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Full text of "Nouveau dictionnaire français-anglais et anglais-français [microforme] : à l'usage des écoles avec la prononciation dans les deux langues"

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., ..... .... • LAr^Qucg. • :.. :..• .. . 

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, j • • • • ., • . . 

• »»%,' ... 

) 5 3 Sa 

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ÏN preparing the present Dictionary, 
the authors had it in view to compile not 
a dry nomenclature, but a work adapted 
to general use, and serviceable both to 
the English and to the French reader, 
and— notwithstanding its limited compass 
—presenting the highest possible degree 
of completeness and conciseness. To 
attain this point, it was an indispensable 
requisite in regard to the copiousness of 
words, in both languages, to separate the 
useful and practical from the useless and 
superfluous, and to select such words and 
expressions only as have a standard ac- 
ceptation in polite society and in classic 
literature, and are warranted by the best 

To obtain the space necessary for fhis 
purpose, the authors have omitted all 
words out of use, vulgar and obscene ex- 
pressions and significations, synonymous 
meanings, etc., and their attention has 
been chiefly directed to the words and 
phrases newly formed and introduced 
in consequence of recent discoveries and 
inventions, particularly to Scottish phrase- 
ology, to the peciïliarities of both lan- 
guages, and to technical terms. 

The Accentuation of the English words 
(Uid the exact Pronunciation, correspond- 

Le Dictionnaire que nous publions n'est 
pas une sèche nomenclature ; c'est bien 
plutôt un ouvrage à l'usage des deux 
nations dont il renferme les richesses lexi- 
cologiques. Anglais et Français pour- 
ront s'en servir avantageusement. S'il ne 
constitue qu'un petit volume, il n'en a pas 
moins l'avantage d'être concis et complet 
autant que peut l'être un dictionnaire. 
Pour le rendre tel, il fallait nécessaire- 
ment faire un sage choix dans le riche 
trésor des deux langues, et tout en lais- 
sant de côté ce qui était superflu, ne 
donner place qu'aux mots et aux tours 
auxquels l'autorité des grands écrivains et 
celle de la bonne société ont imprimé le 
cachet de l'élégance et de l'urbanité. 

Pour rester dans de justes limites, nous 
ne nous sommes occupés ni des mots 
surannés, ni des locutions synonymiques, 
ni enfin des expressions triviales ou ig- 
nobles ; en revanche nous avons recueilli 
avec grand soin les idiotismes des deux 
langues, «la phraséologie écossaise, les 
termes techniques et en général tous les 
mots et tours de formation récente que les 
découvertes et les inventions de nos jours 
ont fait passer dans la langue. 

La prononciation exacte des mots fran- 
çais et anglais a été notée dans l'une et 




ing to the idiom of both Nations, is added 
to the first as well as to the second part. 

Moreover the irregular forms and tenses 
of the verbs are inserted in alphabetical 
order, the fundamental significations care- 
fully separated by a semicolon from the 
secondary and figurativ?. 

l'autre partie du dictionnaire ; nous avons 
de plus indiqué l'accentuation de tous les 
mots anglais. 

Pour les formes irrëgulières et les temps 
des verbes, nous avons pris soin de les 
consigner, en suivant l'ordre alphabétiqu<«' 
Au moyen du point-virgule nous avons 
distingué la signification propre et primi- 
tive de chaque mot de ses acceptions 
secondaires et figurées. 



a. adiective 

ad. adverb 

art, article 

c, conjunction 

y. feminine gender, interjection 

m. masculine gender 

n, numeral 

//. p'.ural number 

Ph. pronoun 

/r. preposition 

^rt. participle 

t, substantive 

v.a. verb active 

V. a. et ». verb active and neuter 

T', iVr/. verb impersonal 

V «. verb neuter 

V, r. verb reflexivo 


The words marked with a star ( ♦ ) are irregular, 

^J represents the frcnch /or ^followed by e, i,y, and sounds like z in azure, 
or s in pleasure. 

/, in italics, denotes the liquid soi>nd of Hot I (the french I mouilli), and is pro- 
nounced as ^/ in the word s e r a g 1 i o. 

«, ill italics, represents the fieiich nasal sound, f i. : pai//, sale;/, etc. 

^ represents the french vowel u, and is pronounced as » in b u t, with the under» 
lip a little protruded. 

A. k, «h./r. U, at, on, by, iH,/or,/rotn, about, against, 

Aljai>><>e, nb-aySiy. uiitfftrtiist. [/"^l- 

Alialssciiient, al>-ays-iiia»», tn. lingering; abasemmt ; 
AbaU&er, al>-ays-al, v. n. la t^nvtr, abtilt ; dtbast ; %' — , 

V. r. to /all, siist ; drcrtase. 
AI>alouruir, ab-a-loor-decr, v. a. tu ttun. 
AI>amlon, a-bax-do», m. abandoumtnt ; for taking ; 

dtrtliction ; \ V — , at randotn, 
Al>ancloiiné, al>-a>«-(lo-iiai, ;//. rake. \fro/ligacy. 

At>uiuloiiiieinent, ab-aM-don-ma», ni. ahatuioninn ; 
Abaiiduiiiier, nb-a«-do-nal, r: a. to abandon, /orsaif ; 

gixt mtr ; deliver up ; »' — , V. K to indulge, trust 

one's sel/; despond. 
Abasourdir, ab-a-soor-dccr, see Abalourdir. 
A Ullage, a)>-at-alij, ««. cuffing dirivn. 
Ab.itant, ab-at-ax, M. truni-lighl. 
Abâtardir, ab-au-iar-dcer, r. a, to debase ; spoil ; s' — , 

V. r. to degenerate. 
AbAtardisseincnt, ab-aii-tar-diss-ma«, w. degeneracy. 
Abated a,\i-!i,-\A\, /. falling offfo leeward. 
Abati:» a-bat-c, w». giblets ; offal. 
Abat-jour, ub-ahj-oor, tn. sky-light. 
Abattement, ab-at-ina», tn.faintness ; dejection. 
Abatteur, ab-at-ur, m. feller. 
Abattoir, ab-at-twar, m. slaughter-house. 
•Abattre, ab-at-tr, v. a. to fell, pull down ; deject ; s" — , 

V. r. to fall down ; despond. 
Abattu, e, ab-at-tfl, a. faint, dejected. 
Abattures, ab-at-tûr, / //. abatures, pi. 
Abatvent, ab-ah-va«, tn. penthouse. 
Abatvoix, ab-av-wa, tn. soundina board, 
Abliatial, e, ab-ass-yal, a. of a» abbot. 
Abbaye, ab-ai-ye,y abbey. 
Abbé, .ib-al, tn. abbot. 
Abbesse, ab-ess,/: abbess. 
Abe, ah-bai-sai, tn. abc, pritner. 
Abcis, ab-say, m. abscess. 
AtHlication, ab-rtik-ah-syow,/"- abdication. 
Abdiquer, ab-dik-ai, v. a. to abdicate. 
Abdomen, ab-do-main, in. abdomen. 
Abécédaire, ab-ai-sai-dair, tn. spelling-book, 
Abecquer, ab-ck-ai, v. a. fofecd (birds). 
Abée, ab-ai, /: tnill-dam. 
Al)eille. ah-bai/.y: bee. 
Abéquer, see Abecquer. 
Aberration, ab-air-rah-syo;/,/; aberration. 
Abêtir, ab-ay-teer, v. a. to stupefy ; s'— . v. r. to groii; 
Abhorrer, ab-or-rai, v. a. to abhor, [become stupid. 
Abttne, ab-eem, tn. abyss ; gulf. 
Abîmer, ab-ee-mai, v. a. to throw into an abyss; 

desfroy, spoil; s' — , v. r. to sink, 
Al)ject, e, ab-hject, a. abject, base. 
Abjection, ab-hlec-syo>/,y! abjection. 
Abjuration, ab-njû-rah-sycM,/". abjuration. 
Ahlurer, nb-hjû-rai, v. a. to abjure. 
Ablatif, ab-lat-if, tti. ablative. 
Ablette, ab-lett,/: ablet. 
Ablution, ah-\([-syon,f. ablution. 

Abnéij^ation, ab-nai-gah-syo;»,/; abnegation, self-denial. 
Abni, ah-bwa, Aboiment, ah-bwa-niaw, tn. barking ;— s, 

tn. fl. bay : extretnity, distress ; être aux — , to gasp. 
Abolir, ab-o-Ieer, v. a. to abolish; annul. 
Abolisscmeiit, ab-o-liss-nia», tn. abolishment. 
Abolition, ab-o-le-syo«,/! abolition. 
Abominable, ab-o-me-nali-b1, a. — ment, ad. abominable. 
Abomination, ab-o-me-nah-syo«,y! abottiination. 
Abondamment, ab-o»-dam'-a», ad. abundantly. 
Abondance, ab-o«-da«s,y: abundance, plenty. 

▲ BU 

A1>ondant, c, ab-o«.da»/, — t, a. abundant, plenlifu,'. 

Abonder, ab-oiz-d.ii, i: a. to abound in. 

Abonné, ab-o-nai, m. subscriber. 

Altoiincnient, ab-(>n-nm>/, tn. subscription. 

s'Alionner, ali-o-nal, v. r. to subscrihe. [better. 

Abonnir, ab-o-necr, v. a. to imprm'e ; s'— , t. r. to grow 

AlHird. ab-or, in. access ; approach ; d" — , atjirst. 

Abordable, ab-or-<lah-l>l, <i. accessible. 

Alxjrd.iKe, ab-or-dahj, tn. boarding. 

Aliordcr, ab-or-dal, v. a. et ti. to approach, accotts 

bo,ir\t, handle ; land : s"— , v. r. to run foul. 
Aboriicineiit, al>-orn-nKi><, tn. litnitalion. 
AlMjrner, ab-or-nai, v. a. to litnit. 
Abortir, ive, ab-or-tif, — iv, a. abortife. 
Alxiuclicnicnt, ab-oosh-iiia», tn. conference. 
Aliouclier, ab-oo-shai. v. a. to bring toi;elher ; s' — , v. r. 
About, ab-oo, tn. buff-end. [fo confer ■uith. 

Aboutir, ab-oo-teer, v. ti. fo confine, join ; end. 
AI>outissants, ab-oo-tiss-a>/, tn. pi. abuttals, pi. 
Aboutiiiscmciit, ab-oo-tiss-ina», tn. eking-piece ; sup- 
Aboyer, ab-wa-yai, v. n. to bark, yelp. [puration. 

Aboyeur, ab-wa-yur, tn. barker. 
Abrégé, ab-rai-hjai, tn. abridgtnettt. 
Abréger, ab rai-fijai, v. a. to abridge. 
Abreuver. al)-ruh-vai, v. a. to ivater ; s'— , v. r. to drink. 
Abreuvoir,, in. horse-pond. 
Abréviateur, ab-rai-ve-at-ur, tn. abbreviator. 
Abréviatif, ive, ab-ral-ve-at-if, — iv, a. abbreviativ*. 
Abréviation, ab-rai-ve-ah-syox,/: abbreviation. 
Abrévier, ab-rai-ve-ai, v. a. to abbrer-iate. 
Abri, ab-re, t». shelter; h V — , under cover. 
Abricot, ab-rc-koli, tn. apricot. 
Abricotier, ab-re-kot-yai, tn. apricot-tree. 
Abriter, al)-re-ta!, f. a. to shelter, shade. 
Abrogation, ab-ro-gali-syo»/,/". abrogation. 
Abroger, ab-ro-lijai, v. a. to abrogate. \i:ro7v stupid. 
Abrutir, ab-rû-teer, T'. it. to besot, stupefy ; s' — . f, r. to 
Abrutissement. al)-rû-tiss-niaw, tn. brutishness. 
Absence, ab-sa«s,/! absence. 
Absent, e, ab-sa</, — t, a. absent. 
s'Absenter, ab-saH-tai, 7'. r. to absent one's selj. 
Absinthe, ab-sai(»t,/: tuormiiood. 
At>solu. e, ab-so-in, a. —ment, ad. absolute. 
Absolution, ab-so-lû-syo«,/: absolution. 
Absolutisme, nb-so-lft-tism, m. abs Uutisni. 
Absolutiste, ab-so-lrt-tist, tn. absolt >ist. 
Absolve, ab-solv, see Absoudre. 
Absorber, ab-sor-bai, v, i . fo absorb ; consume. 
Absorption, ab-sorp-syo«, /: absorption. 
Absoudre, ab-soo-ur, v. a. to absolve, acquit. 
Absous, te, ab-soo, — t, see Absoudre. 
Absoute, ab-soot,y; absolution. 
Abstème, abs-taini, a. abstemious. 
•s'Abstenir, abst-ncer, x<. r. to abstaiti. 
Abstergent, e, abs-tair-lija», — t, a. abstergent. 
Abstergcr, abs-tair-hjai, v. a. to cleanse. 
Al)Stcrsif, ive, abs-tair-sif, — iv, a. abstersive. 
Abstersion, abs-tair-syo;;, / abstersion. 
Abstinence, abs-te-na«s,y! abstinence. 
Abstinent, e, abs-te-na«, — t, a. abstitient. 
Abstraction, abs-trak-syo«,/; abstraction. 
•Abstraire, ubs-trair, r: a. to abstract. 
Abstrait, e, abs-tray, — t, a. abstract, abstruse. 
Abstrus, e, abs-trû, —s, a. abstruse. 
Absurde, ab-sfird. a. — ment, ad. absurd. 
Absurdité, ab-sûr-de-tai,/: absurdity. 
Abus, ab-ft, m. abuse; error. 
Abuser, ab-û-zai. v. a. et ti. to deceive; to abuse, 

seduce; s'—, v. r, to tnistake. 



▲ DH 

Abusif, lv«. nbft.ilf, — Iv. a. ahiitiv*. 

Acaliil, »k-«b-c, m. tnslf , giuility. 

Ac.K III, iik-a»vyali, '». .kikm. 

Aciilciiiicicn, iil(-.iiliiiiiiKsyai<(, m. aeihiimuiiiH, 

Acaileiiiie. «k-ml .11 iiic,/. itiiuttuiy. 

AcndtfmUiiic, iik-iul-al-iiiik, <i. —ment. aJ. iicaatmuitl. 

Atiiil«iiiiMc, iiihl. l't. itiiiittmiit. 

k'Acatfn.ircIcr, ak-anyar>l.ii, v. r. lo s^ow ilallyfiil. 

At.ijou, ak-a-lijixi. »/». iii>>/h'},iiii^V. 

AcariAtru, ak-a-rc-iui-lr, <i. ftniith. 

A< ( il.laiit. c, «k-kiih-'>la</, - t. <i. htavy ; frirvûut. 

Ac. .il.Kiiic.iU, nk-kahbliiia(i, »«. hMViiifSt. 

Al . .ilikr, ak-kali-l)lai, t. ,i. /.' mirnlirim , i'Pfrtst. 

AtciiLtrciiiLiit, aka|i-ar-iii.i'/, m. iinmopo/y, /vttilall- 

Aicipirer, ak-ap-ar-al, %'. .1. l><Joirst,iU. [iiit!. 

A( i.iii.irciir, ak-.i|i-ar-iir, m. /'oit\litll<f. 

AcL.isijll.iKo, akk,ivti/-alij, m. ii/'/iet-noïkt, fil, 

Attt'dcr, .ik-s.ii-.l.ii, v. ti. :t> lutitii: 

AtLi!li.'r.itcur, ak-vil-Lii-rat-iir, »i. ituc/trator ; — Irlce, 
— Iriss, II. itiieUrittiiiL'. 

Accélérer, ak««l-lalr,ti, v. n. to afctlrrttlt : voilure 
•Accent, ak-s.1»», m. urtrul. [acciXcxic, /ty-ciHicli. 

Acci-iilii.ilioii, aksii<i-trt-.ill-syn»;,/. iinfiittiittioil. 

Accciitiirr, ak-s.i"-lA-ai, 7'. .i. /.' itnenl. 

Accept., ak-Hc|>-l.ili-l.l, .». •lif/'liihU. 

Acccptiiiit, ak-scp-ta», tet Accepteur. 

Acceptation, nk-sep-t.4li-!iyi>//, /. ii<((//<t«f^ 

Accepter, ak, v. a. lo iinf/it. 

Accepteur, ak-scp-tur, tu. aixepler. 

Acception, ak.sep-syo»i, / autfUUion ; sigitifiiation : 

Accès, ak-sjiy, >;/. antss:Jil. [rff;,ini. 

Acccssiljlc, ak-seHS-sll)l, a. acctssibtt. 
Accession, .ik-sess-syi»»,/. lUiession. 
Accessit, nk-scss-sit, m. stconU premium. 
Accessoire,, .i. itcrrssory. 
Accident, ak-se-il.i'/, m. aidiienl : chxiiu*. 
Accidentel, le,«tel, «. —lenient, ad. ncci- 
Accise, ak-see/, /'. excise. \tteiital. 

Acclainalion, ak-klali-inali-syo;/,/ <irrA?>/i(i/jVi<i .• thoitl. 
Accllm.itur, nk-kleiiLil-al, v. a. to lUtiistom to a 
Acciiintaiicc, ak-walM-tax-,,/. iin/iiiiiiititiue. [ilimale, 
Acciit.ide,,/: hut;. 
Accoler, ak-o-lai, v. a. ta hu); : Join ; einttr.tfe. 
Arcommoil.ilile, ak-ko-mo-dah-bl, a. siiit,t/>le. 
AccuMiinod.i^c, ak-ko-iiio-d.ilii, tu. i/ressiuç. [iiuty. 
Acc.iininodeinciit, ak-ko-iiiod-ina»/, »i. ,i\;reenunt : 
Ac( iiiiinioder, ak-ko-mo-dai, v. a. to aicvinitioi/iite ; itd- 

just, adiift : Jit ufi : make up ; s'—, v. r. to agree ; 
comply ; be innde up. 
Acciiiiip.iKii.iteur, ..kko/f-pan-yat-ur, >/«. arcoinpauier. 
AccoinpaKneiiicnt, .ikko;i-pan-y^-nia«, /«. itirompaiii- 
tuent. [escort. 

Acconipnuncr, ak-ko»/, v, a. to accotnpatiy ; 
Accomplir, ak-ko«-pleer, v. <». to accomplish, pei'/ortn ; 
s' — ,v. r. to be acccinptisluU. [metit. 

Accoiiipllssenient, akkox-pliss-niax, tit. accompltsh- 
Acc.irif, ak-or, »«. ni'nement ^ accord, consent; d' — I 
Acciirdablc, ak-or-. l.ui-lil, «i. grantable. [grnntexil 

Accordaillcs, ak-or-ila/,./. //• espoiisuls, pi. 
Accoiilée, ak-or-dai,y: bride. (s'— , v. r. to agree. 

Accorder, .ik-or-<lal, t. a. to grant; reconcile; tune; 
Accorilcur, ak-or-dur, tn. tuner. 
Accordoir, ak-or-di ar, t/t. tiining-Jtey. 
Accorer, ak-o-rai, J', a. to prop. 
Accort. 0, ;ik-or, — t, a. complu isant, easy. 
Accostable, ak-os-tali-bl, d. accostahle. [company with. 
Accoster, ak-os-tai, v. a. to accost ; a — , v. r. to keep 
Accoter, ak-o-tal, v. a. to prop ; s" — , v. r. to lean 
Accotoir, nk-n-twar, tn. prop. [against. 

Accouch(!e, ak-oosh-ai,y: ivoinan in childbed. 
Accouchement, ak-oosli-ma'/, in. delivery. 
Accoiiclier, ak-oo-bhai, x'. a. to deliver. 
Accoucheur, ak-oo-slmr, tn. man-midwi/e. 
Accoucheuse, nk-oo-sliuz,yî midwi/c, 
s'Accniider, ak-oo-dai, v. r. to lean on one's elbotu. 
Accouple, ak-oo-|)l,/ brace, leash. 
Accouplement, aK-oo-pl-ma», tn. coupling. 
Accoupler, ak-oo-plal, v. a. to couple ; s' — , v. r. to 
couple, pair. [v. r. to gro7v short. 

Accourclr, ak-oor-seer, t. a. to shorten, abridge ; s' — , 

ikcourcisseiiient, ak-oor-siss-man, tn. s/torteniiig, 
""Accourir, ak-koo-ree.', v. ii. to run, hasten. 
Accoutrement, ak-koo-tr-nia«, tn. garb. 
Accoutrer, ak-koo-tr«i, v. a. to accoutre. 
Accoutumance, ak-koo-tfl-m.i«s,/: habit. 
Accoutumé, e, iik-koo-tû-mal, <i. accustomed ; usual. 
Accoutumer, ak-koo-tû-mai, v. a. to accustom ; s" — , 

V. r. to inure one's self to. 
•'Accouver, ak-koo-vai, v. r. to hatch. 
Accréditer, ak-krai-de-tai, v. a. to accredit ; i'— , v. r. 

to get into credit, to get a name. 
Accroc, ak-roh, m. rant; imptdinunt. 

Accroche, ukkrosli, / obitade. [v. r. to Ai- citli^itk 
.\ctro<hcr, nk kro-shai, v. a. i,i hang up ; delay; %'--, 
*A< croire, nickro-aur, v. n. to belinn ; n'en taUt —, M 

be set/.conieiled. 
Accrolsseiiicnl, akkrwasn-inaH, m. inrreiitt. 
•Accroître, ak-kni-ah-lr, v. n. el »'— , v. r. to increase, 
Accr.iiipi, e, ak-kriHi-pe, <i. sfuat. 

s'Accroupir, akkr.xi-jieer, v. r. lo si/uat. 
Accroupisscinijit, ak-kroo-iiiss-ii 
Accru, e, ak-rn, <i. increasea. 

>.|na», m. 


Accueil, ak-u/. m. reception. 
'Accueillir, ak-ii/Kser, i'. «i. to ineiif. 
Acciil, .ik-A, m. blind alley ; small bay. 
Acculer, ak-k(^-lal, r. a. lo drire lo a corner ; %'—, v. r, 

to betake one's self lo a corner. 
Accuiniil.ilion, alr-ktViiin-lah-syo»,/; accumulaliim. 
Accumuler, ak-krtiiiiVl.ii, T'. h. to heap up ; »'— , v. ». 
Acciis.ilile, ak'kiV/.ihbl. >/. anuuiblr, [lo imrtau, 

Accuvileur, ak-kflz.i-tur, m, anitier. 
Aicus.iiif, ak-kCI'/at-if, m. acnnative. 
Accusiition, akkfl-zahsyo»/,/. aicusalion ; ehargt. 
Accusé, nk-k(^-J!,ii, in. culprit. 
Accuser, akkrt-zal. v. a. to accuse ; reproach. 
Accnser, abb-a»/-»éU, t'. .t. to let out,/ar»n. 
Acerbe, nss-airl), ii. acerb ; sour ; rough. 
Acerbité, assalr'.i-e-t.ii,/. ascerbity. 
Aréré, e, nssai-ral, a. sharp ; steely ; keen. 
Acérer, n», v. a. to steel. 
Acéteux, »e, ass-ni-tuh, —r, a. acetous. 
Achaliinil.«Ke, asli-ala»(-dahj, in. custom. 
Achnlander, ash-al-a"-dal, v. a. to get custom ; %'—, 

T. r. lo gel customers. 
Acharné, e, ash-ar-nai, a. eager. 
Acharnement, ash-arn-fiia»i, m. rage, fury 
Acharner, ash-ar-nal, v. a. to Jtah ; pritK<rk*, routt; 
Achat, nsh-ah, m. purchase, [s—, v. r.^ m set upon. 
Achées, ash-al,///. lobworms. 
Acheminement, ash-inin-nia;/, tn. meant. 
Acheminer, ash-iiiin-nk. v. a. to fonuaid ; i—, V. r. to 

gofoi jvard ; set out. 
Acheter, a^htai, v. a. lo buy, purc/iase. 
Acheteur, se, ach-tur, — uz, s. purchaser. 
Achevé, e, ash-val, a. perfect. 

Achèvement, ash-ayv-ma«, m. finishing : perfection. 
Achever, ash-v,-ii, v. a. tojinish .•compute. 
Achoppement, ash-op. nia/i, m. stumbling-block, 
Achorcs, ash-or, in. pi, achor, ' 

Acidité, ass-ld-e-tai, f. acidity, sourness. 
Acier, ass-yai, m. steel ; S7vord. 
Aciérie, ass-yair-ee,y! steel manufactory. 
Acolyte, ak-ul-itt, m, acolite. 

Ac.K|uiner, ak-o-ke-n,ii, v. a. t' allure ; s' — , v. r. to be 
Acoiistiijue, ak-oos-tik, f. acoustics. [beivitched, 

Ac(|uéreur, ak-ai-rur, in. buyer, [to be acguired,gaiti, 
•Acquérir, ak-ai-reer, v. a. lo acquire, buy ; s'— , v. r, 
Aciiuft, akay, m. acçiu-st, profit. 
Ac(|uiers, ak-kyair, see Acjuertr. 
Acquiescement, ak-yess-ma'/, m. compliance. 
Acjuiescer, ak-yess-sai, v. n. to acquiesce, comply. 
' r<)uls, ak-e, m. acquirement {see Acquérir). 
Ac.|uisition, ak-c-2e-syo«. / acquisition, purchase. 
Ac()uit, ak-e, m. acquittance ; lead; — de douane, 
Acquittement, nk-itt-ina», m. acquittal. [cocket. 

Acquitter, ak-itt-ai, v. a. to acquit, clear, pay; s' — , 

V. r, to discharge ; pay ojf; lead. 
Acre, au-kr, m. acre : — , a. sharp, sour. [nest. 

Acreté, au-kr-tai. Acrimonie, aK-re-nio>ne, f. sharp- 
Acrimonieux, se, ak-re-mon-yuh, — i, a. acrimonious. 
Acrobate, ak-ro-bat, m. rope-dancer. 
Acrostiche, ak-ros-tisli, tn. acrostic. 
Acte, akt, tn, act, deed ; — s, //. records, rolls, pi. 
Acteur, ak-tur, tn, actor, player. 
Actif, Ive, nk-tif, — Iv, a, — ivciiient. ad. active, nimble. 
Action, ak-syo«,yr action ; battle, fight ; share ; — de 

j;r.^ces, thanksgiving. 
Aciionnaire,*iiks-yo-nair, m. shareholder, 
Acdonner, aks-yo-nai, v. a. to sue at law. 
Activer, ak-tiv-ai, v. a. to fonvard ; instigate. 
Activité, ak-tiv-e-tai,/: activity; quickness. 
Actrice, ak-triss,/: actress. 

Actuel, le, ak-tfl-el, a. actu"' ■ real ; — lement, ad. 
Acutanjfle, ak-ut-aw(fl, a. a^^iangular. [really ; now, 
Acla^e, ad.ahj, tn. adage. 
Adaptation, ad-ap-tah-syon,/: adaptation. 
Adapter, ad-a»-tai, v, a. to adapt. Jit ; s' — , t'.r to com- 
Addition, ad-cliss-yo«, f, addition. [ply with. 

Additionnel, le, ad-diss-yo-nel, a. additional. 
Additionner, ad-diss-yo-nai, v. a. to cast up. 
Ademption, ad-a«-syo«./. ademption. 
Adepte, ad-ept, tn, adept. 
Adéqimt, e, ad-ai-kah, — t, a. adequate. 
Adherence, ad-ai-ra/is,/°. adhesion. 



▲ 01 

Ailhf'rcnt, e, i»ff«l-r.i»/, -t. a. aiihtrtnl 
A(ihrirr, dilMlril, i >i r<' a.iHrrr* , 

Ailh«'M'iii. ,1(1 ,ii/y<i«, / <ii^A.'i/i'»». ' * (/«"iifr. 

A'jirii, ail'Viili, «I. fitrrurtl : faire vs — ». I» l*k* 
A'liltrn, iiil i%-y<i>(, f anfft.imf ^tnhfri m iif). 
AdUi ent, e, .ul lij.ili>.i»<. --I, <i. aii/areiif. [niiirftitvly. 
Aijjrtlif, aillijrctif, HI. mit*i(iit ; — Ivniiriit, tiii. 
•Afljoimlrc, .icl-hiwaixilr, »■ a lo mtjatii, atsoiialt, 
A'ljoiiit, .i.llijwni»/, »i. iKiiif.inf. 
A(( nnction, •iiM)]>i>/k'%y<»f./; aii/iiitction. 
All iiil.inl, ■iil-hjii'il'i'i, III. (liliiitiiiit. 
Acl lire, .iil'liJiVile.k.ii-.iir, iH hii;lifi> hiitittr. 
Ailjii III .itiiin, •til'liJA-do-kiili-syo//, I' aiijiiitiiiiii'ii. 
A'lju>{er, iiil-hl(^.|ii.ii. I', r. lo (i,iiii-ti:f 
Ailliir.iiiiiii, a(l-h|A-ruli'^y<>i(, / itiiiiii-atioii, 
Ailjurcr, ail-hirt-rii*. t'. a. to miiiire, sihhihoh. 
•Ailiiictlrc, aiViiii-ttr, t». rf. to mimil ; /ft m 
Ailminiciilc, ailriicite-kt'il, »r. aiiiniiiuif. aiif. 
A'liiilnlMr.ituiir, .i.l-ini;iiiisir,itiir, m. inOiiiiiistnttor. 
AdiiiiiUiitralif, Ivc, ad-mc-niiiii-trat-ir, — |V| a. aiiminu- 

Ailiiiinistralinn, nil-me-ni«vtMli-syo;(, / aifimiii'.t'i'a- 
AiliiiliiiMrcr, ailnic-niss-lr.u, f. /». to iiiiiiiiiintfr. [tu'ii. 
Ailiiiiralilr, ail.iiier.ililil, a. — iiioiit, <irf. aiiinirahlf. 
Ailniiraleiir, ailiiierat-ur, in. —trice, — irins, / ad- 
AtliiiiralliMi. .'iil.nic'.r.ili-syi»/./ niimirntion. [miirr. 
Ailiiiircr, ail'iiier.ii, '■■ ii. to aiUniir : ivoiuift: 
A'lnils, .iiliiie, sff A limttrc. 
Ailiiiissililc, a<t-iiilss-sili|, It. a/loTvuHt. 
A'liiiissinii, ad-iiiiss-yi»/, A njiiiiisii'ii. 
Ailiiioiidtc', ail-iiiii ii.ii-t.i!, in. aitniomtion, 
Ailnionéler,, 7'. ii. to .tiiinonislt. 
Ailinonilliiii, a<l-iii«-iiusyi»/, / luiinoiiitioii. 
Aildlcscciice, .ii|ii-lcsssa»is,/l 4iiio/fsteniy. [iniiii. 

Ailiilescciit, e, ail-o-lcss-s<i'', — t, «i yoiine ; — • '". yoiiiii; 
Ailoiiisur, ail-i>-iic-z.ii. T'. iI. to hriiitm, ilrttn ; s — , v. r. 

to liitfit one's .If// out. 
t'AiloiiiuT, ail-oiiai, t'. r. toadUut, af<ply one t id/, liike 
A(l<i|iter, .iil-n|i tai, t. n. to luiofit. [to. 

Ailoptir, ivc, iul-ii|i.tir, — iv, <i. •iito/>livt, 
Ailiipliiin, ail()|)>^yi><(, / luioftioii. 
Ailnnililc, ail-iir.iii'lil, ii. iidonihle. 
A<liir.ileiir, ail-orat-iir, >n. tidorer. 
Ailiir.itidi:, ailur.tli-iyiio, A iiiiofiitioii. 
Ailiirrr, ailii-r.ii, j'. <i. to iii/ore. 
A'liis, ailiili. III. fJie/7'iii^'./vi/, 
A'liiiscr, ail-<i|i.s.ii, t. n. to /•iit fitiit to hack; /edii 

•ti,'iiiitit: s — , 7'. r. to ieiin one'v h,iik in',t iiist. 
Ailiiu( ir, ailoo-scer. T. a. to nveeteii , ii/liiuite ; .toolhe; 

s' — , V. r. to heeoine .r7ir//. [emo/tient. 

Ail'iiicissaiit, e, .111 iiiisc-s.\'/, — t, i». sn/teniin' : — , in, 
Ailimcis-vcnii'iit, .uliiiisiss-in.ix, in. .tofteiiiiig. 
Ailffsse, acl-ress,y: «lA/j-ci r .• direction. [to ii^fly to. 
Adresser, adress-.ù, J', u. to a,idre\s : i/irett ; s —.7'. r. 
Admit, e, ad-drwa, — t, ii. — ciiioiit, iiJ. dixterotii, 
Adul.itL'ur, ,idô|.,»t-iir, in./latleier, [skil/iil, 

Adiilatiim, ad-iVlali-syo»>,y! Jt,ilttry, 
Aduler, ad-iVlai, v. a. to flatter. 
Adulte, ad-Alt, n. luinlt. 

Adultérât inn, ad-dl-tai-rah-syo»/,/ adulteration. 
Adultère, ad-f.l-tayr, a. adulterous ; —, in. adulterer ; 

Adultérer, ad-Cil-tai-rai, f. a. to adulterate. 
Adultérin, e, ad-Al-tai-rai», — rin, a. adulterine. 
•Advenir, ad-v«/t-neer. v, ii. to hapfen. 
Adventice, ad-va>i-tiss, <i. ad7-entitioia. 
Adverbe, ad-vairb, in. adiierh. 

Adverbial, e, ad-vair-byal, a, — anient, ad. adverbial. 
Adversiiire. ad-vair-s;iir, in. adversary. 
Ailvers.itif, ive, ad-vair-sat-if, — iv, a, adversative. 
Adverse, ad-vairs, a, adverse. 
Adversité, nd-vair-se-tai, /: adversity. 
Aérer, ah-ai-rai, 7/. ir. to air. 
Aérien, ne, ah-ai-ryai>/, — ain, a. aerial. 
Aérulithe, ah-ai-rolit, in. aerolite. 
Aérouiétrie, nh-ai-ro-inai-tree,/. aeroinetry, 
Aérmiaute, ahai-ru-nolit, in. aeronaut. 
Aérostat, ah-ai-ro-stah, in. air-bal/oon. 
AérosL-itique, ah-ai-ru-stat-ik, a. aerostatic, 
AlTaliilIté, af-fab-e-le-tai,/: affahitity, 
Alfable, af-fah-bl, a. —ment, ad. ajj'able, kind, 
Atradii-, af-fad-eer, v. a. to iiutie insipid. 
Affadissement, af-fad-iss-nia», in. insipi^lity. 
Affaiblir, af-fay-bleer, v, a. to vieaken ; s'— , v, r, to 

grcnv iveak. 
Affaiblissement, af-fay-bliss-maw, tn, ■nieakeniiig. 
Aff.iire, af-air, /. aj/air, business ; roncem ; scrape : 
Affaire, e, af-air-ai, a. busy. [/ifllil- 

Affaissement, af-faiss-ma», in. sinking, debility. 
Atf.iisser, af-fais-sai, ». <i. to press dcni/n : s'— , v. r. lo 
Affaler, affal-ai, f. a, to Unver ; einhay. [sink. 

Aifaïué,, a. H^tgry; ea^er i\/Xtr, 

AlT.imer, arf^m .ll, v. a. lo famiih, r/<f>^'». 

Alfoclaliim, .•lfeklali-syii«, /■. a >fii t.iti m . 

Affecter, affek tai, v. a to.i/firt: enta J ; anigH; *f< 

K//«« . a.ipiieto, s'— , :■. r. to be iiffeettet, 
Affeilif, Ivc, al-fckllf, — iv, .i. pathetit, 
Alfeclirtn, af-fek-syo/i, /: affection. 
Atfectli>niié, e, .if-feksyo-nii, a alfeclioiiixte 
Aflectliiiiner, af-fek-sy<in,ii, v, a, to love, tn /ond of; 

s'— , r . r to delst:Ht in, 
AffoctneiK, se, uf-fec-tu-iih, — i. a. — (vnient, ad. a/fee- 
Alferiiier, af-r.ilr-ntni, v, a. to Jann. [tionale. 

Allcritiir, af-f.iir-mcir, v. a. lo stieni;theii ; to^^/iiin; 

»' — , 7' r. to i,'rirn' stroiii', grow nard. 
Afri'rini.,s>'Mient, af-f.iir-niUsniax, "i. slrtn^fHtinnj;; 

Affété, e. affaital, a aff'ecfed. 
Atf 'icric, aff,ii-trc'!, <i. affectation. 
Attic lie, .ifisli./. bill posted up. 
Allii lier, ,ife sii.ii, v. a. to fo\t /(/ ; publith ; %'—, v» #% 

to e \pose one's self. 
Athclieur, af-e-slinr, in. bill-stuktr. 
Affilié, af-fc'd.ii, Ii. trusty. 
Affiler. af-fc-!.ii, v. a. to ief ; sharpen. 
Afnii.itiiin. affely.»h-syi)/i,./ affllialioii. 
Affilier, af foly.ii, v. a, to lUHIiate, 

Affuiat;e, iiffen.itij, in. ajnnax:e. , 

Affiner, .if-feii.ii, v. a. to rejixe. 
Affinerie, affinree,/;/t'/»r»-.v, lejinery. 
.\flinciir, affe-iiiir, in. refiner, 
Aflinité, iif.fe-liet.ii,/: affinity. 

Atfiiioir,, in. hatchel. \bles, V. 

AfKi|uet. af-fe-k.iy, in. knittinn-she.illi : — s, //. *<!»» 
Atliriii.ilif, ive, af-leer-iiia-tif, — iv, i>. — iveiiient, ad. 

ixjpii inative, 
Alfîriiiatinii, .iffeorir.ah-syo»!,/! affirina>i:^>. 
Affirm. ilive, .if-ieeriiial-iv, / affirmative. 
Affirmer, af-fcerinai, v. a. toajffirin, assert, 
AfHictif, ive, af-flik'tif, — iv, «r. corporal. 
AtHlctiiin, afflik-syii»», /. affliction. [sorroiu. 

Affliger, af-Helij.ii, -,\ a, to afflict ; s' — , v. r. In unnir, 
Aflliie-nce, af-flft-.i»<s,/. ajftuence. 

Aflliieiit, e, iil-HA-a», — t, a. /all in); into; —, t». con- 
Allliur, af-tliVai, v. n. tojlo^v into ; abound, [yluence. 
s'-XriiiliT, af fiil.ii, V. r. to dote upon. 
Affi)rai;e, affn-r.ilij, in. ajforage. 
Affranchi, af-fra<i-slie, in. freed man. 
Affranchir, af-fra«-sheer, va. to set /ret : /rank [letter) ; 

s' — , V. r. to/ree one's \el/, 
Alfr.uuhissement, .if- fr.i'i • shiss-max, tn, delivery; 
Affre, affr,/". ):reat /right, pangs. [/ranking'. 

Alfrotemeiil, .if-frayt-m.!», m. freighting. 
Affréter, af-fr.ii-t.ii, v. a. to freight. 
Affréteur, af-fr-iltur, in. freighter, 
Ailreuscmont. .if-frii/-iu.i<;, ait.fn^ lit fully. 
Atlreux, se, .iffriih, — z, a,/righl/iil. 
Allri.iiuler, .iffre-a^-dai, 7'. ir. to use to dainties ; tntict. 
Affrioler, af-tVeo-l.ii, v. a. to allure. 
Affront, af-froH, in. ajf.ont, insult. 
Affronter, af-fri)»i-tai, v. a, to face, brave, 
Affri.nteur, af-fro>i.iur, in. cheat. 
Affii'jlcmeiit, af-fiVbl-ina//, in. muffler. 
Affubler, af-fii-bl.ii, v. a. to muffle up ; s' — , V, r. lo be 

ivrapped up. [tatch. 

AfTrtt, al'-Cl, III, gun-rarriage ; être à I' — , lo be on the 
AlfOt.ii;e, af-fl-talij, m. mounting o/a piece o/ordname. 
Affûter, af-fiVt.ii, v. a. to mount ; sharpen. 
Afin, iif-ai'i, c. in order to, 
Aifaç.int, c, ,an-.iss-a//, — t, a. enticing, 
Aiiacemeiit, a^;-ass-ina«, iii. setting on edge. 
Aii.icer, .iK-ass-ai, v. a. to set on eilge ; entice; irritate, 
A>;.icerie, a^;-.issre../'. eiiticeinent, 
A^ate, a^-at,/; igaie. 

Atje, aulij, >«. age ; être sur I'—, to be growing old. 
A>;é, e, aiilij-ai, a. aged, old, 
A>;eiice, aliJ-aHS,yt agency. 
Agencement, ahj-a«s-iiia«, in. arrangeineiit. 
A^'cncer, aly-a>i-s.ii, v. a. to arrange ; s'— , 7; r. to trim 
A;,'eii(l.i, alij-ai'»-ila, m. meinoraiidum book, [one s sel/, 
s'Agenouiller, ahj-nooZ-ai, r. r. to kneel down, 
Atjenouilloir, ahj-nooZ-war, in. has.\ock, 
Aj;ent, ahj-a», nt. agent ; — de ctt:kn)'e,exchangebroker 
Auiilomération, aK-K'l"-">ai-rah-syi»i,/^ agglomeration, 
A(;>;lomérer, a^-Klu-inai-rai, v. a. to agglomerate, 
Anifravant, e, a^;-t;ra-va»i, — t, it. aggravatiiit^', 
Ajfiiraver, at;-Kra-vai, v. a. to aggravate ; s— , v. r, to 

grow worse, 
Aijile, ahj-ill, a, — ment, nd. agile; nimble, 
A>;ilité, alvj-e-le-tai,y: agility. 
Agio, ahj-yoh, w. exchange. 
Agiuta^e, ahj-yo-tahj, in. stock-jobbing. 
Agioter, ahl-yo-tal, v. n, to stock-job. 
Aifioteur, ai\]-yo-tur, m, ttttk-Joiàtr, 



[ to] 


Agir, alij-eer, î/. (f.^/«. /û<if/; nigoliate : nlnt ; en—, 

lo btiuivt : s'—, V. imp. to be in iiuestion, 
Axissuiit, c, alij-is5-a«, — t, a. active. 
AK'tiitciir, iilii-e-UU-ur, m. agitator. 
A«itiitioii. alij-c-tiill-syo«,y: agitation. 
A);itcr, ahj-c-tai, t. a. to agitate; distiitb ; s'— , f. r. to 
AKnat, ai;-ii,th, >n. agnate. [stir; be debated. 

Auiieaii, aii-yoli, >it. ùxntb. 
AjfU-'li-r, aii-y«/(-lai, t'. «. toyeaii, ctve. 
A^iiulut, aii-yH/»-lay, »i. lambkin. 
A^ncline, an-y/(/i-lm,y; lamb's wool. 
Allies an-ycss.y: simpleton. 
Akiius aii-yfts, w«. agntts-dei. 
Amollie, ny-o-nce,/! af;ony. 

A),'oniser, a>;-i)-iie-j-^ai, v. n. to be at the point of death. 
Ajfrafe, an-raff,y' clasp, locket. 
Agrafer, a>;-rafai, f. a. to clasp. 
Agraire, a>;-rair, i». agrarian. 
A);raii(iir, a({-r.i)/.deer, v. a. to enlarge ; raise , exalt ; 

s'— , 7'. r. to become larger. ( /•romotion. 

A^raiulisscineiit, ai;-ra»(-cliss-nia/;, m. eniar,;n>iciit ; 
Aiirëable, ag-rai-ali-bl, a. —ment, iiii'. agreeable; 

A^rcer, ag-rai-ai, n. to accept of; rig: like; 
A^jercur, a>;-rai-ur, tn. rigi;rr. [p.'e.ise, 

A^réKat, a^j-r-ii-Kali, m. aggregate. 
A>;ré)îation, afî-rai-^ali-syo;i,y. adfniision. 
Agrctjer, agr.iihjai, v. a. lo aggregate ; admit. 
A^Diiiictit, ag-rai-ina//, m. agreeableness ; p/easuie; 

—s, pi. ornaments, pi. 
Agrès, ag-ray. m. pi. rigging. 
Agresseur, ag-rcss-sur, >«. aggressor. 
Agri'ssif, ive, ag-ress-if, — ve, a. offensive. 
Agression, ag-ress-syo;/,y: aggression. 
Agreste, ag-rcst, a. wild. 
Agricole, ag-re-kol, a. agricultural. 
Agriculteur, ag-re-kfil-tur, tn. husbandinan. 
Agriculture, ag-re-kûl-tûr.y: agriculture. 
s'Agriffer, ag-re-fai, v. r. to cling fast. 
Agronome, ag-ro-iiom, ;-•;. agriculturist. 
Agronomique, ag-ro-nom-ik, a. agricultural. 
Aguerrir, ag-air-eer, v. a. to train up to tuar ; inure ; 

s' — , 1'. r. to inure one's self to ivar. 
Aguets, ag-liay, m. pi, être aux — , te lie in wait. 
Ah ! ah I int ah ! 

Alieurtcment, ah-urt-ma;(, tn. obstinacy. 
s'Alieurter, ali-ur-tai, t: r. to be obstinate in. 
Ahi 1 ali-ce, int. U dear I 
Ahurir, ah-ft-reer, v. a. to astound. 
Aide, aid, tn. assistant ; — de camp, aid-de-cainp ; 

— maçon, Aorfwjn;/ / — ,/. aid, help ; —s,pl. taxes, pi. 
Aider, ay-dai, v. a. to aid, help. 
Aie, aient, a-e, see Avoir. 
Ateul, ali-yul, tn. gratid-father. 
Aïeule, ali-yul,y; grand-mother. 
Aïeux, ah-yuli, tn. pi. forefathers, pi. 
Aigle, ay-gl, tn. eagle. 
• Aiglon, ay-glo;», in, eaglet. 

Aigre, ay-gr, a. — meiit, ad. sour; sharp ; — doux, a. 
, sourish ; — , tn. sourness. 
Aigrefin, ay-gr-fai<», tn. sharper. 
Aigrelet, te, ay-gr-lay, — t, a. sourish. 
Aigret, te, ay-gray, — t, a. sourish. 
Aigrette, ay-grett,/: egret : tuft. \pl. heartburning. 
Aigreur, aygrur, f. sourness ; tarttiess : sfii'e ; — s 
Aigrir, ay-greer, v. a. to tnakc sour ; irriiate ; s" — , 
Aigu, e, ay-gi'i, a. pointed ; shar/i. [v. r. to turn sour. 
Aiguadc, ay-t',in\,f. fresh water. 
Aiguayer, ay-gay-yai, i: a. to soak and was.'i. 
Aigue-marine, aig-mar-in.y! beryllus. 
Aiguière, ny-ghe-air, /: e^oer, jug. 
Aiguillade, ay-gfiiZ-ail,,': goad. 

Aiguille, al-gili/, _/'. needle; spire; hand (ivalch) ; 
Aiguilltic, ai-gfii/-ai,y; tieedle-full. [sici/ch, points. 

Aiguillette, .■ii-gûiAett,y: tagged point ; slice. 
Aiguilleur, a-gûi/-ur, tn, switchman, raiiway-shfter, 
Aiguillier, ai-gi1i/-yai, in. needle-case, 
Aiguillon, ai-gûi/-o«, tn. sting ; goad ; spur. 
Aiguillonner, aigûVo-nai, 7'. <z. to goad; incite. 
Aiguisement, ai'gûeez-ma/;, tn. sharpening. 
Aiguiser, ai-gûe-zai, v. a. to sharpen. 
Ail, .1/, pi. aulx, oh, tn. garlic, 
A\\e, a\\ . f. iving, 
Aili', e, ay lai, <J. winged. 
Aileron, ail-ro», tn. pinion ; fin, 
Aillade, ^-^A,/. garlic-sauce. 
Aille, a/, see Aller. 

Ailleurs, a/-ur, ad. elsewhere ; à'—, otherwise. 
Aimable, ay-mah-bl, a. amiable, lovely. 
Aimant, ay-ma«, tn. loadstone. 

Aimant<:r, ay-ma;i-tai, v. a. to touch with the loadstone. 
Aintf.BtKf e, ay-ma//tai», —tin, it, mapietic. 

Aimer, <ty-mal, v. a, to love ; like. 

Aine, ayn, f. groin. 

Ajnrf, e, ay-nai, a. older, eldest. 

Ainesse, ay-ness, f. priinogtniture. 

Ainsi, ai/i-sc, ad. so; thus ; — que, ez'en ttt ; to tu. 

Air, air, m. air; look ; tune, song. 

Airain, ay-rai>i, in. brass. 

Aire, a.\t,f. area ; barn-floor ; aerie. 

Airde, ay-rai, f. a barnful. 

Airer, ay-rai, z'. it. to make one's aerie, 

Als, ay, m. board, plank. 

Aisance, ay-zans,f. ease; comfort. 

Aise, ayz, a. glad ; — ,f. ease, convenience ; leisure, Â 

r — , h son — , at ease, comfortably. 
Aisé, e, ay-zai, a. — ment, ad, easy; convenient ; easily. 
Aisselle, ess-cll,/! arm-pit. [mons. 

.\ji)urnement, alij-oorn-nia;i, tn. adjournment, siiin- 
Ajourner, ahj-oor-nai, v. a, to adjourn, suminoa , s— , 

V. r. to ad/ourn. 
Ajouter, alij-oo-tai, T.a. to add ; — foi, to ielie^'e. 
Ajustement, alij-ûst-ma>/, m. adjusting ; agreement ; 

attire, dress. 
Ajuster, ahj-ûs-tai, f. a. to adjust; trim; reconcile; 

take aim ; s' — , v. r. to agree ; trim one's self. 
Ajusteur, ahj-fts-tur, tn. wei.i;her. 
Alambic, al-a;i-bik, in. alembic. 
Alambiqucr, al-a«-bik-ai, v. a. to puzxU one's self; re- 

tine loo much. 
Alarme, alarm,/; alarm : fright, fear. 
Alarmer, al-ar-mai, v. a. to alarm ; s'— , v. r. to take 
Alarmiste, al-ar-mist, in. alarmist. [alarm. 

Albinos, al-be-nos, m. albinos. 
Album, al-bom, in. album. 
Alcali, al-kal-c, in. alkali. 
Alcaliser, al-kal-e-zai, v. a. to alkalixe. 
Alcliimie, al-she-me.y; alchymy. 
Alchimiste, al-she-mist, in. aUhymist. 
Alcool, al-ko-ol, ;«. alcohol. '■ 

Alcooliser, al-ko-o-le-zai, v. a. to alcoholize. 
Alcôve, al-kohv,y; alco^ie. 
Alcyon, al-se-O'i, in. kingfisher. 
Alêne, aX-a.\n,f. awl. 

Alcnier, al-ai-nyai, n. awl-maker. [environs, pL 

Alentour, al-a»;-toor, ad. about, around ; — s, in. pi. 
Alerte, al-ertt, a. alert, brisk; — , f. alarm ; — , int. 
Alevin, al-v.ii», tn. fry. [make haste I 

Alezan, at-za», a. cheval — , sorrel horse. 
Algarade, nl-gar-ad, f. insult. 
Algèbre, al-hjay-br, f. algebra. 
Algébrique, ;U-njai-brik, a. algebraic. 
Algébriste, al-hjai-brist, in. algebraist. ' 

Algide, al-hjid, a. algid. 

Algue, alg, f. alj;a. ■ '■ 

Alibi, al-e-be, in. alibi. 
Aliboron, al-e-bo-ro«, in. conceited fellow. 
Aliénable, al-yai-iiah-bl, a. alienable. 
Aliénation, al-yai-na-syo«,y. alienation ; aversion. 
Aliéné, e, al-yai-nai, a. lunatic, insane. 
Aliéner, al-yai-nai, v. a. to alienate ; — l'esprit, to mate 
Aligne, al-in-ye,f. slidinx-rail. [mad. 

Alignement, al-in-ytr-niaw, m. line ; row. 
Aligner, al-in-yai, v. a. to lay out by line. 
Aliment, al-c-ma«, tn. aliment ; food ; — s, //. alimony. 
Alimentaire, al-e-ma«-tair, a. alimentary. [feeding. 
Alimentation, a!-e-nia;i-tah-syo>/, f. alimentation ; 
Alimenter, al-e-ma»i-tai, i'. a. to feed ; maintain. 
Alimenteux, se, al-e-ma«-luh, — z, a. nutritive. 
Alinéa, al-e-nai-ah, in. neiv paragraph. 
Alité, e, al-e-tai, a. bedrid. 
s'Aliter, al-e-tai, v. r. to keep one's bed. 
WVic, aX-iz,f. the fruit of the lotc-tree. , ■' 

Alizés, al-e-zai, a. vents — , trade-winds. , ; . 

Alizier, al-e-zyai, tn. lote-tree. ''■ .' 

Allaitement, al-ett-ma«, in. suckling. 
Allaiter, al-ett-ai, f. a. to suckle. 
Alléchement, al-laysh-ma«, in. allurement. 
Allécher, al-lai-shai, v. a. to allure. 
Allée, al-aj,/: alley ; walk. 
Allégationf al-lai-gah-syo«, f. allegation. 
Allege, al-ayhj,.A lighter; tender. 
Allégeance, al-lai-hjaxs, f. allegiance. 
Allégement, al-layhj-ma«, in. alleviation, relief. 
Alléger, al-lai-hjai, v. a. to allcjiale, lighten. 
Allégir, al-Iai-hjcer, v. a, to lighten. 
Allégorie, al-lai-go-ree, /: allegory. 
Allégorique, al-lal-go-rik, a. — ment, ad. allegorical. 
Allégoriser, al-lai-go-re-zai, v. a. to allegorize. 
Allégoriseur, al-lai-go-re-zur, in. allegorizer. 
Allègre, al-lay-gr, a. — nient, ad. brisk, lively. 
Allégresse, a\-Ui-fitcss,f.j'oyfulness. 
Alléguer, al-lai-ghai, v. a. to allege. 
Alléluia, al-lai-lou-yah, m. hallelujah. 


tu 1 


•Aller, al-ai, t'. u. la go, walk ; itach ; fit, become ; 

amcnnt ; — h clicvnl, lo ride ; — clierclicr, to Jetcli ; 

il y va (le .a vie, li/t is at sla/te ; s'en —, to £0 away, 

depart ; se laisser —, to )(ive way, yittd. 
Alliage, al-yalij, »//. aHoyiiig ; alloy. 
Alliance, al-ya«s, / alliaiue ; -vedding-riitg. {ally. 
Allié, e, al-yai, a. related ; lOii/ederale ; — , m. relation ; 
Allier, nl-yai, v. a. to ally; unite ; s'—, t. r. to match ; 

enter into an alliance ; — , m. fartridgt-net. 
Allobro({c, al-lo-brolij, '". cloivn. 
Allocation, al-lo-kah-syo«,/: alUrwancc. 
Allocution, al-lo-k(ls-yo/»,y: address. 
Alloilial, c, al-lod-yal, a. allodial. 
Alloilialitc, al-lotl-y-'l-i'-i»'' f/ieeliold. 
Allonjfc, al-oHhi,/: piece Joined to another. 
Allon^enieiit, af-o«hj-Mi.i«, m. lengthening. 
Alloii^fer, al-o;(lij-ai, v. a. to lengthen ; prolong i delay ; 

s' — , V. r. to grow longer. 
Allopathe, al-lo-pat, in. allopath. 
Allopathie, al-lo-iia-tce, ./. allopathy. 
Allo|>athi(iiic, .il-iu-patik, a. allopathic. 
Alloiiablc, alloo-ali-bl, (i. alloiuablc. 
Allouer, al-loo-ai, v. a. to allow. 

Allumer, al-lûni-ai, v. a. to kindle; s' — , t'. r. to he 
Allumette, al-lû-mctt,/: match, vesta. [kindled. 

Allumeur, al-lii-mur, ;«. lamp-lighter. 
Allure, al-ùr, /. gait ; pace. 
Allusion, al-10z-yo«,/ allusion, hint. 
Alluvion, al-lûv-yo«, /. alluvion. 
Almanach, al-mau-ali, »i. almanack. 
Aloes, a!-o-eys, m. aloes. 
Aloi, al-wa, ;//. alloy ; value. 
Alors, al-ohr, ,td. then, at that time, 
Alose, al-ohz, /. shad. 
Alouette, al-wett, /[ lark. 
Alourdir, al-oor-deer, v. a. to dull. 
Aloyau, al-wa-yoh, >n, sirloin. 
Alpestre, al-pes-tr, a. alpine. 
Alphabet, al-fab-ay, m. alphabet. 

Alphabétique, al-fab-ai-tik, a. — ment, ad. alphabetical. 
Altérable, al-tai-rah-bl, a. alterable. 
Altérant, c, al-tai-ra«, — t, a. that causes thirst. 
Altération, al-tai-rah-syo;f, /". alteration, change; 

excessive thirst. 
Altercation, al-tair-kah-syo)/,y; altercation. 
Altéré, e, al-tai-rai, a. changed ; thirsty. 
Altérer, .il-tai-rai, v. a. to alter ; adulterate ; cause 

thirst ; s'— , v. r. to be impaired. 
Alternatif, ive,' al-tair-nat-if, — iv, a. — ivement, ad. 
Alternative, al-tair-n;it-iv, /. alternative, [alternative. 
Alterne, al-tairn, a. alternate. 
Alterner, al-tair-nai, v. )i. to alternate. 
Altesse, al-tess,y: hi,i;hness. 
Altier, ère, al-tyai, — r, a. haughty. 
Alto, altoh, tn. tenor viol. 
Aluiiiineux, se, al-û-nie-nuh, — z, a. aluntinaus. 
Alun, ;il-u*i, in. alum. 

Aluner, al-il-nai, 7'. a. to steep in alum-water. 
Alunière, al-û-nyair, / alumpit. 
Alvéole, al-vai-ol,y: cell. 

Amabilité, ara-ab-e-le-tai,y; amiability, atniableness. 
Amadis, am-ad-ls, wf. tight slccxe. 
Amadou, am-ad-oo, in. tinder. 
Amadouer, am-ad-oo-ai, v. a. to /latter, coax. 
Aniadoneur, am-ad-oour, tn. flatterer. 
Amaigrir, am-ay-grecr, v. a. to emaciate ; — , v. n. et 

s'—, 7'. r. to grow lean. 
Amaigrissement, am-ay-griss-ma;; m. et, r-ciatiJi;. 
Amalifamation, ani-al-gani,ali-syo) ,/.'gamalion. 
4malname, ani-al-gapi, m. amalgiim. , i 

Amalgamer, am-al-;;an5-ai, '/'. a. et s'—,' *'. »•. to tmal-' 
Amande, am-arA/luîlmjn'fl, ' " [ganuite. 

Amandéj ;iii\.aH -.lai, m,'àlmond-milk. " 

Amandie{, a~\<n>r-iiyJ\, tn. almond-tree. 
Amant, ar.i-kn^ tti'. loi'er ; — c, — t, /: siveetHeart, tnis- 
Amarante,V"-ar-a«t,y; atiiaranth. [!'--s~. 

Amariner, am-ar-in-ai, ;■. a. to tnati (ship), 
Amarque, am-ark,./: be^Zo',!, 

Amarrage, am-ar-ahj, ;■:.■>« vn'«A-. '' ' ' "• ' 1 
Amarre, am-ar,y: rope. '. c . ' 

Amarrer, am-ar-ai, v. d. to iHoo>'beljy. ' ' ' •< i 
Amas, am-au, tn. heap, pile. [s'— , v. r. to gather. ' 

Amasser, am-au-sai, v. a. to heap up ; gather, collect; 
Amateloter, am-at-lot-ai, v. a. to class the creiu. 
Amateur, ain-at-ur, ;«. lover, virtuoso. 
Amaurose, am-oh-rohz,/; amaurosis. 
Amazone, am-az-on, y; amazon. 
Ambassade, a«-bass-ad, / embassy. 
Ambassadeur, a«-bass-ad-ur, tn. attibassador. 
Ambassadrice, a«-bass-ad-riss,y: atnbassadress, 
Arabe, a«b, in. ainbe. 
Ambiant, e, a«b-yav, — t, a. ambient. 

Ami idextro, a;»-bc-deks-tr, a. antbiJextrous. 
AnihiKU, ë, a»(-bi<-û, i». ambiguous, —, m. medley, 
Ambi>fuité, a<(-bie-û-e-tai, /. ambiguity. [miUure. 

Ambimliiieiit, a/<-l)ij;-ù-nia;;, ad. mnbtguoiisly. 
AinbiticiiK, se, a«-biss-yuh, — z, a. —sèment, ad. ambi- 
Ambition, a«-i)is'.-yu;i,y; ambition. [tious. 

Ambitionner, a<i-biss-vo-nai, v. a. to dtsirt earnestly. 
Amble, a«-bi, m. amble. 
Ambler, a«-b!ai, v. n. to amble. 
Ambre, a'l-br, m. amber. " 

Ambrer, a«-br.u, t'. a. to amber. 
Amliroisie, a«-brwa-ze,y. ambrosia, 
Ambrosien, ne, a«-bro-zyai«, — ain, a. ainbrosiai. 
Ambulance, a»/bûl-a«s,yi fleUlhcspital., e, a«-bil-la;f, — t, a. ambulatory, 
Ainc, auui,y soul ; spirit, mind ; valve. 
Amélioration, .im-ai-lyo-rali-syon, /. improvement. 
Améliorer, am-ai-lyo-rai, v. a. to improve. 
Amen, aii-main, m*ameii. 
Améii.i(,'i'r, am-.ii-nahj-ai, v. a. to keep (wood). 
Amen<lable, ani-ax-dahbl, a. amendable, Ji nable. 
Amenile,\,/. flne, penalty. 
Amendement, am-a'al-ma;/, m. amendment. 
Amonder, ani-a/i-ilai, v. a. to amend.Jine ; ts,'—, v, r. to 

crow better. 
Amener, ainuai, v. a. to bring, introduce ; cause; 
Aménité, ani-ai-ue-tai,y amenity. [strike. 

Amenuiser, am-ain-we-zai, to make thin. 
Amer, ilrc, am-air, a. — érement, a. bitter, sour ; — , tn. 

bitterness ; —i,pl. landmarks. 
Amertume, am-air-tflm,./. bitterness. 
Améthyste, am-ai-tist,y; amethyst. 
Ameublement, ani-iih-blma;;, m./iirnitiire. 
Ameubler, see Meubler. [lighter. 

A'ueublir, am-uh-bleer, 7'. a. to make mn'cablr ; make 
Ameuter, am-uh-tai, 7'. a. to break dogs ; incite ; s'— , 

V. r. to gather in a mob. 
Ami, ain-e, s. friend ; — e, a. frtetidly. 
Amiable, am-e-ah-bl, a. —ment, ad. amicable^ ,\ I'—, 
Amiante, am-e-a>/t,y; amianth. [nfiicably. 

Amical, e, am-e-kal, a. — ement, ad. amicable, 
Aniict, aui-e, m. amiie. 
Amidon, am-e-do«, tn. starch. 
Amidonnier, am-e-don-yai, tn. starch-maker. 
Amie, an\-e,/./riend, mistress. 
Amincir, am-ai/t-seer, v. a. to make thinner. 
Amincissement, am-ai;i-siss-ma;(, m. thinness. 
Amiral, am-e-ral, tn. admiral ; admiral's ship. 
Amirauté, ain-e-roh-tai,y. admiralship. 
Amitié, n.n\-\^.-yM,/. friendship ; —9,, pi. caresses, kind 
Auunoni.ique, am-mon-yak,y ammoniac, [things, pi. 
Amnistie, am-niss-te.yj amnesty. 
Anmlstier, am-niss-tyai, v. a. to pardon, 
Amodiateur, am-o-dya-tur, tn. lessee. 
Amodiation, am-o-dyasyo>f,y. lease. 
Amoilier, am-od-yai, v. a. to farm out. [grow less. 
Amoindrir, am-wai«-drecr, v. a. to lessen ; s' — . v. r. to 
Amoinilrissement, am-wai^x-driss-ma»/, in. decrease, 
\ diminution. [to soften ; grow eflemiiiate. 

I Amollir, am-ol-ecr, v. a. to softin ; eiiei-i'ate ; s'— , v. r. 

Amollissement. am-ol-iss-ma«, m. softening. 
I Amonceler, am-o«-slai, v. a. et s' — , 7'. r. to heap up. 
I Amoncellement. am-o«-sel-nia«, tn. heaping up. 
I Amont, am-o;/, ad. up the river. 
\ Amontal, e, ani-o'/-tal, a. à l'est. 

Amorce, am-orss.y! bait ; prime. 
i Amorcer, am-or-sai, v. a. to bait, allure; prime. 

Amorçoir, am-or-swar, in. auger. 
, Ailiorti', am-or-teer, v. a. to amortize, quench ; re- 
i • deetih; V'—, v. r. to be quenched. 
■ Amorfcf^able.'s.n-or-te-sah-bl, a. redeemable. 
.•1monissem«nt, am-or-tiss-ma;(, tn. deadening ; rt- 

dcehliitg ; nV« ■^rtiz/ment. 
Amour, i\\\\-cf,ii m. ^k>ve :< — propre, self-love ; pour I'-. 
; i\e, for the sake if ; -'S, /■.'. delight ; loves. 
, s'Amouracher. am-ofi.rt\sb ai. 7 r. to be smitten. 
' Amourette. am-oo-rett..<". »>///-/^«*. 
Amoureux, se, am-oo-ruli, — z, a. — semcnt, ad. amar- 
"ous y — M. lover. 
' AmovilJilité,'am-ove-bc-le-tai,/. iiiifixediiess, 
j Ani'iv'b'c, c->tu-o-vibl, a. refutable. 
''/In."i)hib^;, ■••«-fib-c, in. amphibium. 
[ Amphibolo(jie, aH-fib-ol-o-hje,/; amphibology. 
Amphibologique, a«-fib-ol-o-hjik, a. amphibological. 
Amphigouri, a;(-fig-oo-re, m. nonsense. 
Amphithéâtre, an-fe-tai-au-tr, m. amphitheatre. 
Ample, au-pl, a. — incnt, ad. ample, wide. 
Ampleur, a>«-plur,y amplitude, fulness. 
Ampliatif, ive, a>;-ple-at-if, — iv, a. atnpliating. 
Ampliation, a«-ple-ah-syo>», / duplicate. 
Amplificateur, a/i-ple-fik-at-ur, tn. amplifier. 
Amplification, a«-ple-fik-ah-syo«, f, amplification. 


I i: J 


Amplifier, a);-i>le-fyai, f. a. toainpli/y. 

Aiiip'nilf, a«-p(i<>l,y. blister. 

y\mpi)uli', u. ;i;/ puol-.ii, a. hi);h-flou'n. hoiiibastic. 

Ainpiit.ilion, ,i<(-pft-tali-syo«,y. a>nf<titation, 

Aiii|iiitcr, aw-pi'ltiii, 7'. i7. to aiiifiulate. 

Amulette, ainiVlctt, in. amulet. 

Aiiiuri.', .lui-i'ir, /. titti;. 

AimisalilL-, aiii(\zali-l)l, a. /it to de amused. 

Aiimsaiit, c, aiii-iVz.i//, — t, a. niniisiin^. 

Aimisciiiont, aiii-l'i^-iiia«, xi. itiiiiisemeiit, itiveyn'oii. 

Amuser, aiii-dzai, 7'. n. to amuse, culeitaiii ; s' -, ;■. r. 
to amuse one' i .if//: trijle ivit/i. 

Amiisctte, am-rtzctt,y: trijle, toy. 

Amytfdale, aui-ijj-dal,/ ainyi^dale. 

An, a«, m. year : par —, yearly. 

Analjaptisti;, an-.ibat-ist, m. aiiahafititt. 

Auacliorùti,-, .iii-ak-dr-ett, in. anehoret. 

Aiiachroiiismc, aii-akM-iiisiM, m. anaeJironimt. 

AiMjimjIiiUL', aii-ai,'-i>-lijik, (I. >iiy.\lrrioiii. 

Ana;,'rauuiiati^te, aM-a:,'ram-iii,it-ist, >n. a>ia:;ra>n>na- 

Anagramme, aii-aj,' r.iiii, /.' aiun^ram. |';.i.'. 

Analcctes, aii-al-t-kt, >n. /*/. ana/eets, pi. 

Aiial..^ic, aii-.(l-o-hje, y: analO);y. 

AnaloKJiiuc, an-al-o-lijik, a. aiialoi;ical. 

Aiial(>){uc, aii-al-oj,', ii. nnaloj,vi<s. 

Analyse, anal-i,5, À analysis. 

Analyser, an-al-iz-ai, t'. a. to analyse. 

Analyste, an-al-ist, ;//. analyst. 

Analyticpie, an-al-e-tik, a. analytical. 

Ananas, an-an-ali, >n. an.tnas. 

Anarcliie, an-ar-slie, / anan/iy. 

Anarclii>iue, .in-ar-sliik, cr. aiiarcMieal. 

Anarchiste, aii-ar-sliist, ;//. anarchist. 

Anatliematiser, an-at-ai-mat-iz-ai, i'. a. to aiiatlicina- 

AnathtMne, an-at-eym, ni. anathetiia. \tiie. 

Anatoinie, an-at-ci-me,/.' anatomy. 

Anatonii(iiie, an-at-o-niik, a. anatomical. 

Anatoiniser, anal-niniz-ai, v. a. to anatomize 

Anatoiiilste, an-at-o-mist, )n. anatomist. 

Ancêtres, a«-say-tr, m. pi. ancestors, pi. 

Aiiclie, a;<sh,./i reed ; mill-scuttle. 

Anchois, a);-bhwa, m. anchovy. 

Ancien, ne, a«-syai;/, — ain, a. — nement, ad. ancient : 
old ; — , m. senior, elder. 

Ancienneté, a«-syemi-tai,/; ancientness, seniority. 

Aiicraj;e, .a«-kralij, in. anc)iorai;e. 

Ancre, ax-kr, /. anchor ; brace : — maîtresse, /. sheet- 
anchor; lever 1'—, A) /leave up the anchor ; mouiller 
I'—, jeter 1' — , to cast anchor. 

Ancrer, a«-kr.ii, v. n. to anchor. 

Andain, a'<-(lai;r, m. swath. 

Andouille, a«-doo/,y; chitterlinff. 

Andouiller, .ix-ilooAai, ;«. antler. 

Andouillette, a;/-doo/-ett,/;yi'?r<'i^ tneat. 

Ane, aim, ;«. ass ; fool. [to come to nothinj^. 

Anéantir, an-ai-a«-teer, 7'. a. to annihilate ; s' — , t. r. 

Anéantissement, an-ai-a«-tiss-ma;;, >n. annihilaiio):. 

Anecdote, an-ek-dot,y. anecdote. 

Anémomètre, an-ai-mo-mey-tr, m. anemometer. 

Anémone, an-ai-inon,y; anemone. 

Anerie, aun-re,y. ^'''I'J'J' ignorance. 

Anesse, aun-ess,/". she-ass. 

Allot, an-ay, m. dill. 

Aiifractiieux, sc, a;(-frak-tii-uli, — z, a. anfractuous. 

AnlVactuosité, a;/-frak-ti1-o-ze-tai,./; anfractuosity. 

Anjfe, a«lij, m. an);el ; chain-shot. 

Anjjelique, a"-lijai-lik, a. —ment, ad. an/^elic ; — , 

Angelot, a;/-lijl<)li, ni. angelot. [f. anxclica. 

Anjjine, a«-hjecn,/: tfuiiisy. 

Anjflaise, a>/-gleyz,y; hornpipe. ^ 

An^le, a»/^!. '". angle, corner. ^ 

Angleux, se, a//-(;luh, — z, a. thick-shellec'. 

Anjflican, e, an-jjle-ka;;, —an, a. anglicn/i, english:_ 

Anglicisme, a/z-i^le-cism, ;;;. anglic.s?n. , / 

An^jlomane, a;(-t;lo-man, s. admi>-eroJi7vhjtt is eng'lis/t. 

Anijlomanie, aH-^lo-man-e.y -««.f/tv».. ;(/ii. 

Angoisse, aH-gwass,y anç^ùis'îi^ puiii. 

Anifora, iiw-jjo-rali, tn. angora. 

Aii>;uillade, a«-jjlii/-ad,y: lash. ' 

Anjfuillc, a«-j;hi/,y eel. :, 

Anjfuillère, a«-ghi/-.air,y eel-po'td. ^ ' 

Anjjulaire, a«-nû/-air, <». angular. •; ,'' , 

Anfjulcux, se, a«-;jû-luh, — z, a. anguhus. „ ^ o 

Anicroche, an-e-krosh.y obstacle, rub, 

Anicr, aun-yai, m. ass^river. 

Anil, an-il, tn. anil. 

Animadversion, an-e-mad-vair-syoM,y aHttnadversion. 

Animal, an-e-mal, >«. animal; — e, <i. animal; sen- 

Animalcule, an-e-«ial-kûl, m. animalcule. [suai. 

s'Aninialiscr, an-e-mal-e-zai, v. r. to animalité. 

Animalité, an-e-mal-e-tui,y. animality. 

Animation, an-e>mah-sy9w,y animation. 

Animé, e, an-c-mai, a. spirited, gay. 

Anhiier,, ?'. a. to aninulte, eilliven ; txtilt 
s'— , V. r. to come to life ; cheer up. 

Aniniosit'i, an-e-mo-ze-t.ti. /. animosity, rancour. 

Anis, iin-e, >n. anise ; aniseed. , 

Anisette, an-e-zett,y anisette. 

Annal, e, an-nal, a. annual ; — es,y //. rnii.t's, pi. 

Annaliste, an-nal-ist, m. annalist. 

Amiales, an-natt.y!//. annals, pi. ^ 

Anne.ui, nn-oli, m. ring ; curl of hair. 

Année, an-.ii.y; year. 

Anneler, .in-l.ii, f . a. to curl. 

Amielct, an-lay, in. small ring. 

Annexe, an-neks,y. annex ; chapel of east. 

Annexer, annek-sai, t. a. to annex, add. 

Anuihikitioii, an Me-e-lah-syo;/,y annihilation. 

Amiiliiler, an-ne-e-lai, 7'. a. to annihilate. 

Anniversaire, an-ne-ver-sair, er. anniversary, [mony. 

Annonce, an-o«s, y.' advertisement ; banns of matri- 

Annoncer, an-o;/-sai, -,'. a. to announce ; foretell ; shim' ; 
s" — , 7'. )'. to present one's seif; se l'aire —, to scud in 
one's name. 

Annonciatif, ive, an-nn;/s-ya-tif, — ve, a. announcing. 

AnnoncialioJi, an-no«syan-syo«,y aniiiiiiciatioii. 

Ainiotateur, an-no-tat-ur, in. annotator. 

Annot.ition, .iii-no-tah-synx.y annotation, inventory. 

Annoter, .in-notai, v. a. to annotate ; to take an im'cn- 

Ainniaire, annrt-air, a. annual. [lory, 

.\inuiel, le, an-iVel, a. —lenient, ad. annual, yearly. 

.Anniiitr, aii-nn-e-tai,y annuity. 

Annulaire, an-nûl-.iir, a. annular; doij^t —, ring-finger. 

Annulation, an-nn-lah-syo»/,y anniilmmt. 
; Annuler, an-nù-lai, 7'. a. to annul, cancel. 

Anolilir, an-(>-l)leer, v. a. tc ennoble. 

Anoljlissenient, ;iii(i-liliss-iiia«, m. ennobling, 
j Anodin, e, aii-i)-dai«, — ilin, a. anotlyne. 
;, e, an-o-mal, a. anomalous. 
I Anomalie, an-o-inal-e,y. aiioma'y. 

Anon, au-no;/, m. ass-colt. [stutter, stammer. 

Anoiiner, <au-no-nai, v. n. to dring forth a young ass ; 

Anonyme, .m-o-nim, a. anonymous. 

Anorj{ani(iue, an-or-jjan-ik, a. anorganical. 

Anse, a>(S,y; handle ; cicek ; bay. 

Anséaticiue, a«-sai-at-ik, a. hanseatic. 

Antaijonisnie, a;(-ta^,'•o-nism, m. antagonism. 

Antai,'oniste, a«-tas,'-o-nist, m. antagonist. 

Antarcti<|ue, a«-tark-tik, a. antarctic. 

Antccédemnicnt, ax-tai-sai-dain-a», ad. antecedently. 

Antécédent, e, a«-tai-siii-(la«, — t, a. antecedent. 

Antéchrist, a«-tai-krist, m. antichrist. [liivian. 

Antédiluvien, ne, a;f-tai-(.le-lflv-yai«, — ain, a. antedi- 

Antenne, a«-tenn,y lateen sailyard ; feeler, horn. 

Antépénultième, a;(-tai-pai-iuM-tyem, a. last but two. 

Antérieur, e, a«-tai-re-ur, a. anterior, former ; — eineiit. 

Antériorité, a«-tai-re-or-c-tai,y.' />-»c»-(0'. ["rf. before. 

Antholojjie, a«-to-lo-hje,y anthology. 

Anthropoloifie, ;i«-tro-po-l()-lijc,y anthropology. 

.Anthropophage, a«-tro-pofahj, »i. anthropophagus. 

Anticlianil)re, a«-te-slia)/-l)r,y. antechamber. [liait. 

Antichrétien, ne, a;/-te-krai-tyai«, — ain, a. antichris- 

Anticipation, a«-te-se-pah-syo;/,y anticipation ; par —, 
beforehand. [encroach upon. 

Anticiper, a«-te-se-pai, v. a. to anticipate ; — sur, t» 

Anticonstitutionnel, le, a)/-te-ko;/-sti-tft-syo;/-ell, a. anli- 

Antidate, a«-te-clatt,y antedate. [constitutional. 

Antidater, a«-te-datt-ai, v. u. to antedate. 

Antidote, a«-te-dott, m. antidote. 

Antienne. a«-tyen,y anthem. 

A ntilc (jo,- aw-tq-'.ai), f. ontelope. 

j^ ntimojiie, a?/-te-);iw,au, m. aittimony, 

Aatinoioie, a*('e, y antinomy. 

A;)tipaije, a;/-tt pap, jin. antioope • 

Antipathic, a«-te-pat-e,y r.n'ip.ithy. 

Aiui().iihi»nie. n/(-te-pat-ik, a. ailti/ijthii. 

Antii)lu)n;iir(7i Antiphonier, a«-te-lo-mir, — n;ai, m. 

Antipqile.ri'» te-])od, m. antipode, Ifantiphonal. 

Antii^*nille,";l;/-te-kan/,y antique, old rubbicH. 

Antiijuaire, a>i-tc-kair, m. antiqurry. 

Antiiiyç, a^iX\^A.,\-i. chitiitue,ci,'irltnt. 

Ajiti'^ui:c, art-te-)ce^tvi,y" ahtOqUity. " • 

VntisocidI, e', a>fjt6>-s«, fx.' antisocial. 

A'.itrc, it/r-tr, tn. unti-e, den, cave. 

.'/mùiter, an-we-tai, v. t: to be benighted. 

Anxiété, a«-kse-ai-tai,y an.viety. 

Aoiit, CO, t/i. August; hat^est-time. 

Aoiiter, oo-tai, v. a. to ripen. ^ ^ 

Aoûteron, oot-ro^i, tn. harvest-tnan. 

Apaiser, ap-ai-zai, 'o. a. to appease, calm ; s' — , v. r. to 

Apanage, ap-an-ahj, tn. appanage. [be appeas» i. 

Apanager, ap-an-anj-ai, v. a. to settle a portion. 

Apanaeiste, ap-an-ahj-ist, >n. he -luho enjoys an afpan ■ 

Aparté/ ap-ar-tai, ad. aside, 't^t^ 




Apatlite, ap at-e,/ iifathy. 

Apattiimie, .ip-at-ik, <i. indolent. 

Apcro;val>lc, ap-air>-vah-lil, a. ferceivabU. 

•Apercevoir, ap-airs-vwnr, v. a. et s'—, v. r. to perceive. 

Aper<;u, ap-air-sil, m. skelvh. 

Aperitif, ap-ai-rc-tif, wi. tt/>frient. 

Apliorisiiie, af-(]-rism, >/i. afltonsin. 

Api, a-pe, in. apt (nfple). 

Apitoyer, ap-e-tw.i-yai, v. a. to move to pity ; b'— , v. r. 

to be tncned to pity. 
Aplaner,, v. a. to nap. \i;rcrw smooth. 

Aplanir, ap-laii-cer, v. a. to lerel. plane : s'— , v. a. to 
Aplanisscment, ap-laniss-max, >«. leT.ieUin_i; : Icvelntss. 
Aplaiiisseur, ap-laii-iss-iir, tn. IcivlUr. 
Aplatir, ap-lat-ccr, v. a. to fatten ; s'— , v. r. to btcome 
Apiatisseiiieiit, ap-lat-iss-ma;/, tn.flatttninj:. \./lat. 

Aploiiil), ap-lo'(, in. plumb : aplomb .■ d'— , plumb. 
Apocalypse, ap-o-kal-ips,/" apoiulypsc. 
Apocryphe, ap-o-krif, a. apocrypltul. 
Apoerapho, ap-'-i-nraf. '«. upo^^raplt. 
Apologétique, ap-o-lo-hjai-tik, a. iipvloj^etiial. 
Apolo|.'ie, ,ip-o-lo-lije,y: apoloxy. 
Apolojjiste, ap-olo-hjist, in. ajfio.'Of^ist. 
Apolo^jiie, ap-olog, in. apoloi^ne. 
Apophthe^'iiie, ap-of-tet;iii. m. apophthepn, 
Apoplcctiiiue, ap-o-plek-tik, a. apoplectic. 
Apoplexie, ap-o-pltlc-se.y; apoplexy. 
Apostasie, ap-os-taz-e,/; apostasy. 
Apostasier, ;ip-os-taz-yai, v. n. to apostatize. 
Apostat, ap-os-tah, m. apostate. 
A|)oster, ap-os-tai, v. a. to suborn. 
Apostille, ap-os-ti/,y. iiia>xi)ial note. 
Apostiller, ap-os-ti/-ai, v. a. to write notet. 
Apostol.'it, ap-os-to-l.ili, ;;/. aposlUsliip. 
Apostolique, ap-os-to-lik, a. —meut. ad. apostolic. 
Apostrophe, ap-os-trof,y: apostiophe. 
Apostroi>hcr, ap-os-trofai, v. a. to apostrophize, ad- 
Apothéose, ap-o-tai-ohz,y; apotheosis. [dress, 

Apotliicaire, ap-o-te-kair, in, apotliecary. 
Apothicairerie. ap-ote-kairre, /. apothecary's shop; 
Apôtre, ap-oh-tr, in. aposlle. [pharmacy. 

Apozèuie, ap-o-zein, ;//. apo^ein. 
•Apparaître, appar-ey-tr, f. n. to appear. 
Apparat, ap-par-ah, m. apparatus ; pomp, shoio. 
Apparaux, ;ip-par-oli, m. pi. 'VA't'"".'- 
Appi'reil, ap-par-ey/, in. preparation ; machinery ; 

ei]uipaj^e: show. 
Api>areill.ijje, ap-par-ey/-ahj, in. gettin,.^ under sail. 
Appareillcuient, ,(p-par-ey/-uia«, in. yoi'iiij;. 
Appareiller,, r'. ir. et ii to match ; set sail. 
Appareilleur, aji-par-eyAur, in. setter; preparer. 
Appareuinieut, ap-par-.iin-a;(, ad. apparently. 
Apparence, ap-para;(s, /: appearance. 
Apparent, e,«, — t, a. apparent, considerable. 
s'Appareiuer, ap-par-a«-tai, v. r. to become related. 
Apparinieiit, ap-par-c-;iia«, m. pairing. 
Apparier, ap-par-yai. r-. ii. c/s'— , z: r. to pair, couple. 
Appariteur, ap-par-e-tur, ;//. beadle. 
Apparition, ap-par-e-syo;»,./! apparition, vision. 
•Apparoir, ap-par-war, v. n. to appear. 
Appartement, ap-part-ma«, m. apartment. 
Appartenance, ap-part-na«s,/t appurtenance. 
•Appartenir, ap-art-neer, f. ii. to belong to ; — , ■: imp. 
Appas, ap-au, in. pi. charms ; allurement, [to become. 
App.1t, ap-au. in. bait, decoy. 

App.lter, ap-au-t;ii, v. a. to bait ; feed. [to gro'v poor. 
Appauvrir, ap-oh-vreer, 7'. a. to impoverish ; s' — , v. r. 
Appauvrissement, ap-oh-vriss-ma/<. m. impoz'erish- 
Appeau, aii-oh, in. bird-call. [mcnt. 

Appel, ap-el, in. appeal ; call. 
Appelant, iip-Uw/, m. appealer ; decoy-bird. 
Appeler, ap-lai, v. a. et it. to call; call /or ; sen,! for ; 

challenge : appeal; s'— , v. r. to be called. 
Appellatif. ive, ap-el-lat-if, — iv, a. appellative. 
Appellation, ap-el;lah-syoK,y; appeal. 
Appendice, ap-ai;;-di.s, in. appendix, 
Appeudre, ap-a«-tlr, v, a, to append. 
Appentis, ap-a«-te, in. shed, pentice. 
Appert, ap-pair, see Apparoir. 
Appesantir, ap-pK/(-za;(-teer. r. a. to make heavy, 

dull ; &'■ — , V. r. to groiu dull. 
Appesantissement, ap-pHA-za«-tiss-ma«, m. heaviness, 
Apjietence. appai-ta«s./: appetency. 
Appeter, ap-pai-t.u, v. a. to covet, desire. 
Appétissant, e. ap-ai-te-sa>i, — t, a. relishing ; desirable. 
Appétit, ap-ai-te, m. appetite, stomach ; desire. 
Applaudir, ap-loh-deer, f. n. to applaud ; s' — , v. r, to 

congratulate one's self. 
Applaudissement, ap-loh-diss-ma». in. applause. 
Applaudisseur, ap-loh-diss-ur, ;.v. applauder ; clapper. 
Applicable, ap-plik-ah-bl, a. applicable. 
Application, ap-|ile-kah-syo;/,y". applicatifs. 

Applii|UP, aplik,_/T inlaying. 

Api>li<iué. c, applekai, ii. intent, studious. 

Api 1 ijuer, ap-ple-kai, v. a. to apply ; sit. Jit, lay; s'— , 
T . r. apply on,' s se// to. 

A .)poiiit, .ip-wai'/, :n. oitd money. 

/^ ppoiiuement, ap «ai'i-tm.i;/, ;//. salary. 

Appointer, ap-w.ii« tai, 7'. a. to decree ; re/er ; give it 

Appointcur. ap-«.ii//-liir, m. peacemaker. [salary. 

Apport, ap-or, in. iiarket ; contribution. 

Apporter, ap-or-t.ii. v. a. to bring; cause; employ. 

Apposer, ap-poh-.^ai, 7'. a. to put, set. 

Apposition. a|)-po-ze-syo«,./; setting ; apposition. 

Appréciable, ap-pr.iisyah-i)!, a. appreciable. 

Appréciatjur, ap-prai-syat-ur, 'n. appraiser. 

Appréci.itioM, ap-praisyali-\y ;. /. appraising. 

Apprécier,, -.-. a. i appreciate ; appraise. 

Appréhender, ap-prai-a<(-dai, v. a. to apprehend. 

AÎipréhension, ap-pr.ii-.i«-syo»(,y; apprehension ; per- 

•Apprendre, ap-ra-r-dr, v. a. ro learn, 'each, iii/orm. 

Apprenti, .ap-ra'/-to, in. apprentice. 

Apprentissajje, apr.w/tiss-.ihj, m. apprenticeship. 

Apprêt, ap-r.iy, ii,. preparation ; dressing; slij'/nejs. 

Ap|)rète. ap-reyt.y; slice o/ bread. 

Apprêter, ap-ray-tai, v. a. to prepare ; dress ; s'— , v. r. 
to prepare one's sel/. 

Apprêtcur, ap-rey-tur, m. preparer. [grow tame. 

Apprivoiser, apre-vwa-z.ii, r-, a. to tame; s" — , t'. r. to 

Approbateur, ap-probat-ur. m. approver. 

Apprubatif, ive,, — iv, a. appro-.'iiif,. 

Approbation, ap-pro-bah-syo«,y; approbation. 

Approchant, ap-ro-sha«, rt. someivhal like; — , ad. et 

Approche, ap-rush,_/l approach. [pr. about, near, 

Apiirocher, ap-ro-shai, v. a. et n. to approach ; h.^ve 
access to ; come near ; be like ; s' — , 7'. r. to draw near. 

Approfondir, ap-ro-fo;(-decr, v. a. to make deeper; 
search into. [into. 

Approfondissement, ap-ro-fo;Mliss-m.i«, in. searching 

Appropriation, ap-pro -pre-ah^yn'/.y: appropriation. 

Approprier, ap-pro-pre-ai, 7'. a. to adapt ; jit up; s'— , 
7'. r. to appropriate to one's sel/. 

Approuver, ap-proo-v.ii, v. a. to approz'c. 

Approvisionnement, apro-viz-yonin,i;(, m. victualling. 

Approvisionner, .ip-ro-v iz-yo-nai, v. a. to victual. 

Approximatif, ive, ap-profe-se-inat-ii" iv, a. — ivcmrnt, 
ad. approxiin.itivc. [tion. 

Approximation, ap-prok-se-niah-syox, /. approxiina- 

Ap|>iii, ap-we, m. siipptrt, prop; help ; .H 1' — , in sup- 
port ; — main, m. maulstick. 

.■\ppiiyer, ap-we-yai, v. a. et ii. tn prop up ; support ; 
lean ; protect ; bear; insist; s' — ,7'. r. to lean ; rely 
upon. [fierce; eager. 

A pro, au-pr, a. — ment. ad. rough, rigid, hard, severe ; 

Après. ap-ray,/r,, ad. etc. a/ter ; next to ; at -ut; a/ter- 
wards ; d' — ,/rom : — <nie, after, when ; — coup, too 
III te ; — dem.iin, ad. the day after to-morrow ; — liînée, 
/. afternoon ; — midi.y; afternoon. 

Aprete, au-pr-tai,/; roughness ; harshness ; se7>erity ; 

Apte, apt, a, apt, fit. [eagerntss. 

Aptitude, ap-te-tûd,y: aptitude. 

Apurement, ap-flr-ma;;, in. settling. 

Apurer, a|)-û-rai, 7'. a. to settle. 

Atpiarelle, ak-wa-rell,./.' water-colours, pi. 

Aquarelliste, ak- wa-rell-ist, m. paiitttr in water-colours. 

Aquatique, ak-wat-ik, a. watery. 

Aqueduc, ak-dùk. m. aqueduct. 

Aqueux, se, ak-uli, — z, a. watery. 

Aquilin, e, ak-e-l.ii«, —Wn, a. aquiline. 

Aquilon, ak-e-lo;/, m. north-wind. 

Arabe, ar-ab, m. miser. 

Arabesques, ar-ab-csk,y? //. arabesques, pi. 

Arable, ar-ah-bl, a. arable. 

Arack, ar-ak, m. arrack, rack. 

Araignée, ar-ayn-y.ii.y? spider ; toile d" — , ccb'wei. 

Arasement, ar-auz-iua;;, m. levelling: 

Ar.iscr,, t'. a. io It-.rl, 

Aratoire, ar-at-war, a, aratory. 

Arbalète, ar-bal-ett,yC cross-b'o-v. 

Arbalétrier, ar-bal-ai-treai, m. cross-bo7viitaii. 

Arbitraffc. ar-be-trahj, m. arbitration, [arbitrariness. 

Arbitraire, ar-be-trair, a. — ment, ad. arbitrary ; — , m. 

Arbitral, e, ar-be-tral, a. sentence ; — e, m. arbitremcnt, 

Arbitralement, ar-be-tralina«, ad. by arbitration. 

Arbitre, ar-bee-tr, ;/(. ar/'iter; franc — , hbre — , m. 

Arbitrer, ar-betrai, v. a. to arUtn.te. [_free-7i/ill. 

Arborer, ar-borai, 7'. a. to hoist, set up. 

Arbouse, ar-booz,/. arbute-berry. 

Arbousier, ar-boo-zyai, in. arbutc-tree. 
Arbre, ar-br, m. tree ; beam. 

Arbrisseau, ar-bre-soli, m, shrub, bush. 

Arbuste, ar-bilst, in, shrub. 

Arc, ark, in, bow; arch; arc; — cn-ciel, m, rainbow. 

ABO r 14 1 

Arcade, ar-kad, f. arcade. 

Arcane, nrk-un '.v. arcanum. 

Arc-boutant, a ''Oo-ta'i, >«. iullrfss ; ri>i!;Uacltr. 

Arc-boutcr, ar-boo-lai, T'. a. to support, prop. 

Arceau, ar-boh, »i. arch. 

Archaïsme, ur-kah-isin, in. archaism. 

Archal, ar-slial, tn. fil d'— , brass-wire, 

Archantje, ark-a«hj, in. archangel. 

Arclie, nrsli,/i arch; ark. 

Arcliéoloj;ic, ar-kai-o-lo-lijc, ./T archeology. 

ArcliéoloKÙiuc, ar-kai-o-lo-lijik, a. arche logical. 

Archéol()(fue, ar-kai o-loj,', »i. archeolo,i;ist. 

Arclier, ar-sliai, »i. archer. 

Arch^, ar-shay, in.JitiiHc-sfiii- ; drill-liou: 

Arcliutjfpu, ar-kai-tip, m. archetype. 

Arclievcclié, arsli-vay-sli.ii, ;/;. anhbishipric. 

Archevêque, arsli-vayk, >ti. archbishop. 

Archidiaconat, ar-slictlyak-o-nah, in. ur.ItH.aconsiiip. 

Archidiacre, ar-she-dyah-kr, in. niclideacon. 

Archiduc, ar-shcdilk, in. archdul,e. 

Archiduciic, ar-shc-dù-sliai, in. arcndiiA\do:n. 

Archiduchesse, ar-she-di'i-sliess,y; archdiie/'iess. 

A/chiiipibCopal, e, ar-kc-ai^pis-ku-pal, a. archiépiscopal. 

Archiépiscopat, ar-ke-ai-pis-ko-pali, in. archiépiscopale. 

Archipel, ar-shc-pel, in. arcliipelat^o. 

Archipresbyteml, c, ar-she-prcs-bit-ai-ral, a. archipres- 

Archiprêtre, ar-she-prey-tr, in. archpriest. ytyterial. 

Architecte, ar-slic-tekt, in. architect. 

Architectonique, ar-slie-tek-to-nik, a. architectonic. 

Architecture, ar-she-tek-tfir,./! architecture. 

Architrave, ar-she-trav,y! architrave. 

Archives, ar-shiv,y;//. archives, pi. 

Archiviste, ar-slie-vist, in. archivist, 

Ar-çoii, ar-so/(, in. saddle-bow, 

Arctique, ark-tik, a. arctic. 

Ardemment, ar-dani-a«, ad. ardently. 

Ardent, e, ar-da«, — t, a. ardent ; burniiij; ; ea^er ; —, 

fit. ignis/atiius. 
Ardeur, ar-dur,y; ardour ; zeal, eagerness. 
Ardillon, ar-diAo«, in. tongue. 
Ardoise, ar-àv/az,/. slate. 
Ardoisière, ar-dwaz-yair, /. slate quarry. 
Ardu, e, ar-dO, a. arduous. 
Are, ar, nt, are (measure). 
Arène, ar-ayn,y: sand; arena. 
Aréneux, se, ar-ai-nuh, — z. a. sandy. 
Aréomètre, ar-ai-o-mey-tr, in. areometer. 
Arête, ar-eyt,/". /ish-bone ; edge. i 

Arêtier, ar-eyt-yai, tn. hip, corner. i 

Argent, ar-hja»/, «/. j;/-v>- .• money; vif — .qiticksilver. i 
Argenter, ar-hja«-tai, v. a. to silver over. j 

Argenterie, ar-hjaw-trce, f. plate. 
Argenteur, ar-hja«-tur, in. plater. 
Argentin, c, ar-nja«-tai«, —in, a. silver-coloured. 
Argenture, ar-hja«-tflr,y. silver-plating. 
Argile, ar-hjill,./.' clay. 
Argileux, se, ar-lije-luh, — z, a. clayey. 
Argot, ar-goh, in. slang, gibberish : stub. 
Argoter, ar-go-tai, v. a', to cut a stub. 
Argousin, ar-goo-zai«, in. galley-seigeaiit. 
Argue, arg,/; wire-dra7ving machine. i 

Arguer, ar-gû-ai, ',: a. to aixiie. I 

Argument, ar-gû-ma«, m. argument. 
Argumentateur, ar-giVina«-tat-ur, ;//. arguer. 
Argumentation, ar-gû-ma«-tali-syo;/,y: arguing. 
Argumenter, ar-gft-ma;<-tai, v. it. to argue. 
Argus, ar-gfis, in. argus ; spy. 
Argutie, ar-gfls-e,y; cuir/:, cavil. 
Aride, ar-id, a. arid, barren. 
Aridité, ar-e-de-tai,/ aridity; barrenness, 
Arietle, nr-yett,/'. arietta. 
Aristocrate, ar-iss-to-krat, m. aristocrat. 
Aristocratic, ar-iss-to-krass-e, /] aristocracy. [cratir. 
Aristocratique, ar-iss-to-krat-ik, a. —ment, ad. aristo- 
Arithmeticien, ar-it-)nai-tiss-yai«, m. arithmetician. 
Arithmétique, ar-it-mai-tik, a. —ment, ad. arithmetical. 
Arlecjuin, arl-kai»», m. harlequin. 
Arlequinade, arl-ke-nad, /. harlequinade. 
Armateur, ar-mat-ur, m. shipowner ; pri-'ateer. 
Armature, ar-mat-iîr, /. iron b.irs, pi. 
Arme, arm, y; arm ; weapon ; — à feu, Jire-irin ; --s, 

//. arms, pi. ; fencing. 
Armée, ar-mai, f. army, troops, pi. 
Armeline, arm-lin, y: ermine. 

Annement, ar-m«/j-nia«, m. armament ; equipment. 
Armer, ar-mai, v. a. to arm ; Jit out ; cock : s' — , r'. r, 
Armet, ar-may, in. helmet. \to ta >;e a rins. 

ArmiHaire, ar-mil-lair, a. arinillary. 
Armistice, nr-raiss-tiss, >«. armistice. 
Armoire, ar-mwar, /. cupboard, press. 
Armoiries, at-n\\\i\-\c, /. pi. arsnourics, fl, 
Aimoise, ar-mwaz,/". mugivrt, 


Armon, nr-mo«, m.furchel. 

Armoriste, ar-mor-ist, m. arinorist. 

Armure, ar-mûr, /. armour, arming^, 

Arnmrier, ar-mûr-yai, in. gunsmith. 

Aromate, ar-o-mat, »/«. aroma. 

Aroniati(|ue, ar-o-mat-ik, a. aromatic. 

Aromatisation, nr-o-mai-c-zah-syo«, /. aroiuaiitaliOH 

Aromatiser, ar-o-mat-e-zai, v. a. to aromatize. 

Aromc, ar-ohm, m. aroma. 

Aronde, ar-oxd, /. suallow tail. 

Arpège, ar-paihj, m. arpeggio. . • 

Ar|)cgcr, ar-pai-hjai, -■. a. to arpeggiate. 

Arpent, ar p.i«, in. acre. 

Arpentage, arpa;/-t.ihj, in. surveying. 

ArpLiUcr, ar-pax-tai, v. a. to survey. 

Arpciitcur, ar-pa/(-liir, m. siineyor, ; ' 

Arqué, e, ar-kai, a. arcuate, bent. ,, 

Arquel)U^e, ixxk-Xiuf., /. an/uebw.e. 

Arqucbuser, ark-biVzai, t'. <». to shoot. > 

Afciuoliu .icr, ark-bûz-yai, m. gunsmith. 

Arquer, ar-kai, v. a. et n. to bend. 

Arrachement, ar-ash-ma», vt. pulling out. 

Arracher, ar-ash-ai, v. a. to pull arcny, pluck, sii.itih, 

root out ; force. 
Arracheur, ar-asli-ur, — dc dents, m. tooth-drawer. 
Arraisonner, ar-ray-zo-nai, v. a. to aigiie. [measure. 
Arrangement, ar-a«-hjma«, m. arrangement; orders 
Arranger, ar-a«-hjai, f. a. to arrange; set in or.ier ; 

suit ; s'— , 11. r. to take measures ; agree. 
Arrentement, ar-a;it-ma«, m. renting out ; par — , by 
Arrenter, ar-a>(-*ai, v. a. to let out. [the year. 

Arrérager, ar-rai-rahj-ai, v. a. to get in arrears. 
Arrérages, nr-rM-nxh^, m. pi. arrears,pl. 
Arrestation, ar-es-t.ih-syoH,/; arrest. 
Arrêt, ar-ay, m. decree ; rest; stop ; — S, >>/. arrest. 
Arrêté, ar-ay-tai, m. decree ; resolution. 
ArrêtLT, ar-ay-t.ii, v. a. et n. to stop; delay; hire; 

appoint ; arrest, settle, set ; s' — , v. r. to stop, stay ; 

Arrher, ar-ai, v. n. to Rive earnest. 
Arrhes, ar,y: pi. earnest. 
Arrière, ar-ryair, in. stern : en — , backivard, behind ; 

— ban, in. arriere-ban ; — boutique, f. back-shop ; 

— tour,/; back-yard ; — fermier, m. under-fariner : 

— fief, m. mesne-fee ; — garde, f. rear-guard, rear ; 

— goût, m. after-taste ; — main, f. back-stroke ; 

— neveu, m. son of one's nepheiu ; — pensée, f. 
after-thought, mental reservation ; — petite-fiUe. f. 
great-granddaughter; — petit-fils, in. great-grand- 
son ; — point, m. backstitch ; — saison, /. latter 
end 0/ autumn ; — vassal, ;'/. under-tenant. 

Arriére, ar-ryai-rai, in. arrears, pi. 

Arriérer, ar-ryai-rai, v. a. to th.row behindhand, defer ; 
b' — , Î'. r. to be in arrears ; stay behind. 

Arrimage, ar-e-mahj, m. st07vage. 

Arnmer, ar-e-mai, v. a. to stow. 

Arrimeur, ar-c-nmr, m. slower. 

Arrivage, ar-e-vnhj, m. Arrivée, ar-c-vai, /. arri:al. 

Arriver, ar-e-vai, v. it. to arrive ; come to pass; hap- 

Arrogamment, ar-ogam-a;(, ad. arrogantly. [pen. 

Arrogance, ar-ro-ga«5, f. arrogance. 

Arrogant, c, ar-ro-ga», — t, a. arrogant. 

s'Arroger, ar-ro-hjai, v.r. to ari-ogaie to ones' self ; claim. 

Arroi, ar-wa, m. equipage, train. [round. 

Arrondir, ar-o«-deer, v. a. to round ; s, — , v. r. to grow 

Arrondissement, ar-ow-diss-ma;/, ;//. rounding ; dis- 

Arrosage, ar-oh-sahj , Arrosement, ar-ohz-ma«, ;';. 

Arroser, ar-oh-zai, v. a. to water. _ [watering. 

Arrosoir, ar-oh-zwar, m. watering-pot. 

Arsenal, ars-nal, m. arsenal. 

Arsenic, ars-nik, m. arsenic. 

Arsenical, e, ars-ne-kal, a. arsenical. 

Art, ar, in. art; maitre es arts, master of arts. :' 

Artère, ar-tair, f. artery. 

Arthritique, artre-tik, a. arthritic, gouty. 

Articliaut, ar-te-shoh, m. artichoke. 

Article, ar-tiki, m. article, point ; Joint. [distinctly. 

Articuler, ar-te-kul-ai, v. a. to articulate ; pronounce 

Artifice, ar-te-fiss, in. artifice, trick ; feu A'—,j1reivorks 

Artificiel, le, ar-te-fiss-yel, a. —Icinent. ad. artijicial. 

Artificier, ar-te-fiss-yai, in. Ji re-worker. 

Artificieux, se, ar-te-fissyuh, — z, a. —sèment, ad. 
artful ; crafty. 

Artillé, e, ar-ti/-ai, a. mounted 7i'ith cannon. 

Artillerie, ar-ti/-re,y; artillery, ordnance, ... , 

Artilleur, ar-ti/-ur, in. artilleryman. ' i 

Artimon, ar-te-moH, m. mizzcn. • 

Artisan, ar-te-za«, m. artificer. ' ■ ■•- 

ArtKon, ar-te-zo«, in. wood-worm. 

Artisonné, e, ar-te-zo-nai, a. worin-eafefu ■ 

Artiste, ■ir-tist, m, c^rtist, ' 




Artlstement, ar-tiitina»», arf. artfully. 

Aruspice. ar-As-plss, a. arusptx, i/iviiuf. 

As, auss, m. ace. 

Asbeste, a»-be&t, tti. asbtsh's. 

Ascendant, c, ass-saw-claw, — t, a. ascendin/; : —, in. 

Ascension, ass-sa«-syo>«, /: ascension, \asceniiant. 

Ascète, ass-scyt, s. ascetic. 

Asceticjue, ass-sai-tik, a. ascetic, 

A,ile, az-eel, ni. asylum. 

Asine, az-in, a. bête —, she-ass. 

Aspect, nss-pek, in. aspect. 

Asperge, ass-pairhi, / asparag-ns. 

Asperger, ass-pair-lijai, f. a. to besprinkle. 

Aspergés, a»s-pair-lijays, m. asfiersoriutn. 

Aspérité, ass-, îai-re-tai,y: asperity; roughness. 

Aspersion, a'.s-p.iir-syo;i, /. hespriitklini^. 

Aspers'iir, .s-pair-swar, in. holy-water brush. 

Asph.ilte, ass-fnit, in. asphalt. 

Asi)lii>iièle, ass-f»-(lell, >n. asphodel. 

Asjiic, ass-pik, in. aspic ; spikenar.l. 

Aspirant, e, ass-pe-ra;/, — t, a. iKunji* — c, suition- 
piiinp : — , III. caniiidale. 

Aspiration, ass-pe-rali-syu;/, /. aspiration. 

Aspirer, .iss-pe-rai, v. a. etii. to aspirate ; draw breath ; 
aspire; aim at; desire. 

Ass.iillant, ass-sa/-a;i, in. assailant. 

•Assaillir, ass-sa/-eer, v. a. to assault ; assail, a/tack. 

Assainir, ass-say-neer, v. a. to render iv/io/csonie. 

Assiiinisscinent, ass-siiy-nibs-nià«, in. rendering whole- 

Assaisonnement, ass-say-zoniMna>i, in. seasoning. 

Assaisonner, ass-say-zo-nai, i'. a. to season. 

Assaisonneur, ass-say-zo-nur, in. seasoner. [in.t,'. 

Assassin, ass-ass-ai», in. murderer ; — e, a. murder- 

Assassinat, ass-ass-c-nah, in. assassination. 

Assassiner, ass-ass-c-nai, t. a. to assassinate, niurdei . 

Assaut, .iss-oli, in. assault ; storm ; fencing match. 

Assemblage, ass-a/i-blalij, in. asseinbla);e ; joining. 

Assemblée, ass-a»/-blai, f. assembly ; meeting. 

Assembler, ass-a;i-l)lai, ?■. a. to assemble, Join, ilaiiip ; 
s' — , 7'. r. to meet together. 

Assembleur, ass-a»-blur, in. gatherer. 

Assener, ass-s;//t-nal, t. a. to strike hard. 

Assentiment, ass-sa«-te-nia«, m. assent. 

•Assentir, ass-a;(-teer, v. n. to assent, a^ree. 

•Asseoir, ass-war, ï/. a. /o J^rt/ ; lay ; Jtx ; pit.h ; s'— , 
V. r. to sit do7vn. 

Assermenter, ass-sair-ma;i-tai, z: a. to swear ir 

Asserteur, ass-sair-tur, m. assertor. 

Assertion, ass-sair-syo;;, f. assertion. 

Asservir, ass-sair-ve'er, v. a. to enslaTe. 

Asservissement, ass-sair-viss-maw, m. subjection. 

Assesseur, ass-ess-ur, in. assessor. [bondage. 

Assez, ass-al, ad. enough. 

Assidu, e, as-sc-du, <i. —ment, ad. assiduous. 

Assiduité, as-se-dwe-tai,/: assiduity. 

Assied, as syay, see Asseoir. 

Assiégé, e, ass-y;ii-lijai, a. besieged. 

Assiégeant, e, ass-yai-hja/», — l, a. besieging: — , »/. 

Assiéger, ass-yai-lijai, v. a. to besiege ; beset, [besieger. 

Assiette, ass-yett, y", plate; situation; assessment; 

Assiettée, ass-yet-ai.f. plateful. [temper. 

Assignat, ass-in-yah, in. assignat. 

Assignation, as-sm-yah-syo>/,y".<»J.f 'i'""""' ." summons. 

Assigner, as-sin-yai, v. a. to assign ; summon. 

Assimilation, ass-e-me-lali-syow,/'. assimilation. 

Assimiler, .iss-se-me-lai, v. a. to assimilate. 

Assis, as-se, see Asseoir. 

Assise, ass-iz,y! layer, row. 

Assises, ass-iz,y;//. assizes. 

Assistance, ass-iss-ta;is,y; assistance ; assembly. 

Assistant, e, ass-iss-ta«, — t, a. assistant ; — , in. assis- 
tant ; — s, m. pi. assembly. 

Assister, .ass-iss-tai, 7'. a. et ii. to assist ; attend. 

Association, ass-o-syah-syo;»,y; association. 

Associé, ass-o-syai, s. partner, fellow. 

Associer, ass-o-syai, v. a. to associate ; %' — , v, r. to 
associate; enter into partnership ; share. 

Assombri, e, ass-o«-bree, a. sad, mel.incholic. 

Assommer, ass-o-mai, z: a. to knock down ; overpozver. 

Assommeur, ass-o-nmr, in. killer. 

Assommoir, ass-o-mwar, in. trap. 

Assomption, ass-so;(p-syoH,/: assumption. 

Assonance, as-so-na;(s,/: assonance. 

Assonant, e, as-so-na>:, — t, a. assonant. 

Assortiment, ass-or-te-maw, in. assortment, set. 

Assortir, ass-or-teer, v, a. to match, sort; —, t: it. et 
s' — , X'. r. to Match, suit, 

Assortissant, e, ass-or-te-sa», — t, a, suiting well, 

Assoté, ass-o-tai, a. doting on. 

Assoupir, ass-soo-peer, v, a. to make drtnvsy ; still ; 
8'— 1 V. r, togrmv sleepy ,■ be appeased. 

Assoupissant, c, ass-oo-pc-sa», — t, a. somn(feroui. 

Assoupissement, ass-soo-pis-nia>i, m. drowsiness. 

Assouplir, ass-sou-plcvr, v. a, to supple ; s' — , ;'. r. to 
become supple. 

Assourdir, ass-soor-deer, v. a. to deafen. 

Assouvir, ass-soo-veer, v. a. to glut, satiate. 

Assouvissement, ass-soo-viss-in.i/>, m. glutting. 

Assujettir, ass-srt-hjay-tecr, f. a. to subdue ; fasten ; 
s' -, T. r. to subject one's self. 

Assujettissant, e, ass-si1-lijay-te-sa«, — t, a. staz'ish. 

Assujettissement, ass-sû-hjaitis-maii, m. subjection. 

Assuuier, ass-sA-mai, v. a. to take upon one's selj'. 

Aisurance, .uss-û-ra/zs, /. assurance, security; con- 
ftdeitce ; insurance, [fideiit; — , m. insured. 

A. sure, e, ass ûr-ai, ii. -ment, ad. sure, certain; con- 

Assurer, ,iss-Clr-iii, v. a. to assure; secure; assert, 
s.-tUe ; insure ; s' — , v. r. to be sure; secure. 

Assureur, ass-ûr-ur, m. insurer. 

Asiérisipie, ass-t;ii-risk, m. asterisk. 

Astliiiiatii|iie, ass-mat-ik, a. asthmatie, 

Aslliine, assiii, in. asthma. 
I Asticoter, ass-to-ku-tai, v. a. to tcaxe, 
!, e,, a. astral, 
I Astrc, .istr, m. star. 

I •Astrein;lre, ass trai;/-dr, f. ij. ('(J<:i>«;/<r/; confine; s' — , 
! V. r. to conjine one's self. 
I Astrmgent, e, ass-tr.iix-lijiu/, — t, a. astringent. 
! Astrolalic, iiss-tro-lali, in. astrolabe. 
j .astrologie, ass-tro-lolijc./i astrology. 
I .\slriilogii|ue, ass-tro-lo-hjik, a. astrologie. 

Astrologue, ass-troliig, m. astrologer. 

Astronome, ass-tro-noui, in. astronomer. 

Astronomie, ass-tro-no-me,/; astronomy. 

Astronomique, ass-tro-no-mlk, a. astronomic. 

Astuce, ass-lrts, / craft, cunntnx'. 

A'tucieux, so. ass-tûs-yiili, — z, a. —sèment, ad. crafty 

Asyle, see Asile. 

Atelier, at-ely.ii, in. zcorkshop. 

Aturuioiemeiit, ,it-air-mwa-nia«, in. delay of payment. 

Atermoyer, at-air-mwa-yai, z\ a. to delay. 

Athée, at-ai, i». atheistical ; —, in. atheist. 

Athéisme, at-ai-ism, in. atheism. 

Athéistique, at-ai-is tik, a. atheistical. 

Athlète, at-lett, in. athlete. 

Athlétique, atlai-tik, a. athletic. 

Atiuter, ,-\t-ai;(t.ii, v, a. to adorn. 

.\tlas, at-lass, m. atlas. 

Atmosphère, at-mo-sfair,/ atmosphere. 

Atmosiiliériqiie, at-mo-sfai-rik, a. atmospheric. 

Atome, at-ohiu, ;;*. atom. 

Atonie, at-o-ne,/: atony. 

Atoiir, at-oor, ;//. zvoman's attire. 

Atout, at-oo, in. trump. 

Atrabilaire, at-rab-e-lair, a. bilious. 

Atre, au-tr, in. hearth. 

Atroce, at-ross, a. —ment, ad. atrocious. 

Atrocité, at-ross-c-tai,/; atrociousness. 

Atriipliie, at-rol'-e, / atrophy. 

s'.Vttabler, at-ab-lai, v. r. to sit dazvii attable. 

.\ttachant, e, at-a-slia»/, — t, a. engaging. 

Attache, iit-asli,y; tie, bond, string; attachment ; rivet, 

Attachcinent, at-ash-ma», «/. attachment ; inclination, 

Att.iclicr, at-asli-ai, z'. a. to attach ; fix ; engage; s'— j 

z'. r. to stick to; adhere ; win over. 
Attaquable, at-ak-ah-bl, a. assailable. 
Attaquant, at-ak-ka^/, iii. assailant, 
.Atiaciue, at-ak.y; attack. [blaiiit, 

Attaciucr, at-ak-ai, zj. a. to attack ; s' — , v. r. to set upon, 
s'Attarder, at-tar-dai, v, r. to retard, delay. 
.\ttcitKlre, at-ai«-dr, z: a. et n, to reach ; catch 
.\tieiiite, at-tai;/t.y: blow ; injury, damage. 
Attelage, at-l.ihj, m. set. 
.Vtlelcr, at-lai, î'. a. to put horses to. 
Attelle, at-ell,/ h.ium. 
Attenant, e, at-na«, — t, a. contiguous. 
Attendre, at-a«-dr, v. a. et n. to wait for ; stay , 
en attendant, >>( //<; meantime; s' — ,v.r. 
Attemlrir, at-a«-dreer, v. a. to soften, move ; s' — , f. r. 
to grozv tender ; be moved. {pity. 

.\ttendrissement, at-a«-driss-ma«, m. compassion. 
Attendu, at-a«-dfl, />-. on account of ; —que, whereas. 
Attent.'it, at-a;i-tali, in. outrage, attempt. 
Attentatoire, at-a>/-tat-war a. outrageous. 
Attente, at-a>/t,/: expuctation, hope. 
Attenter, at-a»-tai, v. ii. to make an attempt. 
Attentif, ive, at-a«-tif, — iv, a. —veinent, ad. attcnti:t. 
Attention, at-a«-syo«, y: attention; regard; faire--, 

to pay attention, iitind. 
Atténuation, at-tai-nû-ah-syo«,y: attenuation. 
Atténuer, at-tai-nA-ai, z>. a. to attenuate. 
Atterrage, at-air-ahj, tn, landing. 


■ expect ; 
to rely 


t i<<] 


Atterrer, at-tai-ral, v. a. to down .• t/eilroy. 
Atterrir, at-tai-rcer, v. u. to tnake the land. 
Atterrisseiiioiit, at-tni-riss-niii//, in. alluvion. 
Attestatiun, att-c!.s-tal\-syi)//,y. attestation, witness. 
Attester, att-tss-t.ii, t. a. to attest, fall toivitnest. [cwl. 
Attiédir, at-lyai-<loLr, 7'. a. to nol ; s'— , t. r. to x'ri'-t> 
Atti(i(libseiiirnt, at-tyai-cliss-in.wi, m. In.'^eitarinness : 
Attifer, at-tcfai, v. a. to triti ii/>. [abatement. 

Atti(|uc, at-tik, a. attif. 
Attirail, at-e-r.i/, >n. apfiaratus, lii;rgat:e. 
Attirant, e, al-o-r.i«, — t, a. attraiiiTe. 
Attirer, at-c-rai, t. a. to attract, atlnre ; bring over ; 

s"— , I', r. to ivi$i, gain. 
Attiser, at-e-^ai, 7'. a. to stir ; e.viite. 
Attiseur, at-c-zur, in. sto.'.vr. 
Attitrii, c, at-e-trai, a. appointed, bribed. 
Attitude, at-e-ti1d,/. attitude. 
Attoucheinent, at-toosh-iiia»/, m. touch, contact. 
Attractif, ive, at-rak-tif, — iv, a. attractive. 
Attraction, at-rak-syo«,/. attraction, 
Attriiit, at-ray, in. allurement : charm. 
Attrape, at-r.ip.y; trick ; — \\\\:,.i\v\,Jool-trap. 
Attraper, at-rap-ai, v. a. to catch, iitsnare , hit, cheat. 
Attrapeiir, at-rap-iir, tn. deceiver. 
Attrapoire, at-r.ip-war,/. trap ; trick. 
Attrayant, e, at-ray-y;i«, — t, a. attractive. 
Attribuer, .it-tre-bû-ai, v. a. to attribute ; s'— , 71. r. to 
Attribut, at-re-bft, in. attribute. [claim. 

Attribution, .it-tre-bû-syo«,./. prerogative ; province. 
Attrister, at-triss-tai, v. a. to grieve, afflict ; s"— , 7'. r. 
Attrition, at-tre-syo>(,y; attrition. [to grieve, be sad. 
Attroupement, al-roop-niax, in. mob. 
Attroujier, at-roo-pai, v. a. to assemble; s' — , v. r. to 

gather in croiods. 
Aul)ade, nh-balid,/! serenade, insult. 
Aubain, oh-bai;/, in. alien, foreigner. 
Aubaine. oh-l)cn,y". escheat ; ■windfall. 
Aube, olib.y. day-break. 
Aubépine, u\\-\y,\\-\->\n, f. hawthorn. 
Auberjfe, oh-bairlij,/. inn, tavern. 
Auberjjistc, oh-bair-hjist, in. innkeeper. 
Aut)ier, oh-l)y.ii, m. hazel-tree : bleak. 
Aubifoin, aub-e-fwai<(, in. bluebottle. 
Aubin, oli-l>ai», in. canter. 

Aubiner, oh-be-nai, v. n. to canter. [not at all. 

Aucun, e, oli-ku», —kiln, a. — enient, ad. none, any ; 
Audace, oli-dass.y". audaciousness ; boldness. 
Audacieux, se, oh-il.iss-yuli, — z, a. — scnient, ad.auda- 
Au<licnce, oli-ilyaHs,./ audience. [cious, hoUi. 

Audiencicr, oh-dya>/-syai, in. usher. 
Au<liteur, oh-de-tur, in. auditor. 
Audiliiin, oli-de-syo;;,/! audit (of account.^). 
Auditoire, oli-dc-twar, m. session-house ; auditory. 
AuKC, olij,y. trough; tray, 
AuRde, oli-lyai,/. trayful. 
Auffet, oli-hjay, in. drawer (of a cage). 
Augment, <)({-nia«, in. jointure. [crease. 

Augmentation, ojj-ma«-tah-syo«, f. augmentation, in- 
Au^mcntcr, og-ma«-tai, v. a., v. n. et s'—, v. r. to aug- 
Aupure, oh-sur, m. augury, au^-ur. [ment, increase. 
Augurer, oh-gfir-ai, v. a. to auguntte, augur. 
August, o-gflst, a. august. 
Aujourd'hui, ojj-hjoor-dwe, ad. to-day ; now. 
Aulitiue, oh-lik, a. aulic. [alms. 

Aunione, oh-inolm, f. alms, charity ; faire 1" — , to give 
Auniôner, oh-moli-nai, 7'. a. to pay a Ji ne for the poor. 
Aum6nerie, oh-molin-re, yi almonry. 
Aumônier, oh-niohn-yai, >ii. alinoner. 
Aumônière, oh-molin-yair, f. pune. 
Aumusse, oh-niftss, f. amess. 
Aun.-igc, oh-n.ihj, in. aln.ige. 
Annate, oli-nay, f. alder-plot. 
Aime, ohn, f. ell ; — , in. alder. 
Auncr, o)i-nai, v. a. to measure by the ell. 
Auneur, oh-nur, m. alnager 

Auparavant, oli-par-av-a>«, ad. before. [hard by. 

Auprès, oli-prey, pr. et ad. near, by, next to, with, 
Aurai, oh-ray, see Avoir. 
Auréole, o-rai-ol, y aureola, glory. 
auriculaire, o-re-kiVlair, a. auricular ; témoin — , ear- 
Aurore, o-ror, f. daivn ; east. [witness. 

Auscultation, os-kûl-tali-syo«, f. auscultation. 
Auspice, OS-piss, ;;/. auspice, omen. 
Aussi, o-se, c. also, too ; as : — bien cpie, as well as. 
Aussitôt, o-se-toli, ad. immediately ; — tiue, as soon at. 
Austère, os-tair, a. —ment, ad. austere, rigid. 
Austérité, os-tai-re-tai.y austerity. 
Austral, e, oh-stral, a. austral. 
Autan, oh-ta», in. south-wind. 
Autant, o-ta», a. as much, so much; as many, so many; 

(V— mieux, so much the better ; d' — moins, jo much 
Am«l. P-tel, w/. (T//(?r. • ■ [/he less. 

Auteur, oh-tur, m. author, writer ; inventor. 

Authenticité, o-ta«-le-se-tai, /. authenticity. 

Autlientique, o-ta;<-tik, a. —ment, ad. authentic ; —, ih. 

Auilienlii|ucr, o.ta«-tc-kal, v. a. to authenticate. 

Autocrate,, ;//. autocrat. 

Autotr.ilie, oh-tii-kr.iss-e, y autocracy, 

Autcjj>raplie, (>li-to.^;r,if, a. autographic ; —, m. au'o- 

Aiitiimate, oli-tniiiiil, "/. aiifomaton. [graph. 

Automatupie, (, a. automatic., e., a. autumnal. 

Autiiinnc. uli-ton, in. autumn. 

Autn]i-,iL', (ih-top-se, y autopsy. 

Autiiris.ition, o-t()-re-2.i-syo«, f. authoritation. 

Autoriser, o-to-re-zai, v. a. to authorize ; s'— , 7'. r. to 

Autorité, o-to-re-tai, f. uutliority. \get aiithori'y. 

Autour, oh-toor, pr. et ad. ciboiit, around ; —, in. 

Autre, oh-tr, /;/. other, another ; l'un 1'—, eoiH other; 
de temps .H —,/roin tune to time. 

Autrefois, oh-tr-fwa, ad. formerly. 

Autrement, oh-tr-ina'>, ad. othenvise, else. 

Autruche, oh-trllsh,y ostrich. 

Autrui, <jli-trû-e, m. others, other people. 

Auvent, oh-va«, m. penthouse. 

Auxiliaire, ok-sllyair, a. auxiliary. 

s'Avachir, av-ash-eer, v. r. tojlag ; become stack, av-al, m. endorsement ; —, ad. down the rtrer. 

Aviilaison, av-al-ey-zo'/, f. torrent. 

Avalanche, ;\v i\\-i\ns\\, f. avalanche, [to hang doit' n. 

Avaler, av-al-ai, 7'. a. to swallow ; let down ; s —, *. t, 

Avaleur, se, av-al-ur, — uz, s. one that iicalloivs. 

Avaldire, av-al-war, y large throat ; breeching. 

Avance, av;i;/s, y. advance; step; out-Jutting ; A'—, 
par — , beforehand. 

Avancé, e, .-iva/<-sai, a. advanced, forward. 

Avancement, av-aj<-sma;(, m. advancement ; fonvard- 
iiess ; progress. 

Avancer, av-a//-sai, v. a. et n. to advance, for-icard, 
promote, prefer ; go too fast, encroach ; jut out, pro- 
ject ; rise ; s' — , v. r. to move or go fonvard ; get on ,• 

Avanic. y insult. [jut out. 

Avant, av-a«, pr. et ad. I'efore, fo'ward; en — , for- 
ward ; in advance ; — ((ue c/'de, be/ore ; — , in. prow ; 

— bras, forearm ; — corps, in. fore-part ; — i nur. /'. 
fore-yard, fore-court ; —coureur, m, fore-runner ; 

— dernier, a, the last but one ; — ^arile.y luiiiguard, 
van ; — ^o^^t, m. Jore-taste ; — hier, ad, the day before 
yesterday ; — main, in. forehand ; — iiiidi, in, /'ore- 
noon ; — port, in. outer port ; — poste, in. outpost ; 

— propos. III. preamble, preface; — scène. /! /''". 
sceninin ; —toit, in. caves ; —train, in.fore-carriagr ; 

— veille, ffore-vigil. [odds 
Avantage, av-a«-tahj, in, advantage ; profit, gain : 
Avantajfer. .iv-a/f-tahj-ai, v. a. to advantage ; favour. 
Avantageux, se, av-a«-tahj-uh, — z, a. — scmeiit, ad. 

advantageous ; profitable ; conceited. 
Avare, ;iv-ar, a. —ment, ad. avaricious, niggard ; —, 

in. miser, iiiçgard. 
Avarice, .iv-ar-iss. f avarice, covetousness. 
Avaricieux, se, av-ar-iss-yuh, — z, a. avaiicious. 
Avarie, av-ar-e, f. average, damage. 
Avarié, e, a-var-yai, a. averaged, 
A vau-lV-au. av-oh-loh, ad. down the river. 
Avec, .av-ek,/>r. ivith ; for. 
•Aveinjre, av-ai;/-dr, v. a, to take, fetcit out. 
Aveline, av-lin, y Jill>ert. 
Avelinier, .iv-lin-yai, in. filbert-tree. 
Avenant, e, av-na^<, — t, a. well-looking ; à 1' — ,propor 
Avènement, av-en-ina«, in. accession. [tionahly. 

•Avenir, av-neer, v. n. to happai, chance; — , m.future 

futurity ; \ 1'—, henceforth. 
Avent, av-a;f, m. Advent. 
Aventure, av-a«-tûr, y adventure ; chance; hazard : 

intrigue ; \ 1' — , at random ; d" — , by chance ; par 

bonne —, by good luck. 
Aventurer, av-a«-tû-rai, v. a. to venture ; s'— , v. r. to 

run a hazard. 
Aventureux, se, .-w-ax-tfl-ruh, —z,a. adveiiturous,ven- 
Aventurier, av-a/(-tûr-yai, m. adventurer. Uuresomt. 
Avenue, av-iiû. / avenue, alley. 
Average, av-ai-rahj, in. prix moyen. 
Avérer, av-iii-rai, v. a. to aver, affirm. 
Averse, av-airss, f. heavy shower. 
Aversion, av-air-syo;;, f. aversion. 
Avertin, av-air-tai;», m. vertigo. 
Avertir, av-air-teer, v. a. to warn, advise, inform. 
Avertissement, av-air-tiss-ma;/, in. warning, advertise- 
Aveu, av-uh, in. avowal ; consent. [ment, advic: 

Aveugle, av-uh-gl, a. — ément, ad. blind; en—, blindiyi 

— , in. blind man. 
Aveuglement, av-uh-gl-man, m> blindness- ^ 


f'? 1 


Aveugler, .iv-uh-^^lai, f. a. to bJiiui . i.'iiiii'ti , s' -, :■. /•. 

to situt one's r'll'i'. 

Avciigletto, av-iili-j;li--tt. h V—, nd. grofinsr- 

Aiiile, iiv-i(l, ij. - mciil, mi. irnrdy ; fnx^'r. 

A*iclitc, iiv-id-L'-tai, /. iirii/ily, i^iveàinis.i. 

Avilir, av-c-lccr, ;■. a. to iiriuf, linf^rate ; »'— , r. r. to 

ifeMise oiif's iclf. 
AvilissiUit, f. ,iv-c-lc-sa«, — t, ii. debnuuf;, liitgnue/iit. 
Avilis>,uim;m, av-clisb-iu.i", >ii. lid'iisi'iiuiit, tonttinft. 
Aiincr, av-t-n.ii, v, a. to j •riji>;( unlli wiiie. 
Aviron, .iv-c-rc)«, >«. oar. 
Avis, av-c, //(. iuiike: ivariiiiit;;, noliif : à mini —, in 

»iy opinion ; ouvrir nil —, to iiuike a iiiolioii. 
Aviso, c, av-c-j;.ii, a. firuiifiit, wary. 
Aviser, av-c-zai, i\ <i. el n. to it,i:isi; u>nrii ; toinuit-r ,■ 

rfsoize; s'— , T. r. to M/iiiii one's sel/, devne. 
Aviso, av-u-zoli, >n. ndvice-hoat. 
Avitaillenient, av-L>-ta/-ma«, ;«. victiuilling. 
Avit.iillcr, ;iv-c'-ta/-ai, f. a. tovittiuil. 
Avitaillonr, av-e-taZ-nr, »«. TUtuaiier. 
Avivir, av-c-vai, v. a. to Itriglitoi ; fol sit. 
Avives, av-iv, j-, //. vifes. 

Avoc.isscr, av-o-kass-ai, v. a. to be a pettifogger. 
Avocat, av-o-kali, >n. Unvyer ; — consultant, (handier- 

toiiusei ; — (jù, attorney-general ; ~- plaidant, 
Avoine, av-w.m, /. jals. [hirrisler. 

•Avoir, iiv-war, t. a. to Airrr, hold ; — cliaud, to be 

warm ; il y a. tliere is, there are ; —, nt. substance ; 

possessions, pi. 
Avoisintincnt, ;iv-wa-sin-ni.T«, "/. borderiui; ; nearness. 
Avoisincr, .iv-wa-sc-nai, v. a. to border upon. 
Avons, a-vo«, see Avoir. 
Avortcnicnt, av-ort-nia';, >«. viiscarriage. 
Avorter, av-or-tai, v. n. to miscarry. 
Avorton, av-or-to;», tn. abortion. 
Avoué, av-wai, »i. attorney. 

Avouer, av-wai, v. a. to avow ; grant : allo7t> of : s'— , 
Avril, av-ril, tn. April. \y. r. to own one's self. 

Axe, aks, «/. a.\is : axle. 
Axiome, aks-yohm, tn. axiom. 
Axonj^e, ak-sonlij, P. axnngia. 
Ayant cause, ah-y;i'(-kohz, m. claimant. 
Azimut, az-e-nidt, m. azimuth. 
Az'inutal, c, az-e-nul-tal, a azitniith, 
A/ur, az-ûr, m. a m re. 
Azure, o, az-fi-rai, a. sky-coloured, 
Azyiiic, az-ini, a. azyinous. 

li.lba, liali-ali, m. baba. 

li.ilieurrc, b ib-nr, tn. bntter-tnitk. 

H.ibitlie, ba-bish, P. lap-dog. 

Uabil, bab-il, m. prattle. 

I! ibillafjc, bab-i/-alij, ttt. chit-chat. 

babillard, bab-i/-ar, m. -c. -d,/ babbler. 

B.ibillcr, bab-i/-ai, T'. n. to prate. 

Kabinc, bab-in,/: ///. 

Babiole, bab-yol,/: bauble, toy, trifle. 

H.lbord, bab-or, tn. larboard. 

IJabouclie, b.ib-oosli,y: slipper. 

Babouin, bab-wai», tn. baboon. 

Babouiner, bab-we-nai, v. n. to play the tn-ffooii. 

Uac, bak, >n. ferry-boat. 

Baccalauréat, bak-kal-u-r.ii-ah, tn. bachelorship. 

Bacchaniile, bak-kan-al.y: bauhanal. 

Bacchante, bak-ka;;t, /; bacchant; tcr:;ia:;ant. 

BAchc, bansli,/ tilt, cistern. 

Bachelette, bash-ktt.y: lass, damsel. 

Bachelier, bash-lyai, tn. baihelor. 

B.lclier, bau-sli.ii, v. a. to tilt. 

Bachi<iue, basli-ik, a. bacchic. 

Bachot, basli-oh, in. -wherry. 

Bachoteur, bash-o-tur, tn. ■iuherrytnan. 

BAcler, bau-klai, v. a. to bar ; fasten ; Jinish. 

}!adaud, bad-oh, tn. co.ktiey. 

Badauder, bad-oli-dai, v. >i. to gape about. 

Badauderie, bad-oh-dre, f foolery. 

Baderne, bad-aim,/, tnat. 

liadiane, bad-e-an,y: badian. 

Bailitfef>n, bad-e-hjr;/, tn. stone-colour. 

Badigeonner, bad-e-hjo-iiai, i: a. to paint in stone- 

B.idin, e. bad-ai«, —in, a. playful, sportive. [colour. 

Batlniajje, bad-c-nahj, tn. sport, play. 

Badine, hiiiUw.f. switch ; —a, pi. small tonics. 

Badiner, bad-e-nai, v. n. to play, sport, rally. 

Bafouer, baf-wai, v. a. to scoff at, abuse. 

Bifrer, bau-frai, v. n. to guttle. 

Bâfreur, bau-frui, >«. guttler. 

Rasage, bag-ahj, m. baggage, luggage ; plier—, trous- 

Bajfarre,,//m^, tumult, [ser —, tv march off. 

Ba^'assi-, b.ifi-.iss,./! bagauze.,Mtelle, b.i^;, ./; tr^/le ; itonstllse ; ~, int. noil- 

Ua>;ne, baii-yc, m. bagnio. [sense I 

U.i;;iie, b,l^,',y: ring. 

Ba^jueii.iiidi;, ba^j-nohd,/! bladder.iiuf. 

ll.i;;ueM luder,, t . //. to tr(//e, dally. 

Da^jueii.uulier, b.i>,'-noh-dy.ii, m. bladder-nut tree, 

Jl.i;^ii«r, ba){-.ii, 7'. a. to baste. 

11.11,'iietle, bai;-et,/! 7vaiid ; rod; —s, pi. gantlet. 

Biit,'uier, ba^'-y.ti, m. riug-iase. 

Ball I ban, int. pshaw ! 

Ilaliut, bali-ù, m. trunk. 

B iliuticr. bah-i'i-tyai, tn. trunk-maker. 

Bai, e, bay, a. bay : — iKnxii, yelloiv-dun. 

B.iie, b ly, /; berry ; bay ; humbug. [t: r, to b.ithe. 

Ilai..,'iier, b.iiii-yaf, v. a. et ti. to bathe; soak ; ss —, 

llai>;iieur, bain-yiir, m. balher : batiuio-keeper. 

Baignoire, baiii-y«ar,y: bathing-plai.e ; baignoire 

Bail, ba/, in. lease. 

nullement, ba/-m.i«, tn. yairtiing. 

BAillcr, baA.ii, v. n. toyann,gape. 

Ilailler, b.i/-ai, v. a. to give ; — ^ ferme, to lease. 

Bailleur, b.i/-iir, tn. — eiise, —\xr.,f.yawner. 

B.iilleiir, ba/-ur, tn. — ercssc, — ress, /; lessor. 

Bailli, i)a/-ec', tn. bailiff'. 

B.iilliajje, ba/-alij, m. bailinu'ik. 

BAillon, l>a/-o«, in. ga;'\ 

BAillonncr, b.i/o-nai, 7: a. to, gag. 

Biiin, bai;(, in. bath, bathing. 

Baïonnette, bali-yo-iiett,.A bayonet. 

Baisemains, bayz-mai;/,./ //. lespeits. 

Hiiisement, bayz-ma//, m. kissing. 

Baiser, bay-zai, v. a. to kiss ; — , tn. kiss. 

B.iisotter, bay-zo-tai, v. a. to kiss often. 

B.iisse, bayss, /;/«//, abatement. 

Baisser, bayss-ai, v. a. et n. to let down, loiver ; drop; 

fall ; decay ; so —, v. r. to stoop. 
B.iissier, bay-syai, in. fi.xer. 
Baissière, bay-syair.y! sediment. 
Baisiire, bay-zi'ir,yl kissing-cru\t. 
Bajoue, balij-oi),./! hog's i /leek. 

Bal, bal, in. ball; donner le — h quelqu'un, to abu.te 
Bal.idin, bal-adai;/, m. buffoon. [one. 

Biil.ifre, bal-.iufr.y. i^ash, slash, star. 
B-iLifrcr, bal-aii-fr.ii, v. a. to gash, slash. 
B,ilai, bal-ay, tn. broom. 

Balais, bal-ay, a. balasr. [weighbridge. 

Balance, bal-a'/s, f. balance ; scale ; — à bii^ciile, 
Bal.incemcnt, bal-a;j-siiia;', ///. I>a/ati,ini^'. 
BaKincer, bal-a»-sai, 7'. a. et n. ,'o balance ; weigh , 

siving ; wa7'cr ; se — , T'. ;'. to swing. 
Balancier, bal-a;<-syai, m. balance-maker ; balance. 
Bal.iiiçoire,«-sw,ir, /^ see-saw. 
Balandran, bal-,a;(-<lra>;, ;;/. greal-coat., ba-!ass..A chaff-hed. 
B.ilay.iffe, bal-ay-yahj, m. S7veepiiig. 
B,d.iyer, bal-ay-y.ii, -,\ a. to sweep. 
Balayeur, bal-ay-yur, m. sweeper. 
Balayures, bal-ay'-yilr, ./;/»/. sweepings. 
B.dbutienK'nt, bal-bû-se-ina;/, m. stammering;. 
Balbutier, bal-bû-syai, 7'. n. to stammer. 
U.ilcon,, tn. balcony. 
Baldaquin, bal-dak-ai//, m. baldachin. 
Baleine, bal-en,/^ whale ; -.cfialebone. 
Baleiné, e, bal-ey-iiai, a. wlialebone. 
Rateiiieau, bal-oy-noli, m. ycuni; wliale. 
Baleinier, bal-ey-nyai, m. whaler. 
Balévre, bal-ayvr,./: under-itp.Jiit- 
Baliba;{(', bal-iz-ahj, >«, biio^ im 
Balise, bal-iz,/! hn.y. 
Baliser, bal-iz-ai, z\ a. to buoy. 
Balivea'.i, bal-c-voh, )/;. slandcl, tiller. 
r> ilivernc, b.iUc-v.iirn, /! nonsense. 
Balivcrner, bal-e-vair-iiai, 7'. n. to trijle. 
Ballade, bal-ad.y: ballad. 
Balle, bal,/ bail, bullet; bale (goods). 
Ballet, bal-ay, m. ballet. 
Ballon,, m. football ; balloon. 
Ballonnement, bal-on-ma>/, m. s7oelling. 
Ballonnier, bal-o-nyai, m. foot/'all-inakef. 
Ballot, bal-oh. m. baie ; package. 
Ballott.ijfe, bal-o-talii, m. balloting. 
Ballotte, bal-ot.y". ballot. 
Bailottemeiit, bal-ot-iiia;;, m. shuffling. 
Biillotter, bal-o-tai, v. a. et n. to toss , shake ; shuffle : 
Balourd, e, bal-cor, — d, a. dull, stupid, [ballot ; débat* 
Balourdise, bal-oor-diz.y. stupidity ; absurdity. 
Balsanii(iue, bal-zam-ik, a. balsamic. 
Balustrade, bal-ils-trad.y: balustrade. 
Balustre, bal-ûstr, m. baluster, rails. 
^a.\zan,\)a.\-zsiii, a. white ail-four. ' " 

UalzqnÇt bal-zan,/: white-sfot, tient. 


t 18 1 


BainMn, ba»-l>ai//, >ii. hahy. 

Il.iiiiUucli.idc, l)a>»-l«)-sluilul,/! t,'ri>ttsgut pUtnri, 

H.uiilxjctic, bn«-l)()>li,yl puff'fl. 

Ii,iiiil>ochcur, lia//-l)i)-sliur, m.Juddltr, 

I<.uiil)»u, i)a«-l)oo, m. lainboo. 

liaii, 1 a>;, •«. l'an ; hatiishvitiit. 

I'aiial, c, I'.m-al, a. comtnoii, vulgaf. 

Uaiialitc, '.>.iii-al-c-t.ii,/.y'''<''<»/ scrvict. 

ll.inaiu:, l>in-aii,/'. I'anaiia, 

lianaiiicr, liaii-an-yai, ;'/. t>,i>ia>ia-lref., l>.i»;, tn. houh ; foiin : slioul ; — d't'iflise, fr>v ; 

— lie; pirrri.', /•!■(/: — ck- s.itilc, .an,l-baiik. 
Kancal, c, l)W/-kal, ILimithcIk;, l).i</-kr()/.li, a. haiiily- 
lUndajrc, \yMii.\.i\\], »i. iKimiaxe ; Iriiss. [/f\;i:i'it, |ia'(-d.ihj-ist, m. Irnss-inakei: 
Jiaiulc, \mih\, /. I'aiiil, tie; stiij-t ; l/iviff; gauj; : 

/tight; cushion ; siitf i<J a shi/>. 
HaiiiltMU, Ij.i»(-iI<.I\, »i. hfa.ihitiiii ; ivi-cath. 
HandclfttL-, 'awdlclt,/ itlUc band.Jillet. 
Itaiidir, ba/i-d.ii, f. 11. /<> l<ini{ iii< ; htnU ; se —, v. 1: to 
Itaiidcrcau, ba«-<lriili, til. iling. [/iiiiiil ; tisc agaiinl. 
Ilaiiclcrolc, lM(/-ilr'il,/. Intndrol : strtaiuer, 
llaiKli.ri-, l)a<(-d)air,/.,//<v, ivtoiin: 
Itandit, l)a«-d>.-, >ii. /xiniiit. 
llaiidinilicru, l).i;/-<|riiil.yair,/: I'andoleer, 
Haiiliciic, ba;/-lyiili.yl oiit\i-irt. 
Ilauin;, \y.\nn,/. lilt, luiiiifn-. 
liaiinca'i, banii-oli, )/;. hai)if<(r. 
haniicr, baii-ai, '\ a. to nn'tr with a tilt. 
Uamicret,, in, himieirt, 
U.imiclon, baii-ti);(, >//. utii/. 

Ilaniiiùre, ban-yair,/: laiinef./lni^. [i/raw/roiii. 

lianiiir, ban-ecr, î'. h. Ii> hanish , •>,! —, t. r. tj uith- 
Haiuiissablc, ban-iss-ali-bl, a, df.wrviiig baniihinenl. 
ilamiissemL'Ut, baii-iis-iiia;(, J. IniuishiiKut. 
Uaiiquc, bank,yi Ihtnk ; l.iirc la —, to be a banhi): 
Haiiqueroutc, l)a«-kr(iut,y. b,tnk>ii/<liy, 
H.iiu|ii(;roiilier, baw-kroot-yai, in. htnirupt. 
liaiuiuc-l, bnw-kay, in. banquet. 
Uun(|iictcr, ba«-Ktai, v. n. to banquet, feast. 
Ban(|uctte, baH-kctt,/ beiuh ; cause-aay. 
Uaiuiiiior, ba;(-kyai, >«. banker. 
I)aiu|uise, \h\ii-V.ccz, /. Ji eld of ice. 
B.iptèmf, bat-eyiii, >n. baptism ; nom de —, christian 
Uiiptiïcr, bat-e-zai, v. a. to baftize. [name. 

Baptismal, c, bat-iss-mal, a. baptismal, 
Baptistairc, l)at-iss-tair, a. of baptism. 
Haptistère, bat-iss-tair, ;;;. baptistery. 
Uai|iict, bak-ey, in. bucket, tub. 
Uiir, bar, ;/;. hand-barrow ; barbel. 
lîaragotiiit,' bar-ajj-wai;;, tn. gibberish. 
liarajjoiiiiiagc, bar-a^r-wc-iialij, in, gibberish. 
Uara^oiiiiicr, bar-afi-wc-nai, t. n. to talk gibberish. 
Uaiajfoiiiiieiir, bar-ai;-wc-iiur, m. jabberer. 
Ilur.t(|iiu, bar-ak, f. barrack ; booth. 
be Uaraqiicr, bar-ak-ai, T. r. to make barracks, 
Uarattc,, /. churn. 
lJ.iratter, bar-at-ai, v. a. to churn, 
liar.itterie, bar-at-re,/ barratry. 
Harb.icaiie, bar-b,ik-ali,y". barbican. 
Harbarc, bar-bar, a. —nient, ad. barbarous ; 


JJiirbarie, bar-bar-e,/; barbarity. 

liarbarisnie, bar-bar-ism, in. barbarism. 

Uarbo, barb, /. beard: cock's wattle ; —S, pi. lappets; 
feathers of a quill ; faire la —, to shave ; pare ; —, in. 

Harbeaii, bar-boli, in. barbel ; bluebottle. [barb. 

Uiirljclé. c, bar-blai, a. bearded. 

jlarberic, bar-brcc,/. shating and hair-cutting. 

Harbct, bar-bay, in. spaniel. 

H.ubier, bar-byai, in. barber. 

U.ubilicr, bar-be-fyai, v. a. to sliave. 

l5ari)illoii, bar-bi/-o;(, in. little barbel ; — s, //. barbies, 

Uarbon, bar-bu«, in. grey-beard, [pi. 

Uarboter, bar-bo-tai, v. 11. to dabble. 

Harboteur, bar-bo-tiir, vj. tame duck. 

IJarbouillage, bar-boo/-ahj, ;«. daubing ; scrawl. 

llarbouiUcr, bar-boo/-ai, v. a. to daub; scrawl; scrib- 
ble ; stammer ; se —, v. r. to besmear one's self; lose 
one's iharacter. 

Harbouilleur, bar-boo/ur, m. dauber ; scribbler. 

I'arbouillon, bar-boo/-o;(, in. bad musician. 

Haibu, e, bar-bû, a. bearded. 

liarbiie, bar-bû, ./. dab. 

Barcarolle, bar-kar-ol,./; barcarole. 

IJarcelonnette, bars-lo-nett,y; cradle. 

Bard, bar, >;/. hand-barroiv. 

Barilanc, bar-dan, y . burdock, burr. 

IJartle, bard, m. bard ; —,f. bard ; slice if bacon. 

Bardeau, bar-doh, tn. shingle. 

Bardelle, bar-del,/, pack-saddle. [of bacon ; bard. 

Barder, i)ar-dai, v. a. to caparison ; corer with a slice 

Barcieur, bar-dur, in. day-labourer, hodman. 

Bardis, b<*r-c)ç, m. water-boards. 

Bardcit, liar-doli, ui. smalt mule ; ■waste /a^ft 

I)aréi;c, bar-cyhj, m. barege.^;iii^;iia^>i', barK-iM-yalij, m, haggling. 

Iliir^iiiijfncr, b.irt{-in-yai, T. n. to haggle. 

Baiwiii){iieur,, /«. haggler. 

B.iril, III. barrel. 

D.irillct, l).iri/ay, m. box, keg; barrel of a rvafiM. 

ItariiilaKO, liar-yn-lalij. "'• m/dley of colours. 

H.iriolcr, Uir-y, -\ <». to speckle. 

BirloiK', ffuc, barlu;/, - t;li, a. longer on one side than 

B.irnaclic, bariiasli,/. /•arwoi/c. [anoliKr. 

I'.ariinntre,, ni. barometer. 

B.iioii, l),ir-i)«. III. baron. 

ll.irdniii.',,/; baroness.<Minet, bar-o-nay, in. baronet, 

ll.iii'niMi-, bar-ii-nt-.y! barony. 

It iriii|iie, bar- ik, «. odd, irregular, 

IS.iKlue, b.irk,./! bulk. 

B-iriimrdllf, h,\v\<-xi<\\, f'.ferry-loat. 

Hiniuetle,,./. Irny. 

llarr.i;^'', b.m-ralij, ;;/. toll ; ba>: 

Il.irrai^L-T, b.ui-r.ilij-ai. i>i. /otlcalherer, 

ILirrt, baur,./. bar ; daih ; tiHer. 

Barreau, baii-nili, m. bar ; rail. 

Barrer, baiir.ii, v. a. to bar ; s'rike out. 

Barrette, bar-ctt,/; cap, bonnet. 

Barric.idc,<l,.A barricado. 

B.irric.ider,, v. a. to barricale. 

H.irricre, ban ryair, y; barrier; mils; turnpike; foil- 

l;artii|ue, b.iriû, /; task. [hulne. 

Bartavelle, b ir-t.iv-ell,/; red partridge, 

lias, so, b.iii, — ss, a. low; shalUrtf ; mean; —, ad. 

d,nn, li.w ; en --, below ; Ml— , yonder; —, tn. iov/fr 

p.irt, bottom ; stocking. 
Has lite,, ///. buialt. 
It,i-.ane, baz-an,y." sheep leather. 
li.ii.Mic, e, ba2-,in-ai, a. tawiiy. 
Basciile. bass-kùl,/. .nvipe ; swing-gate, 
Basi:, bauz,y; base ; bottom. 
Baser, bauz-ai, v. a. to ground, found. 
Itas-fund, bau-fo;;, in. shoal. 
Basilic, baz-c-lik, m. basil ; basilisk. 
B.isin, bauz-al;;, m. dimity. 
Basque, bask.,^ skirt. 
Biis-relief, baiir-lyef, tn. basso-reliei'O. 
Basse, bauss,/: bass ; shoal ; — contre.y^ bass ; —court 

f. inner-yard ; —fosse,/; dungeon. 
Bassement', bau-snia>;, ad. meanly, lowly, vulgarly. 
Bassesse, bau-scss,y! baseness, lowiuss. 
B.'issct, ban-s.ay, m. terrier. 
Batise-taille, bau-stau/,y. under-tenor. 
Bassin, bass-ai;/, in. basin ; scale (balance). 
Bassine, bass-in,y. wide pan. 
ILissiuer, bass-e-nai, v. a. to warm ; steep. 
Bassinet, bass-e-nay, m. firepan. 
Bassinoire, bass-e-nwar,/". warming-pan. 
B.isson, bau-so<;, m. bassoon ; bassoonist. 
Baste,, int. poh ! 
Bastille, bas-tid,y; country-seat. 
Bastille, bass-ti/,./: bastille. 

Bastin^a>;e, bass-tai;;-Kalij, tn. barricading ; tirtting. 
liastiiii,'ue, bass-tai^/jijli.y. netting. 
Bastion, b,ass-tyo«, in. bastion. 
B.istonnade, bas-to-nahd,y bastinado. 
Bas-ventre, bau-vaH-tr, in. loner belly 
BAt, ban, m. pack-saddle, paiinel. 
Bataille, bat-au/,/. b.tttle, fight. 
Batailler, bat-au/-ai, -■. n, to fight, struggle hard. 
Batailleur, bat-aiiAur, tn.Jighter. 
Bataillon, bat-aiiAo;/, in. battalion. 
B.'itaril, e, bau-tar, — il, a, bastard. 
Batardeau, bau-tar-ilnh, tn. dam, dike. 
Bàt.irdise, bau-tar-diz,/; bastardy. 
Bateau, bat-oh, tn. boat ; — ii vapeur, steamer, 
Batelaye, bat-lahj, in. Juggling, 
]>Mc\éc,hA\.-\,\\,f. boatful. _,.. , . 

Batclet, bat-lay, in. little boat. 
Bateleur, bat-lur, tn. mountebank. 
liiitelier, bat-lyai, »t. waterinan, boatman. 
BAter, bau-tai, v. a. to saddle with a pack-saddle. 
BAli, bau-te, in. basting. 
BAlier, baut-yai, in. pack-saddle-maker. 
Batifolajie, liat-e-fol-ahj, in. romping. 
15atifoler, bat-e-fol-ai, v. it. to romp, toy. 
liAtiment, bau-te-nia«, in. building; ship. 
llAtir, bau-teer, v. a. to build; baste. 
BAtisse, bau-tiss,y. building. 
BAtisKCur, bau-tiss-ur, in. great builder. 
Batiste, bat-ist,y. cambric. 
Bâton, baut-o;i, m. stick, staff"; — à mèche, lintstock} 

\ — s rompus, by fits and starts. 
BAtonner, bau-to-nai, v. a. to cudgel; cancel, 
B4tonnet, bau-to-nay, m. tipcat. 


[ 19 1 


nitonnler, Tauto nynl, «i. sluffman. 

liAtoiinistc, l).iu-to-iii!it, »«. iiiiii;(:-tiayff, 

ILttlaKc, bat-ulij, m. t/irashtii,:. 

Uatt.iiit, e. bat-.i//. — t, a. l'taliiig ; tout — neuf, çuile 

iinv; (virto — c, nviii£-ii-'ot- ; —, m. ilaffcr: J'oM ; 
n.itto, l>alt,/. mtnnirr ; htclU ; b*\Xt<r. \tii.'ti:ii. 

aatclcr, l«;«t lai, %•. n. tj bahHt. 
Itatlflleinent,;;, »i. Miiuse-fatft. 
J<.ittcniciit, l)att-iii.if/, vt. tfiitiiiiT, ('tt/,*i'ii,' ; sfaiii/>iiic- 
Uiilteric, liattre,/; l-atUry ; sai(/f-; Ji^c'i'i'H'; beatiut.' 

(lu drutn : t<>\iiiisiiii' : — ilo ciii.siiic, kiUlitii utfUiili, 
ILittctir, liatt-iir, m. haltr; — «lu p.ivi.', mmbltr. [//. 
jt.iltoir,, >//. haltifii''"': à'cl.',', 
•lialtrc, baltr, 7'. a. el ii. to hcit; itiHe ,■ mint; tlinish ; 

- la c.iin|iaKiio, /;' J/',"'' "' '•'"•^•""•' ~ l'citMile, /,> 

si.'iir Ihe u'Uiih) ; ■- la itialitulc, A' beat it t-.ii \y; 

— le pavi-, lo lamhie iili^'iii; so- , î'. r. tojif^hl. 
Battu, «, bat-ii, a. t'oitfu ; iviathtrbtattn, 
Il.ittuc-, l)at-fl,y. bcaliii);. 
Ilatturo, l>at-iir,/ iioUi-Uuktrinf;. 
It.iuilct, Ixili-day, «/. ass ; t>e.\tlf. 
liauJrlcr, boh-drc-ai, m. sli.'ni,tir-btlt. 
Ilaudruilio, buli-(liii'.li, /: uMbtahrt ikiil, 
li.iii>;o, ImiIij,/. /«(>,■ i>i,<>/,i>: 
llauMK*, IkiIiih, >«. balm, Aj/hjw. 
llauiiilcr, bnluii-yai, m. bi}l.uini-lrte, 
llavarti, bav-ar, m. bahblir. 
Il.ivarilat;<-,<lalij, tu. babblinj^. 
)Uvar(lcr,, t. h. tj babble. 
llavf, bav,/: s/aver.driz't'i. 
Haver, bav-.ii, f. ii. /.> s/artr, lirittl. 
Itavette, bav-ctt./: bib. 
llaveiix, bc, bav-uli, -z. a. sliibbftiitjf. 
llavoclii', c, b.iv-i)-sliai, a. full 0/ blots, 
ll.ivocluire, b.iv-o-sliûr.y: blots, fl. 
Havditt, bavii-lay, t>i. lifiui-tlicis, 
I! lyer, l).>y-yal, f. H. tox'u/'i! ; iovtt, 
llayLiir, baj yur, tu, ..','»/''''• 
lia^ar, l'alizar, tn. baz,i>: 
néant, c, bai-a«, - t, a. .j,'.i//'«c-. 
IJt'at, e, i>ai-ali,— t, a. saint, bigot. __ 

Itfatitic.itlou. bai-at-if-e-ka-syo)/,/ bfati_fiiMttffn, 
1 II- at i fi or, |pal-at-if-e-al, :■. <j. to bialijy. 
JUiatltiinie, liai-at-lf-ik, a. bialilic. 
llcatilles, bai-at-i/,/://. titbits, ft. 
Héatitude, bal-at-e-tùd.y". beatitude. 
Heau, JJel, Itellc, boli, bel, bel, rt.y('/<' ; beaiiti/ii! ;/<tir: 

Idcliaiipor belle, to hare a narrow esoape ; — fils, m. 

ion-in-lau ; —frère, ;/(. brotlter-in law ; —père, ;;/. 

J'at/ier-in-law; - ad. gently, softly ; tout — I softly; 

—, m. beauty, fairness. 
lieauconp, bo-kuo, ad. ttiiuh, many ; greatly ; dc - , 
liea'.ipré, boh-prai, ;«. bonsprit. [far, by far. 

lie.iute, i)i)li-tai,./. beauty, fineness. 
Hec, bek, >«, beai, bill : gullet: SchM ; nib; — d'AiK', 

spoke-shaie ; -- decnrbin, bill-headed eane : nififers, 

pi. ; — de yaz, gas-bnrner ; gaslamp ; — dc lièvre, 
lîécarre, bai-kar, tn. lis.harp. ' [lia re-.' i/: 

Hecasse, bai-kass,y.' itwdiwA'. 
lléeasscau, bai-kass-oh, tn. yoiitig wooiieji-f:. 
Hecassinc, bai-kass-in,/; snipe, 
liec-fitjue, bok-fii,', tn. bicajUo. 
liè'jlie, beysli,/: spade. 
lièclier, bey-sliai, v. a. to dig with a spade. 
Itechiquc, Uii-sliik, a. bet /lie. 
Becquée, bek-ai,y: biilfiil. 
liecqueter, bck-tai, v. a. to pert, pick up. 
Iteilaine, \iu/i-i\a.\ti,f.pauiuh,giits. 
liedeaii, bj//(.doli, tn. btad/e, verger. 
Hc-tfroi, bef-rwa, tn. belfry. 
Bégaiement, bai-Kay-nia//, ni. stainmet ing. 
Hcf^ayer, bai-f^ay-ai. v. ti. to stammer ; stutter. 
lit'ifiie, liej,', >n. stainiiierer. 
liei^ueule, Uii->,'ul,/: prudish woman. 
Htitueulerie, bai-^ful-re, y; prudtiy. 
!!é>;uiii, bai-c;hai;;, tn. biggin. 
liejjuinaije, liai-jjiiin-alij, »i. convent of béguin:. 
Iii.-i;uine, bai-Khin,y. béguin. 
lieiiie, baylij, a. not dyed ; ~,f. baize. 
Beignet, bayu-yai, tn' fritter. 
Béjaiine, ba'i-lijohn, tn. ninny, nias. 
Jiel, bi:l, see Beau. 
Bélandre, bai-la«-dr,/; bilander. 
Bolant, e, bey-la«, — t, a. bleating. 
l)èlenieiit> beyl-ma«, tn. bleating. 
Bêler, bey-lai, v. ti. lo bleat. 
Bel-esprit, bcl-ess-prc, m. wit, pretender to wit. 
Belette, huh-\eXi,f. weasel. 
^Bélier, i)ai-lyai, tn. mnt ; battering-ram. 
Bélière, b.ii-lyair,^"^ clapper-ring. 
Bélître, bai-lee-tr, in. scoundrel, rascal. 

ttUatrg, bay-lau-tr, a, h(}liif/f, 

so —, V. r. lo 

Belle, licl, / belle, K:iuly ; — (Ic-nult, / ni.,'htilla)ifi 
— tiWc, f. liaiighter-in-law : — niCrc, /. moflier-iii. 
law ; — siiMir, y;, 

Bellciiient, bel-iii.i«, iirf. softly. 

ile'li^eraiit, v, bcl-lelij.»i-ra/;, — t, belligrreii'. 

r.. .Iiipiiux, so, bel-lc'kuli, — z, a. warhit, tnarlial. 
I Belii-isiuie, bel-c-ieeni, a. rerv/ine. 

Bellot, te, bel loh, —t. a. pretty. 

IliKeder, bel-vai-d.iir, m. belveder, 

ill imdI, b.ii-iiiol, tn. /if tat, 

jlenédioito, bai-ii,il-de bu-tal, in. grace, [beii.son, 

1 B.-ue(lictii)n, bai-n.ii-<lik-syo»;,y. benediction, blessii\g ; 
I Ikiiélice,, in. benefit ; i/iurc/l-littng ; prtvi- 
I ll.Miclici.iire, li.ii-iini-li->s-yair, ///. b<>i jiciaiy. [lege. 

lliMu (icier, bai-iml-liss-y.ii, /'(. inciiin'>ent ; -, 1: n. t.: 

lient',, b«/V-iiey, a. s.lly; — , in. ninny, [projit, i;aii'. 
I ll.iii'viile, b.ii-n ii-vip|. a. — nuiit. ad. iind ; outofgonf- 

IliininneMieut, bai-nni yi-in.i'/, (/,/. I.indty. \'t>.ill. 

lléni(;nité, bainin-ye-tai.y; benignity, kindness. 

Benin, i>;iie, b.d-iiai'(, — ui-y*', a. b-nii;n. 

II, iiir, b.iineer, t. a. to bless, consenate. 

Ilenit, e, b.ii-iie, —it, a. hatloiccd. 

Ilcnilier, b.ii-nit-y.ii, in. h.o'y -.rater pot, 

jlenjamin, bain-ldaiuai;», tn. darling. 

ltéi|uille, i),ii-kee?, f. crutch ; spud : —s, pi. s/iores, pi. 

Iliipiiller, bai kee/-al, v. a. et n. to dig with .1 spud ; 

Iter, l),iir, in. cradle fa s/iip. [to wali wit/i irutc/ies. 

Itercail, b.iirka/, tn. s/uepjold, pale. 

Ilerceau, biir-S'ih, in. cradle : bower. 

jlercer, bair-sai, v. a. to rod; amuse; 
Jiatter one's self. 

licrfjanuitc, bair-^;.ini-ot,y; bei/^aniot, 

Berj^e, b.iirlij.y^ barge. 

Ilcr^jer, b.iir-lijai, /;;. shepherd. 

Ik-rif'.re, b.iirlij.iir,/ shepherdess ; settee. 

Ittr^'cretle, b.iirlij-rett,/; little shep/ier.less, 

lier;<crie, liairlij-re, ,/ shcepfold. 

lierL'eronnette, b.iirlijro-nctt.y. wagtail. 

Berfine, bair-lin.y; bcrlin. 

Berlingot, bair-l.ii;(-goli, in. singleseattd btrliti. 

B,iirluc, bair-lû,y; dimness of sight. 

Bernie, bairm,/. berin. 

Berne, bairn, y^ tossing in a blanket. 

Berner, bnir-nai, v. a. to toss in a blanket; ridicule. 

Béryl, bai-ril, tn. beryl. 

Besace, b«/i-zas3,y. wallet. 

Besacier, b»/(-zass-yai, m. beggar. 

Besaigre, b/r/(-zeygr, a. turning sour. 

Besaiifue, b;(//-zaig-û,y; hvibil, tm^bil. 

Besides, b»rA-zikl,y; //. spectacles, pi. 

Besogne, b»A-zoii-yc,y; iiork, business. 

Besogner, b"/(-z<in-yai, •: n. to 7i'i'rk. 

Besogneux, se, bK/i/unynli, — z, a. needy. 

Besom, b)rÀ-zvvai(,', /, need: an -, at a pinch. 

Bestial, e, best-yal, a. — ement, ad. beastly, brutish. 

Bestialiscr, best-yal-c-zai, v. a. to bestialize. 

liestialite, be-.t-ya!-c-tai,y: beastliness. 

Besti.asso, bost-yass.yl nirny. 

Bestiaux, bes'.-yol), in. pi. cat/.'e. 

liestiolc, l),y: little beast. 

liOt.i, bey-tall, ;;/. block/lead, fool. 

Ill tail, b.ii-t I.', in. cattle. 

Bête, lieyt.y; beast; blockhead: f.iire la —, to be silly. 

liél'jnient, beyt-nia<;, a./. li.',-e af-ol. 

BclibC, bey-tiz,y; stupidity; nonsense 

Béloiue, b.ii-tw.m.y; betony. 

Béton, l>ai-to«, in. betoii. 

liolte. bett.y: beet. 

Bctter.ivc, bett-r.iv./! beet, beetroot. 

Beuglement, buli-gl-ma;;, tn. belLnuing. 

Beugler, buli-gl.ii, -p. n. to bellow, roar. 

Bi'urre, bur, tn. butter. 

Beurré, bur-ai, in. 

Beurrée, bur-ai. y! bread and butter, 

B.urrer, bur-ai, v. a. to butter. 

Beurrier, bur-yai, tn. — t-re, — air,y! butter-seller, 

liévue, bai-vû,yl oversight, mistake. 

Bezoard, baizwar, tn. bezoar. 

liiais, by.iy, tn. slope ; dc — , aslope. 

Bi.iisenient, by.ay-znia;;, tn. obliifue direction , 

lllaiser, byay-zai, v. n. to be sloping, s/iuf/le. 

Bi isse, be-.iss.y; raw silk. 

Biberon, bib-ro);, m. siickinç-bottle ; bibber. 

Bible, bibl.y: Jiible. 

Bibliographe, be-ble-o-graf, tn. bibliographer. 

Bibliographic, be-ble-o-graf-e,y". bibliograp/iy, 

Biblioiuane, be-ble-o-nian, tn. bibliomaniac. 

Bibliothécaire, bc-ble-o-tai-kair, m. librarian^ 

Biiiliothiiiue, be-ble-o-tek,./! library. 

Biblique, be-blik, a. biblical. 

Biche, bish, /. /tind. 

Piçhun, bi-sho«i m. Içip-dog, 



I »o 1 


RIclionncr, bc-slio-nal, v. a. to mrl l/it hah: 

lli(.<i(|ue, i>c-V.i>\i.,/. /'iiitrv liriiii ; hovtl, h>il. 

Dill .r, |ic-(l.iy, m. foiiy, Indit, 

Ili'loii, Im'-<Ii>//, i;i, (il//; i,iin,eii. 

lliolle, Xk-kWc,/, ii'iiiifi/iiii,' rihl. 

llL'ii, l)y.ii/(, «7. tvtil ; iiiiiili, many; a threat deal ; 
very; f>ro(>trly ; loiii/.trlahlt ; — ciileiulii, ii/mih/.k', 
— <|UC, (lwii;li, •tHhoiif^ /( / —, i/i.i'oo./, wtaUit ; /itmis; 
-•veal, tslate ; itii,liie.x.\, 

lirii-aiiliij, e, liy.iiii-.ii-iii,ii, i>. /v/iiry./. 

Ilicii-ilire, liyaiii-ilccr, iii. line talk. 

llhii-clrc, l>y.ilii-ii.i>ir, in, well-heiii);. 

•Ilieii-falro, liy.ii/i-l.iir, :. <«. t,<,looiiesiluty, 

llijiiriiisiiicc, liy.ii'/-r.ii-;£.i;/s,/; t'cufjieeme. 

r>iinfai?,;iiit, <•, ljyai;il'.iy-za;/, ~-t, i*. benejUeitt, kind, 

llicaf.iil, l)y,ii//-l'.iy, III. fit; our, Iviielit, 

IliL'iiraitciir, hyai'i-lay-tur, iii. heiie/aetor, 

lli.'iif.iitrico, liy.iw(faylriss,./! heiie/mlteiS. 

Iliciiliciiruiix, sc, Ijy.iiii-milifiili, — /, a. l/lesseJ,/ia//>y, 

l!lt.'iini>il. Iii;-cii-lial, ii, Ineiinial. 

IlicMsoaiicu, l>yai'i-sai-.w/s,yi tUeeiii\, diCoruin. 

llitnsoant, c, f)y.ii;(-s.ii-,i//, — ', a. de,eiil, t>fiOiitiii,i^. 

Iliaiu6t, l)yai«-ti)li, ad, iooii, ere li'ii.i,'; 

lllerisoilltUicc, liyiiH-vc/-.i//s.y; heiinolfiiie, i^ood-iiill, 

llicnvcillaiit, c, l)yai//vc.'-.i//, — I, <*. hentivlfiit, kiiiti, 

Ilicnvoiui, c, Iiyai(/-viu1, ii, ivelioiiie, | 

ItiinvcMUU, l)yai'/-viii1,y; iiehoiiie. 

llicrc, liy.iir, / heer ; I'.'llin. 

Uicvrc, l>yay-vr, in. Iviivei: 

BifX, by.ii, in. iiiill-daiii, inili/>Ml. 

llllfer, f)C-lai, v. a, to erase, laiuel. 

Ilirtuck, liif-tek, III, l'e,i/.\/:,i/;. 

llifiircatioii, liu-fMr-k.ili-^.yii<;,y; bj/iiiralioii. 

lli^aiiii.-, l)c'-^;.im, »//. Iniuiini^t. 

lii;{aiiiio, l)c-j,'am-L',y. i)ii;ainy. 

lli„'arra(lo, \ix;-\i.\T-.\i\,/. à. iter orange. 

lli>;arrL'.iii, lii.-t;ar-iih, "/. ivliite-lieart e/ieriy. 

Bl^;arrl.•.ulticr, lif-j,Mrot-yai, ii/iite-liearl . Iterry fite. 

Bigarrer, lic-^ar-ai, T, a. to larie^'ate; dapfU. 

UiKarriire, be jjar-i'ir,/; iiiediey ; v.idity, 

Ili^jlt;, hi),'!, a. ii/iiinl-eyed. 

UiHorinj, W'^'-r\\,/. biikerii. 

Hi^;ot, c, l)fK'>li. — t. "■ /"xoted, 

UiijDtcric, l)c-i;()t-rc.y; /'ic'try. 

Uijiiu, l)c-l)ji)'>. III. jewel. 

Bijumuric, iii:-hjiim-TK:,/,jeivellery. 

lllidiitior, lio-lij'">t-yai, iii.jeiieller. 

Il;l.iii, l)c-la<(, )'/. haliiiue ; le.lcer. 

l>lll>ij<|iiL't, bil-l)n-k.iy, III, I ii/> and hi/l. 

Ililc, bill.yi /'tie, .!/<'<' ". aiit;er. 

Ililiaire, bill-y.iir, </. liiliary. 

liiliciix, se, bill-yuili -•'i "• hilioiis. 

IliU, bill, ;/;. /■;■'/. 

Bill.ird bi/-alir, in. hilliard.t ; I'illiarltiir'e. 

Itill.inlcr, bl/, v, ii. to strike a I'ali twice, 

llillc, bi/,/: I'itll. 

Uillcbaiuii', biAbiilul,/ eoii/nfioii. 

Uillct, liiAcy, in. note ; I'illel ; tieket ; — iloux, iovc-leiter. 

llillutor, bi/.tai, v. a. to tickrt. 

Hillevcséc, \>\\\-\iilt-i:\\,/. idle trash. 

Ilillion, bill-y»'/, "/. In! lion. 

JJiiloii, biZ-o;/, in. billon; rio'jje. 

I'.illoimajjL-, l)i/-o-nalij, in. eireiilatiKi; o'el'used toiii, 

llilliinncr, bi/-o-nii, "'. '(. to einulate dehaxed coin. 

Hilliuuiuiir, l)i/-ii-iiiir, in. dealer in lia (coin. 

Hillot, bi/-oli, in. Mock ; do:,'-yoke. 

lJiiiil)(;lot, baiH-bloli, )//. Ay. 

Ulmbclotcric, bai«-blut-rc, y. t,y trade. 

Bimbeloticr, bai«-I)lut-yai, in, t,tyinaii. 

Binage, l)0-iialij, in, second /•lciif:liiiij;; 

Binaire, bc-Mair, a. hiiiary. 

Binard, be-iiar, in. fun r-wlieeled chariot. 

Biiitrr, tiu-iiai, î'. a. et n. to di^^ aj,'aiii ; celebrate viass 

Biiic-t, bc-ciaj', in. save-all. [tiviie a day. 

Binette, be-nctt,y; /to^. 

Binocle, bc-nokl, ;/;. binocle. 

Hioj{raplic, be-o-jjr.if, in, bioi^raphcr. 

Hio>;iapliic, be-o-jrr,if-e, in. bi\'ra/ihy. 

Uioj{raplii(iiif, boo->,'raf-ik, a, biographic. 

Bipède, bc-jjed, in. biped. 

Uiquc, bik,./". slie-xoat. 

Biquet, bik-ay, tn, kid. 

Bis, e, be, beez, a. brown. 

Bis ! biss, int. encore I 

Bisa>;e, be-zalij, in. second die. [c^reat-f^raitdmother. 

Bisaïeul, be-zali-yul, m. i^reat-graiidj'athcr ; — e, f. 

Bisannuel, le, be-zan-nwel, a. biennial. 

Bisbille, Ms-bl/,y: ijiiarrel. 

Biscaïen, biskali-yai;(, in, iron ball. 

Biscornu, c, bis-ktir-nil, a. outlandish, 

Biscotin, bis-kot-ai«, in. hard biscuit, 

Uiscuit, bib-hwee, vi, biscuit. 

BIhc, bec2, / north-tait wind, 

Biiuau, bu-^iili, III. basil, kiisiiijf.cmtt. 

Hfhur, l)o-/ay, v. n, to dye a:;ani. 

Iliset, bc'^ay, in. sl,uk'doie. 

Biictte, be-/ett,/: iiarroii' lace. 

Ili'>niutii, lii>s-iiiiil. III. bisiiiiilh, 

llisiiii, lii'-4'>'/, in. bison. 

Ilis(|ue, bi^k, /, bisk ; isldt. 

lli.siic, b>.'-iak, III. wallet ; be^ji^ary. 

llls'icctiiin, bc-sck-syi)'(, ,/ biseitiPH, 

llisicxtf, be-sckit. in. bisst.xtile, 

Bi:iscxtil, be-sck-i-lil, a. bisse.xtilt. 

Itistouriicr, bis-lnor-iial, ;'. n. tolwitt. 

Bitume, be-lilin, in. t'ltiiinen, 

llituuiineux, sc, be-tù-iuc-iui'i, ■?., a. hitimiinoHJ. 

Bivac, be-vak, lliviai.iL, be-vitu-ak, in. bit; uac. 

Bivaqucr, bu-vak-ai, Bivuuai|uor, bc-von-ak-ai, f. 

Biz.irre, be-zar, a. — inent, ad. inid, whimsical, 
liizarruTiu,, /. oddness, whim, 
Ulafard, e, bla-far, - il, a. Wan, pale. 

II. ft 

j;ue, bla^,', y. tobacio-poiich. 

Hl.iircaM, bl.ur-oh, in. badxer. 

lll'liMalilc, blati-niali'bl, ii. btaineable. 

llliniL', blauiii, in. blame ; repriiiiaiid, 

BLiniLr, blaii-uial, T. a. to blame ; reprimand, (ensure, 

BlaiR, In-, bli", — sli, <». white ; ileaii ; blank ; tar'.e 

blaiicUe, Jiill power ; —, m, white lolour ; white 

mart ; — de b.ileini!, spermaceti; de but en , bluntly; 

— bee, III, iii'vice ; — lclaIl^;er, ;//. blaiii-iiianj;er, 
Bl.mcli.iille, bla/isliau/, f.Jry. 
lllaiRliAtre, bla;/-sliau-tr, a. whitish, 
Blain-lii-, bl.i;/bli, /'. iiniiiin, 
Bl.iiiLlieMient, b!a;/sh-nia;;, ad. cleanly. 
Blauther, bla>i-sli.ii, in. blancher, tanner, 
III iMiliel, bla)(-sli,iy, in. blanket. 
Blanclicur, bla;/-sliur, y: irhiteness. 
BI.UKlMnieiit, bla</-slie-Mia«, m. bleachini^. 
Blanchir, blaii-slieer, i', a. et ii, to whiten, bleach ; 

wash ; grow grey ; groiv oUt. 
Ill.iMcliissa^e, lila«-sliisTalij, ;//. ivashing ; bleii' ' iiig, 
Bl.uiclii'.serie, bla'/-sliis.sre, y; bleaih-yard. 
I Bl.inciii^seur, bla;/-sliiss-ur, in, whilster, bleacher; 

— euie, — uliz, y. washentoinaii. 
Bl.uniuelte, l>l.i«-kett, /, blaiujuette. 
Blaser, blau-Â.ii, f. «. M i"'////'/, weaken; p,tll ; se—, 

V. r. to impair one's health (by drinking), 
ni.ison, blau-zo»i, ;;/. heraldry. 
BlaMjhuer, blau-zu-iiai, ;•. a. to blaz,.n. 
BlaspliJnwiteur, blass, ///. blasphe'ner. 
BlasplicMi.itoire, b .isfai-m,il-war, a. blasphemous, 
Ul.ispliL-nie, blass-layni, in. blaspheme. 
Blasjiliénier, bl.iss-l.iiiuai, v. a. to blaspheme, 
Blatier,, ;//. corii-inen/iaiit. 
Blatte, 1 liât, y: moth. 
Blé, blai, m. corn, ivlieat. 
Bleuie, bliyui, a. iiaii, pale, pallid. 
Blûniir, bleyiii-eer, .'. ii. to g row pale. 
Bloiuisbeiuent, b ey-iiiiss-iua«, in. turning 
Bleiser, bles-.-ai, i'. a. to noiiitd, hurt; Ojffcnd ; iC ■ 

7'. <•. to hurt one's self; take ojfence. 
Blessure, bless-fir, /. wound, hurt. 
Blet, te, bley, blett, /. cnei-ripe. 
Bleu, e, bluli, a. blue. 
BleuUre, bliih-aii-tr, a. bluish. 
Bleuir, bluh-ecr, 7». a, et ii. to blue , 
Blind ii;e, blai/(-dahj, in. blinding. 
Blinder, blai(/-day, -,'. a. to blind. 
liloe, blok, III. bloi k ; lump. 
Bloeaj^e, blok-alij, m. turned letter. 
Blncaille, blok-au/, y; rubbish. 
Ulcickliaus, bluk-olis, ni. bhxkhouse. 
Bliicus, bliikùs, }n. blockade. 

liluud, e, blu;/, - d, ij.y<»(>/ light; —, nt. light colour, 
BUuule, blo;«l, /. blond, Jair woman, 
Bliiudiii, blo;(.(|ai;;, in. beau. 
Blondir, bln//-(leer, -,\ ii. to grow/air, lii;ht. 
Blondissant, e, blo«-de-ba;;, — t, a. yellowish, folden. 
Blo(iiier, blo-kai, z: a. to block up ; turn letters. 
se Blottir, blo-tecr, -,.■. r. to squat down. 
Blouse, blooz, y; hazard ; smock-Jrock. 
Blouser, bloo-zai, f. a. to make a hatard ; deceive; se 

— , v. r. to misiake. 
Bluet, bhVey. m. bluebottle. 
Bluette, bid-ett, /. spark. 
Bluteau, bliVtoh, in. bolter. 
Bluter, bliVtai, v. a. to bolt, sift, 
Bluterie, blût-re, /, bolting-room 
Blutoir, blilt-war, in. bolter. 
Bobèche, bo-baysh, /. socket. 
Bobine, bo-bin, /, bobbin, 
J3ubil)er, bo-be-oai, v, <?, to wind on a bobbii% 

ojffcnd , 

turn blue. 

BOB [ 31 1 

|)».tHi, 1)i'1i1m)|i, »»/. iiiiit// ,tu'>nriit, 

!<.>. .ii;i-, iH.-k.iliJ, »i. i'lvtf.,, HI. Kwiitt, ,tf,iinUt. 

Ihii.inl, I' m. sfiiiii/vr. 

BoL.iiil.iK'e. I"<lilij, »i. tt.imfi'ig. 

H<). irilor. f. »>. tv srumf. 

Hii.liiie, l>o-<lt:cii, /. if-/. 

11.1111. liiif, m. ,<v . hftf. 

HohfiiiHMi, lMi.,ii-my.ii'/, w. gi/>^\. \ttrinkUiir. 

