con- 
gress, held at Philadelphia, Sept. 5, 1774. . . . }5y a Farmer. 
[Dr. Seabury.] 1774 

III. The Congress Canvassed : or, an examination into the 
Conduct of the Delegates, . . , By " A. W." Farmer [Is. Wil- 
kins]. [New York], 1774 

IV. A View of the Controversy between Great Britain and 
her Colonies, ... By A. W. Farmer. New York, 1774 

V. A Dialogue [in Verse] between a Southern Delegate and 
his Spouse . , . by . . . Mary V. V. 1774 

VI. The Association, &c., of the Delegates of the Colonies. 
... by Bob Jingle. 1774 

VII. The Two Congresses Cut Up. New York, 1 1774] 

VIII. The Poor Man's Advice to his Poor Neighbours, a Balhul. 

New York, 1774 

IX. Short Advice to the Counties of New York. 1774 

X. The Speeches in the last Session of the present Parliament 
... in favour of the Rights of America. New York, 1775 

XI. The Political Family. , , , By Isaac Hunt. Woodcut. 

Philadelphia, 1775 

XII. [Leonard (Dan'l).] The Origin of the American Con- 
test with Great Britain, or the present political State of the 
Massachusetts Bay , . [by] Massachusettensis. 

New York, 1775 

XIII. The Patriots of North America. New York, 1775 

XIV. An Englishman's Answer to the Address from the Dele- 
gates to the People of Great Britain. New York, 1775 



XV. C'lAi.i.owAY (J.). A Candid Examination of tin- Mutual 
Claims of (Ircat Britain and the Colonics. New NOrk. n. d. 

XVI. The .Amkru.ans Rouskd, in a Cure for the Spleen . . . 
taken in short-hand by Sir Roger de Coverley. New York, 1775 

XVII. The CiKnkkai, attacked by a Suhai.ikrn, or the Strictures 
on the Friendly Atldress Examined, with the Strictures [Ciiarles's] added. New N'ork, u. d. 

XVIII. Pii.i.s for the Dki.egatks : or the (Chairman Chastised, in 
a series of Letters addressed to Peyton Randolph ... by 
Crotius. New York, 1775 

XIX. An Ai.AR.M to the I,K(;isi.ATUkF. of the Province of New 
York, New York, 1775 

XX. Whai think yk of the Congress Now ? New York, 1775 

XXI. The Triu.mph of the Whigs : or, t'other Congress con- 
vened. New York, 1775 

XXII. A DiscouKSK, shewing the necessity of joining Internal 
Repentence with the External Profession of it. . . . Hy Samuel 
Andrews. New Haven, 1775 

XXIII. The Lktters of the two Commanders in Ciiii e : (len- 
erals Gage and Washington, and Major Generals Burgoyne and 
Lee ; with the Manifesto of General Washington to the Inhabi- 
tants of Canada. New York. 1775 

The twenty- three pamphlets in i vol. 8vo, morocco antique. 

New York, tVc., 1774-5 
The New York pamphlets are all from the press of James Kivingion. 

1894 Pamimii.ets. I. A Pi.uMi! Pudding for the Humane, Chaste, 

Vail lent. Enlightened Peter Porcupine. By . . . Matthew 

Carey. 48 pp. Philadelphia, | 1 799] 

II. A View of (iovERNOR Jay's Administration. No. i. By 

Jonathan Cooley. 19 pp. 

III. Remarks on the "Merchants' Bank" 
ham ;;4 pp. 

IV. Bki i AiN Independent of Commerce . 

Goshen, i.Soi 

. by James Cheet- 

New York, 1804 

l)y William S|)ence. 

Philadelphia, 180S 

91 pp. 

V. Touchstone to the People of the United States, on the 
choice of a President. 56 pp. New York, 181 2 

VI. An Address to the Congress of the United States, on the 
Utility and Justice of Restrictions upon Foreign Commerce. 97 
pp. Philadelphia, 1809 

VII. The Spxond Crisis of America ... by a Citizen of Phila- 
delphia. 87 pp. New York, 18 15 



Vin. An I'-N<,)UiKY intf) the Capture of Wasliiiijitoii l)y tlic Mritisli 
on the 24th Au;;iist, iiSi4; ... by Spectator, 32 pp. 

Washington City, 1X16 
Ki;,dit Tracts in i vol. Svo, half calf. v. d. 

1895 I'ampiii.kts (10), as follows ; Svo, calf. v. d. 

I. 'I'he British Trkaty. S6 pp. 

II. JoKi. Hauiow to his Fellow-Citizens. 71 pp. 

riiiladelpliia, iSoi 

III. A I'vi.u Kxi'osnioN of tiie Cliiitoniaii Faction, and the 
Society of the Columbian llluniinati ... by John Wood, 56 
pp. Newark, i.So2 

IV. .\n Antidotk to John Wood's Poison, By Warren [Janies 
Cheethani]. 63 jip. New York, 1S02 

V. Annai.s of the Cuki'oka rioN relative to the late Contested 
Election ... by i-ysander, 88 pp. New York, 1802 

VI. PoMTKAi, H vpotui 1 Ks Unmasked and E.xposed . , , by 
William Keltcltas. 20 pp. New York, 1X08 

VII. An lONgiUKV concerning tiic Liberty and i.icentiousness of 
the Press , . , by John 'I'liomson, 84 pp. New York, 1801 

VIII. A Ri.iM.v to AkisiiDKs [Wm. P. Van Ness|, by James 
Cheetham. 134 pp. New York, 1S04 

IX. A I,i;rri'.K to a Fuiknd on the Conduct of the Adherents of 
Mr. Burr, By James C'heetham. 72 pp. New York, 1S03 

X. A Rki'iv to I-ucius Junius Brutus's Examination of the 
President's Answer to the New-IIaven Remonstrance . , , by 
Leonidas, 65 pp. New \^)rk, 1801 

1896 Pamphlets (6) as follows : 8vo, calf. New York, 1801 20 

I. Pkocks Verhai, of the Ceremony of Installation of President 
of the New-York Historical Society [a caricature of David 
Hosack's installation |, 18 pp, 1820 

II. An Exposi^ of the Causeij of Intemperate Drinking . . , by 
Thomas Herttell, 56 pp, . 18 19 

III. European Dkmneation of American Character , , , 16 
pp. 1820 

IV. An Account of the Malignant Fever which prevailed in 
the City of New York . . . 1805 , , . by James Hardie. 196 
pp. 1805 

V. Address of the Society of Tammany ... to its Absent 
Members. 39 pp. 181 9 

VI. A Comic Opera, entitled Rural Felicity ... by John Min- 
shall. 69 pp. 1801 




sources from wliidi the History of tlic Ailministratioii of Jolin 
Adams was compiled, and tiie Motives for its Siippresion i)y 
Col. Hurr : with some Observations on a Narrative by a Citizen 
of New Yorl [CheethamJ. By John Wood. Second Kdition, 
corrected, with Notes, 1802 

II. A NAKUAnvK of the Supprkssion by Col. Hurr of the History 
of the Administration of John Adams . . . written by Johii 
Wood, to which is added a Mioj^raphy of 'I'homas Jefferson 
. . . and of (leneral Hamilton : witli Strictures on the Conduct 
of John Adams, and on the Character of Ceneral C. C. iMnck- 
ney . . . by a Citizen of New York [J. Cheetham]. 1.S02 

First I'Mition. 

HI. I'aink ('riiomas). T,i itkrs to the C!itizk.ns of the IKi rr.i) 
SiA IKS, and 

IV. Lk.ttkr to the late (Iknf.rai, Gkorc.k Wasimnc ion. 1S02 

V. SiRKBKCK (Rev. (leorge). A Skrmon preached (by courtesy) 
in the Cerman Reformed Church at New-York. New York, 1796 

The al)ovc in 1 vol. 8vo, half calf. New York, 1796 1S02 

189S Parkdks (Ignacio de). Catkcismo Mkxicano, (^ue contiene 
toda la Doctrina Christiana con todas sus Deciaraciones, iVc. 
('(>/>/>(• r-/>/at(\ and ivood-cut auU-of-arnis. Snudl 4to, vellum, uncut. 
Some leaves at end wormed. Mexico, 175S 

1899 Parkdks. CoMi'KNDio del Aktk de la Lkngua Mkxicana del 
1'. Horacio Carochi. Frontispiece. 4to, vellum. Mexico, 1759 

1900 Paris Univk.i. sal Rxi'osrnoN, 1867. Ripok is of the Um 1 1 d 
Stati.s Commissioners, (ieiieial Survey of the Exhibition . . . 
8vo, unbound. Washington, 1868 

T901 I'akkkr (Samuel). Journal of an Expi.orinc; Tour beyond 
the Rocky Moun iains, under the direction of the A. 15. C. F. M. 
• • • i^35-7- Maps. 121110, cloth. Ithaca, iS^8 

1902 Parkf.r (Thomas). The Visions and Prophkciks of Daniki, 
F^xpor ied; Wherein the Mistakes of Former Interjireters are 
modes. _, discovered, &c. 410, half morocco. Waterstained, iVc. 

London, 1646 

1903 Parker (Thomas). History of Farmington, Maine, from its 
First Settlement to 1846, with Sketches of the History of other 
Towns in Franklin County. Svo, uncut. F'arniington, 1875 

Second edition. 



1904 Parkinson (Richard). A Tour in America, in 1798, 1799 
and 1800. Exhibiting Sketches of Society and M; nners and a 
particular account of the American System of Agriculture. . . 
2 vols., 8vo, half calf. London, 1805 

1905 Parkman (Francis, Jr.). History of the Conspiracy of Pon- 
TiAC, and the War of the North American Tribes against the 
English Colonies, after the Conquest of Canada. Maps. 8vo, 
tree calf extra. Boston, 185 1 

1906 Parkman. The Jesuits in North America in the Seventeenth 
Century. 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1867 

1907 Parkman. Pioneers of France in the New World. Portrait 
and map. 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1870 

1908 Parkman. Count Frontenac and New France under Lc is 
XIV. Map. Royal 8vo, cloth, uncut, Boston, 1877 

Large paper copy. Only 75 printed. No. 72. 

J909 Pasquai, (Antonio Raymundo). DESCUBRiMiENTode la Agija 
Nautica, de la Situacion de la America, del Arte de Navegar 
. . . con un Apendice. 4to, vellum. Madrid, 17S9 

Contains a curious account of Friar Hoil, who accompanied Colon on his 
Second X'oyage for the purpose of converting the Indians. 

19 10 Pastorh (Francisci Dan'clis). Kurtze Geographisciik 1?c- 
schreibung der letzmahls ersundenen Americamschen Land- 
scHAKi'T Pensylvania, &c. Small 8vo, levant morocco extra, 
gilt leaves, by Hardy. Nurnberg, 1692 

The above is the second book in the vol. and contains an account of the 
Author's experience as foundei of Germantown, his intervi'v^i with Gov. I'enn, 
iVc, and on page 6 speaks of the Elliot Indian Bible. 

Exceedingly rare, the only copy known. 

191 1 Patterson (Robert). Narrative of the Campaign in the 

Vali.ey of the Shenandoah in 1861. Map. 8vo, cloth. 

Philadelphia, 1S65 
Presentation copy from the author. 

1912 Paulding (J.). Affairs and Men of New Amsterdam, 
in the Time of Governor Peter Stuyvesant. Compiled from Dutch 
Manuscript Records of the Period. i2mo,cloth. New York, 1843 



1913 [Paulmykr dk Courtonnk (Jean).] Mkmoirks toucliant 
L'JiTABLissi'.MENT d'uiie MISSION Chrkstik.nnk (laiis le Tkois- 
IKMK MoNDK, &c. 8vo, velluiTi. Paris: S. Crainoisy, 1663 

First issue. Kac-siitiile map inserted. 

1914 rAUTiiiKR (.\I. G.). Lk Livrk dc Marco Polo. . . . rcdigc 
en Fran(;ais sous sa dictce en 1298 par Rusticien de Pise . . . 
Map. Vol. 2. Royal Svo, luiciit. Paris, 1865 

1915 Pavnk (John Howard). A IJiographicai. Skktcii of the 
author of " Il(,n<' Sweet Home," &C., by Charles H. Ikainard. 
Portraits, fac-sim. , &'(■. Royal Svo, cloth. Washington, 1885 

1916 [Pkaiu)1)y.J Pr()Ci:ki)1Nc;s at the Reckption and Dinnku in 
honor of Gkoroe Pkabodv, Esq., of London, by the Citizens oi 
the Old Town of Dan vers, Oct. 9, 1856, to which is appended an 
Historical Sketch of the l*eabody Institute. 2 portraits and 16 
tinti'il plates. Royal 8vo, cloth, gilt. Boston, 1S56 

Presentation copy from Georffe Peabody. 

1917 Pkdraca (P. Julien de). Memorial presentc au Roy d'Espagne, 
pour la deffense de la reputation, de la dignite & de la personne tie 
. . . Dom Bernardino de Cardknas, Kvksque de Paraquav dans 
les Indks, &c. i2mo, vellum, uncut. s. I., 1662 

1918 Pelleprat (Pierre). Relation des Missions des PP. de la 
Conipagnie de Jesus Dans les Isles, & dans la terre ferine de 
l'Amerique Meridionale . . . Avec une Introduction a la langue 
des Galibis Sauvages . . . Svo, vellum. 

Paris: S. et G. Cratnoisy, 1655 

1919 [Pellham.J God''s Po^ver and Providence: Shewed in the 
Miraculous Preservation and Deliverance of eight Englishmen, 
left by mischance in Green-land, Anno 1630, nine moneths and 
twelve dayes , . . With a Description of the chiefe Places and 
Rarieties . . . Faithfully reported by Edward Pellham, one of the 
eight men aforesaid. 4to, red levant morocco extra, gilt leaves, by 
Pratt. London, 1631 

The map called for on the title-page is missing, and the foot of one leaf is 

1920 [Pemaquid Papers.] Papers Relating to Pemaquid and parts 
adjacent in the present State of Maine, known as Cornwall County, 



when under the Colony of New York. Compiled from Official 
Records in the office of the Secretary of State at Albany, N. Y. 
By Franklin B. Hough. Royal 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. 

Albany, 1856 

1921 Pennington (Isaac). An Examination of the Grounds or 
Causes, Which are said to induce the Court of Boston in New- 
EN(;EANn to make that Order or Law of Banishment upon pain 
of Death against the Quakers, &c. 4to, sprinkled calf, by 
Mackenzie. London, 1660 

Duplicate from the British Museum. 

1922 JDcUlt. ^iSSliJC VAN William Penn, Eygenaar en Gouver- 
neurvan Pennsylvania in America. Geschreven aan de Commiss- 
arissen van de Vrye Societeyt der Handelaars op deselve Provintie, 
binncn London residerende, &c. Large plan of Philadclp]iia. 
4to, vellum, uncut. Amsterdam, 1684 

l''ine copy. 


1923 [Pennsylvania.] Acts passed in the General Assembly of 
the Province of Pensylvania. Held at Philadelphia . . . [Oct. 
14, 1 7 28, to August II, 1729J. 19 leaves, pp. 353, 387. 

New York : A. Bradford., 1729 

[Oct. 14, 1729, to Aug. 3, 1730.] 29 leaves. 

Folio, half calf. Philadelphia : B. Franklin &= H, Meredith. 1730 

1924 [PENNSYLVy'NiA.J In Chancery. Brcviate. John Penn, 
Thomas Pe^n,. and Richard Penn, Esqrs; Plaintiffs. Charles 
Calvert, Esq. ; Lord Baltimore in the Kingdom of Ireland, 
I|efcndant. For the Plaintiffs. Upon a Bill to compell a Speci- 
fick Execution of Articles of Agreement entered into between the 
Partys for setling the Boundarys of the Province of Pensilvania, 
the Three Lower Countys, and the Province of Maryland, and for 
perpetuating Testimony, &c. 2 maps. Folio, red levant morocco 
super extra, gilt leaves and sides, by Pratt. [London, 1640] 

Superb copy. 

1925 [Pennsylvania.] Votes and Proceedings of the House of 
Representatives of the Province of Pennsylvania, Met at 
Philadelphia, on the P'ourteenth of October Anno Doni. 1746, and 
continued by Adjournments, "olio, half calf, 18 pp., and leaf of 
"Incidental Charges." Philadelphia : B. Franklin, 1747 



1926 [Pennsylvania.] A Brikf Vikw of the Conduct of Pknn- 
sYi.VANiA for the year 1755, ^o far as it affected the General 
Service of the British Colonies, particularly the Expedition under 
the late General Braddock, with an Account of the shocking 
Inhumanities ccmmitted by Incursions of the Indians , . . inter- 
spers'd with Anecdotes , . . relating to the Quakers. Being a 
Se(}uel to a late well-known Pamphlet intitled A Brief State of 
Pennsylvania, &c. 8vo, half morocco. London, 1756 

Title and last leaf somewhat worn. 

1927 [Pennsylvania.] A Declaration and Remonstrance of 
the distressed and bleeding Frontier Inhabitanis of the 
Province of Pennsylvania, Presented by them to the Honour- 
able, the Governor and Assembly of the Province, Shewing the 
Causes Of their late Disct vtent and Uticasincss and the Grievances 
under which they have laboured, and which they humbly pray to 
have rcdress'd. <Svo, half morocco, uncut. [Philadelphia], 1764 

"Signed on Behalf of ourselves, and by Appointment of a Great Number 
of the Frontier Inhabitants. Matthew Smith, James (iibson, February 13th, 

192S I 1'knnsylvania.] An Historical Account of the late Dis- 
turbance between the Inhabitants of the Back Settlements of 
J'ennsylvania, and the Philadelphians, &c. Impartially related by 
a well- Wisher. 8vo, half morocco, pp. 8. 

Printed at Rome (Philadelphia], by A. S., [1764] 

1929 [Pennsylvania.] The Constitution of the Common-Wealth 
of Pennsylvania, as established by the General Convention elected 
for that purpose, and held at Philadelphia, July 15th, 1776, and 
continued by Adjournment to September 28, 1776. 8vo, half 
morocco. Philadelphia: Dnnlap, ^11^ 

1930 [Pennsylvania.] An Address to the Inhabitants of Penn- 
sylvania, by Those Freemen, of the City of P/iihuMp/iia, who are 
now confined in the Mason's Lodge, by virtue of a General War- 
rant. Signed in Council by the Vice-President of the Council of 
Pennsylvania. 8vo, polished calf extra, gilt leaves, by Pratt. 

Philadelphia, 1777 

1931 I Pennsylvania Whiskey Insurrection.] The Proceedings 
of the Executive of the United States respecting the Insurgents, 
1794. 8vo, half vellum. Philadelphia, 1795 



1932 [I'knnsylvama.] a Pktition presented by Capt. Alkxandkr 
Patterson, to the Legislature of Pennsylvania, during the Session 
of 1803-4, for Compensation for the Monies he Expiiutcd awiX the 
Services he Rcinieied in Defence of the Pennsylvania Title against 
the Connecticut Claimants, &'c. 8vo, half morocco. 

Lancaster, 1804 

Also in this vcjI. : " 'Pnitii will Out." 16 pp. 

1933 Pknnsvi.vania Historical Society Publications, as follows : 
Memoirs of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. Vol. 2, Part 
2 ; Vol. 3, Part 2 : Vol. 4, Part 2 ; and Vols. 6 to 9. Together 7 
vols. Boards and cloth, as published, Philadelphia, 1830-74 

Contents: Markham's Conference with several Delaware and Suscjuelianna 
Indians, 1694 ; Fisher's Early Poets and Poetry of Pennsylvania ; Sir \Vm. 
Keith's Narrative ; Coates on the Origin of the Indian Population of America ; 
Fisher's Life, dvc.. of Wni. I'enn ; Watson on the Indian Treaty for the Lands 
now the Site of Philadelphia, (5i:e.; Pastorius' Province of Pennsylvania ; Foulke 
on the Indians of Lancaster Co., &c., &c. ; The History of an Fxpedition a^'ainsl 
Fort Du Quesne in 1755, under Major-Cencral Edward liraddock . . . edited 
from the Orij^inal Manuscripts, by Winthrop Sargent, /;v'////j/i/V(<' (?«(/ 8 W(//',i- ,• 
Contributions to .\merican History, including Ward's Insurrections of 1794: 
ISiddle's Case of Major Andre, &c. , i.\:c. ; Record of the Court of Upland, in Penn- 
sylvania, 167610 1681, and a Military Journal kept by Major E. Denny, 17S1 
to \~i)'^, portraits of Major Denny and (!en. I/armar, &-'i-.; History of New 
Sweden ; or, the Settlements on the River Delaware, translated from the Swedish 
of Acrelius, with an Introduction and Notes, by W. M. Reynolds, /£?;y/v7/7, nia/i 
a III! plate. 

1934 Pennvpacker (Sainuel Whitaker). Annals of Phcenixville 
and its Vicinity : from the Settlement to the year 187 1 . . . with 
Information concerning the adjacent Townships of Chester and 
M(mtgomery Counties, and the Valley of the Schuylkill. Map 
and fac-siniiles. 8vo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1872 

193s Peralta (Don M. M. de). Costa Rica y Colombia de 1573 

d 1 88 1, &c. Maps. 8vo, uncut. Madrid, 1886 

I'resentation copy from the author. One of the 80 copies printed on special 
paper. No. 35. 

1936 Pkramas (Josephi Emmanuelis). De Vita et Moribus : Sex 
Sacerdotum [Tredecim Virorum] Paraguavcorum. Plate. 2 
vols., 8vo, velluin, uncut, Faventiae, 1791-93 

1937 Perin (Rene), L'Incendie du Cap ; ou le Regne de Tous- 
saint-Louverture, Frontispiece. i2mo, half morocco. 

Pari.s, 1802 









'e. 2 



1938 Perry (M. C). Narrative of the Expedition of an Ameri- 
can Squadron to the China Seas and Jatan, performed in the 
years 1852, 1853 and 1854, under the command of Conimorlore 
M. C. Perry, United States Navy, by order of the (lovernment of 
the United States ... 3 vols., 4to, half morocco, gilt top. 

Washinjrton, 1856 
" In this valuable scientific work the first successful attempt at producing a 
colored lithograph, in imitation of a dr-iwing, is introduced. Vol. I. contains the 
narrative of the expedition, illustrated by 8() fine lithographic plates, ;8 woodcuts 
and 4 maps. Vol. II. A collection of reports, by vari(jus naval officers on the 
agriculture, botany, natural history, meteorology, topography, ethnography and 
geology of the places visited by the expedition, illustrated as follows : agriculture, 
4 plates ; natural history— mammals, 2 plates; birds, plates, colored; fishes, 
10 plates, colored; conchology, 5 plates (2 colored); meteorology, 16 plates; 
maps, 16 (14 large folding ones), and fac similes of the treaty in Japanese charac- 
ters. Vol. III. Observations on the zodiacal light from April 2, 1853, to .\pril 
22, 1855, with conclusions from the data thus obtained, by the Rev. (Jeorge 
Jones, with 352 charts." 

1939 [Perrv (Commodore).] Inauuura-ion of the Perry Statue, 
at Cleveland, on the Tenth of September, i860 ; including the 
Addresses and other Proceedings, with a Sketch of William W'al- 
cutt, the Sculptor. Frontispiece, 8vo, half morocco. 

Cleveland, O., 1861 

1940 Personal Recollections of the American Revolution. A 
Private Journal. Edited by Sidney Barclay. Frontispiece. lanio, 
half morocco, gilt top. New York, 1859 

Unique copy, with 13 portraits inserted. 

1941 [jptru.] ©t toontjerlficftt nitic Uiaracl^tiflije JKjtston'c 

vant Coninckrych van Peru, geleghen in Indien . . , met alle 
de oorlogen eft stryden die ghebeurt zyn, soo teghens d'Indianen 
als oock onder den Spaengaerts om tgouvernement deen teghens 
den anderen, &c. Map of South America and 52 tuoodcuts. 4to, 
vellum. Thantwerpen, 1564 

First edition of this translation from the Spanish, made by Rumoldus de Bac- 
quere, Tabellio Regius Mechliniae. 

1942 [Peter of Gand.] Chronica Compendiosisslma ab exordio 

mundi usq ad annum Domini Millesimum, quingentesimil, tri- 

gesimfi quartum: per venerandum patrem F. Amandum Zierixeen- 

sem, &c. Small 8vo, polished calf extra, gilt leaves, by Bedford. 

Antwerpiaj, 1534 
Includes three letters from Spain. 
B. A. v., No. 186. 



'943 .[Heter i)F (Iand.J Chronica Compknpiosissima ab exordio 
niiindi usq ad annum Domini [1534] . . . per . . . Xierixeensem 
. . . Alia; quoq tres Ep'- tolse, ex nova maris Oceani Hispaiiiu, &c. 
Small 8vo, half calf. Antwerpia;, 1534 

In the above copy some conteinporary hand has prefixed 12 p;). of neat MS., 
beside nibricatin}; the book throughout. 

1944 Pk.tkrs (Hugh). A WORD for the Armie. Ami two words to 
the Kingdoine. To Cleare the One And cure the Other, 4to, 
half morocco. London, 1647 

1945 [Peters (Sainuel).] A General History of Connecticut, 
from its First Settlement under (leorge P'enwick, Esq., to its latest 
Period of Amity with Great Britain; including a Description of 
the Country . , . Anecdotes, &c. ... By a Gentleman of the 
Province. 8vo, calf. London, 1781 

1946 [Pettujrew.] Memorial of the Life of J. Johnston Petti- 
OREW, Brig.-Gen. of the Confederate Army, by VV'm. Henry Tres- 
cot. Small 4to, cloth. Charleston, 1870 

Presentation copy from the author. 

1947 [ Peucero (Casparo).] De Dimensione Terr^., et Fontibus 
Doctrinae Longitudinis et Latitudinis Locorum, 11 liHwdcut 

figures. Small 8vo, brown morocco, gilt leaves, by Gruel. 

Wittebergaj, 1550 

See sig. Diiij. for a chapter on Peru [leaf 37]. Peru is said therein to be an 

B. A. V. Add.. No. 184. 

1948 Pevster (J. Watts de). Ancient, Medi^:val and Modern 
Netherlanders: Dutch and Flemings. 8vo, half morocco. 

Poughkeepsie, 1859 

1949 Pevster. The Battle of the Sound or Baltic [1658] between 
the Victorious Hollanders . . . and the Swedes. 8vo, half 
morocco. Poughkeepsie, 1858 

T950 Pezzi (C. B.). Di Giovanni Cabotto rivelatore del Setten- 
trionale Emisfero d'America. Portrait. Royal 8vo, boards. 

Venezia, 1881 

195 1 Phelps (Richard H.). A History of Newgate, of Connecti- 
cut, at Simsbury, now East Granby; its Insurrections and Massa- 



cres, the Imprisonment of the Tories in the Revolution, and the 
Working of its Mines. Also, some Account of the State Prison at 
Wethersfield. Portrait and umukuts. 4to, half morocco, gilt top, 
uncut, Albany, i860 

1952 [Philadelphia Library Company.] The Chartkr, Laws, 
and Catalogue of Books of the Library Company of Philadelphia. 
8vo, half morocco. Philadelphia: Franklin &= JHall, 1764 

1953 Philanthropic Results of the War in America, rzmo, cloth. 

New York, 1864 

1954 [Philidor.] The Like of Philidor, Musician and Chess- 
player, by George Allen . . . with a Supplementary Essay on 
Philidor . . , by Tassilo von Heydebrand und der Lasa. 8vo, 
boards, uncut. Philadelphia, 1863 

Large paper copy, only a few printed. 

1955 Phillips (Henry, Jr.). Historical Sketches of the Paper 
Currency of the American Colonies, prior to the Adoption of 
the Federal Constitution, 2 vols. 4to, half morocco, gilt tops. 

Roxbury, 1865 

Only 2(X) copies printed this size. 





1956 Phillips. Paper Currency, Another copy, on Large Paper. 
2 vols, royal 4to, uncut. Roxbury, 1865 

Only 50 copies printed. No. 18. 

1957 Philobiblion (The). A Monthly Biographical Journal. Con- 
taining Critical Notices of, and Extracts from, Rare, Curious and 
Valuable Old Books, 2 vols,, 4to, half morocco, uncut. 

New York, 1862-63 

Printed on India paper. Nearly all the surplus copies were accidentally 
destroyed by water. 

1958 Philoponus (Honorious), Nova Typis transacta navigatio. 
Novis Orbis Indi^ Occidentalis, admodum Rev. . . . Buellii 
Catalonii ... in universam Americam sive Novum Orbem . . . 
1492 , , , nunc primum E varijs Scriptoribus in unum collecta, & 
figuris ornata. Engraved title (mounted) and xf^fohled plates by Wolf 
Kilian. Folio, half morocco. Venetiis, 162 1 

Portrait of Columbus at page i. 



1959 ['* Phocion ",] A Letter from Phocion to the considerate 
Citizens of New York, on the Politics of the day. 8vo, half 
morocco. Boston, 1784 

i960 f Piatt. J The Nests at Washington, and other Poems. By 
John James Piatt and Sarah M. Bryan Piatt. i2mo. cloth, gilt top. 

New York, 18C4 


itaiico in Latinum sermonem conversi. Eiusdem Compendium de 
cogno.sccndis stellis fixis: & de magnitudine '1'ekra i^ AgU/V, liber 
unus, itidem Latinus factus. Joan Nicol Stupano Rheto intcr- 
prete. IVoodcuts. 4to, vellum. Basile?e, 1568 


NuEvo Reyno de Granada . . . por el Doctor D. Lucas Fer- 
nandez Piedrahita. 3 engraved tit'os. Folio, calf. 

An es: /. B. Verdussen, (1688?) 
Collated and signed by De Bure, 1841. From the De Noailles Library. 

1963 Pierce (William Leigh). The Year [of 181 2]: a Poem in 
three cantos. i2mo, half morocco. New York, 1813 

1964 Pietas et Gratulatio Collegii Cantabrigiensis Apud Novan- 
glos. 4to, calf. Bostoni-Massachtisettensiitvi 

Typis F. Green b' F. Russell, 1761 

This verj- rare volume, consisting of gratulatory poems upon the accession of 
George 111. to the throne, contains the first specimen of Greek printing executed 
in America. It is preceded by a fulsome address, wherein the youthful monarch, 
then in his 23d year, is told that he may lay claim to a higher title even th.-m 
" I'athcr of his peof)le," and may " justly be said to be the Patron of Mankind." 

1965 [Pioafetta.] Itinerario de Marc' Antonio Pigafetta gentil'- 
huomo Vicentino. Woodcut border, 4to, half calf, 

Londra : Giovanni Wolfio, 1585 

1966 [Pigafetta.] Primo Viaggio intorno al glcbo terracqueo 
ossia ragguaglio della navigazione alle Inuie Orientali per la 
via d'OcciDENTE fatta dal cavaliere Antonio Pigafetta patrizio 
vicentino, sulla Squadra del Capit. Magaglianes negli anni 15 19- 
1522 , . . corredato di note da Carlo Amoretti. 2 large maps, 
4 colored charts and 10 engravings in the text, 4to, half vellum, 
gilt edges. Milano, 1800 

l.eclerc, No. 11 70. 

Am MR If AN A. 


1967 riGAFF.TTA (Fillipo). Rei.ationf, tlcl rcame di Ct)NGO et 
dellc circonvicine contrade Tratta dalli Scritti & ragionanienti di 
Odoardo Lopez Portoghcsc, &c. 2 large maps and '^ folded plates. 
4to, half morocco. Roma, [1591 1 

A Latin translation of tiiis rare book will be found in the first part of the 
smaller voyages of l)e ISry. 

1968 [PiGGHF. (Albert).] Aldertus Pighius Campknsis de aeqiiin- 
octiorum solstitioruquc inventione Ad. R. in Christo patrcm I). 
Fraciscum Molinium Abbatem S. Maximini, a secretis & cosilio 
R. Francorum Cliristianiss & pijs largitioiiibus eiiisdem prct- 
positum primarium. F'olio, vellum. [Parisii, 1520] 

1!. A. v., No. 107. Adclit. No. 64. 



er la 



1969 Pilling (J. C). Bibliography of the Iroqucian I,AN(;rA(;Fs. 
8vo, uncut. Washington, 1888 

1970 PiMENTAL (D. Francisco). Cuadro Descriptivo y C'ompara- 
Tivo de las Lenguas Ingigenas de Mexico. 2 vols., 8vo, half 
morocco, gilt tops, uncut. Mexico, 1862-5 

A gfreat and meritorious work, comprising grammatical sketches and philo- 
logical comparisons of a large number of idioms. The first edition contains a 
well-written philosophical introduction, quite up to the standard of the eminent 
European writers upon Comparative Philology. This is omitted in the second, 
the latter being entirely re-arranged, revised and completed. 

■ 971 PiNCKARD (George). Notes on the West Indies . . Remarks 
relating to , . . the Indians of South America, &c. 3 vols., 8vo, 
half calf, gilt. London, 1806 

1972 PiNCKNEV (Charles). Three Letters, written and originally 
published, under the signature of a South Carolina Planter. 
The first, on the Case of Jonathan Robbins. . . . the second, on 
the Recent Captures of American Vessels by British Cruisers , . , 
the third, on the Right of Expatriation. 8vo, half morocco. 

Philadelphia, 1799 

Also in this volume : The Case of Jane Marie, exhibiting ^he 

Cruelty and barbarous conduct of James Ross to a defenceless 

woman . . . 8vo, half morocco. Philadelphia, 1808 

1973 Pinello (Antonio de Leon). Epitome de la Bibliotheca 
Oriental, y Occidental, Nautica, y Geografica . . . anadido, 
y enmendado nuevamente, en que se contienen los Escritores de 



las Indias, Orientales, y Occidentales, y Rcinos convecinos China, 
Tartaria, Japon, I'ersia, Armenia, F^thiopia, y otras partes . . , 
por mano del Marques de Torre-Nueva. 3 vols., folio, vellum. 

Madrid, 1737-8 

1974 PiNEM.o (Diego de Leon). Trabajos agravios, e injusticias 
que padecen los Indios del Pkru, vS:c. Folio, vellum. 

I Lima, 1662 ? | 

A Memorial on behalf of the Indians of I'cru, in the form of a reply by 
Pinelo, to a petition from Juen de I'adilla, addressed to the Kinj;. 

1975 PisoNis ((iulielmi). I)k Indi.*: Utriusque re Naturali et 
Medica. Engraved title and numerous woodeuts. Folio, half 
morocco, gilt top. Ainst.: L. et D. Elzevir, 1658 

2d title, (ieorgii Maregravii . . . Tractatus Topographicus & Meleorolo{jicus 
lirasiliw, cum Kclipsi Solari. 
3d title. Jacob! Bontii . . . Ilistorioe Naturalis & Mcdiiit Indix Orientalis. 
4th title. Gulielmi I'isonis Mantissa Aromatica. 

1976 Pitkin (Timothy). Statisticai, View of the Commerce of 
the United States of America. 8vo, half calf, gilt. 

New Haven, 1835 

1977 [PiusIL] Pii. IL, P<JNTiKicis Maximi. Hi.storia rerum ubique 
gcstarum. Cum locorum descriptione non finita Asia Minor 
incipit. Folio, vellum. Venetiis, 1477 

Ulentically the same edition which Columbus possessed. The annotations by 
the great navigator have been facsimiled by I'ilinski in this copy on the verso of 
c. 4. 

1978 Pixerecourt (R. C. (iuilbert de). Christophe Coi.omh, ou 
la Decouverte du Nouveau Monde. Melodrame Historique, <k.c, 
8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut edges. Paris, 1815 

1979 Plain Truth : addressed to the Inhabitants of America, con- 
taining Remarks on a late Pamphlet, intitled Connnon Sense : 
Wherein are shewn, that the Scheme of Independence is ruinous, 
delusive, and impracticable, &c. By '• Candidus." 8vo, half 
morocco. London, 1776 

1980 Plan (A) for Establishing and Disciplining a National Militia 
in Great Britain, Ireland, and in all the British Dominiqns of 
America. 8vo, half morocco. London, 1745 



19.S1 Plan ^A) of Ri:conciliation with Amkrica : consistent with 
the dignity and interests of both Countries. Svo, half morocco. 

London, 1782 

1982 Pi.ANCTUs Indorum Chkisti anorum in .Vmkrica I'kruntina, 
sciivx> la crimaliile, lameiitabilis I>iictiis, atque vkilatus, miiitus ([ 
IMoratiis abimo cordc, &c. Small Svo, vellum, s. 1. et a. 

Title and 22f) pajjes. 

19.S3 I'l.AN rAtiKN'KT (Hcauchanip). \ Dkscuii'I ion of the I'kovinck 
of Nkw Ai.hion, And a Direction for Adventurers witli small slock 
to get two for one, and good land freely . . And a former 
Description, re-printed, of the healthiest, pleasantest, and richest 
Plantation of New Albion, in North Virginia, \'C. 3 ivooikiits t>n 
reverse of title. 4to, half russia. Printed in the Year 1648 

1984 Pi.ka of the Coi.ONiKS on the Charges brought against them by 
Lord Mansfield and Others, in a Letter to his Lordship. IJy a 
Native of Pennsylvania. 8vo, half morocco. Philadelphia, 1777 
A preliminary leaf describes a frontispiece which is not here. 

'9*^5 iJJlOCttijOW (Pieter Cornelisz). Kort en Klakr ontwerp, dien- 
ende tot Een onderling Accoort, oni Den arbeyd, onrust en 
moeyclijckheyt van Alderley-hand-werc.\luyden te verlichten door 
Een onderlinge Compagnie ofte Volck-planting (onder de protectie 
vande H. Mo: Heeren Staten Generael . • . ) aen de Zuyt-revier 
in Nieu-ne-der-land op te rechten . . . 4to, green levant morocco 
extra, gilt top, uncut edges, by Bedford. Amsterdam, 1662 

Fine copy, complete, including the Pricket Vaersen, or Spurring- Verse ■. 

1986 Plumbe, Jr. (John). Sketches of Iowa and Wisconsin. Afap. 
Svo, uncut. St. Louis, 1839 

1987 [Plymouth Colony Records.] Records of the Colony of 
New Plymouth in New England . . . Edited by Nathaniel B. 
Shurtleff. 1633-1698. 12 in 10 vols. 4to, cloth, uncut. 

Boston, 1855-61 

1988 Poinsett (J. R.). Notes on Mexico, made in the Autumn of 
1822, accompanied by an Historical Sketch of the Revolution. 
Large map. 8vo, half calf, gilt. London, 1825 

1989 PoiNTis (Sieur). A Genuine and Particular Account of 
the Taking of Carthagena by the French and Buccaniers, in the 



year 1697 . . . with a Preface, giving an Account of the Original 
of Carthagena in 1532, to the present time . . . plan 0/ Cart/ia}ifna. 
8vo. London, 1740 

1990 F'OI,I,ARI» (P^. A.). SOUTHKRN H ISTORY of the [FiRST, SkCON I), 

and I'hiri) Ykars of the] War. Portraiis, &>€. 3 vols., 8vo, 
cloth. Richmond, i863-'4 ; New York, 1865 

1991 I'oiYDORi ViK(iii,ii. l)c Rkri M Invkntorihus ; translated into 
Knglish by John Lanjjley ; with an Account of the Author and his 
Works by William A. Hammond. 8vo, cloth, ^ilt top, uncut edges. 

New York : A^athynian Club, 1868 
Only 120 copies printed. No. 72. 

1 99 I'oNTKNO (Joh. Isacio). Rkrum et urbis Amstklodamensium 
HisToRiA, in (jua Hoi.LANDi/h, primum atque inde Amstklandi.i;, 
oppidque, natales, exordia, progrcssus, privilegia, statuta, eventa(|uc 
niirabdia cum novis urbis incrementis commerciisque ac navigatio- 
nibus iongincjuis, aliaque ad politiam spectantia, additis suo loco 
tabulis ?eri incisis, ad ha;c usque tempora, observata annorum serie 
accurate omnia deducuntur. Etigraved title, maps (14) atiJ plates 
(43). Folio, half morocco. Amsterodami, 161 • 

1993 PooRK (Ben: Perley). The Fedkral and State Constitu 
TioNS, Colonial Charters and other Organic Laws of the United 
States. 2 vols., imperial 8vo, half morocco. Washington, 1877 

1994 PoPKM.iNiEHE (Seig. de la). Les Trois Mondks. Small 8vo, 
red levant morocco extra, gilt leaves, by Bedford. Paris, 1582 

The title [as above] gives no correct notion of its contents. It contains a 
History of the Discovery of the East and West Indies by the Spaniards and 
rortiigiiese [or Italians], and is singularly curious, lie attempts to show that 
these '-ountries had previously been visited by the Antients, and exhorts the 
I'Ycncli nation to continue the exploration of new countries. He combats the 
claim of the Spaniards to the exclusive dominion of the Indies, and says the dis- 
covery was made by Italians. 

1995 [PoRCAcciii.J L'IsoLE piu Famose del Mondo descritte da 
Thomaso Porcacchi da Castiglione Arretino, e intagliate da 
Girolamo Porro, Padovano, con PAggiunta di molte Isole. En- 
graved title and 48 maps. Folio, half vellum. 

Venetia: Simon Galignani, 1604 (5 ?) 
The engraved title was duplicated in the Padova edition of 1620. 



1996 [l'()K(A( c iii.| I/Isolc pill Famosi. (Irl Mondo, dcscrilto da 
I homaso I'orcacchi. Engraved title and 48 ftclud nia/>s. Folio, 

vellum, uncut. Padova; P. C- F. Ga/ij^nani, 1620 

Superb copy. " Con nova aggionta." 

1997 FoRCHKR (F. \\). Rksources of the Southkrn Fiki.ds and 
FoRKSTS. 8vo, cloth. Charleston, 1.S69 

1998 I'oK IKK (David). Journal of a Cuuisk made to the 1'ai iiu: 
OcKAN . . . in the U. S. Frigate Essex in 1812-14. Portmit, 
map, 6r'c. 2 vols, in i. 8vo, half calf. New York, 1822 

1999 Torikr. Minutks of Procekuings of the Courts of Inciuiry 
and Court Martial in Relation to Captain David Porier; con- 
vened at Washinjjton, ^. C, on 'i'hursday, the Seventh il.iy of 
July, A. I). 1825. 8vo, half morocco, uncut. Wasliinj^ton, 1825 

At the end is bound " An Flxposition of the Facts and Circum- 
stances which justified the F^xpedition to Foxardo ... by I). 
Porter." Washington, 1825 

2000 [Porter.] Proceedings a*-.d Report of the Hoard of Armv 
Officers . . . April 12, 1878, in the case of Fitz-John Porter. 
Together with the Proceedings in the Original Trial, &c. 3 vols, 
of text and 2 of maps. Washington, 1879 

(Ien. Fitz-John Porter's Statement of the Services of the 
Fifth Army Corps in 1862, in Northern Virginia. New Vork, 1S78 
A Reply to the Review of Judge Advocate General Holt . . . 
by Reverdy Johnson. Haltimorc, 1863 

Hon. Montgomery Bi.air ... to Fitz John Porter. 1874 
Report of Major-General John Pope. 1863 

Speech of Hon. Thomas Francis Bayard. Washington, 1880 

Speech of Hon. Joseph E. McDonald. Washington, 1880 

Speech of Hon. Theodore F. Randolph. Washington, 1880 

Closing Argument of Joseph H. Choate, &:c., &c., &c. 1879 
Together 7 vols. 8vo, half morocco, gilt tops. 

Washington, 1879, &c. 

2001 Porter, Jr. (Noah). Historical Discourse before the Crn- 
ZENs of Fakmington, November 4, 1840, in Commemoration of 
the Original Settlement of that Ancient Town in 1640. 8vo, half 
more CO, Hartford, 1841 

2002 PoRTLOCK. (Captain Nathaniel). A Voyage round the World; 
but more particularly the North-West Coast of America, per- 



formed in 1785, 1786, 1787 and 17S8, in tlie King Georj^e and 
Queen ('harlotte, Captains Pi)itloclc and Dixon. Portrait^ iiiap^ 
5 charts and 13 plates. 4to, calf. London, 17S9 

2003 I'oTTKR (Israel R.). Lin: and Remarkable Auventires of 
(a native of Cranston, Rhode Island), who was a Soldier in the 
American Revolution, and took a distinguished part in the Battle 
of Bunker Hill, ^Vc, (Jv:c. Curious icuhxhut portrait of Potter cry- 
ing " Old Chairs to Mend. 121110, half morocco. 

Providence, 1824 

2004 PoucHOT (M.). Memoir upon the Late War in North 
America between the French and English, 1755-60. Translated 
and edited by Franklin B. Hough. Maps, portraits and plates. 
2 vols,, 4to, half morocco, gilt tops, uncut edges. Roxbury, 1 866 

Only 50 copies this size No. 5. 

2005 PouLAiN (H.). Production du Cotton dans nos Colonies. 
8vo. Paris, 1863 

2006 PoussiELGUE (M.). Homme ou Singe ou la Question de 
I'Esclavage aux P^tats Unis. 8vo, uncut. Paris, 1861 

2007 [PowNALi,.] Six [Ten] Remarkable Views in the Provinces of 
New-York, New-Jersey, and Pennsylvania, in North America. 
Sketched on the spot by . . . Governor Pownall, painted by i'aul 
Sandby, and engraved by Messrs. Sandby, Elliot, Benazech, i!v:c. 
6 large plates (22.V inches by 18), all mounted on linen. Oblong 
half folio, morocco. London, 1761 

Comprises: T.ipp.'inZec, Passaic Falls; Poughkeepsie and tlic Catskill Moun- 
tains; Cohoes F.ills; Ikthelein, Pa., and an .\mcrican Farm. 

Contains 10 plates in all, adding the S. E. and S \V. views of New York City 
in 1750, by Ilowdell ; Attack on Quebec, by Henry Smith; View of Quebec, by 
the same. 

2008 PowNALL (T.). Topographical Description of such parts of 
North America, as are contained in the (annexed) Map of the 
Middle British Colonies, &:c., in North America. With the large 
colored map, 27 x 24 inches. Folio, half morocco. London, 1776 

20C9 [Pownall.] The Speech of Th-m-s P-wn-ll, Esq., Late 
G-v-rn-r of this Province, in the H . . se of C . m . . ns, in Favor 
of America. 4to, half morocco, 16 pp. n.p. or d. 



20I0 Pravfrs ?;^. Rebellion. Form ok Prayer to be used in all 
Churches and Chapels throughout , . . England, &:c. [upon Feb. 
loth, 2 1 St, 2 7th. J 3 parts in i vol. 8vo, half morocco. 

(Jhestcr, &c., //. d. 

The object of these prayers centre in the supplication to restore tranquility 

among the King's " unhappy lieluiicd subjects in America," the form being 

changed in respect of the adjective, to rehcllious in some p( r ions of the 



arts of 
of the 


or d. 

2011 1'ren riss (S. S.). A Me.moir of 
2 vols., i2mo, cloth. 

Edited by his Brother. 
New \'ork, 1.S55 

2012 [I'kescott.] Like of William Hicklinc; Prescott. By 
George Ticknor. Portrait and vi^^nettcs. 4to, cloth uncut. 

Boston, i(S64 

2013 Prescott (William H.). HisroRicAi, Works: Reign of 
Ferdinand and Isabella, 3 vols.; Conquest of Mexico, 3 vols.; Con- 
quest of Peru, 2 vols.; Reign of Philip the Second, 3 vols.; Reign 
of Charles the Fifth, 3 vols.; Biographical and Critical Miscel- 
lanies. Portraits and facsimiles, I'ogether 15 vols. 8vo, half 
morocco, gilt tops. Philadelphia, 1864 

The Miscellanies include essays on liancroft's United Slates, Madame Calderon 
dc la Barca's Life in Mexico, &c. 

2014 Prescott (William). The Prescott Memorial; or, a (ienea- 
logical Memoir of the Prescott Families in America. 12 steel por- 
traits, cj^r. 8vo, cloth, gilt leaves. Boston, 1870 

2015 [Prescott.] Report of the Trial by Impeachment of James 
Prescott, Esquire, Judge of the Probate of Wills . . . for Mis- 
conduct and Maladministration in Office, before the Senate of 
Massachusetts in the year 1S21, with an Appendix, ... by 
Octavius Pickering and William Howard (jardiner. 8vo, half 
morocco, uncut. Boston, 1821 

2016 Prevost (A. F.). HiSToiRE Generale des Voyages, ou 
nouvelle collection de toutes les Relations de Voyages par Mer et 
la Terre, qui ont ete publiees jusqu'a present [par I'Abbe I'revostJ, 
&c. Portraits, maps and numerous plates. 22 vols , 4to, calf. 