•Iliiire,, l. n. ft >i. to itrnik ; hli't ; —, in. liniii; 

IJiii-s Im.i, in. u\>i>i1 , horni ij/ a dnr ; — <t.- Ill, hi-.i- 

\tfH.t ; — t.lillls, f<fif. 
Iliii'» IK<'. l'*.i-/.ilij, "»• lilt ill fti>(. 
\i>'\\rr, liw.t-/.ll, T <». t.i 7i;tiiif,:>t. 
Hcii-.crie, lnv.i/ro, ./. ifiUiia.'t. 
IJi.i.eii», '.f, liw.i-/iili. — /. o. Tf.'.JiO'- 
iiowsciu, liw.isuti, "/. hiiy/it.'. 
»ui-,sLlec, liw.i-sl.ii, /. hn\lult'nf. 
IJiiis'.rlirr, l)w.i-sel-yai. «/. n:<,<,t-tnrii*>'. 
lJ<ilsscllcrie, Im.i-scl-rc, A liiniir's ti-iuit o>- it;tifs. 
it<iissim, liw.isvo«, / ,{i-iiit. ,iriiikiii\-. 
Itiiite, liwiit,/. ^>v,- fiii'ifiir; H'atJi-iiitf. 
HoitcT,,ii, 7'. ,>. It) t;o liiHii; Inn/'. 
jl'iitciix, sc, l>, — /, fi. Iitinr. 
lluiticr, liw.i-ty.ii. III. siiiX'vii'i di'.x. Ji-nr/;atf. 
ÏI.IIH', ImiIi-.iv. r.r lloire. 
lUll, linl. III. /it'/llf : luiwl. 

llHMili.iiKO, t)(i«.|i.i»(>>, /./(raitini,'. 
Iintiil>.ir<lc, liii//-l),»ril. /. >'o»it<-tft.ll. 
lloini.iiriii-inciit. lHi/;-liaril-iii.i//, in. homhiti-iiiiirnt. 
ilf>ml>.iriUT, li<i;;-li.iril-ai. 7\ <i, to hoiiih,ii-,i. 
Iloiiiliarilicr. Iii>»(-l)nrcl-y.ii, in. t'oml'iirilifr. 
)t<iiiil).isiii, lKiii-liaz-ai«, in. t>i>inbazin. 
lliiiiii), l">»(b, / loinh. 

Hiiiiiliciiii-iit, li<p;;li.fiia</, ni. i,inTf.\ily ; tangling. 
lliiiiilicr, lii)((l>.ii. r'. a. to inakt cvnvtx. 
IJi.n. ni', \n<n, Imji, a. gooii, useful; Jit: —mot, 
nittii ism ; lout de —, in i;iH>ii earneit; tmuvcr --, to 
<>/•/> iii'f ; tciiir — , to holii out, ftrsist : —, «(. goiki 
p.. II. ICC-, Ixi-iiiss, /. iiilin at rcii. [ijuality ; oi-<(fr. 

) .c, t)ii-liass, <i. goi'ii-iiit/iti-fii. 
'iilion, li<);/-li<i(/, in. sivrettntiits, (•!. 
inl)iimiii.TO, li(i</-liiiii-yair, /. ni'ietinfiit-bo.x. 
cmil, lio», '". hoitiiit, hoiiiiif, i;ain/'ol. 
unie, l>in/cl, /../Akhi'-i,""'''.' hiini:-liolf. 
iiiilir, Ixi;/ ilcer, r'. a. lohoiiiui, /'onnif. 
iiiiili'i>eiii<.iit, l)<i</-<liss-iiia</, i>i. àoniidiiig; — (to 

lur, risiiit,' oflhf stoinndi. 
iiiulnii, hitiitiitn. in. /'Iiiii,'; t'liiii^-liole. 
hiKliiiiiKT, lii))/-ilii-iiai, T'. II to hull i;. 
kinlu'iir, lio-iuir, in.'/'iHii!, i^oo.i luck. 
imliimiie, l)i)-lii>-iiie, /. j,'Oo,/-iiatnri' .• sim/'/in'fy. 
Diilioiiiiiie. b<i-niiin, in. t:ooii-iiatnicii man. 

liii-iie, m. surplus. 
Diiitii atioii, l).i-iiif-c-ka-syo<(, f. iinproi'cmtnt. 
onilicr, tiK-nif-yni, -•. a. to improve. 
nnjiiur, l)i)« lijiuir, >n. i^ooii day. 
DiiiU', l)iiii. /. ma 1,1 ; iiiiisi-. 
Diineiuent, lum iiia», a,i. Iioneslly. 
oiHict, hciri.iy, in. cap: — (K: mut, ni);ht-caf. 
|oiUKtc-ric-, hoii-trec, /i liosiei's biisintss. 
omicticr, Ijonii-tyat, in. hosifr. 
uiistiis, l'0);.sa«, in. good sense. 

iiiir, |iii;/-swar, in. good eirning. 
piiic, \Min-\o\, /. goodness : kindness. 
br.ix, lMt-r,iks, in. borax. 

brl. l)i)r, in. edge, brim; shore: board; — ft — , le-oe!, Ii(ir-il.ii, m. hem : lace. (nr;/ nillt. 

•nkc. Ixir-ilai. y. broadside : tack. 
ftrlcr, liordai, t. a. to edge : border, line : tuck up. 
prill rcaii, bor-droli, m. note, account. 
■ Ii|,'iic', bor-dit;, y. crawl. 
irilure, b'ir-dûr, yi edge, border. 
|r<, e, bc)-rai-af, a. northern. 

biirai, in. iiorlh-ivind, 
t>,'i\e, boniyt". a. one-eyed. 
jriia^;c, borii-alij, in. setting bounds. 
jriic, born, y! boundary: fast. 

.■. e, bi)r-iiai, a. uarro7v, limited. 
■r. bdriiii, 7' II. to bound : confine, liinil ; se —, 
■, fo limit, content one's self ivith. 
i)or, bor nwa-yai, ?'. a. to look imth one eye. 
*\\.\<:\, bos-key, in. gro^.r. thicket. 
is.ii;e, boss-afij, ni. embossment. 
fcsf, l)i)ss, /; hunch, hump ; lumfi; knob ; bunch: 
l.scl,i^;e, l)Oss-lalij, m. embossing. [snare. 

itlcr, boss-lai, t/. a. to emboss, dent. 
seiuan, boss-nia», »«. boats7i'aifi. 
scr, boss-ai, v. a. to stopper (cable). 
•ette, boss-ett, /l stud, toss 
•u, e, boss-û, a. hunehbacked. 
luer, boss-O-ai, v. a. /» èalter, truist. 


lli>t, iMih, I», pled—, in. ft a. linh/M; cliib/i>,ttfit, 

lki|.iiiii|iic, b" l.irt-ik, «I. botan.tal : -, f. Mttny. 

Uiilaiii-,c'r, liK taiiu-itai, i'. ». to botanne, 

IVilanUU-, bo-laii'Wt. in. 

Iliitte, but, ./. boot . bun. h , /aggot, bandit, bnlH*. 

Iliille, e, l)i>t-.ii, .1. booted. 

llnttcl.itfc-, bi«t-lalij, in bottling. 

H"ttc'lor, i)Mt-l,il, I' <i. to bottle, Irmt. 

liiilli-lfiir, botliir, m. hay.lrii\ier. 

Hciitcr, bn.l.ii ;■. <i. /,) iiiake bo.ils ; M —, t'. r t0 /«/ 

liotlicr, biilyai, in. biiotiiiaker, [one's boi'ft on. 

Ilottiiic. but-Ill,/, butkin, haU-biiot. 

Ilniii , bonk, III. he-iioal. 

ll'nu.m, bcicik-.w/. III. biKcctn, steivt. 

Ilniu.iner,, T'. ii. tobii.ian, smoke. 

Iliiiic.iniir,, in. buctaneer. 

Koiic.issin, liii>i-k.i>i.,-.ii>(, )//. b.'iasine. 

lliiiic.iiit, bi'< III. hot-slicad. 

MmucIu-, liniiili, y. mouth: .noir bonne —, A> k.;» 

lloiiitu'C, boo-sli.ii, /. moutliJ'Hl. [ie.iil. 

Il'iiiclii'r, boo-sli li, ;■. II. to >t.<p, bniii; : -, m. hnl.lici. 

Ilmiilu-rc, biicisliair, ./I butcher.iivman. 

Iloiuhrric, lioi.sli-re, y". biitihcry, shambltt, pi. 

lloiitlu--lMii, boosh-troo, in. slop-gap. 

lliiiK liciir, bi»i.sli«,ir, in. lid of an oi'e':, 

îliiiicliiin. 1 -iliii/;. III. stopple, iork-wi.\p,bnsh,laitrn. 

lloiicli'iiincr, b'lH-sli'i.ii.ii, ,■. ,i. to rub with a wt\f ; 

liiiiicliciiiiiicT, l)iin.shi)-ny,il, in, cork-cntltr. [/o.ialr. 

Iloiu Ic, bodkl. /! biitkle: ring: iiirl. 

lliiiuliT, b'ldk-i.ii, T. a. tobiiikle: iiirl. 

lloiicliiT, bciii.klu-,ii. III. bulkier, shield. 

KmiilcT, lioo-d.ii, ;•. II. to pout, sulk. 

Itoiidcrie, liuod-rc,/ pouting'; sulking: 

ll<iiidt.'iir, se, boo-diir, — \\z, a. sulky: one who pouts. 

jjouilin, i>oo-d,iin, in. piiddiuj! : rolled tobacio : b.ig. 

lloiidinicTe, boo-diii-y.iir,/:y/i'/c-»-. 

lloiidoir,, in. boudoir, 

Iliiiif, brH>, /: dirt, mud, iniie. 

ll')iiL-i', 1 III. buy. 

Iloiuiir, l)i"i-ur, in. dustman, scavenger. 

ll'iiiLiix, so. bdii-uli, — z, a. dirty. 

llDiilf.iiit, c-, bool'.i;;, — t, a. puj/ing. 

Itoiiiro, boof, in. buffoon. 

Uoutrce. b<>(i-f.ii, /"/«/A slight Jit. 

Iloiitler. boi)-(',ii. v. a. to puff swell. 

lloiiirinic. l)oii.fctt.y. ear-knot. 

Ildiillir. biio-fccr. ;•. n. to \well, puff up, 

ItiiiiHiisiin-, lioo-fc-sftr,y ntvlling. \ /ester. 

Iloiilluii. no, bdo-foH, —foil, a. j.cote: —, in. /' //A'i'>(, 

llniiifdnnor. bod-fd-n.ii. :•. n. to play the bu.ffoi)u. 

11. .iitldiiinrio. I)dd-liin-rc,y! buÎK'oncry. 

IldU/o, liddlij, m. paltry hniging : bouge. 

Udii'^'odir,, in./lat candlesfiik. 

Ildii^'cr, lidd-lij.ii. T. n. to budt;e. stir. 

Ilc>iij,'ottc-. l>dd.|ijolt, /! budget, bag. 

llciiiV;io. bod-lijo, /'. iva.y-candle : bougée. 

lldii;,'diinor, bdo ^;d-nai, '■. n. to grumble. 

lldugran, biid-nr.i^i, in. buckram. 

lidiiill.uit, 0, biK)/-a«, — t, rj. boiling. 

H. mille, \n,„l,J.Jishing-pole. 

Itniiillor, booAai, v. a. to trouble Water : mark ch'h. 

Itdiiilli, bdd/.ce, m. boiled meat. 

Hdulllic. bdo/'-ic./'. pap, pulp. 

•Bdiiillir, biKiZ-oor, '•. n. to boil ; bubble. 

Koiiilldiro. l)nd/,y boiler. 

Ddiiillun, bdd/-dH, /;/. brofh : bubble : Jlounce : Jit. 

IldiiilldiMiciiient, b<io/-iinan.i;(, m. bubbling up. 

Hdiiillonnor, bddAo-n.ii, v. n. to bubble up.^;or, bi)d-l.i;/-hi.ii, v. a. to bake : — . m. baler. 

Hdalan^,'cTo, boo.l.u/lij.iir,./' baker's ivije. 

Hdiilanijorio. bdd.lii/.hiro.y; baking, bake-lioute. 

lidiilc, bonl.y. bo'fl, ball. 

lldiilo 111, boo-ldh, III. birch-tree. 

It iiiloildi'iic, bvill-ildij. t'l. bull-dog. 

Udiil.'o, biid-j.ii,/: dregs of tallow, pi. 

lidiilot, b(pd-l,iy, in. build, cannon ball. 

Houlette, boo-lett,. /lyî'Jrfrf meatball. 

\\..\\\i:\\\,ha»-\\\\\, in. short thiik horse. 

lldiilevard,, in. bill ira rk. 

liduloverseinenl, b<Jdl-vairs-iii.i//, in. crertlirow. 

Bdiilcversir, bool-vair-S;ii, v. a. to o:\rthroio : o:er.'ur<i; 

Uoiiloviio, bool-\ i1, .'i — ,' ad. hastily, [agitate, unsettle, 

Uduliniie, bon-le-iiie,y bulimy. 

Uoiiliii, boo-l.ii«, in. pigeon-cove; putlog. 

Ronline, boo-lin, y bcrjuline. 

Boiilincr, lioo-le-n.ii. v. a. to haul the wind. 

Houlinijrin, boo-!.ii;/-^'rai*;, >ii. bo7iliiiggreeit. 

B<iuli>ii, bod-lo«, in. troll pin, holt. 

Boulonner, boo-lo-iial, v. a. to fasten with iron pins. 

Boni|iiet, boo-kay, m. nosegay: bunch; birlhaay 

couplet ; flcti'our (ofwine\. 
Bonqnetier, book-ty^ii, m.Jlvtvcr-fot. 


f " 1 


liriiinlriniKr, Ikm 
Ilouriloniic't, bour-dii 

Uouquelière, hook-lyalr, / /totutr-glrl, 
Doii'itirtiii, bouk-Ui/f, >ii. T> i/i/v'*!''- 
H<>\ii|iilii, hiKi-kiil», m. otii /u-)ii'iif, o/J hoo^. 
llnii<|iiiriiT, boo-kc-iiai, v. n. to hiiiil it/ltr oUi hMkt. 
I^lll<|uk'li^le, bnu-ke-iiM, >n. it<i)iid-hi\nd biMksilUr. 
Itoiir.iL.iri, liiio-Mk'ii», III. biMrroian. 
Iliiiirbr, bourb,/. «;i(./, inirf. 
Uourbciu, sc, l)nnr-buli, — *, a. iimttitv, Miry. 
Huiirbior,, in. sloiigh, fuJMt ; ura/t, 
lliiurliilliiii, bnor-Iii/-u;i, in. ton: 
HouriLiiiii', b'Mir-daiii,/: tiiuk ettltf, 
ii'iurilr, liimrd, / shitiii. 

llMUrilillDii, liixir-illZ-oM, HI. jAi/y-jcrirt/. [(^fiiitiiix). 
Jlounl'iii, liiiiir-(l<)»/, III. i/roiit ; sUylf; gii'ttl btti : mil 
KiiuriKiiMiciiK'iit, boiir-ilxii-iii.wt, in. hiita, liiiinining. 
>r-i\<jn:\\, i: II. lit blitz i initrmiir. 
iifi-ay, m, lùstU. 
HourK. lioDf, I'l. lioii<ii)f}i. 
Iloiiri,Mclt.', boor-u'.id,/. sin.tll boroiigfl. 
Iloiirvjei j-., biMir-liJ«.i, in. biiixi'ss ; litiMtu ; —, t, —z, 

I. — ClIKMll. itii. llti,tll-/ik,-. 

HourK».ni,c, b<)or-lijrt.u,./i utiie-n'i «'(/■•. [/>/. 

Uourneojiic, bunr-lijw.ui-f, / buixlif^hif ; blii\.;li/rs, 

HoiirKtun, bour-lijn», in. biui ; /(/«//<■. 

Ili.iirjjcipiiiicr, liijcir-hjd-nai, v. n. /.> biul ; bi\ai in 

lloiir^inc >trc, buiir^j-iui.'str, in. bur^oiiunler. [fiiiii/lis. 

Ilourr.iclie, buo.r.isli,/! bi'tat^e. 

Ilourr.Kic, boo-rail,/ cup', blow ; hoint-thrntt. 

It()urr<is<|iir, boor-.tsk,/ niiiatl i whim. 

Uoiirrc, wnt,/. vc.iY, lOW's luiir ; itiilf. 

IlnurrLMu, bixir-oli, in. e\eiiiti.<nfr ; — d'arjli'iit, r/c/zi/- 

lioiirriie, bon-r.ii.y: briiiiiwoiHi,/,t.i;ot. [fîtri/,'. 

Hourrtler, bixir-lal, v. ii. /<> mr*. tonnent. 

lioiirrelurie, b'jorl-rc.y! tiatico/u hitriiess-iiuiktr. 

Iloiirri'let, boor-l.iy, in. fi^'ii /'tiMi\i i,i/>. 

IliiuircliLT, boiir-ly.ii, in. /lai'iiess-inuA-ir. 

llmirrur,, t'. a. I.> lain igiin); itnjf'; tlinij/i. 

Iloiirrlchc, boo-risli,y: t^ttme-basktt. 

I)ourrii|uc, boo-rik, / s/ie-ast. 

noiirri(|uct, bou-rc-key, >n, ns.i's coft; mason's horse, 

Hoiirrir, b'lo-reer, z'. n. to whir. 

Hourrii, c, biH)-rfl, a. morose; ptrfish. 

llourse, boors, .A fnrsc ; bursary, exthiinge ; ftHow- 

Hoiirskiiiit, boor-sc-koli, in. small f<urse. [j7i«/. 

Hoursicr, lioor-!iyai, in. fiirstr : bursar. 

Doursillcr, boor-hiZ-al, i'. n. to tlnh to.i^'cl/wr, 

Boiirsoiirt.i^;e, boor-soo-llalij, m. bombast. 

Hoursoullcr, boor-soor-llai, -,'. a. to bloat, fuffuf>, 

Boiirsourture, boor-soo-flflr,/. bloalfdness. 

Bousculer, boos-kiVlai, v. a. to turn iifsidt down. 

Bousf, booz, /. low-duiif;^. 

Housillaj{e, boo-zi/-alij, m. mud-wall : bun.i^line. 

Bousiller, lioo-ziAai, to make a mud-wall ; dabble. 

Bousilleur, boo-ziAur, m. miulwaller ; dabbler. 

Boussole, boo-sol,/! (Om/'ass. 

Bout, boo, III. end. e.vtreini/y ; tip; bit : d'un — h 
I'aulro, all over : au — du côniptc, after all : — por- 
tant, close to : cire \ —, to be at the last extremity; 
venir !\ — , to mate an end of. 

Bout.ide, boo-tad,/ whim, fancy. 

linute-cn-train, boot-a«-trai«, m. decoy-bird ; stallion; 
merry companion. 

Boute-feu, boot-full, m. linstock ; Jirtbrand. 

Boute-liors, boot-or, ;'/. bo.^tii. 

Bouteille, boo-le/,./; bottle ; bubble. 

Bouter, boot -ai, v. a. to rope. 

Boiiterolle, boot-rnl, /; chape. 

Boiili'.selle, boot-sell, >n. soiuier le — , to so 'ndto horse. 

Boutillier, booli/ai, ;//. butler. 

Bouti<iue, bo.i-iik-.y: .\hop ; trunk ; im, .cincnls, pi. 

Bouti(iuier, boo-til;-yai, in. shopkec/er. 

Boutis, boo-te, in. r,'otii!^-place, 

Boutisse, boo-:iss,y: header. 

Boutoir, boo-twar, m. snout ; farer. 

Bouton, boo-toH, ;;/. button ; bud ; pimple. 

Boutonner, boo-to-nai, t. a. et ii. to button ; bud ; sc —, 
V. r. to billion one's coal, etc. 

Boutonnerie, boo-ton-re.y; buttomvare. 

Boutonnier, boo-ton-yai, m. button-maker. 

Boutonnière, boo-ton-yair.yC bulton-hole. 

Bouts-riiiiés, boo ro-iu li, bout- rimes, pi. 

Bouture, boo-tùr.y; sucker. 

Bouverie, boov-ree. //(. stable, cow-house. 

Bouvet, boo-vey, m. plough. 

Bouvier, e, boo-vyai, s. cow-herd. 

Bouvillon, boo-vi^o«, m. bullock. 

Bouvreuil, boo-vru/, m. bullfinch. 

Bovine, bo-vinn,/: black cattle. 

Boxer, box-ai, v. n. to box. 

Boxeur, box-ur, >«. boxer. 

Boyau, bwa-yoh, m.put, bowel; pipe. 

Bojraudicr, Uwa-voU-?"!!, m, sutspinntr. 

\ Hr.icelvl, bra*»-I.iy, »i. bractUI. 

llr.iCiinnaKe, brak-o-n.ilij, m. poenhmf, 

Hr.iLoniivr, br,ik-n-n,il, v. ii. to pottcH. 

Ilraconiilcr. br,ik-n-nyal, in. poaihtr. 

Ilr.iele'.tle, iirak-t.kl-at./. bracttalt, 

lirai, bray, iii. pitih, tar, 

Hrale. bray, / clout. 

llrailUrd, c, brauAar, — <l, <?. bawiiHg, 

Itrailler,, v. n. to bant. 

Ilr.iilleur, se, brauAur, —jt, s. biiivler, 

llr.iliucnl, br,iy-iii.i>/, in. braying. 

•llrairc, brair, v. ii. to bray. 

Ilriise, bray* /; ht'tiottt; small coal, 

Itr.iiser, bray-(ul, f. ii. to strw, broil. 

It-albier, bray-zy.ii. m. troiii;h ; brasiet. 

Ilr.iuicr, brain-al, ;'. n. to bray. 

Ilranr.ird,, in. litter ; shaft. 

llMncli.i^e, br,w<-sli,tlij, m. bi, inches, pi. 

Ilr,inclie, \a.\n-,\\,.f. branch; bow. 

Ilraiiclier, br.i>/-sli,u, :■. ii. to penh, rooit. 

Hr.intliicr, br.i;/ sirj.ii, ;;;, brancher, 

Ilraiu-lile-,, brao-slie. f pi. ;;tlls, pi, 

llr.incliu, I', br.i>/-slii1, ii, rainoui, 

liMiide, br.i«d,y; heath, .furze. 

llrainlebouri;, br.i/j.l-boor, in. fioç. 

Ilrandi'vin, br.i'/d-v.ii//, in. brandy. 

llMiidilleiiieiit, br,i>/-iliAnia</, ;;/. swinging. 

Brandiller, bra«-diAal, v, n, to miing ; itir ; m — ■ V. r, 
I to see-saw, swing. 

nr.iiiiliUoirc, bra«-iliAwar,y! nviiii^. 

liraiidir, br.i<;-iKer, T. a. lo brandish. 

Ilr.tiulon, br.i»;-do>/, ;«, wisp of straw : flrebrand. 
. llr.iiuli inner, bru/, v. a. to mark the stiture wilH 
a wisp. [le —, Illettré en — , to set a-ooin,;. 

Ilr.inic, brawl, m./oi,'.i'iiig; /otsini.'; hammoik , (lonnT 

llr.inlenicnt,,i<(, m. fogging. 

Ilranler, brax-lal, v. a. et ii. to Jog, thttke ; xvitltr, 
I Ilranloire, braH-lw,ir,.A see-sav), 
i Braque, brak, s. brack. 

nra(|ueinart, br.ik-inar, »t. hanger, 

Hraiiueineiit, brak-nia;/, in. pointing. 

Ilr.uiuer, brak-ai, v. a. to point, turn., br.ili, in. arm ; hand; branch, handle; brace: 
— dessus, — dessous, arm in arm. 

Briiscr, brnh-zal, v. a. to braxe, solder. 
'■ Brasier, brah-2yal, in. quitk clear fire : pan. 
I Hr.isilleuient, brali-ziAniax, m. glilleriiig. 
I Brasiller, bra-zlAni, v. a. et ii. to broil ; sparkle. 
\ Brassa»;c, brass-ahj, m. coinage. 

Brassaril, brnss-ar, in. bracelet, bract. 
I lirasse, brass, f. fathom. 
I Brassée, brass-ai, /, armful. 

Brasser,, v. a. lobrirtv; plot. ^ 

llrasseric, brass-re, yC breiv-house. 

Brasseur, brass-ur, m. bnrwer. 
. llrassiat{e, brass-yalij, m. depth. 

Brassières, brass-yair, f. pi. night-waistcoat, 

Brassin, brass-ai;i, in. breiviiig-copper ; bretuing. 
, Brasure, brah-zûr,/ brazing. 

Bravache, l)ra-vash, m. bully, fanfarcii. 

Bravade, l>rav-ad,y; boast, hectoring. 

Brave, brav, a. —nient, ad. brave: honest ; gallant; 
\ courageous : — , m. man of spirit ; bi-avo. 

Br.iver, brav-ai, v. a. to brave, dare. 

Bravo 1 brav-oh, int. bravo I 

Br.ivoure, brav-oor,/: bravery, valour, coura..^e. 

Brayer, bray-yal, v. a. topitih, ; — , in. tmss. 

Brayette, bray-yet, / Jlap. 

Broant, brai-a»/, m. yellow-hammer. 

Brebis, br«//-be, f. fwe ; sheep. 

Brèche, bresli, f. breach ; notch ; holt ; —dent. n. 

Bréchet, brai-shey, m. brisket. [toothless. 

Hredi-breda, br«/(-de br«/i-dali, ad. hurriedly. 

Bredouille, br;<//-doo/, in. lurch. 

Bredouillemcnt, br«/<-dooAiiia;/, m. stammering. 

Bretlouiller, br«//-dooAai, v. n. to slammer, 

Bredouilleiir, br/<A-dooAiir, m. shxmmcrer. 

Bref, ve, bref, brayv, a. biuf, short ; —, ad. in short\ 
shortly ; — , m. brief; calendar. 

Brehainne, bre-hayn-yc, a. barren. 

IJrelan, br//A-la'/, in. gleek ; gaming-house, 

Brelander, br;/A-la«-(Tai, v. ii. to game. 

Brelandier, br><A-la«-dyai, m. g^ainesler, 

Brelee, br;///-lai, y: sheep-fodder. 

Brelle, brel, /. raft. 

Breloque, hTuh-\ok,f. gewgaw, toy. 

Brcluche, hruh-lùih.f. drugget. 

Brème, breym, f. bream 

Brésil, brai-zil, m. bragil-wood. 

Brésiller, brai-ziAai, v. a. to cut small. 

.Brctaillcr, brM/<-toAai, v. >i. to tilt. 

BretoiUeur, bxufy-taJ-ui, m, tilttr, bui/y. 

fi RE tajl 

8ret4Uilor, l)r«A-iiihil.ii. v u. fit fut loinni/y. 

IJreleIk. L.r/<Alcll, / t/nt/ , — i, //. tr,utj, fl. 

Ilretle. brcl./ r,t/>ier. 

Ilrvttclrr. l.rctUI, i . .». A» iMt, lAi/ (xA'/irj. 

Ilrt-ttctir, l.rct-iir, m. hntly. 

rirciiil, liruli/, "<. t'iil.-itJiO/isf, iHuM. 

llr<.-iiv.iL;c, liruliv..ilij, m. hfvtnij;* i fotioit. 

Hfcte, lir.iyv./ ih,'rt tyllitMt. 

Ilrevet, l)rM/iv..iy, tu. ■Mijrntut, fMtnl : hill <(/ iMoij^'. 

Urcvcler, j>r/iAv.lai. f. <i. t,> i:iit -t ^.tttiit, 

Iln-si.iire. bralvyiiir, m. /iivmtrv. 

UrilK-'. brill, K sirii/>. Inni/' nf h>v<ui. 

Iiric-,',l>rik-.tb-rak, m. •nijutitii mis. 

nrick. briW, »»/ brin. [iiutirf/ty. 

Bricole, br.:lc"l. /! <A///-Aii»/7; brùolt ; >tt\%f , jur — , 

Ilricoler., t', M. tt^ /n'ui'li- ; i/tiifftf. 

Itriiolier, bre-ko,|, m. ,'rf-horsi: 

nride, brid, / àriJl,; st.iy ; \ — iib.illii.-, Ml if*t<f, 

nrl If r, briil-.ii. f. <». /<> *r;i//r , .fitiUit, iiii-à. 

ni-iii'iir, brtviIrtMf, m. iit*- x/iiiii,', 

Uriilon, bri.|>i«, m. sihi^f-tiif. 

Ilrirf, *vt;, brc-cf, -Ayv, #i. — *veriient, ilrf. Jt/»#»y, bri//, 

Hrièvel^, l>rc-rtyvl,»l,/ />ffi ifv, iA.o'/iifst, 

HriK.irlf, bri^-atl, K brix'.t./f ; Ihiiui. 

UrUri'licr, brIu-.Ail-y.ii, "(. hri^<\Aitr. 

Ilrin.uiil, iirit(-««, m. JiiX'/tii'iiviti.iii. 

Iltn,Mnct,it{i-. Iirl|,'-.i«il.ilij, >n. tvhhrry, exiuti'tu. 

Ilrl^jindiT, brii;--i"->, r. u. t<> mb. 

llrit.M»ibne, bri»{-.»»/'lin,/ brij^'itii.iiin. 

Ilriijiii', bri^r, f. •itiitttssim,': iiihal. 

Ilriifiii-T, br7j(-.ii, T'. a. ti> lUiltiiis : lOHtf, 

III iL;iii.''ir, brii/-iir, m. citintissi-r. 

Iliill.iiiiincnt, l'rl/-.»m-.i(/, a,/, bnllùiiifly. 

llrilLint, c, bri/a»/, - t, <i. brillimit, bright; tn. brill- 

»,*«■ V, hrii^'htiifs! : bnlliiiiif. 
nrillanti.T, bri/->i>i-t.ii, i'. (?. lo iiif i)i/i'a>ix'li-f. 
Ilrlllcr, liriAal, v. >i. U shint : s/iartli ; ^Itlttr, 
nrtiiib.ilc. br.ii«,/ brtikt, haiidlf. 
Ilriinb.iliT, br.ii', i'. a. lolosf, tft a-goin^, 
nrinibnriiiii, br-ii/z-lior-yo»/, tn. bitiihlt. 
Ilrlii,<i, IH. t^ti^' ; tli/> ; tnorstl, bit, 
Triii le, br,iii/<l, / hmltlt, toast, 
Ilrloi.lie, brc-osh./ btiosh. 
llrii|iic, lirik-../! btik. 
Jlricnn.'t, brik-.iy. tn. \t(fl. 
Drii|iiftH{e, brik-talij, iit. briikwork. 
Ilrii|iictcr, brik-lnl, v. a. to inttii- bruk-M't 
Driqiivicrie, briktrc,/ hruk-liiln. 
|)rii|iiclior, lirik-ty.ii, tn. briik-tnakfr. 
Uiiiliifltc, brlk-ctt,y! sqnart /liiit 0/ turf. 
pris, bro, «1. wreck ; bffukiiit,' o/ieti. 
Tlrls.iiit, brc-2.i«, m. breitktr, shti/. 
Brise, broc/,y: breezt. 

ïrisiies, brc-zai, /. fl. bonK:hs cirs/ in thf diet's VKiy, 
ft. ; aller sur les — de <i., to/ollow one's steps. 
Irlse-);l,icc, brecz-ijl.isi, >ii. starlings. 
Iriseineiit, breez-inax, m. breakitu-, 
^iser, brecz-ai, v. a. et ti. to break ; bruise, sfti', 

break off; se — , 7.'. r. to break : folU up. 
Irise-tout, iireez-too, tn. break-all. 
iriscur, lireez-iir, tn. breaker. 
Irise-vent, breez-va;/, m. shelter. 
irlsnir,, tn. brake ( /ta.v). 
«•Isiire, brecz-ftr,/: break : fotilini;. 
Iroc, brok, tti. Kreatju);^ ; de bric et de — , one wciy or 
\anotlier, atiyliow. [l'ooi/s. 

Vocant.iRc, bro-ka<(-l.ihJ, tn. dealing' in secon.f-hand 
Irocanler, brn-ka//-tai, v. a. to deal in seiond-hand 
Irocanteiir, bru-ka;(-tiir, tn. broker. \gooiis, 

ïocard, bro-kar, ttt. taunt ; brocket. 
Irocarder, bro-kar-dai, v. a. to taunt. 
rocardeur, bro-kar-dur, m. scoffer. 
^ocart, bro-kar, tn. brocade. 

Dcatelle, bro-kat-ell,/^ li>isey-7volsey ; bro;atclle. 

DchaBe, brosh-alij, tn. stitchiti^. 

Dclie, brosh, /. spit; broach: kitiltinx-tieedle ; 
fpitidle ; stick: peg ; poitit-blatik ; —s, //. tiisks 0/ 
T)ch(ie, bio-shai,y; spitful. (<» hoar, f>l. 

ocher, bro-shai, v. a. to work tvith gold, etc. ; .ftitch : 

Dcliet, bro-shay, tn. pike. [knit. 

acheter, brosli-tal, v. n. to ske^ver, sptt. 

Dcheton, brosli-to«, tn. small pike. 

ûchelle, bro-shet,y; skeiver, pin. 
|ocheur, brosh-ur, m. book-stitcher, knitter. 

Dchoir, brosh-war, tn. shoeitig-haininer. 

Dchure, brosh-ûr,/: stitching ; pamphlet. 

Dchiirier, brosh-iVre-ai, tn. patnphletecr. 

Ocoli, bro-ko-le, >n. broccoli. [bools, pi. 

Odequln, brod-kai«, m. buskin: half -boot : -s, pi. 

Tder, bro-dai, v. a. to etnbroider ; — uu tambour, to 
ierie, brod-re.y: embroidery. \tatnbour, 

leur, brod-ur, m, —se, —z,/, tmbroiderer. 


Broi«, brw4, P. /ump-bnike. 

ririilcmcnt, Hriiliiiaiit, brwa-iii.t», iH. grinding, 

Hroiii li.ide, brii>i-'<lMd,./: stntHfilm^, 

UruiKlier, br<iii-ilial, 1: n lo ilnmblt ; /<kU, 

lirmue, brn/iz, tn. brontr, br.iu. 

Ilfiiiuer, bni', V. a. lo bronu, 

Hriii|iiarl, bm-kar, tn, bro,ket. 

Ilrii<|uetic, bro-kel,/ small tiail, taek. 

ilroiie, bt'is, /. brntlt. 

Ilri>, lirii>, ('. il. lo briitlt ; scour. 

llro,M-ric, briiinr», / brush iH.t'iii/aitory, 

ilnnnlcr, brint-yat. m. bruthtuakcr, 

ilrim, brun, m. given shell. 

ilrmu'c, bruo-ai, /. Ay. "»'<', ritne. 

ilroiict, brcioay, "/. boiled iiti-at and MUi;,tr. 

llrmirlto, brixicll,/ ivhecl barroiv, triuk. 

Uriiuctler, brno-cttiil, ;■. <f. tocirry ma n/uel-ba ftfti, 

Hrmictti'ur, brno-ctt ur, llroiicttlcr, lir'*>-cu-y*l, "«. 

uheel-liarrow man. 
nroiiliali.i, linio-.ili-ali, m. cla.'pm^ 
Hrniiill uiiiiil, brno.'-aiiv-c-iie, iti. io>(futn>il. 
ilriiinll.ird, brnuZ-ar, m./o.; inisf; day-bi'ot ; pnpi^r -, 
Hrmiille, broo/. /; iiuarre/ling. [tinkin ■■,i,spii: 

Brouiller, briio/-ai, f. a. to \hutH: ; inic t.>., , t-l 

at Tariaiiie : se —, t'. r. lu be oui ; be 01 cmift, 
Hriiiillerie, brii'>/-re,/ bruit, dnagreeinenf, 
HroiiiUiin, broo/-i)»/, m. rou^ll draught; d.iy-bjttk ; 

bufvfifHly: —, lie, — oiin, <i. meddlnii;. 

Ilrdiiilliimier, briio/-o-ii.ii, t. a. to loinpoie in a hurry, 

ilroiiis.iilles, briMisaii/,/ //. briars, brambles, pi, 

Uruussin, broo-sai«, m. e.xcresience. 

Hroiit, bruo, m. browse. 

Ilrimter, broo-t.ii, t. a. to graze, bivwve. 

llroiitiUcs, broo.ii/,y; *r;/j7iT«'i>i'ii'. ruhbish. 

Hroycr, brwa-yal, v. a. to grind, p,>un,l. 

Ilriiyeur, brw.i-yiir, tn. grin.ter, poundci; 

llroyori, brwa-yn»/, tn. b rayer. 

Ilru, bnV / daughter in-law. 

jlriMiit, bnVa»/, ;'/. yellow-hamtHer. 

llrii^'iiDii, bri'm-yo;/, tn. ttectarine. 

Ilruiiii!, briViii, tn. mist, ritne. 

Hniiiicr, briVe-iiai, 1. n. todriztle. 

Ilriiire, brrt-eer, t. n. to rustle, blon\ roar. 

Ilriiissciiieiit, brrilssiua;/, m. toaring. 

llriiil, bri1, tn. noise: rumeur: cotnmotion ; quarrel. 

Ilriil.iiit, e, brû-la;<, — t, a. b.ttning, hot. 

Hrùlt', bnVl.ii, tn. burning, burnt taste. 

Ilrrilement, br(M-m,»/, m. burning. 

Hn'iler, brii-l.ii, 7'. a. et t:, to burn: scorch, blatt: in- 

flame : he on fire : se —, 7'. r. to burn cut's sc(f, 
IlriMcric, bri'il-re,y: distillery. 
Itri'ile-tout, liri'il-tijo, tn. save-all, 
lln'iloiir. bri'iltir, tn. incendiary, 
Itrùlot, bn'iloli, tn.Jire-shix. 
llriMure, brAlûr, /. burn, scald. 
Ilriiiiial, e,, a. brumal. 
Itrtmie, brrtm. f. fog, mist. 
llriiiiieiix, e, brii-imih, — s, a./oggy. 
llriiii, e, brii/;, — Ù11, i». hrown, dark; stir \.\ -e. at it 
lliiinette, biiViiett,/ brunette. \grew dark. 

Ilrimir, bri'i-iieer, v. a. el it. to make hrown : poli.ih . 
ilniiiiss.i^fc, briVMiss-alij, tn. burnishing, [turn broivn. 
Ilriiiiisseur, br[1-iii->viir. in. burnisher. 
Ilraiii:.-.i)ir, lin*l ni-.s-w ir, tn. burniiher. 
IJriiiiissiire, briViiissi'ir,/ burnishing. 
liriisi|iie, bri"lsk.<i. — iiKiit, ad. blunt ; r.nigh ; sudden. 
IlriisiiiuT, bri'is-kai, t. a. to alf'ront, offend ; be hluni 
liriisiiuerie, lin'isk-re, A h.'unlncs : roughness, [wil/i. 
Jtrut, e, brflt, a. rough : rude, raw. 
llrutal, c, bnVtal, a. -einoiit, ad. brutal, brulisli, 

rough ; — , ;//. brute. 
Ilnitaliser, brCl-tal-c-z.ii, v. a. lo use roughly. 
Itriilalito, brutality, rudeness. 
llriito, brùt.y; brute, beast. 
Ilriiyamiiient, brfl-yani-a«, aif. with great twist 
Ilriiyant, c, briVya/», — t, a. nni.ry, blustering, 
Iiriiyil.*e, briVyair,/: heath, furze. 
\\m. brt, see lioire. 

Kuaiidcrle, bcVa«-dre,y! wash-house. 
Ituaiulière, biVa«-dyair,/. washei woman. 
Hiibe, bull, y:/i;«//('. blister. 
Hubon, billion, tn. bubo. 

Bflche, biisli,/; billet : blockhead, herring-buss. 
Bûcher, biVsliai, tn. wood-pile ; —, t>. a. to roughhtTV, 
Brtcheron, bflsh-ro;«, tn. woodcutter. 
Bftchette, bûsh-ett,/.yrj//«'« wood, sticks. 
Budget, bild-lijay, tn. budget. 
BufTer, bûf-fair, m. buffer-head. 
Buffet, bfl-fay, in. buffet, sidt-boanl ; bar-room 
.Buffle, bû-fl. tn. buffalo; buff-leather. 
■•Buffleterie, bûf-Iet-re,/ belts, pi. 
Bulletin, bû-â-taùi, tn. young bujfal9 

BUI [24] 

Rill'i, Inve, III. />.>\-:'rf-: ; /',n: 

Huisserie, bwiss-re.y. sfuff-wt'.'.f. 

lUiis-ioii, liwi,'-so;/, III. hutlt ; //it<iff. 

iiiiissoiiiiciiv, be, tuvc-sDiiiih, — /, a. hu\hy. 

Hiiissii'inier, èr^-, l)«c-,siJiiy,ii, — ,iir, 11. lipin —, 

Kiillie, \m\h,f. f>i'll'. [t/thictruObit. 

hiilt)eiix. so, Im'iIIhiIi, — z, a. bulhoiis. 

Bulle, liiil,,/. hiihhle: hull. 

niilleliii, bûl-t>ii;i, (//. I'li.'/i-Hii ; St/M ; billet. 

Buraliste, bi', in. tieik. 

iiiire, bur../: coarse ilnlli ; /<U-liolf. 

Iliir^.iii, liiVroh, in. hurcan : o(Hie: hoiti-ii ; coiniiiittd'. 

ijiiro.iiicr.ite, livVrnli., >n. hiinauria/. ie, lnVrokr.i'-s-e,/. /riiraiuntcy. 

Burette, bû-rett, / <iiiff, oit-cruet. 

Burin, biVr.ii«, in. xruvci: 

Buriner, bi'i-re-n.ii, v. u. A> eiii^raTe. 

Biirlesciue, bur-lesk, u. — iiieiit, ad. I'lirhsiiHC., e, hi', a. j luniary. 

Biisart,, )./. buzzard. 

Busc, bflsk, "(. hwik. 

Biisc, \i(\7.,/. buzzard : diimc. 

Busi|iier, l)i'isk-ai, '.'. a. to .^lof>e : stiffen. 

Biisciuière, biV,k-yair,/ stay-/itioi: 

Buste, bilst, ;«. bn.ft. 

But, bi'i. III. mart: aim; de — en blanc, nhriiptly : 

— \ —, ei'fii ; fr.ipper au —, to hit t/ic mark. 
Bute, bOlt,/: I^Htti-ris. 

Buter, bùt-al, -.•. n. to hit : aim at ; sc —, v. r. to be 
Biiticre, Inlt-y.iir,./: ri/led f;uit. [Ji.\ed ; !'//''■"'■ 

Butin, bll-lai;/, in. l>ooty. 
Butiner, brt-tenai, c. ;;. to /<illai^e. 
Butor, bil-tor, )//. bittern ; blockhead. 
Butte, brtt, ./: mound of earth ; butt ; iStrc en —, to be 
Buttée, l)ùt-ai,y. abutment. [e.'cpo.\cd. 

Butter, biVtai, -'. a. et it. to earth u/i, stumble. 
Butyreux, se, hiVtenili, —z. a. buttery. 
Buvable, bi1-v.ili-bl, a. drinkable. 
Buvetier, bdv-tyai. in. keeper o/a buvette. 
Buvette, bfl-vett,/: ale-house. 
Buveur, bû-vur, m. drinker ; tippler. 
Buvez, bùv.ii, see Hjiie. 
Buvotter, bù-vo-tai, v. 11. to sip ; tipple. 


Ç.n, s.n, see Cel.i. \and/ro : —, int. come on .' noiv! 

Ch, sa, ad. here, hither ; — et I.\, here and there, tj 

Cab.ile, k.ib-al.y: cabal. iiitri'.:ue. 

Cib.iKr,, v. 11. to cabal. 

Cibiileur,, in. cabal/er. 

Cab.ilisto,, s. cabaiist. 

Cabane, k.ib-an,./: cot, cottage, cabin. 

Cabanon, kab-,in-(i)/, m. small cabin. 

i:abaret,, in. tavern, teaboard. 

Cal)aretier, k.ib-afty.ii. m. piibliian, tavern-keeper. 

C.ibas, kab-ali, m. frail ; basket. 

Cabestan, kab-ess-ta», m. capstern. 

Cabill.uul, kab-i/-()li, m. codfish. 

C.ibine, k.ib-iu.y; cabin. 

Cabinet, kab-e-nay, m. closet, stu.iy : cabinet: — de 

lecture, readim^-room; circulating library. 
Cible, kau-bl. ni. cable. 
CAbleau, kau-bloli. in. small cable. 
Cibler, kau-bl. li, 7'. a. to make cables 
Calioclie, k. ib-(ish.. A /<"<'"'<»"' .' head. 
Cibota^e, kab-(it-,ilij, m. coastiiii;. 
Caboter, kab-ot-ai, -■. 11. to coast. 
Caboteur, kabot-iir, in. coaster. 
Cibolin. k.ib-<)t-ai»;. ;/;. strolling player. 
se IJibrer, kau-br.ii, ■:•. r. to rear ; fall info a passion. 
Caliri. kab-re, in. kid. 
Cihriole, kab-re-ol,/; caper; capriole. 
Cabrioler, kab-re-o-i.ii, 7'. >i. to caper. 
Cabriolet, kab-re-o-l.iy. m. cabriolet, cab. 
Cabrioleur, kab-re-o-lur, in. capcrer. 
Cacao, kak-ah-o, "(. cocoa-nut. 
Cacaoyer, kak-ah-o-yai, m. cocoa-tree. 
Cacaoyère, kak-ali-o-yair,y:/Aj«A?/'(V>« ofcccoatrees. 
Ciicanler, kak-ar-(l:>i, v. ti. to cackle. 
Cachalot,, m. cachalot. 
Cache, k ish, f. lurking-hole ; — cache, in. hide an I 
Cachemire, kash-iueer, m. cashmere. seek. 

Cacher, kash-al, v. a. to hide, conceal. 
Cachet, kash-ay, m. seal, signet. 
Catheter, kash-tai. v. a. to seal, seal up. 
Cachette, kash-ett,/. hiding-place. 
Cachot, kash-oh, m. dungeon. 
Cachotterie, kash-ot-re,/; mystery. 
Cachou, Icash-oo, m. cashoo. 
Cacochyme, Uak-os^-ini, a. peevish. 

C.ico,'i,iiiliie. I; ik!iu;r.if-e../; cacog, ,'ky. 

Cactier, k.ik-ty.ii, :n. ,ac.ns. 

Cad.istre., in. register of lands. 

Cad.ivenux, so, k nl-.iv-airuli, — i, a. caia: ar.^us. 

Cid.iverKiue, kad-.iv-.iirik, a. of a deai body. 

Cad ivre, lead .la-vr, "/. corpse, cadai'cr. 

Cade. Ill,, in. present. Jlourish. 
j C,ideiMs,, m. padloik. 

Cadenasser, v. a. to padloik. 
j Cadence,, ./. cadeiue, lime. 
' Ca(lcncer,;(-s.ii. v. a. to caicnce ; quiver. 

Cadet,, in. younger brother ; cadet. 
I ('tte, \i.\<\-cn,f your.ger sister. 
I Cidraii, kadr.iH, in. dial ; — solaire, sun-dial. 
' Cuire, kau-dr, in. frame ; outline. 
I Cadrer, k.iu-drai, v. a. to quadrate, square. 
I Ca(liic, que, kad-ùk, a. decrepit; decayed; mal — , 
falling sickness. 

Caducée, k,id-i1-s.ii, in. cadii,eiis, tipstatf. 
' Caducité,,/; decay, craziiiess. 
I Caf.ird, e, k.i!-ar, — d, a. hypocritical : —, m. hypocritt. 

Caf.irderie, kaf-ar-dre, C.if.irdise, kaf-ar-diz, y: hy, o- 

C.ifé', k.if-.ii, m. coffee ; coffee-house. [1 risy. 

C;.iféière, kaf-ai-yair, yî coffee-plantation. 

Cafetier, kaf-ly.ii, m. cojfee-maii, —cvc,—r,/. coffee-pot. 

(.'.ilier, kaf-y.ii, )//. coffee-tree. 

Cavre, kahj.y. cage ; fail. 

C'.i;,'ii.ird, e, kan-yar, — d, a. lajy, idle. 

C.iK'i'Tdor, k.m-yar-d.ii, v. n. to tead a lazy life. 

C.ii,'ii.irdi-.c. kan-yar-diz, y: laziness. 
I Ca.i,'iieux, se, kan-yuh, — z. a. bow-leggid. 
I Cajjot, e,, — t, a. bigot. 

C:afioterie, k.i^j-ot-re.y. bigotry. 

CaL'ue, k.iff.y; Dutch sloop. 
; C.ahier, kah-yai, »i. quire, book. 

Cahin-c.ilia, kali-ai</-ka-ah, ad. so so. 

("allot, kali-oh, m.Jolt, shock. 

Cahot. I'fje, k.ih-o-t.ihj, in. Jolting. 

C.iholer, k.ih-o-tai, -.: a. to Jolt, shake. 

(' .luite, kali-ût,y: hut, hovel. 

CaiiMi, k;ih-yuh, m. sinker, off-shoot. 

Caille, k,i/,y; quail. 

Caillebotte, k.i/-bott,y: curds of iniik. 

Caillenieiit, ka/-iiia«, m. curdling. 

Cailler. ka/-yai, v. a. to curdle, i.higul^te. 

Cailleta),'e, kaAtalij, >«. gossiping : idle talk. 

I'ai.lete.iu, k.iZ-toh, m. young quail. 

C'.iilleter, k.iA'.ii, 7'. ;/. to gossip. 

Ciillette, ka/-eltc./ rennet-bag ; gossip. 

C.iillot, ka/-oli, lit. clotofblothl. 

C.iilNiu, ka/-oo, iti./lint-stoite, pebble. 

C.iilloutajie, kaZ-oo-talij, m. rock-work. 

Caillouteux, se. kaAoo-tuh, — z. 1». pcbl-ly. 

Caiqiie, k;ih-ik, m. caic. \i'ody of a coach ; drum. 

Caisse, kayss, / case, chest, bo.\, trunk ; cash ; bank , 

Cai-^sier, kay-sy,ii, ;;/. cashier. 

Caisson, k.'iy-so;/. in. caissooit. 

Cajoler, kalij-o-l.ii. v. a. to cajole, coax. 

Cajolerie, kahJ-ol-re,y; cajolery. 

Cajoleur, k.ihj-o-lur, m. cajoler. 

Cajute, k.idijiit,./ berth. 

Cal, kal, m. callosity. 

Calaison, kal-ay-so//./ depth of ships. 

Calamité. kal-.un-e-tai.yC calamity. 

Calaiiiiteux, se, kal-ani-e-tuh, —z, a. calamitous. 
I Cilandre, kal-a«-dr.y: f(i/t'«i;^c/-.- weevil. 

Calenilrer. kal-a;/-drai. v a. to calender. 
! C.ilcaire. kal-kair, a. calcareous. 
I Calci'doine. kal sai-dwan.yî chalcedony. 
! Calcul, kal-kùl. m. calculation ; calculus. 
\ (.".ilcul.ible, kai-knl-ah-bl, a. calculable. 
I ( .iliail.itenr., tit. calculator. 
I Calculer, kal-kiil-ai, v. a. to calculate. 
j Cile. kal.y: wedge ; ship's hold ; ducking ; creek. 

Caleli.isse,,.A calabash. 
I Calèche, knl-eysli,y; calash. 
I CaL'CjOn, kal-so^/, m. dratvers, pi. 

Cilelacteur, kal-ai-fak-tur, m. cookiiig-a/iparalits. 
I Cilembour.»d>oor, m. pun : quibble. 
j Calendrier.;/-dre-ai, m. calendar. 
; Calenture, kal-a«-tAr,y; calenture. 

C ilepin, kal-pai», >/i. note-book. 
■ Ciler, kal-al, v. a. el it. to wedge up ; lolver, strH t 

Calfat,, >«. calker ; calking. ^J. . 

Calfata^je, kal-fat->ilij, >«. calking. 

Cilfater, kal-fat-ai, v. a. to calk. 

Calfateur. kal-fat-ur, m. calker. 

Calfeutrage, kal-fuli-trahj, m. stopping. 

Calfeutrtr, kal-fuh-trai, v. a. to slop {chinks). 

Calibre, kal-e-br, m. caliber, bore; size. 

Calibrer, kal-e-brai, v. a. to dispart. 

Calice, kal-iss, m. chalice; calix. 



Cas J 


sluipketftrt man (<?/ 
[/Vi ;•!)). 

C<iN<^ot, Wale-knli, v/. calùn , 

CaliMt, k,ilc-fah, t>i. <aliphalc. 

Calife, kiil-if, m. talifli. 

\ Califoiirclion,;/, ml. aUra^Mt. 

CAlin. e, k.iul.ii'i. —lin, m. -vUrfiiler ; —, a. wAfe^ttimr- 

Câliner, kaii le-nal, v.a. /.' wlieeMe ; se-, v. i: to sit ut 

CAIiiicric, kaiiliiiv-'./ w/ifed/iiic- [o)ie s eas(. 

Calleux, se. kaliih, — /, a. fat/ons. 

Calli>,'ra|)lie, kalle iiraf, m. catlij^rafihfr. 

Callli,'r.i|>lilo, k.illc <r.if-e,/ iit!lii;rixphy. 

Callosité, lo-^et.ii,/ lallosity. 

Calme, k.illm, i». mlin ; —, m. caùiiiies.r. 

Calmer, k ili-iii.ii, f. a. et ii. tj caiin ; lull; se—, v. i: 
tu hfioinc calm. 

Calomniateur,, >/(. — trico, — t^i^,s, f. 

Calomnie, k.ilomne, /: mliiiimy. \ialstmniator. 

Cilomnier, kalomny.ii, :■. </. lo lalmniiiate. 

Calomnieux, se, k.iiomiivuli, — z, a. —sèment, ad. 

Calorique, kilo rik. ;//. lalorù; luat. [m/iimiiwus. 

Calotte, k,il-nt, /. roliitti-, m.*. 

Cal()iie, k.illk. »i. (ouitterJrawiiitr. 

Cal<|uer, k.illk-.ii. :■. <i. C.) coitnUrdraïa. 

CaU|uoir, k.illk-war, m. tnidiii;-poi>tt. 

Calimiet, k.iliVm.iy, »i. taluinet. 

Calus, kalrt, >;/. cal/us. 

Calv.iire, kal-vair, m. calvaiy. 

Calvinisme,, m. Calvinism. 

Calviniste kalvc nist, »t. Ciil:inist. 

Calvitie, kal-vese,y; /iiiltù 

Camaïeu, kain-ali-yiili, m, lainaieu. 

Cainail, kam-a/, »i. ia/>iichi)i ; liimi. 

Camarade, kamar-ad, tn., titntt. 

Camaraderie,,/! intiiniicy. 

Cainard, c, k.imar, — d, a.JUit-nose.l. 

Cambiste, k.a«-l)ist, m. camhist. 

Cambouis, ka«-liwe, in. çi'»tt; coom. 

Cambrer, kax-brai. t. a. to hend : croot : se —, 7'. r. 

Cambrure, ka»/-l>rilr, f. bendim,'. [to w.irp, cast. 

Cambuse, k.xn -hfiz, /. storeiwin. 

Camlnisier, kan-biVzyai, m. storekeeper, 

(.'aînée, kani-ai,/' caineo. 

Caint'leon, k,uii-ai-lai-o«, tn. chameleon. 

C.uneléopard, kamailai-o-pnr, m. cameUopard. 

Camelot, kam-loh, m. camlet. 

Camion, kani-yo'/, tn. very small pin : truck. 

Camis.ade, kaiii-e-zad, /; camisado. 

Camisole, kam-e-zol,/ uuier-waistcoat. 

Camomille, kain-o-inill,/; eamoinile. 
\^ Cimouflet, kam 00 llay, m. puff of smoke ; affront. 

t;ain|), ka«, m. camfi. (— , m. clown. 

ICampajjnard, e, ka/;-p.inyar, — d, a. rwitic, country; 
[Campajîne. kax-pan-y^.y; country ; country-house. 
[Campane, ka«-paii,y^ tuft, fringe. 
[Campanile, ka;( pan-il,y. st.'eple. 
[Campanule, ka.v-pan-ill,/. helljlower. 
ICampeinent, ka'(p-nia'/, m. encatnpement. 
IC.imper, ka»(-pai, v. a. to encatnp ; se —, v, r. to settle. 
ICainpIire, ka>/-fr, m. catnphire. 
|Camphré, e, kax-fr.ii, a. camfihorated. 

Camphrier, ka>/fre-ai, >«. camphor-lree, 

Tainpos, kax-poh, m. play-day. 

[bannis, e, V.An\-fi,a.Jlat-nosed : balked. 

Canaille, kan-a/,y: rabble, mob. 

uanal,, >«. canal, channel. 

~anapé, kan-ap-ai, m. couch, sofa, 
panard, kaii-ar, >/;. drake : duck. 
lanarder, kan-ar-dai, 7>. a. to shoot a/. 

Canardiire, kan-ar-dyair,/ decoy ; duck-i^un ; lo.''P-hole. 

Canari, kan-are, m. canary-bird. 

jancan, ka;(-ka)/, >n. tittletattle. noise. 

canceller, ka«-sell-ai, v a. to cancel, efface, 

jancre, ka;(-kr, m. crabfuh ; dunce. 

Candélabre, ka»;-dai-lau-br, >n. chandelier. 

Candeur, ka(/-dur,/: candour. 

Candi, ka»(-de, >n. sugar-candy., ka«-de-dali, m. candidate. 

Candid.ature, k>a«-de-clat-flr,y; candidatcship. 

pindide, ka;j-did, a. —ment, ad. candid, frank. 
: Candir, kax-dcer, v. r. to candy. 

Cane, kan,/. duck. 

Caneton, kan-toi/, tn. diicWing: 

Eanette, kaii-ett,y: ducklinir ; can. 

Canevas, kan-v.ah, >«. can;as. 

]|aniclie, kanish, in. poodle. 
iiniculaire. kan-e-ki"il-air, a. jours — s. //. doi^days, pi. 
anicule, kan-e-ki1l,/ d.yg-star; dog-days, pt. 
anif, kan-if, >n. penknife. 
anine, kan-in, a. canine. 
aniveau, can-e-voli, m. kennel-stone. 

Canne, kan,/. cane, reed. 

Uinneberge, kan-bairhj,/ whortle-berry. 

Canneler, kan-lai, v. a. to cliannel,flute. 

Cannelle, fcau-el./i cinnamon ; tap. 

( anivfllier, kanel-yai, (»«. (■i</«a<«J'i-/»'^^. . ,. 

(.l.iniielure, kan-li'ir,/'. ihanneltng. ' | . 

('.mnetille, k.inti/. A purl. 

Caiiiietiller. kail-ti/al. v. a. to tie with purl. 

C.iiinibale. kaniie bal. m. cannibal. 

Ciiion. k.iiicM/, in. cannon; pipe; barrel; qui'!; 

t;.inonial, e, kan-o-^iyal, a. canonical. [canon, decree.,,ili, in. canonry. 

C'.inoiiii|iie, kan-oiiik, a. canonuat. 

I .inonis.itioii, kan-o-ne-z.disyo;/,y. cauonizatitii, 

Ciiioniser,, r. a. to canonize. 

(.inoniste, k.m-o-nist. in. canonist. 

( .monnado. kan-o-iiad.y: caunonaiA: 

Cinonnai,'e. kan-o-iuUij. m. cunnery, 

(!.iiioiiner. kaii-onai. T'. a. to cannonade. 

Canoiiiiier, k.iiiony.ii, >n, (annonicr. guniier. 

C.uionniére. kan-o-nyair, /.' loop- ho.' é ; popgun ; cha- 
loupe — , gun-boat. 

C.inot, kanoli, tn. canoe, small boat. 

Canotier, k.m-ot-yai, ;;/. roiver. 

Cantaloup, ka;/'t,il-oo, m. cantaloup. 

Cantate, ka<i-tatt,y; cantata. 

t',iiUatrii;o, ka//-t,itt-riss,y: singer. 

Cantharide, ka<;-tar-id,/ lantharide. 

Cintinc, ka'/-tia, /. canteen . bottle cate. 

Cantinier. ka;/'lc nyai, m. —ère, —air,/; sutler. 

Cantique, ka;(-tik, m. .\ong; air. 

Canton, ka;<-to)r, in. canton, district. [\ l.i —, atide. 

Cantonade, ka'/-to-iiad. ./.' wing of a theatrical sLt-e . 

Cantonnement, k.i«-ton-iiia</, "/. tantonment. 

Cantonner, kax-tonai, v. a. to canton : se —, v. r. to 
/ortify one's self. 

Cantonnier, kax-to nyai, in. roadman ; line-Keeper. 

Canulc, kan-fll,y: pipe ; faucet. 

(Caoutchouc, kawtsliook, ;//. India-rubber. 

Cap. kap, in. cape ; head (ship); de pied en — , fron 

Capable, kap-ah bl, a. capable, able. [head to /o.'t. 

Cipacité, kap-ass-e-tai,y. capacity. 

Caparaçon, kap-ar-asso;(, m. caparison. 

Capar.içonner, kap-ar-ass-onai, 7>. a. to caparison. 

Ca|je, cap,/ cape ; mainsail ; rire sous —, to laugh in 

Capelet, kap-lay, in. sivelling [one's 

Capill.iire, kapil-Iair, a. capil! xry. 

Capilotade, kap-e-lot-ad,/ ha^'i. 

Capitaine, kap-e-tain. m. capuxin ; commander ; — 
(.1 .irmes. master-at-arms. 

Capitainerie, kap-e-t.ainre./ captainship. 

Capital, e, kap-e-tal, a. capital, thief main; —, m. 
capital; slock; chief point. 

Capitale, k.ip-e-tcal./ capital; capital letter. 

Capitaliser, kap-e-tal-e-zai, î'. a. to realize. 

Capitaliste, kap-e-talist, m. capitalist. 

Capital). kape-ta;(, ;/(. hector, boaster. 

Capit.ane, kap-etan,/ admiral-galley. 

Capitation, kap-e-t.ili-syoH,/: poll-tax. 

Capiteux, se, kapeluli, — z, a. heady. 

Capitolo, k.ipe-tol, m. Capitol. 

Cai)itoii, kap-o-to<;, in. silk-Jtock. 

Capitul.iire, kap-e-ti'il-air, a. capitular, cfa chapter. 

Capitul.ilion, kap-ctrtl.ili-syo;/,/ cap, 'ation. 

Capituler, kap-ctfl-lai, 7>. n. to »apitnU 

Capon, kap-0'(, in. coward ; cheat. 

Caponner, kap-o-nai, x<. n. to he cowardly ; cheat, trick. 

Caporal, kap-o-ral, in. corporal. 

Capot, kap-oli, tn. capot. 

Capote, kapot,/ capo/e, ridini;-hood. 

Cipre, kau-|ir,/; caper ; —, m. privateer. 

Caprice, kapriss, m. caprice, whim. 

Capricieux, se, k.ip-riss-ynh, — z, a. — scmcnt, ni, 

CA|)rier, kap-re-ai, in, caper-bush. [capricious. 

Caprisant, kap-re-za«, a. irregular. 

Capsule, kapsùl.X capsule ; percussion-cap. 

Captateur, kaptat-ur, in. iiiveigler. 

Ciptatioii. kap-tali-syo)(,/ inveigling. 

Capter, kap-tai, v, a. to captivate, emlave. 

Capteur, kap-tur, in, captor. 

Captieux, se, kap-syuh, — z, a. — senient, ad, captious ; 

Cajjlif, ive, kap-tif, — iv, a. captive, [deceitful. 

Captiver, kap-te-vai. v, a. to captivate. 

Captivité, l-ap-te-ve-tai./. captiiuty. 

Capture, kap-tur, A capture, seizure. 

Capturer. i:ap-tû rai. 7: a. to capture. 

Capuce. kcp-ils, Capuchon, kap-ilsho»/, in. co'.vl, h. id. 

Capucin, kip-0-sai;;. in. capmhin. 

Capucinadi'. kap-û-se-nad./ ridiculous sermon. 

Caqua^e, kik-anj, in. barrelling up. 

Caque, kak,/. cag, barrel, '. 

Caquer, kak-ai, v. a. to barrel up, ' 

Caquet, kak ay, in. tittletattle. 

Caquetage, I ak-tahj, m. cackling. 

Caqueter, kak-tai, v. n. to cackle ; prattle. 





Caquelerie, kak-tree,/ tali, tiUlelaltU. 

Cuqueteur, kak-tiir, ;«. prattUr. 

Car, kar, c for, bicause. 

Cural>Jii, kar-ab-ai«, m. carabiitftr ; rook, 

Carabinade, kar-ab-e-nad,/". rook's trkk. 

Carabine,,/ carabine ; rijle. {retreat. 

Carabincr, kar-ab-e-iiai, v. a. et n. to rifle ; shoot and 

Carabinier, kar-abin-yai, »t. carabineer, ri/teinan. 

Caracol, kar-ak-ol, «/. spiral staircase. 

Caracole, kar-ak-ol, y; caracol. 

Caracoler, kar-ak-ol-ai, v. u. to caracol. 

Caractère, kar-ak-tair, m. cliaracter, letter; temper. 

Caractériser, kar-ak-tai-re-zai, v. a. to characterize. 

Caractéristique, kar-ak-tai-riss-tik, a./, characteristic. 

Carale, karaf.y: decanter. 

Carafon, kar-af-o;(, m. small decanter ; ice-pail, 

Caranibolajje. kar-aH-bol-ahj, tn. carambol. 

Caramboler, kara;/-bol-ai, v. «. to carambol. 

Caramel, kar-am-cl, ;«. burnt sugar, 

Caraque, kar-ak,y; carack. 

Carat, kar-ali, tn. carat. 

Caravane, kar-av-an,/: caravan ; — s, pi. dissolute life. 

Caravanserai, kar-av-a«-sai-ra-e, m. caravansary. 

Carbatine, kar-bat-in,y: raw hide. 

Carbonnade, kar-bo-nad,/: carbonado. 

Carcan, kar-ka;<, m. iron collar. 

Carcasse, karkass,y; carcass , skeleton. 

Carcinomateux, se, kar-se-noni-at-uli, — z, a. cancerous. 

Cardamome, kar-ilam-om, ;;«. cardamom. 

Carde, kard,/: card. 

Carder, car-dai, v. a. to card, comb. 

Carileur, kar-dur, >;;. carder. [cardinal. 

Cardinal, e, car-de-nal, a. cardinal, principal ; —, ;//. 

Cardinalat, kar-de-nal-ah, m. "■■dinalship. 

Cardon, kar-do», in. cardoon. 

Carême, kar-aim, m. lent ; — prenant, ni. carnival. 

Carénage, karai-nahj, >'-. careenint;. 

Carence, kar-a«s,/: Tvant; insolvency. 

Carène, kat-ayn,/'. careen. ... . ,J 

Caréner, kar-ai-nai, v. a. to careen. . " 

Caresse, karess.y; caress. : ' . .' 

Caresser, kar-ess-ai, t. a. to caress, soothe. ■ ■ ■] 

Caret, kar-ay, w. turtle ; rope-yarn. • ■ . . ' 

Cargaison, kar-gay-zo;/,/. car^^o. .- 

Cargue, karg, /[ brail, line. 

Carguer. kar-gai, v. a. to brail, haul.ufi. ■ . ' 

Caricature, kar-e-kat-ûr,y. caricature. * 

Car\e,ki\x-e,/. caries. . .' 

Carier, kar-yai, v. a. to rot, putrefy ; se —, V. r, tozi^ow 

Carieux, se, kar-e-uli, — z, a. carious. [carious. 

Carillon, kar-ii'-o», >n. chime, peal. 

Carillonner, kar-i/oh-nai, v. n. to chime. 

Carillonneur, kar-i/-ohnur, w«. chimer. 

Carlin, kar-lai//, tn. piii^doi^. 

Carlingue, kar-lai«gh,y; kelson. 

Carnie, karin, tn. carmélite friar. 

Carmélite, kar-niai-litt,/; tarmelile nun. 

Carmin, kar-mai;(, iti. larinine. 

Carminatif, ive, kar-min-at-if, — iv, a. tn. carttiinative. 

Carnage, kar-nahj, tn. carnage, slaughter. 

Carnassier, ère, kar-nass-j'ai, — r, a. larniiioroiis. 

Carnassière, kar-nass-yair,y. bag, poucn. 

Carnation, kar-nah-syox,/; carnation. 

Carnaval, kar-nav-al, ttt. carnival. 

Carne, karn, / corner, angle. 

Carnet, car-nay, tn. notebook. 

Carnivore, kar-ne-vor, a. cartiivorous, 

Carnosité, kar-no-ze-tai.y; carnosity. 

Caronade, kar-o-nad,/ caronade. 

Carotte, kar-ot,y. carrot. 

Carotter, kar-otai, v. ti. to play low. 

Caroube, kar-oob, Carouge^ kar-oohj,y; caroh-bean. 

Carpe, karp,/; carp. [carp. 

Carpeau, kar-poh, Carpillon, kar-pi/-o«, tn. young, little 

Carquois, karkwa, m. quiver. 

C"arre, kaur,/; cro7vn {hat); toe (shoe). [bed ; floor. 

Carré, e, kau-rai, a. square ; — , tn. square; garden- 

Carreau, kau-roh, tn. tile, brick; groutid, Jloor ; 

cushion ; diatnotid (card.':) ; tailor's goose. 
Carrefour, kaur-foor, m. cross^vay. 
Carrelage, kaur-lalij, tn. paving tvith tiles, bricks. 
Carreler, kaur-lai, 7'. a. to pave ivith tiles ; cobble. 
Carrelet, kaur-lay, m.Jlounder; awl. 
Carrelette, kaur-Iett./yïwcyf/i'. 

Carreleur, Kaur-lur, m. one that paveswithtiles ; cobbler. 
Carrelure, kaur-lrtr, f. cobbling. 
Carrément, kau-rai-ma;/, ad. square. 
Carrer, kau-rai, v. a. to square ; se — , v. r. to strut. 
Carrier, kau-ryai, tn. quarrymati. 
Carrière, kau-ryair,/: career ; quarry. 
Carriole, kau-ryol.y: small open cariHage. [coach. 

Carrosse, kau-ro$Si m. coach ; — de louage, hacktiey- 

Carrossier, kau-ross-yai, tn. coachinaktr. ' 

Carrousel, kar-00-sel, tti. carousal. 

Carrure, kaurilr,/ breadth of the shoulders. 

"arlayer, kar-tay-yai, v. a. to quarter. 

Carte, kart, / card, ticket; bill of fart ; pasttboari i 

Cartel, kar-4et, tn. cartel ; challenge. map, 

Cartero, kar-tro, tn. pocket-book. 

Cartier, kartyai, tn. cardmaker. 

Cartilage, kar-te-lahj, tn. cartilage. [tiottt. 

Cartilagineux, se, kar-te-lahj-e-iiuh, — z, a. tartilagi. 

Carton, kar-to/<, in. pasteboard ; bandbox ; cartoon. 

Cartonnage, kar-to-nahj, m. boarding. 

Cartonner, kar-to-nai, v. a. to board. 

Cartonnier, kar-to-nyai, tn. pasteboard-maker. 

Cartouche, kar-foosn,/; cartridge. 

Cartulaire, kar-titl-air, ;;•. cartulary. 

Cas, kau, tn. case ; fart, accident ; value ; en tout >-^' 

at all events ; faire grand — de, to make much qf. 
Casanier, ère, kaz-an-yai, — r, a. domestic. 
Casaque, ]caz-ak,f. great coat. 
Cisacjuin, kaz-ak ai/j, tn. short gown. 
Cascade, kas-kad,yC cascade. 
Case, kaz, f. point ; square ; cottage. 
Casécux, bo, kah-zai-uli, — z, a. caseous. 
Casemate, kaz-mat,/ caseiitate. 
Caser, kaz-at, v. a. et n. to place in order; se —, v. r, 

tofitid a place, settle. 
Casern, kaz-airn, / barrack. 
Casernement, kaz-airn-ma»/, tn. barracking. 
Caserner, kaz-air-nai, v. a. et n. to lodge, be in barracks. 
Casier, kaz-yai, tn. cases. 
Casière, kaz-yair,y: si.^re-room for cheese. 
Casimir, kaz-e-nieer, tn. casitnert. 
Casque, kask, tn. heltnet. .^ ...... ., 

Casquette, kas-kett,y; fi?/. 

Cassant, e, kau-sa>/, —t, a. 4r;V//f. \' • 

Cassation, kass-sah-syo»,/ rajj-ariV»!. 

Casse, kauss, f. cassia ; case. 

Casseau, kau-soh, 

Casse-cou, kau-skoo, m. breakneck ; daredevil. 

Casse-noisette, kau-snwa-zctt, m. nut-cracker. • ; 

Casser, kàu-sai, v. a. et «. to break, annul ; toeaken; 

cashier ; se — , v. r. to break ; se — la tête, to pmzlt 
Casserole, kass-roll,/. stewpan. [one's brains. 

Casse-tête, kau-steyt, m. puzzlt-braiiT,toviahawk. 
Cassetin, kass-tai», tn. printer's box. ■ 
Ca.%'iç.Vie,V.diS,%-fM,f. casket ; privy purse. ► 
C-\%%vciX,\cAw-%\xi, tit. cracker ; toaster. 
Cassier, kau-syai, tn. cassia-tree. 
Casine, kass-in,y: little country box. 
Caiso\ette,kass-o-\elt, f. peifutning pan. ■' . 

Cassonade, kass-o-nad,/. moist sugar. 
Cassure, kausrtr,/: broken place ; crack. , . ". 

Castagnette, kas-tan-yett,/; Castanet. " ■ ; 

Caste, kast,/ cast, tribe. 
CV'stel, kas-tel, tn. castle. 
Castille, cas-ti/,/ altercation. 
Castor, kas-tor, ttt. beaver: beaver-hat, 
Castorine, kas-to-reen,/:/'Hr-f/i;/'A. ■ . 

Castrat, kas-trah, w». fiix/z-a/o, «/«;/(•/». ■ - -• 
Castration, kas-trah-syo«,y: castration. 
Casualité, kaz-û-al-e-tai,y: casualiiess. 
Casuel, le, kaz-CI-ell, a. — lement, ad. casual ; —, in. 
Casuiste, kaz-fl-ist, tit. casuist, [perquisites, fees, pi. 
Catafalque, kat-af-alk, tn. catafalco. 
Catalepsie, kat-al-ep-se,/ catalepsy. 
Catalogue, kat-al-og, in. catalogue, list. 
Cataplasme, kat-ap-lasm, tn. poultice. 
Cataracte, kat-ar-akt,y: cataract. 
Catarrhal, e, kat-ar-al, a. catarrhal. 
Catarrhe, kat-ar, tn. catarrh. 
Catarrheux, se, kat-ar-uh, — z, a. calarrhous. 
Catastrophe, kat-as-trof,_/ catastrophe. 
Catéchiser, kat-ai-she-zai, v. a. to catechize. 
Catéchisme, kat-ai-shisn>, in. catechism. 
Catéchiste, kat-ai-shist, in. catechist. 
Catéchumène, kat-ai-kû-main, m. catechumen. 
Catégorie, kat-ai-go-re,/: category. 
Catégoriiiue, kat-ai-go-rik, a. categorical. 
Cathédrale, kat-ai-dral,/r cathedral. 
Catholicisme, kat-o-le-cism, tn. Catholicism. 
Catholique, kat-o-lik, a. —ment, ad. catholic. 
Cati, kat-e, m. gloss, press. 
Catir, kat-eer, v. a. to gloss. 
Catisseur, kat-is-ur, in. cloth-presser. 
Catogan, kat-o-ga^t, in. club. 
Catoptrique, kat-op-trik, a. catoptrical ; —,/. catoptrus. 
Cauchemar, kcii-mar, m. nightmare. 
Caudtaire. !coh-dat-air, in. train-bearer, _ 

Causalitd, koh-zal-e-tai, f. causality. [sakeiym 

Cause, kohz, f. cause ; motive; tria? ; <\ — de, fortl>^ 
Causer, kohzai, v, a, et n. to cause; talk, prate. 


t «7I 


[t*usef le, kohzre, / praUlin);. 

ICausuvir, se, koh-zur, — iiz, a. talkative : —, tn.fratlitr, 
ICHiiscu&e, koh-zuhz, /. sutall sofa. 
Causlicitti, kos-te-se-tai, /. cauiticity ; bitttritess. 
Caustique, kos-tik, a. caustic. 

Cauteleux, se, kuh-tluh, — z, a. —sèment, ad. crafty, sly, 
! Cautire, ko-tair, m. cautery. 
Cautériser, ko-tai-re-zai , 7'. a. to cauterize. 
Ciution, koli-syo«, y: bail ; surety. 
Cautionneiuent, koli-syou-ma//, m. ôailiiij^, security. 
ïauti()i\iier, koh-syo-nai, T. a. to bail. 
Cavalcade, kav-al-kail, ./ cavaUaiie, 
Cavalcadour,, tn. equerry, 
Cav.ile, kav-.-il, / mare. 
Cavalerie, kav-al-re, f. cavalry .• horse. 
Cavalier, kav-al yai, »t. horseman ; trooper; cavalier; 

knight (chess); —, ère, — r, a. — èreinent, <?./. free, 

genteel; blunt. 
Cave, kav,y; cellar; case of bottles ; pool ; well. 
C.iveau, cav-oh, m. little cellar. 
Cave<;on, kav-so«, m. caveson. 
Cavée, kav-ai, f. hollow way. 
Caver, kav-ai, v. a. to hollo7v ; stock at play. 
Caverne, kav-aini, f. cavern, cave. 
Caverneux, se, kav-air-iiuh, — z, a. cavernous. 
Caviar, kav-yar, wj. caviar. 
Cavillation, kav-il-lah-syo;/, f. cavillation. 
Cavilc, kav-e-tai, f cavity. 
Ce, cet, cette, s»/i, set, set, pn. this, that, it; ce qui, ce 

que, what ; h ce que, that; c'est pourquoi, therefore. 
Céans, sai-a'(, ad. within, at home. 
Ceci, SK/«-se, pn. this. 
Cécité, sai-se-tai, f. blindness. 
Cédant, s;ii-daH, m.granler. 

Céder, s.ii-dai, v. a. et h. to cede, ^ive up, part with ; 
t Cédille, say-di/,/. cedilla, [submil ; yield ; be inferior. 
(Cédrat, sal-drah, m. cédrat. 
Cèdre, say-dr, m. cedar. 
iCédule, sai-diil, / *i//, «0/?. 
jCeijjnant, sain-yaw, «f Ceindre. 

l*Ceuulre, sai«-dr, i'. a. to gird, enclose, surround; 
Ceim, sai;(, see Ceindre. [put on. 

Ceintraj;e, s,ii«-traly, m. cords, pi. 
Ceinture, f,i\in-lûr, f. girdle, sash, enclosing.. 
[Ceinturier, sai//-tflr-yai, m. belt-maker. 
[Ceinturon, sai«-ti1-ro</, m. belt. 
[Cela, sH/(-lah, /;/. that ; comment — ? how so f 
[Céladon,;(, a. sea-green ; — , >ii. sentimental 
[Célébrant, sai-lai-br.i»;, m. officiating ptiest. \xallant. 
jCélébration, s;ii-lai-brah-syo«, f. celebration. 
ICélèbre, sai-Iay-br, a. celebrated. 
[Célébrer, sai-lai-brai, r'. a. to celebrate. 
"Telébrité, sai-lai-bretai, f. celebrity. 

|éler, sai-lai, v. a. to conceal, hide. 

Céleri, sel-re. w». celery, 

Célérité, s;ii-laire-tai, f celerity. 

Jéleste, sai-lest, a. celestial, heavenly. 

|élibat, sai-lebah, ?;/. celibacy. 

Célibataire, sai-le-bat-air, >n. bachelor, 

Celle, sell, pn. f. she, that. 

'.ellérier, sel-lai-ryai, }n. cellarist. 

Cellier, sel-yai, m. cellar ; store-room. 

Cellule, sel-lfil, f. ceil; partition. 

Celui, sell-we, pn. he, him, that. 

Cément, sai-ma;/, m. cement. 

Cémenter, sai-uia;j-tai, v. a. to cement. 

Cendre, sa«-dr, f. ashes, pi. 

Cendré, e, saw-drai, a. ash-coloured, ashy. 

Cendrée, sa;<-drai, f. small shot. 

Cendreux, se, sa«-druli, — z, a. ashy. 

Cendrier, sa»-dre-ai, >«. ashpan. 

Cène, sain, f. the Lord's supper. 

Cénobite, sai-no-bitt, m. monk. 

Cens, sa«s, tn. quit-rent ; census. 

Censé, e, sa>i-siii, a. reputed. 

Censerie, saxs-re, f brokerage. 

Censeur, sa«-sur, m. censor ; critic. 

Ccnsier, sa;/-syni, tn. lord of a manor ; farmer. 

Censitaire, sa«-sc-tair. ;«. copyholder. 

Censurable, sa;;-sû-rali-bl, a. censurable. 

Censure, sa«-sftr, /. censorship ; censure. 

Censurer, sa;«-sû-rai, v. a. to censure, blame. 

Cent, sa«, a. hundred; cinq pour —, five per cent. 

Centaine, sa»-tain, /. it hundred. 

Centenaire, sa^it-nair, a. centeiuxty. 

Centiare, saii-tyar, tn. centiare. 

Centième, sa»-tyaim, a. hundredth. 

Centilitre, sa>/-te-litr, tn. centilitre. 

Centime, sa»-tim, m. centime. 

LÇentimètre, sa;/-te-mai-tr, tn. centimètre. 

.enton, sa'/-to» ,tn. cettto. 

Central, e. sa«-tral, a. central. 

Centralisation, s.1;/;/, / centrali:,ttion. 

Centraliser, s.i«-lral-ezai, v. a. to centralite. 

Centre, sa'(-tr, ;</. centre. 

Centrifuge, sa«-tre-fùlij, a. centrifugal. 

Centripète, sa«-tre-pait, a. centripetal. 

Centuple, sa«-tii-pl, a. in. hundredfold. 

Centupler, sa«-tiVplai, v. a. to centuplicate. 

Centurie, sa/i-tùrc, yC century. 

Cep, sep, in. vine ; — s, pi. Jelters, pi. 

Cépée, sai-pai, f. slump. 

Cependant, spa«-da>/, ad. etc. in the ineantiiiie ; yet. 

Cérat, sai-rah, m. cerate. 

Cerceau, sair-soli, ;//. hoop ; quill, pinion. 

Cercle, sair-kl, m. circle ; ring ; assembly. 

Cercler, sair-klai, v. a, to hoop. 

Cercueil, sair-kuli/, in. coffin. 

Céréales, sai-rai-al, /. pi. corn. 

Cérébral, e, sai-rai-bral, a. belonging to the brain. 

Ceremonial, e, sai-rai-nio-nyal, a. ceremonial ; —, m. 

ceremonial, ceremony. 
Cérémonie, sai-rai-mo-ne, f. ceremony. 
Cérémonieux, se, sai-rai-inu-nyuh, — z, a. ceremoniout. 
Cerf, sairf, in. stag, hart ; —volant, paper-kite ; horn- 
Cerfeuil, sair-fuli/, m. chetrvil, [beetle. 

Cerisaie, sreer-ey, f. cherry-orchard. 
Cerise, sreez, f. cherry. 
Cerisier, sreez-yai, m. cherry-tree. 
Cerne, sairu, in. ring, circle. 
Cerneau, sair-noh, m. walnut-kernel. 
Cernement, sairn-ma^<, in. encircling. 
Cerner, sair-iiai, v. a. to encircle, surround ; tap a tree. 
Certain, e, sair-tai«, — ain, a. — ement, ad. certain ; 
Certes, sairt, ad. certainly, indeed. [some., sair-te-fe-kah, m. certificate. 
Certificateur, Scair-te-fe-kat-ur, ni. voucher. 
Certification, sair-te-fe-kah-syo7», f. certi_fitatioit. 
Certifier, sair-te-fyai, v. a. to certify, testify. 
Certitude, sair-tetûd, f. certainty. 
Cérumen, sai-riVmen, in. cerumen. ■ ' 

Ceruse, sai-rûz, f. ceruse. ' 

Cervaison, sair-vai zoii.f. venison-season. 
Cerveau, sair-voh, in. brain ; intellect. 
Cervelas, sair-vlau, in. cervelas. 
Cervelet, Siiir-vlay, in. cerebellum. 
Cervelle, sair-vell, f. brains ; genius, 
Cervoise, sair-vo-ahz, f. kind of beer. 
Cessation, sess-sah-syo;«, f cessation. 
Cesse, sayss, f. ceasing ; sans —, incessantly. 
Cesser, say-sai, v. a. to cease. 
Cessible, sess-sibl. a. cessible. 
Cession, sess-syo«, f. cession, giving, yielding up. 
Cessionnaire, sess-yo-nair, m. grantee. 
Césure, sai-ziir, /. cesitra. 
Cet, te, set, />«. this, that. 
Cétacé, e, sai-tass-ai, a. cetaceous. 
Ceux, celles, suh, sell, /;/. pi. see Ce, Cet. 
Chablis, shab-le, m. ■wind-fallen 7uood. 
Chabot, rh.ib-oh, m. bull-head, gull. 
Chacal, shak-al, m. jackal. 
Chacun, e, shak-ui;, — iln, pn. everyone ; each. 
Chafouin, e, shaf-wai«, — win, a. mean; shabby; — 
III. mean-looking wretch, [grief, sorrow ; shagreen. 
Chagrin, e, shag-r:ii;(, — rin, a. sad. peevish ; — , m. 
Chagrinant, e, shag-re-na», — t, a. vexations. 
Chagriner, shag-re-nai, v. a. to ve.\, griez'e ; se —, v. r. 

to fret, griei'e. 
Chaîne, shain, f. chain ; warP ; galley ; bondage. 
Chainetier, shain-tyai, m. chainmaker. 
Chaînette, shain-ett, f. little chain. 
Chaînon, shain-o«, in. link (chain). 
Chair, shair, f.Jlesli ; meat ; flesh-colour. 
Chaire, shaXt, f. pulpit ; chair. 
Chaise, sheyz, f. chair ; scat; sedan. 
Chaland, slial-av, m. customer; barge, 
Chalandise, shal-n</-diz, f. custom ; cnsto/ners, pi, 
Ch.ilcographie, kal-kog-rafe, f. chaho.grapliy. 
Chaie, shaul, in. shawl. 
Ch.llet, shaul-ay, in. cottage,. 

Chaleur, shal-ur, /C /««"a/.- ardour. [full of firt. 

Chaleureux, se, shal-ur-uh, — ?., a. itaturally ivoirin : 
Chaloir, shal-war, X'. imp. il ne m'en cli.iut, / care 
Chaloupe, shal-oop, f. long-boat, sloop, [nothing for it. 
Chalumeau, shal-0-moh, in. stem; straw ; pipe. 
Ch.imade, sham-ail, f. parley. 

se Chamailler, sham-a/-ai, v. n. to wrangle, quarrel. 
Chamaillis, sham-.-»/-ee, lit. squabble. 
Chamarrer, sham-ar-ai, v. a. to lace over. 
Chamarrure, shani-ar-ftr, f. lacing. 
Chambellan, sha;t-bel-la'<, in. chamberlain. 
Chambranle, sha«-bra«l, in. door-case. 
Chambre, slia«-br, f chamber, cabin ; honey-comb ; — 
haute, house of lords ; — des libr,-iires, stationers hall. 




Chambrée, ^)ll.-^;(-l)rai, f. ptrsons lodt^ing in one room, 
Chainbrclaii, slia«-lir-la«, >;i. Mger. { fil. ; merlin^. 
CliaiiiUrer, slia«-brai, v. a. et n. to Ârefi conjined : 
Chaiiiliretle. slia«-l>rett, /. little room, {loii^e togetlter. 
Chaiuliricr, sh.iw-liru-ai, tn. iliatnl'erlaiii. 
Chaiiibricre. hlia«-l>reair, / tliambcniMid ; horse- 
'Cliaiucaii, shain-oli, in. lauiel. [wlnfi. 

Chamelier, sham-clyai, >ii. iniiiel-iiriver. 
Chamelle, sh.iinelK./.Viwrt.'c miiiil. 
Chamois, sliam-wa, ni. shiiiin'y. 
Chaimnscur, sh.ini-wa^iir, in. sltainoy-iiresser. 
Chaiii|), slia)/, lU.JieU; lOiitfiass ; theme! sur-lc- — , 

Champajfiic, sha«-paM-ye. in. ihainpagne. 
Cliampart, sliaiz-par, iujiflii-rcnt. 
Champêtre, sha;/-iicy-tr, a. rural. , 

Champignon, sliaH-pinyn;/, in. mushroom ; thii'f m a 
Cliainpion, slia;/-pyo</, in. thain/>ion. [lanJlf. 

Chance, sha«s, f. ihaiue ; /iaziir,l ; siictess. 
'chancelant, e, sha/z-sUw;, — t, «. tottering.' ; waver imr : 


Chanceler, sMa/zslai. t'. n. to totter, 7viiver 

ClianceliiT, slia«s-lyai, in. chamellor. 

Chancelière, sha»jf-ly.iir,y: iliaiutllors wife; foot-ba),': 

Chancellement, sha«-sell-ma//, in. stat.'i^eriii.:^. 

Chancellerie, sha«sell-re,/ iliaiuery. 

Chanceux, se, sliaH-siih, —z, n. liidy. 

Chancir, sha«-seer, v. n. to i;nni' mouldy. 

Chancre, sha;(-kr, m. cancer ; canker. 

Chancreux, se, sha;/-krnh, — z, a. cancerous, 

Chandeleur, iMnifWnr,/. camiicinas. 

Chanilelieii sha;(-ilol-yai, in. caiiitlcstick ; chancller. 

Chandelle, sha/i-dcll,/: candle. {horse. 

Chanfrein, sha;/-lrai((, in. head-piece ; forehead of a 

Clian^e, sha;/hj, m. cxchani;e ; change : agent de —, 

Chantfeaiit, e, sha«-hia((, — i, a. chanireahle ; Jickle. 
Changement, sha«lij-nia«, m. change; alteration; 

Changer, sha«-hjai, v. a. et it. to chaii,i;e : alter ; se —, 

V. r. to he cha lifted ; shift. 
Changeur, slia;/-hjur, in. moneychanger. 
Clianoine. sli;in-wan, in. canon. ; 

Chanoinesse, shan-wan-ess,./". <anoiiess. ■ 

Chanson, sha«-so«,/ song : idle story ; —si iioHsense I 
Cliansonner, sha«-so-nai, f. a. to lampoon. 
Chansonnette, sha»/-so-nett,/ little song. 
Chansonnier, sha;/-so-nyai,/. hallad maker. ; 

Chant, sha«, in. sinking ; sont; ; air ; — dn coq, cock- ■ 
Chantant, e. sha«-ta«, — t, a. tnnalile. [croîvi/ig. 

ciianteau, sha«-toh, in. cantlc, liiiick of bread. 
Chantupleure, sha«t-plur,y; /><«'«'/. i 

Chanter, sha«-tai, v. a. to sim.' ; cro7u. I 

Chanterelle, shaH-trell,y: treble-string ; decoy-bird. \ 
Chanteur, shaw-tur. m. — cuse, -u\\z,f. singer. 
Chantier, sha«-tyai, m.tiinheryard : dockyard ; stocks. 
Chantonner, sha«-to-nai, v. a. to hum. 

Chantourné, sha;i-loor-nai, in. head-piece (bed). 

Chantourner, sha«-toor-nai, t'. a. to citt a projile. 

Chantre, sha«-tr, m. singer, chorister. \ 

Chantrerie, sha/i-tr/r/.-re,/ ihantry. i 

Chanvre, sha»/-vr, m. hemp. 

Chaos, kah-oh, rn. chaos. 

Chape, shap,y: cope ; Itelm ; coat. 

Ch.-ipeau, sliap-oh, ;«. hat : bonnet; bunch of floavers. 

Ch.ipelain, shap-lai»(, in. chaplain. I 

Cliapeler, shap-lai, v. a. to rasp bread. | 

Chapelet, shap-lay, m. c/iaplct ; chain-pump. 

ciiapelier, sh.ip-lyai, ;«. hatter. 

Chapelle, shap-ell,/ chapel. 

Chapellenie, sha|)-ell-ne,./; chaplainship. 

Chapellerie, shap-ell-re,y) hat-manufactory. 

Chapelure, shap-h'ir,/ >-aj//'«A'^J, M 

Chaperon, shap-ro«, m. hooil ; holster-cap; shoulder- 
knot ; servir de —, to accompany. 

Chaperonner, shap-ron-ai, -•. <i. to hoodwink (hawk). 

Chapter, shap-yai, m. cope-bearer. 

Cliapite.iu, snap-e-toh, m. capital. 

Chapitre, shap-it-tr, in. chapter; chapter-house ; matter. 

Chapitrer, simp-e-trai, v. a. to reprimand. 

Chapon, shap-oH, in. capon. 

Chaponnean, shap-o-noh, in. young capon. 

Chaponner, shap-o-nai, i'. a. to capon. 

Chaponnièrc, shap-o-nyair,y; ste^v-paii. 

Chaque, shack, pn. each, every. 

Char, shar, m. car, chariot. 

Charade, shar-ad,y; charade. 

Charançon, shar-a«-so«, m. weerdl. 

Charbon, shar-bo»», >» coal, ember ; mildew. 

Charbonnée, shar-bo-nai, short rib of beef. \carhon(ze. 

Charbonner, shar-bo-nai, v, a. to char ; se —, v. r. to 

Charbonneux, se, shar-bo-nuh, — z, ad. carbuncled. [hole. 

Charbonnier, shar-bon-yai, m. charcoal-burner : coal- 

I Cllarlionniere, shar-bon>;air,y. ru(i/-7«<"//<J»<; CJol-tO, 
Charbouiller, shar-booA.ii, v. a. to mildew. 
Charcuter, sliar-kCt-tai, v. a. to inang/e. 
; Charcuterie, sh,ir-ki"it-re,/ lugsjlcsli: pork-butcher i 
Charcutier, shar-kijt-yai, m. pork-butcher. [trade. 

Chardon,»/, in. thistle. 
Chardonner, shar-don ai, :■. a. to na*. 
\ Ch.irclonneret, shar-dnnr.iy, m. gold/inch. 
1 Charge, sliarhj. .A load, burden, u'taige; cargo: ii- 
j pense ; ot/ii e ; tax, duty ; care ; accuialion ; poultice 
I h l.i — lie, on, upon condition that. 
Chargeant, e, sliar-hj,i«, — t, a. heavy. 
Ch.irgcment, sliarlij-iua);, ;//. lading; bill of lading. 
\ Cliarger, sharhj.ii. <•. a. to tharge, load ; burden . " 
I cuinher; 07iercharge ; se—, v. r. to take ufion O'le i 
I self : be ansicerabie. 
Chargeur, shar-hjur, m. loader ; opener 
Ch.iriot, shar-e-oh, in. nagçon, cart. 
Ch.iritable, sliar-c-t,ili-lil, a. —ment, ad. charitable. 
Charité, shar-ctal.y; charity; alms. 
Charivari,, )//. unv-beiling : clattering. 
' Cli.irlat.m,«, in. charlatan, mountebank. 

Charlatiuier, shar-lat-an-ai, v. a. to i}ull. 
I Charlatanerie, shar-lat-an-re, f. Cliarlatanisme, sliar 

lat-an-ism, m. quaikery. 
I Charmant, e, sliar-ni.T/, — t, a. charming : delxghljii. 
I Ciiarme, sharm, m. charm, spell ; yoke-elm. 
I Charmer, shar-m,ii, v. a. to charm, br.vitih ; delight. 
Charmille, shar-ini/, /. hedge ofyok---elins. 
Charnel, le, shar-nell, a. —lenient, ad. carnal, sensual 
\ Charnier, shar-nc-ai, m. charnel-house. 
Cliarnicre, shar-ne-air,/ joint, hinge. 
Charnu, e, shar-nil, a.Jleshy, plump. 
Charnure, %\\,\x-\wx,f.Jlesh. 
Charogne, shar-nn-yc,/. carrion. 
Charpente,«t, /! timber-work ; frame ; striic- 
Cliarpenter, shar-pax-tai, v. a. to work timber, itior 
Charpenterie, shar-pa»;-tre, / timl<er-work, carpeul<y 
Charpentier, shar-pan-ty.ii, m. carpenter. 
Charpie, shar-pee,/ lint; rags, pi. 
Charpir. sliar-peer, v. a. to tease wool. 
Cliarrée, shar-ai,/; buck-ashes, pi. 
Charretée, shar-fai,/; cart-toad. 
Charretier, shar-te-ai, m. carman, carter. 
Charrette, shar-ett,/. cart. 

Charriage, shar-e-ahj, m. carriage. ^ 

Charrier, shareai. v. a. et n. to cart ; bear large pitcti^ 
of ice; —, m. bucking-cloth. 3 

Charroi, shar-wa, m. carriage. ^ 

Charron, shar-o«, m. cartivrii;ht. "" 

Charronnage. sliar-o-nahj, m. cartwright's work. 
Charroyer, shar-wa-yai, v. a. to cart, carry. 
Ciiarrue, shar-i1,/ ploui^h. [charler-parli^ 

Charte, shart, Chartre, sliartr, / charter; — partKA" 
Chartreuse, shar-truz,/; charter-house. 
Chartreux, shar-truh, in. carthusiaii friar. 
Chartrier, shar-tre-ai, m. keeper of charters. -. 

Chas, shau, in. eye of a needle. f. 

Châsse, shauss.y: jA;-;«c,/r(r;«^; scale. i,' 

Chasse, shass, / hunting; chase; — à courre, re»' S 
iiig ; — au tir, shooting; — marée, >«. yfjA-iiifg 




— mouche, m.Jiy-Jlap., sliass-lau, in. chasselas. 

Chasser, shass-ai, v. a. et. n. to hunt : chase ; 
out; pursue; take room ; — slU (w^\\, to shoot ; - 
clou, to drive in a nail. 

Chasseur, shass-ur, in. hunter, sprrtsman. 

Chasseuse, shass-uz./ huntress. 

Chassie, shass-e./ blearedness, rheum. 

Chassieux, se, sh.iss-yuh, — z, a. blear-eyed. 

Chassis, shau-see, m. sash ; freinte. 

Chaste, sliast, a. —ment. a. chas'e, innocent. 

Chasteté, sliass-t;(Atai,/. chastity. 

Ch.asuUe, shaz-û-bl,/ chasuble. 
' Chasublier, shais-fl-ble-ai, m. maker of chasubles. 
'■ Ch.1t, shiih, m. cat; — huant, screech-o^vl ; .\ l"in 
I bon rat, tit for tat. 

Ch.ltaigne, shau-tain-y?,/ chestnut. V'- 

Chat.-iigneraie, shau-tain-yc-ray, / gro^,ie ofchan:. 
I Ch.ltaignier, shau-tain-yir-ai, m. chestnut-tree. ^ 

Ch.1tain, h\v,\\x-\.a\n,a.chestnut-iolour ; —clair, a/(P'"i 

i Ch.lteau, shau-toh, m. castle; fort; — en Es|i.ii,:j 

castle in the air. \lady of a nun,. 

Châtelain, shau-tlai«, m. lord of a manor; -i; 
I Ch.ltellenie, shau-tel-ne,/ castleu<ard, castellany. 
I Ch.ltiable, shau-te-ah-bl, a. /««iJ/ia*/^. 
1 Châtier, shau-te-ai, v. a. to chastise ; scourge. 

Chatière, shat-e-air,/ cat's hole ; cat-trap. 
I Châtiment, shau-te-ina«, m. chastisement. 
1 Chaton, shat-o«, m. kitten ; catkin. 
' Chatouillement, shat-oo/-nia«, m. tickling ; Jeligm, 
' Chatouiller, shat-oo/-ai, v. a. to tickle, delight. 



[ «9 1 


Oiiilleux, se, shaf-o<)/-uh, —z. a ticklish : ttict. 

;oy.«nt. e, shnl-wa-y.t«. — t, a. shot-coloured. 

oyer, slut-wa.y.ii, v. n. to sparkU. 

rer, shau-trai, v. a. to geht ; castrate, 

rcur, shau-tnir, »t. f^cUier. 

lire, sliaii-tri1r, /: cast ration. 

e. shatt, /". sheiat. 

tcinitc, sli.itt-iiiit,/ dfmiirt hypocrite. 
luil, c, stioli, — il, ,1. et iiii. — eiiiunt, nd. hot, warm, 
■dent .■ eiii,'er ; —, itt. heat. 

ileau, slioh-doli, iti. caudte. 

(hère, shnh-<iy.»ir,/ copper ; hoiUr. 

(Iron, slioli-<lr(i«, >n. kettle: catdroii. 

'Iroiiiiee, sh())i-ilr()-nai,X kettle-fitll. 

■ Iroiinerie. slinli-ilroii-rL-,/ braziers ware. 

ilronnicr, sholi-dro-ny.ii. »t. hratier : coppersmith. 

(Taiie. ?,linh-fahj, m.Jtul : Jireivood. 

Ife, sliohff, /:/Kr«<i(C.- — pieil. m. fool-stove. 

iFer, stinli-fai, v. a. et n. to heat, uariii ; iream; 
•ow loartn ; se — , v. r. to warm one's sel/. 

Iferette, sholi-frett./; foot-stove. 

Iferie, slioh-free,/ chnfe'-y. 
lutfeiir, slioh-fur, in. stoker, fireman. 

iFdir,, m. 7var>iiin)^-place ; ivarm cloth, 

four, shoh-foor, m. lime-kiln. 

ifoiiniicr, shoh-fijor-iiyai, in. /iiiie-hiiriier. 
ul.i^e, sholi-l.Uij, III. liinint,' (corn). 
iilcr, slioli-l.ii, V a. to lime tiorii). 
ClEiiinavrc, shohin.ilij, m. cuttiiii;ofthestnbblt. 
Cpaiiinei slioliiu, m. stubble : sluhhle-tield. 
cSiiiiiii'r, slu)h-ii\ai. î'. a. to cut itiibble. 
Clltiixiii're, stioh-ine-air, / cotlai^e. 
Chèuinine. slioh-miii./: small cottai^e. 
CNlti^saiit, e, sli()li-s,i'/. — t, a. easy to put on. 
ClMussc, sholiss, /! //V/f»' .■ — pied, iii. slioeiii.;-ltorn ; 
CHusse, e. slioli-sai, a. shod. [— s. pi. breeches, pi. 

CWussec, slii)li-s;ii, yC causeivay ; bank; rcz ' ■ — , 

Clliii''Ser, slioli-siii. v. a. to put on shoes or stockinci's ; 
Make shoes ; suit, tit : so — , v. r. to put on one's 
Qiussetier, slioli-sty.ii, in. hosier, {shoes or stockings. 
CIpusselte, slioli-sett,.A under-stocking;, 
CtlEusson, sliolisn;/, m. sock : pump. 
CMussiiro, slioli-bi'ir, f. stockini;s, boots, shoes, pi, 
CÛuve, slio'iv, a. bald. 
Cll*u\csoiiris, shohv-soorc, /! bat. 
Chliuvir, shoh-veer, t. n. to prick ut>. 
CImux, Ouili, /■. lime; — vive, yuiik-lii/te, 
Ché^'ir^-'r, sliav-erai, v. n. to capsize. 

sh/(/i-bek, tn. xeberk 
slielT, III. head ; elite/, leader ; /ac-end ; — do 
lille, housekeeper : -- d'^iiivro, in. masterpiece ; 
lie», in. lapital, chic/ toion. 
Ihtiiier. «.Iiay-inai, -.: r. to pine aivay. 
nin, shinai«, in. way, road : path : course : 
Tans ; ijr.ind —, hii.'hrray ; — (le ti-r, lai/way ; k 
-, hal/way ,• — faisant, by the 7vay ; f.iire sou — ', 
make one's /ortuiie. 
mince, shine-nai, /; chimney : funnel. 
inner, shnie nai, ?', ii. to walk. <,"' "". 
Çn|hiisc, slinicez, /; shirt, shi/l ; chemise. 
"" "nisette, shine-Z'.tt,./; chemitet'f. 
.lie, shay-nay, A throve o/oaki. 
•^\. shnal, m. channel ; mill-race . gutter. 
apan. shnap-a»/, m. vagabond. 

e. sliain, m. oak. 
ean, sliai-noli, m. young oak. 
eau, shainoli, ni. gutter. 
et, shKA-nay, ni. andiion. 
evière. shcn-vyair, / he>nt>-tteld. 
e\is, shonve, in. Iminpsee.i. 

tte. slien-vott. /: bullcn. 
lii. sli'(/(-ne. m. dog-kennel. 

iile, sli«^(-ni/,/ cat- rpillar. 

II. e, sli,v/(-iiû, a. hoary ; grey-headed. 

, ire, sh.iir, a. — creiiieiit, ad. dear, valuable ; 
•tiy : vendre —, to .sell dear. 

tlier, sh.iir-sli.ii, v. a. ft n. lo seek, look/or, search , 
attempt; aller —, to go and fetih, go /or ; en- 
r —, ti> send /or. 
Klienr. sh.«ir sliiir, in. .u-ekrr. searcher. 

. ith.iW, f. t/ieer, cnteifaiitincnt. 

r. sliai-reer, v. a. lo cherish. hn>e., sll.ii-rc-', (7. rt»«i«Wf. 

.". sli,iir-t.ji, f. dearness. dearth. 

I'in, sliai-rii-l)aiȕ, m. ciurub. 

lis, sliiiir-ve, m. skirret. \/iil. 

f. ive, shai-tiff. — iv, a. — venient, ad. mean, piti- 
1. sh/<A-v»l ( pi. chavaux). horse : — de bit. pn^k- 

se : ~- de bataille, wai^hnrse, charger; — de 
rse, race-horie < — de selle, saddle-horse ; aller à 
monter à —, ti ride «n horseback. 

Clievalctncnt, shM/i-v,al-n'.a«, tn. prop. ' 

Clievaler, sh«/i-val-ai, v. a. to scrape hides. 

Chevaleresque. shuA-val-resk, a. chivalrous. 

Chevalerie. sh«/(-val-re. y; knighthoo,!. 

Chevalet, shi«/i-val-ay, m. wooden horse ; bridge (/>«. 
slrument) ; sawing-trestle ; buttress. 

Cliev.ilier, sh«/i-val-yai, in. knight; — d'industrie, 

Che/aline, sii'./i-v.d-in, a./, horse, mare. [sharper. 

Chevaucher, sli»/«-vnli.shai, v. a. to ride. 

Clievauloi'er, shi<A-v<)li-l.ii-tijai, m. lighl-horteman ; 
— s, pi. tight-horse. 

Chevelu, e, sh«/j-vli'i, a. long-haired. 

Chevelure, sh«/<-vli!lr,y.' head o/ hair. 

Chevet, sh/jA-vay, m. pillow ; bedside. 

Cheveu, sh;</«-vuh, m. hair. [ankle-bone. 

Cheville, slu(/i-vi/, ,/: peg, bolt; botch; —du pied, 

Cheviller, sh/</i-vil-ai, v. a. to peg, pin ; bolt, 

Clievillette, slw</«-vi/-ett,,/.' peg. 

Chèvre, shey-vr,./ she-goat ; crab; —feuille, m. honey- 
suckle ; -- pied, a. goaf-/'ootnt. 

Chevre.iu, sh/(/«-vroli, m. kid. [pot; little andiron. 

Chevrette, f,\\uh-\tc\t, /. d,ie. roe; s/irimp ; syriip. 

Chevreuil, sh»/ivruli/, «i. roebuck. 

Chevrier, sli/(/i-vre-ai, m. goatlieid. 

Chevrillard, shK/i-vri/-ar, m. /'awn o/'a roe. 

Chevron, slu</i-vro«, m. ra/ter : cherron. 

Chevrotement, sh»//-vrot-iiia>/. m. i/uivering. 

Chevroter, sh;«A-vrot-ai, v. n. to kid ; /ret ; quiver, 

Chevrotin, sh/(/(-vrot-ai»;, in. kid's skin. 

Chevrotine, sh»/(-vrot-iii,/; deer-shot. 

Chez, sh.ii, /r. at, to, or in one's house; among; 
— nous, ill our /amity ; at home. 

Chi.isse, she-ass, y; scum, dross. 

Chic, sliik, >n. trick. 

Chicane, chicanery ; cavil. 

Chicaner, she-kan-ai, v. a. to chicane ; cavil. 

Chicanerie, she-kan-re, see Chicine. [chicaner. 

Chicaneur, she-kan-ur, m, I'l-i^aneuse, she-kan-uhz, /. 

Cliic.iuier, ère,, — r, a. ivraii.gling ; —, hi. 
wrangler, cavalier. 

Chiche, shish, a. — nient, al. stingy, shabby, 

(Jhicoree, she-ko-r.ii,./; succory, endive. 

Chicot, she-koh, ;«. slump. 

Chicoter, she-ko-tai, v. ii. to wrangle. 

Chien, shyai«, «/. dog; cock of a gun; — d'arrijt, 
pointer ; —, seller. 

Chiendent, shy;ii;;-d.i«. in. dog's grass. 

Chienne, shyeiin,,/: bihh. 
Chienner, shycnn-ai, v. n. to whelp. 
ChilTe, shitr,./: paltry slutf. 
CliitTon, shc-foc, m. rag ; bad shed n/ paper. 
ChitTonner, she-fo-n.ii, v. a. to rumple, tumble. 
Chiffonnier, she-fo-ny.ii, in. rag-picker ; — ère, — r, /T 
CMiilfre, shifr, m.Jiguie; cipher. \i hest o/ drawers. 
Chiirrcr, she-fr.ii, v. a. lo write in ciphers ; number ; 
Chiffreur, she Iriir, in. accountanl. [coinpule, 

Chii,'non, sliin-yo<(. in. nape ; thiginn. 
Chimère, sheniayr, t. idle/ancy. 
Cliiniérii|ue. slie-m.ii rik. a.fanci/ul. 
Chimie, she-ine, /. ihennstiy. 
Chiinii|uc, she-iiiik, a chemical. 
Chimiste, she-mist, m. chemist. 
Chionrme, she-oorm, /T creiv. 
Chipoter, she-pot-ai, v. n. to piddle ; trifle. 
Ctiipolicr, she-poty.ii. m. piddler. trifler. 
Chiqiie, sliik, / marble-ball : quid o/ tobacco. 
Chi(|ueiiaiide. shik-nohd,y; /?//</». 
Chiquer, she-k.ii, -,k n. to chew tobacco. 
Chiqiiet, she-k.iy, m. bit ; — .a —, by driblets. 
Chira^re, ke-rah-tfr, f.chiragea. 

Cliiro,,rraphaire, ki-rn-i;Mf..iir, a. in virtue of a note of 
Chiiiirijical. she-nirlije, a. surgical. [hand. 

('hirur^'ii', she-rnrhjir, A .\urgery. 
C hinirifii'ii, slii.-rfir-lijeai;/, m. surgeon. 
('liiriirL,'iqii.-, she-ror-lijik, a. chirurgical. 
Clilon-, klor, ;/;. chlorine. 
Chloroforme, klo ro-form. m chliro/orm. 
Chlorose, klo-roh.;. A (A/ix.i.rv. 

Choc, shock, «;. .r/Vii,*, (r.'/.». y(-, .-A/j7((H;'. -' . » 

Chocolat, shoko-l.di. >/^ ch.nolale. 

Chocol.itier,, ;,■/. choio'afe-maker nr 
Cliocol.itiéie,, /; choco.'alc-pot. [scUer. 
C\vv\\T,\i\\hr. m. choir ; chM-iis. 
•Choir, shwar, t'. ii. lo lumb.'e. fall' 
ClioUir, shw.i-zecr, 7i. a. lo choose ; select, 
\ Choix, shw.a, in. choice: option. ' 

[ Cholera, ko-l.ii-rah. m. cholera. 

Clioléric|iie. ko-lai-rik, a. of the cholera : bilious. 
I Chôniable. sho-m ih-bl. a. kept as a holiday. 
Chômage, sho-inahj, »«. respite ; rest. 
Chômer, shoh-mai, v. a. et n. to keep a hnlijay : Tcant 
I Chopine, sho-pin,/ hctif-fint, \tiiork ; lie/allow. 

to clash; shock; o/Tcui ; 
— , V. r, to takt ojt/titce ; 

CHO I 30 1 

Chop<ner, shn-pc-nai, v. ». to tipple, sip, 
Clio|iiiiettc, slio-ne-nett, sre Chopinc. 
Clioppcr, sho-piil. V. II. to stmiihte. 
C'lio<iiicT, sjiokai, V. a. et n. 

touch, jiiiifle glasses; mi 

stri/trf one another. 
Clinrdtfrapliic, kor-ai-eraf-e, /t choregraphy. 
(Jlioristc, Ko-rist, m. chorister. 
Clioro({rapliie, ko ro-ffraf-e.yC chorography. 
Cliorus, kor-fts, ««. chorus ; faire — , to sing together. 
Chose, sliohz,/; thing, matter. 
Chou, sh(jo, »«. ciittbage ; — cabiis, headed cabbage. 
Choucas, shoo-kau, m. jackdaw. 
Choucroute, shoo-kro(it,y; pickled cabbage. 
Chouette, shoo-ett,/! screech-owl. 
Cho'.i-fleur, shoo-flur, m. cauliflower. 
Chouquet, shoo-kay, »«. block. 
Choyer, sliwa-yai, v. a. to/ondle, pamper. 
Chrême, krcytu, >n. chrism. 

Chrétien, ne, krai-tyai«, — iiin, a. — nemcnt, ad. rhris- 
Chrétienté, lirai-tyai«-tai,y! Christendom. [tian. 

Christ, krist, m. Christ. 

Christianisme, krist-yan-isni, m. Christianity, 
(-hroniatiiiue, kroh-nia-tik, ,j. chromatic. 
Chrome, krolun, m. chrominm. 
Chronique, kron-ik, a. chronical ; — ,/. chronicle. 
Clironliiucur, kro-ne-kur, >«. chronicler. 
Chronolfinic, kro-no-lohje.yj chronology. 
Chronolo^flque, kro-no-lo-lijik, <». chro>Hiloi;ical. 
Clironiilo^fiste, kro-no-lo-hjist, Clironolo;{uc, kro-no-lo;;, 

m. cttrouologcr. ' 

Chronomètre, kro-no-niai-tr, ;;/. chronometer. 
Chrysiilide, kre-zal-iJ,/: chrysalis. 
Chu, slu1, see Clioir. 

Ch\ictiotcment, shiVsliot-m;i«, tn. nhispering, 
Cliuchoter, shiVshot-ai, v. n. to whisper. 
tlhuchoterie, shû-shot-re,y: whispering, 
C'huchoteur, shû-shot-nr, m. whisperer. 
Chut: shrtt, int. hush ! pence ! 

Chute, ^\\(\U/. fall : Jailing ; failure ; ruin ; — du jotir. 
Chyle, shill, tn. chyle. [close of the day. 

Ci, se, ad. here ; par-ci, par-l>\, here and there ; now and 

then; ci-après, hereafter; ci-dessous, here-uiider ; 

ci-dessus, aforesaid; ci-devant, heretofore. 
Cible, sitil.y; black point ; mark, aim. 
Ciboire, sib-war, m. pix. 
Ciboule, se-bool,y; scallion. 
Ciboulette, se-t)ool-ett,./; chives. 
Cicatrice, se-kat-riss,/; scar. 

Cicatriser, se-kat-re-zai, v. a. to cicatrize, scar: se — , 
Cidre, sidr, m. cider. [v. r. to heal, skin over. 

Ciel, syell (/>/. cieux), m, sky; heaven; (pi. ciels) top 

(of a bed) ; sky (in painting). 
Cieree, syairhj, m. wa.x-taper. 
Cigale, se-i;.il,./; grasshopper, 
Ci^jare, se-jjar, m. cigar. 
Ci>fO||jne, se-gon-y<',y; stork. 
Cieuc, se-t{fl.y^ water-hemlock. 
Cil, sill, in. eyelash. 
Cilice, se-liss, m. hair-cloth. 
Cillement, si/-ma;(, m. titinkling. 
Ciller, si/-ai, z: a. et 11. to twinkle, ivink. 
Cinic, seem, f. peak, summit. 
Cjnient, se-ma;», m. cement. 
Cimenter, se-ma/i-tai, v. a. to cement ; bind. 
Cimeterre, sini-tair, in. scimitar. 
Cimetière, sim-tyair, in. churchyard. 
Cimier, se-me-ai, m. buttock ; crest. 
Cimolie, se-mo-!ee,yr pipeclay. 
Cinabre, sc-nali-br, in, cinnabar. 
Cinéraire, se-nai-rair, a. cinerary. 
Cinération, se-nai-rah-syo»/../; cineration. [hours. 

CinKlage, sai«-j,'lahj, m. ship's course for twenty-four 
Cinjilei-, saiH-jjIai. v. a. et n. to lash, switch ; sail with 
Cimiamome, sm-nam-om, m. cinnamon. \a fair wind. 
Cinq, sai«k, a. five ; fifth. [fifty years old. 

Cinquantaine, sai«-ka«-tain,y^yf/'/y,- avoir la — , to be 
Cinquante, sai»-ka«t, a. fifty ; fiftieth. 
Cinquantième, sai«-ka;Myem, a. fiftieth. 
Cinquième, sai;;-kyem, a. — ment, ad. fifth ; —, m. fifth 

class ; fifth pa rt. 
Cintre, sai«-tr, m. arch ; centre. 
Cintrer, saiw-trai, v. a. to arch. 
Cipaye, sip-ay, tn. sepoy, 
Cirajje, se-rahj, m. waxing; blacking. 
Circompotaire, seer-ko;/-po-lair, a. eirctmtpolar. 
Circoncire, seer-ko/(seer, v. a. to circumcise. 
Circoncis, seer-ko»(-se, in. one th.xt in circuiiuised. 
Circoncision, seer-ko«se-syo;/,_/: ciirumcisio». 
Ciroonféicnce, seer-l:o;t-fai-ra;(s,/. circnitifeieucc, cir- 
Circonflexe, seer-ko«-flex, a. circumflex. \cuit. 

Ciroonlocution, seer-ko«-IokiVsyo«, f. cireumlccuticn. 



[cerci loll 

Cifcnnscrii)tion, sefir-ko/i-skrip-syo;/, / ctnumscrif. 
tioit ; limitation. [liniu. 

•Circonscrire, seer-ko«-;)l :r»er, v. a. to circniiiscnht. 

Circonspect, scer-koH-sp< kt, a. circumspect ; cautioui. 

Circonspection, secr-ko>/-spck-syo«, /! ciri.uins/>eclwn, 

Circonstance, seer-ko>/-sta>(S,/ circumstance, [lariu 

Circonstancier, seer-koH-iita»/-syai, v. a. to parlim 

Circonvallation, seer-ko«-val-lan-syoM, f. circumviilU 

•('i'convenir, seer-ko«-vneer, v. a. to circumvent : 

Circonvention, scer-ko«-va/(-syo»;,/: deceit. [ceivt 

Circonvoisin, e, seer-ko«-vwa-zai»/, a. netj;hbourtiig. 

Circonvolution, seer-ko«-vo-UVsyo;;,y: circiimvolutiin 

Circuit, seer-kwe, m. circuit, compass. 

Circulaire, secr-kfil-air, a. —ment, ad. circular. 

Circulant, e, seer-kfil-a«, — t, circulating. 

Circulation, seer-kill-.ih-syo;i,/: circulation ; currciu) 

Circulatoire. seer-kiM-at-war, r». circulatory. 

Circuler, seer-kft-lai, v. ti. to circulate; tv current. 

Cire, seer,/: 7vax ; tapers, pi. ; seal; cerumen. 

Cirer, se-rai, v. a. to ivtx ; black (boots); loile lir» 

Cirier, se ryai, tit. wa.v-<tuindler. 

Ciron, se-ron, m. flesh-worm ; little blisttr, 

Circpie, seerk, m. circus. 

Cirre, Cirrhe, seer, in. tendril. 

Cirure, see-rrtr,./: prepared wax. 

Cisailler, se-za/-ai, v. a. to clip. 

Cisailles, scza/,/ shears ; clippings, pi. 

CMseau, se-zoh, »/. chisel ; ciseaux, pi. scissors. 

Ciseler, sccz-lai, v. a. to carve, chase ; chisel. 

Ciselet, seez-lay, m. graver. 

Ciseleur, seez-lur, tn. chaser. 

Ciselure, seez-lûr, tn. chasing, carving. 

Ciste, sist, m. cistus. 

Citadelle, se-ta(l-el,yC citadel, fortress. 

Clitadin, se-tad-ai«, tn. citizen, 

Citatcur, se-tat-ur, tn. qiioter. 

Citation, se-tah-syo;/,/ citation, quotation ; suiiinv 

Citatoire, se-tah-twar, a. summoning. 

Cité,,/ city ; citizens, pi. 

Citer, se-tai, v. a. to cite ; summon. 

Citérieur, e, se-tal-ryur, a. citerior, hither. 

Citerne, se-tairn,y; cistern, 

I'itoyen, se-twa-yai;/, tn, —ne, — yenn,/ citizen. 

Citrin, e, se-trai«, — rin, a. leinon-colourtd. 

Citron, se-tro«, m. lemon. 

Citronné, e, se-tro-nai, a. that has tlie taste ttfleiiioiil 

Citronnelle, cetro-nel,/: balm-mint. 

Citroimier, se-tro-nyai, trt. lemon-tree. 

Citrouille, sc-lrool.f. pumpkin. 

Civadière, se-vad-yair./l spritsail. 

Civc, siv.y; chives, pi. 

Civet, se-vay, m. jugged hare. 

Civette, se-vett,/: chives, pi. ; civet-cat. 

Civière, se-vyair,y; hand-barrow. 

Civil, e, se-vill, a. —ment, ad, civil : polite, 

Civilis.ition, se-ve-le-zali-syo«,./; civilisation. 

Civiliser, se-ve-le-zai, v, a. ... civilize. 

Civilité, se-ve-le-tai,,/; civilil, ; politeness ; — s. 

Civique, se-vik, a. civic. [plinieMs.a 

Civisme, sc-vism, tn. civistn : patriotism. 

Clabauil, klab-oh, ;/;. noisy fellow. 

Clabaudage, klab-oh-dahj, m. barking ; bawliii:;. 

Clabauder, klab-oh-dai, v. n. to bark, barol. 

Clabauderie, kl.ib-oh-dre,y; clamour, bawling. 

Clabaudeur, kl;ib-oh-dur, m. bawler. 

Claie, klay,/ hurdle. 

Clair, e, klair, a. clear, bright; light; thin ; cln^ 
perspicuous ; — et net, plain ; il fait —, it is i\ 
light; —, 01 — ement.arf. clearly, plainly ;fii 
— obscur, a. clare-obscure ; — semé, thinly i.'sl 
scarce ; —, tn. light; shine ; tirer au — , to clear i(,| 

Clairet, te, klair-ay, — ett, a. claret. 

Claire-voie, klair-vwa,/: opening; break; à —, iiif§ 
work ; semer à — , to so7v thin. 

Clairière, klair-yair,/:jf/arf<?; lamti. 

Clairon, klair-o;i, tn. clarion. [soi^ai 

Clairvoyance, klair-vwa-ya«s, f. clear-sighted'' 

Clairvoyant, e, klair-vwa-ya«, — t, a. clear- 

Clameur, klam-ur,/? f/a//«o«*-, outcry. [fiuii^it 

Clan, kla«, tn. clan, tribe. [claiid:>'\ 

Clandestin, e, klaj<-dess-tai;<, —in, a. — ement. \ 

Clandestinité, klan-dess-te-ne-tai,/ clandestinenei] 

Clapet, klap-ay, m. valve, sucker.. 

CI.H)ier, klap-yai, m. coney-buriv~u, 

se Clapir, klap-cer, v. r. tc squeak, squat, 

Clapotafje, klap-o-tahj, in, rippling. 

Clapoter, klap-o-tai, v, n. to ripple, plash. 

Clapoteux. se, klap-o-tuh, — z, a, sweliing. 

Clapotis, klap-o-te, m. rippling. 

Claque, klak,/ stnack ; — s, pi, clogs, pi, ; 



-, nt.j 


jCUqiiemenf, kLikni.t'/, in. claf^in^ , smadinj^. 
IC'laqiicniiitcr, klAk-nnVr.ii, T'. <j. loavfi uf>. 
ICU<|uer, V. a. tt n. toclaf>,./lafi, tnap, crack ; chattrr; 
|Clac|iict, ktak-ay, m. titUl-clap^r, I»""/- 

CLicineiir, kl.ik-iir, m. clafptr. 
^'Urificnllon,», / clarijjcation. 

[Tlaritier, kUre-fyal, v. a to clari/y, purify ; sc —, i'. r. 

"iHrine, kla-rin, / /«'//(V M/. [to clear, clari/j. 

"larinctte, klar-e-iiett,/: clarinet. 

Çlart(*, kUr-tal,/ clearness. 

'lassc, klauss,/ class ; order, rank ; set :/orm ; school- 

lasscnicnt, klauss-ina», ««. classin/;. \rooin. 

Classer, klau-sai, i». a. to class, arrange, 
ûlassificalion, klass-e-fc-kali-syo><,y; classification. 
Classique, ktass-ik. a. classic. 
Claude, kluhil, a. dollish: — , >«. simpleton, clod. 
Claudication, kloh-dc-k.ih-syoii, /. lameness. 
Clause, klohz, f. clause. 
Claustral, e, kloh-sfral, a. claustral. 
Claveau, kl.iv-uh, m. rot : arch-stone. 
Clavecin, kl.iv-sai'f. tn. harpsichord, 
Clavele, e, klav-lai, a. rotten. 
Clavclée, klav-lai, f. rot, scab. 
riavctte, klav-ett, /. key, pec. 
Clavicule, klav-c-kAl, /.collar-hone. 
Clavier, klav-yai, m. key-chain; key-hoard. 
Clayon, klay-yo>/, in. small wattle. 
ttaynnnaee, klay-yon-nlij, m. ■wattle-fence. 
tit'. Clef, klai, /. key ; screiu of a press ; fermer \ —, to 
Eldmatitc, klai-mat-it, /. clematitis. [lock up. 

II' "\'.'nee, klai-ni,i»/s, y: clemency. 
pii lient, e, ktai-ma>/, — t, a. clement, inercifu', 
,1 re, klair, in. clerk : cleri^yinan : scholar : pas <!f — , 
CIcrjîé, kkiir-lijai, m. clerf^y ; churchmen, pi. [blunder. 
Elé, e, klai-re-kal, a. — einent, ad. clerical : cleri;y- 
^éricature, klai-re-kat-ftr, y: clerkship. [manlike. 

tjicli.içje, kle-shrihj, m. stercotyfinc:. 
niché, kic-shai, in. stereotype plate. 
Richer, kle-shai. v. a. to stereot\t>c. 
Dicheur, klc-shur, ut. stereotyper. 
nient, e, kle-ya»/, — t, s. client. 

■ientèle, kle-a»-tell, f. clientship ; practice, clients, pi. 
li^neuient, klin-y<"-nia)/, in. winkinf^. 
wne-niuiette, klin-y^-mû-zctt, / hide and seek. 
Bjjner, klin-yai, v. a, (les yeux) to tvink, twinkle. 
Bffnotement, kIin-yot-nia«, m. ivinkinir, tivinkliti '. 
ignoter, klin-yot-ai, n. it. to wink, tivinkle. 
■mat, kle-inau, m. climate, clime. 
■inatérique, kle-inat-ai-rik, a. climacteric. 
Bn d'oeil, klain-diili/, m. twinkling; (of an eye); en un 
Inche, klaiHsh, f. latch. [~, in a trice 

Inique, kle-nik, a. clinical. 
Inquant, ktai»-ka», m. tinsel. 

l<iue, klik, f. frantr, partv. I 

Iqucter, ktik-tai, v. a. to clack, clanir. ' 

Iquetis, klik-te, in. ctashinj;. claut;. 
Iiliiette, kle-ket;, ./ snappers, clappers, pi, 
Isse, kliss, y: 7f(V*f r ;«<»/ .• splint. I 

Isser, kle-sai. i'. a. to splint. I 

Iver, kle-vai, v. a. to cleave. 
paque, k!o-ak, in. sink, common .\riuer. 
pclie, klosh. ./: hell; blister ; cover; dii'ing-bell. 

chement, klosh-inax, in. hobblincr- 
floclicpied,, ad. hoppin'r. 

cher, klo shai, in. steeple ; parish ; ch.isso au — 

ourse au —, steeplecha.te ; —, 7/. n. to limp ; hobble. 

cliette, klo-sliett, f. hand-hell; hcll-flo7ver. 

gson, klo-ah-zo>», f. partition. 

«snnnaKc klo-ah-zo-nah), tit. partition-work. 

Bsonner, klo-ah-zo-nai, i). a. to partition. 

Btre, klo-ah-tr, tn. cloister, comment. 

Itrer, klo-ah-trai, v. a. to cloister ; immure. 

Ttrier, kk>-ah-tre-ai, m, claustral monk. 


pin-clopant, klo-pai«-klo-pa«, ad. hobblins^. limp. 
"iner, fclo-pe-nai, v. it. to hobble alon^. [injr/y. 

orte, klo-port, m. 7voodlouse. 

»re, klorr, v. a. to close ; enclose; end, finish. 

\ e, kloh, — z, a. cU^sed, shut: bouche close, hush • 

Vim /or that : ihuis— , with closed doors ; —, in 

leau, klo-zoh, m. small close. [close ; enclosure 

Beinent, kloss-nia't, tn. c/iickinsr, 

«er, kloss-ai, v. n. to cluck [hen). 

ure, klo-tûr, y.'yî"«rf ; enclosure; c'osinir. 

urer, kloh-tû-rai, v. a. to fence; close. 

, kloo, »«. nail; boil; '- de girofle, clove. 

ape, kloo-al)j, in. nailing. 

er, klt', v. a. to nail, tack; confine. 

»er, kloo-tai, v. a. to stud. 

Jerie, klootre, f. nail-trade ; nail-forge. 

Iter, kloo-tyai, in. nailer. 

*re, klo-yair, f. eysttr-baskei. 

I kliib, m. club. 

[31] coil 

Clubi»t«, klûb-i>(, m. cliihUst. 

Clysoir, kle-swar, in. clyster-pift. 

Clyslcre, klislair, in. c'/yster. 

Coaccusé, e,, s. fellow-prisoner. 

Coactif, ve, ko ak-titf, — iv, a. coactive, coercive. 

Coiiction, ko-ak-syo>/, f coaction, avn ion. 

Coadjuteur, ko-ad-hliVtur, in. coadjutor. 

Coacljutnrerie, ko-adhiiVtorre, A load/ulorsht* 

Cojuljutrice, ko-atl-hjrt-lriss, y: co,tiJittrii: 

Coagulation, ko-.ii'-iVl.ili-syo»/, f. coa^'ulation. 

Co,i^uler, ko.,iK-û-I,\i, v. a. to coagulate ; se —, t. 

se Coaliser., v. r. to coalesce. 

Coalition,;/,/ coalition. 

Coassement, ko-ass-ma</, m. croaking. 

Coasser, ko-ass-ai, v. n. to croak. 

Collait, ko-balt, m. cobalt. 

Cobour^eois, ko-boor-lijwa, m. co-partner. 

Cocatjne, kokan-y.',/ pays de —, country of plenty. 

Cocar<le, ko-kard,y: (-.«cX-,»,/,-. 

Coche, kosh, m. caravan ; — d'eau, barge ; ,f. nof, h ■ 

Cochenille, kosh-ni/.y: fy(-Ai;/(vr/. ' [uiu'. 

Cocheniller, kosli-ni/-ai. v. a. to dye with cochineal. 
Cocher, kosh-ai, m. coachman, driver ; —, v. a. to tread. 
Cochère, kosli-air, a. nortc —, coach-gale, carnai^e- 
Cochet, kosh-ey, m. cockrel. [oitiame 

C'ochevis, kosh-ve, in. tufted lark. [sucki/n,--pig. 

Corhon, ko-sho«, in. hoi;, pig; sow (metal}; -de l.iit, 
Cochonner, ko-sho-nai, v. a. et n. to farrow ; buni;le. 
Cochonnerie, ko-shon-re.Ay////» ; iiasttness. 
Coco, ko-koh, m. cocoa-nut. 
t;Ocon, ko-ko;(, tn. cod, cocoon. 
Cocotier, ko-ko-tyai, m. cocoa-tree. 
Coction, koksyoH,y: coition ; digestion. 
Cocu, ko-krt, in. cuckold. 
Code, kohd, tn. code. 

Codébiteur, koli-d.ii-betur, in.fellonv.dcblor. 
Codétenteur, koli-ilai-ta«-tur, m. co-dctaincr. 
Codicille, ko-de-sill, in. coiiicil. 
Codille, ko-di/, in. codille. 
Codonataire, koh-do-nat-air, .t. co-donee. 
Coefficient, koh-ef-fiss-ya«, in. co-efficient. 
Coeniption, ko-a«-|Jsy«»i, /: co-emption. 
Coercitif, ive, ko-air-setif, — iv, a. coercive. 
(-oercition, ko-air-siss-yo«.y: coercion. 
(.Oéternal, le. ko-ai-tair-nel, a. co-eternal. 
Cifur. kur, m. heart ; courage; stomach, mir.d ; centre • 
middle; \-k\x —, by heart; de bon —, heartily- .1 
C(jntre — , against one's will. 
I Coexister, kol'-ejf-zis-tai. 7'. ;/. to co-e.xist. 
ColTre, koffr, m. chest ; trunk ; coffer, seat (coach) ■ — 
CotTrer, kof-rai, r. a. to imprison. [fort, stron.: box. 
, Colfret, kof-rai, )/;. little chest. 
I Coffretief, kof-fr-tyai. m. trnnkiisakcr. 
\ Co;jnasse, kon-y.iss.y; wild ,/iti)ice. 
Covfuassier, koii-y,iss-v li, in. (fuinceti-ee. 
Co^jnat, ko^-nah. in. kindred (by th:- female side) 
ÇotfMée, kou-yai.y." a.ce, hatchet. 
Co(,'ne-fétu, kon-yf-fai-til, m. busvbidv. 
' Cuifner, kon-y.ii, v. a. et n. to dni'e in ; kmvk. 
(-«ihabitation. ko-ab-e-tah-syo;;, /; cohabitation. 
Cohabiter, ko-ab-e-tai, 7'. ;/. to cohabit. 
, l'ohérence, ko-ai-r,i;;s, /; coherence. 
; Cohérent, e, ko-,iira)/, — t. a. coluiriit. 
I Cohéritier, ko-ai-re-tyai, in. ,o-hcir ; —ère, —air, / ro- 
Cohober, ko-lio-bai, v. a. to cohubate. [heiress 

\ Cohorte, ko-hort.y: cohort. 
i Colme, ko-hft,y: rout, mob ; f.iire —, to rout. 
Coi, te, kwa, — t, a. —meut. ad. still, quiet 
( oitfe, kwaff,/ hood; lining (of a hat) ; huxk. 
Coitfer, kwa-fai, v. a. to drets the hair ; cap a bottle • 
sc-- , V. r. to dress one's heoti ; be fond of. ' 

Coiifeur, kwa-fur, m. hairdresser. 
Coiffeuse, kwa-fuz,y: tni/liner. 
CoilTure, kwa-fûr,y: head-dress. U'n£\ 

Coin, kwai«, tn. corner; wedt;e : stamp ; clock (stock- 
Coïncident, e, koh-ai«-se-da;«, — t, a. coincident. 
Coinp, kwai;/, tn. ijuince. 

Cojntércssé, koh-ai«-tai-ress-ai, m. partner, associcUe 
Col, kol, tn. neck ; stock ; defile. 
Colejjataire, koh-Iai-Rd -air, tn. co-lecatee. 
Colère, ko-iair,/: anger, passion, wrath ; —, a. chol'ric, 
Colérme, ko-lair een,/ cholerine. [passionate. 

Colérique, ko-lai-rik, a. choleric, irascible. 
Colibri, ko-le-bre, tn. colibri. 
Colifichet, kol-e-fe-shay, tn.se71.gaw. toy ; bauble. 
Colinniaillard, ko-IaiH-mai'-ar, in. blindman's buff. 
Co intampon, ko-lai«-ta«-po«, m. s'en soucier comme 
Co ique, ko-lik,y: colic. (de —, to care not a fi^ 

CoUs. ko-le, m. bale, package. 
Colisee. ko-Ie-zai, tn. coliseum. 
Collaborateur, kol-la-bo-rat-ur, *il.ftllo7u-labourer. 
Collaboration, kollabor-ah syo>f, X. co-operation. 


CoIIajte, kohiahj, »t. siiniir. pasling. 

Collant, e, ko-lax, — t, r». lit:ht. 

C'illaténil, e, koMat-ai-ral, a. cotlattral. 

Collateur, kol-lat-ur, m. collator. 

Collatif, ive, kol-lat-lf, — iv. a. callative. 

Collation, kol-lahsyow./ iollation : lunchean. 

Collatlonncr, kol-lali-syo-nai, v. a. et ;«. to collate, eotn- 

part ; mate a tight repast. 
Colle, kol, f. paste, i,'liie ; sham ; — ."i bouche, tip-glut , 

— de poisson, isiiii^lass. 
Collecte, kol-lckt./ f,'afhfriiii' : collect. 
Collecteur, kol-lck-tur, ;/«. lolUctor. 
Ci>!lectif, ive, kolUk-tif, — iv, a. —veinent, ad. collée- 
Collection, kol-lek-syo«,y: collection. [tive. 

Collège, kol-ailij, "'■ collette : academy. 
Colléjcial, e, kolai-hje-al, a. collégial, colUgiatt ; — e, 

/. collegiate church. 
Collf'gien, kol-ai-hje-ai/», m. collegian. 
Collègue, kol-IcK, m. colleague. 

Coller, kolîii, v. a. etii. to paste, glue ; slid together .■ 

clarify (wine): Jit close ; sc —, v. r. to lie istiit) 

Collerette, kolrett, / tucker. [close. 

Collet, knl-ay, m. collar : cape; snare; — de mouton, 

neck of mutton ; prendre au —, to collar. 
Colleter, kol-tai, v. a. et n. to collar; set snares; se —, 

V. r. to collar each other ; wrestle, 
Colletin, kol-tai«, m. jerkin. 
Colleur, kol-ur, ;//. paperhaiiger. 

Collier, kol yai, m. necklace ; collar ; coup de —.fresh 
Collider, kol-le-lijai, v. a. to colled. [effort or attempt. 
Colline, kol-in,/ hill, hillock. 
Collision, kol-le-sy<»;,/: collision. 

Collocation, koMo-k.ili-syoH, f. tiisposilion ; invest- 
Colloque, kol-lok, m. colloquy. \menl. 

Collo( uer, kol-lo-kai, v. a. to collocate ; set in order. 
Coliuder, kol-lil-dai, v. n. to collude. 
Collusion, kol-lù-zyo;/,./: collusion. 
Collusoire, kol-lu-zwar. a. —nient, <»./. coUusory. 
Colombe, ko-lo^b,/ doie, pigeon. 
Colombier, ko-lo«-l)y.d, >n. pigeon-house, dove-cot. 
Colombine, ko-lo«-l)in,./: pige,:n-<tung. 
Colon, ko-lo;/, in. planter ; fanner. 
Colonel, ko-lo-nell, in. colonel. 
Colonelle, ko-lo-nell,/; the colonel's company. 
Coloni.ll, e, ko-lo-nc-al, ir. colonial. 
Colonie, ko-lo-ne,y: colony, planlatipii. 
Colonisation, ko lo-ne-zali-syo;;, f. colonisation. 
Coloniser, ko-lo-nc-zai, v. a. to colonise. 
Colonnade, ko-lo-nad, f. colonnade. 
I'olonne, kolon.A column ; pillir ; — dc lit, bed-post. 
Colophane, ko-lo-fan, f. colophony. 
Coloration, kolo-r.ihsyo",/ colouration. 
Colorer, kolorai, v. a. to colour, tinge ; palliate ; se —, 

7'. r. to colour. 
Colorier, ko-loryai, v. a. to colour ; varnish, 
(Joloris, ko-lo-re, m. colouring; tint. 
Coloriste, ko-lo-rist, m. colourist. 
Colossal, e, ko-los-sal, a. colossal, gigantic. 
(Colosse, ko-loss, in. colossus. 
ColportatîC kolpor-tahj, m. hawking. 
Colporter, kol-por-tai, v. a. to haivk about .■ publish. 
Colporteur, kol-por-tur, m. hairker ; pedler. 
Colza, kolz.ili, m. tohicorf, ra fie seed ; luiile de —, 
Combat. ko;/-b.di, m. combat; fight. [coleued-oil. 

ConiKaltant, ko;(;/, in. combatant, champion. 
•Combattre. ko«-b,ittr, v. a. et n. to combat, /ighl, con- 
tend; struggle ai;ain.\l. 
Combien, ko^by.ii'/. al. hoiv much ; hoiu many. 
Combin.iison, ko</-bu-u.iyso;/. /. lomhinution. 
Combiner, ko/ibenai, v. </. to continue. 
Comble, ku'/bl, in. fop, roof; summit; pour —, to 

complete . — . a. full. 
Combler, ko;(-bl,ii, v. a. to lieap up, till up : overload. 
Comblcle, k.>«-blclt. /: slit. 
Ctm\W\i:t^;V.iin-\>tC:i\r.f. large net. 
Coiiil)ni,'tr, ko/(bù-lij.ii, v. a. to soak. [ fiicl,Jirtng. 
lombublible, ko»-bûs-te-bl, ./. combustible; —, m. 
Combustion, ko«-bûs-tyo>(, f. combustion; coiifii- 

.\ion ; — spontance. self-'.ombu.s/ioit. 
Comédie, ko-mai-de,/. comedy ; fhtyhouse. 
Comédien, ko-mai-dy.ii»/. "*. comedian, player. 
Comédienne, ko-niai'-dyen./ acfnss. 
Comestible, ko-mes-te-bl. <i. eatable. 
C:omète. ko-niett,./ co.iiet. [comic author. 

Com-ipie, ko-mik, a. — ment, ad. comic, comical ; —, »». 
Cii'mité, ko-me-tai, m. committee ; meeting. 

[ 3» ] COM 

Comm.indeur, ko-man-dur, m. commander. 
Comm.tnditaire, ko-ma/i-<le-tair, m. sleeping partner. 

Conunandlte, ko-inaw-dit,/, tleefiiig partnership, 

Comme, kom, ad. it c. as, Ukt; almost; luhtH i 

ConunemoMison, koin-mai-mo-ray-20«, Commémora» 

tion, komniiii-inorah-iiyo«,y; commemoration. 
C:ominençant, e, ko-ma>/sa</, m. beginner ; iitniice. 
Conunencement, ko-ma«is-nia»», '«. beginning. 
Commencer, ko-ina>i-s,ii, v. a. et n. to commence, begin. 
Commondataire, ko-ma/'r, m. commendatory. 
Commende, ko-nia>/d,/. coinmendam., koiu-m.i«sal, in. messmate. [able. 

Conunensurable, kom-m.i«-siVr,-\h-bl, a. commensur. 
Comment, ko-nia>i, ad. how ; wliy. [ment. 

Conunent.iire, kom-ma«t.iir. m. commentary, com. 
Comment.iteur, kom-ma;)-tat-ur, in. coinmentalor, com- 
Conmienter, koin-m.v;-tai, t. a. to comment upon. 
Commérage, ko-mai-ralij, m. gossiping. 
Conunerçable, ko-m.iir-s.ih-bl, a. negotiable. 
Connuerçant, e, ko-m.iir-sa», — t, a. commerdal, tia,i. 

ing ; —, III. trader, men haut. 
Commerce, ku-inairss, ;«. commerce, trade ; corn. 
Conmiercer, ko-inair-sal, t/. »/. /J .'»•«(/<•. . Upondenct. 
Conunercial, e, ko-mair-syal, a. commercial. 
Commère, \i.o-\m\\t,f. godmother ; gossip. 
Commettant, ko-met-a», in. constituent. 
•Conunettre, ko-met-tr, v. a. to commit, delegate ; af. 

point ; intrust ; se —, v. r. to expose one's self. 
Couimin.-itoire, kom-me-nat-wur, a. commiiiatory. 
Coimnis, ko-ine, m. clerk; — loyageur, trarellinii 
</tV/{-(^<"'L"ommettre). [tion.pth 

Clomniiseration, kom-uic-zairah-syo;/, / commnei.i 
Commiss.iire, ko-mc-s.iir, in. commiisaiy ; coinmi: 

Conunissariat, ko-me-sar-e-ali, m. commi.isaryship. 
Commission, ko-mc-syo", /. commission ; ihaig 

7varraiit ; errand, message, committee. 
Commissionnaire, ko-me-syo-nair, iti. commissionei , 

factor; porter. . . 

Connnissiunner, ko-me-syo-nai, v. a. to commission. 
Counnodat, kom-mo-dah, m. gratuitous loan. 
Cunmiode, ko-mod, a. —émeut, ad. commodious ; con 
veil lent ; easy ; fit ; — ,f. commode, chest of drawer^ 
Connnodité, ko-mo-de-tai,/ convenience, ease ; — s, // 


Commotion, kom-moh-syo«, / commotion; slii", 

Commuable, kom-imVah-bl, a. commutable. [tuiiiu.' 

Commuer, kom niû-ai, v. a. to commute. 

Commun, e, ko-mu;/, — mûn, a. — ément, adv. 

mon ; usual, ordinary ; vulgar ; —, m. ft" 

monalty ; generality ; offices, pi. 

Communal, e,, a. belonging to a corpora/imi 

Commun.-iuté, ko-mCi-noh-tai, / community ; corpora 

tion. [pi. House of Comiii,m\ 

Commune, ko-mfln,/ inhabitants of a toiun,pl. ; - 

Comnmniant, ko-mû-nya;/, m. communicant. 

Couununicable, ko-mflne-kah-bl, a. communicable. 

Conununicitif, ive, ko-imVne-kat-if, — iv, a. — veuict: 

ad. commitiiicati'-r. 
Couununication, ko-mi1-ne-kah-syo«, / ro«i»«;/'" ^vlj 
CJimmunier, konu'i-nyai, v. n. to tommuniiate. ['' t^Ji 
Ciiunuuniun. ko-mû-nvo«,y; commniiioit. 
Comnumi(|uer, ko-uitine-kai, v. a. et n. to commm^ 

rate, iinpiirt ; se —, v. r. to be sociable, accessil'.i 
Connmnusme, kom-mi'inism. ;«. communism. 
ComnnmJste. koni-nu'i nist, m. tommunist. 
Coiunmlation. koniiuut ili-syo);,.A lOinmiitatton. 
Comp.uitc, ko;/ii;is el.ii,/ compaitncss. _g;. 

Compaii.:, ko/ip.ikt, a. compact. 
liimpanne, \inn-\y.u\-ye, f. fina/e companion . 
lnmpai;uie, \i.un.\K\n-yti.f. company. 
Compagnon, ko;;.p.inyo«, m. comfanicu, . 
le.lnv ; /oiirnevinnn. 
1 Couip.i:.,'ni)Uii.iL;e, ko;;-pan-yo-nalij, s. journey ni.^ 
' Comparable, k.i«-par-.di-bl, a. ,omparable. 
I Comparaison, ko«,iy-zo«,/ comparison. 
I «Comparaître, ko«-par-ay-tr. v. n. to appear. L/'''"| 
' Comparant, ko;(-par-a«, a. appearing ; — , 
I Comparatif, ive, kox-par-at-if, — iv, a. — vcniciii, 
I Comparer, ko;;-par-.d. t'. a. to compare, [coinpaiat.^ 
' •Comparoir. ko«, -.'. n. to appear. 
Comparse, ko«-parss. m.Jigurant. 
Compartiment, ko«-par-te-iua«. m. canipariment.t-M 
Comparution, ko«-pur-û-syoH,y: appearance. [■>• 

Commandant, ko-ina«-da/(, m. commander, [sickness. Compas, ko«-uau, m. compass, compasses. 
Comman.le. ko-mawd,/ order; maU(\io de —, /eigned ] Çompas-^é, e. ko«-p.iu-sai, a. ■ve/y exact, pre, 
Commandement, ko-inawd-ma>r, «r. common 

mandment, order.- [rule 

Commander, ko-ina«-dai, v. a. et n. locommam 
Commanderie, ko-ina«-dre,/. commaiidery. 

md, com- I Compasscr, ko«-pau-SiU, v. a. to compass ; proporl* 

; bespeak. ! Compassion, ko«-pau-syo>i,/:fi»M/»a.vj«D;», nuroy.m 

nd, order, 1 Compatibilité, ko/z-pat-e-bil-e-tai,/ conifaftblenesia 

Comjiatibl*, ko;i-pat-e-bl, a. compatttu. 

COM f33J 

a. to sym/athiu vilH ; 

Compatir, ko(i-pal>eef, v. 
agree; f.\y. 

Coiii|iiiti^siiiit, e, ko«-pnt-e-»a>/, — t, n. compitisionale. 

CDnip.ilriDic, ku<(-i>at-rc-iitt, m. lomfitlnot. 

CoiTipi-mlicux, ic, Ko>i-p.wi/->lyiili, — z, a. conifendious. 

Cuiiipciis.itioii, ko«-pa«-»ah-iyi)</,/ (Oinftusiition. 

Coinjienscr, ko<(-p.i>i-sai, v. a. to lomfeitsitle, counter' 

Coiijp<iraj;e, ku<.-|),ii-r.ilij, >/«. iompnUrnity. [halame. 

Cotii|>èrc, ko«-p.iir, tn. jiotijalher ; j^asip; merry 

Conipeteiniiicnt, kox-pni-taiii-ax, ad. competently. 

Compétence, ko>/-pai-ta'/t,/: compétence. 

Compétent, c, ko;(-pai-ta><, — t, a. competent. 

Compétiteur, kn>i-pal-te-tur, >/i. competitor. 

Coiiipétillon, ko/;-p.iltc-syo;/, /'. comfetition. 

Compilateur, ki>»/-|)e-i.ittir, tn. compiltr. 

Compilation, ko«-pc-lali-syo«, /. comfiiatioH. 

Comjiiler, kon-i>u-lal, v. a. to compile. 

Cumplai^'nant, Itox-plain-ya»/, m. plaintiff- 

Complainte, ko«-i)lai/n,y. complaint. \iieli^ltt in. 

•Coniolaire, ko/;-pl.iir, ?^ ti. to please ; se —, v. r. to 

Coinplaisainnieiit, ki)»(.play-z,ini-a«, ad. loinpiaisantly. 

Couiplaisancc, k'>;/pl.iy./,i/;s, /. complaisance. 

C<jinplaisant, c, k<)«-play-za«, — t, a. lamplatsant ; — , 

Complant, ko;/.pl,i;/, m. vincyaiil. \m./awner. 

Complément, ko«-pl,il-ina>i, m. complement. 

Complémoiitairc, ko«-pl,ii-ma;;-t,iir, a. completing. 

Complet, etc, kon-i.lay, — pktt, .i. — ètement, uif. com- 
jComplèteineat, k()«-|)lait-iiia;i, tn. completion, [plete. 
■Coiiipléler, ko;».plai-t.ii, v. a. to complete. 
■Complexe, ko</.pleks, ii. complex. 
JComplexion, ko;/-plck-!.y(i«. y: comple.xion ; humour, 
■Complexité, ki>«.plek-se-tai, /.' complexity. [teint. 

■Complication, ko«-plekali-.syo«, /. comp.'ication. 
■Comj)licc, ko«•pli^s, m. accomplice. 
|Coniplicitc, ko«-ple-se-tai, /. the beini; an accomplice 
toniplies ko/i-))le, / //. complines, pi. 

Dimpliment, k(i«i)lenia«, tn. compliment. \ 

L'oinplimenter, ko;(-ple-niantai, v. a. to compliment. i 

D)mplimenteur, koji-plc-ma/i-liir, »i. complimentera ! 
totiiplicpié, e, ko«-plu-kai, a. complicate. ' I 

roni|ili(|iier, ko;i-plc-.kai, Î/. (»./u<v;/i///(<»/<r/ se — , i» r ' 
to lucoine complicated. ' \ 

Complot, ko;(-pli)li, ;;/. complot, plot. 
Jjoniploter, ko«-plo-tai, t. a. to complot. 
tompoiictioM, ko«-po;/ksyii;/, /. compunction ' 

Com|)ortcr, kc;/.por-tai, v. a. to alloiv, permit • se — * 
■ V. r. to behave. • '•'■ i 

Coinpohé, ko«-i)oli.zai, m. compoumt , 

Composer, ko«.poli.z,il, -,,,„. ct contpoutid ; ivrite. , 
Composcur, ko;/-poli-2ur, </,. .r,/-(W/,r 
Compoiiteiir, ko;,-p^l,.zt.ti,r, in.composer ; romposilor. j 
Composition, ko«.po!,.ze-syo.i, f. composition, agtee- 
Loini)osteur, ko/z-pos-tur, in. cotnporiiio-.stic/t. [meitt, ' 
Comi)ote, ko>,-pot,y:j/.viWy;-»/A,//: I 

Loiiipoticr, ko«.po.tyai, tn. disli/or st,-ived fruits. \ 

Eompré lensihle, ko</.pr,ii.a«-sil.l, „. comprehensible. ' 

pnipreheiision, ko;,-prai.a;;-syoii, /. cotnprc/unsion. 

Comoreiulre, '^un-pum-dt. 7: a. to lomprehetid ; ' 
\ understand; include. 
iomprcsse, ko;/.press,y: row/^Mj-. 
|ompress|ble, k.o,-pres.sil,l. „. <.,w/,-<.j-x,/,/^. 

om'f!rî;!^'^'"'V '""'"■'-'^■^>''"'' y-<">"j'"-ession, condetisa- 
0Mii)rimer, kuw-pre-inai, t. a. to compress. [tion 

lompris, ko«.,,re, see Comprendre. 

T;?,',v!^''.''c"-'"''-"' •'"«•P'-o'Xettr, V. a. el ti. to cotnpro- 
I mtse , se —, v. r. to expose ones self. 

Kl!IP»°r'!^A''?"-P''°-"'^' "'• cotnprotnise. [office 

\(ou,aa,U. ''°"-'^''-'^'' "• »<-<:ou,itable.' -, m. ac- 

Piiipte, ko;,t, ,/,. account; value ;^-, on a,count; 
&,,,?. ~l''^''''^. ■ '■«-■"^''<-- -. '" V""- " reason. 
fcZ/l"',^«/''^'' ■^- "■ '•' "• '" """"■■ reckon; esti- 
hnmUJ lt?ï'"""''^ ' >'"•/"" •• - sur. I" rely upon. 
Bnipteur, koi-tur, tn. auouiitant. 

h^»u:.t"'^'"^,J.' '«•'•'"""''•>-. conntiiis-house ; bar. 

►mput, kox.pût, m. computation. ■ 
l";P"','st. ko/i-pû-tist. tn. computer. 
I 15' lf°'"' *"• count; earl. 
llUif: «O'f-lai, tn. county ; earldotn, 
•mtcise, ko«.tess. f. countess. 

Ili/iflSn.'""'',''*"'*^'' '"• "■ lopouttd, hruist. 
fcc^vt ^•^""^'""'•''^"••«■"•''''■''yo;/, f. concatenation. 

n^,?.'.. ?""''**• "• concave. 

Kr?y, r't°''"'*'?'\-«:*a'' ^- concavity. 

hrf nt. ;. ■ "■?"'"'^"'' "• "• '" concede, grant. 

nce^lir i' •'0''-'*a«-trah.syo«, /. coticetitratiopu 

fture , se —, I. r. to it thoughtful. 



I Concentrlnuc, kox-ww-frik, a. cotinnirical. 
( Concept, ko;i-<>ept, tn. conception. 

Cimteption, ko/isep-syow, / conception 
I Lonceriiant. ko»(.»«. pr. coticerninv, relalintr 
I Concerner, ko«-s.iirnai, v. a. to concern 

Concert, koH-siiir, m. concert. 

Concertant, ko>i-s.iir-t.i><, tn. perfortner 

Concerter, ko«.s.iirtai. f. a. /u <.>,/,,/•/; »« _ ,, r t> 
advue together ; loncertttiatters. . . •> 

Conccision, ko«.se»syi)«, /: coticetsion, grant 

Concesiioimaire, ko/zsessyonav, tn. otanlee. 
I Concevable, ko«s.v,il,.|,l, a. concenabie. Umai-iue 

; •Concevoir, ko« f. a. to coii,ra.r, cotnpre'iend 

ConcjiylioloBie, ko^-ke-le-o-lo-lije. j. . nchotol^ 
, Concier>,'e, ko;/.syairliJ, s. doorkeeper 

rnl'^a '^'b""' l',°"->'-"'''J-fe. J. slaie'-pruon (in Vans). 
I Concile, ko;/-sil, in. council. ' 

Conciliable, ko«.sil-y.ililil, a. reeoncileable 
Concili.iljule, ko«-sil-yal)-i'il, in. (onventiclt 
Conc|li.iteur, ko;<.silyatiir, m. concitialor, reconciler 
Conciliation, ko/i-siLyah-syu;;, /; conciliation. 
Concilier, ko/i-sll-yai, v. a. to .onciliale. reconcile. 
Concis, e, ko<i-se, — slz, a. loncise. 
Coiiciiion, ko'i-se-zyuii, /. concistness. 
Concitoyen, ko«.se-tw,i-yai«, tn. fellow citieen 
Conclave, ko>i-klav, tn. lonclave. 

Concluant, e, ko«-klû-n;j, -t, ,1. coucluuve. [decide 
•Conclure, ko«-klûr,z/. a. et n. to comlu.le, jinish' 
Lonclusif, ve, kod-klu-zif, — iv, ,r. <<>;;.Y;,j(i//- 
Conclusion. ko;i-kliVzyo;i,/. com luswn; -%,'pl. demand 
Conçois, ko»-swali, tee Concevoir. 
Concombre, ko»-ko;<-br, m. cucumber. 
Concomitance, ko/i-ko-me-ta;is, f. concomitancy 
Concomitant, e, ko«-ko-me-tan, — t, a. comomittnt 
Coiicord.uu-e. ko/i-kor-ila«s,y. concordance, agreement 
Concordat, ko»-kor-Uali, in. loncordate. 
Concorde. ko/(.kor<l. f. concord. 
Concorder, ko;i-kor-dai, v. u. to concord, agree. 
•Concourir, koM-koo-reer, r. ;/. to concur. 
Concours, ko;/-koor. /'/. concourse, co operation com 
Concret, ète, ko«-krey, — krctt, a. concrele. \petitun. 
Concretion, kow-krai-syo;/./ loncretion ; concretcness 

j Conçu, ko«-si1, sec Concevoir. 
Concii!.Mnai;e, ko/z-kubc-nalij, „;. eoncubinaoe. 

I Lonciibiiie, ko/i-kùbeeii, f. concubine. 

J Coiicurreiiiment, ko«-kûr-ram.a;,, ad. in compétition 
Concurrence, ko/;.kllr-r.i«s,y. concurreiue; competition. 
Concurrent, e, ko«-kur-ra/(, — t, s. competitor 

I Concussion. ko«-ki\s-syo«, / exaction. 

I Concussionnaire, ko;i-kfls-syo-nair, in. extortioner 

; Coiid.iuiiiable, koH-dau-nali-bl, a. condemnable 

I Coiid.inmntion, ko«.d.iunau-syo;/, f. condemnation, ■ 
Cond.tmner, ko(/-daunai, v. a. to condemn ■ blame 

' Com ensiition, ko«-<la«.s,ih-syon, /; condensation 
CoiKlcnser, ko«.da«-s.u, v. a, to condense ; se — v r 

I to be i onde used, become compact, ' < ■ • 

; Condescendance, ko«-dcs-sa«.d,i«s, P. condescendance. 

j l-iiiidesceiKlant, e, ko;i-dcs-saN-d.i;/, — t, ,/. condescend. 

I "",'. 

i Condescendre, ko«.des-sa«-dr, v. n. to condescend. 
J-.'"" imcnt, k..«.(le-nia>;, in. seasonini'. [comply 

I Condisciple, koH-de-sipl, tn. schoolfellm. 

\ J^onditjon. ko;/-de-syo«,/. condition, state, place, rani- 

I Coiulmonnel. le, ko;/-de-syon-ell, a. -lenient, ad. con- 

I ditional. 

] Coiulitionner, ko«, v. a. to qualify ; arrange. 

I CoiK oleance, kon-dol-ai-aws, f. condoleme. 

Coiulor, ko«-dor, tn. condor. 
I Conclucteur, V.on-i\(\\i.iuT,Jn. conductor ; driver, guard 

Conductrice. ko«.dûk-triss, / conductress. 
I Conduire, ko«.dwecr, v. a. to conduct; lead; escort ■ 
; drive ; steer ; rule ; so —, v. r. to behave. 
: Conduit, ko>»-dwc. tn. conduit ; pipe. 

Conduite, kon-dwit.y; conduct.- behaviour; direction ■ 

Cone, kohn, tn. cone. [cliarrc 

Confection, ko;i-fek-syo«, /. confection ; making. 

Confectionner, kow-fek-syon-ai. 7/. a. to make. 

Confederal, e, ko«-fai-dai-ral, Cbiifédéralif, — ive, ko«- 
fal-dai-rai-mh-tif, — iv. a. federal. 

Confederation. kow-fai-dai-rah-syoH, / confederation. 

V-onledéré, ko«-fai-dai-rai, m. confederate, ally 

se Confédérer. ko«.fai-dai-rai, v. r. to confederate. 

Coiilerence, ko;i-fai-ra«s, y: tonference, comparison: 
debating^ society. 

Conférencier, ko«fai.ra»«.syai. m. chairman. 

Conférer, kow-fairai, v. a. et n. to confer ; compare. 

Confesse, kon-fess. /. confession. 

Confesser, ko«.fess-ai, v. a. to confess ; se —, ». r to 
confess to a priest. , f. ^. u 

Confesseur, ko«-fess-ur, in. confissor. 

r^-£?!°"' i'°''-'<«-yo«. A conftiiioH. [sicnary. 

Confessional, ko«4»gf.yon.aJ. tn. (onfettioual, confis 





Confiance, kn;/.fy.n«^, / coiijiilniii-, trust. | 

CuMtiaiit, c, l('i;/-rya>/, — t, ii. ton/hlfiil ; jiiiiQin'iit, 
Conruli'iiiincMt, ko/(.ff<l.iiii-iW/, <»(/. i«i(/ii/i-)it/y. 
(,'i)nli(lL-ntc, kf)«-f(;-<laHs,/. loii/ii/rmr iiitiimicy, trust. 
Ci)iiti(l<jnt, c, ko«-fc-iliw/, — ;, s. loiijidaut. 
CoiirulciiticI, Ic, ko>/-fc-<l.iM'sycl, a. — lenient, ait. ten- 
Jiiirntial. [lo^nist in, 

Conlii;r, ko»»-fyal, f. a. to ùilriixt ; commit ; ne —, v. r. 
Confl^iiMliiih, k<>«-fc-Kfl-rali-syr>;/, /, to>{/i)Jlirittioii. 
Confiner, ki)«-(c-nai, f. a, el n. to <■('<(//«<■, horder upon. 
C'>nfins, kox-fai//, »«. //. toujiiics, pi. 
•Conlirc, ko«-feer, v. a. to coinfit, preserx't. 
Ciint'irin.itif, Ivc, ko/i-fccr-niat-if, — iv, a. loiijirmalory. 
I nnlirniaticiii, kun-fcorinali-syo»,/ io>f/ir»uition. 
Connrinur, k(i//-rci.T-ni.ii, t. <j. to coiijiriii. 
('cinliscal)lc, kn;/-(is-kali-lil, a. (oitjismlile. 
CoiifiscUlon, k<i'<-tiskah-syc)</,/l coujisnilion. 
('iMifiscrIc, k<)« fcez-ro,./". lOii/ettiouary, 
( unlit, kon-fcc, sre ConiirL'. 
«Diilisciir, ko»/-fu-znr, »i. cou/ntionrr. 
( unlisiiiiLT, kdwfiskai, t. a. to ioujiscate. 
C<inlitiirc', ko;;fc-tdr,/ Mverluieat. 
t'omiiiiricr, ki>;/-fc-tûry,il, iii, confeilioufr. 
i;i>nlla),'rati()n, k<);<-rtan-rali-syo«,/ louj/ag ration. 
I'lmllil, kii/i-llL-e, tn. conjlut ; strife. 
ripiidncr, ku;(-f1iVai, v. u. tojoin, meet. 
Confondre, kon-fnniU, T. a. to con/ound ; su —, v. r. 

to be blended, perplexed. 
Conformation, ko)/fcir-nialisyo;/. /: ton/ormation. 

( onroriiio, k<p);-forMi, a. — cnicnt, iid. con/ormable. 
Conformer, ko«-forniai, v. a. to loii/orin ,■ sc —, v. r. 
to comply 7vilh. 

(Conformiste, kn;i.f')r-mlst, m. conformist. 

ConformitL', ko;/-for-nie-t.ii,yi conformity. 

Confort, ko;/-for, m. comfort ; aid. 

Confortation, ko«-((ir-tali-syn»;, /; corroboration. 

(.onfortcr, ko/z-for-tai, t. a. to comfort, corroborate. 

Confratcrnitc', ko;/-frat-air-ne-tai,/: brotherhood. 

Confriirc, ko«-frair, ni. brother, felhnv. 

(-onfrcrie, ko;/-frair-e,/. confraternity. 

Confrontation, ko)/-fro«-lali-syo«,/. confronting : com- 
parinf!, collation. [collate. 

Confronter, kn;/.fro</-tai. î'. a. to confront; compare, 

ConfiiS, e, k<);/-frt, — z, a. — ('ment, arf. confused. 

Confusion, ko;(-fi^-zyo<;,./. confusion. 

Confntation, koi/.fil-tahsyo//,/. confutation. 

Confutcf, ko;(-ffl-tai, v. a. toconfute. 

Conge, ko;i-lijai, ;//. leave ; furloufyh : di:charj;e. 

Connodier, ko>(-liJai-<lyai, t.. et. to dismiss. 

Con^dlation, ko-z-lijai-lah-syr,)/,/. ton,i;ctation. 

Congeler, ko«-hjlai, f. a. to conc;eal, freeze. 

C(.n|,;estion, ko«-lijcs-tyo«,/. con};estion. 

Conglomérer, ko;/-Rloni-ai-rai, v. a. to conç;lomerate. 

Conglutinatipn, ko;;(»liVte-n,ih-syoH,y; conglutination. 

Connliitincr, ko«-f;lrt-te-nai, v. a. to conglutinale. 

Congratulation, ko«-(jrat-fl-lali-syon,y! con,c:ratnlation. 

Congratuler, ko«-t;rat-fl-lai, v. a. to congratulate. 

Congre, ko«-gr, ;/;. conger, sea-eel. 

Congrégation, ko;(-grai-gali-syo«, f. congregation; 

Congrès, koH-grcy, «;. congress. [meeting. 

Congru, c, koH-grii, a. congruous, yit. 

Con),'ruit(;, ko;i.grû-etai,y\ congruity. 

Coniijiic, ko-nik, a. conic., c, ko«.hjek-tCi-ral, a. — enient, ad. conjee- 

Conjecture, ko«-liJL-k-t(lr,/; conjecture, gue.^. [tural. 

Conjecturer, kox-fijek-tflrai, 7/. n. to conjecture, guess. 

•Conjoindrc, ko«-lij\vai"-<lr, v. a. to conjoin. 

Conjointement, ko«-hjwai«t-nia;(, ad. jointly. 

Conjoints, ko;(-lijwai«, husband and iv' ft. 

Conjonctif, ivc, kox-lijonk-tif, — iv, a. conjiinciive. 

Conjonction, ko«-lijo;/k-syo;;,./". confunclion. 

Conjoncture, ko;(-hjo«k-tur,yi conjuncture. 

Conjugaison, ko//-hjfl-gai-soK,y. conjugation. 

Conjugal, e, ko«-hju-gal, a. — enicnt, ad. conjugal. 

Conjuguer, koH-hju-gni, v. a. to conjugate. 

Conjur.iteur, ko«-lijil-rat-ur, m. conspirator ; conjurer. 

Conjuration, ko;(-lijft-ra-syo;;,y; c'o>ijuration. 

Conjuré, ko«-lijù-rai, m. conspirator. 

Connaissance, KO-nay-sa;(S, f. knowledge ; acquaint- 

Conjurer, ko»<-njrt-rai, v. a. to conjure ; beseech. 

ance ; — s, pi. learning. 

Connaissement, ko-nays-ma«, »«. bill of lading. 

Coini.iisseur, ko-nay-sur, m. connoisseur. 

•Connaître, ko-nay-tr, v. a.etn. to know; take cogni- 
sance of; sc — , 71. r. to inoiv one's self; understand. 

Connétable, ko-nai-t.ib-lil, m. c.^ustab/e. 

Connët.iblie, ko-nai-tab-Ie,y: constable, ship, ■ 

Connexe, kon-neks, a. connected. 

Connexion. kon-nek-syOH.yi connection. 

Connexité, kon-nek-se-tai,/ fo/jx^jri'/y. 

Connillièrc, ko-nil-yair,^ subterfuge. 

Connivence, kon-ne-va;(s,y; connivance. 

Conuivcr, kon-nc-val, v. n. toconniv*. 

Connu, kon-inl, see Conmiltrc. 

Coni|uérant, ko>/.kai-ra/i, tn. conqueror ; ^f, —I, «. 

conquering ; superior. 
•Coni|uérir, Ko«-kairecr, v. a. to conquer. 
Conciuête, kon-VcsLf. conquest, victory. 
(.'onsacrcr, ko«-s.iK-ral, v. a. to cons.crate ; sanctify, 
Consiinguin, c, ko«sii;/gliai;/, - gwin, a. consanguin- 
Consanguinité, ko«-Sii>, /! consanguinity: 
Conscience, ko»/-sy(i;;.r,./^ conscience. [conscientious. 
Consciencieux, se, ko;/-sya;/-syuli, - t, a. - sèment, ad. 
Conscription, ko«.skri|)-syo;/,/: conscription. 
Conscrit, kii«-skrc, m. conscript, recruit. 
(.■onsécralion, ko«-s.ii-krali-s^oH,y; cc.secration. 
Consécutif, ve, ko;(-sai-ki1-ltf, — Iv, a, — venient, ad. 

(.■onscil, ko«-se/, in. counsel, advice ; council. 
Conseiller, ko;/-se/-al, >n. lounsellor, adviser ; — , v. a. 

to counsel. 

Consentement, ko>i-sa;/t-ina>(, m. consent, approbation. 
•Consentir, ko»i.s.i«-teer. v. n. to ion\ent. 
Conséi|ueinment, ko«-sai-k.un-a»f, ad. lonseqnently. 
Consé(|iience, koi/-sai-ka(/s,/; conseqiicme : result. 
Consc<iuent, c, ko>/-sai-ka;<, — t, a. lonsisteni ; par —, 

lonscquenlly, of course. 
Conservateur, ko;(-sair-val-ur, tn, preserver ; kttfer; 

— trice, -triss, a. conservative, conservatory. 
Conservation, ko>(-s<iir-vah-byo;/, f. conservation, prr- 

serval ion. 
Conservatoire, koii-sair-vnt-war, a. m. conservatory. 

Conservatrice, ko;, f. preserver; protec 

Conserve, ko;;.sairv,./; conserve ; — s, //. preservers. 

Conserver, ko«.sair-val, v. a. to conserve; presrf.i. 
keep ; se —, v. r. to keep one's self; keep. [«•n///. 

Considérable, ko«.se-(lai-rali-l>l, rt. —ment, ad. constd 

Considérant, e, ko;(-sc-dai-ra«, — t, a. cautious. 

Consi<lération, ko«-se-dai-r,ih-syo«, f. consideration: 
importance ; vieight. {prudently. 

Consulérénicnt, kov-sc-dai-rai-nia»/, ad. cautioudj. 

Considérer, kox-sc-dai-rai, v. a. to consider; rcganl, 
value, esteem. 

Consignataire, ko>/-sin-yat-air, >n. trustee. 

Consignation, ko«-sin-yah-syo«,y. deposit. 

Consigne, ko;(.sin-ye,/! order, 7va/c/itiord. 

Consigner, ko;;-sln-yai, ?'. a. to consign, deposit ;confi m 

Consistance, ko;(-sis-ta>/s, f. consistency ; steadincn 
contents, pi. 

Consistant, e, ko;/ sIs-fa;/, — t, a. consisting, consisted. 

Consister, ko«-sis-tai, v. n. to consist. 

Consistoire, ko«-sis-twar, >n. consistory. 

Consfctorial, ko«-sis-tor-yal, a. — einent, ad. cons: 

Consolable, ko/i-so-l.-ih-bl, a. consolable. [torin . 

Consolateur, ko;j-so-l,-tt-nr, in. —trice, —trias, /: (vxj.l 
lator. comforter ; —, a. consoling. 

Consolation, kox-so-lah-syo;»,/; consolation, comfort. 

Console, ko;; sol, y. console. 

Consoler, ko;(-so-lai, ■>>. a. to console, comfort. 

Consolidation, ko>/-so-k-d.di-syo;/,y'. consolidali:'/: 

Consolider, ko«-so-le-dai, v. a. to consolidate ; ht.i. 

Consommateur, ko;(-soni-niat-ur, m, consumer. 
isher. \consu)ii!~: 

Consonunation, kow-som-ni,nh-syo«, f. consummal: 

Consonnné, e, ko;»-so-mai, a. consummate, perfect , 
tn. jelly-broth. 

Consommer, ko;;-so-inai,?'. a. to consummate ;coiisiim 

Consomption, ko;i-so;(p-syo«,/. consumption. 

Consonnaiice, ko«-so-na«s,yl consonance, hartneny. 

Consonnant, e, ko«-so-na>/, — t, a. consonant. 

Consonne, ko;/-son, /. consonant. 

Consorts, ko«-sor, consorts, plT 

Consolide, ko;/-sood,/l consound. 

Conspirateur, ko;(-spe-rat-ur, itt. conspirator. 

Conspiration, ko;;-spe-rali-syo«,y: conspiracy. 

Cons|>irer, v. a. et n. to conspire, plot. 

Consi)uor, ko«-sprt-ai, v. a. to spit upon. 

Constannncnt, ko;(-stam-a«, ad. constantly, steadily 

Constance, ko;i-sta;(s,y; constaticy. 

Constant, e, ko«-sta>i, — t, a. constant, steady. 

Constater, ko;(-stat-al, v. a. to prorie, aver, state. 

Constellation, ko;/-stel-lah-syo;/,y: constellation. 

Consternation, ko;(-stair-nah-syo;;,/! coitsternation 

Consterner, ko;/-stair-nai, v. a. to strike with consler:. 

Constipation, ko)/-ste-pah-syo«,/; constipation, coil:' 

Constiiier, ko;/-ste-pai, v. a. to constipate. 

Constituant, e, ko«-ste-tfl-a«, — t, ii. constituent. 

Constituer, ko«-ste-tû-ai, v. a. to constitute ; set, sctlit 

Constitutif, Ive, ko;«-ste-tû-tif, — Iv, a. constitutive 

Constitution, kon-9tc-tù-ayot$,/'. eoHttitutioti ; annw 
dtcree. . ■ . _-•.--- » ' 




se — , 

^K..ii>.trii<.lLMir, kip;;.str.1k.tiir. ,ii. hiiilJtr \i„ . 

Ku,i,trncli.»i. k.-w-stri-ik-syo,,. / .onstrmUon : !> h'. 

§|.M,«ru,ro. k..„.,tr.Vo.r f. „. ,o c.,,utriJ, l J. 

^~^ '.nsul. k.xi-Mil, m. loiisiit. f^.'.,,.." 

nMil,.ire.ko),.siVl.iir, „.,•,.;/,/,/,„. Wa»u. ko;/sai,ili. „i. annulait; ,onsnlshlà 
...ul^.n.. ko„.„-,l.ta«, m. wHo give, „.<v,,r, cph- 

n.ull.itif, Ive, ko«.si1l-t.U-if, -|v. a. .o„su/tativ<' 

M.ultor. k.,;,.srtl.t.,l. V. ... ,1 „. , „,„//.■ dtihtr.Ue 

•'i/.f ivil/i- so -, 7'. r. lo,ony„l,, ,Yfl,;'t """^""^' 
ii.iciii,il.le. k.)»/.»niii,ili-t.l, ,1, ,,<„Miin„h/,- 
MMiiiior, kon-sft.iiMi. v. ,r. fo ,„>,ii,m,; w'astt ■ 
^1'. r. to WiKie inuiiv, •'■•^••r, 

[iMitact, koi/t.ikt, in. ,oiitit,f, ituichiiK' 
;..i.l.iK'.ici.x so. k..«.tal.J.yuh, -z. a. am/aviout 
..Mii,,«i,,„, k(.-i.t,,lij.y,„,./: ,o„/„,rio„. -^ 
[•iiito, k.)«t, m. s.'arv, talr, tUlum 

mtcmpUtif, ivo, kMM-t.iw.iil ,» ir i,. . , [/'7'«'. 

n.o,n|,i...i,.., k-;,M..:'i:,,:ii:l;^;'^ ^ ;.L;;S'"- 

fon oinplor. ko„.t v/-|.l.i!, 7. „. /,, c:,ntrmM^\r,).y k.,„.,„„,,.,c.o.l.l, a. .o„/cmi Jf ' 
.ntcn.iiK 0. k,.;,t.n..;,s. /. uitauly ; a,;„fs M ■ 

(Ollllli'HiDItf, "^ ••"'r'»fj, fl, ; 

Mitent, 0, k<»/.ta;/, —t. a. ioiite>lte,1 snh\'l,J 

intoiitioiix, se, kf)//.|,i«sviili » ,'. 

'"toniinn, ko„.|.,„.sy„,/, f. .onlmlion, strife ■ _ ' 
Il esprit, ;«/<■;; i,;;<-,t,„/7/,„„,,/,/ ■, jf r</t , _ 

inter, k.wMai, ■. „ to l'u/,,// . .„ K'^''." '""■• 

i...os,,.i,ie, koVtoss-t. j,/i 1 V, «A- ',"/r^ :\''''^''" 

Milcstatioii, kn„.tcs-talis ',.;/ r '. ,'".'"'""•• 

llitextiiro, ko«-ltks.ti1r, A l,\tui-e 
mi^;ii o, k.);,-to-K.1, „. ,onl,i;„o,i,. 
n v„'mte'. ko„.to.j,rrt.o.t,ii, „. ,onti,r„ity 
[ntmoMco, kn„ oml,„n,'y 

,rr,r,t; -, ,„. ro,,tni" ,t 0'",/',''"'",' 

ift lient ko ,.te-nrt.i,i;,«. ad. contmnally 
h r;,l"'l '"'•!:• '"• '•'""'""•• OHtliuc. 

': s "*-'• 'e. •'O'^trak tû-ell, „. stipulated 

. iiiu/j ur, 7/. (,. /y iPiistfain ; ' 



Jlitniiiulre, ..,„-„ , 

Irps, 7,';-,/ ;.;„';f^^; ^ '"'"""'"A y;vr. .^ _ ,,ar 

fc7.»iî;.' '^""■"^■"•-<--'". î'. ". to iontmdict, op/ose; 

; r"î.\"'\'''i''' '""'•'" •<•. .1. 10 ccnlr,ut. 

I t „. ".""■•;•, /''•,"V'""f A toutp-ary to ; „faf fiv 
;^l.ala„cor. ,.. „;'V. ..C;,;," «.V:''!! ' X''-)- 

L'mtre-eii(|uet, o. k../;.|ra« keyt. /; ,ou„ter.i„.,„e^f 
c;|.auetto, ./: ./„„/,./ wit/,.u,t,> ,^é, J^^^'i.-7 

;^:^i;/i;^is::;r:rs^^'^;!;i, '^'^;;f^^^ 
>^" ;v.^ ';j;"^'j-v„.„;„ n.^:";.;'<r;;;^' 

I Z;^ ""A ' ■./,■,,/ .• -Miaitre, ,„. fortman .■ /,oat\ waiu- 
, -lii.ii'Ieineiit, ,„. .ouutenuand ■ -ni m,I. /-',/'. 

' -1,1 min / -■: -:•'•"■'"'"'• ^ '""«/"■'".f-/:.. ;,.'x- 
: "/ "; '--nii;;^- '^"'""^"""^ ^ -n.ino.y: .ouJ;. 

---porte, ./:./,;,„',/,^,.,/„„^ .iouh.'c-door ; -i.oseT 7 ,V 

? if f — àS'Ési 

situer, .•, ,». /J ,,i/</;/<-;-.(ft//.- _.,,ljiil' m ,„„,■:■,■. 

Znf'^ .. _tirer, 7.. „. /. , „;,„a';-,A„, v i i, 1 

"-..«i-; -visite,./: i<vv>«,/,w,»;r/« "• '^' ^ 

Con ri .iiaW,., ko,;.tre-l,n.ah-l,l, ,«. taxfiaver 

(■■'iitrister, kM;/-tris.t.u, 7.. «. /,. ,r,v,7r 

t. ro e, ko/;.tr.,lil, «,. control; muit-iuarh 
'Sl^^•^rr"■'^"• ^- «• '«^out;:/hr,ister; 

J-_')ntusi()ii, ko«.tiVzyo;;, r. contusion /,r„,\, 
C..nvalncaM^ e. kn;/-v..iV,-ka,,, "t Vt-S,-,. 

Conveiialile i ' '• •""'"^'sccut. 

: ConvcMancc, ko;/-vna;/,s, f. /itnc^<: r„//,/,/„. 

"=;s;^^— -"-"■ - -'--;. «;^ 


f 3«1 


ConverRcf, ko«.vnlr-liJal, v. ti. fit fomftx*. 

( uiivef'», c, kiK/.v.ilr, — », <i, /.j.)»/ frcrc — , li\yhtvlhtr., koM-vatr-siili-syoM,/', lonvtriiitiu», lUi- 

foiirtf. j 

Ccmvcr«r, kDX-vatr-nal, v »i. /a rnniKrtf ,■ fotumiiiir, 
Coiivcrtloii, k(i<j Vâilr-«iyi)«, y; lonveition ; iJimn'f. I 

Converti, k<»i-v.iir-lu, «i. tinivfrf. I 

Convertible. k<i>i-v.iir-lllil, ii. roiiX'tr/iHt. I 

Convertir, ki»i-v.ilr-tccr, f. n. /<> loiivtrt; {haunt ; «c 

—, v. r. /o ^r lonvtrtfii, liifii to. 
Convcrtlucnicnt, ko'/-v,ilr-llsi>-iii.i)/, m, roiiwriiaii, 
Convcrtiii«eur, ko«-v.iir-lo-siir, in. tonvtrttr, [c/iaii^r. 
Cuiivuxu, k<»<-vuki, <i. iiunvx. 
CoiivcxitC, kn<('vck-sc-t,il, /'. toiii'txity. 
Conviction, ko/<-vik-syii'(, y; lOiiviiiioii, 
Convie, k(>«-veitl, m,);nfft. 
Convier, ko;, v. ii. /<> iiivilr ; incife. 
Convive, ko(/viv, ni.xii"f. 
Convocation, ko«-viik-.itisyc)»/, /", iviiTOiafioii. 
Cunvol, kod-vw.i, i/i, im-iai 1 lonvoy, Irnin ; — nc- 

céleri', <■.»/> nMT tniiii. 
Convoitalile, ki»/-vw,tta1i-ti1, a. i\n'ftiil>le. 
Convoiter, ko//-vw.i-t,ii, T. •>. lOionl, I u si a/If r. 
Convoitise, ko;i-v«.i-lU, J. nurlintMnif, liisl. 
Convoler, ko;/.vol-.ii, 7/. //. lo marry at;aiii. 
Convo(|uer, ko»-vok-iil, v, a, to loiitoi-t. 
Convoyer, ko/z-vwa-yni, i'. a. lo cfiiJ'ny, escort. 
Convoy.'ur, ko<i-vw.i-yiir, >/». a. loinvy. 
ConvuKif, iw, ko/ivdl-sif, — iv, ii. lOiiviiUivt. 
Convulsion, ko;i.vOI-syo«, /. tnHimlHtm. 
Convulsioini.iire, ko(/vfil-syn-nair, ;//. univulsionary. 
CooMi^fc', ko-oli', m Joint hoiiilsiitan. 
Coopc'rateiir, ko-op-.ti-Mt-ur, >n. lO-oftralor, fellovi- 

Cooperation, ko-op-ai-r.ili-syo>/, /. lo-o/ieralioii. 
Coopérer, ko-op-,ii-r,ii, ?'. «. lo eo-operale. 
Coonlination, ko-or-de-n.ili-syo;;, /; lo-ordiiialioit, 
Coorclonndes, ko-or-iloiiai, ./. /•/. lO-oriliini.'is, />/. 
Coordonner, ko.or<|on-.ii, v. a. lo make to-ordiitnte. 
Copal, ko-|).il, in. lofiitl. {/iitrliier. 

Coparta^eant,, in. co-/>arieiier ; co- 
Copeau, ko-poh, in. t/iif' ; —t, //. sltaviiit^x, ft. 
Co|)ie, ko-pe, /. lofiy, ilufluale. 
Cojjler, kop.yai, v. a. lo lofy ; iinilale, ininiir. 
Copieux, se, ko-pyuli, — z, <«. — senient, at/, cof'ions. 
Copiste', k()-i)ist, in. iot<ier, eo/>yisl. [/>/eiil(/'n/. 

Copreneur, fcopr/ol-nur, iii.^oinl lenant. 
Copropriétaire, ko-pro-pre-ai-t.iir, in. lO./a rceiier 
Cnpulitif, ive, ko-pt'i-lat-if, — iv, a. tofiiilalive. 
Copul.itiou, l4o-pi1.1nlisyo«, /. (opulation. 
Copule, kop.fti, /. lofiiila. 
Coq, kfik, ;//. cock : cook (0/ a ship) ; — de clocher, 

wealher-cock ; — A IMne, "/. nonsense. 
Co<iuc, kok,y. sitell, cod; linU[shif<\. 
Co<lueciKruc, kok-sc-Knl, / slork ; idle lalk. 
Co<iuelicot, kok-le-koli, m. corn-foppy. 
Co(|ueluclie. kok-ldsli, f. tulioopin^-coiix'i : darlin/r. 
Coqueluclion kok-ffish-o»/, ;//. hoo.i, coivl., kok-niar, in. kellle, boiler. 
Coquet, te, kok-ey, — ett, a. coquettish ; — , in. beau, 
Coqucter, kok-tai, 7>. 11. to coquet, Jlirt. \jdandy. 

Co<iuetier, koktyal, in. poulterer : e/;,i;-cup. 
Coquette, kok-ett, /. coquettf, jilt. 
Coquetterie, kok-ett-re, /, Ci^uetry. 
Coquillage, kok-i/-aili, >n. shell-Jlsh ; shells, pi. 
Coquille, kok-i/, /. shell ; foot-board. 
Coquillier,, m. collection 0/ shells. 
Coquillon, kok-i/-o>/, in. small shell. 
Coquin, kok-al>/, in. rot^iie, knave. 
Cotiume, kuk-in, /.jade, slut. [roi,'ueiy. 

Coquinerie, kok-in-rv, /. Coquinisnie, kok-c-nisui, >n. 
Cor, kor, in. corn ; horn ; \ — et h cri, with hue and 
Corail, kor-a/, in. coral, [cry ; with inii;hl and main. 
Cornillcur, kor-a/-ur, in. coral-Jislier. 
Corallin, e, kor-al-ni<», — in, a. coraline. 
Corb\;au, kor-boli, in. raven ; corbel. 
Corbeille, kor-bay/. / basket ; corbel. 
Corbeillc'e, kor-bayAiii, /. a baskel/ul. 
Corbillard, kor-bi/ar, in. hearse. 
Corbillat, kor-bi/-ali, in. young raven. 
Corbillon, kor-bi/-o<(, m. small basket, 
Cordajfe, kor-datij, in. corda);e, ropes. 
Corde, kord, /. cord, rope, string; thread 0/ cloth ; 

catf^ut ; hanzinn, j^alloivs. 
Coriicau, kor-doh, m. line, strinf^. 
Cordeler, kord-l.d, v. a. lo lioisl, twine. 
Cordelette, kor<l-lett, /. small lord. 
Cordelier, kord-lyai, in./rancixcan/riar. 
(.'<ir<lelii;re, kordlyair, ^y>-i»;/r(.ira« nun ; girdle. 
Corder, kor-ilai, v. a. to twist, bind with a lord ; 

measure by the cord ; se — , v. r. lo groiv stringy, 
Corderie, kor-dre, /. rope-yard; rope-making. e. kof.<l)ri\1, a. — eui^nt, ad. cordial, 

(.ordialltc, kor-dviil-c-l.d. /. loniiatity. 

tordler,, in. ropemaker. 

Cordon, koi-doM. in. string, tiviit, lace, baud, riband!^ 

girdle; ed\;e ; row. 
Cordonncr, Itor-donal, v. a. to twist; braid. 
Cordonnerie, kurdon re, ./. shoemaking. 
Cordonnet, kor-don-ey, in. twnl, laie; edging. 
Cordonnier, kor-don-yai, in. thiieinaker, 
CoreKenI, ko-rai-lv|n», in. lO-regtnt. 
Cori.icc, knryas», a. tough. 
Cori.indre, kor-e-aM-dr, / coriander, 
Cornic, kortn, in. seivne-appte. 
Corntler, korni-yai. in. tervuc-lrte, 
CornioMn. kor iiior-a'i, in. cormoratil, 
Coriuc, kor-nak, m. tlephaiildrit>er. 
('orn.iline, k<>r-naMn, y. cornelian stone. 
Crime, korn, / horn ; hoof ; lornct. 
Corno, c, kor-n.ii, a. loriieoux, horny. 
Corneille, kor-n.iy/, Z. crow, rook. 
Cornuuiuse, korn-nuiz, / bai,'Pipe. (.1 hiirn ; lin' 
(cirner,, v. a. et 11. lobma in one's ears ; I : 
Cornet, knr-nay, in. horn; iiikhorn ; due-box; /.;•. 

cornel ; rolled wn/er. 
Cornette, kor-nett, in. cornet; — , /. lady't uighi,i\ 
Coriieur, kor-nur, in. horn-blower, \jioi 1 

Corniche, kornish. /! cornue. 
(Jornlchou, kor-nlsh-o;/, in. little horn ; gherkin. 
Cornière, Icor-nyalr, / jf""'"''' .' corner-iron. 
Cornouille. kor-iUM)/, /cornelian-cherry, cornet, 
Ciirnouiller, kornooAal, m. cornel tree. 
Cornu, e, kor-nil, ir. horned; angular. 
Cornue kor-ni'i, /. retort. 
Cornuelle, kor-niVell, /. water-caltrop. 
Corolle, kor-ol, / corolla. 
Corpor.d, kor-pxr-al, in. corporal. 
Coriior.itioii, kor-porah-syo«, y. corporation. 
Corporel, le, kor-por-ell, a. — lenient, ad. corporea' 
Corps, kor, in. body; slays ; corporation ; — \ 

hand to hand , t\ — perdu, headlong; (;arde ilii 

li/egiiard ; — de K-'rile, guard-house ; — de i", 

part o/a house ; suit 0/ rooim. 
Corpulence, kor-pù-la>is yî torpulence. 
Coipulent, V, kor-pu-l.iH, — t. a. corpulent. 
CorJMisculaire, kor-pûs-ki1-l,(ir, ri. corpuscular. 
Corpuscule, korpds-kûl, m. lorpuscle. 
Correct, e, korrekt, a. — nient, ad. lorrect ; exact. 
(-"orrecteur, kor-rek-tur, in. corrcilor ; reader. 
Correctif, kor-rek-tif, in. corrective. 
Correction, kor-rek-syo/;, /, tori-ectioii ; correi tiul 

accuracy; reading'. 
Correctionnel, le, kor-rek-syon-cll, a. correctional. 
Correl.itif, ive, kor-r.iilatit, — iv, a. coirelative. 
Correl.itidu, kor-rai-lah-syo», /. correlation, ci^rr§ 

tiveness. [iiileni'u 

Correspondance. ko-res-po«-da>(s, /. corrcspon.l, , 
Correspondant, e, ko-respo(/-da/;, — t, a.corresp,ihi\ 

suitable ; — , in. correspondent. 
Correspondre, ko-rcs-po/Z-dr, v. 11. lo correspond. 
Corridor, ki)r-e-(l<jr, in. cormlor. 
Corrij;er, kor-e-lijai. ■>: a. to correct ; reclaim; rejr:^ 

se — , V. r. to mend, be re/ormed. 
CorriL'ible, kor-e-hje-lil, a. corrigible. 
Corroborant, e, kor-rol)-or;i«, — t, a. corroborai!'. 
Corroboration, kor-rob-or-ah-syo;;, /. corroborai.,' 
Corroborer, kor-robor-,ii, v. a. lo corroS 
Corroder, kor-rod-ai, v. a. to corrode. (J■.'/'l'(;.^ 

Corroi, ko-r»;i, m. dressing 0/ leather ; liniii:.; 
Corrompre, korc)«-pr, v. a. lo corrupt ; d- j'\ 

adulterate ; brihe ; se — , v. r. lo grow cor<:., 
Corroiiiim, e, kor-o/i-pft, ii. corrupted ; piiti id. 
Corrosif, ive, kor-roz-if, — iv, a. corrosnj. 
Corrosion, kor-rolizyo«,y. (vr/"!;//!)/!. \pla>:e'^ 

Corroyer, ko.rwa-yai, v. a. to curry ; prepar 
Corroycur, ko-rw.i-yur, in. currier leather-d 
Corrupteur, ko-rûp-tur, m, corrupter ; seducer ; 

— trlss, II. corrupting. 
Cf)rruptibilit(5, kor-rftp-te-be-le-tai, f. corrupiiii.'.lj^ 
Corruptible, kor-rftp-tibi, <». corruptible. 
Corruption, kor-rflp-syo»»,/! corruption, bribery. 
Cors, kor, horns, pi. (stag). 
Corsa(;e, kor-salij, »«. shape ; che:t ; waist. 
Cors.'iire, kor-s.'iir, tn. corsair, privateer. 
Corselet, kor-slay. in. ccrslet. 
Corset, kor-say, 111. bodice, stays. 
Corte^fe, kor-taihj, m. retinue, train. 
Cortic.'il, e, kor-tekal, ir. cortical, barky. 
Corvé.ibl», kor-vai-.ih-l)l, a. liable to ancrage. 
C"orvée, kor-v,'ii,/; average, husbandry, nrrice. 
Corvette, lorvel, admce-boat. 
Coryphiie, kor-e-fai. «1. leader, chie/. 
Cosuiiitiquc, kus-niai-tik, ci. cosuutic. 

far.- .a 


t37 J 


i,mi>i;r.«iililtiiic, ko»iii.itfr.if ik, ii toiiHi>t;r.i^>ii(aK 

iMiiiii»iliie, k>it-iii<i point. >M. lotm^ifoliiiiH, II»- 

.«St-, ki>»«./ Mint, im/, thtll. \iHJf\>4ilt, 

isstr, V II. M — . V. r. tobuH, 

»>viii, k<»%-<>"i "< VMtVil, 

•>i», c. kost-ft, .1. *<<!*>. thilty. 

■, e, kll•.^, ii. lof'iil. 

isllllllC. k">»llllli "I. tOtlHIIIf, \l'Hf't Ulf. 

«iiiMiei, ko» iil-iiiai. I' <i. /i>rf»-/i#/ «e— , 1/ r.tiiiinti 

>,uiiiiicr. kos'ii'i', »». iit>tltr in fos/niiin. 

10. kol,/. uiii'il<tr; i/iiofii. ihiitt. koiit, / ri*,- hiU ; lOiu/ ; tint 0/ nuian ; — \ —, by J •(//,• iibrtnii. 

lie., »•». tiiit i fiirly , à—. *>, Mrtir; ilo — , 

niffWiiyi ; iiit/iiiiii ; ile — rt d'autre, A/rr ir>ii/ llitrt. 
ijle.tu. kol ol>, »« j.'i'/V . hil/iHk 

j'clcllr. k(Mn Iflt./ «ii'/f/, ■/<>'/•. 
ul«r kol-.«l, »• ii. /oifii,'/<; iiii»il>tr, 

•.i-rie. kiil-rc,/ lOlttif. iliiK 
iiiliurno, kot-i'irn, »« Innkin. 

illcr, kiili ri. r.'.ir/n;v,- —, »*« raitsttr. 

itJi{ii.ic. koiiiiy.ik, >//, ifiiulitiiny. 

ilillori. koti/ 11'/, »'/. iKiiier-fitlliiiHit ; (otilloii. 

itir, k<ili.'cr, r'. ii lo I'tiita* {/>iiils\, 

itisilion. kot-ex.ilisyo'/. / •iisetiuieiil ; fiiotit. 
utKcr. kot ez.ii, t-, ri Mimiiti ; sc —, f. r. la iliib, 

li->»iirc, koic-sfir, /. /inini'ii; (/riii/i). 
iiiDii, kot(i/i, loHoii ; li'iu'ii ,■ — f«|ilosif, fK^/oiiif 

ti'nri.idc. kotoM-ail. /. d'/Awj ifuff. \ii>t/ii>i. 

10 ilii.lf villi (Olloii ; VI —, 

—T., Il liawfiy, s/'oii);y. 
lo I (III r/ iilitiig ; go by Ihi suit, 

«rarmos, ca>il 0/ iinitt. 

iiiimiicr, l<ot.(iii'.'ii, x\ •! 

la hi'ioDif ili>wiiy 
loloiinciix, so. kot oii'iili, 
iiloMiilvr, kol iiicy'ii. m 
iiloyiT, koli.lw.iyal, f. .1 
iitrct, kotrcy, »i lolrtl. 
lollc, kot. / /•flliioiil; — 
lotiitctir. ko-tiVtiir, i>i /mul ijiiiiriliiiii 
Ion. koo, »//, ueit ; roii|icr li; --. lo Mititit. 
loii.inl. v, kooar, — d, .1. loivind. 
ioii.irdisc, kooar di/,/; lOivitiiiiif 
'ouch. int. ki>o-sli.i'r. >ii iviil, iHiiUfiil. 
!oiii.lic'. koosli./; hiil ; iitiuJi ; liiyfr ,■ iliitilhfii ; holbtii ; 
iliilil's liiiiii : ilaif ; f.m^se — . iiiisi'ii rnn't. 
OUI li'.'c, koo-slial. /i iiii'lil t i<)>lt,'iiii,'.\ 
lonelier, koo-sli.ii, f <i. el ii lo fiil lo h',1 , Liy down : 
if! i/owii, write ; lie I- own, leil, \leef> ; so — . ;'. >•. lo 
noloheii; sel; —.m t;oiii); tohel . Iiellttiie.hetliliiii;; 
tliettc. koo-sliott,/. loiiih. [ — du soleil, miiiel, 
ouclionr. kooshnr. »« l<e,l fillivv. 
[lucliis, koo sho. III. Ittyer, tifa'iiin, 
ciuci cone'. koo'SO'koo so, itii, to so, 
nncon, koo-koo. in. ciuic^. 

iilo. kood. Ill, tlhoiv , ai');le, 
Dudoe, kuo d.ii. f. ■'•'•it 
Dn-do-|i|ed, ki>od-|iy,il I'l imtep 
Dudcr, koo-<l.ii. ■>' ,» to beiul 

(loyer, koo, •" .?. lo elboiv. 
mdraie, ko(jd.r«y. /. cop\e of lui tel trees. 
louilre. koo-dr, 7'. <i. lo sew, still H. 
ludrelle, koo-drolt.y! J»-^ Condrale. 
(ndrier, koo-dro-.ii. in. hazel-tree, 
lueniic. kwaiin./. su'i\r,l 0/ bacon. 
iiienncnx, so. kvvaii uli, — z, a. sivardlike, 
•Iliade, kool.ilij, in. leakage. 
ml. ruinent, kool.iiii.i»/, a.Jliieitlly. koo-lau, ii. ilia inond-iieik lace ; slUlt. 
■uleo, koo lai,/; running; Itaiitl. 
Viloincnt, kool-iii.i'/, >n. riiiiiinii^Jlux, 
kiler. koolai. v. a. el n. lo flow, run ; Irùkle ; leak, 
■('/.• ilide ; j/eml, />ass ; i;lule away, slip; — snr, 
slur afer ; — !\ fond, to sink; io —, v. r. lo sliile 
iivay. sli/>, creep. 

plcnr. V.oo-\\\T,/. colour ; prelenie ; slitl {carrls) ; — s, 
uleuvre, koo-luh-vr./: a.l.ler. | />/, lixery. 

ulis, k(JOle, in. jelly, f;ri\y ; —, <?. vent —,ilians;lit. 
ulissc, kooliss, / ii-z-dorr ; sUle-uene. 
Iiiloir,, in. lobby : paisat,'e. 
Uloire, kool-war, /. colander, strainer. 
uUire. koo-liir,/; riiiinint,' ; drof>/<ing 0/ i;ra/>e\. 
up, koo, in. blow, slab; thrust; siroke ; action; 
\i»i,hil; draught; après — , loo late; tout .\ — , (i((^ 
Irx/v.- .^ — srtr, without /ail ; ii. tout —, very often ; 
■ snr — , ever and anon ; — do l)onlieur, lucky hit ; 
•do canon, cannon-shot ; — d'<5pée, cut, Ihrmt ; 
d'essai, first attemf>t ; — do fondre, thunderbolt ; 
do fouet, Am/;, slash ; — do fnsil, shot ; —do »,'r.'\ce, 
\'.th-blow ; — do main, sudden attack ; — do inaitre, 
^literly stroke; — d'œil, .i;/(j»;tA look; —do patte, 
— de pied, kick ; — de \m\n\r,Jisticiil/'; — do 
Hot, whistle; — <.\e tale,, triildy action ; — dc tlio.ltri;, 
riking e-jciit : — <Xe \m\, sale, sçnall. 

Coup.ttile, koo.p.ih'hl, >i. guilty of. 

Coupe, koop, /. lUiti'if, (III, ciif; ttelii»i ; 

— k.or({c, in .»/ // fi.i.e . — j.irtct, 

IHroitt; — p ipicr, >«. foldi'i^' b,«ie. 
Couptf, koo, m. lonfte; ihitriot; —, t, 

ihort; brie/; biof"ii 
Coiipr.iii, koo poll, in. lop, lumoiil ; boriitr. 
Coupelle, kiio-pri,/. lOffri. 

C'iii|>cr, koo'pai, v a el 11. lo cut, ritl off'; cutout 
pare, I lip, iitri'e. i'rld , mix: intercept: 

Coureur, k 

I hitpt ! 

HI. cue» 
M. flit J 

• em 

up. pare, I lip, iitn-e. yrld , mix; intercept; hni- 

\i'r . sr —, I', r. to ciil one t self; crois, lonlr.idut 
C'l.iiiierel, koop rey, m. ileafer ; ihopper. [one't teif. 
Coiipi-rose, kiH>p-roli/,/ lopperai. 
Couperosv. o. kooprolix-ai. <i. piinple>t. 
Coupeur, koop-ur, in. cutler; — de Imurse, cutpurst, 
Conplif, koo'pl, /. lOiiple ; yoke, briiit ; —, in. coup/*, 
C'cnipler, koo'pl,ii, v. 11. to couple. [friinit, 

(.'oiiplol, koopl.iy. in.ioiiplel. 
C'oii|>oir,, in. miter ; druting-bench. 
Coupole, koo-p(»l,y. ciipola. 
Coupini, koopu'/, in. leinnanl ; dividend. 
Coujinre, koo pi"lr, ./ cut, slit. 

Cour, koor,/. ioiirl,yaid. [up f 

CduMne, koor'.ilij, "(. murage; mettle; —, ml. iheer 
C'oiir.iv;euii, so, koor-ahj-uh, — /, d. — seiiie4it, ad. ion. 

riiV''!'/". slreiiiioin. 
Cour.ininiciil. koor-.iin .1(1, ad. /tuently. 
Couranl, e, koor.i/i, — t. a. ninnini;; ciirrtitt; instant i 

— , III. iiirrent ; ioiir\e, stream; prêtent month ; 

— d .lir, diaiikiht of air. 
Conranle, koo-r.wit../ liunenest. 

C'liurli.itii. e. a. foundered. [nets, I'lr, f. foundering; , txIrtiH* wean» 
Conrlio, koorli, (I. mried, bent, —,/ cunt. knee. 
Coiirlior, koorl).ii, i'. 1 to bend, boif down ; le —, v. r, 
l.'ourliuro, koor lii'ir, /. ./ov/O". [lo bend ; ttoop, 

koork.u-.iy. in. i/uail pipe, 
10 rur. in. runner : rambler; ratir; tcoiil. 
Coureuse, koo ruliz,/ t;addcr. 
Cour),'e, koorlij./' i:ouid, piiinpion. 
•Courir, koo reer. :■. a. et u Ij run, ra-e, hunt after ; 

pursue ; freifiienl, ramble , be 1 urgent ; — la |io»ls, 

lo ride poll : en Lonr.tnt, in a Hurry, 
Couronne. koi> roll. /. crown ; wrea'h. [ piiihiiient, 
Conroniieinont. koo roniiiai/, in. coronation , aaoin' 
Couronner, koo ron.ii, t a. lo crown ; finish. 
'Couire, koor, ;■. a. to hunt, <A.iic, p'tru'e. 
Courriel, kiM>.ry.ii, in, lonrier ; intsienger ; iHiiit- 
Courroie, koor »v.i, /! «/<<i/». [ i;>iard. 

Courroucer, koo roosai. f. a. lo provoke ; ini^er ; so —, 
Courroux, koo-roo, in. wraith, rai;e. \ii. r. to rant. 

Cours, koor, m, course , stream ; current price ; avoir 

— , lo be III Toi,'iie. 
Course, koorss, / race, runniiii; ; cruise; inroad, ill' 

vasion ; ride, walk ; /i>iii iiey; fare. 
Coursier, koor-sy.ii. in. steed, char);er ; courser, 
Courson, koor-so«, in. shoiil\,viiie\. 
Court, e, koor, — t, «i. short ; concise; —, ad. short, at 

ome ; donieiirer —, lo slop short. 
Coiirta!.,'e, koort.ilij. in. brokerage. 
Courtaiiil, 0, koor-toli, — il. <i diiinpy ; cropped, 
Court.indrr, koortoli-dai. v. a. lo crop. 
Conrto-poinlo, koort-pw.ii/zt, / lOiiiiterpane. 
Courtier, koortyai. in. broker ; agent, riinnir. 
Courtine, knor-liii. /. curtain. 
Courtisan. koorte-/a«, in. courtier. 
Coiirtisiine, koorte/.m,/; courtesan. 
Courtiser, koor-te-zai, v. a. lo court, flatter. 
Courtois, e, koortw.i, — z, a. — einent, ad. coiirleout. 
Courtoisie, koortw.izc,/; coiirteousness. [civil. 

Couru, koo-nl, see Courir. 
Cousu, koo-sA, see Coudre. 
Cousouso. koo-zuhz,/ stitcher. 
Cousin, koo-z.u//, in. cousin ; .gnat. 
Coiisin.iKe, koo-ze-n.ilij, in. cousinship. 
Cousine, koozeen, / cousin. 
Cousiiier, koo-ze-nai, 7'. ;/. lo call cousin. 
Cousinlèro, koo-zc-nyalr. / gnat-veil. 
Coysoir, k'jo-zwar, in. sewing-press. 
Coussin, koo-sai«, m. cushion, pillow. 
Coussiner. koosenai, v. a. matelasser. 
Coussinet, koo-seiiay. in. small cushion ; pad. 
Cousu, koo-si'i, Jt-f Cou.lro. 
Coftt, koo, «/. yi/, charge ; price. 
Coûtant, koo-ta;/, a. prix —, prime cost. 
Couteau, koo-toli, ;//. knife; — Uc chasse, hanger. 
Coutelas, koo-tl.iu. m. cutlass. 
Coutelier, koot-lyai, m. culler. 
Coutelière, koot-lyair,y: knife-case. 
Coutellerie, koo-tell-re,./: cutlery. 

Cortter, koo-tai, v. n. to cost ; coflte que coûte, at any 
Coûtuux, se, koo-tuh, — z, a. costly, (./rice. 




Coutier, koo-ly.ii, m. thkfn-weavir. 

Coutil, koD-te, >n. tickin. 

Contre, kootr, ;'/. loii'/tr. [toin»iou/y, usually. 

Coutiiiiie, koo ti'iiii, f. ciislom ! coiiinion law; de — , 

Coutimiier, ère, koo tAiny.ii, — r, .1. common ; wo>ih\i ; 
— , m. l'ook 0/ (oi.imon iaic. 

Couture, kootûr.^ seam ; suture ; scar. 

Couturé, e, kootur.ii, a. scarrcii. 

Couturière, kootû-ry.iir, /! seamstress, mantle-maker, 

Couv.iiu, koo-v.ii«, >it. ex'.i;s o/'/<ees, l'Ui^s, etc. 

Couvaison, koo-vay-zo;;,./! sittutx. 

Couvée, koovai.yi hrooci, covey. 

Couvent, koo-va//, );;. convent. \Jo be Itatcltint;. 

Couver, koo-vai, ','. <i. et u. to hatch, brood ; se — , v. r. 

Couvercle, koo-vairki, m. coirr, liit. 

Couvert, e, koovair, — t, a. (.'-■ercii; sitaiiy ; secret, 
hidden, ;\ —, under-shetter ; mettre .i —, to secure ; —, 
m. tablecloth and coi'ers ; cover ; shelter. 

Couverte, koo-vairt,y; i^laxin,i^. 

Couverture, koo-vair-tôr, _/! rover; 1 'î'erlet ; roof; pre- 

Couvet, koo-vay, m./oot-sto;-e. [teitce. 

Couveuse, koovuliz, / brooder, sitter. 

Couvi, koo-vc, a. ad.lle. 

Couvre-clief, koo-vrslief, »t. kerchief. 

Couvre-feu, koo-vrfuli, m. cur/rri>. 

Couvro-|>ieil, koo-vr-jiyai, m.J'oot-coverlet. 

Couvreur, koo-vrur, »i. tiler; slater ; thatcher. 

•Couvrir, koovrcer. 7'. a. tocmier : clothe : conceal ; out- 
bid ; se — , ''. r. to be overcast ; put one's hat on. 

Covendeur, koliva;/-(lur, >n. Joint-vendor. 

Crabe, kraub,/. crab. 

Crac, krak, ;'/. cratk. 

Cracliat, krasliah, ;//. spittle, spaivl ; star, 

Craciieiueut, krash nla;^ ;/;. spitting;. 

Cracher, kr.isli-ai, v. a. ct n. to spit, spaivl, 

C'raclieur, kr.isli-ur, in. spittir. 

Crachoir, kras', m. spittoon. 

Craelioteinent, krasliotuia'/. m. frequent spittins;;, 

Cracliriter, krashotai, v. n. to spit often, [sputterin,^'. 

Craie, kray, /! chalk., krain-ya«, see Craindre. 

•Cr.iindre, kr.ii«-dr, v. a. et n. to fear ; be afraid. 

Crainte, kr.ii/;t, p.Jear; de — i.\\:, for fear of; ■- lue, 
for fear that lest. \limid. 

Craintif, ive, kr,ii«-tif, — iv, a. — ivenient, ad. fearful,, kranikva-ze, (J. crimson ; — ,m, crimson. 

Crampe, kra'/p, A cra'np ; torpedo. 

Crampon, kra'f-prw;, »i. cramp-iron, frost-nail. 

Cramponner, kra«-pou-ai, v. a. to cramp ; rou,i;h-shoe ; 
se —, V. r. to cling to. 

Cramponnet, kra«-poncy, m. little cramp-iron , staple., kr.i;/, m. notch, nick. 

Cr.lne, kr.iun, tn. skull ; sjuaj^x'erer. 

CrAnerie, krainire,./ S7vaf,'i;e/-in,!,': 

Crai)aud, krap-oli, m. toad ; paddock. 

Crai)audière, krap-olidyair,y. sicampy p>Uxce, 

Crapoussin, knip-oo-saiw, m. shrimp. 

Crapule, krap-ûl,./; low debauchery. 

Crapuler, kraiîû-lai, 7'. n. to live inlemperately. 

Crapuleux, se, kiap-u-luli. — /., a. intemperate. 

Cra(iueliji, krakl.ii;;, m. cracknel. 

Cra(|Uenient, krak-max, m. crackin.c;. 

Cra<iuer, kr.ikai, v. n. to crack ; creak. 

Cracpierie, \(.t.\V-rit,f,fib fudi;e. 

Craciuetemeiit, krakeyt ma;/, )«, cracklins; . n^nashnif; 

Craqueter, kr ik-tai, v. n. to crackle. \oflhe teeth. 

Craqueur, krakur, m. cracker. 

Crasse, kras»^./". dirt, fill h; dross. 

Crasser, krassai, v. a. to foul. 

Crasseux, se, krass-uh, — z a. filthy, ,i;reasy , sordid. 

Cratère, krat-air, in. crater. 

Craticuler, kmte kû' ui, '.', a, to g^ratiiulate. 

Cravache, krav-asli,y. ha>id-iuhip. 

Cravate, krav-at,./; cravat ; coloio knot 

Cr.avater, krav-at-ai, v. >i. to put on one s cravat. 

Crayeux, se, kray-yuh, — z, a. chalky. [draught. 

Crayon, kray-yo«, >«. chalk; pencil; sketch, roui;h 

Crayonner, kray-yon-ai, v. a. to crayon ; skelih. 

Crayonneux, se, kray-yon-niili, — z, a. chalky. 

Créance, V.x!\\-^n%,f. trust, credit ; lettres de —, creden- 
tials, pi. 

Créancier, krai-a«-syai, ni. —ère, ~x,f. creditor. 

Créateur, krai-at-url ;«. creator, —trice, — triss, .1. 

Création, krai-ah-syo;/,/; o-ealion, [creating;, creative. 

Créature, krai-at-ftr,y; creature. 

Crécelle, krai-sell.y: rattle. 

Crécerelle. !vrais-rell,y: kestrel. 

Crèchï, kiûysh.y; crib, manier ; public-nursery. 

Credence, krai-daHs,y: buffet : pantry. 

Crédibilité, kral-de-be-le-tai,y: credibility. 

Crédit, krai-tle, tn. credit ; trust. 

Créditer, krai-dc-tai, v, <?. I» irecfit; ^ive credif. 

burst; die. 

I OcJo, kr.ii-doh, >n. creed. 

Cré<lule, krai ilùl, («. credulous. 

Crédulité, kr.ii-diil-e-tai,y". credulity. 

Créer, krai-ai, v. a.tto create ; invent; settle. 

Crémaillère, kr.ii-nia/-air,/; potiiani,'er. 

Crcmaillon, krai-ma/-o</, m. small pothook. 

Creme, kr.iym, /rn-nw».' choue. 

Crènier, kr.ii-mai, v. n. to cream. 

Crémière, krai-niyair,y; tnilkiooinan. 

Créneau, kr..i-noh, ;/;. battlement. 

Créiialcr, kr.iin-l.ii, v. a. to indent, notch. 
, Créiielure, kr.iin-lùr, y.' inden/iir.;. 

Créner, kr.ii-uai, T'. a. to kern ; smooth. 

Crépa},'e, kr.iip.ilij, m. x'lossini,'. 

Crepe, kreyp,/; /ii;;f(i-4'.'/ — , m. crape. 

Crêper, krey pai, v. a. to criip. frizzle. 

Crépi, kr,ii-|)e, tn. roui;hcast, pari^et. 

Crepiu, krai))ai«, >;/. ,■ sou Saint — , one's all. 

Crépine, kr.iipin,/?y>-(«i.'f. • 

Crépir, krai-peer, i'. a. to roU);hca^t, partit. 

Crei)issiire, Kraipe-si1r,y; 7-oui;hca\t. 

Crépitation, krai-pctalisyo;;,/ crépitation irackling, 
' Crépon, krai-po«, m. thick era fie. 

Crépu, e, krai-i>i\ "• crisped, crispy. 
j Crépuscule, kraipûskul, m. tmilixht 
, Cresson, kress-r»;, m. cress, cresses. 

Cressonnière, kressoji-yair,/ cresibed. 

Crète, kreyt.y; crest ; lOtk'sco/nb. 

Crète, e, krey t.ii, a. crested, tufted. 

Crèteler, kr.iit-l.ii, v. n. to chuckle. 

Cretin, kraitai;/, m. cretin, idiot. 
I Créliin'sme, kiai-te-nism, m. cretinism, 
I Cretoime, kruhVm, f. Jine linen-tloth. 

Créions, kr«/(-to;/, >n. pi. ,t;ra-,Ks, pi. 
\ Creusement, krulizm.i/;, in. dijunni;. 

Creuser, kruhz.ii, v. n. et n. to dii,', holloiv, deepen, 
j sift ; se — le cerveau, to rack one s brain 

Creuset, kruli-zey, in. crucible. 

Crcux, se, kruh, — z, a. holloiv, deep, empty ; vain , -, 
m. holloic ; pit, mould. 
j Crevasse, kr«/j-vass,y. crevice ; chap. 
! Crevasser, kr»//-vass-ai, -■. a. to crack ; chap. 

Crève-cœur, krev-kur, in. heart-break. 

Crever, krK/«-vai, v. a. et n. to break 

Cri, kre, in. cry ; scream. 
; Criailler, kre-a/-ai, v. 11. to braivl ; scold. 
\ Criaillerie, kre-a/-re,y; braiutini;, scolding'. 
I Criailleur, kre-a/-ur, in. bawler, brawler. 
I Criard, e, kre-alir, — d, a. cryini;^, noisy ; 

Crible, krc-bl, m. sieve. \(deht) ; —, in. baivler,braivla 

Cribler, kre-blai, v. a. to sift ; riddle, 

Cribleur, kreblur, ill. sifter. 

Criiilier, kre-bleai, in. sieve-maker. 
' Criblure, kreblûr.y; siftini^s, pi, 
I Cric, kre, in. jack, hand-screiv. 
I Cric-crac, krikkrak, in. crick-crack. 
I Criée, \itc-:ù,f. proclamation of sale. 

Crier, kre-ai, v. a. et 11. to proclaim, sell by aitctioi 
harok ; cry; shout ; .shriek ; whine ; complain loic' 

Crierie, kre-re,y". b.nolinx' ; icoliliiij,': 

Crieur,se, kre-ur, — uhz, .f. binder; auctioneer; haii-it , 

Crime, krim, m. crime ; .i.'uilt. 

Criminalité, krim-e-nale-tai,/ j^'uiltiiiess. 

Criminel, le, krime-nell, a. -lenient, ad. criinniii 

Crin, krai;<, m. [i^iiilty ; — , in. crinnni 

Crincrin, krai</-krai«, in. sorry fiddle ; sorry-fiddier.\ 

Crinier, kre-nyai, i/t. horsehair ivorker. 

Crinière, krenyair,/; inane ; horse-tail. 

Crique, krik,/. creek, co~ve, bay. 

Criquet, krik-ey, in. tit, tomtit. 

Crise, V.x\z,f. crisis. 

Crispation, kris-pali-syo/<,/: crispation. 

Crisper, kris-pai, z>. a. to shrivel, thrill ; 

Crisser, kre-s;ii, v. a. to ^rind the teeth. 

Cristal, krist-al (//. — aux), in. crystal. 

Cristallerie, kris-tal-re.y; crystal-inanufaetory. 

Cristallin, e, kris-tal-lai«, —in, a. crystalline. 

Cristallisation, kris-tal-le-zah-syo;/,/: crystallizatio 

Cristalliser, kris-tal-le-zai, v. a. et se —, v. r. to cry>: 

Critérium, kre-tai-ryom, in. criterion. |A| 

Criticable, kre-te-kah-l)l, a. censurable. 

Crititiue, krc-tik,/; critical ; — , in. critic. 

Criticpier, kre-tik-ai, v. a. to criticize. 

Croassement, kro-.iss-nia», vi. croaking. 

Croasser, kro-ass-ai, %>. 11. to croak. 

Croc, )t.xo\\, m. hook ; faiii; ; sharper ; —Gn-'}Vin\\ 

Croche, krosh, a. crooked, bent ; —,f. quaver. 

Crochet, krosh-ey, >«. hook ; picklock ; steelyard, 
crotchet, bracket ; —s, pi, fangs ; braces; loàÀ 

Crocheter, kroshtai, v. a. to pick (a lock). [hatrl 

Crocheteur, krosh-tur, m. porter ; picklo-'/t, 

Croçlui, e, krosli-û, a. Hoçhdx crw/ttti. 


SO —, 7 



I 39]' 


Crocodile, krok-ocUl, »t. froiodiU. 

Croire, kroli-.ihr, t>. a. el n. to belierl, think ; cre^iit ; 

bi: adviïed l'y ; en —, to trust to ; so —, 7'. r. to believe 

one's self, be Inlie-jed. 
;rois,iile, kroli-;ili2.ul, /. crusade. 
;roiM-, kroli-ali-^ai, >;;. i runnier ; tititl. 
.'rdisce, kruliali-zai,/^ ensei>ie>it, ivindow ; cross-aisle ; 
;roi-,eiueiit, kroh-ati^iii.i</, w. irouin,):. [eross. 

."roUcT, kroli-ali-^ai, v. a. et it. to l,iyero.',s--,vise; 

strikeout: lap; sc —, v. r. to cross each ol/ier : be 
;roiseiir, krnh-ali;;-iir, »/;. truis'-r. \ir'ssed. 

^^ri lisière, krr.h-.ilizy.iir, /: cruise. 
Jroisillijii, kriili-ali-zi/-o;/, tn. cross-bar. 
Jroissai'.cc, kro-ali-sa«s, /. );roiclh. 
:roissaiit, kroh-ali-sa</, a. ^ro'oini:; ; —, vi. crescent ; 
^^ hook : chiinuey-liook. 

>• usure, kroah-^iir, /. crossing : coat-staTes, pi. 
>.iit, kroliah, tn. increase. 
Croître, kroli-alitr, :'. 11. tOf:ro7i'; increase, 
'rnix, kroali, ./; ivvii,- aj/liction. 
>, e, kri.lika;/, — t, a. crisp, brittle. 
^^ro(|iie, krok, /. i\ la — an sel, ad. -uilh salt alone. 

roiiuoiioto, krok-iiot, ;/;. sorry inusii ian. 

ri)i|iior, kruk-ai, T'. a. et >i. to crauncli : scrunch ; 

sl:clch: — le niarmot, to dance atlendanic, 

ro.piet, krokey, ni. cracknel. 
:rcM|iictte, krukclt, y: c-.-ocket, croquette. 
;rMi|iiuiir, krok-iir, vi. glutton. 
;rMiiiii;.;iiole, krok-iuyoj, ./: hard pastry ; fillip. 

roiiLiis, krok-e, in. sketch. 

rosse, kross, /. crosier ; bull-end. 

ri)sscr, kross-ai, v. a. to bat : treat with contempt. 

rossctte, kross-ett, f. layer, sprix'. 

rosseiir, krossur, tn. cricket-player. 

rotte, krot, y: dirt; dung: 

rotter, krotal, v. a. to dirt ; splash; se — , v. r. to fct 

rotliii. krot-til'/, nt. dnni^. \ilii/y. 

iilemciit, krooliua;/, tit. sinkin.i;. 

rouler, krool-ai, v. u. to sink ; launch. 

puijier, ère, krool-yai, — r, a. s-ia/npy. 

rouliere, krool-yair, f. bo.i;, swamp. 

roup, kroop, ;;/. croup. 

rou|iaile, kroo-pad, /. croupade. 

mupe, kroop, /. croup ; brow of a hill. 

niupii. kroo-pai, a. bieu —, -iviili a fine croup. 

roiipier, kroo-pyai, tn. croupier; partner. 

roupicre, kroo-pyair, ./; crupper. 

rnu|)iou, kroo-pyo;/, ;/;. rump. 

ruui)ir, kroo-ijeer, f. n. to stagnate ; lie. 

rouitille, kroo-sti.', / Utile 

roustiller, kroost-i/-ai, v. 11. to gnaw Utile crusts, 

route, kroot, /. crust ; scab ; scurf. 

Toâtelette, kroot-lett, / little crust. 

roiltier, kroot-yai, m. paltry painter, 

roûtou, kroo-tov, tn. crust. 

roy.ilile, krwa-yali-bl, a. credible. 

Toyauce, krwaya«s, y; belief : faith. 

Toyant, krwa-ya//, in. believer. 

Iru, c, kril, a. raiu ; crude; coarse; harsh, rougit; 
indecent ; stiif; .'l —, "" the bare skin {see Croire). 

ril. kril. in. growth, soil; inveiilioii (^iv Croître). 

ruuité, krû-oli-tai, f. cruelly. 

luclie, \ix\vi\\, f. pilcher ; bloikhead. 

rucliée, krûsii-ai, f. pilchcr-full. 

rucliou. knV,h-o«, tn. little pitcher. 

r.ieifère, knVse-fair, a. cruciferous. 

Iruciiieiueiit, knVsefe uia.v, ";. crucifixion. 
ucltier, krâ-se-fyai, v. a. lo crucify. 

{riicilix, krû-se-fe, tn. truci/l.v. 
uilité, krû-cletai, f. crudity, crudeness ; indigestion ; 
lie. kri'i, /. growth ; rise. [—s, pi. harsh words. 

iru .1. le, knVell, a. —lenient, ad. cruel. 
;iieut, krû-nia<(, ad. bluntly, roughly. 
ust.icé, e, krûstasai, <«. crustaceoiis. 
uzaile, kriVzail,y; crusade. 
yi)te, kript, f. crypt. 
I>e, kùb, >«. cube. 
bique, kiVbik, a. cubic, cubical. 
iicurbite. kù-kôr-bit, y. cucuriite, 
'" lisou, ku/ey-so«, Cueillette, V\\l-cK\,f. gatheriii 

tuelllir, kuAecr, v. a. to gather, pick. \Jtarvest. 

Iieilloir, ku/fwar, tn.fruit-haskct. 
piller, kwi/-air, f. spoon ; ladle. 
nillerée, kwiArai, f spoonful : ladleful. 
billerou, kwi/-ro;/, tn. bowl of a spoon. 
«lir, kweer, m. hide, skin ; leather. 
pirasse, kwc-i.ass, / cuirass. 
birasser, kwe-ras-ai, v. et. to cuirass. 
Jirassier, kwe-ras-y.ii, m. cuirassier. 
luire, kweer, v. a. et n. to cook ; dress ; boil; roast; 
fifi) ; digest ; smart ; burn ; to — trop, to over-do. 
lisant, e, kwe-za«, — t, <?. sharp ; stiiartiin'. 


;iiile-'le- —, 
—air, /; '■,>■'<•• 
1 111,11 f. 



\ Cuiseur, kwezur, in. brickbiirner. 

Cuisine, kwe/in, f. kitiheti ; lOoKery 

Cuisiner, kwe-ze-nai, xk 11, to cook, drc\s 
I Cuisinier, kweze-nyai, in. cook; —ire, 
I Cuissard, k« in. cuisit. 
I Cuisse, kwiss, f. thigh ; leg (of a foivl). 

Cuis.son, kwe-so;/,/; looking ; baking ; smart; p.iiu il 

Cuissot, kwe-soli, in. hauiiih. (— , limnc baked hicr.n 

Cuistre, kwis-tr, in. a nhoolmaster's man ; pcdanl. 

Cuit, kwe, see Cuire. 

('uite. kwi.i-;, /; baking, burning. 

(Suivre, kwe\r, m. upper; — j.iune, brass. 
i l'uivré, e, kwe-vrai, a. lofpered, coprcr-ioloured. 

Cul, kùli, in. brcctli ; boltoiii ; --■ ile j.ittc, i <;///( 
— tie l.inipo, tail-picie; — di' sac, blind alley. 

Cul.isse, kfi-l.iss, /. breech, stock. 
' Culbute, kûlbùt, f. summerset, tumble. 

Culbuter, kùl-bû-tai, r'. a. et 11. to tliro-.u down 
long ; fall headlong. 

Culée, kùd,ii,y! abulinenl ; stern-iciy. 

Culiùre. kùl-yair,.A giitter'Stone ; hind-g-irth. 

Culinaire, kû-lo-uair, a. ciiUnary. 

Culmination, kûl-nie-u.di-syo;/,y; cuhniiiation. 

Culot, kû-liill, m. liestlim: ; '"P . l'vllom ; dross, 

Culutle, kûlcit,/; ; ruinpofbec/. 

Culotter, kft-lot-ai, v. a. to brccch. 

(,'ulottier. kû-|i.t-yai, m. breeches :t:akci: 

Culi>abil]té, kfil-pab-eletai,y: culpability. 

Culte, kûlt, tn. ivors'iip. 

Cultivable, kùl-te-vali bl, a. cultivable. 

Cultivateur, kùl - te -ur, m. husbandman, tiller; 

Cultivation, kCil-te-va-syo«,/; mlli: alUm. \ farmer. 

Cultiver, kfil-te-vai, v. a. to tullisale ; improie. 

Culture, kfll-tilr.y; culture, husbandry. 

Cumin, kfi-inai«, m. cumin. 

Cunuil, kiViniil, tn. accumulation. 

Cumulatif, ivc, kTi-mûl-at-if, — iv, a. — ivenicut, ad. 

Cunuiler, kiVmfil-ai, v. a. to accumiilale. [aicumiiialii'e. 

Cupide, kiVpid, a, covetous, greedy. 

Cupidité, ku-pe-de-tai,/. cupidity, lust. 

Curabilité, kù-ra-be-le-tai,/ curableness. 

Curable, k(^rali-bl, a. curable. 

Curai;e, kiVralij, tn. cleansing. 

Cur.itelle, kiVrat-ell,/ guardianship. 

Cur.iteur, kû-rat-ur. ;//. eurati'i; Irusiee. 

Curatif, ive, kù-r.itif, — iv, a. luralive, healing; 

Curalion, ki'i-rali-syo«,y: curing. 

Cur.itrice, kiVrat-riss.yl trustee. 

Cure, kOlr, / cure ; parish. 

Curé, kû-rai, m. parson. 

Cure-dent, ki"lr-da«, m. loolhpici. 

Curée, kû-rai, yî hound's fee. 

Cure-oreille, kûr-or-ey/. )/;. earpicker. 

Curer, kiVrai, v. a. to cleanse : pick. 

Curette, kû-rtt,y; pump-scraper. 

Cureur, kiVrur, tn. cleanser of wells, 

Curial, e. kû-re-al, a. curial. 

Curie, kù-re,./! ward. [nice, dainty. 

Curieu.x, se, kiVryuh, — z, a, —sèment, ad. curious; 
I Curiosité, kù-ryoli-ze-tai.y: curiosity. 
\ Curoir, kùr-war, tn. ploiigh-spud. [runtiiiig hand. 

Cursif, ive, kûr-sif, — iv, a. ciirsiie ; écriture, —ive. 

Custode, kùs-tod, tn. warden ; —,f. curtain ; py\. 

Cutané, e, ki', a. cutaneous. 

Cuve, kùv.y; liib, val. 

Cuveau, kiiv-oli, ;/;. little tub. 

Cuvée, kùv-ai,/. tub-full. [sleep one's self .wber. 

Cuver, kù-vai, -•. 11. to work ferment ; — son vin, ta 

Cuvette, kù-vet.y". wash-hand basin. 

Cuvier, kû-ve-ai, in./ish-liib ; lie-tub. 

Cycle, sikl, m. cycle. 

Cycliiiue, se-klik, a. cyclical. 

Cysjne, siny;', tn. swait. 

Cylindre, se-l.ii«-dr, m. cylinder. 

Cylindri(iue, se-lai«-drik, a. cyliiidric, eylîndrical. 

Cymaise, se-mezz,yl ogee. 

Cymbale, sai«-bal,y; cymbal. 

Cyniciue, se-nik, a. cynic, cynical. 

Cynisme, senizm, m. cynism. 

Cyprè-s, se-prey, ;/;, cypress. 

Da, dali, int. oui-d.i, j'« indeed ; nenni-da, 110 t'ndeeii. 
Dactyle, dak-til, tn. dactyle. 
Dada, dad-ali, m. hohby-horse. 
Dadais, dad-ey, tn. bcoby, tiintiy. 
Dague, da]Lf,y; dagger. 

Daifuerréotype, dai;-crr-ai-otep, m. daguerreotype. 
Daffuerréotypcr, Uag-err-ai-o-tc-pai, v. a. ta i.agnef^ 
reotyfe^ ' ' 


fcaguerréotypiste. dag-err-ai-o-te-pist. m. dapterreo. 

Dagues.' clat;./ t'- "'^*^ "/'» ""''' *^'"''" ''""''" "-^ " 
DaL'UL-t, d;iu-cy, m. bnKkct. 
Daurner, dai<i-yai, v. u. to dct^'n ; vouchsafe. 
Daim, >\m>i, m. - iii.Mc, biuk ; — femelle, rfoft 
Daiiie, den,/; (/iv. 
Dais, dey, »i. canopy. 
\\A\\c.<\:K\,r.M:i-ito>ie: trow:h. 
IJ.illcr, dal-ai, v. a. to trnve tvilh/lair-stones. 
Daliiiatique, dal-iuat-ik,/ tialmattc. 
Dalot, dal-oli, m. sciippo: 
Ham, da«. >«. cost, damagt. 

Damas, dam-ah. «.. damask, \v. a. '-''fa '''<"*• 

Damasquiner. dam-as-kn\-ai. Damasser, dam-ali-sai. 
Damiisiure, d im-ah-snr./. dam.xsk-worl:. 
Dame, dam./ /«<!>.• <<''"'".• </>"''" \<^'Y^^. cards): — s. 
//. draughts! — . »"A nay, forsooth : — Jeanne./. 
demijon, large bottle. . ,, ,,.,j, 

Damoï, dam-ai. i'. «. /f fr.)?.^'! ,• - Ic pion \ q., to outdo 
Dameret, dam-ray, >ii. spark, fo/>. {oiie. 

\ta.m\cT, i\Mr\-yM, >n. draughtboard. 
Daiimable. d m-iiali-bl, a. — r.icnt, ad. damnable. 
Damnation, dau-nau-syo;*./; daiiiualion. 
Danuier. dau-nai, v. a. to damn. 
Damoiseau, damwa-zoh. m. spark, Jop. 
Damoisel, dam-wa-zell. m. young page ; spark. 
D.amoiselle, dam-wa-zell, / damsel. 
Dandin, da;/-dai«, m. noddy, ninny. 
Dandinement, d.i«-din-ma;(. m.joggtng. 
se Dandiner, da«-din-ai. v. r. to jog ones self. 
Danger, dax-hjai, )«. </'»«;•'"■• „jj„,, 

Dan^'ereux. se. da-dij-rnli. -z. a -sèment, f-J^"- 
Dans, da«. pr. in, luithtn, into, at. \ gérons. 

\^M\s^,AAn^i,f dance; dancing. j„„ri„.r 

Danser, da<i-sai. v. a. to dance; maître à —, dancing- 
Danseur. da«-sur. m. dancer. {master. 

Dard. dar. m. dart. Javelin, harpoon. 
Darder, dar-dai. v. a. tu dart, harpoon. 
Dariole. dar-y«l. / a sort of custard. 
Darne, darn, / slice. 
Darse, darss, /". luet-dock. 
Dartre, dar-tr,/ ringworm ; tetter. 
Dartreux, se, tlar-truh, — z, a. scabby. 
Dataire, dat-air. m. datary. 
Date, dat.y: date. 
Dater, dat-ai, v. a. to date. 
\y±X.enc, &.xl-xe, f datary s office. 
Datif, ive, dat-if, — iv. a. dative; —, m. dative. 
Dation, dah-syo«,/ giving. 
Datte, dat, /: date. 
Dattier, dat-yai, m. date-tree. 
Daube, dohb,/ ste^ved meat. 
Dauber, doh bai, v. a. to stew 
Dauphin, doh-faiH, m. dolphin. 

Davantaire, dav-a«-talij, ad. more. . . „ 

De, of, from, in, by, with ; de par le roi, in the 
I)!; <lai. m. die: thimble. \king s name. 

D-biclaiîe, dai-bau-klahj, m. clearing a haven. 
DébAcle. dai-bau-kl,/. breaking of the ice 
Dib.'iclenient. dai-bau-kl-maH, ;.•/. breaking up {ice); 

clearing {harbour). . , , . , 

D -bAclerr dai-bau-klai. v. a. to break up (ice) ; clear 
D 'bi\cleur, dai-bau-klur, m. water-bailijf. [(harbour). 
Dib-illai;e, dai-bal-ahj. m. uupackiiig. ,,,.,„,„ 

Diballer, dai-bal-ai. T/. a. ^J ««/'«'•'C-- . Uf"'^'^' 

Débandade, dai-ba/i-dad,/ .Ma-, m confusion, heltei- 
Débandement, dai-ba«d-ma«. m. disbanding. 
Débander. dai-ba«-dai. v. a. to unbend; loosen ; se —, 

V. i: to disband. 
Debanciuer, dai-liax-kai. v. a. to break a bank. _ 

Débaptiser, dai-bat-e-zai. v. a. to unchrislen; se faire 

— to renounce baptism : change one s name. 
Débarbouiller. dai-l>ar-boo/-ai, v. a. to clean ; wash ; 
se —, 7J. r. to wash one s face. ... ■/ 

Débarcadère, diibar-kad-air. m. landing-place: rail- 
IVbardage. dai-bar dalij, m. unlading, \way-statton. 
Débarder, dai-bar-dai, v. a. to unlade. 
Débardeur, dai-bar-dur, m. lighterman. 
Débarquement, daibark-ma;i, m. landing. 
Débarquer, dai-bar-kai, v. a. et n. to disembark ; land. 
D»barras, m. disencumbraiice. 
Débarrasser, dai-bar-asai, v. a. to disencumber ; free ; 

se —, V. r. to i:et clear, rid of. 
Débarrer, dai-bau-rai. '. . a. to unbar. 
Débat, dai-bah. m. quarrel, strife. 
Débiter, dai-bau-tai, %: a. to unsaddle. 
Débattre, daibat-tr. v. a. to debate, discuss ; se —, v. r. 

to struggle, strive. , _, . , 

Débauche, dai-bohsh,/ debauch; debaucltery. 
Débauché, dai-boli-shai, m. debauchee. 
Débaucher, dai-boh-shai, v. a, to debauch ; seduce. 

cuff: banter. 

[ 40 ] ' DEO 

Débaucheur, dai-boh-shur, m. debauchtr. 
Débet, dai-bett, m. balance. 
DébitTer, dai-bif-fai, v. a. to weaken. 
Débile, dai-bil, <i. —ment, ad. weak, feeble. _ 
Debilitation, dai-be-le-tah-syow,/ debilitation. 
Débilité, dai-be-lc-tai./ weakness. 
Débiliter, dai-be-le-tai, v. a. to debilitate. 
Débit, dai-be. m. sale ; delivery ; debtor side. 
Débitant, dai-be-ta«. m. retailer, dealer. \(iebil. 

Débiter, dai-be-tai. v. a. to sell ; utter words, declaim ; 
Débiteur, dai-be-tur, m. —trice, — triss, /. debtor; —, 

m. — teuse. — tuhz./. teller ; spreader of news. 
Déblai, dai-blay. m. clearing away ; rubbish. 
Déblatérer, dai-blat-ai-rai, v. n. to blatter. 
Déblayer, dai-blay-yai. v. a. to clear aivay. 
Débloquer, dai-blok-ai. v. a. to raise a blockade. 
Déboire, dai-bwar, m. twang, after-taste : trouble. 
Déboitement. dai-bwat-ma«, m. dislocation ; luxation 
Déboîter, dai-bwatai, v. a. to dislocate. \ gush forth. 
Débonder. dal-bo«-dai, v. a. et n. to unhung ; bunt, 
Débondonner, dai-bon-don-ai. v. a. to unbung, uns/,'f. 
Débonnaire, dai-bon-air, a. —ment, ad. meek, «My 

tempered. , ... 

Débonnaireté. dai-bon-air-tai./ meekness, kintiness. 
Débordé, e, dai-bor-dai, a. dissolute. [lutencss 

Débordement. dai-bord-ma«, m. over/lo7uing; dnsi^ 
Déborder, dai-bor-dai, v. a. et n. to take off the hem, 

jut out; cwerjlow ; se —, v. r. to overjttnv. 
Déboîter, dai-bot-ai. v. a. to pull off one s boots. 
Débouché, dai-boo-shai, m. market; issue ; evasion. 
Déboucher, dai-boo-sliai, v. a. et n. to uncork; open, 

pass : clean. . , , , 

Déboucler, dai-boo-klai. v. a. to unbuckle; uncurl. 
Débouquement. dai -book- max, m. disemboguing 

narrow» channel. 
Débouquer, dai-boo-kal. v. n. to disembogue. 
Débourser, dai-boor-bai, v. a. to cleanse. 
Débourrer, dai-boor-ai, v. a. to unstop: draw the wad 

ding of a e^un ; se —, v. r. to become polished. 
Débours, dài-boor. m. pi, Débourse, dai-boor-sai, m 

disbursement; moni_y laid out. 
Débourser, dai-boor-sai, v. a. to disburse. 
Debout. d!iA-l)00. ad. upright, up, standing. 
Débouter, dai-boo-tai, v. a. to reject. 
Déboutonner, dai-boo-ton-ai. v. a. to unbutton. 
se Débrailler, dai-bra/-ai. v. r. to uncover one s breaH 
Débrodouiller, dai-br«A-dooAai, v. n. to save the luni 
Débrider, dai-brid-ai, v. a. et n. to bruile ; dispatcn 

halt ; sans —, at a stretch. 
Débris, dai-bre, m. remains ; wreck. 
Débrouillemenl, dai-broo/-iiia«, m. unravelling. 
Débrouiller, dai-brooAai, v. a. to unravel; explain. 
Débrutir, dai-brû-teer, v. a. to polish. \roiii;>. 

Débrutissemeut. dai-brû-tiss-ma»i, m. clearing ojj v. 
Débucher, dai-bil-sliai, v. a. to dislodf;e, start [ga»u\. 
Débusquement. dai-bflsk-niaw, m. driving out. 
Débusquer, dai-bûs-kai, v. a. to drive out ; oust. 
Début, dai-bft. in.Jirst cast ; outset; beginning. \li'<- 
Débutant, dai-bfl-ta«, m. actor appearing for the ji 

Débutër.'dai-bû-tai, v. n. to play Jirst ; begin 

an outset. ., . .. 

Deçà. dwA-sah, ad. an —, en —, par —, on this suit. 
Décacheter, dai-kash-tai. v. a. to unseal. 
Décade, dai-kad,/; decade. 
Décadence, dai-kad-a«J-./ decay, decline. 
Decaijone. dai-kag-on. m. decagon. 
Décaisser, dai-kay-sai. v. a. to take out of a cHtst. 
Decalogue, dai-kal-og. w). decalogue. 
Décalquer, dai-kal-kai, v. a. to connterdraw. 
Décainpement, dai-ka«p-ma«, m. decampment. 
Décamper, dai-ka«-pai, v. n. to decamp. 
Décan, dai-ka«, m. dean. 
Décanat, dai-kan-ah, m. deanshtp. 
Décanter, dai-ka«-tai, v. a. to decant. 
Décapitation, dai-kap-e-tah-syo«,/ beheading. 
Décapiter, dal-kap-e-tai, v. a. to behead. 
Décarreler, dai-kaur-lai, v. a. to unpave. 
Décatir, dai-kat-eer, v. a. to ungloss, hot-press. 
Décatissage, dai-kat-e-sahj. m. unglosstng. 
Decaver, dai-kav-ai, v. a. to gain the stake. 
Décéder, dai-sai-dai, v. n. to decease, die. 
•Déceindre. dai-sai«-dr, v. a. to ungird. 
Décèlenient, dai-sel-ma«. m. disclosing. 
Déceler. dai-SI(/«•l.^i, v. a. to disclose, betray. 
Décembre, dai-sa«-br, m. December. 
Décemment, dai-sain-a«, ad. decently. 
Décence, dai-sa«s,/. decency. 
Décennal, e, dai-sen-al, a. decennial. 
Décent, e, dai-sa«, — t, a. decent. Jit. 
Décentraliser, dai-sa«-tra-li-zai, v. a. to uncentralu 
Ddoeption, dai-itep-syow,/: deception 



r 41 ] 


D<fcemer, dni-sair-nal, v. a. to decree; atuant 

IVcès, (laisay. »//. dtcease, death. 

Deievant, e, dai-sva»/, — t, a. deieit/iil./allacwiis. 

•Duccvoir, tiais-vwar. t'. a. to deceive. 

Dcchaiiicnieiit, dai-bliayii-ma«, m. outrageotts ivords, 

Uécliaiiier, dai-shay-nai, v. n. to uiuhaiit ; ween se : 

".f —, T'. r. to i>i:rii:/i : r,ii.' at. 
Dtfclianttr, dai-slia»/-tai, v. a. to change one's note; 

lou'er one's key. 
néchaperoiiiKT, dai-shap-ron-ai, t. a. to unhood. 
Dcchartjc, dai-sharhj, / unlading: discharge; 

relief : lumber-room. 
DécharKenicnt, dai-sharlij-maw, »«. unlading. 
Dt'cliarKcr, dai-sliarhj-ai, v. a. to unload, unlade ; 

lighten: release; clear; so —, v. r. to discharge, 

ease one's self. , . , 

I)écliar);eiir, rlai-shar-lijiir, tn. unlader. \make lean. 
Déctiarncr, dai-sliar-iiai, r. a. to .strip off tlie flesh ; 
Dcthasscr, dai-slias-ai, v. a. to drive out. 
Décliaiimer, dai-shoh-iiiai, v. a. to break uf> fallow land. 
UécliaiisseniL-nt, daisluihsiiiaw, m. baring the root. 
Déchausser, dai-slioh-sai. v. a. to pull off the shoes, 

stockings or boots : lay bare. 
Decliaiis^ures, dai-shoh-silr,/: pi. the wolfs lair. 
Déchc.-iiice, dai-shai-a«s,y: forfeiture. 
Déchet, dai-sliay, >'/. loss, waste, dec.xy. 
Décheveler, dai-shx/i-vlai, v. a. todishenel. 
DéchifTiàble, dai-shif-mh-bl, a. decipherable, legible. 
Dc'chiflVL-ment, (lai-she-fr-iiia«, ui. deciphering. 
Déchiffrer, dai-shif-rai, v. a. to decipher. 
Déchitfroiir, dai-she-frur, in. decip/icier. 
Déchiqueter, dai-sliik-tai, v. a. to slash : pink. 
Déclikiueture, dai-sliik-tiir, / slashing ; pinking. 
DéchiraKe, dai-she-ralij, "»• breaking up. 
Déchirant, e, dai-shc-ra;/, — t, a. heart-rending. 
Déchirement, d.ii-sheer-nia«, in. rending; tearing. 
Déchirer, ilai-she-rai, t. a. to rend, tear; rip; destroy ; 
Déchireur, dai-slie-rur, in. ripper. [defame. 

Déchirure, dai-she-rftr, f. rent, tear. 
>Déclioir, dai-shwar, v. ii. to fall ; decay, decline. 
Déchu. J(<; Déchoir. 

Décidément, dai-cid-ai-ma», ad. decidedly 
Décider, d.ii-cid-ai, v. a. et n. to decide ; induce ; 

-, V. r. to be decided, resolve. 
jDeciniable, dai-seiu.ili-bl, ii. tithable, 
_)écinial, dai-se-mal, a. decimal. 
|l)éciiiiale, dai-se-mal, /". decimal fraction. 
Déciniateur, dai-se-uiat-ur, m. tithe-owner. 
Décini.ition, <lai-se-mali-syo;;, f. decimation. 
Décime, dai-seem. in. tenth part of a franc. 
)éciiiier, dai-se-mai, v. a to decimate. 

;ibif. ive, dai-se-zil, — iv, a. — ivement, a. decisive; 
Décision, (lai-se-zyo«, f decision. [positive. 

")écis()ire, dai-se-z\var, a. decisory. 

jclainateur, dai-klam-at-ur, in. declaimer. [vective. 

iclamation, <lai-klani-ah-syo«, f declamation ; in- 
)éclaniatoire, dai-klam-at-war, a. declamatory. 

■clamer, dai-klam-ai, f. ir. todeclaim ; recite ; iiireitih. 
>éclaratif, ive, dai-klar-at-if, — iv, a. declarative, de- 

)éclaration, dai-klar-ali-syo«, f. declaration. 
)éclarcr, dai-klar-ai, "v. a. to declare ; notify ; se — , 

7». r. to declare one's self. 
>éclencher, dai-kla«-shai, v. a. to unlatch. 
)éclin, dai-klaix, tn. decline ; wane (moon). 

;linal)le, dai-kle-nah-bl, a. declinable. [tioii. 

)éclinaison, dai-kle-nay-so;;, f. declension ; déclina- 
' icliner, dai-kle-nai, v. a. et n. to decline ; fall ajvay ; 

except against, 

Vtlive, dai-kliv, a. declivous, sloping: 
i)éclivité, dai-kle-ve-tai, f. declivity. 
l^)éclore, <lai-klor, v. a. to open, unclose. 

kiclos, e, dai-kloh, — z, a. unclosed. 
fcclouer, dai-kloo-ai, v. a. to ur.iiail. 

kocher, dai-kosh-ai, v. a. to discharge, shoot. 
►écoction, <lai-kok-syo«, f. decoction. 
VcoilTer, dai-kwaf-ai, v. a. to take off the head-dress ; 
[uncork ; se — , ir. r. to undo one's head-dress. 

kollation, dai-kol-lah-syo«, f. decollation. 

éci)llement,dai-kol-nia«, in. ui'gliiing, 

écolier, dai-kol-ai, z: a. to behead ; ungliie ; se —, 

f. r. to come uiigliied, come off. [breast. 

écolleter, dai-kol-tai, v. a. to unco^ier the neck or 

icoloration, dai-kol-or-ah-syo/(, f. decoloration. 

écolorer, dai-kol-or-ai, v. a. to discolour ; se — , v. r. 

(o lose colour. 

Scdmbrer, dai-ko«-brai, v. a. to clear from rubbish. 

jcombres, dai-kow-br, f pi. rubbish. [analyse. 

Icomposer, dai-ko«-poh-zai, v. a. to discompose; 

(composition, dai-koM-poh-ze-syox, /. decomposi- 
»«/ analysing. 

Décompte, dalkoxt, m. dcdnc'ion. 

I )éci)iuptcr, daikiwi-tai, v. a. et n. to deduct ; diminish. 

Déconcerter, dai-kc»/-sair-tai, i: a. to disconcert ; dis- 
compose ; se —, ?'. r. to be disconcerted. 

•Déconfirc, dai-k<)'/-fcer, v, a. to rout. 

Déconfiture, d.ii ki>;i-fe-tùr, f. discointiture ; failure, 

Découseilli'r, c!,ii-ko/;-be/-.ii, v. a. to dissuade. 

Déconsidération, dai-kox-se-dai-ralisyo;/, ./. disesteem. 

Déconsidérer, tlai-ko^/-sedairai, v. a. to bring into 

Décontenance, dai-ko«t-na»/s, f. discountenance. 

Déc«nten,'inceT, <lai-ko«t-na«-sai, ". a. to confound. 

Déconvenue, (lai-ko;/-vn<^, f. misi,.ip. [abash. 

Décor, <iai-kor, in. decoration. 

Décorateur, dai-kor-at-ur, in. decorator. 

Décoration. dai-kor-ah-syo«, y: decoration ; scenery. 

Décorder, dai-kordai, r. iJ. to untwist. 

Décorer, dai-kor-ai, v. a. to decorate, di'gnify. 

Décortic.ition, dai-kor-te-kah-syo;/, f. decoriicatioH. 

Décortiiiuer, daikor-te-kai, v. a. to decorticate. 

Décorum, d.iikor-o"/, in. decorinii. 

Découcher, diiikoo-sliai, v. ii. to lie abroad. 

Décnmlre, dai-koo-ilr, v. a. to iinsew, unstitch ; en —, 
to havf a brush i.'it/i. 

Découlement. dai-kool-uiax, tn. trickling. 

Découler, d likoo-lai. v. n. to trickle. [pink. 

Découper, dai-koo-pai, Î' a to cut into pieces ; carve; 

Découpeur, d.ii-koopur. m. pinker. 

Découpler, dai-koo-plai, v. a. In uncouple ; let loose. 

Découpure, dai-koo-pûr, / pinking ; pnpcrculs. pi. 

Décourairenient, dai-koo-rahj-maw, in. discourage- 
ment, dejection. 

Décourai^cr, dai-koo-r,ihj-ai,'T'. a. to discourage ; dis- 
hearten : se —, V. r. to be discourai^ed. 

Dccours, dai-koor, m. decrease ; wane. 

Décousure, dai-koo-zilr, f unserving ; rent 

Découvert, e, dai-koo-vair, — t, a. uncovered ; open ; 
h —, in the open air ; plainly. [to scout. 

Découverte, d.ii-koo-v,iirt, / disco7>ery ; aller i\ la —, 
•Découvrir, dai-koo-vreer. t. a. to unconier ; discirver ; 
find out ; se —, v. r. to take off one' s hat ; make one's 
self kno^vn. 
Décrasser, dai-kras-ai, î'. a. to clean. 

Décréditement, (lai-krai-dit-ma«, m. discredit. 
Dccréditer, dai-krai-de-tai, v. a. to discredit ; se —, 

V. t. to lose one's credit. 
Décrépit, e, dai-krai-pe, —pit, a. decrepit. 
Décrépitude, dai-krai-pe-tùd,/. decrepitude. 
Décret, dai-krey, m. decree ; warrant. 
Décréter, dai-krai-lai, v. a. to decree ; order. 
Docri, dal-kre, in. crying doivn ; disrepute. 
Décrier, dai-kre-ai, v. a. to decry ; bring into disrepute. 
•Décrire, dai-kreer, v. a. to describe. 
Décrochement, d.ii-krosh-nia«, m. iinhoo,';ing. 
Décrocher, dai-krosh ai, v. a. to unh.'ok. 
Décroissement, dai-krwa-siiia», "/. decrease. 
•Décroître, dai-krnhah-tr. v. n. lo decrease. 
Décrotter, dai-krot-.ii, f. a. lo clean ; rub off t/te dirt. 
Décrotteur, dai-krotur, in. shoeblack. 
IKcrottoir, dai-krot-war, in. uraper 
Décrottoire, daikrut-war, ./.' shoc-hriish. 
Décruer, daikrlVai, Dccruser, il li-krft-zai. 7'. a. to 
'Décuire, dai-kweer, i: a. to lnjiiefy. [scour {silk). 

Décuple, dai-kiVpl, a. decuple, tenfold. 
Décupler, dai-kiVplai, 7'. a. I" increase tenfold. 
Décuver, dai-kil-vai, v. a. to Inn. 

I )(Hlaij;ner, dai-ilain-yai, v. a. el n to disdain ; scorn. 
Dédaii^ueux, se, dai ilain-yuh, — z, a. — semont, ad. 

disdi 1 in fill, scornful. 
Dédain, dai-d.ii//, m. disdain, scorn. 
Djd.ate, dai dal, in. labyrinth. 

Dedans, d«/i-da'/, ad. in, ivithin : au ~, en — , in- 
luardly ; — , tn. the inside, interior ; ail —, at home. 
Dédicace,, f dedication. 
Dedicatoire, d.ii-de-kat-war, <r. dedicatory. 
Dédier, d.ii-dyai. z'. a. lo dedicate. 
•Dédire, lUii-deer, v. a. to unsay, disozvn, deny ; se — , 

V. r. to recant, recede. 
Dédit, dai-de, m. unsaying ; forfeit, [lion ; amends. 
Dédommagement, dai-dom-ahj ma;/, tn. indeitini/ica- 
Dédomm.ajjer, dai-dom-ahj-ai, v. a. to indemnify; 

make amitids. 
Dédorer, dai-dor-ai, z\ a. to rub, wear off the gilding. 
Dédoubler, liai-doo-blai, v. a. to iiiiline ; make izuo 

regiments of one. 
Détiuction, dai-di'ik-syox, f deduction. ., ' •* 

•Déduire, dai-dweer, zi.a. to deduct, deduce. 
Déesse, dai-ess, f. goddess. 
se DefAclier, dai-fau-shai, f. n l'a foo/. 
Défaillance, dai-fa/-ans, f. fainting-fit, szvoott. 
Défaillant, e, dai-fa/-a«, — t, a, fainting ; feeble ; —, 
m. defaulter. _ 

DEP r 42 ] 

Défaillir, <fai-fn/-oer,x'. "./<'/"/.•/«''""'• .. , . 
Défaire, dai-falr, v. a. to iiiitio ; defeat; rtd of; se —, 

V. r. to rid one's self of: liive up. 
Défait, e, daifai, — t, a. undone; vieagre; ivmi. 
Défaite, dai-fct, f. defeat, sale ; evasion. . , , . 

Défalcation, dai-falkalisyo»,/ defalcation deduction. 
DéfaUiuer, dai-fal-kai, v. a. to defahate, deduct. 
Défaut, (lai-f(.ti. ;«. defect ; fault ; want . non-ap/>ear. 
ance ; h - <lc, m default of. for want of: ctrc cu -, 
Défaveur, cbi-fav-ur,y; disgrâce. I to be at a loss. 

Défav..rable. dai-fav-or-ah-Ll. a. -ment, ad. i'"/'']'"''-' 
Défectif, ive, dai-fek-tif. -iv, a. defective. \able. 

Défection, dai-fek-syo»,/. defection: revolt 
Défectueux, se, dai-fek-tft-uli, -z, a. defeitue ; ""/";- 
Défectuosité, daifck-lfloh-ze-tai,/ defect. \Ject. 

Défendable, dai-fa;/-dali-bl, a. defensible. 
Défendeur, daifTD/ilur, vi. defendant. 
Défendre. dai.fa«-dr, v. a. el n. to defend ; uphold: 
shelter: prohibit; se —, v. r. to dejend ones self; 

help, forbear. ^. .^. 

Défense, dai-faws./ defence: prohibition: opposition , 

— s, pi. defences (of a place) : tusks {ivild boar). 
Défenseur, dai-faw-sur, >n. defender. 
Défensif, ive, dai-fa«-sif. — iv, a. defensive. 
Défensive, dai-faw-siv,/ defensive. 
Déférence, daifai-ra«s,/ deference. ... 

Déférer, dai-fai-rai, v. a. et n. to confer; xnipeach ; 

comply with ; submit; pay deference. 
Déferler, dai-fair-lai, v. a. to unfurl. 
Déferrer, dai-fair-ai, v. a. to unshoe : perplex ; confound. 
Défet, dai-fey, m. waste sheet. 
Défi, dai-fe. m. defiance, challenge. 
Défiance, dai-fyaxs,/ distrust: dijfidence. 
Défiant, e, dai-fya«. — t, a. distrustful. 
Déficit, dai-fe-sit, m. deficit, deficiency. 
Défier, dai-fyai, v. a. to defy, challenge ; brave ; se —, 

V. r. to distrust; suspect. 
Défigurer, dai-fe-gû-rai, v. a. to disfigure. 
Défile, dai-fe-lai, >«. </<///*■• , ^, 
Défilement, dai-fil-nia;/, m. defilement. 
Défiler, dai-fe-lai, v. a. to untwist, unstring ; defile ; se 

—, V. r. to i^et unstrung. . 

Défini, e, dai-fe-ne, a. definite, precise. \notion. 

Définir, dai-fe-neer, v. a. to define: determine : give a 
Définitif, ive. dai-fe-ne-tif, — iv, a. — ivenient, ad. defini- 
tive : en définitive,yf//rt//y. _ 
Définition, day-fe-ne-syo«.y; definition : deiision. 
Défiennicr, dai-rteg-niai, v. a. to dephlegmate. 
Défleurir, dai-fluli-reer, v. a. et n. to nip ql/the blossoms ; 

lose or shed the blossoms. 
Défloration, dai-flor-ah-syo»/,/ defloration. 
Déflorer, dai-flor-ai. v. a. to deficnvcr. 
Défoncement, dai-fo«s-nia«, vi. staving. 
Défoncer, dai-fo«-sai, v. a. to stave ; shove. 
Déformation, dai-for-m.-ih-syo«,/. deformation. 
Déformer,, v. a. to deform. 
Détourner, dai-foor-nai, v. a. to taie out of the oven. 
Défrai, dai-fray, m. defraying. 

Défrayer, dai-fray-yai, v. a. to defray, bear he charges 
Défrichement, dai-frish-ma«, vi. clearing {land). [of. 
Défricher, dai-frish-ai, v. a. to grub up, clear ground; 

unrai'el. , , . 

Défricheur, dai-frish-ur, vi. one who grubs up. 
Défriser, dai-fre-zai, v. a. to uncurl; disappoint. 
Défroncer, dai-fro;;, v. a. to undo plaits. 
Défroque, dai-frok, / cast-off clothes ; a mouKS pro- 
Défrociucr, dai-fro-kai, v. a. to unfrock, rob. [perty. 
Défunt, c, dai-fu«, — t, iï. deceased, late. 
Dégagement, dai-gahj-ma«, m. disengagement .■clear- 
ing of the 7vay ; back-room; escalier de —, private 
staircase. ,. , , ^ 

Dégager, dai-galij-ai, v. a. to disen.gage, redeem ; free 
jÇom; ease; withdraw one's word: clear (a way); 
se —, V. r. to diseni:age one's self; get clear. 
Dégaine, dai-gayn,/ odd manner. 
Dégainer, dai-gay-nai, v. a. to draw. 
Déganter, dai-ga«-tai, v. a. to pull o^gloves. 
Dégarnir, dai-gar-neer,x'. a. to disgarnish ; unfurnts/i; 

strip ; se —, v. r. to grow thin ; part with. 
Dé, dai-gau, >«. /«mw; 7c<ii/<r. 
Dég.iuchir, dai-goh-sheer. v. a. to plane; polish. 
Dégauchissement, dai-gohshis-ma/;, w«. planing, level- 
Dégel, dai-hjel. vi. thaw. V'"!:- 

Dégeler, dai-hjlai, v. a. to thaw. 
Dégénération, dai-hjai-nai-rah-syoH.y; degeneration. 
Dégénérer, daihjai-nai-rai, v. n. to degenerate. 
Dégénérescence,' dai-hjai-nai-res-sa;(S,/. degeneracy. 
Dégingandé, e, dai-hjai«-ga«-dai, a. totterinjr ; awk- 
Dégluer,û-ai, v. a. to unglue. [ward. 

Déglutir, dai-glfl-teer, v. a. to swalloiv. 
Déglutition, dai-gUVte-syo«,/ deglutition. 
Pégoiser, dai-gwa-zai, v. a. to rattle; chatter. 


Dégonflement, dnigox-nnia)/, >«. collapsinif. 
Dégorgement, dai-gorhj-ma;/, >«. overjloivmg. 
Ucgorger, <lai-gornijai, v. a. et n. to clear ; cleans*. 
scour; be purged; se —,v. r. to scour, dischargt 
one's self. , . , , , 

Dégourdir, dai-goor-decr. v. a. to revive, polish ; faire 
—, to take the chill off; se -, v. r. to grow warm ; 
Dégourdissemcnt, daigoor-diss max, m. revivnis. 
Dégoût, dai-goo, m. distrust : loathing: disl'ke. 
Dégorttant, e. dai-goo-ta«, — t. <»• disgusijul, nasty; 
unpleasant. , 

Dégoftter, daigoo-tai, v. a. to disgust ; sc —, v. r. to 

loathe, get disgusted of. . , , r 

Dégoutter, dai-gootai, v. n. to drop, trickle. [mage. 
Dégradation, dai-grad-ah-syo», /. degradation : da- 
Dégrader, dai-gr.ul-.ii, i'. a. to degrade: damage; He- 
base ; se —, V. r. to degrade ones self. 
Dégralfer, dai-graf-ai, 7'. (!■. /«' '/(/i/iiiA . 

Uograissage. inii.grey-s.-\lij, Dégraissemcnt, dai-grey- 

sma;/, m. scouriri.', cleansiui,'. 
Dégraisser, daigrey-sai, v. a. to scour; impoveri'.n. 
Dégraisseiir, daigrey-sur, m. scourer. [mine. 

Dégravoyer, daigra-vwa-yai, v. a. to wash awuv ; 
Degré, daigiai, m. degree, step: staircase; stage. 
Dégréer, dai-graiai, v. a. to unrig. 
Dégrèvement, dai-graiv-ma«, "/. reducing a lax. 
Dégrever, dai-grai-vai, v. a. to reduce a lax. 
Dégringolade, daigrai>;-gol-ad,/ tumbling. 
Dégringoler, dai-grai«-golai, v. n. to tumble diavn. 
Dégriser, dai-gre-zai, v. a. to sober; se -, v. r. to get 

sober. , ■ j , 

D.*grossir, dai-groh-secr, v. a. to rouxh-nrind ; clear 
Déguenillé, daig-ni/-ai, <r. /««ivr.i'. ragged. l"A 

Déiniernir, dai-ghair-))eer, v. n. to </u it, yield up. 
Déguerpissement, dai-gliair-i)e-siiia//, m. quilling, giv- 
Déguisement, daighiz-nia«, m. disguise. [tng over 
Déguiser, dai-ghizai, v. a. to disguise; se —, v. r. to 

disguise ones self: dissemble. 
Dégustateur, dai-gfls-tat-ur, m. taster. 
Dégustation, dai-«ûs-tab-syo«,/. dégustation. 
DéL'USter, dai-gûs-tai, v. a. lo degust, latte. 
Défuller,, r. a. to take off sunburns. 
Déhanché, e, daihaH-shai, a. hip-shot, hipped. 
Déharnachement, dai-liar-nash-ma«, «/.//"/('"-'"""U'. 
Déharuacher. dai-har-nash-.i^ v. a. to unharness. 
Déhonté.Cfiixi-hon-tix'i, a. shameless. 
Dehors, duh-Uor. ad. out, out of doors, abroad ; —, »j. 
outside; appearance: -, //. outside; outworks, pi. 
Déification, dai-e-fe-kahsyo«,/ deification. 
Déifier, dai-c-fyai. v. a. to deify. 
i)éisine, dai-ism, >«. deism. 
Déiste, dai-ist. m. deist. 
Déité. dai-e-tai,/. deity. 
Déj^, dai-hjah, ad. already ; before. 
Déjection, dai-iliek-syo;;,/ dejection. 
so Déjeter, dai-hjtai, v. r. to warp. [breakfast. 

i:)éjeuner, dai-ihuhnai, m. breakfast; —, v. n. l> 
•Dojoindre, dai-hjwai/(-dr, v. a. to dis/oln ; se — . v. r. 
Déjouer, dai-hiwai. v. a. to baffle. Uncart. [to war/: 
Déjucher, dai-hjn-shai. v. a. to unroosl. 
Del.^, dwA-lah. ad. au -. par — . beyond : above. 
Délabrement. dailau-br-ma«, m. disorderly state. 
Délabrer, dai-lau-brai, v. a. to taller, ruin : se —, v. r. 
Délacer, dailau-sai, v. a. to unlace. [logo to nun. 

Délai, dai-lay, ;«. delay, adjournment. [cession. 

Délaissement, dai-l.ay-smaH, >«. destitution : desolum. 
Délaisser, dai-lay-sai, v. a. lo forsake, relmquisli. 
Délarder, dai-lar-d.ii, v a. to chamfer. 
Délassement, dailau-sma», m. relaxation; 
Délasser, dai-lau-sai, v. a. to relax; rejresh. 
Délateur, dailat-ur, m. informer. 
Délation, dailah-syo«,/ delation. 
Délatter, dailat-ai, v. a. to unlath. 
Delayer, dai-lay-yai, v. a. to dilute, temper. 
Délectable, dai-lek-tah-bl, <i. delectable, delightful. 
Délectation, dai-lek-tah-syo;/,/., déliant. 
Délecter, dai-lek-tai, v. a. to deli};lit ; sc —, v. r. 

delight in. 
Délégation, dai-lai-gah-syoH, f. delegation. 
Délégué, dai-lai-gai, tn deputy. 
Déléguer, dai-lai-gai, v. a. lo delegate. 
Délestage, ilai-les-tahj, m. unballasting. 
Délester, dai-les-tai, v. a. to unballast. 
Délesteur, dai-les-tur, m. ballast-lighter. 
Délétère, dai-lai'tair, a. deleterious. ., 

Délibérant, e, dai-le-bai-ra«, -t, Dehbératif, ive, (li^; 

le-bai-rat-if, — iv, a. deliberative. 
Délibération, dai-le-bai-rah-syow. / deliberation. 
Délibéré, e, dai-le-bai-rai, a. -ment. ad. resolvi^ 
resolute, bold; de propos —, designedly, on purf^i 
Délibérer, dai-le-bai-rai, v. ft. to deliberate; resolve. 




Dtfllcat, e, (lal-Ie-kali, — t, a. — emcnt, a./. Mihitt; 
tiice ; dainty; irrupuloiis. 

D^licater, dai-le-kat-ai, v. a, to ^iii/ier, cockfr. 

Dolicatcsse, clai-lckat-ess, / delùa,y ; Hùeness. 

Délice, (lai-liss, »i. delight ; voluptuousness. 

Délicieux, se, <Iai-le-syiili, — z, a. diliiious, deli^ht/til. 

Délié, e, (lailc-ai, a. Jine, thiit, slender; —, >/i. haiy- 

Délier, daile-ai, v. a. to untie ; release, [stroke. 

IWliiiiiter, (lai-lc-inc-tai, 7'. a. to settle the limits. 

Delineation, d.iMe-nai-ah-syo)/, /. delineation. 

Dclin(]iiant, dai-lai;i-ka«, >n. o_[/ender, deliniiuenl. 

Délirant, e, dai-lc-ra;;, — t, a. delirious, frentici. 

Délire, dail-eer, >n. delirium, frenzy. 

Dulirer, dai-lo-rai, T. u. to delirate, raTe. [very /act. 

I)elit, (iai-lc, >n. offence : crime ; en llaL;raiit —, in tlie 

Délivrance, dai-le-vra«s,- y; deliierauie, delivery, sur- 
render. \to ria one's self, ease one's setf. 

Délivrer, dai-le-vrai, -v. a. to deliver, release ; so — , ■'. r. 

Déio^enient, dai-lolij-nia«, in. removal; decampment. 

Déloi;er, dai-lo-lijai, v. a. et n, to dislodge ; remcve ; 
inarch off. [cherous. 

Déloyal, e, dai-lwayal, a. —emcnt, ad. disloyal, Irea- 

Déloyauté, dai-lwa-yiihtal, f. perfidy, treachery, 

Délu),'e, dai-lùlij, m. deluge ; flood. 

Délii^itrer, dai-lus-trai, v. a. to take off the gloss. 

Deniaijojfle, dai-niag-o-lije, /. demagogy. 

Denia;;ogi(iue, dai-inafjo-hjik, a. demagogic. 

Dénia(;o>;ue,,', m. demagogue. 

Déniailloter, dai-nia/-ot-ai, v. a. to unstuMht. 

Demain, d»/<-inai«, ad. to-morrow. 

Déuianchenient, dai-nia»(-sluna>/, m. itnhafting. 

Démancher, clal-niaH-shai, v. a. to itnhaft, sliijt. 

Demande, d;<A-ma«d, f. request ; demand ; claim. 

Demander, dH/j-nia»(-dal, v. a. to ask, request ; desire, 
call for ; require. 

Demandeur, d»A-nia;(-dur, fH. — deresse, — dress, f. 
demander, plaintiff'; — , in. — se, — iiliz, f. asker, 

Dcmanijeaison, dal-nia;(-lijay-so;/, f. itching. [dun. 

Démanger, dai-niax-hjai, v, n. to itch. 

IJémantiMement, dai-nia«-tel-ma;/, in. dismantling. 

Démanteler, dai-ma»-t!ai, v. a. to dismantle. 

Démantibuler, dai-nia«-te-bfil-ai, v. a. to break. 

Démarcation, dal-niar-kah-syo;/, f. demarcation. 

Démarche, dai-marsh, yi^'vi//, step. 

Démarier, dai-mar-e-ai, f. a. to itnmarry, 

Démar(|uer, dai-mar-kai, v. a. to uiimark. 

Démarrer, dai-mar-al, v. a. et ii. to unmoor ; put to 

Démasciuer, dai-nias-kai, v. a. to unmask, [sea ; move. 

Dé, dai-mau-talij, m. dismasting. 

Dem.'iter, dai-mau-tai, v. a. to dismast^ 

Démêlé, dai-may-lai, in. contest, strift. 

Démêler, dai-niay-lai, v. a. to disentangle ; part : dis- 
cover ; contest; clear up; se —, v. r. to extricate 
one's self; get clear. 

Démêloir, dai-may-lwar, in. large comb. 

Démembrement, dai-nia«-br-mà«, m. dismembering. 
jDémembrcr, dai-ma«-brai, v. a. to dismember. 
Il)éniénaj;ement, dai-niai-nahj ina;/, in. removing. 
|Déménaj;er, dai inai-nahjai, v. a. to remove. 
iDémence, dai-ma«s, yC insanity ; madness. 

se Démener, dai-mnai, v. r. to struggle, strive. 
|Démenti, dai-niaH-tc, in. lie ; disappointment. 

•Démentir, dai-ma>/-teer, v. a. to give tlie lie ; con- 
tradict ; se —, V. r. to contradict one's self; fall off. 
Démérite, dai-mai-rit, in. demerit. 
Démériter, dai-mai-rit -ai, v. n. to lose esteem. 
Démesuré, e, daini-zû-ral, a. — inent, ad. boundless; 
huge, excessive. 

•Démettre, dai-niet-tr, v. a. to dis/oiiit ; discard, dis- 
miss ; se — , z». r. to be put out of Joint ; resign. 
Démeublement, dai-muh-bl-maH, )/(. nnfurnishing. 
Démeubler, dai-muh-blai, v. a. to unfurnisk. 
Demeure, d«/(-mur, f. abode, d'tvcllinir ; delay, stay. 

pjemeurer, d»(A-muh-rai, v. ii. to live, dwell, abide, 
remain; stay, tarry, last; au demeurent, in other 

Deim, e, (\iih-me, a. et ad. half; almost ; à —, half, 
by halves ; —bain, in. half bath ; — cercle, in. semi- 
circle; — dieu, in. detni-god ; — fortune, f. four- 
■wheeled one-horse chaise ; — lieure, /: ha! fan hour; 

— jour, in. imperfect light; — lune, f. half-moon ; 
•—métal, m. semi-metal; —solde, f. half-pay; 

— teinte, f. mezzotinto. 
Jemie, d/<//-me, /. half an hour. 
Démis, (kai-me, see Démettre. 
Démission, dai-me-syo«, f. resignation. 
Démissionnaire, dai-nie-svon-air, m. résigner, 
Bemocrate, dai-mok-rat, m. democrat. 

Bemocratie, dai-mok-rahs-e, f. democracy. \cratical. 
Démocratique, dai-inok-rat-ik, a. —ment, ad. deino- 
Benioistlle, d;//(-inwa-zel, /, miss, young lady ; ram- 
I tntr ; foot-tua rmer. 

3 ] D E P 

Dëinolir, dai-i.-.ol-cer, v. a. to demolish. 

Démolition, da -iuol-e-syo«, /; demolition. 

I)i;mon, d.ii-mt ;/, >n. demon, devil. [any foln/t^e, 

Démonétis.itio.i, dai-nion-ai-te-zali-syox, f. cancelliinf 

Uémoné'iji,, dai-mon-aite-ïai, v. a. to cancel any 

toilage. [inadmai';. 

Démjni.Kiue, dal-mnn-yak, a. demoniacal ; —, m, 
Déiiunstratour, d.ii-m(i;(, m. demonstrator. 
Don.onstratif, ive, d,ii-nio/(strat-if, — iv, a. — iveinent, 

ad. demonstratix'e. 
Dcuicnstration, il.i' ino«-strah-syo>/, f. demonstration. 
Dénun.ter, dai-mo>i-tai, v. a. to dismount; take to 

pieces ; ccntounr., 
DcMuontrable, dai-mo«-trali-bI, a. demonstrable. 
Démontrer, dai-MJO/i-tr.ii, v. a. to demonstrate, froTe, 
Démoralisation, dai-mo-rah-lc-sahsyo/f , f. demoralisa- 
Démoraliser, dai-ino-rah-Ic-zai, r-, a. to demoralize. 
•Démordre, d.ii-nior-dr, v. ii. to let go ; give up. 
Dénumir, tiainifl-neer, v. a. to stiip \f munitiens i 

se —, V. r. to part with. 
Dénmrer, ilai-mi1r-ai, v. a. to uinvall. 
Dénaire, dai-n.iir, a. denary. 
se Dénantir, dai-na«-teer, z>. r. to give up. 
Dénationaliser, dai-n.di-syo-nal-e-z.ii, v. a. to iinnatioii- 
Donatter,, !•. a. to unplait. [altze. 

Dénaturaliser, dai-nah-tiVrale-z.ii, v. a. to denaturalize. 
Dénaturé, e, dai-nat-û-rai, a. uniialiual, cruel. 
Dénaturer, dai-nat-iVrai, v. a. to deface, pervert, 
Denéjj.ition, dai-nai-tiah-syo«, /. denial. \ 

Déni, il.ii-ne, in. denial, refusal. 
Déniaisé, dai-ne-ay-zai, m. cunning man. 
Déniaiser, dai-ne-ay-zai, v. a. to teach 7vit ; sharp. 
Dénitlier, dai-ne-snai, v. a. et n. to take out qf a nest ; 

dislodge; hunt out; inarcJi off. 
Dénicheur, dai-ne-shur, in. birds'-nester. 
Denier, ûuh-ny.\'\, in. twelfth part of a son ; penny- 

weight; —\'\\v^t. Jive per cent. ; — vinKt-ciiui, four 

per cent. ; — s, pi. money. 
Dénier, dai-ne-ay, v. a. to deny. 
Dénigrement, dai-ne-gr-nia;/, m. calumniating. 
Dénij,'rer, dai-ne-Krai, v. a. to lalumniate. 
Dénombrement, aai-no;i-br-nia;;, in. enumeration. 
Dénombrer, dai-no«-brai, v. a. to number. 
Dénominateur, dai-nom-e-nat-ur, in. denominator. 
Dénominatif, ive, dal-uon;-e-nat-if, — iv, a. denomina' 

Dénomination, dai-nom-e-nah-syo«, f. deiiomination. 
Denonnner, dai-nom-ai, v. a. to name. 
Dénoncer, dai-nox-sai, v. a. to denounce ; inform. 
Dénonciateur, dai-no^-syat-Tir, m. —trice, — triss, < 

den uiiciator, informer. 
Dénonciation, dai-no«-syah-syo>(, /: denunciation. 
Dénoter, dai-not-ai, v. a. to denote, mark. 
Dénouement, dai-iu)o-nia«, in. discovery ; conclusion. 
Dénouer, dai-noo-ai, v. a. to untie, loose, unlabel; 

se —, V, r. to grow loose, come undone ; shoot, 
DénoiJment, see Dénouement. 
Denrée, da(;-rai, y; commodity, provision. 
Dense, da«s, a. dense, compact. 
Densité, da;(-se-tai, f. density, compactness, 
1 )ent, da«, f. tooth ; notch. 
Denté, e, da«-tai, a. toothed ; notched. 

Dentée, da«-tai, /. bite ; stroke 
IDentelé, e, da/j-tlai, a. no 

otched, jagged. 
Dentelle, da«-tell. /: lace. 
Dentelure, d.i«-tlùr, f. notching. 
Dentier, da«-tyai, m. set of teeth. 
Dentifrice, da)(-te-friss, a. dentifrice. 
1 lentiste, da«-tist, ;/;. dentist. 
Dentition, da«-te-syo«, y; dentition. 
Denture, da«-tt1r,y: set of teeth. 
Dénuement, dai-niVma;/, m. bereavement. 
Dénuer, dai nù-ai, i-. a. to bereave. 
Dénflinent, see Dénuement. 
Dépa(iueter, dai-i>ak-t.ii, i: a. to unpack. 
Dépareiller, dai-par-ey/-ai, f. a. to unmatih, disf.iit; 
Déparer, dai-parai, v. a. to strip ; di\/igurc. 
Déparier, dai-pare-ai, v. a. to unmatcli. 
1 )éparler, dai-par-lai, v. ii. to cease talking. 
Départ, dai-par, in. departure. 

Departajjcr, daipar-tanj-.ii, v. a. togivethecast,'i: y rv.V. 
Département, dai-part-nia«, m. diparlmeut. 
Départemental, e, tlai-part-nia;;-tal, a. of a d.p,xrtmci:.'. 
Départir, d.ii-par-tee!>, v. a. to distribute, impart ; se 

— , V. r. to desistfrom, give up. 
Dépasser, dai-pausai, v. a. to outwalk ; rise abore; 
Dépaver, dai-pav-ai, v. a. to iinpave. [draxc <i-i.'. 

Dépayser, dai-pai-e-zai, v. a. to remove; put cut ; p. it 

upon a wrong scent ; se — , v. r. to go abio.ui. 
Dépècement, ilai-pebb-nia«,^>^(. ciilt-iiig up, carving. 
Dépecer, dai-psai, v, a. to cut up, carve. 

ie—.y.r. to 
{make hastt. 

D SI P t 44 1 

Wpéche. ilalpaysh./ dispahh, txfrtst. 
IK'poclicr, ilaipay-shai, v. a. to <ies/>iUiH , 
•DOpeiiuIre, iliii-imi«-ilr, v. a. to paint. 
Déi.cii.iillc', e, (laipnaii/ .li, <». rai;i,'fa. 
Dcpcnaillcincnt. (I.ii-pnaii/in.i'i, m. ra^Kredti'st. 
Dépcmlaiimiciit. clai-pa);-ilaiii-a«. ad. dftnuleutly. 
Ilépciulancc. dai-pa^i-Ua«s, /. ctepoiaemy ; — s, fl. 

appurtenances, f I. , ^ . . 

Pépt-naaiit. e. dafpaM-da«, — t, a. dependent. 
IWpenare. ilai |)a«-dr. v. a. el n. to take doivn ; elepena. 
DiSpens, dal-pa«, m. pi. expense, cost. \oti : belong to. 
D<!pense, dai-pa/is,/. expense: outlay; pantry. 
Dépenser, dai-pax-sai, v. a. to spend, expend. 
Dépensier, ère, daipa«-syai, -r, a. t-xpensne ; —, m. 

spendthrift. . ... , 

Déperdition, (iai-palr-de-syo«, / déperdition, [away. 
Dépérir, dai-pairccr, v n. to decline, decay ; consume 
Dépérissement, dai-pai-riss-ma», /.•>. decay, decline; 
wastmg. . [to ^,: clear of. 

Dépêtrer, dalpaylral, v. a. to disenpaj^e . se —, v. r. 
Dépeuplement, ilai-puh-plniax, m. depopulation. 
Dépeupler, dai puhplai, v. a. to depopulate ; unsloct. 
Dépiécer, dai-pyai-sai, 7'. a. to dismemher. 
Depilatif, ive, daipe-lat-if, — iv, a. depilatory. 
Dépilation, dal-pelah-syo»,/. deptlation. 
Dépilatoire, daipe-lat-war, m. depilatory. 
Dépiler, dai-pelai, v. a. to strip off hair ; se —,v. r. 
to lose the hair. ... , , ^ ^^'"''■ 

Dépiquer, daipe-kal, v. a. to unstitch, cheer up, com- 
Dépister, dai-pe-stai, v. a. to track ; Jind out. 
Dépit, daipe, m. vexation, rancour, spite : en — de, 
inspiùeo/. ^ [be vexed, fret 

Dépiter, dai-pe-tal, v. a. to vex, provoke ; se —, v. r. to 
Déplacement, dai-plass-ma»;, m. displacing. 
Déplacé, e, dai-plas-ai, a. misplaced; out nj season. 
Déplacer, dai-pfais-ai, v. a. to displace ; se —, v. r. to 

remove ; leave one's seat. 
•Déplaire, dai-plair, v. n. to displease ; trouble ; offend; 

se — . V. r. to dislike ; not to tlirive. 
Déplaisance, dai-play-za«s,/. dislike. 
Déplaisant, e, dai-play-za», — t, a. unpleasant. 
Déplaisir, dai-ulay-zeer, m. displeasure, pain, gritf. 
Déplanter, dai-plan-tai. v. a. to displant. 
Déplier, dai-ple-ai, v. a. to unfold ; open. 
Déplisser, dai-ple-sai, v. a. to unplait. . 

Déploiement, dai-pUva-ma«, m. unfolding; displaying. 
Deplorable, dai plor-ah-bl, a. —ment, arf. deplorable, 

doleful; -luretched. 
Déplorer, dai-plor-ai, v. a. to deplore, ieivail. 
Déployer, dai-plwa-yai, v. a. to display; stretch; de- 
ploy ; set {sails) ; se —, v. r. to spread, deploy. 
se Déplumer, dai-plû-mai, v. r. to moult, mue. 
Dépolir, dai-pol-eer, v. a. to take off the polish. 
Dépopulariser, dai-pop-û-lar-ezai, v. a. to render un- 
Dépopulation, dai-pon-û-lah-syo»,/ depopulation. 
Déport, dai-por, m. delay ; first fruits, pi. 
Déportation, dai-por-tah-syo«,/. deportation. 
Déportement, dai-port-nia«, m. demeanour, conduct. 
Déporter, dai-por-tai, v. a. to transport. 
Déposant, dai-poh-za»/, m. deponent, evidence. 
Déposer, dai-poh-zai, v. n. et n. to lay down, depose, 

divest ; deposit ; give nidence. prove. 
Dépositaire, dai-poh-ze-tair, s. depositary, trustee. 
Déposition, dai-poli-ze-syoH,/. deposition, evidence. 
Déposséder, dai-pos-ai-dai, v. a. to dispossess. 
Dépossession, dai-pos-es-yo«,y". dispossessing. 
Déposter, dai-pos-tai, v. a. to drive from. 
Dépôt, dai-poh, m. deposit; ivarehouse ; charge ; de- 
pot; sediment; m^ndMAs— .writ of imprisonment ; 
— de mendicité, beggar's inn. 
Dépoter, dai-pot-ai, v. a. to take out of a pot. 
Dépouille, dai-poo/,/ slough, skin; crop; spoil, booty. 
Dépouillement, dai-poo/-maK, m. stripping; abnega- 
tion; self-denial ; counting. 
Dépouiller. dai-poo/-ai. v. a. to strip, take off; skin ; 
lay aside ; sum up : se —, v. r. to divest one's self; 
get rid of. 
•Dépourvoir, dai-poor-vwar, v. a. to leave unprovided. 
Dépourvu, e, dai-poor-vû, a. void, destitute; au —, un- 

Dépravation, dai-prav-ah-syo«,/ depravation. 
Dépraver, dai-prav-ai, v. a. to deprave, vitiate. 
Deprecation. dai-prai-kali-syo«,/. deprecation. 
Dépréciation, dai-prai-syah-syoH,/: depreciation. 
Dépiécier, dai-prai-syai, v. a. to depreciate, undervalue. 
Déprédateur, cfai-prai-dat-ur, m. depredator. 
Déprédation, dai-prai-dah-syo;(,/. depredation ; waste. 
•Déprendre, dai-pra«-dr, v. a. to part, loosen ; se —, 

V. r. to disengage one's self, part with. 
Dépression, dai-press-yoH, / depression. 
•Déprévenir, dai-praiv-nccr, v. a, to unpryudia. 


néprier, dai-pre-al, v. a. to disinvitt. [rate. 

i)<-prinicr, dai-pre-mni, v. a. to depress ; debate: ui.der- 
Dépriser, dai-pre-zai, v. a. to underralue, underrate. 
Depuis, di<A-pwe, /r. ad. et c. since; from ; — peu, net 

long aço ; — lors, e^er since. 
Dépuration, dai-pu-rali-syo/;, y. depuration. 
Dépuraloire, dai-pùr.itwar, a. depuralory. 
Dépurer, v. a. lo depiintlt-. 
Deputation, dai-[>ft-tah-syo<(./. deptilation. 
Député. dai-piVtai. m. deputy. 
Députer. <lai-pû-tai. v. a. to depute. 
Déracinement, dai-ras-in maw. m. rooting out. 
Déraciner, dai-ras-in-ai, v. a. to root out ; extirpate. 
Dér.iillciiient, dai-r.i/-ma»i, »«. going off the rails. 
Dérailler, dai-rii/-ai. v. n. logo off the rails. 
IJéraison, dai-ray-zo»,/. want of a reason, [reasonable. 
J)ér.-iisonnable, dai-ray-zon-ali-l>l. a. —meut, ad. un- 
déraisonner, dai-ray-zon-ai, v. n. to talk nonsense, 
Dérangement. dai-ra)/lij-ma«. m. ditonler, disturbance. 
Déran^jer. dai-ra«-lijai. v. a. to derange, disorder ; du- 
turb ; incommode ; sc — . v. r. to take to bad courici. 
Dératé, dai-r-i-tai, a. cunning, sharp. 
Dérat(!r, dai-rat-ai, v. a. to extract the spleen. 
Derechef, d»/«-r;(/(slicf, ad. aneiu, again. [orderly. 
Dérétjlé, e, dai-raij;lai, a. —ment, ad. irregular; dix- 
Déré^jlement, dair.ii-Kl-ma«, m. irregularity, disorder. 
DércHler, dai-rai-nlai, v. a. to disorder, put out of order , 

se —, v. r. to be out of order. 
Dérider, dai-re-<lai, v. a. to uinvrinkle; se —, v. r. ts 

clear up ones countenance. 
Dérision. iIai-re-zyo>i./. derision, mockery. 
Dérisoire, dai-riz-war, <i. derisory. 
Dérivation, dai-re-vah-syo«./. derivation. 
Dérive, dai-riv./. leeway ; eii — . adrift. [leetoard. 

IJérivé, dai-re-vai. v. a. et n. to derive, proceed ; Jail to 
Dernier, ère. dairn-yai. — r. a. last, utmost; lowest. 
Dernièrement, dairn-yair-max, ad. lately, of late, newly. 
Dérobé, e, dai-rob-ai, a. private ; h la — e, by stealth. 
Dérober, dairob-ai, v. a. to rob, steal ; hide, conceal ; 
se —, v. r. to steal away, escape : get out of sight ; 
Derogation, dai-ron-ah-syo«,/ derogation. {sink. 

l)éronatoire, dairoc-at-war, a. derogatory. 
DéroL'cr. dai-rolij-al, v. n. to derogate ; forfeit. 
Déroidir,, v. a. to unsliffen. 
Déroujîir, dai-roo-.ijeer, v. a. to take off tlu redness; 

se —, V. r. to fade. 
Dérouiller, dai-roo/-ai, v. a. to rub off the rust ; se —, 

V. r. to brighten up ; teach manners. 
Déroulement, dai-rool-ina>i, m. unrolling. 
Dérouler, dai-rool-ai, v. a. to unroll, display. 
Déroute, dai-root,/. rout, defeat ; disorder. 
Dérouter, dai-root-ai, v. a. to lead astray, disconcert. 
Derrière, dair-yair, pr. et ad. behind, after; par - 
from behind, backward ; porte de —, back-door, 
evasion; — , in. backside ; hind parts ; —s, pi. tlu 
Derviche, dair-vish, m. dervis. [rear. 

Dès, day, pr.from, since ; — que, as soon as, since. 
Désabuser, dai-zab-û-zai. v. a. to disabuse, undeceive. 
Désaccord, dai-zak-or. m. disagreement. 
Désaccorder, dai-zak-or-dai. v. a. to untune. [unite. 
Désiiccoupler. dai-zak-oo-plai. v. a. to uncouple ; to dis- 
Désaccoutumer, dai-zak-oo-tû-mai, v. a. to disaccustom; 

se — , V. r. to leave off. 
Désaclialander, dai-zash-al-a«-dai, v. a. to make oiu 

lose his customers. 
Désaffection, dai-zaf-fek-syoii,/: disaffection. 
Désaffectionné, e. dai-zaf-fek-syon-ai, a. disaffected. 
Désatfourcher. dai-zaf-oor-shai, v. a. to unmoor. [aUt. 
Désagréable, dai-za;;-rai-ah-bl, a. —ment, ad.disagra 
Désagrément, dai-zag-rai-maw, m. disagreeablenea .t^ 
disgust. [pose; disturfl:^ 

Dés.iiuster, dai-zahj-Os-tai, v. a. to disarrange, discomï^ 
Désaltérer, dai-zal-tai-rai, v. a. to quench the thirst. S 
Désancrer, dai-zaw krai, v. n. to weigh anchor, [menligi 
Désappointement, dai-zap-wai«t-ina«, tn. disappoMté 
Désappointer, dai-zap-wai."/-tai, v. a. to disappoint, ij] 
•Désapprendre. dai-zap-ra«-dr, v. a. to forget. [Jautl\ 
Désapprobateur, dai-zap-rob-at-ur. rn. blâmer, Jihd% 
Désapprobation. dai-zap-rob-ah-syoM, f. disapproba-t, 
tion. [the possession i; 

se Désapproprier, d.ii-zap-pro-pre-ai, v. r. to give uf^ 
Désapprouver, dai-zap-roo-vai, v. a. to disapprove cjrf 
dislike. [downl 

Désarçonner, dai-zar-sonai, v. a. to dismount ; r/nf 
Désargenter, dai-zar-hja«-tai, v. a. to scrape off Mg 
silver; drain of cash ; se —, v. r. to lose one's platiiitt-, 
Désarmement, dai-zar-m«<A-ma«, »». disarming; dnp 
mantling. (*"'' I 

Désarmer, dai-znr-mai, v. a. to disarm; dismantle; out 
Désarroi, dai-zar-wa, m. disorder, confusion. . j 
Désassembler, dai-zass-a;/-bla< v. a. to take to tieces, | 



t^s 1 


n<Ssassor!cr, dai-zass-oh-syai, v. a. lo dissolvt a fart- 
Iters hi p. 

I)ésassnrtir, tlai-zass-or-tecr, v. a. to unmaU/t. 

Désastre, dai-zastr, fi. < [/'l'/A*"- 

I)i;siistreiix, se, d.ii-zis-truh, — z, a. iiisii.r/rri).t, nu- 

i)csavant.ij'c, il,iii!.iv-a«-talij, »i. i{isiii{va>itai,'e ; avoir 
(lu —, fore 7iiarsli\i. 

Uésavaiita){eiix, se, dai-zav-an-ttiiij-iih, — z, dti. tiisad- 
vaiitiii^eons, itn/atioiirah/e. 

ndsaveii, dai-zav-iih, »i. liisavoiva,', dixaTowiit^, 

Diis.>veiit{ler, dai-zav-uli-Klai, v. it. tu iiinieceive. 

I)ésavouer, dai-zav-oo-ai, v. a. to deny ; ittioivn, 

I)csceller, dai-sel-ai, v. a. to unseal. 

besccndaiice, des-a»i-da;is,y: descent, pedi'i^ree. 

hcscenclaiit, des-a»i-da«, m. descendant, offspring. 

bescentlrc, des-a»/dr, ?'. a. et n. to descend: make a 
descent, take do7vn, let do7un, set down ; go down ; 
land ; — !a ^arde, to conte off f^iiard. 

Descente, des-a«t, /. descent, ^oini^ domt ; landing ; 
declivity ; ini/itest ; invasion ; rupture. 

Descriptif, ive, des-krip-tif, — iv, a. descriptive. 

Description, des-krip-syo«,/; description. 

I)eséclioiier, dai-zai-shoo-ai, v. a. to get a/lont. 

I)éseml)allai;e, daizax-lial-alij, tn. unpacking. 

I)éseinl)aller, dai-za'/-l>al-ai, v. a. to unpack. [ing. 

l)é<iueinent, dai-za«-l)ark-nia;(, m, disenihtrk- 

I)ésenil)arquer, dai-za;/-bar-kai, v. a. to discnihark, 
unlade. [mire. 

Déseinliourber, dai-za/i-boor-Kii, v. a. to take ont of the 

Désenilirayer, dai-za;«-brai-yai, v, a. lo di.^eugage. 

Désemparer, dai-za»-par-ai, v. a. et n. to abandon; dis- 
ahle a ship. 

Désenipeser, dai-za«-p«A-zai, v a. to iinstarch. 

I)ëseniplir, dai-za«-pleer, 7'. a. et n. to empty in part ; 

se —, V. r. to grffiv less /nil. 
I Déseniprisonner, dai-za«-pre-zo-nal, v. a. to set free. 

Désenchaîner, ilai-zax-sli.iy-nai, v. a. to unchain, [ing. 

Desencli.mtenient, dai-za«-slia«t-nia«, >n. disfiichant- 
JDcsenclianter, dai-za><-sha'<-tai, v. a. to disenchant. 
[Désenclouer, dai-za;<-kloo-ai, v. a. to take ont a nail. 
jDésentiler, il.u-zaK-fe-lal, 7>. a. to unthread, unstring. 
llJésciiller, dai'Za'(-flai, ii. a. to remove a siveliing ; se ' 

—, V. r. to lose a sviclliiig, abate. 
iDésonlline, dai-za;i-fli*lr,./. removal o/ swelling. 
|l)osenivrfr, dai-za«-nc-vrai, v. a. et n. to make sober; 
get sober. 

Désenlacer, dai-za«-la-sai, v. a. to disengage. 

Déseiuuii, dai-zan-we, tn. diversion. 

I )éseiinuyer, dai-zan-nwe-y.ii, 7>. a. to dispel melancholy. 

Désciirayer, dai-zai(-ray-yai, v. a. to unlock 

Desenrlunner, dai-za(;-rfl-niai, v. a. to cure a cold. 

I^ésenroiier, dai-zaK-roo-ai, t'. a. to cure hoarseticss. 

Jésensevclir, dai-za«-suv-leer, v. a. to strip a corpse, 

désensorceler, dai-za«-sors-lai, v. a. to iinbeivttch. 

)éscnsorcelleinent, dai-za/t-sor-sell-ma», m. nnbewitch- 
ing. Uvith, set right. 

)ésentêter, dai-zaH-tcy-tai, v. a. to put out of coitceit 

Déséquiper, dai-zai-ke-pai, r/. a. to tinrig. [ness. 

îésert, c, dai-zair, — t, a. detert ; — , tn. desert, wilder- 

)éserter, dai-zair-tai, v. a. et n. to desert, forsake. 

)éserteiir, dai-zair-tur, tn. deserter. 

)éserti(jn, dai-zair-syo«,y: desertion ; ttonsnit. 

Jésespéré, e, daizes-pai-rai, a. —nient, ad. desperate, 
ill despair ; hopeless ; —, m. tnadtnati. 

Jesesperer, dai-zes-pai-rai, v. a. et it. to bereave of all 
hopes : give tip all hope ; despair ; se — , v. r. to be in 
defpair. [être au — , to be in despair. 

Wsespoir, dai-zes-pwar, tn. despair; desperation; 

)éslial)illé, dai-zab-i/-ai, »t. dishabille. 

îésliahiller, dai-zab-i/-ai, v. a. to tindress : se — , v. r. 
to pull off one's clothes. 

ïésliabituer, dai-zab-e-tû-ai, 71. a. to disaccustom. 

ïéshérence, dai-zai-ra>js,y: disherison. 

ïéshériter, dai-zai-rit-ai, v. a. to disinherit. [honest. 

Jéshonnéte, dai-zon-eyt, a. —ment, ad. indecent, dis- 

Jéshonnèteté, dai-zon-eyt-tai.y: indecency, dishonesty. 
éslionncur, dai-zon-ur, tn. dishonotir, dist^race. 
cshonorable, dai-zon-o-rah-bl, Déshonorant, e, dai- 

^zon-or-a;/, — t, a. dishononrable, shatncfiil. 
eshonorer, dai-zon-nr-ai, v. a. to dishonour, disgrace. 
Ésignatif, ive, dai-zig-nat-if, — iv, a. destgnative. 
Ésignation, dai-zin-yah-syo«, /. designation: ap- 
pointment, [sign. 
Ésigner, dai-zin-y,ai, v. a. to designate ; appoint ; as- 
ISsincorporer, dai-zai;(-kor-por-ai, 71. a. to disincor- 
ésinence, dai-zin-a^s,/ terntittation. [porate. 
(sinfatuer, dai-zai«-fat-û-ai, v. a. to undeceive. 
fsinfecter, dai-zai«-fek-tai, v. a. to disinfect, ptirify. 
hjnfection, dai-zai«-fek-syon,y: disinfection. 
Ssintéressé, e, dai-zai;/-tai-res-ai, a. — nient, ad. tin- 
)^n teres ted ; itnpartial. [teres tedness. 
sintéressemem, dai - zai;( • tai - ress ■ man, tn. tUsin- 

Désintéresser, dai-zai»-tai-rus-ai, v. a. to indeinnl/y, 
• Désir, dai-zeer, in. desire. 
I Dtsiralile, dai-zc-rah-l<l, <i. desirable. 
I Désirer, dai-zc-rai, v. a. to desire ; CiK'et. 

Désireux, se, dai-ze-nih, — z, a. desirous, eager. 
j Désistement, dai-zist-in,i;/, in. desistance ; relinquish- 
so Désister, dai-zis-tai, v. r. to desist, give over. [ment. 
I I )ésobéir, dai-zol)-ai ecr, 3'. n. to disobey. 

Désoliéissance, ilai-zob-ai-e-saxs, y; disobedience, 
! Désobéissant, c, dai-Z')b-ai-e-s««, — t, a. disobedient, uif 
dutiful. [ini.'lv. 

DésobligeaniMient, dal-zob-le-lijam-a«, ad. disoblig- 
j Désobligeance, dai-zob-le-hja/is,/ disobligingness. 
I Désol)liger, dai-zoti-je-hjai, v. a. to disoblige. 
' Désobstruer, dai-zol)-striVai, v. a. to deobstruct. 

Desocciipation, dai-zok-û-pah-syo»»,/; leiiure. 
■ Désoccupé, e, dai-zok-rt-pai, a. unemployed, at leisure. 
Désœuvré, c, dai-zuh-vrai, a. busiless, idle. 
Désœuvrement, dai-zuh-vr-nia«, in. idleness. 
j Désolant, e, dai-zol-a>/, — t, a. grievous ; tiresome. 
Désolateur, d.ii-zol-at-iir, m. destroyer. \tion. 

Désolation, dai-zol-ah-syoi/, y; o'^rû/ii/io/i, grief, afftic- 
Désoler, dai-zol-ai, v. a. to desolate ; grie^ie ; annoy; 

se — ,v. r. to be grieved. 
Désopilatif, ive, dai-zop-c-latif, — iv, a. deoppilative. 
Désopilcr, dai-zop-e-lai, v. a. to deoppilate. 
Désordonné, e, dai-zor-don-ai, a. —ment, ad. disorderly; 

inordinate : dissolute. 
Désordre, dai-zor-dr, m. disorder : disturbance ; riot. 
Désorganisation, dai-zor-gan-e-zah-syo;(, / disorgani- 
Désorjfaniser, dai-zor-gan-e-zai, v. a. to disorganize. 
Désorienter, dai-zor-e-aH-tai, v. a. to make one lose hit 

way ; disconcert. 
Désormais, dai-zor-may, ad. henceforth, hereafter. 
Désossenient, dai-zoh-snia»i, m. taking out the bones. 
Désosser, dai-zoh-sai, v. a. to take out the bones. 
Désoxyder, dai-zok-se-dai, v. a to disoxydate. 
Despote, des-pot, in. despot. 
Dcspoti(]ue, des-pot-ik, a. —ment, ad. despotical. 
Despotisme, des-potism, in. despotism. 
Destpianiation, des-kwam-ali-syo/i, f. desquamation, 
se Dess.aisir, des-ai-zeer, v. r. to give up, part with. 
Dessaisissement, iles-ai-ziss-ma«, m. giving up. 
Dessaler, des-al-ai, v. a. to unsalt, soak. 
Dessangler, des-a»(-glai, v. a. to ungirth. \tion. 

Dessèchement, des-ai-slinia»j, m. drying up ; einacia- 
Dessécher, des-ai-shai, v. a. to dry, drain; emaciate; 

se — , f. r. to luither. 
Dessein, des-ai«, in. desigjii, intention ; h —, on pur- 
pose ; .'i — de, in order to ; il — (iiie, to the end that. 
Desseller, des-elUai, v. a. to unsadale. 
Desserre, dcs-air, f. dur .\ la —, close-fisted. 
Desserrer, des-air-ai, v. a. to loosen, slacken. 
Dessert, des-air, m. dessert. 

Desserte, des-airt, y; remains ; parochial duties, pi. 
Desservant, dcs-air-va;/, in. curate. 
Desservir, des-air-vcer, v. a. et it. to clear the table, 

disserve ; do the paroch ial duties. 
Dessiccatif, ive, dess-c-kat-if, — iv, a. desiccative. 
Dessiccation, des e-kah-syo«, f. desiccation. 
Dessiller, des-si/-ai, v. a. — les yeux, to undeceive. 
Dessin, des-aiw, in. dra7ving: pattern, 
I )essinateur, des-e-nat-ur, ;/;. drawer. 
Dessiner, des-e-nai, v. a. to draw ; design ; se — , v. r, 

to be delineated. 
Dcssoler, des-ol-.ii, v. a. to un sole. 
Dessouder, des-oo-dai, r'. a. to unsolder. 
Dessoîiler, des-00-lai. v. a. et n. to make sober ; be sober. 
Dessous, d;<A-soo, pr. et ad. under, beloiv, beneath, 
underneath ; eu —, underneath, askant ; par —, 
under, underneath ; — , m. hriver part, bottom ; 
under side ; — du vent, leeward ; avoir le — , to have 
the worst of it. 
Dessus, d«A-sû, pr. et ad. au — , above, upwards; 
beyond; en — , on the upper side ; par —, above, over, 
besides, more; sens — dessous, topsyturvy, upside 
dcnun : — , in. upper part ; upper side ; superiority : 
treble ; — du vent, weathergage ; avoir le — , to gel 
the upper hand, have the best of it. 
Destin, des-tai;r, in. destiny, fate. 
Destination, des-te-nah-syo;/, f. destination. 
Destinée, des-te-nai, f destiny, fate. 
Destiner, des-te-nai, v. a. to destine, destiitate, design, 
DestitiiaLle, des-te-tÛ-ah-bl, a. removable. 
Destituer, des-te-ti^-ai, v. a. to dismiss, discharge ; 
Destitution, des-te-tii-syo>/, f. dismissal. [deprive. 

Destrier, des-tre-ai, in. steed. 
Destructeur, des-trûk-tur, tn. destroyer. 
Destnictibilité, des-trClk-te-be-!e-tai, f. destritctibility. 
Destructif, ive, des-trûk-tif, — iv, a. destrttctivt. 
Destruction, des-trûk-syo», /. destruction. 




1 c-sun on, <lai.zn-nyoH, /. disunion; variaucf : dis- 
U^sunir <lai-zùnc.;r. v. a. U> disunite, U>sJ.nn ; ul at 
luiiiaiiic si; —, V. r. to/all ont. 

Et'tc«. m. detachment: disen- 
Dd àc cr i a v. a. ta detach ; lojstn ; sefayal : 
diseuML'è se -, V. r. to become detaihed ; iome olf : 
I "^olf [relail-eitahtnhiiient. 

Détail, aaita/, m. detail; retail; coinuicrcc en -, 
Détaillant, ilaltn/-a«, >". retailer. 
Détailler, dm ta/ai, v. a. to detail, reran. 
Détaiilcnr, (lai-ta/-ur, vi. retailer, mercer. 
IWtalnUL- (lai-tal-ahl, vi. takiuK m the ^oods. \<->If. 

é alcr, la tal-al. v. a. et n. to take inthej:o»is;r,.n 
DétaliMKuer, <lait,;,-Kal, ^Yd"Zo,Vr fad\ s>. - 
•I )étciiulre, (lai-tai;/-dr, v. a. to discolour . /ad<. . si. , 
V. r. to lose the colour. 

Dételer, dal-tlai, v. a. to ""yo^''l<"''''*'i""-.,.,„, 

Détendre, .lai-ta<Mlr, v. a. to unbend ; take do,un. 

• Détenir, daitncer, v. a. to detain ; uithholU. 

Détente, dai-taxt, / tri^xer. 

Détenteur, dai-ta;<-tur. m. holder. 

Détention, (lai-ta<i-syo;/, y. detention. 

Détenu, dai-tnO. >«. /'-MW«r. 

Détergent, e, dai-tair-l.Ja;/. -t, a. '''''"J'"/;. ,„,.,„ 
DétérU^ration, (lai-tai-ryo-rah-syo;;,/ rf</^r,, »«/ «^^ 

Détériorer, d»ita T^o-ra,, v. "''''''''•'■''''i^^;,' {.' ff 
Déterniinant, e, ilaf-lair -mc - na», -t. 

ive. daitair-nic-n;itif. -iv. a. detcrminattve. 
Détermination, dai-tair-me-nah-syo;(.y: .Wc'7«.«(i/iy«. 

Dét'enniné. dai-tair-mivnai. m. resolute "'«"• . . ^,„ .„ 
Uéterniinénicnt, dait.urme-nai ina«, ad. determm- 

alclv cxfressly ; resolutely. . 

Détenniner. .loi.tair.n.L-.nai.i/. a. to determine; resolve; 

decide; se — . v. r. to take a resolution. 
néterronieiit, dai-tair-niaw, in. di):.K''>'<,"P- 
Déterr.-r, dai-tair-ai, v. a. to di;'- uf ; discover. 
Dé ersif, ive. dai-tair-sif, -iv, a. Jetersive. \n're"''j: 
Détestable, dai-tes-tali-l.l, « -n.ent, «./. detestable, 
Détest.ition. dut-testalisyo», / detestation. 
Détester, dai-tcs-lai, v. a. to detest, aOlior. 
Détirer, dai-le-rai. v. a. to draw out. 
Detiser, dai-tezai, t'. a. to rake ont {fire). 
Détisser, d li-tesai, v. 11. to umveave, undo. 
Déton.ition, dai-ton-ali-syo»;, / detonation. 
Détoner, dai-tonai, v. n. to detonize ; detonate. 
Détonner, dai tonai, v. «. to be out of tune ; jar. 
Détordre, daitor-dr, -a. a. to untwist, inaurins;. 
Détorqucr, dai-tor-kai, v. a. to distort ; force. 
Détors, dai-tor, ji'C Détordre. 

Dctortlller, dai-tor-tiAai, v. a. to untwist. I^'""'''': 

Détour, daitoor, m. turnvi): ; round-about way , 
Détourné, dai-toor-nai. a. indirect; chcimn 
Détournement, dai-toorn-ma;;, m. turning aside ; em- 
bezzlement. ^ . ... ^ff. 
Détourner, dai-toor-nai, v. a. et u. to turn aside, oj/. 
divert, avert; distort; dissuade; einbezsle; har- 
bour {stnz) ; se -, V. r. to turn a.tide ; swerve. 
Détracter, dai-trak-tai, 7/. a. to slander; detract. 
Détracteur, dai-trak-tur, in. delracter. 
Détraction dai-trak-syo», f detraction^ \from unccts. 
Détranijer, dai-tra;(-lijai, v. a. to drive away, clear 
Détratiucr, dai-trak-ai, v. a. to disfract ; lead astray ; 
s/>oi-a hone's /ace ; sc —, v. r. to be out of order. 

Devantlfcrc, d«/f-va«fyair,/. riding /ttlitoat 
Dinanlure. d((A-va«-tftr, /. //-<)»//. • 

Dévastafn.r, m. ^'^ 'Y^- , 
Dév.vsLilion,"./. ''"'"''"^'"'- , f„,,,,,^ 
Dévaster, il.iivast.i . v. a. to devastate. W>'""K- 

évïl p pe'nent. dai-vl«,.-ma». ''^^'-^''i''''"',-. j 1 
Divelo , per, dai-vlop-ai, v. a. to «/f"j/"'.'''^,.)/!% 

fold; exfound; bc -, v. r. to unfold one s selj . ft 

«I)e'vcmlr."'!i/</.-vneer. v. n. to become gro^v ; que 

dcvlendrcr-voust what will become oj you 1 
Dév^ «ondaKe, dai-vair.yro/.-.WhJ. '"• /"^ '5" '".";«.. 
DéverKondére, dai vair-uo/z-dal. a projligate ; shame- 
Déverrouiller, dai-ver-oo7-ai, 1/. a. to unbolt. [less. 

1 )evers, d*A-vair, />r. tou aids about. 
D.^vers e dai-vair, — ss, a.7/<«i",i,'' <"''• , . ,. '"■ ; 
Déverser.' dâ v. al et n. to bend, incline ; jut 
Déversoir, dai-vair-swar, wi. (n«'>'-/a«. »/■. „.•„.. 

se Dévêtir, dai-viiy-tcer, v. r. to divest one s self; give 
DévèUssement, dal-v.-iy-tiss-ma«. m givmg up. \up. 
Dévi.ition, dai-ve-ali-syoH, / dci'iation. 
Dévider, dai-ve-dai v. a. to wind into a ^*^'"; "^j/;, , 
Déviileur, dai-ve-dur; m. -se. -uz, /. wmaer oj 

spoi'. a noTic ^ y'«ic ,.-!.- ,........- 

Détrempe. dai-tra«p, /. 7vater-colours. 

Détremper, dai-tra«-pai, v. a. to dilute; soften [steel). 

Détresse, dai-tress, / distress ; sorrow. 

Détresser, dai-tress-ai. v. a. to untwtsl. 

Détriment, dai-tre-ina;/, m. detriment. 

r>é\ro\t,Aa.\-lx'Ka,in. strait; defile. ,. . ,, 

Détromper. dai-tro«-pai. v. a. to undeceive, disabuse. 

Détrôncment. dai-tron-ma«, m. dethronement. 

Détrôner, dai-tro-nai, v, a. to dethrone. 

Détrousser, dai-troo-sai. v: a. to untuck; rifle. 

•Détruire, dai-trû-eer, v. a. to destroy ; ruin ; se —, 

V. r, to destroy each other; kill one s self. 
Dette, det,f.debt; duty. 
Deuil, dull/, m. mourning; mourners. 
Deux, dull. n. t7vo ; second ;-h -, two by two ; piquer 

(\es —, to clap spurs to one's horse ; —, m. deuce. 
Deu.\i6mc, duh-zyeni, a. — mcnt, ad. second. 
Dévaler, dai-val-ai, v. a. to let down. 
Dévaliser, dai-val-e-zai, v. a. to rifle, strip. 
Devancer, dxA-vaH-sai. v. a. toga before; outrun, out- 
do, outstrip ; forestall. 
Devancier. d«A-va«-syai, m. pre.iecessor ; ancestor. 
Devant, d»</«-va>f , pr. et a. before ; in front of; par — . 
in front, in the forepart ; — . tn. front ; forepart ; 
chimney piece 1 prendre les devants, to go befott; 

i;évi;ioiV,'<l^^e-dwar, ,//.fr<-/::^«"./^; ' l-'*''"^' 

I )évier, d;d-ve-ai, v. n. to deviate. 
Devin. dK/i-vai«, m. diviner, .wothsayer. 
Deviner, dx/i-vo-nai, v. a. to divine; guess 
Devineresse. .iK/i-vinress, / "''•""•'''•;'/•„„ 
I )cvineur, d«/«-ve-nur, m. diviner ; fr'<fl^<->-- 
Devis, d»;«-ve, m. estimate ; plan ; talk, ihat. 
DévisK^cr, <lai-ve-zal.jai, v. a. to disjigure, maul. 
Devise, d"/(-viz,/ device, motto. 
Dévisser, dai-vi.-sai. v. a. to unscreii'. 
Dévoiement, dai-vw.-i-nia«, m. looseners. 
Dévoilement. dai-vwal-ma«, m. unveiling. 
Dévoiler, ilai-vwal-ai, v. a. to unveil. 
•Devoir. d»/,-vwar, v. a et "■ \'"''''''...'"J]''ia 
ouirht, must, must needs; )'!'"'. :''-''"''";,- .'';.,',à/," 
come here ; -, m. duty, obligation ; task . rinuri. 
sc^—s, to pay one :t respects. 
Dévolution, fiM-\o\-(t-f.yon,f.devoliition. 
Dévorer, dai-vor-a,, v. a. ti> d,-vour ; consume, ''?^''; 
suppless, repress; -un alfront '''^/-'^'^;,«" ''•^_^" ' 
Dévot, e, ihii-voli. _t, <J. -cment, ad. devout. -. '/'. 

devout fierson ; devotee, 
Déro?k.iirdai.voli-syo„.y: de-„otion ; rf"'" ^'"''"- . .,,, . 
I)évoueinent. DévoÛment. dai-voo-ma«. m. dezvtion . 

Dé^ucî^' t^a(-voo-al, v. a. to devote, consecrate. 

I )évoycr, dai-vwa-yai, v. a. to lead astray. 

Dextérité, deks-tai-re-tai,/. dexterity. 

Dextre, deks-tr,/ the right hand. 

Dia, dyali, int. het I gci-lio I 

DiTliite i\e-»h-t:t, m, diabetes. , 

DiaWe dyal.-bl. m. devil ; unhon-, a gooii-natureJ 

fellow: pauvre —.poor wretch. 
Dialilenièiit, dyah-bl-ma«, ad. d-'otlishly. 
Diablerie, dyali-bl-re,/ witchcraft. ,,„,„„., 

Diablesse, dyali bless,/ devil, shreiv. K"'" <■ '; 

Dabotin cfy.ah-blot-ai;;. m. young devil ;chocohitt 
Diabolique, \lyali-bol-ik, a. -mcnt. ad. diaboliial, 

DilTonaC'e, de-ak-on-al, a. relating to a deacon 

Diaconat, de-ak-on-ali, m. deaconry, deaconship. 

Diaconesse, de-ak-on-ess,/ deaconess. 

Diacre, dyali-kr, wi. deacon. 

Diadème, de-ad-aym. m. diadein. 

Diagnostic, de-ag-nos-tik, m. •^'"■^"''^i'^- .■„,„, 

Diagonal, e, de-ag-on-al. a. -enient. ad. diagonal. 

Dialecte, de-al-ekt, m. dialect. 

Dialectique, de-al-ek-tik,/ dialectic. 

Dialogique, de-al-o-hjik, a. dialogisttc. 

Dialogue, de-al-og. m. dialogue. 

Diamant, dc-am-aw, m. diamond. ^i„„}lfrl 

Diamétral, e. de-am-ai-tral, a. -ement, ad. dianuln 

DianiMre de-ain-evtr. >«. diameter. 

DÎâne. de^an,/ *i^<rfr«;« at daybreak: mcirn,^ 

DiMtre, dyan-tr, int. the deuce I l«"'"* 

Diapason, de-ap-.ili-zo«, m. untng-fork. 

Diaphane, de-af-an, a. diaphanous ; transparent. 

Diaphancité, de-af-an-ai-e-tai,/ transparency. 

Diapier, de-ap-rai, v. a. to diaper, variegate. 

Diarrhée, de-ah-rai,/. diarrhaa. 

Diatonique, de-at-on-ik, a. diatonic. 

Diatribe, de-at-rib,/ diatribe; invective. 

Dictateur, dik-tat-ur, vi. dictator. 

Dictatorial, e, dik-tat-or-e-al. a. dictatorial. 

Dictature, dik-tat-ûr,/. dictature ; dictatorship. 

Dictée, dik-tai./.rfirfa/ji"'.^ 

Dieter, dik-tai. v. a. to dictate; prompt. 

Diction. dik-syo«. f. diction, style. 

Dictionnaire, dik-syon-air, m. dictionary. 


Dicton, diV-lo»/, III, tityiii^, trirzrri 

I)iil.ictii|iio, (Ic-tak-tlk, a. lùaactic. 

iHàsc, t\t-i\yz,/. (fifsis. 

Dioscr, ilc-ai-z.ii, f. a. to iharftn {iic/es), 

Diélc. 'lytt,/ Uief. 

Hiétéliiliie, clf-,ii-t.ii-lik, (I. ditiftic. 

Ilifll, clyiih (//. —XI, »«. God; plût \ —, would lo Goii. 

Difl.iiii.iiit, e, <«, — t, (f. di-ymnafory, 

I), clir-r,iiii-at-iir, m. df/amer. 

Diir.iiii.ttioii, (lif-l'.ini-.itisyiK/,/; di)a»iatiott, 

I)ill.iiii.ilr)iri;, (lif-(.un-aiwar, ii. dt/u'ualory. 

Difr.tiiicr, (lif-raiii-iii, v. a, ta de/aine, sliiiuier. 

Dilfcrcmmciit, (lif-ai-rain-a;;, ad. diff'treiilty. 

Dilfi-rfiicc, ilif-ai-ra;/'i,./. dil/'rrfiue .- distinction. 

Diiroroncicr, <lif-ai-ra;(-syai, v. a. lodùti>n_niiih. 

iJirftrctKl, (lil-airaïf, iii.dijftreiut ; quarrti, variance 

Dildrciit, c, dif-airu;*, -t, a. dij/ertnt, distinct : 

DlirtrciitiL!, le. (Iif,il-m;;.sycl, a. dilfercntial. 
DilfLror, dif-fai-r.ii, v. a. et ii. lodcrer, fiiitofr.- differ 
Dillicilc, (lif-u-sil, a. —meut, iid. dijHciitt ; riirid ■ niie 

nuiiciilte. (tif-c-kûl-tai, / difficulty; iinftdiment, 

olnliicU : &\\\s—,7vith taxe. 
IHiricultiiciix, se, (lif-cki*j|.tiViil). — z, a. difficult, 
DiirjriiK.', <lif-()riii. It. df/oiiiud. Ui:ly, 
Dillormcr, ilifor-niai, v. a. to de/orm. 
l)ilf(iriiiito, (lif-or-mc-tal,y; de/ortiiity. i 

niirus. c, (, -z, a. -L-iiicnt, ad. diffuse, proli.x, i 
I iiiriisinii, ilif-fiVzyii»/,/. ditfusion ; froiivitv 
I)ii;crLr, de-lijal-rai, v. a. et «. todi^'cst; bear, siitTcr ■ ' 
l)iv;i;stciir, dchjcstur, »«. di>;esttr. [rifcii 

I)ii,'cslif, ive, de-hjes-tif, — iv. <t. rfnvj.'it/*. 



Di^'estion, ile-liics-tyo;/, m. digestion. 
ni^;it,d, e, dc-lije-tal, a. dii;ittil. 
I'lvfiie, (liii-y*-, <i. —ment, ad. worthy, dtservinsr 
PiHiiitaire, din-ye-tair, m. dij^nitary. 
I)it,'nitë, din-ye-tai, f. dix'nitv. 
l)i;;resser, dc-urcss-ai, v. n.'to distress. 
Digression, de-Rres-syo;;, / digression, 
Di^iie, ditf,/ Hike, dxm, hank. 
DiL'iieinent, dii;.nia«, m. emhankmeiit. 

I)i aceralion. dc-las-al-rali-sy()«,/; rfi/rtf,ra/w«. 

J)ilacerer, dc-Ins-ai-rai, %i. dilacciate. 

I)i Kipii ateiir, tlc-lap-e-dat-iir, m. dilafidator, watter 

I ) apu ation, de-lap-e-dali.syo«,y: dilapidation, waste. 

1)1 ipider, de-lap.e-dai, v. a. to dila/'idale, waste. 

I I .ita .ihte, de-Iat-ab-e-le-tai, /. dilalability, 

Dilatai lie, de-lat-ah-bl, a. dilatable 

I)ilatation, dc-lat-ali-syo;;,/. dilatation. 

IJiiater, ile-lat-al, v. a. to dilate, widen ; se —, v. r. to 

I I atoire, de-lat war. ,.. dilatory. [P'row wide 

pilection. dc-lek-syoH,/ dilcction. 

Dlletniiie, dc-iein, in. dileiiiina. 

Dilineinnient, de-lelijam-a;/, ad. dilii;eiitly 

Dili!,'ence. de-lchia^x. /. assiduity; speed; stage- 
coach, flyiiif;.coach ; pursuit. 

DiliKcnt, e, de-lc-lija;i, -t, a. diligent; quick. 
)j ij;cntcr, de-lc-hjaw-tai, v. a. to hasten, dispatch. 
iluvien, ne. de-Iu-vyai«. -vyen, a.diluvian. 

Unnanclie. de-nia;(sh, >;;. Sunday. 

l)iine, dini.y; tithe. 

*Jiiiicr, de-iiiai. v. a. to levy tithes. 
)iincnsion, de-ma;/-svo;(./, dimension. • 

Uiiiieiir, dim-iir, in. t'itlier. 

Oiinimicr deinc-niVal, 7'. a. et n. to diminish ; lessen,- 

JinniMitif, 1VÇ, de-nie-mi-tif, -iv. a. diminutive, [abate. 
innnution. ilo-me-nù-syon,/: diminution ; abatement. 

;)iiiiissoire, de-mis-swar, m. letters dimissory. 

Jiiianderie. do-na«-drc, /. brasi ware 

Jmatoire, de-nat-«ar, a. relating to dinner. 

Jinde, dai«d,/ tiirkey-hen. 

Jindon, dal;/-<lo;/, m. turkey. 

Jindonneau, dai«-don-oh, m. younp turkey 

imc, <\e-na.\, m. dinner. -^' Uinner \ 

Jinee, de-nai. /. place where one dines on joiirnev '■ I 

v!l^^•<. ;"'""• ?• Ï- /;' '/"'5 ■• -• "'• Hi'mer. [dinner. 
Jinette, de-net, y: /iWf dinner; faire la -, to play at 

}^}^<i^r,A^.XMx ,n. dinner.guest ; great eater. 
diocésain, e, de-o-sai-zai;/. — zain, a. diocesan, 
Jincese, de-o-sayz, in. diocese. 
Jjontriqtie. de-op-trik, f. dioptrics. 
Jip itlionjruc,;/sii,y: diphthong. 
[iplomate, dip-loni-at, m. diplomatist 

||iomatie, dip-lom-ase,/: diplomacy. 

!P omatiqiie, dip-loiu-at-lk, a. diplomatic. 
Mplome, de-plohni, m. diploma, patent. 

^^,o .nV' V: "■ '" K^'' '^>'' ■"*■•'"»•• c-cst-A-dire. that 
u to say ; trouver à - .'i, to Jind fault with ; vouloir 

Wr '/.'/?"'■ ** ~' '"• '■■ '" <^/^^ one's self out, to call 
0,1^ s self: -, m. saying : à voire -, by what yen 

Direct, c, dcrekt. a. -ement, ad à.ml; stra{,:hl. 
duct^r' '''•■■"■■''"""• '"■ <'>rector; manager, nif 

ni'^^1'1"' 'Ic'cksyo/f, /. direction ; manageiiienli 
et oirc, dc.r-.k.t«rar. .«. directory, [director's offi ci. 
nectorlal, c, de-rck-tor-eal, a. directorial. 
irectricc, de-rek-lris»,/: directrix, conductress. 
>)r|>; dcrehl.w». -t. a. directing. 
Dinger, ilcre-hjai, v. a. todirect. 
WIS, dc, see Dire. 

U\^^l ''c -^ji". s.)i.disant, pyetending to be, would-bt 
D sc.i e, dis-kahl, m. tare, tret. i/c,., i),,^r 

Discaler, diskahlal, v. a. to tare. " '' 

)|scerncmoiit, disviirn-ma«. ;//. diuernmenl 
I isccrncr .lis-sjur-nai. T'. ,.. to discern ; distinguish. 
Disciple, de-clpl. w. rfrtf///^. * 

Disciplinable. dcscple-n.ih.M, a. disciplinable. 

Iscip inaire, dcse-ple-nair, ,.. disciplinary.. 

scip inc. descplin.y: discipline; instruction. 

scipliner, dc-se-ple-iiai. v. a. to discipline ; instruct 
Discontinuation. ilis-ko;û.ah.syo«. f, dis'ontiliu 

r»/.*/."^'*' '''s-ko«-vn.di.bI. a. -mcnt, ad. u.i. 

V^sco^"'*!'"!. -^■'"'"•vn^"». r. Hisagr^fln^:^':^!^ 
lltuuiï ,U '''^■'""'•^"'='-■^ '■• "• '"'f'sagree. disoivn, 
liiscord. e. dis-kor, — d, a. out op tunc. 
I iscort ance, dis-kor-d.iHs/ discoid.incy. 

!'"'," •^"V'^V ''''■'"/.;'''"• r'- "■ >i:.icordant; out of 
isc.r. e. dis-kord. /; discord, contention. Uunc 

Djscorder. dis-kor-Jai, v. n. to discord. ^ 

Discoiiretir. dis-koo-rur, in. -sc, -riiliz, /. b.micr, 
•Discourir, dis.koo-rcer, v. n. to discourse {prattler 
Discours, dis-koor, in. discourse: speech l^""""- 
Discredit, dis-krai-de, in. discredit 
Discréditer, dis-krai-dc-tai, v. a. to discredit. 
Discret, etc, dis-krey, -t. a. -èteinent, ad. discreet ■ 

r^cr^f'^"v"C ■ , y"c'-^'^d>uss : aulioH. 

Dscretion. dis-krai-syo»/, / discretion; discreetness; 
Discu pation, dis-ki1|.pasyo«,y: exculpation. ' 

Disculper, dis-kfil-pai. v. a. to exculpate 

iscussion clis.k.Vsyo«,y; dis.ussion, dispute, debate. 

iscuter, (lis-kiVtai, v. a. et n. to discuss f debate 
j'lsert, e, de-zair, — t, a. eloquent. 
Disette, (le-zet./ dearth, scarcity 
Diseur, de-zur, m. teller; ~ <le "riens, emptv talker 
Dis>,'rAce. <.\\^-ktm\^^,/. disgrace ; misportiine 
Disjjr.icier. dis-Kralisy.ii, v. a. to disi:ra<e. 
Disur.icieiix. se. dis-K'rali-syuh, — z. a. — senieiit ad 

ungraceful; disafrceable. senieiit, ad. 

•Disjoindre, dis-lijwai«-dr, 7'. a. to disjoin, .reparate 

isionctif. ivc. d«k.tif, -ve, „. dis/ùnclUe 
Disionction, dis-lijo«ksyo«,y: disjunction. 
Dislocation, dis-lok-ali-syox, /. dislocation. 
Disloquer, dis-lok-.u, v. a. to dislocate. \„wav 

•Dis,,ar,utrc, dis-par-ay-tr, v. n. to disappear g^ 
Disp.irate, çlis.par.;it, a. incongruous; incnsis'tenf 

ispari e. dis-par-e-taLyT disparity. [-,'/ incongn^y. 

isparition, dis-par-e-syow.y: disappearance. ^ 

Dispendieux, se, dis-pa«.dyuli. -z, „. -sèment, ad 

expensive, costly. v.>".iu, im. 

Dispensaire. dispa«-sair, >;/. dispensary 
Dispensateur, dis-paw-sat-ur, m. dispenser. [biition 

l^'^'T' 'l'^-l'"''-^j'l>-^>"". r. ciispcnsalion,dislr. 
Dispense, dis-paws.y; dispensation ; licence 
Dispenser, dis-pa;/-sai, v. a. to dispense with; excuse ■ 

dispense; f,e -, v. r. to excuse ones self 
Disperser. dis.pair-s;u, v. a. to disperse ; scatter; so -, 

V. r. to disperse ; be scattered. ' 

pispersioii, dis-p.iir-syo«,y: dispersion. 
Disponible, dis-poli-nee-bl, a. ciisposable 
Disiios, dis-j)oli, a. nimble, active 
Disposer, dis-j)oli-zai, v. a. et n. to dispose ; prepare • 

{"■^fow.- or,liin ; se -, v. r. to get ready. (/idZ; 

Dispositif, ivc.dis-po-ze-tif. -iv, „. preparatory- ~ m 

Dis,,osition, dis.poh.ze-syo;,, ./: disposition; dispîsài, 

»tder: inclination ; goodwill ; humour '"'^~'"' 

Disproportion, dis-pro.por-syo«,y: disproportion 

Disputable,, a. disputable, contestable 
)ispii e, dis.p,1t,y:y/,r//,/^, contest; disputation 

Dispii er dis-pfl-tai 7;. a. et n. todispi.i; contend; se 
— . 7'. >'. to contend Por; qinnrel. 

Disputeur. dis-pû-tur, m. disputer, disputant. 

Disque, disk. «». y«£„V. rfù* y ' '«• 

Disquisition. dis-ke-zc-syo«./ rfû^,»„/,<,„. 

Dissection dis-sek-syo«,./: dissection. [lar. unlike 

D ssemb able, dis-sa^-blah-bl. a. -ment, ad dssnu. 

D^seinblance.«.bla«s,>: rfw./^.iir^:; «/Jiï^ 


^40 1 


DUs^inlnnlIon, (Ilssai-mc-nali syo;/, /. itissfiiti'iiiiticii, 
DIsMÏminer, (tis-%al-inc-nai, v. n. lo iiùstminaU. 
Dluen<tioii, (lis-s.'i»-syo;(, /. tiisseiisioii. 
DiMentiiiient, (lis-sa>/-lc-iiia»/, m. disagrttmtHl. 
Dlss^qurr, ills-sai-kai, v. n. to liiistct. 
DlsiM!<|iiC'iir, (lis saikur, »i. dissftlcir, 
l)Ksfrtateiir, ilis-sairl.itiir, m. di.\x(rlalor. 
Dissort.ilidii, (lissairt.ilisyiiH. /. (tisserlalion. 
DissiTltT, (lis-salrtai, v. >i. to aissrrt, discuss. 
Dissiili-'iice, ilis-M'-il.iHs.yC dis\idfnif. 
Dissiiltriit, dissc-d.i'/, «i. dtssetiter ; iwiicoi\/oriniit. 
Dissliiiilairi-, clii-seine-lair, <i. dissiiin/itr. 
iJissiinulatciir, ilis-sciiirt lat-iir, m. diwemh/er. 
Dlssiiiiulatioii, dis-senifi-l.ili-syo»;,/ disumiituliou. 
Dissimulé, c, dis-bc-iiiû-lai, a. disniiià/i/i^ ; — , m. dis- 

DIssiiiiiilcr, dissc-mfl-Iai, v. a. et u. to dissrtnbtt, hide. 
Dissipateur, disse-pat-iir, in, — trice, — triss, /. j/oh/- 

tliri/t, tvastfr. 



Dissipatiiiii, dis-sc-pali-syo»/, / dissipation ; dissolute 
't. ((. A» a il 

Dissijici, dis-sf-pal, t. h', to dissipate : waste ; divert; 

se — , V. r. to relax one's self. 
Dissolu, c, dis-si)l-il, a. — inc-ii't, ad. dissolute, loose. 
Dissohdilc, dls-sol-fi-l)l, ,». dissoluble. 
Dissolution, dis-so|.fl.syo«,/. dissolution ,■ dissolntentst. 
Dlssolvatil, e, dls-sol-v,i;i, — t, a. in. dissolvent, 
Dissonaiict.', dis-soiia;;s,/. dissoiiame. 
Dissonant, e, dis-soii-a»/, -t, a. dissonant. 
Dissuniicr, disson-ai, v. ii. to Jar. 
•Dissoudre, dis-soo-dr, t. a. to dissolve; vieil; se —, 

V. r. to te dissol!'ed ; ferish. 
Dissous, dis-soo, see Dissoudre. 
Dissuader, <lls-swad-al, v. a. to dissuade. 
Dissuasion, dis-swah-zyo;/, ./: dissuasion. 
Dissyllabe, dis-sill.ib, a. dissyllable. 
Dissyllal.iinie, dis-sil-l.ili-ik, a. dissyllabic. 
Distance, dis-taws.y! distame. 
Distant, e, dis-ta», — t, a. distant, remote. 
Distendre, (lis-ta;/-dr, v. a. to distend, exfand. 
Distension, dis-ta«-syoH.y. distention. 
Distillateur, dis-til-at-ur, in. distiller 
Distillation, dis-lil-ah-syo»/,y; i/ijViy/rt/jff»». 
Distiller, dis-til-ai, v. a. et n. to distil. 
Distillerie, dis-til-re.y. distillery. 
Distinct, e, dis-tai;;kt, a. — enicnt. ad. distinct. 
Distinctir, ive. <li-,lai;/k-tif» — iv, a. disliiulive. 
Distinction, dis-t.ii'/k-syo;/,/! disliiution, dil/'.rence. 
Distinguer, dis-tai;/-,i;ai, 7/. a. to distitif;uisli ; se — , 

V. r. tt>distini;uish one's self. 
Distique, dis-tik, in. distich. [mind ; recreation. 

Distraction, dis-trak-syo«, /. distraction ; absence of 
•Distraire, dis-lrair, v' a. to distract: se/arrte; divert, 

entertain ; sc — , v. r. to divert one's mind. 
Distrait, e, dis-tray, — t, a. distracted ; absent. 
Distribuer, dis-tribiVai, v. a. to distribute. 
Distriliuteiir, dis-trili-i"i-tur, m. distrilnilcr. 
Distrihutif, ive, distribd-tif, — iv, a. — i\eiuent, ad. dis- 
Distribution, tlis-tilb-u-syo;/,/; distribution, [tributive. 
District, dis-trikt, in. diitrict. 
Dit, do, see Dire; —, 111. sayinj^. 
Diurétique, de-iVrai-tik, a. diuretic. 
Diurnal, de-i'irnal. ni. daily prayer-hook. 
Diva^jalion, ilc'^ajj-ali-syow./. diva);ation. 
Divaguer, ile-va>;-ai, v. n. to ramble, wander, 
Div.'in, (leva;;. ;//. divan. 
IJivurijeiire, de-vair-hi,i«s,/'. divergency. 
Diveri;eiit, e, de viir-nj,i«, — t, a. divergent. 
Diveri^tT, de-vairlijai, v. 11. to divei^e. 
Divers, e, de-v.iir, — s, a. — enient, ad. divers, several; 

diverse, various. 
Diver:,ilicr, dc-vair-se-fyai, i'. a. to diversify, vary. 
Diversion, do-vair-syo;/,/. diversion. 
Diversité, de-v.iir-se-tai,/". diversity. 
Divertir, de-vair-teer, v. a. to divert, embezzle; se — , 

T'. r. to divert one's self. 
Divertissant, e, de-vair-te-sa«, — t, a. diverting^. 
Divertissement, dc-vair-tiss-ina<;, in. diversion, /o^ 

time: embezzlement. 
Dividende, de-ve-da;/d,y. dividend, share. 
Divin, e, de-vai;/, —vin, a. — enicnt, ad. divine. 
Divination, de-ve-nali-syo«,/. divination. 
Divinatoire, de-ve-nat-war, a. divinatory. 
Diviniser, de-ve-ne-zai, v. a. to deify. 
Divinité, de-ve-ne-tai,/ divinity : deity. 
l.)iviser, de-ve-zai, v. a. to divide : sunder : se — , v. r. 
Diviseur, de-vc-zur, m. divider ; divisor. \lo be divided. 
Divisibilité, dc-ve-ze-be-le-tai,./; divisibility. 
Divisible, de-ve-zibi, a. divisible. 
I)ivision, de-ve-zyo«,y; division, 
IJivorce, de-vorss, m. divorce. 
Divorcer, de-vor-sai, v. «. to be divorced. 
Divulgation, de-vûl-gah-syo«,/. divulging. 

I )ivulKiier, dc-vAI-Kii, v. a. lo divulgt. 

Dix, diss, «. ten ; tenth. 

Dixième, dc-zyeni, d. —ment, att. tenth; —, »«. ItnfS 

Dizain, dc-zai>/, m. stanza 0/ ten verses, [part, tenth. 

Dizaine, ile-zain,/. ten. 

Dizeau, de-zoh, in. shock of wheal. 

Dotik', dos-ii, a. — nicnt, ad. diKile ; With docility. 

Docilité, ilos-e-lc-tai,/i di\'lily. 

Docte, dokt, a. — nieiil, a.i. learned. 

Docteur, dok-tur, tn. doilor. 

Doctoral, e, dok-tor-al, a. — cnient, ad. doctoral. 

Doctorat, dok-tor-ah, m. doctorsliip. 

Doctrin.iirc, ilok-tre-nair, ;/;. dottrtnary. 

Doctriuid, c,, a. doctrinal. 

Doctrine, dok-trin.y. rftXYr/»/»-; learning; erudition. 
\ Dociniicnt, dok-l'i-nia/t, .vi. document. 

Dodiner, doli-dc-n.ii, v. n. to move; le —, f. r. to 
I pamper one's set/. 

Dodo, do-(ln)i. III. faire —, to sleep; altera — , to f^o /i 


1 Dodu, e, doi|.(J, a. pluinfi 

\ Doi;aresse, <loj,'-ar-c-ss, f. wife of a dog*, 

1 D(i({at, do;j-ah, in. do^isliip, 

j ^o^;e, (lojij, m. doi^e. 

I r)ip^;inatiiiu*, do(,'-niat-ik, a. d.^matical. 

\ Doijuialiste, do^niat-ist, in. dot;/natitl. 

Dov;uie, doj,'Mi, m. dox'ma, 

Do^f. ''o>;r, /;/. din;i;er (b. at). 

Dci(,'iie. do^', ;/;. biill-doi;. 

Do>,'uin, dii^j-ai;/, in. yoiiiii; building, 

Di.iv;t, dwa, m. Jins;er: inch; tire .^ deux — S do, to 
be upon the brink : toucher au — , to see clearly. 

Doi^jtur, dwat-ai, X'. n. tojiiii^er. 

l)i'ii;liLr, dwat-yai, m.Jiuger-slall. 

Dois, (bv.i, iee I)evoir. 

I)oit. dwa. Ml. debit, debtor [see Devolrji • • • 

I'i'kance, dol-ai-a»/s, yi <i)<;//>/'ii/;//. 

jiolciuinent, dol-ani-a;;, .7(/. i/cAy/f/j^. 

DiiluMit, e, dola;/, — t, a. doleful., dol-nia/i, m. dolman. 

Doloire, dol-war, y. adze; trust, 

Doni, do;/, in. don, lord. 

l)oiiiaine, doni-en, m. domain ; possession, property. 

l)oni.'inial, e, doni-an-yal, a. demesnial. 

Dome, dolini, in. dome, cathedral. 

Domesticité, dom-es-te-se-tai, f. state of a servant: 
menials, senan/s, pi. 

Domcsti<|iie, ilom-estik, rt. —ment, ad. domestic; —, 
III. servant: one's family. 

Domicile, doni-e-cil, in. residence ; dwelling ; à —, nt 

Domiciliaire, dom-c-cil-vair, a. domiciliary, [home. 

se Domicilier, dom-e-cilyai, v. r. to settle, dwell. 

Dominant, dom-e-na;/. — t, a. dominant, ruling. 

Dominateur, dom-c nat-ur, in. doininalor, ruler. 

Domin.ition, (lom-e-nah-syo«,y domination, dominion. 

Dominer, doin-e-nai, v. a. et n. to dominate; rule; 
prevail : predoininale : rise above ; command. 

Dominicain, dom-c-nc-kai';, m. dominican. 

Dominicaine, dom-e-uc-ken, f doininican nun. 

Dominical, e, doni-c-iic-kal, a. dominical ; —cf. Sun- 
day lectures, pi. 

Domino, doni-e-noh, m. hood, domino. [—, it is a pity. 

Donnna{.,'e. dom-alij, >;t. damage, hurt, injury ; c't:il 

DoMuna^eable, dom-alij-ahbl, a. hurtful. 

Domptable, do</-tali-bl, a. tameable. 

Dompter, do;/-tai, v. a. to lame; subdue. 

Dompteur, doH-tur, m. tamer; subduer, 

Don, do», III. gift, present ; talent. 

Donataire, don-at-air, .r. donee. 

Donateur, don-at-ur, m. donor, giver. 

Donation, don-ah-syo«, y (/oMrtrtox. 

Done, ilo«k, c. then, therefore. 

Donjon, do;i-lijo«, >n. turret. 

Donnant, e, don-a«, — t. a. liberal, 

Donne, don, f. deal, dealing. 

Données, don-ai, f. pi. data, pi. 

Donner, don-ai, v. a. et n. to give ; bestoiv ; deliver; 
allow, grant; bear; reach; engage; cliarj;e : 
deal (cards) ; se — , v. r. to give up one's selj : 
se — , garde de q., to beiuate of one ; se —, de U 
peine, to take the trouble. 

Donneur, don-ur, m. — se, — uhz, f. fiver. 

Dont, do;/, pu. whose, of whom, of which, for whom, 

Donzelle, do;/-zel, f damsel, lass. [ivhereol. 

Dorade, doi'-ad, f. dorado. 

Dorénavant, dor-ai-nav-n;/, ad. henceforth, hcrecifter. 

Doré, e, dor-ai, a. gilt ; golden. 

Dorer, dor-ai, v. a. to gild. 

Doreur, dor-ur, in. gilder. 

Dorien, ne, dor-e-ai;;, —en, «. dorian. 

Dorique, dor-ik, a. doric. [to make much of tint's self. 

Dorloter, dor-lot-ai, v, a. to cocker, fondle : se — , v, f, 

Dunnant, e, dor-ma», — t, a. sleeping ; standing. 




hati to baik ; 
If i;o auiiy, 
butiiilt w'f 


lint; shtath. 

sojlly : ■ " ■ 

iniieiir. dor-mur, m. slttfcr. 

iriiipii.p, (li>rimiliz, /; Iritvtlliiig (atriact. 

iiiiinir, ili.r-inctr, v. u. lo slerf. 

iriinlif, ilor-init-ir, »/i. ioforijtt. 

ir>. «lolir, set Dnriiiir. 

riiiir, ilor-twar, >n. dormitory. 

inirc. (lori^lr, /. i;ilittiii;. 

■s, (li)li, til. h,itk : r- i^e : — . 

.M', (liilii, / doit. (Iniinicr le — 

'•.sicr. ildlisyiii, 111. hack, head-t'oard , 

, iliit, t. foilioti : don'ry. 

I, C, (Inlvll, ,1, dotill. 

ilKiii. iliitnli-syon, /. tiidoivintiit. 

r, (lol-al, V. II. to fortioii : tiidoiv, 
iMiri", >loo-air, >«. foiiiture ; dowtr, 
i.iiriirc, (loo-nir-ynir, y: doiviti;fr. 
iiaiie, iloo-nlm.y^ ciiitoni-hoiivt ,■ duty; association 

prussienne, deriiiini Inriff'iniioii. 
"i.iiiitr, <lo(), in. iii.\t m-iwiist e^ctr. 
iiiMajjc, (loo-lil.ilij, III. ihfitt'ii)')^'. 
ulilc. (loo-bl, (J. et ad - iociit, ad. douHt ; doubtt- 
iiiitdtd. dec tljfitt ; —, ;;;. doiihle ; dufliiiUt. 
tililc', (lo<)-l)lai, III. doiihiim; II hit//. 
iiililciiicnt, (lonbl'iiia//. in. dou/>/iii)^ 
tililcr, (loo.blai, v. a. et ii. to doiib/t , 
ulilet, floo-lilay, in. douNit. 
)iililMn, (loo-l)lo(/, III. doub/ooii. 
•iihliirc, (i(po-l)lflr. y: /inin/,'; doub/e. 
iii(.c,\tre, iloo-saii-tr, <i. siieeti.t/i. 

jiK cillent, doo-siiia»/, ad. t;rnl/v ; sofl'v :~ kind/y ; 
inicereiix, se, duo-snih, — z, <i. itvtitiik ;' uimvkii/i. ' I 
meet, tc, floo-sny, —set, a. demure ; — tciiitnt, ad. \ 
i/olv/y; calin/y, i 

inceiir. (!oo-sur,y: iTtrc/i/MT ; inHduess ; çeiit/eness ; 
drli^lits: gratiiily : — s,//. stvctt things'; /(atteriuir 
DiRlie, iloosh,/; i/tcnver-hath. hvoi-ds. 

utlier, (loo-slint, v. it. to piiinf. 
iicine, <loo-cln, /. ogee. 
■ucir, (loo-seer, v. a. to fo/ish tg/ass). 
inr, (loo-ai, V. a. to tiidoiv. 
luilji;. (loo/, /. sofktt. 

"lillct, te, ilooAay, — ett, a. — tement, rtrf. lo/f, lender, 
unllctte, (loo/.ctt, / qui/ted si/k gown. [„i,t 

iiKiir, (loo-liir,/: fain ; grief. \fain/ut ,■ gri,-.,onx. 
iiilduretix, sc, doo-loo-riili, — z, n. — scnient. ad. 
iiite, (loot, m. doubt; doubt/u/ness; urufi/e; dixtrust 
inter, (loo-tal, v. ii. lo douht ; scruf/e : se —, v. r to 
mieux, doo-\\\t, in. doubter. [siis/ieit; iiiislrust 

iiilcnx, se, (loo-tuh, — z, ,j. — seincnt, ad. doubt/u/, 
iioioiis; sus/Hiioiis. 
iivain, doo-vai;/, in. 7vocd/orcaiks. 
Hive, iloov,/ stave. 

lux, ce, iloo, — s, a. et ad. siuttt : ao/l ; easy; eau 
iiice,/r«/r naler ; tiler —, to be snbmissne. 
uzaint-, (loo-zen, / dozen .- h la —, common, pa/try 
iize, (looz, n. tiue/ve ; twe/ftlt. 
iizicine, doo-zyem, a. —nient, ad. tice/f!h ; —, m 
yen, (Iwa-yai;/, ;/;. dean : the elder. [nvel/t/i part 
yenne, ilwa-yen-ai, in. deanery. 
ichnie, flrakin, / drachm. 
iijcc, <,y: jH^rtr-//;/;/!,- smalls/tot. 
i^jeoir, (Ir.ihj-war, m. coiiijit-box. 
.i;eon, (Iralij-o«, in. sitoot, sucker. 
i.ijeoiiner, dralij-on-ai, v. n. to put forth shoots. 
i.i,'"n, dra(,'-o«, nt. dragon ; drnt:ooH. 
iKonnade, dra)j-on-ad,'/ draçoonadt. 
(«oiine, dra^-on, / sivord-kiiot. 
iS,nic, drag,/ drag. 
iKiier. drag-ai, v. a. to draç. 
loueur, dra^-ur, in. drag-hoat. 
ni.itiiiue, drani-at-ik, a. dramatic. 
iiii.itiiri;e, drain-at-firlij, m. sorry dramatist. 
line, drain, in. drama. 
H>. ilrah, m. c/oth ; — de lit, sheet. 
jpc.iu, drap-oli, m. colours, l/ag. 
per, drap-ai, v. a. to hang' ivith cloth; cm'tr -with 
^mirning; mill (stockings); jeer, banter; se —, 
r. to dress. 

l)erie,</ra/fr)'/ cloth-trade; cloth-work. 
pier, drap.yai, in. ivoo//en-draper. 
stKiiie, dras-tik, a. drastic. 
no, (Iresli, / tna/t, grains, pi. 
iser, dres-ai, v. a. et «. to straighten ; set up ; 
III up ; trim up ; prick up ; stand; se —, v. r. 
shiiid, stand on end. 
ksoir, (ires-war, in. dresser, sideboard. 
e. (In/, m.fel/oiv ; —,f. dri//. 
>e, (Iribs,/ Italiard, gear. 
;nian, droK-ina»/, »«. dragoman. 
;ue, drofî, / drug; stuff; rubbish. 
^^er,, v. a. to p/tysic. 
■uerie, drog-re, f. drugs ; drug-trtidt. 

fo 1 


nr<n;„of, (Iro(j ay, m. druf^tt 

I)r(ij;iilir, drn^'y.d, in. nudiciiit-cheit, 

[)ri.Kuislf, drojj ist, in. driig^'i,/. 

Uroit. e (Irw.i, -t, ,i. ,/ „,/. -cnent. ad. n\-hl, 

stran-hl, direct; iiprig/,1; honest; —, m. rn-ht- 

l"i"J Histut;titlt; fee; tax, duty; ,\ l.oii _. witk 

gOiHt reason, luxlly ; dc -, by right 
jjroite,, f. right hand , rig Jit ,',./e ; \ -, „„ tlit 

roiticr, ire, (Irw.iiyal, -r, ,t. ii);/ithaiid,d. Inrht. 

<i'iiec/T ''"'*"■'"' •/• "fH'i'iifs ; honesty; Kn-, 

Dr.)lc, (Irohl. a. -mcnt, ad. droll, fiuer, focost; —, 
in. knave, ri'vut. /"«'»». t 

pri'ilerie, drolil-rc,/ drollery ; buffoontry. 
jlroinadaire, (lr(iiii.,i(|.alr, m. drointdary. 
I'roine, droiii, f J/oal, laft. 
I'rdiiineiir, driiiicniir. m. linktr. 
I>rii. e, dril ,i et ad. fledged; thick ; brUh. 
Driiidc. dnVId, in. druid. 
Kriildlsnie, (IrO-e-disin, in. dmidisin. 
Uryade, dread, f. dryad. 
Do, c, (111, in. due (see Devoir). 
)iil.itatjf, ivo. d|-i-l.e.ta-tif, -iv, a. dubitativt, 
)ui>it,illon, dfl-be-talisy.,»!,/: dubitatwn. 
I'uc, (Ink, in. duke, horn-owl 
Ducal, c, dn-kal, a. diual. 
Ducat, dfik.ili, in. ducat. 
pucalon, diVkat-o;;, in. ducatoofi. 
Duclié, dù-shai, in. dukedom, duchy 
l)ucliesse,dn.siiess,/.,i'/„7(/'jj, easy chair. 
Ductile, (Ink-Ill. a. cfiutile. 
Diictilit(i, dûk-teletai,/: ductility, 
Duipiie, dA-ayn ye,/: duenna. 
Duel, dil-cl, >//. duel. 
Duelliste, diVcU-ist, in. duellist. 
Duirc, dweer, v. n. to suit, fit, please. 
Diilcifier, dill-se-fyai, v. a. to ctiilcify. 
DulcuKie, (Ifil-se-nai,/ dulcinea. 
Dûment, dilniii;». ad. duly, rii;htly, laufully. 
Dune, dnn,/; donun. 
Dunette, dn-nett,y: poop-royal. 
Duo, dil-oli, ni. duet, duetto. 
\^\\\»:,iMi\\f. dupe, null. 
Duper, (In.nai, v. a. to dupe, trick, chemt. 
Duperie, i\{\\i-te,f. dupery, cheat. 
Dupeur, di1-|iur, m. cheat, bite. 
Duplicata, diVi)lc-kat-ali, in. duplicate 
jHiplicntion, dn-pl'-'-kali-syo;,, / rf/,*/,rrt/,<,„. 
Duplicité, dft-ple-se-tai,/ dnplicily. 
Duplupie, dO-plik,y: rejoinder. 
Dupliipier, dû-plik-ai, v. n. lo rejoin. 
DiKpiel, dil-kel, see l.e(|ucl. 
Dur, c, di'ir, a. -eiiicnt, ad. hardi 

se-.erc, Itard-hearled ; crue/. 
I)ural)!c, (lû-rah-lil, a. -nient, ad. diirab/e, lasting. 
Durant, (ln-ra;/,/r during. 
Durcir, dur-seer, v. a. et n. to harden, indurate; se —, 

V. r. lo grow hard, indurate. 
purcisseinent, dflr-sissniaH, in. hardening; iiidura- 
Dure, dur,/: bare ground, floor. UioH. 

Dur(5e, dii-rai,/ duration, perinaiitncy 
Durer, dfl-rai, v. n. to last, endure. 
puret, ette, diVray, —ret, a. some^vhat hard. 
Dureté, dûr-tai. f. hardness ; harshness : riidenets ■ 

stiff ness; cruelty ; — dorcille. dulness of hearing. 
Durillon, du-ri/-o«, »«. callosity ; corn. 
Duriuscule. dû-re-ûs-kill, ,i. solne^uhat hard. 
Duvet, dû-vay, »/. down. 
Duveteux, se, duv-tuh, — z, a. dotiiny. 
Dynamique, din-am-ik,/: dynamic. 
Dynastie, din-as-tc,/ dynasty. 
Dynastique, din-a.s-tik, a. dynastic. 
Dyssentcrie, de-sa«-tre,/". dysentery. 


rough; rugged; 

Eau, oh,/ Tvaler ; rain; urine; gloss; —bénite, 
holy -water; — douce,/>-cj-/t water; — de mer, sea- 
water; — de pluie, rain-water; — de puits ive//- 
water; — de vie, brandy; —x, pi. watering-place; 
intneral waters, spas; les eaux-et-forèts, eyre. 

s tbahir, ai-baheer, v. r. to wonder, be astouislicd. 

libaluasement, ai-bali-is-nia/(, m. astcnishinciit 

hbarber, ai-bar-bai, :■. a. to strip (quills) ; clip [paper): 

hbarboir, ai-bar-bwar, in. scraper. (sciafte. 

tbat, ai-bah, in. prendre ses —s, lo be playful, frolic. 

tbattement, ai-bat-ma;/, in. diversion, frolic. 

s'libattre, ai-bat-tr, z. r. lo sport, be merry. 

Eb.iuche, ai-bolish, /; roug/i draught. 

Ebaucher, ai-boh-shai, v. a. to rough-draw; rough- 

tbauchoir, aiboh-shwar, m. large chisel, [hem. 




F.haucllr, al't>nh-(leer, t'. .i. lo ihttr ; •'— . v. t. I« inakt 
l'l>*nc, «1 licii, («. t^o^ty, rhtii, [mtrry, 

V.\>in\et, al-liainynl, m. thoiityee. 
I-.)itfiilsle, nl-l)<illii^t, IH, iitt'Dif/iHiiter. 
I'.bdiilstcrlc alhaliil»t-re, / (nbvirl-nvrt. 
I{|)liiulr, ni-liliH>-eer, v. a. to dattit, hf);uilt, 
l''l)l()ui»sem-:nt, Hilil"i>-ls!i-tna//, »«. iliiislnii^, itiiHiifis. 

l.biirKticr, iii-liiirny il, T.n. lo hliiui oj «iir eye. 
"■liotilKr, iii 

y II, ". ". to A 
ï,il, V. a. — 

ilc rlrc, to burst itite 

I-^lM)ulllir, nibooAccr, v. n. to M/tfiivii, hoil awny. 

I'ilioiilriiifiit, al-lji"il-iiia»i, in.fatliiit;. 

IUmiiiIit,, V. ti. n %'—, v. r. te/all in, tumble. 

I'.lxiiilis, ai-liKO-li', HI. ruhlnsh, ruhhit. 

lUioiir^iiiiuicr, ai-boor-lijon-al, v. a. to nif buds. 

I{lK)iirill(', c, al-ticHi-rlfai, <i. itisonifrtd. 

1-lir.iiiclu'iiicnt, al-br w;nti-ma>/, »/;. loffiui:, fruniug, 

I'lliraiitliur, ai-bra/f-sh.ii, v. a. to h/>, firuur. 

Mliraiilciiiciit, ai-lira>i-liiin>/, tn. sHkck, tiviiblt. 

I-!l>r<iiilcr, itl-lira«i-lai, v. n. to shake; %'—, v. r. to b* 

lilirt'chcr, ai-l)rcsli-nl, x<. a, to uolih. [s/iitieii ; ivai'tr. 

lUirDUo-tiient, ai-l>ri><>-iiia>/, i>i. siinrliiii^. 

liliroucr, ai-liroo-al, v. it. to bltiiih ; s— , v, r. to snort, 

I'.liniitcr, ai-lirA-c-tal, v. a. to dnii/\'e. 

Mliitard, ai-l)A-nr, t>i. iveif^'f. 

I{lmllitl(in, al-liftl-le-syo//,/: ebiillitii^n. 

Mcarlii-inclit, ai-kash max, >ii. bruise. 

licatlicr, ai-kasli-ai, v. a. to irush ; Jialten. 

Hcailk-, ai-ka/,/! scale, shell. 

licailli', ai-ka/-ai, a. scaly. {off"! — , >«. cy.\lerina>i. 

licaillor, »i'ka/-ai, v. a. to scale ; s'— , v. r. to scale, feel 

licailliMix, so, al-ka/-iili, — z, a. scaly, 

Ivcale, aikal,/ shell ; skin (of fcas). 

Ucalor, nl-kal-ai, t. a. to shell ; s'— , v. r. to come off. 
Jicarlatc, aikar-lat,/. scarlet. 

I-carc|uillcmL'nt,ai-kar-ki/-nia)/, in. s/ireadiiiff ; starinji^. 

licarciuillur, ai-kar-ki/-ai, v. a, to s/'rcail wide {lej;s) ; 

— lus yciix, to s.'are. [laid out; 1\ 1'—, aside. 

rcart, ai-kar, in. .^tfff'in.i; aside ; digression ; cards 

licnrlL', ai-kar-tai, in. ecartee Ix'aine). 

licartclcr, ni-kartlai, t. a. to i/iiar/er. 

Ixartcim-iit, ai-kart-iiia»/, in. yiiUnii,' asunder. 

liciirtcr, ai-kar-tai, v. a. et ii. to lii./ ; reintrr, 
avert, se/<ara/e ; discard ; .if'rcad [shot); s' — , i'. r. 
to i;o out 0/ the way ; recede; .ncene. 

ncclcsia'ili(Hic, ck-klai-zyaslik, a. ecclesiastic; —, hi. 

liccrvulo, c, ai-sairv-jai, ir. /.are brained, \ilergynian. 

licliafaiKl, aislnf-oli, in. sca/lold. 

licliafaiida^'o, ai-sliaf-cih-dalij, in. scaffoldiiif^. 

licliafaiulcr, ai-sliaf-oli-<lai, v. n. to erect scaffolds., ai-sliaj-aii, in f'rop. 

I'.tlialasseinciit, ai-slial-au-sina», ni. propping, 

l{clialasr>cr, ai-shal-au-siii, v. a. to prop. 

liciialicr, ni-shal-yai, iii.Jence [of trees). 

liclialote, ai-slial-ot, / eschalot, scallion, 

licliancrcT, ai-slia«-Krai, v. a. to slope, 

Krhancriire, al-sliaw-krOr,/; slope. 

Kchanilole, ni-sha«-dol,/: shini,'le. 

liclianj^c, ai-sha;ilij, tn. e\rhiini,'e ; barter. 

licliaiiKeable, al-sliaH-lijnli-bl, a. e.\chaii,i;eablt 

HctianKtr, ai-s!ia;(-lijai, v. a. to e.\chanf;e. 

KcliausdTi, ai-slia«-so;(, m. cup-bearer. 

MchnxKonnKXK.M-hhan-^rtn-rc/.ivinecellaro/a prince. 

licliaiilillon, .-xi-sliaw-tiZ-o;», in. sample, pattern. 

lictiantilloiincr, al-slin«-ti/-on-ai, t. a. to e.xainiiie by the 

Kchaavrcr, ai-sliaH-vrai, v. a. to hatchel. [standard. 

I'^cliappade. ai-shap-ad,/ slip ; viislake. 

Hchappatoiro, ai-sliap-at-war,/; shift. [Jits and starts. 

lichappcc, ai-sbap-ni, yi /;•<»«*; /nu/ir^/ par — s, by 

I-'cliappciiicnt, al-shap-iiiaii, in, escapement. 

lichapper, ai-sliap-ai, v. n. to escape ; slip ; drop ; s'— , 
V. r. to escape ; forget one's self. 