Paris, 1746-70 
In the above copy the last three volumes are composed exclusively of maps, &c. 

2017 Prevost (F.) et Pecquet (P.). 
des Neutres). 8vo, uncut. 

Le Blocus Americain (Droit 
Paris, 1 86 1 



2018 Price (Richard). OnsKRVATioNS on the Nature of Civii, 
LinKRTY, the Principles of (lovernment, and the Justice and I'olicy 
of the War with America, &c. 8vo, half morocco. 

New York, 1776 

2019 (J.). American Antiquities, and Discoveries in the 
West : being an Exhibition of the Evidence that an ancient popu- 
lation of partially civilized Nations, differing entirely from those of 
the present Indians, peopled America, many centuries before its 
Discovery by Columbus, and Inquiries into their Origin, with a 
copius descripti(*.i of many of their Stupendous Works now in 
ruins, with conjectures concerning what may have become of 
them. . . . By Josiah Priest. 2 engravings and cuts, Svo, sheep. 

Albany, 1838 

" Notwittistandinjj that 22,()«i copies of this work were published in thirty 
months, in four editions, for subscribers, it is now quile scarce in perfect con- 
dition." — MUNSKLI,. 

2020 [Prime (Benjamin Y.).) Muscipula sive Cambromyomachia : 
the Mouse-Trap, or the Battle of the Welsh and the Mice; in Latin 
and English : with other Poems, in different Languages. By an 
American. Map, i6mo, cloth. New York, [1840] 

2021 Prime. Columbia's Glory, or British Pride Humbled; a Poem 
on the American Revolutions : some part of it being a Parody on 
an Ode, entitled Britain's Glory or Gallic Pride Humbled ; com- 
posed on the Capture of Quebec, A. D. 1759. 8vo, half morocco. 

New York: Thomas Grec/i/eaf, 1791 

2022 Prime (Nathaniel S.). A History of Long Island, from its 
First Settlement by Europeans, to the year 1845. Map. i2mo, 
cloth. New York, 1845 

2023 [Prince Henry.] The Life of Prince Henry of Portugal, 
Surnamed the Navigator ; and its Results : comprising the Dis- 
covery, within one Century, of half the World. With new facts 
in the discovery of the Atlantic Islands . . . the Naming of 
America, &c. By Richard Henry Major. Portraits^ maps, &^c. 
Svo, cloth, uncut. London, 186S 

2024 Prince (Thomas). A Chronological History of New-En- 
gland, In the Form of Annals ; Being a Summary and exact 
Account of the most material Transactions and Occurrences relat- 




w facts 
ling of 

n, 1868 

£s relat- 

ing to this Country, in the Order of Time wherein they happened, 
from the Discovery by Captain Cosnold, 1602, to the Arrival of 
Governor Belcher, in 1730. With an Introduction, &c., ivc. Vol. 
I, Parts I and 2, Small 8vo, calf. Boston, N. E., 1736 

Title, Dedication, 8 pp.; Preface, 12 pp.; List of Subscribers, 20 pp.; Inlro- 
duction, 104 pp.; Parts I. and II., 254 pp. 

2025 Prince. A Chronologicai, History of Nkw-Engi.and. 
Another copy. Parts i and 2. Small 8vo, calf. Boston, 1736 

2026 Princk. Extraordinary Events the Doings of God, and 
marvellous in pious Eyes. Illustrated in a Sermon at the South 
Church in Boston, N. E., on the General Thanksgiving, Thursday, 
July 18, 1745. Occasion'd by Taking the City of Louisbourg on 
the Isle of Cape Breton, by New-England Soldiers, assisted by a 
British Squadron. 8vo, half calf, gilt. London, 1746 

Third edition. 

2027 Prince Society. Publications of the Prince Society. 

Boston, v. d. 

This Society, named in honor of the Rev. Thomas Prince, the eminent Anti- 
quary and Annalist of America, printed 150 copies of the first S books and 200 
and 250 of the others as below. 

The series consists of the following works : 

J I. and II. The Hutchinson Papers. A New Edition. Col- 
lated with and Collected from the Original Manuscript, and 
Edited, with Illustrative Notes. No. 95, 2 vols., half morocco. 

Albany, N. Y., 1S65 

J III. New England's Prospect. A true, lively, and experi- 
mental! description of that part of America, commonly called 
New England : . . By William Wood. [Edited by Charles 
Deane.] No. 49. Map. Half morocco. Boston, 1865 

i IV. Dunton's Letters ; Written from New England, A. D. 
1686. By John Dunton. In which are described his Voyages 
by Sea, his Travels on Land, and the Characters of his Friends 
and .Acquaintances. Now first published from the Original 
Manuscript, in the Bodleian Library, Oxford. With Notes and 
an Appendix, by W. H. Whitmore. No. 49. Cuts. Half 
morocco. Boston, 1867 

v., VI. and VII. The Andros Tracts: being a Collection of 
Pamphlets and Official Papers issued during the Period between 
tiie Overthrow of the Andros Government and the Establish- 




ment of the Second Charter of Massachusetts. Reprinted from 
the Original Editions and MS. Witii Notes and a Memoir of 
Sir Edmimd Andros, by W. H. Whitmore. No. 49. Portraits. 
3 vols., half morocco. Bo.ston, 1868-69-74 

VIII. The Gf;i\ealogy of the Families of Paynk and Gork. 
Compiled by W. H. Whitmore. Portrait. 4to, uncut, 

Boston, 1S75 

IX. Wni't I.WRIGHT (John). His Writings, including his Fast- 
Day Sermon, 1637, and his Mercurius Americanus, 1645 ; with 
a Paper upon the Genuineness of the Indian Deed of 1629, and 
a Memoir by C. H. Bell. Facsimiles. 4to, uncut. Boston, 1876 

X., XI. and XII. Voyages of Samuel deChamplain. Translated 

from the French by Charles Pomery Otis. With Historical 

Illustrations and a Memoir by the Rev. Edmund F. Slafter. 

Maps and plates. 3 vols , 4to, uncut. Boston, 1878-82 

250 copies printed. 

XIIL Voyages of the Northmen to America. Edited, &c., by 
E. F. Slafter. Maps. Boston, 1877 

2CX1 copies printed. 

XIV. Sir Walter Ralegh and his Colony in America. Memoir 
by I. N. Tarbox. Portraits. 1884 

XV. Voyages of Peter Esprit Radisson . . . among the 
North American Indians, from 1652 to 1684. . . . Introduction 
by G. D. Scull. Boston, 1885 

XVI. Captain John Mason, the Founder of New Hampshire, 
including his Tract on Newfoundland, 1620, &c. . . . Memoir 
by C. W. Tuttle. Edited by J. W. Dean. Boston, 1887 

Together 16 vols. 4to, half morocco (7), others as published. 

Boston, 1865-87 

2028 Proceedings of the Friends to the Liberty of the Press : on 
Dec. 22, 1792, and Jan'y 19th and March 9th, 1793. 8vo, half 
morocco. 1793 

2029 Proud (Robert). The History of Pennsylvania, in North 
America, from the Original Institution and Settlement of that 
Province, under the first Proprietor and Governor, William Penn, 
in t68i, till after the year 1742, &c. Portrait of Penn, and a 
tariff map. 2 vols., 8vo, polished calf extra, by Clarke and Bed- 
ford. Philadelphia, 1797-8 



2030 [ Frovidknck.J The Trockkss of Providknck A Centennial 
Address to the Citizens of Providence, R. I., by Hon. Samuel 
Greene Arnold. With a Poem hy George William Pettes. 8vo. 

Providence, 1876 

2031 [)|)VUtICUttUfii. A DK Lebrixa.] Prudkntii opera que in 
HOC i,ii!R,> coNTiNENTUR, &.C, 4to, vcUum. Lacronii, 1512 

15. A. V. Add., No. 44. 

'I'he epistle of Antonio de Lebrija to James Ramirez is included in this copy ; 
see recto of second leaf. 

2032 Prynne (William). A Fresh Discovery Of some Prodigious 
JVac JJ'(r//t/n'//x''-B/ast//x'-Sf(!rs, ev Fiirbiixtids, Stiling themselves 
NFAV-LJGHTS. Firing our Church and State into New Combus- 
tions. . . . The second Edition. Whereunto is added some Ltt- 
tiTs, Papers, and a Petition lately sent from the Summer Is/amis, 
&c. 4to, calf, gilt edges. London, 1646 

Fine copy. 


2033 [PsAi.MS.] The Whole Booke of Psalmes Faithfully Translated 
into English Metre. Whereunto is prefixed a discourse declaring 
not only the Lawfullnes, but also the necessity of the heavenly 
Ordinance of singing Scripture Psalmes in the Churches of God. 
Imprinted 1640. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. 

Cambridge, 1862 

Reprint of the first book printed in the British American Colonies. 

" In the reproduction of this quaint volume every luord, every letter, and 
indeed every /('/;// has been sedulously collated with a perfect impression of the 
original work struck at Cambridji;e in the year 1640. Indeed, so e.xact and f:iith- 
ful has the compositor been in following the original copy, that the bad spacing, 
omission of spaces, irregular justification, bad divisions, broken type, letters 
inverted, mixed lower-case letters with italics, and typographical errors arc strictly 
reproductions of the printer's errors of the olden time." — Preface. 

The copy of the ^Jr^';,'/;/!;/ edition in the Crowninshield library was sold by its 
purchaser, Henry Stevens, London, to the British Museum for one Imuilred unJ 
fifty guineas, and the larger sum, paid for the lirinley copy, is still fresh in the 
annals of American bibliography. 

Only 50 copies printed. No. 5, 

2034 PsALTERiUM, Hcbrcum, Grecu, Arabici'i & Chaldeil cu tribus 
latinis interptatoibus & glossis (studio Aug. Justiniani). Folio, 
half morocco, red edges. Title pieced. Mediolani, 1506 

See fclio 25 for the account of Columbus. 



2035 [Ptolkmy.] {The first and earliest engraved map knmvu, where 
the Nav World is delineated, dra^vn by John Ruysch for the 150S 
edition of Ptolemy.^ Royal folio, cloth. Rome, 1508 

H. A. v., No, jf), p. tio, describes this map at ienjfth. 

For this and the other editions of I'toleniy, see the erudite bibliograpliy of 
Wilbcrforce Karnes. 

2036 [Ptoi.kmy.] Ci.audii Ptholkmaei Alexandrini liber Gko- 
RAPHiAK cum tabulis et universali figura et cumadditione locorum 
cjuae a recentioribus reperta sunt diligenti cura emendatus et 
impres.sus. 28 double page maps. Royal folio, vellum. 

Venetiis : J. Pentium de Leueho, 151 1 

15. A. v., No. f)8. Ramirez, No. 1207. 

Instead of the colophon reading Die XV. (as in B. A. V.), it reads, Die XX. 
The line, " Hernardi Sylvani Eboliesis anotationes in Ptholemx'i geograpliiam," 
occurs on the recto of second leaf, at the head of the second paragraph. 

Murphy, ifSs. (^uaritch, £20. 

2037 [Ptolemy.] Claudii Ptolemei viri Alexandrini Mathematice 
discipline Philosophi doctissimi Geographie opus novissima 
traductione e Grecorum archetypis castigatissime pressum : ceteris 
ante lucubratorum multo prestantius, &c. 47 maps, in addition to 
colored duplicates of i and 2 of the second part. Imp. folio, half 
vellum. Argentine: J. Schotti, 1513 

B. A. v., No. 74. 

Commenced by Waltzemuller about 1505-7. Murphy's copy sold for;^"iio. 
Quaritch asks;^25. 

2038 [Ptolemy.] Clauwii Ptolemei Alexandrini Mathematicor 
principis opus Geographie noviter castigatu & emaculatu ad- 
ditioibus, raris et invisis, necnonu tabularum in dorso jucunda 
explanatione, &c. 49 tnaps and many curious woodcuts. Royal 
folio, brown levant morocco antique, gilt leaves, by Gruel. 

Argentoraten : Joannes Grieninger, 1522 
B. A. v.. No. 117. 
On the 4th page of map 20 is a half-sbeet map. 

2039 [Ptolemy.] Claudi Ptolemaei Geographicae enarrationis 
libri octo Bilibaldo Pirckeymhero interprete. Annotationes 
Joannis de Regio Monte in errones commissos a Jacobo Angelo 
in translatione sua. 50 maps and woodcuts. Royal folio, brown 
levant morocco antique, gilt leaves, Gruel. 

Johannes Grieningerus communibus, 

Johannis Koberger, impensis excudebat. 

Argentoragi, 1524 
B. A. v., No. 136; Add., No. 78. 



2040 [Ptolemy.] Claudii Ptoi.emaki Alexandrini Geographicae 
enarrationis libri octo ex Bilibakli Pirckeyniheri tralatione, sed ad 
(IrjEca & prisca exemplaria ^ Michaele Villanovano fServeto] iam 
primum recogniti. Adjecta insuper ab eodem Scholia qiiibiis 
exoleta urbium nominaad nostri seculi more exponuntiir. * 50 
viaps. Imp. folio, calf. Lugduiii, 1535 

H. A. v., No. 210. 
First Servetus edition. 






I 1524 

2 ^.i [Ptolemy.] Geografhia Universalis, vetus et nova, com- 
plectens Claudii Ptolemaei .Mexandrini Ennarrationis libros V'lII. 
Quorum primus nova translatione Pirckheimheri . . . Succedunt 
tabulae Ptolemaice, opera Sebastian! Munsteri novo paratpe modo 
. . . Folio, hogskin, with clasps. Basileae, 1540 

B. A. v.. No. 231. 

Collation should be corrected as follows:— p. 154 repeated, consequently p. 
155 in addition to the Appendix — p. i=;6 blank — the obverse of the third pre- 
liminary leaf is also blank. 

2042 [Ptolemy.] Claudii Ptolem.ei Alexandrini Geographic.v 
Enarrationis Libri Octo. Ex Bilibaldi Pirckeymheri tralatione, 
sed ad Grreca & prisca exemplaria ;i Michaele Villanovano [Ser- 
veto] secundo recogniti & locis innumeris denuo castigati. 50 
woodcut maps reproduced from the editions of 1522 and 1525. Imp. 
folio, calf. 

Lugduni apud Hugonem a Porto ViennEe: Caspar Frechsel, 1541 

B. A. v., No. 233. 
Second Ed., by Servetus. 

2043 [Ptolemy.] Geografhia Universalis Vetus et Nova com- 
plectens. Claudii Ptolemaei Alexandrini Enarrationis libros VIII. 
[cum Appendice Sebastiani MunsteriJ. 48 woodcut maps, all 
colored. Folio, hogskin. Basileaj: Heiiricum Petrum, 1542 

The diagrams, initial letters, borders, &c., all colored by hand. 

B. A. v., No. 240. 

The Munster Appendix commences at page 157. 

2044 [Ptolemy & Mattiolo.] Ptolemeo La Geografia di 
Claudio Ptolemeo Alessandrino, Con alcuni comenti & aggiunte 
fatteui da Sebastiano Munstkro Alamanno, Con le tavole non 
solamente antiche & moderne solite di staparsi, ma altre nuove 
aggiuntevi di Meser lacopo Gastaldo Piamutese cosmographo, 
ridotta in volgare Italiano da M. Pietro Andrea Mattiolo, &c. 



Small 8v(), ])anelled calf, gilt leaves, by Matthm's. Veneto, 1548 
Woodcut on second leaf, and 60 maps including S. America, New Spain, Cuba. 

&c., cJvic. 

B. A. v.. No. 285. 

The " Re^istro " preceding the Atlas is dated 1547. 

2045 |Ptoi.emv.J (Ik.ographia CI. Ftolemaei Alexandrini. Olim a 
Bii.iHAi.Do PiRCKHKiMFiKKio traslata, at nunc miiltis codicibus 
gnecis collata, pluribusque in locis ad pristinam veritatem redacta 
a Josepho Moietio. ... 64 maps, 6 of which are charts of differ- 
ent parts of America. 4to, vellum. Venetiis: V. Val^risium, 1562 

Title mounted. 

2046 [Ptolkmv. ] La (jeoorafia di Claudio Tolomeo Alessandrno, 

nuovamente tradotta di (Jreco in Italiano da Jeronimo Riiscelii, 

con Espo.sitioni del medessimo, paiticolari di luogo in lucigo . . . 

Aggiuntovi un pienu discorso di M, Gioseppe Moleto. Woodcuts 

and 64 maps. [3 part.s in 1 vol.] 4to, calf, gilt leaves. 

Venetia: Zi/etti, 1564 
From the Medici collection. 

2047 (I'loi-KMV.] Gi:()GkAKiA cive Descrittione universale della 
terra, . . . rincontrati, & corretti . . . Gio, Ant. Magini . . . 
Opera . . . tradotta dal R. I). Leonardo Cernoti. 64 maps 
engrai'cd by Porro., with Magin's expositions. 2 vols, in i. Folio, 
half cloth. Venetia, 1598-97 

2048 [Public Credi r. | Report of the Secretary of the Treas- 
ury to the House of Representatives, relative to a provision for 
the Support of the Public Credit of the United States. . . . 
Folio, half morocco, gilt leaves. 

New York: Childs and Sway ne, 1790 

2049 [Pulaski.] Love and Patriotism ! or. Extraordinary Adven- 
tures of AL i)U PoRTAiL, late Major-Cieneral in the Armies of the 
United States. Interspersed with many Surprising Incidents in the 
Life of the late Count Pulaski. i2mo, calf. Philadeli)hia, 1797 

2050 PuRCHAS (S.). Hakluytus Posi HUMUS, or Purchas his Pil- 
grimes. . . . Contayning the Voyages and Peregrinations made 
ancient Kings, Patriarkes, Apostles, Philosophers, and others, to 
and thorow the remoter parts of the knowne World . . . A 
l)escripti(>n of all the Circnm-Narigations o{ xht Gx.o^v. . . . Wavi- 





n for 


ol" the 










gations and Voyages of ii//i,''//i//-///(!'// . , . EngVish Voyaj^e,- ficyofii/ 
the East Indies . . . Navigations, Voyages, Trah'ques, Discov- 
eries of tlie Eni^/is/i Nation in the Jiastertie parts of the W'orlJ . . . 
ami many other rcmarkahle Rki.ations. By Samuel i'lirclias, I). I). 
Maps ami etchin^^s. 5 vols., folio, red levant morjcco, paneled 
and gilt sides, broad inside borders, gilt edges. I.cndon, 1625-2C 

A fiill-marjjiin.-cl copy (fxcfpt a few leaves which have been neatly built out) 
with the oiijjiiial frontispiece, and the orij^inal map of Virginia. 

Purchas bays in his Preface that he has incorporated the substance of more than 
t-velve hiiiiilitil ^x'xWX'n of Voyages and Travels. " His work," says (Iranger, in 
his Hiograpliical History, "is not only valuable for the various instruction and 
amusement contained in it, but it is also very estimable on a national and, I may 
add, a religious account.'" 

" We owe to the zeal and vast erudition of this laborious man, one of the most 
celebrated collections of Voyages which has ever appeared, valuable alike for the 
abundance of its materials and its importance in the history of Early Discoveries, 
especially those of the English." — Hioi^iaphic Universt-Ut'. 

2051 PuRViAN'CK (Robert). A NARRA'iivKof Events which occurred 
in Baltimore Town, during the Rkvolutionarv War. i2nu), 
cloth. Baltimore, 1849 

2052 rvNCHON (William). The .Meritorious Prick of Our Rkdemp- 
tion, Justification, etc., Cleering it from some common Krrors 
. . . by William Pinchin. 4to, calf. London, 1650 

Also in this volume the enlarged Second Ed. '1 he Meritor- 
ious Price of Mans Redemption, or Christ's Satisfaction 
discussed and explained. London, 1655 

The General Court of Mass. ordered this work to be burned by the executioner 
in the Marketplace, Boston, the author having maintained the "damnable 
heresy " that "Christ did not suffer for us those unutterable torments of (loil's 
wrath, that commonly are called Hell torments." 

2053 [Pvnchon.J The Jewes Svnagogue ; or, a Treatise concern- 
ing The ancient Orders and manner of Worship used by the Jewes, 
&c. By William Pinchion. 4to, half morocco. London, 1652 

2054 Pvnchon. 1. The Time when the First Sabbath was 

IL The Manner how the First Sabbath was Ordained. 

in. A Treatise of Holy Time, concerning the true limits of the 

Lords Day, &c. 
4to, calf antique, gilt leaves. Title dirty and slightly pieced. 

London, 1654 

Attempting to prove that the Sabbath was ordained after the Fall of Adam. 


Am F, KM ANA. 

2055 / X UAKERS. I PRiMirivK IIkuf.sik RKVivi'.r) in The l'"aith 

I J and Practice Of the People called (Quakers : Wlierein 

'■^^ is shewn, ni Seven Particulars, 'I'hat the I'rincipal and 

most Characteristick Errors of the Quakers, were Broached and 

Condemned, in the Days of the Apostles, and the first 150 Years 

after Christ. 'I"o which is Aiided, A Friendly Expostulation with 

William Penn, upon Account of his Priiiiitire Christianity, lately 

I'ublished. 4to, half morocco. London, 1698 

Kiiif fopy. 

2056 IQuKHix'.] Transactions of the Literary and Historical 
Society (jf Quebec. New Series. Parts i to 9. 8vo, unbound. 

Quebec, 1863-72 

2057 [(^UKi.c.H.] The Arrainoment, Tryal, and Condemnation, 
of Cai't. John Queixh, And Others of his Company, &c., for 
Sundry Piracies, Robberies, and Murder, Committed upon the 
Subjects of the King of Portugal, Her Majesty's AUie, on the 
Coast of Prasil, iS:c., who Upon full Evidence, were found (luilty, 
at the Court-House in Boston [June 13, 1704J . . . &c. Folio, 
half morocco. London, 1705 

2058 QuiNcv (Josiah). Speech . . . 5th January, 1813 ... on 
the bill in addition to the Act entitled " An Act to raise an addi- 
tional Military force," &c. 8vo, half morocco. Boston, 181 3 

2059 [QuiNCV.] Memoir of the I^ike of Josiah Quincy, Jun., of 
Massachusetts, by his Son, Josiah Quincy. 8vo, morocco. 

Boston, 1825 
Presentation copy to I -ord Lyndhurst (with letter inserted) from Josiah Quincy. 

2060 [QuiNTANA.] Instruccion de Ordenantes. Compendio de 
las cosas que dene guardar, y saber en sus Ordenes, y se les pre- 
guta en los examines ; desde la primera Toosura, hasta el Sicer- 
docio. Con un Apendix de Examen de Confessores y Predica- 
dores. Compuesto por el P. Antonio de Quintana . . . i2mo, 
boards. Madrid, [661 

Title + Aprobacion 1 leaf + Certificate of Alonso Venegas, Guardian of the Con- 
vent of San Francisco i leaf + license i p-t- Errata i page+Indice 4 leaves -t pp. 
1-438 with 15 errors in pagination. 

2061 Quiros (Pedro Ferd. de). Historia del descubrimiento de 
las regiones AusTRiALES . . . publicada por Don Justo Zaragoza. 
Maps. 3 vols., 8vo, uncut. Madrid, 1876-82 


1 1 



ADK/l" I*;: I5ARRK. La Ni^u.rkssf,, 011 le Poiivoir dc la 
Rcconnoissance. Comedie. Svo, hf. mco. Paris, 1787 

Also in this volume, l,a Jcune Indicnne . . . par M. dc Chamforl, 
Paris, 1776, in which the scene is laid in Charleston and I.c Huron. 








e Con- 
s + pp. 

2063 Rafn (Charles Christian). Mkmoirk siir la Dl^couvF,RTK de 
i/Ami^riquk au dixicme siecle . . . traduit par Xavier Marmier. 
Svo, uncut. Paris, 1838 

Presentation copy to Jared Sparks from the author. 

2063^- Rafn. Mkmoirk sur la Di'couvertk de i/Amkrk^ik au dix- 
icme siecle , . , public par Socicte Royale des Antiquaires du 
Nord. Second Tirage. Svo, uncut. Copennajjue, 1843 

2063^^ Rafn. America Discovered in the Tenth Century. 8vo. 

New York, 1S38 

2064 Rafn. Mkmoire sur la Dkcouverte de i.'Amerique au Dixicme 
Siecle, &'c., &c. 19 maps and plates. 8vo, half morocco. 

Copenhajjuc, 1843 
Kafn's American Section, published by the Royal Society of Northern Anti- 

2065 Raoueneau (Paul). I. a Vie de la Mkrk Catherink de Saint 
AuciusTiN, Religieuse Hospitaliere de la Miscricorde de Quebec 
en la Nouvelle France. Svo, vellum. Paris: F. Lambert, 1671 

Very rare. 

2066 [Raguenkau.] Narratio Historica eorum, qure Societas 
Jesu in Nova Francia . . . annis mdcxliix. iS: xmx. . . . c (lal- 
lico in Latinum translata a P. Georgio Gobat. . . . i8mo, vellum. 

Oeniponti, 1650 

2067 MalCtflf) (Sir W.). Bui'tjt MlUntrcCftavr Beschreibung, 
Desz Soldreichen Konigreichs Guiana^ in America oder newen 
Welt, under der Linea ^kjuinoctiali gele . . . 1594, 1595 and 1596 
von dem . , . Walthero Ralegh. Etching on title and at pat^es 4, 
5, 9, II, 14 and 15. 4to, morocco antique, gilt leaves. 

Noriberga? : L. Hulsii. 1601 

Hulsius, 2d Ed., Part 5- 

2068 [Ralkigh.] a Declaration of the Demeanor and Cartage 
of Sir Walter Raleigh, Knight, as well in his Voyage, as in, 
and sithence his Returne ; And of the true motives and induce- 



ments which occasioned His Majestic to Piodcd in doiiijj Justice 

upon him as hath bene done, 4to, crimson morocco extra, by JA//- 

t/uws. I,ondon : Norton and JUll, i6i.S 
Fine copy. 

2069 [Ramirkz a//r/ Rayon.] Prockso de Rksidkncia contra Pldko 
de Alvarado . . . Notasy Noticias Bio^jraficas criticas y arqueo- 
logicas per I). Jose Fernando Ramirez, lo pui)lica Paleoj^rafiado 
del MS. orij^jinal el I,ic. Ignacio I-. Rayon, /'oitrait <JH(/ ti, cclorfil 
plates. 8vo, half morocco. Mexico, 1H47 

2070 Ramirez. Prockso de Rksidkncia contra I'kdro de Alva- 
rado. Portrait iinJ -x, curious (lolorcd) plates. 8vo, half morocco. 

Mexico, 1S47 

2071 Ramon dk i.a Sa(;ra (M.). HisroiRK Physique et Poiiticpie de 
risi.F, de Cuba. 2 vols., 8vo, calf. Paris, 1844 

2072 Ramsay (David). The HisroRvof the Rivolution of Sorrn- 
Carolina, from a British Province to an Independent State, 
2 large maps. 2 vols., 8vo, tree calf extra, by Riviere. 

Trenton, 1785 

2073 [Ramsay.] In the Privy Councii,, Jamaica. The Case of 
William Ramsay, Esq, Inspector-Ceneral of Police . . . on 
Charges preferred against him by the Hon. 'J'homas Janics 
Bernard . . . for a supposed Obstruction of the Law, in refer- 
ence to an Alleged Riot ... at Spanish Town on Saturday, 
16 April, 1836. 8vo, half calf, gilt. London, 1836 

2074 Ramsey (J. (1. M.). The Annai.s of Tennessee to the End of 
the Eighteenth (A'ntury : comprising its Settlement as the 
Watauga Association, from 1769 to 1777; a part of North- 
Carolina, from 1775 to 1784; the State of Franklin, from 1784 to 
1788; a part of North-Carolina, from 1788 to 1790; the Terri- 
tory of the U. States, South of the Ohio, from 1790 to 1796; the 
State of Tennessee, from 1796 to 1800. Map. 8vo, cloth. 

Charleston, 1853 

2075 Ramusio (Gio. Batt.). Deli.e Navujationi et ViAcun. 1 lari^e 
viaps (Vol. 3) and ntimcrcus woodcuts. 3 vols., folio, half russia, 
gilt over red leaves. 

( Primo volume, Venetia, 1588 
GiuntiX Volume secondo, " 

Vols. 2 and 3 stilted to match Vol. I. 

( Terzo volume, 




2076 1 1\ ANiini.pii (Edm.).| A Vindication of Mr. Raiuloljih's 
Resijjnation. I'p. 106. 1795 

Pomiicak'Tkuth : or, Animadversions on the past and present 
state o( Public affairs; with an liuiuiry into t\w 'I'riitli of the 
Cliarjrcs preferred ajjainst Mr. Randolph. Pp. .}.}. 1796 

2 vols, in I. Svo, half morocco. Philadelphia, 1795-6 

2077 [Randolph.] A Vindication of Mr. Randolph's Resijjnation. 
8vo, half morocco. Philadelphia, 1795 

207S RandoM'H (P'.dmund). Addkkss on llie Himokv of Cam- 
foknia, from the Discovery of the Country to the year 1849. . . . 
2 //i(i/>s. 8vo, half morocco. San Francisco, i860 

2079 Randoi Pii (John). 1,1' iTKKs to a YouNfi Rki.ativk; emhrac-inpf 
a series of years from Early Youth to Mature Maiihooil. <Svo, 
half morocco. Philadelphia, 1834 

2080 Rankinc. (John). Historical Rksf.archf.s on the Coiu|uest of 
Peru, Mexico, IV)^ota, Natchez, and Talomcco, in the 'i'hirteenth 
(.'entury, by the Mongols, accompanied with ICIephaiits, i\:c. 2 
waps, and portraits of all the Incas. 8vo, half morocco. 

London, 1827 

2081 Rapin!', (Charles). Historik (Jknf.uaik de TOrigiiie el Prog- 
rez des Preres Mineurs de S. Francois, vulgairemcnt apelles en 
France, Flandre, Italic, & Elspagne, Recollects, Reformez ou 
Deschaux, tant en toutes L's Provinces iV Royaumes Catholicpies, 
coinme dans les Indes Orientales &; Occidentaies, iv autres parties 
des nouveaux mondcs, . . . i486, 1606. With 7 etcheil portraits. 
4to, vellum. Paris, 1631 

2082 R(ATiinANi)] (Wjilliam I). A Brikfk Narration of some 
Church Courses, Held in Opinion and Practise in the Churches 
lately erected in New England. 4to, calf antique, gilt leaves. 

London, 1644, (date partly erased) 

2083 Ravnai (PAbbe.) '^'.t:voLUTioN de PAMKRigui;. 8vo, half calf 
extra, gilt top. Londres, 1781 

2084 Ravnal. Revolution de I'Amkrique. 8vo, half morocco. 

Londres, 1781 



2085 Read (Thos. Buchanan). A Summer Story, Sheridan's Ride 
and other Poems. i2tno, cloth. Philadelphia, 1865 

2086 Reconstruction Letter (A). 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, 
uncut edges. New York, 1866 

Only i(X) copies privately printed. The Letter is addressed "to the Hon. 
Th-rl-w W — d," and first appeared in the Tribune, Sep. 3, t860. 

2087 Recrtjitinc; in the United States. 8vo, half niorocco,pp. 16. 

London, 1856 

2088 Recueil de Ri^glemens concernant le Commerce des Isles iS: 
Jolonies Francoises de I'Amerique. i2mo, calf. Paris, 1744 

2089 Recueil de Voyages au Nord, Contenant divers Memoires 
tres-utiles au Commerce & a la Navigation. Frontispiece and 24 
maps and plates. 3 vols., i2mo, calf. Amsterdam, 17 16 

^^ " Memoire touchant Californie." Vol. III., pp. 275-297. 

2090 [Red River Settlement.] Statement respecting the Earl 
of Selkirk's Settlement upon the Red River, in North America; 
its Destruction in 1815 and i8i6 ; and the Massacre of Governor 
Semple and his Party. With Observations upon a recent publica- 
tion, entitled "A Narrative of Occurrences in the Indian Countries, 
&c." Large map. 8vo, half morocco. London, 1817 

2091 Reed (Joseph) Like and Correspondence of, by his grand- 
son William B. Reed. Portrait. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth. 

Philadelphia, 1847 

2092 [Reed.] A Reprint of the Reed and Cadwaliader Pam- 
phi.ets. With an Appendix. Royal 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, 
uncut. [Philadelphia], mdccci.xiii. 

199 copies printed, all for subscribers. 

2093 Reed ^William B.). A Rkjoinder to Mr. Hancrofi's Histori- 
cal Essay on President Reed. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut 
edges. Philadelphia, 1867 

2094 Reed. President Reed of Pennsylvania. A Reply to Mr. 

George Bancroft and others. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top. 

Philadelphia, 1867 
Presentation copy from the author. 



2095 Refi.kxionf.s sobre el bando de 25 de Junio ultimo, contraidas 
a lo que dispone para con los eclesiasticos rebekles, y al recurso 
que en solicitud de la revocacion dirigieron, en 6. de Julio ;i cste 
Illmo. Cabildo, varies clerigos y cinco religiosos de Mexico. 
Escribia'.as D. Peuro de la Puknte. 8vo, calf. Mexico, 181 2 

2096 [Rkgtcidks.] The Speeches and Prayers of Major-Ciencral 
Harison, Octob. 13. Mr. John Carew, Octob. 15. Mr. Justice 
Cooke, Mr. Hugh Peters, Octob. 16. Mr. Tho. Scott, Mr. Gregory 
Clement, Col. Adrian Scroop, Col. John Jones, Octob. 17, Col. 
Daniel Axtell &: Col. Fran- Hacker, Octob. 19. The times of 
their Death. Together with Several occasional Speeches and Pas- 
sages in their Imprisonment till they came to the Place of Execu- 
tion. 4to, half calf. Title somewhat defaced. 

Printed Anno Dom. 1660 

2097 [Reid.] Bibi.iotheca Americana ; or, a Chronological Cata- 
logue of the most Curious and Interesting Rooks, Pamphlets, State 
Papers, &c., upon the Subject of North and South .America, from 
the Earliest Period to the Present, in Print and Manuscript ; for 
which Research has been made in the Pritish Musivum, ami the 
most Celebrated Public and Private Libraries. . . . 4to, half 
morocco. London, 1789 

With .in introductory discourse " On the Present St.-ite of I-iter.iturc in those 
Countries," wiiivh many curious particulars, and is evidently written by some 
one who had visited the United States. Though the name of the riuthor is not 
known, it has been variously ascribed to Dalrymple, Homer, Long, and with more 
probability, by Tlomer himself, to Reid. 

2098 Reid (H,). The American Question in a Nut-Shei,i.; or. 
Why we should Recognize the Confederates. 8vo, half morocco. 

London, 1S62 




2099 Reid (James D.). The Tei-egraph in Ameku a, its Founders. 
Promoters, and Noted Men. Portraits and woodcuts. Royal 8vo, 
morocco, gilt leaves. N. Y. 1879 

2100 Reisch ((iregorius). Margarita Phii.osophka totius Philo- 
.sophife Rationalis, Naturalis & Moralis principia dialogice duode- 
cim libris complectens. Engraved title, map and numerous woodcuts. 
4to, calf, on oak boards. Friburgi: Joanne Sc/iottii, 1503 

First edition ? Title cut on top. 



2101 Rfi, \(; \<') AnnRF.viADA da Rf.pubi.ica, que os Religiosos Jcsuitas 
Das I'rovincias de Portugal, e Hespanha, estabelecerao nos Domi- 
nios Ultrainarinos das duas Monarchias, E da Guerra, que nelles 
tem movido, e sustentado contra os Exercitos Hespanlioes, e 
Portuguezes . . . Small 8vo, cloth. s. 1, at a. [>758?| 

2102 Rki.ation de la T,f,vkf. du Sikiif, de Quehf.c, Capitale de la 
Nouvelle France. 4to, red levant morocco extra, gilt edges, by 
Hardy-Mennil. Tours, 1691 

Exceedingly rare, if not uni(iue. 

2103 I Rfcai.ado.] Vida, y Milagros del siervo de Dios F. IVdro 
Regalado, uno de la Serafica Religion, i\:c. 4to, vellum. Dam- 
aged. [Cadiz, 1673 ?| 

2104 Rkiaiion des Affaiufs du Canada, en 1696. Avcc des 
I.ettresdes Pert de la ("ompagnie de Jesus depuis 1696 jusqu'en 
1702; [also] ivKi.AiioN de la Mission Ahnaquisf, de St. 
Francois de Sales I'anne 1702. Par le Pore Jacques Higot. 
2 vols, in I. 8vo, clotii, uncut. New York, 1.S65 

A limited edition printed in fac-siniile for J. M. Shea. 

2105 fREPuni.iCAN Patriotism Dispi.ayf.d.] Government Con- 
tracts; Purchase of Anns, Vessels, Army Supplies, iVc. 2 vols., 
Svo, half morocco. Washington, 1S61 

2106 Rkport [and Supplkmentai, Report] of the Joint Commit- 
tee on the Conduct of the War. 5 vols., Svo, cloth. 

Washington, 1863-6 

2107 Revaki) (Nicholas) and Lodowick (Charles). A Journal of 
the T,ate AcTiONsof the 1''rencii at Canada. With The Manner 
of their being Repuls'd by His Excellency, Penjaniin Fletcher, 
Their Majesties Governour of New-York, &c. 4to, half morocco. 

London, 1693 

Only 3 or 4 copies known. 

2108 [Revnier.] Gemma Phrvsius de Principiis astronomite iV 
Cosmographie, Deq usu Globi ab eodem editi Item de Orbis 
divisione & Insulis rcbusq nuber inventis. Woodcuts. Small 8vo, 
polished calf, gilt leaves, by Matthavs. Antwerpiaj, 1544 

Leaf 81 verso, see "America ab inventore Amerio Vesputio nomen habet, &c." 
B. A. v., No. 252. 




2109 RiviEW (A) of the Military Operations in North-Amfrica 
from '['he Commencement of the French Hostilities on the Fron- 
tiers of Virginia in 1753, to the Surrender of Oswego on the 14th 
of August, 1756. Interspersed With various Observations, Char- 
acters and Anecdotes, necessary to give Light into the Conduct 
of American Transactions in general ; and more especially into 
the political Management of Affairs in Ni w York. In a Fetter 
to a Nobleman. 4to, polished calf extra, gilt leaves, by Bedford. 

London, Printed 1757 
New England, Kepritited 1758 
'I"itles(2 leaves) and pp. 5 to 98. 
I'ine copy. 

2tTo Revolutionary Memorial?, embracing Poems by the Rev. 
Wheeler Case, published in 1778, and an Appendix, containinij 
(ieneral Burgoyne's Proclamation (in burlesque) . . . Death of 
Miss Jane M'Crea, the American Hero, a Sapphic Ode, by Nat, 
Niles, ice. Edited by the Rev. Stephen Dodd. i2mo, half mo- 
rocco. ' New York, 1.S52 

2111 I Rhode Island. I Records of the Colony of Rhode Island 
and Providence Plantations in New England . . . Transcribed 
and edited by John Russell Bartlett. 1636 to 1792. 10 vols., 
8vo, sheep. Providence, iS5'i-65 

21 12 Rick (J. A.). Catalogue of Mr. John A. Rick's Fihrarv. 
Sold 1S70. Royal 8vo, uncut. New York, 1.S70 

The total amount realized was over $42,ix)o. 

2113 [Rich(0.),] Catalogue of a Collkciion of Manusc Kirrs, 
principally in Spanish, relatii-g to America, in the possession of 
O. Rich. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top. London, n. d. 

lite I'v 


1 8vo, 


!t, &C. 

21 14 Rich. A Catalogue of Pooks relating to .\mkru a [arranged 
underthe years in which they were printed (1500-1844)!. 3 vols., 
8vo, half morocco, gilt tops, uncut edges. London, 1837-46 

Vol. I, pp. 129. Vol. 2, pp. ()-5i7. Vol. 3, pp. 4-412. (Jnly 250 copies 
printed. The above does not include the supplements. 

2115 [Richmond.] The P'irst Century of the First Baptist 
Church of Richmond, Virginia. Frontispiece i2mo, cloth. 

Richmond, 1880 



2116 [RiCHTER (Dr. M. a.). I The Municipalist, in two parts 
(with the Addenda). Portrait. i2mo, cloth. New York, 1858 
Autograph letter of the author inserted. 

2Tt7 Rtdgely (David). Annals of Annapolis, comprising sundry 
notices of that old city from the . . . First Settlements to . . . 
the War of 1 8 1 2 . . . with an Appendix, &c. Frontispiece. i2mo, 
cloth. Baltimore, 1841 

21 18 [RiF.PKSKL.] AuszfGF. aiis den Brikfen und Papieren des 
Generals Freyherrn von Riedesel, und Seiner Gemalinn, jrebornen 
von Massow . . . Reise nach America, &c. 8vo, half morocco. 

Fur die Familie, [1788] 

21 19 Riedesel (Madame de). Letters and Memoirs Relating to 
the War of American Independence, and the Capture of the Ger- 
man Troops at Saratoga . . . Translated from the original Ger- 
man. i2mo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. New York, 1827 

2120 Right of Recognition (The). A Sketch of the Present 
Policy of the Confederate States, By a Recent Tourist. 8vo, half 
morocco. London, 1862 

2121 Rights (The) of Neutrals and Belligerents, from a Modern 
Point of View, by a Civilian. 8vo, half morocco. London, 1862 

2122 RiKER (James). Harlem (City of New York), its Origin and 
Early Annals. Woodcuts and maps. 8vo, cloth. New York, 1 88 1 

2123 Riker (James, Jr.). The Annals of Newtown, in Queens 
County, New- York : containing its History from its First Settle- 
ment . . . also a particular account of numerous Long Island 
Families, i'v:c. Maps. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. 

New York, 1852 

2124 Riley (James). An Authentic Narrative of the Loss of 
the American Brig Commerce, wrecked on the West Coast of 
Africa, 1815. Portrait, map and plates. 8vo, calf. 

New York, 1817 

2125 Riley. Authentic Narrative. Another edition. Plates. 
8vo, roan. Hartford, 1828 



2126 Ripi.KY (R. S.). The War with Mkxico. Plans. 2 vols., 8vo, 
cloth. New York, 1849 

2127 [ RiTHAYMERUS.] Georoii Rith aymeki cle Orius Terrakum 
situ compendium, Hieronynum Vueyrer Prfepositum Reychersper- 
gensem. 4to, vellum. Norimberga.', 1538 

B. A. v., p. Mf). 

P. Ill (last leaf) : " Oe Terris et insulis nuper repertis." 

2128 [RiTTKNHousK.] Mkmoirs of the LiKKof David RiTTENHousE 
. . . interspersed with various notices of many Distinguished 
Men, with an Appendix, &:c. By William Barton. Portrait and 
facsimile. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut edges. 

Philadelphia, 1813 

2129 RoBBiNs (Chandler). A Hisiorv of the Second Church, or 
Old North, in Boston, to which is added, a History of the New 
Brick Church. With engravings. 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1852 

2130 Roberts (Lewes). The Marchants Mappe of Commerce 
. . . Necesary for all suci: as shal be imployed in the publique 
Affaires of Princes in forreigne Parte for all (ientlemen and others 
that travel! abroad for delight or pleasure, &c. Engraved title and 
5 maps. Folio, half calf, gilt. London, 1638 

First Edition. The Description and map of America occurs at pp. 53-64. 
Lowndes claims a portrait with this edition, but fails to notice the maps. 

213 1 Roberts (William). An Account of the First Discovery and 
Natural Hisiory of Florida : with a Particular Detail of the 
several Expeditions and Descents made on that Coast. Collected 
from the best Authorities . . . with a Map, and some [4] particular 
Plans . . . by T. Jefferys. 4to, half morocco, gilt top. 

London, 1763 

2132 Robin (Abbe). Nouveau Voyage dans l'Amerique Septen- 

TRioNALE, en I'annce 1781 ; et Campagne de I'Armce de M. le 

Comte de Rochambeau. 8vo, half morocco. 

Philadelphia (Pari.s), 1782 
Original edition, 

2133 Robin. Nouveau Voyage dans l'Amerique Septentrionale 
en I'annee 1781, &c. Map. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. 

Philadelphia, 1782 

320 Americana. 

2134 RoiiiN (C. C). Voyages dans l'Int£rieur de la Louisiane, 
de la Florkle Occideiitale, et dans les Isles de la Martinique et de 
Saint-Domingiie . . . 1 802-1 806. Map and portrait. 3 vols., 
8vo, boards, uncut. Paris, 1807 

2135 Robinson (Conway). An Account of Discoveries in the 
West until 15 19, and of Voyages to and along the Atlantic Coast 
of North America from 1520 to 1573. 8vo, cloth. 

Richmond, 1848 

2136 Robinson (Samuel). A Catalogue of American Minerals, 
with their Localities, including all which are known to exist in the 
United States and British Provinces. Svo, uncut. Boston, 1825 

2137 Robinson (William Davis). Memoirs of the Mexican Revo- 
lution : including a Narrative of the Expedition of General 
Xavier Mina, with some Observations on the Practicability of 
opening a Commerce between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans . . 
&c. 8vo, half morocco. Philadelphia, 1820 

" No doubt, therefore, can exist, that a water communicaiion between the two 
oceans miyht be accomplished, in the province of Choco, by either opening the 
former canal of Kaspadura, or by cutting a new one between the two rivers 
[Atrato and San JuanJ we have mentioned." Pp. 341. 

2138 Robson (Joseph). Account of Six Years Residence in Huu- 
son's-Bav, from 1733 to 1736, and 1744 to 1747, &c. 3 maps. 8vo, 
half morocco, pp. 95. London, 1752 

2139 Roche. Catalogue of the Private Library of Mr. Richard 
W. Roche. 8vo, uncut. New York, 1867 

One of a/dio copies printed on thick laid paper. 

2140 [RocHEFORT (Cesar de).] Histoire Naturelle et Morale 
des lies Antilles de l'Amerique . . . avec un Vocabulaire 
Caraibe. Portrait, engraved title and numerous etchings in the text. 
4to, calf. Rotterdam : Arnould Leers, 1658 

l.eclerf, No. 1321, describes an edition by the same printer at Amsterdam, 
probably an error. 

2141 [RocHEFoRT.J Iles Antilles. Another (smaller) copy, with- 
out the portrait. 4t(), calf, gilt. Rotterdam, 1658 

2142 [ RocHEKORT.] Histoire 
Antilles de lWmekique . 

Naturelle et Morale des lies 
. . ave<" un Vocabudaire Caraibe. 


".2 1 

Derniere Edition, reveue d^ augmentue parrAutheur, tl'un Recit tie 
i'Estat present des celebres Colonies de la Virginie, de Marie-Land, 
de la Caroline, (S:c. Engraved title, 3 large plates, ixnd uumnoiis 
etchings in the text. 4to, calf. Rotterdam : Rcinier Leers, 16.S1 

A second title-page and separate pagination commences the Recit de I'Estat. 

2143 R-OCHEFORT (Sieur de). Rklation dk i.'I k dk Tabago, ou 
de la NoLivelle Ovalcre, I'une des Isles Aniuies de rAmerique. 
i2mo, calf. Paris, 1666 

2144 RoDGKRs (John). The Divink Goodness displayed in ti. 
American Revolution. A Sermon preached in New York, Dec. 
nth, 1783. Svo, half morocco. New York, 17S4 

" He has broken our connexion with that people, lonij practised in the arts of 
venality, and grown old in scenes of corruption." Page 10. 

2145 Rodriqi'e;? (Manuel). Ei. MaraSJony Amazonas. Historia 
de los descubrimientos, entradas, y reduccion de naciones. Traba- 
jos malogrados de algunos conqiiistadores, y dichosos de otros,assi 
temporales, como espiritualesen las dilatadas Montanas y mayores 
Rios de la America. Folio, russia, red edges. Madrid, 1684 

Chapters V. to XIV. cjf Dook II., reprint nearly the whole of Father Acuna's 
famous work. 

2146 [Rogers.] Memoir of the Rev. .Ammi Rogers . . . persecuted 
in the State of Connecticut, on Account of Religion and Folitics, 
for almost twenty years; and finally Falsely Accused and Impris- 
oned in Norwich Gaol, on the Charge of Crimes said to have been 
committed by a Young Woman, ike. 121110, half calf. 

[New Haven?], n. p., 1824 

2147 Rogers (N. P.). A Coi.i.eciion of the Newspaper Writings 
of. Portrait. 12010, cloth. Concord, 1847 

2148 Rogers. Journals of Major Robert Rogers. Containing An 
Account of the several Excursions he made under the Generals 
who commanded upon the Continent of North America, during the 
late War. From which may by {sie) collected The mo.'^t material 
Circumstances of every Campaign upon that Continent, from the 
Commencement to the Conclusion of the War. Svo, calf. 

luOndon: Printed /or the Author, 1765 
X'eiy scarce. 

" The journals of this celebrated partisan chief afford us many interesting 
details of border warfare, in the French and Indian \\ ar, which ended seventeen 



years before the Revolution. It was while associated with Rogers that (leneral 
rutnam is said to have experienced those wonderful adventures, with the relation 
of which our youthful nerves have so often thrilled. It is, however, remarkable 

Pu nam. The last page 

announces a continuati(jn 

' 'It'fUue^ (t '>tu**A.t/tf»^l o*" second part of the journal, which never appeared, as the subscri])tions of a 

guinea a copy were probably not sufficiently numerous." — KlKi.D. 

/ J of which our youthful nerves have so often thrilled. I 

!*- Jyfift^ //7 .t--* J ) '''"* -Ma jor Rogers does not even ni ention the name of 1 
/ u ff / yr / (237) is unnimibercd, and entitled 'Advertisement.' It 

2149 [RoGKKS.| Anothercopy. 8vo, calf. 

London, 1765 

2150 [RociKKs] A Concise Account of North Amkrica. Con- 
taining A Description of the several British Colonies . . . Also of 
The Interior, or Westerly Parts of the Country, upon the Rivers St. 
Lawrence, the Mississippi, Christino. and the Great Lakes. To 
which is subjoined, An Account of the Several Nations and Tribes 
of Indians residing in those Parts. ... By Major Robert Rogers. 
8vo, calf. London: Printed for the Author, 1765 

2151 [RoGEKs.] Anothercopy. 8vo, half calf, gilt. London, 1765 

2152 Rogers (Thomas J). A New American Biographical Dic- 
tionary; or. Remembrancer of the Departed Heroes, Sages, and 
Statesmen of America ... in the Revolutionary War. 8vo, 
sheep. Easton, Penn., 1824 

Third edition. 

2153 RociERS (Capt. Woodes). A Cruising Voyage round the 
World; First to the South-Sea, thence to the East-Indies, and home- 
wards by the Cape of Good Hope, Begun in 1708 and finish'd in 
17 II . . , % maps and "] plates. 8vo, half morocco. London, 17 18 

Second edition. On page 125 is the account of the discovery of Ale.xander 
Selkirk, the original of Defoe's " Robinson Crusoe." 

2I.S4 [Moflflcijfcn (A.).] Uoorloojjrr #i)'t (©ctron, Van de 

Hoog. Mog. Heeren Staten Generael, Verleent aen Arent Rogge- 
veen en sijn Mede.standers, ober de Australisse Zee ofte beter 
geseght het onbekende gedeelte des Werelts, gelegen tusschen de 
Meridiaen der Strate Magalanes Westwaert, tot de Meridiaen 
van Nova Gunea, soo Noordtwaert als Zuydtwaert . . . &c. 
Lixrge map. 4to, green levant morocco extra, gilt leaves, by Bed- 
ford. Middleburgh, 1676 

2155 Romans (Captain Bernard). A Concise Natural History of 
East and West Florida; containing an Account of the nati'ral 



Produce of all the Southern Part of British America . . . Plain 

and easy Directions to Navijjators over the Hank of Hahania, the 

('oast of the two Floridas, tlie North of Cuba, and the danj^crous 

(lul[)h Passage. Frontispitcc, dcilicatory plate, 3 maps a nJ (3 plates. 

Small 8vo, calf extra, gilt leaves, by Mattlie^vs. New York, 1775 

N'cry rare. The above is calletl Volume I., but Volume II. is not known to 
have been publisheci. 

2156 Roman (Alfred). The iMilitaky Opkrations of Gknkrai. 
liEAURKGARD in the War between the States, 1861 to 1865 . . . 
War with Mexico . . . &c. Portraits, iS:c. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth. 

New York, 1S84 

2157 RosAccio ((iioseppe). Mondo Elkmentaire et Cklestk. . . . 
Europa, Africa, Asia, & America. Maps. Small 8vo, vellum. 

Trevigi, 1604 
Minus fol. 233 and map at fol. ()<>. 

2158 [Rosier (James).] A True Relation of the most prosperous 
voyage made t/iis present ycere, 1605, by Captaine George ll'ay/noiitli, 
in the Discovery of the Land of I'ii-giiiia : Where he discovered, 60 
miles up, a most excellent River; together with a most fertile land. 
4to, morocco, gilt leaves, by Clark and BedforJ. London, 1605 

;£^30i is the maximum price at auction, for the above rarity, as far back as 
March, 1883. 

The margins of the above copy are ample and every leaf is sound. 

'^an de 



[hen de 



|)y Bed- 

|h, 1676 

lORV of 


2159 Ross (John). Voyage of Discovery ... for the purpose of 
Exploring Baffin's Bay and enquiring into the probability of a 
North-West Passage. Map and plate. 2 vols., 8vo, half calf, gilt. 

London, 1819 

2160 [R0U.I A Collection of some Papers concerning Mr, Lewis 
Rou's Affair, viz.: 

L The Acts of the French Consistory in the City of New-York, 
passed against him the 13th and 20th of September, 1724. 

IL The Petition of several Heads of Families to his Excellency 
the Governour in Council. 

in. The Order of the Councii, about the Petition. 

IV. The Answer of Mr. Moullinars and the rest of the Con- 
sistory to the said Petition. 



V. Mr Rou's Rkim.y to this Answer. 

VI. 'I'hc two Rki'or IS of the (!()M.mi riKK of ("ouNtii., With the 
Orders of that honourable Hoard concerninj^ the same. 

4to, half calf, pp. 34. New-York : //'///. BraJfonl, 1725 

2161 Roux DK RocHEi'E. Fernani) CoRTf:s, Poeme. 8v(), half 
morocco, uncut. Paris: Didot, 1839 

2162 RowsoN (Mrs.). The History of Cuari.ottk 'rEMri.i:, founded 
on fact. 2 v(^ls. in i. umo, half morocco. New York, 1814 

The heroine of this story was a Miss Stanley, daughter of a younger son i>f tiie 
Karl of l)erby. Her tomb is still to be seen in Trinity ChurihyanI, New N'ork. 

2163 liiucijamcv (Jfolist). XcUjc uulirUantfjr lantrtc und i in 


cut title. Folio maroon morocco antique, gilt leaves. 

Nureinbergh, 1508 

B. A. v.. No. 57. 

('hapters8(>-()o, 91-101, and 105-108 contain the first three voyages of Colum- 

2164 RuMFoR]) (Benjamin [Thompson,] Count of ). Essays, political, 
econon ical, and philosophical. Portrait and plates. 2 vols., 8vo, 
sheep. Name cut from title. Boston, .798 

2165 Rush (Benjamin). Inquiry into the Natural History of 
Medicine among the Indians of North-America. Portrait 
inserted. 8vo, half calf. Philadelphia, 1789 

Autographs of Henj. Rush and John Redman (to whom this work was 
inscribed) inserted. 

2x66 Rush. An Account of the Bilious remitting Yellow Fever, 
as it appeared in the City of Philadelphia in the year 1793. 
8vo, .sheep. Name cut from title. Philadelphia, 1794 

2167 Rush (Richard). Memoranda of a Residence at the Court 
OF London . . . from 1819 to 1825. 8vo, half morocco. 

Phifadelphia, 1845 

2168 Russi i.L (Wm. H.). My Diary, North and South [1861- 
1862J. Large map. 2 vols., crown 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1S63 

Amkricana. 325 

2169 [Ru idKRS 7'.s-. Waddinc. ION.] 'i'lic C'ask, of Ki.iZAUK I II Ri; r- 
(lERs versus Joshua VVai)I)IN(;i()N, Determined in tlie Mayor's 
Court, in the City of New York, Au^nist 7, 1786. Willi an His- 
torical Introduction l)y Henry I'.. Dawson. Royal .Hvo, half 
morocco, j.>ih top. uncut. Morrisania, N. Y., 1806 

HX) copies only priiitcil. No. 22. 

2170 [RuTOKKS 7'.v. Waddinc.ton.] Another copy, OH Large Paper. 
4to, half morocco, gilt top. Morrisania, 1666 

Only 25 copies printed. No. 13. 

21 7 1 RUTHKKKORTH (T.). I NSIIT U IKS of NaIURAI. LaW . . . 

2 vols., 8vo, half vellum, gilt. Cambridge, 1754 

As applied to Slavery, pp. 474-4(^5. 




a, 1794 

2172 ^7^ ABELLICIUS.) Opera Mar. Ant. Sabei.i.ici : qux hoc 


vohimine continentur. Epistolarum familiarum, etc. 

Venetiis : A, de lAsso 
Fine copy, with larfje margins, and the large initials in r-^d and blue. 

Folio, calf. Venetiis : A, de Lissomi, 1502 

jn, 1863 

Refers simply to the French Admiral, ( aseneuve alias Colombo. 

2173 Sahin (Joseph). A List of the J'rinted P^ditions of the 
Works of Fray Hartolome de las Casas . . . 8vo, half morocco, 
gilt top. New York, 1870 

2174 Sabine (Lorenzo). An Address . . . the Hundredth Anni- 
versary of the Death of Major Cleneral James Wolfe . . . 
Svo. ■ Boston, 1859 

Printed for the New-Kngland Historical ("lenealogical .Society. 

2175 Saoard Theodal (Gabriel). Le Crand Vova(;e du Pays, 
des Hurons, situe en I'Amerique vers la Mer douce, es derniers 
confins de la nouvelle France, dite Canada . . , Engraved title ; 
avec un Dictionaire de la Langue Huronne. 2 vols, in i. 
Post Svo, crimson levant morocco, gilt leaves, by Pratt. Paris, 1632 

" One of those precious curiosities of literature which book lovers seek with 
extreme avidity." — 'I'kkss. 

2176 Sagard 'I'heodat. Histoire du Canada et Voyages, que 
les F'reres Mineurs recollects y ont faicts pour la Conversion des 
Infidelles, depuis 'Sn 1615 . . . Avec un Dictionnaire de la 
Langue Huronne. 4 vols., Svo, vellum. Paiis : Tross, 1886 

At the end of Vol. 4 '" Notice sur F. (jabriel Sagard Theodat et son (Kuvre 
par \\. Kmile Chevalier." 


Ami: UK ANA. 

2177 [Saci; (I'.Iislia I..).| (Iinkalociiial Rkcori* of tin- Dcscciul- 
ants of David Sajff, a Native of Wales . . . and one of the I'irst 
Settlers of Midilletown, Connecticut, 1O52. Portrait. 8vo, uncut. 

Middletown, 1.S7X 
Prcsentalioii copy from the author, wUh MS. corrections. 

217S Saii.\(;un (Bernardino de). Histouia Gi:nkrai, de las ("osas 
de Ni'KVA Ks1'a:^a . . . con Notas y Sii|)leiiient(js Carlos Maria 
de Uustamantc. 3 vols. 4to, half vellum, yilt tops, uncut. 

•Mexico, 1829-30 

2179 Sahacun. Histokia de la Conquisia de Mi.xu (). Publicala 
por separado de sus demas obras Carlos Maria de lUistamaiite. 
4to, half vellum, gilt top, uncut. Mexico, 1829 

2180 Sain dk JJoisi.kco.m tk (M.). I)c la Ckisk Amkricaink et de 
celle des Nationalities en Europe. 8vo, half morocco. 

Paris, 1862 

2181 [St. Ci.air.] a Narkativk of the Mannkk in which the 
Campaign ajjainst the Indians, in the year one thousand seven 
hundred and ninety-one, was conducted, under the command of 
Major (leneral St. Clair, together with his Observations on the 
Statements of the Secretary of War and the Quartermaster Clen- 
eral, relative thereto, and the Reports of the Committees ajjpointcd 
to inquire into the causes of the failure thereof. 'I'aken from the 
Files of the House of Representatives in Congress. 8vo, half 
morocco, gilt top, uncut. 

Philadelphia: Printed by Jane Aitkiii, 1S12 

I'ortrait of St. Clair inserted. 

" A narrative of the terrible defeat and slaughter of eight hundred soldiers by 
the Ohio Indians. St. Clair's voluminous defense is rendered nugatory and 
futile by the passionate ejaculations of Washington, when Major Denny cilkil 
him from a dinner-|)arty, to announce the defeat. Overcome with surprise and 
indignation, Washington cursed the beaten general with exceeding fervor, adding, 
' Did not my last wonls warn him against a surprise.' " — Field. 

2182 [Sr. Domingo.] An Historick Rkcital, of the Different 
Occurrences in the Camps of Orand-Riviere, Dondon, Saintc- 
Suzanne and others, from the 26th of October, 1791, to the 24111 
of December, of the same year. l}y Mr. Cross, Attorney Syndic 
of Valiere, taken Prisoner by Johnny. i2nio, half morocco, gilt 
top, uncut edges. Paltimore, [1792] 




■II, I Si 2 

soldiers by 
itory anil 
iny lallcil 
rprisc ami 

the 24lh 
y Syndic 
jcco, gilt 

2183 fSr. DoMiNci).] IIisToKiA (Ic San'Io D()MIN(;o, dcsde su 
l)c'sciil)riinit'nt() hasta nuestras dias, por Don Antoiiia del MoiUc y 
Tejada. Maps and plaits. Royal Hvo, uiu'ut, Toino I. 

Habaiui, 1.S53 

2184 [St. Domingo. I Kkpoki of the C'o.mmission of In(.u;iry to 
Santo DoMiNOo. Map. Svo, cloth. WashiiiKton, 1871 

2185 Saini-Mkky (I,. K, Morcaii). DKsrKii'i ion Topojfra|)lii(|iii-, 
Physi(iiic, C'ivilf, I'olili(|iic, et Ilistoriciue dc la |)artie I'Vaiivaisc uc 
rislc Saint-Domincue. Large map. 2 vols., 410, half morocco, 
yilt tops, uncut, Pliiladclphic, lyyy-'S 

21.S6 San Roman (.Antonio). Hisiokia (Iknk.kai, df la N'ndia 
Okikntai,, 1,0s Di'scubrimientos y Con(|uistas, que han hecho las 
Armas de Portugal, enel Hrasil, y en Otras partes de .Africa, y dc 
la Asia, &c., 1557. Engraved title. Folio, calf, ji;ilt. 

Valladolid, 1603 

2187 [.Sr. Vai.if.k.| Estat present de i.'E(;i,isr, et dc la (Ioi.onik 
I'KANtoiSK dans la Nouvki.i.k Ekanck. Par M. [Jean] rKvecpu; 
dc (,)ucbec, Svo, calf. I'aris: Robert Pepie \Denis Lani:;/ois\, 1688 

21S8 St, Vamkr (Joly de). Hisioirf, Raisonni';k des Oprrations 
Militaires et I'oliti(iues de la Derniere (lucrre, suivic d'Obscrva- 
tions sur La Revolution, Svo, calf. I'i^'gtJ, 1783 

2189 Saint-Vknant (Barre). Dks Coi.onif.s Modkrnks sous la 
Zone I'orride, en particulicrement de Celle de Sain r-DoMiNoiF.. 
Svo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. Paris, 1802 

2190 [Salnjtir.l (JDljras ti iFr«Tncisco (Tfriiinttrs Tjc ^.il- 

<1)«1C, ha hecho glosado, y traduzido ... 3 vols, in 1. 410, red 
levant morocco extra, gilt over marbled edges, hy Hardy. 

Alcala, 1546 
Cervantes was the first rector of the University of Mexico. 
The " Epistola " following the first title-page is addressed " Al niuy illustre 
senor do Hernando Cortes." 

2 19 1 Salazar. Mexico en 1554. Tres Diaiogos Latinos . . . 
escribio e imprimio en Mexico en dicho afio. Los reimprime, con 
traduccion Castellana y notas Joaquin Garcia Icazbalceta. 410, 
uncut, Mexico, 1875 

One of the 15 copies (No. 7) printed on [large] heavy laid paper. I'resentation 
copy from the translator. 



}■ ( 

2192 [ Witchcraft.] Records of Salem Witchcraft, copied 
from the Original Documents. 2 vols., 4to. 

Roxbury, Mass,, 1864 
Only 2CXJ copies priv.-itely printed. 

2193 Sai.i.k (M. de la). An Account of . . . last Expedition and 
Discoveries in North America . . . Piii)lished by Chevalier Tonti, 
Governour of Fort St. Louis, in the Province of the Ilinois. Made 
English . . . also the Adventures of the Sieur de Montauban. 
Frontispiece. 8vo, calf extra, red leaves, by Riviere. 

London, i69<S 
1^'' See No. 2474. 

2194 Salmon (Thomas). The Chronological Historian: . . . 
from the Invasion of the Romans, to the present Time. Portraits, 
by I'ertue. 8vo, half morocco, gilt leaves. London, 1723 

Under the date of 1491, the Discovery of America by Columbus is chronicled; 
1608, Virjjinia planted by the Enjjlish ; 1618, Sir W.ilter Rawleigh s.-iils to 
America in search of a gold mine, iVc, &c. 

2195 Sai.vatikrra (Juan Maria de). Ei. Apostol Mariano repre- 
scntado en la Vida del V. P. Juan Maria de Salvatierra de la Com- 
pania de Jesus servoroso Missioneto en la Provincia de Nuiva- 
Ksi'a5:a, y Concpiistador Apostolico de las Calikornias . . . 
Escrita por Miguel Venegas, y reducida a breve Conipendio por 
J. A. de Oviedo. 4to, polished calf extra, gilt leaves, by Z:/t'////jv/^;//. 

Mexico, 1754 

2196 Salzkih) (Joseph de). Espatkra Juridica balanza en tjue se 
pcsan los fundamentos legales. Crisol, y Piedra de Toque en que 
se afinan, y reconocen los quilates del zelo del servicio del Roy : 
con que El Conde de I-emus . , , hizieron causa, y Pronunciaron 
sentencia dc nuierte. y confiscacion de todos siis bicnes, fin 
embargo dc apelacion, ni suplicacion contra el Maestrc de Canipo 
Joseph de Salzedo, &c. Folio, vellum. Valladolid, (1679?) 

Salzedo was sentenced to death for fomenting a revolution in the silver mine of 
Laicacota in Peru, ifids. 

2197 Sampson (William). MKMoiRsof . . . including a Short Sketch 
of the History of Ireland . . . and a few Observations on the 
State of Manners, &c., in America. Portrait. 8vo, sheep. 

Leesburg, Va., 181 7 

Newspaper cutting [Memoir] inserted. 



219.S Sampson (Wm.). The Catholic Question in \. Svo, 

half morocco. Leaves mended. New York, 1843 

Rejjorted at the Court of (Iener.1l Sessions "Whether a Roman Catliolic 
Clergyman be in any case compellable to disclose the secrets (^f Auricular Confes- 

2199 Sandf.rson (J.). RiodRAPiiY of thc Signers to the Deci.aka- 
TioN of Independence. By John Sanderson [and others.] Fine 
portraits. 9 vols., (Svo, half morocco, gilt tops, uncut edges. 

Philadelphia, i<S2o-7 

2200 Sander: ON 'James M.). My Record in Rkbei.dom, as writ- 
ten by Friend and Foe. Svo, half morocco. New York, 1 865 

Printed for Private Circulation. Also in this vol., Camp Fires and Camp 
Cooking, by thc same author. Washinjitnn, 1862 

2201 Sanson D'Abbeville (S.). L'Amkrique en plusieurs Cartes 
nouvelles, et exactes, &c., en divers traitez de geographic, et d'his- 
toire . . . Yi^ double-page maps. 4to, calf. Paris, [1656 J 

2202 Sargent (Governor). Petition of Cato West and otl < in 
behalf of themselves, and the other inhabitants of the Mississippi 
Territory . . , 13th January, 1800. 27 pp. 

Report, in part, of the Committee to whom were referred . . . 
a Petition. 14 pp. 

Report of the Committee, appointed to enquire, into the Con- 
duct of Winthrop Sargent . . . 19th February 1801. 10 pp. 

Report of the Committee on the Representation of the House of 
Representatives of the Mississippi Territory. 19th February, iSoi. 
4 pp. 

Papers in relation to the Official Conduct of Governour Sargent. 
64 pp. Boston: Thomas ^ Andrcu<s^ iXoi 

Political Intolerance, or the Violence of Party Spirit, exempli- 
fied in a Receiif Removal from Office ... of a Dismissed Officer 
[Winthrop Sargent] by one of the American people. 36 pp. 

Boston, 1 80 1 

Svo, calf. Boston, &c., 1 800- 1 

Following the above pamphlets is a Family Register /';/ the atitoi^raph of 
Govi-rnor .S'lii^rttf, in which is chronicled at length thc birth of William Fitz- 
Winthrop Sargent, Dec. 6, 1791), and Geo. Washington Sargent, July 2, 1802 ; 
al ge.iealogical register of the Sargent family (8 pp.) from 1692 to i."iii. 



2203 [Sargent.] Diary of Col. \ViNTHRt)p Sarcikn r, Adjiitant- 
(leneral of the United States Army, during the Campaign of 
MDCcxci. Now first printed. 2 facsimile plates. Royal 4to, 
cloth, uncut. Philadelphia: ]VoimshH\ 1851 

Excessively rare. 

In addition to the Di.nry of the projjress of, and daily occurrences in the force 
under tieneral St. Clair, this work contains Col. Sarjj^ent's Narraiue of the dis- 
astrous defeat which closed the Can)pai),ni. 

The fourth of the Wormsloe (juartos. The impression of 46 copies was pri- . 
vately printed for (leorjre Wymberley-Jones. 

This copy belonged to Wintlirop Sargent, Jr. See note on fly-leaf. 

2204 Sargknt (Winthrop). The History of an Expeoition against 
Fort Du Ques.nk, in 1755, under Major-General Edward Brad- 
dock , . . Edited from the Original Manuscripts. Plate ami 8 
maps. 8vo, cloth, uncut. Philadelphia, 1S3O 

I'ublished by the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. 

2205 Sarc.knt. a Coi.i.F.dioN of Magazine cdI- 
lected. On the I.ihri Library ; the Society of the Cincinnati; M. 
Ciironicre and the Philipi)ine Islands; Hibliopegia; English Anec- 
dotes of the .\nierican Revolution, &C. 8vo. half morocco, v. d. 

2206 Sarmiknto I)E Gamhoa (Pedro). Viage al Estrecho de 
Magali.anes, en los afios de 1579 y 1580. y Noticia de la fc^xpe- 
dicion. 3 charts. 4to, vellum. Madrid, 1768 

2207 [Salvage. I Dictionnaire Gambi, presente sous deux formes: 
1 Coinmen(;ant par le mot Francois; 11 Par le mot Galibi: pre- 
cede (Pun Essai de Grammaire, par M. D^eJ I,[a| S[auvage|. 
8vo, calf. Paris, 1763 

4 220S Savage (Major Thomas). An Accoi nt of the Late Action 
of the Nevv-Engi. ANDERS, Under the (Command of Sir William 
Phips, Against the French at Canada, &:c. 4to, half morocco, gilt 
and red leaves. London, 1691 

I'ine copy. 

At the end a fac-simile of an " Indented Bill of Ten Shillings"; also a cata- 
logue of Books. 

J 2209 Savannah. The SiEtiE of Savannah, in 1779, as Described 
in Two Contemporaneous Journals of French Officers in the Fleet 
of Count D'Estaing. [Edited by Chas. C. Jones.] Plan. 4t(), 
cloth, uncut. Albany, 1874 

Printed from a Manuscript in the possession of Mr. J. Carson Brevoort. The 
large folded j>lan of the siege was photo-lithogr.iphcd from the original, formerly 
in the possession of Lord Kawiion; now in the collection of Mr. Brevoort. 

The present copy contains the Index. 


"^ "^ T 




1 69 1 

a cata- 




2210 Saxk (John (1.). I'oi'ms. Portrait. i6m(), cloth, uncut. 

Boston, 1854 

221 1 [^CilCtfCrS KurtmtJUrfl (JTfjroniClr. | RcKistrum hums 
operis Hbri cronicaruin en (iguris et yniaj4il)us ah inicio nuuli. 
With lat\i;i' map ami over 2,000 icoodcuts. Roya! foUo, rctl levant 
morocco extra, gilt leaves, and inside borders, by Gruel. 

Noriuiberg : ,////. KolHi^^fr^ 1493 

l,arj;u paixr copy, measuring iSj iiulies liy 13 on llic leaf, and containin;; all 

the blank leaves. The initial cnmniencinj; the 'lable and the large initial at fulio 

I. are illuminated in gold anil colors, with the addition of a colored border to the 

latter. FjMos II., III. and IV. are nearly an inch shorter than the other pages, 

22 12 ScHKRiK (Jean-l?enoit). Rkchkrchks Histokiquis et ("ico- 
graphitiues sur le Nouvkau-Mondk. Lan^c ma/> and 8 plates. 
8vo, half calf. Paris, 1777 

2213 [^Cl)ni(iug (7iC0Uavtl).l UtlCUlirntt uncui.a de morbo 
(lallico et cura eius noviter reperta ci"i ligno Indico I.eonardi 
Schiiiaus, Medicine professoris. 4to, levant inurocci^ extra, gilt 
leaves, by Gruel. Auguste, 1518 

See B. A. V. .\dd.. No. 55, for an account of tliis curious and rare work. 
It is in this book that the statement originated, putting forth tiie supposition of 
the venereal disease having had its beginnings in America. 

2214 ScHMiDKi, (Huldericus). Vkra historia Ammirand.k Cimus- 
I) AM navigationis, quani Huldericus Schniidel, Straubingensis, ab 
Anno, 1534, uscjue ad annutn 1554, in Americain vtl novum 
Munduni, juxta Brasiliam & Rio della Plata, confecit, t^c. Charts 
(2) and 16 etihiu^i^s. 4to, morocco, gilt over red leaves, by Riviere. 
Title hinged. Noriberga.-, 1599 

l.ivinus Ilulsius, Part 4 of his collection. 
I^' See III 1..SIIS. 

2215 [SciioNKR (John). J JAiculentissima (juaedri terrae totius descrip- 
tio : ci't multis utilissimis Cosmographi;e iniciis, N:c. 4to, brown 
levant morocco extra, gilt leaves, by Gruel. Noriberga", 15 15 

Fine copy. W'ooilcut on back of title, slip of errata at 12th leaf, globe at leaf 
14, sphere at folio 4, .-mil at Cap. XI., folio (10. "America sive Amerigon novus 
mundus et <|uarta orbis pars; dista ab eius invetore .\merico \esputio. " 

B. A. v., No. 80. 


Gkographicum ex diversorum libris ac cartis summa cura & dili- 
gentia coller'-jm, acconimodatum ad recenter elaboratuni ab 



eodem {rlobiim dcscriptionis terren.x : Joachimi Camcrarii. 
IVooi/iids of }^M>es, Cs-'c. 4t<), vellum. Arms of I'ope I'ius \'I. on 
back. Norica, 1533 

H. A. v., No. 178. 

Sl'c Caps. XX. & .XXI, for " De rcjjionilnis extra Ptolema-um," .-ind the last 
pajje for " Brasili.v \ov.l' Terra;." Also in this vol., 7 otiiers, viz.: — 

I. IC(iiiatorii Astronomici omnium ferme Vranicarum TheorematCi explatiatorii 
Canones, per loANNK SciioNKK, &c. [Title and 13 leaves.] Nurrl)crj,'e, i?22 

II. Sapheae Recentiores Doctrinae I'atris .\brusahk Azarchelis summi .Astmnonii 
a loANNK ScHDNEKO, &c. [13 leaves.] Norimberge, 1534 

III. Problemata XXIX. Nobilis Instrument! Astronomici, ab Joannk de 
MoNTERKtJlo. (14 leaves.] 1534 

IV. Olobi Stelliferi, sive Sphaerae .Stellarum. . . . Autore Ioanne Schonero, 
&c. [28 leaves.] Noriniberga', 1533 

V. JuANNis SciioNERi Carolosladii Opusculum Astrologicum, A:c. [55 leaves ] 

Nozimberg.i', i?3') 

VI. T.ibuUe Resolutae de Supputandis siderum motibus . . . Joann'IS Vik- 
nr.Nc;i, llasfurdii, \c. L()2 leaves.] Norimbuiija?, 1542 

VII. Tabule Astronomice Alfonsi * Regis. [114 leaves.] Venetiis, i4<)2 

2.? 1 7 School of Good Composed for the Help of Parents 
in teaching their Children. IVoodcuts. i2mo, crimson levant 
morocco extra, gilt leaves, by Matthews. Boston, 1813 

Said to have been compiled by a late famous School- Master in I'oston, anil 
containing amongst many choice pieces of wisdom, the advice, " Put not thy 
hand, in the presence of others, to any part of thy body not ordinarily discover- 
able . . . scratch not thy head, wink not with thine eye." — Pp. 14-15. 

2218 Schoolcraft (H, R.). Narrative of an Expidition throujj;h 
the Uppk.r Mississippi to Itasca Lake . . in 1832. Maps. 8vo, 
half morocco. New York, 1S34 

2219 Schoolcraft. Notes on the Iroqtois; or. Contributions to 
American History, Anticpiitiesand Central Elthnology. By Henry 
R.Schoolcraft. 2,^ illustrations. Svo, half morocco. Albany, 1847 

2220 Schoolcraft. [Historical and Statistical] Information 
respecting the History, Condition and Prospects of the Indian 
Tribes of the United States; Collected and Prepared under the 
Direction of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, per Act of Congress of 
March 3d, 1847. By Henry R. Schoolcraft, LL.D. Illustrated by 
S. Eastman, Capt. U. S. A. Published by authority of Congress. 
2f}fi plates and 15 euts, 6 vols., royal 4to, cloth. 

Philadelphia, 1^53-57 
The large paper Government Edition. 

" This great work is a complete Thcsourus — an overtlowing treasury of knowl- 
edge, respecting the Aborigines of America. It embraces their history, ethno- 



graphy, antiquities, ami languages ; their ancient ami modern geography ; their 
manners and customs, religion and superstitions ; their agriculture, comnieree and 
trade ; their ornamental arts, and their physical and intellectual peculiarities. All 
these subjects are treated in detail, each topic being patiently and thoroughly 
discusseil and exhausted ; the work, although mainly executed by the author's 
own hand, having received the contributions of many siitcdis thoroughly conver- 
sant with particular subjects embraced in its pages. It is the most complete and 
thorough collection of treatises relating to the Indi.ins. and comprises also the 
only general history of the aboriginal race, which has ever been published." 

2221 [ScHdUTF.N.] JoiRNAi. Oil DiscRirTioN' dii mcrvc'illeiix voyage 
cle (;iii.i..\iMF. SiHDUiEN, Hollandois natif de Moorii fait cs 
annces 1615, 1616 & 1617. Comme (en circiininavigeant le (llobe 
terrestre) il a descouvert vers le Zud du destroit de Magellan tin 
nouveau passage, jusques ;\ la grande Mer de Zud, &c. 10 clclicJ 
maps ami plates. 410, vellum, uncut. Amstredam, 161 S 

2222 ^cf)Otttcn (8I2ilfllcm CocurlCus). Joucuacl ofte lus 

chryvinge vande wonderlijcke Reyse gedaen door Willem Cornelisz 
Schouten van Hoorn, inde Jaren .^615, 1616 endc 1617. Hoc hy 
beziiyden de Straet van Magellanes, &:c. //'//// 6 fohfini; plates 
and maps. 410, morocco extra, gilt leaves. Rotterdam, 1643 

2223 .ScuDi^TK.N (Gulielmus Cornelius). Diarium vel Dhslrii'IH) 
laboriosissinii, iV molestissimi Itineris . . . Annis 16 [5, t6i6 <S: 
1617 Qui \ parte .Australi freti Magellanic!, novum ductiim, aiit 
fretum, in magnuin Mare Australe detexit, totumque Orbem ter- 
rarum circuinna -igavit. Woodcut and 7 maps and plates. 4to, 
vellum. Amsterdam!, 166-2 (?) 

Minus dedication. 

2224 ScHUi/rzK (Hcnj.). Oriknt/ t.i .cn-und Occidkn rAi.isciii.R 
Si'RACHMh.isTKK, welcltcr ii-'ht allein hundert Alphabete nebst 
ihrer .\usspraclier . . Kuropa!scli-.\s!atisch-.\fr!caniscli-unil Ainer- 
!can!schen, iVc. <Svo, vellum. Leipzig, 174.S 

I'tjr the .\merican-Indian languages see pp. 124-127 of liie second part. 

2225 Sciiuvi.KR (Philip). The Lii K and Tl.Mts of . . . Hy Benson 
J. Lossing. Portraits. i2mo, cloth. New York, [i860 J 

2226 ScoRK.snv (William). Memorials of the Ska, I'ost Svo, half 
calf, gilt. London, 1835 

Contains an account of the extraordinary voyage of the brig Mary Russell 
from Barbadoes to fork in 1S2S, the Captain while demented killing seven of the 
passengers and crew. 



2227 Scott (Joseph). A (If.ocrapiiu ai. I)k:'i ionaky of the Uniii'D 
Statks. iSvo, half bound. I'hiladclphia, 1S06 

2228 Scoi r (Lieiit.-deneral [Winficld I). Mf.moirs of . . . written 
by Himself, Portrait. Svo, cloth, uncut. New York, 1.S64 

l.arjje paper copy. 

2229 Si'.CEssioN ; or, I'rose in Rhyme ; and East Tennessee, a Poem, 
Hy an East Tcnnesseean. lamo, cloth. 

Philadelphia: Priiildi for the Author, 1864 

2230 Skcket Prockedings and DEBAiEsof the Convention asscm- 
bk'il at Piiii.ADKi.iMiiA in the year 1787, for the purpose of forniin;^ 
the Constitution of the United States of America. From notes 
taken by the late Robert Yates, Estj., Chief Justice of New York, and 
copied by John Lansmji;, Jun., Ksfj., late Chancellor of that State, 
Members of that Convention. Including " The Genuine Informa- 
ti(m " laiil before the I,e<;islature of Maryland by Luther Martin, 
Est] , then Attorney Ccncral of that State, and a member of the 
same Convention, other Historical Documents relative to 
the Federal Compact of the North American Union. 8vo, calf. 

Albany, 182 i 

Orijjinal edition. 

2231 Skmim.e (Robert 15.). A History of the Rise and Proc;ress 
of the Haitists in Yirimma. 8vo, half calf. Richmond, 1810 

2232 |Sknkca Indians. I The Cask of the Skneca Indians in the 
State of New York ; illustrated by facts : printed for the informa- 
tion of the Society of Friends . . , &c. 8vo, boards, uncut. 

Philadelphia, 1840 

2233 I Sergeant.] Select Speeches of John Sergeant, of Pennsyl- 
vania. 8vo, boards, uncut. Philadelphia, 1832 

2234 Serra. Rki.acion His'iokiCA de la Vida y .Apostolicas Tareas 
del Venerable Padre Fray Junipero Serra, Y de las Misiones que 
fundo en la California Septentrional . . . Escrita por el R. P. E. 
F'r. F'rancisco Palou. Frontispiece ami large map of California. 
4to, polished calf, gilt edges, by Zaehnsdorf. Mexico, 1787 

2235 Settle (Dionyse). A ihue reports of the 'aste voyage into 
the West and Northwest regions, &c., 1577. Worluilyatchieved by 






:d by 

C'aptkink Fk(inisnrt-t of tlu> sayde voyajje tlie first fiiuU'r and 
Cicnerall, vVc. 4t(), half morocco, gilt toj), by '/.aclnisdorf. 

London, 1577 ; rep. Providence, 1S68 

Only 50 copies printed. No. 9. 
^^" See Fkokisiier. 

2236 Skventy Six Socikty. [The Publications of the Seventy Six 
Society, consistinjj of the followintj works :| 

I. Papers in relation to the C.'ase of Silas Deane. Now first pub- 
lished from the Orij^inal Manuscripts, 

II. The examination of Joseph Cialloway, Esq., by a Committee 
of the House of Commons. Edited by Thomas Halch. 

III. Papers relating to Public Events in Massachusetts preceding 
the American Revolution. 

IV. Papers relating chiefiy to the Maryland Line during the 
Revolution. Edited by Thomas Bach. 

Together 4 vols. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. 

Philadelphia, 1S55-57 

Only 150 sets printed. 

This series, the editions of which were orijrinally limited to 150 copies, owing 
to the fact that many sets and parts of sets have Iieen destroyed, is extremely* 
scarce. Sinj^le volumes have sold as high as $35. Uncut sets, lil^e tiie present, 
are very seliiom met with. 

2237 Skwai.i, (Samuel). Ph/enomena quivdem Apocalyptica Ad 
Aspectum Nuvi Orbis configurata. Or, some few Lines towards 
a description of the New Heaven As It makes to those who stand 
upon the New Earth. Second edition [to which is appended, 
separately paged] The Fountain Opened : or, The Admirable 
Blessings plentifully to be Dispensed at the National Conversion 
of the Jews. By . . . Samuel Willard. 4to, crimson levant 
morocco extra, gilt leaves, hy Pratt. Boston, 1727 

Fine copy. 

2238 [Sew ALL. J NocTE Cogitai a; auctore, Anglice scripta, Young, 
D.I)., qua; lingua Latii donavit America. 8vo, uncut, Carolopjiidi. 

Massachusettensium : Typis Alltui »> Cusliin^^^ 1786 

2239 Sewall (J. M.). MiscELi.ANKot's PoEMs, with several speci- 
mens from the Author's manuscript version of the Poems of 
Ossian. i2mo, half morocco. I'ortsmouth, iSoi 

2240 Sewall (Oliver). HisroKv of ("iiEsrEKViLLE, Maine. 8vo, 
uncut, Farmington, 1875 



224r I Si.wakd's 1)ii i.omaly. | Mi;ssA(;i-. of tlic I'ki>ii)KNr of the 
Umiki) Statks . . . 8vo, half morocco, Wasliingl mi, i86i 

2242 Si.wAui) (WiHiam). Joiirnai. of a Vovack from Savannali to 
I'hilailclphia, aiul from l'liila(It'l|)liia to I'.nghiiul, M,I)('C1X1. 
Hvo, Iialf morocco. London, 1740 

224^ Sii ALU'S (I''ran(is). ("iironoi.oc.k ai. 'I'ahi.ks. 2 vols, in 1. 
I J mo, si ft']). Philadelphia, 1S17 

I'arliiularly full in American items. 

2244 I Shannon and Chksai'f.akf..] The Shannon and the Chksa- 
PKAKK : a Poem. 8vo, half morocco. London, 1813 

2245 Sii AKi'K (VV. C). HisroRY of Skymour, Connec icut, with 
Hiojfra|)hies and Genealogies. J^ortraits, <sfc. Hvo, cl ii. 

Seymour, iiSjq 

2246 [Shka (J. G.) Cramoisy Seriks of Jesuit Memoirs, Relations, 
&c., relating to the French Colonies in North America. P'dited 
by John Gilmary Shea, LL.D.J PoitraHs ami mnf>-. 19 vols., 
8vo, 2 in half morocco, the rest vellum, all uncut. 

New York, 185S-O6 
The Series consist'^ of the following works : 

1. BiGor (J.). CupiE d'vne Lettre escrite par Le Pcrc Jacques 
Higot de la Compagnie de Jesus, IWn 16S4, pour acconipagner 
un collier de pourcelaine envoiee par les Abnaquis de la Mi.ssit)n 
deSainct Frant;ois de Sales dans la Nouvelle France au tombeau 
de leur Sainct Patron a Annecy. Manate, M.uccc.i.viii. 

2. Hu;oT. Rei.ation de ce qvi s'est passe de plus remarcjvable 
dans la Mission .Xbnaquise de Sainct Joseph de Sillery et de 
Sainct Francois de Sales, I'Annee 1685, par le R. Pcre Jacques 
Bigot, de la Compagnie de Jesus. Albany, 1S58 

3. Bkjot (V.). Relation de ce qvi s'est passe de plus remarc]vble 
dans la Mission des Abnacjuis a L'Acadie, TAnnee 1701. Par le 
Pcre Vincent liigot, de la Compagnie de Jesus. 

A Manate, M.Dccc.i-vni. 

4. Cavelier (M.). Relation du Voyage Entrepris par feu ^L 
Robert Cavelier, Sieur de la Salle, pour decouvrir dans le golfe 
du Mexique I'embouchure du Fleuve de Missisipy. Par son 
Frcre M. (Cavelier, pretre de St. Sulpice, Tun des compagnons 
dc ce voyage. A Manate, m.I)Cc:( .lvih. 


1 •> •? 


5. C'liAi'MnNor (T, J. M.). I,a Vii, dii R. 1'. I'icrrc Joseph Marie 
Chauinonot, cie la Compa^fnie dc Jesus, Missioiinaire dans la 
Noiivelle France, Ejrite par liii mcme par ordre de son Supericur, 
Pan 1688. Nouvelle Vork, Isle de Manate, m.dci r.i.vm. 

6. Chaimonot, SuiTK de la Vie du R. P. Pierre Josepli Marie 
Channionot, de la Coinjiaj^jnie de Jesus, par un I'ere de la nienie 
Conipaj^nie avec la manicre d'oraison du venerable Pere, ecrite 
par Uii-meme. Nouvelle York, Isle de Manate, m.dclc.i.viii. 

7. Irani. iii'.PAiN (St. A. ile). Rki.a noN ^lu Voyaj>;e des premieres 
Ursulines a la Nouvelle Orleans et de leur etahlissement en cette 
ville. Par la Rev. Mere St. Auj(ustin de Tranchepain, Super- 
ieure. Avec les lettres circidaires de quekjues unes des Sceurs, 
et de la dite Mere, Nouvelle York, Isle de Manate, m, 

8. Rkgistrks des Baptksmks et Sepui-tures qui se sont faits an 
Fort Duquesne pendant les Annees 1753, 1754, 1755 & iTS^. 

Nouvelle York, Isle de Manate, M. 

9. JouKNAi, de la CIukkkk du Micissii>i>i contre les Cliicachas, en 
1739 et finie en 1740, le i er d'Avril. I'ar un Officier de r\rmee 
de M. de Nouaille. Nouvelle York, Isle de Manate, m.uccc.i.ix. 

10. CiKAViKK (J.). Rk.i.ation ou Joumal du Voyage du R. P. 
Jac(|iies (Iravier, de la Com|)aj;nie de Jesus, en 1700 depuis le 
pays des Illinois jusqu'a remboueliure du Mississipi. 

Nouvelle York, Isle de Manate, M.occc.i.ix, 

11. Dablon (C). Rei.aiion de ce qui s'est passe' de Plus Re- 
marquable aux Missions des Peres de la Compagnie de Jesus en 
la Nouvelle France les ;t;inees 1672 i\ 1673 par le R. P. Claude 
Dablon Recteur du College de Quebec. . . . 

A la Nouvelle York: De la Pressc Cramoisy, m.dccc.i.xi. 

12. Dablon. Relation de ce qui s'est passe' de Plus Remarcj- 
uable aux Missions des Peres de la Compagnie de Jesus en la 
Nouvelle F'rance les annees 1673 a 1679 par le R. P, Claude 
Dablon, «Scc. . . . Quebec: A la Presse Cramoisy, m.dccc.i.x. 

13. Relations diverses sur la Bataille du Malangueule. Gagne 
le 9 Juillet, 1755, par les Fran(;ois sous M. de Beaujeu, (Com- 
mandant du Fort du Quesne sur les Anglois sous M. Braddock, 
Ceneral en Chef des troupes Anglois. Recueillies par Jean 
Marie Shea. Portrait. 

Nouvelle York: De la Pressc Cramoisy, m.dccc.i.x. 

14. Relation de la Mission du Missisipi du Seminaire de Quebec 
en 1700. Par MM. De Montigny, De St. Cosme, et 'Ihaumur 
de la Source. 

Nouvelle York : A la J'resse Cramoisy, m.dccc.i xi. 


33^ Amiikicana. 

15. J(u;uis (I.). Novum HKi.f.iUM, Description de Nieuw Nttlier- 
laiul et Notice siir Rene (loiipil. Tar le R. I'. Isaac Jollies, cle 
la C!()mpa>^nie de Jesus. 

A New York, dans I'Ancien Niew Netlierland: 

/'rr.wsr Crumoisy, 1S62 

16. Saokan (M.). Kxtrait dc la Rklation des Avantiires et 
Voyajjc de Matliieu Sfij^ean. 

Noiiveile York: A la J'/rssr Criinicisy, 1S63 

17. Mii.i'.r (P.). Ri-i.ATioN de sa ('aptivite parnii les Oiuieiouts 
en 1690-1. I'ar le R. I', Pierre Milet de la ('onipaj(nie de Jesus. 

Nouvelle York: /'/cssr Cm/fioisy, M.ncic.i.xiv. 

18. Rki.mion des Affaires du Canada, en 1696, et des Missions 
des Teres de la Compajjnie de Jesus jus(|u'en 1702. 

Nouvelle York: De /<i J'nssc Cramoisy, m.dccc.i.xv. 

19. RixuF.ii, de Pieces sur la Negociation entre la Nouvelle France 
et la Nouvelle Angleterrc, es annees 1648 et suivantes. 

Nouvelle York: De la Pressr Cnimoisy, m.dccc.ixvi. 

No. 1(1 is on small paper, the rest are large, of which only live complete sets 
were printed. 


I. Smka (J. (1.). Frknch-Onondaga Dictionary. 1.S60 

II. Mkngakini ((!.), Sei.ish, or Flat-Head (Iranimar. 1861 

III. Smith (Huckinjrliam). CiRammaticai, .Skktch of the Have 
Languajje. 1861 

IV. Arroyo dk la Cuksta (P.). Grammar of the Mutsun Lan- 
guage. 1861 

V. Smith (B.). (Grammar of the Pima or Nevome, a Language 
of Sonora. 1862 

VL I'andosv (M. C.) Grammar and Dictionary of the Yakama 
Language. Translated by Geo. Gibhs and J. G. Shea. 1S62 

VIL Sitjar (Honaventure). Vocahui.arv of the Language of 
San Antonio Mission, California. 18O1 

VIIL Arroyo dk i.a Cuksta. Voi aiiui.arv otIMirask Hook, of 
the Mutsun Language. 1862 

IX, Mam. I ARM (Abbe). Grammar of the Miknuupie Language 
of Nova Scotia. Kdited by J. M. Hellenger, 1864 

X. P)RUYas (J.). Radical Words of the Mohawk Language, 
with their Derivatives. 1862 








v^t ot 

loOK Ot 




XI. GiBBS (O.). Al.l'HAHKTIlAL VOCABULARY of tllC CMlillOok 

LanjjuaKf. 186^ 

XII. (liiJiis ((;.). DicTioNAKV of the Chinook Jargon, or 'Iradc 
Laiijfiiajrc of Orcjjon. 186^^ 

'I'ojjcthcr 1 2 vols. Royal 8vo, half morocco, gilt tops, uncut ecljjcs. 

New York: Cramoisy /'n-ss, 1860-4 

J 2248 Shka (John (lihnary). 'I'lu' Hurstin(j of Pikrrk Marcirv's 
I -A Sai.i.k IkJitiii.K. 8v(). New Vork, i87(; 

2249 SiiKi.vofKi'. (CJ.). A VoVAci. R(.i'Ni) the World Hy the Way 
of the Great South Sea, Perforni'd in tlu; Years 17 19, 20, 21, 22, in 
the Speedwell of London, of 24 Guns and 100 Men, (under His 
Majesty's Conunission to cruise on the Spaniards in the late \\ ar 
with the Spanish Crown) till she was cast away on the Island of 
Juan Fernandez, in May, 1720; and afterwards continu'd in the 
Recovery, tlie Je.sus Maria and Sacra Kaniila, ike. Ky Ca|)tain 
Georjfe Shelvocke. A/a/> <r/it/ 4 /'/a/ry. 8vo, calf. London, 1726 

Two histories were published of tills voyage. This was intended by the 
author as a vindication of his conduct, he having been accused of piracy and 
etnbez/lement. Tiie ottier was written by William Itetagh, wiio was nm^'hly 
treated in Shelvocke's narrative, and, in return, wrote with the design i<( 
exposing Shelvocke. 