Fcharde, ai-sliard.y. prick 0^ a thistle, splinter. 

licliardomier, ni-shar-don-ai, v. a. to clear of thistles. 

I-'charnai, ai-sbar-iiai, i'. a. toffesh. 

licliarnolr, ai-sharn-war, in.Jleshing-knife. 

licliarpc, ai-sharp,/; scarf, sliiix ; en — , slanting. 

licharpcr, ai-sharpai, v. a. to slash. 

Kchasse, ai-sluiiiss, /: stilt. 

Ecliaiiboulé, e, nl-sfioli-boo-lai, a. fill I of pimples. 
Ecliaude, al-blioh-dai, in. mix:; bun. 

Echaiider, ai-shoh-dai, v. a. to scald ; s'— , v. r. to burn 
one's f!^i,i^eis. 

P.cliaudnjr, ai-slioh-dwar, in. scalding-house ; scaldin):;- 

licliaiiHalbon, ai-shi)li-fay-zo«,y; 0T.'er-hcating. [tub. 

licliautiLiiicnt, ai-sl\oh-(iiia«, m. heating. 

Echauffer, ai-slioh-fai, v. a. to heal ; excite ; s' — , r. r. 

to get warm ; groiv angry, fume. 
EchaufTourëe, ai-slioli-foo-rai,y. rash enterprise ; skir- 
Echautrure, ai-slioh-fflr,y;/i;«//^. [inish. 

Echaii^uette, ai-sholi-pet.y: watch-tvwer, 
Echaux, ai-shoh, tn fl. drains, f I, 

I'lch^.ible, •(•ih.ii-nh-bl, a. payablt. 

Iùhi<itiicc, al-%lial-.i;(!i, / ex ptratiott. 

Echéant, al-khai.m, iie Etnuir. 

Echcc, nl-dhck, m. ihtik ; lots; —^.fl. eketsmttt, ft,i 

ihest ; Jouer nun —, to play at ehess. 
I^clicllc, al-shell, / ladder; stale ; seafor(, 
j^Llielon, alsh-lon, «1. step. 

I'Alielniincr, ai-shfoii-ai, t'. a. toarram^e in eihelom, 
I'lclieiilllcr, Hl-<thiiil-al, v. a. to clear oy iiitfi/illtrtt 
I'Iklivrral, ai-shairay, see I'ldiulr. 
I''cliuvenii, nlili-voli, m. stein, haut, 
ICi:lievel(}, e, alsh-vlai, a. dishnelled. 
Echovin, nisli-vaitf, in. alderman, sheriff, 
Kchinc, aiNh-in./. ihine, bait-bone. 
l-.clilni!c, nl-slu' liai, / chine of port. 
l-lchincr, ai-Nhenal, v. et. to break the baet. 
Eclii(|uicr, al'idic-kyal, ni. chessboard ; exchequer. 
lîclio, at-knh, m. e,ho. 

•Ecliiilr, ai-ibwar, ?'. 11. to befall, happen ; fall oui; 
EclKippe, ,\\-\wy,,f. stall ; Jial graX'er, [e.\ptci. 

!• tlio|i|)cr, ai'shop-ai, v. a. to can*. 
I'.chouane, al-sliiin-alij, in, stranding. 
licliimtiliciit, ai-sbi>f>iu.t>/, in. running aground. 
l{cliiiucr, al-shi>i>-ai, i: a. et 11. to run ai;rounil ; mil, 
l'!i:lui, c, ai-slift, s,e Ixhoir. [cany, 

I'xliiicr, ai-scTiiai, f, a, to cut the top of. 
i;ilal)uusseiuent, aikl.di-nosnia;/, in, splashing. 
I'l lali<)us<icr, ai'kl.ib'iio-s.ii, v, a. to splash. 
jj lal)i>UNMirf, aiklab-iio-sftr, f. .\flash. 
liclair, ai-klayr, ;//. lightning ; flash. [li^-hliiii^. 

j'lclaira^'c, aikl.iy-ralij, >«. lighting; -de i»az, ai"- 
Etialrtir, ai-klayr-sccr, i'. a, et n. to clear ; thin ; ilnir 

up ; inform ; s' — , t, r, toilcar up; bn\'hten. 
Eculrcisseniunt,!>!i-iiia/i, in. ilearing up; 


Eclairer, ai-klay-ral, v. a, et it. to tnlighttn ; light. 
obset-Te ; wall h ; \partle ; shine; »'—, V, r. to i;<l 
eiilii;htencd . i;et injorination. 
I^claircur, ai-klay-rur, in. sioiit. 
iiclau'lie, aikl.Kisli, / leg of mutton. 
Ell, it, al-klali, in. splinter; brii;htness ; splendour; 

noise; expl'sioii; clap (of thunder), 
EcKitaiU, e, .il-klat-a/;, — t, a. bright ; glaring ; biit- 

liant, glorious. 
Eclalir, .li-klat-al, v. ft. to shiver, split ; burst forth; 
sparkle, shine; faire —, to show; — dc rirc, I» 
laugh immoderately. 
Ivclecticiue, ai-klek-tik, a. eclectic. 
l-:rlectisine, ai-klek-lisin, ///. eclectism. 
I'Mipse, ai-kli(>s, y. eclipse, [to be ecli/i.ted ; disappeor. 
Ivclipser, ai-klip-s.ii, v. a. to eclipse; ixarken; »' — ,v.r, 
)';cliplii|ue, al-klip-tik, f. ecliptic. 
Ec'ri'ise, aikliss, y. ,r//(>/f^,- ihcese-wallle, 
Eclisstr, ai-kli'i-.ii, ?'. a. to splinter. 
licloppe, c, ai-klipp-ai, a. lame, limping, 
•Ivclore, ai-klor, t\ n. to hatih ; blow. 
Ecluse, ai-kli1i!, f. sluice. 
ICclusec, ai-klil-zai, f. sluice-full. 
I'^clusier, ai-klfl-zyai, in. sluiie-keeper. 
Eciifr.ii, ai-ko-fray, in. ciittiiig-boanf. 
llcciiuçou, ai-k\vai;<-sn;i, in. corner-stone. 
Ecole, ai-kol, f. school ; collide ; — de coniinerce, fO<» 

inercial school ; — primaire, popular .uhool. 
licolier, .li-kol-yai, m. schoolboy; scholar; — 6re, — yair, 

f female scholar. 
•licoiiduire, aiko«.d«eer, v. a. to put otf, refuse, deny, 
Economat, ,ii-ko-no-iiiab, m. stewardship. 
licononie, ai-ko-noni, a. economical ; —, m. steivard. 
licononiie, ai-ko-iici-nie,/; economy ; saving, [saving. 
licononiique, .'li-ko-nuinik, a. —nient, ad. economiio! 
l-'conciiiiiser, ai-ko-no-nic-zai, ?'. a. to manage well. 
Econoinistc, ai-ko-no-mist, in. economist, [salt. 

Ecope, ai-kop, f. scoop. 
Ecorce, ni-korss /. bark; peel ; outside, 
Ecorcer, ai-kor-sai, r. a. to bark ; peel. 
licorcbcr, ai-kor-shai, v. a. to /lay, skin; murder \i 
licorcherie, ai-korsli-re,y: slaughterhouse. [langtioj;r} 
Ecorcbeur, ai-kor-sbur, in. /layer. 
l-'corcliure, ai-kor-sliCir, f. excoriation. 
Ecorner, ai-kor-n.ii, v, a, to break the horns or corners 
EcorniHcr, ai-kor-ne-flai, v. a. to sponge. [curtail 

Ivcoriiilleur, ai-korne-tUir, in. spoiij;er. 
l'"coniiire, ai-kor-nfir,y.' breaking of the edges ; splinlc 
l-!c<isser, ai-kos-ai, v. a. to shell ; peel. 
Ecot, ai-koli, in. club, company ; reckoning ; share, 
E.couer, ai-koo;ai, v. a. to dock, 
licoulei ^nt, ai-kool-nia«, in.flo7ving, running. 
Ecouler, ai-kool-ai, v. «, rts' — , v. r. tojiinv out ; Jl'ii 

a uay ; slip away. 
Ecourter, ai-Koor-tai, v. a. to crop ; curtail. 
Ecoute, ai-koot, f. private place [for listening); éfc' 
aux —s, to be upon the watch. 


f Ml 


couler, t»lkoo-tal, r. n, ti u. lo li%un h; Htititmi, 

„ltni,l ; %'—, V. r. tit ht il'fr-iiiltioHl. 
cmiiciir, nlkoo.tiir, m. tiUt'ur. 
coiitriix, »*, nl-koo-tiili, — «, a. siltlith, 
ciiulillu, iil-k'witl/, / hittihiiuty, 
cmivillnii. .il-kiio-vl/-o«, »/». ntiiii/tin ; itrit^, 
tr.iM, iilkr.w/, "/. iitifii ; Jirt-urttn. 

ir.iM'iiicm. iiltr.iiKr-ni.i//, m. i riuJtnn'. 

cr.iM'f, iiikr.m/.ii, v. a. ti> rriiih. 
ri>iiifr, ni kriyiiml, v. n. lo Mtf ^fflht irtiiin, tkim. 
I 'ur, .«ikr.iy-l il, v. a. to titkf Jj ifir 1%'f, 
I iivM-, ;il krvKt, / crah. 
■ ricr, ,ii'krc-ai, i'. r. la cry ont, eu/aim, 
rillc, iil-kri/, /: i^mfe. 

(.rin, alkr.tlM, tn. jcivtl-hox, ritttff. 

•rrirc, aikrccr, v. a. lowriU; ftit. 

i:rit, nikrt;, w», wriliHg; litrU ; inetfro |>ar —, to 

tt'iUf liowii. 

crilc.iii, ai-krctiili, «i. htlt, tiitifl. 

critoirc, iii-krc, / iiikhorii. 

critiirc, al-krc-tfir, /. nritiiiL'; /iiimiivriling ; lloly 

Il 'rit , tenir les —s, to ktt/> llu books. 

1 riv.iilItT, «l-kro'Va/-al, v. a. Ii> siriMt. 

: rivailleiir, ni-krc-va/-ur, m. .urihhifr. 
c riv.iiii, ai-krevai//, m. ivrilrr ; author; furstr. 
i:riv,i-.sier, ni-krc-vas-y.ii, »'». stiihbltr, 
cruii, iil.kroo, tu. ttiit ; gitoltr's book 
i.rinii'llc, al-knm-oll,./. /»/. srrofiilii. 
truiior, aikroo-al, v. a. totnter iii lin i:no!fr's booi. 
crcmlr, aikroD-oer, v. a. to l\,imnierhiirit(tii. 
rimlciiieiit, ai-krii<il-iiia», iii.Ja/liiii,'. 
lùjriiiilcr, .li-kroo-l.ii, v. t. tojall liowii, tiimblt. 

niùlLT, ,ii-kr()<).|.il, v. a. to eut o/f Du trust. 
cru, e, ai-krrt, n. raiv ; unbUtu )uit. 
LU, ai-kft, m. shirld : irou'il ; poil-pnftr, 
cuhler, ai-kil-byai, m. /utws(-lu'lt. 
cucil, alkfi/, »i. shtlf, rofk. 
nolle, .likwell, f. t'-rrinufi; hasiii. 
iiL-Ilce, .likwcll-ai, / />orriiii:fr-/ull. 
ciu>.ier, .likwival, v. ir. to .s/'/if. 
iilcr, aikù-l.ii, v. a. lo lifad liown at the huit. 
tiiui.ifîo, ai-kû-nialij, «;. si'iinmiii)^. 
tunie, ai■kl^nl, /;yi)(i</l; sium; ifnxs, 
cunicr, aikiVnnl, t. n. et it. to stiiu ; /oaiit ; fvolh. 
cuiucur, ai-kù-mur, ut. sfouger : —ili; »Kt, fiirate. 
( iiiuenx, se, ;ii-kiVinuli, — z, a./oaiitiiia. 
cniii'iire, .li-kû, ./; siiminer. 
( urer, aikiVrai, t. a. to itoiir, cleanse. 
urouil, .likù-iu/, »i. si/uirrel. 

tireur, aikiVrur, ni. — eiisc, —\x\\z,/. scourer. 
1 urji', ai-kiVre, y', stable; ft/iiipat^e, 

ussipii, ai-ki'i-scw/, M. esciitclieoii ; i^ra/liiig ; hatch- 
ciissoimer, al-kiVsou-ni, v. a. to );raft. [meut. 

tiissnniiiiir, ai-krt-son-war, tu. i;ra/liiij;-l-iii/e. 
cnycr, ai-kwc-yai, »i. viaster o/tlie horse ; geiitletiian 

iislier ; çrooiii ; si/uire. 

ciiy.-re, ai-kwe-yair, /. horxnvoman. 

ileiité, c, .li-da/t-tai, a. toothless, 

ilentcr. al-(la);-tnl, v. a. to break the teeth ; tioteh. 

iliticaleur, aiilc-fe-ka-tur, »i. builder. 

ililicatiou, ai-<lc-fe-kali-syo;/,y; building, edijlcmiion. 

Iilkc, ai-(le-fisi, tn. edi/ue ; struilure. 

litier, ai-(le-fyai, v. a. to build, edi/y. 

lit, aille, tn. edict, decree. 

liter, ai-(lc-tni, v. a. to publish. 

liteur, ai-(tc-tur, tn, publisher ; editor. 

liticm, ai-(lesyoH, /.edition. 
ilrecliin, ai-(lr-ilo>i ,m. eider-duck : eider-dofwn. 

lucateur, ai-ilA-ka-tur, iii. instructor. 

hic.itioii, ai-ilû-kali-syo;/,y; education ; breeding. 

'aiililer, ai-fnli-fe-l.ii, v. a. to reex>e out. 

T.içablc, cf-as-ali-l)l, a. that tnay be effaced. 

Raicr, ef-as-ai, v. a. to efface, erase; strike out; 

■cltfse; s' — , 71. r. to be effaced ; vanish. 

r.içuro, cf;isûr, f. dash, block, cross. 

fancr, ef-an-al, v. a. to full offthejiag. 

Tare, c, ef-ar-ai, a. scared, a^'hast. 

Tarer, ef-ar;ii, v. a. to affrit;l,t ; horrify. 

r.iroiiclicr. cfar-oo-shai, v. a. to scare away ; s' — , 

'J. r. to take fright. 

fectif, ive, ef-ek-lif, — iv, a. effective, actual ; —, tn. 

•ffective force ; — ivcinent, ad. really, indeed. 

rcctiior, ef-ck-tu-ni, v. a. to effectuate. 

fcminatiim, cf-fai-ine-nahsyo«, f. effetniiiatioii. 

iLiniiier, ef-fai-menal, 7'. a. to effeminate. 

fervescence, cf-fer-vc>.-sa«s, f. effcKz-escence. 

fervescent, c, ef-fer-ves-sa«, — t, a. efferzKsccnt. 

Pet, ef-ey, tn. effect; result; bill; en ~, actually; 

indeed: pour cet —, to that end; — s, fl. effects; 

>mn cables ; — s (le passage, effects o/'passeni;ers. 

TeiiilUison, ef-fu/-ay-zo«, f. full of the leaves, 

reuillcr, ef-fu/-,-U, v. a, to strip off leaves. 

V.if[e,\eo, ef-fu-llA^*, if. - in. nf, .i./. tjjlcaehtit ; —, ej^ 

I'.lHi ai 111!, cf-fo-kavC', /. efM.acy. [lacy, ejfineiuy, 

I'.lticn'Mt, p, orfS'^ya//, t, >i efftiienl. 

lilliifio, vrfu'liju, f. eHtgy, image. 

lirtlk', e, cf', II. tlruiier, thin ; —, tti./yingt. 

I'lHiler, cf-o-lul, ('. ii to unweart: 

l'!inio<|uur, efu-liik-,il, i». a. to rafelout, 

Kill ini|uer, cf-l.wi', >'. ii. to ein.n late. 

I'JIIiMirer, eMuli-Ml, T'. ii. to glance ti/oti ; tun «ttf 
lightly; tcra/'e {a hide). 

lillli'iiiil, e, cflliV.i», - I, 1». e/ffueiit. 

liiromtrvr, cf-DX-drii, f. a. to turn ufi aiiii tnaiiurt t 
brtnk open ; «'— , t>. r. to sink itotvu. 

I'.iriunlrillci, cfo<(. ( I ri/, /;>•/. groiindi, drtgf, (•!. 

ii'Mllcircer, ef 'i|, v. r. to strive, endeavour. • 

T'lFiirt, tf-nr. in. e/fort, exertion ; force. 

I'itfraitiiin, cf-frak*yii'i, /! ^rciit'i;!;'.' vol a»cc — b'lr^ 

lurray.inl, e, efr.iy-y.i'i, - t, a. dre,t(flil. [,"■"■>'. 

lirfr.iyer,, i: a to frighten ; %'—, v. r. to *# 
Iri^hleiifd. startle. 

l^llr.MiL', c,, a. unbridled, unruly; lieent,oni. 

lilFriter, effret.ii, T'. a. to exliaint {laud). 

Krfriii, effrw.i, in.frit;ht, drea.l. 

l.irriiutiS c, efmi/.t.ii, a. —nient, ad. sltanielcts , 
saucy; — , tn. biayiifue. 

rillruntirle, elM« tie, A e/f'ronlery. ini/iiidence. 

iMlripyalile, ef-frvva-y.iliM, a. - meni, ad. Jri.;ti>/)il, 

l-Jlusinn, el-filzyiw/, /: effiision. [diva If il. 

l'>,'al, e, .ii-i;.il, a. — eineiil, ad. ei/ual; eirn ; iiiiif nn ; 
indif/'erenl; \ V— lie, like ; cel.i iii'e^it —, it is all on* 
to me ; — -, in. ei/iiat, match. 

l;({.iler, .il-galal, v. a. to eifiial ; Itfel ; itiatih; coin- 
pare ; s'~, V. r. to tifuat or loinf^ire one's self. 

I''v{allser, ai'L;,i|.e-z,il, :•■ a. to ei/iialne. 

i:v;aliti', al->{,i|,y: <•!/.. i/i/)', likeness ; tt'ennett. 

I'^Kanl,, tn. regard, -espeit: account; .^ I' - ile, 
/'/ comparison to, as far ; ,^ iii'in - ,for my sake ; eii 
— ."I, ionsidering ; avi-'.r —, to pay regani ; -s, pi, 
defrence, respect. [niisl.iki: 

linareinent, ai-;,Mrin,i';, "(. déviation, error; di^niler; 

liuarer, ai-;;ar-ni, v. a. to mislead ; lead astray; s— , 
7'. r. to lose one's way ; wander. 

I''t,' lyer, ai-nay-yal, v. a. toiheer up ; irrigate ; prune; 
s' , V. r. to dr.ert one's self. 

I(!.,'iile, .il-lijiil. / <ic;';'f, shield, buckler. * 

li(,'l.inlier, alj,'U/i-tyal, tn. sweet-briar. 
l*->;laiitine, ai-),'la</-tin, /I wild rose. 

I';>,'lise, ai-^li/,/ chunh ; parish ; lionnne «1'—, clergy- 

V.^\'>)i\\c, iii-Kli'K'i./^ eclogue. [man, 

i;^;i)isiiie, al-;;i)isni, tn. egotism. 

lii'oisle. ai-Kii-ist, tn. egotist ; —, it. selfish. 

I'l^jor^'or, ai-j;i)r-tilal, -'. a. to cut the tlxroat ; slaiighttr, 

l-i^ornciir, ai-({fir-njiir, tn. muiilerer. 

s'l'.K"'''il''-'r, ai->;iili-zl/-al, %>. r. to tnake one's throaf sot*. 

l''i,'()ut, .li-jjiii), tn. sink, common seirer. 

1 CDiittcr, ai-^joo-tal, v. ti., s'— , 7 . 1: to drain ; dry, 

I'^l^'nutlnir, ni-j;not-war, tn. drainer. 

lijioutturc, ni-noot-flr,/ dribblings, pi. 

I'l^jrappcr, :<'.-j;", v. a. to take off the grapes. 

i:i;rati(,'ncr,, v. a. to scratcii, claw. 

Iii,'r.iti(;iinre, ni-j;rat-tin-yitr,/. scratch. 

Iv^reiier, al-j;r/(/inai, v. a. to take out the grain. 

)■ 1,'rill.ircl, c, ai-i;ri/-ar, — il, a. sprightly, gay ; —, tit. 

i:i;nlli)ir, ai-i,'ri/-w.>r, m. grate. \Jollyfillow, 

I'^ijnijjeoir, ai.!;ri'i-liiwar, ;//. mortar. 

Iv^riifjer, ai-i;ri1-liiai, v. a. to found. 

Iv.;iieuler, ai->,'nli-lai, v. a. to bi,,tk the neck. 

lili, ai. int. oh ! alas I — bien I ivell. 

l-;iionté, e, ai-ho'/-t;ii, (I. .r/(ir>//f/t'.rr. 

lilinuper. .liliiMi-pai, 7'. ir. /r>/i)/ (^'"'■''r)- 

l-lahfirati'in, ;;;, /; c/ii/wz-a/ij;»». 

Ill.ilinrer, al-lab-or-ai, 7'. (J. A) c/di^oni/f. 

l'la(,Mi;e, ;iil.i;;alij, m. pruning. 

liliiiliier, aila>;-ai, t. a. to prune, lop, 

l-!lai,'ueiir, ai-la.i,'-ur. in. primer. 

Klaii, ai-la«, m. elk; start : jerk ; —% pi. transpor's, 

lilancc', e, ni-la«-sai, a. long] thin, lank. [pi, 

I- lancement, ni-la;/s-iiia;i, m. shootiii)^ ; ejaculation. 

lil.iiicer, ai-ln«-s;ii, v. n. to shoot; i— , v. r. to dash, 

rush upon. 
rClar);ir, ai-lar-lijeer, v. a. I0 stretch, widen; enlarge; 

s'— , %i. r. to widen. 
lîlarijisseinent,«, tn. widening ; dis- 
ICIasiititc', ai-l.istc-se-tai. /: elasticity, [charge, release. 
i;iastit|ue, ;, a. elastic. 
iLlectcur, .li-lektiir, tn. elector. 
lilectif, ive, ai-Iek-tif, — iv, a. elective. 
l'élection, ai-lek-5yo«,y; election. 
1-lectoraI, e, ai-lck-tor-al, a. electoral., ai-lek-tor-ah, m. electorate. 
Klectricitë, ai-lek-tre-se-tal,y; electricity. 
Electrique, ai-lek-trik, a. electrical. 


ts* 1 


Electriser, al-Ick-tre-zal, v. a. to eU<tn/y. 
lUcctiiiiire, ai-lck-tft-air, m. tUctuary. 
Klc.i;aiiiincnt, ai-lai-f;am-a«, ad. eie);ititl!y. 
Kle^aiice, ai-lai-gaHs,/ elegance, nicety ; gracefulness. 
Kld^ant, e, ai-lai-^;.»>l, — t, a. elegant. 
Elé^iaquc, ai-Uii-lijc-ak, a. elegiac. 
Klegie, ai-lai-hjc,/ elei;y. 

Kléiiient, ai-lai-ina», m. element : — s, pi. rudiments, pi, 
lîiéincntaire, ai-lai-iiia;i-tair, a. elementary. 
Eléphant, ai-lai-fa;i, tn. elephant. 

Elévation, ai-lai-vali-syo«, f. eleva m ; rise ; prefer- 
Elève, ai-lev, s. pupil. \ment; eminence. 

Elevé, e, ai-lvai, a. elevated ; high. 
Elever, ai-lvai, v. a. to raise ; bring up ; rear ; educate; 
s' — , V. r. to arise ; mount ; spring up ; grow proud ; 
Eleviire, ai-lvûr,/ blister, pimple. [bear off. 

Elldcr, ai-le-dai, v. a. to elide. 
Eliffibilite, ai-le-lije-be-letai,^ eligibility. 
Eligible, ai-Ie-hjibl. a. eligible. 
s'Huiucr, ai-le-iiiai, v. r. to wear out. 
Elimination, ai-lc-nie-nah-syo«, /". elimination. 
Eliminer, ai-Ie-mc-nai, v. a. to stride out. 
Elin^uc, M-\a.\n\!,\\,f. sling. 
•Elire, ai-leer, v. a. to elect ; appoint. 
Elision, ai-le-zyox,/: elision. 
Elite, ai-lit,/; choice, pick. 
Elixir, ai-lilc-scer, in. elixir. 
Elle, el, /«. she : her; it. 
Ellipse, el-lips, f. ellipsis. 
Ellipticjue, el-lip-tik, a. elliptical. 
Elocution, ai-lok-û-byo«,/ elocution, 
Elo>;e, ai-lolij, m. eulogy, praise. 
Elo^iste, ai-lohj-ist, m. eulogist. 
Eloiifné, c, ai-lo-ayn-yai, a. remote ; distant; absent. 
Eloi^uement, ai-lo-ayn-yc-ma«, tn. removal ; distance ; 

absence; aversion. 
Eloigner, ji-lo-ayn-yai, v. a. to remote ; banish : put 
Off! alienate ; s' — , v. r, to go away ; ramble from ; 
be tuide of. 
Eloquemment, ai-lok-am-a», nd. eloquently. 
Eloquence, ai-lok-a«s,y; eloquence. 
Eloquent, e, ai-lok-a;/, — t, a. eloquent. 
Elu, ai-10, m. elect, chosen. 
Elucidation, ai-lû-se-dah-syon,y: elucidation. 
Elucider, ai-IA-se-dai, v. a. to elucidate 
Elucubration, ai-lii-kiVbrah-syo«,y; lucubration. 
Eluder, ai-lû-dai, v. a. to elude. 
Elysée, aile-zai, *n. elysium. 
Elyséen, ne, ai-le-zai-ai)i, — en, a. elysian. 
Email, ai-nia/, m. enamel. 
Emailler, ai-nuiAai, v. a. to enamel. 
Einaillcur, ai-ma/-ur, m. enameller. 
Emaillurc, ai-nia/-ûr,y; enamelling, 
Eman.'ition, ai-iiian-ali-syo»(,y; emanation. 
Emancipation, ai-ma>/-se-pah-syo;<,y; emancipation. 
Emanciper, ai-ma;/-se-pai, v. a. to emancipate ; s' — , 

V. r. to take too much liberty. 
Emaner, ai-man-ai, v. n. to emanate. 
Emarçcr, ai-mar-hiai, v. a. to write on the margin. 
Embauouiner, aH-bab-we-nai, f . a. to inveigle. 
Emballage, a;/-bal-ahj, m. packing up. 
Emballer, a)»-bal-ai, v. a. to pack up. 
Emballeur, a«-bal-ur, >n. packer. 

Embarcadère, a)i-bar-kad-nir, tn. landing-place ; ter- 
Embarciition, a;(-bar-kali-syo«,_/: boat. [minus 

Embargo, aw-bar-go, tn. embargo. 
Enibarciuement, a;/-b.ark-nia;<, in. embarcation. 
Embarquer, ax-bar-kai, v. a. to embark ; s' — , v. r. to 

etnbark, go oti board: engage. 
Embarras, a«-bar-ah, m. ettibarrasstnettt, perplexity ; 

trouble ; impediment. 
Embarrasser, a«-bar-as-ai,t/.(i. toetnbarrass, encumber, 
hittder ; disconcert, puzzle ; s' — , v. r. to be embar- 
rassed : etttatigle otte's self. 
Embatage, aH-bat-ahj, in. shoeing. [saddle. 

Embâter, a»-bau-tai, v. a. to put on a pacisaddle ; 
Embattre, a<«-bat-tr, v. a. to shoe {7i'heels). [7vith. 

Embauchage, a/»-boh-shalij, tn. hiring; tampering 
Emb.iucher, a«-boh-shai, v. a. to hire ; tamper with. 
Embauclieur, a«-boh-shur, tn. kidnapper. 
Embaumement, aM-boh-m«A-nia»/, tn. embalming. 
Embauni«r, a«-boh-mai, v. a. to embalm ; perfume. 
Embéguiner, a«-bai-ghin-ai, v. a. to initffle up ; be^uitch. 
Embellir, aw-bel-eer, v. a. et n. to embellish, s' — , v. r. 

to grow handsomer. 
Embellissement, aH-bel-iss-ma«, m. ettibelUshtnent. 
Emblaver, aw-blav-ai, v. a. to sow with wheat. 
d'Emblée, aw-blai, ad. at the first onset. 
Emblématique, a»-blai-mat-ik, a. emblematical. 
Emblème, a«-bleyin, tn. emblem. 

•Emboiie, a«-bwar, v. a. to soak ; s' — , v. r, to soak in ; 
Emboitement, a>i-bi»-at-ma», m. Jointing. [fade. 

Emboîter, a/i-bwat-.M, v. a. to joint; dore-tail, 
Emlioiture, i\n-hyiM-t\T,f. juncture ; Joint. 
I'jnbonpoint, a«-bo;i-pwai«, in. corpulence, stoutness, 
linibordurer, a«-bor-(lft-rai, v. a. to frame. 
limbosscr, a>(-bos-ai, v. a. to bring to bear. 
Emboucher, a»-boo-shai, v. a. to bit [a horse) ; prompt , 

blow ; s' — , V. r. to fall, discharge one's self. 
Einbouchoir, a«-boosh-war, in. boot-tree. 
limbouchure, a«-l>oo-shflr,/: mouth, mouth-piece ; bl. 
Embouc|\iement, aw-book-maw, m. mouth n/a strait. 
Emboucmer, a«-boo-kai, v. n. to enter a strait. 
Embourber, aH-boor-bai, v. a. to bemire ; s" — , v. r. : 
Embourrer, a«-boo-rai, v. a. to stuff, [sink in the miiJ. 
lîmbourser, a»-boor-sai, v. a. to pocket up. 
limboutir, .aw-boo-teer, v. a. to stamp. [I'ng "/', 

Embranchement, a«-bransh-ma«, m. branch; bramh- 
Embrasement, a«-brauz-ma«, tn. conjtagration ; in- 

Embraser, a«-brau-zal, v. a. to set on fire ; inflaint, 

s' — , V. r. to kindle ; be injlamed. 
Embrassade,, /., Jimbrassenient, a>/-br.iss. 
ma«, tti. embrace. [contain ; s'— , v. r. to embxi r. 
En\br.isser, a«-bras-ai. v. a. to embrace; comprise, 
lùnbr.-Miure, a/«-braz-i1r,y: embrasure. 
Embrocation, a«-brok-ah-syo«,/; embrocation. 
Kiiibrocher, a»-brosh-ai, v. a. to spit. 
Embrouillement, a«-broo/-ma)i, tn. confusion, per- 
plexity, [s'— , V. r. to get conf used. 
Embrouiller, a«-broo/-ai, v. a. to embroil; confound; 

Embrumé, e, a«-brû-mai, a. foggy. 
limbryon, a>i-bre-o>i, m. embiyo. 

Einbftche, a«-bflsh,/! atnbush. 
Embuscade, a«-bfls-kad,y; atnbush. 
s'l'lmbusquer, a»-bfl<i-kai, v. r. to lie in atnbush, 

l-jucnder, ai-ni»«-dai, v. a. to re/orrn, 

limcraude, aim-rohd,/; emerald. 

limeri, aim-re, m. emery. 

lùnerillon, aira-ri/-o>», m. merlin. 

Emerillonné, e, aini-ri/-on-ai, a. brisk. 

limérite, ai-mai-rit, a. emerited. 

Emersion, ai-nmir-syo«,y; emersion. 

Emerveiller, ai-niair-ve/-ai, v. a. to astonish, amazr-, 

limétique, ai-mai-tik, tn. emetic, [s' — , v. r. to wonder. 

•Emettre, ai-me-tr, t/. a. to emit, issue. 

Emeute, ai-muht,y; insurrection, riot. 

Emeuter, ai luuht-ai, v. a. to incite, mutineer. 

Emier, ai-myai, Emictter, ui-myut-ai, v. a, to crumble; 
s" — , V. r. to crumble. 

Emigrant, ;\i-me-gra»/, tn. emigrant. 

l-'migration, ai-me-grah-syo;;,/". emigration. 

Emigré, ai-me-grai, t/i. etnigraiit. 

Emigrer, ai-me-grai, v. ti. to emigrate. 

Emincé, ai-mai;i-sai, in. minced meat. 

Emincer, ai-mai>i-sai, v. a. to mince. 

l-Iminemment, ai-me-nam-a», ad. etninently. 

Eminence, ai-me-na«s,y: eminence. 

Imminent, e, ai-me-na«, — t, a. eminent. 

Eminentissime, ai-me-na;(-tis-siin, a. tnost eminent, 

l{mir, ai-mccr, tn. emir. 

Emis, ai-mee, see Emettre. 

Emissaire, ai-mis-sair, m. emissary. 

Emission, ai-mis-syox, f. emission. [zine, stori. 

Enmiagasiner, a«-niag-az-e-nai, v. a. to lay in a inagt- 

Einmailloter, a>i-ma/-ot-ai, v. a. to siuaddle. 

Emmanchement, a«-ma«sh-ma«, m. Joint. 

Emmancher, a»«-ma«-!;hai, v. a. to haft; settle. 

Emmariner, a«-ma-re-nai, 71. a. to man. 

Emménagement, a;i-mai-nahj-nia;<, in. fumishitii:, 
settinggcods in order. 

Emménager, a«-mai-nahj-ai, v. a. to furnish a house. 

Emmener, a>i-mn3i, v. a. to carry a7oay, lead away. 

Emmenotter, ax-muh-not-ai, v. a. to handcuff. 

Emmieller, ax-myel-ai, v. a. to sweeten with honey; 
put honey into. 

Enmiitoufler, a«-me-too-flai, v. a. to muffle up, 

Emmortaiser, a»-mor-taiz-ai, v. a. to mortise. 

Emnmseler, an-mûz-lai, v. a. to muzzle. 

Einoi, ai-mwa, in.einotion, trouble. 

Emollient, e, ai-mol-ya;;, — t, a. emollient. 

Emolument, ai-mol-A-ma;(, in. etnolnment. 

Emonder, ai-moH-dai, v. a. to prune. 

Emondes, ai-mo«d,/". //. brandies lopped. 

Emotion, ai-moli-syoi/, f. emotion, commotion, f>ertiir- 

Emotter, ai-mot-ai, v. a. to break clods. [bat:rii- 

Emoucher, ai-moo-shai, v. a. to drive Jlies away. 

limouchcttc, ai-moo-shet,y: y7y-H(r/. 

Emouchoir, ai-moo-shwar, 

•Emoudre, ai-moo-dr, v. a. to grind ; whet. 

Emouleur, ai-moo-lur, tn. grinder. 

Emoulu, ai-moo-lû, see Emoudre. 

Emousser, ai-moo-sai, v. a. to take tht tnosi (iff; 
blunt; s'— , V, r, to grow blunt. 


t S3l 


Emoustiller, ai-moos-ti/-ai, v. a. to brisk uf. 
•i'.iiiinivoir, ai-iiuH)-vwar, v. a. to move, stir u/i ; aJT.-ct; \ 

i,_, V, r. ti< hé imnvit, troiihled. 
Iviiip.iillaKe, a«-pn/-alij, »i. sluffiiifr. 
iMiiiiaiUcr, a«-pa/-ai, v. a. to stuff, /•ack uf> tn straw. 
jMiipaiiluiir, a«-pa.'-ur, w;. cItair-itHjfir, chair-mciidcr. 
I'lupaleiiicnt, a«-pal-iiia«, m. em f alius. 
liiipalcr, a«-pal-ai, v. a. to impale. 
lùiipaii.iclicr, a«-pan-ash-ai, v. a. to flume. 
liinpaiincr. a/j-pan-nai, v. a. to brim; to, lay to. 
"jiipaqueter, a)i-pak-tai, v. a. to pack up. 

limparer, a/f-par-ai, v. r. to seize upon, take posses- 
kinpateiiient, a«-pat-iiia«, m. basement. [sion of. 

Kiiii'Ateiiicnt, a<i-paut-nia>;, nt. stickiness, rlammineis. 
lliiipAter, a«-pau-tai, v. a. to tnake sticky, inave 

iammy : fatten poultry. [allure : ivhecUle: 

F.inpaiinior, awpoli-inai, v. a. to strike 7oit/i the palm ; 
l-.iiipauimiro, a«-puh-mûr, y. pain-piece of a ^Uwe : 

antlers, pi. 
lùiipèclieiiicnt, a«-paysh-ma«, tn. hit, irance, obstacle. 
liinpOchcr, a;i-pay-bliai, v. a. to hitiiit", pre-cent, op- 
pose, prohibit ; s'— , z». r. to abstain from, forbear. 
l-iiipci^jne, a<i-payn-yir,/ upper leather. 
}JiipciincT, a«-peii-iiai, v. a. to feather. 
Jiiipcrcur, a;."-prur, m. emperor. 
liiijiuhatje, a«p-zalij, >«. starching. 
]■ iiipcser, a)/p-zai, v. a. to starch. 
liiipostcr, a«-pes-tai, v. a. to infect. 
V.m\^i\rcT, a«-pay-trai, v. a. toentansle, 
Ijiipliase, a;i-tauz,/ emphasis. 
ïùiipliatKiUf, a«-fat-ik, a. — mcnt, ai/. emphatical. 
Ijiipiétciiiciit, a«-pyet-ma«, ;«. encroachment. 
liinpietcr, a«-pyct-ai, v. n. to encroach. {one's self. 

l'ÀiiplIfrur, a«-pc-frai, v. a. to cram ; s' — , v. r. to cram 
] iiipilciiient, a«-pil-iiia«, wi. pilin,t; up. 
j^iiipilcr, a«-pe-lai, v. a. to pile, heap up. 
liiiipire, a/(-peer, tn. etnpite : power; cotnmand. 
liiiipircr, a;(-pe-rai, v. a. et ti. to make worse : jfrow 
}impiniiue, a«-pe-rik, a. empiric. [worse. 

Jiiiipirisiiie, a«-pe-risiii, tn. empiricism. 
lùiipl.icement, a«-plas-iiKui, tn. site, situation : 
liiniil.ltre, aH-plaii-tr, tn. plaster. [I'rouiui. 

liiiiplctte, aH-plet,y. purchase, barg^ain. 
I'linpllr, a«-plcer, v. a. to fill up, fill. 
limploi, a«-plwa, tn. employment, employ, business; 
llniployc, a«-plwa-yai, ni. clerk. {ojffice. 

liiiiploycr, a/i-plwa-yai, v. a. to employ, use ; s'— , v. r. 

tj apply one's self. 
I'jiipliiiner, a«-plft-niai, v. a. to feather. 
}{iiipoclier, a«-pi)sh-ai, v. a. to pocket. 
iiiipuiijiicr, a«-pwan-yai, v. a. to grasp, seize ; clutch. 
ùnpois, a«-pwa, ttt. starch. 

{nipi)isi)imeiiiciit, a«-pwa-zon-ma«, tn. poisotiing. 
iiiipoisoiiiicr, a«-pwa-son-ai, v. a. to poison. 

iiipoisoniicur, a«-pwa-son-ur, tn. poisoner. 

iiipoisser, a«-pwas-ai, v. a. to pitch over. [fis/t. 

iiipoissonnemcnt, a«-pwas-on-ina«, tn. stocking with 
tinpoissuiincr, a«-pwas-on-ai, v. a. to stock withyish. 

iiiporte, e, aw-por-tai, a. passionate, hot-headed. 

mportement, au-port-inax, m. transport ; rage ; 


iiiportcr, An-yior-\ai,v,a. to carry aivay, transport; 

lake off: obtain ; excel ; Y—, to get the better, prevail ; 

s — , V. r. tojly into passion ; run away. 

iiipotcr, a«-pot-ai, v. a. to pot. 
liiMprciiulre, a«-prai«-dr, t. a. to imprint, etigrave, 
'inprcintp, a>/-prai«t,y'. impression, print, [stamp. 

iiiprcsbc, e, a;/-pres-ai, a. bustling ; eager ; hasty. 

iiiprt'ssement, a>i-pres-iiia><, in. eager^iess, haste. 

hmi)resser, a«-prcs-ai, v. r. to be eager ; hasten. 

iiiprisoiineiiieiit, a«-pre-zon-ina>j, m. imprisonment, 

iiiprisonner, a«-pre-zoii-ai, v. a. to imprison. 

inprunt, ax-pru/i, in. loan. 

mpruiité, e, a«-pru«-tai, a, borrowed, false, aivk- 

iiiprunter, a>t-pru;<-tai, v. a. to borroiu. [ward. 

iiiprunteur, a«-pru«-tiir, tn. borrower. 
ipuantir, ax-pQ-nx-tecr, v. a. to ii.fect. 

iii|iii,imissoment. a»/-piVa«-tiss-iiia«, tn. stench. 

mu, ai-mû, see Emouvoir. 

iimlalciii-, ai-mûlit-ur, m. emulator, rival, 

iiiiilaticin, ai-mû-lali-syo;/,./; emulation, rivalship. 

luulatrice, ai-inû-la-triss,/: rival. 

iimic, ai-inCil, tn. rival, competitor. 

inulsion, ai-iiiûl-syo«,/: emulsion. 

n, a«, pr. in, into, from, by, as, like, to ; — l)as, 

below; de mieux — mieux, better and better ; —, pn. 

of him, ofher,ofit, of them; about, for or with him, 

her, it, etc.; thence ; some. 

ncabUne, a«-kah-bK1r, f. cablelenglh. 

ncadrement, a«-kah-dr-ma«, m. framitig ; frattu. 

■icaclrer, a«-kah-drai, v. a. to frame. 

icager, a«-kat;iai, v. a. to cage. 

liiicaissemcnt, .I'l-kaysma/x, tn. packing or laying u^ 

Encaisser, a/i-kay-sai, v. a. to pack up. lay up money. 
Encan, a«-ka«, in. auctii'it. 

s'l'incanaillor, a«-kan-a/-ai, i'. r. to keep low coin t'a ny. 
lincatpuT, a»-kak-,ti, v. a. to barrel up. 
I'incaquc'ur, a>i-kak-ur, m. lie who barrels up. 
s'lincastelcr, a«-kast-lai, t. r. lobe hvof-bouiid. 
Encastclure, a«-ka->t-li1r, /. the being hoo/-bound. 
Encastrement, a«-kas-tr-ma»(, in.seilint; intoa groove. 
Encastrer, a^i-kas-lrai, v. a. to set into a groove 
Encaustique, a;/-kohs-tik,y; encaustic. 
E'lcavement, a'l-kav-ma», in. laying in a cellar. 
i'.ncaver, a«-kav-ai, v. a. to lay in a cellar. 
Eiicaveur, a;(-kav-ur, tn. wine porter. 
•linceindre, a;j-s;ti;i-dr, v. a. to enclose. 
Enceinte, a;(-siu«t, a. pregnant ; — , /. enclosure; pre- 
lincens, a«-s;i>(, m. incense. [ciiict, 

lincensement, a;/-sii;/-sma«, m. incensing, 
lincenser, .vt-sax-sai, v. a. to incense. 
lùicunseur, a«-sa;/sur, in.Jlatlerer. 
Encensoir, a»i-sii«-swar, tn. censer. 
Encliainement, a«-sliayn-iiia«, tn. concntenatiott. 
Enchaîner, a«-sliayn-ai, v. a. to chain, enchain ; cott- 

itect ; s'— , V. r. to be linked. 
Encliaînure, a«-sliayn-ûr,/; chain-work. 
Enclianteler, aH-slia«-tlai, v. a. to set on gawntrees. 
Enchantement, a;<-sha>f-tnia», in. enchantment. 
Encliauter, a;<-sha'<-tai, v. a. to enchant. 
Enchanteur, a>i-sha;i-tur, tn. enchanter ; — tcresse, 

— iress.y; enchantress. 
Ench.lsser, a«-shau-sai, v. a. to enchase. 
ICnch.lssure, a«-sliau-sùr,/; eiuhasiiig. 
Encliausser, a«-sht)li-sai, v. a. to coz'er with litter. 
Enchère, a;i-shair, /; outbidding. 
Enchérir, a//-shai-reer, v. a. et n. to raise the price ; 

ou.'bid ; surpass ; rise in price. 
linclierissement, a;/-sliai-riss-ma«, m. rising in price. 
Enchérisseur, a«-shai-re-sur, m. outbidder. 
Enclievetrer, a«-shvay-trai, v. a. to halter; entangle; 
s'— , V. r. to entangle one's self. [nose, iheu ■n. 

Encliifrénenient, a«-she-fren-ma«, tn. stopping in tlu 
Enchifrener, iiw-she-fr-nai, v. a. to stop one's nose. 
Enclave, a«-klav,y; boundary, litnit. 
Enclavement, a'j-k!av-nia», m. enclosing. 
Enclaver, a;/-klav-ai, v. a. to enclose ; wedge. 
Enclin, e, a«-klai«, — klin, a. inclined. 
Encloitrer, a«-klwa-trai, v. a. to cloister up, 
•Enclore, a;(-klor, v. a. fo enclose. 
l'enclos, a;i-kloli, m. enclosure ; turn again. 
Enclouer, a«-kloo-ai, v. a. to nail up, spike. 
Enclouure, a«-kloo-ûr, f. pricking with a nail ; difft- 
Enclume, a« klûm.y; anvil. [cutty 

Enclumeau, a«-klû-:iioh, in. hand-anvil. 
Encoche, a«-kosli./". notch. 
Encocher, a«-kosh-.-ii, v. a. to notch. 
Ei\colfrer, aw-kof-rai, v. a. to lay up in a chest. 
Encoignure, a«-kon-yûr,y; corner. 
EncolU>;e, a«-kol-ahj, m. gumming. 
Encoller, a;(-kol-ai, v. a. to gum, paste. 
Encolure, a«-kol-ûr,y; chest ; appearance. 
Encombre, aH-koH-br,y; impediment. [cutttbraitre. 
Encombrement, a«-ko;ibr-niav. '"■ encumbering; en- 
Encombrer, an-ko«-brai, v. a. to encumber ; stop; em- 
à I'Encontre, a«-ko«-tr, ad. to the contrary ; against. 
Encore, aj(-kor, ad. yet, still; once more; besides. 
Encorné, a«-kor-nai, a. horned. [ezrn ; h.'W.Tcr. 

Encouragement, a«-koo-rahj-ma«, tn. encourageinent. 
Encourager, a«-koo-rahj-ai. v. a. to encourage; spur. 
•Encourir, a«-koo-reer, v. a. to incur. 
Encrass'.'r, a«-kras-ai, v. a. to soil. 
Encre, a;;-kr,y: ink. 
lincrer, a;/-krai, i'. a. to ink. 
Encrier, a«-kre-ai, tn. inkhorn. 
Encroué, aH-kroo-ai, a. entangled. 
s"Encroùter, a/;-kroo-tai, v. r. to gather a crust ; être 

encroûté, to be brimful. 
s'Encuirasser, a«-kwe-ras-ai, v. r. to put on a cuirass; 

grow rusty. 
Encuver, a;i-kû-vai, 7'. a. to put into a tub. 
Encyclopédie, aM-se-klop-ai-de,/; encyclopedia. 
Encyclopédi<iue, a;/-se-klop-ai ilik, a. encyclopedical. 
Encyclojjédiste, a«-se-klop-ai-dist, encyclopedist. 
Endémiiiue, a»-dai-mik, a. endemicat. 
Endenter, a«-da«-tai, v, a. to indent, dove-tail. 
Endetter, a«-det-ai, v. a. to make one run into debt; 

s — , V. r. to run into debt. 
lindiablé, e, a«-dyah-blai, a. devilish. 
Endiabler, a>i-dyah-blai, n, «. lo rage. 
s'Endimancher, a>(-de-ma>(-shai, v. r, to put on Sunday's 
Endive, dut-iXvi,/, tndive. Iclothts, 


[54 1 


Endoctriner, a>/-(Iok-trc-nai, v. a. lo iiidoctrinatt, in- 
Endolori, e, ax-doJ-o-rc, a. painful. [struct. 

KiidomiMn);enient, ax-dum-ahj-ina», m. damagt.injury, 
Hndoniiiia^er, a«-(loin-alij-!ii, v. a. to ftatnage. 
Eiidorincur, ax-dor-inur, m. lulutdltr, tonxer. 
I-lndoriiii, e, a;/-dor-me, a. aslttp, sleepy ; drowsy. 
•, a«-dor-n)cer, v. a. to lull asleep ; ■wheedle; 

tieuiiinb; s'— , 7'. r, to fall asleep. 
Endos, a;(-doli, m. endorsement. 
Endosse, a«-dolis,/". trouble, toil. 
I^ndossement, u;(-doh-SMia>/, tn. endorsement, 
endosser, ax-doh-sai, v. a. to endorse. 
Endosseur, a«-doh-sur, >«. endorser. 
Endroit, a«-drwa, m. place ; part. 
•lin<liiire, a«-dweer, v. a. to da over. 
E^ndiiit, a«-dwe, tn. plasterins; ; coat. 
Endurant, e, a«-dû-ra«, — t, a, patient. 
Endurcir, a;i-dûr-seer, v. a. to harden ; inure ; accus- 
tom ; s" — , V. r. to gro7u hard ; inure one's self. 
Endurcissement, a«-dilr-siss-nia«, ««. hardhearteduess. 
Endurer, a>/-dû-rai, v. a. to endure ; suffer. 
lincrgic, ai-nair-lijcyÇ enerf;y. 
lincrjjique, ai-nair-lijlk, a. — inent, ad. energetic. 
Enerjjumcine, ai-nair-j;û-niayn, «». demoniac ; one pes- 
I'.nerycr, ai-nair-vai, v. a. to eneniate. [sessed. 

Enfaiteau, a//-fay-toli, tn, rid>;e-tile. 
Enfaiter, a«-fay-tai, v. a. to roof. 
Enfance, ^n-U\its,f. infancy, childhood. 
Enfant, a«-fa«, tn. infant, child. 
Enfantement, a7<-fa«t-ma«, in. delivery. 
Enfanter, a;(-fa«-tai, v. a. to briuf^ forth ; give birth to. 
Enfantillage, a«-fa«-ti/-alij, m. childishness. 
Enfantin, e, a»(-fa«-tai;/, — tin, a. infantine, childish. 
Enfariner, a<«-far-e-nal, v. a. to white with meal. 
Enfcr, ax-fair, tn. hell. 
Enfermer, ax-fair-mai, v. a. to shut up ; enclose ; con- 

tain ; s' — , v. r. to shut one's self tip. 
Enferrer, a«-fair-;ii, v. a. to transfix ; s'— , v. r. to run 

one's self through. 
Enfilade, ax-fxi-lad.y; range : string. 
Enfiler, ax-fe-lai, v. a. to thread, file ; run throtigh ; 

s' — , V. r. to run otte's self through. 
Enfin, a«-fai«, c. in fine, at last. 
Enflammer, ax-flah-inai, v. a. to kindle ; itiflatne ; iti- 

cense ; s' — , v. r. to take fire. 
Enfler, a»-flai, v. a. et n. to swell, blow up ; s*— , v. r. 

to swell : increase. 
Enflure, a'/-flilr,y^ swelling, Hoatedness. [bottom. 

Enfoncement, a//-fo;i-sma;/, tti. breaking opeti ; hollow; 
Enfoncer, a»/-fo;(-sai, v. a. et n. to drive in, thrust in ; 

pull down ; force ; sink, give way ; s' — , V, t; logo 

deep in ; sink down in. 
Enfonceur, ax-fox-sur, tit. boaster, 
Enfonçure, a;(-fo//-sftr,y: bottom. 
Euforcir, a), v. a. to strenglhett ; — , v. ti. et 

s'—, V. r. to grow stronger. [to bury one's self. 

Enfouir, ax-fweer, v. a. to bury in thegroutiii ; s'— , v. r. 
Enfouissement, .ix-fwiss-niax, tn. hiding in the ground. 
Enfourcher, ax-foor-sliai, v. a. to bestride. 
linfourner, a«-foor-nai, v. a. to put in the oven ; mal — , 
•Enfreindre, ax-fraix-dr, v. a. to infringe, [to b,-gin ill. 
Enfroquer, ax-frok-ai, v. a. to make one turn tiionk ; 

s' — , V. r. to turn monk. 
•s'Enfuir, ax-fweer, v. r. to run away, escape ; leak, 
Enfvuner, a;«-fiVuiai, v. a. to besmok';. 
Enj;a({eantes, ax-galij-axt,/;//. ruffles. [action. 

Entjagement, ax-^ahj-ma«, m. engageinent ; pawning; 
En>;ai;er, ax-j;alij-ai, v. a. to engage ; pawn ; pledge ; 

induce; etittingle ; — le combat, to bring on the 

action ; s' — , v. r. to engage one's self, be bound : run 
Entjainer, a«-gay-nai, v. a. to sheath. [in debt. 

Enjjarder, ax-trar-dai, v. a. to forbid. 
Engeance, a>/-Tiia;(S,y; breed, brood. 
Engelure, ax-hjiflr,./; chilblain. 
Engendrer, a;/-hja;(-dral, v. a. to engender ; breed; 

s— , V. r. to be produced, grow. 
Engerbcr, ax-hjair-bai, v. a. to sheave. 
Engin, ax-lijaix, tn. engine, tool. 
Englober, ax-glob-ai, v. a. to clap together ; unite. 
Engloutir, ax-gloo-teer, v. a. to swalloiu up ; dissipate. 
Engluer, a;/-giiVai, v. a. to daub with birdlime. 
I'jigoncer, a;(-go;(-sai, ?'. a. to cramp. 
lingorgement, ax-gorlij-niax, tn. stoppage ; obstruction. 
Engorger, ax-gor-njai, v. a. to choke up, stop; s' — , v. r, 

to get choked 
Engouement, ax-goo-max, tn. choking ; infatuation. 
Engouer, a«-goo-ai, v. a. to choke up ; s'— , v. r. tochoke 

one's silf ; be infatuated with. 
s'Engouflrer. ax-goo-frai, v. r. to be engulfed, 
Engouler, a^J-goo-lai, v. a. to gobble up. 
Engoflment, see Engouement. [y. r. to grow dull. 

■fingourdir, ax-goor-deer, v, a, to benitmltj dull; *'— , 

Engourdissement, ax-goor-iliss-max, tn. iiiunhnett; 
Engrais, ax-gray, »i. /iJj/(<r<r ,• manure. [torpor. 

Engraissement, a«-gray-snia;i, tn. fattening; ma- 

Engraisser, ax-gray-sai, v. a. to fatten ; tnanure ; —, 

V. ti. et s" — , V. r. togrowfat ; grow rich. 
Engranger, nx-grax-hjai, v, a. to get in house. 
lingravement, ax-grav-max, tn. running aground. 
lingr.iver, ax-grav-ai, v. a. et n. to run aground. 
lùigrèlure. ax-gray-lflr,/.'/Kf/. [catch; indeiil. 

lingrencr, ax-gr-nai, v. a. et ti. toputinthe mill-hopper, 
s'Hngrumeler, ax-grflm-lai, z>. r. to clot, coagulate. 
Enhardir, an-;ir-deer, v. a. to emliolden. 
Enharmonique, an-ar-mo-nik, a. enhartnottic. 
Enharnaclier, an-ar-nash-ai, v. a. to harness. 
Enigm.atique, ai-nig-mat-ik, a. —ment, ad.etiigttmtictL 
Enigme, ai-nigm,X«'"<A''""'> riddle. 
I'nivreincnt, ax-ne-vr-max, tn. intoxicatiott. 
Enivrer, a«-ne-vrai, v. a. to intoxicate ; infatuate ; s'- 

v. r. to be intoxicated. 
Enjambée, ax-hjax-bai, f. stride. 
Enjamber, ax-hja;;-bai, v, a. et n. to stride 07'er, stridt; 

jut, encroach upon. 
I'jijaveler, ax-hjav-lai, v. a. to bundle stalks of corn. 
Enjeu, ax-hjuli, tn. stake. 

•lùijoindre, ax-lijwai;(-dr, v. a. to enjoin ; charge. 
Enjôler, a//-lijoh-lai, 7/. a. to coax, wheedle. 
Enjôleur, ax-iijoh-lur, m. coaxer, wheedler. 
linjolivenient, ax-lijol-iv-niax, tn. etnbellishtnent, 
Unjolivcr, ax-hjol-e-vai, ■■'. a. to embellish, set off, 
linjoliveur, ax-njol-e-viir, in. setter off. 
Enjolivure, ax-lijo-le-vflr. /: set-off. 
Enjoué, ax-lijoo-ai, a. playful, sportive. 
Enjouement, EnjoÛment, ax-lijoo-niax, tti. playfulness, 

linlaccment, ax-Ltu-smax, tn. tiin'stiiig. 
Enl.acer, ax-lau-sai, v. a. to lace ; tivist ; s' — , v. r. to hi 

locked, twisted. ["!,''> 

Knlaidir, ax-lay-deer, v. a. et ti. to make tigly ; grou 
ICnlaiilissenient, .ax-lay-dissniax, tn. growing ugly. 
Hnlèvcment, ax-l.ayv-niax, tn. removal; rape. 
linlever, ax-lvai, v. a. to lift up ; pull out : pick out. 

carry off; blow up ; reinozie ; buy up ; charm ; s- 

V. r. to rise ; come off; peel off. 
Enlevure, nn-\\\\T,f. shred, blister, < 
Enlier, ax-lyai, v. a. to unite, bind. 
Eiiligner, ax-lin-yai, v. a. to level. 
Enluminer, ,ax-lû-mc-nai, 7/. a. to colour. 
Enlumineur, ax-lfi-me-nur, tn. colourer. 
Enluminure, ax-hVnie-ni1r,y; colouring. 
Ennemi, e, en-me, a, hostile; adverse; — , tn. enemy. 
Ennoblir, an-nob-leer, v. a. to ennoble. [spUc: 

Eimui, an-nwe, tn. tediousness ; weariness ; sorio 
Ennuyant, e, an-nwe-yax, — t, a. annoying, tiresomil 

tedious, I 

Ennuyer, an-nwe-yai, v. a. to tire, weary, annoy ; s'-| 

V. r. to be tired, be weary. 
Ennuyeux, se, an-nwe-yuh, — z, a. —sèment, (i.| 

tedious, tiresome. 
Enoncé, ai-no;;-sai, tn, declaration. 
Enoncer, ai-nox-sai, v. a. to express. [clarali: 

Enonciatif, ivc, ai-no;(-syat-if, — iv, a. enunciative ; At 
Enonciation, ai-nox-syah-syo;;, f. enunciation ; ulln 

ance ; delivery, [up ; s'— , v. r. to bepn<ii:\ 

Enorgueillir, an-or-ghe/-eer, v. a. to make proud, /ii. 
Enorme, ai-norn>, a. — émc.:it, ad. enorittous, //.^ 

digious, huge. 
Enormitc, ai-nor-me-tai,yC enormity, hugeness, 
Enouer, ai-nou-ai, 7). a. to unknow. 
•s'Enquérir, ax-kai-reer, v. r. to i»quire. 
Enquête, ax-keyt,/: inquest, inquiry. 
s'Enquêter, ax-keyt-ai, v. r. to inquire. 
s'Enraciner, ax-ras-e-nai, v. r. to take root. 
Enragé, e, ax-rahj-ai, a. mad, raging ; — , tn. w/n* 
Enrager, ax-rahj-ai, 7'. «. to run mad, rage. [iiiA 
Enrayer, ax-ray-yai, v. a. et n. to put on the dni^y 

tnake the first furro^u. 
Enrayure, ax-ray-fir, f. trigger ; platform. 
Enrégimenter, a;(-rai-hje-niax-tai, v. a. to enroll. 
Enregistrement, ax-r;</(-hjis-tr-max, tn. enrollti\ei>\ 

Enregistrer, ax-r»<A-hjis-trai, ■z'. a. to enroll, register 
Enrhumer, ax-rû-mai, v. a, to cause a cold ; s — , r. 

to catch cold. 
Enrichir, ax-rish-eer, v. a. toenrich ; s' — , v. r. to.i;ri 
Enrichissement, ax-rish-iss-max, tn. enriching. (m4 
Enrôlement, ax-rohl-fliax, tn. enlisting; cnlistiniii:\ 
Enrôler, ax-roh-lai, z'. a. to enlist ; s' — , v. r. to en.. 
Enrouement, a/t-roo-max, m^ hoarseness', [one's i(.\ 
Enrouer, a»-roo-ai, v. a. to tnake hoarse; s— , v. r.i 

becottu hoarse. [grow ruai 

EnrouUler, a»-rool-al, v. a, to make rusty ; s'— , v. r\ 


nrouler, aM-rooI-ai, v. a. to roll round; wrap in ; 

s'— , T'. r. to roll round, 

nsalileinent, a«-sau-bl-nia«, in. saudhatik. 

iisililer, a>/-saii-bl<ii, v. a. to run a,çroi<nd. 

...idler, an-aish-ai, v. a. to /lit into a saik. 

iisaisiiier, a»/-sai-ziii-ai, v. a. to invest ivit'i. 

nsaiiKlanter, a<i-&a)i-)ila>/-tai, v. a. to stain with blood. 

nsciKiie, a«-saiii-y^, /. sign, token: sign-post, in- 

sii;ii(\y: — s, //. standard; —, >;/. ensign; second 


iihciKnciiient, a«-sayn-y<--iiia>/, tn. in/oi motion ; 

t far/ling. 

iiscii;!»-:, . «sayn-yai, v. a. to teach ; point out, 

iiselie, e, .iH-sef-ai, a. saddle-hacked. 

iiseinble, aH-s;i«-bl, ad. together ; —, tn. the iK'holi. 

iiscinenceinent, a;M«/(-ma«-sma;/, in. sowing. 

nscincncer, a»»-s///j-nia«-sai, v. a. to sow, 

iisevclir, aw-suv-leer, v, a, lo bury ; s'— , v. r. to bury 

one's self. 

nscvclisseincnt, a/i-suv-liss-nia«, in. burying. 

nsorcclcr, a«-sors-l.ii, v. a. to bewitch. 

iisorceleur, a«-sors-lur, m. bewitcher. 

iiisorcollemcnt, a;(-sor-sel-ma;;, ««. witchcraft, sptll. 

;nsoufrer, a;/-soo-frai, v. a. to sulphurate, 

nsDuple, aH-so()-pl,y: cane-roll. 

nsiiite, a«-swit, ad. afterwards, then. 

I'Jiiisuivre, a«-swivr, v. r. to follow, result. 

iitableineiil, a«-tali-bl-iiiaw, >n. entablature, 

Kntabler, a;i-tali-blai, v. n. to entable, 

ntacher, a</-tasli-ai, v. a. to taint. 

ntaille, a«-ta/,/ notch ; slash. 

iitailler, a«-taAai, v. a. to notch, jag, 

nlaillure, a>i-ta/-c1r,y: see Hntailfc. 

iitaiiicr, a«-tainai, j'. a. to make the first cut ; open, 

nuimuvc, iin-Uiim-(tr,f. cut ; Jirst cut. [begin; break. 

iitasseinent, a>(-tau-siiia;i, in. heap. 

iilasscr, a«-tau-sai, 7'. a. to heap up ; crowd, 

iitc, a«t,/ graft ; grafted tree. [tellect, 

ntctuleiiient, aH-ta;/-diiia>;, in. understanding ; in- 

iitemlre, a«-ta«-dr, v. a. to hear ; understand ; 

mean ; s" — , v. r. to understand ; kno7v; beskilfulin. 
iiteiulii, e, a;('tan-cUV prt. heard ; skilful; liien —, 
well contrived ; to be sure, by all means ; bien — 
((uc, ufon condition, 
mciite, a;i-ta>/t,/: meaning ; understanding; 
liter, a«-tai, v. a. to graft, ingraft. 
iitériiiLMiicnt, aH-tai-riii-ina«, in. ratifying. 
iitcriiiL-r, aH-tai-re-iiai, i'. a. to grant, conjirtn, 
iiterrciueiit, a>Mair-iiia;<, in. burial. 
nterrer, aw-tair-ai, v. a. to bury ; s' — , v. r. to retire. 
iitotc, e, a»i-tay-tai, a. obstinate ; — de, conceited of. 
iiti-tciiieiit, aj(-tayt-iiia«, in. obstinacy ; conceitediiess. 
meter, a«-t.iy-tai, v. a. et n. to cause the headache ; 

infatuate ; s —, v. r. to be conceited, infatita'ed, 
ntliousiasme, a«-too-zyasiii, in. enthusiasm. [tiire. 
iitliouiiasiiicr, aH-too-zyas-iiiai, v. a. to put in rap- 
litliousiaste, aH-too-zyast, in. enthusiast; fanatic ; 
—, a. enthusiastical. 
nticlier, a;/-tc-shai, v. a. to taint, infect. 
iitier, ère, a;/-tyai, — r, a. — èremelit, ad. entire : com- 
plete ; obstinate ; en —, totally ; en son — , at full 
length : cheval — , stallion. 

itilé, a;i-te-tai,/ entity, 

itoiler, aH-twa-Uii, v. a. to paste upon canvas, 

itoiiioioifie, a«-lo-ino-io-hje,./". entomology. 

tonner, a»i-ton-ai, v. a. to put into a cask ; begin to 
[sing, tune, 

itonnoir, a«-ton-war, in. funnel; shaft [of a mine). 

torse, a'<-torss, /. sprain. [perplexity. 

tortilleineiit, a;/-tor ti/-ma», in. twisting, twining ; 

tortiller, aH-tor-ti/-ai, v. a. to wrap up; twist ; dis- 

'ort : perplex: s' — , v. r. to loind : entangle o>ies 

itour. a«-toor, m. environs ; those about one, [self. 

touriije, aH-too-rahj, in.frame. 

toiirer, a»-too-rai, v. a. to enclose, surround. 

tourii'.ire, a;i-toor-nflr,j^ cuff, 

ntraccuscr, a;f-trak-û-zai, v, r. to accuse one 

itr'acto, a»-trakt, tn. interlude. [another. 

ntr'aider, a»-trai-dai, v. r. to help one another. 

traillcs, a«-tra/,/: //. bowels, entrails; tender affec- 


ntr'ainier, aM-tray-mai, v. r. to love one another. 

itrajnement, a»-trayn-ma», in. sway, rapture. 

[trainer, a« tray-nai, v. a. to carry away ; gain over; 

' -ansport. 

ntr'appeler, a»-trap-lal, v. r. to call one another. 

itraver, ax-trav-ai, v. a. to shackle ; fetter. 

'ntr'avertir, aw-trav-air-teer, v. r. to give one another 

Itraves, ?iti-Uay,f. pi. shackles, pt. [notice. 

re, a«-tr, pr. between, betwixt; among, into. 
re-bAiller, a»-tr-ba/-ai, v. a, to set ajar, 
Intre-baiser, an-tr-bay-zal, v, r. to kiss one another. 



s'Hntrc-choqucr, a»-tr-shulc-al, v. r. to tftuh one 

against another, 

lintrccouper, a«-tr-koo-pai, v. a. to cross; break off; 
inlerse<:t ; s" — , v. r. to hit one leg against tiie other. 

s'Eiitre-croiscr, nx-tr-kro-ali-zal, t-. r. to cross oni 

1-ntre-deux, aw-tr-duh, in. intermediate space. 

•s'l{nlre-dire, a»/-tr-deer, v. r. to tell one another. 

s'ltntrc-donner, a</-tr-di>n-ai, v. r. to g ii'e one another. 

Hntroe, a«-trai, /. entrance, entry; beginning ; Jirst 
course : duty ; custom. [the meanwhile. 

I'litrefaites, a«-tr-fct, / //. dans ces — , sit ces — , in 

s'limre-frnppcr, a«-tr-frap-al, v. r. to strike one 

lintret;ciit, a«-tr-lija«, in. shrewdness. [another. 

s'Iiiitr'ègorRer, a«-trai-({or-lijai, v. r. to cut each other's 

nntrelacement, ax-tr-lau-siiiax, in. wreathing. 

liiitrclacer, aw-tr-laii-sai, f. a. to interlace. 

liiitrclacs, aM-tr-lah, m. pi. things interlaced ; knot. 

liiitrelarder, ax-tr-lar-dai, v. a. to interlard. 

l{iitrc-lii{ne, a«-tr-liii-yir,y; interlineation. 

•liiitre-mlre, aH-trli'i-eer, v. n. to glimmer. 

liMtreiiiéler, a«-tr-iiiay-lai, v. a. to intermingle, insert ; 
s' — , V. r, to intermeddle, interfere. 

Entremets, a//-tr-iiiay, m. by-dish. 

Entremetteur, a»(-tr-met-ur, in. go-between, [fere, 

•s'Entremettre, a;«-tr-iiiet-tr, v. r. to intermeddle, inter- 

1-ntreinise, a«-tr-ii:iz,y: interposition ; mediation. 

•s intre-niiire, a«-tr-nweer, î'. r. to hurt one another. 

i;ntrf|)as, a«-tr-|iaii, tn. broken pace. 

s'Eiitre-percer, a/z-tr-pair-sai, v. r. to run each other 

liiitre-poiit, a;/-tr-po;;, ;;/. beticeen-decks. [through, 

l-'iitreposer, a«-tr-poh-zai, v. a. to store up. 

Entre|>oseur, aw-tr-poli-ziir, tn. storehouse-clerk. 

lùitrepôt, a;;-tr-poli, tn. warehouse, entrepot, [daring. 

Entreprenant, e, a;/-tr-pr;</(-na«, — t, a, enterprising ; 

•Entreprendre, a«-tr-pra«-dr, 7/. a. et n. to iinderliike, 
attempt ; set upon ; — sur, to encroach upon. [tor. 

Entrepreneur, a;(-tr-i>ri//Muir, in. undertaker, contrac- 

Entreprise, a«-tr-priz,y; enterprise ; encroachment. 

s'Entrc-quereller, aw-tr-kwA-rel-ai, v. r. to giiai rcl with 
each other. 

Entrer, a;(-trai, v. ii. to enter; begin; participate ; 
faire — , to send in, introduce. [another. 

s'Entre-regarder, aw-tr-rxA-nar-dai, v. r. to look at one 

s'Entre-répondre, a«-tr-rai-po;(-dr, v. r. to answer one 

•s'Eiitre-secourir. aw-tr-s«A-koo-reer, v. r. to hel/f out 

Entre-sol, a»-tr-sol, m. entersole. [another. 

•s'Entre-suivre, a«-tr-swivr, v. r. to follow each other. 

s'Entre-tailler, a;(-tr-t.i/-ai, v. r. to cut. 

lîntre-taillure, a«-tr-t.i/-i*ir,/; cutting. 

Entre-tenips, a«-tr-t;wi, m. ineainvhile. 

•Entretenir, aw-tr-tneer, v. a. to hold fast ; keep up ; 
maintain ; entertain; amuse; s' — , v. r. to keep; 

I-ntretien, a»-tr-tyai>;, tn. maintenance, keeping; con- 

Eiitretoise, a«-tr-twaz, / tie-piece. [vei sation. 

•Entrevoir, a>«-tr-vo-ar, v. a. to have a glimpse of; fore- 
see ; s' — , to have an interview with. 

Kntrevue, a«-tr-vu,/; interz'ieio. 

•lintr'ouir, a«-troo-eer, v. a. to overhear. 

•Entr'ouvrir, a>»-troo-vreer, v. a. to half open ; s" — , 

V.Mtate, an-tttr.f. grafting. [t. r. to gape. 

Enumeration, ai-nO-mai-rali-sy&«, / enumeration. 

Eiiuinérer, ai-nÛ-iiu«i-rai, v. a. to enumernte. 

Env.ihir, a«-vah-ccr, 7/. a. to invade. 

Eiiv.tliisseincnt,a>(-vali-is-iiia», m. in^'asion ; infringe- 

Envahisseur, a«-vali-e-sur, in. invader. [incnt. 

Envelopi)e, an-\\o\i,f. envelope : wrapper. 

Envelopper, aw-vlop-ai, v. a. to en-.elop, wra/> ;</ .• sur- 
round ; disguise ; s' — , v. r. to wrap one's self up. 

EnvL'niiiier, a;<-vne-iiiai, v. a. to envenom, poison , pro- 

Eiiverguer, a>i-vair-jjai, 7». a. to fasten the sails to the 

Enverrai, a«-vair-ay, see Eiivojcr. [yadt. 

Envers, a«-vair, pr. tinoard.^. to ; —, in. lorong siuc; 
!\ y — , outward ; cross-grained. 

Envi, a«-ve, ii 1' — , ad. wilh emulation. 

lînvie, i\n-\e,f. envy : longing: /law; mark. 

Envier, a«-vyai, v. a. to envy ; desire. 

Envieux, se, a«-vyiih, — z, a. enrions. 

En vine, e, a«-ve-nai, a. seasoned with wine. 

linviron, a«-ve-ro«, ad. about, near, almost. 

ICnvironner, aM-ve-ron-ai,T'. a. to surround, encompass. 

Environs, a«-ve-ro«, environs, pi. 

Envii^ager, a«ve-sahj-ai, v. a. to eye, face ; regard. 

Envoi, a;i-vwa, in. sending ; message ; invoice. 

s'Envoler, a>i-vol-ai, v. r. to fly away. 

Envoyé, a«-vwa-yai, in. ein'oy, deputy. 

Envoyer, a«-vwa-yai, ». a. to send. 

Epagneul, ai-pan-yuhl, ;;/. spauitL 


I 56] 



&pals, se, ai-pay, — ss, a. thick, clumsy ; solid 

Hpaisscur, ai-pay-siir,/! thickntss : ilrfllt. 

I^paissir, ui-pay-st-cr, v. ir. et n. to thù ken ; s^rou' thick ; 

*'— , V. r. to thicken ; X'roiv thick. 
]i|>aississciiicnt, ai iKiy-sissiii.i«, i/i, thickening. 
K|)ariipr»;im.i\t, ni-pa</-priii.i;/, w. triiniiij;. 
I'ipainpixT, ai-pa>/-prai, t. u. Ii< {iriiite. 
l-.pancliciiicnt, aipaH-sliiii.i)/, in. flouring out; effusion. 
iii>aiic)icr, ai'paf'sliai, v. a. to pour out : of en, iiisdoie ; 

s'— , V. r. to overJUni: \v. r. to sfread. 

Upandro, a!-pa»-(Ir, v. a. to four out ; scatter; s'— , 
lipanoiiir, ai-pan-wcer, %>. «r. to make merry; s" — ,v. r. 

to àlo^v, bloom ; groiu cheerful. 
Eiianouisseniciit, ai-pan-\viss-nia«, m. blo^ving; mirth, 
'Sparer, ai-par-ai, t>. r. toyerk, kick. [cheerfulness. 
ipartfnt;, ai-j>arn-y^,y; farsimony ; saving. 
JUpar^ner, ai-parn-yai, r>. a. to save, sfare ; s" — ,v. r. to 

s fare one's sel/ trouble. 
Uparpillcment, ai par-pi/-ina», m. scattering. 
^ liparpillcr, ai-par-piZ-ai, v. a. to scatter. 
' lipars, c, ai-par, — ss, a. scattered. 
Eparviii, ai-par-vai», ;«. sfavin. 

lipatcT, al-pat-ai, v. a. to //ntten ; — \\n verre, to break 
Ep^iulc, ai-polil,./; shoulder. \the foot oj a glass. 

Hpaulé, e, ai-poii-lai,y. shoulder-shotten. [helf. 

Epauler, ai-poh-lal. v. a. to fut the shoulder onto/ joint ; 
Epaulette, ai-poli-lett,/ shoulder-fiece, epaulet. 
Epave, ai-p<iv, a. strayed ; flotsam ; —,/. tuaif. 
Epeautre, ai-poli-tr, m. sfelt. 
Epée, ai-pal,,/; sword. 

Epeler, ai-plai, v. a. to s fell ; — mat, to misspell, 
Epellation, ai-pcl-lali-syo«,y; s felling. 
Eperdu, e, ai-pair-dfl, a. disttacted. 
Eperlan, at-pair-la«, /«. smelt. 
Eperon, ai-pro;<, «/. s fur ; beak-head. 
Eperonner, ai-pron-ai, v. a. to sfuron. 
Eperoimier, ai-pron-yai, m. sfurinaker. 
Epervier, ai-paîr-vyai, ?«. sfarroiv-hawk. 
Epliémère, ai-fai-iiiair, a. efhemeral ; — ,/. day-fly. 
Ephore, ai-for, tn. ef horns. 
Epi, ai-pe, m. ear, sfike; tu/t (o/hair). 
Epice, ai-piss, /. sfice ; pain d'— , gingerbread ; — s, //. 
Epicer, ai-pe-sai, v. a. to sfice. [fees, pi. 

Epicerie, iii-pe-sre./; sfices, grocery. 
Epicier, ai-pe-syai, >n. grocer. 
Epidémie, ai-pc-dai-me, /; epidemical disease. 
Epidémique, ai-pe-ilai-niik, a. epidemic, epidemical. 
Epier, ai-pyai, v. a. et n. to watch ; shoot into ears. 
Epierrer, ai-pyair-ai, v. a. to clear 0/ stones. 
Epieu, ai-pyufi, tn. boar-spear. 

Epigrainmatique. ai-pe-jfraiil-mat-ik, a. e/igramma- 
Epigramme, ai-pe-gram.y: epigram. [tical. 

Epiijraphe, ai-pegraf,/: motto. 
Epilepsie, ai-pe-lep-se,/! epilepsy. 
lipileptique, ai-pe-Iep-tik, a. epileptic. 
Epiler, ai-pe-lai, v. a. to depilate. 
Epilogue, ai-pe-log, m. epilogue. 
Epiloguer, ai-pe-log-ai, v. a. to criticize. 
Epilogueur, ai-pe-log-ur, ni. critic. 
Epinard, ai-pe-nar, tn. spinage. 
Epine, ai-pin,/^ thorn ; — du dos, backbotte. 
Epinette, ai-pe-net,/. spinet. 

Epineux, se, ai-pe-nuh,— z, a. thorny; tiiklish, captious. 
Epingle, ai-pai»-gl, /. /»'« .• — s, f I. f resent, pin-money. 
Epinglette, ai-pai«-ghlet,/; priining-?uire, 
Epinglier, ai-pai«-gnle-ai, tH. pin-maker. 
Epiphanie, ai-pe-fan-e,/; Tivelflh-Ude. 
Epique, ai-pik, a. efic. 
Episcopal, e, ai-pis-kop-al, a. efiscofal. 
Episcopal, ai-pis-kop-ah, tn. episcopacy. 
Episode, ai-pe-zod,/; episode. 
Episodique, ai-pe-zod-ik, a. episodical. 
Epissoir, ai-pe-swar, in. fid. 
Epissure, ai-pe-sftr.y: splice. 
Epistolaire, ai-pis-tol-air, a. epistolary. 
Epitaphe, ai-pe-taf,y: efitafh. 
Epithalame, ai-pe-ta-lani, m. epithalamiuitt. 
Epithète, ai-pe-tet,y: epilhet. 
Epitome, ai-pe-toh-inai, nt. epitottu. 
Epitre, ai-pce-tr,y; epistle. 
Epizootie, ai-pe-zo-o-te,/: epizooty. 
Eploré, ai-plor-ai, a. all in tears. \m picking. 

Epluchage, ai-plflsh-ahj, Eplucliement ai-plûsh-ma;<. 
Eplucher, ai-plush-ai, v. a. to pick ; scan, sift. 
Eplucheur, ai-plûsh-ur, tn. picker; fault-finder. 
Epiuchoir, ai-plûsh-war, tn. paring-km/i. 
Epluchure, a.\-\>\iis)\-&t,f. pickings, pi. 
Epode, ai-pod,/; efode. 
Epointer, ai-pwai»!-tai, v. a. to blunt. 
Eponge, ai-po<riij,y: sponge. 
Eponger, at po«-hjai, v. a. (a sponge. 
Epopee, iii-pop-ai,/: epopee. 

Epoque, al-pok,/ efoth, period. 

Hpuuiiioner, iiipoo-mon-aL »'. a, to lire the lungt 

ICpousiiilles, ai-uoo-/.i/.y; //. nufiials, fl. 

Epouse, alpoiii,/. spouse, consort. 

I^piinséf, ai-piM).2,ii,/. find'. 

I'poustT, aijioo-zai, v a. to espouse, marry, 

ICpouseur, aipoozur. m. marrying man. 

Iqjoiisseler, ai-poo-stai, v. a. to brush, dint. 

lipouvanlaMt ui-ooo-vaM-tah-bl, a. —mt:nX, ad. fright 

ful, dreadful 
Hpouvant.iil, ai-ooo-va«ta^ m. scarecro7v. 
E|)ouvanto, i\\-\tiyo.\,im. /.fright, tenor 
Epouvanter, aipoo-va<(-tai, v. a. toJr>j<hteit , ttrri.'j, 

s' — , V. r. to he fl ightened. 
Epoux, ai-poo, m. sfouse, husband. 
•Itpreindre, ai-prai«-dr, v. a. to squeext out. 
I';^)ri-inte, ai-prai/it./i i;rifes. 
*s Eprendre, ai-pra>i-(lr, v. r. to be stnittfii. 
lipreuve, ai-pruhv, f. trial ; froof; à I — , h toute - 

froof against. 
Epris, e, ai-pre, — z, a. enamoured. 
Eprouver, aiproo-vai, v. a. to try ; e.xperience, 
E|)r<)uvelte, aiproo-vet,/; /»i)*^; pro^'Cr. 
lipucer, ai-piVsai, v. a. toflca. 
Epuisement, .lipwiz-nia», m. exhaustion. 
Hpiiiscr, ai-pwe-zai, v. a. to drain, exhaust ; s'— , 

to be dried up. 
Enuratif, ive, ai-pfl-ratif, — iv, a. purifying. 
Epuration, iiipiirali-syo»/,/; Epurement, ai-pdrman 

>«. piiri/yiiig : refinement. 
Epurer, ai-piVr.ii, v. a. to puri/y ; refine ; s'— , v. 
Eciuarrir, ai-kar oer, v. a. to si/iiare. [be purij.ii 

ICquarrissage, aikare-sahj, m. squareness. 
Equarrissemcnt, ai-k,ar-issina», m. squaring. 
Kquarrisseur, ai-kar-e-sur, m. horse-killer. 
liquateur, aikwali-tur, m. equator. 
Equation, ai-k\vali-syo«.y. equation, 
lûiuerre, ai-kair, /. square. 
liquestre, ai-kwestr, a. equestrian. 
Ii(|ui<li6tant, e, ai-kwe-dis-ta«, — t, a. equidistant. 
liquilibre, ai-ke-libr, tn. equilibrium. 
Equinoxe, ai-ke-noks,/! equinox. 
liquipage, ai-ke-palij, m. ei/uifage ; larriage ; crew. 
P.ciuipée, ai-ke-pai,/. frank. 

]''(|uipcinent, ai-kip-ma», m. equipment, fitting out. 
Equiper, ai-ke-pai, v. a. to equip, fit out ; s' — . v. r. 

equip one's self 
E(|uipollence, ai-ke-pol-la»;s,y? equipollenc;. 
l{quipollont, e, ai-ke-pol-l.i«, — t, a. equipollent, equivt 
Equipollcr, ai-ke-pol-lai, v. n. to be equivalent. [/cut 
Equitable, aike-tali-bl, a. —nient, ad equitable. 
'•"quitation, ai-kwctalisyo«. f. ridini;. 
Eq-.'ité, ai-ke-tai, / equity, rightiiess. 
Equivalent, ai-ke-val-a«, m. equivalent. [balomi 

•li<luiv,Joir, aike-val-war, v. n. to be equtvalnn 
Equivoque, aikc voV. t. equivocal; doubtful; 

equivocation . ambiguity. 
Equivoquer, ai-ke-vok-ai, v. n. to equivocate. 
Erable, ai-rah-bl, tn. tnaple-tree. 
Eradication, airad-e-kali-syo»»,/. eradtcaiion ; extirft 
1- rafler, ai-rah-flai. v. a. to i;raze. \tm 

Eraflure, ai-rali-flflr,/; slight scratch. 
Eraillure, a;-r.i/-ûr, /. frayint;. 
liratd, e, iii-rat-ai, a. sprightly, brisk. 
I->ater, ai-rat-.ii, 7/. a. to pull out the spleen. 
lire, air,/ era, epoch. 
I{rection, ai-rek-syo«,y; erection. 
s'Ereinter, ai-rai>i-tai, v. a. to break one's bad. 
Eréniitique, ai-rai-mitik, a. eremitical. 
Ergot, airgoil, m. spur ; smut. 
Krijoté, airgotai, a. spurred ; smutty. 
Iir(,'oter, air-got .li, %: n. to cavil, wrangle ; find fnu\ 
Itrgoteur, airgot-ur, in. caviller, ivrangler. 
Ergotismc, air-got-ism, >«. wrangling. 
Eriger, ai-re-hjai, v. a. to erect, establish; s' — , v, t 
ErEuinette, air-nie-''et,y; adze. [set up l<\ 

Ermitage, air-mc-tahj. m. hermitage. 
Ermite, air mit, .7/. hermit, recluse. 
Erosion, ai-roh-zyo«,y. erosion. 
Erotique, ai-rot-ik, a. erotic. 
Errata, air-rah-tah, m. erratic. 
lirre, sSr, /pace; rate ; — s, //. traces, pi. track. 
Errements, air-ma», tn. pi. traces, pi. 
Errer, air-rai, v. 11. to rvander, ramble ; err, mistattf 
Erreur, air-rur,/ error, mistake. 
Erroné, e, air-ron-ai, ii. —ment, ad. erroneous. 
Ers, er, ni. filch. 

Eructation, ai-rflk-tah-syo>i,y! eructatioit. 
I'.rudit, e, ai-rft-de, — t, a. erudite, leanied. 
Erudition, ai-rû-de-syoM,/; erudition. 
Erugineux, se, ai-ru-hjenuh, — c, a, emgiticiu. 


( 57 1 


SruptIon.i. l-rftp-syOM, /.»rM/>//o«. , , . 

isc.ilieau, t. kab-oli, m. Kscabellc, es-kab-el,/ stool. 
[bcaiire, es-kali-dr, / stfuajron. 
caiiron, es-kail-row, m. sguaiiron. 
calaile, es-ka-lad.y: escaladt. 
iscak. es-kal, /. stay. 

Iscalicr, es-kal-yai, »». staircase, stairs, pi, 
Iscamotagc, es-kain-o-tali), 'njii^'triiitg. 
;scaiiioter, es-kani-o-tai, v. a. to nnxl'i piW*^> 
iscamoteur, es-kam^t-ur, m.juggUr. 
;scapatJe, cs-kap-ad,/ caftr; frank. 
;scape, es-kap, /. shaft oj a column. 
iscarlxiucle, es-kar-bookl,/; carbuncle. 
iscarcelle, eskar-sei././wrjir. 
iscargot, es-kar-Koh, tn. shell-snail. 
Iscariiiouche, es-Kar-moosli.y: skirmish. 
|bcariiiuut:her, es-kar-inoo-shai, v. n. to skirtnish. 
|scariiioucheur, es-kar-moo-shur, m. skirmiihtr. 
Iscarpe, es-karp,/ scarp. 
Iscarpé, e, es-kar-pai, a. steep, steefy. 
Iscarpement, es-karp-ina>i. >n. dei.ivity. 
Iscarper, es-kar-pai, v. a. to cut down steep. 
Escarpin, es-kar-pai», tn. piimfi. 
Escarpolette, es-kar-pol-et,y: sivittg: 
Escarre, es-kar, A scab, scrub ; slough. 
Escaveçade, cs-kav-sad, /: check, jerk. 
Escient, es-syax, tn. à bon — , in good earnest ; h mon 
f— , to my knowledge. 
Isclandre, es-kla»<-<Tr, tn. uproar, quarrel. 
Isciavage, es-kl.iv-alij, m. slavery. 
Esclave, es-klav, «/. slave. 

Iscobarder, es-kob-ar-dai, v. n. to shuffle, prevaricate. 
fscobarderie, es-kob-ar-dre,yC shuffling, prevarication. 
Iscocher, es-kosh-ai, v. a. to knead {dough). 
Ebcot;riire, es-ko(;rif, w«. tall/ellow. 
sconiptc, es-ko)it, tn. discount. 
scompter, es-kow-tai, v. a. to discount. 
stopette, es-kop-et,y; carbine. 
scorte, es-kort,y: escort, convoy. 
icorter, es-kor-tai, v. a. to escort, convoy, 
scouade, es-koo-ad,y: squad. 
s.Durgeoii, es-koor-hjo«, m. green barley. 
scousse, es-kooss,y; spring, run. 
scrinie, a-Vrim,/. fencing. 

scrinier, es-kre-nial, v. n. to fence ; s" — , v. r. to labour, 
scriine r, es-kre-inur, tn. fencer. [dabble in. 

scroc, ' s-kroh, tn. sharper, siuitidler. 
scroqutr, es-krok-ai, v. a. et ti. to sivindle, cheat, 
scroquerie, es-krok-re,/: swindling. [sharp. 

Iscroqueur, es-krok-ur, tn. swindler. 
tpate, es-pahss, in. etf. space. 
kpacement, es-pahss-iua>i, tn. spacing. 
spacer, es-pah-sai, v. a. to space. 
spader, es-pad-ai, v. a. to tew Itenip. 
spadon, es-pad-o«, tn. back-siuord. 
sp.idonner, es-pad-on-ai, v. tt. to fight with the back- 
ipaijn.ilette, es-pan-yol-ett,y:yîij/'<f«»>ii'-. [sword. 

ipalier, es-pal-yai, in. espalier. 

ipèce, cs-pess,^ species ; kind ; — s, pi. specie; cash ; 
ipérance, es-pai-raHS,y. /«J/f. [goods, pi. 

■pérer, es-pai-rai, v. a. to hope for. 
Ipièjîle, es-pyay-Kl, a. frolicsome ; waggish ; — , tn. 
Ipièglerie, es-pyay-gl-re, /I waggery ; prank, [wag. 
Ipintfole, es-pai;(jjol,/. blunderbuss. 
■pion, es-pyo«, in. spy. 
Ipionnage, es-pyon-anj, m. espionage. 
Ipionner, es-pyon-ai, v. a. to spy, watch. 
Iplanade, es-plan-ad,/: esplanade. 
Ipoir, es-pwar, in. hope ; trust. 
Ipojiton, es-poi-to», in. half-spike. 
Iprit. es-pre, in. spirit : mind ; wit; rendre V—,todie. 
ijuif, es-kif, tn. skiff, yawl. 
iiuille, cs-kiAyC splinter. 
kiuinancie, es-ke-nan-se,/; quinsy, 
quisse, es-kiss,y: sketch, first plan. 
quisser, es-ke-sai, v. a. to sketch. [steal away. 

quiver, es-ke-vai. v. a. to avoid, evade : s' — , v. r. to 
sai, es-ay, tn. essay, trial; sampU ; proof; tasting ; 
taini, es-sai;<, tn. swarm, crowd. [effort. 

winier, es-ay-mai, v. n. to swarm off. 
tanger, es-a«-hjai, v. a. to soak, met. 
^irter, es-sar-tai, v. a. to grub up, clear. 
ayer, es-ay-yai, v. a. et n. to try, attempt; assay : 
V. r. to try one's ability ; endeavour, make at- 
liiyeur, es-ay-yur, tn. assayer. [tempts. 

se, ess,y; cramp ; ivire-gatige. 
Icnce. es-sa«s,y; essence ; species. 
kcntiel, le, es-san-syel, a. — lement, ad. essential, 
kieu, es-yuh, m. axle-tree. [material, 

fat, es-sor, m. soar, flight ; prendre son —, toj-'ight. 
■orer, es-sor-ai, v. a, to dry, air. 
korillcr, es-or-iZ-ai, v. a, to cut the ears off; crop. 

Essoiifllenient, es-oo-fl-nu», tn. blowing, panting. 
KssoulHer, es-oo-flai, v. a. to put out oJ breath ; t'— t 

V. r. être essoufflé, to be out of breath. 
Essui, ess-we, m. drying-place. 
]issuie-inain, es-we-iiiai/i, m towel. 
lissuyer, es-we-yai, v. a. to wipe; dry up; endure, 
list, «*'• "•• "»■'''■ [I'tar, be exposed to. 

listacaile, es-tak-ad,./ cross-boom. 
Kstafette, es-taf-et,/. express. 
iistatier, es-laf-yai, m.Joolinan. 
Hstulilaile, es-taf-e-lad.y! slash ; rent. 
HstaAlader, es-tal-e-lad-ul, v. a. to slash, 
Hstanie, es-tain,/^ worsted. 
Hstaniinet, es-tam-e-nay, m. smoking-roont. 
listanipc, es-ta«p,/! stamp, print. 
Kstaniper, es-ta»-pui, v. a. to stamp. 
Hstoinpille, es-tiUJ-pi/,y. stamp. 
listaniplller, es-ta»-pi/-ai, v. a. to stamp, 
lister, es-tai, v. n. to appear. 
Kstère, cs-tair,y: rush-mat. 
listerlin, es-tair-lai;(, m. sterling. 
listhétique, es-tai-tik,/: science of the beautifitt. 
Kstiinable, es-te-niali-bl, a. estimable, valuable, 
listiiiiateur, es-te-niat-ur, m. appntiser. estimator, 
listiinatif, ive, es-te-niat-if, — iv, a. estimative. 
listimation, es-te-niah-syo», f. estimation ; esteem, «• 
Kstime, es-tiin,/: esteem. [pu/ation. 

Estimer, es-tc-mai, 7>. a. et n. to estimate; esteem, 

prise; reckon; think, Judge, suppose. 
Estival, e, es-te-val, a. estival. 
Estoc, es-tok, m. long rapier; trunk; descent. 
Estocade, es-tuk-ad, f. rapier ; thrust. 
listocader, cs-tok-ad-ai, v. n. to thrust ; fight ; dun, 
listoniac, es-toiii-ah, tn. stomach ; body of a fowl, 
s'Estoinaqucr, es-toiu-ak-at, v. r. to be offended. 
Estompe, es-to^tp, f. stump. 
Estomper, cs-to;i-uai, v. a. to stump, 
listoulfade, es-tooi-ad, f. stewing. 
Estratle, es-trad, f estrade ; battre 1' — , to scout. 
Estragon, es-trag-on, tn. tarragon. 
Estrama(;onner, es-tram-ah-son-ai, v. n. to strike with 

the edge of a sword. 
Estra|)aile, es-trap-ad, yT strappado; estrapade. 
Estrapaù^r, es-trap-ad-ai, z/. a. to give the strappado. 
Estrapassei, es-trap-ah-sai, v. a. to overwork, ox'erride. 
Estropier, es trup-yai, v. ». ^o /a>Mf ; mutilate; disable. 
Esturgeon, estûr-njo^i, tn. sturgeon, 
Etablage, ai-tab-lanj, tn. stabling. 
Etable, ai-tah-bl,y: stable. 
Etabler, ai-tab-lai, v. a. to stable, house. 
Etabli, ai-tab-ie, tn. bench ; shop-board (tailor). 
Etablir, ai-tab-leer, f. a. to establish ; appoint; assert; 

s' — , V. r. to settle, set up. 
Etablissement, ai-tab-liss-nia-a. m. establishment; settle- 
Etage, ai-talij, in. floor; story ; rank. [ment, 

Etager, ai-talii-ai, v. a. to taper {hair). 
Etagère, ai-taiij-air, y: set of shelves. 
Etai, ai-tay, tn. stay. 
Etaie, ai-tay, f. stay, shore. 
V.ianu, ix\-\.Mn, m. carded wool. 
Etain, ai-tai«, tn. tin, pewter. 
Etal, ai-tal, tn. stall. 

Etalage, ai-tal-ahj, tn. stall; sho7U ; sample ; finery. 
Etalagiste, ai-tal-ahj-ist, in. stall-keeper. 
Etaler, ai-tal-ai, v. a. to expose to sale, show ; s' — , v. r, 

to lie along, stretch one's self out. 
Etalier, ai-tal-yai, m. stall-butcher. 
Etalon, ai-tal-o», m. stallion ; standard. 
Etalonnage, ai-tal-on-ahj. Etalonnement, ai-tal-on-max. 
Etalonner, ai-tal-on-ai, v. a. to stamp, [m. stamping, 
Etamage. ai-tam-ahj, in. tinning , 
Etambot, ai-tan-bon, m. stern-post, 
Etamer, ai-tam-ai, v. a. to tin. 
Etameur, ai-tam-ur, in. tinman, 
Etamine, ai-tam-in, f bolter ; light stuff. 
Etaminier, ai-tam-iu-yai, in. bolting-cloth weaver. 
Etamure, ai-tam-ur, f tinning. 
Etancheinent, ai-ta»bh-man, in. stanching, stopping, 
Etancher, ai-ta»-shai, v. a. to stanch ; stop ; quench, 
Etançon, ai-ta;< so;(, >/<. prop. 
Etançonner, ai-tan-son-ai, v. a. to prop. 
Etang, e-ta«, m. pond, pool. [the march. 

Etape, ai-tap, f. staple ; magazine for soldiers upon 
Etat, ai-tah, in. state; condition; account; rank; 

quality ; être en — , be able ; faire — , to esteem ; 
Etau, ai-toh, tn. vice. [mettre en —, to prepare, 

Etayement, ai-tay-max, tn. propping, staying. 
Ktayer, ai-tay-ai, v. a. to prop, support, shore. 
lite, ai-tai, m. summer {see Etre). 
Eteignoir, ai-tain-ywar, m. extinguisher. 
•Eteindie, ai-taiw-dr, v. a. to extinguish; quench} 

abolish ; s'— , v, r, logo out ; become extinct. 




Etendage, al-ta«-dulij, »;/. layiiij;^ oiil ; lines to haiie 

liteiid.iril, al-ta;/-dar, m. stamiani. [//titij^'s, pi. 

tlcmirL-, ni-ta«-(lr, Î'. a. to spread, stretch, eularjie ; 
s'— , I/, r. to streti It Dtie's self; be spread ; reach; last. 

Etendu, e, ai-tiix-ilû, a. large, extensive. 

I'ltendiie, ai-tii;«-drt, /; extension : extent ; ronifdiss, 

litcrncl, lu, ai-tair-nell, a. — Icinunt, ad. eternal. 

litcrnisL-r, ai-tair-nc-zai, v. a. to eternise. 

litoriiite, ai-tair-nc-tai, /. eternity. 

litermicment, see Uteriinnicnt. ' 

Htormier, ai-tair-nrtai, v. n. to sneete. 

liternûiiicnt, ai-ïair-nû-viia/i, m, sncezing, sneete, 

Htcsicii, ai-tai-zyai/i, a. etesian. 

litétcniciit, ai-tavt-ina», m. lopping- the top off. 

Hlctcr, ai-tay-taf, v. a. to strike off' the top. 

liteiif, ni-tiihf, tn. ball. 

Etuule, ai-tuhl, / stubble. 

iither, ai-tair, m. ether. ' 

litliérii, e, ai-tai-rai, a. ethereal, 

Hllii(iue, ai-tik,y: ethics. 

hthnu^ra|ihic, ct-nu-Kraf-c, f. ethnography, 

litiaKc ai-tyali), in. low-7valer niari: 

liticr, ai-tyai, >«. ditch. 

litinceler, ai-tai;i-.slai, v. n. to sparkle. 

Etincelle, ai-tal;/-sul, f. spark. 

Etinculleiiicnt, ai-tai/t-sef-iiia;/, m. sparkling, scintilla- 

Etlcjiie, ai-tik, a. hectic, consumptive. \tion. 

Etiqueter, ai-tiktai, v. a. to ticket, label. 

litiquctte, ai-te-kct, /: ticket, etiifiiette. 

Etirer, ai-' e-rai, v. a. to stretch, spread, 

Etisie, ai a-ze,/. consumption. 

Etolfe, a toff, /. stuff; condition. 

Etolfcr, ii-tof-ai, v. a. stuff; garnish, ' ' 

Etoile, £ -twal,/. star; destiny. 

Etoile, t , ai-lwal-ai, a. starry, starred. 

s'Etoilei ai-twal-ai, v. r. to star, crack. 

Etole, ai-tol, /. stole. 

Etoiiiiaiiiineat, ai-toii-ani-a«, ad. amazingly. 

Etonnant, e, ai-ton-a», — t, a. atnazii:g. [terror. 

Etonnement, ai-ton-ina«, )/;. astonisliiiunt ; wonder; 

Etonner, ai-ton-ai, v. a. to astonish, shake ; s' — , v. r. 

litoutfant, c, ai-too-fa«, — t, a. sultry, [to be astonished. 

Etoutfeniciit, ai-toof-nia«, m. suffocation. 

Etouffer, ai-toof-ai, %>. a. et n. to stijle ; choke ; to be 

Etoulfoir, ai-toof-war, in. extinguisher. [choked. 

Etoupe, ai-toop, y; toiv ; oakum. 

Etouper, ai-too-pai, v. a. to stop with tow. 

Etoupillon, ai-t()o-pi/-o>;, m. wad. 

Etonrdeau, ai-toordnh, in. young capon. 

Etourderie, ai-toor-dre, y. giddiness. 

Etourdi, e, ai-toor-de, a. —nient, ad. giddy ; à l'étour- 
die, giddily ; — , m. madcap. 

Etourdir, ai-toor-deer, ii. a. to stun, astound, astonish ; 
s' — , ^'. r. to shake off the thoughts of . [cuing. 

Etourdissant, e, e-tour-de-sa«, — t, a. stunning ; dcaj- 

Etourdisscincnt, ai-toor-diss-ni.u;, m. giddiness; diz- 

Etourneau, ai-toor-noh, m. starling. [ziness. 

Etrange, ai-tra;ilij, a. —ment, ad. stfaif::c, odd. 

Etranjjer, ère, ai-lra«-hiai, — r, a. strange, foreign ; 
extraneous; \ \ — , abroad; — , m. foreigner, stranger; 
— , v. a. to drii'e aiua^'. 

Etran({eté, ai-tra;/-hjtai, f. strangeness. 

Etranjjlcnient, ai-tra«-(jl-nia«, m. strangulation. 

Etranjjier, ai-tra»-};lai, v. a. et u. tostrangle; be choked. 

Etrape, ai-trap, f. little sickle. 

Etraper, ai-trap-ai, i>. a. to mow. ,. 

Etrave, ai-trav, /. stem. 

•Etre, ay-tr, v. it. to be, exist ; y — , to be at home ; — , 
tn. being, existence ; il connaît tous les —s, he knoivs 
ever^ knock and corner. [narroiv, shrink. 

Etrccir, ai-trai-seer, î». a. to straiten; s'—, v. r. to 

Etrécissenient, ai-lrai-siss-nia;/, m. narrowing, shrink- 

Etrein, ai-trai;t, m. litter for horses. l'ug- 

•Etreindre, ai-trai;(-dr, v. a. to bind. 

1-treinte, ai-trai«t, f. tie; grasp; embrace. 

Etrenne, ai-tren,y! handsel; new year's gift. 

Etrenner, ai-tren-ai, v. a, el tt. to handsel ; give hand- 

Etrésillon, ai-tri-zi/-OM, m. prop. [sel; take handsel. 

Etrésillonner, ai-trail-zi/-on-ai, v. a. to prop. 

litrier, ai-tre-ai, m. stirrup. 

Etrille, ai-tri/,yt curry-comb. 

Etriller, ai-tri/-ai, v. a. to curry ; thrash. 

Etriper, ai-tre-pai, v. a. to embowel, unrip. 

Etriqué, e, ai-tre-kai, a. scanty. 

Etrivière, ai-triv-yair,y. stirrup-leather. 

Etroit, e, ai-tro-ali, — t, a. — enient, ad. narrow, close ; 
strict; à 1' — , narrowly, hardly. 

Etronçonner, ai-tro»-soii-ai, v. a. to lop off. 

Etude, ai-tfld,y: study ; off ce, chambers. 

Etudiait, ai-tû dya», m. student, scholar. 

Etudier, ai-tû-dyai, v. a. et u. to i^udy f 5'—, v. r. to 
(ç/ftrive, (>tfie(fvçnr, 

litul, al-tv/c, m. ease, box, sheath. 

ICt'ive, .'.(-tûv,/. stove; drying-place. 

litl v^.:, ai-tftvai,/ steiving ; stewed tittatt 

Ivtnveiiient, ai-tCiv-nia»/, m. fomenting. 

lùiiver, al-tiVvai, v. a. to stew ; Joinent. 

jàyinoliijfie, ai-tc-inol-o-lije,/; etymology. 

lityni()l()j{i(iiie, ai-te-mol-o-lijik, a. elymoloçical. 

i;tyniolot;iste, ai-te-niol-o-lijist, m. etymologist. 

En, rt, see Avoir. 

I'Micliaribtle, uli-knr-is-te,/ liuchariu. 

I'"!inii(iue, iih-ni'lk, m. eunuch. 

liiix, uli, pn. them, they. 

l'!vacuatioii, ai-vak-fi-ali-byo«,/; eracualioii. 

Evacuer, ai-vak-A-ai, v. a. to evacuate. 

s'livader, aivad-.ii, v. r. to steal aivay, escape. 

livaluation, ai-v;d-û-ah-syo«,/ valuation, alimate. 

Evaluer, ai-val-fi-ai, v. a. to value, rale. 

Evant,'éliquc, ai-va«-lijai-lik, a. —nient, ad, evangelical 

)<vaiit{uliste, ai-va«-hjal-list, ;;/. evangelist. 

Iivaii^;ilo, ai-vaH-lijil, m. (lospel. [appear 

s'Evanouir, ai-van-oo-ecr, v. r. to faint, swoon ; .A. 

Evanouisbeiiieiit, ai-van-oo-iss-nia>/, m. swoon,Jaiiitiii^ 

Evaporation, ai-vap-or-ali-syo«,/: evaporation. \jii 

Evaport', ai-vap-or-ai, a. giddy-brained. 

Evaporer, ai-vap-or-ai, v. a. et n. to evaporate, i.'ii< 

I'ent to ; s, — , v. r. to evaporate. 
Evasenient, ai-vau-znia«, m. widening. 
Evaser, ai-vau-zai, v. a. to widen, extend. 
livasif, ive, ai-vali-zif, — iv, a. — iveiiient, ad. evasive. 
I* vasion, ai-vali-syo;/,y. escape, elopement. 
livêclië, ai-vay-shai, m. bishopric. 
Eveil, ai-vay/, m. hint. 
Itveillii, e, ai-vay /-ai, a. brisk, sprightly. 
Eveilli:r, ai-vay/-ai, v. a. to awake ; guicken, brisk up. 

s' — , V. r. to a70iike. 
Evénement, ai-vaiii-ma«, >/«. event. 
liveiit, al-va«, m. smack, tivaitg ; air-hole ; tète .\ 1- J 
liveiitail, aiva«-ta/, [giddy-brained pc 
iiventairc, ai-vaH-tair, in.Jlat basket. 
Eventé, e, ai-va«-tai, a. fanned ; foolish, giddy. 
Eventer, ai-va«-tai, v. a. to fan, air; /ind out; s- 

V. r. to fan one's self; growjlat. 
Eventoir, ai-vaw-twar, ; adit. 
Eveiitrer, ai-vaw-trai, v. a. to emlnnvel ; rip up. 
Eventualité, ai-vaw-tû-al-c-tai.y; eventuality, event. 
Eventuel, le, ai-va«-tû-ell, a. —lenient, ad. eventual. 
Evéque, ai-vayk, in. bishop. 
Eversif, ive, ai-vair-sif, — ve, a. subversive. 
Eversion, ai-vair-syo;;,y; eversiou, ruin. 
s'Evertuer, ai-vair-tû-ai, v. r. to struggle, exert one' s scll\ 
Eviction, ai-vik-syo;;,y: eviction. 
livideninient, ai-vc-daiii-a;;, ad. evidently, plainly. 
lividence, ai-ve-da((s,y: ez'idcnce. 
livideiit, e, ai-ve-d.w;, — t, a. evident, plain. 
I{vi(ler, ai-ve-d.ii, v. a. to groove ; hollow ; unslanh. \ 
i'vier, ai-ve-ai, m. sink ; drain. 
]• vinccr, ai-vai«-sai, v, a. to evict. 
Evitablc, ai-ve-tah-bl, a. avoidable. 
Eviter, ai-ve-tai, v. a. to avoid, sliun. 
Evocation, ai-vok-ah-syo«.y: evocation ; appeal. 
Evolution, ai-vol-fl-syo«,y: evolution ; luoveincnt. 
Evoquer, ai-vok-ai, v. a. to evoke ; bring befon 1 

higher court. 
Exact, e, en-zakt, a. — eiiient, ad. exact, accurate. 
lixacteur, eg-zak-tur, m. exactor, ejdortioner. 
Exaction, eg-zak-syo;i,yl extortion. 
Exactitude, eg-zak-te-tftd,/ exactness, accuracy. 
l{xa(,'érateur, eg-zalij-ai-rat-ur, m. amplijier. 
Exagération, eg-zaly-ai-rah-syo«,/! exaggeration. 
Exaijérer, eg-zalij-ai-rai, v. a. to exaggerate. 
lixaltation, eg-zal-tah-syo;/,/ exaltation, elevation 
Exalter, eg-zal-tai, v. a. to exalt, e.xtol. 
I'xamen, eg-zain-ai«, w». examination. 
Examinateur, eg-zani-e-nat-nr, m. examiner. 
Examiner, eg-zam-e-nai, v. a. to examine. 
lixarcliat, eg-zar-kali, tn. e.xarchate. 
l{xarque, eg-zark, tn. exarch. [irritotiti 

Exaspération, eg-zas-pai-rah-syo«, f. exasperal,.\ 
Exaspérer, eg-zas-pai-rai, v. a. to exasperate. 
Exaucement, eks-ohz-ina«, tn. hearing of one' s requi\ 
Exaucer, eg-zoli-sai, v. a. to hear favourably. 
lixcavation, eks-kav-ali-syo«,y; excavation. 
Excédant, ek-sai-da«, »«. overplus. [work ; ahi 

Excéder, ek-sai-dai, v. a. to exceed; wear out, 
lixçellemnient, ek-sel-ani-a;/, ad. excellently. 
Excellence, ek-scl-a«s,/; excellence, excellency ; par H 
Excellent, e, ek-sel-a;i, — t, a. excellent. [alcove \ 

Excellentissime, ek-sel-a«-tis-sim, a. most excellent. 
Exceller, ek-sel-ai, v. tt. to excel, outdo. 
Excentrique, ek-sa«-trik, a. eccentric. 
Excepté, ek-sep-tai, />r. except, save. 
Excepter, ek-sep-tai, v, a, to exceft, 





















Ficfptlon, ek-sep-syo«,y: txttptiou. \>n<-aiur<. 

liiccs, ck-say. >n. excesi ; à I—, e.\Ttiin<e/j, bt-yviui 
lixccssif. ivc, ek-5cssif, — Iv, ii. — ivcmciit, aj. rxtessive; 

extr(ivitjirti/if, iinmoileritte. 

iici|)cr, clc-se-piii, v. ». to alttgt. 

xtistf, ek-seei. / txiise, duly. 

«cision, ck-se zyo;/,/; excision. 
,;xi.itaiit, e, ek-sc-t.wi, — t, a. slimiilaling. 
Kxcitation, ck-se-t.ili-syo«,y: txciltmrnt. 
•Ixcitor, ek-sc-tni, v. a. totxiite; stimii/iilt. 

XI l.imation, cks-klain-ah-syo;;, A e.xiitziiialioii. 
i.xclurc, ekh-klilr, v. a. to ixilutie. 

lixcliisif. ivc, ek-i-klfl-zif, — iv. a. -ivenient, ad. exclusive. 
I'.xclusion, cks-kliVzyn;i, /: exiiiisioii. [miDiimlioii. 
lixcomimmicatioii, cks-koni-rt-m;-k.ili-syo«, /: e.\,oin. 
lixcommunier, eks-koin-û-iiyai, v. a. to extommuniatte. 
ixciirier, cks-kor-c-ai, v. a. to fxiofiate. 
ixcrt'tiient, cks-krai-niax, tn. e.wremetit, scum. 
excretion, cks-kraisyo;;.y: t.xvrction. Ireucy 

ixcroissaiKc, cks-kro-a)i-sa«s, / excresrence, txcres- 

xcursioii, eks-kftr-syo;/,/: excursion ; trip. 
i;xciisiil)le, cks-kiVzali-M, a. excusable. 
■.xcusation, i-ks-kiVza-syoz/.y. fxiusatiou, plea. 
.{xcusc, cks-ki1z,y: e.xcuse ; afolO);y. 
lixcuscr, cks-kiVzai, v. a. to e.xcuse ; s'— , v. r. to excuse 

one's self; decline. 
Exeat, CL'zai-at, m. leave to co. [)niu<i>>/e 

•xi craMe, e>,'zai-kralit)l, a. —ment, ad. execrable, ,ibo- 
•xi-cratioii, e^;z•ai•krall■syo//, /. execration, abomina- 
•.KvcxcT,c^zM-\it;\i,v. a. toe.wcrate. [Hon | 

•'xcciitalilc, e>;z-ai-kft.tah-l)l, a./eauhle, f>racticabte I 
•xociitant, enz-ai-k(\-ta«, »t. performer. i 

■.X. cuter, CKZ-ai-kft-tai, v. a. to execute ; per/oriK ; dis- 
train ; s'— , 7'. r. to yield. 
•xiciiteur, ej;z-ai-ki1-tiir, ni. e-rccufor, executioner. ! 

•:xi-ciitif, ive, t'Kz-ai-kù-tif, — iv, a. execuliie. 
•:xétutic)ii, eK'z-ai-kiVsyo/;,y: execution, performance. 
•XLinitoire, o,i;z-ai-kfl-twar, a. executory. 
•xe^fcse, et{,^ excg^esis. 
[•.xct,'étic|iie, U|,'zai-lijal-tik, a. excQ;-tical. 
UxLiiiplaire, f),'z-a>/-|)lair, a. — mcnt, ad. exemplary : 
—, m. pattern ; copy. {instance; —,/. co'pv. 

xciiiple, et,'z-a«-pl, m. example; proof; par —, for 
xciiipt, e, ci,'z-a;/, — t, a. e-xempt, free from ; —, m. 
otficer ; bailiff. 

xeiiiptcr, cnz-a«-tai, v. a. to e.vempt ; dispense. 
xeiiiptioii, u),'z-a«-psyo;(,y: exemption ; dispensation. 
xltclt, e:,'z-.(ir-sal, v. a. to exercise ; train up ; per- 
form, practise ; s" — , T'. r. to e.vercise one's self 
ixorcice, e^f-zair-ciss, m. exercise; practice; trouble. 
;xfi>liaiioii, uks-fol-c-ah-.syo»(,y: e.xfo'iation. 
lixfcjlicr, cks-fol-e-ai, v. r. to exfoliate. 
Ixhalaison, e^'-zal-ay-sow.y: exhalation, [to ez'aporate. 
^xhaler, etî-zal-al, v. a. to exhale; breathe; s'— , v. r 
ixhaiisser, eg-zoli-sai, v. a. to raise hi^rher. 
Lxhcrfilation, ej:-zal-rai-<lall-syo;;, /: disinheriting. 
ixh.reilor, et;-zai-r.ii-ilai, v. a. to disinherit. 
Lxhilier, ejf-zc-bai, v. a. to exhibit. 
exhibition, et{.zc-be-syo);,y: exhibition. 

xhurtation, ci;-r;or-tali-syo«,y: exhortation. 
xhortcr. ej;-zor-tai, v. a. to exhort. 
^xhiimation, ej'-zà-ni.ah-syo;/, f. disinterment. 
xhunier, CK-zâ-inai, v. a. to disinter; dis: up. 
IxiK'oaMt, e, e(j-ze-hja;/, — t, a. exact in l^ too much: 
unreasonable. ' 

xiiieiice, esr-ze-hjaws,/ e.xifreucy ; unreasonableness. 
xiijer, en-ze-hjai, v. a. to exact, require. 
xiL;il)le, e^r-ze-hjilil, a. e.xis^ible. 
xiK'ii. e, etj-ze-)fi1, a. exij;uous, small. 
sii,'iiite, et;-zo-'4Û-e-tai, /; exii,'uity. 
Kil, c>;-zil, m. exile, banishment. 
«lier, etr-ze-iai, v. a. to exile, banish. 
(istant, e, C}j-zis-t.i;/, — t, a. existing-, extant. 
tistence, e)j-zis-ta;<s,/ e.xistence. 
iiHtLT, eg-zis-tai, v. u. to exist ; live. 
loiiiirer, ejf-zon-ai-rai, v. a. to exonerate. 
;orl)itaniment, cir-zor-lie-tam-a»/, ad. e.xcessi^ielv 
;'>rl)itant, e, Lg-zor-be-ta«, — t, a. excessive, enormous. 
nrciser, en-zor-se-zai, v. a. to exorcise. 
iiircisine, c-ff-zor-sism, vi. exorcism. 
orciste, ejf-zor-sist, m. exorciser. 
'irde, ef-zorcl, m. exordium. 
otiiiiic, cg-zot-ik, a. exotic, foreign. 
pansijjilité, eks-pa«-se-be-lc-tai,/ e.xpansibUitv 
Jiansible, eks-pa«-sibl, a. expansible. 
pansion, eks-pa«-syo;;, / expansion. 
Iiatriation, eks-pat-re-an-syo«,y: banishment. 
patrier, eks-pat-re-ai, v. a. to banish. 
pectant, eks-pek-ta;», in. expectant. 
pcctatif, ive, eks-pek-tat-if. — iv. a. expectative. 
(Jottative. eks-pek-tat-ir./: expectative; reversion 
'CÇtorsut, e. el{ï■pek-tor•^«, — t, a. ex^ctorcftiye. 

TsQ ] 


I'.xpeclomtion, ekspektur ahsyo«./ txpecloration, 

j-.xpçctorcr, ckspck-tor-al, v. a. to expectorate. 
V.\yM\mx, c, cks.pai-(lya«. — t. a. expédient, proper, 
fit; —, m. expedient, shift. r r % 

j.xpç.lior. cks-paiilyai, v. a. to despatch, send off. 
l;xi)e. itciir. cks pai-ilctur, m. he who despalchet. 
hxp<<.|itif, ive, cks-paiilelif, -iv, a. t.xpeditious.aUive, 

lixpL'dition,>», / expedition; despaUHs 

'■'yV ;' .— ^' t'l- orders, pi. 
FxpcditidMnairc, cks-paiilo-syonair, »/. copvist. 
hxpericMicc, i-ks-paire-a)/s, /: experience; proof. 
j-.xpérinicntal, t-, eks-pairc-maw-tal. a. experimental. 
{•.xptjriniento, e, eks |.ai-rcnia«-tai. <i. expert, skUfit. 
I'.xporimenter, eks-pai-ro nia»/-tai, v. a. to experience. 
hxiJcrt, e. ckspair. — t, a. — eiiiciit, ad. expert, clever i 

—, tn. arbiter. 
Expertise, eks -pairtiz,/ e.xamination, arbitreinent. 
I'.xpiatKjn, ckspcalisyo;;,/: expiation ; atonement. 
l-.xpiati.iro, eks-pc-at-war, <i. expiatory. 
I'.xpicr, t-'ks-pe-ai. v. a. to expiate, atone for. 
l-.xpiration, eks-perali-syn;/,/: expiration. 
•.xpirer, eks-ne-rai, v. n. to expire ; die auav. 
•.X|) icabio, eks-plo-kah-bl, a. explicable, explainable. 
'.xp ncateiir, eks-plokatiir, m. e.xpiicator. explainer. 
•.xp icatif, ive, eks-ple-kat-if, — iv, a. explanatory. 
I-.xplicatioii, eks-ple-kalisyo«, /: e.xplication, e.xplana- 
..^""'- [plain 

•-xpjicite, cksplesit, a. — inent, ad. explicit, express'; 
I'.xplKiiier, cks-plc.kai, ?'. a. to explain ; expound; s— , 

T. r. to explain one's tltout;ht, speat plain. 
I'.xploit, c-ks-plwa, m. exploit ; summons. 
I'.xploiiabic, eks-)>lwatah-l)l, a.Jittobe luroui^ht ; that 
. "lay be distrained. [worAinir. 

•.xp oitatioii eks-plvv.vtah-syo«, f. first culliralion : 
l.xplniter, eks-plwatai. v. a. et u. to cultivate; ivork: 

turn tn profit : serve warrants. 
[•.xplorateiir, cks-pliir-at-ur, m. e.xplorator. 
j'.xp Uration, eks-plor-ah-syo;/,/; exploration. 
[•.xportr, eks-plorai, v. a. to e.xplorate, explore. 
l-.xpiosion, eks-plo-zyo«,y: e.xplosion. 
I'.xporlatioii, eks.por-tah-syo«,_/: exportation, export. 
I'.xportLT, eks-por-tai, v. a. to export. 
j-.xposant, eks-poli-za«, ;/;. petitioner ; exponent. 
I'.xposL-, eks-poh-zai. m. statement. 

Exposer, eks-polizai, v. a. to expose; exhibit; .ttafe • 

venture ; s —, v. r. to expose one's self. [statement. 

. l-.xposition, eks-poli-zo-syo», /(•.»/«,/,•,)/(,• exhibition: 

Uxprts, se, eks-pray, —press, a. express, positive ; —, 

ad. on purpose ; —, m. express. 
•.xpresscnioiit,«, ad. expressly. 
•.xpressif, ive, eks-press-if, -iw. a. expressive, [phrase. 
I;.xprfSSioii, eks- press- yo;(, y: expression; diction, 
l-.xprinial)le, eks-prciiiah-bl, a. expressible. 
lixprniier, cks-pre-niai, v. a. to express ; utter • s'— , v 

r. to express one's self. 
Expropriation, eks-iirop-re-ali.syo)/,y: expropriation. 
Exproprier, eks-i)ropre-ai, v. a. to expropriate. 
Expulser, eks-pûl-sai, v. a. to expel. 
Expulsif, ive, eks-jiûl-sif, — iv, a. expulsive, expelliw. 
Expulsion, eks-piil.syo«.y expulsion. [dour 

Extpiis, eks-ke. — kiz. a. — eiiient, ad. e.xquisite; deli. 
l-.xsudation, ek-sO-dah-syo;/,/; exsudation. 
Exsnder, ek-sft-dai, v. ft. toe.xsudate, exsude. 
Ext.ise, eks-taliz, /: ^rj/'rTj-j' ; trance. 
s;Extasier, ekstali-zyai, v. r. to be enraptured. 
Extatujue, eks-tat-ik, a. ecstatic. 
Extcnsiljjiitc', eks-taH-se-be-le-tai,y: ^^r/z-wj-i-^iW/v. 
Jtxtcnsible, eks-ta;(-sibl, a. extensible, extendible. 
hxtensif, ive, eks-ta«-sif, — iv, a. extensive. 
Extension, eks-ta«.syo>;,/. extension. 
j-.xtenuation, eks-tainft-ah.syo«,y: extenuation. 
Exténuer, eks-tai-nû-ai, v. a. to extenuate; wealteii, 
weary. ['crnal ; —, ut. exterior, outside. 

I'.xterieiir, e, eks-fai-ryur, a. — eiiient. ad. exterior. e\. 
Exterinmateur, eks-tair-iiicnat-iir, m. exterminator, 

Extermination, eks tair-me-nah-syo»/,/ /•x/^,-,«,„a/,v,;,. 
l-.xterminer, eks-tair-me-nai, v. a. to exterminate 
Externat, eks-tair-nali, m. davschool 
Externe, eks-tnirn, a. external; —, tn. dayscholar. 
j'.xtmction, eks-laixk-syoj/,/ extinction. 
j-.xtirpatenr, cks-teer-pa-tur, m. extirpator 
Extirpation, eks-teer-pah-syo«, f. extirpation, total 
Itxtirper, eks-teer-pai, v. a. to extirpate, [destruction. 
Extorquer, eks-tor-kai, v. a. to extort. 
Extorsion, eks-tor-syo«,/: extortion. 
Extraction, eks-trak-syo//,/: extraction. 
extradition, eks-trad-e-syo«,/ delivery, surrender. 
lixtraire, eks-trair. v. a. to e.xtract ; select. 
Extrait, eks-tray, tn. extract, abstract. [trajndicial. 

t.JHr^i|t|!î;a)re, çks-tnih-liju-dc-syair, a. -«nent, ad. <» 




Eitraorainalre, ekvlrah-or-aenalr. a. -ment, aj. t»- 
traordinnry ; uncomman; fiiirticiilixr , odd; —, m. tx- 
/niordiiiitrv t/ii'ij,'-. , ,,, , 

I'xtr.ivai{.iiiiincnt, cks-trav-aB-am-a<(, ad. oddly, [iifst. 

I'xtravaif nice, eks-travng-aHS, / extravat:aiHe, wild- 

lixt ravalant, e, elcstrav-aifa;;, -t, a. txtravagaitt, 
wild. ,, 

Exlravaifuer. eks-trav-aff-ai. v. n. to rave, ramdlt. 

Extrciiic. ekstrayin. a. -iukiiI, ad. txtrtmt, u/mosi, 
exctssivt : —, tn. txtrtim. ^ \umtion. 

Extrême-onctlc.i). eks-traym - omW syoM. / txDeint 

Extrémitë, cks trai M't^i,/ txtrtmity ; last moment: 
utmost misery. ...» 

Extrinsèque, eks-traiM-»ek. a. extrinsic, extrinsual. 

ExiilxSrance, CK'^-ubairaxs./ exuberance. 

ExuWrant, c, et;z-ûbaira«, — t, a. exuberant. 

Fa. fah, m.fa. 
Eal)le. \A\\-\^\,f. fable ! story, 
Eablier, fali-lo-ai, m. fabulist. 
Fabricant, fal)-reka;i, ««. manufacturer. 
Eat)ricateur, fab-rekatur, m. maker ; forger. \lHre, 
Eabricatlon, fal> re-kali-syo//, f. /ahrication, manu/ac- 
Habricien, faliro-syai«, tn. churchwarden. 
Fabrique, fal)-rik. / fabric, structure : manufacture ; 
buUding! church-wardens. [facture ! forx'e. 

Fabriquer, falirekai, v. a. et n. to fabricate tnanu- 
Fabuleux, se, fab-û-luli, —z, a. fabulous, fictitious. 
Fabuliste, fab ft-list, vt.fabulUt. 
Façade, fas-ad. //rr>«/. 
Face, fass, / face : front ; jirfir ; à la — de, en —, %n the 

fact of: faire —, to face, ofijxse. 
Facer, fas-nl, v. a. to face (cards). 
Facétie, (asai-se, f.ficetiousness. 
Facétieux, se, fasaisyuli, — z, a. — semeut, ad. face- 
Facette, hfi-et.f facet. ["<""• 

Facetter, fas-ct-ai, v. a. to cut -with facets. 
Fâché, e, fau-shai, a. etprt. angry, sorry. 
Fâcher, fau-shai, v. a. to make angry: grieve: se —, 

V. r. to fret : be sorry. 
Fâcherie, fau-shre./ vexation, trouble. 
Fâcheux, se, faushuh. — z. a. grievous, sad: peevish: — 

tn. troublesome tnan. 
Facile, fas-il, a. —ment, ad. easy : flexible : ready. 
Facilité, fas-il-e-tai, / /«oViVy ; easy temper: -s. //. 

easy terms, pi. 
Faciliter, fas-il-e-tai, v. a. to facilitate. 
Façon, U^-on, f fashion : form, tttanner : tnien ; 
dressing: tnaking : ceremony: de — que, \n such 
a -way as, so that. 
Façonner, fas-on-ai, v. a. to fashion, form : dress : 

mould : se —, v. r. to accustotn one's self. 
Façonnier, ère. fas-on-yai, — r, a. ceremonious. 
Facteur, fak-tur, tn. maker, manufacturer : factor ; 
Factice, fak-tiss, a. —ment, ad. factitious. [postman. 
Factieux, se, fak-syuh, — z, a. factious. 
Faction, tak;iynn,f. faction, party riot: duty. 
Factionnaire, fak-jyon-air, in. sentinel, sentry. 
Factorerie, fak-tor-re,//^f/<»0'. 
Factum, fak-tom, tn. plea, case. 
Facture, fak-tur,/ iMVoto. 
Facultatif, ive, fak-ûl-tat-if, — iv, a. opttoitnf. 
Faculté, fak-ûl-tai,//<rfM//>./("f«r; ability : talent : 
Fadaise, fad-ayz,/ trile ; foolery. [— s, pi. fortune. 
Fade, fad, a. insipid, mawkish. 
Fadeur, fad-ur./ insipidity. 
Fagot, fap-oh, tn. fagot, bundle. 
Fagotage, fag-ot-ahj, m. fagot-making. 
Fagoter, fag-ot-ai, v. a. to fagot ; bundle up. 
Fagoteur, fag-ot-ur, m. fagot-maker. 
Fagotln, fag-ot-ai«, m. merry-andrew. 
Faible, fay-bl, a. —ment, ad. weak, feeble: —.feeble: 

weak side ; foible. 
Faiblesse, fay-bless,/ weakness : faintingfit. 
Faiblir, fay-bleer, v. n. to lose one's strength : to give 
Faience, fay-yans,/. dilph. [may, yield. 

Faïencerie, fah-yaw-sre./ delph-manufactory. 
Faïencier, ère, fah-ya«-syai, — r. s. dealer tn delph. 
Faillait. fa/-ay, see F.iillir, Falloir. 
Failli, fa/-e, tn. bankrupt. 
Faillibilité. fa/-e-be-le-tai, //a//iA:/i<J'. 
Faillible, fa/-e-bl, a. fallible. {be tiear, be ready. 

•Faillir, fa/-eer. v. n. to fail : give way: be mistaken ; 
Faillite, faAitt,/ bankruptcy. 

Fdim, tain.f. hunger. , , .. , _, 

F.itne, fayn,/ beech-mast. [tn. lubber, sluggard. 

Fainéant, e, fay-nai-a«, — t, a. lazy, sluggish; —, 
Fainéanter, fay-nai-a«-tai, v. n. to loiter, lubber. 
Fainéantise, fay-nal-a»«-tiz,/. laziness, s!oll\/ulness. 

•Faire, fair, v. a. H n. to rf.>, mak* : act; build; ffr. 
form ; use, cause ; commit ; walk ; il fait ch.iud, 1/ H 
hot; 11 fait Jour, it is daylight : — U cuisine. /.) ftf.'+ , 

— de leau. to take in fresh water; — ca\i,to be lea^y. 

— gras, to eat Jlesh ; — maigre, to eat no Jlesh ; f.iiM 
faire to bespeak ; — savoir, to let knoiv ; — sembl.iiit 
to feign, pretend: se -, v. r. to be done; imireonfi 
self; turn, grow, become ; get; comment so fait-il 
hoiv is it! se — .linier, to make one s self to^>ed : si; - 

, .les amis, to get frUnds ; se — tort, to wrong <»./ 1 
Fais, fay, see Faire. \."'J' 

Faisable, fay-zah-l)l, a.feasibU. 
l'"ai»an. fay-za», m. pheasant. 
Faisandeau, f.iy-za«-doh, m. young pheasant. 
Faisander, fay-za«-dai. v. n. else —, v. r. to get a tailt 
Vai'i.xnderie, fay-zan-iUcf pheasantry. [(if game, 

Faisandicr, fay-za»iilyai, m. pheasant-breeder. 
I-'aisceau, fes-oh, tn. bundle, sheaf. 
Faiseur, fav-zur. m. maker ; perjormer, 
Faisserie. fays-ree. / open work. ^ , , .^ . ^ , 
Fait. e. fay, — t, a. et.prt. done (see Faire) .• » ip* : thafed. 
Fait fay, m. fact ; deed, matter; action; busineM 
share ; en — de, in point of; cost votre - -, tlui 
suits you; être au —, to understand a tnatter, 
mettre au —, to give a true notion ; apprise »f. 
I'aitage, fay-tahj, tn. top, ridge-pi*C€, 
l-'.iite. fayt, tn. top, height. 
I''aitiére. fay-tyair./ ridge-tilt. 

l-aix, fay. m. weight, burdtn. 

Falaise, fal-ayz,/ cliff. , . 

lalbala, fal-bal-ah, m. furbelow. [O"'" 

l"allacienx, se, fal-las-yuh, — z, a. —sèment, ad. fui.i 

•l''alloir, fal-war, v. imp. tnust, be necessary, want , 1 
me faut, / tnust have ; il s'en faut beaucoup, then 
wants a great deal, far from it. 

Fallu, fal-lû, see Falloir. 

V:\\o\.,fa\-ri\\, m. cresset. 

I'.ilot, e, fal-oh, — t, a. — ement, ad. odd, ridiculous. 

I'alotier, fal-ot-yai, tn. latnplighter. 

lialourde, fal-oord./yiin'o' of thick sticks. 

l-"alsificateur, fal-se-fe-k.-it-ur, m. falsifier. \for.i;er\ 

F.ilsific,îlion, fal - se - fc - k.ih - svo«, / falsi/icatum 

l-alsifier. false-fy.ii. v. a. to falsify ; fo> ge ; adulter,ili 

I-'aliin, fal-u»), m.falun. . . . , 

Faluner. fal-û-nai. v. a. to tnanure withfalun. 

Falunicre, fal-fl-nyair.y;/<i/K«/«/. 

Famé, e, fam-ai. a. famed ; bien — . of a good character 

I-"amelique. faiii-ai-lik, a. starved, hungry. 

Viimeax, se, {nm-\ih,— 7, a. famous. 

Familiariser, fame-le-ar-e-zai, v. a. to familianxi 
accustom; taint; se —, v. r. to make ones su, 

Familiarité, fam-e-le-ar-e-tai,//awiVi(i>-»6'. 

Familier, ère, fam-e-le-ai, —air, a. — èremcnt. ai 
familiar; easy, natural ; —, in. familiar, intimati. 

Famille, fam-i/,/./a»«i/y,- relations. 

Famine, fam-in./. famine. 

Fanage, faii-alij, tn. hay-making. 

Fanaison, fan-ay-zo«,y: hay-ma king season. 

Fanal, fan-al, tn. beacon ; lighthouse. 

Fanatique, fan-at-ik, ri./i/ja/iV. 

Faiiariser. fan-at-e-zai. v. a. to make fanatic. 

Fanatisme, fan-at-ism, m. fanaticism. 
Fane, fan,/ fallen leaf, dry leaf. 
Faner, faii-ai, v. a. to make hay ; wither; se —, v r 
Faneur, faii-ur, m. haymaker. [fade away, witlw 
i-an(.m,{an-{nn,m. child, darling. 
Fanfare, fan-far, f./tourish. [boaster, bu.,, 

I'anfaron, ne, fa«-far-on, —on, a. boasting; —, « 
l-anfaronnade, faw-far-on-ad,/ bluster, boast. 
Fanfaronnerie, fa«-far-oii-re,/ bragging, boasting. 
Fanfreluche, fan-fr-lûsh,/ bawble, gewgaw. 
Vanee,fiinUi,f. mire, mud, soil. 
I-angeux, se, fa«-hjuh, — z, a. tniry, muddy. [crui. 
Fanon. fan-o>«, in. dewlap ; fetlock ; pendant; —<.l 
Fantaisie. faH-tai-ze././w/O'/ mind; whim, cap>:a 
Fantasque, fa«-task, a. —ment, ad. fantastic ; whiw 
Fantassin, faM-tas-ai>i, m. foot-soldier. [u 

Fantastique, fa«-tas-tik, a. fantastic, fanciful. 
Fantôme, fa«-tohm, m. phantom ; apparition. 
Faon, fa«, m.fawn. 
Faonner, fan-ai, v. n. tofaivn. 
Faquin, fak-ai«, tn. scoundrel ;fop. 
Faquinerie, fak-in-rc,/ rogiury ; foppery. 
Facais, far-ai, m. coral-net. 
Farce, farss./ stuffing ; farce. 
I-arceur, far-sur, tn. merry-andrew. 
F.ircir. far-seer, v. a. to stuff, fill. 
l-ard, far, in. paint; disguise. 

I'ardeau. far-doh, m. burden, weight. , 

Fariler, far-dai, v. a. et. tt. to paint, gloss; sink, p 
•way : St: —, V. r. to pa int. 


rct 1 


Fartller, far-dyal, tn. Imvcarrinj^'e. 

I'arl.iilet, far-l.ul-.iy, m. Hi'i>e(<thn, 

i-arfouillcr, tar ("oA.ii, v. n. to riémmagt, 

I'arltiole, far-e-l>ol,/. idU story, Iriflt, 

I'arine, far-in,/. meai.Jlour. 

^ari^er, lar-e-nai, v. a. tojtour. 

h'arincux, se, lar-e nuh, — z, a. /ariiitici'oui. mta 'y. 

Farinier, (ar-in-yai, tn. meatman. 

Fariniire, far-in-yair, /.' mtal-tuh. 

Farouche, far-oosh, a. Tvitii; shy, 

Farratfo, far-ra(»-"h, tn. jarra^o. 

Fascicule, fas-se-kfll,/. /ascicultis. 

Fasciiiaf;e, fas-sc-nahj, tn. tuork inadt uiith/asciHft. 

Fascine, ii\s-i\n,/. /asiitie. 

Fasciner, (as-se-nai, v. a. to/asciiiate ; bewitch, 

F.iscoic, laz-ai-ol,/; kidwy htan, 

F'asicr, »a-/e-ai, v. n. to shiver. 

Fasse, fass, see F'aire. 

F'aMc, fast, m. p0»ip ; ostentation. \fe,iici<r. 

Fastidieux, se, fas-tc-dyuli, —z, a. — xenicnt, mi. 

Fastueux, se, fas-trt-uh, — z, a. — scincnt, orf. potnt>i>iix. 

F"at, fat, tn. coxcomb, fop. [ostentiitioiis. 

F'atal, c, fat-al, a. — euient, nd. fatal, unhappy. 

Fatalisme, fat-al-isni, tn.Jalalism. 

Fataliste, fat-al-ist, tn. fataliste. 

Fatalité, fat-al-e-tai,y:/a/'(?/)/y : fate. 

Fati(li(|ue, fat-e-tlik, a.fitidiial. 

Fatigant, e, fat-e-jîa«, — t, a.Jati'^uiiis;, tiresome, 

Fatiyue, fat-i(f,/./i»i'if'<'; hardship. 

Fatiguer, fat-c-t;ai, v. a. et u. to fatigue ; tire ; teate. 
vex : se —, v, r. to groiv tired. 

Fatras, fat-rau, in, trash, rubbish. 

Fatnitc, fat-we-tai,/! silliness, foppery. 

F',iul>ourn, fr,li-boor, tn. suburb. 

Fauchafje, folvshahj, tn. inoiving. 

Fauchaison, foh-sliay-zox,/: tnowiiig-tiint. 

Fauche, Ibhsh, /: tnoivint;. 

Fauchée, f()h-shai,y^ a day's tnmuing, 

I'auchcr, foh-shai, v. a. to >non\ reap, 

Fauchet, fohshay, tn. hay-rake. 

F.iiicheur, foh-sluir, m. mower, reaper, 

J'aucheux, foh-shuh, m.Jield-spider, 

Faucille, fnh-sl/.yC sickle. 

I'aucillon, f(ihsi/-o«, in. bill-hook, 

I'aucon, foli-ko«, in. falcon. 
l-'aiiconncau, foh-kon-oh, tn. falconet. 

Fauconnerie, foh-kon-re, m. falconry. 

Fauconnier, foh-kon-yai, »;/. falconer. 

Fauconnièrc, foh-kon-yair,^/; haïukitig-bag. 

Fauiira, foh-drah, see Falloir. 

Faufiler, loli-fe-lai, v. a. to baste : se —, t-, r. to infm- 

Faune, fohn, nufauniis. [duce one's self. 

Faussiiire, foh-siiir, in.jorçer. 

F^aussement, foh-sinaw, ad. falsely. 

Fausser, foh-sai, v. a. to bend ; break ; spoil ; violate ; 

se —, V. r. to bend ; go astray. 
Fausset, foh-say, m. faucet, spigot ; falsetto. 
Fausseté, foh-stai,/:yii/«»iMJ, 
Faut, foh, see Falloir. 

Faute, foht,^: Jault; error ; omission, sin, crime ; — 
Fauteuil, foh-tu/, in. arm-chair. [Ae, /i/r want of. 

Fauteur, foh-tur, tn. abettor. 
Fautif, ive, foh-tif, — iv, a. faulty, defective. 
Fautrice, foh-triss, f. fautress. 
Fauve, fohv, a.Jallow. 
Fauvette, foh-vet,/: linnet, tomtit. 
Faux, foh, / scythe {see Faillir). 
Faux, sse, foil, — ss, a. et ad. false ; feigned ; untrue, 

wrong ; à — , falsely ; —, in. falsehood ; forgery ; — 

coup, tn. miss; — fuyant, in. back-door ; shift; — 

iiionnayeur, »(. coiner of false money; — semblant, 

m. show ; pretence. [In — de, by t/u help of. 

Faveur, fav-ur, /.yîiï/o//>-, credit; narrow riband; à 
Favorable, fav-or-ah-bl, a. —ment, ad. favourable. 
Favori, te, fav-or-e, — it, a. /avonrite, — , in. whisker. 
Favoriser, fav-or-e-zai, v. a. to favour ; patronize. 
Fébricitant, e, fai-bre-se-ta«, — t. a. feverish. 
Fébrifuge, (ai-bre-fûhj, tn. febrifuge. 
Fébrile, fai-bril, a. febrile. 
l'''>ces, fess, /: //. dregs, lees, pi. 

econd, e, fai-kox, — d, a. prolific, fertile. 
r'écondant, e,fai-kon-da>(, — t, a. genial. 
fécondation, fai-ko«-dah-syo>i,y;ySrc«Hrfa/«i»f. 
Kéconder, fai-ko»-dai, v. a. to impregnate ; /ertilixt. 
Fécondité, fai-ko«-de-tai, /://rf««rf:/y,yt>-/'i/«/)'. 
Fécule, fai-kfll,/ /cf«/rt ; sediment. 
(feculence, fai-km-aits.f.feculeney. 
Féculent, e, fai-kfll-a>/, — t, a. feculent, turbid. 
l'édéral, e, fai-dai-ral, a. federal. 
Fédéraliser, fai-dai-ra-lc-zai, v. a. to join to a league. 
Wderatif, ive, fai-dai-rat-if, — iv, a. federate ; federative. 
Fédération, fai-dai-rah-syo/i/^ conjideration, league. 

l"édér<?, e, fiibdai-ral, a. federate, ecn/tdtral*, 

FJe.fal,, /.i.ry 

Féerie, lai-re,7. enchantment. 

•Feindre, faiM-dr, t». a. tl n. I« feign, dissemble; limpt 

Feint, faiM, see Feindre. [hestiate. 

F'cinte, \i\\ti\,j. dissembling, pretence. 

Féler, fay-lai, v. a. to crack, burst. 

l-élicitntton, fai-te-se-tah-syn»,/: /!>/fr//it/iViM, eongratu- 

F'élicité, lai-te-se-tai, /.felicity, happiness. [lation. 

Féliciter, fai-le-se-tal, v. a. to congratulai* ; le —, v, r. 

te congratulate one's self. 
Félin, e. fai-lain, —in, a. feline. 
Félon, ne, fai-lo«, —Ion, a. felonious. 
Félonie, fai-I(Ui-c, / felony. 
Felou(iue, fxA-lnok, f. felucca. 
Fêlure, fay-lftr,/ crack, chink.y 
Femelle, fHA-mcl, f. female ; hen, 
F-éininin, e, (al-mc-nai/i, — nin, a. feminine; tvomanish. 
Femme, (am, /. woman; wife; — dc chambre, 7Ciii/- 
F'ennnelcttc, fam-let, /". silly woman, [tng-inaiJ. 

F'éniur, fal-mAr, m. thigh-bone. 
I-'enaison, fi</(-nny-zon, f. hay-harvest. 
Fendant, fa«-daH, tn. bully, hector. 
Fenderie. (a»i-ilrc,y! slitting-mill. 
Fendenr, fnx-dur, m. slitter, cleaver. 
se Fendiller, fa»-di/-al, v. r. to crack, split, 
F'endoir, fa»-dwar, tn. splitting-tool. 
Fendre, fa/(-dr, v. a. etn. to cleave, split; rend ; brtak; 

se —, V. r. to cleave, chink, crack. 
Fenêlrape, f«A-nay-trahJ, in. windows, pi, 
F"enctre, fw/i-nay-tr,/; window. 
Fenil, (iih-ne, m. hayloft. 
F'enouil, fuh-nonl, m. fennel. 
F'cnouillette, f«/i-nooAet, f. fennel-water, 
F-ente, fanuf. chink, cleft, chap. 
l-'enton, fan-to», m. iron-cramp. 
Fé, e, {a.\-oA-n\,a. féodal, feudal. 
Féoclalisme, fai-od-al-ism, tn. feudalism, 
F'"éodalité, fai-od-al-c-tai,/./(rKrf<i/i/>. 
Fer, fair, in. iron; sword; fil de —, wire: — s, //. 
F-erai, fwA-ray, see Faire. {chains, fetters, pi, 

Fe-blanc, fair-bla», tn. tin ; tin-plates, pt. 
I''crblanticr, fnir-bla>t-tyai, in. tinman. 
I^'er-chaud, fair-sholi, tn. heart-burn, 
Fé, e, fai-ryal, a. ferial. 
Férié, fa\-re, f. day ; holyday. 
F'érié, fai-ryai, a. Jour — , holyday. 
Férir, fai-reer, v. a. sans coup —, without striking a 
l'"erler, fair-lai, v. a. to furl. [blow. 

I'crmage, fair-niahj, tn. rent of a farm. 
I"erine, fairm, a. et ad. —ment, ad. firm, steady: stout, 
hard, solid ; frapper — , to strike hard ; — , 
Ferment, fair-max, m. ferment. [manor. 

l-'ermcntation, fer-Mn«-tah-syo>/, f. fermentation. 
I'"ermentcr, fair-ma;/-tai, v. ti. to ferment. 
F'ermer, fair-mai, v. a. et n. to shut ; lock {the door); 
close ; be shut ; à Jour fermant, at the close of day ; k 
nuit fermante, at the approach of night ; sc — ,'v. r. 
Fermeté, fairm-tai,/',yïr«»«Mj. [to shut ; close up. 

l-ermeturc, fairm-tflr, /: shutting, fastening. 
Fermier, fair-myai, m. farmer. 
F'emioir, fair-niwar, m. clasp. 
F'éroce, fai-ross, a. ferocious, fierce. 
F'érocité, fai-ross-et-ai, y: ytroii/y, 
F-erraille, falr-a/,/; old iron. 
Ferrailler, fuir-a/-ai, v. n. to fence, 
I'errailleur, fair-a/-ur, tn. dealer in old iron ; fighter, 
F'errant, fair-a«, a. maréchal —.farrier. [bully, 

l'"errement, fair-nia;i, in. iron-tool ; ironing. 
F'"errer, fair-ai, v. a. to bind with iron ; shoe {a horse). 
Ferret, fair-ay, m. tag ; ferret. 
r-"erreur, fair-ur, tn. tagger. 
I-'errière, fair-yair,/: smith's tool-bag. 
F-erronnerie, mir-on-ro,y: blacksmith's workshop. 
F'erronnier, fair-on-yai, in. ironmonger. 
Ferrugineux, se, fair-rû-hje-nuli, — z, a. ferruginous. 
Ferrure, fair-flr,/: iron-work ; shoeing {horse). 
1-ertile, fair-tit, a. —ment, ad. fertile, fruitful. 
F"ertiliser, fair-te-le-zai, v. a. to fertilize. 
Fertilité, fair-te-le-tai, /. fertility , fruilfnlness. 
Féru, e. fai-rfl, see F"érir. 
F'érule, ta\-riA,f. ferule, rod. 
F^crvemraent, fair-vani-a«, ad. fervently, ardently, 

fervent, e, fair- van, — t, a. ferv'nt; zealous, 
erveur, ta.ix-\\iT,f.fei^v^vr. zeai. 
Fesse, fess,y^ buttock. 
Fessée, fes-ai, f. flogging: 
F-'esser, fes-ai. v. a. tofiog, lash. 
Festin, fes-t.ii«, tn.feast, banquet. 
Festiner, fes-te-nai, v. ti. to feast. 
F'eston, fes-ton, tn. festoon. 
Festonner, fes-ton-ai, v. a, to festoon» 


r«2 1 


Féle. t\yt,/.A<ttt; /ti/ni/v; lirlhitiy : holJ.iy. 

Fêter, faytiil, v. a. h ifff holy ; wtUomt. 

Fftlrhe, fal-tish, tn. rttirh. 

Friicliisine, («i-testiisin, m. ftlUhism, 

Fi-tiilc. faiti'l, (t. /flUi, ratik. 

F«!llilltë. fai-te-clctiil, f./ttuiiifss. 

F^tiiyer, fal-twii-yai, v. a. lo ftast, rtgalt. 

Fi tii, fai-tû, m. .t/rrtTi'; r;/i//. 

Jiii. fiih, tn. fire; ftiiuie; Heat, ftrvour ; passion ; 

iitettU ; —e, (T. /(ttf. ileititsfii. 
Fciiilatairc, fuhilatair, m. Jexululory. 
Fciiill.iL'f, fii/alij, m. folioi.-f, li-aves. 
Feuillaison. fu/-ay-zo»/./ tfa/iui^-sfaso». 
Feuille, fil/,/ leaf: iheet ; tuiv^finfer : furlouRh, 

pass ; —s i)i'rii)<liiiiies. //. feriodtcali, pi. 
Feuille, c, fn/Mii, a. leafy. 
Fcullléc. fu/ay. f /:'liat:e ; hower. 
Feullle-mnrlc, fu/anort, a. /ile-iiioil. 
Feuillet, fii/ay, m. tea/ {paper). 
Feuilletage, fii/t.i)ij. wi. /<<//■/" fc. 
Feuilleter, fii/tai. r. a to turn over, Peruse; make f'lifi- 
FeiiilletfX), lii/-to;«, »i.. feuilleton, [faite. 

F"euillu, e, fii/-fl, a. lea/y. 
Feuillure. fu/-flr.y: rabbet. 
F"eurrc. fur, tn. straw. 
Feutrnjîc fiih-tralij. m./ettiiin. 
Feutre, fiih-tr, tn.Jelt; lint. 
F"eutrer, fiili-tr.ii, v. a. to felt ; pad, 
Feutricr, fiih-tre-ai. tn. fetter. 
Fève, fcv, / beau: berry. 
Féverole, fcv-rol, / hot^e-bean. 
Février, fai-vre-ai, in. h'ebruary. 
Y\,te,int./yl /or shame ! 

Fiacre, fya-kr, >n. hmkney-ioach : liaikneyeoacliinan. 
Fiançailles, f>a;/-sa/, /; pi. belrotliini,'. 
Fiancé, fya/i-sai, in. bri<l,x>'oom. 
Fi.incée, fya»/ sai,/ brute. 
Fiancer, fya;(->-,il, t. a. to betroth. 
Filire. fe-l>r, f./ibie. 
Fibreux, se, fib-riili, - z, a. fibrous, 
Filirine, fib-rin. /./ibrine. 
Fie. fik, in./ii^. 

Ficeler, fis-lai, v. a. to tie ivilh packthread. 
Ficelle, fc-bell, / païklliread. 
Ficlie, fiih,/ hook, hinrh ; counter. 
Ficher, fish-ai, v. a. lo drive in, fix, , , . ^ 

Fichet, t'lsh-ay, «1. /.-;' •• ivory ftsh. [rliie/ 

Fichu, e, fish-ft, a. pili/nl, sorry ; —, in. iieck-hamlker- 
Fictif, ive, lik-tif, — iv, a. — iveiiicnt. ad. fictitious. 
Fiction, (\\i-syrin,f./icfion. 
Fidéicoiiuuis, fe-dai-e-koin-c, m. trust. 
Fiilciconiniissaire, fe-dai-e-koiu-csair, in. trustee. 
Fidéjusseur, fe-dai-liii'is-sur, m. bail. 
Fidéjussion, fe-dai-hjrts-syo;/, / bailint;, security. 
Fidèle, fe-del, a. —nient,, true ; trus/y. 
Fideliti'. fe-tlaite-tai,/y/V</'0'. faithfulness : truth: 
Fiduciaire, fe-dû-syair, m. fiduciary. [exactness. 

Fief, fyef, in./ief. 

Fielfé, fyef-ai. a. enfeoffed; arrant, downright. 
FioflTcr, fyef-ai, v. a. to enfcojf. 
Fiel, fyel, in. gall ; an);er ; spleen. 
Fiente, fya;/t,/ dung ; mute. 
FIcnter, fyn»/-tai. v. ti. to dung : mute. 
%eV\çT,fya\,v. i: to trust to, repose. 
Fier, ère, fyair, a. — irenient, ad. proud : bold; arro- 
Fier-A-liras, fyair-ab-rah, m. bully; hector. [^anl. 

Fierté, fyair-tai,/ pride ; arrogance. 
Fièvre, fyay-vr. /. fii'er, ague. 
Fiévreux, se, fyai-vruh, — z. a. feverish. 
Fifre, fe-fr, m./lfe ; fifer. 
F'itjeinent, filij-maH, ni. congealing. 
Finer, fihj-ai, v. a. to congeal ; sc —, v. r. to coat:utate. 
FiKue. H,/.J'\'- J [curdle. 

Fipuerie, hii-re.f.fg-xi-ound. 
Figuier, fig-yai, in.fg-tree. 
V\à\ira.nX,U^,-t-rnn, m. figurant, 
FiRuratif, ive, fijr-û-rat-if, — iv, a. -ivement. ad. figu- 
Figure, fig-ûr.y: figure, shape ; outside. [ralive. 

Fiffurément. fin-û-rai-max, ad. figuratively. 
Figurer, <ig-û-rai, v. a, et it. to figure, represent ; make 

a figure, look -well ; se —, v. r. to imagine, fancy. 
FiRurine, fitr-ft-rin.y: little figure. 

Fil, fil, m.lhread ; yarn ; wire ; srain ; stream of the 
Filage, fil-ahj, m. spinning. [ivater. 

nianient, fil-ani-a«, in. fila ment. 
Filamenteux, se, fil-ain-a«-tuh, — z, a. filaceous. 
Filandière, fila>i-dyair, f spinster, spinner. 
Filandres, fil-a«-dr,/. J>/. threads ; 7vhite strings, pi. 
Filandreux, se. fii-a«-druh. — z, a. stringy. 
Filardeau, fil-ar-doh, m. saplins. 
Filasse, le-lass, /. flax, hemp. 
t'iJassier, fc-Ui-yai, m. /tax dresser. 

lilatciir, f< ur, m. manager of a tfinnhie /achr!/. 

lilaturc,,^. spiniivig ; spinning /aciory, 

l'"ile, fil, file, row, rank. 

Kile', fe-lal, «I. tOire. 

l'ilcr, fo-lal, v. a. tl tu I» spin ; vetr; go out; furr; 

— dfiux, lo give n>ay. 
VWcûc.Mrcf. spinning-house. .... 

1-ilet, lol.iy, m. siring; net : /iHet : filament ; -»■ /A 
lilciir, fclur, ;;/. spinner; -se../: spinsler. [siiarti,pi, 
lilial, e,, a. — eincnt. ad. /mal, 
l'illation, lil-y.disyow./.yf/c'ii"'. 
l'iliète. fil-y.iir, /. scre^u-plate. 
lilifornie, fc-lo-fnnn, a. /iliform. . • 

1"illnrane, fe-lc-^;, m.filigre*. 
l'ilin, fc-lai/;, m. rope, corda^je. 
l'ille. fil, f daut:hler; girl, lass. 
l'ilktte. fi/-clt, / young girl, 
lilleul, fiZ-ulil, m. HiHi-son. 
l'illcule, fi/-iihl,/A'<'</-'/'»wA'''''- 
l'ilon, fe-lo>/. m. vein {ofinelal). 
l'iloselle, fe-lo-zd, ffloss-silk. 
l'ilmi, fe-loo, m. pickpocket ; sharper. 
l'ilouter, fee-loo-tai. v. a. to cheat. 
lilotiterie, fee-loo-trec,//(Vi/'"V, iluatin^, 
l-ils, fe, fiss. m. son. 
liltratinii, fil-trah-syo>/././;7.V)-i//.;'. 
l'iltre, fillr. m. filter, strainer. 
I"iltrcr, filtr.ii, v. a. tofilter.filtrate. 
VWwTcfcAùr.f. spinning. 
I"in, fai;/, / end; aim : design ; h la —, at last ; —, 

m. chief f oint, quintessence. 
l-"in. c, f.ii»/, tin, a. — eiiicnt. ad. fine, Ihiii, small ; 

clear; subtle, delicate; sly, cunning. 
I'Inal, e, fe-nal, a. — einciit, ad. final, last. 
I'iiiancc, fi!-n,i»s, /. ready money, cash ; ft nan y. 
I"inancer, fe-na//-s.ii, v. n. to pay money, [exJieqinr. 
1-inanciel, le, fe-naH-syel, a. /iitancial. 
iMuancier, fenax-sy.ii. m. finaiuier. 
I'iiiasserie, fc-nas-rc. /. pclly shift. 
I'inaud, e, fc-noh. -d, a. x/v. . 

l-incsse,fin-css,/.y?mv/CJ.r.j/'u/c".<-ni//;H<'ft.-'» >•/!/''. 
1-iiiet, te, fe-nay, — t, a. sly, artful. | per/cclwn. 

lini, fc-ne, a. finished ; finite, limited: -, nt./iniu,: 
I iiiir, fe-neer, v. a. et ii. lo finish, end; conclude, a':»- 
I iole. fyole. /: ///i<»/. ^ [/"■"• 

I-iriiianient. fcer-nia-nia«. in.firmamtitt, skjt. 
I'is. fe. see Faire. 
I'isc, fisk, in. fisc, exchequer, 
t'lscal. c., a. fiscal. 
lissipède, fis-se-peil, a.fissipede. 
listule, fis-tûl, f fistula. 

Ilstiileux, so. fistùl-uh, — z, a.ftstulous.fistular. 
l-"it, fe, see l-'airc. 

I"ix,ition, fik-sali-syo/(./.y?.v(7Cio« .■ appointing. 
I'ix. fiks, a. — cincnt,\ed. sctlled./irm. 
I-lxor, fiksai, r. a. /oy/v.- settle; appoint; ie—, v.r. 
rixito, fik-se-tai,y;yr.vf.i'«crx. [to be fixed ; settle. 

I"acciditc. flak-se-de-tai./y/<Tn-i'</iO'. 
Il.iche. flash, f s^asp, fissure. 
I-I,ichcux. sc, flash-uli, - z, a.fiaity. 
I-lacon. flak-o;i, m. flagon : bottle. 
i-l.iL>elli<nt. (lalij-cl-laH./.y/rt'.i,'''/''''"'- 
I-laKcller. fl.ahj-cllai, v. a. lo scourge. 
Ilii^eolet. flahj-ol-ay, m.flagekt. 
l-lai;orner., v. a. to/latter servilely. 
Il.iijnrnerie, (liiK-orn-rc,/ mean flattery. 
VUtrorneur, f\;\î:-or-ni\r, in. mean flatterer. 
I-"l.i>;rant. e, flaj;-ra«, -t, a. en — délit, in the very fad. 
I-I.iir, flair, m. smelling, scent. 
M.iirer, flair-ai, v. a. to smell, scent, 
l-'i.iireur, flair-ur, m. spoiv^er. 
I'lainant, flania», m. flaming». 
I-j.imbeau, flax-boh, in.fiambeau. 
l-l.iinbcr, flaK-bai, v. a. et n. to fiame, blaze ; ""'.•^ 
l-^unberKe, fla«-l)airhj,/ rapier. [bm... 

Flamboyer, fla«-tm-a-yai, t'. «- to glitter, blaze. 
I'laiiiine, finhm.f. fame, blaze; pennon; pass-ioit. 
I-lainnièche, flain-êsh,/ spark. 
1-lainnicrole. flam-rol,./; ignis fatuus. 
I'lau, ll.i«, m. custard. 
I'ianc, flaw, in. flank, side. 
I'l uulriii, fla«-drai«, ««. /a// >«««. 
I"l.iiielle, fian-ell,/y?rt"«(-/. 
1-lAiier, fla-nai, v. it. to saunter, lounge, 
l-'lAnerie, flanree,./: lounging. 
IIAiieur, fla-nur, in. loun>;cr. 
KI,ine|iicT, fla«-kai, v. a. to/lank. 
l-i.Kiuo. flak./, small pool, s-,iainp. 
Flaqui-'c. Il.ik-ai./ daih of water. 
ria<iii--r, flakai, v. a. to dash. [horn ; duct 

Hai.<iue, i\A'iV.,a./labby,/lauia i wtaki —, m. poicJif 




l.iltcr, flat-nl, r. a. toflatltr; rarfît ; ittHrht : — le 
ill', /(> ivg- tht tiirt ; M —, f , r, tojialttr ont i stIJ. 
I.ittrric. AM-tc././tntltry. 

littcur, (lat-tir, m —se, —whz, /. /tatttnr ; — , a. 
— SLMiient, ad.Jlitllrriii)!, coaxing, 
l.itiicu», »c, (lat-rt-iili, — «, a./tatii/ent. 
I.iiii'.siti', zc-lM./.jliitii/(Hfy. 
.Ill, rtai-oh, m.Jlitil ; txam {hitlnnit\ ; fldi^ue. 
die, flckh, ./; ayrirtv ; sfirt ; btatn {coaih) ; /liUh 
(AiK om). 

It'cliir, ll.iislicer, v. a. tl n. to heiui, hoiv ; mcrft ; giv* 
Tcii.v,- rtltiit. 

iL-cliisscniciit.;i>i, >ii. he>ii1ntg(knM). 
K){mrtliiiue, flc(;-Mint'ik, a, fhlfgmatic, 
li';,'iiii-, flci^ii, m. fhlff^m. 
^ilrir, flai-lrcer, T'. a. to/inif, ivithrr ; fiirnitJi ; slain ; 
i/i'Hrna; sc —, T'. r. !,< fmie aivny, wi'htr, 
clrissiirc, fliii-lrcsûr, /. /adina mvay, ivilhtriiiiT : 
tliiDi ; hriituling. {with, ln.'i-u<!//i. 

cur, flur, /. Jliruitr ; blossom, bloom; h — tie, fi'CH 
Ifuriiisnn, tliir-.iy-Z"n, /; blossoming ,• bloviing-timt. 
iifLT, fliih-rai, v. n. to smell. 
iirct, fliih-r.ty, m./crtrt ; /oil. 

iircltc, fliili-rct,/.//r>7tv»-^/.' so/I things, fit. cajolery. 
ciiri, c, (Iiih-rc, a./loriil, fresh. 
iirir, flulirccr, v. n. tojhnt'cr, blossom ; flourish, 
iirlstc, fliihri'it, s. florist ; deilerinfloutrs. 
curon, fliihrn;/, >n.flower-ivori',floiirisli. 
kiive, fliiliv, »«. river. 

lexil'ilitc, n<:k-sc-\>c-]c-tM,/. flexibility, flexiileness. 
Icxililc, flek-silil, a. flexible, /iitnit. 
Itxiiin, flck-syci;;,y! /le.xion, bending, 
'iliiit, flce-lion, m. fly-boat. 
l)ii.stier, ricct)ûs-tyai, m. freebooter. 
kflac, llik-tlak, in. tlnvici-t/nioi t. 
icon, fli)k-o;/, in. /loci : tu/l[li,iii) : flakt. 
icnnnciix, se, fluk-on-uh, — z, a .flaky, 
iraiinn, flor-ay-zon,/". blossomiui;. 
irc, ^at,/. flora. 

rencc, Hor-.i»/s,/ Florence tafleta 
nrtS, (lor-cs «/. f.iirc —, /o <•«/ u figure. 
nriii, flor-ain, m. florin, 
irissant, e, ftor-e-sa>/, — t, a. flourishing. 
It. (Inh, m. 7c(i7r, biltoiu ; tide; crowd; h — S, in 
ittal)le, flnt-tah-lpl, a. floatable. [streams. 

itt:ii;c, ftot-.ilij, m. floating {itood), 
maison, flotay-zo;/./. water-line. 
MK,^i^l,/.fleet; float. 
)ltcnicnt, flot-iiia«, «/. undulation. 
)ltcr, flot-ai, î'. «. to float ; Tcrrr .• 7vaver ; Imls flotté, 
ittciir, (lot-iir, «;. /loafer ; cable-cask. Ifloat-n'ood 
Dttillc, ttot-til,/. /lot ilia. 
Dii, floo, (jrf. //f A/ axr/ .f<?/?. 
)iier, floo-ai, V'. <i. to diddle ; cheat. 
ictiiation, f\(ik-tCi-nh-'.yon,/. fluctuation. 
ictiienx, se, fliik-tft-iili, — z, a. fluctuating. 
ler, flil-ai, î'. «. to flou\ run; papier fluant, blotting 
let, to, fliVay, — ct, a. lean, thin, [ paper. 

icurs, fli1-ur,y; //. courses, fl. 
liile, rtOiil, a. fluid, li(/uid. 
lidite, (liVc-de-tai,/ /luidity. 
le, m,/. flute; roll. 
tl', tlù-tai, «. j<y?, sweet. 
to.iu, flù-toh, »«. child's -whistlt, 
ter, fliVtai, v. n. to pipe. 
Itciir, flft-tiir, ;«. piper. 
niai, e, flflv-yal, a.fluTial, river. 
X, till, in.flux ; flo7v ; — ct reflux, /"M andflo7V. 
xion, fli1k-syo«,/.//« ; defluxicn. 
:, fok, m. jib. 
tiis, f.ii-tiis, m./celus. 

, f"'i, / /uiW( ,• /idclily, trust ; l>oiine —, plain- 
\ealiiif;, sincerity ; en — do niinl, tH iviluess lohercx/ ; 
laiivaisc —, dishonesty; tie boiiiio —, candidly; 
Jouter —, to give credit. 
e, fwa, ;/f. liver. 

n, fo-ai»/, >«. ;(,»>,■ _ d'arrierc-saison, a/termath. 
re, fo.ahr,/. yrti»-, mar/tct. 

is, fwa,/ /iV«<r; une —, once ; deux —, rtf/Vf ,• trois 
-, three times ; h la —, all at once; de — à autre, 
rom time to time. 
son, fwa-zow,/ plenty. 

sonner, fwa-zon-ai, v. n. to abound; multiply. 
fitrc, fo!-au-tr, a. —ment, ad. play/ul,/roticsonu. 
.Itrer, fiil-au-trai, v. n. to dally, tvanton. 
Atrerie, lol-au-trKA-re,y. wantonness, sportivencss. 
ichon, nc, fol-e-shoH, — shoii, a. wanton, luai:giilt. 
je, M-e,/./olly ; madness ; à la —, madly, to dis- 
lo fol-e-oh, m./olio. [traction. 

lole, fol-e-ol. /. small ln^/. 
le, see I-"ou. 
enient, rol-ina>/, ad. madly, dotitiglf. 

Folle», te, fol .ly, -et, a. /oolish, wanton; itm'ny/ 
I esprit —, hob,:oblin. 

rollfiiil.iire, fnl-lckfl-lalr, m. pamphleteer. 

l-olliiuli-, follrkfil, m./ollicle. 
I rnnicnlailon, fiiiii'.w/-tàh-syo>/, f./omentation, 

l-oiiicntcr, foin-a»/-lnl, v. a. to/oment. 

I;onc<i, e, fon-iutl, a. deep ; moneyed ; clntr, tkillni. 
I Foncer, (o»».sai, v. a. et n. to head a cask ; pay the ex- 
penses of, lo ; — sur, to/all upon. 

Foncier, ère, fi»rsy.ii, — r, a. belonging to the manor; 
learned; rente ■-I'rf, i;rouud-reut ; —(renient, aJ. 
j thoroughly ; to the bottom ; perfectly. 
; Fonction, {iink-synn, /./unction, duty, o/tice ; exercise. 

Fonctionnaire, foiik-syon-,ilr, m. functionary. 
' F'onctionner, fi»/k-syon-,il, v. n. to Jtvik, ait. 

l'"oml, (on, m. bottom, ground ; back.\eaf ; utmost part ; 
i extremity; S —, thoiou^-hly; — ilc t ilc, hold o/ a 
ship ; couler .\ —, to sink. 

I'nndaMiental, r»>f-d,iuia;i-tal, a. — einent, ad. fuiida- 

l'i>nd,iiit, e, fon-d.Di, — t, a. melting. [mental. 

l'°ondatcur, fo>i-clat-ur, m./ounder. 

l-'oiiilation, U-<n-i.\.\\\-'iynn,/. foundation ; endinvmeuf. 

I'onilatrice,,./. foundress. [ditineiil. 

I'oiiilenicnt, fo»-iliua», m. /ouudation ; ground ; fun- 

1-oniler, foi/.d,d, 7'. a. to/ouiid; ground; eslablixh ; 
tire fonde' ."i, to have a rij;ht to ; sc —, v. r. lo t>t 
grounded ; rely. 

Fonderie, (iiu-i\ri:,/. foundry, 

I'oudeur, (on-iU\r, m./oiind'cr, caster, 

I'ondoir, fo«<lwar, m. meltini;-/touse, 

l-ondre, fox-dr, v. a. et n. to melt ; east; so/ten ; dit- 
solve ; thaw ; sink . rush upon ; sc —, V r. to melt, 

Fondriiirc, fo«-dre-air,y! quai;mire. [thaw, 

Fondrilles, fo;i-dri/,y: //. dregs, pi. 

Fonds, (an, m. ground; stock, /und, capital, property, 

Fon lu, foH-dA, see FV.ndro. 

F'on^ueux, se, fo>/-(juh, — z, a./ungout. 

Fontaine, (oii-ten, /.fountain, spring; Jet. 

Fontainicr, fox-teivyai, m./ountain-maker. 

Font, foM, see Faire. 

l'"onte, fo«t, /: melting, casting ; /ount, cast; brass: 

Fonts, (on, tn. pl./ont. [holster. 

For, for, m. — mtcrleur, conscience. 

F'orape, for-ahj, m. boring. 

Forain, fiir-ai>f, —en, a. foreign ; rade — c, open road. 

I'orl>an, (or-ba>«, tn. pirate. 

I-'orcano, for-sahj, tn. over-weight, 
. Forçat, for-sah, m. galley-slave. 

F'orce, forss.y:/<»-f^, strength ; pinver ; eneigy ; flentv ; 
■'» — fie, by dint o/, by strength ; de —, —, 'by 
/orce; inalson de —, house 0/ correction ; faire — (Us 
voiles, to crowd all sails ; — s, pt./ones, troops, pi. 

Forcd, e, forss-ai, a./orced, affected, stijf. 

Forcément, for-s.ii-ma«, ad./orctbly. 

F]orcené, e, fors-nai, a. furious, mad ; —, tn. madman. 

Forceps, for-seps, m./orceps. 

I'orcer, forsai, v. a. et n. to /orce, compel ; assault ; 
over-ride ; — une clef, to bend a key ; — do rames, lo 
rojo strongly ; se —, v. r. to strain one's sel/. 

Forclos, e, forkloh, — z, a. precluded. 

F'orclusion, for-klil-zyo;»,/: debarring, exclusion. 

F'orcr, for-ai, v. a. to bore, drill. 

Forestier, ère, for-es-tyai, — r, a. /ores t. 

I-'orêt, (ot-ay, //orest. 

Forêt, for-ay, tn. borer, gimlet. 

*l'(ir(:i'\Tc, (0T-(aiT,v.; trespass. 

Forfait, for-fay, m. trespass ; crime. ' 

Forfaiture, for-fav-tflr, f. forfeiture. 

I'orfanterle, for-fa«-tré,/ quackery ; boasting. 

Forjje, forh),/ forge. 

F[or>;eable, for-hjali-1,1, a. that may be forged. 

I(or},'er, for-lijai, v. a. et n. to forge ; coin'; overreach. 

F'or),'cron, forlij-roH, m. siiiilh. 

Fori;cur, for-h/ur, m.jorger, inventor. 

F'orliuir, for-whccr, v. n. to recall the dogs. 

se F'orjeter, forlij-tai, v. r. to jut out. 

F'orlancer, for-la;<-sai, v. a. to dislodge. 

Forli>nier, for-lin-yai, v. n. to degenerate. 

nc F'orlongcr, for-lo«-lijai, v. r. to get ahead, linger. 
se Formaliser, for-mal-e-zai, v. r. to take offence at. 

Formaliste, for-mal-ist, m./ormalist. 

F'nrmalité, for-mal-e-tai,//ii»-;//a/iO'. 

F"ormat, for-niah, m. size. ' 

l"orniation, for-mah-syo«, / formation. 
Forme, (oxm, /. /ortn ; mould; shape; spavin; for- 
Formel, le, for-mell, a. — lemeiit, nd. formal, [ma'lirv. 
Former, formai, i». <i. to/01 in, frame,/ashion ; contrive ; 

instruct; se— , i». r. to he formed ; improve. 
Formidable, for-iue-dali-bl, a./ormidabïe,/nghi/ut, 
Forinicr, for-me-ai, m. lastmaker. 
Foriiiiil.iire, for-iiifi-l.iir, tn. foriHMiary, 
roiiimle, fur iiiiil,y.yi';v//K('«, 


t«4 ) 


Fofmiitrr, (nr-niAMnl, t». a. to wHU in farm. 

roriiiiillMe, (oriiiA-llsl, m./ormnhil, 

'i'lirimltrc, for-pny-lr, v. H. to /tf J at a liitlaMft, 

I'm», for, /r. tav*. atttft. 

Fort, e, fiir, —I, a, — emcn», ad. strong, stent , hanl, 

difflfult ; tkillfd ; e»|itl« - ,/rttlhinlttr, %e faire — 

de qch., te takt a thing Hfon ont'i if I/, —, ad. tvry, 

tHufti, txirtmtly ; —, m. tht slrottgttt part ; itrotig- 

hold ; fort ; portir. 
Fnrte-plano, fnr-ltilpyan-oh, m. pianqfortt. 
ForleresM, {ot-\xc%s,'/. fortrist 
Fortlficntlon, for-lefe-kah-syn/i, f./ori{/fcation. 
Fortifier, for-lif-yiii, v. a. to/orti/y ; s/rtiigthtn ; M —, 
Fortin, for-tnlN, m./ortlft. [v. r. to grov ttroiigir. 

I"c>rtriiU, e, for-trny, —tret, a. rrvtrsptnt. 
Fortr.ilture, for-trct-rtr,/ oritr-Jaligut. 
Fortuit, e, lor-twe, — I, a. — eiiient, ad./ortuiloiii. 
Fortune, for-tftn, /I fortuut ; ihanct; risk ; surrtst ; 

«Ic —, aaidtntally ; f.ilre — , to make out s/ortHHi. 
Fortun<f, e, for-lA-nal, a./ortunatt, Imky. 
Forurc, for-ûr,/; bort. 
Fosse, fohss, /, ho/e, pit; graft ; cnik. 
Fosse, foh-ial, m. ditch, trtnih. 
Fossette, fos-ef,/; chutk-holt : dimfU. 
Fossile, fos-ll, tn. fossil. 
I''os»oyn({e, fos-wa-ynhj, tn. ditching. 
l'"o»hoyer, fos-w.i-yai, v, a. to ditch, moat about. 
Fossoveur, foj.wa-yur, m. gravediggtr. 
Fou, folle, foc, fol, a. ntact,/oolish ; silly ; /roliesomt ; 

être — de, to dott upon ; —, m. fool, bishop. 
Founce, foo-ass,/! roll, bun, 

Founiller, foo-a/-ai, v. »i. toflog, ivhip. [bott. 

Foudre, foo-dr, tn. largt tun ,■ —,/. thunder ; thundtr- 
FoudroicMienI, foo-draw-ma>i, m. thutiderstriUng. 
Foudroyant, te, foo-drw.iynx, — t, a. thumitring : 

trttnfndoiis, [hatler doii'U ; ruin ; con/ound. 

Foudroyer, foo-draw.yal, 7'. a.rt n. to thuiiderslrike ; 
Fouet, foo-ay, m, whip ; lash ; roit. 
Fouetté, e, foo-et-al, a. ivhipffd ; sirtakfd. 
Fouttler, foo-et-al, f. a. tt ». to -whip, lash ; cut :Jtap ; 
Fouettcur, foo-et-ur, m.Jtoggtr, vihifptr. [swef/. 

Foupasse, foo-(»ass,yt little mine. 
Fougère, foo-hJalr,/'.yc>-«. 


FouKiie, foof», /; mettle ; Jferinest ; passion ; niizen- 

Fougueux, se, foo-jjuh, — z, a, mettlesome, Jiery . pas- 

Founle, fool,/, excavation. [sionate. 

Fouiller, foo/-al, v. a. et n. to excavate ; dig ; search 

Tou\nc,foo-\n,/. pole<art ; pitch/ork. [into; rummage. 

Fouir, foo-eer, 7'. a, to dii.', delve. 

Foulage, foo-lahj, tn.Jidling ; pressure. 

I'oularil, foo-lar, m. silk.handkerchirf. 

Foule, fool,/; cro^ud, throng ; fulling. 

Foulée, ioo-\i\\,f.grossof skins ; —s,pl. slot{ofa stag). 

Fouler, foo-lai, v. a. to tread ;full ; overcharge ; strain ; 

se — , v. r. to te strained. 
Foulerie, iao\-re,f. fuller's workshop. 
Fouloir, fool-war, nt. hatter's uor king-board ; trough 

of a tvine-press. 
Foulon, fool-o;i, Foulonnler, foo-low-ne-ai, tn. fuller. 
FouUjue, foolk,/! water-hen. 
Foulure, loo\-ùr,f. sprain ; —s, pi. slot. 
Four, foor, m. oven ; kiln. 
Fourbe, foorl), a. crafty, deceitful; — , »t, impostor, 

cheat; ^,f. imposture, knavery, 
>'ourl)er, foor-bni, v. n. to cheat, gull. 
Fourberie, ioar-hxcf. cheat, deceit, knavery. 
Fourbir, foor-beer, i-. a, tofurhish, burnish. 
Fourbisseur, foor-be-sur, tn.furbisher. 
Fourl'issure, foor-be-sflr.y;y»>-*ijAiH^. 
Fourbu, e, foor-bfl, a, foundered, 
Fourbtue, (cioi-h(\t, f. fouudering. 
Fourche, foorsh,/;/i7r,t, pitchfork : à la — , carelessly : 

faire la — , to branch off. 
Fourcher, loor-shai, v. n. to branch off; divide, split. 
Fourchette, foor-shet, f. fork; trigger; slee^'ebit; 
Fourchon. foor-shoK, m. prong. (/''<'/• 

Four(;i>n, foor-^'OM, m, waggon ; oven-fork ; poker. 
Fourgonner, fooT-eon-ai, v. w. to poke; Utr : rummage. 
Fourmi, foor-me,.r ant, emmet. 
Founnilier, foor-mH-e-ai, tn. ant-eater. 
Fourmilière, foor-m;l-e-alr,y: ant-hill, crowd, throng, 
Fourmi-lion, foor-mele-o«, m. ant-eater. 
Fourmillement, foor-miZ-ma», m. pricking, itching. 
Fourmiller, foor-mi/-ai, v. n. to swarm, crawl with; 
Foumage, foor-nah), m.fomage. [feel a pricking. 
Fournaise, toor-navz, f. furnace. 
Fourneau, foor-non, fn. stove; oven,- bowl {tobacco- 
Fournde, foor-nai,/. batch, cvenful. \pipe). 

Fournier, ère, foor-ny-ai, — e, s. oven-keeper ; parish 
Fournil, foor-ne, ftt. bakehouse. [baker. 

Fourniment, foor-ne-maM, m, ('"V/dtr-ftask ; belts; ac- 


I'ournir, foor-neer, t» a. et n. to furniih, iHpply , 

plilt, make up : adminnter, afford. 
FouriilsMnient, foor-ne-Miian, m. niery partner' t c* 
I'ouriiissrur, four ne-sur, m. tontractor ; purveyor 
Fourniture, foor-ne-tûr,/. supplying, pm/Uion ; rtm 

tance; garniture {salad) ; tntnmuig, 
Four<|uct, fiMir kai, m, scM>p. 

Fourratfe, foor-nhj, m. Joddir, pnniender ; fhreigr. 
F'ourrnKer, foor-anj-ai, v. a. tt n. to forage ; ravo,;t 
Fourr^Kcr, ère, foor-aiit-al, -r, a.fitjor forage, 
FourraKeur, foor-ahj-ur, m. forager. 
Fourré, e, foor-nl, <t, thickly corvered ; furred ; piii.t 

plated; —, m. thicket. ( /, 

Fourreau, foor-oh, m. scabbard; sheath, cover ; ,Ai 
F'ourrer, foor-al, v. a. to thrust in ; stuff ; JoitI ; /« 

»e —, V. r. to dress very warm ; intrude one's uli 
Fourreur, foor-ur, m. furrier. [engage one 1 1 

Fourrier,, tn. harbinger ; çuartertnastrr. 
l'ourrière, fooryair,/'. wood.yard ; pound. 
I'ourrure, Uwi-nt,f.fur ; /urrcd gown. 
Fourvoiement, foor-vwa-niaii, »«. going astray ; rri 
Fourvoyer, foor-vwa-yai, 7'. n. to lead astray ; tnix.rj. 