The author's relation of the discovery of gold is remarkable, '•'i'he soil 
about Puerto .Seguro (and very likely in most parts of the valleys) is a rich bla;:!- 
mould, which, as you turn it up fresh to the sun appears as if intermingled with 
gold dust, some of which we endeavored to wash and purify from the dust: but 
though we weie a little prejudiced against the thoughts that it could be possible 
that this metal should be so promiscuously and universally mingled with common 
earth, yet we endeavored to cleanse and wash the earth from some of it, and the 
more we did, the more it appeared like gold; but in order to be further satislied. 
I brought away some of it, which we lost in our confusions in China." — Pnt^ii 
400, 41)1. 

2250 Sherman and his Campaigns : a Military liiography, by S. M. 
Bowman and R. H. Irwin. Portraits, is-c. 8vo, cloth. 

New York, 1865 

2251 Shfparp (Thomas). Nkw Enoi.anos Lamkntation for Old 
Engiands present errours and tiivisions . . . Occasioned by the 
increase of Anabaptists, Rigid Separatists, Antinomians, and 
Familists, &c. 4to, half morocco, uncut. 8 pp. London, 1645 

2252 [SiiF.PARD. Indians in Nkw-Engi.and.] The Day Breaking 
if not The Sun- Rising of the Gospell With the Indians in New- 
England. 4to, half morocco. Title cut down. London, 1647 

Title and 26 pp. 



2253 Shk.paki). TIk; Sun-shinf. of the (Iospk.i. breaking 
forth upon tlic Indians in Nkw-Knc.i.and. 410, ri;d levant 
morocco extra, yilt etl);es, by J'nitt. London, 1648 

I'iiif copy, thmi^jh a few niarj;inal defects have been repaired. 

2254 SiiKPAKi). 'I'nKSKs Sahuatrvf, ; or, The Doctrine of the Sab- 
batli, iVc. 4to, calf antique. London, 1649 

Contains the three title pages. 

2255 .SiiKPAki). Thisis Saiiha rir.T, ; or, the Doctrine of the Sab- 
bath, Small Svo, polished calf extra, gilt over red leaves, by J'ltitt. 

London, 1650 
Three title pa^es arc in this edition also. 

2256 Shkpuaki). ('KRrAiN Sklkct Casks Resolved. Specially, 
tendinj; to the right ordering of the heart, that we may comfort- 
ably walk with (lod in our general and particular Callings, Small 
Svo, calf anticpie, red leaves. London, 1650 

The above c()|)y has the " Inipriinatur " leaf. 

2257 Shkpari). The Sound Bki.ef.vkr. A Treatise of Rvangelicall 
Conversion. 8vo, (small) calf anticpie, red leaves. London, 165 ^ 

2258 Shkpard. The Parahi.e of the Tkn Virgins Opknf.u i\: 
Applied : Heing the Substance of divers Sermons on Matth. 25. 
1-13 , . , now published from the Author's own Notes . . . 
by Jonathan Mitchell . . . |and| Tho. Shepard, son to the Rev- 
erend Author. Folio, calf extra, gilt leaves, by Pratt. 

[London] : Reptintcd and caiffuUy Corrected i 11 the Year 1695 

2259 Sm phkakd (Tho.). The Sinckrk Convert discovering the 
I'aucity of True Heleevers, and the great Difficulty of Saving Con- 
version. Small 8vo, calf antique. Title mended. London, 1642 

2260 SuKPiiKARD. The Sincere Convert discovering The I'aucity 
of true IJelievers ; And the great Difficultie of Saving Conversion. 
Small Svo, calf. • London, 1643 

2261 Shephiard. The Sincere Convert discovering The small 
number of True Beleevers, &c. 1648 

The Sound Bei.eever. A Treatise of Evangelicall Conver- 
sion. 1649 
2 vols, in I. Small Svo, calf antique, red edges. London, 1648-9 



2262 Shkrman (D.). Sketches of New England DiviNKs. 12010, 
cloth. New York, i860 

Imludcs, John Cotton, Richard, Increase, anil Cotlon Matlier, Royer 
Williams, \c., &c. 

2263 |Sim>i,i-.v (Jonatliaii, Pishop of St. Asaph.).\ A Speech 
intcmltHl to have been spoken on tlie Hill for altering the Charters 
of the Colony of Massachusetts Hay. Svo, half morocco. 

New York, 1774 

First .American edition. 

"A jjoldcn speech unspoken, which ilhistrates the wisdom, justice, foresi^jht, 
anci elociueiice of titc j;ood bishop. It will not be unpleasant for Americans to 
hear his opini(in. — ' My Lords, I look upon North .\tnerica as the only yreat 
nursery of freemen now left upon the face of the earth.' " 

2264 [Shiim.ey. I A Speech intended to have been Spoken on the 
Bill for altering the Charters of the Colony of Massachusetts 
Hay. The Fourtii Kditioti. Svo. London: T. Cdiir/l, 1774 

2265 [Shipley.] A Sim kch intemled to have been spoken on the Hill 
for Altering the Charters of the Colony of Massachusetts Hay. 
1 2mo, half morocco. Hartford, 1774 

Fifth edition. 




1, 1643 



1 1648-9 

2266 [Shipley. I A Speech intended to have been spoken on the 
Hill for altering the Charters of the Colony of Massachusetts 
Hay. Svo, half morocco. London, 1782 

2267 [Shiklk.y.J a Letter from William Shirley, Esq., Gov- 
ernor of Massachusett's-Kay, To His Grace the Duke of New- 
castle; with A Journal of the Siege of Louisbourg, and other 
Operations of the Forces, during the Expedition against the 
French Settlements on Cape-Hreton . . . &:c. 410, cloth, pp. 31. 

Uoston, 174^' 
Autograph and notes of J. Winjjate Thornton. 

2268 Short View (A) of the Pnclaticall Church of England: Wherein 
is set forth the horrible abuses in Discipline and Government, 
layd open in tenne Sections by way of Quare and Petition, the 
severall heads whereof are set downe in the next Page. Whereunto 
is added a short draught of Church-government. 4to, calf, gilt 
over red leaves, by Riviere. Printed in the yearc 1641 

Fine copy. 



2269 SnurKi.i)i' (Robert \V.). Rkports of Exim.cjuaiions and Suu- 
VKVs, to Ascertain the Practicability of a Ship-Canal between the 
Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, by tlie Way of tlie Istlimus of 'I'elui- 
antepec i 1 />/a/is and 20 lai^e maps. 4to, clotli. 

Washington, 1.S72 

2270 |SicKi.i;s. I 'Iriai. of the Hon. Daniki- E. for Shoot- 
ing,' l'liiii|) Ikirton Key . . , February 27th, 1S59, Reported by 
Felix (i. Fontaine. lUusiiatcd. 8vo, half morocco. 

New York, 1S59 

2271 |Sii)NKV rt;/</ Lanoukt. I The Corrkspondknce of Sir IMiilip 
Sidney and Hubert Janji^uet, ntw first collected and translated 
from the Latin, with Notes and a Memoir of Sidney, Wy Stuart 
A. Pears. Portrait. 8vo, cloth, uncut. London: yV^X'tr///j,% 1.S4 5 

Contains criticisms on l-'robisher's Anitrican voyayes and notices of Columbus, 
Magellan, i!i;c. 

2272 [SiMcoK (J. Ci.).| A Journal of the Opkrations of The 
Qukkn's Rangkrs, From the End of the Year 1777 to the Conclu- 
sion of the late .Xmkrican War, by Lieutenant-Colonel Simcoe, 
Conunaniler of that Corps. 10 maps. 4to, calf e.xtra, gilt top, 
uncut edges, by Matthews. F.xeter: Printed for the Author, [ 1 787 | 

(^■•ininal edition. 

"First printeii soon after the termination of the War of Indepenilcnce, but 
appareiitl} nf)t pubiisju'd. and was almost unl<no\vn to exist until a few years aj;o, 
when a cop)' turned up in a sale (I believe in Mr. Chalmers' Library), and from 
thai cojjy the New XOrlv I'.dition of 1S44 was printed." — Kirn, 

l.arjjer than the Men/ies lopy, me.asurinj; Sjj imhes iiy 1 1 ,"^ on the leaf. 

2273 SiMioK. Military JouRNAi,, .\ History of the Operations of 
a Partisan Corps, called The (,)iieen's Rangers, coniinanded by 
Lieut. -Col. J. (1. Simcoe. during the War of the American Revolii- 
ti(;n. Illustrated by 10 engraved plans oj actions, ss'c. With a 
Memoir of the .Author and other additions. 8vo, half morocco, 
gilt top, uncut. New York, 1844 

2274 SIMMS (William (lilmore). The History of Soum Carolina, 
from its lirst European Discovery to its Erection into a Republic, 
with a Su|)plementary Chronicle of Events to the Present Time. 
8vo, calf, uncut. Charleston, 1840 

The author's own copy of the first edition, with two autoi;raphs. 



2275 Simon (Pcciro). Trimkra Parte Dc las Noi u ias historiales 
cic las CoNQUisiAs (le Tif.rra Firmk : en las Ini»i\s ()riii>K.N- 
TAi.K.s. F.iij^idvt'd title by Alanio Je Po[>iiia. Folio, vellum. 
Real en Ciicnca en casa de Dominyo de la Yglesia, 1626 [ 1627 ] 

The cngiavcil title gives thevlnte i()26, the colophon \Uz~. 
The only part published. 




k 1840 

4 2276 Simpson (Thos.). Narhativf, of the Discovfrus on the 
North Coast of Amkrica, effected by the Otilicers of theiliul- 
son's Bay Co., 1.S36-9; [also] Life and Travels of, by his brother 
Alexander. Portrait. 2 vols., 8vo, half calf, gilt. 

London, 1S43-5 

2277 SiTc.REAVF.s (C'aptain L.). Report of an Kxpedition down 
the Zuni and Colorado Rivers. Large map and -jd />/att-s. 8vo, 
cloth. Washington, 1853 

227S Si,au<;iiter (P.). Memoir of Coi.. Joshua Fry . . Wash 
ington's Senior in Command of Virginia Forces . . , tVc. 8vo 
cloth, [Richmond, 188 — | 

2279 Slaughter. A History of Brisfoi. Pari>h, Va., with Cicne- 
alogies, &c. Frontispiece. i6mo, cloth. Richmond, 1879 

2280 I Slavery. I A Vindication of the Address To the Liiial)itaiUs 
of the British Slt ilemen is, on the Slavery of the Negroes in 
America, in Answer to a Pamphlet entitled, " Slavery not Forbid- 
den by Scripture." By a Pennsylvanian. 8vo, half morocco. 

Philadelphia, 1 773 

2281 (Slavery.] A Dialooue concerning the Slavery of the 
Africans, Shewing it to be the Duty and Interest of the American 
.States to Emancipate all their African Slaves . . . To which is 
prefixed, the Institution of the Society in New-V'ork, for promoting 
the Maninnission of Slaves. . . . 8vo, uncut. 

Norwich, 1776, rep. New York, 1785 

,i 2282 Smef (P. J. de). LETiKRsand Sketches: with a Narrative of 
a Year's Residence among the Indian Tribes of the Rocky Moun- 
tains. Illustrated. r2mo, half morocco. Philadelphia, 1843 

■^ 2283 Smet (Pierre de). Vova(;es aux Montacnls Rocheuses, et 
une ann^e de sejour ches les Tribes Lidiennes du vaste territoire 



(Ic rOrc^ron, depemlant dcs Etats-Uiiis d'Amerique. Lar^e map 
and numerous illustrations. 121110, vellum. Malines, i.S^4 

2284 Smethurst (Ciamalicl). A NARRAiiVEof an Kxtuaordinary 
Escape out of the HariJs of the Ini/IANS, in the (lulph of St. Law- 
rence: interspersed With a Description of the Coast, and Remarks 
on tile Customs and Manners of the Savaji[es there: Also a Provi- 
dential P^scape after a Shipwreck, in coming from the Island St. 
John. . . . &c. 4to, half morocco, London, 1774 

2285 [Smkts. I Catai.ocujk Rmssonkk of ('urious Manuscripts, 
Early Printed and other Rare Hooks; comiirising part of the 
Library of Mr. .'\. .\. Smcts, i860. Catalogue of the Private 
Library of the late Mr. A. A. Smets, Savannah, (la., 1S68. 2 vols., 
8vo, uncut. New York, 1860-6S 

The (irst portion was printed for private circulation. 

3286 SMirn (Aaron), 'i'he ArRocrriKs of the Pirates: being a 
Faithful Narrative of the Unjiaralleled Sufferings endured by tiie 
Author during his CajHivity among the Pirates of the Island of 
C "ba. . . . Post 8vo, boards, uncut. London, 1824 

2287 (Smith (Huckingham),] C'oi.iacioN ile Vakios Documkntos 
para la Hisioria de la Florida y Tierras Adyacentes, Toino. I. 
Portrait. 4to, half morocco, gilt top, uncut edges. 

Londres [(Madrid), 1857) 

2288 Smith. Another copy. Unbound. Londres [(Madrid), 1857 1 

2289 Smiih. An Inquiry into the Auiiikn rici iv of Docu.mknts 
concerning a Discovery in NoRni America, claimed to have been 


iide by Verrazzano. 

Map. Royal 4to, uncut. 

I.arjje paper. Oaly J20 copies printed. 

New York, 1864 

n)o Smith (ICthan). View of the IIehrews; or, the Tribes of Israel 

in .\merica. i2mo, slieeii. 

Poultney (Vt.), 1825 

\dvancing the possibility of the Xvn Tribes of Israel having first peopled 


2291 Sm(ti) «Capt«i(nc l:?JoJ)u|). '3k rrur Bclatfou of such 

occurrences and accidents of noate as hath hapned in Virginia since 
the first i)lanting of that Collony, which is now resident in the South 



part thereof, till the last returne from thence. U'oodcut on title. 
4t(), calf anti(|iie, gilt over red edges, by Riviere. London, 1608 

Inclu(ii-s the explanatory Prfface. signed I. H., ami is the lopy referred to by 
C. Deane in his preface to the reprint, p. XIV. 

2292 Smith. .\ Truk Rei.aiion of Virginia : with an Introduction 
and Notes by Charles Dean. Ltir^e map. 4to, half morocco, gilt 
top. Huston, 1.S66 

No. 7 of 280 copies printed. 

2293 Smith. A Map of Virginia. With a Description of the Coim- 
trcy, the (.Commodities, People, Ciovernmcnt and Reli;;ion. . . . 
Wlicreunto is annexed the proceedings of those Colonies, since 
their first departure from England, with the discourses, 'Orations 
and relations of the Salvages. . . . Taken faithfidly as tlicy were 
written out of the writings of Doctor Russell, Richard Wicfui, 
'Iho. Stutlley, Will. Phettiplace, Anas TodriU, Nathaniel Powell, 
Jeffria .Xbot, Richard Pots, .\nd the relations of divers other dili 
gent observers there present then, anil now many of them in 
ICngland, by W. S[imonsJ. Both titles, the Jii st ineinled. 4to, calf 
gilt edges. O.xford, 1612 


11; MS 


1 srael 

pci )pk'd 

2J94 Smith. A Dkscription of Nkw Enclank; or, '{"he Observa- 
tions and discoveries of Captain John Smith (.Admirall of that 
Country) in the North of .America, m the year of our 1 ord 1614, 
\-c. Map of Xe7i< Eii'^ldiul. 4to, blue morocco extra, gilt kavrs, 
by Pratt. London, 1616 

The map is a fac-siinilc, l>y Hurt; the title-page is also in fai-siniile. 

•' This is the first hook published, which speaks of New Kngjanil, pnvinusly 
called North V'irgiiiia." — Kicil. 

2295 Smiiii. .\ Dr.scRlPTioN of Nk\v-En(;i..\m>: or The Observa- 
tions a'"' Discoueries of Cai)tain John Smith (Admirall of that 
Country) in the North of .America, in the year of our Lord 1614. 
Map. 4to, cloth, uncut. Moston: \Ripriiiteil \, w uccc i.xv. 

75 copies only printed, with a fac-simile of the original map No. I. 

2296 ^mfti) ((rapt. JJoljU) rijr ^ra 5*lnu6 <!?iMmmar: 

containing .Most plain and easie dire( tions, how to Huild, Kigge, 
Yard and NList any Ship whatsoever. With the plain exposition 
of all such terms as are used in a Navic and I'lght at Sea . . . 
Art of (lunnery, &c. 4to, calf. London, \i^ii 



2297 Smith. The Gkneram, Hisiokik of Virginia, Ncw-Enj^^land, 
and the Summer Isles; with the names of tlie Adventurers, IMuiUcrs 
and Governours, from their first beginninji; An'.' 1584 to this 
present, 1624. With the I'rocedings of those Severall Colonies 
and the Aecidents that befell them in all their Journyes and Dis- 
coveries, &e. 4 lar^c maps and 4 portraits {i/nlitJim^ duplicates)^ 
fiii:;rai'fd title by John Jiarra. Folio, calf, gilt leaves and sides, 
with coat-of-arms. 

London: /. D. and /. H.,/or Michael Sparlcs, 1624 

The Earl of Warwick's i,AKi a, pai'KR c<>1'V (SJ inches !)>• I3,V). ami probably 
the lavResl in existence. The famous Mrinley copy, which sold for $i,So<), and is 
now in the I.eno.x library, is slij;htly wider, Ina not as tail. 

The portraits, both original, and reprint, are mounted, the map with scenes in 
the Life of Capt. Smith is inlaid, and has once been foliled, and the larjje m.ips 
of Vir>;inia and New-England have been refolded. 

2298 Smith. A Sea Grammar, With the Plaine P-xposition of Smith's 
Accidence for young Sea-men, enlarged. . . . Portrait inserted. 
4to, calf. London, 1627 

22()f) Smith. Advkritskmknts For the unkxpkrikncki) Pi.antkks 
of, or any where. Or, The Path-way to experience 
to erect a Plantation. With the yearely proceeilings of this Coun- 
try in Fishing and Plac.ting, since the yeare 1614 to the yeare 
1630, \:c, /.''/'i"'' "lap. 4to, polished calf, gilt leaves, by Bedford. 

London, 1631 

2300 SxiriH. .\i)Vi;r nsi'.MiN IS For the unkxi'K.riknced Pi.anikrs 
of Nk.w-Kn(;i.ani), or Anywhere. Or The i'ath-way to experience 
to elect a Plantation. Map. 4to, cloth, uncut. 

Poston: [Reprinted], mdccci.xv. 
75 copies only printed, with a fac-simile of the oiiginal map. No. 1. 

.'301 Smi I H. Last Wii.i. and Tkstamknt, with some Additional 

.Memoranda relating to him. 4to, half morocco, gilt top. 

Cambridge, 1S67 
Dnly 50 copies printed. 

2302 Smith. Nkw F^n(;i.ani)S Trials. Declaring the successe of 
80 ships employed thither within these eight yeares; and the benefit 
of that Countrey by Sea and Land. With the present estate of 
that happie Plantation, begun by but 60 Weake men in the yeare 
1O20. And how to build a Fleete of good Shippes to make a little 



Naiiie Royall. Written by Captaine lolin Sinitli, sonu'times 
(loucrnour of Vir^niiia, ami Admirall of New iMij^laiul. The 
Second Ivlition. Imp. Svo, lialf morocco, jjilt top, uncut. 

[Providence: RipiintcJ, 1S67I 
Extremely scarii'. Only Oo printed for Mr. Jnhii Carter Brown. No. 2. 

2.503 Smith. .\n()ther copy, without the limitation notice. Imj). Svo, 
half morocco. I'roviilence, 1S67 

2304 SMirii (John Russell). Mini.iorHKCA A.mkrilana. A Cata- 
loijue of a valuable Collection of liooks illustratmjf the History 
and (leojjraphy of North and South America and the West Indies. 
Svo, cloth. I.oiulon, 1.S7 1 

2305 SMirii (Josei)h). .\ Dkscku'iivk Ca ialdcuk of Kriknms' 
Hooks, or Hooks written by Members of the Society of Krienils, 
commonly called (Quakers . . . The first 6 parts in 3. 4to, uncut. 

London, 1 S63 

2306 Smi rH (Piiilip 11.). CiiNK.K Ai. HisroRY of l)i ixhkss C'oun rv, 
from 160910 1S76 inclusive. lllnstraleii with nuuicroiis nuioifrufs^ 
maps, o-^f. Svo, sheets folded. i'awlinii;, 1H77 

2307 S.Mirii (Ralph I).). The History of (iuii.KORD, Connecticiit, 
from its First Settlement in 1639. 2 plates. Svo, cloth. 

Albany. 1S77 

230S Smiph (Robert). An .Addrkss to the I'koim.k of the Umm D 
SiAiKs. Svo, half morocco. London, iSii 

2309 [S.Mini (Robert).] (jii.hmiuis; or. The New W«)rld: a I'oem, 
by Hritannicus. Crown Svo, cloth. London, | iS()o| 

Autograph letter of the author inserted. 

2310 Smuh (Samuel). The History of the Colony of Nova- 
C^ESARIA, or Nkw-Jkrsi'y. Containin^j, an .Account of its I'irst 
Settlement, Pro^jrcssive Improvements, The ()ri;;inal and Present 
Constitution and otiier Events, to tht' year 1721. With some 
Particulars since, &c. Svo, calf. Hurlinjjton, in New Jersey, 1765 

Fine tall eopy. 

2311 [Smith. J .Mkmoirs of Samuki, S.mith, a Soldier of the Revo- 
lution, 1776-17S6. Written by Hinvself. With a Prefacs. and 
Notes, by Charles I. Bushnell. Portrait. Svo, half morocco. 

New York, 1S60 
Privately printed, 



2312 ("Smith (Scba).] The LrPE ami Wkiiinos of Majhk Jack 
Ddwninc. of Downinjfville away down East in the State of Maine. 
U'lunkuts, i2m(), calf, ji;ilt. Boston, 1S33 

2313 Smith (William). The History of the I'rovin'CF. of Nk.w- 
YoRK, from the First discovery to the Year 1732. To which is 
annexed, .'V Descrijition of the Country, with a short account of the 
Inhabitants, their Trade. Relij^icnis and Political State, and the 
Constitution of the Courts of Justice in that Colony. Lar^e Jolded 
frontispiice. 4to, half calf. London, 1757 

Large copy, 10' |j x i% inches on the page. 

2314 Smiim. HisroKY of Nkw-York, from its First Discovery . . . 

with a Continuation . . to the year, 1814. 8vo, sheep. 

Albany, 18 14 
Autograpli of H. F. Butler on flyleaf. 

2315 Smiiii. 'I'he HisntRV of the late I'rovini k of Nkw-York, 
from its Discovery to the .'Vppointnient of (lovernor Colden in 
1762. 2 vols., 8vo, half morocco, jjilt tops, uncut. 

New York, 1S30 

2316 [Smith (Dr. \V.).| An Historical Account of the Expkdi- 
Tio.N aj^ainst tin- Ohio Indians, in the Year MDCCi.XIV. Under 
the Coniiiiaiul of IIknrv Houcjik i , Ks(| : Colonel of Foot, and now 
ihij^adicr Cieiicral in .\mcrica. Includinjj His Iransactions with 
the Indians, Relative to the Delivery of their Prisoners, and the 
Preliminaries of Peace. Willi an Introductory Account of the 
i'lecedinj^ Cainpai;^n, .\iul IJaltle at lUishy-Ruii. To which are 
annexed Military Papers, containing Reflections on the War with 
the Sav.ijjes ; a Method of forminjjf Frontier .Settlements; some 
Account of the Indian Country, with a List of Nations, Fijjhti" ' 
Men, Towns, Distances and different Routs. The whole illustrat-. > 
with a Map and Copper-plates. Published from authentic Docu- 
ments, by a Lover of his Country. 410, pp. .xiii. 71. ^l/(//, 2 plans 
and 2 plates. Polished calf extra, gilt top, uncut, by Pratt. 

London: Ktpi intcd for T. Jejf cries, 1766 

.'^plfiuliil copy, and very rare in uncut conilition. 

In this edition the 3 plans are on a reiluccd scale, but it contains in addition 
two tine historical plates engraved by llrignon, from the earliest drawings of Ben- 
jamin West, to one of which his autograph sijriuaure is attached. 

" The work narrates tlie lietails of tiie victory trained ove.' Indian foa.-s 
by Knglish tr<>ops, after the savages had been taught the use of fire-arms. .Nearly 



twenty years elapsed t>cfore the whites gained another, during which perifxl they 
sulfiTi-d dreadful defeats in thirteen i)attlis at the liands of the Indians. Colonel 
Bouquet by his judicious arranjjenients first laid down the plan, in followin); 
which (ieneral Wayne secured the same result." — Fiki.d. 

2.317 [Smiiii.| ' A Skrmon on tlie Tkisknt Si i ua mon of Ami.kican 
Affairs, i'reachcd in C'hrist-Cluirch, June 2.5, 1775, at the 
Rc(|iicst of the Officers of the Third Hattal.iin of the City of 
Philadelphia, and District of Soiithwark. By Wiiliani Sniitli, D.I^ 
.Svo. half morocco. London: E. atul C. I^illy, 1775 

I'lihlished to "promote the Cause of Liberty and Virtue." — t'ol.. John (ad- 



^i Ben- 
fort --s 

231 S Smith. Skk.mon on the I'kkskn r SiruAiio.N of .\mi kkan 
Affairs . . . June 23, 1775. Svo, lialf inorocio. London, 1775 

23i() iSMirii.] 'I'he Jf.ff. Davis I'ikacv Casks. Kail Rejiort of the 
'I'rial of William Smith for IMracy, as one of the crew of the Con- 
federate I'rivateer, the Jeff. Davis. Before Judges (irier and 
Cadwalader . . . October, iSOi. By D. 1''. Murphy. Hvo, half 
morocco. I'hilailelphia, 1.S61 

2320 Smvih (\V.) (///(/ Low f. (F.). Nakkaitvf. of a Joikmy from 
Lima to I'ara, across the .Andes and down the Amazon : under- 
taken with a view of ascertainin<,' the practicability of a Navi;^able 
Communication with the .Atlantic, by the Rivers I'achitea, Ucayali 
and .Amazon. 3 maps and \o plalis. Svo, half calf, ;;ilt. 

London, 1S36 

2321 [Soiioi.iwski. I Ca I Ai.(i(;t F. de la Collection precieuse de 
Livres, anciens et modernes, formant la l>ibliothc(|Ui' de feu \L 
Serge Sobok-wski (de Moscou). Svo, half morocco, )j[ilt top. 

Lcipzivf. 1S73 

2322 [SoiiKTV of the CiNCi.NN A 11. 1 The Insi 11 1: iion of the 
SociF.i V of the CiNCi.NNAiT . . . for the use of the Members of 
the C'onmionwealth of Mas.sachusetts. Frontispiece, Svo, half 
morocco, jjilt top. Boston, iSoi 

Contains the Names of the Original Members. 10 pp. 

2323 [SociErv of the Cincinnati.] The Instii ution of the Socniv 
of the Cincinna ri . . . [with Names of the Orijfinal Members of 
Rhoile-Island). Frontispiece. 8vo, l)oards. Boston, 1S02 

Autograph of Benjri. Tallniadj^e on title and cover. A prcsentaiion copy from 
Major William I'eck. 



2.^24 (SoCIF.TY of CrN(IN\ATI.| I.'OkDKK AmI'KICAINK (Ic ClN( IN- 

NA ii;s en France. Rt';ili'ini'nts ct ('orrt'spondanccs dc Wasliinj;- 
ton, par M. Ic Harun ilc Cjirardot. Mvo, half morocco, );ilt top. 
50 p|) Nantes, n. d. 

2325 |StKiKTYof tlic Cincinnati. I .XnOKAiioN delivered at the 
Nortli (.'hiircli in Hartford at the .Meetinjj of the (.Connecticut 
Society of the Cincinnati, July 4th, 17S7, in coininenioration of the 
Independence of the United States. Hy Joel Harlow. 4to, pp. 20. 

[Hartford, 1787] 
.\n Okaiion delivered at New-llaven on tiie 7th of July, .\. I). 
I So I, before the Society of the Cincinnati, for the State of Con- 
necticut ... By 'I'heodore Dwight. Svo, pp. 43, uncut. 

Hartford, iSoi 

A Vaik.dic lOKY Disc 1IUKSI-, delivered before tiie Cincinnati of 

Connec ticut, in Hartford, July 4th, 1.S04, at tiie Dissolution of the 

Society. Hy I). Humphreys. (Svo, uncut, pp. 60. Boston, 1804 

3 vols, in I vol. Svo, half morocco. v. d. 

2326 |S()ciiiv of the Cincinnati. I I'koc k.kiunos of tiie CiInk.kai. 
Soc II TV of the CiNc.iNNAii, with the Original Institution of the 
Order, 'i'o which are annexed the Act of Incor|)(>ration by the 
State of I'ennsylvania . . . and the Testimonial to the Memory of 
(jeneral Washington . . . May. 1800. Svo, morocco. 

Philadelphia, 1841 

2327 ISOCIKTV of the CiNCINNAII. I I'roc IKDINCS of the CiKNKKAI. 

Soc II lY of the CiNCINNAII, with the Original Institution of the 
Onler, and fac-siinile of the signatures of the Original Members of 
thy State Society of Pennsylvania I'olio, half morocc;), uncut. 

Philadelphia, 1847 
Sixteen pages of text, .ind 22 pages of fac-simile autognphs. 

2328 Soi.ANO (San Francisco). Co.mpkndio de la Vida, Virtudks, 
y Mila gros del Ai'osroi. del pi'.RU. . . . F^scriviola el Doct. Don 
Bartliolome .Sanchez de F'eria. 410, vellum. Miulrid, 1762 

A curious biograpliy of the first " Apostoi del Peru." 

2329 SoLis (Don Antonio). HiS/ oria de la Conquista de Mixico, 
poblacion y progressos de la America Septentrional, conocida por 
el nombre de Nueva Espaila. Frontispicci\ii<ith portrait. F'olio, 
calf. Madrid, 1684 

First Edition. 









2330 The HisToKV of the Conquest of Mi xico by the 
Sp AN'iAKDs. Traiislati'd . . . Iiy Thomas Townsend . . . revist-d 
ami corrected by Nathaiiacl llookc. rortrait by \'eitiit\ nuip lUiJ 
1 plates. 2 vols., Svo, half calf, gilt. London, 1753 

2331 SoLis. HisTOKiA do la Conqimsta de Mkxico, poblacion, y 
progresos dc la America Septentrional, &c. Map anii d plates. 2 
vols., Svo, parchment. Harcelona, 1771 

2332 SoNos and of the Amkrican Rkvoi.ution. With 
Notes and Illustrations by Frank Moore. Froiitispicie and vii^nrtte. 
i2mo, half morocco. New York, 1S56 

^^a Soto (Ferdinand dc). Historik de la Conqukstf. de la 
Fi.oRiDK, par les Kspaj^nols, sous Ferdinand dc Soto. Kcrite en 
Tortugais par un (jcntil-honmie de la ville d'Elvas [traduitj par 
M. D. C. [De Citri dc la CluetteJ. Small Svo, calf. Paris, 1685 

2334 Soto. A Rki.ation of the Invasion and Conqukst of Fi.okida 
by the Spaniards . . . now Englished . . . with some Discov- 
eries made by the Spaniards in the Island of California in the year 
1683. Small Svo, half morocco, gilt top. London, 1686 

2335 [Soio.] Lkttkk of Hernando dk Soto, and Memo'r of Her- 
nando de Escalantc Fontaneda. Translated from the S; anisli by 
Buckingham Smith. Map. Folio, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. 

Washington, 1854 

Privatcl\ printeil. 

'■ These translations arc nmde from MSS. in the Original Sp;«riish, belonging' to 
the I lisiorieal Collection of James I.eno.x, I'",sq. One hundred copies have been 
printed for (J. W. K[igg]."— .\V/f hv Mk. S.mith. 

" Soto conquered the native tribes of Indians of Florida in 1539, and this letter, 
dated July ijth, I53<), addressed to the Justice and Hoard of Magistrates of .San- 
tiago de Cuba, is the oCicial account of the expedition." 

2336 [Soto.] The Likk, Travki.s and Advkn turks of Ferdinand 
DK. .Soto, Discoverer of the Mississippi. Hy Lambert A. Walker. 
Illustrations on steel and wooJ. Svo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1859 

2337 Soulastre (Dorvo). Voyaok par tcrre de SantoI)(>mi\<;ii 
. . . au Cap-Fran(;ais. Frontispiece. Svo, half calf. Paris, 1809 

'^7>2t^ Soui.Ks (P"ran(;ois). Histoire dcs de i.'Ami'ri(,)UE 
Anui.aise.^e maps. 4 vols., Svo, half calf. Paris, 1787 



23^9 Sol THKKN CiKNKKAi.s, wlio tlicy arc, and wliat they luivo ilone. 
17 sti',1 portraits. 8vo, cloth. New York, 1S65 

2340 Soi'TiiKkN Ilisiouit Ai, SociKTY 1'apkrs. VoluMic I. Jan- 
uary to J uiu', 1S76. Riclimoiul, 1876 

Also, a C'onffdcr.ite Roster by t'harles C. Jones, Jr. 

Kichtnotid, 1S76 

2341 SoUTiii'.KN HisroKV OK rill \V\k. Official | Confederate! 
Ke|)orts of Battles. Portrait. 8vo, cloth. New York, 1S63 

2342 SpAKiiiui* (Horatio Ciatos). A INhkit (UiiDi. for the 'I'oiirist 
and Traveler aloiiy the line of the Canals anil the Interior Coni- 
nierct' of the State of New York, uino, half morocco. 

New York, 1824 

2343 [Si'AC.Noi.i (iJattista).] Opkra Nova Mai'IIsI/K Mamuani 
Carmii.h .K. Ciivorjjius. Ca-cilia. Hrixia. Siluarum. l.ibri duo. 
Exhortatio rej;il christianorn vt ducant in barbaros. Small 8vo, 
crusheil levant morocco, j^ilt leaves, l)y HarJy. Ascesianis, 1509 

H. A. V. .\(U1., No. 35, fails to mfriiion ilie c-ijjiit unnuinln'rcil Ic-jvcs in this 
copy, wliirli coinmi'tice " 1 'c frntuna.: F. Cl(in/.aj;;i'." Asicns, 1510. 

2344 Spaniards (The) Crui'.i rv and TRKAciirKV to the Knoi isii in 

the time of I'eace and War Discovered. Heinj; the Council of a 

Person of Honour to Kin;; James, then upon Treaty of I'eace 

with them, for to insist upon a I'lee Trade in the WKsr-lNDii-.s. 

With some Kxpedieiits for the subjecting of the Spaniard in 

Anierica, to the Obedience of l''.nj;land. jto, half morocco. 

London, 1656 
Sij;ni-(l I >. K . 

2345 [Spanish Dkprkda iion. | TheCASK of Mainwarino, Hawks, 
l*AYNi; and others, Concerninjj a Depredation made by the Span- 
ish-VVest-lndia I'leete, upon the Ship Klizabeth. Restitution 
soujfht in Spayne, iVc. . . . jwith the Remonstrance of Don 
Alonso de Cardenas, 11 pp. |. 4to, half morocco. 

( London], Anno 1646 

2346 (Spanish Suciikssion.) The Dukk ok Anjou's Succession 
Considered, As to its I.ejj;ality and Conseipiences ; with Rellec- 
tions on the French Kind's Memorial to the Dutch, &c. Title, 
1 leaf, Preface, i leaf, pp. 1-56. 

Pan 'I'he Dukk ok .\njou's Succkssion further consider'tl, 

A Mi; KUAN A. 



I IS. 



as to tlie DaMjjtT that may arise from it to Kiirope in Ciciu-ral ; 
but more particularly to Knj,Manil, iVc. 'I'itle, i leaf, I'refacc, 
I leaf, pp. I 54. 
3 vols, in I. 4to, half morocco, lower margins cropped. 

i.onilon, 1701 

2347 Sparks. I.iiirarv ok Amkrican Hioc.r aimiy. (!oiuliictecl by 
Jared Sparks. Hoth series complete. /u/j;/<t!t't/ ////(■.», ii>i/// 15 
portraits on .vAv/ of /)istinii:;ias/itu/ Aiiiiritiins, 25 vols., 1 jiuo, cloth. 

Nrw York, 1.S60; hoston, 1.S4H 
" Si-cund ill ini|H>rtaiiL'e nnd value to no siTics of (>ri(;inal works ever printi'tl in 
this country." 

Contains Lives of : 
Allen (Ktlian), 
AriiciKI (lieiieilirt), 
Hrnwn (('has. Hmckden), 
Urainenl (1 )aviii), 
Hatoii (Natiri), 
Boone ( I >aniel), 
Calvert (Leonard), 
(,'al)ot (Sebastian), 
1 >avi(lsoM ( l.iuretia M.), 
I )wi^;hl ('liiniilliv), 
hecatiir (Stephen), 
Davie (William K ). 
Kliot (John). 
Kllery (William), 
Katon (William). 
Kdwards (Jonathan), 
I'ullon (K'»bt.), 
litch (John), 
Creene (Nathaniel), 
Ciorton (Siinniel), 

Hudson (Henry), 
Hutchinson (Anne). 
Henry (Patrick), 
Kirkland (Saimiel), 
Lincoln (llenjamin), 
Ledyard (John), 
Lee (Charles). 
La Salle (k. C. de), 
Leislei (Jacob), 
Maninetlc (Father). 
Mather (Cotton), 
Montgomery (Richard), 
Mason (John), 
Otis (James), 
Ojjlethorpe (James), 
I'lilaski (CoimC, 
I'ike (Zebulon M.), 
I'alfrey (William), 
I'osey (Thomas), 
Preble (lalw.ird), 

I'enn (William). 
Piiikney (William), 
I'hips (Sir W illiam), 
i'utnani (Isiael). 
Kittenhoiise (l)avid), 
kumford (Count), 
kibatilt (John). 
Rale (.Sebastian), 
kecd (Joseph), 
Sullivan (John), 
Stiles (K/ra), 
St.irk (John), 
Smith (CajU. John), 
Steuben (H.iron), 
Vane (Sir Henry), 
Wilson (.\lex.), 
Wayne (Anthony), 
Warren (Joseph), 
Ward (Samuel), 
Williams (koger). 

W I'.S, 

I Don 





er il 

2348 " Si'KC lATOK." An KNQtiRV respectinjjj the Capiuki. of 
Washinc. ION by the Mritish on the 24th .August, 1S14; with an 
Kxainination of the Report of the Committee of Investi;i;ation, 
appointed by Congress. Svo, half morocco. Washington City, 1S16 

2349 Spknck (William). Mritain Inukpkndknt of Commkrck ; or, 
Proofs deduced from an investigation into the 'rriie Causes of the 
Wealth of Nations. 8vo, half morocco. I'hiladclphia, 180.S 

2350 |Spknckr.] Memorial of Amhrcjsk Spkni ku, former Chief 
Justice of the Supreme Court of the State of N. Y. Portrait. Svo, 
cloth. Albany, 1849 

Presentation copy to Peter Townscnd. 










|50 ™^ 



t 1^ 12.0 


IL2S lllllii ill 1.6 







(716) 872-4503 










2351 [Spilbergen.] Speculum Orientalis Occidentalisque 
Indle Navkjationum ; Quarum una Georgii a Spilbergen classis 
cum potestate Prajfecti, altera Jacobi le Maire auspiciis imperioque 
directa, Annis 1614, 15, 16, 17, 18. Exhibens Novi in mare 
Australe transitus, incognitarumque hactenus terrarum ac gen- 
tium inventione, ^:c. Large folded map and 14 smaller maps and 
etchings. Oblong 4to, russia, gilt edges. Lugd. Batav., 1619 

From the collection of the Kt. Hon. Thos. CJrenville. 

2352 Spirit of the Puhlic Journals (The) ; or, Beauties of the 
American Newspapers for 1805. ismo, boards. Baltimore, 1S06 

■i 2353 Spix and Von Martius. Travels in Brazil in 1817-20. 
9 plates. 2 vols., 8vo, half calf, gilt. London, 1824 

2354 Spori (Felix-Christian). Americanische Reisz-beschreibung 

nach den Caribes Inszlen und NewEngelland. Pp. 90. Small 8vo, 

half morocco. Zurich, 1677 

J^" See No. 174. A second work in this volume relates to the Gold coast of 

Africa, with plates. 

235s Sprague (John T.). The Origin, Progress and Conclusion 
of the Florida War, to which is appended a Record of Officers 
. . . Musicians and Privates of the U. S. Army, Navy and Marine 
Corps, who were killed in battle, &c. Map and ilhtstrations. 8vo, 
half morocco. New York, 1848 

2356 Sprengel (M. C). Geschichte der Revolution von Nord- 
Amekica. Large map. Small 8vo, boards. Frankenthal, 1785 

2357 Spkunkr (Karl von). Historico-Gecgraphical Hand-Atlas 
from . . . 476. 26 adored maps. Oblong 4to, cloth. 

London, 1861 
Maps 12 and 22 show the Voyages made by the Discoverers of America. 

2358 S(juiER (E. G.) a«</ Davis (E. H.). Ancient Monuments of 
the Mississippi Valley : comprising the Results of extensive 
original Surveys and Explorations. With 48 maps and plates and 
207 woodcuts. 4to, half morocco, gilt top, uncut edges. 

City of Washington, 1847 
Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge. Vol. I. 

4 2359 Squier. Notes on Central America, particularly the States 
of Honduras and San Salvador. Maps and plates. 8vo, cloth. 

New York, 1855 



2360 SyuiER. CoLLK.cTioN of Rark aiicl Original Documents and 
Relations concerning the Discovery and Conquesi of America 
[Carta dirijida al Rey de Espafto por . . . Don Diego (larcia de 
Palacio . . . 1576] . . . Published in the Original, with Trans- 
lations, Illustrative Xotes, Maps and Biographical Sketches. Map. 
4to, half morocco, git top, uncut edges. New York, 1.S60 

No. 1 of the inU'iidcd scries, with the t)iiyinal text and translation on opposite 

2361 SguiER. Monograph of Au rnous who have written on the 
Languages of Central .America, and collected Vocabularies or 
composed works in the Native Dialects of that Country. 4to, half 
morocco, gilt top. New York, 1861 

2362 [Staden (Hans).] Warhai-tig Hisioria und beschreibung 
eyner Landtschafft dei' Wilden Nacteten, Grimmigen, Mensch- 
fresser, Leuthen, in dcr Newcnwelt .America gelengen, vor und 
nach Christi geburt iin l,and zu Hessen vnbekant, bisz vff 
ij. nechst vergangene jar, (S:c. Curious ^ooodcuts throughout the 
tiwty I'ut lui/ius the luap. 4to, half calf. Marpurg, 1537 

Nuggets, No. 2,(>()i. 

One of the most important books relating to South America, chielly upon the 
Toupanimbas Indians of Hrazil. 

Reproduced in De Bry; also in Ternau.x's collections. 

^i^}) [Stamler.] Dvai.ogus Iohanms SrAMLER Augustn de divcr- 
saruiTi gencium sectis et mundi religionibus. Woodcut tith\ 
repeated on both sides of the leaf. Folio, half morocco. 

Auguste : E. Og/in ct G. A^adier, 150S 
15. A. v.. No. 51. On verso of \. III., see " De insulis ante inventis men- 
tione nulle facio; Sed Christoferi ("olom erunde invetoris ct Alberici Ves 
piicii," &c. 

[s of 





2364 Starbuck (Alex.). 
Fishery. 8vo, cloth. 

History of 

the A.merican Whai.i: 
Waltham, Mass., 1878 

2365 [State Papers.] A Collection of Siate-Papers, relative to 
the First .Acknowledgment of the Sovereignty of the United States 
of America, And the Reception of their Minister Plenipotentiary, by 
their High Mightinesses the States General of the United Nether- 
lands, To which is prefixed, the Political Character of John 
Adams ... By an American. Likewise An Kssay on Canon 
and Feudal Law, By John Adams. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, 
uncut edges. Top of title cut. London, 1782 



2366 |SiAii'. Ru;hts.] Rkmarks on Statk Ruih'is. J?y a Citizen 
of Massachusetts. 8vo, half morocco. lioston, 1824 

2367 S'lATU I'F.s at Large of the Pkovisionai, Government of the 
Confederate States of America, from the Institution of the 
Covernment, Feb. H, 1861, to its Termination, Keb. 18, 1862 . . . 
Edited by James M. Matthews, 8vo, half morocco. 

Richmond, 1S64 

2368 [SiEDMAN (C.).| History of the Origin, Progress and 
Termina rioN of the American War. By C. Stedman, who 
served under Sir W. Howe, Sir H. Clinton, and the Marquis Corn- 
wallis. IS, /i/ans. 2 vols., 4to, calf, 

London: Printed for the AutJwr, 1794 

Particularly valuable on account of the lnvi^c ami splendid Military Maps and 
Surveys, from the officiai orii:;inals by the British engineering staff, with which it 
is adorned. 

2369 [Steenoam.] Jacob Steendam, Noch Vaster. A Memoir of the 
FiRsr PoKT in New-Neiherland, with his Poems descriptive of 
the Colony [Edited by Henry C. Murphy]. Portiait. 8vo, half 
morocco, gilt top. The Hague, 1861 

Printed for private distribution. 

2370 [Stella.] Julii Caesaris Stellae. Nob. Rom. Coliivi- 
beidos, Libro priores duo. 4to, morocco extra, gilt leaves. 

LoLdini : Johaiinem Woljium, 1585 

" Written by the ' precocious child ' at the request of t'.- College of Cardin;iis, 
and read at the Villa Farnese in the presence of their eminences." — II. H. 

2371 [Stephens (James). 1 War in Disouis-r.; or, the Frauds of the 
Neutral Flags. 

[Also:] An Answer to War in Disguise; or, Remarks on the 
New Doctrine of England, concerning Neutral Trade. 

2 vols, in I. 8vo, calf. New York, 1806 

Rich attributes this to (iouverneur Morris. 

2372 Stephens (John L.). Inciden.ts of Travel in Yucatan. Illus- 
trated by 120 engravings, 2 vols., 8vo, cloth. New York, 1843 

Presentation copy from the author. 

2373 [Stephens ('J'homas).] A Brief Account of the Causes That 
have retarded the Progress of the Colony of Georgia, in 





of the 



Ik, 1843 



America; Attested upon Oath, being A proper Contrast to A State 
cf the Province of (jeorgia . . . 8vo, half morocco, uncut. 

London, i 743 

2374 [Stkphi'.ns. I A Brief Account, i^-c. Another copy. I'ol- 
ished calf extra, by Aitkeii. London, 1743 

2375 [Stki'uknson. I The l.ii'Kof (ikokck Stephenson and of his son 
RoiiKur . , . comprising also a History of the Invention ami 
Introduction of the Railway Locomotive. Portraits lUiJ ji'ooi/cuts. 
8vo, cloth. New York, 1868 

Ericsson's " Novelty," ]\ 322. Clrand Trunk Railway of Canada, p. 476. 

2376 Stephenson (Marmaduke). A Call from Death to Like, 
. . . Written by Marmaduke Stephenson; Who (together with 
another dear Servant of the Lord called William Robinson) hath 
(since the Writing hereof) suffered Death, &c. 4to, half morocco. 

London, 1O60 

-377 |Steui!EN.] Re<;uea itons for the Order and Discipline of 
the Troops of the United States. 1 plates. Part 1. i2mo, calf. 

Philadelphia : C. Cist, 1 800 

2378 Stevens (Henry). Recoleec tions of Mr. James Lenox of 
New York and the Formation of his Library. Portraits. Post 
8vo, half cloth, uncut. London, 1886 

Despite the error as to the purchaser of Gosnold's anil Way niouth's Voyajres 
(p. 165) and a few other discrepancies, this little book will always have a value to 
collectors of Americana. The (i. M. li. goes "behind the scenes," and opens 
many a pleasant vista of rare " finds," now unfortunately rarer than the treasures 

2379 [Stevens.] Bihliotheca Americana. A Catalogue of Books 
relating to the History and Literature of America. Both parts. 
8vo, half morocco. London, 1861 

2380 [Stevens.] Bihliotheca Geogkaphica & Historica ; or, a 
Catalogue of . . . Books, Maps, Charts . , . many relating to 
North and South America . . . described ... by Henry Stevens. 
Frontispiece. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, London, 1872 

2381 [Stevens.] Biih.iotheca Historica ; or, a Catalogue of . . . 
Books and Manuscripts relating chiefly to the History and Liter- 
ature of North and South America, among which is included the 



larger proportion of the Extraordinary Library of the late Henry 
Stevens, Sr., of l>arnet,Vt. lulitetl, with Introduction and Notes, 
by Henry Stevens. Svo, halt morocco, gilt top, uncut. 

I5oston, 1S70 
I?i'aiilifiilly printcil and profusely annotated. One of the few bil)li(>j;rapliieal 
wiirks which may he read tliroughoiit with profit an<l instruction combined with 

2382 Stkvkns (Henry). Historical Nuciokis. llibliotheca Ameri- 
cana; or, a Descriptive Account of my Collection of Rare IJooks 
relating to America. 2 vols., foolscap 8vo, cloth, uncut, 

London: Whittinghaiu, Mi)cct:i.xii. 
Contains the titles, at length, of three tliousand books rehitiny to America. 

23S3 IStkvkns. I Historical and Gkographicai, Notks on the 
earliest Disconkries in America, 1453-1530, with Comments on 
the earliest Charts and Maps ; the Mistakes of the early Naviga- 
tors and the Blunders of the Geographers; the Asiatic Origin of 
the Atlantic Coast Line of North America, how it crept in and 
how it crept out of the Maps; the whole Illustrated by the Tehuan- 
tepec Railway Company's Map of the World on Mercator's Pro- 
jection and Photo-Lithographic Fac-similes of many of the earliest 
Maps and Charts of America. By Henry Stevens. Svo, cloth, 
uncut. New Haven, 1869 

75 copies only printed for sale on Whatman's best hand-made paper; witli 
frontispiece, one new map of the world, and photo-lithojjraphie facsimiles of i^i 
of the very earliest known maps of America, arranged on five large sheets of bond 

2384 Stevens (James Wilson). An Historical and Geograi'Hical 
Account of Algiers; comprehending a Novel and Interesting 
Detail of Events relative to the American Captives. i2mo, calf. 

Philadelphia, 1 797 
Formerly the property of one of the signers of the Declaration of Indepenilence 
— ('arter llra.xton — with his autograph twice repeated. 

2385 I Stevens. J A New Collection of Voyages and Travels, 
with Historical Accounts of Discoveries and Conquests In all Parts 
of the World. None of them ever before Printed in English, &c. 
4 maps and 9 plates. 2 vols., small 4to, polished calf extra, by 
Bedford. London, 1708-ro 

A Complete Set, as follows: 

I, Arci.nsmi.a's Discovery and Conquest of the Moiueco anO I'hilippine Islands. 
Miip (1)1(1 3 //i;/r.f. 



II. I,a\v;i(in's Voyage to Carolina. Map and plate. 

III. Seventeen Years' Travels of Pktik OK Cli./.A. Map, plan of CiiZiO an, I 4 
e filling's. . 

IV. Travels of Si KIR Moiette in Fez and Morocco. Map. 
\. Travels of Pi.tkr Ti'.ixkira from India to Italy by Land. 
\T. Caiciii/s N'oyajje to Madagascar. 

\ II . Travels of the Ji'sirrs in Ethiopia. 

23S6 SiiLEs (E.). A History of Thkkk of the Jimxiks of KiNc; 
CuAKLis I., Major-General Whalley, Major-Cieneral (ioffe, ami 
Colonel Dixwf 1' Who, at the Restoration, 1660, Fled to America; 
antl were Secret. 1 iid Concealed, in Massachusetts and t!onncc- 
ticut, for near Thirty Years. With an Account of Mr. Theophilus 
Whale, of Narragansett, Supposed to have been also one of the 
Judges. By President Stiles. 9 plates. i2mo, calf e.xtra, gilt 
leaves, by /'/•<?//'. Hartford: Printed by Elisha Bahcock., 1794 

23.S7 Stii.ks (Henry R.). History of the City of Brooklyn, 
including the Old Town and Village of Brooklyn, tlie Town of 
Bushwick, and the Village and City of Williamsburg. N'umtious 
fine portraits., plates and maps. 3 vols., 8vo, cloth, gilt t(jps, uncut 


Brooklyn (.Vlbany), 1S67-70 

)f ifi 










2388 The History of Ancient Windsor, Connecticut . . . 
prior to 1768 . . . also the Cenealogies and Cenealogical Notes of 
those Families which Settled within the Limits . . . prior to 1800 
[with Supplement]. IVoodeuts, erv. 2 vols., Svo, cloth. 

New York, 1859-63 

2389 Stiles. Bundling : its Origin, Progress and Decline in 
America. i2mo, cloth. Albany, 1871 

2390 [Stirling.] Narrative of the Oppressive Law Proceed- 
ings, and other Measures, resorted to by the British (loverninent, 
and numerous private individuals, to Overpower the F^arl of 
Stirling, and Subvert his Lawful Rights. Written by Himself. 
Also, a Genealogical Account of the Family of .Mexander, F^arls of 
Stirling, &c. . . . followed by an Historical View of their Here- 
ditary Possessions in Nova Scotia, Canada, (S:c., by Ephraim 
Lockhart, &c. 4to, boards, uncut. F^dinburgh, 1836 

Privately printed. 

2391 [Stirling.] The Life of William Alexander, F^arl of 
Stirling . . . with Selections from his Correspondence. By 



his Grandson William Alexander Duer. Portrait and plans. 8vo, 
cloth. New York: N. J. Hist. Soc, 1.S47 

■^2392 [SriHLiNo.] Vindication of the Rights and 'rrri.KS, Political 
and Territorial, of Ai.k.xander, Earl of, & Dovan 
. . . By John I,. Hayes [also] Trial of Lord Stirling, being Part 
II. of the Vindication. Facsimile. cSvo, half morocco. 

Washington, 1853 

•4 2393 SriTH (William). The History of the First Discovery and 
Sk rTi.EMFNT of VIRGINIA; being An Essay towards a (leneral 
History of this Colony. [An Appendi.x to the First Part of the 
History of Virginia : containing A Collection of such ancient 
Charters or Letters Patent, as relate to that Period of Time, and 
are still extant in our pul)lick Offices in the Capitol, or in other 
authentic Papers and Records. 8vo, morocco antique, gilt leaves, 
hy Matt/icicis, Williamsburg, 1747 

The above copy corresponds in collation, with the original edition, corrected, 
as in the Urinley copy 3796. 

\ 2394 [Stobc] Memoirs of Major Rohert Stobo, of the Virginia 
Regiment. Plan of Fort du Qucsne. 1 8mo, cloth. 

Pittsburgh, 1854 

2395 Stone (E. M.). The Invasion of Canada in 1775 : including 
the Journal of Capt. Simeon Thayer, describing the Perils and 
Sufferings of the Army under Col. Benedict Arnold, in its March 
through the Wilderness to Quebec. With Notes and Appendix. 
By Edward M. Stone. Map and 2 portraits. 4to, half morocco, 
gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet. Providence, 1867 

L.arge paper copy. Privately printed. 

2396 Stone. The Invasion of Canada. 2 portraits and a map. 
4to (8vo), half morocco, gilt top, uncut edges. Providence, 1SO7 

Only a limited edition privately printed. 

2397 Stone (William L.). Maithias and his Impostures; or, the 
Progress of Fanaticism, illustrated in the extraordinary case of 
Robert Matthews , . . i8nio, half morocco New York, 1835 

2398 Stone. Uncas and Miantonomoh, a Historical Discourse. 
iSmo, half morocco. New York, 1842 



2399 [SroMNGTON.] Defence of Stonington (Connecticut) against 
a Britisii S(iuadron, August 9th to 12th, 1814. (Preface by J. H. 
'rruinbuil.| 410, half morocco, gilt top. Hartfonl, 1S64 

Only 125 copies privately printed. No. 41. 

2400 SroRK (William). DEscRirnoN of E.\st-Fi.orii)a, with a 
Journal, kept by John Bartram of Philadelphia, Botanist to His 
Majesty for The Floridas, Upon A Journey from St. .\ugiistiiie up 
the River St. John's. Map and 2 plans. 4to, half morocco. 

London, 1769 

2401 [Story (Isaac).] A Parnassian Shop, opened in the Pindaric 
style, by Peter Quince, Esq. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut 
edges. Boston, iSoi 

2402 |^tvAi)o.| c^tcalionts tUustn'sstmt scn'ptoi'is 

^CO0C(I|)i)tcI decem et septem libros cotinens e Clreco in Latinu 
a Gregorio Typhernale et Guarino Veronese cnversa cum Indice 
haud quacq asp nando propter meliorc litteraru ordine servatu. 
Engraved border to title, and woodcut device by Claude C7ievallon. 
Folio, vellum. Some pages worm-eaten. Parisiis, 1512 

2403 [Strachev (William).] For The Coi.onv in Viroixea Brit- 
TANNiA. Lawes Dlvinc, Moral! and Martiall, i!v-c. 4to, calf, gilt, 
by Riviere. London, 1612 

2404 Strength out ok Weaknesse; Or a Glorious Manifestation Of 
the further Progresse of the Gospel among the Intlians in New- 
England. Held forth in Sundry Letters from divers Ministers 
and others to the Corporation, &C. . . . since the last Treatise 
to that effect. Published by Mr. Henry Whitfield, t^c. 4to, 
sprinkled calf, gilt over red leaves, by Riviere. London, 1652 

Fine copy of the first edition, identified by the signatures of 12 ministers to the 
Epistle Dedicatoric. 

2405 Strength out of Weakness; Or a Glorious Manifestation Of 
the further Progresse of the Gospel amongst The Indians in New- 
England, &c. 4to, calf antique, gilt over red leaves, by Riviere. 

London, 1652 
The Third edition, with the address to the Reader signed by 18 names. 

2406 [Stuart (I. W.).] Hartford in the Oi.den Timi:: its First 
Thirty Years, by "Scaeba." E« -d by W. M. B. Hartley. Illus- 
trated. 8vo, cloth. Hartford, 1853 



2407 Stuokr (Jacob H ). Coi.umhus, Ohio: its History, Resources 
and Trogress. Illustiatcd. 121110, cloth. Columbus, 1.S73 

240.S Stuvenio (Jo. Kriderico). 
1 )issertatio H istorico-Critica 

l)i. Vi;ko Novi Okhis Inventokk. 
Small 8vo, vellum. 

Francofurti ad Moetium, 1714 
'I'hc object of the .luthor is to sliow that the New World lirst discovered 
by Martin Hehaini, and by him made known to Columbus. 

2409 .SuAREZ Y Navakko (Juaii). HisTOKiA dc Mexico y del Gen- 
eral Antonio l.opez de Santa-Anna . . . Portrait. Folio, half 
morocco. Mexico, 1850 

2410 [Suc.Ak I'l.ANTATioNS. I The Case of His Majesties Siir.AK 
I'l.ANTATioNs. Folio, luilf iiiorocco, pp. 4. [London, 1677] 

An Outcry against the Duty on Sugar. 

2411 SuEEivAN (Maj.-Cen. John). The Mimtary Services and 
I'uiii.ic I,IFE of . . . by Thomas C. Amory. Portrait. Hvo, 
cloth, uncut. Boston, 1S6S 

2412 St'EEivAN (Hon. William). Memoik of . . . prcixired for 
F^arly Diary of Massachusetts Historical Proceedings. By 'I'homas 
C. Amory. 8vo. Cami)riilge, 1879 

2413 Sumner (Hon. Charles). Olr Fouekin RELArioNS. 
Also, The Barbarism of Slavery. 

2 vols. New York, 1863 

2414 SusQUEHANNAH Case (The). 24 i)p., 4t(), half morocco, gilt 
top. [Norwich, 1774?] n. p. or d. 

Relating to the Suscjuehannah l.-inds, which the Indians sold to William I'cnn. 

" .Vnd when at the Instance cf "ur Hrother Onus |Wm. I'cnn], we were 
minded to sell him some Lantls, lie told us we had sold the Susquehannah Lands 
already to the (Jovernor of New York, and that he had bought llicm from him in 
I'"ngland; tho' when he came to understand how the (iovernorof A'< r.' York had 
lieceived us, he very generously paid us for our Lands over again." — riioMSn.N's 
luK/iiiry, p. 51. 

2415 Sutherland (Th. Jeffer.son). A Letter to Her Majesty the 
British Queen, with Letters to Lord Durham, Lord Glenelg, and 
Sir George Arthur; to which is added an Appendix embracing a 
ReiJort of the Testimony taken on the Trial of the Writer by a 
Court Martial, at Toronto in Upper Canada. i2mo, cloth. 

Albany, 1841 



2416 ^uicTHJcro (JJnapri*) 3mci*(c«i Knuim'natn. smaii 

Svo, yrccn levant morocco extra, gilt leaves, by /'riitt. Skara, 17,^3 

A curious book by the father of Emanuel Sweilenborjr, on rinnsylvania, ;iinl 
the Swedes in America. It contains many interesting notes on the ial)ois of the 
Swedish pastors and their connection and co-operation with I''.nj;lish fellow- 
workers, the struggles of the colony, ami the Indians. 

2417 SwiNi'o.N (Williani). C.-^mpakins of the Ak.MV of t!ie I' 
Portraits ami maps. 8vo, cloth. New York, 1866 

2418 SvMMis. The Original Account of Capt. John Lovkwki.i.'s 
" Clreat Fight'' with the Indians at re(|uawket, May S, 1725; by 
Rev. Thomas Symmcs, oi IJradford, .Mass. \ New lulition with 
Notes, by Nathaniel Hoiiton . . . Ma/>. Small 410, half morocco. 

Concord, N. II., 18O1 

" The very rare tract of which this is a reprint, entitled ' l.ovewell l.amenltd; 
or a Sermon occasioned by liie fall of the brave Caj)!. John l.ovewell,' is a favor- 
ite object of competition among book collectors. Only one perfect copy, and 
that of ill'.' second edition, has been sold at public auction for many years; it has 
been three times offered in that manner and at the last public bidding was bought 
for if 175." — KiK.i.i). 

2419 SvMONDS (William). Vir(;inia. A Sermon prcaciicd at W'iiite- 
C^happel, in the presence of many, Honourable and Worshipfidl, 
the Adventurers and Planters for Virginia. 25 April, 1609. 410, 
calf antique, gilt edges, by Riviere. London, 1609 


■ ilt 




lini in 

\k- had 


|v the 


|ng a 

by a 


T.MI-FKR. I A TuuKand Histokicai, N u<r\tivi. () 
Colony of Gkoruia In Amkr;ja, fiom the fust st 

RR \TIVK ( )f the 
ment thereof until this present Period . . . with His 
Majesty's Charter . . . and a Dedication to . . . (Jeneral 
Oglethorpe. By Pat Tailfer, M.D., Hugh Anderson, M.A., Da. 
Douglas, and others. 8vo, polished calf extra, gilt leaves, by 
Pratt. Charles- Town, S. C., 1741 

2421 [Tammany.] Addrkss of the SociF.rv of Tammany, or Col- 
umbian Order, to its Absent Members, iS:c. 8vo, half morocco. 

New York, 1S19 

2422 [Tanner.] Societas Jesu usque ad Sanguinis et Vita; pro- 
fusionem Militans, in Europa, Africa, Asia, et America, contra 
Gentiles, Mahometanos, Judaeos, Htereticos, Impios, pro Deo, fide, 
ecclesia, pietate. Sive Vita, et Mors eorum qui ex Societate Jesu 



in causa FMdci . . . aiictorc R. Tatrc Mathia Tanner, i^'c. 
F>onti:pit'ce (cut on top) atul \']^curiou etchings oj JiSiiit AMaityis.. 
Folio, hogskin, with clasps. Praj^a;, 1675 

2423 [Tannk.k.] Socii IAS Jksu. Another copy, somewhat shorter 
than the last. Folio, vellum. I'raya;, 1675 

2424 Tapia Zi'.ntkno. Artk Novissima de Len(;ua Mkxicana, 
Que tlicto n. Carlos tie Tapia Zenteno, Colegial en el Real, y 
Pontificio Seminari(» . . . (piien lo Saca a luz debajo de la pro- 
tection del 11 '"" Sr. Dr. 1). Manuel Rubio, Salinas, iVc. 4to, j^reen 
levant morocco, extra, by Pratt. Mexico, 1753 

Has the leaf of " Epigram " fol \ so frequently missing. 

2425 Tai'pan (David). A Skkmon preached before His Excellency 
John Hancock, Esq., (lovernour; His Honor Samukl Adams, 
Esq. . . . the Honourable the Council, Senate, and House of 
Representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, May 30, 
1792, being the Day of Ccneral Election. Svo, half morocco, 
pp. 39. Boston, 1792 

2426 [Tarlkton (B.).] a Historie of the Campaigns of 1780 and 
1781. in the Sourni:RN Provincks of North Amkrica. By Lieu- 
tenant-Colonel Tarleton, Commandant of the Late British Legion. 
Map and i^ plans. 4to, half morocco, uncut. I>ondon, 17S7 

" Colonel Tarleton's History gives a minute detail of all the military opera- 
tions in both C.irolinns, and part of Virginia, until the surrender of Lord Corii- 
wallis with his whole army at Yorktown, Oct. kj, 1781." — Rich. 

2427 Tatham (William). Culture and Commerce of Toracco. 
Svo, boards, uncut. London, 1800 

2428 [Taxation.] The Objections to the Taxation of our Ameri- 
can Colonies, by the Legislature of Great Britain, briefly Consid- 
er'd. Svo. London, 1765 

Second edition. 

2429 [Taylor (George).] Martyrs to the Revolution in the 
British Prison-Ships in the VVallabout Bay. Map. Svo, half 
morocco. Scarce. New York, 1855 

2430 Taylor (James Brainerd). Memoir of. By J. H. and B. H. 
Rice. Portrait. i2mo, sheep. New York, 1S33 




2.j,5i [Taylor. I Nkw ViKwsof the Consiiiu 1 ion of the Uiiitfd 
States. By John 'I'aylor, of Caroline, Virj^iiiia. 8vo, sheep. 

\Vashinj;t()n C^ity, 1X23 

2432 Tavi. OK (William). Camioknia Lii 1; Ili.ustratkd. \G a'ooi/- 
ciits. i2mo, cloth. New York, 185S 

2433 [Tkciio. I HisroRiA rKoviNci.i-. l*AUA(;uAui,K Socic'tatis Jesu. 
Authorc 1'. Nicolao del Techo. Folio, vellum. I.eodii, 1673 

2434 Tkhuantepec Railway (The); its Location, Features and 
Advantaji^es under the La Sere (Irant of 1S69, /.ar<:;c ma[^ dnii 
plates. Svo, cloth. New York, 1 Sfig 

2435 [I'ei.lo (Fernandez). I Razonamiknto delos kmharadoris 
de KSPAStA enla obediecia (jue dieron al papa. 410, 4 leaves, red 
levant morocco extra, gilt edges, by Hardy. Rome, 150S 

B. A. V. A.UI., No. 30. 

On Recto of second leaf see the passage ; " insulus nuper inventas," etc. 

The title only is in Spanish ; the Text is in Latin. 

2436 [Terksa.) Istoria delle CIuerre del Rkcno del liKAsii.i; 
accadutc tra la corona di Portogallo e la Republica di Olanda 
composta, ed offerta alia sagra reale maesta'di Pietro Secon'do, re 
di P(jrtoij;allo, ivc, Dal P. F. Gio. (iioscppe di S. Teresa. Frond's- 
piccc, 2 portraits and 23 m ps and plans. 2 vols, in i. Folio, 
vellum. Roma, 1698 

2437 Ternaux-Compans (H.). Archives des Voyages ou Collec-* 
tion d'Anciennes Relations, .ic. 2 vols., 8vo, half morocco, gilt 
tops, Paris, 18 — 

4 2438 Ternau.x-Compans. Voyages, Relations, et MnMoiRESorigi- 
naux, pour servir ;i I'histoire de la decouverte de rAmericjue, 
publics pour la premiere fois en FVanyais. 20 vols, in 12. 8vo, half 
morocco, gilt top. Contents lettered. Paris, 1837-41 

An important and valuable collection of early X'oy.iges and Relations on South 
America : also translations of unpublished MSS., principally relating to Old and 
New Mexico. 

Contents : Narration de voyage du Federmann, d'UIm, aux ilcs de la mer 
occane, Haguenau, 1557; Histoire de la Province de Santa-("ruz, par I'ero de 
M.ighalancs de Ciandavo, Lisbonne, 1576; Veritable histoire et description d'un 
pays habite par des hommes sauvages. nus, feroces et anthropophages, situe dans 

I A 



le Nouveau-Mondc, nommu AnuTique par Hans Siaden de Momberjj, en IIcssc 
Marbourjj, 1557 ; Relation de la conqiiete du Pc'rou et de la province dc Cii/co, 
par Fran(jOis Xc'res, Salamanque, 1547; Histoire de la Navigation d'l'lrich 
Schniidel au BriJsii, depiiis I'annue 1534 jus(iu'en 1554, Nuremberg, I5()<) ; l^es 
Conimentaires d'Alvar Nunez Cabeca de Vaca, gouverneur du Rio de la Plata, 
Valladdlid. IZ'.^; Naufrages de Cabei,a de Vaea, 1555; Cruauttis horribles com- 
niises par les conquerants du Mexicjue, Memoire de Don V. Ixtlilxochitl, Mexico, 
i82(); Voyage de Cibola entrepris en 1540 (inedit); Recueil de pieces relatives i 
la comiuete du Mexiiiue (incdii); Kapport sur les classes de chefs de la nouvelle 
Kspagne, par Zurita ; Histoire des Chichimeques, ou des anciens roisde Tezcuco, 
par Don Ferdinand d'Alva Ixlilxochitl (inedit), 2 vols. ; Histoire du Nicaragua, 
par Oviedo y Valdes (inedit); Histoire du Perou. par Cavello Halboa (inedit) ; 
Second Reeueil de pieces relatives a la conquete du Mexi(iue (inedit) ; Menioiies 
historiques sur I'ancien Perou, ])ar Montt'sinos (inetlit); Histoire de royaume de 
(^uito, par Don Juan de Velasco, native de ee royaume (inedit), 2 vols. ; Recueil 
de pieces sur la Floride. 

4 2439 'ri'KTRK (Jean Baptiste tie). Histoirk Gknerai, des Isi.ks de 
S. Chris loi'HF,, de la Cliiadeloupe, de la Martinique, ct autres dans 
I'Anierique . . . Comine aussi plu.siers belles particidaritez des 
Antisles ile rAineritiue. 3 wa/'s. 410, calf. Coat-of-arvis on side. 

Paris, 1654 

First cilition ; with the Lonl's Prayer, iSic, in French and Caraibe at the end. 
4 pp., sig. A. 

2440 Tkrtre. The same (without the 4 pp. containing the Lord's 
Prayer, (Jvc). 410, vellum, Paris, 1654 

2441 |Tf.xas.] a HisTukv of Tkxas, or the Emigrant's Guide to 
tlie New Republic, by a Resident Emigrant . . . with a brief 
Introduction by the Rev. A. B. Lawrence. Colored vicio of Austin. 
umo, sheep. New York, 1845 

i 2442 TiiATCHKR (B. B.). Indian Biography. Frontispiece. 2 vols., 
i6mo, cloth. New York, 1.S32 

2443 'I'liARiN (R. S.). Ariutr-vrv Arrksts in the South; or, 
bcenes from the Experience of an Alabama Unionist. i2mo, 
cloth. New York, 1863 

2444 [Tk ;vET.] Les Singularitez de la France Antarctiquk, 
autrement nominee Amerique, & de plusieurs Terres & Isles 
decouvertes de nostre temps, par F. Andre Thevet. Curious wood- 
cuts. Small 8vo, vellum. Arms of Diana of Poitiers on side? 

Anvers, 1558 



2445 [ Thkvkt.J HiSTORiA deir India Amkrica delta AltranicMite 
Francia Antartica, di M.Andrea Tevet. Tradotta di Francese in 
lingua Italiana, da M. (luiseppe Horologgi. Small .Svo, vclknn. 

Vinegia, 1561 

2446 ['rHEVK.NOT (Melchisedec).] Rklatkins des Divk.ks Voyauks 
CuRiEUX, qui n'ont point estc publiees, on qui ont estc traduites 
d'Hacluyt, dc Purchas, & d'autres Voyageurs . . . iVc. 2 vols., 
folio, red morocco, gilt edges. Paris : Jacques Lan^Iois^ 1663 

Fujsr Edition. 

Collation ; 

\<)1. I. I'art I. Title as abovc + second title witli the ya in N'oyages transposetl, 
and witli llic imprint of .\iulrc I'ralard, I'aris, ifiSj, hotli titlesare rubricatetl, and 
tliL- seconti has a tabic of (.'ontonts on verso, f .\vis,3 leaves with Table ties dela- 
tions on verso, rubricated fUelation des (\)sa(iues pp 1-13 I Relation iles Tar- 
tares pp. 14-3071'/.'// the tu>0 7'a7uitions of tP- 29-30 f Map of (olehide I Relation 
de la ( 'olchide pp. 31-524 Inforinatione della (liorj^ia 1-26, with portrait on p. 
i5 4-\'oyage d'.Vnthoinc Jenkin.son ig-2S preceded by the Avis pp. 17-1S-+- 
Extrait du NOyajre des llollandois pajjed 29, 26-28+ half way down ]). 28 com- 
mences the Relation de la Prise de TIsle Formosa pp. 28-31 on verso (jf 31 
commencing 36 and ending at 404 Relation de la C'our du Mogid 1-12 with a 
woodcut on last page + . Map of part of llindostan (this map seems to have been 
copied from that found in partXlI.of De llry's small (Latin) \'oyages tMeinoires 
de 'Thomas Rhoe, 1-80 with etching on p. 43 | X'oyage de Edouard T'cni 1-30 
(pp. 7-8 omitted) etchings on pp. i() and 20+ E.xtracts in (Jreek from the \ oyage 
(jf the monk ( osmas i-<j, etching on p. 2, and on p. 8 all but the headdine, a 
paragraph of 3 lines, and a marginal note, printed in red + translation of the 
extracts, pp. 10-24 (ii-i 8 omitted) + E.xtracts from Abulfeda and .\nti<iuitez de 
I'ersepolis 17-24 (- Plan of Hassora with the Latin inscriptions (plate of Chaldean 
characters + Relation des Royaumes de Golconda 1-15 (p. j 6 blank) journal de 
Pierre Will. Floris 17-35 + an engraving of lionlekoe's Dodo on p. 364 Relation 
ou Journal du \oyage de ISontehoe 1-49, etching on p. 5*4-l.a 'Terre .\ustrale 
50-56 (map of .\ustralia at p. 52 without compass &c) with the leaf (55-52) on p. 
56 Discours is obliterated with a pen. Routier pour la Navigation des Indes 
Orientales 1-9 f Privilege du Rt)y 2 pages, verso of last blank. 

Vol. I. Part II. Title in black. Jac<iues Langlois 1674 4 another title in 
black. Sebastien Mabre-Cranioisy 1676-f another title rubricated, .\ndre Pralard 
i()83 with t'onlents on verso 4- Dedication 2 leaves, 4th p. blank t-Advis 1 leaf t 
Privilege I leaf, verso blank 4- Relation de TEstat present du Commerce (!i;c. 3 
pages4 Discours . . . par Leonard Camps 3 pages, ending with " Extraict d'une 
Lettre du Gouverneur General des Indes 4- Remonstrance que Francois Pelsart 
i-20 + Teixeira's Map of .Vfrica (east coast) the Philippine Islands and part of .\sia 
4- Routier pour la Navigation des Indes Orientales . . . par .\leixo da Motta 
1-60 (pp. 44, 45 are 48, 41) duplicate of the map of llindostan before mentioned 
at p. 514-duplicate of the Teixeira map+Memoires du N'oyage aux Indes Orien- 
tales du Gen. lieaulieu 1-12S (page 86 numbered 89, and pages 124, 125, 126, 
not numbered)+ four maps of coast elevations in outline 4^ map (A the coast of Scr- 

* Again introducing the dodo. 



bonne f Relation ties Isles Philippines 1-40 (pages 15, 16 numbered 11, 12) after 
p. 24 the incorrect pagination 21, 24, is inserted! Map of Philippine Islands H 
Relation des Isles Philippines faite par un Keligieux 1-16 etching on p. 5+ Map 
of Japan and V'edso+ Relation de I'Empire du Japon 1-4S etchings on pp. K), 
30, 45, p. 4'i blank (Map of Pegu, V'edso, and Japon I Relation de la Dccouverte 
do la Tenc d'l"',s() 1-4 page 1 not numbered f plate of Pyramids | Description iles 
Pyramides d'l'lgypte I.-XXV.+double-page plate of mummy-cases iVc. 

\()1. II. Part III. Title on black. -Sebastien Mabre-t'ramoisy 1676 ) verso 
Table I special tille '' .\mbassade des Ilollandois a la thine." Sebastien Mabre- 
Cramoisy 171/) f .\vis, 4 unnumbered leaves, with Errata and Privilege on last 
page \ \'(>y;iges des Ambassadeurs 31-68 + 12 plates on 7 double sheets | Ma]i 
of the route from Canton to Pekin t Route du N'oyage 1-28 (first <.V last page 
unnumbered) and Tartar Cirammar on p. 2S+.Map of t'hina4 Priefve Relation 
de la Chine, par M. iioym i-i4-l~Flora Sinensis 15-30 f live plates on four 
double sheets 4- Descrii)tion Cicographiciue de I'P^mpire de la Chine par Martinus 
1-216 p. 2() numbered 27; pages 33, 34, repeated; 55-5^) omitted; 57, 58 
rc'pc'.itcd ; 59, ()<), repeated; ()i, b2, numbered 91, 58; pages 73-76 repeated; 
Rapport tjue les Directeurs de la Compagnie llollandoise 1-12 f 

Vol. II. Part I\'. Title in black, Andre Cramoisy i()72 -I- Avis et Privilege 
I leaf-f L'Intlien i-14-t N'oyage du Sieur ****** [Acarrete] dans la riviere de 
la Plate 1-24 (p. 23 numbered 32) + \'oyage a la Chine des Grueber et d'Orville 
1-23 (the last 4 pages are in Latin, with a portrait of Adam Schall at foot of 
p. 23) + blank iiaget-N'iaggio del P. Giovanni Grueber i-iS (in Italian, printed 
in italics.) + autres pieces, part of p. iS. & 19-23+page of Chinese characters-f- 
title ' Sinarum Scientia.' Parisiis 16724 the same in P'rench 'La Science des 
Chinois ou le Livre de Cumfu-cu, traduit' &c i673 + Te.\t in Latin 3-244 llis- 
toire de la Haute Ethiope 1-16+ Remarques sur les relations d'Ethiope I-4 t 
.Map of Ethiopia and Abyssinia! Relations du . . . Lobo, de I'Empire des 
Abyssins 1-16 (p. 8 not numbered, and etching on p. i6)4-plan ' Ports de la 
Mer Rouge 4- special title* ' Relations de I'Empire des Abyssins . . . par Lobo' 
16734- verso .\vertissement (24 lines) and Errata (5 lines)+Decouverlede quelqucs 
Pays 1-84- special tille 'Relation du N'oyage du Sud4-pp. 1-4+ Relation du 
Mcxitjue . . . par Thomas Gages. 1-40+ '1 listoire de I'Empire Mexicain repre- 
sentee par figures' (title without date) followed by 63 woodcuts on 45 pages, 
page 46 blank, pp. 47-58 descriptive text. 

Sobolewski's reprint (5 leaves) of the fragment on the Solomon Islands. 

2447 Thevenot. The Travels of Monsieur de Thevenot into the 
Levant . . . newly done out of French [by A. LovellJ. Portrait 
by Faithoruc and plates. Folio, calf. London, 1687 

2448 Thevk.xo r. Recueil de "Voyages de Mr. Thevenot. With 3 
large folding maps, 1 3 pages with engraved figures, and 2 folded 
plates. Small 8vo, morocco antique, gilt over marbled leaves. 

Paris, 168 1 
First edition. This rare little volume takes its chief value and interest on 
account of containing Father Mare[uette's Relation of his voyage down the Mis- 
sissippi River in 1673, with the map of route, &c. 
The present copy is from the "Vemeniz collection. 





:rest on 
le Mis- 

2449 ThEVKNOI'. RbXUKIL l)K VoYAGKS. 2 hiri^(' lUilpi aiui II 

oigraviugs. Small 8vo, half vellum. Paris, 1681 

2450 TnKVF,N(vr. Another copy. With all the maps and phitts. 
Small 8vo, red crushed levant morocco extra, gilt hack, sides and 
edges. Paris, 1681 

Fac-siinile of Manjuette's map, and interesting MSS. added by 11. 'I. 

2451 Thkvenot (Melchisedec). Rki.ations de Divfrs VdVAOKs 
Curieux . , . Nouvelle Edition, Augnientee de plusieurs Relations 
curieuses ... 2 vols., folio, calf. Paris : Thomas Moclti\ 1696 

Collation : 

Vol. I. Part I. Title, ruhricatedf dedication, 3 pp. and blank f Avertisscnicnt 
I leaf -h Catalogue I leaf + Avis 5 pages + Table 1 page, rubticatet! ;Mapt)f Pyra- 
mids -f Description of Pyramids of Kgypte {sic) 1-25 (with 5 errors in pagination 
+ double plate of Mummies+.4(ri)«;/^ 0/ ///,■ Cossacks p/>. 1-12 + -tccounf of the 
Tartars 14-30 hi)/r?/> of Colchida with Arabic genealoi^ics on -/erso + .licoit/it of 
C»/ihi(/a 2>'i--l- + Information rcs/'ectini^ Georgia 1-26, with portrait on p. 15 + 
Notirc of Jenkinsons I'oyat^c to the Caspian Sea \i-\'i \- Voyage of Jenkinson 
\()-2%^- I'.xtract from the l^'oyai;e of the Dutch in 1656 er'c /> 29 and followed hy 
f p. '2.()-2q in duplicate pagination, 30,31, (32 to 35 omitted) 36-40 t /Ai'7<'Xv;/.r' 
.Ircount of the Cdurl of Mogul i-y + Afemoirs of Thomas Rhoe i~\i* ^Map 
of IIindostan + Memoirs of Rhoe 1-80 plan of Camp on p. 43 + Terry's Voy- 
age to the East Indies 1-30 etchings on pp, 16 tSr" 20-^ Greek Extracts from 
Cosmos 1-9, page I not numbered : etching on p. 2, &" p. S as in the tirst 
edition -t- Translation of the extracts pp. 10-24 (ii-iS omitted)+ Extracts from 
Abulpeda and an Account of the Antiquities of Persepolis 1 7-24 + plate of Chal- 
dee characters + Plan of Bassora with Latin names at foot + MethoId's (Jalconda 
1-15 (p. 9 unnumbered) blank page (i6) Journal of Flores pp. 17 "' i- plate of 
the Dodo p. 36 4Bontekoe's Voyage 1-49 (etching on p. 5) + La 'Itiro .\ustrale 
50-56 (p. 56 numbered 52) and the word Discourse crossed out + mapof Australia, 
with a dotted line discovering Tassman's route, and on verso the Arabic genealogy. 

Vol. I. Part II. (no title) Avis i leaf + Present State of the Trade to the East 
Indies 3 unnumbered pages + Camps' Discourse 3 unnumbered pages with the 
Extract from a Letter of the Gov. Gen -h Remonstrance of Pelsart 1-20+ Royal 
Privilege 2 leaves, verso of 2nd leaf, blank, and recto of tirst leaf contains p. 9 
of the Routier (ist Ed. )+ Route for Sailing to the East Indies by A. da Motta 
1-60, (pp. 44-45, numbered 48-41)+ Map of Africa &c-f- four outline charts of 
coast elevation + Beaulieu's Voyage 1-128 (p. 86 numbered 89, and pp. 124-12O 
not numbered + Map of the Philippine Islands iSic with Arabic genealogies on 
Verso+ Account of the Philippine Islands 1-40 (pp. 15, 16 numbered 11-12) 
Account of the same Islands by a _Monk resident there for 18 years i-i6 p. 13 
numbered 9. cat on p. 5+Caron's Japan 1-33 + Persecution ot the Christians of 
Japan 34-48 (plates at pp. 19 & 30 and a plate in place of pp 45-46) Account of 
Eso 1-4 (p. I not numbered)+Boym's Brief Account of • China 1-30 with 5 plates 
on 4 double-pages. 

* Woodcut on p. 12. 



Vol. II. Part III. Title, rubricated + Avis 7^ pages, with Errata and Privi- 
lege on last page I Voyage des Ambassadeiirs ii-Oo + twelve plates on four sheets 
I Map of Route from Canton to I'ekin H Route of the Dutch to I'ekin 1-28 (first 
and last jiage not numbered)+ Map of China, with Arabic (jenealogies-+ Martin's 
I )escripti<>n of China i-2if) (p. 2() numbered 27; pp. 33-34 repeated; 55-5<> 
omitted ; 57-58 repeated ; 59-60 repeated ; 61 is numbered gi and 62 is 58 ; 73-76 
repeateil ; Report of the Directors of the Dutch Company 1-12. 

\t>\. II. Part IV. Title in black, Ciervais ("lousier 1672 ;+Avis, ] leaf t I'ala- 
fox's rindi.m i-i.) I facsimile title Voyage du S^ Aearettet Voyage of Sf ****** 
jAcaretle) 1-24 (p. 23 is numbered 32) Voyageof Creuber (in Italian) i-i8-fiither 
jjieces iS-22 I p. 23 (unnuiribered) engraved Chinese characters-f \'oyageof Creu- 
ber (in French) 1-23 (page 1 1 numbered "?, and portrait of Schall as a Mandaiin 
on p. 23 I blank page I special title ' Sinarum Saentia' I'arisiis 1672-f text pp. 3- 
24 (p. 14 'Confucii Vita,' p. 19 ' La Vie de Confucius') + liistoire de la Ilautc 
l'".thiopee 1-16 (p. q to 15 the head line is ch.anged from Ilavte to IIaute) + Map 
of Abyssinia ) I.obo's Remarks on the Accounts of Kthiopia 1-4 fl.obo's .Account 
of the I'.mpireof .\byssinia 1-16 (at p. 6 a map "entrees de qiielques Ports, and 
etching on p. 16 f special title liistoire de I'Kmpire Me.xicain 1696 (-text pp. 1-8 
i \'oy;ige tin .S.iyd 1-4+ plates i-()3 on 46 pages (p. 17 numbered 24, and 24 
numbered 27) ( History of Mexico 47--58 (the figures of the last page transposed 
( Cages' Aec innt of Mexico 1-40. 

Vol. II. Part V. Voyage of Abel Tasman 1-4 -f Winds between the Nether- 
lands and Java 1-12 1 Ismbassy of Charok &c 1-16 f The Asia of Barros i-i() 
Synopsis Chronologica Sinica 1-76 (with duplicate pp. 13-116 having 
\ariations in text) p. 20 blank + Relations of the Christians of St. Jean, 2 unpaged 
leaves 1 Vo\age of the Tereere i-iS ) Elements of the Tartar language 1-34 (pp. 
2-3 omitted, pp. r-4 in duplicate, as also 5-6) | Solomon Islands 1-16 (pp. 1-4, 
and 9-12 being Sobolewski's reprint 4 Asganii Sassonii pp. 17-48. 

This copy is from the library of Jacobi Caroli Alexandri Lallemant, with his 

>452 Th()m.\s (.\rad). Pioneer History of Orleans County, 
New York : containing some Account of the Civil Divisions of 
Western New York, with brief biographical Notices of Early Set- 
tlers, &c. Portraits. 8vo, cloth. Albion, 1871 

2453 Thomas (Gabriel). An Historicai, and Geographical 
Account of the Province and Coun iry of Pensilvania ; and of 
IVrst-A^ea'-Jirsey in America. The Richness of the Soil, the 
Sweetness of the Situation, the Wholesomness of the Air, the Navi- 
gable Rivers, and others, the prodigious Encrease of Corn, the 
floin-ishing Condition of the City of FhilaJelphia and the stately 
Jiuildings, and other Improvements there. The stra.ige Creatures 
. . . with the several sorts of Minerals . . . lately discovered. 
'l"he JVatiirs, Aborogincs, their Languai^e, Religion, Laws, and 
Customs ; 'I'he first Planters, the Dutch, Sweeds, and English, . . . 




|N TY, 

IS of 

As also a Touch upon George KeitlCs New Relii:,ioii, In his second 
Change since he left Hie Quakers. With <i A/a/> of both Countriei, 
&'e. Small 8vo, morocco extra, gilt leaves, by Pratt. 

London, 1698 
Fine copy. Collation, I'll le + Dedication, I leaf + i'reface, 2 leaves + map ' 
I'irst part, pp. 1-55. Second Title I Dedication, 2 leaves4- Preface, 3 leaves f 
Second part, pp. 1-34. 

2454 Thomas. An Historical and (Jeographicai Accouni of 
the Provinck and Country of Pk.nsii.vania ; and of WkstNiw- 
Jkrsky in America, cVc. With a Map of both Countries. Map. 
i?mo, half morocco, gilt top. New ^■(^rk, 1848 

Fac-simile of the original. 

2455 'i'HOMAS. The History of I'kiNriN(; in A.mkrica. With a 
Biography of Printers, and an Account of Newspapers. To whicli 
is prefixed a ConcLse View of the Discovery and Progress of the 
Art in other parts of the World. In Two Volumes. By Isaiah 
Thomas, Printer, Worcester, Massachusetts. Portrait aud fac- 
simile. 2 vols., 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. 

Worcester: From the J^ress of Isaiah 77ioi/ias, Jiin., 1810 
"This valuable work, written and published in advance of tiie time, met with 
no favour, and was quickly forgotten. Shortly after its issue the reniainiler of 
the edition was purchased, on a venture, by the late \V. Oowans and an associate, 
at twenty-live cents per vohnne in the sheets, and an arrangement made witii a 
bookbinder to put the stock into boards, the whole of which, with the exception 
of a copy that Mr. (lowans had retained for himself, was returned cu! down 
almost to the head-lines ; an incident to which Mr. (jowans never referred without 
an emphatic expression of indignation." 
'J'hii- copy is uncut. 

2456 Thomassy (R.). Geologie Pratique de la LouisiANE. G large 
maps. 4to, cloth. Paris, i860 

2457 Thompson (Benjamin F.). History of Long Island : con- 
taining an Account of the Discovery and Settlement ; with other 
important and interesting matters to the present time. 2 plates. 
8vo, cloth, uncut. New York, 1839 

2458 Thompson. The History of Long Island ; from its Discov- 
ery and Settlement to the Present Time . . . &:c. Portrait, map 
and plates. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth, uncut. New York, i>S4 5 

2459 Thompson (James H.). The History of the County of High- 
land, in the State of Ohio, from its First Creation ... to 1876 
. . . also a Continuation ... to 1877. 8vo. Hillsboro, O., 1878 



2460 I'I'iioMsoN (CharK-'s).] An Enquiry into the Causes of the 
Ai.iKNATioN of the Dki-awakk and Indians from the 
British Intkkkst, . . . Extracted from the I'ubHc Treaties, anil 
other Authentic Papers relating to the Transactions of the (lov- 
ernmcnt of I'ensilvania, and the said Indians, for near Forty Years; 
and cx])lained by a Map of the Country. Together with the 
remarkable Journal of Christian Frederic Post, by whose Negotia- 
tions among the Indians on the Ohio, they were withdrawn from 
the Interest of the F'rench, who thereupon abandoned the Fort 
and the Country. With Notes by the FvJitor explaining sundry 
Inilian Customs, \'c. Written in Pensylvania. Map. <Svo, pp. 
1S4, boards, uncut. London: T. IVi/kic, 1759 

I*!xtreniely rare in this state. 

"One f)f the principal causes of the hostility of the I'ennsylvania Indians was 
the wii'keil craft pracliced upon them by (Governor Thomas I'enn, anil other 
priiprietors in 1737. Certain chiefs haviiijj been called togetiier by the specul.i- 
tors, two persons were found to testify that they were present at a council fifty 
years before, at which as nuich land was ceded to William I'enn as a man could 
walk arounii in a day and a half. There was a chief livinjijwho could have proved 
this .testimony false, but he was carefully kept in ignor.mce of the council, and 
b\' mean fraud, endless perjury, and teniplinjr but specious gifts, the surrepti- 
tious deed was rati tied. To locate as large a territory as possible, a trained 
jiedestrian was employed, who was met at appointed stations by refreshments, 
anil thus was enabieil to traverse a route which cut o(T a million acres from the 
Indian teiritory. Less than one-third that quantity of land was the amount 
which the Indians had been led to expect would be ceded. Endless conferences, 
and numerous councils, were followed by bloody massacres, that devastateil the 
border settlements of Pennsylvania and \irginia for twenty years. Mr. Thomson's 
work fully analyzes the cause of the alioialion, which the heroic Quaker, Christian 
Post, ha/.ariled his life to overcome.' — FlEi.u. 

2461 [Thomson.] An F^nquiry into the Causi;s of the Alien aiion 
of the Delaware and Shawanese Indians from the British 
iNTEREsr, i^c. Lari^c map (stained). 8vo, half morocco. 

London, 1759 
MS. Notes by W. Sargent, \V. Rawle, &c. 
^^" Susquehannah Case, p. 51. 

2462 TiioRius (Raphael). Hymnus Tabaci : a Poem In honour of 
Tabaco, Heroically Composed by Raphael Thorius ; Made 
F^nglished by Peter Hausted. Small 8vb, half morocco, gilt top. 

London, 1651 
At the end is " Cheimonopegnion ; or, a Winter .Song," pp. 14. 

2463 Thornton (John Wingate). The Landing at Cape Anne ; or 
the Charter of the First Permanent Colony on the Territory of the 



Massachusetts Company, now discovered and first published from 
the Oriijinal Manuscript, with an Intpiiry into its Authority and a 
llistory o{ tiie Colony, i6;;4-i62S . , . Facsimile of the Charier 
and map, 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1854 

I'lesciitation copy fnun the author, with autograph letter insertcl. 

2464 THORowdoo!) { I"ho.). Ir.wKS in Amkrica, or. Probabilities 
That the Americans are of that Race. With the reniovall of si. 
contrary reasonings, and earnest desire for effectuall endeavours 
to make them Christian. 4to. half calf. London, 1650 

Contains the leaf of " rrobabililies " and "Approval!," but the latter is 

2465 'I'liKi.K I,K.TTi'.Rs of Thanks to the Protestant Reconciler : 

I. From the Anabaptists at Munster. 
?. From the Conj^rej^^ations in New-Iingland. 
3. From the Quakers in Pensilvania. 
4to, half morocco. London, 1683 

:a rioN 


i()ur of 
"It top. 

Ine ; or 
of the 

2466 Thrkk Ykars in the Pacific ; containing Notices of IJrazil, 
Chile, Bolivia, Peru, (S:c., in 1831, 1832, 1833, 1834. By an Officer 
in the United States Navy. 2 vols., 8vo, half calf, gilt. 

London, 1835 

2467 [Thurenstein.] The Remarks which The Author of the Com- 
pendious Extract, &c., In his Preface to his liook Ffas friendly 
desired of the Rev.* of Thurenstein . . . i2mo, half morocco. 

Philadelphia: B. Franklin, 1742 

* Lewis, Count of Zinzendorf. 

I 2468 [I'lCKKLi, (Richard).] An iicipation : containing the sub- 
stance of His M. . . .y's Most Gracious Speech to both H. . . .s of 
P . . 1 . . . . t on the Opening of the approaching Session. 8vo, half 
morocco. London, 1778 

Sixth edition. 

2469 TicKNOR (George). Life, Letters and Journals. Portraits, 
^!^c. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1876 

2470 [Timberlake.] The Memoirs of Lieut. Henry Timherlake 
(Who accompanied the Three Cherokee Indians to England in the 
Year 1762), containing Whatever he observed remarkable, or 
worthy of public Notice, during his Travels to and from that 



Nation ; wherein the Country, (iovernnicnt, (jcniiis, and (Customs 
of the Inhabitants are authentically described . . ike. Alaps. 8vo, 
polished calf extra, gilt edges, by Pratl. London, 1765 

Fine copy. 

2471 TocguKVii.i.K (A. de). Dkmocracy in Amkrica. By Alexis 
de Tocqueville. Translated by Henry Reeve, Esq. Edited with 
Notes. 'I'he Translation Revised and in great part Rewritten, . . . 
by Francis Howen. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth, uncut. Cambridge, 1863 

" Let mc earnestl)- adv-^e your perusal of M. de Tocqucville's work. His tes- 
timciiy as well from actual personal e.\perience, as on account of freedom fn.m 
prejudice, is above exception." — Sir Robert Fekl's Speech. 