»e —, V. r. to go astray. 
Fouteau, foo-toTi, m. beech-tree, beech, 
Foulelale, foot-lay./ plantation of beech-trees. 
Foyer, fwa-yal, »«. hearth ; green-room ; focus. 
Frac, fralc, tn.frock. 
Fraciu, frak-an, m. crash ; bustle. 
Fracasser, frak-as-ai, v. a. to break in pitcu, crath. 
Fraction, frak-syoM./^yVuiYiox. 
Fracture, ft. \\t.\(ir,f. fracture. 
F'racturer, frak-lûr-at, v. a. to fracture. 
Fragile, frahl-il, a. fragile ; brittle. [Mi 

I''raKllité, frah).e-le-t.ii,/.Ar(i^i/i/y ,• britllentst ; uu 
I'rai;ment, frag-man, m.fiagment. 
I'rai, fray, m. spawn ; fry. 

I'raichenient, frny-shnia»/, ai/./r-rx/i/y ,■ coolly; uni) 
I'raicheur, fray-shur,/>'«/r</^« ; cool; vigour. 
I'raichir, fray-sheer, v. n. to freshen. 
l-'rairic, fray-re, /! merry-making. 
F'rais, fratcne, fray, — sli, a. fresh; cool, cold: nr 

brisk; —, m. coolness; cool air ; stiff breete, gi 

—, expenses, charges, costs, pi. 
Fraise, frayz,/ strawberry ; ruff,fraise, 
!•' raiser, fray-zal, v. a. to plait, strengthen withfraix 
F'raiselte, fray-zett,/: small ruff. 
Fraisier, fray-zyai, tn, strawberry-plant. 
Fraisil, fray-zee, *n. cinders, pi, 
Hranibo se, fraH-bwaz,y; raspberry, 
I'rainboisier, fra«-bwaz-yai, tn. raspberry-bush. 
Franc, he, frax, — sh, a. et ad. — henient, ad. A' 

open : sincere, ti^e ; arrant ; — dc port, pos'p.v 

— , tn. frank [coin). [im' 

Franchir, fraw-slieer, v. a. to vi'erleap, overpass , ,' 
Franchise, fra«-shiz, y. immunity ; frankness, 

tiess, plainness. 
Franciscain, fra»-sls-kaln, m.franciscan. 
Franciser, fra«-se-zal, v. a. to give a I'rench tertnii 

tion ; register a s h ip. 
Francisque, frax-sisk,/: battle-axe. 
F'ranc-maçon, fra</-niau-son, tn.fieemason. 
Franc-maçonnerie, UAit-mau-^nn-Tcffreemasonr}, 
I-"ranco, fran-koh, ad. free of expense, post-paid, 
I^rancolin, fra>i-k(il-ain, m, lieathcock. 
I'ranc-tillac, fra«-ti/-ak, m. tnain deck, 
FranKe, fra«hi, /:/r«>i,f*. 
Franger, fraH-njai, v. a. to fringe. 
Frangier, fra«-hje-ai, m.fringetnaktr, 
F'rangjpane, fra;i-hje-pan,/: pastry. 
Franquette, fra«-ketf,y: à la — , plainly, openly. 
F'rappe, frap, / stamp. 
Frappement, frap-ma«, tn. striking: clapping of Itiii 
Frapper, frap-ai, v, a. et ti. to strike ; stamp; int 

hit; — dts mains, to clap hands, applaud. 
Frappeur, frap-pur, m. knocker, beater. 
F"ras<iue, frask,/ prank, trick. 
Frater, frah-tair, tn. barber. [brothf 

Fraternel, le, frat-air-nel, a. — lement, ad. frattn 
Fraterniser, frat-air-ne-zai, v. n. tofrr.ternize. 
Fraternité, frat-air-ne-tai./I/ra/^rMj/y, brotherhood. 
Fratricide, frat-re-sid, m.frattHcide. 
Fraude, ft'ohd,//"ra«rf,- trick; smuggling. 
Frauder, froh-dai, v. a, to cheat ; rtnuggle. 
Fraudeur, froh-dur, m. cheat; stnuggter. 
F'rauduleux, se, froh-dû-luh, — z. a. —sèment, 

Frayer, iray-yai, v. a. ttn. to open, clear; rub ; mi 
Frayeur, (ray-yut,/. fright, terror. 
Frayoir, fray-ywar, tn. rub. 
Fredaine, fr«A-den,y; prank, frolic. 
Fredon, frwA-don, m, trilling, quavering. 
Fredounçniciit, frWf1r-don-ina/i, ;;;. hutnmiHg, 

,^-j<...Ji ci 




I ff lonnfr, rr»A-<l<>n-al, v. t. to *»«»<i; ftntttr. 
I r (jiie, (r.ii ({.«t, /. /ncrt//. 
ri'iii, fr;il»i, »<«. hnMt , rr/r*.' rA«ri>. 
rcl.iirr, fr///il.« «'. a. /•; wffiisfùatl, 
riUtcur. lri<A-la»ur, m. loflntlii.Uor, 
rilo. fr.«vl, tf. /rij»/, *ri//// ; av.i*. 

l.ii), fr«A-lo«, w». hortitt. 
r. Iihiiicl, fri/Alft-kiiy, »«. fiif^fy. 

•I'liiir, (r.iiiiieer. r. «. /« \hii,l,ltr, iHntt ; thhfr ; r,utr. 
ri'iiil%sciiiviil, fr.ii-nilis-iii.i;<, »«. j/i«./i/i'<i»i^'; ti*»-!!. 
rùiic, Ir.iyn, ph. aih-lrrt. [Iii>n ; rvartiijf. 

tinitie, fral-niil-ic, f./rtnty, madntts. 
r>>nétl(|>ie, fr.ii nai-tik, a./rmitii, miiit. 
rf|iifiiiiiient,,w», oii. trtqutnlly, I'/ttH. 
ri<i|ucrice, (t,ùkii>is,/./rf</iifm-y. ]i/uiii lâii/tf). 

ré(|iirnt, e, fral-km/. — t, a. irHfuint; orAmary : 
r^i|iicntntion, frai-kad-lah-iyii'/./.y/YV'"""''''""'' 
r('<|iiL-iili'r, fral-ka'i-lal, i'. a. tl n. lo/r(qii<nt ; haunt. 
r*re, frair, m. brolhtr ; frUir. 
rt-viiL-, friiA-/ ly.yl urttt/fowt. 
rev|uc, frcsk, f.'/rtsco. 
rcsMire, Irevi'ir,/. (Imk, piiriinatut. 
rel, (ray, m.frtii;htiii^,/r<inht. 
reler, frai-taf, t'. u. la/rtiiihl. 
ri'Iciir, fral-liir, m./rtixhttr. 
rctlllaiit, e, frai-ti/a«, -t. a. brisk, liftly, 
reiillcincnt, Irai-ti/aiiax. m./ritkim;. 
rolillcr, frai-ti/-ai, i'. u. tojrisk.fiit^;/!. 
rctin, fr»A-lai</, m./ry ; riibbiih, Irath, 
Irctle, (ret,/. hoop./trrnU, 
rellL-r, frotal, v. a. to biiiii ■with a hoof. 
riMi». ftiili, in. rook.'iliti-. freal)-e-lL-lai,//ri'<i*(VrVy. 
riaMe, freali-l)l, a.Jriablt. 

riand. c, frca«, - d, a. il.iiitty ; lielicnte. [titbits, fi. 
riamlise. frca/i-clir, /. dain'tintss, litlicaty ; —\, ft. 
ricuiiloaii, fro-ka/icloli, ni.Jricaudtau. 
ricisste, frc-kas-ai,/./M<aj*«. 
■ii.asser, frekas-ai, v. a. to/riiaistt. 
■ic.isMMr, frokas-ur, «i. pxllry took. 
riclii.', frisli, /. fallmu içround; en —, 
■icoteiir, fre-ko-tiir, in Jobbtr. 
■il lion, ixW/.-'yyviH, /. friilion. 
•ictiimiu'r, fnk-syoii-al, i'. a. to rub. 
'ii;.iril, frc-^.mr, ni. fiikltd herring. 
•iL'iilito, fre-lijeile-tai,/ /rij^idtty. 
iC'iix, se, fiL-luh, ~z,a. seiisib/t tocold 
■, frcniati, >«. ritne, hoar/rost. 
'inv;.ile, frai*/-^'al,y; sudden >tiitti;tr. 
'in;;aiit, c. fr.ii;i-t;a/i, — t, a. brisk, lively : tnttllesome. 
■i|)cr, frc-pal, v. a. to rumple, ruffle; waste, ,i,'obble 
■i|Jtric, U\\im, /. frippery . [down. 

fipicr, ère, frip-yai, — r, s. broker. 
'i|i<iii, fri|>-o<i, >//. knave, rot,'ne : cheat ; —, a. knavish, 
filiniineau, fre-pon-oh, tn. Utile ro^ue. [roj^uish. 

npimiier, fre-pon-ai, v. a. lo cheat, pilfer. 
ipciimerie, fre-poiirc,/. roguery ; a. knavery. 
riijiict, fre-kay, w«. hedse-sparrow : kiuhen-slict. 
ire, freer, v. n. to fry : faire —, tojry. 
"isf. ht:izt,f.frize, frieze. [(cloth). 

isL-r, fre-zai, v. a. to frizzle, curl ; border upon; nap 
isiJtter. fre-zot-ai, v. a. to frizzle. [ing. 

jsMm, fre-si);i, Hrissonnoiiient, fre-son-niai», m. shiver- 
isMinncr, fre-son-ai, v. n. to shiver ; shuddtr, tremble. 
isure, fre-zilr,/". curling, frizzling ; curls. 
5tte, frit, /.frit. 

ture. hi:.ii\r,f. frying, fried fish. 

le, fre-vi)l, a. frivolous. [pi. 

ulitc, (ie.vo\-e-tni,f.frivolity,f utility; —S,pl. trifles, 
DC, (riik, in. monk's habit. 
bill, c, frwa, — d, a. — eiiieiit, ad. cold; cool; indifferent; 
tidl ; —, tn coldness ; coolness, avoir —, lo bt cold. 
Dideur, Irwad-ur.,/; coldness. 
bidir. frwad-eer, v. n. to become cold. 
bidiire, frwad-flr,/. cold, coldness. 
bisspiiieiit, frwass-ina«, in. bruising; rumpling. 
kibser, frwass-ai, v. a. to bruise, clash ti/i/h, 
bissure. frwass-ûr.y. bruise. 
pleiiient, frohl-iiia/(, m. grazing. 
Iter, froh-Iai, v. a. to graze ; brush, 
Iniaije, from-alij. >;/. cheese. 

bmat;er, froin-anj-ai,>«. —ère, —air, f. chtesemonger.;erie, froin-ahj-re,/. cheese-room ; cheese-trade. 
Iiiieiit, froiii-aw, tn. wheat. [/rorvntng. 

picemeiit, trons-man, m. knitting of the broivs ; 

ncer, (roH-sai, v. a. to wrinkle ; — le sourcil, to knit 

ncis, fro»i-se, m. gather, plait. [the brow. 

nde, fro;/d, X sling. 

nder, fro«-dai, v. a. to sling; censure, 

hdeur, fro«-dur, m. stinger; critic. 

ht, fro», m. forthtad, fact ; boldness ; de —, in 

Btal, fron-tal, m./fontal. [front ; abreast. 



froiile.iti, froM.lnh, m. fronlUt , MHtdbttHtl. 

Kronllèr*. .Ut, f.fronlur. 

FronlUplce, froMlll-|il«, m. /rontùpiété ; Htle-p>»f*. 

Fronton, tttin.{nn, in. pediitienl. 

FrutlAKc (roi-nhj, m. rubbxng ; scrubbing. 

Frnlleniunl, frut-iiiati, m. rubbing, /ridum. 

Froiler, fioi-al, v. ,i. el n. lo tub ; ; grant M -^ 
t'. r. lo rub one t seij ; meddle with. 

Frimeur, Irnlur, m./loor-u rubber. 

I'roltiilr, frot-war, m. rubbing-tloth. rubber, 

l''ri)\ier, IrciD al. r, n. to peep, whittle, 

rr>ictirter, frdk-tH-yal, r. n. to /ruclijfy ; prosper. 

I'riiclueiix, to, Irttklu-uh, — /, <i. —%û\\\K\\\,ad.fruil_rul, 
_ usejut ; profitable. 

Frft>»al, rriitcal, a. — enient,, sober ; modérait, 

I'rii^Mliti.', U(\)i.\\.c.\i\\,f. frugality, sobtriiett. 

I'rujfiviire, frrt-lije-vnr, a.frugiivrous. 

l-'riiit, frft-c, m. fruit; destert ; pro/it. 

Friiilerlo, frft-c-trc, m. fruttery. [fruiterer ; fiuitery, 

l''ruitier, ire, frû-lt-yal, - r, a. Jriiit-btaring ; —, m. 

Fruste, frflst, n. de/aied {medals). 

Frustr.ilDJrc, (, a.Jrustralory. 

Frustrer, frils-tral, v. a. lo d'/raud, disappoint. 

Fin;ace, ffl-t{ast, a. fugacious. 

FiiKltif, ive, ffl-lijetlr; — iv, a. fugitive; traiisienl ; 

Fii^iic, (fl({, //i<v«*. (— , m. fugitive, runanay. 

Fui, frte, see Fuir. 

Fuie, t(\ e,f. coop. 

•Fuir, fiVeer. v. a. el n. to shun ; /ty,/tee ; leak. 

Fuite, i(s-\\,f.Hight ; evasion ; shilt. 

Fiil){uratiuii, fftlj;fl-rah-syi>»i,/./((4'i<Kr>//o«. 

Fiiliifincu», se, fii-le-lijoimh, — z, a. fuliginous. 

I''ulinin,itiiin, fArme-iiali-syojr,/ Julmiitation. 

Fulminer, ffll-iiienai, v. a. et ». to/utminate, thunder. 

Fumade, fft-inali), m. laikeitng. [pi, 

Fiiincc, ffl-mai,/; -""o*'.' steam; mist; —%, pi. fumes, 

F'linicr, fù-iiiai, f . n. to sincke ; steam ; fume ; dung. 

Fuiiicron, fûtn-ro;», m. smoky coai. 

Fuiiitt, frt-iiiay, in.Jlavour. ' 

I'Uineterre, film-tair,/. /limiter. ' 

Fumeur, fiViiiur, m. smoker. 

I'umcux, se, fiViiiuli, — z, a.fumous, smoky. 

F"umicr, fûm-yai, m. dung ; dunghill, 

Fumit;«tion, irt.iiie-B.ili-syo<i,y./«»»iiV<irttf»i. 

F'umi^atoire, fiVine->;at.w,ir, m.futni^atory, 

Funii^'er, ffl.nie-hjai, v. a. to fumigate. ' 

F'umiste, fû-niist, m. chimney-doctor. » 

Funambule, fù-n.ix-bûl, m. ropedancer. 

I-'uiièbre, filnay-br, a. funeral. 

Funi^raillcs, fiVnai-ra/,/. pi. funeral, obsequies, pi. 

Funéraire, fil-nai-ralr, a./iineral. 
, luneste, fiVnest, a. — ineiit, ad. fatal. 
I Funcur, fû-nur, »«. rigger. 
Funin, ftVnaifi, m. rigging. 
Fur, filr, m. au — et ."l mesure, proportionally, 
I l'urel, fû-r.iy, m. ferret. 

lùireter, fiir-tai, v. n. lo ferret ; search. 
I Fureteur, fAr-tur, tn.ferreter ; searcher. 
I Fureur, f!\T.\\i,f. /'ury,Jrenzy, rage ; —i, pi. frenzy. 

l'uribond, e, fû-rc-l>o«, — il, a. furious, rag,ng : oiif- 

' hurie, (ù-re,f. fury, funousness. [rageons. 

F'urieux, se, fù-ryuh, — z, a. —sèment, ad. furious ; 

raging; excessive, monstrous. 
Furin, f5-rai«, m. ojfini,'. 
Vuio\\es, (Ci-ro\,f. pi. yiery exhalations. 
Furoncle, fil-rox-kl, m. furuncle. 

Furti», ive, fûr-tif, — iv, a. — ivcinent, eut. furtive, stolen; 
Fus, fû, see Etre. [by sleatth. 

Fusain, fû-zai», m. spindle-tree. 

Fuseau, ffl-zoh, m. spindle ; bobbin. ' 

Fusée, fû-zoi, /. spindleful ; rocket ; fntee. J 

Fuselé, e, fCIs-lai, ti. slender. ' 

Fusibilité, fû-ze-be-le-tai, /. usibility. 
Fusible, fù-ze-bl, a. fusible. 

Fusil, fii-ze, m. steel ; tinder-box ; gun ; — à alj^uille, 
needle-gun ; — de chasse,y<)îf/i«.t *iece ; — à piston, 
Fusiller, fû-zil-yai, m.fusileer. [ percussion gun. 

Fusillade, fû-zi/-ad,/'. discharge of suns. 
Fusiller, fû-zi/-ai, f . a. to shoot. 
F'usion, (à-zion, f fusion, melting. 
Fustet, fûs-tay, m.Justic. 

Fustigation, (Qs-te-^;ali-syo«,/! tohitpin g, flogging. 
Fustiéer, fûs-te-hjai, v. a. to whip, flog. 
Fut, fû, see litre. 

Fût, fû, m. stock ; shaft; cask ; barrel. 
F'utaie, t(\-t!Ly,f. forest of hi^h trees. 
Futaille, fût-aAyC cask, barrel. 
Futaine, {{^■Ke.n,f. fustian. 
Futainier, fû-tain-yai, m. fusiian-weaver. 
Futé, e, fO-tai, a. sly, cunning. 
Futile, fû-til, a. futile, frivolous. 
FutiUté, tit-X'A-t-taX,f.futUity ; trifl*. 


Futur, e, fA-tûr, a./iihot, to come ; —, vi, future, 
I-'iiyaiit, fiVc-ya/f, xce l-iiir. 
I'liyard, fù-e-yar, ni.Jii):itht, ruiiauay. 
I'uyons, ffi-c-yo;/, see luir. ,, , . .. .. ■ 



Caliafe, Kalvrtf,/ draz-nct. 

(;al)aricr, Kab-ar-c-ai, tn. Iii;hleyman. . 

(Jaliarit, (jal>-ar-c, wi. mould. 

i;al.tlor, ^Ml)-I.'ti. V. a. to let salt dry in tilt macaxini. 

Gabelle, Kab-cll,/ A'(J*^/. 

tiabie, K-tlj-ec,/. /('À 

Cabicr, j;ab-yai, m. topinan, 

(Jabioi), nab-yo«, w. A'"*'""' 

iiAclic, Kausli.y. wall-hook. 

(Llchur, );au-shai, v. a. to mix martar. 

tjftchuur, fraushur, tn. buiij;ler. 

(j.lcheux, sc, i;au-shuh, — z, a. flashy, swamfy/. 

G.lcliis, ijau-sHe, tn. flash ; pkkie. 

Gadoue, a?t.-Aoo,J. tilth. 

Gaffe, gar,/; saj), boat-hook. 

Gaffer, «af-ai, v. a. to hook with the eajff 

Gage, Kal>j, tn.fawii, pUdj^c ; oonuer cii —, to pawn ; 
—s,pl. I0iij<-es, salary. 

Gager, gahj-ai, v. a. to^u'e wax'es ; lay, bet. 

Gajjeur, galii-ur, >/i. Iicttor. 

Gageure, galij-fir,/. wagir, bet. 

Gagiste, galij-ist, tn. hirelinz. 

Gagiiage, gan-yalij, tn. pasturage ; — s, pi. slaiidimr 

Gagnant, gan-ya>(, in. ■winner. [corn. 

Gagne-denier, gaii-ye'-dwA-nyai, tn. labourer. 

Gagiiepain, giUi-yj'-pai;;, tn. livelihood. 

Gagne-petit, gan-yi?-pH/«-te, tn. kni/e-f;rinder. 

Gagner, gan-yai, v. a. et >i. to gain, ,i;et ; ivin ; prevail 
tipon : cotiie orer; oa>ertake ; reach; — savie, /cc^^/ 
one's livelihood : — un rhume, to catch a cold ; se —, 
V. r. to be catch in):: {Joyful. 

Cai, e, gai, a. et ad. — ement, ad. g-ay; tntrry, sportive. 

Gaieté, gai-tai,/:x'«iV/)', tiUrlh, cheerfulness ; dc — dc 
cœur, wantonly. 

Gaillard, e, ga/-ar, — d, a — enietit, ad. ttterry ; jovial ; 
brisk; gallant; —, tn. jolly f ■Horn ; — A' i\\ MM, fore- 
castle ; — d'arrière, quarler-deck. 

Gaillarde, gaZ-ard,/; A'aj* woman. 

Gaillarclise, ga/-ar-diz,/ cheerfulness, frolic. 

Gain, gai«, tn.gain; winnings. 

Gaine, gayn,/. sheath ; case. 

Gaînier, gay-nyai, in. sheath-maktr, 

Gaîté, see Gaieté. 

Cala, ga-lali, tn. gala, festivity. 

Galamment, gal-am-a«, ad. genteelly., courteously ; tiobly. 

Galant, e, gm-aw, — t, a. upright, honest; genteel ; eie- 
gatit ; — , tn. gallant ; suitor, wooer. 

Galanterie, gal-««-tre, f. gentility ; cotnplitnent ; in- 

Galantiii, gal-a«-tai«, tn. ridiculous /allant, [trigue. 

Galantine, gal-a«-tin, / galantine. 

Galaxie, gal-ak-se,y^ ^u/o-vy. 

Gale, gal,/", itch; scab ; tnange, 

Galeace, gal-ai-ass,/; ^fliVu^, 

Galtie, gM-auf. galley. 

Galène, gal-ayn,/; black lead, plutnhago. 

Galère, gal-air,/; galley ; gallery. 

Galerie, gal-re,, /i'-rt/Z^O'- 

Galérien, gal-ai-ryai«, tn. galley-slavt. 

Galerne, gal-aim,/; norlh-westerly wind. 

Galet, gal-ay, tn. pebble, strand. 

Galetas, gal-tau, ;«. garret, attic. 

Galette, gal-et,/; broad thin cake; flock-silk. 

Galeux, se, gal-uh, — z, a. itchy ; scabby. 

Galhauban, gal-oh-ba«, tti. backstay. 

Calimatias, gal-e-mat-yah, tn. galiimalia, nonsense. 

Galion, gal-yo>», tn. galleon. 

Gnliote, gal-yot, f. galliot. 

Galipot, gal-e-poh, tn. gallipot, ivhite rostii, , 

Galle, gal,/; gall ; noix de —, gal In ut. 

Gallican, e, gal-le-ka«, — kan, a. 'gallican. 

Gallicisme, gal-le-cisni, ttt. gallicism. 

Gallomanie, gal-lo-nia-ne,y. gatlotnatiia. 

Galoche, gal-osh,/. clog, i^alosh. 

Galon, gal-o»/, tn. çalloon, lace, 

Galonner, gal-on-ai, v. a. to lace. 

Galonnier, gal-on-yai, tn. lace-tnaker. 

Galop, cal-oh, >w. jfti//o/. . 

Galopade, gal-op-a.(i, • 

Galoper, gal-op-ai, v. it, to gallop. 

Galopin, gal-op-ai«, »«. ^>->-a«rf *iy. »-.:,.■• .j.-. . 

Galuchat, gal-u-shah, tn.fsh-skin. 

Galvanique, gal-van-ik, a. galvanic. 

Galvanisme, gal-van-ism, tn. galvanism. 

Galvaniser, g;il-vart>ç-za i/. a. to galvanize. 

Galvanomètre, (fi'-va-no-inai-tr, in. galvaitiituUr, 

Galvauder, gal-voh-dai, v. a. to spoil, abuse. 

Gambade, gi\n-hai.\, f. gambol. 

Gambader, gax-bacl-ai, v. it. to gambol. 

(Janibiller, ga«-bi/-ai, v. n. to wag one's legs. 

Gamelle, gam-el,/. îcwx/ifM *i>7W; faire lu — , to imu 

Cianiin, gam-ai;/, in. boy, lad, [togelhtr. 

Gamme, gam,/; gamut. 

Ganache, gan-ash, /. lower Jaw (horse) ; fool. 

Gangrène, ga«-gren /; gangrene. 

se Gangrener, ga;(-gMi-nai, v. r. to gangrene. 

Gangreneux, se, ga«grai-iiuh, — z, a.gansrenou^. 

Gangue, ga;;g, in. gi ngue. 

Cause, gaHss,/: edging ; string, loop. 

i',ant, pan, in. glove. 

Gantelet, gaHt-lay, tn. gauntlet. 

Ganter, ga;/-tai, v. a. et n. to put on gloves ; fit ; si 
V. r. to put on one's sloTjes. 

Ganterie, g;\ti-\rc, J. ^love-making ; glove-trade. 

Gantier, ga«-tyai, tn.glovtr. 

(Jarance, gar-a»«s,/; madder. 

Garaiicer,;«-sai, v. a. to die with madder. 

(i.'iraucière, gar-a»<-syair,/.' inadiUr-field. 

Garant, gar-a//, tn. piarantee ; voucher; être — do, ft 
be answerable for. 

Garantie, gar-sxn-iCif. guarantee, 7varraiity. 

Garantir, gar-a;(-teer, v. a. to guarantee, warrant, 
secure ; keep from; se — , v. r, to keep one's self /ron 

Garbin, gar-bai;/, in. south-west wind. 

( ;arcctte, gar-set,/, vaskel. [shopman ; gnw. 

Garçon, gar-so«, in. boy; bachelor; Journey »ia» 

Garde, gard,/; keeping ; watching ; guard ; cusfo.i) 
watch; care; heed; charge; hilt ; 7vard ; tiiiri 
être en — , to be upon the watch; to be upjii mi, 
guard; prendre —, to take care; — , tn. keeper; mi' 
den; line-keeper, pointsman ; — bois, m. fom: 
keeper; — bouti^iue, in. slug ; — champêtre, m.jiùi 
keeper; — chasse, in. gamekeeper ; — ct>rps, in. pun 
pet ; — côte, in.guardship; — feu, m. fender; - I' 
tn. parapet; — magasin, tn. keeper ofastorehoust, 
miilade, /. nurse ; — manche, in. false sleeve : 
manger, tn. pantry, larder; — marine, in. inidsii 
tnati ; — meuble, tn. lumber-room ; — noble, 
guardianship of a nobleman's children; — pei; 
tn. river-keeper ; — robe,/! wardrobe; water-clf» 
— temps. III. chronometer ; — vue, in. screen. 

Carder, gar-dai, v. a. to keep, preserve ; save; t,i 
care of; protect ; guard ; Dieu m'en garde, Godj,: 
bid ; se —, v. r. to keep ; last ; be7uare of. 

Gardeur, gar-dur, tn. keeper ; herd. 

Gardien, gard-yaix, tn. guardian. 

Gardon, gar-ilo;/, m. roach. 

Gare, gar, f. wet-dock ; railway-station ; — d'arrivi 
landtng-place ; — d'évitement, sliding tail; - , r. 

Carenne, gar-en,/; 7i'<»/->-fK. [takecait.; 

Garennier, gar-en-yai, in. warren-keeper. 

Garer, gar-ai, v. a. to secure ; se —, v. r, to stand a 
of the way ; get to. 

se Garfjariser, gar-ga-re-zai, v. r. to gargarise. 

Gargarisme, gargar-ism, tn. gargarisin. 

Gargote, gar-got,/; cheap eating-house. 

Gargoter, gar-got-ai, v. it. to frequent cheap entir.; 
houses; eat in a slovenly manner. 

Gargotier, gar-got-yai, »/. low eating-house keeper ; !••- 

Gargouille, gar-goo/,/; spout. la 

Gargouillement, gar-goo/-ma«, tn. grumbling. 

Gargouiller, gar-goo/-ai, v. it. to dabble. 

Gargouillis, gar-goo/-e, in. splashing, 

Gargousse, gar-gooss,/: cartridge. 

Garnement, garn-ma;», tn. rake. 

Garnir, gar-neer, v. a. to furnish ; trim ; line ; rijl 
chambre garnie,/»<rwjj'/i('rf room; se —, v. r. to/u\ 
tiish one's self. 

Garnisaire, gar-ne-zair, vi. a tax-gatherer's bailijj. 

Garnison, gar-ne-zo«,/; garrison. 

Garniture, gar-ne-tûri f. garnishtneitt ; triinmi»!^ 
furniture ; lining ; rigging. 

Garrot, gar-oh, tn. withers ; packing-stick. 

Garotter, gar-ot-ai, v. a. to bind with cords. 

Gars, gall, tn. lad, stripling. 

Gascon, gas-ko;(, in. boaster. 

C^asconnade, gas-kon-ad,./;^a,rn'«<iflfe, boasting, 

C!asconner, gas-kon-ai, v. ii. to boast, bounce. 

(iaspillage, gas-pi/-ahj, in. squandering. 

Gaspiller, gas-pi/;ai, v. a. to squander, waste. 

Gaspilleur, gas-pi/-ur, tn. squanderer, waster. 

Gastralgie, %a.%-Kra\-\\)e, f. gastralgy. 

Gastrique, gas-trik, a. gastric. 

Gastronome, gas-tron-om, m. gastronomist. 

Gastronomic, gas-tron-ora-e,/; gastronomy, 

Gilteau, (i(au-ton, tn. cake. 

Gâte-métier, gaut-mai-tyai, m. spcil-tradt. 




C\te-pAte, paiit-paut, >n. buJ pifitry-cook, 

G.ltc-sauct;, ^-lUt-wl'S. '". siiillio$t. 

GAtcr. tj.iiit.ii, ;■. <». lo spoil ; iitslrcy, was.'e ; se —, v. r, 

to fie ipoited ; j^row u or se. 
Cl itciir, ),'aiitiir, tii. spoiler. 
O.iiictie, «ohsli, a. — iiicnt, ad. left, clumsy, awktviirj; 

—./. leftside, left liand. 
Gaucher, irre, (îoli-shai, — r, a. I'/t-haiided. 
GaïKliL-rie, (joli-shrc,/". atvkifar,lnesi ; blunder. 
G.iin.liir, KHli.sliet.T, t. u, to turn i.side; shujite. 
Gaui-liis^cniciit, (joh-slic-siua;/, ;/;. tiDiiiiii,' aside; 
Ga icic, t'liliil,/. nuoad. [:</triiif:iii^. 

i;,iiii|L-r, t;oli(l-ai, v. a. to dye icith moad. 
daiiilriolc, j;<ili(ln;-ol, X sintittyjoke. 
Gaufre, i,'i'li-fr,y; U'a/er. 
G.iufrcr, (Juh-frai, v. a. toJij;ure (stuffs), 
Gaufreur, yoh-frur, m. one that yi^iires. 
Gail Trier, poh-fre-ai, >«. •wafer-iron. 
(Jaufrure, ^u\\-U!\t, /. Ji,i;ur iiij^r (stuj/'s). 
Gaule, ^o\n,f. pole, switch. 
G.iuIlt, fjoli-lai, V. a. to knock down with a pole. 
Gaulctte, un\\-Wt,f. rod. 
Gaulis, j;()Ti-le, »t. loni; branch. 
G.uipc, V,'>\\\i,f. slut, trollop. 
Gax, «az, m. ,i;as ; Oclairat'e au —, f^as-lii^'htini:- ; bcc 

ili; —.i^as-burner; conduit cic —, j^as-pipe. 
('•Aztt, ^.\z,f. j^auze. 
Gazéifier, t;az-ai-c-fyai, v. a. to gasify. 
Gazelle, naz-ell,y; antelope. 
Gazer, >;az-ai, v. a. to coz'er with gauge, 
Gazetier, ^az-tyai, «/. gazetteer. 
l.iazetin, jjaz-t.ii«, >«. little gazette. 
(Jazette, ^-.xz-iin.f. gazette, newspaper, 
Gart-ux, be, t;az-uli, — z, a. gaseous. 
liazicr, jjaz-yai, »i. gauze-inaker. 
Gazomètre, gaz-om-ay-tr, »i. gasometer. 
(iazon, j;,izo;/, >n. grass ; turf. 
Gazonuemeut, >jazoii-uia«, >n. covering with turf. 
Gazoiiner, ^;az-on-ai, t'. a. to cover icitii turf. 
G.izouillenient, t;az-i)o/-ma«, >«. chirping, warbling. 
Gazouiller, Kaz-oo/-ai, v. n. to chirp, warble. 
Geai, hjai, in. Jay. 
Geaut, lijai-a«, >>t. giant, 
•Geiudre, lijai«-(lr, v. n. to whine ; moan. 
Gél.uiiie, lijai-lat-iii, /: gelatin. Jelly. 
(lél.itiiieux, se, lyai-lat-e-nuli, — z, a. gelatinous. 
Gelée, \\yilt-U\,f. frost ; Jelly. 

Geler, hj;</i-lal, v. a. et n. to freeze ; be frozen; chill. 
Gelinotte, h')itU\e-not,f. young fat pullet. 
Gélivure, lijai-lc-vûr,/; coltiness. 
Cieiniiié, e, lijaiine-nai, a. iterated. 
Gémir, lijai-nieer, v. >i. togroan, ?noan. 
Geniissenient, lij,il-nie-snia«, )>t. groan, t/ioanin^, la- 
Gémisseur, hieni-is-sur, )n. grumbler. [nienlation. 

GeuuMation, hjcni-niah-syo;;,/: budding. 
Gemme, \\'}e\\\,f. gem. 
Gênant, e, lijay-na«, — t, a. troublesome. 
Gencive, lija«-siv,y; .Q'um. 
Geiularme, lija«-darin, in. gendarm ; fla7v. 
se Gendarmer, lija/(-clar-mài, 7'. a. to bluster. 
Geiulannerie, lija«-darui-re,/ gendarnicry. 
Gendre, hja«-dr, tn. son-in-law. 

Gene, hjayii,/ rack; torture; inconvenience ; con- 
(;e^é,llll.^'ie, hjai-nai-al-o-lije,/: genealogy. [straint. 
(jenéaloi;i(|ue, lijai-nai-al-o-lijik, a. genealogical. 
(■ene.iloijiste, lijai-n.ii-al-o-lijist, m. genealigist. 
Gener, lijay-nai. v. a. to constrain, cramp; trouble, 

impede, put restraint upon ; se —, v. r. to constrain 

one's self. 

Général, e, lijai-nai-ral, a. — ement, ad. general; usual; 
Générale, lijai-nai-ral, /; general. [— , m. i,'eneral. 

Generalisation, lijai-nai-ral-e-zali-syo«, / i^eneraliza- 
Geiieraliser, lijai-nai-ral-ezai, f. u. to generalize, [tion. 
lieiieralissime, lijai-nal-ral-is-sim, >n. t;eneralissimo. 
Généralité, lijal-nai-ral-e-tai,/;i>^t';/<r;-ir/!/)'. 
' eiierateur, —trice, h_jai-nai-rat-ur, — riss, a. generat- 

eiieratif, ive,, ~iv, a. generative, [ing. 

eiier.ition, lijai-nai-rah-syo«,y: generation .' pro.;eny. 

leiiéreux, se, lijai-iiai-ruli, — z, a. — sernent, ad. \'ene- 
^enerii|ue, hj.iinai-rik, a. generic, generical. [raus. 
Uenerosite*, lijaiiiai-roli-ze-tai,/: ^'(•«^roii/)'. 
' eiiet, lij«(/t-iiay, tn. broom, genista. 

enet, liJKA-nay, m. genet. 

enette, lij«/i-net,y: genet; snaffle; \ la —, with short 
jenevrier, lijnai-vre-ai, m. Juniper-tree. [stirrups. 

jeiiie, hjai-ne, m. genius ; fortification ; engineers, pi. 
jenievre, lij;</(.iiyay-vr, m. Juniper-berry ; geneva. 
feiiisse, hjai-niss,/. heifer. 
jenital, e, hjai-ne-tal, a. genital, generative. 
jemtif, lijai-ne-tif. ;«. genitive. 
;enou, hjnoo, tn. knee. 

enouiUère, hjnoo/-air,/: knee-piect. 

e condition, gentry, 
pretty ; une, neil. 

Genre, lijan-r, m. genus ; kind ; fashion ; f;ender. 

(.ens, hla;;, m. et f. pi. people, men : servants, pi.; ~m 

Gent, hym.f. people. 

Gentil, le, hja«-tc, —til, a. ele 
teel : —, in. gentile, heathen. 

Cleiitilhonnne, lija)/-tl/oni, ;/«. gentleman ; nobleman, 

(jeiitillionnnerie, hja;/-ti/iinire,/; .4'c/;^i7i7><, 

(jeiitilité, hja«-tc-le-tai,y: gentiles'; gentiiism. 

(•eiilill.ltre, hja/(-tl/-aiitr, ;//. country S(/iiire. 

Gentillesse, lija;(-tl/-ess, y: preltinêss ; pre.'ty conceit; 
elegance ; fine trick. 

C.entiment, lija/(-te-ina", ad. prettily. 

( |jmillexioii, hj.ii-iu'iHek-syo;/,/: i^enuflexion, 

liéodésie, lijai-rnl-al-ze.y; geodtesta. 

i;éO(,'raiilie, hjaio){r,if, m. ,i;eographer. 

(jéojjraphie, lijai-ojf-raf-e,/: geography. 

^'eojirapliiiiue, lii,ii-oj;raf-ik, a. geOi.'raphical. 

( jeolajje, lijoli-l.ifij, m. gaoler's fees, pi. 

GeiMe, lijohl,/ i^aol ; gaoler's house. 

Geôlier, hjoh-lyai, m. gaoler. 

< leoloyie, lijai-olo-hje,/: geology. 

(iéol(i),'iiiue, lijaiol-o-lijiki a. geolot^ical, 

l-;é(.lot;ne. lij.ti-ol-oi;, in. geologist. 

( léomaiicie, lij aio ina;;-se,/ geoinancy, 

(leometre, lijaioni-ay-tr, ut. geometer. 

Cjeoinetrie, lijai-om-ai-tre,/: gconielyy. 

Ciéoinétriijue, lijai-o-ii-ai-trik, ir.— nient, ad. geometrical. 

t.erant, lijaira;;, m. manai,'er. 

Gerbe, liierb, A sheaf; spout. 

Gerber, fij.iir-bai, v. a. to make up in sheaves ; pile. 

Gerbilloii, hJer-bi/-o;i, in. little sheaf. 

Gerce, lijers. f. book-louse. 

Gercer, lijair-sai, v. a. et se —, v. r. to chap; crack ; 

Gerçure. li;alr-sûr,/ chap, crack. [flaw. 

tjérer, lijai-rai, v. a. to manage. 

(jerfaut, lijair-foli, in. gerfalcon. [ first cousin. 

Germain, e, liiair-mal«. —men, a. s;erman ; cousin —, 

Germandrée, njair-ma«-drai,y; .4'^('r>«a</i/t'>-. 

(|erinanisme, lijair-man-ism, m. germanisin. 

llerine, lijairm, in. germ, shoot ; sprout, origin, cause. 

Germer, lijair-mai, I'. ;/. to shoot ; sprint; up. 

Germination, lijair-ine-nali-syo«,y: ^«evvwi/ia/wM, 

(«eroHe, hjai-roH, in. cloves. 

tieromlif, lijai-ro«-dif, ;;/. gerund. 

( iésier, hjai-zyal, m. gizzard. 

•Gesir, hjai-zeer, v. n. ci-jjit, here lies. 

(,esse, \\\^:sii,f. chickling-vetch. 

Ciestation, \\'}<^i-VA\\-iyon,f. gestation. 

(ieste, lijest, m. gesture; — s, //. deeds, exploits, ft. 

(^esticulateur, hjes-te-kfil-at-ur, m. gesticulalor. 

(gesticulation, hjes-te-ki1-lali-syo/f,y; i;esliculatioH. 

C.esticuler, hjes-te-kû-lai, v. n. to gesticulate. 

t .estiini, lijes-tyo;(. f. man^t^emeiif. 

(iibbeux. se, lijib-buh, — z, à. i^ibbous. 

(.ibbosite', hjib-boli-ze-tai,y:^'iy)i'><7j'i/)'. 

Gibecière, hyAt-^yair, f. game-bag ; pouch, satchel. 

tiibelet, lijib-lay, m. i^imlet. 

Gibelin, lijib-lai«, m. gibelin. 

Gibelotte, hjib-lot,/ rai^ouf of rabbits. 

Giberne, lijil)-airn,y: cartridge-box. 

Ijibet, lijib-ay, in. gibbet, gallows. 

(iibier. hjib-yai, m. game, venison, 

t;iboulée, bjib-oo-lai, f. shower. 

(Jiboycr, hjib-wa-yai. v. u. to fowl. 

CJiboyeiix, se, hjib-wa-yuli, — z, f. full 0/ game. 

Gigantesque, lije-j;a«-tesk. a. gigantic. 

Giijot, lije-Koh, .'«. Ug of mutton, 

< iitjiie, hjitj, f.Jig ; 'tall girl. 

Gilet, hje-lay. m. waistcoat. 

tiille, hjil, m. clown; fishing-net. 

c;in;^'embre, lyai«-lija;/-br, m. iriitirer. 

Gin^fuct. te, lijai;(.^My. —get, a. scanty, sorry; poor 

Ijirafe, hje-rat, f camelopard. 

(;iraiide, hje-ra«d./ horizontal wheel. 

Girandole, lije-rax-dol,/: girandole. 

(Jir.asf/l, lyc-ras-ol, in. girasol, opal. 

(lirolle, lijerort, m. cloves. 

(iirortee, hje-rof-lai, f. gilly/lower. 

(iirollier, hje-rof-le-ai, in. clinv-tree. 

Giron, lije-ro«, m. loip ; pale (<hurch). 

Girouette, hjeer-wet, / weathercock. 

Gisant, e, lije-za«, — t, a. lying 

Ciisement, lijiz-niaH, m. layer, bed. 

Gisons, hji-so«. Git, hie, see (;ésir. 

Gîte, liiit, m. form; todgint; ; layer. 

Giter, hje-tai, v. n. to lie, stay, lodge. 

Givre, lije-vr, m. rime, hoar-frost. 

Glabre, j;lah-br, a. smooth. 

Glaçant, e, glas-a«, — t, a. freezing. ' 

Glace, glass,/: ice ; glass ; coach-window ; fla't\ 

Glace, e, glas-ai, a. frozen : freezint; ; glaze J. 

Glacer, glas-ai, v. a. to ice ; freeze; glaze. 


(68 1 


filacial. e, glas-yal, a. jriacia/ ; frozen. 
Glacier, ((las-yai, >n. gliuitr ; gtasstnaktr. 
lilaciere, ulas-yair, y: ict-honse. 
(ilacis, ulas-e, »i. g/acis ; varnish. 
("ilaçoii, t;las-()»(, ttt. piae o/ice. 
(llailiateiir, ({laû-yat-iir, «/. ^'•/(1(t'!<»''("-. 
lilaire, ^mx, »i. glaire ; viscous malter, 
lllaircr, t;lair-ai, v. a. to glair. 
Glaireux, se, ylair-uli, — z, a. mucous, viscous. 
lil.iise, i;layz, /. cluy, poller's earlh. 
(llaiser, i;lay-zai, v. <i lo ilo cK'criuilh clay. 
Glaiseux, se, jjlay-zuli, — z, a. clayey. 
ilaisière, gl.ay-zyair, /. clay-pit. 
l/laive, K'''yVt '"• s7vord. 
Glaii.tKe, ^laii-ahj, m. gleaning. 
Gland, gla», m tuorn, mast ; tassel, 
Gl imie, glaxd, /. glaiui. 
CJandee, t;la;(-dai,/. crop of mast. 
( .landuleux, sc, ^jlaw-diM-uh, — z, a. glandulout. 
Glane, y!,\,\n,f. gleaning ; rope (on ions). 
Glaner, j;lati-ai, v. a. lo glean ; pick. 
(llaiieur, ^,'lan-ur, m. —so, —\\\\r.,f. gleaner, 
Glanure, Klanùr,/. gleanings, pi. 
Glapir, tjlap-eer, v. n. loyelp, hark. 
Glapissement, t,'lap-e-snia;/, m. yelping; squeaking. 
Glas, >{'•'"• '"• knell. 
Glau(|ue, tjlolik, a. sea-green. 
Glèbe, t;leb, / glehe ; clod. 
Glette, glett, / lilliarge, dross. 
Glissade, ^&-s:\A,f. sliding:, slip, slid*. 
Glissant, e, «le-sii», — t, a. slippery. 
Glissé, nle-s.ii, >«. sliding. 
Glissement, t{liss-iua«, tn. slippin,": 
Glisser, i^'le-sai, v. a. el u. lo slide, slip; glide ; se — , 
Glis-^eur, ule-sur, m. sUd-r. \v. r. to slip ; creep into. 
Glissoire, tjlis-war, f. slide ; guide. 
Globe, ^Mt, m. globe ; ball. 
Globule, nlob-fil, tn. globule. 
Globuleux, se, lilob-vVUih, — z, a. globulous. 
Gloire, glo-alir,/; glory, fatne. 

Gloriette, Blo-re-ett,y;/<»w/io«. [proud: vain-glonous. 
Glorieux, se, sjlor-yiih, — z, a. — semenf, ad. glorious ; 
Glorification, t,'lor-e-fe-k.-ih-syo«, f. glorification. 
Glorifier, L'lor-e-fyai, v. a. lo glorify ; se —, v. r. lo be 
Gloriole, glor-yol,/. vain-glory. [proud of. 

Close, gloliz, f. gloss, comment. 

Gloser, gloh-zai, v. a. el n. lo gloss, comment ; miscon- 
Gloseur.-gloh-zur, m. find-fault. [strue, criticize. 

Gloss.ure, glos-sair, m. glossary. 
Glossateur, fjlos-sat-ur, ;«. glossator. 
Glouglou, gloo-jjloo, m. guggling. 
Glouglouter, (floo-gloot-ai, v. n. lo gabble, 
Glou!>sement, gloo-smax, >w. clucking. 
tjîousser, gloo-sai, v. n. lo cluck. 
Glouton, ne, gloo-to«, — tonn, a. — nement, ad. glut- 

toHOus ; —, m. glutton. 
Gloutonnerie, gloo-ton-re, f. gluttony. 
C'iu, çlû.yi lime, bird-lime. 
v'duant, c, glft-a«, — t, a. glutinous. 
Gluau, glft-oh, tn. lime-twig. 
Gluer, glft-ai, v. a. to lime ; make viscous. 
Clui, glu-e, m. coarse siraw. 
Glutineux, se, glU-te-nuh, — z, a. glutinous. 
Gnome, pnohni, i:i. gnome. 
Gnoniiquo, gnoh-inik, a. gnomical. ^ 
Gnomonique, gnoh-mon-ik, f. t;nomonics. 
Gobelet, Rob-lay, m. goblet ; Juggler's box., ({ob-lot-ai, v. n. lo tipple. _ 

Gobo-iivouches, nob-moosli, m.Jlycalcher ; simpleton. 

Gober, gob-ai, v. a. to gulphdown ; nab. 

Cobet, gob-ay, m. gulp ; dainty bit. 

Gobeter, gob-tai, v. a. lo point (ivalls). 

Gobillard, gob-i/-alir, m. planks for slaves. 

Godailler, god-a/-ai, v. n. Ic tipple. 

Godelureau, i;od-UVroh, tn. fop ; spark. 

Godenot, god-noli, m. juggler's puppet. 

Goder, god-ai, v. n. lo pucker. 

Godet, god-ay, m. liltlecur; bowl (lobacco-pipe). 

Godiveau, god-e-voli, in. force-meat. 

Godure, go-di»r, y. wrinkle. 

Goéland, go-ai-la;(, m. seagull. 

Goélette, go-el-et, f. schooner. 

Goémon, go-ai-mo;/, ;«. seaweed, 

Gnffe, %o\,a. dollish, clumsy. 

Gogo, go-goh, ad. vivre i —, to live htxuriouily. 

Goguenard, e, gog-nar, — d, a. joking ; —, m.Jeerer. 

Goguenarder, gog-nar-dai, v. a. to jeer. 

Goguettes, gog-et, / //. nierry tales, pi. 

Gomfre, go-aiw-fr, m. gormandixcr. 

Goinfrer, go-aiK-frai, v. a. togormandize. 

Gomherie, go-axn-fruh-Tt, /. gon'Wnulilinf 

Goitre, go-ah-tr, m. wem- 

Gottriu!», se, go-ah-truh, —z, a. wenny. 

CiM, golf, m. gulf, large bay. 

Gonuue, goni, f. gum ; — gutte, /. gam'ogt. 

Gommer, gom-al, v. a. lo gum. 

Gomnieux, se, gom-uh, -z.a.gummous; viscout. 

Gonuuier, goni-yai, m. gum-tree. 

Gond, go«, >n. hinge. 

Gondole, go«-dol, f gondola. 

Gondolier, go;i-<lol-yai, m. gondolier. 

Gonfalon, f,o«-fal-o;i, m. gonfalon. 

(;onfalonier, gn/i-fal-on-yai, m. gonfalon-bearer. 

Gonflement, god-fi-iuan, m. swelling, puffing. 

Gonfler, go«-tlai, v. a. et n. lo swell, pujf; se —, v. r. 

to swell, be puffed up ; rise up. 
Gonne, gonn, f. sea-cask. 
Gord, gor, tn. fishery. 

Goret, gor-ay, m. young hog. . . ~. , 

Gorge, gorhj, a. throat ; gorge ; breast; defile, git»- 
Gorgée, gor-lijai, /". swallow, Ki'tp- 
Gorger, gor-lijai, î/. a. lo glut, gorge ;%v —, v. r. It 
Gorgerin, gorlij-rai;/, m. gorget. [glut one s selj. 

Gosier, goh-zyai, tn. throat, voice. 
Gouache, gw.isli, / water-colours, pi. 
Goudron, goo-dro/i, tn. tar. 
Goudronner, goo-dron-ai, v. a. to tar. 
Goulfre, goo-fr, m. gulf, abyss. 

Goujfe, goohj, /. gouge, gpoge. 
(, goo-fij.ih, ; 

m. soldier's boy ; hodman. 
Goujon,'goo-lijo;/, m. gudgeon. 
Goulet, goo-l.'iy, m. narroio entrance. 
(loulot, goo-loll, >«. tteck, gullet {bottle). 
t;i)ulotte, goo-lot, / channel. [glullon, greedy giil. 

(loulu, e, goo-lû, <». —ment, ad. gluttonous; —, in. 
Gouijille, goo-pU, /. pin ; fore-lock. 
Goupiller, goo-pl/-;u, 1/. a. /t>/i«. 
Goupillon, goo-pi/-o;(, m. holy-waler-sprinkle ; bollh- 
Gourd, e, goor, — tl, a. numbed, stijf'withcold. [bnah. 
Gourde, goord, f. gourd. 
(;ourmaile, goor-mad, f. fisticuff, [glutton, gormami. 
Gourmand, e, goor-ma;», — d, a. gliUtoiious ; — , i 
Gourmander, goor-ma«-dai, v. a. to chide, abuu 
check (a horse). ['""> 

Gourmandise, goor-ma«-diz, / gormandizing, gnii- 
Gourme, goorm, /. strangles, pi. ; jeter sa —, to io-n 

one's wild oats. ^ a- j 

Gourmé, e, goor-mai, a. curbed ; stiff, ajffecled. 
Gourmer, goor-mai, v. a. lo curb ; cuff. 
CJourmct, goor-may, tn. connoisseur. 
Gourmette, goor-mett, f. curb. 

Gousse, gooss,/ cod, husk; — dail, clove of garlick. 
Ciousset, goo-say, tn. gusset, arm-hole ; f}b. 
Goîlt, goo, tn. taste ; savour ; fancy ; slj !e ; de bon -, 
in a good taste, elegant ; trouver à son —, to reiisn. 
Goûter, goo-tai, v. a. et n. lo taste ; relish ; like ; eiih\ 
have a trial : eat a luncheon; —, »«. light rc/ail. 
Goutte, goot.y: drop ; gout ; ne voir —, not to see a! alL 
Gouttelette, goot-let.y; little drop. 
Goutteux, se, goot-uli, — z, a. g.uly. 
Gouttière, goot-yair,/ gutter ; groove. 
Gouvernail, goo-vair-na/, in helm, rudder. 
Gouvernante. goo-v.iir-naHt,/A'-<"-'"''"'-i'-f / houseke'fi'\ 
Gouverne, goo-vairn,/: line of conduct. [man.igoiwiH 
Gouvernement, goo-vairama», m. girjernment ; 
Gouverner, goo-vair-nai, v. a. lo govern : rule , 

tiage ; steer; se — . v. r. to govern ones selj; Mi.r.<^ 
Gouverneur, goo-vair-nur. tn. governor ; sleers»i.iii. 
Grabat, grab-ali, tn. paltry bed. pallet. 
Grabuge, grab-ilhj, tn. squnhble. ^ . i 

Grâce, grauss, /. grace ; fa, our : kindness ; par,U\\ 
thank , — à Dieu, Cod be thanked ; de -,formr.i, 
sake, pray ; demander —, to ask pardon ; faire • 
to pardon ; —s, pi. Graces, pi. 
Graciable, gras-yah-bl, a. pardonable. 
Gracier, gras-yai. z/. rt. /o^<i )•</<>«. 
Gracieuseté, gras-yuhztai,/ kindness : preset I. t'/'l 
C;racieux, se, gras-yuh, — z, a. —sèment, ad. g'^'-Tf 
Gracilité, gras-e-le-tai,/ i^nrci/Z/y. [groa.i 

Gradation, grad-ah-syo«, / gradation. 
Grade, graa, tn. rank ; degree. 
Grader, grad-ai, v. a. lo confer a dignity. 
Gradin. grad-ai«. m. step. 
Graduation, grad-û-ah-syo;!./ graduation. 
Graduel, le. grad-Û-ell. a. —lenient, ad. graduai. 
Graduer. grad-Û-ai, v. a. lo graduate. 
Graillement. gra/-ma«, m. hoarse sound. 
Grailler. gra/-ai, v. n. to call the dogs. 
Graillon, gra/-o»«, m. scrap. 
Grain, graiw. m. grain, corn; berry: 
Graine, grayn,/ seed. 
Grainier, grain-yai, tn. seedsman. 
Grairie, grai-ree,/. (ommon woods, /A 



Graissnge. fjray-sahj, tn. greasing, 

Gr.^i^st', ^jrayss,./! /<i.', grease. 
(ir.ii-stT, nr.iys,ii, v. a. togrease, 
(Jr.iissct, i;r.iy-siy, tn. tree-fioi;, 
Gr.iU-.L'iix. se. 1,'r.iy-suh, — z, d. greasy, 
('■raincii. j,'r.ih-iiien, m. couch-grass. 
(Iramm.iiri*, >;raiii-niair,/. grainiiiar. 
(jr.iiiiiiiairicii, grain-mair-e-ain, ;«. grammarian, 
GMiimiatical, é, i;raiii-inat-e-kal, a. — eiiicnt, aii. grain- 
(Jraiimic, K'-""< '" gram {iveight). [malical. 

Cranil, e, >;ra«. — d, a. — eiiient, nd. great, large; 
Mi^li ; -wide : hiife, principal ; à In — c, in high style ; 
en —, at full length ; —, m, greatness ; nobleness ; 
j; real lord : grandee. 
r.r.iiidclet, tc, (jra/icl-Uy, —let, a. pretty tall, 
(ir.iiKlcssc, jfraH-dess.y. quality of a grandee. 
Gr iridciir, );raH-rliir,/. greatness ; lari;eness ; tallness ; 

height; quantity; importance, dii;nity. 
Gr.inclii)se, (jrnH-ilyohz, a. grand. 
Grandir, i;ra«-deer, t/ «. to groio tall, high ; se—, 

'. r. to mike one's self taller. 
Grandissime, ^'■•"'•<l''>-sim, a. very great ; vtry large. 
(ir indinèrc, >;ra/;-niair,y; grandmother. 
Grand niesse, j;ra;/-niess,y; high-mass. 
Gr.ind|ièrc, Kra«-pair, m. grandjather. 
Graav;c. tjra;ilij,/. dri»«. 
(irinit, >;ran-e, m. granite. 
(;r.inul.iiioii, fjran M,\\\-f,')'on, f. granulation. 
Granulcr, Kraii-iVlai, v. a. togranulate. 
tiraniilcnx, se, >(ran-û-liih, — z, a. granulous. 
Grafilnque, (;ral-ik, a. graphical. 
<;rap|>e, Rrap,/ bunch ; qrape-shot. 
Gr,i|)|)iller, ),'rap-pl/-ai, v. a. et n. to glean ; get a little 
<',rappillfur, Krap-pi/-nr, m. grape-gleaner, [projit. 
Grappillon, Krap-pi/-i)H, m. little bunch. 
Grappin, nrap-ai«, m. grapnel. 
Gras, se, iiT.wx, — ss, a. fat ; greasy, fieshy ; smutty; 

jijur —,jlesh-day ; jours — s, shrove-days' ; iiarler —, 

to speak thick ; —, m.Jat,faness; calj {of the U\') ; 

— double, m. double tripe ; — foiulu, m. molten 

(Iribscnient, grau-snia»», ad. plentifully ; generously, 
'irassot, te, jjrau-say, —set, a. pretty Jat, 
r.rasscyeinent, };ras-ay-iiia«, >«. lisping. 
jrasseyir, j;ras-ay-yai, ik n. to lisp, speak thick. 

'.r.issouillet, to, |{rasoo/-.iy, —yet, a. pretty /at. 
iraticiiler, (jrat-c-kù-lai, v. a. to graticulate. 
^rat.tication, urat-c-fe kalisyoH.y: ^■•'■«''"'0', reivard. 
jratitier. urat-cfyai, v. a. to gratijy ; grant a/avour. 

■ratls, );rali-tis, ad. gratis. 

r.ratim le, ^i.n-e-tfxà./. gratitude, thankfulness, 

..ralte. i;iai. /! scraper, 

jraitL-Liil, ),'ratkù, m. hip, hop. 

irattclLUX, se, ij'at-luh, — z, a. itchy. 

jraaclJc, i,'rat-ell,y; itching. 

jr ittepa ier, j;rat-pap-yai, m. scribbler. 

^•ratter, jfrat-ai, v. a. to scratch ; scrape ; rub ; se —, 

rait.pir, ^,'^at-\var, m. scraper, [v. r. to rub ones self. 

rainit. e, i,'rat-we, —wit, a. — cnieiit, ad. gratuitous ; 

ratuite, \iTM-\\e-\a\,f. gra!uity. [free. 

jravailcr, jjrav-ali-tyaj, m. rubbish-carter. 

rave, t,'rav, it, —meut, ad. heavy ; graie ; serious; 

Umi, deep. 
>avLlciix, se. tjrav-luh, — z, a. gravelly ; smutty, 
^r.iVLJie. Kravell,/ gnn/el ; vinegar diegs, pi. 
jr.uelure. t;rav-li1r,/. smutttness. 

raver, t,'rav-ai, v. a. to engrave ; imprint ; — à l'eau- 

ravciir, );rav-ur, m. en;.;raver. [forte, to etch. 

jrivier, >;rav-e-ai, m. gravel, grit. 
.r.ivir. >,'rav-eer, v. a. et n. to climb, clamber. 
iMvit.ition. Krav-e-tali-syo>;,/ gravitation. 
rravite. Krav-e-tai./. gravity, solemnity ; seriousness. 
rr.iviter. Krav-e-tal, v. n. to s^ravitaie. 
rravois. ),'r.iv-wa, >«. rubbish. 
-ravure. Krav-flr.y: engraving ; cut. 
rre, ),'rai, m. will; liking, inclination; de bon —, 

-villinsly ; contre son —, grud^^ingly ; de — à — , <*> 

mutual consent; bon— mal—, tuhether one ■will or 

not : savoir bon — de qch., to thank for a thing. 

reciser, g^rai-se-zai, v. a. to grecize. 

reaiuc. \!,xii\s..f.fret-7uork; handsaw, 

rcdin, v,xuh-i\Mn, tn. scoundrel. 

reculent, grai-ma;/, m. rigging, 

reer, i;rai-ai, v. a. to rig. Jit, 

rceur, jjraiur, m. rig/re,-, 

relfe, gref, /. graft, scion ; —, tn. recorder's office ; 

rolls ; fee due to the recorder. 

refier. (jrefai. v. a. to graft. 

relieur, ijief-ur, m. grafter, 

relficr. i;rel-yai, m. recorder, registrar, 

reiroir, gref-war, m. grafting-knife, 

rtSe, ?r.iyhj, a. raw. 



Greje. grayl. a. slender; shrill, —,/. hail; shvwtr. 

Orelé, e, Rr.iy-lai, a. hailed ; pockmarked. 

Grêler, e, gray-lai, v. imp. to hail; —, v. a. to spoil, 

Grehn, K'r'</«-lai»i, m. small cable. [destroy, ruin. 

Grelun, «r.-iydod, m. hailstone. 

Grel.)t. t,'r«/iloh, m. little round bell, rattle. 

Grelotter, >{rHA lot-ai, v. n. to shiver. 

Grenade. yiruh-\\A>\,/. pomegranate ; grenade. 

Grenadier, j;r«/(-nad-yai, tn. pomegranale-tree ; gretta- 

Grenaille, Kr'</<-na/, /. small ihot ; waste corn, [dier. 

Grenailler. nTuh-nal-ni, v. a. to graiiulaf-.: 

(jrenat, jjr«A-nah. iti. jrariiet ; steel-bead. 

Cjrcnelcr. ffrenlai, v. a. to gram {leather). 

Grener, s;r;</»-nai, v. a. et ti. to grind ; seed. 

Grèneterie. jfren-tre. /. cornchiindlery. 

Grènetier, ère, Rren-tyai, — r, s. cornchandler. 

Grenetis, jfren-te, m. milling. 

(jrenier, LTK/j-nyal, tn. granary ; corn-loft; magazine. 

Grenouille, i;r«/«-noo«. f.Jrog. 

Grenouillère, Kr«/«-nooV.air,y: place full of frogs. 

Grenu, e, ^xuh-n\\, a. full of corn : seedy ; ^rained, 

(jfès, ({ray, in. grit-stone ; grindstone ; stone-'uiare, 

(.rdsil, Brai-zl/, tn. rime ; broken glass. 

Grésillement, grai-zl/-ma«, tn. shrivelling'. 

Grésiller, grai-zi/ai, v. a. to shrivel, -wrinkle ; il cr* 
sule, il IS hoarfrost. 

Gresserie, gres-re,/. sandstone ; sandstone quarry. 

Grève, Rrayv,/: sandy sliore. 

Grever, grH/i-vai, v. a. to burden, harass. 

Gribletle, jfrib let, / pork chop. 

Gribouillage, Kre-booAalij, tii. scrawl. 

Gribouiller, fjrc-boo/-ai, v. a. to scrawl. 

(irièchc. Krcesh, a. speckled. [painful, atrocious. 

Grief, lève, (jre-ef, — ov, a. — ièvcnient, ad. grievous; 

Grievcte, etK-ev-lM.f griniousness, enormity. 

ClritTc, ^x\X,f. cla-w ; talon ; clutch ; grasi ; 'stamp, 

Gritfer, (Jtif-ai, v. a. to claw. 

Griffon, ;;rif-o;i, tn. grijffin. 

OillonnaKe, jfrif-on-ahj, m. scrawl. 

(;rilfonner, gril'-oti-ai, v. a. to scrawl. 

(iritfonneur, jjrif-on-ur, tn. scrawler. 

(iri.Ljnon, grin-yo^, tn. crusty piece of bread. 

(.ri(,'noter, grin-yot-ai, v. ti. to nibble, mump. 

(/ri^notis, )frin-yot-e, tn. dolling. 

Grii'ou, Kriji-oo, in. beggarly fellow. 

(•ril, jfre, in. gridiron. 

Grillade, broiled meat. 

Grillatfe, KriZ-iilii, "«• broiling, roasting ; frame nf 

Gri 0, ix\l,f. grate ; grater. [timber. 

Gri er, ^x\1-m, v. a. et n. to grate; shut up; burn. 
Grillon, i;ri/-o«, in. cricket. [broil ; scorch 

Grilloter, griAo-tai, v. n. to chirp. 

Grimace, f;re-m.ass, in. grimace, wry face ; sham. 

Cjrimacer, ijre-mas-ai, v. n. to make ivry faces ; pucker. 

Grimar.ier, «re-uias-yai, in. one that makes wry faces ; 

Grim.iud, }{re-iuoli, m. rinu schoolboy. [hypocri.'e. 

(Irime. >;rini, in. dotard. 

(irimeliuer, (jrim-le-nai, v. ii. to play for a tri/le. 

se Grimer, grc-mai, v. r. to wrinkle one's /ace. 

( iriiiioire, t;rim-war, m. con/uring book ; obscure speech, 

<jriniper, graix-pai. v. n. to climb, clamber up. 

Griuipcreau, grai»<-proli, in. ivoodpecker. 

(jrincement, grai«-snia«, in. gnashing or finding ,'f 

Grincer, grawi-sai, v. n. to gnash the eeth. [the teetlL 

("/riii),'ottcr, Krai»(-Kot-ai, v. a. to warble; hum. 

Griotte, gre-ot,/ blaik cherr-i. 

Grippe, f,x'\\>, f whim ; influenza ; pxcntirc ca —, to 

take a dislike to. 
Grii)|>er, t;rip-ai, v. a. to gripe, clutch; se —, v. r. to 

shrink, shrivel. 
Grippe-sou. >frip-soo, in. pinchpcnny. 
Gris, e, gre. i;riz, a. grey ; tipsy ; papier —, blotting 

paper ; temps —, raw weather. 
Grisailler.gre-za.'-ai, v. a. to daub with grey, 
lirisiltre. gre-zau-tr, a. griszly. 
Griser, gre-zai, v. a. to make t'psy. 
Grisette, gre-zet./. grey gown ; i^risette. 
Grisoller, gre-zol-ai, v. n. to sing (lark). 
Grison, ne, gre-zo«, — zon, a. grey ; grey-haired ; —, 

in. grey-haired man ; donkey. 
Grisonner, gre-zon-ai, v. n. to turn grey-haired. 
Grive, gx'iv.f. ihrush, 
(Irivele, e, griv-l.ii, a. grizzled, speckled. 
Grivelcr, griv-lai, v. ii. to embezzle, filch. 
Grivois, e, griv-wa, —2, a. lively, brisk; —, m. jolly dog. 
Grog, grog. tn. grog. 
Grognard, gron-yar, tn. grumbler. 
Grognement, gron-yf-ma«, tn. grumbling. 
Grogner, gron-yai, v. n. to grunt ; grumble. 
Gro({non, gron-yo«, a. grumbling, peevish: —, in. 
Grom, gro-ai«, in. snout. {grmnbttr, 

GroUe, grol,/ rook. 




Crommcler, grom-lai, r». ii. to •rumble. \ri\ir. 

Groiulcr, Kro»;-<],ii, v. a. et >i. to chide, rebuke ; rumble; 

Grontlcric, gro«-(lrc,/. chidiu^. \—\\\\z,f. shrew. 

(irondciir, grow- dur, >«, scolder, grumbler; —se, 

Gros, se, ^froh, — ss, a. bis;, i^rcat, lart^e, thuk ; stout ; 
prej^Uiint ; —jeu, hii;h play; — temps, ./r'«^ ••leather , 
— , (id, tiiuch, a great deal ; — , tit. greatest fart; «ross, 
fnaiii ; main point ; dram ; en — , by whotesale ; in 
general. \goosebcrrv, 

Griiieille, groli-z.iy/, /. currant; — i\. maquereau. 

Groseillier, \iro\\-zi\yl-iii, m, airrant-trce ; gooseberry- 

Grosse, fjroliss,/. x'^'O^J. \buslt. 

Grosserie, j;roli-sre,y; wholesale dealing ; iron-tvare. 

Grossesse, uroli-sess,/. pregnancy. 

Grosseur, >;roh-sur,y. bigness, largeness ; swelling. 

Grossier, ère, proli-syai, — r, a. — èreuieut, ad. coarse, 
rude, clownish ; vulgar. {clumsiness. 

Grossièreté, groli-syair-t.-ii, /. coarseness ; rudeness ; 

Grossir, f;roh-seer, v. a. et n. to make bigger ; enlarge, 
increase; magnify; se — , v. r. to grow bigger; 
swell ; be magnijicd. 

Grossissement, jjroh-siss-m.ix, >«. magnifying. 

Grotesque, Krot-esk, a. — iiient, ad, grotesi/ue ; odd, 

Grotte, ^ro\.,f, grot, den, cave. [ridiculous. 

Grouillement, );rcio/-nia«, m, crawling ; rumbling. 

(jrouiller, grooAai, v, >i. to cra^vl ; grumble ; rumble. 

Group, groop, in. bag of money. 

Groupe, groop, m. ':;rouf>. 

Grouper, groj-pai, v. a, to group ; se —, v, r. to form 

(iruau, grtl-oli, in. groats ; oatmeal, [into groups. 

Grue, gril,./, crane ; noodle, sin;pUton, 

Gruger, grrt-lijai, v. a. to crauiiclt. 

GruuiCj grflin,/: uncleftwood. 

Grumeau, gri'i-iiioli, in, clot, clod. 

se Grumeler, gnlm-lai, v. r. to clot. 

Grumeleux, se, grftuiluli, — z, a, clotted. 

Gruyer, grfi-yai, m, justice in eyre. 

Gué, gai, in. ford, 

Gueable, gai-ah-bl, a.fordable. 

Guètle, gaiil, / woad. 

Gueder, gai-dai, v. a. to dye ivith woad. 

Guéer, gai-ai, t'. a, to ford. 

Guenille, gK/i-ni/, f, rag, rubbish ; — s, pi, old clothes, pi. 

Guenon, ^uh-non,f, she-monkey ; ugly woman. 

Guenuclie, g/f/f-nrish.y. young she-monkey. 

Gucpe, gayp.y. wasp. 

Guêpier, gay-pyai, m. wasp-nest. 

Guère, Guères, g.iir, ad. but little ; but feiv, not very ; 

Gucret, gairny, in. ploughed land. [scarcely. 

Guéridon, gai-re-do;(, m. stand. 

Guérir, gai-rcer, ï». a. ct ti. to cure, heal; recover ; se 
— , V. r. to be cured, healed ; cure one's self. 

Cuérison, gai-rc-zo«,/; recox'ery. 

Guérissable, gai-re-sah-bl, a, curable. [house. 

Guérite, gai-rit, f. sentry-box ; tin ret, line-keeper's 

Guerre, gair,y. war ; 7var/are ; nom de — , nickname. 

(Guerrier, ère, gair-yai, — r, a. warlike ; — , >«. warrior. 

Guerroyer, gair-wa-yai, v. ii. to war, ivage war. 

Guet, gay, m, watch, watchman. 

Guet-apens, gay-tap-a«, in. ambush. 

Guêtre, gay-tr,yj gaiter, spatterdash. 

Guctrer, gay-trai, v. a. to put gaiters on. 

Guetter, gait-ai, ~j. a. to wa'ch, lie in watt/or, 

Guetteu»-, gait-ur, m. watcher ; watchman. 

Gueulard, guh-lar, m. furnace-mouth. 

Gueule, gunl,y. mouth, jaws. 

Gueulé, e, guh-lai.y; mouthful. 

Gueules, guhl.y //. gules, pi. 

Gueusaille, guli-za/,y! troop of beg.,'ars. 

Gueusard, guh-zar, m. beggarly rascal. 

Gueuse, guliz.y pig of iron. 

CJueuser, guh-zai, v. it, to go a-begging. 

Gueuserie, guhz-re,/! beggary ; trash. 

Gueux, se, gull, — z, a, beggarly, poor ; — , in, beggar ; 

Gui, ghe, m. mistletoe ; main-boom. [ragamujfiii. 

Guichet, ghe-sliay, m. wicket, shutter. 

Guichetier, ghish-tyai, m, turnkey. 

/iuide, ghicf, m. guide, leader; — ,f. rein ; — Sne, >«. 

Guider, glie-dai, v. a. toguide, lead. [directory. 

Guidon, glic-do«, in. standard; standard-bearer ; 
sight (of a .gnu) ; reference. 

Guignard, ghin-yar, in. dotterel. 

Guigne, ghiu-yi-.yi heart-cherry. 

Guigner, gliin-yai, v, it. to leer, peep ; look after. 

Guignier, ghiu-ye-ai, m, heart cherry-tree, 

Guignou, ghin-yo;(, in, ill-luck {play). 

Guillage, ghiZ-ahj, m. fermentation, 

Guillaume, ghiZ-ohm, in, rabbet-plane, [quotation, 

Guillcuiets, gliiZ-may, in. fil. turned commas, pi. ; 

Guilleret, te, ghiZ-ray, — rct'j a. sprightly, gay, merry ; 

Guilleri, ghi/-re, m, chirping. [slight. 

Guilluchcr, ghiAosh-ai, v, a. to wave. 

I Gulllocliis, ghl/-osh-e, m. waved work. 
Guillotine, ghi/-ot-in,y. ^utllotiite. 
(juillotiner, ghi/-ot-e-na), v. a. to behead. 
(iuimauve, glie-uioliv, f. marsh mallow. 
tiuimbnrde, gai«-baril,y. jeiv> harp ; stagetuaggoi:. 
Guimpe, gai;;p,/; nun's stoinai her. 
(iuindé, e, gai/i-dai, a. hoisted ; s' ff, 
Guinder, gai;r-dai, v. a. to hoist u/ , 
Guinée, ghin-ai, / guinea. [crooked'y. 

r,uingois, gai»-gwa, m. erooi-cdness ; de —, amy, 
Guinguette, gai;(-ger, /. public-house ; country-house. 
Guirlande, giiecr la(/d,y. garland, wreath. 
Guise, ghiz,./". manner, custom ; fancy, huinoitr. 
Guitare, ghë-tar,/. |4V<iVrt>-. 
Guitariste, ghe-tar-ist, m, guitar-player. 
Guttural, e, gût-tfi-ral, a, guttural. 
Gymnase, hjim-naliz, m, i;ymnasium. [tias,'!,-. 

(iymnastique, lijiiu-nas-tik, a, gymnastic ; —./.gym. 
Gymnique, lijim-nik, a, gymnic ; —, /'. gymnastas'. 
Gypse, lijips, in. plaster of t'aris, gypsum, 
Gypscux, se, hjip-suh, — z, a. gypseous. 


Hal h.ah, int, ha I 

Ilalulc, alibil, a, —mont, ad. able ; clever ; dexterous, 

llaliilcté, ab-il-t.ii,/. ability, clncrness ; dexterity. 

Habilité, ab-e-rc-tai,y! t/uali/iialion. 

Habiliter, ab-e-le-tai, v. a. to luibilttaUi. 

Habillage, ab-i/-alij, in. diessing. 

Habillement, ab-i/-nia;i, m, dress, clothes, fil, ; attire. 

Habiller, ab-i/-ai, v. a. et it, to dress; clothe; attire, 

equip ; skin ; s'— , V, r. to dress one's self; buy clothes. 
Habit, ab-e, in, dress ; suit of clothes. 
Habitable, ab-e-lali-bl, a. inhabitable. 
Habitacle, ab-e-tah-kl, in. binacle. 
Habitant, ab-e-ta«, m, dweller ; planter. 
Habitation, ab-e-tah-syo«, /; habitation; residenrr. 
Habiter, ab-e-tai, v, a, to inhabit, divell in. [plantation, j"" 
Habitude, a-be-tûd, /.' habit, custom ; aci/uaintain, 

Habitué, ab-e-trt-al, in. frequenter, regular customer. 
Habituel, le, ab-e-tû-el, a. — Icmtnt, nd. habitual. 
Habituer, ab-c-tû-ai, v. a. to accustom; inure; s- 

V. r, to use, inure ones self; settle. 
H.lbler, hau-blai, v. it. to bra.g, bluster. 
H.lblerie, haublxh-re,/: bragging. 
H,1bleur, hau-blur, in, bragger. 
Hache, hash,/: it-xe ; hatchet. 
Hacher, hash-ai, v. a. to hash, hack; hatch. 
Hachereau, hash-roh, m, little axe. 
Hachette, hash-et,y: hatchet. 
Hachis, hash-e, tn. minced meat. 
H.achoir, hash-war, m, ehoppini;-kitife ; 
Hachure, hash-ûr,/; hatching. 
Hagard, e, hag-ar, — d, a, haggard ; wild. 
H.ana, hah-hah, m, haha. 
Haie, \ii\y,f. hedge ; hedge-row. 
Haie 1 hah-e, int, gee ho I 
Haillon, ha/-o«, m, tatter. 
Haine, hayn.yl hatred ; ab''orrence. 
}Iaineux, sc, hcy-nuh, — z, a, hateful, rancoro:. 
Hair, hah-ecr, v, a, to hate, dislike ; abhor. 
Haire. hair,./: hair-clolh. 
Haïssable, liah-e-sah-bl, a, hateful, odious. 
Halage,, m, lowing. 
Halbran, hal-bra«, m. young wild duck. 
Halbrené, hal-br»/i-nai, a, fatigued. 
H.lle, haul, in. drying wind. 
Hâlé, e, haul-ai, a, sun-burnt. 
Haleine, al-en,y. breath, wind ; hors d' — , out ofbreulh\ 

tout d'une — , of a stretch. 
Halenée, al-nai, y breath ; whiff. 
HAler, haul-ai, v, a. to burn, scorch. 
Haler, hal-ai, v. a. to haul, tow. 
Haleter, hal-tai, v, it. to pant, puff. 
Haleur, hau-lur, in, hauler. 
Hallage, hal-ahj, m, market-duty. 
Hallali, al-al-e, in, whoop, 
Halle, hal, y: market; langage d.j 
Hallebarde, hal-bard.y halberd, 
Hallebardier, hal-bar-dyai, in. halberdier. 
Hallier, hal-yai, in. thicket ; market-keeper. 
I lallucination, al-lu-se-nah-syo«,y: hallucination. 
Halo, hal-oh, in. halo. 

HAIoir, haul-o-ar, m, place where hemp is dried. 
Halot, hal-oh, m. cony-burrow, rabbit-hole. 
Halte, halt,/. /m//; faire—, tohalt; —, int.hcUtI i 
Hamac, ham-ak, in. hammock. 
Hameau, ham-oh, m. hamlet. 
Hameçon, am-so;/i m. hook ; bait. 

[boa I a, I 

— S, Billings^aii^ 



r?. ] 


Itimpc. h,l«p./ shaft: handle. 

IIiiiisitT. aiiistair, w>. hamslfr. 

II, mill, lian-np, »«. Iarf;e nip. 

ll.mtlic, lia«sli,/ haunch, hifi., liaw-kfar, wi. cart-hoiist, shed, ''i' 

II iniictiin, liaii-toH, >«. may-hug. 

ll.inter, tia>;-t.ii, v. a. tofrtqutnt. 

Ilantisc, \v.viAi:cz,/./rii/iitiittiis. 

ILippc, hap,/, cramp-iron. 

iiappclourdf, hap-loord,/". counter/tit Ktone ; coxcomb. 

li.ipper, hai)-al, 7'. n. /t> snap up, snatch, 

ll.ii|uem>e, liak-iiai,/ ambling nag, 

llaipict, h.ikai, ;«. rfniy. 

llai|m.tlcr, ti.ik-tyai, w«. drayman. 

il.iraiii,'no, liar-a"t;'',/ harangiif. 

Ilar.iTii;iKT,«-j;li.ii, v. a. to harangue.,'iii-iir, liar-a;;-i;liur, m, haranguer. 

ilara--, liar-aii, >«. stud. 

il ir.isscr, \\AXi\'i>s-M,v. a. to harass, weary, ofertire ; 

il.ircL-lcr, hars-lai, 7'. a. to harass, tortneut. \^tease. 

Il.irilo, \\.\xA, f.Jierd, couple. 

ll.irclcr, liar-ilai, v. a. to couple. 

llardfs, tiaril, /".//. clothes ,■ pi. attire. 

ll.irili, c, h,ir-(lc, a, —ment, ad. hardy, hold, audacious. 

li.irdieMc,, /. fioldness, liiidaiity , freedom, 

llarciii, liar-cin, >n. harem. [liOerty. 

Hareng, liar-nH, >«. herring. 

Ilarcnuaison, liar-n«-ijay-zii;/,./". herring-season ; her- 

ILircntiL-rc, liar-a«-lij.iir,y:y/j/;-7ivw(i;/. [riiig-/i.vhe)y. 

llarjiiiLiix, sc, liar;;-yuh, — z, a. pen'ish, churlish. 

II,\riC(it, liar-c-koli, m. iidney-liean. 

ilaridclle, \\;\T-c-<.\c\,f. Jade, harridan. 

Ilariniinica, ar-mon-o-kali, m. harmonica. 

Ilariiioiiie, ar-iiioii-e,/ harmony. 

Il.innonieux, se, ar-inon-yuh, — z, a. —semcnt, ad. har- 

mo>iii>iis ; agreeing. 
Hartnonliiii' , ar-mon-ik, a. — ment, ad. harmonic. 
ilarnioiilst.-, ar-mon-ist, tn. harmonist. 
ll.imacher, har-nash-ai, v. a. to harness. 
Harnais, har-n.iy, m. hariu-ss ; armour; de — ', 
llarn, liar-oh, >«. hue and cry. [draught-horse. 

sc Ilarpaillcr, har-pa/-ai, 7'. r. to scujffle. 
Ilarpc, harp,/ harp ; toothing. 
Ilarpcr, liar-p.ii, v. a. to gripe, halt, 
llarpiL', har-pe,/ harpy ; shrew. 
Harpiste, har-pist, >«. harpist. 
llarpnn, har-po«, tn. harpoon. 
Ilarponnur, har-poii-ai, v. a. tp harpoon. 
Harponiifiir, har-i)oii-ur, >«. narpooner. 
\Um,\\M,f. band (fagot) ; halter. [second-hand. 

Hasard, liah-zar, w. hazard, chance, hap; iXc—, at 
Hasarder, h.ih-zar-dai, t. a. to risk, venture; so — , 

;■. r. to risk one's life ; venture. 
Hasardeux, se, hah-zar-duh, — z, a. —sèment, ad. haz- 
ardous : venturous. 
H.vse, \\.\\\z.f. doe-hare : doe-rabbit. 
H'lte, liant,/ haste, hurry ; ,"1 ia —, in a hurry. 
H.'itur, hau-tai, v. a. to hasten ; hurry ; push on ; se — , 

'. r. to make haste. 
H.'itciir, liau-tiir, m. orerseer of the roast-meat ; fore- 
Hàticr. Iiaii-tyai, w«. .^pit-rack. [man. 

H.itif, ive, hau-tif, — iv, a. — ivement, ad. hasty ; early, 
H.itiveté, liau-tiv-tai,//t'<'7('<j)-rf;;cjj. [foriuaid. 

Haulian, iuih-ba;/, >n. shroud. 
HaMhcr^jenn, hoh-t)air-lijo«, m. habergeon. 
Haubert, holi-bair, ?n. hauberk. [gorget. 

Hausse, linhss, / lift ; overlay ; —col, >n. neckpicie. 
Haussoiiient, l;oh-sma«, m. raising, rise; — d'éiiaulcs, 

H.insser, lioii-sai, z>. a, et n. to raise, heighten, lift up ; 

rise ; increase ; se — , v. r. to raise one's self; rise. 
Il.iussier, hnh-sy.ii, m. speculator for the rise in the 
Ilaussicre, hoh-syair,/ haiuser. [public fund. 

H.uit, e, holi, — t, a. et ad. high, tall ; aloft ; upright ; 

loud ; proud, haughty ; — , tn. height ; upper part ; 

top ; en — , above, upstairs ; par — , upwards. 
Hautain, e, hoh-tai«, —ten, a. — enient, ad. haughty. 
H unbois, lioh-bwa, tn. hautboy ; hautboy-player. 
H.uit-de-chausses, hiilul-slioliss, tn. hose, breeches, pi. 
H.iiite-contre, hoht-ko;(-tr,y; counter-tenor. 
" l.iute-lice, lioht-liss, / tapes/ ry-hangings, pi. 
Il.uitement, hoht-ni.T», ad. highly ; boldly, openly. 
Ilautosse, hoh-tess,/ highness. 
H.iuteur, lioh-tur,/ height; eminence; depth; haiig/iti- 

iiess, scorn ; de sa —, at full length, 
Live, liauv, a. wan, pale, ghastly. 
laveron, liav-ro/<, tn. wild oats, pi, 
lavir, hav-eer, v. a. to scorch. 
lavre, hau-vr, ;«. /ja7/f /(,/«>■/. 
Iavres,ac, liau-vr-sak, tn. knapsack, 
lé, hai, int. ho t holla t • 

ieau.nie, holim, tn, helmet. 

Hebdomadaire, cb-dom-ad-air, a. weekly. 
Héberger, ai-1iaii'lij,'ii. v. a. to harbour, lod^e. 
llcbcter, ai-bai-tai, »'. a, to hebetate, dull, ilupi^y, 
IlL'bralsinc, al-brah-isni, m. hebraisin. 
Hécatombe, ai-kat-o<;b,/. hecatomb. 
Hectique, ek-tik, a. hectic. 

Hectisie, ck-te-ze,/ hectic. 
Hd),'ire, ai-hjeer, / hegira. 

Hei<Uu|ue, ai-di'ik, tn. Hungarian foot-soldier, 

Hein I ai»;, int. eh I 

Hclas I ai-lahs, I//A rt/(zr.' — , tn. sigh, . ., 

Héler, hai-lai, v. a. to hail. . . 

Hellénisme, el-lai-nisiii, m. helloiisin. 

Helléniste, el-lai-nist, "(. hellenist. 

Hem, hem, int. hem t 

Hématite, ai-mat-it,/ bloodstone. 

Hémicycle, ai-me-siki, tn. heitiicycle. 

Hémisphère, ai-me-sfair, tn. hemisphere. 

Héinorraj;ie, ai-mor-ahj-e,/ hemorrhage.liemoyrUat^y, 

Hémorronlal, e, ai-mor-ro-c-dal, a. 


llennir, han-eer, v. ti. to neigh. 

Hennissement, han-is-ma«, m. neighing. 

Hépatique, ai-pat-ik, a. hepatical. 

Heptacorde, ep-tak-ord, m. heptaihorj. 

Héraldiime, ai-ral-dik, a. heraldic. 

Héraut, nai-rtih, in. herald. 

Herbacé, e, er-bas-ai, a. herbacious. 

Herbaffe, er-li,ihj, tn. herbage ; pastiitt. 

Herbe, erb,/. herb ; grass. 

Herber, air-bai, v. a. to lay on the grass. 

Herberie, erb-ree,/. bleac'hing-place. 

Herbette, air-bet,/ short grass. 

Herbeux, se, air-buli, — z, a. herbous, grassy. 

Herbier, air-byai, m. herbal. 

Herbière, air-byair,/ herb-ivoman. 

Herbivore, air-he-vor, a. herbivorous. 

Herboriser, air-bore-zai, 7'. it. to gather simplet. 

Herboriseur, air-twr-e-zur, Hcrburiste, airborist, iH. 

herborist, simpler. 
Herbu, e, air-brt, a. herbous, grassy. 
Hère, hair, tn. poor wretch. 

Héréditaire, ai-r,ii-de-tair, a. — mcnt, ad. hereditary. 
Hérédité, ai-rai-de-t,ii,/. heirship, inheritance. 
Hérésiarque, ai-rai-zyark, in. heresiarch. 
Hérésie, ai-rai-ze,/ heresy. 
Hérétique, ai-rai-tik, a. heretical ; — , m. heretic. 
Hérisser, hai-re-s.'ii, v. a. et se — , v. r. to brittle up. 
Hérisson, li;ii-re-so;f, tn. hedgehog; caiitii.g wheel. 
Heritajje, ai-re-tahj, in. inheritance ; estate. 
Hériter, ai-re-tai, v. tt. to inherit. 
Héritier, ai-rc-tyai, tn. heir, — ère, — r,/ heires':. 
Hermaphrodite, er-maf-rod-it, in. hermaphrodite. 
Hermétique, .lir-mai-tik, a. —ment, ad. hertnetical. 
Hermine, er-niin,/ ermine. 
Heruiinette, er-min-et,/ adze. 
Hernie, hair-ne,/ rupture. 

Hernieux, se, er-ne-uh, — z, a. affecledwith a hernia. 
Héroïne, ai-ro-in,/. heroine. 

Héroïque, ai-ro-ik, a. —mcnt, ad. heroic, heroicat. 
Héroïsme, ai-ro-isin, tn. heroism. ' 

Héron, hai-ro«, tn. heron. 
Méronneau, hai-ron-oh, m. young heron. 
Heronnier, hai-ron-yai, tn. hawk for heron-hunting, 
Héronnière, hai-ron-yair,/ hernshaw. 
Héros, hai-roh, m. hero. 
Hcrpe, herp,/ tetter. 

Hersnffe, hair-salij, in. harroiring of a field, <■ 

Herse, bairss,/ harroiu : portcullis. 
Herser, hair-sai, 7'. a. to harrow. 
Herseur, hair-sur, tn. harrower. 
Hésit.ition, ai-ze-tah-syoH,/ hesitatioiT, incertitude. 
Hésiter, ai-ze-tai, v. ii. to hesitate ; pause. 
Hétérodoxe, aitai-rod-oks, a. heterodo.y. 
Hétérodoxie, ai-taimdok-sc,/ helcrodo.xy. 
Hétérogène, .ai-tai-rohj-ayn, a. heterogeneous. 
Hétéroi;éncité, ai-tai-rolij-ai-nai-et.ii,/ heterogenei'y. '• 
Hêtre, ii.iy-tr, tn. beech-tree, 

\\<ia, hull, tn. hoy. ' 

I leur, ur, tn. luck. 
Heure, ur,/ hour ; time ; de bonne —, betimes, early; -. 

h la bonne —, very well, be it so ; pour 1'—, at pr.\ iit , '• 

tout à r — , immediately, by-and-by ; — s, pi. prayef ' 

book. ■ 

Heureux, se, uli-ruh, — z, a. — sèment, ad. happy;'. 

lucky ; fortunate ; — , tn. happy man. 
Heurter, huhr-tai, v. a. et n. to strike against ; drsh, 

knock; hurt; shock; colour hard; sc — , v. r. It 

strike against one another ; butt. 
Hexamètre, ei^-zain-ay-tr, ;•/. hexamtttr. 
Hiatus, e-ah-tOs, ;m. /tiWjfJi . .> 

Hibou, hc-boo, w(, (77f/, 

HIO [ 73 1 

c est l.\ 1', -, volli le - 


HIc, hllc. fH, tiiof, dijfflailly 

thtrt is the rub. 
Hideux, se, hc-duh, — x, a. — lement, ad. Hideout. 
Hie, he,/; bettit, ratntntr. 
Hièble, e-ny-l>Ly^ tvathvort. 
Hier, yair, ad. yesterday . 
Hiérarchie, hyai-rnr-shu,./; hierarchy. 
Hiérarchique, liy.ii-r.-irshik, ai. hierarchical. 
Hiéroglyphe, yai-ro^-lif, >«. hieroi'lyphic. 
Hiéro^'lyphique, yai-roe-lif-ik, a. hieronlyphi at. 
Hilarité, c-lar-e-tai,/ hilarity. 
Hippiatrique, ip-pe-at-rik,y. veterinary art. 
Hippodrome, Ip-po-droliin, *n. race-ground. 
Hirondelle, e-roi-dell,/ nvatloiv. 
Hirsuteux, se, ir-sd-tuh, —z, a. bristly. 
Hisser, he-sai, v. a. to hoist. 
Histoire, is-twar,/: history ; record. 
Historien, is-tor-yain, tn. historian. 
Historier, is-tor-e-ai, v. a. to ornament. 
Historiette, is-tor-c-ett,/: story. 
Historiojjraphtf, ls-tor-e-0(j-raf, m. historiographer. 
Historique, is-tor-ilc, a. — incnt, ad. Historic, historical. 
Histrion, is-tre-yoH, »«. buffoon. 
Hiver, e-vair, tn. ivinter. 

Hivernai;e, e-vair-nahj, vi. luintering, tvinter-time. 
Hivernal, e, e-valr-nal, a. hibernal. 
Hiverner, e-vair-nai, v. n. to winter: s'— , i>. r, to 
Ho, hoh, int. Ho ! [inure one's self to cold. 

Hobereau, hob-roh, ui. hobby ; country \gHire. 
Hoc, hok, tn. hock (game). 
Hoche, liosh,/! notcit, nick. 
Hochement, hosli-nia;i, ;«. shakini; o/the head. 
Hochepot, hosh-poli, tn. hotchpotch. 
Hochequeue, hosh-kuh, tti. wagtail. 
Hocher, hosh-ai, v. a. to shake, lost. 
Hochet, hosh-ay, tn. rattle. 
Hoir, war, tn. heir. 
Hoirie, war-e,/: inheritance. 
Holà, ho-lnli, itit. ho ! holla I 
Holer, ho-l.ii, v. n. to hoot {owls). 
Hollander, liol-aH-dni. v. a. to rub in hot ashes. 
Homard, hom-ar, tn. lobster. 
Hombre, o«-l)r, tn. hombre {game). 
Homélie, om-ai-le,/: homily. 
Homicide, om-e-sid, in. homicide; — involontaire, 

manslaughter; — , a. murderous. 
Honiinasie, om-.-ihJ, in. homage, 
Honnnatjer, om-alij-ai, tn. homa,ger. 
Hommassc, om-ass,y^ masculine. 
Homme, om, tti. man ; mankind; — d« lettres, 

literary tiiaii ; — dc robe, lawyer. 
Homocopathe, oin-ai-()-i)at, tn. homœopathist. 
Homœopatliie, oiii-ai-o-pat-e,./: homœopaihy. 
Homœup<-ithi(|ue, om-ai-o-pat-ik, a. — nient, ad. homato- 
Homogène, om-o-hj,\yn, a. homogeneal. [pathical. 

Homoijénéité, om-o-hjai-nai-e-tai../; homogenealness. 
Homologation. oni-ol-ojj.;ih-syo»(../; confirmation. 
Homolojfuer, oin-ol-o^j-ai, v. a. to confirm. 
Homonyme, om-on-iiii, a. hottionymous ; — , tn. name- 
Hongre, ho«-(;r, a. clicval — .gelding. \_sake. 

Honjjrer, ho«-nrai, v. a. to geld. 
Honnête, on-ayt, a. —ment, ad. honest; becoming, 

decent, ci-,'il, polite ; hand.somc. 
Honnêteté, on-ayt-tai,y; honesty ; decency ; ptliteness. 
Honneur, on-ur. in. honour; glory; reputation: 

decoration ; dame d'— , lady in waiting ; honiine 

d' — , man 0/ probity ; — s, pi. honours; civilities. 
tlonnir, hon-neer, v. a. to disgrace. 
Honorable. on-or-ali-Vil, a. — inint. ad. honourable ; 

respectable ; reputable; sumptuous. [salary. 

Honoraire, on-or-air, a. honorary, titular ; —, m./ee. 
Honorer, on-or-ai, v. a. to hon.iur ; do credit ; s' — , v. r. 

to honour one's self; hold as an honour. 
Honorifique, on-or-e-fik, a. honorary. 
Honte, \\Qn\.,/. shame ; avoir — de, to be ashamed of. 
Honteux, se, ho;(-tuh, — z. a. — senient, ad. ashamed ; 
Hôpital, op-e-tal, tn. hospital. [shame/iil. 

Hoquet, hok -ay, tn. hiccough, hicaip. 
Hoqueter, hok-tai, t. «. to Hiccough. 
Horaire, or-air. a. horary. 
Horde, hord,y: horde. 
Horizon, or-e-zo>/, m. horizon. 

Horizontal, e, or-e-zo«-tal, a. — ement, »d. korigoiital. 
Horlojje, or-Iohj,y. clock. 
Horloger, or-lohj-ai, m. watchmaker. 
Horlo^'erie, or-lohj-re.y; watchmaking. 
Hormis, or-me. pr. except, save. 
Horoscope, or-os-kop, ;«. horoscope. 
Horreur, or-rur, yC horror; dread; detestation; ugly 

thing ; shocking thing. [shocking. 

Horrible, or-ribi, a. — nient, ad. Hot ible, }right/ul ; 
Horripilation, or-re-pe-lah-syo«,/; Hcrri/ilation. 

Mors, hor, pr. except, save ; — cle, out of, btyomtt •« 

d'<fuvre, »«. outwork ; digression. 
Horticulteur, or-tekfll-lur. tn. Horticulturist. 
Horticulture, or-te-kûl-tflr,/. horticulture. 
Hospice, os-piss. tn. hosptlal. \m. hssfitaler. 

Flosjiitalier, ère, os-pe-tal-y.ii, — r, n. hospitable; —, 
Hospitalité, os-pe-taie-lai, /; Hospitality. 
tlostie, os-te.y. viitim; host. 
Hostile, OS-til, a. — iiicnt, ad. hostile. 
Hostilité, os-te-lctai,/. hostility. [<!'—, ordinary. 

1 1 Ate, oht, tn. landlord, innkeeper. Host ; guest ; t.ille 
Hotel, oh-tcl, m. hotel ; — de ville, guildhall, toicn' 

Hôtelier, oht-lyal, m. landlord, innkeeper ; —ère, — .lir, 
Hôtellerie, oh-tel-re,/. inn. {/. hostess, landlady. 

Hôtesse, oh-tess,y. hostess. 
Hotte, hot,y! dorsel, scuttle. 
Hottée, hot-ai,y; dorsel/ul. 
Hotteur, liot-ur, m. dorsel-man. 
Houblon. hoo-bloM. tn. hop, hops. 
Houblonncr. fcoo-blon-ai, v. a. to hop. 
Houbluniiicre, hoo-blon-yair,/ hop-garden. 
Hone, hoo, /; hoe. 
Iloucr, hoo-ai. v. a. to hoe. 
Ilouette, hoo-ett../; little ho*. 
Houille, hoo/.y; pit-coal. 
Houiller, lioo/-ai, a. coaly. 
Houillère, \wol-i\\T,/. coal-pit. 
Honllleiir, hoo/-ur, tn. collier. 
Houilleux, se, hoo/-uli, — z, a, coaly, 
Hoiilan, ho<i-la>/, m. uhlan. 
Houle, \\oa\,/. surge, swell. 
Houlette, hoo-lctt,/; crosier ; trowel. 
Houleux, se, hoo-liili, — z, a. surgy. 
Hou|ipe, ho()p,y. tuft ; powder-puff. 
llouppei.indc, hoop-laxd.y. ^''^''/f"'. '• 
llouppcr, li(iop-ai. v. a. to tii/t. 
Ilouppicr, hdop-yai, in. wool-comber. 
llnur.iiller, liooi-a/-,ii, v. n. to hunt with bad h.'unds. 
irounl,i),'e, lioor-dahj, m. rough masonry ivork. 
llourder, hior-dni, v, a. to roughwork. 
Ilourct. iuioray, in. bad hound. 
Ilourque, \wurV.,/. hooker. [>iiu\i 

llourvari. hdor-var-c, tn. calling back the dogs ; .1' 1/ 
Houspiller. lioos-pi/-ai, v. a. to tug, tousc ; se —, v. r. 

to louse cjie's self; wrangle. 
Houssa^fe, lioo-salij, tn. dusting, 
Houssaic, hoo-say.y; holly-grove, 
Iloussard, hoo-sar, m. hilTsar. 
Housse, hooss.y; housing, horse-cloth, 
Housser, hoo-sai. v. a, to dust. 
Houssiiic, lioo-sin.y. switch. 
lloussincr, hoo-se-nai, v. a. to .sivitch. 
Houssoir. hoo-sw.Tr, m. feather-broom, 
Houx, hoo, m. hotly. 
Hoyau, ho-yoh, tn. mattock, 
Huau, hfl-oh. in. scarecroiv. 
Hublot, hfi-bloh, in. small port-hole. 
Huche, hflsh,/: kneading-trough ; meal-tub. 
Huchet, hûsh-.'iy, m. huntsman's horn. 
Hue, lui, int. geeho / 
Huée, lirt-ai,/; 70 hoop ; shout. 
lluer, hA-ai, v. a. to whoop after, shout after, 
Hufjuenot, e, lirtpnoh, — t, s. huguenot. 
Huguenote, hfi;;-not,/: pipkin. 
Hui, we, ad. to-day ; ce jour d' — , this day. 
lluile, weel.y oil. 
Hiriler, we-lai, v. a. to oil. 
Huileux, se, we-luh, — z, a. oily. 
Huilier, we-lyai, tn. oilman; oil cruet. 
Huis, we, m. door, k — clos, 7vitH clostd doors. 
Huissier, wis-yai, m. usher, tipstaff. 
Huit, wit, n. eight; eighth. [se'nnigM. 

Huitaine, we-ten, f. eight days; h la — , this .//v 
Huitième, we-tyem, a. — nient, ad. eighth ; —, 
Iluitre, \tc-\T,f. oyster. [eighth part. 

Hulotte, hûlot,/; 
Humain, e, û-iiiai«, —men. a. —ement, ad. human: 

humane, kind ; —, m. man. 
Humaniser, û-inan-e-zai, v. a. to humanize, civili:t; 

s' — . v. r. to gro7v tradable, become gentle. 
Humaniste, û-man-ist, m. humanist. 
Humanité, û-nian-e-tai. y: humanity ; kindness; —s, 

pi. classical learning. 
Humble. u«-bl. a. —ment, ad. Humble, mean. 
Iluinectation, û-mek-t.ih-syoH,y; huinectation. 
Humecter, û-mek-tai, v. a. to humect, moisten. 
Humer, hfliiiai, v. a. to suck in, sup up. [famy. 

Humeur, fl-mur, f. humour; temper; disposition: 
Humide, û-mid, <i. humid, damp, moist ; — ment, od. 

in a da nip place. ( moist k > <■ I 

Humidité, û-me-de-tai, f. Humidity, damfiitiS,\ 


lluiiioiir, ft-iiior, m. hntnnur, drolttry, 

lliuiiuh, û-iiu1s, tn. mould, 

lliiiie, liflii.y; top. 

Hunier, liAn-yai, m. topsail, 

llii|)|)c, \\&i>, /\ prwet ; tu/t. 

Hiippc, e, nTip-iii, a. tufltd, 

llurc, liùr,/: head ; Jowl. 

Iliirlciiicnt, hdrl-ina», tn. howliitc;, ytlt, 

ll\irlcT, liilr-lai, v. n. to Hcnvl.yeu. 

llurliilicrlii, ^r-Ifl-buir-Iû, ad. bluntly. 

Hussard,, tn. hussar, 

lliiitf, hut,/ hut. 

Hyacinthe, vas-ai/zt,/ hyacinth. 

Hyliriilc, o-bri(l, a. hybridous. [Jraiilirs. 

Hyilrauli(|ue, e-clrol)-lik, <j. hydraulical : —, /. hy. 

}|y<lri)>,'ra|ihe, e-ilro;;-raf. >n. Iiydro^raplifr. 

Hy(lruj;r,i|)hie, e-drotiraf-e,/". hydrography. 

Hydrnjfraiihiiiue, e-dr<)>;-raf-ik, a. hvdroi^raphical, 

Hydrop.iihie, e-drop-at-e, /. hydropathy. 

llydropathiiiue, e-ilrop-at-ik, a. hydropathical. 

H><lr(iphol)e, e-drof-ob, s. hydrophobe. 

Hydrophobie, e-drof-ob-e,/ hydrophobia. 

Ilydropic(ue, e-drop-ik, a. dropsical. 

llydropisie, e-drop-e-ze,/: dropsy. 

Hycne, yen, A hyena, hyen. 

Hyjiiène, e-hje-ayn,/. hys;iene. 

Hymen, c-niai«, llynidiice, e-mai-nai, m. hyiiuti, war- 

Hymne, iiniii,/: hymn. [riaire 

Hyperbole, e-pair-bol,/. hyperbola. 
Hyperb()n(i»e, c-pair-bol-ik, a. hyperbolical. 
Hypercritiiiue, e-pair-cri-tik, m. hypercritic. 
Hypiicondre, e-pok-o;«-dr, m. hvpochondriac. 
jlypocdmlriaquc, c-pok-o«.drc-;ik, a. hypochondriacal. 
Hypocondrie, e-i)ok-o«-drc,/ melancholy. 
Hypocrisie, e-pok-re-ze,/: hypocrisy. 
Hypocrite, e-pok-rit, m. hypocrite; -, a, hypocritical. 
Hyimthecaire, e-pot-e-kair, a. créancier —, morttraeee- 
—ment, ad. by mortgage. ' 

Hypothèque, e-pot-ck,/ mortgage. 
Hypothéiiiier, c-pot-e-kai, v. a. to mortgage, engage. 
Hypothèse, c-pot-ayz,/ /«^/<)//,«;j. 
Ijypothitique, e-pot-ai-tik, a. — uicnt, ad. hvpothelic, 
j ysope, e-zop,y: hyssop. [hyiolhetical. 

Hystérie, is-tai-re,/: hysterics. 
Hystérique, is-tai-rik, a. hysterical. 

lambe, e-a«b, tn. iambus. 

Itiiibi<iue, e-a«-bik, a. iambic. 

jcdui, e-sloo-e, Icelle, e-sel,/«. he, she, 

Ic ineumoii, ik-iiuh-ino», tn. ichneumon, 

Ichc.rcnx, se, e-kor-uh, -z, a. ichorous, 

IcMhyolonie, ik-te-ol-ohj-e,/: ichthyology. 

Ici. ese, ad. here; hitlur ; par —, tliis way ; —près. 

Iconoclaste, e-ko-no-klast. m. iconoclast. [hard by 

Iconol.ltre, e-ko-no-lau-tr, tn. iconolaler, 

Ictere, ik-tair, tn. Jaundice. 

jctcrique, ik-tai-rik, a. icterical. 

I< cal, e, e-dai.,U a. -anient, ad. ideal; —, m. ideal. 

Idee, e.clai,/ idea ; tnind, notion. 

I( entifier, e-da«-tif-e-ai, v. a. to identify. 

Identuiue, e-da«-tik. a. -nient, ad. identicaL 

{(entité, e-da«-te-tai,/: identity. 

Il cologne, e-dai-ol-og, tn. ideologist. 

Idiome, id-yohm, tn. idiotn. 

d!oH.n,i'';^°'''.~y°'- "-.j'^y- foolish: -, tn. idiot. 
Idiotisme, id-yot-ism, m. idiotistn. [ fyol 

( o .1 rer, id-ol-au-trai, v. a. et n. to idolize, {idolatress 
. OKUrie, ul-ol-au-tre./ idolatry, ^ aoiairess. 

I'lole, id-ol,/ idol, 

i'lylle, id-il,y: idyl. 

If, if, m. y a v- tree. 

^'I,';"?.' Tl'"'"- '"'/'<■<'('.■ -, '«• ijT'ioratnus, 
1,'iK-. e, ifih-nai, a.Jiery. 

junoble, myuh lil, ,/. —ment, ad. ignoble 

JKnommie, in-yoiii-e-nc, A ig„oiiiin\' 

Kiioinmienx, so, in-yom-in-yiili, - z 

:s'»orance, iii-y(>r-a;/ss,/. ii:nora,ne . 

«noiam, e, iiiyor-a«, -t, ,/. ignorant. -, 

ifc. il./ Ts?ànd'^'' "■ "• " "' '^"""''"" ''^• 
"'égal, e. il-lai-jjal, a. -ement, ad. illegai. 


HIisibIc, il-le-zed>l, a. illegible. 

llluininateiir, illil-nie-n.itnr, tn. illntninator. 

I uminatioii iMiViiie-n.ili.syo>i, f. illuminatiott. 

I unîmes, il-lu-iiie-nii, tn. pi. illnminati. 

I tiiiiiner, il Ift.ine-n.ii, v. a. to illuitiitial 

I iision, ildlVsyo»/,/. illusion, delusion. 

Illusionner, il-liVzyon-ai, v. a. to deceive 

Illusoire. il-liVzvvar, a. -ment. ad. illusory, deceitful. 
ustration il-lfl.strah-syo«,/. illustration ; celebrity, 
iistrc, iMi^-str, <». illustrious. [to acouire celebrity, 

1 ustrcr, il-lu-strai, v. a. to mate illustrious; s- v r 

I Instrissiine, iMil-stris-sini. a. tnost illustrious 

Hot, edoli, tn. islet. 

Ini.ivre, c-iiiahj,/ itttage ; likeness: represetttatioii. 

Iina>,'inable, e-iiiah^c-nah-M, <». imaginable 

Iin,ii,'inaire, e-iiiahj-e.nair, a. imaginary 

Imaginatif, ivc e-iiiahje-natif. -iv, a.' imaginative. 

Imagination. e-inalij-c-nahsyoH, / imagination . ,,.;/■ 

ceil; fancy. [^'-, v. r. to im gine./ancy, 

; "VK"?,^'' e-"!-->l!J-e-nai. v. a. to itna^'ine : contrixie ; 

I Iniliecile. ai;i.bai-sil, a. -nient, ad. imbecile, simple, 

silly :—, tn. tdiot : /mI. 

Imbécillité, ai/i-bai-sil-e-tai,/ imbecility: sUlinttt. 
! Imberbe, ai«-bairb, a. beardless. 
I Imbiber. ai((.be-bai, v. a. to soak ; Kleep 
I Imbibition, ai«-be-bi-syo«, /; imbibitiott, 
InibriiKpie. ai/j-bre-ak, a. tipsy. 

a. —sèment, ad. 

, i/t. ignora- 

Imbroglio. ai;<-brol-yoh, m. intricacy, 

Imbu, e, ai;/-ba, a. imbued. 

Imitable, c-ine-t.ih-bl, a. imitable. 

Imitateur, c-me-tat-ur, tn. imitator. 

linitatif, ive, e-ine-tat-if, — iv, a. imitative. 

Imit.ition, e-me-tah-syo«, / itnitation ; k V— de i-i 

tmitation of. 
Imiter, e-nie-tai, v. a. to imitate; copy; counterfeit 
i miii.icule, c im-iiiak-iVlai, a. ittimaciilate. [cerlai; 

nimanquable, im.nia;/<i. -ment,«rf. in/allilue, 
Imniarcessible, ini-mar-ces-sed.l, a. imttiarcessible. 
limiiateria ite, ini-iiiat-ai-ryal-e-tai, /. immateriality. 
Inimateriel, le, nn-niat-ai-ryell, a. -lement, ad, iinm i. 

tertal. [tini 

Immatriculation, Im-mat-re-kill-ah-syoK, / tnatricù.'a'. 
Imm.-itriculer, im niatre-kill-ai, t'. a. to matriculate. 

dial '^' ""■'"'"■''y-''''' -'• "■ -ement, ad. itnme- 

Immémorial, e, im-mal-more-al, a. immemorial. 
Immense, iin-ma;(S5, a. -sèment, ad. immense. 
immensité, un-niaw-se-tai,/ immensity 
Immerger, iin-mair-hjai, v. a. to immerge 
laimersioii, im-mair-syo«,/ imtnersioii, 
Immeul)le, im-muli-bl, tn. real estate. 
Imminemmertt, im-iiie-nama;/, ad. immittently 
Imminence, iin-me-na;(ss,/: imminence 
Iniininent, e, im-mc-na«, — t, a. imminent, iinpenditi-' 
s Imniiscer, im-niis-sai, v. r. to intertneddle, iiiter/eVe 
Immixtion, ii;i.miks-tyo«,y: .«c^rwrtW/iW. i/^,,,/. 

Immobile, ini-mob-il, a. motionless. 
Immobilier, ère. iui-inob-il-yai, — r,a. imtncn-eable, real. 
Immobilité, im-mob-e-le-tai,/ imtnobility 
Immodéré, e. im-mod-ai-rai, a. -nient, ad' imtnoderaf 
Immcdeste, im-mod-est, a. -ment, ad. immodat i,',i. 
Immtdestie, im-mod-es-te,/ immodesty. [fiudent 

Imiiio ntion, im-mol-ah-syow,/ immolation. 
Immoler, im-mol-ai, v. a. to itnmolate, sacrifice. 
Immonde, im-nio»d, a. uiuieati. 
Immondices, im-mo«-diss,/:/,r.y7///j, dirt. 
Immoral, e,, a. immoral. 
Immoralité, iiu-mor-al-e-tai,/ imttiorality 
Immortaliser, im-mor-tal-e-zai, v. a. to immortalize 
Immortalité, iiii-inor-tal-c-tai,/ imtnoitality 
Immortel, le, im-mor-tell, r». immortal 
Immuable, im-iiiû-ah-bl, a. -ment, ad', immutable un- 
Immunité. nn-miViie-tai.y: immunity. Ichanrrab e 

Immutabilité, im-miVtab-c-le-tai, /. immutability ' ' 
Impair, aiu-pair, a. uneven, oiid 
Impardonnable. ai«.par.don-.ili-bI. a. unpardonable 
Iniparfait. e. ai«-par.f.iy. -fet, a. -ei.ieiu, ad. 

Jcct ; unjinishcd ; —, tn. imperfct tenu- 
jiupartial, e, .i/^zparsyal, a. -cmciit. ad. 'impartial 
Impartialité, ai«, / impartiality 
Iiup.isse. ai«-paliss, /". W;;;,/,//A.v 
Impassibilité. ai«,ri,/: ,•„,/„„,•*////„ 
Impassible, ai«-passe-bl, a. impassible 
Impatiemment, aiw-pas-yam-ax, ad. itnpatiently. 
Impatience, ai«-pas.ya;is,/ impatience. 





liilpalient, e, al/ipas-yax, — t, a. imfatitnt, unqttitt, 

Iiiip.itiL-ntor, ni«-pas-y.i«-t.ii, v. a. '^ lireoie's /inlioief; 

s—, 7'. ;•. to t; row itnf>itunt. (i;. a fa mi! v. 

s'ImiMlriiiiisir. ai;/-i)atronc-zai, v. r. to hnome iiiasitr 
liii|),i).ilil.-, ai«-|>ay-yali-lil. rt. iiivaluahic ; admitirtilc. 
Iiiilu'iutr.iliilitc, al«, /. iiiipciutia- 

tnltly. \/>fiiftiali/i-. 

Iin|iL'ii. trahie, ai«-|.ai-iiaitrali-t)l, a. — inciit, aii. im- 
liii|MiiittMici', ,\\n-\t,i\-\\ii\.i\n\, /. i>iif:-iii/i iny. 
Ini|n'iiiti'Mt, !■, ai«-|iaiiiLt.i)/, — y, a. i>nf>iHitfnt. 
liiilnralil, ivu, ai;/-pairalif, — iv, .1. — ivciiicnt, ad. 

niifiiative, al'sohite ; -, tu. iinpftative. 
liii|)ir.iti iif, ai;;-|iairat riss, /■. fiiif' [<f/>li/il(. 

liiipcrccptililo, .li/rpairsip lu-lil, il. — inciit, aa. imfier- 
Imperil, ilile, ai/;p.iirilali-lil, a. Iliat laiiiiot /'C lost. 
ltii|«rfctliiiii, .li/z-pairfck-syoii,./! iviferjcitton., o, ai/(-p.ii-ryal, /. iniferial. [/■irious. 

Impcricux, se, ai«-p.ii-ryiili, — z, a. —sèment, aii. On- 
Iiiipi'rissable, .iiH-pai-re-sali-M, <«. iiiif'erishiihlf. 
liiiperitie, .ii(;-paire-se,/. iiiiskil/uliicss. ii;uoiiiiue. 
liiipi'niu-,il)ilite, .ii;;-p.iir-iii.ii-.ilic-let,ii, f. iiiif'fiTioiis- 
Jiiipeniii'alile, ai;/ pair-iiMi .ili-l>l, a. iiiif<trTioiis, [ufss. 
Impersonnel, le, ai/(pair-boii-ell, a. — lement, <»i/. itiiper- 


linpertliioimnent, nl;i-pnir-tc-naiM-a>/, ad. ixiftrii- 
n iilly, al'sui-itly. 

Iniperlmciice, ai;; palr-lc-naHS, /. impertincnct, ab- 
iiintity ; si//iiif.\s. 

Impertinent, e, ai;<-palr-to-na», — t, a, i»i/ic>!iiieiit, 
silly ; iiialiif'ert. \Jir»t. 

Inipertnrl).ible,.iin-palr-tftr-l)ali-lil, ir.— ment,, 

Impétrant, ai;;-p.ii-tra;;, >». grantet. 

Impt'trer, ai;(pai-!r,ii, t. a. to iiiiMratf. [pctiioiis. 

Impéti:enx, se, iii;;j)ai-tfl-nli, — ;:, a. —sèment, ad. iiii- 

Impétniisité, ai;(-i>ai-tri-oli-2e-tal, /. iinfietitosily, veitt'- 

Impie, ai«-i)e, a. impious, uui^oilly. [;;/t';(if. 

Impiété, ai;;-pyal-t.u, y! iiiiputy. 

Impitoy;ilile, ai;/-iie-t\v.i.yali-lil, a. —nient, ad. uinufi- 

Implacable, ai;/-plak-ali-l)l, a. iinplatahle. [i(/'ul. 

Implantation, ai;;-pla;;-tali-syo«, A ïiuplaittatioii. 

Implanter, ai;i-pla(/-tai, ja iJ. to iuiplaut. 

Iniplexe, ai;(-pleks, a. ii/tpte.y, loiufliiated. 

Implication, ai;/-ple-kali-syo;/, /.' itiiptuntioii. 

Im)>llclte, ai;i-ple-sit, 17. — ment, nd. implicit. 

Impliipier, ai;(ple-kal, v. a. to impliiate, involve, en- 

Implorer, ai;(-plor-ai, v. a. to implore, crave. [tantale. 

Impoli, e, ai;;-pol-e, a. — ment, (»i/. unpolitc, uncivil. 

Impolitesse, ai;;-pol-c-lcss, /. unpolitciiess, tnciiilily. 

Iinpolitiipic, ai;(-pol-o-tik, a. — nu nt, ad. impolitic. 

Imponderable, ai;i-po;;-ilai-rali-l)l, a. imponderable. 

Im|)opnlaire, ai;;-pop-ri-lair, a. unpopular. 

Impopularité, ai;i-pop-iVlar-e-tai, /. unpopuUirity. 

Ini|iortance, ai;(-por-ta«ss, /■. importance, consci/iicnre, j 
tnomcnt. [<>/■ moiiicnt. 1, e, ai;;-por-ta;(, — t, n. important, 0/ nofc, \ 

Imiiortation, ai;/-por-tali-syo;;,y'. importation ; import. 

Importer, ai;;-j>ortat, v. a. et n. to import; be 0/ con- 
sci/nence; n'nnporte, it is no matter. 

Importun, e, ai;;-|)or-tu;;, — tfui, a. importunate, trouble- 
some ; — , ;;(. intruder. 

Importuner, ai;;-por-ti1-nai, 7'. a. to importune, trouble. 

Importimité, ai;;-por-tfl-ne-tal, /. importunity. 

Imposable, aH-poli-zali-bl, a. imposable. 

hnposant, c, ai;;-poli-za;;, — t, a. imposing'; sfriiing: 

Imposer, ai;;-poh-zai, 7'. a. et n. to impose ; c/iarj,'e ; en- 
join ; overawe ; clteat, deceive. 

Imposition, ai;;-poli-zc-syon, /"■ imposition : duty, tax. 

Impossibilité, ai;;-pos-sc-l)e-lc-tai, /. tinpossibilily. 

Impossible, ai;;-pos-e-M, a. — ment, ad. impossible. 

Imposteur, ai;;-pos-tiir, ;;(. impostor. 

Imposture, ai;(-pos-tûr, /; imposture. 

Impôt, ai;;-poli, ;/;. tax, duty, toll. 

Impotence, ai;/pot-a;;s, /. inipotency. 

Impotent, e, ai;;pot-a;(, — t, a. impotent, injirm. 

Impraticable, ai;;-prat-c-kali-bl, a. impracticable : un- 

\ passable; unsociable. 

Impréci'.tion, ai;;-prai-kali-syo;/.y^ imprecation. 

Impré^;lK■r, ai/;-pr,iiii-yai, f. a. to imprei;na.'e. 

Imprenable, ai;(-iir;;/;-iuili-bl, a. impregnable. 

Imprescriptible, ai;;-pros-krip-te-bl, ir. imprcscrif'tible. 

Imiiression, ai;/-pres-yo;;,/". im/iression ; print, 
<lroit il'—, proprietorship. [pression upon. 

Impressionner, ai;(-])res-yon-ai, v. a. to make an im- 

Imprévoyance, ai;;-prai-vwa-ya«s,y; improzndcnce. 

Imprévoyant, e, ai;;-prai-vwa-ya;;, — t, a. improvident. 

Imprévu, e, ai;/-pr.ii-vi1, .!. unforeseen. 

Imprimable, ai;;-pre-nMli-bl, a.Jlt to be printed. 

Imprimé, ai«-l)re-mai, ;;;. anyt'iinc; in print. 

Imprimer, ai>i-pre-iiiai, f. a. to impress ; frint ; frime. 

Imprimerie, ai;;-priin-rc, y. printing-office. 

Iniprim^cA aix-pre-mur, m. printer, pressman. 

Improbaliilité, ni;;prob-nb-e-le-tal, /. ituprol.tlill/V. 

Improbable, ai)/-prob-ali-bl, a. —ment, ad. improbable. 

Iniprob.iteiir, trite, ai;;-prob-atiir, — riss, ii, disappic- 
^i>i.V ; — 1 '"■ réprimer. 

tmprobation, ai;iprol)-ah-syo«, /. disapprobation, dis- 

Iin|>r<ibité, ai>/-iirob-e-tai, /l improbity. [liie. 

Improductif, ive, al/z-prod-Ak-til, — iv, a. unprodiulne. 

Impromptu, ai;;-pro;/-pti1, m. impromptu. 

Impropre, ai'z-propr, a. —ment, ad. improper, 

Imjirouver, ai/i-proo-val, v. a. to disapprove. 

Inijiriiusileur, .ii;;prov-e-/;.it-ur, ;;/. iinprirvisalor. 

Improvisation, ai;;-prov-e-z.ili-syo;/,/? extemporizing. 

luiiiroviscr, ai;;-lirov-e-zai, r. a. to evtemporite. 

Improviste, ai;;-prov-ist, .'i 1'—, ad. iiiimoiiies. 

Imi)rudemmenl, ai;;-prû-daiii-aM, ad. imprudently, in- 

Imprudence, al);-prd-da;(s,/ imprudence, indiscnlion. 

Imprudent, c, ai;(-prû-da(;, — t, <i. imprudent. 

Impubère, ai;(-pù-b.iir, ir. adolescent. 

Impudenunent. ai;;pfld,un-a;;, <ri/. impudently. 

Impuilence, ai;;-pù-ila;/s, y; impud' nce. 

Impudent, e, ai;(-pi'i-da;;, — t, a. impudent, saucy. 

Impudeur, ai;/-pft-dur, /; impndcnie, imm,>desty. 

Iniiiudicilé, ai;;-piVde-se-tai, A umltastity ; impiinty. 

Impudiiiue, ai;;-piVdik, a. —ment, ad. unchaste, leii;t. 

Impuissance, ;ii;;-pwe-sa»r,/; impuissance ; inability. 

Impuissant, e, ai;(p\ve-sa;;, — t, a. impotent, lirai' . ini- 

Impulsion, aix-pùl-syo;;,/'. impulsion, impulse, [a/,f. 

Iini-unément, ai;;-piVnai-ma;;, «if'. with impunity. 

Impuni, e, ai;;-piVne, a. unpunished. 

Impunité, ai;(-piVne-tai, A. impunity. 

Impur, e, ai;;-pûr, i». impure. 

Impureté, ai;(-pi'ir-t.ii,yf impurity. 

ImiMitabilité, .•ii;/-prt-t.i-be-le-tai, f. imputability. 

Imjjutable, ai;i-pfi-tali-bl, a. imputable. 

Imputation, ai;;-pû-tali-syon, /. imputation. 

Iminiter, ai;i-pfl-lai, t'. a. to impute, lay to one's chaix't, 

Inaliord.iblc, m-ab-or-dali-bl, <r. inaccessible. 

Inacceptable, in-ak-scp-tali-bl, a. inacceptable. 

Inaccessible, in-ak-ses-sibi, a. inaccessible. 

Inaccord.ible, in-ak-or-dali-bl, a. unj^rantabU. 

Inaccostable, in-ak-kos-tah-bl, a. unsociable. 

Inaccoutumé, e, in-;ik-oo-tiVniai, a. unaccustomed, un- 

Inachevé, c, in-asii-vai, a. unjinished. \iisuul. 

Inactif, ive, in-ak-tif, — iv, a. inactive. 

Inaction, in-ak-syo;;, yi inaction. 

Inactivité, in-ak-te-ve-tai,y. inactivity. 

Inailmissible, in-iid-inis-sibl, a. inadmissible. 

Inadvertance, in-ail-vair-ta;/s, /. inadverteney. 

Inaliénai lilité, in-al-yai-nab-e-le-tai, /. inalienableness. 

ln,'iliénable, in-al-yai-nali-bl, ir. inalienable. 

Inaltérable, in-al-tairahbl, a. unalterable. 

Inamovibilité, in-am-ov-e-be-le-tai, /. unremoveable- 
tiess ; beiiii^/or li/e. 

Inamovibb;, in-am-ov-e-bl, a. for li/e. 

Inanimé, e, in-an-c-mai, a. inanimate. 

Inanité, in-an-c-tai,./; inanity, emptiness. 

Inanition, in-an-e-syo;;,y: inanition. 

Inaperçu, e, in-ap-iiir-si1, a. unperceived. 

Inai)pétence, in ap-paita;;s,./i want ol appetite. 

Inapplicable, in-ap-le-kali-bl, a. inapplicable. 

Inapplication, in-ap-!ekali-syo;;,y". inapplication, 

Iiiapplicpié, c, ina-pli.-kai, a. inattcntite, careless. 

Inapiiréciablc, in-ai)-prai-syah-l I, a. invaluable. 

Inaptitude, in-ap-le-tûd.y; iinjitncss. 

Inattai|uable. iu-at-ak-ali-bl, a. ine.xpux'nable. 

In.ittendu, e, in-at-a;;-ili1, a. unexpected. 

Inattentif, ive, in-at-a;;-tif, — iv, a. inattentive, careless, 

liiatttiition, in-at-a;;-syo;;,y; inattention. 

In.'iu^iir.'ition, in-oli ijû-rah-syo^.y; inau,:,'uratiou. 

InauL'urer, in-ohj^ri-rai, v. a. to inauf^urate. 

Incalculable, ai;/kal-ki'i-lali-bl, a. incalculable. 

Incandescent, c, ai;(-ka;/-tles-sa;(, — t, a. ineandesciiit. 

Incantation, ai;/-ka;;-tali-syo;/, y; incantation. 

Incapable, ;ii;;-kap-ali-bl, a. incapable, unable. 

Incapacité, ai;(-kap-as-e-tai, A incapacity ; iinaptness. 

Incircération, ai;;-;var-sai-ran-syo;;,y; incarceration. 

Incarcérer, ai;(-kar-sai rai, v. a. to incarcerate. 

Incirnadin, e, ai;;;/, — in, Incarnat, e, aii- 
kar-nali, — t,rt. carnation-coloured. 

Incarnation, .ii;;-kar-nali-syo;;,y: incarnation. 

Incarné, e, ai/(-kar-nai, a. imarnate. 

s'Incarner, ai«-kar-nai, v. r. to assume the hinnon 

Incartade, ai«-kar-tail,y; insuit. [nalnr;. 

Incendiaire, ai»i-sa;(-dyair, a. incendiary. 

Incendie, ai;(-sa;;-de, m.crcatfire ; conJlai;ration. 

Incendier, .•u;;-sa;(-dyal, v. a. to hum. [ir;/.(.«. 

Incertain, c, ai;;-sair-tai;;, —ten, ir. — cment, ad. un 

Incertitude, ai;;-sair-tc-trKl,.A inicrlitudc ; doubt. 

Incessanuuent, ai;/-si'S-ani-a;;, ad immediately. 

Inceste, ai;(-scst, ;«. incest, [ccstiù :is. 

lucesitueux, se, ai/t-scs-tû-uli, —2, a, «-s^iucut, ad, in- 


l(l(-iiï«'iiiniciit, ni'/ <C(lain-.T«, itJ. incùUnlally. 

Inciiifiici.-, .li'isc-il.i'is,/; tiuiiitiut. [iiin\/eiit. 

IikkIciiI, 0, iii»i-sf-(l.ii(, — t, It. iuii.ltnt, casual ; —, »«. 

Iiicltii-'ralion, alM-scnairatisyo»i,/ tiicineralwn, 

iiitiiiéror. ai«-scnairai, v. d. to iiuiiitratt. 

incisif, ivc, ai»i-sc-zif, — iv, n. imisiir. 

iiuisinii, ni"-so-zyo<i, / imisii'ii. 

InciLition, ni'/'Sc-Lili-»)'!»!,/; nuitatioii, stimiilatioit, 

liKitcr, ai»<-sc-tai, ?■. n. lo imiff. 

Incivil, c, iii/i-sc-vil. r». — cint-iit, irif. Oicivil, unfolile. 

Iiuivlllto, al»i-sc-vclc-tai,/ iiuivility. 

IiK iviiiiie, ai'z-sc-vik, <i. uuhkt a fiitriot. 

liaivlsine, ai)/-se-vlsni, m. naiit o/ fdfriolisin. 

iiiciciiiciicc, ai/i-kl.ii-nia»/ss,/ iiijinieiity. 

iniloiiicnt, c, ai</-kl.ii-nia<;, — t, <». imtenifiit, sf,>trt. 

InLlin.ii^nn, ai/i-klo-nay-zo»(,_/; iiiiliiiiition. [/i».t.ui';r. 

Iiulinatioti, alx-klciialisyd;», /. imliiiation ; .fli'/>f : 

Incliner, aix-klc-iiai, t. a. ft ii. (o un Une ; h,nu ; be Uis- 
/<ur./A'; s'—, 7'. r. toiuiline ; bow, 

Iiulns. c, ai»i-klrt, — z, a. eiulosed. 

Ini hr.ivriuciit, ai»/-kliVzlv-in.>«, rt7. iiir/usifely. 

liiLinjnito, ai«-k(in-yu-ti)li, ait. iiito:;iiifo, tmoj,', 

InciiluTcncu, ai<(-k'i-ai-ra</s,/. iiiiolierenre. 

Inc iihtrcnt, c. ai)(-koai-r.i;i, —t. <i. inrohereut. [hûily. 

IncnnilmilibilitL', .•ii(/-ki))/.l)i"|s.|cl)C-lct.ii. /. lUdoiibuiti- 

Inciiiiilnistil)lo, ai</-ko;/-bi1stcl)l, a. iiuoyiihii^^tibU. 

incnnniionsiirablc, ai/i-kom-iiiu/J-sû-rah-l>l, «. imoin- 
»iensiiriible. [soiiir. 

liiciiniinoile, al;(-komo(1, a. iiico'iiiiiodious ; trouble- 

Iiicoinmodo, e, ai/i-koinod-ai, a, —ment, att. iiuoii- 
venieitl : iiiiiisfosni. 

InciinnnodtT, ai(»-kom-o<l-ai, v. a. to iucoiniiioife; aiiiioy. 

liiciiinniDilitc', ai)i-kiiin-ode-tai, y. iHionveiiiiiice ; m- 
tiisfositio». [iiiiiib/e. 

Iiiciiniiniinicdile, ai«-koninu1-ne-kah-l)l, tt. iiiioiuinu- 

Incnnipar.ililc, ;ii«-ko)/.|),ir-.ihdjl, u. — ment, ii./. in- 
io>ii/'itr,ib/e, »ititi/i/fss. [bility. 

Iiici]ni|)atil)ilité. ai«-k(iH-pate-l)C-Ic-tai, /. iucoitifati- 

lnciiMi|iatible, aiii-ko«.pat-e-bl. a. iiuoinfaliblt. 

Inconipcteninient, ai«-ko»i-p;ii-tam-a<(, <irf. incompe- 

Incompétence, ai«-ko;i-pai-ta;(SS, /. iiicomfttoice. 

Inccinipotent, e, ai»(-kn;ipai-la>(, — t, a. iiitonifelent. 

Iruoniiilct, lite, ai//-ko«-pl.(y, — pleyt, n. iiuoin('Ute, 

liicomiirc'liensibllite, ai»i-ko;(-prai-aH-se-be-le-tai. /. in- 
loiiifirehcnsibitily. [hensible. 

Inciimpreliensible,'ai>/-ko;i-prai-a«-se-bl, <?. iucotnfre- 

Inconcevable, ai»/-k<)</s-valibl, a. incoiufiva'^le. 

Inconciliable, ai»(-ko>/-silyali-bl, <». irrecoiu liable. 

Incondtiitc, ai«-ko«-dwit,y". luisioiiiiuct. 

Inconijru, c, ai«-ko;(-i;rù, <>. i)icoux'ruous, itii/ît. 

Ini onj,'riiité, id;/-ko«i;rùi.'-tai, /.' iiicouj^riiity. 

Inconnu, e, ai;i-kiiii-û, .f. uiii-iii>~.v)i. 

luconseciiience, ai-ko;i-s.iika;(ss,/; iucoiixequeiice ; in- 
û'iisisteiicy. [iiuoiisis'eiit. 

Iiiconséciiient, e, ai«-ko»(-sai-ka»/, — t, a, imousei/uciit ; 

buoiHi.liTation, ai« • ko;/ • se- dai-rah-syoïr, /. iiicoii- 
1 i.lentlioii. [comi/trate. 

Inconsidéré, c, aiH-koxse-dai-rai, a. —ment, ail. in- 

Inconsol.ible, ai;(-ko«-s()lalibl, a. inconsolable. 

Inconstanimcnt, ai« - ko» -stan; -aH, ail. iinstenilily, 
li:;htly. [>;cj.t. 

Inconstance, ai;(-kn;/-sta;/<is, y; inconxtai:cy, unsleaiii- 

Inconstant, c, ai;/-ko>i-sta'(, — t, a. inconstant. 

Inconstitutionnel, le, ai;/-ko;(-ste-tû-syoii-ell, a. not con- 
stitutional, [testable. 

Incontestable, ai;/-ko;/-fcs-tali-bl, a. —ment, ad. incon- 

Incciiitesté, e, ai«-knj(-tes-tai, u. not contested. 

Incontinence, ai«-ko«-te-na)iss,/; incontinency. 

Incontinent, c, ai»i.ko;/-tc-na«, — t, a. et ad. inconti- 
nent ; iiinnedialely. 

Inconven.ible, ai«ko>(-vna-l)l, a. —ment, ad. untecom- 
in^r; unsuitable. 

Inconvenance, ai«-ko«-vna>(s, /l unbecoininj^ness. 

Inconvenant, e, ai«-ko;(-vnai(, — t, a. unbecoming, 

Inconvénient, ai«-ko;(-vai-nya»f, vi. inconienience. 

Incorporation, ai;/-kor-por-ali-syo», /. incorforation. 

Incorporel, le. aio-korpor -cil, a. incoy/'0)eal. 

Incorporer, ai/;-kiir-|)or .li, ;•. a. to imor/'Oiate. 

Incorrect, c, ai>*-kor-rekt, a. incorrect. 

Incorrection, ai»(-kor-rek-syi3>/, /. incorrectness. 

Incorrifjibilité, ai«-kor-re-lije-l)e-le-t.ii, /. inccrrijj' ble- 

Incorri^fiblc, ai«-kor-re-hje-l)l, a. incorrii^ible. {ness. 

Incorruptibilité, ai«-kor-ri1p-te-bedo-tai, /. incorrupli- 

Incorruptible, aix-kor-rflp-te-bl, a. incorrufitible. 

Incrédibilitc, ai»(-kr;ii-de-bc-Ie-tai. f. incredibility. 

Incrédule, ai;t-krai-dûl, ii, incredulous ; —, m, iinbe- 

Incrédulité, ai;(krai-diVle-tai,/ incredulity, unbelief. 

I"cr^.i^ e, ai« krai ai, a. nncreated. 



IncrliniiiT ni'/ krimcnal, v. a. to iin/eaifi. 
Incroyable, aix-krwayaliM, a. —ment, ad. incredible, 
Incrnsttition, ai»i-kri1s-tali-syii)/,y. nu ruitation. 
Incubation, ai'i-kil-b.ili-syo/i,/; intubation. 
Incube, ai«-ki1l>, »«. nii;nlinare. 
Inculpation, .lixkùl-pah-syox, / arraignment. 
Inculper, ai/f-kill-nai, r. a. loaccu\e, ihar\;e. 
Inculipier,, f. a. to imuliate. 
Inculte, ai>f-ki1lt, a. uncultnaled. 
Intidture, nifi-kùl-tiV./. want o/ culture. 
Incur.ibilité, ai»i-kiVr.ib-c-letai, /. iiuurability. 
Incurable, ai<i-klVr.dl bl, a. incurable. 
Incurie, ai/i-krt-re, /. carelessness. 
Incurinsité, ai/i-kilr-coli-ze-t.ii, /. Aeedlestnest, 
Incursion, aid-kAr-syo;», / incursion, inianon. 
Indébrotiillable, ai«-d.ii brnoAahbl, <i. inexplicable. 
Indécemment, ai>/-<lai'Sam'a», a. indeiently. 
Indécence, ai»-d.iisa»iss,/; indecency; unseemliness, 
Indécent, e, ai><-<l.d-sa>r, — t, u. indecent ; unieemty. 
Indécliillrable, .ii»/d li-shit-r.ili-bl, ii. undeiipheràhle ; 
Indécis, e, ai»i-dai-se, — siz, n. undecided, [undejinable. 
Indécision, aix-dai-se-zyo»;,/; indecision. [t rat table. 
In<lécrott.d)le, ai«-(!aikrot-,did>l,<». not polis liable ; un- 
Indéfini, e, aix-dal-fe-no, —ment, ad. indejinite. 
Inilofinissable, ai«-il.ii-fe-nc-salibl, a. unde/inable ; 
Indélébile, nix-dai-l.iibil, a, indelible, ^unaccountable, 
Iiulélibéré, e, al;/-d.ii-le b.ii-ral, a. indeliberate, 
Iiulelicat, e, ai«-dai-lekali, — t, ii. indelicate. 
Indélicatesse, ,ii>i-d.ii-le kat-ess, /. indelicacy. 
In Iciiine, ai>/-<lenm, a. indemniticd. 
Indemniser, ai(/, v, io indemnify. 
Indemnité, ai/i-dam-ne-tai, /. indemnity ; indemnifi- 
cation. [dent/Y. 
Indépendamment, ni»(-dalpa«/-(lam-a«, ad. indcptn- 
Indépendance, ai«-d.ii-|>.u/d.i;/ss, /l independent y. 
Indépendant, e, ai</-daip.i«il i»/, — t, a. independent. 
Indcstruciibilité, ai;i-destri"lk-tc-be-le-tai, /. indestruc- 
Indestructible, aiw-des-trûktebl, it. indestructible. 
Indétermination, ai«-ilai-tairine-Malisyo;i, f. indéter- 
mination, [determinate : irresolute. 
Indéterminé, e, ai«-(laitair-menai, (7. —ment, ad. m- 
Indévot, e, ai;>-dai-vuh, — t, a. — euient, ad. indeiout ; 

In lévotion, ai«-dai-v()li-syo((,y. indcrotion. 
Index, ai>/-deks, m. index. [indicafiie moi\i. 

Indicatif, ive, ai»/-(, — iv, a. indicative ; —, m, 
Indic.ition, ai>;-ile-kah-syi);/,.A indication. 
Indice, ai/t-diss, m. sign, token. 
Indicible, ai«-ile-se-bl, a. unspeakable. 
Indiction, ai«-dik-syo»/, y; indittion; convocation, pro- 
Indienne, ai<;-dien,y; printed cotton. [clamation, 

Inititlereunnent, ai»-(le-f.u-ram-a«. <»./. indij/erently. 
Iiidillérence, ai»i-de fai-ra<is,/; indijlerence. 
Indiffèrent, e, ai);-de-fai-ra;(, — t, a. indijlerent, iincon- 
Iiidijjé, ai«-de-lijai-nali, m. in ùgenate. [cerntti, 

Indi>;cnce, .ai«-de-lija.',s,y. indigence, poverty. 
Iniliifène, ai«dehjayn, a. indigenous, native, 
lndij.'ent, e, ai«-de-lija</, — t, a. indigent, fioor, 
Indi>;es(e, ai«-de-I\jest, a. i'idigest. 
Iiidiifestiim, ai/(-de-hjes-tyo»(,y! indigestion, surfeit. 
Inilijjjiation, aix-din-yah-syo;»,/ indignation. [b.ise, 
Indi^'Ue, ai«-(lin-y?, a. —ment, ad. iimcorlliy ; mean, 
Indi),'ncr, ai;<-din-yai, v. a. to exasperate ; s'-, ■.'. r. to be 

Indignité, ai«-dln-yc-fai,/; indignity, unviorthiness. 
Indijjo, ai«-dc-uoli, m. indigo. 
IndiKoterie, ai«-<le-j;ot-re,y; indic^o-mixnufactory , 
Indijjotier, ai«-de-(;(jt-yai, m.indigo-tree. [slioiv. 

Indiiiuer, ai;(-de-kai, v. a. to indicate : point out, appoint. 
Indirect, e, .ii;;-de-rekt, it. — cnieiit, ad. indirect. 
Indisciplinable, ai«-de-se-ple-iiah-bl, a. ungovernable ; 

Indiscipline, ai)/-dc-se-plln,./; ■tcant of discipline. 
Indiscipliné, e, ai« a. iindisi ipUired. 
Indiscret, été, ai;(-dis-kray, — krct, a. — étemeiit, ad. 
indiscreet , inconsiderate ; —, m. indiscreet, imperti- 
nent. ['n:nce. 
Indiscrétion, ai)/-diskraisyo;/,/ indiscretion ; imferli- 
Indispens,d>lc, tii«-diL-pa«-sali-bl, a. — lient, ad. indis- 
pensable, [quealhe.l. 
Indisponible, .iii;-dis-poli-ncbl, a. that cannot be be- 
Indisposé, e, ai«-dis-poh-zai, a. indisposed ; umoetl. 
Indisposer, .li/z-dis-poli-zai, v. a. to indispose ; disaffect. 
Indisposition, ai;/-dispoli-ze-syo«, y: indisposition. 
Indissolubilité, ai<(-dis-sol-fl-l)e-le-tai, f. indissolubility 
Indissoluble, ai«-dis-sol-û-bl, a. —ment, ad. indissoluble. 
Indistinct, e, ai>(-dis-tai»kt, a. — enient, ad. indistinct ; 
Individu, ai«-de-ve-dû, ni. individual. [confused. 
Individualiser, at;i-dc-ve-diVal-e-zai, v. a. to indivi- 
InJ'vi' iilité, al/(-Je-*c-dû-al-et;\i,/ individuality. 


t 7«] 


Individuel, le, ai»-de-ve-UAcl, a. — etneiit, ad. iudtvi- 

Iiulivlii. e, aiH-dtvc, — vii.a. iituiiiiiitd : \yAt—, jointly. 

Indivise!, e, ni>i'<le-vc-2<ii, a. iiiidivi,ied. 

IlidivisiUilitii, iii/i-ilc-ve-ï, /, indivis ihilily, 

Iridlvi-iilile, .li^-dc-ve-ze-lil, n. —mem, ad. iiidtviablt. 

Indivision, M>i-dx:-\K-zyijn,/. joiitl /lossfssion, 

In-iliX'liuil, ai><-di/-wit. ui. hiwi i/i nj;htteiis, 

IikIdciIu, <ii>i-<tosil, a. indon/f. 

Inducilitd, ai»i-ilovil-e-tai,/; mdocilHy. 

Indoleiniiient, ai/i-ddl-aiii-a'i, nd. indoltiitly. 

indolence, iii'i-do.l.viss,/. iudoltmt. 

Indolent, e, ai>i-dol-a>i, — t, a, indolent ; liity. 

Indoiiipt.djie, ■-ii;i-<lo»-ptali bl, a. nnlnmablt, unninii- 

Indonipttf, e, ni>/-do;/-ptai, ii. iinliitnrd. \iij;(abie. 

In-doiuc, niwdooz, >n. book in tiuelTis. 

Indu, c, ai»i-dri, a. nnduf ; nnsemoniib/e. 

ludiiliitahlc, ni>i-dû-bu-tah'bl, a. — iiient, ad. indlibi- 
tabtt, undonhtrd. 

Induction, ,iiH-dûl«-syo>i,/. induction. 

•In>lulre, aii/dwcer, v. a. to indihe ; inftr, 

Induli;cMce, aiH-dùlliia<iss,/. indx/gfiiie. 

Indulgent, e, ai/i-dCiIliJa;!, — t, a. tndulstnt, kind. 

Induit, ai;/-dftlt, m. induit. [mild. 

indftnicnt, ni'i-diVnia;!, ad. unduly. 

Industrie, ai;i-dCis-tre, / industry; ingenuity; dex- 
ttrily . chevalier d' — , sharftr. 

Industriel, le, ai/i-dils-ireell, a, tnaniifacturing ; — , 
»«. iniinii/iirliirer, tradfr, [ingenious, skilful. 

Industrieux, se, ai»/-dùs-trf-uli, — z, n. — SL'nu;ut, ad. 

Indbranl.dile, iuai-bra»(-labl, a. —nient, ad. immov- 
able; unshaken. 

Inédit, e, in-,ii<le, —dit, a. unfiubtished. 

Ineirabilitc, e, iiieffal)-e-lc-tai,./. iiiitf'ibility. 

lucfl.ible. in<}|' lali-bl, a. inej/dhle, uiix/>(iikable. 

lnc(la<;.iblc, iu-cfasalil)l, ,j. iiidiHhIe. 

Incllicace, in-of-n-kass, a. infjffimcioiis ; fruitless. 

Inellicacitc, incf-c-kas-e-tai,/l incflicaiy. 

Inégal, e, iu-ai-);al, a. — euieiit, ad. uiuqiiat : unereii. 

Itic'tialitd, inai-nal-e-tai,y; inei/uulity ; nn-venness, 

JnL'lét,'.ince, iu-ai-lai-v;a«ss,y; ineli'j.'aiiie. 

Inélégant, e, iu-ai-lai-LM»/, — t, (i. inelixa'.t. 

Inclit;d)lc, inai-lelije-l)l, a. not eli^nble. 

Induarrable, in-ai-nar-rali-bl, a. ine.\/>rissible, unsfeak- 

Inepte, in-ept, a. — uieut, nd. unfit ; foolish. [able. 

Ineptie, in-ep-sc,/. ine/^tiliide ; foolery. 

Inejiuisable, iu-.ii-pwe-zalilil, a. iiie.\haustible. 

Inerte, in-airt, a. inert ; sliii^^'ish. 

Inertie, iu-air-se,y.' inertiit ; .ilii;,'i;ishness. 

Inespéré, e, in-es-pairai, «. — lueut, ad. unhoped, tin- 

Inestiuial>le, in-estc uiali-bl, a. ints/iinable. [ex/>ectid. 

Inévitable, in-ai-ve-tali-bl, <t. —meut, ad. inevititble, 
unavoidable. [careless. 

Inexact, c. in-ct;-zakt, a. — emeiit, ad. inaci urate ; 

Incxactitutle, iu-en-zak-te-ti^d,/! inaccuracy ; careless- 

Inexcusable, ineks-kiVzali-bi, a. inexcusable. [iiess. 

Inexécutable, iuai,i,'z-ai-kfl-tah-bl, a. unperfortnable. 

Inexercé, e, inei;z-air-sai, a. unpractised. 

Inexorable, ine>;z-or-ah-bl, a. —meut, ad. inexorable. 

Inexperience, in-eks-pai-rya«ss, / inexf'erience. 

Inexpérimenté, e, in-eks-pai-re-nuiH-tai, a. inexperi- 
enced, untried. 

Inexpiable, ineks-pe-ah-bl, a inexpiable. 

Inexplicable, iu-eks-plekah-bl, a inexplicable. 

Inexprimable, iu-eks-pre-mali-bl, a. inexpressible. 

Inextinguible, in-eks-tai«j;u-e-bl, a. inextinguishable, 

Inextirpable, ineks-tir-palibl, a. not to be extirpated. 

Infaillibilité, ai«-la/-e-be-lc-tai, /. infallibility, cer- 

Infaillible, ai«-fa/-e-M, a. —ment, ad. infalliHe, certain. 

Infaisable, ai»-fai-zali-li|, a. infcastble. 

Infamant, p. ai»(-fau-ma;/, — t, a. itynoiiiiiiious, 

Infftme, ai«-faum, a. infainoiis ; disgraceful. 

Infamie, aiH-fam-c,y. infamy. 

Infanterie, ai»(-fa>(-tre,y. infantry. 

Infanticide, ni>/-fa«-te-sid, >//. infanticide. 

Infatigable, ai;;-fat-c-Kahbl, a. — meut, ad. ;'"defati- 

Infatuation, aiH-fat-Ci-ah-syo«,y! infatuation. [gable. 

Infatucr, ai;;-fat-wai, v. a. to infatuate, prepossess ; s' — , 
V. r. to be infatuated. 

Infécond, e, ai;/-faiko«, — d, a. infccund. 

Infécondité, ai;/-fai-ko«-<lctai,y; injecutidity. 

Infect, e, aiH-fekt, a. infected ; infccliious. 

Infecter, ai/;-fek tai, v. a. to infct, poison; corrupt. 

Infection, ai«-fck-syo);,/. infection. 

Infi.'odatiou, ai)i-fai-oil-alisyo«,y: enfeoffment. 

Inféoder, aiH-faiodai, -v. a. lo enfeoff. 

Inférer, iuw-l.iii.ii, i'. a. to iii/er. [loiver, nether. 

Inférieur, e, ai>;-fai-ryur, a. — enient, ad. inferior. 

Infériorité, ai<i t'ai ryor e-l.ii, A inferiority. 

Infernal, e, ai«-lair-nal, a infernal. 

Infertile, ni>i-falr-(il, <t. infertile. 

Inferlllué, ni;/.fairtile-tal,/ infertiltijf, 

lufestei, aix-fciilai, 1'. a. to tii/esl. 

Infidèle, ni»i-fcdcl, a. —ment, ad. unfhith/ul, /nfie; 

unbelieving ; —, ni. unbelirver. 
Infidélité, aifi-lc-dai-let.ii,/: infidelity ; uii/aitlifulnes^ 
lutiltrallou, ai/ifil Ir.iliiiyo'i, t. infiltration. 
Infiltrer, ai/itiltrai, v. a. toinfiltrale. 
Infune, ai'i full, (I lowest. [W—, tfithout ni i. 

Infini, e, ni//-fe-ne, <i. —ment, ad. infinite ; boundicM , 
Infinité, aiwfene-tai,/; infinity ; infinite iiiiinber. 
Infinitésimal, ni»(-fe-ne-taizc-mal, a, infinittsimai. 
Infinitif, ai«-fe-netif, ni. infinilive. 
Infirmation, ai// fcrr-mah-syo;/,/ invalidation. 
Iiitiniie, ai/z-feirm, ^r. infirm ; iveak. 
Infirmer, ai//-feer-mai, //. a. to invalidait, anutit. 
Infirmerie, ni/i-fcerm-re, /. infirmary. 
Infirmier, ai//-feer-nie-ai, m. hospital attendant. 
Infirmité, ai//-feer-iiie-tai, /. infirmity. 
Iiitl.iium.ible, ai//'m.ili-bl, a. inflammable. 
Inflamm.ition, ai//-fl.iiii-mnli-syo//,/; injlaminatiott. 
Infléchir, ai//-flai-slieer, v. a. to infect. 
Inflexibilité, ai//-f1ek-se-be-lc-tai, / inflexibility, in. 
Inflexible, ai//-Hex-se-bl, a. in'lexifle. [/lexibleiif^i. 

IiiHexiou, ai//-Hek-s^'o«,/l injlcfion. 
Iullit;er, ai//-flc-lijai, 7'. a. to inflict; impose {puiii'i- 
Influence, ai//-flft-a»/s,y: influence. [mem) 

Influencer, ai//-flù-a//-sai, v. a. to influenct. 
Influent, c, ai//-fli^-a//, — t, a. influential. 
Influer, ai/z-tliVai, v. n. to hai>e an influenct upon. 
lufolio, ai//-fol-yoli, m. folio-book. 
Information, ai//-for-iu,d:-syo//, /. information ; in. 
Informe, ni«-form, a. shapeless. ['/"" ■ 

Informer, ai/<-for-niai, v. a. et n. to inform; acguaml : 

make an inquiry ; s'— , V. r. to ask after. 
Infortune, ai/z-for-tùn,/; misfortune. 
Iiifurluné, e, ai'/-for-tfl-nai, a. unfortunate, unhapf>y. 
Infracteur, ni//-fraktur, m. infringer, violafoi . 
Infraction, ai/z-fraksyo//,/! infraction, violation. 
Infructueux, se, ai//-lri'ik-tA-uii, — z, a. — scincnt, a.l. 

unfruitful ; unprofitable ; vain. 
Infuser, ai//-rA-zai, v. a. to infuse. 
Infusible, ai//-fû-ze-bl, a. infusible. 
luftision, ai;/-fû-zyo;/,y; infusion ; inspiration. 
Injjamlic, ai// (ja/zb, a. nimble, sioift. 
s'liij,'enier, ai//-lijai-nyai, v. r. to set one's loits to. 
Injjcnieur, ai//-lgai-nyur, ;//. engineer. [geni<n<. 

In^;éuieux, se, ai«-hjainyuh, — z, a. —sèment, ail in. 
liil^énu, c, ai/;-lijai-nû, a. — nieiit,U(/. ingenuous ; offn, 

Inijénuilé, ai//-hjai-nfl-e-tai,/: ingenuity ; candour. 
s'Insérer, ai//-hjai-rai, v. r. to meddle. 
lufirat, c, ai//-^'rali, — t. a. iingratefnl. 
Iui,'ratitudc, ai//-i,'rat-c-tûd,y; ingratitude, 
Injjrcdient, ai//-(;rai-<lya//, ///. ingredient. 
Ini,'uérissable, ai//-t,'ai-re-sah-bl, a. incnrabli. 
Inhabile, in-ab-il, a. unqualified, unfit. 
Inhabileté, in-ab-il-tai,y. iinskilfiilncss. 
Inhabilité, inab-il-e-tai,y^ inability, incompetency. 
Inhabitable, inab-e-tah-bl, a. uninliabitaolt. 
Inhabité, e, iu-abe-tai, a. uninhabited. 
Inlialatlon, tn-al-ah-syo//,y; inhalation. 
liihérent, e, in-ai-ra;/, — t, a. inherent. 
Inhibition, in-e-be-syow,/; inhibition. 
Inhospitalier, ère, in-os-pe-tal-yai, — r, a. inhospita"). 
Inhospitalité, in-os-pe-tal-e-tai,/; inhospitalily. 
Inhumain, e, in-û-niai//, —men, a. — ement, ad. in'.:i- 

man, cruel. 
Inhumanité, in-ft-man-e-tai,/'. inhumanity, cruelty. 
Inhumation, in-û-mali-syo;/,./; biirving. 
Inhumer, in-ft-inai, v. a. to inhumate, bury. 
Inimaginable, in-e-mahj-e-nah-bl, a. unimaginable. 
Inimilable, in-e-ine-tahbl, a. inimitable. 
Inimitié, in-e-me-tyai,y. enmity, aversion. 
Inintellijjible, in-ai//-tel-le-hje-bl, a. unintelligible. 
Inique, m-ik, a. —ment, ad. iniquitous, unjust ; in:- 
Ininuité, in-c-ke-tai,y: iniquity; injustice, [ 
Initial, in-e-syal, a. initial. 
Initiation, in-e-syah-syo;/,/; initiation. 
Initiative, in-e-syat-iv,y; proposingfirst. 
Initier, in-e-sy.d, v. a. to initiate, admit. 
Injecter, ai«-lijck-tai, v. a. lo i>, 


Injecter, ai«-lijek-tai, v. a. to inject. 

Injection, ai/z-lijek-syo;/,/: injection. 

Injonction, ni//-njo;/k-syo«,_/". injuuction. 

Injure, ni;/-lMÛr,y". injury, insult ; abuse. 

Injurier, aiz/hjCu vai, v. a. to abuse. i 

Injurieux, se, ai//-lijùr-yuh, — z, a. offensive, abiiSi-';\ 

Injuste, ai//-hjust, a. —ment, ad. unjust. [un,:.i': 

Injustice, aiz/diji'is-tiss, y. injustice. 

Injustifiable, ai//-lijûstc-fe-.di-bl, a. unjustifiable. 

liiuavi>;able, in-nav-e-irali-bl, a. innavigable. 

Inné, e, in-nai, a. innate. 




Innorrmiiipnt, lno«-«tn i\>i, a,/. innoffntlY. 

liiiiiM ciii V, li\iis-.i«ss, /. iiiihHi-iKi- ; si»i/>/i,i'y. 
Ihii'iiiiit. r. ill iis-.i»/, -I. II. iiiiii'itiil i iiinfit- ; —, in. 

liiiiiK Liili r. inns ;i'/, t'. (t. loixcifiiit. 

Iiiiininl'r.ilili', iiini>// lir.iliM, n. — iiu-'il, nA. iimiinifr- 

iiiiiiiiiii', e, ill iiniii ai, ii. A/< tt. |<iV'<', iiiiiiitn,, 

iiiiMi.iliiir, iiiiiiiv .il-iir, HI. iniiornfrr, 

iiiji.iv.iliiiii, iniiDv-.ili-syii/i,/. miimjiilion, 

iiiiiDvcr. miKiv-ai, i'. <i. to inuittitte. 

IiMiliscrvatiiin, ln-€il)-sair-v.ili-syc)«,y. Hoii-ohtfrfianet. 

In'iicu|i<i, e, liiiilc-fip.ii, n. uiii«iii/<itii ; uiifinftoytd. 

IniiLt.ivo, in-ok-t.ih-voli, m. ititiivo, Oilnvo book. 

Iiwitulatciir, iii-okO-lat-tir, m. iiioiiihitor. 

I not Illation, lii-ok-d l.ili-syi//,./ duk nUtiott, 

Iti'Kiilcr, iiMik-iVlai, f. a. to iiiotiilatt. 

Iiir>i|(irc, in-iul-ur, a. tiuhiorons. 

liiiillciiiif, Ive, iii-of-a<(-sif, — iv, a. inofliiisive, harm- 

lii.Mnlation, iii())/-ilah-syi»»,y; i>iiiii<iiitioii,y/ood. [/tss. 

iiiuiKlcr, iii-<i;i-<lal, t. a. la o:rr/fo7v, 

lihipiiii.', c, iii-np-c liai, a. — iiiciit, itJ. iii(/oieset>i, iin- 

/.\yf(tft/, sHciittn. 
iiiiili|)iirtiwi, c, in-<in-por-lii;f, — tfln, tinstasonahlf, 
\\wY\w\\.un\\i, in-()|)-|i(ir-tiViic-t.ii,./; miseiisoiuib/tiitss. 
liiiir|;aiiii|iR-, inur-Kan-ik, <i. iitorj;iitiiiiil, 
liiniii, e, iii-we,<i. iiiiiiraiti o/. 
Ill c|ii.irtc>, ai;ikwar-tiili, >«. iiuarlo-book. 
Iiii|iiii.'l, tte, ai</-keay, — ct, n. iineaty ; rrtf/fir. 
iii.HiiL-ler, niw-ke-et-ai, v, a. to disifuii't i iiistnrb ; s'— , 

1'. r. lo be iiiixioiis. 
iiuiiiiLtiulc, ai)/-ke-ot-û(I,/; uiiean'iiefs ; rtslltssiitis. 
iiicliiisitcur, ai<(-kci:o-tur, «/. iin/iiiti/oi: 
liuiuiiitiDii, ai«-ki;-zc-syi);i,y; tiii/uisition. 
]!is.ii-.issaliie, ai^i-sai-zc-sah-lil, a. u)iseizat>le. 
Insalubre, aiHSiil-iVlir, a. timcho/eioint. 
Insaluliritt', ai«-sal-iVhrc-tai,/. innv/ioltsomeiiess. 
Iiis.iti.ililili}, .■ii«s,i'.-yali-clclal,y. iiitat!i>/>/e>ifsf. 
Iiis.ili.ilile, iiii/, (I. i)iiii/iii/'/<\ 
In.' ii'iiimciU, ai/ci-yaiii-a;», ait. uiU-iiowi>:i;ly. 
Iiisi ri|itii>n, aiHskri|)-sy<i;(,/'. iiistri/'tioii ; title, 
•Insirirc. .il«skrccr, v. a. to enter; iiuiribe ; s'— , v. r. 

Ai eiilff one's njine. 
Iiiicriit.ible, al«-skrù-tah-l)l, a. iiiisea>x/uible. 
liisLtle, ai«-sckt, «;. insect. 
Iiiscl/c, ai«sayi, ;«. book in sixteen^. 
IiisensL', e, ai«-sa«?.ai, a. sensetess, mad. 
InsL'iislliililc, ai«-sa;;-su-bc-lc-tai,./ insen'^ibility. 
'iiM-nsible, ai'/-i.i'(-bc-bl, a. — uiciit, ad. insiiisib/e ; 

Ills, |i.irable, ai«-sal-|)ar-ali-bl, n. inseparable, 
liisircr, ai«-sal-rai, t'. a. to insert. 
liiscrtliiii, al«-s.iir-sy(i«,yi insertion, [sidions. 

liiMiliciix, se, ai«-siil-yiili, — z, a. —sèment, ad. in- 
'iisi^;iic, aix-siii-y, a. si^^nal; notorious; —, ;;/. en- 

s'.V'i • — s,/A insij,'nia. 
Insinnitiaiicf, ai«-siii-yu-fe-a«ss,y; iiisijriii/îranry. 
Iiisi;;iiiliaiit, c, ai«sin-yc-fc-a«, — t, i». insn^nijicant. 
Insinuant, c, ai«-sin-iVa«, — t, a. insiniiatiTe. 
Insinuation, ai;<-sin-û-ali-syo«,yî insiniKition ; hint. 
Insinuer, ai«-sin-ûai, v. a. to insinuate, sui';jest ; b'— , 

7 . >-. to insinuate one's self. 
lnsi|iiile, ai«-sc-pid, a. insipid ; dull. 
Insipiilitd, ai«-se-picl-e-tai,/. insipidity ; dulittis. 
IiiMslance, ai«-sib-ta«ss,y. persistence. 
Insister, alx-sis-tai, v. n. to insist, persist. 
Ins'ici.iblllté, ai;/-siis-vab-e-letai,/. unsociableness. 
liisoci.ilile, ai«-sos-y.ili-lil, a. - ineiit. ad. unsociahte. 
InsoleniiiiLMit, ai«-so!-;ini-a//, ad. tnsoienlty, saucily. 
Insolence, ai/(-sol-a«ss,y; insolence, saucincss. 
Insolent, c, ai;/-sol-a«, — t, a. insolent ; malapert. 
Insolite, ai«-sol-it, a. unusual. 
Insolubilité, ai«-sol-n-be-!e-tai, /. insvluHeness. 
Insoluble, ai«-sol-fi-bl, a. insoluble. 
Insolvabilité, ai«-sol-val)-c-le-t,ii,y; insolvency. 
Insolvable, ,ii«-sol-vali-lil, a. insolvent. 
Insomnie, ai/i-soin-ne,/! want of sleep, restlessness. 
Insouciance, ni;/-soo-sya;iss,/; carelessness. 
Insouciant, e, ai;/-soo-sya«, — t, a. careless ; thouj^htless. 
Insoumis, e, ai«-soo-iiie, — iniz, a. unsubdued. 
Insouteii.ibie, ai«-soot-nah-bi, a. insupportable ; inde- 
In 'pecter, ai«-spek-tai, v. a. to inspect. [/ensible. 

Inspecteur, ai;i-spek-tur, in. inspector, surveyor. 
Inspection, ai«-spck-syu«,y; inspection, survey. 
Inspir.ition, ai«-siie-rali-syo;;, /! inspiration. 
Inspirer, ai;i-spe-rai, v. a. to inspire. 
Instabilité, ai«-stab-e-!e-tai,y instability, Jic/ileness. 
Instable, ai«-stali-lil, a. unstable, Jickle. 
Install.ition, ai«-stal-lah-sy()«,y. installation. 
Installer, ai«-stal-ai, v. a. to install ; s' — , v. r. to tstah- 

lish one's self. 
Inst.iminent, ai«-stam-a«, ad. earnestly. 
Instance, ai;(-sta«ss. /, imtanct : iinfortunU^, 

^ Instant, c, alM-nt.i>/, — t, a. inxenl, f^rfitiiic l —, w. 
I instant, moment ; \ V- , inslaiiily. 

Iiisl (iilaM.', e, ai)/vl,i<;, .». - iiicnt, ad. iHtfantif-, .ii(; -tar, ."i r ,ad.liii: [n,'<n%; 

liisi,4ur.itiMii, .ii</sliili.ralisyo;/, / intfanrafi.'n. 

Inslik:ilrnr, .ii(i-sli«-.iiiir, m. - irlci', - Iriss, /, iimtlgil' 

Inslii-atioii, ,ii«siii;-.ilisyo(/,/ iiistii'alioii. [lof, 

, liislill.ilic.n, ai//siil l.iji.syo;/,/. instillation. 
I Instiller, .ii«-»till.ii, j/. a. to instil, 
I liisliiitt, ai»i-st.ii;i, «I. i»)j/((/(-^ [sthlftive. 

Iiisliiictir, ivc, ai'/'staifik-tif, — iv, (t. — ivenient, ad. in- 

Instituer, al/i-sletù-ai, t'. a. lo instiliite, establish ; ap- 

Iiislittit, ai//'Stc-ttV in. institute. [point. 

Iiistitiituiir, ai;;-ste-tft-tur, >«. iiistitutor ; schoolinatter; 
— trice, — Iriss,/. sihoolinistrets. [ schtvl. 

Institution, ai;/-sle-liVsyi)H, /. tnttilution ; boaidum- 

Instructeur, aui-strrtktiir, in. inslriutor, teacher. 

Instructif, ive, ai«slrnk-lif. — ve, a. instructive. 

liistriiclioM, ai«stiiik-syo;(, /, initriulion ; in/ortHa- 
lion ; education. 

Instruire, .lid-striVeor, v. a. lo intlruel ; teach; in. 
Jorin ; »'— , Î'. r. to leach one's self ; improve one's 

Inslriiiiient, ai^-striVin.!»/, m, instrument. [se(/., ai'/-striViiia<(-lal, a. instrumental. 

Insu, ai</si1, .i 1—, ad. un/tnown lo ; a mon —, un- 
kiunvn to me. [nation, 

Insiiliorilin.ition, nix-siVlior-do nali-syn»r, / imulvrdi- 

liisiibonliuiiié, e, .lii/siVbordoiiai, ir. insubordinate, 

Insiillisainiiient, ai)isi1f.e-/ani-a'/, ad. iiiMiffictentty. 

InsiiHis.ince, ai;;si'ir-e-z,i/<ss, /. insul/iciency ; inca- 

lnsulli>,int,o, ai«-sûf.e-z.i»/, — t, .i, iusuf/icieut. [paiity. 

Insulaire, ai;i-siVlair, i». insular ; —, m. islander. 

Insulte, aixsi'ilt, y insult, ajl'iont. 

Insulter, aio-siil-tai, v. a. to tii\itlt. [sufferaMe, 

Insupportable, ai«-si1p-or-tati-bl, a. insupportable, in- 

Insurgé, ai</-sflr-lijai, in. insur);,'iit. [rebel. 

s'lnsiii;^er, ai»/-srirlij.ii, v. r. to rise in iiisiirreition. 

Insurmontable, ai//-si'ir nio;/ tali bl, ir. iii\uper,ibte. 

Iiisiirreclion, .ii;/-si1rreksyo;/, y iiisurrctlion. 

Iiisurreclioiiiiel, le, ai«-sùr-reksyoii-cll, a. insnrree- 

Intact, e, ai^itakt, a. uiitoiolied. [tionary. 

Intarissable, .ii;/-t.ires.ili bl, a. inexhaustible., e, ai'/-t.ii->;ral, a. intcj;ral; — tineiit, ad, 
entirely, 7v holly. 

Intc-i,',to, ai«-tai-j;ral-e-tal, y inlein-ity. 

Integrant, e, ai«-tai-j;ra«, — t, ii. intej^rant, component, 

Iiitfi;re, ai«-tay-|,'r, a. uprif;ht. 

Iii!éi/rité, ai;(-tai jire-tai, y. integrity. 

Intellect, ai;(tellekt, in. intellect. 

liUelleclif, ive, .ii«-tel-lek-tif, — iv, <i. intellective. 

Intellectuel, le, ai«-tel-lek-tù-ell, a. intellectual, 
spiritual. [inowiiu'lv. 

Inlelli;,'emnieiit, ni</-tcl-le-hjam-a»;, ad. intelli_!,--entiy, 

liitelli^jcnce, ai«-telle-lij.i;(ss, y intclli;;eiice ; under- 
sliiiidiii),' : ability. 

Iiitelliijent, e. ai«-tel-lc-hja«, — t, a. iiitellii;eiil, skilful. 

Iiitellijjible, ai^/tcl-le-lije-bl, a. —nient, ad. inlelli),'ible / 
clear. \cess. 

Intemperance, ai);-ta«-pal-ra«ss, y intemperance, r.v- 

Intempérant, e, ai«-ta»i-pai-ra«, — t, <i. intemperate, 
i>nnij,lcnite. [weathtr. 

Intempérie, ai/Jta)/pai-re, y inclemency of the 

Intempestif, ive, ai/(-t,i/i-pcs-tif, — iv, a. — iveiiient, ad. 
unseasonable. [ manai^eineut. 

Inteiulance, ai>J • ta» • daxss, f. supermtciid-nce, 

Intemlaiit, ai«-taH-ila«, in. intendant, stinoard ; sur- 

Intense, ai«-ta;iss, a. intense: violent. [ivyor. 

Intensité, ai«-ta«-setai, y iiitensity, inlenseness. 

Intenter, ai«-ta«-tai, v. a. lo bei^in. enter. 

Intention, ai«-ta«-syo«, y intention, purpose, desij^ii. 

Intentionné, e, ai«-ta«-syo'/-ai, a, aj/ccted ; bien — , 
-veil-minded ; mal — , disalfected. 

Intentionnel, lo, ai«-ta;/-syon-ell, a. intentional. 

Iiitercailent, e, ai;/-tair-kacl ii«, — t, a. irresular, un. 

Intcrc.ilaire, ai;/-tair-kal-air, a. intercalary. [even- 

Intercalation, ai«-tair-k.i!-ali-syo;;, /. intercalation. 

Intercaler, ai;(-tair-kal-ai, v. a. to intenalate. 

Intercéder, ai«tair-sai-d;ii, v. n. to intercede for. 

Intercepter, ai«-tair-sep-tai, 7'. ,1. to intercept, [mediate. 

Interception, ai«-tair-sep-byo«, y interception. 

Intercesseur, ai;(-tair-ses-ur, m. intercessor. 

Intercession, ai«-tair-ses-yo»/, y intercession. 

Interdiction, ai'/tair-dik-syoH, /. interdiction, pro- 
hibition ; suspension. [suspend, stupefy. 

•Interdire, ai r-tair-deer, v. a. to interdict, prohibit ; 

Interdit, ai;/-tairde, m. interdict, interdiction. [in^. 

Intéressant, e, aiw-tai-res-a;/, — t, a. interesting'; affect- 

Intéressé, e, ai;/-tai-i'es-ai, <i. interested; covetous ; con- 
cerned in. 

Intéresser, ai;(.t3i-res-al, v. a. et n. to interest; exciti 
interest; iiiox'e ; injure; !>'— , v, r. t« (akf an in- 
terest in f it concerned iji, 


I 78 J 


inlMlt al"-tiil-rny, m. inltrtil ; ath'imtitg* , prcndru 

•—kjto I'oiiittn out's it/j about. 
Intrrfi'licr, iil/, v. a. to inUrUiivt. 
liilirniir, p, ai;;, a. — ciiuiit. <i./. inttrior, in- 

Itytnil, intftiti/; -, >//. in Milt ; hmnt ; stmt 
liitcriiii, ai</-l.ii-riiii, 1». mtaiilimt. \llii>:ij^hls,fl, 

Iiili'rifi ilmi, .il;(t.iirlijiksyc)/», /, inltrifilion. 
IiiliTicliT, .ii</l.iirliJ/<//l.ii, v. II. — ii|>i>il, /vi niabt an 

lull rliricilre, al/z-talrlin-ni-iiir, a. iiilfi/intnry. 
Iiilcrliiciilfiir, al«-lair-lc.kA-tiir, >«. iiili'>li>iiil,'r. 
Inlcrliiciiliiili, al*/t.iirliÉk-rt-sy()«, /. iiilit Im iitioit, 
lliturliiiiitoiro, ai)(t.iir-liik-iVtwar, a. iiiterlomlory. 
iiiturli)|.L', aiH-lair |ii|i, «1. iiiltrlofer, stnii^t^l-r. 
Intiriiiiili', iii»/-lairiii(.il, »«. inlerlinlt. 
InlrriiK'diairi!, ai'(-lair-iiiai->lyair, n. iiittrintilialt. 
liltrriiiiii.ilik-, alxtairiiiL'aiali'liI, n. tini/i'ir. 
InliTiuissiiiii, al«tiiirinis syo»», /. iiilftnii\siou, fiaiist. 
iMtc.TiniltL'iiic, ai;i-t<iir-iiiit-ta>/-is, /. iiitcnnisiioii, in- 

liitcrnt.', at>/-liiirn, a. iii(frn:il ; —, »«. honnier. 
llitL-riiiiiK r, ai;/'lair'llMJ(^^, in. iiifii iiiiin !•'. 
liilcr|icll.ilii>ii, ai/i-lair-pcl-lali-syo;;, y. iiittif>tllation, 

Iiitiriiulli r, ai</-tair|Hllal, v. n. lo sii»i»ii»i.ihalfeii,i:t. 
liilcr|iul,itiiiii, ai»(-talr|iiil-ali'.yo;;, ./. iiilfifoliition. 
Iiilci|">li r, .ii//lair|iiil-,ii, ;•. ,1. /,) inttr/'o/alf. 
liiUr|H)si.r, ai«-l.ur-l»'li-/.ii, v. <i. lo //(/<'//i<ir ,• s' -, IK r. 
to hitirrenf. \lir;;iilioii. 

Iiitcriiositiim, al«-tair-|>'ili-ze-syo>/, / inlfrt'>silioti, in- 
IntiTiuctalif, ivu, aiw-t.iir-praita-til, — Iv, ii. — ivcmciit, 

ail. iiilcrpitlatiTt, ry^iimnlini;, 
Inttri>rétali<iii, ai»(t.iir-iirai-t.ilisyi>»/, / iiittr/'i-ttn- 
li.tLT|iri.'te, ai;i-tair-|)rct, ;/;. inlerfiitUr. [titin. 

Interpréter, iiiH-tair-praitai, t. a. lo inttr/irtt ; c.v- 

fUtin; IraniHitt : — ca mal, to >nision\lrite. 
IiilcrrL(»ae, ai»/-taii-rayii-yc, >n. inler-rii);it. 
liitcrrdK.itfiir, ai//-tair-ii^;-at-iir. )n. inliri;\i.ii'<»: 
Interriijjatif, Ive, .ii«-tair-()H-at-if, — iv, ir. iiitcriox'niivc. 
liitcrrciK.itidn, ai'(-tair-()j,'.ali-syo«, /. inlirnnnlioii. 
llitcrronatiiire, ui»/-tair-(n,'-at-war, ni. inttnoxatory. 
lllti;rri)K>-T, ai«-tair-ollJ-ni, î'. a. lo inhr rotate ; tx- j 

IiiterrDinprc, ai«-tair-o;(.pr. v. a. to iiitt-rnif'l; imptdti 
Interrupteur, ai/i-tair nip tur, in.inli'iinfifir. [ttisliirli. 
Interruption. ai/i-tair-nlp-syiKi,/; inftrniffuti. 
Inter^tin', ai^t-tair-stlss, «/. iuttnliie. 
Intervalle, ai;/, ni. inttrxnl, 
•Intervenir, ai«-tair-vneer, v. a. lo in'ervoit ; inter- 
Intervention, .'ii«-tair-va;/-syo«, /. in/tnriilion. [ fose. 
Interversion, ai«-ta;r-vaii-syo;;,y'. i/i\tn>'/'(inie. 
Intervertir, ai</-tair-vair-teer, v. a, to inlci'Viyt, orer- 
Intest:it, ai'(-tes-tali, >n. inles/ale. [turn. 

Intestin, e, ai;i-tes-tai((, —tin, a. intesline, inleriial ; 
— s, in. pi. boivds. pi. 

Intiniatinn, ai«-te-niali-syo«, f. intimation, iiolifuii- 
Intime, ai«-tim, a. —nient, cid. intimate. \_lion. 

Intimer, ai;/te-niai, 7'. a. lo notify : summon. 

Intimider, ai«-tc-me-(lai, v. 11. to inliiniiii.ik, frighten. 

Intimité, ai;/-te-nie-tai, f. intimacy. 

Intitulé, aiH-te-ti"i-lai, «(. title. 

Intituler, ai;/te-tû-l.ii, v. a. lo entitle. [insnt/erahle. 

Intiiléralile, ai«-t(j|-.ii-rali-l)l, ii. —nient, mi. intolerable. 

Intolérance, ai<(-tol-ai-ra»;s, J', inloieranie. 

Ii\tolérant, e, ai«-tnl-ai-ra//, — t, a. intolerant. 

Ijitolérantisme, ai«-tci|.,ii-ra;(-tism, m. intolerance. 

Intonation, ai«-ton-.ili-syo«, /. intonation. 

Iiitradiiisilile, ai«-tracl-\ve-ze-bl, a. iintranslalii7>le. 

Intrait.ible, .li/z-tray-tah-bl, a. intraitable ; unruly. 

Intransitif, ive, ai«-tra;;-ze-tif, — iv, a. intra nsili!'e. 

Intréjàde, ai«-trai-pid, a. —ment, ait. intrepid, fearless. 

Intrépidité, ai;/-trai-pc-de-tai, f. intrepidity, fearless- 
ness, [inlrijruer. 

Intri^jant, e, ai«-tre-3a«, — t, a. intri^niiii; ; —, m. 

Intri^jue, ai;/-tri)i,y: intrigue. {intrigue. 

Intrii^'uer, ai^i-tre-j;ai, v. a. et n. to puzzle, perplex ; 

lntri(,'ueur, ai//-tre-niir, ni. intriguer. [intrinsical. 

Intrinsètiuc, ai«-trai/(-sek, a. —nient, ad. intrinsic. 

Introducteur, ai;/-trod-fik-tur, m. introdutcr. 

Introductif, ive, ai;;-trod-ftk-tif, — iv, a. introductory. 

Introduction, ai;/-trod-ûk-syo«,/; introduction. 

•Introduire, ai«-trod-wcer, Î'. a. /c introduce; s' — ,v. r. 
to introduce one's self; gain admittance. 

Intronisation, ai;(-tro-ne-zali-syo«,y; enthroning: 

Introniser, ai/i-tro-nc-zai, v. a. to entliront. 

Introuvable, ai«-troo-vali-bl, a. not to be found. 

Intrus, e, ai«-trrt, — z, a. intruded ; — , m. intruder. 

Intrusion, ai;/-trÀ-zyo«,y; intrusion. 

Intuitif, ive, ai«-tiVe-tif, — iv, a. — iveinent, ad. intuitive. 

Intuition, ai«-tiVe-syo«,y. intuition. 

Intumescence, ai«-tû-mes-sa«s,y; intumescence. 

Intuineicent, e, ai/i-tû-mes-sa>/, — t, a. inliiinesctnt. 

Inuklti!, e, ln-A-i«.tal, a. unmual, unwonted. 
Inutile, l»-ft-til. It. - nicnl, ad. mettss ; iieedleti ; idU 
Inutilili», In-rt lilctal, / tnulilily, uxelesuitst ; idU 

Invalnni, c, ai« • vai;i • kA, a. uiuynu/U'red. unxnn- 
fUi\ti,d. [~-, III. diMiblfd u'Idier. 

Invali.le, al>i-val.|il, a. —ment, ad. invalid, disabled; 
Inv.ilidir, .ib/-val-e-(l,il, c. a. to inialhlale, annul. 
Inv.iliditi', ai;/-v.ile.ile.tai, / inialiditv. 
Inv.irl.diillté, ab/-v,ir-yabe-le-lai,/. in'rariablinttt. 
Inv.tri.ibic, aj/z-var-yali-bl, a. - nient, ad. invariable, 
Invasion, a|;/v.ili/yo;/, /: invasion. [umlianucabie. 
Invective, ai»i-vek-tiv, / inveitivt. 
Invectiver, aix-vektevai, j'. n. to inteii'H, 
Inventaire, al;/'Va'i-t.iir, ///. inventory. 
Inventer, ai/(-v,n/-t.ii, v. a. lo invent ; forgt. 
Inventeur, .li/i-vawtur, m. inventor, ionlrixfr, 
Inuiuif, Ivu, Mns.\n\\i, -Iv, a. inventive. 
Invenliuii, ai//va»/syi>«,./. invenli'n : unlrivanct. 
Inventorier, ai</-v.w/-ti)re-al, 'v. a. lomaAvan inventory. 
Inventrice, ain-v,i»-triss,/ invenlress, 
Inversinii, ai(/-valr-syo/(, /, inversion. 
Inveslin.iteur, .ii«-ves-te t,'atiir, in. investigator. 
Invesli^Mtion, iii;/-VLS-te-t{,di-syn;/,y: inve.\tit;ation. 
Investir, ai»(v< steer, v. a. lo inval. 
Inveslisseiiii lit, al«-veslisni.w(, in. inventing. 
Investiture, .ii;;vcs-ti-lûr, /. imestiturt. \velerali. 