2472 TocQUKViLLE. DEMOCRACY in AMERICA. Translated by Hcnrv 
Reeve, Esq. Edited, with Notes, the Translation revised and in 
great part rewritten, and the additions made to the recent Paris 
editions now first translated by Francis Eowen. 2 vols., royal <Svo, 
cloth, uncut edges. Cambridge, 1864 

Large paper, roo copies printed. 

3473 Todd (Charles Burr). The History of Redding, Conn., from 
its First Settlement to the present time. Portrait of Joel Barhni< 
insertiuL 8vo, cloth. New York, 1880 

3474 ToNTi (Chevalier). Dernieres Decouverts dans l'Amerique 
Skpten iRioNAi.E de M. de la Sale. Mises au jour par M. le 
Chevalier Tonti, Gouvernour du Fort Saint Louis, aux Islinoi.s. 
i2mo, calf, Paris, 1697 

See Sali.e. 

2475 ToKFfEUM (Thormodum). Historia Vinlandi.^ Antiqu./e, 
sen Partis America Septentrionalis, &c. Small 8vo, polished 
calf, gilt edges, by Matthews. Hauniiv, 1705 

" Tot;vus here presents for the first time the evidence of the discovery <if 
America by the Northmen." — J. H. T. 

2476 Torquemada (Juan de). . . . Los Veinte i un libros rituales i 
Monarchia Indiana con el origen y guerras de los Indios Occi-, de sus I'oblaciones Descubrimiento, Conquista, Conver- 
sion, y otras cosas marvillosas de la mesma tierra, &c. Engraved 
titles aihi colored map. 3 vols., folio, red morocco extra, gilt tops, 
uncut edges. Madrid, 1723 

Best etiilion. 



2477 ToKRi'S (P. Dieslii). He Rkhjs Pekuanis . . . Commciitariiis 
a loannc Hayo Dalgattiensi Scoto eiusdem Socictatis ex Italo in 
Latinum convcrsus. Small 8vo, morocco, gilt leaves. 

Antwerp, 1604 

2478 'roKkUHiA (Cluiseppe). I MoscoviTi nella ("ai,ik«)rnia o sia 
dimostrazione della verita dell passo all' Amkrica Sk r ientki- 
ONALK. i2mo, orange levant morocco extra, gilt leaves, by IliirJy. 

Roma, 1/59 

" This work (only copy known) is extremely curious, as it is an attempt to 
show that the Russians have long known California, through wliich they travelled 
on their way to North America." — II. II. 

See page 23 for Harlow's Voyage. 

2479 [TouNKNS (M. de).J Orime-Antoine ler Roi d'Araucanie 
et de Patagonic son Avenement au Trone et sa Captivity au Chili, 
relation ecrite par lui-meme. Portrait. 8vo, half morocco, gilt 
top. Paris, 1.S63 

2480 Traite de Ne jtralite conclu a Londre le 16 Novembre, 
iTSC, entre les kois de France et d'Angleterre touchant les Pais 
desdcux Rois en Amerique. 4to, (pp. 16) blue crushed levant mo- 
rocco extra, gilt leaves, by Gruel. Paris : S. Mabre-Cramoisy, 16.S6 

Exceedingly rare. When d'Iberville, by order of de Denonvilie, and at the 
instigation of the " Compagnie du Nord " expelled the English from Hudson's 
Bay in 1686, the news produced such an effect in England that James II. effected 
this treaty with Louis XIV. 

2481 Tratado de Armistad, Limites y Navegacion concluido entre 
el Rey Nuestro Seiior y los Estados Unidos de America firinado 
en San Lorenzo en Real a 27 de Octubre de 1795. Liuy;c fac- 
simile passport. 4to, cloth, Madrid, 1796 

Text in English and Spanish. 

2482 Treaty (A) 

i Composing of Differences 
For the ^ Restraining of Depredations, and 

( Establishing of Peace 
in America, Between the Crowns of Great Britain and Spain. 
Concluded at Madrid the — Day of July, in the Year of Our Lord 
1670. 4to, half morocco. Title and 12 pp. In the Savoy, 1670 

2483 Treaties (The) between his most Christian Majesty [King 
Louis of France] and the Thirteen United States of America. 
Svo, half morocco. l,ondon, 1783 

Signed by C. A. Gerard, B. Franklin, Silas Deane and Arthur Lee. 



24.54 |'rki;.\Tii,s. I An AccDfNT of Conkkkkncis held, ami 'I'kka- 
Tii:s made, between Majorjjciicral Sir Wm.i.iam Johnson, hart., 
and The chief Sachkms and VVarkiours of the Mo/iatvks, Oneidas, 
tScc, &c., Indian Nations in North America, &c., &c. 8vo. 

London, 1756 

24.55 I'Fkkmain.] Memorial of (1renviij.k Tremain. Portrait. 
4to, cloth. Albany, i,S7.S 

rrivately printed. 

2486 'I'kiai, ('Ihe) of Wii.MAM Wkmms, James Harte^an, William 
M'Cauley, Hugh White, Matthew Killroy, William Warren, John 
Carrol, and Iliij^h Montgomery, Soldiers in his Majesty's 29th 
Rcjfiment of Foot, for the Murder of Oispns Attncks, Samuel 
dray, Samuel Maverick, James Caldwell and Patrick Carr, on 
Monday-Evening, the 5th of March, 1770, at the Superior Court 
of Judicature, Court of Assize, and general Gaol Delivery, held at 
IJoston. The 27th Day of November, 1770, by Adjournment. 
Hefore the Hon. Benjamin Lynde, John Cushing, Peter Oliver, 
and P2dmund Trowbridge, Esquires, Justices of said Court. Pub- 
lished by Permission of the Court. Taken in Short-Hand by John 
Hodgson. Small 8vo, pp. 217, calf, gilt leaves. 

Boston: J. F/ei'iiiing, 1770 
Original edition of this famous Trial . 

24S7 Trial of the Officers and Crew of the Privateer Savannah, 
on the Charge of Piracy. Reported by A. V. Warburton. Svo, 
half morocco, gilt top. New York, 1862 

Curious caricature (drawing) inserted. 

248S |Tkiai.s AN'i) Laws.] Second 'I'riai, of Sieas E. Burrows 
for the alleged Seduction of Mary Carew. New York, 1834 

Laws of New York between Landlord and Tenant. 

New York, 1829 
HooARors 7's. 'iRiNnv Church. New York, 1835 

New York Ferry Leases. New York, 1832 

Charter of the City of New York. New York, 1832 

'1'rial of Reuben Crandaee for publishing and circulating 
Seditious and Incendiary Papers, &c. Washington, 1836 

Report of the Trial of Friends. Philadelphia, 1828 

Trial on an Indictment for Libel in "the American Lancet." 

New York, 1831 



IJui.ACH OK Pkomisk Case. Geo. (1. lUtrnard ?'.v. Jolm J. Ciaiil, 
and .Mary H., his wife. New York, i.S.^5 

Rkviski) Statutk relating to Common Schools, passed New 
York, 1827. Hath, 1.S35 

Trial of Dr. Frost for Manslaughter. [Malpractice.] 

I'hiladelphia, i.S,vS 

Ri'.i'ORT of tiie Cause of Martha Bradstreet ry. Apoilos Cooper, on 
a Writ of Ri„dit. .Albany, 1834 

Fourteen pamphlets in one vol. 8vo, half calf. 

New York, ^:c., 1827-38 

2489 [Trithemus.] Joannis Tkitemii a nil a lis Si'anhemknsis 
Epistoi.arum familiarium libri duo ad diversos Germanite I'rin- 
cipes, &c. 4to, vellum. Hagaiioae, 1536 

H. A. v.. No. 213. 
See p. 2i/). 


2490 '1'ko I' ri'.K (Alexander). Ouservations on the Financial Posi- 
tion and Credit of such of the States of the \orlh American Union 
as have contracted Public Debts, &c. Map. 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

London, 1839 

2491 Trumbuli, (Benjamin). A CoMi'M/n; HisroRv of Cdnnkc ri- 
cu r. Civil and Kcclesiastical, from the Kmigration ot its I'irst 
Planters from England, in the year 1630, to the year i7()4 ; anil 
to the close of the Indian Wars. Portrait. 2 vols., 8vo, sheep. 

New Haven, 1818 


2492 Trumbum, (John). The Pokmcai. Works of . . . contain- 
ing M'Fingal, a Modern Epic Poem, revised and corrected, with 
copious explanatory Notes ; the Progress of Dullness ; and a Col- 
lection of Poems on various subjects, written before and during 
the Revolutionary War. Portrait and engraved tit/e-pages. 2 vols, 
in I. 8vo, half morocco, „ilt top, uncut. Hartford, 1820 

2493 Trumbull. McFingal : an Epic Poem. By John Trumbull. 
With Introduction and Notes, by Benson J. Lossing. Imperial 
8vo, half green morocco, gilt top, uncut. 

New York : G. P. Putnam., i860 
Larjre p.-iper. One biindreil copies only printed. 

2494 Trumbull. McFingal 
Frontispiece. 8vo, cloth. 

with a Memoir of thfi Author. 
Hartford, 1856 



2495 'I'ki'mium.i, (John). Ai I oHKuiRAi'JiY, RcminisreiK'es, anil Let- 
ters, from 1756 to iSgi. Portraits ami nunu'rous fac-similes of 
on);iiia/ iiran>in}:;s. 8vo, cloth, uncut. New York, 1.S41 

2496 Tki'K In iK.KKsi (I'he) of (Iki: \ 1 Hkitain with respect to lier 
American Colonies, stated and ini|)artially considereil. Hy a Mer- 

chant of London. 8vo, half morocco. 

London, 1766 

^497 I'l'ucKKK (deorjie).] Li;rri:us from Vik(;inia, translated from 
the I'rench. 24mo, morocco, gilt edges. IJallimore, 1H16 

2498 TucKKK (St. George). A Dissf.rtaiion on Sr.AVKKV ; with a 
Proposal for the (Iradual Abolition of it, in the .State of Virginia. 
8vo. New York, 1861 

A reprint of the i'hiladelphi.i KditiDH of 171/1. 

2499 'I'ucKKK (Josiah), Four Lkttkrs on important National Sub- 
jects . . . Second Edition. 8vo. I,ondon, 1773 

2500 Tt'CKKR. An Ht'Mni.F. Address and Earnest Appeal . . . 
whether a connection with, or a separation from the Continental 
Colonies of America, be most for the National Advantage, &c. 
8vo, half morocco. Glocester, 1775 

Second edition. 

J501 Tuckkr. a Letter to Edmund Burke, Esq., ... in 

answer to his printed Speech fMch. 22, 1775). 8vo, half morocco. 

• Glocester, 1775 

2502 Tucker. Four Tracts on Political and Commercial Subjects. 
8vo, half morocco. Glocester, 1776 

Tiiird I'liition. 

-5°3 I'ucKKR. Four Tracts. Another copy. 8vo. 

Glocester, 1776 

2504 Tucker. Cui Vono ? Or, an Inquiry, what Benefits can arise 
either to the English or the .Americans, the French, Spaniards, 
or Dutch, from the greatest Victories or Successes in the Present 
War, being a Series of Letters addressed to Monsieur Necker, late 
Comptroller General of the Finance of France. 8vo, pp. 141. 

Glocester: R. Raikes, 1782 

" A most interesting and curious volume. The Dean says, that no sooner 
shall the Americans have established their indi;pendpncy, than they will be 



enslaved by their present rulers — the members of .CoiiRrevs — who will govern 
thi'm with a ro^' uf iron ; the moment they are at peace with Kn^jland they will 
<|iiarrel amonj^ themselves, ami, with the fury of fami>hed wolves, they will 
endeavor to tear each nthcr in pieces." 

2505 TucKKR. C'ui Mono? or, an Iiu|uiry, what Benefits can arise 
cither to the Kn>,disii or tlie Americans . . . froni the j^reatest 
Victories ... in the Present War ; beiny a series of Letters 
addressed to M. Neclcer. 8vo, half morocco. London, 1782 

Third edition with an additional I'ref.nce. 

2506 I UKKisH Descrh'TION of American. Svo (127 payes), half 
morocco. n. d. 

2507 I TNI)KRIin,L 

I ) or, a new an 

(Captaine John). NEWEsfrom America; 
and experimental! discoverie of Xev F.nj^land; 
containinjr A 'True Relation of their War-Iil<e proceed- 
iims these two yeares last past, with a l''ij;iire()f the Indian Fort, or 
I'alizado, iVc. Facsimile plate. 4to, calf, gilt edges, by Bedford. 
2 leaves mended. London, 163S 

2508 'jNiri'D SxArrs Commission of Fish and Fisheries; Report of 
the Commissioner [Spencer F. tiairdj, for 1872-77, iVc. t,\ plahs. 
5 vols., 8vo, cloth. Washington, 1874-9 

2509 United States Centenniai, ExiiiiuTioN [i87(j|. Report, \c. 
Fklited by Dorsey Gardner. Nu.icrous plates. 9 vols., royal Svo, 
cloth. Washington, 1880 

2510 [LTNirED States and rARAouAV.] (Commission under the 
Convention between the United States & Paraguay. Statements 
and Arguments for Claimants, &c. Svo, half morocco. 

Washington, iSCio 

25 1 1'Ukoer (Samuel). Die Siehenzehente |und Achtze- 
hente] Contiiiuation der isfuhrlichen Nachrichten von dem Salz- 
burgischen Emigranten uie sich in America niedergelassen haben 
... 2 vols., 4to, uncut. Halle und Augsburg, 1752 

2512 Usselinx (Willem). Argonautica Gustaviana; das ist 
Nothwendige Nach Richt, von der Newen Seefahrt und Kauff- 
handlung; So von dem Weilandt Allerdurchleuchtigsten Grofz- 



machtig.iten und Sicgreichesten Fursten, &c. Folio, maroon 
morocco antique, gilt top. Title mended. 

Frankfurt am Mayn, 1633 

" The extremely scarce First Edition." — Mii.ikr. 

Reprinted in the Martiuardi Ed. of 1662. 



(Joaciii.m).] Hahes lector: hoc libello. 
Agricolae Junioris Rheti, ad loachinium Vad- 
tiu I'oeta I.aureatri, etc. 4to, 16 leaves, 
brown levant morocco extra, gilt leaves, by Gruel. Vienna^, 15 15 
Exceedingly rare, presumably unique. See p. 11. "Pomponiu Melam." 

2514 [Vadianus.] Epitomk trium terrae partium, Asiae, Africae, et 
Europae compendiariam locoruin descriptionem contincns, prascipue 
autem quorum in Actis Lucas, passim autem quorum in Actis 
Lucas, pa.ssim autem Evangelistjc & Apostoli meminere. Cum 
addito in fronte libri elencho regionum, urbium, amnium, insu- 
laril, quorum Novo testamento, sit mentio, quo expeditius pius 
Lector quce velit, invenire cpieat : per loachimum Vadianum medi. 

cum. Large map, Fulio, boards. 
H. A. v., No. 189. 

Tiguri : C. Frosch, 1534 

2515 [Vadianus.] Epitome, &c. .Another and taller copy, without 
the map. Folio, morocco, red edges. Tiguri, 1534 

2516 [Vaoianis.] Epitome Topograi-hica Totu's Ordis, con- 
feres ad ea potissimu loca, quoru passim Kvageliste & Apostoli 
meininere. Cum Elencho aucto per loachimum Vadianum, (!v:c. 
Small Hvo, vellum. [Antwerp], 1535 

B. A. v.. No. 209. 

Refer to folio 208, "Insula; Oceani," &c. At the entl is bound " Circuli 
SpliaerEc cum V Zonis, 13 tnaps, 1546, and Kudimentorum Cosniojjraphicorum 
Joan Ilonteri." [30 leaves.] Tiguri apud Fros., 1552. 

2517 [Vai.ades (D.).] Rhktorica Christiana . . . quce quidem 
ex Lidorum maxima de prompta sunt historiis. IVit/i 26 ctirioiis 
plates of Mexican Sacrifices, ^c, a phrenological /lead (p. 8S) and 
folded table. 4to, vellum. Perusiae, 1579 

" Valades fut I'un des premiers religieux qui visit^rent i'Amerique. II donne 
des renseignements precieux sur la maniere employee pour catcchiser les In- 

" Le Rhetorica Christiana est un ouvrage fort bien ecrit et rempli de notions 
interressantes sur les lndi^;6nes du Mexique. Les pages quil (le Valades) con- 
sacre a I'cxamen de leiirs arts et sciences, ce quil les connaissait ct quil avail su 
les apprccier." — Brasseur de Bourbourc. 



25?^: |Taknc(«i{iW.Tic).] €on flctijiUflio frnpccfcil f«vW(«/] 

Libro Uamado Thesoro de virtudes muy util iSv: copioso. Copilado 
por un religioso portuguesde la lorde deserafico padre sat fracisco, 
&c. 4to, vellum. Medina, 1543 

B. A. v., No. 243. 

2519 [Valerius Flaccus.] C. Valkrii Flacci Setini Balbi Ak- 
GON\UTiC()Nlibri octo cum eruditissimis Aegidii Maserii Parrhisien 
Commentariis, WooJciit. Folio, stamped calf. 

Parrhis: JoJicii BaJii Ascciisii, 1519 

This book was once the property of 1 nando Coi.umuis, who boujjht it at 

(Ihent, in Flanders, Aug., 1520. The stamp of the IJibliott-ca Cojomliina is un 

the litle-page and folio i of this book. The MS. .notes are i.n the iiand- 


2520 [VAiLANDKiHAM,] The Trial of Hon. Clement L. Vallandig- 
hain, by a Military Commission ; and the Proceedings under his 
application for a Writ of Habeas Corpus . . . 8vo, half morocco. 

Cincinnati, 1.863 

2521 [Vali.andigham.] The Trial of. Another copy. 8vo, sheep. 

Cincinnati, 1863 

2522 Vallandigham. Speeches, Arguments, Addresses and 
Letters. Portrait. 8vo, cloth, uncut. New York, 1.SO4 

2523 Valverde (Antonio Sanchez), Idea del valor de la Isla 
Espa.'^ola, y utilidades, que de ella puede sacar su Monarquia. 
4to, calf. Madrid, 1 7S5 

2524 Vane (Sir Henry). The Retired Mans Meditations, or the 
Mysterie and Power of Godliness, Shining forth in the Living Word, 
to the unmasking the Mysterie of Iniquity in the most Refmed 
and Purest Forms. 4to, half calf e.xtra, gilt tcjp. London, 1655 

2525 Vank. The Retired Mans Meditations. . . . 4to, calf 
extra, gilt leaves, by Pratt. London, 1655 

Large anil line copy. 

2526 Vane, A Vindication of That Prudent and Honourable 
Knight, Sir Henrv Vane, From the Lyes and (/alunniies of Mr. 
Richard Baxter ... By a True Friend and Servant of the Com- 
monwealth f England, &c. 4to, half morocco. Title, S:c., pieced. 

London, 1659 



2527 Vane (Sir Henry, Kt.). TheTKYAi, of . . . at the King's Kench, 
Westminster, June the 2d, and 6th, 1662. Together With wiiat 
he intended to have Spoken the Day of his Sentence (June 11) for 
Arrest of Judgment (had he not been interrupted and over-ruled 
by the Court) and his Bill of Exceptions. With other Occasional 
Speeches, &c. Also his Speech and Prayer, &c., on the Scaffold. 
4to, calf antique, gilt leaves. Printed in the Year 1662 

Page following title numbered 5. 

2528 Van Rensselaer (S.). A Narrative of the Affair of 
Queenstown: in the War of 1812. With a Review of the Strict- 
ures on that Event in a Book entitled " Notices of the War of 
1812." By Solomon Van Rensselaer. Map. i2mo, half morocco. 

New York, 1S36 

2529 Varnhagen (F. a. de.). Amerigo Vespucci. Son caractere 
ses t'crits (meme les nioins authentiques) sa Vie et ses Navigations: 
ai'i'c line carte indiquant les routes, &•€. Folio, half morocco, gilt 
top. Lima, 1865 

'See also Vksi'Ucius. 

2530 Vartiiema (Ludovico). Itinerario . . . nelo Egypto nela 
Suria nela Arabia deserta et Felice nela Persia: nela India et nela 
Ethiopia, tS:c. Woodcut on tiHe. Small 8vo, levant morocco extra, 
gilt leaves, by Riviere. Venetia: Ruscoiii, 1520 

The second title reaiis; " Itinerario de larmata del Recatholicoin India verso la 
Isola de luchathan del apno MDXVIII, allaqual su presidere & Capitan General 
Joan de Gris.ilua, &c., pp. 2y. 

15. A. v.. p. 171. 

I'inc copy. Exceedingly rare. 

2531 Vaugiian (William). The Golden Fleece. Divided into 
three Parts, Under which are discovered the Errours of Religion, 
the Vices and Decayes of the Kingdome, and lastly the wayes to 
get wealth, «&c. Transported from CambrioU Colchos, out of the 
Southermost Part of the Hand, commonly called the Newfound- 
land, by Orpheus Junior. Map. 4to, calf. London, 1626 

2532 Vecellio (Cesare). Habiti Antichi et Moderni di tutto il 
Mondo . . . Di nuovo accresciuti di molte figure. Vestitus 
Anti(iuorum, recentiorumque totius Orbis, per Sulstatium Gratili- 
anum Senapolensis Latine declarati. 507 full-length figures 
engraved on wood after Titian. Thick 8vo, morocco extra, gilt 
leaves. Venetia : Sessa, 1598 

Inhabitants of America, see pp. 488-507. 



'533 Vkii'IA Linage (J. de). Noutk tie la Contuatacion dc las 

Indias OcciUKNTALEs (en la qual se trata de la Creadon y orij;en 

de la Real Audiencia, de los Tribunales del Consulado, de la i)lata, 

y ora, y de los assientos, de los licencias de cominerciar en las 

Indias, de los Armades y Flota^-, los Tiiotas, y un Epitome de las 

Puertos de las Indias, iVc). Eii^^ravcd froiiiispiccc. Folio, vellum. 

Sevilla, 1O72 
Engraved title dated 1671. 

2534 [Vence.] Statement of Fac is between Mr. Augustus Vence, 
and Mrs. Euphemia Morris Vence. 8vo, half morocco. 

New York, 1858 

Third Edition. 

2535 [^Tnuflas (.^UrCo)! ItJrfmrva pnrtr titl»is TriftrrcinB 

Tic lilJrOS Q ai> ml UUfUrC.QO. Declaradas por ei maestro 
Alexio Vencjjfas. Dirigida al revercdissimo sefior el doctor Jufi 
Bernal diaz d'Luco, &:c. 4to, calf. Toledo, 1546 

H. A. V. Add., No. 156. 

2536 Venegas (Miguel). Noticia de la California, y de su Con- 
quista temporal, y espiritual hasta el tiempo presente. Sacada de la 
Historia Manuscrita, formada en Mexico ano de 1739 . . . y tie 
otras Noticias, y Relaciones antiguas, y modernas, &:c. Four Uiigc 
maps. 3 vols., 4to, half morocco. Madrid, 1757 

J 2537 Venegas. A Natural and Civil History of California; 
containing An accurate Description of that Country . , . the 
Customs of the Inhabitants . . . &c. Translated. Lar}:;e map 
and 2, plates. 2 vols., Svo, calf extra. London, 1759 

2538 Venner (Tobias). A Briefe and Accurate Treatise, con- 
cerning The taking of the fume of Tobacco, which very many, in 
these dayes, doe too too licentiously use. 410, blue levant morocco 
extra, gilt leaves, by Pratt, London, 1621 

Fine copy. 

2539 [Verardus-Columbus.] Kn lailtirm .SCVCm'SSimi Ferdi- 
nandi Hispaniar[um] regis Bethicas & regni (Iranatio obsidio victoria 
& triuphus. Et de Insulis in mari Indico nuper inuentis. {On the 
recto of the second leaf -^ Caroli Verarui Caesenatis Cubicularii 
Pontificii in historium Bajticam ad R. P. Raphaelem Riarium S. 
(leorgii Diaconum Cardinalem. {Colophon on the recto of the 29/// 
leaf:) Acta Ludis Ronianis Innocetio octauo in solio I'etri 



scdcntc Anno a Natali Saluatoris Mcccc.xcii, Vndecimo Kalendis 
Mali ... I. 4. 9. 4. Nihil sine causa .1 B. {Basle : Bergman de 
Olpe. {On the verso of the 20/// leaf:) De Insulas nuper in mari 
Indicd repertis. {On the recto of the T,oth leaf:) Dc KUSUllS 
UUptr tllUCUtiS Kpistola Christopheri Colom (cui etas nostra 
nuiltuin debet: de Insulis in mari li. .ico nuper inuentis: ad cjuas 
perquirendas octauo antea niense : auspiciis & ere inuictissimi 
Fernandi Hisi)aniaru Regis missus fnerat) ad Magnificu dominO 
Raphaelem Sanxis : eiusdem serenissimi Regis I'hesaurarium 
missa : (juam nohilis ac litteratus vir Aliander de Cosco : ab 
Hispano ideomate : in latinum conuertit : tercio Kalendis Maii 
M.cccc.XL'iii. Pontifieatus Alexandri Sexti Anno I'rimo. 6 wooil- 
cuts. Svo, 36 unnumbered leaves, the Letter of Columbus fdling 
only the last seven and a half; crimson morocco, paneled sides, gilt 
edges, by J'ratt. 

A volume of EXTREME RARITY. 

Of the seven early editions known of the Cosco translation of this celebrated 
Letter of C'oi.uNntus, only two bear a date. The first part of the work is simply 
a drama on the capture of Granada from the Moors by Ferdinand. 

Menzies, 442; Murphy, 2602. 

2540 [Vkrmoni'.] Collections of the Vkrmont Historical 
Society. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth. Montpelier, 1870-1 

Comprises: Conventions of the Inhabitants of the New liampsliiie Crants in 
opposition to the claims of New York, 1765 to 1777; .Slafter on the X'ermont 
Coinage; Allen's History of Vermont; The Ilaldimand Papers; &c., i^c. 

2541 [Vermont.] Records of the Council of Safety and Gover- 
nor and Council of the State of Vermont [1775-1821] to which 
are prefixed the Records of the General Conventions from July, 
1775, to November, 1835. Edited ... by E. P. Walton. Por- 
traits anJ i<iews. 8 vols., 8vo, cloth. Montpelier, 1873-80 

2542 Vermont State Papers; being a Collection of Records and 
Docuinents connected with the assumption and establishment of 
Government by the People of Vermont . , . Compiled and pub- 
lished by William Slade, Jr. Svo, half morocco. Middlebury, 1823 

2543 Vermont State Papers. Compiled, &c., by William Slade, Jr, 
Another copy, uncut. Middlebury, 1823 

2544 [Ver.mont.] Report on the Geology of Vermont ... by 
Edward Hitchcock, Albert I). Hager, Edward Hitchcock, Jr., and 
Charles H. Hitchcock ... 38 maps and plates and 365 woodcut 
illustrations. 2 vols., 4to, cloth. Claremont, N, H., 1861 



2545 [Vkknon.] Discours a i,'Asskmiu,kk, Nationai.k, prononcc 
par M. Wii.MAM Hknry Vkknon, A// noiii dcs Citoyi-ns ii/iis Jc 
I'Amnique, Seance dii 10 Jiiillet, 1790. 4 pp., 8vo, boards. 

Paris, 1790 
Very rare. 

2546 Verkazzano : a Motion for a Stay of Jiulgment [in answer to 
II. C. Murphy's workj. [Da Costa.] i2mo, boards, uncut. 

New Yorlc, 1S76 
Privately printed. 

2547 T7rBpUClUS (.^inCllCUS). IHUUTlUlB XOUUS de natura c'v 
nioriljus et ceteris id generis gentis que in novo niildo opera et 
imjiensis serenissinii Pcjrtugallie Regis super idibus annis invento. 
Albericus vesputius Laurentio petri de medicis Saliiteni pltiriniani 
dicit. Small 8vo, levant morocco extra, gilt edges, by Matthews. 

I?. A. v., No. 25. 

2548 [UCflpUCfUS.] IHuntlUa NOUUS. Albcricus Vesputius 
Laurentio Petri de Medicis salutem plurimam dicit. 410 (4 leaves), 
red levant morocco e.Ktra, by Hardy-Mcnnil. [iS^hI 

B. A. v., No. 23. 

2549 [t'CSpUClUH.] i-HUUTruS KoiJUB. Ai.BERicus Vesi'UCIus 
Laurentio Petri de Medicis salutem plurimam dicit. 4to, 4 leaves, 
brown levant morocco extra, by Hardy-Meimil. 150* 

In this impression the triangle occurs before the passage commencing fuerent, 
not at tlie end of the text. 

2550 [Vespucius.] Mundus Novus. Albericus vespucius Laur- 
entio Petri de Medicis salutem plurimam dicit. 4to, vellum, 4 
leaves. Colophon : M agister johancs otmarj vindelice iinpressit. 

Augu.ste, 1504-5 
B. A. v., No. 31. 
|t^° See No. 2560 to 2565. 

2551 [Vespucius.] De or a Antarctica per regem Portugallie 
pridem inventa . . . Albericus vesputius Laurentio petri de 
medicis salute pllma dicit. IVoodciits on title. 8vo, 6 leaves, half 
morocco, gilt top. Argentine, 1505 

One of the five copies printed on vellum in fac-simile of the original edition of 



2552 [Vkspucius,] Von dkr nkw ckkundk Region die wol eiii 
welt genennt mag werdcn. Durch den Cristenliclien Kiinig von 
I'ortuyall, \vunnderl)arlic;li erfiinden. ll'ootictit. (Albericus Ves- 
puctiiis Laurcntio I'etri Fiancisci de meduis, etc.) 4to, 6 leaves, 
half morocco, gilt top. Nuremberg, [1505, 18 — ] 

The IMlinski fac-simile. 

2554 Vkspuch's. Paksi Nouamknte rktrouati. Et Nouo Mondo 
da Alberico Vesputio Florentino intitulato. 4to, maroon morocco, 
gilt eilges, by Hayiiay. Text, i 20 leaves, title mounted. (Colophon) : 
Stampato in Viccniia cu la impiiisa de M. Jlcnrico Vicentiiu\ 1507. 

Excessively rare. The volume contains an original account of the first three 
voyages of (lojumhus and the account of Vespucci's third voyage, written by him- 
self and first published in l.atin in the year 1504, the only voyage made by him 
of which there is any account coming from his hands, unless the account of the 
four voyages in the Cosmographio Tntroductio, also published in 1507, be con- 
sidered, as it claims to be his work. Vasca de Gama's first voy.igc. The voyage 
of Cabral and Pascjualigi's account of Caspar Cortereal's first voyage are also 
found in this, the first collection of voyages extant. 

It was republished in isiyand 1521. The latter is said to have some additions. 

A copy at the sale of the Bolton Corney library in 1871 brought .1^157. The 
Beck ford sold for ^270. 

2555 [Vespucius.J Vita e Letteke di Amerigo Vtspucci . . . 
Raccolte e Illustrate dall' Abate Angelo Maria Bandini. Frontis- 
piece^ 7iiith vignette portrait of Dante, and genealogical chart. 4to, 
vellum. Firenze, 1745 

2556 [Vespucius.] The same. 4to, vellum. 

Firenze, 1745 

2557 [Vespucius] Elogio d'Amerigo Vespucci che ha reportato 
il premio dalla nobile Accademia Etrusca di Cortona [Oct. 15, 
1788] . . . con una Dissertazione Giustificativa di questo celebre 
Navigatore, del P. Stanislao Canovai. Portrait. 4to, boards. 

Firenze, 1788 

2558 ("Vespucius Letters, published by Varnhagen.] Amerigo 
Vespucci, son caractere, ses ecrits, sa Vie et ses Navigations, 
par Varnhagen, map and 2 facsimiles, Lima, 1865 ; Le Premier 
Voyage de Vespucci d^finitivement e.xplique dans ses details, 
Vienne 1869 ; Nouvelles Recherches sur les derniers Voyage 
'u Navigateur Florentin, et le reste des documents et eclair- 

cissements sur lui, avec les textes (et une postface), map from if- • 



15 13 Ptolemy, and facsimile of Vespucci's letter, Vienne, 1870. 
Together 3 parts (the complete series) in i vol., folio, half 
morocco, gilt top, uncut edges. Lima, &c., 1865-69-70 

These valuable publications, which are the entire result of \'arnhagen's studies 
on Vespucci, contain all the letters of Vespucci, both authentic and doubtful, 
exactly reproduced from the originals. These are illustrated with literary and 
bibliographical notes, a critical analysis of his life, extracts from rare books and 
unpublished documents, &c. ; which the editor, as an influential and indefatigable 
scholar, had favorable opportunities of examining. The concern of the modern 
world is with the priority of Vespucci as a navigator in American waters, and the 
origin of the name given to the New World, and everything necessary for any one 
who wishes to examine the matter thoroughly will be found in Varnhagen's treat- 
ises, by which it appears conclusive that Vespucci saw the American continent in 
1497-8, in that First Voyage which has been discredited. In fact these disquisi- 
tions render completely useless, and supersede almost all previous studies upon 
Americus Vesputius. 

2559 [Vespucius.] Fac-similk of the " Dutch Vespucius," being 
the celebrated letter of Americus Vespucius to Laurentius de 
Medicis describing his Third Voyage to America in 1501. 8vo, 
half morocco. Providence, 1S74 

One of the 25 copies [No. 3] printed in fac-simile of the unique copy (put forth 
at Antwerp, 1506-10) in the library of J. C. Brown. 

fct. 15, 


-, 1788 







\om tl' 

2560 [Vespucius.] Btfi tJUCljllU fafltt UjfC tiit jtoC durchlilch- 
tigste herre heer Fernandus K. zii Cafetilien, und herr Emanuel K. 
zu Portugal haben das weyte mor ersuchet unnd sunden vil Insulen 
unnd ein Niiwe welt von wilden nackenden l.eiiten vormals 
unbekant. Woodcuts on title and on p. 10. 4to, half vellum, 14 
leaves only. Strasburg: Grunitiger, 1509 

B. A. v., No. 62. 

2561 [Vespucius-Hylacomvlus.J Cosmographiae Introductu) 
cum quibusdam Geometriae ac Astronomiae principiis ad eam 
rem necessariis. In super quatuor Americi Vespucii navigationes, 
&c. 5 diagrams. 4to, levant morocco extra, gilt leaves, by Gruel. 

Deodate, MaiJ., 1507 
Superb copy. The edition which is claimed as the first by the late Hon. H. 
C. Murphy. 

B. A. v., No. 45. 

2562 [Vespucius-Hvlacomvlus.] Cosmographiae Introductio 
cum quibusdam Geometriae ac Astronomiae principiis ad eam 
rem necessariis. Insuper quattuor Americi Vespucii navigationes 



. . . &c. 4to, red levaut morocco extra, gilt edges, by BcJfoiil. 
Title reinforced. Ueodate, Septelnis, 1507 

H. A. v., No. 46. 

2563 |Vkspucils-Hyi,acomyi,ls.] COj9mO0rapl)fr Kntl'OtlUCtfO : 

cum (|uil)us{lam Geometric ac Astronomic principiis ad cam rem 

necessariis. Jnsuper quattuor Americi Vespucii navigationes, iVc. 

5 dini^ranis. 4to, green morocco extra, gilt leaves, by Matthews. 

Strasburg: Grutiiger, isoy 
B. A. v.. No. f)2. 

2564 [ Vespucius-Hylacomylus.] Cosmographiae Introductio 
cum quibusdam Geometriae ac Astronomiae principiis ad eani dem 
necessariis. Insuper quatuor Americi Vespucii navigationes. , . . 
&c. 4to, reil levant morocco extra, gilt edges, by Hardy. 

s. 1. et a. [Lyons, circa 1517J 
Fine complete copy. 
B. A. v., No. 63. 

2565 [Vkspucius-Hylacomi.yus.] Another copy, minus the large 
folded plate, and having the first folded leaf cut to the size of the 
ordinary pages. 4to, morocco antique, gilt over red edges, by 
Riviirc. [Lyons, r//ra 1517] 

2566 ViELE (Egbert L.). The Topography and Hydrology of 
New York. Large map. 8vo, cloth. New York, ICS65 

I'resentation copy from the author. 

2567 View (A) of the Evidence relative to the Conduct of the 
American War under Sir William Howe, Lord Viscount Howe 
and General Burgoyne; as given bi^fore a Committee of the House 
of Commons last Session of Parliament. To which is added a 
Collection of the Celebrated Fugitive Pieces that are said to have 
given rise to that Important Enquiry. 8vo, half morocco. 

London: Richardson and Urquhart, [1779 1 

2568 Views and Plans, as follows : 

L New York from Brooklyn 
Hornor. 23 x 33 in. 

H. South Prospect of the City cf New York 
the London Magazine, 1761. 20^ x 8^ in. 

Map of New York Island. Sautier's Survey, 1776, with the 
" Rebel Lines," &c. 20 x 12^ in. 

Drawn and engraved by 'I'. 
Engraved for 




of the 



dded a 

to have 


by 'I" 

ved for 

Ivith the 

Plan of Nkw York City and Chart of the Harbor. Mon- 

tresor's Survey of 1766. 25A x 20 J in. 
Burgoyne's Encampmknt on the Hudson River, Sep. 20, 

1777. 16 X 8:| in. 
Fort Fkkdkric or Crown Point, 9.V x 7A in. 
Plan of Washington by Luffman (1816?). 9.J x 84' in. 
ViKw or New York. 
Plan of Montrkai, Fortikkations. 

Plan of Philadelphia, 1762. Surveyed by Scull. 26 x .:i in. 
Plan of Philadelphia by Easburn, 1776, 27 x 2oi in. 
Map of the Course of the Delaware, with the " Rebel 

Works." W. Faden, 1778. 26 x 17^ in. 
View of Charlestown, S. C, from the London Ma^jazine. 

21x7 in. 
View of Philadelphia, from the London Magazine. 
View of Bethlehem, 1798. 
Plan of Quebec. 
Plan of New Orleans. 
Bound together, mounted on linen and folded in 410 vol., half 

2569 ViGNOLEs (Charles). Observations upon the Floridas. Svo, 
half morocco, gilt top, uncut. New York, 1823 

2570 Villagutierre Soto-Mayor. Historia de la Conquista de 
la Provincia de el Itza, reduccion, y progressos de la de el Lacan- 
don y otras naciones de Indios barbaros . . . de la niedacion 
. . . de Guatimala ... a Yucatan. Frontispiece. Folio, half 
morocco. Madrid, 1701 

The above " primera parte" is all that was published. 

2571 [Villagutierre, &c.] Historia de la Conquista de la pro- 
vincia de el Liza. Frontispiece. Folio, Spanish calf, red leaves. 

Madrid, 1701 

2572 [Villagutierre, &c.] Historia, &c. Another copy. Folio, 
vellum. Madrid, 1701 

All these three copies have both titles. 

2573 Villavicencio (Juan Joseph). Vida, y Virtudes de el Vener- 
able y Apostolico Padre Juan de Ugarte, de la Compania de 
Jesus, Missionero de las Islas Californias, y uno de fus primeros 
Conquistadores. 4to, blue calf extra, gilt leaves, by Zaehnsdorf. 

Mexico, 1752 




2574 [ViNCKNT (F'.).J A Truk Kklation of the I-ati: Hattki.i, 
foiij^'lit in Nkw, between the English and the Feciiu-t 
Salva;,a's; In which was slaine and taken prisoners ai)()iit 700 of 
tiic Salvages, and those which escajicd had their heads cut olT !)>• 
the Mohocks, &c. 8vo, poUshed calf extra, by Bedfoid. Top 
corners pieced. London, 163.S 

Duplicate from the British Museum, 

2575 [Viiu;iNiA.| A Good Spekd to Virginia. ["The Epistle 
Dedicatorie" signed by Rjobert] Cl|ray|. | 410, calf antique, gilt 
over red leaves, by Riviere. London, 1609 

Fine copy. 

2576 Virginia richly valued. By the description of the maine 
land of Florida, her next neighbour : Out of the foure yecrcs 
continuall travell and discoverie, . . , of Don Ferdinando de Soto, 
&c. Written by a Portugall gentleman of Elvas, . . . and trans- 
lated out of Portugese by Richard Hakluyt. 4to, morocco, gilt 
over red leaves, by Riviere. London, i6oy 

2577 [Virginia.] A True Declaration of the estate of the Col- 
ONiK in Virginia, With a confutation of such scandalous reports 
as have tended to the disgrace of so worthy an enterprise. 4to, 
calf, gilt over red leaves, by Riviere. London, 1^1 10 

Top margins somewhat curtailed. 

2578 [Virginia.] Declaration of the State of the Colonie and 
Affaires in Virginia : with The Names of the Adventurers, and 
Summes adventured in that Action, &c. Great Seal of James I. 
on title. 4to, half russia. London, 1620 

The divisions of the above vol. are as follows : 
Declaration, as above, 6 leaves. 

A note of the Shipping, Men, and Provisions sent to Virginia, 4 leaves. 
Names of the .Vdventurers, &c., 2 leaves. 
Declaration of the Supplies, 4 leaves. 

Names of the Adventurers, with their severall sums adventured, paid to Sir 
Thos. Smith, 15 leaves. 
Top margins cut 

-579 [Virginia,] A Perfect Description of Virginia : being A 
full and true Relation of the present State of the Plantation, their 
Health, Peace, and Plenty . . . also A Narration of the Countrey, 
within a few dayes journey of Virginia, West and by South , . . 
With the manner how the Emperor Nichotawance came to Sir 



William Horckley, attencLvi with five petty Kings, to doc Hoinaj^c. 
and bring Tribute to King Charles, iS:c. CoaioJ-anns. .|to, half 
morocco, pp. 19. London, 1649 

25S0 Vir(hnia's Curk ; or An Advisive Narrative concerning Virginia. 
Discovering The true (Iround of that Churches lltiiiappiness and 
the only true Remedy . . . Now publish'd to further the Welfare 
of that and the like Plantations : by R[ol)ert] Ci[ray|. ^to, half 
morocco. London, 1662 

("nntains the leaf of " Imprimatur." 

25<Si I Virginia Nutts.] Some Obsfrvations Made upon the ""'ik- 
(;iNiAN Nutts, Imported from the Indies: shewing Their Admir- 
able Virtue against the Scurvy. Written by a Doctor of I'hysick 
in the Countrey to Dr. Croon . . . 1661. 410, crimson levant 
morocco extra, gilt leaves, by Bedford. London, 1682 

Fine copy, 

2582 [Virginia.] The Case of the Pi.antkrs of TcjBActo in Vir- 
ginia. .As represented by Themselves ; signed by the President 
of the Council, and speaker of the House of Burgesses. To which 
is added, A Vindication Of the said Representation. 8vo, half 
morocco. London, 1733 

2583 [Virginia.] A Collection of all such Puiu.ic Acts of the 
General Assembly, and Ordinances of the Conventions of Vir- 
ginia, Passed since the year 1768, as are now in force. With a Table 
of the Principal Matters. Folio, half sheep. 

Richmond : Nicohon »>• Preniii, 1785 

25S4 [Virginia.] Exposition of the Federal Constitution. Con- 
tained in the Report of the Committee of the Virginia House of 
Delegates . . . 21st Dec, 1798, commonly called Madison's 
Report . . . with a Series of Papers ur.der the signature of Hamp- 
den. 8vo, half morocco. Richmond, 1819 

2585 [Virginia.] Letters on the Richmond Party. By a Vir- 
ginian. 8vo. Washington City, 1823 

2586 [Virginia.] The Confessions of Nat Turner, the leader of 
the late Insurrection in Southampton, Va., as fully and voluntarily 
made to Thomas R. Gray . . . also, an Authentic Account of the 
whole Insurrection, with Lists of the Whites who were Murdered, 
&c. 8vo, half morocco, uncut. Baltimore, 183 1 



2587 I ViR(;iNiA. I I'"lKST C'ki.khkation of tin- Annivkksakv of the 
Sktti.kmknt at Jamksiown, Va., on the i.^tli of May, 1607. Hon. 
(Jeorge W. Summers, Orator. 8vo, half morocco. New York, 1X60 

2588 [ViRoiNiA.I The CoMMODiTiKS of the Ii, and called Manaii 
ore LoNO Ii.k, which is in the Continent of Virjjinia. Map. 
8vo, half morocco, gilt top. n. p. or d. | Albany, 1862) 

Only bo copies printed for J. (1. Sht-a. 

2589 VoLNKY (C. F.). ViKW of the Cmmatk and Son. of the Unitkd 
S TA rKS of Amkkr'a : to which are annexed some Accounts of 
Florida, the French Colony on the Scioto, certain Canadian Col- 
onies, and the Savages or Natives. 2 lar^e maps and 2 plates. 8vo, 
half calf. London, 1804 

2590 Voi.TAiKK. The History of the War of mdilxi.i., \c. 
I'ost 8v(), calf (minus one leaf). FLilinburgh, 1758 

Autograph of I'liil. I.iviiiKston (one of the Signers) on the title. 

2591 VoRLAUSKiE Nachricht UNI) Bi-scHRKiiiUNO von dem grozen 
siebcnjahrijj[en Kalbskopf welcher in Engelland bie dem angestell- 
ten Frendenfest wegen des Anno 1783, mit dcnen Amerikanern 
geschlossenen P'riedens, iVc. Small 8vo, half morocco. 

Hcraiisgegeben, 1783 

2592 Voyagk d'Amkriquk : Dialogue en Vers, entre I'Autre iS: 
I'Abbe * * * i2mo, half morocco. 

a I.ondres et se trouve a Paris, 1786 

2593 Txiin (BflUfTi IJfetCCflJ ttC), BOl'tC W%\^KiM\ ende 
Journaels aenteyckcninge Van verscheyden Voyagiens in de vier 
deelen des Wereldts-Ronde, als Europa, Africa, Asia, ende 
Amerika gedaen . . . Portrait by Visc/ter, coat-o/-arms, and 18 
eti/tiiigs. 4to, green levant morocco extra, gilt leaves, by Bedford. 

t'Hoorn, 1655 

iMne copy. P.iges 94 to 190 were translated by the lion. II. C. Murphy, and 
(250 copies) privately printed by Mr. James Leno.x. See next item. 

2594 Vriks. Voyacks from Holland to Amkrica, A. 1). 1632 to 
1644. By David Peterson de Vries. Translated from the Dutch by 
Henry C. Murphy. Portrait. 4to, cloth, uncut. New York, 1853 

250 copies privately printed for Mr. James Lenox exclusively for presentation, 
omitting, for various reasons, that ethnological illustration, in which the gentle- 
man with '' visible means of support," figures so prominently. 

For an extended and interesting notice of this work see Field's Bildiograp/iy, 
No. 1615. 




2595 \ II 7^ (J-)l A JuniLious OiisKRVA rioN of that Dkkadum, 
V V • ^'"^^^'^ wliidi Appeared on Noveinl)er iS, 16S0, aiul 

continued until the loth of February followinjj . . . 
Written by J. \V. in New-Knjjlaiul. Small Svo, half morocco, K'lt 
top. London, 16S3 

2596 I VVaddki.i, (Frank). I Old Muck's (Buchanan] Kkasi', or, 
'llic . Power of Office. Hy Dryden, Jr. i2mo, iialf morocco, 
pp. ' 5. New N'ork, 185S 

2597 INv'adsworth </;/</ I'ortkr.] Prockkdinos of the Cinii ry 
I AssociA rioN, in Honor of the Memory of Hrijj.-den. James S. 
I Wadsworth ami Colonel Peter A. Porter; with the Kiilo<.''es read 

by William J. Hoppin and Frederic S. Cozzens, Dec. 3, 1S64. Svo, 
uncut. New York, 1865 

259.S Wakkr (I,.). A New Voyage and Description of the Istiimis 
of America, (living an Account of the Author's Abode there, the 
Form and Make of the Country, the Coasts, Hills, Rivers, iS:c. 
Woods, Soil, Weather, &:c.; Trees, I'Vuit, Bea-'ts, Birds, Fish, i\rc. ; 
'Pile Imlian Inhabitants, their F'eatures, Complexions, &c., their 
Manners, Customs, F^mployments, M.irriajjes, leasts, Huntinij, 
Computation, Language, &c, With Remarkable Occurrences in the 
South Sea, and elsewhere. By Lionel Wafer. Illustrated with 
several Copper Plates. M(i/> and ^ folded plates. Small Svo, half 
calf, gilt. London : Printed for James Knapton, at the Cro^vn in 

St. Pours Church-yard, 1699 
Wafer was a surgeon to Dampier's expedition across the Isthmus, and was left 
among the Indians on being disabled by a wound. 