Invi-terer, ai// vaitai-r.ii. v, n. et s' -, t'. r. togrotv i>i- 
Invimilile, aj//-v.d//-se-bl, a. —ment, ad. invincible, 

Inviolabilité, ai</-ve-ol-,ib-elc-fal,/: inviolability. 
Inviol.dile, .il/(.ve-ol-.ili-bl, fi. - ment. di/. iirvio'/able. 
Invisible, ai/i-ve-/e-bl, .1. - ment, ad. invi.\il>le, unseen- 
Invitation. .ii//-ve-t.ili syo//,y. invitation. 
Inviter ai//-ve-t.ii, v. a. to invi:e,bid. 
lin ( ion, ai//-vok-.ili-syo;/,y. inrikalion. 
Involout.iire, .ii//-vol-o//-tair, a. - nient, ad. involuntary. 
Involontiers, ai//-vol-ci//.ty,il, <»i/. unwillingly. 
lnvoi|iier, ai//-vok-.ii, v. a. lo inioie ; appeal to. 
Invraiseiiil.l.ible, ai/;-vr.iy-s,i//.blali-l)l, .i. -nient, ad, 

improbable, unlikely. 
Iiur.ii-.embl.ince, ai//-vray-s.iH-bl.i//ss. /; unlik-elihoci. 
Invulnérable. ai»/vCil-nair.ili-bl. a. invutneiutle. 
Iota, yot-ali, ///. iota, Jot, point, 
Ir.ii, e-ray. see Aller. 
Ir.iscible, eras-se-bl, n. irascible. 
Iris, e-ris, ///. 11 is, rainboir. 
Irisé, e, e-rc-zai, a. ra inbow-coloii rec(. 
Ironie, e-ron-e,/.' irony. 
lronii|ue, e-ron-ik, <». —ment, ad. ironical. 
Irracliel.ible, ir-r.ish-tah-bl, a. not to be redeemed. 
Irradier, ir-rad-yai, v. n. lo irradiate. 
Irraisonnable, ir-ray-zon-ali-bl,<j. - n.ent, ad. irrational. 
Irréconciliable, ir-ray-kon-sil-yah-bl, n. — inent, ad. irre- 

coni liable, 
Irrécus.ible, ir-rai-kiVzali-bl, a. unexceptionable, 
Irrétiéclii, e. ir-rai-ll.ii-slie, <». tliougiittess. 
Irréllexion, ir-rai-llek-syo//,y. Ihoughllessness, 
Irréformable, ir-rai-fonn-ali-bl, a. irreclaimable. 
lrrelr.iiL;.ible, ir-r.ii-fraL'ali-bl, a. irrefra'.;ahle. 
Irrcuularilé,,y: irrei;uiar',y. 
Irré),'iilier, ère, ir-r.ii-t,'û-le-ai, — ayr,' u. -èrement, ad. 
irregular. [irrcl.gious. uni;oJlv. 

Irrelij;ieux, se, irr.iililije-uli, —/., ./. - semeiit. ad. 
lrréli;;ion, ir-r.ii-lilij.e-o//,y: irréligion, un^odlines.i. 
Irremediable, ir-r/(/(-m.ii-dyali-bl, ii. — lueiit, <i,/. irre. 
mediable. [ „npa rdonalu'e 

Irreinissiblo, ir-rai-mis-s.'bl, /i. — ment. <»,/. irreniiwiHe 
Irrépar.ible, ir-r.ii-par-.ili-bl, <». - nient «,/. irreparable. 
Irrépréliensibilité, ir-rai-prai-a;/bib-ele-t.ii, /: irreprt- 
liensibleness. \blamele\i. 

Irrépréhensible, ir-rai-prai-a//-sc-bl, a. irreprelienslble. 
Irréprochable, ir-rai-prosh-.ih-bl, <j. —nient, ad. irre- 
Irrésistible, ir-rai-zis-te-bl, a. —ment, nd. irresistible. 
Irrésolu, e, ir-rai-zol û, a. — nicnt, ad. irresolute, un. 

Irrésolution, ir-rai-zoI-fl-syo;(,y: irresolution, indecision. 
Irrespectueux, se, ir-res-peU-tO-uli,— z, a. — seinent, ad. 

Irrévérence, ir-rai-vai-ra;/s.s.y: irra>erence. 
Irrévéremment, ir-rai-vai-rain-a»;, ad. irreverently. 
lirévéreiit, e. ir-rai-vai-r.i//, — t, a. irreverent. 
Irrévocabilité, tr-rai-vok-ab-e-le-tai,/ being irret'ocalU. 
Irrévocable, ir-rai-vok-.ih-bl, a. —nient, ad. irrevocablt. 
Irriijation, ir-rijf-ali-syo//,y; irris;ation, witering. 
Irrit.ibilité, ir-re-tab-c-le-lai./: irritability. 
Irritable, ir-re-tali-bl, <». irritable. 
Irritation, ir-re-tah-syo//,y: irritatio ■. 
Irriter, ir-re-tai, v. a. to irritate, excite, provoke i %'■-, 

V. r. to fall into a passion. 
Irruption, ir rûp-syow,/ irruftio*\,^ 




|-,l,iiiiliiiic, ii-l.iiii-Uiii, tu. i\tiiiiiitm. 
IvI.iiI'Mi, c-«i)l-iili-%yo«,/. ij-.'/ii/(.<;/. 
Iii.lriiunt, c-/'>lni.ii(, HI. relDtiiwiit, \oliln,U, 
iscl.-, c, c/i(lal, (I. iiJlitttii; loinly ; iniii<iiiifr'*ii; 
— iiiL'iir, iiii. lolititrtly. [Ilti* lonely. 

IsoUr. c /', V. <». to iiit/iift, sff-i^rnh 1 »' , r. r.A» 
J.^ii, e, c 'ill, u. %prii>ij; i b.<rii , iiiiuin— ilit ({L'riii.iiti, 

JCldXi/ I 'in I II, 

Istii"', «••".I'l, /; lifii* ; oiitltl; fiirltnanct, 

IsiliiiK', K'ui, HI. iithiimt. 

iLili'lui;, V', It. it.ilic. [/eit/fj. 

It.riiit. Ivc, If, -Iv. a, — IvumcnI. mi. rt- 

liiju r.iiro, o-lf-n.ii-r.iir, in. ilinfrary, 

ivi>iri;, L-vij-ar, III. ivory. 

ikijiricr,, </«, ivory-tnrntr, 

ivr.iie, c-vr.iy, in. t,ire, 

Ivrc, c-vr, ii. iti nnivii, hi/oxiutfi'ii. 

Ivri.'isu, c'vrcs'i,/. ilriiiUfniii-w, iiUoxintfion. 

I>Mj,'ii<;, e-vriin-yi-, <i. i/noiivn ; —, in. ilrim/ntrd. 

Ivrij(,'in.r, c-vruii-yai, v. n. loJiuLlle. 

ivro^jiiurio, e-vrim-yi«/«-ri;,/' Urmili'iiiifff, ti/iflinii, 

lvri)j{in.'»»c, c-vriiii-ycss,/. iliiin/!'ii-uointin. 

aMc, lil.ilil.l 
.il.lcr, li|,ililil,ii, ; 


. . ». to Il0t,/l. 

' .1I...I, lij.ili oil, 1)1. iio/> : \hirl trill. 

' il.iiiir, hi.ili (ii.,ii, V. n. !.< fi\i:il,\ ihatttr. 

\ .n-.ii'.rr,, V. n. to iJif/ii; 

' .lL.l^sL•tio, lij.ik-a^s-rccy. i/iiittt-iiiif^, 

.aciit, «, lij.ii-a'i, — t, II. in otiTYiiiut, 
' .Klurc, lij.iih-air, /./iitloiv land. 

.11 lii'rcr, lij.isli-.iir-iti, v. a. to/,iilow. 
' .u Imlio,'/t, / hyaiinlli. 

.itoliin, lijak'Ob-ai;/, m. doiniiiùan friar ; j'acoHn, 
] .icoiias, lijak-uii-ali, in. jiicoiiff. 
\ .ittante, rij.ik-ta//ss, /. tioayfiiii,'. 
] .itiil.Uoiri;, lija-kfl-l. It-war, a. e/iniil.itory, 
\ .iilis, lij.ili-ilis. III/. 0/ olii, ill liinci 0/ yort, 
\ aL',{, in.Jii),'iiar. 
' .iillir, lij.i/-ccr, T'. II. to sfoiit : bunt out. 
\ .lillisscinciit, lijaAis-in.i;/, >//. ifoiiting, ^Uihing ont. 
' ai-., Iij.ii, in. )tt : luoil. 
\ .il.i>,'c, lijalalij, in. liiity on ivint, 
\ il.ip, lijal-ap, in. Jalap. 
] ale. llj.ll, / bowl. 
\ .1I1.0,, / bowlful. 

.ilut, lij il iiy, III. fifbble. 
\ .iliin. lij.ilifii)/. in. polf, slakf : land-mark. 
. ili.rmor, lij,ililim-ai, v. it. to \tiik f'oUs : in.irk. 

alimiiLiir, lijali-loii-iir, in.javilin-inan. 

Lilmisor, 00-zai, v. a. to bt jtalout o/". 
, .ildiibic,, y: /fii/K/i.i.v, eiivionsnest ; 

.ilciiix, sc, hjaloi), — z, a. j nloiu: [blind. 

.iinais, lijiiiiay, ad. tTtr : iiu — , never, 

ainli.itje, hja»/-l)alij, in. jamb ; stroke. 

.iinl)e, \\\.\nh, f, lei; ; sliank. 

.iinlii;, c, lija/i-bai, ii, bien —, welt-legged. 

.inibc'ltc, hjawbc't, f.foldiiii;-t'-ife. 

.iinbon, hja;(-l)o;/, in. Mam, gi,,niiioii. 

.iiiil»iiini.'aii, hja;(-bon-oli, //(. small /tattu 

an, lijax, m.ian. 
' .iiiiss.iire, lijan-e-sair, m. janizary. 
Jantc, lija«t, f. felloe, jaunt. 
, .iiivicr, lija'j-vyat, m. yaniiary. 
\ .ipon, lij.ip-o«, m, japan ware. 
' appu, lijap, f. pialtliiig. 

.ippeiiR-nt, hjap-nia», in. yelping. 

ippcr, lij.ip-ai, V. 11. to yelp, bark. 

.upie, lijak,./;yi7fXv/; — de mailles, coat of mail, 

aciujtte. \\y.\\i.-iA, f. jacket ; child's coal. 

inliii,;;, in. garden. 

irdin.iKe, lijar-clc-nalij, in. gardening : garden stuff. 

inlincr, liiar-dc-iiai, v. n. to dress .x garden. 

irdinct, lijar-dc-nay, m. little i;ardcn. 
Jardinier, 1ijar-din-ë-ai, m. gardener; —ire, — r, f. 

gardener s wife ; Jtower-staiid. 
,[ar^;on, lijar->;i)«, in. jargon, gibberish. 
, .ir;,,'i)nncr, lijar-^'on-ai, v. n. to talk gibberish. 
.'.irvjonnciir, lijar-j;oii-iir, >n. jabberer. 
, .irrc., j. jar, water-jar. 
,' arret, hjaray, m. ham, hough. ' 
j irrutcr, lijar-tai, T. a. to garter, 
arretière, hjar-tyair, y: i'ur/^r. 
'^^•à,Vy.\x,m. gander. 
as, lijali, m. stock (anchor). 
^ii«r, hjahzai, v. n. to prate, chatter. 
, •iscr'ic, hjixh-zro, f. prating, chaiterins;; ■ ,', . 

'abCHr, lijali-zur, m. prater, (h(tt«r(r, 

.iinilii, lija\.ni.ili<, m. Jasmin*. 
.ispc, lil.i>p, in. jasper. 
a-.j)cr. III it', x>. It. to marble, 
•is|iiire, IiJ.iS'iiilr, /. marb.iinf, 
"u, hi. 11,/; Bo^v/, porringer, 
ci-, Ji)at'.ti, / l>ow(/iil. 



lllCl', lll.l 

1111(0, lijiilij, /.gano 
<: lij.ilifij.ilij 



ilH{o.i>{i', lijiilidij.ilij, ;</. gauging, 
, ., iii),'ir,, r>. a. !• gauge, 
l.iii^jiMir, lijiilijur,, 

aiiii,^!^, lijiil|.|i,iMtr, It. yellowish, 
, .nine, hjiilin, a. yellow; —, m. ytliow eolonr; yolk. 
' iiiiiir, lijiili nci-r, v. a. it n. to inakt yell.nv ; ^/vn» 

.iiinlssc, lijoli \\\^s,f. jaundice, \\ellotv i ii\ii, 

, .ivc.iii, lij.iv-nh, in. small island formed byi gravel. 

iivclcr,, V. a. to lay lOrn in bniiMes , lie on 

iviilmo, lij.ivdin, /: jarelin. 
, .ivcllc, lij.ivrl, /. bii'idle 0/ corn. 
J iviliit, lij.ivluh, m. darl. 
■■•reiiil.iilc,,/ complainl, 

isulle,, in. yesiiit. 

L'iiillic|tif, lij.ii/ri.ut-lk, a. jemitic. 

rsuitisiiic, liJ.ii-ziVc-tlsMi, //(. hMiilisiit. 

ct, lij.iy, m. ,a\t, Ihroiv : \/loo/. spng ; ftsi ; _ He 

ctce, lii;//it.ii, /: pier, bank. |liiiMuro, rayofli-ht, 

clcr, lij/i/(, V. II. et n. to throw, i.n/, /lun; . s.'i^'ot; 

suppurate; — ilcscrls, to cry out ; — ilc l.i jiimi.rc», 

to \hiiie : so —, v. r. to /ling one's self; rush u -on. 
Jftnii, Ujuhiitii, m. counter. ' 

Jill, liinli, m. play; .'.port: game ; gaining ; pa. k it/ 

cards; action; perjorinaiut ; —do boiilo, A.m',/;'. 

green; — do bill.ird, billiardtab/r ; — do biiiirsi-, 

jA', ■'.•■jobbing ; — do limt^, i/iiibb.'e. pun. 
JiMi II, lijiih do, m. Ihiirt.l.iy ; -. .' ShrwfThnrt' 

dav : — s.iiiit, .Maniid.iy- riiund-iy. 
\ Joi'in, lijuli;/, ad. jailing, 
■(.lino, liiiiliii, II. young ; younger; gidify, 
0Ù110, lijnliii. III. /'as' ' 
oiliior, fijiili-ii.ii, I'. / 
oiiiiot, lij/i/iii.iy, a. 

oiinosso. I1J///M10SS, /; JW/V//I ,• youthfitlntss, 
oilnoiir, lijuliniir, in.jaster. 
o.iillorio, \\\u-;\t-xii,f. jeweller' s trade ; Jewels, pi, 
o.iillior, liJD-a.'-yai, in. Jeweller. 
Jocrisso, liliik-riss, in. co/,;iiean. 
Jiilo, liji)-.iti,/7(n', v''i''''i<'Jf .• mirth. 
lui^,'nallt, lijij-ayn.ya«, pr. ne.xt to, joining. 
Juiiidro, lijo-al«-dr, 7'. ij. et n. to Join ; unite ; fit close f 

so — , V. r. to unite; meet. 
Jnint, liio-ai«, in. joint, junction (see Joindre), 
Joiiito, liio.,ii/;t,y:/i»)7ir«. 
Joiiuco, liji) .ii//-tai, /. double handful. 
'uiiitif, ivo, liji)-ai»/-til, — iv, a. joined. 

ery young. 

liiitiiro, h\i>-,ùn-tùr,f.ju III f lire. 

>li, o, hjiil-o, ii. — niLiit, ail. pretty ; pleasing. 

iiiliot, to, lijiil-yay, — yot, a. rather pretty, 
cilivoto, lljul.iv-t.ii,/ geiv;aws. 
Jonc, liju;/, III. rush, cane, reed. 
Jonclioo, lijii//-sli,ii, /. brandies or Jtov/trs strewed 

about; fieainilieese. 
jDiiclior, lijii;;sh,ii, %'. a. to strew, 
Juliet inn, lijii/ik-syi)«,y;y»;/(7ii>«. 
Joiijilor, liji);;>;l,ii, v. n, to Juggle. 
Joii^rlorio, lij. i<(.^r|;,/,.re, /: juggling. 
Juni,'loiir, liin»; .^'iur, in. juggler, mountebank, 
Jmi.iillor, liloo-aA.ii, v. n. toplavfortrijles, 
Jcjniiarbo, fijoo-b.irb,/ hoiise-liek. 

iiiuo, liJDO./: cheek. 
mior, fijoo-ai, v. a. et n. to play ; sport; game: per. 
Jorm, act ; deceive; —aux cartes, to plav at cards . • 
— do la lliito, /i) //ir.v ;i/i'« the Jliite ; fai'ro —, lo set 
agoing, put in iiiolion ; so — , v. r. to \port, play,- 
make a jest of ; dally with. 
Jouet, lijoo-ay, m. plaything ; laughing-stock. 
Joueur, lijoour, m. player; gambler. 
Joultlu. o, lijoo-rtil, a. chubfaeed. 
Jou^j, lijoo, in. yoke ; slarery. 
Jniiir, lijoo-eer, v. n. to enjoy, possess. 
Joaiss.inco, liioo-e-sa«ss,y.' enjoyment; possession. 

Joujou, hjoo-lijoo, m. plaything, toy. 
our, lijoor. III. day ; light ; opening ; \ —, open ; en 

plein —, at noonday ; il f.iit —, it is daylii;ht ; — s, 

//. <i'<U'J-. life, pi. [log-book. 

Journal, lijoor-nal (//. —aux), m. Journal; iiewspater ; 
Journ.ilior, ère, hjoor-nal-yai, — r, a. daily; uncertain'; 

— , in.jouriieyinaii. 
Journaliste, Iijoor-nal-ist, in.jeurnalist, reviewer. 
Journée, lijoor-n.ii, f. day ; day's work ; day's luages ; 

f;ens do — , workmen. 
Journellement, hjoor-nel-maw, ad. daily, every day, 
Jouto, lijoot,y:/ui<j/, tilt. '' 

Jouter, fijoo-tui, V. >i. to joust, !(((, 


rso J 


ioiitcur, lijoo-tiir, m. tiller. 
ouvciiceaii, lij()o-va;i-soli, >«. lad, youth, 
JoiivcMcclle, lijc)i).va;/-sel, /. has. 
J'lvial, e,, a.j\n'utl, merry. 
Jipvi.iliti;,': /i//iO'i merriiicss. 
Jiiyau, liji)-ali-yi)li, »i.Jrivel. 
Jiiyiiisclil, \\\i)-;\U-y»\\/.\;\\,/.jisl,jii'.;: 
Joyeux, so, lijo-ali-yiih, — <?, a. — soiiiciit, arl. Jovfiil, 
Julio, lijfl-li.ii, tn. lobby, f<assa!:f. [dteer/iil ; i^lait. 

Jal)ilairc, lijùbclair, a. cf the jubilee. 
J titillation, liji'i-lje-lahsyo;/,/i e.\iiltalioii, festivity. 
Jiiliilé, hjii-lm-lai, in. jubilee. 

Juclicr, lijû-sliai, u. n. et ie —, v. r. to roost, perch, 
Juchoir, liji'ish-war, >«. roo%t. 
Judaïque, Iiji1-(lah-ik, a. yemish. 
Juiiicatiire, \\\ii-i\ti\.M{\x,/. judicature. 
Judiciaire, Infl-cle-syair, a. —n\i^M,uU. judiciary; judi- 
cial ; — ,/.jud);ineut. 
Judicieux, se, hjfl-de-syuh, — z, a. — senient, ad. judi- 


decision ; sen- 

[decide ; think. 

pass sentence; 

Jc-w ; — ve, /. 


uge, liji'ihj, m.judfie. 
u>;eineiu, hjfilij-iiia«, m. judgment , 
teiice ; opinion. 

iijîer, lijfi-lijai, v. a. el n. to judge ; 
lilt', ve, ly wif, — iv, a. yeivish ; — , ;« 
uillet, liju/-ay, tn. yuly. 
' uiu, lijoo-ai>;, in. yune. 
uiverie, hjwiv-re,/! yews' ward. 

Jujube, liiù-hiûli, /. jujube. 
ujubier, 1ijfl-hjfl-l)yai. m.jujubetree. 
, ulep, hjiVlcp, tn. julep. 
uiiiart, lijiViiiar, >n.ju)nart. 

urneau, elle, lijiVmoli, — inel, a. twin-boin ; — 
uinclle, IiJi1iiiLl,yC tivin-sister; — i, pi. cheeks, pi. 
umeiit, lijii-nia;/,./; tnare. 
upe, \\n\]>, /. petticiat. 
Jii'ioii, lijiVpo;;, tn. nnderpelticoat. 


Iiji1-ra«d,/; warUeuship. 
', a. sworn ; —, >n jurytttan. 


ure, e, 

urenicnt, lyfir-iiia^;, tn. oath; curse. 

urer, liji'.rai, v. a. et n. to swear ; jar, clash. 

ureur, hji'i-nir, "/. siue.ircr. 

uridiction, h\![-t\^-i\'\\i.-syo)!,/. jurisdiction. 
luridique, lijil-re-dik, a. - iiieiit, ad. juridical, lawful. 
jurisconsulte, liju-ris-ko'/sult, tn.jurisco>tsult. 
Jurisprudence, hjû-ris-piil-daj/ss,^^ /nris/rudeitce. 
Juriste, liji'irist, tn. jurist, civiiian, 
. uron, lijù-ro«, tn. oath, 
jury, hju-re, m.jury, 
. us, hjii, >n. juice. 
jusant, W\-z:in, ttt. ebb, reflux. 

Jusque, Jusijues, lijTisk, pr. to ; as far as ; till, until. 
Jussion, lijfls-syo;(,y; order. [exact; /recise. 

uste, Iijflst, a. et ad. —nient, ad. just ; right ; straight ; 

ustesse, lijûs-tess,.Ay"i'';/fjj- ,■ exactness. 

ustice, hjus-tiss,/;y«J'//<<', rit; lit ; law. 

usticiable, lijfis-tis-yaii-bl, a. under one s jurisdiction. 

usticier, lijfts-tisyai. v. a. to punish cor.-.trally ; exe- 
cute ; — , in. one that does justice ; judge. 
Justilïable, hjûs-ti-fe-ah-bl, a. jnsfi fiable. 
Justificiitif, ive,, — Iv, a. justificative. 
J tistification, h jûs-tif-e-kah-syo«, f. jusiijiccttion. 
Justifier, hjfls-tif-e-ai, v. a. to justijy ; se — , v. r. to 

justify one's self. 
Juteux, se, hjû-tuh, — z, a. juicy. 
Juvénile, lijiVvainil, a. — nient, ad. juvenile ; boyish. 
Juv(iiiilit(i, hjû-vai-uil-e-tai,/ youthfutness. 

KaMidoscope, kal-ai-e-dos-kop, m. kaléidoscope. 

Kali, kal-e, tn. kali. 

Kanjjuroo, kaw-jjû-roo, tn. kangaroo. 

Kermesse, kair-iness,y; antiualfair, 

Kiostpie, kyosk, tn. kiosk. 

Knout, knuut, tn. knout. 

Li, lah, ad. there ; thither; — bas, yon, yonder; — 
haut, t/ure, above, up there; jusque —, till then; 
V\ \h, so so, pretty ivell. 

Labeur, lab-iir, tn. labour. 

Labial, e, lab-yal, a. labial. 

Laboratoire, lab-or-at-war, tn. laboratory. 

Laborieux, se, lab-or-c-uh, — z, a. — sèment, ad. 

Labour, lab-oor, tn. ploughing, tillage, [laborious. 

Labourable, lab-oorali-bl, a. arable, 

Labouraji"^, lab-oo-rahj, tn. tillage. 

Labourer, lab-oo-rai, v. a. et tt. to plough, till, labour. 

Laboureur, lab-oo-rur, tti.ploughtttati. 

I abyrinthe, !ab-e-ni;(t, tn. labyrinth, mazt, 

Lac, lak, tn. lake. 

Lacer, lah-sai, v. a. to lace ; line. 

Lacération, las-ai-rah-syoji,/: laceration. 

Lacérer, las-ai-rai, v. a. to l,rcerate, tear, 

Lai et, lali-say, ;/;. lace; snare. 

L.klie, lausli, <i. — iiieni, at. loose, slack; eoivaidh; 

vtllanous : — , tn. loivard, slugi;a>d. 
L.lclier, lau-sh.ii, v. a. to slack, sl.iiken, loosen; release; 

dtsiha-ge ; — une llctlie, to shoot an arrow ; — \i: 

pietl, to run away ; sc- , v. r. to grow loose , gc o/j, 

give way. 
L.lclieté, laush-tai,/r cowardice, sluggishness, villany. 
Lacis, lali-sc, tn. net-work. 
Laconique, lak-on-ik, a. —ment, ad. laconic. 
Laconisme, lak-on-ism, tn. laconistn. 
Lacs, lah, tn. string ; snare. 
Lactation, lak-tali-syo>/,/ lactation. 
I^cté, e, lak-tai, a. lacteal ; milky ; vole — e, ttiilky 7ivtv. 
Lacune, lak-ûn,/:^'"// dejiciency. \wict,h. 

I^dre, lah-dr, a. leprous ; stingy, — , m. leper ; sordid 
Ladrerie, lah-drH/«-re, y: leprosy; measles, pi.; la-.n- 
La({unc, \:i^-(\n,f. lagoon. ihoua. 

Lai, e, lay, a. lay, secular; —, tn. layman, 
I,aid, e, lay, — cl, a. ugly ; bad. 
Laideron, layd-ro«,y. ui;.'y puss. 
Laideur, laydur,/; ugliness ; unseemliness, 
L.iie, l.iy,y. wild sow ; glade. 

I.aiii.ijje, lay-nalij, m. woolleit goods, pi, ; flapping. 
Laine, \en,f. wool. 

l.ainer, leii-ai, v. a. to nap, card {wool), 
Lainerie, len-re,y! wool-market. 
Laineux, se, len-uli, — z, a. woolly, 
Lainier, len-yai, m. wool-inongtr, 
I-.-iï<lue, lali-ik, a. lay, secular; —, tn. laytitaH, 
Lais, l.ii, tn. standard-tree. 
Laisse, l.iyss,y! leash. 
Laissées, lay-sai.yi //. dung. 
Laisser, l.iy-sai, v. a. et ti. to leave : let; desert; omit ; 

bci/ueath ; se — tomb<-r, tofa.'l. 
L.iit, lay, m. tnilk ; petit —, whey ; frère de — , foster. 

brother ; ve.iu de — , sucking-calf; vache à — , tnilk- 
I.aitaife, lai-talij, tn. milk diet. [fwi*. 

Laitance, lay-ta//ss. Laite, let,/; tnilt, soft roe. 
Laite, e, lay-tai, a. suft-roed. 
Laiterie, lay-tre,y. dairy, milk-house. 
Laiteux, se, lay-tuh, — z, a. milky. 
Laitier, lay-tyai, ttt. dross ; tnilkinatt. 
Laitière, lay-tyair,y. milkiuMnan ; ttiilking-ccrw. 
Laiton, layton, tn. brass, latten. 
Laitue, lay-tCl.y; lettuce, 
L.iize, layz.y width. 
Lama, lain-ah, m. latna. 
Lamana>;e, lam-an-alij, m. coasting-pilotage, 
Lain.ineur, lain-an-iir, tn. coast-pilot. 
Lambeau, la;/-l»ili, tn. rag, tatter, scrap, \tn. loiterer. 
Lambin, e,la«-b;:i«, — bin, a. slow, sluggish, tardy ; —, 
Lambiner, la«-be-nai, v. n. to be slow, loiter, linger. 
Lambris, la;(-bre, ttt. ceil'ng ; wainscot. 
Laiiibrissai;e, la;/-bre-sahj, tn. ceiling ; wainscotting. 
Lambrisser, la«-bre-sai, v, a. to ceil ; wainscot. 
Lame, lam,y. sheet ; joil ; blade ; surge. 
Lamé, e, lam-ai, a. laininated, [deplorable. 

Lamentable, lam-aH-tah-bl, a. — ment, ad. latnentablc, 
Lamentation, lain-a«-taii-syoH,y: lamentation, plaint. 
Lamenter, lain-a«-tai, v. a. to lament, complain; 

mourn ; se — , v. r. to moati, mourn, 
L.imin.age, lam-e-nahj, tn. laminating. 
Laminer, lam-e-nai, v. a. to laminate. 
1 ..iminoir, lam-in-w .ir, tn. flatting-machine. 
Lampe, \a.n\>,f. lamp. 
Lampée, la«-pai,y; bumper. 
Lainperon, la«-pro;;, tti. socket. 
Lampion, la«-pyo;(, tn.firepot, illumination-lamp, 
Lampionner, la;(-pyon-ai, v. a. to illutninate. 
Lampiste, la«-pist, tti. lamp-maker. 
Lamproie, laxjjrwa, y; lamprey. 
Lance, la»:ss,y. /«««.• lancet. 
Lancer, la>i-sai, v. a. to dart, fling, cast; launch (a 

ship) ; se —, v. r. to rush upott, shoot. 
Lancette, la«-set,y; lancet. 
Lancier, ia«-syai, tn. lattcer. 
Landau, la«-cioh, tn. landau. 
Lande, la;Kl,y. heath, ttwor, 
Laiidjjrave, la>id-grav, tn. latidgravt, 
Landier, Ia«-dyai, tn. andirott, 
Laneret, Ian-ray, tn. tanner. 
Langage, la«-gahj, tn. language ; style. 
Lange, la>/hj, m. swaddling-clothes, pi. 
Langoureux, se, la«-goo-ruh, — z, a. —sèment, ad, Ian- 

guishitig, languid. 
Langouste, law-foost.y; large lobster. 

Il A N [ 8i ] 

I,«ntriie, lawRh, / toiigiit ; lan^uaze ; — dc ferre, j/// 
,')• >i<\k 0/ t.tiiti. 

I .m/iiclte, Uw/-K'i;t,/ totii^ue : valve. 

I .iii^-.ieiir, \.vs-\i\\x,f. !itiif,nii,ines.<:, languor. 

1 .in.;iiir. Iav>,'lifer, -.'. n. to lit>t)^i(isii,f>iiiiLtifay, Uiis^er. 

\ ..wvl^xw^-^.immuM, l.i'/Hlit-s.uii-ii»;, ml. litii);iiislii>ii:/y, 
,',111;; II /. iV V . I /(I 111.- II n I. 

1 .in:,'m-,, e, la)(-t'.lic-!i'T«, — t, n. la>i);uUlnHj];, 

l.,iiiHf, l.iiiiss, a. l)ourii; —,jloi:ks o/wool, ft, 

I .iiiiiir, lan-yai. in. latitter. 

l-iniL-rc, l.iii-yair,/. strap ofleatlier, Insh 

i.inifcrc, laii-c-fair, a. /<iiii,i.vr,iiis. 

Lanterne, la;/-tairii,y; tuulcrn : — )u^llsenle. 

LaiiteriiLT, la)i-tairnai, v. >i. to dally, trijte. 

I .anternerie, l.i«-tairn-re,^ dally iiii,', trijliiii:: noitsfnsf. 

i..iMteriiier, lax-tair-nyai, in. laiit-rii-iiiater ; trifler, 

I.aiitiirelii, laH-ti"ir-li\ ad. in a shujftiiif; iray. [daltiei- 

I.aiuii;ineiix, se, lan-ù-lije-mili, —z, a. ianii^inons, 

i.aper, lap-ai, 7'. a. to lap, lick up. 

I.apcreau, lap-roll, ni.yoiiii); rabbit. 

Lapiilaire, lap-o-ilair, tn. lapidary. 

l.apiilalioii, lap-e-<lali-syo;;, /; lapidation, stonins^, 

laiJiiler, l.ij)-e-(lai, v. a. to lapidatf, stone to death, 

1. aiiiclitier, lap-e-ilif-yai, v. a. to turn into stone. 

I.apiii, lapai»», tn. rabbit, coney, 

I.a|iiiie, lap-in, y. doe-rabbit. 

Laps, laps, m. lapse ; —, c, laps, a. /alien. 

Laipiai'., lak-ay, in. lackey, foot-boy. 

I. ii|ue. lak,./! lake.giiin-lac : — , in. lacker, 

L.iiiiiille, l.ik-ell, see Lequel. 

L.irciii. l,ir-sai«, in. larceny, theft. 

L.iid. lar, >«. bacon, fat. 

L.irilcr, larilai. z'. a. to lard. 

L.irilciire, lar-dwar, f. larding-pin.<n. lar-(k>H, >n. slice of bacon. 

l..ircs. lar, in. fl. ; home. 

l.,ir!,'o. larlij. a. et ad. — incnt. ad. large, 7vide, broad ; 
Ubfial ; — , in. breadth, luidciiess, width ; iii.iiii sea ; 
.ill loll.; et au —, far and 7vide : en Ion),' ot en -, up 
mid doicn ; être nu —, to have elboiv-rooin ; be at 

L,irL,'esse, lar-hjess,./. largess. [one's ease. 

L.irijriir., /. bread,',! ; broadness, tvidcness.;iie, 1 art,', in. oj/ing, main sea. 

Lari,'iier. I,ir-),'liai. v. a. to loosen, cast off, 

Lariiic. i.'irni, ;;;. tear; drop. 

L.irmier. lar-iiiy.ii, in. eave, loop-hole. 

Larinièrus, lar-iiiy.iir.y; pi. craiks. pi. 

I.aniii'ieineiit, larni-wa-inaH, in. shedding of tears. 

Larmoyer, lariii-v.a-yai. v. n. to weep, cry. 

L.irroii. lali-r(i«. in. rh icf ; —nesi,L; — roilcss, f. female 

L.irniiiiieau, lali-ron-oli, ni. little thief. [thief. 

Lane, l.irv.y! larva. 

L.iiyiix,;/ks, in. laryn.x, 

I ..IS. lauss, int. alas ! 

Las. se, lau, — ss. a. tired, weary. [lewd. 

L.iscif. ive, las-bif, — iv, a. — iveinent, ad. lascivious, 
Lastiveté, las- iv-lai,y! lasciiiousness, lewdness. 
L.iss.iiit. e. las-s;i», — t, a. tiresome, wearisome. 
Lasser, lah-sai, v. a. to tire, weary, fatigue ; be —, v. r. 

10 X low weary. 
lassituile. lah-se-tûd, f. lassitude, weariness, heavi-, lat-aii-yai, in. macaw-tree. [uess. 

Latent, e, lat-a;/, — t, a latent. 
L.ilcr.ii, e, lat-ai-ral, a. — enient, ad. sidelong. 
L.iliii, e. lat-ai;', — in, ii. latin ; lateen, 
l..i;;;iiser, lat-e-ne-zai, v. a. to latinize. 
Latinisme, lat-e-iiisiii, m. latenism. 
L.iiinité, lat-e-!ie-tai,y; latinity. 
L.itituile, lat-e-tiKl,y: latitude. 
Liiiines, lat-rin,y; pi. water-closet. 
Laite. \.\i,f. lath, shingle. 
L.itltr, lat-a', v. a. to lath. 
l.ittis. lat-e, tn. lattice, lathing. 
l.aiidatif, ive, loh-tla-tif, — iv, a. laudatory. 
Lauréat, lo-rai-ah, tn. laureate. 
L.uirier, lo-ryai, tn. laurel ; glory. 
L.ivahii, lav-all-boll, tn. washJiand-stand. 
L.naife, lav-ahj, tn. washing ; slop, splash, 
l.av.uulc, lav-a«il,y; lavender, 
Lav.uulière, lav-a>/-(lyair,y. laundress. 
L.ivasse, la-vass,y. heavy shaioer, 
L.ue. lav.y; l,iva. 

L.ivenient, lav-nia«, tn. washing ; clyster. 
Laver, lav-ai, v. a. to wash, clean, aosolve ; se —, v. r, 

to wash one's self. 
L.uelte, lav-et, y: dish-cloth: sponge. 
Laveur, se, lav-ur, — uhz, s. washer. 
1. ivis. lav-e, tn. wash, colouring. 

Lavuir, lav-war, tn. washing-place ; wash-house ; si'iiX 
lavnre. lav-ûr,y; dish-water, hog-wash ; scouring. 
l.axatif, ive, lak-sa-tif, — iv, a. laxative, 
Layer, lay-yai, v. a. to cut a lane. 




I-ayetlcf, I,-iy.y«/»-ty.ii, tn. box-maker. 

Layette, lay-yet,/, drawer, shelf, childbeif-lhlt», 

Lnyeiir, lay-yur, in.forest-siiriiyor, 

I.azari.'t, la-za-r.iy. in. lazaretto. 

I.é, l,.i, tn. breadth {,f cloth). 

I.è'clicfrito, l.iyslifritt.y.' dripping-^an. 

Leelier, l.iysli ai, T'. a. to lit k. li,k up. 

Leçon, \uli-;un, f. lesson , Icitiire , (aire l.i — 

give one his cue. 
Lecteur, leklur, >/;.— trice, — triss,y; lecturer ; 
Lecture, lectilr.yi reading. 
I.éjjal, c, l.ii-nal, a. — enient, ad. legal, lawful. 
Lé),'alisation, lai-^;.il-c-zali-syo«.y; legalizing, 
Le'^aliser, lai-j^.il-e-zai, v. a. to legalize. 
Leijalite, lai-L'al-e-tai./! legality. 
Lc>;.it, lai->'.an, in. legate. 
Lé>;ataire, iai-i.;at-air, tn. legatee. 

Lt-i;ation, \.i\-\i.i.\\-^\on,f.legatcship, legation .'embassy. 
Le-ije, laylij, a. in ballast : lisht. 
Léi,'ende, l.ii-lija)nl,y; legend. 

Léifer, ère, l.ii - lij.ii, - r, a. — èreitient, ad. light: 
nimble: active; easy ; inconsiderate ; fickle; t\. la 
légère, lii;htly ; incon sidcrately. 
Légèreté, lai-lijair-tai, /."/v/(/;/?jj; ,:i>nblenesK ; fickle- 
Lejjion, lai-hjyo», / legion. [luss ; slightness. 

Lé>;ionnaire, fay-lijyoii-air, in. legionary. 
Législateur, lai-lijis-latur, in. lei;isl<itor, lairgiver. 
Législatif, ive, lai-hjis-la-tif, — iv, a. legislative. 
Legislation, lai-lijis-lali-syo/i,/; legislation. 
Législature, lai-lijis-lat-ûr,/ Ui;isl,ttiire. 
Légiste, lai-hjist, m. civilian, lawyer. 
Légitimation, lai-lije-te-inali-syo», /." legitimation. 
Légitime, lai-lije-tiin, a. — nicnt, ail. legitimate, lawful. 
Légitimer, lai-lije-te-iiiai, v. a. to legitimate ; justify. 
Légitimiste, lai-lije-teinist. m. legitimist. 
Légitimité, lai-lije-tc-mc-tai,y legitimacy, lawfulness. 
Legs, lay, tn. lc.gacy. 

Léguer, lai-gai, v. a. to bequeath. \ greens, pi. 

Légume, lai-gûin, ;//. legume; — s, //. vei;etables, 
Lemiiie, lem, m. lemma. 

Lenilein.iin, la;«l-iii.ii«, in. the ne.vt day, day following. 
Lénifier, lai-iie-fe-ai, v. a. to leiiify. 
I.énitif, ive, laine-lif, — iv, a. lenitive. 
Lent, e, la;<, — t, a. — enient, ad. slow; sluggish; 
Lente, l.i//t,y: nit. [tardy. 

Lenteur. l.u(-tur,y: slncness ; tardiness. 
Lenticulaire, la«-te-kûl-air, a. lenticular. 
Lentille, Uui-til.f. lentil ; freckle. 
Lemisiiiie, la«-tisk, tn. mastictiee. 
Léonin, e, l.ii-on-ai;/, — in, a. leonine. 
Leopard, l.ii-op-ar, m. lei f"ird. 
Lèpre, \.iy-\>T,f. leprosy. 
Lépreux, se, lai-pruii, — z, a. leprous. 
Léproserie, lai-proliz-ro,yi lazar-house. 
Leijuel, l«/(-kell,/»(. 7vho. wliicll, whom. 
I.ese, layz,y. crime de lése-uiajesté, high treason. 
Léser, lai-zai, v. a. to wrong, hurt. 
Lésine, lai-zin,y! stinginess. 
Lésiner, lai-ze-nai, v. n. to be stingy. 
Lésinerie, laizin-re,/! stinginess. 
Lésion, lni-zyo>(,y. lesion, wrong. 
Lessive, Ics-iv./i lye, lye-washing. 
Lessiver, les-iv-ai, v. a. to loash in lye. 
I .est, lest, m. ballast, lastage. 
Lestage, les-talij, in. ballasting. 

Leste, lest, a. —ment, ad. nimble, brisk, clever, smart, 
Lester, les-tai, v. a. to ballast. 
Lesteur, les-tur, m. ballast-lighter. 
Lélliargie, lai-tar-lije.y; lethargy. 
Lclliargicpie. lai-tar-!:j:k, a. lethargic. 
Léliiiiere, lai-te-fa'r, a. deadly. 

Lettre, li tr, y. (Ctter; epistle, hand-writing ; f^pe ; 
à l.a — , . '.'rally ; — tl'airaires. letter of business ; — 
dc cliaiigo. b'U of exchange ; — de voiture, invoice. 
Lettré, let-rai, a. lettered, literate. 

Leur, lulir, /;/. to them, tlieir; les leurs, theirs ; their 
Leurre, lulir, tn. lure, bait. [own. 

Leurrer, liihr-ai, v. a. to lure ; decoy. 
Levain, \uh-\Mii, tn. leaven, yeast. 
Levant, 1//A-v.ih, in. rising : Mast, Levant. 
Lève, layv.y; hollow mallet. 

Levée, l«/,y". rising; raising ; Iny ; bank, tnole ; 
recess; collection (letters); swell {sea) ; trick {cards). 
Lever, l;</f-vai, v. a. et n. to lift, lift up ; raise ; cut of/', 
carve ; gather ; levy ; remove ; come up, rise ; be — i 
V. r. to rise, arise; — , tn. rise ; riling; levee. 
Levier, l.(/(-^yai, in. lever, beam. 
Lévite, lai-vit, ;/(. I.rvite. 
Levraut, l;</(-vroh, in, leveret. 
Lèvre, Iay-vr,y; lip. 
Levrette, li(/«-vret,y! f rry/«o»/«(/-*»'fcA. 
Lévrier, iai-vre-ui, in, greyhound. 

t.evrnn,\iih vrnii, tn. Iillle ,i;iiyltoiind. 
Lev 'ire, \iih-\i.T,/. Vinxt. 
I.L'xiciiie, Itk-s^k, )'/. /•'. iion. 
Le<!, i.iy, /;•. haiii l'y, luar, 

\.eZi\Xi\, l.liz.U, III. lï.ilKi. 

Lézarde, l.ii-zard,/; iraikf, ciuKk. 
Ldzarilij, e, l.iizar-d.ii, a, iiccicd. 



\iicilcs. /<', 

j-f^firMC, c, itM-zar-d.ii, rf. tititntt. itiiriii, /■*. 

Liaison, lyai-/ii;/, /. j,<iiiiii\;, ioiiiii\tiiiii : — s //. i/jmo. 

Liant, o, ly.i;/, — t,'r7! <\'nif'iyiui; ; itiir/iciis, i;eiilie. 

Li.inl,, iii./ailliiiii;. 

Li.irdi-T,, 7'. ii. to fay by fai-lhiiis;x ; higgle, 

Liiirdciir, lyar-diir, ill. slinky ft:! ioii.'.e, lyass,/. buiulli' off'ipd's; itring. 

Liliane, lc-l).ilii, III. rou,i;h \roHe. 

Lil)atii)n, lL'-liali-sy(i;;,yi libntioii, 

Litiflle, Ic-bcl, III. libel, lampoon. 

Lil)Lll(.T, luln!-lai, v. a. to sfrc/y. 

LIhelll'.tu, lu-lnl-list, VI. Ubcllti-, laiii/'oi'iier. 

Liberal, e, lu-bai-r.d, a. — cim.nt, ml. iibcral : /ffe : 

Litit-ralitO, lo-bai-ral-c-t.ii,/ lil>n\ilily. [geii^roits. 

Lil)i!rati.ur, Ic-bai-rat ur, >ii. tlilivi-ni\ 

Libératif, ive, leb.iirat-if, — vf, a. liberntiiiQ-- 

Liberation, Ic-bai-rali-syn;;, /i ili\rAari,'f, i-idifitiirf. 

Liliérer, lo-bai-rai, 7'. ti. to/i-fc, rid; sc —, -■. r. to /-ity 

Liberté, le-bair-tai,y; liberty : Jifidom. \oiies ilrhls. 

Lilicrtin, e, le-bair-tai«, —tin, a. libertine; raA-i.'.Ji, 

licentious, 1 '"'rj'. 

Liberliii.ipfo, Ic-bair-tcnalij, in. libel lini.'nii ; rerAle.ts- 
Lilitrtiiur. lebair-le-nai, v. ii. to lend a disorderly life, 

be rakish. 
Libidineux, se, le-bc-de-niili, — z, a, libidinous. 
Llljraire, le-brair, in. bookseller, 

Lil)rairie, le-brair-e,y; booktr.ide ; bookseller's sliop. 
Libre, Ic-br, a. — nient, ad. free; iinoiiiij'ied ; bold. 
Lice, liss, /. list : bitelt-hound. 
Licence, le-sa«ss,/; lieeine ; lieentioiisness 
Licencié, le-sa«-syai, in. litenliate. 
Licenciement, lc-sa«-se-nia«, in. disbanding troops. 
Licencie je-sa/i-syai, v. a. to disband. 
Licencieux, se, le-sa;/-syiih, — z, a. — senient, ad. lieen- 
Licet, le-sait, m, perinissioti. [lions, dissjln.'e. 

I-ichcn, le-ken, m. lichen, 
Licitation, le-se-tah-syox./T licitation. 
Licite, le-sit, a. —nient, ad. laufnl. 
Liciter, Ic-se-tai, v. a. to sell by unction. 
Licorne, le-korn,/; nnicorii. 
l.icou, le-koo, >n, /taller. 

Lie, le,/ dregs, lees, pi. ; faire chère —, to feast. 
Liéjje, le-ailij, in. cork ; cork-tree. 
Lien, !yai;i, in. band : tie ; —^, pi. chains, fetters, pi. 
Lier, lyai, v. a. to bind, tie ; Join ; thicken (.utiue) : se 

—, V. r, to bind one's self : thicken. 
Lierre, lyair, in. i-:y. 
Lieu, lynli, in. place, room: reason, occasion: an — 

de, instead of; avoir —, to take place, hafp:n : - x, 
IJeue, lyuh,/ league. \pl. privy. 

Lieur, lyur, in. binder. 
Lieutenance, lyuli-tna«ss,y! lieutenancy. 
Lieutenant, lyuh-tna;(, w. lieutenant. 
Lièvre, lyay-vr, in. hare: I'cc de —, haredip. 
Lifjanient, li;,^-ani-a;(, in. li^'ainent. 
Liijature, \\ii-Mùr,f. ligature, band. 
Lijje, lilij, a. liege. 
Liijnajje, linyaiij, tn. lineage, race, 
l.iiini:, Vm-ye, A line : /ishing-line : troupes de —.foot 
Li^Miée, lln-yai,/. oJ/'spring,p)v^eny. [soldiers, pi. 

Lii^'ner, lin-yai, v. a. to line. 
Linnette, Iin-yett,y. ticiiie. 
Lijjneul, lin-yulil, ;;:. shoemaker's thread. 
Lij^neux, se, lin-yuh, — z, a. lix'iieous. 
Lit;ue, lij^,/". league, confederation. 
Lijfiier, li.i;-ai, v. a. to unite in a leaj;ue: se —, 7'. r. to 
Lit;ueiir, iii;-ur, ;;;. leaguer. [league, confederate, 

Lilas, le-laii, in. lilac. 
Liliacé, e, le-lyasai, a. liliaceous. 

Limace, le-iiiass,/. slug. [iiig sfaireas.'. 

Limaçon, le-iiiah-so;;, tii. snail ; escalier en — , mind- 
Lim.iille, le-nia/,/. liinaturc, pilings, pi. 
Limande, le-ma;/d,./; burt, dab. 
Limbe. lai;(b, in. limb, edge : —i, pi. limbo. 
Lime, \\\n,f. /He : siueet lemon. 
Limer, le-iaai, -,: a. to file, polish. 
Limier, lim-yal, ni. bloodhound. 
Limitatif, ive, le-me-tat-if, — iv, a. limitary. 
Limitation, !e-me-taIi-syo;(,_/; limitation. 
Limite, le-mit,./ limit, boundary. 
Limiter, le-me-tai, v. a. to limit, bound. 
Limitruplic, le-me-trof, a. frontier. 
Limon, le-mo;;, m. slime, iiiitd ; lemon; shnft[.'art\. 
Liinonaile, le-inon-ad, /; lemonade. [kre/>er. 

Liiiion.idier,, in. -ère, —t,f coftee-liousc 
Limoneux, sç, Ic-mou-uJi, — z, (T. ilimy, muddy. 

Linionier, leinonyai, >«. thillhorse, lemou-trte, 

I.imonière, le-iiion-yair, , . shaft. 

Limonsina^'e, le-nioo-ze-n.dii. '''. rough-walling. 

Lini)iide, l,ii;/-piil, a. limpid, dear. 

I.inipidilé, lai;/-pe-detai, /. l.iii/'idness, ilearnrst. 

I.imure, le-niûr, y. /////;.,'■ ; /.'//>/'/. 

I. in, \,t\n. III. lint.Jlax: j,'r.iiiieile — , linseed, 

l.inaire, le-n.iir,./. toad-Jlax. 

Liiiieul, lai';-sulil, m. vin ling-sheet. 

Linéaire, leiiai-air, a. linear. 

Lineal, le-nai-al, a. lineal. 

Linéament, le-nai-arn-a)/, in. lineament. 

I.inette, le-nett,/; linseed.^.'e, lai;;lij, in. linen. \f. seainshet^ 

l.inijer, lai;;-lijai, m, linen ■draf'er ; -ire, — lijair, 

Linj,'erie, lai;/lij-re,/l linen-drapery ; linen trade. 

Lint,'ot, lai;/-f,'oli, in, ingot, bar. 

Lin;jotièri;, lai«-f;ot-yair,y: ingot mould. 

Lint;nal, e, l.ii/i-t,'\val, a. lingual.>;iiiste, lai/;-i;wi-,t, )//. lini;uist. 

Linj,'uistiinie, lai^i-jiwis-lik,/. science oflangunjes, 

Linîère, lin-yair,/! //(n-7/'ii«;ij« ,• /la.v plot. 

Liniment, liii-e-iiia<f, m. liniment, ointment, 

Linoii, le-nu;/, in. lawn. 

Linot, le-iioii, in. linnet. 

Linotte, le-not,y; hen-linnet, 

Linteaii, lal//-toli, in. Unlet. 

I. ion, lyo;/, m. lion. 

Lioiuem, lyii;;-soIi, in. lion's whelp. 

Lionne, lyoii, A li.iness. 

\.\\\^o, lip,./: blobber-lip. 

Lippée, lip-.ii,./; inoiilhful : Um\z\,\c —, free-cost, 

Lippitude, lip-pe-tûd,/ lippitude. 

I.ippn, e, iip-pil, a. bio! ber-lifped. 

l,i:|n.itioii, iik-ku.di-syo;;, /. liiiiiation. 

Liqui-faction, le-Uw.ii'lak-sJo;;, /; l:./:iefactioit. 

Li<pivlier, le-kw.ii-fyai, v. a. to liquefy, melt : se —, 

Liqueur, le-kur,./.' lii/uor. [->. r. to lu/iiejy, f^r.'W liqnu!. 

Liipiidiiteur,, ;//. l:t/ii:daloi: 

Licpiidation, k--ke-dali-syo);, y. ti,/iiidatioil. 

Liquiile, le-kid, a. liquid, watery ; clear ; — , m. liqn.d. 

Licpiider, le-ke-dai, -•'. a. to liquidate. 

I.icpiidité, le-ke-<le-tai, A liquidity. 

Liquoreux, se-, le-kor-uli, — z, a. luscious, sweet, 

Liquorihte, le-kor-ist, in. distiller. 

'Lire, leer, -,'. a. to read ; peruse. 

Lis, lis, in. Illy. 

Lisant, le-s.u(, see Lire. 

Liséré, liz-ai-rai, in. embroidering. 

Liseron, liz-ro«, in. bindweed. 

Liseur, le-ziir. in. —se, —z,f. reader. 

Lisible, le-ze-bl, a. — ment, ad, le:,'ible, readable. 

Lisière, le/y.iir, y; list; selia:;e: border; — s, //. 

leading-strings, pi. 
Lisse, liss, a. smooth, glossy, sleek : —,f. rail, riliai.J. 
l.isser, le-sai, v. a. to smooth, gloss. 
l.isseiir, le-st;r, in. polisher. 
Lissoir, le-swar, in. polisher, sleekslone. 
I.issure, le-sûr,y^ glossiness. 
Liste, list,/ list, roll. 
\ Listel, lis-tel, m. listel. 
Lit, le, m. bed : layer; bois de —, bedstead ; — de 

c.\n\p,/ield-bed ; — de re|)OS, cciiclt. 
Litanies, le-tan-e,/ //. litany. 
Liteau, letoli, m. haunt {of a wolf), 
Littiar^;e, le-tarhj,/ litharge. 
Litlio,L,'raplie, le-tojj-raf, m. lithni^rapher. 
Litlioi,rrapliie, le-lojT-rafo,/. lithography. 
Lithoiiraphier, le-tiijj-raf-yai, v. a. to lithogrnph, 
Lit!ioi,'rapliiiiue, le-toijra'f-ik, a. lithographie, 
LitholoL^ie. le-tol-ohj-é,/. lithology. 
Litliotomie, le-tot-om-e,/ lithotomy. 
Liti'ire, le-tyair,/. litter, straw. 
Litiifant, e, le-te-ffa», — t, a. litigant., le-tilij, m. litigation, suit at law. 
Litiijieiix, se, letilij-yuli, — z, a. litigious ; dispxtiahîe, 
Litorne. le-torn, f fieldfare. 
Litre, le-tr, m. litre (measure). 
Littér.iire, lit-tai-r.iir, a. lileraiy, learned. 
I.ittér.i). e,, a. — eir.ent, ad. literal. 
Littér.ilité,,/ lileralily. 
Littér.iteur, lit-t.ii-ra'.-ur, m. literary man, man et 
Littérature, lit-tai-rat-ûr,/ lite rai tire', [letters, schel.ii:, e, lit-tor-;il, a. liHorai ; —, m. coast, shore. 
Litiirt;ie, li-'.ftr-lije,./! liturgy. 
Liturijiiiuo, le-tûr-lijik, a. liturgical. 
Liure, le-Cir,/ rope : lashing. 
Livide, le-vid, a. livid. 
Liviilité, le-vid-e-tai,/ lividness. 
Livraison, lc-vray-zo«,/ deliv-:ry ; part, numier 
Livre, le-vr, in.boof- ■ -—,f. pound. 
LivrOc, le-vrai,/ eiy,- servants, p{. 

lilV [S3 I 

Livrer, le-vrai, v. m. to dtlivef ; i;ivt up ; — bataille. ti> 

tii^<ii;e: so —, v. r. to t^iiie one's self tip ; iviiii/iit 

one's self: conJiiU in. 
I.i\ ret. Ic'-vray, '". liltli: boni; certi/icatt, 
I. .il. I-, I..I). w. l"!»'. 
l.....ii. e. I.ik-al, a, — cmciit, ad. local ; — , >«. local ily : 

l.i.c.ilite., ./ lonility. [pie)in.\ts., |, ;//. loil^'<r ; tenant. 
l......itioii, l(ik-alisyu«,/ letlDij^ out. 

I....J1. l..k, t/i.lox-. 

I.i.cIk-, IdsIi./ loach, jrrouiidlni):: 

l...Llicr, losli-ai. 7'. H. to t>e loose. 

I..,L..iMi.tif, ivo, liik-o.mot-if, — iv, a. locomotive. 

l..;L..iniitioii, lok-()-iiii)li-syi)«,y; loco»ictio>i. 

L<"..iii'>livc, lokomiili-tiv, / loco»iotiTe eiti^iite ; — 

,111 \i!i. lire, assistant locomotive. 
I.i,..uti..M, lokiVsyi)»,./; tnauner of speech. 
I. ...lier, lud-yai. m. hci-i/iiilt. 

!.. I, l.f, m. loo/'; Ltri; .ill ~, ta be to the -iviiidiuard, 
I,i.i;,iritliiiic, loj,'-aritiii. m. to,i;arithm. 
l,(.-.iritlimiiiiic, liii,'-arit-iiiik, a. lo';arithinic. 
I-.'s'L', l.ilij.yi lo.if-e. box ; lint, cabin ; kennel. 
]...i;c.iiilc. li;lij-.iii-lii, a. inhabitable. 
i....;ciiiLiit, l(ilij-iii.i<(, >//. loii;;in\;-s ; quarters, pi. 
LM,;cr, lnlij-ai, v. a. et n. to lo,lj;e, quarter; liTC, diuctl ; 

sc -■, r. r. to take lod-^i)ii;s ; make a lodi;>nent. 
I.(.'.;Lur. lii)ij-iir, in. iMli^iim-hoiise keeper. 
l,..i;i( icn, lnlij.c-sy,ii«, ;//. l,i,:;ic!aii. 
i.i.^'i.lMc. l.ilij-ik, a. - iiiL-nt, iid. logical ; —,f. loj;ic. 
l-i.;,;!-., i..lij-c, m. dicctlin.,', lodx'iiii,^ ; home. 
1,(11,'. iL,'riphe, Li'^'-o^-rif, ni. U\i;oi;riphe. 
Loi, \v,.\,f. laic; rule; iKinimo (le — , latvyer ; — de 

c|..iiiicilc. lawo/s<l/le>nent : — ilV-lcctioii, elect ion-laiv. 
I... ill, lo-ai»/, ad. far, far off, at a distance ; — <le,y«;- 

jroiii : (le — , 11/ It distance ; Ion/; before. 
Loiiit.iiii, e, lo-ai//-t.iiH, —ten, <j. remote; distant; —, 

III. distance ; backi;roiind., lu-alir, «/. dormouse, 
I.ui^ilile, Kva-£e-l)l, a. allou'ed. lawful. 
l.ui^ir, Iwa-zeer, «/. leisure ; ."l —, at leisure, 
l.oiiih.ird, lo«-l)ar, in. pawnbroker, 
I. limbes, lo«l), loins, pi. 
l.oiulriii, lo«-iirai«, in. London cloth. 
Luiij;. lie. lo«, — nl'i "■ ''"'.<,'■ laixe ; slow ; \ la Imiijiio, 

in time ; —, m. lem^th ; tout ail — , at luri;e ; tmit lUi 

—, all aloni; ; tout de SOU — , at one's leug^tli ; le — 

de, aloiij;, all aloni;. 
I.i.ii;^'.iiiiiiic, lu« j,'a-iieeiii, a. loiii^animous. 
I .uiii,'aiiiiiiité, lo/z-naii-e-iiie-tiii,/! longanimity. 
l.uni,'e, lo;(lij,/' j-/n»/; thonc; : loin. 
l.iiii^'er, lo;/-lijai. v. a. to go along. 
l,uii:^évite', lo«-lijai-ve-tai,y; longevity. 
l.uiiKiiiie'trie, lo«-lijo-iiiai-tre,y loiigiinetry. 
1,0111,'itikle, lo;/-lije-ti'Kl,y; longitude. 
Li)ii),'itiidinal, e, lo/zlije-ti'i-de-r. ■ , •. longitudinal. 
l.onnJuiiitL', lo«-lijo-ai«-tai, a. lo.g-Jointed, 
I.onj^riiie, lo»-greeii,y; sleeper. 
LoML;temiis, lo«-ta», ad. a long while. 
l-ijiii,'ue, lo«k;h,y. long syllable. 
l.oiiijiiet, te, lo«-(,'ay, — j;et, a. pretty long. 
I.oiii,'iioiir, low-j^iir.y". length; lingering. 
I.oocli, lok, >«. toc/i. 
Ijipiii, lop-ai«, in. gob, bit. 
I,oi|ii,ice, lok-wass, ii. loquacious, 
j,iH|u,icitL-, lok-was-e-tai,y. loquacity. 
I.iHiue, lok, y rag, tatter. 
I.i.i|iict, lok-ay, >n. latih. 
I.oi|iiette, lok-et,/ small bit : little piece. 
l.or),'iier, kirn-yai, v. a. to ogle ; leer. 
I.ur(,'iielte, lorii-yett, / spy-glass ; opera-glass, 
l.i)rj,'iietir, lorn-yiir, in. ogler. 
l.'irtjiiiin, lorn-yo;(, m. eye-glass. 
I. on. It. liir-yoh, in. yellow-liammer. 
Loriuier, luriu-yai, in. loriiner, saddler. 
I.ors, lor, pr. — de, at the time of; ties —, from that 

time : pour — , then, in that case, 
I.orsnue, lorsk, c. wticii. 
l,osdiij;c, loz-a'/lij, in. lozenge. 
Lot, loll, in. lot, share, portion ; prize. 
Loterie, lot-re, yi lottery. 
Li .tier, lot-yai, in. lotus. 
Liitiuii, loli-.syo«,_/'. lotion. 
Lotir, lot-eer, v. a. t.i dizide into lots. 
Lntisba^'e, lot-o-salij, in. assaying. 
Lotibseiuent, lot-e-siiia«, >/i. dividing into lots. 
Loto, lo-toli. III. loto. [able. 

Lou.ihle, loo-ali-bl, a. — merit, ad. laudable; comimnd- 
Louajje, loo-,ilij, in. letting ont ■ prendre .^ —, to hire. 
Louaii>;e, loo-a/dij,/! praise, commendation, 
Lou.iiitjer, loo-a<ifij-ai, %>. a. to praise. 
Louaiijicur, loo-a;(-hjur, ;//. praiser, flatterer, 
Jvoudie, loobh, a. .wiiint eyed ,- siispniou^. 


l.oucher, lull ^ilini, v. a. tc squint. 

l.iiuer, loo-.ii, -•. II. to let, rent, hire ; praise, comniettd ; 
se —, V. r. to litre one's self, let, praise one's self. 

Loueur, loour, ni. one who hires ; /'raiser ; /laitcirr. 

Loup, loo, m. wolf: fackini;-stuk : — cervier, stag- 
wolf, tyii.\ ; — narou, in. man-wolf 

Loupe, loop,./; wen; knob; inai;infyiiig glass. 

l.iiuiHUX, se, l.iii-puli, —7., a. kiiol>/\\\ 

t.iiurd, e, liior, - .1. a. — eiiieiit, ad. lieaiy ; clumsy. 

Lourd. mil, loor-dnli, ///. ankicardfellojc. 

I.ourderie, loor-die,./! blunder. 

Lourdeur, loor-dur,y; hca:'iiiess. 

Li.urer, loor-ai, v. a. tojoin [notes], 

.'.outre, loo-tr,yi otter. 

Louve, loov,y she-wolf; iron.pincer, 

Louvet, loo-vay, 1». deep ycUoic-dim. 

Louvete.iu, loov-toli, m. -icolf's cub. 

Loiiveter, loov-tai, v. 11. to ivlictp. 

Louvcterie, loov-tre,/. equip(i:;c for wolf-hunting. 

Louviers. loov-yai, m. J.ou~icrs cloth. 

Louvoyer, lon-v wa-yai, v. 11. to tack. 

I .iixiidroiiiie. loksod-rom-c. /! loxodroinits. 

Loyal, e. ii. —•■nient, ad. loyal, fair, true. 

Loy.iiite', lw.i-yiil\-tai./. loyally, fairness. 

Loyer, Isva-y.ii, in. rent; hire. 
I 1.11, III, see Lire. 
I I.uliie. 10 be. y whim, maggot. 

Liilirii ité. Ill lire-setai, /: lubricity. 

I.ul.rilier, lû-liril'-e-.ii, v. a. to lubricate. 

Luliriijue. li'i-brik, 1». —nient, ad. lewd. 

Lne.irne. Ii'l-karn,y skylight. 

Lucille, liVsid, a. —nient, <;i/. lucid, clear, 

l.iuiilite', liVsid-e-tai.y brightness, clearness. 

I.ucr.itif. ive, lù-kr.i-til', — iv, a. lucrative. 
: Lucre, lù-kr, ;//. lucre, gain. 
j Luette, liVett.y in ula. 
I Lueur, \i\-ur, J. glimmer, glare. 

Lir^ubre, lù-i;ù-lir, a. —nient, ifi^. lugubrious, doleful. 
I Lui, li'i-e, /;(. he. him, it; to him, to her, to it : lui- 
! Lui, liVej_xtf Luire. [uiêiiie, himself. 

•Luire, lû-eer, v. >i. to shine ; glitter. 
I Luisant, e, lû-e-za/i, — t, a. glittering ; 
\ Luinbajfo, lo«-bali-jjoli, m. luinbai;o. 

Lumière, lù-myair, y /;,;./(/, candle; 
hole; hint; knoicledge, luminary , 

Luiiii);,'iion, lii-min-yo;;, in. wick ; taper-end. 
I Luminaire, lil-menair, m. light; lii;hts,pl. 
I Limiineux, se, lû-me-iuili, — z, a. luininoiis. 
I Lun.iire, liVn.iir, a. lunar, liinaiy. 

Lunaison, lii-nay-zo«,y iiinalion. 

Luii.iticjiie, lû, <r. lunatic ; whimsical. 

Lundi, hi«-de, in. .\foiiday. \wliims. f!. 

Lune, li'in. f moon; cl.ii'r <Ie — , moonshine ; — s. /*A 

Lunette, lii-uet, f. glass ; seat (of a water-iloset) ; sky. 
I'g'it : — s, pi. spcctat les, pi, 

Lunettier, Ii1-net-yai, in. spectacle-maker. 

Lupin, lû-pai;(, m. lupine. 

Lustre, lils-tr, in, lustre : gloss. 

Lustrer, !i1s-trai, v. a. to j; toss, glaze. 

I.ustreux, li'ib-truli, — z, ii. glossy. 

Lustrine, liis-trin,y lustring. 

Lut, lut, m. lute. 

Luter, lùt-,ii, z: a. to lute, 

Lutli. lût, m. lute. 

i.iitliér.inisiue, lû-tai-ranisin, m. f.ut/ieranisin, 

1-utliérieii, Ii1-tai-ryai«, — ryeii, a. /.utheran. 

Luthier, lû-tyai, m. musical instrument-maker. 

Lutin, li'i-tiii«, iH. hobgoblin. 

Lutiner, lù-tenai, v. a. to plague, tease, 
' Lutrin, lil-trai;;, ///. chorister's desk. 
j Li-.tte, lût. y wrestling, struggle. 
I Lutter, lût-ai, v. n. to wrestle, struggle. 
' i.nttcur, \C\t-\\r, m. wrestler. 
I Luxation, lûk-siih-syo;;, f. luxation. 

Luxe, lûks, m. luxury, luxuriance. 

Luxer, lûk-sai, v. a. to luxate. 

Luxu.-e. lûk-sûr. y luxurioiisness. [rions, luslful. 

Luxurieux, se, liik-sûr-yuli, — z, a. —sèment, ad. iuxii- 

Luzerne, lû-zairii, f. liicern. 

Lycanthropie, le-ka«-trop-e, f. lycantlircpy. 

Lycée, Ic-sai, m. lyceiim. 

Lyiuphaticiue, lai', a. lymphatic. 

Lynx. lai;(KS, m. lyii.w 

Lyre, leer, y lyre. 

Lyrique, leeri'k, iJ. lyrical ; —, m. lyric 


Ma, see Mon. 

M.icadainiser, makad-amezai, v. a. to tnacadaiiize, 

N|ac;ir"»i mak aro;j, tn. tmca.nion. 


opening ; toiuh- 
•de K'U. V'"- 


[84 ] 


Macaroni, mnk-ar-nn-c, in. f/iiiraro>ii, 

Madildiiif,;ii-il\,./. >nii//i\\'. 

^l.ln•l,lli(lll. iii.i^-.iir.ili N)'i;/, /; iiiinryatioil, spaiing. 

M.iccror,, :■. u. A' iiiaitr,ifi; IK-, iiMii'-li, /. (or/i-iiifiii/. 

M.K liclir, iii.iiislil'.iir, »i. Urotso/iron, 

M.I1 111 liirr, iii.iii^lily.iir, a. /. dciit —, griniier., inaii-sliai, v. ii. ti>i/if7i\ inastuatf. 

M.lclieiir, m.ui-sluir, in. iJinvi-r. [ifitiii. 

MAcliicatoirc, maii-sliu-kat-war, in. so mft hi 111; to ilttw; 

Ntacliinal, e,, n. machinal, niechaniial. 

Macliiiiateur,, m. n>ntrivfr. [triz'ance. 

Machination, iiiasl\-e-nah-syo<(, /. innchinaHon, con- 

Machine, inash-in, /. inathiue ; en,i;ine ,■ — à vapeur, 

steam enj;int ; — locomotive, locomotive ; conducteur 

tie — , eiif^ine-mitii. 
Machiner, inash-e-nai, v. a. to contrive, plan. 
Machiniste, inasli-e-nist, >«. machinist. 
MAclioire, niau-sliwar,/; jaw. Jawbone. 
Mâchonner, niau-slion-ai, v. a. t<i miimbU. 
M.lchurer, mau-sliit-rai, v. a. toiiaitfi, 
^iacis, nias-e, m. mace. 
Made, niali-kl, /î water-cheslnut. 
Maçon, niau-sc», m. mason ; bricklayer. 
^laçonna^e, inah-son-alij, m. mason's work, masonry. 
Maçonner, niali-son-ai, v. a. to b.tild, wall up ; bundle. 
Slaçunnerie, niah-son-re, /. masonry. 
Maçonnique, niah-son-ik, a. masonic, 
Macre, nialikr,./; ivatcr-chestniit. 
Macreuse, niak-ruhz, /. sea-<iiick. 
Maculature, niak-fl-lat-ûr,/! waste-paper, waste. 
Alacule, niak-ftl,yi slain, spot. 

Maculer, mak-il-l.ii, v. a. et n. to spot, blot ; be blotted. 
Madame, matl-ain, /. madam, mistress, my lady. 
Mademoiselle, niad-niwa-zel, y: miss. 
Madone, mad-oii, /. madonna. 
Madras, niadrahs, m. Madrat handkerchief. 
Matlre, e, inad-rai, a. speckled, spotted ; sly ; — , m. 
Madrier, niad-re-ai, m. thick board. [cunning blade. 
^Ia^u, e, maf-li1, a. chith<heekcd. , 

Ma){asin, niajj-az-ai«, m. maj^azine, storehouse. 
M.i){asinatre, mag-az-e-nahj, in. lime the goods remain 

in a warehouse ; hire o/a warehouse. 
Majfasinier, nia);-az-in-yai, in. warehouse-keeper. 
Majje, niahj, m. magus, astrologer. 
M,i(i;icien, malij-e-syai»(, m. —ne, — syen, /. magician, 
Ma^'ie, mahj-e,/ magic. [7vitard. 

Matfique, niahj-ik, a. magic, magical. 
Wa^ister, inalij-is-tair, m. schoolmaster. 
Magistral, e, malij-is-tral, a. — einciit, ad. magisterial. 
Majjistrat, niahj-is-trah, m. magistrate. 
Ma^istratute, malij-is-trat-ûr, /; magistracy, [worms. 
Magnanerie, man-yan-ree, /. house for rearing silk- 
Majfnunime, man-yan-im, a. —nient, ad. magnanimous. 
M.i)jnanimite, iiian-y.iii-e-nie-tai,y! magnanimity. 
Magnat, magh-nah, m, magnate. 
Ma;;nésie, nian-yai-se, /. i/utgnesia. 
Majfnétique, man-yai-tik, a. magnetic. 
Ma);nétiser, nian-yai-te-zai, t/. a. to magnetize. 
Ma;;iiétiseur, nian-yai-te-zur, m. magnelizer. 
Maijnétisme, nian-yai-tism, m. magnetism. 
Ma>;nilicence, nian-ye-fe-saHs,/; magnijicence. 
Mairnitique, inan-ye-fik, a. — incnt, ad. magnificent, 

splendid; — , in. ostentatious man. 
Ma;;ot, niah-^oh, m. baboon ; hidden treasure. 
Mahometan, niah-oin-ai-ta«, m. Mahometan. 
Mahoniétisme, mah-om-ai-tism, m. Alahometanism. 
Mai, may, m. May ; t/uzypole. 
^Iaie, lu.iy, y. kneading-trough. 
M.iiijre, may-gr, a. —ment, ad. meagre, lean ; jour —, 

lish-day ; — repas, spare diet ; faire — , to abstain 

from meat, keep Lent. 
Mai>;relet, te, may->;r-lay, —let, Mai^jret, te, may-gray, 

— ({fct, a. a little lean, thin, poor. 
Maigreur, iiiay-^jrur, f. iiicagreiiess, leanness. 
Maijjrir, mai-greer, 7j. n. to grow lean ; fall away. 
Miil, ma/, in. mall; mallet. 
Maille, ma/, /. mesh ; stitch ; link ; web ; cette de —s, 

coat of mail, n'avoir ni sou ni — , to he very poor. 
Mailler, nidAai, v. a. et n. to make meshes : beat (hide] ; 
Maillet, ma/-ay. in. mallet. Igroiv speckled. 

Mailloche, maZ-osli, f. wooden mallet. 
Maillot, nia/-oh, m. sivaddling-band. 
Mam, niai«, / hand ; handwriting ; trick ; cuire (op 

paper); hook ; grapple; de — on —, from one to 

another; tic lonjjue — , long since : sous —, under 

/uàiid, clandestinely ; a toutes — s, every way ; cheval 

de—, led horse; coup de — , bold stroke; battre 

des — s, to applaud; en venir aux —s, to engage; 

faire sa — , to plunder. 
Main-d'œuvre, mai;/-duh-vr,y^ luorkmanshtp. 
Milia forte, uutiu'fort,/: assistance, help. 

Mainlevée, tnai»»-Ii</«-val, f. replevy, 

Maiiiiiiiso, m.ii</-uieez, f. seizure. 

Maiiiiiinik', in.ii«-iiiurl, y; inortiiiain. [time. 

M.iiiit. e, iii.ii//, — t, <». many; in.iintcs fois, mama 

Maiiili.', iiiai>/-tn.i>(, ad. iioiv, at thit tune. 

•Maintenir, mai'/tneur, v. a. lot us/a in, s>-'p.'rl ; 111,1 1'l- 
tain, piiterie ; S'' — ,7'. r. to hold oui. 

Maliitniiie, m.ii^tiM'i, y. maiiileiianie. 

Maintien, niai//-ly.ii'/, m. mamlciiauce ; carri.icr, 

M.iire, mair, m. mayor. [iounleiian,e. 

Mairie, iiiair-e, f. mayoralty. 

Mais, may, ad. but. 

Maïs, luafi-is, m. Indian wheat, maize. 

Maison, inay-zo«,/. house ; family ; — d'arrit, //-ij.ii. 
house; — de plaisimce, nut nor ; — dc ville, tu:cit 

M.iisoimée, niay-zon-ai, f. the whole house or family. 

Maisonnette, uuii-zon-ett, /I smalt house ; line-keeper s 
house, guérite. 

Maître, may-tr, m. master; landlord; — autel, ///>* 
altar; — de danse, dancing-master; — d'école, sch,vl- 
fnasler ; — d'études, usher; — d'liotel, stcwati: 
— de musii|ue, music-master ; petit — , beau, spatk. 

M.titresse, may-tress, f. mistress; — ancre, s/irel- 

Maîtrise, may-triz, y. mastership. [aiic/nr. 

Maîtriser, may-tre-zai, v. a. lo domineer, master, .»*- 

Majesté, mahj-es-tai, f. majesty. [:iiii\ 

Majestueux, se, m.ahj-es-tu-uli, — z, a. — senieiit, n.l. 
m.tjestic, majeslical. 

Majeur, e, mahj-ur, a. major, greater ; superior. 

Major, mahj-or, m. major ; état — , stajf. 

Majorat, malijor-ah, m. majorat. 

M.ijorité, mahj-or-e-tai, /! majority. 

Majuscule, mahj-fis-ki.1l, a. capital. 

Mai, mal (//. maux), m. e7iil ; pain, distemper ; hard, 
ship; misfortune ; — d'iiventure, whitlow; ■ .le 
cteur, squeaini\hness ; — de dents, — aux dciits, 
toothache; — de mer, sea-sickiuss ; — de vuime, 
gripes ; — , ad. ill, badly ; wrong ; — h propos, iin- 
seasonably ; être — avec (|., to be at variance itil/t 
O'le ; se trouver — , to jind one's self ill, faint. 

Malachite, mal-ak-it, /; malachite. 

Malacie, \\i;\\-vi^-e, f. vitiated appetite. [paliciil. 

Malade, mal-ad, a. sick, diseased, distempered ; —, rt. 

M,da<lie, mal-ad-e, f. illness, sickness, disease ; /miJ. 
iiess ; avoir la — (In pays, to be home-sick. 

M.Uadif, ive, iiial-ad-if, — iv, a. sickly. 

Maladnerie, mal-ad-r;(/i-re,y. lazaietto. [iifu. 

Maladresse, mal-iid-ress, /; aivkwardness ; unskilful. 

Mal.idroit, e, nial-ad-rwa, — t, <«. — enient, ad. awkic.ird. 

Malaise, inal-ayz, m. uneasiness. - [unski.fiil. 

h; liaise, e,, i«. — nient, ad. difficult; iiuon- 
veil lent. 

Malandres, mal-a«-dr, y; />/. ma, 
Malandrcux, se, iiial-a//-tlruli, — 

malaiiders ; rottenness. 

Mal-appris, mal-apre, )/;. churl, boor. 

Malart, mal-ar, in. mallard. 

Mal.axer, mal-ak-sai, v. a. to mala.xate. 

Malb.iti, e, mal-bau-te, a. ill-shaped. 

Malcontent, e, lual-kou-ta», — t, a. discontented. 

Maldisant, e, mal-de-za;j, — t, a. backbiting, slanderous; 

— , m. backbiter. 
M.lle, maul, a. male ; manly ; — , m. male. 
Malédiction, mal-ai-(lik-syo«, f. malediction, curse. 
Malefaim, maul hv.n.f. violent hunger. 
Maléfice, mal-ai-fiss, ;/;. witchcraft. 
Maléficié, e, mal-ai-fis-yai, a. bewitched; shrivelled. 
Maléfique, mal-ai-fik, a. malignant. 
Malencontre, m.-il-an-ko«-tr, f. ill luck. 
Malencontreux, se, inal-an-ko«-truli, — z, a. unlucky. 
Mal-en-point, mal-a«-po-ai«, ad. badly off. 
Malentendu, mal-a«-ta«-di1, in. fnisunder:ta>hliii;, 
NIal-ètre, mal-ay-tr, in. uneasiness. [mis:,il:i. 

Malévole, mal-ai-vol, a. evil-minded. 
Malfaçon, mal-fas-on, y. defect; cheat. 
•Malfaire, mal-f.ilr, v. n. to do mischief. 
Malfaisance, mal-fay-sa»(z, f. tnischievousness. 
Malfaisant, e, iiial-fay-za;r, — t, a. mischievous. 
Malfait, e, mal-fay, — t, a. ill-shaped, ugly. 
Malfaiteur, mal-fay-tur, m. malefactor, crimiiia 
Malijre, mal-grai, /;'. tn spile of, nottvilhslandii... 
Malhabile, mal-ab-il. a. —nient, ad. unskilful. awk'v,iri. j 
Malhabileté, malab-il-tai, f. unskilfu/ness. awkicirJ- ] 

ness. [int. — h, ir.v 'J. 

Malheur, mal-iir, m. misfortune, ill-luck ; misery: -, j 
Malheureux, se, nial-nh-ruli, — z, ii. — senient, a.i un- 
fortunate ; wretc/ud ; miserable ; — , ;/i. wreUhii | 

tnan. wretch. 
Malhonnête, mal-on-ayt, a. — ment, a<l. dishonest ; rndt. 
Malhonnêteté, mal-on-ayt-tai, f^. dishonesty . rudentss. 
Malice, mal-iss,/ tnalice ; ■maliciousness, roguishntsi; 

roguish trick. 


[85 ] 


M.iliclcUA. sc, mal-ls-yuh, — z, a. — semcnt, ad. maii- 

iii'iis , tniSiliiiTOHS ; roijiiis/t. 

M.ili^'nciiient, iiial-iiiy?-iiia«, <»./. iitiilij^uaiitly. 

M.iliniiite, iiial-in->r-tai, /. ma/ij;>iify, >iiaUj,'iia>iry. 

M.iliii, tU'ic, mal-ai<;, — iii-y^, a. maiicioKS, inalifiiniit ; 

Maline, inal-in, / spriiig-tUie. \rognisli, sly. 

M.ilines, nial-iii. / Mechlin lace. 

Malingre, nial-ai"-t;re. a. sickiy. 

Malintentionné, c, inalai>(-ta»(-syon-ai. a. ilt^disfosed. 

M.ilitnrne, inal-e-torii. a. awkuatd, stupid. 

Mal-juiié, e, nial-hjrt-hjai, «1. error in the sentence. 

^lHlle, mal, /. trunk ; —poste, mitilcoach. [ableness. 

Malléabilité, lual-lai-ab-e-lc-tai, /. malleability, ntalle- 

Malléable, nial-lai-ah bl, a. malleable. 

^lalléole, nial-lai-ol, /. malleolus. 

Mallcticr,, m. trunkmaker. 

M.illette, mal-ett, / little trunk. 

Mallier, tnal-yai, m. fack-horse. 

Malmener, iiialm-nai, v. a. to abuse, chide. 

Malotru, e, mal-oli-tril, a. piti/ul, wretched. 

M ilpeijjné, e, in,il-payn-yai, a. shabby. [nasty. 

Malpropre, inal-uro-pr, <i. — niont, a. slovenly, dirty. 

Malpropreté, inal-prop-pr-tal,/^ slovenliness, nastiness. 

Malsain, e, inal-sai»i, — sen, a. unhealthy ; umvhole- 

MiKcant, c, nial-sai-a«, — t, a. unteenUy. [some. 

>lalt, ni.alt. m. malt. 

Maltole, inal-tolit, / extortion. 

Maltoticr, inal-toli-tyai, m. extortioner. [injure. 

Maltraiter, nial-traytai, v. a. to use ill ; ivronj^ ; abuse. 

Malveillance, nial-vei'-a>;s,y; malevolence, ill-ifitl. 

Malveillant, e, iiial-vc/-a«, — t, a. malevolent, ill- 

Malversation, mal-vair-sah-syon,y; malz<ersatiû)t. 

Al.ilvcrser, inal-vair-s,ii, t'. n. to embezzle. 

Malvoisie, niiil-vwa-ze, m. malmsey. 

Ma?nan, niani-a», /. mamma. 

Mamelle, niani-tl, yî breast; teat, dug, 

M.iinilon, niain-lon, ;•/. nipple ; pap. 

Mamie, nia-nia, /. sweetheart. 

Mamelii. e, iiiani-lû, a. full-breasted. 

Mannnifère, niani-mof.iir, a. mamtnifcrous. 

Mammouth, mam inoot, m. mammoth. 

M.mant, nian-a«, m. peasant; clotuu. 

Maiitlie, inansli. ;«. /«i««rf/<'; haft; helve; — ./.sleeve; 

Mancliette, nia<;-shct, f. riijffic. [channel. 

Manchon, ina;(-shoii, >n. muff. 

Manchot, e, nia;/-shoh, —shot, a. maimed ; one-handed. 

Mandant, nia«-(iaH, m. constituent. 

Mauilat, ma'<-(lali, m. mandate, writ. 

M.iiidataire, m;".<(-dat-air, m. mandatary, constituent ; 

Mandement, ma;(d-ma;/, m. mandate, order. [provy. 

M.inder, nia>i-dai, ■a. a. to send word . send/or. 

Mandibule, ma«-de-l)ûl, m. mandible, jaw. 

M.inilillc, man-di/, m. mandilion. 

Mandoline, ma«-tlol-in, /. mandoline. 

Mandrill, nia>/-drai'i, m. mandrel ; punch, ynould. 

Manducation, m.^^-dil-kah-syo»», f. manducation. 

Manci;e, man-nihj, >n. ridins^-house ; ridin.-scliool, 

M.'uKs, maun, m. pi. vmnes, shades, pi, 

,Ma:i,'cable, nia«dyah-bl, a. eatable. 

Man;; -aille, man-hja/,y;yii(ii/; eatables, pi. ; meat, 

Maiij;eoire, ma«hjo-ar, /. manx'er, crib. 

Manner, ii?a«-lijai, v. a. et n, to eat; spend, squander 
away ; salle îi —, dinin,i;-room ; se — , v. r. to be eat- 
oble ; destroy each other ; — , >«. eating; food, Z'ic- 

Man^;erie, ii\a)<-lijre,./; eating ; extortion. [tuals, pi. 

M,i,i,i;e-tout, nia«hj-too, m. spendthrift. 

Mani,'eur, se, nia«-hjur, — z, m. eater, feeder. 

M.uii;cure, ma;;-hju', y; nibbling; gnawing. 

Maniabl;, man-yah-bl, a. tractable, pliable, handy. 
Mani.aque, man-yak, a. maniac, lunatic. 
Manic, \\\.:n-e, f. mania ; fancy. [conduct. 

Maniement, inanc-iaaH, >«. handling, management. 
Manier, man-e-ai, v. a. to handle ;feel ; manage, rule ; 

an —, by the feel. 
Manière, man-e-air, /.' manner; kind, sort; style; de 

— (jue, so that; par — d'acquit, carelessly. 
Maniéré, e, nian-e-ai-rai, a. affected, quaint. 
M.inifestation, man-e-fes-tah-syo«, f. tnanifestation. 
Manifeste, man-e-fest, a. —ment, ad. manifest ; —, m. 

Manifester, maii-e-fes-tai, v. a. to manifest. [trigiie. 
Maniijance, nian-e-j,'a«s, f. underhand dealing, in- 
Maiii)rancer, niaii-e-^a«-sai, 7>. a. to contrive, plot. 
Manipul.ition, man-e-pfl-lali-syo«, f. manipulation. 
Manipuler, man-e-i)ftdai, v. a. to tnanipulate, operate. 
M.unvoau, nian-e-voh, m. ,'lat basket. 
Manivelle, iiianevel, y! hand!'- ; crank. 
M nine, maiyi, f tnanna ; basket. 
Mannequin,, m. mannikin, hamper. 
Maniiequine, e, niankin-ai, a. affected. 
Mana-uvre, man-uh-vr, m. tnason's man, hodman. 

Manœuvre, man-uli.vr,y: rigging ; manaeu-'re, conduct, 

M.iiUL'Uvrcr, inan-uh-vrai, v. n. to work ; manœuvre, 

Mamcuvrier, man-uh-vre-ai, m. skilful seaman. 

M.iiiuir, man-war, m. mansion. 

.Manouvrier, man-00-vre-ai, m. laboure», workman. 

Maiupie, i!ia«k, /«. wa>it ; — de, ad. for want of. 

Manquement, ma'ik-max, m. failure ; fault, omission. 

Mamjuer, ma''-kai, v. a. et n. to miss; slip; fail; 
want; be missing; miscarry; — do tomber, to In 

M.^nsarde, ma^-sard,/: j.-^u/vrA [near falling. 

Mansuétude, ina»-sû-ai-ti\d,y^ mansuétude, mildness. 

Mante, mant,f. mantle. 

Manteau, ma»-toh, m. cloak; mantelpiece ; sous le —, 
secretly ; — dc nuit, night-goivn. 

Mantelet, ma;j-tlay, w. mantelet. 

M.'iiitiUe, nia/i-ti/, f. mantilla. 

Manture, niax-tilr, f. surge. [manual. 

Manuel, le. niau-û-ol, a. — leinent, ad. manual ; — m. 

Manuf.icturc, inana1-fak-tftr,y; manufactory. 

Manufacturer, man-iVfak-tfi-rai, v. a. to manufacture. 

M.inufacturier, man-fl-fak-td-re-ai, m. manufacturer. 

Manumission, nia-niVmis-yox, f. freedom. 

Manuscrit, man-û-skre, m. manuscript. 

Manutention, man-A-ta;i-syo;i, f. management ; main- 
tenance; upholding. 

Mappemonde, map-mo;/d, y: map of the world. 

Maquereau, mak-roli, m. market el. 

Macjuijfnon, inak-inyo;(, >«. horse-dealer, jockey. 

Maqui^jnonnage, niak-in-yon-alij, m, horse-dealing, 

Ma<|ui>rnonner, mak-in-yon-ai, v. a. to trim for sale. 

Marabout, niar-iib-oo, m. marabout ; coffee-pot. 

.Maraîcher, mar-ay-shai, m. kitchen gardemr. 

Marais, mar-ay, m. marsh, fen ; kitchen garden ; — 

Marasme, mar-asm, m. marasmus, [salant, salt-pan. 

Marâtre, inar-au-tr,y: step-mother. 

Maraud, mar-oh, m. scoundrel. 

Maraude, inar-ohd, /; marauding. 

Marauder, mar-oh-dai, v. u. to go a-marauding. 

Maraudeur, mar-oh-dur, >n. marauder. 

Marbre, mar-br, m. marble. 

Marbrer, mar-brai, z'. a. to marble. 

Marbrerie, niar-br«/i-re,y; marble-work. 

M,irl)reur, mar-brur, m. marbler. 

Marl)rier, mar-bre-ai, >n. stonecutter. 

M.arbrière, mar-l)re-air,y tnarble quarry. 

Marbrure, inar-briir,y; marbling. [pi. 

M.irc, iiiar, m. >nark ; grounds {coffee); skins {grapes), 

M.ircassin, niar-kas-ai«, m. young wild boar. 

Marchand, inar-slia», m. merchant ; tradesman ; cus- 
tomer ; — de fer, ironmonger ; —, e, — d, a. mer- 
chantable; trading. [modes, milliner. 

Marchande, inar-slia«d, /. trading-woman ; — de 

Marchander,«-dai, v. a. et n. to cheapen, 
haggle for ; hesitate. 

M.irchandise, niar-shaH-diz,y. merchandise. 

Marche, marsh, y: marsh; motion ; move ; step, stair. 
Marché, inar-shai, m. market; bargain; cours du —, 
market-price ; h \mn —, cheap. [board. 

Marchepied, marsh-pyai, m. steps ; foot stool, foot- 
Marcher, niar-shai, v. n. to walk, march ; travel. 
Marcheur, inar-shur, >«. —se, — uhz, f. walker; 
Marcotte, inar-kot,./: sprig, layer. [/reader. 

Marcotter, mar-kot-ni, v. a. to set layers. 
Mardi, mar-de, m. Tuesday. 
Mare, m;\r,f. pool ; trough. 

Marécage, mar-ai-kahj, m. bog, fen, s^vamp. [fenny. 
Maréca^'eux, se, mar-.ii-kaly-uh, — z, marshy, boggy,, niar-ai-shal, m. Jarrier ; marshal; — des 

loj^is, quarter-master. 
Marech.ilerie, mar-ai-shal-re,y:yam>rv. [shalsea. 

Maréchaussée, mar-ai-shoh-s.ii, f. horse-police; mar- 
M.irée, niar-ai, /". tide ; fresh sia-fish ; haute —, high 

water ; basse —, low water. 
Marelle, mar-el,/', hopscotch. 
Marge, marlij.y; margin. 
Margelle, mar-hjel,y;'Ari>«, curbstone. 
Marginal, e, mar-hje-nal, a. marginal. 
Margiiier, mar-lije-nai, v. a. to write marginal Hotet, 
Margotter, mar-go-tai, v. ». to cry as a quail. 
Margouillis, inar-^oo/c, m. puddle. 
Margrave, niar-grav, m. fnargrave. 
Margriiviat, mar-grav-e-ah, m. maigraviate. 
Marguerite, m.irg-rit,/: daisy ; pearl. 
Marguillerie, inar-ghi/-rc,y: churc/twjrd-nship. 
Marguillier, mar-ghi/-,ii, ;/;. churchwarden. 
Man,, m. husband, spouse. 
M.iriable, uiar-e-ah-bl, a. marriageable. 
M.iiiage, m,ir-e-alij, m. marriage, wedding. 
Marie,, m. bridegroom. 
Mariée, inar-c-ai,y. bride. 
Marier, iiiar-e-ai, v. a. et se —, v. r. to marry ; matcH. 


- nil/, r. i>hililt-)iiak<', se, marc-iir, 

Marin, e, iiiar-ai'/, —in, u. murine; — , iii. srainail, 
Miirinadc, iiiar-c-nail,./ />((/•/*'. [inayinft. 

Marine, mar-in,/, inaniie : ihitv ; officier de —, timut/ 
M.irlticr,'-iiai, 7'. a. to iiuirinalr. fiukle. {ojfficer, 
M,iriii^''iiiin, niar-.ii;;nH,ii»/, ;//. iiiiisi/i<iti>. 
Marinier, iiiariii-L-.ii, iii. /ia>x'i»iaii, l}i;/ttei)iiaii. 
Marionnette, niare-on-etl, y! /*/<//'•/.• - s, //. piif'f'tt- 

siu<iv. {huslHtiut and ii'ile. 

Marital, c, nmr-c-tal, a. marital: — enicnt, aii. like 
M.inlinie, niar-e-tini, a. tnariliine, 
M.iritoriie, nv.ft-iiKmw, /. i/irty iveiich. 
Marivan(l.i);c, ni ir-o-vuli-dalij, »/(. »ia>i>icns»i. 
Marjolaine, niarlij<)l-cn,yi iiiar/orani. 
Marmaille, niar-ina/,/: hratx, /il. 
Marmelade, inarni-lad,y: marinnlade, 
M.irniile, inar-niit,/". /or;-/(i'i,v-/»('/. 
Marmiton, niar-meto;/, in. siiillioii. 
Marmotte, r.iar-mot.y. marinct. 
M.irmotter, niar-mot-ai, 7>. a. to mutter. 
M.irniouset, niar-nioo-zay, m. marmoset. 
Mam i^e, ni.irnalij, tn. inarliiij;. 
M.irne, marn,y; marl. 
Marner, niar-nai, t. a, to marl. 
Marneux, se,, — ;?, a. marly. 
Marnière, niarn-e-air.y: mart-f>it. 
Maro(iinn, mar-ok-ai«, in. rnoroao leather. 
Maro(iiiinier, mar-ok-in-yai, m. moron o leather-dresser, 
^.l.ironi:, ti\nr-ot,y._/'ool's tmu/'le : hot>by. 
Maroufle, niar-oo-ll, w. scoundrel. 
Mar(iuant, c, mar-ka;(, — t, a. conspicuous, rcinarlcahle. 
Maniue, mark, A )nark ; stamp ; sio-n, token ; counter. 
Marquer, mark.ii, v. a. et n. to mark ,■ stamp. 
Manjiieter, mark-t.ii, T. a. to spot, speckle, 
Mar(|ueterie, mar-ket-re,y; inlaiil-iiork. 
Alaniuette, market,/! cake o/ I'ees' nax. 
^I.lrqueur, niar-kur, m. marker. 
Marquis, mar-ke, m. mari/i:.s. 
Mar(iuisat, niar-kezali, in. inarquisate. 
^iar(luise, mar-kiz, y: innrchioness. 
^!arraine, mah-ren,.A i^odmother. 
Marron, ni,di-ron, m. lari^e chestnut ; curl ; cracker : 

—, ne, — ron, a. yiinaiuay ; l)ro7i<n. 
M.irronnier, m.ih-ron-yai, in. large chestnut-tree. 
Mars, mars, in. March. 
M.irséclie, niar-saisli.y. barley. 
M.irsouin, mar-soo-ai'?. in. porpoise. 
M.irteau, mar-toli, m. ha'Hiiier, knocker. 
Martel, mar-tel, in. mct.e — en tête, to make uneasy. 
M,irtel.i>;c, ni.irt-lalij, in. marking-trees. 
Marteler, mart -lai, v. a. to hammer , trouble, tease. 
M.irtelet, mart-lay, in. little hammer. 
Martial, e, mar-syal, a. martial ; marlike. 
Martinet, mar-te-nay, in. martinet ; flat candlestick, 

cat-o' -nine-tails. [^stake the double. 

Martinjiale, mar-tai;(-.i;nl,y; inartingat ; jouer l.i —, /,) 
Martin-pêcheur, mar-t,ii«-pay-sluir, in. kingjisher. 
Martre, niar-tr,/; marten ; sable. 
^lartyr, mar-teer, in. martyr. 
M.irtyre, mar-teer, in. martyrdom. 
Martyriser, mar-te-re-z,u, -,\ a. to martyr, torture. 
Martyroloije, niar-te-rol-olij, in. martyrology. 
Mascarade, r.ias-kar-ad,y". masii'iernde. 
Masculin, c, mas-kû-lai«, —lin, a. ma.sculine. 
Masculinité, mas-kiVle-ne-tai, /. masculineness, 
Mascjue, mask, in. mask ; masker. 
^las(luer, mas-kai, f. a. to mask : disguise ; se —, v. r. 

to put a mask on ; oi.tguise one's self. 
Massacre, mas-ak-kr m. massacre ; butchery; bungler. 
Massacrer, mas-ak-'ai, ■:: a. to massacre, butcher; 
Slass.icrenr, nias-akrur, ;;/. murderer, [spoil. 

^Iassa,^;e, mas-.ilij, in. massing. 

Masse, mass, masse; lump; rammer; mace; en — , 
MAsse, niauss, / pool (at play), [in a body, by the bulk. 
Massepain, mass-pai;(, in. marchpane. 
Masser, mas-ai, v. a. to mass ; set, lay. 
^I,lSsier, uias-yai, in. mace-bearer. 
Massif, ivc, nias-if, — iv, a. — ivement, ad. inassh'e; 

massy ; solid ; —, m. thicket; masonry-work, dead 
Massue, nias-ii.yl club. [wood. 

M.istic, niastik, in. mastich ; putty. 
Mastication, nias-te-kahsyo;/, / mastication. 
Atasurc, nmh-zùr,/. ruins of a house, pi. 
Mat, mat, m. mate ; donner échec et — , to cluckmate. 
Mat, e, mat, a. unpolished ; dim, 
M,U, m.ih, lit. mast. 
Matamore, mat-ani-or, in. bully. 
Matelas, mat-lau, in. mattress. 
Matelasser, niat-las-ai, r; a, to stuff, guilt. 
M itclassier,, in. mattress-maker. 
Matelot, mat-loh, in. seaman, sailor; consort-ship. 
Matelote, mat-lot,/ matelot. Ueiviid. 

I Mater,, i: a. to checkmate. 
M.lter, man-tai, t. a. to/urnish with masts ; set 11/ 

M.ltereau, mau-troli, m. small mast. 

M.iterialiser, mat-al-ry<il-e-zai, v. a. to materialixe. 

Matérialité, mat-al-rynl-e-tai,./' uaterialily. 

M.iteriaux, mat-ai-ryoh, in. , ,. materials, pi. ; stuff. 

Materiel, le, mat-airyel, a. —lenient, ad. material ; -, 
m. apparatus ; implements, pi. 

Maternel, le,, a. —lenient, ad. inaternil. 

Maternité, niat-air-ne-tai,/; maternity. [inottiri '1. 

Mathématicien, matai-mat-e-syai;/, m. matheni.t':- 
Clan. [inatical; — ^,/. pi. mathemiUn\. rl. 

M,itliémati(|ue,, a. —ment, ad. main;. 

Matière, mat-yair,/! material ; matter ; reason ; en - 
de, (/( point o/. 

M.Uiii, mat-ai«, )/(. morning ; forenoon ; —, ad, early, 

M.Min, m,uit-iii;(, m. mastiff'. 

Matinal, e, m.itenal, a. early, early up, 

M.'ilineau, mau-te-noli, /;/. little ma\tiif. 

Matinée, niat-e-nai,/ morning, forenoon, 

M.ltincr, maute-nai, 1'. a. to line, abuse. 

Matines, m,\\.-'\n,f. pi. matins, pi. 

M.itinenx, mat-ennli, m. early riser. 

Matir, mat-eer, t. a. togiTC a dim cast. 

M.itois, e, mat-\va, — z, a. sly cunning, sltarf ; —, in, 
cunning blade. 

Maloi'.erie, mat-waz-re,./; slyness, cunning ; trick, 

Matoii, mat-(">, m. tom-cat.'he-cat. 

Matrice, mat-riss, /! matrix, matrice. 

Matricule, mat-rekùl, A matriculation. 

Matrimonial, e, matreiuon-yal, a. matrimonial. 

M.itrone. matnm, A matron; midivife. 

Matiiratif, ive, mat-iVrat-if, — iv, a. maturatife. 

Matur.ition, inat-ùrah-syo;/,/: maturation, ripenii:^. 

Mature, niau-tiir.y; masting ; masts, pi. 

M.itarité, niat-fi-re-tai,/: maturity, ripeness, 

•M.uidire, moh-decr, t. a. to curse, execrate, 

Mau>;réer, moli-nr.ii-.ii, ?'. it. to curse and nvear,fiiii:r. 

M.iusolée, nioh-zoUai, m. mausoleum. 

Maussade, moh-sad, a, —meut, ail. sulky, dully; 

Miussaderic, inoh-sad-re,y; sulkiness. [ctinn^w 

Mauvais, e, moh-vay, — z, a. et ad. bad, ill ; hot-hcadi.i. 
il fait —, it is bad iveather; senlir —, 'o /uive a bad 
smell; trouver — , to dislike, take amiss. 

Mauve, twnhv.f. mallow; sea-gull. 

Mauviette, mohv-yet,y:./;V/ii'-.'<jrX'. 

Maxime, mak-sim,y". ma.xiin. 

.M.txiimnn, mak-sc-mom, in. maximum, highest dei; ret. 

Mazette, niah-zct,/. sorry little liorse. 

Mé.mdrc, niai-a«-dr, in. maze, irinding. 

Mécanicien, maikan-esyai/;, m. me hauician ; ma- 
chinist ; — coiuhicteur, enxine-man. 

Mécaniciue, ni.ii-kanik,./; mechanics, mechanism ; — 
a. — ment, ad. mechanical. 

Mécanisme, mai-kanism, m. mechanism. 

Mécène, mai-sayn, m. patron. 

Méchamment, mai-sliaui-a)/, ad. wickedly ; maliciomly. 

Méch.mceté, m,'ii-slia;<-stai, /! it'ickedness ; iuiiii;h!{ 
ness ; 7cicked action. 

Méchant, c, mai sha>/, — t, a. wicked, bad, wretch-d, 
sorry, naughty ; —, m. reprobate. 

Mèche, maysh,/; wick, match ; tinder ; screiv ; lock rj 

NIécher, may-slial, v. a. to fumigate mitlt /iriinstoire. 

Mécompte, mai-ko«t, m. mistake ; disappointment. 

se Mécoinpter, inai-ko;(-tai, 7'. r. to miscount ; mi.ttaif. 

Méconnaissable, mai-kon-es-ah-bl, a. not to be knoicn 
again. [ungratifnlmtr. 

Méconnaissance, maikon-es-n;/s, f. unthau/fnln'St, 

Méconnaissr-int, e, mai-kou-es-a«, — t, a. unthankful, 

•Méconnaître, mal-kon-ay-tr, v. a. not to recognne. 

Méconnu, mai-kon-il, see Mécouuaitrc. [diso^ni. 

Mécontent, e, mal-ko«-ta«, — t, a. dissatisfied, inol- 
content. [dissati.yfaili'n. 

Mécontentement, mai-ko«-fa«t-ma«, in. disconlii.l, 

Mécontenter, mai-ko;(-taw-tai, v. a. to discontent, dis- 

Mécréant, inai-krai-.a«, m, miscreant, infidel. 

Méd.iille, \\v,\\-i\,\l , f. medal. 

Médaillier, mai-d.i/-ai, ;/;. cabinet of medals. 

Médaillon, mai-da/-o«, in. medallion. 

Méilecin, mai-dsai;;, in. pinsician, doctor. 

Mé(lecine, niai-dsln,/! medicine, physic. 

Médjciner, mai-dsin-ai, v. a. to physic. 

Médiat, e, m.ii-dyali, — t, a. — emcmt, ad. mediate. 

Médiateur, mai-dyat-ur, m, mediator. 

Médiation, mai-dyah-syo;»,/: mediation, intercession, 

^1é<iiatiser, mai-tfyat-e-zai, î'. a. to mediatize. 

Médiatrice, niai-dyat-riss,/. mediatrix. 

Médical, e, mai-de-kal,<7. medical ; medicinal, physical, 
i Medicament, niai-dc-kam-a«, in, medicament, physic. 


r ?7l 


Médlcamcnter, mui-(le-kaMi-ii>/-tai, v, ti, to give tiitdiiu- i 

infills, physic. 
MccliiMiiiciiteux, «e, nial-(lck.iin-a»;-fiih, —t, a. tncdùa- 
Mtciiciiuil, c, iiiai-ilc-sc-lial, d. iiiitiiiiinil. \i»(nlttl. 

Mcili'icrc, iiial-(lyn-kr, a. — i\ifnt, ail. iiiiMiiiii,' ; in- 

ifi//iriiit ; lol,->it/>lt. 
Mcilwcrilc, iiiai-ily')k-rc-tai,./: nifiliocrity, sUinieruess. 
•Mciliro, iiiai-ilccr, v. ii. to sliiii.ler, s/'Ciii- ill of. 
McdisaiiLC, iiiai-ilc-ii-i;/ss, /. slander, tinkhitiiii; : 

MciliiaiU, c, inal-(le-za»(, — t, a. slaiidtroiis ; —, vi. 
Miiii^oz. iiial-(lc-sai, si-e Mcdiru. \slaiidcref. 

^il•(lit.ltif, ivc, iiiai-ilct.U-if, — iv, a. iiiedilalive. 
Mcilitation, mai-ili;talisyi)/;,y; intdi.ali ui. [dtvist-, 
Mo'litcr, iiiai-ilctai, t'. <i. it ii. to tiicditiitf, pond' r ; 
Mciliterrance, mai-ilctair-ran-ai, a, tiifdileriiiinaii ; 
^l^•(iillnl, mai-dyoiii, »i. iiudinin. [tiiltiiid, 

Nlif.iit, liiaifny, >n. iiiisdii-d. 
^il■fiaIn;c, inai-lyawss,/". )/iistnttt, diftrusl. 
M\ liant, 0, niai-t'y.iK, — t, <t. tnisliiitijiil. siispkions. 
su Méfier, mai fyai, v. r. to iiii.itnist, Misped. 
Mijiardo, mai j,'ard, y. tnadxtiliiity ,■ par —, I'lKid- 
Mci;cre, inai-lijair,/. x/imt: \jifrUntly, iiiniw.iiis. 

^ll\;le, mai liJL', Mcnisscrio, mailijis-rc.yi iouiiij; sAiiis. 
Mc^'i-ïsifr, nial-liji'.-yai, ;//. tawer. 
ML-iliciir, c, mc/-iir, .i. better ; lo --, la — c, the best, 
Mulaiicolio, iiiai-la«-kcil-c,/: ine/ain/ioty. 
Mi.l.uicoliiiue, iiiaila«-kul-ik, ii. — iiiciit, itd iiielaii- 
(liolicgîoomy. [pi. iiiiseeliitiiies, pi. 

Melange, iii.dla/dij, in. tni'.vini,', iiiixtmc : medley ; — s, 

Milaiijjijr, maila»(lijai, v. ii. io ini.\ ; blcr.d. 

^iL■las'>o, mai-lass,yl niolit.ises. 
>lijlée, iii,iy-lai,y; coiijlict : Ji,i;ht, debate. 
t\iVr, may-lai, v. a. to minx'le, ini.\- ; entitiiffle ; shuffle 
\iiirds); sc —, V. r. to be mixed; meddle i interfere. 

Mi-livc, maidayz, in. lair/i-lree. 

Mi.lisse, inaidiss.y: iiielissa, balm. 

Mtl ifércs, inel-lc-fair, m. pi. inelliferoiis inseets, pi. 

MlIhiIIc, mai-Ii)il-i;,y. meluly. 

Ml hi.liciix, su, inai-lnil.yiili, — z, a. — scmciit, ad. me- 

jMilndranio, inai-lml-rain, m. melodrama. [lodions. 

Ml loiiianc. inai-liimali, m. lover oj music. 

Melon, mH/(-l(j;;, )//. melon. 

Mtl.'iiiiiérc, in;(//-liiii-y.iir,y; melon-i^round. 

Mciiilir.meux, so, nia«-l)iaii-idi, — z, a. meinbranons. 

Mcniliic, Hi.i;(-lir, m. meniher, liiibb ; part. 

Mcjiiilirii, c, iiia;/-l)n'i, <:. laixe-liinbed. 

Miiulirurc, nia«-liri'ir, /./rame. 

.Mriiic, niayiii, a. et o.f. same, self; e^'en, also, very ; 
(Io —, Just so, liieicise ; !\ — , 7iil/ti>i reath ; iiicttru ii 
—, to enable. 

Mtincnto, mai-mai;(-to, m. meinarandiim. 

MiMiioire, mai-mwar,/; memory; remembrance ; — , >n. 
iiieiiiorial ; bill : — s, //. memoirs, pi, 

MriiiDiali!;;, !iiai-mcii-ali-l'l, ii. memorable. 

MiiMiir.itif, ivc, mai-ninr-at if, — iv, <r. remembering. 

Ml inori.,1, mai-mor-yal, in. ir.emorial ; day-book., iii»/<-n.'iss,y; threat, menace. 

Mrii.iccr, m;(/(-nas-ai, f. a. to tiireateu, menace. 

Mciiajjc, mai-iinlij, m. honsehold ; iwnseieeping ; 
hi'iis'-iuiff.ry ; eionomy ; faire bon — , to live ivell 
iiXtllter; \.cn\t —, to keep honse. [coiidiut. 

Mijii.ij;cMient, niai-nalij-ma't, m. caution, discretion ; 

Mina(,'ir, mai-nalijai, v. a. to /tusband ; spare ; man- 
oj;e : procure ; contrive ; se — , v. r. to take care o/ 
one's self. 

Moll i,i;i.r, ère, mai-nabj-ai, — r, a. thrifty ; frugal. 

Mona^jorc, mai-nalij-air,/; housekeeper, houseicife. 

Mona^'orie, inai-liaiij-re.yT menageiy. [mendicant. 

Mondiant, e, iiia«-dya«, — t, a. bei'ging ; — , m. beggar. 

Mendicité, ma«-de-sc-tai,y: tnendicity, beggary. 

Moiulier, m.i«-dyat, v. a. to beg. 

Moiioo, in/(/j-nai,y". secret practice, intrigue. 

Mener, nw«/j-nai, %'. a. to lead, conduit, carry ; drive ; 

Wonostrel, mai-nes-trel, ;;/. minstrel. [introduce. 

Monotrier, niai-nai-trc-ai, m. fiddler, 

Moiionr, ni;(/<-mir, »i. leading-man, ringleader. 

MoMotte, iii;(/Miot,y; little hand ; —i,pt. handcuffs, pi. 

Molls, max, see Mentir. 

Mi^^nso, ma«ss,yr income, revenue. 

Monsun.;c, i.iax-soxlij, m. lie, fiction ; illusion. 

Monsiin^;er, ore, ma«sii«-lijai, — r, a. false ; deceitful. 

Moiistnies, ma«-strfl,/.' pi. menses, pi. 

Moiisiiol, lo, ma;(-sà-oll, a. — loinciit, ad. monthly. 

Montai, e, nia»-tal, a. — eiiiont, ad. 7'iental. 

Moiitoric, ma;i-tre,yiy;Vi, story, 

Montour, sc, ma«-tur, — tidiz, a. lying, deceitful ; — , 

Moiitlie, ina;(t,y; mint. [_m. liar. 

Mi'iiiioii, n)a'(-syo«,y; menfioii. 

M ntiiMiiior, nia«-syi)ii-ai, tv a, lo mentien, .rpeak of, 

* >loiuir, ni;u(-toer, T-. n. to lie, Inanie, 

^ cntoii, max to//, ;•' ■'(<«. 

Moiilor. mal(/-tor, »//. mentor, guidf. 

Menu, 0, in/z/i-nrt, ri. el ad. slender, small; mftttt, 

vuli'ar ; — s \>\.i\>Axs, privy purse ; Pi\ ket- money ; —, 

)//. bill of fare ; giblets, pi. 
Moiiiiaillo, m///<-niVa/,y; small money ; trash, 
Monnet, m/(//-niVay, m. minuet. ; 

Mc-niiisor, in/</i-iii"i-e-zal, v. a. to do joiner s work. 
Menuiserie, nw(V/-nù-izro,y.'7Vii';;c/-.i' ; joiner's work. 
Momiisier, nw<//-nâ-iz-y.ii, m. joiner, 
.\I. |iliitii|ue, niaititik, <». mephitical. 
.Ml |, m.ii-pl.ili, m.Jlat parts, pi. 

•so .Moprendro, mai-pr,i//-ilr, v. a. lo mistake. \pr. 

Ml pris, ni.ii-pre, m. contempt, scorn .■ .in — ilc, ('// spile 
.Mopris.iliie, mai prc-zalil/l, ■». —meat, <r</. conieinptible, 

despii able. 
Méprisant, c, mal-pre-za»/, — t, a. contemptuous, scorn- 
M.priso, ni.iipriz,/: mistake, error. [ful. 

Moprisor, m liproz ai, r. i». to contemn, despise, scorn. 
.Mor, \\v.\\T,f. sea, main ; ploinc —, hii;h water. 
.Mercinlile, mair-k i/ztii, a. mercantile, 
Mercen.iire, m.drsn.iir, ii, nurcenary, venal; — , in. 

mercenary, hireling. 
Mcroerie, in.iirs-re, yl mercery, mercer's ware, 
.Merci, niair-se, y! mercy, pify ; —, //;. thanks. 
.Mercier, ère. mair-syai, — r, v. mercer, mUliner, 
.Mercredi, m.iir-kr-de, ///. Il'e./nesday. 
Mercure, m.ilrkùr, ///. inenurv. ', mair-ki', y; lecture, rebuke; priie of 
MorcnricI, le, nialr-kûr-yel, a. mercurial. [grain. 

More, inair, f. mother; langue —, mother-tongue ; 

— I.iine,y///cv/ "(■.'('/. 
Méridien, m.iiridy.d//, ;;/. tueridian. 
Méridienne, inairul-ycii.y; meridian line ; faire la—, 

.'i' titke a nooning. 
Moridiim.d, e,, a. meridional, southern. 
MoriiKis, inai-rc-nolis, ///. merino. 
.Merise, muh-Tiz. f. irild c/ierry. 
Merisier, ni/</iri/-yai, ;//. loiid iherry-lree. 
Méritant, c, inai-re-ta//, — t, a. nurilorious, worthy, 
.Mérite, ni.ii-rit, in. tnerit, worth ; desert. 
Mériter, ni.ii re-t.ii, -,>. a. el ii. to merit, deserve ; be 

worth ; procure. 
Méritoire, niairitwar, a. meritorious. 
■, iiior-lax, m. whiting. 
Merle, niairl, ///. blackbird. 
Merlin, iiiair-lai//. m. pole-axe : marline, 
.Morluclie, ni.iir-irisli,y.' .(to,/.;/ish. ^ 

.Merr.iin, in,iir-ai//, ;//. slal/-uood ; hart's horn. 
.Merveille, niair-v.iy/, y: marvel, wonder; h. — , admir- 
ably well. 
Merveilleux, se, mair-vayAnh, — z, a. — scincnt, ad. 

mai-oellous, wonderful ; —, ///. the mai-ocllous. 
Més.illi.ince, mai-z.d-ya//s,yi disparagement. 
.Mésallier, m.iizal-yai, v. a. to disparage ; sc —, V. r. to 

degrade one's self. 
Mésange, \\\.\\z:\n\\], f. tomtit, titmouse. 
Mosarriver, ni,d-zar-e-vai, v. ii. lo miscarry, turn out ill. 
.Mes.iviiuuro, in.ii-zav-a/«-tilr,yl mischance, mishap. 
.Mésestime, mai-zos-teein, /. disregard, contempt. 
Mésestimer, mai-zes-te-mai, v. a. lo disesteem, undei^- 

value. [standing. 

.Mosiiitellijjcncc, in.ii-zai//-tolle-lija;/s, f. misunder— 
.Mésiiitorprétcr, mais-.ii//-tor-prai-tai, v. a. to misin- 
Mosmorisme, mes-inai-risin, ///. mesmerism, [terpret. 
'.Mosotfrir, mai-zof-froer, v. a. to underbid. 
Mes(|uin, c, nies-kai//, — kin, a. — einent, ad. stingy, 

niggardly ; shabby. 
Mesiiiiinerie, mes-kiiire,./. J//'//.4'-»/«'.rj-; shabbiness. 
Messa>;e, mes-alij, ///. message; errand. [carrier. 

Mcss.ii;er, mes-alij-ai, ///. messenger; harbinger ; 
.Mcssa;;erie, mes-alij-ro, f. coach-oj/ice ; stage-coach. 
Messe, nioss.yi mass. 
Messéance, mesai-.u/s.yî unseemliness. 
Mosséaiit, e, nies-ai-a//, — t,a, unseemly, unbecoming, 
♦.Mosseiiir, mes-war, î'. ;/. lobe unbecoming. 
.Messie, nies-e, //(. Messiah. 
Messier, mos-yai, m. keeper. 
Messieurs, mos-yiili, m. pi. gentlemen, sirs, pi. 
Messire, mes-eor, ///. sir. 
.Mesiiiaiile, m/z/jzur-aliM, a. measurable. 
.Mesurage, m///'(-zùr-alij, t>i. measuring. 
Mesure, muh-zût,f. measure ; compare ; bounds ; ;"l — 

(lue, according lo, proporlionably. 
Mesuré, e. m///i-zûr-,ii, a. measured, cautious. 
.Mesurer, nu/Zf-zOr-ai, v. a. lo measure; compare; be 

cautious in ; bC —, v. r. to be measured ; loinpjre 

one's self Willi. 
.Mesureur, ni///(-zûr-ur, m. measurer, meter. 
Mésuser, mai-ziVz.ii, '.\ n. to misuse, abuse. 
Métaoliroiiisme, inai-tak-ron-isui, ?«i ?/KlUihlVlfifllt, 
Métairie, iiiai-tay-re,y;yii/7//, 
Métal, mai-tal, m, i/utal, : 


Métnillque, mal-tal-lik, a. mtlallie. 
Mot.illiirKie. in.iilat-irtrlije.y; nitlalhirt^. 
M^laiii(ir|ih<isc, iii.ii-t.inior-foliz, /. uielu»io>'filiosis. 
MiitamorpliosLT,, v. a. to nitfaiiipr- 
Mélapliorc, iii.ii-t.if-or,/ mtliifhot: \flu>st. 

Mt'taplioriciiic, iiiai-taf-or-ik, a. — incnt, ad. intlu- 

phorital. I tiidaphy \U(il. 

Motaiiliyiiiiliie, niai-taf-e-zik, /. metifnyiic\ ; —, a. 
Mt'taycr, tay - yal, m. farintr ; — t;re, —n\r,/. 
Mctcil, inai-tay/, «i, inaslin. {Jarmtr't wi/t. 

Météore, inai-taior, in. mtlecr. 
MvtéorUiue, inai-tai-nr-ik, .«. )>ieltoric, 
Mctt*r)r()loj;ie, iiiai-tai-or-olnlij •<;,/, ineleorolo^y. 
Mét<for()l<inii|iie, iiiai-tai-dr-ol-nlij-ik. a. tntttorological. 
Méthode, iiiai-tod.y; )>uth(Hi ; way. 
M(i(ho<li(]iie, inai-tO(l-ik, a. — mciit, ad. tnelhodical. 
Méticuleux, se, mai-te-kftl-iih, — z, <i. trt'tr-ltmoroits, 

Métier, iiiai'tyni, nt. trndf, haiiJirra/t, pyo/essinii. 
Métis se, inai-tis, a. inoiigrtl. [iiisOiess ; loom. 

Mètre, inay-tr, >«. melrt. 
Métriciue, in.ti'trik, a. intlrical. 

Métro|iolc, iiiai-trop-()l,y. iiittrof'olis, mother church. 
Métropolitain, e, iiiai-trop-ol-c-tni«, —ten, <i. metro- 
Mets, may, in. dish, mess {.see Mettre). [foiilan. 

Mettable, iiicl-nh-lil, a. wearaltle. 
•Mettre, iiiet-tr, v. it. to put, put on, set, lay ; expose ; 

— (leliors, to dismiss ; — p,ir écrit, to irrite doivn ; sc 

— , 7'. r, to set oite's self ; j^et ; sit down ; bei^in ; set 

about ; dress one's self. 
Meulilant, c, inuh-bl.i», — t, a. ineiiMes —i,/urniture. 
Meulile, imili-l>l, a. movable; li.i;M : — , >«. piece of 

furniture : —s, pi. household ):oods,furnituri ; — de 

boule, rococo J urniture. 
Meubler, inuliblai, 7». a. to furnish. 
Meiilc, mulil, f. tnillstone ; grindstone ; rich (hay) ; 

stack {stratv). 
Mculicre, niuh-lyair,yC tnilisloiie. 

Meunier, niuh-nyai, »i. miller ; pollard ; —ire, — alr.y; 
Meurs, mur, see Mourir. [miller's tvije. 

Meurtre, nuilir-tr. ;;/. murder. 

Meurtrier, ire, uiulir-tre-ai, — air, a. murderous ; — , tn. 
Mcurfricrc, niulir-tre-air,y; loop-hole. Imurdtrer. 

Meurtrir, inuhr-treer, 7». a. to bruise. 
Meurtrissure, nuilir-lre-si1r,y. bruise. 
Meus, mull, see Mouvoir. 
Meute, luulit,/". pack of hounds. 
Mtuve, tuuliv, see Mouvoir. 
Mévendre, uiai-va>(-<lr, v. a. to undtrsell. 
Mévente, inai-va;/t,y; dead sale. 
Mezzanine, incd-zan-iu,./; mezzanine, 
Miasin,-iti(|ue, inc-as-nint-ik, a. tniasmatic. 
Miasme, me-asin, m. tniasm. 
Miaulement, ine-olil-ma;/, ;«. mewinf^. 
Miauler, nie-oh-lai, 7/. n. to nieiv, caterwaul. 
Mica, mik-ah, »>. mica. 
Miche, mish,/ loaf. 
Micmac, mik-mnk, tn. byplay. 
Microscope, nie-kros-kop. ;«. microscope, 
Microscopiciiie, me-kros-kop-ik, a. microscopical. 
Midi, me-dc, in. noon, midday ; meridian ; south. 
Mie, mc,f. crumb ; blister ; ma — , my dear, sweetheart. 
Miel, myel, m. honey. 
Micllat, mt-ell-ah, m. mildew. 
Mielleux, se, mycl-uh, — z, a. honeyed, luscious. 
Mien, nc, iiiyaix, niyen, /«. mine, my own ; les —s, my 

friends, my relations. 

[rais —, / had rather, 
'ler ; le —, the best ; j'aime- 

, myet,y; little crumb. 
Mieux, inyuh,^. better ; rath, 
Mièvre, niyay-vr, a. rox'uish, 7i.'ai,'!;ish. 
Mièvrerie, n\yny-\ruh-re,f. rox'uishncss, waj^x'ery. 
Mijtnard, e, min-yar, — d, a. —cmtM, ad. delicate, sweet, 

Mi(;narder, min-yar-dai, v. a. to cocker. 
Mignardise, iuin-yar-diz,y, delicacy, prettiness ; —s, pi. 

fair words, fl. 
Nfi);non, ne, min-yon, — on, a. delicate, pretty ; argent — , 

spare money ; — , tn. — ne, f. darling, favourite, 

mill ton. 
Mi);nonnement, min-yon-ma>/, ad. delicately, finely. 
Mi^uonnettc, niin-yon - ttt, ./; mignonette; ground 
Mij{raine, me-Kren, /: megrim. Çfepper. 

Migration, nie-j;r.ih-syo<(,./; migration. 
Mijaurée, mihj-o-rai./". conceited creature. 
Mijoter, mihj-ot-ai, t'. a. to simmer ; fondle. 
Mil, mil, II. one thousand. 
■ Mil mil, in. mil/-'. 
Mil.ui, inil-a;(, in tutc. 
Mili.iiri.-, uiil-yair, a. miliary. 
Milite, mil-is,./; militia ; soldiers, pi. 
Milicien, iue-lis-ya/«, ;//. inilitiamaii. [roay. 

Milieu, inil-yuli, tn. middle i centre; medium, mean. 

[ 88 ] MIT ^ 

Millt.ilre, mit-e-tnir, <i. —ment, ad. milUaryi —, « 

Militer, mll-e-Ini, i\ n. to militate ; oppose. [seldnr. 

Mille, mil, II. (1 thousand ; —, m. mile. 

MillLn.iire, niil-lal-uair, a. millenary ; —, m. iniL'r. 

Millésiine, iiiil-lal-zim, in. date {coin}, [narim. 

Millet, mi/-ay, m. millet. 

Milli.iirc, milyalr, a. millinry. 

Milli.ird,, in. a thousand millions. 

Milli.lsse, iiiil-y.i-,s,/; Ihausands, pi. ; a world, 

Millli'iue, mil-yciii, a. thousandth. 

Milliir, mil-y.ii, tn, thousand-weight. 

Million, mil yi)«, m. million. 

Millionnaire. iiiil-yi>n-air, m. a man worth milli'tnt. 

Milord, mil-or, m. lord, nabob. 

Mime, iiiiui, m. mime, mimic. 

Miiiii(|in.', niim-ik, it. mimical ; — ,/! mimic art. 

Miii.uider, me-noji-dal, t. n. to affect, smirk. 

Minauderie, mc-noh-drc.y/rc/'/v uiVi, ^/. .■ smirking. 

Min.uidier, ire, nie-noli-dyal, — r, a. ajfected. 

Mince, iiiai</ss, a. thin: slender, shallow. 

Mine, iiiin, / look, mien, appearance ; coiiiitenaiirr , 

mine ; ore ; avoir bonne —, to look well ; faire la \, 
Miner, me-nai, t. a. to mine, undermine, [topoul >ii. 
Minerai, miii-ray, in. ore. 
Mineral, e, me-nni-ral, in. mineral. 
Minéralogie, nienai-ral-ohj-c, a. mineralogy. 
Minér,ilogi(|ue,, a. mineralogical. 
Miiiér.ilogiste, nic-n.ii.r.\|.olij-ist, in. mineralogist. 
Minet, te, nie-n.iy, —net, r. puss, kitten. 
Mineur, e, lue-nur, a. under age ; lesser; — , tn. tniiirr ; 
Miniature, min-yat-ilr./i miniature. [iniiifr. 

Miniaturiste, uun-yat-i1-rist, m. miniature-painter. 
Minière, min.e-ayr,y mine, mining. 
Minime, min-im, a. very sviall. 
Ministère, niin-is-tayr, in. ministry ; office ; 
Ministériel, le, min-is-t.ii-rycl, a. — lenient. 
Ministre, me-nis-tr, in. minister ; priest. 
Minium, min-yom, in. red lead. 
Minon, min-o;/, m. puss, kitten. 
Minorité, luin-or-e-tai,/! minority. 
Minuit, niiii-we, m. midiiixht. 
Minute, min-ût,/; minute; original. 
Minuter, me-nflt-ai, v. a. to minute ; contrive. 
Minutie, me-nii-se,.A minulia, trifle. 
Minutieux, se, me-mVsyuli, —z.a. — scmeiit, a</. minute, 
Mi-p.irti, me-parte, a. bipartite. [trijliiij;. 

Mirabelle, me-rab-el,/; ' small plum. 
Miracle, me-r.ikl, m. miracle; ivonder. 
Miraculeux, se, me - rak - Û - luh, — z, a. — semcnt, «(/. 

miraculous, ivonderful. 
Mirage, me-ralij, in. looming. 
Mire, nicer,/: aim. 
Mirer, me-rai, v. a. to aim at ; 

behold one's face in a glass. 
Mirifique, me-re-lik. a. wonderful. 
Mirliflore, meer-le-flor, tn. dandy, coxcomb. 
Mirmidon, nieer-iiie-do«, m. pigmy, shtiinp. 
Miroir, nieer-war, m. lookini^-glass ; titirror. 
Miroité, e, nieer-wat-ai, a. àapple-bay. 
Miroiterie, iueer-wat-re,y; looking-glass trade. 
Miroitier, meer-wat-yai, m. looking-glass maker. 
Miroton, ineer-ot-o», ttt. miroton. 
Mis, me, see Mettre. 

Misaine, ine-z.ayn,/; mtA de — ,foremast. 
Mis.intlirope, me-za>f-trop, tn. misanthrope. 
Misanthropie, ine-za«-trop.e,/; misanthropv. 
Misantliro|)iq'je, me-Zii«-trop-ik, a. ii -santfiropic. 
Miscellanées, mls-sel-lan-ui, m. pi. miscellanies, pi. 
Miscibilité, m!s-se-be-le-tai,y: miscibility. 
Miscible, mis-se-bl, a. miscible. 
Mise, \\\\z, f. stake: outlay, expense; dress, fashioi 

— en liberté, release ; — en vente, putting up for 

sale ; monnaie de —, cuisent coin. 
Misérable, ine-zai-rah-bl, a. -ment, ad. tniserable 

wretched ; — , tn. wretch, villain. 
Misère, me-zair, f. tnisery, distress ; wretchediies , 

ad. Ill inn- 

loom ; se —, V. r. to 

plague, trifle. 

\liséréré, me-zai-rai-r.ii, m. miserere. \ter. 

Miséricorde, me-zai-re-kord, f. ttiercy ; pardon, quar- 
Miséricordieux, se, nie-zai-re-kord-yun, — z, a. — seiiicut, 

ad. merciful. 
Missel, me-sel, tn. tnissal, tnass-book. 
Mission, me-syo)/,y. mission. 
Missionnaire, ine-syon-air, in. missionary. 
Missive, niis-siv,y. epistle. 
Mistral, mis-tral, m. north-west wind. 
Mitaine, nie-teii.y". mitten. 
Mite, n\\t,f. mile. 

Mitiijation, iiic-l(-gah-syo;(,y: mitigation. 
Mitiger, ine-tc-lijai, ?•. a. l.< mitigate. 
Mitoii, me-tOH, m. mitten, <;iove. [afe ; slew. 

Mitonner, melonai, v, a. et n. to cocker, foncUe ; tnaH' 


[ 8g 


Mitoyen, n«, mlt-w.iyni»/. —yen, a. inùU.'f ; mur — , 

Mlir.iille, iiic-tr.i/,/. v»"''/' '^o'- f fiftilioii-ivall. 

Mitr.iillcr, rtictrii/-.ii, v. n. /•> shoot wit/i gnift shot. 

Mitre, iiictr,/ »islif : ihimnfy-lof. 

Miirir, iiiiMr.ii, «i. tnirt-di. 

Mitron, iiic-tro«, m. /oiiriieytnnn baktr. 

Mixte, luikst, ir. tiiixed, mixt. 

M.xtioii. iiiiks-tyo;/,/ mixtion, tnixliirr. 

Mixli'iimcr, lîiiks-lynniii, j'. n. to mix, tiiiiigli. 

Mixture, iiiiks-ti'ir, /. mi\liirt. 

Miii'i'iuiiiiiue, iMiiiii-iiinii.ik.y; miitmonks. 

Mobile, iiiol>-il, a. tnoiahlt: iinstduiy ; i/iiick; —, m. 

mo:fr, s/>riiii^. 
M'ibiliairc, mol) il-yalr. d. motiahtf, personal. 
Moliilier, i-re, moli- il- y.ii, — r, <i. movable; —, m. 
inonuthiei, fl. : l'iirtiilure. {seii'iit. 

Mi>liills.\tlou, iiinl) clozili-syoi;, /. ailing to attive 
W', iiioli.c-lL'-/.ii, -■• (I. to rail to activi servie*. 
^l(llllllll*, iiiobelc-t.ii. A iiiolulity. 
Miicl.ilitc', inoil-alcl.ii./ iiio/ii/ity. 
hjciilc;, mod, /. fasiiion ; moite, uay ; —s, //. dresses .• 

— . III. moiit ; moite. 
MhiI^Il', liiodell, t)i. moite/, />alterii, 
Nloijelcr, iiiciil l.ii, v. n. to iiiiutcl. 
Mn.lelciir, moij.jiir, m. moite/ler. 

Mciilcr.ilciir, iiioil-,ii-rat-iir, m. mo^feriitor, riiltr. [tioii. 
Mniliralioii, inoil-.ii r.ili-syo;(, /'. modiiiitiOH ; initiait- 
Mi.'lirL', e, mml-iii-rai, ii. — mont, iiil. nioiierule, lem- 

MiKlciicr, niO(l-nl-r,'ii, v. n. to iiioilernte, temper,- re- 

strain, reduce : fimify ; se — , v. r. to restiiiiii one's 
Mi"ifriie, niM(| .lini, u. >:i,>.liiii. leieiit. \silj : abate. 
Wn.kTiier, iii'iil-.iirii.ii, ;■. ii. to moiteriiite. 
Mnilistc, modest, a. — iiiont, ad. modest ; moiierate. 
Mii'Ifstio, mod-L'itf, /. iiiodesly. ité, mod-cse-t.ii./i siiiiiHiiess. 
Miiiline.iiliiii, iiioil c-lV-k.ih syo/;, /. modifiiatioii, re- 
Mi'IiIilt. tiioclify,ii, J'. i7. 10 iih'dilv, limit. [••Irùiion. 
Mi>ilii|iie, mill! ik, i». — mont, ml. :Ue>idcr. simtll. 
M', moil-ist, J. mt.'inier, miiii-milliiier. 
Muiliil.iliMn, mo l-ù-l.ilisvoj/,/. iiiodiilalion. 
Mii'iiili', mnil Ù1, ;;;. tiuuhde, pattern. 
Mii'liilor, nioilûl.ii, 7'. a. to modulate. 
Millie, nio-al,./. marron', 

Mi'i-llciix, se, mo-aluli, — z, a. —sèment, act. tnamni'V ; 
Miiclliin, moal-o'f, in. rin'-stoiie, roit^'/i stone, [so/t. 
Mniir',, iiKilir.y! fi . inaiiiicrs, mornis, pi. 
M'li, ii.o-.iti, /;/. /,• ine ; ,i — I lielp ! help I — même, 

/ myself; ijiiant .\ — ,./'"■ my part. 
Mi)ii;noii, ii.o-ay;/yo«, m. slump. [least. 

Moiiidio, mo;ii//(lr, <i. /V.t.t, lesser; Ic — , 1,1 — , the 
Mi'ine, mo-,din, 1:1. inottk, I'lar ; 'lUariniiigpan, 
M( mean, luo-almoh, >/;. sparroiv. 
Miiiicrie, iiio-alin-rc,./C liie monks, pi. 
Mi'ins, nio-ni/;, ad. less ; fxiept : but ; h — de, for less 

thou ; h — <iiic, unless, ijiwt ; Ic —, the least ; an —, 

dn --, at least. 
Moire, moalir,/! icatered stii/K 
M'iicr, mo-alirai, 7'. a. to water. 
Mois, nio-,ah, m. mciil/i. 
Mnisi. e, mo-alizo, a. mouldy ; 

— ri?nt, «</. momem 
hypocrisy. \.tary. 

Momcnf.ini!, e, motn-.lJttan .il, a. 

Momcrio, inohm-rc, / iiiiimmery ; 

Moinie, moji-me,/ mummy. 

Mon, iiio;«, m.i, \n.\\\.p>i. my. 

Mon,ical, e, n. tnoiitish ; — ement, <irf. lit* 

Mon.icliisime, monasli-isin, »i. moiiachism. [a tiiau/i. 

Moii,idc, in<,/. ino/iaj. 

Moiiinliie, iiionar-sho, /. monarchy. 

Miin.irchii|ue,, u, moiianhioil, 

Mon.iriiue, moii-ark, m. monarch. 

Moiiastcrc, mon-,iS'lair, m. monavtery, 

Mon,istii|iic, nioii-as-tik, a. monastic. 

Monceau, mu/i-soli, in. heap. 

Mondain, c, mo«dai«, — den, a. — ement, aif. worldly; 

Mondiinlté, mo><-dan'C-tai,y. worldliiiess. |;vi;//. 

Monde, mo«d, >n. world; people; serrants, pi.; le 

beau — , people oj /ashioii , tout Ic — , eierybody. 
Monder. mo<i-dai, v. a. to clean <e; peel. 
Mundilier, moii-dir-c-ai, v. a. to muiidi/y, cleanse. 
Monétaire, moii-ai-talr, a. monetary. 
Moniteur, mon'e-tur, in. monitor. 
Monition, mone-syo»(,/. monition. 
Monitoire, moii-it-w,ir, m. monitory. 
Monnaie, nion-ay,/! coin ; money ; tniiit. 
iMonn.tya^to, moii-ay-yali), ni. minlinj,': coiiiinj^, 
iMoiuiiycr, moU'ay-yai, v. a. to stamp money, coin, 
j Monu.iyour, luon-ay-yur, tn. minter. ' Imiiit. 

I M')Uot,'r.immc,, m. monogram. 
I Miinoi,'r.«|i|iic, moii-o-Kraf-c,/; mono^'raphy, 

.Monolofiuc, inon-o-lo(f, m. soliloifiiy. 
I, iuon-o-m,tn, in. monomaniac, 
i Moiioinanic, mono-mali-e,y; mmiomania, 
j .Monopole, mo-no-|«il, m. monopoly. 
I .Monopoleur, mo-no -pol-ur, m. Monopolist. 
I Miino->yll,ibe, moiio-sillali, m. monosyllable, 
! M.notonc, mo-notnn, a. tnono/onoiis. 
: Monotonie, iuo-no-ton-c,y: monotony. 
Moiisei(,'nenr, mo;/-s.iin-yur, in. my lord. 
Monsieur, iiio-syuh, m. sir ; i^entleinaii. 
Miiiislre, moii-str, 111. monster. [stioiis, enormous. 

Moiijtrneux, iuo»-slrù-uli, —7, a. — scmriit, ad. mon- 
.Monstruosité, iiio«-s'riVoli-zetai,X monstrosity, mou- 
Mont, ino«. III. mount, moiinlaui. [stroiisncss. 

.Mont.nio, moM-talij, m. larryini; up. [taiiircr. 

Moiita>fii,ird, iiio«-tan-y.ilir, m. liii;hlander, inoun- 
Miiiita.i,'iie, nmn-\ mountain. [hilly. 

Mont.iKnoux, se, mo;/, — z, a. mouiitaiiioiis. 
Montant, c, mo;i-t,i«, — t, a. rising' ; hilly; >.Mr<.lo — o, 
irliez'inj; L'liard ; — , >//. beam ; amount, sum total; 
vin (|ui a du — , heady ■nine. 
Monte, mont,/; ciK'eriii),'. 
Montée, mo);-tni,y; <ij<(;(/,- staircase; step. 
Monter, mo«-tai, v. a. et >i. to ^'o up, get up, a\ccnd ; 
climb up; carry up ; ivind up; /urnisli {house); 
command (ship); rise ; grow up ; come to ; get [on 
horseback); mount {guard); set up {bed); se —, 
7'. r. to amount ; be made up. 
Miiitour, mo«-tur, m. seller. 

, . . >/(. mould, moiiUii- 

Moisir, mo-.'>li-zeer, i\ a. et n. to mould ; se — , v. r. to 
g<viv mouldy. 

Moisissure, nio-ali-ze-sûr,y; mouldiness ; maiilJ. 

Miiissine, mo-ah-sin,/; bundle o/vine-branches. 

Miiissiiu, mo-ali-so«,y; hanesi, crop. 

Moissonner, moahsoii-ai, v. a. to reap. 

Moissonneur, nio-ah-son-ur, m. reaper, harvest-man ; 
—se, —\\\\z,/', hariest-icoman. 

Moite, I. o-.ilit, a. moist, damp. 

Moiteur, mo-aht-ur,y; moisture, dampness. 

Moitié, mo-alu-yai,/: half, moiety ; à —, par — , hal/, 

by lull/, by halves. 
Moka, niok all, m. mocha coffee. 
Molaire, mol-air, a. ilent — , gi indet: 
Mole, niahl, m. mole, pier ; —,/. mole, moon-calf. 
Molecule, inol-ai-ki'il,/; molecule. 
Molester, mol-es-tai, i>. a. to molest, trouble. 
Molette, niol-et,/ rowel ; mu/lar. 
Mollasse, mol-ass, a. flabby, /lim.ty. 
Mollement, mo!-!na;<, ad. .^oftly; r/feminately. 
Mollesse, inol-ess,/. softness ; flubbiness ; effeminacy. 
Mollet, te, iiiol-ay, —et, 1». a litlle soft; —, m. calf [f 

the leg); fringe. 
Molleton, infil-to«, v\. swanskin. 
Molliiior, niol-lif-y.ii, r. a. to mollify. 
Mollir. iMol-eer, 7'. ;/. to soften, slacken. 
Mcillusqiie, luol-ûsk, m. tnolliisra. 
Molyliilèiie, uujl-ib-dayn,/; molyhdttna. 
Moment, moin - a;/, in. moment; à tout —, every 

moinint; en cc — , dans le —,at this moment, im- 

.Mi-nl>;olfière, mo;i-L'olf.yair,./; air-ballaon. 

Monticule, inoK-teki'il, in. hillock. 

Monloir, mo</-twar, m. horse-block. 

Montre, niox-tr,/. uatih ; sample, show ; sho^v glass ; 
— i\ repetition, repeater. 

Montrer, mo«-trai,r. a. to sho7v ; point out, teach ; se—, 
V. r. to show one's self; behave. 

Moiitneux, se, ino«-tft-uli, — z, a. mountainous, hilly. 

Monture, mo«-tiir, y. b'ast for riding; mounting; 
stock {gun) ; spur-leather. 

Monument, mo«-finia«, m. monument. 

so Moquer, mokai, v. r. to mock, laugh at ; scorn. 

M<>i|ucric, mok-rc,/ mockery, scoff. [scoffer. 

MiMjueur, se, mok-ur, — iiliz, a. mocking; —, taker, 

Mnrailler, inoraAai, v. a. to draw with pincers. 

Murailles, mora/,/: //. pincers, pi. 

Mor.iillon, mor-.i/-o«, m. iron-Jtap. 

Moral, c, mor-al, a. — onient, ad. moral. 

Morale, mor-al,/; morality ; tnoral ; lecture. 

Moraliser, iiior-al-c-zai, v. a. to moralize, 

Moraliseur, iiior-al-e-zur, m. ntoralizer. 

Moriiliste, mor-al ist, m. moralist. 

Moralité, inor-al-e-tai,/. morality ; morals. 

Moratoire, mor-at-war, a. alloiving delay. 

Morbide, mor-bid, a. morbid. 

Morbifiquc, mor-be-tik, a. mcrhifual. 

Morceau, mor-soh, >/<. bit, morsel ; piece ; fragment. 

Morceler, inors-lai, v. a. to parcel, pa'-cel out. 

Morcellement, nior-sel-ma«, m. parcelling. 

Mordacité, mor-das-e-tai,/; mordacity. 

Morilant, e, inor-da», — t, a. biting ; sarcastic ; —, tt. 

size ; pointedness. 
Mord'cant, e, inor-de-kan, — t, a. acrid; biting; salt- 
Mordicus, luor-de-kûs, ad. obstinaUly, [rical. 




Mordiller. moMll/-i>l, t. a. to uihble, hilt at. 
Mordoré, c, iiior-ilor-al, a. o/a rfdiiiih Itiflwii. 
•Montre, mnr-ilr, v. a. rl >i. fo hilt, ttibbtf itt : raleh ; 
Mori', iiior, >«. iiei^ro, li/iiiliwioo): [mt-fiat, 

Mortil, iiiorlil, ni. roin'/i (li^f, tltfluiuff Irrlh, fl. 
Morfiiiiclrc, iiior-fiiw-ilr, v. a. to thill; sc — , v, r. to 

tail It lolii ; itauif nitriidiinct. 
Morfoinliirc, mi)r-fi>;/.ilftr,/. cold. 
Moryiii;, inorj;,/ liiiii);htiiifss, fride ; (/ead/toii.te, 
MorL'iu'r, iiinrK-iil, v, a. to brnTf, darf. 
VIoriliDiul, e, nmr-c-lifi//, — d, a. dyiii); ; —, m. dyini; 

man ; — e,/! djiiit,' ivonuiil. 
Morii .itid, e, iinirck'ili, — d, a. tanniy, Hiit. 
Morii/iiier, innr-c-lijai-iMi, v. a, tosilioof, tutor. 
Miirille, iiKir-l/,./! morel. 

M'lnllipn, iiiur-i/-o;/, ui. flu» bltiek graft; roin'/$ 
Morion, mo -.c-ii", i>i. morion. [emerald. 

Morno, morn, ii. i;loomy ; —, ;i«. Hiiffi 
Morose, nioroliz, a. i/iorori\ tour, 
Morosilif, nior-<ilizc-tal,/; moro.ttiieis, toiiriitsi. 
Mors, inor, m. bit. 
Morsure, mor-silr,/; bite, bifiiij^. 

Mort, inor,yi deiif/i ; h —, mot tally ; —, dtad body ; — , 
c, inor, — t,ir. dtad; .leared ; — liols, tittdenvood ; — ik*, 
stillborti ; can — c, sta iidittji- 7f ater ; — e saison, dull 
time of tlie year. 
Mortivdille, liu' ell,./ italian sausage, 
Morliiisc, mor-tiiyz,./ mot-ttte. 
Mort.illte, morl.ilc-tai, / mortality. 
Morlcl, le, mor-tel, a. — Icmciit, ad. mortal ; deadly. 
Mortier, inor-tyai, tn. t/toitar. 
Mortifère, nior-tef.iir, a. deadly. 
Mortilic.itioii, nior-tefekali-syo;(,/ mortification. 
Mortifier, mor-tify.ii, v. a. to in M-luy. 
Mortuaire, nior-lu-air, a. fanerai ; extrait — , certificate 
Morue, mi>r-i1,,/ cod, cid/islt. [tt/ decease. 

Morvi;, wmiv.jf .■mot ; g.'atiders, fl. 
Morveux, se, morvuli, — z, a. snotty, 
Mtisaiiiue, moz-ali-lk, / mosatc. 
Mosc«uado, moskwad, A raiv sugar. 
Mosi|uéc, moskai,y; mosqite. 
Mot, moll. III. ivoid ; saying ; tnotio; — à—, word for 

ii'Ofd ; lion — ,.!rst, wiltiiism. 
Motet, niot-.iy, nt. motet. 

Moteur, Irii'c, nioh-tur, — triss, a. titotive; — , m. tnozier ; 
Motif, nu)t-if, tn. iih'tive ; reason, [antlior. 

Motion, inoh-syo;/,/: motion. 
Motiver, mo^e-vai, v. a. to state the motives. 
Motic, mot, /I clod ; feat ; hillock. 
Motus, molitûs, int. hiis/tl nota word I 
Mou, molle, moo, mol, a. soft; nerve/ess ; effeminate ; 
Moutliard, moo-sliar, m. sj>y. [— , tn. lights, ft. 

Mouche, muosh, y; y/y ,• patch ; sfy. 
Moucher, nioo-slial, v. a. to blow the nose; snuff 

(candle) ; sc —, v. r. to blow one's nose. 
Mouclienm, nionsh-io«, tn.gnat: snuff. 
Mouclieter, mooblilai, ?/. a. to sfot ; fink. 
Mouclicitcs, inooslict.y; //. siin(fers,pl. 
Moucheture, moosh-tûr,/". finking. 
Mouchcur, inoosh-ir, m. snuffer. 
Mouchoir, niooshw r, t». Itandkerchief. 
Mouchurc, moosh-Ûr,/; snuff. 
•Moudre, moo-dr, i'. a. to grind ; mill. 
Mouc, moo,/; mouth ; f.iirc la nioue, to font. 
Mouée, inoo-ai,/; reward. 
Mouette, moo-et,/; sea-gull. 

Moufle, tnoo-fl,y; mitten. ("C". 

Mouillage, mooAahj, tit. anchoriiig-groiiiid ; anchor- 
Mouiller, moo/-yai, t. a. et n. to wet, soak, moisten ; 

soften ; cast anchor ; sc —, v. r. to get wet. 
Mouillette, mooAyet,/: siffet, slice of bread. 
Mouillure, mooAyùr.y: wetting; moisture. 
Moulapc, nioo-l.ilij, m. moulding ; measuring (wood). 
Moulais, moo-lay, see Moudre. 

Moule, mool, ;/;. tno\ld, fatlern, model; — , /. mussel. 
Mouler, iiioo-lai, v. a. to mould; measure (wood); roll 
Mouleur, iiioo-lur, m. moulder ; meter. [{paste). 

Moulin, moo-lai<(, m. tnill ; — \ café, coffee-mill ; —\ 

huile, oil-mill ; — .H vent, windmill, 
MoulinaKe, moolc-nalij, m. tnilliiig. 
Mouliné, e, moo-le-nai, a. worincatcn. 
Mouliner, moo-le-nai, v. a. to mill. 
Moulinet, moo-leiiay, ;;/. little mill ; tiiriistik. 
Moulincur, inoo-lin-ur, in. inillmaii. 
Moulu, moo-li'l, .fee Moudre. 
Moulure, moo-lûr.y. moulding. 
Mourant, e, moo-ra<(, — t, a. dying, 
•Mourir, moo-ieer, 7'. «. to die ; — de faim, tn ;.l.trve ; 

faire — , to put to death ; se —, v. r, to be dyiii^. 
Mouron, moo-ro>j, m. chickivced. 
Mourrai, moor-ray, see Mourir. 
Mousquet, nioos-kay, m. musket. 

.Moti^queladc, mookktail, / tniiiket-shoi. 

Mouv|iietnire, mnotk-tair, m. iniisketttr, 

MoiiMiiietcrle, moo^kct-rc,/. folley of mtisktlry. 

Mousse, iiiooM, y! mots ; foatti ; — île fuWun, lather i 

Mousseline, nioos-lin.y. muslin. (— , «i, cabiiiboy, 

.Mouiser, nioo-siii, v. ti. to foam, froth. 
I Mousseron, îiioos-ro»/, m. small muihrooiti. 
I Mousseux, se, moo-suli, — z, rt.y(iii«;i«v; sparkling, 
I Moussoir, niooswar, ;/». chi\olate-miU, 
I Mousson, nioos-o);,y: monsoon, 
. .Moussu, e, inoo-si1, a. mossy. 

Moust.ichc, moost.ish, y: mnstachlo. 

Mousli<|ne, inoos-tik, m. moschetto, 

Moi'it, moo, m. must. 

Mout.irde, iiifio-tard, /t tniistaid. [A''. 

Moutardier, moo-tard-yal, m. tnuttard tnaii ; tiit/st.irt- 

Monton, iiioo-to/«, m. ivether ; mutton; rainucr; 

McMitonncr, moo-ton-al, r. a. et n. lo itirl, fit. -.le; 

Moutonnier, ère. nioo-ton-yai, — r, a. sheeflike, [f ,ii't. 

Mouture. mu\-i-\(\r,f. grtnding ; milter's fee. [r,i;i,/., e, moo-va»/, — t, a. moTing ; s.iMe —, (/ui h- 

.Mouvement, iiioov-iu.i;/, >«. motion, moientent ; ufo- 
sure, tinte (iiiustc); impulse; <le son propre —, // 
one's oit'ti accord. 

Monvcr, moo.v.ii, v. a. to loosen, stir tif. 

•Mouvoir, moovo-alir, v. a. et se -■ , t. r. to tiioT'. \lii: 

Moyen, ne, inn'a'y.iin, —yen, a. inildie; mean: >\\ 
moyenne, on an average ; —, m, means, way , Ac/' ,• 
au — de, by the means if; —s, /A circumstaum ; 
powers, f I. 

Moyennant, mwa-yen-a<;, />•. by means qf; — fjU". fi-i- 

.Moyeiineur, mwa-yennur. in. mediator, [vidcd 

Moyeu, iinva-yuh, ;/(. tiiiTe. 

.Mu.ilile, mfl-alilil, a. mutable, changeable. 

Mncilai;e, nii^-se-l.ihj, m. mucilage. 

Mucilai,'iiieux, se, miVse-I.Uij-e-iiuli, — z, a, mii^ilai^l- 

Mucosité, mrt-koh-zetni,./ iiiueus. [iwuT. 

.Mne, mfl.yi moulting ; sloiixh, skin. 

Muer, infl-ai. v. n. to moult, mew, 

M net. te, miVay, —et, a. dumb, mute. 

Mutle, iiuVfl, tn. miixtle. 

Mii^fir, miVhjeer, i>. n. to bellow, roar. 

Mnjjisseinent, niiVlijisnia//, in. bellinving, roaring, 

Mnj;uet, mft-eai, in. lily of the valley, 

Muj,'neter, mnj,'-tai, v. a. to court. 

Muid, imVc, tn. hogshead. 

Mul.ltre, mrt-lau-tr, ;;/. mulatto. 

Mule, \\\(\\, f. she'iiiile ; sliffer: —s, fl. kibes, pi. 

Mulet, imVlay. m. mule; mullet. 

Ntnlcticr, mdl-tyai, in. muleteer. 

Miilon, mfl-lon, m. great heaf (hay, salt), 

.Mulot, mft-loli, m. field-mouse. 

Mnltlforine, mûl-telorin, a. miiltlforiii. 

Multi|)lial)le, mfilteple-ah-M, a. inullifliable. 

Multiplication, niril-te-ple-k,di-syi"(. f. mulliflicatirn. 

Multiplicité, nifil-te-plese-lai,y.' multiplicity. 

Mulliplier, mûl-tc-pleai, 7'. a. et se —, v, r, to multiply, 

Muliitude, mùl-te-tûd.y; multitude. 

Municipal, imVne-se-p il, a. munie if al. 

Municipalité, im'l-nesc-palc-t.ii, /. inntiicifality. 

Muiiilicencc, ml^-nc•fe•s iwss.yi miini/icence. 

Muiiilicent, c, niA-nif-e-sa//, — t, a. munificent, liberal. , 

Munir, mfl-neer, v. a. to proTide, store, [prmiisions. fl. 

Munition, miVne-syo;/, f. ammunition ; — dc Imhk li ■, 

Muiiitioimaire, mfl-ne-syon-air, m. commissioner of 

stores, contractor. 
Mmincux, -ie, nu'ik-nli, — z, a, mucous, 
Mnr, mur, m. ivall. 

Mûr, e, mfir, a. — enicnt. ad. ripe ; mature. 
Muraille. m<\T,\l,f. wall. 
M (ire, m(\T,f. mulberry. 
Murène, miirayn,y! niunrna. 
Murer, milr-.ii. r', a. to 7rall, 7vall uf, 
Milrier, mi^r-yai, ;;;. mulberry-tree. 
Milrir, mflr-cir, "'. a. et n. to rifen ; mature ; grow ri^t. 
Murmure, mûr-nirtr. m. murmur. 
Murmnier. mflrinflr-ai, t. n. to miiriniir ; whisper. 
Musaraijjno, nul-^nr-.'iyn-jv,^ shrewinoiise. 
Mus.ird, <■• inrt-2ar, — d, a. loitering ; —, m. loiterer, 
M use, mûsk, m. musk. [louii:;er, 

Musc.ule, mris-kad,/ nutmeg; flenr dc — , mace. 
Muscadier, niûs-kacf-e-ai, m. nuline\;-tree. 
Muscadin, milskad-.-iix, m. musk-fastil ; spark,, 
Muscat, iiuV, Icali. a. muscadine. 
Muscle, mûs-kl, m. muscle. > 
Musclé, e, nii1s-kl,ii. a. miisculoiis. * 

Muscnlenx, se, mûs-ku-luh, — z, a. miisctilous. 
Muse, mn,:f. muse. 
Mnse.iu. nuVioli. tn. snout ; muzzle. 
Musée, nuVzai, in. museum. , - 
Muscler, inflz-lai, v. a. to mmzli, .■ 


Miner, miVj.ll, v. il. to lotttr. tri/lt, 

Mii«:riillc, liifli-rol,/; iii>rft>iinil, 

Misctlc, infl-ict,/ biiiitift- 

MiiM<iim, iiirt-/iil-on). III. iniiuum. 

MiisicO, c, lllft-K'k.ll, ri. — flilrllf, <?f/. Iillitl'cit/, 

Miiilcicn, nirtvciy.ii'i, tu. iiiiinuuiii. 

Mii..i.|ue, iiiiViik, /. i/iiisi,: 

MuMiiicr, nirtskiii, »'. a. to ffrfumt with miisk i muv|iii>os,/f<i//«'»-(«i,' ivonh, //. 
Mu^lllrll.»ll, c, iiirt/iM-iM.i»i, — mill, a. iiiiissiitmail. 
»lut,iliililc(, mftt.ili-clulai,/ iniit,i/'iti/v. 
^lllt,lli^ll, lurtlitiliHyd»»,/ miirn.'ioii. iJiitiij^. 
MiKil.iliMii, mi'i-le-l.ili-syo//,/. iiiulilation. 
MiiiiliT,, t'. (I. to iimtilalt. [mutiiitti: 

^illlill, c, mil t.ii;/, —till, a. uiutiiioiis, riotout : —, m. 
kf Mutiner, im'l-tc-n:ii, t. r. to mutiny ; bt xliihhorii. 
Mutinerie;, miVtin-rf.y; iiiii/iiiy, riot; stiibàoiiiiiess. 
Mutisme, iml-lisin, »i. ifiiiiihntM. 
Mnlu.tliti', mù-tiVale-tai, y. mutuality. 
Mutuel, le, iiuVtA-el, a. —lenient, ad. mutual. 
Myiil'ijjle, iiic-i)l-ohJ-c,/! iiiyi>loi.'y. 
Myiijie, iiio-op, II. s/iort-.tif^/iti-.i, 
My"i>ie, iiief'l'-''./ '".V'AV- 
Myri.i'le, iiicer-eiiil, /'. iiiyrnit. 
Myrciliiilan, iiic-ri)l)-<il-,i«, m. myivMan, 
Myrrhe, tiieer,/ myrr/t. 
Myrte, nieert, m. myrtif. 
Mystère, iiiistnir, m. m^slfry, 

Mystirienx, se, inis-t.ii-ryiili, — r, m. — somcnf, a.i, 
Myslitisine, inls-te-sisiii, m. mystii iidi. [iiiyst^-rioiu. 
Mystiticateur, niis-tc-fc-k.«tiir, m. Iioa.xfr. 
Mystification, mis-te-fe-k.ih syo;/, /! hoit.xiiig ; hoax. 
Mystllier, inis-lif-yai, v. a. to hoax. 
Mystiipie, inistik, a. —ment, ait. inyttii ; iiiystioii. 
Mythe, mit, m. fal'lt. 
Mythii|nj,'ie, init-ololij-c,/; inylho!i\i;y. 
Mytliulu^iiiuc, iiiit-ol-ohj'ik, a. inytitolo£, 


Nalmb,>, »«, tiahoh. 

Nalint,, III. shriiii/<, ihiaiT. 

Naiarat, n.ik-ar-ali, in. I<rii;ht oi\iiti;t rtd. 

Nacelle, nas-cl.y; small bout ; car. 

Nacre, iiakr,y; inot/itr of/'earl. 

N,it:ré, c, iiak-rai, <i. feaily. 

Nalfe, iiaf,/ eau ilc —, oraiixe/loiver-ira/fr. 

N.iKe, ii.ilij, y. swiinmiiif^ : !\ l.i —, in or by S7tiiiii- 

iiiiiif,' ; être en —, to be all in a S7i'i:%t. 
Na>;ée, nahj-.ii,y. stroke in suiininiiii^. 
Na),'eoire, n.\\\yvii\t,/.Jiii. 
Na),'er, n.ihi-ai, v. ii. to swim ; row. 
Najjciir, iialij-ur, in. swiiiiiiier ; lower. 
Na>;uèrc, NaKi:iires, liaK-.iir, ad. but lately. 
N.ii.ule, nail V. 111. y! naiad. \i;enHoiis ; siinfle. 

N.iif, ive, n,ili-if, — iv, a. — ivcmcnt, ad. artless, in- 
Nain, e, iiaiH; iieil, a. dwar/ish ; —, in. dwarf. 
Naissance, nay-sa«ss,y; birth; exlraitioii., e, tiay-sa;/, — t, a. newly born ; rising^ ; 
Naissait, n,iy-sny, see Naître. [growini;. 

•Naitre, iiay-tr, v. ii. to be born ; arise. 
Naïveté, iiahiv-tni, /. artlessness ; ingeiwnsness ; 
Naniii, nan-a'i, in.x'oodies, dainties, fl. [siin/>lii't'ty. 
N.mkiii, iia';kai«, in. nankeen. 
N.iiuir, na;i-tccr, v. a. to give a pledge ; se — , v. r. to 

fro; hie cue's self with. 
N.intissenieiit, na«-tis-iiia'/, in. pledge, security, 
Na|ilite, na(t, in. naphtha. 

N.ippe, nai),y; table-clotlt : sheet of water ; hart's-skin, 
Na| peroii, nai)-ro;/, m. small tahle-cloth. 
N.Kinis, nali-ke, see Naître, 
^farcisse, nar-ciss, m. dal/odil. 
Narcotiiiue, nar-kot-ik, à. narcotic, 
Naid, liar, in. spikenard. 
Nart,nie, nartj,/ — (le, a Jig for. 
Narijuer, nar->,'al, v. a. to scorn. 
Narine, nwr'm.f. nostril. 

Narijuois, ii,irkwa, in. cnnninf blade; p.irler —, to 
Narr.itenr,, m. narrator. [talk s la ii^. 

Narr.itit', ive, narratif, — iv, a. narratize. 
Narr.itiun, nar-rali ;,yo«, /; Narré, n.irr.ii, >«. nana- 
Narrer, nar-i.ii, t. a. to itarra/c, relate, \_tion, relation. 
Narv,il, nar-val, in. narwhal. 
N.isal, e,, a. — ement, ad. nasal, 
Nasalité, iinh^aletai,y; nasal sound, 
N.-isanlc, nah-z.iril,./:y;7/;>. 
Nasardcr, nali-zar-ilai, v. a. to fillip. 
Naseau, nah-zoh, m. nostril. 

Nasillard, e, nali-zi/-ar, — d, a. mmCling ; —, m. — e,/. 
t>'c'Sillcr, iiah-zi/ai, v. n. to snnj/le. [snuffler. 


-5C, — ulu,/ SIIUlftlT, 

t9« 1 

Knsllleiir, nalizi/iir, in. 

N,issu, nass, A weel., c, ii,tt',il, >i, natal, iiafire 

Nat,itli)n, ii,it',ili-syi»i,/: stf'iinmlmf, 

N.itif, ive,, — iv, a. native, born, 

N.ili'in, nali-syn;»,/. nation. 

" itlnii,il, e, nail syon-nl, ii, —omen», ad. national. 

Naliuii,ilis(>r, ii.ili-syiitvale s,ii, T', rr. A) ni/i.iniilné. 

N,itii>n.iliié, ii.ih tycin-iil'Ot.ii, /. nationality, 

N.ilivite, n,iteve-t.ii, / nativity, 

Niitriiii, ii.ili'trix/. III. natron, 

N.itte,,./ mat ; braid. 

N. liter,, V. a. to mat. 

N.ittirr, naty,ii, in. inalinaiei'. 

N.itnr.ilis,itiiin,,ili syi)»(,y naturiili:ati.<n. 

N,itiir.iliscr, n.iti\-ral-c-z,il, v. a. to natnralue. (imi. 

Naturalisme, n,iti*lr,il-isiii, in, naturalness ; natnrtil- 

Nalih.ilislu, i .t, in. naluraliit. 

N.iiiir.ilite, nat iVral c-tai,/! beiiii; a iialife. [in kind. 

N.itnre, li,it-nr, y. Hii/(/(v, constitution ; sort; en — , 

N.itiirel, le,, a. -lenient, ad. natural; in. 
gcnnons ; plain; illegitimate ; — , in. nature; 
I onstilution ; disposition ; an —, to the l\J*, 

N,uifr.i>;e, iM-fr.ili), m. shipwreck. 

N.iufr.i^je, e, iinlralij-.ii. a. Hiipwreiked, 

Naiil.i>,'e, iiiilililij, in./rci.;ht. 

N.uise.iliniiil, 0, iMli.zaiali-ii«,|~iI,(i 'nauseous, iii.nrt-. 

Nausée, n(j|i-.!.ii,/, naif/ca. [nil, 

Natiti<|ue, iioli'tik, a. nautical., e,, i». na-,al ; combat —, sea-fight. 

N.ivée, n.\\-.\\,/. ban,'eli<ad. 

Navet, iiavay, m. turnip. 

Navette, n.iv-et,/ rape-seed ; shuttle, 

N,ivii;,ii)le, iLiv-e-^.tlilil, a. navigable. 

Navigateur, nav-e>;,it-nr, m. nai'i..;ator, sailor. 

N,ivik;,ition, n,iv-e-^,ihsyoH,y; navigation, voyage. 

N.ivic'uer, n,ivc-(,Mi, ?'. n. to navigate, sail. 

Naville, na-vl/,/! canal. 

Navire, ii.iv-eer, in. ship, vessel., c, nalivra//, — t, a. heart-reiidiii'.f. 

Navrer, iialivr.ii, v. ir. to ivoiind ; rend the heart. 

Ne, nuh, c, no, not. 

Né, e,, prt. et a. born ; bien — , of good birth ; 
well-disposed ; mort —, still-born. 

Néanmoins, ii,ii-a;Miio.aiH, ad. nevertheless. 

Né.iiit, nai-a»/, in. nothing, nought. 

Nébuleux, se, n.ii-liù-l.ili, — /, a. nebulous, cloudy. 

Nécessaire, iiai-cesair, (t, — ment, ad. necessary; re- 
quisite; — , in. coni/>etency ; busybody. 

Nécessité, naices-e-t.ii, yl H^irij/ô"/ need, want; — s, 
pi. necessaries, pi. 

Nécessiter, nai-cese-tai. v. a. to necessitate. 

Nécessiteux, se, nai-ces-e-tuli, — r.,a. necessitous, ntf-i,!, 

Nécrolojje, n.ii-krnl-ohj, ;//. register of deaths. 

Nécroloj;iiiue, ii.iikrol-ohjik, <«, necrological. 

Nectar, ueK-tar, in. nectar. 

Nef, nef, A nave; vessel. 

Néf,isle, 11 li-fast, a. unlucky, 

Nétle, ii,iy-ll,./. medlar. 

Néllier, uai-tle-.ii, in. medlar-tree. 

Ni'jjatif, ive, ii.ii-L'itif, ~lv, a. —ivcmcnt, ad. negative, 

Ne^'alioii, nai-^Mli-s)d;(, /: negation; refusal. 

Neirjli^e, ii.ii-;,'leli.|ai, m. undress. [lessly, 

Ne^jliyenaneiit, iMi-vilelij iin-a;/, ad. iieglii;entty, tare- 

Nd>,'li>;ence, iiai-^jle-lij.ixss,/; negligence, carelessness, 

Néj{lij;ent, e, llai•^;le■llj.l;/, — t, a. negligent, careless, 

Ne^jli^er, n.ii-fjle-lijai, v. a. to neglect ; disregard, 

Né>focc', nai-Hoss, in. trade, traj/ic. 

Négociai lie, nai-nos-yali-bl, a. negotiable. 

Ni-(,', iiai-i^os-ya<(, in. trader, merchant, 

Néijoci.iteur, iiai-j;os-yat-ur, in. negotiator. 

Né',,'oci,ition, n.ii-v;osyahsyoH,/; negotia.'ion. 
Nétjocier, iiai-gos-y.ii, t. a. et n. to negotiate ; trade, 

Ne^jre, n.iyur, in. negro, black. [deal, 

Né^;resse, iXAi-arcfi^.f. female negro. 

Név;reric, ii,ii-i;r«A-re,yi negro-yard, 

Néjjrier, nal-preai, in. sla-.e-ship. 

Néi;rillon, n.ii>jri/-o«, in. young negro. 

Néjjus, nai-vjils, in, negus. 

Neit,'c, naylij, /'. siioio; pelote de —, sno^vball, 

Neij;er, iiaylijai, 7'. n. to snow. 

Nei>,'eux, se, nay-lijuli, — z, a. snowy. 

Neuni, iian-e, ad. nay, by no means. 

Néolotjisme,, in. neologism, 

Neolojfue, nai-al-o(j, in. neologist. 

Néophyte, n.ii-o(-it, m. neophyte. 

Népotisme, nai-pot-ism, m. nepotism. 

Nerf, nairf, m. nerve; sinew. 

Nerveux, se, iiair-vuh, — z, a. nervous ; vit^oroits. 

Net, te, nai, — t, a. et ad, — tement, ad, clean; cleai" ; 

fair ; plain. 
Netteti^, \\<^\.-\uh-\.3S,f. cleanness ; clearness. 


t9» 1 


Nettoiement, nct-wa-ma», Nettoyi^ft, net-wa-yalij> m. 

cltan'ug ; cUarinir. [to cUan ciu's stl/. 

Nettoy-ftr, net-w.i-yal, v. a. to citait, clear ; se —, v. r. 
Neuf, ve, nulif, — v, a. new; ratv; fresh; à — , 

anew: de — , new ; — , «. nine ; ninth. 
Neutr.ileinent,», ad. neutrally. 
Neiitr.iliser, niih-lral-e-z.ti, v. a. to nentralixe, modify. 
Neutralité, nuh-tral-e-tal,/: neutrality. 
Neutre, luih-tr, a. neuter ; neutral. 
Neuvième, nuli-vyeiii, a. —ment, ad. ninth ; —, m. 
Neveu, iw</i-vuh, »«. ne/>hnv. [ninth part, ninth. 

Nëvritinuc, nai-vre-tik,/^ neurotic. 
Nez, nal, m. nose. 
Ni, ne, ad. neither, nor. 

Niable, nc-ah-bl, a. deniable. [in, simpleton, ninny. 
Niais, c, ne-ay, — z, a. — ement, ad. silly, simple ; — , 
Niaiser, ne-ay-zai, v. n. to play the fool, fiidJle. 
Niaiserie, nc-ayz-rc,/l silliness, simpltiity ; foolery. 
Niche, nish,/. niche : trick. 
Nichée, nisli-ai,y; whole nest. 
Nicher, nish-ai, v. n. to nestle. 
Nxhet, nish-ay, m. nest-egg. 
y.\J.m\x, nlsh-war, >n. breeding-cage, 
Nicodèuie, nik-o(l-ayni, nt, simpleton. 
Niil, nc, m. nest ; hiding-place. 
Nièce, nyess,/: niece; petite —, grand-niece. 
Nielle, nyel,yf mildew, alight. 
Nieller, nycl-ai, v. a. to mi/dew, blight. 
Nier, nyai, v. a. to deny^ disown. 
Nifj^aud, e, nijf-oli, — il, a. silly, foolish ; —, nt. booby. 
Nigauder, ne-);oli-dai, v. n. to stand trifling. 
Nj);aiidcrie, ne-i{oli-dre,y; silliness, foolery. 
Nimbe, nai>d>, tn. nimbus. 
Nipper, ni|>-ai, v. a. to fit out, rig out. 
Nippes, nil»,/, fit. do hes, pi. ; apparel. [of one. 

Nic|uc, nik, f. faire la — .i (]., to scorn one, niake game 
Nitouclic, iic-toosli, tn. sainte — , demure hypocrite; 

faire la sainte —, to look demure. 
Nitre, ne-tr, m. nitre. 
Nitreux, sc, ne-truh, — z, a. nitrous. 
Niveau, nc-vnh, tn. le^iel ; au — , de — , level, on a level. 
Niveler, niv-lai, v. a. to level. 
Nivelenr, niv-Uir, m. lereller. 
Nivcllonient, ne-vel-niaH, ;«. Inelling. 
Noble, no-bl, a. — meTit, ad. noble ; — , m. nobleman. 
Noblesse, nob-less, y; nobility, nobleness. 
Noce, f. Noces, noss, f. pt. tiuptials, pi. wedding ; 
Nocher, nosh-ai, m. pilot. [marriage. 

Noctambule, nok-ta«-brtl, m. noctambule. 
Noctambulisme, nok-ta;(-bfl-lism, m. noclnmbulism. 
Nocturne, nok-tiirn, a. nocturnal, nightly. 
Nocuite, nok-fl-e-tai.y; nocuousiiess. 
Notlus, nod-US, m. no.le. 

Noel, no-ell, m. Christmas, Christmas carol. 
Nitud, nuh, tn. knot ; tie. Joint ; intrigue. 
Noir, e, nwar, a. black ; gtootny ; foul ; brown [bre^d); 

base, wicAfd ; — , itt. black ; negro. 
Noirâtre, n\var-au-tr, a. blackish. [woman. 

Noiraud, nwar-oh, m. black man ; — e, — olid, /". black 
Noirceur, nwar-sur, f. blacktiess ; baseness, tieimois- 

ttess. [grow black. 

Noircir, nwar-seer, v. a. et n. to blacken ; se — , v. r. to 
Noircisseur, no-ahr-siss-ur, m. dyer tn blaik. 
Noircissure, nwar-se-sfir,y. black spot. 
Noire, nwar,/; crotchet. 
Noise, nwaz,y; quarrel, strife, dispute. 
Noisetier, nw.iz-ty.ii, in. hazel-tree. 
Noisette, nwaz-et,/; hazel-nut. 
Noix, nwa,/; nut, walnut. 
Noiis, noh-le, nt. freight. 
Noliser, noh-le-zai, t'. a, to freight. 
Nolissement, noh-lis-nia», m. freight. 
Nom, no>», in. name : reputation ; au — de, in the 

name of; — de ^juerre, nicknaiite. 
Nomade, noni-ad, a. nomadic; — , in. nomad. 
Nombre, no«-br, in. number. 
Nombrer, no»-brai, i'. a. to number. 
Nombreux, se, no«-bruh, — z, a. nutiurous. 
Nombril, no«-bre, m. navel. 
Nomenclature, nom-aM-klat-Or,/; nomenclature. 
Nominal, e, nom-e-nal, a. nominal. 
Nominateur, nom-e-nat-ur, in. advoivet. 
Nominatif, nom-e-nat-if, m. nominative. 
Nomination, nom-e-nah-syoH,/: nomination. 
Nominativement, noin-e-nat-iv-ma«, ad, by name. 
Nommément, nom-ai-ma;<, ad. namely. 
Nonmier, nom-ai, v a. to name, appoint; à point 

nommé, in the nick of time ; se —, v. r. to be called. 
Non, now, ad. no, not ; ni moi — plus, nor I either. 
Nonagén.'^ire, non-ahj-ai-nair, a. ninety years oj age. 
Nona^ésinie, non-ahj-ai-zim, a. nottagesiinal. 
Nouante, non-a//t, », ninety. 

Nonce, nonss, m, nuncio. \piiiely. 

Nonchalamment, non-shal-am-a«, ad. carelessly, su. 

Nonchalance, no;i-shal-a;/ss, f. carelessness, supine. 

Nonchalant, e, noi/-shal-a>i, — t, a. careless, supine. 

Nonciature, nnn-%yaX-(\T,f. nunciature. 

Non-conformiste, no;/-ko;i-for-niist, in. noitconforinisf. 

None, non, f, afternoon prayers, pi. [disseiifrr. 

Non-jouissance, no«-hjoo-e-sa«ss,/. iioit-eitjoyment. 

Nonue, non,/; nun. 

Nnnncttc, ..on-et, f. young nun. 

Nonobstant, non-ob-sta», pr. notwithstanding, 
i Nonpareil, !e, noit-\)ar-ayl, a. matchless, incompara' ': 
I Non-payement, no/t-pay-y^-max, tn. non-payment. 
j Non-sens, non-sa»/s, in. nonsense. 
I Non-usafje, non-fi-zalij, »«. disuse. 

Non-valcur, non-vii\-ur,f. unproductivenest 

Nopaj;e, nop-ahj, tn. burling, 

Nopur, nop-ai, v. a. to burl. 

Nord, nor, in. north ; north wind. 

Normal, e, nor-nial, a. normal. 

Nostaljfie, nos-tal-hje,/; hotne-sickttess. 

Nota, not-ah, m. note. \t't, 

Notaliilites, not-ah-be-le-tai, A//, remarkable persom 

Nntalilc, not-ah-l)l, a. — inent, ad. remarkable ; ton- 

Notaire, not-air, in. notary, attorney [siderahie, 

Nolaiuincnt, not-ama», ad. particularly, especially. 

Notariiit, not-ar-yali, in. notary's ojfice. 

Notation, not-ah-syo«,/; notation. 

Note, note, f. note; annotation. 

Noter, not-ai, v. a. note, mark ; brand, 

Noteur, not-ur, nt. copier of music. 

Notice, not-iss,/; account. 

Notification, not-e-fe-kah-syo;/,/: notification. 

Notifier, not-if-yai, v. a. to notify, give notice of. 

Notion, noli-syoH,/; notion, idea. 

Notoire, not-war, a, —nient, ad. notorious, manifest. 

Notoriété, not-or-e-ai-tai,/; notoriety. 

Notre, no-tr, /»;«. our. (oier relations ; ourfrieini;. 

Notre, noh-tr, pn. ours; le —, ottr oivn ; les nôtres, 

Noue, noo,f. paittile. 

Nouer, noo-ai, v. a. et n. to tie, knit; se — , v, r. lo 

Nonet, noo-ay, in. ragful. [knit ; grow ricke'y. 

Noueux, se, noo-uh, — z, a. knotty. 

Noulet, noo-lay, m. .gutter. 

Noiirr.iin, noo-rai;/, m. young fry. 

Nourrice, noo-riss,/; nurse. [fosler-fathtr. 

Nourricier, ère, noor-e-syai, — r, a. nutriliTe, —, m. 

Nourrir, noo-reer, v. a. et n. to nourish ; feed ; main- 
tain ; bring up; entertain; se — , v. r. to live, f fid 

Nourriss.iKe, noor-e-salij, m. rearing. [upon. 

Nourrissant, e, noor-e-sa>f, — t, a. nourishing. 

Nourrisseur, noor-e-sur, in. cowkeeper. 

Nourrisson, noor-e-son, in. nursling. 

Nourriture, noor-e-tflr,/; nourishment, food; livelihivd. 

Nons, noo, pn. we, us, to us ; — nicmcs, ourselves. 

Noinire, noo-ûr,/; rickets, pi. 

Nouveau, noo-voh, a. et ad. new ; fresh ; modern; ck —, 
again, afresh; — né, baby ; — venu, m. new-coiiin. 

Nouveauté, noo-voh-tai, f neivttess ; novelty ; — s, //. 
fashionable dresses ; ne7ti books, pi. 

NouTel, le, noo-vel, a. —lenient, ad. neiv [see Nouveau) ; 
le ^— an, the new year. 

Nouvelle, noo-vel,/; imvs, tidings, pi. ; novel. 

Nouvelliste, nco-vel-ist, in. newsmonger. 

Novateur, nov-at-ur, tn. innnrator. 

Novation, nov-.ih-syo«,.A innofation. 

Novembre, nov-a;i-br, m. Aovetnber. [beginnrr. 

Novice, nov-iss, a. unexperienced ; new ; — , in. no'tite ; 

Noviciat, nov-is-yah, in. novitiate. 

Noyale, no-ah-yal,/; sail-cloth. [core; heart. 

Noyau, no-ah-yoh, m. stone t fruit) ; newel [stairiasr) ; 

Noyer, no-ah-yai, in. walnut-tree. [drowned. 

Noyer, no-ah-yai, 7/. a. to drown ; se — , v. r. to /•' 

Nu, e, nû, a. naked, bare ; à — , naked, bare; — ti 
bare-headed ; —, m. naked part. 

Nuaue, nû-alij, m cloud. 

Nuajjeux, se, nO-ahj-uli, — z, a. cloudy. 

Nuance, nfl-a«ss,/: shade. 

Nuancer, nû-a«-sai, v. a. to shade, blend. 

Nubile, nû-bil. a. inarria.geab/e, 

Nubilité, niVbe-le-tai,/; tiiihilify, puberty. 

Nudité, nû-de-tai,/. nakedness, nudity. 

Nue, nû,/ cloud. 

Nuée, nû-ii',/; cloud ; swarm ; flock 

Nuire, uA-eer, v, n. to hurt, injure 

Nuisiljle, nA-e-ze-bl, a, hurifut. ittfurious. 

Nuit, n([-e,f. night ; de —, in the night, by night. 

Nuitamment, nil-c-tam-aM, ad.'by night, nightly. 

Nuitée, nft-c-tai,/. night s Iodising ; night's labour 

Nul, le, nul, a. no ; void, null; nobody ; nulle part, ai. 

NuUe, nul,/, hm//. [nowhtrt. 




Nullement, nAI-ma», ati. nol al all, hy n» m*afU. 

Nulljte, nùl-leliii./ milhty ; cifher. 

NCiiiieiit. nû-iiiii»/, ad. naketUy ; plainly. 

NuMioriUre, uû-inai-rair, a. numerary ; legal; —, m. 

(axH, specie, e, nn-mai-ral, a. numeral. 
Niiiiicrateur, nft-mai-rat-ur, tn. numerator. 
NiiiiiL-ratioii, nû-iiiai-r.ih-syo;(,/: uiiineration. 
Niiiiierii|ue. iiA-mai-rik, a. — iiient, «</. nutntrical, 
Nimicf. nû-iiiai-roh, wi. iiuinder. 
Niiincri>t.-:>;c, nû-inai-rot-alij, t». niirnierinj^. 
Nuiiiorotcr, nu-inai-rot-ai, x>. <i. /<> number. 
Nuniism.ttu|iie, mi-iuis-iiiat-il-,./; niimisiiiafiis, //. 
Niincupalif, ive, no;;-kùpat-if, — iv, a. nuncufialive,, e, iiilp-syal. a. nuptial. [niincHpatory. 

Nuinic, nillc.y! iKipe. 

Nutritif, ive, iiû-tre-tit, — Iv, a. nutritive, nutritious. 
Nutritii)», iuVtre-syoii,y: nutrition. 
Nymplie, nai»if,/, nymph, /airy. 

Oh, int. 1 oh ! Ito ' 

0.i-<is. o-ah-zis,/. oa-vis. 

Oil. ilitiice. i>l>-ai-ilya«s.s,/ ebcdiene*. 

Oln-'iliciitiel, le, ol)-ai-(lya;;-syel, a. obediential. 

OUcif, ol)-ai-eer, v. a. to obey ; yield. 

01i>.M-.viiice, ol)-ai-e-sa«ss,y: obedience ; allegiance. 

01"-is,.iiit, e, ob-ai-e-saH, — t, a. obedient. 

Ciliéli^.(iiie, oli-ai-lisk, tn. obelisk. 

OI.L'icr, ()l)-ai-rai, v. a. to run in debt, involve in debt. 

Olitsiti.', ()l)-ai-ze-l>-ii,y: obesity. 

OMt, oli-it, "/. obit./niierai obsfifuiei. 

Olijotter, ob-lijek-t.ii, v. a. lo^'bject. [^'lasi. 

Olijcclif, ive, oUlijck-tif, — iv, <i. objective ; — , tn. object- 

Ulijcclioii. ol)-lijefc-syo;«,y; objection. 

()l)jct. ol)-lijay, <«. object : article, matter ; ttiotive. 

Objur^.itioii, ob-liji1r->;ali-.syo«,/; objurgation. 

Olilatioii, ob-lah-syo«,y: oblation, ojfertng. 

Olilit;.ition, ob-lc->;ah-syii>/,yi oblii^ation ; duty. bond. 

Olili^atoire, ob-le-j,', ii. obtixatary, binding. 

Olili^é, ob-le-hjai, >n. obligée ; indenture, bond. 

()bli/(j uiimcnt, ob-le-hjaiii-ax, ad. obligingly, 

Oiilijjc.iiice, ob-!e-lij,i«is,/! obligingness. 

OI>lii,', e, ob-le-hja«, — t, a. obliging, courteous.kind. 

Olilijier, ob-le-hjai, v. a. to oblige ; bind ; compel ; s — , 
V. y. to oblige one's self, be bound. 

Oliliiiiie, i)b-lik, II. — iiieiit, ad. oblique ; indirect. 

Olilh]uitc, ob-lik-c-lal,y: obtiiiuity, obliqueness. 

Olilitcratioii, ob-le-tai-rali-syo«,/: obliteration. 

Oliliterer, ob-!e-t.ii-rai, v. a. to obliterate ; s'— , v. r. to 

Dliluii),'. ue, ol)-lo)(, — (jli, a. oblong. [disapp. -r. 

Obolc, i)b-ol,y; obole. 

Olircptice, ob-rei)-tiss, a. — ment, ad. obreptitious. 

Olircplioii, ob-rep-syo«,y; obreption. 

Olisccne, ob-sayii, a. obscene, indecent. 

llbscéiiité, ob-sai-iic-tai,./ obscenity. 

Obscur, e, obs-kflr, a. obscure : dark. 

Ol)scurcir, obs-kûr-scer, v. a. to obscure, darken ; s" — , 
V. r. to be obscured ; grow dim. [darkness. 

Obscurcissement, obs- kùr-siss- ma«, tn. obscuring ; 

Oi.scurité, obi-kflr-e-tai,y; obscurity ; darkness. 

Obsecration, ob-sai-krali-syo«,y^ obsecration. 

Obséilcr, ul>-&ai-dai, v. a. to beset, importune. 

Obsecjues, ob-sek,///. obsequies, pi. [obsequious. 

Obséiiiiieiix, se, ob-s<'ii-kwe-uli, — z, a. — senient, ad. 

Observable, ob-sair-v,ih-bl, a. observable. 

Observance, ob-s:iir-v,i»iss,/; obsen>ance, rite. 

Observateur, ob-sair-vat-iir, m. observer. 

Observation, ob-!>air-vah-syo;<, /. observation ; observ- 
ance ; keeping. 

Observatoire, ob-sair-vat-war, tn. obsetvatory. 

Observer, ob-sair-vai, 1: a. to observe ; ivatcli; s' — , v. r. 
to be cautious ; watch each other. 

Obsession, ob-ses-yo«,y. besetting. 

Obstacle, obs-tah-kl, ni. obstacle. [ness. 

Obstination, obs-te-nah-syo;/, /. obstination, stubborn- 

Obstiné, c, obs-tc-nai, a. — ment, ad. obstinate. 

Obstiner, obs-te-nai, v. a. to make obstinate ; s'— , v. r. 
to be obstinate, insist on. 

Obstruction, obs-triik-syo«,y: obstruction. 

Obstruer, obs-trA-ai, v. a. to obstruct ; hinder. 

Obtempérer, ob-tax-pai-rai, v. n. to obey. 

•Obtenir, obt-neer, v. a. to obtain ; prevail upon. 

Obtention, ol)-ta«-syo;«,y: obtaining. 

Obturation, ob-tû-rah-syoH,/; obluratiott. 

Obtus, ob-tO, — z, a. obtuse ; dull. 

Obtusanifle, ob tû-za>/-(;l, a. obtusangular, 

Olius, ob-ûz, m. sliell. 

«busier, ob-ù-zyai, tn. howitter, ~ 

Obvier, ob-vyai, v. n, t« obviate, prtvtnt. 

Occasion, ok-ah-zyo;/,/. occasion,opportMnity ; chanett 
A'—, accident,iliy, serond-tiand. \sionai. 

Occasionnel, le,, a. — leinent, ad. oeca- 

Occiuionner, ok-ali-zyon-;ti, T'. ii. to occasion, canst. 

Occident, ok-se-ilii;<, in. occident, ivest. 

Occiilental, e, ok-se-<la>/-tal, a. oaiitental, western. 

Occulte, ok-kiilt, n. occult. 

Occupant, ok-kû-pa», in. occupant, occupier. 

t)crupation, ok-ku-pah-syo»/, /: occupation. 

Occuper, ok-kiVpai, v. a. et n. to occupy ; hold ; employ; 
s' — , v. r. to employ one's sel/tn, be busy. 

Occurrence, ok-kflr-raHSS,y: occurrence. 

< )ccurrent, e, ok-kûr-ra»/, — t, i». occurrent. 
Océan, os-ai-a</, in. ocean. 

Ocre, okr,y". ochre. 
Ocreux, se, ok-ruli, — z, a. ochreous. 
Octaèdre, ok-tali-ay-dr, in. octahedron. 
t)ctave, ok-tav,/ octave. 
Octavin, ok-tav-ai>(, in. octave-flute. 
Octobre, ok-to-br, in. October. 
Octogénaire, ok-tolij-ai-nair, ii. octo,jenariait. 
Octroi, ok-trw.'i, tn. grant: city-toll. ' 

Octroyer, ok-trwa-yai, v. a. to grant. 
Octuple, ok-tA-pl, a. octuple, eight/old. 
Oculaire, ok-iVfair, a. ocular ; tcinoin — , eye-witness. 
Oculiste, ok-iVlist, m. oculist. 

Ode, oA,/. ode. [scents, pi. 

Odeur, od-ur, /. oiiour, smell, scent; — s, //. sweet 
Odieux, se, od-yuli, — z, a. —senient, ad. odious. 
Odouiètre, od-o-niay-tr, tn, odometer. 
Odorant, e, otl-or-a;(, — t, <i. odoriferous, fragrant. 
Odorat, od-or-ali, m. smelling : smell. 
Odorer, od-or-ai, v. a. to perceive by smelling. 
Odoriférant, e, od-or-e-fai-raw,— t, a. odorij'eious, fran- 
(l'xuinéniquc, uli-kiVniai-nik, a. oecumenical. [rant. 
(lidème, uli-daym, m. cedema. 

Uiil, uli/(//. yeux, yuli), m. eye; eyesight; bud; gloss 
{o/a stuff"); coup iV—, prospect ; glance; à vue d'— , 
(liillade, ùh/-ad,y: ogling, glance. [tisibly. 

oeillère, uli/-air, / eye-jlap, blinker ; dent —, eye-tooth. 
(Millet, uh/-ay,; eyelet. 
• r.illeton, uli/-to;(, m. young sucker. 
(lisopliajfe, uli-zof-alij, m. oesophagus. 
(liuf, ulif, m. egg. 
ilùivé, uli-vai, <«. hard-roed. [the philosopher' t stone. 

< l-luvre, iili-vr,y; work ; deed ; —, in. work ; le ^'rand —, 

< iilensiint, e, of-a»/-saH, — t, a. offensive, insulting. 
Otfense, of-a«ss, y offence, injury, affront. 
Oifenser, of-a</-sai, v. a. to offend ; hurt ; V—, v. r. to 
Olfenseur, of-.i'i-sur, m. offender. [be offended at. 
Ollonsif, ive, ol-a'(-sif, — iv, a. — ivement, ad. offensive. 
OiFensive, of-cin-^W. f. assault, attack ; prendre I'—, te 

ai t offensively, attack. 
Olferte, of-airt,/! Oifcrtoire, of-air-twar, tn. offertory. 
Oilice, of-iss, in. off. e, function ; service, charge; — , 

f. tantry, confectionary. 
OtTicial, of-e-syal, m. official. 
O.liciaiit, of-c-syaH, in. officiating priest. 
Oiliciel, le, of-e-syel. a. — Icni'Mit. ad. official, 
Ollicier, of-e-se-ay, v. n. to oJ)iciate. 
0:ticier, of-c-syai, in. officer. 

t)flicicux, se, of-c-syuli, — z, a. — semcnt, ad. officious, 
( micinal, of-c-se-na!, a. officinal. [kind. 

Ollicine, of-e-sin,/. laboratory 
Olfr.mde, of-rawd,/. offering, oblation. 
Ortrant, of-ra;;, >«. bidder; le plus —, the highest bidier. 
Ollre. of-fr,/. offer, [v. r. to oj/'er or present one' 5 self. 
•Otlrir, of-reer, v. a. to offer, tender ; bid ; present ; s'— , 
(Jlfusiiuer, of-us-kai, v. a. to darken ; dim ; blind; hurt. 
( )i;re, o-gr, m. ogre. 
oil 1 oh ! int. oh ! 

Oie, v>A,f. goose ; — d'automne, stubble-goose ; petite — , 
Oignon, on-yo«, m. onion. [giblets, pi, 

Oignonière, on-yon-yair,/; onion-bed. 
OiUe.ol, folio. 

•Oindre, waiH-dr, T'. a. to anoint. 
Oing, waiH, m. hog's grease. 
Oiseau, wa-zoli, >n. bird; hawk ; hod; à vol d' — , in a 

direct tine ; tirer aux — x, to Jowl. 
Oiseler, waz-lai, v. it. to catch birds ; bring up birds. 
Oiseleur, waz-lur, in. fowler, bird-catcher. 
Oiselier, w,az-lyai, in. bird-seller. 
Oisellerie, wa-zel-re.y; bird-trade. 
Oiseux, se, wa-zuh, — z, a. idle, lazy. 
Oisif, ive, wa-zif, — iv, a. —ivement, ad. idle ; useless ; 
Oisillon, waz-i/-o;i, tn. ^•ouiig bird. [ — , in. idler. 

Oisiveté, wa-ziv-tai,y; idleness. 

< )ison, wa-zon, in. gosling. 

Oléagineux, se, ol-ai-.alij-e-nuli, — z, a. oleaginous, oily. 
Olfactif, ive, ol-fak-tif, — iv, a. olfactory. 
Oliban, ol-e-ba«, in. frankincense. 
OliKarcliiCi ol-c-|far-$he, / oligarchy. 


[94 1 


Oll^nrclilqiie, ol-c-Rar-sliik, a. o/i^'an/iical, 
Oliiii, uh-liin, m. formerly, oliiii. 
( Mivairu, ol-c-vuir, a. olivt-like. 
Oliv.iisiiii, fil-e-vay-Z("/,yi otivt-^easoit, 
OlivAlrc, ul-e-vau-tr, a. olivt-cotourt.i. 
Olive, oliv,/ o/ive. 
Olivier, (il-iv-yiii, wi. oliTt-lrtt, olive. 
Olympe, iil-ai;/)), >//. o/yiii/<iis. 
Olyiii|>ieii, lie, ()|.al'/-iivii", — pycn, a. olyinf>ian, 
Oiiilielle, ci;/l)el, / uinl'ti, 
Oiiiliellifcre, ii«-l)el-lef.ilr, ii. tiinhtlli/eroiix. 
Oiiilir.ine, o»-liratii, »//. iltaiit : iiiiihinr.e ; siti/iictjti, 
Oiiil>ra>;er, oi/-l>raiij-ai, t. <i. to .\/iiii/:\ shmiinu, 
Oiiiliri^eux, se, ii;(-l)r,ilijiili, — /, ./. .ui.\/>iti.'iis ; si'i/fis/l. 
Oililirc, o/i-br, y;, shiiiiow ; ptcUnci ; );h.i\l ; , 
Oiiilirelle, o«l)rel,/^ fiini^ot. \»t. itmbir, 

Oiiil>rer, o;/-l)rai, :'. ii. to slimlt. 
Ombreux, se, (i;/.l)riili, — z, i«. shady, shadomy. 
Omelette, oiii-lett.y: oinrlet. 
•Omettre, o-u.ettr, î'. a. to omit, Uav< out. 
' Omission, o-iiiis-yo;;,/; omi\sioii. 
Oiniiibiis, omiiebCis, »i. o»iiiil>iis. 
Omiii|iiiteiiec, ()m-nc-|iot-a';ss,y. otniiif'otfiice. 
Omiiistieiice, uiii-ne-syawss,./.' oiiinistumt. 
Omoplate, omo-plat, f, sltoiiUer-bt,iiii\ 
< (11, (111, pit. one, people, tiioii, ifieii , — Jit, // is said, 
Oii.i>;re, uii-ali-t;r, t/t. wild ass. 
Once, oiiss, / ounce. 
Oiicle, oH-kl, tn. uncle. 
Onction, onk-syo;/,y. unction. 

Onctueux, se, unk-tii-iili, — z, a. unctuous ; pathetic. 
Onctuosité, onk-tiVoh-ze-tai,y; unctiioiisncss. 
Omle, o>u\,/. tvavc, hillo^v ; —s,pl, sea. 
Ondc'e, o;(-ilal,y: shower. 
(Jiiiler, o«-(lai, -'. a. to ivater, tabby. 
On ilit, (i;/-ile, in. hearsay. 
Oniloieuient, on-iliva-iiia;», tn. pri-.ate baptism. 
Oiiiloyer, o«-dwa-yai, v. a. et n. to christen priz>ate/y ; 

Ondulation, on-(IA-Inh-syo«,y; undulation ; zvavin^". 
Onijul.ituire, on-dil-lat-war, a. undulatory. 
Oiiiluler, o;(-(liVlai, ''. n. to undulate ; wai'e. 
Oiiduleux, on-dii lull, — z, a. undulating; ; Jlowin^. 
Onéraire, oii-ai-rair, a. onerary : in trust. 
Onc'reux, se, oii-ai-ruli, — z, a. burdensome, heaiy. 
Oiijjle, on-)i\, >n. nail ; claw; hoof. 
Onglée, o;/-j,'l.ii,y; numbness at the finder s ends. 
Onglet, o«-i;lay, tn..i:ua>d: small graver ; mitre. 
Oiijfuent, on-^,\n, tn. ointment. 
Oiijfulé, e, o«-j;ù-lai, a. hoojcd. 
Onomatopée, on-o-iiiat-op-ai,y; onotitatopaeia. 
Ont, on. see Avoir. 
t)ntoloj;ie, oH-tol-olij-e,/; ontology. 
Onyx, on-iks, tn. ony.v. 
Onze, onz, a. ti. elci'i'n ; elei enlh. 
Onzième, o«-zyem, a. ele-entlt ; — , tn. eleventh part. 
Opacité, op-as-e-tai,y; opacity. 
Opale, op..-il,y; opal. 
Opaque, op-ak, a. opaque. 
Opéra, op-ai-rah, in. opera. 
0|>érateur, op-ai-rat-ui-, tn. operator. 
Opération, op-ai-rali-syoH,./; operation. 
Opérer, op-ai-rai, ?'. a. et n. to opctate, 7Uork, effect ; 

se faire — to u>ide>xo an operation. 
Opes, op, scaj/oldins: /loles, pi. 
t)pliite, of-it, m. ophites. 
0|.>hthaliiiie, of-tal-me,./: ophthahny. 
Oplithaliiii(|ue, or-tal-mik, ii. ophthalmic. 
Opiat, op-yah, tn. opiate. 
Opilatif, ive, op-e-lat-if, — iv, a. obstructive. 
Op;lation, op-e-lali-syo»/,y. obstruction. 
Opiler, o-pe-lai, v. a. to obstruct. 
Opinant, op-e-iia«, tn. one 7iho gives his opinion. 
t>piner, op-e-nai, v. it. to give one's opinion, vote. [born. 
OpiiiiAtre, op-iii-yau-tr, a. — ément, ad. obstinate, stub- 
Ojiini.ltrer, op-in-yau-trai,7'. a. et n. to render obstinate ; 

be stiff; s' — , v. t: to persevere stubbornly. 
Opiiii.ltreté, op-in-yau-tr-tai,./; obstinacy, stubbornness. 
Opinion, op-iiiyo;i,y; <5/»/Hii;;i; vole. \,pertinacy. 

Opium, op-yoiii, tn. opium. 

Opportun, e, op-por-tu«, — tiln, a. opportune, seasonable. 
(opportunité, op-or-ti'i-ne-tai./i opportunity. 
Opposant, e, <>p-oh-za</, — t, a. opposing ; — , in. op- 
Opjiosé, e, op-oh-zai, a. opposite, contrary. [ponent. 
Opposer, op-oli-zai, Î. a. to oppose, resist ; s' — , v. r. to 

oppose .• except aga'ust. 
Opposite, op-oli-zit, a. opposite ; h 1'—, over ag'aiitst. 
Opposition, op-oli-se-syoH, /". opposition ; protestation. 
Oppresser, op-pres-ai, v. a. to oppress. [exception. 

Oppresseur, op-prcs-siir, m. oppressor. 
Oopressif, ive, op.pres-sif, — iv, a. — ivement, ad. op- 
Oppression, op-pres-syo.'/,y oppression, [pressixe. 

Opprimer, op-prc-niai, 7'. a. to opprt^i. 

Opprobre, oji-pro-br, tn. infamy, itisgratt» 

Op'.er, optai, t'. «. to choose. 

Opticien, op-te-syai«, m. optician. 

(Optimisme, op-te-misiii, m. optimistH, 

Optimiste, op-lc-mist, tn. optimist. 

Option, op-syo«,/! option, choice. 

Opliijiie, op-tik, a. optical ; — ,f. optics. 

Opiilemment, o-pi'i-lam-an, ad. opulently. 

Opiilenie, op•^l-l.^>/^s,/l opulence, opulency, wealth. 

Opulent, e, op-iVla;;, — t, </. opulent, -iva.'/hy. 

lipustule, (jp-ils-kùl, in. opuscule, small licatise. 

Or, or, m. gold ; —, c. but now ; — ç:^, well now. 

Oracle, or-.ili-kl, in. or.xcle. 

' ''■'^^,'e. or-alij, m. storm. 

t ir.if,'eux, se, or-alij-uli, — z, a. stormy, 

Oraison, or-ay-zox.y. prayer, speech. 

(,, a. oral, verbal, 

Oran;;e, or-a«liJ,y: orange. 

(Jrali^'e, e, or-.i^-lijai, a. orange-coloured. 

Oranijcadc, or-a;/-1ijad,/; orange-sherbet. 

Oraui,', or-a«-lijali, in. tandtd orange-peel. 

( )r.iin,'er, ora;;-lij.ii, in. orani;e-tree. 

Oiaii^;erie, or-.\n-WyTC,f. or,ingc>y. 

Or.iiiijiste, or-a«-hjist, in. cultivator of orange-trees. 

Orateur,, ;/;. orator, spcah-r. 

Or.iloire, or-at-w,ir, (». —ment, ad. oratorical ; — , i 

Oratorio, or-at-or-e-oli, in. oratorio. [oratory. 

Orbe, orb, in. orb. 

Orbiiulaire, or-be-ki'i-lair, a. orbiiiitar. 

Orbile. or-bit,/. orbit. 

Orchestre, or-kes-lr, in. orchestre, orchestra. 

Oril.ille, or-dal-e,/i ordeal. 

Or. lin. lire, or-de-n.ilr, ii. — nient, ad. ordiiutry, commM\. 

usual; — , daily fire ; custom; ordinary, iii.ii,: 

.^ 1'— ,(rj usual ; d'— , pour 1- , usually, ino; often. 
(^I', or-de-nal, <i. ordinal. 
Or.liiiaut. or-de-n.t'/, m. ordaining bishop., or-de-n.ilisyo«,/; ordination. 
Or<lonn.<nce, or-doii-a;/ss, y. otdiiiiince. ordering ; i/ii. 

position; ordonnance ; prescription; habit 'I'- 

regimentals, pi. [ pivicn't. 

Ordonnancer, or-dona«-sai, Z'. a. to g' ive an oid.i, 
Onlnini.iteur, or-don-at-ur, in. orderer, director. 
Ordonner, or-don-.ii, v. a. et ii. to order ; coinniand: 

di\po.\e ; decree. 
Ordre, or-dr, in. order; command ; disposition ; s.iiis 

--, disorderly ; en sous —, subordinate. 
Ordure, or-Mr,f._/ilfh ; dust; sweepings, pt. 
Orilurier, ère, or-di'ir-yai, — r, a. smutty, obscene, 
I Ireill.ird, e, or-ay/-ar, — d, ii. lap-eared. 
Oreille, or-ay/, / ear; strap. 
Oreiller, or-ayAai, tn. pilhnv. 
(Jrfevre, or-fay-vr, tn. goldsmith ; silx'ersmith. 
Orfèvrerie, or-fay-vr/</(-re, f. goldsinith-tr,ide. si! 
Orfr.iie, or-fray,y". osprey. [smitJt-li,i,u. 

Or>;aiie, or-j;an, m. organ ; voice. 
Orijaneau, or-^;a!i-oli, m. ring {anchor). 
Ori{aiiii)ue, or-),'an-ik, a. organic. 
Or);anisation, or-t;ai!-e-zali-syo«,/! organization, 
Oiti-iniser, or-;;.ui-e-zai, v. a. to organise. 
Organisme, or-i,'an-isiii, in. organism. 
Orf;.iniste, or-^an-ist, tn. organist. 
Organsin, or-yaw-sai;/, tn. oiganzitie, 
Or^je, orhj,./. barley; — yttix\à, pearl barley, 
Or^;eat, or-hjah, tn. orgeat. 
Or^jelet, orlijlay, in. pimple on Die eyelid. 
Orj;ies, tjx hjid.f. pi. orgies, revels, pi. 
( )r>;ue, orn, in. organ. 
Ort;ueil, or-j;uh/, in. pride. 
Orjfueilleux, se, or-i;uli/-uli, — z, a. — sèment, (i(/. /*'''»./, 
Orfjues, or)i, f. pi. organ ; portcullis. [haughu 

Orient^ or-c-a«, in. east. 
Oriental, e, or-e-a«-tal, a. oriental. 
Orientaliste, or-e-a«-tal-ist, m. orientalist. 
Orienter, or-e-a;/-tai, f. a. to set towards the east : tiir 

the sails ; arrange ; s"— , v. r, to consider where ,ki 
Orifice, or-e-fiss, in. orifice. ['■•■ 

Orifjinaire, or-e-hje-nair, a. — ment, ad. origiiuir,. 

indigenous, native. 
Oii,i;iiial, e, or-e-hje-nal, a. — einent, ad. original; -, 

m. original ; strange fellow. 
Oriiiinalité, or-e-lije-iial-e-tai,y; originality. 
( )ri,i;iiie, or-e-lijin,/; origin ; dans i— , originally. 
Orieinel, le, or-e-hjc-nel, a. — lenient, ad. origiitxW 
Orilloii, or-i/-o«, tn. orillon ; handle. [pri-m'ui. 

Oriii, or-ai;(, tn. buoy-rope. 
Oripeau, or-e-poh, tn, tinsel ; tinselworH. 
Oriuc, orni, tn. elm. 
Ormeau, or-moli, tn. young elm. 
Ormille, or-nn7,y; small elm. 
Ornioie, oriu-wa,/. elm-grove. 

ORN [ysl 

Orne, om, w«. wW/ ash-lree. 

(Irncincnt, orn-iii.i«, >//. or/utrnfiit. 

tJiiicr, or-nai, v. a, lo at 'jrn. 

OriiitTc, or-i\yair,yC nil : roiilint. 

()nulhol')>;ic, "r-iic-tDl-olij-c,/; ornilh<ilpi;;y. 

UrDnrapliif, or-o-«r.if-c, / orv,i;ra/'/iy. 

()rii„'rii)liiilin;, or-o-kjr.ifik, <i. ori\<;r,i/>liiiiil. 

OriMillciir, iir-|>a/-iir, tn. i^olti-seanlifi; 

(triilifliri, orfl.iw;, »t. — c, —lin,/, orfhan. 

Oriiiiiiciit, or-pc-m.iw, in. orpiment. 

Orpin, or-i>ai«, in. orfint. 

Ort, or, a. xrost ^vnt^llt. 

Orteil, or-tay/, in. CiV ,• grtiU tot. 

Ortlmiloxe, or-tod-oks, a. oi-t>u>xiox. 

Orlliixloxio, or-to-(lok-sc,/. orlluntoxy. 

OrlliDijraplic, or-to>;-raf,y. ortho,.'raf>/iy, sfielliiis. 

t)rtlKinr.-i|iliie, or-toi;-ril-e,/ ort)ioxnit/>/iy. 

Orlli(j>;r.iplii^r, <jr-tcn,'-r.if-e-ai, v. a. lo s/>ell n\'ltl. 

Ortii'ijirajiliiiiue, Dr-tojj-raf-ik.y; orthoi^rafliUal. 

Ortliiipi'ilif, or-to-pni-tlf,/; oilliopoedUi. 

Ortliiipoili'liif, or-tt>-pai-tlik, a. orthopa-iiw, 

Orlu-, or-te.y: utttlt. 

Orlnlaii, or-liila;;, in. ortolan. 

Orviitan, or-vyai-t.l«, tn. orx'ietan ; iiiarcliaml d'— , 

Os, iilis, in. t'one. [iiioiiiileli.tii/:. 

0»i.ill.itii>ii, os-sillah-syo;/,/. otriUalio», 

Osciller, os-sillai, t. ii. to osci//itt,; 

Om\ ipIi^.H, 1». /'■'/(/, liariiix'. 

Osciile. ulizay/,/. sorrtt. 

Oscr, oli-zai, v. ii. to ittre, venture, 

0-,tr,iii;, iiluray,/ osier-plot. 

Osier, (ili-/yfii, in. osier. 

OiM-let, iisvl.iy, in. small hone. 

Ossements, ossina;;, in. pi. hones, pf. 

Osseux, se, iissiili, — z, a. osseom, I'ony, 

Ossitier, Dssifeai, t. a. lo oi.'i(/y, 

Ossii.iire, os-sii-air, in. ossuary. 

Osleiisil>le, os-ta(/-scl>l, a. - nient, ad. ostensiblt. 

Osteiisiiir, osta«-swar, in. reinonslritnie, py.v. 

Ostentation, os-t.T/-tali-syo;/,/. ostenliilion. 

Ota^e, ot-alij, m. Itoslit.n^e. 

Otcr, olitai, i<: a. to lake away, take ojf'; pull off; 
larryiff, rein.'ve; s'— , ^. r. to j;'el away, j^'et out. 

On, oo, t: or, either. 

Oil, 00, ad. where ; whither ; to which ; d' — , from 
U'lieiue ; how ; par —, which way. 

Oui'lIic, wcsli,/". IracJt o/a ship. 

Oiiaille, wa/,/, sheep, Jloik. 

Ou.ns, way, int. hey-day I 

Ouatc, wat,/ -.uaddiii);. 

( )ii.iler, wat-ai, v. a. lo slnffwith wadding, 

Oiilili, oo-l)le, tn.forget/iilness; iiiettru ei> ~, lo/orgel. 

Oui 'lie, oo-ble.y; wafer. 

Oulilier, oo-blc-ni, -,'. a. lo forget ; leave on.', omit ; 
s'--, V. r. Io/ori:etont's self. 

Oiiiilieltes, oo-ble-et,y! //. diin);coit. 

Oulilicur, ooblc-iir, tn. iva/er-inaker. 

Oi'Uieux, se, oo-ble-uli, — z, a. /orget/ut. 

Ouest, west, m. ivest. 

Ouf, oof, int. pho I 

Oui, we, ad. yes, ay. 

Ouiilire, we-ilccr, m. hearsay. 

Ouïe, we,/, hearing;. 

Ouïes, we,/, pi. .Kills, pi. 

Ouir, weer, v. a. to hear. 

Our.i(;an, oo-ra>;-a»(, in. hitrricatie. ■ 

Oumir, oor-decr, î'. a. to warp ; plot, hatch. 

Ourdissage, oor-de-sahj, in. warping ; ivarp. 

tJurdissoir, oor-de-swar, m. beam. 

Ourler, oor-lai, v. a. to hem. 

Ourlet, oor-Liy, m. hem. 

Ours, oorss, >«. bear. Ourse, oorss,/ she-bear. 

Oursin, oor-sai», m. sea-urchin. 
Ourson, oor-so«, m. bear's cub. 
Outarde, oo-t,ird,/ bustard. 
Outardeaii, oo-tar-doh, in. young bustard. 
Outil, oo-te, m. tool, implcmenl. 
Outiller, oo-ti/-ai, v. a. to/urnish with tools, 
Outrajje, oo-trahj, m. outrage. 

Outrat,'eant, e, jo.irah>a«, — t, a. outrageous, abusive. 
Outrager, oo-tralij-ai, v. a. to outrage, abuse. 
Oulrageux, se, oo-trajij-iib, — z, — senient,a./.tf»/nr.C''""i'. 
Outrance, oo-tra«ss,/ extreme ; à —, to the utinoil. 
Outre, oo-lr,/ leather bottle : —, a. et ad. further ; /v- 
yond, above ; d'— en —, quite through ; en —, besides, 
moreover; — que, besides ; passer — , to go on. 
Outré, e, oo-tr.ii, a. — niciit, ad. excessive. 
Outremer, oo-tr-niair, >/». ultramarine. 
Outre-passe, oo-tr-pass,/ trespass. 
Outre-passer, oo-tr-pal)-s;ii, v. a. to go beyond, e.vceed. 
Outrer, oo-trni, v, a, to overwork, overstrain ; overdo ; 


Ouvert, e, on-vair, —I, a. — cnient. ad. open; open 

hearted, candid ; \ livre —, at sight. 
Ouverture, oo-v.»ir-ti1r,/. opening ; overture ; openness; 

— lie cii'ur, simerily. 
Onvralilo, oo-vrali-bl, a. working ; jour — , 7if''rk,lay, 
Ouvrage, oo-vr.ihj, in. work ; ivorkinanship. 
Ouvragé, t, oo-vrahj-ai, <i. wrought., o, mi-vraf/, — t, ii. ,\ portes ~cr,, at the opening 

of the gates. 
Ouvré, e, oo-vril, a. wroni;ht ; diapered. 
Ouvrer, oo-vrai, v. a. lo work ; lotn. 
t)uvreur, oo-vriir, in. —se, — vrnlu,/ box-keeper. 
Ouvrier, oo-vrc-ai, in. workman ; labourer ; jour — , 

workday : —ere, — .lir./ icorkwoinan. 
•Ouvrir, ou-vreer, v. a. el n. loopen; birak open; b'— , 

V. r. to open ; make way ; open one's inin,i, 
Ouvroir,, tn. worfcroom, 
Dv.iire, ov-air,/ ovary. 
Ovale, oli-val, a. oval, 
Ov.ition, ov-ali-syo«,/ or'<i/;<«i, 
OvijMrc,, a. oviparous. 
Ox)^l.itioM, ok-se-dali-syo;/,/. o.iydation. 
Oxyde, uk-sid, in. o.\yd. 
Oxyder, ok-sc-d.ii, 7'. a. to o.%ydate. 
Oxygéner, uk-se-lij.ii-nai, v. a. lo o.rygenate. 
Uxyinel, ok-se-inel, in. o.iymel. 

Pacage, pak-nlij, m. pasture ; pasture-ground, 

I'.iL.ig'fr, p.ik-aMjal, v. a. lo pasture, gra^e. 

I'acli.i, pasli-all, in. pacha. 

I'acitjcateur,, in. pacifitalor, pacifier. 

I'aeiticatioii,,ili-syo»(,.A pat ifitation. 

I'acilicr, pas-c-feai, v. a. to pacijy, appease. 

l'.icili<juc, p,is-e-lik, a. —nient, ad. pacilic, pe.uefnt. 

I'acotillo, pak-ot-i/./. rinall stock; seaman's iiigi,'ig',- 

I'.icte, pakt, in. pact, covenant. [Irumpery .ouce. 

I'.'ictiser, p.ik-tc-zai, •'. «. to covenant, palter. 

I'adou, pad-uo, in. half-thread ribbon, 

r.igaie, pag-ay,//.i.('7/<', spoon. 
' I'.iganisine, p,ig-an-isni, in. paganism, heathenism. 
' I'age, inh), f. page ; —, m. page. 
! I'agination, palij-e-n.ih-syo»!./ paging. 

I'agiie, pan-y^.y: totton drawers. 

r.igodc, pag-oti,/; pagod. 

raieinciit, see Payement. 

I'aien, ne, pah-yai», —yen, a. pagan, heathen. 

P,iill.isse, pa/-ass,/. straw iimllress ; — , in. ilown. 

P.iillasson, pa/-as-o«, m. straw mat; layer of straw, 

I'.iille, pa/,/ straw ; /law. 

P.uller, p.i/-ai, >n. farmyard, dunghill. 

I'.iillet, paAay, a. pale {wine). 

I'.iillette, pa/-ett,/ spangle; —%. pi. gold sand, 

I'.iilleur, paAur, in. dealer in straw. 

r.iillenx, se, pa/-uh, — z, a.Jlawy. 

I'.iilloii, pa/-o«, tn. link. 

P.iin, paid, tn. bread; loaf; livelihood ; cake {soap); 
— \ cacheter, wafer; —iVùyncu'i, gingerbread ; avo.r 
du — cuit, lo htive a competency. 

Pair, e, pair, ii. — eiiieiit, ad. cjual ; even ; level ; —, m. 
male ; companion ; peer. 

P.iire, pair,/ pair, brace, couple. 

P.iiresse, pair-ess,/ peeress. 

P.iirie, pair-e,/ peerage, pee rdoin. 

Paisible, pay-zebl, a. — ineiit, ad. peaceable, peaceful, 

P.iissiiit, pay-say, see P.iltre. [gentle, qiuet. 

Paissant, p.iy-saw, see P.iitre. 

I'aisson, pay-so//, m. pasture ; stretcher, 

•Paitre, p.iy-tr, v. a. el n. to graze, pasture ; feed upon ; 
se —, V. r. lofeed upon. 

Paix, yiAy,f. peace ; quiet, slitlness. 

I'aladin, pal-ad-ai», m. knight. 

P.ilais, palay, in: palace ; court ; palate. 

P.ilan, pal-a», m. tackle. 

l'.il.iiii|ue,;(k,/ /a/<i«Z'. 

I'|uin, pal-a«-kai«, m. palanquin, litter. 
, Pal.istre, pal-as-tr, m. plate. 
I Palatal, c, pal-at-al, a. palatal. 
[ Pal.itin, e,», —'in, a. palatine ; —, m. /a.'afme. 

I'alatinat, pal-at-e-nali, m. palatinate. 
, Pal.itine, pal-at-ln, /. tippet. 
' I'.ile, \i.i\,f.Jlood-gale, blade (tfiir). 
; P.'ile, paul, a. pale, pallid. 
Palec, pal-ai,/ r,rjv of stakes. 
I'.ilefrenier, pal-fr/(/<-nyai, m. ostler, groom, 

P.ilefroi, pal-fro-a, m. palfrey. 

P.ileron, j)al-ro;i, tn. shouider-blacU. 
Palet, pal-al, tn. quoit. 

Paletot, pal-toh, m. paletot, pilot-coat ; mac.ii'ntosh. 
Palette, pal-et,/. battledore; palUt. 




Pâleur, pauAur./. /a/f>tfsj : ivaiiiiest. 

Palier, |iiil-c-ai, »>. Iniiding-place. 

Piillticution, pal-e-fe-kah-syoM, /. paHfication, 

IMIir, pau-lecr, v. n. to t^rovi fait. 

I'.ilis, |><tl-e, »i. />i>/e, stakt. 

I'.ilissa<le, |»al-e-s;nl, /. fiitisndt ; palt. 

P.iliNsailcr, |>al-e-siiil-ai, v. a. I0 patisad*. 

P,iliMs.i^re, |>,il-c-s^ilij, m. faliiii; up. 

PalKscr, pal-e-sai, v. ii. to pale tip. 

Pallailiuiii,'lail-yi>iii, >n. palliniiiim. 

P,tlliatir, Ivc, iial-lc-at-if, — Iv, <i. paliiixlivt. 

Pallialioii, pal-lc-ali-syo;/,/ palliation ; mili^ation. 

Pallier, pal-le-ai, v. a. to pultialt : txcust. 

Palliiiiii, paMyoin, tn. palt. 

P.iliiic, palm, / /(i/«« .• victory; — , /. palm, a lia>i(fs 

Palmé, c, pal-iii.ii, a. pahnattd. ^breadth. 

Paliiiette, pal-iiiet, / puttn-leaf. 

Palmier, pal-invai, in. palni-lrre. 

Palniipeiltf, paf-iiie-pcil, <«. palmipede, web/ooted, 

Palmite,, tn. palinites. 

Palnmbu, \>a\-oii\i,/, paliittibut, 

Paloii, pal-o'/, tn. spatula. 

Paloiiiiicr, pai-on-yal, in. spring-trei bar. 

P,tlol, le, pau-lo'i, — t, a. palish. 

Palpalile, pal-pali-bl, ii. — iiient, ad. palpable ; plain, 

Pal|)e, \n\\\>,f./ftler. 

Palper, pal-pai, v. a. to handle gently, feel. 

]'alpitatiun, pal-pe-tali-sy(»i,y. palpitation. 

Palpiter, pal-pe-tai, v. n. to palpitate, throb, pant. 

Piliiier, puii-iiiai, v. 11. et se —, v. r. to s7i/oon, faint 

P.lnioisoii, paiiiii-wa-zo»«,y. swoon,/aintinK-/it. \ifuiay. 

Pamphlet, |>aj<-llay, in. pamphlet. 

Pamplilélaire, pa/t-Hai-tair, tn. pamphleteer. 

Pamplciiiousso, paw-pl-moos,/! Siant orangt. 

Pampre, pax-pr, m. leafy Tine-branch. 

Pail, pa». III. flap, lafprt ; front, face ; part of a wall. 

Panache, paii-as-ai,y./ii;/(ir<-ii. 

Panache, \>i\n;\s\\,f. plume ; cap of a lamp. 

Panacher, paiwish-ai, v. n. et se —, v. r. to break into 

I'anacle, pan-ad, /) panado. [streais. 

Panade,, m. paiiage. 

Panais, pan-ay, in. parsnip. 

Panard, pa-nar, ii. crooked. 

Panaris, pan-ar-e, in. whUlow. 

Pancarte, {>:\n-\i:\tt.f. bill posted up ; toll-table; nani^hfy 

Pandectes, pa«-dckt, /; pi. pandects, pi. [boo/:. 

Panétîyriiiuc, pan-ai-lijc-rik, m. panei:yric. 

Panégyriste, pan-ni-lijc-rist, m. paiiet^yrist. 

Paner, paii-ai, v. a. to crumb, do over -with crumbs of 

Paneréc, piui-ral,/. basketful, [bread. 

Paneterie, pan-tre, f. pantry. 

Paneticr, pan-tyai, m. faiitlei: 

Panetière, pan-tyair,/. shephercCs scrip, 

Panicule, pan-e-Kiil,/'. panicle. 

Panier, pan-yai, m. basket ; basketful. 

Panification,«,/: panification. 

Panique, panik, a. panic. 

Panne, pan,/", shag^, plush. 

Panneau, pan-oh, m. panel ; snare, trap. 

Panneauter, pan-oht-ai, v. 11. to set snares. 

Panneton, pan-to;i, m. key-bit. 

Panorama, pan-or-ain-ah, m. panorama. 

Pansage, pa;«-salij, tn. dressing (horse), rubbirj. 

Panse, pa»/ss, y. paunch, belly. 

Pansement, pa>/-sina;(, m. dressing. 

Panser, pau-sai, v. a. to dress, rub. 

Pansu, e, paw-sfl, a. paunch-bellied. 

Pantalon, pa»-tal-0)/, m. pantaloons, pi. ; buffoon. 

Pantalonnade, ija/i-tal-on-ad,/. buffoonery, 

Panteler, pa»t-lai, v. 11. to pant. 

Panthéisme, pa»-tai-ism, m. pantheism. 

Panthéon, pa<i-tai-on, tn. Pantheon. 

Panthère, pa»«-tair,y panther. 

Pantière, pa«-t^air,/. draw-net. 

Pantin, pux-tai», iii. dancing-Jack. 

Pantograplie, pa«-tog-raf, m. pantograph. 

Pantomime, pa»-tom-iin, y. /a;(/0;;(i>;(f, dumb show; 

— , HI. pantomime. 
Pantoufle, pa«-too-fl,y. slipper; en—, slipshod. 
Paon, paw, m. peacock. 
Paonne, pan, f. peahen. 
Paonneau, pan-oh, m. young peacock. 
Papa, pap-ah, tn. papa, daddy. 
Papal, e, pap-al, a. papal. 
Papauté, pap-oh-tai,/./a/<io'./<'/«/«"'«. 
Papayer, pap-ay-yai, >/i. papavi. 
Pape, pap, in. pope. 
Papeijai, pap-jjai, tn. popinjay. 
Papelard, pap-lur, tn. hypocrite. 

Paperasse, pap-rass,/! luastepaper. [paper. 

Paperasser, pap-ras-ai, v. n. to rMtntnagt papers ; wast* 
Paperassier, |}ap-ras-yai, m.viho -watttspaptri scribbler. 

Papeterie, pap-tre,/ ; Pnper-iKiU ; papet, 

Papetier, |>ap-tyal, m. paper-maker ; stationer. 
Papier,, tn. paper; — fort, drawing-paper ; 

— A lettres, post-paper. 
Papillon, pap-iA(»/, m. butterfly. 
Papillonner, pap-i/-i>n<,ii, v. n.'to flutter about ; flirt. 
Papill'iLigc, pap-i/-ut-ahj, in. hair in papers; tivnikling 

of the eyes. 
Papilli)lc, p.ip-l/-nt,/". f;<»-/-/rr/^>-,- sugar-plum. 
Papilloter, pap-L'-ot-ai, i'. a. et n. to paper the hair; 
Papisme, pap-ism, in. popery. [twinkle ; glare. 

Papiste, p.ip-ist, in. papist. 
Paquagc, pak-ahl. in. packing {flshes). 
Pdi|iie, pauk, f. Passover : lia\ler ; — s fleurie*, Paltn 

Sunday ; — s closes. Low Sunday. 
Pa(|uel)ot, pak-lioh, tn. packet-boat ; — à vapeur, ste.iui. 
P,l(|uerette, pauk-ret./. tiaster daisy. [pat Ait, 

Paipiet, p,tk-ay, tn. bundle ; parcel ; packet. 
Paipieter, pak-tai, v. a. to pack, bundle. 
Par. par, /r. by, through ; about ; '>ut of; do — Ic roi, 
Paraiiole, par-ab ol.y p.irahte. [in the Kind's name. 
I*aral>(ili(|ue, par-abol-ik, a. paraholic. 
Parachever, par-ash-vai, v. a. tojinish. 
l'arai.'hroiiisiiic, par-ak-ron-isin, ;//. parachronism. 
P.irachute, par-ash-Ot, in. parachute. 
I'.irade, \yAX-;v\,f. parade, sho7v. 
Parader, par-ad-ai, r>. n. to show a horse. 
Paradigm, par-ad-igm, tn. paradigm. 
Paradis, par-ad-e, tn. paradise ; lop gallery. 
I'ar.iiloxal, e, par-ad-ok-sai, a. paradoxical. 
Paradoxe, par-ad-oks, m. paradox, 
I'arafe, par-.if, in. flourish. 
Parafer, par-af-ai, v. a. to put one's flourish. 
Parage, par-.ihj, in. part of the sea. 
Paragraphe, par-ag-raf, in. paragraph. 
Par.iisontiiur, par-.ii-son-yai, in. glassblower. 
P.iraissiiit, par-ay-s.iy, see Paraître. 
•Paraître, par-ay-tr, v. n. to appear; seem; come out; 

make a shoiv ; fMte — , to show, publish. 
Parallèle, par-al-lel, a. — mont, ad. parallel ; — , /, 

parallel line. 
Parallélisme, par-al-lai-lisin, tn. parallelism. 
Paralogisme, par-al-ohj-isin, tn. paralogism. 
Paralyser, par-al-c-zai, v. a. to paralyse ; weaktn. 
Paralysie, \iAX-;\\-c-za, f. paralysis, palsy. [deadat, 

P.iralytique, par-ul-c-tik, a. paralytica!. 
Parangon, par-a«-go«, tn. paragon, 
Parangonner, par-a</-gon-ai, v. n. to compart ; Justify, 
P.irapet, par-ap-ay, m. parapet. 
Paraphe, see Parafe. 
Paraphernaux, par-af-air-noh, .•>». //. paraphernalia, pi. 
Paraphrase, par-af-rahz,/î paraphrase. 
Paraphraser, par-af-rah-zai, t'. a. to paraphrase : am- 
P.iraphraste, par-af-rast, tn. paraplirast, [/'!/)'• 

Parapluie, par-ap-lû-e, tn. umbrella. 
Parasite, par-az-it, tn. parasite. 
Parasol, par-as-ol, tn. parasol. 
Paratonnerre, par-at-on-air, in. lightning-conductor. 
Paravent, par-av-;i«, in. screen. 
Parbleu, par-biuh, int. faith I forsooth I 
Pare, park, tn. park ; J'old, oyster-bed. 
Parcage, par-kalij, in. folding. 
Parcelle, pnr-sel,y. psrticle, portion. 
I'arceller, par-sell-ai, v. a. to partition. 
Parce cpie, parsk;»/», c. because. 
Parchemin, parsh-maix, m. parchment. 
Parcliemincrie, parsh-mtn-re, f. parchinent-making ; 

Parcheminier, p.irsli-min-yai, tn. parchment-maktr. 
Parcimonie, par-se-mon-e,y:/ii»-j'i«(i>»/)'. [0111. 

Parcimonieux, se, par-sc-mon-e-uh, — z, a. parsiinoni- 
•Parcourir, par-koo-rccr, v, a. to travel all over ; rntt 

over ; peruse ; sutvey. 
Parcours, par-koor,y running over ; right of common. 
Pardi, par-de, int. truly I 
Parilon, par-do», in. pardon ; mercy. 
Pardonnable, par-don-ah-bl, a. pardonable. 
Pardonner, par-don-ai, v. a. to pardon, forgive, excusi. 
Pareil, le, par-ay/, a, like, alike, equal ; — \e,f. the liki: 

rendre la —, to give like for like ; —lenient, ad. 

likewise, too. 
Parement, par-nia>i, tn. ornament ; facing ; cufl'. 
Parent, par-a;i, in. relation, kinsman ; — e, — t,y. kins- 

7voman ; —i, pi. parents ; parentage. 
Parenthèse, par-a«-tayz,/: parenthesis. 
Parer, par-ai, v. a. et it. to adorn, deck ; parry, keep off; 

curry {leather) ; pare; se — , v. r. to deck one's sttj; \ 

boast of ; ward (iff, guard against. 
Parère, par-air, tn. advice. 
Paresse, par-ess,y laMiiuts, sloth. 
Paresser, par-es-ai, v, ti. to loittr. 


[97 ] 


Parfswiix. se, par-es-uh, —z, a. lazy; sloth/til ; —, m. 

.1/ lit; fit > J. Ill 3. V JcUou: 
•I'.irl.iire, |).ir-f.iir, v. a. lo^er/ttf, cfmfltle. 
l'arfiut, c, par-f.ii, — fct, <j. — ciiicnt, a. ftrfitt ; com- 

fltte , —, >«. frettrili. 
P.irfiler, par-fe-l.ii, :•. ■». I.y l<ufjtf. 
I'.irluis, |>ar-f«a, ad. ioinrfinus, iinru a)t(i thtM. 
rufuiii. |j.»r-fu«, )ii. /ifi/iii.i!\ .ufiit. 
I'irfiiiiiiT, pnr-fiViii.ii, v. .«. to fer/nmt. 
l',irfiiiiH;ur, |i,ir-fù-iiiur, "/. p,-riiinier. 
I'.irliclic., «1. f.ii licUoil, 
I'.iri. |i.irc, "/. hff, 7/'(ti,'.'-. 

I'.iri.i. le, c-ad,/ fa iriiii^-liiiu ; coupU o/fartrùigts. 
r.iri'r, i>.ir-e-.ii, v. a. to hi't, lay a waxer. 
I'.trkiir, par-cur, »i. I'tttt-r. 
i'ansyllalmiiic p.ircsil-lal)-ik, a. /iit risyllahic. 
i'.iriti.', [Mr-c-tai J. fiiri/y : ifxeinhiniin: 
iurjure, par-lijùr, a. ferjiire.l, Jonworn ; —, »i, ftr- 

juiyr; ffijiifv. 
sf I'.irjiirLr,, t. r. to /•eiy'iire./iirsivear onf's 
I'aiia;,"', p.irl.ihj, <n. chaHfr, h.ihh.'r. [ifl/- 

P irliiiiiiit, jMil-in.i'/, m, ptii-luiiiititt. 
I'.irkiiicalairc, p.irl-m.ixt.iir, u. />iirliamtutary ; —, 

I'l. rVa/r/- oJajUig o/triue. 
I'arkiiKiittr. |)arl-liia«-tai, v. 11. to payUy. 
I'atlcr, parl.ii, v. a. et 11. to spi-iii; talk ; sc —, v. r. to 

,,1117 f I if ; he spoken : —, in. spe'.ih, uttoame, 
r.irleiir, parlur, tit. talker. 
i'.irlnir,, in. parloin:, pariu-sa;/, in. paiinesan. 
I'.irJui, YM-\\\Q, pr. aiiioii^', amongst. 
I'.iroilie, par-o-de,./; paivily. 
r.inilior, par-ijcl-yai, 7/. <». to paioJy. 
j'.ir'ii,,/. parli/ioii. 
r.itiiir, I .ir-w,ir, in. parer ; scraper. 
r.iroiso. parwass.y. parish, 
r.irniM.ilc, e, par-was-,. yal, a. par,i,/iia.', parish. 
I'.iT' issi' 11, IR",«, —yen, s. parisiiiitiier. 
r.iroic. iA.J. -voni : speeth, laii);iiat;e ; iayim; ; Mir 

ma —, upon my word ; couper la — "i i]., to interrupt 

out ; ilotwicr sa —, to pass one's word ; preiiilrc la — , 

10 hei^Di a i pen It. 
Vaioli, par-ol-c, in. parol! : f.iire — -, to doiiHe tltt stake. 
r.irii\ysiiic, par-ok-sisiii, in. paro.xysm. 
I .ir.iiR-, p.irk.y; destiny. 

l'ariiULr, p,ir-kai, v. a. to /old ; l.di;e [artillery). 
raniml, par-kay, in. bar; inlaid iloor ; oreliestra. 
r,ir'|iu i.ij;f, p.'irk-talij, in. inlaid irork. 
r.iniiitli.r, p.irk-l.ii, v. a. to lontaludau-, inlay. 
r,iri|ui'loriu-, |)ark-tre,y! iiilaidyloo) iiti;. 
r.iriui.lLiir, park-tur, in. he that >iia';es inlaid Jloors. 
r.irrahi, par-ai'(, >n. );od/atlter, sponsor. 
I'.irriciilc, p ir-rc-sici, in. parrttide : — , a. parricidal, 
I'lrs, p.iur, i.f I'artir. 
r.irM'iiicr, par-s/(/Muai, v. a. !o itieto. 
l'art, p.uir,/. .\/i.nv, portion ; place ; ,'i —, aside: <lc 111,1 

—,/rom Die : ilc — et il'.i'itro, on hoti: sites ; i{ucU|uu 

~,si<'it,,T/ie!e: millu —, nowhere; aM'ir — à, to be 

u'luenii;/ in : pvcmiro -- ?l, to participate. 
r,irt,i;;e, par-talij, in. division ; share, portion. 
r,irtai;<.Mlili.', par-Lilij-i'li-lil, a. partihic, divisible. 
I'lria^caiit,;/, in. sharer., par-talij-ai, i'. a. et n. to par!, share, divide ; 

por:i, ifate ; hale a share ; su — , t'. r. to share ; he 
Partaiicf, par-ta//s!>,y; sailiii!^, departure. [divided. 
I'artant. parta;;, ail. there/ore, loitseijnent.y. 
I'arleiiairc. part-ii tir, in. partner. 
J'artcrre,, in. parterre ; pit. 
Parti, parte, in. partly; way, means; resolution; 

matt h : prendre lo — de q.. to side with one ; tirer — 

(!e, lo make use or'., e,, a. — CTiieiit, ad. parli.-.l. 
Partialité, piir-syal-e-tai, /] p.zrfia.'ity. 
Partijipanr, par-te-se-pa«, in. / ir.'.tker, d.-.-.-x-'/Vcv. 
Particijiatioii, par-te-be-pali-syo«,y; participa ton. 
P,iitici|>e, par-te-sip, m. participle. [share in. 

Particip'.'r, par-te-se-uai, z: it. tj participate, h.-ive a 
Particul.iriscr, par-te-kvVlar-c-z.ii, v. a. to particularise. 
Particularité, par-le-kû-lar-e-tai,/. pariuular. [specify. 
Particule, par-te-kùl,/. f articule. 

Particulier, ère, par-t«'kijl-yai, — r, a. — èrement, ad. 
partictdar ; privcte ; en — , especially ; privately ; 

—, m, private person ; individual. 
Partie, par-te,/. /ar/, partion. : eame ; match, client ; 

en —, partly. 
Partiel, le. par-syel, a, — lement. ad. parti.1l. 
•J'artir, par-teer, v. a. et n. to part, divide ; set mit, 

dep.irt , Hj.rt; J/rocacd, jlo-u ; à — d'aujourd hui, 
iront to-day ; — d'un éclat de rirc, to burs! ou-t inti a 
pi! of laugliUr. 

Partisan, pai-te-za;i, tn. p>artisait ; adlurent. 
Partitif, ive, par-ti-tif, -iv, a. paititi^. 

Partition, parte syo»»,/ partition, 

I'lrtout, par-tix), ad. eierywhere. 

I',ir». par-rt, see I'.ir.iitre. [se! <dla>itoiid.t). 

I'.inirc, par-ilr, y. dre^s. attire ; oriiainenl ; paring ; 

•I',ir\enir. par-vncer, v. n. lo arri'.e ; reaiA, oàlatn, 
get; make one sportune. 

I',iricnu,, in. upstart, 

I'arvi-,. ve, m. porrh ; si/iiare. 

I'.iN, pau, in. pace ; footstep, strait, defile ; — de cler,-, 
hlunder ; — \ —, step hy step, slowly ; de ce —, mi. 
mediately; aller Ixm -, lo tcalk pretty fast ; avoii lo 
—, to have the preiedeiiy ; —, ad, no, not. 

I'.isi.U, e, pas-kal, ii. pas hat. 

I'.iMHUiiade, pas-ke-nad,/! pis /uiiia.le. 

I'.isviMe, p.ih-s.dvlil, a. ■ nient, ad. passahle, tolerable. 

I'as-, I lo, /i/Jii'/i' //«/•i;/»,''* .' short slay. 

l'as-iaKC p>ih-s.dij, in. p.twa^e ; thoroU);hp,ire. 

r.i-,.i.i>;cr, ere, pa)i-!>,ilij-,ii, - r, ii. — creiiiciil, <ri/. pass- 
ill); ; transient ; —, m. —ttc, f. passent;er. 

I'.iss.iiit. e, p.ili-s,i», — t. II. chciiiiu —, thoroughfare ; 
— , ;/;. pitssenj;rr, passer-hy. 

P.issatloii. pali-> i-syii</,y: passing: 

l'a-,s.u,»m. p,ili-s.iv-.i;i, m. pass, permit ; gan,t:way. 

I'.isse, \>,\]\'>\f. p.iss ; thrust; ihannel ; stake ; fient 
ihomiel) ; être eu —, to he in a fair way. 

I'.i^s^', e, p.ih-s;ii, a. past, gone, oz'er ; out of fashion ; 
—, 111. time past ; thini;s past. 

P is-.e-c irreau, pahss-kali-rcli, in. sleeve-board. 

l'as .«.-debout, paliss-<l((/(-l>oo, m. pass, permit. 

I'ascdroit, paliss-droah, m. favour ; wrong. 

I'.i .ste, Y.\\\-'M\,f. pas\age ; flight of woodiocks in Hit 

l'a,,cnicnt, pass-iiia't, ;/(. lace ; trimming, [evening 

I'as^eiiieiitir, pass-iiiaii-tai. v. a. lola,e, trim. 

I'.r,- eniciiterie, pass-iii.i(/-tre, /; lace-inakiiig ; lace. 

I' isseiiieiitier, pass-ni.i);-tyai. m. laceinaier. [traile. 

l'as e-iiicteil, p.itiss-iii,ii-t.ij/, m. wheal and rye. 

I';is,e-p,ariilc, p,tliss-p,'ir-ol, m. pass~ivrd. 

I'as^e-partout, pahss-par-too, m. iiunterkey. 

l'asse-|)asse, p.ili!>s-i>aliss,/. tuur de —, legerdemain, 

I'assc poil, paliss-po-,il, in. edgni ■: 

P.isse^x'rt, p;|)or, in. passp.irt, 

I'.isser, l)a-hat, 7'. a. et it. to pass, go over; surpa", 
e\ieed ; leave cut; cease ; disappear ; exNre ; pass- 
I tuir cela, let it he so ; cela me passe, ts aho.-- 
my comprehension ; — i^\Ki,to call en ; — uii lontr.i'. 
lo draw a deed ; faire —, lo put off; en — par, f 
siihmit to ; — do l.i farine. A' .t;y/ mrn.' . — un risoir 
sur la pierre, to set a razor ; — snus silence, /.> oiml 
ineiilioiiing ; sc —, -■. r. to run away ; fade au,iy, 
d,\ ,iy ; fall out ; dispense with. 

I'asst.'rc.iu, p.iliss-roh. nt. sp.irrow. 

r.isstrclle, paliss re!,/, narrow bridge, 

I'.i ^etetiip., Jialij'. !..'•, in pastime. 

I'lss ur, p.ih-sur, in. ,' 1 lyrian, 

l'as .'-vi! lilt, pa!iss-v<ila;/, ;.i. sham soldier , iiilruder. 

I'assiliilite,,./! passihility, liability. 

I'.i.silile, pas-se-l>l, a. passih/e, liable. 

I'.issif, ive, |).is-sif, -iv, ir. — iveuient, ad. passive. 

l'as, il 111, pan-syo;/,/; passion. [eager, fou. I. 

I'assiniiiu', e. pah-s)<iii-ai. a. —ment. ad. passionaie, 

I'.issiuniier. p.ili-syon-ai, -c. a. to impassion ; se —, v. r. 
to he unpasiioned ; lly into a passion, 

P.issoir, pali-swar.y; cullender, strainer. 

Past' I. pas-tcl. III. crayon. 

I'.istcipie, pas-tek,yl icater-nielon, 

I'astcur, pas-tur, in. shepherd, pastor. 

Pastiche,, m. imitative pii^urt or composition. 

Pastille, pas-ti/,y; pastil. 

Pastoral,, a. — ement, ad. pastoral. 

Pastorale, pas-tor-al,./ pastoral. 

I'astoiirc.iu, pas too-roli, m. yai<ig sh'pherd. 

Pastourelle, pas-too.rel,y; young shepherdess. 

Pat, pat. in. .'taleinate. 

l'.r.,aclie, pat-asli, /; toll-i^at ; stagecoach. 

I'.itarille, pa.-ar-af,/; scraicl. 

P.itate, pat-at,/ potato. 

Patatras, pat- it-rah, in', crac'e, bump. [fellow. 

Patau I, pat-oh. in. thick-footed y 'uitg dog; clionsy 

I'atau,i;cr, pat oli-hjaL v.n. to paddU ; be emhari assed. 

Pâte, \^^a:,f. paste, dough; bonne — d'homme, good- 
naliircd man. 

P.Ue, pau-tai, m. pie ; pasty; blot; pics. 

l'dirée. \i3.\i-l,ù,f. paste. 

Pattlin. pat-lai«, m. wheedler, cheat. 

Pàtelin.i4,'e. pat-lc-nahj, m. wheedling. 

Pateli.ncr. pat-le-iiai, v. a. to wheedle, gull, eeax. 

Pdtelineur. pat-le-nur, m. wheedler, cneat. 

Patène, patine. 

Patonôtre, pat-noh-tr,/ Lords Frayer: prayers, pi. 

Patent, e, pat-a<i, — t, a. patent, manifest. 

Patenre, pa'.iiit, f. patent ; licatce. 

]'dtv:ntc, e, pava'; tai, a. licen-Hd. 




Pater, p.tli't.iir, m. Lord's J'ntyi>: 

Patère, iial-air./i cii/> ; cttrtaiuheihitf. 

Palernel, le, pat-alr-nci, a. — Icmcnl, ad. faltrnti. 

Paternité, pat-nir-iic-tai,/; /dfr >-;(!/>'. 

Pâteux, se, p.iu-luh, — z, a. donx/iy; tltttnmy. 

Patli(;tiiiiie,i)at-aitik,u. — meiit,<i././(»//i<r//(,/a/A*/<fa/. 

Pnlholo({ie, patol-ulij-c,/ /iJ/A.'Aii-.y. 

Pathologique, pat-ol-olij-ik, a. p-ilhologùat. 

Pathos, i)iit-os, tn. palki's, rant. 

Palilml.iire, paVe-lifl-l.ilr, ■?. mine —, haiig'iiig look. 

Patiemment,, ««.i'. fitieiitly. 

Patience, pas-ya(iss,/. /«/iV/iiC. [stifftrtr. 

Patient, e, pas-ya«, — t, a. fatitnt ; —, »/«. falitiit. 

Patienter, pas-y.'i»-tai, v. it. lo liiiv( putitnit. 

Piitin, pat-ai>i, >«. siale ; palloi. 

Patine, pat-In,/", verdi^ris. 

Patiner,, v. a. tl it. to (•mt'.fiimhlt ; shite. 

Patineur, piit-e-nur, m.fiiinhler : skater. 

IMtir, pau-lccr, v. it. to snfftr ; ht dislresstd. 

P.ltii, pau-tc, lit. fastiiit. 

P.Uibser, pau-tc-sai, v. ii. to make (mstry, 

P.ltisserie, pau-tis-re,/ /.i ^/<■_y. 

P.ltisslcr, pau-tis-yal, in. /•iistrv-civk. 

P.Ui.ssoire, p.iu-tis-\,y. fastry-hoaid. 

Patois, pat-wa, in. hrogiu; i^ihhfrish. 

Patraque, pat-rak.y; lirui;, old snijf. 

I'.ltrc, pau-tr, ;;:. Itt-rdsinan, shfp'urd. 

Patriarcal, e, pat-rc-ar-kal, a. f<iilyiiin>!iil. 

J'atriarcat, pat-ro-ar-kah, in. p.itii.trJiate, p.ttiiairh- 

I'.ilriarthc, pal-rcarsh, iit. fnitrinrih. [■ilii/i. 

Patrice, pat-riss, in. />atriiiitn. 

Patriciat, pat-ris-yah, in. fatriiinte. 

P.itricicn, nc, pat rc-syaiH, - sycn, a. palritian. 

P.ttrie, pat-ro,y. itntive ioiintiy ; toitnlry, /tome. 

Patrimoine, pat-re-mo-an, in. Palriinony. 

iiuiiIhI, c, pat-rc-ni'iiiyaf, <i. fatrinioniat. 

Peausserie, poli-ire,/". skinner's 7iai<. 
I'eaussler, |K>h-syni, in. skinfirr./elliHonctt, 
IVr, pek, <i. hareng — , fùklrd herring. 
I'etLrtlilc, pck-kah-T>l, a. ftciahle. 

< ndilîc, pek-adi/,/ pfcfadillo, petty faull. 

■ k h licne, (tiiglir^ 


[a Pittriot. 

Patriote, pat-re-ot, in. fatriol. 

}'atriotique, pat-rc-ot-lk, a. — nu-nt, ad. fatriotti ; like 
Patriotisme, pat-rc-ot-ism, in. putriolisiit. 
I'alrocincr,, v. it. to tirt;»/. 
I'.itron, ne, uat-ro;/, - ron, ;/;. f-ttttun; patron, d'fcuder: 
Patronago,, in. patromtj^e. [niastt'r. 

I'tilronaC e,, a. patronal. 
J'atronnc, \i,\\.-rQn,/. fativness. 
J'.itronncr, pat-ron-ai, v. a. to pattern. 
P.itrouillu, \)i\\.-xool,/. patrol ; faire la —, to patrol. 
P.itrouillcr, pat-roo/-ai, t. ii. tn patrol ; paddle :fituil!e. 
i'alrouillis, pat-roo/-e, in. puddle. 

V.iXW, \>i\t, y. paw ; yoot ; //ap {coal): J? like ; h quatre 
J'alte-pclu, pat-p«/<-lû, m. hypocrite, [—s, on all-fours. 
P.ittu, e, pat-i'i, a. lari^e-Joofed. 
J'.'iturajje, pau-tû-rahj, in. pasture, pastiirc-ffround. 
P.iture, pau-tûr,/. pasture, food. meal. 
I'ilurcr, pau-tfl-rai, v. n. to pasture, feed. 
V.ilureur, pau-tû-rur, m. one that leads horses to j,'rass. 
I'aturon, pat-û-ro;/, m. pastern. 
P.iume, pohm, f. palm ; tennis. 
I'aumier, poh-my<i, m. keeper 0/ a teiinit-rottrl, 
I'aupe^rismc, poo-pai-rism, in. pauperism. 
Paupière, poh-pyair,y^ eyelid. 

Pause, pohz,y. /a/Mf, stop. [— , lit. poor man, f'ej;;^ar. 
I'auvrc, poh-vr, a. — meut, ad. p.vr, indigent; barren; 
Pauvresse, poh-vress.yi/ocr woman. 
Pauvret, poh-vray. m. — te, —\,f. poor little creature. 
Pauvreté, poh-vr-tai, / poverty. 
Pavage, pav-ahj, tn. p,^v<iti^. 

ic Pavaner, pav-an-ai, 7'. r. to stmt. [— , lounger. 

I'ave, pav-ai, m. pa7;iiig-stone ; pavement ; batteur de 
Pavement, pav-ma«, in. paving ; pavement. 
Paver, pav-ai, v. a. to pave. 
Pavesade, pav-sad,/; nctling-sails, pi. 
Paveur, pav-ur, m. paver, pavior. 
Pavie, pav-e^y nectarine {peni It). 
I'avillon, pav-i/-0H, m. pavilion ; flag : tent-bed. 
Pavois, pav-o-ah, m bticlt'er ; ivaislcloth. 
Pavoiser, pav-o-ah-zai, v. a, to dress ivitlt flags. 
favot, pav-oh, in. poppy. 
Payable, payyah-nl, a. payable. 
Payant, pay-ya". m. payer. 
Paye, pay-yt', f. pay : pay nias'er 
'aywment, pny-yc-ma';, in. payment. 
■'ayen, see Païen. [in one's detrs , /^et Rite's invt,-y. 

'lytr, pay-yai, v. a. to pay ; acgiiit ; sc faire —, to call 
■lycur, se, pay-yur, — yuhz, s. payer; paymaster. 

lys, pai-e, m. eeuittry ; conntryinan ; — e, — iz, y. 
'\\'ia'ie, ymy-c-Ziih], *n. landsevipe. [countryTioman. 

ijsagiste, pay-e-zahj-ist, m. landscape painter 

ijsan, pay-e-za», m. ecnntryman , —ne, — ann, /. 


' Mge, pai-ahj, m. ioU, toU-money ; toll-booth. 
'eager, pai-ahj-al, m. totUgathercr. 
*eau, pon,/. tkitt, hide ; peel; husk ; ptU, 

vt' aiiuic, iiek 
Pci;ia\i, pekav-c, /«. repe'itaiue, 
P''i:lic, \in\>.\\,f. peach ;fi\hiifg ; - 
Poché, jni shal, m. sin ; tresp.ns. 
IVchcr, paibhai, v. n. to sin ; trespass ; he defective. 
Pec her, pay-sliai, m. peailitret ; — , v. a. rl it. to fish ; 

— ik la llvjiie, to an/le. 
Pécheresse, pai-shre .s, /.female sinner. 
Pêcherie, paysh-re,y.y/ snery. 
Pécheur, pai-shur, in. sinner. 
Pécheur, payshur, in. flatter ; — \ la li^jnc, angler. 
Pécore, pai-k(ir,y: bca.\t ; llo.kiund. 
IVctoral, c, pck-t'ir-al, ii. perioral ; —, I'l. pectoral , 
l'éculat, pai-kiVlah, in. peculation. [breast-p.'a.'e. 

Péculateur, pai-kÀ-lah-tur. m. peculator. 
Pécule, pal-kftl, m. pecalimn. 
Pécuniaire, pai-krtn-ynir, a. pecuniary. 
l'étunieux, se, pai-kùiiyuh. — /, a. moneyed, 
Ped.igiigic, pai-dan-ohj-e,y!/i-ii'.r^'f>y_i'. 
Pédagi>({i(|uc, pai-d.ip-olijik, a. p-d.igogt'ia/. 
Pédagogue, pal-ilag-og, in. pedigogiie. 

Pi-dant, c, paida«, - t, a. prdantic; —. in. prda'il. 
Pfdanter, pai-ilaH-tai, v. 11. to la lure like a pedant. 
Pédanterie, pai-da';-tii', p. pedantry. 
Pédantesque, pai-il.i;/-lc-.k, a. —ment, ad. pdaur , 
l'édantisme, |>ai-da»-:ism, i>i. pedantry. [pedauli, 1. 
Pi'dcstre, pni-dis-tr, a. - nu-nt, ad pedes'rtan ; on^,- ' 
l'édiculaire, pai-dc-kfll-.iir, a. pedicular. 
Pédicule, pai-dekfll, m. pedicle. 
Pédicure, pni-dc-kCir, tn. pedicure, corn-cutter. 
IVdiluve, paide-lùv, in. foot-bath. 
Pédon, i)ai-do»/, ;//. runner. 
Pégase, pai-gatiz, m. J'e;;asus. 
I'eignagc, |>ain-yahj, tn. combing of uool. 
Peigne, pain-yi-, m. comb ; cards, brake, liatthel ; lai'. 
Peigner, pnin-yai, v. a. to comb, halihel ; sc —, ?■. >• :■■ 
I'eignier, pain-yai, m. combinaker. [comb one's liia< 
Peignoir, pain-ywar, tn. coinbing-clotti ; bathing-gem: 
I'cignures, \mn-\{ir,f. pi. hair combed 0//: 
•Peindre, pai/i-dr, v. a. to paint; describe ; flit h - 

-,v. r. to pa int one's self; !■/. 

very handsoi le ; t.e 

Peiivo, pain, y /<i/«, punishment, penalty ; soriV7i , 
trouble, distress; labour; h — , hanlly; h graii'ii- 
—, 7iith much ado ; être en — , to be anxious, be con. 
ceriied ; se donner de la —, to take pains. 

Peiné, c, pai-rai, a. elaborate, stifl'. 

IViner, pay-nni, z». a. et n. to pain ; trouble ; weary , 
work hard, toil ; se — , v. r. to trouble one's self. 

Peint, e, pai;/, — t, see Peindre. 

Peintre, paix-tr, in. painter. 

Pcinturage, paiw-tdr-alij, m. painting. 

Peinture, y>Mn-Xiir,f. painting ; piciiire. 

Peiiuurer, pai/z-tiir-ai, v. a. to paint with one echur. 

Pelage. pi<A-lahj, in. colour {hair). 

l'éle-mêle, payl-mayl, ad. pell-mell ; confusedly. 

Pelcr, p»</<-lai, v. a. to make bald, pare ; pee.' ; sca',i ; 
se —, %: r. to peel ofl'. 

Pclorin, pail-rai«, m. pilgrim ; cunning fellow. 

Pèlerinage, pail-re nalij, in. pilgrimage. 

Pèlerine, \iM\-x'm,f. female pitgrint ; pelerine. 

l'élican, pai-le-ka«, tn. pelican. 

I'eliss, \i\\is, f. pelisse. 

IVIle, pel, f. shmiel ; blade {oar). 

Pellée, pel-ai. Pelletée, pclt.ii. f. shovelful. 

Pelleterie, peltre,/! skinner's trade ; furs. 

Pelletier, pcltyai, m. skinner. 

Pellicule, pel-le-kiVi, f. pellicle. 

IVIote, p\ot, f. pincushion ; pellet; siiowbaH. 

Peloter, plot-ai, v. a. to bang ; beat. 

Peloton, plot-o;(, in. bottom; clew oP thread , 

Pelotonner, plot-on-ai, v. a. to tottoni , uii:d, 

V. r. to gather into clusters. 
Peliuse, plooz, f. In-vn, greens7caid. 
Po'u, e, p«/j-iri, a hairy, woolly. 
I'irluche, plush, f. pli::h, sh.ig. 
Peluché, e, pU1sh-ai, a. pluslicd, hairy. ' 
Pelucher, plûsh-ai, v. it. to grow shaggy. 
Pelure, p«A-li1r, f. paring, peel. 
Peiiaillon, p»</«-na/-o//, tit. tag ; monk. 
Pénal, c, pai-nal, a. penal. 
Pénalité, pai-nal-e-tai, f. penally. 
Pénates, pai-nat, tn. pi. household gcds. //. ' 

Penaud, e, pi</«-noh, — d, a. abashed ; fccltsk. 
Penchant, e, pa»;-sha;;, — t, a. sloping ; declxixingi 

tn. slape ; inclination, propensity. 
Penchetnent, pan-shnu;r, m. stcop.'itnd. 

1 1 111 i 



f 99] 


Penrlier. payilMl. v. n. to iutjin, ; Ua» ; tU^ ; WxAw.t. piir-dû. Pri. tl a. lost; ruintd k coro» — 
btotcUntU: se --.«/. ». /,) t'a./. #«•;(,/. I M,aiio>nr.- » coup --. .1/ ni,;rf^./. . tcniinclle -i. -.7>le. pa»; dah bl, II. Arf»»^'!»/,-. | -.iiiceJ ,eii/tii</ <. s ». n 

Penl.iixin. pa»-<lay-xo», / Haugliig. 1 pere, pair, ui.ja'her 

_\tt<\M,m,raual,ta-ut. [,i,v/>. I' riMi|.tion. pal-rai«psyo.;, / >,r<«/vi-.<.. 

Pen.lel'iuie, p.i>i.illok,//<'>i,/.»;j/; ,/n,/. I', pal-ra»/p-lwar, 


Pcii'laril, pax-flar, m, rascal, ta^'ut. 
jtie, pa>i-illok, / ; 
I'cn'lillcr. pa>i-(ll/-ai, v. 11. to JiiMcte, sivtin'. 
Pinilrr, p,i»i-ilr, v. a. tl n.t^ ««J'-Xi hang nfi ; so-, 

f. r to II lie 011/ 1 stlf. 
Pill III. p.i'/.ilu, »//. out ivho is haiij^tii. 
Pinliilc, p.i;/(liV, in. ftn.iulitm ; —,/, liiiifpitit. 
Prnf. p.i)n, »/«. bMI, 

IViRlribilité, pai-n.ii-trali.C'lc-lnl, f. ftnetrabi.'ity. 
Pciirtr.ililc, p.ii-nai-lr.ili-l>l, a. ftiielrai'^e. \,t- utt., c, p,ii'ii.ii-tra>/, — t, a. ftnftratir^f, lAi/y» . 
Pciicir.ilion, pai-nai-trali-syn//, /. f>tiit:ralian ; ,uii «•'. 

Pf ni'trer, pai-n.ii-tr.ii, T'. a. tl ti. to pKittm'e ; mov! ; 

liiry : so —, v. r. to fix in out's imnd. 
Pfiiil'lc, pai-iiB-lil, (I. — meiit, ad. fainjul, lal'Mioiis. 
PcniiliL-, p.ii-iiish, /; piimacf. 
Pcniiiiiilc, p.ii!iai><-r>ul, /. feiiitisula, 
IVniiMKu, pai-nc-taf/ss, /. ptiiiltiice. />cnaiut. 
Pi intent iiT, pai.iic-ta«-'.yai, in. /viiiitiilinrv. 
Itniliiit, c. p.ii-nc-ta»r, — t, a. ptuiltut, rt/i'rit'ant. 
l'iMi;tcmi,ilre, p>iin.u-t.i>/-syair, m. /•■ni'tiiiiary. 
IVmiLiitiel, II-, p.ii-iio-ta'/sycl, in. penittntuil. 
IVnn.ij,'f. pciMi.ilij, in./fiitlttrs,fl. plHinaj^t. 
I'liino. p'. ii.yi hta III- > flit lit r. 
I'lniiuii, pcii-iio//, m.pfiiuon. 
Feii'iii, \niH\vt\\, »>/. do;-i\in(, 
I'l-pscc, p.i//-s.ii, /. tiioiiglit ; mind, sktUh, design; 

Pfus' r, \^.\>i-^\, V. a. tl n.lo think, belifvt, ronsidfr ; 

•>■<■ /'.■ tiikt cart !•/.• — h, lothitikof, itiiitinbtr ; 

— Innil.tT. to bt ntar/altiiij.;, 
PciMur. p.i;;-sur, in. ikiiiktr. 
Pi-iis:f, m-. p,i;;-sif, -iv, a. ftmive, l/ioin;h^fii/. 
Pinsimi, p,i)/-syo«,/; botirdiii^'-lioitst, boardiin:-sc/tool ; 

PiMiMMiiiMire, p.»/«-syonair, in. b.mrdrr,- ptnuontr. 
PciiM', p.iMsyim-iili, III. bo.irdiiig-sclioo/, 
l'cii-.i..niiLr. pa<;-syim-aii t: a. tOj;i2'taptn.\uiil. 
ri'iiMini. p.ii</.sniii, III. tnsi. 
PciitatirWi', p.ii>i-lak-orit, »«. f>(iil.iclu>:d. 
'cnti-, declivily, .Uopt ; proptiisity ; t.t.'jiic^ 
'cnutoio, pa«t-kolit,/: ll'/iit .Stind.fy. [[I'ci/) 

'tiilure. pa'( t:'r, /: iroinvoik. 
'ciuiltkiiic, p.ii-nnlt-yeiii, J. pfnulliinalt. 
'tuuric, p.ii-iifl-ru, ./;/#««/-_i', -,v,t)it. 

'•|'i<-", paipe, I. pip. 
Vpicr, p.iip-y.ii, 7'. 11. lo chirp. 
'cpin. p/(/i-p,ii»(, tn. ktriitl ; ,i;raptstcnt. 
'eiHiikn-, paipin yair, ^ iiiirsci-v. 
'opinieri^te, pai-pin-y.ii list, in. imrsci yiiiiii. 
'eniiitml.ition, nair.a/;-brt-l.iliiyu«. /. ptiaiiibiilation. 
'ercile, p,»ir-k,il, f.Jiiic calico. 
'erçam, c, pair sa;/, — t, n. picr.tii^- ; sharp, acuft. 
'crcc, p.uris, _/: mettre en -, /,; 
'crcc l)o,s, pairs-bwa, in. li^iiipeiJ.t. 
'crcie, pair-sai, / .^'Aia'*', vista. ■' 
'trceiiiciit, pairsnia;/, in. piticim^. 
'ercf ne i;e. pairs-nayhj, m. sncivdiop. 
Icrce-Drcille, pairs-o-re/, nt. titr-,vig. 
'crccptciir, p;ur-ce[i-tiir, in. collector. Icuc-f^athtrtr. 
trceptilnlité, p.lir-cep-te-bc-le-t.ii,/ p^rceplihilUy. 
crccptihlc, pcr-cep-te-bl, a. ptictplMe, colltetihlt. 
crciption, yMx<Q\i-syiin,/.ptrctptijn ; xatlteriiij^. 
crcer. p.iir-sai, v. a. tl n. Iti pierce ; hort ; hioac 
Ireak !hroni;h, forct : stiib ; dive into 
— I'.mnir, tojortset tlitfulurt. 

iTcdir. piirsur. m. bortr. \ 

'crceiuir, pairs-vwar, v. ti. I» gathtr ; ptrctivt ' 

"die, p.iirsli, / perch, pole. 

crchir, pair-bhai. v. n. tl se —, v. r. loptrch, roost. 
trellis, pair-she, in./eiice. 
trdvir, pnir-shwar, m. roest. 
:rclii5, e. pair-klû, —z, rr. disahl,-d, impotent. 
■^fçoir, pairswar, m. pieirrr, 

rçu, pair-sft. see Percevoir. , 

fcusiinn-, pnir-kfls-vo»/, f. percussion ; fusil K —, fief- ! 
TOable, pair-dah-bl, <T. /i>.M*/c. • [citssion-ciin ' 

rdant, pair-da», tn. losrr. - 1 

tdition,i-alr-de-syo«, yr/^rff/rVji/. ' 

rdre, pair-dr, z-. «: r^ Ai-f ,■ ruiu.widiy. se — , r r v I 
li:t Mt s -May, ramble; ruii: vk-'s stl/: be r*s( : dis- 
nflvar. . . , 

WMu, pair-droh,' iK youir^partrùigr 
wajTon, pair-dre;g(j>e, vi.JcKfri^jiî^ 
Mnx, pairdr», / partridge. 

I'-rciiiie, iiai-rciiii, .1, pertiinml. 
I'crfcctibilltc. pair-fik-lc-bc-l«-Ml, /.A' 
IVrfcttiMc, pair-fcktct.j, a. f'er/'ccti'>le 

— mint, ad ptrrinplory. 
k lc-bc-l«, /. ptrfeetibill'y. 

- , , ,>n'<i( 

pairfek-syiyi, y. perfe^iion : aiaiiii,". i.x'i. 

• •-••■■«,•«'«1 ^^» l'ill'114'llll, • £. t 

Poriiiu-r, pai-rc-iii.ii, v. 11. to 1 
l'ériiiiètrc, |>.>i-ro-iiiay-tr, in. 
I'eri.idc, pai-r>cj.|, /. ptri\ii 


pa;r-fck-syoInii.i«, i<i. impriiVi-teiil. 

I irletliuimer, per-Iek-syuii-al, t'. ii. el sc —, r-, r. to 1 ■>«. 

Perfi lo, p.ilr-fi.l, a, —nient, ad. perfidi.'us. trr,te/terûM. 
rcni lie, p.iir-fc-do,/. ferlidy, Ire.i, iicroii.<ness. 
I'lrlor.iliiin, p.iir.fnr-ali-syiw';, /: ptr/onfion. 
Pcrfiirer, p.iirl'T ,ii, t. a. to per/or.ile. 
Poriclitf r, p,iirc-klo-t.ii, j'. </. 10 be in danger. 
l'cri;;oe, p.ij-ro-lijal, in. ptri^ewn. 
l'inl|..lio, p.ii-rc-ailo, in. perihtituin. 
I'lTil, p.ii-ril. III. peril ; diini;er. \d>in^er.^us, 

I'erilloax, so, p.iiii/-uli, - e. n. —cement, ad. pèiiloiii, 
l'oriiiu-r, |iai-rc-iii.ii. 7: 11. to let fall. 

perimeter. (,/ >//<•. 

„, ,. . , ■ , , d, ep,\li; .-, ni. SHinmit, 
1 Orioili.nie, pai-ry(ul-ik, a. -iii.iit, ad. peiiAli.jl. 
I iripotio, pai-rc-p.u-so, f. sudd n ihaiige. 
PiTipliirio, pai-ro-l.ii-rc, /. pcnpliery. 
IVriphraso, pairo-fr.iliz,/ periphrasis. 
I'cripliMsor, pai-ro-l'r.ili'^ai, v. ;/. loperiphratt, usecir, 

Pcripnoumoiilc, pai-ropnnlinionc, r. peripnenin 'nia. 
Porir, pai-rocr, 7'. n. to pernh, he lo\t ; /all in innn. 
Porissalile, pai-ros.tli-lil, a. p,ri\hibie. 
Pi-ristylc, pai-ris-iil, in. pemtxle. 
Pcrif, piiirl, /. pearl, bead ; the be.\l. 
Porl-*, o, pa:r-lai, a. pearled ,• pe.irly. 
PcriiLincncc, p iiriii.iii-.i</ss,y; ptrniaittiiiv, diiral'o<i. 
Porin.iiiont. e, p.iir iii.iii-a«, -\. a. permanent, standing. 
Porniii.iliilitt', p.iir-iiiai ab-e-lct.ii, /. pei meahility. 
Ponno.ililc, palriii.ii-.ihbl. If. /^/-wm/i.V. 
•Perniettro, p.iir-iinllr, v. ,r. topcnml, allow ; iiidu're- 
ie—,v.r.tot.i\'eli/>eilies. ' 

Permis, c, pair-iiio, - z, ///. et a. allo7i:'d ; latvPul ; 

—, III. pirinit, licence. 
I'erinission, pair-iiie-syo«, / /e-rmitj/V);/, Icive ,- liceiue. 
Poriiiiilail, i).iir-!iirtt,ui, in. permuter,^-ei: 
Permutation, pair-iii':i-tali-syo«, /. periitiitatwit, e.\- 

Permuter, pairinfltai, v. a. tl n. to ptriniile, e\chai'.-t. 
Icrnicicux, se, paii-no-syuli, — z, .r. — sem-nt, .1./. ^r. 

;/(<-ic|;(r, mirihuTous. 
P.-rniir. p.iirin-ai, m. ihin-.'one. 
I'.'roriisdii, p,ii-r iray-^ii;;, f. peroral im. 
I'iroror, pai-r-irai, v. it. to h:ira>igiie. 
Peiiiro'ir, p li-ror-iir, tn.;ner. {/erpi!rff,r:..'.tr 
jVrioii'Piul.iire, p iir-pa'/.tl..--k.1-l lir, a. — mo;>t. «^! 
Pi r ".luliciiiaritc, p.iir-pa<i-(lc ki1lare-tai, /. ,v>y';i.' 

ifu iifai-ity. 
Per lu't ration, p.iirp.ii-fr.ili-syo;.-,/ /,T/»,-/r,»^/(>;.-. 
Porintrcr,, -,i. a. to petpetr.i'e. co-niinf. 
Porpoliiation, p.iii-pai-tn-alisyn;/ /. /r'»-/»^/»,»/,,»;,. ' 
I'erpotiiel, lo, p.ur-pai-til-cl, u. — iemont, ad. pertietiial 

everlasting. ' ' . 

Perpétuer, pairpai-tiVal, v. a. to t 
Porpétiiité. palr-paitûclai, y. ferpetnitv ; h —, Por 


,. . , . . . , perpeti 

Perplcce, pairpliks, a. perplexed. 
Porplexite, pairplok-se-t.ii,/ perplexed 

,, -, ,- .. , . - \ever,Por lijt. 

IVrplexite, pairplok-setai,/ perple.xedness. 
Perquisition, pair ke-zosyo;/, /; perquisition, search. 
Perron, p,iir-n<,, „/. flight 0/ steps ; perron. 
Perro(jiiet, pair-ok-ay, in. parrot ; inSt do —, 
voile de — . topsail. 

\_importunt, tro'iJ-'', 
tc persecute ; haiii:! ; 

Perruche, pair-i'ish./ /.m v"'/ ; she pa,-iot 
l'cnuque, pair I'lk. / peri7Lig. 
Perruij.iicr. pair-nk-yai. m. pernke-'n.iker. 
Pcrs, e, pair, —■,-., i» bluish green. 
Perse, viairs>,/. chintz. [importu 

Persécuter, pair-sai-ki":-fai, v. a. Ic penecu, , 

Porsrcuteur, pair-sai-kû-tur, >n. /.Tjcc^Or. ' 'r.' 
Persecution, pair-sai-kft-syo/r,/. pcrstcu.'i.'n 
Perscvér.iiiinient. pair-sai-vii-ram-a«, ad. pei-sevrin'*fv. 
Perseverance, pair-sai-vai-rawss,/ /rr^ftrrai/rc, stead - 

I uess. 
Pers.-verant, e, pair-saivai-ra«, — t, n, pcrsevcrir.g ' 

I Pcrieverer, pair-sai-vai-rai, v. n. .'0 persucie.' [s'ttdy ' 

, Persicaire, cair-se-kair,/. arj.wjn'. • 

Persienne, piir-syen;/ Venetian blind, ' ' 

• Pèrslflapre, palr-se-flafij, >«. rjiilliry, banter. 
Persifler, pair-sc-.1ii, v. a. la banter, cuts. 

\ Persifleur, pair-se-flur, m. banlerer, quir. 


FEB r loo 1 

Tt»'!, |>air-«e, »«. Canity. 

I'crsil!-', e, |>air-si/-Ai, a. ^rttii (i/nfir). 

rcr^ist.incc, pair-iis-tansH,/. /Vra/i/c«<.)' . uhahiuiy. 

t'erMsUT, |).iir-Ms-t«l. T'. »i fiy fnrM\r, /■ei-sufit. 

I'l.'r.'Miiiatfc, p.iir-vin-alil, fit.i/rii»iiii'/; iharm/ti; 

rers'iiiivafité, |Mii-vmtil-e taf, /: ftfiJHiih'y, ftru'iini'f. xaiiyoHt. 

r.T-..iimf, |)air-son,//^»'«i»/ , cii —, ^er.unuxlly ; —, /«. 
IVms aiiiei, If, pair-iuii dl, ii. —Icliieiit, aJ. fti'toii%il ; 

, hi, ftr\0Hal. 
l'tr^•llmitic.atioll, |i,ilr-Miti c-fokali-sy,!;;, /. ptrs.'iiill- 
J'LTMdiiiitu r, |iajr-siiiii(y.ii, i'. ii. to pfr^oiiijy. {•iifiini 
rcrii>i'<jlif. Ive, |iair-»|icktif, - iv, a. ftn/ectiv/ ; —, 

J. y-itft^tivt : p)Viff< I. 
I'crspi .ice, ihtir-spe-kash, a. JifnpUaiUom. 
I'i-r-,|''i:.icilé, p.iirsprka .c-t.ll, /. /itrtfiiiiii i/y 
IVrsi.:,,iiJte, pair- .(icliù r lai. /. fri^fh iiUy, iUm) iit\ ,. 
IVts; (ration, pairspi-rali-syii»;,./. pfr^tumlion. 
IVr-iiiiiler, pair-siVail-ai, ,'. i». I" peninnie : iiJii'f, 

fff.itil Hfiin ; *i! —, V. r. fo think , /' i iiniii, rii. 
I*, r-ii.isif, JVC, |iair-sfi-alizif, — iv, a. />, XiDiiuir. 
IVrMiision, |Mir-SLi-ali-zyi)//,/'. fif^uciMoii. 
/'i.rtf, pairt,/, /w i ,• ruin : — lU- tfiii|is. u,ii/t <i/ tiiia , 

.\ --, wilHIoss : cii piiru --, to iin furpost ; ,'k — ilc 

\ wv./urthtr tlliin out din stf. 
I'tTi iiciiiiiiciil, pair-te-iiaiii-a«, mi. ptrliiitntty, ^> tht 
I'll tiiif nrf, pair-tt'-na;i-.>,,yi ftrtinrii' y. \furfuit. 

rtrliTieiit, r, p,iir-tc-lia», — t, a. fetlintnt. 
IVrluis, pair-two, >«. narrow piiss : i/taniill, 
I'crtiiiviiic, pair-twe-zaii,y. finrlisitii. 
)'t rturl)ateur, pair-ldr-bat-iir, ui.ftrtiirhiitor.iiistiirber. 
1', rturl.alinn, iiair-tilr-bali-syci»;, / pirtnrb<it\i»i, dis- 
IVrvunche, pair-va»/sli,y: p/risviiikt(. {titihuiicf. 

I'crM Ts, c, pair-vair, — ss, (»./»c»-:r»jy, Tci'.Xy./. //oti'.ijv/. 
I', r.crsinn, pair-vair-syi», /. /c»-:r''w.'«. ii utciOirss. 
jVrvi rsitt' pair-vnir-sc-tai, /. p<r;er.\ity. perrersfiifis, 

/; , ■ «■<» iiincs U' roiv ptt vtrs t. 

JVrvtTtir, p.ilr-vairtuer, ;•. a. to ptrvert : »u —, v. r. to 
I'l'vulc, p/</i-za(l,y. pfs.iiif. 

IV's mimciit, xiuh-zMwuii, aU. //,m:i/v. [%tiiAi,l; s/on: 
j'c .lilt, c, piili-iAit, - t, a itfitiy ; 7tri,,'/tty ; <liitl, 
l'ciaiiteiir, pKA-za«-liir../: n'ei);ht i lieavintss, itii/iitss. 
JV, <.»-•, p/</(zai,/i ^ii:\:/ii)if;. 

ri:si-li(|uuur, payz-lik-iir, >/i. hytiroiiiffi-r. ,ir,otiie/fr, 
1'r'i.r, p/(/(-.!ai, V. il. ft II. to tc,'/;/! .• poiid'r : lie 
JV-'MI, p»/t-zo», III. \ltrl yard. \U:urj ; dwell upon. 
IV",hiiniste, pcà-se-iiii»t, ni. peisimi.\'. 
j'c .lu-, pijst,yl plu^^ne. pfstileiitt : , //'.'. h'lss me I 
IV.'.ur, pcs-tai,7'. ii. l,>/i\t. .tfi'rin ; /•.' iihid. 
l'cNlifùre, pcito-f.iyr. a pati/tioiis, 
\\^ù(été, c, pi''-t'.', a. in/e,Ud ,ci:li IJie plaigne, 
IVsiileuce, pLs-l'.-I.Kos,/; peii:i!ti,.c. 

I'l'slilLiit. c, pcvtu-l.i//. -I, a. tisti.ii.l. [:,-ioii.t, 

IV'tilLiiiiL'l, Itf, p(.s-t<.-l.i';-hycll, u. /!< j.»/c//,'ii/, conta- 
I'li.iril, pai-tar, t/i. pflaid. 

i'l l.irilier, pai-tar. 1-yai, in. pelardcey. \a\scinlii'y, 

IVlaudiCre, pai-t'li-dyair, /. l'nei\.<:irt, diiorjer.y 
IV-lt-cliies, pai-tai-slii;,yi pi. pefei/iiai ipols, pi. 
IV-toii-'lair, pet-a«-l.iir, in. jaiii-t. 
IVttr, pft-ai, V. ». torraik; hnrsl. 
i'i'iillcim.iit, pai-ti/-iiia>», m. cniLiliiii; ; spar/,;'iiijr, 
I'ltiller, pai-li/-.ii, ;■. h. tacraiile: spurkU. 
l'( liole, pai-syol, in. \taltt. 
1'i.Ut, e, p»/i-te, —tit, a. — ement, ad. little, small; ptily ; 

Irijliiij; : mean ; poor ; — à —, Ay detrvees ; — (k-i'iil, 

in. half moiirniiti; ; — fils, in. i^iaiidson ; —e lilU , 

/. t;raitd-daii.s;liter ; — i;ris, in. minn'er ; — lait. in. 

ivliey ; —maître, in. dandy; — ncveu, ««. i;r,iiid- 

^I'pkew; — peuple, in. popidaie ; — e verole,y. stnall- 

pox; — , m.yoHii.i; one, littie/elloTv ; whelp. 
Petitesse, p«A-te-téss,/. littleness, smailness ; nieait- 
IVlition, p3i-1.e-syofi,y. pclitian. [>iess, h-Mii:ss. 

I'otitionnaire, paitf -syo/j-air. in. petitioner. 
IVtitoire, pai-te-twir, a. petitory' pctitiona'-y. 
IVton, p«A-to«, ; i. little foot. 
I'ctrel, pai-trel, • i. petrel. 

I'cirification, p.T -tre-fe-Uah-syov, /. /c^riyfi.a'w/t. 
I'ctrifier, pai-tr, v. a. to petrify ; se —, i>. r. to 

petrify, becoi te stone. 
P. trin, pai-tra! i, m. kneadinj;-trough. 
P.:trir, pai-treer, v. a. to knead. 
t':trissage, pai-tre-sahj, m. kueadmc. 
Pttrisseur, pai-trc-sur, m. kntadir. 
I'otrole, pai-trol, m. petrol. 
Piitulamment, pai-tû-l.iin-a«. ad. petulantly. 
Potulatjce, pai-tû-lanss,/: petulance, pcrttuss. 
Pitulent, e, pai-tû-U«, — t, a. petulant, pert. 
Pen, puh. ad. little, fe-M : —, à — . by little and little : \ 

— près, almost ; dans — , iit a short tun: ; poux — 

que, ifrjir so little. 
Peuplade, pt<A-plad, f. colony, fianiation ; hfrefe; 
Peuple, p«,<-pl, m. ptiple i fry. [sfet^ûA, 


pM/, V. a. ft n. lit Pf,>pU : HHnhiflfi 
\t —, ;•. r. to bfcoi'if p,'PnL<ns. 
Peu liter, puA-nle-al, m. poplar. 
Pcu', ^yiM,f.}ear, fright ; dc • i\f,lorfitirof; ^%. 

<\ue, UtI ; avoir — dc, to be afraid oj. 
Pcii-cux, »c, puh-ruli, — z, a.far/nl, liiHortut, 
IVnt, puh, set PcniTnir. 
IV-Lit-i lr«, puh-t.iy-tr, ad. perli.ipt. 

I'cUM'i.t, puv, IVlIX, pull, ■^'t l',,IUIiif. 

I'll.ii-tiiu, fahal-ti»/, in. plia/t.'a, 

l'hal*iie, f«l-ayii, /. iii^'fit huttrr/ly. 

I'li.iraiiM, far-ali-iii/, in. pltaio i ^uime). 

I'liare, lar, »«. liglithouM. 

I'li.irisiii<|ue, I'.ir-u-z.tli-ik, a. pliarinaiial. 

I'll irisii.ii, far-iz-yai«, »/». I'haritet. 

I'lurriiiLJo, f.iriiias-c. / /»/r<i/«/<i,.v .■ tip it.'itiai;\'< oh/ 

l'!iariii.n.icn,, "/. .1/.V//.1.1» r 

l'li,iriiia,c,pèe, rar-iii.ik-up-jl,/ pharinai.op.rii%. 

I'li.isi'. tall/, tn. piia^e. 

I'tiflii-,, lai-bûs, in. bombast. 

I'll •iiiiiiitiie, fai-iiniii-.iyn, in. phenomtiion. 

l'liil.iiithri)po, fe-la<;-trup, in. philaiithropi.t. 

riiil.iiitliriipie, (ela</-tripp-c,/i piiilanthropy. 

t'liil.intliri)pl(jiie, tL-lafz-trop-ik, a. pltilaiitHropt. al, 

I'liillirlloiie, fil-ellayn, in. plUlh.lleiiut. 

I'liilolo^lc, lil-oUoliJ-o,/ philology. 

I'liiliilii^jue, lil-c.f.O)?, in. philolcgiit, 

I'liilosoplic-, Tl' li)Z-<>r, >n. philosopher. 

PliiUiMiplii;r, leloz-iif-ai, v. 11. to philo.^ophire. 

Pliilo'.opliiu, fc-lox-of-c,/ philosophy. 

l'hilos(i|itiiiiii(;, fe-liiz-ol-ik, a. —meut, ad. phi.,u\*'v 

Pliiltrc, lil-tr, m. philter. lphilo>o/'>i„u 

I'liWliotDiii»-, flai-bot-oiii, in. fleam. 

Phk-li.itomie, (l.ii-bc)t-oiii-f,y.//»/«-/v/.'<«j', 

I'lili)j;istiuiic, llo-lijis-tik, //;. phlogiston. 

I'luxpie, Ink, m, phoia. 

I'li'isjiliore, fns-for, in. plioiphorii'. 

I'liiisplioriqiK-, fiis-for-ik, a. pliosphorii-, 

I'lwitonraplie. fo-ti)->,'r.i(, in, photogiapùer. 

I'liutiijjrapliie, fo-to-à,'rafe, /! photogiapnv, 
\ I'lunin;raplii(|ue, fo-l' ■ ,;ral-ik, il. pho!ogiaphi,al. 
j l'lira-,e, fraliz,./! /A/-(»J^. 
i l'lira'.'.-ijlo){ie, frah-zai-ol-nlij-o,^ phrasfi>logy. 
; I'lirascur, frali-zur, PlirasJcr, fr.ilizyai, ni. T'rh'i 

I'hthisie, fte-i:i-,y; phthi\i!, ,oitrninptioii. [vinvr 

l'lilliisii|ue, fte-/ilc, a. phthiiital, lOHMiinptire. 
I I'liysi, it'll, fe-zls-yai>(, iii. natural philowpher. 
' Pliyinliiyio, fezo-ol-iiliJ!',y; phy.\i. .'i\y. 
\ l'lly^i. .lo>,'i.|iu'. ff-ze-"i".lii-ik, a, phytiol li; '■■.il. 
j I'lij si ilii^;i-,tf, ri--/e-c,l-olij-ist, in. p/iyiioliii;i.t. 
j I'liy .imiiimic, lcze-oii-,,:ii-e, y; phy.\io<;noMy, !■'• 

I l'li\ siciimmisto, fe-ze-on-omlst. *u. phy.iio,;i!oni:.!. 

I'li^ -.iiliM-, fizik. a. physical: — , f. /'.'., i.ia. 
iiiitiiial lonst.tiiti'on. 
I l'liyti.lri>;io, fe-t,,l(ilij.e,/ /'V>'/i>.',v.>'' 
i I'iatli-r, pyaf-ai, z\ 11. top^i.c ; piaihe, 

I'l.iiller, jiy.x'-ai, :.'. n. to lunul ; y,oi\. 

I'iaillcrie, pyaAre,./; /'aivlni.; ; j.o'dtiig. 

I'i.iilleur, py,»/ur, m. hauler. 

Pianiste, pyau-i->t, in. 
I Piano, pyaii-oh, in. piano-forte. 

Piastre, pyastr, in. piastre. 

Piaul irii, pyoli-lar, in. ■whine.-. 
I Pi.iiiler, pyoh-lai, v. it. to whine. 

I Pi>;. pik. III. pick-a.xe; peak; gajff';'!i—,pei-peiidic:i:.i''!} 
' I'ira, |)ik-.\h, m. longing, p:. a. 

Piciiree, ai,,/!/i<>C'«r;)/^. 
I Picorer, pe-kcirai, i: it. tog' it-piiiee'iujf, 

Pi:oreur. pc-kor-ur. in. inaiiiitd'r. 
I Picot. p"-kiili. in. purl, lUtU L-n'b. 
\ Picotcii ent pe-kot-m-iH, in, pricking. 
; Picoter, pu-kol-a'., i/. a. to pr^ih ; pi.t; t'.ts:, 

Picoteric, p.:-kot-re, f. bukeriuj;, teinns. 
I Picotin, pe-kotain, i:t. peck. 

Pie, pe,./. magpie : —, a. pie-btUd ; charitable, p:oi:!. 

Piece, pyess, / piece; bit; parcel ; room; p.i .'■ 
turiting ; trick ; — à — , by degrees ; fine — , ciiiin:::; 
blade; — de canon, ;fi(«; — de vin, butt cfuinr. 

Pied, pyai, nt. foot : à —, oitfcot; au — de l.i lettre 
liieraily; sur le — de, a: the rale -y,- de — en cap,/'""i 
/o;>/ffW«/ de — ferme, resolutely; coup de —, tvï 
gens de — , foot-soldiers ; — à terre, resttngf 1 ' 

Picdeital, pyai-des-tal, m. pedestal. [—bot, e '><'>:''■' 

Piedouche, pyai-doosh, m. bracket pedestal. 

Piège, pyaihj, m. gin, snarc. 

Pierraille, pyaix-a^/. pebbles, pi. 

Pierre, pyair, f, stone ; — d'attaiitc, toethiv.f • 'T''' 
iiing: — de iixMe, freestone , — de touche, tou:'t ft 
I PierrïC, pyair-ai.y. stene-dm^n 
• Pierreries, x>^à\T-ruh-xt,f.,p>l, 
^ Pierreux, se, pyair-uh, — », a. stcm^. 

stt ; se —, V. r. 

III. /'..!» ; / 


Piefrot, py.ilr-oh, m. sparrvw; ctewn 
Kkk, (ivai-iai,/ ^itly. 
Pieter,, v. n. to foot tht tnark 
10 slitnd ant agaiml. 

'iiétineincnt. pfai-tinma»/, m. ilampiiig. 
'ifliner, }/y.iiten,ll, v. «. /n Uitnip ; kuk. 
'ittiiine, pyai'tism, tn. pietxjin, 
'letijte, pyai-tist, s. pietist. 
'leton, py.ii-to/i, m./oot-walktr. 
'letre, pyny-fr, a. — iiieiit, ad. thahhy, taltry. 
'icu. pyuh, m. stake, file. 

'irux, »e. pyuli, —t, a. _,ement, ad. pious ; devout. 
'uteon, pt-nJo;i, m. pigeon. 
-'■ijcunnc.iu, pe-lijnn-«li, m. younsr pixeon, 
FiKeunnier, pe-lijon-yai, m. pi^-eon-homt. 
Pitfnocher, pin-yo^li-ai, v. u. to mionblt. 
Pilf.ion, pin-yo;i, tn. /,'al>le : pinion. 
Piitnoratif, ive, pig-nor-nt-if, — Iv, a. pien^rative. 
f lUnoratlon, piK-iior-ah-syi)/!,/; pit.'no)alion, pttdgl. 
'ijinorer, piL'-iio-rai, v. a. to iinpUdgt. 
'ilaitre, pelastr, m. pilaster. 
'il.iu, pe-loh, ni. slewed rur. 
'lie, pil,/ file : he,tp :, 
'lier, pe-lai, v. a. to pound ,• hrui^e. 
'ilcur, pe-lur, >n. he ivho poind.. 
Mier, pil-^ai, m. pilhiy, pon. 
'illiye, pi/-.ilil, tn. piUa^-e, plnndrr 
'ill.inl, r. i>i/-ar, — cl, -i, pifl.i^im: 
I'illcT, pi. -ai, V. II. t,' pil,',ti;e. p.nnd 
'illcrjf, pi.'-//A.rc,y: i\-hhfi-\- e\ioi .',,'ti. 
'illeiir. pi.'ur, ;;;. plun.ierrf. 
'.I'M, |K-liu/, ///. peille ; drum iti, <•. 
I'll iri, pf-lnr-e. in. pillory. 
I'll'iricr, polor-yii, v. a. 'to pillo, v. 
■'I')', pchi, >n. heap ct salt. 
•a'i[,n;e, iiclnt-ahj, tit. piltwork. 
'.;ic, pi.lot. m. pilot. 

'.I'lir, pt-liit-ai, V. a. to pilot ; drue pile., in. 
il''l.'i, pe-li>r-ai//, m. pilot-hoy. 
'I 11% pul;.t-e,' 

\^>i\A\,/. pert inin.w 
'iiiiciit, peint;/, in. pimento. 

'impim, e, |«ii»«, _t, a. spni.e. i; i:idy, sni.irt. 
'iMiprtfiielle, paui-pr-nel.y. pimpernel. 
'ill, |i.ii)/, m. fine, pine-tree. 
'iiutle, piiiakl, tn. pinnule. 
finassr, pe-nass, / pinnace. 
'inastrc, pcnas-tr, >n. uild pine-tree. 
'nice, paiHss, / pincers, nipper, 
yi/'f; tie of a horsy s foot.- 
'ince, e, pai«-sai, a. af/irted. 
iiiceaii, p,ii;(.suli, inlpetuil; trush. 
'iiicee. pai«vii,//i/ir//. 
incelier. p,ii;(,ii, tn. sinush-pot. 
'incemaille, pai«ss-iii.i/, tn. pimkpenny 
■inccr paiw-vii, v. a. et n. to pin,h ; nip ■ 
'ahh. pl,iy{h,irp). ' 

incelles, paix-set,///. tongs ; flippers, pt. 
inçon, p.ii»(.so«, >«. /i«r/i. 
fnil.iriser, pain-<lare-2ai, v. «. to ntite affectedly 
inuouin, pai;/-(;oo-ai;«, tn. pensruin. 
inque, p,ii;;k, f. pint. 
Insiin, pai</-sow, tn. greenjinch. 
intade. \>Mn-\,\<.\,f. pint.tdo. 
ime, vma,/. pitit. 
noche, pyosh./ inattork, 
ocher, pyusli-ai. v. a. to dig- with a matt.x k. 
ochon, pinsh-o«, tn. tvihill. 
on, pyox, m.pawt {chess) ; tnan [dr.tug't.'s). 
lonner, pyon-ai, v. n. to take paivn ,: 
I'mnier, pyon-yai, tn. pioneer. 
!>*■. \»V./.pipe; 7i'ine-caU: 

peau, pe-poh, tn. pip- .- h^nirall. \../.; , , 

per. pcpai. v. a. to catcli, with a bird-call; ,//>•,/ ', ,. . 
P<'rie, pe.prcy: ,heat, trick. ' " 

peur, pcpur, tn. cheat, sharf'tr. 

Ke.nique. i„k.M:k, «,. /'omV, cluhbi'iP-^ ' '" 

l/rZiJ L ■ •'""'*■'■ ^= -• ''■ »■• '" '■<■ aiii-ry, fie 
luct, pekay, wr. /;,*«•/•,• stake. 
luette, pe-ket,/. /,i//rv "'i'"*-. 

luier, pik-yai, tn. pikeman. 

«le, pe-rat, tn. pirate. 

atcr. pe-rat-ai, v. n. to pirate. 

atcre, pe-rat-ie,./:/;>ar).. 

t 101 J 


. /.' .• handspike ,■ 
s, pi. /ore.'eeth; cla us, pi. 

hold fast. 

Jire, peer, «. »w»-M,- le — , /A#*/or//. 

Pir.)i{ue, pe-rotf,/: ptrogiu, cant*. 

rirole, p«-rol, »«. winter gretn. 

Pirouette, p«er-wet,/. whirligig. 

Pirouetter, peer-wetal, v. n. to turn iiAin om 1er. 

Pi's pe, tn. dug, teat. ' 

PI*. pe, ad. worst . Ic —, tht wont . de — en — -. >»•'# 

a»/.ï ?«,<)»•«• — all^r, m. List shi/l ; au — aller' u.i t 
P Kine, x>\%-s\n,/.pool,pnidi later, [all tonus :o aU 
ri*», pe-<al, >«. clay. 
Plilat, pe-sah, tn. pist. 
PJMcnlit, pesaH-le, m. dandelion. 
I ssoMèrc, pe-sot-yalr, r dnhblmg spout. 
{ «'•'^'•e. plvtasli.y:/,j/„,/„y. 
I ïtachier., in. pistachii-lrtt, 

Iste, pist,/ traik tract, 
I'lslll, pis-til, tn. pistil. 

'.'«l'''' »''*■"'•'''>•• •"• /'■"'''/ . eniip 'le -, /.i/j.'./.V -t. 
■ fîn^-P"'"'?"' '"■/•'""'■■ tu, ter.- fusil â -, pr>^u, 

• itance, put.iwss./ pittance, al,\rcance. f ,,,; . . ,,„ 
iteux, se, pc-tuli, -z, „. -sèment, ad. pit, /ni. r<. .:„/.' 
;iie, i<fiy.<.\./.pity,,onfe,npi. I.iirc -, /o rr, ;//■/.</!■ 
lion. iiL'. toi/, tu. screu-ring. 1/,,/, ;,,,.': ,v',7 

aoyabU-, pit.w.i.yali.l)l, ,r. -ment. ad. Piti/ul, '•'„ ,, ". 

I iltorevjiie. pit-tor-esk, .r. -iiiom, ad. fictui ■.,. . .-.■ 
a fictures.fue inannrr. 

nullité, pit-wit, /. pituite, ph.'cgm. 
.miteux, hc. pitwetiili. - /, a. pi.uUout. 

I ivtrt, pc-valr, ///. tcn ipf, her 

i;ivoine. J.f-vwan,/. A„;/, .• -.', tn. ,;nat-xi:.ipp-r. 
ivol, pe.v,,f,, ,„.^,,,„^. ,„„,„. ,f„.,,,. " 

1 ivolLT, pc-\ot..ii, f. ;/. lo pilot, taf." 

• ' ''-•>s'e, plak-.ilij, m. jeue-i .•//^■. * 
ri.ic.inj,, ;»/. plac.ird. liK-t, p.,, .net 

.uanler,, f. a. Kpou up, li>'c! 
1 1 1> e, pUss, />,.i,r.- i-.„,/,- .,/andjor h.ict.i'v ■■■., .•,.,• 

.'/A.r, condition . e.vcli,ii ,y .- — (rarnios, /.,,., ,,• 
I I.U.I. nient, pl.isvip i»i, m. pulling out tnonr !.„• .• i 

•te -. rtgUttr-opiie. 

• lacer, pla»-«i, v. a. to place, put; raui p;- ^i,- 

1 afoii I, plaf.o»/, >//. ,riV,//;. . y/,,..,- (,/,,/). 

.ilonnaKc plaf-oii-ahj. m. c-:l>>ig 
[' .ifi.iiticr, pfaf-oii-ai, -,: a. to ci!. 
j' .ifoniieur, plaf-on-ur, m. ceilini-inaker 
j'aK'i". plahj./. thore; regi«i. 
'.i,i;i.>ire, pl,ihj.e-air, m. pl.n;,arv. 

.ijiiat, plahj-o-ah. tn. plai^iariûn. 
l'Iaid, play, tn. pUa. 
j'I.ii.lant, e, nlcd-aw. -t, a. litigant. 

ai. cr. ple< v. a. et n. lo plead, la, aie. 
,'!''':"■• Pltcl-ur, m. lilii;ant. 

ai. i.irie, ple(|.Hr,,/: pU.xdinir, 

ai.h.yer, pled-wayai. tn laicyers address i.i , ..,../ 

.11..-, play,./, wound; piagu,: 
I ais'.iant, plaiii-ya//, m. plaintiff: 

i , .lai-/.<lr, t. a. to/ity , grudge : se -, :■. r U |.|.ain,,/;/,'.„/,,y7.// [co.,.^a\n 

j'I.iinte.'ljlai/Vt.'x'."'»»//;!/")!/,- groan. " (,,..■,•-,/ 

l'Kjimif, .ve, plai//.tif, - iv, a. -.vement, ad. /„„.'/",; 
•Plaire, plair, t. ti, topfea.e; be pleasant ; pliV .\ D'eu! 

wou/dtoi.od; ,M),eu ne plaiie, Uod /orbid ; se 

,„•'.• '■• '-' be pleased, delight in. ^ ùi . ,/v 

; aisiiinuient, play-zam-a/r, ad. humorously ; l,H'. 

llaisaucc,,/://.-,,o,„.,.- lie, de -fcoirlt,-,. 

i i.i'"' ■ < . [merry; —, tn. irt'J.- 

■;','^',o* f' , f'^y^-^"; -t. -r. pleasant, ludu rr:;. 

ais.iiiter, pl.iv£,i./-t,ii, v. r.: el n. to /est, banter 

I nivinterie, piay-^a/ilre,/. /.'-,„(i//o-, iest.H't-: 
Ilaisir plai-zeer, tn. pleasure : .^p,^rf courtesv : \ .. 

carefully ; -,/or .^p.r!,J,>: fastime : iiie.ur, , 
j ait, play, s.-e I'laire. Ipin-m-, ■■ 

I I in.:he, pla//sli,y: plank, bo.ird, plate. 

I aiKheier, pla//-shai-yai, v. a. lo floor 

I I 111. her, pl.ii.'.sliai, tn. tfoor ; ceiling. 

• îl!r .f ,'"i '''•'"•■'l"--'-^- li'llt-hoard ; circutn/trtntor. 
1 an.;. Ill, pl,i;/.s,)„_ „,. v^; ,.-,,,,, •' 

I aiie, v\.u\,/. plane-tree ; knife. 
1 .iiier. planai, v. a. et n. to pl.t, -.e : sniocth 
1 anetaire. pla-nai-tair, a. planetary; —, 
P ancte, plan-et,/: //.r;//-.'. -y • > 

I aiieur, plan-ur, in. planislur. 

in. pla :e- 
[ta rill in. 

1 aiiimetrie, plan-e-inai-tre, /: planimetry. 

j aiit, pla«, tn. plant; set; tw:g ^ 

I anta^e. pla«-tahi, tn. plantation. 

P antation, pla;..t,->li.syo«, r. Plantation. 

Pame, pla«t,/ //««r,- sole {foot). 

Patiter, plan-t-ii. v. a. to plant place ; rfv ■ - li /. 

Pameur, pla«.tur, m. planter. ^ \û^,:, f^^'l* 


f 10» 1 


PIrfntule. \iUn till /■ fiiiHtuU. 

rUiilureiix, he, pLi/rli^-ruli, —t, m. — uiiieni, nJ. ptfnli' 

I'Liiiure, iiUn-flr,/ sHtii,i>iiii,fi- (/«/• itfMut, 

\'\.\i\»e, |)l.ik,/. //(I//, tiiul- (tliiniiity). 

I'lixjiicr, plak-ai, f. a 10 />l,ftt ; Vfiiftr, 

J'l.Kiiictto, |il.ik-ct,//;ir//<i//^'. ^■ 

I'lai|ii>-iir, |<t,ik iir, ih. fUtltr ; vtHttnr, 

l'l.isl><|iie, iil.tftik, a. f!a\tù. 

^ln^trlln, |>l.i>-lr<i>f, m brtatl-pitct i butt 

Mill, c, pl.ili, -I,. I, — ciiii'iil. ,ut./lat; dull ; \ —,/ln!ly: 

—, ni itiih: tinlt ; flat iidt ; btaJt [our), 
riatiini','.in, tn, flantlrtt. 
I'Inl-lioril, |il,ili-lior, m. tiiiiinel. 
llatLMU, \i\.\\-i\\,t». />lit(/ortn; tta-ioiirj, > 

I'liilc l).inil<-, plal-ti.i'H, /! bartitr, 
VUnée, pl.ttal. Z. liuh/ul. 
I'Litcriiriiif, yUi-Uiim,/. pl.1t/0r1n ; luritrail. 
I'latiiir, \<\.\\\n,/. flitU ; Cuii-Jj,k flatt ; uHti/itoHi —, 

in. />liilitia, 
I'latitiiilc, |,/yAi/;/i'.\r .• J/atthiiia : rf..i;cn ; 
I'lAtra^c, iilaii'iralij, <«. flinfrr-worA, [iiitiitiiia 1. 

I'i.1lra!>, lil.iii'irjil, tn. riil>hii,'i, 
I'l.llrr, plaiilr, tn. fUxsItt ; 1,1st in /il.iitri: 
I'l.ltrcr, |il.iii'tritl, r. n. lo flitfltr ; flitiUr ,)Vtr ; faint ; 
I'l.Urciix, se, iilmtiiih, — /, n. r/ia/iy. [ftiliitu'e. 

I'lAtricr, pLiii'lrcai, m.ftitsltrfr. 
I'l.llri^re, |ilautrfi-air,y; /''"■"'"■•y"'"'»!»'. 
I'Liusiliiliti', pliiti-^c-lie-lelai,/ fltxusibilitv, ptaniihlt- 
I'laiisible, |>liihv<.'-bl, <i. — mciit, ad. //.idii/A.V. \iini. 
I'lt'lKJicn, lie, iil.ii l)ai-yai«, - yen, ,1. flil.ti,iii, 
Fli'bKcitc, iiial-l>l<i-sit, m. jflrbiuitiiin, 
riciadcs, \\m'j*A,/. ft. fltiadts, ft. 
Plein, e, I'laiH, pleii, a. tl ad. — cment, ad. full t nh^'ntid- 

iiijr ivith ; lotnflfit ; ni — jour, in broad itaytit;tit; 

ft — cs mains, //i«/(/»//v, /i/ifr,t//y ; en — c incr, in 

lilt iiftn fta ; —, m./n^li/iait ; body ilrait. 
VMwKtv, plainyair. a. pltiiary. 

Pk'nliiotcnti.iiie, plai-ncpni 'i;i<iyair, m. pUi'.ifioltn- 
I'lcMi'.Uilo, pl.iiiiL-tiUI, /; /■icHi/iidf, fiiliieit. \liaiy. 

I'lt'onasnic, plaion-aMii, "/. fUonann. 
Plélliore, \\\.\\-\.ur,/. plethora. 

I'l'.HirLT, pliili-ral, v. a. el it. to cry, wet/, laiiiriit : 
I'leurosie, phili-rai-/!e,/; //c'Kri.t.K. (i'z /.id'-'. 

Plfurctiquo, pliili-iiii-tik, a. pleiiriti.; 
I'lLiireur, pliilirnr, w. — la-, - T.\\\r,/. Ti'teper. 
Pleurnicher, pluhr-iiisli-ai, t. 11. tn siiiitl, tvkiinftr. 
Pleurnicheur, pluhrnisli-ur, in. sniitUtr, 
Pleurs, plulir, in. ft. tears, pi. 
Pleut, pluli, see PleuMjir, 
•Pleuvoir,, v. imp. to raiiu 
Plèvre, play-vr,y: pleura. 
Pleyon, pLil-yo»/, m. osier, trri'^. 

Pli, I lie. III. plait, fold : nrmkle ; sous cc —1 eiidostd. 
Pliaiile. plcahlil. a. pliable, flexible. 
Pliajje, pleahj, vt./oUiiiig : fold. 

I'liant, e, ple-a«, — t, a. pliant ;Jte.\iblt ; —, in./oîdiii:;- 
Plie, \>\c,/. plaice. [iliair. 

Plier, plc-ai, v. a. ft n. to fold : bend: trarp ; yni.t : 

submit ; — bajja^fc, to decamp ; be -, ;■. r. to bend : 
Plicur, plc-ur, in. /older. {lOin/ly ivitli. 

Plinthe. \\.\MiX./. plinth. 
Plioir, pleoli-ar, in. /'olding-itick. 
Pli(|ne, plik, /: plica. 
Pli.senient, pliss-ma», vi./,'ldiii,tr. 
Plisser, plis-ai. t. a. to plait, /ola. 
Plissure, pliss-flr,./; filaitiii:;./oldir.^. 
Pluc, plot, nt. hair and tar. 

Plonil), plo«, «I. lead ; plummet : bullet ; stench : \ — , 
Plonilia);c, plo;<-bahJ, '"■ leadiii)^. [ pet /■cndiciilariy. 
Plonibajjiue. plo/»-bahj-in,y. /.'/(«jAt^'i;. 
Plomber, pl<i«.bai, v. a. to lead ; stop (tooth] ; plumb. 
Plombeur, pli);;-bur, in. he n-!io leads or stani/s ^eods. 
Ploini>ier, plo«-by.ii, in. plumber. 

Plonjfeant, e, pfo«-hj.i«, — t, a. from above, down- 
Plongée, yAnn-KyM,/, slope, glacis. [uards. 

Plon^jcon, plo;;-hlo«, m. phingeon, diver. 
Plonjjer, pl(i«-lij,ii, v. a. et 11. to plunge, dip ; dive ; go 

dotunwards ; se — , v. r. to plunge. 
Plonjjcur, i)lo«-l)jur, in. 
Ploquer, plok-ai, v. a. to ca.rr 7uith hair and tar, 
Ployable. plwayah-bl, a. pliable. 

Ployer, plwn-yat, v. a. to bend ; /old up ; se — , v. r. to 
Plu, plû, see Plaire, Pleuvoir, [submit. 

Pluie, plû-c,/; rain. 

Plumaéc, nliVmahJ, m. plumage ; feathers, fl. 
Plumail, pli\-ma/, m./eather-broom. 
Pluniasseau, phVinas-oh, in./eatherbrnotn ; quill, 
Plumasseric, plû-nias-re,/:yi'rt//(f>--/>-aii'ï. 
PluMiassier, pm-mas-yai, in./eatherselter. 
Plume, pIOiM.yCySruM^r; quill. 
Plumeau, pifl-moh, tn. duster. 
Plû-mée, plîlmai, / pen/ul, dip 0/ ink. 

Pliniier, phVniai, t>. a. to pluck, plnmê. 

Plumet, plû-may, tu. plut»». 

l'iunicli», pli^mle, tH, etnbroidery witH eittttM ; tii.^-l, 

Pluiiieux, »<•. pliVmnh, — «, <i. f>luimiiis,/eatl\try. \,.f^ 

lluMiltIf, pliVme-tir, iH. tHiiiute-b.Ktt. 

l'hipirl.,/. most, gieatril pari. 

Phiraliti'. iilù / pluralilv. 

Pluriel, iiliirycl, m plural iiumier. 

)1u«, pin, ad. mort; mast ; le —, the tntil ; au -. f..,it 

au —, al tiiott , lie — ■ besides, moreover : de • 1 11 

mort and mort ; au — lAl, at mmu as pautble , - .'.t 

Lirinci, 110 more tears (see PUIre), 
Plusieurs, plit/yur, a. tnany, itttia/, 
l'tiit, plA, see Pleuvoir. 
l'hili'it, plû-t'h, ad. rather, mort., e, plûv-yal, n. pluvial; rainy; eau — e, >.:mi 

mater; —, m. bishop 1 loft. 
Pluvier, plâv-yai, tn plox'tr. 
Pluvieux, se, plnv-yufi, — t, il. rainy. 
I'nrum.itii|ue, pnufiinat-lk, a pneumatic. 
Pnenincinif, pnuli-iiion-e,,/. pueumonia. 
Piichaile, pnsli .i<l,y. rough sketih. 
!'■ che, \»n\\, /. pocket ; b.ig; crop, trav. 
PiKJitr,, 7'. II. topoath ; bruite ; beat bla. i- ip / 

blue ; uiifs piicties./l'i/i/ egi, 1. 
Poclieler, pnsn-l.ii, t'. a. to pottrt. 
PiM hctle, posli-et./: small poiliet : kit. \in the inf 
l'oil.njre,^'r, il poda\;ri,al, gouty; — , y v"'' 
l'iéle. po-ayl. /. /»-j'i>v-/>u»i . pan; —, m. fti/vc; pji 
Poélette, po .ly-fett,/. small pan. 
l'oèlier, po-.«y-lyal, in. stovcinaktr. 
Piiélnn, po-ay-li»/, tn. skillet. 
Poèliimiee. i><>-ay-lon-ai,/: J>i/////i//, ' ' 

Poilue, po-.iym, m. poein. 
l'oesie. poai/e,/ p''e>y ; éoetiy. 
l'oi'te. po-ayt, »i. /iiA ; • 

Poitereau, po-.ii-lroh, »«. /(V/iUfrn 
Poi'iesse, p<,/'ytn/Vjr. 

Poc'liiiue, po-ai-tik, a. —ment, ad. poetic, Poetic! : - 
l'oiils, po-all. »«. 74ri;^'/f/; importance. [y. / ,'i,j 

Poi|;nant, e, ponyaii, — t, <i. p<^ii;nant. 
l'oiiiiianl, poii.yar, m. poniard, dagger. 
l'oi^'U.iriler. v. a. to poniaid. stab. 
Poilfnée. pon-yai.y. An'ii^/ii/; handU [\icord). 
l'oi>jiiet, |)OU-yay, m. -tcrist ; turulband. 
l'olKnci, pon-yai, set Puimlre. 
Poil, po-,il, m. hair ; nap ; colour {horst). 
Poilu, po-al-rt, <i. hairy. 

Poinçon, po-ai»)-so«, in. bodkin ; punch ; punchr.'n. 
•I'oiueire, po-ai«-ilr, ■>>. 11. to peep, dawn. 
Poiiij;, po-.iifi, m./tst ; coup de —, cu(f. 
Point, pi)-ai«, m. point ; stitih ; mark ; matter . ■,},• 

condition ; day s vork o/a ship ; \ — . in the i:i,t 

time ; ilc — en —, exactly ; de tout — , totally, lit:". . 

— d'appui, support, rest ; — tlu jour, break o/dn 1 , 

de gloire, height 0/ glory ; — de vue, prospe.t , - 

ad. no, not : — du tout, not at alt. 
Pointak;e, po-ai;;-talij, tn. pointing. [i,ui.^'!' 

Pointe, poai«t,y; /i)i«/.- break {o/day); protiion' ■ 
I'ointeinent, po-aiHt-iiia»«, tn. pointing , le-Jtlliiit; 
Pointer, po-at»-lai, v. a. et n. to point; fierce ; /'.' 

dot : take aim ; sprout : soar. 
Pointeur, po-,il«-tur, in. pointtr, pricker, 
Pointillatjc, po-ai>(-ti/-.ihJ, in. dotting. 
Poiiitiiler, po-ai«-ti/ai. v. n. to dot ; nip ; cavil. 
Poinlillerie, po-ai«-ti/-re. /. bickering. 
Pointilleux, se, po-ai;;-tiAuh, -z. a. caption i ; /■•'■' 
Poiiiln, e, po-ai»(-lfl, 1». pointed, sharp. lii.'d.. 

Pointure, po-aiH-tftr.y'. point. 
Poire, pwiiT,/. pear ; p,rivder-horn. 
Poiré, pwar-ai, wL/rf-ri'. , - .. 

Poireau, pwar-oh, m. leek. 
\\nri:c,\>\\.\t-M,/. luhite beet. 
Poirier,, m. pear-tree, 
l'ois, pwa, tn. pea, ' ' ' 

Poison, p\va-zo;(, in. poison. 
I'i>:ss;ird, c, pwass-ar, — d, <». billiiigsgat*. 
I'oissarde, pwass-ard,y.y»"x/'<-7<ww<i«. 
Poisser, jiwass-ai, v. a. to pitch. 
I'oisson, pwass-o«, m./ish; quartern. 
Poissonnaille, pwass-on-a/, //»-_)■. 
Poissonnerie, \>v/ai%-ou-re. /. /ish-market. f/ * 

I'oissonneux, se, pwass-on-tih, — z, a. aboiindiuj; n.:* 
Poissonnier, pwass - on • yai, tn. /ishmon£tr ; — «' 

— yair, /. fish monger ; fish-kettle. 
Poitrail, pwa-tra/, tn. breast, chest ; breast-liathtr. 
Poitrinaire, pwa-tre-iiair, a. consumptive. 
Poitrine, p\va-trin,y; breast; chest. 
Poivrade, iiwa-vrad.y: pepper and vitiegar sauce. 
Poivre, pwa.vr, m. pepper ; — entier, round peppef' 
Poivrer, pwa-vral, i'. a. to pepper. 
Poivrii-'r, pwa-vre-ai, in. pepberifx. 


Tolvri^ff, pwavrealr,/ i/ntàf». 
p.ii», pw4,/ >;/<•*. 

l'oliire, |>i)l-.ilr, d. ^lar ; t\u\\e —, f>>>U-slar, 
i'nl iriser, P', f. a. A' pMar%»t, 
\'A\n\i. u<),/ foUrii}'. 
p(Mr, |ii)hl, ut. fMf. 

r^'lcimnim, pol-jiiiiik. a.f*ltmic ; —, f. ^IfiHui, pl, 
P.'li. 0, |iol-c, a. — iiKll», aii. folishta ; fohll ; —, »'l. 
I'olice, |iiil-l«,/. ^liif, f.iU.y. [/a/i <fi, i'A" ( 

i'iilii>-r, |»<>, t'. <i. t.'AiHiili ; rifi/ift. 
I'nlichiin;lle, ixil-c-nlie-iirf, »i. AiiiiiA. 
i'nimicnt. |Mil-c-in.i«, >«. /,'/ii/»i'/;f ; /I'.'is/t, 
J'lilir, |Mil-etr, ; it. to /\ui</i . biirmth ; (iviliet. 
i'c licscuf, p'llc sur, m. /^>lit>itr. 
i'liiissoir, |i»l-i', »/«. fc'isHfr. 
i'lilitvpirc.,/; sHitnm; hriisH, 
I'lilisi'in, i">lc->i);/, tri. Hjit/^ii.irJ. 
Yii\\>\'mwr, piil-f, i». ii. lo flay the /i.'ait^liitrj 
PnliiviimcrJi;. |ii)|-v-H»n-rc, /. n:itxi>fi ttiiJt, l^iy. 

l/iiliss\irc, pol-c-srtr,/; /o/iihiiiY. 
I'uliinuo, iMil-otik, II. —mont, <tii. /• >.'i/i< rt/ ,• nni'ii'ii'. 
. /. /iVifiii, //. .■ f>Micy : —, /'•. foliln tin 

t loj 1 


I'oliti |iu;r,, f. »l. to talk f^^tuUi. 

l-ki.//», • ■• 
I'l.ll, pill, wi. />// 

Hnlk.), pi)l-k.i.//>.>/*<i {lijiut). 

f boiir iti»s)it. 

Hi'lliciMli'in. pol.le-so-t.\Ii'nyf>(/,//j///«V/ii.'/iw». 

I'lilliicr, pol-lil-ii, r. It. lo f^tllu'f. 

j'lilliitiiin, po|.|ri.»yo«,/: folliitwii. 

I'Mllr.iii, lie, pol.|rii«, — troll, i». to-,v,i>-<ily, lijttiir.i/y ; 

l'iillriMincrie, iH^ltrntiro,/ lon.trifiie, [— , m. lowar./. 

l'i/ly;;.iine, p<)i-e-!;.\iii, m. falynaiHiif, 

I'lilyn.imic, piilL-^;.tm-c, / />.>!\^ainy. 

l'..l)\'lottc, pulf-Klut, .1. /,.</_w:of. 

I'ipl)>;raplic, pul-e-Kraf, «i. misiMiiieout writer. 

l'ulypi;, pol.ip, m, fo.'yfui. 

I'olypeiix, se, pol-c-pwli, —z, d. /t>/i/.>«r. 

Holy^yll.ttic. pu|.c.!ill.!.ib, a. folysyliiiltital ; — , m. 

Polylerlmiipic, pol-c-li-k-iiik, a. fiolyferhitic. 
I'ulyilicisiiic, pul-L'.t.ii-i'iiii, til. pMytlxdsm, 
r<imiii.ulo,, f. fou.atiiDi. 
I'i>mm.tin.T, pi)iii-.-\il-.u. V. It. l< po'itatiiin : se — . v. r. 
PiMiiMie, pom, / (?/»//'.' luaU, \to use poniaHmi. 

INmiiiik', |>iiiii..ii, >//. Ciller. 
I'liiiiMie.iu, p<iiii-<ili, »«. /'ominel ; hilt. 
so I'ommclor, pmii l.ii, i'. r. to i;iow i/.r//.V,i'. 
pMinmcr., t. n. to,i.')viv to a roiiuti land, head. 
Poiiinn.'r,iio, poliir.iy, /. onhiird o/applelrtes, 
Poiiiirn-'ltc, poiiiot,/'. A""""'', knot', 
I'oiniiiiiT, poiii.y.ii, in. apfletree ; apple-roaster, 
I'uinpL-, po;ip, f. pomp ; pump ,■ — \ fcii, stemn-eiti^iiir ; 

— U<\A.mli:, Jon iiifj pump. 
Poinpc-r, po;(-p.ii, :: a. to pump ; suck. 
I'omiioux, se, po;/.puh, —z, a. — •.ciiictit. ii7. pompous. 
Poiii|iii.r, poH-py.ii, m.Jiremaii ; pump-maK\-r. 
Piiinpiin, p<);(.p(>/f, »;«. top-knot ; tuft, 
Poiiipiiiiiifr, po«-poiiai, V, a. todetk. 
Pi)H.iiit. poii-.^», »i. ivest. 

Voncc.yoiryS,/. pumice-stone. [ion red. 

I'oiicc.iu, |)(>«.soIi, m. red-poppy ; culvert ; —, a. trim- 
I'oiiciT. pu'i-s.ii, V. a. to rufi 7uith pumice-stone, 
Poncire, po;/-sccr, m. la>xe citron. 
Poiièis. po;, »i. drawing priikcd and ruhbtd cfer 
Pciiictiiiii, ^)0«k-syo;/,./; tappini^. [iiitli coal-dust. 

l'oii,.tii.iliie, po«k-tiVnle-tai,/. punctuality. t<"A'. 

Pcjiitiu.itiim, po«k-tiV,ih-syo)/, ./; punctuation ; point- 
pDiittuel, Ic, po;/k.H'i-cll, a. — luiiiciit, ad. punctual. 
Ponctuer, po;<k-tiV,ii, 7\ a. to punctuate. 
I'lindrralilc, po/i-dair.ih-bl, a. ponderable, -veif^hable. 
PuU'lcr.iliuu, po;/.il.ii.r.ih.syo«,y: /ijw. 
PiiiiilL-rcr, poH-il.ii-rai, f. a. to poise, balance, 
P'Jiifleusp, po//-cluhz,y: layer. 
•PiMiIre, ptvi-clr, 7/. a. et ii. to lay ei^g'S, 
PiiMt, po«, m. firid,i;e, deck {\/iipi ; — levis, draiv- 

I'ridi^'e : — suspeuilu. cliain-l>rid,;c ; —,//)(,V;'- 

brid,.,e : — s et thausiccs, hi^h-road.f. 
Ponte, \mnX,/. layiiij,''.- — , in, punter. 
Pi-ntc, e, pn/i-tai, a. decked. 
Poiiii.r. po;i-t,ii, II. It. to punt, be the puit.'er, 
Ponti:t, pi)j/-t,i)', lit. trii.\'er-j!Uard. 
Pontife, no;/-tir, m. poutiif. [— , m. poitti/ical. 

Poniilicil, c, po/z-te-lokal, a. — euiont, ad, pont'Jical ; 
Poulificit, po«-tefc kali, in. ponttj.-cate. 
Ponton, po/;.to«, in. pontoon ; /erry-boat ; hulk, 
Poutoiia^e, po;»-ton.atij, ut. ponta^^'c. 
Poulonnicr, po;/-lon-yai, ;//. pontase-j^atlterer ; pon- 
Po;if, pop. Ml, potie, [toiutr. 

Popul.icc, pop-mass, /: populace. 
Pupulacier, ère, po:)-û-las-y ai, — r, a. vulgar. 
Populaire, pop-fl-lair, a. —ment, ad. popular. 
Populariser, pop-ft-hr-e-rai, v. a. to populari::( ; se —, 

V, r, to maie one's self popular. 

Piipiuiritif, popû 1 \T-«-i*\,/.fopul<trity; popular m.i»' 

l'<i|>ul.ttlun, piip-A'Lili-iyu/i,/. p.'putation, [ntrt,//, 

l'iipulcux, »«, pop-A luh, — /, a. popitlout 

l'or.ict.', e, por-tis.,il, ii. porrattons ; leei-grttH, 

Porc, ix>rk, lit. hog ; poit. 

Portculne, p<>ri.|cn,y.'/».'rrt/(»/»i, tAiita, 

IVircrlet, pors-l.iy, m. guineapig. 

Purc-i'plt, purk ai-pik, m. poriuplnt. 

P.iri tiilson, por sli.iy.xo'i, /! ni d buti 

l''.', ii:. p<r,li, poi-tuo. 
I Porulur, pi.r-s'Kil, m. iuincherd, fiojiMtrJ, 
I P' iro, por, m. psri, 

l'ort-ui, se, poruli, — i, n. p.iroiix, 

l'iro.itc*, l' /'.x.M/,'^. 
\ Porphyre, pnrfcer, m. (orfltyry, 
I PorrtMii, por-iili, m. Icek. 
1 l'orrcclion, por rrk-syo;», /; /tcr»Yr/('.)»;. 

Port, por, m. poi-t, h.trboHr : tvhart : tjuifage : ear- 
I riage ; franc (!<■ —, po\t paid ; — du IkMc, postage, 
I l'orl.ililc, port.iliM, .1. tvearabte, 

P 'rt lue, portdlij, m. carnage ; portage. 

l'otl.ul, port.iA m. portail. 
, Pt,rtant, e, port.i/i. —\,prt. et a. bearing : Men —, in 

giod Htatth ; I un — l'autre, one with the other, 
• portatif, ivc, if, -;v, a. portable. 
^ I'oiti-, iiort,/. door; gate; .'i — (.lose, secretly; — do 

ilcrriere, /■.!.'{• -./j'»'. 
■ Porlcaijfiiill^, | urtc^'-i/,/ nerdle-beartr, 

1* irle asMclte, potl-.isi.ynit,/', s'aiid, 

Piirtcliijui tie, portliajj.ot, P. lo.'p. 

Porte halle, p inbal, in. p.-Mar. 
I 1'ortc-i.liuux, p irl shoo, m. nag, cob, 
I P irle-clcf, portkLii, <ii. turnkey, 

Pn»t<jco,.licre,,/; gatcTvay. 
, I'ortc-crayou. portkr.iy-yo;/, in. pencil-case, 
' Portciroiic, portkro-ali, in. croM-l'earer. 
1 Porto-Dieu. port-ilyuli, in. priest who carries the host. 

Pcrto-'lrape.iu, port-ilr.ipon, in. en.ut;it, [litter. 

Portée, por-tai,y. reath, extent; compass ; line [mu\ic) ; 

PortC'Cn^ci^'iic, porta//.s.iiM-yc, in. standard-bearer. 

Porli'-cfprfe, li, <;. < uu r.ibelt. 

I'orte-ctemlanl, por-tai-ta;i-il ir, in. s 'an. lard -bearer, 

Porle-elricrs, por-tai-lre- ii, in. \tirrup-strap. 

Porle-L'trivieres, j)or-taitriv-yair, m. si/itart-riitgs,pl, 

Portc-f.iix, port Tiy, >n. porter. 

P"rte-fouille, poit-luli/. in. port/olio. 

Porletu.illieur, p irt-uial ur, in. harhini;er o/ill-liicft, 

l'urlciManle ill, port iua;*-toli, !«. portiit.tiiteau. 

I'ortc-iiioiuiaie, p'lrliiion-.iy, in. purse ; money-bag. 

i'orte-iiioutre, pi'Ttiiio/itr, in. iuat,h-ltolder. 

l'orte-iiio'.n.lic'lli.>>, |iorluioo,li ct, >n. pi. sniilfers-tray. 

Porter, port.ii, v. a, el it. to bear; carry; coni-y ; 
war; induce, excite; reaih ; steer; breed ; — \>i\\\- 
\\eiir, tu bring good link; — la panie, to be spoke\- 
man; —uwi: '-•\\\W, to drink^a healt/l, loast ; sc--, 
v. r. to be ; be/iaTe ; tend, be inclined, 

Porlc-respcct, port-res-pek, >«. bad.;e. 

Porteur, por-tur, in. porter; bearer, 

I'nrte-vcrtie, port-vairlij, in. verger. 

PiMte-voix, port-vw.i, m. speaktiig-trumpet. 

Portier, port-yai, in. porter, diorkeeper. 

Portiere, port-yair,/; coach-door. 

Portion, \tijr-^yi'n, p. portion, part : alloivanet, 

Porti<pie, portik, in. portico, porch, 

Porlr.iire, jior-trair, ;■. a. to p rtray. 

I'nrtrait, por-tray, m. pjrirait ; putiire, 

I'ortr.iiture, por ir.iy-tilr, / portraiture ; livre <Ie —, 

Po«iKe, Poli-^ ilij, m. la\:ng [di\t;uiitg-book. 

Pose, poliz,/: laying ; posture. 

Posé, e, poli-/ai, a. — iiiLiit, ad. set, staid ; sedate; giuf''. 

l'oser, poli'Z.ii, f. ii. et it. to lay, set itown, pla e, sup- 
pose ; lie, rest : sit ; se — , v. r. to light, perch. 

Poseur, poli-zur, in. layer ; bell-hanger. 

Positif, ive, poh-ze-tif, — iv, a. — ivement, aU, pcsilire ; 
— . in. po'iitive degree. 

Po.iitiou, poli-zesyo;;, /! p.^sition, pojlure. 

Possédé,, m. iitt !man. 

Poss'.Hler, nos- liil.ii, v. a. to possess, en/oy ; be 
of; understand ; sc — , v, r, to coihinaiid one's 

Possesseur, pos-es-r.ur, ;;>. possessor. [temper. 

Possessif, ive, pos-es-il', — iv, a. possessive, 

I'ossosiioM, pos-esyoH,/; possetsion, 

Posbilulité, p03-e-l)'--le-lai,y' / 'ssioiiity. 

Possible, pos-se-lil, <r. /jjiii.V.- —, m. pjssibili.'y ; lout 
son — , one's iitnwst. 

Postdate, posl-dat,/;/*<'.r.'-<i<i.V. 

Postdater, p')-,, v. a. to pott-dalt. 

Post;, 1 ' St, in. post, place; o/Hce : — , f, post; post- 
house : post-ojfice ; post-boy: petite — , twopenny 
post; courir 1.1—, lo ride post ; prendre la — , 
a posl-chaise, [a positif u. 

Poster, pos-tai, v. a, lofost; station ; se —, v, r, to takt 


t 104 1 


Postérieur, e, pos-tal-rc-ur, «r. — ement, ad. {losterlor ; 

Postérioritt', pos-tai-rc-or-c-lai.y: posttriority. \hiHj. 

Postérité, pos-tai-re-tai,./! posterity. 

Postluiine, pos-tflm, a. poslltumous, 

Posticlie, pos-tisli, a. sHperaddtd ; false ; fictitious ; 

Postilion, pos-tiAoM, m. postHlion, post-boy. {^substitute. 

Post-scriptum, post-skrip-toiii, m. postscript. 

Postulant, pos-tft-la«, m. suitor, candidate. 

Postuler, pos-tû-lai, v. u. to sue for ; plead. 

Posture, pos-tCir./'. pasture. 

Pot, poll, >«. pat : — h feu, fire-pot. 

I'utable, pot-ah-bl, a. portable, drinkable. {thinj^s. 

Potage, pot-alij, m. pottage, soup ; pour tout — , for all 

Potajjer, pot-ahj-ai, m. soup-dish; kitihen-^^arden ; 

Potasse, xtn\,f. potash. {stove. 

Pot-Ue-vin, pot-cl;*/<-vai/«, w. good-will, pevi/uisite. 

Pote, pot, a. iiiaiu — , swollen hand. 

Poteau, pot-oh, nt.ppsf. 

Potée, pot-.ii,/ patful, sivarui. 

Potelé, e, pot-lai, a.ptntnp. 

Potence, pol-nns^,f. gibbet ; crutih; standard. 

Potentat, pi)t-a«-tali, nt. potentate. 

Potentiel, le, pot-aw-syel, a. potential. \w.irkhouse. 

Poterie, pot -re, f. earthen, i.i re : pottery, putter's 

Poterne, pot-airn,^ pastern, baik-door 

Potier, pot-yai, tn. potter ; — iXiVMn, pewterer. 

Potin, iiot-ai;i, m. brittle brass. 

Potion, poh-syo//,/; potion, draught. 

Potiron, pot-o-ro;(, tn. putntkin. 

I'ot-pourri, poh-poo-re, >«. hotchpotch. 

Pou, poo, tn. louse. 

I'ouacre, puo-akr, <j. lousy, filthy. 

Pouce, poos, m. thumb ; inch. 

Poucier, poos-yai, »i. thumb-staU. 

Poudinjï, p(io-<hi;/jf, in. pium-piidding. 

Poudre, puo-dr, ^. powder ; dust; — à canon, i-^k/i- 

Poudrer, poo-ilrai, t. a. to poiuder. [powder. 

Poudrette, poo-dret,/? dried ni,i,'ht-soil. 

Poudreux, se, poo-druh, — z, a. poio.lery, dusty. 

Pomlrier, poo-dre-ai, tn. sand-box ; poiudcr-tniker. 

Poudrière, i)oo-drc-air,y; powder-mill, .i.i;id-io.\; 

Pouf, poof, int. plutnp I bang I [laughter. 

•Pourvoir, poor-vwar, v. a. et tt. to pm'idt, supply ; 
tti.iow ; invest with ; sc — , v. r. to provide one's self; 
enter an appeal. 

Pourvoirie, poor-vwa-re,/. a purveyor's stores, pi. 

Pourvoyeur, poor-vwa-yur, itt. purveyor, victualler. 

Pourvu, poor-vû, c. provided. 

Pousse, pooss.f. pursiness ; shoot. 

Poussée, poo-sai,y. /»-«xM«; shoot. 

Pousser, poo-sai, v. a. et it. to push, thrust ; drizi^ 
urge ; push on, set on ; shoot, sprout ; be pussy ; — 
des cris, to scream out ; — h la roue, to help on ,■ se —, 
V. r. to make one's way in the world. 

Poussette, poo-^et,f. push-pill. 

Poussier, poos-yai, tti. coal-dust. 

Poussière, poos-yair.y". dust. 

Poussif, ive, poo-sif, — iv, a. pursy. 

Pi-ussin, poo-sai», tit. young chiii. 

Poutre, poo-tr,yC beam. 

Poutrelle, poo-trel,/ small beam. 

Pouvoir, poo-vwar, v. n. to be a''le ; can ; tmy ; ]e ne 
puis le faire, je ne le puis, / cannot do it ; — , tti. pjwrr, 
force : possession. 

Pouzzolane, poo-zol-an,/: /*<'^-i"'""<'- 

Pragmatique, prat'-inat-ilc, a. pragmatic. 

Prairie, pray-re,yV w<m'i'7<(. 

l'r.illue, prali-liii,./; almond. 

Praliner, prah liri-ai, v. a. to crisp. 

Praine, iiuxm. f. /lat-bo.'tonud Trs.\fl. 
I Praticable, prat-ik-ah-bl, a. practiahle, feasible : 

Praticien, pratis-y il«, m. practitimicr. 

l'rati(]iie, prat-ik,_/^/r.Ki'iVr ,■ hahi/. nistot» ; cus/o>ii'r ; 
, mettre en — , io practise : —•i, /'. ceremonies, // , 
i intrigue ; — , a. — tnciit, ail. pracftra!. 
j Pritiquer, prat-ik-ai, v.a. etn. to prauise; keepca»ipi"t 

l'ré, prai, m. nieadno. [with ; p.'m. 

i j'réalabli;, prai-al-.ili-M, a. —ment, ad. previous. 
' Prtiamljule, prai-aw-bi'il, m. preamble. 
'. \'\'é:\\\, prai-oh, m. yard. 
• l'rc'bcnik', Y>ra.\-ha.n(\, t. prebend. 
' l'rijhi'iijier, prai-ba«d-yai, tn. prebendary, 
\ l'récaire, prai-kair, a. —ment, ad, precarious. 

Precaution, prai-koh-syo»,./". precaution, caution. 

■ Ai fl- 
irt ■'/<•. 

darling ; love-letter. 

PoulTer, poo-fai, v. «., — de rire, to burst out into a 1 I'rocaulionuer, prai-koh-syon-al, z>. a. to caution: se 

Pouilles, poo/, f. pi. abusive sprtcli ; chanter — , to call 

Pouilleux, se, pooAiiti, — z, a. lousy. [names. 

Poulailler, poo-la/-ai, >«. poulterer ; hen-house ; hen- 

Poulain, poo-lai/i, tn. colt, foal. [coop. 

Poulaine, poo-len, /. beak-head. 

Poularde, poo-lard,/: /•«//^/. [— d'Inde, turkey-hen. 

Poule, pool, y. hen ; fieol ; stake ; — d'eau, moor-hen 

Poulet, poo-lay, tn. chicken 

Poulette, poof-et,/! pullet. 

Poulevrin, pool-vrai>«, tn. priming-po7vder. 

Pouliche, x>oo-\\^,h,f. filly. 

Poulie, poo-le,yÇ/«//o'- 

Poulier, pool-yai, v. a. to hoist. 

Pouliner, poo-lin-ai, v. tt. to foal. 

Poulinière, poo-lin-yair, a., juinent —, brood-mare. 

Poulpe, poolp,y: pulp. 
Pouls, poo, tn. pulse. 
Poumon, poo-moH, ttt. lungs, pi. 
Poupard, poo-par, tti. babe, baby, 

Poupart, poo-par, in, kind of crab, 

Poupe, poop,/: prop, stern. 

Poupée, poo-pat,/, doll, puppet. 

Poupin, e, poo-pai«, — pin. a. spruce, nice. 

Poupon, poo-poM, tn. chubbychteked boy ; —ne, — pon, 
/; chubby-cheeked girl. 

VoxxT, poor, pr. for ; instead of; in order to; asfor; — 
que, /A<j^/ — peu que, if ever so little : —ainsi dire, aj 

Pourboire, poor-bo-alir, tn. drink-money. [it 7uere, 

Pourceau, poor-soli, ttt. hog,pi.i'.. 

Pourchasser, poor-shas-ai, v. a. ty pursue. 

Pourfendre, poor-fa;i-dr, v. a. to cleave. 

Pourparler, jioor-par-lai, tn. parley. 

Pourpier, poor-pyai, tn. purslaiii. 

Pourpoint, poor-po-ai«, tn. doublet, [pie ; cardinalship. 

Pourpre, poor-pr, nt. purple ; purples, pi.; —,f. pur- 

Pourpré, e, poor-prai, a. purple ; fièvre — e, petechial 

PiKirquoi, poor-kwa, c. why ; c'est — , therefore, [fever. 

Pourrai, poo-ray, see Pouvoir, 

Pourrir, poor-eer, v. it. et se — , v. r. to rot, grew 

I'ourrissage, poor-e-salij, tn. steeping. [putrid. 

Pourrissoir, poor-e-swar, in. stecping-troiigh. 

Pourriture, poor-e-tûr,/: rottenness. 

Poursuite, poor-sweet,./! pursuit, prosecution. 

Poursuivant, poor-swe-va«, tn. candidate ; suitor ; 7vooer. 

•Poursuivre, poor-swe-vr, v. a. et it. to pursue ; prosecute, 
chase, hunt ; solicit ; proceed, continue. 

Pourtant, poor-ta«, c. however, nevertheless. 

Pourtour, poor-toor, tn. compass. 

Pourvoi, puor-vwa, tn, appeal. 

V. r. to be cautious. 
Précédemment, prai-sai-dam-a»/, ad.precedently, before 
Précédent, e, prai-sai-d,in, — l, a. precedent, pre. ci 

iitg ; — , nt. precedent. 
Précéder, prai-sai-dai, v. a. to precede, go before. 
}'récepte, prai-sept, m. precept. 

Précepteur, prai-sep-tur, nt. tutor. , 

I'receptoral, e, prai-sep-tor-al, a. preceptorial. 
Préceptorat, prai-sep-lor-ah, tn. tutorship. 
Prêche, praysh, m sermon ; meetinghouse. 
Prêcher, pray-shai, v. a. et it. to preach ; publish. 
Prêcheur, pray-shur, m. preacher. 
Précieuse, prai-se-uhz,y: precise woman. 
Précieux, se, prai-se-uh, — z, a. precious, valuable: 

a^ected ; —sèment, ad. carefully. 
Precipice, prai-se-piss, in. precipice. [hurriel'y. 

Précipitamment, prai-sc-pe-tam-a'<, ad. 
Précipitation, prai-se-pe-tah-sya>/, /: precipitaiun, 

Précipité, e, pral-se-pe-tal, a. precipitate, hasty. 
Précipiter, prai-sepe-tai, v. a. to precipitate ; hurry; 

se — , v. r. to precipitate one's self; rush into. 
Précis, e, prai-se, — siz, a — ement, ad. precise, exact; 

— , tn. summary. 
Préciser, prai-se-zai, v. a. to state precisely, fix. 
Précision, prai-se-zyo«,y: precision. 
Précité, e, prai-se-tai, 11. cîforesaid. 
Précoce, prai-koss, a. precocious, early. 
Précocité, prai-kos-c-tai,/; preccciousit-ss. 
Précompter, prai-ko»-tai, f. a. to deduct. 
Préconisation, prai-kon-e-zah-syo«,y. precoitizatioH. 
Préconiser, praikon-e-zai, v. a. to préconise : extol. 

Précurseur, prai-krtr-sur, tn. forerunner, harbinger. 

Prédécéder, prai-dai-sai-dai, v. tt to die first. 

Prédécès, prai-dai-say, m. decease before that ofaitothtr. 

IVédécesseur, prai-dai-ses-ur, in. predecessor 

Predestination, prai-des-te-uali-sy<);;,y;/»-«rf«i'i«.i/itfH. 

Prédestiner, prai-des-te-nai. zk a. to predestinate. 

Prédétermination, prai-dai-tair-ine-nah-syo», f. fredt- 
terminatioit. [mine. 

Prédéterminer, prni-dai-tair-me-nai, v. a. to preddir- 

Predicament, prai-de-kam-a;/, m. predicament ; repute. 

Predicant, prai-dekau, in. preacher. 

Prédicateur, prai-de-kat-ur, nt. preacher. 

Prédication, prai-de-kali->-yo«,/ preaching. 

Prediction, prai-dik-syoH,/: /'■''/"■/lo;/. 

Prédilection, y>ta\-AeAe\i%yoii,f. predilection, 

•Prédire, prat-deer, v. a. to foretell. 
I Prédisposition, prai-dis-j)oh-re-iyo«,/:/>Tf</»f/wiV*W, 







e, prai-dom-e-na;r, — t, a. predo-.niiuint, 

prai-(loin-e-nai. v. n. lo prtdi)ini>iatt, 
pral-ai-ine-naMSsy. prt-emintttct. 
Preeminent, e, prui-ai-me-na«, -V, a. pretinineiit. 
Préemption, prai-a/i-psyo«,/. fte-emplion. 
Préétalilir, prai-ai-t.ib-lccr, v. a. to frt-estabiish. 
Préexistant, c, prai-c>;-4is-ta«, — t, ii. fr^f-fxiittitt. 
Préexistence, prai-c^-,iis-ta;(ss,/. frt-^xisltnce. 
Preface, prai-la^s./. prf/act. 
Prefecture, prai-fok-tiir,/. preftilure. 
Préférable, prai-fai-rah-l)l, a. — inunt, ad. tre/erable. 
i'referenco, \->XM-U\\-XAnss,/. prt/eyout ; de — , ratlitr. 
Préférer, pral-fai-rai, v. a. to prefer, like belter. 
Préfet, prai-fay, iit. prefect. 
Prelinir, pr.ii-feneer, v. a. to detertnint, 
Prclix, e, prai-liks, .1. set, settled. 
Préfixion, prai-tiks-yo;/,/. prejixiojt. 
Préjudice, prai-liji'i-diss, m. prejudice. 
Préjudiciable, prai-lijil-dis-cah-bl, a. prejudicial. 
i'réjudiciei, le, pr.ii-lijiVilis-e-c'il, n. previous. 
i'reiudicier, prai-liji1-ilis-c-ai, 7'. ti. lo prejudice, injure. 
l'rejugé, prai-liirt-hjai, prejudice : precedent. 
i'reju^er, prai-liju-liiai, v. a. to prejudicatc. 
se Prélasser, pr.ii-lali-sai, v. r, to walk al'ectedt, > 
Prélat, prai-lah, m. prelate. 
l'rél.iture, prai-lat-ftr,/. prelacy. 
I'rcle, prayl,/; horse-tail. 
l'rèier, prai-lai, 1: ct. to rub ivitlt liorse-tnil. 
Prélèvement, prid-layv-ina«, m. preT'iom .ieduction. 
I'relever, prail-v,ii, v. a. lo lexiy prci'iousiy, ded.ict. 
i'rélimiiiaire, i)rai-leme-n,iir, n. — nieiit, mi'. p> ctimi- 
I'rflude, prai-lû<l, m. prelude. {nary, fre^i>>ii<. 

I'rchider, prai-li'i-dai, t. ti. to prelude. 
i'ri'iiiature, e, pnii-mat-il-rai, a. -iiii-'iit, iid. p remain re. 
î'rcinalurité, prai-niat-fl-re-tai, /'. /jr/w.i/'/rcAv.i.i. 
Preméilitation, prai-!ii,ii-ile-tali-syn;:, /; pieinedilation. 
Préméditer, prai-inai-<l<.-tai, v. a. to premeditate. 
Iffiinces, jjrai-miss.y; pl.jirstjniits, pi. 
I'cMiier, iere, \trnh-m\\\\, — <■, ■!, — iireiiient, ad. fir.^t : 

- in.Jirst : JirstJio.<:\ 
Prvinuiiir, prai-niiVnci.T, f. ,r. t^'forcwaiii, i.tnlion ; se 

• , 7'. r. to pi-iTide a^-ainsl. 
I'rciiable, pr«/'(-n.diM, a. pve^mible. 

Prenais, pr/fA-nay. see I'ruiidrc. 

j'rciiaiit, e, pr;</r-iia'/, — t, <». taking; carcnie -, 
Slinn'e Tuesday. 

•I'reiuiro, pra;(-dr, v. n. et ti. to lake; lalih ; accepi, 
receive; ioat;nlate, curdle; take root ; il 111.; prend 
envie, / have a min I to ; — la parole, lo bej^in to 
ipeak ; — terre, lo land; se - . '>•. r. to he taken ; 
iiilch ; curdle : s'cii — à, /.• lay lliefanll upon ; sc — 
à rire, /'i:;';;< lo lauxli. 

Preneur, pr;(/i-Mur, "/. laker; lessee. 

Premie, iir.iiii, see I'reiidre. 

Prcnmii, |)rai-ni)«, >«. clinsliau name. 

PfciKins, pr«/i-ni)«, Prens, pra«, see Prendre. 

Prunotioii, prai noli-syow.y! prenotion ; c. njectnre. 

Préoccupation. prai-nk-û-p;iiisyo«, / pr<-o. cnpation. 

Préorciiper, pr.ii-ok-û-pai, v. a. to precccupy ; pre- 
judice; en/rross ; se — , v. r. to be prepossessed. 

Préopincr, prai-()pe-!iai, v. n. to vote first. 

Préparitif, prai-par-at-if, >/i.. Preparation, prai-par-ah- 
s>o«,/. preparation. 

Prep.iratoire, pr.iipar-nt-war, a. preparatory. 

Preparer, prai-|>ar-ai, v. a. to prepare. Jit ; se — , v. r. to 
frepo re one's self. 

Prcpimdcrance, prai-po«-dai-ra>«s,/ preponderance. 

Preimndéraiit. e, pr.ii-i>o«.dai-ra«, — t, a. preponderant; 

l'reposé, prai-poh-zai, >n. overseer. \_casli>ij;. 

I'rcposcr, prai-po!i-zai, v. a. lo set 07>er. 

I'rcposition, prai-poh-;^e-syo;/,/! preposition. 

Pr<.riit{ative, prai-roi;-at-iv,y". prerogatixe, privilege. 

Prés, pray, pr. et ad. near, by, close ; nearly ; à peu — , 

l'résa^jc, prai-;!ahj, m. presaic:e, onien. [nearly, almost. 

Presii({er, prai-zahj-ai, 7'. a. to presa::e. 

Presbytéral, e, prt-s-be-tai-ral, a. f" ic.\;ly. 

Pref.bytère, pres-be-tair, in. manse. 

Presbytérien, ne, pns-be-t.ii-re-.ii.':, — en, a 

Pris -icnre, prai-syaxss,/". prescience. 

Prescriptible, pres-kripte-bl, a. prescriptible. 

Prescription, pres-krip-syo»j,.A prescription. ; 

•Prescrire, pres-kreer, ',•. a. el n. to prescribe ; ^et by \ 

Préséance, prai-sai-a«.ss,y: precedency, [prescription. ' 

Présence, \>ra\-zAn'is,f. presence. 

Present, e, prai-za«, — t, a. — ement. ad. present: 
ready ; .^ — , at present : —, >n. present, gift; present 1 

Presentable, prai-zaw-tali-bl, (I. /'Cj-rM/a^/r. [tense. 1 

Présentateur, prai-za/i-tat-ur, tn. patron. I 

Présentation, prai-za/z-lah-syox,/. presentalion, 1 

Presenter, prai<J!a>t-tai, v. a. to present : o_ffér, sho7v ; ' 
se ~, V. r, to present out's self, afpea r ,■ oaur, \ 

Préservatif, ive, prai-iair-vat-if, — iv, a. presen'citivi 1 

— , tn. preservative. 
Preserver, pr.ii-zair-val, v, a. to preserve, stn't ; se — > 

V. r, to presenie one's self. 
Présidence, prai-ze-da«ss,/^rMi</«((-v , presidentship. 
l'résideiit, prai-ze-da;i, m. president ; chairman. 
I'resiilente, prai-zc-da«t,y. //-«/./«•«/i lad». 
Présider, prai-ze-dai, v. a. et n. to pi eside ; govern. 
I'resiili.d, pr,ai-zid-yal, in. presidial. 
Présomptif, ive, prai-zo«-ptif, — iv, a. presumptive. 
Presumption, \>t.i\-zoii-\>'>yon,f.presii>/i/-tion,iii\picion, 

conjecture. [presinnptuous, ariv^ant. 


, — z, a. 

-scmeiit, ad. 

Prcsoniptlicux, se, pral-zo«-ptù-uh, - 

I'rcsipie, prcsk, act. almost, nearly. 

Pre.M|u'île, presk-eel,yl peninsula. 

Presse, \>te-,'à, ; printinj^-press ; cro7vd ; hurry; 

— a la mitMuc^ue,Jlying-press. 
Pressé, e, prcs ai, a. in haite, urj^ent. 
'•essentimeut, pres-a>i-te-nia<i, m. presentiment. 
•'ressentir, prcs-aH-teer, r. <i. to have a presentiment ; 

Presser, pres-ai, v. a. et n. to press : croiud ; straiten ; 

hasten; hurry ; iir^e : be itr/,'eiit ; se —, 7'. r. to 
Presiier, l>res-yai, in. pressman, [crowd: make haste. 
Pression, pres-syo;/,yl prusure. 
Pressis, pres-e, m. );ravy ; juice. 
l'ic^'^'>\r, \iies-wAr, m. piYss ; prcss-hjiise. 
I'ressur.iijc. pres-ii-r.dij, m. pressiiii;. 
Pressurer, pres-fl-rai, i'. a. lo p>e.\i, si/iiee:e, 
I'ri-.siireiir, prcs-ù-riir, m. pre. mu. in. 
I'rij>,laiii e, pres-t.i«ss,/. /,>;-/((;i(i-..i, .lir. 
Prcst.itioii, prLS-t,dl-syn)(, /; — ,1.- mtiiumiI, .'.r '.•iii;;'ofan 
l'f<-.te, prest, (». —nient, ad. qiii,k, smart. {oali:. 

rre-stc>su, pr(;s-to^,y^ quit kncs.s. \i:i.ti 'ncss. 
I'r'j^lidi;^il.iteur, prc-,-li>dolije-Iali Inr, nt.jn^^'lfr. 
l'ieMiilu;il.iti.iii, pres-te-de-lije-t.di ^y^';/, f. ./c.;'./ of 
I'r. sti^;,-, pres-lilij. in. prcslii^e, 1'in . [/Vii/m. 

Picstiijl-'MX, se, pres-tihjyiili, — /, 1». ie-iilihirt,'. 
Protulit, pres-tnl-ay, in. prieslliii,;. 
I'rLS'.iiii dile, pr.ii-ziiiii-.ililil, 1». prcuiinable, ,i.y/'/ii..i*.>. 
Pr, ■.inner, prai-zuiiiai, t. a. el 11. lo prcwne, inia;;iiie. 
l'n'Mippc.>tr, prii-si'ip- )li-zai, '■. a. I,' pi;-yii/>p,iu\ 
I'lisuppi'silion, |>rat-sûp-i>li.ze-s)ii»(,y; praiippoMiioii. 
I'rcMiri;. prai-zfir.y rennet. \od-.'anccd pay : par. 

I Vet, e, pray, — t, a. ready, disponed ; —, m. loan : 
I'rtrtentaine, pr«/«-ta;;-teii, f, cinirir I.» — , lo ramble 

a ''out. ^candidate, 

Pri-tcndant, prai-ta«-da<», «;. pretender; a\piraii', 
l'r.teiidre, pr.ii-t.i«-<lr, t. a. el n. to pretend, claim; 

intend, aspire ; maintain ; mean, aim at. 
Prétendu, e, pr,ii-t.i«di1, a. prelendrd, sham; —, m, 

future husband ; -c.ffiiliiie iii/r. 
Prète-11'im, pr.iyt-no/i, m. he ivho lends his name. 
I'rolciitii'ux, sei prai-ta;/-syiih, — z, a. asuiinnit,-. [lion. 
I'rctei:tiiiii, prai-t.i«-syo;(,/; />>-?/c;mi(V/, claim, ajfccla- 
I'r-^ter, pray-tai, ?•. a. el n. to lend, stretch ; — I'lireille. 

.'('.çirr ear ; — scniicnt, lo take an oath ; 
I'leterit, iirai-tairit, in. preterite, [comply 
l'rttcri:ion, pr.ii-tai-ris-yo);,/./>t'/? )•,?(('«, 
I'r.'tL-ur, prai-tiir, in. prittor. 
I'rc;ciir, prny-tiir, in. lender. 
I'retcxle. pral-tekst, m. pretext, pretence. 
Prétexter, prai-teks-tai, v. a. lo pretend. 
Pretiiitiilîe, prK/(-lai«-ta/,./.' //■;<«»«(/(;'. 
Pretinta Her, pr;(A-tai»r-t,i/-a', 7'. a. to trim, setoff. 
l'rélorien, ne, prai-tor-yai«, — yen, a. praetorian. 
Prètr.iillc, pray-tra/,./! black coats, pi. 
I'retre, pray-tr, in. priest. 
Prétresse, \>x:\y-Xre^'i,f. priestess. 
Irétrise, pray-triz,/". priesthood. 
Preture, prai-tûr,y prcetorship. 
I'reiive, \tx\\\vi,f. proof ; evidence, trial. 
I'rciix, pnili. a. valiant, stout. 
♦Prévaloir, pralval-war, v. n. to prevail ; S8 — , v. r. ti 

lake adiiaiita^e of. 
Prévaricateur, prai-wckat-iir, m. prevaricator. 
Prévarii.iîiiui, prai - var - e - kali • syo;»,/! prexarication, 

Prevariquer, prai-var-e-kai, 7'. n. lo betray one's truit. 
Prevenance, pr.iiv-naxss.y. kind altenlioti. 
Prévenant, e, pr.ilv-ii.i»i, - t, a. fiieientint.' : kind. 
•Prévenir, praiv-tiecr, v. a. to prevent, come be/ore ; an- 

licipate : prejudice ; inform; se —, v. r. to be pre- 
judiced. _ \vet:!ive. 
Préventif, Ive, pr.Ti-va>;-fif, - iv. a. — ivenient. ad pre- 
I'r.^veiitinn, prai-va//-syn«,y; piaenlion, prtiiid'.ce. 
Prévenu, e, praiv-ml, a. prevented, accused. 
Prévision, prai-ve-zyo//.y prevition, foresight. 
•Prévoir, prai-vwar, v. a. to foresee, 
l'révôt, urai-voli, »;. provost. 
Prévôtal, e, prai-vot-al, a. cour — e, court-martial, 
PriT^té, prai-¥oh-t3i,/./''<»îW<!fAi/. 

D a 

se — ,T. r. to 
; submit to. 





tttii/i ; c.'i —, /■»■• 

Pr^voyahce, pral-vwa-ya«ss,/;yo/-«»^A/, /î)rrt/w;<fA/. 
Prévoyant, e, prai-vwa-ya«, — t, a. provident. 
Prié,jpre-al, tn. person invited, gutst. 
Prie-Dieu, ^re-ciyuh, m. praying-desk. 
Prier, pre-ai, v. a. el n. to pray ; beg; invite. 
Prière, pre-air,y. /♦niy^;-; request; eiUreaty. 
Prieur, pre-ur, tn. prior ; —^./.prioress. 
Prieurd, pre-»/i-rai, m. priory. 
Primaffe, pru-inaA|, in. pripna.çe. 
Primaire, pre-iiiair, a. primary, Jirsl. 
Primat, pie-inah, >rt./>M//«<t/^. 
Primati.-il, e, pre-inaa-yal, a. melropolilan. 
Primatic, \>xe-\wi^-c,j. primacy, primatcship. 
Primauté, prc-moli-tai,/; supremacy. 
Prime, prun, /. prime; premium, prize; advance- 
money ; dc — abord, at first sig/U ; de — saut, (ill at 

once. [place; excel. 

Primer, pre-mai, v. a. et n. to surpass ; have the first 
Primeur, pre-mur,y". early fruits, pi. 
Primevère, prim-vair.y: //-««jrcj*. 
Primitif, ive, pre-me-tif, — iv, a. — ivement, ad. primi- 
Primo, pre-mo, ad. firstly. \tive, original. 

PrimoKtîiiiturc, \>TC-mo-\\y.\\-\\c-X(\T,/. primogeniture. 
Primordial, e, prc-mor-dyal, a. — cmtiit, ad. primordial. 
Prince, praiwss, ;«. prince. lori^ina/. 

Princesse, prai«-sess,y: princess. 
Princier, ère, praiw-synl, — r, a. p> incely. 
Principal, c, prap(-se-pal, a. — euient, ad. principal, 

cl ief, prime ; — , m. principal; head-master; capital 

Principauté, prai«-se-poIi-tai,y: //■«■«a/a/i/y. 
Princijie, prai>/-sip, m. principle ; rudiment. 
Printanicr, arc, prai«-tan-yai, — r, a. cj the spring. 
Printemps, prai»-ta;i, m. sprinc;. 
Prior.-»t. pre-or-uh, m. priorship. 
Priorité, preor-e-tai, f. pricrity. 
Pris, pre, set I'rciidrc. 
Prise, \iriz, y. taiujtg ; prize ; dose 

posed ; — lie corps, ; Otrc aux —s, to te figlit- 
Prisée, pre-zal,/; upset price. I '".','• 

Priser, pre-zai, v. a. et n. to pa se, eitiinaU ; taie sniijf. 
Priseur, pre-zur, tn. snuff-taker. 
Prismatique, pris-mat-ik, a. prismatic. 
Prisme, prism, tn. prism. 
Prison, jjre-zo«,y. prison ; impiHsoitment. 
Prisonnier, prc-zon-yal, tn. —ère, — r,/. prisoner. 
Privatif, ive, pre-vat-if, — iv, a. —ivement, ad. privative. 
Privatiuii, pre-/;di-syo;(,/' privatvm. 
Privant»^, ^XG-^c>\\'\.,\\,f.fatniiiarily. 
Privé, e, pre-\ai, o. private, particular ; fattiiliar ; 

tame ; conseil d'état — ,priziy council ; — , tn. priiiy. 
Priver, pre-vai, v. a. to deprive ; tatne ; se —, v. r. to 

deprive one's self. 
Priviléjije, pre-vc-laihj, tn. priiilegc. 
Privilégié, c, pre-vc-laihj-yai, n. priri'cged. 
Prix, l>re, tn. price ; value; ifaid ; prize; à (juclnuc 

— que ce soit, at any rate. 
Probabilité, pro-bab-e-le-tai,/ /ro/'.ii'x/iVy. 
Probable, prcib-ah-bl, a. —ment, ad. probable, likely. 
Probant, e, pro-ba>», — t, a. pyohatory. 
Probatoire, Jiro-Ki-twar, a. seri'ing for trial. 
Probe, prob, a. honest, upright. 
Probité, prob-e-tai,y; j»ra*(0'. hotiesty. 
Proliléinatiquc, prob-fai-mat-ik, a. —ment, ad. prcble- 
Problème, prob-layin, tn. problem. [niatical. 

Procédé, pro-sai-ciai, tn, proceedittg, process ; — s, //. 

delicate tttanners, pi. 
Procéder, pro-sai-dai, 7', ti. to proceed, issue ; behave. 
Procédure, prosai-dûr,y; legal procedure. 
Procès, pro-say, m. lawsuit, process ; action ; — verbal, 

tninutes of transactions, pi. 
Processif, ive, pro-ces-sif, — iv, a. litigious. 
Procession, pro-ces-yo>»,/;/>»-or«jiV>j. \cessioti. 

ProcessionneUenient, pro-ces-yon-ell-iiia«, ad. in pro- 
Prochain, e, prosli-ai«, —en, a. next, tiearest; —, tn. 

tieighbour ; — ement, ad, shortly. 
Proche, prosli, a. ad. el pr. ttear, next, nigh ; hard bj^, 

close to ; de — en — , gradually ; — , m. near relation, 

Proclamation, pro-klam-ah-syo«,y! proclamatioti. 
Proclamer, pro-klah-mai, v. a. to proclaim. 
Proconsul, pro-ko;i-sûl, m. proconsul. 
Procoiisulaire, pro-koH-sûl-air, a. proconsular. 
Proconsulat, pro-ko;«-sil-lah, ni. proconsulship. 
Procrastiner, pro-kras-te-nai, v. a. to procrastinate. 
Procréation, pro-krai-ah-syox, f. procreation, getiera- 
Procrécr, pro-krai-ai, f. a. to procreate, getterate. [/icti. 
Procurateur, pro-kû-rat-ur, tn. procurator. 
Procuration, pro-kû-rali-syo»/,/; power of attortiey. 
Procuratrice, pro-kû-rat-riss,/; procuratrest, proxy. 
Procurer, prok-û-rai, v. a. to procure. 
Frocureur, pni-kû-iur, m. proctor, proxy ; «Uiemty, 

Prodi^ralement, pro-de-fral-mn/t, ad. prodigmlly. 
Prodi);alité, pro-de-gal-e-tai,/ prodigality, pro/usieH. 
Prodige, pro-dilij, ttt. frodigy. 

Prodigieux, se, pro-dilij-yuh, — z, a. — scincnt, ad. pro. 
Prodigue, pro-dig, a. prodigal, lavish. [digtous. 

Prodiguer, pro-dig-al, v. <». to vasle, lavish. 
Prodrome, pro-drolim, tn. prodrome. [—, in. produitr. 
Producteur, trice, pro-dûk-tur, — triss. a. ffeneratitin ; 
Pro<luctif, ive, pro-dûk-tif, — iv, a. productive. 
Production, pro-dflk-syo;/,/./»-orfj<rf«D«, product. 
•J'roiluire, pro-dwecr, v. a. to produce ; bring , iiilri. 

duce ; cause ; so — , v. r. to put one's self fonvaul. 
Produit, pro-dwe, tn. product, produce, [start 

Proéminence, pro-ainie-na>!ss, f. protnitietice. 
Proéminent, e, pro-ai-nie-na»/, — t, a. protninent. 
Prof.mateur, pro-fan-at-ur, tt%. profatier. 
Profanation, pro-fan-ah-syo;/,/! profanation. 
Profane, pro-fan, a. /r^<i»/*; — , tti. profane person. 
Profaner, pro-fan-ai, v. a. to profattt, viotatt. 
Proférer, pro-fai-rai, v. a. to utter. 
Professer, pro-fes-ai, v. a. to profess ; practise ; leach. 
Professeur, pro-fes-ur, tn. professor. 
Profession, i>io-(es-yoti,f. profession, business, 
I'rofessorat, pro-fcs-or-aJi, tn. professorship. 
Profil, pro-til, tn. profile. 
Profiler, pro-fc-lai, v. a. to profile. 
Profit, pro-fe, m. profit ; gain ; — s, //. perquisites, ft. 
I'rofitable, pro-fe-tah-bl, a. profitable. 
Profiter, pro-fc-tai, v. n. to profit ; improve. 
Profond, c, pro-fo«, — d, a. — émcnt, ad. profound, 

deep, low. 
Profondeur, \itaU>ni\\\r,f.pfofoundness,depth ; I'liyjit 
Profiiscnieiit, prn-fiVzaiina»/, ad. profusely, lavishly. 
Profusion, pto-<{i-','^i'n,f. profusion. 
I'rogeniture, pro-lij.ii-nc-tûr, in. offspring. 
Programme, pro-gram, tn. bill, list. 
Progrès, pro-gray,,i;ress. \progre.s.\i:e. 