2599 Wakk.kielu (Priscilla). Excursions in North America. 
Large map, Svo, li.?'.f calf, uncut. London, 1810 

2600 [Wam.ack.] a Sketch of the Like of James William Wal- 
lack (Senior), late Actor and Manager. Portrait. Imperial Svo, 
half morocco, gilt top. New York, 1865 

Only 2(X) copies printed this size. No. 51. 

2601 [War of 1812.] History of the American War of 1812, from 
the Commencement, until the Final Termination thereof, on the 
Memorable Eighth of January, 18 15, at New Orleans. Embel- 
lished with a striking likeness of General Pike and 6 other engrav- 
ings. i2mo, half morocco. Philadelphia, 1S17 



2602 [Warburton (Eliot). The Conquest of Canada. By the 
Author of " Hochelaga." Portraits of Carticr and Gen. Wolfe. 
2 vols., 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1849 

2603 [Warburton.] Trial of the Officers and Crew of the 
Privateer Savannah on the Charge of Piracy, in the U. S. Cir- 
cuit, N. Y. , . . Judges Nelson and Shipman presiding. Reported 
by A. F. Warburton. . . . 8vo, sheets, folded. New York, 1862 

2604 Ward (H. G.). Mexico in 1827. 11 ith 2 large maps and 13 
plates., one colored. 2 vols., 8vo, half morocco. London, 1828 

From the libraries of the Prince of Wales (1828), the Earl of Munsiter and Co!. 
Fitz-Clarence, with all three book-plates. 

2605 Ward (Nathaniel). A Sermon Preached Before the Honour- 
able House of Commons At their late Monethly Fast, being on 
Wednesday, June 30, 1647. 4to, half morocco. London, 1647 

A curious deience of Charles I. The writer speaks in his "Letter" of 
" comming a hard winter voyage over the vast raging seas, to doe what service I 
could to my country." 

2606 [Ward.] The Simple Cobler of Aggawam in America, 
Willing To help 'mend his Native Country, lamentably tattered, 
both in the upper-l,eather and sole, with all the honest stitches he 
can take. And as willing never to bee paid for his work by Old 
English wonted pay. It is his Trade to patch all the year long, 
gratis ... By T'leodore de la Guard. 4to, sprinkled calf, gilt 
over red leaves, by Riviere. London, 1647 

I'ine copy. 

2607 Ward. Simple Cobler of Aggawam in America, Edited 
by David Pulsifer. i2mo, half morocco. Boston, 1843 

2708 Warden (D. B). A Chorographical and Statistical 
Description of the District of Columbia. Map and %'ien' of the 
Capitol. 8vo, calf. Paris, 18 16 

2609 Warden. A Statistical, Political and Historical 
Account of the United States of North America, from the 
Period of their First Colonization to the Present Day. Large map 
and plan. 3 vols , 8vo, half morocco extra. Edinburgh, 1819 

At the end of the description of each State will be found a catalogue of books 
and maps relating to it. 



2610 [Wardf.n.] HiHi.ioTHKCA Ami.ricana, bciiig a choice collec- 
tion of Books relating to North and South America and the West 
Indies, including Voyages to the Southern Hemisphere. Maps, 
cn};ravin^s and medals. [Collected by I). H. Warden. | 8vo, calf 
extra, gilt top, uncut edges. Paris, 1S40 

Mr. W.nrden was well known for his researches in American History. This 
citaloguc was first printed at Paris in 1S31 ; it describes nil works, and was 
bought for the New York State Library at Albany. 

261 1 Warrinkr (Francis), Cruise of the United States Frigate 
Potomac round the World, during the years 1831-34. Illustratfd. 
i2mo, cloth, uncut. New York, 1835 

2612 [Washington.] A Circular Letter from George Wash- 
ington . . to his excellency William Greene. . . 8vo. 

London, 1783 

2613 [Washington.] An Address from the Roman Catholics of 
America to George Washington, Esq., President of the United 
States. [With a note by J. G. Shea, and Washington's Answer 
in fac-simile, as well as letter-press.] 2 portraits. Folio, half 
morocco, gilt top, uncut edges. London, 1790, /(•/. 

A very limited edition printed. 

2614 Washington. Letters to Arthur Young and Sir John Sin- 
clair, containing an account of his Husbandry, with his opinions 
on various questions in Agriculture, &c. 8vo, half morocco. 

Alexandria, 1803 

2615 Washington. The Life of 
trait. 8vo, half calf, gilt. 

By David Ramsay. Por- 
London, 1807 

2616 Washi-gton. Life of . . By Aaron Bancroft. Frontisfiiccc. 
2 vols., i2mo, half morocco. Boston, 1825 

2617 Washington. Farewell Address to the People of the United 
States of America. Portrait by Peale, engraved by Sartain, also by 
Stuart, engraved by Sartain; the same by Stuart engraved by Ritehie. 
4to, cloth, uncut. New York, 1850 

'rinted from the original M.S. for Mr. Lenox, who caused a few copies of the 
Address to be issued for presents, with notes showing the various .alterations and 
corrections, accompanied by letters from Chief Justice Jay, Mr. Jared .Sparks, and 
others, throwing light on the history of this interesting document. 



2618 VVASMINd'ION. Wk I TINGS of (iK.ORGK WASHINdl ON ; bcillli lus 

Correspondence, Addresses, Messages, and other Papers, Official 
and Private. Selected and Published from the Original Manu- 
scripts, By Jarcd Sparks. Portraits, &r'c. 12 vols. 8vo, half vel- 
lum extra, carmine edges. Boston, 1858 

2619 Washington. Correspondence of the American Revolu- 
tion; being Letters of Eminent Men to George Washington, from 
the time of his taking Command of the Army to the end of his 
Presidency. Edited from the Original Manuscripts. By Jared 
Sparks. 4 vols., Svo, half vellum extra, carmine edges. Boston, i<S53 

2620 I Washington.] Lii e of (iEorge Washington, by Washing- 
ton Irving. Portraits, &■■€. 5 vols., 8vo, cloth. New York, 1855-9 

2621 Washington in Domestic Like. Erom Original Letters and 
Manuscripts. By Richard Rush. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top. 

Philadelphia, 1857 

2622 Wasiiingion. The Like of . 
trait. 121110, half morocco extra. 

by Edward Everett. /Vv- 
New York, i860 

2623 [Washing ion. J The Diary of George Washington, from 
1789 to 1 791, embracing the Opening of the Eirst Congress, and 
his Tours through New England, Long Island and the Southern 
States, together with his Journal of a Tour to the Ohio in 175^. 
P^dited by Benson J. Lossing. 8vo, cloth. Richmond, 1861 

2624 [Washington.] Essay on the Character and Influence of 
Washington ... by M. Guizot. Portrait. i6mo, cloth. 

New York, 1863 

2625 [Washington.] Oration in Commemoration of the Biri h- 
DAY of Washington [and Eulogy on the Death of |, delivered at 
Salem, Massachusetts, February 22, 1793 [and January 2, i8oo|. 
By William Bentley. 2 vols., royal 8vo, uncut. Morrisania, 1870 

Only 30 copies printed. 

2626 Washington National Monument. The Dedication of the 
. . . with the Orations by Hon. Robert C. Winthrop and Hon. 
John W. Daniel, Feb. 21, 1885. Portrait. Royal 8vo, cloth. 

Washington, 1885 



;k of 

>i the 


2627 Washinc.toniana (The). Containing!; a Sketch of the T>ife and 
Deatii of the kite George VVashinj^ton; with a collection of ele^jant 
Eulogies, Orations, Poems, tVc, Sacred to his Memory. Also an 
Appendix comprising all his most valuable I'ublic Papers, and his 
Last Will and Testament [edited by F. Johnston and W. Hamil- 
ton]. Svo, sheep. Lancaster, 1802 

Minus the portrait. 

2628 Washington and Adams. Mf.moirs of the Administrations 
of. Edited from the Papers of Oliver Wolcott. By (leorge 
Gibbs. J'ortiait. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth, uncut. New York, 1846 

2629 Watkrhousk (Edward). A Dk.clakation of the Siatk of the 
Colony and Afkairks in Vikginia. With a Relation of the Bar- 
barous Massacre in the time of peace, and League, treacherously 
executed by the Native Infidels upon the English, the 22 of March 
last, . . . and a Treatise ... by that learned Mathematician 
Mr. Henry Briggs, of the Northwest passage, &c. Plate of seal. 
4to, calf antique, gilt over red edges, by Riviere. London, 1622 

Fine copy. 

2630 Wa rsoN (John F.). Historic Talks of Olden 'I'inie : con- 
cerning the Early Settlement and Advancement of Nkw-Yokk 
City and Si' A IE. Illustrated. i2mo, bound. New York, 1S32 

2631 Watson. Annai.s and Occurrfncf.s of New York City and 
State, in the Olden Time: being a C >llection of Memoirs, Anec- 
dotes, and Incidents concerning the City, Country and Inhabitants, 
from the Days of the Founders, c^'c. Numerous eii^raTitii:^:^. 8vo, 
half morocco. Philadelphia, 1846 

2632 Watson. Annai.s of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, in 
the Olden Time: being a Collection of Memoirs, Anecdotes, and 
Incidents of the City and its Inhabitants, and of the earliest settle- 
ments of the inland part of Pennsylvania, from the Days of the 
Founders, &c. Numerous engravings. 2 vols., 8vo, half morocco. 

Philadelphia, 1844 

2633 Watson (Winslow C). The Military and Civil History of 
the County of Essex, New York . , . embracing an Account of 
the Northern Wilderness, and also the Military Annals of the 
Fortresses of Crown Point and Ticonderoga. Frontispiece and 
map. Svo, sheets folded. .Albany, 1869 

Wavmouth, see Rosier. 



2634 Wkhstkr (Daniel). The Wokks of [with a Hioj^rapliical 
Memoir, by Edwaril Everett]. Poitrait^ Cs'c. 6 vols., Svo, half 
vellum extra, carmine edges. Boston, 1858 

2635 Wi r.sTER. The Private Corkfspondencf, of. Edited by 
Fletcher Webster. 2 vols., Svo, half vellum (to match the Works). 

Boston, 1857 

2636 WrnsTER. Tjfe of. . . . By George Ticknor Curtis. Portniit. 
2 vols., Svo, cloth. New York, 1870 

rrescntafion copy from G. T. Curtis. 

2637 [Webster-Parkman.] Trim, of Professor John W. Webster, 
for the Murder of Doctor George Parkman. IVoockuts. Svo, half 
morocco. New York, 1850 

2638 Webster, Jr. (Noah). Dissertations on the English Lan- 
gua(;e, with Notes . . . an Essay on a Reformed Mode of SrEi.i.- 
iNG, with Dr. Franklin's Argumen is on that Sunji-xr. Svo, 
calf. Boston : Isaiah TItomas and Company, 1789 

liook-plate and autograph of Timothy Mather Cooley. 

2639 Webster (Pelatiah). Political Essays on the Nature and 
Operation of Money, Public Finances, and other subjects : pub- 
lished during the American War, and continued up to . . . 1791. 
Svo, boards. Philadelphia, 1791 

2640 Weigel (T. O.). Katalog Friihester Erzeugnisse der Druck- 
erkunst . . . \ 2 plates. Svo, half morocco, gilt top. Leipzig, 1S72 

2641 Weiss (M. Charles). History of the French Protestant 
Refugees . . , Translated ... by Henry William Herbert, with 
an American Appendix, by a descendant of the Huguenots. Por- 
trait. 2 vols., i2mo, half calf, gilt. New York, 1854 

Pages 326 to 381 (Vol. I.) and pp. 284-334 (Vol. II.) relate to the Refugees in 

2642 [Welde (Thomas) and Winthrop (John).] A Short Story 
of the Rise, reign, and ruin of the Antinomians, Familists & Liber- 
tines, that infected the Churches of New-England, &c. 4to, calf, 
gilt leaves, by Riviere. London, 1644 



2643 [Welde aud WiNiHROP.] A Short Story of the Rise, Reign 
and Ruin of the Antinomians, &:c. 4to, half morocco. 

I.onilon, 1692 
The margins of both editions are frequently cut very close. 

2644 Weldk (Thomas). An Answer to W[iiliam] Rfathl)antl], his 
Narration of the Opinions and Practises of the Ciuirches lately 
erected in New-England. Vindicating those (iodly and Ortho- 
doxail Churches, &c. 4to, calf, gilt leaves. London, 1644 

Fine copy. 

2645 West (John). The Suhstan'ce of a Journal during a Resi- 
dence at the Red River Colony, British North America; and 
frequent Excursions among the North-West American Indians, in 
the years 1820, 182 1, 1822, 1823. t^ plates. 8vo, half calf, gilt. 

London, 1824 

2646 [Wheatley.J Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and 
Moral. By Phillis Wheatley, Negro Servant to Mr. John Wheatley, 
of Boston, in New England. Portrait. 8vo, calf. London, 1773 

2647 Wheaton (Henry). Enquiry into the Validity of the Brit- 
ish Claim to a Right of Visitation and Search of American 
Vessels suspected to be engaged in the African Slave-Trade. 8vo, 
cloth. , London, 1858 



2648 Wheeler (John H.). Historical Sketches of North Caro- 
lina, from 1584 to 1851 . . . with Biographical Sketches of her 
distinguished Statesmen, Jurists, Lawyers, Soldiers, Divines, &c. 
Frontispieces. 2 vols, in i. 8vo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1851 

2649 Wheelewright (John). A Sermon preached at Boston in 
New England upon a Fast Day the XVL of January, 1636. 
8vo, half morocco, gilt top. Morrisania: Dawson, 1867 

Only a few copies printed. 

2650 [Whitaker (Alex.) and Crashawe (W.)]. Good Newes from 
Virginia. Sent to the Counsell and Company of Virginia, resi- 
dent in England. P'rom Alexander Whitaker, the Minister of 
Henrico in Virginia. 4to, calf antique, gilt over red edges, by 
Riviere. London, 1613 

I'iiic copy. 



2651 Whitakfr ((ieo. M.). Record of Births, Marriaof.s and 
Dkaths of the Town of Sturhridgk, from the Settlement of the 
'I'own to 1816. 8vo, cloth. Southbridge, Mass., 1879 

2652 Whitbourne (Richard). A Discourse and Discovery of 
Nkwfound-i. AND, with many reasons to proove how worthy and 
beneficiall a Plantation may there be made, ike. 4to, half morocco. 

London: A'/ //i;-s /<>//, 1622 

Title with coat-of-arms on back + Epistle Dedicatory 4 pp. + To his IWaies- 
tit-s jjood Subiects 4 pp. + Preface 8 pp. + Relation pp. 1-107 (p. 35, num- 
bered 3, p. 67, numbered 7, pp. 70 and 71 numbered 100 and loi, p. 72 blank), 
Conclusion, 5 unnumbered pages ■+- Letter from Capt. Wynne, &c., pp. 1-15 + 
lilank page + Copy of a Reference, &c., 4 unnumbered pages, repaired. 

2653 VVHiTiiouRNE. Another copy, with the broadside of license. 
4to, half calf. London: Kingston., 1622 

In this copy the " Copy of a Reference " follows the title, and the 6 is not 
dropped in p. 67. 

2654 Whitbourne. a Discourse and Discovery of New-Found- 
Lanu, &c. 4to, half russia. London, 1623 

Third edition. 

In this edition three lines arc printed under the coat-ofarms, the prefatory mat- 
ter occupies but 12 pp. and the Relation 97 pp., p. 34 is omitted and 36 
repeated, pp. 63 to 67 are not numbered, 95 is called 63 and the Conclusion has 
4 pages of matter. 

2655 [White (John).] The Planters Plea; or, the Grounds of 
Plantations examined And usual Objections answered. Together 
with a manifestation of the causes mooving such as have lately 
undertaken a Plantation in New-England. 4to, morocco antique, 
gilt edges. A few leaves mended. London: William Jones, 1630 

2656 White (Richard Grant). National Hymns. How they are 
written and how they are not written. A lyric and national study 
for the times. Frontispiece. 8vo, cloth. New York, 186 1 

2657 Whitefield (George). A Brief Account of the Rise, Prog- 
ress and present Situation of the Orphan House in CjEorgia 
[with a of names]. Edinburgh, 1748 

An Account of Money received and disbursed . . With large 
plan of the bull tling. London, 1741 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo, half morocco, uncut. London, 1741-8 



2658 VVhitkfiem). a Lktter To the Rev, the President, And Pro- 
fessors, Tutors, and Hebrew Instructor, of Harvari)-C()LI,kc;k in 
Canihridji^e; In Answer to a 'I'estimony Publish'd by them aj^ainst 
the Reverend Mr. George Whitefield And his Conduct. 410, half 
morocco. Boston, N. E., 1745 

2659 Whitfield (Henry). The Lk;ht api'earing more and more 

TOWARDS the perfect Day. Or, A farther Discovery of the 

present state of the Indians in New-England, Concerning the 

Progresse 'J the Gospel amongst them. Manifested by Letters 

from such as preacht to them there. 4to, half morocco. 

London, 1651 
Has the prefatory leaf, signed Joseph Caryl. 

2660 [Whitman (Walt). J Leaves of Grass. Portrait. 4to, cloth. 

Brooklyn, N. Y,, 1855 

2661 [Whitman.] Leaves of Grass Imprints. American and 
European Criticisms on " Leaves of Grass." i2mo, paper. 

Boston, i860 

2662 Wight (Andrew). Catalogue of the Library of. 8vo, 
uncut. New York, 1864 

2663 [Wilkinson.] Memoirs of My Own Times. By Cieneral 
James Wilkinson. Facsimiles, &'c. 3 vols., 8vo. And Atlas of 19 
maps in 4to. In all 4 vols., half calf. Philadelphia, 1816 

2664 [Wilkinson.] Memoirs. Another copy. 3 vols., Svo, half 
morocco. Minus the Atlas. Philadelphia, 1816 

2665 [Wilkinson ] History of Jemima Wilkinson, Preacheress of 
the Eighteenth Century; containing an authentic narrative of her 
Life and Character . . . By David Hudson. i2mo, half morocco. 

Geneva, N. Y., 1821 

2666 WiLLARi) (Samuel). A Brief Discourse of Justification 
... in several Sermons on this Subject. Small 8vo, calf antique. 
Soiled and mended. Boston, 1686 

2667 Willett (William M.). A Narrative of the Military 
Actions of Ct)LONEL Marinus Willett. Taken chiefly from 
his own Manuscript. Prepared by his Son. Portrait ami p/an, 
with \2 plates, consisting of portraits, views, C^c, inserted. Svo, half 
morocco, gilt top, uncut. New York, 1831 



2668 [Williams.] Ckkkmonmks of Laying the Cornkr-Stoni; of the 
MoNUMKNT to David Williams, one of the captors of Major 
Andre, at Schoharie Court House, September 23, 1876. 8vo. 

Albany, 1876 

2669 W[iLi.iAMs] (K|d\var(l|). Virginia: More especially the Soutli 
part thereof, Richly and truly valued: viz. The fertile Carolana, 
and no lesse excellent Isle of Roanoak . . . Second edition, 
with Addition of Thk Discovkry ok Silkworms, with their 
benefit. And Implanting of Mulberry Trees, \:c. Ltirt;c map, 
engraved by GoJdard, to the first part, and 5 woodcuts to the second. 
4to, morocco, gilt leaves, by Hayday. London, 1650 

Fine copy. Though Williams's initials appear on the title page "the whole 
substance of it was communicated to [him] by a (Jentleman of merit and (juality 
. . . Mr. Jolin Karrcr, of (Ceding.'' Map of 2d ed. inserted, anc*. 2 or 3 leaves 
closely trimmed. 

2670 VV[iLLiAMs]. The same, both parts, but lacking the map. 
2 vols., 4to, calf antique, gilt edges, by Rwicre. London, 1650 

2671 Williams (Rev. Eleazer). Life of Te-ho-ra-gwa-ne-gen, 
alias Thomas Williams, a Chief of the Caughnawaga Tribe of ^ 
Indians in Canada. Royal 8vo, half morocco,*gilt top, uncut. 

Albany, 1859 
Only 200 copies printed. No. 159. 

2672 Williams (J. J.). The Isthmus of Tehuantepec . . . Maps 
and tinted plates. 8vo, cloth. New York, 1852 

2673 Williams (J, S.), History of the Invasion and Capture of 
Washington, &c. Map. i2mo, cloth. New York, 1857 

2674 Williams (Roger). A Key into the Language of America; 
or. An help to the Language of the Natives in that part of America, 
called New-England. Together with briefe Observations of the 
Customes, Manners, Worships, &c., of the aforesaid Natives, &c. 
Small 8vo, calf, London. 1643 

2675 Williams. A Key into the Language of America, or an 
Help to the Language of the Natives in that part of America 
called New England . . . 8vo, uncut. Providence, 1827 

Rhode Island Hist. Socy. Collections. No. r. 



IRK of 


or an 
Ini erica 

2676 Williams (R[oger]). The Bloody Tenent yet More Bloodv: 
By Mr. Cotton's endevour to wash it white in the Blood of the 
I.ambe, &c. 4to, calf, gilt edges. London, 1652 

Autograph of Col. Nath'l Rich, &c. 
I'ine copy in the original binding. 

2677 Williams (Roger). Experiments of Spiritual Life & 
Health, And their Preservatives In which the weakest Child of 
God may get Assurance of his Spiritual Life and Blessednesse, 
And the Strongest may finde proportionable Discoveries of his 
Christian (irowth, and the means of it. 4to, morocco extra, gilt 
leaves. London, 1652 

Fine copy. 

2678 Williams. Experiments of Spiritual Life and Health, and 
their Preservatives. 4to, boards. 

London, 1652; fe/>. Providence, 1863 

Only a limited edition of this fac-simile printed, with an Introduction by Dr. 
Francis Wayland. 

2679 [Williams.] F^ife ok Roger Williams, the earliest legislator 
... by Romeo Elton. i6mo, cloth. Providence, 1S53 

2680 Williams (Samuel). The Natural and Civil History of 
Vermont. Large map. 8vo, calf. 

Walpole, N. H.: IsaiaJi T/iotnas and David Carlis/t\ /un., 1794 
First edition, rare. 

2681 Williams. The Natural and Civil History of Vermont 
. . . The Second Edition, corrected and much enlarged. 2 vols., 
8vo, calf extra, by Zaehnsdorf. Burlington, 1809 

Minus the map, but, though marbled edges, has many rough leaves. 

2682 Williamson (Hugh). The History of North Carolina. 
Map and fine portrait. 2 vols., Svo, sheep. Philadelphia, 1812 

Portrait inserted. 

2683 WiLLisTON (E. B.). Eloquence of the United States. 5 
vols., Svo, half morocco, gilt tops, uncut edges. 

Middletown, Conn., 1827 

This compilation embraces the best efforts of Washington, Ilamilton, Ran- 
dolph, Madison, Henry, Ames, (iailatin, Harper, Adams, Calhoun, Jtfferson, 
Clay, Webster, &c. , &c. 



2684 fVVii.MER.] Tlie Case of John Wilmdri: Truly and Impartially 
Rclatt'd; or, a Looking-Cilass for all Merchants and Planters That 
arc Concerned in the Amkrican Plantations. Folio, half 
morocco. London, 16S2 

WiliiRT, or W'ilmore, was accused of kidnappiny; "one K. (iviter . . . an 
infant witliin 13 years of age," and carrying the said " infant " to Jamaica. 

2685 [VVii.soN (Thomas, Lord Bishop of SoJor and Man).] The 
Knowi.i'.dc.k and Practicf', of Christianity made easy to tiic 
Meanest Capacities; or, an Essay towards an Instruction for the 
Indians . . . otc. i2nio, calf. London. 1743 

I'iftli edition. At the end is bound " An Earnest and Affectionate Address to 
the People called .Methodists," pp. 48. London, 1745. 

2686 Wilson (Samuel). An Account of the Province of Carolina 
in America. Together with An Abstract of the Patent, &c. 4to, 
crimson levant morocco extra, gilt leaves, by Bedford. 

London, 1682 

2687 Wilson. An Account of the Province of Carolina in 
America. Together with An Abstract of the Patent, &c. The 
Second Edition Corrected. 4to, half calf. London, 1682 

Map of Carolina inserted (?), newly described by John Seller. 

2688 Wimi'fken (Baron de). Voyage to Saint Domingo in 1788-90. 
Translated from the unpublished MS. by J. Wright. Lar^e map. 
8vo, calf. London, 181 7 (?), 1797 

2689 WiNCHELL (Alex.). Genealogy of the Family of Winchell 
in America, &c. 8vo, cloth. Ann Arbor, 1869 

2690 [VViNi:nELL.| r'iRST Biennial Report of the Progress of 
the Geological Survey of Michigan . . . 8vo, cloth. 

Lansing, 1861 ^ 

2691 WiNFiEi.D (Chas. H.). Surprise and Capture of Paulus 
HoECK. Commemorative Oration before the People of Jersey 
City, Aug. 19, 1879. 8vo, paper. Jersey City, 1879 

2692 WiNGFiKLr). "A Discourse of Virginia." By Edward 
Maria Wingfield, the First President of the Colony. Now first 
printed from the Original Manuscript in the Lambeth Library. 






.i:ss of 


f, T879 

i\v first 

Kdited, with Notes and an Introduction, by Charles Deane, 
Imperial Svo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. 

Boston: Privately printed, i860 

100 copies privately printed from the American Antiquarian Society's Tnins 
actions, vol. IV. Kxcccdingly scarce. 
Mr. I'owle's unbound copy sold for J45. 

2693 VViNGFiEi.i). Anotlier copy. Half morocco, gilt top. 

Boston, 18O0 

2694 VV[iNSLOw] (R[dward]). C.ooD Newes from Nkw-Enoi, and ; 
or, A True Relation of thinj^s very remarkable at the Plantation 
of Plimoth, in New-England. Shewing the wondrous providence 
and goodnes of (lod. . . . Together with a Relation of such 
Religious and civill Lawcs and Customes as are in practise 
amongst the Indians, &c. 4to, half russia. London, 1624 

Fine copy. 

2695 WiNSLow. HvpocRisiE Un.masked: by A true Relation of tiio 
Proceedings of the (iovernour and Company of the Massachusets 
against S.amukl Corton (and his Accomplices) . . . Together 
with a particular Answer to the manifold slanders, and abominable 
falshoods which are contained in a Book written by the said 
Gorton, and entitled, Simplicities defence against Sevcn-licadcd 
Policy, &'c. 4to, calf, gilt edges. London, 1646 

Ij^ See Gorton. 

2696 WiNSLOw. The Danger of Tolerating Levellers In a Civill 
State: or, An Historicall Narration of the dangerous pernicious 
practices and opinions, wherewith Samuel Gorton and his Level- 
ling Accomplices so much disturbed and molested the severall 
Plantations in New-England, &c. 4to, half morocco. 

London, 1649 

4 2697 Winterbotham (W.). An Historical, Geographical, Com- 
mercial and Philosophical View of the United States of 
America, and of the European Settlements in America and the 
West-Indies. Portraits and plates. 4 vols., Svo, calf. 

New York, 1796 
First American Edition, with additions and corrections. 

2698 Winterbotham. View of the United States. Another (poor) 
copy, minus some plates. 4 vols., Svo, sheep. New York, 1796 



2699 IVViNTiiKop (John).] Journal Of the 'rRANSAcnoNs and 
( )(:((! KKKNCKs ill the Ski ri.KMKNr of M assaciiusk ris and the 
otlier Ni',\v-Kn(;i,an1) Colonies, from the year 1630 to 1644. 
Written i)y John VVinthrop, Esq., First (iovernorof Massachusetts. 
8vo, sheep. Hartford: E. lialhock^ 1790 

i 2700 Win iiiRop. The History of Nkw England, from 1630 to 
1649 • • • from his Original Manuscripts, witli Notes . . . i)y 
James Savage. Fortiait and fac-similc. 2 vols., Svo, half morocco, 
gilt top, uncut edges. Boston, 1S25-6 

2701 I WiNTHkoi'. I Like and Lei TKKs of John Winthrop, from . . . 
1630 . . . to . . . 1649. liy Robert C. Wintlirop. Portrait and 

fac-similc. 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1S67 

I'resentation copy from the author. 

2702 WiNTHRop (Robert C). Washington, Bowdoin, and Frank- 
lin, as portrayed in Occasional Addresses. FrontispUce and fac- 
similes. 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1S76 

I'resciilation copy from the author. 

2703 WiTCiicRAKT Delusion in New England; its Rise, Progress 
and Termination, as Exhibited by Dr. Cotton Mather, in the Won- 
ders of tiie Invisible World, and by Mr. Robert Calef in his More 
Wonders of the Invisible World, with a Preface, Introduction and 
Notes by Samuel G. Drake. 3 vols., 4to, half morocco, gilt tops, 
uncut. Roxbury, 1.S66 

Only 280 copies printed. No. 121. 
Woodward's Historical Series, No. V. 

J 2704 Witchcraft Delusion. The same, on Large Paper. 3 vols., 
■wal 8vo, half morocco, gilt tops. Roxbury, 1866 

2(_) of 70 copies. 

J VV[oi.i.Kv| (C[harles]). A two Years Journal in Nkw- 
YoRK : And part of its Territories in America. SiTfll 8vo, red 
morocco extra, by J/a/Z/z^'Tfj. London, 1701 

Fine copy of an exceedingly rare book. The Menzies copy [2181] sold for 
$290. Allhoujjh liartletl's Urown and Murphy catalogues, speak of the author as 
Wool.EV, the evidence offered in the Introduction of the Ciow.ins" reprint — fac- 
simile autographs, \:c. — will enable the modern bibliographer to correct at least 
one error, of the many, whiih lurk in every known catalogue, to the confusion of 
each tyroiliat altempts a compilation like the present. 


Amkri .\\A. 


3 vols., 
ry, 1866 

2706 Woi.i Kv. A Two Ykaks jouKNAi. ill Ni.w N"()KK, and nail of 
its 'rcrritories ill America . . witii an Introdm lion and copious 
Historical Notes by E. B. O'Claliaghaii. 8vo, half morocco, jji It 
top. New York : GoiiUins, i860 

2707 Wood (Silas). .\ Skktcii of the I'lRsr Sk r n.r.MKN r of the 
several Towns on Lonu Island, with their Political Condition to 
the End ol the American Re\olution. Svo, half morocco, gilt top, 
uncut edges. Brooklyn, 1828 

2708 Wood (William). Nkw Enolands I'rosi'Kct. \ true, lively, 
ami exiierimentall ilescriptioii of that part of America, commonly 
called New England, &c. Afap of 1634. 4to, half calf. 

Loiulon, 1634 
The second edition of Ni'AV KraiiANu's I'kii^I'ij T, 1635, is also liound witli 

the above, having the map as pui)iished in that year. 

K ice's copy of the Second Kdi'ion alone realizi'il !f2oo. The lirst is infinitely 


2709 WooDWoR'ni (John). Reminiscf.ncf.s of Troy, from its Seltle- 
ment in 1790 to 1807, wit!i Remarks on its Commerce, Enterprise, 
\'c., and Sketches of Individual Character. . . . Second Eilitioii, 
with Notes, E.xplanator}-, Biographical, Historical, and Anticjua- 
rian. Illustrations on tvood. 4to, half morocco, gilt top, 

Albany, 1 S60 

2710 VVooinvoRTH (Samuel). The War: being a Faithful Record of 

the Transactions of the War between the United States (jf .\merica 

and their Territories, and the United Kingdom of (Ireat Britain 

and Ireland, and the Dependencies thereof. Declared on the 

Eighteenth Day of June, 1812. 2 vols, in 1. 410, half morocco. 

New York, 1813-14 
The or' ,inal 103 numbers as published. 

271 X WooDwoRTH. The Pokms, Odes, Songs and other Metrical 
Effusions of . . . [with a Biographical Sketch). :2mo, half 
morocco, gilt top, uncut edges. New York, 1818 

First edition. 

2712 [Woolman], a Journal of the i.ife, Cospel Labours and 
Christian Experiences of that Faithful Minister of Jesus Christ, 
John Woolman, late of Mount-Holly, in the Province of New- 
Jersey ... to which are added, his Works . . , 8vo, calf. 

Dublin, 1778 



2JII Worcester (Samuel M.) New Enc.iand's Glory aiul 
Crown. A Discourse delivered at Plymouth, Mass., December 
22, 184S. 8vo, half morocco. Salem, 1S49 

.1714 [Worcester Society ok Antiquity.] Proceeoinos of the 

. . . from its institution Jan. 24, 1S75, to . . . March 6th, 1877. 

Nos. I to 5. 8vo, uncut. Worcester, 1877-9 

The 3d anil 4th parts arc principally ilcvotcii to Insi-riptions from the oKl IUiri;il 
(.'■rounils, with Bi()^rai)hical ami Historicil Notes. 

•7'5 [Work (F.). I The C'rimse of the Wave. 
cloth, uncut. 
Privately prnuecl. 

2 p/ioto};ta/>/is. Svo, 
New York, i8()() 

^716 Worth (Thomas). Pm'takch Restored : an Anachronatic 
Metempsychosis, illustratinij the Illustrious of Cireece and Rome. 
24 /'/.i/ts. Oblong 4to. cloth. New York, 1862 

These caricatures have many local allusions anil the characters are often taken 
from N. Y. celebrities, the portrait of F.ilwin Forrest in plate :: being especially 

.:7i7 Wynne (James). Private I.iurarus of New York. /'/<//(• 
rtf'rt'Sintini; the interior of Mr. Noycs' Library. 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

New York, 1 860 

A feeble attempt to describe the I.ibr;iries of John .Mien, tieorjje Bancroft, 
Thomas 1'. Barton. J. (.'arson Brevoort, Rev. Dr. Chapin, Almon \V. llriswoKl, 
William Menzies, William Curtis Noyes, Dr. Purple, Cico. T. Strong. R. I,.- 
Stu.irt, Rich.ird Cirant White, etc. 

2718 Wru'.ii I (H. H.). Historical Sketches of Plymouth, Pa. 
25 /•//<'/.'.{,'/ <;/>// .V. 121110, cloth. Philadelphia, [187^^] 

2711) |\\YrEiiEr.| Descru'tionis Ptolemaic.^ AuKincntum sive 
t)(.ii!>ENTis Notitia. Hrevi commentario illustrata. Studio et 
t>pera Comely Wytfliet. 19 maps. Folio, vellum. I.ovanii, 1597 

2720 [Wyteliet.] HisroiKE I'niver^eli.e des Inue^ Oct. identales 
et Orientates, et de la Conversion dcs Indiens. Divisee en 
trois Parties, par Coniille Wyttliet, c\: Anthoine Magiii, iS; autres 
Historiens. 21 maps anJ ;^ i'n};ra'<u- J titles. Folio, half morocco. 

Douay, 1611 

" Contrary to the opinion of Brunet who supposed that there was only one 
French edition issued at different times with different dates, this volume dated 
161 1 is really a new edition, and has two leaves (.containing four new and original 



maps') ill adilitinii to all that went before. These four maps are in the seeoiul 
part, anil represent: I. liulia anil the Indian Islands. .'. Japan. ,. C'hiii.i; 
and. .\. The Philippine Islanils. The map of Japan is the {'-•{ aiithentie mie, 
and approaches very closely to those of our modern .\tlascs.' 

2-J21 Wviti (William). I'oR ru \i is to the [-iii: aiul M.wnkrs of llic 
Itihabitaiits, of tliat Province iti America called Viki;im.\ . . . 
iS;c. I15S5-15SSI. Mil/' iinJ 2T, p/titfs. 8vo, half morocco. 

New York, 1X41 

The ahove is the first of a series of reprints undertaken by ]. and II. C".>;ley, calleil " draphic Sketches from (Mil and .\uthentie Works illustrating^ 
the (."ostume, llaliitsand Character of the Aborijjines of America." 

27-- XT' I2ii1!5^ (jFranciflCO lir). | (Tonqutstn Uc I IDrru. 

/\^ \'erda(lera relacion cle la c()iu|iii.sta del Teni jet] pro- 
viiicia del Ciizco Ua mada la luieva (.'astilla Folio, 
brown levant morocco extra, gilt leaves, b}- Bedford. 

Salamatica, 1547 
H. A. v., No. 277. 

-'7-3 IXrrtS.l (JTonqUtHta trcl J3Cl*U. Another (taller) copy. 
Clreen morocco extra, gilt leaves, by Gnul. Salamanca, 1547 

2724 XiMKNEz (Francisco). Qvtatro Liituos. He la N.\ iik.mi / \. y 
virtudes de las plantas, y ani.nales que estan recevidos en el iiso 
de Mkdicina en la Nueva Espa:^a, y la Methodo, y correccion, y 
preparacion, que para administrallas se recpiiere coti lo tpie el 
Doctor Francisco Hernandez, (S:c. Portrait. 4to. brown levant 
morocco, gilt leaves. Mexico, 1615 

A translation into Spanish of Kecchi's abridgment of the original (M.S.) work 
on the Herbs of Mexico, by Hernandez, undertaken by order of Philip 11. 
Hernandez died before publishing his work, 

2725 XiMENEZ. The same, but imperfect. 4to, vellum. Mexico, 1615 


5 A /"ANGUES (Manuel de). Princumos y de la 

I lengua Cummanagota, general en varias nacioncs, (jue 

habitanen la provincia la Cummana | Vi,nezui:i..v] . . . 

junto con un Diccionario . . , por . . . Mathias Hlanco. 410, 

calf. Burgos, 161X5 

Title and 3 preliminary leaves. Grammar, fol. 1-71, blank leaf; Dictionary, p. 



2727 [Yatzs and Moulton.] History of the Stati; tif Nkw-Yokk, 
including its Aboriginal and Colonial Annals. By John V. N. 
Yates . . . and Joseph W. Moulton. 9 maps and plans. Vol. I. 
in 2 parts. New York, 1S24-26 

Nkw York 170 Years Ago: with a View and Explanatory 
Notes. By Joseph VV. Moulton. Folded plate. New York, 1H43 

2 vols, in I. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut edges. 

New York, 1824-26-43 

2728 [Yemeniz.] Catalogue de la Bibliothkquk de M. N. Yemeniz 
. . , precede d'une Notice par M. le Roux de Lincy. 8vo, half 
morocco, gilt top. Paris, 1867 

2729 Yepes (Joaq-'in Lopez). Catecismo y Dkci.aracion de la 
DoCTRiNA Cristiana cn Lengua Otomi con un Volcabulario del 
Mismo Idioma. 4to, half morcco. Mcgico, 1826 

2730 Young (Alexander). Chronicles of the Planters of 
the Colony of Massachusetjs Bay, from 1623 to 1636. Por- 
trait^ map and woodcut. 8vo, half morocco. Boston, 1846 

Contains a reprint of Wood's Description of Massachusetts front the "New 
England's Prospect." London, 1634. 



APPA (Juan Bautista). Vida, y Virtudes . . . escrivio el 
Padre Miguel Venegas. Portrait. 4to, polished calf, 
extra, gilt leaves, by Zaehimiorf. Barcelona, 1754 

2732 [Zarate (Agostino di).] Le Historie . . . dello .Scopri- 
mento et Conquista del Peru . . . Tradotte dal .S. Alfonso Ulloa. 
8vo, vellum. Vinegia, 1563 

Unknown to I\ich, Ternaux, or Hrunet. 

2733 I Zarate (Augustin de).| Historia del Descvurimiento y 
CoNQVisTA de las Provincias del Peru, y de los successos que 
en clla ha avido, desde que se conquisto, hasta que el Licenciado 
de la Gasca Obispo de Siguen(;a boluio a estos reynos : y de las 
cosas naturales, etc. Folio, green crushed levant morocco extra, 
gilt leaves, by Gruel. Sevilla : Alonso Escrivano, 1577 

I'ine copy. Autograph letter of Zarate inserted. 

"Augustin de Zarate fut envoyt- au Perou en 1543, avec Blasco Nufies Vela, 
en qualitc de trcsorier de la couronne. 11 joua un rule assex important dan les 



giicrres civiles dc ce pays, oii il rcsta plusicurs annees. Son ouvrnge ([ui n'a ctt- 
public en fran(,ais ([u'en abrcge, mtjrite cependant dV' « t'tudi('' avoc soin."- — 

" Zarale was a man of rank and education. I lis history, wliethcr we attend to 
its matter or composition, is a book of considerable merit." — Roni.RTSoN. 

2734 I Z«iratr. | Ti)t Ufscoijfric auTi cronqufst of ti)C ^jJvo- 

ttincrs of JJcrU, and the Naiiigation in the South Sea, along 
that Coast. .And also of the ritche Mines of Potosi \ii'0(>i/c//f, "the 
Riche Mines of I'otossi"]. [Second title] The strange and delect- 
able History of the Discouerie and Concjiiest of the Prouinces 
of Peru . . . Written in foure bookes, by Augustine Sarate . . . 
Translated out of the Spanish tongue, by T. Nicholas. 4to, red 
morocco (the last 2 leaves margined). 

Jmpiiuted at London by Richard Johncs . . . 15.S1 

The second title is within a woodcut border. 

Collation; First and stt^.id titles as above, dedicatory epistle, <> p\i., to the 
Reader, 8 pp. (the last 2 pages by the translator and signed T. N.); Cosson's 
poetical prais*^ of the translator. 2 pp. ; History, &c., 184 pp. At p. 25 the num- 
bering commences as fol. 13 and continues to fol. 48, re-commences with the pre- 
fix fol. at 61, finally dropping the prefix at 68. I'olio 16 is repeated and 20 
omitted. The numbering of leaves ends with 8S and a Table, 3 pp., ends the 
book. Woodcuts occur at folios 16, 20, 46, 58, 85 and 90, the latter a repetition 
of the first title. 

,Mo ei 

2735 Zarate (Augustine de). Histoire de la Dkcouvkrte et de la 
CoKQUETK du Pkrou. Traduite de TEspagnol . . . par S. I). 
C. [de Broe, Seigneur de Citry et de La GuetteJ. Frontispiece, 
large map and a ^plates. 2 vols., i2mo, calf. Paris, 1742 

10 y 
)s (jue 
de las 


;s Vela, 
dan les 

2736 Zakco del Vali.e (M. R.). Documentos Inkditos para la 
Historia de las Bellas Artes en Espana. 4to, cloth, uncut. 

Madrid, 1.S70 
Printed throughout on yellow p.iper. 

" Tirada de 58 ejempl;ires." Presentation copy from the author. 
C. Colon, see p. 24S. H. Cortes, pp. 59-63 and 248. 

2737 [Zenger.] The Trval of John Peter Zenger, of New 
York, Printer, who was lately Try'd and Acciuitted for Printing 
and Publishing a Libel against the Government. With the Plead- 
ings and Arguments on both Sides. 1-48 pp., small 4to, vellum, 
uncut. Boston, 1738 




2738 [Zf.ngkr.| a Bkikk Narkativk of the Cask and Triai. of 
John Pkikr Zkngkr, Printer of the New- York Weekly-Journal. 
Folio, moroceo extra, gilt leaves, by Matt/incs. 

Lancaster: W. Dtinlap, 1756 

The first record of truth being aclmitted as justifuation of a libel. The coun- 
sel for the defemlant was Andrew Ilaniillon, of Pliiladelphia. Objection was 
taken to the libels Oct., 1734. Zenyer was arrested Nov. 2, 1734, and on the 
same day, four numbers of the New York Weekly Journal (7, 47, 48, 49) were 
ordered to be burned by the common hangman. 

2739 I /iKci.KR (J.).| Quae intuscontinkntur. Syria, . . I*ales- 
tina . . Arabia . . Aegyptas . . Schondia . . Holmiae . . 
Regionum stiperiorum, &c. 8 double-leaf maps. Folio, velliun, 
uncut. Argentorati, 1532 

H. A. v., No. 170. Rev. of leaf 92, Petrus Martyr, &c. 

2740 ZoKzi (Alessandro). Manusckitt Annotations to the Mag- 
liabechi copy of Fracanzio da Montai.boddo's 1'oksi novamknii 
RKi KovATi. Edited by Henri Harrisse. 4to, half morocco, gilt 

* The Appendix to the B. A. V., pp. 469-482. 

2741 ZuHi.Y (J. J.). The Stamp Act Rkpealep; a Sertnon Preached 
in the Meeting at Savannah in (leorgia, June 25th, 1766. 8vo. 

Savannah, 1766 
The second edition. 

/tiasniuch as it is desirable to include the eni ire collection of Ameri- 
cana in this Catalogue, the following works, by Mr. Barrisse, are here 
put on record, but will not be offered for sale : 

a. An Essay on the Literary Institution best adapted to the pres- 
ent wants and interests of our Country. 8vo. 

Columbia, S. C, 1S57 

Only 4 copies printed. 

New York, 1S64 

c. Letters of Christopher Columbus Describing his First Voyage 

to the Western Hemisphere. Texts and Translations. Folio. 

New York, 1.S65 

d. Notes on Columbus. Fo! < , one large paper copy, and one on 
India paper. New York, 1866 

e. BiBLIOTHECA AMERICANA Vktustissima. A Description of Works 

Relating to America, published between the years 1492 and 155 i. 
4to and large Svo, on Whatman paper. New York, 1 866 

/. A Brief Disquisition concerning the Early History of Printing in 
America. Small 4to, on Whatman paper. New York, 1866 

g. D. Fernando Colon, Historiador de su Padre ; Ensayo Critico. 
4to, on extra paper. Scvilla, 1871 

//. BiBLIOTHECA AMERICANA Vetustissima. Additions. 4to and 
large Svo, on Whatman paper. Paris, 1872 

/. Notes pour servir l'Histoire, a la Bibliographie et a la Carto- 
graphie de la Nouvelle France et des pays Adjacents, 1545- 
1700. Svo, on Whatman paper, Paris, 1872 

y, Introduccion de la Imprenta en America, con una Bibliografia 
de las obras impresas en aquel hemisferio desde 1540 a 1600. 4to. 

Madrid, 1872 

k. Fernand Colomb, sa vie, ses oeuvres. Essai critique. Large Svo, 
on Whatman paper. Paris, 1872 



/. HisroiRK Ckitiquk de la Di':couvi:rti', du Mississippi, 1669-1673. 
D'apres les documents incdits du Ministcre de la Marine. 8vo, 
on Holland paper. Paris, i(S72 


w. T/AU'rnF.Ni iciTK dcs " Hisiorik " attribuces a Fernand Colomb. 
<Svo, on Holland paper. Paris, 1873 

//. l,i:s Coi.OMHo de France et dMtalie, fameux marinsdu xv siccle; 

1461-1491. D'apres des documents nouveaux ou incdits tires des 
archives de Milan, de Paris et de Venise. Mcmoire lu a I'Acad- 
emie des inscriptions et belles-lettres dans ses seances des i<='' et 

15 niai 1874. 4to, one copy on Whatman paper and one on 
India paper. Paris, 1874 

o. Vkrrazzano. Svo. 

Extract from the Nctuc Criliijue. 

Paris, 1876 

p. F^MPRKiNTKs d'un fragment de stele egyptienne. Hieroglyphical 
text and translation. Extract from Melanges W Arclu'ologic c'gypt- 
iiciinc ct assyriennc. Large Svo. Paris, 1876 

(]. Lies RESTES MORTEI.S dc ClIRlSTOPIIE Coi.OMB, I537-1 795-1877. 

Extrait de la Revue Critique, 8vo, on Holland paper. 

Paris, 1878 

;-. L'HisToiRE de Christophe Colomb attribuee a son fils Fernand. 
Examen critique. Svo, on Holland paper. Paris, 1878 

s. Los Restos de Don Cristovai, Colon. Disquisicion. Small 
4to. Sevilla, 1878 

t. Les Sepultures de Christophe Colomb, Revue Critique du 
premier rapport officiel public sur ce sujet. Svo, on Holland 
paper. Paris, 1879 

ti. Jean et S^-bastien Cabot, leur origine et leurs voyages. P^tudes 
d'histoire critique, suivie d'une Cartographic, d'une Bibliographic 
et d'une Chronologie des voyages au Nord-Ouest, de 1497 a 1550, 
d'apres des documents inedits. Large Svo, on Whatman paper. 