Progressif, Ive, pro-gres-sif, — iv, a. -ivement, n.i. 
Progression, pro-grcs-syo;/,/; progression. 
Progressiste, pro-grcs-sist, tn. progressiit. 
Prohiber, pro-e-bai, v. a. to prohibit, forbid. 
Prohibitif, ive, pro-e-be-tif, — iv, a. prohibitory. 
Prohibition, pro-e-be-syo«,/: prohibition. 
I'roie, pro-ah,y;/>-o', booty. 
Projection, pro-hjek-syo>i,/;/>-(y(Pf/«ow, casting. 
Projecture, pro-hjek-tûr,y". projecture. 
Projet, proli-liiai, in. frofect ; plan. 
Projeter, pro-lij«/(-tai, î'. a. to project, plan. 
I'rolcgomt-iics, uro-lai-goiii-ayii, in. pi. prolrj^omeita, pi 
Prolétaire, pro-lai-tair, tn. proletary. 
Prolétariat, pro-lai-tar-yah, tn. proletatriat. 
Prolifique, pro-le-fik, a. prolific. 
Prolixe, pro-liks, a. —ment, ad. prolix. 
Prolixtti-, pio-lik-se-tai,/l prolixity. 
Prologue, prolog, tn. prologue. 
Prolongation, pro-lo«-gah-syo«,y prolongation. 
Prolonge, pro-Io«lij.y: lashing. 
Prolongement, prolowlij-mn«, m. le>i,qlhening. 
Prolonger, pro!o«-lijai, v. a. to prolong : lengthen cut; 

se —, V. r. to be protracted. 
Promenade, proin-nad, /. walking ; Witlk. 
Promener, prom-nai, v. a. to walk; lead about: se —, 

V, r. to walk ; wander ; se — à cheval, totakea ride. 
Promeneur, prom-nur, tn. walker ; lounger. 
Promenoir, proni-nwar, M. walk. 
Promesse, yio-me^'i, f. promise ; bond. 
Prometteur, pro-niet-ur, tn. —se, —\x\\z,f. promiser. 
•Promettre, pro-iiiet-tr, v. a, el tt, to promise ; se —, 
Promis, pro-me, see I'romettre. [v. r. to hope. 

l'romiscuité, proniisk-we-tai,./C promiscuousness. 
Proniiision, pro-inis-yoH,y. promise. 
Promontoire, pro-mo»i-twar, m. promontory. 
Promoteur, pro-mo-tur, in. promoter. 
Promotion, pro-moh-syo»;, f. promotion, preferment. 
•Promouvoir, pro-moo-vwar, v. a. to promote, prefer. 
Prompt, e, prow, — t, a. — ement, ad, prompt, quick, 

sudden ; hasty. 
Promptitude, pro;/-te-tftd, yC promptitude, ouickness ; 
Promu, pro-inû, see Promouvoir. [hastiness. 

Promulgation, pro-mûl-gah-syo«,y; promulgation. 
Promulguer, pro-niAI-gai, v. a, to promulgate. 
Prône, prohn, m. Sunday sermon ; lecture. 
Prôner, prohn-ai, v. a. to praise; extol; preach. 
Prôiieur, proh-nur, tn. preacher; puffer ; lecturer. 
Pronom, proh-iio«, tn. pronoun. 
Pronominal, e, pro-noni-e nal, a. pronominal. 
Prononcé, e, pro-noH-^ a. pronounced; marked; 

— , tn. puirport, sente) 
Prononcer, pro-noi-sai, i. el ii. to pronounce ; utltr; 

tnark ; se —, v. r. to be pronounced. 
Prononciation, pro-no«-syali-syo«, f, pronunciation, 
Pronostic, pro-nos-tik, m, prognosUt, \fttttr»iv*» 


t «07 1 


Pronostiquer. pro-nos-tik-ai,T. <i. lo frogiioilkatt, 
i'ronosf iqueur, pro-lios-tik ir. , iii. progiiosHcator. 
i'roptigaiiclc, pro-|).in-a«(/,/ profagauda. 
l'ro(>iiK''''<-"'"" pro-p^yC-u'-U'. >«. propagalor, 'fusion, 
i'ropajjalion, pro-pa){-ah-iyo«. /. pyopaxalifn : <lif- 
i'rop.itjcr, pro-pahj-ai, i'. a. tt sc —, 7'. r. (0 prvfai^att : 
I'roi.eii'.ion, pro-paw-sioii,y. proptitsity. \sprtati. 

i'rDplicte, pro-fi>yt, tii. prophet. 
I'roplictesbC, pro-fai-tcss,/ //-('//(c/i-jj. 
rrophelie, pro-fai-se.y. prophecy. 
I'ro|)li<:tiiiue, pro-fai-tik, a. —incut, ad. prophttical. 
i'roplietiser, pro-fai-tc-zai, v. a, to prophesy, predUI. 
I'ropice, j)ro-piss, <t. propitious. 
i'ropitiation, pro-pis-yah-syo;/, f. propitiation. 
Propitatoirc, pro-piss-yal-war, a. propitiatory. 
Proportion, pro-por-syow, f, proportion ; a — , en — , 

ptopjrtienably. [a/ity. 

rroportionnalite, pro-por-syon-al-e-tal, /. proportion- 
i'ro,>ortioniicl, Ic, pro-por-syon-ell, a. —lenient, ad. 

pi-o/>ortioiuil. [portion. 

Proportionnément, pro-por-syon ai-ni.-i«, ad. in pro- 
Proportionner, pro-por-!,yun-ai, z: a. to proportion, ad- 
Propos, pro-poh, m. tali, diseonrse, purpose : de — 
délibéré, purposely ; à — , to the purpose ; season- 
ably : ."» tout —, at every tut n. 
Proposable, pro-pu-zah-bl, a. Jit to be proposed. 
i'r.iposant, pro-poli-za«, in. student in divinity. 

I'riipober, pro-poh-zai, v. a. to propose ; offer ; motion ; 
■,ij —, V. r. to purpose, intend. 

Priipo.iition, pro-poli-zc-syo;;,/; proposition ; motion. 

i'npre, propr, a. — incnt, ad. proper, ou 11 ; very ; Jit, 
ijiialijied ; clean ; —, m. property ; asoir en —, to 
iU'U ; -s,//. real properly. 

Propret, te, pro -pray, — prct, a. spruce. 

l'ruprcté, pro-pr-t.ii,y; cleanness ; spriiceness. 

i'ropriélaire, pro-prcai-tair, m. et j'. proprietor ; pro- 
frietress ; landlord, landlady. 

Propriété, pro-prc-ai-tai,y: properly. 

l'ror.ita, pro-rah-tali, ad. an -, in proportion to. 

Prcjrojjatif, ive, pro-ro-mt-if, — iv, proro,i;at:ve. 

I'roro^Mtion, pro-ro-jjah-syo»,y." proroxaliun. 

I'roroijcr, pro-rohj-ai, :■. a. to prorogue, prolouj^. 

Prosaiiiue, pro-zali-ik, a. prosaic. 

l'ro>;itenr, pro-zat-iir, m. prose-.rriter. 

I'ro'.criptciM', pros-krip-tnr, ;/;, proscriber. 

I'roscription, pros-kriii-syo«,y. proscription. 

'I'roscrire, pros-krcer, v. a. to proscribe, banish. 

I'roscrit, pros-kre, m. outlaw. 

Prose, proliz,y; prose. 

Proselyte, pro-zai-lit, m. proselyte. 

Proscl>tisnie, pro-zaile-lism, m. prosctytism. 

Prosodie, pro-zod-c,/: prosody. 

Prosojiiiue, pro-zod-ik, a. prosodical. 

Prospectus, pros-pek-tûs, m. prospectus. 

Prospère, pros-pair, a. prosperous. 

Prospérer, pros-pai-rai, v. 11. to pivsper, thrive ; faire 
—, 10 render prosperous. 

Prospérité, pros-pai-re-tai,y; prosperity. 

Proaornation, pros-tair-nali-syo;/, J., rrosternenient, 
pros-tair-n«A-nia>/, m. prostration. 

se Prosterner, pros-tair-nai, z: r. to prostrate one's self. 

l'ro'ïtituer, prus-ti-tiVai, v. a. to prostitute. 

Prostitution, proste-tû-syo;/,y; prostitution. 

Prostration, pros-trali-syo«,/. prostration. 

Prote, prot, m. overseer, /orenian. 

Protecteur, pro-tek-tnr, tn. protector : patron. 

Protection, pro-tek-syo/r././cViW/o»! .■ p.itroiia^e, 

I'rotectorat, pro-tck-tor-ali, in. proteclorship. 

Protectrice, pro-tek-triss.y; patron -ss. 

Protege, e, pro-tai-hjai, a. dependant. 

Protéfîer, i)ro-tai-lijai, %•. a, to protect, patronise. 

Protestant, e, pro-tcs-ta», — t, a. protestant. 

Protestantisme, pro-tes-ta/r-tisni, «;. protestantism. 

Protestation, pro-tcs-tah-syo;/, /. protestation ; profes- 

Protester, pro-tes-tai, v. a. et n. to protest, vow. [sion. 

Protêt, pro-tay, m. protest. 

Protocole, pro-to-kol, m. protocol. 

Proioiiotaire, pro-to-no-tair, in. protonoiary. 

Prototype, pro-to-tip, m. prototype. 

Protuberance, pro-tA-bai-ra«ss,/ protuberance. 

Protuteur, pro-tii-leur, in, protutor, 

Proue, proo, /, provu, stem. 

Prouvable, proo-vali-bl, a. provable. 

Prouver, proo-vai, v. a. to prove, betoken. 

Proveiliteur, pro-vai-de-tur, in, proveditor, oi'erseer. 

Provenance, prov-naHss,/. productions, pi. 

Provenant, e, prov-na«, — t, a. proceediiij;;, issuing: 

Proveade, pro-va«d,y; / rovender. 

•Provenir, pro-v;</i-neer, v. n. to proceed. 

Proverbe, pro-vairb, tn. proverb. 

Proverbial, c, pio-vair-be-al, a, — ement, ad. proverbial. 

! Providence, pro-ve-da«ss.y;/rjt'/Vi'(';/<-^. 
' I'rovidenticI, le, pro-ve-da«-syel, a. provi.iential. 
: I'ruvi);neHicnt, pro-vin-y^-ninK, ;//. pnK'ininç: 
I'rovijjner, pro-vin-yal, t'. w. toprovine, mu'tliply. 
I'rovni, pro-vai»(, m. layer of a vine. 
Province, pro-vai»/ss,/. piovince. 
Provincial, e, pro-v.ti;;-syn!, a, protnncial ; eoimlrji 

lite ; — , III, country xentlemau ; prirvincial. 
I'r jvincialjit, pro-vai«-syal-ali, m. pnn'incialship. 
I'roviiicialiMne, pro-vai/r-syal-isni, in. provincialism. 
I'rovisenr, pri>-ve-zur, tn. head-master. 
Provision, pro-ve-zyo/r, y. provision, stoct ; grant i — , provisionally, [visional, 

rovisi.innel, Ic, pro-ve-zyon-ell, a, —lenient, ad, pro- 
I'rovisoire, pro-ve-zwar, <i. —ment, ad. provisional, 

Provisorat, pro-ve-zor-nli, in. head-mastership. 
Provocateur, pro-vok-at-r.r, m. proT.oker. 
Provocation, pro-vo-kali-syo«,/; pnn'ocation. 
I'rovixpier, pro-vo-kai, v. a. to provoke. 
Proximité, prok-se-ine-tai,/. pro.ximity, nearness. 
I'rudc, priid, a. prudish ; —,J'. prude. 
I'riulcniiiieiit, prù-dani-a«, aii. prudently, discreetly. 
Prudence, pri.-daHss, / prud:iice. 
I'rudenl, e, prrt-da«, — t, a. prudent, 
I'riiilcrie, \aw\-tc, J. prudery, deinnreiiess. 
I'ruil iKiinie, priVdume,./! uprightness, probity, 
I'l lid lioininc, prù-dijin, in, honest man ; judge, 
I'lUiie, prûn.y; plitin. 

I'niiic.iu, prùiioli, in. prune, dried plum, 
I'riiiiel.iie, pron-l.iy,/l plum-orchard. 
Prunelle, pnVnel,/. sloe ; eyeball. 
Prunellier, pri'i-nelc-ai, in. sloe-tree, 
I'riniier, pn"iii-yai, in. plum-He-. 
rniiit, ptàrc, m. pi iinrn.e, itchinx'. 
l's.iltériun, psal-lai-ryo;;, ;;/. pjal.'cry, 
I'siuiue, psoliui. III. psali:i. 
l*.s.iutier, pboh-tyai, in. psalm-book. 
Pseudonyme, psirii-doiiim, 1». pseudonymous. 
Psyché, pseshai,/; dressi ng-glas w 
Psycliolojjie, pse-l;ol-olijc.y; psycholo:;y. 
I'ty ilisine, (, in. ptyalih:i, 
I'll, pi1, see Paître, Po\ivo;r. 
rii.iimaent, piVam-a;;, ad. stinkiiigly, 
I'l uiteur, pua«-tur, y; slink. 
Pubère, piVhair, a. pubescent. 
Puberté, pû-bair-tai.y: puberty. 
Pubescent, c, pû-bes-sa;;, — t^a. pubescent, dotimy. 
Public, cpie, pfl-blik, a. — quemcut, ad. public ; —, in, 
Publicaiu, pft-ble-kaiv, ni. publican. [Ilie piil'Uc. 

Publication, pii-,.lc-kali-byii«, f. publiialioii. 
Publiriste, pfl-ble-cist, in. publicist. 
Publicité, pù-ble-se-tai,y; publicily. 
Publier, piVble-ai, v. a. to publish. 
Puce, \>û^s,f.Jlea ; —, a. puce-coloured. 
Pucel.iije.piiii-Uhj, in. maidenhood. 
Pucelle, pii-sel,y. maid, virgin. 
Puceron, pûs-ro/r, m. grub. 
Pudeur, pil-dur./l bashj'ulness ; shame. 
Pudibond, e, pii-de-bo;/, — d, a. basiijiil ; modest. 
Pudii ité, pû-(le-st-tai,.A chaslt.y. pud/city. 
Pudique, piVdik, 1». —ment, ad. chaste, modes:. 
Puer, pû-ai, v. n. to slink. 

Piuril, e, pù-ai-ril, a. —ement, nd. puerile. ch;'!.i:j,'t. 
I'll, rilité, jiiVaire-letai, /'. //(cr//;/)', chiidi\hiti-s, 
l'ui,'.l,it, piVlije-lali, >;.'. /■.•/^■i//.f;/(. 
l'uiiié, c, pii-e-iiai, «. .V:>«'/iV>'/ second. 
Puis, piVi, ad. then, ajtei-ivaids {.see Pouvoir). 
Puis^ijîo. pi1-e-zalij, in. drawing up U'aler. 
Puisard, pA-e-zar, in. drainiiig-iiell, 
I'liiicr, piVe-z.ii, f. a. to draiu up. 
Piiisiiue, pû-iak, c. since : inasmuch. 
Puissannuent, piVe-sain-a/i, ad. poiverfiilly, forcibly. 
Puissance, piVe-Sii;.bS,y;/i)7tvr .yjnr ,• doiniinjii. 
Puissant, e, pti-e-sa», — t, <t. powerj'ul, mighty ; e-.ier- 
Puisse, pu-is, see Pouvoir. 
I'uits, pu-e. III. loell ; shaft (mine). 
Pulluler, pùl-lù-lai, v. n. to pullulate : multiply. 
Pulmonaire, pCil-mo-nair, a. pulmeiiiary. 
PuUnoiiie, pûl-mon-e, /. consumption. 
Pulmoniijue, pftl-mon-ik, a. consumptive. 
Pulpe, pulp, /. />«//. 
i Pulpeux, se, pul-puli, — z, a. pulpoiis. 
Puls.ition, piiI-sah-syo;(, y. //(/jiji'ti;;». 
Pulvériu, pul-vai-rai«, ;«. priming powder : priming^ 
I Pulvérisation, pûl-vai-re-zan-syo«,y'. piilveriualion. 
j Pulvériser, pûl-vai-re-z.-ii, v. a. to puiuerize. 
\ Pulvérulent, e, pûlvai-riVla«, — t, 11. pulverulent, 
I Pmuiciii, pû-me-sai/i, in. palm-oil. {friable. 

I Punais, e, pû-nay, - z, a. having a stinking nose, 
i Punaise, pû-nayz,./; bug. 
i Puncii, po;»bh, w. /«»tt/t, 

I iV/'i-. 



t to9 1 


Punir, pt-neet, v. a. to punish, chastisi. 

Punissable, pû-ne-sali-l)!, a. piinishable. 

Punition, pû-nesyoH,/ punishment. 

PupiUaire, pû-pil-.iir, a.pupUUry. 

Pupill-iril^, pft-pil-1ar-e-tal,y: pupilage. 

Pupille, pfl-pil,//»/iV; —, m. pupil, wafd. 

Pupitre, pft-pe-tr, >«. desk. 

Pur, e, i)ûr, a. — cincnt, eid. pure ; gtnmn* ; clean, 

tlear ; en — c perte, to no purpose, in vain. 
Purée, pûr-ai,/. pea-soup, lentil-soup. 
Purer, pt1-rai, v. a. to skim. 
Pureté, pûr-tai,//«»-«i«j, purity ; chastity, 
Purjjatir, m. pur^^ative. 
Purgation, \i([T-^i\\\-iyQn,/. purjiolion, pur^'e. 
Purnatoire, pOr-tjat-war, ni. puri^atoiy. 
Purjfer, pûr-hjai, v. a. to puri;e, cteanst ; clear; se — , 

■V. r, lo clear one's sel/; taie physic. 
Purification, p(i-re-fe-knli-sy(i«,/. purification. 
Purificatoire, nû-rc-fe-kal-war, >n. purificatory. 
Purifier, pfl-rif-e-ai, v. a. to purify : st: -, v. r. to purify 
Purisme, pû-riMn, ;;/. purism, '{one's selj ; i^rou, pure. 
Puriste, pù-rist, m. purist 
Puritain, iiû-re-tai«, m. puritan. 
Puritanisme, pfl-re-tan-isni, m. Puritanism. 
Purpurin, e, pfir-pilr-ai»/, —in, a. purplish. 
Purulence, \it^-xi\-\i\n<i'i, /. purulency, suppuration. 
Purulent, e, pû-rû-la«, — t, a. purulent. 
Pus, pil, «I. pus, matter (see Pouvoir). 
Pusillanime, [)ù-zil-lan-im, a. —ment, a.i. pusillanimous. 
Pusillanimité, pû-zil-lan-c-ine-tai,/: //o///<i /;/".;.'>■. 
Pustule, pûs-tQl,//«i/"/<'. 
Pustuleux, se, prts-till-uli, — z, a. pustulous. 
Putatif, ive, pû-tat-if, — iv, a. putative. 
Putois, pû-twa, m. polecat. 
l'utréfaction, pù-traifak-syo»»,./. puirt/a.tion. 
i'utréfier, i)ù-trai-fe-al, v. a. to puirejy ; su —, f. r, to 

putrefy, grow rotten. 
Putriile, pfl-triil, a. putrid. 
Putridilé, piVtre-de-tai.A putridiiess. 
l'yijinée, pi^-mai, m. pij;»n', d7i'arf. 
Pyramidal, e, pc-rame-d il, a, pyramidal. 
Pyramidi»,,y; pyramid. 
I'yrite, pe-rit,y: pyrites. 

l'yrotei:liiiie, pe-ro-tek-nc,./. pyrotechnies, pi. 
Pyrotecliiuquc, pe-ro-tek-nik, <i. pyrole, huait!. [tic. 

Pyrrhonicn, nc, pir-ron-y.ii«, —en, a. pyrritonean, seep- 


Quatrièr^e, Icat-recm, a. —incut, ad. foiirt.t 
fourth, I'ourth part, fourth story. 

euatricnn.ii, e,, .». i/uairieunal. 
u.iyaifc, k.ii-alij, tn. icharfage. 
yue, kuh, pn. -iriiom, tvhuh; t/iit, n'hcit ; — , 

c. Ihf 

Quadragénrtire, kwad-rliaj-ai-nair, a.forlyyfars old, 
yuadratjésimal, e, kwad-ralij-ai-ze-mal, a. quadrui^esi- 

(luadragésiine, kwad-r.alij-ai-zlm,_/; i/uadra,^csiina. 
«Juadrat, kwail-rah, ;«. quadrate. 
Quadrature, k\vad-rat-ûr,./: quadrature ; clock-ivork. 
Quadrille, kad-ri/, >«. elf. quadrille. [— , m. ifuadrup,-d. 
Quadrupède, kwadrù-ped, a. quadruped. Jour-Zholed ; 
Quatlruple, kwad-rd-pl, a.fouifo d : --, m. quadruple. 
Quadrupler, kwad-n'i -plai, !'. a. to quadrtiplicale. 
Quai, kai, m. quay, k\-y, loharf. \ 

yuaiche, kaysli../! ietcli. 

Hu.iker, kwali-kr, m. quaker. 
qualification, kal-c-le-kah-syo«, /; qualification. 
Qii.alilier, kal-c-fe-ai, v. a. to qualify ; call ; se — , ': r. 

to call one's self, 
(Qualité, kal-e-tai, f. qualify ; char.i.tcr : persniinci do 

— , gentlefolks. _ jjiisiiii'.'i — . hoiv Ion,!',. ^ 

Quand, ka«, c. when; if: — momc, thou^'h, ervii ly . ' 
Quant, ka;/, ad. — k, as to, as for. 

Quantième, ka«-tycm, a. irhat day {of the }iint'h\: 
Quantité, ka«-te-tai,_/; y/dj;;,';/!'. \ichal pl.ue. 

Quarantaine, kar-a«-tcii,.A quarantine. 
Quarante, kar-ai;t, n. forty. 
iiiiaranlièiiie, kar-a«-tycin, a. fortieth. 
Quart, kar, jn. quarter ; fourth! : watch : — de 
Quartaut, kar-toli, m. quarler-cask. [cercle, quadrant. 
Quarte, kart,./, quart ; fourth. [Juindyed\. 

Quarteron, kar-tro;;, tn. quarter (of a pound or of a 
Quartier, kart-yai, m, quarter; ward; h — , asid , 

Jipart ; — maître, m. quar'crinast/r ; paymaster. 
Quartz, kwartz, m. quartz. 
ijuartzenx, se, kwartz-uh, — z, a. quarlzy. 
Quasi, kaz-e, aH. almost ; — , tn. fillet of zeal. 
Quateriie,«, >n. quaternion. 
Quatorzaine, VeA-ax-zew, f. fort nit; lit , 
Quatorze, kat-orz, n. fourteen ; Jourleemh. 
Quatorzième, kat-or-zyeiii, a. —incnt. ad. fourteenth. 
Quatrain, kat-rai/i, m. quatrain, [jcurs ; — , in.fou-: 
Quatre, katr, «. four ; fourth ; à-- pattes, upon all 
Quatre-teiiips, katr-ta«, m. pi. Umber Week. 
Q lia I r.;- vingt 5, katr-vai», m, eighty, fours^ort. 

kuh,pn. wi 
than, if, when; till, until; lest, since ; but ■ 
ivhert ; because : whether; how, how tnuJi. hn 
many ; why, only. 

Quel, le, kcl, a. ichat ; tel —, such as it is, indifffiK- 

Quelconque, kel-ko«k, pn. whatei'er, whafson.r, 

Quellenieiit, kel-m.i»/, ad. tellement —, so.\o, middlii:; 

Quel<iuc, kel-k(//r, a. et ad. some ; any ; wlialnfr, 

wluitsoerer ; howerir, howsoever ; — clmse, smu- 

thing ; — peu, soniewhat. 

\ Q,ieli|nofois, Kclk;(//fw,i, ad. sometimes, now and /lien 

' QiieliiiruM, e, k<;l-ku>;, — kim, a. some, any, so'iiiOm,. 

I auil'ody ; (lueUiiies-iins, some, so/ne people. 

Qiren-dira-t'on, k.w/;;, in. public talk, 
I Qiienottc, kiihi\i)l,f. first tooth. 
. Quenniiille, kuh-mmLf. diitaff; bedpost, 

Qaciiduiilee, k»//-m>o/-ai,./i distaff-Jul. 
I (Jiierelle, Vuh'n.X, f. quarrel. 

I Quereller, k»/(-rel-ai, v. a. et n. to quarrel with, ^ccli 
se — , V. r. to quarrel, wrangle. (»h. quarrt.t.r, 

I Qaereliciir, se, k»//rel.iir, -uliz, a qu.irmsonif . , 
I ija-jrir, kai-rcer, :■. a to/etch : aller —, logo and la.a, 
! Q le tetir, k»us-tur, in. questor. — to com: /i, 
I Question, kcstyo;;,/: queslioii ; query : rack : liicl.i, ) 
: la —, to torture ; mettre en --, to quesltou. 

«Jm-stionn.iire, kes-tyun-air, m. torturer. 

Que-,tiMiiiRT. kes-tyon-ai, Z'. i». to question. 
\ QUisliiiiMuur, kes-tyon-ur, m. questioner, inqiiiier 
, «,' icst'ire. kvves-trtr.y: questorship. 
' i}\i'te. k.iyf, y: quest, search ; rake. 

ij.iner, kay-lai, 7). a. et n. to go in search of, hunt i ■: 

' make a collection, beg. (./i,,i .• 

QiiV.eur, kay-tur, m. one that makes a collection, «;<,. 

•J'leiie, knii,/'. tail: stem ; end ; train : cue: 
— I — , one by one ; faire — , to stand in a tin'. 

ijm uer, kuh-tai, 7'. n. to cue. 

'Juiiix, kuh, in. cook : whetstone. 

>Jui. ke,/». who, whom ; which, that ; \ —, to -I'r:: 

' •whose : — que ce soit, whoever, whosoever. 

(lui. I, kwe-ali, III. être ,^ — , to be at a stand : UR-ttrc i 

Qiiihus, kwe-l>ûs, in. money. [— , to put to a j.'ir/i 

Quicuiii|uo, ke-ko;(k,/«. whoever, ivhosocver. 

Quidam, ke-d.i;», >ii. certain man, certain pfn.n, 
quidiine,, / certain woman. 

Quiesteut, e, k*ees-sa;;, — t, a. silen', 

Quijtude, ke-.ti-tiKl,/". i/uietii.le, quietness, peace. 

•Juillane, kiA.ilij, in. keelage. 

Quille, ki/,y; keel ; pin : skittle ; jeu de — s, ninr/ius, 

',)iMller, ki/-ai, v. u. to throw /or partners. 

Qiiilletle, ki.'-et,/. sallow-slip. 

Jullller, ki/-ai, in. square for ninepins ; set of nine fins. 

<>uincaille, kai«-ka/,/". hardware, ironware ; copp:r. 

Quincaillerie, kai«-ka/-re,y: hardware. [;. 

Quincaillier, k.ii;/-ka/-ai, m. hardwareman, im.' 

ijiiine, kin, m. quint. [inc»j;<y 

Quinine, ke-nin,y. quinine. 

Quinniiajjeiiaire, k\vai«-kwalij-ai nair. a.fifty year^il, e, k\v.ii):-kwen-nal, a. quini/u,nnia!. 
Quinquet, kai;;-kay, in. argand-lainp. 
Quint, kai;(, a. the fifth. 
ijuiiit line, kai«-ten,y! quintiin. 
<JuiMt.ll. kaJH-tal, m. hui'.lied. weight. 
(jiiinte, kai;/t,,/. quint ; fifih ; maggot; violen! ,eu;'.i. 
i.Hiinte.ssence, k.ii;;-tes-sa»s>,,/. quintessence. 
Ijuintossencier, kai.v-les-s.i/(-'.yai. v. a. ct >i. to; 
(.Hiintctto, k\vai>/-tet-tcili, m. qiiintetto. [A' ;ii r 

(juiiUeu'c, so, kai</-tiili, — z, a. whimsical, maggo'y. 
Ijiiintuple, kwai/Mii-pl. a. quintuple, fi;-efotd. 
Quintii|iler, kwai«-tii-plai, -v. a. to quintuple. 
ijuinzaine, kai>i-zen, Ây?//^!'»» : fortnight. [d.:} 

Quinze, kai/rz, n. fifteen ; fifteenth : --, m. fiftmn 
Quinzième, kai>»-zyem, a. —ment, ad. fifteenth : 
Quiproquo, ke-pro-koh, m. mistake. '^fifteenth fail 
(Juilt.ince, kc-ta>iss,y; quittance, discharge, rtceift. 
Quittancer, ke-ta>/-sai, ir. a to write a receipt. 
Quitte, kit, a. quit ; free : rid; — .\ — , tit for tat. 

tenir — , to acquit, release. 
Quitter, ke-tai, v. a. to quit, leai'e ; gi-.'e up, r'i'O- 
Quitus, kwe-tfls, m. full discharge, [forsake: dinh.i\ 
(Jiioailler, kwaAai, v. n. to sluxke the tail. 
Quoi, kwa,/>>/. which, that which ; what, wh.i!e:'; 

— qu'il en soit, be it as it >nay ; — , tut. what ' *" 
Quoique, kwa-k»/;, c. though, although. 
(Juclihet, kol-ebay, m. quibhle, jest, pun. 
Quote-part, kot-par,y; quota, share. 
Quotidien, ne. kut-id-y.iiri, —yen. a. quotidian, (/.i;.'.r. 
Quotient, Kos-ya>i, m. quotient, 
1 Quotité, ko-t«-tai,/. quota. 


I '09I 


R 1I..I. ha(î«, ral)-au»h.>lij, »/». timomi iv/iV./iVd. f//ii;ir. ' 
K.iiikhcr, rah-aii-bliai, :■. n. to iiiai-e lircMunt r>ftii- 
Krtl'n.lieric,,yl tiicsoint lefetilionx, fi. 
Kili.lJieiir,, in. — ac, — bliiu, yl ^•iii lilto 

i,i.iiuS lireSLiine nfftilioii.t. 
K.iii.iis,, >ii. abuli intnl : dcJiftion. [iiifitf.'ai-.scpiifiit. r,il)-.iy-siiia«, i/l. lii/'irnatiioi ; iih,He-'-iissi:r, rab-.iy-sai, i: a, to ioiccr; ,it/>i-iii,uc ; \ 

Il :• mille. ral>-al), >«. imthmJ ; ti/'fini; ; — juio, ;«. c/int ' 
K,il>.itta^;c, r il)-at-uilij. '"■ liiiiin.'ion. titty ['I'./'i''. 

kahatt'i:, rab-attr. v. .». e! n. '«' l-f'it ,1i<7Vii ; abate . . 

Iiiiii aside, f.iryy ; huiKh:- : — k' cinim-t, Ci> c'l.-ii- ] 

I'h's /ra'i'i.,' ; sc —, v. r. t,i lome iIjtih ; y.u'l 

ii/','ii ; iili^lit ; ihi.aiit. \ 

K.iMiiii,>-ai;i, tn. ni/</'i, ia!'/':ii. [Jul/.'clir, rab-ay-teer, t. <i. e.' 11. t.> iii.tte sttifiit ; I'lvm 
KUi'.e. ral)-bl, >ii./iaii o/ahuie; rake; sliiin-; —>, ' 

fl jloor-timhers, fl. 
R\|iUi, e, rali-blil, a. slroit.;-baik,\i. 
K.ilii.nnir, r.ib uii-eer, K a. tt >i. to improve: 'uiome 
l<;l'ut, rab-iih, m. flaue. {better. 

Kilintcr, rab-o-tai, v. a. to flaue : f<ol:sh. 
Kabotciir, rabot-iir, >n. mouUiiUf^-f'laiier. 
K.iliiiteiix, bc, rab-ot-tuh, - z, a. inie^'en, /-«„■:.•<•,/.'i,>ii|irir, rab-roo-v,'rccr, v. 11. et se —, v. r. to groiu 
K„liuuiilerc:, rab-iiol-air,/. burrow. [itiiiiteU. 

K.iiiroucr, rab-rooai, ''. a. to snub, 

fiaciL'e, r.ik-alij. '«. farrel. . 

Kacaille, rak-a/,y; rabble : tnislt. 

Kaccomiii<Hla;;c, rak-oin-oil-alij, m. meniiiiv^,t>atchint;. I 
kacccmimoileiin.nt, rak-om-o<liiia»/, tii. reioiiciliittioii. 
K.iccdiniiiodcr, rak-oin-i'd-ai, v. a. to mend, re/air; 

Diiike amends ; recontile. \ 

Kaccoiiiminleiir, rak - 0111- (xl-ur, ;//. --se, — iihz, ./; j 
kaccoril, rak-<ir, m. l'oinim:. [mender, patcher. [ 

kaccuriler, rak-cr-tlai, v. a. to liTel, adjust; reconcile. | 
Raccourci, rak-dur-soe, in. abnd/^inent ; en —, brie/ly. 
Raccourcir, rak-ucir-scer, r. a. et n. to shorten : , 
,i/'nd,,'e, abbieviale. [abridx'inent. ' 

RaccDuVcibbCUicut, rak-oor-siss-maH, «1. sliortenut;: ; . 
su R.iccoutuiutr, rak-oo-tù-ui ai, v. r. to use one's s,:/ . 
Raccroc, rak-roli. tn. lucky Int. [a^uiin. I 

Riccniclior, r.ik-rosh-ai, v. a. to hook aj^ain ; recover; , 
be —, ;'. r. to catch at ; recover one's losses. | 

Rate, rass,/ race ; breed., rasliali, in. redemption, recovery. I 

RacliLlablc, rasli-tall-bl, a. redeemable. \ 

K.i^liLtcr, rash-tai, -■. a. to buy a/^^ain : redeem ; bC —, 
; . »■. to free one's self; be made up /'or. 

Racliituiuc, rash-e-tik, a. rickety. 

k.icliitis, rasli-o-tis, tit. rickets, pi. 

Kaciuu, ras-iii,y". root. 

kacic, ra-kl,y". scraper. 

Racier, ra-k:ai, v. a. to scrape ; clean. 

R.iclcur, rak-klur, in. scraper, badjiddler. 

kacloir, rok-lo-alir, in. scraper. 

Kacli'ire, ra-klû-alir,/: strickle. 

Raclure, ra-klùr,y; scrapings, pi. 

k.iculanc rak-oi-alij, >n. kidnapping: 

Racoler, rak-ol-ai, v. a. to kidnap. 

K. colour, rak-ol-ur, tit. kidnapper. 

R conter, rak-o« tai, v. a. to relate, tell. 

K. conteur, rak-o;/-tur, itt. relater, teller. 

Ri cornir, rak-or-noer, v. a. to make hard ; se —, ?■. r. 
t<i;ro;v hard. [iiess. 

Ra uiriiissenient, rak-orniss-ma«, m. hardness, tough- 

se kacqultter, rak-e-tai, v. r. to win back again ; 

kacle, rail,/ road (for ships). [retrieve a loss. 

Racieau, r,icl-oli, tn. raft; Jloat. 

Racier, racl-ai, v. a. to bring into a road ; strike (a 

Radeur, rad-ur, tn. salt-meter. [measure). 

R.idiation, rad-e-ah-syou,y; radiation ; erasure, cross. 

Radical, e, rad-e-kal, a. — eiiient, ad. radiiat ; — , tn. 

Radicule, rad-e-kûl, /; radicle. [radical. 

Radier, rad-yai, v. a. to efface. 

Radieux, se, rad-yuh, — z, a. radiant, shining;. 

Radis, rad-e, m. turnip-radish. 

Radoire, rad-war,y. strickle. 

R.idotajje, rad-o-tahj, m. dotage, idle talk. 

Radoter, rad-o-tai, v. n. to dote, rave, 

Radoterie, rad-o-tre,y^ idle talk. 

Radoteur, rad-o-tur, tn. dotard. 

Radoub, rad-oob, in. refitting. 

Radouber, rad-00-bai, v. a. to refit, repair. 

Radoubeur, rad-oo-bur, in. calker. 

Radoucir, rad-00-seer, v. a. to so/ten, apfean ; SC —, 
V, r. to so/ten, grow miM. 

Radoucissement, r.ail-nn-siss-ina«, iti. so/ttniug : mitt' 
Kafale. raf-al. /. s./uall. [galimi. 

Kalteriuir, raf-air-iiicer, v. a. to harden ; con/tint ; »o 

—, V. r. togrow stronger. 
KaHeriiiissemeiït, r >f-aifiiii''S.mai;, in. sfrengtheiiiiig : 
l\art'lll,l^;e, raf-e-ii.ilij, ui. le/ining. [contirinafuiu, 

K.ilMiie, e, rafcHal, ei. refined ; n'erer, ski'./ul. 
Kallmcmciit, raf iii-i:ia»;, in. re/ir.ement. 
Ka'finer, raf-c-n,ii, v. ,1. ct n. to refine ; be crtlica! ; se 

. "'. r. to groiv in.^re knotving. 
li.itliacrie, M(-iii-rc,y. sugar-bakehouse. 
killiiieur, r,if-e-mir, m. refiner ; sugar-baker. 
k.illoler, raf-iil-ai, v. n. to be passionately fond of dole 
Katie, rali-ll. /. grape stalk ; ra'fie (./;■ r). [on. 

Kailer, r.ili-llal, t. a. to s.cetp anay. 
Uafraicliir, ral-ray-sliocr, i'. a. et n. to rePresh ; reneiv ; 

gi,'W cool; so —, »'. r. t.< coo',xrj7v cool ; l>f refreshed. 
Kafraichissomcnt, r,if-r,iy-bhls-iiiaH, in. re/reshnunt ; 

— >, //. pro: i', ions, pi. 
K.i;,' iillardir, r,i»;-.i/-ar-deer, 1: a. tosivtjoy, enliven. 
K.ii,'o, ralij,/; rage, m.idness. 
K.i^jot, e, raji-oli, — t, a, dumpy. 

Ka,,'<)l'lt, ra;;-Oo, in. ragout; iii.rii.'ive. [pleasing. 

Kj-;ootant, c, raijoo tax, — t, a. savoury, relishing;, 
Iv.nîoùter,<'"-l.ii, v. a. to rei'ive one's stomach. 
Un^r.ifcr, ran-raf-.ii, 7: a. to clasp agiiin. 
Uaijraiulir, rai;-ra;/ deer, v. a. to enlarge again, 
1; i:;récr, ra^-raiai, v. a. to new-front, prune, 
Kai;réiiieiit, rau'rai-ina;(, tn, new-fronting ; pruning, 
K.ilde, red, see Roide. 

l<aii\ ray,y! line'; streak; furrow ; skate. 
Kaifort, rayfor, in. horseradi\h. 

Railler, r;i/-ai, v. a. et 11. to banter. Jeer, joke ; se —, 
•. r. to laugh at, mock,j.<ke. [in good earnest. 

Raillerie, ra/-re, /i raillery, mockery. Joke ; — apart, 
R.iilleur, se, raZ-ur, — z, 1». bantering ; Jeering ; — , in. 
K.iinure, ti\y-nî\r, J. groove. [banterer, Joker. 

Raiponce, rai-po»'ss, /! rainpion. 
Kaire, raib v. it. to bellow (slag). 
Kiis, ray, nt. spoke. 

Raisin, My-zai«, in. grape ; — sec, raisin. 
K.iisiné, r.iy-zc-nai, in. confection of grapes. 
Raison, xi\y-ziin,f. reason; sense; motive. Judgment : 
satisfaction ; en — , in a ratio ; en — de, in propor- 
t if II to; comme de — , as it is fit : (jour — de quoi, »« 
luhich account ; livre de — , hook of accounts ; avoir — , 
to be in the right : rendre —, to account for. 
I^aisonnable, ray-zon-ah-bl, a. — nicnt, ad. reasonable, 

just: tolerable. 
k lisonne, •, ray-zonai, a. rational ; methodical. 
Raisonnement, ray-zon-ma«, m. rea toning; argument. 
Raisonner, ray-zonai,-'. ;/. to reason ; argue. 
Raisonneur, ray-zou-ur, tn. reasoner ; arguer. 
Rajeunir, rahj-uji-iiecr, v. a. et it. to make young; grmv 
young again. [again. 

R.ijeiinisscnient, ralij-uh-niss-ina>f, in. growing young 

R.ijustement, rahj-ûst-ina;;, m. adjustment ; reconciU- 

Rajuster, rahj-ûs-tai, 7'. a. to adjust ; reconcile ; se —, 
Ï'. r. to put one's self to rights. [throat. 

R.lle, raul, R,llement, raul-nia«, in. rattling in the 

Ralentir, ral-e>i-teer, v. a. to abate, slacken ; mitigate: 
I se —, V. r. to slacken, relent. [lenting. 

' Ralentissement, ral-a;/-tiss-nia«, in. slackening ; re- 
! R.'iler, rau-lai, v. n. to rattle *i the throat. 
I Ralinfjue, ral-aixg,/. bolt-rope. 

j Ralinguer, ral-ai;/-^,'ai, v. a. to fasten bolt-ropes to a sail. 
I Ralliement, ral-e-ma»,/". rallying. 
■ R.dlicr, ral-e-ai, % a. et se —, v. r. to rally. 

R.dlonffement, ral-o;(lij-ma«, tn. lengthening;. 

Rallon^,'or, ral-o«-hjai, v. a. to lengthen. 

Rallumer,, r. a. to light again, rekindle; '?<! 
—, -,'. r. to kindle again. 

Ramajje, rani-ahj, m. -warbling : prattle. 

R.iniajier, ram-atij-ai, v. n. to warble, chirp. rani-ay-t,'rcer, v. a. et n. to make lean 
again ; grow lean again. 

Ramas, ram-au, in. heap ; pack. 

Ramasse, ram-ahss,/ sledge. 

Ramassé, e, rani-ali-sal, a. thickset. 

Ramasser, ram ah-sai, v. a. to pick up ; gather; cvjf; 
se — , f. r. to assemble. 

Rainasseur, rani-ah-siir, tn. sledge-driver. 

Ramassis, rani-ah-se, in. confused collection. 

Rame, ram.y. oar; ream; stiik, prop. 

Ramé, e, rani-ai, a. rowed ; boulet —, bar-shot. 

Rameau, ram-oh, tn. bough, branch. [arbour. 

Ramée, rani-ai,/: branc/us with leaves on, pi. ; green 

Raniend^r, ram-a«-dai, v. a. tt ;«. to mend; loivir 

Ramener, ram-nai, v. a. to bring again ; bring iacA, 

Ramequiii, ram-Hai», m, wtlsH ràhpit. 


[ no] 


Ramcr, ram-al v. a. et u. tj siut (peas) ; rajv. 
Kaineur, runi-ur, m. rcivtr, 
Riiinctix, se, ramtih, — z, a. branchy. 
Raiiiiof, Miiiy»i, m. riii^dn'e. ■ 
Ramification, min-c-fc-k.ili-syo;/,/. rami'/îctition. 

5t K.iinifier, r.uiie-fyal, v. r. to tami/y, br.tnc/i out. 
l.imillc-., raiii-i/, /: //. small s/iits; ft. 
i.iminijuc, r.ini-,ii«^;li, a. resty. 
k.iiiioitir,, v. a. to damp; sc —, f. r. to 

grmv damp. 
Ramollir, r,iiii-ol-cer, r'. a. A' sp/ttii ; se —, v. r. !,< f,'i;rw 
Rainollisbaiit, e. rain-ol-e-s.i»/, — t, a.emoliteiit. [iii/ler. 
Rainona(;e, rani-o-nalij. '". sivffpiiit;. 
Kaiii'^iier, raiii-o-ii:ii, x: n. to suci'P. 
RaiiiDiiciir, ram-o-mir, >n. (himiiey-siutrper. 
Raiiipr, ra»;p./. haliistrndf : ilope.;i<'iiieiit, ra/(p-iiia//, m. irffp'tiir. 
Ramper, rii»; -pai, v. ii. loiti-rp, innvt. 
Kaiiiiirc, raiii-ùr,/'. firaii/irs; horns, pt. 
Raiici:, raxss, a. rancid, rusty. 
Randier, ra/z-sliai. w. ladder. 
Ranciilitë, raxso-di; tiii,/ rantidily. 
Rancir, ra«-secr, T'. ii. to );nnv rusty. 
Ranclssiirc, ra<(-cisfir, A r,xiicidity. 
Rançon, raw-sow, «;. ransom. 

Rcçciincnient, ra</-wn-in;a'/, ni. ransoming: exaction, 
RançirMiicr, rax-Sun-.ii, :\ a. to ransom, oxicrchar^e. 
Kançnnnciir, ra»/-S()n-iir, m. txlortiono. 
Kancmir, rax-kiln, /I rancour, spile. 
Rancunier, ùro, ra>/-krin-yai, — r, a. ranconvis, spiteful, 
Ranj;, ra/i, m, row; rani; rale; niftlrc au —, to 

raui ; sc mettre sur les —s, to put in/or. 
Rannée, rav-lijai./l rv7i; rant ; /He. 
Ranjjcr, ra>»-lijai, i: a. to raui,'e; rani, place; personne 
rannëe, orderly person ; — la ii'.tc, to coast at<>n^' ,• se 
— , V. r. to place one's self; make room ; se — (lu côto 
«le (J., to side iril/i one. 
Ranimer, ranc-mai, :■. a. to re-animate, restore ; se —, 
Ranz, ra)/z, m. ran: {song). [ti. r. to recover. 

Rapace, rap-ass, a. rapacious, rnvenotis. 
Rapacité, rapas-etai,y; rapacity. 
Rap;iiser, rap-ay-sai, ,'. a. to calm. 
RaiKJtclIc, rap-at-cl,y: hair-cloth. 
Rapatriage, rap-at-rc-alij, in. recon ilement. 
Rapatrier, rap-at-rc-ai, -\ a, to rci.oni.iie ; sc — , v. r. to 
K.ipe, raup,y'. rasp ; grater. [te raonciled. 

K.lpé, ruu-ptii, >/i. rape-iviw ; taUac —, rappee. 
K.lper, rau-pai, v, a. to rasp, gra'c. 
Rapetasser, rap-tas-ai, f, a, lo patch up. 
Rapetisser, rap-te-sai, '■. a. to lessen ; — , v. ii. et se —, 

V. r. to groiv less, shrink. 
Rajjidc, rap-id, a. — ment, ad. rapid, swift. 
Rapidité, rap-id-e-tai,./'. rapidity. 
Rapiiicer, rap-yai-sai, •'. a. to patch, piece. 
Rapidcetai^c, rap-yai-stalij, >n. pafiliing, picci.ii;-. 
Rapiéceter, rap-yai- ,iai, see K.ipi(*ccr. 
Itapière, rapyair, /! rapier. 
Rapine, rap-in, y". r*pine ; pillage, 
Rapiiiier, rap-e-nai, f. a. to pil/er, 

Rappareiller, rapar-cAai, ■:■, a, to match a.i^ain ; set 
Rapparier, rap-ar-eai. t'. a, to pair, [sail again. 

Rappel, rap-cl, m, recall ; roll-call. 
Rappeler, rap-lai, T'. a. et n. tocall I'aci, recall ; remind 
of; beat the call ; — ses esprits, to recollect one's self; 
se — , V. r. to remember. 
Rapport, rap-or, ;.'/. produce; report; tale; relation, 
reference; ratio; affinity, rising (in the stoinacli) ; 
par — à, 71111/1 respfct to ; pièces lie —, inlaid ivor/i ; 
avoir — à, to refer to. 
Rapporter, rap-or-tai, ~j. a, to bring back, fetch ; recall: 
relate; cite; refer ; yield ; derive; se — , v. r. to 
relate ; allude to. 
Rapporteur, rap-or-tur, tn. reporter ; tell-tale. 
•Rapprendre, rap-ra«-dr, v. a. to learn again. 
Rapprochement, rap-rosh-nia;;, tn. draining tiearer ; 

Rapprocher, rap-rosh-ai, t". <T. to draiv near again ; 
bring nearer ; compare ; se — , i: r. to come nearer ; 
draw to'Wards a reconciliation, 
Rapsodie, rap-sod-e,y; rhapsody. 
Rapt, rapt, ni. rape. 
Râpure, rau-pûr,J': raspings, pi. 
Raquette, rak-et,/; racket. 
Raqucttier, rak-et-yai, tn, racket-maker. 
Rare, rahr, a. — ment. ad. rare ; thin ; slow (pulse). 
Raréfier, rali-rai-fyai, v. a, et v.. to rarify ; grow thin. 
Rareté, rahr-tai,/ rarity ; scarcity. 
Rarissime, rah-ris-sim, a. very rare. 
Ras, e, rah, — z, a. shorti ; smooth ; open (field) ; flat; 

level (tneasn re) ; — , m. — de marée, race. 
Rasade, rah-zad, y; bumper, brimmer. 
R^sement, rah-zm^«, >«, razing. 

Raser, roh-zal, t». a. fo shave ; rase, demolish ; c ''a-.'; 

sc — , V. r, to shave one s self; ktepclosetothe ^io:iKd 
Kasolr, rah-zwar, in, razor. 
Kassadc, ras-ad, f. glass-head. 
Kassasie<ncnt, ras-iiz-e-max, m. satiety. 
Rassasier, ras-a/yai, v. a. to sati.^/y, itoy ; se — , v. r, 

to eat one's bellyful ; be cloyed with. 
Rassemblement,' ras-a>«-l)l-nia'/, m. assembling ; meet- 
ing ; as sembly ; crowd. 
KasseaiMcr,;/-l>lai, 7'. a. to reassemble ; colli-, i, 

gather ; se —, T. r. to reassemble ; tnitster. 
•Rasseoir, ras-war, v. r. to seat again ; replace : //i, 

adjust ; sc — , V, r. to sit doirn again ; be settled. 
U.isscroner, ras-sai-rai-nai, 7'. a. to tnakt serene; 

smoot/i ; sc —, T, r, to clear up. 
Rassis, c,, — iz, a, sedate ; stale, 
Kassurrer, ras-d-rai, "'. ii. to secure ; sc —, v. r. ti n- 

ctrt'er one's self; settle. rah, tn. rat ; i)iar.i;ot, whii'i. 
se Kat.itinor, rat-atc-n.ii, t. r. to shrink, shrivel. 
Kate, rat,/; spleen, milt. 
K.ltc'.iu, rah-t'ih, ;//. rake. 
K.lteli'e, rali-tl.ii,/ rakeful. 
RAteler, rah-tl.ii, v. a. to rake. 
R.ltcleur, rah-tUir, tn. raker. 
KAtclicr, rah-tlvai, in. rack ; setoftcelh. 
Iv iliT, ra-tai, f. a, et ii. to tniss,flas/i in the pan. 
Katiirc, rat-yair, / rat-trap. 
Katitication, r itf-fe-kahsyi)«./; rati/ication. 
Ratifier, rat-if yai, v. a. to ratify, coiijirm. 
Ratine, rat-in. /'. ratteen. 

Ration, rah-sy("/,/. share of provisions ; ration. 
Rationalisme, rali-syonalism, tn. rationalism. 
Ration. iliite, ralisynn-al-i'.t, m. rationalist. 
Rationnel, le, r.ili-syonell, a. rational. 
Kalisvafje, rat-esihj, in. raking. 
Katisser, rat-e-s.ii, v. a, to rake ; scrape. 
R.itissoire,,./! iron-snaper. 
K.itissiire, rat-e-sùr,./. scrapings, pi. 
R.iton, rat-<l/^ '/;. small rat , latooii. 
Rattacher, rat a-ili-ai, v. a. to fasten again ; conncil, 

se —, 7'. r. to l>c fastened, fasten . 
•Ratteindre, rat-.ii;/-dr, v. a. to take axain ; oi'ertai:. 
K.itlciulrir,«-drctr, ;■. (». to soften a.i;ain. 
Rattraper,, 7'. a. to catch again; orertake : 
R.iture, rat-fir,y; erasure, scratc/i. [rCiO'cer. 

Raturer, rat-ùr-ai, v. a. to scratch out. 
Raucité, roli-sc-tai,./! hoarseness, 
Raucpie, rolik, a. hoarse. 
Kavajje, rav-ahi, tn. ravage, havoc; mischief. 

R.iva^er, rav-ahj-.ii, 7'. a, to ravage; ransack, pilliicr. 

)\avayeur, rav-ahj-iir, in, ravas^er, [tion ; distraie. 

Ravalement, rav-al-nia;;, tn, rough casting; liii:iii!io 

R.ivalcr, rav-al-ai, f. a, to s:r.>llo7r d.'7i'tt ag^iiiii , iviijjt 
cait ; dc!\ist ; sc — . v. r. to debase one's self. 

Ravau(l.i;;e, rav-olid.ihi, ;;/. ':iendiiig : botciiiug. 

k.iv.iiidi.'r, rav-o)i-ilai, !■. a. to mend ; botch. 

Kavauilerie, rav-o)i-dre./; idle stuff'. 

Rav.iudeiir, rav-oli-dur, tn. — sc, — duhz, f botcher, 

l\,i\e, rnv,f, radiait. [mender; idle talker. 

Ravii^ote, rave-};ot,y! ravigot. 

Ravilir, rav-eleer, ;'. a. todibasc, dis,'ar,jge. 

Kavin, rav-ai;/, tn. hollow ivay. 
I Ravine, j.w-m.f.Jlood; hotlo7c 't'ay. 

Ravir, r.iv-cci, 7'. a. to ravish, snatch a'cay ; enrap. 
\ tiire ; h — , icondeifuily, 

' se Raviser, rav-e-zai, 7'. ;-. to change one's mind. 
I Ravissant, e, rav-e-sa>;, — t, a. ravenous, rapacious; 
I charming. 

{ Ravissement, rav-is-nia«, tn, rape ; rapture ; ecstasy, 
\ Ravisseur, rav-e-sur, tn, ravisher. 
I Ravitaillement, rav-e-ta/-n\a;/, tn. vicluallin.s; again. 
I Ravitailler, rav-e-ta/-ui, 7'. a. to victual again. 

Raviver, rav-cvai, v, a, to revive, 
; "Ravoir, rav-o-ahr, v. a. to get again ; recover. 
' Rayer, r.iy-yai, v. a. to streak ; stripe ; erase; rife. 
' R.iyon, ray-yo;;, tn. ray, beam ; spoke. 
■ Rayonnement, ray-yon-iiia«, m. radiation. 

Rayonner, ray-yoii-ai, v, n, to radiate, beam, shine. 

Rayure, ray-yûr, /; stripes, pi. ; ri/ling. 

Reiictif, ive, rai-nk-tif, — iv, a. reacting. 

Reaction, rai-ak-syo«,y. reaction. 

Réagir, rai-ahj-eer, v. ti. to react. 

Keajournement, rai-ahj-oorn-ma«, m. re-adfon ruinent. 

Réiijourncr, rai-ahj-oor-nai, v. a. to re-adjoittn. 

Real, rai-.i], in. real, royal. 

Réalisation, rai-al-e-zah-syo;;,/; realization. 

Réaliser, rai-al-e-zai, v. a, to realize. 

Réalité, rai-al-e-tai,/". reality. 

Réapparition, rai-ap-par-e-syo;i,y. rtappearaitct, 

Kéappel, rai-ap-el, tn. second call. 

Réappelçr, ral-ap-lai, v- "■ fo etflf ovfr a secotfd timt, 


r m 1 


Réarmer, ral-arm»!, v. a. fo^irt arms ag-adi. 

Ré.issiffnalion, rai-as-sin-^ah-syo»/,/. tinv sitnimont. 

KrassiKncr, rai-as-sin-yai, v. a. fa siiiniiion aj^aiii. 

KéattëTer, rai-at-lai, v. a. te fui lo axavi. 

Kehaisser, rwA-lMy-sal, 7'. a. .0 lowtr ai-aiit. [again. 

Kclkiiulcr, r«/i-ba«-dai, v. a. to hind up again ; coct j 

Kel>a|itisi:r, r«A-bat-e-zal, T. a. to hafliit anaiii. 1 

K*i)arl)atif, ive, r-Ti-bar-bat-if, — iv, a. pttvish, snap- 

KeliAtir, rifA-bau-CwCr, r. a. ta rehuilj. [/i-fA- : 

Krbaltre, r/</ibaMr, v. a. la btat again ; rtptat ox'tr ^ 
an<i over again ; rirari'iit. 

Rebelle, r»f/«-bcl, a. rrlxllioiis, rr/ractory ; —, »«. rtbtl. \ 

ic Rebeller, r/<A-bel-lal, v. n. to rebel. | 

Hebcllion, rai-bel-yo«,/! rebellion. 

;e Rcbét|iicr, rK/i-bal-kai, ?'. r. to be saury, be malapert. 

Rebotuil, c, r«//-bo«-de, a. chubby. 

RelMiiidir, ri//i-bo«-(lccr, v. n. to rebound. 

Reiiondisscmcnt, r«/(-bo;i-diss-iiia«, in. rebounding. j 

Kcliunl, r«/«-b(ir, >n. edge, border ; JIange. 

•■e Rebutter, r«/(-bi)t-ai, v. a. to put on one's boots again. I 

Reiwuchcr, r«A-bi>o-sliai, v. a. to stop again , cart [ 
ago ill : sc —, V. r. togro7v blunt. 

•Rfbouilllr, r/(/i-l)oo/-ei.'r, v. n. to boil again. 

Relxjiiisiiiie, r/'/i-boo-e-ZiiliJ, >«. tleaniir,' a hat. ! 

Rcbouiser, r«/«-l)oo-c-zai, v. a. to clean a hat. ] 

Relxjurs, r«/«-boor, rti. tvrong side ; contrary; h — , 
an —, wrong ; on the contra ry. 

Reboiitoniifr, r«/<-boo-toii-al, v. a. to button again. \ 

RebrJder, rK//-bre-dal, v. a. to bridle again. 

Rebrocher, r«/i-brosh-al, v. a. to stitch again. 

Rcbrodcr, rw/i-broil-al, v. a. to embroider again. 

Rebrousse, r;//« brooss, y^. \ — poil, against the grain. 

Rcl)roiisser, ri</i-broo-sai, v. a. to turn up ; -■ cliomiii, 

Rebiirtade. r«/r-bfif-ad,/. reb:tf/: [logo back. 

Rebus, rai-bfts, m. rebus ; silly pun. 

Rebut, r«/«-bfl, m. tebuff; refuse, trash. 

Rebutant, c, r/(//-biVta«, — t, a. repulsive i/orhiddiug. 

Rebuter, r«/i-l)û-tai, v. a. to repulse; refuse: dis- 
hearten: disgust; sc —, V. r. to be disheartened ; 

Recatlietcr, r/</i-kas1i-tal, v. a. to seal up again. 

Récalcitrant, e, rai-kal-sc-tra;/, — t, a. averse; stub- 

Récapitiil.ition, rai-kap-e-ti1-l,>h-syo«,y! recapitulation. 

Récapituler, rai-kap-c-tû-lai, v. a. to recapitulate, sum 

Rccasser, rKA-kalisai, v. a. to break again : break up. 

Recéder, ri<A-sai-dai, v. a. to restore back again. \ 

Recéleincnt, r/(A-sail-ina«, fu. concealment (stolen I 
goods). I 

Receler, rH/»-sai-lai, v. a. to conceal, receive stolen goods. \ 

Receleur, r»<A-sai-li:r, m. receiver 0/ stolen goods. 1 

Récemment, rai-sani-a;/, ad. recently, neiv.'y, lately. 

Rccensenient, r»/(-sa;r-sni i>;, in. cen.iiis, statement. 

Recenser, r/i//-sa><-sai, v. a. to make a census. 

Récent, e, rai-sa>», — t, a. recent, fresh. \ 

Recépaffe, rH/i-sai-palij, »/. cutting doivn the top of ^ 

Kcci:[>éi:,ruh-iiiii-\>ii\,f.cutpartofawood. [frees, i 

Recéper, r«A-s;ii-pai, v. a. to lop, cut away, cut ao7vn. 

Récéi)issé, rai-sai-pis-sai, m. receipt. 

Réceptacle, rai-sep-tah-kl, m. receptacle. 

Réception, rai-sep-syo;»,./.' reception : recript. \ 

Réceptivité, rai-st-p-tiv-e-tai../; receptivity. ' 

Recette, r«/»-set, /! receiving; rccipt ; recip\ \ 

Reci'vablo, r;</<-s;(/«-vali-b!, a. lacivable ; alloicah.'e. 1 

Receveur, tiih-suh-\ur, m. receiver. I 

Recevoir, r«/j-s;<A-vwar, z: a. to rcceir'e ; allow of; j 

Reccz, rw/j-say, m. recess. [t dgc. j 

Kechanjje, r/</(-slia«lij, m. change, spare things. 

Réchapper, rai-shap-ai, v. n. to escape ; recover. 

Rechar;;e, xuh-^\\:\T\\],f. fresh charge ; surcharge. 

Recliartjenient, rKA-sharlij-nia«, tn, reloading. 

Recharger, r;</i-shar-hjai, v. a. to load again ; enjoin 

Recliasser, r»/t-shas-ai, v. a. to drive back again. 

Réchaud, rai-shoh, »«. chafing-dish. 

Récliautfé, rai-slioh-fai, m. food warmed again. 

Réchauffement, rai-sliohf-ma», >«. lining. 

Réchauffer, rai-shoh-fai, v. a. to warm again ; revive ; 
new-line : se — , v. r. to warm one's self again ; re- 

Réchauffoir, rai-shoh-fwar, m. plate-warmer', [kindle. 

Rechausser, r»<A-shoh-sai, v. a. to put on one's shoes or 
stockings ; fnoiild up, 

Rcchc, raysh, a. rough, coarse, sour. 

Recherche, r«A-shairsh,y". «arrA/ inquiry ; pursuit ; 
refinement ; courtship. [fetched. 

Recherché, e, rwA-shair-shai, a. exquisite; affected, far- 

Rechercher, r»A-shair-shai, v. a. la seek again ; in- 
quire into ; court, pay one's addresses to. 

Rechigné, e, r»A-shin-ya!, a. sulky, sour. 

Rechigner, r»A-shin-yai, v. n. to look inlky, 

Reçhutç, r»<A-shût,/ Tflaf^t, 

Récidive, ral-se-dir,/ relapsi ; rinnval. 

Récidiver, rai-ie-de-val, v. n. to relapte. 

Récif, rai-sif, m. reef. 

Récipiendaire, ral-sip-ya;edair, m. candidat*. 

Recipient, r.ii-sip-ya>/, mfrecipient. 

Réci|irocil^, rai-se-pros-e-tai,/: reciprocity, [mu/uift. 

Réciproque, rat-se-prok, a. —ment, ad. reciprocal 1 

Récit, rai-se, m. relation, recital ; reciiativt. 

Récitant, e, rai-se-ta«, — t, a. solo. 

Récitatif, rai-se-lat-if, m. recitative. 

Récitation, rai-sc-tah-iyo»»,/ recitation. 

Reciter, ral-se-tai, v. a. to recite ; relate. 

Réclamateur, rai-klam-ah-tur, m. reclaimer. 

Réclamation, rai-klam-ahsyo;»,/! claim ; complaint. 

Kéclanie, rai-klahiu,/. catch-word. [ctniiii. protest. 

Réclamer, rai-klah-mai, v. a. el n. to call for, implore ; 

Rcclnuer, r/<A-kloo-ai, v. a. to nail again. 

•Reclure, rxA-klrtr, v. a. to shut up. 

Reclus, c, r;(A-kli^, — z, a. shut up ; — , m. recluse. 

Réclusion, ruA-kluz-yo/t, f. réclusion, confinement. 

Kccokrncr, rKA-konyai, v. a. to knock again. 

Kicoitrer, ri/A-kwaf-ai, t'. a. to dicss the hair again, 

Rc-din, ruA-kwai>/, m. corner, nook. 

Recnlement, rai-kol-ma>;, m. verification, 

Ri'tolcr, rai-kol-ai, v. a. to verify. 

Kécnllet, rai-kniay, m. I'ranci.uan friar. 

Recuite, rai-kolt,./ x'rt/Arri/i;!- ,•,( ,• harvest. 

Récolter, rai-kol-tai, 7'. a. to t^alher in. 

Rc.-couiuiandable, r)/A-koiu-a)/(l,di-bl, a. coinineudable. 

Re< onnu.indation, r;(A-koin-a//-dah-syo//,/". recommen- 
dation ; esteem. 

Recommander, rHA-kom-a'<-dai, ?'. a. to recommend ; 
order, charge ; declare : lodge a detainer against; 
so — , V. r. to recommend one's self, implore. 

Recommencer, r«A-kum-a>i-sai, v. a. to begin again ; 

Réiompense, ral-kox-pa/iss,,/; reward; compensation. 

Récompenser, rai-ko;i-pa;i->ai, v. a. to reivard ; com- 
pensate : so — , V. r. to maie up. 

Recomposer, r/<A-ko«-poh-zai, v. a. to recompose. 

Recomposition, r«A-ko>/-poh-ze-syo;«,/ recomposition. 

Recompter, rxA-ko/i-tai, v. a. to count o^'cr ai;aiii. 

Réconciliable, rai-ko«-sil-e ah-bl, a. reconcilable. 

Réconciliateur, rai-ko«-sil-c-at-ur, m. reconciler. 

Réconciliation, rai-ko«-»il-e-ali-syo«,./: reconciliation. 

Réconcilier, rai-ko;j-sil-e-ai, v. a. to reconcile ; so —, t». r. 
to be reconciled. [iioine ; 7vait upon, shoic out to. 

•Reconduire, r«A-ko«-dwccr, 7'. a. la lead back; s.-e 

Reconduite, r;(A-ko»(-dwit, /: accompanying ; waiting 

Réconforter, rai-ko«-for-tal, 7'. a. to comfort, cheer up. 

Ker(>nnaissi»ble, r//Akon .iy-s.diLl, n. easy to be known 

Rci onnaissance, r»</(-knnnysa;;ss. /. recognition ; 
thankfulness, gratitude; recognizance: avoir de !a —, 
to be thankful. [grateful. 

Reconnaissant, e, r«A-kon-ay-saM, — t, a. thankful, 

•Reconnaître, r//A-kon-ay-tr, v. a. to recognize, acknow- 
ledge ; recompense ; discover ; reconnoitre ; se — , v. r. 
to kno7o one's self again ; recollect one's self; acknow- 
ledge one's fault. 

Reconnu, rwA-kon-il, see Reconnaître. [recover. 

•Reconquérir, r«/(ko»/kai-ru<.r, v. a. I» reconquer ; 

Reconstitution, r«A-ko«-stc-tÛ-syo«.y. assignment. 

Reconstruction, rKA-ko;i-strfik-syo»i,y building again. 

Reconstruire, rKA-kow-strû-cer, 7'. ir. to rebuild. 

Rcconter, rwA-ko/j-tai, v. a. to tell again. 

Reconvention, rKA-ko«-va«-syo«, / reconvention. 

ReCDpitr, r«<A-cop-yai, 7'. n. to copy a^aiii. [elltng. 

Ré^i|uillcmcnt, rKA-kok-i/-ma«, m. curling up ; shriv- 

Reco<iuiller, r»A-kok-i/-ai, v. a. to curl up; shrivel up. 

Recorder, r»A-kor-dai, v. a. to record, con one's lesson ; 
so —, X'. r. to call to mind. 

Recorrij;er, r;(A-kor-c-hi.ii, v. a. to correct again. 

Kecors, r«A-kor, m. bailiff. 

Recoucher, r«A-koo-shai, v. a. to put to bed again ; sc — , 
V. r. logo to bed again. 

•Recoudre, rwA-koo-dr, v. a. to stitch again. 

Recoupe, rwA-koop,/. ira;»; shards; rubble Of stotief. 

Recouper, r«A-koo-pai, v. a. to cut again. 

Recoupette, rKA-koo-pet,y. jfri'A sharps. 

Recourber, ruA-koor-bai, v. a. to bend. [recourse to. 

•Reovurir, r«A-koo-rcer, v. n. to run again ; hav* 

Recours, rxA-koor, m. recourse , appeal. 

Recousse, riiA-koos,/". rescue. 

Recouvert, rKA-koo-vair, see Recouvrir. 

Recouvrable, rwA-koo-vrah-bl, a. recoverabli. 

Recouvrement, r«A-koo-vr-nia«, m. recovery; gathet^ 
tug, debt due. 

Recouvrer, r»A-koo-vrai, v. a. to recover ; gather, get ui. 

•Recouvrir, rwA-koo-vreer, v. a. to cover again ; nidf, 

Recrachai r/r^-krash-aj, v. <?. tç x/ff agnin. 


119 I 


Ri^i.rrfaiicff,»ss, /. proviiii)Uiil /.ttti.ijit; 

lettres ili? —, letlrrs of rtiatl. 
Réi ri^atlf, tvc, rni-krai-al-if, — iv, <i. reciralive. 
ki'i rf^.iiion, rai'kral-ali-syo», /. inriation, Jiwrtiait, 

Kecreer,, :■. n. to reirtalt.iliTfrt. 
krirt-pir, rj</'i-kr.ii-peer, v. a. lo tf filmier, 
a Keirirr, rai-krt -,ii, v r. to exiiniin, rrj out. 
K^triiiiinutlDii, r.ii-kr(;-iiic-ii.ili-syo>/, /. rei nminnlioii. 
Mi'i riiiilii.Hoiri*., «. ir, riniinatury, 
Ketriiiiiiicr, riii-krrtiiuii.ii, t. ii. t<> >ei riiiiinatt. 
•Kccrire, tai-krtir, ;■. a. to ivriie ii);iiin. 
•Kecroilrc", ri/Akru-ali-tr. t n. to grow ii^aiit. 
m: Recro(|iievillir, rM/ikink-vi/'-ai, «•. r. to ihrixtl. 
IvLCrii, p. r«/(-krrt, <r. Hi-ar\, lireJ, 
Kecriic, r/(/( krn, /. r.\riiit ; rfi riiiliiic. 
Kfi.rmeiiiLMt, r/<>i-kri'itiiia/;, iit. mrmtiitg, 
Kccriitcr, rK/z-kii'it-ai, v. a. to n-iriiit, 
Ketrutcr, r«A-kri'it-ur, ;/;. rurtiittr. 
Kecia, rck-tali, nJ. dirntly. 
Ki'ttan^'iilairo. rckt.i((>;û-l.iir, <?. mtitn^iiiitr. 
kectciir, rck-tiir, »t. retlor, fiirsoii. 
Kcctiticilhpii, rekle-fc-kali-syij»»,/. recti/nation. 
Keitificr, rck-tili -ai, -'. a. lo rfitify. 
Kt'i;tili^;iif nktrlliiyr, <;. rtitiiintar; 
Kcctitiiilc, rck-tc-tiVl,/ rtililude, rightntss, 
Kectoral, e, rck-tur^il, a. m tonal. 
Kectorat, rck-tur-ali, m. rfitor\hifi. 
Ucçii, r»(//-si1, in. teieifthrf Kcctvoir). 
Ketiicil. r;</i-kii/, m. tollfitioit. 

Recueillciiu.'nt, rH/i-ku/-iiia;/, m. reco.'/ectioii : rffltelion 
•Recueillir, rH/f-kiiZ-L-i-r, v. a. to gather, lol/frl ; rea/t : 
reifi-i'e : sc — , ''. r. lo he i^allmred ; molifil one's srlf 
•Recuire, r«/(-kw«?er, v. n. to cook, boil or bait oi'er 

again ; neal. 
Recul r;(/i-kf.l, »i. Vfcoil. 
Reculade, ri/A-kfl-lad, A recoiling ; tflreat. 

Reculé, e, r«A'-kO-lai, -i. ilislnnl, reiiioU-. I 

Rt'Ciileiiieiit, r!<li-\r.(\\-m.iii, m. ,/iinti>\' bati; brrtihing. 

Rcmler, r«A-kl'i-lai, v. a. et ii. to pull bjck, put o/f, 
ileloy ; /all back, x'o back ; recoil; faire —, to drive 
backwards ; se — , v. r. to recede, go b,ti k. 

Reculons, r;(//-kù-lu«, ,^ —, ad. batkiiardi : ivorse and 
icor.te. ... 1 

Récu|iortr, rai-kiVji.ii-riii, -'. a. lo retri,-: e ; sc -, 7'. r. lo i 
retritTC t<iie'\ las if v . , 

Rriits.ibU', r.ii-ka-/:ali-M.f». exciplionable. 

Kéi.llsatii)ii, r.iiki1-/.ili-syc/;.y.' ixreption, cliiil.'eii,e. I 

Récuser, raikii/.ii, ;•. it. lo e.xccpt again.\t, clialleuxe; : 
se — , 7'. >'. If' decline !i(d);iit!;-. 

Rédacteur, r.ii ilak-tnr, »f/. editor, vnter. \pi!ation. ! 

Rédaction, r.iid.ik-syci//, /; fti'/ri;/M7';;/ .■ irriting ; coin- _ 

Ré^uer,,'ù-ai, »■. .J. lo ief<i-cve, 

KeddiliiiM. rL-ild< -.syii/;, /: surrender. ; 

Redj'ii.iiidcr, r;<A-iW'/V-iii.i».-dai. T.a. lo ask back again. 

Réiiei!H)teiir, rai-cja/z-ptiii. in. redeemer. j 

Redeuipliiiii, raid i/(-|>..j nw. /. redeinpHon. 

Redescendre, r;(//-des-a'i-dr, v. n. to ;;,■■ doiiii a.:aiii ; 
take do7vn. 

Redevable, r/(/V-ih(//-vali-M, a. indebtc,! ,■ , ;;(. d-iilcr. 

Redevance, xuhAuli-soiis,/. rent, i. nine. 

Redevaiicier, r«/;-dK<'<-va«-?yai, in. feiumt, Tjssal. 

•Redevenir, r.'<A-d«/(v-neer, z\ n. lo i'econie again, I 

•Reclevoir, r)(A-d;//(-vwar, ?■. a. tooice \til,'. 

Rédhil'itinn, r,ii-ik-li.--sy<i«,_/: redhihitioi:. 

RéiUiibiliiire, r.ii-ile-blt-«ar, a. redlubiiory. 

Rédiger, r.ii-dilij-ai, v. a. to ivrite ; indite. 

.se Rediiuer, rai-de-niai. v. r. to redeem oiie't self. 

Redinjiote, r«/;-dai«-not,/ great-crat. 

•Redire, r»/(-dcer, v. a. to repeat ; biab ; trouver à — , fo 
find fault with. 

Rediseur, r«A-de-zur, m. tell-tale. 

Redite, iuh-A\t,/. repetition. 

Redondance, rai-ilo«-daHS3,y: redundancy. 

Redondant, e, rai-don-da«, — t, a. redundant. 

Rédonder, rai-do;<-dai, v. >i. to be redundant, be super- 
fluous. \back: restore ; fall on again. 

Redonner, rxA-don-al, v. a. et it. to give again ; give 

Redoublement, r«/i-dou-bl-ma«, in. redoubling ; in- 

Redoubler, r«A-doo-bIai, v. a. el n. to redouble, increase. 

Redoutable, rwA-doo-tah-bl, a. reiioiiblable. 

Redoute, xuh-<\aoX,f. redoubt ; ridotto. 

Redouter, r«/(-doo-tai, v. to dread, fear. 

Redressement, rtt/(-dress-ma>/, in. straightening again; 

Redresser, r«A-dres-a!, v. a. to make straight again ; 

fut to rights ; reform, iiuiid ; se — 
straight again : trick up one's self. 

Redresseur, rKA-dres-ur, m. avenger. 

Béductible, rai-dûk-te-bl, a. reducible. 

Réduction, rai-dûk-syo/»,/ rtffuclien, 

V. r. to become 

•Réduire, raitlweor, t. a. to reduit; : lesifH/ 

sc —, zi. r. to reduce ont't \tlf : be reduced : coint lo. 
Réduit, ral-dwe, in. small hahilalion ; refnat. 
Réédificatlun, rai-ui-de-fu-kali-syo>i,/ rebuilding, 
Réédifler, ral-»l-def-c-ai, v. a. to rebuild. 
Keel, te, rai-cl, a. — Icinent, ad. real, true. 
ké< leiition, rai-al-lek-syo«,/ re-election. 
•Réélire, ral-ai-lecT, v. a. lo re-e!e,t. 
Réexportation, r.ii-eksiior-tali-- yo«,/: re-e.\-portat'"n. 
kéexiiorlcr, rai-cks-por-tai, -.'. a. to re-export. 
kcfagiinuor, r;>//-fali-Min-ai, t'. ii. to fa ill ion again. 
Kel.ictlon, fal-f,ik-syo>;,y! ai a.'ement. 
•Rclairo, r;(A-fair, 7' a. lo do a :aiii, mend i rec'i-r ; 
se — , -■, r. lo recover one'x Ic.wey. (I.iircl. 

Refal. r«/(-fay, in. drawn t;a»!' ; iieir horn.f {.'te Ki;. 
Kcfaueher, r;</;-fi.h-sli.ii, t. a. to mow axain 
Kélection, rai-lek s\ o;i, /: repair: t-ep.ijt, nie,il. 
Réfectoire, r.ii-fek-lwar, in. reje,loiy. 
Refend, ruh-f.xn, in. hois dc — , \awed timber ; nuir dî 

— .partition-wall ; pieire de —, corner-stone. 
Refendre, ri<A-fa>/-ilr, t. a. to cUiitc again. 
Référé, rai-fai-rai, in. report. 
Référendaire, rai-fai-ra>/-diiir, in. referendary. 
Référer, rai-fai-rai, ?'. a. to refer ; report : so —, ;: r, 

to have a reference, refer. 
Refermer, ri(/r-fair-nini, v. a. to shut again ; se —, 

V. r. to close up again. 
keferrer, r/<Afair rai, v. a. to neir-shi>e. 
kctiéchi, e, rni-flai-she, a. reelected : deliberate. 
, ' «lléchir, rai-(lai-slieer, i>. a. et n. to rejtecl : be re/lei ltd. 
I illécliissenient, rai-Hai-sliis-uia>/, in. rejlection. 
I- crtet, rrtA-flay, in. reflection, reflex. 
Rertéter, r»/i-naitai, v. a. to rejiect. 
Relieiirir, r;/A-flu-reer, v. n. to blossom again. 
Reflexion, ni-Hek-syo;f, f. reflection. 
kertuer, r»A-flu-.'\i, v. n. toflirtv back. 
keflux, r;<A-flû, m. reflux, ebb. 

kefiiiidre, ri(/i-foM-dr, v. a. to melt again; iiew-iohi; 
ketonte, ruh-UtnX,f. neii-coiiiing. [reform, 

kéformable, rai-for-niali-bl. a. that may be reformed. 
Réforiua^^iir, rai-for-uiat-nr, m. reformer. 
kéforniatiou, rai-fi>r-uiali-sVo«,/ reformation ; reform. 
kéf'.rine, rai-form, ./I re/orni ; disbunding isoldiert ; 
reduction; être tii . to be on half-fay; mettre \ l.i 
— , to dismiss on h,ilf-piiy. 
kéforiné, e, rai-for-niai, in. J'lotesfaiit. 
kéforuier, rai-for-inai, r>. a. to reform; disband {■''• 
diers); diu/i.irge; s<; -•, T. r. to be rejorined ; if- 
for,n : mend. 
Kpfrnicr, r/</!-loriM.ii, :■. .r. to t'oriii ag.iir.. 

kefoulenient, r»/t-fo<)l-Mi.i«, in. dri-.un^ back, r.i.n- 
iniiig douii : ebl'ing. 

Kiif^iuler, rj^/i-foo-l.M, -,•. a. et /;. to Jrr.e hack, lo-i 
down ; travifle : fall Auk ; ebb. 

Rcfouloir, r«//-fool.uar, m. rammer. 

Réfractaire, raifrak-tair, a. refractory ; rebellion!. 

kéfr.iction, r.ii-frak-syo;/,/. lefraclion. 

Ki frain, r»/i-trai'/, in. burden (t.'Xf)- [agoi''. 

Refrapper, rirA-frap-ai, T. a. to strike again ; s.'iiiiif 

Refréner, r;(/f-frainai, t. a. to refrain, bridle. 

Ré e, rai-fre-lijai-ra;;,— t, a. réfrigérât ire; , 
m. refrigeratory. 

Refro<»nemcnt, r/<A-froii-y*-ma«, tn.froit'ning ; siil'en 

so kefroijner, r«//-fron-yai, 7'. r. to frown. [A'"''. 

Kefroi lir, r»A-frwa-deer, v. a. to coot ; slacken ; —, v. n. 
et se — , z'. r. lo groio cool ; slacken. 

kefroidisscuient, r«A-frwa-diss-iua;;, m. coolinji; ;!- 

Refuge, r«A-ffllij, in. refn,c:e : shelter; pretence, [ness. 

kéfuiïié, rai-ffl-lije-ai, in. refugee. 

se Réfujiier, rai-ffily-yai, v. r. to take refuge, 

Refuite, Tuh-i^-\\,f. doubling (stag). 

Refus, r«A-fû, m. refusal, denial. 

Refuser, r;<A-fû-zai, v. a. et it. to refuse, deny ; scant; 
se — , V. r. to deny one's self; ivithstaitd. 

Réfutation, rai-fillah-syoK,/ refutation. 

Réfuter, rai-fû-tai, v. a. to refute. 

Regagner, rwA-gan-yai.T'. a. to regain, recover ; rejoin; 

Regain, r»A-gain, m. aftermath. \_return lo. 

Régal, rai-gal, in. feast, entertainment. 

Régalade, rai-gal-ad,/. boire à la —, to gulp dowti. 

Regalement, rai-gal-ma», in. assessment : levelling. 

Régaler, rai-gal-ài, v. a. to entertain, treat ; make an 
assessment; level; se —,v. r.tofeat; enjoy oiie'i 

Régalien, ne, rai-gal-yai/«, —yen, a. regal. [sef. 

Regard, rwA-gar, m. look ; air ; glance , en —, v.'f '- 

Regardant, r»<A-gar-('a>/, m. looker-on. (si e. 

Regarder, r«A-gar-dai, t'. a. el n. to look m {at), behold; 
consider; cot,.ern, regard; gaze ; fiep : \f. —,v. r. 
look at one'.s self; consider one' s self; face each other. 

Regarnir, rMA-ear-neer, v. a. to/urnish again, 

Régeri e, rai-lija«ss,y, regency. 

Rég'^nératçur, railijai-n4i:ratvir, . .«. regentrotor. 


[ "3 


R^K^n^ratlon, ral-lijai-nai-rali-syo»i, y: rfxeiitrii.ùi» : 

r,/iiri>iii/toii. \l'. r, ti> be xntiicmttU ; bt ••tiltii*>i. 
Bf,'cii<:ror, rai-hiai-nai-rai, v. .1 fo rft^tnera.* ; sc —, 
K<.>;cnl,«, «/. reçtil! ; fm/esior. 
Ki^;oiUcr, rai-lijti"-trti, v. 11. to fiuu/i, ti>)iniii€tr. 
Ke>;iLi(le. r:ii-lije->iil, ;;). fti;uiAe. 
KevJie, r.ii-lije./- >>iii>ia);:'iiit)i! ; t\iist offi^i, 
Ke^'imbcr, rx/j-lijai/i-li.ii, t: 11. lu iui\ 
Kt^jiiiic, railijiiu, >'i. nvi"/' « ,' lii'f, i;vveviimeitl ; rii.'e. 
Kc>;imeiit, r.iihjc-ir.i'i, in. iit;t>neiil. 
Kf>iiiiiciitiiire, rai-lije-max-taii, ii. rt^; itntnlal. 
Ke^iim, XM-\\)c-on'/. rf);toii. 
KtiJir, rai-hjecr, v. a. lo rm ; uianaj^f. 
Ki^jiviciir, rai-lije-sur, iit. »iiiiiin;ei: 
Kc«isttairr, r;(.ï-lijib-lrayr, m. kit/'t-y 0/1 le rti^ùttrs. 
Kcijistrt;, r((A-lijis-tr, >n. re^isttr ; rti.oii. 
Rc>;le, ray-t;l,yl ritlt i riiier ; falUrii: en —, rtjiuiar, 

Ro>;lé, rai-^lai, a. —nient, ad. rei;tiUii\ onUily. 
Rcfiloiiient, ray-nl-nia«, in. re^iuialton; rule, orJtr ; 

Roi'leiiientairc, rai-i{l-in.T»/-tair, a. re^itlaliiii;. 
Rtljlcnientcr, rai->;l-ma«-tai, v. a, (•< iiuiie rr);iilati<its. 
Rc^jlcr, rai-Klai, Z', n. fo iii/e , srilir ; asHj^n ; so—, 

t . r. lo he rf)rulaleU ; hixoint rej^'u/ar, 
Rc^'lct, rai->;lay, in tiile. 
Rtnlcur, rai-i;liir, in. ruler. 
KfijIisM.', rai-^;liss./; /icorici: 
Ri),'nc, r.iyii-y?, in. reij-ii, iiiix'ifaiir. 
i<^^'nc^, rayn-yai, t: 11. to reix'n; riiU ; prevail. 
Kej.'iiicdlc, rai({iie-kol, m. native. 
Rctji'iillcniciit, r;</i-Ko»«-H-niaH, m, nvelling. 
KcKDiirter, r;</i-jjo«-l1ai, v. 11. lo swell. 
kc^jorijeiiiciU, r/</«-i;nrhj-ina»/, in. m'erfloiuiiit;. 
Ki'KOfXtTt r/</i-Kor-lijai, v. n. to oi'erjtow : aboiitiJ. 
Rcjjrat, r/i/i-^rdli, in. hmi'steriiin^ ; Aiiik.tteiy. 
Rc>;r.ittcr, r((/f-jjrat-ai, v. a. et n. to stialth a^'ain ; 

iini/f . /itiiister ; staiui upon trifle!. 
RtKratteric, r»</(-i;rat-re, liuiksrer's trade. 
Rcj;r.itticr, TKA-Kr-it-yai, in. Iiiukiter ; —ere, — r, /. 

Ret;rot, r)(/i-s;ray, in. re)^rel, sorrow ; h — , ivi/lt r, ■ 

xrel; nini'illiiix'ly ; avoir — à, to be sorry Jor ; — s, 

ft. coni/'iainfs, /■/. 
Re;;rt.lialilc. r;///->;ret-ali-l.l, a. to be re,i;retted, lament- 
Kt'uretter, r«/i-nrct-ai, v. a. lo regret, repent. [able. 

Re;,'iilarisiitioii, rai -y^h -lar-c- z.ili - syo«, /.putting; in 

order. [mdi'r. 

Rt^riil.iriser, rai-jjû-lar-c-?ai, f. a. lo rcj^iilate, fi-it in 
RfHularité, rainii-lar-e-tai,./l le/^iiiarify ; dis,.ipline. 
Riv;ul,itt.-iir, rai-^,'iVlat-tir, in. re);ulalor. 
Kc^'ulier, i!rtf, riii-t;i,l-yai, — r, a. — orcment, ad. iei;ii'ar. 
kelialiilitatinii, rai-al)-c-lL-t.ili-syo«,/; re-estabii.\ltiiii^. 
Kch;il.iliter, rui-ab-c-lc-tai, z'. a. to re-establi\/i, rem- 

sta.'e. [v. r, toactustoin uiie's sei/. 

Kclialiituer, rai-ab-e-tA-ai, v. a. to use again; sc — , 
kfluiusîieinciit, r«A-lioli-siiia«, m. raising. 
Kehausser, r;</i-hoh-sai, z>. <i. to raise ; imrense, setoff. 
Rehauts, ruh-\\ot\, briglilesi parts, pi. 
Réimporter, rai-ai«-|)or-tai, z: a. to te-iinport. 
Koiiiipuser, rai-aix-poli-ziti, v. a. to reassess. 
Kciinp(jbitii)n, rai-ai«-piili.i:e-syi)«,/. hiTc assessment. 
Keiinpression, rai-ai«-prcs-yo«,/: reprintint:. 
Réimprimer, rai-ni>i-iirc-niai, ?■. a. to reprint. 
Rein, rai;/, m. kidney ; —s,pl. loins, pi. 
Rcine, rayn,y. queen. 
Reinette, ray-net,/; lenel.'e. 

Reinstallation, rai-ai«-sIal-lali-syo«,,/; ri-in.>tal,\ilion. 
Réinstaller, rai-ai«, z>. a. lo re-instal. 
Reintë, e, raix-tai, a. strong-backed. 
Réintcjfraiule, rai-ai/J-tai-j^rand, Réintc(;ration, rai-ai«- 

tai-t,'r;ili.syo>j,/j reintegration. 
Réinto)^rer, rai-ai«-tai-};rai, v. a. to reintegrate ; rein- 
Réitération, rai-e-t.ii-rali-syo;i,/! reiteration. [state. 
Réitérer, rai-c-tai-rai, v. a. to reiterate. 
Rejaillir, rKA-hja/-eer, i». 11. to gush out; rebound; be 

Rejaillissement, rHA-lij,i/-is-nia;», w. gushing out; re- 
bounding: reflection. 
Rejet, ri(/i.tij.iy, in. rejection: transfer ; young shoot. 
Rejetable, ri(/i-lijK/»-tah-bl, a. to be rejected. 
Rejeter, rxA-hj^/i-tai, z; a. to throzu back, drive back : 

sprout; reject; re/use. 
Rejeton, rHA-hJK/»-tOH, m. shoot, sucker, scion. 
•Rejoindre, r«.'i-liiwai;i-clr, v. a. to rejoin ; overtake ; 

se —, V. r. tojom again. 
Rejouer, ri</i-hjoo-ai, v. a. to play again. 
Réjoui, e, rai-hjoo-e, <i. jovial, merry. 
Réjouir, rai-hjoo-eer, v. a. to rejoice, gladden ; cheer; 

se —, V. r, to enjoy one's self; rejoice. 
Réjouissance, rai-hjoo-e-sa«ss, / rejoicing, [amusing. 
KçjoMissant, p, rai-hjooe-sa/», — t, a. tnutlaimng, 

I Kel.lche, rirA-lausli, /". intermisiion; rtlitxaHon ; sut. 
pension; rest; s.ins —, incessaiilly ; ll y .1 — (au 
théâtre), there is no play. 
I krl.lclit', e, r/i/i-l.iush.ii, a. loi'se, rtinisi. 
I Rel.lclienient, r«/'l-lau^ll'lua/l, m irl,i\ation, loosen 's; 
I slaikness; abatement , ueaknea. 
I Rel.lclitr, r;(.'i-lau-sliai, ::. .'/. lo sLiiken, to,iseii ; 
I release ; abate ; zveaki-ii ; pa.'l off', sc —, l'. i;roni 
! loose; ilaikeit; abate; gne It.iy. [be at Ui.uir. 

I Relais, rj<, in. relay ; /lesh Horses ; être de -, :u 

kel.inci'r, ro/i-laJt-vii, v. a. to rouse ; answer rough. j. 
I Uel.ips, c, ri(/i-l,ips, ii, relapsed. 
'^ir, r,ii-Jar-liJL'cr, v, a. lo uiden. 

Ktl.iter, r/i/, 1: a. lo leiale, ineiil.'on. 
1 Relatif, ive, xuh-\.i\-\f, — iv, ii. - ivcnielit, ad. relative. 
{ Kel.itioii, r;<^i-lah-syu», /, relation ; lOiinection, ac- 
ifuaintance ; aciouiit. 

Relaxation, ro/i-lak-sali-syo»/,/; relaxation. 

kelaxer, r((/:-laks-ai, v. a. to relax : release. 

Keliyer, r;</i-lay-yai, v. a. el n. to rrliei'e ; lake /re s It 

Uelex.ition, r/<.'.'-lai->;ali-syo«, ''. relecation. [horses. 

KeL-^fuer, r;</r-lai-nai, v. a. lo relegate, consign, 

Keleiit, r«/i-la«, in. musliness. 

Ki levailles, TuhAiihvAl,/. pi. ihunhiiig (oj'a moinan). 

Relevé, ri</i-lH/<-vai, in. slate)i:eiit ; list. 

Relevée, r;(/il<</i'vai, ./! a/lerii.'on, [stateineiil, 

keleveineiit, r;(/«-layv-ina;/, in. raising' up again ; 

Relever, r/</il«/i-v.ii, 7: a. et n. to raise up ai;ain ; 
turn up; set ojP; relie-.'e ; extol ; lake up : replace; 
set ajicat ; chui\h ; depend upon ; be subordinate to ; 
en —, to recoz'er ; sc —, v. r. lo rise again ; get up ; 
retrieve a loss. 

Ueli.iife, r;</(-le-ahJ, »i. hooping. 

Reliei, r;</i-le-ef, in. relievo ; set-njf; coiisidr'rntioil. 

Relier, r«/i-le-ai, f. a. to lie again ; bind; hoop. 

Relieur, r«/i-le-ur, m. bookbinder. 

Relitfieiix, se, r«/«-lilij-e-uli, —z, a. — seinent, ad. leli- 
gtoiis, pious ; stiHct ; — , m. friar ; —se,f. nun. 

kclijfion, r«A-lilij-c-o;/,/; religion ; zvorship ; Pilty, 

keli>;ioniiaire, r«/i-litij-yon-air, m. protestant. 

Ueluiuaire, rH/(-lik-air, m. reliijuary. 

Kel.i)uat, r/</i-le-k.di, in. rcinainde'r, remnants, pi, 

Keliipi-itaire, r;</<, in. debtor. 

kelicpie, rir/i-lik, y. relic. 

Relire, r;///-leer, 7'. ii. to read ozer again. 

Reliure, r;(/<-le-l1r,/l binding. 

Relocation, iuh-\vk-;i\\-^yiiii,f. iiiutfrletting. 

l<eloiiai;e, ri(/r-loo-.ilij, in. spaicnuig-tiine. 

Relouer, ri</i-loo-ai, v. a. lo underlet. 

•Reluire, r;<A-lû-eer, 7'. n. to sliir.c, •;lilter. 

Reluijuer, r((/(-lÛ-kai, z\ a. lo leer upon. [nafe. 

ReniAclicr, rii/i-niau-sliai, 7'. a. to chew again ; niini- 

Rcni.mienieiu, rM/i-inan-e-nia'i, m. handling a^aiii ; 

Remanier, r«A-inan-e-ai,t'. a. to handle again ; repair. 

keiii.irier, r<(/j-niar-c-ai, v. a. el se —, v. r. to marry 

Reiuarciuable, *r/(/;-inar-kali-t)l, a. — ment, ad. remark- 

Remarque, roÀ-iiiark, f. remark. [able. 

Kemaniucr, rw/i-iiiar-kai, v. a. to remark, note; oj- 
ierze ; se faire — , to distinguish one's self. 

Remballer, ra»(-bal-ai, z>. a. to pack up again. 

Rembaniueinent, r,i«-bark-ina«, m. re-einbarkiiig. 

Reiubaniuer, ra«-liar-kai, v. a. et se —, v. r. to re-em- 

Rembarrer, ra;/-|j,ili-rdi, -'. 1. to repel. [baik. 

Remblai, ra«-lil ly, in, filUiig up ; embankment. 

Kembl.iyer, ra«-blay-)ai, v. a. lojiil up zoith rubbish. 

Remboiteiiient, ra;f-bwat-nia«, m. pulling together 
again ; selling (bone). 

Remboîter, ra;(-!i\vat-ai, z: a. to put together ; set {bone), 

Uemboiirrement, ra;/-bo<)r-ma/(, m. stiijfing up. 

Rembourrer, raj/boor-ai, v. a. lo stuj/. 

Remboursable. raH-boor-sali-bl, a. to be reimbursed. 

Remboursement, ra/i-boors-inan, wi. reimbursenunt. 

Rembourser, ra;iboor-sai, v. a. to reimburse. 

Renibraser, ra;(-brali-zai, v. a. to kindle again. 

Rembrunir, ra>;-bnl-neer, v. a. to darken ; sc —, v. r. 
to grozu darker. 

Rembrunisseinent, ra«-brfl-nis-nia>x, m. darkening. 

sc Reinbuclier, ra>i-bù-sliai, v. r. to go back into the lair. 

Remède, r«A-med, >«. remedy ; physic ; clyster. 

Remédier, r»<A-niaid-yai, v. n. to remedy, cure ; help. 

Remêler, rM/t-m.iy-lai, v. a. to shujfle again. 

Remcncr, ruA-in»A-nai, v. a. lo lake back ; carry back. 

Remercier, rnA-mair-syai, v. a. to thank ; discharge. 

Remercinient, r»/i-inair-se-niu>/, >n. thanks, ft. 

Réméré, rai-raai-rai, m. redemption. 

Reinesurer, r«A-ni»</i-sû-rai, v. a. to measure again, 

*Keiiiettre, rM/r-inet-tr, z'. a. to put again, put back, put 
off: delay; restore, reinstate; recover; delizMr ; de- 
liver up; forgivt ; leave; — q., to recognize one ; 
— «W usa|{e, t» bring again intojasHmti &c —, v, r. 




h l*kt ùHt'ê piact again , rtur-.itr, mtnd ; tfi-.nrr 

nut's s*{f; rtmintbtr : «e — on chcuiiii, /<> iwi/i///»/ 

ftcnieuliler, rM/, v. a. ti< /uriiith n/fain, 
Ki^minlscence, rnl-iiie-nlf-vwiss, /. rt)iiini\ii>iif. 
KeniiM, tuh-\n\t, /. pMttine off', dtlny ; lirltvtry ; rr. 

tnittance, abalnntnt ; allowaiici ; (o>ich-h^iist ; falto 

—, /(> dtliver ; rtmif. 
Remiser, rnA-tiie-znl, »'. a. to piil in the coac/i-hoiise. 
K<!iiiissible, ral-mi^-ite-bl, a. rtinùsiblt. \ menl. 

K(<ii;iHsi<iii, rai-mK-yo«, /; retiiissioti ; tntrcy : abate- 
Kt'inlssioniialre, ni-mii-yun-iilr, m, ht who has been 

KeiniiiL-ncr, ra»-in», r. a. to takt back. 
K<!iiiol<i(le, Mi-iiiol-ail, ./. retnolaiit. 
Rcnic>nln>»e, r/<A-iii<»/-tiihJ, »«. ntiM footing. 
Ri'iiionte, \uh-\\wn\, /. iinv horses, f I. 
Kcinontcr, rM/f-iiio>i-tnl, t'. a. el ». to go «/ ; set «/ 

again; ttmoiint ; nrn,-ilring ; neiv-foot : tvimt I'p 

(ii'ii/iVi) ! come up again; gel up again; asiemf; 

se — , V. r, to get again supplied with inreisaries. 
Remontrance, rH/(-iiiii;i.tra«ss,y! reninnitianie. 
Kciiiontrer, r»/(-m(»i-tr.ii, v. a. to demonstrate, loarn. 
Rtiiiiora, rai-tnor-nli, in. hindrance. 
Reiiiorrtrc, r((A-imir-(lr, 7/. a. et n. to bite again ; attatk 
Hcmorcis, tuh-mi>r, in. remorse. [ai'ain. 

Remorque, r«A-iiiork,/l lowing ; toiv. 
Roiiioriiiicr, rx/i-mor-kai, v. a. to tow. 
Rciiioriiuer, r«/i-iiior-kiir, in. towini;-Tessel. 
•kemoiiilre, r«//-iiio(i-(lr, ii. a. to grind again. 
Rémouleur, rH/i-moo-lur, in. grinder. 
Remous, xiih-muo, in. eddy. 

Rempailler, ra<:-|)a/-ai, v.'a. to nen-bo/foin with sfraw. 
Rempailleur, ra«-pa/-iir, w. chair-bottomer. 
Sc Kemparcr, rafi-par-al, v. r. to intrench one's sel/. 
Rempart, ra«-par, >n. rampart, bulwari. 
Reuii)la(;ant, ra»/;;, m. substitute. {substitute. 
Remplacement, ra»», >//. replacing . gettiiii; a 
Remplacer, rn«-plas-al, t'. a, to replace; sucieed; sc 

f.iire —, to get a substitute. 
Rempl.i({c, ra;(-plalij, in. filling up. 
Rempli, ra«-ple, in. plait, tiici: 
Remplir, raH-plcer, t. a. tojill again ; fill up ; perform ; 

answer; pay back : mend lace; be — , v, r. to fill 

one's self; become /nil. 
Remplissage, rax-ple-salij, in. filling up; leakage; 

mending of lace. 
Rouiplisseuse, ra«-ple-suliz, / mender of lace. 
Remploi, ra;<-plwa, in. laying out (money). 
Remployer, ra»/-plwa-yai, :•. a. to employ again. 
Remplumer, ra«-plîl-mai, t. a. to newfeather; se — , 

T'. r. to get new feathers ; tiniiv. 
Kempoclier, ra«-por,li-al, ?'. a. to pocket up again. 
Kempnissnnncmeut, ra'i-pw.isoi.-maH, in. stocking 

again with fish. [ivith Ji.sU. 

Rempoissonner, Mi.'-pwas-oii-ai, t», a. to stock again 
Remporter, ra/(-i)or-tai, v. a, to carry back, carry away; 

take away ; obtain, get. 
Rempotage, raw-jjot-alij, m. putting into another pot. 
Rempoter, ra»f-pnt-ai, T'. a. to put into another pot. 
Remuage, r«/i-mrt-alij, ;;/. stirring. 
Rcnuiant, e, r;(/(-mû-a«, restless ; factious. 
Remuc-iudnajje, r;//MiiCi-m.ii-nalij, in. riiininagc ; dis- 
turbance. [Irou/'lt: 
Remuement, r«/j-mû-ma»/, in. stirring; rcmm'int; ; 
Remuer, r///»-nifl-ai, T'. a. et ii. to stir, mo-'- ; work up ; 

se —, T'. »•. to s.'ir ; bestir one's self. 
Rcmueusc, r;(/(-miVuliz, y! nuis,: [warder. 

Rémunérateur, rai-mû-nai-rat-ur, ;/;. reinuneiator. le- 
Rémundr.ition, rai-mû-nai-rali-syo/;, f. remuneration, 

Rémunératoirc, rai-mfl-nai-rat-«ar, a. leiininerath'e. 
Rémunérer, rai-nuVnairai, z». <r. to reniuncratr, rcuaid. 
Renaissance, rK/(-nay-sa«ss,y; renewal ; re-i'iial. 
•Renaître, ri/Zi-nay-tr, v. ii. to bt born axain ; gro^v 
Rénal, e, rai-nal, a. renal. [oj^ain ; revive. 

Renard, r»/A-nar, 
Renarde, r/(/(-naril, f. bitch-fo.x ; vixen. 
Renardeau, r»</(-nar-doh, in. fox's cub. 
Rcnardier, r»//«-uard-yai, m.Jox-catcher. 
Renardière, r;//(-nar(f-yair,yiyt\v'i- earth. 
Rencaisser, ra«-kay-sai, v. a. to put into a chest again. 
Renchérir, ra«-sliai-reer, v. a. et n. to raise the price; 

gro^u dearer ; faire le renchéri, to be nice ; — sur, to 

go beyond. [/'"'<'■ 

Renchérissement, ra;;-shai-risK-ma>(, vi. rising of the 
Rencontre, tSin-V.on-U,f. rencounter; accident, chance; 

de — , par — , accidentally. 
Rencontrer, raM-ko;i-trai, v. a. tt ». to meet, meet with ; 

guess ; se — , v. r. to meet together, be met with. 
Rencourager, ra^»-koo-rahj-ai, v. a, togivt fresh courage. 
Rçndant, e, ra>f-da;<, — t, s. vue ■who gives an atcvunt, 

Remlec-vAUl, ran-ttal-voo, m. rendtnoui ; afptiiitté 

Rendormir, ra>i-dnr-fneer, t>. <t. to lull aiteep ogam/ 
»c -, V. r, to fall asltep again. 

RemlouMer, rair-d'io-lilai, v. a. to turn in, fold up. 

Rendre, ra»i-dr. r. a. r/ «. to render; pay batk; re, 
turn, restore; surrender, deln'er; represent; em 
prtst ; — I'ftme, to render up th* ghost ; — grAcr^ 
to return thanks ; — une sentence, topiits a senfeme; 
- ■ témolgn.tge, to testify ; ...'. —, v. r. to make oiu'i 
stlf; btcome ; cet ; yieui. submi'. iiirrenlltr. 

Remlu, e, ru>i-dA, a. overspeiil, worn out. 

kc ndurclr, ra>i-dArseer, f, a. to haidetl ; M —, v. r, 
to groiv harder. 

Rene, rayn, f. rein. 

Renégat, rM/rnai-g'ih, »/». renegndt, 

Rcnetle, rai-net, /; renette. 

Ueiifaîter, ra>i-faytai, i: a. to nnv-roof. 

RoTifjrmé, rax-fair-mal, m. fusty tmell, muslinett. 

Renfermer, ran-fair-mai, v. a. to shut up ; confine , c9n, 
tain ; se — , v. r. to shut one's set/ up. 

Rendement, ra>«-H-Mia»/, m. swelling ; protuberance. 

Renrier, ra»-flai, 7'. n. to siivll ai;aiu. [dutant pro^feel. 

Keiifoncemcnt, ra/(-f(i»i-sma;«, m. hollow; rtmoteiirsi ; 

Renfoncer, ra>/-luf<'sai, v. a. to drive farther tii , /m 
lo'oer ; indent. 

Riiilorccmcnt, ra>i-fors-ma»/, in. strengthening. 

Renforcer, r.iJifor-sai, 7'. <i. to strengtlieit ; rtmforcij 
se — , V. r. to grow stronger. 

Reiiformis, rax-for-mc, in. pargetting. 

Renfort, r,»«-for, m. reinforcement. 

si' Kenfrogni'r, ra«-fron yai, v. r. to Pro7un. 

Rcnifagement, raw -galij • ma»/, in. re-eiigageineiit; 
fawning again. l.i,'ii./i. 

Kiiiyager, ran-gahj-al, v. a. to engage again; piwi 

Hciij;auier, ra»i-gay-nai, v. a. to put up, sheath. \ht,;li. 

se Rengorger, ra«-gor-hjai, v. r. to bridle up, lanytt 

Rcngraisser, ra;i-gray-s.ii, z: a. et n. to fatten ai;a,ii; 
t;io7v fat again. 

Rcngréncmcnt, ra/z-grainniax, in. re-coining. 

Rengréner, ra>/-grai-nai, v. a. to re-coin. 

Rcnhardir,, v. a. to spirit up again. 

Rcui,il>le, r»(A-ne-ah-l>l, a. deniable. 

Reniement, Renimcnt, r»</i-ne-nia«, i». denying. 

Renier, r«/i-nyai, v. a. to deny, disotvii, 

Renicur, r;(/i-ne-ur, in. blasphemer. 

Reniflement, r«A-ne-fl-nia>(, m. snuffling. 

Renifler, ri/A-ne-flai, v. tt. to snuffle. 

}ii:iMcur,ruh-ne-tt\\r, m. one that snu^es. 

Renne, rayn, »«. reindeer. 

Kenom, r;</i-no»i, m. reno7i'n,fame. 

Renommé, c, rH/«-nom-.ii, a. renowned, famom. 

Renommée, r»A-nom-ai,/;y(iH;c, renown. 

Renommer, r;(A-nom-ai, v. a. to name again ; ren;>-cn. 

Renonce, xiih nons^f. want of a colour. 

Rei\oiicement, ri</<-nu»-sma;i, in. renouncing : — kw\- 
mC-me, self-denial, [g'Te u,". 

Renoncer, r;(/i-no;/-sai, f. a. el n. to disown, renouiue, 

Renonciation, rH/i-non-syali-syo«.X renuiiciatioit. 

Renoncule, r/</<-no«-kfll, A ranunculus. 

Renouée, r;</i-noo-ai,/. btoodw.trt, 

Rcnouement, r;(/«noo-ma>i, m. renewing. 

Renouer, r/<//-noo.;ii, z: a. et ii. to tie again ; rene?i'; 

Roiioueur, r/z/i-noo-ur, »«. bone-sefter, [resiini': 

Roiioilmeiit, see Renouement. [sc —, v. r. tote reiieuoi. 

Renouveler, rK/i-noo-v/rVi-lai, ?>. a. to renrw, reinv/ 

Renouvellement, rHAnoo-vcl-n;,i'(, in. renewal ; re- 

Riinovation, rai-nov-ah-syoH,y. rt lovation. \_vix'oi. 

Renseignement, ra«-sayn-yf-m.i«, m. information. 

Renseigner, ra»i-sayn-yai, v. a. to teach again; infoiin. 

Rente, ra>ft,y. rent, revenue, stock. 

Renter, raM-tai, v. a. to endow. 

Rentier, ra>i-tyai, m. annuitant. [clo/îi. 

Rentoilage, ra;i-twal-ahj, ni. gantishiiig again with 

Rentoiler, ra>;-twal-ai, v. a. to new-furnish with cloth. 

•Kcntraire, ra«-trair, v. a. tofintdraw, darn. 

Rentraiture, rvin.Uixy-tur,f.yine-d rawing. 

Rentrant, e, ra;i-tra>/, — t, a. re-entering. 

Rentraycur, ra;(tray-yur, in.ftne-drawtr. 

Rentrée, raw-trai, /. re-entrance ; reappearance ; re- 
opening ; receipt. 

Rentrer, ra»i-trai, v. a. tt it. to bring in ; take in ; re- 
enter ; return ; reappear ; faire — , to drive iu. 

Renvelopper, ra»»-VHA-lop-pai, v. a. to wrap up again. 

Renverse, ra»/-vairss,y; k la—, backwards. 

Renversement, ra«-vairs-ma«, in. overturning ; oz'tr- 
throw; immersion. 

Renverser, ra»-vair-sal, v. tt. to overthrow ; overturn ; 
invert ; sc —, v. r. to fall down; fall bac/i ; be in- 

Renvi, ran-ve, m. re-vy. [verted. 

Renvier, raw-ve-ai, v. n. to rtvy, [menl: referenct, 

Rçuvoi, r^'f • vwa, w». sending tack,- distniftttlj n^'oun^ 


f "Sï 

Renvoyer, raM-vw«, :•. ,r. di tenJ tt^.tln : stiiilt>a<k; 

re/itr» ; dismiis, i(i\thii>-i;f ; If/ft , %if.'ity. 
Krnriliii.illoii^al-oriU' ii.ili-syiii/,y: rtorilimttùfii, 
K<'orili)nii»r, ml-ur-(lijn->il, i\ a. /.> fe-orJain. 
Kf'orKniiis.illDii, Mi'or-K.inv-jiah »yn/;, /. rtcri!,tiii*ti- 
KtorK'.iniser, r.u-or-K'in'C-/,tl, v. n. t,> rrvn^iiHiMt. [tioii. 
kruuverttirc, r.ii-oov.iir-lrtr, / rt-nftniHt;. 
Ki-|>.iir(!, r»/i-ii.iir, «». hiinut, lUn. 
•Kvpaitrv, r«*i)aytr, t . a. tl n. to /tt4, ImU ; fiast ; 

ic —, V. r. lo/tiH on ,■ Httij^ht i/;. 
Ki:i)an<lrc, rai-|<.i»-dr, i-. a. /,> she4, sfrtit,i, s'allrr; 
dulnhtitt ; »c — , V. r. to tit t/>rea<f ; iiutler l/iem- 
stiffs ; %c — eii, to i.iiinr/i iv»/ (//. 
Ki (uiiilii, r.ii-|><t)(-<in, in. iiiitn «/ tKltnsiv* atyiiiiiiil- lie, rai-|>,ir-.ih-l<l, a. rr/i,ir,tà;t. I,»«ir. 

•Ku|iar.iilrc, r«/i-|«r-,, i: ii. t,< (ij^/titrn;:itiii. 
K<:|iaratcur, rai-|'Ur, m. rti/.'nr. rt/tiiiir; rt- 
Ko|Mralioii,|>.»r-.ili-sy.i;i,/ refi,ir,ilion. [itri-tsfr. 
Hrp.ircr, rai-|, i'. «. to it/'ii i r ; intmi , n'trirjY, re- 
Kcii.irilUin, r«/t-p,iro-syi);«, /. re-itfftit>:iuii. Uovtr. 
Kc|i.irlcr, ri//i, v. >i. /i r/r.i* ir^Ji;/. 
Kcpartie, r«/i,/; rtfnrttt, rtply. 
Ki'iiartir, r/t/r-par-tcer, %; n. to set out <ii;<tiii ; rrfly, 
ki'partir., v. a. to (tistritnlt. 
Kt'p.irtileur, raipnr-to-tiir, »/;. tiiitrHui'or, itistxsor, 
Krpartitinn, r.ilp.irli'-syi»/, /. i/tf.'nfiiifijn ; r/, r»/«fias, »i. re/i.tst, una/. [nirnt. 

KcJMssatfo, r'(/t-paM'S.ilij, vi. ironini; : t^rimtiiiL'; 

arts till);. 
Ki'P isscr, r/<A-pali-s.ii, t'. a. et n, to rtjM <s, pass aj^aim 

area af;aiii ; ariii.i ; repeal ; tall axaiii. 
Kl'Ims^cU'.c, xiih-\y.K\\-t\\\\i,/.irciiero/ liiitii; laiinJriss. 
Kcp.ivcr, r/(/<'p.iv-ai, v. a. to iiev favt. 
Ki-pi'clior, r»//-p.iy-shai, v. a. tojult i<p a^aiii. 
•Kcpiimlrc, tii/i\t.\\ii-t.\t, v. a. t.> paint a^.iiii. 
kcpL-iiscr, ri(/i'pa>(-sai, t. ii. to t/iini- o/as^ain. 
Kcpciitaiice, Tiili-\>.-\ii-t:iiisi,/. rtpentjiiie. 
kcpcmaiit, c, r;/A-pa;/-t,i/i, — t, a. r,fenta,tl. \re/>tnt. 
kcpcnlir, r;(//-p.i>/-locr, in. repeutaiue ; ^c~,T.r,to 
Kc|icTciissi<jn, r.ii-(i,iir-kiV,-byo;/, /: iv-feniission. 
ki pcrtiilcr, r.ii-p.iir-kiVtai, v. a. to re-penuis ; re/lett. 
ki.pcr<lre, r///|-pair-clr, v. a. to loit aj^uiit, 
Kf|)èrf, r;(/i-p.iir, in. mart, 
kcpLTldire,, w;. r.pert.irv ; litt. 
Ki pol.iilltT, rai-pai-t.i/.ii, :•. a. to repeat in a tiixsaine 

keptiter, raipai-tai, v. a, to repeat; rehearse; claim; 

s>.- —, V. r. to àe repeated. 
ktpc'titeur, r.ii-p.ii-tL'-tiir, m. private tearher ; repeat'r. 
kcpctilioii, rai-p.ii-te-syo;/, / lepeHtioit ; rehearsal ; 

iiiiiiitre à — , repealer. 
kopcuplciiicm, r;</x-i •,ili-pl.nia«, m. r.:f-eopiin^. 
kepcuplcr, r/(//.puh-plai, -<■. a. to lep.o'ple. 
ki pit, r.ii-po, III. respite, delay. 
kipLicur, r;(/;, 7'. a. to replace. 
kcplaiilcr, r;(/;-pl.-\y.|.,ii, v. a. to pica,! a^ain. 
kipLiiitcr, r;</(pl.wi-t.ii, v. a. to rcp.'an:. [Hii',01:. 

kcpLltraye, r«/i-plaii-trahj, m. plasterini: enrain ; pal- 
Kcpl.ltrcr, r«/»-p!.iii-trai, v. a. to iinc p/ up ,• palli- 
Kcplct, ète, rxA-play,— plet, (». replete; plinnpjal. late. 
kdplL'tion, rai-pl,ii-sy,.<(,y. repletion, surfeit. 
Kepli, r«/i-ple, in. /old ; recess. 
ki'plicr, r«/«-plo-ai, v. a. to /old aerain ; wind; twist ; 

sc —, V. r. to rt'ind one's set/; fall hack. 
Uépli(iuc, rai-plik, A reply ; rejoinder. 
Ktipliquer, rai-ple-kai, v. a. to reply, answer. 
ktploiitjer, r///(-plo«-lij,ii, f. a. et 11. to dip iipain ; 

pinnae anaiii. 
Repolir, r«/i-pol-eer, v, a. to polish a,i.'ain. 
Rcpomlant, rai-po«-(la«, m. r,. spondcnt ; bail. 
Répondre, rai-po«-ilr, v. it. to answer; reply; corre- 
spond; bail; be aiisivtrablt ; se—, v. r. to answer 
each other; correspond. 
Réponse, rai-po«ss,/". answer, reply. 
Report, r«/«-por, in. sum carried over, {to j;o bad- 

Reporter, r«/(-por-tai, v. a. to carry back ; se —, v. r. 
Repos, r(iA-poli, «/. repose, rest ; sleep ; en —, at rett ; 
at ease ; lit ile —, couch ; se tenir en —, to keep quiet. ' 
Reposée, rir/<-poh-zai,/ lair, lodi;e. 
Reposer, r«/.-poh-zai, %'. a. et 11. to repose, rest ; relieve- 
ease; be at rest; lie still; sleep ; se —, v. r. to repose 
• one s self; take rest ; settle ; rely upon. 
Keposoir, fHA-poli-zwar, m. altar set up in a street; vat. 

settling tub. 
Repoussant, e, r«/»-poo-sa«, — t, a. repulsive. 
Repoussenient, r;<A-poos-ma«, in. repellins ; recoilimr. 
Repousser, r«A-poo-s;ii, v. a. et n. to repel; drive back ■ 

''tjtct; rebuff"; recoil; shoot airain. 
Repoussoir, r;<A.|>oo-swar, nt. driviii£-bùlt ; setting off. 
Reprehensible, rai-prai-a/i-se-bl, a. reprehensible, cen- 

Reprehension, Wi-prai-aw-syow.y: rtfrehemion, blame. 


•Reprendre. r«A.nrn»i.(lr, v. a. et h. ta feih itfyttn, h,»i 

*.«•*, lecoi^r; lexmatiain: rtpro-ot; rebuke, rHurii; 

I rtpiy, sink* ; i/a*y up a.,,ain ; - li.ilcinc, to brteUM» 

atiatn; m — , v. r. h rttolltxi ones tiU; close u» 

I tA'ain. ^ l/ioii 

! Représailles, rwAprnl /.»/./ //. reprisait, pi, rtfm/ial 

kepr^sicnl.ine, rMA-pral-i,i.«.ta»<, »«. represeHtalHt, 
j Kcpriiscni.itif, ivc,'i-tatif, — Iv, a. repnstn 
/.i/iir. \li'>n; production ;esl\ibit\on;t%keMe^<. 

; Kcprekcntation, r;/Apraij!a»/-t.ili.syi.;/. y. représenta. 
I Kcpri!»enter, ri/A prai^.i/f.t.ii, i. ,1. n «. 10 represent • 
province, describe; tut in mind; ptr/orm ; tut ■ 
maintain ones rank . sc —, v. r. to present ones 
sel/a;ain, appear afaiii ; call to mind. 
■ Kcpre.Hif, ive, r.ii prcs-sif, — iv, a. repretsny 
KtpresMnn, rai-prcs syoi/. /: repression, Mnuiraim. 
Koprini.ilile, r.tiprc-ni.ili.lil, a. to be repressed., rai-prc in.i//i|,/. reprimand, lecture 
Keprim.mdcr, r.iipreiiia//, f. n. to rep 1 una 11,/, re- 
Ki', e, r.ii preiiia»/, — t, u. rrpit\sive. \bnke 
K^'primer, rai-preniai, f. a. to repress, keep down 
Reprise, r»/«priz,y. retakintr ; leiirwint.-; repetition; 
repnHtiution ; darning; ; \ pUisicurj - s, by Jits and 
sta Its ; at different times. 
Ké, irli c, r,iii,, — riss, <i. reproiiino. 
Kvipr<il)atiiin, raipro!,,«, /; reprobation. 
Keprotji.ililr, r;//(priislialilpl, .j. reproa,habte, 
Kepri.tlic, r«/<pr,i^h, m. repioaih; e.ueption ; blame ■ 
!».ins - , blameless. [a'-ject 

Kcpriitlier, r»///.pr.)slial, v. a. to repro,\*h ; upbraid; 
Kci.roducteur, trite, iuh-\au ddk-tur, — tri-.b, a. repro- 
diuliic. [tibili'y. 

K«-prndiKlil.!litc, di.k, /. repiodiu- 
kepm.liictiMc, Ti /«-prn-dilk-lelil, <i. reprodu ib.'e 
Kei.rcMliitiion, r;</ipr.i(liiksy(.«,y. iepr,Htu,/ioii. 
•Keprodiiire, r/./i-pro-dweer, ;■. a. to reproduce ■ se —, 

v. r. to be reproduced ; come a); am. 
Kfpnnivo, raiproovai, m. reprobate, cast away. 
Kepiovcr, r;</i|)rovai, v. a. to prove a^ain. 
Kepr.niver, rai-proov.ii, -o. a. to reprove; disown. 
Reptile, rep-til, m. reptile. 

Kepul.lic.iin, e, rai-(iû l.le-k.ii«, -ken, a. 
Kepu . ic.imsine,, m. republicanism. 
Kepuljh.jue, rai |.iVblik,y: republic. [nouncin):. 

KepiK i.itioii, raipûd-yah-sy../;, / repudiation; rt- 
Kepiidicr, raipû, v. a. to repudiate ; renounce 
Kepll^;JMlltc, r.u-pqii.y.i,iss,/ repii,i;iiance, dislike. 
Kepu^nant, e, raiiniii.y.w*, -t, a. repuj^nant, contrary. 
KiipiiKiier, rai-piin-yai, v. n. t« be repugnant; inspiie 

aversion. ' 

Repujlnler, r;//i^, :•. n. to repullulale ; crow 
Kepu sn, IVC, rai.i>ûl-sif, -iv, .,. irpuluve. [a-aiii 
Kepwliion, rai-|nilsyi>«,y; >-,•//,,■,„.;,. ' 

kopiilation r.ii-piVtali.r,yu;/, /. npuMtion ; character 
K.putcr, rai-pfl-t.ii, v. a. to repute, reckon, consider. 
KiHim?ral.lo, r»/; k.iiraliljl, a. i\yuiiuble 
Keipitrant, r;(//-kair.i»/, m. suitor, plaintifr. 
; 'Keiiucrir, r/(/(-k.ii-reer, v. a. to request, ir./uire, 
I Rc'ioete, tuh-VMl,/ request ; suit ; demand ; petition, 

Ke<inç'ter, r«// k.iyt.ii, v. a. to quest a.rain. 
! Keipuem, rai-kwe-cm, ;/;. re,/uiein. 
Kecpiin, r/z/i-kai», in. shark 
se Kequin(iu.;r, r«/i.kai«-k.u. v. r. to tri, k one's se!/ up, 

Ke.pi|^itioii, faikei:e-syu;/,y; request: suit. 
. Ke(iiiisitoirc, rai-kc-zc-tw.vr, in. request; suit. 

Kescinder, res-sai«-dai, v. a. to cancel. 
^ jvcscision, res-siz-yo;/,y: rescission. 

Kcscription, rcskrip-.syo;,,/ a.ssiitninent, order. 
\ Kescrit, res-kro, m. rescript. 
I Kescau, r.ii-zoli, m. netting; ; network. 

Kescrvatiun, rai-^î.iir-vali-syo»;./ rcsemation. 

Kcserv e, r.u-zairv. /. reserve ; e.xception ; modesty ■ 
sans -, Without exception ; unreserved; mettre eii 
— , to lay vy. 

Réservé, rai-zair-vai, a. reserved, close; coy 

Kescrver, rai-zair-vai, v. a. to reserve ; lay by ■ keei in 
store ,■ se --, v. r, to reserve one's sel/; be re'seiied 

Reservoir, rai-zair-vnar, m. reservoir ; /ishpoitd 

KesK ant, e, rai ze-da«, -t, a. dwelling. 
vcsuence, rai-ze-dawss,/ resi,1eiice ; residtntship. 

KOsident, rai-2e-da«, m. resident. ^ 

Résider, rai-zc-dai, v. ii. to reside, dwell. 

Késidu. rai-zc-tin, m. residue; remainder 

Résignant, ra»-zin-ya«, — t, in. résigner. 

Késitjnation, rai-zin-yali-syo«./ resignation 

KesiKiier, rai-zin-yai, v. a, to resign, give up • se -. 
v,r. to resign one's sel/, submit: ' "P ■ ^' s 

Késiier, rai-zil-yai, v. a. to annul, cancel. 

Kesille, rai-zi/,y: tiet/or Ou hair. 

Kesine. rai-zin.jj: resin, rosin. 

Résineux, se. raj-zç nuh, — j, <t. rtfinoiu. 


r ii6 ) 


KaaUUiice, mI-*Ii-I«»/ii. / ffthtint>' \toi'f. htar. 

KoHltlar, r.ii'/it'tal, v. ». to v(\i\l . :vitluimiJ, \i-^. 
KiiioUi, e, rui'/oia, .1, -itirtii,.ii/. mi>lii:t,iilltriitni,i,t, 
Ki*vi|in, ré»:-vi|.rt. >ft Hiv,\xi\te. 
KrsiiUiiiriii, riii-/'ilfl»yi)<(,/. rt •liilio», 
K*siilv.«l>i, r.ii-/ii|-viil, itt kfs. ii.lri!, 
Kfvilvaiit,, >n. rt\o{vtiit. 
KrviiiMiiiiLL',>/i>ii.y. tiii<n<i)iit. 
K>-v>nii.iiit, f, r.ii-/'>i\-(iM, — t, a. rtinii^tnf; soiieii/ut, 
Kciiuriiu-nieiil, Ml/irii-iii.i;», m, rfsoiDii/inj,'. 
Kutoiintr, r.ii-/i)ii .li, i: ii. A< rtumnii. 
•Kpsoiidrc,, T'. a. to rtnitre : </;j f.Viy ; litttr- 

tiiiHt; iiiiHiit; sc --, f. »■. to t<f n.totffft; lOin* /,• ; 
KoM>u<i, rul-xixi, sff Kr<Miiiilru, [matt ii/oni'i miitii. 
Kes|)ect, rrHpfk, »«. r,\/>,it. 
Kcs|iect.tlili.', ros-Mtk l.»li-lil, a. rf\f^rtabl*. 
Kcs|ioc:ler, ri'S|irt-lal, ;•. <i. la rt\fr(l, rr^'iirii; /iitntmr. 
kckpctur, ivc, rcs-pck-tif, — lv,a. - ivcmciit, a,i. rtsfti- 

tti'f, if/,i/ii'i: 
Ki'ipcctiiiiM. se, tc4(iek-tûuli, ~ z, n. - scnitiit, ni/. 
KtisplMlili;, rc's.|ie-rali-l)l, a. hrfitthit>iU. [rrs/ifi(,/iil. 
Kc.|iiratli)ii, rc-i|n.-r.ih-syii;(./. mi/(/(|/;.'« ,■ brnilh. 
kcplrcr, rts-iicrai, v. a. tl n. to brtatlit, rttfitt ! 

Rc%|ilcnillr, ros|i-l.m-(lrcr. f. ii. /•< i:lillfr, sithif. 

l<L"<|)lt'lll|issLMIIL'llt, ri'S-|p|,l»/-lllSlll.l/(, "/■ tfifltUii'ltCt, 

KcNixilisaliilllt', ri'(-|io;(.-,.ili-i-li--riii,./. rf\fim\i/<i/ily. 
Kts|polls.ililr. rcspo((-s.(libl, u. in/'.iiMi'lf, um'iiiif- 
Keisac, rcs-til:, w. sur/, (ii*/r. 

Kcs»,»ii{iier, r»/i-sairi-yai, f. u to bltfii a^ain. 
Kcsr>.it!iir, r/</j-sai-/cer, t. a, lo mtt amiiii , se — tic, 

V. r. to seize nfon tii^ain. 
Ktsi lilt, r/</i-MMi, wi. projeitiou. 
kfssaiiter, r«//-sr)ti-t.ii, v. ii. lo leaf) a/^aiu : prt^ject. 
kesM-nililaiice, r;<>i-s,i«.Ma//ss, / reseiiitiiame, tiktness. 
kosseiiililir, rf<A-!i.U(-lilal, %'. ii. to resttnàie, it like ; 

sc — , 7'. r. to be alike. 
Kc>>s<:iiiol.i|{e, xuli-suh-muli-\.\i\], ;«. nnv/ootiug, 
ke sfiiieler, rM/i-si/Zi-iiiK/ilaJ, v. a. to tinv-foot. 
Rcsseiilimt'iit, rM/is.ii(-tc-Mia<i, »i. teiciittiieut, touch. 
kessmtir, r«À-saiilciT, v. a. to Jul ; su —, 7'. r. to bt 

iijlette.i by ; suj/erfor. [lion; obstriictiini. 

ReNst;rreiin.nt, r/(/( s.iir-in.T», tii. Iit;>ifniiii),' ; lOiiliuH- 
Resserrer, ri<A-sairr.ii, t. ir. to »i lie tit;/iter; coin- 

priss ; restriiiii, loii/iiie ; sc — , t. r, to be iOiitracttU ; 

beiiitne tij^'/iter ; lOiiJine one's sf'f. 
Rcss;r', re-,-if, w/. rer/. [ilcTiii. r -■, ivilhout appeal. 

ki'ssiirt, r///is()r, in. spring ; elii.\tiiity ; provhue ; en 
kcssortir, ri/Asor-teer, v. u. lo^u' out ai;aiH ; be in tlit 

jitrisdktion of. 
Rfssnuiler, r;</;soo-(lai, w. a. to soliier again. 
ko-isoiirce, rK''(-si)iirss,y; resiVirte; meaiis, expedient. 
se kcssoiivcnir, r/i/t-snov-iiet-r, '.■. r. lo >eio.'/e^t, it- 

member ; — . »«. retotletlioii, memory ; 
Kesiiia^jo, r«/i-sûalij. m. nve.itiii;;. 
Kes-,iicr, r«/i-sû-.ii, t'. ii. to .uveal. 

Kcsui, rcs-we, m. lair. [ llie dead. 

Ressusciter, res-û-setai, T'. <i. ft n. A' raise: revive; 
Ressuyer, res-we-yai, v. a. to uipe ai^ain. 
Rest. lilt, e, res-ta/;, — t, a. reinainiiit^, left ; — , in. 

remainder, residue. [res.'oratife ; ealiiii^'-hanse. 

Rcstaiinuit, e, rct>-tipr-a>;, --t, a. resloralne ; —, tn. 
Res luratL'ur, res-tor-at-ur. m. restorer.- eatiii);-lioHse 
Rest iratiuii, rcs-tor-.ili-syu'/./; ieslor,ilion. [keeper. 
Ki. .urer, res-tiir-ai, 7'. a. to restore; se —, v. r. to 

lake refreshment. 
Reste, rest, «(. rest, remainder: linniiix'S, pi. ; au — , 
filially; ilc — , mor,- lliaii enoii;;li; du—, besidti ; 

être en — , to be behindhand. 
Rester, res-tai, v. n. to remain ; be left; en—, to leave 
Restituable, rcs-te-tiVah-bl, a. to be restored. [I'/K 

Restituer, rcs-tet(^-ai, v. a. to restore, gtve back again. 
Restitulion, res-te-trt-sy(i»/,y: restitiilion. 
•Restreiuilre, restrai»/-ilr, t. a. to bind, restrain, con- 
fine ; se — , V. r. to restrain one's self. 
Restrictif, ivc, res-trik-tif, — iv, a. restrictive. 
Restriction, res-trik-syo«, f. restriction ; — mentale, 

mental reservation. 
Résultat, rai-zûl-tah, m. result. 

Résulter, rai-zul-tai, v. n. to result ; follow. [up all. 
Resume, rai-z(j-iiiai, m. recapitulation ; en —, to sum 
Résumer, rai-zfl-niai, %>. a. to recapitulate, sum up ; se 

— , V. r. to be summed up. 
Résurrection, »ai-zûr-ek-syo«,/t resurrection. 
Retable, r/<A-tah-bl, tn. altar-piece. 
Rétablir, rai-tab-leer, v. a. to ri-tstablisH, rtiuslate ; 

se — , V. r. to recopier. 
Rétablissement, rai-tab-liss-man, m. re-establishment. 
Retaille, Tuh-\A\,f. shreds, pi. [.recovery. 

Hctaper, rMA-tapal, v, a, to drets ; (ûgJ^, 

ki(.ii.l. ikA I .r. III. d.iay; hn^Jmui* . ilrt ta—, 
tobel.„kli,ii I. 

kLiunl.ilaire, rji/<, »/. tnt in arreart, 

Ki l.>r>l ttloii, r«/'il.ih'>yiJ'/,/ ittitn/uiioii. 

Uet.irili iiieiit, r«(/i'i.iril iilim, //(. Jtlay ; itop, stay. 

ket.trdrr, ro/, v. a. tl it, t» rttard, put ,71', 
pnt till t ; delà ► , 1 •»«* Ittttr. 

•Retenir, r/f/d-ii'-er, :■. a. to retain, withlioU ; dedu ; ; 
keep bitit ; hiii.iir ; beiptak ; mirant; rtmnnl>tr , 
se —, V. r. to lOHtaiH unt't self; be iimtmbeied. 

ki-tentiiiu, rul'liix-syiiM,/; rtttntion ; rtttrvatiou. 

Kcleiilir, r»A-la'<-iecr, v. n. to reioimJ. [, 

Ui'lciillssciiicnt. r'l/M.i/i-tliS max, >//. resouiuun., ; 

Ruleiiil, c, i/(/l'tnâ, •!. itscrxtd, du,rttl, cautuim, 

Kettniic, tuh U\(\, f. ditirttion, mution ; modesty. 

Kelrrsrr, rM/i-t.ilr-vii, v. a. to dig a sei^nd limt. 

Kolll', ive, rai-til, - Iv, <i. reilivt. 

Uetir.iile, tuh\.v-t,n\.f. ntinide. 

Kctlri-iiiviit, rfi/i'ieci-iii.i». m thrinking. 

Retirer, rjt/i-tcrai, v. a. lo diaiv axain ; draw b,uk ; 
draw out; iil back; obtint, rea/i ; shtttir ; sh,>«l 
uga:n ; ko —, v. r. to retire, uithdraw leatt, 
s /I rink. 

RetiMiib'.r, rn/Mo'<'bai, v. ». to fall again ; hait a 
re 'apse. 

ketoiileiiiciit, r/«/(.ti)ril-ni.i)/, in, twisting. 

Kttorilre, luli tor-dr, v. a. In wring again ; Iwisl. 

ketori|uer, r.iilor-k.ii, 7'. a. /,> retort. 

Ketors, e, ri<^i-ti>r, — *s, a. twisted . slireivd, 

Kt tiirsioii, rai-tor-syiiw,/; retortion, 

Keinrte, r/</(-ti>rt,y: retort. 

kcliiiiclie, r«/i-t(>i)sh, /. retouching, 

ketuiiclier, r/i/i-tiMi-sli.ii, xi. a. to retouch, corieit. 

kctmir, rx/i-Kxjr, m. return; winding, repayment; 
rrpentance ; sans —, Jor ever ; i!tre do —, to lomi 
biiik ; être sur le —, to be on the dtclint. 

keliiurne, r/<A-li)()ri>,y; trump. 

ketiiuiner, ro/i-lonriiai. i'. a. tl n. to turn ; return, go 
biuk . so —, v. r. lo turn about , turn one's set/. 

Retracer, rii/,ii, 7'. a. to dra.v again; retnne. 
sc —, V. r. to recall lo mind. 

kttractalion, r,ii-lr.ik-t.ili-syo;i,y: retractation. 

kétr.icrer, r.ii-tr.iki.ii, i>, a. et se -, v. r. to retract, 

kclr.Kliun, r.iitr.ik syii;/,/. retraition, \_rciant. 

•Kitraire, r/</i-tr.iir, x>. a. to redeem. 

Retrait, r;(/Mr.iy, m. redemption. 

ketr.iile, r/i/Mret, y. retiring; rttrtal, refuge ; har- 
bour: shrinkini,' ; reiess. 

ketraile', e, r»/i-tret-.ii. a. retired, on half pay. 

kctr.iin.liciiiont, i;(A-tra<j-sliin.i>i, m. retremhnienl ; 

Rctr.mcher, r»/<-tra>/-shal, v. a. to retrench ; lop oil'; 
tnli-einh ; se —, v. r. to con/inl ont'i self; intreinit 
one's self. 

kotrdtir, rai-trai-seer, 1: a. to straiten, contract; 
I ramfi ; se — , v. r. to grow strait ; shrink. 

Rétrécisseiiieut, rai-trai-siss-nia», *n. narrcm'tiir ; 
shrinking. [v. r. to be tempered. 

Ketrciiiper, r;(/i-tra(;-pai. v. a. to temper again ; se , 

ketiibuer, r.iitre-bfi-.ii, r. a. to remunerate, retribute. 

kelribution, r.ii-lre-l.i'i-syd»/,/". retribution. 

ketruactif, ive, rai-tr<i-.^k-tif, - iv, a. retroactive. 

Ke'troaction, rai-tro-ak-syii«, /: retroailion. 

Rétrocéder, rai-lro-sai-d.ii, 7'. a. to make o7'tr again. 

kétriicessioii, rai-tro-ses-yuH, /! retrocession. 

kotroKf'i'li-'. r.ii-tro-^jrad, a. retrograde. 

kélroj;rader, r,iilr()-;,'r.i(l-ai, v. n. to go backivard, 

kctiDiissetueiit, ri(/i-trocis-ma><, tn. tucking up again ; 

Retrousser, rHA-troos-ni, v. a. to tuck up again ; coik. 

ketroiissis, r;< m.tock; boot-tops. 

Retrouver, rx/i-troo-vai, v. a. to find again : recover; 
se —, V. r. to find one's self: find one another. 

Rets, ray, tn. net. 

Reunion, rai-ûn-yo;»,/; reunion : junction ; tnietinz. 

Réunir, rai-fln-eer, v. a. lo reunite, join again ; recon- 
cile ; collect^ se—, v. r. to join again; tntet ; com- 
bine : agree. 

Réussir, rai-fl-seer, v. n. to succeed; Ihrivt. 

Réussite, rai-CI-sit,/: success ; issue. 

•Revaloir, r«, v. a. et n. lo return like /or 
like ; be ex'en with. 

Revanche, r/</i-va«sh, f. revenge; turn : en —, i« 
return, /fy way of retaliation. 

Revancher, r»/<-va>i-shai, v. a. to side with ; se —, v. r, 
to be revenged ; returti like for like. 

Rêvasserie, ray-vas-re,/! reverie. 

Rêve, rayv, tn. dreatn ; idle fancy. 

Revêche, ruA-vaysh, a. rough, harsh, crabbed. 

Réveil, rai-vay/, tn. awaking ; reveille ; alartn. 

H^vellie-iQatin, ra(-Ya>^i>)at-ai"i m. alarm-dK^^t 


r «•; 1 


Ovfillcr, rni«ay/-Al, t-. >i. to iin<i>/, ttuu, m -. 

; r. loaH<tt» ; rtxitt. 
Hi-»*!!'""."'»», m. nitnl ,\fltr muiHi^hl. 
K'vcliilcur,*dil.ttur, »i. rttmltr, m/mtntr. 
Krv«l'tliuii. riil-vni-lali-iiyou, /. rttrlitlion, ifimnery. 
k?»rlrr, r>il-Viil'Ui. f. d. /» m fa/. «/uiA-j/. 
Kcsrli'inl, c. r;<A-mi»«, —I, it. fUnwiig , —, »«. nhosl ; 

■ ■ liMii, iifiil fritfll ; tmi'tuiMtiif. 
Kçniiiiciir, r;(/i\.i'(<lnr, »<(. liit:iWr. 
Kevcii>llvilli>ii. r«/i-*a»/<le-k.ili-»)ro«,/! ilitit». | 

Krvrii>lii|tu'r, r;</(-v«><-i|i'-liai, t'. ii. to i /aim, ihiitlmgr. 
krvrmirc, tuli-\,\Mi\t, V a. I>< it// a^am 
•Kcniiir, rfiAmeef, v. »i. /c ic»»»/ *.i<*, rttiim , 

tftvifr, iiitHt nitr to; icmi to, nuKUiiit; tiriu , 

rmi/t ; nil/, — k *n\, to rtii>/it,t »>lt'l tl(/. 
Reveille, rx/i-ViiHl,/. rtsalt. 
Kevcftii. r/</i-nirt, »»•■ rrrttniit, i>ii,<iMf. 
Krvrmii", ri</i-vnrt,/ >(i«>/v n'i"-'!/. 
K^vrr, r.iy'v;il, 7'. a. ft >i. t,i/>f,im of ravt ; riimhuitf. 
K<'vrrl><*r.ilii<n, r.«i-»i«lr-l>.ii-r.tliAV<><i, f. rrv<r/>tra/icii. 
K> vcfrln^rr, vairli.iir, >«. rf/tn/i r. 
kf\crl't rtr., t.'ii. /<< rf/tnt. 
Kiverilir. r/rA-Viiir-tloor, v. ii. /•' /•f,i»iif t/rffu a^aiH. 
Kéveri'iiiiiicnl, riii'V.ii'Miiiii», iiV. irvtiml/y. 
k«vcri'H<-'<*, r.(l-Viil-rii»/ss, /. rtTftfiiif ; nuittfsy. 
kc^v^rt'iicii'iKi. sc, Mi-v.ii r.i;i'>iyuli, ■ t,a, — kviiicnl, at/. 

kivcrenit, V, rai'ValrnM, - il. a. mtrfHit 
ktkrri iiilissiiiie, riiivi«l-r.ri-illNsitii, ii. in,>il rfvt>tn,f. 
Krurrr. t.ii».ii-riil, '. rf. lo ififir. 
kiwM.'. r.iyvrc',/. ifttrif . ui/f /,i>hy 
Kn.r<. r/</iv.ilr. m. /••i.i; i-fTfitf : i>ii\/oi/itiii; 
KiMr^c-r, r»//'\<iir-Hai, i:a. /,< /•t'lir ai'iiiil ; tra>i\Jfr. 
kf ursililo, rayv.iir-sf-lil, a. rcirrlil'/r, 
Krvi-rsii 11. i,iyviiir-sy(i»/,/, tfvfi in'ii, 
Ki'n''ii'iiK-iil. r///ivayl-iii.i;i, ni. iuffriiii,'. 
KfMJIir. r((/(-\ay-li'cr, t-. a, to ià'//it; I'lifst ; /iiif; ve 

— , :■ f. /ti />n/ i»i ; iiMiiDif. [i/rf,imfr, i/otant. 

kiieiir. Si-, ruyviir, -Milu, a. thoii^til/ul : , «». 
Ki'virfiiiciit, r/</i-vei.'r-iiia«, »»«. /titkiin' i>t>oiit; Iramjtr, 
kiunr, r;</f-vo r.ii, I", «. to ttitk ii/>ohI. I 

Kivisor. r/</ivoi.u, f. <». A' ffvist ; loiretl, 
Kruseur, rai\c-/ur, ».;. rn'infr.>,icMi, r.ii-vc-zy(ii/, ./. rfvisal : m'isloH, 
krvivilkr, rai-vc-vifyai, v. a. to rriivifiialt, ff^iff. 
•kevu re, r/(/(-ve-vr, J'. </. to rfiiTt, lome to lijr iIj;iii%i. 
Kcviii.iliic. raiviik-.ililil, <r. rrfoi\il'î.-. 
krKM.iliiiii, r.ii-vii-k.ili-syii;;,./; rfroi.ifioii ■ aiinii/Zin;^. 
k'-vni.itiiire, r.ii-vi>, n. mokiiii;. 
•iJiMiir, r»(/i-v()-alir, t. a. to iff axaiii; iti'iit ; an —, 

/(.'/ ,'/(»■ >i-\t iHfftiiin. 
kivukr, r/c'ivdl-ai, t. ». to fly had, 
kcviiliii, r((/'iviil-.ii<(, "/. Mii/iirii f^iist. 
kevi.Iie, rai-viilt,y: in\h'l, >f/>ft/io>i, 
ktviilic', r.iiv<il-tai, ;/;. rrl'fl. 
Kevnitur, r.ii-vol-t.ii, t. n. to must to molt, stir up ; 

shott : se —, V. r. to mv/t, nsr, 
ktvulii, c. rai-V(il-i1, <i. >no!-,f(t ; acioviflishtd, 
kcvolutioii, r.ii-vol-iVsyix/.y. rtvoliilioii. 
ki viilutiniiM.iire, rai-vol-fl-sycm-air, u, rt-. oliitioiiary ; 

-, m. ii~,otiitioni.\/. 
ktvdliitiiiiiiier, rai-vdl-il-syonai. 7'. it. to frfdntipnise. 
kiMiiiiir, r;//i-v(i-iiic«r, v, ii. to Tomit n!;iti>i, 
kiMiiim-r, r.ii-Mi-kni, v. a. tu ifToHf, rtmlt ; — en 
kevii, r;(/(-vû, sif Revoir. [diuitr, to (/iifstioH, 

ke»;K', iiih-\(\,r. m irw ; rrfisal : unntrr. 
ke/, r.ii, //■. tifii 711 II ; — lie i ti.msice, ;/;. );>oiiHii 
K!i:iliiil.i>;e, r.ili-i/-.ilii. >'J. »tfii,li)!x. [ //•h'l: 

kli.ibi 1er, r.»li.i/.,ii, 7. II. I0ii>f.\, iij;,iiii ; ititiid. 
kinteir, Mi-tiir. >ii. ilif'oiii iii/i. 
kill tcirii|M ■, railnr-ik./i ihftoiii. 
kli 11 iccriis, re-iiii-s,il-ri)s, in. iliincctros. 
kluiliarbe, ri'i-liarli, /. ihiibaib. 

kliiiin, roin, ;;/. runt. [a. t hfiuiui/ir. 

kliiiinatii|i:e, riViiiat-ik, Khiimatisnial, c. i A-niat-iviiial, 
kliiiiii.nisiiK-. r.i-iiial-isiii, wi, rheninatisin. 
Kiiiiine, ri'im, in. coUl. 
Kliytliiiic, riiin, in. rhylhitt. 
kliyiliiniiiui', rit-iuik, i». rhythmical. 
ki. re, xft Hire. 

kiaiit, p. re-a//, — t, a. laiighiiii; ; plfasant ; chtfrful. 
kilwiiilielle, re-li.i</-l)el.yl loiii; strin;.;. 
kil"<rilat;e, relmr-ilalij, in. diitiui^e done by rwiiiiii-j^ 
kiliiite, rc-bot,./: lirtiaiiih, rririry. i/oiil. 

kiianeiiieiu, re-k.iii-iiiax, in. suftriiii^, sneer. 
kii.iiier, re-kaii-ai, r. »«. to iueer, chiuk/e. 
ki' aiurie, rc-kaii-re,yl sneering, 
kicaiieiir, re-k.iii-iir, tn. sneerer, 
kii.-.i-rlc, rik-ali-rik, ad. e.xaitiy, 
kicliard, re-shar, ;./. rich tnan. 
KkIic. ribh, a. —ment, ad. rio'i ; vealt/y, —, tn. ritb 

"ran ; les t-s, richfeople. 

Klihc^M, re«he««,/ ri,het , utallh ; —*, //. n-fiÙÂ, 
Kklii, re »al>/, >ii, rtiiiiin. [/urtiiut, 

Kkotlier, re kiish'Ut, f. /(. to r*b,niiid. 
HIcolIicI, rv'ki>>h'ay, »<. riii>,An; i/init and ttrttt. 
Huit, riti,/. unntle ; /.tiiyaiii, 
Klileaii, re-(lfili, m. (iiitiiin. 
Kiilelle, re-(UI,/. iidfladiler. si'Jt.raik. 
kiilir, re-<l,il, r. a. to ivrini/t : s/rftih , k« ~, 1: r. H 
.V u rnit/ed , Jrouii. [ndiiii/e ; ritOiliioiiiHfiii, 

Kliliiiilr, reilefciM, a. — rncnl, ad. riitun/oiit , —, •»». 
Kiiliiiilikcr, rcale-kii-le-iAl. t', a. to ridunlt; rt'iint 

I idl, IIIOIIÎ, 

klilii iilite, reilckri-lc-t.i!,./; ridiitifoiiinett, 
Hii-i\, ly.tiii, m an,\t/iiii^-. tiiy/f; iio.hiH/i i ptiiir -, 
Uitur, ryur. in. laiialur ; hanterer, {^lUi.t, 

kiilanl, in. ty/it , v/d iiinlirella. 

ki>;|ilf, re hjul, a. - meal, a.t. nuid, t/\ff; t'riit 
kiijitlile, relile-ilc.|nl,y. rigidity, s/ifliii 
kn;ip|e, re-K"'. /. Irtmh, diain,\-iitlrr. 

kiijitlile, relile-ilc.|nl,y. rigidity, sri/fnett. 
kn;ip|e, re-K"'./. irtmh, diain,\-iitlrr. 
ki^orisiiie, re ^'o.risin, m. ritioroiiMifii. 
Knjiiri'ile, rc-KD-ri'l, in. rii,onil, fiinian. 
kimiureiu. sc. rcniiii-ruh, - r, a. - sciiieiil, ad. n'jfot' 

oils : trtfre . ttruf. 
kinueiir, re-kjiir, /; rix-oht. snriity; ^ U , rii;oi. 
knii.iille, renia/, /. f,iili y vfi wx, ft. \oin,y. 

kiiii.iilkr. reiin/ai, t. h. /o m>ikt fa/try lerm. 
kini.iilleur, te iii.iAiir, tn. rhyiimter. 
kiinc, run, /. rhyme. 
knnir, re-in.ii, ! . »/. lo rhymr. 
knneiir, re iinir, in. ihymer, rhymester, 
kliii, r.ii>/'M>li, m,Ji'li,n;e. 
kiln I r, r.u'i.'xil, »'. It. to riusf. iiash. 
kiiiijiirc, raidslir,/; ri<(i(« j,/(. 
ki|i,ulle, re|ia/,y. innltetiii^, 
Ki|ie, ri|i,y. siniffr. 
ki|'er, repai, v. a. to uriipe. Sirntth. 
Kii"ipi'e, re|iii|i.ii,/. medley. 

kiiHisle, re \tit',\,/. fiirry and tlirnit ; re^iirtee, re*ly, 
ki|ii>>>icr, re|nistai, 7'. ii. to fan v iind thrust : reply. 
•kire, reer, v. n. to laii,i,h ; smile, le p/easant , /e.t : 

se —, T. r. to tail);/! at, make i^ume oj ; —, m, /iim^'/i- 

ill);, laii);hter. 
KK, re, m. laiij^hfer ; reef; — de veau, />read o/ieal, 
kKee, re-z.ii, /. l.iiigh, derision; lain:hini;-\liÀM, 
Uiiilile, re/e-M, n. risible, Uiiighiihlt. 
kisini.ilile, ri-,kali-l)|, n. that may be risked, 
kisi|iie, risk. in. mi, hazard. 

ki:.i|iier. risk.ii, 7'. a to risk, tenliiie ; se -, f. r. to, re-sol,/; >-Mj<i/c, [risk one's selj. 

kis-.olir, re-solal, 7'. ii. to roast brvivn . se -, v. r. to 
kit, kite, rit. III. rite. [);io7v broirn 

kilMuriielle. reti)or-nel./.y/ii;<rij/« ,■ tedious re/eti.ioH, 
kitnel, rit-wel, »«. ritual. 
ku.i^e, re-\,ilij. in. shore, bank, rc-val. III. mal. 

kiv.iliser,, r. ii, to mal, fi'e with, 
Kiv.iliie,,/: riTaltty, riialiy. 
kue. XIV, /. shore, bank, 
ki\er, rc-v.ii, T. a. to rwet, flinch, 
kiver.iiii, c. rivr.ii»f. — reii, a, bjideriii^,' ; —, m. bor- 
ki»et, rev.iy, m. clinch. [deiir, 

kivure. riv-yair.y. river ; necklace, 
kixe, riks.y. scmfle, braul. 
ku, re, III. rice. 
ki/tere, rliî-yair, /! rice-Jield, 
Ki'li, rub, ;//. ro^, 
kobe, rob.y; robe ; j;( 7vn ; husk, 
K'lbniet, mb-e-iiay, m. cock, spoilt, 
ki'bnsle, rnbi'ist. a, —nient, <ii/. robust, stout, strong. 
k'li.. luk, in. rock ; cistie {chess), 
Ki'i.iille, pik-.i/. /. i\uk-V'ork. 
KiiL.iilleiir, mka/iir. m. grotto-maker, 
kiic.ulleiix. se. ri)k-.</.iili, - i,a. rocky. pebbly ; riigjj^e.t, 
km iinibole, ruka»/-bul,y'. rcnamboli, {i.u^.'t 

kiiclie. rush,./; roik. 
kotlier, rnshai, in. roik. 
kdtliet, rosli-ay. >«. loikef. 
ki'diLUx. se, rusli-uli, - z. a. rocky. 
kociicii. rii-ko-ko, (I. ro<oio, old, 
ki'nlcr, rnli-il.ii, v. ti. to rociin, ramble. 
koilenr, ruliilnr, m. rambler. 
koilcmiDiit. roil-ti.nio;/, in. bully, blusterer. 
kijiliiTiiiintnde, roil-o-ino/i-tad.y'. rodomonl.ide. 
kopiiiiiiis, riJi,'-.ih-syo«, /. //. Rogatwn-dayv, pi. 

Ko^atnn, rfn;-ali-toH. m. scraps, ■waste paper. 
ko^jne, rv\\-ye,/, scurf; scab. 
Ko^ner, ron-yai, v. a. to clip ; cut ; part ; skrtU, 
Ki'tjneur, ron-yur, m, clipper. 
Rl>^;neux, se, ron-yuh, — z, a. scurvy, 
kojfnon, ron-yo«, m. kidney. 
Ko};nurc, ton-y&i,/, parings, clippings, p{. 


t 113 1 


Rogue, tog, a. surly, hatighly ; —i,/.pl. hiird fix. 
Roii ru'a, ;//. kiii;^. 

Kiiidc. rwiul, a. li>;ht : stiff: sliibboti' : slone-iùaJ. 
I'-uiiltnr, rwmliir, y, ti^'htiiess ; stijj'ncss ; rapuiily ; 
Koiilillon, rwiul'iAox, m. hillock. {stiihboriintss. 

Koidir, rw,il-ccr, v. <r. tt ii. to tiahttn ,• itijjein vi — , 

r'. r. to gfotv stilf'; re.\i\t. 
Roittlct, rwiit-lay, in. wt-eii. 
Rolf, mill, III. roll ; list ; /•art. 
Rolet, roll-lay, in, little roll. 
Koiiiaiiic, rum-cii,/'. steel-)\ird. 
Roiiinn, r()iii-ii«, «/. romaine ; novel, 
Roiiiniico, rimi-a>;iS,y; rmiiaiuf. 
Romancier, roiii-a«-.syai, in. iioTclist. 
Roiiiancs(iue, roiii-an-csk, a. roin.iiilic. 
Roiiiaiiticiuc, roiii-ax-lik, a. roiiia'ilic. 
Romarin, rom-ar-.-\iH, in. rosemary. [ness. 

Roiiipoment, ronp-ma/;, >«., — tie tcte, vexatious husi- 
Rompre, ru;/-pr, v. a. et n. to break ; break off; break 
up : interrupt ; fall out with ; so — , t. r. to break, 
be broken. [h.ltons — s, by fits and starts. 

Rompu, e, ro»(-p,l, a. broken; trained up; used; à 
Ronce, ruiia^,/. briar, bramble. 
Rond, e, ro«, — d, a. — cincnt, ad. round ; plain, even 

(account) ; brisk ; —, m. round, circle. 
Ronde, ro;;d, y: round; rounds, pi. ; patrol ; round 
Rondeau, ruj/doli, in. rondeau. [hand. 

Rondelet, te, ro«dlay, —diet, a.pluinpish. 
Ron'ltlle, rii«-del, /: riiiidle. 
Rondeur, ru;/-dur,y'. roundness ; openness. 
Rondin, ro»/-d.iln, m. ciidt^el. 
Rondon, ro;;-<li);(, in. swoop. 
Ronflant, e, r'i;(-lla«, — t, a. snoriii:^ ; sonorous, 
Ronllement, r'U(rt-ma/;. in. snoriiii; ; pealiii;;. 
Konlier, ro;/-(lai, ?■. n, to snore ; snort ; peal. 
Ronfleur, roxilour, in, siioiei: 

Ronjjcr, ronh'm.T, a, to i'uan' ; pii k ; consume; 
Koniicur, ro«-njur, m. lynni-er. 
Roquentin, roka;i-tai«, m, hunks, 
Ro(|uer, rok-ai, v. n. to castle (i/(c'(.\). 

Ro(|uet, rok-ay, >n, ctir-r''^^. 

Rofiuettc, rok-et,/; rocket. 

Rosacé, e, roh-zas-ai, a. rosaceous. 

Rosaire, roh-zair, in. rosary. 

Rosat, roh-zah, a. roseate, o/ roses. 

Rosbif, ros-bcef, m. roast bee/. , 

Rose, rohz, _/; rose; — dos vents, compass-card ; — ] 
croix, m, rosicrucian. 

Rosé, c, roh-zui, a. rosy, roseate. 

Roseau, roh-zoli, m. reed. 

Rosée, roli-zai,y; de7u. ' 

Roseraie, roliz-ray,/ f; round planted :oith rose- frees, ! 

Rosette, rohz-et,/; rose, rosefle. 

Rosier, roh-zyai, nt. rose-bush, ive-tive. 

Rosse, ross,/; fade. 

Kosser, ros-ai, v. a. to banff. \ 

Rossignol, ros-in-yol, m. lii^htiitgale. '< 

Rossignoler, ros-in-yol-ai, v. n. to imitate the soii^ o/ , 
the nightingale. 

Rossinante, ros-e-na«t,y; rossinante, J.tde. 

Rossolis, ros-ole, m. rosolis. 

Rot, roll, fit. be.'ch, eructation. 

Rôt, roll, >n. roast meat ; sec-.'nd course. 

Rotation, rot-ali-syoK,./'. rotation. 

Rôti, rolite, m. roast-ineaf. I 

Kôtie, roli-te,/. toast, slice of bread. • 

R(.tin, ri,tai«, >«. rattau-tane. I 

Rôtir, roli-teer, v. a. et n. to roast ; bake, broil ; toast 
(bread) ; — trop, to overdo ; se —, xk r. to be roasted. 

Rôtisserie, roh-tis-re,./; cook's shop. [scorch. 

Rôtisseur, roh-te-sur,"«;. took. 

Rôtissoire, roh-tis-war,/; roastiiiff-scieen. 

Rotonde, rot-OHd, y: rotuiuia. \ 

Rotondité, rot-o«-de-tai,y; roundness ; plumpness. ' 

Rotule, to\.-(i\,/. knee-pan. ' 

Roture, rot-iir,/". villanage, soccage. 

Roturier, ère, rot-ûr-yai, — r, ir. — èreineut, ad. o/viean \ 
birth, mean ;,—. m. plebeian, commoner. \ 

Rouage, roo-ahj, m. iv/ieel-iooik. 

Rouan, roo-a;(, a. roan. 

Rouanner, roo-;iii-ai, v. a. to mark. 

Rouche, roosli,/. carcass (o/a ship). 

Roucoulement, roo-kool-ma;(, m. cooing'. 

Roucouler, roo-koo-lai. v. n. to coo. 

Roue, roo,/: ivheel ; — do c.'ifilo, coil. 

Roué, roo-ai, >/;. rake, proiligate. 

Rouelle, roo-ell,y: slice ; jill'et o/veal, 

Rouennerie, too-an-rt:, /. printed cottons, pi. 

Rouer, roo-ai, v. a. to break on the wheel; coil ; être 
roué, to be guile jaded. 

Rouerie, roo-re,y: rakish trick. 

Kouet, roo-ay, ;/i, spinnins-uvhitl ; cog-v/httl. 

Rotige, roolij, tt. red i — RorKc in. rohin-rtdbrtàil i — 

queue, in i\d-tai! ; —, in. red colour. 
RoUfjc.'itrc, roo-lijau-tr, a. reddish. 
koujfcaiul, c, roo-lijoli, — d, a, ruddy-faced. 
kouffeole, roo-lijol,y; measles, pi, 
Roukjct, roo-lij.iy, «;. roach. 

Rmi^fcur, roo-lijur,y'. redness ; ruddiness ; blush, 
Rou(,'ir, ruo-lijecr. v. a. et ». to redden; urow red; 
Rfunlle, loot,/, rust ; mildew, [blui.'i. 

Roiiilé, e, rooAai, 11. rwty. 
Rouiller, rooA.ii, v. a. o rust. 
Rouillure, rooAi'i^y! r,.''-'ness. 
Rouir, roo-etr, ?/. a. et n. to soak, steep, 
Rouiss.ijjc, roo-e-salij, in. soakinj^. 
Roulade, roo-lad,y^ rolling ; quai'er. 
koulajje, roo-lalij, m, rolling ; carriage. 
Rouleau, roo-loli, m, roll ; roller. 
Roulement, rorjl-nia», in, rolling ; trill. 
Rouler, roo-l.ii, v, a, et n, to roll; roll up ; turn ; 

ramble ; faire —, to set a-going. 
Roulette, rool-et, ./; roller; caster; hand-chaise ; go- 
Rouleur, rool-ur, >n. roller. [tart. 

Rouiier, rool-eai, in. lociggoner, carrier. 
Roulis, roo-le, in. rolling, 
R(.a!oir, rool-war, >//. rolling-board. 
Koup'e, roo-pe,y; snivel. 
Roujiiller, ri.o-pi/-,ii, v. n. to doze. 
Kouss.Urc, roo-sau-tr, a. reddisli. 
Kou-scau, roo-soli, ;/(. red-haired man. 
RoiisM-let, roosl.iy, m. russelet (pear). 
Kuusseur, roosur,/! redness ; Jieckle. 
Roa.isi, roo-se, m. burnt smell ; russia leather. 
Rousslii, rno-sai«, in, tiiiikset horse. 
Koussir, r(,o-se>.r, v, a. ct n. to redden ; t.< turn red; 

f lire —, /.) bnnri:,^ 
Koiitailli r, ri.ij-ta/-.ii, '; n. to/ollo-v a deer. 
Route, root,y. road, -hay : track ; faire — ,'. 
Routier, voot-yai, in, road-book ; traveller; \'\ou\ 
ivoiitine, roo-tin,y; routine, practice. [cunning low 
Koutiuer, roo-ie-iiai, x: a, to accustom. 
Routinier, roo-tin-e-ai, ;//. he ^vho acts by routine, 
Koiitoir,, in. raitiiig-pool, 
Rouverin, roov-rai)j, a. brittle. 
kouvieiix, roov-yuli, >«. mange. 
Rouvre, roo-vr, in. oak of the hardest kind. 
Rouvrir, roo-vrecr, ii. a. et se — , v. r. to open again. 
Roux, ssc, roo, — ss, a. red ; red-haired. 
Royal, e, rwa-y.d, <». — cment, ad. royal ; regal. 
Royalisme,, in. royalisiii. 
Royaliste, rw,i-yal-ist, in. royalist. 
Koyaiiiiie, rwa yolim.y: kin^doin. 
Royauté, nvay'uli-lai,y; royalty, 
Kii, n'i, /;;. channel. 

Kuacle, nVad, /. kicking ; jerking. Uoloiir. 

Kiiliace, rii-bas, Kubacclle, rfi-bns-cl.y; ruby of a light 
Kuban, nVba//, m. ribbon, riband. 
Kiibaiierie, riVbaii-re,.A ribbon-weaving ; ribbon trade, 
Rubanier, ril-ban-c-ai, m. ribboH-iueaver ; ribl'on- 
Kiibétier, rii-bai-fe-ai, 7: a. to rubify. [seller. 

Kubican, nVlie-k.u/, a. rubican. 
Rubicond, c, rû-be-ko«, —il, a. rubicund. 
Kiibis, rfi-be, m. ruby ; red pimple. 
I\iib(ique. rû-brik,y; red chalk; rubric. 
Ruche, rûsli,y: beehive, hive, 
Ruilier, riisli-ai, m. apiary. 
Rude, nul, ii. —nient, ad. rough, rugged; haivh ; 

hard; sharp; severe; churlish; rigid. 
Riuloiité, c, nVda;(-tai, a. cabled. 
Kudenture, ru-da«-tûr,y; cabling. 

Riiilesse, riVdess, f. rouxhness ; harshness ; hard 
Rudiment, riVde-nia»f, m. rudiment. [u-ords, pi. 

Rudoyer, rft-ilwa-yai, v. a. to use harshly. 
Ru', rfl.y". street, lane ; rue. 
Ruer, rû-ai,/ heap of rubbish. 
Ruelle, rft-eil,y". lane ; bedside. 
Riicller, nl-el-ai, v. a. to mould the vine. 
Kute, nVai, v. n. to kick ; Jerk ; se — , v. r. to rush 
Rueiir, rft-ur, m. kicker. [upon.fallfoul. 

kulieii, rfif-j'ai;i, in. ruffian. 
kiu'ir, ru-lijeer, v, n. to roar. 
Rutfissement, ru-lijis-ma», »/. roar. 
Rui;osité, rû-({oh-ze-tai,yr rugosity, roughness. 
Ruine, ruin,/ ruin ; decay. 
Ruiner, ri^-e-nai, v. a. to ruin ; destroy ; undo ; S3 —, 

V. r. to ruin one's self, go to ruin. 
Ruineux, se, rfi-e-nuh, — z, a. ruinous, 
kiiinure, ri^-e-nilr,y;^ri)7r, notch. 
Ruisseau, rû-e-soh, »«. brook, stream, kennel. 
Ruisseler, rû-islai, v. n. to gush out, stream. 
Ruiiib, roxb, m. rumb-line. 
Rumeur, rû-uiur,y". rumour, uproar. 
Kuiuiimtion. rû-iu«-nah-syoM,/. rHtniwitW 




Ruminer, rû-me-tini, -■. >i. to niminate, 

Kiiiii(), roHp, «I. ruDi/i. 

Kuniiiiic, ru-nik, a. runic. 

Kupture, ri'ip-tilr,/ nif>liire: ii-eaiiii^i hernia. 

Kurai, e, ril-rnl, a. rural. 

Kiise, idt./. cuiDtiug, crn/t; trick. [iiiau. 

Kusc, e, rl^-zni, iJ. cuuuinx", crafty, ily ; — , m. cuiiiiiiii; 

Kiisor, nVz.ii, v. u. to rfixi'i.'f, sfii/t. [c/firii. 

Kiislniiil, e, rfis-toh, — il. <». c/oimiisli ; —, m. iliurl, 

Kiisticitc, ri'is-te-sc-t.ii,y^ cloiinisltiirss, boorixliiitss. 

Ku^ticn'c, rùs-tik, a. — iiieiit, ad. rural; rustic ; rude, 

i/tncuis/i, cliurlish. 
Rustiqucr, rus-tc-kni, v. a. to uiake rustic-lite. 
Kiistre, riis-tr, a. clinvuis/t, boorish: —, in. ciotvii, boor. 
Kilt, n'lt, tn. rut, rutting, 
Kyc, rec,/ seashore. 


b.i, iih, see Son. 

Sabbat, b Ab-.ih, ;</. Sabbath ; iinise, 

Sabb.itiiiue, sab-at-ik, a. sabbatical. 

h.ible, b.ili-bl, )//. saud,..!,'ravct: sab.'e. 

bablcr, s.ili-bla', v. a. to cover with ,^'ravel. 

S.ibkvix, so, sali-bliih, — z, a. saiidj. 

Salilier, s,ili-blc-ai, i/i. hour-!:/.iss. 

Sablicru, sah-bk-air.y; saiut-/'it. 

Sahloii, sali-l)lo/(, in./iuc sand. 

Saliloiincr, sali-bloii-ai, ;i. a. to scour with sand. 

.Sablonneux, se, sah-blon-iili, — z, ■/. sandy, i;yaTel/y. 

Sabioimier, sah-bloii-c:ii, «/. sandnum. 

.Sablonniirrc, sali-blon-c-.iir,y; 5,-tnd-J>it, i'/vrr r/-/i','. 

Sabord, s.ili-bor, m. /i;-/-// >/f. 

.Sabot, s.ib-oli, in, nwdcn shoe; horse's hoc/; ti<f< ; 

Sahoti-r, »ab-ut-;ii, r-. ;;. to ■7rhi/< a top. \scrry jidd.'c. 

SabniiiT, sab-t't-yai. ;,/. inai-cr of a^n'dfu shoes. 

Siiboulcr. siib-cM).|,ii, T. a. to toss- a/'out, tease. 

Sabre, s:ili-br, n:. .\ai<rc ; broiisTcord. 

S,ii)r(.nas, siih-br-nali, ;«. bunx/er, botcher. 

Sabrer, sali-br.ii, î'. a. to sabre ; buui^te. 

Siibrctaclic. sah-br-tash,/! sabretache. 

SabrLMir, Siib-bnir, tn. blootilhirsty soldier, 

Silbiirrc, siih-bi'ir,/; saburr.r. 

Sac, s.ik, >n. sack ; baj; ; inafsact. 

Saccade, sak-ad,y; saccade ; Jerk. 

Saccader, sak-ad-ai, v. a. to Jerk, tivitih. 

Saccaife, sak-abj, tn. haivc. 

Saccatjeiiient, sak-ahj-ina«, w/. sactinf^. 

.Sacca|,'cr, sak-nlii-ai, v. a. to sack, />ilt<i,:,e. 

Sacca^;eiir, siik-alij-ur, ni. sacker. 

Sacerdoce,, vi. pries/hood. 

Sacerdotal, e, sas-air-dot-al, a. sacerdotal. 

Siicliaiit, siisli-a;;, Snclie, sash, see Savoir. 

Sachce, sash-ai,./. s.ick/id. 

Sachet, sash-ay, '/(. satchel ; fieifninebin;. 

Sacoche, sak-osh,/. saddlc-bai; : inoney-baj,'. [tnental. 

Sacramental, e, sak-r,im-a«, a. - eiiieiit, ad. sacra- 

Sacre, sakr, tn. atiointini; (kin^)', consecratioti (bishof) ; 

Sacré, e, sak-rai, a. sacred, holy ; damned. 
Sacrement, sak-w(>î-iiia», tn. sacrament ; le saint — , 

the consecrated host. 
Sacrer, sak-rai, v. a. et n. to anoint ; consecrate ; curse 
Sacret, sak-ray, ;//. sackeret. [and sircar. 

Sacrilicaleiir, s.ik-re le-kat-iir, in. sacrijiccr. 
Sacrilkalure, s.ik-re-fe-kat-ûr,./ sacrijicalor's office. 
Sacrilice, sak-ro-liss, tn. sacrijice. 
Siicrifier, sak-ref-c-ai, v. a. et n. to sacrifice. 
.Sacriléjfe, sak-re-laihj, tn. sacrilege ; — , a. — nient, ad. 
Sacristain, sak-ris-tai;(, tn, sacristan. [sacriie^'^ious. 
Sacristie, sak-ris-te,y. sacristy, vestry. 
Sacristine, sak-ris-tin,y: vestry-tiun. 
Saduceen, ne, sail-û-sai-ai;(, — en, a. Sadducfe. 
Safran, sa-fra», tn. sajff'rott. 
Safraner, saf-ran-ni, v. a. to dress tvith saffron. 
Safre, safr, in. gluttonous. 
Sa^face, sag-ass, a. saj^aciotts, acute. 
Sagacité, sa){-as-e-t;u,y; saj/acity. 
Sa^e, s;ihj, a. —ment, ad. wise ; sensible ; modest, 

gentle ; quiet ; —, in. sage, tvise man. 
Sage-fcmnie, salij-fam,/! tiiidwi/e. 

Sagesse, sahj-ew,/; luisdom ; sagcncss, modesty ; good 
Sa^ou, sag-oo, ut. sago. [beHaviour. 

Sagouin, saK-oo-ai», tn. sagoin [ape) ; slcrveuty man. 
Saignant, e, s;»yM-ya«, — t, a. bleeding, bloody 
Sai|{néc, sayn-yai,/: bleeding : drain. 
Saignement, sayn-y;-nia;(, nt. bleeding. 
Saigner, sayn-yai, v. a. et n. to bleed, let blood ; drain ; 

se —, V. t. to bleed one's self- draiit one's self of cash, 

[sAriui; ; Mi.'t. 
e's sel/'; v' dirty. 

Saigneur, sayn-yur, in. ilti 

Saigncux, se, sayn-yuh, —i, a, Ufttfy. 

Saillant, c, sa/-ya«, — t, a. frojectiiig. 

Saillie, vi/'C,/. projecture . spurt ;Jlii;ht ; sally ; Jtaxh 

.S.iillir, sa/-ir, :•. n. to projet t. Jut out ; gush. \of lutt. 

S.iiii, e, sai;/, sen, a. — eiuent, ad. sound ; hcaltky. 

Saindoux, sai»/-doo, tn. hi-g's lard. 

.S.iiiifoin, sni//-fo-ni/i, tn. sainfoin. 

b.iint, c, sai;;, — t, a. saint, holy ; blessed ; la .S ilnt-Jean, 

.Muisiimtner : l,i Saint-Michel, Michaelmas Pay. 
.Sainte-barbe, saiHt-barl),y.' po-,rder-ma\:azine. 
Sainteté, sain-ti</(t.ii,/ sanctity, holiiuss. 
Sais, say, sec S.ivoir. 
S.iisie, say-ze. y. seizure; distress. 
.Saisine, s,iy-zin,/i seisin in /act. 

Saisir, say-zeer, f. «r. to seize; lay hold on ; distrain ; 

se — , 7^ r. to seize, la\ hold on. [trainalue, 

S.iisiss<ible, s;iy-zc-s;ih-l)l, a. that may be seized, dis- 

S.iisissant, e, sai-ze s.i», — t, a. that irhich seizes ; sink- 

SaisisseniciU, sii-ziss-ni.i</, m. shock, pang, ["'g' 

j .Sai-iiiii, s,\y.ziin,f. season. 

I S.iit, say, see Savoir. 

Sal.ide, sal-ad,y salad. 
I S.d.idier, sal-ail-yai, m. salad-dish. 

Sal.ii,'e, sal-alij, in. salting. 

Sal. lire, sal-air, m. salary, lure, 7vages, reruarj,, s.d-ay-zo/(,/. salting ; salt-meat. 
I Sal.iMi.ilec, s.d-.ini-aiek, m. pro/ound boiu. 
I .S.d.uu.mdre, s.d-ani-;i"-ilr, /i salamander, 
I Salarié, e, s,il-ar-e-ai, a, lured. 
1 Sal.irier, sal-ar-e-ai, ;■.<«. to renard, pay. 

S.d.tiul, (', sal-iih, — d, a. slo;c'ily, nasty., sal. a. - nient, ,;,/. dirty, nasty, fil'hy. 

S.dé. e,, a. salt ; ^harp ; keen , - , in. salt p-ir'c. 

S.ilep, sal-cp. m. salcp. 
i S.der, salai, f. a. to salt ; poir.icr. 

.S.deté, s.d-tai, y." dirtiness ; fillhincss ; Hastiness ; oh- 
i S.ileur, s,il-ur, m. sailer. [sceniry. 

S.ilic.iire, .sal-e-kair,y; s.ilicaria. 

.SalicfHjiie,"k../; prann. 
' .S.dière, sal-e-air,y'. sait-cellar ; salt-oox. 

.S,ilii;.iud, c, sale-Hi'h, — d, a. nasty, slo;vnly. 

S.ili^'nun, sal-in-yoH, m. hump of salt. 

S.iliii, e, sal-ai«, — in, a, salmons, briny ; — , ;;/. sal 

Sahnc, sid-in,/. salt-pit; salt-meat. 

Salique, sal-ik, a. satic. [one'i 

S.ilir,, t». a. to dirty, stain ; se — , !■. r. to dirty 

S.iliss.iut, e, sal-e-sa<;, — t, a. that dirties; that scon 

Salisson, sal-e-so«, tn. young slut. 

Salissure, sal-e-sdr.y; dirt, filth. 

Salivaire, sal-e-v,iir, a. salnaty. 

Salivation, sal-e v.ih-sy(>«, A salivation. 

Salive, sal-iv,/; sain a, spittle. 

S.diver, sal-e-v.ii, T. it. to sali-,ate. 

.Salle, s.d, f. hall, room ; parlour ; arbour ; 
iufaiit-^chcol ; — d'exposition, — d'indiistri 
tion -hall, exhibition of industry. 

.Saliiiijjdiidis, s.d-iiie->,'o(;-de, tn. hotch-potch. 

Saloir, sal-war, in. salt-tub. [man of fashion. 

S.iloii, sal-o«, tn. saloon, draiving-vooin ; lioniiiie de —, 

.'•' '(>e, sal-oi), a. — nient, ad. dirty, nasty, 

S .perie, s;il-op-re,/; nastiiiess. 

S.ilpOtro, s,,l-i),iy-tr, m. saltpetre. 

S.ilpêtrier, sal-ii.iylrc-ai, m. siiltpctre-maker. 

S.ilpétriére, s,d-piiy-tre-.iir,_/; sal'pctre-house. 

.Salt.i'.ion,"'<. /' sallution.|iie. s,dlai;;-b.i«k, m. mountebank. 

S.diibre. sal-A-br, a. salubrious, ^cholesoine. 

.S.iliibrité, s.d-Ci bre-lai,y. salubrity, nholesmneness, 

.S.diicr, sal-û-.ii, ,■. a. to salute, l\>:c, greet. 

Salure, sal-fir,,/ sattness, 

Salut, sal-û, in. safety ; salute ; bow ; greetini;. 

S.iUitaire, sal-il-tair, a. —nient, ad, salutary, icho.'e- 
sotiie ; useful. 

Salutation,ù-tah-syo((,y; salutation ; boiu ; courtesy. 

Salve, salv,y; volley ; shout (of applause). 

Sainetli, sani-dc, m. Saturday. 

Sancir, sa;;-seer, v. n. to founder. 

.Santification. saxk-tc-fe-kah-syo^'.y sanctification. 

Sanctifier, sawk-tif-e-ai, v. a. to sanctify, keep holy. 

Sanction, saHk-syo;»,./ sanction. 

Sniictioiiiier, Sii»k-syoii-ai, v. a. to sanction, ratify. 

S.uiLtu.xire, sa>/k-ti1-air, m. sanctuary, s.Tjdal, III. sandal-wood. 

S.indale. sa»(-dal,y". sandal ; lighter., sa«,y sandaraih. [composure. 

Saiiij, sa«. III, blootl ; family ; birth ; — froid, coolneiS, 

Sanijlade, sa;(-gla<l,y. lash 

Sanglant, e, sa«-gl.i«, — t, a. bloody, reeking. 

Sangle, sax-jji.y. strap ; saddle-girth. 

Sandler, sa'i-glai, v. a. to girth ; -whip. 

Sanglier, sax-gleai, in. wild boar ; ^({«oicr, sea-hog. 

Sanglot, sa^i-gioh, in. sob, sobbing, 

Sanglgter, w/i-gM-al. v, », tv too. 


■ d'.isile, 




Sangsue, iniiiCi,/. Ueih ; extort ioiier. 

Sanh'uificatioii, !.a«-gwc-fe-kali-syo'/, f. saiiguiftalitti. 

SaiiKiiin, c, sa<i-f;ai<(, — gtiin, a. saiigiiine ; blood-rai. 

Sanguinaire, sa»/-f;hc-nair, a. hlooH-tltirsty. 

Saii(ruiiie, sa<(->,'liui,y: blvoxi^totie ; tdi-lcad. 

Sanjjiiniolent, c, sa'/-Klic-niil-a«, — t, a. hloody. 

Saniclc, san-c-kl, m. canule. 

Sanie, san-e,/. sanies. 

Sanicux, se, s.iii-yiili. — z, a. situions. 

Sanitaire, s.tuc-t.iir, a. siviitary. 

Sans, ^.Mi./'i: rrit/iout ,■ — .ww.s./rifiidless. 

Sanscrit, sa/(-skrf. m. suiisiiit. 

Saiis'iniict. sa«-son-ay, m. starling. 

Santal, N,i;(-tal, nt. saiider'. 

S.mté, siWi-t.ii, /. Iiiultlt ; maison de —, friinte hospital. 

Sap.ijou, sap-iilij-rin, m. monkey, tnarniosit. 

Sape, sap, y; sa^fint:. 

Saper, sap-ai, v. a. to safi, undertiiint. 

Sapeur, s.ipiir, tn. sa/'p r. 

S.iphir, saf-ecr, m. saphire. 

.Sapiilo, sai)-i(l, (7. sirpid. 

.Sapience, sap-y,iHss,y; 7visdo>n. 

S.ipientiaux, s.ip-ya);-syoli,, livres—, honl'^ of 

.Sapin, sap-ai