Paris, 18S2 

V. Christophe Colomb et la Corse. Observations sur un decret 
recent du gouvernement franyais. Svo, on Holland paper. 

Paris, 1883 




74'. Les Corte-Reai. et leurs voyages an Nouveau-Monde. D'aprcs 
des documents nouveaiix on pen connus tires des archives de Lis- 
bonne et de Modcne, suivi du textc iiiedit d'un rccit de la trois- 
icme expedition de Gaspar Corte-Real et d'une importante carte 
nautique portugaise de I'annee 1502, reproduite ici pour la pre- 
miere fois. Memoir hi d rAcadcmie des inscriptions et belles- 
lettres dans sa seance du i*^"" juin 1883. Large 8vo, with led 
map in a case, on Whatman paper. Paris, ivSSj 

X. Caspar Corte-Real. La date exacte de sa demiere expedition 
au Nouveau-Monde. D'apres deux documents inedits recemnient 
tires des archives de la Torre do Tombo a Lisbonne. Large 8vo, 
on Whatman paper. Paris, 1883 

y. Fragment du planisphere envoye de Lisbonne a Hercule d'Este, 
due de Ferrare, avant le 19 Novembre, 1502, par Alberto Cantino. 
De la grandeur de Toriginal (Bibliotheca Estense a Modene). 
Fac-siviile, 105x110. 

One of the six copies printed on a single sheet, retouched by Filinski, and 

z. Christophe Colomb. Son origine, sa vie, ses voyages, sa famille 
et ses descendants. D'apres des documents inedits tires des 
archives de Genes, de Savone, de Seville et de Madrid. Etudes 
d'histoire critique. 2 vols., large 8vo, on Whatman paper. 

Paris, 1884 

aa. Grandeur et Di?cadence de la Colombine. 8vo, on Whatman 
paper. Paris, 1885 

bh. La Colombine et Cli^:ment Marot. 8vo, on Whatman paper. 

Paris, 1886 

cc. Grandeza y oecaoencia de la Colombixa. Version castellana 
autorizada por el autor. Small 4to. Sevilla, 1886 

Contains also the controversy in the .Sevilan papers. 

(/(/. L'Origine di Christoforo Colombo. 8vo. 

Isxtract from the Giomale Li'^ustico. 

Genoa, 1886 

ee. ExcERPTA Colombiniana. Bibliographie de quartre cents pieces 
gothiques fran(;aises, italiennes et latines du commencement du 



XVI* sit'cle, lion dccrites jusqu'ici. Prccedce d'une histoire de la 
Hibliothcque Colombine et de son fondateur. 8vo, on Holland 
paper. Paris, 1887 

ff. Le Quartikmk. cf.ntknairk de la Dkcouvf.rtk du 
MuNDK. Lettre adresst-e a Son Excellence le Ministre de Tln- 
struction publitiue du royaume d'ltalie, par un citoyen amcricain. 
8vo, on extra Voltri paper, Genoa, 1S87 

Sg, Christophe Colomb et Savone. Verzellino et ses " Memorie," 
Etudes d'histoire critique et documentaire. 8vo, on extra Voltri 
paper. Genoa, 1887 

////. Christopher Columbus and the BANK OF saint george. IVUk 
plates. Large 4to, on Holland paper. New York (London), 1888 

it. Christoph Columbus in Orient, 8vo, 

Extract from the C'titralblatt fiir Bibliothckswisen. 

jj. Christoforo Colombo e gli Oriental!. 8vo, 

Extract from the Giomalv IJgustico. 

Leipzig, 1888 

Genoa, 1889 

kk. Document inedit concernant Vasco da Gama. Relation 
adressee a Hercule d'Este, due de Ferrare par son anibassadeur k 
la Cour de Portugal. Small 4to, on Japan paper, Paris, 1889 

Publication "per twzze,'" privately printed. 




2742 A Dk.taii, ok Somk Particular Services Perkormkd in 
America, during the years 1776-1777-1778 and 1779. (Compiled 
from Journals anil Original Papers.) 410, half calf. 156 pages. 

This MS. was purchased in London, July, 1830, by Ithiel Town. 

A note pasted on tlie inside of the front cover says : " N. B. In every Instance 
look at Annual Register, and compare <'«;■ Account of Actions with the .\ccount 
given by Mi/ie/s." 


2743 The Orioinai, MS. of Colonel Benedict Arnold's Journal 
of the Expedition to Quebec, left by him at West Point whence he 
fled on hearing of Andre's capture. 4to, crushed levant morocco 
extra, by Bedford. 40 pages. 

The Journal commences Wednesday, September 27th, 1775, and ends on Octo 
ber 29th of the same year. 

Extracts have been published in the Appendi.K to Knapp's Life of Burr. 1835. 

2744 BussE Island, in Hudson's Bay. Of the evidence of the 
Existence of this Island and the accounts concerning it. A MS. 
of 66 pages. 4to, half calf. 

2745 [Canada.] Etat Present du Canada, dress^ sur nombre 
de Memoircs et connoissances acquises sur les lieux. Par le 
S'' Boucault, Ancien Lieutenant Particulier de la Prevoste et 
Lieut' gnal de L'Amirante de Quebec: 119 i^^l^^?,, preceded by a 
title-page ornatnented unth the drawing of a vessel. Folio, red mo- 
rocco extra, gilt edges, with coat-of-arms impressed on covers. 1 7 1 4 

From the collection of David Constable. 

2746 [California.] Four Letters in Spanish, from Fray Rafael 
Vkkger, Guardian of the College of San Fernando, Mexico, to 
the Fiscal D" Manuel Lanz de Casafonda : as follows : 

I. June 30th, 1771. 3 pp., with the copy of a letter enclosed — 
from one of the Missionaries of Santa Maria — dated loth May, 
1769. 4 pp. 

II. August 3d, 1771. 32 pp. 



III. Aujjust 27th, 1 77 1. 6 pp. 

IV. August 2S1I1, 1771. 4 pp. 

Rcpoitiii}; on the State of the old Missions of California; and on 
the new Missions proposed to be foiuuleil in the Ports of San 
Dicyo and Monte Rey. Folio, half morocco. 

2747 C'liAi.MKKS (Cico.). Memorandum Hook, notinjj peculiar 
Americanisms, Early i'rinters and matters connected with the 
Revolution of 1776. ()l)long i2mo, roan. 

^" CiiAi. Milks' Tapkhs, see 2784. 


2748 A Narrative of the Expedition against Charlks-Town 
S" Carolina, under the Command of Major Gkn' Clinton . . . 
and Commodore Sir Peter Parker . . . 1776. May 31 to 
June 28th. Folio, half calf. 30 pp. 

The Narrative of Comm. Parker ends with the attack on Sullivan's Fort^ 
followed by the ten Letters of Gen. Clinton arranging the plan of attack. 


2749 Copies of Papers res )ecting the Cherokee Indians of Vir- 
ginia, viz.: 

Deed with the Cheroke is. 1767. 
Treaty at Fort Stanwix. 1768. 

Instructions to the Commissioners respecting Boundaries. 
Commissioner's Report, &c., &c. 

Oeitciai, (printed) Letter from G. Home, dated Rappahannock 
River, June 20, 1723, &c., &c. Folio, 52 pp., half morocco. 

2750 Brief Remarks concern'.ng the Cod-Fishery, the Beaver 
Trade, and the Limits of New England and New France. 
Folio, half morocco, 61 pp. 

g^" " The writer of the preceding Paper says that he was on the Upper Lakes 
in i()S7, .and that he afterwards held an office under the French Covernment in 
tlie Island of Newfoundland . . . The Baron dc la Hontan was on the Lakes 
ill that year, and lie afterwards held an office in Newfounuland. He offended 
the gdVf'rnnient by his conduct there, and was obliged to fly from France, and 
spend the lomaindcr of his life in other countries. These circumstances render 
it almost certain that he was the author of the Paper. And hi'-, exile will account 
for the apparently tre.icherous manner in which he exposed tne views and policy 
of the governni! nt of his native country. The paper bears evident marks of 
being a tmnslalion." J[ared] S[parks1, Oct., 1846. 

The above note is written in the autograph of Jared Sparks on p. 63. An 
autograph letter to the sa.iic effect, addressed to Winthrop Sargent, is inserted at 
the beginning. I'he MS. once belonged tc Robert Southey. 



Ir Lakes 
Imciit in 
|e Lakes 
Ijff ended 

ice, and 

I account 
Id policy 
|ia-ks of 

Jl)3- An 
lerted at 

2751 [Coi.UMniJs.] A Manuscript Petition, AnnREssEi) by Col- 
umbus to Ferdinand and Isadella, clainiinjj certain rijjiits 
based upon several " Capitalaciones " which are here recited. 16 
pajjes in a remarkably clear character. Folio, crushed levant 
morocco extra, jjiit ed^jes, by Gruel. 1492- 1 494 

" The Capitulaciones" of 1402, which are here given, can be found in Navar- 
rete, the others have never been printed, and do not even exist in the Archives of 
the Indias. 

This document was evidently dictated by Christopher I'olunibus at the Islam! 
of Ilis|)aniola in I4<j4. l!y comparing the handwritinn with that of several 
important papers preserved here [Sevilla] . . . Don Francisco de I'aula Juarez, 
the chief archivist, and myself, came to the conclusion that it had been written 
by Diego de Penalosa . . . H. 11. 

2752 [Cuba.] Littera Mandata della Insula de Cuha de India 
in la quale se contiene dele Insule Citte Gente et animali nova- 
iiiente trovate de lanno. mdxix. per li Spagnoli. 4to, half 
morocco. 9 leaves, including title, in modern MS. 


2753 Military Letters, &c., and Official Correspondenci'. of 
Governor Robert Dinwiddie, of Virginia, froin 1754 to 1757. 
453 PP< 2 vols., 4to, half morocco. 

These letters are .-iddrcssed to George Washington, Col. Fry, Col. Innes, Lord 
Fairfax, lion. John Rutherford, the Sachems and Warriors of the Cherokees, 
&c., &c., and are copied in a clear handwriting. 

2754 King Charles II. Letter to John Indicott (sic) requiring 
him to stay proceedings against the Quakers, Sep. 9, 1661. 

Samewell (sic) Shattock's account of the delivery of said 
Letter, his interview with Endicott, &c. 

William Robinson's Letter to George VVhithead, George Fox 
and George Rofe, narrating his Journal and sufferings in Virginia, 
Maryland, &c., and his imprisonment at Boston, July 12, 1659. 

Together 8 pages, written in a clear hand 4to, calf, antique. 

2755 Erection del Arzopispado de Mexico. A Manuscript of nine 
leaves in the handwriting of Christobal de Cabrera, with the origj. 
nal seal, and signed by Bishop Zummaraga. With an English 
translation by Henry Harrisse. Folio, crushed levant morocco 

extra, by Gruel. 15 34" 15 35 

The full text of this MS. has been published by Bp. Lorenzana, in his Con- 
cilium Mi'xicanum, Mexico, 1769. 410, Vol. 2, at the end of the vol., and with 
a separate pagination, under the title of: " Enctio Ecclesiie Mexicana quic 
cadcm est cum ceteris ejusdem pnn'inciu." 



2756 [Faikiiouunk.] a Faitiikui. Narkativk of the Situation, 
JJouiuliiric's, l'rivilc>jcs, Trade i\: first Discovery of Nkwkcujnd- 
i.ANi), from an Orij^inal Manuscript of Sik Staikokd Faik- 

•iioUKNK Kn'. To wiiicli is added the Names of the Orijjinal 
IManters at the several Harbours, and a list of all the Harbours 
where Fish is taken, &c. Folio, vellum, 102 pages, Cina 1699 

2757 I Harokeaves.J The Misceli.ankous Works of F|rancis] 

H[ar(;reavks| in Prose and Verse. Volume the Second. Svo.calf. 

A mat MS. of 335 pages, with Index, 16 pp. 

This vol. commences with " A Short Account of Virjjinia. Part tlic Second." 

2758 Hauvi'V (John). A briefe declaration of the Sta tk of Vircwnia 
at my comminge from thence in febniary 1624. 4 pp. 

Virginia Council Letter to the Lords, Trade and Plantations 
1626. 3 pp. 

Folio, calf extra, by Riviere. 

The second document bears the names of Raphe llamor, William Claybourne, 
Roger Smitli, Abraham I'erley, Francis VVyatt and Francis West. 

2759 [ Hunter. J Rkei.ections on the different States and Conditions 
of Society, with the Outlines of a Plan to ameliorate the Circum- 
stances of the Indians of North America. A neatly written 
MS. I by two hands] of 38 pages. 4to, half morocco, gilt top. 


2760 A Journai.l kept on Board the Serapis, an English Ship of War, 
of 44 Guns, taken the 23''.'' of September, [1779] (by the Bon 
Homme Rich^. ) now ('ommanded by the Honbi.e Paui, Jones. 

Folio, the original parchment covers, in a half morocco case. 

1;^*' The above Journal commences with the events of Sept. 26, 1779, o" which 
day Commodore Paul Jones changed his colors from the Skkai'Is, on account of 
the Hon IIommk Richard sinking from the damage received in her action with 
the .Skr.M'IS. On Nov. 22nd of the same year his tlag was transferred to the 
Al.l-IANCK, see p. 21. On Monday, June 12, 1780, Capt. I.andy [Landais] took 
command of the Ai,i.ian\k ''by Order of Congress." June istli the Journal is 
continued on the Akiici.. On June 22 the Skrai'Is was sold for 240,o(x) livres. 
On Aug. 2f) the scribe has evidently opened a fresh bottle of ink forthe remainder 
of the MS. is black and clear, instead of the faded brown appearance of the pre- 
ceding 86 pages. The Log ends at p. 98 (Oct. 14) with the ship repairing damages 
(sustained in a storm on Oct. y) in the harbor of I, 'Orient ; after which follows a 
transcription, 3 pp., from the original MS. account of the action with the Serapis. 
Then 44 pp. List of OlVicers, \c., on the Bon Homme Richard and Ariel, i"tc. 

On the cover the following is written under date of Sept. 3, 1 780 ; 

" This book belongs to M"" Henry l.unt. Lieutenant of the .Ship of War 

[lion Homme Richard]." 

See Sherburne's Paul Jones, p. 171. 



2761 Kkmp {R'\vhaa\, Sfcy. 0/ Fa.), "DupLiCArr. of my letter to 
theyor Hono''''' Comissioners *' for foreign plantations. 4 leaves, 
si^jned " Virg : this i7«'' of May 1635." Folio, calf extra, by 

2762 [Ladrkns. I The Petition of Hknry Laurens to His 
Majesty's ((Jio. III.] principal Sk.cretaries of State denyinjj all 
char)>;es which had been advanced, as to his disloyalty to Enj^iand, 
and asking to be allowed the use of pen and ink, permission to 
receive visits from his Son, and the assistance of an Attorney. 
Signed Henry Laurens, Tower of London, 23rd June, 1781. Folio, 
half morocco, r i pp. 


2763 This famous collection of over 1,000 Lktters, Petitions, &c., 
for the most part addressed to William Livingston, while he held 
the position of Governor of New Jersey, is generally of an official 
character, the earliest 1775, the latest 1782, though (lov. Livingston 
held his office for 14 years. While it will be impossible in these pages 
to give anything approaching an adequate idea of the value of this 
collection, the following list selected from some of the more 
important papers, will at least form a clue to their importance. 
The whole carefully mounted and bound in 8 folio volumes, half 
russia (in a wooden case), including a complete Index and Digest 
of the whole. 

Laight (William), London, England, Oct. 3, 1775, to John Jay. 

" Many who say . . . They can no longer advocate the cause [of America] 
. . . Many . . . hesitate not to declare that the Americans are in a state of 
Rebellion, & that the most coercive measures ought to be pursued . . . 
others . . . speak in favor of America . . . but . . . declare, that while the 
Colonies are protected by & remain a part of this Kingdom, they ought to 
contribute in a constitutional manner, their proportion of the e.xpenses of the 
Empire . . . The Riches, Strength & Grandeur of this Island, has not I am 
afraid been sufficiently attended to, by the Leaders of the opposition in America 
. . . For well I am convinced that if its Power should be exerted against our 
native Country, that universal desolation must inevitably be the unhap'iy Con- 

Hunt (Isaac), London, Apl. 27, 1778. 

" My dear Polly" [his wife] " But America is, by no means the Country, 
where a Clergyman of the Church of England could live tolerably comfortable, 
unless like a Smith, a Duche, a Coombes and a White he could creep and cringe 
and trim and perjure himself for a morsel of bread. Moreover if Independ- 




Tin; Livingston Corrkspondknce — Ccutuiued. 

ence is established the Church with the Monarchy will be destrnyed, and Repub- 
licanism with Presbyterianism its Brat erected on their ruins." 

The Reverend Centleman concludes with other ill digested and virulent 
matter, more forcible than elegant, and if "dear Polly" read between the 
lines, the chances are that she declined to be re-united. 
Van ni-.R, Amsterdam, 6 July, 1779. 

Thirteen folio pages closely written in (presumably) choice Dutch, with an 
English translation attached. 

Till' letters now following are written to Gov. Lii'in^ston except luhen otherwise 
staled, and eontinue in proper ehronologieal sequence. 


HfNTiNOTON (Sam'l), Phila., Oct. 8. 

A courteous communication assuring the Governor of his social loyalty. 

Thomson (Chas.), Nov. 4. 

Conveying the thanks of Congress to his Excellency. 

Livingston (Margaret), Claremont, Nov. q. 

ThankfuU that her Dear Dear Husband is now " safe in the Harbor of IJliss." 
BouDiNOT ^Elisha), EU/.bt. Town, Der, i. 

" Surprised at CJeneral Paterson's descending so low, as to attempt imposing 

upon your Excellency by a mere quibble . . . when he asserts that Lezier is 

not in Irons." 


Huntington (Sam'l), Phila., Jany. 20. 

Enclosing Act of Congress " that the most effectual measures may be taken 
to prevent such nefarious practices of supplying the Enemy with provision;.. ' 
TRUMiitLL (Jonathan), Hartford, 27 January. 

" Credit Sir ! is a coy dame— she must be nicely attended to & even then her 
Humour is very capricious." 
Watkins (John W.). Mch. 5. 

" Permission to pay my Addresses to your youngest Daughter." 
Loudon (Williami, Morristown, Mch. 6. 

An extraordinary appeal from a murderer " in Bondage and in irons strong." 
Tri'MHUi.i. (Jonathan), Lebanon, Mch. 10. 

*' This measure [Repeal of the Tender Act] was dictated by a Desire to 
revert once more to the long-forgotten paths of Justice and Integrity." 
\Vasiiin(;t<»n (Geo.), Morristown, 16 March. 

" The lengthy confinement of many of our officers some of whom have been 
prisoners since the affair of Long Island, has alone made them extremely sen- 
sible of any exchange which has the least appearance of partiality." 
Holston (W. C), Phila., 18 Mch. 

" I have the I lonour to enclose you the I'roceedingsof a General Court-martial 
held for the Trial of Major General Benedict Arnold." 
Pk'I'KRS (Richard), Mch. 20. 

"The Reason of addressing your Excellency at this Time is to ask your 
Assistance in relieving the Army from an impending Calamity," &c. , &c., 
meaning, lack of money to transport Provisicms. 



1780. TuK LiviNcsToN ("oRRrspoNnENCK— G';///«w</. 

vVasiiington (Genl.), Morristown, Mch. 2(>. 

Directing the deposit of Provisions for the Army in the various New Jersey 

Flkudrik (Chev. de la), Apl. 4. 

" I beg for your protection [against taxation] and to be treated as the amcri- 
can gentlemen are treated in France." 

HoL-STON (W. C), Phil., 4 April. 

" The army is ag;iin suffering for want of provisions." 

CjiAMiiKKi.iN (\Vm.), Amwell, .\pril 3. 

"The adjutant, four of the >.;• plains, & one Lieut, has Kefused to Obey 
my orders." 

This disgruntled officer continues his various complaints through the whole 
of this and next year. 

FoRMAN (.Samuel), Apl. 7, Kildan. 

" The lower part of the Country is in Continual Possession of the enemy." 

S( UDDKR (N.-ith'l), Freehold, Apl. 10. 

" Mrs. Roe ... is the Widow of Mathias Roe, one of the unfortunate 
Militiamen who in the Month of February, 1777 were surprised on the high 
Lands of Naversink and made Prisoner by the british, and who soon after fell 
a Victim with many others of them to british cruelty in the (ucuisiil Sui^ar 
house at New York." 

Morris (Robt.), Phila., Apl. 17. 

' ' I approve very much the idea of employing Young ( ientlemcn in the .Ameri- 
can Navy, which will most certainly become one day or other respected on the 
Ocean, however depressed now." 

Harrison (Robt II.), Morris Town, Apl. 19. 

Communicating the desire of Washington to retain the body of Militia Horse 
engaged by the Baron de Kalb. 
Halstki) (Matthias), Niel (Robt.). 

Dated from the Sugar House, New York, April 24, and detailing their 
miseries in that prison. 
Livingston (W. B.), Madrid, May 5. 

Thanking Cod that be is now at Madrid and expressing the belief that 
though Mr. Jay may succeed in his mission, the Spanish government will 
" make us purchase their friendship as dear as possible." 
Feu, (John), Phila., May 7. 

" This day I received a Card . . . that we would attentl to-morrow morning 
at g o'clock at the Catholic Chappie in this City to Pray (I believe it was to 
Pray, but as it was French, which I do not understand very well, I am not 
sure) for the Repose of the Soul of Mr. Merallies, I shall attend and do the 
Tii.GiiMAN (Tenet), H. Q., 11 May. 

" I have the pleasure to inform you that the Marquis de Lafayette announces 
Mr. Jay's safe arriv?" " Spain." The letter fuither observes tiiat (ireat Lrit.iin 
cannot secure Allies, the German Princes are cold, Holland neutral, and Ireland 



1780. The Livingston Correspondence — Continued. 

Lt;cERNE (Ct. de la). 

Also relative to Mr. Jay's Mission. 

Allinson (Sam'l), Burlington, May 25. 

A ludicrous exhibit of Quaker self-satisfaction. " My principles are thus 
superior to thine." 

Remsen (Henry), Morristown, 27 May. 

Regretting he could procure no "halts" for the Clovernor and himself in 
Philadelphia " the brims were all too large." 

Morris (Jacob), Phil., June i. 

" The friends of Mr. Gouverneur Morris in New York being extremely uneasy 
at his present unfortunate situation are exceedingly desirous that his sister Mrs. 
Ashfield should come out to this city to visit him." 

Houston (\V. C), Phil., 2 June. 

" As I came through Trenton I heard of a Supplement or Gazette extraor- 
dinary of Rivington's figuring upon the capture of Charlestown. " 

IlorsTON (W. C), Phil.. 5 June. 

Announcing the capture of l-'ort Moultrie. 

Heard (Nath'l), Springfield. June 10. 

Information that 6000 of the Enemy " lay between Elizabeth town and the 

SriRiiNO (Lord), Camp Springfield, 13 June. 
" The enemy remain in the same position." 

Tii-GHMAN (Tenet), Camp Springfield, June 14. 

The Enemy's horse having made a short excursion they were fired upon, one 
killed and several wounded, "among the latter . . . the famous Cornelius 
Maxwell (Wm.), Jersey Camp, 14 June. 

" Intelligence was received that the enemy were landing in force ... I 
thought Elizabeth Town would be an improper place for me, I therefore 
retired." A conflict was enjoyed later when the writer says "General Stirling 
is among their wounded . . . with Count Donop Killed." 

Wallace (Joshua M,), SpringfieUI, June 15. 

"Mrs. Livingston and all the Family are well, that they vere treated with jjoliteness by the Enemy." 

I'oKMAN (Samuel), Plack Point, June 17. 

" Yesterday Ailmiral Arbuthnot & three P'rigates arrived at the hook." 

Blanck (Thos.), Bergen Co., 18 June. 

" On the i()th instant the Vulture of sixteen guns came up as high as 
Clouster (?) " 

SiTRLiNO (Lord), Springfield, June 19. 

"It is reduced to a certainty that Admiral Arbuthnot arrived at New York 
with nearly 70 ships ... on the 17th." 
Stkuben (Baron), Springfield, 20 June. 

" The weakness of the Post to which I have been appointed . . . has given 
me inexpressible concern "; with Answer of the Gove- ^c. 



1780. TiiK Livingston Correspondknce — Continued. (John Jacob), Mount Mope, 26 June. 

Complaining that he cannot operate the Hibernia Furnace rcntctl of Lord 
Stirling, if his v»orkmen are drafted for military service. 

Livingston (IL B.), Madrid, 12 July. 

Evidently ."^pain is still on the fence ; the writer says " Mr. Jay is not yet 
acknowledged." Mr. Cumberland [the British agent] & his family "are much 

Jay (John), Madrid, July 14, 

" There is a little stranger here who I hope will one Day have the I'leasurc 
of calling you Grandfatb.r." The letter goes on to state an attempt made to 
name the child after "the Saint of that day" but finding I'ope St. Cirilo was 
the individual " and as neither l' at name, or oltice, except in the case of Pope 
Joan, ever appertained to a female " the name of Susanna is chosen. ' ' a gootl 
sort of woman " who " nobly resisted the lascivious attempts of two Inquisitor 

Washington (Geo.), Peeks Kill, .\ug. i. 

" A considerable part of the Enemy's force are gone to Khode Island wi'.h a 
view of reducing the armament from France." Continuing, theCeneral proposes 
to move against New York "with rapidity and vigor " in order to divert the 
Livingston (II. 1^), Madrid, Aug. 8. 

" Mr. Jay is not acknowledged . . . The Count D'Estaing is just arrived at 
this Coast, it is thought he is to have command of the combined fleets at Cadiz." 
Livingston (\Vm. Ale,x.), Orange Town, 17 Aug. 

" I saw fat West Point] Col. Lamb ... he has got Lt. Moody closely 
confined in Irons at Fort Putnam ... he does not think the place secure 
enough for so great a Villain." 
Dayton (Elias), Orange Town, Aug. 17. 

' ' Our army is, in comparison to what it has been, pretty formidable in point 
of number." 
Stirling (Lord), Orange Town. Aug. 18. 

" The Army is once more in the State of New Jersey, or very near il." 

Pickering (Timothy), Trenton, Sept. 18. 

" I am happy that your E.xcellency pronounces Col. Neilson . . . "an 
excellent man "... I have taken much pains to find persons deserving that 

Arnold-Andre Consi'Iracy. 

Copies of the Letters of Nalhl. (ireen, Beneilict Arnold "On Board the 
Vulture" and Genl. Washington, communicating the particulars of this famous 
event, followed by a long letter from W. C. Houston on the same .subject. 
Houston (W. C), Phil., Oct. 2. 

" On Saturday night Arnold was carried in eflfigy through the streets of 
this City, and burnt at the Coffee-house, with his Friend the Devil." 

Reed (Joseph), Bethlehem, Oct. 5. 

" The Brethren at this Pb-e have informed me that they have sundry 
Books of a Spiritual Nature dC New V'ork which they are desirous to avail 
themselves of." 



1780. The I,ivin(;ston Cokri spondkncf. — CoittinueJ. 

HuRR (Aaron), Peramus, 20 Oct. 

" I have long had an acquaintance with Miss [Caty] Goekt, and know her to 
be a worthy inoffensive character . . . A variety of misfortunes have rendered 
her subsistence here impracticable." 

Cl.ARK (Abnrj.), Phil., Oct. 22. 

"Reports very iiitely have reached you of our obtaining an important advan- 
tage over the t;nemy in Carolina . . . The whole intelligence depends on the 
Veracity of Major Tate." 

Lee (Thos. S.), Annapolis, Nov. 3. 

Requesting on behalf of the Maryland Delegates a passport for Doctor 
Upton Scott through N. Y. and N.J. 

Moffat (Wm.), Eliz. Town, Nov. 15. 

" I have been sent here to commiind this Post, am so interrupted in doing 
my duty by a certain Hendricks, who calls himself Captain " &c. [The 
explanation of Henilricks follows, Nov. 22. J 

Houston (W. C), Phil., Nov. 20. 

" The enclosed may afford your Exctllcncy some amusement. It was 
found among the /r/Vrt/* Papers of Mrs. Arnold, wife of the Traitor-dcncral, 
and is one of the Adventures of her Life." 

FRii.iNGHUYSEN(Fred.), Woodbridge, Dec. 5. 

" There is no probability of a speedy Incursion & therefore . . . dismiss 
our respective commands." 
JdiiNKS (Tim), Morristown, Dec. 9. 

" You sent for one or two Hooks of Letters. I find three made up book 
fashion, there are several other bundles." 
RkmsI'N (Henry), Morristown, Dec. 16. 

Acquainting his E.xcellency that the new money issued by N. J. does not 
pass current in Phil.idelphia. 


HmuiNor (Llias), Haskenridge, Jan'y 2. 

Reporting the insurrection of the Pennsylvania troops with ihe intent to 
force Congress to pay for the three years Inlistment. This trouble in (leneral 
Wayne's Camp is subject matter for several other letters following the above. 

llrNiiN(;TON (Sam'l), Phila., Jan'y 9. 

"The cruel and unwarrantable Treatment which our I'eople who are Pris- 
oners with the Enemy have of late receivetl . . . the Law of Kelaliation has 
become necessary." 

Ui.RNsinE (James). Trenton, Jan'y 11. 

" The Two Men who came to the Pennsylvania line when at Princetown, 
with proposals to join the liritish, were hung." 

Brearley (David), Trenton, Feb. 6. 

" Announcing the Sentence of Death passed on Robt. Jeames for high- 
treason, and on Humphrey Wade and John Parker for horse-stealing." 

WiLLETT (Marinus), New Windsor, 15 Feb. 

The writer is seeking a chest of clothes belonging to Mrs. W. and himself 
and wants assistance to pass the lines. 





It to 





1781. The I.iviNdSTDN Corrkspondknck — Conlinufd, 

J. MAI.I.KT to I'lK.RRE DF.rEYSIER, N. Y., Mch. 3. 

Doctor Mallet refuses to prescribe for 13el''s complicated disorder at such a 
distance from the scene of action. 

Collins (Isaac), Trenton, Mch. 6. 

The writer, publislier of the New Jersey Gazette, tries to explain certain 
objection.'ihle ft;atures that have appeared in his paper. 
Mathews (J(>hn\ Phila. , Mch. 0. 

Mopinjj that the New Constitution will arranjjc a better understanding;, so 
that the authority of Conjjress and the States shall not conflict , also thai " tien- 
erals Muhlenberg and Nelson was laying close siege to Arnold at Portsmouth 
. . . but the dog can get away by means of his shipping." 

Hi.EEKKR (Ant. I,.), Hanover, Mch. 25. De Pkyster (Pierre), Second Iliver, 
Mch. 27. 

Making application on behalf of Pierre DePeyster who, being " in a very 
declining way," wishes to go to Herinuda. This letter is followeil by one 
dated two days later, from the invalid himself, following up the reijuest. 
Houston (W. C), Phila., Mch. 10. 

Giving particulars of the engagement between Cornwallis and Gen'l Greene 
at Guildford Court House in North Carolina. 
WAsiriNCToN (Geo), New Windsor, 8 .\pril. 

"Intelligence has been sent me . . . that four parties had been sent out 
with orders to take or assasinati- your K.xcellency." 
Morris (Robt.). 

A vigorous and long letter on his appointment to .administer the Finances, 
refusing to accept, unless thee stipulations are agreed to by Congress particu- 
larly "the uncontrolled power of uismissing from Oltice " such persons who 
were neither useful or necessary. 
LiviNnsToN (Robt.), Apl. 13. 

" As we have had no confirmation of the success of (Jen'l Greene against I ord 
Cornwallis, nor of the Marquis over that Viper Arnold, my fears increase." 
Clinton (Geo.), Poughkeepsie, Apl. 15. 

Enclosing a letter from Philadelphia which he had opened 1;> mistake. 
Reed (Joseph), Phila , Apl. 18. 

Regretting " the horrid and detestable practices of Assassination" which 
Washington, Clinton and the Governor are in danger from. 

CiLVMHKRLiN (Wm), Amwell, Apl. 22. 

Stating that his brother oOicers are endeavoring to remove him, they them- 
selves being secured by influence, and furthermore charging them with a desire 
to ..move h<mest associates in order that they may better plumler the Pul)lic 
Stores. That their rascally conduct has caused " hot bl(X)d and hard nocks." 
Mathews (John), Phil., Apl. 24. 

Announcing the removal of .Maupas and the substitution of Choiseul in the 
Office of French Prime Minister, and confirming "the loss of the Confederacy 
with the Cloathing for our troops." 
CJkavson (Wm.), Apl. 76. 

Forwarding an onler from the War Office to remove all provisions, forage, 
&€., liable to fall into the hands of the Enemy. 



1781. TiiK I.iviNc.sTON CoKRKsroNDHNCE — Continued. 

I.lviNCsioN (II. B.), Madrid, 29 Apl. 

Refers to the friendliness of the Spanish King and believes that it is the 
interest of ail the European Powers " to diminish the Power of Hritain, of 
which they have but too mucli reason to be jealous . . . Portugal alone seems 
attached to England . . . We ascertain the Price already paid Arnold for his 

Piiii, I. IPS (Joseph), Maidenhead, May 13. 

Evidently not in accord with an order which forces him to order a detach- 
ment for the escort of certain prisoners of War from Tienton to Morris. 

WiriiERSi'noN (John), Phila., May 8. 

" My Letters to Dennin^'ton (?) were taken in the last mail that was robbed, 
and are published by Kivington." 

I'RKKMAN (Ma'thew, Cn/'t.), Woodbridge, May I. 

Complains that on l.ieut. Iloagland's obtaining leave of absence on domestic 
affairs, the " privates all went home and not one has been here since." 

Houston (Wm. C), Trenton, 18 May. 

" None [of the Journals of Congress for January April, 1781] arc yet pub- 
lished, and for one jilain honest Reason, that we have not money to pay the 

Erkk!,en (().), Phila., May 18. 

In relation to the Holland correspondence. 

Washington (Geo.), New Windsor, May 27. 

" East night I relumed from Weatherslield, where I ha v.- had an interview 
with . . . the Count de Rochambeau, in consequence of which the French 
army will commence its march to form a junction with ours in the North River 
... we shall be amply rcpayed ... by liberating the Southern States where 
... we are only Vulnerable . . . 455 men are wanting to complete the two 
regiments of your State." 

Morris ((Jouvcrneur), Trenton, 30 May. 

" I enclose you a Dutch Poem which, as you will see by a little note enclosed 
from old Dumas, is very beautiful, to those who understand Dutch." 

Trent (William), Phila., Jun" ■>,. 

I have taken the Liberty to send you ... a Pamphlet cded " Plain 
l'"acts," i\;c. It is here ea^jerly read . . . and even the Virginians themselves 
begin now to doubt whether they have, or ever had any Right to the Country 
Westward of the Allegheny Mountains. 

I.lviNc.sroN (Robt.), 5 June. 

" I wish the long expected French Fleet did arrive that we might at least 
make a tryal to retake our Capital." 
Cariiartt (Capt. Sam'l), Monmouth, 5th June. 

" I must beg your Excellency's Opinion whether Men that are Inlisted in 
our Companys can, with any propriety, leave us, to Inlist in the Continental 
EiviNc.sTON (C. W.), daughter of the Gov., Phila., 8 June. 

"Col. Burr called on me a half an hour ago ... I suppose you know 
Mr. Morris has accepted the appointment of Congress. " 



17S1. TiiK I.iviNCSTON CoRRKSi'oNDKNCE — ConlitnieJ. 

VVashincton (tieo.), New Windsor, June 9. 

"It Is found impossible to furnish more than fifteen hundretl cartridges for 
the State of New Jersey." 

Morris (Robt.), Phila.. Jimc 11. 

" No doubt you have seen in the Public Papers, the Plan Establishinfj a 
National Bank . . . All the Public Bodies in America have, mi>re or less, lost 
the Confidence of the World as to Money Matters." 

Dayton (Elias), Chalham, June 11. 

" Should the troops be ordered to move in their present necesilous condition, 
destitute of every kind of cloathinj;, money, i*v:c. . . . woidd be attended with 
v?ry serious consequences." 

Washin(;ton ((leorj^e). New Windsor, June 13. 

" Nothinjj in Nature can be n-.ore repujjnant to my Inilinatiim than to be 
obliged to have recourse to Military coercion." 

Holmes (Asher), Scots Chester, June 21, 

" The ene.Tiy Landed this morning about 4 o'clock, at IIarb>iur. 
Rej>ort makes them 1,500 or 2, q(x> strong, was marching towards Middletown." 

Elmer (Jonathan), Princeton, June 22. 

Called to Congress, sensible of his shortcomings, he accepts and promises to 
Serve the State faithfully. 

Dickenson (Philemon). Trenton, June 22. 

" It is reported here that (Jenl. Arnold has landed in M(mmouth Country, 
with i,5ix)men." 
Reed (Joseph). June 2. 

Asking Cov. Livingston's opinion whether " the mutiny of the Pennsylvania 
Line last Winter might have been suppressed by their own Officers, but for the 
improper Interference of myself iV Cienl. Potter (?)" 
Beattv (John), Monmouth Ct. House. 

" Happy t ) find the Knemy have returned to Staten Island after having per- 
formed a most Don Quixote Expedition." 

This is followed with other reports of the Exix-dition by Asher Holmes, 
Nathl. Scuddcr, &c. 

Thomson (Charles). 

Communicating the re(|uest of Saml. Huntington to be relieved from the 
office of President, and the election of Thomas McKean. 
Ward (Jonas, Caf<t.), H. Q., Eliz'th Town, July 30. 

" The soldiers under my command have done their duty much better than 
could have been expected, considering they are without Provision and without 
pay; they have now all left me," &c. 
Washinuton (Geo.), H. Q.. Dobbs Ferry, 13 July. 

" We are at present so much .Superior in Cavalry by the Arrival of the 
Legion of LauEun, and a very good Corp under Col. Sheldon, that I have not 
need of any more Troops of that Establishment." 
.McKean (, Phil., July 25. 

" Fully convinced of the necessity of the most vigorous operations against the 
Posts of New York." 



1781. TifF. Livingston C('(»NnF,\cK — Continucil. 

Wasiiinctiin (Ch'o.), Dobbs' Ferry, 2(1 Aug. 

"Of the Militia which were required of the State of New Jersey . . . 
none have come in . . . returned for want of subsistence . our 

boasted and expensive preparations, end only in idle parade." 

MlKFi IN (Warner), Aug. 4. 

Another characteristic Quaker letter advocating anything rather than spilling 
of blood. 

Hoi'DlNoT (Rlias), Phil., Aug. 11. 

Announcing the success of Genl. Green's forces against l-ord Rawdon . . . 
Siege of Ninety-Six." 

Van 1)1 r Cai'ki.i an, Aug. 15. 
Long letter in Dutch. 

FoRMAN (Samuel), Monmouth, Aug. 15. 

" Lifurmation may have been given your Kxccllency. of the arrival of a 
Kritish l''leet of about 40 sail, with, from 10 to 1, 5(X) foreign Troops onboard." 
RanDoi.imi (.\sher), Woodbridge, Aug. 10. 

" From gooil authority I here that one person sent to our F.nemycs in 
this State to pass four thousand pounds of Counterfeit IJils . . . which I 
fear is now in circulation, the persons passing the money 10 have two and half 
per Sent from the Crown." 
Wasiiincion (Cico.), Head Quarters, Kings I'crry, Aug. 21. 

Circular signetl announcing the arrival of I)e (jrasse with his fleet in the 
Chesapeake and change of base of operations from New York to Virginia. 
Leaving CJenl. Heath in command of the forces at New York, 
lioi DI.Nor (Klias), Phila., Aug. 21. 

"Sir Samuel Wood with the greatest part of the English Fleet in the West 
Indies, will also be here." 
IIf.ahi (I'.enl. W.), Peekskill, Sept. 4. 

" Ilis I';xcellencytheconiman<lerin chief . . . having gone to the South- 
ward, the command of the army . . . in this department devolves on me." 
Keki> (Joseph), Phil., Sep. 6. 

Councilling Gov. L. to be on the alert as to the movements of Sir Henry 
Clinton, specially in the absence of Washington. 
BnRDKN (Joseph), B. Vown, Sep. 7. 

"A gentleman from Prince Town just now informed me, that they expect the 
Enemy out Every hour, and that they have no aniunition." 

BiRKK (Wm.), Sep. 7. 

" We have just received intelligence from New York . . . that the 
Enemy are embarking in great haste ... to relieve Cornwallis." 
WiTHF.RSPOON (John), Sep. 11. 

" We have been alarmed this morning with an account that Arnold has burnt 
New London." 

Livingston (Harry Brockholst), St. Ildefonso, Sep. 16. 

" The freiiuent iV gross falsities debited at St. James' are losing their inlluence 
fast, & we are not without hope, altho' not very sanguine that N. York may fall 
before the close of the campaign — If M. de Grasse arrives on our coast before 
Rodney I see nothing extravagant in the hojies of its reduction." 


4:. I 

1781. Tur. LiviNc.sTON C'orrksiondknck — Continued. 

IIkaim (Cicnl. \Vm.), Continciital Village, Sep. 24. 

•■ There is every reason to coiicluile . . . that the british fleet have 
received a severe ilrubbing from the fleet of our great and gooti ally." 
//'/</, Sep. 28. 

" The enemy have disembarked a large body of troops at Staten Inland 
. . . making preparations which indicate an incursion into the Jersies." 
HOUDINOT (Klias), rhila.,Sep. 20. 

" We are much alarmed here, on the apprehended Invasion of this State by 
Genl. Clinton . . . This City could not have been attempted in a more 
defenceless State." 

Livingston {II. B.), Madrid, Oct. 12. 

■' I'"rom the com[)lexion things wear here, I am more and more persuaded 
that America's greatest Reliance must be on herself ... I fear our iredil 
suffers in Holland by the absence of Mr. Laurens." 
Clark (Abm.), I'hil., Oct. 16. 

Reporting Genl. Green's engagement of Sep. 8 in South Carolina, with a 
curious sum in addition. 
Ruti.kik;e (Edward). I'hil., Oct. 16. 

" The warm climate of Carolina has brought to perfection the military vir- 
tues of (Jeneral Greene." 
Skmi'i.k (William), I'hila., 20 Oct. 

" Your K.xcellency has advise f rem England that your son a prisoner there." 

RouuiNoT (Elias), Phil., Oct. 21. 8 o'clock A. M. 

" Mr. Boudinot has but a moment to congratulate his Friends in Jersey on 
the Surrender of Lord Cornwallis iV his whole army on Wednesday last. This 
comes by E.\press from Gov. Lee, who reed, the first intelligence from Count 
de Grasse." 
Blaik (Robt.), Morris Town, Oct. 23. 

Stating that the army of Genl. Heath stationed at North River had been 
without flour for four days. 

IJiiuuiNor (Elias), Phil., Oct. 24. 

Regretting the favorable terms to the Enemy at the surrender of Cornwallis, 
" though it was a great point gained to finish so as to allow Count de Grasse to 
get to sea before the british fleet arrived." 
RoMKYN (D.), Ilackinsack, Oct. 27. 

" There were near 30 of the enemy out in the Country . . . for the 
express purpose of capturing and carrying off your Excellency." 

"Susanna." Elisabeth, Oct. 28. 

" Dear Mr. Livingston, I am happy to hear you got Safe to trenton. New 

cause for thankfullness this, as is the Surrender of Cornwallis that proud man 

. . . I inten'd to have given you an account of the I.ast 10 Dollars you sent 

me . . . but cant find it at present . . . Your affectionate wife, iVc." 

Thomson (Charles), Phila., Nov. 5. 

Announcing the election of John Hanson as President. 
Pki KRs (Richard), War Office, Nov. y. 

'• We have received Information that James Moody is now with a Party of 
thirty or forty Refugees armed at little Egg harbour." 



1781. TlIK LlVINCSToN CoRRKSfuSUENCK — Continuid. 

KiRKBRiDK (Joseph), Hordentown, 12 Nov. 

" I beg leave to Congratulate your Excellency on your re-appointment to the 
{joveriiment of this State . . . your Excellency was kind enough the last 
Winter to favour me with a few Bcens of an Extraordinary kind," iVc. 

llEATll ((ienl. Wm.), Headquarters, Nov. 21. 

Announcing Washington's return from the south, and that the New Jersey 
troops would be quartered near Morristown. 

l.iviNc.sioN (H. II.), Madrid, Dec. i. 

Hoping that by this time a " Bourgoynade " has been made of Cornwallis. 

Al.i.iNsoN (Saml.). VVaterford, Dec. 22. 

A characteristic (,)uaker letter exalting the Lamb and decrying the J-ion. 
I-lviN(;sT()N(H. B ), Madria, *. r-ec. 

"The Parliament [British] is opened — the speech from the throne is firm 
anil breathes nothing but war. More (lermans are to be sent to cut our throats 
• • at ;^3(j sterling a head." 
Brown (Andrew), Dec. 29. 

Asking for a sufiRcient force to dislodge the Refugees at Toms River. 

Makhois. Phila., Aug. 2. 

Relative to a rumor of the Evacuation of Savannah. 
Baldwin (Daniel), New Ark, Aug. 3. 

"By any Means in my Power ... to obtain all Matters of important 
Intelligence which could be of Service to the general Cause of my Country, 
and to make at all Times every Degree of Discord and Animosity to arise 
among our common Enemy." 

Livingston (Brockholst), Eliz'th Town, Aug. 8. 

" I quite forgot to pay your washing-woman for a waistcoat and Breeches 
she washed for me." 
Washington (George), signed. Head Quarters, Aug. nth. 

Relative to passport limits at Dobb's Eerry, etc. 

WiTiiKRSPooN (John), Phila., .\ug. 14. 

"I sent you by Col. Hooper a short & general Act. of Sir Guy Carlton 
& Admiral Digby's Letter to Gen'l Washington." 
Van Zandt (Jacobus), Newark, Aug. 17. 

" .As to Mr. Caters political princepies this I know of him, before we left 
New York, that he was imploy'd by our Convention to Strike of a number 
of Copper pence, for small change for public use." 
Watkins (Judith), Aug. 19. 

" Dear Pappa . . . You hinted to Mr. Watkins . . . you would furnish 
him with money ... his extreem modesty would not suffer him to tell you 

Macnair (Ralph), N. Y., Aug. 12. 

"A number of the American Officers, while prisoners on parole in Long 
Island, purchased necessaries . . . except three Gentlemen from Connecticut 
. , . not another as yet made the smallest remittance." 

Also another letter dated Sep. 4. taking hope, by reason of Washington's 
order for the relief of creditors of officers on public service. 



1782. Till. LlVINCSTON CoRRKSPONHENCK— £*«)«//««<•(/. 

MuoRK (William, Prcsdl), V\\\\x\., Aug. 24. 

" 'liicrc appcarintj no circumstances tending to prove that he ( Macnair] hail 
supplied our officers . . . the Council lieclinc giving him permission to come 
into this State, etc." Further stating that it was no part of the policy of the 
Council to help an enemy collect his debts. 
Troup (Robert), Albany, Aug. 24. 

" Accept my most cordial congratulations on the rising gnnileurof America. 
May she bccume the happy ussyliim of civil and relifious liberty to the 
wretched in every quarter of the globe." 
WisNKK (Henry), Cioshen, Aug. 26. 

" The Bearer, Mr. Noah Webster, has taught a grammar Sihool for some 
time past in this place . . . he is now doing some business in the literary 
way, which will . . . be of service to posterity. " 
LlVINCSTON (Brockholst), Eli/. Town, 2()th Aug. 

" If leaving an Kstate rather than submit to the British be any proof of 
whiggism, Mr. Mad )avitt is not without pretensions to that character . . . 
Mamma mends apace. I wish the same could be said of Billy." 
llAKKiso.N (licnjamin), Kiihmond, Va., Aug. 30. 

Relative to the illegal condemnation of the sloop " William and John." 
Livingston (Wm. S ), Heaverwyck, Sep. 7. 

Kxplaining how he came to visit New York without a passport, how Sir Ciuy 
Carleton ordered the return of a horse stolen from W. S. L. , how the people of 
N. Y. hated the Governor, etc. 
1 .1 VINOSTON (Brockholst). 

An.xious to go to Albany to finish his law studies and proposing to borrow 
suflicient money in Phila. to last six months, rather than impoverish his father. 
" By that time I shall have gone thro' Blackstone & the greater part of Wood." 
Yates (Peter W.), Albany, 14 Sep. 

Referring to above desire, and smoothing apparent difficulties . . . "The 
price for Boarding will be about ^45 annually." 
LlVINCSTON (Robt. R.), Phila., 15 Sep. 

Oflicial Circular announcing the acceptance by the States General of Mr. 
Adams in the quality of Minister Plenipotentiary . . . " A